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Together My hands through your hair, fingers entwined together around your neck, and a soft touch to your face. I look into your eyes and see a longing that has consumed your entire being. I am lost in the moment as I pull you to me in order to feel your lips on mine in a kiss a million moments in the making. Eyes closed, lips licked, leaning into each other, soft flesh touching, and lips parted. Your hesitation is deafening as you pull back ever so slowly, as if to say, "I know this is wrong, but I cannot help but to want to consume that intoxicating, passionate, somewhat erotic kiss that you offer me." I pull you in with fierce intent, and press my lips to yours. You are lost in my control of this moment. I have conquered that fear that caused the sudden hesitation. I'd call you my slave, but I cannot for the fact remains I too am a slave to you. There is a passion building with each breath taken as this kiss seems to last an eternity. I can feel you against me, and I wa
Spirit One Of Old
On the mountain top where the clouds dare to be the birds have their freedom and the wind gently sings songs of the old ones you see In this place and time... a large flat stone...has been uncovered thru decades of the earth's wear bringing dreams of past times for one such as I to share Upon this stone of the earth stood a warrior of great strength you ask... how do you know? in his hair was two feathers of white and he was wrapped in a blanket of gray his arms were extended as to foretell of a day His left arm in the direction of the west his right toward the east... the sun above us was very bright but not so as to lose sight of the sky above us colored in blue The wind began to blow... singing a song of beauty across my face and hair.. I could feel the powerful spirit of the warrior drawing me near The earth under my bare feet... I could feel the grass and stones slowly, and gently I moved closer not knowing ... what was to be The black bird cir
Never Have I Fallen
Your lips speak soft sweetness Your touch a cool caress I am lost in your magic My heart beats within your chest I think of you each morning And dream of you each night I think of your arms being around me And cannot express my delight Never have I fallen But I am quickly on my way You hold a heart in your hands That has never before been given away
Lucy, For You...smiles
Pussy Cat Dolls - Dont Cha
I Devour You
Djavan- Eu Te Devoro
Police Break Internet Child Abuse Network
Police break Internet child abuse network Reuters - 2 hours 56 minutes agoLONDON (Reuters) - Police have smashed a global Internet paedophile ring with 700 members and rescued more than 30 children from abuse, a spokesman said on Monday. ADVERTISEMENT Detectives targeted an Internet chatroom where members from 35 countries swapped thousands of indecent pictures and films of children. Undercover officers gathered evidence at the site, called "Kids the Light of Our Lives", before arresting its host, Timothy Cox, 27, from Suffolk. Police found nearly 76,000 explicit images and 1,100 videos on his computer. He supplied thousands of pictures to others, using the online name "Son of God". Cox pleaded guilty to charges of possession and distribution of indecent images of children and is due to be sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court this week. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), which led the investigation, said the case was a "powerful warning" to paedop
Genies & Golf
A Husband takes his wife to play her first game of golf..... Of course, the wife promptly hacked her first shot right through the window of the biggest house adjacent to the course. The husband cringed, "I warned you to be careful! Now we'll have to go up there, find the owner, apologize and see how much your lousy drive is going to cost us." So the couple walked up to the house and knocked on the door. A warm voice said, "Come on in." When they opened the door they saw the damage that was done: glass was all over the place, and a broken antique bottle was lying on its side near the broken window. A man reclining on the couch asked, "Are you the people that broke my window?" "Uh...yeah, sir. We're sure sorry about that," the husband replied. "Oh, no apology is necessary. Actually I want to thank you. You see, I'm a genie, and I've been trapped in that bottle for a thousand years. Now that you've released me, I'm allowed to grant three wishes. I'll give you each
Then We Have All The People On Ct Needing Help In There Lounges
I need help to but most of the ones u hirer are low life scum of ct they want the title and till u that morning they be there at nite then not show up for a week at a time.It's hard screening the real people and the wannabe's
Black Widow
Provoking thoughts gleam in her eye. She's spun her web too deep. Before her, all her lovers die. Her poison starts to seep. She takes great pleasure in her act. Seducing many men. Into her web they wander. And are never seen again. Her story has eight legs to it, And plenty of odd spins. The black widow they call her. Queen of a thousand sins. Targeting her victim closely, He's worth a one-night stand. Before it reaches morning, His blood is leaking 'cross her hand. A black dress with a white chest, That white has now turned red. Her innocence has disappeared, Embracing lovers as the bled. Adrenaline is rushing. She's waited long to catch this prey. Using the same methods. She's quickly swept away. Racing fingers down her body, He seems to know which notes to hit. She moans in pleasure and surprise, To his handsome charm and wit. Cradling her gently, Until she fell asleep. He took out his septic blade. And slowly let it creep. Toxic blo
Cripple Fight..
In now way am I trying to be mean when I wrote the subject of this blog.... Here's the story and it's true I swear. I got new neighbors in my apt complex I live in. Ok so truth be told it's gov't housing and you get a "wide" variety of people that come and go. From the people with no common sense to the just plain insane. Whatever, but never in the time that I've lived here have I known of neighbors such as the twosome I got a few weeks ago. I can't even remember their names but they are two younger girls and they both seem really nice. One girl is handicapped, I don't know what they call it but she walks on her tippi toes and talks out of the side of her mouth. The other girl, is blind. Alllrighty then. When i talked to the tip toe'd girls mom she mentioned that she had a room mate, not one time did she happen to mention that the girl was blind. Im just a little worried but not really because they have the right to live on their own and I actually applaud the parents and CAC for
The Study Of A Dog's Waggle Is News?
Good Morning. Hmmm…Under today’s picks on MSN there apparently is a cure for Cancer in reading a dogs tail waggling. I am being sarcastic. In case you did not know. I love animals that you must know…I mean they taste great between to slices of bread…again I am joking…but, why on earth would there be a study on a dogs wagging of their tail? Can anyone explain why that is more earth shattering then curing world hunger, diseases, war the list goes on and on? I shutter to think that knowing that a dog waving it’s tail in a slow motion is a warning sign…all together DUH!!! I mean what Idiot does not know that when a dog waves it’s tail in a slow motion that the dog is plotting an attack if provoked. Being that I have had dogs in my family like forever, and being bitten by my share of dogs I am one to tell you I could do the study on tail wags and you would not have to pay me a red cent…Has anyone ever seen a red cent? No idea where that came from unless they are talking about Chinese or Rus
apparently me job entails me looking up catholic references for my boss. *stares blankly*
Why Did You Wake Me
Can Not Stay
Why is it that I am feeling this way... Your sorrow makes me feel like i should stay... But I cant continue to pretend I'm into this... The only thing you had on me was your kiss... I would give anything to take your pain away... But it was time for me to get out I just couldnt stay... It was almost as if we were pushed into this... And I hate to think of the friendship we may miss... Because if we cant come to terms on how things came to be... You may feel that you just dont need me... I couldnt act like the feelings were there... As much as I tried I just cant share... But I wanted to act like they would soon come along... Mean while you sang that same ole song... It was nothing you did or didnt do... I just cant help it that I'm not that into you... But I had a blast when we were messing around... And I enjoy being around you when you act a clown... But if you are going to turn this into something more... If your going to be c
Wtf Kinda Questions Are These :p
Another fantastic survey from ==SURVEYMASTERS== Input your own anwsers and repost. 1. Real door bells or Electronic door bells?: Anything that annoys the hell our of my neighbors 2. Whips or Chains?: Whipping WITH chains haha 3. Street fighting or Slap fighting?: SLAP! Whack Whack! lol And it depends on what ur slapping me with. 4. Kitty or a Monkey with rabies in a locked cage?: Hmmm Monkey just so I could sit and eat bananas in front of him. 5. Tenacious D or a Massive head wound?: Tenacious D sounds like a wicked dick itch and massive head wound sounds like...well...a massive head wound. And since I don't have a dick..I think I will go with Tenacious D. :P 6. Skittles or No candy for the rest of your life?: Asking a girl that is like asking a guy to chop off his dick. Skittles....duh 7. Being beaten or Being screamed at: How about.....being screamed while I beat THEM! 8: VHS, DVD, or Betamax?: Meshack, Shaddrack and Abendago? What? 9: Getting thro
Help A Ho Out sign up even if you will never use this site (and frickin make sure you confirm the signing up by putting in your activation code thats sent to you via email) AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOR FUCKING EVER - its NEOPETS a website geared towards kids and teens - im addicted to it lol please i wanna buy a paintbrush for my pet elephante
New Proposed Immigration Legislation
This was sent to me in an e-mail...I thought it worth sharing with as many people I could think of! I feel that it is wrong for immigrants to be given opportunities by our government that are not made available to ALL AMERICANS! >ORANGE COUNTY (CALIFORNIA) NEWSPAPER > >This is a very good letter to the editor. This woman made some good > >points. > >For some reason, people have difficulty structuring their arguments when > >arguing against supporting the currently proposed immigration revisions. > >This lady made the argument pretty simple. > >NOT printed in the Orange County Paper... > >Newspapers simply won't publish letters to the editor which they either > >deem > >politically incorrect (read below) or which does not agree with the > >philosophy they're pushing on the public. This woman wrote a great letter > >to > >the editor that should have been published; but, with your help it will >get > >published via cyberspace! > > > >New Immigrants > >Fro
This valley is so deep and the walls are cold and gray. I cry to the wind, but, my echos come back mocking me. Desperation takes my mind, My soul weeps. I can't escape this hell. All I want is peace, But, all I get is nothingness. I guess I will until my final rest. Desperation takes my mind, My soul weeps. ~~Darkness~~
Playlist For The Week Of 6/12/07 - 6/19/07.
Abigail - Intercourse & Lust Cannibal Corpse - Vile Carcass - Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious Deceased - Luck Of The Corpse Deicide - Legion Dismember - Misanthropic EP Enthroned - Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan Entombed - Clandestine Entombed - Hallowman EP Grave - ...And Here I Die...Satisfied EP Grave - As Rapture Comes Kiss - Asylum Monstrosity - Imperial Doom Nuclear Assault - Live At The Hammersmith Odeon Place Of Skulls - The Black Is Never Far Sathanas - Armies Of Charon Sinister - Afterburner Vader - Impressions In Blood Wolfen Society - Conquer Divine EP
In this life we all walk around looking for something. What that something is depends on the person. And a lot of the times what we are looking for is right in front of us. So every now and then stop and look right in front of your self or in the mirror and you my find what your looking for.
mass***i give up in life..why is it everytime something feelsright it goes done i cant do heart has been torn for the last time..within 48 hours i will deleat all my accounts for myspace ct .bangme.n whatever else i have yahoos will be deleated done bye.....................
More Poems
HERE ARE SOME MORE POEMS My heart aches when I talk to you My heart aches when I don’t hear from you My heart aches when I long for you I don’t know why You’ve taken over my thoughts I can’t explain You’re still a stranger Far away I want you close by I miss your embrace Holding you close My heart aches I miss you! silhouettes dance within my heart casting omnipresent shadows of you and yet there remains an echo an eerie silence of loneliness deafened by dreaded emptiness in a place you once tread those boyhood memories remain absence the fondness you shared the gentleness of your touch supported by words of compassion always teaching, reaching no longer can I feel you though I see you daily from visions of the past my soul aches to know how long does death last.... I miss you it hurts to think of everything we went through I wish you could see my heart I hate that we're apart I cry for your touch Baby i miss y
6/20/07 - Interesting
Someone thinks you're cute and sends out an unmistakable signal. What do you do? Well, if you're interested, you send something right back -- then sit and wait. A little mystery can only add fuel to the fire. Ok on here that could be easily taken so many different ways. If I'm interested in someone that person definitely knows it...just like I know it if someone is interested in me. Now as for the mystery...LOL, do I really need any more fuel added to the fires in my life?
Honey Citrus Chicken
2 split Fryers, 2-1/2 lbs each 1/2 cup lemon juice 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 cup honey Wash and dry chicken halves and place in shallow pan or dish. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over chicken. Turn chicken halves so both sides are well coated with marinade. Marinate for 1 hour or more at room temperature, turning several times. When ready to broil, take chicken pieces from pan and drain slightly, then place skin side down on broiler rack in high position. Broil 3-4 minutes and turn. Broil 25 minutes, brushing top with remaining marinade. Turn and broil 25 minutes or until done. If meat thermometer is used, insert after chicken has been turned over. Makes 6-8 servings.
A Couple New Poems
A Couple New Poems Here is a couple new poems : Whats to fast whats to slow, been out of the game so long how do I know. To take the first step is like a giant leap, someting so simple a chance to meet. What if we do and I get played, I relize in the dark corner I should have stayed. What if we do and it feels right, will I be glad to come into the light. But for now I am here and wait for a answer to this will I ever have my last first kiss. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ To have faith again to open back up, to take the chance for another deep cut. Am I ready to try again, how do I start where do I begin. To open the door and walk out, to relearn what true love is about.
Pasta/seafood Dish
4 tbsp. olive oil 1 lb. seafood (shrimp, scallops) 2 onions, sliced 1 green pepper (julienne) 1 red pepper (julienne) 1 bunch scallions, sliced 2 tomatoes, seeded, peeled and diced 4 oz. green beans 1 lb. angel hair pasta Heat 2 tablespoons of oil. Stir-fry seafood (1 to 3 minutes); remove from pan. Add remaining oil. Stir-fry vegetables. Keep seafood and vegetables warm while cooking pasta. Pour stir-fry mixture over drained pasta.
Even God Enjoys A Good Laugh
There were 3 good arguments that Jesus was Black: 1. He called everyone brother. 2. He liked Gospel. 3. He couldn't get a fair trial. But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was Jewish: 1. He went into His Father's business. 2. He lived at home until he was 33. 3. He was sure his Mother was a virgin and his Mother was sure He was God. But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was Italian: 1. He talked with His hands. 2. He had wine with His meals. 3. He used olive oil. But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was a Californian: 1. He never cut His hair. 2. He walked around barefoot all the time. 3. He started a new religion. But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was an American Indian: 1. He was at peace with nature. 2. He ate a lot of fish. 3. He talked about the Great Spirit. But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was Irish: 1. He never got married. 2. He was al
The Trip
As her flight began to ascend to the air, Rochelle was finally relaxed. It had been a rough couple of days, cancelling the wedding, returning everything but the dress. Rochelle doesn’t know why she kept it, even packed it for this trip. She falls asleep; it is a long flight to Bali. She awakens as the plane begins its assent. Not fully aware of her surroundings, she startles for a second. As the days journey returns to her, she again relaxes, she came here to forget all of that. She prepares herself for landing by checking her seat belt and returning her tray table to it’s upright position. As she alights the plane, she notices that she is not alone, maybe it was a bad idea to take her honeymoon trip anyway, there are lots of happy couples, and some happy singles, She is not happy, this was supposed to be the one. Now here she was alone on a trip, which was to mark her new beginning, now it only made her feel more alone. Checking into the hotel, Rochelle checked on sightseeing
Spankin' The Monkey!
Sick Of Shit
some woman got in my face on here because I went off on her friend because they were looking at me. (it was a dude), now normally I dont mind dudes looking at me but I had an incident were some dude wanted to rate my body and privates, and that I dont and wont do. Im a hetrosexual, now this bitch goes off on me because it was one of her friends checking me out. I cant and wont deal with that shit. And she blames me people are after me for shit. She has issues herself
Xtina Survey. Woot
1. Do you still talk to the person you lost your virginity to? HELL NO! THAT WAS EEESHY 2. Is it harder to be rejected or to reject someone else? I WOULD SAY.... PROBABLY TO BE REJECTED. 3. What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school? FRIGGEN..... NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, LETS ROCK ITS CHRISTMAS TIME, IM GANNA CELEBRATE IT WITH A RYME, DANNY D ARE YOU READY? READY AS YOU'LL EVER BE...YOU KNOOOOOOOOOOW JOEY JOE IS READY. JORDAN AND JON YEAAAH COMEON WE GOT A FUNKY FUNKY CHRISTMAS COMIN ON. WOOOOOOOOOOT! 4. What is the best thing about your current job? BEING FABULOUS AT IT. 5. Do you wish cell phone etiquette was a required class? NO. I DONT. BUT I WISH THAT PEOPLE WHO TALKED ON TEH CELL PHONES WHILE DRIVING WERENT AS FRIGGEN ANNOYING. I HATE IT. 6. What's the last thing you drank? WATER WITH LOOOOOOOOOOOTSA ICE 7. Have you been on a date in the past week? NOOOOOOOOOOO. WELL. I DID HABVE STALE DONUTS WITH DAWN TODAY. DOES THAT COUNT? 8. Where ar
Not Going To Be On Much
Hey Everyone, Not going to be on this for a couple of weeks. Flying out tomorrow for some medical stuff and going to be gone till mid July. Just wanted to tell all of you so you don't think that I am ignoring you. Bye for now!! Hugs and Kisses, Sarah (Never Said I Was An Angel)
Leo Horoscope For 6/21/07 1st Day Of Summer
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): This is a great day to talk about your plans and secure your position with both business and personal relationships. Your outgoing nature will draw attention, enabling you to call the shots. Money can be made if you go the distance.
Stuffed Veal Breast
Stuffing: 1/3 cup fresh Italian parsley, washed and chopped 4-6 cloves garlic, finely minced 3-4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1/2 teaspoon Hungarian paprika 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon freshly grated black pepper 1 1/2 cups Italian style bread crumbs 1/3 teaspoon oregano flakes 1/3 teaspoon basil flakes 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes pinch of powdered sage or Bell Seasoning pinch of salt 1/4 grated Parmesan or Romano cheese 1/4 cup black oil cured olives, pitted and finely chopped Pour olive oil into a medium bowl. Add herbs, chopped garlic, and other stuffing ingredients except bread crumbs and cheese. Allow to sit 10 minutes to infuse the herbs. Stir in the cheese and bread crumbs. Mixture should be a consistency which allows you to make a smooth round ball out of the stuffing which doesn't break apart and yet it should not be too liquid to hold this shape. If mixture is too dry, stir in a few tablespoons of hot water or chicken broth at a t
Beef Stroganoff
1 lb. steak (I use leftover steak) 1 onion Oil for cooking 1 clove garlic, pressed 1 can cream of mushroom soup 12 oz. fresh mushrooms 1/2 c. water or white wine 2 c. egg noodles, cooked and drained 1 tbsp. parsley Slice steak into thin strips. Chop onion. Set aside. Slice mushrooms. Set aside. Heat wok or frying pan. Circle with oil. Stir garlic. Add and fry steak, onions, and add in mushrooms, about 3-4 minutes later. Stir in soup and sour cream. Stir in wine or water. Cook for 15-3 minutes. Cook noodles. Serve over noodles. Garnish with parsley.
Need Comments, Please Help
If u can take a moment to leave a few comments, Id appreciate it.
it's a hillybilly thing 3 hillbillies are sitting on a porch shootin the breeze. 1st. Hillbilly "My wife is so stupid!...She bought an air conditioner." 2nd. Hillbilly "Why is that stupid?" 1st. Hillbilly "We ain't got no lectricity." 2nd. Hillbilly "That's nothin, my wife is so stupid, she bought one of the new fangled warshin machines!" 1st. Hillbilly "Why is that so stupid?" 2nd. Hillbilly "Cause we ain't got no plummin!" 3rd. Hillbilly "That ain't nothin! My wife is dumber that both yer wives put together! I was going through her purse the other day lookin fer some change, and I found 6 condoms in thar." 1st. Hillbilly "What's so dumb ab
You Have To Wonder
Why do men on here feel they have to lie. I know you can be who ever you want on the internet but damn. If you are with somebody be a damn man and say it. There are some good single men left ( I GUESS ) that are being punished or not even looked at because some girl is being played by some ass. Well If there are any REAL HONEST men out there I want to say I am sorry. For all the PLAYERS and you know who you are, GROW UP AND BE A MAN!!!
Untitled - Simple Plan
I open my eyes I try to see but i'm blinded By the white light I can't remember how I can't remember why I'm lying here tonight And i can't stand the pain And i can't make it go away No i can't stand the pain How could this happen to me? I've made my mistakes Got nowhere to run The night goes on As i'm fading away I'm sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen to me? Everybody's screaming I try to make a sound But no one hears me I'm slipping off the edge I'm hanging by a thread I wanna start this over again So i try to hold onto a time When nothing mattered And i can't explain what happened And i can't erase the things that i've done No i can't How could this happen to me? I've made my mistakes Got nowhere to run The night goes on As i'm fading away I'm sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen to me? I've made my mistakes Got nowhere to run The night goes on As i'm fading away I'm sick of this life I
Damn It!!!!
shoot cherrytap, don't be surprise if you read this 5 times posted it's not my fault, it's cherrytap!!! I'll posting other blog tomorrow, maybe CT will work better then!!!
