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Pick Up Lines - Inuendos
the numbers after each line represent the times used, an times it was sucsefful "Excuse me, do you have the time?" You: "Do you have the energy?" 2 0 Are you free tonight or will it cost me? 1 0 At the office copy machine "Reproducing eh?" "Can I help?" 0 0 Baby, I'm an American Express shouldn't go home without me! 0 0 Brrr! My hands are cold. Can I warm them in your heaving breasts? 2 0 Can I flirt with you? 1 0 Can I please be your slave tonight? 0 0 Can I see your tan lines? 0 0 Can you believe that just a few hours ago we'd never even been to bed together? 0 0 Cold out isn't it? (staring at breasts) 0 0 Congratulations! You have just been voted "Most Beautiful Boy/Girl In This Room" and the grand prize is a night with me! 0 0 Do you have a mirror in your pocket? (Why?) Because I could see myself in your pants. 0 0 Do you know the difference between a hamburger and a blow job? No! D'ya wanna do lunch? 0 0 Do you know the essential differ
Yo Mamma..
Yo momma's so fat she needs a VCR for a pager Yo Momma so fat the back of her neck looks like a pack of hotdogs Your mama's so fat that her belly button makes an echo Yo momma's so fat her cerial bowl comes with a lifeguard Yo momma so fat when she walks past window we lose four days of sun light Yo momma's so fat she had to get baptised at sea world Your momma's so fat when she fell over, she rocked herself to sleep tryin to get back up again Your mammas so fat and stupid, when it was raining she used the freeway for a slip and slide Yo momma's so fat that when the whales saw her they started singing "we are family" Yo momma is so fat when she goes to a restaurant she has to be greased in and out of the boothes Yo mamma's so fat she was attacked by japenese mlitary, they thought she was godzillas wife. Yo mamma's so fat when she went on school feild trips the school had to raise fund to feed her. Your momma's so fat she makes free willy
My Ideal Sports Car
You Should Drive a Lamborghini A true daredevil, you're always in search of a new rush. Clearly, you're a total speed demon... just don't get caught! What Sports Car Should You Drive?
Multiple Copies Of The Same Picture In Different Albums
Okay, I think the subject title should be enough of a clue, but for those of you that need it spelled out, here it is. Whyyyy on earth do you waste your time and the time of the people that are nice enough to go through your albums and rate your pics by placing the same picture in multiple folders? NEWFLASH: as fucked up as many parts of the Cherry system is, the one thing that they have locked down is this. If you have more 5 copies on the same pic in 5 different folder, then you are screwing yourself out of points. Once someone rates that pic in one folder, it's rated in all the folders. So you just missed out on 4 pictures that you could have otherwise had rated. Now multiply that same stunt by 25 pics, and that's 100 pics that you screwed yourself out of. Not to mention the time wasted by those viewing your pics to rate them. Come on ladies... Having 100, 175, 250 pictures is one thing, and in some cases, ridiculous, but don't screw yourself and waste my time. Sheesh...
How Kinky Are You
You scored as Chains/Handcuffs. Your turn on is handcuffs and chains. You like being cuffed/chained to the bed, or cuffing/chaining your partner down. You love the pure ectasy of being in complete control... or letting someone else have complete control over you. Sex isn't sex without control.Chains/Handcuffs75%Bondage67%Blind Folds67%Biting50%Whips25%Blood0%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
Sometimes The Best Muse Is A Wish
I sit here alone in the dark Wishing for her and the spark I wait for her and long to see If we share perfect chemistry To hold and look deep in her eyes To share the wonder and surprise At two who feel loves bond grow And deep in our hearts it does show For none can guess the mind of god To try is an effort to be found odd Destiny calls and we must be Together till end of eternity By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Didn't Write This One But Had To Post It Anyway
I didn't write this...But I love it anyway. Its called Call Of The Zombie by Rob Zombie. Its a song. And out the darkness the zombie did call True pain and suffering he brought to them all Away were the children to hide in their beds For fear that the devil would chop off their heads. Love that so very much. Yay for Rob Zombie!
I sat today in our usual spot on our usual day at our usual restarant after work. I ate today my usual omlete my usual coffee my usual cig after my breakfast. My usual payday saturday turned unusual today. Everything the same but for one thing You! Everything that was usual when you where here turned unusual And everything that was different was different because of the absence you. * Darn it! I put it in the wrong folder! This is my poem, I wrote it! Its not lyrics.
Two Statues Come To Life For 1 Hour
Two statues are standing in a park, they have been there for years naked staring at eachother. One day God comes down and brings them to life. "You both may live for 1 hour to do whatever it is you plaese." The male statue looks at the female one and asks, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?". "I sure am.", she replies with a smile. With that they run off into the trees nearby. 30 minutes pass and they both emerge from the wood sweaty, panting, and laughing. The male statues looks up and asks, "Want to do it again?". She looks at him smiles and says, "Sure do, but this time you hold the pidgeons down and I'll shit on 'em!"
Nuthin But A Thing.......
to all that has been a real friend I thank you .I was getting involved with a girl on the internet and even though she had 6 kids from different fathers (the story of my life lol)it didnt bother me.But as time went on more of her true sides came out.She is nothing more than a tease as so many others can attest. She is 25 has 6 kids and spreads her legs more than a hooker on in the bowels of new york.She is an illiterate hillbilly that has no class as she shows in her pics and the comments she leaves on guys pages.She says i am the one that is a fool.Well maybe i was but unlike others i have relized her true unworthiness and have come to find out that she is nothing more than a worthless whore.So guys dont fall for her shit she is tring to get some one to take care of her brode and her for she has no prospects on working and you cant tell but the pics are well before her pregnancys i know cause i seen her fat ass on camera .And ladies watch your guys cause she is nothing more than a hom
rifleman99@ CherryTAP
Let Go
Cut the skin to the bone Fall asleep all alone hear your voice in the dark Lose myself in your eyes Choke my voice Say goodnight As the world falls apart I can't let this kill me Let go I need some more time to fix this Here's a letter for you But the words get confused Then the conversation dies Appologize for the past Talk some shit, take it back Are we cursed to this life I can't let this kill me Let go I need some more time to fix this problem I need some more time to fix this problem I need some more time to fix this I talking to the ceiling My life just lost all meaning Do one thing for me tonight Im dying in this silence The last star left in Heaven Is falling down to Earth and Do you still feel the same way? Do you still feel the same way? I can't let this kill me Let go I need some more time to fix this problem
Vampriric Desire
Vampriric Desire Our desire Spreds like fire In our hearts it burns, Heh...I'm delirious... Pirce the skin, let me in bloodlusts an understatement for me. I've smashed the mirror so many times, but reflection? there's none... Does this explain the bloodstains on the bed? Or why our neighbors always turn up dead? Will you still love me after this? Or be tourmented by my bloody kiss? Tell me now if your willing, but foresee your victim's screams. For their cries will haunt you till the end, you'll never have peace again. So will you stay with me? And foresake the sun? Is my life still the gothic dream? Or will you scream and run? Think hard my love...after all I have eternity...
Okay so I somehow suckered a buddy from the RvB forums to join up here. So everyone say hello to Gaz in my friend's list. He's new, like me, but he's like "new" new... *does a braindead, drooling, face*
A Controversial "saftey" Feature.
A good number of autoloading handguns are starting to come with a feature that prevents the weapon from firing if the magazine is removed from the weapon. The *ONLY* good reason I have heard for this is the fact that if someone is being successful at "grabbing" your gun, releasing the magazine before they get it will disable the weapon. The main problem is that this creates a false sense of safety. The owner might get into the habit of dropping the magazine and leaving a loaded round in the chamber (which is "safe" as far as not being able to fire it off). But the problem comes when they forget that the round is in there, and don't check, insert an empty magazine to do some dry firing, and BANG! Another problem is that lets say you are in a pretty bad situation with this weapon (multiple assailants) or that someone just manages to surprise you when reloading. If you are reloading before empty, you would have one in the chamber, but be unable to fire it while changing magazines.
The Ship
If you liked the games Hitman, Clue and Theif.. Check out this game called The Ship. The game takes place on an old fashioned ship, similar in look and feel to the Titanic, except much smaller. There are actually several Ship's to play on, each ship acting pretty much as a multiplayer map. You start off the game with a name in the bottom corner, maybe even a picture as well. That is the person on the ship you have to murder. So you have to find a weapon, murder your quarry, not get caught by security, along with taking the time to shower and use the restroom. Otherwise you'll die of self-neglect. But you get money for each kill, the player who makes the most money wins the round. But there is a tricky part to this game. While you are searching for your target, someone is hunting you down.. And you don't know who that person is, also you'll lose money and eventually get banned if you murder enough "innocents". You can also wind up in jail if you get caught by security.
I'd give up my job my money and my soul to have a girlfriend close to me :(
Respect Youth is vulnerability Momma Bird chastises the chicks Peck Peck peck Be Safe Juvenile learns to fly To Hunt, to make new family and provide Momma Bird does not want to let go Stay in my nest...Control Control Control Free and Flying High Juvenile is now a Man The Sky is only Limit Control Control Control Mama Tries To Peck Vain attempt to Grab His wings Free Spirit, he will never be denied Mama is angery, sorrowful and distraught Let Go Momma...Learn to Let go
Put Your Lights On
PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON Santana, Hey now, all you sinners Put your lights on, put your lights on Hey now, all you lovers Put your lights on, put your lights on Hey now, all you killers Put your lights on, put your lights on Hey now, all you children Leave your lights on, you better leave your lights on Cause there's a monster living under my bed Whispering in my ear There's an angel, with a hand on my head She say I've got nothing to fear There's a darkness living deep in my soul I still got a purpose to serve So let your light shine, deep into my home God, don't let me lose my nerve Lose my nerve Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now Wo oh hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now Hey now, all you sinners Put your lights on, put your lights on Hey now, all you children Leave your lights on, you better leave your lights on Because there's a monster living under my bed Whispering in my ear There's an angel, with a h
Father Or Daddy
you say you want to be her father but that you already are you gave the sperm to create her therefore your her father anyone can be a father no matter how dumb or smart they are you say you want to be her daddy but you dont know how you cant handle her crying you say mean things to her how can you do that and want to be her daddy? anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a daddy and i'll be honest with you I dont think you have what it takes to be more then a father yet she will still have a daddy cuz there is someone by myside who has what it takes he is a lil younger but still has what it takes to be a daddy and she loves him already father or daddy??? thats a choice only you can make but you have to do it with your actions not just your words
Best College Bar Towns In Texas
A Texas Tech graduate, a University of Texas grad and a Texas Aggie were sitting in a bar in San Antonio. The view of the river was fantastic, the beer was ice cold and the food exceptional. "But," said the guy from Tech, "I still prefer the beer joints back in Lubbock. There's one place where the owner goes out of his way for the locals. When you buy 4 beers, he will buy the 5th." The Longhorn said "Well, at my local bar in Austin, the owner will buy your 3rd drink after you've bought 2." "Hell, that's nothin'," the Aggie responded. "Back in College Station there's this bar where the moment you set foot in the place they'll buy you a drink and keep them coming all night. Then when you've had enough to drink, they take you upstairs and see that you get laid. And it's all on the house." The Red Raider and the Longhorn immediately doubted the Aggie's claims. "And this actually happened to you?" asked the Tech grad. No, not myself personally," admitted the Aggie. "But it did
i couldve chased after u i didnt i shouldve apologized i wont i wouldve forgiven you i cant i couldve told how many times i missed you i wont i shouldve told you how i really felt nevermind........................ i woudve fixxed things i dont think i can couldve been very different i wasnt shouldve walked away years ago i didnt wouldve regetted most my life i dont
Just So You Know...
The words "tits" makes me shift uncomfortably back and forth in my chair. I have no idea why. I do like them ever so much. As does everyone.
Come To Deaths Cove. Deaths cove.We have your back!
Before I Go
Everyday, before I go, I tell you, that I love you so. I don't want any word left unspoken. I don't want to leave with our hearts broken. You said things that hurt. And I made you feel like dirt. There are many words to say, We must do it everyday. Can't wait until tomorrow. There is no time left to borrow. We are giving a short time, to help make someone chime. How long we have? No one knows. In my life, you have been my rose. If I don't make it back home, You'll know by the words of this poem. That what I feel is true. I would never, give up my time with you. It is time for my eternal sleep. At no time, I ever want you to weep
Juggalo Family
You Are
You are my crutch, when I can not walk. You are my lungs, when I can not breathe. You are my ground, when I fall. You are my match, when my flame goes out. You are my eyes, when I can not see. You are my strength, when I am weak. You are my drink, when I am dry. You are my day, when all seems so dark. You are my heart, when mine is broken. You are my inspiration, when life is full of struggles. You are my life, when I feel so lost. You are my love, when life is full of hate You are my warmth, when the world is so cold. You are wonderful!!!
Dads Curse..
Dads curse Brad,,, the best husband in the world! I'll never forget the day we wed, that day in December sticks in my head. You were nervous, I saw you flee. Trying to get away from me... But my dad, he chased you down He Brought you back. Now you're standing beside me with a gun pressed to your back.. Yep, a shotgun wedding,, thats what I had... Now, ten kids later. Thanks Alot Dad!!!!!! Yvonne K Johnson Copyright ©2006 Yvonne Johnson
My Guys...
My Guys My greatest posessions I will ever have, are three men, Tim Brandon and Brad. I live each day with these three guys, One's full grown, the others pint-sized. Im all alone in a house full of men, A daughter for me Im prayin again. Lord, please help I started to scream, before you know, Ill have a baseball team! Yvonne K Johnson Copyright ©2006 Yvonne Johnson
Wat Would U Do?
Mary Jane Girls-candy Man
Yes..You can be my Candy
God Knows Your Needs
November 15, 2006 God Knows Your Needs Matthew 6:7-8 Have you ever noticed how some mothers can manage three and four energetic children so easily? It’s an amazing sight. In the midst of a whirlwind of activity, this seasoned pro intuitively meets the needs of her kids. A meal is served, spills are avoided, noses are wiped, shoelaces are tied, and hugs are distributed—all at the same time! Clearly, such a mother knows the needs of her family, even when the children cannot express them. Sometimes it is difficult for us to think of ourselves as children. When we see needy little ones running around, we cannot imagine that we often look and act the same way, only in grown-up bodies. Fortunately, we, too, have a Parent who already knows our needs. And yet, we often explain every detail of our problems to Him so that He can get a more accurate view of how to provide for us. Isn’t it strange? If you asked most Christians whet
If Only
If only I could close my eyes If only I could hold my breathe that long Then maybe all this anger inside All the anger might subside If only I could scream loud But no one could hear If only I could lay in bed all day But no one not notice Then maybe all this anger inside All the anger might subside If only I could break things But not get in trouble If only I could run away But no one worry Then maybe all this anger inside All the anger might subside If only I could write But only until the pain in my hand sets in If only I could talk to myself But no one think I’m crazy Then maybe all this anger inside All the anger might subside If only I could contemplate But have no one care If only I could go through with it But no one know If only I could stand the pain long enough Everyone will see That all the anger inside All the anger inside finally subsided in me ©Sorrow
Rectum Stretcher
Remember this one? Old classic RECTUM STRETCHER While she was "flying" down the road yesterday (10 miles over the limit), a woman passed over a bridge only to find a cop with a radar gun on the other side lying in wait. The cop pulled her over, walked up to the car, and with that classic patronizing smirk we all know and love, asked, "What's your hurry?" To which she replied, "I'm late for work." "Oh yeah," said the cop, "what do you do?" "I'm a rectum stretcher," she responded. The cop stammered, "A what? A rectum stretcher? And just what does a rectum stretcher do?" "Well," she said, "I start by inserting one finger, then work my way up to two fingers, then three, then four, then with my whole hand in. I work from side to side until I can get both hands in, and then I slowly but surely stretch, until it's about 6 feet wide." "And just what the hell do you do with a 6 foot asshole?" he asked. "You give him a radar gun and park him behind a bridge..."
Anytime Is Good
Funny Pictures
Can I Help U?
“Hello, Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline.” If you are obsessive-compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly. If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2. If you have multiple personalities, please press 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the line until we can trace the call. If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press. If you are manic-depressive, it doesn’t matter which number you press. No one will answer!
Mjolnir --------- A cold lump of Iron, Cast into the flames of the Skillful Dwarves. Brokk tending to the bellows, Shaped by the talented hand's of Sindri. Mighty Mjolnir born, Despite the stinging Glad-Fly. Gifted to Asa-Thor, Before the Gods on the day of Judgment. Bane of Jotun's. Bane of Troll's. Protector of the Gods and Men. Sacred Hallower Blessing all. Symbol of our Troth. May you ever remain in Our Heart's. Written By Robert Etter 2006
Just Wondering
OK so I am sitting here next to my friend. She is on the phone with Microsoft cause she is getting an error that simpily reads "The operation has been canceled due to restrictions on this computer. Please contact your system Administrator." OK so any way she had already been on the phone with compaq for like over a hour before this and not gotten any where other than there is NOTHING wrong with her PC and it must the software. Well as the conversation begain she announced her problen and asked when she needed to look to fix it. So she has now been on the phone with Microsoft for about 20 min and still hasn't gotten anywhere with it. I am sitting here laughing at the stupidity that is our "Tech support" She hasn't gotten one person that can speak decent english and has also gotten told that she wasn't co opperating with the person because he couldn't understand the words that were coming out of her mouth. I Just don't get it and have to shake my head at the fact that this i
myspace layouts
Love Not Just A Word
Love Not Just A Word Love not just a word that is said Love is a feeling that is shared Weather or not its between friends, family or between you and I Love is something you promise to do your whole life long Love is a special feeling that is hard to describe But can easily be showed A feeling so easily showed By a warm embrace Or a tender kiss Love is Not just a word December 3rd, 2003
I Want
I Want... Press your body tight against mine, I want to feel your heart beating. Place your kisses on my neck, I want to hear you softly sigh. Put your lips firmly on mine I want to taste your desires Let me watch your fingers Trace my bodys' shape, sailing across my skin. I want to be caught in the sea of love, willing to drown in the waters of ecstasy
friendships: it's something no one can replace. it's also something of true grace. when things sometimes don't go your way, your friends will be there,come what may they'll always find it in their hearts. to forgive and do their part. to trust and always have hope and faith, there are few things on this earth so great. so treasure frienship from the start. and hope that it will not depart. for it will always bring a smile, this special love that makes life worthwhile
Returning Home......
Just to let all of my friends, fans, and loved ones know that I returned home from the hospital about an hour and a half ago....I had two surgeries for colon cancer with the first being on 6 November and the second being on the 13th of November...I have a gazillion staples in the stomach and have this pressure band that they have put around my stomach that makes it a real "thrill" to breathe sometimes....I'm very happy to be home again and very happy to have the chance to get back a talkin' with everyone again...Hope to talk with you real soon..."The Road Dogg"
My Fav Song From Queen Of Damend
10 Things About Me
This is for Bella: 1) I love technology, messing with my computer, building them and maintaning them is very fun to me. 2) I love to BBQ. Teriyaki chicken is my favorite to cook! (yum) 3) I like to read. I'm currently reading Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. I'm on book 2 so far. Very good reading if you like fantasy stuff. 4) I like to chat with people on the internet. meeing new and interesting people is something i find enjoyable. 5) I love doing art. I haven't been doing it for a while now, but I started doing fractal art recently! (thanks to Jen for showing that to me =D) 6) I like going to the gym and working out. I always feel better after doing so. 7) I am currently working on my back and other health problems and hope to be doing much better next year at this time. (wish me luck) 8) I love going out to karaoke every week, hanging with my friends and drinking some alcohol =D 9) I love playing pool. Although I haven't played much, recently I've
Listen Up My Pretties:
DON'T MAKE ME GET MY FLYING MONKEYS! That is all.... Cuz I have them yanno The flying monkeys.... You never know when I will get them... So Behave and Love me or ELSE!
Children Of Revolution...
Song Of The Day - Papa Roach - Between Angels And Insects
There's no money, there's no possessions, only obsession I don't need that shit, take my money, take my obsession I just wanna be heard, loud and clear are my words, comin’ from within man Tell ‘em what you heard, it's about a revolution In your heart and in your mind, you can find the conclusion Lifestyle and obsession, diamond rings get you nothin’ but a lifelong lesson And your pocketbook stressin’, you're a slave to the system Workin jobs that you hate, for that shit you don't need It's too bad the world is based on greed, step back and see Stop thinkin’ bout yourself, start thinkin’ bout There's no money, there's no possession, only obsession, I don't need that shit Take my money, take my possession, take my obsession, I don't need that shit Cuz everything is nothing, and emptiness is in everything This reality is really just a fucked up dream With the flesh and the blood that you call your soul, flip it inside out It's a big black hole, take your money burn i
Soldiers Christmas
I Need One Of These!
