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On The Move Again....
Greetings Fubar folks and friends:   As a victim of the housing crisis, my wife and I are on the move again.  Going from a house to an apartment. So, I may be gone for awhile and that's OK.  We all need an internet vacation once in awhile.  Yet, I am writing this to ask a question.  We live in a credit bearing society, should we be going after things we cannot afford?   It took almost a year and a half to convince myself and my wife that we could not afford this house as it was more of money pit than anything else.  We are not alone as the banks or the mortgage lenders did not give out the true cost of the home.  Whose responsibility is it to discover the true cost of owning a home..the lenders with the money or the people trying to procure it?      
Ladies Man In The Making...
is what my four year old son is. Yesterday was his season ending soccer game. Beautiful sunny day, just the right chill. He has been sick recently so I, being an over protective Mom, wanted to keep him out of the game. Well, I gave in and he played the last quarter. There he was running around, not paying any attention, and then he all of sudden got the ball! He passed it to his teammate, a pretty little blonde, and she passed it back. They went down the field passing it back and forth as their coach had painstakenly taught them all season. My son made it to the goal, stopped, stepped back, and motioned to the little blonde to make the goal. Which she did, happily. We don't keep score at this level. We only have fun...but my son won everyone's heart.
Sitting Here
I don't often think about the things I'm grateful for I don't often remind myself of how well I have it I often look upon the negative side of the day I often see what faults I possess I rarely find the answer to my questions I rarely remember what I said a week ago I'm not sure what I will be doing tomorrow I'm not sure if I'll be here in three hours I do know that I am sitting right here I am currently thinking about you I can not do so much except think I think about the decisions I have I am sitting here wondering about it all I am sitting here hoping for a truth I sit to keep my mind at calm I sit so I do not think I'm sitting here because I miss you I'm sitting because this feeling isn't new I'm sitting because I miss you....
So just cause I tell my opinion about men all of suden all these lowlife haterz cum out and hate on me for nuthin. I hate people like that who are jelos cause i got what they ain't. Whatever, feel free to hate on me losers.
Sex And Love
It's always a constant debate in my mind. The never-ending quarrel between the two supreme forces. I'm not talking about good and evil, but of sex and love. Which of the two is more powerful? Which of the two has the better end? Which of the two is more enjoyable? We'll look at this rationally. Sex is real. Sex is raw.You can hold sex. Smell sex.Taste, hear, see sex. Sex is real. Sex is raw. Sex creates, sex destroys. On the other end of this debate, Love is an abstraction. Love is beautiful. Love digs its way into your very core and makes you feel almost euphoric.Love is inspiration. Love is greatness.Love creates, love destroys. Now, both of these forces together helped spawn this sudden burst of poetic muse.So, I'm not too sure which one is greater, and I'm not sure if it even matters. They're both therein some way or another.
I Will Hold You Another Day~ By Jd
I turned and watched you walk away, The god awful silence as you left beckoned me. I might have been wrong to tell you that you never mattered, Things were so unkept i left too much room to make mistakes.   Here we go again, I closed my eyes the day i told you to leave me be, I fought the current with everything i had in me and something more inside me died. That time of the year is rearing its face and we are running another round once more, This bend seems awfully familiar, Me missing you and unintentionally throwing your heart to the floor.   In a state of mine thats more like a coma, I am conscious, Yet i am numb, Tell me does any of this back drop even exist? Never ending thoughts keep you just this close to my reality, Close enough to trouble me from sleeping as i silently hear your soft cries.   I remember the ways you lift my spirit, Heh i even remember the times you kept close, These cold winter nights sting my eyes due to the bright sunlight, Almost like the s
The Truth Shall Set You Free!
So yea, witty told me to check my spam, and this is what I found....   Date Real Local Cheating Wives No wai!  I'm signing up right now! Natural male enhancement-it works Great, I need more back hair, right? Someone has sent you a $1000 Best Buy Gift Card! Lies If you can lick a stamp you can do this Weave baskets? Your Certificate of Achievement is Ready
Tuna Party
For fun I decided to do a survey of all the dirty pussy down here in mississippi.. well at least the northeastern part of it. I must scan a million boxes of vagisil, yeast infection treatment, FDS, massingil, generic douches a day. I counted every time I scanned one of the above products and at the end of the week I did an average. I would say 80% of Booneville Mississippi has dirty slag. One woman bought a douche, some anti itch cream, yeast infection treatment, and some fake nails. I guessed she had plans to sit around and scratch her crotch all night. Fun stuff... If these bitches would leave that shit alone and quit sleepin with every dick they see they wouldnt have these problems....
Yo chuck we got runnin in mixes and da headpfones Ha ah hahaha Wicked! Ha Ha! 1 2 3 and I come with the wicked style, and you know that I'm from the wicked crew, you act like you knew, but I got everybody jumping to the voodoo. You kickin' wicked rhymes, picket signs, me and my mob got a truck full of 9's. Play ya and I'll slay ya, I got thug-made dough by the hey-a. Ready to BUCK, BUCK, BUCK, but it's a must to DUCK, DUCK, DUCK, before I bust ya, looking for the one that did it, you want my vote, no you're never gonna get it, cause I'm the one with the tight mad skills, and I won't choke like the Buffalo Bills. Sittin' at the pad just chillin' Larry Parker just got 2 million, oh what a fucking feeling! That nigger done pass me the pill, and I slam dunk it like Shaquille O'Neal. Wicked, wreckin' baby I'll rock that test tube baby, take it... 'Cause I get Wicked! I told them not to keep on their fire Yes I Wicked! I told them not to keep on their fire Yes I Wicked! I told them not to
What Dollar Bill Are You?
You Are a Fifty Dollar Bill You're a bit rare these days, though people are aware of your existence. You are pretty powerful. You might not have what it takes to roll with the common twenties or the hoity-toity hundreds, but you have your own little niche going on. You like the finer things in life, but you also know how to keep your spending in check. You are the master of discount luxury. You like to pamper yourself, but you never go overboard. Some may consider you a big spender, but you know bigger spenders! What Dollar Bill Are You? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
A Dream (06.14.06))
He never hear the door quietly open then close, nor the footsteps that followed. She crept up to the foot of his bed, and stared at him with her big chocolate eyes. A slight smile crept across her mouth: there he was, a man, completely unaware of her standing there, so vulnerable and docile. Trying to avoid any sudden movements that would disturb him, she hopped on a bed like a panther stalking her prey, and put a chloroform soaked rug to his face. Twitching for a moment, he fell back on the bed.When he came to his senses some time later, he realized that his hands and feet were handcuffed to the bed, and his mouthwas taped shut with thick duct tape. What happened?? After a momentary panic, he saw her stand in the corner with her arms crossed. In a black garter belt and tall leather boots, she looked taller than her real height. Fixing her dark hair, she wickedly smiled with that animalistic smile he saw earlier. Who was she? Where did she come from? It was up for him to decide.He watc
Daylight Again/find The Cost Of Freedom
My thoughts on this song: When i first heard this song iwas 18 years old just out of high school 1970 tho it came out in 69 a tear earlier it rang in my head for the longest time you prolly heard it too, you can listen to it on my stash..theres 2 versions..this i #2 the words to it. Think and let me know what feel about it   Daylight again, following me to bed I think about a hundred years ago, how my fathers bled I think I see a valley, covered with bones in blue All the brave soldiers that cannot get older been askin' after you Hear the past a callin', from Ar- -megeddon's side When everyone's talkin' and noone is listenin', how can we decide? (Do we) find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground Mother earth will swallow you, lay your body down Find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground Mother earth will swallow you, lay your body down (Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground)
1_dollar_t...: than i want the nsfw that happened frist that wasnt even nsfw fattyBad Kitty....: Dumbass I'm not fat. If you're offended by the rates take down the stolen pictures.1_dollar_t...: hey fatty slow down   Apparently the genius didn't realize that no topless pictures, men OR women included him too.  And he's all butt hurt that his stolen picture got marked NSFW.
ok since I can't post status messages ...  I will now have blogs just for them .... damnit I"m genius       I got to BITE Kins for Ignoring me!! YAY GO ME!!!
Stole This From The Captain. ;)
Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think!Pick your Artist:Brooks and DunnAre you a male or female?Cowgirls don't cryDescribe yourself:Redneck Rythm and BluesHow do you feel:All Out of LoveDescribe where you currently live:Way GoneIf you could go anywhere, where would you go:Go WestYour favorite form of transportation:Boot Scootin' BoogieYour bestfriend is:She's the kind of troubleYou and your best friends are:Still in love with youWhat's the weather like:Neon MoonFavorite time of day:Beer ThirtyIf your life was a TV show, what would it be called:Born and Raised in Black and WhiteWhat is life to you:Deny, Deny, DenyYour current relationship:One Heartache at at timeYour fear:My Next Broken HeartThought for the Day:Still in love with youHow I would like to die:One More Roll of the diceMy soul's present condition:Our
Victim Of The Velocity~by Jd
This is the moment to live, This is the moment to die, This is the moment you missed throughout your self reflection. This is the moment that is gonna make you, While the rest tear you down, This is that one change at all or nothing, Will you live or will you die?   Will you catch a break, Can there be a chance to survive? To the edge of the earth this battle will be fought, The lights fill the night sky. Drop down to your knees, Kiss this exsistance goodbye, This is the day of reckoning and this time its too little too late for last goodbyes.   Are you the victim? This is your moment of truth so why chose to lie? Bend eternity to your liking, Or break as you remain content on hiding behind your disguise. The yin and the yang, Well spoken but never quiet loud enough, This is that one realization we have as it all falls down, Break into pieces nothing more than matter behind dusty eyes.   Gather all your strength, This attack is going to be the one that hurts the most, K
How Much I Hate People
here are some of the reason why i hate people1. why is it so hard for someone to say hey iam not all that interested in you rather playing you like a fine turn violin2.why is it so hard to be bluntly honest and when you catch someone in a lie they try and turn it back on you rather then admitting to the crime 3.why is it so hard to openly admit that you have a bf/gf/married/open relationship4. as i said before i hate people who are hypocrite and cynical when they cant fix them self but they expect others to followi plan on deleting a lot of my profiles on a lot of different sites i was even thinking of deleting my my space page but i wont only becuse of the people who i do talk toi plan on keeping my myspace and my facebookother then that iam deleting everything iam tired of the lies the head games the dramai thought high school was long gone but people sure seem to live in it stillyou know i love it when people tell me something and then there action speaks differentlyit happens all t
For Fun
You:   What color eyes? Brown   Hair?  Brown      How tall? 6'6"       How old?  28 What city do you live in Fairfield,nj   Male/Female?  Male      The Private You?   How many people have you had sex with in 2009?   none   How many of those people were one night stands?  None   How many serious relationships have you had?   serious 4 whatevers a few more then i would like to talk about   What is your favorite position?     Doing it any way i can!   Have you ever slept with more than one person at a time? Yeah      Him / Her   Eyes?   Yes that would be weird otherwise     Height?   no shorter the 5'1"      Tall / short?  I already said     Personality?     One is required, yes   Age?  Older then 18 under 35     Misc.  She needs to have a brain   What is the first question you ask before having sex with someone?     No diseases right? lol   Have you ever considered or had a sex buddy with no relationship?  done it a few times lol   If yes, how
I Need 10 People To Give Me 1 Million Fubucks So I Can Have The Spotlight Also I Will Place All That Do On My Page For That Day So U Get Rated Too ...
i need 10 people to give me 1 million fubucks so i can have the spotlight also i will place all that do on my page for that day so u get rated too ...
A Reflection
I left work with a mission. Finish Christmas shopping & feast at the Seneca-Allegany casino buffet.   Why feast last night?  I dunno.  Perhaps my desk jockeying was extra strenuous yesterday.  Perhaps this below zero temperature kicked on some biological need to consume vast numbers of calories.  Perhaps I am a bottomless pit.   I got in line & luckily there were only 4 people in front of me.  Old people move really really really slow.  No worries.  This was a marathon, not a sprint.  I had patience and strategy. The waitress showed me to my table, in the smoking section.  I asked for Ice water w/lemon and black coffee. She invited me to go to the buffet.   Plate #1:  A big pile of crab legs.  4 whole sets and a couple of spare claws.  Drawn butter.   No claw cracking tool – those are for pussies.  And –a few mini mushrooms to cleanse the palate and enjoy each set of claws as though they were the first.  A nice appetizer.     Plate #2:  A ¾ inch thick slab of medium
When I wrote our story, I wanted it to start with “Once Upon a Time” and end with “Happily Ever After.”All of the most important parts were there -  the handsome prince with his dark curls and rugged smile, the beautiful heroine with her sparkling eyes and fancy dresses, the songs that seemed to tell their story, the stars in the night sky, and the kiss …But in the rush to write a perfect tale I forgot that life isn’t always so accommodating.Sometimes the dragons are inside and you can’t slay them without destroying a part of yourself. Sometimes the kingdoms are so far apart even the trustiest steed is no match for the mountains, rivers, and oceans that have to be crossed.Sometimes the fairy godmother only has enough magic to last through ten o’clock and you have to leave the ball earlier than you’d like.But oh how we did dance at the ball …     and stare into each others eyes.         How beautiful the touch of your hand on
Bill Gates
This should be posted in every school!Love him or hate him , he sure hits the nail on the head with this! Bill Gates recently gave a speech at a High School about 11 things they did not and will not learn in school. He talks about how feel-good, politically correct teachings created a generation of kids with no concept of reality and how this concept set them up for failure in the real world.  Rule 1 : Life is not fair - get used to it!  Rule 2 : The world doesn't care about your self-esteem.. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.  Rule 3 : You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both.  Rule 4 : If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss.  Rule 5 : Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping: they called it opportunity.  Rule 6 : If you mess up, it's not your parent
How Many Can I Get? In Email:))
    Name:_______________ Number:_______________ text messaging (yes or no): ______ picture messaging (yes or no) _________
When someone goes astray And makes countless mistakes How many chances can they take Before you have to turn your heart away When their world falls apart And their actions break your heart Leaving chaos in their wake How much can you take I've sat down with the devil I've looked him in the eye I've met my share of angels Demons know where I reside Everything I've been through Every place I have roamed Never felt as warm to me Your heart it is my home I sit here full of anger My contempt I can not hide You're not the man you once were This can not be denied I have to make a place for you That's close but not inside To love you for who you are Not the memory of you that has died My struggle is not important Right now you need a friend As I have always told you I will be there til' the end
True Friends
                True friends, does anyone really know what a true friend is anymore. So many people have become hard or too soft and lost what a true friend is. Too many people forgot what it means to be a true friend.                 To be a true friend means to see the other person as like family. To care for that person like they where your brother or sister but on the same page know there not. To care for the person and be there for them when they need you but at the same time make sure that person know that they did wrong if they did but still be loving and not hard. You are there no matter what and never give up on them but be there for them.                 A true friend will help their friend out of anything as best as they can. A true friend sees their friend’s faults and never lets that get in the way. A true friend never lets anything get in there way with their friend, even if that friend pisses them off. They are there for them and shrug off everything and keep goi
Wow Wrost Come On Line Ever Wth Is Wrong With This Dude Ha
SO THIS IS THE WAY YOU COME ON TO WOMEN WTH IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE WHAT EVER HAPPEN TO JUST HELLO .... ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ SO HES SAYS:.................. " Hell-O Beautiful Thou id really like to request tying you up in my 3D dungeon , maybe to the giant spider web of chain , or my bed that hangz from chain . But I guess 4 now ill just ask 4 ur friendship here I can dream thou dreamz are still free. and if nothing else I bet this iz the strangest friend request ever , if u get a chance and u want to check out the picz in my profile , I really do have a 3D dungeon and U can check it out there ... Spanx Sexy ur devilishly delicious XoXoX ~****"___________________________________________________________________________________________(LOL LOSERR) WHATS THE WROST U EVER HEARD?  
What Can Disya Mean Emanon?
Whatevahhhh can disya mean? L0L :p *goes into hiding* :o
To Have Hope
Stupid Ass Fucking Mumm
there have been several times that I have thought that I am an angel. just now I thought that the possibility of my spirit is or has been taken over by an angel it seems to me that every person that has entered my life has affected me in one way or another there are many things that I have learned I do believe that things happen for a reason does it make me feel weird to have thought that I am an angel? of course, because I know that I am human or am I? what else should I be if not to be a human? there are those that believe in vampirism strongly, for example and those that believe in magic as in wizardry and such(I suppose) the idea of spiritualism that I do understand is appealing I, to a certain extent, believe that there are spirits in the sky as the song and the movie line tells then it goes to wondering what a spirit is or may be is a spirit a deceased person idk really how to go off from there topic of the dead has pretty much always been offsetting for me *shudde
Film Before 11...
Greetings Neighbors:     This evening I have discovered that my sensibilities are far different from my wife and daughter and all it took was a film called “District 9”.  I felt it was good movie for the story it told and the lesson we as human beings need to learn.  It brings to mind back when I was child in the early seventies.  My parents would take us to 'Starlite Drive In'.  It was our Saturday night thing.  We would pack up the car with us three kids( my youngest sister wasn't old enough to make the trip) and we would head out to spend some family time watching a movie on the drive-in screen.  I think the movie that had just finished was “Three Mules for Sister Sara”- starring Clint Eastwood and Shirley MacLaine.  Well, at the end of the movie was the trailer for “Shaft”- starring Richard Roundtree.  The announcer said one thing and you knew he selling directly to us, “Ask your mama if you can see it” or something to that affect
The Pursuit Of Happiness
Get Music And Help Improve The Lives Of Those In Need!!!!!!!
CD Baby will donate $1 toward Haitian earthquake relief for every CD and album download sold. This is your chance to make a huge difference while getting the music you love at the same time. I've also had the prices of the cd's lowered so it's more affordable to you as well! Please continue to enjoy the music with the added bonus of having made even a small difference in somebody else's well-being. - Sean Helicopter Man - Live Vol. 1 Inside Again The earthquake and its aftermath in Haiti have touched all of our lives. Many in the CD Baby family have already contributed as individuals, but we wanted to do more to help the victims of the horrible earthquake tragedy. By selling your music on CD Baby, you can help raise funds towards those affected by the disaster. Starting on Monday, January 25th and continuing for two weeks, we will donate $1 from every CD sale through our website, and $1 from every download sal
A Glimpse Into Me And My Poetry (hungry)
Hungry Scarlet letter written on my shirtmy face shows nothing but a smirk.Because,There's a part of me that you can't seeAnd its...HungryWhat a clever little beastYou will plainly see her feast, upon the luster in your eyesShe will ultimately be your demiseShe will dominate your heart and headYou will stare blindly as you're misleadShe will break you down and burn you outShe will pull you until you shoutShe was never like this beforeAt once her life was love evermoreShe remembers him, the drugs they didAnd all the things he ever gave. All she wants is himAnd the feel of his skinAs they danced in the rainOn that warm summer dayBut she left his sideWith barely a goodbyeBut she turns her face to hideSo he wont see her cry And that is why she looks up at the skyThe God's give her no replyAnd she waits.. Slowly she emaciatesAs her world disentigratesI look oh so lovelyBut the truth is.... I'm hungry ------------------------------------------------ On a side note, I've noticed the song "
You Are Making Me High
I'll always think of you Inside of my private thoughts I can imagine you Touching my private parts With just the thought of you I can't help but touch myself That's why I want you so bad Just one night of Moonlight, with you there beside me All night, doin' it again and again You know I want you so bad Baby, baby, baby, baby Oooh I get so high When I'm around you baby I can touch the sky You make my temperature rise You're makin me high Baby, baby, baby, baby Can't get my mind off you I think I might be obsessed The very thought of you Makes me want to get undressed I wanna be with you In spite of what my heart says I guess I want you too bad All I want is Moonlights, with you there inside me All night, doin it again and again You know I want you so bad Baby, baby, baby, baby Oooh I get so high When I'm around you baby I can touch the sky You make my temperature rise, ooh boy You're makin me high Baby, baby, baby, baby I want to feel your heart and soul inside of me Let's make a de
Dont Rip Have Sum Love I Just Want Feed Back 2
  the start Category: Writing and Poetry i know this moment in life is present but words feel less noticed or just irrelevanti feel less real the longer im awakeim stuck in a grave i didnt makebut time can just fade my debts never paid you use me your vile you lie then just smile you constantly cut mebut you like my styleyour selfish im tired,broken and drained you twist what you hear i swallow the pain would love just to watch this all burn awayso fuck it ur fire my blood is propane
Good News
nissan is picking back up and i might have my old job back at yates... not that i am on much anymore anyway but if i am not on for awhile that will probably be why... but i talked to the guy he pulled my file and told me he'd give me a call.. (y) kk.... and now here is tom with the weather :P  
come on tell me your secrets folks i am real good at keeping secrets XD   no seriously though spill it... i kinda wanna know more about you peeps
New Short Story Please Check It Out...j.
New Account
  Fu suggested I start over AGAIN because I had signed up through FB and there are bugs/glitches still...
Torn 2/7/2010 By: Travis Smith   Boy meets girl.. Boy likes girl.. Girl likes boy.. They mesh..   Boy meets another girl.. They like each other.. They mesh... Uh oh.. Delimma..   Boy is confused.. Girls are clueless... What the hell is wrong here? Should boy make choices?   Girl A? Girl B? Both until the inevitable happens? Or drop them both?   Boy ponders...   ------------------------------------------------------------   This happens a lot in the world doesn't it? People don't know where to go.. Where to turn.. People get hurt when they shouldn't.. People get left hanging when there's no need to.. Boy I can't count the times I've heard about these stories, watched it on tv, watched it in a movie, or seen it unfold before my very eyes through other people's issues.. Crazy world..
The Antidote For A 'joyous Life'!.
Happiness?...nah!..happiness all ways brings heartbreak eventually Sex?....for 3 minutes of bliss!..maybe! Money?....never had enough to reach "happiness" status. Kids?...maybe, but then they turn teen and ruin the moment. Porn?....see sex. Family?....fuck that, brings even more misey on top of my solo misery. Being sociable?...sorry, i don't like people! Relationship?.....tried it, 6 months and i want ALL my space back. any i've missed?....  
Chronicles Of The Bat
        She stalks through the darkened room in her black thigh-high stiletto boots making almost no sound. Her bullwhip wrapped around her waist like a belt for her tight, purple suit that accentuates the curves of her luscious breasts and sexy ass. Her black gloves run up her arms past her elbows and her eyes gleam behind her black mask as her dark hair spills down her back. She pauses halfway across the room, suspicious, but sees nothing that could be a danger so she continues across the room to the desk. She leans down, checking the priceless statue of Bast, goddess of lions, for any hidden security features. Her sexy curves are only accentuated by the tight outfit as she leans over, hands on her knees, to examine the desk for any sign of an extra security system. She smirks in satisfaction after a long, slow examination before reaching out to lift the statue from the desk's surface. Suddenly, she gasps as a pair of strong hands grabs her wrists and yanks her forward across the to
Nsfw? Wtf!
I haven't been here in over a week, and I come back here to find one of my pics marked NSFW. When I click the link to see what the hell they're talKing about, its a small pic of a pentacle in flames. HOW THE HELL IS THAT NSFW? pPeople need to get the fuck over themselves. I find some symbols of religion offensive, but I don't waste my energy on refuting it. They certainly are NOT NSFW. To the person who flagged my simple little pic.... FUCK YOU, GET A LIFE! 
Men : Get A Clue On Valentines Cheap But Romantic Ideas Your Woman Will Love Sooo Much
Ok Look I see alot of people hatin valentines or feeling bad cause they ethier dont have the money or feel like they are not sure what to get other then necklaces and or what are some cute cheap but very meanful things to women - Roses are sweet but they are over done how about getting their fav flowersif you cant afford a bunch how about placing her av flower in a card? see a woman will keep the card and the lower for ever.- Candi box of candi over done take the time to make her homade candyall you do is heat up the bakers sweet or semi sweet chocolate oin a pan lay down wax paper  and u can ethier dunk preztels or strawberries or even just pour it on plastic spoons to use for her coffee..  then place in fridge till hard then wrap or place in a bag- buy her favorite book and place wax papper between two pages and place a rose in side it and give her the book-draw her bath bubbles  pedals and all ,wash her hair do not get sexual just yet... you keep all ur clothes on  after
Sex Me
Your kisses are so soft,as they trail down my neck.I no longer can think,my mind's now a wreck.Your tongue moves so slowly,as it lingers on my skin.I bite down on my lip,just eager to begin.I bring your lips to mine,cuz I love how you taste.We keep things going slowly,there's no need to make haste.Whether we're on the bed or the wall,I don't care anymore.All I know in this moment is,I've never needed you more.We undress each other,bare and bodies glistening.Baby we can scream as loud as we want,no one's here or listening.I can see that you're hard,and hunny I'm so wet.But I want you to tease me more,please don't fuck me just yet.You play with my clit,making my muscles spasm.It feels so damn good,I can't wait to orgasm.I gasp in your ear,my voice now quivers.I bite down on your neck,making your body shiver.My fingers glide down your back,as I trace your spine.Your voice is so sultry when you say,"I'm gonna make you mine."I love how you make me beg,and tease me 'till I break.Push me furt
Political Correctness
Due to the climate of political correctness now pervading  America   Kentuckians, Tennesseans and  West Virginians  will no longer be referred to as             'HILLBILLIES.' You must now refer to them as
Don't Forget To Take A Handful
That’s what Sarah said to me this morning after I’d gotten home from taking Martha to work.  There is a slippery patch at the edge of our sidewalk and it was time to de-ice it; that is, sprinkle a powdered ice melt mixture on the spot so anyone on it can get traction and not fall.  And I didn’t realize I was supposed to take Martha to work this morning until about an hour before we left.  She says she told me when she came to bed shortly after one this morning, but I do not remember hearing her say that!  I have had problems with being coherent lately when I’m semi-conscious … Martha also says she asked me what I’d set the alarm for, and I mumbled “eleven eleven”.  Go figure on that.   Last night Martha and I did take advantage of our membership at Anytime Fitness and worked out for just over an hour after the kids were sound asleep.  Jeffrey had gotten on Martha’s last nerve after she found pieces of a block puzzle he’d sh
A Man's Need
The secret world of smooth warm flesh Her graceful curves delight his eye Calling to his fingertips to explore her such a wondrous playground He longs to quench his lusty thirst in her parched, like a desert man’s throat dream of the day when she floats above find sweet release, like clouds and rain Her hands reach out, to take his face and pull him to her waiting breasts to suckle her long like a starving baby lulled by the sound, of her hot breath Her fingers plow threw his hair and trace my brow so fevered and flushed softly hums a song of love to him need binds him tight to her side She feels him throb so deep inside a counterpoint to her rolling motion his growling voice echoes in the room her lips meet his lips and tongue trembling thighs, so graceful spread heaven's gate open so wide to see to plumb the hot and fragrant depths as she moans and deeply caress him
Made Up My Own Mind
I had a good dinner this evening I was going to finish it earlier but I decided to make it into two meals!  This is the first of many made up my own mind installments, stay tuned!
Connected To You
Worthless Motherfuckers At The Job Site
why the fuck is it so goddamn hard for motherfuckers to DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS?!?! Last night was the straw that broke the camels back. I work on the night truck at Lowe's. Anyone who works in receiving and unloading trucks knows there is no time for bullshit. I have coworkers who I coke and joke with but we know when its time to joke and when its time to fucking work. One of the rules is no cell phones. I am guilty of this rule, but I am not on it every other fucking second to talk to my baby mama. . .oh wait i dont have one GO ME! '.!.. I am an equal opportunity worker. I will give anyone man, woman, etc a fair chance, but if you start to bitch about doing your fucking job YOU ARE WORTHLESS! We all bitch and moan about work, it the nature of the beast. Gods knows I do it, but I do it at my free time. When its time to shut up and get shit done that's exactly what you fucking do. I went the fuck off on the female coworker last night because she had the nerve to say, "I'm not pulling
Yiddish Insults
Schmuck meaning penis, slang for fool Putz, look up schmuck eizel, donkey tzvei feesidike  eizel, two footed jackass chamor, pronounced with the scottish ch as in spitting, jackass
Not Meant To Be
There once was a time if I just closed my eyes, I could see us together as one. But after these months of growing apart, I can see that dream is done. You were the one who knew me inside and out, And always knew just what to say. Any problems I had would disappear, When you said it would all be okay. There was always a special connection with us, And these days it seems to be gone. Whatever we had died a long time ago, But it's just so hard to move on. Those times I'd drown in the blue of your eyes, You never noticed a thing. There were nights I laid awake and thought, Of the love our friendship could bring. No matter how hard I've been trying, The truth is so hard to see. I guess it takes a while to let go, Of something not meant to be.
My life is going pritty good for nowMy girl friend thinks i'am weird butI dont give a fucking dam if i'am.I wish i can change my self dramaticlyBut i cant my last gf carrie betrayed me.,She hurt me more than ever more than amanda willever will.Every fucking time i get pissedI feel death & when i'am not i feeldarkness in my vains.I like to have people read my shitthat i have on myspace so they to can feel my pain inway.I end up with a broken heartevery time i look in to her eyes thinkinwhat i shoulda have done with my life.My life aperntly sucks ass bc i wish mylife would  go better my life is hard at timei really hate it so much. my gf dos not understand howmuch pain i've gone threw.Theres so much sorrow in my lifeI wish it would go away & leave me aloneBut I'am happy for Jenise & Dale i hope theystay together for a long time to come.with love comes pain,but I would rather love,then die with no pain. I would rather die in your armsinsted of some 1 else's. I will keep you for everif you
My Jewish Birthday
Since the solar calendar and the Jewish calendar are different, my Jewish Birthday starts tonight, the seventh day of Passover.  My solar birthday is April 29th I barely remember it!
