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Welfare Poem
I cross ocean, poor and broke, >>>Take bus, see employment folk. >>> >>>Nice man treat me good in there, >>>Say I need to see welfare. >>> >>>Welfare say, 'You come no more, >>>We send cash right to your door.' >>> >>>Welfare checks, they make you wealthy, >>>Medicaid it keep you healthy! >>> >>>By and by, I got plenty money, >>>Thanks to you, American dummy. >>> >>>Write to friends in motherland, >>>Tell them 'come fast as you can.' >>> >>>They come in turbans and Ford trucks, >>>I buy big house with welfare bucks. >>> >>>They come here, we live together, >>>More welfare checks, it gets better! >>> >>>Fourteen families, they moving in, >>>But neighbor's patience wearing thin. >>> >>>Finally, white guy moves away, >>>Now I buy his house, and then I say, >>> >>>'Find more aliens for house to rent.' >>>And in the yard I put a tent. >>> >>>Send for family they just trash, >>>But they, too, draw the welfare cash! >>> >>>Everything is very good, >>>And s
I know this much I am not to the point yet of seeng illusions , but I might be soon . I am pushing 19 hrs without any type of sleep. You coul say I am trying to see how far the human body can without sleep. Well I can say this so far so good . You or anyone csn ask me tomrrow how I survived it and maybe or maybe answer you, it all matters if I am awake to here anybody .
Ok...I have officially decided that I have way too much time on my hands. Today I have watched quite a few movies. It's a happy hangover day for me. On days that I am severely this morning...I end up spending most of my day watching some major chick flicks and ordering in pizza which is only the world's best hangover food. Today my sappy chick flick movies are ones based off of the old ages. The ages of chivalry and honor. The time frame when men would always take a ladys hand to help her into her carriage and would open all doors for her. The times when guys said the most romantic and poetic things. It makes a girl wonder what is going on in the world today. Sure, times change and customs change, but what in the world happend that caused things to go from the ways they were to how crude mannered and speaking people are today. I can't judge others cuz I know i am guilty of doing the same thing from time to time, but wow. Watching movies like these almost m
Had A Good Day
Some of you might remember me complaining because my ex had tried to mess with the weekends and I wouldn't have my time with my son. I actually ended up with him the last 2 weekends. Friday night he had a soccer game scheduled, but it was cancelled. Didn't find out until we drove 70 miles to get there though. Sat we drove back for another game. They won 3-1. And today we spent the day at the fairgrounds where they had lots of bands and activities. We played paintball and had a great time. Its always good when kids pick the old guy to play on their team and you ask why and they say.."cuz you are cool!" lol I'm just a big kid. So the weekend was great :)
Architect Of Desire
Architect of Desire by msbehaves© I am leaving work about fifteen minutes behind everyone else. I got stuck on the phone and missed the mass exodus to the parking garage. I hate walking though the structure in the dark by myself. Even though nothing has ever happened here, I still don't feel safe. The dim lighting and confusing echoes make me nervous. I walk quickly with my head up, clutching my keys tightly in my hand. I am within touching distance of my car when he strikes. He grabs me from behind and pulls me off my feet. I drop my purse and keys while I struggle. His hand is hard across my mouth, preventing my cry for help. His arm crosses my torso and pins my arms to my side. His strength is enormous. I can only get trickles of oxygen. I kick backward trying to rake his shins with my shoes. He is moving so quickly that I miss more than I hit. When I do manage to connect it makes no discernable difference. He easily overpowers my small frame and carries me swiftly to a
Please Do!
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I am serenading your heart under the blessing of the moon Please do not fade your sight on me I've memorized the music of melancholy and life Let the sun refuse to rise, let not morning arrive soon. My source of heaven has always been you Under deep and heavy waters I always clear my path For every moment I take, all reasons have been truthful There and from, my heart has spoken words that are true. Go where houses are found safe and unbound Then I'll start a search for this travel Such love shall lead its ways over many things Thus, where shall two promising hearts are to be found. Half-past midnight when spirit brought on bizarre Have a fine smile as you approach the scintillating stars My steps may be fronted to leap on these kind grounds And every walk maybe sighted on a place afar. From there where we shall meet I endorse solitude of hearts Made warm romance and forgotten the past In sweet dilemma and crucial mistakes May we always stride this way and ne
Our Love
Your body lying next to me Your kisses on my back The way my body explodes with you The way i just react I love the way you hold me I feel safe and warm After we make love Your body next to me Embracing each other Under the covers For no one else to see I know we might be young in love But whats so wrong with that Because when were under the covers Lying next to each other Like Romeo & Juliet done by christine .
Reasons To Date Me!
10 REASONS TO DATE A SOFTBALL PLAYER!! 1. We do it for atleast 80 minutes (but longer if its a good game!) 2. Always in 9 different Positions! 3. We play both offense and defense! 4. We like to be on top of our game! 5. We enjoy being hot and sweaty! 6. We know how to get dirty! 7. We wear short shorts for easy play! 8. We know how to take it up the middle! 9. We play with bigger balls! 10. And we play the game until we score!
Check Us Out
We are a small bombing family that is looking for more members. If you are interested in joining just send a friend request saying you want to join. thnx SCF Bombers@ fubar
Tracy's Pimpout
If you don't already have these kick ass people you better go add them!!! These are a few people on here that have been some very very good friends to me... I love with all my heart and wouldnt trade em in for nothing.... It hurts that I have to go but it is for the best I just want to share these wonderful people with all of you just in case you havent met them already and got to know who they really are..... Butterflymember of Memory Lounge of Lovely,Loving Ray and Angels@ fubar ~Hot Momma~~~Is really loved@ fubar ~CHEROKEELADY~LOVE ME OR HATE ME EITHER WAY YOUR THINKING ABOUT ME@ fubar $r Whi+e Knigh+~Blondies r/l hubby ~Git R Done Rebels L.C.~Confederates~@ fubar ~CONFEDERATE BOMBERS FAMILY OF FUBAR ~@ fubar The Watcher ~~Fubar Hubby To SexyRina And Proud Member Of The Confederate Bombers ~~@ fubar ♥~~CHERRYPIEX ~~♥@ fubar Pєяĸy Mя. Đ's wife, Owner of O.C.L & PitBulls, Tracy's Mistress@ fubar Mя. Đ P&
The Biggest Lie On This Planet Is....
The biggest LIE on this Planet is: "When I get what I want, I'll be happy." ...All things have a replacement... So when you get something you want... You LOSE something you NEED. (",)
Why We Love Children !
1) NUDITY > >I was driving with my three young children one warm summer evening when a >woman in the convertible ahead of us stood up and waved. She was stark >naked! As I was reeling from the shock, I heard my 5-year-old shout from >the back seat, "Mom! That lady isn't wearing a seat belt!" > >2) OPINIONS > >On the first day of school, a first-grader handed his teacher a note from >his mother. The note read, "The opinions expressed by this child are not >necessarily those of his parents." > >3) KETCHUP > >A woman was trying hard to get the ketchup out of the jar. During her >struggle the phone rang so she asked her 4-year-old daughter to answer the >phone. "Mommy can't come to the phone to talk to you right now. She's >hitting the bottle." > >4) MORE NUDITY > >A little boy got lost at the YMCA and found himself in the women's locker >room. When he was spotted, the room burst into shrieks, with ladies >grabbing towels and running for cover. The
Subject: Why Sentence Structure Is So Important
The boss had to fire somebody, and he narrowed it down to one of two people, Kelly or Jack. It was an impossible decision because they were both super workers. Rather than flip a coin, he decided he would fire the first one who used the water cooler the next morning. Kelly came in the next morning with a horrible hangover after partying all night. She went to the cooler to take an aspirin. The boss approached her and said: "Kelly, I've never done this before but I have to lay you or Jack off." "Could you jack off?" she says. "I feel like shit."
~ Soldier Says His Bit About Iraq ~
Could not have said it better.
Sweet Orgasm
Sweet Orgasm by Gerry Zimman As beautiful As heaven opening As curtains parting To reveal the moon As a goddess singing In a storm of thunder Must be your every Sweet orgasm
September 25, 2006
Your social energy is much stronger today -- maybe stronger than your friends' and coworkers'. It's a great day for building strong connections with people you don't get to see very often but would like to.
The Last Goodnight - Pieces Of You
This is the clock up on the wall This is the story of us all This is the first sound of a new born child before he starts to crawl This is the war that's never won This is the soldier and his gun This is the mother waiting by the phone praying for her son Pictures of you Pictures of me Hung up on your wall for the world to see Pictures of you Pictures of me Remind us all of what we used to be Wo-oah There is a drug that cures it all Blocked by the governmental wall We are the scientists inside the lab just waiting for the call This earthquake weather has got me shaking Inside I'm high up and dry Pictures of you Pictures of me Hung up on your wall for the world to see Pictures of you Pictures of me Remind us all of what we used to be Confess to me Every secret moment Every stolen promise you believe Confess to me All that lies between us All that lies between you and me We are the boxers in the ring We are the bells that never sing T
Beef Burritos With Monterey Jack Sauce
serves 2 1/2 pound boneless chuck, cut into 1/4-inch cubes 1 tbsp vegetable oil 1 1/4 cups finely chopped broccoli 1 small clove garlic, minced 1 small onion, minced 1/2 cup tomato purée 1/2 tsp chili powder 1/4 tsp ground cumin Sauce: 3 ounces Monterey Jack cheese 1/2 cup sour cream 4-ounce can chopped green chiles 2 tsp fresh lemon juice four 8-inch flour tortillas In a large heavy skillet cook the chuck in oil over moderately high heat, stirring until it is just browned. Add broccoli, garlic, onion, tomato purée, chili powder, cumin, salt to taste, and 1/2 cup water. Cook mixture, covered, over moderate heat 15 to 17 minutes or until filling is thickened. Keep the filling warm, covered, over low heat. In a small saucepan, combine Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream, chiles, and lemon juice. Heat over moderately low heat until cheese is melted and keep warm, covered. Do not let sauce boil. Heat a dry 8-inch skillet and heat each tortilla, turning frequently, for
Keith Olbermann Special Comment *bush & Cheney Resign Now!*
Welcome Home Heroes!
Well, I am very excited to say the 875th is in Wisconsin and are getting ready to come back to Arkansas Saturday! War has never been on my mind until this guys and girls went to Iraq. Even then, it still wasn't present on my mind until May 26, 2007. As all of you probably know, that's the day we lost Erich Smallwood. Since then i have seen things differently. I have been thankful for the freedoms I have here that people in other places don't. I am thankful I come from a country that is willing to go fight to help other countries. I am also thankful I got to spend some time at Sonic Drive In getting to know the amazing, selfless hero Erich Smallwood was. While I feel excitment for everyone who gets to reunite with their fathers, brothers, husbands, sisters, wives, mothers, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends and so on, I can't help but feel an emptiness and sadness knowing Erich will not be on the plane coming home to his loved ones. he paid the ultimate scarifice for us. Please
How Long Is Forever
How long is forever Does forever last Look into the future Not into the past. How long is the future Don’t you wish you could see How you’ll live What you’ll grow up to be. How old will you be when you die Because you won’t live forever You can hope to live awhile But not forever, never. How long does hope last You decide on that And it is also you That will choose your path. How long is forever Does forever last Look into the future Not into the past.
Shrimp Stew
Shrimp Stew Ingredients: 1 bag of shrimp (as much as you want to put in) 4 tablespoons of flour 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil 1 large onion chopped 3 stems of celery chopped 1 large potato cut into cubes (optional...1/4 bell pepper chopped) Directions: Put the oil in a dutch oven. When it is hot, put in the flour and stir. When the roux is copper color, add onions and celery. Stir. When they are limp, add about 1 cup of water (or if you have it, shrimp stock..boiling peelings will make a great shrimp stock). Stir. When it is shiny, add about 3 cups of water(or stock...half way up the pot.) Cook for about 1 hour. Add shrimp and potatoes. Cook until potatoes are done and the sauce is the right consistency (like thin gravy). Serve over white rice with potato salad.
Task @ Hand
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us -- it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." I challenge you to find all of the greatness inside of you.
Just For Fun
Prayer Request :-(
There's one thing that my hubby and I agree on and that's suicide is selfish and not the way to solve anything but some people just can't handle the pressure of whatever they are going through because of different reasons whatever they are. It still hurts though and for that I have mixed feelings. I am sad for our friend and pissed that my husband is hurting for the way our friend passed. I really need your prayers guys. Prayers for my husband and his units suffering over this tragic loss and the soldiers family. Keep us all in your prayers. Thanks. God Bless everyone.
Beating Heart
Shhhh, hold tight for I hear what I can not see, For there is no light only sound by which to guide me. Shhhh, there it is again, like the beating of a snare ... It sounds so familiar yet has its own style and flare. I hear it oh so clearly like an old favorite song, I am yearning for it ... this sound I seem to long. Shhh, cant you hear it the sound is oh so clear, I seem to be drawn to it, its calling to me I fear Shhh, listen with me, I need to know what it could be ... I feel as though Im floating to it, its setting me free. It is unlike anything I have ever heard before ... I wonder could I truly be who this sound is for? This sound is of your heart calling out to mine, Like two souls lost in the intricate sands of time. Though distance may seperate us, its only miles you see ... For nothing can ever really keep apart those who are meant to be. Through wind, rain, sleet or snow this sound will keep going ... Longing to once again be with that per
The Club Remix Lisa Morgan
sorry forgot to mention "The Club Remix" is out *TODAY* - 26th September - exclusively available to download for 79p from LFK Records' Digital Store - mind ask your radio staoin to player her give then her blog link Hey everyone "The Club Remix" is out *TODAY* - 26th September - exclusively available to download now from LFK Records' Digital Store - So please make a bulletin about "The Club Remix", send it to your friends, add my new (re-edit) music video and banners on your profile etc… that would really help me out! Our first radio campaign with KISS 101 is due to air on Wed 26 Sept and finishes on Sun 7 Oct to South Wales and the South West (UK). If you like "The Club Remix" - text into the studio on 64100 or send an email to If you like it even more - please can you do me a huge favour and tell Radio 1 how much you love
Somebody Should've Told You, It Never Comes Easy...
I love "Life Is A Garden", that's where I got the title for this blog from. Anywho. I'm stuffy as hell. I don't feel like sickish anymore but I really wish I was able to breathe out of my nose. It sucks waking up in the middle of the night cause you can't freaking breathe. And it's even worse not being able to go near my babies til I feel better. Last thing I need is for them to get sick. I just hope I can knock out this cold before Saturday. Of course with help of Tylenol Severe Sinus & Congestion, I'm sure I'll be able to do something. Or so I hope. Anyway, here's Greeley Estates, "Life is a Garden". enjoy. :D
Obsession This Is For Chad You Know Who Youare
Browser Artists: # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Search Song Lyrics Featured Artist Artists Song Titles Albums Lyric words .:: Frankie J - Obsessions [No Es Amor] ft. Baby Bash ::. See Frankie J Videos lyrics - Obsessions [No Es Amor] ft. Baby Bash Lyrics Obsessions [No Es Amor] ft. Baby Bash ( Frankie J ) (Check check ...this happened for real bash..yeah.. frankie j.... obsession) It's early in the morning And my heart is feeling lonely Just thinkin bout you baby Got me twisted a little bit And I dont know how to take it But its driving me so crazy I dont know if its right I'm tossin turning in my bed Its 5 o'clock in the morning And I still cant sleep Thinkin bout your beauty it makes me weak... I'm feeling hopeless in my home I dont know what to do I think I'm in love Baby... [Chorus] Amor, no es amor (if this aint love) Then what am I feeling (what am I d
New Blog Ideas
wow i just checked my old blog & it was from turcky day man i need new ideas for my blogs lol
Scrunchy Sweet And Sour Chicken
serves 4 Preparation - 20 minutes, Cooking time - 15 minutes 2 egg yolks 2 tbsp cornstarch salt and ground black pepper 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves, cubed vegetable oil For the sweet and sour sauce: 1 onion, sliced 1 small red pepper, cut into 1 inch pieces 1 small orange pepper, cut into 1 inch pieces 1 lb can pineapple cubes in natural juice 1 tbsp cornstarch 2 tbsp tomato ketchup 2 tbsp light soy sauce 1 tbsp white wine vinegar handful of fresh cilantro leaves, to garnish Mix together the egg yolks, with a tbsp of water, the cornstarch, and some salt and pepper. Heat 2 inches of oil in a wok or deep frying pan. Toss the chicken in the cornstarch mixture and deep-fry in batches for 5 minutes or until crisp and golden. Drain on paper towels. Empty the oil from the wok to leave a thin coating in the pan. Stir-fry the onion and peppers over a high heat for 3 minutes. Drain the pineapple cubes (reserving the juice), add to the pan, and cook for
Ok, Baby boy is a total sweet heart!! and he deserves this blast!!! come show him some love!! I want him to win this blast!!! Please come leave him lots of comments!! please please please *hugs*
69 Boyz-tootsee Roll
September 27, 2007
It's a great day to sit down and think through long-term planning -- as far as retirement, even. Your mind can grasp nuance and complex details with relative ease and you need to know that you and your family are okay.
Pretty Please
Could you all go Rate and Comment this pic pretty please. All help would be great thanks.
Show Her Some Love, I Love You All!!!!
Thought For The Day!
If at the end of the day you know you've done your best, Regardless of the outcomes you can peacefully rest. For you can’t control the results of anything you do, But if you know you've done your best, to yourself you've been true.
I Got That Dick
I awaited to see that man for the last time. We had been secretly seeing each other every two weeks, but this was to be the last time for a long time cuz I was leaving to be with who I know as now, a sry ass buster, bombbay22 in Champaign, IL. When he arrived, he was so sick, so we decided to just chill and watch movies. I looked over at him, shirtless; had on his boxers, and couldn't help his slong half hardened playing peek-a-boo with me...yet eyes puffy with his cold getting the best of him. I felt a bit jealous! I wanted my presence to take over his body, and beat him the way that cold took control. I leaned over to kiss him gently, but the Aries in me wanted more! He could not fight, refuse or reject me...poor thing was to I could have my way & get away with it! Plus,I loved him and wanted all that belonged to me! He tried his hardest to participate, kisssing from my neck to my thighs...but not inbetween, not yet! I undressed him and again he teased me with that soft t
911, The Great Illusion - George Humphrey 2/2
911, The Great Illusion - George Humphrey 2/2 911, The Great Illusion - George Humphrey 2/2 Alex Jones July 15 Report pt 2/3 BUSH WTF? 911 mysteries 2 of 9 The Future of Food 911 the Zionist Order 1/10
Whit The Love Between 2 Are Shared
Exactly when did love come to your hearts, Vesting something one in something twain, Exchanging simple wholes for complex parts, Less purely self, more vulnerable to pain? Yet passion often migrates into need, Not needing much to crave unfeigned affection; And so each craving does the other feed, Need serving need as bond against rejection. Doubt not such sweet sense can be sustained, Not by passion, but by will and grace. In long-lived love there's too much to be gained, Convectively, to easy unembrace. Oceans well up richly well within, Letting go the air that we begin Avidly to breathe, with passion burning, So fraught with love no years can hold our yearning.
Near A Mountain Cabin
Near A Mountain Cabin Ants are busy searching for food by a cabin high the hills that lays within reach of nearby mountain. Near a mountain cabin is where I can stand to look down upon a huge lake where bass are jumping about free. Bee hums of spring about the porch. A butterfly flutters about the roses and plants. I turn to see my old dear friend the cardinal has a new family within him this year. The chipmunks are chasing each other about the flush green grass. Last night I lay within my bed listening to the cricket sing of life in bloom. Dam is were the deer seem to hide these from the hunters, So the does can have their fawns in safety. A dove flew in my kitchen window today; its song was for me. Ferns are now become the playground for the new fawn and a curious rabbit. Near a mountain cabin, if you so dare to stop to see. Life begins and ends within such peaceful ways. As the morning is just about rise, You can catch the glimpse of the red fox lurking in the fog.
My Mumm...
Hey! Just a little confused here. I added a ton oF new pics and can't decide which one to use as my primary photo. Tell me what you guys think. I have to do this through a blog because im not yet a level 5 to be able to do a mumm...
Need A Good Laugh?????????
Last year I replaced all the windows in my house with that expensive double-pane energy efficient kind, and today, I got a call from the contractor who installed them. He was complaining that the work had been completed a whole year ago and I still hadn't paid for them. Hellloooo,...........just because I'm blonde doesn't mean that I am automatically stupid. So, I told him just what his fast talking sales guy had told me last year, that in ONE YEAR these windows would pay for themselves! Helllooooo? It's been a year! I told him. There was only silence at the other end of the line, so I finally just hung up. He never called back. Guess I won that stupid argument. I bet he felt like an idiot.
My Secret Love
I see it all so vividly Like the meaning to a song Your eyes penetrating me Our mutual attraction so strong You place your hand upon my cheek And I smile at your touch We share a moment, my knees are weak As I realize it is not enough Just feeling your emotions, makes me yearn for more As you gently pull my body close And reach my hearts inner core Invigorating is your love, bold is your mind Sweet emotion is our description The true story of you & I
Dr. Seuss Purity Test
The Dr. Seuss Purity Test Have you done it on a boat? Have you done it with a goat? Have you done it in a bed? Have you done it with the dead? Have you done it in the ass? Have you done it, high on grass? Have you done it in the car? Have you simply gone too far? Have you done it on the beach? Have you done it with the teach? Have you done it on your back? Have you done it strapped to a rack? Have you done it in a box? Have you done it with a fox? Have you done it in a tree? Have you done it with more than three? Have you done it in the rain? Have you done it for the pain? Have you done it 'tween the tits? Have you done it wearing mitts? Have you done it p
It Seems That Life Goes By Resembling Somewhat Of A Bell Curve Of What Is Considered Successful...
At age 4...success is...not peeing in your pants. At age 10...success is...making your own meals. At age 12...success is...having friends. At age 16...success is...having a drivers license. At age 20...success is...having sex. At age 35...success is...having money. At age 50...success is...having money. At age 60...success is...having sex. At age 70...success is...having a drivers license. At age 75...success is...having friends. At age 80...success is...making your own meals. At age 85...success is...not peeing in your pants.
People Bitching About Nsfw (and Other Ramblings)
When I first heard about CherryTap (now Fubar) I thought, "Awesome, a place where ADULTS can go to chat, hang out, and meet." So, I created an account and uploaded as many pictures as I was allowed. I fully understand that there were going to be people that were not going to like my opinions, pictures, and sense of humor. I even understand that there are people who may not agree with the fact that I find Happy Bunny completely and totally God Like. (Yes, that's an exaggeration for those of you who cannot comprehend the obvious.) And, I happily move on with my little internet world in, what was known at that time, as Cherry Tap. So I come across all these people who all of the sudden want to be my friends. Of course, they can't tell me a damn thing about what's written in my profile, so they are automatically denied. YAY for me having standards... well at least I think so. However, I will return ratings so long as I can find a picture I like, because I am not a complete
Body Of A Porn Star
Comments on this mumm: mystery_man_017... (Online) M, 37 Bedford, MA 2007-09-28 05:17:24 #20 of 20 The problems that I had have always been asking for it too much and my partner not being interested. It's a tough situation and I feel for you. Hell, you've got the body of a pornstar. What the hell is he thinking? He wants to watch the TV when he's got the real thing right in front of him?
Just A Box Of Crayons
While walking in a toy store The day before today, I over heard a Crayon Box With many things to say. "I don't like red!" said Yellow. And Green said, "Nor do I!" And no one here likes Orange, But no one knows quite why. "We are a box of crayons that really doesn't get along," Said Blue to all the others. "Something here is wrong!" Well, I bought that box of crayons And took it home with me And laid out all the crayons So the crayons could all see They watched me as I colored With Red and Blue and Green And Black and White and Orange And every color in between They watched as Green became the grass And Blue became the sky. The Yellow sun was shining bright On White clouds drifting by. Colors changing as they touched, Becoming something new. They watched me as I colored. They watched till I was through. And when I'd finally finished, I began to walk away. And as I did the Crayon box Had somethin
I turn you on You make me wet Pulsing my body And making me sweat I feel so dirty After a rough day You ease my body I love it this way Soft and gentle Or rough and fast I could stay here And let hours pass But I step out Feeling so good Clean and fresh There I stood Just getting out Of the shower.
