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What Sort Of Artist Should You Be?
You Should Be an Actor You have a flair for the dramatic, and you probably already do a lot of acting in your day to day life, just to entertain yourself. No need to steal the spotlight from your friends... You'll get plenty of attention once you start acting professionally! What Sort of Artist Should You Be?
The Five Factor Personality Test
You are Extroverted, Conscientious, Agreeable, Neurotic and Open Extroversion: You have medium extroversion. You're not the life of the party, but you do show up for the party. Sometimes you are full of energy and open to new social experiences. But you also need to hibernate and enjoy your "down time". Conscientiousness: You have high conscientiousness. Intelligent and reliable, you tend to succeed in life. Most things in your life are organized and planned well. But you borderline on being a total perfectionist. Agreeableness: You have medium agreeableness. You're generally a friendly and trusting person. But you also have a healthy dose of cynicism. You get along well with others, as long as they play fair. Neuroticism: You have medium neuroticism. You're generally cool and collected, but sometimes you do panic. Little worries or problems can consume you, draining your energy. Your life is pretty smooth, but there's a few emotional bumps you
Christian Woman
Forgive her For she knows Not what she does.... A cross upon her bedroom wall. From grace she will fall. An image burning in her mind. And between her thighs. A dying God-man full of pain. When will you cum again? Before him beg to serve or please. On your back or knees. There's no forgiveness for her sins. Prefers punishment? Would you suffer eternally Or internally? Ah. For her lust She'll burn in hell. Her soul done medium well. All through mass manual stimulation Salvation. Corpus Christi She needs Corpus Christi Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi She needs Corpus Christi Corpus Christi. Body of Christ. She needs. Body of Christ. Body of Christ. She'd like to know God. love God. Feel her God. Inside of her - deep inside of her. She'd like to know God. love God. Feel, feel, feel Her God, Inside of her Deep inside of her. Inside of her Deep inside of her. Jesus Christ looks like me Jesus Christ, Jesus Chris
Okay, so I've had a few ppl tell me that I shouldn't settle no matter what. And I totally agree. All the events in my life over the past year have showed me that I am much happier when I am able to speak my mind. And here are some more thoughts on my world!! If you just wanna have sex with me...tell me. Don't make promises you have no intention of keeping, or hint at things that you don't want. I view sex much like a's there, and I can have it without emotional attachments. I am looking for someone to have a relationship with, but at the same time, I'm not gonna turn down the chance for good sex..ya hear me? Does this mean that every man that tells me he wants me is gonna get lucky? Hell no!! But it takes balls to tell a woman that you think she's hot, and you wanna get in her pants. I respect that. So respect my feelings and decisions. If I say no, drop it. Drama is so high school..get over yourself. Just because this is an online bar doesn't mean that I'm gonna
She lay naked in the candle-lit chamber. Her hands and feet tied, lying spread-eagle on her back, to the bed. Her lover had been teasing her excited body with a feather when she heard the knock on the door. When he rose and left the room without a word, fear welled up inside her, as did the pleasure. Her sexus started drooling more profusely, as the sensations intensified and she started to cum. There was a muffled discussion in the background, heard through the haze of her orgasm. When he reentered he was not alone. The woman who was with him was beautiful, dressed in a woolen sweater, hiding a pair of perky tits, and a short skirt. The skirt was so tight that the faint lines of her lingerie could be seen under its fabric. He had told his now bound lover that one day this would happen, that he knew she would enjoy it, and suddenly she became afraid. "I'm not like that! I like men, women do not excite me!" She had protested, before forcing the subject closed. Fear again fed he
Newyears Party
tonight byob and whatever else etc. theres still some crash space for those who end up needing it ;)
For Chrissy Its A Suprise
An Irish Princess There once was an Irish Lass who was sitting out in the meadows crying. One day, a young Lad walks by and see the young Lass crying asking her why she is crying. She said ¡° I¡¯m sad because I am alone and my dad wont let me be with anyone but royalty¡±. Not knowing who she is, he says, ¡°You should be whoever you want to be with.¡± She looks up at the young Lad and agrees with him. She wipes the tears away from her face and walks with the young lad back to her home. When they got to her home, the young Lad asked, ¡°Is this your home?¡± She sighs and says , ¡°Yes this is my home. I am the Princess of Ireland and if my father finds out that I was with you, I would not hear the end of it.¡± She walks away and she forgot to ask him what his name was. When she saw her father, he asked her were she was and she said, ¡° Dad, I was out in the meadows crying and there was a kind young man that heard my cry.¡± Her father was upset and asked the guards to get this you
Taste So Hot
The First Lady Of Gothic
I'm sure most people are aware of Kate Bush.....she has always been one of the very first women I would consider to be Gothic/Emo. I remember watching her when I was a child and being both amazed and excited by this really weird woman...she still makes me want to sit and watch her play...wonderful vision of early goth........ The first video introduces the second
Read At You're Risk
NEW ORLEANS (Jan. 3) - A man who initially told police gunmen kidnapped his 2 1/2-year-old son was arrested Saturday, accused of committing an "extremely hideous" murder because he was ordered to pay child support, Police Superintendent Warren Riley said. Danny Platt confessed, told police where to find the child's body and will be booked on a charge of first-degree murder in the death of Ja' Shawn Powell, Riley said at a news conference. He had said he would kill either his wife or his child before he paid child support," which he recently had been ordered to do, Riley said. Riley said he did not know the amount of child support and would not describe how the boy was killed, saying the coroner would do that after the autopsy was complete. The coroner's spokesman did not immediately return a call. "The mother is in a safe place," Riley said. Although he had visiting rights, Platt, 22, of New Orleans, had never visited the boy until he picked him up Friday, Riley said.Police put ou
Women??!! &^%$#
So I have to ask a general question when it comes to women. What the hell is up ya’ll seriously? I’ve talked to numerous women and they explain the qualities that they look for in men. Honor, Humor, Integrity, Loyalty, respect, Apprciation, Protectiveness, Intellegence, and a strong personality. That is until they ACTUALLY get those things. Before anyone goes on the defensive, I am hardly the only one who holds these opinions, this thought, rant, diatribe, what have you is the result of years of personal experience in conjunction with the experiences of several (20+) other men. Is it because they want these qualities, so long as none of this interferes with their own dynamic? This is an impossibility as Honor is an absolute, as is Integrity& Respect and these have a tendency to have a profound effect upon the other qualities. An example: Girl goes through life living one way and encounters nothing but heartache, bad relationships, and broken promises. So She comes up with a s
Video's That Make Me Laugh Hahah
Woot Woot... It's Her Birthday!!
One of the nicest people on Fu is celebrating a birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! :P Love her to pieces... She needs fu-bucks for SPOTLIGHT!! Please click on her site and show her love with some fu-bucks.
Bad November - Track 3 - Anarchy
Bad November Disclaimer: This is the first chapter in a story I wrote. None of the characters in this story are real and any relation to anyone dead or living is not intended. I apologize for any wrong use of United Kingdom English because I am not that familiar with United Kingdom slang. Any input would be welcome and any flaming will be ignored. This story is planned to be revised and maybe I can talk the writer to let me post them here if people like them. Please comment and let the writer and me know what you like or don't like. Also if 2 male characters being romantically involved sickens you please don't read. If you're still interested please keep reading. One last note, if anyone wishes to copy my story please get permission first (Not that I think that will happen but who knows). Lyrics from the song Anarchy - Anarchy, anarchy/ Throw your books away/ Anarchy, anarchy/ Question what they say Track 3 - Anarchy College indeed flew by during September. I barely
Bad November - Track 4 - Who I Am
Bad November Disclaimer: This is the first chapter in a story I wrote. None of the characters in this story are real and any relation to anyone dead or living is not intended. I apologize for any wrong use of United Kingdom English because I am not that familiar with United Kingdom slang. Any input would be welcome and any flaming will be ignored. This story is planned to be revised and maybe I can talk the writer to let me post them here if people like them. Please comment and let the writer and me know what you like or don't like. Also if 2 male characters being romantically involved sickens you please don't read. If you're still interested please keep reading. One last note, if anyone wishes to copy my story please get permission first (Not that I think that will happen but who knows). Track - 4 - Who I am Lyrics from the song Who I am When I dream/ I am dreaming of you/ Every time I take a step/ I'm one step closer to the truth/ Do you see me?/ Like I see you?/ Do yo
love is an addiction back to my old ways of not giving a fuk with an attitude so that no one will get close to hurt me again cuz love is an addiction that i fell into ....
Why Do I Even Bother?
From Time To Time One Day Is Better Then The Next
i know that some of u are wondering why i can be so happy one day like i have just upped and moved on then the next im so down and out again about EVERYTHINGS i guess life is what it is something just make u stronger and others u tend to dread on by that song that ment something to u a pic sitting on ur desk at work just a memory that just pops into ur head a sound a look....just something actually it can be anything... yeah i guess we all have our days and moments in time and as for me im just rolling with the punches as it comes to just roll with me and everything will be just fine n dandy like a hard candy christmas...
What Yertle The Turtle Teaches Me
This morning after getting gas for the Elantra and biting my tongue when Martha said, “Oh, I have to bowl tonight because one of our league members lives out of town and with the snow coming isn’t likely to get there so it’s up to me,” I wrote in my journal, ate breakfast, and Sarah called for me from the top of the stairs. This was her first morning to eat a bowl full of oatmeal (the low fat kind from Quaker Daddy’s supposed to be eating; it’s really good) she asked me to make for her. Then she asked me to read her a Dr. Seuss story – we have a thirteen-story collection (a “baker’s dozen”, that’s equaled thirteen since the Middle Ages when English bakers would make an extra slice, pastry, etc. to prove to their customers WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION they weren’t overcharging them) she’s heard about half of. Sarah lost out on her bedtime story last night because she hadn’t listened to Martha most of the day (she said) since she’d been with the kids. So we sat on the couch and
A Song I Started Writing For Someone Special
I Wanna Know? I wanna know will you always be there, can I be your teddy bear. I wanna know, I wanna know Will you hold me late tonight, will you kiss me by the candle light. I wanna know, I wanna know Will sit by my side, and snuggle on a carriage ride. I wanna know, I wanna know Do you like breakfest in the bed, do you like the words I've said. I wanna know, I wanna know Will you hold me when I'm sad, will you forgive me when I'm bad. I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know
Naughty New Year Auction, Wanna Own Me? Xoxo
GREETINGS AND WELCOME TO THE FIRST EVER DARKE-HEAVEN HAPPY NAWTY NEW YEAR AUCTION PRESENTATION. Our sexy Auctionees for your bidding pleasure.... Remember the sky's the Limit... All participants are offering themselves in all manners of sexiness... So get here and find you that next special someone to start this New year off with a BANG! DON'T HESITATE... DANCE YOUR WAY TO SEXY LIL HELLCAT'S PAGE TO FIND YOUR NEXT FU ~*~ Sexy Lil Hell Cat ~*~ Owned By The Greatest Whiteboy Alive@ fubar THE HOSTESS FOR THIS EXTRAVAGANT EVENT...
I am making lunch and I look at the box of oatmeal and read "contains wheat products". Seriously?!?! What MORON thought that oatmeal did NOT contain wheat products and decided to sue Quaker, thus forcing them to put this on their box? Further evidence that I am living in a world populated by morons. Thoughts?
Grannie Panties And Her Wild Adventures
Ok.. so here it goes.. witchie needs a new comp and is willing to do ANYTHING for a new one.. So i say we auction her off to get the money for a new comp.. now she understands she might have to do some sexual favors or what not.. and that is ok.. unless it is naked rocker or someone of the like.. lets whore out witchie for her new comp LMAO
Rodeo Position
Two Texans were out on the range talking about their favorite sex positions. One said, 'I think I enjoy the rodeo position the best.' 'I don't think I have ever heard of that one,' said the other cowboy: 'What is it?' 'Well, it's where you get your wife down on all fours and you mount her from behind. Then you reach around and cup each one of her breasts in your hands and whisper in her ear, 'Boy, these feel just like your sister's.' Then you try and stay on for 8 seconds.'
Good Day
Woke up today feeling good, looking forward to a good day!!!
Random Thoughts 011309
My brain needs these moments of iteration to cleanse my mind of thought that lay dormant. To get my feeling out on paper and at the same time exercise my brain to focus just on my thoughts as if nothing else exists. To continue at all cost even when my mind has nothing to grasp. To expand my consciousness and my ability to understand and express myself. I have an urge to fulfill the emptiness that sits inside of me. The hole that needs filled from time to time. That is why I write or continue to learn so I can stumble upon the solution of filling the void in my soul that drives me to be the best person I can be. To be great in my own right, to feel accomplished in my own mind, to feel lifted in my world. So that I can continue to smile about who I am and what my life represents. I want to experiment and experience life with my mind and my heart. To comprehend life’s challenges, to take them in stride, to not fear my life or anyone in my life. That requires me to dig deep to my core sel
Cold, quiet rain gently falling Yet the dampness we don't feel; For our bodies are absorbed in each other Hot as the heat from hell. You lead me slowly into the woods Place a quilt on the ground; The noise of nature is all around us Yet the beating of our hearts is the only sound. Your kiss is gentle, yet demanding My body arches to feel The touch of your hand, the feel of you Without resistance to you, I yield. You taste the essence of my body You bring more pleasure than I've ever known I give myself to you completely The quietness is disturbed by our groans. You rise above me with a sudden urgency Our needs are great, we both have found; Our hearts pounding with anticipation We become one, lying there on the ground. Rain has never been more beautiful As we lie together in each other's embrace; The taste of you, the feel of nature A beautiful moment - in my memory forever encased.
The Fake Disease
Why am I the only one who sees That they've all caught the FAKE disease Why's everyone gotta be Something they're not? Do they think that it's cool? Do they think that it's hot? Drop the act and get some help Just drop the act and be yourself People, just use your brain! And save yourself the pain Of trying to be Someone who you're not Cause it isn't cool And it isn't hot In fact it's one really huge turn-off! Being yourself comes with ease So save yourself from the FAKE disease!
What Reptile Are You?
You Are a Crocodile You are incredibly wise and knowledgeable. In fact, your wisdom is so deep that it sometimes consumes you. People are intrigued by you, but you find few people intriguing. You are not a very social creature. You are cunning. You enjoy deceiving people a little. You are able to find balance in your life, and you can survive anything. What Reptile Are You?
Domination Fail (12/18/08)
I've been spending a lot of time on, so in honor of that most awesome of blogs, I bring you: DOMINATION FAIL! Dyceman, W...: Do you like being Dominant ? ->Dyceman, W...: Yeah, I love it. I'm always humping people's legs and crap. Dyceman, W...: Like to chat with me and possibly use me as your pleasure submissive for your pleasures ? ->Dyceman, W...: My pleasures include extreme penile insertion pleasures and pleasurable butthole pleasure insertion pleasures.
Vegas Vacation
Looking For A Master
Monkey Pushups And Sit Ups
News About The Dr's Appointment
I’m writing ya’ll from my recliner. The doctor’s appointment yesterday has left me unable to move without yelling out in pain. From what I can tell of what the doctor told Mama & me. He is going to help out my case is the impression I got. He told us that my scans where horrible before and after surgery. He said that I have bone spurs up and down my spine along with narrowing of my spine. He also relayed the news of that the state of my health concerning back the way it is now is the way it will be the rest of my life. I have permanent nerve damage. I thought he was killing me when he did his exam of pulling me in different directions. It hurt so bad that I was near tears. He did say he was sorry for hurting me but it was a little too late for that because I was done in pain. On top of the long ride to South Heaven then his exam I felt like I was dying on the way home. We forgot to take me something for pain to take after I seen the doctor. So I had to wait until almost eight o’clock
Ghost In This House
"Ghost In This House" I don't pick up the mail I don't pick up the phone I don't answer the door I'd just as soon be alone I don't keep this place up I just keep the lights down I don't live in these rooms I just rattle around I'm just a ghost in this house I'm just a shadow upon these walls As quietly as a mouse I haunt these halls I'm just a whisper of smoke I'm all that's left of two hearts on fire That once burned out of control You took my body and soul I'm just a ghost in this house I don't care if it rains I don't care if it's clear I don't mind staying in There's another ghost here She sits down in your chair And she shines with your light And she lays down her head On your pillow at night I'm just a ghost in this house I'm just a shadow upon these walls I'm living proof of the damage Heartbreak does I'm just a whisper of smoke I'm all that's left of two hearts on fire That once burned out of control And took my body and soul I'm just a
I have to admit, I have watched every single episode of Spongebob Square Pants...and I don't even have kids. I love that lil fucker.
Listen 2 Ur Heart - Jon Young THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE IS AMAZING, SHE'S BEEN AROUND FU FOR A LONG TIME, ALMOST AS LONG AS I HAVE AND SHE DESERVES TONS AND TONS OF LOVE Priceless™ :: Deputy Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties Elite ::@ fubar LOOK AT HER! SMOKING HOT.. YOU CAN'T DENY IT! BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE ONE AND ONLY: Drunk1™@ fubar fine print: But the greatest love--the love above all loves, Even greater than that of a mother... Is the tender, passionate, undying love, Of one beer drunken slob for another.
Ensign: The Gospel According To Jesus Christ
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 16 January 2009 Last month when business was slow, among the books I read besides my daily Bible readings (and can I admit with you, sometimes what I read I don’t understand) was a novel by José Saramago, “The Gospel According to Jesus Christ”. (ISBN 0151367000) Why would an avowed atheist (who doesn’t believe in God, which you assume would be a given in working a story about the Christian Savior, the Son of God) and Communist (not as mutually exclusive, but talk amongst yourselves about that) write such a story? It takes into account what’s in the Gospels, sure, but also some Gnostic traditions such as Jesus' love affair with Mary Magdalene (made more famous on infamous by "The DaVinci Code"). Certainly nothing forbids Mr. Saramago from having his own point of view, but the book
How To Remain A Family Member !!
I have to add the Negatives too since ive been flooded with Messages... 1. If your way of trying to get to know me has any Vulgarity in it, i will NOT Respond to it. 2. Immediate requests to see my Pictures, or to be in MY Family will not be answered. 3. If you cant respect ME then go elsewhere. 4. If you leave Rude Comments not only will i Remove you from my Family, Friends but I will BLOCK you. If you want to get to know me treat me with respect and you will get to know me....
I'll Kill Any Fucker Who Does This To My Girl Or Any Girl
Guy:"Lets have sex right now. Girl: "Can we do what?" Guy: "You know, can I be your first, finally?" Girl: " Guy: "Why?" Girl: "Because, 1. you have a girlfriend, who happens to be my friend......." Guy: "So, if you don't tell, I won't tell. Girl: "Besides that, I'm waiting for someone special. Someone that I want to be with for the rest of my life to be my first. Guy: "I'm not special to you?" Girl: "You're my friend. That's all. Guy: looks forward and keeps driving. 5 minutes pass....... Guy: starts to run his hand up the girl's thigh. Girl: moves his hand, "Don't touch me.". Guy: tries to kiss her. Girl: screams, "Would you stop. Guy: continues trying. Girl: moves to the back seat Guy: parks on an abandoned street and gets in the backseat with the girl. Starts to kiss he
“FORGIVIN” Wicked people Evil eyes Crazy thoughts of suicide Pills Knifes Razor blades Life plays on today Will it happen How indeed Should I say anything My eyes say yes My heart says no How far will it go Will it work Will I be stopped Dose it matter if I get caught What will happen Will I die Will I live Will I take another try At this point of suicide Pills Knifes Razor blades My choice of pain today! BY: LMN
Never Ending Auction Info
Hello, Welcome to The Never Ending Auction Blog... I have a few guidelines for you... 1.) This Auction Is 100% free No Entree Fee.. (Fu Buck Donations Are Accepted !!!) 2.) Please Show Respect, No Down Rating !!! 3.) Comments Are Welcomed But, Be Respectful !!! 4.) Lets Have Fun Without The Drama !!! 5.) You Decide What Offer to Accept !!! 6.) No Pressure To Accept Any Offer!!! 7.) Simple If You Accept Any Offer That's Between You & The Bidder!!! 8.) If You Wish To Be Removed From Auction, Pm Me & Give Me Time. 9.) These are my guidelines & if you don't like them then you don't have to enter... Simple as that !!! this is a free auction so you can't complain... ================================================ The Basics I need to enter you into the auction... 1.) A Picture Of You That You Wish To Use To Represent Yourself!!! 2.) What You Wish To Offer... (The Example Below Is A Simple Offer) -----------------------------------------------
Me At My Sizzmartest...
Two people can just be friends, but at one point or another, one of them will fall for the other. Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever. When you have a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye only your true best friend knows you about to break down and cry The saddest lies are the ones we tell ourselves There are two kinds o secrets. Those we keep from others... and those we hide form ourselves. -Frank Warren *PostSecret* feel the rain on your skin no one else can feel it for you only you can let it in no one else can speak the words on your lips. I wish you didn't think I was so perfect, I wish you didn't think I was so great,because it'll just hurt worse, when you realize the truth a little to late. some people, after seeing others being "original" they decide to be a follower and be "original too" just like them some people think its holding on that makes one strong sometimes its letting go Let's just d
Nicht Ganz So Sinnlose Scheiße
Mind your thoughts, because they become words, mind your words, because they become actions, mind your actions, because they become habits, mind your habits, because they become your character, mind your character, because it becomes your destiny.
"do I Really?"
Do I really? Do I really have a measure, do I really have the will? To silence all the dreams of doubt, to resurrect the still? And wrestle all the darkest thoughts we have here to the floor Do I really have the backbone, to give you something more? Do I really have the knife to cut, in deep right to your heart? That special road map leading home, that compass or that chart? Here inside my garment bag, I fumble for the tools The implements that will help me break those ever present rules Do I really have a standing, a place of reverence? One that lingers over all miles, and dissipates distance? A meaning that most would surely miss, or declare it out of time How strained and worn can you really get? When I am feeling fine Can I really find that meeting place, predestined from the start? Where the soul awaits the starter’s gun, and the runners are the heart The finish line is scuffed and worn, by defeats from our past Now it matters not who crosses first, or stag
Twisted Skin Radio Mix By Dj Mike Ruskin
Now I Know
So I guess the curiosity is killed. God how I hate that fucking cat.
Today is one of those days where it was ok. I did some things to organize, but now a wave of uncertainty falls. Not what's next, but how to get to next. My future is there, but is it a mirage? I have deluded myself? Am I setting my goals to high? Or do I simply need to keep faith and work through it. I know I'm impatient with myself to the point of frustration. I know what I want and I'm making progress. But dammit can't it happen overnight? I have a phone interview coming up. I'm not prepared. Mainly not mentally prepared. I have things to do and I hate when I look for the smallest detail of perfection to get things done. It is my way of procrastinating. I don't expect that of others, but I have to have everything before I do something. That's a lie that I need to stop telling myself. I guess it's hard to say you will be ok when you're alone in the mirror.
Fucking Ouch.
They tried to put my Mirena in today and it failed miserably. They couldn't get it up through my cervix. It caused me a lot of pain, but I'm ok. We try again in a month. Till then, I'm on my psycho birth control again.
Why I Am No Longer Apart Of The Burlesque Troupe...