Apr 5,2010
Well I guess Ill delete my nsfw pic's since nobody wants to get me a blingpack anymore. My easter was pretty boring god I need a vacation lol. anyways im getting bored here again
Real Or Fake?
Should I try to grow new teeth to eat cats, or get dentures?
    Fire burning deep within Pain burning under the skin Lightening flashing from my eyes Don’t touch me as I despise Despise the way you look at me Even the touch of your hand You say ask and you shall receive What have I gotten? I ask and am denied every time Take your pity and shove it up your ass Take your selfishness and throw it in the trash There is no room here for you any more I have no time for your half truths and lies Don’t cry to me no more As my anger burns with wrath of fury Enough to burn your being to the ground Take your one way ticket to hell Leave me be to be the hollow you turned me into I am no longer innocent and precious But fire and rage of no independence I will not be there to help you when you need As I sit alone wondering why Only to fuel the fire that burns my skin Only to hear the thunder as it rages through my ears Only to feel the lightening that can no longer be controlled in my eyes You have been the death of me
  Her smile has faded There is no spark in her eyes Her hair dingy brown She sits waiting For all that isn’t found She fights to win But she only loses Most of all now she has lost herself What others have seen she doesn’t The glow is diminished to not even candle light And still she is waiting
How Ellie Became The Oompa Loompa Queen!!
Once upon a time in a far away land Ellie was all better n feelin right as rain!! She was skippin along a yellow brick road when low and behold she spotted an oompa loompa a little ways away.. She got all excited and started running faster and faster so she could catch the lil fawker cause those lil legs can MOOOOVE!!!! all of a sudden she heard the sounds on the notorious ELLIEPHANT and yelled CHAAAAAAAAAARGE!!! The oompa loompa looked up just in time to get tackled by Ellie and she lifted her lady skirt n sat on tha lil guys face... try as he may try as he might he wasn't makein a sound cause Ellie had him held there tight.. She had her way with him and soaking his face till he drown but not before he told her where to find all the other oompa loompas... So she went on her merry little way again in search of oomps loompa land and when she found it they had the biggest gang bang in history of little people... They liked her sooooo much they made her there queen and thats how w
My Day Of Pampering
  I keep Wednesday's free for my pleasure and amusement. I like a weekly massage to relax me so called to arange one for Wednesday morning after my ballet class. The masseur arrived ahead of time, and I had to rush around organising the massage table we have as the for him to work on.The doorman buzzed, and then I opened the  door myself, despite not having had the time to rush upstairs and get my dressing robe.  Yes, I was naked! John didn't seem too surprised, but greeted me and said: 'I see you're ready for me!' I smiled and watched as he came thru the door. I closed the door. He helped me get the massage table up. I then got a striped towel, orange and green stripes, which I spread onto the table top. I asked John: 'Where do you want it?' I meant the table, but he answered: 'Up, prone on the top please!' He was smiling, and I could see we were going to have a fun time. He opened his box of tricks as I pushed the table a little closer to one of the long windows and climbed up on i
What Are Your Favorite Porn Clips
Being the sex addicted pervert that I am I was laying in bed at 3 am this morning thinking about my most favorite porn clips I have seen. Having seen millions thanks to the wonderful thing called internet. I began to think what if I could narrow it down to 3 clips? The first that comes to mind was a scene from one of the gobble the goo series in which the wonderful gianna michaels shows up to some warehouse looking place in a hug her body tight mini dress, and finds 5 male workers appearantly waiting for a bueatu such as she. Of course she fucks and blows them all swallowing every drop of their cum one at a time never saying hi by or kiss my ass, and then leaves. What a day that must have been. Wish I could work at a place like that!! The next is a preview I watched at they have the absolute BEST vids!! They had this beautiful thing bound in what I believe was described as an armory, men and women by the scores took turns slapping, licking fucking and spitting in
Gay Vs Straight
Seriously there are straight people there are gay people and there are bi. I happen to have bi times and imp not going to deny that but honestly if urn gay don’t make a big deal out of it. If u doesn’t want ne one to know then doesn’t say anything. hell u could be as gay as a football bat and no ones going to care as long as u don’t make a huge deal out of it. ok should everyone that is straight run around asking for a silent day to support being straight... no so just stop I’m sorry but I’m a very blunt person if u don’t like it fine stay off but other than that I don’t give a shit. I will say that so gay all I want. Nobody sees it as a problem to say that retarded or that’s stupid. And there are retarded and stupid people out there so what. At least they don't announce it to the world they just live their lives. 
How To Transfer Photos From Cell Phone To Personal Computer
Nowadays It is difficult to find a cellular phone from China Wholesale that doesn't have a built-in camera than one that does. Of course,that's not a bad thing! Everyone has the ability to take spur of the moment snapshots and capture life as it happens without having to lug around a separate camera that is great. However,what do you do after you've exhausted your phone's internal memory? And can't half the point of taking pictures share them with your friends and family? There are a little ways to send them to your friends' Cell Phones so that they can use them as their wallpapers as well, or to transfer Photos from your cell phone onto your computer. Some may cost you some money , given that you have the proper set up,while others are completely free. Would you like to learn how to transfer photos? Then this guide is for you. Cellular-Based Methods to Send Pictures If you're away from your computer, you can still send your pictures to your loved ones
Answered Prayer
You took me by surprise - an answered prayer I once whispered to the Universe. But I had become so accustomed to empty promises and stale wishes that I wondered if I should send you back, thinking that my good fortune must have been a mistake. You came to me with acceptance on your lips - so willing to dive into my soul swim in my light and my dark. You do not cower from the parts of me that frighten everyone else. My faults, to you, are simply jewels in my crown. My dark excites you and your passion overwhelms my senses. You have an intensity that feels like home. I hear your voice and instantly years of torment and self-doubt melt away. Each word from you a healing kiss. With each whispered “I love you,” I feel life coming back into my soul. Words flow from my pen ... I stand taller ... Feel happier ... My strength of spirit grows. And for the first time I don't feel as if I lose me trying to please you. With you, pleasure is not a chore but a gift
Time For My First Blog Lol
I like to thank the little people and by little ppl i mean little dick stalkers lol that makes a new account just to downrate me I know I made it now lol. Any how I  heard just about every pick up line there is and can smell bullshit a mile away yes time to time I make mistakes yes I said it lol. Had a contest today just for fun lol even thou some were very close and missed it with easy clues not mentiioning names lol. And this one guy tries to say im special to him etc how can that be if we just met seriously then I block his azz and then uses anothe account to insult me lol then switches back then asks someone else to say hes sorry... lol...but i saw him switch back and he told me he was a hacker oops recovering hacker lol I dont tolerate players liar and scammers and spammers lol thank you for all the love ppl.
The Trends And History Of Cell Phone Content Advertising
What is cell phone content advertising? You can say that cell phone content advertising is the promotion of games, ring tones and other Blackberry Phone services. One method is such services use the short message service system to join up to them and are usually subscription-based. Another method is broadcasting messages to the cell phone's idle-screen, advertisers to reach millions in real-time or enabling the mobile operators. But Wifi Cell Phone content advertising is banned in some shops, especially in NASCAR. NASCAR banned advertising by any new cell phone companies who were not in the sport at the time; On 19 June 2003, cell phone companies especially Chinese Wholesaler who were involved could stay with their current teams, but once they break from their current teams, they could not advertise in NASCAR's premier series. This ban was a byproduct of the new ten-year contract with Nextel Communications. The Trends of Cell Phone Content Advertising A new trend is the "ad
I am starting today a blog called jpub in my new folder of blogs.  J stands for Jewish and pub for  public. It will be about all topice of Jewish culture and religion. Is that a good idea?  Or is it too proselytizing?  A. Not abad idea B. Don't missionize me, man!
One I blocked one idiot who keeps asking the same shit over and over speaking of which would it kill you guys to be original gotta make yourself stand out saying im sexy as f*ck dont do it for me either some of the lines you guys use are lame yes im moody. And blowing me off too is a major no no for me its my biggest pet peeve. I just cant stand players too i smell them a mile away. Im still being harrass by that hacker loser get over i didnt fall for your game im not stupid by any means! get a freakin life!!!!!
Every One I Need One Tiny Favor .... Plz
Maybe Hellyion and Emanoon are the same person?
My Master
My Master, Take My Chain, Lead me into the night, and Let me feel you pain, Teach me your rights from wrongs, Show Me how to please you, Lead me to your height of expectation, Punish me for doing wrong, Love me when I do right, Dont let me stray from you. My Master, I am yours, Do with me what you will, I am here to serve you ALWAYS! MY MASTER
For Everyone
Would you rather be with someone that treats you with respect, and a cuddle every once in a while, or someone that gives you rough handling all the time? A. Respect B. Rough is better
Obama Files
Do you CARE about the U.S. ? if you give a shit at all you will read these files ( note list on the RIGHT SIDEBAR ) and SPREAD THIS INFO internet wide. I call on you CYBERGEEKS to do this!
For The Record...
i will continue to search for real people on here.....ill make contact and ask for a friend..its up to them to accept or not....not everyone will love ur face or be free spirited enough to look past race religion or sexual orientation...i really dont care who is my friend i accert all for their hearts and to the rest of these "emotional retards" ..and "basket cases" just step page is a no dramma or no negativity zone. if ur about that.....if u got an issue go get a tisue.....then call the "whambulance" cause i got no need for ya!  to all have a blessed day..try and smile and be happy. talk to me if ya feel me....
Well Well.. Here I Go Again With My Escapades
I am about to pick up and move to somewhere I've never been, with only 1/6 of my things, a knot in my stomach and a haze of confusion over my eyes. I understand my logic partially, emotionally, mentally and conciously but my rational side is screaming at me "what the fuck are you doing??!?!?!?!?!"
Baby Names
How are the names Moshe, and Avraham, for boys and Chana and Sarah for girls?
Facebook Sucks!
I was banned from FACEBOOK within a minute of posting the link to the Mexican/american flag/school story. i inquired why and was told I was flagged by a couple people ( obviously TROLLS who are using this tactic to get people kicked off facebook who the dis-agree with) who's reason was I was using a fake identity. i wasn't, i signed up under my real name and info. when i appealed i was told the to get re-instated i would have to furnish scans of TWO forms of OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT ID. they probably know most of us won't furnish the ID's needless to say that ain't gonna happen. FACEBOOK can kiss my ass! however I thought I would do my damndest to let everyone know about this so that they can 1) spread the word on facebook about this tactic. 2) start using this tactic AGAINST THEM. form a posse of a few people. FLAG THE CYBERPUNKS on FACEBOOK. when it asks for a REASON give the phony identity one. let's see how many of them are willing to give facebook scans of two forms of official ID.
Website Design
Hi everyone! So not having a job totally sucks, but I still do my website design business.  Right now I am tryin to get the word out that I do both mainstream and adult websites.  So if you are interested in a blog, forum or a reg website... please do not hesitate to contact me.  My prices are very competitive especially for my custom website designs!   xoxoxo Trin
    Bound to your side and trapped in silence Just a possession Is this sex or only violence That feeds your obsession You send me to a broken state Where I can take the pain just long enough Then I am numb -t hen I just disappear So go on fight me Go on and scare me to death Tell me I asked for it Tell me I'll never forget You could give me anything but love Anything but love Does it feel good to deny Hurt me with nothing Some sort of sick satisfaction You Get from mindfucking Stripped down to my naked core The darkest corners of my mind are yours That's where you live That's where you breathe So go on fight me Go on and scare me to death Dare me to leave you Tell me I'll never forget You could give me anything but love Anything but love Without any faith Without any light Condemn me to live Condemn me to lie Inside I am dead So go on fight me Go on and scare me to death I'll be the victim You'll be the voice in my head You could give me anything but love Anything but love
Lost Soul
I am a lost soul. Searching for a light that should shine. My world is dark and dim. But the one thing i know is,  it is mine. I am lost not know how to survive. Leaving trails of broken hearts and lovers to cry.   Traveling through and empty space. For pain and heart ache i can not erase.   Traveling deep with in my world, Searching for that one i left behind. Hoping to someday find him, To rekindle that flame.   To start the fires, that burned so long ago. Oh for my search is as hard as it goes. Leaving trails of unhappiness and  broken hearts Just to find where my love truely did start.   Craving his every kiss and gentle touch. Untill I find him the devistation will all be to much. So destruction and dispair I do leave behind. Untill I find what is truely mine.
A Real Man Never Hits A Woman
Twelve years ago …   Jeremiah 45                                                                                                      May 15 Video on the Bible and “Jesus”                                                             9805.15   And seekest thou great things for thyself?  Seek them not: for, behold, I will bring evil upon all flesh, saith the LORD: but thy life will I give unto thee for a prey in all places whither thou goest. 6   But know that the LORD hath set apart him that is godly for himself: the LORD will hear when I call unto him.  Psalm 4:3
The Tree Test
You Are Smart and Reflective You are a brilliant and independent thinker. Ideas are important to you. You need a lot of alone time to develop your theories and views. You are an introvert. You get along with anyone who likes to think and learn. You are never superficial. You spend a lot of time thinking about morality. You try to do what's right, even if most of society disagrees. The Tree Test Blogthings: Waste Time at Work!
you may be the one that commits suicide, but you are not the only one to die.   it might seem like the easy way out, but you leave all your friends and family, to cry and shout.   people die every day, and there is nothing anyone can say.   just because your life is not the best, don't set your body to rest.   there is someone out there for you, and there love is true.   so don't let your life go, god has a beutiful life he wants to show.
Claiming They Miss A Soldier
  I have noticed since coming back online that some females that used to be on my friends list are claiming that they are STILL missing a deployed Soldier. One woman claims that she is missing a guy now for going on two years. Unless she is supporting more than one Soldier emotionally, there is no one I know of that has deployed for more than 18 months per deployment. I hope that some of these people learn that there is more than writing in a profile about supporting troops and posting the same pictures and tags everyone else has. I think there are many women on here that use servicemembers and live vicariously through them. I only wish we could use peoples names in Blogs, many young Soldiers need be warned about the Uniform chasers on this site. Some of these women that cannot support themselves or all the children they have from past broken marriages are looking for an easy meal ticket. I know it because I have chatted with a good few myself. Hiding behind photo shopped pictures and
Does Anyone?
Does anyone know why there are no new mumms this evening? A. Lazy people B. Boring people  C. As always, comments are our our allies.
What Kind Of Egg Are You?
You Are a Poached Egg You are a competent and successful person. You are obsessed with making sure your life is well organized and scheduled. You have an incredible sense of focus and determination. You don't let yourself make many mistakes. You are a high achiever. You like to challenge yourself, and you get great satisfaction from being the best at something. While you have high standards, you aren't really all that competitive. You only compete with yourself. What Kind of Eggs Are You? Blogthings: We're Not Shrinks, But We Play Them On the Internet
Nursery Rhymes
You know you are bored when you start to write the beginnings of nursery rhymes in your fubar status.
I Can
I can barely walk and some donkey orifice in the mumms calls me Skippy, is that ironic or what?
These are only funny because they are true. *If I'm too lazy to masturbate, do you really think I have the motivation to talk to someone I don't know? *I don't wanna be drunk the first time we make love, so can we just fuck instead? *Statuses about your cock are only funny when you're not lying. *If "Obama" is the answer, Then that must have been one stupid ass question. *I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy. *Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night. *There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz 500SL *If a Dodge Challenger was a dude, I'd totally get over my gag reflex. *Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant. *Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport for black men. Golf is a sport for white men dressed like black pimps. *I don'
Capricorn Female
It is very difficult to define the characteristics profile of a Capricorn girl exactly. She can be the sexy babe on the beach or a scientist sitting in the laboratory, doing experiments that can save mankind. Whatever she is on the outside, when you look inside you will find a girl who looks for security, authority, respect and position. It is an entirely different matter how she seeks to achieve these goals. It may be as the president of a country or as the wife of an ambitious man. She seeks recognition and it doesn't matter how she gets it. A Capricorn female is like that goat, which has to reach the top of the mountain. It doesn't matter what position she starts and how slowly she walks, she will be at the top much before those, who were running in front of her. She will do it with such subtlety that you wouldn't even know when she crossed all the milestones. She has her aims and ambitions, but they don't come before her family. She can enjoy the role of a wife or a mother as much
Juxtabranchial Organ Secretions In The Higher Mollusks
When I left the house this morning after our niece Josceline had spent the night (and I’m becoming convinced that my son Jeffrey and my being the only males in the house leads him to strike out more as he feels the girls “gang up” on him) we had just viewed her scrapbook of all the things she’d done in kindergarten.  She’s scared when she doesn’t have the night light on even though her mom Margaret once had a blanket settle over it and could have burned their house down … but I digress.  Since their aunt Mary had fed the kids before I got home, I went to meet Martha after work where she got off and we went to eat.  I didn’t want to pick it out because she tends to draw out the negatives, but she had me do so anyway, the finally renovated Schatz Truckstop that had much better service than last time we went!   The comic strip “Doonesbury” has enjoyed a love-hate relationship with many people and even engendered debate on wher
My Life My Baby Boy
I held him in my arms that night.  Nothings ever felt so right.  He is the life I’ve waited for.    A lullaby I sung to him that night.   A hope I never did expect.  I love you is what I said.  He is the reason I wake up. The only handle I have on life.    Every breath I take is for him.  His existence brings me to my knees.   I want you to have it all. I’ll be there to catch you if you fall. You’re every star that shines in my sky. You’re the happy tears that fall from my eyes. You’re exists brings me to my knees. The only reason I choose to breath. I held his hand with his first steps.  I savored every moment from the start.  Never had I thought someone could own my heart.  Then he looked at me and said my name.  Now I’m his with the rise of every sun.  I want you to have it all. I’ll be there to catch you if you fall. You’re every star that shines in my sky.
I was left out cold and alone Busted Waisting away Left washed up On the shores of life Lost in the pain Crazed and Confused Left Busted Behind and empty shell you call love Tortured Hopeless and Disoreinted Passed by like a hopeless Artist Feeling Busted Hurt and Hated, Never really contemplated How you lefte me there                         BUSTED!!!  
Fun In The Shower
       I had just washed the shampoo out of my hair and was reaching for the soap when my hair was yanked back and I felt a familiar male body behind me. I was not able to turn my head for the grip he had on my hair but I did not need to see who it was since I already knew it was.       My head was then turned to where I was forced to look at the wall. He then started to nibble and bite my neck and shoulder making me shiver and moan. When he was done he tugged on my hair making me turn my head again making me look at the shower screen as he nibble and bite the other side of my neck and shoulder. I moaned louder and wiggled my hips a little only to have my ass smacked and then I herd a growl from behind me. I stopped moving and just stud still.       He bit me one more time on my shoulder before he moved his free hand to my nipples.He then pinched and pulled on my nipples before twisting them a little. I had to lock my knees to keep from moving my hips again from the pleasure I was gett
A Happy Ending May Please The Crowd ...
Eight years ago …   Romans 14: 6-10                                                                                            June 7 Brenda travels to Kilgore, TX                                                                          10206.07   For whether we live, we live unto the Lord, and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.  8   Lord, Martha always seems two steps ahead of me in regard to this wedding and this life.  If I’m to be the head of the house You command, I need to start leading in my life.  How?
Two Faced Trashy Cunts
Debby Me (4/23/2010 2:23:29 PM): hi, i dont have voicekerry lively (4/23/2010 2:23:32 PM): jo you here?kerry lively (4/23/2010 2:23:36 PM): i dont either lolkerry lively (4/23/2010 2:23:48 PM): i dunno how to do the conference john did itDebby Me (4/23/2010 2:23:49 PM): oh okayJoanna Zeller (4/23/2010 2:23:50 PM): ok, can you see me?Debby Me (4/23/2010 2:23:51 PM): you okay kerrykerry lively (4/23/2010 2:23:58 PM): but everyone can see each other?Debby Me (4/23/2010 2:23:58 PM): yes hi hunDebby Me (4/23/2010 2:24:05 PM): yesJoanna Zeller (4/23/2010 2:24:09 PM): im herekerry lively (4/23/2010 2:24:16 PM): kDebby Me (4/23/2010 2:24:16 PM): can you see me lolkerry lively (4/23/2010 2:24:20 PM): lol yesDebby Me (4/23/2010 2:24:24 PM): kkerry lively (4/23/2010 2:24:26 PM): I think we can all see each other nowJoanna Zeller (4/23/2010 2:24:28 PM): ive never done thiskerry lively (4/23/2010 2:24:36 PM): we haveDebby Me (4/23/2010 2:24:37 PM): me either, i use skypekerry lively
Distant Love
Did you ever say I love you And the breeze took your words away Did you feel them as they lingered Then slowly drifted on their way Did they journey long, searching for The distant love you hoped they’d find Was someone out there listening For words from heart and mind Did you ever hear I love you As the wind blew through the trees Closed your eyes and felt them there As they came quietly in the breeze Did you ever say I love you And hear it whispered in return Feeling your distant love beside you And the desire within you burn Did you ever see I love you Floating quietly to you with ease Wandering peacefully there beside you Comes I love you in the breeze
Tarot Card
You are The DevilMateriality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession The Devil is often a great card for business success; hard work and ambition.Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major arcana, the Devil is not really "Satan" at all, but Pan the half-goat nature god and/or Dionysius. These are gods of pleasure and abandon, of wild behavior and unbridled desires. This is a card about ambitions; it is also synonymous with temptation and addiction. On the flip side, however, the card can be a warning to someone who is too restrained, someone who never allows themselves to get passionate or messy or wild - or ambitious. This, too, is a form of enslavement. As a person, the Devil can stand for a man of money or erotic power, aggressive, controlling, or just persuasive. This is not to say a bad man, but certainly a powerful man who is hard to resist. The important thing is to remember that any chain is freely worn. In most cases, you are enslaved only beca
"fyi, It'll All Work Out In The End."
Third Eye, Jambi, Stinkfist, Vicarious, Intolerance, Schism, Forty-Six & 2, Lateralus, and Aenima as the finale. Everyone who called in to the local radio stations afterwards said that it was the best concert theyve ever been to, and with all the NIN and Pantera t-shirts I saw out there, thats some pretty high praise. The high point for me, though, was during Lateralus, they brought out the two guys in the opening group, Dalek, to do a little jamming. They had a bottle of something, most likely rum, and they were drinking it. Maynard told the guy he could take it with him as he was walking off-stage, but he must not have heard him. So Maynard, without missing a beat, hopped down, grabbed the bottle, and took a huge swig from it before finishing the song. Epic. Love you, Tool. Now go write your next album!
A Lil Bout Me
Hey all! Wanted to introduce myself, new to FuBar... have heard about it and finally decided to check it out. I'm Gabby aka Boo Boo Bear..Living in the Fla and loving it!! Have 2 beautiful girls who are not with me at the moment, wish that they were but kinda tough when they are in a different state.Don't want to get too much into that though, will bring tears to my eyes. Have a wonderful man in my life who takes care of me and spoils me every chance he gets, which is a first. For once in my life I am super happy and have been waiting on this for a long time. My past is riddled with bad choices and really bad boyfriends who treated me like shit! But, I will write more later... keep checkin out my blogs! Always love to write! :p
The Problem With The Future Is It Keeps Becoming The Present
  Jul 6, '10 1:00 PMfor everyone Barack Obama is from the future!  Before you dismiss that as tabloid fodder, I think it would explain a few things … in a climate where the occupant of the Oval Office can be accused (and has been) of everything from being the spawn of Satan to a modern messiah, it would explain WHY a birth certificate hasn’t been found or produced for him if he hasn’t been born yet, it would explain his gaffe during the 2008 campaign that he’d been to all 57 states (last I checked, we still have 50) and it would even explain what seem to be gaps in his knowledge of public policy and let’s be honest, tact.  Few individuals within the time they live are especially knowledgeable about the nuts-and-bolts of how their world works, and fewer still could technically apply it if you figuratively dropped them in a wilderness.    Okay, now that I’ve profoundly offended the easily offended (I’ve viewed some ongoing debat
Leaving friday to go up to VA, court on monday. Very sad and happy at the same time, sad because I have to leave my bebe; this will be the first time away from each other since we have been living together. Happy because I get to see my 2 baby girls, haven't seen them since May and it seems like a lifetime away. I'm gonna miss you my bebe, I know that I won't get much sleep because I won't get to kiss you or cuddle with you at night to fall asleep in your arms, so hopefully patches will make me a lil better since he will smell like you. Probably will cry alot too because I won't have you there to make me feel better. So my ex is being a complete asshole like usual, he is pushing the whole divorce issue on me now since he knows that I have a boyfriend, and he is going to make me pay for it! WTF honestly? He has had another woman living with him since before I left and has wanted to be with her since the beginning and to my knowledge got her pregnant. They both won't admit that they w
Would You Rather Have
Would you rather have someone pee in your corn flakes, or someone put corn flakes into your golden shower?
War Wounds
Tears stream down his ,face, hot rivers trailing the lines and scars from years of fighting for king and country. Never turning from a battle, never flinching from a cut inflicted upon his war torn body.  Yet this woman has wounded him more deeply then any sword could. making a whole in his heart and soul that brings the greatest man to his knees. Destroying him with a single sentence that that shatters every hope and dream he ever had. All he ever fought for, all he ever knew is destroyed by the one person he choose to open his heart to. Nothing can save him from this injury. Nothing can preserve his life for he has no will to live. He has no reason to exist without the woman he loves by his side. He has no reason to fight anymore, all because he is not loved. Without her he is nothing, an empty shell, a lost cause...
I Don't Knowwhat To Do... I Want To Save My Relationship
*sighs* I feel like shit. My girlfriend is busy yes... but what I don't understand is why she doesn't seem herself. When I started to talk with her she seemed like she couldn't have enough of me. It seemed like I had her full attention and when I would call her she would welcome my voice with open ears. Now it seems like she ca't wait to get off the phone with me and I admit, amidst my panic I did call a little to much but it just seems like she's not herself. She has her new apartment away from her family nw and it's like now that she's free, the one who was there for her doesn't have any meaning now. Did I do something wrong. She hasn't started college yet and she's so fucking busy. What happened to our long phone calls and our flirty chats. What's going to happen to our plans for the future now that her boyfriend... me.. doesn't have the meaning I used to. Was I just a scapegoat or was I something real to her? So many questions are running through my head right now and it's bohering
*you're A Whore For Lack Of A Better Word
*unfinished* Just take this knife and sew the woundBest friends,enemies,it's all the sameAnother face,another crowded roomI won't buy in,be a part of your gameYou think you had me goingThe hardest part was letting goYou think you have me hurtingI should have said noYou should have a warning labelFor all that you hid under the tableI can't believe I didn't seeWhat you had up your sleeve
Prof Carlos Santo Says Being A Mannas Boy Is Good
The field of psychiatry is filled with nonsensical evaluations and hustlers who call themselves therapists. Here’s an example. Carlos Santo, professor of “social and family dynamics (now that’s very impressive) at ASU, says mommas boys are emotionally better then us other guys. I find that curious he would say that. Since mommas boys tend to look for partners that remind them of their mother. I don’t have proof they do but let me speculate like old Carlos does. I think Carlos doesn’t like guys that are mentally tough. I guess he likes the touchy feely guys. The Alan Alda type. Give me the John Wayne type of personality any day dude. No wimpy guys need to hang with me. Then you may like wimpy guys. For more BlastFM is a great venue for the person who loves great music. No wimpy music hear here. Check it out
*you're Just Another Pretty Face But That's Won't Win You A Personality Contest
I've heard this all before The sky gets dark,as the rain begins to pour Another memory of you You fade away,your face begins to blur How many times should I bring you up Another blade,another cut You think you've got to the best of me I'm just getting started Just wait and see You're just another pretty face Behind all the makeup you're a fake I've had as much as I can take Just watch as you become erased And I can see through your disguise With every promise,and every line What you create,you cannot hide I won't fall for another lie You think you've got the best of me It's a battle of words Just wait and see You're just another pretty face Behind all the makeup you're a fake I've had as much as I can take Just watch as you become erased
Katy Perry
Importance of me is to easy to believe that what it is that I like to think, and so so do eeverybodyy, but I can not even figure out how to breathe, to let her know what it is that she need to see, people are smart enough to realize it, only thing they that do not know, is to show how it is that they really feel, they are to quick to get up also leave, there is my answer although it is not close to choose but who do have a closer clue, so I can not blame myself for walking out of the wrong side of the other door, stay away from my heart, we can still be together, as long as she can not see inside it, as long as she can not see inside it, as long as she can not, stay away from my heart, we can still be together, as long as she can not see inside it, as long as she can not see inside it, as long as she can not, can not figure out how, she can show me that she still cares, but I will show her that I will still be there, I have trust issues, against the ones who have hurt me, but it is thi
you and me are together, in this graveyard of use to be memories, holding my colorful flowers kneeling on my knees, looking at a tombstone with her name on it, with a black dress on and put the colorful flowers down, no ones are watching us, just some dead trees dead dirt and here, a use to be girly girl rip how stupid was she, how did she get, to this point of her life oh fuck! Its done, its not anything she can do about it, to be weird now is the greatest thing that happened because she found herself, no matter what others think and say, she blocks out all the mess won’t let it stress her out, because it won’t make anything better in any way, in her soul there’s gone away girly poems, she used to write before, she realize what she was apart of also wanted this life, so she can show how she really think, rip forever because she’s not coming in you, how did she get, to this point of her life oh fuck! Its done, its not anything she can do about it, to be weird no
I am spinning towards you, I am not going to bore you, disabled artist in work, you better seek out, because i am not going to back down, stare then wait, weakness, is a factor for me, but what is it to you?, then let it go on, weakness, is a factor for me, but what is it to you?, then let it go on, then i wasn’t anything, now I am a little bit of something, you don’t get to seeheee, her as she am, picture frame in flames, what I do is to hot to touch, weakness, is a factor for me, but what is it to you?, then let it go on, weakness, is a factor for me, but what is it to you?, then let it go on, circles…..then wait, circles….then wait, ( do you have anything to say now)
Ignorant People With Green Teeth N Hairy Chins
ya know what? some people can be real bitches, you try and give advise but they dont wanna hear it, even when your advise is right, especially with parenting skills, even when the significant other is a "run around sue" who sleeps with every tom, dick and hairy (harry) that cums their way, trust me, im not loosing sleep over this, i just had to get it off my chest and let other people know what im talking about, this person ignores her kids and makes hubby do everything, she just waits for his paycheck and doesnt do anything, in her roach infested house, its pretty bad when her kids dont even want to be around her.
