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Thomas Jefferson's Advice To Obama
I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. > Thomas Jefferson > > > My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government. > Thomas Jefferson The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. > Thomas Jefferson
I Don't Feel Like I Fet In
I feel like am not welcome where i work some people say hi but when i talk everyone ignores me like not even there. Why do i feel like this?? I feel like am not gd enough be apart of that lounge, so weird everyone loved me was happy when came in there when wasent staff not that i am ive noticed everyone treats me different! I feel like there pushing me way, maybe this was bad idea after all...~sighs~
This One Pretty Much Says It All !!!
I will bid farewell Sever the ties Is this all i am? Is this all thats left? Turn from deceit, the love of self is death Deliverance is given to you I will bid farewell Sever the ties (Sever the ties) Now your heart beats black with deception You have been forsaken Leave behind (I will) All reminders of you of you I will bid farewell to all lies I will bid farewell sever the ties Searching always searching, hoping for a change I will never be satisfied, I will never be I will (I will) Never(Never) be satisfied I will now bid farewell I will bid farewell to all lies I will bid farewell sever the ties A Bid Farewell Killswitch Engage
51 Questions About Ur #1
Can you answer 51 questions about​ the 1st person on your top friends list?​​ (Don’t​change your top friend.) ​ 1) What’​s their ​names?​​ Stef and Chris 2) Does he or she have a boyfriend/​​girlfriend​?​​ she is dating and he is married 3) Do you get along ​with them all the time?​​ absolutely!!! 4) How old are they?​​ 26 and 42 5) Has he/​​she ever cooke​d for you? she has and he hasnt 6) Are they older​ than you? she isnt and he is 7) Have you ever kissed them?​​ her and i kiss all the time and i only wish i could kiss him LOL 8) Does your #1 have a pony?​ neither do 9) Are you related to them?​​ nope 10) Are you really close​ to them?​​ very!! closer then i ever thought i could get to people 11) Nickname?​​ babes and Angel ;-) 12) If you
I Have To Have Surgery
I know I haven't updated lately on my health situation. There hasn't been much to update on. I have been feelin the same, still bleedin and in pain. So I figured I would just let you all not worry about me, but I know some of you still worry. But, they finally found what it is that is makin me bleed and be in pain. I have a Polyp on my Endometrios Cavity, which is where the baby sits when you first get pregnant, so they also figured out why I can't get pregnant. And for those of you who don't know what a Polyp is, I will give you a description at the end. My surgery is scheduled for this Friday at 5:30am. I will be in the hospital for about 6 hours. It is a same day surgery, so if no complications happen, I will be able to come home the same day. I am kinda freaked out about the whole thing because my mom nor Rusty can be there. They both have to work, and I would hate to ask either of them to take off work to be there. I wish one of them could be though. But anyways. Hopefully after t
Hey She has autos, Go show her some mad fu-love. XXJAMIAMXX R/L G/F OF WDNISME@ fubar
Made This For A Friend Who's Bff Died In A Car Crash Last Month
Nancy I miss you so Oh yes I do Seems as if yesterday it was only me and you I remember the laughs we would share I even remember the color of your hair Brownish black it was, indeed it’s true. God do I ever miss you I will miss you in everyway I think about you everyday. Taken from the world in the blink of an eye Everyday I find I stop and cry. I will miss all of the funny things you did Priceless you were Yes oh yes it is true If only you knew how much I miss you. It feels like last week we were around town Or just sitting at home talking. I remember your looks and all of your faces The funny, the sad, the happy, and outrageous All of them grand as you were But now you are gone and all I have of you Is the fond memories of all the great times we had. I shall cherish forever these memories Even though I am sad I am also glad to have called you my friend You truly made my life grand.
You Don't Complete Me
You Don't Complete Me You told me to love another. But don't know how much that stings. You couldn't see the pain in my heart. For what those words do bring. You asked me too look into eyes. Eyes I don't belong in. To pour into the wrong cup. All of my love that I am feeling. To taste the kiss of another. Lips that cannot compare to yours. To be at home with the wrong woman. To throw open my closed doors. But there is something you must know. Something i need your heart to see. I don't complete you My Love. You don't complete me. But there is something our hearts do. Something our souls can trust. That all of me My Love And all of you can complete US.
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His First Time Auto 11's
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Need Comments Only please comment on my contest pic 2 or 3 times while there please i am trying to get a 3 day blats or bling credits or 1 day blast. thank you all for helping me
Just 1 Pic Rate 4 ¢¾~bratt~¢¾fu Married To *tjattherock*&fuowned By*bigdaddy4life*&fuowned By~bigdaddysparks
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Long Distance Relationships
So Far So far away you live from me It’s a hard thing for others to see So far away I long to talk to you everyday Your voice I have yet to hear But still I hold you very dear Unlike other girls you don’t live nearby In order for us to be together one of us would have to fly My liking of you and your liking of me The thought of you coming has me running around with glee The distance between us is vast and wide All the separates us is a plane ride We talk almost everyday Until it’s time to hit the hay Talking is grand but seeing you would be oh so much better So far away are you and I But that won’t stop us for you see I like you and you like me Soon we will be together You will see That distance can’t stop me from seeing you.
Rules To Love By:
Take me don't break me. Forgive me don't forget me. Have me instead of want me. Trust me and I will protect you. Play with me don't cage me. Have patience with me not a lecture for me. Confide in me don't hide from me. Pray with me not for me. Marry me don't carry me. Change with me not for me. Shine with me not for me. Want my compassion not my body. Feed me don't deny me. Tie me up don't tie me down. Please me don't tease me. Look at me don't lust for me. Be tolerant not judgmental. Adore me don't ignore me. Love me and I love you forever. Give me your heart and I will give you mine forever. Cut me and I bleed forever. Love me in your heart not in your mind. Dance with me and I will sing you a song. Yearn for me and I will burn for you. Travel with me don't run away from me. Obey me don't betray me. Defend me don't blame me. Fight for me not with me. Have passion for me not desire for my gifts. Keep me and I will cherish you f
Buried Alive By Love
Again the burden of losing rests upon my shoulders And its weight seems unbearable Your tomb is where your heart is, I should have told her But within me hid a secret so terrible To cry is to know that you're alive But my river of tears has run dry I never wanted to fool you, no But a cold heart is a dead heart And it feels like I've been buried alive by love If I should die before I wake Pray no one my soul to take If I wake before I die, Rescue me with your smile If I should die before I wake There ain't no one my soul to take If I wake before I die, Rescue me with your smile The kiss of vanity blessed me with a spiritual murder And fed the gods of war insatiable Your home is where the dark is I should have told her Embrace the fire indestructible To die is to know that you're alive And my river of blood won't run dry I never wanted to lose you, no But a cold heart is a dead heart And it feels like I've been buried alive by love If I should die
Down With The Sickness ~ Disturbed
(Do you feel that?) (Oh shit) Ooh ah ah ah ah Ooh ah ah ah ah Drowning deep in my sea of loathing Broken your servant I kneel (Will you give it to me?) It seems what's left of my human side Is slowly changing in me (Will you give it to me?) Looking at my own reflection When suddenly it changes Violently it changes Oh no, there is no turning back now You've woken up the demon in me Get up, come on get down with the sickness Get up, come on get down with the sickness Get up, come on get down with the sickness Open up your hate, and let it flow into me Get up, come on get down with the sickness You mother get up Come on get down with the sickness You fucker get up Come on get down with the sickness Madness is the gift, that has been given to me I can see inside you, the sickness is rising Don't try to deny what you feel (Will you give it to me?) It seems that all that was good has died And is decaying in me (Will you give it to me?) It seems you'
Your Tax Dollars At Work
I cant understand why guys have to lie. Especially if youre not dating them. I have not made any action indicating that I want more than just friendship, so WTF? Why do you have to lie?I am so tired of playing games. When people ask why Im single, Im not quite sure how to respond. Im single cause the guys I meet are jerks and liars. And women appear just as bad. I cant win either way. And what pisses me off is Im pushed aside because I dont portray myself as a slut on here. And these guys all go to the same girl on here that does. So, if someone is actually paying attention to my page, they will know why Im single and plan on staying that way until someone comes along that doesnt lie and doesnt play games. Oh, and doest think that they say all these "pretty" words to me will get them laid. And that might be a very long time at this point. Am I aggravated? Definitely. I have not lied to anyone, and yet they cant do the same in return. Maybe I should say screw it all and become a nun.
Time To Vent About Myself
I'm only going to blog a TINY bit here...its about me, myself and I. Sick, again, mom's watching me, again...sleeping most of day, again...yup. Pray. Thanks. Indee
Misc. Quotes 4
Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. Epicurus (341 BC - 270 BC) Be not ashamed of thy virtues; honor's a good brooch to wear in a man's hat at all times. Ben Jonson (1572 - 1637) Be honorable yourself if you wish to associate with honorable people. Welsh Proverb Imagination is more important than knowledge... Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) Everything you can imagine is real. Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973) The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions. Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809 - 1892) Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you've got to say, and say it hot. D. H. Lawrence (1885 - 1930) Never give advice unless asked. German Proverb One kind word can warm three winter months. Japanese proverb If you wish your merit to be known,
Apartment Hell
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anyone that wants to talk add me on yahoo, this fubar shoutbox is messing up on me, my ID is hope to talk to you all soon
Tuesday:fedruary 24h 2009
sitting here i think im losin myself in deep thought, i look at these ladies, one in particular, she loves me for who iam and i love her for who she is. Its agreat feeling but she lives on the other side of the continent and me on the other....we have each others heart right now all iwant to do iz hold her in my arms, and the boys that she has..want them t o be my boys too. she knows who she is and ilove her with all my heart, if she could hear me now, would be the whisper of my voice in her ear, saying I LOVE YOU
I Am A Yello Light
You Are a Yellow Light You take life at a sustainable past. Fast enough to do a lot, but not fast enough to leave everyone behind. You are open to whatever may come your way in life. You're very receptive. You are quite thoughtful and knowledgeable. You have the perfect mix of reflection and experience. You think before you act. You like to know some of the facts before you make a decision. What Color Traffic Light Are You?
i seen his in another blog, read the lyrics lmaooooooooooo, this should have been my theme song when i was younger One More Drink Video It was Friday night and I was feelin' aight -Yep- Downtown Atlanta, big city, bright lights, Mixin' Henney wit da Sprite, Drinkin' and drivin', No police lights and no police sirens, I'm headed to da club, Lookin' fo' a freak, To spread a lil' love & to spread a couple cheeks, Pull up to da spot, 26's like bam! Eyes on me like "Bitch, do you see him!" Strobe through the front door, Headed to the VIP, Bought a couple bottles and I took a couple sips, Scopin' out da room and what do I see? A nice round butt and a pair of double D's, So I crept up like "Shawty, what's happen'n? You kilin' dat dress and I love it wit' a passion" Den she turned around and her face was aight, She had a gap tooth and mean overbite, But I was like hmm... (T-Pain) Chorus If I take one more drink I'm gon' end up f***in' you Is that watchu wanna d
Read It Now Or Be Lost
Tears For No Reason
i've blogged enough in my 22 years...this time i need to air out some of my dirty laundry..... i've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what is what and where i stand in everyone's life. i've fell in love, i've fell out of love, i've screwed, i've made love, those things have changed everything about me. i realize that i'm motivated to do things that aren't the norm, they aren't the things that all girls do. every day i put my heart and soul out there for everyone to take a piece of and yet when i go looking for the pieces that i need, not a single person seems to understand why i want the simplest things. Respect, honesty, communication, the three foundations that i need in any relationship whether it be platonic or romantic. i haven't been honest all the time with people, i haven't respected certain aspects of people, and i dont like to talk anymore, i just don't communicate when people can't listen. i never wanted all the attention, contrary to popular belief, i ha
Its Not Really A Secret
You Hate OneTell Me WayMe Butt OrYou I TheLove Dont OtherMe Care YouButt If WillYour You SeeActions Do WhatSpeak So YouFor Fuck DidThem Off TooSelves Thats MeSo All BecauseWhy I KarmaDo Have IsYou To AKeep Say BitchPlaying So WhenThis Good ServedGame Bye Cold
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. Ally 2. Ally boo boo 3. Strawberry Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. caiterer 2. Warehouse Asst Manager 3. clerk Three Places I have lived 1. NC 2. NC 3. NC - do you see a trend? Three TV Shows that I watch 1. NCIS-i love abbey 2. the girls next door 3. not a show but a station- noggin....i have a toddler! Three places I have been 1. Pittsburgh, PA 2. Myrtle Beach, SC - every summer!! 3. Duck Town, TN - white water rafting Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. my sis 2. my mom 3. and spammers Three of my favorite foods 1. italian 2. broccoli 3. apples Three things I would like to do 1. go back to school 2. buy a new house 3. figure out wh
Death Becomes Her
Death becomes her. Her last breath is slowly taken. Darkness covers her eye's. A soft hummmm she hears. Outside people crying, morning the loss. The future will they remember her? Her name slowly fades. Alone I sit,I see her. Her face pale ,tears running down her face. I ask her what is the matter? She reply's everyone I loved has forgotten everything. Every loveing moment.She ask's me "Do they still laugh?
Personal Astrological Profile Astrology is not just a subject; it's an activity. Consequently, you don't study it - you do it. Astrology is an activity based on the principle of Unus Mundus - the Universe as Unity. Everything - from atom to galaxy - is rooted in the same universal and all-pervasive reality. And this reality reveals itself in the purposeful, ordered and meaningful processes of nature, as well as in the deepest recesses of the human mind and spirit. 'As above - so below'. Anything happening in one part of the system gets mirrored in a self-similar way everywhere else. Quantum Physics tells us that the very act of observing something changes it. And the Butterfly Effect of Chaos Theory shows how even the tiniest flap of a wing can eventually produce a hurricane. Upon examining my own life, I can see how the slightest shifts of direction have led me down some very divergent paths and presented me with infinitely strange and beautiful experiences. But the most sat
Now how many of you like to make love or how many just like to just go hard for hours? Either way its all good if you do it right
Muppeteer's Right Hand In Critical Condition Following Elmo Assassination Attempt
You're exceptional the way you are Don't need to change for nobody You're incredible, anyone can see that When will you believe that? You are nothing but exceptional If you could see the one I see when I see you You'd know how lucky you are to be you I see through into you. You're Exceptional
I’m Gone... Already Gone
I thought that I knew you I thought that you were true too Why couldn't I have been right, right? While my spirit wasn't fighting You were there in hiding Don't want to look in the light While the words have escaped me The love won't erase me I just got so, so tired of asking why While you were acting shady I realize this shit's crazy Nothing left to say but good-bye, Yeah, I'm already gone Why are you trying to hold .. trying baby its too late I guess our love wasn't strong There's nothing left for you to say but I'm gone, Already gone I don't want to re-write it Or go back and define it There's nothing here to make me stay Day by day I'm stronger My heart shows no longer There's no guilt standing here in my way I'm not gonna look the other way I can't let myself waste another day I don't hate you I don't blame you But I know I'm done with you Cause I'm gone, Already gone
My First Discovery
Ok so i logged on to fubar and after surfing the site for a few, someone decided they were going to be on some hatin type shiss. So i pondered....what should i do about this mohill that i dont want to be turned into a mountain...o well that was simple, block him. Yep thats right, i discovered the BLOCK button, and i wont be afraid to use it again. Bullshiss walks people.
No Rescue Required
Okay, the last concert I went to for some reason started not only on time - but early. So I missed seeing the only band I really wanted to see - Shinedown. The crowd was really not a good chemistry mix for my aggressive side either. I think some rebel 16 year old girl in the crowd shouted out I LOVE TO FUCK GIRLS... *yawn*. The rest of the vibe was sorta limp dick, to borrow words from Sevendust. I made up new words to Crazy Bitch (she stands about 2 foot 6) and made mention of Keebler elves somewhere around my third beer - and I hate beer, but that is how bored I was, I actually drank for entertainment at a freaking concert venue - pathetic. Sweat, and dodging the mosh pit should be entertainment enough, damn it. I will say that I do like Rescue Me by Buck Cherry - but I am so happy to be going to a concert where REFUSE TO BOW DOWN is more the theme than rescue. I antcipate that the Black Label Society and Sevendust concert will be far more energy filled, and I will leave feeling s
Support of the mind, body and soul. The flower of a root, that will never grow old. Love is something special, oh what a treasure to find. You can't touch it, smell it, prices money can't buy. Dedication and turst, the heart shall reveal. What words can't express the way a true friend feels.
Sarge's Bad Girls Want To Help You Level...
SARGE'S BAD GIRLS Sarge's Bad Girls Is Running Auto 11s starting on Monday, March 2nd at 8:00 AM Fu Time!! Sarge's Bad Girls Hit Up Sarge's Bad Girls And Spank The Sarge Hard! Sarge's Bad Girls Check Out All Of His Hot Pictures Of His Bad Girls! Sarge's Bad Girls Auto 11s Running! Let Sarge Help YOU Level By Rating His Pictures!! Sarge's Bad Girls Lovingly brought to you by: ღTulsa's Angelღ
Boys... And I Do Mean Boys Should Read...
David Bowie - Something
Your coat and hat are gone I really can't look at your little empty shelf A ragged teddy bear It feels like we never had a chance Don't look me in the eye We lay in each others arms But the room is just an empty space I guess we lived it out Something in the air We smiled too fast then can't think of a thing to say Lived with the best times Left with the worst I've danced with you too long Nothing left to say Let's take what we can I know you hold your head up high We've raced for the last time A place of no return And there's something in the air Something in my eye I've danced with you too long Something in the air Something in my eye Abracadoo - I lose you We can't avoid the clash The big mistake Now we're gona pay and pay The sentence of our lives Can't believe I'm asking you to go We used what we could To get the things we want But we lost each other on the way I guess you know I never wanted anyone more than you Lived all our best
Come Bid On My Irish Ass
Taste My Irish Rainbow!! If You Think Skittles Taste Great Then You Haven't Tried My Irish Cream! I've Entered Into A St. Patrick's Day Auction! If You Want To Own My Creamy Irish Milky White Ass imikimi - Customize Your World! Then I Highly Suggest That You Make A Bid! What's That Ya Say Laddy? What Am I To Offer You!
Pillow Talk
I got out of bed early one morning a few months ago and while looking in the bathroom mirror noticed I had a few wrinkles appearing around my eyes. Now why we want to look at ourselves in a mirror when first getting up in the morning is beyond me. Some people look great no matter what time of day and I can clean up pretty well, but it is not the best time of the day to be examining our face if you ask me. While standing there looking into the mirror, and seeing me looking back at myself, I decided this unsightly aberration must have been from the way I slept on my pillow the night before. So later that day I went and got a new pillow or two, softer and hopefully less abrasive on my skin. I assumed that in a few days these unsightly little marks would sort of smooth out and I would be back to my normal youthful appearance. It has now been four months and they are still here with me, those little wrinkles being the inevitable result of too much laughing and smiling and obviously
OK>..well I have had alot of people ask me what is goin here it is. I was banned from commenting ANYTHING...for a week so I am told. Clown bitch took a screenshot of me sayin fuck. I think it is total bullshit..but there is not shit I can do I guess. the future I will play her game and if she attacks me again keep it clean and SS it and send it to Italian temper once again landed my ass in trouble. And...I guess if I CAN'T hold my wicked tongue...I shall put on clown paint and speak illiterately..because it seems to be ok then. *end rant*
State Of The Union...
I've been working on developing my own blog site to be the collective point of all of my creative works. I want one location to have everything I have done. Sadly, I can't pull all of my fubar blogs and post them to this site (not yet, at least, I have the power of programming on my side). I'm still trying to figure out how I am going to coordinate this site with the other websites I frequent. I enjoy getting feedback from people about my blogs, and the discussions (both serious and funny) that they start. While my new website has this capability, it would be a little funky for people to have to leave fubar to comment on my work, and you would not be able to get instant notification of comments. I think I may mirror the site with fubar, sharing blogs between the two. However, I don't think all of my blogs will make it. I plan on continuing the daily historical and news satire on the new site, but not here. It seems to be a little too spammy on my blog folder here. Not all of my pers
Gothy At The Snake Pit
Come Get Me!!!
Please Do Not Shout Box Me (please Read)
I want to ask everyone on fubar to please not shout box me because it slows my computer down and it also sometimes knocks me offline so if you have my yim please message me on there and if you don't please, please private message me Thank you.
Please Go Help My Sister Outlaw Angel Out
STRODE to the road i strode a stride of gladness for the perfect day did come my way to the road i strode a stride of sadness for the perfect day did pass away to the road i strode a stride of madness for the perfect day shan't come again to the road i strode a stride the stride i strode was just a stride for the stride was not on the inside
Birthday Salutes
hey everyone so my birthday is in 18 days and I would love to get some hot birthday salutes from my hot friends If you choose to do so please send them to me via fu mail or link the pic to me
Get Up
Come on Get up Dont just sit there a wonderin There is no time for a wonderin Just get up on the stage And dance with me Forget every little thing you were told All come together and it really doesnt matter Get on the stage And live your life with intimacy Are you no one? Are you nothing? Were you a loser? Does it matter? Here on the stage we dont care What you were means nothing Just be who you want to be And live your life as you wish Get up here We want you We need you Did you want to feel needed? Have you ever had a dream? The stage is my dream Come up here with me And let me help fulfill your dreams Come on Get up Dont just sit there a wonderin There is no time for a wonderin Just get up on the stage And dance with me Forget every little thing you were told All come together and it really doesnt matter Get on the stage And live your life with intimacy Come and dance with me
So Many Words… So Much Emotion
So Many Words… So Much Emotion How do I pull it all out of my head? So many words…. So many things to say. Emotions roll through me like shockwaves. Rippling through my body, leaving tears and holes as they go. How do I say all I have and all I am. A hundred thousand words ripple and roll. I start again and then stop again. Changing the direction and changing the rhyme. Day after day and time and time. How do I justify my existence? When the world has changed so much? How do pick up and move forward? When those that I love lose touch? Tired of changes and evolutions. Tired of remaking my world. I know too much now. I have been beaten down too often. My heart has been destroyed again and again. And left me with just a piece and a river of tears. So I put it back together. Glue dries, and tape comes off. Seems like new huh…? Oh if you only knew. If you only knew what it takes. To put on a new show. To stand up and smile and move on. Trying to
That Day
That day, that day What a mess what a marvel I walked into that cloud again And I lost myself And I�m sad, sad, sad Small, alone, scared Craving purity A fragile mind and A gentle spirit That day, that day What a marvelous mess This is all that I can do I�m done to be me Sad, scared, small, alone, beautiful It�s supposed to be like this I accept everything It�s supposed to be like this That day, that day I lay down beside myself In this feeling of pain, sadness Scared, small, climbing, crawling Towards the light And it�s all I see and I�m tired and I�m right And I�m wrong And it�s beautiful That day that day What a mess What a marvel We�re all the same And no one thinks so And it�s okay And I�m small And I�m divine And it�s beautiful And it�s coming But it�s already here And it�s absolutely perfect That day, that day When ev
The Sun On My Side..
Do you see what I see, Coming around the corner. Eyes squint, is it happiness, lets take a peek. Don't look to hard, it may jump and run. It may see you staring, wanting a piece. Stalking it in the sunshine, beautiful rays of light. I've got you deep within my sights, reach out a hand. Yes here is a place your heart can land. I feel like a gypsy chasing the gold, the sun on my face can never get old. Warming my soul, this I hope will never end. The smile on my face, my new found friend. I'm here says the sunshine, to make you smile. I've been chasing you for so long, mile,after mile. Written by: Jessica 3/7/09
Am I Really A One
I know I am not a 10, but someone just rated my picture a one, what does everyone think?
Pulling The Ventalator Out Tonight
They are going to be pulling the ventalator out of my grams mouth tonight & after that we have no idea how long she will last. Plz keep my family in your thoughts & prayers. My grandfather is going to be so lost without her. Mwahzzz Kitty
Day 2
well today started off good, got the girls up, their hair done, breakfast cooked, and off to school on time, a little later than i wanted too, but still they were on time. and their clothes even matched ( i think), then went to the gym and ran 2.5 miles and off to work. while i was at work i got a few calls and text from my wife. she found out that i quit my job and went to work for my friend. she was kinda being a bitch. whatever. then like a dumbass, i text her a little later and told her i was thinking bout her and i missed her and i still love her. she sent me one back that said she loved me and what she is doing right now is for the best. as the day went on those words repeated over and over in my head. than it hit me best for who? best for the kids cause now their little sister is going to be raised in a different house than them? best for me cause my life is flipped upside fucking down and as stupid as it sounds i love her and miss her? or best for her cause she now lives at her
I Don't Want To Be Alone
The common threadThat lies between you and meWould break if you breathed on itThat's why Im treading so carefullyThe view from your eyesIs too different than mineI should know findingThe truth in a lieIs nothing but a waste of timeI do, but I don'tI should, but I won't'Cause I don't want to be aloneKnock down my door before we run out of timeBreak into my heart and rob me blindJust leave the pieces scattered on the floorDon't worry...My heart's been broken before. Lyrics | Jesse Mccartney lyrics - I Don't Wanna Be Alone lyrics
The Guys' Side Of The Story
Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note... these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports. It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for. 1. A headache that lasts for 17 months is a Problem. See a doctor. 1. Anything we sai
i am a submissive woman. i am not weak, nor i am worthless. i am a submissive woman. i am intelligent, and possess a strength and perseverence that withstands the trials of life. This strength which i possess and cherish is my gift to You. When life breaks You down and makes You question the man you were intended to be... allow me to allow You to suck my strength from me. Make it Your own. i do not nor will i ever give my submission to a man just because he claims dominance. But to You, i give all of me... and Your ownership completely sets me free. i trust in You to cherish the gift, embrace my trust in You... to protect me. i have opened up my heart and my mind... the very core of my soul to You... and invited You in. i have given You the book entitled "Me"... and invited You to read. You know i have suffered and You know i am scared but You... You have endeavored to erase the memories and replace the pain. You are my Master and i am Yo
My Out Come..... (please) Read!