So everyone keeps asking what happened with me and the burlesque troupe and I have wanted to address this for quite a few days now, but the fact is I haven’t had the emotional energy to do so until now. I am really hurt over this and I feel betrayed by people that are who I considered to be my friends. I guess I am going to tackle this in three organized sections first being why I am upset and what I put into being with the troupe. Second being why Heather decided to let me go and the third I will post the email of which I sent to Heather via myspace after all of this happened to which there has been no reply. First of all I have offered up a lot of myself to this troupe monetarily for my costume and supplies, time for my expertise in coding and marketing as well as my organizational skills. There have been times in the past of which I have been very flakey but it was really a goal of mine this year to do more and to dedicate more of myself to other causes, this being one of t
Friendship And What It Means
Who is friends and what is meaning of friends A lot of people go through life with only a few friends. It seems that some have less than that. They have no one on whom they can call in good times or bad. There is no one with whom to bounce ideas around, or to talk about deep and troubling subjects. They have no one to call in times of need or difficulty. They are at the mercy of life, standing alone. Others seem to have a multiple number of friends like google's PageRank which increases in cumulative. Wherever they go, people know them, and like to be around them. when a trouble strike, their biggest hesitation might be over which friend to call. They know exactly the person with whom to discuss the topics of inquiry and debate. Life is full of entertaining and invigorating relationships because it is full of friends. These friends will be like a Degree course in friendship.. When we study them we get lot of knowledge about friendship. They have a lot of ideas flowing and they d
David Bowie - Something
Your coat and hat are gone I really can't look at your little empty shelf A ragged teddy bear It feels like we never had a chance Don't look me in the eye We lay in each others arms But the room is just an empty space I guess we lived it out Something in the air We smiled too fast then can't think of a thing to say Lived with the best times Left with the worst I've danced with you too long Nothing left to say Let's take what we can I know you hold your head up high We've raced for the last time A place of no return And there's something in the air Something in my eye I've danced with you too long Something in the air Something in my eye Abracadoo - I lose you We can't avoid the clash The big mistake Now we're gona pay and pay The sentence of our lives Can't believe I'm asking you to go We used what we could To get the things we want But we lost each other on the way I guess you know I never wanted anyone more than you Lived all our best
My Inspiration
It is still funny i sit back and read my blogs. They are funny to me cause re-read the one where I was talking about the only two girls that I would be with. One would never happen cause she couldn't see what she had. The other one was 300 miles away. Well the beautiful woman who is 300 miles away. Has figured out that it was her. Since then we have been talking. Ever since the very first time i talked to belle. I have known that I found something that could be very special in my life. The more I talk to her the more I prove myself right. She is the only woman that has ever left me speechless. Many times she has done that to me. I have no complaints about that either. With her I believe I can accomplish anything. When I am in a bad mood or when I'm down. She can bring me to a better place. There are only 3 things that I want in my life. They cost me nothing. I want my boys and my belle. When I have all those things my life will be complete. No matter what happens in my life. Up and d
Mud Shrimp
One morning around 5am 22 year old Susan DaLucci of Kittery Maine, woke up with a painful need to urinate. At first she thought she had diarrhea, but when she stood up out of bed, she realized that it was urinary pain. It was very similar to the feeling of having diarrhea, just out the wrong hole. She wobbled to the toilet and upon sitting on it, her vagina erupted into the most horrific messy farting noise anyone has ever heard. In paralyzing pain, Ms. DeLucci for the next few minutes continued to push and squirt out of her vagina a burning tide of wretch and filth while she gripped the sides of the toilet, white-knuckled. She was screaming wildly, and the neighbors called the police. When medics arrived they found Ms. DeLucci unconscious lying on the floor of her bathroom wearing nothing but her bath robe. Running down her leg, was a stream of brown and green syrup. The medic had to transfer her to a stretcher, so he grabbed her left leg which was bent crossing her other leg,
Oh Yeah
Oh yeah, pt pt get some! ooorahhh!, we just did a Sergeant Major motivation run yesterday, we pretty much did more stretching than actually running, I feel like a damn rubber band. These instructors at this school are so freakin hilarious, idk if its because of bein in the Marine Corps for so long or what, but these guys are so hilarious. We also just got are duty assignments, I will be going to Dayton, Ohio, a couple of other guys got travel & adventure, one of the guys is about to get a divorce because of the assignment he got, lol he got pretty much sent to Canada. Idk whats up with these wives, but hell it isn't the Marines fault. The Marines pretty much send us to wherever the Marine Corps needs us, if I had it my own way I would go to Danville, Illinois (my hometown) but I can't. My little sister is so happy that her big brother is going to Ohio, only 4 miles from my hometown. I'm pretty much going home every chance I get, I have neverbeen this close to home, and I will b
If there hadn’t been you? A man filled with doubt Down and out and all alone A ship tossed and turned Lost and yearned for a home A survivor barely surviving Not sure of his next move All of this I wouldn’t be if there hadn’t been you Now a man filled with hope Who knows where he belongs A heart filled with love More than enough to keep it strong Back to life again No longer afraid to face the truth All of this I would have missed if there hadn’t been you Where would I have been If you hadn’t been there for me I made it thought time Time I would have never made it though if There hadn’t been you In my life On my side All my dreams would still be dreams If there hadn’t been you Er/2001
Online Class
I think this online class is going to kill me. I don't like just having a book and suggestions for study from a professor. I could swear when the class paid for, it was paid for a class, not a book to teach me all these things and a professor to attempt to explain it via email. If this were a subject I were interested in, or even cared about, it would be ok. But Executive Accounting? I'm a freaking computer programmer. Why do I need to know about cost flow stuctures and departmental overhead application? See. They put you to sleep just reading this stuff. According to the people who do the registration for classes, I took the most difficult class in the entire program last semester. I think they lied, because I'm already lost on most of this stuff after two weeks. But, what must be done, must be done. Only about five more years of school left. Then I can be the mean professor assigning work that people don't want to do. Muhaha. Or maybe I'll have gone stark mad by then. Either wa
Man I tell you what I lost probably one of the coolest chicks a man could've ever met a week ago I will be posting a pic of Sandy soon, May You Rest In Peace Girl And Stay Saucy GRRR.... You shall be missed.... Your Friend Joe
Who Ever
you know i try i like everyone but sometimes there are people that make it very difficult and i have a pretty good shit list that is growing daily. my soon to be wife grandparents just made it to the top of that list. the are refusing to come to our wedding but wont say why.
Yay, Hugh Laurie!
I don't usually watch award shows because they are boring. I was briefly glancing at the results for the Screen Actors Guild awards and saw this: Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series Michael C. Hall, "Dexter" Jon Hamm, "Mad Men" Hugh Laurie, "House M.D." (Winner) William Shatner, "Boston Legal" James Spader, "Boston Legal" Yay, Hugh Laurie! House is my favorite show, I have a huge crush on Hugh Laurie. It just made me happy.
Your, you Beautiful and cute I wish I had you You're a rare find To perfect of a dime Something I want to stare at all the time You have ways to make a man's heart sing And a smile that shows You're irresistible to adorable And I'm pitiful You'll always be you I'll be me I'm a coward, though Cause I see you, Walking And everyday I watch you Looking the impossible That's never going to happen
You Ask Me Where To Begin
You ask me where to begin Am I so lost in my sin You ask me where did I fall I'll say I can't tell you when If my spirit is lost How will I find what is near Don't question I'm not alone Somehow I'll find my way home My sun shall rise in the east So shall my heart be at peace And if you're asking me when I'll say it starts at the end You know your will to be free Is matched with love secretly Talk will alter your prayer Somehow you'll find you are there Your friend is close by your side And speaks in far ancient tongue A season wish will come true All seasons begin with you One world we all come from One world we melt into one Just hold my hand and we're there Somehow we're going somewhere Somehow I'll find my way home
Name Change
I did not realize the was already a lounge called the Wolves Den. Therefore I have changed the name of my lounge to the Beach House
Snow Iv
When he opened his eyes, Randolph, still slouching in his leather chair, could not understand what exactly happened to him and how he managed to fall prey to this deep slumber. Often, while writing his articles or reading literature, the drowsyness would slowly creep in, slowly chipping away at his alertness and attention, but it happened gradually, and he was always able to fight it off before finally going to bed after realizing that his productivity levels and comprehension were null. This time, however, it was different. He did not even get a chance to try and fight off this sleepiness since it came on so very strong and sudden; he did not know what to make of it. After a minute of disorientation and slight disturbance, he realized that there was a very strong chill in the room, almost as strong as the one in a staircase, making his skin cover with goosebumps. Randolph instantly glanced at the window and saw that it was slightly ajar, enough to bring in a winter night air. He coul
Strangely Sick If You Think About It....
It has come to my attention more guys then no have this twisted obsession with the "naughty school girl in pig tails" thing goin on... And women seem to placate. Does anyone else see anything a little off about a grown ass man with even a slight obsession with fuckin a women dressed and actin like a kid? Maybe it's just my part of California, but here we call guys who want to fuck kids pedophiles. Guys wanting to fuck school kids is in fact pretty sick... Does anyone else see anything wrong with that? As a woman, shaving the pubic area to be as hairless at a 10 year old, throwin on a school girl outfit because it gets a guy off? Come on... NO ONE sees anything wrong with that shit? You wanna shave for reasons, by all means, but for fuck sake, at least understand the sick part of dressing like a school girl! I think that's about one step away from actually pickin up women at a middle school. It's just finding another outlet to release that pedophile instinct or something... Do me a favo
The Night The Army Got Santa's Back...
Friday, December 19, 2008 Blawkhawks shotting pin flare's, tires roasting in an open fire...Heres a christmas story for the young and old...I was sitting in my hooch just playin a little COD4...Kickin some ass when my buddy burst through the door...He was winded and cold...Couldn't wait to tell what he thought I should know...He told me he was out for his evening flight...Low and behold he saw a red trail...with eight little reindeer flying so fast and hard...With one old guy yellin ho ho ho...well it was christamas eve...You can tell it was him, all fat and beard...dressed in red, flyin in the sleigh that eight tiny reindeer led...I thought to my self, could it really the man in red alive and well feed...then all the sudden I felt a rush, to go and investigate with my battle bud...So we left my hooch, after I saved and quite...and we headed down to the last grid he was seen...The red trail in the sky was still there...all bright and sparkley...So we broke out the
Challenger Day Is Just Day 1,065 To Sarah
I remember where I was when the space shuttle Challenger exploded today twenty-three years ago. It’s one of those seminal, generation-defining questions you get asked about major events in your life (at least in the United States); the previous generation would be asked where you were when or when you heard Kennedy was shot, currently it’s where you were when or when you heard the Twin Towers had been hit. Unfortunately, these moments that engender a sense of community among all of us for the lives lost as well as a resolve to go forward don’t have lasting aftereffects on most of us. Forgive me if I sound cynical about that … Anyway, on January 28, 1986 I was fourteen years old and had my learners’ permit. I was driving my dad home in Georgetown, Florida and passing a local fish camp when I looked up at the rocket trail of the Challenger that Dad pointed out to me. When I looked up is when I saw the shuttle explode, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. When we caught t
Teazer Footage Of My New Dvd
No Fascination
No fascinationThere is no gratification in stimulation..those that feel it is are suffering from an hallucination..dont understand those that do for real..One must have something they can really feel ..with out the appropriate props there is no scene created to make the mouth drop explosion of lava from the volcano didn't erupt need for hands if a woman can't then no on baby oil no lotion cause the notion is for be perspiring as her orgasm is expiring preparing her for another and another to make one scream so loud that call on their mother while she bites on the pillow or the covers stirring and shaking things up with her outspoken lover...this is what had been uncovered....No fascinationThere is no gratification in masturbation
Why Would You Bring My Kid Into This?
why the hell would anyone find it alright to start talking shit about my kid? thats really fucked up. you stoop too low to try and hurt my wife and i, but you have just condemed yourself. there is no turning back. you have fucked yourself. no decent human would talk shit about a kid. thats is utterly immoral and dispicable. aparently you dont know how cold and heartless i can be. and again you are using words you dont know. showing that you are still trying to be a sophisticated retard. and yet again you are calling her a slut... foolish foolish swine. you have nothing better to do with your life than to bring others down. yoiu call my wife addicted to the internet but you show up all the fucking time. are you a jobless crotch goblin that makes it through life sucking the dicks of random guys that leave you in the alley ways after getting what they desired from you? oh and that SGLI part was a piece of work. it made me laugh actually. i told you that if you wanted to in
How I Love You Love
How I Love you Love By Casey Fox Don’t date me anymore, for ill just fall apart As you tell me how I’m not the guy u like For I’m just too nice, u want to stay friends So I smile just for you and chock back my tears Only to say thank you, hope you have a great day You turn around and walk away happy you’re ok Never thought about me, as keep walking So don’t tell me ill find love or to not give up Because their some great girl out there That well love you, but I bet she married Are just think I’m one of her good guy friends February is coming up; I think I’ll give up For I’m tired of all lost hope towards love Saint Valentine makes me depressed in side With no hope at gaining someone else’s love So I raze one more pint size suds filled glass Taste the bitterness fall back inside my mouth I swallow it all down, drinking all alone So don’t tell me ill find love or to not give up Because their some great girl out there That well love you, but I bet she married
I Am Giving Up
I am giving up on love I am giving up on happiness I am giving up on life I am giving up because I am tired of searching I am giving up because I am tired of trying I am giving up because I am tired of being alone I am giving up since I will never receive it I am giving up since I will never know it I am giving up since I will never have it I am giving up nothing I have known I am giving up nothing I have lost I am giving up nothing I have ever had I am giving up today I am giving up tomorrow I am giving up forever I give up because I will never Be the one some one will love Make happy Or start a new life with Thomas Fowler
You Can Only Type One Word.
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? no 2. Your significant other? grrrr 3. Your hair? blonde 4. Your mother? dead 5. Your father? distant 6. Your favorite thing? unknown 7. Your dream last night? idk 8. Your favorite drink? mtdew 9. Your dream/goal? mother 10. The room you're in? den 11. Music? none 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? work 15. What you're not?content 16. Muffins? sometimes 17. One of your wish list items? family 18. Where you grew up? Kentucky 19. The last thing you did? fubar 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? superbowl 22. Your pets?dogs 23. Your computer?HP 24. Your life? stressfull 25. Your mood? tired 26. Mis
Douche Bags
You people who tooltip over someones profile and send someone a message saying please rate or help me because you are in a contest, without having gone to their profile and dropped a simple rate, need to DIAF (die in a fire). Parasites like you annoy me, you grate upon my nerves. There is nothing so special about you that people should just jump up to help you without you earning it. Get over yourself. Your no better then a few of the reds on here, who think everyone here is to be their rate bitch. I can promise that you will find no nice response or reaction from myself, i despise selfish people.
I do not write this in hopes of recieving redemption. Not in the hopes of regaining that which is lost but as I travel through my day lost in thoughts of her it has become paramount to me that she knows that she hears that she feels how very sorry I am how much I regret what has happened. In case the worst should fall that she knows that while I have done many mistakes in my life and have had regrets No greater remorse do I have than for what has happened what I have done what I have lost the rest that is in my heart she already knows so it is of no avail to mention it here, all she has to do is close her eyes and I have to believe she will feel me. but forgive or not take my regret with you know that its the truth its a fact its real
Just A Dream
Had a dream last night, it was so real Now I think I know, how you would feel Saw your face so clear, Your eyes bright too It was just a dream, I could swear it was you Thought I felt your skin, as you lay by my side My hair whisked from my face, as you did in one stride Felt my body get warm, and I melted closer to you It was just a dream, I could swear it was you Your voice was the same, as I've heard you talk to me The words were soft and sincere, you made me believe Heard a crack in your voice, as you spoke of me and you It was just a dream, I could swear it was you Smelled the scent of your cologne, as your cheek touched mine Brought my heart to skip a beat, the feeling was divine I fell in love in this dream, I must tell you its true It was just a dream, But I could swear it was YOU
Its A Fu-kin Challange
So i was wonder if someone will do salute for me i am looking for the most creative one . it can be nsfw , sfw hell i don't care as long as it has my name and your face in it .. please i will get you something special if you do top family and a vip... so post them to your page and link them in the comments.. this will be fun.. i will leave it open for a month .. and pass the word around
now i'm walking through aisle 3 of my life. aisle 1 was me...i realized that shit needs to change altho i'm already changing shit. and its working...sorta aisle 2 is family...spending more time...check! aisle 3...friends. my offline friends i can count on one hand. what i call friends are people who call me and engage me, and actually take time out of their busy schedules sometimes to poke me with a stick. ...and i need new friends that want to do stuff and can compliment me...did i have that on the list?? i've pretty much have cut myself off from those that didn't do me or i them any good. online friends?? psshaw! a handful of cool ppl online 4 Lee, Cassie and Rhonda. if i take time to rate or send ya stuff or talk to you at random, then i dig you. i don't hate anybody, but some of the people that i've even spoken to have either got on my nerves or vice versa and i couldn't imagine really establishing any true offline friendships or otherwise with them. peop
Elmer And Chester
Prima Materia - its what alchemists - the transformers of psyche - call the chaos of primordial material. Or feces. Sounds nasty, but in order to escape the curse of Elmer, F.ear, U.ncertainty, D.oubt, the darkness is the first place one can begin to see the light. A bird was flying through the frigid winter sky. It fell, frozen, into a pasture. A cow walked over it and deficated directly on the bird. The warmth revived the bird, who then popped his head out of the pile of prima materia. A cat was sitting on a fence post and saw the movement. It gracefully raced over to the cowpie and pulled the bird out of the muck and into its teeth. This just goes to show that not everybody that defecates on you is your enemy and not everybody that pulls you out of the feces is your friend. I could sit in my warm house and be consumed by fear, uncertainty, and doubt - and all while watching the news. Is there a any segment of society that benefits from my quandary - of course. The answers are
We Are Supposed To Be Adults. Grow The Hell Up!
Okay,so everyone has a blog and I guess it was about time that I wrote one. This will be my only one, so pay attention. I hate drama. I hate liars. I hate that so many people come on sites like this to actually meet people and end up with a bunch of bull shit drama. Listen people, we are all fucking adults. Everyone needs to just "grow the hell up" as some people put it. But you know what, most of the people who say that, are the ones that need to be growing up themselves. We all don't have time to be letting bullshit take over our lives. I mean, come on, it's just ridiculous. All I know is if you like drama, are involved with drama, are a FUCKING LIAR, and want to start drama with me, my friends, or family, then just go fuck off. I don't have time for it and I'm not putting up with it. So don't even bother taking the time to look at my pics or rate my page. Mess with me, my family, or my friends and is on. Ima bitch and I'm not afraid to tell you how it is. And that's all I have to
Chicago-glory Of Love
tonight it's very clear as we're both lying here.there's so many things i want to say.i will always love you,i would never leave you alone...sometimes i just forget,say things i might regret,it breaks my heart to see you crying...i don't want to lose you,i could never make it alone...i am the man who will fight for you honor,i'll be the hero,that you've been dreaming of.we'll live forever,knowing together,that we,did it all for the glory of keep me standing tall,you help me prove it all,i'm always strong when you're beside me.i always believed in you,i could never make it alone...i am the man,who will fight for your honor,i'll be the hero,that you've been dreaming of.we'll live forever,knowing together,that we did it all for the glory of love.just like a knight in shineing armor,from a long time ago.just in time i will save the day,take you to my castle far away...i am the man,who will fight for your honor,i'll be the hero,that you've been dreaming of.we're gonna live forever,
Imvu Shooting Range : Complaining About Users
the proof that people doesn't read profile. on mine, i told : dont fan me because i wont fan you back. SO WHY PEOPLE ARE FANING ME !? i have at this moment 76 fans ! i dont know any of them (exept one or two people) and i m fan of only one person, because i love this person. anyway, why i m complaining, people are so fake here.
Fantasy 4
its a full moon out this night,as a young man walks down the streets of the city of the man is walking he starts looking around haveing never seen such a bright city before.the young man keeps walking but then suddenly stops,as he hears a woman crying out.but looking around he realises nobody but him can hear it.the young man starts walking faster looking for where the cries are comeing from,as he is walking he turns down a lonely street still hearing the woman cry out.he starts walking down the lonely street looking for her,and as he approaches a alley he sees 3 men with a woman backed into a corner her shirt ripped open exposeing her bare breast's.he also notices the woman's skirt is torn as well.stepping into the alley the young man flies into a rage grabbing one of the men quickly breaking his neck with very little effort,quickly turning to the next man he grabs the man from behind and throws the man head first into a near by brick wall crushing the mans head.the last man st
My Favorite... and he's coming to town! In my brightest hour Of my darkest day I realized what is wrong with me Can't get over you Can't get through to you It's been a helter skelter romance from the start Take these memories that are haunting me Of a paper man cut into shreads By his own pair of scissors He'll never forgive her He'll never forgive her Because days come and go But my feelings for you are forever Because days come and go But my feelings for you are forever Sitting by a fire on a lonely night Hanging over from another good time With another girl Little dirty girl You should listen to this story of a life You're my heroine In this moment I'm lonely Fulfilling my darkest dreams All these drugs all these women I'm never forgiven this broken heart of mine Because days come and go But my feelings for you are forever Because days come and go But my feelings for you are forever One last kiss Before i go Dr
Why Am I Here?
Because a really good friend invited me, so ok. But now I find myself pissing away at least an hour of my day performing in a three ring circus trying to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. And truth be told, I'm tired of it. And while you have the right to your forever long ass name, I find it stupid. Your "so much better than you" status because you name takes two damn lines, please. Its the internet; open your door, walk outside and tell me how cool you are then. From now on I am just me, don't ask me to profess my "commitment" to anything especially you. I belong to...oh...ME. Further,I am very happy with my current crush, if its not you GET OVER IT, its the internet. And if it bothers you that much you need to visit reality. *see above comment about walking outside* Further, I am not here for your viewing pleasure, DON'T ask. Hell I'm not here for you at all. I'm here to kick it with a few cool people who catch my attention. Chances are it wasn't you, so quit hitting my
Broken Dreams - Track 2 - Coming Home
Broken Dreams None of the characters in this story are real and any relation to anyone dead or living is pure luck. I apologize for any wrong use of United Kingdom English because I am not that familiar with United Kingdom slang. Any input would be welcome and any flaming will be ignored. This is the sequel to my story "Bad November". If you haven’t read that stop then please read it first. Also if 2 male characters being romantically involved sickens you please don't read. If you're still interested please keep reading. One last note, if anyone wishes to copy my story please get permission first (Not that I think that will happen but who knows). Lyrics from Coming Home Coming home is overrated /Some things are best left in the past/ You have wings, use them/ You say I am cruel/ I say different Track 2 – Coming Home Sunday was pretty much like Saturday. I spent the majority of my day studying for my last final. Part of me already felt like Christmas break was alrea
How Long Will It Take You To Run Outta Gas?
24 miles per gallonCreated by The Car Connection
Needs A Minute To Myself
Have you ever felt like you have lost faith in everything you believe in? I'm at the point to where I don't know which way to go. I'm trying so hard to hold on & just coast through it all. I guess a could place to start is with what's been happening in my world. Mama got an ulcer on her right eye. Right on the color part of her eye. Took her to the ER they told us she had pink eye. Well she took their drops & kept getting worse. Tuesday she went to the eye doctor & boy was the news not good. That is how we found out about he ulcer. He told us that she could loose her eye & if she didn't the damage would be super bad. So we have to do drops every hour on the hour. With her down with her eye & daddy not here leaves everything on me. Not going to lie lately and right now I haven't been at my best. So we go back on Thursday & the doctor is shocked that the ulcer is healed. A greater doctor stepped on to the scene. So he tells us that the presure is up in her eye but other than that she wa
Unknown Love And Destiny Pt 3
He walked upstairs and held his hand over the door knob, it scanned his DNA and accepted his finger print and unlocked the doors. He walked inside. He usually would close the door behind him, but for some reason he didn't this time and it was open just enough for someone to be able to peek inside. He placed the glasses on his small plain desk and removed his shirt and pants. His well trimmed body was something of a secret of his. His geeky clothing always kept it hidden, adding to the geekiness. Deciding to change her clothes as well, just in case she could go out to some clubs later. She went up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom as she walked past his room, she noticed his door slightly ajar. Stopping, she looked at it. He always kept it closed and locked. That had been one thing that bothered her, she never saw his room. He'd seen hers but his was always secured. Curious, she quietly walked over and nudged the door with the tip of her shoe, opening it a little m
Just What Do Men Think Of Us
sometimes its all men think of us
why you wanna hate on me why you wanna make us stressed why you wanna hate on me why you put us to this test never will you stop this cuz i run with lockniss yous just a punk and a snatch is all you got bitch droppin shit none ya got is toppin this you hate on me i'll make you stop that shit you hatin on the greats when your an all time fake runnin ya mouth worst mistake to make keep it up and your life we'll fuckin to take rock your snot box and leave you with a trake decayed ok betrayed no way just cuz you hate imma live another day saved face in the case of misplaced faith keep talkin shit cuz im feeding off you snakes fakes you say lets show em our way leave em all bloody another we've slain touch death with rest of the manic depressed so give it up bitch cuz forever we're the best Demi- i wobble and i topple and i almost make a foul throw in the towel cuz this roads to hard to follow piss rocks be my muthafuckin motto i dont play the numbers c
Laylia Leaves
the widow closes her eyes as black as twilight its self and with a subtle smiling grace rebirths haunting memories black and white photographic thoughts resurrection of a life once lost slipping through all the incansistancies into the cold steel eventide one is not able to whiteness thy grace and i am but nocturnal sinue extending beyond sight and salvation the phoenix risen will burn thy hands laylia i am lost and taken by the night that covers me lately ive seen your ghost slowly in your essence ebony leaves believe that im the fire waiting for an autumn wind to rise i am not afraid to die are you afraid of being alive....