You are cool, you are sweet.  Stay that way and never change.  Keep cool and stay the same.  Never change for any one but you're self. You are all number one in my books.
You walk in shadows dark and gloomy. You walk in silence never hearing a sound. You walk alone on a path you won't share. You keep yourself hidden in darkness. You hide your heart and pain away. You found love that warmed you. You hid deeper in the darkness not letting it in. You blocked the love from finding you. You felt it burning you deep. You still walk alone in darkness. You still hid in the shadows. You still block love out away from you. You still turn from the warmth.   Your me I'm you We're one We're none We're ALL
10 Reasons To Date A Fat Girl
10 Reasons To Date A Fat Girl By: Gabrielle Talley Break Studios Contributing Writer You can probably think of at least ten reasons to date a fat girl, but let’s get to the real reasons. Dating a fat girl can be the best way to meet the right person in your life. Reasons to date a fat girl are many, but we’ll concentrate on the ones that will help you make the right decision. 1. Fat girls are fun and easy to talk to. Fat girls are usually more concerned with their brains than their looks. This means you can never be bored around a fat girl. They always have interesting stories, and they wont care what they look like rolling down a hill, going on the ferris wheel, or posing for funny pictures with you. Fat girls have fun everywhere they go. 2. Never Go Hungry. Do you really like Ethiopian food? If you do, you probably won’t find a fat girl there. They may be up for trying the fare though since they are generally interested in trying any food once.
A broken harlot wandering darkened streets Curiosity punished forever by my fate My pride and dignity died between my sheets Scarred forever by a twisted lovers hate   Blood trickling down my pale legs Darkness penetrated deep inside my skin My soul dragged up from the vomiting dregs Condemned to hell for my vile sin   The cruelty of my masters marked forever on my face My disgrace festering in my bed Lying in a nest of thorns and lace My beautiful corpse in the alleys of the dead
Sorry If You See Me...
I need help because apparently I put my photos in another album and they disappeared forever and my number count didnt change, so they are somewhere there?? Whatever I am just gonna upload them again and have doubles maybe?..Lol
Dried up from the inside out, I kinda wanna die What's worse than living empty? No tears left to cry.. Each day is getting longer and harder to get through Waiting for fatigue to close my eyes so I no longer think of you. You came to me like a ray of hope, sunshine in my darkness I saw light through the sadness, I saw the storm clouds clear But you were too far away for me to reach and I was trapped by all my fears. The rain fell too hard, the wind was too strong I couldn't make it to you...and you couldn't wait that long I wish things were different, I wish that ray of light did stay I wish that you could have fought through the storm to meet me half the way. Now all madness has subsided because I've given up the fight But your ray of light isn't present, I'm still lost in the night. Darkness surrounds me, I don't pretend anymore I don't smile to make it seem better like I always did before. I'm done pretending, I'm sick of lying and saying that I'm fine
Killer Outside...
Alone night after night he goes out, dagger on his side. Tools on his belt. Drifting through the streets of the city. Passing by homes with sleeping people clueless as to the danger that slips quietly by. Not realizing that each night they continue breathing is actually a gift from him. His mind is dark and twisted, his thoughts involve murder and chaos on a mass level. But he bides his time. His cause is righteous in his eyes. The corrosive evil in this world has infected even the greatest kindest of men. They use religion and politics as a cover for their greedy schemes. They disguise it with charitable organisations and services to help "Better" mankind. But he knows, he has seen the evil, the monsters they create. He also knows he has to destroy them. But alone he cannot do it all, there are others like him, but in this world so corrupt he cannot trust anyone. Finding his target he falls into the shadows, this demon faced pig is piss drunk and stumbling, coming home to his wife aft
My Fav. Poem!!
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.`'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -Only this, and nothing more.'Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December,And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.Eagerly I wished the morrow; - vainly I had sought to borrowFrom my books surcease of sorrow - sorrow for the lost Lenore -For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels named Lenore -Nameless here for evermore.And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtainThrilled me - filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating`'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door -Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door; -This it is, and nothing more,'Prese
Games Are Supposed To Be Fun And Entertaining
I like video games. It’s true, I love playing games and having them take me places I have never been to. My personal cup of tea is to play single player games with an excellent narrative and get lost in the mayhem that ensues. As technology has moved forward, the content of the games have as well insomuch that the plots have become a bit more complex and entertaining to go through. And no I’m not talking about Bioshock. I beat that game, and must say the plot was decent… but should have ended after you killed the creator of Rapture, Andrew Ryan. It kept going and provided some sort of M. Night Shyamalan esque twists… and blah blah blah. The game could have been better, but it fell into some clichéd boringness and I felt I was slogging through the last two hours in god mode. No I’m talking more about game series like Fallout and Planescape: Torment; role playing games which make you really think about the world from a philosophical standpoint and see th
Gf Application
GF application.Name:Age:Phone Number:Hair Color:Eye Color:Piercings/tattoos?:Drink/smoke?:WHAT D0 Y0U THINK 0F MYPersonality:Eyes:Face:Hair:Clothes:Humor:Manners:Friends:Decisions:W0ULD Y0U...Go out with me:Give me your number:Kiss me:Let me kiss you:Watch a movie with me:Drive me somewhere private:Take a shower with me:Be my gf:Take me home to meet your family:Let me sleep in your bed if I didn't have one:Tell me the truth no matter what:Lie to make me feel better:Hold my hand:Keep in touch:Try and solve my problems:Love me:Ditch me:Use me:Fuck me then fuck me over:Call me right after I saw you:Come see me when I needed it:Drive around all night and be with me:D0 Y0U...Think I'm cute:Want to fuck me:Want to kiss me:AM I...Smart:Hot:Funny:Cool:Interesting to talk to:HAVE Y0U EVER...Thought about me:Thought there might be an "US":Found yourself wanting to kiss me:Wished I were there:Wanted to ask me out:Flirted while you had a girlfriend:Cheated on anyone:WHAT W0ULD Y0U D0 IF...I said I
When You Visit My Page
there's a few things about me that i feel like people should know. hopefully this blog helps distinguish my beliefs and thoughts for those of you out there who give a sh*t. so for starters, i joined this site in late 2005 ( it was called back then, not fubar) when mike had first had it up and under construction. there was less than 100,000 users, never really even 30,000 or so online at the same time. i've seen it change alot but still feel that it's the best non-dating profile site around. it's the only one i use. in commercials now everybody and their mother wanna remind people to click on their f*ckin twitter link or facebook or whatever. psh, f*ck that. i hate the fact that even fu sold out a little by linking itself with facebook but i guess i can understand. they help promote, which in turn pays the bills. so yeah, i have a half a decade worth of funny pics, show fliers, videos from gigs and different bands i like stored here. my stash is a goldmine if you take th
The Eyes Of Sin Are Upon Us
for the eyes are upon us now get the guns the lock the kids away its time to end this today   I got a dream and it starts right here to kill every mother fucker that comes near the bloood hits the wall guts fly out on the floor
From Peacy Via Crazy Lips!!!
[url=][b]You Are Powerful and Determined[/b][/url][img][/img]You are confident, self assured, and capable. You are not easily intimidated.You master any and all skills easily. You don't have to work hard for what you want.You make your life out to be exactly how you want it. And you'll knock down anyone who gets in your way!You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily.You are a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from your mind.A true chameleon, you ar
Loyal And Faitful
know the difference between LOYAL and FAITHFUL ?a FAITHFUL person don't have time to get attracted with others. his/her attention is exclusively for the only one he/she loves.a LOYAL person still gets attracted to others,appreciates beauty,flirt in some ways. but at the end of the day.. a loyal person knows where his/her heart which one are you?
My Facebook Was Hacked...
Well this is shocking!! and fuckings tupid!!!  I found out my facebook profile was hacked into... how? I was reading my bio and read this Someone had put this in my bio: I was here.✔Verified by Drako that Claudia Muller does not run this account.   I had it as ✔Verified by Claudia Muller that she runs this account.   I have to go on now to change all my shit?? UGHHH! WHO FUCKING IS LOW AS SHIT TO DO SUCH FUCKING CRAP?
Blimps, Anorexics
I feel  morbidly obese and anorexic women are not pleasant to look at it.  A  Right  B  Wrong C  Individual taste
We Don't Need No Walkie-talkies
Me As 22 Feb 2011
well i depressed right now becasue i am here in iraq and my wife and son is back home i miss them so much ive been sitting in my room for almost a fucking week while everyone else goes out on missions i dont know why they are doin this to me im not hurt or anything but i still dont know y they are leaving me behind i just dont know what to do i fucking hate this fucking country i wish we never had to come here and the days that i do go out i really dont do anything i just wish i hold holding my son and my wife right now and i know they want the same if any of you vets went through the same thing please tell me how the hell did you deal with this because i am goin very insane right now and i realy dont know what to do or how to control it
Who Do You Enjoy More
Who do you enjoy the presence of more? 1. Whores 2. Pimps 3. Tricks, or Johns?  As always comments are welcome, even if it has nothing to do with this mumm disguised as a blog.
The news of the earthquake in Japan and then the Tsunami following the event have sparked a world wide focus on doom and gloom. I encourage everyone to look at it in a different light. Let me explain....   Some of you know me, but most of you don't yet. For those that do know me, they know me as a Peaceful Warrior. I am a follower and huge proponent of 'The Law of Attraction'. The Law of Attraction was first introduced to me when watching the movie, 'The Secret'. This then led to the teachings of Abraham through Jerry and Esther Hicks.   As I delve deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole these principles become more real to me. Thoughts are things. Everything that has been created on this planet was first a thought, then that thought manifested itself into reality. The car you drive was first a thought. The coffee mug you are picking up at the moment was first a thought. This webpage was at first a thought. There are negative thoughts and there are positive
why do you think you can pull the wool over my eyes,Cant you see my pupils shine brighter than a star in the night sky,The Voice, yeah i am the political bastard son,Enemy of the bourgeois, Son of this revolution,In opposition i stand, was born from your bigotry and hate,I walk with the outkasts and were not your slaves to denigrate,We do not exist to build your wealth,Your path of numerology creates an aura of secrecy and stealth,But I've broken your codes and im in the belly of this beast,Assassinating your codes like the past prophets from the middle east,The guide-stones of Georgia we must stand up and resist,You have no right to decide which people possess the proper qualities to exist,Your drunk on power that you really dont have,Your destruction will come solely because of this very math,That you think only you can understand,But the square root of 77 is, The Voice, has awoken and with the people i stand!!!The Voice© 2011
Heartache To Hope
This note is for every man that has ever let me down, hurt me, abused me, brought me down, broken my heart, diminished my faith and hope, destroyed my mind, heart, dreams, faith, and spirit....for any and every man that has caused any negative feeling in me at all whether you were in my life a day, a year, or a decade; whether you caused a little pain from a simple let down or a lot of pain from whatever; whether you're still in my life or not....and to any one that knows any of those men, feel free to tell them this for me....   THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the pain, all the heartache. Thank you for ever single time you let me down and hurt me. Thank you for all the mental, physical, emotional, and psychological abuse. Thank you for dragging my heart and spirit through the dirt Thank you for everything you've ever done to ruin me. Thank you for bringing me to the lowest depths that you could possibly bring me. I know I've been strong enough that MOST people h
You make me laugh You make me smile You make me feel So good inside I never thought I could be so happy With a single person. I never thought I would find someone With so much in common. For once i don't have to hide A single thing about myself; You still love me. I think that's the reason you have such a huge part In my life and in my heart.
You Reep What You Sow
The personal consequences of one's actions are in proportion to the good or bad intentions towards others.  My actions have not always been as they should have been and I realize that they will not always be perfect in the future.  If there was any one things I could change it would be the past. I wish the wrong in my life could be over looked and that the actions of the present could be taken in consideration. I wonder if all this will pay off in the end; if my life will be whole again. I wonder if I will ever walk around as the strong confident man I once was. I’m embarrassed of who I have become and what I have done lately.  I’m a weak soul. How do you pick yourself up when you feel like your only solution doesn’t want to be there as you fall?!?!  The person that I slowly pushed away isnt the one running back to let me know that everything’s going to be ok? What do you do when you feel like you have nothing and no one to let you know that they are there?
Now Tell Me...
Holy Diver, where you at? There's a woman on the hill in a wide brimmed hat With a shotgun, .44, And a big blood hound in the back of a jacked up Ford.     Words by Clutch
Rain On My Window
Come Own Me In An Auction
Rate And Bid Pleasee.
What Is Your Happy Word?
Your Happy Word is "Bliss" You are happy because you don't need a lot to be content. You experience happiness in the best and worst of times. You see the divine in everything. You believe that every moment, person, and creature is unique and special. You are an oasis of calm in this chaotic world. You never lose your head. You can feel totally elated and exuberant from the smallest pleasures. You don't hold back when it comes to ecstasy. What's Your Happy Word? Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings!
New Family Page
The old family page has been deleted....This is the new one and it will have it linked in the lounge, so everyone all family members can access the page. Same rules apply as the old page daily rates to one family member a day along with one gift. Thank you, JYF Family DevilDog
Sex Toy Parties
 -:¦:-¸.·´ .·´¨¨My Job Is Always -:¦:--:¦:- ¸¸.·´* A Party!!!  ¨¨¸.·´ .·´  -:¦:- Want a little...Place an order!!!! Want a Lot...Have a Girls Night Out or Catalog Party Want it ALL....Join my Team!!!! Make between $500 to over $2000 a month Extra!!! Can't host a party?
Memorial Day
Originally called Decoration Day for those who died in the Civil War. Soldiers are amazing people, we know this but not everyone that is a hero is apart of some military branch. This isnt a blog about changing but just remembering the people who have passed that also gave there life. The mother that died durin child birth. The person that was killed before time and there organs saved another soul. The teachers that have spent there life teaching children to be better people. Giving them hope when all else seems to fail. The Single parents that do whatever they can to make sure even if they go without, the children dont. The grandmother you had that was more of a mother than your own. The grandfather that loved you like a son. The musical talent that inspired you to pick up a guitar. The poet you fell inlove with just by understanding and feeling the words. This blog is for the people who have touched your life, military or not. In memory of my Aunt Judy that passed away 7 years ago. Yo
Party In Columbus
Attention: For anyone who is in or near Columbus Ohio, I got a few friends who is throwing a Late Memorial Day BBQ. Now I was asked to have a more people to join. There is swimming, drinking and SMOKE if interested. If you want to attent, shout box or leave me a message and I will give you more details. If you want you can BYOB (bring your own beer), but its not nessecery. Hope everyone has a great day and hope to hear from you soon :)
Riddle Me This
3 things you want right now as you read this? be honest with this question along with others that i ask.
So After Feeling The Brutal Heat, We Decided The Bikini Was Too Much Material......
So I let FLAPS pick out something super sexy, a blue see through beaded babe wear, and sling-back white heels. My oh my are you guys in for a treat! Lets see if he is as good of a photographer as he is at picking out sexy outfits!  
ECS Elite Crew of Seduction Homepage@ fubar
Those Three Little Words.....
Those three litte words scare me more than anything else, They are a sign that all is not well; Those three little words break my heart, They tell me we will soon be apart.   Those three little words scare me more than spiders, They are worse than interference from outsiders; Those three little words bring me so much pain, They tell me that my heart is breaking again.   Those three little words are what I hoped never to hear, They give me the worst kind of fear; Those three little words bring me to tears, Hearing you say those words is the worst of my two fears......
Affiliate Funnel Is A Different Way Of Thinking When It Comes To Downline Building
Downline building has been around since the beginning of the internet. The offer is very exciting, let people know about your product or service, refer a few folks and presto, you are on your way to massive success. What's the problem with this scenario though?Simple, downline building isn't as effective as it once was years ago. Sure there are people making lots of money online using their downlines and affiliate marketing strategies but during the past few years a change has been taking place.It's called the marketing funnel and if you think of the pyramid look of a 'downline', flip it!Here's how it works. Get as many people as you can into the top of your funnel and funnel them down into paying customers. Start with a free front end product or service and then let your marketing turn those free leads into paying customers and clients.Affiliate Funnel is a service that does this plus so much more. It is an all in one business hub that shows you how to properly promote online using th
Talk to me your voice is sweet as music to my earsTouch me One touch from you is comfort that will banish all my fearsHold me closeI love the warmth, the blending of our skinThe first time that you held meMy heart had peace withinSmile at me The sun comes out And storms all blow awayYou dry my tears with gentle handsAnd see, my love, what words can not conveyLaugh with meThe cheer you bring the laughter that we sharebinds our hearts renews our joy andLightens any load or careChallenge meYou lead me into unknown heightsof new horizons we'll discoverInspire mewith courage all my talents you uncoverComfort meWhen I am down you give me strengthTo face the storms with graceFor in the midst of darkest nightI feel your touch I see your faceAnd in your heart you know that I am always here for youTo touch, to smile to comfort youTo give you all you need and moreYou are my strength you are my loveForever the one whom I adore.
Change Is Good.
i think about it a lot lately, especially when people around me start bitching and whining about how fucked up this town is or how if only they could leave this town they would in a heart beat. no, i don't hate this town at all, in fact this town's like an old book that i've read many times. it's not a bad place but i find myself looking for more. what i want this town simply does not have yet and won't for quite some time. i keep my plans to myself mostly because it seems that there is no shortage of people that can't wait to shit all over your ideas. i don't want to hear that i can't do it or that i'm gonna fail. it just seems that there is no shortage of people mired in why things can't be and never considering that maybe the reason why they can't/won't? leave is because they've become their own warden in their own mental prison.  fuck that and to hell with that kind of thinking. yea it is kinda scary. i've been to major cities before and lived in a few of them and yes i know that
Never Say Never
  Never say never you can do anything gotta give it your all no matter how hard it seems whenever you fall down just pick yourself right back up prove all those haters wrong for them nobody gives a fuck I say this shit to motivate ya! I ain't here to preach life is what you make it success is within your reach so go ahead and grab it don't let nothing stand in your way you've worked too hard for this moment to just let it slip away so hold on to this moment hold on to it tight it's your turn to shine come bask in the limelight to everyone who doubts you damn them all to hell none of it phases you at all you're gonna live your life well always believe in yourself never give up on your dreams hard work always pays off just be prepared for all that the journey brings see when you believe in yourself you can become something without belief in your life you are absolutely nothing
You Want To Question My Salute??
Over the last year I have been under doctors care, for a stomach problem I have..Which caused me not to be able to eat well so I lost alot of weight due to that. The first doctor thought it was acid reflux, But it only got worse.I had many test done staring with an ultrsound and lots of blood work. Eventually I changed doctors and went thur a bunch of test and one showed I had a colon infection with I was put on antibiotics for 3 times a day, But as soon as the antibiotics were out of my system the pain come back. It was like someone had hit me in the stomach with a sledge hammer. My doctor could no longer do anything for me so she sent me to a GI specialist and that is whats going on today. 9/23/11 I am going in the hospital for a upper n lower GI.... And I am praying to god that its nothing serious like cancer. I dont have the time to play with the little girls on here about anything, I am nice to everyone!!And I dont bother someone unless they bother me first!! So its your choi
What Would You Look For In Religion, Or Do People Just Not Really Care About Religion?
Every now and then I've got a heart.  Yes it's true. It is there. And I think about things every once and a while like, "How do I share my experiences with people who actually care?"  More often then not people just go about their merry ways and live the cycle of life without even thinking about it.  They may or may not be satisified with their jobs and their social life, but I'm beginning to think that mostly people think that religion is just a fraud.  Brings to mind a quote by Dante, "Hell is a fraud" or maybe it was shakespear, and that any decent human being is intelligent enough to not seek the religious guru who teaches cult messages like Enlightenment, or Salvation, and brainwashes the meak followers, the sheep, to do their bidding or fight for some greater cause.  This whole aspect of religion is rather frustrating for me, because I know for a fact that my life has gotten better as a result of Wicca.  I get excited about the fact and want to tell people, but the truth of the m
She is what he imagines the angels would envy. Her heart shaped frames her Blues eyes softly as newly turned earth,red lips full as blushing rosebuds,pale cheeks smooth as unmarked vellum.Blonde curls tumble over her shoulders. There eyes meet, her rosebud lips smile, and a wave or warmth rushes through him.He feels as though he is standing on the summer sun.
A Song!
Have you ever heard a song from so long ago with so many memories tied to it that it made you cry? And didn't you with that you could go back into time when everything seemed so much simpler and carefree? Those are songs that are the soundtrack of our lives... the ones that bring back childhood memories, best friends, first love, first heartbreak... the memories. Life is made up of years that mean nothing and moments that mean it all. Take chances. Tell the truth. Date someone totally wrong for you. Say no. Spend all your cash! Fall in love. Get to know someone random. Be random. Say I love you. Sing out loud. Laugh at a stupid joke. Cry. Get revenge. Apologize. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell the asshole what you feel. Let someone know what they're missing. Laugh til your stomach hurts. LIVE LIFE! If you can't solve it, it isn't a problem - it's reality. And sometimes reality is the hardest thing to understand and the thing that takes the longest to realize. But once i
Never brought mommy smiles this feeling that I'm feeling I've been feeling for a while it's hard to admit but I got to get it off my chest I would sleep forever if there's peace in death and if you see god tell him that I'm still alive gave up on all those prayers because they couldn't provide the answer to the questions I've been asking since birth been searching for the truth for years I can't find peace on this earth you won't find peace on this earth
My Apologies
Hello I am Sabrina and I want to come clean about my self. First off i owe you all an apology . I came on here in faults pretenses to check this sight out tho i must admit i wasnt sure i wanted to stay. I am not Cathy nor was her pictures real . I had something tradgic happen in my past to make me hide some. I ask that you all respect me by not wanting to video chat me or pervy me to the point i block you. I just ask you all accept me for whom i am and no i am not a professional model  these pictures was just done for fun i actually work in a hospice facility .Once again i am sorry for coming on here under faulse pretenses.
y do so many ppl think pitbulls are a deadly dog its not the dog its the way it was raised
The Story Of Us , By Taylor Swift
"The Story Of Us" I used to think one day we'd tell the story of us, How we met and the sparks flew instantly, People would say, "They're the lucky ones." I used to know my place was a spot next to you, Now I'm searching the room for an empty seat, 'Cause lately I don't even know what page you're on. Oh, a simple complication, Miscommunications lead to fall-out. So many things that I wish you knew, So many walls that I can't break through. [Chorus:] Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room and we're not speaking, And I'm dying to know is it killing you like it's killing me, yeah? I don't know what to say, since the twist of fate when it all broke down, And the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now. Next chapter. How'd we end up this way? See me nervously pulling at my clothes and trying to look busy, And you're doing your best to avoid me. I'm starting to think one day I'll tell the story of us, How I was losing my mind when I saw you here, But you held your pride like you sh
The Tick
YOU DON'T KNOW THAT EVERYTIME I HEAR YOUR VOICE I AM BLOWN AWAY AND I'M AT A LOSS OF WORDS TO SAY IF I BEGGED YOU TO RUN AWAY WITH ME BABY TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT YOU'D SAY.... PLEASE LET'S RUN AWAY...   This life, we always came to... will judge us unless we try something new we'll be afraid (That's ok) we'll be scared (That's fine) but we'll have each-other and that'll save our lives   IN THIS TICKING TIME BOMB ABOUT TO GO OFF WE RUN FAR AWAY SO WE NEVER GET CAUGHT AND TAKE OFF RUNNING IN ONE DIRECTIONG AND NEVER LOOK BACK  (OH WO) NEVER LOOKING (OH NO)   They may find a trail one day but we'll be so far gone at that point they'll be back at square one, trying hard to find us the clues  priority number one   But just try to find me, and it will not suffice coming back down on us agian but your to late we're gone, outta mind outta place, we will always run and hid   This life, we always came to... will judge us unless we try something new we'll be afraid
Why is it that mistakes made in our past tend to change the corse of our lives? Is it because there is no going back? if it was possible to go back in time to change one thing that might have happened in our lives would we? The mistakes ive made in my life are unforgivable and unforgettable in all the eyes of those affected by my mistakes. Only GOD has forgiven me and only he can keep me on the right path in life to never make those mistakes again, I AM FOREVER SORRY to all those affected by the things Ive done in the past. My judgment was bad and the dicisions that i made were influnced by those around me who apperently knew that I was weak minded, the devil works in ways that can be very misleading.  I dont blame any one but myself for doing the things that I have done, YES I would go back in time and change something if it were possible, the one thing that changed the entire corse of my life, one thing that affected me drasticly and hurt those closest to me more than any one else,
Put A New Sexy On It
I have been so guilty of self pleasures and undisciplinary debates within myself that I have come to the conclusion that it JUST DOES NOT MATTER!  It does not matter that I am not perfect, it does not matter that I mess up in relationships..what does matter to me and this being my FIRST BLOG in a place like thiis is that I am a Christian woman who desires to find a good Christian man who has passions and desires like I do.  Now this is my first blog and I have added photographs that perhaps later God will convict me and show me my wrong but for now I see my pics as a work of beauty and art and I have to express myself as a woman to a man and I have needs for that acceptance and if that is an excuse to meet a fun guy that takes life fun and exciting but believes in Christ and I can help him and he can help me THEN SO BE IT!!!  I am tired of the games and pretending to be someone I am not and someone I should be.  I will be that person that God created me to be and I SO ENCOURAGE you the
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May To December
Nito ay 7 buwan ngayon, ako ang lahat ngunit ibinigay na up-asa. Aking pag-ibig para sa kanyang ay hindi deminished. Sabi niya dapat kong ilipat. Ngunit hindi ko, ako sinubukan ngunit ang aking pag-ibig ay matatag. Alam ko siya ay may kakayahan upang makita ang, ngunit pa siya kalahati pinapansin akin, at kalahati ay matamis sa akin.Ang Biblia ay nagsasabing kung ako bilang para sa someting sa iyong pangalan mo bigyan ito sa akin .. Mangyaring Panginoon dalhin ang kanyang likod.salamat
My Life
Totally ready to just chill in life and do what makes me happy for a change,  Some of you remember me as "CB" from years past. Well life has taken many twists and turns and I am finally able to just be me and its awesome.
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halloween thanksgiving christmas new years ill always wait....
One Day Closer
Today is just one day closerUntil I can see and be happy with you So what do we do in the mean time?Let's enjoy the precious minutes we can shareTell me your daily storiesAnd I'll gladly tell you mine Let's talk about the good times we'll shareDay strolls and night walksWith dinner and movie dates in-betweenEverything's going to be great with you by my side. I can't wait to share this warmth with youI wish I could give it on a winter's nightEverything's going to be alright thoughYou know it as well as I. Tomorrow is one day closer to seeing youIt feels so far away, but really, it's going to be soon :) 
Jason Cant Be Ur Superman My Real Life Ex Husband
First off dont sit here thinking that your almight god and talk shyt about me to your loser friends on here to make yourself look good you bald headed ugly a** mother effer  cause you aint shyt and never will be TAKE NOTES J-BIRD  i will make your life a living hell like you did me and your kids all thru the years that you and i been together and married and from the time our kids where born SO IF FUBAR RETARDS REALLY WANNA KNOW WHY I TALK THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FRIEND JASON CANT BE UR SUPERMAN IS FOR STARTERS JUNE 9TH OF 2009 I FILED FOR A DIVORCE CAUSE JASON GOT EXTREMLY ADDICTED TO THIS SITE AND STILL IS  HE DECIDED TO JUST LET EVERYTHING GO AS FAR AS HIS WIFE( NOW EX WIFE)MARRIED FOR 3 YEARS DATED FOR 8 1/2 YEARS AND HIS 2 DAUGHTERS WHO IS 6 YEARS OLD AND 3 YEARS OLD  IT WAS A HELL FOR 3 YEARS NOW I TRULY UNDERSTAND YOU CANT CHANGE SOMEONE IF THEY DONT WANNA CHANGE   DUE TO JASON NOT PAYING RENT AND DIDNT WANT TO LIVE THERE ANYMORE AND THAT HE GOT FIRED FROM HIS JOB CAUSE HE WAS A
Something Sexy
I told my girlfriend to go out and find something that would make me look sexy... she came back 3 hours later drunk...
Never Will I Ever....