Wanna See Me On Cam?
If you're in the mood to have me fulfill your fantasy then go bid on this auction It's a dutch bid. I'm doing a special on cam shows.... 15 min for $20.00 Kisses, Aimeelynn
I Have A Phd In Cheeezy
tonight I saw winter in his eyes the destination to somewhere beautiful was lost in the midst of weary dreams and I tired as I lay there I sighed and all seemed well but I had wrapped myself with vicious love and he could have kissed me because he knew I'd never tell so I bottled up the feeling and sent it off to sea but with the storm with the rain it came crashing back on me I saw winter in his eyes though hope will cause a girl to look away or look for summer in his cold touching cheeks burnt as though on fire but blue instead of red I so wanted to run from him but I woke up in his bed like a child I looked for my prince I stood on the shore and waited soon the sun went down spreading its fiery glaze across the water I turned my back on my late summer and let the winter have me
Pool Love Scene From "showgirls"
Pool Love Scene From "Showgirls" - The funniest videos are a click away
Happy Birthday Sis!!!
Justin TimberlakeSexyBackMusic Video Codes By Music
More Elusive Than The Chupacabra!!!!!!!
Last night as I'm driving home I could almost swear I spotted the bff pulling into a gas station on the main road by my house. But since, i OF COURSE, was doing about 60 on a residential road was going to damn fast to stop and see if it was actually him. This is getting to be ridiculous now.
Desmond Tutu
"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." -- Desmond Tutu
Hey I'm entered in this contest. lend me a hand if you can. I would be greatly appreciated. thanks much.
okay since not everyoen knows i'm out on vacation next week, gone on the 23rd and i'll be back in my office on the 2nd. miss me, tease me send me nasty emails.. ya know the trick. ask me all bout it when i'm home and i'll see what sorta pics i can post and don't let me hear you were being bad... without thinking about me :P
To All Ct Come Join Us For Fun And Good Music Now
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: I LOVE MY FRIENDS Date: Jun 22, 2007 7:13 PM Question- What does Dj Mom, Dixieboy Radio, New Country Star, Jason Coley, Kim McAbee, Jorrin Tyler, Gwen Sebastian, great acoustic peformaces, Harley Radio, special phone calls, Nixa Country, prizes, Planet Net Tunes, partying, Radio Indy, CMA's, A Teens Radio, fun, RIM Radio, no drama have in common? guess? come on guess? ok you give up? Answer- Try tonights big show at 10pm est. Yes all this stuff will be in a show that will last at least 2 hours and will be broadcast on at least 6 different radio stations. This shows you how we the "internet radio" are friends and how we the "internet radio" can come together as one to give you the listener great entertainment. Show the love and please tune in , you wont regret it!!! New Country Star's site- Nixa Country's site-
You tell a man one thing and he assumes, that it means you want nothing to do with him. What's that about. Then he barely talks to you cause he knows that it won't go any further. What's that about? Whatever...I don't have time for this, and it's annoying and it just destroys my good spirits. I need a stiff one. And I don't mean a dick. I don't know why I allow him to make me feel this angry. It wasn't going anywhere in the first place, and it certainly won't go anywhere now. That part has been established. I don't get it, and I guess I just needed to bitch about.
Stl Party Girls
Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop
Hey ho, let's go Hey ho, let's go They're forming in a straight line They're going through a tight wind The kids are losing their minds The Blitzkrieg Bop They're piling in the back seat They're generating steam heat Pulsating to the back beat The Blitzkrieg Bop. Hey ho, let's go Shoot'em in the back now What they want, I don't know They're all reved up and ready to go
Orginially A Mumm
i am curious about something...why is it then when someone says they have an incurable illness such as i do one of two things happens....either i get told ways to cure it or i get told "I know (insert number here) of people that have that and they aren't incapacitated"...they don't realize there are different levels and don't try to understand...i had to go to the emergency room last night the pain was so why is it so hard to understand? i even went so far as to create a page on to try to get people to understand...(the info in in my dunno stash)
The Story
Brandi Carlile The Story All of these lines across my face Tell you the story of who I am So many stories of where I've been And how I got to where I am But these stories don't mean anything When you've got no one to tell them to It's true...I was made for you I climbed across the mountain tops Swam all across the ocean blue I crossed all the lines and I broke all the rules But baby I broke them all for you Because even when I was flat broke You made me feel like a million bucks Yeah you do and I was made for you You see the smile that's on my mouth Is hiding the words that don't come out And all of my friends who think that I'm blessed They don't know my head is a mess No, they don't know who I really am And they don't know what I've been through like you do And I was made for you... All of these lines across my face Tell you the story of who I am So many stories of where I've been And how I got to where I am But these stories don't mean anything Wh
11 Things I Really Hate What Woman Say
1. oh iam very hounest then you find them in a lie. 2. oh i want someone that is hounest then when you are they cant stand it. 3. oh we can be friends. 4. oh iam not like all woman then you find them to be like all the rest. 5. oh can you buy me this and dont stop asking for things like gold diggers are. 6. oh iam not cheating on you then you find them in bed with someone else. 7. i really hate when they say i love you and dont mean it like its a word to be toss around. 8. i really hate when someone filrts with you becuse you never no if they like you or not then you get hurt in the end. 9. i really hate when you want to meet up they alwasy make up something. 10. and this is the very woser of all any woman can say and do is i still love my bf even tho he treats me like shit hits me talk down to me takes my money cheats on me. 11. i really hate when they do find someone nice and sweet and that well do them right they dont want that guy but they do want the one that beats them
What Makes You Afraid?
What Makes You Afraid? Fear is such a strange thing. I have been afraid that I was about to loose my life when I was in a near capsizeing Destroyer off the coast of Gibralter. A "stray" swell caught us broadside and i was on the bridge at the leehelm. That is that thing that tells the engine room what speed the screws need to be going. The night was warm the bridge wing doors were wide open. I had a pair of sound powered phones on so I didn't hear the starbord watch yell as the water entered the bridge. If you understand depth by waters color you will be able to understand when I say the water was dark green with the light coming through from my leehelm as a small ligthbulb with a single battery. The clinometer reading 40 degrees indicateing we were going close to that point of no return. I left thumbprints on the metal of the leehelm handles, not the kind you need powder to find, to this day you can feel them there, if you can dive 800 ft and find them under the coral they have
A Hi There From "mary Jane"
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Just Wanted To Say "howdy"!
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Fucking Trippy
Ok Ihad to post this. I dont go for that horoscope bullshit, but I ust happened to glance at mine for today...June 24th 2007, and holy fuck this is the truth down to the last word. Those of you that really know me will know why. You thought you could change someone by being patient and kind. The truth is, you changed yourself -- and now you see that lingering with this situation is really a waste of your time. Good for you -- now move on.
My 19th Bday I Want
(low Fat) Chicken Lasagna
8 oz. lasagna noodles, uncooked 2 c. chopped cooked chicken 1 (10 oz.) pkg. frozen spinach and/or broccoli, thawed and drained well 8 oz. grated Mozzarella cheese 1 sm. carton low fat cottage cheese 1 (32 oz.) jar spaghetti sauce Spray 9x13 baking dish with Pam. Pour 1/2 cup spaghetti sauce in dish. Place layer of noodles in dish. Place spinach, both kinds of cheese and chicken in dish. Pour about 1 1/2 cups sauce over this.
I Moved
i moved about 2 mos ago to decatur ga. im happy and working down in that area. anyways im sry if you havent heard from me in a while just been busy but i guess i will talk at yall later . lots of love amanda
Exodus...a Poem
Exodus Triggered by a clock reading 10:17 Remembering a song from a Celtic Dream I saw first hand the Exodus..the free movement of people A flat, smooth stroke created a perfect mood The elusive, temporal benefit of Scandinavian solitude I automatically start doing the math..and fight against a lonely insolence And now we rest on a garden patio that has no calculation, rage or hate In a place that is a Frankish bridge between the wine and the plate We float and dance freely toward the marketplace...without fear of faces or restriction of time John Hancock..June 24, 2007
For One Of The Comments On My Blog
first of all what you do while looking at my picture is your buisness i dont want to know what you do with your fucking little peckers and as far as trying to be sexy i dont have to try dear and if anyone else wants to say something about this ill just delete all my picture and quit ct
Hi Everyone
1(641)985-7878 *4573992 I just got Snapvine! It's FREE! Just call 1(641)985-7878 and enter *4573992. And, if you get one too, I'll reply.
Anyone Want A Vic Or Blast
Hey there friends my wife is going to try tha contest thing i did it and we had a lot of fun so if any one want in let me or her know tha contest will start tomorrow and there is only 5 people in it that want be too fun
I Wish I Could Be With You!
I wish that I could be with you And hold you in my arms, Whisper all my love to you And kiss away your tears. I wish that I could take your cares And put them all away, Neatly folded into drawers While pleasure lights your smile. I wish that joy could step inside Your heart and stay awhile, And all the rain could turn into A rainbow in the sun. And all our loneliness like mist Could fade into the blue, A memory of sad, hard times That happened long ago. But I cannot come home right now, And you cannot come here; And so our dreams must be the fields On which we laugh and play. If life cannot be what we want, It will, it will be so; For love can turn the harshest light To gold through sheer affection.
For Those Who Haven't...
Hit up my mum and vote, plz #1 !!! Hit up my mum and vote, plz #2 !!! Hit up my mum and vote, plz #3 !!!
Level Up Name Contest
Do not comment on my blog with ideas send private message please...Im posting bulletin would appreciate any repost:) I need some ideas. Any of you that has been a friend of mine for any amount of time has surely seen many level up bulletins or blogs. I have had many tell me to start a level up group. So I took it to some friends that normally help and there is 18 that have said they want to help. There is never any commitment you see a bulletin that someone needs help and you go show love.Well I'm getting closer to God Father level. So then I can fully commit to helping others get there. Here's where I need all of your help. I need some Ideas for a Team name. So i'm going to make this a contest. Those that offer ideas through private message to me I'm going to have a rates contest. The highest rates will win a Yacht. BooBoo...Thanks for all the Love.@ CherryTAP
To The Right Of Sanity
thinking a lot tonight. Dun know what about. Krow kept coming into my mind last night. Its the first time I have missed him since I learned the truth that he was a lier and everything he said to me he was saying to others. That our love was fake. Well HIS. I loved him totally. ::sighs:: But thre are times when I miss the sound of his voice. When I dun know where to go. Sometimes I think I am not really over him and just looking for ways to drive him crazy and make him see what he lost. Then there are days when I don't even think of him. ::sighs:: Hence the Charlotte Church "The Prayer"
Beautiful Things
for the 1st time in a long time things are going really well for me. i am dating a wounderful woman named tiffany*love you baby* my ass hole father hasnt been around, and im about to get a new job and say f*ck off to my current manager. i hope things keep going this way
To All My Ct Friends,
Send this heart to everyone you know and love, and if you are inside his/her heart, he/she will send it back to you!!! Let's see how many hearts you receive, although it's not quantity, but QUALITY! You will always be in my heart!!! ........¶¶¶¶¶¶............¶¶¶¶¶¶ ....¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶....¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ..¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶........¶¶¶¶ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶........¶¶¶¶ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶....¶¶¶¶¶ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ..¶¶¶¶¶ ..¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ......¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ..........¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ..............¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ..................¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ......................¶¶¶¶" 2 hr ago
A Lil' Girl's Wisdom !
A little girl's wisdom > > A stranger was seated next to a little girl on the airplane when the stranger turned to her and said, "Let's talk. I've heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger." > > The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed it slowly and said to the stranger, "What would you like to talk about?" > > "Oh, I don't know", said the stranger. "How about nuclear power?" > > "OK", she said. "That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff, grass. > > Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty,and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?" > > The stranger thinks about it and says, "Hmmm, I have no idea." > > She replied "Do you feel qualified to discuss nuclear power when you don't know shit?"
Spicy Stacked Baby Back Ribs
2 racks of baby back ribs 2 tablespoons hot sauce 1 clove of garlic crushed 1 green bell pepper 1 red bell pepper 1 yellow pepper 1 large red onion 2 tablespoons black pepper 2 tablespoons Lawry's Seasoning salt Wash ribs in cold water, pat dry, mix the crushed garlic and hot sauce, rub onto ribs, mix the seasoning salt and black pepper, rub that onto ribs, let sit while you seed peppers. Then slice peppers and onion into strips, place about 3 feet of heavy duty foil in a long baking dish. Place 1 rack of ribs back side down on foiled pan, cover with peppers and onion,stack remaining ribs on top and cover with rest of the onion and bell pepper mixure. Bring foil up on each side and make a sealed package (foil oven bags are great for this too) also. If you wish you can make these ahead of time and put in fridge over night. Bake at 350°F for 2 1/2 - 3 hours. So tender they fall off the bone.
Cornflake Baked Chicken
24 chicken thighs or wing drumettes with skin 2 c. crumbed corn flakes 3/4 c. reg. or diet mayonnaise 1/2 c. milk 1 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. pepper Non-stick spray shortening Dip chicken pieces in mixture of mayonnaise, milk, salt and pepper. Roll in cornflake crumbs. Spray cookie sheet with shortening. Bake 1 hour in 400 degree oven.
Ham & Lentil Soup
1 tbsp. olive oil 1 med. onion, chopped 1 tsp. garlic, minced 1/2 lb. ham, cubed 8 c. water 1 (15 oz.) can tomato sauce 1 c. lentils 1 tsp. salt Dash of pepper 1/2 c. pasta shells 1 carrot, grated In large soup pot brown onions in olive oil. Add water, garlic, tomato sauce; bring to a boil. Rinse lentils and add. Add ham, salt and pepper. Cover and simmer at medium heat 15 minutes. Then add carrot and pasta. Cook additional 30 minutes more. Serve hot and great the next day.
Following Hearts
Song In My Head
ok, so this is seepage from someone else's brain. this is a song written by michael knott. his work is so brutally honest, almost agonizing to listen to. anyway, i'm in the mood to write but nothing is coming out. this song is on my mind today, so i thought i'd post the words. it's called "double". you're sittin' there wondering why is it like this and the whole world's crazy and the earth is sick and someone's yelling from the bathroom door the toilet's overflowing on the floor and the one by the phone says i cannot hear while the one by the jukebox spills his beer and the man on the pinball hits sixteen mil someone ducks behind the counter to pop a pill and you reach in your pocket to see if there's more and the biggest bill falls so you're left with four and you're too gone to look but you still try then you see it in the hand of a great big guy who looks just like he'd kill you fast and you think for a minute you let it pass and the stool falls over when yo
Baked Potatoes Supreme
2 large Idaho potatoes, baked 1 egg, hard cooked, peeled, and grated coarsely 4 cups broccoli, chopped (optional) 1/2 cup grated mozzarella cheese (reserve a few spoonfuls for topping) 4 strips bacon, sautéed and crumbled or chopped 4 teaspoons butter (2 for each potato) 1/4 cup sour cream 1/3 teaspoon each salt and pepper Wash and cut up broccoli (optional), set aside. Scrub potatoes, then rub with a small amount of vegetable, peanut or olive oil. Cook in microwave until fork tender, about 10 minutes, depending on size of potatoes and wattage of your oven. While potatoes are cooking, steam or simmer broccoli until just tender but still crisp. When broccoli becomes a bright green, drain, remove from heat and return to pan with cover briefly to finish cooking. If broccoli becomes an olive green, it's overcooked. Cut an oval circle from top of potatoes and scoop out meat while still hot. In a small bowl, mash together with cheese, bacon, and sour cream and butter and c
Corn Fritters
2 eggs 1 c. flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1 can creamed corn 1/4 c. sugar Powdered sugar Mix first 5 ingredients together and drop by spoonful into hot oil until brown. Turn over to brown other side. Sprinkle powdered sugar over them and serve. Yield 30 fritters. Preparation: 10 minutes. Cooking: 15 minutes.
Let Me Be
Let me be the bandage for your bleeding; Let me be the ocean for your tears. Let me be the secret of your healing; Let me be the song to still your fears. Love isn't love that cannot love in darkness, Nor is it love that turns away from pain; Nor would I love would I not hold your sadness And with my love your love of life sustain. So do not think your malady a burden, And do not think my willingness deceit. Just let your sorrow flow into my garden, And I will share with you the harvest sweet
July 4th Tag
Here a tag for the 4th of July You may rip it if you like.. Just click on the pic. Fireman 7
She's come undun She didn't know what she was headed for And when I found what she was headed for It was too late She's come undun She found a mountain that was far too high And when she found out she couldn't fly It was too late It's too late She's gone too far She's lost the sun She's come undun She wanted truth but all she got was lies Came the time to realize And it was too late She's come undun She didn't know what she was headed for And when I found what she was headed for Mama, it was too late It's too late She's gone too far She's lost the sun She's come undun Too many mountains, and not enough stairs to climb Too many churches and not enough truth Too many people and not enough eyes to see Too many lives to lead and not enough time It's too late She's gone too far She's lost the sun She's come undun Doe-doe-doe-doe-doe doe un doe-doe-doe un doe-doe-doe Doe doe-doe-doe-doe un doe-doe-doe doe-doe-doe Doe doe-doe-doe doe doe-doe-do
Hi There
if anyone wanna help me with my lounge or wanna join or wanna help me just shout me in the shout box or message thanks ya
Santana 1986
Will The Vaccine Trials Lead To Big Cash Settlements?
The present vaccine trials are not class action suits. Instead, they are test cases, against which other cases will be compared. That means that a decision in favor of families now taking part in those trials does NOT automatically mean that all parents claiming vaccine injuries will win monetary awards. And even if individual families win, the awards will not be those sky-high settlements you hear about when cases are settled in civil courts. In fact, according to David Kirby's recent blog post in the Huffington Post: It should be noted, at this point, that Vaccine Court claims are awarded in just one third of the cases, and payouts average about $800,000 -- which might cover the proper care, treatment, and special education of an autistic child for maybe a decade. Victory in this particular court does not get you a condo in Maui, just a little temporary financial relief from endless costs. So what is the purpose of the trials? In essence, the test cases now coming before th
Dont Give Up On Us
I think you're making a huge mistake By giving up on me and you Because I can totally guarantee No one will ever love you like I do It'll be almost impossible to find someone Who will show you as much affection And it'd be a miracle to find someone Who will give you as much attention I know we had a few problems between us But that's normal for couples to do And it'd be so easy for us to fix it If you would just let me love you But instead you're pushing me away And ignoring the whole situation You can't just put love on hold Cuz Love doesn't take vacations Every time you look at me I can still see the love in your eyes Why can't you just express it Instead of keeping it inside I can see that it hurts you deep inside That we're no longer together So just stop being so damn stubborn And let me make you happy forever
My Motto To Jealous Girl
To the lil wanna be woman grow up and learn to wash the piss off ya inner thighs before you try preachin chit to me...jealousy wont get my attention other then my backside as I walk away from your garbage!!!
This Is Me..