I went to the cancer Specialist today, and well from what's going on is that he thought we'd get by with the surgery however said that I have a 89% cure rate with that so instead I'm gonna be going through RADIATION daily M-F for 5 1/2 to 6 weeks with Thursdays Chemo 6-7 hours X 6 cycles treatment as they call it which has the same cure rate as the surgery but 30% more complications than the one he picked for me, then followed by that I have to have 3 brachtheropy implants one every week, which I don't know what the hell that is? Anyways I just thought that I would update you all on what is going to happen with me. Just glad that it hasn't spearded to other parts of my body which is a good thing. I believe with all your prayers I'm going to be o.k. an make it through all this... Thank you all so much for everything you've done... Much love always from your friend Jaime!
Good Karma
So this morning I open my email to find this... I trust this note finds you well. Our recent Kandy Masquerade event at the Playboy Mansion on February 28th was a great much so that FOX 11 News here in the Los Angeles area will be running a story on the event and Karma Foundation. This is just a quick note to let you know the airing schedule which was given to us by the network in case you'd like to watch it tonight. 3/12/09 - FOX 11 News at 10PM 3/12/09 - UPN 13 @ 11PM 3/13/09 - Good Day LA in the morning 3/15/09 - FOX 11 News at 11PM Once it airs you can also view the piece on their website Use keyword: Kandy Masquerade. To see the story they did on our cruise late last year use keyword: Kandy Kruise. Karmic regards, Eric Stotz CEO | Karma Foundation P.S. Our 4th Annual Kandyland at the Playboy Mansion is coming up on June 6, 2009. You can purchase Golden Tickets pre-sale right now online for only $1,000 at h
March 13th
Totally Made Up News: Scientists are at it again, searching for ways to read the human mind. The latest study has proven that using MRI technology memories of location are stored in specific patterns so that each location activates a different pattern of brain cells. By reading patterns scientists can recall what location you are currently remembering. This is a very useful technology in…well, some application I am sure. I’m positive it could be useful for identifying where someone is…as long as you carry a portable magnetic resonance imaging device with you. And then scan them. To find out where you are matches the brain scan location… This one may just have to be explained to me. I don’t think I recognize any benefit of a machine telling me where I am. I’m right here. I know this because I was there. Far be it for me to discredit research, but I have to give credit to the project leader. He must be a silver tongued devil to convince someone to blow money on studying how a perso
Please Help This Awesome Dude Level
Check It rate and comment her for me please she is workin against a cheater contest ends march 20th
Who Am I?
I am 232 years of romping, stomping, hell, death, destruction. I am the finest fighting machine the world has ever seen. I was born in a bomb crater. My mother was an M-16 and my Father is the Devil. Each moment that I live is an additional threat upon your life. I am a rough looking, roving soldier from the sea. I am cocky, self centered, and overbearing. I do not know the meaning of fear for I am fear itself. I am a green amphibious monster made of blood and guts that arose from the ashes of my enemies, festering on anti-Americans throughout the globe. When ever it may arise and when my time comes, I will die a glorious and grotesque death on the battlefield, giving my life for the Corps, Mom, and Apple Pie. I stole the Eagle from the Air Force, the Anchor from the Navy, and the rope from the Army. Then on the 7th day, while God rested, I overran His perimeter and took over the Globe and I have been protecting it ever since! I live like a Soldier, talk like a Sailor, and sla
Bail Out Plan
i say screw, the big 3 and the banks..let the fall. or let the ceo's of those companys bail themselves out...they make at least 9 figures a yr...and no need for a ford employ to make 80,000 a year.....mb someone can buy them out and bring it back up....but my taxes should not bail them out!!
A Sock With Teeth
From : LadyChina To : ShoeHorn Date : 2005-12-09 02:23 Title : I'm not buying your bull, Farmer Shoe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your interpretation of the quote I mentioned is not upheld by further scrutiny. The entire quote is as follows: "...all roleplay.... in some part.... carries a part of self. for some... that's quite a shame if I do say so myself..." Now, if your intepretation were correct, and the intended definition of the speaker regarding "a part of self" were CREATIVITY, I do not believe that the "thats quite a SHAME if I do say so myself." - would have been the end of the statement. Do you? Context and intention shown by the context is what makes up the meaning of words. What shame is there in creativity? None. Therefore, the sentence was just as I perceived its intent to be - a slam and a smarmy attempt to be a superior *****. Admit it. ===================================================================
Gemini Profile Description
Gemini Adaptable, Curious & Adventurous May 23 to June 21 Gemini personality: "talk to me" About your self: You were born an Air sign, with Mercury as your ruling planet. You are intellectual, restless, mobile, usually in the thick of things; attracted to reporting, photography, social work; interested in areas in which philosophical ideas prevail. Your sign is provocative; it most certainly is mercurial-there is a restlessness that stands out as a trademark. You have a great sense of humor. Your sign can be exasperating to others because you are not a Fixed sign; you are versatile. You tend to become involved in rumors. You can love more than one person at a time, and you do fall in and out of love. You can generate enthusiasm; but once this is achieved you can just as quickly lose interest and move on to another subject or individual. Your nature is a dual one and you appear one way to some, another way to others. It is difficult for others to actually know y
Good Morning
wishing all a great week.. ridinginmt "MontanaBikerMagazine"
It's Done(update)
as of the last post, me and my husband have talked things out. we are deciding to stay together and give things another chance. this news makes me so happy knowing what i did wrong. i am the happiest and luckiest woman alive! the love i have for my husband and my daughter is way stronger now than ever before. especially for my hubby thanks for all the well wishes and prayers that were sent my way!
Heaven's A Lie
Your careless lies Pretend your endless shame is gone Brick by Brick... You build you're Paradise Restraint me in these walls My screams echo in this boundless box Like whispers they reply Set me free Your shadows cast upon me You're overflowing with lies Fail, to incase my thoughts You're array of lies Bleakness, grief, and agony Trying to break away Walking through this life decayed Hoping, acquit my mistakes #::[ Note: This poem is also my myspace page that i did today Link: OpTiCAL ByTE ]::#
Top 10
10. tell your children over dinner "Due to the economy, we are going to have to let one of you go 9. When leaving the zoo, start running towards the parking lot screaming "Run for your life, they're loose!" 8. hen the money comes out of the ATM yell "I won, I won!" 7. Specify that your drive-thru order is "To GO" 6.With a serious face order a diet water whenever you go out to eat 5. In the memo field of all your checks write "For marijuana 4. Put decaf in the coffee maker at work for 3 weeks. Once everyone has gotten overthier caffine addiction, switch to espresso 3.Every time someone asks you to do something ask if they want fries with that 2.Page yourself over the intercom and don't disguise your voice 1. Sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars and see how many slow down
Vat To Doo
I have to lose a buncha weight (yes I do, if you say otherwise, I will stab you), but I dont feel like goin for a run outside cause that will mean taking a shower AGAIN afterwards, and I hate taking showers
Now To Introduce Myself....
Hi I'm Nikki. I'm 26 years old and I am from Houston, Texas (born and raised) HELL YEAH!! lol Anyway..... I am a very friendly person and get a long with just about anyone! People who think they are better than everyone get on my nerves!! HA HA HA Yeah I am in school right now trying to finish up my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. My concentration is Interior Design. Which I have a great job as an assistant now. I do all of the CAD drawings and sketches. I am very good at what I do. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee to blog, it's my favorite thing to do! So be looking for more from me in the near future They won't be this short and they are usually about someting I'm bitching about that day hahaha ok bye!!
Lips brush, then follow the contours of the much loved face. Differences of texture are savored, the rough and smooth. The planes of cheekbones, jaw and forehead, This wonderful symmetry: The song of Flesh made joy. The beauty of form is discovered, Arms, hands are objects of desire. Fingers trace patterns on skin- Mystical runes of bone and sinew; And time is held back, As lovers explore the universe of being One with another.
Crossing Your Borders
Crossing Your Borders My soul awaits at your border My body stands at the line One leg raised ready to cross Praying our hearts align In another age To win a maiden so fair Knights would brave battle Into opponents eyes they stare A token usually given To a knight of choice Worn like a badge of honor On his heart his maiden’s voice As swords and shields splinter Maidens cover their eyes Praying their knight stands To come claim his prize If my feet cross your borders Would I win this day? Would you imagine me The knight in this fray? My leg now crosses the edge Fear takes hold of my spine Could I approach this beauty? Would I be pushed back across this line?
Still Miss You...
To this day when I kiss her I taste you To this day when I lie next to her I smell you To this day when I hold her tight I feel you To this day when I make love to her I am in you To this day when I wander near you all I see is that stone That cold heartless piece of granite That desperately wanton crap with your name on it I lie next to you and still I can hear your tears I hold that cold granite and I can’t feel you I hold that plastic flowers from your grave and still I miss you.
A Big Welcome
Native American Shamanism Native American Shamanism Shamanism is a system for psychic, emotional, and spiritual healing and for exploration, discovery, and knowledge gathering about non-material worlds and states of mind. Anthropologists have identified shamanistic practices in tribal cultures, ancient and modern, throughout the world. Shamanism is a "technique of ecstasy" (Mircea Eliade) in which the spirit of the shaman leaves the body and travels to communicate with spirit helpers and other beings for the purpose of obtaining knowledge, power, or healing. However, the shaman usually retains control over his or her body. In many cultures, a shaman is chosen or called, sometimes by healing him- or herself of a serious illness. Shamanic journeying is an altered state of consciousness wherein you enter a realm called "non-ordinary reality." By journeying, you can gather knowledge and perform healing in ways that are not accessible in ordina
I need advice from my friends, guys as well as ladies. What do you think of a guy you are kind of dating on the internet but have never met in person but he thinks he owns you and tells you to do as he says and to "obey" him. Mind you there are no rings on my finger and we have not met but have been talking since September 19 2008. He does not want me talking to other guys and is upset because im on fubar. we talk on yahoo and he calls, he has seen me on webcam but I have not seen him.
What's Your Life's Mission?
You Are the Leader You are inspiring and uplifting. You bring out the best in people, through both nurturing and challenging them. You always can see the big picture in life. You are very philosophical and deeply spiritual. You understand people, and you can look at their lives objectively. You can help others grow and heal. People feel comforted by your presence. You help them gain perspective on their lives. What's Your Life's Mission?
Thoughts Stemming From Boredom
Here are a few thoughts that I have had in my mind about this lovely little website: 1.) Why do people expect you to fan/rate/add/bling/whatever them BUT 90-99.9% of the people that expect that don't do anything in return? I have found very few people that if you spend the time to rate their profile and pictures that they come by your profile and rate your stuff! I've found even fewer people that do that BUT will rate either all of your pictures or the amount of your pictures that you rated of theirs. 2.) I have noticed that there are many different "clicks" roaming around on here and if you aren't part of their "click" that you don't mean a single nanosecond of their time. 3.) I've noticed a good amount of lounges are so worried about getting new members but they seem to not care about their current members or members who have been a member of certain lounges for a long time. I personally only go into 2 different lounges, and to be honest they have great people/staff
Quotes Of The Day
QUOTES: “Faith is much more than efficiency. Faith gives value to all things. Without faith, the people perish.”… HARRY TRUMAN “A gentleman told me recently he doubted if I would vote for the Angel Gabriel if found at the head of the Democrat party, to which I responded that the Angel Gabriel would never be found in such company.”… THEODORE ROOSEVELT “The Democratic leadership would chart the most dangerous course for a nation since the Egyptians tried to make a short cut through the Red Sea.”… RONALD REAGAN On this day in 1818, Congress approves pensions for the Revolutionary War Veterans ($20 per month for officers, $8 per month for soldiers.) Speaking of our Military Veterans, I saw several reports where the present President, Barack Hussein Obama, was going to submit a proposal which would force private insurance companies to pay for treatment of Military Veterans who have suffered service-connected disabilities and injuries. The Obama administration recently reveale
("hate It Or Luv Is Fu")
ღ☺Phet8185 Fu☺ღ's@ fubar
As she had more than once in the past while, Alice wondered if she was crazy for asking her boyfriend to do this. For the longest time she had fantasized about being taken by a complete stranger, and on top of that being unable to do anything about it. She trusted him to pick someone who wouldn’t hurt her, but just the same it could be anyone. It could be one of his friends, one of her co-workers, someone from college, or whoever else he had in mind. And so here she was, waiting in darkness for the stranger. Once again she tried to form a mental picture of her predicament to pass the time. Soft ropes were tied around her wrists and looped around under the bed to secure again around the ankles of her sock feet. No amount of wriggling would get her out of one or the other. Her tight blue jeans showed off her shapely hips and thighs, and the equally tight black shirt was just barely see-through enough to show the outline of her bra. Her ample breasts, thrust out slightly from her arms
That Much!
Begun at 1st light of the sun Enlarging soon by the moon As it just feeds on my needs A lone ration for my passion It lands when we hold hands It cannot unplug until we hug In a haste to hold your waist I want your touch that much In prayer to stroke your hair The fruit of bliss is your kiss So pleased by your squeeze I want your touch that much The emotions you stimulate are focused and inspired Your four course love leaves me feeling I'm desired You're a magical mix of honey and strong lumber Affirming the fact that you have got my number My mind just befuddled whenever we cuddle All emotions wrestle whenever you nestle Flames can never beat your body's heat I can only win when we're skin to skin Begun at 1st light of the sun Enlarging soon by the moon As it just feeds on my needs I want your touch that much.
Stop The Room, I'd Like To Get Off
This plague isn't going away. What was a sinus infection turned into a nasty smokers hack, which is inexplicable, as I don't smoke. I was up at 1 a.m. choking on air. Seriously, I couldn't take a breath without hacking a lung up. I woke up this morning to a spinning room without having a hang over, which is definitely a first. I've been dizzy ever since. I feel like I have the flu, minus the puking and fever. It's an odd sensation. That's all, I just wanted to let you all know that if I end up looking to your left or right when we converse, don't take it personally. I'm just seeing 3 of you. Happy Monday.
New Stuff/help Me Find Someone
hi all i have uploaded a few new pics, many of my artwork. When i was a member here before i had a friend who loved my artwork and i even did a piece for her (link for her pic folows) if anyone reckonises her and has her as a friend could you please put me in touch with her, thanks. jase
Why I Need You To Pound Me Like A Porn Star
Contrary to popular belief, women do not want to be romanced in bed. Romance me BEFORE bed. By the time you get me naked, all romantic shit needs to disa-fucking-ppear. The bedroom is not the place that men need to be gentle with their women. Men have been psychologically trained for years to be gentle with women: their emotions, their feelings, their pride, etc. Men are subconsciously conditioned to handle women with a tender touch. So why is it different in the bedroom? Why do women, who need to be handled with so much care outside of the bedroom want to be roughed up inside of the bedroom? Because I wants you to be a MAN. I need you to step up and show me who is in charge. My emotions and feelings and pride may be gentle, but my body are not. Women have evolved to a point that we have the same (if not more) responsibilities as men. We work a full week, we deal with shit from our bosses, we diffuse problems with clients, we stress over bills, yet on top of that we bathe the ki
Not A Rant Just Some Thoughts 3/24/09
Im in a damn good mood today and i love it...its been so nice getting away from here and getting back to reality. I just needed that little push back into the real world.. I found on here people act one way and then poof,someone more interesting comes along and you are history, and thats ok,i dont hold it against anyone,but thank you i needed that. AND, dont get me wrong there are those few and only just a few that i deeply care for! In this short period of time ive gotten back to me and moving forward in real life, this is no where close to being reality...sad sometimes,but i remember all to well why i took a break for a year from Fu for this very reason... Thanks to my little break into reality my yard looks beautiful and my flowers are blooming and i couldnt be happier. Im getting ready to turn 30 in a few days and this is not what i want or need for myself,i need to be able to hear someones voice to see there face to touch there skin, to give real hugs if someone ne
Different Way To Perform A Female Orgasm
# First, lie in a comfortable position on the bed or prop yourself up against some pillows with your legs relaxed and apart. Ignore what you've seen in his porn films: Most women don't remove all their clothes and luridly lick their lips while rubbing oil all over their breasts. Usually it's just off with the knickers, leaving everything else on. # Squeeze out a big dollop of lubricant and apply it to the inner lips of the vagina and clitoris. # Start by massaging the entire area, adding more lubricant if you start to feel dry. # Begin concentrating your movements on the clitoris. Most women avoid direct contact because it becomes so sensitive to the touch ‑- so work around it. You may discover that one side is more responsive than the other. # Most women use the middle right-hand finger to rub, stroke or flick the clitoris as though they're strumming a guitar. Keep the rhythm steady but gentle to start. Try rubbing your fingers back and forth, skimming over the cli
X To The Enth Degree
The Power of "X" - Shadow of Yserbius Yserbius had the "X" factor for me. I've spent the years from then to now thinking very deeply about what that entailed. I've been in every major online rpg game since leaving Yserbius, none has had the power to enthrall me the way Yserbius did. In fact, a straight two hour stretch of playing in any of the worlds I've traversed since then has been - well... a stretch. Days go by and I don't log in. A few months go by and I decide its time to cancel my account due to lack of use and interest. Why? The games are so much prettier now, so vibrant, the storylines so much more complex (in some), there's so many more people! For myself, I've decided that I need a world that mostly lives within my mind, not before my eyes. I need to be surrounded by people that have the desire to work with me to create a world of mystery, thrills, chills, a few spills, lots of laughs, and some love. Those people were in Yserbius. Because of its dearth of pretty pict
Stimulation Simulation
post date: 2007-07-22 18:09:56 (The Sims is an excellent console game. Human nature has been duplicated to an almost awful degree by the gaming programmers...geez.) I played Goddess today. I created the Goody family. Ima and Hesa. I carefully studied their needs and wants. Their strengths and weaknesses. I trapped them in a bathroom for five hours while they flirted, hugged, appreciated, tickled, and made out with each other. Then I led them to a large bed and demanded that they relax on it, next to each other.Then.... "WHOOHOO". Yes, I told them both to "WHOOHOO" each other. Nothing happened. I had Hesa Goody get up from the bed and then relax back down on it. "WHOOHOO", I commanded. "WHOOHOO!" Nuthin...Then I ran my Goddess detector over Ima's thoughts. Oh, there it was. The silly bitch was "daydreaming". The "WHOOHOO" wouldn't occur until she managed to pull her mind off her mental Hesa, and started paying attention to the Hesa in bed beside her.
A Love For All Time
A Love For All Time Breathless kisses Burning touches Soft-spoken words of love Urgently spoken words of passion. A man and a woman One complete love Since time began Predestined to be as one. We've been together before In other lifetimes We've fought dragons And have been torn from each others arms Yet our love prevailed. We've walked on this earth many times together Perhaps for a moment Perhaps for years But our heart is one heart And we were meant to be. So when our time on earth Once again comes to a close Have no worries my dear For we will find each other again And again And again. For our love is ageless Eternal A love for all time.
North Dakota: The Land Of Snow, Opportunity, And More Snow
Whenever North Dakota gets mentioned in the national news, it’s more often than not for a bad reason. And that’s really sad … besides being the now-home state of this chronicler and his family it’s also a place so enervating that truly challenges you. I live in Minot, the fourth-largest city in this state, and I hear very little if at all about “we’re counting on the government to save us”. God and country, faith and family, the not-entirely Protestant work ethic, and the Second Amendment (that pesky one about the right of the people to keep and bear arms not being infringed) are taken very seriously. It’s no small thing to say should a second civil war break out that here is where any foe would find their battle of Stalingrad. Being called “National Homeland One” in Margaret Atwood’s novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” is a backhanded compliment; you have to be tough to make it here! Five and a half hours southeast of where I live, in Fargo they’ve been filling and stocking sandbags i
This Is Beautiful
This is beautiful! She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: 'How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?' The surgeon said, 'I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it.' Sally said, 'Why do little children get cancer? Doesn't God care any more? Where were you, God, when my son needed you?' The surgeon asked, 'Would you like some time alone with your son? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university.' Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. 'Would you like a lock of his hair?' the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, 'It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the University for Study. He said it might help somebody e
Erotic Touch...
A touch of skin soft and slippery, With the hint of hint of sweat. We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets, As the wind flowed from the window above us. Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance, To abandon all of our uncertainties. You began your work on my lips, Probing gently as if drawing sex, From a deep well of longing and need. Then heated tongues met in the midst, Of hot and quickening breath. And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts. Then intoxicated with those spirits, Our clothes found resting place on the floor. Piece by piece, Until there were no hiding places, For the two glistening and wanting bodies. Hunger revealed in this hot moment. Then skin meshed with skin, As the floor became the stage. You moved atop of me easily, And lowered yourself gently. Kissing me as I was filled with you. As a gasp broke the kiss, Your hands stroked the stray strands, Away from my forehead, then became entangled. Our slow rhythm gave way, To urgent
Creation Versus Evolution
To those of you that know me and know what I do for a living, this Blog may not come as a suprise. However, to those that do not know, I am a molecular biologist working on my PhD. Within the scientific community, religion is not typically discussed (unless you're praying about an experiment to work. haahah). It is typical for most scientists to question creationism, and I myself am one of those people. And as a man of science I search out answers to questions that are unknown. Not only do i question creationism, I also question the validity of the Theory of Evolution. So first, my beliefs at the moment: 1. I do believe in God, and i do belive in eternal salvation once you've trusted in Him. 2. I support the ideas of Biological/geographical/social evolution. The reason of this blog is to see what others think and/or whether this can lead to a CIVIL conversation. Can Creationism and Evolution exist in the same context. i.e. Could the 7 days of creation be thro
The air conditioner is running. It's too warm for the sheet. I kick it off and cold air rushes my warm, moist skin. It comes to life and my sensitive peaks tighten. I catch my lower lip with my teeth. I gently bite and release. A sweet bead of sweat glides down my neck. My fingers stop it's journey, redirecting it. Lightly grazing across my chest and down between my ample breasts. The soft skin of my wrist brushes the puckered flesh, teasing it. My back arches and a gasp escapes my lips. I close my eyes and my head rolls back. My palm moves, cupping the tight skin. It's twin is found and my fingers lightly pull at it's tip. I shift my hips as my mind tells me I'm no longer alone. He is above me. It's his hands caressing. His mouth softly sucking. His teeth nipping and biting. Fingers slide down my body and find my core. They press against it's heat as if holding it in. My hips rise, aching to be closer. My lips are parted, a finger probing.
Day And Night
"Day and night I toss and turn, I keep stressing my mind, mind I look for peace but see I don't attain..."
Is This Punishment?
"That's it! Come here now!" His words echoed through her soul but she knew she had done wrong. Her head was lowered as she walked nervously to Him standing before Him. Her gaze only looking at His knees as she sees Him sitting before her, as her hands nervously pinch at her jeans. He watches her movements, smiling to Himself as He sees her fidgeting nervously. He allows her to stand there for a few minutes. Her trembling becoming more and more visible. Then when He feels she is about to explode He whispers to her. "Drop the pants." Her heart drops. She didn't know this would happen, but she knew better then to argue, it only made things worse. Her trembling fingers moved to the front of her jeans where she fumbled the button loose. Unzipping it she took a deep breathe and tugged her jeans to her knees. Her silken panties the only things covering her as she felt the heat of her blush and her eyes filling with tears. She hated him at that moment. She hated that He could do th
Heaven Sent
As I look outside I see the breeze Caress the leaves from the trees And carry them to all around Gently laid upon the ground I see the birds so high above Their songs sing of our special love And laid upon their soft sweet wing Your love to me they gently bring And as they start their graceful descent Delivering a message that’s heaven sent One thing I know and will hold so dear When I see them fly I will feel you near
Fuck Me Please*bdsm*
Fuck Me Please by Rhiannon_Nyx© "That's it! Come here now!" His words echoed through her soul but she knew she had done wrong. Her head was lowered as she walked nervously to Him standing before Him. Her gaze only looking at His knees as she sees Him sitting before her, as her hands nervously pinch at her jeans. He watches her movements, smiling to Himself as He sees her fidgeting nervously. He allows her to stand there for a few minutes. Her trembling becoming more and more visible. Then when He feels she is about to explode He whispers to her. "Drop the pants." Her heart drops. She didn't know this would happen, but she knew better then to argue, it only made things worse. Her trembling fingers moved to the front of her jeans where she fumbled the button loose. Unzipping it she took a deep breathe and tugged her jeans to her knees. Her silken panties the only things covering her as she felt the heat of her blush and her eyes filling with tears. She hated him at that m
Time & Togetherness
As I sit and wonder, I sometimes ask myself do I really ask for to much? That's the question I guess that will always haunt me. I don't expect for people to drop what they are doing just for me. I don't expect for anyones world to automatically stop and rotate around me just cause I walked into the room. I never make any demands on anyone. All I really ask for is a little attention, time and togetherness. Maybe I've settled for 2nd place to long. Maybe I need to think of me for a while. I have always put other people priorities first instead of mine and I have never gotten anything in return. I'm always the guy to fix everyones elses problems, stand by till their lives are back on path. With that in mind I understand why nice guys do finish last. Well no more. Its me time. Time for me to do what I want when I want. I'm ready to find out what first place is feel like. If you can't get aboard the Ron train, I'll see later at the station, its time for me to go.