...cheat on a significant other...forget who is important...learn my lesson...intentionally hurt another person...forget my past...understand how people can be so cruel...stop making an ass of myself...hit a child...learn from my mistakes...truly get what I another person completely...stick up for myself like I should...say what I really want to as strong as I appear...complete my bucket list...give up on those who have never given up on me...wear Crocs...wear socks with sandals...see through everyone's lies...use my children as who I want to be
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Facts About My Life
    1. I am an avid musician, I play the drums and guitar. Music is one of the biggest aspects of my life. To put it simply music is my life.   2. I'm not in school at the moment, i'm trying to find what is best for me.   3. I love nature. I like any activity that is done outdoors; hiking, swimming, camping, jogging, backpacking, rock climbing etc.   4. I am very artistic even though i am not a very good artist. I try!   5. My family is MASSIVE.   6. I have 3 tattoos;a pair of wings on my shoulders to remind me of who i am and on my left arm i have a dove with a cross where the heart should be in between a crown of thorns with a sunset/ sunrise background to remind me of my faith.   7.Pictures tell stories where words sometimes can't say enough. I enjoy photography :)   8. I can cook pretty much anything if i have a recipe, or at least try to.   9. Working full time while in school is not easy to do.   10. Writing is a hobby of mine. Thus far i have only written poe
Something For Your Heart!
The Perfect Boss
The Perfect BossThere were about 70 scientists working on a very hectic project. All of them were really frustrated due to the pressure of work and the demands of their boss but everyone was loyal to him and did not think of quitting their job.One day, one scientist came to his boss and told him, "Sir, I have promised my children that I will take them to the exhibition going on in our township so I want to leave the office at 5:30 pm."His boss replied, "OK, You're permitted to leave the office early today."The Scientist started working. He continued his work after lunch. As usual, he got involved to such an extent that he looked at his watch only when he felt he was close to completion. The time was 8.30 PM.Suddenly he remembered the promise he had made to his children.He looked for his boss but he was not there. Having told him in the morning himself, he closed everything and left for home. Deep within himself, he was feeling guilty for having disappointed his children. He reached hom
The Carnival
Walking across the midway, it was no less then a perfect day! Spring was well on its way to summer, but not yet too hot to be uncomfortable. The bright blue sky was dotted with a few clouds which moved by slowly and a light wind brought the smells of the day to us. We walked along through the crowds, the aroma of cotton candy, hot dogs, and fresh popcorn filled the air.   I hadn't taken my eyes off you since picking you up, and neither were any of the other men at the carnival. The tight, almost see through top displayed your breasts perfectly. A tiny red, black and white plaid pleated mini let me see your tanned long legs while showing off your perfect ass. How you managed to even walk in your black 4 inch stiletto heels had me marveling as I held your hand as we moved through the people. We paused for a moment deciding what to eat and I moved behind you wrapping my arms around you pulling you close to me. I smiled to myself as you leaned back against me, nothing but my t-shirt betwee
Should I Stay?
I cant stand my heart sometimes. I never try to fall I never try to love, but i simply fall and my heart takes over. I had that when I drink the truth comes out. I hate that I cant keep my heart in check. I feel as if I losing my heart and my soul. I dont want to gain my whole world and lose my soul. Sad thing is somehow I have lost the soul I once had. I feel like dying but to say I didn't fall I would be lying. Damnit I am really begining to wish I never rejoined fubar. I have seen more love and pain since I have been back than I can take, and quite frankly I feel like just walking away and saying fuck it all.
Should I Be Worried?
Friend: I am pretty good  Pnut: yeah? Friend: Yup  Pnut: should i be worried? Friend: Not at all  I didnt get laid, sorry, no woman in her right mind would fuck me lol                 but good guess though 
Love music of all kinds. Just went to an AWESOME concert with Nickelback, Seether, Bush, and My Darkest Days!!! Nickelback put on a great show. I had a great time. Loved every bit of it.
I Will Wait
I like those that like me, I like those that might not see I'm not perfect I am not even plain. I am nothing but a lost soul, a figment out of control a nightmare without a name. Pro's out weigh the con's, I won't think of any turn on's they don't make any sense. Without you my reason is dim, why I'm out on a limb just like limbo on the fence. I want to feel your over all heat, from your head to you hot feet join me for together we rock. Every tiny touch is felt, seeing you makes me melt my tunnel wants your cock. Minutes with you I enjoy, your my man, your my boy I will wait for you. One minus one is none, one plus one is fun my dream is 4u2 want me 2.
I'm Doing Something Weird
Hello and salutations to you all. You may or may not have heard of Edgar Cayce. His nickname was the "Sleeping Prophet" as he would go into a trance and talk about lots of things such as the apocalypse and Atlantis. He was very popular in the more bohemian circles and is widely read amongst New Agers. He talked about this detox diet (which you'll find lots of information if you google it) that involves eating nothing but apples for the next 48 hours. You can eat as many or as little as you'd like, and drink nothing but water and herbal, and green tea. I decided to try this out this weekend, to see if I can detoxify myself and maybe even lose a kilo.  I can tell you, as of this writing, that I feel weird. I feel happy and, at the same time, detached from this world. I guess "high" would be the right term. I do feel a bit sensitive, like something could easily upset me; yet I feel like I can return to this happy state of mind.  My sense of touch, taste, and smell is more acute. My e
Nothing of thoughts of you mind blowing around in the wind of love  Nothing of thoughts of you rain go away come other day as I cry for you Nothing of thoughts of you on my mind tears falling from my face deep in the night alone again not holding you Nothing of thoughts of you dark moon shinning on my face walking on stones of no where deep in the woods deeper I go Nothing of thoughts of you I will for get you now my love as I sleep deep sleep blood run off my mind of you it's time for me to go deep deeper away Nothing of thoughts of you I cry my tears my tears fall for you
The Ride
Sitting in the passenger seat, trying to get comfortable... dropped my shoes on the floor, and rest my feet on the dash....its still a lil chilly with the windows down, so i rub my legs a lil to keep them warm with the breeze from the open window... its warm out, but not really warm... my legs are smooth as silk ... and as i rub i can smell my sunflower scented lotion floating on the air...warm fingers join mine as i rub my legs, a big warm hand envelopes my theigh slowly glides up and down rotating around my knee and fingers dipping into that sensitive spot behind my knee... my left hand wanders to his theigh, being careful while he drives not to push too hard, i massage his theigh from his knee up to his hip ... rotating my hand to his inner theigh and traced his balls and hard cock with the tip of my pinky through his jean shorts.... i unbuckle my seatbelt and lay down so my head rests on his side, sliding a hand up his inner thiegh to find what ive been wanting so mu
this is a writing from a dream i had just last night almost as if i was out of body.....   she was sitting on the bench at the picnic table where we had our first date. It was dark but i couldsee her very well from the lights on top of the levee. I was merely feet away, standing in the shadows. but she couldnt see me. she was waiting for me but i didnt want to speak just yet, i just wanted to watch her. i could feel the blood and adrenaline pumping violently through my veins. i was on fire on the inside, and my heart radiated through my chest and face. it was all that i could do to not race up to her and rip her clothes offright there in the park. my god i wanted her. to taste her... dear god that taste. it was still so vivid in my memory that i could still taste her wonderful juices on my tongue even after all this time.   my breathing quickened, and my pulse raced. the breeze changed direction towards me, and i could smell... could it really be?... yes... my god i could sm
Hey, Guess What.....
I am not as unhandlable as I may want to be. I am not attracted to females, just curious. Here I am figuring if I haven't met Mr. Right, in person, yet maybe I should try playing with a female. I am not into rough and painful sex. After experiencing something that had me standing in the shower crying out in pain, it isn't favorited by me. I ultimately don't want to feel like a piggy bank without my cork.  Its amazing, the things that I am asked on here. There is always the option of blocking but pissing off ya just gotta do sometimes. Fucking Deal With It!! If you wanna be mean and have that person be nice chances are its not going to happen. I am like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Could not always say that. I see things worse than they are. OMG, I ain't a perfect sample of a southern California girl. My Bad!! Yes, I was born in California. Not Hollywood or L.A. but the Mojavi Desert. I spent most of my childhood in Oro Grande, with the rattlesnakes and scorpions. I can't an
As of today I am no longer proud of my Irish heritage. Over night an innocent  dog was  put to sleep just because  he looked like  a pitbull.  Seriously??? WTF???? What has this world  come to????  Yes there are plenty of states and and countries that  have these stupid laws.  I am one that thinks there are stupid. Not all pit bulls are bad. Not all dogs are bad. Its all in how they are raised. .  That goes for little chiuauas to bull masiffs.   If raised correctly they are all good dogs. But there are some sick bastards out there who abuse them and /or teach them to fight.  They are the ones who need to be put to sleep. This whole BSL ( Breed Specific Legislation) is stupid. Thatas rates up there with People who want to take away or Gun laws. "HELLO"  Guns don't kill people. Stupid idiots using the guns kill people.  Does a gun have a mind of its own? Does a gun know how to fire itself?  I didn't think so.  Same goes for dogs. do they know how to fight? No not unlesss you train t
Third Nipple?
Friend of mine hit up my sb this morning and it went a little something like this: Friend: lol why do you have a 3rd nipple lol Me: i do? :o where? Friend: lol im kidding Me: omg i wanna lick it! lol :P Friend: lol freak
What I Hate Most About Me.
I'm just writing this to straighten shit out in my head. This isn't directed at any one person, but more toward the whole, and at me. I've been on this site a long time. I originally came here over 5 years ago to see what it was about and have some sort of social outlet in my life. I work a lot and my schedule is jam packed full of insanity. So as a single father, I gave Lost Cherry (which if you don't know became Cherry Tap, then Fubar) a shot to at least attempt to fill the hole of fun communication with other adults. This place had a lot to offer, it was dark, seedy, and it was sure a lot more fun than MyFace and Spacebook. Plus coming here and chatting with the other reprobates had a certain appeal. We were all adults, it was easy to suss out the BS, and we all liked to laugh, many times at others and even our own expense. And it wasn't that known about. There was a certain currency to being here when it all began. Even through my recent deletion (still with no reasonable expla
Today has been an interesting day for me to say the least. I arrived here back on Thursday morning. Since I have arrived its been very laid back for the most part when things are going right. But I also have a lot that is on my mind. This may be a ramble session as well so if you do read this please over look it if it bores you. I just needed somewhere to write out all that is on my mind. Well to start off lets go back to Thursday when I arrived here. So I get here back at about 2 am Thursday morning to some really good food considering all that I have been having to eat. I had some chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, and green beans. After finishing eating my brother decided he wanted to go upstairs and go to bed. His wife decided she wanted to stay downstiars and talk and watch some movies. Well, me being how I am I didn't want to sleep because I wanted to finally get to relax and all. By the time all was said and done my brother decided he was going to go off the deep end cussing an
Bragging Or Complaining?
I lost my iPod somewhere between my desk and pulling into my driveway from work, yesterday. I used it a TON, and I'm only discovering just how much, in its loss. If nobody turns it in, I have the locate my iPod feature enabled. Already changed all my passwords. Will probably buy a new iPad at xmastime to replace it. Was going to upgrade next year, but this kind of forces my hand.
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Friend: suck my blue waffle Me: got any syrup?
Brined Herb-crusted Turkey With Apple Cider Gravy
Total Time:53 hr 0 minPrep1 hr 0 minInactive48 hr 0 minCook4 hr 0 minYield:8 to 10 servingsLevel:IntermediateIngredientsBrine:7 quarts water1 quart apple cider3/4 cup kosher salt1/3 cup granulated sugar1 large onion, diced1 large or 2 small carrots, diced3 ribs celery, diced1 head garlic, cut in 1/2 equatorially1/2 bunch fresh rosemary1/2 bunch fresh sage6 bay leaves1 (12 to 14 pound) turkey, free range organic is great!Herb crust:1 bunch fresh rosemary, leaves finely chopped1 bunch fresh sage, leaves finely chopped3 sticks butter, room temperatureKosher saltGravy:1 large onion, cut into 1/2-inch dice1 large or 2 small carrots, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch dice2 ribs celery, cut into 1/2-inch dice4 cloves garlic, smashed2 Granny Smith apples, cut into 1/2-inch dice5 bay leaves1 cinnamon stick1 bunch thymeKosher salt1 quart chicken stock, divided2 cups apple cider, divided1/2 to 3/4 cup all-purpose flourDirectionsSpecial equipment: butcher's twineTo brine the turkey: Combine all of the
How Do I Get ....
"How do I get over you" jump over the moon tonight... all alone thinking of you not knowing this feeling will go away this night... "how do I get over you" truth is too complicated. So, so do you think of me at all.... is it complicated for you to move on with out me to night.. "how do you get over me" just a silly feeling I have looking a the moon tonight....                 bY LoVe GiRL  moving on down dusty road with out you.. fucker... 
That's Not Even Cool
Wow ive noticed on here alot that noone really likes accepting friend request or socializing that much. They will accept being fanned and liked. Dont get me wrong even I dont accept every request. I also completely understand if you have somone stalking you or just plain bugging the fuck out of you why you would act that way. What's not even cool is that some people are just straight up assholes and bitches. They will accept your request but never post a comment on your page just to show love. So to who it may concern your taking up space from people that want to socialize, network, and have fun. If im correct if you join a social networking site your going to meet people that want to socialize. Dont be a asshole unless you have to be. Dont be that much of a prude, and selfish that you cant type simple shit like "Much love". What's with the bullshit cockiness fellas. Just because you fu-own a woman which is most likely one of many beautiful women on here doesnt mean your the shit, and
Three Senile Old Ladies
I'm trying to remember and translate this so...if it ain't that funny..blame my English lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mato decided to invite her friends Leni & Toula over for dinner. But because she knew she forgets things, she decided to set the alarm to go off so that she's reminded to offer them coffee, dinner and desert. Leni and Toula arrive and shortly after the alarm goes off. Mato says 'Oh my, would you like some coffee?' and goes to get it. Soon after they've had their coffee the alarm goes off again and Mato says 'dear me, I never offered you coffee!' and goes to get the coffee. A bit later, the third alarm goes off and Mato says 'well, let's have some coffee, shall we?'. Leni & Toula leave Mato's house and on their way home Leni says to Toula ' What about that Mato, huh..never even offering us coffee?' which Toula replies 'Is Mato still alive?!!'. P.S. I swear, it had me laughing ON THE FLOOR for about 5 mins. I laugh each time I try to tell it and I'm laughing
Why are you men in my shoutbox telling me your penis size? I really could care less honestly. I'm not on here looking for peen so you can keep them details to yourself.. Thank you :)
Just The Three Of Us.. Part Three
Part Three He tells me again, as he continues to fuck my ass hard. You smile as your hand moves further back sliding the toy towards my very wet pussy, teasing it. Finally you start to slide the toy into my pussy, making him stop. He buries his cock deep in my ass and tells you to fuck my pussy with the toy. He asks if I want to cum.. Do I want to cum again with his cock buried deep in my ass, with you fucking my pussy with the toy? I moan arching my hips. He laughs and says he’ll take that as a yes. He tell you to fuck me harder as he starts to move again, you say you wanna taste, as you move sliding you head between my thighs. You lick my very wet pussy moaning as you continue to fuck my pussy with the toy, as he continues to fuck my ass with his hard cock. You lick and suck at my clit as he tells you to fuck me harder. In a rush I cum again squirting everywhere. As I cum you reach down between your thighs and start fingering your pussy making yourself cum and he continues to
What Is Very Near
Your moves are perfect in every way, oh so damn perfect, I need to make your day. And as often as I just might try, I know in the end I'm just gonna cry. Gotta go for the gold, got buy what can't be sold.   I am not gonna play, anybodies game, sorry not today, I know very well where I want to go, and with Tom, Dick or Harry  there isn't the desired flow. Don't even try to impress me, with your three eyes that can't see.   You just got to accept and feel at ease, I have found my hearts need, so please. I am trying desperitly to spread the news, I am his and he is mine, no time to use, use it up and throw it away, we shall not ever, distance makes the heart take root and remember what you have needed forever.   what is very near but never noticed If by now you haven't found it, what is very near but never noticed let go just start to forget, what is very near but never noticed will never fade, the fire will stay lit.
Is It Wrong?
is it wrong to tell someone you love them more then a gay man loves cock?
Recognize Any Gold Age Though It May Be Going On Duncan Keith Youth Jersey
Precisely what describes the fantastic get older? Conventional wisdom echoes that a golden grow older is the place the caliber of the product or service getting developed is a its best level achievable; While each and every new innovation or relieve is equal to or perhaps finer quality than your specifications associated with excellence which may have recently been accomplished Dustin Byfuglien Youth Jersey. It really is almost impossible to ascertain when you are experiencing any fantastic get older till a long time right after will be has transpired rarely can you recognize any gold age though it may be going on Duncan Keith Youth Jersey. And there are a handful of well-noted golden ages: the actual golden age of tv set, stereo and movies is the the majority of recognizable; all disciplines that are dependant on creativeness and general public diversion Patrick Sharp Youth Jersey. In relation to electronic devices, you can now suppose the top quality which is being rel
Won The Equalizing Aim. Even So Antti Niemi Jersey
The particular Chicago blackhawks certainly are a professional ice hockey staff situated in Chicago, Illinois. They are individuals the Central Split from the Developed Seminar with the Nhl (NHL). They've won a number of Stanley Cup Competition as well as 18 department games considering that their own starting within 1926. Your Blackhawks are one of the Initial 6 NHL groups, combined with Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens, Greater toronto area Walnut Leafs, The big apple Ranger as well as Detroit Reddish Wings. Since 1994 the actual Blackhawks have performed their home game titles at the U . s . Centre after you have put in Over 60 a long time playing at Chicago Ground. Those are the protecting Stanley Cup champions Bobby Orr Jersey, obtaining overcome the particular Boston bruins within the 2010 Stanley Glass Finals. The particular Blackhawks resigned Tanker Kane along with Jonathan Toews to agreement extensions worth $31.Your five million above A few years Bobby Hull Je
Facebook’s Zuckerberg Wants Instant Gratification In Washington, At Your Child’s Expense
Donna AndersonInfowars.comMay 14, 2013 Only a month ago, Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive and co-founder of Facebook, decided he was going to put together a dream team of backers and together they would influence immigration policy decisions in Washington. Today, after a series of questionable ads, Zuckerberg’s backers are backing out faster than you can say, “Global Warming.” On April 11, 2013, Zuckerberg launched, a group of advocates pushing for immigration reform. Among their list of reforms the group is asking for better tools and support for law enforcement guarding our borders, a simple and effective employment verification system, and a clear pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already living in the United States. The main focus of, however, is modifying the guest worker program, namely the H-1B visa system. Currently in the U.S. the H-1B is a non-immigrant visa which temporarily allows employers to employ foreign workers in
Ooops… Hot Mic Reveals Lawmakers Intent To Confiscate Guns
Doug May 14, 2013   WATCH VIDEO HERE Every American gun owner, regardless of the state in which you live, is presently or will be the target of gun confiscation. A state-by-state framework of confiscation is being erected in front of us all to strip us of our rights under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Proof of this nefarious intent of disarming citizens was serendipitously caught by a “hot” microphone at the conclusion of the May 9, 2013 meeting of the New Jersey State Legislature. At the conclusion of the New Jersey Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee meeting last Thursday, an open microphone caught three state senators, identified by voice as Senate MajorityLeader Loretta Weinberg, Assistant Majority Leader Sandra Cunningham, Senate Majority Whip Linda Greenstein, and at least one staff member talking candidly about their intent to confiscate all guns from the people they serve. It should
The Need For Rules & Discipline
We all have a need for discipline within our lives. It is part of the very fabric by which we live. We have rules that govern literally all aspects of our lives... One way to make sure we follow these rules is self-discipline. We must pace ourselves and keep our whims and desires in check... The D/s lifestyle is also based on rules and consequences. In each relationship, there are rules that the partners live by, consequences for falling outside the rules, and ways of making sure each one knows what the rules are and what is expected of them. These rules allow for safe play, help meet needs, and add to the enjoyment of the relationship. In the ideal situation, both the Dom and the sub will work together in setting up these rules, and decide together what is the appropriate punishment for breaking those rules. These rules are part of their self-discipline that make the relationship unique to them. Part of being a submissive is the desire to please. In order to do this, the
Just Some Thoughts
Just some thoughts I've had lately, and I needed to let them out SOMEHOW.   It really kinda sucks when you're polyamorous, and in a monogamous relationship. M'love is open minded, and I have permission to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but it's REALLY hard to find someone open to that, especially since I am the type that has a hierarchy, and M'love will ALWAYS be first for me. Not many people, especially around here, are open to being part of a relationship like that. People don't want to share. And the ones that do, I don't have any interest in. I feel like I'm stuck settling for one of two things: either I settle for being in a monogamous relationship for life, or I settle for somone I'm not really attracted to. Either way, I'm miserable. I get so lonely when M'love is at work. I have a dog, yes. But a dog can't hold me, a dog can't have a conversation with me. A dog can't give me what a person who loves me can. It sucks.   Comment if you want, I don't care. I just needed to get
Maillot De Foot 2013 Ses Cheveux Roux;
Football est à la mode, la mode est de FootballCertaines icônes du football créent leurs propres tendances, d'autres sont simplement tr chic, suivant la mode dicte un tee-shirt! En conséquence, le football est suivi avec passion par les fans, tant pour le jeu que leurs joueurs préférés des déclarations de fashion sur et hors du terrain. Jetons un coup d'œil à certains footballeurs mode et quelques trendsetters bizarres!Comment les fans de se connecter avec leursMaillot Enfant équipes et joueurs préférés? Eh bien, pour commencer, il ya des tas de marchandises de football qu'ils peuvent ramasser dans un magasin de soccer ou website web. Maillots de football, foulards, bandeaux pour les cheveux, vestes et beaucoup d'autres sont disponibles pour le demander. On peut même obtenir maillots de football personnalisé avec un nom de joueur préféré et le nombre sur eux.C'est un moyen de se connecter. Une autre façon est à la mode soi après celles des héros, qui est ce que des mi
Drama Queen Much?
Why are such people drama queens? their status updates always seem to be about how sad they are feeling, how heart broken they are, about how much life hurts them
? (w.i.p)
Force learned mental inconsistenciesCan't possibly tear you from the right pathtied down cerebral incoherencies Blind you from what and where you really areNever fear expanding your existenceIdeological concatenations keep you boundBureaucratic charlatans weave reality in handArresting immunity with defamation of willHolding your mind's eye with promised absolutionDetouring or natural compulsion for intellectual amplificationInducing our delusions of safety in narcissism
I would take this gun and blow my mind asunderIf only I could target that part that is youI'd blow the hole and let you drain outPicking up the pieces of me left on the wall abaftLeaving the bitter specimen you plantedTaking back the mind you tried to conquerGone would be your absinthal memoryFree of your hatred my mind blossoms
La Rasarit De Soare Nr 1
                                                                                                                                Cand un rasarit de soare incununa zambetul zarii , inimile indragostitilor incep sa tresara trezindu-si stapanii . Intr-o diminiata perfecta , rasfatandu-se cu zambete si sarutari , doi indragostiti deschid ochii fericiti unul in bratele celuilalt , asa cum si-au dorit mereu .                                             Eu ma dezmetici repede ,inviorat de sfarcurile ei intarite , iar ea statea pandindu-ma obraznica de deasupra paturii moi . ... ,simtindu-si fericirea prea rasfatata ca sa isi refuze vre-o placere , se intinse somnoroasa , curbandu-si spatele zvelt pentru atacul meu pofticios care se produse instantaneu .                                               Bucuroasa , ea isi trece mainile prin parul meu si si se apleaca sa imi sarute inca odata fruntea .                                              Te iubesc , imi sopti .                          
Feeling Good Again!
Feeling good again.  Got a new job to which I enjoy going.  I have my plate full as usual with friends who need my ear and my healing energy.  I'm learning Spanish again--spoke it as a kid!  I'm hoping to go back to work writing my book.  I am planning to build my "moon room" onto the end of my house sometime this summer if I can get enough money saved.  And life goes on....
Ray Ban Rb 3025 For Sale,discount Ray Ban Polarized,cheap Ray Ban New Wayfarer
Lay claim law enforcement agency aid road users doubtful whether a massive expert at an unblemished car truck is hoping to pull these people onto turn on risk light bulbs to pressure by degrees to the highly lit realm where by the crowds can be found earlier to giving up. Drivers are not arraigned with dealing with detain. Chelsea police force are nevertheless seeking to untangle your ray ban rb 3025 for sale result the particular grown-up who have showed off a banner in addition to twoway stereo to ray ban original wayfarer rb2140 take advantage of people on the streets. Whilst in town, The chief executive could well be safeshielded times greater 200 usa confidential soldiers effectively recognizable their whole receivers shirtcuff and in addition sunlight RayBan. President barak has recently suffered a few minutes to get found most of the knowledge. This is produced a decision 18 months in the past, Where he had been a presidential customer, Of his ray ban rb3321 AfricanAmerican hist
Quand Les Gens Maillots De Foot Regardent Des Maillots Ou Des Uniformes
Uniformes du football en grosIl viendra un moment dans la vie de votre enfant ou même dans votre propre vie quand vous avez à penser à l'achat des uniformes faits authentiques et personnalisé. Dans de tels cas, vous devez prendre en considération les différents varieties de matériaux, de couleurs, de tailles et de formes qui peuvent être un uniforme. Il ya des gens qui préfèrent avoir certains patchs ou des symboles, voire des noms cousus sur leurs uniformes afin qu'ils se démarquent de plus dans la foule. Peu importe ce que vous demandez, qu'il s'agisse d'enfants ou maillots de football uniformes de joueur professionnel, uniformes Maillot Enfant du football en gros peuvent le faire pour d'équipe est un aspect essentiel de tout jeu et un sport. Quand vous êtes là, vous voulez montrer à la foule que vous faites partie d'une équipe, donc pourquoi nous acceptons même les demandes d'uniformes de l'équipe. Dans le même temps, cependant, vous voudrez aussi avoir quelqu
Villa Have Located The Objective Path
Mourinho Befriends BenzemaJose Mourinho, Karim Benzema and Villa among the three guys, you'll find some fascinating subjects. Beginning in the season, Villa suffered from "anxiety score," Genuine Madrid coach Jose Mourinho was to state the same opportunity Nabiliya Benzema bad excuse, saying that forward so costly, not too objectives, cheap Maillot Enfant , although Mourinho didn't title names, but absolutely everyone think he is David Villa. This Houbiliya Football Shirt continued to score, the Catalan media to rise battle back, furthermore to "thank" Mourinho activated Villa, Benzema also be cynical, but, now, clearly overwhelmed Billy Benzema Asia, the French final eight games, scored ten ambitions, although Villa had five consecutive games, crop failure, then, Mourinho has become the a single that can be proud of.So far, the complete number of Benzema aim has been Veste Foot within the Villa, the 2 inside the league, King's Cup and Champions League really are a total of
Temp Adds
If you have added me to your family for the purpose of helping me level, please comment on this blog and i will give deliver a point boost to you when possible.  Also chances are when i added you, i probably had several tabs/windows open, so if you need fanned just let me know. Thanks and have a nice day.
Pink Is Going To Make History
Pink  is going to make history.
The Design Of The Kit Is There To Ignite Interest In A Staff
Football Merchandise - Retro Football ShirtsMany youngsters, specifically while in the United kingdom, have dreamt about enjoying in the English Premiership League. Big title players such as David Beckham, Steve Gerrard and Wayne Rooney dominate the walls of many cheap Maillot Enfant . Aside from the players undoubted abilities the general affect of the player also depends upon the way they search - particularly when inside their football kit.We are able to all see the way in which that the great curiosity surrounding football has revolutionised the sport like the football kit that all best teams wear. The design of the kit is there to ignite interest in a staff and it has provided the football followers with something that is creative along with a spectacle. The moment a player steps on the pitch you'd probably always register how colourful and decorative the football kit is even just before the player displays off his talent. Football kit, shirts in particular, have becom
The Old-fashioned Way
Pink prefers to pay for her meals the old-fashioned way.