30 Years Go Tomorrow Wow
o i will be 30 years old tomorrow o my god 30!!!
.long Distance.
There's only so many songs that I can sing to pass the time. And I'm running out of things to do to get you off my mind (oh whoa). All I have is this picture in a frame (oh ah), that I hold close to see your face everyday. With you is where I'd rather be, but we're stuck where we are. It's so hard, you're so far.. This long distance is killing me. I wish that you are here with me, but we're stuck where we are it's so hard, you're so far.. This long distance is killing me. It's so hard, it's so hard, where we are, where we are, you're so far. This long distance is killing me. It's so hard, it's so hard, where we are, where we are, you're so far (so hard, so hard, where we are, where we are, your so far). This long distance is killing me. Now the minutes feel like hours and the hours feel like days.. (whoa oh whoa) While I'm away (way-ayyyy) You know right now I can't be home (ahhhhhh) But I'm coming home soon (ahhhhhh) Coming home soon.. (ahhhhhh a hahhh) Al
A Merge
my company, PNWA has entered into an affiliate relationship with tmiwireless. Cellular Phone Deals - The Best on the Net! Take your pick from our featured cellular phone deals by Cingular, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS, Nextel, and more! Most of our cellular phone offers include a FREE cellular phone with FREE shipping! To get these low prices, all you have to do is sign up for wireless service! Competition among wireless carriers is extremely fierce and most calling plans include bonuses like free long distance, free nationwide roaming, unlimited night & weekend calling, extra anytime minutes, and more!. Please visit our site at:
.dirty Girl.
**Listen to my profile song** Dra-Dra-Drama beats Stop cheatin' girl (It's Bobby Light) Bobby Light so irresistable... Bobby Light, Bobby Light... Bobby Light... Bobby Light, Bobby Light, Bobby Light... [Chorus:] Baby... (Dirty) what you're doin' with me at night ain't nothin' right girl (You're dirty girl, you're dirty girl) Baby... (Dirty) what you're doin' with me at night ain't nothin' right girl (You're dirty girl, you're dirty girl) Baby girl I know you're hungry for the superstar life But let me tell you one thing, what you're doin' just ain't right It feels so right for me, everything you do But I know you got a man at home, deeply in love with you You know how the saying goes girl, "What's your man got to do with me? " So you can come over any night, I got what you neeeeed [Chorus:] Baby... (Dirty) what you're doin' with me at night ain't nothin' right girl (You're dirty girl, you're dirty girl) Baby... (Dirty) what you're doin' with me at n
After Dark
For Those Wondering Abot Cinn
for those wondering abot cinn even though she looks awful she is in good spirits.. strength of her will is showin she is trouble remembering names but she remembers faces she is easily exhausted but told she is getting stronger ere day wish she can come home new york is a long way to go but i went to new york last weekend i am glad i did i stayed all night saturday night while she slept i hate see her in pain she is fighting pain in her sleep i know she will come back strong my love goes out to her and i count da days i see her agen
Explaination Of The Extinction Of Unicorns!
This shirt explains it all: Gay unicorn love! LOL
I Am Done
i am so done with fake ass people.. if ur fake just leave me the fuck alone...
Hello Hello!
Hiya once again! As some of you may have noticed....there have been some changes going around regarding me. Yes I am getting married.April 19th to be exact. Yes I am happy.Christine aka Dark Teeny makes me very happy. There's new art by me in the artwork folder.More will be added when I get the chance. Other than the small tidbits I just gave you.I have nothing else to say really. Have fun folks.I know I will. S.P.G
Thank You Ticha~wife2joker~mistress2sugarbear~nympho2007ismysexystalker's
Promise Never To Untie
Promise Never To Untie The tender words are spoken Each body and soul bared Told secrets over endless days Often doing more than dared New world beyond my door With intrigued and intensity Now we have shared our hearts A bond now made it permanently Facing our days made easier Despite any type of weather Each other's heart felt deeply Both happy we stuck together It took us little time and effort The bonding as strong as glue I now promise never to untie The strings I have tied with you The understanding of each other Breaths to take, we breathe the air As the relationship interchanges Knowing our loving hearts are there Now we are never left on the outside Lovingly enter each others domain Smiling. laughing and forever teasing But forever friends we then became
Stupid Poem Lol Board
Potatoes Potatoes are so round They come out of the ground Also they are brown. I love them mashed They are eaten by every class They are fun to bake, deep fry, and eat There is nothing in the world that they can’t beat. Potatoes are my friends. Lol stupid ass poem right.
My Name...
You entered: Carri Ruth Murphy There are 15 letters in your name. Those 15 letters total to 91 There are 4 vowels and 11 consonants in your name. Your number is: 1 The characteristics of #1 are: Initiating action, pioneering, leading, independent, attaining, individual. The expression or destiny for #1: A number 1 Expression denotes the skilled executive with keen administrative capabilities. You must develop the capacity to be a fine leader, sales executive, or promoter. You have the tools to become an original person with a creative approach to problem solving, and a penchant for initiating action. Someone may have to follow behind you to handle the details, but you know how to get things going and make things happen. You have a good mind and the ability to use it for your advancement. Because of these factors, you have much potential for achievement and financial rewards. Frequently, this expression belongs to one running a business or striving to achieve a level of acc
The Correctional Officer
unknow author The Correctional Officer stood and faced his God, which must always come to pass. He hoped his shoes were shining, just as brightly as his brass. "Step forward now, Correctional Officer. How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? To my church have you been true?" The Correctional Officer squared his shoulders and said, "No, Lord I guess I ain't, because those of us who carry badges can't always be a Saint. I've had to work most Sundays, and at times my work was rough, and sometimes I've been violent. Inside the fences are awful tough. But I never took a penny, that wasn't mine to keep, I worked a lot of overtime, when the bills just got too steep. And I never passed a cry for help, though at times I shook with fear, and sometimes, God forgive me, I wept unmanly tears. I know I don't deserve a place among the people here. They never wanted me around except to calm their fears. If you've a plac
man. i want a new guitar. a mosrite. like the ventures and johnny ramone used. theres one on ebay right now. actually, its a univox. but its sweet. i also want a 50's stratocaster. oh yeah. and a jazzmaster. a telecaster would be swell too. an SG would be cool....but i want a fender first. or the mosrite. or the univox mosrite ripoff. the univox. the 50's strat. the jazzmaster. out of those three...the 50s strat is probably the one i would chose......but that univox is just mean lookin. lol
Ensign: Who We Are
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 20 February 2009 Paul's letters to the Colossians in the New Testament reflects his prayer for the church there to have a mature understanding of God's will for them. Keep in mind that "church" in the New Testament refers to as assembly of believers in Jesus as Lord and Savior, not to a building where said people gather. Besides having their doctrine clear (e.g., knowing what they believe) and not adding or subtracting from it, they're to do unto others ... ... as they would have others do unto them -- that is, to treat each other in the way and spirit their Lord would. Do you and I know anyone who's not so good at this? I bring this up because one scene from last week's episode come to mind including what one character said afte
Reach Out And Tag Someone
Instructions... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird things, random facts, or habits about yourself. Don't forget to leave a comment on their profile that says "your it", and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the same person that tagged you. 1. Open, honest and a sarcastic smart ass 2. Am a sucker for people hurting or in need 3. Can tell if people are sick by smelling of their breath 4. Distant cousin to Gen. Omar Bradley, last 5-star General of the US Army 5. Witnessed a waterspout in the Gulf of Mexico (that was so cool) 6. First time inside a burning structure I forgot to open the hose because I was looking at the flames thinking, "That is so awesome!" (Yes, we saved the house) 7. Raised a wild rabbit to adulthood (for you "country" folks you know that's an achievement) 8. One of my hobbies is genealogy 9. Have ridden in a hot air balloon 10. Swam with stingrays
I Waz Tagged
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.) I will never stop smoking weed...thatz a fact 2.) I used to be that kid that bite his nailz all the time,but now let grow way to long sometimez......old habit I broke 3.) When I waz in middle school my neighborhood friendz called me Eddie Murphy'z real son cuz I looked like him and had the same first name.I did run wit it and alot of the white kidz actually bought into the lie.......what a shame bacc then 4.) I have a widow'z peek that I dont show cuz my hair iz usually cut off all the damn time......fact fact 5.) My mom when I waz younger,used to cut my hair all the time and give me partz and designz.I be at school and get offerz f
Mikes Visit
so im a bit sad right now for one i got so use to having mike here!! well he was here from the 11 to the 17, god we had so much fun!!! so on Wednesday me and Kevin drove down to Los Banos to pick him up and the drive back was great, we got home and Kev had to take his tower to best buy so after he was done me and Mike tuck a walk around the mall and then we decied to go see underworld 3 (and that was a great movie and you all most go see it) so after the movie was done i had Niki Laura and Andrew come up and we kicked it the mall for sometime then we went to A&J's and that was a good time Kev came with and we played pooled, Mike got the chance to meet my friends that i love to hang out with and well they all like him and he like my friends also!!! (so im really happy about that) sadly we (me Niki and Laura) got in a fight cause Laura and Andrew were fighting and well Niki didn't want them to take her home so Niki came home with us that night on Thursday we tuck Niki home and that
Minority Specific Stimulus
There is one very specific agenda that could be declared a no holds barred SUCCESS, if the spirits are willing, the flesh is able, and President Obama and the descending chain of demand of politicians make it so - actions to promote an increase in the minority bone marrow donor list. I know that there is a very real issue with finding the best match of bone marrow for a child that comes from a minority background when particular illnesses strike. I know this because the realm of fifth column enemies, those that reside deep within the blood and bone of an innocent baby as cancer cells, is part of the reality of my family. One day we were celebrating the sight of my daughter taking her Walk of Achievement to collect her college degree earned with honors, She held her six month old baby boy, Harper, while her four year old daughter smiled next to her with her mother’s mortar board hat tilted precariously on her head. How precarious life - and all the expectations of one who works h
why do girls on this sight have pictures of themselves half fn naked....ya know they don't go to work that way....i mean do ya realy think you are going to attract a guy that is into you as a person or the slut that you are???? come on now put on some fn clothes and stop showin your boobs!!!!!! just fn gross.....
If you woke tomorrow and everyone you loved was gone would your life still have meaning would you still carry on would you sit down and cry not knowing what to do would you lay down and die or start life anew???
These Are That Aaron And Moses
“Then the LORD said unto Moses, Now shalt thou see what I will do to Pharaoh: for with a strong hand shall he let them go, and with a strong hand shall he drive them out of his land.” The sixth chapter of Exodus begins with the LORD renewing the covenant, the divine promise that he’d made hundreds of years before with Abraham, for a new generation – not to change it but rather to reinforce that He had not forgotten about his people [the descendants of] Israel. This was also an answer to prayer; we left off last week with Moses and his brother Aaron having appeared before Pharaoh with the LORD’s demand to release His response. Pharaoh’s reply? Make the people work harder so they have no time to even think about their God (from Pharaoh’s standpoint, their god) and what He (he) wants to give or receive. Make no mistake; God is a giving God much more so than He’s receiving. Convincing the officers of the children of Israel (those of their own people Pharaoh held accountable for mee
Everyday I wonder why I am alone. Maybe it is me, maybe not. I would love to find someone like me. Who knows whats in my future I hope it is something good. I believe I deserve a partner who will love me for me and nothing else. My life is an open book ready for a new chapter a new beginning. So what do you think I am open for suggestions. Please private message me and give your insight.
Happy Spot!!!!!!
Hello to all my friends on here. Hope you all are having a wonderful Hump Day!!! Everyone knows I usually keep to myself & never ask for anything from any of my friends on here. But... today is a little different. I have a really good friend of mine that has just opened a new lounge. Its very nice, tasteful, and constantly monitored by staff. But my friend Keri, the owner, needs some new cam girls for the lounge. If you could help her out so that the lounge really takes off for her, I would greatly appreciate it!! Just go to the link below and join. Please????
Warshing Clothes Recipe
"Warshing" Clothes Recipe......... Never thought of a "washer" in this light before..what a blessing! "Warshing Clothes Recipe" -- imagine having a recipe for this ! ! ! Years ago an Alabama grandmother gave the new bride the following recipe: this is an exact copy as written and found in an old scrapbook - with spelling errors and all. WARSHING CLOTHES Build fire in backyard to heat kettle of rain water. Set tubs so smoke wont blow in eyes if wind is pert. Shave one hole cake of lie soap in boilin water. Sort things, make 3 piles 1 pile white, 1 pile colored, 1 pile work britches and rags. To make starch, stir flour in cool water to smooth, then thin down with boiling water. Take white things, rub dirty spots on board, scrub hard, and boil, then rub colored don't boil just wrench and starch. Take things out of kettle with broom stick handle, then wrench, and starch. Hang old rags on fence. Spread tea towels on grass.
This is the first of what may be many, or very few ramblings. Watch out though, because you never know what crazy shit will come out of my head. On a serious note... What a wonderful afternoon, hanging out with the one who makes me complete. Check her out here: Even though I was working all afternoon, she kept me company and we had quite a few laughs along the way. Things do not get much better than that (well somethings do, wink wink). Tomorrow is Friday, which means after work we'll get the kids in bed, get cleaned up, and start pounding Captain and Coke til the wee hours of Saturday morning. Until the next time....
Stress Is Life
does it ever grow old working on endless amounts of homework and going to class. Its like life becomes nothing but a neverending river of schedules between those and work. sucks huh? you'd think after three years a person would be used to it. . .
My Lil Korbin
To all who are aware or wondering: on February 26, 2009 at 11:20 pm EST I miscarried my #2 Child.. I was currently 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant with him and Due on October 21st, 2009 8 months later... Due to the fact that I had a fling type relationship with my [expecting]sons father he left me for his so called girlfriend on one of his drunken nights leaving me to to fend for myself with the pregnancy and him and his girl thought it was all a joke and that I was lying!! Little Korbin was only the size of an "apple seed" and weighing less than an ounce but still,, he never got the chance to even see his big sister Autumn.. Deep deep down I knew this child was going to change my life forever I knew from the start I loved him... and to not even get the chance to see him on Ultra sound or hear his little heart beating was devastating...
I Was Taggled
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. Heather 2. Heathen 3. hey bitch Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. Cashier 2. Warehouse Stocker 3. Customer Service Rep Three Places I have lived 1. Hesperia, California 2. Bend, Oregon 3. Phoenix, Arizona Three TV Shows that I watch 1. Greys Anatomy 2. CSI - the original 3. Bad Girls Club Three places I have been 1. Pensacola, Florida 2. Las Vegas, Nevada 3. Durango, Colorado Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. My cousin Bud in Montana 2. My friend Pam in Tennessee 3. My sister Kim Three of my favorite foods 1. Enchiladas 2. Pizza 3. Elk steak Three things I would like to do 1. Hike down into the grand canyon 2. Spend a month in a
Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! I was doing just fine. But I get this way right when March comes along. You think of spring as a newness. It hasn't been for me. Yeah, it is about Kitty. My baby sister. GOD! I begin to miss her so much! Why did she have to go like that?! Why? Why did my family have to go through such pain and turmoil. Even goes as far as to missing my own two little girls. Wondering if I will ever see them again. To hold them. But I do miss "Kitty". She will always be missed! I miss you babygirl!
Blogging Here
Emotional one:I wish people would fucking grow up and mind there one concerns. I am sorry but your not my relationship, your not anything u might be a friend with advice but that is fine. But there is two different matters here. A friend and a relationship. I am a friend and i am in a relationship. But it does not get fucking people reasons to come between two people. Yes i know how people are. I hope the sickness of jealousy or hate whatever it maybe gets over because its nothing but purr immature to me. There is a point in time when u can act like a kid and enjoy having a great time and there is a point in time when u need to be grown and act your age. This is y i don't tell people about my relationships u think u can trust someone and yet be happy with the person u are with. This shit is annoying, half the time people wonder why I, stick to my self and not do anything else. Because it always lead to jealousy and drama and yet in this world there is nothing but drama, stress, jealou
Missing The Spring".. Soon Its Here..
photo taken last year in our yard" watching the birds" picking berries"yummy" watchin the kids" picking flowers" SPRING TIME" BEAUTIFUL"
Come Make Me Your Bitch!
Hey I am in an auction. Click the pic below to make me your slave or your bitch, whichever you I know I am not the most popular or one of the "hotties" here on fubar but you probably won't find a more genuine guy here. I will show you lots of love.
Why Do Kids Do The Things They Do?
Alright everyone...if you don't know, I have two boys and for the most part, they are really good kids. However, my one son who is on the cusp of being 13 has been quite the bad boy of late. We keep their laptops and cell phones in a cabinet at night and restrict their usage like most parents do. Unfortunately, he seems to think that he is above the laws in our house and keeps "sneaking" his cell and laptop to bed. This is about the 10th time he's been caught and no punishment seems to be working. So my question is this, what do you all think the punishment should be?
Thoughts Of You
Thoughts Of You How many times have I thought of you And the many things I’d like to do. I sleep at night with you on my mind, One night with you, would be just fine. Your white robe is what I see, I wonder, wonder, how it would be. If I could touch your lips with mine, The thought of this is so divine. I want to see you without that robe, Your body to touch, caress, and probe. I’d lay you down, your body to admire, One look at you, sets my soul on fire. I want to feel you, touch, and kiss, send you into . . . . heavenly bliss, I want you, need you, feel my desire, Me inside you, I would never tire. I could make love to you all night long, It would feel so good, it couldn’t be wrong, These are my thoughts, what I fantasize, You’re all too perfect in this man’s eyes.
Ok Yah Lazy
So lazy that husband calls my phone from upstairs to ask if he can just make me some pasta dinner rather than go out like I asked him via text message. Because see walking up the stairs is hard. In a cranky ass mood don't know if I want to just go to bed or attempt conversation.
I Hate Everything About You ~ Three Days Grace
Every time we lie awake After every hit we take Every feeling that I get But I haven’t missed you yet Every roommate kept awake By every sigh and scream we make All the feelings that I get But I still don't miss you yet Only when I stop to think about it I hate everything about you Why do I love you I hate everything about you Why do I love you Every time we lie awake After every hit we take Every feeling that I get But I haven’t missed you yet Only when I stop to think about it I hate everything about you Why do I love you I hate everything about you Why do I love you Only when I stop to think About you, I know Only when you stop to think About me, do you know I hate everything about you Why do I love you You hate everything about me Why do you love me I hate You hate I hate You love me I hate everything about you Why do I love you
Hello Kitty Mac Makeup And Coture Line Including Corsets And Etc....
I would like to buy an Auto 11 for fubucks, ty.
On Civil Rights
ON CIVIL RIGHTS When I read the phrase in the Declaration of Independence which states “that all men are created equal”, I read this as a racial statement. Oops, about to get into trouble with that statement so let me quickly explain my meaning here. When I say “race”, I do not mean “ethnicity” but instead as in recognizing Humans as separate from the other “races” of Great Ape. From there, well, Humanity is a singular race flavored with a delicious buffet of “ethnicities”. Therefore when I say “all Men”, I mean the entire human race. This also is a genderless expression, inclusive of male and female. As for the “created equal” part, that I interpret as “under the Law” as it is clearly obvious that we as a species contain such a wide genetic and capability variety as to ensure that by our very nature we are not equal. Our talents, our abilities, our physical differences, even our station of birth separate us in a myriad ways and there is no possible way to ensure universal equ
I thought I glimpsed you today, An angel's splendor, and radiance, A trick of the eyes, Absent as a shadow, Passing, in a moment. I travel a desolate, dark, lifeless road, Alone, I walk downcast, unable to perceive where my eyes should quest, Encountering duplicitous faces, Bitter sadness, fills my yearning heart, When will you avow your love, your beauty! How long must I endure on my own, Weak and frail, lonely heartache, Will I ever discover you, Pursuing, wondering, abiding, Priceless paragon, I desire, How long must I wait? Shadowy darkness pervades my eyesight, lies of true love, Will my derelict heart survive, until,
Okay Being A True Irish Las
Being a true Irish Las, this bugs the shit out of me. For 1 day and one day only Saint Patrick Day is a reason for people to get drunk. Drink beer from plastic green cup, wear beads, show boobs..okay,that part isn't so bad being a boob lover but what happen to the real meaning behind Saint Patrick day? If you are going to pretend to be Irish at least know what you are celebrating..I mean really! But just like the american way, its another day for people to spend money, get drunk, go to jail because we all know that cops are sadist and who ends up winning?
Beyond A Dream
Beyond A Dream I stayed awake as long as I could, waiting for you to come home My eyes had grown heavy… even a long hot shower played no part I lay in our big bed, missing you…wanting you near I slept to what had seemed an eternity… In and out of meaningless dreams…stirring…restlessly Yet hoping you’d arouse me with your gentle kiss And suddenly, just as my soul had left my body…your presences was felt… I thought you’d just lie next to me…cuddling upon my chest Wrapping my arm around you, then softly secure your hand in my boxers…and joining me in another peaceful night of sleep… But I was quickly mistaken, by your lips daintily touching mine Your kiss, as always…warm, enlightening, mesmerizing…invigorating, and welcomed I stir slightly, as your soft…cold…wet skin presses against me Yet melting me as if I were in a cauldron of molting steel… Your lips, have become my peace keeper…my serenity, my only desire after a long day You kiss my entir
Which Are You??
A carrot, an egg, and a cup of Oolong tea � You will never look at a cup of Oolong the same way again. A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as one problem was solved, a new one arose. Her mother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots came to boil. In the first she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed Oolong tea. She let them sit and boil; without saying a word. In about twenty minutes she turned off the burners. She fished the carrots out and placed them in a bowl. She pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl. Then she ladled the Oolong out and placed it in a bowl. Turning to her daughter, she asked, "Tell me what you see." "Carrots, eggs, and Oolong tea," she replied.
Most recently, due to a very nice friend I met through Fu - she knows who she is, I have considered the worth people put in blogs. Whether it be to share useless information or to talk about meaningful subjects it seems that there is a whole world of people out there devoted to "blogging" So should I try and enter into this strange, yet attractive world or will it suck up way too much of my time? I don't know, regardless it seems pleasant. PS. I have written a few other blogs and I encourage those who may stumble across this to read 'em! You'll find out more about me and maybe Ill find out more about you as a result. Remain awesome Stephen AKA I am Pedro
As sat in my room with my mouth still gapping open she leaned in to kiss me again. "I have a boyfriend" then she sat back in her place. "I know we've met" rolling her eyes. Then got even closer pushing her right knee beween my legs putting her hands on my thighs kissing me harder than before. She pushed her hands up my thighs to my stomach reaching my breast. I fell her hand rubbing my chest my nipples get hard my pussy starts to throb. I let out a moan marie looked at me with exictment and rubbed harder. I leaned harder against the head board continued to moan. I pushed her long hair back and kissed her with tongue with my hands at her neck and my heart pounding. She broke the kiss got off my bed. She put one foot on the bed to take off her skull & cross bone knee high socks her plaid skirt fell back and revealed her pink wet pussy I just bit my lip. I wached her unbutton her shirt she wasn't wear a bra so I could see her DD boobs & I inched my way to the end of the bed. I sat on the
Earth Hour
On March 28 you can VOTE EARTH by switching off your lights for one hour. Or you can vote global warming by leaving your lights on. The results of the election are being presented at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. We want one billion votes for Earth, to tell world leaders that we have to take action against global warming. between Earth and global warming. For the first time in history, people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming. WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. This meeting will determine official government policies to take action against global warming, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol. It is the chance for the people of the wor
Sagittarius Compatability
Compatibility Information for Sagittarius This information was kindly provided by the folks of AstroMate. The only online match-making service that uses astrology to find your match made in heaven. SAGITTARIUS MALE You love women, however you usually find it difficult to be happy with just one. You are wary of commitment and not prone to close involvement's. You need to be free and detest jealousy in women. You prefer women with experience, females that will take love as lightly as you do. You insist that your mate has a sense of humor because you can become depressed easily with partners that are too serious and who tend to talk about themselves. You enjoy making love under the light of the moon and you just hate to feel or be confined at any time. You can be blunt and outspoken. You will never restrict your partner in any way shape or form regardless of the end result. You have an insatiable curiosity about sexual education and you want to experience everything. You wi
Scorpio Profile Description
Scorpio Secretive, Iinquiring & Confident October 24 to November 22 Scorpio personality: "don't tread on me" About your self: Scorpio can be secretive and forceful, mysterious and direct. You are an organizer who tears down in order to rebuild; you are magnetic, sensuous, with the demeanor of one who is guarding a treasure. Your planet is Pluto, the most mysterious planet of all. You are a Water element and a Fixed sign, and have much to do with what is hidden. Some people may fear you, but many put their trust in you. You are able to dig deep and come up with answers. You know what people might be concealing; the mask of deception falls away under your probing. You overwhelm some people although this is not what you desire; what you really want is tenderness and understanding. This is difficult for others because you have difficulty understanding your own desires and needs. You are creative; individuality is your hallmark. You carry with you an aura of mystery.