I Want To Start A Lounge And I Need Help
I want to start a very hot lounge. I want there to be the hottest girls and amazing music. If your a Dj I need you. I also need promoters, cam girls, greeters, etc. I know we can make this one hot lounge. If your willing to help then comment me or message me. I want reliable people and I want to make it very sexy! Help me out!
My Heart
      Deep within this slave There lies a secret place Treasured and protected Once lost without a trace Hidden well within this girl Cold and lonely and scared Once beat a trembling heart Aching for a secret to be shared She jumped at every Shadow Wanting, needing to break free From the trappings of a life Unable to breathe, unable to be One day a light began to shine Curling around this slave's heart Illuminating long hidden desires Pounding fear once more to start Afraid to trust, afraid to love shaking and scared to death A fire began to burn A need growing with every breath A word, a touch so gentle A firm and guiding hand Molding an eager slave kajira heart, beginning to understand Each day the light grew brighter The slave becoming kajira true A glow surrounding her heart Reveling in feelings brand new Today, la kajira shines And Your love was just the start.. Each heartbeat is for You my Master, my Love... my Heart...
You Can't Win...
NINE WORDS WOMEN USE (1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. (3) Nothing:  This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. (4) Go Ahead:
To Get Taken Advantage Of Or Watch A Movie?
To go out tonight or not? There's this chick who keeps hittin me up everytime I sign onto okcupid and she wants me to come hang with her which I guess would be cool but I just know the moment we're alone she's totally going to jump me hardcore. I mean I'm use to men being aggressive but she has you guys beat by a longshot. Play by play of how she wants me to strip for her even knows what boots I'll be wearing I mean don't get me wrong kinda hot and I could totally play with her I dunno I'm just in a mood. Either that or go over to Michael's to watch Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas now that maybe sounds fun but the thought of having some chick get me drunk to take advantage of me iiisss well - a night thought.
Game Over,check And Mate
This is for all the want to be playahs who think they can run game. I been away for a minute and while I been gone I've grown tired of the bull .I am not the same person anymore and reconize game when I see it, so save it . Enough is enough, I will no longer deal with liers and fall for thoses tired ass lines, I know my worth and for those who don't , ur loses baby. Keep it 100% with me and I will do the same, my time is precious and is not to be wasted. Those who know me knows Im a kind person and there r some who seem to take that for granted. As I said don't waste my time, or for that matter use me as something to do, til something better comes along, cause in my eyes there isn't anything better. And if u have ask is it me ur talking about, nine times out of ten it is, in other words "If the shoe fits wear it. Peace
Birthday Love To Diana
Pain Of Love
As i lie here thinking of what i did wrong. i started thinking of you all alone. like a rose without water u left me alone. 4 some1 to take ur love that is gone. tears roll dwn my face. i hide my eyes in discrase. the day u left. Is when then the pain came. you were the reason i was alive. now ur the reason why i lie awake and cry.
Dilema- Russaki
Trust Me (this Is Love) - Amanda Marshall
I look at this mountainSo many heartaches wideAnd I can't help but wonderWhere's the other sideI've got to be honestI've got my doubtsThese tears are asking me What's this got to do with love?Baby, I'll tell you somethingTo help us through this long, dark nightWhen this trouble passes overYou and I will walk awayKnowing that our love survivedAnother test of faithYou and I can walk on waterThe river rises, we rise aboveIt may not look that way right nowBut trust me, baby...this is loveLove isn't easyI'm torn, I confessWhen a heart is uncertainIt's bound to second guessThis love won't forsake usSo dry your tears I promise youWhen this trouble passes overYou and I will walk awayKnowing that our love survivedAnother test of faithYou and I can walk on waterThe river rises, we rise aboveIt may not look that way right nowBut trust me, baby...this is loveI'm here for you babyThere's nothing I want moreOur day is comingAnd we'll reach that peaceful shoreWhen this trouble passes overYou and I wi
real men can wear pink & still look manly! its rare but here's your opposite end of the spectrum examples...   Chuck Norris - Do I really need to say more there?? Don Cherry - Ok this ones more a hockey fan moment but if you know who he is you know exactly what I'm sayin lol
Some People...
Some people are just so ridiculous.  Here's a funny little anecdote for you: I was talking to this guy....seemed like a great guy.  Didn't talk to me about sex the first time we spoke, was respectful , seemed decent.  Had a job and an education so I go into this thinking this is an intelligent man.  We talk about meeting in person.  We discuss what we will do on our "date."  His idea is that I go to his house, he will cook dinner and then give me a massage.   I say I'm not comfortable with this, let's meet in public.  He says he has it all planned out and doesn't want to change his plans.  I consider it......until he asks me if I am on birth control.  Obviously this person has expectations for sex on the very first night we meet.  Hoping to get some is ok, even normal, but I don't like feeling as though I'm expected to do that.  I don't want to have sex the very first time I meet someone anyway.  I tell him that and he says "I don't want a woman that is inhibited."  My response is that
This Song Is All Bout U Baby ...
Lyrics to Magic :V1: You've got magic inside your finger tipsits leaking out all over my skineverytime that i get close to youyour makin me weak with the way you look through those eyesC: And all i see is your faceall i need is your touchwake me up with your lipscome at me from up aboveyeaaaa, oh i need youV2: I remember the way that you moveyour dancin easily through my dreamsits hittin me harder and harder with all your smilesyou are crazy gentle in the way you kissC: All i see is your faceall i need is your touchwake me up with your lipscome at me from up aboveB: Oh baby i need youto see me, the way i see youlovely, wide awake inthe middle of my dreamsC: And all i see is your faceall i need is your touchwake me up with your lipscome at me from up aboveC: All i see is your faceall i need is your touchwake me up with your lipscome at me from up aboveyeaaaa, oh oh da da da do do do do do ahhhhhh, i ..... i need you
So Called People Returning Favors
You know I'm sick and tired of seeing people asking for help to level up and when someone like me goes and helps them out with their rates. They Turn around and just rate the profile. What kind of shit is that. i rate  100 to 200 of yours and you turn around and rate one out of all mine. Don't ya think that's being selfish just a bit.If you don't like rating people, then you should return the favor by giving them a gift like a small BLING  that's 1-3 credits depending on how many rates they do. or something and not be a greedy ass, that's trying to make it to the top before everyone else... *This doesn't apply to some of  my new friends or the people  that return their favors with Blings and rates. * Its to all the Greedy Bastards out there that dont return not even a quarter of what you gave them.You know my time is as presicous as yours is. I may have the common sense not to spend my hard earn money on some website.But I do return all rates, add's, fanning, etc. i even pimp out the
Live Life, Stay Drunk, Partyon And F*** All Day
Hmm let the thoughts wonder around and play mind games with your body
   When some one dies people tell you it gets easier.   I say they are wrong.   In my opinion it depends on how attached you was to the person.   Like when my father died he was my best friend.  We was always together.   So every holiday sence it has been hell to deal with.   i know they say memories will always keep him in my heart.   But my problem is all my memories was every day of my life spent with him.   But memories cant replace the human body.   My father was my life,  my heroe,  my everything.   To me there will never be anyone better than him.   But just to let people know dont ever take the time that you have with your parents for granted.   Time is very short and you never know when you might lose them.   My father was only 64.  He was taken way before his time. 
Sanctify, Sanctify!
“And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Sanctify unto me all the first-born, whatsoever openeth the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and of beast: it is mine.”  The thirteenth chapter of the book of Exodus also opens having to do with the first-born, but this time, the LORD is relaying through Moses how to sanctify – the word means set apart – a particular class of people (and beasts) unto Himself.  And it’s a parallel to the final plague the LORD sent upon Egypt to have the children of Israel, His chosen people, released from slavery.  Make no mistake, as far as we have come reading Exodus the successive maladies that have come upon all within Egypt there’s no way to intelligently deny that a supernatural agency was at work, but like all beings and things beyond our sensory perception, it’s easy for people to lose sight of the LORD when He isn’t physically manifested on or before them. We’ll come back to this, but ve
College And Life
Hey everyone,        Well I am still living my life here in West Virgina my career is great glad I choose it. Billy is doing fine from what his dad said the least he gave up his laptop cause he knew it was bad hacking into my accounts. I do miss him and still write him even though he may never straightened out. Anyways I am doing my best to keep stabled in this world sometimes I rather not exist but that's just me. I am still trying to think of what to write as a story or how to rewrite the one I did back in 2008 that was called "Lesbian" not the true name of it was gonna rename.  I am doing fine though if anyone needs me have my email probably won't be on much do to college and getting my GED an more likely visiting friends if I could or hang with mom an family.Sincerly,Amber M. Kestner
Give Him Some Luvin
DJBARTAB Come show him some luv and help him lvl Click on his pic and boom your on his profile!!!!
"Morning Bliss" My eyes blinklessly fixed on the morning sky. The mug clutched between my hands is my only warmth. The red of the clouds reminds my heart of recent pain. The lighter shades send off a sense of hope. My heart is in awe os the beauty, but I am bitter that it has to end. Deep breaths fill my lungs with crisp cold air. I wish that with every exhale I was breathing out all the problems in my life. A couple tears slip down my cheek as my mind runs round and round. I close my eyes and imagine myself wrapped in protective arms. If I could have anything in the world right now I would have you here with me!
Ensign: Why Study?
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS      17 April 2009 Two weeks ago today, I started over reading the Bible cover to cover.  Just before turning back from Revelation 22 to Genesis 1, I reflected on how much had happened in the three years and change I'd spent reading a chapter a day from the start of 2006 to the third of April this year (1,189 days, and the number of chapters in the Old and New Testaments) such as my wife and I moving into our first home, our children being born.  And yet how much has stayed the same; we're still in Minot, and I'm still at the same occupation while she has changed assignments a few times.  But we're still very much in love with each other, and I'm so thankful to God for that. Now what's my point today?  When I have to ask myself that, I'm usually halfway lost ... but bear with me.  I'm certain
Last Tear
A man lies in the street crying Cause he can’t stop his self from dying He was stabbed in no helped He was left to die by his self All the people passed him by and all he could is ask the why I would help me if I was you if you were lying here bleeding to as shed final tear he tried to face death with no fear but just then help did come but I guess they could not save this one
Come Bid On Dj Death In The Spiders Cage Auction
Hey ladies come and bid on the sexy death , hes hot and has a lot to offer so click on the pic and place your bid
A Lil Somethiing From My Heart
This is a little something I wrote one night shortly after my father passed. DARKNESS It's dark outside The rain is pounding down I should probably hide The pain is building inside I wonder why you lied Was it to save your pride I look around But I am all alone Darkness is all around I am the only one home No noises to be heard No motion where you once stood I know you are around Just not for me to see I know you are watching me But from where I am unsure The pain is building For I need you here To comfort me, to hold me To tell me it will be all right Without you by my side I have no one to turn to No one to confide For you were the one I could always turn to Even when it meant that I cried You always gave me your shoulder Even when we both grew older Now you are not here The pain is becoming extreme I know that where ever you are It is bright and sunny Isn't that funny It's dark outside I am dark and empty inside Without you here Please let me know That you are some where
Dj Slon- Brigada
whats playin in my car :)
  JACK'S CHRiSTMAS PARTYJack wakes up with a huge hangover after attending his company's ChristmasParty.He didn't even remember how he got home from the Party...As bad as he was feeling, he wondered if he did something wrong.Jack Had to force himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he saw is acouple ofaspirins next to a glass of water on the side table. And, Next to them, asingle red rose!Jack sits up and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and Pressed. Helooks aroundthe room and sees that it is in perfect order, Spotlessly clean. So is the restof the house.He takes the aspirins, Cringes when he sees a huge black eye staring back athim in the Bathroom mirror.Then he notices a note hanging on the corner of the mirror written in Red withlittle heartson it and a kiss mark from his wife in lipstick:'Honey, breakfast is on the stove, I left early to get groceries to Makeyou your favorite dinner tonight.I love you, darling! Love, Jillian. 'He stumbles to the kitchen and sure
Very Frustrared
I am currently really overwhelmed and frustrated with school. I keep getting jerked around with what classes I should take, and what my major should be. Everything is so complicated, I have to have certain classes to get my AA, I have to have certain classes in order to transfer, and I have to have certain classes for the job I want. I was planning on working next semester at my college but I am not sure how I will manage that one, when they want me to take up to five classes in one semester...all to get done in 2 1/2 years.I also need to finish my CSI certificate program and get the ball rolling with the volunteer position at the coroners office. There doesn't seem to be enough time for me to be able to accomplish what I need to. I need a set plan and a set schedule... not this constant changing of things.. I swar counclers are useless!!! they tell me one thing, teachers tell me another thing, and the people that I want to work for tell me another... I am literally sitting here asking
In My Dream ....
In my dream, i awake to the day and feel no pain as i arise... i smile at myself in the mirror that shows no lines or imperfections and that smile glows back at me for the day is about to begin...i shower and feel the body of one who has had no children and the body of young mens dreams .... i stand and dry off feeling the happiness of a spring morning all fresh and waiting for me to approach it with excitement....suddenly i miss something -- i search for it but it eludes me .. still i search happily and expectant but experience some worry and just wish i could lay my hands on what im missing a moment i begin to cry ... lines appear and the sounds of children fill my ears callin momma i need i want ...... the day starts to feel full unlike when i awoke and suddenly the pain is there ever present and hard to carry .....i  peer into the mirror and i see someone much older than i feel ..lines cross where the laughter once was .... the body  no longer one of young mens dreams but th
Masters Creed
Dominant, he can cause his sub to cry real tears. As the consummate lover, he will then kiss the tears away, without ever stepping out of character. In times of trouble, a Dominant will leave the roles behind, to be a supportive friend and partner, never forgetting that this is still a loving relationship between two caring individuals. He is quick to understand the differences between fantasy and reality. He would never ask a submissive to put him before her career, or family, just to satisfy his own pleasure. To win his submissive's mind, body and soul, he knows he must first win her trust. He will show his submissive humor, kindness, and warmth. He must also show her that his guidance and tutoring is knowledgeable and deserving of her attention, that this is a man she can learn from, and trust his direction. He is romantic enough to be protective and chivalrous. When called upon, he will fight for his ladies' honor. He proves to her that he is someone she can lean on, and depend
Sydicate Studios Studio A
SYNDICATE STUDIOS is a funky professional 48/32/24 track recording studio complex located in KANSAS CITY designed to give artists and bands a relaxed, affordable place to record with outstanding sound, at a fraction of the usual recording studio costs.  - SYNDICATE STUDIOS is one of the best studios around!The space is ideal for both acoustic and electric instruments. It features over 1,500 square feet of floor space, two large isolation booths, the choice of a Yamaha C9 piano or a New York Steinway "B", and a large private artist's lounge. The control room is ideal for mixing as well as recording with its 60 input Neve VR console fitted with Flying Faders Automation and a full 5.1 surround monitoring panel. The control room monitors are custom built Waterland/TAD speakers with Hafler amps and Genelec nearfields. The studio is video ready with house sync plus video, digital distribution and WIFI. STUDIO "A"We boast a treasure chest full of the finest in classic analog equipment. Our
Missing You
Johannes i cant explain how much i miss you, you where my angel when things went wrong or i screwed up. My rookie year you looked out for me and constantly looked over my shoulder at everything i did. You were far more then just my instructer you became one of the kindest people i knew. No matter how many mistakes i made you always gave me a hand. You were someone who i trusted my life to on so many occasions. There were times we laughed and times we cried but no matter what we were there for one another. And i will always miss you and know that no one in this world can ever replace you for who you were and what you did.
Triada- Nezhniy Omut
Eye's On Fire By Blue Foundation
Eyes On Fire Lyrics ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh I’ll seek you out, Flay you alive One more word and you won’t survive And I’m not scared of your stolen power I see right through you any hour I won’t soothe your pain I won’t ease your strain You’ll be waiting in vain I got nothing for you to gain I’m taking it slow Feeding my flame Shuffling the cards of your game And just in time In the right place Suddenly I will play my ace I won’t soothe your pain (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh) I won’t ease your strain (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh) You’ll be waiting in vain (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh) I got nothing for you to gain Eyes on fire Your spine is ablaze Felling any foe with my gaze And just in time In the right place Steadily emerging with grace ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh,felling any foe with my gaze ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh, steadily emerging with grace ahh-ahh-
End Of Heartache- Killswitch Engage
Seek me, Call me, I'll be waiting Seek me, Call me, I'll be waiting This distance, This dissolution I cling to memories while falling Sleep brings release, And the hope of a new day Waking the misery of being without you Surrender, I give in Another moment is another eternity (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call me) I'll be waiting (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart You know me, you know me all too well My only desire - to bridge our division In sorrow I speak your name And my voice mirrors, mirrors my torment (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call me) I'll be waiting (I'll be waiting here) For the end of my broken heart Am I breathing? My strength fails me Your picture, a bitter memory For comfort, For solace (Seek me) For comfort, (Call
The Devil's Dancer
"Make her one of us..." the goblin's voice hissed to the Devil's Dancer. Music flowed, past the darkness of the room, a luminous illusion that held out delicate hands and drew the unwary into a graceful duet. Twirling and swaying, thighs bending, hips curving so tightly to the illusion that the unwary became the luminosity. A fragile flame to comfort the Darkness coming. ... but of course Good triumphed in the end. Nobody knew for sure for awhile though. It came down to a matter of trust in the intrinsic nature of the one that had danced with the Devil. The Devil was driven away, a black coach pulled by a score of shadowy bete noires. The Sun shone again. .... And so it shall be in the heart of me. I chose to reject the temptation to join the ranks of the power mongers. The dotted eye and crossed tea teams. Surely you have seen them. Dealt with them. Perhaps you are one of them. I pity you. I pray for you. I forgive you, because my energy is to be used elsewhere. But I will not for
Non-mumm By Admin Is Allowed To Stay!
Pretty cool, huh? I wish I could say I was surprised.
I've often been the "It's complicated" status. It's usually not a good thing. I have this problem all the time, fortunately I trained it in classical music. I think this speaks for itself. And that should do it for now. :P
Ensign: Child Training
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.            Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                      30 April 2009 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  I do wish that the oft-quoted Proverbs 22:6 sounded more like a promise to my ears; at first reading and out of context with the rest of the chapter – heck, with the rest of the Bible – it doesn’t.  But you and I both know of cases where children who’ve grown up in ostensibly Christian homes have ultimately made the decision to not pursue the faith that their parents have, or perhaps not in the way that they have. It’s a little scary how alike our children look to their parents and most of the time how they act.  Granted, I don’t worry about this as much yet since my daughter&rsq
Fubar...a Bit Overwhelming.
It's been A few days, I don't even remember how I stumbled across this site. I was intrigued, interesting concept. I've not ever done the "social networking" thing so this is pretty new to me. Seems like abit of a learning curve. I'm still getting 'the lay of the land'. Debating whether to put real photo up, maybe a salute?? Seems to me that this ratings/points system is skewed toward rating one another high. I'm one who doesn't really believe in 10's. I'm adjusting that for this site. Anyway, don't know if folks really read these. If so, cheers!
Time To Get Things Done
So here I sit, thinking, of exactly what needs to be done.  I will accomplish this.  Even if I have to take it from an inheritance that isnt mine.  See, there is a plan, set in motion, that I really can not speak aloud right now, but it requires a bus ticket, and a hell of a lot of pacients from me.  So people are not going to like the idea, but the chocie has been made.  Now, its time to follow through with it.  We will see, cause yea, I love her, and I'mma prove to the world, just how deep that runs.
Its That Time Of Year Again.......
I really hate having friends on my list that dont talk or do anything. So, its time to cull the herd of masses once again. So to those of you that I delete....happy trails.....
i dunno what it is it seems theres bugs in fubar or something. "original wild thing" person-sorry for my own rudeness (still say your message was pretty pissy but whatever) but yeah i have 14 in the fans thing. whatever doesnt matter. the otehr thing, I still have gotten no response as to why the "add as a salute" button or what have you doesnt show up when I try to do that which is a pain in the ass when trying to check out potential "friends" on here cause lotsa folks dont let you if you dont have a salute but i have one its just fubar refuses to recognize it and why do i bother anyway is it really so important to have friends that i should spend so much time trying to pretend theres a single human being who would ever like me even the slightest by going on here and chatting up random strangers who may or may not be even real people in the first place? i have to see if i can find a copy of "forward to death" do put on here as the song that plays when you open my page cause i myself
Bling Me This Blast Me That
for the love people, this place cracks me I am not and will never ask to see your nsfw, so you can bet that I will NEVER!! bling you or blast you or 25 second vip to see them.  the reason this cracks me up is why the hell are you posting photos you supposedly are so intent on letting only a select few see!  Premise I am asking for money for you to see me naked..theres a word for that lol! if you post the pics you know your wanting people to see it, if you didnt you would not have even taken the bloody pics in the first place.  like I said cracks me up:) hugs and luvs, JC
School Girl Nite 2
ok everyone back by popular demand we r having school girl nite again tonight starting at 11pm but this time u get to ask one thing for the cam girls to do just for you. its gonna b a lot of fun so plz come join us.
When I Was In Hospital
My thoughts are FUCKED My life is FUCKED Everything ive ever done is FUCKED Everything ive ever thought of was FUCKED Everytime I write its FUCKED I just want to DIE and END all the FUCKED up things ive done and END all the FUCKED up thoughts that run through this FUCKED up head of mine. I dont want anyone to feel sorry for my FUCKED up life anymore This is a FUCKED up battle that I cant WIN anymore You can tell me thats FUCKED up of me to think all you want to I dont give a FUCK anymore because I want to FUCKIN DIE and END all these FUCKED up things all for ONCE So FUCK everyone and FUCK me SIX feet under the FUCKIN ground   FRLW 8-10-08
I Am An Ass...
  wtf? he was on my admirer's list.
Where You Can Find Me....
Find me here..... Its better than facebook. SOOO much better   My Yearbook   I really hope to see some of you there...
I Love....
Ruby! Go say happy bday to her :D   Ruby Cairo > ETid, LP, FuGF of Chelsea@ fubar
I'm Urs 4evers Team
      Presents to you: I'm urs 4evers team of hot hotties!! IM URS 4EVER ASST CHIEF 2ND ALARM HOTTIE@ fubar ~Crazy Bitch~ '2ND ALARM HOTTIE' @ fubar ~VOLCANO GIRL~"2nd Alarm Hottie"@ fubar
Mnogotochie- Beslan
How 'bout Them Cowgirls
I felt the rush of the Rio Grande into Yellowstone And I've seen first-hand Niagara Falls And the lights of Vegas I've Criss-crossed down to Key Biscayne And Chi-town via Bangor, Maine Think I've seen it all And all I can say is How 'bout them cowgirls Boys ain't they somethin' Sure are some proud girls And you can't tell them nothin' And I tell you right now girls May just be seven wonders of this big, whole round world But how 'bout them cowgirls She's ridin' colts in Steamboat Springs Bailing hay outside Abilene She's trying hard To fit in in some city But her home is 'neath that big, blue sky And the Northern Plains and those other wide open spaces Now a-days there ain't as many but Boy, she don't need you and she don't need me She can do just fine on her own two feet But she wants a man who wants her to be herself And she'll never change, don't know how to hide Her stubborn will or her fightin' side But you treat her right and she'll love you like no one else Yeah, how 'bout
Seat Belt Advocacy
I know seat belts are lame and uncomfortable, but I am a complete witness that they can do more than just save your life. I used to think my dad was jsut being paranoid and crazy growing up because I was too little to understand what had happened in his car accident so I thought he as jsut being a parent when I got lectured on a daily basis about seat belts, but now I know after nearly having the same accident he did that a seat belt worn properly makes the biggest difference in the world from broken bones, paralyzation, and even death. May 15, 2009 about 4:15 in the morning. My friend Kregg was driving me home from his house in his mothers jeep, when we took a turn too fast. We hit a curb, nose dived into this ditch like thing and flipped over, hitting a tree. We were both able to get out of the jeep and walk away unscathed. The cops told his mom that if it wasn't for the tree we would have kept flipping until we hit this building. They also said, they couldn't believe that we were
Line's crossed,Hearts fell.Feel's like I'm crossing over & I'm lost.You've confused me,hurt me,& lied to me.Never again will I confide.Poeple say"yes you will"but you've made my life a living hell.  