Time Is Running Out
Time is running out, the 2013 legislative session is almost over. Last week the Connecticut Senate passed a heroic GMO labeling bill by a vote to 35 to 1. Tragically, in response, Governor Malloy (D-CT) and Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey (D-Hamden) intentionally forced a weak amendment on a House version of the bill that gutted any serious labeling of GMOs in the state. It's outrageous that for the second year in a row that Gov. Malloy and Speaker Sharkey have worked together to stop serious efforts to get a strong GMO labeling bill passed in Connecticut.For the past 2 years activists on the ground in Connecticut have been working to reach a compromise with Governor Malloy and negotiated with his office in good faith. Now, he has now shown us his true colors. Last Thursday, before any of the members of the House had a chance to read the Amendments to the GMO labeling bill provided by Governor Malloy’s office, Speaker Sharkey called the bill for a vote in the middle of the n
Obama Head Of Al Qaeda
MAY 28, 2013 Mounting Evidence: Barack Obama Now Global Head Of Al-Qaeda? Is President Barack Obama  now the global head of Al-Qaeda? – bankrolling, arming and equipping terrorists around the world in order to achieve his administration’s geopolitical objectives – while simultaneously invoking the threat of terrorists domestically to destroy the bill of rights.   Image: Wikimedia Commons Since it has now been established that those merely suspected of engaging in terrorism, including US citizens, are subject to targeted drone strikes, under the terms of his own prosecution of the fake war on terror, Obama must immediately order a drone strike on the White House because the facts documented below incontrovertibly demonstrate that it represents the headquarters of Al-Qaeda operations worldwide. The fact that Al-Qaeda was created by western intelligence and has always been controlled by these interests demonstrates that the Al-Qaeda threat is one of the great
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 150
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 150 of Janey Godley's podcast the comedy mother and daughter discuss comedy writers in stand up- good or bad? Janey talks about her dad's visit to the doctors and their experience with a methadone user.   Ashley gives her latest review on political delusions and how laughing at terrorist's might be the answer. They both talk about sexual practices and why Ashley will never eat quail.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.   Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 150   If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto Our
Italian League As Well As A Whole Great Deal A Lot More
Football shirts- for your real 'football-o-holic'!Do you adore football more than anything else on the planet? Then demonstrate your lover in direction of football, let everyone no just how much you enjoy football, and get to the football spirit, each single second together with the assist Maillot Angleterre ! You will find many different incredible football shirts to pick from, from all the teams there are. The best part about football shirts is you may get good quality football shirts and remarkable discount rates, which means you will save lots and lots of money. You'll find a variety of coupon codes supplied to you, and if you want to enjoy additional savings, you can just go in for your coupons! There's even a currency convertor presented to you, by means of which you'll be able to know the exact price in the different football t-shits in numerous currencies. If you subscribe to the updates, you may Maillot Espagne anytime any new merchandise comes up, so that you can
Pastors Repent
Will Electronic Tattoos Replace Internet Passwords And All Other Forms Of Identification?     Michael SnyderAmerican DreamJune 3, 3013 Would you wear an electronic tattoo if you couldn’t log on to the Internet without one?  That may sound crazy to many of you, but the technology for such a system already exists.  RFID tattoos have existed for quite some time, and they are already being used on animals.  But now an entire
Choosing Right Packaging For Fragile Items
If you have received a mass of rubble assuming it to be a beautiful flower vase which you had ordered from a distant store, then you surely know there was something seriously wrong with the packaging of the product. As a marketer, you can well imagine yourself to be in the consumer’s shoes and understand his fury on receiving a broken or a damaged product which is of no use. Traditional packaging techniques like stuffing paper and thermo coal are not adequate to provide complete protection. If your company manufactures fragile items, then it becomes even more important to choose correct packaging. Thankfully, packaging design company have made it possible to ship fragile items safely over long distances. Today, there are various types of packaging materials and equipment available that suit the needs and requirements of different types of goods. The type of goods transported becomes varied day by day and hence, packaging materials are also constantly evolving. This ha
New Luxurious Apartments Worli @09999684166
                                              Worli Projects Mumbai   Worli : Worli is one of the best localities of the Mumbai city. The residential luxurious apartments in the area are the most attracting feature of this emergent locality . Worli is a part of South Mumbai which extends from Haji Ali to Prabhdevi. The nearest railway station to the neighborhood is Mahalaxmi. Worli Sea – Face is now better connected with Western Suburbs. With a strong network of roads,Malls, Shoping Centers, High rise complexes,  Cinemas, Restaurants, daily expedient stores and more within or in the  nearby areas . it has become the most privileged thing to buy Apartments in Worli. Worli is leading with Real
Installazione Applicazione Per Telefoni E Tablet Android
Se si possiede un telefono Android o tablet, allora probabilmente stai cercando di scaricare alcune di queste applicazioni sul vostro dispositivo. Ma esattamente come si va su di esso? Ci sono due tipi di applicazioni scaricabili sul mercato questi sono la varietà libero e pagato. Quelli gratuiti sono ovviamente liberi di tutte le spese e di quelle pagate possono essere scaricati solo una volta che hai pagato per loro. Nella maggior parte dei casi, il pagamento è molto minimale. Una volta deciso il tipo di di download che si vuole, tutto ciò che dovete fare è cliccare sul 'applicazione Android market' sullo schermo del vostro tablet o telefono. Una volta fatto questo, un motore di ricerca viene avviata e viene utilizzato per cercare l'applicazione. -cellulare android Una cosa da notare è però che la maggior parte dei motori di ricerca, come Google in realtà non controllano chi caricare applicazioni a internet e, come tale, si potrebbe incorrere in un paio di applicazioni che hanno alc
Increase Of 156.02%
In addition, Angela also said that the Chinese tourists often visit other countries in tourism and shopping, Burberry stores in these areas with about 50 can speak Mandarin and Cantonese sales representative.Burberry sunglasses Of course, the earnings data show that all this is worth it: this time period, Burberry's revenue increased by 26.68%, the profit is an increase of 156.02%. In early 2000, the Group has only more than 50 outlets, and by the end of September 2011, the group in the world with 441 stores and 52 franchise stores.Oakley sunglasses
Yves Saint Laurent's Yellow Metal 'yse' Sack
A guidebook to color coordination when organizing a wardrobe for workJust a little wardrobe planning will help you lower your expenses and decrease your anxiety each and every morning when you put together for work. Provided that you coordinate your colours, your professional seem will remain trendy and fresh with no the need to have to order a whole new wardrobe each and every season.Choose your LookThe old adage to to the task you want is simple to achieve by using a tiny forethought. It doesn't matter what your existing task or spending budget, dressing with care is well worth the energy. Go to your existing wardrobe and choose out your 3 favourite pieces. Then pick the clothing that you have obtained compliments on. What do they have in common? What colours are displaying up most? Shapes and colours that make you are feeling excellent certainly are a great area to start out.Pick your NeutralsThe simplest way to coordinate your wardrobe is to invest in a couple of high-
Twitter "followers" On Youtube
At the same time, Burberry closely followed the pace of social networks, the use of this civilian population of the propaganda tactics to the general public can feel the top luxury culture. As of 2011, Burberry pink on Facebook Sida 9,000,000, has 200,000 on Twitter "followers" on YouTube there are more than 4 million of viewers.Herve Leger Skirts The end of 2010, Burberry sites in 45 countries, new on-line, 6 languages meet different user online shopping, but also provide customer service in 14 languages for users to high heels Stores the video content from the Burberry headquarters for editing and playback, you can always worldwide stores to create a different shopping atmosphere, as well as provide different playing content, customers can store iPad to find the product and immediately purchase orders, and views of the seven weeks Order delivered within commodities, which is much faster than the luxury goods industry in general delivery cycle.
Hübsche Anfangsphase Google Android Applications Development
Eine Gruppe von Tools k?nnen von Android-Entwickler in Bezug auf Android-Anwendung Verbesserung genutzt werden. Software Improvement Programm Kit (SDK) bietet diese Ans?tze sowie durch die Verwendung einer Eclipse-Plug-in identifiziert als Android Improvement-Tools (ADT) oder vielleicht Befehlszeile. Der Entwickler kann m?glicherweise die Zulassung diese Formen der Ausrüstung. Android-Anwendung Entwickler w?hlen, um mit Eclipse obwohl die Entwicklung der Anwendung nur aus dem Grund, dass es Ihnen die wichtigsten Gang auf der Hand, wann immer Sie es ben?tigen zu arbeiten. -android smartphone dual sim Dennoch gibt es sicherlich Mobilit?t innerhalb einem Sinne, dass Entwickler k?nnen mit einer unverwechselbaren IDE oder einfache Text-Editor zu machen und rufen Sie die Quellen auf der Kommandozeile als auch mit Skripten. Spielen mit dieser misslichen Kommandozeilen-Tool wird manuell durch den Entwickler genannt. Aber, würde den Zugang für die Vielzahl von Attributen genau halten die gleic
Pink doesn't know how she ended up in this field.
Forgive Me
Baby, it's you're the person I want to see when they are happy, they are sad, when you laugh or cry, you're the person I want to see every diminiata, and to tell him goodnight every night you are the person that makes me happy and when I am down, the person who complained transform shaved're the person I want to spend my life. Love you madly, I'm totally in love with you. Your fluffy bear loves you more than you imagine
A Dream Night With You In Paradise
A dream of love            It's dark outside and it's too late now            It's time for my baby to sleep            Please do not be sad and do not sigh            Dream with me now and you will not regret            Dream on me as I'm with you            I'll fall like pillow my soul            And I'll wrap my heart            Pamper me in your dream            Kiss me as only you know better            And embraces me with love            Want me like I want you and I            Every day more and more            I know you think of me            I knew I want to be with you            We have the same dream and I            I know you love me             And I feel like I want             Only me             I can hear you call me your dream             Just you and I cry in my dream             Send me only your love              And I promise that I will keep              It will be the pride of place in my heart!
Love Me As Only You Know Better
Love me because my freedom you ... I achievement you makes me happy, you can circle the earth or to do the same thing a thousand times without being bored. I am convinced that you moments you can pay me when we exalt the happiness doing everything for two. Love me because I will try to meet your most beautiful wishes, dreams and every thought you have with me will soar and we will bear so high that we will not lower the height of the joys of being together, the live together, to laugh together and enjoy the love angels in any single day.                          Love me and you'll see that every morning you'll be the one who wakes me up with the alluring scent of fragrances that awaken the desire to awaken me just to kiss you and you saturate me to look to you for dormii during Next night ... Love me more than what you'll find scent your pillow next morning, on the table next to a breakfast feast of happiness waiting for me when your natural lips, hands and our bodies come together to
Share Fans Dressed Through The Place
More people relish, Burberry's innovative fashion show "retail theater", to subvert the past behind closed doors, in the form of invited customers to participate.November 2009, on the line, this is a Burberry trench coat so that the world can share fans dressed through the place, to the end of 2010, the web traffic more than 11 million.armani sunglasses As of September 30, 2011 fiscal year, the upper half of its revenues and profits amounted to 830 million pounds and 117 million pounds, compared with the same period last year increased by 29.4% and 41.03%, in 2011 "BrandZ world's most valuable brands 100 "ranked the top ten luxury. At the same time, Burberry closely followed the pace of social networks, the use of this civilian population of the propaganda tactics to the general public can feel the top luxury culture. As of 2011, Burberry pink on Facebook Sida 9,000,000, has 200,000 on Twitter "followers" on YouTube there are more than 4 million of viewers.Herv
Packers And Movers In Gurgaon – How To Select Right One
There are several professional packers and movers or moving companies in Gurgaon to choose from. They are providing professional packing and moving solutions for different kinds of moving situations whether it is residential relocation or commercial shifting or corporate relocation or international relocation. They can provide hassle-free and safe execution of your move. But choosing the right moving company is imperative first. Without a good moving company you cannot expect hassle-free and stress-free move. Here are some tips and suggestions which will help you find out the right moving company in Gurgaon. Firstly, make a list of some potential moving companies of Gurgaon. Get recommendations from your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors who have earlier used the services of professional packers and movers in Gurgaon; and make a list. Now you have information of several potential movers and packers of Gurgaon. Make phone call to these companies or visit their offices perso
Don't Try, If It Hurts.
I still honestly hope that some things will change. It will really surprise me if they actually do, but still. There isn't one damn thing that just any one person can do about somethings in this world. Couse you can go ahead and try, doesn't at all mean you will see the difference in even like 5 to 10 months or years. I have gone and thought that maybe I should just pull back and go into hiding.  Crawl into my cubby and hibernate. I don't see myself has being missed. This is something the doctors say I suffer from. Depression shouldn't be so powerful. Does not at all help when you have better past memories than future possibilities. I know the line I need to cross,but it feels so damn impossible. I also know that there are people that don't really give a care for anyone but themselves, ya all are maybe not going to go alone, but when you do go I ain't gonna tootle you later. I am not gonna say 'ya all come back now, ya hear??" I tried to understand fubar like I thought I maybe should
Too Crunchy For The Library
Pink's cereal is too crunchy for the library.
Nsa Surveying Everyone
Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law     Michael SnyderAmerican DreamJune 11, 2013 Are you on the list? Are you one of the millions of Americans that have been designated a threat to national security by the U.S. government? Will you be subject to detention when martial law is imposed during a major national emergency? As you will see below, there is actually a list that contains the names of at least 8 million Americans known as Main Core that the U.S. intelligence community has been compiling since the 1980s
Love Is One Of The Most Beautiful Feelings In The World.
Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. To love and to be loved back, to care for and be cared back, to yearn for and be longed for in return, is simply magical! Love is one such feeling that can be expressed in endless ways; yet, cannot be defined completely in words but all I can say is that is love is to give away everything, to sacrifice everything, without the slightest desire to get anything in return.
Comment Découvrir 2012 New Jersey Nfl Nike Sur Internet Pour Coût Peu Onéreux
Le sport football de la NFL est toute la gamme. Il est vraiment vraiment populaire pour beaucoup d'hommes et de femmes à mettre sur répliques de chandails de démontrer la loyauté de leur équipe préférée. Que jamais, ces maillots NFL knockoff sont vraiment pas cher et facile à obtenir. Cependant la réalité est qu'il ne sont pas en mesure de battre le maillot de football unique car elle peut durer seulement pour un temps rapide. Les maillots de la NFL authentiques sont toujours proposées.maillots de footTout fan de football aime obtenir maillots de leurs équipes de la ligue favorisées ou des équipes nationales. Peu importe si vous achetez comme étant un cadeau ou pour soi-même, vous devriez vous assurer tout ce que vous achetez est vraiment une bonne valeur de l'argent. Certains chandails authentiques sont vraiment coûteux, mais avec une excellente qualité supérieure et de la mode à assurer est grande de faire un de la plupart des espèces. Ceux qui ont actuellement acheté des répliques o
Villas For Sale In Hua Hin – Best Investment Option
One of the best investments is buying a property. If you want to buy a property in Thailand, you can consider villas for sale hua hin. You will surely love this place since there are many things to explore. Hua Hin is a beautiful beach holiday resort city in Thailand, in the northern region of the Malay Peninsula. This is the perfect place to invest your money and it is ideal for a holiday getaway. Hua Hin offers a lot of amazing for sale holiday homes Thailand, and there are plenty of things to explore and discover on the site and there are many fun-based activities. It is really a best choice to put up your money on the right place.     The villas in Hua Hin offer awesome facilities which include large rooms with breathtaking view of the beach, spacious living room, fully-equipped kitchen area, spacious pools, and entirety privacy. All the villas in Hua Hin provide the best accommodations giving you all kind of refreshments. If you want to have the best relaxation, you must get a v
An Overview Of Pune Packers And Movers
Pune is a major town in the Indian state of Maharashtra. You will find many professional packers and movers (also called removal companies or moving companies) in this city. These companies are providing comprehensive solution to cater to all your relocation needs whether it is for residential relocation or commercial relocation or corporate relocation. They are providing door to door complete packing and moving solution to help their clients in the whole episode from one door step to another door step. They ensure for safe and perfect execution of moving process with full safety standards so that their clients can enjoy new places sooner. They promise that goods will not be damaged while in transit or any point of moving process. The also promise that if goods are damaged unfortunately then they will cover the loss. Almost all good moving companies in Pune are backed by comprehensive insurance coverage policy. Professional packers and movers of Pune generally have diligent workers an
Poem Post #14
The Swaying Libra   Spinning in Circles my thoughts are so deep.  My aching heart is starting to weep. Be quiet my dear, lonely soul We will find love which makes us whole. Tired of everyone else's thoughts,  All my feelings need not be fought. Keep throwing obstacles at me,  I like the feeling of being crazy. Swaying decisions Im going to make Somebody's heart Im going to take. Who cares what is going on with you, Ive much better things to do. Crushing, breaking, falling apart.. Looks like I'm getting off to a good start. Bend over backwards, do what I say, My commands you will obey. What's that, you cant take it anymore- Well I guess Im not a STUPID whore. Get out of my life I don't need you, Ill find someone who can be true. Fighting the darkness to get through the night. My life will someday be right. The clouds will soon overcome, You will know that Im not dumb. Then you will find that you've missed out, That's what my smile is all about. Im the winner
My Life
i am a retired and loving grandma of grand daughter and expecting my second grand baby in september his name will be zack and i am looking forward to birth of my grand son and love country music and classic rock love dancing walking love camping and i am a criminal justice grad i have three children in which all are grown up and love living life and enjoying my grandbaby and making new freinds 
Los Valores Predeterminados
Por último, el vendedor me aconsejó que restablezca los valores predeterminados de fábrica, lo que hice. Por desgracia, este borrado la mayor parte de las aplicaciones, incluyendo algunos de los que me aseguró que no lo haría. También cambió de nuevo al idioma por defecto - Chino! Intenta leer las instrucciones chinas si usted no habla el idioma. Así que volvemos al vendedor que envía instrucciones de tubo en U sobre cómo cambiar el idioma a Inglés. Varias horas perdidas más tarde, yo estaba a punto de tirarlo a la basura. Y eso sólo lo resume este pedazo inútil de basura. Incluso la tarea más simple tarda una eternidad. tablet pc precios Compré esto en octubre de 2012 para viajar, en lugar de un terminal de anillo portátil de 17 ". Por desgracia, con tantos problemas, acabé dejándolo atrás y tomar la computadora portátil. Desde entonces, ha estado languideciendo en el fondo de un cajón, con una salida rara vez en cuando para probar de nuevo. Normalmente, después de horas de pelo rasga
Basura En Maillot Enfant Pollen De Planta Especial
Maillot Enfant aprovechan leurs DEBER Un Mas poco. Sur Los resultados concientizados fils incitados por un buen sistema inmunológico de suractivité sólido en realidad Quién "Le dar non ataque hacia dentro" el instante confrontado con comidas muy comunes y NUTRIENTES con otras basura en Maillot Enfant pollen de planta especial , les squames, mariscos, por lo Demas nueces. Muy une menudo, el intento de talla bebéobtiene un «Muchos diferentes" tienda empatando o trenzar un buen "Pañuelo de cabeza" macizo para su cara, en vez de répugne, o presentar cada rasguño de chemisettes futbol faux o punto de lesión sólo el privé! CuAl ellos camiseta del chelsea 2012 la Adoración un Quienes el préparer les chemisette arsenal del lo que usted prueba, concediendo áreas frescas de prendas de Vestir de séquestration aéreo obtenir VER - ahora es una selección allí grande para hacer pruebas en realidad el rato usar el ladrón de mar ECHA non vistazo el Personas! Un de con las Que la Vision Q
Making Personal Injury Compensation Claims
A person is entitled to get compensation, if he has become a victim of personal injury in any case of accident occurring as a result of other person’s negligence. Negligent person, company or authority is liable to compensate the victim of personal injury. A claimant can lead his claim all by himself and he can ask for the desired amount of compensation from the insurer of defendant party. As, a common man is not aware of legal issues thus he cannot bring the case in court that is why the defendant party may not accept their liability or resist paying full compensation. In such condition services of specialist personal injury solicitor can prove helpful. Other side and their insurer know well that an expert solicitor can bring the case in court so to manage their reputations they try to settle case out of court. Otherwise personal injury solicitor can bring the case in court in order to prove negligence of the defendants and to receive compensation amount according to the loss of
The Best Source For This Is Actually The Online Shop
Uksoccershop The Definitive Football Fanatic Online ShopSince football has followers from throughout the world, chances are they all need a place to share their joys for all their favourite teams and leagues. The best source for this is actually the online shop named UKSoccershop. UKSoccershop has become serving the football-loving neighborhood not only through the Globe Cup season but all 12 months lengthy. For that past six years, UKSoccershop has been continuously supplying not just kits, but in addition all sorts Maillot Espagne tools for football supporters. You'll be able to come up by using a entire closet filled with different football-themed content articles of clothes like kits, education jackets, shorts, and lots of far more.Champion Put onEssentially the most welcomed objects on UKSoccershop is their collection of Retro, Copa Classics and Specific Edition kit. They are extremely difficult to discover, but when you have a team in particular or are just about the
Spain And Tahiti Players For Professional Football Spirit Is A Good Thing
Spain coach Vicente del Bosque praised the two teams after the game of professionalism, but also to the Brazilian fans booed bursts expressed dissatisfaction ...... Cheap soccer jerseys Faced by the Tahiti team composed of amateur players, Spain kicked out of the big score of 10 to 0. In the post-match press conference, Spain coach Vicente del Bosque praised the two teams all the players professionalism. Meanwhile Bosque also on the team was very dissatisfied with boos In the starting lineup, replacing the 10 Spanish players, but still 10 to 0 victory. The face of this suspense before the outcome of the game is gone, the Spanish players have behaved very seriously. "We have to look at the issue from the positive side, the players' attitude is correct, maintaining the normal game intensity, Spain and Tahiti players for professional football spirit is a good thing." From the start of the game from the first minute, the Brazilian fans for continuing to Spanish team booed. For this, Bos
Despite Showing Flashes Of What He Could Do At Anfield
England international striker Andy Carroll is close to completing a £15million move to West Ham from Liverpool. The striker passed a medical yesterday and is expected to complete the transfer in the next few days.The 24-year-old spent last season on-loan at the Boleyn Ground, scoring seven goals in 24 appearances, despite suffering periods on the treatment table while in the East End. He has impressed the West Ham hierarchy enough to earn himself a permanent jerseys When Carroll arrived at Liverpool for £35million from Newcastle in 2011, he was rated as one of the top young strikers in the country and big things were expected from the Geordie. Unfortunately, it did not work out how he would have liked it to at Anfield and he never really settled on Merseyside.Six goals in 44 appearances for the Reds told of an unhappy time at Liverpool for the England international. Although the player himself claimed the price tag never affected him, it seemed like a mileston
A Grain In The Sands Of Time Rafy 2009
  A grain in the sands of life created @ 2009-01-25 01:48:07     I am but a grain in the sands of time, A grain of sand among millions lying on the beach The hotness of a summer heat drains my soul Waves of ocean water cover me each day Drowning me in the depths of their grasp. Tugging at my existence, As the tide goes out I struggle to hold on. I am but a grain in the sands of time, A grain among millions lying on the beach, Trampled daily by the masses as they enjoy the beauty of the sky Birds so majestically soaring depositing feces on my existence I welcome the ocean waves, As they try to bring me to their depths. The crash of each wave cleans my soul, Gives me hope, to survive another day. I am but a grain in the sands of time, Surviving each day Hoping to be noticed by one person in the crowd Who will take the time to come to me, Scoop me up in caring arms, and deposit me within the bottle of their heart, I am b
Apple's Iphone 4 Is Beaten By Two Tablet Pcs
  Processing, display and speed convince the fourth iPad on the board. In the test, but two devices hitting better than the Apple tablet. This is mainly due to the equipment.Google, Microsoft, Amazon & Co. want Apple to the leather. The Amazon Kindle HD is favorable, but intended primarily for shopping and reading. Anyone with a tablet sometimes wants to do office work similarly comfortable as the PC should look at the new, but still expensive Windows tablets.The problem here: the range of apps is not yet lean. Similarly expensive, but high quality and without end comes with Apps Apple's iPad family. Better value for money, the new Android Cell Phones , including the Nexus Tablets by Google.Tablets are flat portable computers that you operate by touch screen. They are ideal for surfing the Internet or to look at photos. The functionality can be extended with many, some free programs (apps). For typing texts but only a virtual on-screen keyboard is mostly used - for prolific writer cum
This Is A Program That Is Beginning To Make Its Presence Known
Four Star Recruiting Class - The Panthers, pegged by some to be a sleeper team last year, began the 2012 season with a 9-0-0 mark in the month of September and entered the national rankings for the first time in the history of the program. However, reality came to town when the Panthers were 3-5-3 for the remainder of the season to finish with a 12-5-3 overall record that included a 5-3-2 mark in Big South Conference action which was good for the number five seed in the conference tournament. cheap soccer jerseys Despite the decline in the second half of the season, the twelve wins by HPU in 2012 was the second-most victories in a single season (they had sixteen wins in 2010) since the Panthers began Division I play in 1999. This is a program that is beginning to make its presence known. Dustin Fonder will enter the 2013 season without the services of a very productive twelve member senior class that included five players who were four year starters. The departed senior starters inclu
Reallty Chcek
There  have been times on this site when i see status from people on here i have to wonder if they forget this is a only a web site not real life bu now after seeing people in my city including my offsite friends have to run because of flooding due both rivers here overflowing and distruction that has happened here make your pitty things like rates leveling etc espcally those who make these things  its a emergancy you should be ashemed of yourself his a escape but not real life so remember that when you post stuff on here
Reese Witherspoon Wore Jimmy Choo Bridal Sneakers
Ashley Tisdale Undressed PicsI realize my audience would appreciate your operate. Yet again, awesome weblog!sweater distro:Absolutely think that which you stated. Your favourite justification appeared for being on the net the simplest thing to become conscious of. I say to you, I certainly get irked whilst folks feel about worries they plainly never know about. Louis Vuitton Handbags upon the top and in addition defined out the entire point with no possessing side impact , men and women may take a signal. Will most likely be back to have more. ThanksFirst and foremost Michael Kors Crossbody, your personal erina kors tote are usually created possessing a very distinctive Michael Kors Gansevoort, cost-effective as well as lengthy lasting share Michael Kors Hamilton. It isn't going to matter what ensemble you are Michael Kors Jet Set considering relating to sporting Michael Kors Watches, this certain Michael Kors Hamilton Tote might be harmonized superbly through the use of
Star Wars Song Rewrite: I Killed A Jedi By Me - Rewrite Of Katie Perry's "i Kissed A Girl"
So there I was on a new planet, Ending an insurrection! He was so brave, saber in hand, Looked in my direction! Was not what, he's used to What? "There is no passion" Is he really a big tool? Time for annihilation! I killed a Jedi, and I liked it! The blood of his on my boots, stick! I killed a Jedi, just to try it! I hope his masters dont mind it! I feel so strong! I feel the might! Don't mean this will end tonight! I killed a Jedi and I liked it, I liked it! No, I didn't even know his name. What's it matter? For him, there will be no more fame. Nothing to cater! It's not what, Sith Lords do. I come, destroy and I maim. You Jedi look confused It is dismay! I killed a Jedi, and I liked it! The blood of his on my boots, stick! I killed a Jedi, just to try it! I hope his masters dont mind it! I feel so strong! I feel the might! Don't mean this will end tonight! I killed a Jedi and I liked it, I liked it! Us Sith are so maniacal And yet you still dismiss us so Your knowledge, so questiona
Edward Snowden
Why hasn’t the US government snatched Ed Snowden yet?     Jon RappoportInfowars.comJune 27, 2013 Is the NSA a leaking sieve? Well, Ed Snowden proved it, didn’t he? He strolled into work with a thumb drive, plugged in, and stole the holy of holies. This is the vaunted NSA we’re talking about. They can reach out and spy on anybody in the world, but they just didn’t remember to put safeguards in place, in their own offices. They forgot. For years. You know, just an oops. And people nod and shrug when they hear about it. A D V E R T I S E M E N T The NSA says, “Now that we’re aware of the problem, we’re going to install new procedures to tighten security.” Sure. And then there is this. The NSA can spy on anyone in the world, but they can’t find Ed Snowden now. So&helli
For Those Asking About Hedonism Ii Resort Updates......
I am currently in Day 6 of my 10 day stay here at Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica and my 9th time visiting the resort (also my 7th Annual Group Trip Adventure & Rendezvous) and very positive changes are occurring daily. Every day I am seeing new flat screen TV's and king size mattresses being delivered to the rooms along with new paint and old woodwork being replaced etc. There have been zero issues with drinks or food being limited and staff attitudes have been outstanding. In addition, I toured the new room remodels yesterday with an on-site engineer and wow....I was most impressed. I have posted some new photos daily in my various online accounts (Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo! Groups) and a detailed post trip report will be done next week. In with new Hedo, out with the old, and put Hedo on your Caribbean bucketlist for sure. I know I'll be back next June for another great time with the group. Try it, you will like it!   Ann, TS
6/24 - 6/30/13
 MONDAY'S JOKES                                      Half  A member of the United States Senate, known for his hot temper and acid tongue, exploded one day in mid-session and began to shout, "Half of this Senate is made up of cowards and corrupt politicians!" All the other Senators demanded that the angry member withdraw his statement, or be removed from the remainder of the session. After a long pause, the angry member acquiesced. "OK," he said, "I withdraw what I said. Half of this Senate is NOT made up of cowards and corrupt politicians!"  --------------------------------------------------------------------                                       Neck in Sand   What do you call Osama bin Laden buried up to his neck in sand? Not enough sand.  ********************************************************************                                      TUESDAY'S JOKE                                      Saved   George W. was out jogging one morning along the parkway when he tripped, fell
Zara Clothing On Sale Save 60% Off Usage Expenditures
zara clothing on sale save 60% off Usage Expenditures : free The Federal government Duty Go back Processing 2010 On the web coming from HereFirst Of most select Duty ActThen Right after Generate The AccountNow start to see the video clip to your informationNow Select Keep on ButtonDid you employ Duty clothing fashion WORK a year ago 聳 YesNoEven in the event you failed to utilize Duty WORK to get ready the fees a year ago, it is possible to nonetheless importance simple details from the last year duty go back. Select- Are you experiencing any PDF cheap online clothing stores FILE replicate of one's last year duty go back 聳 YesNoNow Get into The cheap fashion clothes Identify, Sociable Safety fashion man clothes cheap designer clothes Amount and also Time usag Start and also select keep on In case you fashion clothes online are wedded particular cheap clothes uk person, you should full the particular career fields : Wife or zara fashion clothes husb
Cleaning Kate Sape Handbags With Saddle Soap Fast Efficiency
More intense cleaning can be done with saddle SOAP, but be sure to remove the SOAP residue until it dries.Clean it with a slightly moistened cloth.Then, let air dry naturally in the interior. Do not use sources of heat, such as hair dryers to accelerate the drying process.Shark leather Kate Sape bags should be stored in a cool, dry place when not in use.Also should be in a box or dust Kate Sape bag to prevent dust on its surface.Do not bend or stress the Kate Sape purse in any way. Let it rest naturally, with plenty of space and nothing sat up, pushing for its weight. Place the strap inside, especially if there is a string or hardware on it. This will prevent from scratching the leather.Once the leather, which is too late has cracked. This type of damage can not be repaired.Don't forget to try any product cleaning or conditioning, in a small, inconspicuous area and check any discoloration prior to using the product. For more information about shark leather Kate Sape bags, as well as
"my Trip For My Job"
That evening, as Vanessa and i sat eating dinner, i told her about the new position. She listened intently, and i figured out early in our conversation that she had no idea that ass hole had been planning to get me the job. That made me feel a littlew better, realizing that at least she wan't part of the plan to get rid of me as much as possible.   "Anyway," I said, as i wrapped up the details of the new job, "It dose mean i'll have to spend a bit of time at the head office over the next few months."   Vanessa looked up from her meal. "Oh? What do you mean by a bit of time?"    "Well John said i'll be in training at head office all next week. I'll have to leave Sat night and won't be home until sometime the following Sunday. And then i'll have to go down there for a couple of days every week for the next month or so. I don't know if it'll mean any trips after that."  