I Will Be Leaving Soon
To all my fu-family and friends. It`s about time for me to say goodbye to all of you.It`s been a good run and I have met some amazing people, but there comes a time when we must part our ways. I`m not sure when I will be leaving so if one day you notice I`m gone I want you to know that I will miss all of you. Take care amd maybe we will run into each other again someday.
January 2010 Model
Model 1 Model 2 VOTE HERE(Copy and Paste Link)
Sometimes, I Wonder About This Place...
to all my friends on fubar. I have been feeling a little silly lately. I say hello to everyone, send lots of gifts, hugs, rates, comments. But no one ever says hello to me unless I say it first. Maybe its me, am I wishing too much?
Trail Of Deceit
Trail of Deceit The Pearl Man’s just a friend she said, She swore it to him from their bed, But what about the note he read, The pain he felt, the tears he shed? A secret life she kept from him, The things she did with guys like Tim, While lights shone bright, not soft nor dim, Mere fantasies for dolts like him. The Pearl Man’s secret she held close, The note it spoke of one-man shows, Where girls rubbed him without their clothes, The way he said, the way he chose. Women like her, the ones he ate, Were easy to manipulate, Just call them pretty, their need so great, Do anything on their first date. The Pearl Man’s just a friend she said, Of course sometimes she gave him head, Not sexual, not in their bed, When he cried - the tears he bled. Copyright © Steve Britt 19 October 2004
Cheater The night gave way to cleansing light, and she watched her shadow flee the day. Though she tried to hide her lying eyes, her reputation sadly preceded her. Deeper than a thousand lashings, more severe than the memory of home. She realized all her dreams were haunted, as his eyes bore into her deception. The blade felt at home in her hand, as she slid it across his sleeping throat. Murder; easier than what she must do, Her shape crept away in the dark. A sole candle lit the chamber then, as she eased into the enticing aquatic. Crimson dishonor floods the basin And she is ushered away by demons. Copyright © Steve Britt Nov 2006
So Far And Yet So Close
Yesterday morning Sarah and Jeffrey took their time coming downstairs. All of us tried to sleep in since Martha’s been working quite a few late nights and gets herself up to work out to a “The Biggest Loser” power sculpting DVD and power walk afterward to achieve a 10,000 step daily goal. Make no mistake, the workout is working for her, and I will admit for me too when I want to get up early with her to do it. The irony is that I’M usually the early riser because I know if I don’t get into the Word of God early in the morning I will find it harder and harder to do. I heard the kids moving around upstairs, but they weren’t crying out for either of us. I took my time writing in my journal and eating breakfast before going up to see how they’re doing. Oh, I’d already taken Jeffrey out of his crib and thought he’d follow me but instead went right to Sarah’s room where most of the playthings are. But he went to play with his sister at the kitchen and they soon came down with me s
I Want To Sweep You Off Your Feet
Come here baby, closer still Lie down with me may this night never end Tell me you want me, then tell me more And take me further than I’ve ever been before Cause I, I need you, and I, I aim to please you I want to sweep you off your feet And I want for you to fall for me I need your body like I need your soul So c’mon baby let’s go, and let the good times roll Saturday mornin’ has never been so sweet To wake up next to you, to watch you sleep When I’m not with you, I can barely breathe You kno you put the life right back inside of me Cause I need you, and I, I aim to please you Lock your fears away, for just a little time You can hang ‘em in the closet, you can hang ‘em right next to mine Don’t be afraid to let go, I’ll be sure to hold on With all my body and my soul, let the good times roll Let the good times roll With all my body and my soul Let the good times roll
The Little Bang Theory
Today, there was nothing quite like backing out of my driveway on the way to work and seeing Sarah and Jeffrey wave wildly at me! We had just finished “playing” with the cards from a game of Racko and they stood with their aunt Mary who’s watching them for the day. I had to stop at my house after I picked up the money at my office for my jacket – yes, spring is approaching, but it’s still cold enough with wind to not wear just a sweater – and they were all starting to decorate the house for Easter by placing window clings up. I did get enough sleep and Martha has been disciplining herself to get up early to exercise better than I have been lately. I admit that, I lose nothing by it. I had forgotten Sunday about bringing Sarah and Jeffrey up to the balcony where the church choir sings that Martha is part of. I usually resent and it shows having to stay downstairs with the kids in our nursery while Martha gallivants (love that word) because she’s so “needed” to sing soprano. But
Goodbye Fubar
To put it as easily and quick as I can, let's just say that the person I thought I loved with all my heart, took it and dashed it. Because of these memories, I will be leaving Fubar for an indefinite amount of time. That means, I don't know if and when I will be returning. Most of you know Sailorpiro, of whom was my betrothed. We were originally doing great until some past arguments this month. In my way of saving what we had, I drove to Texas from Masscahusetts, and found her with her friends and new boyfriend. It's a long and complicated story, but to try and sum it up more, here is our very last conversation.. seen her on fubar.. in Shoutbox. So, read from the bottom up. Me: Stay diluted, it means nothing to me now. The weight of the worry I had for you lifted the day after when I had some sleep. As far as I'm concerned, I have a lot less to worry about now. No more concern for your well being. Arlette: you think your vindictive .. trust me i can be to hun and i litterally me
Ensign: A Tale Of Two Reunions
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 19 March 2009 Tomorrow Reunion Weekend begins at Stetson University that I graduated from fifteen years ago. After Martha and I had returned from Seattle last year, we were debating whether to go there or go to visit my mother in Kentucky for Mother's Day. Since we would be traveling with our two children, Sarah who's now three and Jeffrey's who now twenty months and my mom had never met Jeffrey, it was a pretty easy decision to make. A far easier decision to make, and one with far greater consequences for my life than a class reunion, was the decision to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Once any of us do that, we're guaranteed a presence at a far greater reunion, one of all the elect (those who've chosen and been c
Bucket List
I've decided it never too soon to start a "bucket list"... just in case you didn't see the movie, it's things to do before you die... 1. 2. Tour the US, the capital, beaches of Florida and California, etc. 3. ride a train 4. take a cruise 5. go skinny dippin 6. meet Sanrda Bullock 7. Buy a Harley 8. visit Hawaii 9. visit Europe
New Poem I Made... "red Rain"
Red rain, red rain, she's amused as it trickles down. As if it were tear drops falling, She watches each drop penatrate the ground. Red rain, red rain, As it seeps, it relieves her soul. Her uneasy tempermant deminishes, for once, she feels in control. Red rain, red rain, she's smiling instead of crying. It eases her to feel as if, she can finally emerge from hiding. Red rain, red rain, it's calming to feel it drain. She closes her eyes, whispering her final words, red rain, red rain.
this is not going to make sense to many people but i am just rambling for my own sake....when you think your life is right where you want it to be and you are finally feeling happy why is it something happens and it feels like the floor is ripped out from underneath you and you are falling...............
Why Do People Find It So Easy Not To Cheat?
Why do I find it so easy not to cheat? So, are cheaters born cheaters, or do certain situations cause people to cheat? Probably a little bit of both. Here are some situations that make people cheat: 1. Bored I'd say this is the most common reason that people cheat.It's tough to keep that edge throughout a relationship. Things start off grand and then level off and then you both realize that it's still real life. When you meet someone else, that inaugural excitement of a new relationship kicks back in. 2. Dependence At first glance, cheating seems like independent behavior. It could be interpreted as doing what you want, when you want. But I would argue that cheating is a dependent behavior. A cheater is dependent because they are not strong enough to break up with their significant other in order to get with the new person. 3. Confusion Sometimes life or a particular situation can get to you. When the perfect storm of confusion is going on in your head, you make mistak
What Kind Of Happy Are You?
You Are Engaged You feel completely absorbed and intrigued right now. You're cheerfully busy. You're alert and completely involved with everything you do. You don't walk through life half-asleep. If you're interested and engrossed, then you feel incredibly happy. You are constantly curious and never bored. There's too much to be fascinated with! What Kind of Happy Are You?
Bi Polar
i feel like growing up latley ive been stuck in the 90,s of what i use to be i havent even hit midlife crisis yet but yet i feel i have to hold on to that tuff guy persona its problem ive had since my stepson has hit his teens were only 10 yrs apart ive raised him since he was five and now i feel i relate better to him but lets face it im 29 going bald and getting fat i just have a hard time accepting it does anyone else feel me here got any feed back
I don't know what I've done Or if I like what I've begun But something told me to run And honey you know me it's all or none There were sounds in my head LIttle voices whispering That I should go and this should end Oh and I found myself listening 'Cos I dont know who I am, who I am without you All I know is that I should And I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you All I know is that I should 'Cos she will love you more than I could She who dares to stand where I stood See I thought love was black and white That it was wrong or it was right But you ain't leaving without a fight And I think I am just as torn inside 'Cos I dont know who I am, who I am without you All I know is that I should And I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you All I know is that I should 'Cos she will love you more than I could She who dares to stand where I stood And I won't be far from where you are if ever you should call You meant more to me than anyon
Rate If U Like Them
A Few Reasons Why Men/women Cheats
Spouse is abusive, physical or emotional or just for the hell of it. Husbands can be jerks and wives can be bitches. We look to someone else for attention and affection. Which isn't a wise choice to do because then we get emotionally attached. Your lover may not feel the same and has no intentions of leaving their spouse. It's risky. Others cheat for the lack of sex. Antonette raises her hand "!!" The passion and desire isn't there anymore. The spark has slowly flickered away. The sex is okay but where is the foreplay? Multiple orgasms? Sex drive? Various sex positions? We try and encourage our spouse to try different things and they refuse. Other times we don't say anything because we want to spare their feelings.
Can I Get Fubucks Donations Plz!!!
Kitty would love fubucks donations! If you donate I'll rate your pictures with 11's. I only get 100 11's tho. So Depending upon how much you donate will depend upon how many pics i rate 11's. I can also make you a Salute & a drop if you are a dj! Just PM me before donating so we can make a deal!!!! MWAHZZZZ, Kitty
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Frageeeelay - Must Be A Lady
Genesis of a Lady It was Super Bowl Sunday, 1993. The Buffalo Bills versus the Dallas Cowboys. I was in love with a Sham. Shaman to be exact. Future husband of Cyren. Future destroyer of a part of me. I prefer to think of that destruction as an opportunity for other parts of me to thrive. Always the optimist, is me. I'd quickly discovered that I was attracted to certain names. A name in the tavern was almost like a glance in the coporeal world. You knew things about that person immediately, they might not be true - but certainly they weren't just accidental. Silk-n-Chain was a bold and sensuous woman, Ironfist was most certainly a fiesty male dwarf. Babble-On, with the epithet of +sinner+, was going to be a giddy woman/childlike type. And they were all my creations. I'd spent enough time observing the phenomenon of the name game to have a fairly accurate read on what type of bait to put on my hook. So I created "Lady China - fragile". And I sat in the Sword Swamp tavern that
Driving Myself Crazy
i cant forget you everytime i close my eyes i see your smile and i cant concentrate when all i do is think about you and my heart and soul cryout for you and it doesnt matter what i do i know ive fallen in love with you i cant explain and i wont hold on i'll trust my heart to sink or swim i miss you so much i cant wait to be with you and im driving myself crazy just waiting to be there with you
She Won't Cry
She Won't Cry by Jppoet You see the pain that lies in her eyes, But, alas, her eyes are dry, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see the anger that burns from her gaze, The madness that sets her eyes ablaze, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see the fear that closes her eyes, The smile she wears is but a disguise, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see the hope that is finally dead, She cannot trust for her heart has been bled, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see the love that lies within, But she shall never love again, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see death's hand that has glazed her eyes, No one saw her die inside, They won't cry. No, they won't cry.
For My Kids
My daughter, my love my life, my misery my joy, my pain my eternal flame my sweet adoration My walking straight ahead. My everglowing light, my falling star, my sensless caress, my inner battle my most precious gift, my treasure, my warmth To you i leave you the message the poem of love my daughter, my image my hope of living"
Lets Get To Know Each Other Better
Nickname you prefer: P.J. Age, including months: 33 Years and 6 Months What is your ethnic background?: AUSTRIAN, NATIVE AMERICAN, IRISH, AND ITALIAN Real hair color: BROWN Age you got your first piercing/tattoos: 18 YEARS How many?:6 TATTOOS BOTH EARS PIERECED Shampoo/conditioner: wHAT EVER IS THERE Deodorant: AXE Perfume/cologne: AXE Favorite shirt: BLACK SHORT SLEEVE Soap?: BODY WASH Lotion?: COCO BUTTER Do you hold grudges or forgive easy?: NO How many real, close, friends do you have that you can truly trust?: 5 Are you happy when you are single?: YES AND NO Do you feel like you have everything you want/need?: CLOSE Are you content?: NO Do you have any phobias?: ELEVATION Whats your favorite physical feature about you?: EYES Whats your favorite part of your personality?: MY SARCASM What do you wanna be when you grow up?: AN WELDER Is 30 old?: ITS THE NEW TWENTIES Do you have a crush on anyone?: YES What's t
Food And Money
Whats going on foo bers?!? I'm just sitting here on my porch bullshitting before the UNC.OKlahoma game. I bought some pizza cause there wasn't shit to eat here in the house. I get naucious looking in the fridge and all there is milk and slimfast. I try not to eat so much and I go to the gym as often as possible but i can only go so long without something substantial. I was talking to someone the other day about that. As much as I hate having a guy im tired of starving just as equally. I don't know how anybody diets. I get such eatings at my stomach without eating something in a while. Salads do nothing for me. Its like im just eating water. There really isn't anything there to digest. I'm 6'2 so c'mon..give ya boy some din din.. lol i said din din I do appreciate the fact that pizza places are forcing delivery fees to the customers. Delivery people deserve all that effort do hand you food. But I don't like it in the fact that I really get no credit for it. Its for
Alabama Drivers
What the hell is up with drivers in alabama? Nascar has come out on the roadways. everyone thinks they are the next Number 88 car. Only in Alabama. The only place that i have seen worse driving is in Saudi Arabia. Atleast in Saudi, they have an Allah Lane. If Allah wills you to pass other cars, you shall. No wonder there is a high number of applicants for suicide bombers, hell, the morning commute would be suicide alone.. atleast if you die during bomb, you get 72 virgins (you hope). In a car crash, you get some fat hefty bitch that looks like the michelin man.... In a garter belt. And on that note, You really wanna know what grinds my gears??? (give credit to Peter from family guy). Idiots that can't drive with a cell phone attached to their ears.. I can think of a few things I would love to do to these people. top 10 things to do to people that can't drive while talking on a cell phone. 10. insert the cell phone in the ass!!! 9. take a blue tooth and insert that in
A Warriors Return/the Morning After
The meeting hall buzzed as the Clan, and the council waited anxiously. News of Tyburcio’s arrival had spread throughout the settlement faster than a fire, and seemingly everyone in the settlement was present and accounted for in the meeting hall. A long, and large room, the entire settlement could occupy the building. Of course the room was split into the social castes, males in the back, females in the front, with the warriors along the walls according to rank. At the very front was the Clan’s ruling females, with Lady Rose standing in the middle. She could feel the joyfulness in the atmosphere of the hall as a guard stomped the floor with the end of his staff to gain everyone’s attention. “My Ladies, members of the Clan,” one of the Clan Guardsmen addressed with a booming voice, “I give you Tyburcio Warpoet back from his task!” he stepped aside as the door opened. The crowd cheered and split in half forming an aisle down the middle as a very well built individual walked grace
Girlfriend Song
New Internet Worm Set To Attack April 1
A cyber Trojan worm is expected to hit millions of computers on April 1, but whether it will unleash a harmless April Fool's joke or a dastardly criminal plot, no one knows. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has issued a warning about the latest version of the Conficker worm, which could potentially have infected any computers running a Microsoft operating system. CIRA, which manages Canada's dot-ca (.ca) domain name registry, says that the worm will force infected computers to connect randomly to about 50,000 web URLs a day beginning April 1. But what could happen when those computers reach those websites is anyone's guess. Files on the websites could instruct the worm to do anything from steal passwords or banking information, to delete a person's hard drive to simply sending spam messages. As CTV's technology expert Kris Abel explains, computer researchers made a breakthrough this week that will allow network administrators the ability to remotely ident
Can You Believe This Shit ?? :o
hmmm i do think that i might have a stalker she is frequenting my shoutbox now since i jokingly made a comment about having a granny fetish after a certain friend of mine called her old Hairduz123...: and witchie, her friend who so immaturely blocked me so that I couldnt respond, I went onto her page and rated her an 11 and I gave her salute a 10. so dont tell me what kinda person I am, bec. I am sooooo much better than them. I choose to take the high road. THE FUBAR ...: shes like old and shit THE FUBAR ...: wow... ->THE FUBAR ...: not going to link you because i have to go to her profile to do that lol ->Shoshonni ...: i'm not blocking her ,i never blocked juggacunt for the fact i loved watching her talk to herself in my shoutbox since she blocked me lol THE FUBAR ...: im sitting in the nastiest whore mumm. I have a feeling this one is gonna get real good THE FUBAR ...: link me ->THE FUBAR ...: Hairduz123~~lovingly owned by DocWzrd~~ Shoshonni ...: haha welcome to
For Dls Peeps
well guys an gals, my inet has been cut off. my bf is celebrating this fact, i however am hating it. im really sorry to those who i've let down coz i cant get online to dj, but as soon as i come back i promise its for good! this no inet thing is driving me crazy. hopefully i'll be back with inet at home in the next couple of weeks, failing that im contactable through the library. sorry folks i really really am. kaz xx
Promoter Wanted
will pay 100k for a promoter to promote lounge 343 and my brother lounge white wolfs safe haven. if interested plz pm me and i will get back to you asap ty     plz repost
Try And Follow Them All :)
1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. 2. When you lose, don't lose the lesson. 3. Follow the three Rs: Respect for self Respect for others and Responsibility for all your actions. 4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. 5. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly. 6. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship. 7. When you realise you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it. 8. Spend some time alone every day. 9. Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values. 10. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer. 11. Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll be able to enjoy it a second time. 12. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life. 13. In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don't bring up the past. 14. Share your knowledge. It's a way to achiev
Why I Voted Dumbocrat
Damned If I Do
Why do I feel so alone in a crowd of people I know? Is it wrong to feel so insecure and so unappealing? Why walk around in disguise with a fake grin on my face? What would it prove? What would I gain? I'd still feel so out of place. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. But I won't turn out like you. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. But I won't turn out like you. Midlife crisis at the age of 22, who knew? I need some answers. Cross the street and down the avenue I stopped for the woman and Paid five bucks and got my palm read. And she said: "You shouldn't be smiling boy, this life line says you're allready dead." Just keep on moving forward never turning back. But with every step ahead I take they pull me two steps back. They pull me two steps back. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. But I won't turn out like you.
Ghost Print
I work nights alone at a haunted hotel; I already wrote about it, so dont' feel like doin it again.  Besides seeing shadows and shit, (other have actually seen people and moving objects) I've had a fridge door open and slam several ties behind me.  Last night I looked at it, and there was a foot print looking ice spot on the door...    
"you May Be A Hamas Terrorist If..."
"YOU MAY BE A HAMAS TERRORIST IF..." 1. You shoot rockets at civilians for a living, but you have a moral objection to beer.2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but youcan't afford shoes.3. You have more wives than teeth.4. You wipe your butt with your bare hand, never bathe, but consider bacon "unclean."5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.6. You can't think of anyone you haven't declared Jihad against.7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives inyour clothing.8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other thansetting off bombs.9. You have nothing against women and think every man should own several.10. You've always had a crush on your neighbor's goat.  
Country Angel & Pumpkins!
Now and then we get a  lost My Guitar is smashed, my wires Cut Solid I'm Looking over the edge, Ready to Leap Dangling my Under the water I just thank God the Lamb Didnt go to the slaughter! When the Bullet feels like being put to the head, A Firework placed in the car wild-eyed and crazy, inane Maybe reckless souls cast a burden Baby you save me It's hard lovin' a man that's got a freestyle soul If he didnt do it he'd be hanging from a pole The perfect thing to say to save me from myself You're the angel with wings of pure white Ascending from the heavens unto my doorstep   I probally didnt tell tell you nearly enough That I couldn't live one day without your love A a is ship tossed around on the Rocks Up on a highwire that's ready to break Sometimes I've feel as had just about all I can take Baby you, baby you save me
The Swing Of Fubar Things.
As I sit here and finish up rating my friends and all the other awesome people that have rated me the last 2 days,I realize that much about Fubar has changed. It's evolved quite a bit since the Lost Cherry and Cherrytap days when I joined. I used to sit here and have a blast and I still do.I leveled so many times in those days.Now I've been stuck on the current level for over a year now and its funny to me. With the postponement of my wedding and one of my future stepkids in the hospital,I've been away for a bit and felt like Fubar passed me by. After yesterday,I feel that I have gotten back into the swing of things. Now if I could just get my player on my page to work.....I'd be one happy camper. Have a good Tuesday everyone. S.P.G
The End
In this our lifeline Hate follows the pain Blind after mute Anger to the rage Nothing from everything Anything for something Everlasting evermore The pain and the greed Why all the pain remains Why all the tears faint In the end, end of the line It all fades away Why my scars wont heal Why my torment feels so real in the end, end of the line It all comes back Beneath these skies As long as man has walked hear the brothers have slayed each other Breaking the bonds and the promises For own benefit Neverlasting nevermore The truth, the trust, the life
Yeah Its For You
CherishTwo circular hues of blue with a gray shadeSo captivatingMore than you knowFalse perceptionsThat brought forth these questions ofTruth, love and hopeNow that you're injuringI'll carry you with me justPlease hold onDisappear and dissolveA weakening wallWill one day fallIt's wise to sever our lossI redefine pulseThrough your irisLove's not all lostBut it's nailed to my crossAnd crucified all that I've held onTo be awaitingAnticipating a touch such as yoursFalse affectionA spawn of neglectingOf love, lust, hoaxPlease understand meThat now where you're standingIs closer then I'd hopedDisappear and dissolveA weakening wallWill one day fallIt's wise to sever our lossI redefine pulseThrough your iris
All I Want
is to feel your lips on mine. To feel your tongue between my thighs To feel your hands all over my body and to feel you deep inside of me i want you to make me yours i want you to show total passion to dominate me and show me i am yours i want you to do whatever you want to me and to my body whenever you want
  Our Birth is our Opening Balance! Our Death is our Closing Balance! Our Prejudiced Views are our Liabilities. Our Creative Ideas are our Assets. Heart is our Current Asset. Soul is our Fixed Asset. Brain is our Fixed Deposit. Thinking is our Current Account. Achievements are our Capital. Character & Morals, our Stock-in-Trade. Friends are our General Reserves. Values & Behaviour are our Goodwill. Love is our Dividend.Children are our Bonus Issues.. Education is Brands / Patents. Knowledge is our Investment. Experience is our Premium Account. The Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet Accurately. The Goal is to get the Best Presented Accounts Award. Some very Good and Very bad things The most destructive habit……….........................Worry The greatest Joy...................................................Giving The greatest loss..............................Loss of self-respect The most satisfying work.......................Helping others
Getting Serious....
Getting serious.....I am getting serious about becoming a disciple...I will pay for rates 10K/100 rates and 15K/Bomb....If you have any questions please PM me...and thank you in advance for your time...PM for pay...Randomly blinging...Have a great week
This is something i need to get off my chest and I am gonna be real with everyone on here so just sit back and listen to wat I have to say. Ok for everyone on here that says I only want to be with u and u only be real I played the same game but looking for someone who is real.I think I found the real one but Idk things get shadey after a while. So if u got someone on here make sure its real and not fake cause a broken heart is not a good feeling trust me I know . KK
We Didn't Start The Flame War.