Listen Guys, I Need (help) An Bad!
It all started when this damn dog got ahold on mine an torn the shit out of her, this kid by the name of Chris started shit with me calling me a fucking bitch & slut an so on, well needless to say I had told my husband what was going on an when he got home he said I'm done an ripped his shirt off swearing an shit at me an the kids.... Well he said that I had an hour to get rid of our pup, time had went by an I didn't do anything well he says times up went into the bedroom a grabbed a pistol loaded the damn thing getting ready to shoot my dog, I stood in the way an he told me that if I didn't move he'd shoot me as well, my son over heard this an my husband said for him to go back into his room but he didn't an all hell broke lose he started hitting on my son punching him in the face made his nose/mouth bleed I called the cops an had his ass arrested, I'll be going tomorrow to get a retraining order put against him. I'm taken my kids to my mothers cause I can not handle him doing this sh
My Vagina Hurts
I miss seeing all the nudity/peens in the new members section. It always made me LOL. :(   PS; give kins FU MONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Update #1
Update! Current mood:Loved and Motivated!Category: Life I know I haven't written a blog on myspace in so long just been working on organizing my life.  I have been through some major changes and all for the best!  Well as many as you have seen husband and I are no longer together.  We both came to a mutual decision and called it quits on January 17.  It was a difficult decision to make but to be honest I was no longer happy.  I was very grateful that the most amazing guy ever stepped in and offered me a place to stay.  It was weird rooming with someone other then my family or husband but I was taking a chance and figured what the heck.  Well that chance paid off and about a month later we became and couple.  We went to Disney with his family and it was soooooo much fun.  We had a little bump while in Disney but when we came back home we worked things out and are so much stronger now.  I have never been this happy in my life.  He has been my rock through everything and I thank God
Fuck The Government.
Alright, I've had enough of this bullshit! These people are retarded. So, now since taxes on cigarettes went up my state - North Carolina - among a few others, has imposed a state-wide smoking ban. It basically bans people from smoking in restaurants and bars, claiming that this will help cut health costs. This is complete and utter bullshit. And on the opposite side of that coin if someone were to try and open up a cigar shop or a "smokers only" shop they are prohibited by law. That doesn't seem to make any god damned sense! I mean if non-smokers can ban smokers from places, only logic would tell anyone with common sense, that it can work both ways. But our current legal system is not treating this issue with fairness. They are, for lack of a better word, incompetent. One sect of people can not and shall not impose their will upon other peoples, this is guaranteed by our bill of rights and I'm sure it can be interpreted in the tricky wording of the constitution. It is my right to be a
Dear Fubarians:
Here is some advice....   1) DO NOT fall in love with me - I am in love. I don't need you. 2) DO NOT ask me to play on cam for you - If I wanted to I would 3) DO NOT ask to do me, see me, fuck me, lick me, touch me, or anything of that nature..... - I have a perfectly great man at home to do that for me. 4) DO NOT hate on me because I CAN be the biggest bitch you have EVER met and I am ALREADY getting pissed off. 5) DO NOT think that you can replae Brandon - You CAN'T and NEVER WILL! 6) DO NOT think you're funny - You're not. I might just decide to update this time and time again if I feel the urge.... because I am just pissed off now.
Schedule For Industrial Night! 2011
 Hello all! I am DJ Dark Horse from Dark Horse Leather and the Columbia MO Goth / industrial night. I would like to welcome everyone to join us at the SOCO Club in Columbia Mo for our once a month Friday night event starting in January 2011. The Club is Located at 128E Nifong Bvld Columbia MO 65205 The event starts at 9pm, and there is no cover before 9pm. After 9pm there is a cover of $5 for 18+ and $3 for 21+ I will be posting the other two scheduled DJs at a later date. For now, I DJ Dark Horse will spin as one of 3 for the night, along with selling leather gear and footwear. Dates for Industrial night: TBA   The Columbia Goth / Industrial scene has grown to many members. On any given scheduled Friday night event, over 150 people are in attendence. DJ Dark Horse and DJ Larry K keep you very well entertained with Goth / Industrial, EBM and Aggrotech music. New to each event, starting 2011, there will be themes to each night and more entertainment as well. I will post the 2011 s
Contact Update
as some of you know, im in a rough spot right now.  i wont be online for a bit.  if any of you need to contact me, you can always txt me.  my number is 815-319-3618. i have unlimited text so hit me up!!!!
My Week
I should be in bed right now, but I have a bunch of stuff on my mind that just started not too long ago. I had some type of tummy virus the begining of the week. I have no idea where it came from, but i didn't toss cookies, have a fever or anything...I just felt real nasty and felt like I was going to toss cookies....luckily it didn't last too long. Rich and I still do things together....ya know..go shoping and all what room mates do. It really doesn't feel like much as changed...I mean all the time at work, we barely spoke, didn't hug, did like hand shake thing....didn't say I love you....just...the "see ya" But recently, we've been hugging and it feels weird.... as if it's just the whole thing again..I's hard to explain... we're still seperated.... Well I had my fu fun recently....i actually got myself ranked to number 1 for the day which i never though i'd find myself near that...I had a lot of help too. Thank you....u know who you are... But really...I'm n
Angels & Demons Vs Angels & Demons
It has been a week by now, so if you haven't seen the movie or haven't heard about it and want to see the movie stop reading now.In my personal opinion Angels & Demons the movie was the worst book to film every!  In the begin of of the film the Vatican comes to Robert and picks him up while he is in the pool swimming, in the book the director of CERN calls Robert and wakes him up at his home.  Robert then in turns gets onto a jet that goes sonic that takes him to CERN.  From there he looks over the scientist/bishop and learns who is behinds it, meets Vittoria Vetra, and also learns about the preferitti being kidnap.There are a ton more huge differences between Angels & Demons the film and Angels & Demons the book, to the point that Ron Howard and his team of writers re-wrote more then three-fourths of the book.  They left out the reporters, that start to follow Robert and Vittoria around Rome, out of the movie completely.  I also never got a scene of the feelings Robert and Vittoria st
I Must Share The Hilarity
A pastime of mine is watching public cybersex on IRC. Why? Because it's fucking hilarious, that's why. Here is an excellent example. This chick - who is so amazingly bored (she is telling me so privately) - is tied up by a couple of guys currently. And this is what made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my bed:   suck my cock u slutty fucktoy  * cossette loves the sound of her face being cockslapped, the wet smack making her cunt clench harder around Shadowlover's pulsing cock, her tight little holes pushing back against him now making the tape around her ankles strain, humiliation at having her face abused by someone too lazy to type the word you making her blush   ...................   ....................   *roflfits some more*
Heart beating in my chest, Pain rising from deep within, I push myself to do my best, But i ask myself, why this again?? The darkness clouds my hopes and dreams, Sometimes I'm all alone, as it seems, With only my crumbling heart pushing to thrive, Forcing my mind beyond truth, making me feel alive. Nothing is impossible, I am the source of my answer, And for some reason it still haunts me like a cancer, Disappearing, only to return again, worse than before, I feel myself slipping away, ever so slowly, The thoughts rip through my mind, reopening an old sore, Crushed and in doubt, i drift away, calmly. Listeing to my heart beat fade in the distance silence, Thump thump... thump.. thump...... thump.... With the silence fulfilled, ears deafened completely, The darkness surrounds my, consuming me entirely, Loneliness befriends my soul, hiding my deeper in the abyss, Looking up, I see no more happiness, Only the pain that pushed me over the edge, How i wish my f
Top 10 Punk Records Of All Time [according To Mary.mayhem]
Top 10 Punk Rawk Records Of All Time!! 10. SOCIAL DISTORTION “Mommy’s Little Monster” – Kind of early in the list for this one huh? Yeah, well just you wait. Social Distortion is the most amazing Punk / Rock-a-Billy bands ever. This record shows their raw talent as well as the amazing lyrical and vocal capabilities of Mike Ness. Amazing record! Best Tracks: The Creeps, Another State Of Mind, Mommy’s Little Monster, Anti-Fashion 9. THE CLASH “London Calling” – Now if Social Distortion was too early in the ranking at 10 The Clash are insanely low at 9, but that’s how it goes. However, most people say that “The Clash” is the best record by The Clash, but I do have to say I enjoy this one much more. The Clash’s blues influenced punk has brought so much to the world. One of the most influential punk bands ever known the world lost something amazing the day Joe Strummer went away. Best Tracks: London Calling, Brand New
What Would You Bring?
Hmm.. So, imagine you're stranded on an Island. You are granted the ability to have 3 items (for say at least, 3 years). There are no phone towers on the island, so cell phones will have no signal. No need to worry about water, because there is a fairly clear stream near you, and plenty of animals on the island for food (if vegan there are multiple plant sources, and lots of arable soil).  No matter the kind of boat you ask for the current of the water will always pull you back to the island, and of course there is no electricity. What do ask for?    
Intrepid And T'kumbra Infested With Pointed Eared Hoggoblins
I feel like the rest of my entries this week need to be prefaced with Wikipedia’s spoiler alert.  Warning: Plot, spoiler, or ending details follow.  Last night after work I got to Carmike Cinema just as “Star Trek” was starting, a movie I wanted to see yet didn’t have high aspirations for … I was resisting the temptation to compare its Kirk, Spock, and others to the original series characters.  It’s established by one character’s dialogue on the Enterprise bridge midway to the film that this is indeed an alternate reality, made so within the movie by the incursion of “Spock Prime” and a Romulan mining vessel in the wake of a planet’s destruction in the universe of television’s “Star Trek” series and the ten previous movies.  Today’s title in fact comes from two vessels crewed exclusively by Vulcans (Spock’s race) mentioned on the original “Star Trek” and “Deep Space Nine”
The word still hangs LifelessVoid of any colorShape or substanceJust an echo A passing thoughtas you turn awayDid I not love you strong enoughLong enoughDid you doubt sincerityFor I know those wordsI said them over and overI love youBut stillAs you walk awayA wisp of hairon your collarA wrenching reminder And as the distancegrows between us, I waitHopingPraying That you care enough to turnTo see me one more timeSee my tearsThat they may move youPull you back to meBut you have walked so farNot once turning aroundNot seeing these tearsUnmovedNow...Not even an echo of your wordsIt truly is...Goodbye
Keyboard Cat Vs. Keyboard Gato
Keyboard Cat is fucking hilarious. If you don't agree I hope you die.
I lose myself in the pain of art not to feel happy and accepted but to realize I am alive… That is the latest status that cant begin to describe the overwhelming feeling of confusion and loneliness that plagues my mind. I find myself back and forth between numerous hopes of futures that are only baring down present goals. I try to use this pressure as fuel to help my struggling soul dive through a valley of darkness and pain, but the sorrow is so unbearable I see no way out. I circle around viewing my options, hoping for a break, some kind of gap for me to slip through and lift this burden off my shoulders. I see this small glimmer of light, maybe it’s my way out, venture toward the distant beam. Wrapped in solitude it seems so appealing, but like the valley it’s only a mask for its true ugliness. The feeling of being alone had chipped a small crack into my shell of hopelessness. Being alone pushed me over the already small edge my weathered fingers clenched tightly to year after y
Erotic Thoughts
i love you more than me you pour out your emotions in a long felt verse my love is met by liars only to be dashed by the heartless all is lost on the loveless i am in love with you baby i just want you to know if i had you here to myself i know i get it like i want it cameras flashing showing my wonder showing everything everyone looking nobody want to see me just what that make them stand i never kiss n' tell i kiss more than one lips my face gets wet n' i dont even mind sweet juices did roll down my face
The Tax Poem At first I thought this was funny...then I realized the awful truth of it. Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table At which he's fed. Tax his tractor, Tax his mule, Teach him taxes Are the rule. Tax his work, Tax his pay, He works for peanutsAnyway! Tax his cow, Tax his goat, Tax his pants, Tax his coat. Tax his ties, Tax his shirt, Tax his work, Tax his dirt. Tax his tobacco, Tax his drink, Tax him if he Tries to think. Tax his cigars, Tax his beers, If he cries Tax his tears. Tax his car, Tax his gas, Find other ways To tax his ..... Tax all he has Then let him know That you won't be done Till he has no dough. When he screams and hollers; Then tax him some more, Tax him till He's good and sore. Then tax his coffin, Tax his grave, Tax the sod in Which he's laid. Put these words Upon his tomb, 'Taxes drove meto my doom....' When he's gone, Do not relax, Its time to apply The inheritance tax. Accounts
Ok why is it that people add you to their "Friends" list but then never reply to a message, no correspondence whatsoever, not even the courtesy of rating pictures when you rate theirs?? Do people just want to see how high they can get their friends list??? It's stupid!!
I know lotsa folks what call themselves liberal and claim theyre for equality and all that good stuff hate guns but I dont. Course most folks what are like that also firmly believe the democrats are on their side so they can be dismissed as ignorant. the shame of it all will be when things break dowen completely and it comes to the whole kill or be killed thing and the right wingers and police they support are the only ones what can use em with skill...Ive noticed its already starting to get strained, theyre cracking down hard on homeless folks up here, and granted seattle has more than its share anyway (and for some reason theyre just as snotty and egotistical as the yuppy folk around here) but yeah I dont see how its helping anyone or any thing to go around arresting them for napping in a public library or as I witnessed the other day-for picking cigarette butts out of an ashcan. I mean, its not like they keep em or nothing, its just to make sure theyre systematically recorded so whe
One Day Soon (the Pain Of Joy)
So she found him in a sprawl, collapsed and glowing paleon the ground. His hair spread like a melting angellike a fire crawling across the floor.In this moment, in this still inchoateshe loves him.In this moment, in this light she loves him like no one has.He held onto elegance easily.She'd never seen him this way.She holds on to this picture lit perfectlyand she holds the dust forever.So he finds her in a sprawl, woven deep in memories revisited and reworked.The scars get covered up with cherry blossoms that never feltas soft as thisHe held onto elegance easily.She'd never seen him this way.She Holds on to this picture lit perfectlyand she holds the dust forever.Freeze the frame right here he found the perfect pose.It comes to him naturally.Freeze the frame right there he found the perfect poseIt came to him naturally.Surely you must remember him?
What I Wrote Today
Prick Prick of a needle My past swells up Full and strong with in me Punching, kicking Slapping me down Taking over I swell up I stand up I fight for my life I take the lead The past gets up I do not notice Its stands by me I feel safe I say hello And smack I’m on the floor Each round harder Each round a surprise And I say thank you One way or other The fight is coming to an end.     Make ME Pass Out A tickle here, a tickle there. A joke and play That’s leads to a touch A lick and everything slick A laugh a moan A smile that slides into an OOOOOOOoooooo Shaking knees, chest pounding Slow to speed A giggle and love Claw marks and screams Flips and turns Changing flow, directions, positions Moving across the room pounding A slip, a laugh Where do I end and you begin I can’t say no I can’t even moan And you try to make me go The room hazes as we go over and over Over the tip, over the crest the scream the all    
Helicopter Crash
The three crewmembers were able to reach shore without assistance; two are hospitalized, one sustaining serious injury in the crash. National Park Service, Arkansas State Police, Marion County Sheriff' and Ralph Caney Fire Department were on scene within minutes of the incident to assist. There is little potential for a fuel spill, since the chopper was equipped with a self-sealing fuel system. The river from state Highway 14 bridge to Buffalo Point is closed to river traffic. The gravel bar and parking lot at Buffalo Point are closed until further notice. The UH-58 helicopter was on a routine mission between Clinton and Flippin Airport for the 12th Judicial Task Force, National Park Service and Arkansas State Police when the incident occurred.
Cancer, The Fight Of A Lifetime
As a survivor myself, (breast and cervical) I feel it only right that I ask your help in finishing my folder for cancer awareness. Though breast cancer is the top focus so far, I would like pictures supporting ANY and ALL types of cancer. I would love if someone could come up with something in support of male breast cancer as I have lost someone very close to me to it because no one really knew anything about it. If you have anything you would like me to post in my folder, even personalized in support or in memory of someone u love or knew please message me the link and whatever you want the caption on the photo to be. If you do not include a personalized caption I will simply post it with a thank you to you for sending it to to post and for supporting the causes. Later I will be posting a folder for heart disease and many others so feel free to go ahead and give me links and captions for any cause you want supported. Thank you all so much for your help. Much luvv to all. Everyone plea
Help Me Reach Godmother (this Is Also My Bulletin)
  Kristin is trying to become the newest Godmother.She is close to level and will be activating her autos today@5PM.She will also be bombing.So show this lady some love and help her level!Kristin fu owned by cyph1b14n@ fubarBully brought to you by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar (repost of original by '♫BlackWidow♫' on '2009-06-05 07:20:08')(repost of original by '~Natural_Witch® ~PWN3D by the lovely ♠ Diana ♠ Your New Obsession Manager' on '2009-06-05 07:24:43')  
The Gift
I have a gift to give you Please open it with care, This gift is very dear to me , and also very rare. I cannot give you diamonds, or shower you with gold. But these they give no shelter in a world thats grown so cold. It's all I have to offer,  I know it may look small, But deep inside I know It is the best gift of them all. There is no other like it, I'm sorry , it's not new. But if you say you want this gift I'll give my heart to you!
False Friendship...
I sit here and long to be the way that I was to have an open heart and to sing a song of love but it will never be as such I know that I'm trapped in darkness save this mirror that I touch I've come to conclude that I'm trapped inside this hell I know that my body is just an empty shell It's eternally and wholly too much now trapped inside my mind save this mirror that I touch I remember the days in which I used to laugh but now I feel my life's been severed that I'm missing my better half now the tears flow free down my crutch because I'm staring at my smiling face in this mirror that I touch
Need A "country And Western Band" For A Feature Film
Calling for a Country band for a Feature film that was shot in Alabama, we are in need of a demo to be sent asap to ATT: John Jordan Bases Loaded Ent. LLC Vancouver BC V5R 5G5 or email me for the phone numbers.   Respect Jordan
Number 3
She had been planning this day  for over 7 years.  She remembered back to the day she received the phone call and offer for the position of maintenance at the San Quintin State Federal Prison.  Of course "maintenance" was a pretty word for  hazardous waste clean up. For years she had done everything from clean up blood soaked cells after fights to endlessly cleaning up after the pigs they call guards.  Funny she never would of thought out of everyone she came in contact with that the guards would be the worst.  Degrading her, ordering her around as if she was a nobody. Today was going to make everything worthwhile. She had  watched meticulously the behaviors of both inmates and guards for months she finally had the highest access of security clearance allowing her into every block in the massive prison.  Working nights had allowed her to explore and observe every aspect of  her favorite block, Death Row.  Tonight with zip ties in hand, her hair tucked up under her hat and dark Dickie's
From Deathpoet
Oh, it's you i seeflitting before my -eyes like a dream in -so hot a black corsett...How could i resist the syren call?my angel in -- I think not -and drag me off to hell or heaven if you wish -no kicking or screaming...and you know it...YOU, could make me cry -YOU, can bring me to my knees -You and your oh so feminine your legs shake...mouth goes dry...the wordsmythe -broken...the orator -silent...the genius -buffoon!I am your toy,your attendent,slave...You,my goddess in disguise...         ************************************************** I love it and so should you ;)
     A figure of silver radiance stands in the centre of a large circular chamber. The stars shine down out of the heavens, like shimmering points of infinity…winking in and out of sight. Around the large, open chamber five similar figures of light, in various hues and colors, look on the first. The only sound that can be heard is the soft, gentle sway of a breeze. A figure of pale, sky blue mist stands. A thunderous roar can be heard somewhere off in the distance…      "So," a melodious voice rings out, "you've decided then?" The pale blue figure regards the first in question. The silver radiance bows slightly in acknowledgement. "And You know the consequences of your choice?" Again the pale blue figure looks only at the first figure. The silver radiance nods ever so slightly, again. "And You know that once done, what you ask of us can never be undone…?" The silver radiance turns, scanning all in the room; returning to the image of the speaker slowly. Nodding sli
White Wall
I've sat on my couch now for many nights and just starred at my plain white wall. With 50 different thoughts passing through my mind, my emotions racing at different speeds, tears moistening my cheeks. With all the lights off and just the flicker of candles creating this calming glow against my plain white wall. I’m not thinking “why me”, I’m not pondering the “reasons for this test” and I’m not feeling sorry for myself.  I’m just sitting here starring at my plain white wall.  We all at some point in our lives become “numb”.  For some that numbness is a defense, for others it’s a coping mechanism.  For me, it’s peace.  For me, it’s comfort.We all have our “sad stories” and at times we have all compared those stories.  Does it really help hearing how someone else may actually have it worse than you?  It may.  But we all know, no matter how bad it may be for someone else; that’s them, not you.
so i think i finally found that special guy ive been searching for so long. i love how he makes me smile and laugh i love how sweet he is to me... yeah ive done some fucked up things to him but hes still givin me a chance :D im deffinately not fckin this one up hes a keeper.. i can honestly say i love hi with all my heart.. and i whouldent hae it anyother way.. net time i get a chance im gunna go c him and it will be great im looking so farward to it. i dont thin ive ever felt so happy with a man in my life.. grr everytime i talk to him i feel so loved :D     i love you abk
Survey Says Haven't Traveled Outside Us Then You Are Uneducated Moron
Wow  acconding to this survey I guess if you havent traveled out side the US you are an Ignorant Uneducated Person. 7. Choose the one that fits best: (read carefully) I have visited 11 or more countries and/or have 4 or more years of post-secondary education. I have traveled to 1 to 10 countries and/or 1 to 3 years post-secondary education. I have not traveled outside my own country and have 12 or less years of education in total.
Most Unfortunate Person In The Universe Award
And it goes to... So far I have been hit by 21 cars and run over by an 8 ton truck.
As We Tore Down Our Wall
As We Tore Down Our Wall My Fire asked me to speak my heart Her whisper seeped into my soul The promise of soft ruby lips Has my thoughts spinning out of control I crave to study her dangerous curves My finger tips tracing My Fires supple lines Her silken skin drives my passions Her cherries the sweetest on the vine She commands my full attention As I carry her across the threshold Laying her on a bed of roses She is the perfect beauty to behold Slowly we examine each other Slowly we discover our place Slowly our flesh becomes one Slowly our desires build their pace Arms clutch tightly now As if we fear loosing our touch Hard pressed lips tongues probe deep Our hips diving into uncontrolled lust We build to the final climax As the last of our inhibitions fall Our flesh aches and groans now As we tore down our wall
The Desert Is Patient, Princess. So You Must Be.
This line from Marvel Comics’ eighty-sixth issue of “Star Wars” (they did the comic book adaptations of the “first” three movies as well as a series based on their characters) occurred to me taking a shower this morning.  Those of you who keep coming back here know I work on forming connections pretty quickly.  My daughter Sarah’s name means “princess”, and she could use lessons or keeping her temper – she’s three going on sixteen.  The first-century Roman historian Tacitus has a passage in “Germania” that summarizes the Empire’s scorched-earth policy regarding the German tribes on their border: they make a desert and they call it peace.  That is, the only way peace occurred in the minds of the Roman leadership and military was to wipe out completely any opposition, an attitude that prevailed for the next century. It’s a safe bet we will not live in these bodies into the twenty-second century, but who
She Is
She Is My Fire wished a new name My heart began to search for her What could encompass this Fire? She is Desires Lustful Cure How can such beauty be described? All words seem too small to compare What words could shackle her down? She is The Untamed Fire’s Glare I watch her fill the heavens As all the other angels stand aside They all bow to this heavenly creature She is The Fantasy You Can Not Hide Her Angelic voice calls you too your fate Her song a beacon in the night Standing upon the shore wings spread She is Astlik “Little Star” Burning Bright Tittles seem to fall short Shattering myth and legend as the pages fell The stars dim in her beauty She is A Boundless Fiery Angel
Stoners live stoners die fuck the world let's get high Pot's a plant it grows in the ground if god didn't like it,it wouldn't be around So drink a beer and smoke a bowl party hard and rock-n-roll To all you preps who think your cool fuck you bitches stoners rule I liked this and had to share it .