Green Eyes: In the word, "green" always is a representation of life or is indicative to something that's currently alive. It's often said that eyes are the windows to the soul; so in conjunction to having the Holy Ghost (which quickens and makes alive) the eyes will always bear witness to soul changing occurrences. Long Dark Hair: The length of hair is symbolic of a Nazaritic commitment which can be found in Numbers 6:5. Knowing that her hair is her glory, she has purposely preserved the length, ( so it can remain her covering when she prays) and has also maintained a sociable, and even seemly prideful styling as if to convey to the watching world that she's royalty by the way she wears her locks like a queenly tiara. As for the color…Revelations 6:12 describes the darkening of the sun as "black" as a sackcloth of hair. Understanding that sackcloth & ashes are always involved when humility and humbleness are present. Stature / Tall: In Luke 12:25, Je
Men Are Lieing Shit Bags, Most Of Them
if i didnt yell at you today or yesterday this isnt about you. well let me claarify. 85% of men are lieing scum bag peices of shit. while 10 % are gay, and 5 % are decient agai if i didnt yell at you today or yesterday this isnt about you. see im sory but i am down right tired of being lied to and fucked over. it is just everything from the bigest promise to the littelest offer and or thing in general. o im gonna do this tomarrow..... then the complete oppisite to the point of why even bother trying to have faith or trust in some one. at the moment i hate you with a vile disgust. if your smart enough to know who you are wich i know you are even though you dont act it. but i do doubt you will know why i hate you. im not going to say any names but in general this last 4 days men have been pissing me off 24/7 with what they think is a funny comment in reality totaly crushed what little hope and happiness i had in my hart, just being stupid, making a plan not sticking with i
Destiny Of The Universe
Crossing barriers of space and time Traveling through the universe on pure light Creatures that fracture your mind to blind the truth Of our existance and our plans for humanity We cannot die by any weapon or machine Our bodies can continue without a heart to survive on A missing head is nothing to worry about for us Life continues further no matter what consequence we accept. Abnormal in the mind and disfigured in the vessel We are the storm that makes up a hurricane Survivors of destruction, agony and extinction Never holding a life of our own Devouring the future and releasing the past Time stops when our hunger grows in size Crying out for the day of eternal darkness Giving us the moment to eliminate all evil forces. Our silence when we strike is unpredictable We shall never kill but feast upon the soul A virus that infects anything that makes noise Nightmares that rule over the people that made them There is no way to stop the destiny of the universe. Ba
Chris Benoit ( Will Be Missed)
Pro wrestler, family found dead in Fayetteville home By Saeed Ahmed, Kathy Jefcoats The Atlanta-Journal Constitution Published on: 06/25/07 A well-known professional wrestler and his family were found dead inside their house in Fayette County Monday afternoon. Authorities confirmed that Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their 7-year-old son, Daniel, were found dead at the home on Quarters and Redwine roads in Fayetteville about 4 p.m. Chris Benoit • World Wrestling Entertainment Web site Officials were investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide. Benoit, a 40-year-old Canadian native maintained a home in metro Atlanta from the time he wrestled for the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling. Most recently, Benoit fought as part of the World Wrestling Entertainment organization. WWE canceled its live show in Corpus Christi Monday night, and its broadcast of "Raw" on the USA Network was a three-hour retrospective on Benoit's career. "Obviously,
Healing ~Tony Martinez As I continue my climb I heard the whisper of my angel Wrapped in my angel's wings for a short time It felt good The rest was needed The calm was needed It will always be the little things That heal so much A soft kiss Gentle and slow With lips that linger A tongue Ever so lightly Licks at those lips Just a hint of what we know is there There's more to come This I am certain No longer wonded No longer alone Healing am I I've become ever stronger I thank you again Though you may not understand what you have done Or what you will continue to do as you can I love you My angel
Redneck Computer Terms
BACKUP - What you do when you run across a skunk in the woods. BAR CODE - Them's the fight'n rules down at the local tavern. BUG - The reason you give for calling in sick. BYTE - What your pit bull dun to cusin Jethro. CACHE - Needed when you run out of food stamps. CHIP - Pasture muffins that you try not to step in. TERMINAL - Time to call the undertaker. CRASH - When you go to Junior's party uninvited. DIGITAL - The art of counting on your fingers. DISKETTE - Female Disco dancer. FAX - What you lie about to the IRS. HACKER - Uncle Leroy after 32 years of smoking. HARDCOPY - Picture looked at when selecting tattoos. INTERNET - Where cafeteria workers put their hair. KEYBOARD - Where you hang the keys to the John Deere. MAC - Big Bubba's favorite fast food. MEGAHERTZ - How your head feels after 17 beers. MODEM - What ya did when the grass and weeds got too tall. MOUSE PAD - Where Mickey and Minnie
Great Mysteries Of The World I Live In
Great Mysteries of the World Current mood: dorky Category: Life I have noticed there are many great mysteries in this world. You might not even NOTICE them because they are so allusive and mysterious (thus why they are a mystery). Here are some you might have noticed too: 1. Every time I put lotion on my hands, I IMMEDIATELY, have to pee. (If you don't wash your hands after you pee, then you don't know why this is a mystery) 2. I can never sleep when I NEED to. Like now. Sleeping would be good since I have work tomorrow. 3. I can never sleep in when I have the opportunity. I always wake up at 7 or so. BUT, when I HAVE to get up at 7, I can barely drag my ass out of bed. 4. Everyone has already eaten when you're starving and want to go "grab a bite". 5. When you have money to go shopping, you can never find anything you like, but when you're broke and "just looking" you ALWAYS find shit you want. ALWAYS. 6. You can never remember someone's name when yo
Chicken Enchiladas
Ingredients: 1 1/4 lb. whole chicken, quartered Boiling water, enough to cover chicken 5/8 tsp. salt, divided 2 1/2 cups tomatillo sauce (also sold as enchilada sauce) 5 tbsp. vegetable oil, divided 1/4 cup sour cream 1 tbsp. minced onion 12 corn tortillas 1/3 cup shredded Monterey Jack, cheddar cheese or combination Preparation: Place chicken quarters in boiling water, add 1/4 tsp. salt, reduce heat and simmer until cooked through. Remove chicken from pot and cool. Skin and bone chicken, then shred. Sprinkle with 1/8 tsp. of the salt. Preheat oven to 350°F. In medium saucepan heat tomatillo sauce over low heat 5 minutes. While sauce heats, put 1 tbsp. of the oil in another pan, add shredded chicken and warm over low heat. Stir in sour cream, onion, and remaining salt, cover and set aside. In medium-size skillet, heat remaining oil over medium-high heat. Using tongs, fry each tortilla 5 seconds on each side. Drain and cool slightly. Pour 1 cup of sauce onto plate.
Ingredients: 1 tbsp. olive oil 1 lb. lean ground beef 1/2 cup yellow onion, finely diced (1/4 inch or less) 1/2 cup green bell pepper, finely diced (1/4 inch or less) 1 tbsp. fresh garlic, minced 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. coarse, freshly ground black pepper 1 tsp. ground cumin 2 large russet potatoes, peeled and diced into inch cubes 2 large tomatoes, cored, peeled, seeded and cut into 1/2-inch pieces Directions: Heat large skillet over medium heat, then add olive oil. Add ground beef and cook until lightly browned. Add onion, bell pepper, garlic, salt, black pepper and cumin, and cook 10 minutes, stirring often. Place potatoes in skillet, cover, reduce heat to medium-low and cook about 40 minutes. Add tomatoes, and simmer 5 more minutes while covered. Remove from heat and serve over 1 cup rice or with whole-wheat flour tortillas.
I Want To Know This...
why is it whn we brush our teeth we gag but whn we suck dick we dont? can some one answer tht for me leave comments plz thanks
My tangoing seemed to delight her; With me it was love at first sight. I mentioned That I was a writer: She asked me: "What is it you write?" "Oh, only best-sellers," I told her. Their titles? . . . She shook her blonde head; The atmosphere seemed to grow colder: Not one of my books had she read. Oh, she was a beauty ensnaring, And I was an author of note; But little I saw she'd be caring If never a novel I wrote. Alas for the caprice of Cupid! Alack for the phantom of Fame! I thought her just homely and stupid: She didn't know even my name. I saw her a score of years after; She gushed as I took off my hat; But inwardly loud was my laughter, For she was enormously fat. Thank heaven I'd not made that error; I saw Love drive off in a hearse; But I too retreated in terror . . . She started to quote me my verse.
New Pics
posted sum new pics of me!! :D
Ct Bouncers
TOS#5.Content Posted on the Site. a. You understand and agree that MAY REVIEW AND DELETE any CONTENT, messages, Messenger messages, photos or PROFILES (collectively, "Content") that in the sole judgment of violate this Agreement or which may be offensive, illegal or violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of any Member. b. You are solely responsible for the Content that you publish or display (hereinafter, "post") on the Service or any material or information that you transmit to other Members. TO ALL YOU LAMEASS CT BOUNCERS: I BET IF IT WAS SOMEONE ON YOUR FAMILY LIST OR A CLOSE FRIEND OR REAL FAMILY MEMBER YOU WOULD DO SOMETHING THEN WOULDNT YOU???...YOU FUCKING RIGHT YOU WOULD.......YOU SUCKKKKKKKKKKK ASSSSSSSSSSSS. YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS ABOUT SO DON'T ACT ALL STUPI LIKE YOU DONT. and scroll down to #5.......but when they dont feel like doin shit they say "TOS#7" as their response. Bounc
A Fire Inside....
Can Old sparks rekindle new Fires, I feel I have a Fire Raging In me for someone who I would die for, someone I would Kill for, Someone I would walk Thru Hell for, someone I would Put Above the world for her to see, I do Hope she Knows it in her heart and soul, For everyday I'm without you, I feel a piece of me silently leave my body like its the last breath I'll Take, You are My soul Mate, your are My One true Love, You are the One I want by my side when I die, you are the one, that will tell me Go to the Light, God awaits you, you are the one I want to be with on My dieing day......I Love you More then Life it's self!
I Want It That Way
~*~*~*~*~You are my fire The one desire Believe when I say I want it that way But we are two worlds apart Can't reach to your heart When you say That I want it that way ~*~*~*~*~Tell me why Ain't nothin' but a heartache Tell me why Ain't nothin' but a mistake Tell me why I never wanna hear you say I want it that way ~*~*~*~*~Am I your fire Your one desire Yes I know it's too late But I want it that way Now I can see that we're falling apart From the way that it used to be, yeah No matter the distance I want you to know That deep down inside of me... ~*~*~*~*~You are my fire The one desire You are You are, you are, you are Don't wanna hear you say Ain't nothin' but a heartache Ain't nothin' but a mistake (Don't wanna hear you say) I never wanna hear you say I want it that way ~*~*~*~*~*~Tell me why Ain't nothin' but a heartache Tell me why Ain't nothin but a mistake Tell me why I never wanna hear you say (Don't wanna
2 Traveling Angels
Two traveling angels stopped to spend the night in the home of a wealthy family. The family was rude and refused to let the angels stay in the mansion\'s guest room. Instead the angels were given a small space in the cold basement. As they made their bed on the hard floor, the older angel saw a hole in the wall and repaired it. When the younger angel asked why, the older angel replied, \'Things aren\'t always what they seem.\' The next night the pair came to rest at the house of a very poor, but very hospitable farmer and his wife. After sharing what little food they had the couple let the angels sleep in their bed where they could have a good night\'s rest. When the sun came up the next morning the angels found the farmer and his wife in tears. Their only cow, whose milk had been their sole income, lay dead in the field. The younger angel was infuriated and asked the older angel how could you have let this happen? The first man had
10x Lol
The 6th grade science teacher, Mrs. Parks, asked her class, "Which human body part increases to ten times its size when stimulated?" No one answered until little Mary stood up and said, "You should not be asking sixth-graders a question like that! I'm going to tell my parents, and they will go and tell the principal, who will then fire you!" Mrs. Parks ignored her and asked the question again, "Which body part increases to 10 times its size when stimulated?" Little Mary's mouth fell open. Then she said to those around her, "Boy, is she going to get in big trouble!" The teacher continued to ignore her and said to the class, "Anybody?" Finally, Billy stood up, looked around nervously, and said, "The body part that increases 10 times its size when stimulated is the pupil of the eye." Mrs. Parks said, "Very good, Billy," then turned to Mary and continued. "As for you, young lady, I have three things to say... One, you have a dirty mind. Two, you didn't re
Coping With The Stress Of Autism: When To Find Professional Help
Why Do Parents Need Help in Coping with the Stress of Autism?: Of course, not all parents with autistic children are under stress. But most are. Robert Naseef, Ph.D., a psychologist who works exclusively with families with special needs, explains why parents with autistic children may need extra help: "When you have a child with special needs, you learn to live with a lot of stress and you throw yourself into your everyday job as a parent; if you work outside the home, you work even harder - and you don't think much about taking care of yourself." Guilt, Anger, and Frustration May Add to Troubles: Many parents with autistic children worry that they could or should have done something to prevent their child's problems. They also agonize over whether they could do more now. They feel angry at their circumstances, which set them apart from other parents, and frustrated that they can't enjoy family life and share in the ordinary activities as easily. All these issues can make day-to-day c
Karen Dove Put This Pic In For Tranquilangel5 To Help Her Get Her Gifts
karen dove put this pic in to help out tranquil angel 5
Yeah Clumsy As Hell
so my niece graduated grade school YAY we went ove on the weekend and ummmmm almost 2 weeks to the night of my fall down the stairs well, ummmmm yeah i got all hammered up and thought i could swim. hahaha well i could till the side of the pool stopped me now on my nose i have a scab from running into it full blast thinking the clumsy award should be mine(last summer i cracked my ribs and still can't figure out how).
A Smile And A Thought.
Sometimes we meet people in our lives just at the right time. It's like they seem to pop into your life when you least expect it. And after you've gotten to know them, you realize just how much you needed it to happen...just how much you needed this person to find you. And its in that realization of your own feelings, that you begin to learn about the person you are. It's like this person has awakened this new "you" and has made you realize just what you've missed out on over the years. They are starting to bring out the best in you and its seems like all we do after we meet this person, is just smile and think about them. Smiling is one thing I do best. I love to smile and I love being happy. I think most of us would rather be happy than be miserable. There's no gratification in misery, but only the delight in happiness. We as humans, are most happy when we are in the company of positive, happy, people who make us feel good about ourselves, even when we are most upset.
Re Bipolar
you are right kittytamer it is a chemical inbalance alot of people suffer from it,it does not make you a crazzy person infact we tend to be artistic in alot of things even sex lmao
Trapped inside my own head With nothing but my own fevered dreams to comfort me. I know the pain of the madman; He lives inside of me. I've felt the strength of demons And the weakness of self- preservation. And hope. Hope. Hey, parents, do you know where your kids are tonight? Are they locked away inside of themselves? Are their minds slipping away? Mama hen, mama hen . . . The fox has taken your baby again. Precious minds are a shame to waste Memories are forgotten in haste. I am losing all that is me . . . Yet gaining something entirely different. Something that acts like an animal And speaks like God. Comforts me like a best friend And loves me like its child. I am its child. An innocent brat, ready for its teachings. Ready to do what is told to me. Believing all that is said to me. Taking in all. And living off of my fevered dreams.
Has anyone seen my latest blast if so would you copy it for me? Thank you
Taking It To The Next Level
I have 6,590 points to go for my next level. Im hoping my friends will help out so I can get there by tomorrow.
Seal - Crazy
~ Toni Braxton - Unbreak My Heart ~
Oysters Carnival
5 cups onions, minced 1/2 tablespoon garlic, minced 1 bay leaf, minced 4 stalks celery, minced 1/2 teaspoon thyme leaves 10 tablespoons butter 4 dozen oysters, strained (reserve liquor) and chopped 1 1/2 cups bread crumbs 36 oyster half shells, boiled and scrubbed 18 strips bacon, precooked and crispy, with each strip cut in half 6 lemon wedges for garnish In an iron skillet saute the minced onion, garlic, bay, celery and thyme in 6 tablespoons for the butter for about 15 minutes. Add the chopped oysters. Moisten 1 cup of the breadcrumbs with about 1 cup of the oyster liquor. Add to the above. Simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Add 4 tablespoons butter and cook until the butter is melted. Fill the oyster shells with the mixture, and sprinkle the remaining 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs over the top. Top with bacon pieces. To serve, heat the oysters in a 375 degree F oven for 10 to 15 minutes or until hot. Serve 6 oysters per portion, and garnish each platter with a lemon wed
Not Sure What I'm Gonna Say
Well What To Say Today. I'm Back On The Road Today. Get To Cross Ill. Mo. And Ok Today. Feels Good To Be Back To Work But Leaves Me Too Much Time To Think. My GF Mis Carried Yesterday So That Made For Rough Day Since I Couldn't Get There. I'll Be Glad To Get Outta This Rain. Well That's Enough Ramblin Today. Much Love To All My Friends.
A Woman Should
A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE old love she can imagine going back to.. and one who reminds her how far she has come... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ..enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own even if she never wants to or needs to... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ..something perfect to wear if the employer or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ..a youth she's content to leave behind... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ..a past juicy enough that she's looking forward to retelling it in her old age... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ..a set of screwdrivers,cordless drill, and a black lace bra... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE .one friend who always makes her laugh... and one who lets her cry... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ..a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ..eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, and a recipe for a meal that will make her guests feel honored... A WOMAN SHOULD H
Ranting About Supposed "heroes"
Alright, I can't hold my tongue anymore. A mother of 3 children under the age of 8 freaks out one day. Her 5 and 7 year old are next door at a friends house. The 2 yr old is upstairs taking a nap. "Dad" is at work. Mom, had requested assistance from the state a year ago for a depression so deep she had thoughts of suicide. Mom, goes upstairs w/a butcher knife from her kitchen and stabs her baby 18 times. She then goes back down stairs and into the garage, setting down the knife; not even cleaning herself up, she lights a cigarette. Her older children come home. Dad comes home. Kids screaming at mom, what happened???? Dad flies into the house and makes the 7 yr old call 911 and tries to perform CPR, but its too late. *Tragic isn't it. Don't idolize a human who killed their family. Don't honor a man who took life for no reason other than his own insanities. I don't want to wish someone to "Rest in Peace" , when his wife and child had no choice in the matter. I will howe
Downraters Are Haters
Get your own glitter and more at FYI... The reason that happens is because our default pics are posted elsewhere too for everyone to see. I try to go on the "I'm bored" link, which links too to the pics that are posted elsewhere just so that I can do my part in an effort to balance off those downraters. This revelation was made months ago about this issue. The sad thing is that those folks outside of the site aren't aware of the community's dynamics and common decency we do for those we vote upon.. either vote a 10 or 11, but if you don't like the option to vote upon (pic, profile, etc.) just don't vote on it. We can't change the powers to be's decision about posting our pictures and blogs elsewhere because they are doing everything that they can do to entice more people coming to the site, a part of their marketing efforts. Hope this helps in delineating what the issue is and where those downraters are coming from (generally not a member of the LC/CT
I Dont Wanna Be An American Idiot,..... By TERENCE HUNT, AP White House Correspondent 25 minutes ago WASHINGTON - President Bush, moving toward a constitutional showdown with Congress, asserted executive privilege Thursday and rejected lawmakers' demands for documents that could shed light on the firings of federal prosecutors. Bush's attorney told Congress the White House would not turn over subpoenaed documents for former presidential counsel Harriet Miers and former political director Sara Taylor. Congressional panels want the documents for their investigations of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' stewardship of the Justice Department. The Democratic chairmen of the two committees seeking the documents accused Bush of stonewalling and disdain for the law, and said they would press forward with enforcing the subpoenas. "With respect, it is with much regret that we are forced down this unfortunate path which we sought to avoid by fin
Laser Eye Surgery
Cyanide & Happiness @
Stalker Love
I walked into your room saw that you were sleepin very quietly walked over to you pulled the covers down ,you were wearing that red nighty with no undies and the site of your magnificent vulva excited me so much my hardon was straining my pants.I was literally hurting from the pressure I took off my pants listening to your breathing to make sure you were not waking I knelt down between your legs gazed at your magnificent pussy. I had left the door open just enough the light stopped before it hit your eyes as always the juice from your pussy was just amazing glittering like dew on a petal in the morning sun.I started to stroke myself staring at your pussy within 30 seconds i could feel my cum rising and forced my self to stop.I leaned down and inhaled takin in your scent my senses were going wild. Lightly as i could I placed my mouth on your pussy and o so softly started workin your folds with my tounge I moved up a little takin your clit into my mouth letting my tounge just rest
I Really Like This One
opened the door and stepped inside made my way down the hallway stopped at the bedroom door i heard something leaned in just a little there it was a soft moan and the rustling of covers.I peeked around the corner there you were laying on your back legs spreading. my heart started racing.I slowly and very quietly unbutoned my pants slipped off my shoes you were very soflty caressing the lips of your pussy i unbuttoned my shirt and stood there fully naked my cock throbbing i could already see the pre cum leaking out of me making the head all shiney. I glanced back at you i could see your pussy starting to become excited your lips were parting ever so slightly i could just see a glimmer of juice as your fingers dipped in for a taste of what was to come. I grabbed my cock and felt it twich from the excitement i thought about how i loved your pussy i could spend hours sampling the dew off your petal how i yearned to trace the folds of your vagina with my tounge lovingly circle t
Low-calorie Thai Red Curry Chicken
1 boneless, skinless chicken breast, cooked, cut in strips 250 ml (about 1 cup) Red Curry Sauce (e.g. Sharwood's Thai Red Curry, low calorie, internationally available, and tastes great!) 1/2 large green pepper, cut in strips 1/3 large cucumber, sliced 6 large mushrooms, sliced 1 tablespoon lime juice 1 tablespoon citrus marmalade (you should aim to purchase a low-sugar marmalade with about 20 cal/tbsp) 1 cup steamed Jasmine Rice 1/2 jalapeno pepper (optional) In a non-stick skillet or wok, stir-fry the pepper, cucumber, and mushrooms in the lime juice and marmalade at medium-high heat. Do not use oil. Stir-fry for five minutes or until the mushrooms darken in color. Add the curry sauce and chicken to the skillet. Stir to coat chicken and vegetables evenly. (You may also add the jalapeno if you desire a spicier sauce. Press the pepper into the pan while cooking to release the pepper's juices into the sauce.) Let the sauce and ingredients simmer for five minutes on medium-hig
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Shout Box
i think my shout box is busted so if i dont respond, email me
Jade To Make You Smile
If beauty could walk hand in hand. Yours would stretch across this land. Then it would sail from our coast over to thier sea. Then it would spread across europe for all to see. Onto africa,austrailia,then to the orient. To doubt that kind of beauty,no they just can't. If I thought a day would go without your smile. God I hate to think I'd ever have to walk that mile.