Don't Bet On Laura Lou
A guy was sitting quietly reading his paper when his wife walked up behind him and whacked him on the head with a magazine. "What was that for?" he asked. "That was for the piece of paper in your pants pocket with the name Laura Lou written on it," she replied. "Two weeks ago when I went to the races, Laura Lou was the name of one of the horses I bet on," he explained. "Oh honey, I'm sorry," she said. "I should have known there was a good explanation. Three days later he was watching a ball game on TV when she walked up and hit him in the head again, this time with the iron skillet, which knocked him out cold. When he came to, he asked, "What was that for?" She replied, "Your horse called."
Romance Gone Wrong.....
I didn't write this but I thought I would share it... It might make somebody laugh.... I came home from work one day a little early. You always came over on the weekends, especially when your kids were gone for the weekend. When you called and said you would be a little late, I was actually glad. I wasn’t finished with the dinner that I was trying to prepare for you. We usually go out to our favorite restaurant; chucky cheese’s but tonight was going to be different and you didn’t know anything about it. It was my first attempt at trying to cook a meal for my baby. I had bought me some cookbooks, Recipes for Lovers, and How to Get Laid by Cooking, and I was cooking away. I was on my way to your house, running a bit late because I had to make a stop first. I wanted tonight to be extra special because it had been awhile since the last time I had seen you. When I called you to tell you I was going to be later than expected you sounded relieved and I wondered what you were up
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The Pain Of Love
Standing here all on my own, watching life go by, taking in those dreadful words, ...a tear drops from my eye, I stood there as i watched you run, and waited for the pain, love can be a painful thing, you used my love in vain, Why'd you leave me here to cry?, our love had felt so...right, why'd you go and break my heart, just like you did that night, let me kiss your lips once more, so I can see it's true, help me see your love is gone, that I can't be with you, don't leave me here to fall apart, to watch you fade away, tell me how you really feel, and why you just won't stay, I never thought I'd cry so much, I want to see this through... although you'll never feel for me..... I always will love you. By. Mark Havens
The Duty Of A Soldier
The duty of a soldier For those civilians who died in war The duty of a soldier is simple, protect your fellow officers, p.o.w.s, cilivilians and country, it seems wrong to send soldiers to fight instead of bombing the enemy, but it's not because civilians are more likely to be killed, killing a civilian is like leaving a soldier on the battlefield, and that is somthing you do not do. Johnathen Allen Forcum Copyright ©2006 Johnathen Allen Forcum
The Word Love
The word love When you hear the word "love", what do you acually hear' I hear trust' loyalty' partnership, and honesty, when you hear "I love you", what does it mean to you? Johnathen Allen Forcum Copyright ©2006 Johnathen Allen Forcum
Life why is it that i'm quick to pick up a gun to defend my self, why is it that i must deal to survive this cold world we live in, why must i feel so much pain the troubles of life tends to drive me insane, sometimes i wonder, if i'm a child on God's shoulder, or if i'm saitan's toy soldgier, why must i watch my loved ones suffer so much, why is it that life seems so pointless, full of hate,pain and emptyness, why is my heart so cold? why do i fear of growing old, why is a child's life so precious, why am i always breathless, i'll tell you why,its life. Johnathen Allen Forcum Copyright ©2006 Johnathen Allen Forcum
I don't understand the Not Safe For Work push on CT. This is supposed to be the libertarian social networking site... live and let live... do what you want to, just don't tell me what you want me to do. The biggest thing I don't understand is why are you looking at this site at work for? Get to work, damn it! What are you getting paid for, surfing the internet? And if you work at a job where you can get away with surfing the internet, you probably can get away with looking at a picture of someone in their underwear! Come on people, let's act like adults. At least some of the time... hehe.
Eulogy For A Friend The Best Kind Of Friend
Don't know why but bobo always seemed to enjoy this song.. So here's to you bobo you were my best friend I loved you so much. I'm crying my eyes out right now because My best friend is lying dead in a box waiting to be buried. its the memories that dies take your photographs back for the love of all god.. Our gas head marches on.. you were the best cat ever man. I mean you were beautiful you had the coolest boots on your feet that everyone loved. I mean sure you eventually would get sick of us petting you but you always liked it when we did. You'd sit there in the living room and jump off the couch and into my lap curl into a ball and just purr and purr and I absolutely loved that. its the memories that dies take your photographs back for the love of all god.. Our gas head marches on.. if i was half alive then you were dead subsistin' on that same old bread . it's the memory that hides the whole wide world it's the gas hed's love of america . it's the memory th
No Words To Say...
I"m Baaaackk!!
Yippie, We're back online!!! I missed everyone. Talk to you soon.
Rant #2
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my cherries out there. I hope it's a good and safe one. Kisses.
All Encompassing
I really have little to say However pointed it is . I decided to remove my folder containing anything marked nsfw Why? Simple Im not going to be part of the issue nor will i contribute to the drama from people who dont understand. I can find things to upload that arent questionable. I can have pics of me that arent showing anything Perhaps thats enough.
Just wanna wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
Im Not A Writer But I Hope Someone Likes It.
I will only know defeat in the arms of a woman,and hold victory in the form of a kiss.
A Smile Missed
It has been a week, Your lips I really seek. It has been awhile, Since I have seen your smile. I saw you this morning. My heart skipped, My breathe stopped. When I realized I was not dreaming. You have made my day, When you looked my way
Yet Another Quiz
You scored as Colossus. Colossus is the strongest X-Man physically. His love for his family and his sister Illiana make him strong. Although he can be prone to fits of rage, he has a big heart under that organic steel skin. Powers: Can change his skin into organic steel making him nearly invunerable and exponentially increasing his strengthColossus90%Wolverine85%Storm65%Rogue65%Jean Grey65%Cyclops60%Iceman60%Emma Frost55%Beast45%Nightcrawler45%Gambit
Lol Letter From Your Computer
Letter From Your Computer You look really sexy in that.thing you've got on tonight. I like the way your eyes are always open when you read your E-mail. When you type, it reminds me of a concert pianist tinkling on her keys. You really know how to push the right buttons to turn me on. If I wasn't a computer, I'd show you what "Hard Drive" really means! But Alas, I'm only a bundle of circuits and wires, obeying your every command. Yes, mistress! I'll balance your checkbook. Yes, Mistress! I'll run your silly little program. Don't get me wrong...I like theMaster/Slave thing, but maybe just once in a while you could show some compassion? Maybe instead of just ramming the diskette in, you could slide it in slowly, maybe even blow in the slot first. And maybe instead of just using me and turning me off when you're through, we cld talk for a while afterwards? I! Know other computers have hurt you in the past. But I am different! I may be a little slow, but I've got a big mouse!
I went to see them last night at the Hammy apollo. they were absolutely fantastic, I couldn't remember one of their songs, but i liked it a lot. Then with about 10 minutes left they played a couple of songs that were really popular about 6 years ago, which is where I remembered them from and agreed to go to the gig in the first place. But it was at this point that i realised I had been thinking of a different band for the first hour and a half and it was no wonder they sounded different. I thought i was going to see Gene. Dumb ass
in case any body was wondering how i come up with all this in my blogs, well i wrote them the first time i went to the iraq war, nobody realy knows what war is like untill your there, yea the news can show you but thay dont show you everything, there are thing in war that nobody will ever understand so dont bother trying, or it will take you a life time to understand, so those of you that have been there you know what its like and you know how to live it every day, im not sayin war is wrong im not sayin war is rite but war is and will always be a part of life so get used to it an dont disrespect the ppl who do go into war, thay are doing things that most cane imagin. when i came back i was called every name in the book from babykiller to the devil himself and i dont realy give a fuk i didnt do the things i did for anybody els but my son to insure some kind of peace for him and his kids, so call me the devil call me a baby killer but if some chick holding a baby and an ak47 you better
A Flaw In Women
By the time the Lord made woman, He was into his sixth day of working overtime. An angel appeared and said, "Why are you spending so much time on this one?" And the Lord answered, "Have you seen my spec sheet on her? She has to be completely washable, but not plastic, have over 200 movable parts, all replaceable and able to run on diet coke and leftovers, have a lap that can hold four children at one time, have a kiss that can cure anything from a scraped knee to a broken heart -and she will do everything with only two hands." The angel was astounded at the requirements. "Only two hands!? No way! And that's just on the standard model? That's too much work for one day. Wait until tomorrow to finish." "But I won't," the Lord protested. "I am so close to finishing this creation that is so close to my own heart. She already heals herself when she is sick AND can work 18 hour days." The angel moved clo
Dont Care
Disclaimer: I'm just stating things I've noticed so far; things I don't think most people have taken the time to notice. It's not meant to offend, but I don't care if anyone takes offense. I'm just in the mood to rant and ramble, and I make no apologies.
Lol Never Ever.........
Any Volunteer For The Next Cumshot Tribute?
Who want to be on the next picture (like this one)? Let me know, I'm full ... Kisses Nice Boy PS: I'll send you the high resolution video.
Death Comes In Three's
Murió Valentín Elizalde Fue ejecutado en Reynosa, México Notimex Valentín Elizalde tenía 27 años de edad (79-06). Su última producción discográfica fue "Vencedor", para el sello Universal. Univision Online y Agencias 25 de Noviembre de 2006 Tenía 27 años de edad Colegas lamentan su muerte REYNOSA - Al salir de una presentación en el palenque de esta ciudad de Tamaulipas, México, el cantante grupero Valentín Elizalde 'El Gallo de Oro' fue ejecutado con más de setenta casquillos de metralleta. El intérprete de 27 años de edad estaba en su camioneta junto con tres personas, dos de ellas también resultaron muertas, y la otra, un primo de Valentín, resultó lesionado y se encuentra hasta el momento en un hospital local. Envía tus condolencias a la familia Elizalde Recuerda a Valentín bajando música aquí Tenía 27 años de edad Audio Valentín Elizalde “Vencedor” Escucha completita la última producción de Valentín Elizalde: V
Escape From Here
I just need something that will take me away I'd throw my heart into your fire, when I was blind and you knew that I'd come crawling back, and you knew you'd always find me there but this time some things are gonna change, I'm breaking out. And I know someday I'll be ok, and I know someday I'll stand again But this won't be the end of me Cuz I'm breaking away I just need something that will take me away To help me disconnect to get you off my mind I just need something that will give me the strength to get away from you To escape from here And as I'm sifting through the ash, I find myself And you knew that I'd come crawling back, and you knew you'd always find me there But I'm sure you're never gonna change, cuz you've learned this all before And I know that you'll come crawling back, but I swear you'll never find me there I just need something that will take me away To help me disconnect to get you off my mind I just need something that will give
King Of Monsters Fight
Gospel Of The Witches Chapt. 10
Madonna Diana "The Madonna is essentially the goddess of the moon. "Naples in the Nineties," by E. N. Rolfe. Once there was, in the very old time in Cettardo Alto, a girl of astonishing beauty, and she was betrothed to a young man who was as remarkable for good looks as herself; but though well born and bred, the fortune or misfortunes of war or fate had made them both extremely poor. And if the young lady had one fault, it was her great pride, nor would she willingly be married unless in good style, with luxury and festivity, in a fine garment, with many bridesmaids of rank. And this became to the beautiful Rorasa-for such was her name-such an object of desire, that her head was half turned with it, and the other girls of her acquaintance, to say nothing of the many men whom she had refused, mocked her so bitterly, asking her when the fine, wedding was to be, with many other jeers and sneers, that at last in a moment of madness she went to the top of a high tower, whence
Type A Personality
You Have A Type A- Personality You are one of the most balanced people around Motivated and focused, you are good at getting what you want You rule at success, but success doesn't rule you. When it's playtime, you really know how to kick back Whether it's hanging out with friends or doing something you love! You live life to the fullest - encorporating the best of both worlds Do You Have a Type A Personality?
Some Sing
some sing, some die, and some cry. this can only leave us asking why. why do i do the latter of them. some times this just leaves my life dim. then there is an angel that appears unto me with her light shining so bright. her light renews my sight. now looking foward to brighter days ahead and asking myself will this angel ever be mine. or will i always order only a single glass of wine.
Today Is Could
today should totally be a sit around in underwears and tshirts with a fire id even let her paint my toenails....after i did hers of course....fuck let her put makeup on me all long as she looked me in the long as she kissed me.........last i heard though.....hahahaha....fuck....point is, it could be the perfect day...underwears, nailpainting, kissing and food...oh yeaaaah, and a movie or three
Live Webcam Cumshot : Looking For Spectators
I will tribute another LC cutie soon, I will do it live on my webcam, with Yahoo. I will play with myself before, I will listen to your comments and your ideas, and probably do what you ask :) Let me know if you want to watch, just send me a message with your Yahoo Messenger ID. Note: You don't need a webcam (but let me know if you have one) Comments on my pictures and videos are also welcome :) - More Skin album - Nudity album (must be FRIEND over 18) - Sperm Gallery album (must be FRIEND over 18) - Tribute album (must be FRIEND over 18) - Made for Me album (must be FRIEND over 18) Kisses Nice Boy
What Kind Of Kisser Are You
What type of kisser are you? Romantic kisserThis kind of kisser will be a good husband or wife.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
Smart Assed Answers
TOP SIX SMART ASS ANSWERS FOR 2006 SMART ASS ANSWER #6 It was mealtime during a flight on Hooters Airline "Would you like dinner?" the flight attendant asked John, seated in front. "What are my choices?" John asked. "Yes or no," she replied. SMART ASS ANSWER #5 A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket and he opened histrench coat and flashed her. Without missing a beat, she said, "Sir, I need to see your ticket not your stub." SMART ASS ANSWER #4 A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store but she couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked a stock boy "Do these turkeys get any bigger?" The stock boy replied, "No ma'am, they're dead." SMART ASS ANSWER #3 The cop got out of his car and the kid who was stopped for speeding rolled down his window. "I've been waiting for you all day," the cop said. The kid replied, Yeah, well I got here as fast as I could.
The Man I Love.....
I'm so happy because I'm engaged to the most amazing man in the world.... I love him with all my heart. He is so good to me. He makes me feel like I"m the only woman in the world. I couldn't believe the day that he put the ring on my finger... It was so amazing. He makes feel like I can do anything and all I need is his love. He is the other part that I've been missing all my life. His name is David. and I would be lost. I'm so excited about becoming Mrs. David Francis. I can't wait until that day gets here. So He can finally make me whole again....
~~~british Humour~~~
British Humour The train was quite crowded, so a U. S. Marine walked the entire length looking for a seat, but the only seat left was taken by a well dressed,middle-aged, French woman's poodle. The war-weary Marine asked, "Ma'am, may I have that seat?" The French woman just sniffed and said to no one in particular, "Americans are so rude. My little Fifi is using that seat." "Please, ma'am. May I sit down? I'm very tired." She snorted, "Not only are you Americans rude, you are also arrogant!" This time the Marine didn't say a word; he just picked up the little dog, tossed it out the train window, and sat down. The woman shrieked, "Someone must defend my honour! Put this American in his place!" An English gentleman sitting nearby spoke up, "Sir, you Americans seem to have a penchant for doing the wrong thing. You hold the fork in the wrong hand. You drive your autos on the wrong side of the road. And now, sir, you seem
When Jane Met Tarzan
When Jane initially met Tarzan in the jungle, she was attracted to him, and during her questions about his life, she asked him how he had sex? "Tarzan not know sex." he replied. Jane explained to him what sex was. Tarzan said "Oh,....Tarzan use knot hole in trunk of tree." Horrified Jane said, "Tarzan you have it all wrong, but I will show you how to do it properly." She took off her clothing and laid down on the ground. "Here" she said, pointing to her privates, "you must put it in here." Tarzan removed his loin cloth, showing Jane his considerable manhood, stepped closer to her and kicked her in the crotch! Jane rolled around in agony for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually she managed to grasp for air and screamed "What did you do that for?" Tarzan replied, "Check for squirrel."
You Have Failed Me.
You are not at all who I thought you were. I was convinced that you were Hitler. Oh, by the way... sorry about that whole kicking you in the jimmies thing. I was pretty pissed at you for the Holocaust.
Love, Lust, And Marriage
ARE YOU: IN LOVE, LUST OR MARRIED? LOVE......................when your eyes meet across a crowded room. LUST.......................when your tongues meet across a crowded room. MARRIAGE............when your belt won't meet around your waist, and you don't care. LOVE......................when intercourse is called making love. LUST.......................all other times. MARRIAGE............what's intercourse? LOVE......................when you argue over how many children to have. LUST.......................when you argue over who gets the wet spot. MARRIAGE............when you argue over money. LOVE......................when you share everything you own. LUST.......................when you think twice about giving your partner bus money. MARRIAGE............when the bank owns everything. LOVE......................when it doesn't matter if you don't climax. LUST.......................when the relationship is over if you don't climax. MARRIAGE............what
My 'iq'
Ok now come on, you can see what your's is! Go ahead, I dare you! LOL! Comments?
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first video
I`m Going To Open Up My Heart Today
Sometimes, there are things that happen right in front of your eyes and you are not even aware of them, isn`t it? That usually happens when you are totally distracted or you have shut yourself to the world outside. I`m not trying to beat around the bush, but it would have been very nice to have started this letter by saying right away that I am totally in love with you; it`s so strange for me to be so blinded by love whereas you seem to be blind to my love. If it`s pure distraction and you are really not aware of the way I look at you, then there is still hope this letter will produce some effect. My only fear, however, is that you have already noticed my interest in you and you couldn`t care less. Is that the case? I sincerely hope not... I suspect you haven`t even realized that there is someone who looks at you in a different way and whose heart beats faster every time you are near. Much as I try to be discreet, I can sometimes be too obvious; but know that I have brought myself
Craig & Jason
I love those kids. I mean I really love those kids. LOL I think I have more fun with them than the 3 days I spent with Jordan. My favorite thing has to be Craig's smile and his phase of: Scared Little Boy Monster "I'm a fucking Man" stages he goes thru in like 2.5 seconds. Jason is just my
Six Sea's Of Sex
licking: licking me down from my lips to the inside of my hips lick me all around the surface of my clit, see baby im like your large peach I see you cant wait to get to the center core were I flow very nice. lick me lick me lick me until my center sugar pour out shivers of my body as you witness my love postion juice pour onto your tongue hmmmm sucking: im on the job sweetie see with me I find the very first bump on the bottom of your head and vibrate my tongue on it until your di*k come to attention, starting at the base I lick the shaft of your di*k also playing with your balls just to make it easier for you to lose all control and burst all over me, so as I start from the base and work my way up searching for that spot that turns you completely on now that I control your di*k I reach to the top of your head I go down deepthroating you a little up and down until you cant stand it anymore and there it goes sweet nectar teasing: Teasing you, you teasing on the balcony my legs
Love The Last Sentence Of This News Story. .