Here Comes Goodbye-rascal Flatts
I can hear the truck tires coming up the gravel road And it's not like her to drive that slow, nothings on the radio Footsteps on the front porch, I hear my doorbell She usually comes right in, now I can tell Here comes goodbye, here comes the last time Here comes the start of every sleepless night The first of every tear I'm gonna cry Here comes the pain, Here comes me wishing things would never change And she was right here in my arms tonight, but here comes goodbye I can hear her say I love you like it was yesterday And I can see it written on her face that she had never felt this way One day I thought I'd see her with her daddy by her side And violins would play here comes the bride Here comes goodbye, here comes the last time Here comes the start of every sleepless night The first of every tear I'm gonna cry Here comes the pain, Here comes me wishing things would never change And she was right here in my arms tonight, but here comes goodbye Why does it have to go from to go
send me ur yahoo messenger and lets get to know each other
Why Are Guys Dicks
Believe it or not, it all comes down to hollywood and chick flicks, you think not? For the better part of the century men were men, the movies depicted men as be strong, without fear, and totally embracing what it was to be that way. We didnt talk much, didnt have to, we were men....until the 80's came around. The movie industry changed, it was impossible for a man to fall in and for the women to feel it as well. It become about proven your love in this outlandish ways, it wasnt enough to say you cared, you have to prove it hollywood styles. I mean look at how many marriages have survived from the old days. Nothing like today were the roles have been slowly becoming equal per say for men and women. The male sensitivity moment began and was achored mainly by the movies. Movies like "say anything", love one of the first go overboard to get your women visions. Women fell in love with that and the pressure and questions started to surface...."Why can't my man be that way", "thats what I wa
         Everyone in Illinois needs to read what I am about to say effects ever man, woman and child in this state in some way. Here’s the thing I know everyone will not agree with me by it is time to set our own different aside and do what’s right, not only for us but our grandparents , moms, dad, children, and yes even ourselves. As I am talking to you the state government wants to pass a bill doing away with state funded program. These programs are very important to millions of people in different ways and do not have to be cut. There are other ways to fix this budget problem without cutting programs and razing taxes at a time the world is in a difficult state. Now is the time for everyone in Illinois to stand together and tell all the government offices all the way to the president that cutting health care and razing taxes is not the way to fix any state or government problem. We as Americans have already given enough of our tax dollars in bail out programs. It’s
Hard Rant = Hr - Decency + (thanks)
People only see what they are prepared to see...     ... Ralph Waldo Emerson         Fable... The mountain and the squirrel Had a quarrel, And the former called the latter, "little prig": Bun replied, "You are doubtless very big, But all sorts of things and weather Must be taken in together To make up a year, And a sphere. And I think it no disgrace To occupy my place. If I'm not so large as you, You are not so small as I, And not half so spry: I'll not deny you make A very pretty squirrel track; Talents differ; all is well and wisely put; If I cannot carry forests on my back, Neither can you crack a nut." ... Ralph Waldo Emerson   So though I am not a nut, I do sometimes make mountains out of mole hills - but I never quarrel with them. Nor do I miss seeing the forest for the trees - but sometimes its just so much more interesting to stop and take the time to really look at a tree. For instance: The oak tree in the front yard of my ex-husband's home. We
Love People And Use Things
“If a man shall steal an ox, or a sheep, and kill it, or sell it; he shall restore five oxen for an ox, and four sheep for a sheep.”  The twenty-second chapter of Exodus opens rather prosaically, continuing an exposition on matters of breaking the commandments the LORD set down at the beginning – the Ten Commandments, recorded in Exodus 20:1-17.  The first section of this chapter deals with the repayment of someone you stole an item from, and not all of these sentences are fatal!  Verse one quoted above requires a thief to return five oxen for one they take and four sheep for a sheep.  I expect that’s due to a sheep hardly being able to pull a plow, but I could be wrong.  Lest you think that the death sentence upon a thief breaking in one’s house (what “breaking up” in verse two means) is harsh, remember a point we covered in the previous chapter – no jails. And if said thief got out of the house alive with something he or she had stolen
Arrived Home...
My Son
all ya  out there i want to thank ya all for ya love and support and to my dear friensa al ya others  show the love donate on behalf of my son and help keep his memory alive to the beaten and battered womens centersin yalocal neighbor hood CARL DENNIS BANGHART is my sons name thank you rember thavoilence MUST stop!!! show ya love  NOW!!
Im in an auction it starts June 25th unitl July 7th please go bid on me follow link
Need A Battery
Well Isnt That Clever
I just noticed I am at the level labeled "psycho" on this thing. I have to laugh. I am on my way to the store, I have some things I am going to try to return cause I cant use them (got them before I ran out of funds without realizing my family as well has turned on me so yeah Im getting real hungry and bisquick by itself is little solace) Why it is nobody has proved willing to hire me all these months when Ive been applying for everything availiable, surely I would be capable of working as a janitor even but no. I just dont get it, I mean, what am I supposed to do? Im out there daily since october I must have put out thousands of copies of my resume, for every job offered online and off. What does this society that demands I obey its laws expect me to do when it refuses me work to afford the necessities of life? and then to look me in the eye knowing I have cancer and tell me I should "get a job with health benefits"? seriously, its so utterly paradoxical, isnt a society a social co
Good Morning Lord
Two types of people exist~~~ Those who proclaim,"Good morning Lord", when they wake up, and those who exclaim, "Good Lord ist's morning".
So ,the results of MJ's autopsy finally leaked, and they found out that he was weighing 110lbs, and had almost no hair. Also, he had puncture wounds all over.     Why does this remind me of alien autopsy??
How Much I Love You
i love you so much when im around you my world is right and i feel alive i love you so much that when we are apart even for a few hours me world is so dark if i was to ever loose you i would be so lost i wouldnt know what to do my mind body soul and heart is yours and always will be when your hurting im hurting when your upset i am upset i feel like im not ever good enough for such a woman like you cuase when im around you and holding you i am in a world where it is all sunshine where i am use to the darkness of being alone but i also know i cant go with out your love or having your around i love you more then anything in the universe
Once Again For Those Who Didnt See It.. 101..
95% of females can't cum from sex UNLESS, they're on top..and they're on top why? so they can stimulate their doin' their lil snake charm grindin' grab on our pelvic bones..which..really does nothin' for the key pussy first..make her cum a few times...numb her up..then hammer away or soft and slow with alot of vaginal teasing with your magic stick to build it all up in the end, however u like...... now once ur inbetween her legs..don't just fuckin' dive in there like a bum at a thanksgiving charity dinner...take your fuckin'time I know pussy is nearly irresistable...but don't act like it is.. lick her inner thighs, kiss them..kiss around her pussy lips..kiss the lips etc. etc..finally once u've got your tongue on her clit..this is what u do..(u can use ur hands to spread her lips here if u want..that's all's easier to make em cum w/their lips u have easier access to their clit) now...roll the tip and somewhat flat part of your
New Design Line...
So I created a new line, starting with jewelry/stash boxes called D.O.A. by Karma it's a whimsical skeleton theme and a lot of fun.   I'm also going to be doing some 'recycled art', I rescued some pictures from my friend's trash to repaint.   I'll post links once I have them posted for sell.   Let me know what you think, I appreciate the feedback.   K
A Guys Point Of Things
At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally , the guys’ side of the story. (I must admit, it’s pretty good.) We always hear “the rules ” From the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered “1 ON PURPOSE! 1. Men ARE not mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You’re a big girl. If it’s up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don’t hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports. It’s like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly Acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only If yo
Msi~lyrical Video Thingy
Not Very Nice People
Do all you women that talk to my husband really think that he loves you.  Someone that won't give u his home number and doesn't answer his cell most of the time when you call.  Are you all that desperate that you need to try and take someone else's husband you should all be ashamed of your behavior.  He is playing each and every one of you and if you don't believe me have a chat with Madnezz Lady she has come and got him twice from my house and had to bring him back twice cause he don't want anyone but me.  Do you really think someone you meet online on a drinking site is for real he's playing each and everyone of you. 
Sleeping To Dream- Jason Mraz
I'm dreaming of sleeping next to you I'm feeling like a lost little boy in a brand new townI'm counting my sheep and each one that passes is another dream to ashesAnd they all fall downAnd as I lay me down tonightI close my eyes, what a beautiful sightSleeping to dream about youAnd I'm so tired of having to live without youBut I don't mindSleeping to dream about you and I'm so tiredI found myself in the riches (Your eyes, your lips, your hair.) And you were everywhereI woke up in the ditches. I hit the light and I thought you might be hereBut you were nowhere. (You were nowhere)Well, you were nowhere at homeAs I lay me back to sleepLord I pray that I can keepSleeping to dream about youAnd I'm so tired of having to live without youWell, I don't mindSleeping to dream about you and I'm so tiredJust a little a lullaby to keep myself from crying myself to sleep at nightSleeping to dream about youAnd I'm so tired of having to live without youWell, I don't mindSleeping to dream about you and
Im On Vacation, Day One
hmmm first day of an actual scheduled vacation in years..and i got nowhere to go. hmmm so im going to the weekly swap meet today to see if i can score some deals on junk. wish me luck.
I Just Want To Scream
 I just want to scream everytime someone pisses me off. Why do some guys have to be such asses?
Life Is Beauitful
hey whats up peeps and family what a weekend
Professor David Myers - Hero!
Dr. David Myers, a media professor at Loyola University is studying social customs in online internet games... My hero. What he discovered, was what I already knew - people generally do not have the capacity to truly immerse themselves in the rules of a game. For Dr. Myers - he went the route of the HERO in City of Heroes. He dispatched VILLAINS at all times. Why should a villain expect anything else of a hero, HMMM... Of course, I always gravitated towards the gamers that were more chaotic in nature, generally the villains, in any online game. In fact I had made an alliance of love with the most superb villian of them all, the delicious Balor of The Mercs. In online gaming, Balor is a challenge - and that is what any real gamer wants. Dr. Myers discovered that people get quite pissy when a hero relentlessly acts in heroic fashion. The villains wanted to walk side by side with the heroes - when it suited them. Dr. Myers was never going to allow that - he was a HERO fer goodness sake
A Good Cause turn around devastating circumstances For the family's of or brave!
Wouldn't A True Friend Stab You In The Heart And Not In The Back?
Hey, Man..It's been a long day. Worked all day. I am learning that maybe I don't understand some of my friend's like I thought I did. It's crazy, you know.. I mean you think you know someone and then they turn around and stab you in the back. Wouldn't a true friend stab you i the heart and not in the back? I don't know it all seems crazy...
With This Knife
I let myself fall into a lie I let my walls come down I let myself smile and feel alive I let my walls come down no matter how I try I don't know why you push so far away you wrapped your hands tight around my heart you squeezed it full of pain with this knife I'll cut out the part of me the part that cares for you with this knife I'll cut out the heart of me the heart that cares for you I can't believe the way you took me down I never saw the pain coming in a million broken miles like poison FOR my veins with this knife I'll cut out the part of me the part that cares for you with this knife I'll cut out the heart of me the heart that cares for you with this knife I'll cut out the part of me the part that cares for you with this knife I'll cut out the heart of me the heart that cares for you the hate and the fear the nightmares that wake me up in tears the nightmares and the hate and the fear the nightmares that wake me up in tears the nightmares and the hate and the fear t
Lacking Mo Mo Mo Motivation ...
Winter is here and I am starting to lack motivation ... blah .......   Any ideas ???
Laveau House
Laveau House ( . . Place: At the Laveau House - Location: 1020 St. Ann Street, New Orleans, LA. 70116. *Some people report that the spirit of Marie and her followers still conduct wild voodoo ceremonies this house. * Her detailed apparition has been seen walking down St. Ann Street, attired in a long white dress, wearing her tignon, which is a scarf with seven knots in it. * In a drug store on St. Anne Street, her apparition slapped a man in the face when he failed to acknowledge her presence. She then floated to the ceiling. The owner of the store witnessed the whole thing. Still Haunted? Yes.  
Untitled Thank you for the giftA gentle heartA beautiful soulA work of artBeauty immeasurableI am enamoredJust one touchAnd my heart stammersAn equal partnerFor me to takeIn the walkThat I will makeI have won a prizeI did not earnGiven at a timeOnly God could discernTo you I am indebtedFor your benevolenceAnd I am able to learnFrom your sapience   Melissa Lay.. 2006 copywright protected
Personal Thoughts
     So I've been noticing some really funny stuff. Some of it is kind of sad, but not surprising. The overabundance of illiteracy, pervertedness, and the incomprehensible amount of stupidity that circulates on the internet from society as a whole is kind of well..sad. It's no wonder our country is in the shitter, take a look at the people that clog up the net with their flat out retardedness. Take this for example, last night I was up kind of late and I came across a photo with a caption that was labeled, ' tookn '. Sorry sweetheart, but if you spent half as much time exercising your brain as you do spreading your legs, there might be a ray of hope for America's future.  Then there's the people that like to abbreviate a simple three letter word like ' You ' with ' u ' . I'm sorry, but in case you hadn't noticed or paid attention, Ebonics is not a language. Also, what the fuck is with the obnoxiously ugly people that feel the need to pretend to be something they're not? Granted sure, i
Its Not Forever.but For A While
ok as of this day july 18th 2009 i will not be on fubar for a long while.all of my close friends on here know how to contact me if you need me for anything.i am takeing time away from this site to spend with the love of my life krystal.i don't know how long i will be gone.but i will return sometime.but for now i am to busy with real i am going to be spending time with my fiancee as we build our life to all my close friends on here i know you all will understand.much love to all my close friends and family on here and MMFWCL  to the lo's and lette's.
The Tabernacle Arises
“Moreover thou shalt make the tabernacle with ten curtains of fine twined linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet: with cherubim of cunning work shalt thou make them.”  The instructions for making the tabernacle of the LORD itself – the actual building which will contain all the holy objects due to their being for the LORD, not for any virtue the building materials or the builders themselves possess – occupies the twenty-sixth chapter of Exodus.  The whole chapter’s an unbroken monologue with Moses, and I imagine the latter took careful, careful notes!  Something built for the glory of the LORD requires us to be as exact, as total, as the children of Israel’s worship of Him (then and now) should be.  I don’t claim to read the significance of all the numbers of objects that some commentators do, but that’s my limited understanding.  The descriptions of “fine twined linen” with the finest colors indicate something that has to
Geddit ?
"have I Ever"
Have I ever told youthat if I sit really still and silent,sometimes. I like to thinkI can hear your heart beatingin time with mine?Have I ever told youthat when I listen you speak to methrough lines and cords,and bytes and ram,I imagineyour voice,whispering into my ear?Have I ever told youthat I wait out each dayin anticipation,wantingonly an hour or two,just a second in space and time,to feel close to you?Have I ever told youthat there has been times,when I ached for you,ached for you so badly,that the emotions overwhelmed me..and so I sat and cried?Have I ever told youthat sometimes,I will reach out,touching your nameon this cold screen before me,wishingI could reach inand pull you to me?Have I ever told youthat after the first time I heardthe sound of your voice,thousands of miles away,I sat up all night,turning the conversation over and overin my mind,examining it,like some newly discovered species of flower?Have I ever told youthat I would give everything up,just for one nightto b
Please Help If U Can
The above button will take you to my wish list.Below u will find the button for my 4 year old son's wish list. I am not asking for a hand out just looking for a caring soul to help out if they can. Christmas is coming up also we have school starting soon so I will be putting clothes for my son for school on there soon. It is amazon so it is fairly cheap.Please help if you can. If you do not want to buy anything but want to make a donation I have a paypal account.I also have my own website to sell the hair falls I make. If interested in buying some please feel free by going to my you for taking the time to read this.
Feel The Breeze
as i feel the breeze blow on my face i close my eyes and see you face your smile, you bright eyes i think about our first kiss how our lips touched and our hands searched our bodies as we kissed we drew closer towards each other till we coildnot get any closer our kiss searching and explorling i felt your breath as you were searching for air as we kissed  not wanting topart to breath i draw you closer to me holding you tight not wanting to let go i open my eyes and see the deep blue sea the clouds in the sky and im all alone feeling the breeze on my face i close my eyes again and wish you were with me once more      
Long Walk
Long Walk In this long walk called life.I walk alone. With no one to hold.My lifeless body with no one To comfort me when I cry, withNo one to give me a reason toLive. I stagger and, fall downAnd I have no one to catch me.How can I go on like this?In this black abyss so coldAnd empty I shiver with lonelynessAnd fearof dying alone. I knowI can't go on like this, but IMust I know I have to. Its theOnly way to be what I haveTo be. But I do not know What exactly that is.I might find outLater on inThe long walk of life. Jennifer Renee Wilkes Copyright ©2009  Jennifer Renee Wilkes
Stolen From Dagorath
Lightning And Fireworks Celebration Of Lights 25 July 2009
Its a must see.   In my stash. Peace All
Second Part
His hands were touching me everywhere that just made me melt everytime.  I wanted nothing more than to feel him throbbing deep inside me.  My body was beffing for him to grab me and take complete control over my body, so that I can have complete satisfaction.  I wanted so badly to tease and pleasure him just as much as he was doing it to me.  He let go of my hai and his had slid down to my inner thigh again.  He was playing with my pussy, I slid my hand down his chest and further down his throbbing member.  It was more than what I expected.  I wanted more of him.  I decided to do the one thing that I knew would drive him crazy.  As I crept under the sheets, I could feel him fighting me because he knew that I would keep plaing with him and teasing him til I got to taste him.  As I continued to feel him pulsate harder and harder inside my mouth, I kew that he was becoming closer to full reliefand I was closer to tasting him.  He grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled mon top of him.  I co
So the last few days have gone by so fast.  I didn't really have all that much time to have any sex but did help myself to a few orgasms in the shower and of course my friend helped me a few times.  Sam had been away with her parents and Trish hadn't been over since the other night. I managed to get my license plate sticker in time this year, last year I forgot and got pulled over, I tried to flirt with cop but he still gave me a ticket, so it cost me the price of the sticker and the $20 late fee and ticket......gawd this state sucks big time!!!!!!!!  The state usually sends you a reminder but I didnt get one then or this year, I was told that they didnt have to send them but i have to have one in my car, like i said this state SUCKSSSS!!!!!!!! Anyway, I'm over that now, got my sticker in place and everything else is taken care of.  Yesterday at work, my line went down early so I kinda went to my friends office instead of going to another line right away.  We just talked, you dirty m
The Insanity Of It All
I have become someone differant in some I've been told. Things I would have never thought of doing in the past, I find I do now with only a little of a reguard. I fact, I find myself laughing at it at times. Over the last two days my mind is on fire trying to understand the insanity. I came into contact with someone who expressed certain things to me, which I guess got me started. I used to think more, more, more....more money, more job success, more experiences, more food, more me, more of my demons, it was more, more, more. Now more is still there, but its MORE directed at the little things I had been missing. I was sitting on my back porch and it was quite peaceful. The sunny was shining, there was a warm breeze blowing over my body, and I could hear kids playing in the background....that was a good more moment. For the last 6 months, until about two weeks ago, Ive had this fear that after I went asleep, I just wasnt going to wake up (past family history stuff) it really c
Remember This!!
love. L.O.V.E. a little four letter word that can mean so much, both good and bad. some people love their cars, their house, material things like that. but what does love mean to you? how do you desrcibe such a thing to someone? how do you prove you love someone? when life gets you down, thats when true love comes in to save you. love for you family. love for you friends...your friends that you know will be there through thick and thin. but how do you know when you love someone or when your in love? is it when you look at someone and your whole day brightens just because their there? is it when you go shopping for yourself and everythin you see reminds you of someone else? is it when everytime the phones rings, your hoping its them on the other end? is it when their the first thing on your mind in the morning and th last thing on your mind before you go to sleep? is it whenyou cant sleep without them beside you? is it when you cant get that other person off your mind? is it when your a
I Wanna Tear You Apart
Ripping and tearing feeling the skin rip open as the blood rushes out The feeling of a hand around your neck squeezing just tight enough the pain goes through your very soul and it feels so good clawing the flesh off biting  a chunk of skin letting the sweet taste pour into your mouth one taste and your addicted Hold me close and take me completly As i whisper in your ear I wanna fucking tear you apart
The Look In Her Eyes
the look in her eyes is full of pain full of wonder seeing her breaks my heart makes me want to hold her close let her know it will all be ok the pain is fron past hurts hearaches, and disapointments can she love dose she know how to she feels nothing but pain only knows hurt before you get hurt but as i look in her eyes i see the color change from a dark hateful color to a light help me please gray i see the ice around her heart break and melt away  the hard gaze turning lighter as my eyes penitrate her soul shes knows by my stair that this is real it from my heart that love is alway there never failing never falling the look in her eyes is full of love full of hope full of joy now and a smile appears on her sweet face how long will this last who knows and who cares it mine for now ill hold her close and not let go till it is time to let us move on never give up on the look in her eyes it will change and she will be happy as i look into her eye
Sexy Is..
In the eyesA smilePerson's personalityBody languageIn a kissTheir voiceSubtle touch or caressThe sexual energy one projects for others to be mesmerized and enticed..
i guess some "fu" people are questioning who or what i am see the following..."theres a popular consensus that your profile is ran by a man. if that is so you will be found out. id post a salute and squash the rumors. no need to reply." so this "consensus" thinks they know me, ok who am i?? lets see what you think you know. i will give you credit for this much, i am or actually we are not as we appear. but i dont think you have a real clue to who we are and what we are here for. so give it your best shot, lets see if you are as bright as the idiot we got to invite us(me...hahaha) here...what a fucking doormat, so easy to fool & manipulate ...hahaha too much fun! damn it has been a great night what an awesome party time to crash. have fun with this...lmfao   
I Cross My Heart- By George Strait
I sang this song to my best of my ablity... I know its not really perfect but, hey I tried my best... Enjoy!   Our love is unconditionalWe knew it from the startI can see it in your eyesYou can feel it from my heart>from here on afterLets stay the way we are right nowAnd share all the love and laughterThat a lifetime will allowI cross my heartAnd promise toGive all Ive got to giveTo make all your dreams come trueIn all the worldYoull never findA love as true as mineYou will always be the miracleThat makes my life completeAnd as long as theres still breath in meIll make yours just as sweetAs we look into the futureIts as far as we can seeSo lets make each tomorrowBe the best that it can beAnd if along the way we find a dayIt starts to stormYouve got the promise of my loveTo keep you warm  
Signed Up!!!!!
I did it!  I just got back from signing up for Networking Technician (Net+) classes.  I will not know my start date until I talk to the lady at DWS, but I know the days of the week and the times my classes will be held on.Tuesday:  6 PM – 8 PMWednesday:  8 AM – 12 PMThursday:  11 AM – 3 PM (with a lunch break in there somewhere)Friday:  8 AM – 12 PMI already have two different books that I have been reading through, so we will see how things go.  What is really nice about this is that I go at my rate, at the longest I will be in school for 10 months shortest 2 months.Well I'm off to finish reading my E-Mail and then lunch.  Have a great day!
Business Deal
Dear Dumbfuck:   There is a need for you to urgently reply and let me know if you can assist me in a business deal.  I am the accounts officer to the late Pop star Michael Jackson.     He made a deposit of a huge amount of money in our bank under the name of Terry Ford Simpson and I have with me all the information regarding the funds with our bank here.     He deposited the money here in 2001 and was hoping to come for it's withdrawal before he suddenly died.     I just returned from the United States of America to witness the burial ceremony and no body asked me about the money showing that he never told any one about the said amount of money.  I urgently need your assistance to transfer the money out of this bank into your account. We shall share the money 50% - 50%.  I want to assure this is 100 percent legitimate.  Please email me at:
Richard Nixon Had Jesus Assonated
Funny Little Coincidences               John Lennon, “the peaceful protester”, “the smart Beetle” and…..Jesus Christ???. During a revolutionary time for civil rights, humanitarian ideals, and rises against a blood-based administration, John Lennon gave up his musical fame for a march against the walls that made the Government regulated “Safe Box”. He was partnered with some called “an unusual woman” named Yoko Ono. He was the leader of thousands of people who shared his view and torment over a war no one could seem to win. He chose a life battles he knew he could not win, against a power no one could seem to control, and against a leader whose view and concept of human value stood in the dark. This is an observation based on funny little coincidences between two icons who took a stand for their fellow man, and who died with no regret.           It was the 1970’s, and America was in a war that no one could see the end of.
Teacher!!!  Please see this and comment asap
Some Random Rants.....
What the hell is with teenage girls! It's like if a guy holds a door for you A FRICKEN DOOR! They immadiately think "OMG he likes me!" They then repeat a mantra of this while  smiling to themselves throught the day. The next day is where the real fun starts. The next day the girl begins to stalk her victem pin-pointing his wherabouts throught the day and studying their habits. Soon the dude begins to feel uncomfortable. The Female is soon with the cold hard fact that this guy doesn't like her and falls into a pit of despair vowing a life of lonliness and contemplating becoming a nun. After a day of brooding, the female returns to her habitat waiting for her next unsuspecting victem. My theory on Sesame Street: Sesame street is really a gang (the street looks like a ghetto and you never see anyone else but the characters), Elmo is a Blood. Cookie Monster is a Crypt(his cookies are filled with Marijuanna). Oscar is really a homless person that deals drugs. Big Bird is a Mob Boss.Snufflu
Rescue Mission
And so it begins... The objective: Contain a baby squirrel that has an injured thigh. She comes and eats at my house every morning, and she has licked the wound clear down to the muscle. I am going to take her to the vet. The tools: One shoestring, One plastic Batman grappling hook toy, One bird cage with the top halfway unhinged - lying on its side, peanut butter and nuts spread inside and towards the back. The plan: Once the objective - forever kown as P.M.S. (Project Mangled Squirrel) - enters the inviting opening of the cage for her daily nutrition, I shall pull the shoe string, thus causing the cage lid to close. I will be laying on the kitchen floor - for as long as it takes (hopefully no more than an hour) - with the door slightly ajar. P.M.S. enters the cage, contentedly munches, I pull the string, the cage door swings shut,
A Little Vent....