Debate In Australia.
Can Never Have Enough Of You
You could give me a kiss, that would sizzle to the core; yet I'd not be appeased if you gave me a dozen more. You could hold me close to warm this heart of red yet you'd find that my desire had not fled. You could visit me at night and please me with your touch. yet come the dawn, I'd want you just as much. You could try something old, or something new and improved, yet my hunger for you could never be removed. You could kiss me, hold me, and vow your love so true, but no matter what you do, I'll never get enough of you.
Cajun Shrimp Skillet Supper
1 box Chicken Rice-a-Roni 20 to 30 small canned, fresh or frozen shrimp (thawed) add 2 1/4 cup chopped onion 1/4 cup chopped celery 1/4 cup chopped bell pepper 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 to 3 teaspoons extra spicy Mrs. Dash (to taste) Sauté Rice-a-Roni in oil in skillet with onion, celery, bell pepper and shrimp until golden brown. Add 2 1/3 cups hot water and stir in seasoning pack from Rice-a-Roni and Mrs. Dash. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer 20 minutes. Serves 4.
Astros Craig Biggio Hits 3,000
Astros Craig Biggio collected his 3,000th career hit Thursday with his third single of the night. Got to give it up for a job well done....
Quiche Please
Quiche Please Gore and Bush were in a restaurant ordering brunch. The waitress asks Gore what he would like to order. After looking at the menu, Al says, "I would like Eggs Benedict." The waitress says, "Fine, and what will you have Governor Bush?" Perusing the menu, George says, "Well, I think I'd like to have a quickie." Taken aback, the waitress responds, "Why Sir, that's awful, you're no better than that asshole Clinton." Then Gore leans over and whispers into Bush's ear, "George, that's pronounced 'quiche.'"
The Winners Prettiest Plus Size Cherrytap Lady Contest
The Winners Prettiest Plus Size Cherrytap Lady Contest Are And the winner of A Yacht And the winner of a Porsche and the winner of a Corvettee Get More at
Conerstonefest Pics Day One
sorry i havent been on i been at the cornerstone fest watching bands this week i be home sunday here are some pics of band i got august burns red becoming the archetype inhale exhale
392 Reasons To Date Me!!
Here is the list so far: 1.If you let me take you to dinner, you get free food. 2.I give good back rubs. 3.I have not been indicted in the Whitewater hearings. 4.I'm a good listener. 5.It's more fun than hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. 6.I have my own razor (actually 2). 7.I have never broken into a bear's home and eaten all his porridge. 8.I have no communicable diseases. You might actually enjoy it. 9.I always resist the urge to poke sharp objects into my ear on the first date. 10.I didn't shoot J.R. 11.I am persistent. 12.As of yet, I have never overlooked the importance of regular, continuous breathing. 13.I can usually eat spaghetti without getting sauce on my shirt. 14.I have never pulled the football away from Charlie Brown 15.My shoelaces are hardly ever untied. 16.I only tie women up and spank them when they ask me to. 16.The rumors of my involvement in the Chernobyl crisis are mostly unfounded. 17.I can, at the touch of a bu
Delicate sheets of egg pasta are stuffed with a veal and spinach center which is then topped with creamy béchamel sauce and baked. : Serves 6 1 Recipe Egg Pasta, or 5 oz. Purchased Fresh Pasta Sheets Filling: 2 Teaspoons Olive Oil 2 Tablespoons Minced Onion 1/4 Pound Ground Veal 1/4 Pound Mortadella, Ground 2 Ounces Prosciutto, Minced 2 Cups Spinach, Steamed, Drained And Chopped 2 Cups Ricotta Cheese 3/4 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese Plus 1/2 Cup for Topping Salt & Pepper Dash of Oregano Béchamel Sauce: 3 Cups Whole Milk 4 Tablespoons butter 4 Tablespoons Flour Pinch of Salt To make the béchamel, melt the butter over medium heat. When foaming, add the flour and stir briskly with a whisk or spoon. Cook for about 2 minutes, then slowly add the milk, whisking continuously. Cook for about 3-4 minutes more, until it is of medium-thick consistency, similar to a runny pudding or yogurt. Remove from heat and set aside. Makes about 3 cups
~ Joni Mitchell - Woodstock ~
Take Me
Tease Flirt Taunt me.Make the want and desire grow through dinner dancing everything make each other want so bad we can keep our hands of each other. The looks the lip bitting the touches all through the night. Cant hold out no more hands all over each other tring to make it to the front door kissing so deeply and wildly the want is so intense we cant hardly get that front door open. we get in the house you slow things down back against the wall you look me in my eyes and start kissing me softly slowly taking off my shirt kissing my coller bone chest. taking my breast in your mouth letting me feel your softness teasing them kissing down my tummy slipping my pants off slowly kissing down my thighs as you take them off my legs. kissing back up putting my foot on your shoulder slowly parting my legs. looking up at me like your requesting access i smile as i crip your head moving you slowly to my hot wet pinkness. you start to taste me tease me. i lean back with my back arch
~ Pat Benatar - Love Is A Battlefield ~
~ Marines Murder In Iraq ~ Or Some Say
I have to tell ya, if the World & The Far Left would have been behind this from the begining they would be home by now. If i ever see some son of a bitch with a "only good soilder is a dead soldier" I'm gonna show then free speech, he has the right to carry that sign and i have the right to kick his ass.
Friends Forever
beautiful as a rose, the woman i chose, sweet as pie, almost made me cry, carring and kind, what an amazing woman to find, and in my mind, my heart she did find, so real and true, it makes me feel blue, that im not there holding you, smile for me, that is my plea let your heart soar, let it soar free, and find its way to me.
My Checklist For A Damn Boyfriend
Ok so lately I've run into some really REALLY bad no joke. So I decided that from now on before I even think of dating some cutesie guy he's gotta match up to 90% of the things I put on this checklist, so here it goes =] 1. can't live with mommy and daddy UNLESS he's a fulltime college student. 2. must have a more fun times out on Tara's money =] 3. can't do drugs, drinkings OK and smoking I can live with..but no drugs. 4. he has to have a car...I'm not asking to be chaeufeured(sp) in a benz but don't you dare take me out in a damn station wagon...I don't think that's shallow I just don't want to be embarassed lol and you're grown enough to get a decent car!! 5. has to be active and want to go out and take care of himself...I'm not expecting him to be ripped but you have to care about your health and lookin good for me ; ] 6. he has to be funny...I can't stand people who are always worried about money and bills and are stressed out I need someone whos laid bac
Feelings Of Nothing
There is nothing There is no heart No being broken Or tearing apart There is no pain There is no life There is no comfort There is no knife Grey surrounds Dark has fled Light is shinning But I still feel dead My emotions have drifted Into the air I walk without feeling I walk without care Is this good? Or is it bad? Is it a dream? Have I gone mad? Is it better to feel pain Than anything at all? Is it better to stay still Or just accept a fall? There is no tears Only a blank stare There is no happiness And I do not care...
Hate Me If You Want To
Hate me if you want to, Try and kill me if you dare, All I know is that, I hate it when you're there. I hate the way you call me, The way that you don't care, What I need to know is, Why are you always there? I know why I cant stand you, It's because you cause me pain, I know that it's not worth it, My tears that fall like rain. I hate the way you hurt me, Every single day, I hate the way you cause me pain, In every single way.
June 30
Well It's A Beautiful Day Today. Another Lonely Day On The Road. On My Way To Jessup, MD. Currently In Mississippi. Had A Rough Day Yesterday Dispatch Couldn't Get Nothin Right. I'm Still Single But Think That May Change Soon. Of Course Wouldn't Be The First Time I Was Wrong. It's Funny I Figured By Now I Wouldn't Miss My Ex. Anyway. Ya'll Have A Good Day.
Cornerstone Day 4
flyleaf piller main stage
To The Person That Sent Roses To Me!
Thank you and the letter that came with it was beautifully written! Though I'm not sure who the "mystery" person's nice to feel loved! Thanks again!
Happy 4th
Hey Friends It is Saturday and what’s new in your area, is half of you have fire works tonight or do it on the original 4th of July. The coolest thing there is a mountain you can sit up and watch fire works go over two or three cities. It is a blast but fun to see with a friend. Due to part of the area I live in IT seems so dry to shoot fireworks. But I have a few friends on here that live in Wisconsin, might not where they live. Well play safe and have fun be with friends and family and just enjoy yourself. Me I going to stay home and just relax and enjoy life, your friend ETHAN
Music Writing
Well it's taken this song a long time to progress and manisfest itself into a version that I'm completly happy with...The song is and was originally written as an ode to my beautiful,wonderful,absolutely fantastic,uber sexy girlfriend. I call her "Babygirl" as a pet name and that's what the song is called. It took me getting no sleep last night and into today to finally come up with a rough skeleton version of the song...I have rythm and lead guitar finished for the song's rough version,all that's left is to burn it to disk,take said disk into work and hand it over to my bro DannyBoi so he can come up with a drum pattern to it....Then get the drum pattern back and finally lay down the final version of the song with drums,vocals and then re-do or fine tune some parts on guitar.I have about 60% of the vocals for it written down as well. I'm absolutely drained but exhilirated at the task now accomplished. Just wanted to say that it was done. LOL Take it easy peeps and have a great rest of
Flash Porn 4 Everyone!
a> a> a>daughter and mother: a>
Tiramisu Charlotte
Tiramisu, a traditional Italian dessert, takes on a new form in this gelatin dessert. A mere 45 minutes gives you this beautiful do-ahead dessert.gredients * 3 teaspoons unflavored gelatin * 1/3 cup cold water * 1/2 of a 10-3/4 ounce package frozen or fresh pound cake, thawed if necessary and cut into 1/4-inch-thick slices, or 24 ladyfingers * 2 to 3 tablespoons Marsala or apple juice * 1 8-ounce container mascarpone cheese* or one 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened * 1 tablespoon powdered sugar * 1/4 cup Marsala or apple juice * 4 egg yolks * 1/3 cup granulated sugar * 1-1/2 cups whipping cream * 2 tablespoons instant espresso coffee powder * 1 vanilla bean, split, or 1 teaspoon vanilla * 1 cup whipping cream * Sugared kumquats (optional) * Sugared strawberries (optional) * Orange peel curls (optional) Directions 1. In a 1-cup glass measure sprinkle the gelatin over cold wate
Oven-roasted Chicken With Spicy Cornmeal Crust
8 servings Prep: 30 minutes Marinate: 4 hours Roast: 1 hour 15 minutes View Nutrition Facts Ingredients * 3 pounds meaty chicken pieces (breasts, thighs, and drumsticks) * 3/4 cup buttermilk * 1/4 cup olive oil or cooking oil * 2 tablespoons finely chopped shallots * 1 tablespoon finely shredded lemon peel * 1/4 cup lemon juice * 1 tablespoon mild to medium chile powder, such as Ancho or New Mexico * 1 teaspoon dried thyme or rosemary, crushed * 2 eggs, slightly beaten * 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese * 1/2 cup cornmeal * 1/3 cup fine dried bread crumbs * 2 tablespoons snipped fresh parsely * 2 tablespoons margarine or butter, melted Directions 1. Place chicken in a plastic bag set in a deep bowl. For marinade, stir together buttermilk, oil, shallots, lemon peel, lemon juice, chile powder, thyme or rosemary, and 1 tablespoon salt. Pour over chicken; close bag. Chill 4 hours, turn
Have I Not
i thought that i had said ty to everyone in my blog and if i did not and it was just a dream ty everyone you are all awsome and i love you all i hope that i can get caught up before i am old and grey lol
One Phsyco Dude
well his guy i ct had been harassing my friend and i but we never faught all of a sudden she tries to talk o him and what not. but then she strats to flirt. well i didnt care until she started ellin everyone on ct that i was n internet whore and everyon one of er friends should wath their backs. now thats a dick move iright there. well i told the guy to grow up and be a man and i told hin to coplain to his mom and brother that a 19 year old made him cry/.then hethreaten to come to the us o kill me. i dont get men and i dont get that bitch either if u have any advice plz let me know.
Let It Go
"shame on you if you fooled me once, shame on me if you fooled me twice" if love is an art it would be a picasso. nothing is to scale and things can be in a pretty messy sometimes even unattractive to the eyes. you cant predict what will happen next until you see the picture and really look at it. yet people are drawn to it just because it challenges them and it makes them want to use their gray matter and find meaning to the picture or puzzle. some would be afraid to say no, they dont like it, just because it is touted as one of the greats or one of the masters. that would show just how much of a backbone one has. it is a personal choice, so go ahead and mock it. the artist wont care. much like a love gone wrong, we look and think about the what ifs and the maybe nows which is disastrous. because that picture will not change even if you buy it and put it in a place of honor in your house or dump it in the dumpster. let it go. someone else might know what to do with it
The Ugly Duckling
The Ugly Duckling Once there was a girl, she was born to a loving mother. She was different from all the other people. In her little village fish was worshiped. But she liked the earth. All the people thought she was crazy because she didn't like the things they liked. Her mother also began to say, you are crazy little girl, be like them or they will hurt you. And the little girl tried to like fish, but she couldn't hide her love for the earth. So the people hurt her, even her loving mother became hostile. They all wanted her to go away, from the town, because she didn't like the things they liked. She fled the town, and tried to find someone just like her. But people would like different things. The girl loved all life. And she couldn't choose just one thing to like best and even after she found worshipers of the earth they would not like her and make her one of their own because she liked other things just as much. Finally after a long and diff
Alright I was born and raised in California, but I go to school in WVA, I miss WVA, holy fucking shit
Kids Don't Do Drugs
You start a relationship...thinking that maybe this one is going to be different....right?? Then you realize that life is pretty much the same..when something goes good in your life then most likely something bad will happen..Call me negative...but thats the way it seems... So I meet this man....Boy hes a good one...Oscar winner potential....He played me like a slide guitar....I was putty in his hands...and he knew it....He said all the right things...did the right things.. and gave me what I thought was love..Did I mention I met him right after my divorce...10yrs...Starting over 28... So it goes...he isn't what you would call a hottie...he was good looking...but my tastes are a lil odd to say the least...Drifted a lil there excuse me..back to the story....He gave me what I was looking for....attention.. Yes I can say I had very low self esteem at this juncture.....So....after a few months of dating...which I thought was wonderful...He cheats on me with a woman.. I
The Only Man I Trust
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the Lord and depart from evil...."
Bedroom Painting Project
Some of you that chat with me on a daily basis will know I'm painting my bedroom this weekend. Today will be the day I paint the computer desk area of my room & so I might possibly be down for a few days. I have a massive corner computer desk & so moving it will not be fun or easy. The trim is a darker brown than the walls so it's going to take time to get it done. I very easily could be MIA until the 4th/5th of July. To my wonderful friends who visit me & comment me daily; please don't forget about me. Girly glitter comments from Girly glitter comments from Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m XOXO~Lizzy~
I Want To Thank You!
I am sitting here taking a look at my friends and past friends that I have had. Well just one past friend. I want to thank all my girls for being a true friend, one that would never turn around and hate on me because of some stupid rumor. I want to thank the true Irish Goddess Annie, I love you! She is the true Irish Goddess because she has the heart and the beautiful red hair. I couldn't thank her and her man more. They have been awesome, I do feel like now I can take myself and my kids there to play with her kids and myself to hang out with great friends. To you, and you know who you are. I still love you, and your girls are always in my heart. They are innocent and don't know the error of adult ways. I want to thank Jennifer. (the person I am going to grow old with haha). She was right about this past friend from the night of my birthday last year. I should have never left you alone with her and I hope you can forgive me for that. Well nevermind you already did. Jennifer you give me
god i cant wait till i can buy me a vic i hate deleteing my pictures geesh
Chicken Cacciatore (hunter Style Chicken)
Chicken cacciatore is an Italian dish of chicken braised in a tomato-based sauce and often includes wild mushrooms. It is frequently referred to as "hunter style" as the word cacciatore means "hunter" in Italian. I don't know the source of the name, but someone mentioned that if a hunter came home empty-handed, his wife would kill a chicken for the meal instead. For this recipe, we used fresh tomatoes and omitted the mushrooms. But you could easily add mushrooms and vegetables such as zucchini or bell peppers. One 3 1/2 pound chicken, cut into pieces 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 cup thinly sliced onions 2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced Salt and freshly ground pepper 1/3 cup white wine 2 cups peeled and chopped, firm ripe tomatoes (or canned plum tomatoes in their juice) 1 Rinse chicken and pat dry. Heat olive oil in a large skillet on medium heat, add the onions and cook until translucent, stirring occasionally. Push the onions to the side. Add the garlic and chicken pi
Ginger Chicken With Almonds
4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves (1 1/2 - 2 lbs. total) 2 teaspoons ground coriander 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger plus ¼ cup julienned fresh ginger 4 teaspoons grapeseed oil or other high flash point oil such as canola oil 2 teaspoons white-wine vinegar 1/2 teaspoond kosher salt 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper 4 large scallions (or 6 small), trimmed 1/2 cup mango chutney, large pieces chopped 1/4 cup chicken broth 1 teaspoon minced garlic 1/4 cup sliced almonds, toasted 1 Slice chicken crosswise into ½-inch-thick pieces. Toss with ground coriander, grated ginger, 2 teaspoons oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper in a medium bowl. Marinate at room temperature 15 minutes (or longer, or overnight, in the refrigerator). 2 Thinly slice white parts of scallions. Julienne green parts; set aside. 3 Stir together chutney, broth, and garlic in a small bowl. 4 Heat remaining 2 teaspoons oil in a 12-inch nonstick skillet (or wok) over medium-high heat. Add scalli
Let Them Grow Part 4
5a) How can hemp be used as a fuel? The pulp (hurd) of the hemp plant can be burned as is or processed into charcoal, methanol, methane, or gasoline. The process for doing this is called destructive distillation, or `pyrolysis.' Fuels made out of plants like this are called `biomass' fuels. This charcoal may be burned in today's coal-powered electric generators. Methanol makes a good automobile fuel, in fact it is used in professional automobile races. It may someday replace gasoline. Hemp may also be used to produce ethanol (grain alcohol.) The United States government has developed a way to make this automobile fuel additive from cellulosic biomass. Hemp is an excellent source of high quality cellulosic biomass. One other way to use hemp as fuel is to use the oil from the hemp seed -- some diesel engines can run on pure pressed hemp seed oil. However, the oil is more useful for other purposes, even if we could produce and press enough hemp seed to power many millions of cars. 5b)
Note that cioppino is typically served with the shellfish still in their shells, making for somewhat messy eating. It's a lot of fun for an informal gathering. Have plenty of napkins available and don't wear white. Recipe adapted from a couple of recipes by James Beard Seafood 3 pounds halibut, sea bass, or other firm white fish, cut into inch-long cubes 1 large (2 lb or more) cooked Dungeness crab (hard shell) or a cooked lobster 1 pound (or more) of large shrimp 2 pounds little neck clams, mussels, or oysters or all three Sauce 1/2 cup olive oil 1 1/2 cups chopped onion (1 large onion) 1 cup chopped green bell pepper (1 large green bell pepper) 3 coves garlic, minced 1 teaspoon salt 1 28 ounce can tomatoes Broth from the mollusks 2 cups red wine 2 cups tomato juice 2 cups fish or shellfish stock An herb bouquet of bay leaf, parsley, and basil wrapped in a layer of cheesecloth and secured with kitchen string Salt and pepper to taste 1/2 cup minced parsley for
These edges cut worse than any knife. The penetration goes deeper with each word. Your eyes say more than words can say They show me the blood you're truely bleeding. Your skin kindles more than the embers of any fire. I thirst for any drop of you I can get. The blessings that are present, With every step that I take, Knowing you're always at close quarters, I can always plead for your acknowledgement. Seething memories are the only things holding me back. I require your hands to encircle my face, Not letting go, until I need your hands there. Please, glue back the pieces, You know where they were found. I will beg any way I can. And let you take control. I am going to stand up proudly Next to you, My will making them suffer.