Watch We Didnt Start the Flame War and more funny videos on CollegeHumor
My Blog
Well i really don't know waht to write but i guess... it has to be about me ........ so i'm going to start by saying that i am a fun and awsome person who enjoys meeting new people and loves to make friends and just likes to be happy b-cuz i never get mad (lol):)
"holding Hands"
Here is the story about the baby holding the surgeons finger from within the womb during fetal operation. Story and photo gratefully supplied by: The Irish Independent online: 30 October 1999 Take a good look at this picture. It's one of the most remarkable photographs ever taken. The tiny hand of a foetus reaches out from a mother's womb to clasp a surgeon's healing finger. It is, by the way, 21 weeks old, an age at which it could still be legally aborted. The tiny hand in the picture above belongs to a baby which is due to be born on December 28. It was taken during an operation in America recently. Paul Harris reports on a medical development in the control of the effects of spina bifida ... and on a picture which will reverberate through the on-going abortion debate here Your first instinct is to recoil in horror. It looks like a close-up of some terrible accident. And then you notice, in the centre of the photograph, the tiny hand clutching a surgeon's finge
More Pages About Me
i wanna send you more pages
Gone Fishing!
Teeny and I decided since the wedding has been postponed, we are gonna take the days off we have and go camping and fishing. We'll be at Rye Patch Reservoir in the sticks of Nevada.Hopefully we will take a break from cuddling and stuff to eventually catch some fish. It should be lots of fun.Ill be sure to take some pics and post them here. Have a great weekend everyone and we will see you Wednesday.   S.P.G
I Need A Change
i will be closing my account....don't have much time for this anymore. I have about a million fubucks to give away and around 15 bling credits left. If there is something you want send me a pm and tell me why i should give you bucks or bling and I will see what i can do. I had a great time here and enjoyed chatting with everyone! If you serious want to stay in touch send me a pm as well and let me know and I will tell you how! :) see ya's!
I'm Looking For The Sexy
Do you have it?¿
Romance And Relationships
A few days ago my boyfriend and I were watching something on TV where a woman in her 30s dating a man a couple of years younger was referred to as a Cougar. I looked over at him."Cougar?" I asked. "She's barely in her 30s. I don't think she qualifies." COUGARS AND MILFS, DINGOS AND DILFS Category: Romance and Relationships A few days ago my boyfriend and I were watching something on TV where a woman in her 30s dating a man a couple of years younger was referred to as a Cougar. I looked over at him."Cougar?" I asked. "She's barely in her 30s. I don't think she qualifies." So I decided to do a little research into what, exactly, constitutes a Cougar.Cameron Diaz dated Justin Timerlake in her early 30s. He was in his mid 20s. Does this make her a Cougar? Apparently so. According to 20-something males out there, a Cougar is any woman over the age of 30 who dates significantly younger men. According to, a Cougar is "an older woman who frequents clubs in order to
Internal Radiation!
During the time they were doing this internal radiation I was awake unlike the first time in which I was pretty much out of it seeing my cancer doctor had to place a sleeve in me.... I'm telling you this time around I felt it as my RADIATION doctor placed the  gauze  inside my vagina anyways they we're hitting me up with morphine to help with the pain however it wasn't working to well an I didn't let them know cause they've given me 4 shots of it already... When I got home things went to hell, I started to vommitt an bad at least 5 times that I can remember, once was all over my son/ little girl and then again in the bathroom, I sat down and my mouth started to water and I knew it was coming. I then vommitted on my husband then another time. So my husband said he was going to call the doctor and tell him that I was in alot of pain from when he packed me with the gauze, plus all the vommitting I had been doing. Well he said that if it didn't stop after awhile to take me into the hospita
And The Hits Just Keep On Comin
So for those who read about it yetserday...all about my lovely car episode..Well I got two estimates for work done. One was just to replace the headgasket (with other work that would be needed) for $1,760. the other was to replace the motor for $2,600. I paid $700. for the car...So Yeah ummmmm I can't wait to see what other good news I get!!
So, for about 3 wks now there has been something wrong with my neck. It hurts to turn my head sideways, and if I hold my head to the side for too long, it hurts to unbend it.   I dont feel like goin to the doc, tho, cause everyone but surgeons are a total fuckin scam nowadays. Wahhh!
Island Girl's Voyage
  Myspace 2.0 layouts Come and show Island Girl some LUV!! She is always looking to make NEW FRIENDS!! Stop by and Rate, Fan, Add, Bling her!! She has on here auto's so LET'S DROP THE BOMB ON THIS PAGE!!! Brought to you by: DkAngelPrincess
Brilliant Dance
So this is odd, the painful realization that has all gone wrong. And nobody cares at all, and nobody cares at all. So you buried all your lover's clothes and burned the letters lover wrote, but it doesn't make it any better. Does it make it any better? And the plaster dented from your fist in the hall where you had your first kiss reminds you that the memories will fade. So this is strange, our sidestepping has come to be a brilliant dance where nobody leads at all, where nobody leads at all. And the picture frames are facing down and the ringing from this empty sound is deafening and keeping you from sleep. And breathing is a foreign task and thinking's just too much to ask and you're measuring your minutes by a clock that's blinking eights.This is incredible. Starving, insatiable, yes, this is love for the first time. Well you'd like to think that you were invincible. Yeah, well weren't we all once before we felt loss for the first time? Well this is the last time.
Running Into The Blaze
terror has looked at me so many times tring to just me to loose      my mind  on reality watchinng the walls come crashing down listening to the screams of help   run into the blaze...... run into the fire of horror looking for the ones that need the help run into the blaze.... rescue the young and old   bash bash the windows to try to get the light in... smash smash the doors in to find all that need our help hear the cries for help.....   run into the blaze.... running into the fire as people pass by you running for their lives you run into.... running into the blaze......   feeling the heat and your adreneline starts to rush......... knowing you have to save the ones that need you the most
Pill Popperism
 Just to clear things up a bit..  I pretty much am a pill popper not by choice. I have Diabetes and thankfully I don't need to be injecting insulin that leaves me with the pills.  So, the meds are pretty annoying they make me feel sicker @ times. I'm giving up on them and resorting to natural excercise. The diet part scares the hell out of me because I finally got used to being me in my own skin and I am comfortable the way I am. It's silly I know but I do worry about losing weight.. I don't want to really. So, I take about 15 pills 3x a day ..I hope it helps and we'll see how it goes.   Sorry..I guess I just felt like ranting for a bit.
I Don't Know Why
10th GradeAs I sat there in English class, I stared at the girl next to me.  She was my so-called 'best friend'.  I stared at her long, silky hair, and wished she were mine. But she didn't notice me like that, and I knew it.  After class, she walked up to me and asked me for the notes she had missed the day before and I handed them to her. She said 'thanks' and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  I wanted to tell her, I wanted her to know that I don't want to be 'just friends'.  I love her but I am too shy, and I don't know why.11th GradeThe phone rang.  On the other end, it was she.  She was in tears, mumbling on and on about how her love had broke her heart.  She asked me to come over because she didn't want to be alone, so I did. As I sat next to her, I stared at her soft eyes, wishing she was mine.  After two hours of Drew Barrymore, and three bags of chips, she decided to go to sleep.  She looked at me, said 'thanks' and gave me a kiss on the cheek.I wanted to tell her, I wanted her to
Michelle Bachmann, Stupid Whore.
Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn, says she finds it an "interesting coincidence" that the last U.S. swine flu outbreak occurred under a Democratic president.  However, it occured in 1976, when Republican Gerald Ford was president.  Bachmann made her comments to Pajamas TV on Monday.  She said she's "not blaming this on President Obama" but found it an interesting coincidence.  A call to Bachmann's office Tuesday wasn't returned.  --taken from the Star Tribune, Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 I honestly hate this woman...  I don't know how she got reelected.  Let's nevermind that the outbreak happened outside of the U.S., and nevermind that it's pretty much a 50/50 chance that there'll be a Democrat in office when ANY kind of disease outbreak happens...
Blessed are the cracked; for it is they who let in the light.
Merry Masturbation Month 2009!
Merry Masturbation Month! T'is the First Day of Masturbation Month 2009. Have YOU celebrated yet? I did, just after the stroke (pun intended) of midnight May 1. I didn’t feel up to partner sex, as I am currently being beaten into submission by some kind of virulent flu. No, it’s not Swine Flu, though my nose is so stuffed it might as well be the snout of a pig. Anyway, a little quickie jilling-off did just the trick, even decongesting me for a few delightfully mucous-free moments before and after orgasm, and then dropping me down into a much needed good night’s sleep. This is just one of the many marvelous benefits of that much-maligned pastime of sex for one. I could go on and on, but I really should stop bloggamizing and go back to bed to wank and sleep some more. Besides, I’ve already bloggamized countless times about Masturbation Month. Here are a few favorites: Merry Masturbation Month Liberating Masturbation with Dr. Betty Dodson My First Orgasm For inspir
Doing A Good Deed
So today I did a good deed. I went and changed the oil in my ex's vehicle. As I was laying under the car watching the oil drip into the pan my mind started to wander. At first the oil poured out fast then slowed till it became just a drip. I realized this was just like my life. It started with a good flow. Everything was just moving along. As the years have gone by the days turned from flowing to a slow trickle then a slow drip. As each drop of oil landed in the pan I saw how it blended in with the rest of the oil. Much like the days of my life. I have been watching my life drip by and when the day falls into the black pool it just gets lost. Everyday simply appears then same. I look around and truly have no idea how I got to where I am. Yesterday has already dripped into the pan and blended in. I actualy felt sad realizing this. It's odd how  with something simple as an oil change you can get a glimpse of your life.
She Had A Heart Attack Earlier Today
well ,my wife and i were sitting at my sister and brother in law's house earlier ,when my cellphone rang .it was my wife's mother and she tells me that she had a heart attack today and she is calling me from the emergency room .well they care flighted her to another hospital and she has to have open heart surgery (she has blockage on both sides of her heart ) tomorrow at 8 am .she just had a stroke at the tail end of last year :O:O all i ask of you as my friends it to keep her and my wife in your prayers (my wife is absolutely beside herself (her family members have been blaming her for her mother's stroke ):P:P
Fake Profile Warning   Using images of an online NN model named Megan QT. I only know this cause I love porn! Spread the word and don't buy anything for this faker. If anyone knows who will get this accoun down, let me know. Thanks!
Seeking Sexy Women
I am here to observe and meet some HOT & SEXY women.I am open to many different types of women and enjoy the company of a sexy,intelligent and fun woman or women as the case may be.
So, with me bein sick, hubby brings me chicken soup before goin out with his friend. And I manage to move the wrong way, and spill the fuckin boiling chicken broth on my stomach. To make it worse, instinctively I was tryin to stop the pan from fallin on the floor...with my stomach.   So now my stomach is all red and sore from the metal pan.:(   just some whining before goin back to the couch
Jason &hearts
Jason       Make photo slide shows at  
The Game Of Life
In The Starlight
The darkest moments stand before meWhispering unto the moon my secretsMidnight colored waters kissing my toesThe refreshing taint of the sea on my nostrilsCrucified within the stolen starlightKilled myself for all the world to seeThe nails now loosening their gripFinger-tips slipping away from death's embraceWithin broken dishes and a battered egoNo more are these to be places to hideThough memories remain, scars fresh on my mindReminding me of when I laughed in the reaper's faceThe ashes of a heart burnt blacker than my skyScattered what's left of it on darker wavesLooked into the heavens, and no longer fearedAs I saw nothing but another endless oceanEmbraceing the mild glow of the starlightWeeping silently at the sight of this holy giftI knew the time had to celebrate my chanceJust to be here, alive and breatheing
Love Is...
Love.... Love is pain Love is misery Love is intolerable Love is cruel Love lies Love cheats Love is suffering Love is torture Love is...never ending
How Did I Not Know This Song...
So, I'm excited.  Things are finally playing out the way I've wanted them to.  I simply can not wait. There are the people who think what is happening is stupid, and should be allowed to happen, however it isnt thier chocie, and honestly just need to go back to the bleachers and stfu.  Cause as far as I'm concerned, this isnt up for debate.  The chocies have been made willingly, and are now set in motion and will not change.  3 weeks 1 day and 12 hours from the point this is finshed, the best part of my life is going to be with me.  I dont give a fuck who says what and how, cuase it will not sway my chocie, will not change my mind at all.  As we are going to prove the world, and all them Sceptics they are simply stupid and know nothing about us.  For most of my Fubar friends, they think it is great, even if they pick on me or her for it.  But they understand in thier own way.  Anyways, 3 weeks 1 day 12 hours until Arrival.  Good God, these days simply will not pass by fast enough.  And
Of Mice And Men
Oh how i love baseball!I watch every game of The Cardinals i can on tv, but now and again they have a day of and sometimes i get lucky and the local double A affiliate of the Oakland A's are playing in town. Today was one of those days. Last night i checked to see what time the game started and to my shock, it was an 11 a.m. start. Cool i thought! Watch a day game, fewer kids, shorter lines at the concessions and enjoy the day. :)WRONG!!!First off, it's only in the mid 50's here at game time. Add in the 30 mph winds and it makes for less than a desirable afternoon of balls and strikes. Not to mention that it was misting on the drive there. Still, i was determined to see a game. It would be fun. I've done next to nothing just for myself this year.Field trip?As i meandered my way through the sports complex, past the hotels and football stadium i saw no less than 50 school buses. Then i got out and heard the basting PA for the pre game. Louder than i had remembered before and as i made my
Circle Of Friends
Spam Has Got Scam Mail!
FROM MARY MARTINS Abidjan, Cote d`Ivoire, West Africa. Dearest one, It is my pleasure to write you after much consideration. my email is ( name is Mary Martins The only daughter of late HENRY MARTINS from Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire (I am 22years of age).My father was a liability Cocoa and Gold merchant in Abidjan , Cote d'Ivoire before his untimely death. After his business trip to Tunisia , to nagociate on a cocoa and gold business he wanted to invest in Tunisia , a week after he came back from Tunisia , he got an accident with my mother of which my mother died instantly but my father died five days after in a private hospital. On that faithful afternoon, I didn’t know that my father was going to leave me after I had earlier lost my mother, but before he gave up the ghost, it was as if he knew he was going to die. He my father, (may his soul rest in perfect peace) called me to his bed side and told me that he deposited the sum of $6.5m (six Million five Hundre
A Few Jokes I Thought Was Funny!
2 fleas on a pussy. One's a burgular & the other one's a junkie.  How can you tell them apart? The burgular is hiding in the bush & the junkie is sniffing the crack. The most common sexual position in married couples  today is Doggy Style.  Husband sits & begs for pussy & the wife rolls over & plays dead. The Sex Professor asks: "Do you know what your asshole is doing while your having an orgasm?" Woman replies "Probably deer hunting w/ his friends" -98% of black men say they like sex in the shower.. the other 2% haven't been 2 prison yet. A man comes home & shouts "Honey pack your bags I hit the Lottery!!" She says "OMG what should I pack?" He says"Everything..GET THE FUCK OUT BITCH!  
My Mom
I close my eyes and see your face..... clear as day make no mistake I close my eyes and hear you voice....I cover my ears but I have no choice I close my eyes and feel your touch......never knowing I needed it so much I close my eyes and see your smile......praying that god takes me one more mile I close my eyes and see you your my dismay it’s a permanant stain I close my eyes and see you breathe one more time.....this memory will stay forever in my mind I close my eyes and see you sleeping so love for you...forever profound I close my eyes and wish for just one more time.............. To see you and hold you....... Sweet mother of mine...... Dedicated To the Greatest Woman in the World MY MOM ADRIAN
A Soldier's Poem
Take a man and put him alone,Put him twelve thousand miles from home.Empty his heart of all but blood,Make him live in sand, in mud.This is the life I have to live,This the soul to God I give.You have your parties and drink your beer,While young men are dying over here.Plant your signs on the White House lawn;"Lets get out of Iraq".Use your signs and have your fun,Then refuse to use a gun.There's nothing else for you to do,Then I'm supposed to die for you?There is one thing that you should know;And that's where I think you should go!I'm already here and it's too late.I've traded all my love for all this hate.I'll hate you till the day I die.You made me hear my buddy cry.I saw his leg and his blood shed,Then I heard them say, "This one's dead".It was a large price for him to pay,To let you live another day.He had the guts to fight and die,To keep the freedom you live by.By his dying, your life he buys,But who gives a fuck if a Soldier dies!
Hand To Hand Delivery Needs Your Help
Ok straight to the point I just got hired by a courier company thats just starting out here in Las vegas they've had a good test run and are now going threw the finalization process of making this a real company it's ran by a juggalo who wants the family to start using their talents to help better themselves this ninja is smart he's helpin a few homies down here follow their dreams by helping them make them happen and get them started. Our goal for our company is to connect family vendors to sellers across the country. thats where i need your help i was hired on solely to find people with a hobby they want to share to sellers across the country. theres many positions inside the company and positions outside the company that are avaliable. for instance at this moment we need people that can take photos for black light posters. dont worry if you dont have a talent for art or making things theres still the company that needs to be filled with trust worthy people that would like to do noth
Hello My Name is Kellie I am 18years old from Orange Texas Im on this site : My link should pull up my profile after you join ... Im also listed in The Top20s category #20favorites #3Bloggers and #15promoters come by and check it out... Need More Information about the site : Its a Site for women who want to enhance there Bust Size by getting Breast Implants .. See The thing is girls have a Goal amount and once they have collected there goal the site sends the Money theyve collected to the Doctor of there Choice (this is so the Money is Being Used for what its ment for) its a great site the People are friendly and alot of help Soo If your a Girl wanting too get implants and cant really afford it Join up what do you have to lose and as for you Guys ..Ive almost reached my goal and would appricate itt if yalld join up and help me out see My Surgerys going to Cost $4075 but so far on that site i have Collected $1,583.15 I ONLY need $2,490 Until
I Fart Excellence
I love huge tits, kiss my ass fuckers.     REPORT THAT SHIT TO BABY FAGJOOOOOOS :)
Hitched Or Ditched
Set to premier on primetime: A new telivision show is schedualed for realse this season entitled "Hitched or Ditched" The programs basic flow is that people are given exactly one week to get to know each other, fall in love and say "I Do" provinding these requirements are met, the show will provide for them a large lavash wedding. Part of the show's advertisement is that the series will promote Drama. Thats right good old american drama just like we have here at fubar. To be perfectly honest, Im not nearly surprised as i am appauled. This programs advertising point confirms my suspicians of that which has been said a thousand times. "People love drama" and I dont mean a good old shakespearian drama, I mean who's knocking boots with who's spouse, backstabbing, lieing stealing and sneaking around. How can we as good people possibly enjoy, and promote anything that encourages people to be as absolutely dirty as they can be. When did cheating, and lieing become entertainment. And what
I was just outside recording my flowers on my cell phone. Rich was next to me smoking and when I went to record one flower..I didn't see him and his cig went right onto my ear and hair. It caught on fire a little, heard the I started to pat down my ear and hair and I yanked one of my earrings out...luckily i got it back on....that hurt.... now my ear is all red
Those Eyes
Wonder who is she… Who are those eyes They leave an image They draw me a scene   When the day gets arduous And hopes begin to die she steps to me softly they keep me alive   they play with me they play to me they colour my sleep they light my life   and when they look away   when they look away time tends to stop every wish, each hope life stops
A Woman's Ultimate Fantasy!
A Woman's Ultimate Fantasy A woman was sitting at a bar enjoying a cocktail after work one night, when the bar door opened and the most gorgeous hunk of a man she had ever seen entered. He was tall, muscular, and handsome, with thick dark hair and beautiful, sparkling green eyes, and his every movement was so masculine and sensuous that the woman could not help but stare. The man noticed that he was the object of the woman's rapt attention, and with a sly, sexy smile, approached her. Blushing, she prepared to apologize for staring, but he leaned close and whispered in her ear. "I'll do anything," he whispered in a deep, soft voice. "Anything, absolutely anything you want, anything you have ever fantasized, for fifty dollars. There's just one condition..." Trembling with anticipation, the woman asked him the condition. The man said, "You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words."
My Grandpa
I sit in my bed watchin tv as another sleepless night slowly passes along. movie after move, show after show; i flip thought channels loosing interest almost immeditly in things i could spend countless hours watchin and enjoying. i just cant concentrate, cant focus on what is making my already cluttered mind race more than usual. to allow myself to think without visual distractions i turn the tv off in the attempt to fall asleep to my music. music that lets my mind wonder, think about things that i have and daringly take for granted along with pains that i pushed deep away as to free myself from their grip. the songs change from sad, slow, pain driven songs to joyful, love filled serenades of deamlands; in each one i find different sides of myself. in the sad sorrowful songs i have but one thing on my mind... Death. death is the most influent asset of my life for the past few years, so in-turn the word death brings rememberance. In this i see my otherside. my caring, big-hearted bein
5 Secrets
Alright boys and gents, I was just thinking about how to talk to my wife seductively, and I bombed miserbly. I read for once in my life how to really talk to women. 1. Be inquistive-- Ask her where's she's from, her likes and dislikes. It can't be all about sex and "hey baby, I really want you!" 2. Be patient-- Tell her she's beautiful and wait until she replies or starts a conversation with you. Don't be impatient and start the conservation yourself; otherwise you're just delaying the big no. 3. Act naturally-- Don't be acting like what you're not. This is hard for me to do, because of my speech implement. 4. Speak up-- Okay fellows, this can be tricky! When and if you do get a date with the woman of your dreams, ask her what she wants to do; don't assume that she wants to go see a fight or to a topless bar. 5. Don't push-- I can be pushy sometimes, but the more you push, the more she will push you away! Don't say, "Hey baby, I got a beef up hot pick-up and the seat right by me
feeling like a caged bird about to break its wings on the bars of the cage Love is a cage when its not returned trapped and struggling against the restraints A love unwanted cuts like a knife without the relief   freedom is savored but granted not to me.
Let Your Heart Make The Choice
Before you say goodbyeand walk out the doordarling think twicelet your heart make the choiceRemember our sweet nightsplaying stories of delightdon't throw the memories we madelocking it in the attic to fadeBefore you break my heartand tear our moments apartask yourself do I want thiswill I miss that kissDon't bring distance to our eyesmy flowers in the garden will diebefore you push my hands that clutchask..can I forget this touchLook back through the yearsof how we hold each other deara life without you is miserableto walk away from me are you ableDon't banish our beautiful lifeand leave me with strifefor my soul knows only youliving in this world for youSo before you say goodbyeand walk out the doordarling...think twicelet your heart make the choice
Completed, Depleted
After the years we spent together I guess it's a little hard not to change. I've been taking all my medicine, been sleeping in the rain. I know you don't cry as much as you used to but you don't laugh quite the same. I'm left wandering these streets asking the pavement if I love too much. Without your breath in the morning I've been left so out of touch. So I put half my money on the lottery and the other half in the shares. If you knew all I had done, would you be likely to care? My hall is lined with your photos and a distant memory. Now I play with subtitles on the television trying to learn how to see.Some days I get so sick I can barely leave my bed. The doctor couldn't see anything wrong so I guess it's all in my head. There are these clouds passing by my window and they remind me of your skin and hair; wild, light with your favourite shampoo and always, always fair. I'm sorry I missed your birthday, I was too busy waiting by the phone, hoping maybe you'd be mad enough to dial my
For My Military Men
My fingers shake slightly as I insert the key into the key slot of the hotel we rented. Entering the dimly lit room I look around to get my bearings. Letting the door close behind me, I put my bag next to the desk. Finding a light switch I find a note scrawled by you telling me to get comfortable, you'll be there soon. Can't wait Kisses yours truly. Looking up I see the hot tub. Yes! Pulling up my bag I search for the bubble bath I stashed in it. Walking over to the tub with the note and the bubbles I start the water. Watching it run into the tub for a moment I add the bubbles. Turning away I hear your card at the door. I wait holding my breath as you enter the room. As you let the door close behind you your head is down to pull the key from the door and setting your bag down. I run my hands through my hair as I wait for you to look up. You raise your head to meet my eyes. We just stand there looking at each other for a moment. Then we start to make our way to each other. Grasping me i
i wonder why some people can lie to you an honestly think you cant tell that they are lieing. Its so freaking annoying and its not like I wouldnt eventually find out anyway that they were lieing. So thats just really stupid on their part, cause in the end the truth always comes out.
RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take itRULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks!LAST PERSON YOU....[1] Who was the last person you texted?Michael[2] You were in the car with?Mother and nephew[3] Went to the mall with?   Mother and nephew[4] Person you talked on the phone with?Daughter and ex husband[5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar?BradT/F Only answer with True or FalseQ:Kissed some one on your top friends?FalseQ: Been searched By Cops?TrueQ: Been suspended from school?FalseQ: Sat on a roof top?TrueQ: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?FalseQ: Broken a bone?FalseQ: Have shaved your head?TrueQ: Played a prank on someone?TrueQ: Had/have a gym membership?TrueQ: Shot a gun?TrueQ: Donated Blood?FalseWOULD YOU RATHER:[1] Eat or drink?Eat[2] Be serious or be funny?Funny[3] Go to the beach or mountains?Beach[4] Die in a fire or die getting shot?FireANSWER TRUTHFULLY:[1] Sun or moon? Sun[2] Winter or fall?Fall[3] Left or r
Bday Card
You know the story. Two people meet n fall in love, they move all their belongings into the same small place n begin to make a life together. They discover that they have 3 toasters, 2 blenders, n not even 1 coffeemaker. They dont fold their shirts the same way, n they cant always agree on whose turn it is to clean house. But these r the lil things, n cause these 2 people love each other, they find a way to work them out. As time passes, there r other things- $ worries, illnesses, family crises. These r the big things. But cause the 2 people love each other, they find a way to work them out, too. And on special days like bdays, they think about each other n about all the fun stuff they share n about how their love has got them through the not-so-fun stuff. And he says to her Thanks for everything. I still love you very much
They Don't Knooow, Who We Beee
They don't knooow, who we beee   What they don't know is!The bullshit, the drama (uhh), the guns, the armour (what?)The city, the farmer, the babies, the mama (what?!)The projects, the drugs (uhh!), the children, the thugs(uhh!) The tears, the hugs, the love, the slugs (c'mon!)The funerals, the wakes, the churches, the coffins (uhh!)The heartbroken mothers, it happens, too often (why?!)The problems, the things, we use, to solve 'em (what?!)Yonkers, the Bronx (uhh!), Brooklyn, Harlem (c'mon!)The hurt, the pain, the dirt, the rain (uhh!)The jerk, the fame, the work, the game (uhh!)The friends, the foes, the Benz, the hoes (what?!)The studios, the shows, comes, and it goes (c'mon!)The jealousy, the envy, the phony, the friendly (uh-huh!)The one that gave 'em the slugs, the one that put 'em in me(whoo!) The snakes, the grass, too long, to see (uhh, uhh!)The lawnmower, sittin, right next, to the tree (c'mon!)   What we seeing is!The streets, the cops, the system, harrassment (uh-huh)The
Sunday Hmmmm
what kind of jobs(other than the obvious) do people have that give them the nerve to post their amateur video porn? was today's killing of the late-term abortion doctor murder or just another late-term abortion?
Just A Thought
A lot of people asked me "Where the fuck I've been in the past few days?" or "Why did I deleted my page?"  Shit, I don't know.  But what I do know: I'm back now. HeHe
What Is Up?
I see way too many posts about hate. I think most people don't realize what hate is or use the wrong word. Hatred is the most self diggusting word a human can use. It means you'd be willing to actually kill, maim, or otherwise hurt another person. I've been criticized by coworkers over the years.  I wouldn't call criticism being a hater. I think we are trying to rework a current thought into something it isn't. We used to just call unjustified criticism being a jerk. Hatred caused the jews to be expunged, the Armenians to be persecuted, hatred is very close to fear and caused many Africans to be persecuted during our country's history. A hater? You don't know the meaning of the word-and words mean things. make up another instead of hyjacking a word of substance.
Hi! Will You Be My Friend/and Drink With Me This Vintage Tiananmen?
Sixteen years ago this spring, one of the classes I took at Stetson University was about the history of China.  There were eight of us in this class the then-chair of the history department taught covering China from the Manchu dynasty of the late seventeenth century to the then-present day, and I got an A in the class.  History was my minor then and still is a major interest and study of mine.  One point the professor brought up concerning the protests of Tiananmen Square protests of June 1989 was that the democracy being campaigned for wasn’t what most people in the West think of as democracy (from the Greek “demos kritos” that translates “rule of the people”) with free choice from a plethora of political stances.  It was a move for open markets and free expression paralleling the Hundred Flowers Campaign of the late 1950s, a movement crushed in China like the protests centered on Tiananmen Square were. So here we are in 2009, twenty years later &helli
Bid On Me, I'm In An Auction     This is the site where I am up for auction. I will accept the highest bid when I feel comfortable with it. I have the right to refuse any bid. I am auctioning off: Adding to my top friends, 2 SFW salutes yahoo im for 1 month keeping you shitfaced for that month Adding your name to mine for a month If the bid gets over 850 k this will get you added to my family for one month, which gives you access to my nsfw folders (2 XXX) for one month If the bid gets over 1million and / or bling packs are involved, will make 1 nsfw salute.   Starting bid is 100k .. You want me?? lets see..
so i got on some new meds thanks to my bff she let me use her pills   iam on concerta   have to say it does help with my depression   but there a side effect i have to force my self to eat everytime i look at food i pass it up and iam loseing weight witch can be a good thing but at the same time can be very dangerous as well
Random Factoids
about me   1) I dont like being touched 2) I hate being called Natalie 3) I have a phobia of worms 4) I am obsessed with Moomin Trolls (its a Russian thing) 5) I can drink a gallon of sauerkraut juice 6) I dont care for guys with 6packs 7) I have paranoia 8) I have a hot step sister who is Russian/Panaman 9) I bite my nails once in a while 10) I am a nerd 11) I LOVE British series like Poirot, Jeeves and Wooster, Ms Maple, Keeping Up Appearances, etc.    
Losin My Kids
losin my kids is the worst thing that's ever happened to me. i was stayin wit my step mom n when i let my sons dad come visit him. my step mom was cool wit it at first.. til i was gonna let him take Ricky home wit him for 3 days. than my step mom told me that if i was to let him take ricky than i have to get out of her house.. n that's ricky's father i can't jus keep him from seein his dad.. so i pretty much got kicked a few days go by n dhs showed up at my baby daddy's door.. n took my kids cause of my step mom callin them n tellin a bunch of lies.. so now i'm doin everything i can to get my kids back... they are my world... i luv them soo much.. the worst thing that could happen to a real good mom is have her kids taken from her.. so yeah... PS. Please everyone that reads this PRAY for me n my kids. i really need it rite now... Thanks
The Biker
JUST A BIKER> > I saw you hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store> line.> But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the> collection plate last> Sunday.> > I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other> on the sidewalk.> But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local Mall.> > I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant> when you saw my> bike parked out front. But you didn't see me attending> a meeting to raise> more money for the hurricane relief.> > I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I> rode by. But you> didn't see me riding behind you when you flicked your> cigarette butt out> the car window.> > I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But> you didn't see> me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the> homeless.> > I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me> and my friends cut> ten inches off for Locks of Love.> > I saw you roll your eyes at our Leather jackets and gloves.> But you didn't>
Get Well Soon Texasgurl...
I was told today that my best friend Texasgurl had a stroke...please show her some love and repost this if you can.. thank you NewPatriot imikimi - Customize Your World! ~~ ♥ texasgurl ♥ ~~ aka DeMoNAnGeL #6@ fubar
Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes   I could see the weariness in your eyes Another long day for My Fire I wrap her in my arms her head on my chest Her in my arms I am inspired I take her by the hand lead her to a hot bath I slowly undress her and she steps in The heat of the water begins to melt the day As My Fires spirit softens within Candles light the room a soft glow Exposed skin reflecting in the light I sit My Fire up wetting d
Too My Baby!
There's this guy,and he makes me smile no mater how bad i feel.He knows just what to say just to make my day.He's the  only one person that i hate to go one day with out talking too,and more imporanitly he is the guy that has my heart!
Last Walk
 Last Walk I look to my Right,I see a Golden city filled with Love.An Old man looks into my eyes,he reads my soul and looks depressed.I look to my Left,I see a Lake of fire filled with Chaos.A beautiful Angel looks me in the eye,he sees my soul and smirks.I look behind me,I see a world filled with Pain.A timeless Woman peers into my eyes,she sees my soul and gives me a Hopeful nod.I look forward,I see an endless journey filled with MysteryNo one attempts to read my soul.I smile and continue my journey alone.
Free And Open Minded
So i just got back from Iraq and getting ready to go on leave and have noe one to but friends to hang out with. They are good friends but I would like to meet someone of the opposite sex. I love fishing and I am plannin on goin tonight. Along with fishing and hunting I like to Cook. BBQ and soem stuff on the stove. I am a simple person and easy to get along with.  If you want to know more about me just ask me. If you like me then just maybe we can hang out sometime.
Whs Radio Help Wanted
Adult Toys, Lingere, Dancewear, Etc...  
Names With "sexy" In Them
I tell ya some of you people need a mirror. You do not need to be using sex anywhere near you name. I mean fuck look at me. you see me using sexy, stud or anything like that. Unlike a lot of you I have a brain anI use it. I mean FUCK I have flushed things that look better. I know this site is all about role playing, but again FUCK. If you make Jabba the Hut look thin or you face looks like you smell shit 24/7, you're not sexy.
I'm Getting A New Knee!
Well after all this past 15 years I'm getting my Knee Replaces int he coming weeks. All start it in college when I torn my ligaments playng football in college in 95, the doctor who perform the surgery in my left knee did the worse job but I was a 20 years, young and dumb  I did not care. The years past and a freak accident in Feb14, 2000 I broke my left femer so i had to get a steal rob on my femer sealing my life with knee problems for the rest of my life. From 2000 to 2002 i had 2 sergery done on my knee and i was told that i would in fact would need a knee replacement. I'm an active guy i do construction, play baseball, football and I train MMA with Brandon Vera "Alliance Training Center". This past July 2008 my knee gave up to the point I had to be rush to the ER for exam and was dignose that I will need to go reconstruction of my knee, but knowing my luck I got this doctor who decide to wait and go with orthoscopic surgery insted this past November and now it's june and I stil
Ivory Towers And Weird Mothers
EvanescenceGood Enough Music Video Codes By Music     Once upon a time, I worked at a behemouth of a company. It was called Oldsmobile. It no longer exists, but plenty of people worked their entire lives away there - for a time. I entered Oldsmobile through the doors of what was referred to as the IVORY TOWER, it was administration. Times of change were upon the people of the Ivory Tower, they were being down-sized, errr... right-sized. Managers that used to look out upon the clerical staff through large glass walled offices, were now PART of that clerical staff. An entire level of management was cut and made part of the hoi poloi. This meant that some of the workers would also have to be moved. I came in through a temporary agency and so I not only got to make a fraction of what those people made - I also got to put up with their snotty attitudes - because some times people are just emotional and anybody that they think they can bully will do for a release of
The Type Of Man Im Lookin 4
Worlds Apart
Lying all alone, wishing you would call.Writing all my thoughts has broken all my bones.You gave it all up, you threw it all away.There's nothing I can do.What do I think you've done?You know it's even worse than what's in my head.You don't believe me when I tell you:I don't want to be a fraud and pretend that everything's fine.I won't be here when you get home.I'm not gonna sit here and die!I'll follow through again this time.I'll swallow swords, spit out my pride.I'll be just fine.You read me like a bookyou know I'm running out of legs to stand on.I won't believe you when you tell me:These old habits die so hard,there's no intervention in sight.There's no point in calling you,We're just gonna stand here and fight.I'll follow through again this time.I'll swallow swords, spit out my pride.I'll be just fine, fine.You fill my head with endless lies.You're killing me, I'm killing time.I'll be just fine.So maybe one day the pain will go awayand I will see your face,I won't even care.I'm ch
Fubar(playing By My Rules)
My Rules Follow Them Or Get The Fuck Out Im Adopting A New No Tolerance Policy For Bullshit Or Stuck Up Mother Fuckers From Now On I Will Be VERY Selective On Who Gets On My Friends/Family List...If You Beg You Will Be Denied & Then Blocked WITHOUT Warning You Dont Help Me...I Dont Help You...So Dont Come Crawling Asking Me To Rate Your Pics & Crap If You Havent Raised One Finger To Rate Mine I've Mentioned This On My Profile & I'll Mention It Here To Make It Very Clear...DO NOT Send Me BLANK Friend Requests & You WILL be DENIED Im Not Here For A Popularity Contest...Im Here To Enjoy Myself & To Make REAL & TRUE Friends...If This Isnt You Dont Expect Shit Out Of Me Dont EVER Make The Mistake Of Thinking Just Because I Have You On My List That I NEED You Because Truthfully I Dont...I  Have You Here Because I WANT You Here Not Because I NEED You Here...So Dont Get It Twisted If You Came To My Page With The Intent Of Adding Me To Your List Just To Have Another Body...Keep Steppin.
Are You On Myyearbook?
Come to myyearbook and help me with my battle!!
Miss Me?? :(
Sorry I havent been on here much. Been busy with work. For the few people who miss me, come to yahoo messenger. I have it on my cell. My ID is
Enchanted Forest Lake
The Enchanted Forest was achieved. My sweet Tatum has a Wood Elf communication center, a colorful toadstool fairy dancing ring (complete with scepter), and of course - a Dragon Lair. She seemed a little concerned by the Dragon Lair, especially after some artifical smoke was created by banging a whole roll of cap gun caps on a rock, by her loving uncles.  I told her that someday I would tell her about the friendly pretend dragon that COULD live there, behind the DRAGON LAIR sign, if she liked, but otherwise - it was just dragon flies, who are very colorful and absolutely harmless. Then it rained - ALOT. Now the Enchanted Forest path is an Enchanted Forest Lake. I thought I might add a Duck Crossing sign for fun. For my granddaughter, however, I would wade through any amount of muck to make her smile. A little Enchanted Forest Lake was nothing... She told me that I must not drop her, because she had on  a new summer dress, and I solemnly told her that I would never let her fall. Off we
How Many Friends
"How many friends have you" The old man turned to me and asked,"How many friends have you?"Why 10 or 20 friends have I,And named off just a few. He rose quite slow with effortAnd sadly shook his head"a lucky child you are," he said,But think of what you are sayingThere is so much you do not knowA friend is just not someoneTo whom you say "Hello" A friends a tender shoulderOn which to softly cryAs well to pour your troubles downAnd raise your spirits high A friend is a hand to pull you upFrom darkness and despiar...When all your other "so called" friendsHave helped too put you there A true friend is an allyWho can't be moved or boughtA voice to keep your name aliveWhen others have forgotBut most of all a friend is a heartA strong and sturdy wallFar from the hearts of friendsThere comes the greatest love of all!!! So think of what I've spokenFor every word is trueAnd answer again my child"How many friends have you??" And then he stood and faced meAwaiting my replySoftly i answered
Rules For Dj's In Blue Moon
1. All staff will respect other staff and members. 2. All staff is expected to greet others 3. You picked your shift, if you are unable to show for it you are required to give one of us two hour window to find someone to cover it...if you don't show up for two shifts in a row and do not let someone know u will not be there, you will be terminated. 4.Arrive for yur shift 5-10 minutes early so u can take air. 5.Follow chain of steve, mari, then tj. DO NOT go to Angel for any reason at all. 6.DO NOT run Autos. 7. If you have a mic, use it. 8.Play all types of music, weather you like it or not. Others may want to hear it 9.Play all requests. If u don't have the song, someone else probley will have it. 10. If there is a reason that you will not be able to pull your shift please let steve, mari, or tj know..You can send us a shout, pm, or leave us a message on yahoo. One of us is always on here. 11. Make sure you have everyones yim names, especially steve, mari, and tj
Attention Everyone!
First off all who had my old yahoo account amberdamnit88 delete cause it got hacked and my new yahoo id is biwestvirginagirl. My grandma is now finally at peace with no pain she is in gods hands now. Also I am kind of falling behind in college so I will not be on here much I have to finish this last semester with Everest University than I am gonna switch to one here in West Virgina. I am also babysitting so if I am not able to answer my yahoo is why so please bare with me within this time cause with my grandma gone it is still tough. I have a few things from her a ring,watch,barbie doll,a mickey mouse squeak toy, and a little radio that I had as a kid. Anyways thanks for everyone's condolence's made me feel pleased to see I have great friends on here who care alot.   Sincerly, Amber M. Kestner
Please Check Out....
Ok......I finally finished my website I have been working on for what feels like forever.  Please take a look and let me know what everyone things. Thanks
Mother America
Our tremulous and exuberant thought, in the short time that discretion demands, are hard pressed to put into words the joy that overflows from our souls on this memorable night. What can the imprisoned son say when he sees his mother again from behind the bars if his cell? Talking is a small thing and almost impossible, more because of its personal and haphazard content and the throng of memories, hopes, and fears than because of the certainty of not being able to give one´s utterance worthy expression. For the man who sees himself surrounded by the nations we love with a religious passion, in the person of their illustrious delegate, whatever he could say would be intemperate and chaotic. When he sees himself how, by secret mandate, men have increased their stature and women their beauty to receive them; when he sees the dark and leaden air enlivened as if with the shadows of eagles about to take flight, of heads passing by and shaking their admonitory crests, of lands imploring, pale
Sugar Butt Formerly Know As
This is for all my friends on my old account Eve Sugar Butt Monroe. Long story short I was having some issues with that profile.  Here is my new one if you want to add.  Thanks All    
Frank Sinatra- As Time Goes By...
You must remember thisA kiss is still a kissA sigh is just a sighThe fundamental things applyAs time goes byAnd when two lovers wooThey still say, I love youOn this you can relyNo matter what the future bringsAs time goes byMoonlight and love songsNever out of dateHearts full of passionJealousy and hateWoman needs manAnd man must have his mateOn this you can denyIt's still the same old storyA fight for love and gloryA case of do or dieThe world will always welcome loversAs time goes byMoonlight and love songsNever out of dateHearts full of passionJealousy and hateWoman needs manAnd man must have his mateOn this you can denyYou must remember thisA kiss is still a kissA sigh is just a sighThe fundamental things applyAs time goes by
Panic Switch-silversun Pickups
Time It's never worth my time Blue shine Bleeds into my eyes I still Sleep on the right side Of the white noise Can't leave the scene behind Could I be anything you want me to be It's always meant to be seen [Chorus] When you see yourself in a crowded room Do your fingers itch, are you pistol-whipped? And will you step in line or release the glitch? And can you fall asleep with a panic switch? And when you see yourself in a crowded room Do your fingers itch, are you pistol-whipped? Will you step in line or release the glitch? Do you think she'll sleep with the panic... Mm, I'll try To hold on tight tonight Pink slip Inviting me inside Wanna burn skin And brand what once was mine But the red views Keep ripping the divide If I go everywhere you want me to go How will I know you'll still follow? [Chorus] I'm waiting and fading and floating away I'm waiting and fading and floating away I'm waiting and fading and floating away Waiting and fading and floating I'm waiting and fadi
The Kiss
 the kiss looking into your eyes i see your pain i see your love i look closer and see the heart that beats forever wanting and yearning for love i  draw in closer to feel your breath against my lips it takes my breath away our heads meet and touch they roll together and i can smell your perfume i lean in abot closer and can feel you shake you breathing quickens when our lips bearly tuch as they do oour lips part  and we kiss deeper and deeper till we are holding eachother soclose we feel like we are one  looking into your eyes our lips pressed against each others  a deep kiss that will bring a tear to your eye when it over  but it ever will be as long as your with me  this kiss will last forever in our hearts and minds even when i am gone
Last Days
Am taking this site down at the end of this week. My last day of FUBAR will be Saturday July 4th. If you want to keep in contact with me I can be reached at for other networks that I am in. If not I understand and wish you the best of luck here in the bar and it was nice having you as a friend.
Apparently, my view on life and personal ideology is nothing to, much  to my chagrine AND excitement. Today I found Richard Dawkin's "The Selfish Gene", and I can't believe someone actually put my thoughts into a whole book.
Happy Half Day
I’m not saying raising money for the March of Dimes is bad, but I am not a fan of their annual “Go To Jail” day.  I participated in it three years ago – it was only an hour at Paradiso’s, a local Mexican restaurant, in which to get your mug shot taken and make calls to raise money – and I felt the local chapter was a little dishonest about it.  This part’s a little embarrassing … I really don’t know that many people to contact by phone around here to “raise my bail”.  Money is a touchy subject; ask almost anyone.  This morning before Martha and I left with the kids for work she spent about thirty minutes in our bedroom calling back and forth between two collection agencies regarding a several hundred dollar payment that has somehow gotten lost.  I’d have started a lawsuit against one of them some time ago for the rigamarole, but she’s calmer than me on that. Sunday after church Martha, Mary, Sarah, Jeffrey,
Random Poem
I wish you were in my arms as I lay, as I slept I wish I could feel your breath, to feel the beat from your heart steady in peace. I feel this empty space left by you now you're gone, each time you leave it's more pain then you know, I know you're out there searching for me, when we meet again that first kiss will stop my heart. I will know I am home.   **by A.J.David
Worst Mood Ever
Have you ever had one of thoes days...Well I have I am not going to say much about what has gone on today other than I hurt my hand very bad....lets just say I hope this day is over with fast.....I am in the worst mood every not going to bash any body..I am going to let be it like this and that is all you need to know....I fukk hate this day with every thing I have on the inside of me.....Lets just say I am going to take a few days where I can breath and be in deep thought...Yes I am still going to school...I just need some time to myself right now....
And yet another primate is posting one of those "is it cheating?" mumms.   Its like if a married woman meets a guy, that means she is gonna swallow his cock and dine on his man chum. WTF??   I am not a very social person in RL, so the net gives me the opportunity to meet equally disgusting, politically incorrect people and start friendships with them.  I talk to guys, and I have met a couple in RL. Does it mean I fuck them, and start off road relationships with them? Fuck no. I dont meet MEN, I meet PEOPLE. My husband knows I'm not gonna trade him in for a cyber cock, and I know he is not gonna trade me in for his female friends. SO its all good. Insecure people are hard to deal with, and irritate the fuck out of me. Grrrr
This Is For Every Woman That Thinks Nice Guys Dont Exist
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait"To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful."To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her.To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down.To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls.To every guy that said he would die for her.To every guy that really would.To every guy that did what she wanted to do.To every guy that cried in front of her. ....To every guy that she cried in front of...To every guy that holds hands with her.To every guy that kisses her with meaning.To every guy that hugs her when she's sad.To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all.To every guy who would give their jacket up for her.To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe.To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes.....To every guy that would give his seat up...To every guy that just wants to cuddle.To every guy that reassured her that she was b
Gone Away
i'm hoping this won't take too long,i'm wondering if you have or if you haven't gone... your special something's gone away,you'll wonder if we could, or how long should we stay...  
Don't Mind Me.....
.....I'm just having an anxiety attack over here.  Been having them off and on for the past couple of months.  One of these days they are gonna kill me if I don't do something about them.  Me thinks I need new meds!!  To my teddybear, I'm sorry to have put you through all this.  I'm trying to get things in order.
Gah Fuck
to see you when i wake up is a gift i didn't think could be realto know that you feel the same as i do is a three fold utopian dreamyou do something to me that i can't explainso would i be out of line if i saidi miss youi see your picturei smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mineyou have only been gone 10 days but already im wasting awayi know ill see you againweither far or soonbut i need you to knowthat i careand i miss you
Mjolner-skona Nord
The best way to meet a good man in your life is to post a blog/CL ad  about something hateful and disgusting. ANd all the smart and sarcastic ones will come. Just an advice, nothin else.
signs that a guy is dumb and full of crap:   he approaches you saying sweetie, sexy, other shit   he masturbates to his own image in the mirror
I'm brand new so give me time to learn this site!!!!
You Won't Know
So they say,They say in heavenThere's no husbands and wivesOn the day that I show upThey'll be completely outOf their forgiveness suppliesAnd I can't use the telephoneTo tell you that I'm dead and goneSo you won't know   TY Jesse Lacey
Out Of Curiosity....
I am posting this to all of you to see how many actually read their friends blogs. Your response will be interesting. Pay attention to what you read. After you have finished reading it, you will know the reason it was sent to you. Here goes: People come into your life for a REASON, a SEASON or a LIFETIME. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a God send and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has b
Casting Call Vancouver Bc Canada
The Hell of a Wedding auditions are happening this thursday and friday between 2pm-6pm at VIVO (Video In) on main street. Tell your friends to email my producer elizabeth cairns at . She will set them up with an audition time.  She just booked the room so I'm passing on the news to you.
Status Messages
I have gotten a few messages about mine and what it means. I am a firm believer in personal responsibility, and seeing what is going on around you. Too many people are blinded by personal feelings to see things for what they are. I implore all of you to remove the veil from your eyes and take a good look at what is going on around you. At home, at work, in your daily activities. Ignorance is never an excuse. Just because you choose to live in the dark, does not make what is happening any less wrong. We can all make this world a better place for future generations if we simply take time to take responsibility. That is all.