Sometimes all a fella can do is wish. I'm here alone, after my life was torn, I'm trying to make the best of it, But my heart is wishing it was never born, I'm trying to hard to climb these streets, But damn sometimes that climb just seems too steep. So I'm looking for a god damn friend, Is that so hard to find? Too much to ask for? I need someone to forge a bond with.  But saying those words make me sound desperate. This shouldn't be so damn hard. I expect miracles of myself,
Wedding Photographer Surrey
wedding photographer surrey
A Old Poem At A Low Time.
ok I wrote this at a very LOW time in my life, while i no longer feel this way, its amazing to write such words when you feel like your world has fell apart.   abstract thoughts The little girl cries lonely and screaming fighting and weeping hurt rushes through her veins cold cold heroin pulsating in her ears consumed by the hatred instilled upon her innocence has been lost dysfunctional beings we have become who is to say whats wrong whats right soulless creatures come to steal yourun through your body feeling its energy pulling pulling away from the dark light wants to shine cannot see what is behind This is not the life she wants the endless control pain this is not the life she wants mirrors surround the shadows lurking creatures hunching and crawling grabbing for its prey run little girl run she cant caught Pulled down into the depths the endless black hole long black strands of hair frantically blowing This is not the life she wants the endless control pain this is not the lif
Perfect World Vs. Wow
I've played both and too me perfect world is so much better then World of Warcraft.  the graphics and gameplay are so much better on PW it isnt even close
A Slight Detour Thru Bavaria
  A Slight Detour Through Bavaria Or A Little Family Laundry   "In Bavaria, our Blood Bleeds Blue" -"Mad" King Ludwig I'm a Bavarian, both born and raised.  Bavaria is a small "staat", located in the south of Germany.  You probably know it for Munich, Oktoberfest, Karl Mann, the Bauhaus Movement, and BMW (The "B", stands for Bavaria -Bavarian Motor Works, it has the same initials in English as it does in German, and I am gonna TRY to keep this as English as possible).  Bavarians are the best of all worlds: lovers and fighters, drunks and poets, dreamers and cutthroat businessmen. Yes, I bow to the progeny of a "Mad" king, whose family kept the peace for almost three hundred years (not a SINGLE bomb fell on our land during all of World War II).  They were a family, who spent their (our) money in a great race to build great castles, just for the sake of art, and not for war. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about: our kingdoms home, Nord Wienstein, is better know
Ella's always on stagein her velvet skirts and shiny shoesNight after night Patrons come and goThe music swellsElla takes her place.Dance Ella Dance -A fine tarantella.Your ankles are dainty like none that I've seen.Dance for me Ellaand a fine gold coin I will lay at your feet."Much obliged Mr. Darcy"When the music stoppedshe looked for himbut he disappeared into the crowd.Ella waited for the next song.Dance Ella Dance -a slow and sultry tangoPlease take my soul with the command of your hips.Dance for me Ella and my heart you shall haveat your command shall I be."Much obliged Mr. Collins."When the music stoppedshe looked for himbut he disappeared into the crowd.Ella waited for the next song.Dance Ella Dance -a spirited can-can.I've only heard of the dancewon't you show me how it's done.Dance for me Ellaand I shall shower you with flowersa rose for each kick."Much obliged Mr. Sheppard"When the music stoppedshe looked for himbut he disappeared into the crowd.Dizzy from spinning Ella sat
Better not to hold anything beautiful. When I found you I held you so tightly I could feel you break yourself apart just for a bit of sky.Better not to cherish anything perfect.When I found you I placed you so high on a pedestalYou were safe from my crushing love but too far away to feel my touch. In my heart it’s all so simpleJust love, just happiness, just us.But my head is never far behindShe brings doubt and dark remembrance In the end she always seems to win.The pain of inevitability is too strong.So I leave the beautiful and perfect things to the care of others.To find arms that hold them tightly but yieldTo find passion free from fearBetter not to stand in the way of possibilities.
How quickly time moves in this wi-fi world.How long has it been? More than months, you feel like a childhood memory full of freeze tag and lazy summer days. You speak to me from a time when a simple flash of electronic light could fill me with passion and inspire words to flow from my fingertips.The rush of those moments … now like a distant dream but no less pleasurable Only serve to keep alive a sort of glowing ember - a knowing smile that we two share for what was, what could have been, and what we’ll never know.Certainly we have not been lonely. The neon OPEN sign may flicker but never really fades in this surreal establishment.  But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that somewhere I did indeed feel a bit sad for the death of us … a slow and unknowing death … one you don’t feel coming and one you only realize is happening long after the time for resuscitation has passed. But no worries…Ours was never a connection built on expectation
Chlamydia Helps Young Men Feel More Manly
Chlamydia helps young men feel more 'manly': Swedish study Young men who contract sexually transmitted diseases often view their afflictions as an affirmation of their manhood, a new Swedish study shows. Sweden refuses asylum to gay Iraqis (18 Aug 09) Sharp rise in cases of gonorrhea among women (13 Aug 09) Paedophile sees jail term cut to five years (5 Aug 09) Upon learning they’ve been infected with a sexually transmitted disease, some young people simply see themselves as unlucky, while others undergo a maturation process which leads them to be more careful in their sexual habits, according to midwife and University of Skövde researcher Kina Hammarlund. But members of a third group – consisting entirely of young men – succeed in transforming their diseases into a sign of their manhood. With other male friends slapping on the shoulders and offering encouraging comments about “success with the ladies”, young men who contract diseases such as
Fat Women And Love
im a fat women lover there is nothing beter than giving love and receving love from a fat women .
The Charge Of Eris
"I have come to tell you that you are free. Many ages ago, My consciousness left humanity, that they might develop themselves. I return to find this development approaching completion, but hindered by fear and by misunderstanding. You have built for yourselves psychic suits of armor, and clad in them, your vision is restricted, your movements are clumsy and painful, your skin is bruised, and your spirit is broiled in the sun. I am chaos. I am the substance from which your artists and scientists build rhythms. I am the spirit with which your children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy. I am chaos. I am alive, and I tell you that you are free. "
How is it in knowing me for such a relatively short time you know me better than I know myself? You notice the things about me that others rarely do. The things I wish they did. I am not just an open book I am a book shelf laden with comedies, tragedies, biographies, & trashy romance novels. But you found your way in walked straight past the shiny books with the catchy titles Instead it was the books with the withered spines that you noticed first with the torn covers -- the dog-eared pages. You noticed the sections I revisit and took the time to read those passages. And not so you could quote them back to me like some over achiever in the front row. But because you wanted to feel what I felt - know what I know. In a world where no one reads anything not on the best-seller list, you ventured into the archives - into my special collections and devoured everything you could get your hands on. And to my surprise you liked what you read. You don't use the facts you find to test me but
Barack Obama's Civilian Army
Has anyone heard or seen anything about this yet? I just heard something about it at work yesterday so I decided to look it up and see what I could find out.   Here is a short little clip where he mentions it"> What the hell is up with this?? I found an article on this at Fox news,2933,543822,00.html Is this guy serious?? Who the hell is so dangerous that we have to have a civilian security force that is "AS POWERFUL AND WELL FUNDED" as our military?
One Step At A Time
Just an update on what's going on my end....I finally had the courage to tell one of my parents today about what's been happening in my life. I had given him a phone call the other night telling him that I needed to talk to him that was really important that involved me and my husband, Richard. We made arrangements and we went out for lunch together on his lunch break. It was really hard for me to tell him because I had no idea how he would react. But to my surprise, he took it pretty well. I had explained to him that things have been real rocky in our relationship for a couple years and that I was finally fed up and I wanted a divorce. I told him how I have been really unhappy with him and I couldn't keep living like this and wanted to move on. I also told him that I will be moving out by Feb and then will be getting a divorce.He was real understanding and said he will help me out in any way. He even offered me to stay in his house but I declined that. I have my cats and I don't think
Scarry As Hell Pull Your Head Out Of The Sand
Joyous Bliss
its in your desire that excites me longing, wanting its in your touch that i quiver under feeling, caressing its in your kiss that draws me near soft, tender its in your passion that drives me to love, happiness when you touch my body in such a way that i shake but when you touch my clit i lose all control and quiver under your spell when you enter me with your hardness and the passion you but into it how can anyone not have love and happiness for you cum with feeling and sing out in joyous bliss written by Mary McGlinchey
It All Works Itself Out.
Sunshine and rain … ups and downs … good times and not so great times … But if you can hang on through the not so great times you will see sunshine is on the way. I have had some trips and falls this week but I am hanging on and making my way through it. Life is all about working hard to be where you want to be and do what you want to do. Time to shift into the next gear, leave the nonsense behind and get things done ! I have the will so I will find the way. I am done with all the players and the Drama on this site.I say let them destroy there self!!!
A Poem For Me From My Mom's Friend Tony Kenyon!!!
 An Angel needs all our PRAYERS so she will be safe An Angel needs all our LOVE So she can be home again An Angel needs the Spirit to go through the surgery An Angel needs our hands to Pray so she will be well An Angel needs all of us to show that we care An Angel needs the warmth of the song for the wind to share Oh Great Spirit hear our Pleas keep Amber safe as she goes through this surgery Keep her in your arms let her feel your love Send down an Angel so she will be strong She is an Angel who you gave to ignite with friendship to all Oh Great Spirit help her to stand Proud tall and strong Let her feel the love from all who care,Let her feel the strength so that she can share Her song is for Freedom Her heart is pure,Oh Great Spirit let your love light shine through Give her the Courage and bring her back home,Oh Great Spirit she needs you and your Son Great Spirit shine the Love sing out your song Let your Angels stand beside her and keep her with your Love (Tony Kenyon 2009) Thank
"Hey, I just wanted to write an tell you that patrick and I decided that when we move up there that you are only allowed to see tha kids on holidays or if we say otherwise. I just wanted to let you know that so when we get there we won't be bringin the kids to see you nor will you be able to come to the house to see them. I just wanted to let you know this seein that we will be there next month. Thanks."
Empty Spaces
In where of myself i feel. One's own in self livin off in creativity. No where in bein lost in society of madness. Secretive in discovered un deepened lil hearts break apart. Off into where nothin ends starts Fallen into knowin where nothin is nothin Is Deep inside my heart goes mind shows. Idk where all shallows where all Follows Follows Where in all the places of waste is livin off in misplaces of evil's lil wishes insaned mind ones come to far off in leadin. Were all these lil face's in empty spaces.
If You Ever Need Help Or Want To Join
If you ever need help with anything or want to join a group to help out others beside them helping you out then this is the group to join. They are called Zombie Squad.   Please click below and read more about them.
Can Some Please Send Me The Link
im seriously gettin annoyied someone on fubar has the old pictures of slipknot the very old ones of them were they are black and white can someone send me the link on were to get them from please help me ive tried everything google photobucket there fan sites every were i cant find them please help me
Jay-z-the Blueprint 3 (added 5 More Songs And Rearranged The Song List)
I bought Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 today and I gotta admit, he stepped up on this album.  I added 5 more songs and rearranged the song list.  Let me know what you think: 1. Dead Presidents 3 [Intro] (added) 2. Jockin' Jay-Z (added) 3. What We Talkin' About (Feat. Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun) 4. Thank You 5. D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune) 6. Run This Town (Feat. Kanye West and Rihanna) 7. Brooklyn Go Hard (Feat. Santigold) (added) 8. Empire State of Mind (Feat. Alicia Keys) 9. Real As It Gets (Feat. Young Jeezy) 10. Swagga Like Us (Feat. Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, T.I. & M.I.A.) (added) 11. On To the Next One (Feat. Swizz Beatz) 12. Off That (Feat. Drake) 13. A Star is Born (Feat. J. Cole) 14. Venus VS. Mars 15. Already Home (Feat. Kid Cudi) 16. Hate (Feat. Kanye West) 17. Reminder 18. So Ambitious (Feat. Pharrell Williams) 19. History (Feat. Jay Williams) (added) 20. Young Forever (Feat. Mr Hudson)
Bleh Bleh
I stayed at my friends house last night. I couldn't stay at home even though I knew he wouldn't be home. I just had too much rage being home. I had no idea what to do with those photos before but what i did to them last night...made me feel better. Just to show how much he's hurt me all these years, that everything was so fake....and those pics were it had to go. Although I didn't break the photos itself, just the frames. I have to work the next four but I need the money and plus it will give me more time to think about some things and get away from home. I keep a wrap on my left wrist because it hurts to move it in certain directions. I didn't break anything..i just bruised it pretty bad I guess...I know people at work will be asking what the deal with that is.
How Timeflyz When You're Having Fun
“Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey …along came a spider … what’s a ‘tuffet’ anyway?”  No doubt this is what a lot of kids and even some adults think of asking (a tuffet is a mid-sixteenth century name for a footstool), but when you’re disguised as Imhotep, the first scientist mentioned in a historical record and talking to an artificially enhanced spider trying to kidnap scientists throughout history as he’s already kidnapped your dad … well, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Ben Avery’s graphic novel series “Timeflyz” takes adolescent Laurel Templeton who in her own words is “nothing special in a family of specials” with a group of cybernetic flies that need her help (but no one knows why, at least as far as I’ve read the first two installments, “Pyramid Peril” and “Turtle Trouble” – there’s seven books in the series publ
What Not To Do With A Fire Truck
A Los Angeles fireman looks under a fire truck stuck in a sinkhole in the Valley Village neighborhood of Los Angeles Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009. Four firefighters escaped injury early Tuesday after their fire engine sunk into a large hole caused by a burst water main in the San Fernando Valley, authorities said. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)
Shocked About Kanye West's Behavior
Kanye West has officially lost his mind.  What Kanye West did was really stupid. He needs to get some help, I mean some SERIOUS help. He's makin a lot of people hate him even Katie Perry & Pink hates him. I think his career's going down the tube after what he did.  I like his music but all I gotta say is "Wow, what the hell was he thinking?"  He ruined Taylor Swift's moment.  I know he was drunk off of Hennessy but damn dude, you don't need to do that to a talented 19 year old.  I mean what he did was REALLY fucked up.  I mean seriously, he needs to watch himself, cause he's really immature and needs to get some help.  What he did tonight was really disrespectful, and Taylor Swift took it like a pro and performed really well.  I'm happy that Beyonce' brought her back on stage like a true professional.  Just like I said before, even Katie Perry & Pink was bashing the hell out of Kanye West, and who could blame them. Kanye, you need to get some help bro, you made a lot of people hating
Hot Damn!
Those of you who call me on niteflirts may have noticed that its been acting weird for over a day...they have added a new platform so it took longer than expected. They will be back LIVE tonight at 6PM PST/9PM EST (aint nothing like a "69" to get started...yes I kno BAD JOKE). Soooooooooo instead of 11PM EST when I would usually be on, I will be on at 9PM EST!  You can follow me on twitter to find out what I am doing and if I will be on anytime at and AFTER 9PM EST you can check out my niteflirt profile at and if you click on any of the call buttons, register, you will get 3 minutes FREE! My rate is 1.20 per minute so if you are new you will pay $2.40 for a 5 minute call! For my foot fetishers out there....Nail polish is dark red...almost a brownish color. Cant wait to chat with you soon!
What Do You Think
POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU 0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww!? 1 = Definetly not attractive. 2 = Decent 3 = Cute 4 = Fine as hell! 5 = I'd do you. 6 = Pretty damn sexy! 7 = Lovable,I LOVE YOU!!! 8 = I wanna make you mine
I finally worked up the courage and met a man for sex. I have talked with him before, but chickened out when it came to meeting him. I think it was guilt that stopped me that time.   I've been so frustrated with my hubby and his premature ejaculation. He just doesn't seem to care whether I'm satisfied or not. It's difficult to find time to be intimate with him, with his crazy rotating work schedule, kids at home and everything else going on. But when we do finally do it, it's the same damn thing every single time. The same minimal foreplay, two position changes and then wham-bam and I don't even get a thank you ma'am. It's been this way for about eight years. I don't even want to have sex with him, since I never get satisfied. I would rather satisfy myself sometimes. I'm afraid I'm going to get mad afterward too, so I avoid having sex with him. Plus, he won't even talk about it. He just kind of laughs it off.   It's like I have no control over anything in my sexual life with him wh
My ex had gone to Utah on Thursday to tell his dad that we're getting a divorce, using my car.. It's a 13 hour drive I think...he texts me today saying that my car died and there was nothing he could do to fix it....u know how spendy transmissions are... He said he tried to trade the car in for another one but bad he's on his way home from utah tomorrow...his dad is driving him back home.... I don't have a car anymore. I been driving his car, because like i said, I felt safer. There were problems with my car...(long story how that stupid car became mine because of him) and I would not drive it until the mirros in the car got fixed. he insisted that I would be fine driving without the mirrors...cause he never got pulled over....yeah..YET! This stresses me out more because the money I have is being saved to move out. He is never home on our days offs because he's out with his friends and gf real late and he straight out told me that he's avoding me. I don't want to be stu
Bad Attempts At Bad Poetry
i am a rowboat pulled by the river's current with but a small frayed rope mooring me to the shore duty, reason, obligation twined together oppresively while the inexorable rushing waters lead me...
Drunken Principal In A Hit And Run?
Yep - the 39 year old principal in the local high school was charged with hitting a pedestrian, leaving the scene, and - then being charged with DWI last weekend. The newspaper did not say that he was quitting/being fired, only that he remains commited to providing a good learning environment for the kids. What a train wreck.
Soldier In A Modern War
being a soldier is tough going to other countries for a year or more.Missing your family one thing that people say to me that really gets me is wow man u went to iraq your a hero,i am just doin my job anybody else would do.I read somethin on the news the other day that really got to me someone from ny which is where i am from said soldiers are spoiled and that we crave attention for a war that was a joke in the first place. I would like to hear more comments on this subject to see if u feel the same way.Two tours over here and some of the stuff i have seen i would not wish that on my worst enemy,i am ranting of course but i would love some feed back thank you so much for reading my blog.
Why Do I Lack Conviction
I sat here today with a mind blank of all things human nature. And yet overwhelmed with too much to say . A firmly held belief or opinion. That use to be me. Not so much now. Passers by , their tongues race. Smile's plastered upon their face. They hold on to their beliefs, Stand true to their convictions. They have reasons to state. Opinions to mention. They speak of connection, Of all they have been given. I stand in the dark , A life not worth living. Most days I would ignore, Or pay very little attention, But today I just realized, I lack conviction. I am reminded of a girl child. With her strong opinionated behavior. She spoke of dreams , and reasons. I related to her. But I can't seem to find her now. And I know not where shes gone, I know that if she could , She would make it here back home. I see people married to their jobs, and their lives, Yet I could walk away from anything in mine. So although I rarely listen, Today I actually heard, and it is
No One Can Afford To Pretend Right Now
look girls this is where i am at with more games....     i do drugs...i am quite..but everything around me is loud....because i am in charge of chaos...what do you need fucking smelling salts bitch what the fuck is wrong with you....go get me something to beat you with... REMIND ME TO KICK YOUR ASS!   GO GET YOUR FUCKING NAILS DONE YOUR STYLE IS DEAD YOU MUST BE DRUNK,SPUN OUT, ON THE RAG AND OUT OF YOUR HEAD I THINK YOUR PUSSY RAN OUT OF WEEKEND, LONG DISTANCE,ANDANYTIMEMINUTES     KUNTFUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKERS...KUNTSHOOD MOOD
Sometimes I Don't Know What To Do
i really think i need to post something about this to see what i should do if anyone would be to read this and give me advice. well i've been with this guy for a little more than a year and a half and he never lets me go out and do my own thing, yet when i do he gets really pissed and worrys about me when he knows he doesn't have to. well the other day he said to me that he doesn't like me talking to all these guys. well most of them i have known for way longer than i have known my b/f. so i turned the tables on him 'cause he did me wrong and i stayed with him for it. he went and flirted and talked dirty to all these chicks in the past, yet it's alright for him to talk to chicks and me not be able to talk to friends i have known for years. it's fukked up shit. well my big issue right now is that i want to leave him, but i have nowhere to go. i asked my parents but my dad told me to resolve the issues we have. so it's like wtf. is there no one out there that really wants to help me when
Forward From Genesis, Jeffrey And I Are Big Boys
“At last we heard, above the clang of bells, the deep staccato booming in the distance, and there was a kind of sigh from everyone.  The booming came nearer and then, suddenly, we could see it over the roofs of the houses to the south: the great hemisphere of gleaming metal rocking through the air above the three articulate legs, several times as high as the church.  Its shadow came before it and fell on us when it halted, two of its legs astride the river and the mill.  We waited, and I was shivering in earnest now, unable to halt the tremors that ran through my body.” For the thirty-one days of October, I’m reading through John Christopher’s Tripods trilogy once more.  It’s one of my favorite series – the above passage comes from the opening chapter of “The White Mountains”, the first book in which the narrator and main character Will Parker is describing the principal antagonists – and I recall that when I interviewed for the po
If I Promised You Forever Chances Are I Lied
Ill be everything you want . THe girl of your dreams, The one that takes your breath away , Everytime you see her , Ill stay for a week , maybe two , maybe three, Then one day youll wake , and reach , and keep reaching. Youll search for a letter , A hint , my things. Something to indicate it wasnt just a dream, The panties on the floor, The ciggs on the night table, Youll fight to remember my face , But in the end you wont be able, Nothing against you , Thats just the real me, Nothing last forever , In the end I always leave . Youll say this is the last time , Youll never take me back , But Ill show up at your door , And will is what youll lack , Youll hope this time will be diffrent , That this time I will stay , But Ill be gone while your still sleeping , Brfore dawns light breaks the day .
Beloved Daughter
A heart is beating,A heart that is not whole.There's something missing,Something I want to hold.She isn't here now,And she won't be anymore.She's gone above now,Gone through Heaven's door.A piece is gone, It's never coming back. I can't be whole again, There's something that I lack.I miss her greatly,But I know it's for the best.I'll be there someday,Singing like the rest.But until then,I'll cherish memories,Remember good times,And forgotten melodies.There is a brightness,A small and shining light.I'll grasp onto it,And hold it with all my might.This rhyme's for everyone,We've all lost someone dear,But I hope that one day,They will again be near.
can we say GRR
"" Animals Nickelback "" " Figured You Out "' Nickleback
U'LLDEFINITELYHAVEYOURWORSTNIGHTTONIGHTUNLESSUREPOSTTHISQUICK!_______________________________________________as the following:s.l.u.t. = your single and you like somebodyh.o.o.k.e.r. = single and recently broke upb.o.o.t.y. = single and loving itl.o.v.e.=taken but confused about how you feel for he/hers.c.r.e.w. d.r.i.v.e.r. = heart brokent.h.o.n.g. = singles.e.x. = if you just don't give a fuck anymorew.h.o.r.e.= you are taken and it's going REALLY good so far!w.o.w. = miss someone a lot and cant get them out of your headc.o.n.d.o.m.= you're a motherfucking NINJAh.o.r.n.y.=your taken and you love him/he  
I'm Ignoring Jasmine... Since She Is A Dirty Perv...
I am a cuddler - false   I am a morning person -true   I am a perfectionist - True   I am an only child -false   I am Catholic -false   I am currently in my pajamas -true   I am currently suffering from a broken heart - false   I am okay at styling other people's hair - true   I am left handed -depends on what I'm doing   I am addicted to my myspace -false   I am very shy around the opposite gender AT FIRST - false   I bite my nails -false  
Irish Pussy
So... I expose someone as a liar and a cheat and he blocks me.  Dana IV said:We? Wait a minute, so you're a married man??? The way you trapse around on Fubar with your figurative cock hanging out, drooling all over anything with a vagina??? Dana IV said:You're a goddamned liar too. You have an "About Me" blog filed since... TODAY. Admitting you're not a single man. You disgusting piece of shit, I recall all those times you begged for someone to come meet you or contact you when you were out of state on business... you're just a filthy liar and a disgrace. I've always wondered why someone who claims to be Christian would display a graven image of a false god Buddha as his default. You need to seriously examine yourself, admit your lies and emotional infidelity to whoever it is you live with, and disappear. I'll leave when I damn well feel like it. See, I'm all about exposing the TRUTH. And at this particular moment I'm exposing the truth about you. I always thought you were some e
Needing To Take Time Out For Me
Box Tops
  I am trying t earn BOX TOPS for Alexia'a & Andria's School..... Who ever gets the most people to sign up will get 5,000 box tops & plus a bonus 1,000 box tops + $100 FOR THEIR SCHOOL. So if you would like to help us out all we need is your email... feel FREE to spread the word and help us out. THANK YOU. JUST S.B ME UR EMAIL
A - T, A - T, Don't Forget It!