Glue Spill Shuts Indiana Highway Nov 29, 4:12 PM (ET) PENDLETON, Ind. (AP) - A semitrailer carrying large drums of glue spilled part of its load onto a state highway Tuesday, causing the road to be closed for about three hours as crews worked to resolve the sticky situation. Police officers diverted traffic off Indiana 67 and 38 and U.S. 36 after the spill. Workers and customers were evacuated from businesses within 100 yards of the spill and about 10 people were treated at the scene or a nearby hospital for skin, eye or respiratory irritation, Madison County Emergency Management spokesman Todd Harmeson said. The spill happened about 10:30 a.m., when two 55-gallon drums of Bondmaster glue the truck was carrying tipped over and leaked onto the highway. A passing motorist alerted the truck driver, who pulled off, and police, fire and emergency personnel responded to the area about 20 miles northeast of Indianapolis. The cleanup had started by 1 p.m. and the roads were reo
To Makaveli
We have both felt, the hesitation, We have both wanted more, But, I am scared to fall again, Because of what happened, before. I am scared of being hurt, I am scared of hurting you, I wish I knew for sure, Just what it is that I should do. I am going to take a risk, That you will understand, And I will try to trust you more, Because, I am your biggest fan. I need to let you know, That I love you so much, And I will learn to love again, The secret's in your touch. Never before have I felt this way, My heart is on my sleeve, I am just afraid that things would change, And suddenly, you would leave. I can not bear to hurt again, After all that I've been through, But, I am willing to risk the hurt, Because, I am falling in love with you. I promise I wouldn't hurt you, Or ever leave your side, Because you are the "he", I've searched for, I have looked far and wide. So today, I tell you this, That I am ready to move on, And grow the love that we sha
Anxiety I feel like I wanna smack somebody Turn around and bitch slap somebody But I ain't goin' out bro (no, no, no) I ain't givin' into it (no, no, no) Anxieties bash my mind in Terrorizing my soul like Bin Laden But I ain't fallin' down bro (no, no, no) I won't lose control bro (no, no, no) Shackled and chained My soul feels stained I can't explain got an itch on my brain Lately my whole aim is to maintain And regain control of my mainframe My bloods boiling its beatin' out propane My train of thoughts more like a runaway train I'm in a fast car drivin' in a fast lane In the rain and I'm might just hydroplane I don't fear none of my enemies And I don't fear bullets from oozies I've been dealing with something thats worse than these That'll make you fall to your knees and thats the The anxiety the sane and the insane rivalry Paranoias brought me to my knees Lord please please please Take away my anxiety The sane and the insane rivalry Paranoias brought
Search For The Goddess
Search for the Goddess Pain of a thousand ordeals Search for the elusive Rock of Gibralter Heart hangs low, weeps for strength of the Great Mother Sorrow, Dispair, and Envy set in Seek a time when the Divine feminine archetype reigned supreme Peace and fulfillment never an issue Search continues amdist the carnage of mentaly blockages To Enlightenment To seek without One must go In Gaining the wisdom, strength, and knowledge of Old Love, admire, protect, Embrace Myself? Trials and tribulations, Path of True Enlihgtenment Great Walls protected which need not be protected Crash violently to the ground The great Fire of change consumes the old So the new may rise from the Ashes anew I am the Goddess and the Goddess is me
Love's Scent
Lust's Scent Walking along Cafe street SCent of Sex is in the air Birds chirp and flowers bloom Wind caresses my skin Journey to Elm Street Park Feeding the birds and communing with nature That smell again Patchouli, Night Jamsine, Egyptian Musk..What is it Looking to see where its source is My sensings raging, pulsating She appears walkign her dogs Stopping to rest near my bench Does she notice my attraction is she feeling it too Big Bold Sexy Her scent is so tantalizing She sees me struggler Almost knowing what I am thinking Hi I've seen you before Walk with me? My sense on overload My body sizzling with raw desire Holding hands and warm conversation My how Day goes away fast Invites me back to her place That scent enfolds me, warms me as I go inside Lighting candles, ambiance is perfect SHaring sweet wine Potpourii warms next to us The Goddess dances in her soul Tremors opf Bliss and emchantment swallow my soul completely P
Finding Locals
is there a way to find local peeps?
Mudvayne, "forget To Remember"
What have I done? Where have I come from? When I burnt the backs with the sun through a glass did I Seal the loss that's become me? Feeling undone, What have I become? When I turned my back on you I turned my back on myself And became this machine Thoughtlessness, selfishness, hopelessness, arrogant I feel it on the inside, twisting and contorting, memory Has shaped me once again, Still feel you on the inside, biting through and stinging, Will I ever forget to remember? Shadows in the sun, Filter through us, Still wrestle the demons that arrested me as a child, Confession rejected, We grow up, To give up, People step on the cracks for wounds owed paid back Through the words of surrender, Emptiness, loneliness, listlessness, worthless I feel it on the inside, twisting and contorting, memory Has shaped me once again, Still feel you on the inside, biting through and stinging, Will I ever forget to remember? Can you save me? From myself,
Mudvayne, "fall Into Sleep"
Note...this isn't a Mudvayne video, but one I found on Youtube that I thought was cool Dreams of earthquakes, dreams of hurricanes, dreams of The pouring rain, dreams of tidal wash us all Away Dreams of guns blazed, dreams of fire rage, dreams of Swollen graves, dreams of Hollow pain all gone No more fallen, no more enemy, no more casuality, no more Dream Fall into sleep, fall into me, I have a dream, but nobody Cares, nobody wants to listen Fall into sleep, fall into me, hang onto a dream that Nobody wants, nobody cares anymore Dreams of mourning grief, dreams of disbelief, dreams of Tragedy Dreams of our disease, to take us all away Dreams of fidelity, dreams of inner peace, dreams of Loyalty, dreams of unity, all gone, all gone Fall into sleep, fall into me, I have a dream, but nobody Cares, nobody wants to listen Fall into sleep, fall into me, hang onto a dream that Nobody wants, nobody cares anymore The angels are injured. fa
Random Thought.
If you stick a flower up your bum, it doesn't make you a vase.
Have you ever dreamt of perfection dreaming of a pretty vision o so vivid that in morning you wake up in tears 'cause you almost touched and felt it I am dreaming of fair beauty and behold there you stand and belief of dream is far now for I am holding your hand And though it is but a dream I'd prefer this world always for here my true desire lies the warmth of your tender face I would choose never to wake up cause I realise there lying that waking up from this a part of me would feel like dying.
Careless Whisper
Lisa Stanfield - All Around The World
My Great Nephew Had His Second Surgery Please Pray For Him
BRAYLON HES BEEN LIKE THIS SINCE HIS BIRTH HES HAS SEVERAL SURGERIES He's done! Surgery went great. Dr. Ohye was able to use a larger mechanical valve than anticipated which will give him a longer period to grow into it (prolong future replacement.) He also had a better view into the Left Ventricle and was able to remove some more EFE (scar tissue.) Lastly, he was able to reduce the stenosis forming below the Aortic Valve by 50% to prolong its replacement as well. We are waiting for them to let us back into PICU to see our little Michelin Man. Thanks for the prayers. We woke up with supernatural peace today. God Bless Us All, The F Family
Cumm Help Me Out Guys
Keep Voting And Commenting Please ..make This A Better Day For Me
In The Darkness
here in the darkness i search for the light, i search for the answers, i search for hope. but all i see is darkeness all i hear is silence. I look for escape from this darkeness this confusion this pain. I look for the answer that just don't come. I look for a relese from this pain. my heart is dying and with it my soul. maybe i will find the relase from this darkness and pain in neverending sleep. please god help me to find an end.
The Grinch For Playfulgod
HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS by Dr. Suess Every Who Down in Who-ville Liked Christmas a lot... But the Grinch, Who lived just North of Who-ville, Did NOT! The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season! Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason. It could be that his head wasn't screwed on quite right. It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight. But I think that the most likely reason of all May have been that his heart was two sizes too small. But, Whatever the reason, His heart or his shoes, He stood there on Christmas Eve, hating the Whos, Staring down from his cave with a sour, Grinchy frown At the warm lighted windows below in their town. For he knew every Who down in Who-ville beneath Was busy now, hanging a mistleoe wreath. "And they're hanging their stockings!" he snarled with a sneer. "Tomorrow is Christmas! It's practically here!" Then he growled, wit
Just getting started on this thing! I think I'm picking up on it. I may need to change some settings though so people can comment me etc. Show some love. I don't want to be a cherry grunt forever! LMAO
I Shall Call Him George!
TURN SOUND ON! “I will love him and hug him and pet him and squeeze him and pat him and pet him and I will take him home and call him George."
Remember This At Christmas Time
REMEMBER THIS AT CHRISTMAS TIME According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer each year, male reindeer drop their antlers at the beginning of winter, usually late November to mid-December. Female reindeer retain their antlers till after they give birth in the spring. Therefore, according to EVERY historical rendition depicting Santa's reindeer, EVERY single one of them, from Rudolph to Blitzen, had to be a girl. We should've known... ONLY women would be able to drag a fat-ass man in a red velvet suit all around the world in one night and not get lost.
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Live in virtue, no desire In the grave an angel's choir You look to heaven and wonder why No one can see them in the sky Just as the clouds have gone to sleep Angels can be seen in heaven's keep Alone in fear they question why Goddamn not an angel when I die Angels live, they never die Apart from us, behind the sky They're fading souls who've turned to ice So ashen white in paradise Just as the clouds have gone to sleep Angels can be seen in heaven's keep Alone in fear they question why Goddamn not an angel when I die Goddamn an angel when I die Heaven must be hell in the sky
Colors Love It
Im Bossy...yeah Heffa I Said It
I've been in a mood to write lately. I have to admit I have been HEATED in the last couple days. Some of it is just me being bitchy. Some of this is well deserved ANGER. I'll explain the situation... Some of know I recently updated my page to reflect more of my personality; yes '... I'm Bossy...' I realize that I'm far from the only bossy person in cherry tap, but until me, not one other person said it exactly the same way. I said all that to say this. Some trifling, clit ridin' heffa is gonna say in her shout 'Did I ever tell you that "I'm Bossy"???' B*tch stop bitin' my shyt. Yes I took a line from a song I am feeling right now but DAMN!!! Can I have my shyt back. I stole it first. As a matter of fact I bet this OLD ASS slut can't even tell me the name of the f*cking song. I hope you read this. You know that you are connected to me. That makes it pretty damn hard to believe you didn't know. My mom has great since of color and style. We had a neighbor aro
Umm Go Ahead..1 Question Ask Me Ill Tell Ya
UMMMMMM go ahead ask me ONE QUESTION > > > > > ¢¾ 1 question. > > > > > ¢¾ 1 chance. > > > > > ¢¾ 1 answer. > > > > > ¢¾ That¡¯s all you get. > > > > > > > > > > You get to ask me 1 question. > > > > > Any one question, > > > > > No matter how crazy it is. > > > > > ANY 1 question!! > > > > > > > > > > ¢¾ Conditions: I won't tell ANYONE and I promise to answer it. > > > > > > > > > > The catch is¡¦ > > > > > you have to repost this > > > > > and see what people ask you. So go for it :)
Should I Be
OFFENDED? 477900: Www.MilfMySpace.Com Click Here ---->>>
Mushroomhead, "before I"
Set Me Free Let Me Be Who And What I Am Why Can't You See? You Never Seem To Understand This Pain I Feel Is As Real As Your Ignorance Question Fate As I Await Deliverance Like A Fantastic Fork In Bloody Meat Don't Give Me Love I Wanna Drowned In Your Deep Divide Tumbleweed Sew The Seed In This Ghost Town You Never Know What You'll See When The Sun Goes Down I Saw Her Last In A Dream She Seems To Astound Heard Of Her First Third Verse (216) Hands Bound Taken From Me In My Mind Empty Without It Inside Starving I Am The Deprived Just Want It Once...desires Strong Resistance Is Weak It's Hard To Win When You've Got So Many Mouths To Feed I Could Die For All Of My Sins No Not For That For All That I Have Never Had This Life's A Fight For Fulfillment Inside A War Of My Own Hindsight Look Back With Resentment Taken As I Find Myself All Alone Taken From Me
Extra Extra
The Year 1906 This boggles the mind, I know it did mine! The year is 1906. One Hundred years ago... What a difference a century makes! Here are some statistics for the year 1906: The average life expectancy was 47 years. Only 14% of the homes had a bathtub. Only 8% of the homes had a telephone. There were only 8 Thousand CARS and only 144 miles of PAVED ROADS! The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph. (How slow is that??) The TALLEST Building in the World was the Eiffel Tower! The average worker mad between $200 & $400 per year. A competent accountant could expect to earn $2000 per year, A dentist $2500 per year, A veterinarian between $1500 & $4000 per year, and a mechanical engineer about $5000 per year. More than 95% of all births took place at HOME. 90% of all doctors had NO COLLEGE EDUCATION! Instead, they attended so-called medical schools, many of which were condemned in the press AND government as "substandard." Sugar c
Lost In The Shadows....
Love Letterman!
Want Fries With That?
Operation Back Packs For Injured Service Members
Operation Back Packs for injured service members Ok now that the holiday's care packages for the deployed have been sent out lets not forget our injured service members in VA hospitals. Operation back pack is getting underway. Operation Back Pack for injured service members is a comfort package for service members who are injured in VA hospitals. A comfort backpack can include items such as: Current Magazines Puzzles Decks of Cards Board games calling cards Sm. throw blankets Tooth paste and tooth brushes letter of encouragement with your return address Paper Pens envelopes razors/shaving creams lotions Cd Players with am/fm radio Cd's combs/brushes Lets fill those back packs up with items and send them to our injured service members!! Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, located in Germany Landstuhl Red Cross to any injured soldier CMR 402 Box 2234 APO AE 09180 Brooke Army Medical Center, at Fort Sam Houston, TX Any injured soldier Care of: LTC
Sexual I.q
You have a sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
New Cherry
I fall over a lot. More than most people. I think gravity hates me.
Close To You (( Maxi Priest ))
For Ladies Eyes Only
Warm Up Winter Treat
T Owens
Keep Showing Me Some Luvssssssssss Please
Still More On Continuing In The Word Of His Grace Ii
December 5th I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able... But as for you, continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them, and that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. (Acts 20:32; 2 Timothy 3:14-15) The present verses again point us to our current theme, continuing in the word of God's grace. Only the grace of God is able to provide what is needed for the life we are called to live. This necessary grace is held forth for our learning and appropriating in "the word of His grace." This life-giving grace is to be lived in day by day (ideally, from childhood through old age). Paul urged Timothy to continue in the biblical truth that he had been taught, truth about which he had become convinced. "Continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of." God's word not only instructs us
Senior Citizen Test
It's that time of year to take your "Annual Senior Citizen test." Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the muscles. As we grow older, it's important to keep mentally alert. If you don't use it, you lose it! Below is a very private way to test your loss o r non-loss of intelligence. Take the test presented here to determine if you're losing it or not. The large spaces below are so you don't see the answers until you've made your answer. OK, relax, clear your mind and begin. 1. What do you put in a toaster? Answer: "bread" If you said "toast," give up now and go do something else. Try not to hurt yourself. If you said, bread, go to Question 2. 2. Say "silk" five times. Now spell "silk." What do cows drink? Answer: Cows drink water. If you said "milk," don't attempt the next question. Your brain is over-stressed and may even overheat. Content yourself with reading a more appropriate literature such as Auto World.
Misty Christmas Memories
Gentle snowflakes touch my face As a tear trails down my cheek Among crowds and glistening tinsel Your face, I once more seek. Another year has come to pass With not one glimpse of you Except in dreams, you visit me In shades of hazy blue. Christmas time will soon be here I long to see your face Just once again, to see your smile And dream of your embrace. Christmas time is boxed up In tones of purple hue It's wrapped in misty memories And laced with thoughts of you c)1987 Marilyn Ferguson Used with permission
Goodnight To All My Friends
Goodnight to all my friends, I am off to bed. Sweet Dreams everyone!!! Hugs!!!
Skunks And Such.
I've never been kissed by a skunk. And such. Which is pretty good when you think about it. I doubt they brush their teeth.
The Silver Lining.
The silver lining is actually made of mercury and will cause nerve damage if you touch it.
Bottle & A Gun
"I can show you how to hump, without making love, The way you look at me, I cna tell that you're a freak..." -Hollywood Undead- I feel numb, like I'm dead inside. I'm a lot of things, including a slut. It's been discussed, I sleept around, it happens, but I had reason. It's a fucked up reason but it's a reason nonetheless. You see, I'm a sick person. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, suffer from Anomie, I can't have kids, I'm tired of life already and I'm 18 years old. It's pathetic the way my life adds up, but I can still make it important to me. It's my life, I want it, I'm not ready to cut out just yet. So, back to my permiscuity, I sleep with a lot of guys because, as messed up as it sounds, it makes me feel pretty, wanted, even loved. I know it's an illusion, I'm not delusional enough to think that any guy that wants to have sex is in love, but it's a nice illusion. Nearly everyone I know has an idea that that's why I'm such a "Nympho," it's been accepted, but last nigh
Well What They Always Say>>>
We are getting back together. I went to the police and reported the harrassment and stalking they are helping me get a TPO...that way she can't bother us any longer...Well, I feel alot better now. My husband knows who is going to love him and take care of him. I mean come on now...we have had 5 yrs together.
Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Now it all makes sense. My poor little monkey.
Ill Wait For You
The snow in Montana was three feet high The lady at the counter said: There ain't no flights And so he called her on the telephone He said: I'll rent a car and I'll drive home And she said: I'll wait for you Like I did last year At Christmas time with your family here And your truck broke down out in San Antone And the gifts stayed wrapped until you got home Oh, this ain't nothin' new Sweetheart, I'll wait for you Now he's on his cell phone in a Coupe Deville Talkin' to the one he loves and always will His heart is breakin' 'cause she's there alone Her heart is achin' 'cause she wants him home She says: I'll wait for you like in '68 When our child was due, but I said, he'll have to wait Until his dad gets here and stands by my side Remember, Dear, our son's first cry Oh, this ain't nothin' new Sweetheart, I'll wait for you He didn't stop all day to eat a bite And he finally got there around midnight The doctor said, she's in a better place She said to give
Good Mornign
Good Morning loca_chula2000 I see you are up to par on your stalking. Are you enjoying all that you see and read. Good, I am so glad for you. LEAVE ME can you read that clear enough. Quit checking my profile out. Quit checking MY HUSBAND's profile out. LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE. The police said that is considered stalking. Go away..get the pic...go away now.
Somebody Kill Me Please
Redneck Ghost Story!!!
REDNECK GHOST STORY A professor of paranormal phenomena at the University of Arkansas is giving a lecture on the supernatural. To get a feel for his audience, he asks: "How many people here believe in ghosts?" About 90 students raise their hands. "Well that's a good start. Out of those of you who believe in ghosts, do any of you think you've ever seen a ghost?" About 40 students raise their hands. "That's really good. I'm really glad you take this seriously. Has anyone here ever talked to a ghost?" 15 students raise their hands. "That's a great response. Has anyone here ever touched a ghost?" 3 students raise their hands. "That's fantastic. But let me ask you one question further...Have any of you ever made love to a ghost?" One student way in the back raises his hand. The professor is astonished. He takes off his glasses, takes step back, and says, "Son, all the years I've been giving this lecture, no one has
Do What It Do
My Thoughts On The Day (9)
Current Mood sick currently doing Playing My Ps2 so as Everyone Knows I havent been on Lc In awhile the reason why is about a week ago I Got sick I still am sick and getting worse I Might have to be admitted to The Hosptial so Ive been praying and trying to get better i wasnt able to eat dinner yesturday and My head hurts ive been getting really dizzy and My stomach hurts I cant seem to hold anything down anymore Im trying my best to eat lil bits of stuff but its not working so I just wanted to tell everyone where ive been so Peace out and have a Great christmas
Evan Almighty
I Just Can't Wait.
Can you believe it?! Its almost Christmas! I just can't wait!!! And I'll be traveling to see some friends! Eh, but on to today...How am I doing? Well just the usual. Bored like a plank as I would put it on PhoeniXXX Radio chat. Man i love that lounge. The peeps there are general nice and funny. You should check them out sometime, they have good music and take requests. (PhoeniXXX this is an advertising stategy so I can have more users in and have fun. :P ) Anyways, I gotta jet. Later peeps. --Xonus
Ok Cupid Test - Sluttiness
Dating Profile
And this is SO totally true right now! Once I'm done with the divorce, once I've caught my breath, maybe...Your Ideal Relationship is Friends Only Honestly, you're not really ready for a relationship right now. And you prefer to keep things platonic, for now. That's not to say that one of your friends could be dating material. You're just taking a break for now.What's Your Ideal Relationship?
How Peaceful Are You?
You Are 83% Peaceful You are the epitome of inner peace and total calm. You are grounded, emotionally mature, and very wise. While no one's life is perfect, you have a great amount of perspective on the world - and you place in it.How Peaceful Are You?
What Kind Of A Friend Are You?
You Are A Good Friend You're always willing to listen Or lend a shoulder to cry on You're there through thick and thin Many people consider you their "best friend"!What Kind of Friend Are You?
How Emotionally Mature Are You?
The recommendation is more amusing than they know... You Are 82% Grown Up, 18% Kid Your emotional maturity is fully developed, and you have an excellent grasp on your emotions. In fact, you are so emotionally mature - you should consider being a therapist!How Emotionally Mature Are You?
How American Are You?
You Are 83% American You're as American as red meat and shooting ranges. Tough and independent, you think big. You love everything about the US, wrong or right. And anyone who criticizes your home better not do it in front of you!How American Are You?
What Is Your Japanese Name?
I have no clue what this means... Your Japanese Name Is... Takumi Rokujochigusa What's your Japanese Name?
