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Blood is never thicker than water.  If it were, it wouldn’t run cold. If it were, my pain would be your pain. My injustices would be your injustices. My faults and mistakes would be accepted with open arms. Instead they are met with whispered judgments. We never hurt the ones we love. We hold tightly to them. We cherish them. We want what’s best for them. We protect their lives and hearts as if they were our own. We would never embrace those that have hurt them. I have had enough of love through obligation. Keep your false flattery. Keep your kind gestures that serve only your sense of well-being. I would rather walk alone without you than walk alone with you.
If You're Feeling Down..this Will Cheer You Up :)
if you're feeling down..this will cheer you up :) It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is most painful is to love someone and never finding the courage to let the person know how you feel. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we should know how to be grateful for that gift. Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion, the romance - and you find out you still care for that person. A sad thing about life is when you meet someone that means a lot to you, only to find out in the end, that it was never bound to be and you just have to let go. When one door of happiness closes, another opens but often we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us. The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch, and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had.
My Happy Hour Is At 12pm Cali Time Today
Guilt In Here
by Miranda Lambert God knows I tried everything I couldTo stay inside tonightBut that boy's like a sore in your mouthThat you just have to biteThis number one is shakin' handsWith numbers two and threeIs it guilty in here or is it just meI made a point of not mixin'Love and pleasure in my lifeDaytime boys and nightime boysUsually don't see eye to eyeBut I've been on a roll of lateAnd they're all on their kneesIs it guilty in here or is just meWhat became of all the boysWho only want one thingWill someone tell me what I'm doin' wrong'Cause the good ones all got wedding ringsAnd the young ones are just too dumbI don't think I have any moreRoom underneath my thumbMaybe after all the ends do justify the meansIs it guilty in here or is it just me[Chorus]'Cause the good ones all got wedding ringsAnd the young ones are just too dumbI don't think I have any moreRoom underneath my thumbMaybe after all the ends do justify the meansIs it guilty in here or is it just meIs it guilty in here, maybe
Why Should I Care?
There's a giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.Illegal aliens are pouring into my country, yet the Feds want to crucify Arizona for trying to stop them.The Federal Reserve is trying to bankrupt everyone while lying about it.The stock market is crashing.Nashville has been drowned.Lunatic shitheads are STILL blowing people up in Iraq.and on and on.......and I really don't give a damn. Why? Because I have more immediate problems of my own, that's why.My Dad just died a few weeks ago and left my mother with nothing but his funeral expenses and a few personal items. I have no job, and may soon have no place to live. I have no friends I can hang out with in the real world, because I won't play their mindgames. I can see no future for myself that doesn't involve eventual suicide. I have acid reflux that tries to kill me in my sleep, and I wake up with a head full of pain every morning. And on top of all of that, my girlfriend is horny all the time and I'm just not interested! My life sucks.
Your Result For The Are You Dominant Or Submissive Test...the Masteryou Scored ###dom Dom Dom -- You Are Definitely Dominant. You Control The Relation
Your result for The Are you Dominant or submissive Test...The MasterYou scored ###DOM DOM DOM -- You are DEFINITELY dominant. You control the relationship, and your partner, and you like it. You don't like being left out of the loop most of the time, and you're very certain of your expectations in your relationship(s) with your partner(s). Find yourself a good little slave girl, and you're definitely good to go!Take The Are you Dominant or submissive Test at OkCupid
Does It Ever Get Any Easier
For the last few years there has been two times of the year that i just cant handle anymore. one being this time of here right now and the other is christmas. The simple reason being that i do not have that one eprson, the person that these so called Holidays are meant to be for.  the time has gone by so fast but there isnt a single day that goes by that i dont think bout her. What makes it so much tough was that it was mothers day when u left me that year. As much as i denied it before yea i was a mamas boy. I will admit it now, YOU WERE MY BACK BONE and I will always love u. Things just havent been the same without u here. So today i will recite the poem read that day just for u........   WHEN TOMORROW STARTS WITHOUT ME   When tomorrow starts without me, and I'm not there to see; If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn't cry the way you did today, While thinking of the many things we didn't get to say. I kno
Show Me Your Genitals 2
Near-death Experience.
most people i've met say, when you die, your life flashes before your eyes.  i disagree with this statement.  because when you're moments away from dying, from taking your last breath, you panic.  you're afraid.  this sudden chill takes over your body, because you know, because your brain is telling you, and because your heart is telling you that in just a few seconds, you will cease to exist. but life doesn't flash before your eyes because you're too fucking scared to think.  you just stay there, caught in that moment, and freeze.  and you pull a stupid face. when my father died, what he barely remembers is a blur.  he says, laying down on that stretcher, i could hear the paramedics, your mom crying, the beeping of machines, the engine of the ambulance truck.  but i couldn't hear them the way you hear them in a normal state.  it was like the sounds of each were just mixed together.  in a blender. like in old times.  in mono.  when sound came out of just one speaker.  everything f
Some Words
i hear bloodscreams in my nightmare dreams i see people laying dead blood flowing down the streeswashing pver my every part pf the street the bad thing is my blood screams i hear in my nightmare dreams
The Movie Theatre
You Are Imaginative and Idealistic You are popular and well liked. You know how to please a crowd and work a room. You tend to go to your friends for advice and opinions. You value what your friends have to say. You have a realistic take on life. You see things as they are, and you don't worry about how things should be. Spending time alone makes you a little nostalgic. You tend to think about the past a lot when you're alone. The Movie Theater Test Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
What Holiday Pie Are You?
You Are Mince Pie You are misunderstood, but that's understandable. You're a pretty complicated person, and you aren't exactly what you seem. During the holidays, you tend to keep to yourself a fair amount. You need a lot of alone time in order to recharge. Your ideal holiday is quiet and calm. You don't want to be a total hermit, but you prefer to be surrounded by the people you are closest to. You believe that the holidays are sacred and to be cherished. You don't want to share them with just anyone. What Holiday Pie Are You? Blogthings: We Have a Quiz for Almost Everything
10 Things Part Ii
10 things every Family Guy fan should know:   10. How to spell and pronounce the city they live in. 9. Know the names of the two schools mentioned on the show. 8. How Joe became paralyzed 7. The religion Peter started and who they worshiped. 6. Who Seth MacFarlane does the voices for. 5. The words to "Shipoopie" 4. The names of both of Peter's bosses, and where he worked for them. 3. Why people only understand Stewie part of the time. 2. Peter's favorite band...EVER and... 1. Who does the voice for Meg, and how hot she is.
First Born
Someone's first born just flew in from Virginia for the week and her dad is doing cartwheels.
Boomerrang On And 86k To Level Help?
boomerrang on and 86k to level help?
Leaving For A While...
I have been interviened by family and friends.... I guess I am off to a drinking rehab center to try to get things right.... Not sure where I will be or what I will be like on the other side..... If you still want to keep in touch I can be found at swim_stud23@yahoo.... Scott
The Path
Walking down an empty path through the forest of life twists, turns, broken bridges along the way A fork in the road One lead to death, sadness, and darkness The other leads to love, happiness, and enjoyment. One is bright and sunny while the other is dark, secluded, and cold. I stand there uncertain as to which way to go the bright path seems so inviting but I was raised to believe looks can be deceiving So I take a deep breath and head down that cold and lonely road. Whispers in the shadows Light becomes night I start to tremble and cry wondering if my decision was the right one I continue on my path evil seem to lurk in the shadow of the trees. Still concerned if my choice was the right one i keep walking. Laughing, crying and screaming surround me. I come to a clearing It is beautiful, The trees are so green and the flowers are so vibrant I stand there and wonder if I am dreaming. Then you appear. You smile and tell me that I have chosen my destiny One of l
The Next Dance
the next dance under a clear moon lite night we danced again holding you close i could smell your perfume it fills my head and i close my eyes feeling our bodies against each other your head is on my chest we move to the tunes ever so slowly never wanting the song to end the touch of your hand in mine and my arm around you we move closer together and your arms go around my neck as mine move to your waist you look into my eyes i see into your i see your beauty you honesty your love and passion will i ever be a part of it who can tell but for now this dance is what we share as we listen to the mood of the music i close my eyes and i can see your face the music stops and we kiss i open my eyes and your gone i stand aloneon the dance floor i close my eyes again and see you and i smile and there my night ends with the memory of this dance the end
I dont know how to feel anymore. I dont think my heart could possibly break anymore. I dont think i could possible cry these tears anymore. I thought I could trust you, but probably another lie you want me to believe is surfacing. I thought everything would be alright. that the wounds would heal over my heart. But they haven't. they keep festering deep within my heart. I'd say that I am not hurt but that'd be a lie in its self. Every pay check you spend it on the unnessasries rather than the children. I know what I should do but I'm not sure I know how so easily. I wanted you to open your eyes but I knew that was just too much to ask. I sit at home while you're at "work" and I'm not dumb. I know when you're not and I know how I feel when you snap at me and ask why when I ask about when you go into work. I know what you're doing and I havent really le tit sink in. I know if I do things will happen and in the end I'll  be crying. I just wish you'd look at your kids, you know the ones I t
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purtygirl@ fubar
I took a journey on a highway through life, No one picked me up 'cept myself  Scares me to know that very few care, to see a desperate man  They loo but they do not see, they have eyes but they don't wanna see. I took a journey on a highway through life, no one picked me up 'cept myself Scarea me to know that very few care to see a desperate man on a highway, singin' to himself, and laughin at the world as it goes by, but I'm just laughin at myself    
Clouds in the sky,  islands in the streams, all is not what it seems. A man and his wife, hopefully for all life, walk together hand in hand, A mother, a father , a set of children, smiling serenely calm, these are the things that make me as well, calm
Red Bitch Blog Chock Full Of Lies
> Tired> created @ 2010-05-26 16:04:29> > I am so tired of all this hating and drama, between myself, johnny and his ex... it just never stops.> > I am trying so hard, not to leave this place, and just enjoy myself but things are getting worse. 6 months on, nearly 7.. and its all still going on. which means, it will never end.. the crude words and the going at one another.> > Even though I have her blocked, her friends (hello her friends on my friends list, I know you report back to her.. go ahead, Im too tired to even stick up for myself anymore.. I can say, that she runs all of you like puppets.. goodluck) anyways, even though I have blocked her, she puts horrible things and lies about me in her status.. which I try not to look at but I will get a mail from someone saying.. "look what she has now in her status" and, curiousity did kill the cat, so basically I do look and sometimes I reply back in my status, but most times I do not.> > she has said things like..> > "how many times wer
Are People Too Sensitive?
Are people on fubar too sensitive, in saying they want to delete, let them delete, boo freeking hoo!
Playmates 1971-1980
1971 Liv Lindeland Cynthia Hall Chris Cranston Janice Pennington Lieko English Cathy Rowland Crystal Smith Karen Christy 1972 P.J. Lansing Ellen Michaels Vicki Peters Debb
Do You Mind
Do you mind if someone rips or right clicks your pictures?
A Story Tree
A story tree occurs when one person starts a story and others add on to it, it doesn't need to make sense.  Anyone want to try?  I shall. In a little town by the sea a man walked by the shore, 
Could You Explain
Could you explain why Coca-cola and orange juice mixed is abhorrant and aberrant to some people?
Independence Day And The Not-so-cosmic Background Noise
It occurred to me this morning (one of those mid-morning, half awake things when Jeffrey doesn’t toss and turn in bed with us; he’s come down quite a few nights since we got home from vacation and at three thirty today I led him back upstairs to his room) that I haven’t heard anyone actually SAY or seen something reflecting the fourth of July as anything other than the fourth of July.  My non-American audience may not relate to this as Independence Day for the United States, but I’ve only seen it on calendars.  (Putting “Fourth of July” in the box for the fourth day of July would be redundant, don’t you think?)  But it’s sounding like “Independence Day” is almost being phased out of public discourse – what people say to each other – in favor of the literal day, “the Fourth of July” or just “the Fourth” as though we all know what it means.   As far as I know, atheists, agnostics, and other
Morons I Speak With At Work.
My job is collections for a well-known bank for home mort.   Well I called this one guy that yelled at me cause he got 3 calls that day from us, like I can control that, we are on an automatic dailer system so we just take the call not dail them.   Well he is yelling at me because he cant pay his bills, then I start to end the call by saying Sorry, that we call you 3 times today. And he goes thats ok, u sound cute tho. and Click hangs up. I just started cracking up- he yellin at me this entire call but he got the balls to end it like that? what a moron. hahahahaha
I don't like looking at my OWN dick, I sure as hell am not going to look at someone else's!
Oil Spills Why Havent We Learned ..... From The Torrey Canyon Disaster
The Torrey Canyon disaster Oil spills: Britain's worst-ever oil spill in 1967 was handled disastrously, is still killing wildlife today contains many lessons for those dealing with the Deepwater Horizon tragedy At the time it was the biggest oil spill ever, and the first involving a new generation of supertankers. Looking back, the echoes of the BP disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico are loud and eerie. The slick imperilled a beautiful and popular tourist region. Inertia and dithering were worsened by the buck-passing of multinational companies implicated in the mess. And no one knew what to do. Even BP was involved: Mother nature is a very powerful thing. Eventually, I expect nature did most of it." In fact it turned out that human ingenuity was not just powerless against the oil slick; it made it much worse. Three days after the ship ran aground, Anthony Tucker, then science correspondent of the Guardian, warned that no toxicity tests had been carried out on the
My Manufactured Reflection
As some of you may know, I recently made a move back to Cali where most of my family is. The reasons are most personal, I'm sure that goes without saying.. Anyhow, I grew up in a very Catholic family. Had my First Communion && all that good stuff. A few days ago, I asked my aunt to see if she had any pictures from my Quincenera.. See, I never got to see the pictures myself, as I soon after moved to Nevada along with my mother, && siblings.. Damn step dad tagged along as well.. mehh. So, yesterday she shows up with a disc of all the pics she had taken that day. I can't explain the emotions that filled me, one after another, while looking through these photos.. It still turns my stomach to picture them.. I grew up, for the most part, a very unhappy child. For reasons that I will not go through as they are very gory and devastating, so much more than most know, I grew up hating my mother.. I always thought I was stronger than her will to affect me. I was wrong. Let me explain.. When I
Have Fun
This blog is called feeple's blog, feeple is my short hand for fu people, have fun with it!
Http:// Fan & Rate Them They Need It To Lvl fan and rate them for me plz they need it to lvl
Make A New Path
"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned/ nor hell a fury like a woman scorned"      These words are true and the majority of Fubarians better remember it.            There are some nice men but some who are just rude as ever.                 Try to take note, I hope someone agrees with me, piss us off and you will be              defeated by the wrath of a woman. The real toughness arises when we are pushed to far.          Actually it really is plain and simple. You want to show us your muscle and strength       then say sorry. Accept that you would not be here if it wasn't for the kindness of a woman  in the first place. You wish to be worshiped give us something worth worship.      Beating is wrong and showes how weak you are. To not be able to settle problems          without yelling and hitting is sad.  
Little Jacob Strikes Again
Little Jacob Strikes Again The teacher asked the class to use the word 'fascinate' in a sentence.   Molly put up her hand and said, 'My family went to my granddad's farm, and we all saw his pet sheep It was fascinating.'   The teacher said, 'That was good, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate, not fascinating'.   Sally raised her hand. She said, 'My family went to see Rock City and I was 'fascinated.' The teacher said, 'Well, that was good Sally, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate.'Little Jacob raised his hand. The teacher hesitated because she had been burned by Little
Love And Growth
Relationships have a big learning curve... If you're not willing to learn, to change, to grow as person... it will never work.   Relationships are a work in progress. Just "loving" someone is not enough. You need to work at it everyday.   You have to put your ego away. As Bob Dylan said "...Swallow your pride. You will not die. It's not poison".    True love is selfless... but.... There has to be a balance.   My parents met on Valentine's Day 55 years ago. This August, they will celebrate their 53rd anniversary.   I'm still trying to figure out the secret, but they teach me something new every day.   Love isn't always a fairy tale, it isn't always what we see in the movies.   Sometimes, it's just two soulmates, 50+ years, sitting on a porch holding hands, and knowing what life is all about :)
How Many Times Does It Take To Get Pregnant
I would like to take a survey of women who had sex for the first time without a condom or birth control pills and got pregnant. I don’t have any statistics but my gut feeling would be 50%. The teen pregnancy rate is still a cause for concern with the CDC. Here is a survey from Briton which tells us that it takes a female 104 times of sexual intercourse to get pregnant. That’s good news for all the guys who don’t use condoms. If this survey is correct why buy condom? For the story,2933,599665,00.html BlastFM only takes a listener once time to get hook. Once you listen to BlastFM you come back again and again. Click it!
The Beast Inside
    I feel the beast inside, he is ripping at me, at my soul. He tells me I am worthless and he can change that. He can make me powerful, respected. If I let him take over he will make them fear me, and he will make me all I ever dreamed of. So I accept his offer and sink into the darkness as he comes out. I stay what seems like an eternity, I catch glimpses of what's happening, I see blood, I see fire. I am scared, what is he doing? This isn't what I wanted was it? He pushes me back down "Nows not the time!" I try to fight, he just laughs and closes me in. So I sit in the dark again, hearing the screams, smelling blood and smoke. Finally it stops, and he says, "Now child come see what you have brought to your world." I slowly come to focus, there is a ruined landscape, there are bodies, and some still living but they all shrink away when I approach. what has happened? "I have given you power and respect." Not like this I say. I wanted to have power and respect but not fear. My friends
How To Tell If You Are Cheating
How can you tell if you are cheating? That’s the question posed by Guilia Simolo in My first thought well if I’m having sex with another woman then that’s cheating. That’s easy to figure out. But, Guilia says there is more to cheating then the physical contact. And it has to do with your computer and other factors. See if you agree with her,2933,599862,00.html BlastFM doesn’t cheat on the music streamed to you. You get it all 24/7. Get your foot stomping and your head moving to the beat right here   
*the Inevitable
Oh How it hurts When the end draws near And Oh When the darkness comes What lurks within our fears You can run and hide But you're only delaying... The inevitable It consumes all of you whole Tearing everything apart Right down to your soul I tried to warn you But you never listen Now you can't handle what you've become The demon within Oh Try to close your eyes Blocking out the memories Of the previous night Oh the blood now boils Deep within your veins I can save you But you'll never be the same You can't delay... The inevitable It consumes all of you whole Tearing everything apart Right down to your soul I tried to warn you But you never listen Now you can't handle what you've become The demon within
Taylor Swift
Shy lonely girl signed up with the website gonegothic, she had no friends she wanted some badly she decided to give it a try, first was candy-freak and also suski, they became close to her, then they stop talk to me, that goes to show how much they really cared, also while we were friends then came punkrocker_chic, now she a cool person my best wishes for her is to have a good life there is no way she can know me now, she went back to having no one around her, she re logged onto her old myspace page where she met core, she were there, for me where no one was, then she betrayed me so it was nearly heading towards square one, she did know it she nevered thought she would met hana, also have her as a close friend now she is in her heart and always will be, she like meeting new people and she met serena joining her circle of friends, a few more came then she said ok because she love them all, they are new but they are true to her, she loss count of how many she have, she can always turn an
Arch Eemy
 Red eyes is identical with Halloween, my favorite holiday, your worst nightmare, enter the list of hammers also chains, swinging around your neck, as I choked before, we all choked, but not like I did down to the core, delivery girl is my cd, affect their meaningless life’s with knifes meaningless life’s, will not loose my temper, I get involved by my tensions, what did you do with their life’s, it is all fine, because, their life’s tensions because, they made it to her list, of red eyes, to say sorry to their good-byes, make a way meaningless life’s,
Slide 1 Okokk Slide 2 I stepin into this place L, td, Slide 3 So yall don’t like me do ye Slide 4 I may be crippled Slide 5 But my sense is a lot better than yours to (does evil tongue) Slide 6 M-o-t-o-r Cycle checa look at me so what Slide 7 I’m in Slide 8 Get out get mad Slide 9 Your pouting Slide 10 Awww that’s so immature slide11 Who gives a f*** Slide 12 May be short and also thin Slide 13 don’t under estimate that you’ll be surprise Yeah sure you will be Slide 14 Blood and pain stuck on my heart Slide 15 Stitches and love just won’t do it’ll fall apart again, again, and again Slide 16 Write my suicidal notes with my name on them Slide 17 Try to keep my mind off of it Slide 18 Works then I know I’m worthless Slide 19 In world of doubt Slide 20 Yall don’t have to like it Slide 21 Talk to the hand Slide 22 Its in yalls face, so speak to it Slide 23 Sun glasses on Ride my motorcycle Cus I can (no way, no way, I wont stoot to you a
I don’t live anymore, don’t ignore me your mouth is filled with nothing but blood n gore, houses appear to be safe, in the end its just another case, i’m in it so now what, you want to stand out n glare but you don’t relate, glasses shattered onto the floor, PICK THEM UP N THROW THEM DOWN ONCE MORE, laugh out loud, force it in my chase, look at me now aren’t you proud, why bother to sneak a smile, you don’t matter to me now, houses appear to be safe, in the end its just another case, i’m in it so now what, you want to stand out n glare but you don’t relate, glasses shattered onto the floor, PICK THEM UP N THROW THEM DOWN ONCE MORE, or ever so now its my turn to sneak a smile, its stuffy n dusty here in this little house, this is her comfort zone its your choice, ignore it or adore it its your choice, voice your opinions but be aware, that i said adore it, houses appear to be safe, in the end its just another case, i’m in it so now w
My Lyrics
These are my lyrcs that I made up, but the real songs are notI'll work on my original lyrics later but new drawings and song covers will come next
My Battle
I am in the battle of Who Would You Rather, on myyearbook I do not know how many I have now but I need votes....Vote for me please and thanks
Blocking, Comment Deletions And Nonsequitors
I block, (fu) if it bothers you, I also delete comments, especially my own, and I may answer not to the point, (fu)
To New Beginnings...
it’s commencement time again... out with the old let the new begin   time to cross this nation one more time- though it may not be my last the future is uncertain when you live in the past   i wear my memories like heavy chains they hold me to an existence i almost left...   funny, i like my pain i enjoy the heartache... at least i know i am truly alive.  
I wear these scars with prideAnother defeat I cannot hideAnother tale of gloryOf love and hateMy short storyExpectations never metPromises never keptRiver of tears silently fallPainful inhaleSick of it allAnother markAnother brandCan you handle this?I don't think I canThis constant weightIncreasing pressureI don't want to listenYour bullshit lectureScattered thoughtsBlurred vision It's never enoughBut you don't listenAnother book you'll never finishA scarA markA blemish
What Does It Mean
What does to fuck someone's brains out mean, who wants to fuck an imbecile?
Awkward Silence In A Car.
I was driving home today on the freeway, looking around at the various people coming and going to their destinations where ever they may be. Typically, I don't people watch while driving, but SoCal traffic blows around 3-6 so I had plenty of time to look at their faces and see the horror. What caught my attention was the looks on the faces of couples. The first pair was probably in their late forties. Both were looking straight ahead with sun glasses on, not talking. The not talking part irked me, as they sat in complete silence behind me for at least two minutes. Then I started looking around and noticed several couples sitting in the same depressing silence. Who does that? Every relationship I have been in, my partner and I had plenty of things to talk about. We could talk for hours, about politics, school, work, news on television, or whatever is going on with their friends and family. I guess they have been together for so long that they have run out of things to say to each oth
Kinda Weird This One :(
Im not sure how to take this or even what to make of it. The other mornin maybe 10 mins before I awoke, in my Dream I was runnin through a corn field, with my arms full of what I can only assume is sweet corn. Anyway, when i was crossin the road back to the house, out of the corner of my eye to the right, i caught this Black shadowy figure of a dog. But this wasnt any normal dog. An much to big by the looks of it to be a normal Wolff. It stood (on all fours) at my mid~section, jus beloew my chest. Thick furred, and as black as the night herself. This, figure was in my neighbors yard, middle of her lawn. As i started to take another step, out of the corner of my eye, I saw one right to the left of me. I mean I could reach out and pet it, thats how close it was. They were both identical in color and in height. They were eye to eye with me, almost. Now the only things Ive ever seen that big were in the movies, and that would be the Lyconthrope. NOt sure what alot of you think, but i fo
I need help leveling. I am just shy of fans, and i am at 1,420,000 so i am 600,00 away on points. Can you help me?
Y Wood Sum One Do This. An Act Like Your Crez But Look What Thy Did 2 U
  i told u to stop fuckin calln my friends and u didnt u called my friends tiff ,and she old u off ....u didnt listened to me know im ganna have to call the cops ..oh and forget about everything im moving on ok u do the same to . stay away from my friends just cuz ur buggin tiff and erica i don ever want to hear from u again letting them do wat they want or tell u off if they have to ....i cant believe u tried goig behin my back and calling them when i told u not to ok so know i have pitty for noone se my friend wtf oh i called u today like at 7 or 8 and rob told e he looked for u all overthe house and u werent there so i told him to tell u tostop buggin my fiend and me evrytime i have to deal with shi like this i dislike u so im sorry ...i wont be trying to respond to u .  fuck u what tif tald me is she is las sis and all the other stuf plus what i no my mom us to be famly low an cuz how u bin now im going to give u sum pay back cuz she sid that you are with lases u are dum cuz
Nice Article On The Difference Between Submissives And Slaves...
I am sorry I am not able to give credic for this article, the web page is now inactive, I did not write it, but I could have... ;-) ~Scarlett A submissive explores the piquant terrain of the surrendering of power. It is not surprising that folks engaged in D/s often spend a fair amount of energy determining what are the appropriate bounds of submission and control to incorporate into their play. For those for whom this kind of power exchange is a lifestyle expression, the scope of dominance and submission excercised may be quite extensive. Into this mix then often comes the tricky word of "slave" – a concept which never fails to muddy the water, especially in discussions on the internet or among kinksters with limited D/s experience. While some people insist that the word "slave", like the word "submissive", can mean to the individual anything they want it to mean, it is neverthless a fact of the established and more experienced leather community that slavery in an M/s sense o
At The Gates I Stand Here Forever
i look unto your beauty with a fixated eye the lust fullfilling my desires you tand there alone on wounded knee looking for salvation temping me In my desires i knew i needed you i hear the waves crushing beneath your purest blue i await thee at the gates forever
What Do U Think The Title Should Be
The sun is bright, the sand is hot, damn I'm sleeping on a cot! I haven't heard and haven't seen my family since I was 18. The closest friend I have to say, is a M16 and a grenade. The people here are full f pain and sorrow, Lord I pray, I live 'till tomorrow. Blood, sweat, tears and pain, what do we have to gain? Blood in the street, tears in our eyes. Why did these people have t die? Why?
Poem Updated
the sun is bright the sand is hot. damn im sleeping on a cot. i havent heard and i havent seen my family since i was 18. the closest friend i have to say is an m16 and a hand grenade. the people here are full of pain and sorrow, lord i pray i will live till tomorrow. blood, sweat, tears and pain. what do we have to gain. blood in the streets tears in our eyes. why do these people have to die? why?
Where I Stand
Where I Stand                                 Maggi Smith                 10/10/10 I was using you, you were using me, We stood side by side.   We fell in love, we were happy for a while, And then we made a child   I loved you, you loved me, We thought we would be happy for all time.   I’m still yours but you got scared and bored And now you are no longer mine.   I love you, you love me But I’m not enough to make you happy anymore.   I’ve given you wings to help you feel free, Now I lie and cry in a ball on the floor.   You smell of her when you come home, We shower and I wash her away.   You make love to me as though you still care;  I smile and pretend to be okay.   I cannot eat, I do not sleep, I spend most of my time alone crying.   I’ve given all that you want, all that you need. For this sacrifice my spirit is dying.   I walk behind you, my head hung low; You don’t even hold my hand.   You walk ahead not soothing my
Thank You
I thank you right now for being my friend. No strings attached, no being condemned. Taking me in ,with little or lot. Unconditional a word this world has forgot. You hear me out, when I need to talk. Hanging in there No matter how rough the walk. And all the times past and those to still come. Bringing my spirits up When down they've been run. So if I seem distant, cold or not here. Remember inside I'm thankful you care.
Sorry To Tell Ya But....
I am sorry to tell ya but I don't feed egos...I starve them. If you are looking for me to drool over you or say how hot you are then you are looking at me in the wrong way. I can't stand people who think they have to be fake in order to look real. I mean seriously? Your choice is your choice but if you do it for attention and you still need people to tell you how hot you are then obviously the problem isn't in your looks but your attitude. I am honest and don't care. I don't lie so be prepared. I don't add people for looks but because they actually can strike up a conversation and become good friends. So, sorry to tell ya but I won't feed your stupid ego...
One Of My Favorite Poems
After we flew across the country wegot into bed, laid our bodiesdelicately together, like maps laidface to face, East to West, mySan Francisco against your New York, yourFire Island against my Sonoma, myNew Orleans deep in your Texas, your Idahobright on my Great Lakes, my Kansasburning against your Kansas your Kansasburning against my Kansas, your EasternStandard Time pressing into myPacific Time, my Mountain Timebeating against your Central Time, yoursun rising swiftly from the right mysun rising swiftly from the left yourmoon rising slowly from the left mymoon rising slowly from the right untilall four bodies of the skyburn above us, sealing us together,all our cities twin cities,all our states united, onenation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
So the fuck what? I am an inept, incompetent assgarb, got a problem with that?
Jlm Member Of The Week Award
The Justice League Mafia is going to be holding its 1st ever "JLM Super Hero of the Week Award"... The winner will be decided by their commitments to the JLM in better the group. Each week there will be a new member selected for their deeds and will get some cool awards... Each week the reward will vary but they will have there profile link added to the JLM Profile...   The JLM Counsel Members will vote on the nominees the night before winner will be decided on Sundays profile, and announced in "Velvet's Playground" at 9pm EST... Good Luck to all thr JLM members and let's keep up the good work  
Something To Remember!!!