Sarah was singing this after she finished breakfast yesterday, apparently combining the movie “E.T.” she and Jeffrey had watched with their aunt Mary with her memory of a song from the Disney Channel cartoon “Phineas and Ferb”.  It’s an episode where their sister Candace challenges them to make a word into a cause on everyone’s lips, and they choose an aglet, the plastic tip of a shoelace.  (The song as sung by Phineas and Ferb and friends is “A-G-L-E-T, Aglet, don’t forget it!”)  It got me to thinking of an AT-AT or Imperial walker from the Star Wars movies, though I doubt she’d know that since 1) though we have a Burger King toy of a walker with an Imperial stormtrooper’s head on top that bobbles when it walks, she’s never heard the term, and 2) I can’t think of ever hearing an AT-AT (an acronym for All Terrain Armored Transport; think a tank with feet) called that in the movies, simply a “walker&rdq
New Lounge
Please come check out BADASS REDNECK MUDDERS its a great place to hang out and have fun, good friends,great music, so stop on by and say Hi, and hit that join button. Become part of our family,
Human Prayer
There is a simple but profound Lakota prayer: Mitakuye Oyasin.These two words mean All My Relations or We are All Related.To pray this prayer is to petition God on behalf of everyone and everything on Earth.Mitakuye Oyasin honors the sacredness of each person's individual spiritual path, acknowledges the sacredness of all life (human, animal, plant, etc.) and creates an energy of awareness which strengthens not only the person who prays but the entire planet.Soon after I first learned this prayer, I saw that it represented all that needed to be said. It was a prayer of respect, honor and love for all of mankind, and for the Earth. It was a prayer that said "I wish goodness and peace for all. I would leave no one out. I pray for all." It was a prayer that crossed the barriers of religion and could be prayed by one of any faith. It was a prayer that united, instead of dividing. It was an amazing prayer.
Below Zero
Below ZeroWe sink into a place that is so dark most are afraid to transend to the depths that we explore...A meditational place within our minds that brings the emotion of sadness and feelings we feel, that are so cold to our soul.I am here with you, yet so ,so far away , for you to see me clearly enough to touch.We yearn to cry, but it has now reached a below zero temperature, where the tears we feel are frozen as such.Wilting within, as a rose petal beneath a cold bitter snow in the dead of winters' bliss.I hear your heart's whispers to me, "I need love" and in my dreaming of you, it's your lips I tenderly kiss.I feel alone in my reality so much I long for each day to come here to escape with you.Sudden visons of silence... I hear the voices of deciet deceiving me within the desires they'd have me to do.Confussion, Illusion, Delusions I continue to fool myself with lust.The world is so full of deceptions and evil motives, there remains no one left for us to trust.Heart broken, No! I
What Are The Secrets Of Jonathan Sperry?
Eight years ago … Matthew 13:44-46       October 24Dorie @ FBC in Kirkland; make money!    10110.24 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hidden in a field: the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.  44 Follow your nose – I have days I want to get rid of everything I have, to pay off my loans and pay for some important people in my life.  I am talented and knowledgeable enough; hey I was paid $20 for one hour troubleshooting Jean’s computer yesterday!  I can do more than I have been doing. [This page in my journal’s accompanied by an eight of spades with a toucan on it – I found it on the ground, picked it up, and pasted it in – and at the bottom of the page it says, “the word of God = the will of God”!] Today … This entry would have been a rant if not for the fellowship this morning.  Heck, it’ll probably still be some of a r
The Whole Dating Thing Part 3
Dating part three Category: Writing and Poetry So I did end up dating the stalker....turns out she really wasnt a stalker....she actually was a very down to earth nice person. The only problem I was having was....I still didnt have this thing inside that made me wish to go forward. I tried though, but then again I always do that, and it always ends bad. So expressed this to her, that I thought she was a good person, but romanticlly there just wasnt anything there and i need that. When i get involved with someone, i want to be comsummed inside my heart and mind. You know when u hear a song on the radio and than u think of that person kind of consummed....wasnt happening with her. The only time i really thought about her....sorry to say is when i felt frisky or out drinking and she would show up. She was great to talk too and I always enjoy a good conversation. So I started feeling guilty because I was just using her for my own needs and I felt I was leading her on....not a good thing
Random Thoughts
If you already knew........The creation of my life, a war that's always raged.In and out of peaceful times, a bird that's always caged.Those moments that are freedom, the mind becomes engaged.Dreams begin to happen, reality is lost.Steps away from the crowd, I float here in pure silence.Knowing all the answers, when asked themBut never saying them aloud.For the answers that you ask for,for wordsThey're too proud.The purpose of all this, is what you want to knowYou look to see, but your eyes fall far below.So sorry sirYour looking right, but the answersLie much higher then your view.And you wouldn't be looking at all,If you already knew......
And Yet Another Thought
Eh...I'm in such a mood, but I can't seem to figure it out.  I think it's crazy how when people try to get the attention they're craving for, no one cares to do it because they're being needy is so obvious.  Yet, when they're most comfortable with themselves they're able to get that attention.  And in their quest to be comfortable with themselves, they fail horribly because they're either distracted or fucking confused.  And they lose themselves which is the worst possible thing of all.  Not like I'm speaking from experience or anything :-/OOO yeah, here's something that's been bothering me.  The other day I was talking to a friend, who's name will go unmentioned, and they said that they'll probably be employed at the same place they're at for the rest of their life which was followed by (much to my dismay) a laugh.  It's not like this person was seriously happy about their situation, they just didn't seem as sad as I would be if in that situation.  If this were a reality for me at my
First Post
Yeah so these are always the worst, space filling posts...but I'll use it to give anyone who cares a chance to get to know me a little bit. I'm a 25 year old mom.  My beautiful angel is three now and up until recently I raised him alone.  The times were hard and only got worse when I lost my job a few months ago.  Right now he is in the care of his father, a man I'm currently divorcing.  I must say that we are at least being civil to one another and putting our son first in everything. My husband left me when my son was first born, but he wasn't around much while I was pregnant either.  In fact the last time there was any action in the bedroom with him was the night our son was conceived.  Six months ago, I told him I wanted a divorce and the man had the audacity to claim he still loved me.  Being absent 3 years really proved that I guess.  Enough about him though. I've moved on.  Though I'm still married have actively started dating other men and enjoying life as much as possible. 
Hardy Har Har
    Last year someone I know was heading to a party and his costume was a vagina. On the way to the party he and his buddies stop at a party store to get some beers. When he's at the counter waiting to pay, two cops walk into the store to buy something. The one cop looks at him and asks what he is supposed to be. Being a smart ass he looks at the cop and says "If you had a d*ck instead of just being one, you'd know I was a vagina." The cop gets pissed and arrests him for indecent exposure. After they finger print him and they are about to put him in the cell, the cop says to him, "Now who's the p*ssy. The guys you're spending the night with are really going to love you aren't they." Well no one raped him or anything. And they dismissed the charges, but he still ended up spending the night in jail. So the moral of the story is if you're going to be a vagina on Halloween it is best that you keep your lips sealed!!! lol
Peanut Butter And Jelly Before The Battle Of Jericho
Forget Mapquest, forget Yahoo, forget Bing, I know the easiest directions to get to KHRT radio station if you’re here in Minot!  I thought I remembered how to get there in order to pick up a ticket I’d won to Ballet Magnificat’s performance of “The Scarlet Cord”, a ballet based on the story of Rahab from the Old Testament book of Joshua, that will be shown tomorrow night at Minot State University at seven p.m.  And I did barely … then after I bought my ticket (winning yesterday saved me ten dollars; I was the first AND second caller when they announced they were giving tickets away) this morning and had a week ago talked Martha into going with me, I’m on cloud nine-point-one.  Back to Sunday school, Sarah is really picking up a lot from being there.  The preschool story was about the battle of Jericho and how Joshua and the Israelites had to march seven times around the city before they blew the trumpets and the walls fell.  Obviously our chu
Angry Rant
So today the Maine voters passed a law the rejects the rights of same sex marriage. This is completly and utterly disapppointing. I can't believe it at all. Many preach equality to everyone then they go out and vote yes to reject the right for same sex couples to marry. It's complete bullshit. This kind of hypocricy and ignorance infuriates me. Denying gay couples this right isn't equality. They love who they love, it's just a fact. I don't get people can just deny them that right. I feel ashamed and embarassed to live in Maine at the moment....Anyways, I just wanted to get that out...Also,I don't like the internet thing "lol"It's fucking annoying. What is it your laughing out loud at? seriously.
To Much Love
This is free form so be gentle when you critizice I want you need you desire you crave you. I dont know what to say do feel or speak. Can you really have to much love. Your mind is beyond your body and your body is beyond your emotions. You cant make yourself in sync nor can you tune yourself up. Is this too much love? You want what you know you cant have but you keep wanting nonetheless. You mind tells you not possible your body tells  you try and  your heart says anything is possible. Can this be too much love? I feel twisted inside but dont want the feeling to go away for it to leave would mean I desire no more. This must be to much love. I tell the mind its right going to the switch of desire and shuting it off. I explain to the body save its strength and power down its drive for you. I speak softly to the heart, hush it gently and say possibilities are not gurantees and lock it up. I stand and see that finally my mind body and heart where now in sync but in my quest to discover t
My Date
Well, I guess I should write a little something about the date I went on Tuesday night. . . We met at the movie theater around 9:20 and saw “Where the Wild things Are,” which was a pretty good show, I can't believe I have never read the book. After the movie we stood in the parking lot talking until around 12:45 PM and at that point we both left in our own cars. There was no kissing, no real planing on the next time we would get together, there wasn't even any hand holding. I gave him a good night hug and that was that. Yeah I'm not good on dates, because I tend to not know when to shut up, but oh well life will go on. So yeah that was my big date on Tuesday night, how not so eventful.
Nine Inch Nails~in This Twilight
Watch the sun,As it crawls across a final timeAnd it feels like,Like it was a friend.It is watching us,And the world we set on fireDo you wonder,If it feels the same?And the sky is filled with lightCan you see it?All the black is really whiteIf you believe itAs your time is running outLet me take away your doubtYou can find a better a placeIn this twilightDust to dust,Ashes in your hair remind meWhat it feels likeAnd I won't feel againNight descendsCould I have been a better personIf I could only do it all againAnd the sky is filled with lightCan you see it?All the black is really whiteIf you believe itAnd the longing that you feelYou know none of this is realYou will find a better a placeIn this twilight
Life Changes
since alot has happen to me i have to say it change me alot   iam not as lazy as i use to be even tho i still have my moments   i can control my temper alot more now   money does not seem to interests me any more and it does not make me smile or happy   the only thing i have left of any family that iam very close to is my grandmother and my loving cat stretch he is my world and is the only thing i have left that is family i treat him more then just a cat   and i have a roommate who i ment online who turns out to be the father i never have does it that beat all   i never thought i would do anything like that just move in with out knowing who iam moving in with but then again i did not have much of a choice i was about to me homeless or go back to jail and never get out again   so i did i have been here for atlest 3 or 4 weeks now its awesome i dont have to pay for rent or food he got me the internet witch is why i have been on here allot hell yeah i miss it lol i dont rea
Another Day, Another Boom
So it rained today for the first time in 2 months.  Also massive thunder.  Of course, our reaction was to look for where the bomb exploded.  Understandable, since there was a real a few minutes earlier.   By the way, Princess looks beautiful when she sleeps.  I
I just looked at my friends requests, and there were not even one, but two invalid ID's requesting me. Weird...
Custom Bows
Ok so many of you have asked about my bows so here's the deal. I can make just about any kind of bow you want to match just about anyting you want. I do specialize in Holiday bows and MTMG which means " made to match Gymboree".  My prices are from $1 each all the way up to $7 each. Which to be honest is cheap. If you look on ebay bows like mine sell for $10-$15 each. Right now if you buy 5 or more bows  you get free shipping to anywhere in the US.  If your interested just let me know.     ~ Ravyn
Bitch And Moan
Lately, I see all those guys bitch and moan about women; how they bitch, ask those "does my clothin make me look fat?", blah blah   Same men that are stupid enough to meet nothing but pathetic poor excuses for women that have such a low self esteem that they have to seek for constant approval/monitor their men non stop. WTF??   Either grow a brain, and meet someone real for a change, or quit bitchin, cause those "women" deserve you.
Computer Issues And Moving Again
Hey ya'll, first thing first, my laptop is on the verge of dying on me, nott sure when i will be back at full speed or how much i will be on here again. Me and my girlfriend got a new placwe are very excited about. So that will also delay me being online. Hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving and a merry christmas
Good Morning
Its a good morning when u can get out of bed. And stand on your two feet.
The Fourth Kind
The Fourth Kind I'm sure will get an array of mixed reviews so, I'll just start off by saying that I did enjoy this movie. It uses some very unique techniques while it shows the 'actual' footage while the film plays out in some instances. The movie does feel like a slow burn at times but I felt this kind of pacing was necessary. It makes the more intense sequences feel well...more inetense.I don't have much more to say about this movie but I do suggest going to check it out. It isn't as effective as Paranoromal Activity but it is very entertaining.
Another Poem Of Mine...from Yrs Ago
~Release Me~ Current mood:Rated R!!!!! Category: Writing and Poetry The deepest desires you feel come crawling at all hours of the night, You try to keep the tempting thoughts out of your mind but,it feels oh so incredibly right, Dreams,fantasies,they all come way to easily,setting your mind adrift, Causing your heart to shudder and your body aches and suddenly your focus starts to shift, You have forgotten what you are doing, youre all wrapped up in this oh so intense thought....... Barely touching fingertips and lips with passion igniting,wondering why it feels so intense,so strong,so real,your now realizing your deepest desires inside you,cant be fought............                                       release me..........                                                                                     By: L.A.W.
Laywer Update Not Good
looks like my past finally catch up to meso today i got a hold of my lawyer turns out she called me yesterday but i did not have any notice and i hardly check my voice mail i really need to start doing that more oftenanywaysas i said i use to be a very violent person when i was younger i did alot of things i was not to pround of starting with animal crueltyarsonistrobberybeating the shit out of a lot of people family friends and so onbreaking into people house'smind you iam not the same person i was once beforebut yeah i got told all that lovely things this morningso my lawyer is going to get another lawyer on the case she said i dont want to take it to trail and iam sure my ex said something about this i hope she did not i mean i mean i deserve alot of shit but i dont deserve to be locked up no fucking 5 years of self defensive i told her what are my chances and to talk to me as a person not a lawyerso she said we are going to make a deal not to take it to traili rather die then spend
Take A Moment For Others....
while randomly searching the internet for ideas for the holidays, cause im mean and make my kids do things for other people, i ran accrossed this old letter from the sun paper, my mom used to have this in a frame that she would hang by the tree at christmas time. enjoy!!! and remember people, no matter how bad things seem to be, you can always do something to give to others even if its just TIME!!     so here is the yes virginia there is a santa clause letter in full.     Eight-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon wrote a letter to the editor of New York's Sun, and the quick response was printed as an unsigned editorial Sept. 21, 1897. The work of veteran newsman Francis Pharcellus Church has since become history's most reprinted newspaper editorial, appearing in part or whole
Beauty ... skin deep ... eye of the beholder ... fleeting ... comes from within. Why do we judge ourselves so harshly? Hairlines, bellies, stature ... who we are is so much more than this. We are beautiful creatures .... capable of love and of thought and of passion. We need to embrace this. Do not judge yourself ... let yourself be ... for who you are is certainly beautiful to someone close to you .. someone who longs to be close to that beauty. In denying yourself, you deny them and all the wonders that two people can experience when they accept that their beauty is not just within ... some inner light that shines despite their outward appearance ... but without ... in every crease, every white hair, every body ... everybody. Stand up today and be the beautiful one you are. Don't let your wonder be stifled by the tastes of another ... enjoy you ... be you. And open your eyes to others. See their eyes sparkle ... the way their mouth seduces you with every word. See them blush and wat
Had To Giggle...
on my way in to work today. There was this dude standing on the corner downtown, holding a sign. I'm usually early in the morning so I take my time and I was able to read his little sign. Bold yellow and black letters...him waving at each out big smiles. Which was nice if you think about it...someone smiling these days. But when I read the sign I had to giggle. It read "Turn in Your Gold for Cash!" Now, I don't know about you, but generally I don't carry my unwanted gold in my car, or purse for that matter. And not sure that if I did I would make that EUREKA squeal, make a u-turn at the intersection, and be SOOOO thankful that he was there to unload all my gold from my car. "I've been carrying it around for MONTHS!", I'd say. "Thank you for reminding me!" I'm glad he's got a job in these tough times, just not sure how much good it will do, but he did wave and smile....I think that was worth his weight in gold.
Want To Know About Me??
While You Slept
I touched your face...while you slept...I thought I'd break, or weep.It felt like gossamer satin under the thick pads of my felt like silk, and heat. I don't remember if it always felt like this...or maybe I didn't always feel like this...I only know...I touched your face...While you slept I breathed your breath....I inhaled your skin...soaked in memories and lotion...I heard you breathe...I breathed your breath.You smelled of daisies, and a waning that day...October sky...Harvest barefoot, and I.... ...kissed your face...while you slept...and Iremember every freckle..every scar...every crease...of your skin..I touched your face..while you slept...I had to...because when I won't be sleeping....and I won't be in your dreams...where I kiss your mouth...while you sleep.I think I miss the moments when I'd I miss the moments when you'd sleep.
....pathetic Reality...
its a proven fact that in the world today sex sells. its a sad truth but true none the less. anyone unwilling to submit to this sexual hunger will be broken down and eventually succum to it. losing their dignity, self respect and the respect of others. everyone scoures the earth for someone to see them as more than a piece of meat in this vicious game of life. through the search you'll run into characters of all sorts. the players. the sweet talkers. the obsessive. the possesive. all of the above will tear through the population using anyone in their path. which leads to low self esteem, depression, yearning for attention and by any means necessary of course. leavin the masses left behind like used tissues. leaving behind people like me... being sick and tired of feeling hollow and worthless because no one sees us as people who are just looking for that loving feeling but as objects of desire and lust. having been taken advantage of for the simple fact that we yearn for someone to want
Your It!
Instructions......   Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. My wife grew up practically right down the road from me and passed by the house I grew-up in & knew alotta people, was related to kids in my neighborhood but yet I didn't meet her until she was 40 and I was 39! 2. I have 4 cats, a dog, 7 rabbits & alotta fish! 3. I call my one car "the deer-magnet" because instead of me hitting a deer a humongous buck ran into the side of my car one night while driving and I had to force it's head out my driver side window. My daughter who was with me was like; "Daddy what was that ... was it a deer?" 4.I dislike gang-bangers but enjoy the show "Gangland"! 5. My favorite sports-team is no
A Secrate Told
well,as yall can see I read a lot,and I am a free thinker on life,for those that don't know what a free thinker is well he is one that belives in nothing yet has answers to everything lol he was one that bases his belifes on the lessons of life and feelings ,he /she may not be right or wrong but all the same will state his case and stick to it till he 's proven wrong ,and belive me thats not as easy as it sound....any way I am a man of many words and pomes all that you read that I post here is my own works if I ever use anothers works it will be stated for all to see whos works they of my favorite authors and you will see quoats from her alot is Emily Dickinson: my favreote thing she wrote was, "HOPE IS A THING WITH FEATHERS" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOPE IS A THING WITH FEATHERS Emily Dickinson Hope is a thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings a tune without words And never sto
Story Of A Heartless Robot That In The End Learned To Love
  Upon the stairway of despair,Complete with broken love affairsAnd promises that never came,But faded with a touch of shame,A pretty girl with golden hairAnd innocence so sadly rare,Strove to keep her head aboveA way of life devoid of love.Feeling pinned against Life's wall,She chanced upon a robot tallAnd said, "Please come and share with meWhatever Fate has deemed to be.I'm through with love, done with chancesSpirit crushed by past romances,Just be a friend in word and deed.That's all that I shall ever need.""There's not too much from me to learn,"Remarked the robot, in return."Emotions do not form a partof my cold, solid-steel heart.Whatever maker fashioned meDid not permit my circuitryResponsiveness to love or pain -You're thoughts for me would be in vain.""No matter", spoke the maid. "No moreDo I wish passion to explore.Be someone I can come home toWhen my exhausting day is through.Count yourself a well-worn shoe -A friend that I can slip into . . .Protection from a stone cold f
Ten Things About Me
1. I am a BBW 2. I have 4 kids who I luv 3. I have a brown toe nail from when I had infecton last yr 4. I am very kinky 5. My mom was 15 when I was born 6. I have a pitbull 7. Once I was arrested for having sex on a roof of a semi (toldja i was kinky) 8. I like black men 9. I am classy but sassy 10. I never finished high school but am gonna get my GED so I can get a better job
Tee Hee
I asked her to pick up a six pack of beer while at the store. Instead -she bought some facial cream. I said - The beer would have made you more attractive than the cold cream. Thats when the fight started.
What Kind Of City Dweller Are You?
You Are a Active and Busy City Dweller The city is your natural habitat. You feel at home on a busy, urban street, and you know you'd get bored living any place else. You take full advantage of what the city has to offer. And that means that you're always on the go. You're the type of city dweller that can squeeze yoga, shopping, and brunch in before noon. There are amazing opportunities in the city, and you're determined to not waste any of them. Your feet may be tired at the end of the day, but it's worth it! What Kind of City Dweller Are You? Blogthings: If Quizzes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Take Quizzes
White Magic
White MagicThis is the room to which she came,And spring itself came with her,She stirred the fire of life to flame,She called all music hither.Her glance upon the lean white walls,Hung them with cloth of splendor,And still the rose she dropped recalls,The graces that attend her.The same poor room, so dull and bare,Before in consecration,She breathed upon its common air,The true transfiguration ...?This room, the same to which she came,For one immortal minute?How can it ever be the sameSince she has once been in it!
If This Was My Last Chance To Love You~by Jd
If this was my last chance to love you, No matter what it takes im going to pursue this like the man you need me to be. If this was was my last chance to turn the page, Better believe i'm going to do all that it takes to make sure i erase my miatakes.   Think about all the times through the rough at i actually made you smile, Now that i look back, Girl im nothing without you and i need you to come back home. The last thing i need is for you to turn and walk away, Not here not today, What kind of man would i be to watch you walk away for good, Lets make this house our home.   So maybe i am still getting used to admitting my wrongs, Progress makes perfect as we know, I also know its hard to believe a man can change after all the pain which was dealt. I know what i did to break your heart and i admit i'll never be able to give it back, Now is the time to quit this "going back and forth"  Before its too late im going to love you the way im supposed to.   Theres no need to li
My Day Of Hell...
Microsoft Hell that is. Had 27 - yes 27 - updates in 2 days and somewhere in one of those meaningless updates a very meaningful thing happened. Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, was able to so rightly make me unable to choose a link after searching. I can't click on a link without my browser freezing up. That's right...I need to do research for school and all I can do is look at the friggin link. It doesn't work on MSN Search or BING! (what ever), or Yahoo! Search, or in Mozilla/Firefox browser. And yes folks, I even tried the INPRIVATE go. So here I go again...deleting cookies and memory...things I need...and if you are thinking just search for the solution...yeah I did that...I stare at the link with tears in my eyes. So may I sue Micrsoft for losing my Dean's List status? Doubtful. I will continue to trudge on...try to get out of my Microsoft Hell.
  Taken on the street where I work. Dirty little Minolta digital. I regretted not having my Canon with me...but he didn't care. -------------------------------- And he stood, like Christ on the road to Gethsemane, blinking slight but betraying no more recognition of what was around him. Though for that, the truth was that most floated by, oblivious to the nature of the sonic push edging against them. They couldn't hear...or couldn't listen. His hands were a blur, like lightning invading skin, trembling under the sinew, driving the flesh. What daemons invade this man...this echoing man, little more than the music, and the shell housing it. As though he merely opened his fingertips and bled into the strings, his voice just a vessel of what was already there...a power undenied as divine, but not by right....wrenched from his being into life. He believes in can tell....and the Morningstar that makes him ache so. He sees things that I'll never see, touched by the Dominu
Is It Saturday Yet?
It's almost the weekend! I can't wait, it really starts tonight at 8:05 for me, but I think I am going to make it start right now! *LOL* No normally I'm not this happy for the weekend, but Saturday night a few friends and I are going to The Hotel, it is a club here in Salt Lake City, on 155 West 200 South, I really can't wait. Other then really looking forward to the weekend, I am almost done with all the boring work and tests before the BIG A+ exam. I think that is going to be my Christmas gift to myself, it only cost about $180 and it is a pass or fail kind of thing, and if you pass it great, if not you have to study some more and come back in about two weeks to pay to take the test again. I'm scared! Yep that is my life in a nut shell really, study, study, study, school school school. All “work” and one weekend before the holiday of partying.