Just A Little Deeper Just A Little Wider
I sit here watching the blood drip...I know its wrong and I shouldnt do it and in the end I will regret it..But I just cant help but cut a little deeper and a little wider each time and I only do that to see if it even comes close to the pain that I feel inside...And it doesnt so I cut a little deeper and a little wider.I think of my past and things I regret and think it might take my mind off of it...It does some because I just sit there watching the blood drip from my wrist onto my pant leg..I wish my thoughts would go away..This has become an addiction and I dont know if I can stop it..I just want to cut a little deeper a little wider...I tell my self just one more time and it prolly wont hurt as bad..then I cut a little deeper and a little wider...Then somdays I think DEEPER...WIDER maybe I wont be here tomorrow if i go deeper and wider but the next morning I always wake up so I think to myself what does it matter if I wake up the next morning..Just a little deeper just a little wi
"dear Santa" From Barbie And Ken
Dear Santa, Listen, you troll, I've been helping you out every year, playing at being the perfect Christmas present, wearing skimpy bathing suits in frigid weather, and drowning in fake tea from one too many tea parties, and I hate to break it to ya Santa, but IT'S DEFINITELY PAYBACK TIME! There had better be some changes around here this Christmas, or I'm gonna call for a nationwide meltdown (and trust me, you won't wanna be around to smell it). So, here's my holiday wish list, Santa: 1. A nice, comfy pair of sweat pants and a frumpy, oversized sweatshirt. I'm sick of looking like a hooker. How much smaller are these bathing suits gonna get? Do you have any idea what it feels like to have nylon and velcro crawling up your butt? 2. Real underwear that can be pulled on and off. Preferably white. What bonehead at Mattel decided to cheap out and MOLD imitation underwear to my skin?!? It looks like cellulite! 3. A REAL man...maybe GI Joe. Hell, I'd take Tickle-Me Elmo over t
A Governing Force Vs. Self Government: The Evolution Of Spiritual Belief Systems To Common Standards Of The Physical
**Keep in mind this is the very roughest draft. Please try to ignore the composition it is crude and not up to par. If you manage to get your mind beyond that of the physical *words* it is put into and see the message I am trying to convey I would really appreciate some feedback.** {In any and the final event every person is a unique shade of grey but to each, grey is a different color. It’s all perspective anyhow.} A Governing Force vs. Self Government: the Evolution of Spiritual Belief Systems to Common Standards of the Physical After a certain amount of study and a great amount of independent/personal philosophical thought, I have come to draw ideas and theories about what is really in control over the way the world operates and what is simply a tool of the other. To elaborate we have on one hand the control man places over his fellow man, over himself. When contemplating this occurrence another concept comes to mind as well challenging, yet serving also as an equal, remar
Christmas Means So Much
CHRISTMAS CAROLS FOR THE DISTURBED * 1. Schizophrenia --- Do You Hear What I Hear? * 2. Multiple Personality Disorder --- We Three Kings Disoriented Are * 3. Dementia --- I Think I'll be Home for Christmas * 4. Narcissistic --- Hark the Herald Angels Sing About Me * 5. Manic - Deck the Halls and Walls and House and Lawn and Streets and Stores and Office and Town and Cars and Buses and Trucks and Trees and..... * 6. Paranoid --- Santa Claus is Coming to Town to Get Me * 7. Borderline Personality Disorder --- Thoughts of Roasting on an Open Fire * 8. Personality Disorder --- You Better Watch Out, I'm Gonna Cry, I'm Gonna Pout, Maybe I'll Tell You Why * 9. Attention Deficit Disorder --- Silent night, Holy oooh look at the Froggy - can I have a chocolate, why is France so far away? * 10. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder --- Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, J
The Daddy Poem
THE DADDY POEM Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees a dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them was searching,
I Will Not Carry The Burden Of Your Own Lack Of Self-awareness
Let me begin by complimenting the sheer genius behind the creator of this statement. Tina and I have shared many of the same experiences and its almost as though she taps into my mind at times with some of her blogs- they could just as easily be mine. You can check out T's blogs at: . This statement immediately struck me because I encounter it on a daily basis. Let me interpret for just a moment, what this statement means to me. I know myself. I know myself completely. I don't question my decisions and I don't second-guess my feelings. I am always clear about what it is I want and where it is I'm headed. If at any time I do question myself, I always find that the answer was the very first one I thought of. I go with my gut. Many people are not this way. Those who are not self-aware use "I think" statements rather than "I know" statements. They often lag behind in life because of an inability to make important decisions for fear of making a mis
Icp, Santas A Fat Bitch
"Santa's A Fat Bitch" Sleigh bells jingle-ling rin jing jingle-ling Horses, horses, horses, horses. Sleigh bells jingle-ling ring jing jingle-ling [gunshot] Santa Claus suck my balls Drunk as hell rinking bells at the malls Dancer, Prancer, Dixon, and Qupid I'm a get stupid, ha ha ha, eh I sat around all night under the chimney Holdin my sack like "gimme gimme" I know that he's commin, he's commin he must Lookin up nuthin but rust, dust. Turn on my tv the very next day I see your gettin payed leadin the parade I'm that sniper on the buildin Listen to my nine go click, Santas a fat bitch Santa Claus is a fat bitch (Santa Claus is a fat fat bitch) Another year and I aint get shit (Another year I aint get shit) If I hear him land on my roof (Ohh my undertaker) I'm a bust your ass in the too-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooth Yeah I got somthin to say about St. Nick Fuck that hoe he never brought jack shit No toys, candy canes, just a lump of coal, So I eat it, cuz there
Check Me Out
i need to get more friends so tell everyone about me and come make comments about my pics lov all u guys come make me smile
Look to see spoken chants of hail mary's driving me insane transfixed is the hate while comfort plays her illicit beat body's sweat feel the speed spewing from this faltered seed Pick away the scabs that wrap around your lips failed to mention your intention sore to the sight is this bitter spite sectioned insuffiecently passion cutting through as fascination penetrates the deep only to isolate the sleep dreams become real before you drift in and out demons cluttered all about here's a toast to the hypocrit sucking on the finest tit shaking the devil's hand as the deadly seven take their stand recognize Hitler's eyes when pity dwells vengeance smells skipping through each realm of your darkened hell
The Real Me
You scored as WereWolf. WereWolf: Craving rare Meat, feeling caged, aggitated by being around people. Unable to control one's anger or temper. The person will give off symptoms of the shift. They will seem more hostile, blood thirsty, aggitated. They may even growl, bare their teeth or other animal like tendencies. In rare cases, some will physically change. Facial hair will grow thicker or darker, nails will become longer, canine's will seem longer. Embrace your wild side, for you are The Misunderstood WereWolf.WereWolf100%Angel100%Faerie100%Demon100%Dragon58%Mermaid50%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
Something I Read , Good Laugh
Boudreaux, the cajun fireman came home from work one day and said to his wife, "You know sumpin, we have a wonderful new system at de fire station." Bell 1 rings -- we put on our jackets, Bell 2 rings -- we slide down de pole, Bell 3 rings -- we jump on de ingine and we's ready to go. >From now on, when I says "Bell 1" I want you to strip naked. When I says "Bell 2" you jump on the bed. When I says "Bell tree" we's gonna mek love all tru the night. The next night he came home and yelled "Bell ! 1", his wife stripes down, he yells "Bell 2", she jumps on the bed. Bell 3 and they are off making love, After a few minutes the wife yelled out "BELL 4". What the hell is "Bell 4"? He asked. She replied: " Roll out more hose, you ain't nowhere near de fire." The Top One First....
~~my Kind Of Santa~~
My Kinda a SANTA!!! When four of Santa's elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce Toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the Pre-Christmas pressure. Then Mrs. Claus told Santa her Mother was Coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more. When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were About to give birth and two others had jumped the fence and were out, Heaven knows where. Then when he began to load the sleigh, one of the Floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to the ground and all the toys Were scattered. So, frustrated, Santa went in the house for a cup of apple cider and a Shot of rum. When he went to the cupboard, he discovered the elves had Drank all the cider and hidden the liquor. In his frustration, he Accidentally dropped the cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little Glass pieces all over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and Found the mic
This Is
this is where yahoo and ct starts to stink not many talkitive people on either one still working on other things to get more pics for u all to see talk to u later
Cranachan This is a very simple sweet (pudding) dish. Traditionally served over the festive period its light texture makes it an ideal dish to follow any heavy main meal. Cranachan Recipe Ingredients: 3 oz (half cup) pinhead or coarse oatmeal Half pint double cream 1 tablespoon Drambuie (optional) 6oz (one and a half cups) of fresh raspberries Method: Brown/Toast the oatmeal in a dry or very lightly oiled frying pan on a high heat until lightly brown. Whisk the cream into a soft consistency and mix in the oatmeal and Drambuie (alternatively, use a few drops vanilla essence or other flavouring of your choice). Mix in Raspberries and serve in tall glasses.
My compassion is broken now. My will is eroded, and my desire stolen and it makes me feel ugly. I'm on my knees and burning. My piss and moans are the fuel that set my head on fire. So smell my soul burning. I'm broken, looking up to see the enemy. I have swallowed the poison you feed me ... but I survive on it, and it leaves me guilt fed, hatred fed, weakness fed.. and I feel ugly, and dead inside. Shit adds up at the bottom. You've left me no choice but to go inside and rebuild what's broken. Too much, too far, too late to lie down now. I must arm myself to fight you by making weapons out of my imperfections. It's all I have left. There's no other choice. I'm shameless, nameless, nothing, and noone now. But my soul must be iron for my fear is naked. I'm naked and fearless. But I'm dead inside. You see.. shit adds up, now I'm dead inside. Hatred, weakness, and guilt keep me alive at the bottom.
New Skin/layout
just fixed up the new skin on my page..still got some tweaks to work out..ill do that tommorow cuz frankly i dont feel like it right now lol..xoxooox
More Truthfulness
Kids Say The Darnest Things...
So we were driving down the main street the other day. Just trying to get out and find something to do. When all of a sudden I hear my daughter talking to me from the back seat. Well I turned the raido down and asked her what she had said. In reply I got "Mom you should just marry someone else, Dad is not here any way!" I almost had to pull the car over cause I started laughing so hard. She then said " it's not funny mom I am serious!" so needless to say that was a laugh well needed... Just thought I would share that with you all I though it was cute. :P
im making some graphics spefically for here today..and making some other junk..hopefully ill get aroudn to making a dif skin and stuff like that.. xoxoxo
Thirst N Thrust
There is a fire within us.. that only needs a touch to bring forth flame. Passion ignites... when I hear you whisper my name. My body shivers... oh... but not from cold... but from the sweet anticipation... of a desire that never seems to grow old. I lay my head upon your chest.. kiss your skin softly. I breathe in the manly scent of you... it intoxicates me like wine... making my senses whirl... or maybe it is the way your hands... are softly caressing my back... making me melt... yet every nerve is tingling... with the need of you. You gently lift me up and softly kiss my forehead Sending chills all down my spine Can't wait the anticipation... Softly kiss up your body gently caress our lips... My body fills with excitement and anticipation Hands roaming each others bodies Filling the silkiness of your skin My heart starts pounding from pleasure As your fingers run over my treasures Gently sliding the ke
"explanation Unknown"
"Explanation unknown" ---------------------------------- -With that look in your eye I can feel your love A half simmered smile Protruding your graceful glow Shining aloud Playing this tempered song You call my attention Starting this fire ablaze Feeling this passion... ...Flame... ...Consequence... Decision to endure Our time together Decision to endure Our cries together Sticking together Through the dullest shine And your prettiest frown I enclose your heart Thoughtfully... ....Carefullly... Delicately not to break Your heart Your beautiful soul Your fire inside... ....Because without your flame You'll wander aimlessly And an explanation of love UKNOWN...
Love In The Afternoon
Love in the Afternoon Spirit longs Psyche bruised Ears hear song Heart is moved Lungs will breathe Slow, then faster Passion mounts Hard to master Moves controlled Minds merging Both together Thrusting, urging On and on Emotions soar Comes the climax Soon, for sure Joy unfolding Trembling thighs Lovers smile 'Tis in the eyes Hearts are pounding Both as one Love eternal Bright as Sun Glowing bodies Legs entwined Murmurs, kisses Sweet as wine Gently floating Back to Earth Each love-making Brings re-birth.
Dreams are wanted reality Dreams are definitions of wha people want to be Dreams define heart Dreams define evil Dreams are the mental link to many different people Dreams are trajic Dreams are romantic Trajic dreams begin with romantic endings Romantic dreams end with trajic beginnings Dreams define life Dreams introduce peace Dreams are eternal bliss Sometimes dreams begin and then end with a gentle loveing kiss Without dreams there is no life Without dreams there is chaos Without dreams I shall die Only with dreams shall I be revived
Gay Wrestling
Yeah. Sure. Wrestling is so not gay. //sarcasm
Sexy Phone Voices.
I have the sexiest phone voice in the world. Just ask the Queen of England. The voices in my head are not at all sexy. They sound more tricksy than anything.
Cunt Cake
If you know someone who's eyes are larger than their head, you should suggest that they seek medical attention. mmmm.... cake.
Celtic Horoscope
You Are A Fir Tree You love anything beautiful, and you have extraordinary taste. And while it's hard for you to trust, you care deeply for those close to you. You are a social butterfly, and you have many friends. You handle stress well - and you are a master at relaxing after a hard day. Overall, you are modest, talented, unselfish, and very reliable. What's Your Celtic Horoscope?
Over-served At Uptown?
Manchester – Five years ago, an intoxicated young woman fell to her death from a third-floor window of a West Side apartment building. Four years ago, a Manchester woman was seriously injured when a drunk driver slammed his pickup into the side of the car in which she was a passenger stopped at the Hooksett tollgate. Four people were injured in the six-vehicle crash. And two years ago, another woman smashed her face into the windshield of a car driven by a friend who had been drinking when it crashed into a guardrail on South Commercial Street. What links these three incidents, court records say, is the Uptown Tavern, a downtown bar located at 1301 Elm St. in Manchester According to lawsuits in Hillsborough County, the intoxicated teen and both drivers in the motor vehicle accidents were all allegedly over-served at the Uptown. Uptown owners denied the allegations in the lawsuits. The Uptown was cited for three liquor violations in October, five years after Rachel Galli
I think since I vote on other people's things and repost their bulletins, it's not unfair to ask for votes for my best friend.
My B-day In Two Days
well its two days before my b-day. its raining and it sucks.i cant do anything. i might go out and have fun on my b-day. well talk to you all soon.
Like Whoa
Fill this out in YOUR OWN WORDS and repost as "My Autobiography" Prologue 1. Where did you take your default pic? in the bathroom it seems from a long, long time ago 2. What exactly are you wearing right now? black queers hoodie (hood up), levis' 569, black chuck taylors, grey tshirt, one white sock, one white sock with green stripes, grey boxer briefs 3. What is your current problem? i miss someone and im going to go eat by myself 4. What makes you most happy? laughing my ass off and talking for hours about nuthin with someone that can do the same, but somehow you still have a halfway decent conversation and not all filler shite 5. What's the name of the song that you're listening to? rolling stones- some girls 6. Has anyone you've been really close with passed away? nope...although i pretend they did cause i makes it easier 7.Do you ever watch MTV? no. not anytime lately at all 8.What's something that really annoys you? shit drivers. and girls (but
Socrates Talks To Jesus
Socrates Good morning, Jesus, I have heard much of your marvelous teachings. In my own modest way I am a philosopher here in Athens. I am told you have great wisdom and certainly that is indicated by the throng of admirers that follow you through the streets. If you have a few moments to spare, I would appreciate it if you would enlighten me with the answers to some of the puzzling problems I have been wrestling with all my life Jesus I am as a fisher of men in my search for followers. I bring the truth of God to all men. Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be answered knock and it shall be open unto to thee. Socrates There is one basic question that has always been uppermost in my mind. Although it has always been an insurmountable obstacle to me in my search for the truth and meaning, I am sure that with your learning you will find it far to easy and think me a foolish old man. I have always longed to live honorably and nobly, but it seems that I have merely stumbled t
Season Greetings
Have a wonderful merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your dreams for the New Year come true. Best Wishes Tavern oxo
New Pics
Why ?
thats the topic. why do we love? why is this feeling given to us? it seems to only make us happy for a short time. then its gone. hurting us so much we cant breath,cant speak. only feel pain. what makes it worse is that the pain never just dissapears. you just go numb and cant feel anymore. its been 3 years since i felt love and i still hurt and still feel numb unable to open my heart to feel anything more love in my life no more happy, just tears an asking the question why? why did i love him? why did he leave me? why cant i get over him and move on with my life? was this the only chance i got? why do i still hide my heart? why wont the pain stop?
Okay Guys I Need Your Attention
WHY DO ALOT OF YOU MALES DO THINGS OF THIS NATURE...THIS HAPPENED 3 MONTHS AGO AND STILL IS EATING AT ME... What had happen was............ My children's father and I are always at it; because he misunderstands everything..If I'm being nice he takes it as I may want him. If I'm being a bitch he says I'm always a bitch... Any way for years we have been seperated, "now legally divorced" .. He is very disrespectful so for some time I didn't allow him in my house. When ever cums 2 get the children he will ring the bell and the kids would just go down stairs. Not good for children to see that, but it's never good for them to see him disrespect me either. So those were the rules for the last few years.. Just recently I've had a soft spot and so I allowed him to come up stairs Thanksgiving day to get the girls..Now he comes in and waits for the girls to get ready....While he waits he is on his phone talking. [He is to stay in one spot and not walk all around my home]; because he
These passed couple of days have been a blast for me, even tho I dont show it much. I really should learn to appreciate my life more, the seconds/minutes/and hours it holds. But part of me just can't. I'm just not happy. Is this really fair to me, I don't know. There are just certain people, who bring out my smiles, more than I'm used to.
No Doubt-sunday Morning
Sappy pathetic little me That was the girl I used to be You had me on my knees I'd trade you places any day I'd never thought you could be that way But you looked like me on Sunday You came in with the breeze On Sunday Morning You sure have changed since yesterday Without any warning I thought I knew you I thought I knew you I thought I knew you well... so well You're trying my shoes on for a change They look so good but fit so strange Out of fashion so I can complain You came in with the breeze On Sunday Morning You sure have changed since yesterday Without any warning I thought I knew you I thought I knew you I thought I knew you well... so well I know who I am, but who are you? You're not looking like you used to You're on the other side of the mirror So nothing's looking quite as clear Thank you, for turning on the light Thank you, now you're the parasite I didn't think you had it in you And now, you're looking like I used to! You came i
Sex & Love
Take off your shell along with your clothes. --Alex Comfort One thing I've learned in all these years is not to make love when you really don't feel it; there's probably nothing worse you can do to yourself than that. --Norman Mailer It is better to be silent than to say things at the wrong time that are too tender; what was appropriate ten seconds ago is no longer, and hurts one's cause, rather than helps it. --Stendhal Do not rush into your own bed after it. Talk a little bit, hang around. --Mel Brooks Sex and beauty are inseparable, like life and consciousness. And the intelligence which goes with sex and beauty, and arises out of sex and beauty, is intuition. --David Herbert Lawrence The omnipresent process of sex, as it is woven into the whole texture of our man's or woman's body, is the pattern of all the process of our life. --Havelock Ellis Is sex dirty? Only if it's done right. --Woody Allen Give me chastity and continence -- but not yet. --Saint Augustine
Goin Out...
tonight for Bubbas birthday and my work christmas party. I will do my best to have pics up soon. When I get up the pics those of you who know me may be surprised to see just how "fun" or in my ex's words "slutty" I can get. Well gotta be goin cuz the night is about to start. hope you all have a wonderful night...I know I will:)
How F***able R U?
You are 64% fuckable! Take this quiz at
I'm Still P****d
So i've just got up and I'm heading off to work and i think i might still be drunk from an all dayer yesterday, check out the pics from when i got home. And this is what i said.... So i've just got home from a twelve Hour drinking sesssion... I might be unfder the weather ish So go to my pics and rateand comment. folder i s pissed/fucked/loaded or just plain gone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do this for i want to know who my friends are and what they think So just fucking doit likes, eh!!!!! S xxx
this site is kool!!
Cowboy Contest
Im in the sexy man with a cowboy hat competiton everyone send me a vote!! I wanna win this damnit!lol THIS IS THE LINK Salem Lacroix
John Mellencamp-emotional Love
I woke up today Everything is on my shoulders I never told her Such emotional love I hear what you say Yes I owe ya But I dont know ya And I smash soldiers with love Ill come there today To your station Its recreation This passing notion of love I hear what you say Its demonstration Crossing oceans above Crossing oceans above Hand on my shoulder Like I told her I control ya Crossing oceans above Sally in the roses What she knows is Such emotional love Such emotional love Such emotional love Such emotional love Such emotional love Such emotional love Not for beginners Or sunday sinners Court disasters A. j. just killed his love Whos on the left and right Lonely days and nights Whos your master When gods pass motions above I hear what you play On your station Smashing soldiers with love Crossing oceans above Such emotional love Such emotional love Such emotional love Such emotional love I woke up today Everything is on my shoulders I ne
Because I'm Too Lazy To Clean Up The Mumm.