Mod Of The Day
Vote For Stang
New Blog
Well, a lot has happened since I posted a blog last. I turned 20 on May 19th and have been having a blast not being a "teenager" anymore. What sucks though is that my boyfriend and I of almost 4 years broke up 2 days before my birthday and I'm not entirely sure why. But it's okay. I'm still young. I still have plenty of time before I'm ready to settle down. I just finished up my sophomore year of college in May and I've been partying a lot. Been getting wasted a lot and it's been tons of fun. Haven't been working too much though and it sucks. I've been talking with an ex of mine who's been in Iraq since August of last year and he isn't coming home until November. We dated for a year and a half while I was in high school and we're thinking about mending the differences between us and getting back together. I did tell him that I didn't want to get into anything too serious until he came home and we knew for sure that things would work out. My heart still hurts pretty bad ove
I love this piece. It is possessed of a great beauty which revives my soul. Though it has an air of sadness, it soothes me. Darrell forgot to call me tonight. We spoke briefly before I headed out the door on my way to work. He advised that he'd catch me at work. He didn't. I'm whining, I know, but there are times when his voice is enough to right the world. Victoria knows what I mean. Blah. I can't do this right now. Love you all dearly.
good morning my awsome friends well it is monday again i know all of you or most of you are draging your feet saying it is monday ewwww lol,so here is something to cheer you up my love is with you through the day cause looking at my pictures does not pay keep my smile in mind and you will find that time will pass by love you all susan
Floating on wings of sheer Beauty flutters of the heart, butterflies dancing within, feel them, there dancing deep inside, stealing your breath, a gasp to survive, trying to beleive, a wanting to experiance, there brillant sheer breath taking beauty. Delicate and fragile is the butterflies heart, when touched it leaves a fine silken dust, that coates its possesor's scenses, and embeds itself forever within, within to stay, be it forever, or only in the heart?, never the less it stays, and its likeness NEVER to be known again, and its beauty everlasting. Rare one of a kind, flutters of LOVE bringing of heartach, soft murmurs, silken flesh, distant and alone in sadness confusion, soaring to highs to be fluttering so low, WHY? tis the cycle of life brief intense, then for instant NOTHING! close enough to feel but to far to touch, the butterfly so near but yet so far. Shhhhhhh but waits, waiting, hovering in the stillness of this place, foolish
Happy 4th Of July
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m hugs and kisses.. Lorie
Public Intox
I can't stand pieces of shit that get drunk and then go out in public like stores and such. They stink like B.O., cigs, and alcohol. They are so fuckin stupid when you talk to them you just want to smack the crap out of them. If you need your alcohol that bad, stay the fuck home!
Night Guys
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m I have been batteling migrains for the last few days, so forgive me for not being around! Hope all is well with you all and have a great week and 4th!
This site is getting very slow hopefully tomorrow it will be FASTER
Hey Baby
Eyes Closed
Darkness has cast his shadow across the room...the only noise is that from the air conditioner on the occasion that it kicks in, and that of the soft whispers of breath coming from my mouth as I lay..thinking of you. I close my eyes and wait, and I feel you. I feel you, running your hands along my side...caressing my legs, up to my waist, and then my arms. I am warmed by the soft kisses on my neck and I roll on my back to let you caress all of me. I haven't opened my eyes, but I know you are going to touch me more....I know soon I will feel your hands cupping my breast...making me swell with love, for that is what I have always done. You wrap your mouth around my nipple and I suck in my breath. With your tongue gliding along my nipple you take the other and hand and cup my other breast, squeezing gently. You put your lips to my mouth, and hold them there... and I can't breathe...I wait...and finally you take your tongue and run it along my lips...wet and soft...and you kiss me.
How Jealous Are You?
You Are 46% Jealous You're a fairly jealous person, but it's nothing to beat yourself up about. A little jealousy is perfectly normal, though sometimes you take it a little far. Recognize when jealousy is taking over your life, and try to hold back your impulses. You'll be a better (and happier) person for it! How Jealous Are You?
Headed To Me Out While I'm Gone
I'm headed off to work. Just wanted to remind you all to stop in and help out with the contest that i entered... a picture of my Dad. Please stop by and drop a whoooooooole lot of comments for me, while I'm at work. It would sure be appreciated!!!! THANKS BUNCHS, AND BUNCHES, AND BUNCHES!!!!
Foorprints In The Sand
One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the LORD. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand: one belonging to him, and the other to the LORD. When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life. This really bothered him and he questioned the LORD about it: "LORD, you said that once I decided to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me." The LORD replied: "My son, my precious child, I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial
Feelings Left Behind
Feelings left behind - or are they? They stay like a bad memory only to come up at what it seems to be a very bad time - the thought that never goes away. Feelings that you try to push away out of heart and mind but only to find you feel and think about them more. People come in to your life for a reason but when they break your heart like a dropping a glass on the floor, your left holding all the small peices to try and put back together. It never fully gets put back together and sometimes changes shape making an ugly figure that doesnt even resemble what you started with and always missing peices. Never whole again. Wishing you could go back in time before it was broken to stop it from happening. Feelings that change a person forever. Something that is not easily forgoten as much as you want to forget it. Finding that one special person you want to stay with only to get shattered like the glass. Months even years go by and you can not forget. You cant forget the touch, the smell or t
What is love? What is money? What is entitlement? What is apathy? What is drama? What is a mortgage? What is a house? What are kids? What is marriage? What is divorce? What is jealousy? What is life? There's no real answer, so I will not waste the course of my existence finding one.
Love A Drift
Like two icebergs in an ocean, She slowly drifts away. The bond we swore together, Tears more and more each day. The tighter I try and hold, The less of her I feel. I can picture my life without her, And now it seems so real. It seems like just yesterday, She had tears of joy in her eyes. Now as she turns and walks away, She has said her final goodbye.
If You Had Me Alone
Family Reunion
Sorry, all my friends, but I will be gone til Sunday to Indy for a family reunion. For all the contestants, I will try to make it up to you darlings. To my new friends: I will tap you when I can! lol Have a super 4th of July, all, your friend, Apachahokee (a.k.a. Darrell)
Happy 4th July
I would like to wish all my amercian friends and family a Very Happy 4th July. Hope you all have a great day, whatever you are doing. COOL MySpace Comments
so yeah i went a little bit nuts and now ive gone and driven to florida to stay with a friend.. 1800 mile trip only 2 major screw ups along the way.. getting lost in the ghettos of boston at two am is not recommended by the way.. yeah and 3 hours in the bronx freaking out wondering if im in the right lane cause god damn it im stuck in the morning rush.. yucky.. anyways i got to the pan handle at noon yester day and im trying to get my head outta my ass.. im a little tweaky but i think i can make it through all this pain.. i miss my philip and i cant beleve that with losing him and a week later getting brutally raped that it will all be ok in the end.. but some how it always is.. i need a nap~
Furniture Repair
if anyone has friends or family in ohio that needs furniture repair have them contact and check out
Pussy Lickin
“secret Love” By Jöseph Lee Foster-shumpert-lear, 1996
“Secret Love” by Jöseph Lee Foster-Shumpert-Lear, 1996 Published 7 April 2004 :: Poetry Read more by Jöseph Lee Foster-Shumpert-Lear Author's description I have never in my life had the guts to walk up to a woman and ask them out on a date or even as friends to a movie so in part this poem is based on that and also ive just never stood up for anything i believe in. I have just sat back and watched as all i loved was taken away from me either in death or by a corporial form...i hope you like it You are long gone by now In which case I am hoping and praying for no reason The life has left your tiny bodies, and never will remain to it or to me I will never see your smiles, or listen to your sobs as you fail at something new in your lives I will miss out on the finer things in life like watching you grow up, dating, and the talks that would have been just between you and me When I heard the news of your deaths; I fell to my knees crying This can't be You were young and he
Well today I finally told her we are through. No more name calling and yelling. Where are all my friends? I need them right now.
What'd everybody do for the fourth? I spent all day waiting for my father's family to show up.
Beef And Chipotle Burritos
Ingredients * 1-1/2 pounds boneless beef round steak, cut 3/4 inch thick * 1 14-1/2-ounce can diced tomatoes, undrained * 1/3 cup chopped onion (1 small) * 1 to 2 canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, chopped (see tip, page 64) * 1 teaspoon dried oregano, crushed * 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin * 1 clove garlic, minced * 6 9- to 10-inch tomato-flavored or plain flour tortillas, warmed * 3/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese (3 ounces) * 1 recipe Pico de Gallo Salsa * Shredded jicama or radishes (optional) * Dairy sour cream (optional) Directions 1. Trim fat from meat. Cut meat into 6 pieces. In a 3-1/2- or 4-quart crockery cooker place meat, undrained tomatoes, onion, chipotle peppers, oregano, cumin, and garlic. 2. Cover; cook on low-heat setting for 8 to 10 hours or on high-heat setting for 4 to 5 hours. Remove meat from cooker. Using 2 forks, pull meat apart into shreds. Place meat in a large bowl. St
Realistically, How Will You Die?
You scored as Committing Suicide, Sure you have the occasional good day, but life just isn’t cutting it for you, and you have so many reasons to just end it all right here and now. Maybe you won’t succeed, and you’ll realize your mistake, but chances are you’re going to kill yourself.Committing Suicide86% Dying Of Old Age77% Getting Murdered34% Dying Of Cancer26% Death By Heart Attack20% An Accidental Death14% Realistically, how will you die?created with
waiting til I am alone to finish writing this one
I Haven't Been On Here Much
If you are rating me and fanning or whatnot please have patience I am trying to get to everyone!. I have been ill lately and just haven't been around as much and that makes it hard to keep up! Thanks xoxo
Sexiest Morph Contest Will Start Sunday
Dedicated To All Of Sir George's Friends
This will be the last poem, or at least for a while? This is Dedicated to all of my Friends. To each and everyone of you! Since I have been lucky to have been able to talk with some of the Most Beautiful Women in the World! I dedicate this poem to all of you. Please Send My Friend An Angel... Please send my friend an angel send her one of mine a loving and caring one the best that you can find Please sned my friend an angel and trust her with it's care someone or something for her to love and to always be there Please send my friend an angel one to help her fill her days with hope, love, and laughter and the warth of sunshine rays Please send my friend an angel you know she gave me of mine please send her down an angel a true friends hard to find. Thank you all for being my Friend. You dont know what that means to me? Im sorry that Im not here to be with you today. But I have somethings that I have to take care of? So I have sent you the Angel that was
It's Story Time.....
It’s Story Time. Part One She’s a simple girl, doesn’t want from anybody, loves people, and works hard. She was raised to believe everyone gets a fair chance. Now what you do with that chance is up to you. She was also raised with an alcohol, a habitual liar, a wife beater, and a con man/ thief.. But she came through it maybe not with shining colors, but close enough wit today’s society. She promised herself not to be tied up with resemblance from the past. She strayed away from liars, had her bout with drinking, but knew when to stop, can spot a con man, and has a fear of marriage due to what she saw growing up. Her fear didn’t stop her from coming close to marriage, four times I think it was. Anyway, she was very independent, she worked most of the time, or she was trying to better herself with classes, always in classes. Now this girl was a fat child, whom grew into a very slim, healthy, young lady. She purchased her own place, worked on it day and night,
So Can I
I can look into your eyes And see you're not for real I know you don't mean what you say Or feel what you say you feel I know this game, I've played it before I know it all too well I know all your moves before you make them You can't hide inside your shell I can't, however, make you love me I can't make you stay So I'll just play along with you In hopes you will, someday.
Freakin Datin
I don't understand men sometimes.... well its more like all the time. Well, I just started dating after 4 years of being single. My last relationship that I was in was for 7 years and I of course I thought everything was okay but it wasnt. Well, Anyways.... ~~~Okay fellas...If you are rude, arogant, or pushy you might as well move on to the next girl because I'm not down with all of that...sorry for those who stayed to continue to read on...I'm 34 years old and I have been playing the dating game for a short time now and it really sucks~ To be very honest you really can't get to know someone in a couple of hours and on that first meeting people aren't really being themselves,(at least the ones I have met) I am just your average girl next door so if your looking for a "barbie" type then u might want to move on to the next profile cause I'm the type that don't mind getting dirty when I'm working or playing, but don't worry cause I do like to look good for whoever I'm with. And I am looki
for July 6, 2007 You were so absorbed that you didn't notice how much time had passed. Wow! How did that happen and can you get it to happen again? You'll find out if you keep at this fascinating new hobby. For once my horoscope was right!LMAO Up till 4am and seeing the sunrise for the first time in a long time. How did that happen? Must have been an interesting conversation!
Rate Mmy Top 100 Pics
on my page theres top member pics angels hot photos check them out today and rate my blogs thanks derek christain fun room mummxxx godbless you all
Sorry should not be accepted,because if you say you are sorry you should not have done what you did in the first place. Lord Michael
This Is For The Soldiers
The Girl
the girls picture that i put up that i said she thought she was hotter then me is my sister and yes she is on drugs so be nice with the comments she is still my sister
Hi There
posted some new picks of me my surgery and of my best friend in the whole world come by checkem out and comment on them have a wonderfl day
Ass Is Not Offensive!
i just had a mumm deleted because it was "not safe for work". it was a poll to see what kind of ASS people prefer, small and tight or fat and jiggly. i got a few votes before some one (i think it was that goth country chick) voted it not safe for work. never in my adult life has ASS been offensive. every single person has got one. the pics i put on the mumm were not racy. you couldn't see any vag or anything; on was covered the the had a thong and jeans. but this "mature" site found that offensive. bottom line is this... the rules on this site are a joke. even myspace would let me post pictures of chicks butts. but CherryTap is so much better than myspace... yeah right. but i'm on a mission now. i'm going to return the favor... they want this site to be clean and wholesome, i'm gonna start helping them out... VIVA EL REVALUCION!
To All My Cowboys/male Friends
You Can't Upload More Then One Picture At A Time?
There a lot of you on my friends list that have said to me that they wished CT would find a way to have multiple pictures uploaded at one time, CT has this feature with internet explorer, this browser will ask you to install a plug in that will allow to you upload multiple photos, if you can't do this your browser will not support the plug in, I know fire fox will not but Maxthon uses Internet explorer plug ins so this may not be an issue with this browser. AOL I am not sure of this browser I am sure that it don't.
Oral Lessions
I have this neighbor who is absolutely gorgeous. Her name is Chandra, is married with one daughter, and has a very cheery disposition. I got her a job where I work and we see each other quite often. Every man I know that has met her is just amazed at her beauty and wonderful personality. She has a smile to die for and her body is awesome. Almost all of our neighbors in the apartment complex get together often to cook out in the back yard. When I talk to her I have an extremely hard time controlling myself, because my eyes want to wander downward to take in all her beauty. There have been many times she was outside at the picnic table wearing a miniskirt and opened her legs to stand up or shift. She wears very sexy silk panties of different colors. The first time was a short glimpse of pink, the second time was a pale green. Just about the only colors I haven't seen is white and black. What prompted me to write are some incidents that started a few weeks ago. I was sitting at the
~ Tom Jones - Delilah ~
~ Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat ~
Whats In A Name...?
Two doctors opened offices in a small town and put up a sign reading, "Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones, Psychiatry and Proctology." The town fathers were not too happy with the sign, and they proposed "Hysteria and Posteriors." The doctors didn't find it acceptable, so they suggested "Schizoids and Hemorrhoids." The town didn't like that either and countered with "Catatonics and High Colonics." Thumbs down again. By now the story was in the papers, and suggestions began rolling in: "Manic-depressives and Anal-retentive." "Minds and Behinds." "Lost Souls and A**holes." "Analysis and Anal Cysts." "Queers and Rears." "Nuts and Butts." "Freaks and Cheeks." "Loons and Moons." None of these satisfied one side or the other, but they finally settled on "Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones, Odds and Ends."
~ Blue Collar Comedy Tour - Big Deck - Starring Drew Carey ~
July 7, 2007
Pushing your boundaries can be uncomfortable, but in this case it's beneficial. Once you go as far as you can, take your time getting settled and comfortable. Before you know it, you'll have the itch to move again.
A New Start
So here goes...i wanna start fresh and find that one that makes me smile for no reason at all. im gonna play cherrytap now to meet people,make new friends and maybe fall inlove. no games...the real me. some men on here claim they are falling for me. how can this be. to u men who r so called true to yourself,make the right decisions and fall inlove because u want it and your heart tells u to...not cause ur lonely...with that said im back on cherrytap
New Kid On The "cherry" Block....
Stop by and say "Hi" to the new guy: rolltender707@ CherryTAP
Dixie Girls Pride Of The South
Largest Database of ImagesFor Comments And Profiles at
Quote For July 4 (because I Wasn't Here To Leave Them Then)
The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them. -- Patrick Henry As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence. -- Benjamin Franklin There, I guess King George will be able to read that. [Remark on signing American Declaration of Independence] -- John Hancock We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. -- Benjamin Franklin A pure democracy is a society consisting of a small number of citizens, who assemble and administer the government in person. -- James Madison A government is like fire, a handy servant, but a dangerous master. -- George Washington A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference. -- Thomas Jefferson
7 Wonders Of The World.... 7 new wonders of the world chosen By BARRY HATTON, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 27 minutes ago The Great Wall of China, Rome's Colosseum, India's Taj Mahal and three architectural marvels from Latin America were among the new seven wonders of the world chosen in a global poll released on Saturday. Jordan's Petra was the seventh winner. Peru's Machu Picchu, Brazil's Statue of Christ Redeemer and Mexico's Chichen Itza pyramid also made the cut. About 100 million votes were cast by the Internet and cellphone text messages, said New7Wonders, the nonprofit organization that conducted the poll. The seven beat out 14 other nominated landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Easter Island in the Pacific, the Statue of Liberty, the Acropolis, Russia's Kremlin and Australia's Sydney Opera House. The pyramids of Giza, the only surviving structures from the original seven wonders of the ancient world, were as
Mod Of The Day
Just Please Don't Give Up On Me
Like a wounded animal, I will sometimes lash out when hurt Not thinking, not meaning to hurt anyone, yet gravely misunderstood Wanting no one to see my tears, as I hide my water filled eyes, Lashing out in hurt behind my protected wall of anger and pride. Misunderstood, is a young woman verbally attacked and abandoned To heal her own wounds in the shadow of herself, Vulnerable, knowing the world could care less, I place my shield In full view, as I heal my inner pains, allowing no one in. Look into my eyes, instead of my words, You will see my love, my softness, and my vulnerability. Words can easily be said in anger or hurt, that's plain to see, Search my heart instead...Dont give up on me.
good night you awsome peolple talk to you tomorrow kisses
How To Treat Your Man Simple List
1 give us respect. as in when we get mad and want to cool down. dont come charging over trying to get the last word in because that shit is fucking stupid. you want us to act mature then give us our space, dont get in our face! 2 stop fucking playing mind games. "honey i like this" okay do you want me to buy it? "no its okay" alright put it down and walk away "but honey.." fuck that shit. you want it buy it. if we offer to buy it tell us right then and there dont act like a little kid take charge and do something dont fucking play games. 3 dont be insecure and ask us because honestly... if we didnt like the way you looked, the way you dressed. WE WOULDNT BE WITH YOU! "do i look good in this?" "am i fat do you think i am?" "would you like me to wear this?" "what about this?" "this one?" "do you like this one?" fuck we like you in anything you wear for fucks sake! 4 DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE ME AND MAKE ME WEAR WHAT YOU THINK IS GOOD! as soon as i wanna
Sometimes I Wish
Sometimes I wish I wish I was like a star shining' high in the sky surrounded by millions of other stars being friends with all of them no one hates each other but no one loves another shining there high above the sky in the night together with the moonlight no one is sad no one is ever hurt no one cries no one lies no one despise they are all happy together for billion years until one of them begins to fall she falls lower and lower until she hits the ground the ground of the earth then she became a humane and she’s been hurt so bad and almost no one cares about her feelings she cries everybody lies to her people say that she’s a big disgrace but why? Because her mother never took care of her? Because she’s never been healthy in her whole life? Or is it just because she felt Deeper and deeper Until no one will ever see her And the day that she will be happy Is the last day of her life And when she’s in heaven looking down She thinks Was it all wor
Devilish Eggs
Yield: 8 servings 6 each Hard boiled eggs 2 tablespoon Mayonnaise 2 tablespoon Poupon mustard 1 tablespoon Louisiana hot sauce 1 tablespoon Pimentos, mashed 3 tablespoon Dill relish 1 x Salt, to taste Cut the eggs in half. Remove yolk from white and set white aside. Mash yolks with a fork and add the mayonnaise and the rest of the ingredients. Spoon mixture back into egg whites and serve on a bed of lettuce.