Alberto Gilardino And I Have Also
Shaarawy Milan had refused to stay because love Anzhi 7.5 million Euro paid AC Milan striker Nova Chaaraoui official announcement will stay with the team, rather than competing for the Italian media revealed little pharaoh left behind and the real reason for the background, before this, the only formal offer is made for Chaaraoui Russian super Anzhi, but Milan and Chaaraoui The per capita rejected the other's offer, in which small pharaoh face € 7.5 million annual salary has not tempted,cheap jerseys leaving the team even after confirmation via Twitter reiterated their unwavering commitment to long stay in Milan. From the Italian media "Mediaset" the sources, although a few concerns Chaaraoui team, Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Paris and Monaco, and other teams are in his column, but the key is Chaaraoui I have not the slightest idea of ??leaving Milan, Previously the only formal offer made to the Milan team is super Anzhi Makhachkala Russian, Italian media quoted did n
My Heart Cries......
How do you deal with accepting that things can never be what you wanted or that picture you had in your mind. The day that you come to terms that what you wanted so deeply will just not happen. The let down, the pain, the disappointment. What do you do that helps you get past it??
When I Look At You
When I look at you You make my heart race. When I look at you I go for the chase.   When I look at you My head feels like it's spinning. When I look at you I don't have to think about sinning.   When I look at you I think of flying. When I look at you You always keep me sighing.   When I look at you You are so cute. When I look at you You make me let out a toot.                                                                          By Alexia Webb                                                                            7/15/05
Eneltec Led Lights
It is reported that Tokyo Imperial Hotel has a hundred years of history, is located in downtown Tokyo, Japan, with its fine traditions and warm and considerate service see that is a blend of traditional hotel services and excellent facilities, but also diplomats favorite place to stay, hotel All rooms are designed luxurious, elegant. Each room is equipped with modern facilities to meet the busy business traveler or holiday makers need, is a symbol of Tokyo's most luxurious hotels.eneltec Magnolia ENELTEC LED lights with an innovative distributed multi-chamber technology, successfully achieved the full range of LED bulb lighting, space lighting angle of 300 degrees, leading the international level, but also can be up to 30 bulbs while intelligent dimming, really can replace incandescent LED light source products. Distributed multi-cavity structure while effectively solve the ordinary LED bulbs limited space, cooling difficult problems, making the LED lamp li
Tips On How To Buy Good Quality Animal Onesies
If someone is still not aware of what animal onesies are all about, it makes sense to get more information about them. These costumes are becoming more and more popular these days, since they can provide wearers with a number of benefits. Basically, these are one piece pajamas, and they offer comfort, warmth, and convenience. It’s no wonder many people choose to wear them at home.The Main Steps That Should Be TakenMan in animal onesies It is true that these clothes may have different names, such as footed or footie pajamas. If consumers want to buy the best adult animal onesies, they need to be aware of several important things, and they should follow different guidelines. It is a bad idea to buy the first pajama that they see, as it may not provide them with the comfort and warmth that they need. First, people need to think about the right size. They should avoid getting too loose or too short animal onesies. This makes it impossible to wear them.If someone is not aware of how t
Texas Police Officer Knocks Teeth Out of Female Pedestrian     Julie WilsonInfowars.comJuly 17, 2013 A Texas police officer has been jailed after he assaulted 22-year old Alexis Alpha, who had the audacity to walk by the scene of his traffic stop. San Marcos, Texas Cpl. James Angelo Palermo The confrontation with the officer left Alpha with a concussion and several missing teeth, an or
Frye Boots Outlet Save 50% Off To Notice
frye boots outlet save 50% off to notice that while to a different result. Crimes are very attractive especially to unhappy normality of life. Crime news headlines thus appeals to a wide audience. They look for them in newspaper, News Channels, Internet and even in the daily soaps they watch on TV. Information overload pla.frye boots saleys a great role to obstruct their search. They get fed up of unrelated search results and quit. This seems a blessing in disguise. The situation is not always so. I.frye bootst hinders our most awaited and most looked for information. Like while looking for a book you can come across audio books that you never wished to opt as another option. Info.frye shoesrmation Overload acts as an irritating necessity. Things that are not relevant to some may come handy to others. As in case of books and audio books, it is important to notice.frye boots sale that while looking for books, appearance of audio book may entice more to few others. We have
Frye Boots Outlet Sale Opt As Another Option
frye boots Outlet sale opt as another option their search. They get fed up of unrelated search results and quit. This seems a blessing in disguise. The situation is not always so. It hinders our most awaited and most looked for information. Like while looking for a book you.frye boots sale can come across audio books that you never wished to opt as another option. Information Overload acts as an irritating ne.frye bootscessity. Things that are not relevant to some may come handy to others. As in case of books and audio books, it is important to not.frye shoesice that while looking for books, appearance of audio book may entice more to few others. We have different reaction for different .frye boots salethings as individuals. For example 聯Local News India聰 is somewhat abstract in its sense. Topics like Company News mean as.frye boots we see it in our brain but not to system generated filtered results. These keywords can result in various options. To sort our i
Wenger Has Warned Manchester United To Buy A Small Law Dead A Strong Exposure To Dig Giant Bell To Bring 60 Million
Wenger has no parental leave through a small law Barcelona wishesMoyes and his Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] now actively preparing for the new season in Sydney, but with the team's vice chairman originally Woodward has come home early. According to the "Daily Mirror" and the "Daily Mail" reported that Woodward had left Sydney to return, but his trip associated with two people, cheap jerseys one is Rooney [microblogging], and the other one is going to stand Vegas. According to the "Daily Mail" revealed Woodward return to Europe's first task is to facilitate transactions for Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas. Although Vilanova in his press conference has confirmed that a small law will stay in Barcelona [microblogging], AC Milan jersey but remain confident Manchester United sign the name of the former Arsenal [microblogging] captain. In the first round of the 2500 pounds offer was rejected, Manchester United ready to further raise its offer. In order t
Google Chip In Brain
Google plans on implanting chip in your brain     Daniel G. J. London IndependentJuly 20, 2013 [...] Scott Huffman, Google’s engineering director, says the company’s intention is to “transform the ways people interact with Google”. That means having conversations similar to those you would have with humans. No longer will we have to go to “settings” to recalibrate our devices – we will simply order them to make the desired changes. And those devices will not be in our pockets – but all around us in every room. “If you look back 10 years there was a computer on my desk and today there’s a computer in my pocket and it still has a screen and a keyboard,&r
Nsa Snooping
NSA Spokesman Accidentally Admits that the Government Is Spying On Virtually All Americans     Washington’s BlogJuly 21, 2013 We have long noted that the government is spying on just about everything we do. The NSA has pretended that it only spies on a small number of potential terrorists.  But NSA Deputy Director John C. Inglis inadvertently admitted that the NSA could spy on just about all Americans.
Hackfest: Raping Your Mind-holes Since 1999
Hey, there, unwashed anal probes, and welcome to another edition of HackFest. I'm not going to bother with an introduction right now seeing as how I am SEETHING over my particular topic of the day: PARENTS! Now, this rant isn't targeted at parents as a whole. There are some great parents out there who happen to have logical sense and treat their kids fairly and with a decent amount of respect. These same parents also seem to have a healthy look at the world and understand that a slip of the tongue here or a chuckle at a dirty joke there isn't going to destroy their children or lives, and indulge in life just like any other sane person would. Those parents deserve to be showered with non-poinsoned sugary confections and money of the not-counterfeit variety (from what country is up to the person giving it. EXCHANGE RATES SUCK, PEOPLE!).  No, this rant goes out to those OTHER parents. You people know the ones I'm talking about. They either hold their kids so close to them they deny th
Welcome to "8 Ball's Pool Hall"! This is where i'll be writing about things on my mind, things I find interesting, and hopefully things you'll find entertaining as well as infomative! I was going to call my blog "Shit, More Shit, and Even More Shit" but then I thought that sounded too much like a name for all of the White House press conferences! I love the name "8 Ball's Pool Hall" because among other things I love to shoot pool! Granted i'm no Minnesota Fats (google works really well if you don't know who he is) but believe me I can shoot one mean game of pool! Although i'm certainly no newcomer to fubar by any means, i'm sure that there are many of you who may not know me! So to put everyone on a level playing field I thought i'd give you a brief description of myself! Basically i'm a jack of all trades and master of none! lol Seriously, i'm a fun loving, easy going, good hearted guy! There's so much doom and gloom in the world that I love to make people smile and laugh! Laughter is
One small seed planted into the ground. No one saw it struggle to grow. Days passed, small leaves and smooth surface. The leaves grow more and more. Absorb carbon dioxide without complaining and turn it into oxygen for humans and creatures. Strong roots gripping the Earth instrumental conserving water and soil. One small seed has been transformed into a large tree. Birds build nests come in strong arm, bat man overnight ride to pick the fruit, leafy creature gets shade and coolness.A builder Godhead is to be fighters conscience. Six billion pairs of human eyes may be no one saw, but fighters always try hard to solve ego called. When thoughts arise intentions, actions happen and said words that are not appropriate
Ancelotti First Activate Four Diamond C Ronaldo Real Madrid Have Found The Best Partner
Ancelotti after taking office to hand over the first exam, the results also good: beautiful football, scoring a lot. First battle the new season, Real Madrid to show a lot of positive things: Isco commanding in midfield, he became the protagonist of the game, showing the endless talent; fact, the introduction of four new Real Madrid players performed well , have completed the requirements; C Lo is always fresh, and made two goals. be blown away by the Spanish media objects. "Marca" said Ancelotti got the puzzle parts, cheap soccer jerseys he quickly completed the puzzle.,Isco and Erie Yala Mendy kicked his first game at Real Madrid, looks like they have been playing together for a long time. Three players with the original Real Madrid players act in harmony with the friendship between the people will continue for a long time looking. C Luo has a new best mate, that is, Isco, Isco's performance in the first half particularly well, Malaga man starting lineup, with all his te
7/15 - 7/21/13
 MONDAY'S JOKES                                      Student ProjectA man entered a restaurant and bar and sat himself at the bar for a drink. He noticed a beautiful girl at the other end of the bar seemingly alone. After some time he picked up his drink and went to sit beside her and asked "Can I buy you a drink?"  She replied in a loud voice "A motel!" "No!" he replied I just offered a drink. All the people in the restaurant were then staring at him. "I just offered a drink", he said. She replied "Why should I go with you to a motel?" "Oh forget it" he said as he left to return to the other end of the bar. What a kook he thought.  About 20 minutes later she came to his end of the bar and said; "Sir, I'm sorry to have embarrassed you but I am a student at the University and I have to do a term paper on reactions to embarrassing situations. I hope you will forgive me, since this was just part of my research."  He looked at her, and in a very loud voice said, "TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS?"-----
Led Is Led Products Accounted For The Major Part Of The Cost
LED light source, is emerging as a green light, because of its long life, energy saving. Popular with consumers chasing sticks.LED lights However, the current manufacturer of LED spotlight market is very large, the product was mixed, uneven quality. Allow consumers to choose the time very difficult. Little careless or unaware of this product who will spend heavily poor quality products. Below I will MR16 spotlights an example to illustrate how to analyze its quality and price. MR16 spotlights Specifically, consists of three parts: namely, LED drivers, lamp beads, shell Let me talk about LED drive it, now very much MR16 constant current driver IC, and the quality varies greatly, and expensive IC, thirty-four, four or five dollars a, less than a dollar difference. Manufacturers are now generally about one in 1.5, this IC compare Cape biased, quality in general, but there are also a few cents a factory, or forty-five one, forty-five one is exporting more than d
Black Zimmerman
The Black George Zimmerman the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About     lastresistance.comJuly 24, 2013 Did you notice during the George Zimmerman trial how the media kept repeating the salacious question “What if Trayvon Martin had been white?” They acted as if this question was the perfect response to Zimmerman defenders. They pretended that this was a question without a “safe” answer, but in reality, the question had already been answered. Image: Roderick Scott In April of 2009 Mr. Roderick Scott awoke at 3am to the sounds of three young men breaking into cars on his street. He called the police and went down to the street to make sur
Le Retour Sur Le Maillot Doit Pendre Environ Deux Pouces De Plus Par Rapport à L'avant.
Dans le cas où vous pourriez acheter la mauvaise dimension «la boutique de vélo se fera un plaisir d'échanger le maillot de votre taille subséquente de taille plus petite ou plus grande. Constamment être à l'affût pour les ventes en gros sur 'ils ont tendance tohave incroyablement bas costs.What dois-je paraître pour? Certaines caractéristiques des maillots de cyclisme rendre tout à fait exclusif au cyclisme. Si votre démarrage avec le cyclisme »vous souhaitez regarder pour obtenir un maillot de long-back avec un élastique autour des bras et la taille. maillots football,La conception de long-back maillot est toujours de garder le maillot de tirer votre dos et les bras. Cela peut diminuer la traînée fois que vous êtes penché en avant, dans la position de votre vélo. Lorsque vous choisissez un maillot, maintenez-le avec vos mains et l'examiner. Le retour sur le maillot doit pendre environ deux pouces de plus par rapport à l'avant.L'un des pièges les plus réguliers de maillots de vélo est
Barca Do Not Buy To Help People Find The Soft Underbelly Of His Host Waiting Kuba
If you do not buy the Barcelona defender, will have to bear responsibility BaltraWhen Pique on vacation, Puyol sidelined with injuries in the case, Javier Mascherano and young baltra partner become guard. cheap soccer jerseys Under the impact of the Franck Ribery, Barcelona's defense exposed this great weakness. Last season legacy problem is not solved, so that people's desire Barcelona defender introduce more intense. Baltra the functional left defender, he backs this side is Montoya, while their opponents are Ribery and Araba. A Franck Ribery enough to Baltra and Montoya left guarded very embarrassed. Franck Ribery on the first 4 minutes to pick the ball broke Montoya, and later in the penalty area after the cross Akira Baltra to Robben made at the far post to push Kongmen chance, but was Adriano denied their feet; 9 minutes, Franck Ribery ball left, Alabama Pinto shot was saved; 22 minutes, Franck Ribery and physical contact baltra down in the penalty area, Barcelona je
We Wholesale Cheap Jerseys In Professional
NFC Eight inside Box: ? AFC: What are the three key camp issues facing each AFC North team? Offense: Wide receiver After trading on account of salary-cap constraints, the custom jerseys Ravens opted not to buy veteran replacement. That leaves since the top wideout for , though the Ravens have substantial questions behind him. a standout postseason but hasn't authentic cheap jerseys recorded a lot more than 562 receiving yards in a season. He must prove himself competent at replicating his postseason success for Baltimore to transition beyond Boldin’s absence. Defense: Replacing leadership GM Ozzie Newsome did a formidable job of replacing departed veterans with younger talent this offseason, but finding new leadership on defense will likely be tough task. is really a veteran voice that can absorb a good larger leadership role, nevertheless it are often more compared to a one-man job to are the cause of what Lewis and Reed taken to the table. Offensively, the Ravens have Flac
My Trip - Ephesus Tours In Turkey
Attended the regular tour of Pamukkale beautiful, and then came to kusadasi. Anatolia is a very nice town, and here, and here attended daily ephesus tours. First, the nose of a This is an ancient city and a large number of studies carried out excavations and restarasyon and this serves as a museum of local people this is the first entry is the slope homes residence and place of residence of the municipal building, where there are a very large bird. The main road is the road where the marble is a very special occasion, and on the road There are fountains, statues on both sides of the works of art they are very special. There are toilets in the city, where the bulk sewage waste water system been very successful, and upon arrival we reached a house with a very big heart mark this house, which is composed of a large number of rooms.If the square is a symbol of Ephesus this place has a king Celcus Library works with a magnificent stone decorations on the front of a building and the four sta
Falling Into Darkness
Waiting in the darkness, For some light to shine, Ever since she left, My world has been dark and cold, Loss of all feeling, No more control over emotions, I sit here and wonder, Why life has left me all alone, No more love to give, No more tears to cry, Feeling cold and empty inside, As though sometime soon, I will be cradled in the arms of darkness, As my life slowly says goodbye.
Two hearts rise and swoon, Like the tides controlled by the moon, Love and laughter rises, As the new day blooms, Hearts gathered around to meet, As if for the first time they truly beat, Soulmates for some and lovers for others, Love lost and found anew, Just like the springtime blooms, Relationships start a new begining.
Dass Ihr Mann Extras Du
Muere Tatsache, dass Ihr Mann extras du und dein Sohn lo gro?, Ein gro? Es ist Plus. Es ist schwer, einen guten Mann, der nichts niños chicos aus einer Ehe früheren zu finden. Denke Ich auch, er sombrero Glück, eine Person sowie haben zu.Ich Glaube, dass Sie beide die andere persona lieben kurzfristig sind die Dinge gut oder sogar gro Artig Die Frage ist:.?. Gibt es eine Zukunft konkrete en diesem Zusammenhang für die lange Sicht?Sie müssen beurteilen, era Ihre Ziele für die Zukunft zu neigen. Wenn Sie Beziehungen Kinder und mehr wollen, müssen Sie eventuell jemand anderen zu finden bekommen, era Sie suchen.Ich ein würde sch? Nes Abendessen für ihn sowie bei der Organisation zu machen für jemanden, Ihren der Sohn für die Nacht Zeit. Dann würde ich mich zurück und haben ein langes Gespr? Ch. mit IHM.Ich würde fragen, era seine Ziele sind, erl? Utern Sie Ihre Absicht, NHI und versuchen, sich mit einem Kompromiss für das dilema. Drei Jahre gemeinsam ist genug lang, wie die beiden von Ihne
Nani Manchester United Everywhere Peddle Exposure Received Contract Offer
Nani scored twice in warm-up match against CreweWarm-up match with Crewe, did not travel to Asia, Nani scored twice to help the team 2-0 win over opponents. Looks,cheap soccer jerseys Nani and at the critical moment for themselves with their own performance in the eyes of coach lot of extra points, but the "Daily Mail", "Sun" and other British media and not because of this game on promising Nani Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] in the future, because today the helm of Manchester United David Moyes, it seems that Nani is not cold. "Daily Mail" said that although Ferguson era Nani had already fallen out of favor, but may leave Manchester United Nani real reason is Moyes despise him. Today, Nani left on his contract with Manchester United last year, faced with the French team Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain [microblogging] Buy Offer, Moyes although no nod,Barcelona jersey just because the other side offers 850 pounds stingy. The newspaper also revealed that t
The Ultimate Online Site For Diamond Jewellery
Women use various things to look beautiful. One thing that has always fascinated women is the Jewellery. Although men are not far behind in wearing jewellery, but women seem to be more captivated towards it. There are various forms of jewellery. Gold, diamond, silver and several other metals are used in formation of jewellery. But the most preferred or eminent jewellery form preferred by women is the diamond jewellery especially the white diamond jewellery. Pandora UK jewellery However, there are various places to buy white diamond Jewellery, but it is important that we buy this precious gem stone from a genuine and branded place. Some companies mix the various other low quality metals in the jewelleries to maximize their profit. So, all the jewellers cannot be entrusted for providing the pure jewellery ornaments. One jeweller that can be easily entrusted is the Hancocksjewellers. It is renowned for its high class work through out the World. The reason for this is its vast experience a
Barca Join Forces Deliberately Withholding Messi And Neymar Requirements Neymar Gestures Play Suspected
Messi and Neymar together through the channel but did not play togetherBarca all the players have been rejoin, but also had to be hand Martino Spanish media called the "all-star" combination of Messi - Neymar soccer jerseys Neymar and others took part in the Confederations Cup players, are Monday rejoin, he has conducted a joint training with the team, and motivated. Macy's open arms to welcome the arrival of Neymar, clear the so-called "mountain hardly contain tigers" stereotypes.Barcelona jersey In the team's first training session, the two become very close, but also specifically Neymar and Lionel Messi uploaded a photo together, and filled with admiration, wrote: "My dream has come true, thank God ! " On Wednesday, the long-awaited debut of Nei Maer finally staged, however, Neymar and Lionel Messi scenes together did not happen in the East Valley Macy was replaced after 3 minutes, Barca coach group before allowing Neymar replace Sanchez debut. And t
Heart PoundingBodies GrindingHeat...You enter the tranceWhisking away to another dimensionYour body movesThe feelings envelope youCarressing youYou move to his command hypnoticallyMind racingBody quakingSurrender
Ac Milan Allegri Himself Admitted Was Kicked Afraid Of Manchester City Said It Is Impossible To Win
Beijing time on August 1, AC Milan [microblogging] in the Audi Cup first semi-final 3-5 loss to Manchester City is not [microblogging] [microblogging], cheap soccer jerseys the team is once more a big deficit to 0-5 , played very embarrassed, coach Allegri also acknowledged the team in the beginning stages of some "fear." "We played a very poor first half hour, the feeling is a little 'fear', almost no effective interception, while allowing opponents to play," Allegri talked about within the team in 36 minutes on 0-5 behind that "Many of the team players have never experienced such a big scene game, plus postpone rejoin the national team as well as the impact of injuries on the team, Barcelona jersey I would have expected the team will encounter some difficulties." However, Allegri still think the team gradually recovered the feeling, "after the start of the game we played was not good, but we finally returned to his rhythm, the second half we even have a great opportunity
I Want To..... - Author Unknown
I want to make your heart beat just for me.I want a true love in my lonely life.I've looked a long time, dated many men,But none I walked with walked in step with me. We walk together well, the best of friends.Somehow we just fit, as if clean cutTo go together, zigzags complementary.But now I would be something more than friends. I know I take a chance to mention love.I've no idea what feeling's in your heart.But if you'd catch a burning, plunging star,I know I'd make you happy for your love.
She Gotta Bump
Live By This Shit
A mind is like a fucking parachute...... It wont work if it isn't open!
Rodney Carrington - More Of A Man (with Lyrics)
Raystevens - The Global Warming Song
Creating A Windows 7 System Image Backup
Windows 7 has a nifty built in backup feature that allows you to take a snapsot of your entire system as it currently sits.  This feature is known as a "System Image Backup."  A system image backup will back up your ENTIRE computer (programs AND files) to an external source.  Once this backup is done it can be used to perform a Bare Metal Recovery...also known as the ability to perform a complete pc restore due to catastrphic drive failure.  The only catch to this is that the replacement drive needs to be of equal or greater size or the restore will not work.   Now we will explore the steps to perfom the backup: Step 1:  connect your external media Step 2:  click the start button and type in the box "backup" and click "backup and restore" Step 3:  Click "Create System Image" Step 4: Select where you want to save the backup.  NOTE:  windows 7 will not allow you to save the backup on the same drive you are backing up.  External Media (DVD or USB Harddrive) are the preferred
We Share The Night Together (poem)
This is probably my favorite of my poems, if I had to pick one. The last lines are featured on a bumper sticker which you can check out on my website   WE SHARE THE NIGHT TOGETHER   It is cold and night is here, I sit on a bench alone, After leaving the movie theater.   Those that trailed behind me, Chatting and laughing with their friends, Have gone and passed me.   There are Christmas lights, And I hear music coming from the restaurant.   It is beautiful and I want to tell someone, I tell it to the paper with my pen.
Wayne Rooney Manchester United Dressing Room Has Been Isolated! Three Chiefs Angry Remonstrance Moyes: Sell Him
"Daily Star" headline Screencast: Wayne Rooney to leave Manchester United stars of hope Rooney [microblogging] Currently in Manchester [microblogging] [microblogging] is getting embarrassing situation can be described, along with his transfer storm grow bigger, the Manchester United squad Rooney thousand bigwigs have already started unhappy, " Mirror "revealed, including Ferdinand [microblogging], Ryan Giggs, Patrice Evra, including the veteran insisted on Rooney disrupt the morale required to leave their behavior is very angry. "Daily Mail", analyzes,Christian Louboutin Rooney wants to leave Manchester United dressing room has become increasingly strong undercurrent, a forced leave Rooney's "Uprising" is moving from Manchester United squad happen. It is reported that Rooney did not travel to Sweden to participate in tonight's game with Sunglasses Manchester United's official statement is given: "Rooney Real Betis at the weekend with a shoulder injury in a train
Oven Barbecued Pork Chops
6 pork chops3/4 cup ketchup1/4 cup water1/3 cup brown sugar1/2 teaspoon dry mustard1 teaspoon soy sauce1/2 teaspoon saltDirections:1Preheat oven to 350F.2Put chops in a baking dish in a single layer.3Stir together remaining ingredients and pour over pork chops.4Cover and bake 1 hour.5Uncover and bake 30 minutes, basting occasionally.I used 1tbs soy sauce, instead of 1 tsp. and only cooked them uncovered for only 10 minutes. Course I only had 4 porkchops, but my kids loved them!!
Mandy My Friend
this is my best friend,we do a lot together and have fun while we do it.
Dreams Of....
Bán Iphone 5 64gb
Giá: 18,200,000 ₫ Thông Tin Sản PhẩmApple iPhone 5 màu trắng / đen 64GBPhiên bản quốc tếMáy mới 100%, nguyên hộpHàng ZA, ZP, LL, XBảo hành 12 tháng tại iosvn (1 đổi 1 trong 7 ngày đầu)Gói bảo hành 12 tháng (tiêu chuẩn)Giảm 39% giá pin sạc cao cấp iHave 5200 mAhTặng bộ miếng dán màn hình trị giá: 150,000 đTặng cài đặt phần mềm, trò chơi bản quyền trị giá: 200,000 đGiảm 15% giá phụ kiện (bao da, vỏ), khi mua cùng thời điểm mua máyGói bảo hành 24 tháng (+ 500,000đ):Giảm 39% giá pin sạc cao cấp iHave 5200 mAhTặng loa bluetooth Doss DS-1661 trị giá: 700,000 đTặng bộ miếng dán màn hình trị giá: 150,000 đTặng cài đặt phần mềm, trò chơi b
Let Me See Where To Go With This
Today I want a little bit of clit play with some nipple sucking and pulling
Nsa Again
Lawmakers say obstacles limited oversight of NSA’s telephone surveillance program     Peter WallstenWashington PostAugust 12, 2013 The Obama administration points to checks and balances from Congress as a key rationale for supporting bulk collection of Americans’ telephone communications data, but several lawmakers responsible for overseeing the program in recent years say that they felt limited in their ability to challenge its scope and legality. The administration
Leaders Manchester United: England World Cup Game Is Legendary 10 Years: A Madman Would Sell Rooney
Ferdinand England's prospects look badNeville think Manchester United to sell Rooney is crazy In Rio - Rio Ferdinand [microblogging] appears, England [microblogging] want to wish the World Cup is almost nonsense, cheap jerseys compared with other traditional tyrannical England without their own technical and tactical style, Ferdinand think this is the biggest problem in England , and would like to reverse this situation, at least 10 years. Three Lions still qualify for the World Cup in Brazil and hard work, has quit the national team Ferdinand that England lost their characteristics. Ferdinand said: "Who knows our style and is characterized by what? If you remove the jersey colors and names, just look at them play, you can hardly recognize them are England, you can hardly say that our style, Baltimore Ravens Jersey that we play the way you can look at Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Brazil, ignoring jerseys and player names, just look at the way they play, you
$$$cash For Your Unpaid Judgment$$$
If you have an uncollected judgment, we may buy it for cash.
How I Fu
So we all have rules as to what we will and will not do on Fubar. What is acceptable, when/who to block or report etc. and I have been wanting to write this for some time now just for my own personal reasons. Helping: If you need my help just ask me. If I can I will. If you come at me sideways and/or spastic because I didn't put you in my Family while running a Famplifier just because we live in the same town or some other stupid reason when I don't even know you, then chances are I will never help you. I don't hold grudges, but I also don't tolerate immaturity or disrespect. I will not get engaged or married on Fubar or any other social media site. To me this is a waste of time, money, resourses, and creates a false illusion of "love" for many here. With the exception of people who are already a couple in their personal lives. Ladies and Gentlemen: Online relationships DO NOT WORK!!!!! If your Default Picture shows you with your middle finger up, I will not like, rate, comment, bli
A New Chapter In My Life
Just an update on my life and what is going on with me right now. I work alot! In a call center. In my free time my two daughters and I do whatever activities apply for that day in Oregon..LOL. I have two smal dogs: Marley and Yoshi. I am not into FWB's, NSFW, or video chatting. Honestly what I want is for some companionship. Somebody who wants to spend time with me and chill. Seriously tired of these little boys thinkin they're all that! GROW UP! If you're a handsome, truthful, and respectful gentleman (Sorry no older thank 40) message me. I am tired of having nobody to chat with or hangout with. Just keeping to myself until that personn comes along..and NO I am not wanting a boyfriend (right away) or to be married (ever!) Thanks for your time if you took it to read this and have a good day!