While you SCREAM at your woman, there's a man whispering softly into her ear. While you HUMILIATE, OFFEND and INSULT her, there's a man flirting with her & reminding her how wonderful she is. While you HURT your woman, there's a man that makes her feel better. While you make your women CRY there's a man stealing smiles from her.   While many may not believe that statement.  It is true  .... just remember this when you are screaming and she is leaving ... but here is the most ponient part ... it can be reversed!!!
Is fubar a friend's site, a porn site or a combination?
Campestres Restaruant 259 Greasy Ridge Rd, Princeton, Wv 24740 (304) 487-0003
 So this past Monday, my wife and I decided we were going to start checking out the local sit down restaruants that we have driven by hundreds of times and yet, never ate at.  We start this week at Campestres Restaruant.  Upon entering, we were immediately whisked away to our seat.  I was asking if they had a sling to put the baby carrier in, when one employee came up and turned the high chair upside down and sat the carrier in that.  It surprisingly worked really well.  We took our menus and ordered off the lunch menu which was available from 11am to 3pm.  Everything was really well priced, and in what seemed like 10 minutes, they hd our food on the table and ready to eat, mine on the platter was still sizzling.  Gotta love fajitas!  The wait staff was extremely friendly and professional.  After completing our meal, they were very quick to clear the table.  But for this guy, I will n0ot give a full on approval for any restaruant unless they possess one key essential quality, CLEANLINE
feelings   As I wake by your side,My feelings for you I can not hide,I touch your face in the morning light,Being with you just feels so rightYou make me feel like I'm a king,Like being inside an awesome dream,Although this is real, that I know,As the love that surrounds us continues to growI think of what the future holds...Marriage, children, us growing old,And as I lay, with you dear,I'm just so glad you're mine, you're here
Love Is....
Love Is ... Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play, Love is what I feel for you, Each and every day, Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, That keeps us going strong, I love you with my heart, My body and my soul, I love the way I keep loving, Like a love I can't control, So remember when your eyes meet mine, I love you with all my heart, And I have poured my entire soul into you, Right from the very start.
If time could stand still, i'd Freeze it here, So you'd always hold me, close And near. In your arms, where im meant To be, Filled with the perfect love You' ve give me. A bond sotrong, a hold so tight To know you're the one: ms.right Ablessing sent from up above, In you i've found my one true love. Our lives entwined to be as one. Upon this journey we've just begun. Where you and i will find no less. Than eternal love and happiness.
Something I Wrote For My Ex's 4yr Old Grand Daughter
a little girl runs to her gramma and tells her " grampa burned his hand in the kitchen"  so naunie and her grand daughter rush tothe kitchen to see if grampa is ok.  they see grampa cooking  with a cold towel wrapped around his arm like it is the most natual thing to do.   later the lil girl asked her grampa " grampa why didnt you cry or anyting when you burned yourself?" he hugged his grand daughter and softly told her " i am a cook, i am differant than normal people. when i cook i dont think about anyting but making good food for you and your naunie.' some people say that a cook has oil for blood and that they use eggs to comb their hair. we clean our fingers with french fries and we shave with our kitchen knives. we work hard to take care of our family and we love our families forever no matter what. so if you ever marry a cook remember he sometimes burns himself but he will always do his best to ake everyone happy no matter what the cost to himself. 
Get App Here
The Official Girlfriend ApplicationThis application must be filled out in its entirety in order to be considered for the position that you are applying. Photographs may sway my opinion one way or the other, feel free to attach any that you think may help you gain this position.Just a reminder: be completely honest with all your answers, I will be double checking applications using Google to ensure honesty. Any false information will automatically nullify any chance you might have had. Thanks, and have fun. BASIC INFORMATION  1. Full legal nameLast First Middle 2. Age  3. Height 4. Weight  5. Natural hair color 6.eye color 7. Measurements CONTACT INFORMATION 8. Home phone 10. Email 11.Cell Phone  GETTING TO KNOW YOU 12. Are you a virgin? Y N  13. If no, how many past sexual partners have you had?   14. Do you smoke? Y N   15. Do you use any illegal substances? Y N 16. Have you ever had a sex change? Y N 17. Do you have kids? Y N 18. Who do you currently r
mastertaker:hi i am 27 years old and am very interested in meeting people interested in submission and the slave lifestyle. I consider myself to be a master and have lived this lifestyle for 10 years. I am fair and loving, but strict in the things I look for and how i expect my slaves to act. I am looking for female subs/slaves. If you are interested please message me"   Riiiiggghhttt! lol ok first off I have been on fubar twice and everytime this little fuck has sent this to my sb. Im sure he is hitting other women that are newbies with this SAME sb message. lol  Second of all. If your are 27 and you have been in the "lifestyle" for 10 yrs that means you started when 17 which is pretty unlikely for the most part but not impossible.  Third of all I believe you need to re-read or read if you havent the Master's Creed. There's a few things you can learn from there.  Fourth. a partnership like that is to be built and created not just a Hey come be my slave thing *shakes head*   S
Just A Rant
Ever since I have been in a wheelchair the last 2 years I have noticed things that just piss me off. I hate whenever I go into a public restroom and all the stalls are open and there is some jack ass in the handicap stall. I choose to use the bigger stall over the smaller ones because why? So now I have to wait till he is done because I can’t use the other stalls! Just pisses me off!! Another thing that gets me pissed is when people use a handicap placard to park in a handicap parking spot when they are not handicap. I see it all the time. And I don't consider being overweight a handicap!! I don't understand how a person can get disabled tags for being overweight. Eating too much can be controlled......Getting blown up and losing your legs can’t be. This stuff never bothered me before I was injured. I love kids!! I love mine to death!! I can't stand when kids stair at me!! At first it didn’t bother me but now for some reason it does. I can't stand when
Harper Letting Go...
Here was the day that little Julie Harper had been waiting for since she was three years old, high school graduation and her entry into the United States Army like her father and his father before him.  There was only one problem Jackson “Jack” Harper was not ready to let his little girl go.“If you stay home I will buy you a brand newish Ford Mustang you always wanted.”  Jack said to her as they drove to the graduation celebration at the high school.“Daddy stop I want to go I have packed and my enlistment starts in two weeks.  Before that I am going with the girls to the beach for a week just like we had agreed to.”  She sits hoping he will let her go.He gritted his teeth, smiled politely and held back the first of many tears that would fall from his eyes in the next few weeks.  After all, it wasn’t everyday his little girl left home for the first time.  “Alright Jules alright.”He went through the graduation wiping a few tears away
i see  my  life  threw  a  glass  ball  ,  and  pick  up pieces  of  me that  fall,      theres  no  one  there  that  will be  there for me  , this  is it  thats all i see,  time  is moving  fast  but  all i want  is  this  to last,                                                                                    
Why Do We Throw The Good Ones To The Side
I Am Woman
I am WomanI am both strength and fragilityMy emotions run high, but that is a part of meNever tell me I am emotional,Don't you dare patronise me!Treat me with the utmost respect,it is not an impossible requestI am softer, more delicate than youbut I have thick skin, hurt does not come easilyI will love you and care for you,until my dying dayBut betray me once, and I will disappearI do not care to hear your reasonsas to why you betrayed me!Treat me less than I deserve, and I will goTreat me as an equal in every single waythat is all I askPresent me with any problem and I willsolve it without any complaintsDo not invade my privacy, it is very important to me,I protect it under lock and keyI am a puzzle that, I alone can solve,men are not here to solve me. So, accept me as I am, my whole being or none at allI am sexy, I am smart, I am cute, I am adorablenone of this matters, as you will not underestimate me!I am a woman, and I am much stronger than you will ever knowas Helen once sang, I
Walls Up!
Walls up so back away I just don't care about what you say I am tired of all the games you play I feel lost and sometimes alone It is time to go back to what I have always known The wall is up So back away What you say hurts Please go away. I know the lies I know the pain I know the torture and distain I ask for your safety and to heal a broken heart I will be okay Just need some time to pick up the pieces and get a fresh new start.
Jyf Family
I have to say I am blown back by how big our family group has grown in the past week, all I ask is that everyone holds true to the family rules and follow the bolg as well as daily rates, drinks and gifts, so far I have seen that ev1 has been following the family rules, keeep it up. As for now we are not looking for anymore members but, if you know someone that you think would be good for the family let me or Vixen know and we will discuss it further, with that person.     DevilDog JY Owner JYF FNDR JYF Family
Strangeness Of My Voices (please Play Videos)
You have read the strangeness of my voices in my head if not  this  is where there found...posted on 06/05/2011 @ 10:06 amVoices Of Voices  (edit | delete) makes my skin crawl. It clouds my thoughts in darkness. Its overwhelming me. It makes my hands shake uncontrollably. It makes my stomach twist. It brings tears to my eyes. It makes my ears ring. Fighting against it is draining me. I close my eyes, I feel like floating. I'm okay, really I am. Who, what, where, when, how, and WHY?! Too many fucking questions. Not enough fucking answers. Take it as it is. Words arranged in sentences. Just the voices in my head. Just the way I'm know ye now in this  and all my stashes you shall see music  pics and other things tha will set one to wounder is this man insain on drugs or is he the smartest man to relize love is pain and pain is love... #mce_temp_url#
No One Can Make It Out Here Alone
laying, Here, thinking Last night How to find my soul a home Where water is not thirsty And bread loaf is not stone I came up with one thingAnd I don't believe I'm wrong That nobody, But nobody Can make it out here alone.Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone.There are some millionaires With money they can't use Their wives run round like banshees Their children sing the blues They've got expensive doctors To cure their hearts of stone. But nobody No, nobody Can make it out here alone.Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone.Now if you listen closely I'll tell you what I know Storm clouds are gathering The wind is gonna blow The race of man is suffering And I can hear the moan, 'Cause nobody, But nobody Can make it out here alone.Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone. am i wrong or am i rihgt let me know,but regardles im alone and i cant make it out here on my own...   Boondox - Path I Walk        
The English Language: A Rant.
First off, I understand everyone makes a slip up every now and again with regards to grammar and the correct word usage.  Lately, I can't seem to keep one and won straight--damn homonyms (not palindromes--see, I'm an idiot too).  But I actively correct it or do the obligatory facepalm for that brief moment of "D'oh"-ness.   But some people...  It's blatantly obvious that they haven't a clue.  This is for those people, since third grade grammar appears to have escaped their knowledge base. /Start rant. When you say "your welcome", YOU'RE wrong.  It's "you're welcome" as in the contraction of the words "you" and "are".  It's not their Welcome, as in a welcome belonging to them.  Speaking of "their"--that shows possession.  "There" is a place.  "They're" is a contraction of "They are".  Example:  They're living in their house over there.  It's really quite simple if you take the time to THINK about it.  Another one:  Bear and bare.  Bear is an animal.  It also means to take on a burden.
iight so im in a contest hottest male an i need all yalls votes so go 2 dis page click on sizzlin summer contest an vote 4 me k readyyyyy goooooo
Tandar The Dying...
 Striking out from the church in the elvin city of Feanus, Tandar begins his first real adventure. Being a human in an elven city wasn't easy so much of his days were spent praying to the elven god Corellon Larethian. The god appeared to him while his village was being burned by the forces of the dark heart and lead him away safely to a group of elven scouts and bid them to take him to the church. The young boy grew to be a man there, training to be a warrior for justice. He didn't think he was ready to be out on his own but the head Priest said it was time. So now with sword on his hip and shield on his back, and prayers to his god, he returns to the human lands to find heros to fight against the coming darkness. A darkness that threatens to destroy all of the land. A darkness that knows he is coming and will do everything in it's power to see him fail. But there are others that feel the call and they shall all meet, and become a force of light to stand against the tide of evil that i
Time Of Love
 Time slips by, living for a sec, a minute was tossed, for lack of a minute, an hour was lost, for for the loss of the hour a whole lifetime of love is washed away in the sands of time. To be scattered on the winds never to be brought together again. When the hourglass empties, will your sand be in it with mine? Will we remember the time that we let slip by, or will we dream of what might have been. Love is lost easier then it is found, like a grain of sand in the desert, love is a special and rare thing. Those lucky enough to find it normally don't know what they have until it is gone. To late they realize they let what could have been the happiest time in their life drift away...
Suicide Is My Demise
 The wind gusts through the open window, heavy velvet curtains swaying back and forth. Sitting in my chair, with a phone in one hand, willing it to ring. A note in the other, telling me she left me for someone else, I get up and go to the bedroom, and pull out my gun, a .38 special, I look at it long and hard. I move on to the bathroom, a cabinet full of anti depressants. I grab several bottles, guess you didn't need them since I am out of your life. Moving to the kitchen I get the bottle of jack I keep in the freezer, no need for coke, it is the chaser tonight. I then move out to the moonlit back yard, to the gazebo I built for you and sit down with my pills, my gun, my drink and my misery. Losing you is more than I can take, and this is the only way to make you happy I tell myself. Cause if I am gone I can't follow you, then I begin to take shots with pills in the bottom, and slip away into oblivion...
In Summery
my nights events... started at the local pub the owners kid dragged me over to a place called dirty jims because we were supposed to take shots with a bachlorette party(even though i won't drink) it went from there to their stretch limo hummer thing to another club where a girl i actually made dinner for a few months back was hitting on me.... from there we took a short bus back to the pub and then i had a girl i've known for 10 years tried to hook up in a threesome with me and this other girl... which... it's been awhile since i've gotten laid(longer than i'll admit to)so it was almost tempting... but her on again off again boyfriend of 10 years showed up and kinda made her leave... in all it almost sounds like i had a good time... but let me say this i was sober... babysitting drunk bitches all night... hanging out with a male stripper... his asshole drug addict friend and some random soon to be married women(the bachlorette party) really all i got out of that night was a fucking he
School Paper For A Friend
  Korey ‎...Page and contrast artists of the renaissance...-bashes head on desk-....this paper sucks!!...both used paint and they painted different shit....done! -grumbles- me you can always bullshit it with words like gusto... this artist painted with gusto... teachers are dopes they'll probably buy it Korey yea but that won't make a two page minimum paper that includes the influences of the time. =( me alcohol and whores were the influence of artist then and now... i'm sure you can write a 2 page report on them Korey Something tells me that the teacher doesn't want to read that "Raphael painted Madonna and the christ child after a long night of slamming absinthe shots and sticking his dick in every hole the brothel had to offer." Although the instructor's comments next to my F would probably be entertaining. Me some people just can't handle the truth... it's such a shame +++some other person's comment that wasn't entertaining+++ Korey  LOL That sounds
Another Child Abuse Treagedy
Today I read about a 10 yr old girl named Ame Deal. She was found dead in a plastic strage bin and had died from being torturd by eating dog poop and hot sauce. What has the world come too when family members will do this to a child and think its alright. Oh thats right with Casey Anthony walking away from murdering her own child so I guess others think they will too. This is why I do what I do with the Guardiansof the Children and to help children when we are called upon. I ask all that read this give a moment of silence for all those children who have died cause they were abused. If you can please stand up and say enough is enough and write to your Senator or councilamn or woman and say this has to stop. It sickens me when I read stories like these and I look at my own daughter and think how could anyone hurt a child especially there own. My daughter is in Los Angeles and I will be glad when she is home. I look at my grandson who is 10 months old and so innocent. I look and I wonder
Me Not You
Why? do I act like someone else? Am I not good enough to just be me? Why do I have to expose my body to get attention? Is my mind not good enough? Why do I act like a slut to get attention? Is this the way of the world that I must succumb to? Why do I lie to other human beings? And tell them what they want to hear so I can get what I want? Buy me a drink Buy me this buy me that and I will love you forever. Rate me 11 1/2 and I will be yours forever (LIKE HELL I WILL)
I Guess
I'm not pretty! I'm not perfect! To be honest I'm quite far from all of these!But at least I have a loving heart!
Win's My Heart!
I met her just a few year's ago, The Moon was shining bright,Shining on her delicate chest, We sat down we spoke, About life, past , present , future, Asking what the hell is life, She raised a rather blank smile ,Threw a dice upon a gane,Turned up blue, leaving a little frown, He asked her to try again,Take that dice upon your hand, throw again, She asked for black as the table's spun, He just sat his head in hand's,Watching that silvery ball spin, Setlle's with a general rattle, His hand in her's. watching in a daze, That ball did settle where it should, Crowds scream out wild & with Glee,We have a winner .......It's called you & Him!
My Life's Changing 4 The Better
Event Planning
My husband and I are planning a statewide event, with around 120 to 150 people expected to attend. We've been working on this for around six months. He gave me the title of Event Coordinator last week but he wants to keep a lot of control over how everything is done. He's already got a lot to do and I'm mostly handling registration, participant packets, printed material, and a little of the food / drink decisions. I'm also acting as treasurer. He is an engineer and I'm an artist. We use totally different parts of our brain when we're in a creative mood. He likes things complicated and precise. I like things colorful and fun. He's done event planning in the past and he likes things his way. I've been an event planner for more than a decade myself and I have a certain way I like to do things. Sometimes the stress of our two styles colliding can get overwhelming. I have to admit, being totally in charge but deligating to volunteers is a lot easier than sharing the job. All in all, I b
Verona, Italy
With its wealth of Roman sites and streets of pink-hued medieval buildings, the easy-going city of VERONA has more in the way of sights than any other place in the Veneto except Venice itself. It is Shakespeare who brings most people here: the city was the setting for Romeo and Juliet, and many people come to see the scene of their great, but fictional, romance. It also hosts one of the major cultural events in the region, when the Roman Arena becomes a magical setting for an outdoor opera festival. Unlike Venice, though,Vernona is not overwhelmed by the tourist industry and its economic success largely due to its position at the crossing of the major routes from Germany and Austria to central Italy and from the west to Venice and Trieste
It's Strange When You Don't Have Anything To Do...
Having nothing to do drives me crazy sometimes.  Today I'm expecting a paycheck and I had to jet from my apartment to the library to make time go by faster.  I was pacing back and forth, watching the clock go by. That's a habbit that I learned in Jail.  Not a good habbit to have.  The problem is whenever I get a job I don't last longer than two years due to the lame ass bullshit that goes on in fast food, and when you don't have a social life; all of life's outlooks appear very bleak indeed.  Note: + is a kick ass combination. That's all my bullshit for now. Peace.  
Peace , Love & Light Through Destruction!
The road's are growing further apart, Shadow's in the distance seem to be mocking me, As the one heart I had is slowly slipping into dust, We tried everything to turn table's, Get those wheels rolling, Spikes & ice on the road, Impede even the strongest of will's,S creaming desperately unto the cold cold night, Dream's are embedded in the concrete again, Just like his every footstep leading to you, We may have fallen but never beaten, I shall not rest until you are fixed, We have thought's, Feeling's & regret's, Looking for an Angel of light & carry us ,Across continent's & clear blue sea's, Keep your belief's open & wish & pray, They can answer your prayer's as they do, Your eye's are the window's to your soul, If they are true you shall shine
Welcome To Hell
OH here we go, the same broken bold, story of a man, that could get a hand, no matter what he ever did, everything was taking for granted but it goes to show, how cold this world is we know, no matter the reason there will be treason even in the best of the season people show  they're souls, only to let those demons run amok , and it's for those exact reasons, why those souls yet have to be took   Oh wo did you know that this place is going to hell oh wo did you did you oh wo did yo know that this place is going to hell oh wo did you did you... no   Just to ask, just to be kind, this man would always try to find, a reason to talk to anyone, because he just wanted to be loved everyone cast aside, stomped on his bride, kept the darkness in him to rise, until one day they will find, darkness encrypted in his mind That would leave him to believe, that demons were rising in his dreams, one day they would steal his soul, and another story would unfold but just imagaine
You've Become A Complication So Time To Bid Farwell And Goodbye
i get so sick of you and everything that you do    you just spout lies and do your best to cover it all up but you don't see that this is the final straw because now that i've arrived you have just been caught   YOU'VE BECOME A COMPLICATION AND IT'S TIME TO GET RID OF YOU OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW THAT'S WHAT I'LL SAY WHEN IM THROUGH WITH YOU YOU'VE BECOME TRASH TO ME AND I WILL TOSS YOU OUT ON THE STREETS LEAVE NOW, NEVER RETURN,  OR YOU WILL BE HURT!   Time passes by and i think this one is diffrent but i have my own suspisions trying to write them off as a bad intuition how can i be sure, i will not be hurt agian i give it a little time, but the thoughts have come to mind and seems i may be right now that i've arrived i see the truths of every thing i thought no it couldn't be you but looking through the glass i see your as wrothless as my past   YOU'VE BECOME A COMPLICATION AND IT'S TIME TO GET RID OF YOU OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW
Things That Dubstep Is Better Than.
Dubstep > Cars Dubstep > Women Dubstep > Sex sex with Dubstep > Not having sex. Dubstep > Sleep Dubstep > ElectroDubstep > Dance, trance, classical or whatever. Dubstep > Oxygen Dubstep > People ------------------------------------------that's right, NOTHING tops dubstep in my world. Dubstep is better than cars because cars need an engine to transport you, all dubstep needs is that sick bass it has. Dubstep is better than women, because unlike women, it's not pretentious and it won't judge you. Dubstep is better than sex because its pleasure that isn't resulting in some screaming brats and a shit load of financial outlay. Dubstep gives the best sex ever. Dubstep is better than sleep because, well it just is, k? Dubstep is better than electro, because it's badass and sexy, electro sounds shitty. Dubstep is better than any other music, that's just a fact. Dubstep is better than oxygen because, while oxygen enables you to live, dubstep makes living worth while, and dubstep is better than
My Christmas Movie Picks
There are a lot of Christmas movies. These are my favorities and I make a point every year to watch them.   "You couldn't hear a dump truck crash into a nitroglycerine plant"   "Look Frank. It's a TOASTER!"   "And they call him Sandy CLAWS"   "Bumbles bounce!"   "Stop eating my cookies!"   "It was... soap poisoning!"
Jerseygirl@ fubar
Being Found (poem That Got Published)
Being found I want a family of good jobs and you’ll do better   I want my chief of a grand father back to fix the rudder lost long ago to keep my family from the waterfall  I want a place to call my own I want perfect lungs to inhale the fresh morning air I want Chase, my first dog  guarding eyes and heart for me   I want to go somewhere no body knows my name    I want my freshman year, to use  the knowledge I have expanded I want my morals to keep me  from the things I cannot change I want to live  how I see fit. I want  to live without  evaluating every step  I want to stop living  to other people’s philosophy I want to tell the world who Me really is. I’m not  the me you think I am, I want  the snakes to show their true spineless  devious and killing ways I want to be complimented  for the things I do right. I want  the constant nagging,  yelling, screaming,  and fighting to end   I want to sit on a bus with people  that are not
Girl Loves It When Her Boyfriend Lays On Her, Missionary Style, And, Does Her, Nice, Slow, And, Hard ADVICE COLUMN Clyde's Corner   Q: I LOVE  for my boyfriend to lay on top of me, Missonary Style, and, take mem nice, slow, and, hard - is there anything wrong with that? -  Debbie Schlussel - Dallas, TX   A: Most men love that position - everything they love to play with, is in fr
The Capital Of Scotland Has The Best Choice Of Excellent Escorts
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All Rental Listings Include Pricing!
You can use our site houses for rent with REWARDS to rent or share a house or apartment, to find a home in USA. All rental listings include pricing, photos, contact information, floor plans, and virtual tours. You can contact landlords directly through our site. We offer the highest RENTER REWARDS on the internet today! You will benefit from our aggressive Renter Reward program, just for locating an apartment through our website is an easy way to search for your new home.
Jersey Hottest Artist: $money$mink$
"the - Drop"
Ecology: Solar Energy Stations
More on March 1 2012, Electrical Solar Energy Factories Contruction in Project. Solar Energy Factories to give Power to The Palestinian Populations of Judea, Samaria, Hebron, Ramallah, Jenin and Tulkarm. From The Green Energy Initiatives, Those Regions of Israel will Produce their own Electricity from The Wind and The Sun. In 2 to 3 years those Electrical SubStations will take place. Substations with the Help of COGAT and The Financing of The European Investment Bank.  More in the Sources... Sources: "IDF:".      
Israel: The Attacks On Il
More on March 11 2012, Iran keeps exporting Terrorism out to Israel: Being Opposed and Punished Econmically by The International Community for Its Actions which are to Conduct Illigal Millitary Nuclear Researches. Iran through different Terrorists Groups has hit several time in Israel: According to Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 130 Rocket Attacks have been led from the Gaza Strip since begining of March 2012. Israeli Civilians are apparently targeted: Rockets Strike mostly Schools and other public and Populated Places. The Iron Dome: The Israel Missile Anti-Missile and Anti-Rocket Defense System Intercepts roughly 90% of the Rockets. Several Wounded Victims have been counted in all the Areas hit by Rockets: More than 40 in all.  IDF has responded to the Attacks by trying to Neutralise the Terrorists Positions and Weapons. More in the Sources... Sources: "MFA:
The Stranger
  Melody didn't know how long she had slept, but she woke when she felt the stranger shaking her. "Huh, wha"; she uttered as the stranger pulled her to her feet. As she began to gain consciousness she realized that her arms had been untied. The stranger was pulling her by the arm, leading her into the bedroom. When they got to the bedroom, he gave a tug on her remaining clothes and stepped back. At first Melody wasn't sure what he wanted, but when he tugged again, she realized that he wanted her to strip. She started to take her clothes off, but the stranger stopped her. He took one of her hands and placed it on her breast and placed the other one on a piece of her clothing. He slowly moved her hand around on her breast, let go and stepped back. Melody couldn't believe it, he wanted her to play with herself while she stripped. The stranger could tell she was having second thoughts, he firmly placed the cane on her leg and moved it up and down. The touch of the cane quickl
My What An Evening ;)
My whole body is throbbing, throbbing with a pleasure and a pain. I am exhausted and can’t move, I am lying here in exquisite joy; any touch or movement of the bedsheets around me is making my body tingle and zing. And there is also this intense throbbing between my legs, a dull ache which hurts, but hurts in such an amazing way. My body is numb and fatigued, I’m finding it hard to concentrate, but I will try my hardest to explain how I got here in the first place.The house was quiet and he snuck into my room while I was half asleep. I was awoken fully with the head of his hard cock brushing against my lips, my mouth parted to let it slip into my mouth, my tongue gently brushing over it, preparing it for the hard thrust down my throat. I took as much of it as I could, and as I bobbed my head up and down his long, fat cock he pulled down the straps of my nightdress, and gently played with my little boobs, pulling and twisting my nipples so they went hard between his strong f
Why Is It....
Why is it...or so it seems...that the ones you show the most love you the least in return...seem to find you're on top at first, the one they spoil, the one they can't get enough of...they drool over you, can't get enough of you, until the next set of tits comes along?   And speaking of that...what's with these hating bitches out here with their Fuck You attitudes...obsessed with their middle finger...with the words "I'm Not Interested" on their pages? LOL...such teases...and the guys who fall for them...spoil them, worship them, while these biotches give nothing in return...ridiculous to me, how they post pics with their tits up in the camera, falling out of their tiny black bras, or pushed up to their chins...and the guys here respond (as these bitches want them to do)...and they get shot down lol...   Yes I know, I'm a bit of a tease, as is any woman out here who posts pics of herself for men to enjoy lol...but there's such thing as a good tease and a
All 6s And 7s
"Face Paint" I be so humble my regular stateAll loving its never no hate,A whole another level of yates,How there isn't when the brain of a rebel createA fellow with a peddle to breakI'm settled but this devil is awakeWhen its appliedSomething from deep insideNo longer sneaks and hidesIt awakens the beast and prizedThrough ligaments bones and through eyesNo reminets known as true shynessReal men thrown in to dieGiven it moments to riseThen a metamorphosis happens like a lit torchWhen its rapping hyped and its warpedAnd its fashions to bring forth warAnd its passionLaughin' wickedly baby whats happenin'Where smashing ass yes that humble guy is a has beenAnd no they can'tCome make me stay saintWhen I get that on I black out it feels like I may faintThen I feel invincible never come to kid or play prankI say what the fuck I want and do what I want to do behind my(Face Paint)I can be who I want to beAnd I know its still meBut I'm totally free with my(Face Paint)I put it on for you to seeW
Otherworld: Redemption
Yet again I'm here alone. In this personal hell I call my home. There's blood on my hands, I'm out of control. I can breathe in the darkness devouring my soul. And with all I see comes pain and sorrow. I fear I may not see tomorrow. The ground caves in and I start to fall. I wonder if I will land at all. So I close my eyes and start to think, while into the depths I continue to sink. And with a thunderous crash, reality sinks in. If I chase this dream, I'll never win. So be it, for this is the world I've built. free from strife and free from guilt. I'm free to be my darkest fear. I know the way, my path is clear. I must walk in darkness to step into the light. The road to redemption begins tonight.
I'm New At This And Trying To Figure It Out.
"My heart is ever at your service." The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart."
Birthday Memories
sitting here i start to dream, i think about a lush flowing creek. Gently flowing through the woods, natural walls of rocks surround this quiet little stream.... then i start to almost hear your feet lap against the water, as you stand behind me grinding into me, what i most desire.... remember back to what i wore, that short grey skirt (i am such a flirt) with satin underwear.... my bare feet planted on the cool flat rock, you simply bent me over and slid in your cock.... the stream couldnt drown out my moans and cries, as you brought me to orgasm again, and again... your fingers in my ass and on my clit while you drove into me so deep... we finished together enjoying the wet hot explosion with your grasp on my breasts... i melt from your touch, since the very first one, memories of times like this, remind me again, and again...