The Wedding Singer
Free Bbq Grills
Sometimes I Wonder Are new passport rules making the US safer? By Zoe Tillman, Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor Fri Jul 6, 4:00 AM ET A new rule aimed at protecting US borders is behind the backlog of passport applications that has frustrated countless Americans this summer. But some experts and federal employees who check applications warn that these shortcomings mean more work needs to be done to improve this aspect of national security. Increasing the number of Americans who hold passports will enhance border security, they agree. But limitations in the approval process, they add, make it difficult to be sure that those who shouldn't get a passport don't. Some argue that adjudicators aren't given enough time to thoroughly check applications; others say the databases used to verify an applicant's identity and eligibility are incomplete. "In theory, it will be more difficult for [terrorists or criminals] to come into
The Other Side Of Effort
On the other side of effort is accomplishment. On the other side of effort is the achievement of your goal. From where you now stand, the effort may look like something you would rather avoid. The challenges may appear to be imposing and even insurmountable. Think for a moment, though, about what things will look like from the other side of the effort, when it is finished. Consider how it will be once you've made the effort and moved through the challenges. Looking back on the effort, you'll be thankful you did it. Looking back on the challenges, you'll know how much stronger and more capable they made you. Looking back on the whole experience, you'll realize that your commitment and persistence took you somewhere special. They took you precisely where you had chosen to go. The effort you now face will make significant demands of you, and yet the rewards are many. Choose now to start working your way to the other side. -- Ralph Marston
Time To Go Back To Work?
Alright folks, gotta be honest! Since i came here in Chicago i dawdled a little bit more than i expected. I needed some rest. Now my time in Chicago is almost finished. I didn't find any interesting job here. Then, in the last two weeks, a turning point, two big chances. Unexpectedly. From a relative who knows a VIP here in the States. She is gonna help me out getting an interview in a big company in North Carolina. They have offices in Chicago as well. So that's a good news. I'm not worried about my skills, lucky those are something i can be proud of. I had to push a little bit for the other one. I wrote to the BIG BIG BOSS of the company i had worked till April. I wrote in Belgium, and the BIG BIG BOSS forwarded my resumee to the zone director for North America, who is living in CHICAGO!!! I have a good reputation in my ex-company. That's great. I mean, i don't know what is going to be yet , but i've learned another lesson in my life. Everytime i write down a few rows i
Moving On
I am trying to move on from him. He just makes me feel so bad cuz I am leaving him and he has no where else to go. I keep trying to tell myself, its not my problem, but I care about him and I hate to see him go through all this. I am just at a loss as what to do.
Our Wedding
Please Help Her Level Up To Friend Of Cherrytap
thank you all she only has pics to rate thank you all for helping her out love ya seejaykaygee
This Is What I Believe
I Believe ..> I Believe... I believe- that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe- that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I believe- that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. I believe- that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe- that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe- that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I believe- that you can keep going long after you can't. I believe- that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I believe- that either you control your attitude or it controls you. I believe- that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, th
Very Sexy Member Of My Family
Heike - the queen@ CherryTAP
Fuck You We're From North Carolina
Posted from a California boy: CALIFORNIA: - I can wear sandals all year long - I go to the Beach - not "down to the shore" -Our chicks are WAYYYY hotter than yours. Well...Miami can hang. - I say "like" and "for sure" and "right on" and "dude" and "totally" and "peace out" and "chill" and "tight" and "bro" and I say them often - I know what real cheese & avocados taste like -Everyone smokes weed and its no big deal -We'll roll up 40 deep when something goes down. -I live next door to Mexicans, but we call them American's! -All the porn you watch is made here, cause we're better and thats how it is - I don't get snowdays off because theres only snow in Mammoth, Tahoe, Shasta, and Big Bear - I know 65 mph really means 100 - When someone cuts me off, they get the horn and the finger and high speed chase cuz we dont fuck around on the road - The drinking age is 21 but everyone starts at 14 (legally 18 if you live close enough to the border) - My g
Take Care Of You
First, take good care of yourself. When you do, there is no limit to the value you can create for all the other people in your life and your world. Begin each day by being good to yourself. When you are the best you can be, that's when you have the most to give. Find the real joy that lives in each moment, and allow yourself to be filled with it. Your joyful approach to life can make a world of positive difference for everyone around you. Find and fulfill those things that bring you enjoyment and real satisfaction. It is in those things that you can bring great value to the world. There's a reason why it feels so good to feel good. It encourages you to do what you do best. Be good to you, and you'll become a more interesting, creative and productive person. Be good to you, and you'll have what it takes to truly make a difference in the lives of others. -- Ralph Marston
When The Levee Beeaks
HOT MySpace Comments & HOT MySpace Layouts
People Ask Me Why And I Will Tell You Why
I met a couple ladies off my island, and those who would did meet me (on here) gave me nothing but drama. And people ask me why dont I wont I date locals. Well maybe I havent met someone on this island who dont have issues or drama. Its fairly simple, you got drama, either check it at the door, or dont bother me. I dont need to live my life as a soap opera to have my life complete.
Hot Times Jalapeno Turkey Breast
Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 20 minutes Inactive Prep Time: 12 hours Cook Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Yield: 8 servings This recipe is available for a limited time only. Why? 1 (6 to 8-pound) turkey breast Hot Times Rub, recipe follows Hot Times Mop, recipe follows Massage the turkey breast with the Hot Times Rub, making sure to get it over and under the skin without tearing. Place the breast in a plastic bag and refrigerate overnight. Prepare the smoker for barbecuing, bringing the temperature to 200 to 220 degrees F. Remove the turkey breast from the refrigerator and let it sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Cut a 3-foot piece of cheesecloth and dampen it thoroughly with water. Wrap the breast in the cheesecloth and tie the ends. Transfer the breast to the smoker, skin side up, and cook for 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours per pound, or until the internal temperature reaches 180 degrees F. Wet the cheesecloth down with more water at 30-minute intervals, or as appropriat
Cheezy Hashbrowns
As If "As If" As IfSara Evans Ooh Yeah I love the way you wear those worn out blue jeans walking all around in the big sunshine Baby let me believe that you're perfect at least for a little while You don't have to tell me what you're thinking You can keep all that to yourself Baby we got such a good thing going don't show me that you're someone else {Chorus} Cause Im acting as if this blue sky's never gonna rain down on me I'm telling myself This true love's never gonna leave me lonely Unless there's something I've missed I'm acting as if We don't have to have a conversation Baby don't ya think it's going fine We don't need to send out invitations to tell the world that you're mine {Chorus} Cause Im acting as if this blue sky's never gonna rain down on me I'm telling myself This true love's never gonna leave me lonely Unless there's something I've missed I'm acting as if As if your sweet kiss is never gonn
Another One
How can I know so surely that I'll love you No matter what the future has in store? Time is like a cave in which our torches Show only the circumference of our minds. But love is will far more than it is passion, Though passion may at first sustain the will. One chooses love the way one chooses faith Because that is the way that heaven lies. My love for you is vaster than the ocean, More rich in loveliness than coral seas. I could no more relinquish it than let go Willingly the precious gift of life. I am afraid to love, and yet I love you. My fear is like a wall I walk right through. The wall is there, and yet it doesn't stop me. I need it still, and yet I still need you. I know someday we will be in a field Surrounded by the blessing of the sky. I'll dance with all the freedom of pure joy, Needing you without a reason why. But now I'm still afraid that I might lose you, That you might not accept my desperate need. You make me laugh and cry and be c
Passing Stuff On...
Apex Online, July is live, featuring free fiction from David Niall Wilson and Alethea Kontis, plus reviews and interviews. Dred magazine's July issue is live and free. Some good horror there. Not for people who don't love silly rednecks and man sized mayflies. Behind the Wall is my favorite. And GUD magazine is having an anniversary sale. Their pdf back issues (both of them) are going for $1 each through July 13th. This is a great time to check them out, and knowing your markets is a great time saver when it comes to submitting. Only valid through the following link: And ranking high on the JustWrongOMeter: Baby Hand-Shaped Hand Soap. American Idolatry now available. Dying Light: 10,038/???? Corpse Blood (3rd Draft): 10,910/17,000 | WriYe: 77,821/100,000 | WC July: 11,567 | | Subs: 58/50 | Accepts: 4 | Rejects: 50 (2 from shutdowns) |
Interesting - LONG BEFORE the white man set foot on American soil, the American Indians, or rather the Native Americans, had been living in America. When the Europeans came here, there were probably about 10 million Indians populating America north of present-day Mexico. And they had been living in America for quite some time. It is believed that the first Native Americans arrived during the last ice-age, approximately 20,000 - 30,000 years ago through a land-bridge across the Bering Sound, from northeastern Siberia into Alaska. The oldest documented Indian cultures in North America are Sandia (15000 BC), Clovis (12000 BC) and Folsom (8000 BC) Although it is believed that the Indians originated in Asia, few if any of them came from India. The name "Indian" was first applied to them by Christopher Columbus, who believed mistakenly that the mainland and islands of America were part of the Indies, in Asia. So, when the Europeans started to arrive in the 16th- and 17th-century they
Life's Most Burning Questions
There are just some things in this world that just cannot be understood. Something that happens in life without explanation, provocation and warning and you think to yourself "Wow! I just don't get it!" I know there are some things that have been plaguing me for quite some time now. Depending on your views, sense of humor and experiences, you'll laugh, cry or even think. So, here are the things that have been sticking out at me. If you think you have the answer, please enlighten me(or tell me how whacked or how deep I am). Some of these are funny, yet some of them are serious. Well, here goes: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is life one big play where we are all the character actors for God's amusement? Did anyone else think "The O.C." seemed a bit too much like "90210" and "Melrose Place" combined? Why the hell are people getting famous for doing nothing(i.e., socialites, reality TV "stars," etc...We all know who they are!)? Why do people trash Spam, y
How Your Ct Profile Gets Hacked *****important Info Inside******
This is how your site gets hacked....You will be surfing your page and reading the add requests. You may see a profile that you like. Then you may decide to add that person so you do. Very soon after you add this person you will probably go to post a comment. Then what happens is you will get a message that says YOU MUST BE LOGGED ON TO PREFORM THIS ACTION ...... DON'T DO IT! This is how they get your password...Trust me Immediately close your browser then Log back in. If you had paid attention as I do you will notice two things that are dead giveaways. The first one is how many times you have been viewed. I reset to Zero after every session so for me it was easy. Ninety Nine views in 30 seconds- NO way.Then the other thing is when the Fake Login page does come up. Look at the URL in the bar and you will see the word redirect in it. I hope you all post and repost this over and over. NEVER RE-LOG ON During a session Close Out and RE-Log on the proper way REPOST THIS !!!!
The Dream She walked out of the hotel room bathroom in just an old white t-shirt that read Spoken For and a pair of purple cotton panties. As she made her way to where he sat on the edge of the bed, she gave him a sweet smile. Propping her crutches against the she stood in front of him, taking his cell phone from his hands, turning it off and placing it on the nightstand, When he looked up at her she grabbing a hand full of his hair and tilted his head the way she wanted it and gave him a soul shivering kiss. As she pulled away he smiled at her and said "You think you're in control don't you baby-doll," and gave her one of those little chuckles that did things to her low in her body. Her body reacted in a way it never had before. Oh God she wanted him. Trying to appear unaffected she smiled and said, "Aren't I?" Again he chuckled. Grabbing her ass in both hands he stood, wrapping her legs around him. For a moment he just stood there looking at her almost li
You have a sexual IQ of 133 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
~ Dr. Hook - Sylvia's Mother
~ The Rolling Stones-jumpin' Jack Flash ~
Hyde Park Concert 1969
I'm Gowin Tu See This Doktur!!
Doctor G-Spot He says he can find it, plump it, and unleash the Big O By Deirdra Funcheon Published: July 12, 2007 ¨Call Doctor G-Spot!¨ the announcer cries out on radio station Y-100, in an ad sandwiched between uptempo songs extolling the various virtues of bumping, winding, and grinding. C. STILES Doctor G-Spot knows about girl parts.Doctor G-Spot, otherwise known as Tamarac gynecologist Dr. Michael Benjamin, says he can add immeasurably to the bumps and grinds in your bedroom. His work is all about helping his patients who pine for better sex lives, says Benjamin, who has been practicing for nearly 40 years. Ladies, help is on the way! You see, Benjamin is using a new technique for jolting that mythical source of orgasmic pleasure, the G-spot. Call Benjamin´s procedure G-spot enhancement. He injects a dermal filler a collagen-like substance primarily used to diminish facial wrinkles and laugh lines -- into the vaginal wall, which ostensibly brings the nerve-e
Ladies Drink For Free Tonite
stop in to the bikers clubhouse bar and grill to nite ladies and drink for free
So True
Once you take away the rosy glow you've cast on this person, what's left? It's amazing what the clear light of day reveals. You're so magical yourself you just want other people to live up to your standards. OMGsh!!! Is this so me or what?? I'm always feeling let down by ppl... seem they never meet my expectations... ho hum oh well... I'm the words of Aliyah: Dust yourself off and try again, again, again...
He's Having Some Troubles (kaleb Update) From Kalebs Mom.
He's having some troubles Well It is 6 days until the "planned" date for him to come home. Kaleb had a few problems in the last few days. They got him up to full feeds on the J tube and took him off of Reglin (this is a acid reflux med) and then he started to throw up again. So they did a gastric study and pored contrast into his G tube to watch exactly where it went in his digestive tract. The study showed that he immediately started to reflux pretty bad so they have determined that he will have to be on Reglin. They took him off of feeds yesterday and are slowly building it back up to full feeds. He is almost completely wheened off of the phenobarb. He has been moving more since they have been lowering the doses. They are still shooting for monday as far as him coming home, but because of the recent problems it may be pushed back to tues. or wed. He still isn't blinking at all. We think he can see something but we are unsure of what exactly. He is getting so long and so sk
You are The Wheel of Fortune Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of intoxication with success The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
New Holiday=ex Day Aug 14
polar opposite to Valentine's Day is Ex-day 6 months opposite on Aug 14th- my buddy is trying to start this.... pass it around ex day is coming up soon, and well I just wanted to make certain that we all (that's you and I) are on the same page with what this event, the day of days, this festival, is all about, so bare with me. First, to make certain that we all start the day in the right frame of mind, let's find one piece (or a couple depending on your fire codes) of memorabilia that was so kindly left behind (or forgotten) and... well destroy it! If you can't burn it safely (and don't kid yourselves on this) then cut, tear, rip, frape, and/or flush, said object(s). Again, don't do anything that will cost you more money on the back end (or result in hefty fines and a visit from PETA) remember this is a day of zero out of pocket cost... well pay your tabs if you should choose to go out (especially if you come to Kazu). We want to be able to enjoy this holiday so this will hopefully
A Special Thank You
i want to thank everyone who is sending me get well cards although i dont have a cold so i really dont need the chicken soup lol but you are great the heat affected my lupus and thats why im not feeing well a huge thanks to a very dear friend of mine for the birthday blast :) you are a very dear friend
To Every One Trying To Get Into My Clubhouse
go to where it says subcribe as member click on it tonite is bike nite and working on more fun things for tonite.Go to my lounge BIKERS CLUBHOUSE BAR AND GRILL OR GO TO MY BULLENTIN ABOUT BIKE NITE CLICK ON PHOTO IT WILL TAKE U RIGHT TO IT
Amen Sister!
It's your birthday! We are home and just finished a romantic candlelite dinner...antipasto, homemade garlic bread, veal scallopine with cappelini, and a black forrest cake for dessert. I quickly clean up the kitchen while you sit at the table and we talk about the day and you are looking over your gifts....I finish up and turn to are so darn Sexy ...You know , I say to you I still have one more gift upstairs....I walk across the dining room and lean down to give you a kiss.. I tell you...I want to give you your other gift....I want to make love to you but we need to go upstairs and I need to cover your have a big grin on your face and say this sounds interesting...I tie a bandana to cover your eyes and carry you up the stairs to our room...I lead you to the bed and gently push you back...the room smells sweet with the scent of vanilla lie back on the bed and I remove your clothing....I raise your arms above your head and tie your wrists with a soft
Fritz Had Read The Horrible Stories About Aids,
Psalm 88:8 Thou hast put away mine acquaintance far from me; thou hast made me an abomination unto them: I am shut up, and I cannot come forth. Fritz had read the horrible stories about AIDS, but never gave it much thought. Now his doctor was telling him that he had the disease. Fritz didn't want to die, especially all alone, but he knew that many of his friends would make themselves scarce as soon as they found out what he had. He had become a leper, an outcast, with nowhere to turn. Facing death was only a part of it. Facing life would be even harder. We do terrible things to some people in our society. People who suffer greatly need our compassion and love, but instead they receive our judgment and condemnation. Christ does not ask us to accept sin, or the results of sin, but He commands us to love the one who sins. One thing we may never do is cast aside another of God's children. We do not have that right. The Lord loves all His children, and we need to learn to love all ou
Please Comment Me So I Can Win
HELLO CHERRYTAP FRIENDS AND FANS! Please go to the link below and comment me, I am in a contest and I want to win! But I cannot win if I don't get comments on my pic. So please comment as many times as you can and feel like you can for me everyday. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE! Remember rating it does not count it is comments that count. So please also REPOST this bulletin so everyone can comment me as much as they can. HUGS&KISSES ~`Karma`~
One Side Of A Phone Call Between James Bond...