4th Affair
Jake was dying. His wife sat at the bedside. He looked up and said weakly: 'I have something I must confess.''There's no need to, 'his wife replied. 'No,' he insisted, 'I want to die in peace. I slept with your sister, your best friend, her best friend, and your mother!' 'I know,' she replied, 'now just rest and let the poison work.'
A Time..
For everything there is a season, And a time for every matter under heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; A time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together; A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing; A time to seek, and a time to lose; A time to keep, and a time to throw away; A time to tear, and a time to sew; A time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate, A time for war, and a time for peace. - Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
What A Wonderful Day This Would Be!
Here I set with pen in hand writing this poem to a wonderful man. One of whom I’ve not yet met in real life nevertheless he teases my sexual drive. What a wonderful day it would be if on the warm ground he laid with me. Basking in the warmth of the sun rays making sweet love to me all the day. What a wonderful way to savor the moment sharing this day with my Turkish hunk in it. Sweaty bodies moving in rhythm to and fro sweet tasty juices from each other will flow. On the grass or on the floating docks at the beach together with him our sensual excesses will be reached. And then oh what a wonderful day this would be keeping the love growing from him to me. Though this is a short poem this time it is only to tell what is on my mind. When I say no a bed, use a blanket on the ground while we wildly, passionately tumble around. And that is a wonderful day!!!! LSR 28 September 2007 (from a lovely hottie, love u)
The F**kin News 09 23 06 By Deek Jackson
The F**kin News 09 23 06 by Deek Jackson
One Flaw In Women
I wanted to share this with you - it says it all. Apparently it was written by a man, too. One Flaw In Women Women have strengths that amaze men. They bear hardships and they carry burdens, But they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy And laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up to injustice. They don't take "no" for an answer When they believe there is a better solution. They go without so their family can have. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel And cheer when their friends get awards. They are happy when they hear about A birth or a wedding. Their hearts break when a friend dies. They grieve at the loss of a family member, Yet they are strong when they Think there is no strength left.
Yay For Retards!
A person commented my blog, rated it a 1, then rated me a 1. This person was on my friends list sadly. I thanked him for his rate in my general nice manner, then returned the favor. He decided to take it a step further and write me some mail. He did a bad job doing it. bITCH u ARE NOTHING BUT A WHORE (Yes, cause god knows I'm not dying to get laid right now. *wink wink* Patrick.) I responded ever so kindly with, "And you're nothing but a slack jaw redneck retard, now do the world a favor and kill yourself. God forbid you reproduce. I'd have to shoot the fat whore you slept with and your children for population control." Hold on. It gets worse. Re: Re: bITCH WELL GO SHOOT YOU MAMA CAUSE I SLEPTED WITH HER This is the gracious response I gave back. Christ. I didn't think it was possible, but you just got even more retarded then you look. And yes, thats after factoring your fucked up ears and grill. Did you ask you
The Saga Continues~livin In Hell
Ok, those of u that have read my other blogs of my Hell week with sponsoring an Alcoholic, the saga continues. He went to a rehab for 2 weeks and signed himself out. Came got his car and just kept drivin till he hit Maryland. He started drinking again and stayed at a hotel for all of 3 days, his parents paid for 2 of those days. He ran out of money and being skitso(however u spell it)Bi-Polar, Manic Depressive and Alcoholic, he bolted from the hotel and thought cops were comin 'cause he trashed the room. Anyway being drunk, he reached his bottom, nobody knew where he went till he called me from his cell phone and was scared to death and didn't know it could get this bad, he was sleeping in a dumpster and with no money or anything else, was at his lowest peak ever. Begging for help, i of course obliged after work, had a great friend of mine go with me to Md. which is 2 and 1/2 hours away. I was supposed to pick up my sponsee, load him in my truck, have my friend drive my truck, and i dr
He Is My Drug
He Is My Drug I’m addicted to him and his cute smile. It makes me sick not seeing him for a while. I can’t get enough of chatting with him, Especially when I see him at the cam. But the best is to hear his voice, I just have to love it, there is no choice. I see him once and want more and more, Not talking to him makes my heart sore. He is too good to share him with others, So I will keep my mouth shut, and not telling other mothers. I need him for the rest of my life, I hope he feels the same, and accept me as wife. He makes me happy when we chat, Everybody would enjoy him, I bet! I just don’t know what he wants with me, He could get any other girl and this for free! It is quiet expensive to get to him, But I will do everything even if I have to swim!
American Men
American Men Once I thought American men were great, But I should have better wait. I thought they are athletic and sexy as hell, When I saw one I had to look at him well. Also, sports are loved by them all, And some even play like me ball. The best is they have the rhythm in their blood, And I enjoyed dancing with them in the club. And I thought it’s true, American men, I love you! Going home over the summer to take a break, But even there they kept me awake. We both are players, but in different ways. I’m the hooper, you the pimp like everyone says. You barely asked me after my games and wins, Although you know in my life that are important things. You said, you feel like me … alone, But although I begged you, you never called me on the phone! American men go away I got nothing more to say! He likes the Wayans brothers like I do, But he prefers to watch them instead my cam on yahoo. Anyways I still enjoy chatting with him, But more I like his han
Saturday 9-29-07
To the lamp of love: may it burn brightest in the darkest hours and never flicker in the winds of trial. ~Author Unknown
The American Soldier
The average age of the military man is 19 years. He is a short haired, tight-muscled kid who, under normal circumstances is considered by society as half man, half boy. Not yet dry behind the ears, not old enough to buy a beer, but old enough to die for his country. He never really cared much for work and he would rather wax his own car than wash his father`s; but he has never collected unemployment either. He`s a recent High School graduate; he was probably an average student, pursued some form of sport activities, drives a ten year old jalopy, and has a steady girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left, or swears to be waiting when he returns from half a world away. He listens to rock and roll or hip-hop or rap or jazz or swing and 155 mm howizzitor. He is 10 or 15 pounds lighter now than when he was at home because he is working or fighting from before dawn to well after dusk. He has trouble spelling, thus letter writing is a pain for him, but he can field strip a rif
New Topic
I will be posting most of my blogs in Randomness.. But On days like today.. when I feel like I have been ran over by a truck and that no one loves me. I will post here. It was just a shitty day at work.. I am being held accountable for things that 2 different shifts do and it is soo frustrating. I have to be able do my own work sometimes.. There is a new stocking program implemented that pretty much doubles my work every day and I am trying to figure out how I can do that. I log on here... and no one says Hi.. :( I know.. cry me a river... :P
Blackmailing Susie
Blackmailing Susie by Will Shakspeare II © Susie is the daughter of my boss, she is spoilt rotten but he keeps her on a short leash financially. She is very pretty, petite, with long blonde wavy hair, dresses sexily and expensively and is about the same build, height etc. as my girlfriend. One day I catch her helping herself to the petty cash. I promise not to tell her father if she agrees to meet me that night in a location which has a dark ally running off of it, she is to meet me there late at night dressed in her most expensive dress ( the one she wore at the recent Christmas party ), her best silk/satin lingerie which must include silk stockings and her slinkiest most expensive high heels, jewelry and perfume. Reluctantly she agrees. We meet as arranged but she is surprised and a little shocked that my girlfriend is with me. We walk together up a dark ally until we are out of view and unlikely to be disturbed. A look of horror descends over Susie's pretty face as my gi
Broken Vow
Broken Vow by dustyfog32 © The darkness I opened my eyes to was thick, nothing could be seen through it. My mind was muddled, and my muscles weak. I tried to focus, to remember, but all there was did nothing to help me. I remembered the beer, so much beer. Everyone having a great time in the pub, a regular Saturday, you might say. Then nothing. I tried to focus on myself, closing my eyes, for there was nothing to see in the blackness around me. I was in a chair. An armchair, and my hands and feet were tied to it with what felt like zip ties, clearly not rope. I focused on my body, what I could feel, and determined I was unharmed, except for my fuzzy head. I tried each of my extremities against its bond, but I was held firmly in place. My feet were tied to the chair in a way where they could not touch the ground, so I could not try to push myself around with my toes, but if I could tip myself over, maybe. I shifted my shoulders from one side to another, back and forth, at first n
~ Harley Vs Stupid Driver & Semi ~
Really Suck on how so many people show a lack of respect for the riders. ~ Ride Safe and Free ~
September 30, 2007
You're thinking things through with a little more care today, but make sure you're not just procrastinating! You've got to deal with some issues before they grow out of control and turn into real problems.
Spreading Hope Against Pain..
Spreading hope... against pain I spent some time browsing around the net for people who I think mangosteen may help. It makes me so sad when people are disabled due to rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia. I can't imagine that level of constant pain. All I can do is let them know that mangosteen is out there and hope they will give it a try and give it time to see what it can do for them. How can I keep quiet on this? This is THE best testimony on mangosteen and arthritis. Pictures speak louder than words. Press play to see what happened in one years time. What if that was you? If you'd like to learn more about how mangosteen may be able to reduce your pain with a natural daily supplement, watch a preview of the documentary Mangosteen - The Taste of Life For more info on how to get this amazing juice: I know you're worth a try to enjoy your life more, do you
Free Video Hosting
The Baroness' Seat Of Learning Ch. 08a
The Baroness' Seat of Learning Ch. 08 by mcfbridge © It had taken Matilda almost another month to come to grips with her new situation. Almost every night, someone would deserve a reward. So the poor baroness would either end up with a dick rummaging up her butt, or her tongue up some woman's holes. Occasionally a man would win the reward and request her mouth instead. If a guy did that, Matilda would suck his dick for all she was worth. Getting a load of cum in her mouth was so much better than getting a cock rammed up her behind. The problem was that even on the evenings when she didn't get butt fucked, Matilda's ass was still sore from all the use it got on other nights. And of course to insure that her asshole didn't get to rest completely, the baroness still had to deal with those brooms stuck up her holes every night. However, as time had gone by, Matilda had determined that she could survive it. The baroness would go to her inspection and wait to see who got the rewa
Casino Setup Ch. 05
Casino Setup Ch. 05 by mcfbridge © Connie cried all the way home and nearly drove Emily crazy. If that woman didn't stop whining Emily thought she might just throw her out of the car and let her walk home. God Emily thought, all she can do is sob and hold her boobs. When Emily finally told her to stop whining, all Connie could say was that Emily just didn't know how much her breasts hurt and kept crying. They finally arrived at Connie's house and Emily couldn't take it any longer. "What do think I was doing all that time, enjoying myself? I was there, too remember. You weren't the only one dragged around by her tits." "Yeah, " Connie whined, "but yours aren't nearly as heavy as mine. And besides, if you hadn't pulled on them so hard they wouldn't hurt so much now." "Shut up," growled Emily, "there was no way I was letting Janice pull on my boobs again, so if yours are a little sore, too bad. I think the only thing that really hurts is your pride. You always felt that th
Casino Setup Ch. 10 A
Casino Setup Ch. 10 by mcfbridge © Emily drove home. She only went there because she couldn't think of any place else to go. Emily tried not to squirm or hit any bumps, because the slightest motion restarted the fire in her bottom. Just the thought of that horrible paddle started her sobbing again. When she got home, Emily parked her car, walked inside, fell on her bed, and cried. The distraught woman couldn't believe what she had done. She had stripped herself naked in front of a crowd of strangers. She had spread herself open. She had let a stranger shave her vagina. She had stuffed unimaginable things into both her vagina and anus. And then, as if that wasn't enough, she had been bent over like a child and paddled. Finally, she had been masturbated in public to orgasm. How could she have allowed all this? Emily just continued to cry. Her bottom hurt. Her breasts hurt. Her vagina hurt. Even her anus hurt. Most of all her pride hurt. She had done all those horrible things a
Nsfw Nice And Short Heh Heh
I love to masturbate and my wife knows it, as she sees me do it a lot.She helps if she isn't busy. We have a multi level deck on the back of our house, part of it has lattuce so you can see out but its a little harder to see in. I came home from work and my wife and her friend were laying on the back deck topless,its legal here in Ontario Canada, My wife has big titties and her friend Jackie has tiny titties. I said I was going to take a shower and get some sun on the deck by the hot tub. They always talk about sex and I know Jackie knows I like to play with myself. After my shower I put a towel down and got some sun naked I placed my cock laying across my thigh and figured know was the time to live out my dream, of exposing myself. I called to my wife and she came, I said it was kind of lonely and if they wanted to talk they could sit back here and we could all talk. She knew I wanted to be seen by Jackie, and that Jackie wasn't shy, she was always horny. She got Jackie and I wa
What is forgiving? Forgiving is giving up all claims on the one who has hurt you and letting go of the emotional consequences of the hurt. How can we do that? It's done at the price of beating back our pride. By nature we are selfish. Forgiving by definition is unselfish. Being hurt by another person wounds our pride. Pride stands in the way of forgiveness! • When most people think of forgiveness, they think of changing their feeling toward someone who has wronged them, of teary-eyed sweetness replacing anger and a thirst for revenge. But forgiveness is not a feeling at all. It is a choice you make, which may go against every self-centered fiber of your being. So forget the easy, mushy sentiment that the world inserts into the idea. True, you may feel some emotions when you forgive, perhaps gladness at being reconciled and close again. But if you are acting only on sentimental impulse, there's no assurance that your forgiveness will last beyond that impulsive moment. True forgivenes
The Girlfriend Application
**BASICS: *name: *e-mail : *AOL : *MSN : *ICQ : *yahoo! : *Birthday [mm.dd.yy]: *Sign: *location: *height: *weight: *figure: lean athletic average thick heavy *Eye color: *Hair color: *Tattoos/piercings? *Website/picture URL: *Education: what year? drop out college freshman college sophomore college junior college senior keep goin' *Favorite Book: *Favorite Beverage: *Favorite Vacation Spot: *Religious Persuasion Christian Pagan Spiritual, not religious Agnostic *Do you think you're smart? yes no *What are your future plans? *Do you have a job? (if so, what do you do?) *Are you a moron or are you somewhat grounded? moron somewhat grounded totally grounded *Habits [check all that apply]: drinker smoker pothead druggie *What do you consider yourself?: open honest moral fun humorous mature org
Bush's Directive 51 (hitler Had One Too)
Bush's Directive 51 (Hitler had one too)
Girl Brain
As many people know being a girl is at times very easy and others a pain in the ass. I won't get deep into these issues as one they make for boring writing and if a guy reads this he's probably not going to appreciate it. But sometimes, ok let face it most times, girls do things that are otherwise not in the specific persons nature, and that is what i call "girl brain". You see most times a normal girl is just that NORMAL, but there are times when certain parts of our brain, known as the "Girl Brain", that likes to come out and rear it's prissy, dumb head at the world, asking such questions as: "Does this dress make me look fat?" "Why don't you love me?" "Do you think she's prettier than i am?" Now please guys i begging you in a normal girl this will happen very rarely, but when it does please know that we DON'T want it to happen. As a matter of fact our normal, rational brain is sitting there going, "Please shut up! Please just stop speaking! You are making an ass out of us." So
What do you consider a loving,healthy,happy relationship? I am having a really hard time with certain things at the moment. I want to know how other ppl feel about relationships and what makes you happy in one. What is happiness?? What makes YOU happy just in general?? How can you find yourself when you've been lost for so long you forgot who you were as a person?? How can you get rid of the overwhelming feeling of lonliness?? Oh well maybe one day I'll find the answer to these questions....Until then I'll keep searching.
Poker With A Friend - Second Hand
Well I'm here to vent. Maybe you all can help me out here. But I just don’t get men at all. Can someone tell me what ever happened to common courtesy? If you say your will do something then do it. If you dont want to talk then say so.... You know we are all big girls and can handle the truth, BUT you need to be truthful with us. There are some people out there who say what they mean and I am one of them.
Vrienden (dutch Poem)
Vrienden Vrienden zijn er om je te steunen Om jou te troosten en tegen ze aan te leunen Vrienden zijn er om jou te helpen Die jou pijn voor even doet verhelpen Vrienden zijn er om jou blij te maken Om jou kwaadheid weg te kraken Vrienden zijn er om jou lief te hebben En ze zullen alles voor jou overhebben Vrienden zijn er om jou niet te bedriegen Vrienden zullen ook nooit tegen jou liegen Vrienden zijn er om jou tips te geven En zij zullen jou alles wat je gedaan heb vergeven Ware vrienden leer je kennen met de tijd Want ook al doe je iets verkeerd ze willen je niet kwijt 4 my friend Paulien. a very sweet and caring girl.
Breathe - Prodigy
This song goes back to my Senior year od Hight School 97-98. Has it been 10 yeas already? Alot of people think this doesn't compute... 27 with 10 1/2 years in the army. I joined during my junior year, and attended Basic before my senior year. Basically I came back to school completely different. For one, I had plenty of money in my Music has been my lifeblood since I was a baby. Spending a summer not hearing anything but Army Cadence hurt. THe day I got home I went on a music spree. Every day after that I bought 1 CD. Between me and my buddy Justin, we'd pick out random shit we'd never heard. Found some pretty good music. Prodigy had just came about. Breathe was one of my favorite workout tunes. Both Justin and I were running 14 miles a day for Cross Country and basically living in the weight room. This CD along with the Spawn Soundtrack were always playing. It was a stronger time for me, though one where I was lost between who I was and the soldier that t
Breaking Entertainment News: Spears Loses Custody Battle
Report Says Britney Loses Custody Of KidsPop singer Britney Spears loses custody of her two children, according to Britney Spears has temporarily lost custody of her two sons. Superior Court Judge Scott M. Gordon ruled that her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, will take custody of 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James. Gordon said that Federline "is to retain physical custody of the minor children" on Wednesday "until further order of the court." MORE DETAILS: />
Velvet Alley - Strung Out (my Ultimate Love Song)
you can't make me see what you think i should know you dont understand where im coming from we're passing through worlds no perception in time im not the same as when i began show me dont tell me whats going on inside your little world you should have never landed on the moon you heard we never reached the sky then shed some light i'll lend a patient ear dont let me down i gotta know if something good could grow out on this rock save me one more and i'll be free from the i think it ought to be babell on could i be wrong a silhouette of you and me just negetive space and time just reference to a simpler history i'd sacrifice a million nights for a moments peace with you reflections to dissect reality it's all in what we hold as being real when the symbol kills the substance then we've lost save me one more time and i'll be free from the alleyways of my heart (you can't make me see what you think i should know) im going nowhere im going nowhere insid
Hi I Have Orderd 200 Custem Rist Bands
Broken Heart
Yes i have a broken heart and i just wanted to say thank you to all my friends who have helped me threw this!!!!! love u all!!! i cant stop loving him and hoping he will miss me and come sweep me off my feet!!! ( lol well i can dream!) but if not time heals all and what dont kill me makes me STONGER!!!!! thanks guys
Trick Daddy Ft. Lil'kim - Sugar
You know there are so many guyz out there why do they have to be big ( not to be mean to some of you guy) But it like they care about shape size look why cant they see pass that and see what the person is in within. I dont think looks is everthing or shape or size. What is up with hit and run. Why do guy like to do that to us woman why do they have to be pigs and just walk away. I WANT TO KNOW. What do you guyz think about me ? P.S Dont trying to hate on u guyz that are on my friends list or trying to be mean or a bitch
A Chronicle Of Mankind
A Chronicle Of Mankind by Samuelx © My name does not matter. Who or what I am does not matter. I am not a man. I am not a woman. I am not an Angel, a God or a Demon. I am simply here and I have always been here. I am the chronicler of all that happens. Currently, I am walking around the remnants of the earth, looking at the aftermath of an ancient battle where the human race, the most magnificent and promising of species wiped itself out. Completely. I sigh in disgust and in pain. Yes, I am an immortal being and I can feel pain. For countless eons, I have watched the evolution of the humans. Now, I must face eternity without them. How I miss the humans. I wish I could turn back the clock. But I cannot. I must return to the others like myself. The ancient Guardians of Eternity. I will share with them the wisdom I have collected, and the sorrow. Before I leave, I must share one thing with you. The beginning of the end for the race of humanity. It's not a happy time for anyone, esp
Birds Of Prey: The Quest C
Birds Of Prey: The Quest Title: Birds Of Prey: The Quest (lesbian celebrity) Author: John O'Connor Email: Rating: NC-17. Pairings: Batgirl/Catwoman; Black Canary/Catwoman; Black Canary/Oracle. Category: First times. Date: 30 March 2001 Series: None. Website: Disclaimer: "Birds of Prey" and all characters are owned by DC Comics and Time-Warner. No copyright infringement for profit is intended. Summary: While on a mission, Black Canary decides to find out just who Oracle is. Notes: 1) This is an Alternate Uinverse story that takes place before the events that otherwise would culminate in "Birds Of Prey" #21. 2) < > denotes Dinah's transmitted dialogue. > denotes Barbara's transmitted dialogue. ( ) denotes Selena's transmitted dialogue. ******************************************************* Part 3: The Meeting Gotham City; 28 June; 3:30 PM EDT Dinah Lance sa
The Cat-woman A
The Cat-Woman (not affiliated with Warner Bros.) Stacy's life was simple and happy. She lived in a nice, cozy shoe-box that she could just cuddle up into; she ate nothing but the finest cuisine available and still maintained her girlish figure; she had the love of the fine woman with whom she lived, Gwen Thompson. Or rather, she WISHED that she had the love of the fine woman with whom she lived. She found Gwen to be the most gorgeous creature on two legs that she had ever laid eyes on, and merely to gaze at her shapely figure, her full blonde hair, striking eyes and graceful movements was enough to make Stacy melt for hours on end. Although she had been living with her for a year or two now in the tiny, yet ever-so cozy apartment, there was one horrible reality that Stacy could never face, a reality that would forever deny her her true love; Stacy was merely an innocent little black house cat. True, Stacy herself knew that she could never, and probably shouldn't,
When I first met you 3 months ago, I fell in love so fast, I knew right then, You were the one and only one for me; I'd never have to look for love again. Each anniversary finds us happier; You are my light--my moon, my star, my sun. You show me what real love is all about, You fill my life with pleasure, joy and fun. As time goes by, our love grows stronger still. You're the most amazing woman I ever knew. I prize our anniversaries because Each month I fall in love again with you. I LOVE U VICTORIA
Darkwatch Gun
The right tool for hunting the undead. Price: 12.99
would you pay for it
Lost In This Moment
Juggalette 110 Percent
Juggalettes don't take shit from anyone. There behind all juggalos 110%. You fuck with them they'll fuck you up. being a juggalette is a way of life They don't give a shit about what the world thinks of them. A Juggalette don't think shes better than everyone else. It's a state of mind, a way of life. To truly understand a Juggalette or juggalo you must be a Juggalette-juggalo Anyone can just Like a Band, that makes you a fan. If your a Juggalette-juggalo your down for anything at anytime. A Juggalette and Juggalo are almost the same but Juggalettes are Females. And no matter how pretty, ugly, fat or crack headed they look, Juggalos love them. But if they are a Juggalo or Juggalette they are Down with the Clown for Life.
On My Mind...
Ok so there's someone who's been on my mind non-stop for the past week/month. I mean literally 24/7. I eat, sleep, breath this person. Does this person even know? Does this person even care? That person knows who they are and just recently things have happened that I can't explain but I can't think straight cause of things that's happened. I mean is it an obsession? Is it a obsessive compulsive disease or something? I mean what the hell! This someone has been around for times on end and it's like the closer times come the further they are. I've called it love but is that even a word now or just an excuse? It's gotten to the point that times I've thought about just walking up to that person and just letting go. Forgetting who's around and just telling how I feel but at the same time don't wanna do that and run that person off. While that person's told me their feelings, I still have yet to see the result. Will I see a result? Probably not. It's been a long time and they
Anna In The Beach
Get This...