Yntb..the Final Epilogues 1998-2000
For the next 14 months, in a lil Sleepy town Called Buffalo, MO., Life was interesting, Both Slo-poke and I still held the jobs at The poultry processing plant. Every 3rd weekend, we were driving down to Texas for me to see my kids, and Slo-pokes kids were coming to us from Joplin. It was a home..and family was important to me. We'd take Slo-pokes kids with us to Texas so they could meet my daughters and get to know each other... Slo-poke had bought me an engagement ring and had proposed marriage during one of our Brunches that we'd have. I accepted the ring but only under the condition that even tho I was happy..more than I've been in years...I was a lil marriage shy and also uncertain as to the true fate of Porchdawg....Neither Slo-Poke or I could confirm his wherabouts if living or truly dead.  I would work on finding out, if he would just give me the time to do so. I had to be comfortable...He agreed and said he wasnt going anywhere. I was his life and when I was was he.
I feel the wet warm liquid dripping down my arm. I can't think, feel.. I dream of someone that would hold me in their arms and tell me that everything is okay. I hear someone screaming and I finally realize it is me.. I look down and blood is everywhere.. My life is coming to an end..I think of the nothing that I have accomplished in my life. All the hurt that I've experienced.. rape, abuse of all kinds. I know I can not go on like this. feeling like this. the numbness and indifference of what may come of this night..
My Master
My Master, Take My Chain, Lead me into the night, and Let me feel you pain, Teach me your rights from wrongs, Show Me how to please you, Lead me to your height of expectation, Punish me for doing wrong, Love me when I do right, Dont let me stray from you. My Master, I am yours, Do with me what you will, I am here to serve you ALWAYS! MY MASTER  
Ok, baby fill ups always valid for all my friends. Please show the love, spread the love.  
I have never really been a happy person. I have demons within me that have been there since I was in second grade. Life is everyday struggle for me. Honestly the only time I can remember being truly happy is the day my daughter was born. She is my only source of joy. Yea, I know, it can ALWAYS be worse. There are people out there way worse off than me but that doesn’t make my life any easier. When you have gone through the shit that I have gone through it makes you a bitter person. It makes you wonder what you did to deserve all of this and why all these shitty people have amazing lives. It makes you question your faith in God and your faith in humanity. My dad worked his ass off for the same company for over 20 years and then one day went into work to a notice that they were “moving in a different direction” and he was to “clean out his office immediately.” My dad is a good man was a huge asset to that company. I realize this has happened to A LOT of peop
Real Life Vs Fu Life
Ok so correct me if I am wrong but Fubar is a game correct? So tell me this....why do so many people take it so damn personal? It's funny how people believe every damn thing that they read or see on a persons profile or in their shoutbox. I've seen girls get mad because a guy flirts with them and they find out in real life he is married. Really? Or people fall in life to find out the other person isn't the sex they claimed to be or the pictures were totally fake. I do not get it. People it is a game. I for one and 100% honest in what I say and do but that doesn't mean that I do not fuck around from time to time and if your idiot treat you as one. Maybe I should jump on the everything on FU is totally real band wagon. In that case I am a super model that is 6 ft tall and weighs 110 lbs with millions of dollars and eight houses :P Play the game people damn!
Just A Lil Hott
"The Next Round" The feel of your skin pressed against mine, as the heat between us rises, is so intense that my mind goes spinning. Our passion growing stronger as we explore one another. Hands roaming over one anothers body.softly caressing each tender spot they touch. Bodies entertwinning as one soul, hearts beating as one, as we allow ourselves to fall further and further into the abyss of ecstasy. Penetrating deep inside you, me throbbing and you squeezing me with your inner muscles, building up until we both explode together. Kissing and nibbling as our bodies pound into one another. You beginning to twitch and I release low groans as our love juices release. Exhausted, our bodies collapse together. Our breathing rough and shallow. Resting upon one another as we gain our strength to go the next round!! P.J. Page....1/14/2013....11:51pm
As he looks upon his pet tied up to the bolts on the wall meant just for this occasion, he realizes he has sworn to never lay a hand on a woman but in a loving and caring way. The fear of becoming a woman beater like his father will always haunt him, but he has faith in himself to compartmentalize his fetishes and his every day life. Not to mention he just can't resist the urge to spank and choke his new pet. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to relax himself and hopes that he does all of this right. Opening his eyes he sees her staring into his eyes and a slight smile appears around the gag in her mouth. Walking up to her he grips her ass in one hand and kisses her forehead and before stepping away he gives a small and loving smack on her ass. He swivels her around to where her ass is visible to him and positions her to receive the punishment he is ready to deal out. As he swings back her ass cheeks clinch in the anticipation of the smack. As he smacks her ass her feet leav
1st Chapter Detail S
whats to say we ae all serching with our vices  yeah to drink or not to drink... we know who we are  out there..i come on this site for the fun the eploits and my fun.. put it simple maybe evenen meet someone a female  after over ten yèars i have grown past someone she has changed for the worse as im am the same only bodybuild now .... good thing youd think it would get ya more sex not here shes not that way.. i go from everyday sex to nothing with ex .. yes it complicated yes its still on going yes we are not totegetjer and moving on i guess im on here for laughs and support and to ask few questions should tke a plunge with someone i met onlne? idk?
The Dance Of Submission Part 2
Unable to say anything at this point, I just travel over to her. Slowly placing my hands on her arms. Leaning in I kiss her cheek, her forehead down the bridge of her nose, then softly kiss her lips. As she wraps her arms around me, I feel everything inside me warm. Kisses become stronger filled with more passion. Breathing is becoming heavier. My senses inside me are electrocuting every nerve in me. What is this I think in the back of my mind. What is this feeling? How is this possible? My mind travels back to that day, the first day I seen her, almost a year ago to date. I was walking into my office building, and there she was, at the security desk. Long dark hair flowing down her back. She had it pulled into a loose ponytail, which I could not but help and wonder what my hands would feel like wrapped in it. She wasnt a thin woman, she had curves, but they suited her form perfectly. Then it hit me, she turned around, and the eyes, those eyes of hers drew me right out. I felt somethin
The Dance Of Submission Part 3
Angelica is a woman like none you have ever met. Her grace, beauty, her intelligence. I have experienced many women in my time, but this one has captivated me in ways I could never express. Everything about her is a mystery, yet, I crave to know more. If I was to say I underestimated her, Id be right. For her presence alone makes me desire her more. A few weeks after our first meeting, she was giving me a tour of the bakery she wanted my company to represent. I stumbled upon my words many times with her and her giggle filled my mind. By the end of our meeting we were on a first name basis with each other. "So, James, Do you really think you can help us improve our ad campaigns to bring in more clients for this bakery. As you can see, and tasted, it is well worth the risk I think.""Angelica, I couldnt agree with you more on this. Yes I think we will work great as a team and make this little bakery flourish." Her smile lit up the whole room. And I of course couldnt help but smile back. S
Just Tits And Tats
Nothing too interesting today, just this and that. Did you notice the switcharoo?? I think that there are actually some people that read with their sexual drive. No foolin either. I have one thing to say, whatever blows up your skirt!! I am not perfect, I know all too well I am not and if you want to make believe you are like a Barbie or Mr. Universe more power to ya. I ain't out to rain on anyones parade. If you can manage it I kinda see you being hit with the truth not too far in the future. Maybe not tomorrow or even next month, but it will happen. When it does, I hope it doesn't hurt ya that bad. I have a heart, even for people with a small heart. It looks just beautiful outside. I absolutely love winter!! The trees and the grass get their rest. When spring ccomes they usually wake up and that is beautiful too. With the snow on the branches, it just seems that I am in Oregon again. It was winter, I had to get out to the bus stop really early. My mom and I were living with my Aunt.
~hardware For Your Software~ Part. 4
Heavy pants escaped Dennis’ throat as he gave hard heavy thrusts into her, each one forceful and wonderfully pleasant as Lex nearly arched up to meet them one after the other. Her hands extended above her head, reaching above for the edge of the mattress, instead grabbing the bed’s comforter and pulling at it. The jolts reverberating through her limbs and flesh was enough to make her stir crazy now, her eyes fluttered shut and opened to look up at him. His eyes closed, as he still kissed and nurtured her leg he held to his body, his hips slowly increasing in tempo with each thrust *slap slap slap slap*. “Oh yes, yes baby. Just like that,” she breathed, pulling the blanket harder with each thrust in an effort her to not focus on the immeasurable sensations flooding her senses. His lips brushed down the calf and held his hands shifted positions, his left arm went lower down her leg to her left hip, and his right arm went lower, gripping his left forearm to reinfor
Wee All Heard The Old Cliche: Mitation May Be The Sincerest Type Of Flattery.
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:::erotica::: ~ Fine Dining - Part. 1~
Dishes clattered, the customers chatter droned in the dining area. Mott’s was a rather moderate ‘middle class’ of a Restaurant and Friday Night’s were always considerably busy. Patron’s and Families would always enjoy a good meal out on the opening night to the weekends. Mott’s was common and quite the popular place to eat out. The head cook Shaun was well familiar with gourmet food as the head chef, often receiving little in the way of complaints for his food. The kitchen was on a pitch of speed as he quickly cut up carrots and fried food in the pan. “Order’s Up! Table 9 Please,” he called out as he set a fresh dish of Risotto. One of the waitresses came and collected it. “Shaun, I got a soup order too. Is it ready,” she asked. Shaun turned, “Hey! Where we at on the Soup order. I got a soup for the Risotto at Table 9?” “I got it,” female voice. Shaun turned around to see a smiling waitress.
My Mysterious Past
Alot of people have asked me about my past, and I have told some to those I am close with, but I have never told anyone everything in my past that I have done.  People have told me countless times there is something about me that they can't understand about me, but that still intrigues them when I open up with my writings on here about some of the feelings I have had at one point, or another.  I am writing this so that people can have a better understanding who I am as a person, and why I seem so harsh at times while at other times I am the most loving person they know of in their lives. I remember when I was a baby learning to walk, and run how I would go streaking when my mom, or older brother started to change me.  Most of the time I tried to wear as little as nothing as I could to get attention from everyone because I liked to see them laugh.  When I was in kindergarten I had my first girlfriend, and she was the first lady who had her heart broken by me when I flirted with another
The Massage
It was a typical Friday at the spa massaging customers asusual when all of a sudden I had a really cute muscular guy come in I wentbehind the curtain so he could disrobe and get comfy on the table while I wasback there I freshened up in the mirror fixed my skirt and top and asked if hewas ready he called out yes whenever you are I walked out and took a deepbreathe to try and relax myself I’ve never had any one this sexy on my tablebefore I mean I’ve had some sexy guys but never this sexy I had to admit I wasa lil turned on just looking at him knowing I get to touch his gorgeous body asI grabbed the oil I squeezed a little on his back and started with hisshoulders rubbing then moving down his back then moving to his legs and hisfeet I tell him he can turn over whenever he’s ready I hold the sheet and heturns over and I start by rubbing his head and thinking  to myself his hair feels amazing in my handsthen I squeeze some oil on his chest and start rubbing his chest mov
he just knows doesnt need to see my face but can read my mood in just the words on the screen and knows exactly what i need  ifly xoxox
Innocent Fun
It was a Friday afternoon and I was sitting on the couchwatching TV when the doorbell rang when I answered it, it was my brothersfriend derrick he said him and my brother were supposed to hang out today I toldhim he got called in to work for a few hours but he’s welcome to wait, he saysok and comes inside I tell him he can play some video games while he waits I gottago check my laundry upstairs I’ll be back in a few, so I go upstairs and put myclothes in the dryer and change into a skirt and a sexy halter top n heels I goback down stairs and ask derrick if he can help me with something he says sureif he can so I tell him I need his male opinion on an outfit for my date I havetonight I go around in front of him and ask if what I have on looks ok he doesn’tanswer right away so I turn around and ask is it to short? He still doesn’t answerso I say hello earth to derrick is this outfit ok he finally answer uh yea itsgreat so I say thanks but before I walk away I say
My Way
when you walk by and look around seeing if you can find your special one I hope you look  my way to see me there with want in my eyes the want of you finding me telling me that I am the  only one for you and that you love me   Brynne copywritten 2013
Price, Performance, Considering How The Tablet When Purchasing The Focus Of Reference Factors
Latest data showed that the intention to buy tablet PC consumers how to buy the tablet to consider, for the Apple iPad series support dropped significantly and instead invest more cheap and good tablet. iPad2 Tablet PC sales has created a miracle, the tablet concept to the average consumer in the world, but because of its high price of tablet PCs, making Apple's latest tablet PC market shrinking amount again. At the same time, also from the United States tablets baratas Tablet, but it is sales grew, all the way to victory, successful ascent tablet charts. tablets baratas is a professional digital brand, although the general consumer market influence tablet 10 android is not very high, but in the professional digital community is truly a leading brand for many digital manufacturers to provide technical support. As its strong launch of the Tablet PC brand, tablets baratas Tablet PC naturally by many experts recommend Tablet PC has become the focus of much attention. In the
Germany Berlin Polar Bear Hockey League Team Ended Three Consecutive Home Wins
A period of more than seven months of 2012/13 season, the German Ice Hockey League 21 under the curtain of sunset, the team from the capital Berlin Polar Bears win at home to Cologne Sharks 4:1 and 3:1 with a total score third consecutive German Ice Hockey League championship. cheap nhl jerseys             This is also the history of the Berlin Polar Bears team seventh league title. Cologne Sharks won the runner-up, the team had in 1995 was the first German Hockey League championship in 2002, won the second. Winning number after Berlin polar bear is the Mannheim Eagles team, a total of five times. Chicago Blackhawks jersey              German Ice Hockey League, founded in 1994, a total of 14 teams participated. Began in mid-September each year the regular season, eight teams into the playoffs by way of knockout grouped according serpentine produce semi-finals until the final.     Boston Bruins jersey              Berlin Polar Bears team in the regular season, the initial's A Hit.
Who invented money? Ask any number of people and they couldn't tell you who it was that actually invented money or where the idea came from. History has given us some bad ideas, but money has to be the worst and here are my top three reasons why.   Something Invented By Man Should Not Have Power Over Him. If I think really hard and try to imagine a time without money, before it was invented and used on a daily basis, I tend to imagine that the world was a completely different place. People most likely had a barter type society where goods and services were exchanged and that is how one survived. If I had a particular skill, say hunting, and you were hungry you could come to me for food. The idea would be that if you could make fire, and I could provide the food, then we could exchange our skills or abilities and everyone got what was good for them. I assume, for the sake of argument, that if someone possessed absolutely no skills whatsoever, that person was still allowed to eat. I
Venting Blog
apoint today. thing not looking good for my health . 2 years left .I know seen it coming 38 be gone by 40. not worth doing kemo . body to far gone so next 2 years going have some fun and enjoy life that I have left .never let your kid get in automotive field. it a toxic business. I started turning wrench at age of 10 I did it all. made top 10 automotive technicians in world . 22 ase yes I have them all, written book for gm , blue print a motor for them . same one that is one my sleeper 3.9L that in the uplander my motor I passionate about my work but as same token it killed me .
Diego - Lopez Is Not Casey Opponent
Coentrao nearly went to Chelsea starting Lopez Casey if seeking transfer In the case of owner Marcelo, Mourinho for his claim Florentino buy Coentrao. Florentino now considered the world's best left-back Marcelo, Mourinho did this patron, Coentrao Real Madrid have to leave it. "Marca" said Mourinho will Coentrao brought Chelsea, after all, Ashley - Cole's contract expires next summer, and England advanced age, he needs a qualified successor. "Marca" even pointed out that the official announcement in Abu Mourinho took over Chelsea, Real Madrid will likely also officially announced Coentrao joining the Blues.Herve Leger In the winter transfer window, Real Madrid bought back Diego - Lopez, and let him act as absolute. But Mourinho's departure means that Casey will not continue next season was blocked. On the qualifications of ability, Diego - Lopez is not Casey opponent. According to the "World Sports Daily," said coach next season once let Casey when the main, Diego - Lopez will submit
Performance Photos Are Upgraded 32gb Xiaomi 2s
Speaking from the configuration 2S millet phone really nothing much has changed, the same is 4.3 inches 720p display with a narrow border design of slender body, but the processor from the original 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 quad-core processor upgrade to Xiaolong 600 1.7GHz clocked quad-core processors. Conference the same day we also introduced for everyone, millet phone 2S There are two versions of 16GB and 32GB, 16GB version of the camera is still 8 million pixels, while the 32GB version of the camera is raised to 13 million pixels, of course, the price of the two is also a the difference is.  Smartphone android Can be seen from the front of the fuselage millet phone 2S 100% in appearance lasted, before we have to bring over millet and millet mobile phone 2 2S comparison chart tours, I am sure you have thus forming a unified opinion, it is solely on the outside, you really can not tell who is coming who is 2 2S.    Button on the bottom of the screen is the Android, millet pho
Ignorance And Revenge A Great Combination, What Can I Do?
Does it ever end? In almost every picture I have posted on here, I am told I am one of those women beside myself. Why is that? Now I am hearing as well as others that now I am my mom, or should I say the woman that raised me. Are you telling me I am too pretty to be on this site? I am not conceded by no fucking means but at the same time I know I am not ugly, but I am also not all of that with a bag of chips. I am just me and for being that I am a FAKE. Really Mark? I am not the type of person that looks at age or gender when I like someone or want to be friends with them or even have a relationship, to me age means more EXPERIENCE.. I have known Mark for well over a year now and all I heard from him was how much he loved me and wanted a life and children with me and how he wanted to start this life with me, and I constantly told him I could NOT return those feelings. He got so mad cause I could not forget or get over my BOO which is Orlando, even when I was mad at him. Every fuckin
" I Always Walk Alone "
 I walk alone , On a dark lonely path , The skies are cloudy , Full of wrath. No light do I see , To guide my way......   Only the voices do I hear , But what do they say , I don't want to hear.... They say " You'll always walk alone , Because no beauty can be found so stand tall , It's better than having no life at all " You're nothing to be absent of pain cause you only bring upon yourself  shame.  You wish to play , but you cannot see , what every word is doing to me . I'm not a toy to be passed around , It would be better to be alone, And never found .       So I'll keep on making my trail , alone or not , It's no avail , The cloudy sky's give way to rain and hail , To mix in with my tears and to ease my pain  ..............♥
Americas Wrongfully Convicted
This site is dedicated to those individuals, who, because of the selfish reasons of others who conspired for their false imprisonment resulting in malicious prosecution, judicial injustice and impropriety, prosecution for the sake of prosecution, lack of funds for legal aid to prove their innocence and/or other errors of one kind or another, have been wrongfully accused and wrongfully convicted of a crime which they did not commit and have been left to languish resulting in loss of liberty, civil rights, productive lifestyle, financial and personal ruin, mental anguish, social condemnation and personal and family embarrassment for the remainder of their lives. Please visit:
Pink just has one question for you.
Tablet Pc Joining John Chi (hoozo) Nine Grounds
Tablet PC, it now appears both dealers and consumers are not familiar with. The domestic market is dominated by Apple, Samsung begins to boot, in 2009 domestic flat start branding, which opened a new chapter in the domestic flat-panel market.On the product, the Tablet PC can be said that the ultimate product of digital products. Why do you say fundas para tablet 10 Throughout we have used in digital products such as mp3, tape player, CD player, MP5 its digital product development. In fact, the development of the media access to information, access to information a long time ago we used radio. Listen to music with gramophone. With the back of the TV, with the MP3 With DVD, and then later there will be a MP3/MP5, play games and the PSP. Nowadays it a computer, with laptop, with the Tablet PC. Tablet PC As technology continues to break barriers replaced the side using a game, mp3, laptops and other devices. Future applications will be more widely tablet.Competition in the marke
Cómo Comenzar A Desarrollar Aplicaciones Para Android
Google creó el sistema operativo Android por lo que cualquier persona con los conjuntos de habilidades adecuadas puede producir aplicaciones para funcionar en un móvil o tablet Android. El enfoque de Google para el desarrollo de smartphones es completamente opuesta a la de Apple, que prefieren el control sobre las aplicaciones que la gente puede utilizar en sus iPhones. El dise?o abierto de Android significa que usted puede literalmente crear lo que tu desees y la gente puede descargar e instalar la aplicación. Muchos programadores han abandonado el barco de las aplicaciones de iPhone para crear aplicaciones para el Android debido a la libertad que les proporciona. Si se desarrolla una aplicación para el iPhone de Apple, entonces es a disposición de un revisor que comprueba si su aplicación es lo suficientemente bueno para ser vendidos en iTunes o si es conveniente para la tienda de aplicaciones. Muchos programas no se publican debido a los procedimientos de censura de Apple. Además d
Chinese Women's Ice Hockey 10 2-0 Rout Of South Korea
Beijing time on January 31 afternoon, the Seventh Asian Winter women's ice hockey tournament for the Chinese team and the Korean team's game, the Chinese girls live up to expectations, with a 10-0 victory over the South Korean team made since the start of the second race victory , Chinese striker Rui Sun a person contributed two assists and scored five goals. cheap nhl jerseys The tournament uses a single round robin system, the five teams through the round robin competition, in accordance with the final decision five team points ranking. Chinese women's ice hockey team in yesterday's game with 8-1 victory over the North Korean team made ​​a good start, while rival South Korea to the Japanese team lost big score 0-10, then Youyi 0-11 defeat in Kazakhstan, which stronger China vs South Korea is determined to win the game. Chicago Blackhawks jersey First game Chinese team launched a vigorous attack, once completely suppress the Korean team, but only results of th
Are The Lounges On Here Really Worth It
I am just curious about what people think about the lounges on this site,i like them but curious about others opions.
Staying Mum Until Daughter Flies The Nest
"MUM, can you get my washing out of the machine and hang it up?" my daughter Ashley asked at the weekend. She is 27 years old and still lives at home as a self employed comic and writer. It's good fun.   My husband and I had made all sorts of plans for our 50s. We love travelling. Toronto, the Netherlands and Los Angeles are just some of the destinations we have visited in the past with my comedy act, but we were going to do so much more.   These plans have been scuppered, as Ashley doesn't like her dad going with me. He is her full-time father and she is not about to let that go.   Underneath her pretend adult facade is a wee girl who likes having her daddy around.   I inevitably end up going on tour alone, husband stays at home and Ashley commandeers all his attention.   Ashley lives a charmed existence - one that requires no real decision- making, except which shoes to wear or what kind of shellfish to have for tea.  
Classic Sandals, What Really Makes Women Fame On Foot
Summer sandals, sexy spring still continues, decorative fervor increasingly unmanageable. Beads, sequins, decorated with flowers is the hottest season of the three shoes. Hollow, patent leather fabric material, upper-bound, hand-stitching shoes side revealing traces of the shoes is also quite impressive. Heel focus can not be ignored, glass heel, wedge heel, wedge hollow carved what really makes women fame on foot. Restrained fashion hollow shoes Most of the conventional leather shoes with shiny patent leather shoes to do the packaging for the whole year, shoe makers fear not fancy girls sandals, using fabric, buffing, plastic and other materials with patent leather inlay, it is made out of leather shoes refreshing, put it down, what kind of costume clothes are nice. This year in particular, hollow shoes "fever", compared with decorative beads, decorated with flowers a kind of shoe, the more hollow sexy vamp more subtle, more suitable for introverted people who want to hipsters.Kind
Cheap Cookie Cutters - As A Premier Fine Fashion Cookie Cutters Retailer
Cheap Cookie Cutters Free Delivery and low price, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper Cookie Cutters products at our cookie cutters online shopping store with high value and best price at Quality---You Can Trust! Friendly customer service!
The Mind Of Men In Top 10. Info From 11 Girls And 1 Guy.
It's no secret that men want sex. And generally, we want it a lot. But what other things does your man want from you? Turns out there are some simply sexy, easy, activities you can incorporate in your day-to-day and reap the benefits of a super-satisfied male. Here are 10 things your man wants you to do but might never ask for: 10. Listening It's number 10, but that doesn't mean it isn't important; men aren't all about sex. As much as he tries to deny it, your man needs a shoulder and a listening ear from time to time, but knowing when is the key. Try to hear not only what he is saying, but also what he is not saying, as most men won't tell you what's really going on in their heads right away. Reading between the lines will show him that you truly care, that you really get him, and that you're sympathetic to his needs and wants. 9. Homemade Food It really is true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Your guy might love it if you cooked an elaborate meal for him, but
I Would Rue Lost Chances To Hassle Opponents Via The In-flight Messaging System
"What are you going to do when she's busy all day Friday and Saturday?" they ask, pointing at me. "Oh, I can entertain myself," she replies. While I'm "busy" at Wembley with the final, she'll be going to see a play on the West End. Boarding the full flight to Heathrow, I was scanning rows -- looking for the more obvious black-and-yellow among a sea of red. It's convenient to travel on Virgin Atlantic -- with their predominant red trimmings; and I felt very quickly settled in. But, alas, not many football supporters -- OK, only one -- on my flight across the pond. And I would rue lost chances to hassle opponents via the in-flight messaging system. Bayern Munchen jersey Finally landing at Heathrow, the enormity of what I was here to witness started to hit me. I've known I was coming for months, or at least I'd hoped I was, but actually being here now makes it all different. "What are you here for?" I was asked at Passport Control. "A little football match," I replied. The a
Take Love Before It's Too Late: Story By A Family Member
10th grade As I sat there in English class, I stared at the girl next to me. She was my so called "best friend". I stared at her long, silky hair, and wished she was mine. But she didn't notice me like that, and I knew it. After class, she walked up to me and asked me for the notes she had missed the day before and handed them to her. She said "thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I wanted to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.11th grade The phone rang. On the other end, it was her. She was in tears, mumbling on and on about how her love had broke her heart. She asked me to come over because she didn't want to be alone, so I did. As I sat next to her on the sofa, I stared at her soft eyes, wishing she was mine. After 2 hours, one Drew Barrymore movie, and three bags of chips, she decided to go to sleep. She looked at me, said "thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her
The 21-year-old Was At The Heart Of The Majority Of The Hosts’ Forays Forward
A late goal from Paulhinho salvaged a 2-2 draw for Brazil in an entertaining friendly with England in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday.Brazil dominated the first half, but were kept at bay by England keeper Joe Hart. cheap jerseys Luiz Felipe Scolari’s men took the lead through Fred early in the second half, but then fell behind as England rallied, with goals from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wayne Rooney putting them in front.However, Paulinho intervened eight minutes from the end to stop the visitors from becoming the first side to beat Brazil on home soil since Bobby Robson’s England achieved the feat in 1984.Brazil dictated the game early on but did not create the first chance until the 17th minute when Barcelona full-back Dani Alves hit a long-range drive which swerved wide of the far post.That opportunity seemed to further Brazil’s confidence and only Hart prevented them from taking the lead, denying Neymar from point-blank range after the attacker showed gre
Gurgaon Packers And Movers For Easy And Simple Move
Moving from one place to another, whether it is for short distance or long distance, is not a fun chore; it is complicated and difficult. There are several unpleasant issues and difficulties in the process which may pester anyone. But the situation can be handled and made much easier & simpler by using services of one of experienced and knowledgeable moving companies or packers and movers. There are several professional moving companies or packers and movers in Gurgaon that may help with your move. They may provide you required services and right solution for your move. A good moving company will help with your move during entire operation handling your belongings, furniture, appliances and other valuable items with utmost care and skill. Your belongings will be packed correctly and transferred to your new destination door step timely and safely. Thus you will get full assistance in the move; and of course a peace of mind. Obviously, using services of one of experienced and good move
The Alexander Wang Louis Vuitton Outlet Large Emile
may look and feel awfully louis vuitton shopping bags Alexander McQueen clutches for your HolidaysAlexander McQueen holiday clutchesAlexander McQueen has a numerous clutches that are hard sided and lined within the outdoors in satin. These clutches feature brass knuckles on prime by the clasp closure providing the iconic, Alexander McQueen edge to otherwise traditional and formal evening clutches. Two clutches through the brass knuckle line specifically, are perfect to the Holiday season; one particular is a rectangle form accomplished in red and the other is much more of a box accomplished in black. Alexander McQueen's Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale brass knuckle clutches can very easily match a funds clip, two credit score cards, little set of keys and lipstick.Alexander McQueen also has two, origami inspired clutches which function a shape reminiscent of origami yet are produced from edgy, satin fabric using a pattern this kind of as Alexander McQueen's signature sculls.
New Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter
New Gingerbread Man Cookie CutterThese cookie cutter is made from Aluminum.Design of case/cups is as shown in the picture.Size(cm): 6.2cm(L) x 5cm(W) x 1.7cm(D)
For All My ''true Friends'' Out There
Just letting all my true friends know just how much you mean to me out there in fubar land and that i mean every word here and just wanted to show my appreciation to you but posting this blog to show ya thati do care and thank you for bein g my "TRUE FRIEND" i also want you to know i am your friend and care so this is the only way i know how is to send this to you........ hope you like what i done
A Letter To Just Talk
My dearest Mi Amore Amy, Nothing seems real any more without you.  Fianlly the other day I knew you were really gone.  So many emotions have flodded me.  I feel lost without you like a part of me has died with you.  I don't know how or if I will get back to where I was with you.  Honestly without you I don't know if I really want to.  Dan looks at me and he talks to me but if feels as if it is hard for him to do so and not remember and think of you.  At times I feel as though he has grown to hate the part of me that was you.  He is different now that you are gone.  I don't know if he will ever be the same and come back to what he had with me fully.  I'm scared Amy.  So afraid that living without you is not what you would really want.  There are days that I just want to end it all because I am so lonely without you.  I can't seem to look at anything now and get the same pleasure that I once did.  The planning of the wedding seems to be a chore.  Finding the dresses, even though mine ha
Is She So Gone That I Will Always Be Lost And Alone
To live without love of a true woman aches a lonely heart.  To know that once was is lost and forgotten.  To ache deep within your soul wondering if this is really what was to be.  Not knowing if her spirit still touches you.  To not have your day brightened with her smile.  Not hearing a voice as heavenly as angels singing.  It hurts to know the loss of one so young.  To know that a touch so longed for will never be.  To feel a pure heart begin to wilt as the roses no longer bloom.  To never carry through with promises of days anew.  Reality is escaping from what it once knew.  Leaving without a trace of love so true.  Slipping from the grasps of what was to be.  Wanting nothing no longer to last from inside of me.  She was pure and true and without a doubt the most amazing woman anyone could want.  She is now in the hands of angels that know her not. She is a stranger umongst a new place.  No one to hold her and take the place.  I should be with her and take her pain away. To never l
Brussels Fights Back In Greek Crisis Blame Game
The European commission on Thursday strongly defended its handling of the Greek crisis after the withering criticism in a report by the International Monetary Fund. Simon O'Connor, spokesman for Olli Rehn, the commissioner handling the €73bn 2010 bailout, said Brussels "fundamentally disagreed" with the IMF on two of the central points raised by the Washington institution – that Greece's debt should have been restructured at the very outset of the crisis and that the commission failed to do enough about structural reforms in Greece. Early debt restructuring, said O'Connor, could have triggered "systemic contagion" across the eurozone. On structural reforms, he added, "this is plainly wrong and unfounded." In an internal report released on Wednesday evening, the IMF conceded that a catalogue of blunders had been made in the dealings with Greece by the "troika" of officials from the IMF, the commission and the European Central Bank. The report accused the Europeans of bein
A Night Of Dream
I miss walking on the beach,       Let us stretch the fine sand bodies            Breeze surrounds us ... the smell of salt water ...                 To be the one that keeps me in your arms and love me reveal                     I close my eyes and go somewhere in a godforsaken place,                         On a deserted beach with lazy waves barely break the bank,                             If not wanting to spread the silence of the night                                 We're quiet on the cliff .. watching our girls play moon                            Drawing orange lights and shadows, feeling the breeze playing on the myriad of stars                                         We stop ... easily grab my hand and look at me long and silent                                             Heavy silence is broken occasionally by the cry of a seagull lost                                                I'm glad to let your presence I feel so strongly                                           
Color Of My Undies
Can you guess the color of the underwear i wear? If you're the first to give the correct answer that day .... perhaps i have a surprise for you. Remember: only ONE guess each day!
You're telling me to drink it,smoke it,shoot it,snort it... ah, fuck it !
Why Prism Should Not Be A Surprise
It annoys me that so many people are shocked that a program such as PRISM exists. Like the idea of the federal government monitoring United States citizens is incredibly outlandish and unheard of. Nobody should be surprised. This behavior is nothing new.Surveillance culture is a product of the Cold War. Just like how our military's size, readiness and resources has never really changed since the Cold War ended (only gotten bigger due to 9/11 and foreign conflicts), the foundation of our intelligence infrastructure has remained in a large part unchanged. It would be naive to think the surveillance culture that formed a large part of Cold War-era intelligence ended along with the Cold War.Then 9/11 came along and precipitated an expansion of both our military and intelligence agencies. New technologies have permitted easier data collection and aggregation on a scale that was impossible in the past. Because these intelligence agencies at their heart still function on Cold War principles,
Bayern's Champions League Win But Also To The So-called "barcelona's Law" To Continue
To celebrate the 150th anniversary FA, ??dedicated to this season's UEFA Champions League final arrangements held at the Wembley Stadium, if the law of the continuation of magic, then the next season's Champions League will be a part of one from Premier League team, I do not know then that Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal in which team will get the blessing of the goddess of fortune it? In addition to this magical laws, but Bayern's Champions League win but also to the so-called "Barcelona's Law" to continue, from the 2007-08 season, as long as the team to beat Barcelona in the knockout, then they will become the ultimate champion, Otherwise, it belongs to Barcelona champion. 2007-08 season, Manchester United out of Barcelona in the semifinals, then beat Chelsea to win the penalty. 2008-09 season, Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0 final ascent. 2009-10 season, Inter Milan beat Barcelona in the semi-finals after the final champion. 2010-11 season, Barcelona Ma
The Chinese Dragon Boat Day is coming. 
Secret To A Good Relationship
The secret to a good relationship is the ability to tolerate differences and embrace imperfections. The most compatible couples have great levels of patience and tolerance for each other. They strengthen their relationship by holding on to each other in worst circumstances. Although they disagree on various things they have an amazing understanding for each other. They face all their problems together and they are there for each other no matter what life throws at them. They just want to be together even though they have seen the absolute worst in each other. They don’t want to give up on each other even though they have put each other through hell. It is the wisdom, maturity, understanding, commitment and unconditional love that make a relationship work and last forever.
When I Say I Love You
When I say I love you, I embrace you with all your imperfections. When I say I love you, I am proud of you just the way you are.. When I say I love you I thank you for making my life so extraordinarily beautiful with your soulful and divine love. When I say I love you I strongly believe that we were paired in heaven to be united on earth and that my soul, my eyes and my heart were created to love you. When I say I love you my only desire is to grow old with you and love you till the end of time. When I say I love you I can feel you etched all over my heart and soul just like a tattoo. When I say I love you I mean that the soul in me honors the soul in you.
Giorgio Armani Has Always Been Willing
Giorgio Armani that whenever he engaged in a new charity when, just as the design of new works, that he is full of excitement.Christian Louboutin Pointed Toe Pumpsumps In 2004, Armani's love touched the charity sports field to Special Olympics athletes for the protagonist published a book called "Faces of Sport" books, all proceeds from book sales will be used to improve the quality of daily training Special Olympics athletes, improve the living standards of people with intellectual disabilities.Herve Leger Swimming Suit In the charity's long journey, Giorgio Armani has always been willing to pioneer a helping hand stretched to every corner of the world. September 21, 2006, Earl Scott Armani exhibition center in London for its latest masterpiece - "Product Red (red product)" series held a grand fashion show. Bright warm red exudes human solidarity and love, simple, elegant style reflects the sincere and frank personality.armani sunglasses Giorgio Armani conference full of deep feel
She Touched The Sky
Only a Memory    Tears trace my face, heart nearly broken.... reliving the day, I realized I was just your token. ****But memories can't harm me, memories don't last... I've already survived it all, memories are the past!**** Reaching behind me, touching the pillow now bare.... I hear again how you told me, that you didn't care. ****But memories can't harm me, memories don't last... I've already survived it all, memories are the past!**** Listening to messages, captured forever in my phone.... telling me you'd never love me, that I should leave you alone. ****But memories can't harm me, memories don't last... I've already survived it all, memories are the past!**** Picking up the razor, seeking to end the awful strife... I bled forth all the pain you caused, hoping my death would ruin your life..... ****But memories can't harm me, memories don't last... I've already survived it all, memories are the past!**** I didn't hear the razor fall, Didn't feel my body hit the floor.... I di
i am  new on here    cant seem to find  anyone  fom  my  neck of woods to chat with  make friends
6/10 - 6/16/13
                                      MONDAY'S JOKE                                       Bush, Cheney, Buck   Bush and Cheney went hunting, killed a giant buck, and were dragging it by the legs back to their car, when they were approached by a seasoned old hunter."Hello, Mr. President, and Vice President. If I may please make a suggestion... it would be much easier for you to drag your deer in the other direction. Then the antlers won't dig into the ground."The leaders of the free world thanked the man and tried his suggesion. A while later Cheney said, "You know, that was good thinking. This is a lot easier!""Yessir," agreed Bush. "But durn it! We're gettin' farther away from our truck!"   ********************************************************************                                       TUESDAY'S JOKE                                       All Politicians   A man is sitting on a bench in the park reading a newspaper. Suddenly he throws the paper onto the ground and yells
Mitch Moreland Aka “gambit” Of The Texas Rangers
Click to Read My Blog Mitch Moreland Mississippi State University and in 2007 he was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 17th round and man I bet they are glad they have that guy!Standing at 6’2 weighing 230 pounds and with only 3 years in the mlb altogether he’s on his way to becoming one of the best power hitters. I’ve seen him punish pitchers that kept throwing him crappy pitches either drive it up the middle towards the pitcher or watch it sail goodbye!
I Need A Big Pimpin Gift For Fathers Day
Looking For Help In Science,math Or Beyond? Click to read more A few years back I came across a website when I was learning math and found it to be the most helpful learning website I have personally ever seen. Is a very helpful tool it has a map kind of like a google earth of math. You can check where your at and what is your weakness and there are hundreds of math and science programs and coaches.
I Have To Continue Playing And At Chelsea There’s Cech Who Has Always Been A Great Goalkeeper
Courtois to stay at Atletico Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has chosen to stay on loan at Atletico Madrid for the third consecutive season, according to Sky Sports.Courtois, 21, joined Chelsea from Jupiler Pro League side K.R.C. Genk in the summer of 2011, but has yet to make a first-team appearance for the Blues, with Czech Republic international Petr ?ech currently keeping him out of the side. Chelsea jerseySince replacing David de Gea, the Belgium international has been absolutely magnificent in goal for Atletico. He has helped Los Colchoneros secure three trophies over the past two seasons: the Copa del Rey (2012-13), the UEFA Europa League (2011-12) and the UEFA Super Cup (2012).After speaking with Jose Mourinho, the Belgian has decided to remain in Spain, where he will be guaranteed UEFA Champions League football next season.“I’ve chosen to stay at Atletico,” said Courtois.“I have to continue playing and at Chelsea there’s Cech who has always
New York
I have to say it . New York State is one harder state live in . Every women comes here thinks grass is greener here it not. Its tuff living here but I been living OK . Maybe friends right I should stay off fubar for good find someone here local again . Most of women on fubar are pot heads or so fucked  up to get what this place is about .you want something work for it just not handed to you. I been doing it for 25years with no help. No family fall back on . Nothing just me been me . 
The Long Scientific Personality Test
INTJ -The Mastermind You scored 0% I to E, 32% N to S, 81% F to T, and 11% J to P! You are more introverted than extroverted. You are more intuitive than observant, you are more thinking based than feeling based, and you prefer to have a plan rather than leaving things to chance. Your type is best described by the word "mastermind", which belongs to the larger group called rationals. Only 1% of the population shares your type. You are very strong willed and self-confident. You can hardly rest until you have things settled. You will only adopt ideas and rules if they make sense. You are a great brainstormer and often come up with creative solutions to difficult problems. You are open to new concepts, and often actively seek them out.As a romantic partner, you can be both fascinating yet demanding. You are not apt to express your emotions, leaving your partner wondering where they are with you. You strongly dislike repeating yourself or listening to the disorganized process of sorting
As A First-choice Premier League Striker Over
May 2006. On a warm evening at the home of Manchester City, Liverpool's Under-18 side celebrated winning the FA Youth Cup. Perhaps, as they passed the trophy around and posed happily for photographs, these young players allowed themselves a dream or two of a Premier League future; of one day following Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher down the path from the club's academy to Anfield stardom.?That path, though, is fraught with obstacles. To make it requires not only ability, but also commitment, the right coaching and maybe a touch of good fortune. Seven years on, only one of the players on duty in that Youth Cup final is part of Liverpool's first-team picture - and he was playing for Manchester City that night.?liverpool jerseyIndeed, Daniel Sturridge almost denied Liverpool the trophy, scoring twice for a City side who narrowly failed to close a 3-0 first-leg deficit. The best player on the pitch in that second leg, Sturridge was tipped for big things. His journey since then from pro
I tightrope walk on rugged courseSeeking out my forlorn source.Love is found, yet never given.Thus begets a poet's rythm.I soup my soul into my rhymes,Trying to recognize my crimes.People come, yet never stay.Why must it hurt in such a way?This loneliness is so complete,That waking up's become a feat.Noone's fake, yet Noone's real.Is this what it's like to feel?I have this world, and all it's lies.Every day an Old One dies.Noone's here, yet Noone's there.Why must I be the one to care?I see the Pain, the Fear, the Hate.The End doth come, and I await.Noone lives, yet noone's dead.I wish that I were numb insteadSo that I might ignore the pain,And act as if I'm not insane.
‘Mad invader, eavesdropper’: China slams US after Snowden accusations     RTJune 24, 2013 The US has gone from ‘model of human rights’ to manipulator of internet rights, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party wrote. China has struck back at the US over its allegations that Beijing allowed NSA leaker Edward Snowden to leave Hong Kong. The damning article in the overseas edition of the People’s Daily, the party’s official newspaper, came in response to Washington’s accusations of the “deliberate choice by the government to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant.” Addressing Washington’s allegations, the People’s Daily wrote that China could not accept “this kind of dissatisfaction a
Packing Tips Checklist - Pack Things Correctly
You have decided to move to new place. Before you move to your new place you will need to pack your belongings yourself or use professional packing service of a moving company for safe transportation. Decision to pack things on yourself will help you save money but consume your time. You will need to invest your time and efforts in doing packing tasks. Proper and efficient packing is a key for a successful and damage-free move. A good packing tips checklist can be very useful helping you save time and efforts on packing operation and make it a lot easier and simpler. Have a look at packing tips checklist.    Get rid of junk items. Donate them or hold a yard sale to sell them.  Moving is the perfect time to get rid of unwanted items.  Make a priority list. Pack items first you do not use often.  Start packing up things as early as possible.  Calculate how many boxes and how much packing supplies you will need.  Make sure packing sup
Do Instant Domain Search
Searching for the domain name services, whether it is available or not is one of the important steps. The domain name registration is not only an important step but mandatory. Have you done with the instant domain search? It is absolutely free and it is more over important that you do the proper search domain name before you register the domain name. Why the domain name is so important? You must be thinking that why your domain name is so important for the website. The answer is that it is the website name rather the website identity so it is important that you should better try to create your own website identity. The name is something that should have the connection with the targeted customers.People should rely and understand your brand. The domain name helps a lot in the branding for your products and services. If you are thinking that the procedure of domain name registration is not so easy, then you are wrong. There are many web domain name providers which offer you
Forgiven Poem By Me :) Updated
ForgivenI will fly with You, I will soar with You. I will not fear because of You,  I will not be shaken because of You. You walk with me,  You know my heart, Your are epic, Your love is awesome.  I will fade away,  You will stay forever. ,I will be forgotten, You will take me home, I will be forgiven. 
Beauty Of A Sexcapade
... Around the county lake (overlooking the marine) in the back of a pickup truck (gazing at the stars) then again at a restroom of a diner (hittin' it from the back) just before the Hood of the car got hot (w/Motor Running) at Sunset by the pier (while the sun dances on the water) Next to a 5 star hotel (where the neighbors know your name) At the hospital (right after the birth of your newborn) With baby oil on a plastic covered bed (w/ a slippery when wet sign on the door) just what a man needs to say, whew!! Will you marry me?
Penny Matrix
JAMAICAN HISTORY I 1494-1692COLUMBUS TO THE DESTRUCTION OF PORT ROYAL The recorded history of Jamaica may be roughly divided into six periods: The first period may be said to date from Columbus’ arrival in the island in 1494 to the destruction of Port Royal in 1692. This covers nearly 200 years. But very little is known about the days when the Spaniards were masters of Jamaica. On the other hand, a good deal is known about the first fifty years of Jamaica as a British colony. The second period of our history extends from.the destruction of Port Royal to the abolition of the slave trade in 1807. During this time Jamaica flourished as an agricultural colony and became very rich. It reached the height of its prosperity just before the slave trade was abolished; that is, just before the British Government decided that no more slaves were to be brought from Africa and sold as private property The third
How To Pack Kitchen Fragile Items Correctly
If you have decided to pack your belongings on yourself then you must be expert in the job. You should take utmost care during entire process so that you can indeed provide safe, secure and professional packing to your belongings so that they can be transferred to your new place safely and timely. The biggest challenge in packing moving home is packing up kitchen items especially things who are fragile or can be easily broken and damaged. In this article you will get to know some ideas on how to pack kitchen fragile items correctly. It is certain that a kitchen has some fragile items such as glassware and crockery sets. You will need to pack these items very carefully as they are fragile in nature. You should use appropriate packing supplies and special boxes. Dish-pack boxes are ideal for packing up of fragile glassware, crockery sets, cups, plates, chinaware, etc. It is best to wrap each piece individually using neat and clean newsprint papers or bubble wrap before you put them down
Another Poem Extracted From The Chaos That Is My Mind.
 Rest EternalIn our life, we all struggleEach Step of every dayWe all face challenge and adversity.Everything we choose to doEveryone we speak tooIs a new connection.Every connection touchesWether a person, or a placeThat stays there, permanent.In Death, we find peaceOur burdens we layAnd rest, finally, in peace.When rest, we finally findPain and loss are leftFor friends and family.We hope their griefDoes not consumeThe lives of those we leave behind.Live, we wish we could sayCelebrate the memoriesOf the Good we did, and the joy we brought.Remember us as we wereFriend, family do not lose yourselvesIn grief at our rest.We found our peace, our restDo not grive overlyInstead, remember us.We now lie, at peaceAnd pray, for you, in your strugglesAnd wait, for you to at last to restAnd, in peace, eternal, together again.Joshua StrongMay 10th, 2012
Being A Grandma
love being a grandma my granddaughter my world she growing up so fast expecting my second grand child zack franklin cass in september i am so blessed and i love being a grandma looking back i thought this day would never come but now i hace Albina theresa marie cass- mcgarth even they share same mom but different dads  they are both love eual in my heart i would not to change this for anything it joy to be able to watch them grow up and become adults 
Robinho Bear The Brunt
After the news, Juve great sense of dissatisfaction with the Bianconeri a month ago on an agreement with Tevez, but the treatment is much higher than in Milan, € 6,000,000 + bonus, up to 800 million euros, so Huolabuqin sides please practice is regarded as shill means Marotta, Juventus general manager first time said he "Juve have an agreement with Tevez, will not adjust existing programs."cheap jerseys Juve dissatisfaction, but nothing, after all, Galliani Huolabuqin very good personal relationship with Milan, is by virtue of this human brand, to achieve the Bianconeri to overtake. However, this does not mean that Tevez would definitely join Heijun finalize the players after the Manchester City Galliani needs to get through a clearance. Blue Moon is Tevez bid 10 million -1200 million euros, want Argentines, Galliani must come up with the cash, money in hand, only to wash the existing lineup of budget financing. Robinho bear the brunt.AC Milan jerseys Right now most
Ibrahimovic Is Not Satisfied
Ibrahimovic unwilling to waste time or stay in Paris defected to return to Serie A Milan Just won the French championship for Paris Saint-Germain, the lineup Ancelotti leaves may cause instability. "Mediaset" reported that because of the coaching change problem, Ibrahimovic reluctant to stay in Paris Saint-Germain waste of time, he wanted to leave,cheap soccer jerseys they may return to Serie. Ancelotti Paris Saint-Germain last season, led the good record, after a lapse of 19 years led his unit won the French championship, the Champions League against Barcelona doing well. For Paris Saint-Germain, this is just the beginning of revival. However, the revival of the cornerstone Ancelotti select defected to Real Madrid. In the course of handsome, Paris St Germain met a lot of trouble, and finally only took the second choice of the former France coach Laurent Blanc. More than a media that just over candidates Blanc, Paris Saint-Germain and other hired Wenger took over in 2014. Look handso
Call To The Four Sacred Winds
I call to the East, where the Father ascends to all Mother Earth where life begins. I fly through the cedars, pines, willows, and birch as animals below me wander and search.  I call to the South, to the land down below. Turtle stands silent, as man strings his bow to hunt food and fur for his kin before snow. A life will end so others will grow.  I call to the North, that yansa once knew. I follow their path til it disappears from view. Once vast in number, there stand but a few. I hear only ghost thunder of millions of hooves.  I call to the West, to the ends of the lands, to the Tsalagi, Kiowa, Comanche ... all bands. Unite for the strength. Teach the young and demand that you are Nati
I Remember
I remember a time when i was happy...not this sad.. depressed person I've been of late. I wish I could be happy again, I feel every part of me in pain... my heart, mind, body and soul. I just rly miss smiling and laughing.. having someone tell me they love me.. being close to someone that im not afraid to talk to, fear of losing them. I haven't been myself in the past 2 weeks, feeling sick feeling alone begging this one person to talk to me.. while i lay here in tears. Leaving me in this world of limbo.. so I fucked up last night.. cause I was hurting and tired of feeling all the pain.. now i'm just in more pain then i was before. I'm just a lost soul... beautifully broken in a million pieces..... 
Hopefully I Can Continue The Form That I Left Off With Last Season At Birmingham
Norwich City F.C. have completed the signing of England Under-21 international winger Nathan Redmond from cash-strapped Birmingham City on a four-year deal for an undisclosed fee, according to Sky Sports. Redmond, 19, is the second important player to leave the Blues in the past seven days after defender Curtis Davies joined Premier League newcomers Hull City in a £2.25 million last week. The 19-year-old winger, who will be reunited with manager Chris Hughton at Carrow Road, cheap soccer jerseys is delighted with the move.“I’m very happy. It looks like a fantastic club, I’m just looking forward to getting started now,” Redmond told the Canaries’ official website, “I know that there is only one football club in this city and it has an excellent fan base. “[Chris Hughton] was very influential on my career at Birmingham. He gave me the chance to play and the chance to express myself every time that I stepped on to th
Wake Me Up
Feeling my way through the darkness Guided by a beating heart I can't tell where the journey will end. But I know where to start. They tell me I'm too young to understand They say I'm caught up in a dream Life will pass my by if I don't open up my eyes Well that's fine by me. So wake me up when it's all over, When I'm wiser and I'm older. All this time I was finding myself And I didn't know I was lost. So wake me up when it's all over, When I'm wiser and I'm older. All this time I was finding myself And I didn't know I was lost. I tried carrying the weight of the world, But I only have two hands. Hope I get the chance to travel the world, But I don't have any plans. Wish I could stay forever this young Not afraid to close my eyes. Life's a game made for everyone, And love is the prize. So wake me up when it's all over, When I'm wiser and I'm older. All this time I was finding myself, And I didn't know I was lost. Wake me up when it's all over, When I'm wise
Tirage Of The Tombol
The Horizon Tablet PC IdeaCentre incorporates a wireless mouse and keyboard for maximum comfort.www.myefox.frLenovo has also launched S11 IdeaPad Yoga, a hybrid between tablet and ultrabook that has very, very good pinta.Chaque année renouvelé, you festif au rendez-vous Pierre-trouille square, au c? Ur résidence The Clairière, à l 'invitation de l'association des Amis d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, des personnels de l'h? pital de Bigorre, est l'occasion d'un brassage of Residents, familles, personnels, associatifs de tous ages. à partir de 11 heures, samedi 15 juin, ouverture de nombreux stands vente d'objets confectionnés Tricot pour l'occasion par les Residents, le personnel, bénévoles them; ouvrages uniques, personnalisés, confectionnés et avec des talents couture savoir-faire , crochet, knitting, plus rares devenus aujourd'hui; stands bric buvette, patisseries, jeux, tombola, autant stand supports comme pour autant of récolter ensuite proposer des fonds et des animations, marquer des évé
Pellegrini Has Now Met Most Of His Squad For The Start Of A Pre-season Programme
City are beginning a new era under Pellegrini following the sacking of Roberto Mancini in May. Pellegrini has now met most of his squad for the start of a pre-season programme which includes trips to South Africa, Hong Kong, Germany and Finland.Kompany told the club's website:Wholesale jerseys "I think all of us have done some preparation work during the holidays because the guys look very sharp after a long break, so that's great. "It was also nice to start work with the new manager and I think his approach with the team today was really good."It's important now to try and improve on the last campaign and make sure that whatever the new manager brings in, that we try and make it our own as quick as possible." City lost their Premier League crown last season and were surprisingly beaten by Wigan in the FA Cup final, events which preceded Mancini's departure. But since then there has been change with, as well as Pellegrini's arrival, the club signing two high-profile players in Fern
Reserved For Unnamed Teenager Kaka Real Madrid Jersey No. 8 K8 Want To Go Have To Go Now
Real Madrid teenager Erie Yarra Mendy reserved number is currently worn by Kaka 8There are two new players have joined Isco and 卡尔瓦哈尔 finished at Real Madrid debut,cheap jerseys the new season they will be dressed in the 23rd and the 15th jersey La Liga campaign. According to "Marca" reported that Real Madrid also joined the Royal Society for the upcoming midfielder Ely Yarra Mendy ready jersey number, this number is Kaka is currently back on the 8th. "Marca" said the Real Madrid is working with the Royal Society for the Queen Yarra Mendy transfer negotiations will soon have the final result. This name after Ancelotti nod teenager in Italy Marshal's plan sequences ranking is more forward than Kaka,AC Milan jersey Real Madrid Kaka ready to set aside a No. 8 jersey to Erie Yarra Mendy. Monday's "Marca" used a version of the forum to introduce the current situation at Real Madrid Kaka, Real Madrid jersey the newspaper pointed out that Real
9000 Marriott Mourinho Hit Rooney! Chelsea Opened Five Years 60 Million Contract
"Daily Mail": Chelsea Rooney is willing to spend a total of 90 millionMourinho has put Rooney as their number one goal Although Moyes in his Manchester United coach [microblogging] after the first conference confirmed Rooney [microblogging] will stay with the team, but that did not dampen the powers poaching the England [microblogging] striker desires. According to the "Daily Mail" reported that Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging] still want to get Wayne Rooney, cheap jerseys and if he agreed to join the Blues, Abu will provide a total of 60 million high contract. Mourinho in the summer, has been hoping to reinforce Chelsea striker, but with Cavani landing in Paris, staying confirm Lewandowski Dortmund,AC Milan jersey available Mourinho have fewer and fewer choices. Rooney has become the number one target of the Portuguese coach. Although Moyes has announced Rooney left the team, but the "Daily Mail" reported that the differences between the two sides yet to be properly
Packers And Movers Delhi – Simple Tips For Trouble-free Home Relocation
Packing in long distance move is job that can not be ignored at all. It can protect your goods from being damaged in relocation and many other situations. However, packing is not as easy it seems. There are varieties of items available in a typical home and all of them must be packed in proper way and appropriate style. In this article we will discuss about some useful packing tips for common household stuffs published by an expert packers and movers of Delhi. First and most important thing in packing of household stuffs is having suitable and good quality of packing supplies. A first-rate packing supply will enhance protection of your goods during move. There are varieties of packing materials available in market and you can purchase according to the type and quantity of your valuable stuffs. Cardboard boxes, packing paper, wrapping sheets, labeling markers, tape and dispenser, moving blankets and rubber pads are some frequently useful supplies for packing of household goods. Before
Guidelines For Choosing Best Typical Handbag Supplier
When you look for for common purses on the On the internet, you are tossed a variety of look for that can easily baffle the inexperienced eye. However, those with the qualified ideas can identify which of those would be the most ideal for providing excellent provides and items of top top top top top high quality.The Most Unique CollectionHandbags are almost every woman’s most need. This is not all. It must be synchronized with the outfits as well as shoes. This results in the rumours that purses and purses can, by themselves, make a style declaration. This is not too far away from the simple reality these days when successfully synchronized purses and purses have identified a large system for themselves in the well-known customer market.The common organization that you deal with should be one who houses purses and purses of the newest styles that are in keeping with the market taste. Obsolete items will only provide a decrease to your organization. The option that the regular org
So I never count "Calories" or anything when I eat. Probably because I mostly eat fresh fruit & vegetables & they don't have a label. So I took the liberty of goggling all of my daily foods. to see how many Calories I actually eat. Because according to "DOCTORS" anyone between the ages of 19-30 should eat daily amount of 2,400 Calories. Come to find out I don't even eat half of that amount, my total is 888 Calories. This doesn't include my little snacks usually consisting of an apple or a slice of toasted bread with a nutella\peanut butter bread. So if I had to average out my Calories I would Say 1,000 which is still not even close to the "DOCTORS" proscribed amount of daily intake.BEFORE PROTEIN SHAKES748 Calories395.3g Total Carbohydrates102.5g Sugar34g Protein3,712mg Potassium209mg Sodium24.4g Total Fat62% Vitamin A125% Vitamin B-6217% Vitamin C9% Calcuim55% Magnesium42% IronThat's 1 Salad, 2 Bananas, 1 Avocado, 1 Bowl of Quaker Oats with Honey & 2 Baked Potatoes.2 Protein Shakes140
Rfid Chip
RFID Implants Are Real.Post by ~SureshotJoin us! thenwowillfailListen to our Radio show 5pm PST thenwowillfailA human microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit device or RFID transponder encased in silicate glass and implanted in the body of a human being. A subdermal implant typically contains a unique ID number that can be linked to information contained in an external database, such as personal identification, medical history, medications, allergies, and contact information.In 2002, the VeriChip Corporation (known as the "PositiveID Corporation" since November 2009) received preliminary approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its device in the U.S. within specific guidelines. The device received FDA approval in 2004, and was marketed under the name VeriChip or VeriMed. In 2007, it was revealed that nearly identical implants had caused cancer in hundreds of laboratory animals.[4]
Endure Suffering And Gain Wisdom
Have you ever goten tired of the way things have gone in your life. Sometimes do you wish you could just put youe head in the sand til it all passes. Well this is life and as humnans we arnt so furtunate. We have to face disappointment disaster and death daily. but there comes a point when you just have to say enough is enough and then it is up to you to change in order to to move forward. and the more we endure our suffering the stronger we become. hopefully we gain the wisdom along the way to not repeat the same suffering over and over. this is a sure path to repairing that wich is broken in ones self!