Tattooing To Raise Money For Cancer Research
There are only a few people that rate anything but a 1 10 or 11 and that is something that kinda bothers me So should they make a new rating system or what? Like a bad good great thing Maybe throw in if your picture gets vetoed enough its automatically deleted  
The Last Trench
The Last Trench As they walked through the bodies strewn throughout the overran trenches, one officer could not help but comment on the composition of the dead laying everywhere:"Old men with silver locks lay dead, side by side with mere boys of thirteen or fourteen. It almost makes one sorry to have to fight against people who show such devotion for their homes and their country."Silver haired men lay across the bodies of thirteen-year-old children piled in clumps or scattered individually where a last desperate stand had been made. The blood of both meeting in one final offering to freedom, liberty and homeland. In clumps they lay with bodies broken, mangled, and torn by shot, explosion, and hand-to-hand mortal combat. A last dying grimace of determination frozen forever on many of the faces. Their blood now coagulating in clumps upon each other and on a ground that could absorb no more. These then were the defenders of the last trench.No ancient Spartan battled more bravely at Therm
Minds Song
No rest for the wicked, no tears for the weak. No time for myself, and no time for sleep. Can't describe my feelings, everything feels so bleak.  I get lost in my own thoughts, and my heart feels so weak. But my mind is sharp and my friends keep me strong.This feeling of dread, never stays long.I will continue to laugh, to love and to live.Always try my best, and give all I can give.Try to live for the moment, reguardless of the day.And forget about tomorrow, its still a day away.I dream every night, to find the peace in my soul.To live for the now, its my ultimate goal.
Cant Speak
Can't speak Can't talk Can't do anything they want Can't hide Or change your mind Gonna live with all my soul Inside Can't speak Can't talk Can't stop for the reeling cause Or love I told 'em all about it Can't talk 'cause I'm already lost Can't think Can't cry Keep thinking of a suicide It's hard I just can't forget it Gonna fade 'cause I'm already dead Can't think Can't dream Don't care if I live or die Don't talk I just can't believe it Gonna fade 'cause I'm already dead Can't think I cant dream I don't believe anything I see I really don't wanna get it Gotta leave or I'll live to regret it Can't speak Can't lie Don't go anywhere to hide Can't think Can't cry Keep thinking of a suicide Can't speak Can't talk Can't do anything I want Can't hide Or change your mind Gonna live with all my soul inside Can't speak Can't talk Can't do anything I want Can't hide Or change your mind Gonna live with all my soul inside
I open my eyes I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light I can't remember how I can't remember why I'm lying here tonight And I can't stand the pain And I can't make it go away No I can't stand the pain How could this happen to me I made my mistakes Got no where to run The night goes on As I'm fading away I'm sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen to me Everybody's screaming I try to make a sound but no one hears me I'm slipping off the edge I'm hanging by a thread I wanna start this over again So I try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered And I can't explain what happened And I can't erase the things that I've done No I can't How could this happen to me I made my mistakes Got no where to run The night goes on As I'm fading away I'm sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen to me I made my mistakes Got no where to run The night goes on As I'm fading away I'm sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen to me
Because Matty Said So Lol
Instructions......Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.   1 I am allergic to bullshit 2 I like to watch scary movies, then scare my sister lol 3 I have a low tollerence for stupid people 4 I like men in uniform..oppsss did i just say that lol 5 I Love the red sox 6 I tend to go after goes that are no good for me 7 I criticize myself more than anything 8 I like to read books, mostly romance 9 I will not go into an adult store by myself lol, idk y i just feel weird 10 my favorite all time movie is Top Gun     1  K O K 2 trb6694 3 RP 4 midnight maraud 5 jaro 6 fletcha
Don’t Say No.
I will be the rushing wind I will navigate through your darkness You are the morning mist, a cold kiss that will burn me. I will be agony and love, and you will be the tide that drags the both of us You and I, whithout Mystery, Don’t say no.
How It Happen?
How it happen? I don’t know how to tell you how it occurred. I can’t even explain it to myself, but I fell in love with you. It was a light that illuminated my soul, your laugh as a fountain that irrigated my life with impatience. It was your eyes or your lips, your hands or your voice; maybe it was the impatience to see you.
Oak Alley Plantation
Oak Alley Plantation -   LOCATION: Address: Oak Alley Plantation, Restaurant & Inn • 3645 Highway 18 (Great River Road) • Vacherie, Louisiana 70090. Phone: (225) 265-2151 or 1-800-44ALLEY DESCRIPTION: Oak Alley Plantation has been called the "Grand Dame of the great River Road." WOW! Oak Alley Plantation was and is the finest Greek Revival, antebellum plantation home in Louisiana. It's crowning feature is its "full peripheral (free-standing) colonade of 28 colossal Doric columns." The inside has a square floor plan, with a central hall which runs from the front of the mansion to the rear on both floors, which opens up to balconies to catch the breezes, keeping the home cool. At each end of the halls on both floors there are "broad fan lights and sidelights framed with slim, fluted colonettes."
And Again
ya know, it really sucks to want something you know you'll never have.    
This Is What Everyone Should Think About
My best friend gave me the best advice He said each day's a gift and not a given right Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind And try to take the path less traveled by That first step you take is the longest stride If today was your last day And tomorrow was too late Could you say goodbye to yesterday? Would you live each moment like your last? Leave old pictures in the past Donate every dime you have? If today was your last day Against the grain should be a way of life What's worth the prize is always worth the fight Every second counts 'cause there's no second try So live like you'll never live it twice Don't take the free ride in your own life If today was your last day And tomorrow was too late Could you say goodbye to yesterday? Would you live each moment like your last? Leave old pictures in the past Donate every dime you have? Would you call old friends you never see? Reminisce old memories Would you forgive your enemies? Would you find that one you're dreamin' of?
Would Have Been So Much Better With A Picture
i was in my sisters car earlier and spotted a shop.   it was called "the way women are"   it was empty as it had closed down.   but somebody had put a poster for a fireworks display on the window.   it really made me fucking lol in my sisters car
Just Thoughts ...not A Poem...
Well here I am, another night alone, another night of deep thoughts...a friend of mine at work got married on Thursday...I wish all the best in what God has in stored for her along with her newly husband...I wish her many happiness. Though I haven't been married (yet) I find myself, someday to be's going to be a joyful day in my life...for that is what I've dreamed of for so long...I don't need a big wedding or a fancy gown to make me happy...with just the thought of me getting married with the person that I so long waited for...its good enough for me...I am going to be one of the luckiest woman in the world to have found my true love, my better half...though I know it wont be an easy ride but it's all worth it. At times I've had people ask why do you want to get married? What if things don't work out? It's simple ...I want to be married to show that I am a devoted woman to him... I want to show him that I am a good woman ...I will be waiting for him when he comes home f
You Are The One!
No I won't surrender At any cost You're something so sweet and tender From my heart Yes I've done my evil I've done my good Just believe me honey I won't let go of you You are the one And there's no regrets at all You are the one And there's no regrets at all We've had our share of misfortune We've had our blues And God is not on our side Yes it's true We keep forgetting baby The beauty of us two There is no one who can take that away From me and you You are the one And there's no regrets at all You are the one And there's no regrets at all
I am in an Urban Exploration group on, and tomorrow we FINALLY get to go somewhere. Its an abandoned mental hospital somewhere in Buttfuck, IL, and I managed to get enough people to come with me to call it a group :)   Needless to say, hubby almost had a heart attack when he found out where I'm going, but was consoled by the fact that there are gonna be like 6 ppl comin, and 2 of them are guys.  Sooo...lets hope my plans dont crash and burn like they always do.  I'm pretty stocked.
Burial Grounds
This Sunday I'm going to my Gramps grave. I always feel really awkward going there, never know how to act or what to say around my Grandma and his sister, and my dad. Right next to his grave is a grave of a 16 yo Russian kid that died in a car crash, Kinda creepy too.   When we just moved to the US, 5 of us lived in a studio for a while. When my grandma and dad moved out, I got my own room. One night, I woke up to a loud banging noise from my closet. After totally freakin out, I opened the closet and overturned urn, with ashes spilled on the carpet.   As it turned out, my dad took my granpa's ashes with us, so he could get buried in the States. Low behold, those said ashes were stored in my closet, on a top shelf. Somehow it tipped over and fell on the floor. So here I was, scooping up my grandpa with my hands back into the urn in a middle of the night. It was odd...   I told my dad that grandpa came out of the closet, but it wasn't taken the right way.Anyways, I am not
And That's The Way It Is
I was surprised when I turned to CBS this morning and saw part of a tribute to Walter Cronkite, their probably most recognizable commentator and reporter of the 20th century for his low voice and genial demeanor.  John Chancellor was his far-away counterpart on NBC, and ABC’s hard to recall for anyone memorable.  Hey, when I grew up these were the ONLY three television networks; Fox (not Fox News) debuted in the late 1980s with some show standing out with an actor named Johnny Depp.  Cronkite’s ease in the anchor’s chair (and I am not checking Wikipedia for this, I’m just putting down what I remember) from reporting on the American liberation of North Africa during World War II to his soft-spoken coverage of the Kennedy assassination, his embedded work in Vietnam before you ever heard the word “embedded”. If Beethoven or some contemporary had dedicated the Third Symphony to him, the dedication (from “a great man” to “the memory of
Hold It In, Slut
im sorry. dont care, She says. Get naked, lay on My lap. yes maam WHAP!WHAP!WHAP! goes Her firm hand on my bare bottom. dont cry, bitchboy, that'll only make it worse. WHAP!WHAP!WHAP! goes Her firm hand on my bare bottom. keep it inside, smile, tell Me how much you like it, slut. i like it, Ma'am please Ma'am, give me more. WHAP!WHAP!WHAP! goes Her firm hand on my bare bottom. And, again WHAP!WHAP!WHAP! goes Her firm hand on my bare bottom. And, again WHAP!WHAP!WHAP! goes Her firm hand on my bare bottom. Red and swollen and throbbing, Her fingers trace lightly over the crack of the slut's boy pussy. Then WHAP!WHAP!WHAP! goes Her firm hand on my bare bottom. Now, stand in the corner slut, She says. I wanna see nothin' but ass. Gladly ma'am, thank You Ma'am the slutboy whispers, kneeling to kiss, lick and suck Her toes, before taking its place in the corner, its shame on display for all to see. Holding in the tears until She permits it to cry.
The Whole Dating Thing Part 2
So the next day I told her it was going to fast for me and that i didnt feel comfrontable and it pretty much was with her. What was bothering me was she always keep saying its my fault or your fault....does there really have to be fault at all. Do we always have to point fingers and hope to find someone to blame? and what was getting me is that we only knew each other for six days....holy cow...SIX DAYS!!!!! Still tripped out by the whole situation, but it does get more intense. For the next couple of days she kept following me around, dang I know i am a nice guy and all, but I have my issues just like everyone else, I just couldnt figure out why she was so crazy about. This just could not keep going on, so I finally sat her down and told again my feelings and she again went towards the whole fault thing.....I finally got it resolved, but man what an effort. Never had a stalking....well it felt that way. So to be honest for a moment I liked it, but just for a moment.
Step By Step
Step by step I will arrive to the place where your heart lives. Up to you door I will reach, and when it answers I will say,  it is your love I seek.. Step by step I will reach to the place where your heart lives. I know that my big dream is difficult, but I will bring it to reality. I will be relentless in my intent to be your love and until you extinguish my anguish to have you.
A child is a gift from God? I thought it was a product of two people fucking.
Self-deprecating Or Self-loathing
A couple days ago I was chatting with a friend of mine on Fubar.  She asked me why I always refer to myself as a douchebag or asshole, as you see in the title of this blog, "A day in the life of a douche bag." I told her that it's just my sense of humor.  I tend to be very self-deprecating.  I put myself down, point out my flaws, call myself a douche bag, or a fat ass.  But is this self-deprecating or self-loathing.  I guess the answer depends on my mood and the day.  Yesterday it was full on self-loathing.  I was tired, moody, depressed.  Not even Charlie's smile was able to brighten my day when I got home.  I eventually lightened up a bit and I was able to play with her and laugh.  By the time I went to bed I was spent.  I find it takes a lot of energy to hate yourself.  I hate that I got very little done at work, that I don't enjoy my job, and that I spend too much time on this website and others while at my job.  I feel I should be a better husband to my wife and father to my da
Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
Risin' up, back on the street Did my time, took my chances Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet Just a man and his will to survive So many times, it happens too fast You change your passion for glory Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past You must fight just to keep them alive Chorus: It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight Risin' up to the challenge of our rival And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the tiger Face to face, out in the heat Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry They stack the odds 'til we take to the street For we kill with the skill to survive chorus Risin' up, straight to the top Have the guts, got the glory Went the distance, now I'm not gonna stop Just a man and his will to survive chorus The eye of the tiger (repeats out)...
I'm Just....
really i got nothing no excuse... i have been anti-social to an xtreme extent and nothing... not that i don't like you people... most of you are pretty awesome but... yeah... anyway...  sorry if i haven't talked in awhile miss you my darling jan and my sweet jasmine.... talk to you both soon promise :D
Quotes I Like
An active mind can not exist within an inactive body.A good decision now is better than a perfect decision latter.Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. Better to fight for something than live for nothing. Do your damnedest in an ostentatious manner all the time. If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking. Americans love to fight. All real Americans love the sting of battle. Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more. Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom. Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack. George S. Patton I firmly believe that you live and learn, and if you don't learn from past mistakes, then you need to be drug out and shot. R. Lee Ermey The military don't start wars. Politicians start wars. William Westmoreland Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul. Douglas MacArthur Only those are fit to live who are not afra
A Slight Detour Through Africa
A 250 Year Old Boogey Man pt 5 or A Slight Detour Through Somalia "How can a country, that is so beautiful as this, be filled with the ugliest motherfuckers you are every likely to meet?"-Pat O' Rourke, Somalia, 1992 Mogadishu was a Shit Hole. Now trust me when I say this, because during my time in Africa I visited some really horrible places, but Mogadishu was a Shit Hole. It was a G-d Forsaken Fucking Shit Hole, no doubt.I was there, in Dec. of 1991, a full year before the Americans showed up. Further, I was there a full two years (Operation "Gothic Serpent", Oct. 3-4, 1993) before the famous scene from Black Hawk Down (the only reason you have ever heard of that G-d forsaken fucking Shit Hole). Why was a nice Jewish boy, in Somalia, in 1991? Why was a young Medical student who graduated third in his class from a prestigious UC school, in East Africa? Well, because I was there to save my fellow man, of course.Thus is the stupidity of youth.We showed up, and thought we were t
Short and Sweet :) For the rest of my Life I know we are miles apart But one day we will be as one and never depart from each other No other compare to You Because with You is where I want to start anew With You is where I want to  be Forever...
I'm tryin to check my mail, and yahoo is being fuckin SLOW. WTF??? they have some new twitter type feature, and it seems that ever since they introduced it, its been much slower. POS, I jut wanna smash my comp right now
Finally the city of Vancouver has decided to review Translink and the Ferries.  From everything to fares, saleries and service.  The article was in the paper the day I decided to complain about the bus driver incident I had.  Not that it was the first time but it was the worst so far.  As far as i am concerned they should never had privatized public transit.  Since they had prices have gotten out of control  as the service sucks.  I was telling a couple people at work what happened and they shared thier stories about the system as well.  It seems like anone who uses the service has a bad story to tell.  I think the worst one I heard was the one driver who kicked off every high school student due to 2 kids playing with sparklers at halloween.  It was very snowy outside and the kids had to wait forever.  Lots of complaints and the driver was moved to another route on a short bus that no one ever uses.   I still can't believe how the bus driver reacted the other day to me when I asked
Brittle Time
Winter is upon me, because you're gone The dark cold days are here, because you left me The bright, beautiful riches have frozen and died, because you broke me heart When will the sun come out so i can smile again? When will the snow melt do i can laugh again? When will the warm heat bring back to life the now dead frozen earth so i can learn to love again?  
What Do I Do?
Where do I go, What do I do?Stick with stability,Or try something new?How do I stay,When I just want to leave.My mind is in turmoil,My heart's on my sleeve.I stop these thoughts,Running through my head.I'm not the same person,No matter what get's said.Always I will love you,But I don't know if I can stay,What do I do?Make it all go away
Hold On To Your Seats Kids...
Not music but close enough it is movies.   Jonny Depp plays the Mad Hatter...who else could he possibly play?  Directed by the one and only Tim Burton.
The Fantastic Mr. Fox...   Brouth to you by the same people who brought you the classics, Rushmore, The Royal Tennenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and The Darjeeling Limited.  Director Wes Andersons adaptation of the Novel by Roald Dahl.
Not Talking
ok so i have a 12 year old son who hasnt talked to me in 2 years and i dont know why so the question is what can i do to get him back
Got Stung By A Bee
Just an advice.  Whenever you mow the lawn.  Make sure you're fully clothed or have some OFF on, so you won't get bitten by a misquito or worse (like what I experienced yesterday).  I got stung in the side of the head by a bee and let me tell you, IT HURTS LIKE HELL!!!!  So today I'm gonna finish mowing the lawn but this time I'm gonna wear my hat, pants instead of shorts and a T-shirt and spray some OFF on.  I don't wanna have an experience like yesterday again.  It took 3-4 hours for the pain to settle down.  I took 2 asprins, and I put an ice patch on my head to try to settle the pain down.  Yeah it was that bad, so BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!!
And So It Begins...
Tonight I was talking to John on the phone and mentioned that I need to clean the house. To which he replied, "It doesn't matter to me, it's your house now."   Fuck you J.
Need Anyone And Everyone's Support :)
I'm raising money for a very important cause: finding better treatments and cures for blood cancers so patients can live better, longer lives through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk. I'm asking you to help by making a contribution! Please use the link in this email to donate online quickly & securely. You will receive an email confirmation of your donation as soon as it is made. I thank you in advance for your support which will make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients battling blood cancers.As many of you know, my Grandma had Lymphoma and passed away in April 2005..... so I will be walking in memory of her.I really appreciate your generosity!! you,TracyP.S. Please forward this email to as many people as you can to encourage them to donate as well!
August 12th - Rope
Another amazing session tonight. My legs are still shaking.Master was kind to me tonight. He let me feel the silky slide of rope against my skin. A tongue of another kind. Not one of flame or ice but of restriction. He wrapped my breasts in a pentacle harness restricting my breathing just enough that I could not forget its presence.He commanded me to kneel and I licked the length of his cock. After a moment he began to fuck my mouth, deep enough to press against the back of my throat. He commanded me to my back and straddled me as I licked his stiff member from base to tip.Then, commanding me back to my feet, he tied my wrists and ankles and secured them to chains and hooks. I could barely move with my arms stretched over my head and my legs spread. I couldn't close my legs and still stand. It's one of my few experiences where I have been completely vulnerable.He began by whipping me. The kiss of the whip is a feeling I can hardly describe as it's lashes curl around my body turning the
College; Not As Easy As It Looks
I've been flipping back and forth between obtaining an associates degree in criminal justice, or a diploma in automotive technology. In the meantime, I visited the technical college that I wish to attend, to ensure that all of my transcripts were received in time for the Fall quarter. Much to my dismay, I was informed that there is apparently a new rule/law that all transcripts must be received in order to be accepted. I previously attended ITT Tech (which was a mistake), and accrued a "campus fee" of nearly 2 grand which has to be paid in full before my transcripts can be released. Great. Even furthering my stress, is the fact that the student loans also accrued while at ITT Tech will have to be paid starting in December, because I will not have the campus fee paid off in time to begin the Fall quarter.  On the bright side, there is enough time to weigh the options of which route to take as far as courses go. Still, with the stress factor rising, I bought a pack of smokes and began
If Your In Tn Ur Help Is Needed
Newsletter To The Child Protection Community from Joey Tillman Special Event, Jake Break 4 Kids Estimated attendance 2500 – 5000 Saturday August 29th, 9am - 2pm Alvin Bissell Park Oak Ridge, TN Event Information and Web Links 1. Jake Break 4 Kids website 2. DIRECTIONS - EXPO Map Where to find CPC? #5 Where to find The Child Protection Booth 3. Sponsors 4. EXPO Exhibitors 5. EXPO Schedule This event will be one worth attending if at all possible. For all Child Protection Community member groups, I will be there and you are invited to send by mail or to be picked up at a local print shop, any flyers or other information about your group and effort. We will gladly place selected material included but not limited too contact information, as well as any other literature you may have for display at our table, as always to help spread your message, please call for information on the printer to send your material too. See EXPO MAP link above to see where our booth will be. We realize eve
Just Another Thought
  This morning I woke up, and moaned to my husband that I had just had a terrible nightmare - I dreamed that my grandson, Harper, died. My husband said it was not a dream. Then I noticed that my giant sunflowers bend their heads when they are most full of life giving gifts, for their species and for others. When their bright heads are full of seeds for replanting, animals, birds, and human beings - that is when they are heaviest and thus they bow towards the earth, and do not stretch towards the sun. Then I smeared peanut butter all over my back porch, because I am trying to catch a squirrel that has been abused. She is in pain because of the wounds on her body, and so she licks at them in an attempt to sooth the hurt and promote healing. She has licked so long and so hard that she has taken the remaining flesh away and exposed muscle. I am going to take her to the vet. Everyday she comes to my porch and gets nutrition, now I just need to cover myself in sticks and grass and lay in
Trying To Be Me
Looks like soemone wants to be me lol
Todays Thought
through the airborne dirt I run/eyes on my target and hands upon my gun/I cross the dusty streets/intent upon my call/to get to my brethrens side/ finish the battle once and for all/My aim is true/My steel on target/The death I deal/Makes me larger/Than life for those who would come against me I walk w/a jaunt/of someone in senior year/the world at my feet/the rest by the ear/I wrestle with glee/play ball with abandon/date all the girls I can/and the rest are just out of fashion/my hair was long/my eyes mahogany/The rest of the boys/were left in agony/dateless and alone/on their friday night/if only they knew/who my backseat hosted each night Not just a trucker/but a natural they said/hustles that truck like he was born in a sleeper bed/Peter or Freight/he drove them all/coast to coast/and to countries big and small/Never late/dam near early/always with a smile/and his paint was clean and pearly The bay was my love/she treated me well/drove all over her/from here to hell/all night l
Please Help My Hot Ass Friend Out Check Out His Profile Ladies
$safe_uid_dname@ fubar
Wish I hadn't broken my ankle on June 18th. I had to have surgery and now have a plate in my ankle. It has been 2 months and I am still not walking on it...and I am so bored. I have gone out twice to the bar since this has happened but cannot get drunk because I only have one leg to walk with. If I get to drunk and fall...who will catch me??? Again I am looking forward to the day I can walk and go back to normal. I miss going out and I miss dancing!!!!! Someone make it so I am not bored anymore. Later.....
So Yeah, This Place Is Great
Last night, two whack-job fundamentalist Islamist militants got whacked by another group of whack-job fundamentalist Islamist militants, because of their slightly different interpretation of whack-job fundamentalism.  In the process, they blew up the hospital down the street from me, and 5 other innocent people who were just going for medical treatment and to visit family. Ladies and gentlemen...The Religion of Peace!!!  Happy fucking Ramadan...pulled pork and beers for everyone! 
My pilot light has flickered outYou’ve knocked me off the hookThe person you are trying to reach is no longer hereI’m not really tall, dark and handsomeI just look that wayI’m a canvas that bleedsAnd I’m painted with fingersChildish picturesOf you that still lingerBury you’re wasted into the moonHoping that it sinks to the earth soonBury you’re wasted into the moonI hope that it sinks into the earth soonMy pilot light has flickered outYou’ve knocked me off the hookI’m a canvas that bleedsAnd I’m painted with fingersChildish pictures of you that still lingerI am a vcrA funeral of dead memory wasteI’m a vcrA funeral of dead memory wasteYou can see it on my faceI’m a vcr funeralOf dead memory wasteYou can see it on my faceMy smile is a chain link fenceI dare not frownFor fear of what comes outMy smile is a chain link fenceAnd I dare not frown for fear of what comes outSing a song kittySing itSing it kittySing itSome people
Not Meant To Be
It's never enough to say I'm sorryIt's never enough to say I careBut I'm caught between what youWanted from me, and knowingIf I give that to yaI might just disappear.Nobody wins when everyone's losingOh, it's likeOne step forward and two steps backNo matter what I do you're always madAnd I can't change your mind, Oh, it's likeTrying to turn around on a one way streetI can't give you what you wantAnd it's killing me and I, I'm starting to seeMaybe we're not meant to beIt's never enough to say I love youNo, it's never enough to say I tryIt's hard to believe that's there'sNo way out for you and meAnd it seems to be, The story of our lifeNobody wins when everyone's losingIt's like one step forward and two steps backNo matter what I do you're always madAnd I can't change your mind, ohIt's like trying to turn around on aOne way street. I can't giveYou what you want and it's killing meAnd I, I'm starting to seeThat maybe we're not meant to beThere's still time to turn this aroundShould we be
Help Me Win
My Daughter
Gees I just found out some stuff about my daughter that is so amazing i just cant believe it but i have to. Well I was told she was in the 50% area for her weight which is about normal for kids her age since is 2. However she is in the 90% area for height which is the amazing for her i can only imagine how tall she is going to be when she grows up since she is like anywhere from 3 feet 4 inches to at least 3 feet 10 inches. I just dont know what to say but wow my little is going be a tall one and i can only imagine if that means being taller then me. Hell she will probably be taller then her mother by age 5 if she keeps growing like she is and since she is already like at her mother's hips if not higher.