I've broken the code on the mumms. 1) If someone else posted it, it must be stupid. 2) If it's a topic I've read a hundred times, my annoyance with it has less to do with the fact that I've spent the last 48 hours straight reading and inserting lame comments into the mumms than it does the fact that the person who posted it is an idiot. (That was a long sentence, you might need to read it more than once.) 3) If a mumm is something I don't like, rather than just moving on it is imperative that I insert some sort of derogatory comment about the one posting, the ones commenting and anyone else who isn't a part of my limited circle of internet "friends". Please to be commenting. I'm not likely to read the comments unless the color of your screen name is of the correct hue.
Being born and rasied for the most part, much less living most of my life in Wisconsin I was very excited to see how the elections would turn out. Thinking that finally Wisconsin might step out of the narrowminded ways. Well, what do you know I was wrong. I seen a ad against same sex marriages and I was repluse that they used tradition as an excuse to cover their fear and ignorance for same sex marriages. And who's tradition is that, what do you know the church. Though Wisconsin is the beer state and has been going through mass change due to the hardships of the farms they still let fear and blind faith lead them. The worst part is what right does anyone have to say that they can't marry the one they love. I don't want anyone telling me I can't get married. Just because the sex of a couple isn't up to the conformist standards of the church. If you don't get a job because of your sex it is called DISCRIMINATION, and that is wrong and can be dealt with by legal repercussio
Why Worry?
Why worry? "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 136:1 NLT " The unforgettable responsive reading "It was midnight on Thursday, February 8, A.D. 356, and Athanasius, a leader in the early Christian church and passionate defender of the deity of Jesus Christ, was leading a worship service. Suddenly loud shouts and clashing armor could be heard outside the church. Soldiers had come to arrest him. But Athanasius said, "I didn't think it right, at such a time, to leave my people," so he continued the service. He asked a deacon to read Psalm 136 and then requested the congregation to respond with the refrain, "His faithful love endures forever," which they did twenty-six times over the din of the soldiers outside. Just as the final verse was completed, the soldiers rushed into the church, brandishing their swords and spears and crowding forward up the nave toward Anthanasius. The people yelled for Athanasius to run, but h
Dec In Iraq
Things are going fine. It has been raining lately so things are a complete mud pit here. But the base is improving daily. It was bleak when we first got here. There was no PX (store) and only a very small recreation center. But the new PX opened about a week ago as did the new rec center. I still don't have interned in my hootch, but they are begining to install systems so I may soon. I hope everyone out there has a great holiday season. I miss U all... take care and enjoy it. String
November Rain
November Rain Video - Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureMyspace Layouts
Another Update
Ok now they even have our adorable cute little kittens involved in this whole conspiracy!!!! It must be a splinter cell of sniper kittens!!! Funny Videos
I Love This Song... Putting In My Stash Too
Music Video:SHE WILL BE LOVED (by Maroon 5)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
Another Update
Ok now it has gone too far with this woodchuck conspiracy!!! They are using our children now as suicide bombers!! Funny Videos
Just Me
Forged in the fires of battle, my body is strengthened by every hero that has been or ever was. Their lives and experiences have gathered threw time and space to become a hero that the world so desires, and in their honor, I shall use my strengths and abilities to vanquish all that is evil, for evil has something to fear and that fear is me………………………..The Reaper
New Hobby (not Really, Lol) Found!
I think I'm just going to seriouly rededicate myself to drumming. I don't need a "new" hobby at all right now.
Holding Back
why do we hold back? there is some fear that if we dont hold back, if we give all, then we have nothing else to give. so we give only in parts, we keep the carrot dangling. we want to remain mysterious. when you dont allow the other to enter into your whole being and know it totally, it is because of the fear that once the other knows you totally he or she may become disinterested. you keep a few corners of yourself aloof so that the other goes on wondering, "what are those corners? what more do you have to give?" and the other goes on searching and seeking and persuading and seducing...and in the same way, the other is also holding back. there is some animal understanding behind it that once the mystery is known, the thing is finished. we love the mystery, we love the unknown. when it is known, mapped, and measured, it is finished! then what else is there? the adventuring mind will start of thinking of other women, other men. this has happened to millions of husbands and wives:
Don't Let Yourself Down!
I enjoy the coloured autumn leaves falling again, but many people suddenly start to complain. The sun fades away it starts to get dark outside. Instantly people don't put their worries aside. I know your troubled mind, your failures and fears. I know you can't think straight, your face covered in tears. I do know that as soon as the sky turns grey, things do not necessarily turn out your way. Get yourself together, truly, but don't be the clown, find a balance, come on, don't talk yourself down. Such a bloody waste to whine this badly, its not worth it. NEVER ever again tell me that in this world you don't fit! Please my friend pay attention to things you've achieved. It'll be more to be proud of than you've every believed. Don't expect much from me now, to listen is all I can do. Just call me in time before you start feeling this blue.
A Different Christmas Poem
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in t he cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old, Perhaps a Marin
Thinking Of You
When I think of you... Even the dried flowers become.... ....more fragrant ?? Even the wild storm become..... .....tiny pat on me?? When I dream of you......... .. The sharpen stones on my ways... .....become shining sands.. The broken pieces of my mind... .....become glittering stars.... The tiny hut of mine become...... ......glazing shrines... When I touch you...... The shining dimples in your cheek .....become golden clues... The greedy rosy lips become ......shivering peg of wines... And I can't!!!, I can't tell you more ...... and more, I want to keep.... Those very close to my mind.....
Not Valueable Insite.
I remember in 2nd grade Mrs. Britanica taught all of us kids how to cut out of construction paper a heart for St. Valentines day. I clearly remember. She said fold the paper in half, and cut out a rain drop. I Very clearly remember. Immideately afterwards before even cutting the paper thinking, doesn't she mean tear drop, because when I practiced it in my head I saw a tear drop not a rain drop. And it isn't it more Ironic that two tear drops form a heart. I know that second graders wouldn't appreciate any Irony there. And at the time I probably didn't either but now looking at more then a decade later, life is ridiculous. I just have to find myself another tear drop. And if you used Red or pink construction paper oyu wouldn't have to paint it or color it cause it would allready but what you wanted. You could write on it, but you would have to use a dark colour to get it to show up. That's something I never really appreciated with my ocular condition. The finer points of 2nd grade
What The Fuck!!
What is wrong with some ppl on here, I know Im not hot or nothing, but I know I got decent pix, so why the fuck r some dickheads rating them 1's and 3's thats rude as fuck. I wouldn't do that to anyone.
Goin To Jail... :)
Ari will go to jail for ... Making lewd ginger bread men and giving them to carolers at Christmas 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
Bloody Reality
She sat in the dark cold room. Waiting, just waiting for someone, anyone to acknowledge her presence. To save her, to let her go into the world. A world where she was free. But no one came they just watched her sit in the cold dark padded room. Everyone thought she was crazy. She just guessed that this proved them all right. She knew she wasn’t crazy; she was just lost in the world. She has a deep amount of sadness imbedded into her head. She knew no one would ever understand her. BLOODY REALITY No one felt the way she felt. No one knew how she truly was inside. If only she told someone what was happening she wouldn’t be in this mess. Someone would know what was going on in her mind. She can still remember how it all began; the moment is still fresh in her mind. “Why do I even bother?” Phyer was sitting on her bed complaining about her mother once again. “Your mom is a bitch; you just have to deal with it.” I’ve heard this all before the only thing I ever see Phyer and Seth fight about
I'm gonna be gone be out for a few days... ... I'm gonna drive around texas. ... People I'll Be Thinking About while out: ... My sins begin To change the way I feel About the world and you Down in the graveyard I found my saviour Willing to save me the time The effort and the crime I found it along the way When I stumbled up on a grave That happened to bear your name I prayed aloud To the sky and clouds To erase the scrawl That made me think of you
Fan Me?
hey girls!! if ya stop by and fan me, ill do tha same for u!!!
Nothing Sexy Here
Just Because You are really special and you should know You have that inner light, always let it show Never let anything take away from your charm Because you are loved stay clear of harm You have that quiet strength that others admire A real passion for life and a smoldering fire You are a real person far beyond those so fake I pray that god will give only what you can take Know you will come through it all and in god have trust In time you will triumph and let them eat your dust For you are special in this world far beyond compare Do the right things for all the reasons that are there You can always rely on friends to help to carry the load Remember you are never alone as you travel on lifes road By R. Thomas Dinsmore I HAVE BEEN DOWN THIS ROAD Having given all to the one I loved feeling set aside pushed and shoved We were never together in what mattered lost in the mess my trust was shattered Desire to be loved for who I am fi
So yeah I've decided it would be so funny to get this guy that me and Nati know that we like to call Pappy over here. He's f'n hot and he's very emo and tragic. I'd make an NSFP picture folder. you know............ not safe for pappy? I think I'd give him a heart attack. *wiggles eyebrows* Keep an eye out for that folder....
Kinkiness. Lol
You scored as Chains/Handcuffs. Your turn on is handcuffs and chains. You like being cuffed/chained to the bed, or cuffing/chaining your partner down. You love the pure ectasy of being in complete control... or letting someone else have complete control over you. Sex isn't sex without control.Chains/Handcuffs100%Bondage83%Whips75%Blind Folds75%Biting42%Blood33%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
My Sexual Business Card
Lisa Porn aficionado 'What will your sex business card say?' at
A Letter From Santa..lmao!!!
Message from Santa I have been watching you very closely to see if you have been good this year and since you have I will be telling my elves to make some goodies for me to leave under your tree at Christmas. I was going to bring you all gifts from the 12 days of Christmas, But we had a little problem. The 12 fiddlers fiddling have all come down with VD from fiddling with the 10 ladies dancing, The 11 lords leaping have knocked up the 8 maids a-milking, and the 9 pipers piping have been arrested for doing weird things to the 7 swans a-swimming. The 6 geese a-laying, the 4 calling birds, the 3 French hens, the 2 turtle doves and the partridge in a pear tree have me up to my sled runners in bird shit. On top of all this! Mrs. Claus is going through men
Don't Cross Me
You scored as Marius. You are the quiet cool. You are so mellow people are lulled into a false sense of security. When you are pissed god help anyone who crosses you?Marius100%Armand100%Dracula83%Angel67%Spike58%Akasha50%Louis50%Blade50%Lestat33%Deacon Frost33%Whose your Vampire personality? (images)created with
Mouse Story ...
A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife open a package. "What food might this contain?" The mouse wondered - he was devastated to discover it was a mousetrap. Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning. "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!" The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, "Mr. Mouse, I can tell this is a grave concern to you but it is of no consequence to me. I cannot be bothered by it." The mouse turned to the pig and told him, "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!" The pig sympathized, but said, "I am so very sorry, Mr. Mouse, but there is nothing I can do about it but pray. Be assured you are in my prayers." The mouse turned to the cow and said, "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!" The cow said, "Wow, Mr. Mouse. I'm sorry for you, but it'
What Ended Love
Hey there boys and girls I have been writing and thinking about some new theories. And thought wait a second why not share them with all of my Myspace friends!!! Truth is I am bored and get tired of writing everything down in a note book so thought I would start sharing my mental methods of maddens. LOL Lately I have heard quite a few people talk of love at first sight. I just have to say that is so full of shit. Love at first sight is just societys way of justifying lust. It is really just a fancy saying its ok to hook up so quickly with someone. Long ago love was something that happened in time. Take into consideration even 50-60 years ago. People met their husbands or wives in high school and got married. Those people today are still married and say that they have never loved another. Why because their relationships were based on something with a more stable foundation. People loved but more beneath the surface. It all had more meaning than this superficial shit people are r
One Fond
Friends are family Family is a funny thing they live deep inside We carry them with us and always with such pride The members of our family some are born into Then others join by loving us in all we have gone through We feel the hole left behind went they are gone away We think of them often as we go through our day We smile when we see them and feel good to hold them dear We want them always with us and try to keep them near Absent though they may be they never can be far For they live deep inside of us no matter where they are Time does move so quickly and brings them back you see Friends are family always and though out eternity By R. Thomas Dinsmore
I've learned that life is very confusing... it's a rare occasion that things go as planned... nobody knows what the future has in store... nobody knows whats gonna happen... we all just have to take it as it comes... sit and wait to see whats going to happen... where our lives are gonna go... it's exciting... yet scary as hell at times... what people dont notice most of the time... is that we take advantage of so much every day... how many times a day do u look around and think to urself that no matter how hard it is... it could be worse... it could always get worse... I sit back and look at my life... its not as bad as it used to be... and even as bad as it used to be... it wasnt all that bad... it hurt yes... but I know it could have been worse... I'm very glad that I have what I have... I'm very thankful for my family and my friends... I am very happy with what I have... my family is always there for me... they care so much... and they know that I'm always here for them and that I c
I Am A Single Man Girls
My Video Game Character
Worse Than A Clown.
There was a young monk in China who was a very serious practitioner of the Dharma. Once, this monk came across something he did not understand, so he went to ask the master. When the master heard the question, he kept laughing. The master then stood up and walked away, still laughing. The young monk was very disturbed by the master's reaction. For the next 3 days, he could not eat, sleep nor think properly. At the end of 3 days, he went back to the master and told the master how disturbed he had felt. When the master heard this, he said, "Monk, do u know what your problem is? Your problem is that YOU ARE WORSE THAN A CLOWN!" The monk was shocked to hear that, "Venerable Sir, how can you say such a thing?! How can I be worse than a clown?" The master explained, "A clown enjoys seeing people laugh. You? You feel disturbed because another person laughed. Tell me, are u not worse than a clown?" When the monk heard this, he began to laugh. He was enlightened.
At The Drive-in-invalid Litter Dept.
Intravenously polite it was the walkie-talkies that had knocked the pins down these shoes gripped the floor in the silhouette of dying dancing on the corpses ashes yeah, they had plans for him they had spun the last of the pimps polyester, satin nailed jewellery lips while the guillotine laughed again dancing on the corpses ashes and the paramedics fell into the wound like a rehired scab at a barehanded plant an anesthetic penance beneath the hail of the contraband dancing on the corpses ashes on my way nails broke and fell into the wishing well, wishing well wishing well, wishing well x2 they had defected and been excommunicated and all the pulses were subverted and they made sure that the obituaries showed pictures of smoke stacks dancing on the corpses ashes a vivid dissection that mocked the strut of vivisection a semi-automatic colony and a silencing that still walks the streets dancing on the corpses ashes in the c
Jerk-just What You Need
Don't believe in love, don't believe in hate Don't believe in destiny or in fate Don't believe in the future, don't believe in the past 'Cause I know that nothing lasts Take a look inside [CH] I can't take that mask away It changes every day And everything you want from me I will take I feel the way you need I'm struggling to breathe As simple as it seems, it's just what you need Take a look inside Don't believe in the drugs, I don't believe in this place Don't believe that it's ending, don't believe your face Don't believe that it's easy, don't pretend that it's hard Don't believe that you loved me, don't believe who you are (don't believe who you are) [CH] Don't believe in you, don't believe in me I don't believe in love, I don't believe in fuck [CH] ---------------
Finished. =)
I'm finally done Christmas shopping. sort of. what counts anyway. But yeah apparenlty last minute Christmas shopping costs about $70.00. I've already told my family the plan for tonight. Hook my Game Cube back up and then tomorrow.... hand me the Legend of Zelda... Mama's got a new adventure with Link!!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas
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Salty memories encased in tears I’ve succumb to pain over the years. My blade has never left my side The voice of my mom I do abide. My blade has sliced only at night The blood seeping out causes no fright. I watch it trickle down my arm I cause myself the most internal harm.
Haunting thoughts race through my head, eerire whispers of what you’ve said. I can’t go on anymore, all this pain I failed to bore. It breaks my heart to let you go, I never want to be your foe. I care for you, yes I do, I cannot let my feelings brew. I hate these thoughts of goodbye, I wave to your picture as I cry. A simple cut, so deep and cleam, trailing out an ample blood stream. The blood, it flows, red and accusing, it’s never felt so abusing. In the past scars have formed, I’m full of them; I’m so afraid this is the end. I’m afraid my time has come, you’ll never see why I’m done. My life is torture as you see, I’ve never been free to just be me. I open my eyes I try to see but I’m blinded by the white light I wish I may, I wish I might, wish away my simple life.
Used and abused once again Time to turn from friend to friend Looking for somewhere to turn, Someone to burn. I’ve lost my faith, you took it all, You left me here with nothing at all. Soul in soul, heart in heart, we’ll be friends ‘til we part” you’ve told me with a broken heart. Now you’re gone, I’m alone and cold, Desperately trying to open this fold. Come back to me, I beg of you, Let me show my point of view. I want to be the one you love, the only one you’re dreaming of. I want to be the one that’s there. I’m alone and cold, waiting againf or a you that never comes. It’s dark and cold and you’re still gone, I guess it’s time to move me on. Another day, another life, I’ll meet you in the after-life.
Wu-tang Clan-gravel Pit
[RZA] 1,2, 1,2, yo check this out, it's the jump off right now I want everybody, to put your work down, put your guns down And report to the pit, the gravel pit Leave your problems at home, leave your children at home We gon' take it back underground, I be Bobby Boulders Wu-Tang Clan on yo' mind one time It's the jump off, so just jump off my nigga... [HOOK: Paulissa Morgan] Check out my gravel pit A mystery unraveling Wu-Tang is the CD that I travel with Don't go against the grain if you can't handle it [Meth] Ha, holla cross from the land of the lost Behold the pale horse, off course (off course) Follow me, Wu-Tang gotta be The best thing since stocks in Clark Wallabees [ZZZH] African killers bees black watch (black watch) On your radio, blowin out yo' watts [ZZZH] From Park Hill, the house on haunted hill Every time you walk by your back get a chill [BLBLBH!] Let's peel, who want to talk rap skills I spit like a semi-automatic to the grill [BOOM!] Elbow g
Just For The Hell Of It
One thought, one heart, one desire One Thought living in a moment set afire One heart that beats to see one face true One desire belonging always to you True dream, true faith, true feeling True dreams of one who is a healing True faith due to one who does renew True feelings for one and only for you Found hope, found joy, found love Found hope a feeling from heaven above Found joy in the sight of your smile Found love in a moment shared for awhile Dreaming free, dreaming desire, dreaming you Dreaming free of a dream that I pray to come true Dreaming desire for the soul who completes me Dreaming you and needing me in time we may see By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Merry Xxxmas
Sexual Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 141 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Respect What ever happened to the teachings of respect? Honestly just five decades ago a spic or a nig would not dare practice his freedom of speech against a white man for fear of what would happen to him. I have had the pleasure of really fucking with this spic who thinks that just because he is anonymous he has the right to speak his mind. Well I say bring back the old days where a white man could take physical action without fear of incarceration. The government is further protecting those who have no right to be in our country, in the state in which I live the politicians are going as far as trying to give them drivers licenses. Just think, tens of thousands of illegal's driving on our city streets, with no insurance and no right to do so. Not only do they not pay taxes, the workers who are here on VISAS are not even putting money back into the economy for which they work, instead they are sending the money back to Mexico thus furthering their uselessness in our countrie
Has The Fight Been Lost
Has the fight been lost? Have we, the white community of the world seen our fight lost? Every day more and more laws are being passed to further the oppression of the white community, and I for one am getting sick and tired of seeing the black brown and jew profit form the labors of the white man and woman. It is time that we take a stand and express our views on subjects such and immigration and freedom to those who have no right to be in our countries. I come from America where we are still allowed to express our views in a more open environment without fear of police action. I know that I have many more freedoms, but I am still looked down upon in the community of which I live for the views of white superiority, because I am proud of my race and heritage I am viewed as a racists but I have no problem with that. I just can't stand that I am viewed in such a way but when a nigger or a spick is proud of the color of their skin it is acceptable but I being a white man am viewed
Kill Love Save Me
Kill love, save me; I hate the tears, The eyeliner smears, the bite marks on my lips, my life is on his fingertips. Kill love, save me, A heart is on the edge, It's being pushed off the ledge, Call the hospital, This is fatal. Kill love, Save me; This heart I give, Who knew it was my only chance to live. Kill love, Save me, Baby Please, I never knew you could be such a tease, These cuts and bruises, All the blood this body looses. Kill love, Save me, You were the sin in my dreams, My sun beams, When I wake up in the night, You were the lamp, I woke up to light. Kill love, Save me, It's not worth the stains, The blood coming from my veins, The jar full of tears, My death nears, Kill love, baby, It's the only way to save me...