Someone working for the school I go to parked in between two wheelchair accessible spots tonight (driving a sticker). Literally on the lines in between the two cars. I was able to get in, but seriously...who does that? Ok, I've seen it, but someone who works for the place that you're parking at? UGH. People in general shouldn't be excused anyway, but that just seems even worse to me... Just needed to rant again...ha I swear I'll use this for something else eventually. On a happy note, two of my classes will be early classes now instead of the late ones! Only one late class this semester! YIPPEE!
Kirk Is My Hero
->KirkJohnso...: ill be mean on my MAIN one too, believe me, its known. So how do you like your kids?....Under 5? ->KirkJohnso...: con a con?...what were you convicted of? BIGG*NICK(...: SO U HAVE THIS FAKE PAGE TO BE MEAN...LOL IM JUST TRYIN TO HAVE FUN....ROFL BIGG*NICK(...: LOL DUDE...UR SO LAME ....U CANT CON A CON...LOL ->KirkJohnso...: LIAR. You just dont want poeple to know you are a kiddie rapist BIGG*NICK(...: NOPE.,...CV ->KirkJohnso...: so, is it the lube from your childs anus, your baby brothers mangina, or what? BIGG*NICK(...: AND I LL SICK YOU.....SO U DONT HAVE TO ..OK?? ->KirkJohnso...: is it from your baby brotehrs mangina? BIGG*NICK(...: YA U CAN.....LUBES ON SALE ->KirkJohnso...: Can i put mine in your ass?. Now, THAT would make you look gay BIGG*NICK(...: LOL YA KEEP BELIEVIN THAT...LOL ULL BE OK TUILL U GET TO THE PEARLY GATES...LMAO BIGG*NICK(...: HEY ? DOES THIS DICK IN MY MOUTH MAKE ME LOOK GAY?? ->KirkJohnso...: in
Hey Fubar
the pix are still fucked up no surprise there huh
Fake Or A Liar?
Ok, as I have been burned yet again.....I'll repeat myself. "I'm so sick of the fakeness that goes on on this site. Do whatever you have to do to make yourself feel good, because I could care less, but please don't bring it into my world." If you are fake or a liar please don't bother talking to me. I don't have the time or the energy to deal with you. Thank you! Have a nice day! :)
Heya People Its Hump Day!!
Its Wednesday hump day come on and get it on after work LOL or during work if you can find time, haha, anways wanted to say have a great day to you all out there :) .
Congratulations Your Not A Slut
/" border="0" alt=""> Congratulations your NOT a Slut! But you can be if your try harder! Go out and do someone right now! Your Motto: "NO." Your Sign: "STOP" * Don't forget to pratice SAFE SEX! Take The Slut Quiz Now!"Slut Quiz - Female" is available here***starXtest v2.0***
It's a terrible disease; That affects millions of lives. It affects sons and daughters; And husbands and wives. People take the news; Different kinds of ways. It makes some people cry; And puts some in a daze. Some people pray; And fall down to their knees. But you've got to be strong; To beat this disease. This fight can be won; Believe it or not. You just have to put your faith in God; And pray a whole lot. So keep your head high; You'll soon know the answer. And you too; Will be a survivor of cancer.
Just Another Day In The Neighborhood...
I dont know about the title just felt like being stupid or silly. I'm just questioning everything it seems today. I dont know maybe its my job. They are now telling us to be prepared for the day after thanksgiving since they will be open at 4am. We opened last year at 5 and did just fine. I really dont understand why they want to torture the associates even more by makeing them come in an hour earlier. Kinda sucks if you ask me and I was already told by my lovely boss that i would be one of those lucky basturds that get to come in that early. I was pissed already til the truck came in, then it went downhill fast. We only got 11 palets today, 6 were regualr merchandise while 2 were shoes, 1 was luggage and 3 were jewelry boxes. I started unpacking men's palets since Men's Asc. is my area. I get done with the 2 men's palets and 3 asc. carts are full of merchandise for me. I know it sounds like im bitching, and I am, hey at least I admit it. But damn I was thinking to myself th
The Things Kids Say
I have nothing to say about this except "That's my boy!"
Flight Crew
The airliner pushed back from the gate, the flight attendant gave the passengers the usual information regarding seat belts, etc . Finally, she said, 'Now sit back and enjoy your trip while your captain, Judith Campbell, and crew take you safely to your destination.' Ed sitting in the eighth row thought to himself, 'Did I hear her right? Is the captain a woman?' When the attendants came by with the drink cart, he said 'Did I understand you right? Is the captain a woman?' 'Yes,' said the attendant, 'In fact, this entire crew is female.' 'My God,' said Ed, 'I'd better have two scotch and sodas. I don't know what to think with only women up there in the cockpit.' 'That's another thing sir,' said the attendant, 'We no longer call it the Cock Pit.' 'It's The Box Office.'
Black And
Got some new private pics. I think they're pretty good and I'm loving the black and red. let me know what you think :D
We walk through twilight towards the ocean rolling over our bare feet, cool sand imprinting images of two. Thrusting moonlight crawls over jagged rocks searching for the evil, seagulls wipe the skies, sweeping the stars. As the sun scratches the horizon the dark waters turn holy, blessing the innocent, cursing the rest of us. Whispering winds play behind our tattooed ears as we race to the end of the pier, hardly breathing the mist rises, kissing our lips.
My friends just got a brand new samoyed puppy over the weekend. I went over and met the baby. I of course took pictures. I also got a couple of shots of their other dogs Sam and Zoe. This one needed a macro made of it. Sam Zoe Zoe and Jasper
The Perfect Caress
soft yet firm lips curvy yet solid hips intense yet dreamy gentle yet rough forced yet free chilling yet steamed hot yet icey skin wet yet dry sweat streaks and screams plays and rests and creases in the seams and in between her breasts love along with all sorts of things caressed smooth yet glimmering eyes quiet yet loud noises dim yet bright tender yet strong firm yet faint distant yet near tight yet loose grips constant yet yielding dips intense yet dreamy streaks and screams smooth yet glimmering lips, eyes, and skin senses and explorations tastes and flavors new discoveries and constant pleasures love in pleasant motion blessed wavy yet straight hair uneasy yet sturdy care mild yet extreme calm yet restless placid yet feisty odd yet familiar
And I Fantasize...
I look across the room, meet your dark eyes and sweet smile...and I fantasize. The taste of...sweet sweat mingled together, your readiness as I lick you, our mingled juices at completion. The smell of...your skin close enough to be inhaled, spicy-sweet juices dripping down my thighs, vanilla and lust mixed together. The sight of...your perfectly proportioned body above me, our limbs entwined for mutual ecstasy, tawny forest eyes staring into green depths. The sound of...breathing rising in tandem quicker and harder, exclamations of pleasure and delight, rain on the roof coaxing changes in our rhythm. The feel of...strong fingers cupping my breasts, being pulled open as you push into me, tightening around you as we finish together. I look across the room, meet your dark eyes and sweet smile and I fantasize...
Wonderful System Or Not?
A FIREMAN came home from work one day and told his wife, "You know, we have a wonderful system at the fire station: BELL 1 rings and we all put on our jackets, BELL 2 rings and we all slide down the pole, BELL 3 rings and we're on the fire truck ready to go. "From now on when I say BELL 1 I want you to strip naked. When I say BELL 2 I want you to jump in bed. And when I say BELL 3 we are going to make love all night. The next night he came home from work and yelled "BELL 1!" The wife promptly took all her clothes off. When he yelled "BELL 2!", the wife jumped into bed. When he yelled "BELL 3!", they began making love. After a few minutes the wife yelled "BELL 4!" "What the hell is BELL 4?" asked the husband? ROLL OUT MORE HOSE," she replied " YOU'RE NOWHERE NEAR THE FIRE."
What is love, so many ask A simple definition is no easy task There are those dreamers who say its great There are those whove been hurt who say it becomes hate You never know til you find the one They are your world, your stars, your sun You give them your all, your soul, your heart Then find that they eventually tear your world apart You become numb inside, alone and dead It takes everything not to put a gun to your head How can one person cause such wanton destruction? You went from full of life to barely able to function Its hard to love, so damn hard to give They are the ones for whom you live Pick up the broken pieces and try to heal Is it better to be numb, or worse to try and feel? Recover and learn; leave the past in the past Pain hurts for awhile, but wont always last Its worth a chance, give it another try Time to move on, there's no more tears to cry Youll find the one who you know is right Theyre the first on your mind when you wake
My boss noticed what an amazing mood I'm in and she asked me what was up. Told her I get to see my homie tonight and she goes, "I think you should see if you can get the band to move in with you. You know that way you're always in this good of a mood." :D
Feeling Better
For those of you that were around last night and know how extremely upset I was and read my blog...I am here to let you know I am better! I want to give a special thank you to for being amazing and helping me out with some great advice. While things aren't back to perfect...they are better. Now, if you will excuse me...I am going to hit the gym!!!
Mystery I wish you could know how it feels to be me, Why I appear so intoxicated, When I let you inside to seek, Looking for what you seem to need. Some nights you enter ever so tenderly, Others you ravage and plunder, Pervading primed lips, as I silently wonder, As host, which pair you like most. Occasionally you command my head, Forcefully pushing down, Saturating my mouth with your entirety, As I succumb to the rhythm that you need. Intensity enflames me, When you speak my name in ecstasy, Igniting a craving, insistent that I mount, To fuse us with its heat. At times you are a hungry lion, Stalking, as soon as I step through your door, And I fear being torn apart, resisting, As savagely you thrust, the moment tasting. Desperately searching, Exploring for something I hide, You tunnel further with every stride, Into the cave that houses my soul, Digging for a treasure to make you whole, One you think is buried within, Beneath my skin. Altho
I Got A 32
This is fun . . . only takes a couple of minutes. Below is Dr. Phil's test. (Dr. Phil scored 55; he did this test on Oprah - she got a 38.) Some folks pay a lot of money to find this stuff out! Read on, this is very interesting! Don't be overly sensitive! The following is pretty accurate and it only takes 2 minutes. Take this test for yourself and s end it to your friends. The person who sent it placed their score in the e-mail subject box. Please do the same before forwarding to your friends (send it back to the person who sent it to you.) Don't peek, but begin the test as you scroll down and answer. Answers are for who you are now --- not who you were in the past. Have pen or pencil and paper ready. This is a real test given by the Human Relations Dept. at many of the major corporations today. It helps them get better insight concerning their employees and prospective employees. It's only 10 Simple questions, so grab a pencil and pape
We Are A Grandfather...
At 17:29 BST, Kieran Edward John came into the world, weighing in at 9lb 11oz... Mother & son are both doing well...
Monthly Specials
Proud To Serve
Rolling Stones-love Is Strong
Love is strong And you're so sweet You make me hard You make me weak Love is strong And you're so sweet And some day, babe We got to meet A glimpse of you Was all it took A stranger's glance It got me hooked And I followed you Across the stars I looked for you In seedy bars What are you scared of, baby It's more than just a dream I need some time We make a beautiful team A beautiful team Love is strong And you're so sweet And some day, babe We got to meet Just anywhere Out in the park Out on the street And in the dark I followed you Through swirling seas Down darkened woods With silent trees Your love is strong And you're so sweet You make me hard You make me weak What are you scared of, baby It's more than just a dream I need some time We make a beautiful team Beautiful I wait for you Until the dawn My mind is ripped My heart is torned Your love is strong And you're so sweet Your love is bitter It's taken neat Love is str
the hardest thing to gain and the easiest thing to lose
Crime Don't Pay
So some stupid idiots (Idiot) broke into my Jeep, ripped the dashboard out for a $50 aftermarket CD player and took my ashtray with some change in it now they saw my Sunglass case with my Oakleys in it $150 they left em LMAO can you say stupid or what ? Dumbass Criminals I reported it to the cops, but since its a wrangler im not even gonna bother to ask my Insurance company
Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play, Love is what I feel for you, Each and every day, Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, That keeps us going strong, I love you with my heart, My body and my soul, I love the way I keep loving, Like a love I can't control, So remember when your eyes meet mine, I love you with all my heart, And I have poured my entire soul into you, Right from the very start.
Vote For Me
[ photo: 2152816699 ] preview: preview: [ photo: 2152816699 ] hugs and kisses to all that vote for me
I Love You
So this is my happy hour and the purpose of it is to keep you muzikaly entertained for anywhere upto an hour. Since this is the first one I have decided to dedicate my first offering to the community and the people who make fubar happen - This one's for you and its called I Love You I LOVE YOU IS ANOTHER OF MY FAVOURITE SETS AND INCORPORATES THE LOVE THEME. THIS SET HAS SOME VERY BEAUTIFULL AND MELLOW VIBES FOLLOWED BY A FEW SEXY CLUB TUNEZ. This is a 23min snip of my full 46min set. Full tracklisting can be found on my website
Fur Fairies And Sprites
Fur Fairies and Sprites by FurLove © The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you're under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it's entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story! This story cannot be posted or reused elsewhere without the permission of this Author. Hope you enjoy this fantasy. 1 Herman and his eight other buddies were gathered around the big screen in their favorite Sports Bar as they have since their College days watching the latest hockey game. They all play amateur hockey on the lakes in the winter. All were married except for Herman. He was also the geek of the group. Not that he was an unattractive guy by any stretch. A lanky six-four frame with dark longish curly hair, rich br
Dont Think! Feel.
Dont Think! Feel. by sfcitydom© She is antsy, pensive; she came home with her thoughts reeling, and she cannot sit still. She needs to be taken out of her mind and put in her skin. No romance. No tenderness. No kiss. Just tie her up, beat her, fuck her, use her. I tell her to strip, and she begins to argue with me. Grabbing her by the neck, I say, "That wasn't a request." "Oh," she replies and gets naked. I grab her arm and put it behind her, and we begin to walk to the den. She is being mouthy. "I really don't feel up to this." she says. Giving her arm a bit of an upward twist, I push her forward. "This isn't your decision," I say. We enter the den, "Put your hands behind your back and your nose against the wall." "But ..." "Be quiet," I interrupt her. She places her nose against the wall and her hands behind her back. "Good girl." I walk to a cabinet across the room. Unlocking the door, I retrieve the items I will need for this evening.
A Dream
A Dream by serenite © She was startled awake by something, but what was it? Was it a noise? She laid there listening, try to hear. Her eyes searched the darkness, but she saw nothing. Suddenly she felt a touch to her leg, that's what had awaken her. Sitting up quickly, she reached over to her night stand, and turned on the lamp. A soft amber color light filled the room. She gasped slightly as she saw him sitting there on her bed. "Oh, Sir, You frighten me," she said just above a whisper. "Why should My presence frighten you little one," he asked her. A look of confusion was upon her face as she answered him, "You can't really be here, Sir. You live so far away, Sir, and it's the middle of the night. I'm dreaming, that has to be it. I'm just dreaming." "Are you sure about that, one little," he asked as he once again touched her leg softly. This only seemed to confuse her even more. He took hold of the sheet she was covered with, and began pulling it slowly down her body, ex
Deidre & Horniest Horny
Deidre & Horniest Horny by Boxlicker101 © Several months after being fucked by her beloved unicorn, Horny, for the first of many times, Deidre received a letter from her older sister. Julia wrote that she had given up on men and asked if she could come and stay for an indefinite period of time. The two sisters had always been extremely close, so Deidre wrote back saying she would be delighted to have Julia come and live with her, for as long as she wanted. One thing she was looking forward to was showing off the exploits of Horny, who had been a better sex partner than any man Deidre had ever known. Her desire went beyond ordinary bragging, all the way to sibling rivalry. Julia had always been the wilder of the two, with her younger sister rather overshadowed by what she had done. Whatever Deidre did, Julia was unimpressed, because she had been there, done that, and probably many times. However, it was almost a certainty that she had never had sex with a unicorn because, accord
Fucking Machine
Fucking Machine by Otto26 © Shin watched the robot navigate the floor of the apartment. He had to admit that it was impressive. It moved quickly through the sty of Guy's living room, adroitly dodging furniture, electronic detritus, and empty pizza boxes with equal facility. "Okay, Guy, it's cool. What the hell is it?" "Besides my rent for the next six months? It's a fucking machine." "I can see that it's a fucking machine. But what does it do?" Guy's laughter, like everything else about the man, was annoying; a braying sound that grated on the nerves. "No you stupid slant, it's really a fucking machine. It's a machine for fucking." "One, weight differences aside if you call me slant one more time I'm going to kick your testicles into your throat if I have to wait until you're asleep to do it. Two, fucking a machine is pretty deviant; even for you." Guy gave Shin a fleshy finger and turned his back on him, clicking on the control interface of his computer to shut t
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PLZZ COPY AND REPOST THIS LINK ( ) :p/"> Hosted by" /> WANT FAN'S FAST? IF SO PLEASE FAN RATE AND ADD ALL THE NAMES BELOW THEY ALL RETURN THE FANNAGE :p AND THE LUVV.. ONCE DONE FANNING RATING ALL PLEASE SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO THE C@NDL3 M@NN TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST ....THIS MESSAGE BROUGHT 2 YOU BY C@NDL3 M@NN ¢@NDL3 M@NN FUBAR PAGANISM FAMILY ~~BARTENDER~~@ fubarICE /Eng. & kingvampire666/ Head Bartender 4Magnum Radio/ Club F.A.R/Sis 2Rach/GF 2Adicktive@ fubarRabbit@ fubarAirForceRedNeck@ fubar♥ KriStiNa (StiNa) MaRiE ♥ (t3chno volume 69 ~Bartender~)@ fubarFounder of The Order Of The Dragon Leveling Crew
Being my blog I have every right to talk about what I so if you dont like what you are about to read then feel free to go back to your homepage and have a nice life. What I cant figure out is why women feel it necessary to lie to someone. If you arent interested in a guy then why dont you tell them that instead of saying you are and want to get to know them to just turn around and ignore that infuriates me because Im a great guy and Im worth getting to know but you women insist on being gluttens for punishment and always go for the guys that you know are going to treat you like crap over and over when there are guys out there like me who will treat you as you should be treated; loved and cherished. So I ask you why?
My Horoscope For Today...
I surely hope is not over yet! "Something big goes your way and you end up doing quite well for yourself. It could be a small victory at home, or something huge -- either way, you should find that you're feeling great by bedtime." Just rated and fanned a lot of folks..hope I get the same respect back. Some have awesome avatar morphs! Still searching for that elusive job. Have a great weekend folks!
Miami Vs Texas A&m
MIAMI (AP) - For one night, everything worked for the Miami Hurricanes, who finally got that signature win the program has craved for a couple of years. Kyle Wright threw for 275 yards and two touchdowns, Graig Cooper scored twice and the Hurricanes stymied No. 20 Texas A&M's high-powered offense in a 34-17 victory Thursday night. The win was only Miami's second in its last nine games against a ranked opponent dating to the end of the 2005 season. And it was never in doubt. The Hurricanes (3-1) held the Aggies (3-1) to 38 yards in the first half yards in taking a 24-0 lead, ensuring their final Thursday night game at the venerable Orange Bowl would be a memorable one. "It was a Thursday night game, prime time, so the nation got to come out and see what we really have as a University of Miami football team," Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon said. "I'm pleased with the victory, but I just said in the locker room ... we'll come back Sunday and get ready for our next oppo
Miami Vs Florida International
MIAMI (AP) -Kyle Wright threw an 80-yard pass to Lance Leggett for Miami's longest offensive score in nearly two years, and the Hurricanes beat Florida International 23-9 Saturday. Darnell Jenkins had a career-high 108 yards receiving, Javarris James ran for 92 yards and Kenny Phillips and Chavez Grant had interceptions for Miami (2-1). The Hurricanes held a 428-264 edge in total yards, sending the Golden Panthers (0-3) to their 15th straight loss. Wright finished 10-of-19 for 224 yards, and Francesco Zampogna kicked three field goals for Miami. Wayne Younger threw a 65-yard touchdown pass to Trenard Turner midway through the final quarter and A'mod Ned rushed for 87 yards for FIU, which lost 35-0 last season to its foe from the campus 9 miles away. Michael Dominguez and Anthony Gaitor had interceptions for FIU. Younger ran for 66 yards and threw for 105 more. Miami took control late in the third when Wright found Leggett down the right sideline for a 23-3 lead. Leggett
Rush Hour 3
Anonymity by istanbulnoir© See Talynnda's picture in her profile... I had never seen a woman like her before. It was the sheer unlikeliness of her that thrilled me. The unlikeliness of her walking down a street like mine, and when I could least have expected it, the unlikeliness of how things unfolded, and the unlikeliness of her unusual and incredible beauty. Maybe I should call it her sexiness, rather than her beauty. I'm still not sure. She was beautiful, but not in any conventional; by which I mean stereotypical and banal sense. It was proportion. She was not slim, but you could not call her heavy either, but she had such large natural breasts, and they pointed proudly straight outwards. They seemed like they were too large for her frame to carry them, but she was having no trouble with that. He face was pretty, in a sexy kind of way, her skin as white as milk, and she had these extraordinary full lips, that were the sharpest mix of red and pink, and piercing grey eyes
Knockaround Guys
Girls Will Be Girls
Violet lay on her bed wearing nothing but a purple silk dress, she waited for a few minutes then called out "Im waiting for you" her body heat was rising with tension and angst waiting for Isabelle to come in the room and "play some games" with her. Violet began to shiver slightly as Isabelle slowly strides into the room and towards Violet wearing nothing but a G-string, she crawled along the bed towards Violet then slid her fingers ur Violets leg then bit her lip gently. Violet leans forward as to allow Isabelle s fingers to her sweet spot and licked Isabelle s cheek "play time" she whispered as Isabelle stuck her fingers deep into Violets pussy and lay on top of Violet french kissing her. Violet sucked on Isabelle s boobs for a while while Isabelle tried to slide off Violets purple silk dress, Isabelle then pulled her fingers out from inside Violet and then squeezed Violets ass tight and started french kissing Violets pussy. Violet began to sweat immensely while Isabelle's tongue fla
At The Park
At the Park by jf1978 © It's a nice quiet Friday afternoon one summer. I'm on school break from college, hanging out at the park, nothing better to do right now really, other then enjoy the nice weather. I take one look at her, dressed in a black tank top, no bra, khaki shorts, nice long legs, and sandals. She was older then I. I am only 23, and she was in her mid 40s. Hell, I just finished a semester with a really hot instructor, and I was looking forward to finding someone to get a certain fantasy out of my head. Slowly, I made my way towards her (heart pounding heavily in my chest, while taking in the nice view of body). I sat down on the bench next to her, sat back, relaxed, still nervous and wondering what, if anything is under the shorts. I gaze forward for a moment, hoping that I don't stutter, and casually ask, "What brings you here?" (being this close to her, I suddenly realize my hardening dick, and wondering if my jeans are loose enough to not give it away). I
Awakenings: Seduction By The Sea
Awakenings: Seduction By The Sea by Gentleyetwildguy © You are wrapped in my arms, snug with your back against me. As usual, I awaken before you do, watching you, savoring the sweet perfection of you next to me. Inhaling deeply, I imbibe the heady scent of you, pausing for a moment to trap your essence within me. The sunlight creeps in, casting soft shadows in our cliffside villa. Clad in a white satin slip and a thong, you look like a goddess from a dream. The view from the bed is breathtaking; the dawn and the rising sun turn the sea a golden hue. The birds make a gentle melody against the background of waves crashing against the rocks far below; two courting squirrels playfully pursue each other across the branches of the Banyan tree outside our bedroom. Our clothes lie scattered on the day-bed, a reminder of the urgency with which we made love after dinner. I kneel on the bed; rousing you gently with soft kisses. Cupping your cheek with one hand, I kiss your lips as my ha
Un Named
The cold reality has finally gotten to me Cruelity, deciete, and heart ache, i can see clearly All it is, is a repeat of my history Why can't i be happy is the mystery My heart has been torn out too many times Guys keep feeding me the same lines All i get is rejected Never accepted It should be routine I should be used to the mean But i give in Hoping its not the same thing i was in I am going to be alone With my heart now stone Chipped and broken Is the future spoken Life has nothing to offer My heart will never be softer I poured out my heart They still ripped it apart I don't care if i live or die I rather death than to cry They aren't worth the tears But i still cry when no one hears It all ends the same With heart ache, and i'm to blame
# 1
This is the Pimpout for this Week lets work real hard on leveling our family on this bully there is a special person on this that is not a memberand who hasn't been around to be with fubar we wanna wish him well and show him love so if u could please stop by his page and help him reach godfather all help is appreciated and we will check to see who visits to show appreciation back to you and we have learned photo comments are worth a good amount of points so rate and comment to help eachother. If you are getting rated from this pimpout rate back please !!! ~FAT SONNY~@ fubar cheriangel -Happily Married {WTC}@ fubar "Whisper 2 Me"AKA:~(desires)~~(D.S.C)~W.T.C~{ Proud Member}~Bartender 4 Guilty Pleasures!!~@ fubar Southrn Comfort { DSC, W.T.C, D &DC, Barbit*ch for Virgo's Lounge}@ fubar blue eyes~wife to john dreamdemon~,CLUB F.A.R. ~~W.T.C. MEMBER@ fubar Thank-you and Have Fun Rate and Comment Founders And Tribal Council !!!