Hallo? Is this Giganta? Giganta Crotchetta? Oh, grand! It's Bond. James Bond? O07? Shaken not stirred? Tuxedo? The trunk-sized jet pack? We had a run in with an Austrian terrorist with the overdeveloped reptilian brain and a predilection for man-eating octopi launching bazookas? Well, contacting you took quite a bit of doing actually. You see, first I tried Giganta Crotchetta. I must have looked in every phone directory that MI-6 could hack into. Then I figured out that Giganta might be a code name. I mean, who has the name Giganta Crotchetta? Rather silly, when you think about it? Yes, yes I suppose you do like it. Anyway, I recalled that I kept one of your garments – your knickers actually. And there it was. "Honey Rider" is a much prettier and commonplace name. You should use that. Ah, yes. The, uh... point. Well, it seems that... well, there's no delicate way to put this. I have a rather nasty case of syphilis. And, um, I'm calling all my sexual partners to let th
Tuna Casserole
1-2/3 cup can evaporated milk 1 cup (12 small) coarsely crumbed soda crackers 1 (8-oz.) can whole kernel corn 1 tbsp. instant minced onion 1 tbsp. instant parsley flakes 1/8 tsp. oregano, savory or thyme 1 tbsp. lemon juice 1 (6-1/2-oz.) can tuna Paprika Pour milk over crackers in bowl. Let stand to soften. Stir in corn, seasonings, lemon juice and tuna. Turn into 2 (1-pt.) casseroles. Sprinkle with paprika. Bake at 375ºF. for 20 minutes. Serves 2
Pan-roasted Chicken And Vegetables
1/2 lbs. red potatoes, cut into 1 1/2-inch chunks 1/2 onion (1 lb.), cut into 6 wedges 2 garlic cloves, peeled 1 tbsp. olive oil 1 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper 1/2 tsp. dried, crushed rosemary 1/2 lb. skinless, boneless chicken thighs, each cut into quarters 1 (10-oz.) bag spinach, stems discarded Preheat oven to 475ºF. In roasting pan, combine potatoes, onion, garlic, oil, salt, pepper, and rosemary; toss to coat. Roast vegetables 20 minutes, stirring once. Add chicken, tossing to coat; roast 25 minutes longer or until juices run clear when thickest part of chicken is pierced with tip of knife. Place spinach over chicken mixture and roast 5 minutes longer or until spinach wilts. Toss before serving. Garnish with rosemary sprigs. Serves 2
Whiners Suck
Why do people complain and make nasty comments when someone rates their pic less than a ten? Isnt the rating system designed to rate someones picture on what you think about it? I personally don't care what people think of my pic, how I look or what I say. Rate me the way you feel. I don't care. If you don't like me, I don't care. Lighten up losers. If you don't want a less than ten rating, take your picture down. But quit your damn bitching and moaning. geez
~ Three Doors Down - Here Without You ~
Oreo Personality Test
Results Only Take the Test first! (click on the cookie) Your Personality: 1. The whole thing. This means you consume life with abandon, you are fun to be with, exciting, carefree with some hint of recklessness. You are totally irresponsible. No one should trust you with their children. 2. One bite at a time. You are lucky to be one of the 5.4 billion other people who eat their Oreos this very same way. Just like them, you lack imagination, but that's okay, not to worry, you're normal. 3. Slow and Methodical. You follow the rules. You're very tidy and orderly. You're very meticulous in every detail with every thing you do to the point of being anal retentive and irritating to others. Stay out of the fast lane if you're only going to go the speed limit. 4. Feverous Nibbles. Your boss likes you because you get your work done quickly. You always have a million things to do and never enough time to do them. Mental breakdowns and suicides run in your family. Valium
~ Brooks & Dunn With Reba - If You See Him / If You See Her ~
Voices From My Past
Echos from the past fallow me through the halls what you say reminds me of the other taunts and calls nightmares chasing me over those many years caught up to me just now bringing forth held in tears glimpses of my pain come rushing back to me the words you say are just like there's your one of them, to me fears for my future ghosts from my past these walls built to keep them away crumble around me all too fast And as my false smile crumbles with laughter turned to tears I turn away with hooded eyes you have just confirmed my saddest fears
Putting Out A Fire ... A Short Story That Was Sent To Me ... Thought I Would Share
As she was dressing for a sexy night out on the town She smelled smoke and saw that a grease fire had started in the kitchen She frantically called 911 and a team of fire fighters were there immediately To extinguish the blaze The young hunk of a firefighter Followed her into the bedroom To console her from what could have been a raging inferno He guessed she was slightly over 40 But her long flowing blonde hair and angelic face Made her seem much younger He noticed that other than her high-heeled boots She had very little if anything on under her robe As he gave her a gentle hug from behind His lips brushed against the nape of her neck And he whispered to her what he would like She turned and looked up at him with a smile He undid her robe and much to his pleasure Her tight little sexy body was adorned in “Playboy Bunny” black lace bra and g-string Letting the robe fall to the floor She embraced him Her lips lightly brushing his Then they kissed passionately
Good Morning
First I want to wish everyone a beautiful day and lots of love:) Life is simply good now days and I am just so happy right now on cloud 9 hehe(lix to darkone).Secondly I want to thank those who gave me 2 votes on my blog last night but Im still debating because honestly this person isnt really worth anymore because the attention that would come from it would be well unbareable (lol note to mark now did I say it was 185 no in fact well never mind we won't go there lol because well he's off in his own little world right now lol. However the person I am speaking of I know is reading my blogs and just know this you have exactly till Monday morning to come clean I don't need the truth because I already know it but you need to stop the bullshit you will stop your games with the the others and leave them alone if not if i dont see any thing out of you or dont hear anything from you what I do next won't be very nice so you decide.
55,000 For 30 Day Blast!
No time limit on this one. My friend from North Carolina needs help hitting her goal. Help out, my friends!!
Horoscope For Today
You understand your needs best, especially when it comes to your emotions, no matter what someone else is trying to tell you. The problem is that you're so sympathetic right now you want to believe they're right. yep right on today my emotions are a wreak today
A Real Man
You know a real man by the way he comes at you. Boy's want one thing, a real man wants all of you heart, mind , soul, and body. A real man treats you with the respect you deserve and in return you treat him with respect. A real man wants to be your friend not just your lover. A real man makes sure you feel like number one. A real man picks you up , when you fall down stands by your side no matter what. In return your a real woman and show him the same respect and love he is showing you.
All Else Follows
Four years and two days into our marriage, I've got to say that the closest thing we've had to a heart-to-heart came true last night. Just like any married couple (I hope I'm not saying too much here) both Martha and I have our moody moments. I still remember when we were on our honeymoon four years ago and we were trying to find our rental car in Sea World's parking lot. It began to rain. And rain. And here Martha and I were without raincoats -- or any coats, it's Florida! I felt like Martha was repeating herself at one point and I just shot off my mouth at her . . . from that one spot, not the way to start off married life. But contrast that with our drive from Orlando to where my dad and stepmom lived afterward; Martha had to drive because we'd paid for the rental with her credit card and (tell her I said this and I'll deny it) she is the better driver, but it was really great to be there with her and for her to have me there, she said. Since in North Dakota she'd been used
Yet Another Compilation Of Thoughts....
Ok so im my house....bored out of my mind. And of course like always my mind started to wonder aimlessly into an abyss of deep and complex thoughts of a proportion that no one but myself can understand. Why? Because thats what I do. So anyway I'm just gonna scrape the surface of my thought for you eager readers because if I were to divulge any deeper than that the world, itself, would end. LoL. Thats how complicated I am. But anyway....on we go. Ok so is there really someone for everyone? Maybe...maybe not. Well, actually, there is someone for everyone...but the difference is that your not limited to one person. I dont believe that there is only one person that is made for you. Not at all. However, not everyone is for you. Like for instance I learned that I dont mix well with crazy boys or very controlling boys. But I like someone who gets me. Someone who understands why I like working overnight shifts because I'm not a morning person. Someone who knows why I do the thing
*waits impatiently for mah chickadee to get home from HP so we can coffee klatch*
The sheets were red, silk and soft. She lay on them, her left leg up, her foot flat on the bed. Her arms were stretched above her head fanned beneath by her hair, black as a night without moon or stars. She stared at me with large browns eyes, twin pools sparkling with desire. I was eager to drown in them as eager as I was to drown in her sex. My gaze moved from her eyes, to her lips, ripe with rouge, glistening like an apple plucked at its prime on a dewy morning. Her breasts rose slowly round alabaster mounds eager for my hands to grasp and massage. They were tipped with rosy nipples, hard and yearning. I touched them, my gaze returning to her face. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes as I massaged first her left nipple and then her right and then both enjoying the sweet soft touch of her breasts so warm and soft and welcoming. She moaned and her leg fell flat on the bed. Her back arched and her sex, the sweet smooth mound of milky flesh brushed against my bal
Ok So I Will Blog!!!
disney or cherrytap...which do you choose?? lol
More Ups And Downs For Me
had a wind storm tonight and once it quit fixed the skirting around trailor with cousin and while i was fixing the shit i lost my damn wedding ring so like the title more fucking ups and downs in my damn life.hopefully daughters friend will come up with a metal finder so i can find my damn ring.
Troubled Mind....
This weary life in torture keeps Angst and longing burned so deep Apart, I ache, as each day dies So deep in you, your tears I cry All my faith bestowed upon You, my every waking dawn Every hope is cast to sea Your affections drowning me Whispered breaths of love do call In troubled sleep, darkness falls So, i ask if you are true? would i die not having you? Trust shaken, love still stands Waiting just to take your hand Heaven hear my plaintive plea To bring my Master to me
When You 'think' You Can
The difference between impossible and accomplished is in what you think. When you think you can, you will. Yes, there may be big obstacles standing in your path. Still, when you think you can, you'll find a way over them, under them, around them, or through those obstacles. If you're having trouble believing that you can accomplish some particular goal, break it into smaller, more believable steps. Once you see yourself in action, your confidence and belief will surely grow. Decide that you can make a tiny difference. When you think you can, you'll find a way. Once you've made a tiny difference, you'll find yourself knowing that you can do a little bit more and make a small difference. Then you can work your way up to making a medium difference, a large difference, and then an enormous positive difference in your world. Choose to think that you can do it. And you'll see how great you are at figuring out a way to make it happen. -- Ralph Marston
Debut For Jody Dickey ~ Dixie Radio Indy
A tribute to Jody Dicky... She has done texas tornado together with another great friend of my.. James Odle. Jr Here preformed by : Shawn Harvey video is made as a tribute to Shawn from a fan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Cowboy Haven so tune in join me in the chat room yeehaw From: Dixie Radio Indy Date: Jul 15, 2007 9:24 AM Dixie Radio Indy Radio Links- chat- radio- Chat Room Here Tune In Here >"> Chat Room HereTune In Here From: Cowboy Haven Date: Jul 15, 2007 8:57 AM SO WATCH THE BULLETINS :) TUNE IN JOIN US IN THE CHAT ROOM
I Will Always Love You......
~johnny Cash - I Walk The Line Live @ San Quentin Prison ~
Words Do Hurt.........
Today I have been sitting here lost in my thoughts...... I keep attempting to clean house but for some reason, I cannot stop thinking about something that my friends husband said to me last night......We were getting off the boat at the end of a very relaxing and fun day...when out of no where he says to me "you are gross, but you're nice".......I looked at him and told him to go fuck himself......I was pissed but it really didn't bother me the rest of the evening and he was drunk so I thought he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about anyhow! I dress for my size and smell clean 24/7 so wtf......I brushed it off cuz he is a jerk, my gf quit smoking and gained 20lbs and he's on her back about it constantly.....Like he is a prize or something! So today I decided I am overweight and I have been for a long while, so I quess that.... him saying it to me was a reality check and I am going to really do something about it.... So no more twizzlers for me...and I am going to EXERCI
Nsfw Pics & Etcetera
Hello my fellow friends ...... Who all agrees here that this should be strictly for adults and that any right minded person at work ....if they have an alright job shouldn't be cherry tappin at work so WHY can't we allow our NSFW pics and other items for show to everyone... Why can't adults do adult things???? any input from you guys are welcome
True Friends
We always know who our true friends are, because they always stop in to say hello. because they are always there to wipe away the tears, give you a hug to say it will be ok. because they care enough about you to know when something is wrong, and they always try to make it right. because they dont try and change you or judge you from the mistakes you have made. because they love you for who you are. They drop what they are doing to lend a helping hand. They keep you close in their hearts, and always in their prayers. So you my friend are a true friend, because you always stop to say hello and listen when I needto talk. you my friend have changed my life. So thank you my true friend.
A Good Year. . .
Hello Campers! How is everyone's summer going? Not too bad on my end. Summer is going by way too fast for my taste. Other than that life is not too bad. I have had the opportunity to see a few movies in the past couple of weeks and I feel strongly that I need to tell you about them. The first movie I saw in Minneapolis at an AMC theater. I was very impressed with the quality of the establishment, good screen, good sound, and the seating was excellent. The movie was even better. I watched Transformers. I was going into this movie with childhood expectations at an all-time high, and I was not let down. Michael Bay has a habit of messing things up in a big way but with the script he had to work with carried any decision that he made. My expectations were exceeded in every way. I only hope when they make the sequel, and they will, they get the same script writer to do it. The second movie I saw was 1408. I am a huge Stephen King fan so as usual I was excited to see another adap
So Yeah....
I had this guy friend...he was really great for whatever reason he just decided that he didn't want to be my friend anymore..... So now I can't even keep a boy friend let alone get a boyfriend.
Canvas A river-she shivers and I contently cry with her until we merge into the same immensity. An ocean, her potion in my veins it runs so thick inside of me but I don’t mind because I’d give my life for her to draw a single breath and paint a smile. Her poisoned corrosion, her voice inside my head It beats and beats…an equalizer full of bass that’s interlaced with cruel mystique. But even if my ears were to bleed, I’d still make love to all her phrases and embrace all of her phases …because she was meant for me. “She utilized her eyes to lobotomize your mind.” At least that’s what they say. Well I might be the blindest man around for somehow I cannot live without this pain. A quiver- I watch her lips as they tremble feverishly and I purposely convulse within my skin and cover up her eyes and pretend that laughter has gotten the best of me: ~ She’ll never know how much it hurts inside ~ And I’ll sacrifice myself just to watch her paint a smile upon
Stupid Headlines In The Paper
1. Something Went Wrong in Plane Crash, Expert Says 2. Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers 3. Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures 4. Safety Experts Say School Bus Passengers Should Be Belted 5. Stud Tires Out 6. Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over 7. British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands 8. Lung Cancer in Women Mushrooms 9. Eye Drops off Shelf 10. Teacher Strikes Idle Kids 11. Reagan Wins on Budget, But More Lies Ahead 12. War Dims Hope for Peace 13. Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim 14. Shot Off Woman's Leg Helps Nicklaus to 66 15. Enraged Cow Injures Farmer with Ax 16. Miners Refuse to Work after Death 17. Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant 18. Stolen Painting Found by Tree 19. Checkout Counter Killer Sentenced to Die for Second Time in 10 Years 20. Never Withhold Herpes Infection from Loved One 21. Drunken Drivers Paid $1000 22. If Strike isn't Settled Quickly, I
I Talk To Angels
She never mentions the word addiction In certain company Yes, shell tell you shes an orphan After you meet her family She paints her eyes as black as night, now Pulls those shades down tight Yeah, she gives a smile when the pain comes, The pains gonna make everything alright Says she talks to angels, They call her out by her name She talks to angels, Says they call her out by her name She keeps a lock of hair in her pocket She wears a cross around her neck Yes, the hair is from a little boy And the cross is someone she has not met, not yet Says she talks to angels, Says they all know her name Oh yeah, she talks to angels, Says they call her out by her name She dont know no lover, None that I ever seen Yes, to her that aint nothing But to me, yeah me, Its everything She paints her eyes as black as night now She pulls those shades down tight Oh yeah, theres a smile when the pain comes, The pains gonna make everything alright, alright yeah She ta
Life Is What You Make Of It!
Most people have complained about whats going on in there life, but me I just kind of deal with it. The one thing I figured out is that you make your life what it is.You want to be happy then solve the problem that is bringing you down. It may not be easy at first but I promise its worth all your efforts! If someone else is trying to bring you down, don't let them!
Only In America
Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas is a fairly famous institution and for a variety of reasons: 1. John F. Kennedy died there in 1963 2. Lee Harvey Oswald died there shortly after 3. Jack Ruby-who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, died there a few years coincidence "On the flip side, Parkland is also home to the second busiest maternity ward in the country with almost 16,000 new babies arriving each year. (That's almost 44 per day---every day) A recent patient survey indicated that 70 percent of the women who gave birth at Parkland in the first three months of 2006 were illegal immigrants. That's 11,200 anchor babies born every year just in Dallas . According to the article, the hospital spent $70.7 million delivering 15,938 babies in 2004 but managed to end up with almost $8 million dollars in surplus funding. Medicaid kicked in $34.5 million, Dallas County taxpayers kicked in $31.3 million and the feds tossed in another $9.5 million. The average patie
Today Is The Game
the game starts at 7pm eastern time 4western time we need ur help
Got A Bass
Today i got a bass that i am buying from a friend and an amplifier from another friend that i traded for a psp. I am so excited to play again having not been playing for so many years i hope i havent forgotten how to play this thing lol. Well this means i will be spending less time on the internet and more time on my bassplaying hopefully.
Quick Thinking
A man and a woman meet at a bar one day and are getting along really well. They decide to go back to the woman's house where they engage in passionate love making. Suddenly, they hear a noise at the door and the woman says, "Quick, my husband is home. Go hide in the bathroom!" The husband comes up into the bedroom and looks at her. "Why are you naked?" he asks. The woman smiles and says coyly, "Well, I heard you pull up outside, so I thought I would come up here and get ready!" "Okay," the husband replies, "I'll be back in a minute." Before his wife can stop him, he goes into the bathroom and sees the naked man standing there clapping his hands. "Who the hell are you!" the husband asks. "I'm from the extermination company. Your wife called me in to get rid of the moths you are having trouble with." The husband, getting angrier by the moment, exclaims, "Then why you are naked!" The man then looks down at himself and exclaims, "Those little bastards
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes...
A mother took her five-year-old son with her to the bank on a busy lunchtime. They got behind a very fat woman wearing a business suit complete with pager. As they waited patiently, the little boy said loudly, "Gee she's fat!" The mother bent down and whispered in the little boy's ear to be quiet. A couple of minutes passed by and the little boy spread his hands as far as they would go and announced; "I'll bet her butt is this wide!" The fat woman turns around and glares at the little boy. The mother gave him a good telling off, and told him to be quiet. After a brief lull, the large woman reached the front of the line. Just then her pager begin to emit a beep, beep, beep. The little boy yells out, "Run, she's backing up!!"
Looking For A Pet...
A woman went into a store to buy her husband a pet for his birthday. After looking around, she found that all the pets were very expensive. She told the clerk she wanted to buy a pet, but she didn't want to spend fortune. "Well," said the clerk, "I have a very large bullfrog. They say it's been trained to give blowjobs!" "Blowjobs!" the woman replied. "It hasn't been proven but we've sold 30 of them this month," he said. The woman thought it would be a great gag gift, and what if it's more blowjobs for her! She bought the frog. When she explained froggy's ability to her husband, he was extremely skeptical and laughed it off. The woman went to bed happy, thinking she may never need to perform this less than riveting act again. In the middle of the night, she was awakened by the noise of pots and pans flying everywhere, making hellacious banging and crashing sounds. She ran downstairs to the kitchen, only to find her husband and the frog reading cook
Boston Cream Pie Minis
Recipe Rating: Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 1 hr 15 min Makes: 2 doz. or 24 servings, one cupcake each 1 pkg. (2-layer size) yellow cake mix 1 cup cold milk 1 pkg. (4-serving size) JELL-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding & Pie Filling 1-1/2 cups thawed COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, divided 4 squares BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate PREHEAT oven to 350ºF. Prepare cake batter and bake in 24 greased medium muffin pan cups as directed on package. Cool 10 min. in pans. Remove to wire racks; cool completely. BEAT milk and dry pudding mix with wire whisk 2 min. or until well blended. Let stand 5 min. Meanwhile, use serrated knife to cut cupcakes horizontally in half. Gently stir 1/2 cup of the whipped topping into pudding. Spoon about 1 Tbsp. of the pudding mixture onto bottom half of each cupcake; cover with top of cupcake. MICROWAVE remaining 1 cup whipped topping and the chocolate in small microwaveable bowl on HIGH 1-1/2 min. or until chocolate is almost melted, stirring af
This Kinda Thang Happins All Thu Time In Pee Wee Valley
Groom arrested at wedding Father of bride and groom also involved in fisticuffs at Gables ceremony By Sebastian del Marmol What should have been one of the happiest days of a couple’s life – their July 8 wedding at the Coral Gables Women’s Club – turned into a violent spectacle with members of both families getting in fisticuffs and eventually the groom and his father in handcuffs. John Vera, 22, got married earlier in the day at the historic women’s club located at 1009 East Ponce de Leon Boulevard, but by midnight he had been arrested and taken to the Coral Gables Police Department and eventually spent the night at the Turner Guilford Knight jail in Miami. Vera allegedly jumped on the back of a Coral Gables Police sergeant who was in the process arresting his father, Rene Gonzalez, 43, after he allegedly slapped the father of the bride. According to police records, the problem started before 11 p.m. when they were called to the scene of th
Too Funny!!
>>One night , after the couple had >>retired for the night, the woman >became > >>aware that her husband was > >> >>touching > >> >>her in a most unusual manner. He started by running his hand >across > >> her >>shoulders and the small of her back. He ran his hand over her > >> breasts, >>touching them very lightly. Then, he proceeded to run his >hand > >> gently down >>her side, sliding his hand over her stomach, and then >down > >> the other side >>to a point below her waist. He continued on, gently > >> feeling her hips, > >> >>first > >> >>one side and the the other. His hand ran further down the outside >of > >> her >>thighs. His gentle probing then started up the inside of her >left > >> thigh, >>stopped and the returned to do the same to her right thigh. >By > >> this time >>the woman was becoming aroused and she squirmed a little >to > >> better position >>herself.The man stopped abruptly and rolled over to >his > >> side of the b
Mumm Response
Ok, so my new manager is a woman, so that being said there are several things that cannot done to fix the problems. Basically, I "don't" know as much about the way things work as she does.... just ask her. Nevermind the fact that I have been with the company longer than her. Anyway, she is constantly looking to undermind anything I do.