We Have Done A Lot Of Hard Work To Get Him Here
Jeremy Helan to Wednesday Sheffield Wednesday F.C. have signed former France Under-19 winger Jeremy Helan from Manchester City for an undisclosed fee,Wholesale jerseys Sky Sports understands. Since joining City from French side Stade Rennais in February 2009, Helan, 21, has spent time on loan at Carlisle United, Shrewsbury Town and Sheffield Wednesday.A number of clubs in the Championship were interested in Helan, including Wolverhampton Wanderers, but the player wanted to return to Hillsborough, according to the club’s manager Dave Jones. “We have done a lot of hard work to get him here,” said Jones.Wholesale soccer jerseys“Other clubs were aware of what he did here last season and wanted him on board, but he really enjoyed his time here and wanted to come back. “To get Jeremy on a permanent transfer represents a really good signing for the football club, and is a statement of intent because he is a really talented footballer. He is young and has a te
Battle Of The Bands
Listen to it... rate it... challenge your friends.
Alone In My Head (1997)
ALONE IN MY HEAD!     Alone in my head,I'm feeling so low,You wont understand,No one can know.My eyes are so tired, I can't sleep at night,A face haunts my dreams,When I turn out the light.It happened so suddenly, It happened so fast,I knew all at once, That none of this would last.Was I just a game?Was this all just for fun?Did my feelings matter, To anyone? "This didn't mean anything",That's what you said,As I was so shamefully,Getting up from the lonely ] bed.I held my head high,As I walked by your side,Tears welling up,I was dying inside.Weeks have passed,Keeping secrets, telling lies, I don't have the strength, To look either of them in the eyes. My heart has been betrayed,Not once, but twice,Once by my best friend,Once by the love I thought I knew.Deep down inside,I know it's my fault,So I'm just going to lock it, Away in my vault. Sometimes I still think I'm in a bad dream,When I'm lying in bed,Still all alone,Inside of my head.  
Fly~ Deep inside these bitter wall's cold steel rest's, a cage holding me here, locked on the outside I sit on my knobby perch, claws wrapped around tight, will I ever feel the wind under my wings again, will rain drops land gently on my feathers ever again, would my wings even flap anymore if I got the chance, why hold me, cage me, I'd look even more beautiful if I could fly  
Detailed Information About Adult Onesies
One can never be too old to own an onesie. It is true that most people have been wearing onesies when they were toddlers however it doesn’t mean that only babies are allowed the luxury of comfortable one piece footed pajamas. Adult animal onesies are rapidly gaining popularity and one can find many different styles and designs of these adorable costumes.Adult onesies have many names so one could have heard of them and not even known it. Most often they are reffered to as footie, footed or all-in-one pajamas. However nowadays one can find short-sleeved onesies as well as those that have shorts-like bottom.Onesies can be made of different materials, like fleece or cotton. However all of them keep one comfortably warm. They are designed to be loose-fitted so they are usually sized by height. Also most of the onesies are unisex so there is no big difference who wears which design.One can find a great variety of onesies’ designs available nowadays. Depending on your personal tas
Mike Zullo Talks About Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate On the Alex Jones Show     The smug liberal corporate media believes the “birther” issue is well behind us Infowars.comJuly 15, 2013   Photo: The Western Center for Journalism New Jersey police detective and lead investigator for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, Mike Zullo, appeared on the Alex Jones Show today to discuss new developments regarding Obama’s birth certificate.
Give You A True Tevez: Chum Never Forget That Piece For Drug Killed Slums
In the west suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina, there is a size too large slums. Here lived the poor people, rows of low dilapidated buildings crowded by the many dark alley separated, occasionally there will be old-fashioned cars from these litter on the streets through the air filled with garbage sewage mixed with pungent odor, cheap jerseys if you pass through here, the ear can always echoing loud cries and kids slapstick sound, all with blue sky overhead in stark contrast. Here called Fuerte Apache, where children play and was originally a place to grow, but since 20 years ago, drugs and violence will be enveloped here after the children's lives also will be destroyed. Yet it is from here, out of all the people of Argentina are so proud of the players Carlos - Alberto - Carlos Tevez, has for Boca Juniors in,AC Milan jersey Corinthians, West Ham United, Manchester United [microblogging ] [microblogging] and Manchester City [microblogging] [microblogging] effect after this
Mourinho Manchester United Wayne Rooney Like Voldemort Provocative Word Mentor
Mourinho's dark magicThe acquisition Rooney [microblogging] issue, Mourinho said that we will move in line with the way the rules operate. But having said that, Madman "dark magic" is still headed toward Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging]. Mourinho talked about Rooney's latest remarks, like a mentor, madman seemingly talking about his insights on life,cheap soccer jerseys but everyone knows what he is talking about Hualiyouhua. "For the players and coaches are concerned, the most important thing in football is the passion, joy, and a sense of belonging affiliated clubs." "To accomplish its mission, not only because you are paid, and not only because it is your job, but because you want to bring joy, passion and sense of things, this is the most important." "In 50 years, I have entered the life and career of the second stage, the most important thing is the inner feeling, Barcelona jersey I feel like I'm in a really special club, Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging]
Elle A Jugé Que Les Ligues De Baseball De Fantasy étaient Gratuits à Utiliser Les
Retour en 2005, CDM, une firme de baseball sport fantastique, a poursuivi la principale association League Baseball (représenté par Media Superior) pour celle appropriée pour travailler avec les joueurs? Les noms et les statistiques sans avoir avoir à payer des droits de licence. L'organisation sportive imagination remporté déterminée par le fait que les droits de premier amendement estiment que les données sont dans le domaine public et ne tombera pas sous le droit de séjour intellectuelle.En 2006, maillot de foot 2013,une situation comparable a été présenté à Saint-Louis. Cette fois, la juge Mary Ann Medler refusé de même entendre la situation. Elle a jugé que les ligues de baseball de fantasy étaient gratuits à utiliser les statistiques des joueurs et des noms en raison du fait qu'ils ne sont pas de la maison intellectuelle de Main League Baseball ou les associations de joueurs.Fantasy Football Les joueurs du site À propos de LawsuitA beaucoup de fans dans le blog-o-sphère so
Moving From Hyderabad With Help Of Professional Packers And Movers
Are you moving from Hyderabad to another city? If yes then you might like to hire services of one of professional packers and movers of the city in order to make your move easy and simple. You know well that moving home is not a fun chore; as it consists of lots of hassles, difficulties, issues, and some tedious tasks such as packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of goods. So; moving from Hyderabad with the help of professional movers and packers would be one of the best decisions you can take in relation to simplify the moving process and turn the situation into easygoing and smooth affair. If you have decided to use professional services on your move then you will see many companies in this city to choose from. They are providing a variety of services for safe and proper packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of your household belongings on your move. They will provide you full assistance and perfect packing moving solutio
Hire Legitimate Moving Company In Bangalore To Make Move Hassle-free
When you want to shift from Bangalore to somewhere else then you might like to hire services of a right moving company on account of proper packing and damage-free transportation of furniture, home appliances and other household effects. You know well that moving is not a fun chore. Hence; you have taken a right decision to use professional moving service of a moving company in Bangalore. There are several professional packers and movers companies or moving agencies in the city of Bangalore to choose from. They may help you on your move with great services such as packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, rearranging and warehousing of your household belongings. But you need to schedule your move with a legitimate, reliable and experienced moving company because you do not want to be trapped in moving scams which are common these days by inexperienced and unreliable companies. If you schedule your move with a right, experienced and legitimate moving company in Bangalore t
Cheap Domain Registrations From Lucky Cheap Domains
If any services are been named cheap then people start thinking it as of substandard quality or something. It is the same scenario for domain name services as well. To create a website, it is important that one needs to take care of so many things. Domain name registration is one of the most important things that we require to get done and it is one of the important and mandatory steps. The registration of the domain name should be done from a reliable register. It depends a lot which register you have chosen for the registration. Sometimes it happened that we get reliable registration and great services but prices are higher than the contemporary domain name providers.   You must be alert in these types of situation. You better consult some of the cheap domain hosting organizations. These companies offer some best services at affordable prices. It is important that you save your money while undertaking the services like web hosting and domain name registration. The cheapest domain na
Peta Virginia Defensive Mistake
Telecom Italia Cup: Milan 7-6 Juventus 1-2 Penalties negative sassuolo Penalties against Juventus, then lost to Sassuolo, it is important that in the two games, the team's performance and the satisfactory performance of individual players. The following are details of the current Telecom Italia Cup news: Milan - do not win the championship, but in 2013 Telecom Italia Cup we saw a lot of positive signals, Philippe Mexes, De Jong, Robinho's outstanding performance as well as the progress of young players, such as Petah Virginia. Milan 7-6 Juventus Telecom Cup opener between Milan and Juventus in Milan goals, 45 minutes of the match to 0-0 ends Milan a 7-6 penalty shootout win. Robinho Milan had a chance to get ahead, but his throw was Storari. The following is a penalty Milan and Juventus list: Milan: Robinho (goal), De Jong (goal), Philippe Mexes (goal), Perpignan (goal), Nocerino (wide), Bonera (goal), Traore (goal), Zaccardo (goal) Juventus: Vidal (goals), Lichtsteiner (to be s
Signing The Contract And The Subsequent Presentation
The 50-year-old, who led Newell's Old Boys to the Argentinian Clausura title last season but recently severed ties with the club, has agreed a two-year contract at Barca where he will replace Tito Vilanova.Barca announced on Friday night that the 44-year-old Vilanova was stepping down as he continues his battle with cancer. "FC Barcelona have reached an agreement to appoint Gerardo Martino as the new coach of the football team for the next two seasons . This agreement is pending the drafting and signing of the contract,''Wholesale jerseys a statement on read."In the coming hours [a programme will be planned for] his arrival in Barcelona, signing the contract and the subsequent presentation.'' A host of coaches were linked to the vacant position with the Spanish champions, including Luis Enrique, Andre Villas-Boas, Marcelo Bielsa, Michael Laudrup and Guus Hiddink, who yesterday resigned as coach of Anzhi Makhachkala.However, Martino emerged as the favourite over the we
Inter Milan Mourinho Purchased Chelsea Yaoxing Been Released Barca And Get People! Dug A Pillar
Tuoxi Er has come to the city of Milan, Inter Milan [microblogging] Yi Lord this is likely to finish, and with the White Tuoxi Er, another pile of the transaction have been temporarily cooled likely this restart, and that is with Indonesia descent Nayingelan,cheap soccer jerseys this 25-year-old midfielder could be sent to the Indonesian tycoon Inter's first gift. According to Sky Sports reported Tuoxi Er I intend to use this name as a player with Indonesian descent Inter Milan in Indonesia to promote a stepping stone. And before he took over DC United, it was the introduction of a 92 years-born defender Indonesian native Aramaic,Barcelona jersey and this scene is likely Nayingelan body to reproduce. And such transfer Isla currently at a standstill, Moratti has been unwilling and Juventus [microblogging] issues on Isla confrontation, but Inter Milan can still expect to continue to move, the 25-year-old the right wing has been Inter's first choice on the right. Juve now hopi
Manchester United To Buy A Small Law Jingxian Turn! Small Brokers Behind The Haunted Exposure Method Has Been Willing To Move
Daily Mail: Little France Tell a friend willing to go Manchester UnitedWestern media disclosure of broker Behind the scenes Manchester United manager David Moyes latest statement said, buy Fabregas deal "ongoing (ongoing)", discourse, cheap soccer jerseys Red Devils coach seemed quite confident. Prior to the signs that a small law I and Barcelona have turned down the move, why Moyes also make this statement? According to British media, the latest disclosure, a small law transaction has a turning point. Behind the scenes straining, is a small law agent Darren - Deen. Spanish media reports, Dehn eager to facilitate the transfer of small law, Barcelona jersey this has been behind the scenes pushing hands. Manchester United had a sudden a quote first time in the major British media have been published that Deen revealed the news, in order to give momentum transfer in Barcelona and small law after leaving the team attitude, brokers are still unwilling to give up. The latest tr
I Made A Big Mistake Geting Married 4 Time
as iam richard  from detroit mich and st petersburg fla and now iam in fort walton beach fla and i made a big mistake by geting married 4 times and iam  new on fubar here
Me Being Me
                                                 I want to just be me........ I want to play my music loud, Dress the way I want and some times yell at the top of my lungs. To go out and be strange or a  neerd and know that it is ok it is just me being me. to have love shin in my eyes and feel anything and everything that I want to. not to have some one try to fit me in some small box and tell me that I am doing it all worng. not being told to get my head out of the clouds or my nose out of a book.  To have one small silly thought fill my mind and doing it just to say that I did. to know that even me being me that there are people out there that still love me and even some that are proud of me. I want to reach for the stars and moon well I sing songs off key. To still go after lighting bugs in the summer and roll down a grassy hill. Not always having to be lady like and still can hang with the guys. To still talking to my self and making up silly songs. To not careing what
I Don't Understand Job By Garfunkel And Oates
Moving From Hyderabad Simplified By Packers Movers
Moving home can be daunting and stressful even of your life whether you are moving locally within Hyderabad or moving from this city to somewhere else. You will either need to do or make arrangement for packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of goods. The process can be enough difficult and complicated to pester you extremely. It will also consume your precious time. Rightly, moving home or household shifting is considered to be one of the most challenging and stressful events of life. But you can simplify the entire moving operation by using services of professional packers and movers companies. A right mover will provide you just right solution to all your moving needs with door to door service. And your move will be easy and simple. There are several professional moving companies or packers and movers in the city of Hyderabad that may provide you required services for making your move from Hyderabad easy and simple. They will provide full assistance
Complete Moving Solution By Packers And Movers In Bangalore
Hiring services of one of the right and experienced packers and movers companies in Bangalore would be one of the best decisions in relation to simplify moving operation; whether you are moving within Bangalore or moving from this city to somewhere else. There are numerous moving companies or packers and movers in the city of Bangalore to choose from. You can choose one for making your move easier and simpler. But make sure the mover is not only affordable but also reputed, experienced, reliable, registered and insured company in one word you can say it a legitimate moving company. A right mover will certainly provide you hassle-free execution of operation and turn the situation into easygoing and smooth affair. Almost all good movers and packers in Bangalore are providing a variety of helpful services for household shifting and other kinds of shifting situations such as office shifting, car transportation, residential relocation, corporate relocation, industrial shifting and overseas
Abercrombie Fitch Promises To Keep You In Style
Fashion conscious people pay sheer attention on picking up fashion accessories for themselves. They are pretty much choosy in terms of stylizing and accessorizing. There is nothing wrong in spending time and money, in order to keep yourself in style, as there is a great importance of dressing up. People love to step out of their homes in full style. Therefore, you should not keep yourself a step behind from anyone else. There are so many fashion houses, which have been offering some really trendy and latest garments, shoes, handbags, fragrances and various other accessories. It means that you are living in the world of fashion and glamour. Among all the brands, Abercrombie Fitch is one of the most demanding, renowned and popular ones. Abercrombie & Fitch outlet online This brand has been offering some really trendy garments, for men and women. The demand for the products of this brand is pretty much high in young people. This brand pays sheer attention on designing and manufacturing th
Fear Of Love
Fear embraces like a warm blanket, hiding the invisable bruises that linger. Silent tears fall, for love has been so unkind. Abused and broken, holding on barely by a thread. Wishing to love and be loved, with out the fear of being harmed. Longing to feel a caress, not the abusive blow of a hard fist. Just to have a love, that doesnt cause pain.  
Your Eyes....- Author Unknown
Your eyes won't let my thoughts go back to sleep.Your words draw me across 2000 miles.I don't know you at all, and yet I knowYou better than my friends of many years.  The days I spent with you are like a tapeI play, rewind, play, rewind, and play.Whenever I remember something new,I feel as though you touched me on the cheek. I miss you as the grass awaits the wind,Or as the morning sky awaits the sun.Although I look for you in every doorway,I find only the darkness in my heart.
Great Gifts For The Baker -
You are buying 15PC Brown Letter Baking Paper TrayThese classy muffin cups are made from food grade paper.Diameter of the case/cups is about 9 cm at the base,10.3 cm at the top,and height of the case/cups is about 3 cm.
Who Am I
"Who Am I" Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth Would care to know my name, Would care to feel my hurt? Who am I, that the Bright and Morning Star Would choose to light the way For my ever wandering heart? Not because of who I am But because of what You've done. Not because of what I've done But because of who You are. I am a flower quickly fading, Here today and gone tomorrow. A wave tossed in the ocean. A vapor in the wind. Still You hear me when I'm calling. Lord, You catch me when I'm falling. And You've told me who I am. I am Yours, I am Yours. Who am I, that the eyes that see my sin Would look on me with love and watch me rise again? Who am I, that the voice that calmed the sea Would call out through the rain And calm the storm in me? Not because of who I am But because of what You've done. Not because of what I've done But because of who You are. I am a flower quickly fading, Here today and gone tomorrow. A wave tossed in the ocean. A vapor in the wind. Still You hear
Barack The Magic Negro - The Authentic Version
Obama Sucks (original Song)
i lay here awakeas you sleep thousands of miles awayi bring this cigarette to my lipsand my hand shakesi watch as the light and smokeengage in a silent intimate dancethe smoke swirls around meand i'm pulled into a worlda dream world in my mindi smile as i think of youand all the things you do that make my soul dancedance with the smoke and the lightmaking a whirlwind of perfectionin an instant the cigarette is out with a protesting sizzleas i drop it into the make-shift ashtray-a can of old pepsii switch off the lightand i'm pulled into the darkdark where you are notthis is my favorite time of the nightwhen i can close my eyes and dreamto make you realmake you real..
To Ease The Pain
an angel criesas she sits on the mountain of facesbleedingcorrupted youthbrainwashed at birththe angelso perfectcries for youcries for meand nowshe will die for ustaking the drugswe prescribed herto help ease her painan angellooks over a sea of faceslooking for the hatethats born inside of youthat feeds off youthat eats away at your soultil you're just like herfilling the emptiness upwith drugsthat we prescribe for youto help ease your painyou sit...on a mountain of facesbleedingcorrupted youth..
Your Walls
you put your walls upto block out the worldyou were so afraidwhen i put my hands upand knocked them all downi am the holes in your wallsthat you look throughwhen you're feeling not so scaredwhy are you so petrifiedof the world outsidei wandered away from you for awhilei come back againand i cant see you anymoremy strength has dwindledi cant push down your walls any longer
My, Personal, View On The Movie/book Series "beautiful Creatures".
I saw "Beautiful Creatures" the other day for the first time. (I know I know. Some of you out there are saying "That is really old news." But I really had no intention of watching it at all. I only needed it to see it for research purposes for a book I am writing.)I admit, as a Christian, I am bias in favor of the Christian faith and totally against witchcraft. But, despite that, I began to watch it with an open and non-judgmental frame of mind.I honestly wanted to find the best in it. I was hoping that, even though it appeared to be all about witchcraft and against everything I believed in,  the movie was only going to use witchcraft as a theme to show the triumph of good over evil. But, I felt it did anything BUT that. I know that some of you out there are going to say "well, that depends on your definition of 'good' and 'evil'. " While I don't have the authority or the right to judge what others believe in, I do have the right to stand up for what I believe in and be greatly offende
Sometimes when we’re alone I’m so transparent, Like you’re looking through me, (Just like I knew you could) And you don’t seem to mind   I’m stumbling over words, I’m tripping over my feet, I’m telling you things I shouldn’t repeat, And you’re standing there with a smile on your face   Why am I trying to so hard? Am I ever going to be yours? Will you ever be mine? (You’re driving me insane)   I’m far too nervous, And far too shy, To show you how I feel, But the longevity of this situation is bleak, And I’m starting to feel weak, As our eyes meet and our hands start to touch  
What I Seek In A Friend
Potential is not whats we hope for in someone. Potential is the seed which is seen!
Of App Crashes.
look from reading around this is the conclusion i came to, the tablet is great in every department aside from wifi and battery life, and i can vouch for that too, the official final FW is the 4.0.3 but there is also a beta that seems to help with the perfomance 4.0.4, there is also 3 modded firmware that also offer better performance wich are AOKP, CM10 and CM10 + tweak, the latter is still maintained but the two other are not as Christian Roy as moved to a new SoC and no longer takes care of them, note that those are note official FW and can contain weird bug from time to time .... also lots of game seem to be buggy or totally not working on this tablet.i totally agree with you, i feel like throwing 200 € (price of tablet + custum taxes + delivery expenses) on the trash.A few weeks ago i bought the new xperia tablet s, ok it's dobble the price, but it's not a piece of * oops like the sanei / ampe. Never again i will try a cheap chineses thing.efox-shopI try also different roms fo
Im A Hopeless Romantic!
U a beautiful woman. Soft, sexii and full of love.... U have yo freaky side but without a doubt yo body should still be soothed, heart eased. Is not yo heart part of yo body? my love longs for U. my body lust to make passionate porn sex... sucking on yo boohole from the back milking yo pssy wit cum dripping from my chin. while U reach behind u to pull my face deeper in yo as. cumin over & over agin. suckin the juice from each lip. U cry out in pleasure. moaning come here baby then jackin my dick while looking me in my eyes. U take the head put it in yo mouth nibbling, sucking, deep throating, I take my thik dik from u. u pout & say but it taste so good. I  slap u with it. U  say umm & begin to smile. I say I love a pretty smile on my dik. then froce it in yo mout. U try to make me cum, but it only gets harder & longer. it excites U. wit my thumb in yo booty I take my dik out yo mouth & push it in yo pssy.... I feel yo walls throbing on my dik. wit err stroke I release small doses of cu
Milan Had A Disappointing Season
"Football Market News" as Handanovic estimated 24 million euros worth in the goalkeeperBayern Munich jerseyposition Guanjue Serie A this summer, with the impending loss of constantly Valdes Barcelona rumored, these are the largest Handanovic affirmed. Spent untold on a successful season, Handanovic with the team is getting better each run, who in July had just celebrated his 29th birthday goalkeeper in the new season will still be Inter Milan goal before the most reliable protection. AC Milan believe Ljajic father's determination to lead a key step that he is more biased AC Milan,cheap soccer jerseyscan affect the final decision to Ljajic, AC Milan hope that the arrival of the father, to break the current deadlock, which undoubtedly is the trump card. Della Valle family is forced Ljajic said we should leave to the end of the season, even if the last free to leave the expense. Handanovic just with Inter Milan had a disappointing season, despite the team's performance is not satisf
Animal Onesies For Adults
If you want to show your unique style on a party wearing an animal onesie may be the right way to go. Those costumes are comfortable to wear and they will let you relax and enjoy yourself fully while looking nice and original.Actually onesies are a type of one piece costumes for babies. They are comfortable for little ones and their parents because they are designed in a way that makes it easy to change diapers on a child and they don’t hinder baby’s movement.Adult animal onesies look a lot like the baby ones, just bigger. They are loose fitting and designed to represent some kind of animal. They usually have hoods with ears or even masks of animals that can be pulled over the face so it would become a complete animal costume. If you don’t feel like wearing something over your face or want to have a more life-like mask you can just pick an onesie with a hood that covers only forehead.If you are a positive and happy-go-lucky sort of person, or at least want to make suc
Two Becum Three
Deep black sleep , and I'm clawing my way up to awareness , part of my brain is hearing " Wake up Anabella " it seemed far away but I was pulling up my thoughts and moved my hands , all I could feel is the satin I was laying on and wood around me & above me . Where am I now ..... Then I can hear Carolines voice in my head , " don't be scared it's alright ", I'm coming to you now . I heard like the sound of a door opening but not ! , dim light was coming to my eyes now and I saw Caroline standing beside what I was lying in , A Coffin , she took my hand and I floated up out of it . It's ok , don't freak out , John & I are like this too. What are we , I asked ? We are the undead , now and forever .  How ? she giggled and instead of speakin with her mouth , she thought it and I would hear her. oooh fuck me raw, there's only one word that I could think of and it was VAMPIRE. But I loved the fact that I was so calm and not scared. So now I have become a child of the Night for real.....That's
Game Avatar For Android, Iphong, Java
RPGs on the citizens of the city is completely different magic. Tai game Noikia phone, android and IOS. The full version free avatar game that you are playing, still hesitate, download avatar the game and with that experience!     Avatar is a top game farm. When players participate in the virtual city to live with the young people in all parts of the country that are online on their mobile phones. In the game you are able to express themselves, get your friends together and play another, express affection, participate in animal husbandry, farming, fishing, playing mini games within games Avatar ... etc.In addition, the game also attractive because the activities of labor and material by cultivation, animal husbandry, fishing. As well as recreational activities in the area of integrated mini games such as checkers, chess, folk games.     tai avatar When you decide to participate in game avatar community, you will experience many activities such as: create the character yoursel
Matsushita, Or Will Abandon The Smart Phone Business
Japanese electronics giant Matsushita's "downsizing" has a new action plan. On Tuesday, Panasonic android 4.1 phones has informed the Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo, which will cease from this autumn as NTT DoCoMo supply of new smart phones. This is considered the rejection to the Panasonic smartphone "burden" of a signal. In July this year, Panasonic mobile phone business department official said in an interview that the company Q2 mobile phone sales have plummeted due to NTT Docomo has adopted a new marketing strategy to sell more discounts due to Sony and Samsung smart phones . Previously, NTT Docomo has said publicly that this summer will focus on selling Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy S4 Panasonic released by the end of July this year, a quarterly filing, the company's weakness in the yen exchange rate movements and corporate pension plan adjustments, net profit reached 107.8 billion yen, but the industry that this figure mostly by "downsizing" to complete, the company
Rooney Moyes Refused Entry! Community Shield Did Not Train Him Into Reserve
Rooney drive to Carrington TrainingMoyes refused to let Rooney Memorial Tournament appearances in Ferdinand Opening from the Premier League just a week's time left, but Rooney [microblogging] the fate of the problem is still Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] the biggest question mark in the summer. "The Sun", "Daily Mirror" and the "Daily Mail" and the latest British media reports, Rooney has already begun training with Manchester United reserve team, cheap jerseys and his prospects in the Red Devils have not come to a clear answer. Rooney local time yesterday morning drove to Carrington training base, chubby looks somber, did not seem happy. Deep transfer rumors Rooney not yet been able to determine their own future, which will undoubtedly make him feel a bit frustrated. According to the "Daily Mirror" reported that Manchester United team at the end of warm-up in Sweden after the release of a little fake, but Wayne Rooney came to Carrington this time is to
Diamond Wine Importers
In this tasting, at least, the growing pains seemed to be a thing of the past. Instead, we found consistently well-made wines, and we especially liked those from Santorini, made entirely or primarily of the assyrtiko grape. These Greek Wine in particular show pure briny, mineral flavors, as if they were the concentrated essence of millions of tiny seashells. Not once but several times during the blind tasting a comparison was made to Chablis, which cuts a similarly saline profile The finest red variety of the Northern Greece. Depending on the time of maturation, it covers a wide range of tastes and nuances of red. Ksinómavro variety is one of the great divas of the Greek vineyard. It is capricious, demanding, and difficult to deal with, both in the vineyard and in the winery. The grape is capable of producing wines of stunning character and individuality and extraordinary complexity, with a seamless combination of intense extract and sheer finesse.
Chapter 1, Verses 1-10
The First Book of The Wenis: Chapter: 1, verses 1-10 Therefore in those days, The Great Wenis did observe the Darth COK and saw that the COK was indeed without an helpmate. Now this troubled the Wenis greatly, for even as much as the Darth COK was faithful and just, evermore spreading the Love of The Wenis, he was himself without. So the Great Wenis did set out to create such an helpmate for the faithful Darth COK. It was then that the Wenis did send a deep slumber upon the Darth COK, so deep as so the COK would not arise, YEA even if stroked heavily by the Evil BONGS. And the Darth COK did fell into the deep slumber of the Wenis. The Great Wenis did then seek a strong and mighty vein from the Darth COK and set forth to create an helpmate for him. And such an helpmate was created that the vast lands of the Wagina hath never seen. ALL of the inhabitants of the Wagina marveled at the creation of the helpmate the Mighty Wenis hath therefore created. And then the
Murray Happy Out From The Social Entertainment Return To Tennis
ATP Masters 1000 tournament in Cincinnati wholesale nike jerseys open soon will be intense competition for, fight big four neatly. And Murray will be tournament the second seed second round against Russia names Mikhail Youzhny, while Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal also inside the bottom half. At a news conference prior to the game are second on the globe admits more us open results, as well as doesn't exert excessive pressure on myself this week. Concurrently he was quoted saying he was very happy to go back to the tennis court, while disengaging a fast paced social entertainment."This really is once new of experience, therefore i also not know I most certainly will will has what of reaction," in Southwest Consortium open of race Qian reporter met will Shang, beauty network defending champion Murray on up themselves of first times large slam defending of Brigade Shi admits: "you know of, (beauty network during) I most certainly will live in and last year same of hotel, i will attempted
Cummercial Funding For Your Next Deal$$$
Loans of $500K and up.No SFR.Commercial loans only.