Aussiebum, Flaunt Series,
But Yeah Bitches...
Sorry im not online much since ive [swear to god] recieved sixty-fucking-three messages from people bitching about it. Im actually having a life right now so rawr. UUUUUUUUUGGGHH my tummy is fucked up right now from taking Tylenol 3's with no fewd thats a lesson. ANYWAYS ive got a cell so if you want my fuckin' number just message me and if youre a hawtie [joking] But if youre not horribly hideous/have a good personality then ill give you my number
I think I got this part 1-513-322-1385.... bear with me Im a ninny I guess and wanted to read the tos and all but for now.. its up for voicemail! xo
Lots Of New Pics!
So, I added new pics in my default, important people, random friends & apple butter fest albums .. please take a look & stuff :) !!! *smoooooches*
The Sweet Taste Of Love
The Sweet Taste Of Love The sweet taste of love Still lingers in my mind A succulent tasty morsel A treasure worth its find A wet and juicy fruit That fills my mouth with joy Like candy to a baby An edible sexy toy With nectar sweet as honey A syrup of flowing silk Like a bubbly kind of lava As smooth as warm clear milk It breathes with scented oils Like a flower in the mist And blossoms when caressed By the feel of a lover's kiss A dessert at its very best When embraced with lots of love I know I'll never get enough Of this treat I'm thinking of
Aria Ch. 01
Aria Ch. 01 by MistressJett © * Freya had finally met Aria when both women attended an indie publishing conference in a midwestern college town. They'd been trading zines and letters for years, whenever Freya was in one place long enough to put together a series of travel stories and have the same mailing address for a while. The night before the conference actually started, Freya and Dick had arrived in town a bit late and headed straight for the bar where bands were performing; it was sort of an unofficial pre-party. Almost as soon as they walked into the place, Aria walked up to Freya and wrapped her in a hug. Aria was heading to get a beer, and when she returned she had one for Freya as well. The women sat at a table with a couple of Aria's friends, sipping their drinks and playing a game of catch up. Before long, it was last call and then the bar was closing. Freya hid their unfinished beers in her vest pockets and the group headed down the street to a motel after Fr
What 2007 Car Should U Drive, Only Reason I Got This Was Because I Like To Drive Fast Lol Im A Truck Person
You Should Drive a Saturn Sky You're sleek and smooth, and you need a car to match your hot persona. Besides, sometimes you want your top up - and sometimes you want it down. What 2007 Car Should You Drive?
Best Friends...and Lovers
Best Friends...And Lovers by iiwantyous0obad © I've known my best friend ever since we were eight years old. Her name is Jenn, and she's gorgeous. She looks so different now, eleven years later. She's brunette with blue eyes, about 5'9 and she's got the most gorgeous breasts I've ever seen - 36D. My name's Mel. I'm blonde with green eyes, 5'9 as well, and I'm not as well endowed in the chest area but I've gotten many compliments on my ass. Guys always love to push their dicks into my asshole, but guys don't turn me on anymore. I've decided I'm bisexual, but I lean more towards girls. I don't know why, but there it is. One day, her and I were sitting on the stairway outside her apartment, we were taking stupid pictures. We decided to take a picture of us kissing-we thought it would get the boys we date riled up. We took a picture of an ordinary tap kiss but we clung to each other long after the picture was snapped. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and we massaged each oth
Black Linens
Black Linens by AnnaBritney © Libby had just gotten out of a relationship. He dumped her because "she was too straight-edged." After crying for a couple of hours over her loss she realized that he was right, she was to straight-edged. She could get any guys she wanted. Any guy that doesn't know her that is. She is gorgeous. Blonde, curly hair, blue eyes and a tight, toned body of a goddess. Once into a relationship about a month the guy would dump her. It happened every time. She realized she wanted to change. She needed to be more loose. She started looking at a paper she had brought home from Starbucks and just as she was about to give up on that idea she saw an add in the newspaper that read, 'model wanted for nude pictures.' Maybe getting in touch with my sexual side will help me she thought, and with that decided to call the number. It was set up. She was to go to 10858 Tulane Road on Saturday at nine at night. She, one other girl by the name of Lindy and a man by the na
10.7.07 - Long Time No See!
It's been a long time since I wrote here! I'll try to make this brief as possible... Kat and I are no longer together and remain friends. I have delevoped great friendships at yahoo360 and 2 of them have become more than friendships. I have a job now for the last 4-5 months and I enjoy it! I am planning to go to New Hampshire to see Kat in 3 weeks. Can't wait to see her! I am not positive yet, but 6 months from now I will do more traveling... seeing someone else. So I am happy... things are good so far!
Beachcomber by EricWylde © After a brief, fitful sleep you lay naked and wide awake in your well appointed villa nestled on the beach of your island paradise. It had been a challenging few months of work and you had longed for your island hide-away; an opportunity to slow the pace and melt away the layers of stress that had accumulated since your last retreat. Sleep proved to be elusive and you opted for an early start on your tanning. You carefully examine your taut body in the full length mirror. The twinkle in your eye as your finger tips trail from your breasts to your sex reveals that you desire much more than simple rest from your tropical refuge. You prepare for your day with careful consideration. You are to be joined later in the week by a special friend, until then you are open to some new experiences and desire to turn heads at the beach and in the clubs. You select a black bikini that you laboured over choosing while preparing for your trip. It is a fabulous fit
Behind Red Doors
Behind Red Doors by kittencaboodle © The steam from your shower has just begun to fog up the mirror when I arrive home, back aching from a long day bent over a massage table. My eyes narrow and the corner of my mouth twists upward in a devilish smirk. "You little bastard, think you'll beat me to the shower do you," I mumble to myself as I kick the door closed, drop the trappings of my pedestrian lifestyle in the hall, and walk assertively towards the bathroom door- which you have left brazenly ajar- shedding items of clothing as I go. I pause at the door, considering what a scene it must be: me naked at the door of my own bathroom, with a trail of clothes behind me. My heart speeds up, as it always does when I think of touching you. Lust unswayed by time and familiarity. I slip in silently. You're singing to yourself, "Hey Julie" by Fountains of Wayne. Your eyes are closed to avoid the sting of the shampoo, and you haven't noticed me yet. I seize on the opportunity. Easing my
A Bit O' Lace
A Bit O' Lace by vula matanga © I no longer find wanking off to porn thrilling. I have discovered women's underwear much more enticing.... Here's how it started: A few years ago I was house sitting for Sue, a friend who was away on holiday. It was a rainy Sunday morning and I was a bit restless, and as house sitters are wont to do, I began perusing her cupboards and drawers. Sue was a single woman with meticulous tastes in everything from cooking pots to books and the various knick-knacks that adorned the mantle piece and shelves around the house – most of them acquired from her many travels to exotic places all over the world. Inevitably I reached her underwear drawers – one for bras and another for panties. They were crammed full of her delicates. Most of them were of the sensible sort – cotton varieties, some satin pieces and a few thongs, g-strings and lace knickers. I buried my hands in the panties and they felt soft, crumpled and very, very sensuous. I was slowly becom
Blind Date By Rainynights57
Blind Date by Rainynights57 © Sean leaned against the outside wall of some club, puffing on a cigarette and waiting for some girl his friends had decided to set him up with. It had been three years since the death of his beloved wife, and he was healing, slowly; he knew it was time to start living again. He hadn't put up much fight when his friends Jack and Molly had told him about this woman; he had listened with half an ear, and nodded when he was supposed to. He'd been more concerned with how the dating scene had changed since he was last in the game, than what it was about this woman that his friends thought was so perfect. Since this would be his first foray into the world of dating in more years than he could count, he figured it would be a complete disaster anyway, no matter who his partner was. Sean took one last puff from his cigarette before flicking it out into the street and pushing upright from the wall. He shot a glance at his watch and sighed; she was almost a
Book Babe
Book Babe by Big_Mick81 © There's something intrinsically erotic about a library. At least that's my opinion. I recently had an encounter I won't soon forget. I was preparing for an overseas trip, so I decided to go to the library and research some of my destinations. The tiny library is located on a leafy street in southern Sydney. It's one of those intimate libraries with not many books, and therefore not many visitors. I went to the library around midday on a Monday. As I entered the building I saw the lone librarian on the phone, trying her best to whisper. I don't know why as I could hear everything she was saying anyway. The library is full of nooks and crannies, so for a bit of privacy I walked around the corner and out of the librarian's view. I sat at a desk with a wooden partition, which allowed another person to sit on the opposite side yet have a bit of privacy. To the right of the partition I spotted a sexy blonde girl working on one of the computers. She looked
Take A Stand!
I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the UnitedCaucasianCollege Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens...Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door. Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game. I believe they are called the Boy Scouts for a reason, that is why there are no girls allowed. Girls belong in the Girl Scouts! ARE YOU LISTENING MARTHA BURKE? I think that if you feel homosexuality is wrong, it is not a phobia, it is an opinion. I have the right "NOT" to be tolerant of others because they are different, weird, or tick me off. When
For Anyone Who Has Not Read My Profile
The Invitation It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive. It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain! I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it or fade it, or fix it. I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own, if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, to remember the limitations of being human. It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know
For A Blast
im in a contest for a blast... it ends at the end of the month... bomb me if you got the time...
A Happiness Poem
If a happiness poem could bring forth a smile, Then my face would always dress in style. If my ears could hear my computer screen, From one to another, they, too, would grin. My keyboard types for my eyes not my tongue This happiness poem will never be sung. But what of my eyes? Don't they shine? Yes, but not from this poem of mine. The pen is mightier than the sword, But a pen can write only words. The feelings I sense and the senses I feel For keyboard and screen remain far too real. My ears and my nose remain at rest. My cheeks and hairline are doing their best. But if this happiness poem could make my mouth smile, My face would forever dress up in style.
No Matter What !
Oh but for the hustle and the bustle, our lives have grown so busy and frustrating. I`m sorry I cant be with you through the rough time,in both our lives . Just want you to know, I will always be here. I am not one know to "DUCK AND RUN" ! When the going get bad, I stay an fight. My heart gets torn apart alot, but I am just built that way. Change if I can ,but only for the better! So for the one that knows she`s always had my strings, yes I feel like a puppet sometimes. That has always been my choice. I dont except anything from you, but for you to do what make you happy. That is all I will ever want for you is HAPPINESS! Whether that is with or without me. Just know that I will always love you, no matter what!
How do you get someone out of your head? This bites
Back Yard Show To College Dorm
Back Yard Show to College Dorm by showife © Some years ago I was working at a vacant house near a college campus doing some clean up and maintenance work. The house was right behind one of the boy's dormitories and had previously been occupied by students. A few of the days my wife had come along to work with me since the kids were in school. It was springtime and we were finally having some nice warm weather after a long winter. Since the house was empty, and the back yard was fenced in, my wife decided to lay out in the sun to get an early start on her tan. By the second day of her doing this I noticed that every so often some of the boys would be looking out their windows, enjoying the springtime warmth and also looking at her. The third day she decided to get some sun was the warmest we'd had that year, as the high was near 80 degrees. I noticed that she had settled into her lounger to soak up the sun and looked very content. She had slipped her arms out of her suit so s
Beneath The Surface
Beneath the Surface by MuseShadow© People watching, it's a fascinating way to pass the time isn't it? Take my current location at the moment, I'm sat at the end of a substantial stainless steel bar top. A row of numerous beer taps is arrayed down the centre of the bar, carefully stacked rows of glasses and spirits around it. I quietly sip at my second pint of Boddingtons savoring the slow smooth creamy taste as it slips down my throat. To anyone watching me I'm lost in the latest game playing on one of the many plasma screens hanging above the bar or from the various walls and pillars. If you are watching me as closely as I am watching everyone else in the bar you will notice my eyes are taking in more than they at first appear to, I'm neither staring intently nor flitting my gaze from place to place. Just a slow sweeping glance from time to time. Behind the bar we have the young barmaid and barman. She's barely into her twenties and he is on his way out of his. Her face is s
Blame It On The Rain
Blame It on the Rain by Sensual_Caveman © It was a hot summer Sunday in NY City. The kind of day where the outside air feels like a heated oven when you open the door and catch the blast of heat and steam in your face. The sky had been clear all morning, with a bright sun to bake skin a nice shade of red. Around two in the afternoon though a welcomed cloud cover began to roll in. I was walking down 60th street towards 5th avenue from Madison and praying that the rain would come and drop the mercury below 100 degrees. I had my umbrella in hand and in my mind I used it to dare Mother Nature to unleash her worst. Flood, torrential downpours, and a tsunamis would all be more welcome than this heat right now. Then I felt the first drops on my head, and that's when I saw her. A young woman was a good deal down the block from me heading towards me. She was almost angelic in her beauty. She could not have been more than 20, very tall, and looked even taller because of her thin body.
Boardroom Presentation
Boardroom Presentation by Archer2050 © Kendra was frustrated...again. After a decade of satisfaction with her sex life, things were slowing down. She was only 28, and looked and often felt much younger. But her social life had been deteriorating rapidly over the past few months. Her closest friends were people she had met in college, and they had disappeared, one by one, either to far away careers, or time-consuming families. Her best friend, Helen, had just been lured away across the country for a great salary. Helen had been the last to go. But Kendra was stuck in a middle-sized town, although she never thought of it as being "stuck" until now. She loved her job as head of marketing for a local real estate developer, and it paid very well. She was respected, valued, and had a dependable staff, which ensured she never had to work the murderous hours that would be required of someone in her position in a bigger city. Now, however, work was all she had. Her closest friends wer
Dildolicking. And Other Ways To Ruin A Porno.
I can't help but cringe when a girl slobers all over her dildo after she pummelled her vagina with it for five minutes. It ruins the porno for me. Don't do that. That is disgusting. It's not like they're doing it because they like it. They think guys like it. And it's not so much the eating trap-sap that grosses me out, it's the look on her face. When it comes time to slobber, they'll look at the camera and try to be all sexy like, "Look at me, isn't this hot? Don't you like this?".. No, I don't. Stop now. Dammit, I orgasmed and didn't know it because I was too busy watching you slurp cunt juice off a bodyless cock. I also hate watching guys get blowjobs. But I think that goes without saying. Pretty much any sucking of anything fallic is gross. Especially a live throbbing penis. And the guy always grunts. Yuck. He's like, "Yeah baby, suck it." And I'm like, "Click, click, right-click, delete, right-click recycle bin, empty." And by then my schlong is limper than angelhair pasta.
The Way Of Wisdom
The more that people learn and the more wisdom they gather, the more sure they become that they know nothing. This process is called The Way of Wisdom.
Sexy Photographer
I Have Feelings Too
I am so very tired of the guys out here who think its ok to mess with my emotions and my heart. I am not a plaything i am flesh and blood an yes i cry and i get hurt. I am more then just a vagina here for your enjoyment!!!!! I want to be loved and cherished not used until something else comes along or until your girlfriend can move here. I am starting to believe that there are no good guys left, and why should i when all that seems to find me is a bunch of well not good guys.thats it for now am so frustrated that my head is pounding.
Carnaval Rio 6
God Bless Maleficcanium,
We the people of Maleficcanium declare independence of the cruel, harsh, and inhumane detail of punishment that is being suffered here. the Laws and the powers of earth entitle us to no punishment. When the government becomes non-responsive of the people of Maleficcanium, The people have the right to rebel against the following details of vicious, hard-hearted, brutal punishment. These grievances are sufficient for proceeding to our independence of punishment. The despicable act of standing in the corner, time outs and grounding of it’s people are cause us to revolt in the country of Maleficcanium. We hold these truths to be self-evident that eating soap is cruel, unusual, and vile treatment to oneself. When its freezing, pouring down rain or blazing hot outside the citizens shall never be kicked out to sleep on sidewalks, benches, shopping carts, or boxes. Being arrested and being publicized for everyone to see is counter-productive to all concerned parties. We the masses
Last Night
She came into my room while I was half awake. I'm sure she was for real. I thought about her for a week until she sauntered in. She had a blue silk top on, it only covered half her top. The blue top shined in the dim light, it's thin straps came down to where they met the smooth cloth right above her breasts. Her clevage was as clear as her nipples under that fabric. The top cut low and it excited her, her nipples were perfectly hard. The top cut right below her breasts just showing enough to get me hard. She wore blue colored panties, the same as her top. They were lacy and low cut. She looked over me and I looked back trying to remain as calm as I could. I had to be very cool if I were to keep her excited. She turned around at the end of the bed and bent over to stratch herself revealing a beautiful ass that was hidden buy jeans much earlier. It was perfect and smooth. She looked over her shoulder to smile at me and began to take off her panties. I was in a paradox, which was more pl
Empty Home
Empty Home by Belle_in_south © Erin McAllister was going to be a star. Sitting at the bar and watching the woman move on stage, Raegan Hall had little doubt about McAllister's star potential. The band had performed several popular country songs, giving the lead an opportunity to display an ability to make each song she sang her own. Her voice had a full range that she overused a little. Rae made a mental note to address the problem when McAllister agreed to sign with Capitol Records. Critics would pan the singer as a one-trick horse and miss the playful dance in McAllister's voice when she sang Dolly Parton's "Two Doors Down," the fierce passion she put into Martina McBride's "Independence Day," and the soulful longing when she covered Reba McEntire's "The Heart Won't Lie." There were a lot of singers in Nashville who could be radio stars. Rae had listened to hundreds in the seven years she had worked for Capitol Records. The seven years had taught her that it took more than a
Pretty Self Explanatory!!!Fine people to go rate fan add! One Hot Momma@ fubar ♥tastyflutterby ♥{IAR#5}@ fubar ♥MÂЯ¥JÂÑΞ™♥ Ï.β.Ï.Ç.♥ ÇΘΘĶÏЄ™@ fubar Mystêfyï~I.B.I.C~♥D.S.C.~FB wife to ♥Jim~S.B.A.B.~@ fubar ~*~MORBID DRAGON SLAVE@ fubar "~tiffany ROCK OF LOVE REUNION VH1 SUN OCT 7th 8pm EDT@ fubar *Fubar Plus Size Pinup Girl*@ fubar fornicates@ fubar Luscious♥Mami - New Co Owner of Club F.A.R@ fubar Cutesmily1
Please Read!
As you all know by now, Hope has been away because she has been ill. Fubar has caused much stress in her life, and I am referring to one person in particular actually, and if you and Hope were friends, you know exactly who I am speaking of. He caused he very much mental anguish, and has discovered she has heart issues, and panic attacks all caused from the drama she received on this site. I will keep you updated to her progress as I am aware of it, But sadly Hope will not return to Fubar!
Home Sweet Home
Well I am finally getting back to my old American self again, its been 38 hours 49 minutes and counting since I got home from Iraq, as I have said to a new friend and you know who you are, I did not know how much I missed the comforts that we take for granted everyday, things like running water, a flushing toilet, BEER of any kind, shit i got all messed up on Pabst Blue Ribbon and Colt 45 malt liquor…lol with in 2 hours of hitting U.S. soil, Its funny how much you miss your country men, the silly things they do, hey lets just face it although we are all different, be it skin color, background hell you know what I mean, there are just something’s that makes us American and you don’t have to be born here to be American but you soon become American and you miss the hell out of this grate nation when you are in a place where everyone’s trying to kill you and your crew, and you realize that regardless of who you are you are an American and no matter what they try to do, they will never take
My Reality Check
Today I got some sobering news, news that just brought me to a haunting halt. One of my friends that I work with has been coping with breast cancer for the past two years. She is always so confident, so supportive of everyone. She has been my rock and my ear, especially over the past couple of weeks, helping me to deal with issues I have been going through lately. Today I found out...Janetta's cancer has spread to her brain...she has been given a month to live. Not what anyone expected to hear. It's not fair, she is such a wonderful and inspiring woman. Today I got a phone call from her mom. She said that the first coherent words out of Janetta's mouth today were concerning work. She was afraid that we were upset with her for not coming in and wanted to make sure that we knew she would be back to work next week...she is going to fight this as hard as she can. Can I please ask you all for your prayers conerning this wonderful and courgeous woman. Thank you
i wish i could get sum.i havent in long time. am i just that ugly. damn it. all i want is a lil bit of action. if anyone out there is interested let me kno.
My Spot
The Frog
There was a 10 year old boy walking down the sidewalk dragging a flattened frog on a string behind him. He walked up to a house of ill repute and knocked on the door. When the Madam answered it, she saw the little boy and asked what he wanted. He said, "I want to have sex with one of the women inside. I have the money and I'm not leaving until I do." The Madam figured, why not, so she told him to come in. Once in, she told him to pick any of the girls he liked. He asked, "Do any of the girls have any diseases?" Of course, the Madam said no, but the boy replied, "I heard all the men talking about having to get shots after making it with Amber. So THAT'S the girl I want!" Since the little boy was so adamant and had the money to pay for it, the Madam told him to go to the first room on the right. He headed down the hall dragging the squashed frog behind him. Ten minutes later he came back, still dragging the frog, paid the Madam, and headed out the door. The Madam stop
We Have Been Fubared
I got knocked off completely and now everything is going very slowly and during a happy hour to boot!
So Yeah.
I'll be leaving soon, won't be back on til Monday. So everyone have a fantabulous weekend!
Sgt. Donald Lucas
Your Inspiration
It's a good time to redecorate or just take time out to appreciate what you've got. Your home is important to you and your sense of beauty makes it a joy to just relax and soak it all up sometimes. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%5555 Oh I am so beautiful it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soak it up??????? Do I have square pants??????????
Darkness is all around me I see a light up ahead It’s a straight line I follow it It’s getting further and further away I run The light diminishes into the darkness I am stuck in the darkness all alone I reach out in front of me for something to hold I only feel emptiness I am all alone Alone to fight what lays before me I can’t see what it is but I know its there Waiting for me to make one wrong move Before it attacks my soul and makes my heart bleed One more time …. I walk into the darkness alone I fight this fight alone In the end we are all alone
One Of My Favorite Songs And Artist
so um yeah just basically my favorite songs and artists rite now it's Alicia Keys- No One I just want you close Where you can stay forever You can be sure That it will only get better You and me together Through the days and nights I don't worry 'cuz Everything's going to be alright People keep talking they can say what they like But all i know is everything's going to be alright No one, no one, no one Can get in the way of what I'm feeling No one, no one, no one Can get in the way of what I feel for you, you, you Can get in the way of what I feel for you When the rain is pouring down And my heart is hurting You will always be around This I know for certain You and me together Through the days and nights I don't worry 'cuz Everything's going to be alright People keep talking they can say what they like But all i know is everything's going to be alright No one, no one, no one Can get in the way of what I'm feeling No one, no one, no one Can
~ David Bowie & Queen - Under Pressure ~
Just like your heart, your love is pure. Like a never ending candle it will always burn. With out even trying, you make others feel safe, Just by bringing them into your embrace. Your smile and your eyes make others feel warm inside. These are the things that make it hard to deny, The love I feel for you inside, When ever you are near by.