I'm lovin this delete button!.....I think I need to click on it a few more times!  If only real life could be as easy!....Just click on the shit that you want to go away and "POOF", gone, eradicated, erased, like a chapter ripped out of a disappear as though it never fuckin existed....what a concept!  If you've been deleted, don't take it personally.  You think WAY too highly of yourself anyway....If you have NOT been deleted, don't take that personally either.  It's just because I'm not done with you yet, or you just got lucky...or maybe it's just because I haven't ripped all of your tracks yet.  Whatever the case may be, just don't fuckin take it personally.  We're all here to have a good time, just relax and go with it.  I've tried being nice, I've tried being normal, and it was the worst 5 minutes of my life, so I'm back to being ME.....Like it or leave it.  C ya.
Try This Sometime, If You Can
1. Your Name:2. Age:3. Dick/Boob Size:4. Favorite position (s) ?5. Do you think i'm hot?6. Would you have sex with me?7. lights on or off?8. Would you have to be drunk?9. Would you take a shower with me?10. Have you ever thought about having sex with me?11. Would you leave after or stay the night?12. Do you like cuddling afterwards?13. Condom or skin?14. Do you give Oral pleasures?15. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures?16. Have sex on the first date?17. Would you kiss me during sex?18. Do you think I would be good in bed?19. Would u have a 3-some with me?20. How many times would you like to cum?21. Would you use me as a booty call?22. Do you like fore play?23. What is fore play to you?24. Can we take pictures of the act?25. Would you send me nude pics if I gave you my email?26. Who would be in control?27. Would you pull my hair?28. Would you let me pull yours?29. Would you whisper in my ear?30. Would you talk dirty to me?31. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue?
Down From The Mount
“And when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down out of the mount, the people gathered themselves together unto Aaron, and said unto him, Up, make us gods, which shall go before us; for as for this Moses, the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we wot not what is become of him.”  I will give the children of Israel credit for one thing as we open the thirty-second chapter of the book of Exodus; they did at least remember Moses by name and SOMETHING he did.  It’s been forty days (per chapter twenty-four verse eighteen) since Moses went up through the cloud cover on mount Sinai to receive the LORD’s words (encompassing chapters twenty-five through thirty-one) for the people and appointed Aaron and Hur (who’d held his arms up so the LORD could miraculously provide Israel’s victory over Amalek in chapter seventeen) to be the people’s human leaders in his absence) to handle any matters they needed to bring to Moses.  He would be
What's The Word Again?
September 08Your bright eyes draw me in, make me selfishly weak. At times I wonder where I left my heart because it’s so gone…let me look between the sheets. I don’t want to scare you, but if I can I most definitely will. Hold your tongue, be spent. I can’t pretend this right I feel is wrong. We should skip the games and steer clear of tears…I only want to stare into your bright eyes. Not recessive I might add if you care. I know you do. Actually, I hope…A time of confusion, of lust, and not fate? I sense that you are drifting…snow blown in September? Have you lost the push?A lump of trust has looped my ribs. It hurts because it’s been jabbed, pinched and torn. Now, left responsible for this invasive abrasion. I was only playing jlee. Not a registered game I guess.Just turn around…I want to stare into your bright eyes
Its Really True Lol
Fake friends show up on party day butReal friends show up on moving day.Fake friends will date someone you like if you aren't around but Real friends won't date your exes.Fake friends will listen to your jokes butReal friends will listen to you complain about work for an hour.(real ones like jokes too though)Fake friends might loan you money when times are tough but Real friends will give you money when times are tough.Fake friends might remind you of their birthdayReal friends remember yours.Fake friends might check your mailbox if you leave town, butReal friends will change the litterbox.Fake friends will tell you to just get over itReal friends will understand when you aren't (whatever it is)when you need help of some kind, fake friends hope you don't ask.Real friends see a need and volunteer and act like it's no prob.
whats up everyone, I just made a lounge, got music and cams..... come check it out
Fue Wife
am looking for fue wife any takers  frank
Ensign: After 9/11, Now What?
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS     11 September 2009 I feel like I’m supposed to say something about the September 11 attacks, today eight years from the event.  Perhaps I’m the only one who notices you’re almost made out to be unpatriotic (at least in the United States, my home country) if you don’t – at least to my knowledge, Patriot Day cards don’t exactly fly off the shelves.  Not that I don’t grieve, not that I have no respect for those who lost their lives and those who serve so prayerfully so another 9/11 won’t happen, but in the hoopla we can lose sight of what to live for.  It’s not enough to be thankful for life, as emphasized in the Hebrew toast “L’chaim” – we need to be reminded of what to live life for. The book of Deuteronomy opens
Meet Me
Meet me in the shadows of your heart The place where only you and I exist Take me with you and hold me in your arms. Meet me in the stars above The place the highest goals live See the light of love shining in my eyes. Meet me at the oceans edge The place where the water cleanses Take me to a place of absolute purity. Meet me at the forest's clearing The place where the trees part Where we are sheltered and safe. Meet me at the billowy clouds The place where heaven and earth touch Dance with me in the sky and share our joy. Meet me on the mountain's peak The place where you can breathe deeply Inhale my essence and make it yours. Meet me, my love.... Anywhere, anytime, and anyplace Share my soul and be one with me
Just Bored Writein A Rap To Successful Beat
verse: my life change now  iam 27 now / i never tought this cause i thought i would be in heaven now/ but shits all bright and look alot clearer i can finally see my self in that damn mirror/  had too sit back and paint a brand new picture cause them old photos of me just dont fit ya /  i found out  man life is just gravey/but then i found out shawty life is just crazy/ i got three kids that's my future/ iam tryin to rock the stage but not like the future/ love is not real it's just prolong/ it's just something we say just to hold on/ iam trying to stay strong but what's next man i already lost a kid and my fuckin best man/ and people try to be try  to tell me that it will be ok man/ but how you say that to a nigga that then lost all/ i try to call my mama but she never fuckin calls/ so it's like fuck yall/ cause i dont give a fuck  i stop askin god cause he dont give me much luck/ and that's how it is when you fucked up/ i cause the way i seen nobody really  gave a fuck about/ so am f
Traffic Ticket
So I was on my way to a friend's house last night to go to the karaoke competition and I was pulled over by a CHP. Why do they always ask you if you know why they pulled you over? Are they hoping you'll give them more to stick you with? "Well I imagine you pulled me over because I was talking on my phone, eating dinner, failed to use my turn signal, expired registration and no insurance...Oh and the warrants!" "Actually you didn't stop back there but rolled right through that stop sign but hey, thanks for giving me all that!" I couldn't believe it, I'm really anal about following the rules, well for the most part, I do speed from time to time but not through residential or schools or anything like that.  As a matter of fact, I'm always complaining about people blowing through this four way stop on the way to my house...not a 'California stop' but driving straight through.  I can't drive without my seat belt, I use my turn signal every's just second nature.  I told him t
This Girl
despite the way it seems has one of the dirtiest minds on the planet... she even gave a name to a very classy porn move... "gold star" think i may make another blog just telling you about that
Cyber Life (keeping It Real)
Cyber love is a figment of our imagination. A wonderful fantasy of our individual creation. I bought all the lines that came to own me. Never understanding the feelings that I couldn't see. Never realizing my heart he was stealing. Too caught up in the overwhelming feeling. Some people need a lesson to learn. I got mine and can still feel the burn. I never allow myself to make the same mistake twice. So don't read more into my words because I'm just being nice. I can be your friend but my secrets you"ll never know. Inside of my heart is someplace you will never go. Even when you believe you are very close to me. A superficial women is all you will ever see. So don't ask me for love or something else I don't feel. I'm not trying to be a bitch ,I'm just keeping it real. Everything that matters is what I won't share. So don't be foolish and begin to really care. Please ask nothing from me except some casual chat. Because that is all I have to give..nothing but that. I'm so much wiser and
Survey, Run And Hide
Last people you hung out with?Tori, Kerry, Ally reverse orderWhen's the last time you were surprised?About an hour agoWhat is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had?Starbucks, double expressoDo you prefer pasta, salad, or coleslaw?Pasta! If you could have one wish what would it be?The ability to orb :-)Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?Could I, yeah... but why?Who's bed were you on last?My ownWhen was the last time you changed in front of someone?TodayWould you rather love one person or have many short relationships?Love . . . lets just not go thereLast person you had a deep conversation with was?JohnIs there a member of the opposite sex on your mind?oh yeahDo you like to cuddle?sometimes Has anyone said they love you in the last week?Yup.What's going on between you and the last person you kissed?Much ado about nothingWhere is the person who has your heart? you mean me? :-) once upon a time a long time ago, OK two years, NY... England... hmmmm enny meenn
Midnight Lover
On an endless night , In a silver sky, Me in your arms, With him On my mind, How can I tell you Im not the kind , Flawlwss to touch , Gold trimmed in life, I fall asleep talkin to you , Wondering when , next we'll meet , In some seedy chat room or tonight in my dreams, Hes goes to bed telling her goodnight , Meanwhile he trys to hide Im on his mind, Sneeking phone calls through out the day , Just to say I love you , When he can get away , How can we be what they think we are , Taking off early from work to meet in the bar,trying to hide the lipstick on your collar , Its just the wrong number , That midnight caller.. A constent battle, Another fight , Why you home late ,  where have you been...? she says . But He just looks at me and says him again? Somewhere past reality we just lost touch , Im not the kind,To break that trust , Guess thats lost into the night , One more Im sorry tear soaked fight, Hiding in shadows , To steal a kiss, Explaining Where the hours we missed , manag
Lyrics To A Song I Like!
It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know By the name of Annabel Lee; And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me. I was a child and she was a child, In this kingdom by the sea; But we loved with a love that was more than love- I and my Annabel Lee; With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven Coveted her and me. And this was the reason that, long ago, In this kingdom by the sea, A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling My beautiful Annabel Lee; So that her highborn kinsman came And bore her away from me, To shut her up in a sepulcher In this kingdom by the sea. The angels, not half so happy in heaven, Went envying her and me- Yes!- that was the reason (as all men know, In this kingdom by the sea) That the wind came out of the cloud by night, Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee. But our love it was stronger by far than the love Of those who were older than we- Of many far wiser than we- And nei
The Feast Of St. Margaret The Immaterial
Six years ago … Matthew 13:36-43        September 24Proclaiming the Gospel @ WMU, Kalamazoo    10309.24 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.  Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.  43 After Jesus explained the parable of the tares of the field (from verses 24-30), He turns to the righteous – those who will be doers of the word, and not hearers only.  And it’s a gospel not for the unlearned, but they can learn it.  Lord, grant me the will not only to learn but also to teach Your Word, and make my conviction stick!  Amen. From this day on, you will write, record everything on papyrus.  That way you will never be misquoted or attacked by ignorant men.  (Ambrosius, speaker to and patron of Origen) After coming from Woody’s funeral with Sharon and Virginia, I was impressed by Bethany’s LYO; thirty-two 7th through 12th graders who, though I didn’t get to meet them too much tonight, look like a great group.  A
Me Talking Again
As I Play My Drum.
Long Distance Relationships
i was reading someone blog asking this subjectDo long distance relationships ever work? I mean really do they?------------------------------------------and this is what i saidyes they do but they are something you have to really dedicate you and the other person to really make sure there is something there try and make time for them either by talking on here or on the phone or some other way of communication and be honesty with one another and be understanding with one another even if they have kids you have to rember they come first before anything else like i have always said before it can work but so many people don't want to put up any kind of effort into things at all
In Another World.
            In another world, I'd be your babygirl, You're movie star, You're drama Queen, Playing the leading rolls, In all your dreams. But this isn't fantasy. Or a book you read, This isnt make believe, Or the TV screen. This is enough to make us feel, Miles from what we thought was real. How can we go back, to the simple life we lead, Knowing nothing else, Can ever be you and me. I took a hand full of pills, to ease my mind, And at the bottom of every bottle, Your what I find, Your in this bottle of JD, talking bout the race, In the taste this coke, that I thought would chase -(you away) You're in that ole jukebox, playing on the wall, somehow I find you in every song. I say everything has a reason, If its not luck its fate, Theres chapters to be written, and everything has to change. Happstance, a last chance, a selective glance, at our circumstance, this can't be our last page, its not the end if it's not oh-kay. But I could be wrong.
Death And Deseption
Depth and deseption,No truth in lies,Away from protection,Where your bodies thrive,Losing connection,Past the fears of these eyes,To the point of exemption,You cant hear my crys,Telling me secerets I just cant hear,One stained burried heart,Out in the clear,I lost my comfort,Forgot my shade,Now here we are back to this place,Don't make me wonder,I wont make you feel,Dont ask me Questions,This isnt real.I’m no stranger to the dark, I embrace my vicesI know your name, and all your disgusesI dream of you, but when im awakeLike the sweet juices of the durg,you penetrate.Your needling stings, it's killing me,Theres nothing more, you've gone to deep.You're sucking the life outta my faceI see the dust cloud disappear without a trace,Still building cities, you're tearing downDo you see past your fear of what your living withoutWho you are to me I can not hide,dreams that leave you behind.I am nothing more than your sacrfice,yearning for own device,You look at me like I'm some desiese,Bec
If Im Dj
Hey All Im Becoming A Dj Would You Come Listen To Me If I Was A Dj
Who Really Cares...
Have you ever noticed that everyone without question asks the same old question "How are you today?"?? Its funny.. Why?, You ask..  because who really cares how everyone else is doing? Really I dont for the most part. I care about certain aspects live or dead etc.. But I dont give a shit if your having a rough day... Take a walk in my shoes for a week youll give em back and tell me good luck and never look back... I may say the same for yours... We are all so wound up in your own self centered little worlds that we dont really care... And just for those who continue to try and ask this same silly question.... Peachy... Im just FARCKIN Peachy... I am married 10 years to a woman who is in and out of psychiatric hospitals cause evidently I nor our children can make her happy enough to want to live or look at the brighter side of life. Yet I am MOM and DAD and yet  still have to be a husband faithful even though I am the one left to keep the normal life on track. Where do I get a break? Wh
Come Join My Mafia
I Am Alone ... Again ... And Always.
(Author note: Don't get confused by the titles of the installments. I pick of the last ling to keep then in sequance. It beats calling then part one, two, etc. Too, be warned, these are not always spell checked; it is raw work.) Shifting, the wind whips from behind. Pushing us on. The steed, a pinto, charcoal and black, snorts, paws at the ground, impatient, he awaits my leave. Patting his muscular neck, I signal my understanding. He carries me along the path that only he can sense. That canyon grows darker, colder, deeper. We slowly spiral down. Rocks. Outcroppings. Isolated twisted trees. Some bare. Some with the last of autumn’s dress. Red. Gold. Now brown. The wind tugging on the last of the lightless kiss of frost's own pain. Descending. We twist among the debris of the lower ridge. Ahead there is a shimmer in the air. Like heat rising on a desert road under a high noon's blaze. No blaze here. Heat rippling from below. Or maybe ... not sure. We approach. Does the steed se
I gave you life, but cannot live it for you. I can give you directions, but I cannot be there to lead you. I can take you to church, but I cannot make you believe. I can teach you right from wrong, but I cannot always decide for you. I can buy you beautiful clothes, but I cannot make you beautiful inside. I can offer you advice, but I cannot accept it for you. I can give you love, but I cannot force it upon you. I can teach you to share, but I cannot make you unselfish. I can teach you respect, but I cannot force you to show honor. I can advise you about friends, but cannot choose them for you. I can tell you about alcohol & drugs, but I can't say "No" for you. I can tell you about lofty goals, but I can't achieve them for you. I can teach you about kindness, but I can't force you to be gracious I can pray for you, but I cannot make you walk with God. I can tell you how to live, but I cannot give you eternal life. I can love you with uncondi
Pins And Needles
I lay awake some nights , Watching you sleep , I recall the things you do , Your always sweet to me , But your heart is like a gypsey, Never staying too long , The ocean always calling to you , Trying to lure you home , BUt what I hear you say , When you hold me close at night , You don't have to say with words , I can see it in your eyes , Don't worry baby , It won't hurt you at all , Theres a coushion to catch you , Of pins and needles when you fall . Just let your gaurd down , have a little faith in me , Ill be here to love you , Untill the day I leave , Each Hour spent with you , Seem shorter than the last , Theres no future in your eyes , Its to soon to even ask , Theres no faith to be found in forever , Its as uncertin as the wind , It comes and goes as it pleases , No gurantees , it will ever come again , We spend our whole life chasing waves , Till they finally meet the shore , When its over we move on , Always searching for more , BUt what I hear you sa
Ensign: A New Hope
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                16 October 2009 Luke Skywalker: [Getting out of a hole in the Millenium Falcon's floor] It’s lucky you had these things. Han Solo: These are for smuggling, but I never thought I’d be smuggling myself. This is ridiculous. Even if I could take off, I’d never get past the tractor beam. Ben Kenobi: Leave that to me. Han Solo: Damn fool, I knew you were going to say that. Ben Kenobi: Who’s more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him? When I was a kid, even though you would never hear a profane word escape my lips, I related the most to Han Solo out of the entire Star Wars series.  The guy who felt the rules were made to be broken, the perennial outsider, the man whose best friend was a “walking carpet” … OK, not the last one.  If th
Hit List #3 For Original Gangsters
Juiceman SexyMel djXcruz Dark Lady bigmike082778 toofrunktoduck Goddesss Love2Hugg Vmonie Ghost of sewers The Only Firecracker MeatPopsicle Dr Fukitty Code VII Stack Amber.Duh! Laura Spideymech Pigskin Wildkard9 branbran2009 Jewels ZeELot DJ Indy
Just Kinda Wondering What There Is To Do On Here And What Kind Of People Are Here.
well just let me know all the fun things to do and fun things you like to do.
Poll Being Done.
1. How old are you? 2. What is your sexual orientation?   3. Have you ever given somone oral sex? 4. Have you ever received oral sex? 5. How many sexual partners have you had?
God, Moses, And Pizza!
God, Moses, And Pizza! I was off work with Sarah and Jeffrey yesterday, and after they changed, ate breakfast and washed up we went to story time held every Tuesday at ten in our local Barnes & Noble.  I hadn’t been in there in a few weeks myself, so I wasn’t sure what the story told would be.  Sarah opined without my prodding – I may come across overly religious if you know me better, but I’m not – “Will [the story] be about God?  Or Moses?”  Her Sunday school lesson was about God providing manna to Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness, and she loves Sunday school; in fact, the teacher was telling me that Jeffrey also would love to come there (he says “school” or “I go to school” a lot).  Officially he won’t start until next fall … but back to the story, after Sarah’s questions and my answering I don’t know, Jeffrey chimed in “pizza”! There’s got to be a great story com
Hot Kiss Haiku
Full lips gently part. Passion fills my hungry mouth. Greedy, I want more.
Something I've Learned From Behind The Drum Set
Something I’ve learned from behind the drum set By Daniel Waid [I found this article today on Rapture Ready's website; I'm not sure who the author is, but what he's got to say really teaches me a thing or two too.  Enjoy and be blessed! -- David] Worship.  I don’t know when it happened; I don’t know when it started but some how my life has been transformed by worship.  What I have learned from behind the drums in our church has changed my life. I struggled a little at first to find my place in the worship team. The worship team has been profoundly gracious to me in allowing me to voice my opinions and I am very grateful to them for allowing me the space to learn and grow, and screw up at times. Please note there will always be volume issues, tempo issues, and ¾ time, but please be patient, God isn’t through with me yet.   The most important thing I have learned about worship from behind the drum set is…It’s not about me.  Worship is about the Lord
I've Learned..
I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in.I've learned that no matter how much I care, some people are just assholes.I've learned that it takes years to build up trust, and it only takes suspicion, not proof, to destroy it.I've learned that you can get by on charm for about fifteen minutes. After that, you'd better have a big dick or huge tits.I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to others - they are more fucked up than you think.I've learned that you can keep puking long after you think you're finished.I've learned that we are responsible for what we do, unless we are celebrities.I've learned that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades, and there had better be a lot of money to take its place.I've learned that sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you're down will be the ones who do.I've learned that we don't have to ditch bad friends, because their dys
Poem, I Guess.
Tried to understandBreak down reasonGive way to truthThought there was a sparkOur lips touchedI thought there was a sparkI was lost within youFingertips would trail across your skinTaking time, wanting to feel every inchBelieving your words was where I went wrongWe've lost our chanceSeems you have made your choiceAnd I've lost my faith in romance
The Pain Never Stops
the pleasure of painthe pain of pleasurethey are one and the samethe sweet lustto give leave to this temptationand the love of self-mutalation
Love, It's Bittersweet.
So much for my world of infinate bliss and perfect solitude.My affecatious heart has been turmoiiled once again. Thank you for bringing me down.Are you happier now?You tell me that I am playing with your heart and that I should never have called you friend. That you could never trust me. That I have broken your soul, just when you needed me the most.Sorry.You broke mine too with all this psychosemantic bullshit you keep throwing my way. All I ever wanted was to be your friend and to be there for you as a shoulder to cry on, and someone to pick you up off the floor when you were down.Now I realise that the floor is where you wanted to be all along. But thats not me.For once in my life I have found something that makes me wanna be alive. I have found someone that makes me feel.... I don't have to be gaurded anymore, I don't have to pretend. Most of all I don't have to be anything other than me. What a wonderful ideality!So I say this to you, with infinate and unconditional love: don't ta
Novemer 5,2009
so i realized that there are alot of ppl who cant sesm to get along on this web site and i find it very funny because that is all it is there is no reason to take it so seriously and if a web site really that importaint to you then you really have no life i am not trying to offend any who read this just being myself and stating what is on my mind
I Miss You (poem)
As I sit here listening to your Love-Song CD... i miss you more and more....... i miss the way i felt when i looked at you i miss the way you would say"awww your so sweet" i miss hearing you say"ur my lil china doll,my lil einstein" i miss feeling you next to me i miss the way you gave me the silly lil smile.... i miss the way you looked SO excited when Id pass you & give you THAT look i miss the way you would run into the bathroom,,just to be with me. i miss walking with you i miss dancing with you i miss seeing you in my bed i miss seeing you outside i miss the way you'd tell me that you love my cooking i miss the way you'd tell me I had to call you cause I'm a female & fragile... i miss holding your hand i miss holding you at night i miss looking in your blue eyes i miss the way you took my breath away i miss being able to tell you I LOVE YOU!!!!! i miss you, i miss ALL of you. I MISS MY WORLD WITHOUT YOU I MISS YOU !!!!
Mafia Wars
This shit is so stupid, I just want to stab myself. Too bad, cause they now actually have MW of my homecity-Moscow
Kick Ass Firends
licorice">@ fubar
Echoes Interium
She said to me once, that there's truth in silence. "The only time you can hear the whispers of what's really real....what's really real honey." She usually trailed off after that. It was probably a Saturday, though the days seem to run together then. I remember I tucked her into anything but silence that night. Outside the window, eleven paces from me, the sound of a far off ambulance echoed...for a moment anway. I stopped for a second, to recognize the end of the siren, and then I melted back into the familiar. The wafting sonics of low car horns, people in groups discussing the level of their personal escape, gentleman rubbing late night elbows with knaves on a too hot night. I think it was a Saturday. The curtains danced with a preternatural rhythm, nearly rubbing the edge of the formica, aluminum ridged table, nine paces off. The low hum of broken air conditioners, and seething madness vibrated on the puffing wind. Every wisp of air was fetid. Damp heat whispered in on feathere

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