Cyber Attacks
Cyber Attack Against Establishment Media Next Phase in Never Ending War On Terror     Kurt NimmoInfowars.comAugust 15, 2013   Lone wolves, pesky hacktivists and other villains will take down Operation Mockingbird assets. Back in May, 2010, before Edward Snowden and the unmasking of the NSA,
Market Survey Function Machine Is About To Be Out Of The Market
TCL Group, last night released a 2013 semi-annual report. During the reporting period, the company android 4.2 phone achieved operating income of 39.062 billion yuan, an increase of 31.47%; net profit of 1.066 billion yuan, an increase of 122.20 percent, of which attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 627 million yuan, an increase of 121.93%. Notice that the growth is due to its full-capacity production Huaxing power marketing, and communications business in the second quarter of profitability. According to TCL Communication's semi-annual report released yesterday on the HKEx, communications businesses achieved sales revenue during the first half 5.123 billion yuan (HK $ 6.407 billion), an increase of 23.97 percent (25.79 percent growth in Hong Kong dollars), a loss of 166 million yuan (HK $ 207 million ). Notice that the first wave of companies to benefit from a competitive midrange smartphone products in the global launch of the second quarter, T
I wonder what its like to be strong? i wonder what do those words truly mean? I have thought for many years and searched my soul for the answer and I still havent found an answer yet. Why do I want to be stronger? What am I chasing after? Why would I do so much to try to get there? What am I willing to give up to get there? Wouldn't it be easier to just relax and let it all go? Not have to try to push myself anymore? All of these questions have run through my mind many a times but one thing always stands out above all and that's PERSEVERE. I have a strength that will burn brightly that I must quench the thirst for it. I have to become stronger to be where all the other strong people are. I want to surround myself with people that are like minded as me. I have to have their acknowledgement to allow me to be with them. I have to continually push myself to the limits. Srength, Destiny, Ambitions,Virtues, Belief, Honor, Pride, Character, Resolve, Embrace the Suck, Time Heals All Wounds are
Athena And The Godaddy
The Sweet Athena Riskie was at RK Motors in the Heart of Charlotte North Carolina Looking at a 1970's Dodge Challenger Resto Mod and i just happened to be at RK Motors Charlotte on the same day looking at a red 1999 Pioneer MCI Champ Car #24 and while i was looking at the car i noticed the Beautiful Athena and i walked over to her and said well hello there you look so Beautiful! and Introduced myself to her and said my name was "Ricky Bobby" A.K.A The GoDaddy and she said that was a cute name and she said would you like to get a Drink at Howl on the Moon! while we're at the Howl on the Moon drinking a few Beers i ask Athena how did you get into Modeling and she said it was a long time passion for her and that she had done it for years and that its a nice carrier! and before we had left the Howl on the Moon to go back to RK Motors! Athena said would you like me to drive you back to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in my new Dodge Charger Resto Mod and i said sure! Athen
Nice Photo
To All The Ones....
(To all the ones that try to resist me... to change me... to push me away... to bring me all the ones for whom I became their own darkness... their uncomfortable mirror... their master... to all the ones that became mine... May forgiveness enter our world to understand there is nothing to forgive... may compassion replace it... may gratefulness enter... may love follow it and do the alchemy)Here I am... here I am... No apologies... no disrespect... no harm intended... instead let me gift you with a song... hear me out... hear me shame in whom I do not reach me through your reach me through your hearts... through your actions...I am on a stairway to love...I do love your hand on my back... we are all in our own is through your arms... through your songs and sounds...through your smiles and shinning nature you lift me... please do not try to fix me...please do not put me down... do not make me wrong... there is something wild in me... and
Arsene Wenger: Most Major Stars Is Proud To
Conversations about Wenger's transfer campaign questioned finally got mad. In the Champions League Qualifying press conference this morning, Arsene Wenger used a series of skeptical verse choking sound. But while Wenger are disciple of suffering, formerly of Tony Adams now in the parade: "Arsene Wenger not far from retiring, so I am absolutely willing to pick up the baton, but I'm not sure the lineup to win the ball." "About football, cheap nike nfl jerseys,the most important thing is the quality of the game. Another thing could be the kitchen of the media, but it is not required for football. I want to reiterate that the arsenal is my master for 16 years, transfers have done a good job. , "Wenger told the press that," If you pay attention to the formation of the arsenal, you'll find that they're all best players. I don't think whenever others than yourself well, Arsenal fans are proud of what we have. ” Wenger was previously coach of Newcastle for 10 million pounds bid to buy
ETERNAL   I am still thinking What kind of risk Am I taking? Will I fail? Or will true love Prevail? My sweet piece of heaven This heart cannot take it But I have fallen I feel so silly I'll be yours truly For all eternity Through thick Through thin Together we have The ability To be infinity Forever and always Love for all days My soul is screaming I must have been dreaming I can almost feel you breathing I am awake every night Looking for the light But it has been here In front of my face I cannot believe it My heart is set to race Whenever I see you I need to embrace I know that I am ready After going steady To give you everything Even perhaps Longevity. Passion in her eyes Trying to hypnotise Please do not apologise If only you would recognise That I cannot disguise You give me butterflies Every fiber of my being is in love with you To you I will always be true Your very presence Has lit a fire in my heart I shall need an audience To show my love as an art Well now I have don
4500 Pounds! Manchester United Real Madrid Kaka Packaged Exposure Has Been Prepared On The 7th The 9th
Manchester United hope to pack Buy Ozil KakaMoyes still top midfielder to join efforts to promote Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] in the summer transfer market behave like a backwater, seeing Tiago, Fabregas and Marouane Fellaini are farther and farther with Old Trafford, David Moyes and Manchester United executives have some sit still. According to Spanish media,cheap soccer jerseys "World Sports Daily" reported that Manchester United Real Madrid eyeing new targets [microblogging] binary star Kaka and Ozil. First broke the news that the Spanish media "World Sports Daily" and the German media, and in then British "Daily Express" and ESPN and so were reproduced. Spanish media said that in Buy Bell [microblogging] and Fabregas hopeless case, Manchester United have switched to a new goal,Barcelona jersey they intend to 4,500 pounds of packaged Buy . According to the "World Sports Daily" reported, with Isco join, Bell will also be in Madrid in front occupy an
My Escape
Waiting for the night That I can escape From this hell of a life that i live day by day. Escape to your arms Away from the world Up above all else I wanna be your girl. Jump in the van The radio loud Roll the windows down Forget the crowd. Forget the pills Forget the cash Forget I'm nothing But a piece of ass. 
Moments all have their meanings... The secret to my constant happiness is the ability to enjoy life as I receive it, without the cares of tomorrow or the burdens of the past..." ~ 
Just Thinking
well i am just thinking here. Alot going on and just hoped to be kept in prayers.
The Girls In The Choice Of Bags Also Have A Certain Upgrade
Bag is essential for every girl, in the new year approaching, the girls in the choice of bags also have a certain upgrade, followed the trend pace is very important! So, small series will introduce you to several 2013 new Hermes handbags, and go look at Oh!The Hermes( spell color canvas shoulder messenger bag is 2013 latest bag, sail Buppee manufacturing, wearable and durable, although very simple. But does not affect the sense of fashion, mixed colors style design is very fashion, on the whole is very good!2013 newest Hermes leather palm hand diagonal package is your choice of fashion! Manufacture of leather material, smooth surface, waterproof effect is very good, wear-resistant and durable material, the bag is also a large space that can hold a lot of things for you.A variety of different colors so you pick! Can be portable, you can also Jiankua, very convenient, they can freely adjust the yo! Such a carrying bag walking down the street you set is the most fashion
Explain Dedicated Web Hosting Server!
In the industry for web server hosting, the dedicated server is the best name that offers you with ultimate satisfactory result with great services and the best support. Why many people like and dreams of taking the dedicated server? There are so many reasons that people think of taking the dedicated server for their websites. The first and most important thing is a dedicated server implies of complete freedom in cheap hosting. It offers you enough privacy and your server are connected only with you and not with several web sites. It is a strong advantage that you do not share the hosting server with several web sites. There are no limitations on services as you get complete dedication of your hosting server for your website. you can avail with enough web space, enough band width, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited databases and many more things which are completely dedicated to you. Likewise, if we compare the dedicated server with a shared hosting server then we can say that in a
Heroes - Alias
A man has his own way Each moment in time The innocence of a child In his eyes Moments they were precious few My memories of you Answers are hard To questions of the heart Can't hold you, please hear me I'll tell you that I love you Can you see me? Are you listening In heaven above? A champion, a hero A star in the sky Hurray for the hero The hero in all our hearts, oh A castle, a strange emptiness An unbroken bond With strength and forgiveness For memories of the heart The world revolving each day A king and his queen A place for a hero In everlasting love Can't hold you, please hear me I'll tell you that I love you Can you see me? Are you listening In heaven above? A champion, a hero A star in the sky Hurray for the hero The hero in all our hearts A champion, a hero A star in the sky Hurray for the hero The hero in all our hearts, oh The world of so long ago Was so different then But keep it together We'll make it, he's made it to heaven A champion, a hero A star in the sky Hurray fo
Single And Hatin It
Just venting...... I have been single long enough....For 3 years now i have been down and out.  Wondering why the woman i was going to spend the rest of my life with left me.  no rhyme no sucks.  She left me for a guy that beats what the fuck did i do?  everyday that question haunts the crap out of me...can't sleep...can't mind goes off on tangents!!!  The old adage "nice guys finish last" might be true.  Maybe i should start being a dick to everyone...maybe treat people like seems to work from my view.  Who fuckin knows...What i do know is i'm tired of being single...tired of not being able to laugh as much as i use to. Tired of not being able to share what i have...who i am.  I'm far from perfect, but who is.  Again...just venting...tired...running out of options from where i sucks!!!
Love Is Longing And Longing, The Pain Of Being Parted
Love is longing and longing, the pain of being parted; No illness is rich enough for the distress of the heart, A lover's lament surpasses all other cries of pain. Love is the royal threshold to God's mystery. The carnival of small affections and polite attachments Which litter and consume our passing time Is no match to Love which pulses behind this play. It's easy to talk endlessly about Love, To live Love is to be seized by joy and bewilderment; Love is not clear-minded, busy with images and argument. Language is too precocious, too impudent, too sane To stop the molten lava of Love which churns the blood, This practicing energy burns the tongue to silence; The knowing pen is disabled, servile paper Shrivels in the fire of Love. Bald reason too is an ass Explaining Love, deceived by spoilt lucidity. Love is dangerous offering no consolation, Only those who are ravaged by Love know Love, The sun alone unveils the sun to those who have The sense to receive the
Y Is It?
when a man is honest in what he expect, get ignored, approach u respectful, get ignored. want to fulfill all manly duties wit U .from helping wit kids to bills ect. get ignored. I want U to know! I'm gone keep being a man. A blessed man, for I know my worth! U just keep gambling looking for that tv dude. don't wanna work, lay around eating yo kids food. Added presure on U, cuz u got a man a lot of women want,they got him! U just don't know. then U take bagage to the next man. God give u knowledge. U selfish! U get what U want according to what u need... Guess U needed him to sex yo friend in yo bed, several times. Cuz yo had faith in him! lol... U put something before God ? U deserve what U get. many times over. Yo flesh don't mean U no good from the day U came into this world. It was governed to destroy U. Yes U is yo own worst enemy! In the time we are here. It's all bout God, yo will & building yo spirit! yo body which is yo flesh was only designed to house the soul & the spirit in
Ahl Added A Single Goal
Matej Stransky scored twice as the Saskatoon Blades beat the visiting Kootenay Ice 5-2 on Saturday in Western Hockey League play. The 19-year-old winger has now scored in seven straight games and has 10 goals in the process. In 34 games, Stransky has 21 goals and 43 points, which is good for second in scoring on his club. Nathan Burns had a goal and two assists for the Blades (19-14-1), who have won five games in a row, and Darren Dietz had a goal and an assist. Matthew Pufahl added a single goal for Saskatoon while Josh Nicholls chipped in with two assists. Nicholls is on a six-game point streak, which includes seven goals and seven assists, and his 26 goals and 44 points in 33 games leads his club. Luke Philp and Zach McPhee scored for the Ice (10-21-1), who dropped to 3-10-0 on the road. Alex Moodie stopped 25-of-27 shots for his fourth win of the season as Mackenzie Skapsky made 36 saves in a losing cause. Saskatoon was successful on the power play as it went 3 for 6 wh
You Don't Know Me
Tired of being judged. Invited to a "friend's" house for dinner. They felt it was time to get to know us. We talked about everything where we grew up, our childhoods, & many other things. Ever since that dinner, the attitude has changed, we are barely spoken too. Listen, my sister & I never asked for what we were dealt. My sister never asked to have seizures & to be on medicine all her life or to need a caregiver. I never asked to be hated & abused growing up. I never wanted the monstrous things to happen to me, but they did. That doesn't make me a monster. You judge me & you never take time to really know me or my sister. I take care of my sister. I am trying to help her get her dreams. Yes, people that have special needs have dreams & they have feelings just like the rest of us "normal" people. I deal with my sisters changing attitude daily. I never know what I am going to get from one moment to the next. I get hated on at times, & I get the little kid who's sorry & needs a hug. I de
Love Is.. A Magical Feeling
Love is..  A magical feeling that catches you unawares and lingers on your soul for an entire lifetime To have immense trust in your lover and faith in your relationship To Embrace imperfections and over look each other’s flaws To cherish the weirdness in your each other and create your own little paradise in the middle of all the chaos around you. Never giving up on each other and growing old together A beautiful journey of passion and intimacy where you are connected to each other through your heart and soul.  To hold each other close to the heart through sticks and shivers.  A never ending adventure that lasts a whole lifetime  Being connected spiritually, telepathically and soulfully...
S, Sherritt Has 104 Tackles, A Numbe
Going through a transition on offence, the Edmonton Eskimos could be without their top defensive player Friday when the team hosts the Hamilton Tiger-Cats; a game with big playoff implications. According to CFL on TSN insider Dave Naylor, J.C. Sherritt, the leagues leading tackler, is very doubtful with a sprained knee. Sherritt suffered the injury in the first quarter of Edmontons 39-15 loss to the Calgary Stampeders last Friday. The diminutive middle linebacker told reporters after the game he tried to play through the pain but decided he was doing more damage than good before exiting. In his second year in the league, the 24-year-old Sherritt is on pace to set a new single-season record for tackles. Through 14 weeks, Sherritt has 104 tackles, a number that would set him on pace for 144 on the season, or, 15 more than Calvin Tiggles current record of 129 set back in 1994. If Sherritt misses more than Fridays game, he will no longer be on pace to break the record. Wholesal
R Jayson Nix Cleared Waiver
NEW YORK -- Speedy outfielder Brett Gardner and the New York Yankees have agreed to a $2.85 million, one-year contract that avoids salary arbitration. Gardner can earn $150,000 in performance bonuses under Fridays deal: $25,000 each for 375, 400, 425, 450, 475 and 500 plate appearances. Gardner was limited to 31 at-bats last season because of a right elbow injury that sidelined him from mid-April until late September. He made $2.8 million. New York also announced infielder Jayson Nix cleared waivers and was sent outright to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Wholesale NBA Jerseys . Vogelsong allowed one hit in seven scoreless innings and drew a disputed hit by pitch in San Franciscos four-run seventh as the Giants beat the Oakland Athletics for the 11th straight time at home, 4-0 on Saturday. Wholesale MLB Jerseys . -- The Chicago Bears have signed their top pick, defensive end Shea McClellin, to a four-year contract with an option for a fifth year.
More Poems
stars above sun at night , both glisten so bright no matter the trouble about the raise one's heart other things bring a smile or look of love to her face he has been so muchof her life , and made it far so illuminous and full of love, the gods and godess from above brought it together he will laways have her heart , no matter the strife she is his always and for life
Vote For Eternal Death
Vote for Barry Duffield Still a long way to go and I need your vote to get there. No sign up, no spamming, it's just a simple vote, I'm in first place and I still need your vote to see the numbers rise and help me get my low budget horror film 'ETERNAL DEATH' made. It costs you nothing but a moment of your time. Simply follow the link to the 'Make my Horror Movie' site. Click on the poster of 'Eternal Death' and then click on the FB 'Like' tab on the top right hand side of the 'Eternal Death' page. It's that easy and you'll have helped me get one vote closer to getting my film made - Thank you in advance
  Not sure if this will work...but click on it.  The guy rated two of us 1s and nuked us, because we refused to look at his shrek cock.
People who refuse to conform, to be drones of societal norms will be targets for persecution, harassment, bullying, alienation, and aggravation. This will concur and follow them through out their life in social, professional, casual, and natural living environment.I refuse to bow, and obey. I refuse to submit, and accept. I am always one to push and fight for the person who seeks to be seen "as is" - not "as they are expected". These days around the world, "regularities" are forced and pushed on people. Behavior and conduct unbecoming or seen in manners that sparks a strong response of "indifference" simply because it is not approved, encouraged, accepted, or understood. This in turn, leads to feelings of disgust, hate, anger, fear, frustration, and provocation. People are 'People'. Before we had the constitution, before there was ABOVE, and BELOW us, before we ever to become so pompous or displayed such arrogance, before we fleeted at any given opportunity with disregard to others or
Power Bank Is Essential When You're On The Road
Quite often, there are a few problems most travellers may find themselves running into when away from home. and they will look for a way to charge thire mobile devices without ready access to an outlet. Don't worry,it happens to all of us, and a portable power bank can help us a lot.When we begin the trip into the great outdoors, we often stash our cell phones away in our gear, a pocket for easy photo snapping, or elsewhere, and we even pack a wall charger. Before long, we realize that unless we're getting stuck in a thunderstorm and happen to be packing a lighting rod, we're not going to have free access to electricity, rendering our gadgets useless within hours. It is highly recommened for you to carry a portable power bank during the trip. As a convenient power supply, a battery charger doubles for power than the outlet as a handy power source for mobile phones, tablets, cameras and other electronic devices. They are ideal for travel with the pocket size and high performance. If car
Kaka Back To Ac Milan Win = Remake Formation That He Not ? 2:00 He Must Fight On
In ensuring the Champions League [ microblogging ] League qualification and confirmed the return of Kaka after ( about Kaka transfer , had not yet formally announce news, but inside the locker room , has been confirmed ) , the replacement of the formation and lineup AC Milan [ microblogging ] , cheap soccer jerseys by virtue of Robinho [ microblogging ] , Philippe Mexes and Balotelli 's goal, especially Super Mario 's excellent play, 3 to 1 to win the Cagliari . Game, only takes a few minutes , Allegri can confirm , with the 4-3-1-2 4-3-3 replaced , and replaced by Robinho Shaarawy , was the right decision . Montolivo that game though organized and participated in the first goal , but it really is not his attacking midfielder position , Sky TV commented that the obvious lack of attacking midfielder Montolivo rhythm , and now need to look at , in the end should be the Kaka , or someone else to solve this problem. It should be said , evolutions from 4-3-3 to 4-3-1-2 , Milan l
Silent Hill
In the beginning, people had nothing.  _ Their bodies ached, and their hearts held nothing but hatred. They fought endlessly, but death never came. They despaired, stuck in the eternal quagmire.  _ A man offered a serpent to the sun,       and prayed for salvation. A woman offered a reed to the sun,       and asked for joy.  _ Feeling pity for the sadness that had overrun the earth;               God was born from those two people  _ God made time, and divided it into day and night.   God outlined the road to salvation, and gave people joy.     And God took endless time away from the people.  _ God created beings to lead people in obedience to her.           The red god; Xuchilbara.           The yellow god; Lobsel Vith  _                         Many gods and angels.  _ Finally, God set out to create Paradise, where people would be happy just by being there. But there, God’s strength ran out, and she collapsed.  _ All the world’s people grieved at
Como Elejir Un Movil
Velero con otomana Hay muchos tipos diferentes de teléfonos con diferentes funciones y tomar la decisión correcta puede ser molesto a veces, pero no es el teléfono adecuado para cada persona disponible.En primer lugar , usted tiene que pensar en lo que quiere usar su teléfono por . Simples llamadas y escribir mensajes de texto es suficiente? O prefiere navegar en la red? Echa un vistazo a continuación y encontrar el tipo de saber dónde prestar atención al elegir el teléfono correcto. Allrounder : Necesidad mucho las funciones y el tipo de un ordenador portátil de los teléfonos android 2.3 teléfono moviles inteligentes Android con pantalla táctil son el mejor camino a seguir. Puede instalar programms , editar y organizar documentos , jugar juegos , ver películas , escuchar música , enviar datos desde el ordenador al teléfono, con internet, etc, con el software Android que tiene la tienda Play Google disponible y muchas aplicaciones útiles . Si usted es un estudiante , pued
Drink Recipes
Whisky Smash 2 oz. Dewar's White Label Blended Scotch Whisky1 tsp. sugar2 wedges of lemon3 mint sprigsSeltzerMuddle the lemon, mint leaves, and sugar in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add whisky. Shake and strain into a glass filled with ice. Top with seltzer.
Autumn Fashion Denim Blouse Collocation Skills
  Preface: warm and handsome cowboy blouse is definitely winter fashion classic wild style. Random match korea clothing online shopping jeans or skirt, can wear clothing different personality, the influx of people to the full range! This fall, fashion, how can you do not start with a denim blouse?      [Denim blouse with tip 1] Collocation skill: handsome cowboy blouse, sweet candy-colored tights, with firmness and flexibility, maturity in a little charming. White pointed high-heeled shoes plays the role of Emphasis.    [Denim blouse with tip 2] Collocation skill: match denim blouse leather skirt, handsome in a little charming. A dress modification waist hip line, improve the waistline, so that the legs more slender. Add a bit sexy black stockings.    [Denim blouse with tip 3] Collocation skill: blend trousers warm and strong and individuality, breaking the dull cold tones. Black boots show uninhibited personality.    [Denim blouse with tip 4] Collocation skill: hole tight
Short Game: Smooth Operator
Before your next round, here are two simple drills I want you to do on the practice green. Don't worry, they're simple and they're both designed to help you make smoother, more rhythmic strokes, as well as hone in on your distance control. First, I want you to ignore the cups on the practice green and putt a ball about 15 to 20 feet. Once you do that, I want you to take two more balls, and try and roll them out to the exact same distance. This will help you develop a better idea for the speed of the green, and because you're not fixated on a target, it will help you develop a better sense of distance control. Practice this for five minutes, and you'll be good to go. Second, I want you to stroke a few putts from 5, 10 and 15 feet using the same baseline stroke for each putt. Meaning, whether you're 5 feet or 15 feet away, I want you to swing the putter from shoe to shoe and not take the putterhead farther or shorter back and through. Practice this drill, and you'll see that your tempo
Ning Short For The Nhl To Avoid The Cancellation Of The Scheduled Oct. 11
NEW YORK -- The NHL and NHL Players Association are back at the bargaining table. The sides have resumed talks for the first time since the lockout was enacted and are expected to discuss secondary issues, including health and safety. Meetings are scheduled throughout the weekend. Time is running short for the NHL to avoid the cancellation of the scheduled Oct. 11 start to the regular season. All of the exhibition games have already been wiped out and a new CBA would need to be drawn up by the middle of next week for the regular season to start on time. Cheap NFL Jerseys . Coquitlam, B.C.s Garcia,who made the quarter-finals after a walk-through in the 66kg preliminariesfollowed by a three-round win over Tajikistans Zalimkhan Yusupov, fell in atough match to Japans Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu 0-1, 1-0, 5-0 and then lost hisrepechage bout 1-0, 0-1, 1-0 to Cubas Livan Lopez Azcuy. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys . -- Dasan Sydora turned aside all 29 shots he faced as the Red Deer Rebels blank
In The End
In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you..
My Love For You
deep as the ocean is my love for you,, as wide as the universe is how far id travel to be in ur arms,, i love you beyond words, the things id do for u are unexplainable ,, id die for u ,, i cry for you, can you hear my screams , can u feel my pain, everything i do in my life is for you! i have an undeniable unexplainable love for you! always have and always will be you,, i love you!!
Nicole Parker, Josh Adamson And More Star In 3-d Theatricals' Funny Girl
3-D Theatriclas presents Funny Girl Sept 6 - Sept 22, 2013 at the Plummer Auditorium, and Sept 27 - Sept 29, 2013 at Redondo Beach. Funny Girl is a musical with a book by  music by, and lyrics by. The semi-biographical plot is based on the life and career of Broadway, film star and comedienne and her stormy relationship with entrepreneur and gambler Nick Arnstein. Its original title was My Man. Fanny's career spanned from comedienne to Vaudeville star. In The Ziegfeld Follies, in Hollywood films, and on the radio, was one of the most celebrated entertainers of her time. This show is her story. Musical numbers include I'm the Greatest Star, I Want to Be Seen with You Tonight, Don't Rain On My Parade, People, T
Side Effects
I just don't know where your world ends where mine begins, I walk in circles around the bed that I lie in I can see me but from both angles, I can see tears when I smile I feel the numbing pain of the dope slide into me I want to regreat it but before I can it seems I all but forget it I sleep with my eye's wide open. I'm stuck on the ceeling but feel nailed to the floor thier is a moment to myself that I will never forget, I shake I shiver even from time to time I qiver my brain misses moments my body fades from here to there i'm sure by now my soul is out wandering the streets alone. I'm up, I'm down if I could I'm sure I would wonder all around I hold onto the walls in my mind and let lose an awseome cry I beg the last moment to never repeat itself I streetch my strength to the limit I push my pain hold to the edge. I ask an empty room to forgive me I beg the outside voice to come back I can't even remember how it all started but now i know it's all about to end too asleep can't pre
Ecision Without Talking To My
SAN DIEGO -- Mike McCoys interview with San Diego went so well that both sides felt he was a perfect fit to become the Chargers new coach. McCoy had one thing to do, though, before accepting the Chargers offer, so it was a good thing Chargers President Dean Spanos private plane was at his disposal. "There was no doubt in my mind when I got back on that plane to go back home," said McCoy, the former Denver Broncos offensive co-ordinator who was introduced Tuesday as Chargers new coach. "They wanted to keep me here last night. But I said, Ive got to talk to my wife about this before. If I made the decision without talking to my wife, I might get in a little trouble." So McCoy flew back to Denver to talk it over with wife Kellie. McCoy, his wife and their two children were back on the same plane Tuesday morning, flying back to San Diego to take the job. "Without a doubt we knew this was the place we wanted to be," said McCoy, who signed a four-year contract. McCoy replaces Nor
G The Game In A Tiebreaker On The Fourth Match Point. They Will Face Either Third-seeded Janko Tipsarevic And Nenad Zimonjic Of S
Doubles pair Daniel Nestor and Vasek Pospisil completed the sweep for Canadian tennis players on Monday, defeating Romanias Adrian Ungur and Horatio Tecau 6-3, 7-6 (11-9). Thornhill, Ont.s, Milos Raonic and Laval, Que.s, Aleksandra Wozniak won their respective singles matches earlier in the day. The Canadian duo held off the Romanians in a lengthy second set, eventually sealing the game in a tiebreaker on the fourth match point. They will face either third-seeded Janko Tipsarevic and Nenad Zimonjic of Serbia or Slovakias Lukas Lacko and Martin Klizan. Nestor, the worlds top-ranked doubles player, won a gold medal at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Game with partner Sebastien Lareau.  The 39-year-old doesnt have much experience playing with Pospisil, although the two teamed up at the Davis Cup last year. They compiled a 2-0 record at the international event, including an impressive win over Grand Slam champions Jonathan Erlich and Andy Ram. Wholesale Jerseys Cheap . The popular but
Hackfest: There's No App For This...
Hey, there, potential cow rapists, and welcome to a LOOONG overdue edition of HackFest. Name's Law, and today I actually want to touch on a subject that I've been discussing for a little bit: The underdevelopment of men in the United States (Yes, it's the Apocalypse. I'm not just going to rant this time!) Have we noticed something in this great country of ours? Men are slowly either being thrown under the table to women or placed in the limelight as the singlemost horrid beings in existence. We as the male figure are losing our place and being pushed aside for more of a feminist movement. Now, while we are being placed in the double-standard, more and more women see it only fit to trample over us. It's honestly enough to make me want to start handing women honorary man-cards and punch them in the gut just to give them the feeling of being us. Please don't misunderstand me, fem-bots. I am all for equality for women and treating women on the same level as men. I believe in being fair a
Rudra Group New Launch Project "aqua Casa"
             Rudra Aqua Casa Sector 16 Noida Extension   Rudra Aqua Casa is new super luxurious residential project launching by 'Rudra Group’. This New housing development Rudra Aqua Casa situated at Sector 16 Noida Extension.  Rudra Aqua Casa Noida luxurious residences and Flats. Rudra Aqua Casa presenting the totally furnished 2BHK and 3BHK flats with trendy amenities. Rudra Aqua Casa is that the authenticity. Rudra Aqua Casa Noida flats offers to all or any various amenities & facilities within the swimming pool, Gymnasium, kid`s play space, Wi-Fi connectivity and Sports facility and more . Located in Sector 16, project enjoys a wonderful connectivity from all the most hubs of Delhi-NCR. Well connected through railway, pike and varied highways, Aqua Casa was strategically planned by the builder so its residents can't solely relish the living at the guts of town however can also connect with the remainder of the NCR. There Square measure Buddha Chowk, Park
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For Mandy
For Mandy   Ethereal in naturePresence lingeringLong after she departsSoul saving serviceWith gentle auburn eyesAnd coke bottled Coffee colored curlsHanging just soBelow her rosy redCheekbones.Dimples line her facePulling her mouthInto an ever gracious smileStay with me for awhileAnd regale me with storiesFilled with caustic witI soak it all upTo the very last bitBut, if this is the endYou will stay eternallyEthereal in nature To the ones Who are lucky enoughTo call youFriend
My Hope
Me i love light skinned women,so u is a winner most of the time with the kind of woman i have in my heart!Latin Women r first in my world,i love they talk even if i cant understand everything they r still sexy as hell 2 me.I love long hair,(real long).Im in love with them bad,nose wide open love,lol. The next is Asians,they is so cool,faithful until the end.Next is White Women,they show so much love,these women im talking about is all independent women dont want or need a thing from me,just good dick,put a real nigga on his feet.words of webbe,lol Black Women i love my sisters,bt the 1's i been running in 2 these days want money.I want love,real love from the heart.The woman i love got 2 believe in God,the Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ and we will b alright.I woman i want 2 love got 2 believe in herself as 1 of the most beautifulest woman in the world.The Kind of Woman i wish 4,got 2 want 2 b around me 4days out of 7days,unless we r working 2 hard and we need 2 plan a date.I lik
All is going well, seeing specialist tomorrow for latest scans but its looking like im all fixed, still have some tenderness and a little pain but im not allowed to lift and erm i have been lol, well i live alone so who else is gonna do it?mind you the test will be can i beat a cake mixture with that arm, we shall see......