Chilling On My Page
Why do people come to your page all the time and not rate anything??????????
Candi by Carol Marie © I told you I didn't want to come out tonight, this isn't my scene. You should have just come with yourself", I said protesting before we had even made it into the club. "Stop your sniveling. We are here, aren't we? Now let's go in and meet some new womyn." I didn't say another word, instead followed her into the dimly lit club. It was a little after 11 pm. on Tuesday, Americas Natal Anniversary. We already had been to maybe 5 other clubs when we both were handed a flyer at the one of the clubs, announcing a party for the curious minded BDSM explorers. It wasn't my scene, but Jac liked to play there, so being I was out with her for the evening, there I was at The Dungeon. The place was packed. Gyrating bodies in scantily clad leather and chains danced wildly to the hypnotic beat. As we made our way to the bar, I noticed a banner on the back wall that read ' Private Party'. Jac quickly excused herself and made her way towards the party room. I, on t
A Chance Encounter
A Chance Encounter by gen_man69© Hannah was 22 and until the day she went for the movie Basic Instinct 2, she never realized a certain unique interest of hers. It may be unfair to say that she is attracted both the sexes, since what happened that day was not initiated by her, but by an older lady that she happened to meet at the cinema by accident or fate, she would never know. Hannah was a pretty young thing. Her short blond hair gave her a boyish look until your gaze swept down to the rest of her body. There was nothing boyish about this young lady. Her hips were full, and she had an impressive chest bordering on a 34 d cup that she generally tried to hide with a smaller bra size. This had an alarming habit of pushing up her bra to accentuate her cleavage that forced her to wear high necked t-shirts. However, her flat tummy and unassuming face that was prettier than most girls were the very reasons why men as well as women looked at her more than twice. Hannah had long ago g
Cost a Thing Category: Life Love Doesn't Cost a thing, Pain Doesn't Cost a thing, Hurt Doesn't Cost a thing, Broken Hearts Doesn't Cost a thing, Flowing Tears Doesn't Cost a thing, Gray and Cloudy Days Doesn't Cost a thing, Feeling Numb Doesn't Cost a thing, Pretending to be Happy when Things are Down Cost many things, Smiling to your friends so they know nothing of your Pain Cost many things, Trying to make Things work Cost many things, Caring Cost many things, Loving you Care For you Cost many things...... Your Truely Lee T. Davis LMT.
Gore And Un Panel Win Nobel Prize
Gore and UN panel win Nobel prize Climate change campaigner Al Gore and the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have been jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Mr Gore, 59, was vice-president under Bill Clinton and has since devoted his efforts to environmental campaigning. The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change brings together the world's top climate scientists. The Nobel committee said it wanted to help the world focus on the threat it faced from climate change. WHAT A JOKE
A Miscarriage Of Justice
Guards acquitted in boot camp case By MELISSA NELSON, Associated Press Writer 47 minutes ago Seven former boot camp guards and a nurse were acquitted Friday of manslaughter in the death of a 14-year-old boy who was hit and kicked by the drill instructors in a videotaped altercation. The video of a limp Martin Lee Anderson being hit and kicked by the guards after he collapsed while exercising drew protests in the state capital and spelled the end of Florida's system of boot camps for juvenile offenders. Anderson died at a hospital the day after the altercation. The defendants, however, said they followed the rules at a get-tough facility where young offenders often feigned illness to avoid exercise, and their attorneys said that Anderson died not from rough treatment, but from a previously undiagnosed blood disorder. Former guard Henry McFadden later said he was relieved that the case was over: "We were
Done And Done
I think it might be time to close my page.... not sure if I will or not yet, but I am not happy comming on here any more. Dont get me wrong, there are a few who are absolutly wonderful but it is just a few. AND... since one of the main reasons I was on here is gone, I just dont know. Like I said, there are a few other people that are so nice and I really appreaciate them chatting with me and understanding when I have to get off quickly because of work. Maybe I wont go, but my time is very limited right now. We'll see............ Thanks to my friends for understanding! If you are interested in getting my regular e-mail (just in case I do decide to go) let me know.
Goodbye To A Tradition
Click banner to support us on contest day!! For 4 years, DJ Cru has hosted the Disciples of Rock on Sunday night's at midnight. Well as they say, all good things must come to an end. So tonight at 12:00am EST (midnight), DJ Cru will host the final Sunday night broadcast of Disciples of Rock. But have no fear! DJ Cru will continue to bring you his awesome DOR show on Wednesdays at 12:00am EST (midnight) So join us tonight and say goodbye to a tradition and watch for more announcements of bigger things happening on the station that ROCKS 24/7... WORLD ROCK RADIO!!! Click banner to enter lounge
Speech Therapy
During the course of my treatments, my Myeloma mastisized in one of my lungs, creating low air capacity. One of the drugs that was administered was experimental. Well, that's all it was with me, experimental. I had a cerebal reaction to it, and it literally scrambled my thought process, especially in my speech. Although my appendages appeared normal, I was and am having a difficult time speaking, it is as though I had a stroke. The doctors assured me that I will return to normal in time but in the meantime they prescribed a course of speech therapy to speed up the recovery process. Today I attended my first session, and I have to tell you that at first I had a sense of shame and embarrasment. My time came and I entered the therapists office and came to be introduced to a short, yet swarthy woman in her 50's, attractive, and oozed sex appeal. At first I was taken aback by her beauty, but she made me feel very comfortable. Her first words to me were in a rather strong hillbilly
The Music Of Love - Poem
The Music of Love Bodies warm with passion's heat pressed together in hungry embrace. Intertwined we move as one, synchronizing to the inner beat of desire's baton. The erotic rhythm of hips in motion thrusting in time with the melody that steals its way from the depths of our most primitive selves. A harmony of sounds unintelligible, voiced only by passionate lovers. Bodies warm with passion's heat, hard dancing to the music of love.
Vamp In Love - Kisses
I Hate My Car
I got my car for free and it has done me good until now the last 2 months. first the hood comes up on me while i am drivin down the interstate going 70 mph then i get that fixed and not even two days later i am on the side of the road again the alternter went out. i though that would be it but no now i need to put in a new started and this time i have to do it my self i have never done it before but i guess i better learn starting today. i hate my car right now!!!!
Medical One For You
In Pharmacology, all drugs have two names, a trade name and generic name. For example, the trade name of Tylenol also has a generic name of Acetaminophen. Aleve is also called Naproxen. Amoxil is also called Amoxicillin and Advil is also called Ibuprofen. The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After careful consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced that it has settled on the generic name of Mycoxafloppin. Also considered were Mycoxafailin, Mydixadrupin, Mydixarizin, Dixafix, and of course, Ibepokin. Pfizer Corp. announced today that Viagra will soon be available in liquid form, and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power beverage suitable for use as a mixer. It will now be possible for a man to literally pour himself a stiff one. Obviously we can no longer call this a soft drink, and it gives new meaning to the names of "cocktails", "highballs" and just a good old-fashioned "stiff drink". Pepsi will market the new concoction by the n
I Still Feel The Need To Bitch
I had a fucking night terror last night, much worse than a nightmare, followed by the fucking dry heaves. I had fucking lucid dreams all night after the dry heaves. At one point, I dreamed there was someone there with me, protecting me, my back cradled into his chest and his leg haphazardly thrown over my hip. I woke up a second later, alone, my sheet pulled entirely off my bed. I overslept because I got no real sleep, but I'm used to the sleep problems. My sleep problems have saved my life more than once, and they are a part of me. Ok, so now on to the bitching: I hate cold weather. I heard my heat kick on and if I listen really hard, I can hear the meter turn. I hate stupid people, especially stupid people with driver's licenses. I'm afraid to eat because I don't want to chuck again, and I think I got some stomach shit from a coworker, and I don't need it with all the shit I have to do. Ok, that's enough for now...
Patti Smith - Because The Night
Extended Sexual Orgasm "eso"
"ESO": How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm, by Alan P. Brauer and Donna Brauer. This book outlines a general approach for using genital massage to achieve extended orgasmic states. "Body Electric Courses" The Body Electric School offers courses in erotic massage, and is in fact the only organization to offer education of this kind nationwide. Their courses are VERY well put together. The Body Electric School offers courses consisting of men only, and courses consisting of women only. They also (in Seattle, Washington and Oakland, California) offer a course with both men and women, but you must complete the same-sex class before taking the mixed class. "Videos" A video illustrating the Body Electric approach to sex, along with demonstrations of over 25 male genital massage strokes, is called Fire on the Mountain: An Intimate Guide to Male Genital Massage in Spring, 1999, the Body Electric School also released Fire in the Valley:
Fellatio First, everything here is a generalization. "Most guys" means most guys, not all guys. With that in mind... Most guys are very different than women, when it comes to what they enjoy. With women, starting out very slowly is more important. With guys, there is a much better chance that the guy will be impatient, and there is most definitely a lower overall standard as to what most guys will enjoy. When starting out, the best bet is to start slowly, and indirectly. Men tend to be more visual than women, stereotypically, so part of taking your time would include almost touching... kissing around the rest of his body (depending on what's accessible under the circumstances), caressing, but not necessarily actually touching his erotic zones, yet. When doing this, remember the "many guys get impatient" rule. The longer you can drag out each step (while still making progress), the better, but some guys don't want much of this at all, and if you pay attention it should become
Swallowing (without it tasting really bad) This is possible. In fact, only a mental barrier stands between those who "can't" and those who can. But you have to know the technique. Oh, I should point out that a large minority of people enjoy the taste, either for the flavor or because bringing that kind of pleasure to their lover is so wonderful. But a larger number think it can taste pretty bad. This depends a lot on the guy himself (each guy tastes different, some very much so), and also on what they eat (rumor has it that fruit makes it taste better, and fatty foods make it taste worse, as do some spices). The trick is to not taste it at all. This sounds too simple to be true, but: When a guy starts to cum, the typical response is to try to pace it a bit... to hold it in one's mouth for a moment before swallowing. This is the only reason one tastes it. Instead, just start swallowing, immediately and hard. If you can get the tip into the back of your mouth without having
Can U?
Can u love me for me? all my quirks? can u treat me with respect? Thats all i ask honesty and real feelings. I will give u the same Can u love me for who i am? don't try to change me it will never happen Can u take my heart and not break it? i trust that u won't but things happen Can u be with me forever? are just a few moments? Can u be the one I love?
My Mind
Ok so typically I don't rant and rave or much less use a song to relate to my life this way but in light of the recent travisties that I have "commited" I would like to take this time to go ahead and say I'm sorry and Blame It On Me. I will take that blame. Akon said it best because sometimes the blame isn't on me, but I will take that blame from you cause that's just the type of person that I am. So go ahead and put that blame on me. Jon
How Deep I Can Love
My love I have to give to a man runs so deep within. I want to find the one who is deserving of the devotion I have to give. I want to love him like he has never known love before. I want to show him that there is nothing but pure devotion and love and desire for only him. Never would I stray on him. He would never doubt me, for he would see the love I have everytime he looked into my eyes. I wonder if I will ever find that perfect one. That one who loves to the deepest depth that I love. Is there anyone that can understand that kind of a love? I met one, the way he speaks, the words he uses when he puts his thoughts down, He seems to know that deepest depth of love one can have for another. He seems to love the way I desire. He seems too good to be true. I want to know him more. Im telling him thru this blog, I want to know you more, I want to see what you have to offer and show you how real I am and how I can love. I want love, true love, I want someone who wa
Why The Hell...
am I so fucking depressed... I live with a man who doesn't wanna touch me.. in Any way! most of the people who meet me on here really don't give a shit about me and just wanna fuck me I am drinking every day now and so lonely. How do I get myself out of this...? (don't let this run you off.. I am just having a terrible day...I need friends more then ever)
Second Best...
Second Best I try and I try But it’s never good enough I’m just not that tough I’m sick of going with the flow I don’t want them to have you I don’t want them to know- That I love you And I always will But that doesn’t matter, does it? Its just 3 little words to you But they’re 3 big words for me Can’t you see? The pain you’re causing me? I didn’t want to say before Because I was scared That I would drive you away And I want you to stay I really do. But it’s hard when you share your heart It’s hard for us to be apart How many would die for you? I would. How many would cry for you? I would. How many would fight for you? I would. But you just ignore the fact That you’re gonna make my heart crack I don’t want to be the like all the rest I don’t want to be Second Best.
Today is perfect for trying out new ideas or running plans past friends and family -- you should get great responses from pretty much everyone. Of course, your quiet style isn't hurting your case any. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I knew it, I am to easy going, I need to liven up things!!!
Airplane Problems
After every flight, pilots fill out a form, called a gripe sheet which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems, document their repairs on the form, and then pilots review the gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that ground crews lack a sense of humor. Here are some maintenance complaints submitted by pilots and the solutions recorded by maintenance engineers. By the way, the airline these came from is the only major airline that has never, ever, had an accident. Pilot: Left inside main tire almost needs replacement. Engineers: Almost replaced left inside main tire. Pilot: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough. Engineers: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft. Pilot: Something loose in cockpit. Engineers: Something tightened in cockpit. Pilot: Dead bugs on windshield. Engineers: Live bugs on back-order. Pilot: Autopilot in altitude-hold mode produces a 200 feet per minute descent. Engineers: Canno
Friends Into Lovers
Sometimes I feel sad and sometimes I feel blue but whenever I see you, I'm as happy as can be for you bring a smile upon my face and a feeling of joy within my heart you're like my sunshine in the morning and my stars that glow at night you're like the waves in the ocean the cool breeze in the wind like the call of the birds in the morning dew like the sounds of beauty in the night you see all of these things are of beauty and love that's how I feel whenever you are near for it was the passion and desire from both of us that opened up the world for our eyes to see for our love of each other will grow and grow and our needs and desires will be more everyday for a friend you once were and will always be has turned into love as it should have been so I want you to know as a friend and lover that in my heart and arms you'll always stay for our love for each other will never fade
October 15, 2007
Now is a great time to just sit down and get to work -- boredom is not an option! You may find that you clear away huge piles of tasks that you thought would consume the next month or three.
Im Getting Married!! Come Join The Party!
Happy Holloween..lmao
An extremely modest man was in the hospital for a series of tests, the last of which had left his bodily systems extremely upset. Upon making several false alarm trips to the bathroom, he decided the latest episode was another and stayed put. He suddenly filled his bed with diarrhea and was embarrassed beyond his ability to remain rational. In a complete loss of composure he jumped out of bed, gathered up the bed sheets, and threw them out the hospital window. A drunk was walking by the hospital when the sheets landed on him. He started yelling, cursing, and swinging his arms violently trying to get the unknown things off, and ended up with the soiled sheets in a tangled pile at his feet. As the drunk stood there, unsteady on his feet, staring down at the sheets, a hospital security guard, (barely containing his (laughter), and who had watched the whole incident, walked up and asked, "What the heck is going
hey yall im new to this just wanted to say hi
Story About My Back
About 5 years ago now around the 4th of July I was at a friends when i decided to help him fix something on his barn. So we got a ladder set up and I climbed the ladder to get up on the roof after a night of rain. I checked the roof it was dry so i started climbing up a very steep inclination. Well I got maybe 3 feet away from the ladder when I started slipping and couldn't stop myself. So I found myself slipping underneath the ladder and onto the ground where I landed on a brick that was covered by dirt and grass from the weather.. I got up, and figured I was fine cause ofcourse there would be pain i just fell 20ft, well the pain started getting worse over a 6 month period. But me being the stubborn jackass that I am. I did not seek medical attention until that 6th month i found the pain unbearable. Well come to find out I fractured 2 disks in my back, and did alot of extensive nerve damage in my neck that cannot be repaired. Why you may ask because I was an idiot and did not seek med
The Ballad Of Ron Paul
RE: Interveiw with son of Elaine Brown ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Mudd(R-PA) Date: 15 Oct 2007, 08:46 ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: BillDate: Oct 15, 2007 8:37 AMRE:----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: VANMETER SAYS FREE RENO NOWDate: Oct 15, 2007 10:21 AM
Different Kind Of Sex Lol
The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex. This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a short time and you are so horny you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and you usually have sex only in your bedroom. The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway you both say "screw you". The 5th kind of sex is called: Courtroom Sex. This is when you cannot stand your wife/Hubby any more. She/He takes you to court and screws you in front of everyone. The 6th kind is called Religious Sex, which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon and Nun at night. OOPS. Don't forget the 7
A Random Sprawling Trail of Thought It often seems, looking back at the roads I’ve traveled, that the wild, winding trails I’ve blazed are just coming unraveled. The tracks in the dust that I’m leaving behind, well those steps taken ain’t leadin to the new prints I’ve been makin. Happiness with my current life, as true as the cause the government says I’m fighting for, is just as easily altered. Everyone I know, so excited to see, the lands to be visited and the peoples I’ll meet, everyone I know, except for me. As submerged in this world as I may become, the only place I’ll ever long to be is the dear land where I’m from. No more new people, not too many faces to see, I’ll never miss anyone like I do now, the people from home, where I was happy. Those that were so damn close, that I loved more so than any had known, are now so far away, but from my heart never gone. Sooner or later, the memories shall fade from their eyes, from mine shall come a lonesome tear, as my n
Bob Dylan - Romance In Durango
Times Of Life.
Times of life is what pulls us through the days. Never knowing the way things are meant to be. As is already we don't really deal with life. We are always in our own little world to make it how we want to see it. Putting all reality in the back of your mind just to live in a fantasy world for a moments time so that we don't have to deal with our actual life. So make it what you want and live it to the fullest. Times of life is how we imagine it.
Making A Marriage Last
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Rich Date: Oct 16, 2007 7:51 AM The secret to a happy marriage to me is the simple things; always be honest with each other, respect each other, forgive each other, and simply be kind to one another. A good marriage is like a campfire. Both grow cold if left unattended. A good marriage is at least 80% good luck in finding the right person at the right time. The rest is trust. The secret to a happy marriage is the ability to keep having fun. Once the fun dies the marriage follows very quickly. A long marriage is two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time. Marriage should actually be like a duet~ when one sings the other claps. The only thing wrong with marriage and true love is you don't see enough of each other. A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short. Take each other for better or worse but not for granted. One way of making a marriage work is to treat all disaster
Re: Rudy Giuliani: Friend Of Israel
RE: RUDY GIULIANI: FRIEND OF ISRAEL ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: WWW. PROTHINK .ORG Date: 16 Oct 2007, 13:49 And traitor to USA! Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert: “I Have Found No Better Friend Of Jerusalem In America Than Rudy Giuliani.”(Timothy Williams, “Jerusalem Mayor Weighs In For Giuliani,” The Associated Press, 2/17/00) Mort Zuckerman: Giuliani “Lends His Very Powerful Voice In … Backing Israel’s Right To Exist …” (“Pandora,” The [London] Independent, 6/24/98) JTA: “One Of Israel’s Most Vocal Supporters In The United States…” (Ron Kampeas, “As Candidates Enter 2008 Race, They Begin Courting Jewish Support,” Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 1/24/07) STANDING WITH ISRAEL Rudy Giuliani In 1964: “Certainly All Of Us Have A Stake In The Protection Of Our Firmest Ally In The Middle East [Israel] …” (Rudy Giuliani, “Ars Politica,” Manhattan [College] Quadrangle, 10/22/64) Following Gruesome Terrorist At
She loves us all.. time to love back! :P Contest ends the 22nd at 10pm PST... give her some luvin!
Omfg! Kids!!!! Ugh!!!
Today while at work, i get a phone call from the middle school stating that my 11 yr. old son is being suspended an unforseen number of days. They said he brought a gun to school. They wanted me to pick him up from school but i couldn't get out of my job. So they had a policeman sit with him at the office till it was time to go home. He got this gun from a trade he made with another kid his age for his bike he said he found in a dumpster. We all know the bike had to be stolen too. So i'm waiting for the cop to come and give the gun back then i have to give it to the kids parents and get the bike back and give that to the person he took that from! OMG, now i have to take my son to work with me for who knows how fuckin long and he is on one hell of a path to juvenile detention. Then on to jail. If the school presses charges it's bye bye time for him. Kids are for the strongest people. If u want mine, please take him, lol.He suffers from ADHD, PTSD, ODD, Manic Depression. So be my guest.
Re: Kulongoski Walks Away On Goldschmidt Question
RE: Kulongoski walks away on Goldschmidt question ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: alex Date: 17 Oct 2007, 01:25 comment: this was funny to watch in person. . .Kulongoski walks away on Goldschmidt question10/16/2007, 6:13 p.m. PDTBy WILLIAM McCALLThe Associated Press PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Gov. Ted Kulongoski walked out of a news conference about a terrorism drill on Tuesday after a television reporter asked him if he knew anything about former Gov. Neil Goldschmidt's sexual abuse of 14-year-old girl before it became public in 2004.Kulongoski was part of a briefing on the progress of TOPOFF, a national exercise to test the readiness of state, local and federal agencies to respond to a terrorist attack or a national disaster.A spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management Agency had told reporters the governor and other officials were only going to take questions about the drill, and any other matters would be referred to the individual officials.
Platinum This slime ball cock sucking little bitch is a downrater so do what you want about it. View Downrater Block Downrater Leave Comment For Downrater
As You Travel Through Life
As you travel through life there are always those times when decisions just have to be made when the choices are hard, and solutions seem scarce and the rain seems to soak your parade! There are some situations where all you can do is to simply let go and move on gather courage together and choose a direction that carries you toward a new dawn. So pack up your troubles and take a step forward the process of change can be tough but think about all the excitement ahead if you can be strong enough! There could be adventures you never imagined just waiting around the next bend and wishes and dreams just about to come true in ways you can't yet comprehend! Perhaps you'll find friendships that spring from new interests as you challenge your status quo and learn there are so many options in life, and so many ways you can grow! Perhaps you'll go places you never expected and see things that you've never seen or travel
For Alll That Want Me
Eat me Beat me Bite me Blow me Suck me Fuck me Very slowly If you kiss me dont be hasty use your tounge and make it tasty YUM YUM
I Think...
...i should get totally trashed tonight. i do believe i'm kidnapping Chris and we're gonna go get trashed. We both earned it today.
Hey It's A New One!
Hello all! It's been quite a long time since I've posted a blog so I thought I'd update things a bit. Yep, I'm still single. And I'm dating peeps, but not really looking for anything as I am leaving for Germany in May. My daughter's father is in the Air Force and he got orders to Germany for up to 3 years. Rather than fight him for custody and keep my daughter here away from her dad, I decided to take this once in a lifetime opportunity and move with them. I have some friends that are coming with me so I hope that all will go well. We've got a big Halloween shindig we're throwing at our place on the 27th of Oct. All are invited should you be interested in joining us. Send me a message or catch me on Myspace.
Cali Or Tx?
this is a blog to let everyone know that i am moving to cali in about 3 weeks... if you are there and want to keep in touch hit me up on here or on myspace and we will do sooo. i don't get to talk to you guy's much but i will try more.... here is my myspace email address... keep in touch people.. much love to all of my friends!
No Good To Me Dead Or Alive
ok some of you know that im a single mom.. with no child support at all.. well the sperm doner... is in jail for the child support and might face up to 10 years in prison for drug charges ( noted he was a one nite stand i got pregnant.. didnt know he was a complete loser.. so what does this teach us boys and girls. wrap it up!!! no glove no fun,,) so right now im thinkin he is no good to me dead or alive or in jail or out.. cuz he has been workin under the table. even if his dumb ass got killed lol my son wouldnt even get SS lol you have to work for um taxes and shit.. ok there is my rant
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 18,2007
You need to take a little extra care today, as there are factors at work that you can't see at first glance. As long as you keep your eyes open, though, things should be fine for you and your coworkers.