She Pretends
She Pretends she's okay She Pretends she wont cry She Pretends she'll keep on trying But she knows that it's a lie. She Pretends she's happy with her life She Pretends that her eyes are dry She Pretends that she's content But she knows that it's a lie She Pretends she'll keep on going Pretends everything will work out fine But she knows she's just lying to herself She'll give up, just give it time.
Potter... Harry Potter
You scored as Hermione Granger. You're one intelligent witch, but you have a hard time believing it and require constant reassurance. You are a very supportive friend who would do anything and everything to help her friends out.Hermione Granger90%Remus Lupin75%Albus Dumbledore75%Severus Snape70%Ginny Weasley65%Harry Potter65%Sirius Black50%Draco Malfoy50%Ron Weasley40%Lord Voldemort25%Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?created with
A Question
Why is it that parents look down on their grown children, when they finally get to do what they want without having to ask them?? Over the xmas holidays, I had preceded to tell my parents about where I had started to visit church and they weren't pleased with it one bit...I grew up in a strict Church of Christ home, that didn't believe in instrumental music in the church...Growing up, my beliefs in the church changed; and my parents were in disbelief...Like, why is our daughter acting like this? Where did we go wrong?? I think that's what my parents are thinking now... I am an adult, and have the right to make my own decisions about church AND what's right for my kids...The place I visit now, I've become very comfortable with; and I've seen a big change in my children too...They're finally able to understand the Bible stories that they are taught every Sunday compared to the "old church" (as my son put it) did things... Is it right for parents of their grown children to butt i
Poker Tour
Bfs 2
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Christmas Is Finally Over With
Sorry everyone I have to go out toun for a bit. See u when I get back:)
Suicide Note Part One
SUICIDE NOTE PART ONE - PANTERA Cheap cocaine, a dry inhale, the pills that kill and take the pain away Diet of life, shelter without, the face that cannot see inside yours and mine (Pre) When I'm hiding, when I need it, it lets me breathe, for our handle on this life, I don't believe this time (Chorus) Would you look at me now? Can you tell I'm a man? With these scars on my wrists To prove I'll try again Try to die again, try to live through this night Try to die again..... Forever fooling, free and using, sliding down the slide that breaks a will Mothers angel, getting smarter, how smart are you to regress unfulfilled? It's a damn shame, but who's to blame? (Pre) (Chorus) MY SUICIDE NOTE How do I pull the trigger? Hell is the only promise land I know Suicide has become the only thing I know My soul & my heart died along time ago I was beaten & abused burned & tortured & used Fucked over & reused Never wanting to
Cost Of A Soldier
The Cost of a Soldier A True Soldier is tough indeed standing tall and strong when there is a need A Soldier also feels sadness, pain, and sorrow Sometimes not looking forward to the trials of tomorrow When a Soldier is wounded in battle the nerves of his buddies it does rattle When news reaches friends and family at home how their worries and minds begin to roam A wounded Soldier feels inadequate at best stopping him from much needed healing rest A wounded Soldiers wonders will he ever be alright, trusting in God that he'll make it through the night. When a Soldier is wounded far beyond repair the loss and pain felt can not compare The Cost of a Soldier is set so very high they assure our freedom will always apply To stand beside a Soldier and walk through his pain will humble a civilian, no longer to complain Love, patience, trust and hope is what a Soldier needs to get them through some very treacherous deeds Dear Lord please watch over our Militar
Tear Away
TEAR AWAY I'm tearing away Pieces are falling I can't seem to make them stay You run away Faster and faster you can't seem to get away Break Hope there's a reason For questions unanswered I just don't see everything Yes I'm inside you Tell me how does it feel to feel like this Just like I do I don't care about anyone else but me I don't care about anyone Do I really want this Sometimes I scare myself I just can't let it go Can you believe it Everything happens for reasons I just don't know I don't care about anyone else but me I don't care about anyone I don't care about anyone else but me I don't care about anyone or anything but me Damn I love me drowning pool check out TEAR AWAY
Call In And Show Sum Love
OMFG IM SO EFFIN BORED someone has got to come and save me... i cant wait till newyears gonna get wasted!!! hehe *looks all innocent* have u ever liked someone so much and cant stop thinking about that one person... and its weired and u have mix feelings over them cause u meet them a few weeks ago.... my backs fucking killing me i need some pain meds really bad right about now.. and i have to go finish sorting out shit in my room and everything so yay go me right? haha yeah fuckign right lol i miss him......
Final Fantasy Vii: Advent Children - Tifa & Loz Battle Video
Advent Children - Tifa Fight.Add to My Profile | More Videos
Hah! Vocabulary
My score on The Commonly Confused Words Test: English Genius(You scored 100% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 80% Advanced, and 86% Expert!)You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don't. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you're not afraid to use it properly! Way to go! Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it! For the complete Answer Key, visit my blog: Link: The Commonly Confused Words Test (OkCupid Free Online Dating)
My Wish
What Personality Type Are You.
ENFJ- The TeacherYou scored 90% I to E, 5% N to S, 19% F to T, and 42% J to P! Your type is known as the teacher, or the educating mentor. You also belong to the larger group, called idealists. You tend to bring out the best in other people. You lead without seeming to do so. People are naturally drawn to you. You expect the very best from people which takes the form of enthusiastic encouragement which is so charming that people try their best not to disappoint you. You share your personality type with 3% of the population.You need to feel a deep and meaningful connection to your romantic partners, and go to great lengths to understand and please your mate. Harmony is vitally important to you, and you often put others' needs before your own. You have a pretty thin skin and are easily hurt. Although you strive for harmony, when your values or ethics are violated, you can be very emotional, confrontational, and even punishing. However, you are very insightful about the underlying cau
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Stand Beside Me...
Happy New Years Eve
Well, tis almost the time to look back on another year gone by. What have we accomplished, put off, endured,grew through, overlooked, etc.... I don't believ in resolutions... because I am a rebel at heart and will only make one to break it :) So, let's just say that I want 2007 to be SOOOO Much FuNNNNNN!!!!! I will make alot of $$$$$$$. I will be at te top of my game.... And I will be one cool bitch to be around. Happy New Years .... Peace Out!!!!!
Music Codes - MySpace Layouts
Music Codes - MySpace Layouts
New Years
5:50am and I'm hung over as fuck and I think I'm still pretty wasted.... fucking ugh....
I linger in the doorway An alarm clock screaming- Monsters calling my name Let me stay Where the wind will whisper to me Where the raindrops As they’re falling tell a story In my field of paper flowers And candy clouds of lullaby I lie inside myself for hours And watch my purple sky fly over me Don’t say I’m out of touch With this rampant chaos - your reality I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge The nightmare I built my own world to escape In my field of paper flowers And candy clouds of lullaby I lie inside myself for hours And watch my problemed sky fly over me Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights Oh how I long for the deep sleep dreaming The goddess of imaginary light In my field of paper flowers And candy clouds of lullaby I lie inside myself for hours And watch my purple sky fly over me ----------------
Thanks For The Messages And Shouts
All you AWESOME CHERRIES!! You have all made this a FUN FUN FUN place to hang out!!! I hope you all have a GREAT 2007!!! XOXOXOXO
In Flames-pinball Map
As I aim for that bright white day Conflict serum is my aura It seems that life's so fragile I guess I'll fly some other time I lack from superhighway thoughts Won't live as long as the city lights Soaked by underwater times Electric splash on a midnight drive Wish I could rape the day, just something radical Lost the sense of sweet things Who's gonna take me widely? Guided by the pinball map The driver, still unknown to me Who was sent to glorify? Before we injected this common pride Sometimes I don't belong Release me from your world Pacified by the small things in life I wait for earthquakes to rearrange Never been able to use the force I only have it read to me Despite all the misguided faith I'll find a place in this mess Wish I could rape the day, just something radical Lost the sense of sweet things Who's gonna take me widely? Guided by the pinball map The driver, still unknown to me Who was sent to glorify? Before we injected this co
Soilwork-as We Speak
As we speak the stable table turns As we speak I should have known we're burned And I guess I'll never never learn which of those faces who makes it all turn As we speak I'm going deeper down As we speak with a terrible sound a feeble holy bastard son has it only just begun? Chorus I turn away.....fading out alone Was a lifetime worth it all? ...fading out...fading out alone As we speak we turn to stone As we speak... A young man looses his mind As we speak... He kills what's next in line... A broken down mother asks herself why -Is this the end of her precious time? As we speak... -a conscience leaves without a trace a silent departure to a silent place what do we know about the anger that starts to grow Don't despair, time will heal your torment Don't you dare, spend your days in hell So beware, faith will bring you treason While you stare... Oh! I turn away....fading out alone Was a lifetime worth it all? ...fading out...fading out alone As we s
~~ Come Sexy Couples Set Up Contest Time ~~
~~ So far for Sexy Couple On CT Contest ~~ Still early you can still enter contest starts 1/3 thur 1/10 ending at 5 p.m. I got these couples..... So if you want to enter send the pic link to my inbox and i will add you.... thanks ~ Maria ~
A Country Love Song I Wrote
another falling tear There a moon that shines over you my dear I look up and wish to god that you were here So I could take you in my arms And partake of your charms Oops there goes another falling tear Oceans aren’t deep enough to hold my love And mountains aren’t high enough to touch the dove That carries on it wings sweet peace For only you give me release Oops there goes another falling tear Time will tell if one day I will hold you near And only then will I know peace forever here To taste your honey sweet lips And see that loving halo slip Oops there goes another falling tear I need to tell you all about this little fear And how these moments drag on just like a year To look deep inside those eyes And feel just like I won first prize Oops there goes another falling tear Maybe dreams come true and I will be with you And I can build the perfect life just for two Holding you in my arms so near And hearing what I longed to hear Oops there goes
Tds New Year
So trying even harder then ever we at TDS are getting ready to release our own brand of clothing! Also new books, pins, steins and even wall posters! At the same time books two and three are just finishing editing process so keep you eyes peeled for those as well. Store Front: Sign Up For Newsletter: (Look for the little sign up box with an entry field!)
Rumsfeld Tops List Of War Criminals! Tvnl News
HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH : ***In Search of a Criminal: Donald Rumsfeld's Name Tops the List of Accused of War Crimes - "Rumsfeld is no longer untouchable," says Wolfgang Kaleck, the German lawyer who filed the complaint along with the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights and the International Federation for Human Rights. "He is now deeply connected with claims of abuses and torture. We have taken the first step to begin the legal discussion on his accountability." WAR :
I think to myself can u prossably screw anything else up or screw it up worser and think to myself theres no way then juss as i think that somthing else happens..Iam sick of being everything that other people want me to be and not what I want to be..and Iam sick of this life I wish I could juss start over and re make my choices then I wounder if id be any better...So if I could rewind my life I dont think id be where iam today and i think thats what would b best! by Shattered aka Fallen Angel
~~don't Let This Happen To You~~
Taurus, the second Sign of the Zodiac, is all about reward. Unlike the Arian's love of the game, Taureans love the rewards of the game. Think physical pleasures and material goods, for those born under this Sign revel in delicious excess. They are also a tactile lot, enjoying a tender, even sensual, touch. Taureans adore comfort and like being surrounded by pleasing, soothing things. Along these lines, they also favor a good meal and a fine wine. The good life in all its guises, whether it's the arts or art of their own making (yes, these folks are artistic as well), is heaven on Earth to the Taurean-born. It's the Bull which is the Taurean's mascot, and along with that comes the expectation that these folks are bull-headed and stubborn. Yes, they are. Hey, this Sign has a Fixed Quality attached to it after all, so expect that things will occasionally grind to a halt. That said, Taureans don't start out with the intention of getting stuck. They simply want to get things done, and i
For those interested, correction Windows live aka MSN is
Measure Up!!!
"An Oldie but a Goodie!!!" Subject: measuring up I'VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU PEOPLE WHO IS THE MOST INTELLIGENT SERVICE????HAH The Navy found they had too many officers and decided to offer an early retirement bonus. They promised any officer who volunteered for retirement a bonus of $1,000 for every inch measured in a straight line between any two points in his body. The officer got to choose what those two points would be. The first officer who accepted, asked that he be measured from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. He was measured at six feet and walked out with a bonus of $72,000. The second officer who accepted was a little smarter and asked to be measured from the tip of his outstretched hands to his toes. He walked out with $96,000. The third one was a non officer grizzly old Chief who, when asked where he would like to be measured replied, "from the tip of my penis to my testicles." It was suggested by the pension man that he migh
Art Thou A Prophet?
The biggest problem I have with self-proclaimed prophets (i.e. Pat Robertson) is that they claim to speak for God but consistently give bad predictions. Example: In 2005, Robertson predicted that Bush would have victory after victory in his second term. He said Social Security reform proposals would be approved and Bush would nominate conservative judges to federal courts. Lawmakers confirmed Bush's 2005 nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. But the president's Social Security initiative was stalled. "I have a relatively good track record," he said. "Sometimes I miss." Sometimes I miss? You mean you are talking with a fallible deity? Would that not, by your very definition of God, make the entity you are speaking with very much unlike God? "God is omnipotent. I speak for God. Sometimes I am wrong." One of the two of them is clearly lying.
I Just Did This Test So I Figured I Would Post The Results
What sign of the Black Zodiac are you? The Withered LoverTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Nature Of Spiders
It's All Over
I guess I've been kind of postponing this blog all day, but I've procrastinated long enough. The dishes are done, so is my laundry. I've vaccuumed and everything else. So I guess I'll just get to it. Yesterday was the day, the courts went over our paper work...I'm now officially divorced. I guess I don't really feel any different, I thought perhaps I would feel a bit more relieved...but oh well. I don't think that the court will put in any other decrees in our case, we didn't have anything to split. The other thing is that I don't really hold any grudges against Kristin, I'm not mad at her. I don't hate her guts, I'm more relieved that we don't have to deal with any of the bullshit any more. Oh well, here I sit "single" again for the last 5+ years. Yes I have a girlfriend and I'm referring to marital status, not dating status. I know there is a spot on your w4 where you put down your marital status, and it has a spot for divorced...I wonder if there's some stupid penalty for s
Catholic Horses (hilarious!!)
CATHOLIC HORSES Bubba was from Alabama, and was a good ol' Southern Baptist. He loved to sneak away to the race track. One day he was there betting on the ponies, and losing his shirt, when he noticed a priest step out onto the track and bless the forehead of one of the horses lining up for the 4th race. Lo and behold, this horse -- a very long shot -- won the race. Bubba was most interested to see what the priest did in the next race. Sure enough, he watched the priest step out onto the track as the horses for the fifth race lined up, and placed a blessing on the forehead of one of the horses. Bubba made a beeline for the window and placed a small bet on the horse. Again, even though another long shot, the horse the priest had blessed won the race. Bubba collected his winnings and anxiously waited to see which horse the priest bestowed his blessing on for the 6th race. The priest showed, blessed a horse, Bubba bet on it, and it won! Bubba was elated
My Celebrity Look Alikes
Hey Yall!!!!!! Add My Friend
Haiku For Jason Mckallister
You are not punk rock You ditched us at a party You are a faggot
The Banks Of The Sweet Valley
It was all upon the banks of the sweet valley There’s the sweetest flavour and health I smelt the flavours into my humbly nose That flowers just can live so beauty on there own!! It made my heart little froze While I smelt the flavour I immediately felt tickles into my belly I saw butterflies shining into the water throughout my amorously eyes It all happened down by the banks of the sweet valley I’ve got taken away by far the three sweetest roses but they could withering … I had never knew!! Because she doesn’t love me back Now these roses fading away like the cold morning dew
Quasi-stellar Radio
From the ticks of timeless speed To the endless darkness freed In the clicking cove's back-beat and burst of bomb stars burning I'm stuck on Earth in chains of the graffiti prophet's sayings. Small marks on the age of the literacy's slaying.
TROY -- [adjective]:Like in nature to a human dildo 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Heres Another One By Me
What is Day and What is night? As thy light of the sun shines, The animals of the world arise. As thy day begains to start, The wind blows gently across the planet and brings hopes and dreams to those just laying down for a nights rest. Through the time of a life many think what is day and what is night. when the answer is night is day and day is night. For no matter what happens the life of our world will always think and always wonder, what is day and what is night. Warren Francis Andrews Copyright ©2007 Warren Francis Andrews
Lonely Did you ever felt so lonely? That you’re hopeless For some love Have you ever felt so alone? That you’re so desperate For a hug Did you ever felt like crying? Crying youre eyes out Because you miss the love Have you ever felt so damn fucked up? That you’re head is a mess Because you need that person to talk to Did you ever felt so bad? Did you ever thought There is no one that loves you Did you ever felt ignored? That you talk to someone And he walks away Did you ever felt so invisible? That you thought Nobody saw you crying Did you ever felt so scared? That you will never find the person To spend the rest off you’re life with Did you ever felt like screaming? So you get some attention But no one could hear you Maybe you didn’t But I did
Short & Funny
Short and Funny I dialed a number and got the following recording: "I am not available right now, but Thank you for caring enough to call. I am making some changes in my life. Please leave a message after the Beep. If I do not return your call, You are one of the changes." ~~~~~ At pilots training back in the Air Corps they taught us, "Always try to keep the number Of landings you make Equal to the number of take Offs you make." ~~~~~ Aspire to inspire before you expire. ~~~~~ My wife and I had words, But I didn't get to use mine. ~~~~~ Frustration is trying to find your glasses without your glasses. ~~~~~ Blessed are those who can give without remembering And take without forgetting. ~~~~~ The irony of life is that, by the time You're old enough to know your way Around, you're not going anywhere. ~~~~~ God made man before woman so as to give him time to think Of an answer for her first question. ~~~~~
Reflections When you start to question who you are and what you believe some things that used to seem important fall by the wayside as you find them not as important as you once did. I have been finding myself more and more drawn to be open to new experiences.....but I think I am recognizing that some of the limits I've put upon myself are limits that I want or need. I used to wonder if I did or didn't do some things just because that was what was expected of me. Was I a good mom because of what other people thought? I sometimes saw my mother choose to react a certain way towards me when people were watching, but react totally differently when no one was around. This happened as an adult. I don't remember if she did this when I was a child. In fact, I sincerely doubt that she's even aware that she has done it. But I questioned whether I have done this. Thinking back, I am sure that I have. For instance, I used to spank my kids....but I hardly ever did this in public. If they a
Ask Me Out!
Even if you are single or not. Whoever wants to go out with you will message you saying "I would go out with you" Repost this in 90 sec you will be surprised who replys 2 you. even if u have a boyfriend or girlfriend PS. must do even if your taken.
1st Blog
its the mobb introducing himself,so ladies ,let me know whats poppin on here.