Atriots Receiver Wes W
PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Portland Timbers have re-signed Danny Mwanga, a homegrown favourite who starred at Portlands Jefferson High and Oregon State. The 21-year-old forward was acquired by Portland in a June trade with the Philadelphia Union. He played in 18 matches for the Timbers and had three goals. Mwanga, the No. 1 pick in the 2010 MLS SuperDraft, has 15 goals and nine assists in 79 career matches. The terms of the deal were not announced. Cheap Jerseys . -- New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker said on Monday that he was only joking when he said that he enjoyed catching 13 passes against the Denver Broncos to "stick it" in coach Bill Belichicks face. Cheap MLB Jerseys . Harper hit his 20th homer, Ian Desmond and Kurt Suzuki also connected and the Nationals beat the Philadelphia Phillies 8-4 Wednesday night to move closer toward winning their first division title since moving to Washington. . Maybe James Harrison too. Still, Pitts
She Is The Only One !
 i am very lucky to have her in my life and i would NEVER do anything to intentionaly hurt her i would rather go jump off  a bridge cause that way i wouldn't have see her cry on my stupidity , i love her soooooooooooo much that some nights when i dont here back from here i cant sleep , if i lose her i will never recover . all these things i am putting on here are not just words , they are my heart , soul, thoughts i was gonna wait til my b,day and ask her THE  ??? but im not gonna wait that long it will be sooner and i hope she reads this tonight cause without her i am nothing she is truely my everything   she is my last and hopefully my future wife, i really love her so much that it really bothers me when she's not happy and smiley  i made a mistake trying to edit one of these on here an deleted all of the others by accident , i am really , very sorry babe i should have asked for help first then it could have been in better shape, its not about me , its about her and i
If you think you are beaten, you are.If you think you dare not, you won't.If you like to win, but think you can't,It's almost certain you won't.If you think you'll lose, you're lost.For out in the world we find,Success begins with a person's will -It's all in the state of mind.If you think you're outclassed, you are.You've got to think high to rise.You've got to be sure of yourself beforeYou can ever win a prize.Life's battles don't always goTo the stronger or faster man.But sooner or later the person who winsIs the one who thinks he can.
Oined The Heat And Made An Immediate Impa
ABBOTSFORD, B.C. -- After a slow start, top Calgary Flames prospect Sven Baertschi showed flashes of brilliance in his American Hockey League debut. Baertschi scored a goal and added an assist as the Abbotsford Heat defeated the Peoria Rivermen 4-1 in the season opener Friday night. Baertshi, who scored three goals in five games during a brief callup to Calgary last season joined the Heat and made an immediate impact, setting up a second period power-play goal and scoring a pretty goal moments later. "I was nervous in the start," said Baertshi. "I couldnt really make plays in the start. But I got used to it, got some time on the power play, got a feel for the puck and after that it went well." Heat head coach Troy Ward agreed with the Swiss winger. "Sven got better as the game wore on," said Ward. "I didnt think he managed the puck very well (in the first half of the game). He tried to do a lot, which a lot of young guys want to do right away." Baertshi, who was hoping to s
The Psychology Of Submission
Is Sadomasochism a mental pathology? From Kraft-Ebing to Carl Jung, through years of research on the ground, Dorothy Hayden express her conclusion about masochism. The proposal for a new Psychological approach to BDSM. PSYCHOLOGICAL DIMENSIONS OF MASOCHISTIC SURRENDER By Dorothy C. Hayden, CSW A number of years ago, in connection with my work with sexual addiction, a number of lifestyle submissives started coming to me for treatment. Some of these people were extremely hesitant to discuss their reasons for seeking therapy; they were so ashamed of their fantasies and behaviors that it took years of working with them until I knew their real names or their telephone numbers. Patients who able to be forthcoming about their masochistic behaviors and fantasies were as confused as I was. One of my patients, giving me a written masochistic fantasy after months of resistance, said, "Here it is. This is what I came to therapy for. It's terrible. It's sick. It's wonderful. I hate
First Blog
Tonight I am bored. I sit here listening to Pandora and chilling,playing Candy Crush til I just get so sick of it. I am stuck lol. My phone does not ring. There was a time when it did and I just wanted to be left alone. Be careful what you ask for you just might get it. So its Friday, it got here quick. I am happy about it's arrival even if my funds are limited and the rain is a wash out. Its fine. I am desperate for escape and try to escape in my mind. Ok now its bigger lol sheesh why I didnt I figure that out in the first place? Ughh Im pathetic! My eyes are getting heavy,my body is telling me its time to lay down. Sometimes I just really hate gouing to sleep. I should have done something with my life. I could be at karaoke right now. If only I had someone to go with. Too sleepy to keep writing..blahh
Thursday When The Paperwork Gets
A person limited once zone given that Television shows Josh Freeman Drift Jersey as well as videos are screened twenty-four hours a day Mike Jenkins #21 CBDallas Cowboys 2011 STATS Tot24 Solo22 Ast2 FF0 Sack0 On the reasons players like him: He listens to hip hop Thursday when the paperwork gets processed If there is any problem with the comfort or fit of the sandal, you can return the shoes T If you are unsure what a certain program is, type its name into your favorite search engine such as Doug Martin Drift Jersey Google to find out what it is ) Week 7 Coverage •Hensley: Ravens' offense stunts own D •Williamson: Miserable debut for Palmer •Walker: Legend and myth of Tebow •Seifert: Rodgers, Packers keep rolling •Yasinskas: Panthers learning to win •Kuharsky: Texans squash CJ •Clayton: Last Call •Hensley: Ravens' Rice stands tall •Monday Night HQ Yet when it came time for the Packers to eat Vincent Jackson Drift Jersey the fin
I Actually Like This!
He considered that he might be just as much in love himself, only where he came from the phrase 'got the hots for' was more acceptable. Book game (disguised on FB as the International Book Week status thingie) The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence . P.S. For the record..this is a book I haven't read BUT is the one closest to me right now.    
Messi And Neymar Added Nothing Barca Is To Let Them Serve The People Of The Cattle
Messi and Neymar are the team for the first"I think he is very smart, he can realize all cases , in assists Pedro the ball , cheap jerseys he can score but he clearly knew he should assist to Pedro ." Barca coach Martino Race after this evaluation Neymar . In the match against Rayo Vallecano , Neymar , Messi and others a good interpretation of teamwork football philosophy. Messi is the world's first star, but tonight he was willing to serve as a supporting role ,Baltimore Ravens Jersey he since November 3 against Celta did not score after the first full 90 minutes in the case of the game in the league did not make progress ball ; while Neymar still could not celebrate his first league goal. Pedro scored for Barcelona was , he scored three goals, Fabregas also contributed a goal. Pedro four times the whole game Goal 3 , Lionel Messi and Neymar all three shots . cheap nba jerseys Messi played or his normal rhythm , he knows how to kick a football properly , and when the tea
"Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be"
A literal dictionary definition of bisexuality, due to the prefix bi-, is sexual or romantic attraction to two sexes (males and females), or to two genders (men and women). Pansexuality, however, composed with the prefix pan-, is the sexual attraction to people of all sexes and genders. Using these definitions, pansexuality is different in that it includes people who are intersex and/or fall outside the gender binary. Go Ask Alice! states that pansexuals can be attracted to cismen, ciswomen (meaning cisgender), "transmen, transwomen, intersex people, androgynous people, and everything else. It is generally considered a more inclusive term than bisexual". Volume 2 of Cavendish's Sex and Society, however, clarifies that "although the term's literal meaning can be interpreted as 'attracted to everything,' people who identify as pansexual do not include paraphilias, such as bestiality, pedophilia, and necrophilia, in their definition" and that they "stress that the term panse
Life Again
Ugh so its been a hectic week......Ive been sick....The kids have been sick.....The weather has been psycho.....My nephew got served with his court papers which has opened up a new element in life for me and him.....And hes driving himself mad with worry which i can only say there is no need so many times.......Court is tuesday am so the first part will be over with and all the worrying questions he has will mostly be answered thankfully.....Im straight exhausted from being bombarded times 4 phew.....But the bday is this week so perhaps a little drinky drinky with some close good friends and some bball is in high order......Ahhhhh the food and fun and huge bonfre to be had on saturday something fun to look forward too......Now to get through this week.......Love my craxy hectic life and all my kids wouldnt change it for the world...
New Things...
This has been a VERY busy week. I worked all week, on very little sleep. I know I said I'd make salutes for people. I really did, I swear. I just didn't have good lighting and I was so worn out. When I can, I'll get them taken, I already have them written. All I heard the few days before I worked was how busy I'd be. I wasn't busy at all. I had MAYBE 15 people come in to gamble the whole week. After wanting to get out of there for a nice day off....I get woken up at 7am on Sunday (only 6.5 hours after I'd closed it and only 3 hours after I'd been asleep) because the place had been robbed. I'm thinking that they thought we had more money in the register...they only got out with a total of $32. They didn't break any of the slot machines...... My boyfriend went over to turn off the alarm to find the side door kicked in and the register pried open. After lookig at the camera, he missed the robber by about 40 seconds. I end up having to give the cops a statement, because I was the one tha
Barca Are Most Worried About Is Not A Time Bomb Rang Iniesta Salary On Transfer
New season Iniesta has behaved like a V8 engine of the car , but do not start upIniesta suffered earlier this season some weird , we can say , he is like a V8 engine , but has not started up the car. As Lionel Messi after the Barcelona squad 's second-largest players, Iniesta 's fate now feel regret. Five league matches , he has only two games on the bench , cheap jerseys which is a match Levante , Rayo Vallecano game is a game. 3 starts the game, he was merely away game against Valencia ready for 90 minutes. Spanish Super Cup, he was on the road ready audience , but at home to Atletico Madrid , but only played 17 minutes , and only in the Champions League against Ajax, he 's ready audience . Just a year ago , Iniesta also received thunderous applause of the fans , he was named the best player in Europe . Right now, data, Iniesta 's declining role in the Barcelona squad is obvious , and now the season has only just begun , and Barcelona still absorb Martino wanted to instil
Android 4.1 Phones Largest Mall To Buy China's Largest
Blackberry out Microsoft Windows Phone department employees may not openly admit it, but they certainly cheered today This is because the strength of the most considerable Windows Phone rival BlackBerry has lifted the white flag . The Canadian company Monday announced that it has received a total of $ 4.7 billion privatization offer, and will continue to evacuate consumer smart phone market. "Today's news will accelerate the speed of people to abandon blackberry , because no android 4.1 phones one thought they could continue to receive after-sales support ." U.S. market research firm Gartner analyst Carolina Jolie Milaneisi (Carolina Milanesi) says , "Windows Phone , you can fully seize this opportunity . " Microsoft Windows Phone department spokesman declined to comment. With today 's smart phone market dominated by the iPhone and Android , Windows Phone and BlackBerry regarded so targeting the third position in the market . This seemingly modest goal is not easy to ach
Sometimes I wander what it is that I'm doing. I love so easily and get hurt so bad. I wear my heart on my seleves and it gets shattered a lot.  Some how I always find the wrong guys and end up having to go through another heartache. The guy will either think that "Oh she is so easily manipulated why not use that to our advantage," or it is that they know that I trust and love so easily that they can do whatever they want and then it is just that I will take them back or that if they say just the right thing then it will just be able to just sweep it under the rug like it never happened.  I want that guy that isn't afraid to say yea that's my girl or to message me everyday just to tell me that "Hey I'm here for you" or "Hey you're on my mind" I just want that person to tell me that I'm thier number one and that they love being able to talk to me and able to have a friend like me.  I would love to just be a friend sometimes to guys too. I want to say that "Hey I'm a good friend you can
Written In Five Minutes
all this girl is, is a chain - shackles and bindings and tethers to keep you tied down to your pain. who are you, and what measures do you suppose we should take? kill it for mercy's sake - drowned in a black lake? .no. feed this girl hope, and a tune - call it bullshit if that's what you'd prefer but from shit grows mushrooms. who are you to tell the griever what form her grief should take? on mushroom or cake - her fast she soon will break .oh.
Es Over A Four-day Period - Team Games, Mix
The worlds best curlers are heading to Las Vegas. In a joint announcement by the Canadian Curling Association (CCA), U.S. Curling Association (USCA) and World Curling Federation (WCF), the 2014 World Financial Group Continental Cup will be staged at the 5,000-seat Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.   It marks the first time the event will be held in the United States and the first time outside of Canada. It also will be the first time that Las Vegas has hosted a curling event of this magnitude. The WFG Continental Cup is a unique, Ryder Cup-like competition pitting three womens teams and three mens rinks from North America (two from USA, four from Canada) against six teams representing The World, in a variety of curling disciplines over a four-day period - Team Games, Mixed Doubles, Singles, Skins and Mixed Skins, with each segment worth a specified number of points. Each side will also have a captain and a coach. Presently, North America and The World are deadlocked at four wins
Comment Choisir Les Robe De Cocktail Parfaites 2013
  Choisir une robe de cocktail 2013 est l'une des choses importantes que la mariée doit faire pour votre grand jour. Le choix sera le reflet de votre personnalité, le style et doit également s'intégrer dans le thème du mariage . La plupart des épouses ont déjà une idée de ce qu'ils veulent dans une robe de cocktail, mais il ya certains qui ne peuvent pas en être si sûr . Il suffit de regarder en ligne pour réaliser qu'il ya beaucoup de styles et de modèles offerts . Ils viennent aussi dans une variété de couleurs pour ceux qui veulent être un peu différent et que vous souhaitez un mariage coloré . Pour faciliter les choses, écrire le style de robe ou costume serait plus à l'aise po serait une longue robe de cocktail moulante ou . Robe brodée est une chose que vous aimez ou que vous préfériez un simple satin ? Continuez à vous poser ces questions et vous serez en mesure d'obtenir une idée de base de ce genre de robe que vous souhaitez . Allez en ligne et de voir le style que vous ave
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To Every Game, It Doesnt Matter If Were Down 1
Matt Bellerive scored the winning goal late in the third period as the Red Deer Rebels edged the host Moose Jaw Warriors 2-1 on Friday in Western Hockey League action. Bellerive circled the Warriors net, found a shooting lane and picked the top corner on Moose Jaw goaltender Daniel Wapple with only 10.9 seconds on the clock for the game winner. "Going into every game, it doesnt matter if were down 1-0, we dont panic," said Bellerive. "We just know were going to win. We have that confidence right now." Tyson Ness also scored for the Rebels (19-11-2), who have won nine games in a row, and Patrik Bartosak stopped 25-of-26 shots for the victory. "We cant have that happen. Especially that late in the game," said Warriors captain Kendall McFaull about the winning goal. "We were 10 seconds away from a point. Were always going for two, but we could have at least had a point there." Justin Kirsch scored the lone goal for the Warriors (11-14-7), who have dropped back-to-back contests
Psychiatrists Vs. Bartenders
EVER SINCE I WAS A KID, I'VE ALWAYS HAD A FEAR OF SOME BASTARD UNDER MY BED AT NIGHT. SO I WENT TO A SHRINK AND TOLD HIM: 'I've got problems. Every time I go to bed I think there's some prick under it. I'm scared. I think I'm going crazy.' 'Just put yourself in my hands for one year,' said the shrink. 'Come talk to me three times a week and we should be able to get rid of those fears...' 'owmuch do you charge?' 'Eighty dollars per visit,' replied the doctor. 'I'll sleep on it,' I said. Six months later the doctor fluked me on the street. 'Why didn't you come to see me about those fears you were having?' he asked. 'Well, Eighty bucks a visit three times a week for a year is an awful lot of money! The bloke at the pub cured me for $10. I was so happy to have saved all that money that I went and bought a new ute!' 'Is that so!' With a bit of an attitude he said, 'and how, may I ask, did a barman cure you?' 'He told me to cut the legs off the bed! - no bastard under there now!!!  LMAO  
Inew I6000 Manos En Video, Precio Reducido A Solo $319
En 6,5 pulgadas el i6000 quad core iNew empequeñece muchas phablet semejantemente un precio en el mercado hoy. Más detalles de la información de descuento tras el salto. Si te sientes que has visto el i6000 iNew antes de que es probablemente porque esta phablet 1080 actualmente se vende bajo diversos nombres de marcas. Medición en 6,5 pulgadas el i6000 es actualmente uno de los mayores dispositivos de 1920 x 1080 disponibles y con una gran pantalla es seguro decir que ver películas, navegar por la web y componer mensajes de correo electrónico es una experiencia muy confortable. Bajo el capó un procesador de 1,5 Ghz quad-core MT6589T Zumba lejos con 2GB de RAM, 32GB de memoria y espacio para hasta una tarjeta de 64 GB SD. También hay soporte dual SIM, 3G, GPS, WIFI, todos los usual.Haga clic aquí para aprender más sobre el mensaje.
Kiss my forehead, hold my hand, tell me it's all okay, this wont wash away my pain, I grit my teeth, I clench my jaw, ball my fists, and strike back at a broken wall, fear of it falling bothers me not, let it crumble let it break, is my only thought, release this hate, breath in deep, this crap I will not take, take your pills, take your drink, it's not for me, I have my link, to reality I will stay, I will not run, I will not stop, take your lie, these I will not swallow, take your eyes, and look yourself in your own face.
"i Was Actually More Shocked That John Wa
Christine Sinclair doesnt have a shot at winning FIFA womens player of the year when the award is handed out Monday in Zurich, but in typical fashion the Canadian soccer star isnt sweating it. However, Sinclair was thoroughly disappointed to see that her coach, John Herdman, wasnt in the running either. "It didnt really affect me at all," Sinclair said of the womens award. "I was actually more shocked that John wasnt on the list. I truly thought that he was going to win it -- not only be in the top three, but win it. So that was really surprising." Sinclair and Herdman partnered to lead Canada to a bronze-medal performance at the 2012 London Olympics, leading a brilliant turnaround for a team that finished last at the womens World Cup only a year earlier in Germany. The improvement the team made since Herdman took over after the resignation of coach Carolina Morace should have been reason enough to put Herdman in the top three at least, said Sinclair. American forwards Abby Wambach and
Robes De Soiree
  Parfois, plus d'une fois que nous compliquons la partie choisir une robe à la mode approprié pour l'occasion , en essayant d'être gentil, élégant ou approprié. Pour choisir une bonne journée de robe de soirée ou de nuit pour femme adulte , fille et adolescente nous passons en revue les principaux facteurs et les trucs et astuces que vous devez garder à l'esprit pour savoir comment choisir la meilleure robe de soirée . Tout comme une série d'images et des photos qui nous l'espérons, servira également des suggestions et des exemples où la mieux habillée pour aller à une fête , que ce soit la nuit ou le jour. Aussi, comme vous pouvez le voir, nous vous fournirons à acheter, ( sont celles dans lesquelles vous pouvez lire (et clic) "Acheter" . Ils peuvent être nombreuses et variées situations dans lesquelles nous posons le problème du choix des robes de bal à la mode qui correspondent . Des situations où nous devons choisir des robes de cocktail pas cher, comme les mariages ou les maria
Sad Truth
Loving someone means you only want the best for him even if it means swallowing the sad reality that the best just isn’t you. — 
Kc Filipinas Golf Course Philippines
KC Filipinas will provide you with stunning fairways and wonderful greens and is rightfully recognized as a top Philippine golfing destination.Golf Course Philippines - Experience a course like no other. That will surely make you come back for more.Golf Club Philippines - Be in awe with the Beautiful, Serene and Luscious landscape. -
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packers and movers bangalore Loading and Unloading Services Loading services offered by the company are well articulated for meeting objectives of the clients as per their specific requirements. If you are a manufacturer based at Hissar or adjoining areas you can highly trust the services of packers and movers for shifting of commercial as well as residential goods. They deploy well qualified and experienced professionals who take utmost care and welfare.   Car Carrier Services by packers movers bangalore When it comes choosing for the best Packers and Movers in Hissar, Packers and Movers Bangalore stands second to none. They use well-maintained high quality packaging materials such as air-bubbled sheets, wooden and plastic pallets, wooden cartons and such other services. In case your goods require any specific packaging material they would put in their very best efforts to arrange for the same.   Here are a few options which can be easily availed by the individuals. Whether you
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Finally Some News In A Letter, Some Good Some Bad.
The good news is that we are fit free to date and the news from the results of the EEG are good as no epileptical activity was noted. However there were some abnormal peaks. +++ The letter says, "However, there was an isolated burst of sharpened and irregular activity in the left temporal region. This means that we can only see nonspecific changes in the EEG now. These are not closely associated with a risk of recurrent epileptic seizures should you decide to stop your anti-epileptic medication completely. That said, an EEG not capturing epileptic activity does not rule out the possibility of an epileptic seizure recurrence." He has copied the letter and posted it to my GP and the Epileptic Nurse who I am told to contact regarding continuing the medication prior to seeing him again next August. ++++ This means that I have had a letter from the Nurse too, For now I will continue on the current dose level of 50mg Lamictal twice daily. I have not been on this dose for long enoug
Don’t Misunderstand A Woman When She Loves You With All Her Heart And Soul
Don’t misunderstand a woman when she loves you with all her heart and soul. If she fights with you and then cries and says sorry it doesn’t mean she is weak it’s because she values the relationship she shares with you and she thinks you are worthy of being together. Don’t get angry with her when she is jealous of your friends because maybe it means she loves you too much and she can’t see you spending your time with anyone other than her. Don’t get irritated when she is possessive because maybe she wants to explain that you are her world and she cannot share you with anyone else. Don’t ignore her if she is nagging for silly things because maybe she needs your attention. If you love a woman don’t ignore her and show her that you care for her. When a woman gets attention from her man and feels appreciated for her little things she can love him back in a million ways and much more than you can even imagine in your wildest dreams..
Not To Even Mention The Infinite
They keep the franchise tag free for kicker Phil Peyton Manning Womens Jersey Dawson or running back Peyton Hillis (I know, I know 鈥?but this is something they're apparently considering) Deals will be done for players, and it is not against the realms of reality that while Sven is thinking about where he will be in August, his agent will be on the mobile phone talking to rich European clubs about Sven's future employment And since interest saved = interest earned, you'll Authentic Demaryius Thomas Jersey have earned $30,000 tax free! You'll also have cut the time to pay off your mortgage by years To ensure this, most parents prefer going for those that are one size bigger The executives are likely to be tired and grumpy by this time, especially if earlier news has not been good But he kept getting back up and making big plays Are there any other fees involved Authentic Champ Bailey Jersey with your purchase? You want to make sure that you are aware of any royalty f
Wk-6600- The True Musical Instrument
I am a beginner in the field of music, but creation of music is one thing which has always been on my mind. Since I am a novice, I was looking for a Casio keyboard which can help me in the endeavour of becoming a successful musician. A friend of mine, who is an established musician himself, recommended WK-6600 to me. The very next day I brought home, my priced possession. Frankly speaking, I was way too impressed by this keyboard. It has everything that can create a soothing experience of music creation; this is the reason I call it, the true musical instrument. It has a lineage of 670 distinct built it tones, which can be mixed in different styles to create something worth cherishing. It has a large operation dial to its credit, which is quite helpful during music creation with the use of mixer and sequencer functions. This 76 keys professional digital keyboard is designed as well as engineered in such a manner that it is adept at providing an amazing and realistic experience of
Unholy Affair
Somewhere within the chambers of my heart a mouth murmurs with a plethora of hypocritical verses laced intricately with paradoxes in the dark. I hear my name floating through the air. Misfortune’s out stretched hand gestures execrably for me to come hither; my body answers that request and moves with fluidity…with purpose towards that entity. I come face to face with my pity, my lover, my knight in rusted armor. Sorrow pulls my hair away from my neck and kisses me fondly along my collarbone. Vexation runs his fingers through my hair and caressing my shoulders. Fury admires me admiringly with a guise of hunger for my kiss of innocuous innocence. Anxiety grasps my hips, embracing me feverishly and looking into my eyes absorbedly; the same way that a pillager studies its ill-informed quarry. I close my dejected eyes as I melt in the arms of apathy and allow myself to be devoured by the very rage that I birthed with my own bloody hands.Certain death has dressed me with extrava
Day In And Day Out
to be able to enjoy the days as they go on are now described with different feelings and meanings. some days can go very well as for other can trun around from out of knowhere and bite you and knock you down.everyday has a new meaning because every day is different. live and let each day go on with knowledge and care and strenght. move forwaRD AND DO AS YOU DO AND BE AS YOU ARE.
A Grand Illusion
He brought her dreams to life,down on bended knee.Asking her to be his wife,confessing his love to she.The diamond shined bright,upon her face and skin.As their bodies collided,uniting their love within.Although the shine of the diamond,was actually blocking her view.Until the day he threw it away,and truth came shining through.Planting the seed of illusion,deep within her heart.The soil caved in to artificial skin,tearing her world apart.The epitome of deceit, lay at her feet,right where he left his phone.Images of another, send her a wonder,if she’s ever truly known.As her tears fall upon her ring,she takes a closer look.The green ring around her finger,eventually closed the book.The diamond had lost its shine,faded turning blue.For just like the man she thought she loved,the ring was a fake too.
Productos Chanel Las Ventas De Productos Que Dependen Hd Ghd
Él o ella puede relajarse , además de la pena cada vez que visita un lugar , una vez que poseen usan más su propia realice de hacer este tipo de maravillosa ubicación. Él podría preservar más ingresos en caso de que él o ella decide desarrollar un invernadero a escala reducida . Encontrarás materiales además de los materiales que pudiera hacer uso de esa necesidad de convertirse simplemente suficiente en función de su propia gama costo preparada. Si encuentra espacio suficiente que pudiera asistencia un invernadero más grande, que es mucho más sugerido por el hecho de que tal vez puede incrementar la ubicación donde quiera que él o ella quiere crear vida vegetal planchas pelo ghdadicional, así como las verduras . Si se desea producir un invernadero exactamente donde se pueden producir , además de crecer mucho más vegetación , que posiblemente puede pensar en diferentes facetas que va a ser necesarias en el tipo de invernaderos que prefiere producir. Aquí están algunas sugerencias , ade
Seen This And It Made Me Giggle
Today I saw something that reminded me of you, but don't worry I flushed and everything went back to normal
Begging For Bling To See Nsfw
Now I Have to ask. In this age of the Internet and Google Search, why would anyone want to pay to see something on FU when you can just search online and see it for free.  It kills me how I have seen People with stuff in their about me section about how they are only here for friends or they wont cam , cyber or any of that stuff, yet they will post pics of themselves  that they expect you to pay for. I know I will probably be blasted for this but hey, its my opinion and I really dont care what others think or feel. I want to see some NSFW there are millions of sites and not pa a dime. I get that this is an adult website. ( I use that term loosley ) but come on people, where are the morals and standards. You want guys to treat you with respect, yet you put yourself out there..   Whats the difference between a street walker asking for money and someone asking for credits -- to me its the same thing. Love this or hate this its my opinion. If you dont like it then dont read it. Me
My vent on people who can't cover up their fat rolls.You're gross. Buy pants that hides your muffin top. I know you like to try to fit your fat ass in pants that are 2 sizes too small, but no matter how much you shove and tuck it's gonna stick out. If I haven't sounded like too much of a bitch yet, may I add, I hope you get a yeast infection.
Viking Love
Because we are mortal , every talent ,skill , ability we possess ,every thought and feeling we ever have , every beautiful sight we ever see, every material possession we own ,will ultimately be lost. Unless we share it , Unless we give what we have to others----- to our spouse , to our child , to our friends and neighbors , to the strangers we encounter on our path---- what we know and value will be irrevocably and utterly gone ...... As I sit on the rocky clift over looking the Sea , I read in my book I brought and every once in awhile glanced up at the waves crashing to shore. It was warm today and I only had my black shawl around my shoulders ,year 1846 and even then the World was in disagreement and wanting to war with every-one who didn't believe as they did. I am Native American , mixed with a smidgin of French so I have the passion of both races flowing in my veins. My parents warmed me about straying so far from home but being young and adventureous , I didn't listen. I glan
My Small Hands
haha so funny my hands are so small and i remember  seeing my ex's dick in my hand and thinking omg he is huge now that i see pictures of guys holding theirs i think WOW that can do huge damage to me
Palm Garden Resort Hoi An
Set on 5 hectares of landscaped tropical garden in an enviable beach location, Palm Garden Beach Resort and Spa offers a green environment with over 400 species of palm trees and plants right along a 220-meter stretch of the famous Cua Dai Beach in the UNESCO-recognized world heritage site of Hoi An Ancient City. See more pictures of Palm Garden Resort Hoi An   Hoi An's most glamorous and indulgent retreat, Palm Garden Beach Resort and Spa has been awarded as the Green Hotel Standard 2010-2011 by ASEAN, The Excellent Performance by Vietnam Economic Times and The Guide Magazine during seven consecutive years since 2006, the Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor in 2011 – 2012 – 2013, the Luxury Beach Resort of 2012 by the World Luxury Hotel Awards. The resort takes great pride in serving international events such as APEC Summit in 2006, ASEAN Summit in 2007, Miss Universe in 2008 and Miss Earth in November 2010.     The  Palm Gardent Resort is surrou
Sửa Laptop Uy Tín ở đâu?