My Love Is Vengeance
No one knows what it's like To be the bad man To be the sad man Behind blue eyes And no one knows What it's like to be hated To be fated to telling only lies But my dreams they aren't as empty As my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely My love is vengeance That's never free No one knows what its like To feel these feelings Like i do, and i blame you! No one bites back as hard On their anger None of my pain and woe Can show through But my dreams they aren't as empty As my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely My love is vengeance That's never free Discover L.I.M.P. say it [x4] Discover No one knows what its like To be mistreated, to be defeated Behind blue eyes No one knows how to say That they're sorry and don't worry I'm not telling lies But my dreams they aren't as empty As my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely My love is vengeance That's never free No one knows what its like To be the bad man, to
If I Were A Lesbian....
If I were a lesbian.... or if I even had a chance,being straight, at being with any one of these women,this would be my top 10 list: Top 10 Women I'd "Do" : Linda Carter from Wonder Woman 1974 Pam Grier aka Foxy Brown Aishwarya Rai Jennifer Connelly Scarlett Johanssen Heidi Klum Drew Barrymore Jessica Alba Kate Beckinsale Salma Hayek *also worth mentioning are Sandra Bullock,J-lo,Keri Russell(longhaired Keri),Halle Berry,and Demi Moore. *edited to add Charlize Theron as an honorable mention,and Angelina Jolie..well,for fucks sake..she's on everyone's list. Top 10 Women I Would NOT "Do" Even If Their Vajayjay's Were Made Out Strawberry Mentos Or PEZ Candies : Keira Knightley Christina Aguilera Britney Spears Christina Applegate Helen Hunt Sharon Stone Paris Hilton Tara Reid Claire Danes Lindsay Lohan(Ewww.Just EWWWW.) Now I realize that most of you guys out there would "do" the majority on my "wouldn't do" list.And that's because you all are whores.*win
Hey thanks to those of you who showed my guys love already!!!! I need one more thing, if you haven't already can you please repost the bulletin? It is sticky so it won't be hard to find :) Thanks! Elizabeth
Economy Ninja Sword
Complete a Costume at a Great Price! Price: 3.99
Funny Email About Cats And Pills
INSTRUCTIONS FOR GIVING YOUR CAT A PILL 1. Pick cat up and cradle it in the crook of your left arm as if holding a baby. Position right forefinger and thumb on either side of cat's mouth and gently apply pressure to cheeks while holding pill in right hand. As cat opens mouth, pop pill into mouth. Allow cat to close mouth and swallow. 2. Retrieve pill from floor and cat from behind sofa. Cradle cat in left arm and repeat process. 3. Retrieve cat from bedroom, and throw soggy pill away. Take new pill from foil wrap, cradle cat in left arm holding rear paws tightly with lef hand. Force jaws open and push pill to back of mouth with right forefinger. Hold mouth shut for a count of 10. 4. Retrieve pill from goldfish bowl and cat from top of wardrobe. Call spouse from garden. 5. Kneel on floor with cat wedged firmly between knees, holding front and rear paws. Ignore low growls emitted by cat. Get spouse to hold cat's head firmly with one hand while forcing wooden ruler int
My Mission Statement
Never expect anything but the best in yourself. Excel in everything possible; do more than expected. Try as hard as you can, push yourself. Don't speak negatively of others, even if they do to you. Question them and try to understand things form their point of view. Try your hardest to always be honest, even if it may not be something you want to believe as the truth. Find, follow ,and devote myself to a spiritual path befitting to me.
What would u do if u had alot a time on ur hands? Edward norton, started fight club..but do i wanna end up with my personal army, a girl & collapsed economy?? some of u r sayin' "yeah" but guys let me remind u that unfortunatly this isn't a movie, this is real. u wake up at 7 u go to work at 9 u finish 5-6 n u have like 30-48 hrs to kill before u passout. in between the 48 hours u still go to work n ur prayin' to get exausted enough to hit the sack!.... yeah it sucks! ok spending time doing a hobby or readin' or sitting on ur ass half naked watchn' tv, thinking ur master of the universe 'n eatin junk food would help ..sure that's a time killer, spending it with ur buddies in a local bar picking up women helps too, hell u might even find that long lost poetry book ur g.friend gave u once apon a time! gettin' wasted/stoned would do the trick, but if u wake up n find out that u've been OUT for a weak sleepin in a dumpster 'n kissing a dog.. don't blame me! I'd SHUTUP n take a pil
Bilderberg: The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory
By Jonathan Duffy BBC News Online Magazine The Bilderberg group, an elite coterie of Western thinkers and power-brokers, has been accused of fixing the fate of the world behind closed doors. As the organisation marks its 50th anniversary, rumours are more rife than ever. Given its reputation as perhaps the most powerful organisation in the world, the Bilderberg group doesn't go a bundle on its switchboard operations. Telephone inquiries are met with an impersonal female voice - the Dutch equivalent of the BT Callminder woman - reciting back the number and inviting callers to "leave a message after the tone". Anyone who accidentally dialled the number would probably think they had stumbled on just another residential answer machine. Leiden in Holland, the inauspicious base of the Bilderberg group But behind this ultra-modest façade lies one of the most controversial and hotly-debated alliances of our times. On Thursday the Bilderberg group marks its 50th
Re: Comcast Accused Of Setting Precedent To Scrap Net Neutrality
RE: Comcast Accused Of Setting Precedent To Scrap Net Neutrality ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Steve Watson Date: 19 Oct 2007, 11:37 ISP revealed to be covertly interfering with attempts by some of its high-speed Internet subscribers to share files online It has been confirmed that Comcast, the second largest ISP in the U.S., has been employing technology to block some some of its high-speed Internet users attempting to share files online, setting a precedent to overturn the established tradition of treating all internet traffic equally.
Love Lessons
LESSONS IN LOVING...Things a girl should know Current mood: *. If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. *. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. *. If you have ANY doubt in your mind about a man's character, leave him alone. *. Allow your intuition to save you from heartache. *. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. *. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. *. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no you can't "be friends". A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. *. Have faith in God regarding your relationship, but don't let faith make you stupid. God does things decent and in order. *. Don't settle. *. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things arenot better. *. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. *. There's only
I Dont Know?????
such is life to always want something, and never get it. silently we suffer inside from this want, always dreaming that we'll get it. Praying to an unseen God, hoping with all our might. I sit back and wounder if this is just lust or if I can actually care this much for someone. Listing to sad music, always woundering if it happens if it will turn out like everything in the past. So hard to pour out your emotions and except the consiquences will you be turned down, will you be excepted, or will they turn thier back for ever, afraid themselves of what might happen. or is it you, afraid that it might actually turn out the way you dream of it to be. Silently I watch the tears fall, wondering did I fuck it up so bad that I will never have the chance Ive dreamed of. Yet she talks to me, WHAT THE FUCK, what to think, my god the heart ache pours from my soul and through my eyes you can see my pain. so close...........yet emotionally so far away. will I ever be
you are the strength that keeps me walking you are the hope that keeps me trusting you are the life to my soul you are my purpose you're everything and how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you would you tell me how could it be any better than this yeah you calm the storms and you give me rest you hold me in your hands you won't let me fall you still my heart and you take my breath away would you take me in take me deeper now and how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you would you tell me how could it be any better than this and how can I stand here with you and not be moved
September 12, 2006
I know that I haven't written in a while, but thought that I would today. Things are going good. I'm still with Harley Charlie. My son had his 8th birthday yesterday. My daughter cut her hair last week. Very interesting... I'm going to send here to cosmatalogy school. I think that I misspelled that, but oh well. The kids are doing good. I'm happy. I suppose that's about it. I know, I lead a dull and boring life. Talk at ya'll later...
Gold Roman Sword
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New Demo Release
I'm gonna release a demo, a limited run of 13 to be released to those I deem fit. Contact me for details, if I actually reply then you may get one. Songs included will be: War Soul Dejection Of Ancient Light and one of these may be replaced by a new song I'm in the process of recording (which I've decided I'm never going to release anywhere else). Hopefully the worthy will approach. Click here to visit the myspace page.
Your social intuition is off the charts and that makes it a good time to read people and understand where they are coming from. You may find it especially helpful at work with new customers or employees. ******************************************************************* Yeah would all be correct if I had a job!!!!
Personal Choice And Freedoms.
Well i guess im going to go on a Rant here...its a thing i do and havent done for quite a while. It seems that some people here and i wont mention names because i dont start drama...i just finish it! seem to think because of their rating and level that they can down and down rate certain people out of their own insecurities. It is quite a shame and very sad, it only shows just how insecure about themselves they are. Here i will put it to you this way, I dont care what you do online or in your own life...why you ask? because it is not my buisness or place to judge you. Unless you are directly affecting me in a negative way , like lets say taking money out of my pocket, or starting some kind of unneccessary drama, i dont care what u do or say! Its your life, your personal buisness and if its something i dont like well fuck i dont have to look or read it. its that simple kiddies! I am sick to death of people trying to sit on some kind of invisible throne trying to claim the fairy
hello to who every reads this . havent wrote a blog in awhile so i thought what the hay in california right now .gonna do some runnin around out here for a few days then head east .i ride in a 18 wheeler with my bf.we have a 2007 T600 Kenworth (looks awesome when it has had a bath lol)life on the road takes some gettin used to . but i enjoy it. dont know what else to write right now .take care all
No One
A Polack
A Polack who'd recently come to the United States walked into a bar one day carrying a pistol, a bag of shit, and a dead cat. He asked the bartender for a shot of rye. He downed the whiskey, picked up the pistol, and fired three shots into the bag of shit. Then he picked up the dead cat and started gnawing. The bartender asked the Polack what the hell he thought he was doing. I want to be like American man," the Polack said. "Drink whiskey, shoot the shit, and eat pussy."
Enlightenment 25
Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it .
~ The Truth About Fubar , Myspace Etc ....
just because i have myspace and it says i am a swinger.. doesn't make me a slut... Infact truth is I havent had sex in weeks , and its by choice. Not because I havent had offers etc .. but because I feel like My body belongs to 1 person and 1 person only and why betray myself? . just because i have semi nude artistic photos of myself doesn't mean i want to have sex with you.. I dont! the only man I want to have sex with knows who he is .. and Trust me its NOT YOU... just because you masturbate to my photos doesn't mean i do the same to yours.. just because i talk to you.. doesn't mean i want to fuck you.. and here is a message about friend requests.. Before you send that request please note... Just because you happen to be living in the same area does not mean that I should automatically feel the need to "hook up wit ya" or just because you sent me a message that said, "bitch you fine. hit me up on my IM" can't do it. If I don't know you, chances are pretty slim that I am goi
New Fu Family
My Mom
My 73yr old mom broke her hip today.. I am prolly not going to be on that much this week, and maybe even next. :( She is supposed to be getting surgury either tomorrow or tuesday. I will keep you all posted. What a week here.. :(
This Is My Xgirlfirnd And Sister
Christian Glitter by
A Breakin' Heart
I've noticed you, but do you notice me? In evry crowd,it's you I seek. In my heart I keep the words I wanna say, To your sweet face and make your day. I see you from across the room and I smile, To know you're near me keeps me happy for a while. We've never spoke, but I long for that moment. It seems like I could careless, don't it? But really I'm just scared whenever you walk by Cuz just the scent of you sends me on an emotional high. I can't keep this secret in too long, Cuz my feelings are too strong, It's burning a hole inside my heart, I wanna tell you, but I can't find the words to start. You're the only one able to set my soul a flame, Wishing you would only tell me the same. You're constantly running through my mind, It seems I think of you all the time. I love the way you walk,talk, and laugh, You're the one I need to have, To get lost in your beautiful eyes, And have your smile keep me so hypnotized, Someone to share all my dreams, And show me what they
Blah Blah Blah.
I'm totally out of things to say. This site sucks now. A lot of people have been emailing me telling me this, and I totally agree. What can I say? There's only so many times a webmaster can talk about masturbating before it just gets old. Wait, I take that back. I got one: The other day I was masturbating and my balls fell off I made them into devilled eggs. That one wasn't so bad. Survey says.. That blew. Dammit. Okay, on to more feeble joke attempts to try and prove myself as "still funny." - I thought of a new name for Tori Amos - Toremy Anus Terrible. - I went to a pawn shop to buy chess pieces. How ironic is that? That one might take a while. Fuck it. - Alcohol is an acquired taste, but I'm not in a choir. Jeez man. - I don't do anything half-assed. Unless it's a girl with one butt cheek. Ugh. Awful awful awful. I've definitely lost it. Or, lost whatever I may have found. Maybe I just need a break from writing.
The Feeling Of Love.......
This feeling of love that I have for you, A feeling so strong, so special, so new. You give me the gift of happiness each day, Never have I known it could be this way. You have given your love regardless of cost, With my heart in your care, I will never be lost. Or never again wonder what love really means, For now I do know it means so many things. Understanding and caring, through good times and bad, Sharing emotions, should they be happy or sad. Being there for each other through laughter or tears, At each other's side for the rest of our years. My only wish is to be with you, my love, For each day I pray to the heavens above. That you always remember my feelings for you. A feeling so strong, so special, so new!
I Love You This Is True
I love you, this is true I enjoy every minute of everyday Even when my skies are grey You make me smile all day I love you, this is true I cry to be away from you I die when you are gone And hope you come home just in time I love you, this is true Endless my nights do go Nightmares come, yet they never want to leave And that hazy line grows closer now I love you, this is so Safety I found in your arms come slumber time Comfert I find when you speak my name Hidden in selfish vein I love you this is true Forgiving always takes two You forgave me But I never forgave you I Love You This Is True
i hope to become what everyone expects. i hope that my dreams come true. i hope to be all that i can be. i hope that people some day learn to respect others no matter what color skin they have. i hope that people wil accept what is diffrent from them. i hope that all will be right in the world one day. i hope that there will be no killing, jealousy, or envy in the future. but i know these are only hope.
Sextoy Nsfw
A man is leaving town on business for a few days. He doesn't want his wife to cheat so he goes to a sex therapist for advice. The sex therapist tells him he has something but it's expensive. He say's it's a magical long vibrator called Magic Dick and it's guaranteed to work. Who ever says Magic Dick it will start fucking that person nonstop where they tell it too. He's desperate so he buys it. He tells his wife he has a gift for her to keep her busy while he's gone. She opens it and wants to try it out before he leaves on his trip. He tells her what to do and when she turns it on and says Magic Dick my pussy it begins to fuck her. After she cums many times she's ready to stop but it won't turn off. She's doing and saying everything to make it stop but nothing works. The man is trying to help her but can't stop it either. He calls the sex therapist for help but he's gone for the night. His wife is screaming for help so he rushes her to the emergency room. Everyone is shocked by what the
Why Is It?
that the last hour of work ALWAYS freaking drags? God help me! :(
Halloween Contest Rebels Lounges First Contest
Fuck The Haters
so some people, i wont mention, in a lounge, i wont mention have a problem with me. recently i was casted out of a lounge that i thought i had many friends in.....i never had a problem with anyone. and i never thought anyone had a problem with me. until one day i defend myself and a staff member abused there privaleges and removed me from STAFF and the ROOM cause that person was just bitter. now apparently OTHER ppl have a problem with me for reason that doesn't come close to the average fubar member. the complaints describe EVERY member in that lounge. only ONE owner of that lounge has my back. im shocked that thats all. so what i got to say is to the guy that removed me. you fucked up. ur bitch ass abused ur powers and pissed the wrong fucking guy off. and to whoever ELSE has a problem with me tell me....quit being little bitches and going to ur mommies to tell on me. most likely ur problem has to do with ur own self esteem issues. so eveyrone with a problem GO FUCK YOURSELVES
The Rhythm
Pull down silk panties Enter past my Forbidden walls You're the key To the lock That unlocks My walls I'm here waiting Wanting you, needing you I am speechless When you cast Your eyes upon me Laying on the bed With a see through nightie The blackness caressing My curvy body Enter my walls Bury yourself inside Don't stop... Go in and out Move with the rhythm, The beat of the music
This Kiss
~Kiss on the stomach = Im ready ~Kiss on the Forehead ="i hope we're together forever" ~Kiss on the Ear = Your my everything ~Kiss on the Cheek = "We're friends" ~Kiss on the Hand = "I adore you" ~Kiss on the Neck = "we belong together" ~Kiss on the Shoulder = "I want you" ~Kiss on the Lips = I love you" What the gesture means... ~Holding Hands = "we definitely love each other" ~Slap on the Butt = "That's mine" ~Holding on tight = "i don't want to let go" ~Looking into each other's Eyes = "i just plain love you" ~Playing with Hair = "Tell me you love me" ~Arms around the Waist = "I love you too much to let go" ~Laughing while Kissing = "I am completely comfortable with you" --Advice-- Dont ask for a kiss, take one. If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love. --Requirements-- Post this again after reading!! Or you will have a bad year of Relationships. If you LIKE
October 23, 2007
It's a good day for dates, job interviews and any other situation that demands a lot from you. It's simple for you to read people and tell them what they want to hear, or spin the truth the right way.
Re: Sign Petition For Fair Trial For Ed & Elaine Brown-plz Repos
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: DJ ~ Radical Truth Date: 23 Oct 2007, 08:21 Because it's the right thing to do!ThanksEl*A*Kwents- HUMAN RIGHTS MOVEMENT NOW IN PROGRESSDani FairiesWearbootsAmerica Has Been HijackedÖþêñ ¥ðµr MïñЧ È¥êDate: Oct 23, 2007 10:34 AM Click the Above Image to Sign.Sign and Repost Please....Every Signature Earns +100 Karma Points!!!
Discovery Reaches Orbit
Discovery Reaches Orbit Image Above: Space shuttle Discovery leaps from its launch pad Tuesday morning to start STS-120. Image credit: NASA TV 23 Oct 2007 11:38 A.M. The crew of STS-120 is safely in orbit and on their way to the International Space Station following a flawless liftoff from NASA"s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The seven astronauts aboard space shuttle Discovery are to spend 14 days in space during the mission. Objectives for the flight include delivering a new segment called Harmony to the station, along with new station crew member Dan Tani. Tani will stay on the orbiting laboratory and Discovery will bring current station resident Clayton Anderson back to Earth. Discovery's crew will also move a tower of solar arrays to its new position on the orbiting laboratory. Discovery is scheduled to land at Kennedy on Nov. 6. Watch NASA TV Live.
My Theater Homework
my theater class script somehow i am a literary genius. the theater nerds in my "intro to acting and directing" class treat me like the second coming of jesus, after reading this script out loud. now they want me to write and submit scenes to the dramatic society, seriously. the point of this exercise was to write and then direct a scene, given a set dialogue. so basically i had free reign to make up whatever i wanted, as long as i used the 20 lines of dialogue. also, due to formatting weirdness between word and fubar, the dialogue action is first, then the motivation is in the following line. -------------------------------------------------- Character Background Dave, 27 A promising Northeastern football player, until allegations of gambling sidelined his scholarship and career at 20; nowadays he makes his way as a blackjack dealer at the Golden Nugget, a lowbrow casino 25 minutes from Vegas on the 15. He deludes himself into thinking he's on the cusp
The First Response
The First Response by flutterbykiss64 © Chapter Fifty Nine The First Response I received your message, but I still wondered and still fantasized about the possibilities of an encounter with you. I can not help it, the feelings are there and they are not going away any time soon. Maybe some day we will get to explore the things that goes through our minds. If you could read minds, you may get embarrassed by some of the things that goes through mine. I am only human with great sexual needs and desires, and I just envision those being fulfilled with you. If that is a crime then lock me up. Just because I do not act upon them does not mean they are not there. I can't stop thinking of you. I get a little distracted at times and then something brings me back to earth and to more thoughts of you. I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything since you consume 99.9% of what is going on in my brain. Mmmmm that can be a good thing. I was deeply engrossed in work when you came snea
That Perfect Scent
You left for now but I can still smell you on my hands where I’ve tangled them in your hair, smoothed them across your flesh, loved you tactilely through the tips of my fingers, sliding them over your scars, the soft fuzz of hairs, the tiny imperfections, reading your secrets like Braille. The warmth of the scent is the warmth of your body. You are still here, but I cannot touch you so I drag my nails across my stomach and thighs as you do. And I liquefy as though your eyes were melting me, your hands reshaping my pliancy into an image of your lust. Wrapped tightly in the embrace of your scent alone, I dip myself into myself, my own scent rising and mingling with yours
Warrior Princess With Boottops Adult X-large
A Lovely Legendary Lady! Price: 45.99
I M The Diamond
Most men treat women like rocks, useless things that they can throw around and abuse and not care what they do to them, not caring for their feelings. I.E. a guy walking down the road, sees a beautiful rock (woman), picks it up, he thinks it's all neat and cool, he abuses it, throws it, kicks it, and then takes it to his friends and the process continues. The woman develops into a rock, cause after a guy does this to her, she becomes cold and not willing to trust anyone at all, no matter what. The rock is hard and mainly undestructable so that nobody can get through. I see women as diamonds, priceless, fragile items that need the best of attention. They need to be treated with respect and always need to be shown they are needed and loved and cared for. If not taken care of correct, they could shatter and/or break. Sometimes you'll find rocks, but just give them alot of time and love and after awhile, the rock will crumble, revealing the most beautiful, unique diamond, you could ever wi
My Art & Writing
Hi, I haven't been on fubar much lately Mainly because i've been spending most of my time on my writing and Art. A few other things have been taking most of my time, Sorry to all my friends that i use to talk to on a daily bases,But i still love you guys. If you would like to support my Writing And ART ,Please do. This is a link to my art... This is a link to my writing... Read My Writing at & Thanks guys for supporting me, and Being my friends.
Girlfriend Application
"GIRLFRIEND Application" 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite Color: 4. Whats your sign: 5. Height: 6. Hair (color and style): 7. Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN: 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11. Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would you take a nap with me? 16. Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 18. Would you dance with me? 19. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY: 1. Personality: 2. Eyes: 3. Face: 4. Hair:
Being Sad
In a crazy way I'll always be sad deep within my heart I feel so utterly bad. Sometimes I'm happy Sometimes during the day I laugh and joke acting so gay. But mostly I'm quiet upset, lonely, and blue. I've lost the ability to be you. Someday the joy might come bringing it's warm sunshine to cast away the cold blues and throw open the blinds.
Happy Birthday!
♥ someone's 21 today! ♥ [SMOK3Y]@ fubar
Apparently He Had The Time Of His Life
A husband and wife were scheduled to attend a Halloween party. The wife got a terrible headache and Told her husband to go to the Halloween party Alone. He, being a devoted husband, protested, But she argued and said she was going to take some Aspirin and go to bed and there was no need for his Good time to be spoiled by her not going. So he took his costume and away he went. The wife, after sleeping soundly for about an hour, Woke without pain, and as it was still early, decided to go to The party. As her husband didn't know what her costume was, she Thought she would have some fun by watching her husband to see How he acted when she was not with him. So she joined The party and soon spotted her husband in his costume, cavorting around, On the dance floor, dancing with every nice 'chick' he could And copping a little feel here and a little kiss there. His Wife went up to him and being a rather seductive babe herself, He left his new p
ok im creatin my own lookin for bouncers & djs.if i forgotten anything plz let me know.tysm :)
America Needs To Protect Their Gay
'Gays Too Precious To Risk In Combat,' Says General
Head Games
I grew up learning that you say what you mean, and mean what you say! Well, when I hear someone else say that they are iterested in becoming my g/f, I tend to believe them! Why wouldn't I? Love knows NO bounderies! But then when that same someone has other men on their site thanking them for a wild night, or saying "I love you too".... it makes me wonder. HEAD GAMES! Why are they played? WTF is with hese people that they HAVE to string us men along?