Love Is In The Air
A Marine Goes To College
A Marine was attending a college course between missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The professor, an avowed atheist, shocked the class one day when he walked in, looked toward the ceiling, and said loudly, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes." The lecture room fell silent and the professor began his lecture. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God still waiting." It got down to the last minute when the Marine stood up, walked toward the professor and threw his best punch knocking him off the platform and out cold. The Marine went back to his seat and sat down. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor came to, noticeab ly shaken, looked at the Marine and asked, "What is the matter with you? Why did you do that?" The Marine calmly replied, "God is busy today protecting America's soldiers who are protecting your right to behave like
This Sucks
was alone on christmas, another friend died in Iraq, and yet another relative died, to many deaths for one year for me to take, I am going insane in my own quiet little hell, I am finaly free of the women who has made my life hell for the last to years while she was out with her boyfriends I was single simply because the paper work was not done yet, I can say that is a highlight that I am still doing ok, she even had me served on the day I found out my brother was dieing, then she had me served again the day I went down to go get him, she pushed me for weeks after that once I was back to sign the papers, but I held out, and for the right to see my daughter it is going to cost me alot I dont even care to put the figures up but its not cheep, this state sucks, any other state would have me pay like 200 a mo. but here its over 400 and o its just frustrating, but any way my mom is always busy now since my brother died, my daughter is almost never in my life, but not by choice and I spend e
Break Down
It's so hard Not to give up And said forget it Nobody seems to understand How hard things get But there you are Going through it too Neither of us know How to deal with this Or how to break the news Sooner or later One of us will have to Break down and tell him He deserves to know the truth And you deserve the freedom Somehow, someway One of us Has to break down
Classic Comedy
Who's on first? Abbott & Costello Abbott: Well Costello, I'm going to New York with you. The Yankee's manager gave me a job as coach for as long as your on the team. Costello: Look Abbott, if your the coach, you must know all the players. Abbott: I certainly do. Costello: Well you know I've net the guys. So you'll have to tell me their names, and then I'll know who's playing on the team. Abbott: Oh, I'll tell you their names, but you know it seems to me they give these ball players now-a-days very peculiar names. Costello: You mean funny names? Abbott: Strange names, pet Dizzy Dean... Costello: His brother Daffy Abbott: Daffy Dean... Costello: And their French cousin. Abbott: French? Costello: Goofe' Abbott: Goofe' Dean. Well, let's see, we have on the bags, Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third... Costello: That's what I want to find out. Abbott: I say Who's on first, What's on secon
Love Romance
CHANGES Day in and day out people change. You start out one day just as you are then you feel the need to change something is missing or someone has felt you have changed . Then the real change begins.For instance lets take me and i will refer to you back and forth through this whole thing . I know I'm not perfect and I have changed more then once perhaps its adaption. I start out like Don Jaun Casanova and turn out to be Billy Bob Thorton. I feel im romantic and I do try very hard to be, cooking for someone,going places with them,spending time with them watching them sleep in your arms feeling their heat beat next to yours in one long song,rides or walks at sunset or on beaches ,Shopping yes thats right Im a guy that likes to shop so deal with it. But then I start to feel comfortable i guess you could call it. I kiss , and cuddle too much and I brgin to want more and more to the point i somther and suck the life out the peoples love for me. They get scared and start to feel preasur
Global Warming
I for one welcome Global Warming. My house outside of Detroit will look great with palm trees lining the drive way. I miss the snow maybe one day out of the year other than that I love the warm weather. Heck, neighbor was out with his lawnmower 3 weeks ago mowing the lawn when normally at this time we are shoveling snow. Blame it on anything you want, the fact of the matter is we will never give up our gas burning cars in our lifetime so why let it bother me. I pray for the people that it will affect.
Alan Jackson -i'll Go On Loving You
When I look into your soft green eyes When I see your delicate body Revealed to me as you slip off your dress I'm reminded what I feel for you Will remain strong and true Long after the pleasures of the flesh Then I'll go on loving you I'll go on loving you I'll go on loving you Me in the rain or the wind Or the moon up in the sky The spin of the earth or the change of the tide I don't know what brought us together What strange forces of nature Conspire to construct the present From the past Then I'll go on loving you I'll go on loving you I'll go on loving you
Music Video The Used
Music Video Codes By Music
Jay Leno
Funny shit Leno Today, Nancy Pelosi became the first female speaker of the house. This is the furthest anyone wearing a dress has gotten in Washington since J. Edgar Hoover. For all you young girls out there who’ve been following Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, Nancy Pelosi is what you call a "role model”. Nancy Pelosi said today "we’ve waited 200 years for this.” 200 years? How many face lifts has this woman had? She looks great. I had no idea. In an interview with the wall street journal, the prime minister of Iraq says not only will he not accept a second term in office. He wishes he could quit early. He says he has other interests he’d like to pursue“ like trying to stay alive. That’s got to make our troops feel good“ the prime minister of Iraq wants to quit. Not even the French gave up that quickly. President Bush is expected to announce that he is now sending more troops to Iraq. Despite the fact that his general, his military analysts, members of congress, and m
Just under 20% of the population is left-handed.
Trying To Figure Sumpin Out
my man works his butt off 7 days a week and im working just as hard. we rarely have enough time to get really into each other if you know what i mean. im not saying that the sex is blah...its heavenly, its just i want it to last longer and be more creative but we havent got time for that. im planning a wonderful night for friday but i cant decide what i want to do. im the romantic type with a wild streak and hes very kinky. i dont know whether to have a romantic dinner with the works or just dress up sexy as hell and rip his clothes off as soon as he walks through the door...or maybe i could just do a little of both. have a nice romantic dinner and then get wilder later on. anyone have any good ideas for me. i really want this to be a helluva night for both of us since we deserve it. i have been thinking and thinking but i dont know what to do....advice please
Pay Close Attention
well if you have seen any of my pics you could say that drinking for me should be a sport. well i want to know what your favorite drinks are. what drinking games you like. are you a social drinker or a lush. and what is the weirdest thing you have done drunk.
To Kill An American
Written by an Australian Dentist... To Kill an American You probably missed it in the rush of news last week, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American. So an Australian dentist wrote an editorial the following day to let everyone know what an American is . So they would know when they found one. (Good one, mate!!!!) "An American is English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American may also be Canadian, Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Iranian, Asian, or Arab, or Pakistani or Afghan. " An American may also be a Comanche, Cherokee, Osage, Blackfoot, Navaho, Apache, Seminole or one of the many other tribes known as Native Americans. An American is Christian, or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim. In fact, there are more Muslims in America than in Afghanistan. The onl
Online Image Resizer
Need Bombers !! Hour And A Half To Go !!! Please Help
The Other
A Man runs into an old Friend who had somehow never been able to make it in life " Should Give him some money" He thinks. But instead his old friend has grown rich and is actually seeking him out to repay the debts he had run up over the years. They Goto a bar the used to frequent together, and the friends buys drinks for everyone there. When They ask him how he became so succesful, he answers that until a few days ago, he had been living the role of the "Other" "what is the Other?" they ask. "The other is the one who tought me what I should be like, but not what I am. The Other belives that it is our abligationto spend our entire life thinking on how to get our hands in as much money as possible so that we will not die of hunger when we're old. So we think so much about money and out plans for aquireing it that we discover we are alive only when our days on earth are practically done. And then it's too late" "And You? Who are You?" "I'm just like
Mixed Emotions
I just found out that one of my closest friends is engaged! I am so excited for her, really. She and her fiance have been dating for 4 years now and this engagement makes a whole lotta sense. As happy as I am, there is a part of me that is a little sad. When my huband and I got engaged he didnt "pop" the question in some romantic way. It was just kind of agreed apon that we were gonna get married. ( I was expecting him to ask me one christmas abbout 5 years ago, but it didnt happen and boy was I bummed ) We didnt have a wedding really. We got married at the courthouse with me 8 months pregnant looking like a giant pink marshmallow peep. The marriage lasted 3 years so we didnt have a real marriage either. 3 years of stress and arguig and babies and well... you know. What if, for once, I want the fairy tale? I want to fall in love, get the surprise engagement, the big beautiful wedding and the marriage to go along with it. Does one failed Marriage make me doomed for the rest of my life?
All Of My Last Blogs
These are just for fun, to make people smile and laugh, there are in no way what I persoanlly think or feel, it is just for amusment.
Gone you are Here I stay You left me here I think of you everyday I sit in the car Let music play I feel it inside Coursing through my vein The loss of you The heartbreak and pain I reach to the glove box I pull out a blade I do not want to feel this way I cut my wrists To bleed this pain The pain goes away As I feel faint My body goes limp For the arriving saint The pain is gone It lingers no more Come home come home And tend to my sores I continue to watch As I get sleepy Bleeding is my body I feel all tingly I close my eyes One last time I drift off To everlasting life You did not come And I am gone Six feet under Both lost forever
Hey There Everyoone
I just got back from Vancouver which i was there for a month and now i am back so i am going to try to catch up on my cherry tap and get back into my normal routine..i hope to get some new friends on here as well...I have added a few hundred of my friends and i hope that they joing but who knows what they are doing these days as well..everyone is busy but i hope to chat soon you naughty cherries lol..luv ya all..sweetpea
~~caution! Beware Of The Current Scam~~
Caution! Beware of the current Scam being perpetrated on the public! When you pull into a gas station to fill up, pay attention to the attendant a little more than I did yesterday. I pulled in and was approached by a person who said they would pump my gas and I did not need to get out of the vehicle. WELL, little did I know, when they were done and as I was driving home, it just struck me, they charged me 5 cents more a gallon, just because I didn't have to get out of the car. I think that is terrible. I am enclosing a picture of the uniform of the company; perhaps some of you can identify the gasoline manufacturer. With the current price of gas I recommend that you pump your own gas regardless of the weather or the gimmicks that gas company's employ to try and ease the pain!!! Damn? I still cannot believe I fell for this. It really upsets Me . Damn?
Dare To Be Different
Dare to be Different John 15:20 My dad was a pastor, so I got stuck with the label known to every pastor’s kid: P.K. But, much to the congregation’s disappointment, the title didn’t stop me from being my mischievous little self. I’d like to have a $5 bill for every time somebody came to me and said, “Little Joe, you’re the pastor’s son. You should be an example.” They wanted me to be different, but they didn’t understand. I didn’t want to be an example! I was only a kid and wanted to have fun with my friends. Nobody wants to be different. We want people to like us, and the safest way to do that is to blend in, to be like them. But following Christ has never been about blending in. Following Him means to be like Him, to respond to life and relate to people the way He would. Inevitably, there are times that doing that makes you different. Granted, it can be risky and uncomfortable to be different. But that’s what being a follower of Jesus is all about—bringing the difference o
Your Halloween Horoscope
Halloween Horoscope for Scorpio Halloween is your favorite holiday for scaring and shocking others. You like to bring out your alternate persona on Halloween - and have the night of your life. Costume suggestions: A freaky monster or prince / princess of darkness. Signature Halloween candy: Candy cigarettes What's Your Halloween Horoscope?
Meet The Cowgirls Of Cherry Tap
MEET THE COWGIRLS OF CHERRY TAP THE COWGIRL IN PINK~HEAD OF THE COWGIRLS &COWBOYS OF CT@ CherryTAP Shattered Spirit - Second in charge of the Cowgirls and Cowboys of CT@ CherryTAP Redneck Rin ~Cowgirls and Cowboys of CT~and ~Member of K.O.T~@ CherryTAP BIGCHESTY~Cowgirls and Cowboys of CT~and~Member of K.O.T~@ CherryTAP onecrazymomma ~HeadBouncer~ SavageHeart~ Cowgirls/Cowboys~ OldtimersSociety~ ProudMember@ CherryTAP Grumpycowgurl~~Cowgirls and cowboys of CT~@ CherryTAP CONNIE-aka-BUTTERBUTT@ CherryTAP Southern Sweetness~Cowgirls & Cowboys Of CT~@ CherryTAP Crazy Lady of The Cowgirls and Cowboys of CT@ CherryTAP
More Control Over Fear
This weekend I did something I swore I would not do the first time I saw this thing being built. I have always disliked ferris wheels. The one at California Adventure is the biggest I have seen in person. I first saw it 6 years ago from a hotel room across the street. I had a view of the whole park, very strange to see the lake as a large empty pit. This weekend I agreed to go on it, and in one of the swinging cars at that. There was a family in the same car with us. My friend kept telling me to look around. My fear was strong, but I did not scream. Or at least not much or too loudly. I did look around a little while in the air. The scariest parts were when the car swung so I would be looking downward.
S.m.u. Faculty Complains About Bush Library
S.M.U. Faculty Complains About Bush Library 10 Jan 2007 Intimates of President [sic] Bush have singled out Southern Methodist University as the likely site of his presidential library [to house 'The Pet Goat'], but faculty members, complaining of being bypassed, are raising sharp questions about the school’s identification with his p_residency.
43 More Days. ^-^
You know there is something I dont seem to understand as an ex soldier of the unit 3-7 cav out of FOrt Stewart Ga. Alot of ppl have been giving our troops hell because they are over in Iraq fighting a war. Fighting for freedom, and help those less furtunate. I admit I do not agree with the war as I was there as one of the front troops when it begain.I was ont he ground 2 weeks before the whole thing set off, but that is beside my point. The point is this. I did not join to got kill various ppl. As I am sure many did not join for. I joined to take care of mine. Get schooling, and better myself for civilian life. It gave me a leg up in the world I would not have had other wise. That is how I make 23.39 and hr now. They are nto fighting because they want to. They fight because they are told to and they are honoring vows they took when they first joined. We all do what we have to do in life to get to where we desire to be. Live your life let them live theres because one day those ones
I See It In Your Smile { Kalvin Jones }
I see into your smile And it warms me inside, No fear in my eyes I've no need to hide. I see into your smile It lights up my way, It's a brand new start To a wonderful day. I see into your smile And it's then that I know, Nothing bad comes my way For I live in your glow. I see into your smile And it fills me with life, I then remain focused On becoming your wife. I see into your smile And it's welcoming brush, It's like the soft gentleness Of your warm loving touch. I see into your smile The way it lights up your eyes, I'm so filled with wonder And I then realize... The warmth and the love Found within your smile, Gives me hope for our future And makes the wait all worthwhile. I long to give back The same in my smile, And pray that your soul Feels equally beguiled. For as much as you love me I love you even more... Then any love You've ever known before. Within your loving smile I forever reside, No more running For there's no need to hide. Cow
Just Curious....
Platinum Cherry
Okay, I've been entered into this platinum cherry contest. If you have time to drop me a comment or two, it'd be greatly appreciated. If not, no worries. I'm just here to have fun! Anyone want to have fun with me?
Repairing The Ozone Hole With Robot Airplanes
Repairing The Ozone Hole With Robot Airplanes Jan 9th, 2007, 10:37pm ***************************************** Since Ozone Breakdown occurs in the upper atmosphere in Ice Crystals it is therefore logical to use tens of thousands of small robot flying machines to collect the ice crystals and bring the ozone breaking chemicals with them back down to earth. Howard Scott Pearlman See This Great Site Please CLICK Below CLICK HERE To Check Us Out Today "
What Vampire Clan Do U Belong To
You aren't sure where you came from. Perhaps your sire did an embrace and run. Or maybe your sire was an outcast himself. Either way, your powers are unique and really don't belong to any clan...or maybe a little from each. Because you of these circumstances, you aren't really sure where you belong. You tend to wander and do a bit of soul searching in your eternal life. Maybe some have a while after all. What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?
Us Forces Have Stormed An Iranian Consulate In The Northern Iraqi Town Of Irbil And Seized Six Members Of Staff.
Please Rate This Blog US forces have stormed an Iranian consulate in the northern Iraqi town of Irbil and seized six members of staff. The troops raided the building at about 0300 (0001GMT), taking away computers and papers, according to Kurdish media and senior local officials. The US military would only confirm the detention of six people around Irbil. Tehran said the attack violated all international conventions.
Little Johnny Goes To School.. Maybe Nsfw
Little Johnny goes to school, and the teacher says, 'Today we are going to learn multi-syllable words, class. Does anybody have an example of a multi-syllable word?' Little Johnny waves his hand, 'Me, Miss Rogers, me, me!' Miss Rogers:'All right, little Johnny, what is your multi-syllable word?' Little Johnny says, 'Mas-tur-bate.' Miss Rogers smiles and says, 'Wow, little Johnny, that's a mouthful!' Little Johnny says, 'No, Miss Rogers, you're thinking of a blowjob".
Test For Dementia
Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the muscles. As we grow older, it's important that we keep mentally alert. The saying; "If you don't use it, you will lose it" also applies to the brain, so... Below is a very private way to gauge your loss or non-loss of intelligence. So, take the following test presented here and determine if you are losing it or are still "with it." The spaces below are so you don't see the answers until you have made your own choice. OK, relax, clear your mind and. Begin. 1. What do you put in a toaster? Answer: "bread." If you said "toast," then give up now and go do something else. Try not to hurt yourself. If you said, "Bread," go to Question 2. 2. Say "silk" five times. Now spell "silk," What do cows drink? Answer: Cows drink water. If you said "milk," please do not attempt the next question. Your brain is obviously overstressed and may even overheat.
The Pain Will Never Go Away Child Abuse
The pain will never go away; The wound will never heal. The evil that was done to you Is now your eyes, your heart. The black will never turn to gray; The blood will not congeal. The violence is never through; The past does not depart. Time will merely make you whole, Consuming what you are: Part sufferer, part comforter, Part victim, part new song; Part mother of an angry soul, Part child of despair, Part witness and part conqueror Of all that did you wrong. posted By: - Get Your Own
When We Say I Love You ..poem
When we say I love you we say 8-3-1 instead. To find out why I guess you'll have to Get inside our heads. Our secret is a sign of more That lies beneath our souls In tunnels dug through common ground By happy, fun-filled moles. I think, he feels, he thinks, I feel, We talk beneath our words, Singing silently our joy Like mikeless, earphoned birds. Of course our little secrets are Quite easy to uncover, Yet deeper still are wordless things That hold our lives together. posted by: - Get Your Own
Snow Day
Looked up into the pouring snow Til I noticed that tiny hole In clouds that filled the endless sky There ran some brilliant beams of light Light and midnight In our eyes A midnight sun Made to fill our minds With such content Standing in snow I saw your face Glow in this newfound wonder Tiny flakes upon your nose Set my heart aflutter Then just one kiss at midnight made Our hearts take all the power. ** A boyfriend of mine had never seen snow in his life. I'm not much for snow... So when he drove 14 hrs to come visit me and it started snowing in the middle of the night, he had to really force me to bundle up and come outside...I'm glad I did.
Catharsis (boom)
"I've always had a thing for potted plants." She said As she set one by the bed But I left her plants for dead When she left. (boom) "The only thing I can remember is he smoked." She said As she lit a cigarette But I left her lungs for dead When she left. (boom) "I'm kindof getting into S&M." She said As she tied me to the bed Then she applegagged my head Then she left. (boom) "I feel so sad today I've been ignored." She said I put a bullet thru her head She was dead When I left. (boom)
Venus Crucified
I tried to fight off these Loving tendencies toward you I used a knife I used a razor I used a pair of scissors but still they did not bleed. I stabbed at them with all the household utensils I could find. Poking with a fork Prodding with broken glass Ripping apart my curling iron Trying to burn them away. I threw the radio in the bathtub Only to find that Love was not in there I hate Love She stares at me with crying dieing eyes. "Take the arrows of Cupid's bows. They will give you something to throw." Instead I threw at her a vase and screamed for her to flee away. Venus stop stretching your pupils my way I don't want to be destined to fall Lonely's prey I don't want to lose money soul heart for after the kiss comes inevitable part.
~~different Types Of Sexxx~~
SOCIAL SECURITY SEX Two men were talking. "So, how's your sex life?" "Oh, nothing special. I'm having Social Security sex." "Social Security sex?" "Yeah, you know; I get a little each month, but not enough to live on!" LOUD SEX A wife went in to see a therapist and said, "I've got a big problem, doctor. Every time we're in bed and my husband climaxes, he lets out this ear splitting yell." "My dear," the shrink said, "that's completely natural. I don't see what the problem is." "The problem is," she complained, "it wakes me up!" QUIET SEX Tired of a listless sex life, the man came right out and asked his wife during a recent lovemaking session, "How come you never tell me when you have an orgasm?" She glanced at him casually and replied, "You're never home!" CONFOUNDED SEX A man was in a terrible accident, and his "manhood" was mangled and torn from his body. His doctor assured him that modern medicine could give him back his manhood, but that his insurance woul
If Only
Your words are like bombs flewing trough my heart, Again reality made my life tear apart. The perfect story is vanished away in time, If only you knew what I was really thinking when I smile. I'm crying all these tears for something that ain't for me, Screaming , Dying all for you why can't you see. I'm over this i told you but I just lied, Cause I didn't want you to know how much I cried. I'm here for you night and day, But I'd rather like to go away. I just can't stand the pain of what I feel, And the fact that these wounds don't seem to heal. I'm broken inside, and I have no way to go.. If only I was brave enough to let you know If only she knew
Thank You
Some one knows me better than i do. That's the reason why she's a verry good friend of me she know's everything what i've on my mind. Even when she don't see me. She is a good friend becaus: she give me love when i need her, i can go to her. She helps me. That is a reason to say: youre sweet, i realy like it. She is for me: Some one to save in my heart. Some one to thanks Some one to love till the end Some one who i really wiss good luck. Thank you for every thing.
Wtf (stolen From Casm)
WTF WTF up wit myspace or cherry tap whores, if u dont wanta talk to the person why u there friends. WTF up wit closet hoes, if u a hoe admit it, its the first step. WTF up wit guy who dont respect, women arent cats or dogs, "come here girl", I DONT BARK. WTF up with guys who hump ur rear at the club. move along if i wanted u i would have u. WTF Slut is a term used to girls who sleep around. WTF is up with guys who call a girl who dont sleep wit ya a slut!! WTF is up with supervisors, they get mad and poof ur in trouble, but if they get into any trouble poof u gotta get them out of it. WTF is up wit time, look if ur 20 mins. away dont say ur going to be there in ten. WTF these celebrities are rail thin, real ppl have meat. WTF is up wit the guys in huge pink tees, it looks like ur wearing a womens nightshirt. If u have a wtf post it lets get a conversation going!!