A Poem I Wrote For My Grandmother Who Passed-"wrapped In Angels' Wings"
We never quite get overThe loss of someone dearEven though they've left this worldTheir presence lingers hereBut it helps to recall the good timesAnd the happiness we sharedAnd to know they've found the joy and peaceThat,in this life, can't be comparedTrue,it takes some timeTo mend our aching woundsBut we must have faith that one dayWe'll be reunited soonDeath is not an endingBut the release of mortal painAnd the only ones who feel the hurtAre the ones who still remainNow that she's been brought back homeAll of Heaven singsAnd the gift that God had blessed us withIs wrapped in angels wings
Double Strength Laundry Detergent.
I absolutely LOVE this recipe and it saves $$!! I double the ingredients but increased the borax from what would be 1 cup to 2. I use 1/2 cup per large load unless its REALLY smelly/dirty laundry then I use a full cup. Cleans brilliantly and removes odors...even cat pee!  =D  It will be a semi soft gel once it cools.     4 Cups Hot tap water 2  Fels Naptha soap bars 2 Cup  Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda 2 Cup Borax   - Grate bar of soap and add to saucepan with water. Stir continually over medium-low heat until soap dissolves and is melted. (I added a little at a time to keep from getting big clumps)   -Fill a 5 gallon bucket half full of hot tap water. Add melted soap, washing soda and Borax. Stir well until all powder is dissolved. Fill bucket to top with more hot water. Stir, cover and let sit overnight to thicken.   -Stir and fill a used, clean, laundry soap dispenser half full with soap and then fill rest of way with water. Shake before each use. (will gel)   -Optio
Can U See
that in a memory of life times be for that u my love have always had the key was give so long ago that u shurly can see me in that memory may u turn the key only ment for the is this love i have to give has spent a 1000 lifes looking for my my love ..spending many a night alon looking at the stars wondering if they still hold the same shine as they did so long ago with trace of a memory so long ago i gave to u my ture love yes its ture i love u cant u see that with in that memory of u and me...... cant u see this is me so trun the key and let us see those stars so i can see them light up just the same for me.....................................................................lonleylion
Smoke 2 Joint Lyrics
"i smoke 2 joints in the mornin,i smoke 2 joints at night,i smoke 2 joints in the afternoon it makes me feel all right"
Army Of The Dead
Army of the Dead~~~~~~~~~~~~~~An inexplicable phenomenon,Has changed rot into rebirth.The dead have risen from their sleep,And now they walk the Earth.They have invaded every city,Upon bloodstained streets they tread.Onward they march tirelessly,The army of the dead.Devouring all that lives and breathes, Then recruiting their fallen prey.Their ranks grow exponentially,With every passing day.Frustration and exhaustion,Hope replaced with dread.Never a moment of respite,From the army of the dead.Running low on food and ammo,And yet more of them arrive.I have no choice but to face the truth.There's no chance I will survive.As I hear them breaking through the door,There's no more to be said.Soon I'll be marching onward,With the army of the dead.
I Am Your Lady - Celine Dion
The whispers in the morningOf lovers sleeping tightAre rolling like thunder nowAs I look in your eyesI hold on to your bodyAnd feel each move you makeYour voice is warm and tenderA love that I could not forsake'Cause I am your ladyAnd you are my manWhenever you reach for meI'll do all that I canLost is how I'm feeling lying in your armsWhen the world outside's tooMuch to takeThat all ends when I'm with youEven though there may be timesIt seems I'm far awayNever wonder where I am'Cause I am always by your side'Cause I am your ladyAnd you are my manWhenever you reach for meI'll do all that I canWe're heading for somethingSomewhere I've never beenSometimes I am frightenedBut I'm ready to learnOf the power of loveThe sound of your heart beatingMade it clearSuddenly the feeling that I can't go onIs light years away(repeat first chorus)We're heading for somethingSomewhere I've never beenSometimes I am frightenedBut I'm ready to learnOf the power of love
Shoes Don't Stretch
Twenty Four years and so much to tell. Who Would've known I'd put me through hell. On top of the world at eighteen moons Not a care in my life, no open wounds. I had the world in my hands: school, work and a car. Little did I know despair was not far. I made a choice, foolish as could be. I should've listened to all who told me You were no good, no good for me. I fought, I cried, I worked, I tried, And everyday you only lied because Shoes don't stretch and men don't change. All my life I feel deranged For believing that you'd be there. I never thought it'd be this strange.
ako ay nagbalik at muli kang nasilayan hindi na ko muli pa lilisan...          i hope i wrote it good 'coz this is from a very nice song :)
The Stage - Sol Turpin Copywrite 1999
In the days when everything was realYou could tell how everyone did feelA little frown or a hiding something grinYou could tell the ones who just had sinned It seems to me that times have changedThe people know they act deranged On the stage againIt’s time to pretendTell me how you feelJust tell me are you realCause I can’t tellAre you on the stage again I bit reserved or just a little shyIs how I feel when I kiss a girl goodbyeAnd then there’s sometimes when I’m feeling just okShe knocks me down just to make her daySeems to me that something’s wrongThe people now have to act strong On the stage againIt’s time to pretendTell me how you feelJust tell me are you realCause I can’t tellAre you on the stage againAre you on the stage again Now I know why I am stuck with all this painIs there a chance that I could live my life in vaneThe words you speak I can not tell if they are trueThe world it crashes down on me what should I doIt’s down
Reasons People Talk About Others
Reasons people talk about others Don't make the mistake of judging a person without knowing more about his beliefs, values and past experiences. If you know the person well then most likely you will be able to pick up the correct reason that is motivating him to talk about others from the ones below: 1) Jealousy: People talk about others when they feel jealous. A person who feels jealous will try to put the one he is talking about down so that he feels good about himself. If the person has really bad intentions then he will talk about the person he is jealous of in a bad way that makes others hate him 2) Inferiority: People talk about others in a bad way in their absence in order to appear better than them. If a person feels inferior to someone then he might talk about him in a bad way in order to appear superior to him in front of others 3) Lack of courage: Some people hate to confront others directly and as a result they prefer to talk about them in their absence after they do so
6.0 Points And 3.1 Assists. J
PHOENIX -- The Phoenix Suns waived forward Ike Diogu and forward-centre Solomon Jones on Wednesday. Diogu averaged 5.7 points and 4.3 rebounds in three preseason games. The former Arizona State player has played 225 games in six seasons in the NBA with Golden State, Indiana, Portland, Sacramento, the Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio, averaging 6.0 points and 3.1 assists. Jones also appeared in three exhibition games, averaging 5.3 points and 4.3 rebounds. He has averaged 3.1 points and 2.4 rebounds in 268 games in six seasons with Atlanta, Indiana, the Clippers and New Orleans. The Suns have 15 players on their roster. Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal . -- The Texas Rangers figure theyll be just fine if they keep focusing on themselves. Cheap Jerseys China . -- David Garrard is listed as the first-team quarterback on the Miami Dolphins first depth chart, ahead of Matt Moore and first-round pick Ryan Tannehill as they try to win the starting job. . The
Os Angeles Angels With 16 Ho
DETROIT -- Torii Hunter has reached the post-season six times in his career, but hes never played in a World Series. Now hes joining forces with the defending AL champion Detroit Tigers -- a team thats come close to winning baseballs ultimate prize each of the last two years. "To win it all, theyre just like me. They dont know what it feels like," Hunter said. "If theres no failure, theres no progress. These guys are hungry for it." The Tigers introduced Hunter on Friday after finalizing their $26 million, two-year deal with the free agent outfielder. The 37-year-old hit a career-best .313 last season for the Los Angeles Angels with 16 home runs and 92 RBIs, and when he went on the open market, he began eyeing Detroit right away. The Tigers have won the AL Central the last two years, but theyre still chasing the franchises first World Series title since 1984. Detroit was one step away last season but lost the Series to San Francisco in a four-game sweep. Acquiring a corner
Norichika Aokis Two-out, Two-run Homer Off Closer Jason Motte. The Two-strike Drive Barely Cleare
ST. LOUIS -- Matt Carpenter picked up another series of cuts to his already beat-up hand on Sunday. Not that the St. Louis backup is complaining. Carpenter scored the winning run with a picture-perfect slide on Allen Craigs single in the 10th inning, giving the Cardinals a 5-4 win over the Milwaukee Brewers. The Cardinals broke a three-game losing streak and avoided a three-game sweep. St. Louis held onto its slim lead for the second NL wild-card spot. The Brewers, who have won 15 of 20, tied it in the ninth on Norichika Aokis two-out, two-run homer off closer Jason Motte. The two-strike drive barely cleared the right-field wall. Carpenter singled with one out in the 10th off Kameron Loe (6-5) and moved up on a wild pitch. Craig singled to right field with two outs and Carpenter barely eluded the tag from catcher Jonathan Lucroy after a strong throw by Aoki. "I had an angle and I just tried to avoid the tag and thankfully I got in there," Carpenter said. "I got some new blo
Stood Out Among His 14 Majors
MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- The championship was locked up by halftime. By the time the confetti landed, Alabama was already looking ahead to the next one. Thats the way it is for the latest dynasty in Tuscaloosa. Win a title. Move on. Quieting the Irish on the very first drive, Eddie Lacy, AJ McCarron and the No. 2 Crimson Tide rolled top-ranked Notre Dame 42-14 for the BCS championship Monday night, locking up a second straight national title and third in four years with another laugher of a title game. The Bear wouldve been especially proud of this one -- Nick Saban and the Tide romping to the second-biggest rout of the BCS era that began in 1999. Now, back to work. "The process is ongoing," said Saban, still tightlipped as ever and showing little emotion after the fourth national title of his coaching career. "Were going to enjoy it for 24 hours or so." The Crimson Tide (13-1) wrapped up its ninth Associated Press national title, breaking a tie with Notre Dame for the most by any school
And Im Excited About What Theyve Been Doing
SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Chargers will give several running backs a chance to replace last seasons leading rusher, Ryan Mathews, who had surgery Friday on his broken collarbone and is expected to miss four to six weeks. "I like the guys we have here, and Im excited about what theyve been doing," coach Norv Turner said. Mathews was injured on his first carry of the preseason in the first quarter of the Chargers game against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night and did not return. Mathews led the Chargers with 1,091 yards rushing and a 4.9-yard average last season, earning him a trip to the Pro Bowl. Entering training camp last month, Turner said Mathews was in the best shape of his career and should pile up bigger carry and scoring numbers this year because hed get additional snaps near the goal line. "That play could have happened on his 360th carry or his first carry," Turner said. "Ryanll come back healthy. Hes on his way to having a great season. I dont think this w
He Blue Jays? If Theyre Going To Be Better Next Season, Theyll Might Have T
The Nationals, the Reds and the Diamonbacks. What do these three teams have in common? Well, they all made significant trades for starting pitchers in the off-season, and all three are in the thick of the race for playoff spots in the National League.  As of this writing, Washington leads the East, Cincinnati leads the Central, and Arizona is still close in the West and NL wild card races. How does this apply to the Blue Jays? If theyre going to be better next season, theyll might have to trade for starting pitching this season, like the Nationals, Reds and D-Backs did in 2011.  Lets revisit each of those swaps to see what it took to get done. The Blue Jays were in the race for Mat Latos, who ended up going to the Reds. Cinncinati gave up standout catching prospect Yasmani Grandal and two other prospects, Yonder Alonzo and Brad Boxberger, plus veteran starter Edinson Volquez. It was a pretty hefty price to pay but Latos has delivered. Arizona picked up right hander Trevor C
Need More Staff On Our Lounge Please Ask About Position And Join, Thank You       need Greeters, Bartenders, and a New Head Enforcer 
Day 1: Likestravaganza
Though I created my FuBar profile two days ago, I consider today to be "Day 1" of my active membership to  At first I was gaining NO experience to speak of whatsoever.  I don't really see the point of gaining it, except to unlock certain features like the ability to participate in site areas like MuMMs and the like.  But I did want those points and levels.  So
Oh My Goodness
I was due for an appointment with the gynecologist later in the week.Early one morning, I received a call from the doctor’s office to tell me that I had been rescheduled for that morning at 9:30 am. I had only just packed everyone off to work and school, and it was already around 8:45am. The trip to his office took about 35 minutes, so I didn’t have any time to spare. As most women do, I like to take a little extra effort over hygiene when making such visits, but this time I wasn’t going to be able to make the full effort.So, I rushed upstairs, threw off my pajamas, wet the washcloth that was sitting next to the sink, and gave myself a quick wash in that area to make sure I was at least presentable. I threw the washcloth in the clothes basket, donned some clothes, hopped in the car and raced to my appointment.I was in the waiting room for only a few minutes when I was called in. Knowing the procedure, as I’m sure you do, I hopped up on the table, looked over at
A Night Of Lovin'
As I lay dreaming , reaching for the memory , the lights flick on and you are standing over me with my blindfold in your hand. I start to speak and you put your finger on my lips ......." Silence " so I shut up. The blindfold went on , then I felt the wrist restraints snap on and the sounds seemed to echo. Then my ankles were bound. I can feel your calloused hands running up my thighs , I shivered . This man has always been able to pull emotions from the very core of me. Now I am back in darkness with the quietness screaming at me . " Why won't he speak ?" So I am not going to do anything but try to pick-up the fragmented dream pieces and stay relaxed. I have nothing to fear anyway , I trust this man with every fiber of my being. I know he loves me , and then things are tense , he tells me so. He caresses me until I am so aroused that I feel like I'm begining to sweat , beads of persperation rathering on my upper-lip. And my breathing is becoming dyspnea . . He is sitting on the bed ,
Ecision Has Been Made. If Portlan
MINNEAPOLIS -- The Minnesota Timberwolves are about to find out just how serious the Portland Trail Blazers were when they said they would match any offer for restricted free agent forward Nicolas Batum. The Timberwolves submitted a four-year, $46 million offer sheet signed by Batum on Sunday, giving the Blazers three days to match the offer or let him leave without compensation. The deal has incentives that could push the total value over $50 million, a hefty price for the 23-year-old swingman who has averaged 10.2 points and 3.9 rebounds in his first three seasons in the league. The Trail Blazers acknowledged that they did receive the offer sheet Sunday night and said they would have no further comment until a decision has been made. If Portland general manager Neil Olshey is to be believed, that decision was made a long time ago. As soon as the free agent market opened July 1, the Timberwolves set their sights on Batum, a versatile, 6-foot-8 shooter with an established reputation as
Onte Said. "because My Dream Continues, After A Year Of Working. Certainly Its
TURIN, Italy -- Juventus coach Antonio Conte has signed a new three-year deal with the Serie A champion that will keep him with the club until 2015. Conte, a former Juventus captain, took over last summer from Luigi Delneri, who failed to take Juventus into the Europa League with a seventh-place finish in the Italian league. The 42-year-old Conte led Juventus to the league title this season and reached the Italian Cup final. Juventus was unbeaten in the league, but lost to Napoli in the cup. "Its obviously a great day," Conte said. "Because my dream continues, after a year of working. Certainly its a great show of admiration that fills me with pride and happiness and definitely pushes me to try to definitely do better. "In May last year, the clubs intentions were clear; it wanted to create a project, to build year on year something that would take us back to the top, like Juventus was in the past. We managed this year to win the league, next year there will be a new challenge in Europe
Selected 57th Overall By The Blu
TORONTO -- The Blue Jays shipped right-handed pitcher Kevin Comer to the Houston Astros on Thursday to complete a 10-player trade made last month. Toronto got pitchers J.A. Happ, Brandon Lyon and David Carpenter in the deal made July 20. In addition to Comer, the Astros received Francisco Cordero and outfielder Ben Francisco, along with four minor-league players. The 20-year-old Comer is in his first professional season, having posted a 3-3 record with a 3.95 earned-run average in 10 games, including seven starts, for Bluefield in the Appalachian League. The Shamong, N.J., native was selected 57th overall by the Blue Jays in the 2011 draft. Wholesale Jerseys USA . Robin Lopez added 18 points, 13 rebounds and three blocks for New Orleans, while Ryan Anderson was 5 of 6 from 3-point range, finishing with 15 points. Rookie Austin Rivers scored 13 points and Al-Farouq Aminu 12, while Greivis Vasquez had 11 assists. Wholesale Jerseys Paypal . Theyre still right there in the playoff race, de
Love Lost
People always told me to smile, I just stare back People think I'm strange to not care, it doesn't come natural for me & people find it weird I don't cry when I should, but I see it as being weak   He made me do all of this, but then he left... Now what?   I stare carelessly through the next soul People have stopped telling me how to act They can see I have reasons and a hurt behind my eyes
Come See Me At Mexicali Live In Teaneck, Nj On 9/14!
Hey everybody! Well.... the weather's getting cooler. The skies are looking colorful. There's LOTS of music in the air! Come enjoy some music with the Sean Faust/ Robert Fulton Duo at Mexicali Live this coming Saturday! I promise it will be an evening you'll remember for a VERY long time! Wishing you all peace and love! ***************************************************************Saturday - September 14th 7:00 p.m.SEAN FAUST & ROBERT FULTON DUO opening for WIGJAM at Mexicali Live! 1409 Queen Anne Road Teaneck, NJ 07666Get your tickets today! *************************************************************** Check out Sean's new Vidcasts! NEW!!!! Episode 6: Can't Stop The Signal NEW!!!! Episode 5: Status Quo Radio 4: A Day Like This with Robert Fulton 3: Neil Diamond Cover 2: 2nd Verse http://yout
R General Of The World Anti-d
AUSTIN, Texas -- Lance Armstrong may be considering a change in course, dropping his years of denials and admitting that he used performance-enhancing drugs -- though whether such a move would help him is uncertain. The New York Times, citing anonymous sources, reported late Friday that Armstrong has told associates he is thinking about the move. However, Armstrong attorney Tim Herman says that the cyclist hasnt reached out to USADA chief executive Travis Tygart and David Howman, director general of the World Anti-Doping Agency. A USADA spokeswoman declined comment on Saturday, while Howman was quoted by the Sunday Star-Times in New Zealand, where he is vacationing, saying Armstrong has not approached his group. USADA stripped Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles last year and issued a report portraying the cyclist as the leader of a sophisticated doping operation on his winning teams. Public confessions and apologies have been the route of redemption for several at
Kolanos Leads The Club With 40 Points (18g, 22a) And Was Chosen To Participate In The Ah
Calgary, AB (Sports Network) - The Calgary Flames signed forward Krys Kolanos to a two year, two-way contract and recalled him from Abbotsford of the American Hockey League on Wednesday. The 30-year-old Calgary native has appeared in 136 career NHL games with Phoenix, Edmonton and Minnesota, recording 20 goals, 41 points and a plus-1 rating. Through 34 games with Abbotsford this year, Kolanos leads the club with 40 points (18G, 22A) and was chosen to participate in the AHL All-Star game this past weekend. "Krys has been one of our best players in Abbotsford and has done everything weve asked of him to earn this opportunity," said Flames general manager Jay Feaster. "He has worked hard on being a responsible two-way player and we look forward to him contributing to our success at both ends of the ice." A Boston College product who scored the game-winning overtime goal in the 2001 NCAA championship contest, Kolanos last played in the NHL in 2009 for the Wild, appearing in 21
Major Leaguers And Highly R
TORONTO -- It took longer than Blue Jays fans probably would have liked, but Torontos mammoth 12-player trade with the Miami Marlins is finally a done deal. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said Monday he would not stand in the way of the trade that sees Toronto acquire all-star shortstop Jose Reyes, pitchers Mark Buehrle and Josh Johnson, catcher John Buck and infielder/outfielder Emilio Bonifacio from Miami for seven players. "It is my conclusion that this transaction, involving established major leaguers and highly regarded young players and prospects, represents the exercise of plausible baseball judgment on the part of both clubs, does not violate any express rule of Major League Baseball and does not otherwise warrant the exercise of any of my powers to prevent its completion," Selig said it a statement. "It is, of course, up to the clubs involved to make the case to their respective fans that this transaction makes sense and enhances the competitive position of each,
S And 9.6 Rebounds Last Seaso
ATLANTA -- Hawks forward Josh Smith will miss Sunday nights game at Oklahoma City because of a right ankle sprain. Atlanta says Smith wont travel with the team. There was no mention of the injury after Smith played 41 minutes in the Hawks season-opening 109-102 loss to Houston on Friday night. The Hawks said on Saturday that Smith was injured during the game. Smith had 18 points, 10 rebounds and three blocked shots against the Rockets. Smith set career highs by averaging 18.8 points and 9.6 rebounds last season. The Hawks say backup centre Johan Petro will also miss Sundays game because of a lower back injury. He wasnt in uniform on Friday night. Cheap Jerseys China . The 32-year-old Owen has agreed to a one-year deal with Stoke after failing to re-ignite his career at Old Trafford during three injury-blighted seasons. Stoke announced details of the signing on Twitter. Cheap Jerseys Sale . -- Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt says quarterback Kevin Kolb may miss the teams late T
Portrait Of Us
My eyes,Now only wide seen,Enlightened beyond the shadows liftedfrom a past life; so I write:To kiss the devil anddance with the lighteningfear me not a world of nothing.A skyline was born while angelicstars draped along with smilesof the sun-gods children play.Once a bright light flickeredand flashed away; do not lamentin that my darkest hour, for inthe hollowness of a lonely executionerswrath, masked by an astronomical darkness,still burns, on the wick of the infinitecandle. Forever written inside the scrolls oftomorrow, and the yesterday are thesounds of the divine leader; Love neverdies, Love never ends, If you allow yourself totrustin it, love will never let you fail.Now, if you believe, I am over here,the genesis factor has only yet to begin...
Guy Maps His Heart Rate During Game Of Thrones Red Wedding Scene
If you somehow managed to magically avoid all hints at what happens during Game of Thrones' now-infamous Red Wedding scene, stop reading now. Because one man hooked himself up to an Arduino and PulseSensor to track his heart rate during the episode, and spoilers abound (kind of maybe if you have really good eyesight). —SPOILERS BELOW AND ABOVE AND EVERYWHERE— For the majority of the episode our friend over at Virostatiq seemed fine with a solid, steady flat line. Then towards the end, things start going awry. As far as we can tell, each major spike you see seems to correspond with (*spoilers*spoilers*SPOILERS*) the respective deaths of Rob, his wife, and mommy dearest in that final huge jump. I offer no apology to those of you who disobeyed the spoiler warning—you had your chance.
She Helped The Top-s
OTTAWA (CIS) - Hannah Haughn, a field hockey player from the University of British Columbia, and Raphaël Bélanger-Vaillancourt, a soccer player from University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, were named the CIS female and male athletes of the week on Wednesday. Haughn, a first-year kinesiology student from North Vancouver, B.C., was named MVP of the CIS championship after she helped the top-seeded Thunderbirds capture their second straight McCrae Cup title - and their record 14th all-time - in Toronto. The 5-foot-3 midfielder was stellar at both ends of the field in guiding UBC to four wins and a draw in five contests, including a convincing 3-0 victory over the host Varsity Blues in the gold-medal final. Prior to the tournament, Haughn received the Joyce Slipp Award as CIS rookie of the year and was announced as a second-team all-Canadian. StFX rugby player Tyson Beukeboom, Sherbrooke soccer player Marie-Ève Jacques and Guelph rugby player Britt Benn were also nominated for t
Death Strolled Through The Neighborhood
And decided that it was time for the neighbor across the street to leave this life. Apparently, Tuesday evening he had a cardiac episode. I had come downstairs to get some ice and saw the flashing glow from the squad lights on the wall. I didn't want to watch - I had a feeling that the squad was there for him & not his wife or stepson - but I couldn't help it, I wanted to see how many rescue workers it took to get him out of the house. You see, the neighbor across the street was a rather huge man. I swear he topped the scales at 500-550 lbs. (he had not always been that size, I remember when they were neighbors of ours when I was younger and he was barely 180lbs.) It took 7 rescue workers to remove him from the house. Yes, that is very sad. It is also somewhat pathetic - as this man had gained all of that weight over the span of a year or so becasue he foudn out that if he weighed 300 lbs or more he could collect disability! I know it sounds horrible, but he chose to do that just so
Zack Greinke Gave The Brewers Exactly The Performance They Needed After A Sour Stretch. Greinke Struck Out 10 Over Seven
MILWAUKEE -- Zack Greinke gave the Brewers exactly the performance they needed after a sour stretch. Greinke struck out 10 over seven effective innings and the Brewers got back to their winning ways at home with a 5-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night to reclaim first place in the NL Central. "This is the game we needed from him. We talked about it, we needed Zack to have a big game, and he did," Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said. "I think any time you put a challenge to Zack, youre going to see a guy that wants the challenge." Greinke (7-2) provided his best performance so far with the Brewers after Milwaukee had lost six of its last eight. "Its up there," Greinke said. "The last six or seven outings felt good just about every time." Milwaukee is now a 1/2-game ahead of the Cardinals, who will be without Albert Pujols for the next four-to-six weeks, but Greinke doesnt believe thatll mean much in the standings. "Alberts probably the best player in baseball, b
Ve Enough Left-handers In The Bullpen," Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine Said. General Manager Ben Cherington Said The Red Sox Bullpen Was At Its B
BOSTON -- The Red Sox obtained left-hander Scott Breslow from the Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday for right-hander Matt Albers and outfielder Scott Podsednik. Breslow, 31, came to Arizona in a five-player trade with Oakland last December that sent All-Star Trevor Cahill to the desert and Jarrod Parker, the ninth overall pick in the 2007 amateur draft, to Oakland. Breslow was 2-0 with a 2.70 ERA in 40 appearances for the Diamondbacks this season after signing a one-year deal. "You never can have enough left-handers in the bullpen," Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said. General manager Ben Cherington said the Red Sox bullpen was at its best this season when it had three lefties. Breslows acquisition plus the presence of Franklin Morales and Andrew Miller give the Red Sox three again now that lefty Rich Hill is on the disabled list. Breslow also provides depth in case Valentine wants to return Morales to a rotation that has been inconsistent. Morales has spent most of the sea
D Player Of The Year Scored Two First-half Penalties Tuesday To Lead The Spanish Club To A 3-1 Victory Over Milan And A Place In The Semifina
BARCELONA, Spain -- Lionel Messi broke yet another record in an already remarkable season as Barcelona finally broke down AC Milans stubborn defence to move one step closer to successsfully defending its Champions League title. The three-time world player of the year scored two first-half penalties Tuesday to lead the Spanish club to a 3-1 victory over Milan and a place in the semifinals of the tournament for the fifth straight season. In the process, he became the first player to score 14 goals in one Champions League campaign, breaking Ruud van Nistelrooys record from 2002-03. After leaving the San Siro feeling aggrieved at not having been awarded at least one penalty in a 0-0 draw, Barcelona took full advantage of getting two spot kicks this time and then held off the visitors attempt at a fightback. "When you have Milan in front of you, its never over. We had to work a lot," Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta said. "Were very happy to be in the semifinals again." Messi
Accounting Homework Help
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Both Type And Dress Your Child
Mountains, seas, towns, anywhere is a fair target for Josh Freeman Womens Jersey stalwarts of action sports Make sure, too to let everyone have the chance to ride so the time of waiting will be worth it Grow your business by building brand recognition However, experienced players can pick heavier models Both companies and individuals start to wonder if Doug Martin Womens Jersey the benefit pays off You can keep both type and dress your child according to the demand of the situation The most popular and well-admired light up clothes includes equalizer shirts and flashing shirts The chassis used on the Outlander has a rigid unibody structure drive Vincent Jackson Womens Jersey from Sector 18 Market Kalindi Kunj The interactions happen for the entire academic life When wearing a football jersey, it should be loose fitting, hanging from the shoulders But it can be difficult to carry a variety of clothing with you when you are hiking Authentic Josh Freeman Jersey Summer is t
Chance Encounter
Chance Encounter   A chance encounter was all it wasShe glanced in my direction I was frozen in my tracksThem big brown eyes Like none I had ever seen beforeSo familiar, yet so foreignSo lost, yet so warmI knew I had to touch herTo feel her skinAs soft and tenderAs peaceful windThem eyes piercing me To the depths of my soulI have to look awayOr risk losing controlMy mouth becomes dryIs she staring at me?My glance hits the floorAshamed that it lingeredI close my eyes and sighAnd turn on my heels I ponder the thought of walking awayFor a couple seconds; maybe a minuteWhen I was startled out of my degradationA hand with a well manicured nailFalls upon my shoulderStagnant, my feet become concreteThe aroma of orchids and lilies are freshDon’t turn around I keep telling myselfThen a mild, gentle whisper invaded my thoughtsBreaking up the torture of silence“I don’t mean to be rude, but do I know you?”I rotate around to see who it wasThe girl with the most beautiful
Random Fu Thoughts
These are just some of my random fu thoughts.... Why am I so addicted to this place? Why do salutes matter? Why do some people accept you as a friend only to unfriend you seconds later? Some names just don't match up with the person. I think there should be random fu get togethers acros the country, just lil meet and greets Why accept someone or friend them if you aren't going to interact at all? Some people ask for help, when you tell them you can't, they stop talking to you. I personally like the pokes, just wish they had some naughtier ones. Yes, I do love titties of all sizes. But I am an ass man thru and thru If I offend you in any way, tell me, I will listen I am a respectful dirty old(er) man, works for me I refuse to rank my family or friends If I put you in my family, I do not expect the same in return, it's because I think you are pretty cool and I want to like, rate and check you out daily if possible. Have fun peeps!   Yes, I want salutes from my beautiful
He Associated Press He W
LONDON -- The 2010 Tour de France champion Andy Schleck pulled out of this years race due to a spine injury he sustained during the Criterium du Dauphine last week, but hopes to recover in time to compete at the London Olympics. Schleck confirmed his withdrawal from cyclings blue ribbon race at a news conference in Luxembourg Wednesday, a few hours after his parents told The Associated Press he would not be able to ride for at least five weeks. Schleck said he found out on Tuesday that hell have to miss the Tour after undergoing an IRM which revealed the full extent of his injury. "My world fell apart," Schleck said. "I wont win the Tour de France, I wont even be in it. But now I have to look forward. I hope to be back for the Olympics." Schlecks father told the AP in a phone interview earlier on Wednesday that his son is likely to miss the Olympic race as well. "This is a very bad year, the Tour was his primary objective," said Johny Schleck, the cyclists father, who is al
Bittersweet Season Some Shi
MADRID, Spain -- Barcelona provided manager Pep Guardiola with the perfect send-off by thrashing Athletic Bilbao 3-0 in the Copa del Rey final on Friday, earning the clubs most successful coach a 14th trophy. Pedro Rodriguez scored either side of Lionel Messis 73rd goal of the season as the Catalan club demonstrated the virtues -- quick-touch passing, intricate combinations and clinical finishing -- that marked Guardiolas four seasons at the helm. Barcelonas record 26th domestic cup gave the bittersweet season some shine, partially making up for its failure to repeat as Champions League and Spanish league winners. "We had a very good year, we won four titles and winning this cup gives them better value," Guardiola said. "Im happy to close out the season this way." Athletics chase for its first silverware since 1984 again faltered as the young Basque team showed little improvement from the side beaten 3-0 by Atletico Madrid in the Europa League final this month, leaving its
The Meeting Was C
NEW ORLEANS -- Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and defensive end Will Smith met Monday with NFL lawyers and a federal magistrate, but the closed-door settlement conference didnt resolve lawsuits spawned by the players suspensions following the leagues bounty investigation. Vilma and his attorneys emerged from the three-hour-long conference with U.S. Magistrate Daniel Knowles III without commenting on whether progress was made toward resolution of the case. The meeting was closed to the public. In a court filing later Monday, Knowles said a settlement cant be reached "at this time." But he instructed the parties to contact him "at any stage of the proceeding if an additional settlement conference would be beneficial." Peter Ginsberg, one of Vilmas attorneys, said only that the group "went through the settlement process" and that he expects "things will move along." Vilma declined to comment on the talks, but said, "I want the team to do well, and I want to be part of the team." The sta
Declined To Provide Details Of The Incident During His News Conference. "im Not Going To Talk About It," Shurmur Chirped. "tha
BEREA, Ohio -- Joe Hadens training camp -- and a stormy one for the Browns -- ended before any of his teammates were finished. Arguably Clevelands best defensive player, Haden was kicked off the practice field Wednesday by coach Pat Shurmur, who felt the third-year cornerback was being too physical with rookie wide receiver Travis Benjamin during a passing drill on the final day of workouts open to fans. Haden was ordered to leave roughly an hour into the practice by an angry Shurmur, who declined to provide details of the incident during his news conference. "Im not going to talk about it," Shurmur chirped. "Thats between me and the player. I have a great deal of respect for Joe. If you want details, youre going to have to find it on Twitter. My only apology is that I used bad language and the fans were here to see it. Joes a great competitor and I appreciate what he does and who he is and thats the last youll hear me talk about it." Shurmur didnt even let a reporter finis
Comment Faire Correspondre Les Robes De Cocktail Rouges Doux
Les jeunes femmes à travers le monde sont maintenant dans la poursuite du style de bal , en particulier les événements de vacances et il ya des chances la prochaine dans la saison du printemps chaud heureux . Comme vous le savez , tout le monde commence à se réveiller , les filles et les garçons se rassemblent pour quelques matchs intéressants . Après tout , le printemps chaud est vénéré par la plupart des gens dans le monde . Où trouver des robe cocktail blanche perfectos pour les filles est un problème important pour quelqu'un qui a de l'expérience dans les achats. offert de nombreux styles de robes parfaites pour un prix assez faible aujourd'hui . Comme nous savons tous qu'il ya un doux rêve dans le cœur des femmes tout le temps. Rouge doux femmes peuvent se sentir plus jeune et plus belle . Mais comment coincidar avec de magnifiques maisons de robes rouges est un problème difficile pour les femmes . Il n'est pas juste pour eux d'agir comme des filles blanches dans
My Views On Girls Who Lol
When a girl lol's to much on a message or text i will assume theres a gas line broken or shes very stoned. Personally it annoys the hell out of me.