What The Hell Do They Want?
Ok first off. Please understand this is nothing personal. This is all based on frustration. What the hell do you want from me? You say you don't want a guy that just wants sex. Yet I hear left and right that pretty much Virgins are almost non-existant these days. You say you don't want an asshole. Yet the bottom line is you date them anyway. If you don't want them then quit dating them. Pick out the nerdiest guy in the room if you have to ya know? You say you want a nice guy but the undisputed fact is it takes an act of the Lord God Almighty for you to actually date one. I'm not an ugly guy, I'm actually decently good looking. But I'm not selfish, I DON'T want it to be all about me. But do beautiful women want any part of me? Not usually. Truth is even though I remain on the side of beautiful women and not against them, they appear a world of contradictions, saying one thing and doing another. So lets get down to it. What do they REALLY want? Obviously wha
Strip Tease
Music Video:STRIPTEASE DANCE (by Funny Videos)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
Listen To My Heart Beat
Listen to my heart beat, Listen to my tears, Listen to rain fall, and know that my heart is breaking, and the tears are falling. You are having such a hard time dealing with life, you want to end it all. Listen to my heart beat, because you will hear the pain the missing beats, that say i wish i could be there for you. Like a drum beat, you can hear the missing beat. I love you and wish i could be there to hold your hand. You want to give up, quit trying know that i will always be there in spirit and soul. I want so bad to be there, but distance keeps us seperated, but it doesnt change the way i feel. I care and i love you, dont give up my friend. Listen to my heart beat know that you are there deep within my heart. Know that our friendship is very special. and to have to say goodbye would tare me into a million little pieces. So listen to my heart beat and always know that is where you will be forever my friend. I will never be that far away. Listen t
If You Wanna Chat Faster
i am on here from time to time, but i am usually on yahoo messenger or msn messenger, hit me up for my screen names, i know some people have it and some dont, so if you would like to talk there let me know thank yall
X-men New Genesis: Prologue F
X-Men New Genesis: Prologue X-MEN: Mutant Genesis Prologue By God of Jam and THE OAF `Now's my chance,' M realized, `I could probably resist, I've got my strength back, all I have to do is resist, make her mine. But much to her surprise though she realised she didn't want to, she liked being submissive, at least in this instance, and decided to indulge Jubilee. `Hell if you're risking so much you might as well go the whole nine yards so to speak,' M thought, `besides I know that I could turn the tables any time I want, she probably knows that too.' M knelt before Jubilee, smelling her arousal even through the panties, the scent refocused her attention on the task, Jubilee reached up and grabbed hold of the coat hanger on the back of her door, helping M as she lifted her on to her shoulders, up close the scent of Jubilee's pussy was dizzying and overwhelming, driving M mad with lust. M nuzzled the damp material of Jubilee's panties like a starving man, pushing t
Xxx-men:man Mutant Cyborg 24/7 Ch. 02 A
xXx-Men:Man Mutant Cyborg 24/7 Ch. 02 by X Writer © Warning: The following story contains a little bit of just about every possible sort of sex one can have, and in some cases, some sorts of sex that are impossible for us non-powered humans, no matter how hard we wish we could. Enjoy, and if you find parts of this offensive, well, just remember, it's only a story! I can only hope that if you weren't a fan of the X-Men before, perhaps, through my writing, you can share and appreciate the fondness for these characters I have had since 1978. As always, your feedback is readily welcome! --------------------------------------------------------------- In the world of Marvel's merry mutants, where strange powers meet strange desires, one team stands as mutant kind's last and best hope for a kinky co-existence with humanity... X Writer proudly presents: The New xXx-Men! --------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter Two: In the Heat of the Night
Xxx-men:man Mutant Cyborg 24/7 Ch. 03 A
xXx-Men:Man Mutant Cyborg 24/7 Ch. 03 by X Writer © Author’s Note: My apologies on the delay of this chapter. Real life has kept me quite busy. Over the last several weeks, I’ve had to give myself a crash course in using Flash, to get a website up and running, and the prenatal birthing classes have been booked back to back over this month (a baby girl is due in November, the first female born on my side of the family in over 65 years). The good news, however, is that I’ve got the next several chapters half written already, so the long delays between chapters should decrease. Warning: The following story contains a little bit of just about every possible sort of sex one can have, and in some cases, some sorts of sex that are impossible for us non-powered humans, no matter how hard we wish we could. Enjoy, and if you find parts of this offensive, well, just remember, it's only a story! I can only hope that if you weren’t a fan of the X-Men before, perhaps, through my writing, you
The Examination Ch. 02 C
The Examination Ch. 02 by vargas111 © Reluctantly Amaka pulled her sperm-drenched cunt from around the softening cock of the sated and entranced young reporter. As she arose, she saw she had an audience. James and Angelica were standing in the door. James's eyes were bright with admiration for his beautiful and talented lover. Angelica was disheveled but she wore the radiant, spacey expression a session with James always produced in women. The young journalist had let James hastily pull on her panties, but the soaked crotch and the semen leaking down her leg showed just why she looked so happy. "Entertain yourself, my dear," James instructed and Angelica's eyes grew dim. He directed her to a recliner where the young woman lay back and thrust her hand into her panties. Soon her soft moans indicated she needed no more of his attention. "Good work, darling," he said as he approached and kissed Amaka who was still admiring her unconscious victim. "Look at that face. I've never se
The Examination Ch. 05 C
The Examination Ch. 05 by vargas111 © Recovering rapidly from twenty or more minutes of uninterrupted foreplay, Betty nudged Arnold to lead her to the floor. Arnold was happy to comply as this brought him closer to the wild little blonde. If having trouble keeping up with the contortions of his partner was humbling for Paul, seeing his wife, well, his ex-wife, start performing an only slightly less frenetic version of whatever Megan was doing, was acutely embarrassing. Where the hell had the woman learned to dance like that? When Betty ground her hips and jiggled her tits, she had a lot more to grind and jiggle than the girl. Perhaps sensing that a riot might break out if the hot little blonde's and her older companion's display of blatant sexuality wasn't curbed, the band switched to a `70s ballad. Megan deflated like an untied balloon, disoriented by the slower 4/6 beat. Paul tried to lead, but Megan was hopeless. Glancing over, Paul saw that Betty was in the same predicament.
Life is full of up's and down's full of hate and angry words spoken, Life is full of pain, where'd i go wrong? seems like everytime i try to do something right it ends of all wrong. I want so bad to give up seems so much easier. The darkness covers the night sky, wish i was looking down instead of up. where is everyone at did i say something wrong. I gave all i had, did the best i could and now it seems it is all up hill from here, and there's noone here to catch me when i fall. Life is too tough to many questions not enough answers. I wish i could just close my eyes. It seems that everyone has forgot that i am still here. I still have feelings to i am still human just trying to be a good friend. Life i wish it were easier. Too many decisions to make so much confusion, when does it ever end, or will it ever end. It isnt fair that the good people are always left out. Life i wish it would all end. Life does it ever get better.
Jeff Lewis
If you saw my MuMM yesterday, then let it be known that as he kicked off playing some of his own stuff before getting into the Crass, my intervention was not needed. Gig was great, he had his own uncle as a support act, who's this beat poet from NY called Professor Louie, who was totally cool in every sense of the word. Jeff Lewis as ever was a blast, and even though we only saw half his set cos we had to go catch the last bus home, we had a great evening.
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Help Me Win This Contest (Click the Pic. to come show me love!) I am trying to win a 7 day blast please rate me and show me some comment bombing love. Let me know if you bomb me so I can return you some love!
Ensign: Take This No-fail Quiz
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 26 October 2007 "You shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God and with humans, and have prevailed." (Genesis 32:22-31) We would have so loved taking a surprise quiz like this in school, methinks! I just wonder about the people who don't pass it. I read this in a devotion I was reading last week, and I thought it would be wonderful to share! (In case you're looking, it's from "Christ In Our Home" for October 17 . . . I can't take the credit!) Here are four questions. You'll score 25 points for each "yes" answer. 1. Have you ever struggled with something in your life? Maybe there was stress at work, strife at home, or illness. Maybe you argued with a family member or had a harsh e
I could never tell you How much you truely mean to me But I don't know what's real And what's a fantasy In one hand I have all I need In another I have a splendid dream Though while with you it just feels right But once alone I get uptight Wonderin if I'll ever let myself see How much I mean to you And scared to let you in on How much you mean to me Everyday more and more My heart wants to open And absorb All thats inside feels so true But questioning thoughts keep pourin thru This jaded mind of mine Im so afraid to let you in show you How much I truely care for you Lost within myself I wonder whats real And whats fantasy (do I dare live out this splendid dream)
Why God Made Moms
WHY GOD MADE MOMS All answers given by 2nd grade school children to the following questions : Why did God make mothers? 1. She's the only one who knows where the scotch tape is. 2. Mostly to clean the house. 3. To help us out of there when we were getting born. How did God make mothers? 1. He used dirt, just like for the rest of us. 2. Magic plus super powers and a lot of stirring. 3. God made my Mom just the same like he made me. He just used bigger parts. What ingredients are mothers made of ? 1. God makes mothers out of clouds and angel hair and everything nice in the world and one dab of mean. 2. They had to get their start from men's bones. Then they mostly use string, I think. Why did God give you your mother and not some other mom? 1. We're related. 2. God knew she likes me a lot more than other people's moms like me. < /FONT> What kind of little girl was your mom? 1. My Mom has always been my mom and none of that other stuff. 2. I don't
Ok, I HAD to do this blog.... I had some guy message me and be like "what are you wearing" yeah one of THOSE idiots... then was like "Take off your pants" BARF God i hate people.... Anyways, yeah i had to say that... on that note though, I need to get offline... And, thanks everyone for your kind words from my last blog, and for the idiots who messaged me about my last blog, GROW UP... Love you babe!
a WHORE sleeps with anyone, a BITCH sleeps with anyone but YOU!
Hopeless Romantic
Call me a hopeless romantic If that is what you wish I'll stand there with my heart In my hands for you But be careful with it It will break easily Its scarred And cracked So please be careful Once you have my heart All my love Comes with it Just be careful With me Its all I ask of you
Jack Off And The Beanstalk
WTF Cartoon is This on
Jizz Implant
brain cyst on
I Want To Kill Myself.
I'm at the end of my rope. I hate life and would rather be dead. The only thing I had left in this world was my website, but it's obvious that nobody likes it and that I'm a worthless idiot. I've been attempting to kill myself all day and to no avail. First, I tried drowning myself. That didn't work because I accidentally killed the wrong person. Then, I tried to eat pills but all I found was a near-empty bottle of Vitamin C. About three hours ago, I swallowed 4 or 5 of them and tried to drift out of consciousness forever. I thought I was dead for a moment until I realized I was just dreaming. That sucked. I eventually woke up and all that has happened since then is frequent urination and a feeling of overall comfort and wellness. My body actually feels healthier after trying to kill myself. Damn, I must be the worst suicidist in the universe. Could somebody please help me? I'm all out of ideas and I need a way to die. Do us both a favor and send your suicide methods to
More Skool Dayz
Being a college student you would think that I could spell Skool.. Haha I can, See: School.. But Skool is so much better don't you think? Well, Don't remember what i wrote in my last blog thingie, wich was on the 20th of August. Guess i've been away for some time cause now it October and almost scary time.. No not holloween but Finals. I don't know what it is about test, i just freeze on them didn't do to bad on my first one but the second one really fried my brain.. Ever have just a total recall loss in the middle of what you were doing? If anyone has a better way of retaining information I would greatley appreciate it. I know the Brit is having fun with my brain but damit I wanna FUBAR his as much as he dose mine and if I don't get my chance soon i'm gonna lock him up in his own personal Jail Cell, which happens to be in my class room.. mmmmmm.. wonder if theres a way to put that photo in here. And to top his smart ass ways off... the little shit found out my maiden last name
A Letter
Dear Santa; It has occured to me that somewhere around the age of 10 we stop believing in you and stop asking you for gifts. We all know that our moms and dads act in your stead since with all the messed up time zones and your age your limited these days. Somewhere we come to understand this. These last six years have been rough on me,my cat died 3 weeks ago and thats hard, no, I'm not asking you for another cat, I loved Monster and he can't be replaced. I'm not going to ask you to find a cure for my lupus or fibromyalgia. Santa, this would have been my daughter Teagan's sixth Christmas had she lived. So I guess this is where I need to make sure my Christmas wish list gets to you now rather than later... The first item on my list is that you tell God to tell my little girl that mommy says Merry Christmas. Why am I asking you to ask God? This is the time of the year when I'm mad at him because in his infinate wisdom he took her away and I can't talk to him when I'm angry.
It is bored on Saturday's. at least inn Kck. Kids went to Freakers Ball. Lucky assed kids should have bought the tickets for me I won't be able to go to the concert i want too :(( i wanted to go see Ozzy and Rob Zombie damn rent lol oh well better to have a house instead of going to a concert. :P
How Can?*just A Thought,i Thinked
How can you have so many friends,yet still feel so alone?How can you have so many ears to hear your words,and still feel like nobody is listening?How can you have 100 arms to hold you,yet no one offer a hug?How can you have all the problems,but never get the sollutions?How can you have 2 working legs,still feel like you can not move?How can you give someone your all,and they still insist on more?How can someone write theyre feelings,and never admitt to them?How can someone end the pain they feel,when they dont know why they feel it?How can someone say they are sorry,then forget what it means?
Ugh school sucks so bad Waking upp soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking early can i drop out and go to Ohio? PLEASSSSSSSEEEE ugh i guess I have to stick with it... Damnit It especially sucks cuz i have LIFESEZ STALKING MEEE you crazy OLD wrinkley bastard lol i love ya But yes, im bored out of my mind and barely ever on so i want #'s!!!! Well im out to molest my man Later bitches!
Today I was humiliated more than I have ever been in my life, just because I was me for once. I was talked into wearing my old clothes...the goth ones...out in public for the first time in almost 2 years...because its "sexy" they said...fucker. Not only was it a ploy to humiliate me in front of people who already spend their time whispering behind others backs...but they also made me feel like a total fucking groping me in public...i want to just break down in tears and cry but i cant because it means they win. just so tempted to do a vanishing act...why do fuckers have to persicute a girl for being herself...
I'm Tired Of This
im tired of just being a rate to someone.. from now on you will be deleted if im nothing but there to increase your popularity so dont whine, bitch, piss or moan when you get deleted because you can only change that period end of story!!!!
Need Bombers In Contest I Am In
Wanna Kiss?
Hey all. I just wanted to tell you guys to go show some luv to the coolest guy on fubar. Click on the picture and go rate him and comment. The more comments the better, but even one helps. Thank you very much. Kisses from the LuvFairy!
Dont Speak
Sitting; Admiring an angel. An extreme triumph for god, Watching her dress herself slowly Floating on a high of love. Crouches down; Knee level. A soft kiss upon my head she Steps back up, level with heaven Stares into my eyes as she joins me in bed. Whisked of my feet from butterflies, Right arm wraps me up tight. Leans over to my face, The most pleasant experience in life. Repetitively kissing her velvet lips upon mine. Her hand massages my face Blue eyes glaring with passion I could be in no better place. A smile enlightens my world, Your heartbeat making mine so weak. Beginning to talk me i put my hand on your mouth, 'Shh, my love don't speak'.
Little Voice
How could I ever describe to him what he means to me? Words limit these feelings that run through my veins. How could I ever express the feeling that gives me goosebumps? The tingling on my flesh when I envision him near is eternal bliss, yet even that is an understatement. My gasp for air pierces the silence that surrounds me as I no longer resist the pleasure that fills my body, just from thinking about him. He's done so much for me and my life, done more than he should have. I know how lucky I am to even just know him, let alone be able to love him. To be loved by him. Curling up my toes, trying not to scream, suppressing any sound that I might utter. Digging my nails into my skin, needing more, wanting more. Biting down on my lip, eyes closed, concentrating on what's happening to me, on what I'm feeling. I love him, I know I do, hopefully he knows it too. I want him and I need him, I need him here. But he is here. He's here in my mind, here on my skin, soft tendern
In Contest, Need Ur Help
Wasn't Really Going Anywhere With This
minds wandering tired yet i can't sleep things on my mind in one day there's just never enough time laughing over nothing tears for no reason and soon it will be tis the season malls will be full and store clerk, just full of bull and then we'll be drunk, saying happy new year where did the time go seemed like just yesterday when this was just becoming all new
New Contest Go check out this blog to see why I'm posting the pic that I did! lol
What I Have Learned?
i think not everyman is like this...i met a man who would say "i love you" but would say the same to every girl he liked and would have more than 1 girlfriend at a time.... sad thing ..........
i have just measured my 6yr old she is 4foot2 and my Hazel was was gob smacked as she is only 5'2 hahaha
In The Dark
I'm swimming all alone in a pool of darkness and I feel like darkness is slowly pulling me under I yell for help but no one is there to hear it I begin to see the water at eye level and I kick and flail fighting to stay above the darkness But the darkness won't let go of its hold on me and I slowly begin to give in to the feeling that lies below the water line the waters starts to fill my lungs the lungs that once held so much life yet now they allow the murky water to replace that I know that this path doesn't lead to happiness But why doesn't someone grab my hand pull me from darkness's grasp? because no one knows I stand at the boundary the boundary between light and dark so I give in to the thing that holds me All of the strength and all of the courage that I once held in my heart can't save me from the water So I slowly slip below the world of conscientiousness undetected by the occupants of that world I don't want to fight anymore I've given into darkness
Something has to change. Un-deniable dilemma. Boredoms not a burden Anyone should bear. Constant over stimulation numbs me But I wouldnt want you Any other way. Just, not enough. I need more. Nothing seems to satisfy. I said, I dont want it. I just need it. To breathe, to feel, to know Im alive. Finger deep within the borderline. Show me that you love me and that we belong together. Relax, turn around and take my hand. I can help you change Tired moments into pleasure. Say the word and well be Well upon our way. Blend and balance Pain and comfort Deep within you Till you will not want me any other way. But, its not enough. I need more. Nothing seems to satisfy. I said, I dont want it. I just need it. To breathe, to feel, to know Im alive. Knuckle deep inside the borderline. This may hurt a little but its something youll get used to. Relax. slip away. Something kinda sad about The way that things have come to be. Desensitized to everyth
what is everyone doing? :)
My Friends
YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW YOU...I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I want to know you better! BE HONEST COPY FROM HERE THEN SEND DIRECTLY TO ME IN A MESSAGE THEN, REPOST THE EMPTY QUESTIONS AS A BULLETIN. 1.)Q. Can you cook? 1.)A. 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 2.)A. 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 3.)A. 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 4.)A. 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 5.)A. 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 6.)A. 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you ? 7.)A. 8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 8.)A. 9.)Q. Worst Habit? 9.)A. 10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? 10.)A. 11.)Q. What is your favorite sport? 11.)A. 12.)Q. Negative or Optimistic attitude? 12.)A. 13. )Q. What would you do if you were stuck in an el
Stole Another One! Had To Do It! Lol
~ Odd Questions ~ 1. You can press a button that will make any one person explode. Who would it be? Hmmm, although I think that blowing him up would be way to painless, I would have to say Rick 2. You can flip a switch that will wipe any band or musical artist out of existence, who would it be? I don't know about this one because it seems like different people find inspiration from odd areas. Wouldn't want to lose out on something good later! 3. Who would you really like to just punch in the face? Eric 4. What is your favorite cheese? Mozarella!!! 5. You can only have one kind of sandwich. Every sandwich ingredient known to man at your disposal. What will you have? Ham, mozarella, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and the purple onions. Can't forget the Miracle whip with a touch of mustard. 6. You have the opportunity to sleep with the movie celebrity of your choice. Vin Diesel :P 7. You have the opportunity to sleep with the music celebrity of your choice.
*grits Teeth*
I'm seriously realizing that the true bane of my life is the damn number lock button. I have to move fast with my job so I'm constantly looking at my work and typing without looking. Imagine my surprise when instead of thinking I had hit the 7 I hit number lock and start over. From where the 7 was supposed to be. This is going to be a very interesting looking keyboard if I hit that damn button again. Because I'm going to slam it against a wall! *deep breath* :)
Pound Hits 26-year Us Dollar High
Pound hits 26-year US dollar high Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 October 2007, 14:23 GMT E-mail this to a friend Printable version Pound hits 26-year US dollar high See pound vs dollar rate The UK pound has hit its highest level against the US dollar in 26 years. The pound has gained on the perception that US interest rates will be cut this week and UK interest rates will be left unchanged next week. When UK rates are higher than US rates, investors are encouraged to exchange dollars for pounds to benefit from better rates of return. The pound rose as high as $2.066 in earlier trading, before paring gains slightly to $2.064. The pound also gained against the euro. Many analysts expect the Federal Reserve, the US central bank, to cut interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point on Wednesday, in an attempt to limit the impact of a housing market slowdown. The Fed cut its main interest rate by half a percentage point to 4.75% last month
Sts-120 Discovery Eva 3 Complete, Astronauts Safely Back Inside.
Spacewalkers Complete Truss Installation, Inspect Joint. Image Above: Earth as seen from orbit. Image Credit: NASA TV 30 Oct. 2007 12:20 P.M. EST. Mission Specialists Scott Parazynski and Doug Wheelock helped install the P6 truss in its permanent location and inspected the port Solar Alpha Rotary Joint today during STS-120’s third spacewalk. The 7-hour, 8-minute excursion wrapped up at 11:53 a.m. EDT. Shortly after the spacewalk began, Parazynski and Wheelock went to work at the end of the port truss to help station robotic arm operators attach the P6 to its new location on P5. The two provided verbal cues to Expedition 16 Flight Engineer Dan Tani and Mission Specialist Stephanie Wilson as they aligned the truss. Once the 17.5 ton truss was in place, the spacewalkers secured it and attached its power source. After completing the truss work, Parazynski inspected the port rotary joint and found no evidence of any debris. He described the joint's race rings as "n
Labret Piercing
Last night I did it: got my lip/labret pierced! Yayyy!! Right now I am wearing a clear stud and it would probably not be easy to see. Pics soon to come.!!!! Thanks Cory and Vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come Join Us For As We Host Our Halloween Bash
Come Join Us For As We Host Our First Annual Halloween Bash Music will be played in the lounge which holds true to the festivities. Where will this be? of course October 31, 2007 @ 9:30 p.m. Mst . For a sample taste of the lounge click the picture below. It will be a scream of a night!
Gold Collar Worker
gold collar workers. You may ask yourself what the hell is that? Well there a class of workers.Workers that make between 7 and12 bucks an hour. They work in malls and as waiters.The difference between a gold collar and a blue collar is this while they make the same cash a gold collar worker is normally is in debt but not for the same reasons that a student in college or a family of four would be.There debts are class induced debts.Such as leasing fine cars,buying overpriced clothing and going to posh them this false sense of high class.when they are no better then you or I.they just have allot less cash and allot more dept.thats all till next time.workers unite!
5 Days Left
In five days I shall be in Canada, willingly submitting myself, body, mind, and soul to my Master. I long to open up myself so that I will completely belong to Master and please him so that he is proud of his slave and most important that He is happy. I have found that which I have been longing for, to be controlled by one who has the strength to teach and guide me through what I have yet to learn. To be His slave.