Osho's Thoughts On...
Meditate over Murphy’s maxim: A fool and his cool are soon parted. Meditate over it: A fool and his cool are soon parted. That’s what marriage is going to be. Only fools think in terms of legality; otherwise, love is enough. And I am not against marriage — I am for love. If love becomes your marriage, good; but don’t hope that marriage can bring love. That is not possible. Love can become a marriage. You have to work very consciously to transform your love into a marriage. Ordinarily, people destroy their love. They do everything to destroy it and then they suffer. And they go on saying, “What went wrong?” They destroy — they do everything to destroy it. There is a tremendous desire and longing for love, but love needs great awareness. Only then can it reach its highest climax — and that highest climax is marriage. It has nothing to do with law. It is a merging of two hearts into totality. It is the functioning of two persons in synchronicity — that is marriage. But people try
~~the Clintons At It Again~~
You really should be sitting down when you read this one Gold Star Mothers (G.S.M.)is an organization made up of women whose sons were killed in military combat during service in the United States Armed Forces. Recently a delegation of New York State Gold Star Mothers made a trip to Washington D.C., to discuss various concerns with their elected Representatives. According to published reports, there was only one politician who refused to meet with these ladies. Can you guess which politician that might be? Was it New York Senator Charles Schumer? Nope, he met with them. Try again. Do you know anyone serving in the Senate who has never showed anything but contempt for our military? Do you happen to know the name of any politician in Washington who's husband once wrote of his loathing for the military? Now you're getting warm! You got it! None other than the Queen herself, Hillary Rotten Clinton! She refused repeated requests to m
A Poem I Wrote On March 25 2005
She Doesn’t Know! Jenna P./My halo is held up by my horns She looks in his eyes Sees the depth of his soul Sees that wonderful man Knows she loves him She has no courage when it comes to him She has a feeling that runs through her soul When it comes to him She needs to see him It cant be controlled She doesn’t hold the reigns wishes she could They pull her down and she always has to let go She knows she loves him Knows how he sees her He likes her They are great friends The silence is never ending That pain and hurt that comes with the silence Always brings more tears She cant break the barrier What stops her from breaking the wall Why does she love him so She knows she loves him But she cant break the silence She isn’t strong enough to break the wall A wall of security she has built over time The wall will never fall That wall is too strong He doesn’t love her He loves another The pain will never go away She nee
The "surge" In Iraq Is Merely A Tactic To Buy Time While War With Iran And Syria Can Be Orchestrated.
Surge and Mirrors: What Bush Really Said By Paul Craig Roberts 12 Jan 2007 ...Bush says, "We will disrupt the attacks on our forces. We will interrupt the flow of support from Iran and Syria. And we will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq." In those words, Bush states perfectly clearly that victory in Iraq requires US forces to attack Iran and Syria. Moreover, Bush says, "We are also taking other steps to bolster the security of Iraq and protect American interests in the Middle East. I recently ordered the deployment of an additional carrier strike group to the region." What do two US aircraft carrier attack groups in the Persian Gulf have to do with a guerilla ground war in Iraq? The "surge" in Iraq is merely a tactic to buy time while war with Iran and Syria can be orchestrated.
More Than Words
[Verse 1] Saying I love you Is not the words I want to hear from you Its not that I want you not to say But if you only knew How easy it would be to show me how you feel More than words Is all you have to do to make it real Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me, yeah Cause I'd already know. [Verse 2] What would you do (what would you do) If my heart was torn in two? More than words to show you feel That your love for me is real What would you say If I took those words away Then you couldn't make things new Just by saying I Love You (just saying I love you, saying I love you) More than words (just saying I love you, saying I love you) [Verse 3] Now that I've tried to (now that I've tried to) Talk to you and make you understand All you have to do is Close your eyes and just reach out your hand And touch me Hold me close don't ever let me go More than words Is all I ever needed you to show Then you wouldn't have to say That you love me,
Shouldn't All The Bush Supporters Move To Iraq ?
Shouldn't All The Bush Supporters Move To Iraq ? Bush needs help to win his War For Oil, so all of you Bush supporters ought to put your lives where your mouths are and join the Army so you can help Bush win. Have You Joined TWITS For BUSH Yet ? There is a group on Yahoo called TWITS for Bush thst ..... We are a group for the Idiots who still support Bush or for those people who just like to pick on anyone who is still stupid enough to support Bush. CLICK ON THE BELOW PICTURE TO CHECK OUT TWITS For BUSH CLICK on The Above Picture To See What Is Good For You CLICK HERE To Check Us Out Today "
Rudolf Hess: The Monster Under My Bed
I now beg more of the Reader’s grace, as I take a stroll through my memory, but I invite the Reader to join me, for I really do promise to make my case. Many people felt sorry for Rudolf Hess. Even Winston Churchill. While I can have compassion on him and all that, I can tell you that I had nightmares about him until he killed himself in 1987. Rudolf Hess was the Monster Under My Bed. He haunted me, quite literally. In my nightmares, I was locked in his cell with him, and he would sit on a stool, and read to me from Mein Kampf. It was awful! I would wake up crying. When you're 14 or 15, and you try to explain to your parents why you're fixated on the person of Rudolf Hess, and why he scares the shit out of you, it's pretty depressing when they just patronize you, pat you on the head, and absently say, "Oh...stop! It was just a dream." Some people date their lives from where they were and what they were doing when JFK was shot. For myself, I know where I was the day I
Watch The Whole Thing
♥the Kiss♥
♥The Kiss♥ we stood in the doorway his hands on my waist the clock tickling loudly almost in haste he moved in closer his eyes locked in mine I long for his kiss For just a moment in time his lips meet mine and I feel the sensation no longer must I wait to give into the sweet temptation my knees go weak my palms become sweaty I go back to that place I have been so many times already the world disappears all that's left is him and I and as we pull away I feel as though I could fly Shattered aka Fallen Angel to: ♥That 1♥
Hello, I Have A Life.
On a Saturday i have stuff i do. Work stuff..And besides that, I have a life. I understand its not cool to keep you waiting, but I have shit to do, don't get pissed. It's life.
Anyone Want Me?
is there anyone out there that wants me for me and not hurt me? if so im or email me.
Ohso's Thoughts On Compassion
Compassion: Universal Panacea Only compassion is therapeutic, because all that is ill in man is because of lack of love. All that is wrong with man is somewhere associated with love. He has not been able to love, or he has not been able to receive love. He has not been able to share his being. That’s the misery. That creates all sorts of complexes inside. Those wounds inside can surface in many ways: they can become physical illness, they can become mental illness — but deep down man suffers from lack of love. Just as food is needed for the body, love is needed for the soul. The body cannot survive without food, and the soul cannot survive without love. In fact, without love the soul is never born — there is no question of its survival. That’s why I say compassion is therapeutic. What is compassion? Compassion is the purest form of love. Sex is the lowest form of love, compassion the highest form of love. In sex the contact is basically physical; in compass
The Rating Of Pictures
Why is it that people get so uber-upset if you down-rate a pic?? Is there something wrong with being honest when rating pics?? I had someone get pissed at me for it 2nite...Jesus, I think that person had a chip on their shoulders... I'm not here for ratings...I'm here for friends...
THE COMPTAPLATION OF SUICIDE.... As i sit here my mind goes blank i can't deside who to thank should i even thank anyone at all? i just sit and think and think and think till life itself starts to fucking stink should i cut my wrist should i eat my gun i can't deside mabey i should just kill a nun as these thoughts progress its hard for me to rest so i just take my rope and choke myself to death.... The Last Trip.... i eat this box of cedin and i start to trip my eyes widen up and time get striped lights become bright and the music is out of sight insane thoughts race throught my head like sex religion and death so i take a step back and become out of breath i turn out the light lay in my bed then my closet opens and something rips off my head fuck im dead....
Damn I Hate This
once again i sit here and wonder where i went wrong. i see so many of my friends happily engaged, so close to being married they already say they are. i had that but lost it and wonder what i did to lose it. that was one thing that meant the world to me because i thought i had finally found the one to settle down with and enjoy our lil family but i was wrong...couldnt have been more wrong. so now im sitting here trying not to cry because i know thats something that i wont have again for a very long time even though i want it so bad. how come i just cant find the happiness and security that i need and want in this life? cant help but begin to think that im just simply not meant to be happy. and the one person that can normally make me happy is actually one of the friends at the moment who i wish i least they have that someone special who they want to marry and who he considers his wife.....dont know where to turn because the only one who can really make me smile is one of
Here I Go Again
Each night I lay my head down Hoping to fall asleep But instead thoughts of you Fill my head We talk for hours Never crossing the line But we never have to Our hearts talk While our minds do Making our feelings stronger And everything more confusing We both agreed Friends is what we shall be Unless fate brings more The day we meet Each night as I lay my head down Your the one I see....
Been Fucked
2007-1-14 8:39:52 YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKED! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> F.U.C.K Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll F.U.C.K forever! Send this to 10 people & 1 back t
Wow Close~
so yea last night started off i couldn't get into this bar where we were goin cuz i dont have a ID well i got snuck in the back only had like 3 beers there said whats up to ppl i know then afterwards i rolled over to my girl jens house. Well we sparked a bowl up and next thing u know my boy k dawg like hey guys the cops r here there where three summit county sheriff comin to the doo;r let me stop for a sec and get something clear ~~ i have thre warrtents for my arrest one in summit county for fishin without a liscences and two in canton for un paid fines,~ Soo i'm freakin out i goto her back room and lay down there talkin to the cops for a min then its all quite sooo they leave i go back out siut down start sayin wow blah blha i cant believe that happewn next thing u know they knmock on the door again come inside like yea whats ur name im like great peace out guy wont be seein u for awhile u know while there runnin my name i stand up and im like "ihave warrant " he goes to put me in
Casual Sex
Casual sex can be awsome!The downside is that you are never wanting a serious relationship and later on in life you may be unable to make any serious emotional committment to anyone.The emtional roller coast that you are heading for is a ride you are not prepared for at all! Today casual sex is a way of life for some people but lets face it if you aren't practicing safe sex you are playing with lives.Back in the 60's there was something called "free love",but it wasn't really free cause alot of people came down with an STDs.In relation to sex we are safer but only if we choose to protect ourselves.Aids has not gone away by any means people have just forgot about it and forgetting is not only very stupid it's also very dangerous. There are some people who engage in casual sex only for a short time.Others will continue the practice for an undetermined period of time,never thinking of how they are destroying any chance they have at having normal and healthy relationship down the road.
The Wreckers
Music Video Codes By Music
What defines beauty? What is considered Beautiful? I look at some of these women ont these sites and lets be honest they just are not that pretty.But if they are dressed provocatively guys are ont hem like white on rice. I think a woman in a sweater can be beautiful. I do not have a perfect body, or perfect teeth.I am prett damn average. I am writing a paper about how mens have unrealisitc perceptions of women. What they see in magazines and on tv is what they expect to date and well, I certainly am not like any of those women. I suffer from no self esteem, i feel ugly most of the time. I avoid mirrors. I just don't feel pretty. My daily life consists of taking care of the house and kids. I am 30 years old and i am left to wonder this all? In highschool I was never the pretty popular girl. I was pretty much a loner with a small circle of friends. I always did and still do feel less then everyone around me if that makes sense. I guess i just don't understand what defines what is
For so long We kept it hid Afraid of what may happen If ever revealed Now its in the open And not such a bad thing Confusing yes But not bad Some days I feel as if Im dreaming And that Im gonna wake up Only to find you gone And all this love Will become hate Because it seems too good to be true Feels as if Im dreaming When I think of you
I've been searching for so long For someone to lead the way And I've been searching for someone Someone to ease the pain And I've been searching for someone Anyone to help me cure my shame Madness caught another victim And the victim's name is blame What are my options? When the road I'm walking ends What are my options? When all my ambitions fails The words you now are reading Are meant for your eyes only I hoped for strength but now I'm leaving Cause I fear my feelings And to not do you justice Is too much for me to bare And as courage is my weakness I choose the wayward path What are my options? When the road that I'm walking ends? And what are my options? When the last ship of hope have sailed What are my options? When the road that I'm walking ends So what are my options? When my words are all that remains
My nephew is 6 years old and lives in NH, and he is so ill noone seems to know what to do-he is living in the hospital now with a steady 103 temp for 2 months now-plz pray for him..thankyou
For D.l.s.
im sitting here, listening to the song i used to play for us all the time, and wonder why the hell you did what you did to me. what did i do to deserve to be broken like that? yeah, sure i cheated on you, but i also broke up with you after i kissed him to be with him. and when i screwed it up with him, i came crawling back to you, once again thinking you were the only one who would take me as i was. looking back, i realize i deserved a lot more better than you. I was a good fuckin person until you came along and messed everything up. this is your fucking fault. all of it. all my problems that i have now lead back to you. ALL OF IT! YOU FUCKING YOU! YOU FUCKIN DID IT! GODDAMNIT WHY WON'T YOU JUST FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE? WHY CAN'T I GET YOU THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE A CONSTANT FUCKING PRESENCE IN MYGODDAMN LIFE? i'm so tired of having you in my head. i'm so tired of being scared you're gonna show up again on my porch. and i'm already prepared for that
~ By Unknown ~
Love is sometimes denied, sometimes lost, sometimes unrecognized, but in the end, always found with no regrets, forever valued and kept treasured. ~ by Unknown ~ From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven. And when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together, and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being. ~ by Unknown
Wat We Should
Another Way To Contact Me
if you would like to chat with me, you can contact me on yahoo messenger if you have it my screen name on there is mswilsonsmc. since my computer runs slow on here sometimes it is easier to chat with me on there. hope to hear from you all soon.
2 The One's I've Missed!!!
Kuwait Media: U.s. Military Strike On Iran Seen By April
Kuwait media: U.S. military strike on Iran seen by April 14 Jan 2007 U.S. might launch a military strike on Iran before April 2007, Kuwait-based daily Arab Times released on Sunday said in a report. The report, written by Arab Times' Editor-in-chief Ahmed al-Jarallah citing a reliable source, said that the attack would be launched from the sea, while Patriot missiles would guard all Arab countries in the Gulf.
What's Your Love Profile?
I'm an Aries, but I don't agree with everything on here... Aries - Your Love Profile Your positive traits: You're quite the charmer. You've got the wit and attitude to attract almost anyone you meet. Out spoken and honest, any date knows how they stand with you. Fearless, independent, and willing to try anything twice - your dates should expect the unexpected. Your negative traits: You tend to be vain, and you expect your partner to feed that vanity often with complements. Hot tempered and impulsive, you've occasionally ended things ... only to regret it later. You're obsessed with being the best, most loved girlfriend or boyfriend your sweetie's ever had. Your ideal partner: A risk taking, free spirit like yourself - who can keep up with your latest wild child antics. Someone stylish, attractive, and fit... who can keep you attracted for months. Is hard to get - and lets you pursue things. You prefer to be the chaser, not the one being chased. Y
Subject: Priceless Jack wakes up with a huge hangover after attending his company's Christmas Party. Jack is not normally a drinker, but the drinks didn't taste like alcohol at all. He didn't even remember how he got home from the party. As bad as he was feeling, he wondered if he did something wrong. Jack had to force himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins next to a glass of water on the side table. And, next to them,a single red rose! Jack sits up and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and pressed. He looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotlessly clean. So is the rest of the house. He takes the aspirins, cringes when he sees a huge black eye staring back at him in the bathroom mirror. Then he notices a note hanging on the corner of the mirror written in red with little hearts on it and a kiss mark from his wife in lipstick: "Honey, breakfast is on the stove, I left early to get grocer
Hottie Contest
Please help my friend win vote as many times as u possible can I will send u love in return
For My Little Lost One.
Lyrics by Adema. There's so many people dying You complain about your situation What about me? Half the world wouldn't know What it's like to lose your seed Maybe you can understand (How I feel) I cannot reach that soul You're probably watching over us Know that I think of you It's killing me The guilt has lasted years, still cry It was all planned out Why was I last to know? Don't you trust in me? The table's cold, it's too late To make up for these mistakes Maybe you can't understand (How I feel) I cannot reach that soul You're probably watching over us Know that I think of you It's killing me (How I feel) If I would have known I can't say what I would have done If you could forgive I'd like to rest with you someday (How I feel) I cannot reach that soul You're probably watching over us Know that I think of you It's killing me (How I feel) If I would have known I can't say what I would have done If you could forgive I'd like to rest
Love Is...
Love is heart that can become a broken puzzle if torn apart. Love is a dagger forced into a poor lonely soul that can break you or make you whole. Love is a game, shame, lame and a name. Love is a new life and a knife. Love can be like death, it can give or take your breath. Love is a saddness, a sorrow. Love is a new day tomorrow. Love is destressing, depressing and obsessing. Love is glory and a never ending story. Love is a flower that can be weak or be a power. Love is appealing, a feeling and can be hurtful or healing. Love is a fire, a burning desire and can be a dirty lier. Love is a killer and a thriller. Love is a pill that messes with will. Love is a flowing river that makes you cold, makes you quiver. Love is a new door that can be empty or can be more. Love is a passage way, a new beginning, a bran new day. Love is the colors black and blue frome the bruises from the old that still look new. Love is a book, a new way to look. Love is pain t
First Day At New Job
well today was my first day at my new job. it was pretty boring. the machine kept breaking down so we didnt get much done. I accidentally cut one of my good friends though. That sucked because he was bleeding pretty good for about half an hour. I went nuts not being able to talk to my "friend". It just seemed so weird because we have talked every night for a while now and I have gotten so used to talking to him. Im not gonna be able to talk to him at all on Friday unless we talk before I go work because my boyfriend is spending the night. I am definitely gonna go out of my mind!! Its one of those things where you know that its going to happen so you begin to expect it to, and then when it doesnt you feel like somethings missing. Sometimes when you speak the truth you just confuse things even more than if you dont say anything at all. I know my "friend" wonders why he ever said anything about his feelings because it has definitely confused things but Im glad he did. Sure i
I Do Love You
I Do Love You You're in my all my thoughts, In all my dreams at night. I can feel your love for me, Everytime you hold me tight. You take my breath away, Whenever I feel your touch. My heart belongs to only you, And I need you so very much. You'll have all of my love, You'll forever have my heart. My life is so sad and empty, Whenever we are so far apart. You mean so very much to me, I never want to ever lose you. You ask me if I love you this much, Oh Yes, I Do Love You.
This Is Kinda Cute
pick the month you were born in 1 - I killed 2 - I cuddled with 3 - I ran naked with 4 - I raped 5 - I kissed 6 - I banged 7 - I needed 8 - I smoked with 9 - I stabbed 10 - I ate out 11 - I slept with 12- I ran shirtless with Pick the day (number) you were born on 01 - a bisexual 02 - a horse 03 - a homo 04 - a pornstar 05 - a toothbrush 06 - a bag of weed 07 - a prostitute 08 - the kool-aid man 09 - him 10 - a jew 11 - the trojan man 12 - your dad 13 - Paris Hilton 14 - a cat 15 - a pickle 16 - paris hilton 17 - your mom 18 - a dog 19 - an orange 20 - a crackhead 21 - a bowl of cereal 22 - an easter egg 23 - a french fry 24 - a condom 25 - a jar of honey 26 - a lesbian 27 - a homeless guy 28 - my ex 29 - your dealer 30 - a stripper 31 - Ur grandma Pick the color of shirt you are wearing White - because I'm a pimp and your jealous Black - because im sexy Pink - Because the lil people told me to Red - because I have AMAZING boobs
What Hurts The Most
I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house That don't bother me I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out I'm not afraid to cry every once in a while Even though going on with you gone still upsets me There are days every now and again I pretend I'm ok But that's not what gets me What hurts the most Was being so close And having so much to say And watching you walk away And never knowing What could have been And not seeing that loving you Is what I was tryin' to do It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go But I'm doin' It It's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm alone Still Harder Getting up, getting dressed, livin' with this regret But I know if I could do it over I would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heart That I left unspoken What hurts the most Is being so close And having so much to say And watching you walk away And never knowing What could have been And not
Love's Fantasy
Were you with me tonight? I could feel you lying next to me. The warmth of your body so close, so real. Can you feel me tonight? Our passions together so warm, so intense that time stands still. Did you kiss me tonight? I know I felt your lips on mine as we embraced I could feel You are with me tonight. Together as one. You must be real. I know that you are with me tonight.

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