Please Read
Hello everyone! Im sorry it's taken me so long to get this up, as I know some of you have asked what's wrong?? It's been a long busy few days and very bad day for me! For those of you who don't know I moved to GA from TN. I gave up my life, job, home, friends and family to move to GA. The reason for that is because my fiances mother was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer. As the doctors done test after test they also found it in her spine, lungs, and liver and other areas of the body. She was diagnosed in April of this year, she spent nearly a month in the hospital. Beginning in May she had radiation and ended June 9th or so. June 14th I began my journey of providing 24/7 care for her as I was in nursing in TN. She began chemo shortly thereafter.  It's been very hard, challenging yet rewarding to do this. Do I regret it NOPE! Yes I get  frustrated I'm 26 and basically have no life unless I basically tell someone look I need a break! Which isn't very often. Anyway, 2 weeks ago she
Chapter Six: Plans
"A little to the left. No, my left! Ohh jeez, it's gonna fall!! For God's sake, go to your left!" A team of male humans were trying to place a mounted catapult down to provide perfect crossfire for the expected armies of Avari, and James was attempting to direct them. "Okay, okay, okay, for the last time, this is your left, this is your right!" "Why don't you just point us the right way? We never learned your funny directions." A big man with a gruff beard struggled to hold his portion of the load. "Okay, then take it that way!" James pointed to their right just for fun, and the entire team collapsed from exhaustion. James gave a laugh, and went to clear away the branches in front of the catapult so they wouldn't have to move it again. A short while later, the other catapult was set up to point in the same direction, and James imagined the piles of bodies that would soon pile up in front of them. That's when he noticed that Faust was behind him. "Oh, hello Master! How has it been o
Another Victim Of The Rigid And Cold~by Jd
Caught running in cirlces, Life in motion and emotions in full swing, I am all but conscious, My mind wanders and i drift into distance thoughts. This trampeeze act is starting to look more like a stalemate im ready to go home, Sorry for my over reaction, I believe i've become another victim of the cold.   I am tainted but not unlikely to rebound, Have a little faith, At this rate the bridge will crumble but i'll swim till i reach the shore. First glance and im this incredible portrait of that person you'd like to meet, I'll laugh along with you only for a short while, If only you knew the complications of living my life.   My plate is never half empty, and my to-do list is always full, My mental compacity is overloaded and im running out of fuel. I get my moments where i pretend i am someone else for just an instance, Then i imagine that i fade into nothing, Man this visionary mind is so kind yet so cruel.   I spend some days loathing those of us who make it so easy to
I Stole This From Kins
 layer one.Spell your name with bands/artists C - Chris Cagle A - Aerosmith N - Nickelback D - Def Leppard I - Indigo Girls layer two.- name: Candi- birth date: September 6, 1975- nicknames: Bitch, Mom, Candi- current location: my chair- eye color: blue- hair color: red- righty or lefty: depends on what I'm doing- best friend[s]: Sallylayer three.- the shoes you wore today: not wearing any- your perfect pizza: hawaiian- the last time you cried: been awhilelayer four.- your best physical feature: eyes - most missed memory: If I miss it, how will Iknowlayer five.- pepsi or coke: water- mcdonald's or burger king: neither- adidas or nike: nike- lipton ice tea or nestea: lipton- chocolate or vanilla: chocolate- cappuccino or cof
May I Please Have A Moment Of Your Precious Time?
"May I Please have a moment of your precious time. And share a dream with you, that may just help you unwind. With this special message, a dream we will create. With magical abilities having both of our hearts, and souls at stake. Close your eyes for a moment being well aware. And let's dream of our biggest dreams if we only dare. We must believe this magic is truly happening, right now to us. Being very gentle and kind to our hearts, for it is only in ourselves we must trust. Allowing our imagination to begin stirring, while feeling the warmth of magic occurring. Believing with both of our hearts, that we know, one of our dreams will create a desiring spark. Now see your dream taking form, and give a smile .. the type of smile you haven't had in awhile! ... Are you smiling? ... Keep on smiling and reach deep within, and touch your soul so that one of us may win. Now keep believing and make your wish. ... The biggest wish that is on your list. ... Now after all of that, and reading all
Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow
Now the dark begins to rise Save your breath it's far from over Leave the lost and dead behind Now's your chance to run for cover I don't want to change the world I just want to leave it colder Light the fuse and burn it up Take the path that leads to nowhere All is lost again, but I'm not giving in I will not bow, I will not break I will shut the world away I will not fall, I will not fade I will take your breath away Fall! Watch the end through dying eyes Now the dark is taking over Show me where forever dies Take the fall and run to heaven All is lost again, but I'm not giving in I will not bow, I will not break I will shut the world away I will not fall, I will not fade I will take your breath away And I'll survive, paranoid I have lost the will to change And I am not proud, cold blooded, fake I will shut the world away I will not! I will not bow, I will not break I will shut the world away I will not fall, I will not fade I will take your breath away And I'll survive, p
Another Year
I thought things were getting easier, i thought i would be able to make it through this season without the pain dayum i was wrong and its never going to be the same. The things i need in my life are not around , and the people that ive trusted in my life have all but surely let me down Not everyone is the same and i know this isnt for all of you, but as i sit here thinkin WHAT DO I DO NOW WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE, fawk it give me another beer, lets bring in andother shitty new year
The One Person...
The one person you think knows you and trusts you...doesn't. -Katie
why do some ppl mark their photos, blog, mumms,  etc. nsfw when obviously they are not!
Hid Between The Lines~by Jd
Perpendicular and pulled apart, All the good inside me that used to exist has died. I had one foot on the ledge and just as i was about to act, You joined me in my last stand still and somehow all the misery i began to forget.   The world is going to come crashing down i haven't the dlightest clue, I want to say " I dont care you dont even know me" but somewhere inside i cannot back down. I can make it sound so easy to feel alive, Trust me when i say everything i touch withers and dies, So many have came along and tried to change me around and all have found no solution.   I am a liar, And no matter what i try to do, I cannot bring this back and make it real, Yet, No matter how convincing i can be, Your the only thing i cannot deny why are you so stuck inside me. I do not know how to even begin to find a starting point, I am past the point of turning back, Now this is all gonna come crashing down, I'll lose you and i wont blame you for never coming back.   I tried to rew
Friends And Love
Friends. A simple word isn't it? Its uttered everyday to almost every person imaginable. Who are your friends? I used to think that friends were the people that you could laugh and talk too. Now I know that friends aren't that, They're the people that touches your hearts. You could spend hours with them doing nothing at all and it can be the best time of your life, just because it was with them. They're the people you can share your secrets with, cry with, laugh with, and just have fun with. They don't judge you or make you change, they accept you exactly as you are, they look at you and they see a great person, onething they love spending time with. You all share something in common and are tied together by memories, tears, laughs,and smiles. Your tied together by love for the other. Friendship is the strangest but greatest thin in the world. I find my time with my friends, the best times of my life. My friends are my heart, my soul, my fun, my laughter, tears, love and my life.
For You
Bury all your secrets in my skin, Come away with innocence, and leave me with my sins, The air around me still feels like a cage, And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again...   So if you love me, Let me go, And run away before I know, My heart is just to dark to care, I can't destroy what isn't there, Deliver me into my fate- if I'm alone I cannot hate, I don't deserve to have you... My smile was taken long ago/if I can change I hope I never know,   I still press your letters to my lips, And charish them in parts of me that savor every kiss, I couldnt face a life without your light, But all of that was ripped apart... when you refuse to fight,   So save your breath. I will not hear. I think I made it very clear, You couldnt hate enough to love. Is that supposed to be enough? I only wish you wern't my friend. Then I could hurt you in the end. I never claimed to be a saint... My own was banished long ago/it took the death of hope to let you go,  
So we pushed up the wedding date, for one reason or another...   We're getting married in exactly 30 days   Now I'm freakin out! Not freakin out like I wanna back out freakin out, freakin out like, holy shit i'm gettin married freakin out!!!     HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       Someone bring me a xanax! 
Haters Always Need To Ruin It For Others.
ghhh stiupid jealous haters!! They hate on me because they got nothing to do LOL I'm bored of one site, and I'm about to delete off there, posted a goodbye thread.MizzClaudia: well, I think I'm out of here, this site is really boring, I prefer facebook and fubar over this site. Plus I don't need negative people in my life especially if I want to loose some weight right now and I'm on the right track so, have a good one everybody and yes I am being serious, I'm not coming back anytime soon, perhaps later down the months! For my friends, you have my contacts, Best Wishes everybody!!!then haters come right in:why make a thread? just fucking leaveleft by ___BiLL___ 23 minutes agoI know people that care..left by MizzClaudia 9 minutes ago deleteif I fuCking feel like it I will create a thread but thanks!left by MizzClaudia 20 minutes ago delete So That Bill guy got mad at me because I shoved his faggot ass on ignore, I didnt need him to be negative on me in my thread. So he then createes a t
At Arms Length The Angel Rises From Her Knees~by Jd
The rain is falling, My breath freezes in mid air, All i am thinking about is your lingering words, The sweetest i love you. I cannot wait much longer, Forever makes me nervous but im not letting go, let me be your escape and i'll promise we can make it through. Even the thought of being without you leaves me empty and lost, I am willing to break down all my walls and give you my all. I may not be an angel, But i've decided you are all i want in this life, Let me share this world with you, So many times i was wrong let me show you now that this will be right. I am standing here through this down pour, Soaked and in need of your subtle touch, Just to be able to talk to you will never fullfill my need to make you permenant in my life. My eyes are lit up and seem almost to reflect the embers of this flame you light inside my soul, Feeling so overwhelmed and yet so comfortable, Right now is the moment i have figured out i can never let you go. I am just a man who ha
Run Away I want to be the rabbit bouncing away from the confusion, startled I freeze with a case of lock jaw clearly my throat is not slit breath still lies in my body the same body that betrayed me to be held with your gaze eyes evaporating to cold steel pinned to a bed until atonement is achieved by my screams I am a rabbit trapped just waiting for you to skin me. - Nicole Lilly
A scream of woe, That is what she called it. Like the sound of a young girl the first time her knees kiss the asphalt. Innocence lost, vanished or at least tarnished by time. Trauma relived with all survivors calling for control. I set the tone inviting it in with bleeding eyes. Salted droplet sting my cheeks Wide eyes with evaporated sparks Recreation, experimentation... I fear my desire, my taste for the darkness
Things I Have Learned
My Niece and Nephew are a crazy pair. If I ever happen to be there as they get out of school, I get to hear everything they learned that day. It keeps me sharp, keeps me informed and its a great way to pass the afternoon when it takes them twenty minutes to tell me how the spelling test went that day, or how the teacher lost her cellphone. An animated duo for sure. It got me to thinking, and eventually led to this posting. I dont post much anymore, and I think it is due to the fact that I dont have as much going through my head as usual. Regardless, here is my list of what I have learned in life so far. -No matter how much I care, some people just dont care back-You cannot make someone love you-No matter how thin you slice it, there is always two sides-My sense of humor has never failed me-Its a lot easier to react than to think-Either you control your temper or it controls you-Death is final...there is no time out, no take backs and no do-overs-My best friend and I can do anything o
Dark Passenger
I'm not full of anything, I have no reason to lie. No one knows what I am, who I am, where I am. I'm not sure what I am, I just know there is something dark in me. I hide it, I certianly don't talk about it, but it's there...always. This...Dark Passenger, uh when he's driving I feel...alive, half sick with the thrill, the complete wrongness. I don't fight him, I don't want to. He's all i got, nothingelse could love me not even...especially not me. Or is that just a lie the dark passenger tells me? Because lately there are these moments when i feell...connected to something else, someone and it's like the mask is slipping, and things, people who never mattered before are suddenly starting to matter, it scares the hell outta me 
A Bikers Poem
JUST A BIKERBut, You Didn't See MeI saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line.But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday.I saw you, pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk..But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall.I saw you, change your mind about going into the restaurant.But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief.I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by.But, you didn't see me, riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window.I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children.But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless.I saw you, stare at my long hair.But, you didn't see me, and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love.I saw you, roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves.But, you didn't see me, and my brothers donate our old coats and glov
Bling Beg All You Want
Bling Beg alllllll you want....... IT HELPS ME THIN THE HERD   just dropped about 6 more of you high maintenance, whiney, bitchy, spoiled, "what have you done for me lately" point whores from my friends list... my live feed and my bartab have never been happier. im sick of reading about you asking for bling. you want to ask for stuff thats free? rates and comments... go ahead. but openly begging for people to spend REAL money on you??? Buying you bling or your VIP is about to expire??? heres an idea... stop being a spoiled fucking princess and buy it YOURSELF. but the reality is... you will trick some loser into spending God knows what on buying it for you so he can get a 7 day pass to your NSFW pics. selling pics of your tits for 40 bucks??? i bet your parents are proud.   good riddance
Stupid Things On Fubar
well my first blog...and its not a happy one...gee wiz...people...if someone says something ...rates one of your photos the wrong way...or makes you not post something like (im so done with men...or all men are donkey holes...or the likes....dont take it out on everbdy else...for gods sakes...take it out on the one individual that crossed you.......dont act like our goverment that makes laws becuase of one person..grow up.......also i just saw a ladie whine an cry no one rates her profile....(its on private stupid).....if someone adds you too there profile they are interasted in you.....not pics of other people..dont sell yourself short...oh yeah....whats the point of posting pics that no one can view..not friends not one...if you dont want the world too see just keep friends and family only for crying out friends if i see this your gone .....and for those that dont like nsfw...dont advertise yourself as a bag of chips and all that..goto eharmony er s
Oh " God " Looking Back To The 70`s And 80`s When I Was Young "" Lol ""
( anyone know the name of the singer to the last song on this first video ? , I`ve been trying to remember and can`t ).  
Her First Ride
The young woman was determined to learn how to ride a horse.  It had been a life time dream and she was going to make it happen.   She gently lowered herself into the saddle as she grasped the reins.  Once the horse began to move, she soon became comfortable and began to relax.   Suddenly, she became off balance........she began to slide out of the saddle......she lost her footing in the stirrup..... and she fell off with her foot tangled in the stirrup and her dress caught on the saddle.   As she lay on her back at the mercy of the horse the crowd looked on expressing their concerns when at last the Kmart employee came out and pulled the plug on the merry-go-round..
1st Auction
I'm up for Auction! My first ever Check me and the rest of the Club Fantasia people up for auction and see what they are offering!
Intellect, Emotions
    When i approach a woman, should it be with my intellect or emotions?  Comments are meant to be fun!     brain    Heart                                            
Letting My Hair Down
What Is Love? (not The Song)
What is love?? Now n days i believe its just a word that mean "Hey I like you a lot, lets have sex"! Back when a person told another person that they loved them they would literally be devoted to that person for life but in today's fucked up society the word "love" is thrown around like the word "the", Common people! I know people after a month of dating are already throwing the "L" word around like an angry wife throwing house objects at her husband! Yeah i know that's a lot, really people..really! Have we forgot what that word even means? What it even symbolizes as? YES WE HAVE!! There is a difference between love and lust and now in days people are confusing them, way to go fuck tards! Ive been in love before, true love and i don't know if that person was in love with me as much as i him but i am one of the few who know the difference between both! When you wake up every morning with nothing on your mind besides that certain someone and instantly you start smiling, when you get the
Dear Girls
hi girls, im russell and i just wanted to tell you all that i have the most beautiful girlfirend in the world ive been dating her for almost 6 months now and continue to break her heart by talking to you ladies like this and sending and recieving pictures
You Can Make A Song Out`a Anything Now Days, This Is A Guys Type Song.
Do It Do It.
The "F" Word
Lady Gaga Has Admited To Having Both Female And Male Parts.
“It’s not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that i go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but i consider myself a female. Its just a little bit of a penis and really doesn’t interfere much with my life. the reason I haven’t talked about it is that its not a big deal to me. Like come on… its not like we all go around talking about our vags. I think this is a great opportunity to make other multiple gendered people feel more comfortable with their bodies. I’m sexy, I’m hot. i have both a poon and a peener. big f*cking deal.”
My Drug
Took a *WHAT DRUG ARE YOU MOST LIKE* quiz today on facebook and here was my results.......     well well well.... couldn't have been any closer to the truth that is for damn sure You are Acid. Definitely very conventional and very predictable- you probably own a minivan and beige slacks. Just playing, you weren't expecting that now, were you? Or maybe you were... you never know with someone like you. You're vibrant, creative and well, insane. Yo...ur perception of reality differs from everyone else. Your relationship with the world is very love/hate. Not everyone understands you, which isn't surprising because you don't even always understand yourself. But there are times were you've figured out the universe. Temperamental? Yes. Bizarre? Unquestionably. But very, very intriguing.
Randomness Of My Day
i just wanna say that i dont think i have ever felt this way in my whole life. How can u fall in love with someone with one chat session? i mean is it possible? i feel that it is because i have never met neone soo passionate and soo perfect for me that is. Yes we both have a past but we can sit and cuddle and talk for hour bout sad and happy times. I also never met a guy so passionate bout their kid or kids. It makes me tear everytime i think bout it.. hes such a good father and i wish i knew wat to do for him most of the time. I want to make all his dreams come true and fullfilled. I also wanna say that im in love with him soo deeply that im scared but im not running away from this one i cant i care and love him wayyy too much. well love you baby if you do read this.
To Live By This....
The most destrutive habit: WORRY The greatest joy: GIVING The greatest loss: LOSS OF SELF-RESPECT The most satisfying work: HELPING OTHERS The ugliest personality trait: SELFISHNESS The most endangered species: DEDICATED LEADERS Our greatest natural resource: OUR YOUTH The greatest "shot in the arm": ENCOURAGEMENT The greates problem to overcome: FEAR The most effective sleeping pill: PEACE OF MIND The most crippling failure disease: EXCUSES The most powerful force in life: LOVE The most dangerous pariah: A GOSSIPER The world's most incredible computer: BRAIN The worst thing to be without: HOPE The deadliest weapon: THE TONGUE The two most power-filled words: I CAN The greatest asset: FAITH The most worthless emotion: SELF-PITY The most beautiful attire: SMILE The most prized possession: INTEGRITY
I Have Self Deleted
I have self deleted one of my profiles, but i started all over again. This profile is better.
Dying To Live
You wanna know what’s really starting to piss me off… The fact that whenever a celebrity floods the media, everyone starts acting like he/she was one of the best of their time and change their status on myspace and facebook to “OMG (insert name here) is (insert ‘tragedy’ here)“. Well first off, Brittany Murphy wasn’t the greatest actress (based on the fact that the only award she’s ever won was a voice-over role on King of the Hill), Michael Jackson didn’t change how music was heard, and Tiger Woods isn’t the first athlete to cheat on his spouse! Why any of their lives, outside of entertainment, would ever matter to you, I don’t know. If you were to pass away tomorrow, do you think Angelina Jolie or Derek Jeter would say, “Last night Jane Johnson died, and she will be missed.” No! They don’t know you, you don’t know them. So why get all heartbroken because someone you’ve never met died? Hav
Noh8 (make A Salute That Says Noh8 )
Comment Approval, A Mumm Disguised As A Blog
How many would  agree that comment approval, especially on the mumms, is for crybabies!?
Drama, Mumm Disguised As A Blog
Does anyone think there is just too much drama on fubar?
All Heart
When i step into that ring my 14 ounce gloves on my hands my feet setting the rythm my body wet with persperation, the crowd cheering some booing. the thrill and excitement that make my body wet with persperation. i can smell the sweat of people who have fought in this ring before me. i hear my trainer say relax remeber jab in jab out 1...2...1 bam bam bam quick set the pace you own this guy set the pace you want dont let him make you his bitch! the ref calls the boxers and trainers to the center of the ring this is it i think to myself did i train hard long enough? did i give it all heart? am i going to let my trainer down? did i give it all heart? i hear the ref say i want a clean fight nothin between the belt understand me? ok back to ur corners.... i bite down on my mouth guard breathing in my nose out my mouth just like i practiced when i ran those six miles... my body bouncing as i keep rythm with my feet thump thum thump thump thump thum thum....i hear my
Love Is When..
Love is can't stop thinking bout themwhen u see them or hear there nameyour whole world lights upwhen they smile u smilewhen the laughyou laughwhen they cryyou cryyou feel what thjey feelwhen they never leave your mindwhen u go to sleep smiling becauseof something they said or did earlier that daywhen you look at themeverything turns rightwhen you touch themu get that feelingwhat is is all of the above.
- U.n.i.t.y.
(uh)U-N-I-T-YU-N-I-T-Y (That's a unity)U-N-I-T-YLove a black man from infinity to infinitywho're you a calling a bitch?Chrous:U-N-I-T-Y(you gotta let em know)U-N-I-T-Y (That's a unity)(come on here we go)U-N-I-T-Y (you gotta let em know)Another black woman from infinity to infinity(you ain't a bitch or a hoe)U-N-I-T-Y(you gotta let em know)U-N-I-T-Y (That's a unity)(come on here we go)U-N-I-T-Y (you gotta let em know)Another black woman from infinity to infinity(you ain't a bitch or a hoe)Instinct leads me to another flowEverytime I hear a brother call a girl a bitch or a hoTrying to make a sister feel lowYou know all of that gots to goNow everybody knows there's exceptions to this ruleNow don't be getting mad, when we playing, it's coolBut don't you be calling out my nameI bring wrath to those who disrespect me like a dameThat's why I'm talking, one day I was walking down the blockI had my cutoff shorts on right cause it was crazy hotI walked past these dudes when they passed meOne of
Apparently This Account
 is perma-ban for mumm and mumm comments that means i will have no use for it... not deleting it but i'm gonna have to make a salute for another alt or something... *Shrug* think i might need to make a brand new one so they won't KNOW before they approve the salute :P
Re: Jrotc May Be No More For Lindhurst High School
This is a followup to the blog i had posted earlier. There is a meeting to be held @ Marysville High on Tuesday, April 13th @5pm. Please for those who are from Yuba/Sutter areas please come and show your support. Thank you.
First Time In 7 Years I Am Under 300pounds !!!
i am 297pounds i was 385pounds last year  i have not been under 300pounds since my mom passedaway i am so happy right now along way to go befor i am 200pounds but not giving up on that...
What's Your Shopping Stereotype?
Your Shopping Stereotype is Balanced Unlike most people, you don't really obsess over shopping. It's a chore, just like any other. You crave a simple, stress free experience when you go shopping. Convenience is very important to you. You tend to know what you want, and you're willing to pay to get it quickly. You probably enjoy shopping online. You enjoy taking time to pick out what you want, but once you're ready to buy, you don't want to drag out the process. What's Your Shopping Stereotype? Blogthings: Learn Something Surprising About Yourself
First Battal Bully
HEAR YE ALL DJ,S IF YOU CAN USE A 100,000 FUBUCKS AND WANT TITLE AS THE BEST PLEASE READ & REPOST If you want to enter the battle hit my SB at DJ-LOST SOUL OR DJ GAMBLER Our next battle is on April 10th unless we need Friday the 9TH in The Gamblers Den click below on tag to enter. Gambler It's Almost Battle Time! YES APRIL 10,AND 11TH SATERDAY AND SUNDAY 2PM TO12AM HOSSTED BY THE GAMBLERS DEN AND HELD IN THE DJ'S BATTAL LOUNGE That Means,we have 20 open slots for battling djs so if you think you have what it takes to be the best contact dj Gambler @ the gamblers den and join the battle... 1ST PRIZE WINNER $100,000 FUBUCKS 2ND PRIZE WINNER $50,000 FUBUCKS 3RD PRIZE WINNER $25,000 FUBUCKS ALSO THE SHOW WILL BE OPENED & CLOSED WITH A MYSTERY DJ THERE WILL BE A $25,000 FUBUCK PRIZE TO THE FIRST PERSONE THAT GUESSES THE NAME OF THE MYSTIC DJ....... IF YOU LIKE GOOD TUNES COME TO THE BATTLE OF THE DJ'S AND OR THE GAMBLERS DEN LOUNGE COME IN A
The Race
Ok I promise this is the last of the food stories. I wrote this one the day after the chili dog one. This one is about roast beef Aujue.   THE RACE         The roast beef is challanging the Aujue to a race through the land. They started at the town square. They went forward about a block with Aujue in the lead. They turned the corner in front of the hardware store. Out of town they go. Look out for those trees, bushes, and brambles! SNAP! CRACK! OUCH!  Through the swamp now. Roast Beef got through first. Roast Beef has a big lead. Roast Beef just entered the desert. Look! The race is not over yet. Aujue just exited the swamp. Aujue will have to hurry to catch up with Roast Beef, Aujue just entered the desert. Aujue caught up with Roast Beef. They are neck and neck. Aujue is in the lead. The positions change. They are neck and neck. A mysterious hole has formed in the middle of the town square. Here comes Roast Beef and Aujue. The fell into the hole! MMMMMM! That was good.
Truth Blog
what ever i type in here is truth from my heart if i do lie let me feel it.   Today my ex gf is talkin shit about me o

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