My Pics
I wanna Thank Thom for all the wonderful Pictures he took of me..Thanks Love..Great work..Love them
Hinder, Better Than Me.... (man U Can Tell What Mood I'm In Today Lol)
I think you can do much better than me After all the lies that I made you believe Guilt kicks in and I start to see The edge of the bed Where your nightgown used to be I told myself I won't miss you But I remember What it feels like beside you I really miss your hair in my face And the way your innocence tastes And I think you should know this You deserve much better than me While looking through your old box of notes I found those pictures I took That you were looking for If there's one memory I don't want to lose That time at the mall You and me in the dressing room I told myself I won't miss you But I remember What it feels like beside you I really miss your hair in my face And the way your innocence tastes And I think you should know this You deserve much better than me The bed I'm lying in is getting colder Wish I never would've said it's over And I can't pretend... I won't think about you when I'm older Cause we never really had our closure This c
Just Think
Today before you say an unkind word - Think of someone who can't speak. Before you complain about the taste of your food - Think of someone who has nothing to eat. Before you complain about your husband or wife - Think of someone who's crying out to GOD for a companion. Today before you complain about life - Think of someone who we nt too early to heaven. Before you complain about your children - Think of someone who desires children but they're barren. Before you argue about your dirty house someone didn't clean - Think of the people who are living in the streets. Before whining about the distance you drive - Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet. And when you are tired and complain about your job - Think of the unemployed, the disabled, and those who wish they had your job. But before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another - Remember that not one of us is without sin and we all answer to one MAKER. And when de
Could You Ever Take Over The World?
WAY TO GO....SUPREME LEADER!!! You are the champion of evil! Not only do you know how to strike down your enemies but you already have a plan for when you do rule! Orange sock saturdays...that's gold!! Now all you have to do is come up with a cool evil leader name and your in!! Take this quiz at
Happy Halloween.... Party Tonight Right Now And On Fubar!
halloween party tonight join da warrior dj kaijaw in his lounge and he is gonna hook you up with some other cool lounges tonight thats right he is spreading the love tonight... for halloween is among us and you should come listen to the heavy shit with him and party hard for it's halloween tonight yes... HALLOWEEN join him on air... he is gonna give away gifts and free drinks ROCK ON EVERYONE IT'S ME DA WARRIOR DJ KAIJAW... HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND GET YOUR CHOCOLATE AND ALL THAT STUFF CAUSE TONIGHT IS A PARTY... ! INTOXICATION home of the INTOXICATION LOCALS and crazy parties and AWESOME people we have got a new home now.. so please join us click this picture banner and save your self from another night of lounges with rules and harsh people we here don't judge and we for sure have fun INTOXICATION HAS MADE A COME BACK.. WE HIT TOP LOUNGE STATUS BEFORE AND WE DID IT AGAIN... WE ARE GONNA MAKE IT FOR SURE THIS TIME.. WE ARE GONNA SHOW YOU WHY WE PARTY HARD AND HAVE FU
Pointless Quiz...but Hey, You'll Learn Stuff About Me!
1.NAME: My alter ego is Sheridan Darby. In certain darkened bed chambers, I have been referred to as Miss Dominique:P Laugh as you will. 2.BIRTHDATE: 6th February, 1983 (the year of 'Flashdance'!!!) 3.WHERE WERE YOU BORN?: A rubbish hell hole called Torquay in the UK. 4.ASTROLOOGY SIGN: Aquarius. 5.RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single...and I'm not looking! 6.CURRENT MOOD: Indifferent as always. 7.EYE COLOUR: Pale blue 8.HAIR COLOUR: Chocolate brown. 9.FAVOURITE COLOUR: Aquamarine. 10.FAVOURITE NUMBER: 6 11.FAVOURITE CANDY: M&Ms (chocolate) 12.FAVOURITE ANIMAL: The (not so) humble cat! ——————————————————————————————————— THE RANDOM QUESTIONS… 1.DO YOU ENJOY WATCHING TRAGEDY ON TV? Oh it brings me much pleasure. I'm only happy when I'm crying or bleeding lol. Oh my god, I AM an emo! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! 2.DO YOU HAVE A SECRET? Not telling. 3.DO YOU HAVE A PERFECT ENEMY? Myself of course. 4.ARE THERE JUST GOOD AND BAD PEOPLE? I believe there are
Goddess Bless
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Pirate Sword (silver)
Complete your pirate costume with this value sword! Price: 3.99
An End... A Beginning
Couldn't sleep much last night.. maybe from too much sugar, maybe from too many thoughts in my head. Not sure why, but my mind kept taking my thoughts to an ending. Rather than looking at it in a negative way, or with each beginning there is an end that must eventually come, I tried to focus on a positive approach. With each ending there is a new beginning. Whether it is a relationship or job that ends, the loss of something or someone important, even in death itself, those ends will eventually lead to a new beginning. Perhaps I am wishing for an end to the stress and disappointment that has surrounded me, though most of that is because I allow it. I just don't know what it means yet.
My Tower And Me
just something i built and am curently using is a Pentium(R) D CPU 2.66 GHZ 448 MB Of RAM I'm adding a GIG in a few weeks 160 GIG HD Space...Phillips DVD/CDR/CDR-RW 52X and DVDR+-RW 16X Makes good DVDs... There alittle bit of me in there too at the end...ENJOY!!!
The Mask
Take off that Mask. Take off that mask you wear so well, That cast iron fascade that hides your hell. Nothing in this world could dull your pain the way you wish it would. Take off your Mask and show your face that thing of grace and beauty. A mask but masks the lies you tell, those lies that run as deep as a well and all this time for what? To save a face? to save your place? to fall that much less from grace? The truth will set you free but not for free for freedom has its price to bare and its that price we bare thats so unfair, so unjust. But we pay that price and sometimes thrice, because good things come in 3's, or was it bad things? Well things come in 3's and whether you like it or not it never comes how you draw it up in your mind. A choice is left. One that is placed neatly before you. Do you stand or do you sit? Are you a passenger of life or do you ride with it? Do you put on your mask and mascarade through the great parade of life, or do you lift
Return Of The Ghostbusters! a must see fan film! just got done watching it and i loved it! if you havent seen freddy vs ghostbusters you must see that too lol! this one is called Return of The Ghostbusters!
No Fubar Salute Will Be Deleted Off My Friends List
(NO FUBAR SALUTE WILL BE DELETED OFF MY FRIENDS LIST) Hello Everyone, How is everyone today?I decided to look through my friends list today and have noticed that half of my friends have no Real i decided that today i will clean out my friends list.I will be deleting my current friends with (No Salute)...i am sorry for being a Bitch about it but its my friends list and i only want to keep real people on it with a fubar salute.So for my friends who do have a fubar salute you will remain on my friends list. And for the current friends who dont have a fubar salute and are pissed at me you can remove your self so i have less to do ..Thanks Sincerely shawty with the apple bottom booty
Pilot Of Plane That Dropped A-bomb
Pilot of plane that dropped A-bomb ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: A-Bomb Date: 01 Nov 2007, 10:32 Pilot of plane that dropped A-bomb dies, Ohio - Paul Tibbets, who piloted the B-29 bomber Enola Gay that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, died Thursday. He was 92 and insisted almost to his dying day that he had no regrets about the mission and slept just fine at night.Tibbets died at his Columbus home, said Gerry Newhouse, a longtime friend. He suffered from a variety of health problems and had been in decline for two months.Tibbets had requested no funeral and no headstone, fearing it would provide his detractors with a place to protest, Newhouse said.Tibbets' historic mission in the plane named for his mother marked the beginning of the end of World War II and eliminated the need for what military planners feared would have been an extraordinarily bloody
Part 2
"my Wish" By Rascal Flats
Andrew... if you ever doubted my love and/or friendship, you have no reason to at all. This song tells you how I feel about you in that regards. I will always be there for you... FOREVER AND ALWAYS!! Rascal FlattsMy WishMusic Video Codes By Music!!
keira knightley... shes cute. and i just saw her boobs.
i just saw my first hooker goin across the top o the screen with the status "need FU bucks" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. and shes a VIP. its probably a dude. god damn this place just gets wierder and wierder. but the few i talk to....make it SO worth it.
Sodoms Princess
Wings Of A Butterfly.... *thanks Again Joe*....
Wings Of A Butterfly lyrics Heaven ablaze in our eyes We're standing still in time The blood on our hands is the wine We offer as sacrifice [Chorus] Come on, and show them your love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul, my love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul This endless mercy mile We're crawling side by side With hell freezing over in our eyes Gods kneel before our crime [Chorus] Come on lets show, them your love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul, my love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) Don’t let go (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) For your soul [Chorus] Come on, and show them your love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul, my love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) Don’t let go (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) [x2] For your soul
Sins Untold
Here I walk in the shadow of death, I feel the heat, hot like a dragon's breath. And when I can walk no more, My soul will begin to soar. To heaven it does not go. Hell is all my soul shall know. In my life there lies many a sin. To describe them, I cannot even begin. I thought I did nothing wrong, Now I see that I was not strong. So in my life, I've reached a bend, Now I realize it's come to an end. About my sins, there are no regrets, Although with my life I shall pay my debts. Now I walk in the shadow of death. Satan's fingers at my neck, I draw my last breath. Now those fingers loosen and I fall to the ground. And with death-glazed eyes, I look around. Now I see the world in a different light. But in my personal Hell it's black as night. And now forever in this, my Hell, My countless sins, I begin to tell. And though telling will not make it right, My sins I confess to all this night... ~JMW~ 2000
Movies That Could Have Been Better.
Star Wars: Episode 2 In the first Star Wars trilogy, Yoda had a unique style of speaking. He would use conjugated verbs at the end of a sentence instead of the beginning. However, it is so overused in this film that Yoda starts sounding downright dyslexic. Instead of, "Script is very shitty, it is", he would say, "Very shitty, is, has become script." Then during his big spotlight to show off his skills, he does a bunch of gymnastics with a light sabre. Big deal, If I wanted to watch a midget flip around, I'd have rented the 1998 Chinese Olympics. George Lucas didn't even direct the movie. The producers get a bunch of idiots to direct it and then stuck the name of a has-been on the cover. George Lucas is insane by now and if they had him director Attack of the Clones, it would have looked more like a David Lynch movie than Star Wars. They could have had Annikan Skywalker find the weird-looking guy from Lost Highway and kick his ass for looking so creepy. Then the Jedi forces wou
My Son That Is Away
For all of you that know me, some know about my son being away and some do not. I do not talk about it all the time.The end of last year he was taken out of the home for a incident that was made bigger then it was really. The natural of the incident is sexual and he is in a special home and getting therapy for it. He is also on probation for the act. I talk to him everyday and I miss him terribly. He does know that what he did was wrong but does not really understand why. He still blames others for the act also. I get to see him every week and I treasure every moment of those precious 2 hours with him. I wish it was longer but after he is in phase 2 of his therapy then he can come home to visit for the weekends. I am looking forward to this time.
This Sat Orlando, Florida
Ok people you want it you got it. Moshfest this weekend 2 till we fucking leave! The Dungeon-6440 N Orange Blossom Trail in the heart of Crack Town! Come join me! I'll be there sometime seeing my bros play at 11! See ya!
Well im new to this site and am already finding out about things not to do.Apparently someone that was on my finds list is now calling me a downrater which i had no idea as to what that was but because of her asking people to rate some photos she put up in her comment i was just giving an honest opinion of the photos i was viewing but guess i didnt understand that i was suppose to rate them all at a 10 and for that she has blocked me. All i can say to her is i misunderstood and for that im sorry.Im a very easy person to get along with and being new to this site i guess i didnt understand the site protocal.My bad
Mister Bear Sees Chicago
So my mistress moved out here a month ago, and she made me come too... but that's ok cause i dun wants her to go without me. It's nice here but it's getting colder... she still gets ice cream shakes though so is ok. She goes out at night alot, and gets drinking alot, but she always make shure i am there to takes care of her. I right more laterz. Mister Bear
If Ya Care...........
I'm not on it much but I do have a myspace account Add me if you'd like! ~*~XOXO~*~Lizzy
How A 7 Yr Old Learns About Sex....funny As Hell
how a 7 year old learns about sex.....funny as hell Little Johnny was 7 years old and like other boys his age rather curious. He had been hearing quite a bit about 'making out' from the older boys, and he wondered what it was and how it was done. One day he took his question to his mother, who became rather flustered. Instead of explaining things to Johnny, she told him to hide behind the curtains one night and watch his older sister and her boyfriend. This he did. The following morning, Johnny described EVERYTHING to his mother. "Sis and her boyfriend sat and talked for a while, then he turned off most of the lights. Then he started kissing and hugging her. I figured 'Sis must be getting sick, because her face started looking funny. He must have thought so too, because he put his hand inside her blouse to feel her heart, just the way the doctor would. Except he's not as smart as the doctor because he seemed to have trouble finding her heart. I guess he was getting
My Ex-girlfriend
I ran into my EX and she had been swung on by someone.(got her ass kick) She had a smart ass mouth and a fucked up attitude. She was both sweet and evil. A true Gemini. Even though this woman made me want to beat her ass many times I never put my hands on her We broke up on bad terms fake court cases for domestic abuse and bogus restraining orders with her beggin me to answer calls. A fucking mess!!! Ironic she would end up with someone who really don't play that smart mouth nasty attitude shit. I wasn't happy at all. I acted like I didn't see the shit. Talked for a good 15 minutes gave her a hug and rolled out. The jammy wasn't fresh but you could tell it was a few weeks old. Karma is a bitch.
For My Baby And You Know Who You Are
anytime anywhere any place you could be anyone today maybe I recognize you on a crouded street maybe you take me by suprise will you be the one I had in mind there come a day when you walkedout of my dreams face to face like I'm imagining baby how can I be sure that your the one I'm waiting for will you be unmistakable people say I'm watching life through a glass desprately waiting on a chance I know you love holding on holding out for me but how we gonna know the time is right what if your here and I'm just blind there come a day when you walked out of my dreams face to face like I'm imagining baby how can I be sure that your the one I'm waiting for will you be unmistakable how can I know a song I never heard how would I know your voice when you haven't said a word how do I know how this will end before we begin there come a day when you walked out of my dreams face to face like I'm imagining baby how can I be sure that your the one I'm waiting for will you be un
God's Garden
God's Garden by RedyFrLuv With love and grace, God filled a vase With flowers of every hue, Around it, He set Some baby’s breath, Cut from His garden too. Once content, to earth He sent His bouquet for all to view. So that we might recall, The beauty of it all, He named it after you
Poem I Wrote
The taste of your kiss Our eyes connect with melting powers Pulling us together no matter the hour… The touch of your hand upon my face Feeling the power of your embrace… Such passion and desire fill the air All drawn in, over that one stare… Moving slowly as our lips connect Everything's feeling so correct… They are soft to the touch Which I love so much… It taste like cherries And all kinds of sweet berries… The taste of your kiss is so sweet It really is a delightful treat… After the taste of your sweet kiss All I can do is reminisce… written by me.. butterfly kitty. aka kacy
Rangers 2-0 Inverness Ct
Rangers 2-0 Inverness CT Kris Boyd put Rangers ahead within the opening minute Rangers maintained the three-point gap with Scottish Premier League leaders Celtic after a workmanlike disposal of Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Kris Boyd fired the Glasgow side into the lead from the edge of the box after just 34 seconds at Ibrox. And Boyd's replacement, Jean-Claude Darcheville, set up Carlos Cuellar to head the second after 62 minutes. Cuellar cleared a Graham Bayne effort off his own line before Darcheville crashed an attempt off the bar. Fit-again Brahim Hemdani had returned to the Rangers starting line-up in place of Kevin Thomson, who is suspended for Wednesday's Champions League trip to face Barcelona. Darcheville was only deemed fit enough to start on the bench. And fellow striker Boyd took less than a minute to justify Walter Smith's decision to retain him up front. Nacho Novo was hauled down by Stuart McCaffrey just inside the Inverness half and to
Honesty Is Best
As children most of us learn that honesty is better than dishonesty, and we may not question this beyond whether or not to do what we’re told. As adults, however, we can go deeper to examine our choices as investments of energy with predictable risks and returns. When we speak the truth, we affirm what already is. This is like using a paddle when the stream is already moving the same direction. We are already supported by the universe and its energy flow, so we don’t need to exert much energy, leaving more for other pursuits. But dishonesty redirects a portion of our energy against the flow, which requires extra effort. In addition, it creates an alternate reality that requires further energetic input to be maintained. So we can easily see that we are best served when we work with the flow of the universe. Life is not always clearly defined, so we may find it useful to follow our choices to their logical conclusions. We may feel that little untruths are harmless, but they can be li
Would You
1.Would u have sex with me? answer: 2.What position would u fuck me in? answer: 3.Would u suck me up/eat me out? answer: 4.Would u fuck me hard/want me to fuck you hard? answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me? answer: 9.Would u use desert? answer: 10.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 11.What makes u want 2 have sex with me? answer: 12.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed? answer: 13.Where would u do me @? answer: 14.Would u do me in front of people? answer: 15.Would u do me again and again? answer: 16.Would u do me in the rain? answer: 17.Would u mind if we did it like .porno stars? answer: 18.Would u have phone sex with me? answer: 19.If i gave u my heart would u love it or let it go? answer: 20.Would u do me once then leave me the next day? answ
He's Cumming!!!!!!!!
WWWWWWOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Evil Intentions is on his way to visit me and give me a special birthday surprise.
Just So People Know I'm Still Alive....
Need Comments Plz
Husband Wanted Very Funny
A lonely widow, age 70, decided that is was time to get married again. She put an ad in the local newspaper that read: HUSBAND WANTED: MUST BE IN MY AGE GROUP (70's), MUST NOT BEAT ME, MUST NOT RUN AROUND ON ME, AND MUST STILL BE GOOD IN BED! ALL APPLICANTS PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON. On the second day she heard the doorbell. Much to her dismay, she opened the door to see a gray-haired gentleman sitting in a wheel chair. He had no arms or legs. "You're not really asking me to consider you, are you?" the widow said. "Just look at you! You have no legs!" The old gentleman smiled, "Therefore, I cannot run around on you!" "You don't have any arms either!" she snorted. Again, the old man smiled, "Therefore, I can never beat you!" She raised an eyebrow and asked intently, "Are you still good in bed??" The old man leaned back, beamed a big smile and said, "I rang the door bell, didn't I?" The wedding is scheduled for Saturday.
30+ Really Cute And True!!
A FRIEND EMAILED ME THIS, IT MADE ME SMILE! In case you missed it on 60 Minutes...... This is for all you girls 30 years and over... And for those who are turning 30, and for those who are scared of moving into their 30's ... AND for guys who are scared of girls over 30!!! This was a monologue by Andy Rooney from the CBS show, 60 Minutes Andy Rooney said: As I grow in age, I value women who are over 30 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman over 30 will never wake you in the middle of the night to ask, "What are you thinking?" She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 30 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do. And, it's usually something more interesting. A woman over 30 knows herself well enough to be assured in whom she is, what she is, what she wants and from whom. Few women past the age of 30 give a hoot what you might think about her or what she's doing. Wo
What Is It About Me?
What is it about me that makes you smile? Or makes being around me worth the while. Oh, I get it it's got to be the personality, Or what God has giving me to make me me. Or maybe it's just the way that I can make you laugh, To think about the good and forget about the bad. It could be that I'm just that type of guy to make the world a better place, With just the gleam of his eyes or the bright smile on his face, I'm just wondering on what makes me me, And what makes me the person that you would like to see.
Got It Twisted
Some people may get the wrong impression, Simply by the way I am dressing. That I must be a gangster and sell drugs, Some how affiliated with thugs. But I must say that you got it twisted, 'Cause the signs of civilized you must have missed it. 'Cause you mistaking my blue shirt for a gang flag, And that even though I have on a belt my pants still sag. But that's a way that I choose not to be a clone, And watch T.V. to see what I need to put on. You didn't give me time or respect, To express my views and show off my intellect. But you lock your car doors and clutch your purse, I frown not cause I'm mad but because it hurts. 'Cause I walk around and the majority of stare, "That black guy's with that white girl.....there!" Well people times have change sorry if you've missed and haven't noticed it, And if you still living in the past MAN! got it twisted.
My Love
Your friendship and love, And all the wonderful things That they bring into my life, Are like nothing else I have ever known. My heart is complete With the love we share, And our love grows more Beautiful each day. I love you, And as long as we are together, I have everything I need. You are with me always... In a smile, a memory, a feeling Or a moment we share. You will always be My Love, Forever Michael
when is it time to go to work? when is it time to eat? when is it time to go to bed? when is it time to say good bye? when is it time to call it quits?
16 Reasons Why You Should Date A Horse Rider*
1.We have 4 speeds and many positions 2.We wear tight pants and tall boots 3.We love getting dirty 4.We know how to ride our mounts 5.We perform well with animals 6.We like to be in control 7.We’ll ride it for hours 8.We know how to handle a big girth 9.We get off easy 10.We’re always on top 11.We like it rough 12.We have our legs spread all day long 13.We love using whips 14.Stradling is our natural position 15.We don’t mind being bucked around 16.Endurance riders do it longer
Lost N Confused
Walks into a room sits lonely and confused wondering what will come of me will i ever find happiness or am i doomed to be alone random thoughts rush thru my head cant differ one from another everything seems to be a blur knows it cause im lost n confused but wonders if it will ever end or am i suppose to walk aimlessly in circles knows people care know im wanted but why do i feel so lost n confused i dont want to be a bother i just want to get out off this ride im on that seems to have kept me in this fog but i will continue to wonder where am i suppose to be or is there a reason for me to be so many things have happened alot i regret so many appologies i have made but will anyone ever accept wonders where i belong alone or with family shall i embrace my feelings or let them go knows what im writing is most likely a drag but has no other way to express the thoughts running thru my head people wonder why i look so sad it prolly cause of the con
I was on my first flight ever over seas. I was nervous and scared of the take off and landing. I don't mind the turbulance that much, it's kind of comforting if you ask me. Only 3 hours into the flight. The only thing calming me down was the thought of seeing a huge smile come across your face. You don't know Iam coming at all! The thought of you purring while I stroke him was making me a little more excited than I wanted to be on this plane alone. You're my angel. You've saved me and yet you don't even know it. I think of you and my stomach flutters and my body tingles. I can't wait to wrap my arms around you. I hope you're happy to see me... I'm was so anxious. So anxious that I had started to think about what I had in store for you. I have this georgous white dress that I bought just for you. I shows a lot of cleavage I think. But it's tasteful. Hugs my body until half way down my hips and just flows out. Good thing I fogot to put on underware this morning, this will mak
No Way
://" target="_blank"> NuttinButtSexxy
So Much For A Lazy Sunday.....
Ok, so my neighbor barricades himself in his house……No, this is NOT a joke. Today was supposed to be a lazy Sunday. My new roomie and I were going to have a late breakfast and watch movies…but, noooooooooooo. I’ve been coughing my head off, so I was trying to sleep and my roomie, Rick, decides to go to the grocery store to get stuff to make breakfast with….cool. In the meantime, my dogs are going nuts barking at God only knows what. Well, Rick comes back…..and get this…….said that the police drew guns on him and told him to “Get the fuck in the house” when he went to get the groceries out of the car. So, we do what anyone would do……stick our noses as close as humanly possible in the window. Lol There were 6 cop cars outside…..cops taking up stance in various areas, behind cars, corners etc….. All with GUNS DRAWN! Some had pistols, some had rifles… was surreal. All eyes were on my next door neighbor’s house. They just moved in about a month and a half ago….I’ve never e
Sail Me Away
Sail Me Away Darling are my kisses sweet as wine Would leaving my lips be such a crime If my finger tips dance across your skin Would your heart flutter within Would you whisper to me sweet words Singing to me like a nightingale bird Does your mouth suckle each breast in haste Or would each nipple be a gift you wish not to waste Does your erection grow so big and your desire so strong That your tongue wishes to only travel on Seeking out my nest folds your mouth teasing my clit Wanting to setting me on fire Do you cherish each drop of my cum on your lips Knowing this is only the beginning of a lovers trip Would you whisper again in my ear Saying darling for you I will always be here look into my eyes and say pretty please Then Darling I say for you I would stay on my knees Then you slide me down off the bed Wrap your fingers in my hair and guide my head You whisper honey “ I am a man not a boy” My lips softly kiss your sweet nuts with joy

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