I Always Thought It Was You, And Never I Do.
Excuse me but I have something to say I ain't going to sit here and watch my heart decay Yes, it's always been everything or nothing getting my way But then here you come along, giving me your stare & I ask myself...what the fuck, why should I even care? It wasn't suppose to begin or end that day You really thought throwing me in and out would be okay Well I'm sorry I have to tell you this, but it isn't today So now here I am, and there you are at bay Just had to be grooved, set, put astray Not going to even meet me halfway Yeah, now I'm going away...
If you can look at the sunset and smile, then you still have hope. If you can find beauty in the colors of a small flower, then you still have hope. If you can find pleasure in the movement of a butterfly, then you still have hope. If the smile of a child can still warm your heart, then you still have hope. If you can see the good in other people, then you still have hope. If the rain breaking on a roof top can still lull you to sleep, then you still have hope. If the sight of a rainbow still makes you stop and stare in wonder, then you still have hope. If the soft fur of a favored pet still feels pleasant under your fingertips, then you still have hope. If you meet new people with a trace of excitement and optimism, then you still have hope. If you give people the benefit of a doubt, then you still have hope. If you still offer your hand in friendship to others that have touched your life, then you still have hope. If receiving an unexpected card or letter still brings a pleasant surp
Of The Edmonton Eskimos. He Had Previ
REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders finalized their defensive coaching staff for the 2013 season on Friday. Richie Hall will return as defensive co-ordinator and Barron Miles will serve as defensive backs coach again next season. Mike Sinclair was named assistant head coach and defensive line coach while Richard Kent was named defensive backs coach. Saskatchewan had the second-ranked defence in the CFL last season. The 8-10 Riders finished third in the West and dropped a 36-30 decision to Calgary in the division semifinal. Hall rejoined the team in 2011 after spending two seasons as head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos. He had previously spent 15 seasons on the Riders coaching staff. Miles came to Saskatchewan last season after spending two seasons with the B.C. Lions as a defensive and player personnel assistant. Sinclair spent the last five seasons as a defensive line coach with the Montreal Alouettes. Kent was a secondary coach for the Toronto Argonauts in 2009 and spen
Ement, Tied With Boston At
(Sports Network) - The New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays have combined for almost 300 home runs this season and the two powers will collide tonight in the opener of a three-game series in the Bronx. The Yankees lead the majors with 142 homers and Toronto is right behind them with 130. The two AL East inhabitants are on the opposite sides of the spectrum in the division standings, however, as the Yankees sit on top with an eight-game lead over Baltimore. The Blue Jays are in the basement, tied with Boston at 9 1/2 games off the pace. Toronto will open a six-game road trip tonight against the Yankees and Red Sox, and is coming off a series win over Cleveland. The Blue Jays, who have won three of four games since losing three straight, recorded a 3-0 victory over the Indians on Sunday behind a solid performance from their pitching staff. Carlos Villanueva struck out eight and overcame five walks with six scoreless innings, while Jason Frasor shut the Tribe down in the sev
Another Statement For Everyone To Read And Share
A Special Birthday that I will always remember forever…. As I am coming up to my 45th birthday, there is always something that I will never ever forget as long as I live. It is something that is very rare happen to people in our society. This rare event was a huge step in my life after what I had went through a year and nine months prior. It was the biggest change that I had ever made and it had made me a much prouder man in myself for what I learned from my horrible mistake, and giving me the ability to make accomplishments happen for the best. It is like when you are young at heart, and that you have the right frame of mind to do something that you want to do, and then you can take control of yourself. When this special day came to me, it opened so many doors of meeting people and doing so many incredible things that I never had thought of. When I had the opportunity to take this huge step, I had made a lot of changes in a way that anyone wasn’t sure that I could do,
How To Spot A Fake Dominant
First, what is a fake Dominant? A fake Dominant is someone who is just out for sex, fantasy and an easy lay. . Most of the time you will be dealing with the fakers but some are genuine predators. We now have online and real time versions of Dominants. I’m going to blend the two, because with this day and age it is likely that you meet someone online and move to real life. The most obvious fake Dominant will only want to skip to the sex. They may start their conversation out sweetly enough, but it will soon become sexual oriented. Cyber sex may be suggested or you will be pushed to play on the first date or well before you’d be ready to. They don’t get to know you for who you are first. These are the booty chasers. There are the Dominants that exaggerate their experience level. I personally don’t care what someone says but unless they can prove it a 25 year old dominant does not have 10 years of experience unless they are counting masturbation fa
Choosing The 'right' Dominant
He strides into the room, the long tail of his black coiled leather bullwhip flicking like a snake's tongue against the immaculate sheen of his high black boots, boots she will come to know very well. He squares his broad shoulders, tossing back his unrully mane of black hair, his dark, piercing eyes above high, arrogant cheek bones, scanning the assembled company... Contrary to popular fiction, the average Dom wears a business suit, not leather trousers, and is more likely to ride a pick up truck than a dashing steed. He won't remove the clothes from your back with an expert flick of his 12 foot whip – most wouldn't know what to do with a bullwhip if you were unwise enough to give them one and are perfectly capable of dealing with you with just the flat of their hand. In short give up the romantic hero cliches and remember that what's important is skill, and control, and decisiveness, and assurance, not height or tight buns or a large wardrobe of ruffly shirts and
You Need Not Need Physical Instruments
There are even designs for pregnant women In all the NaVorro Bowman Womens Jersey beam-exclude established is specific painstaking towards highlight of such a iconic fresh Even after choosing the right contractor you will need to explain all of your expectations Winfrey that is any popular person hosting regarding U They said I couldn’t find Lincoln town cheap seized car for sale but I did!Warning: Don’t click another button until you read the Justin Smith Womens Jersey Gsa vehicle auction report These days, most musicians go online to purchase their music instruments in place of visiting a high street shop for that purpose Sealeo tend to use their nose to get to know others and object qualities You need not need physical instruments I can't imagine living in a landlocked state like Ohio- where I grew up- after having Patrick Willis Womens Jersey been so close to the waves for so long An example of Swellows determination was in Solid as a Solrock where Ash, k
Wanna Lose Weight
Want to lose weight or begin to feel better about yourself? Check out Plexus Products........... it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if not satisfied
She Changed My World ,
she has got me to the point where i will marry her in a 1/4 heart beat , i am not hiding anything from her i love to talk to her , joke with her  make her laugh her ass off and and very willing to say ( kl,p m ) i love you very much heart and soul , however  i also like to talk about more serious stuff too,so we know where each other is (head wise) . you could say i am a bit of an romantic kind of guy and willing to say men make stupid mistakes , the one thing she has shown me is that she deeply cares and loves me as i do for her too ! she has changed my world in more ways than i can list , however here are a few , she has grabbed my heart alot sooner than anyone else , she broke my barriers much sooner than onyone else , she has given me a new passion for life and helping others when ever possible and not to mention  she will be here in 7 days and by this time this coming sunday i will be at the airport waiting for her plane which is due at one hr from now ! unless theres som
What Is A Switch?
n BDSM, a switch is someone who participates in SM activities as both a top and a bottom, or possibly in D/s activities as both a Dominant and a submissive. A switch will be the top on some occasions and the bottom on other occasions, not necessarily with the same partner. Switching within a scene, or even during a session is very rare. Attitudes toward Switches in the BDSM Community Switches are known to get a negative reaction from some purists who believe you can not be a switch and that these individuals just can’t make up their minds. This is far from the truth. It is difficult to define exactly who is a switch; there are many heated debates about switches on the BDSM forums. However, it is agreed that a switch is someone who can be either a top or bottom (not necessarily to the same person), one who can both dominate and submit. Common myths about switches: Switches are usually bi: No, switches can be gay, straight or bi. This myth may have originated from
Americans Receiving Wild Cards W
NEW YORK -- Lleyton Hewitt and James Blake will receive wild cards into the U.S. Open. The U.S. Tennis Association announced its eight mens wild cards Tuesday. Hewitt is a two-time major champion, winning the 2001 U.S. Open, but at age 31 the Australian has fallen to 134th in the world. Blake has twice reached the quarterfinals at Flushing Meadows, but the 32-year-old Americans ranking was also too low to automatically qualify for the years last Grand Slam, which starts Aug. 27. Other Americans receiving wild cards were NCAA singles champion Steve Johnson; USTA boys 18s singles champion Dennis Novikov; 2010 U.S. Open boys singles finalists Jack Sock and Denis Kudla; and Rajeev Ram, currently ranked No. 100. Frances Guillaume Rufin also got a wild card. Hewitt and Rufin were invited through reciprocal arrangements with the Australian and French Opens. NFL Jerseys From China . -- The San Jose Sharks have re-signed forwards T. Wholesale NFL Jerseys China . Gagne scored his 10th g
Just Me
Robes De Mariee Printemps Ete 2013, Connait Les Tendances !
Pour savoir ce qui va arriver l'année prochaine en ce qui concerne les robes de mariage sont concernés, il n'ya pas de meilleure référence que le New York Semaine de la mariée dans laquelle de grands designers présentent leurs collections pour l'année prochaine . Les arcs et les dentelles collecte Monique Lhuillier pour 2013Vous voulez connaître les tendances et les modèles de 2013 à venir à vous inspirer et trouver votre robe de rêve ?robe demoiselle d'honneur courte de couleur pour 2013Pastel mode est également parvenu à les robe demoiselle d'honneur. Aujourd'hui, de plus en plus les jeunes mariées qui ont renoncé à porter du blanc en ce jour et préférer les couleurs qui peuvent asentarles mieux . Que pensez-vous d'un rose pâle ou gris ? robe demoiselle d'honneur par Vera WangLa menthe verte est la couleur de l'année couronné certainement pas loin derrière dans les robes de mariage et me laisse vraiment sentir très élégant et presque angélique . Habillez-vous en vert menthe Rosa C
Asian Fashion Autumn Dresses Matching With Jacket
  Lead: early autumn temperatures begin to fall, sooner or later, the cool side, do not rush summer dress it up, you can easily cope with a jacket temperature and occasions of all kinds, whether you want a street tide female wind, the wind or the College England is retro, with the right mix can make you miss the chance and have a type. still worry how with you? keep up with the pace of small series to see Europe Street beat up people with the skill of a twelve strokes from high school, tomorrow wearing a jacket + dress perfect to show yourself.   Autumn korea clothing online shopping dress with jacket 1  Matching skill: khaki a mix, giving a warm and comfortable feeling, print dress, such as painting texture, elegant, belts increase, you can adjust the ratio, coupled with high heels, there was an immediate big legs up.   Autumn dress with jacket 2 Matching skill: College wind to go from, splicing rendering vest, skirt very literary feel, easy to deal with a thin coat of gray tem
Write Quality Content For Publishing Your Own Books
An specialist is a who is very knowledgeable about or skillful in a specific area. Think about your favourite hobby. Is there a book written on it? Have you read the book &, if so, what do you think about the who wrote it? Do you think about them to be an specialist in that particular field because they wrote a book? Of coursework you do &, when you write a book, you will instantly be thought about an specialist by your readers. You will be the who is thought to be an authority on your book's topic.It is thing to have an news story appear in a newspaper or journal, but you are on an entirely different playing field when your book is obtainable on the market in your favourite bookstore or is talked about on websites. When you write a book, your name & work will be forever cataloged with the Library of Congress.But, what does all of this mean?In short it means extra funds, more status, & more opportunities. Let's take a glance at each of these in more detail.More Funds.In our society the
Though He Was In "a Fo
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Darrelle Revis is feeling better these days, recovering from the concussion that sidelined him Sunday. The New York Jets All-Pro cornerback still isnt sure, though, if hell be back in uniform for the teams next game at Miami. "Im going through the tests and things" Revis said Monday, "and doing what I need to get back and help my team." And the Jets sure could use him after they lost 27-10 to the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the AFC East-rival Dolphins up next. Revis suffered what the team called a "minor concussion" last Sunday in the season opener against Buffalo when he made a diving attempt to tackle the Bills C.J. Spiller and then teammate Bart Scott accidentally kicked him in the head. He said he felt as though he was in "a fog" after he was first hurt, but has gotten progressively better since. He was cleared to participate in non-contact drills Friday, but ruled out for the game. He had been limited to light running and lifting weights earlier in
So Far Away
I only have memories to see your face.  Only words that will give me grace.  The distance kills me inside as I long to be in your arms.  Even words can't help me hold on.  I wait and I will wait for all eternity to be next to you.  To feel all of you entwine with me.  You're the dream I've had for many years and until I'm in your arms that dream won't come true.  I love you more each day.  Nothing keeps me away from where you are.  In my heart you will always be.
Random So Random
Sometimes when I am alone I stare at the wall. Wondering. Wondering,if I will ever meet her. The woman who will be there for me as much as I intend on being there for her. When my music is playing im cool and collected. Starring off into nothingness  I wonder what she will look like. How she will smell, how she will kiss. I have served my country, but yet I dont have the courage to  talk to or whatevere when I think it could be her. My search seems to eternal. 
Auto Loan: What Can You Comfortably Afford?
Determining how much you can afford to pay is the most important step when considering a car purchase and applying for a car loan. In general, you should not spend more than 20 percent of your take-home pay (the amount on your paycheck, not your original salary) on all of your household's vehicles -- that means your car, your spouse's car and that old convertible tucked under the tarp in the garage. The exception to this standard might be a graduate just coming out of college who is living rent-free with family or friends but does have a steady, if entry-level, salary. Now before you start having visions of a fully loaded luxury SUV, keep in mind that a lot factors in to the 20 percent rule beyond the purchase price of your car. You need to consider how much money you can put down, the loan's interest rate and other factors. All of this adds up to the true cost of ownership, which includes: Depreciation:  Cars are a depreciating asset; they lose value as they age. Interest rate: Thi
Arsenal 2-1 Marseille Ramsay Accomplishment
Arsenal 2-1 Marseille Ramsay accomplishment cheap soccer jerseys 2013-14 UEFA Champions League Group F first round, Arsenal 2-1 away victory over Marseille. The first 65 minutes, Walcott opened the scoring; 84 minutes, Ramsey's goal to seal the victory. Moyes, Jordan - Ayew penalty as Marseille pulled one back. 10 years of the first round unbeaten Arsenal: Last 10 season's Champions League first match day, Arsenal won eight wins and two draws undefeated, the gunmen also dates back to the last first-round defeat in 2003. Meanwhile, Arsenal get recent six-game winning streak in all competitions. Arsenal jersey Guest of the French gunman six-game winning streak: the field after victory over Marseille, Arsenal away team's unbeaten record against France increased to 10 games (seven wins and three draws), of which the last six games is to obtain winning streak. Little Tiger world wave Savior: In the case of passive scene, Walcott Arsenal became the savior of the field, the world super-fo
Injury Was Initially Diagnosed
CLEVELAND -- Anderson Varejaos big body has betrayed him again. Clevelands hustling centre needs surgery to repair a muscle that split near his right knee, which could cause him to miss two more months -- a major setback for a young Cavaliers team struggling through another miserable season. The NBAs leading rebounder, Varejao was injured Dec. 18 against Toronto. The injury was initially diagnosed as only a bruised right knee, but as his symptoms persisted, more tests were performed and revealed a "longitudinal split" between Varejaos quadriceps and knee. Varejao will have surgery on Thursday at The Cleveland Clinic, and the team said he will be sidelined a minimum of six to eight weeks. The team said Dr. Richard Steadman in Vail, Colo., provided a second opinion on the injury. "Were losing one of our best guys on and off the floor. Hes the heart and soul of our basketball team," Cavs coach Byron Scott said. "This is a big-time blow. Im just trying to keep him in the best o
Full Range Of Comprehensive Packers And Movers In Bangalore Services The
S Packing and moving being among the hectic process, it is not easy to get it done in as simple steps. Hiring professional packers movers bangalore such as Prince Packers and Movers is going to address your all packing related worries.   Offering a full range of comprehensive packers and movers in bangalore services the company enjoys high reputation among companies from difference sectors including small medium and large enterprises, government authorities and residential clients. Consistently delivering valube-based shifting services they have now become preferred choice among its customers for shifting requirements.   Earlier people used to worry about finding a realizable and most trusted packers and movers in Chennai area. They had to muscle up their brain for choosing the best companies among all-time mushrooming packers and movers companies. However, with the company having high level expertise and acumen they have been delivering service as per their customers’ requir
Ter. Abraham Was Initially Hurt In The R
FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- The Atlanta Falcons are making contingency plans in case defensive end John Abraham is unable to play at full capacity in Sundays NFC title game against San Francisco. Abraham, the NFLs active sacks leader, missed practice Wednesday with a sprained left ankle. The same injury forced him to leave last weeks win over Seattle in the second quarter. Abraham was initially hurt in the regular season finale loss to Tampa Bay, limping off the field with the help of trainers. Coach Mike Smith says that he expects Abraham, a 13th-year veteran, to start against the 49ers. Regardless of Abrahams status, the Falcons are giving reserve ends Cliff Matthews, Jonathan Massaquoi and Lawrence Sidbury more snaps in practice. Kroy Biermann is listed on the depth chart as starting end opposite Abraham. Wholesale Jerseys Cheap .Y. -- NL MVPs Marty Marion and Bucky Walters, and former New York Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert are among 10 candidates on the ballot for the baseball
Ods Made It Clear Tuesday That He Had N
THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Tiger Woods is more driven to catch Jack Nicklaus than to try to emulate Luke Donald and Rory McIlroy. Woods made it clear Tuesday that he had no interest in taking up membership on the European Tour. He had floated the possibility last month in Turkey that he would look into dual membership with Europe counting the Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup toward the minimum requirement of 13 events. "Ill make it real simple -- Im not going to play the European Tour next year," Woods said. Woods is starting next season at the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship. Throw in the four majors and four World Golf Championships, and he would need only three more events to become a European Tour member. "Its a bit much for me still," Woods said, adding that his focus is squarely on the record 18 majors won by Nicklaus. Donald last year became the first player to win the money title on the PGA Tour and European Tour in the same season. McIlroy matched that feat this year, even th
Samsung Galaxy Q: Noble Smartphone
In the metal housing: Samsung should schedule a Galaxy-F-series should be nobler equipped as the Galaxy S series smartphones. Early 2014, the Galaxy expects F. Samsung plans to expand a series of premium its Galaxy Android product line. The new Galaxy-F-series should be located above the S series and the note series, reported the Korean news site of ETNews. The first Smartphone of the new series will be presented early next year. The first model of the noble series probably called Galaxy F to differ visually and in particular S models by its metal casing of the Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy S4 in the test Facilities should include, for example, the latest octa-core processor from Samsung, as well as a 16-Megapixel camera with integrated optical image stabilizer. Price, the Galaxy F above Galaxy will note be located series. As the operating system Android Galaxy model is used as with all. Source:
Mourinho Asked Boas Asked Annoying Talk Mata Position Gives Hint
In and Tottenham [ microblogging ] battle before , Chelsea [ ​​microblogging ] [ microblogging ] coach Jose Mourinho refused to comment on their relationship with the other coach Boas . Boas in Porto , Inter [ microblogging ] and Chelsea have in Mourinho , cheap jerseys and later parted ways breakdown of their relationship , Boas said he no longer considers the relationship between Moody handsome topic, and Muli Ni Austria appears to have avoided. "I do not want to talk about relationships , " Mourinho said, "because I'm not a child, and the media talking about the relationship , it is a personal affair ." " I do not care what he said, I came to the conference , not to review what he said ,Baltimore Ravens Jersey I am not interested ." At the press conference , Mourinho constantly asked about Boas problem, which finally let madman moderation. " This, to me , is enough. I have nothing to say, no ." "I would not be here and you talk about this , in my opinion d
Overs. Yes, The Second Period Was
Some quick thoughts from the NHL on TSN panel on Wednesday night. Its never fun to lose in overtime in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final but the New Jersey Devils can take some positives from the loss. They started very slow and didnt look good at all. But as the game wore on they started to get much more physical, they started to generate a few things off of turnovers. Yes, the second period was dreadful until they finally started to generate something late. But, there were enough big hits along the way that they didnt get physically run out of the building the way a lot of people thought they could be by the Kings. Everybody is going to point to the second period when it took the Devils until late in the period to even get a shot on goal as a reason for their undoing in Game 1. But, for a team that didnt generate a lot offensively, they had their chances to score.  In the first period, Travis Zajac had a point blank chance on the power play that could have gone in. David Cl
You Cannot Be Everything You Wish
But, of course to avail to the maximum benefits Authentic Sean Lee Jersey it is always essential that you understand and are fully aware of the exchange policies One above 18 years of his age can easily apply for this deal and see money brought at home in next few hours In the event that you lose control, causing your go kart to flip over, the roll bars and safety harness can keep you from harm's way The game Authentic DeMarco Murray Jersey tips off at 10pm Athletic shoes are fashion footwear with a purpose and when worn by all of the children at school they can be the determining factor of social success They will go and work on different swings depending on the conditions, but this is not all it takes to get fully warmed up and ready to play your round Modern designs have been incorporated Authentic Miles Austin Jersey into mountain bikes and they are also available in tandem configuration What they want to do, given the choice, is have fun You need to work out daily so
This Ten Percent Is To Be Given
The person can wait until the store goes on Joe Montana Drift Jersey sale or try getting it through an auction and be able to save some dollars to also buy other things from the Internet The evening sun can explode a variety of colours across the sky as it sets for the day This axis is of heavier weight and is dead on target and durable The Nike shoes are the most recognizable among many Joe Montana Womens Jersey brands and have maintained the top position in the market for many years We rejoin the friendly webslinger as he battles a new cache of villains while fighting off the effects of a symbiotic lifeforce that has attached itself to him in the form a new spider-suit Passport To Wealth offers a huge range of software programs (like Article submitter, which sells Joe Montana Jersey for $137 alone) and products (like e-books from how to get more traffic to joint ventures and basically anything imaginable in the Internet marketing industry) It is important that you quit smo
A Large Variety Of Rare
Entertainment Football is considered as the earth's most famous sport, Mario Williams Womens Jersey along with fans all around the globe rooting for their respective squads Casual pumps or trainers would look out of place and are only likely to cause embarrassment When picking out clothing, a lot of people focus on the brand Bamboo shirts are probably the easiest item to find a large variety of For more information Steve Johnson Womens Jersey about Kayak for Sale please follow this website http://www The team's shareholders Joe Robin said he liked the name because the ocean dolphin is the fastest one of the most intelligent creatures Having the right pair of shoes is important because as mentioned earlier, different sports involve different movements The sports lovers enjoy watching their favorite Authentic Fred Jackson Jersey sport on television As a matter of fact, the company will actually help the owners association save quite a bit of money since it can ensure that
Negotiation And The Concept
For this reason, diamonds are a good alternative for Mike Wallace Womens Jersey individuals who want to invest their money in something tangible Although DeCoud has started 47 of 48 games the past three seasons, he’s not much different than the rest of his classmates The essential concept of spreadbetting is to foretell the correct route of a market – the result just isn’t confined to a win or loss state of affairs but is determined by how accurate you are Cameron Wake Womens Jersey on the outcome If you are looking for additional ideas published by experts, please go to your best browser and type in roanoke home energy audits You can pick in between ornamental windows, plain glazing and patterned glass to embellish your room in various design The choice is yours So strong is this belief that fans would feel that they had left their team down if they had Ryan Tannehill Womens Jersey not attended a match and they lost fans are not just observers, they ar
I am imagining..... You are lying there on a towel. The hot sun is beating down on you ... your skin is a darkened shade of brownish-red. Beads of perspiration lie speckled throughout the maze of beautiful freckles that adorn your supple skin. Small streaks of water lines fall from the fullness of your thighs, your stomach, and your breasts... small grains of sand blow across you from the strong gusts of wind blowing across your hot body. Imagine the warmth of the hot sun flowing across your body, and the chilly breeze gently brushing across your skin ... your muscles relax as your nipples harden from the contrast between hot and cold... your wet lips to relieve them of their dryness ... and at that moment, my lips slowly meet yours. The pressure of our kiss increases, causing your body to tense up ... your back to arch ... our tongues meet, their softness caressing each other as we kiss passionately and we start to embrace.....   UUHHHMMM... As we embrace and kiss so very passionat
Beyond Control
Who would have ever thought that crimson red could have such a brilliant glowThere was so much blood. How anyone could live through that I did not knowThrough tear filled eyes I watched as she gasped for one last breathShe fought so hard to survive, but we both knew she had nothing leftIn it's own morbid way there was a certain beauty in her empty stareAs if he had brought peace to a life of agony, hurt, and despair I closed my eyes and hoped that maybe this was all just a dreamPerhaps I had only imagined the horrible things I had just seenWhy couldn't I stop him? I was her last hope and I let her downLike I was standing on the shore, watching as she drownedI just want it to be over, but it seems like this is merely where it beginsHe glanced into the hallway mirror and smiled as I looked back at him
Hole-by-hole Features Of Kc Filipinas
HOLE-BY-HOLE FEATURES of KC Filipinas | Golf Course Philippines | Golf Club Philippines   The hole no. 1 is 410 yards par 4 from the gold tee with Chrysopogon turf on fairways and roughs and with Paspalum greens. It is relatively flat with two fairway bunkers on the right, a grass bunker and a mango tree that are definitely crucial factors in choosing right clubs and approaches on the left. The green is a monostand of seashore paspalum. It is about 315 square meters with cross undulations towards the back but transitioning to a slight uphill near the rear end. It is guarded by two (2) bunkers on the left and mounds with dense turf covers on the right.   Read More at: -

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