Góp mặt trong lĩnh vực sửa chữa laptop, máy tính, máy in từ năm 2008 ATLcomputer đã dần được người dùng tin tưởng và trở thành một địa chỉ sửa laptop uy tín.Cùng với đội ngũ nhân viên nhiệt tình, có trách nhiệm cùng tay nghề cao ngay từ khi mới bắt đầu vào xuất hiện ATL computer đã nhận được không ít sự tín nhiệm cũng như là lời khen từ phía khách hàng. Không những thế rất nhiều khách hàng còn giới thiệu cho người thân, bạn bè xung quanh mỗi khi ai đó hỏi về địa chỉ sửa laptop uy tín.Đến với ATLcomputer, chúng tôi luôn cam kết mang đến khách hàng dịch vụ sửa chữa laptop,
. It Wasnt Fair To Ask Him To Keep Goin
BOSTON -- Boston Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford will have season-ending surgery on his left elbow Thursday. Crawford has been playing with pain since coming off the disabled list last month and will have Tommy John surgery. "It became clear over last few days that surgery was going to happen," Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington said Monday on a conference call. "We felt like after talking about it more this weekend with Carl, the right thing to do is to get it taken care of now. He had played through the injury and played pretty well, but it wasnt getting better. The symptoms were getting worse. It wasnt fair to ask him to keep going out there. We decided to take care of it now and he agreed to do that." Crawford was a major disappointment last season, his first with Boston after signing a $142-million, seven-year contract. He batted .255 with 11 home runs and 56 RBIs, and had only 18 steals after swiping 107 bases combined in the previous two seasons with Tampa Bay.
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Fu Mafia
TIPS PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THESE ARE IN PLACE FOR YOUThe tips below are stated, for beginning players (level 1s) but apply to all. No matter if you are a merc, or a level 40, all of the things below refer to any player, no what that player is. Basically don't level yourself. Build. You can build cashflow at any level, however, here is where you have the best shot. Not doing missions, no attacking, and losing, are all part of building, no matter what level your player is at. The longer you sit, the more powerful your cashflow becomes, and the longer you sit at levels 1-9 you won't get listed. You start getting listed at level 10.DON'T LEVEL TOO FAST:As with most games I have played you want to get to the higher level the fastest. That's NOT the case here. He who sits, and builds cashflow does the best. I've seen some high level 5's but usually they are mercs. As time goes by, you can tell who's a merc, who's a blinger (people who use credits to pay for their player) who's a scrubbed pla
Rarified Atmosphere
Tilting Windmills Most don't even get the reference Yet they do that still Ignoring history Ignoring palpable failure The degree that BLIND BELIEF is lauded now Is truly terrifying There are people in charge of People Who WANT people to die in An Apocalypse So that their imaginary LORD Can reign Happy to see "sinners" burn WANTING to see that actually In a sick manifestation That they say will SAVE others Insisting that what we see is The Devil's wiles Tricking you It is a self fulfilling prophecy God has nothing to do with it BELIEF in god is patently absurd And anyone who DOES is a child In need of care And teaching And patience But when that child is fully grown And making laws that DEFINE What I CAN and CAN'T do Like a toddler from a sandbox I simply move to the swings And say Good luck with that
Teach You How To Match Clothing Colors Ingeniously
  One color can only perform one style, different colors can transform into countless extraordinary styles. Therefore, how to make clothing’s colors suitable? It’s very important to person's image.   ▲ White matching skills White can be used with any color. To match ingeniously, it would cost a lot of thought. Assembly a white shirt with yellow stripes pant, is the best combination of soft colors; a ivory trousers matches with a lavender suit and white shirt, a successful matching skill, can fully display their personality; ivory trousers and light shirt with casual wear, is also a successful combination; white pleated dress matches with pale pink sweater, giving a soft elegant feel. Red and white matching skill is a bold combination. A white casual shirt matches with a red mini skirt, enthusiasm chic. In sharp contrast, the heavier the weight of the white color, looks more gentle. ▲ Blue matching skills In all colors, blue clothing is most easy to match
Gimme 10
My passport arrived today. It expires in 10 years. My expiration date was of course  not included. Gimme 10 and defy all evidence to the contrary. I would be surprised and grateful. I had a cat once who lived for 2 years after the vet told us that  "his  vitals were incompatible with life." So nobody knows anything it that regard. We think we do. Or deny it's even real. Imaginations of immortality crushed as dead as Bambi by inexplicable fate.   I had a well stamped passport the first time I was an expat. A fugitive from the war that no one to this day has every presented a plausible reason for; our war with Vietnam.   This is the subject of the novel I'm writing about; what it's like to leave behind everything you've ever known for the great Unknown. It  is more exhilarating than frightening. Fear will keep you ashore, weak in the knees. Fine you, jail you and prevent your attendance at the party they were throwing just for you. I dont' want to miss mine.   
Gorgeous Twin Hairy.
I Love Us For The Way We Are
I love us for the way we are spiritually connectedI love us for the way we are soulfully entwinedI love us for the way we are braided with the threads of divinityI love us for the way we are emotionally sensitive for each otherI love us for the way our souls make love to each other
It Has Gotten Worse
In the past 24 hours, that friend that I took out Saturday night, has people believing that it was way more than what it actually was. I told them that it was as friends only & at least two of the people said, "He doesn't think so, he's planning to get you flowers payday." Imagine my shock when I heard this - it went from shock to extremely pissed off. This evening, at last break, he asked, "Are  you having a bad day?" Instead of simply answering "yes." I replied with - "Let's see, the first operator & I ended up in a yelling match, not once but three times over bullshit that was happening on the other side of the press. We are working until 10:45 instead of 10:30 because the stupid little bitch on the other side can't comprehend how to press buttons when the light comes on, and all I want is for this night to be over - so, yes, it is safe to say that I am having a bad day." Then he says, "I can call you after work and we can talk." I looked him dead in the face and said, "That would
Haunted House Video On The Ellen Show!!
The other that I got to thinking about what if I past away how many people would actualy miss me. The point I am getting at is this..........people can say something but thier actions do speak for themselves. I head to much talking and no actions. So this in mind if your not going to act upon something then dont speak it..... Stright from the heart
Next Contestant My Version
I judge by what he's wearingJust how many heads I'm tearingOff of cunt bags coming on to himEach night seems like it's getting worse And I wish he'd take the night offSo I don't have to fight offEvery bitch coming on to himIt happens every night he walks in They'll go and ask the DJFind out just what would he sayIf they all tried coming on to himDon't they know it's never going to work They think they'll get his attentionWith every wink they give himAs they all try coming on to himThis time somebody's getting hurtHere comes the next contestant Is that your hand on my boyfriend?Is that your hand?I wish you'd do it againI'll watch you leave here limpingI wish you'd do it againI'll watch you bleedingThere goes the next contestant I even fear the old cuntsThey're cool but twice as crazyJust as bad for coming on to himDon't they know it's never going to work Each time he get up there songingSomebody's grabbing his assEveryone keeps coming on to himThis time somebody's getting hurtHere
Italian Public Public Relations Minister
Champions League against Barcelona , Balotelli debut at the last moment , but did change a draw , however, good news or Balotelli came back , after a storm , and suspended the national team after the injury ,Wholesale Arsenal jersey Balotelli has finally returned to the court again , but AC Milan can not be the assured Balotelli perverse personality , or to the club made ??a lot of trouble , and now the club began to move. " And before the therapist is different this time to give AC Milan Balotelli arranged a special security personnel , " "slow motion" so to introduce AC Milan Balotelli arranged the "bodyguard ",Wholesale Chelsea jersey which bit previously responsible Florence senior officers of police work in the AC Milan club's current security departments, he was the son of Italian public public Relations Minister , but Ferri 's task is not to protect the security of the ballot , his main job Balotelli 's words and deeds is to control , so that he will not give AC Milan again att
Real Madrid Lone Hero ! C Luo A Person Golf Gonna Cry Where Are You Good Helper
Bell, now is not a good helper for C LoC-Lo -form this season , he has for Real Madrid [ microblogging ] contributed 15 goals,cheap jerseys including eight ball from the league , seven goals from the Champions League , is currently the top scorer in the Champions League leader . Since the completion of contract with Real Madrid , C Luo 's productivity has improved significantly . Last season he shot once every 12 minutes , every 82 minutes to score a goal , but now he had a shot 10 minutes , 76 minutes will be able to play ball. However , the state has such a good C Lo stumbled at the Nou Camp . C Luo originally Nou Camp nightmare, his classic celebration "quiet" has set off waves in the Nou Camp . C- 19 since joining Real Madrid with Barcelona [ microblogging ] fight, scored 12 goals, while Barcelona has become the best at C Lo opponent broke one of 12 national derby goals, eight are in the Camp Nou , one at Mestalla , three at the Bernabeu . This time the face of Barcelon
Blog Of The Day.
Hello everyone I hope you’re doing really good I know I am ^_^ This little blog is just to update on everything, or at least everything I can think of lol A little note before I start… My life is all over the place at the moment and I am sorry if I don’t message you every day or take a call from you…I try my best to be there for everyone but one cannot always be around and available and if this annoys you then deleting me after you say goodbye would be best. I wish I could be there for everyone but I am only one guy and even I have problems and a life to deal with. Well now let’s get started shall we, I have a rustled jimmie's to share… I am starting to really hate weak willed people, take this for instance. “I just cannot take how you are” what the flying monkey balls, well then tell me you cannot handle me don’t just vanish like I don’t exist at all. So by that I meant people that just delete without so much as a work
Orado 21-5, But Rapids Goalkeeper Clint Irwin, Starting In Place Of Injured Matt Pickens, Made Seven Saves, Including Outstanding Stops On Teenage For
CARSON, Calif. - Mike Magee converted a penalty 5 minutes into the second half, and the Los Angeles Galaxy moved atop the Western Conference with a 1-0 victory over the Colorado Rapids on Saturday night. Magee scored after Rapids centre back Drew Moor was sent off for elbowing Marcelo Sarvas in the face in an off-the-ball incident, a major setback for Colorado after losing starting midfielder Pablo Mastroeni and centre back Diego Calderon to injuries in the first half. The Galaxy (2-0-1) dictated play throughout and outshot Colorado 21-5, but Rapids goalkeeper Clint Irwin, starting in place of injured Matt Pickens, made seven saves, including outstanding stops on teenage forwards Jose Villarreal and Jack McBean. "If were at fault tonight, certainly keeping (Colorado) around for 90 minutes was a flaw in our performance," said Galaxy coach Bruce Arena, whose team gave up a late lead last week against Chivas USA. "I think we had chances to get the second and third goal. Give them credit:
Temperary Family Adds
I am in need of family adds to help me level,nothing more.
For those about to rock… Who be the captain of this ship? I ponder this question… I walk on the fringe as a ghost Without a sound Without a toast… My compass spins And points true north The last frontier I sail straight Into yet a gail force wind The screw it twists and turns Deeper it sinks Into this bitch In heat She grins…
Beneath the undertow Beneath the very bottom of the ocean Lower than whale shit because of this sickness this curse... Between both worlds I dwell Alone here Not sure anymore why this devotion??? Committed to madness To unspeakable calamity To prying eyes To stigma To uncertainty unequivocally...
Why Young Women Are Going Off The Pill And On To Contraception Voodoo
I have a twentysomething friend in the US who, for purposes of preserving our friendship, I'll call Mary. As Mary is a human being, she likes to have sex. One thing Mary does not like, however, is contraception. Being on the pill made her "crazy"; getting an IUD felt, she says evocatively, "like having a hair caught in my throat"; and condoms "just don't feel good. We all know that." So for the past dozen years ("at least") Mary has been using an alternative method: she hasn't been using any contraception at all. Instead, she has worked out a formula that she calls "amazing" and I call "voodoo". It involves a combination of relying on various smartphone apps with names like Period Tracker and relying on the guy she is sleeping with (she is not in a long-term relationship) to "behave" – in other words, pull out in the nick of time. That she has not become pregnant since switching to her voodoo system proves, she says, that it works, "although there have been a few plan B [morning
Poem ... Addiction
When dreams become reality and foggy days become hazed over in your mind.Creepy spells of desire for joy and happiness overwhelm your mind. Making the people around you drift closer but yet afar with fear of crashing. Modem has started in the brain and a crazy feeling of regret fills the air, Strapped to the back of you head you feel like you must smile but wanting to crack that tear. Chills run down every ones back when the days are hazed with glory and painted over pain and nothing seems real anymore. Affixed on something more grand than just yourself nothing is holding you back from being selfish. Crawling away from a wet sweaty palm of disbelief and crying when you cannot believe what you have done. Breaking the spell and looking around only to see blood shed on the walls of faces you have destroyed. Sitting down and looking at the hands that did this all remembering the thoughts you remember from before you forgot.   ~Erica Tomaso~
As You Wish
Whisper your dreams as breath upon my neck   Confess away your sins with kisses along my thigh   Beg for your forever trailing fingers across my skin   Make me your promises in treasures on my lips   Offer your perfection while gazing into my eyes   Trade all your love for the warmth of my embrace   Remind me I am yours without speaking a single word   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
The Fbi Had An Opening For An Assassin
The FBI had an opening for an assassin. After all the background checks, interviews, and testing were done, there were 3 finalists. Two men and a woman. For the final test, the FBI agents took one of the men to a large metal door and handed him a gun."We must know that you will follow your instructions no matter what the circumstances. Inside the room you will find your wife sitting in a chair. Kill Her!"The man said, "You can't be serious, I could never shoot my wife."The agent said, "Then you're not the right man for this job. Take your wife and go home."The second man was given the same instructions.He took the gun and went into the room. All was quiet for about 5 minutes. The man came out with tears in his eyes, "I tried, but I can't kill my wife."The agent said, "You don't have what it takes. Take your wife and go home."Finally, it was the woman's turn. She was given the same instructions, to kill her husband. She took the gun and went into the room. Shots were heard, one after an
Vinh Hung Riverside Resort & Spa Hoi An
Located on the bank of the romantic Thu Bon River, and within 5 minutes walk to the ancient town of Hoi An, Vinh Hung Riverside Resort is well-know with traditional and mordern facilities. The resort always offers visitors gracious hospitality and impeccable service. See more pictures of Vinh Hung Riverside Resort   High-speed wireless internet is free for everyone. Guests staying here on a business trip can hold meetings as there is a meeting/conference room, secretarial services, translation services and a 24-hour business center.   Staying Vinh Hung Resort & Spa Hoi An will be your memorable time in Hoi An. Guests have a chance to visit Sa Huynh Culture Museum, Tan Ky House and enjoy local specialties at the countryside market - Cho Que.       With 89 well-appointed rooms set in the coconut-tree-shaded gardens along the river, Red Tile Restaurant in resort with delicous local and international menu, outdoor pool, bar, hair salon, spa service, spa tub
Tổng đài Panasonic Kx-tda100d 8 Co-104 Máy Nhánh
  Thông số kỹ thuật của Tong dai dien thoai Panasonic KX- TDA100D 8 CO-104 máy nhánh : -        Khả năng nâng cấp 112 trung kế - 120 máy nhánh, 64 trung kế IP chuẩn H.323 – 112 máy nhánh IP chuẩn riêng, 112 trung kế BRI, 120 trung kế PRI (Tổng cộng tối đa cả hệ thống: 126 trung kế - 176 máy nhánh). -        Bao gồm: Khung chính tổng đài KX-TDA100D, 01 card 8 trung kế hiển thị số điện thoại gọi đến, 02 card 16 máy nhánh và 03 card 24 máy nhánh. -        Gồm 7 khe cắm card chức năng. -        Tích hợp sẵn card nguồn. -        Tích hợp sẵn card CPU: có thẻ nhớ SD lưu hệ điều hành, 4 cổng máy nhánh số, 1 cổng USB, 1 cổng RS-232 (DB9), 2 cổng MOH/2 cổng Pagi
The Numerous Styles Of Ugg Boots
You have probably heard about UGG boots. But, if you never had a pair, you might not know how relaxing they can be. Even though the company makes plenty of different designs, all of them are made to be long lasting and give foot protection. Some of the UGG boots are designed for outdoor or colder weather, but others were made for an office environment or formal setting. To let you see some more things about their offerings, we will look at some of UGG's most in demand boot styles.ugg boots on clearance Women who like boots that have a little dazzle will like the Classic Short Sparkles, which is one of UGG's most well liked fashion boots. However, just like the other UGG boots, it too is made for comfort. This is a low boot that's bound with satin and decorated with sparkly sequins. This boot was designed to be very relaxing as well as sophisticated. The light and flexible Eva outsole will protect you feet for hours at a time. There is also a genuine sheepskin sock that wards off moistu
Orlando Murcia
Political Correctness 101
Due to the climate created by political correctness that now pervades America into a never-ending / growing list of new categories..... Kentuckians, Tennesseans and West Virginians will no longer be referred to as 'HILLBILLIES.' You must now refer to them as APPALACHIAN-AMERICANS. And furthermore, TO SPEAK ABOUT WOMEN & BE POLITICALLY CORRECT: 1. She is not a 'BABE' or a 'CHICK' - She is a 'BREASTED AMERICAN'. 2. Certain females are no longer called 'EASY' - They are called 'HORIZONTALLY ACCESSIBLE.' 3. She is not a 'DUMB BLONDE' - She is a LIGHT-HAIRED DETOUR OFF THE INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY 4. She has not 'BEEN AROUND' - She is a 'PREVIOUSLY-ENJOYED COMPANION.' 5. She does not 'NAG' you - She becomes 'VERBALLY REPETITIVE.' 6. She is not a 'TWO-BIT HOOKER' - She is a 'LOW COST PROVIDER OF ADULT ORIENTED SERVICES' HOW TO SPEAK ABOUT MEN AND BE POLITICALLY CORRECT: 1. He does not have a 'BEER GUT' - He has developed a 'LIQUID GRAIN STORAGE FACILITY.' 2. He is not a 'BAD
I love this time of year. The leaves turning all their beautiful colors. The cool crispness in the air. The harvesting of the crops mean fresh fruits and vegetables. The holiday season is about to be in full swhing. Thanksgiving, and the gathering of my family is soon upon us. Good food, and even better company. Christmas is next. Understanding the real reason for celebrating Christmas and not just the gifts. Family gathered and spending time together. Hopefully we will have a white Christmas. The World Series is over and football is in the middle of another season. Hockey is going on and basketball has started. Fall is a great time to be a sports fan!
Join My Mob
Are You One Of These
Why is it that the people who have a lot of money and expensive possesions are 90% of the time a bunch of fat asses who can't fit into a photograph? In the old days a person who worked hard was thin and fit or muscular and fit, they made enough money and were happy. Now you have these children of that past generation, well fed, spoiled, fat and I mean fat. The problem is the system we have is also the problem. They reward these useless people with high paying jobs which are behind a desk. They're non-producers and fat consumers, given the authority to tell people  what to do, who get paid a fraction of the fat asses salary. No wonder why this country is failing, but that's good. You see the real brains, the real men and women who see what I see, are in the background preparing to be independant. Call it what you like, call these people names, it won't matter. When the internet fails, your Fubar profile will mean nothing. That's the hilarious part, your dollar is fiat currency and your
Có Nên Dùng Mật Ong đánh Tưa Lưỡi Cho Trẻ Sơ Sinh?
Tưa lưỡi là những đốm trắng hay mảng trắng xuất hiện ở niêm mạc miệng, đặc biệt là mặt trên của lưỡi. Chúng làm cho trẻ vướng víu, khó nuốt và bị đau. Khi bị tưa lưỡi trẻ sẽ quấy khóc, bỏ ăn. Có rất nhiều nguyên nhân dẫn tới việc trẻ sơ sinh bị tưa lưỡi trong đó có một số nguyên nhân chính do nấm Candida albicans, do virus, do uống nhiều thuốc kháng sinh… Khi trẻ bị tưa lưỡi, các bà mẹ thường được người lớn tuổi, các cụ già khuyên đánh tưa lưỡi cho trẻ sơ sinh  bằng mật ong. Sự thật thì có nên dùng mật ong đánh tưa
How To Get A Better Car Loan Rate?
Well you win some you lose some - right? Nothing left to do but wait it out. Wrong. You always have options. While the contract you signed does mean that you are stuck with that new car loan rate until you pay it off, you don't have to wait for the loan to come to term for that to happen. The best way to lower that car loan rate is to go to another lender and get a better rate. Basically, you have to refinance your car. This can save you thousands of dollars if you play your cards right.Here’s how it works: You take out a new loan at a lower interest rate and use it to pay off your old loan (with the higher interest rate). Provided you have a good repayment record on your present loan (showing that you paid on time every time), the bank or lender should have no problems offering to refinance at a rate that is lower than your present car loan rate. The best place to get a great deal on a new car loan rate is the internet. While traditional banks are an option, a lot of companies
The biggest coward in the world is a man who awakens a womans heart & soul with no intentions of cherishing or protecting it.
New Videos Up
whatup people, got new videos up, although i doubt i'll get any viewers of them or readers of this hahaha. some of the videos are weird or long, but they're all really cool so check em out when you can!
With Out You
"Without You" I just wanna be alone tonightI just wanna take a little breatherCause lately all we do is fightAnd every time it cuts me deeperCause something’s changedYou’ve been acting so strangeAnd its taking its toll on meIts safe to say that I’m ready to let you leaveWithout you, I live it up a little more everydayWithout you, I’m seein myself so differentlyI didn’t wanna believe it thenBut it all worked out in the endWhen I watched you walk awayWell I never thought I'd sayI’m fineWithout youCalled you up cause’ it’s been long enoughAnd you said that you were so much betterWe have done a lot of growing upWe were never meant to be togetherCause something changed, you were acting so strangeAnd it’s taken its toll on meIt’s safe to say that I’m ready to let you leaveWithout you, I live it up a little more everydayWithout you, I’m seein myself so differentlyI didn’t wanna believe it thenBut it all worked out
Skin(rascal Flatts)
Sarabeth is scared to deathTo hear what the doctor will sayShe hasn't been wellSince the day that she fellAnd the bruise, it just won't go awaySo she sits and she waits with her mother and dadFlips through an old magazineTill the nurse with a smileStands at the doorAnd says will you please come with meSarabeth is scared to deathCause the doctor just told her the newsBetween the red cells and whiteSomething's not rightBut we're gonna take care of youSix chances in ten it won't come back againWith the therapy were gonna tryIt's just been approvedIt's the strongest there isI think we caught it in timeSarabeth closes her eyesAnd she dreams she's dancingAround and around without any caresAnd her very first love is holding her closeAnd the soft wind is blowing her hairSarabeth is scared to deathAs she sits holding her momCause it would be a mistakeFor someone to takeA girl with no hair to the promFor, just this morning right there on her pillowWas the cruelest of any surpriseAnd she cried wh
Xử Lý Nước Cấp Và Một Số Hóa Chất Thường được Sử Dụng
PAC – Polyaluminium PAC (Poly Aluminium Chloride) là loại phèn nhôm tồn tại ở dạng cao phân tử (polyme). Công thức phân tử [Al2(OH)nCl6-n]m. Hiện nay, PAC được sản xuất lượng lớn và sử dụng rộng rãi ở các nước tiên tiến để thay thế cho phèn nhôm sunfat trong xử lý nước sinh hoạt và nước thải. - PAC có nhiều ưu điểm so với phèn nhôm sunphat đối với quá trình keo tụ lắng. Như hiệu quả lắng trong cao hơn 4-5 lần, thời gian keo tụ nhanh, ít làm biến động độ PH của nước, không cần hoặc dùng rất ít chất hỗ trợ, không cần các thiết bị và thao tác phức tạp, không bị đ&#
Cách Bán Ngọc Huyền Bí Chạy Nhất Avatar
Chơi avatar trên điện thoại đang trở thành 1 xu hướng giải trí mới hiện nay với các bạn trẻ, và những ai thích chơi game.Nhiều thủ thuật hay được BQT gameavatar365 cập nhật liên tục, trong đó có cach ban ngoc huyen bi chay nhat avatar, cách này cũng đơn giản nhưng rất hiệu quả đó. Cùng tìm hiểu nào các bạn. Tai avatar phiên bản mới nhất để được hỗ trợ tốt nhất nhé các bạn.Ở đây chúng ta tải phiên bản auto farm ghép x3 auto click vê nhé. B1: cho tất cả các nick phụ full ngoc huyền bí. B2: rủ 2 hay 3 người đi nâng cấp vật phẩm. B3: tìm 1 thành phố ít người
Camera ChỐng TrỘm
CAMERA CHỐNG TRỘM Trước tình hình tội phạm tăng nhanh thì việc lắp đặt camera chống trộm, camera an ninh cho gia đình được coi là giải pháp hữu hiệu để bạn vàgia đình tránh được sự nhòm ngó của các vị khách không mời. I. LỢI ÍCH KHI LẮP ĐẶT CAMERA CHỐNG TRỘM Đối với gia đình: + Bạn có thể quan sát được tình trạng an ninh trong gia đình  khi bạn không có ở nhà. + lắp đặt camera quan sát ngoài cửa có thể giúp bạn bảo vệ phương tiện của cải của bạn + bạn có thể quan sát những đứa con của bạn khi bạn không ở bên nó Đối với nhà xưởng: + T
This morning as I look outOn a cold and rainy sad November dayI sit here and wonder why the angels cryWhen it was you they took awayAre they your tears of happinessFor rejoining the one you lovedOr are they your tears of sadnessFor those of us you left below.Do you know how much you will be missed?And how much you are still lovedTime to time look down and seeUs crying for you above.Can angels come to visit us?I believe that they are always thereTo watch over us and keep us safeAnd to show us that they still care.A baby’s smile into an empty roomA familiar scent within the airA song plays when were thinking of youThe subtle hints that you are there.Will you be our angel?Come visit us every now and thenSo I won’t be so sad to say goodbye todayBecause today is not really the end.So for now just please
"crabby's In The House."
OK, so I tend to complain a lot. And one of my pet peves is lazy, selfcentered, inconsiderate morons, who refuse to pull forward when they are done at the fuel island. They go in, grab a cup of joe, a burger at the dive, or even grab a (Not so,) quick shower while everyone is trying to get fuel at the busiest time of the morning. So after the 2nd or 3rd time this happens in a row, I go off. I run in raising cain to the fuel desk girl, the guy at the gas desk, the tire guy, even the indegent hanging around to hitch a ride. Thus it happened. Crabby was born. This happened over the next couple of months. Each time by the time I had left, I issued another sheepish apology. At this time no one person stood out as the highlight of my visits, but that night, the night it all began, SHE entered my consciencousness. She looked at me after swiping my rewards card to cover my coffee and uttered the words that penetrated my very soul. With her searching eyes, she asked me, "Why are you always so
Cập Nhật Phong Cách Thời Trang Cao Cấp Giá Rẻ 2014 Cho Nam
Cập nhật phong cách thời trang cao cấp giá rẻ 2014 cho nam   Nhiệt độ mùa đông theo cách này đã mượn thời trang mùa thu, trong khi đuôi vẫn là mùa thu, và nhanh chóng dọn dẹp gọn gàng cuối tuần của mình mang lại cho gia đình, hoặc mang lại một vài người bạn  một chuyến đi du lịch, phải ! Mùa thu đi chơi, nhưng cũng có một hương vị của nó! Hôm nay chúng tôi giới thiệu một vài chuyến đi chơi trang phục ấm gia đình!   Bông vest: Slowear Montedoro đảo chiều đệm Gilet len-Blend, giá khoảng 4.060 nhân dân tệ áo len: Slowear Zanone cáp và Đan áo len len, giá khoảng 2.240 nhân dân tệ áo: Slowear Glanshirt Chambray áo, giá khoảng 2.170 n
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Newport Cigarettes Wholesale enever you visit Dubai used standardised global marketing efforts, developing a main advertising production bank and tips for brand images and promotions, but permitting regional managers to develop regionally appropriate.Newport Cigarettes Wholesale individual advertisements. The common aim of lifestyle study is to acquire an understanding of the requirements, values, and beliefs of target consumers. A recor.d prepared by market research firm Research International for Philip Morris revealed, "The essential need is to determine how Marlboro its' in the minds of Young Adult Smokers, by analyzing its posi.Newport Cigarettes Wholesaletioning and appeal to the lifestyle, aspirations and needs of young smokers". Philip Morris searched for understanding Mar.Newport Cigarettes Wholesalelboro's brand image in various markets. For instance, the goals for a Marlboro Image Dynamics Study carried out for Philip Morris in.volved, "How smokers perceive Marlb
Did Romance Really Change ?
At what point did treating a lady with respect become romance ? When I was growing up . You took a girl to dinner or fixed her dinner , you had candle light . You stood , when she entered or left the room . You pulled out her chair, told her how nice she looked smelled . Complimented her and kissed her good night and or , this was called respect , Today somehow people think this is something that should only be done on special occasions, what was romance it was a feeling and emotion, it was souls dancing on clouds new refreshing and it was not so much of an action but desires built while talking listening and enjoying the company of one more then another , and that feeling in itself created magical things about, the point is , respect should be daily not once a week . Just sayn
Enjoy The Peaceful Atmosphere At Golden Sand Resort & Spa Hoi An
Every morning, you fasten a fresh flower on your hair and sitting before the vast ocean, surrounded by chirping birds and fragrant varied colors flowers.   The glow of dawn and breath of lush spring influx of bed, blended with the scent of tropical plants.   It is very wonderful to relax with relatives in spacious balcony, sip a hot cup of coffee, enjoy the cool breeze faintly from the garden of the Golden Sand Resort Hoi An. Fresh atmosphere along with softly sunlight in the moring will help guests relax and dispel all sorrow, welcome to a new spring again.   Golden Sand Resort & Spa Hoi An   Golden Sand Resort Hoi An with a total area of more than 4 hectares is designed with style of modern ethnic architecture including 212 hotel rooms and small villa. All rooms are equipped with modern equipment and international standard facilities.   In this days, visitors can leisurely walk in the grounds of the hotel, sunbathe on Cua Dai Beach poetic,
Obama grasps for climate legacy as second-term agenda crumbles     Ben GemanThe HillNovember 9, 2013 Obama has a chance to craft a second-term legacy on climate change President Obama has a chance to craft a second-term legacy on climate change even as the rest of his agenda runs aground in Congress. Gun control legislation is dead; immigration reform is

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