I Am Not There!!!
I've seen two shows lately that went on and on about how mid-life is a great time for women. Just last week Oprah had a whole show on how great menopause will be... Puhleeeeeeeze! I've had a few thoughts of my own and would like to share them with you. Mid-life is when the growth of hair on our legs slows down. This gives us plenty of time to care for our newly acquired mustache. In mid-life women no longer have upper arms, we have wing spans. We are no longer women in sleeveless shirts, we are flying squirrels in drag. Mid-life is when you can stand naked in front of a mirror and you can see your rear without turning around. Mid-life is when you go for a mammogram and you realize that this is the only time someone will ask you to appear topless. Mid-life is when you want to grab every firm young lovely in a tube top and scream, "Listen honey, even the Roman empire fell and those will too." Mid-life brings wisdom to know that life throws us curves and
A woman was helping her husband set up his computer, and at the appropriate point in the process, she told him that he would now need to enter a password. Something he could remember easily and will use each time he has to log on. The husband was in a rather amorous mood and figured he would try for the shock effect to bring this to his wife's attention. So, when the Computer asked him to enter his password, he made it plainly obvious to his wife that he was keying in... P... E... N.. I S... His wife fell off her chair laughing when the computer replied: PASSWORD REJECTED....... NOT LONG ENOUGH
Hey!!!!i Got Something To Say!!
This goes out to all these doorknob yo-yo's out there who don't have a profile pic.....just that big headed stick figure cherrytap thingy...not that i'm cuttin on the cherrytap mascot..i'm not,i'm just sick of these picture-phobic,i see you you don't see me shit!! If these people don't want their identities known....GET THE HELL OUTTA THE TAP!! That's all....thanx for readin'. The Ogre
Guess What
I just found out that my deployment to Iraq has been postpone...I'm kinda glad for this it give me more time to meet and talk to all my new friends here...
~ The Who - The Kids Are Alright ~
Dammm Keith Moon actually looks young :) lol
~ More Reasons To Hate Snow ~
I can't believe the 2 women who jumps out of a moving car.
When The Night Comes- Joe Cocker
(Adams/Vallence/Warren) Hold On I'll Be Back For You It Wont Be Long But For Now There's Something There That's Calling Me So Take Me Down That Lonesome Road Point Me East And Let Me Go This Suitcase Weighs Me Down With Memories I Just Want To Be The One You Run To I Just Want To Be The One You Come To I Just Want To Be There With Someone When The Night Comes Lets Put All Our Cares Behind Us And Go Where They'll Never Find Us I Just Want To Be There Beside You When The Night Comes When The Night Comes Two Spirits In The Nigh We Can Leave Before The Morning Light When Theirs Nothing Left To Lose Theirs Nothing Left To Fear So Meet Me On The Edge Of Town Won't Keep You Waiting I'll Be Around Then You And I Will Just Roll Right Out Of Here I Just Want To Be The One You Run To I Just Want To Be The One You Come To I Just Want To Be With Someone When The Night Comes Lets Put All Our Cares Behind Us And Go Where They'll Never Find Us I Just Want To Be There
Crunch Time
Hi again everyone,,it's me, the pest :P As you all should well know by now, I have been in a contest all week. I have greatly appreciated all o you that have been by to comment for me, wether it was 1 comment or 100,,I really appreciate all of you :)Well today is the last day of the contest,,finally lol and i was just informed that it closes at 1:30 EST. So if any of you still have the strength to keep going just a tiny bit longer for me, I would be forever in your debt :) Here is the link 1 last time lol Please come by and help me out as much as possible. love ya all and thank you again for everything BATTY :)
Road Rage At Its Best!! When drivers are mad at the world Road rage changed her life in an instant. But a Land O'Lakes mother of three isn't campaigning for revenge - she hopes to find a way to stop senseless anger. By LANE DeGREGORY, Times Staff Writer Published July 17, 2007 LAND O'LAKES - Sundays are the hardest, Laura Houk says. That was always their day. "Family Day," her husband called it. They'd take the kids to church, then come home and he'd fire up the grill. Eric made great ribs. And marinated chicken. "If you ate one bite," his 9-year-old son says, "your mouth would go right to heaven." Sunday nights, they'd all pile on the big couch and Eric would surf the TV channels until he found a rerun of M*A*S*H. His boys love the show too. Except for that one episode, the one when Col. Henry Blake finally gets to leave Korea, but his plane crashes and he never makes it home. On Feb. 18, Eric Houk went to the D
Still In The Sandbox
Still in Iraq... just 4 more months though. Light is at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to all my friends that have given me someone to chat with. I love ya all. Take care and enjoy it... String
~ Norah Jones - Don't Know Why ~
~bye For Tonight~
~ Ssgt. Barry Sadler - Ballad Of The Green Berets ~
Ballad Of The Green Berets -- SSgt. Barry SadlerAdd to My Profile | More Videos
To All My Ct Friends/fans
Oh Ma Gawd
I hope Chogie don mind me postin' it up, I jest gut lit-heded ovr this wun. DAYUM HE GOOD!! A new luv poem for you Kudzu is green, My dog's name is Blue And I'm so lucky To have a sweet thang like you. Yore hair is like cornsilk A-flapping in the breeze. Softer than Blue's And without all them fleas. You move like the bass, Which excite me in May. You ain't got no scales But I luv you anyway. You're as graceful as okry Jist a-dancin' in the pan. Yo're as fragrant as SunDrop Right out of the can. You have all yore teeth, For which I am proud; I hold my head high When we're in a crowd. On special occasions, When you shave yore armpits, Well, I'm in hawg heaven, I'm plumb outta my wits. Still them fellers at work They all want to know, What I did to deserve Such a purty, young doe. Like a good roll of duct tape Yo're there fer yore man, To patch up life's troubles And stick 'em in the can. Yo're as stro
Wake Up Baby Jesus
Hey babyjesus what's this crap? I commented one person in the 20 minutes that I have been on here and I get this from you. What's the deal? Looks like your end of your system is messed up BIG time... Error: you're temporarily blocked from commenting because you have repeatedly flooded the cherrytap servers. your account has been flagged as abusive. continueing to flood our servers will result in it's deletion. try again in 10 minutes. play nicer next time. --babyjesus aka the fascist antichrist, i know.
It's time to do some housecleaning, both literally and metaphorically. Certain mental matters and some physical chores need addressing, or they'll start to look a lot scarier than they actually are. oh gee..ya think? cept sometimes...things are exactly as scary as you think they are...and thats what makes people procrastinate their 'inner housecleaning' in the first place now isnt it. yes i believe it is. so thanx for nothing. *goes back to plant transplanting*
Ghetto soda pop drunken by Insane Clown Possee and The Kottonmouth Kings. Any true juggalo knows that the only soda that matters is the ghetto pop known as Faygo. ICP grew up drinking Faygo. It's a pop which is also called the poor mans pop, ghetto pop, etc... because it's cheap as hell. At the concerts ICP has these big guns that spray out Faygo. It is almost impossible at an ICP show not to get sprayed. ICP raps about Faygo on "Southwest Voodoo", "Just Like That", "I Want My Shit", "My Kind of Bitch", and on other various songs. Faygo is available all over the U.S.
June 18, 2007
Someone loves you more than you know. They may not necessarily be great at expressing their feelings now for fear that you don't reciprocate. If you feel the same, give 'em a hint. If not, be kind, firm and clear about that.
Hows My Kissing
Your Kiss is Red You are intense about kissing but easily distracted. You kiss for attention, power, and passion. It doesn't take a lot for you to want to kiss someone. If you see a kissing opportunity, you always go for it! Kissing Type: Kissaholic (admit it!) People See Your Kisses as: Seductive You Kiss Best With: An Orange Kisser Stay away from: A Blue Kisser
Math Class
I'm 1/2 way through my math class for the summer, the thorn in my side. So far my average is a 96, I might be the smartest man alive!!! *streaks away into the sunset*
Our Naughty Neighbor
This recollection occurs during my first year in college. My now husband and I had just moved into an apt complex together. S and I just finished moving all of our things into our apartment. S & I were very excited we would be living under the same roof...and could fuck anytime we wanted now. We of course christened our place..fucking in every room....once,twice,or more like three times. Well about two months had passed and we were settling in well, enjoying being on our own. S & I have always had a fantastic sex we would fuck a couple times a day. One night..we were in our bedroom ...fucking hard, S had gotten a chair and had sat down on it by the window..I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. I love giving bj's so I was showing Him how much i was wanting his cock..slurping,wrapping my lips around him. WHile i was sucking him i happen to turn my to the right a little. We had a big window on the right,and a neighbor on the hill. I noticed that someone was in a room
Your Amazeing
I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star. I don't think you will ever fully comprehend how you've made my dreams come true or how you've opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do. You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love that exists in my body, soul, and mind. I don't think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I'm sure you'll never realize you've been my will to live. You are an amazing person and without you I don't know where I'd be. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me.
Daily Horoscope: Aries For July 19,2007 Has it occurred to you that where you are is exactly where you should be? And that includes all the small stuff that you're currently sweating. What a strangely comforting thought! Learn to be content with what you have.
Computer Withdrawls.,......
Thank you guys for all the HAPPY BIRTHDAYS.. you guys so rock!!!! Hell i miss you all.. I still dont have a PC and things are to tight to buy one.. So I have been getting on at the libary.. So everyone hit me up .. Tell me how you guys are doing.......
When all but written; said and done; The blazing sun sinks deep behind A far horizon, she'll make her run As darkness falls; the day refined Clouds roll and thicken, fill the space Stars once shining, have lost their place Faint echoes of thunder stir the air Resonating off this concrete lair Within these musty walls of gloom A sacred hollow, to retreat- Lies way beneath the castle rooms Secluded chamber, a place so sweet Deathly silence; she fills the air The only sound, a faint heartbeat Outside, the sound of pouring rains, Seep through these walls and in my veins Alone; such joy- placed in a sadness To write forever; subdue such madness Alone; as demons watch overhead- Witness words about the dead Alone; such pain- but 'tis a pleasure When verse be done; create such treasure Sweet torture; all I've ever known Tis no place like to be alone
Hospital Emergency Room
As anyone of my friends would know I only have one kidney that works. My right one shut down several months ago and I found out the Sunday before Valentines day about it. Who knows how long it has really been shut down. Here is my story about my visit to the Emergency Room last night. I get off of work at 9pm and decide that I will go to the emergency room after getting a Mcdonalds sweet tea. My kidney was hurting pretty bad and I have been having difficulty urinating. I tell this to the triage nurse and get my braclet and my paper work done,ect. About twenty minutes later they call me back the emergency room and me thinking as anyone else would..I would be put in a room with a door or a cubby with a curtain. Nope..that is not what happened at all. I was led to a ambulance bed ( a stretcher with wheels) and it was in the HALLWAY of the hospital. So I sat there with NO PRIVACY, NO BLANKET, and NO PILLOW. I waited for a while until the nurse came back and took all of my information an
5 Questions On Sex!
#1)What is your 2 most Favorite sexual Positions? #2)Do you like Foreplay? #3)Do you like Recieving Anal Sex or Giving Anal Sex? #4)Are you Straight,Lesbian,Bisexual,or Gay? #5)What was the most Strangest or oddest place u have ever had sex at? Thank you for taking the time OUT to read and respond to my blog! Hugs and Kisses xoxoxo
Good Girls Can Have Good Sex Too!
Well, I'm new here at fubar or cherrytap or whatever the name is but I must admit I am having so much fun! I love meeting new people and sharing what I do with others. I help people MAKE LOVE FUN! Sex should be something enjoyed by both men and women. Yes, I said women should enjoy too! Good girls can and should have great sex too...not just the bad ones! No, I am not here to advocate extra marital affairs rather to spice up things up so no one wants to. Please feel free to buy me a drink and chat for a while!
~ Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight ~
I can still seen the beginning of Miami Vice every time i hear this :)
Love Is Patient , Love Is Kind ,
HOT MySpace Comments & HOT MySpace LayoutsLove is patient
Intensity, Mystique, And Bewilderment
And so the skies opened up and henceforth came an angel from the sky.. She glided down from the heavens above with such grace and beauty which blinded all who ever dared to view her. Golden locks of hair twisted into curls, eyes of emerald orbs stared down upon the corruption and torment facing a young man's heart, her body of average proportion, and face that would melt ice cubes... She landed upon the earth and the plants sprung to life, birds sang, all was quiet.. A young man sat alone in front of his window looking out upon the park watching her as she stood in the middle of the lot and observed those around her.. He, himself was doing much observing of her as his interest began to peek and his nerve was being built.. He came to himself and rushed out the door of his room and headed out of his building complex, dodging cars as he crossed the street. He came upon her location only to find her gone. He looked sad, felt depressed, and then convinced himself it was only a hoax and that
What Type Of Drunk Am I???
You are an insane drunk You tend to lose all inhibitions when you are drunk and just go with the flow. You are highly entertaining to all of your friends, with all of your crazy antics. Take this quiz at THESE JUST GET CRAZIER AND CRAZIER LMAO!!!!
I Could Loose My Heart Tonight
*I could lose my heart tonight *You're the one I need The way back home is always long But if you're close to me I'm holding on You're the one I need My real life has just begun Cause there's nothing like your smile made of sun *Don't worry about this heart of mine *I will always love you, but I can't live like this *I'll wait for you there Like a stone I'll wait for you there Alone *I need some love like I've never needed love before *A dream of you and me together *Pretending everything's ok And you don't care about me *I act like shit don't phase me, Inside it drives me crazy My insecurities could eat me alive *Don't fall away and leave me to myself Don't fall away and leave love bleeding in my hands, in my hands again *Memories are just where you laid them *It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right *'Cause even if we can't be together We'll be friends now and forever *Now I don't have anymore songs to sing 'Ca
Your Hand
Your Hand reached out for mine Proffered, yet not out of line I am hesitant, bewildered in fact This is so different, how do I act? No man has wanted my friendship before It has always been lust that has opened the door Dare I take your hand and walk this new path? Discover there is so much more ~ something destined to last? Can you teach me all those things I have so completely missed? Things I have always doubted could really exist? The depth of a hug, strength in a shoulder Someone who will be there as time makes us older Friendship bonds deep while love plants a seed Then one day you just know The reason you have been lost The reason for your endless need
For Our Military
Something cool that Xerox is doing If you go to this web site, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq . You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services. How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! This is a great site. Please send a card. It is FREE and it only takes a second. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our guys and gals over there need to know we are behind them ...
Brain Teasers
DON'T CHEAT Study the five brain teasers. Then, see if you can answer without looking at the answers below. Very interesting! 1. A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him? 2. A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go Out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner tgether. How can this be? 3. What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away? 4. Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? 5. This is an unusual paragraph. I'm curious how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it. It looks so plain you would think nothing was wrong with it.
~ Rod Stewart - Maggie May ~
(hadith) Charity Secretly
The sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) “The poor person is not the one who goes round to the people and begs, but the poor is that who has not enough to satisfy his needs and whose condition is not known to others that others may give him something in charity, and who does not beg of people,” Hadith No. 973 Narrated by Hazrat Abu Huraira(r.a.) Sahih Bukhari Book 24, Chapter 35
What I Am Doing Here?
I keep asking myself, what am I doing here on Cherry Tap, excuse me FUBAR(ugh)For the most part these are beautiful single people looking for love, friendship and some for just some kinky cybersex. I am not single, not beautiful, not skinny with a bod to die for. I am just an average married woman who is not happy in her life. There would be my answer to why I am here but what am I doing here. Being here is not going to change my life. Only I have the power to do that. By the way, I am going to. What I have found on FUBAR a.k.a Cherry Tap have been many nice friends some that I know accept me for who I am and one friend whether he knows it or not made me feel happy again by just being a friend. I, also, keep asking myself why I call them friends. I realized that if they make you laugh, smile and rate you a 10 (even when you know you are not), has to be a friend. Some very good-looking men and women have rated me a 10 some more. If you only knew what this did to my self-esteem. I felt
Catching Up W/ The Past
A lot of people say to leave the past where it is and to not look back. Recently I looked back and found a person that I had been in my life a lot, but had never really given them a chance, never knew an interest was there. The past few weeks have been a whirl wind of catching up and falling. My emotions are on a roller coaster, and yes, the Screaming Eagle so I know they won't jump on... lol, but will be there when they calm down (at least I am hoping so). Everyone has been hurt I know, so everyone should understand the uncertainty.. just not wanting this person from the past to give up on me b/c of these uncertainties. REALLY liking the attention I am getting and giving, thanks for the past cpl days... it was a trip =-)~ I am always up for a road trip for friends, especially ones that were there in the beginning. ~hugs~
Things Not To Say...during Sex
Im Here
waiting waiting waiting i am debating do you like me? am i a crush? are you a lush? do we have a future together? am i to be alone forever? do you think about me? do i set your heart aglee? if i was gone would things seem wrong? if i died tonight with god would you fight? would you miss me? would you diss me? would you lie and say we were best friends? or would my dream to you become an end? am i loved? or am I hated? though fubar is gay we both have rated would you go to my funeral? hear taps played by the general? would u cry? if today i was to die? would you carry on? or would you forget all along?
Moving Progress
Hey ya'll. I'm still working on moving right now. That's the main reason I haven't been able to keep up with everybodys pics and stash's. I"ll do the best I can. I figured I'd update ya'll. I'm moving out of my house next weekend. I will be staying with my grandparets for about a month. I've already purchased a travel trailer and I'm gonna live in it in florida. I'll be leaving for florida around the 1st of september. I'll try to keep ya'll updated. Redneck
If We Had Only Known...
Many will recall that on July 8, 1947, witnesses claimed that an unidentified object with five aliens aboard crashed onto a sheep and cattle ranch just outside Roswell, New Mexico. This is a well-known incident that many say has long been covered up by the U.S. Air Force and the federal government. However, what you may NOT know that in the month of March 1948, exactly nine months after that historic day, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Condolezza Rice, and Dan Quayle were all born. See what happens when aliens breed with sheep? This piece of information may clear up a lot of things.
Blood traveling down my arms,Drippings on the floor.I look around and see you there just standing in the door.I look away all shy and frail wishing you didnt see,What lies beneath these fading blue eyes and all the hurt I grieve...Blood flowing quicker now than it did before,Almost reaching where you stood right at that very door.You left me here to die alone and this I have no regrets...For as you walked away from me I cut deeper yet~
Wow Nothing Changes
*inphamous Phreak Mobb*
*iNPHaMouS PHReaK MoBB* ~*RuLeZ*~ 1)Must Fan, Rate, Add, and Become Family with ALL members of the *iNPHaMouS PHReaK MoBB*. 2)Must Include The Name *iNPHaMouS PHReaK MoBB*in your Name. 3)Must Add The *iNPHaMouS PHReaK MoBB* Lounge to your Lounge List! 4)Must Obey The *iNPHaMouS PHReaK MoBB* SLUT *Sexy Love* The *iNPHaMouS PHReaK MoBB* is new to FUBAR , We are just getting things set up , so please be patient with us! If your Interested in Joining the *iNPHaMouS PHReaK MoBB* Subscribe to the *iNPHaMouS PHReaK MoBB* Lounge & Then send me a shout! Thanks, *Sexy Love* *iNPHaMouS PHReaK MoBB*
Laugh For July 21
Idiots on the computer Any time you feel dumb, don't worry. Check out the following excerpts from a "Wall Street Journal" article by Jim Carlton. Lots of people are dumber than you. Compaq is considering changing the command "Press Any Key" to "Press Return Key" because of the many calls asking where the "Any" key is. AST technical support had a caller complaining that her mouse was hard to control with the dust cover on. The cover turned out to be the plastic bag the mouse was packaged in. Another Compaq technician received a call from a man complaining that the system wouldn't read word processing files from his old diskettes. After trouble-shooting for magnets and heat failed to diagnose the problem, it was found that the customer labeled the diskettes by rolling them into a typewriter to type on them. Another AST customer was asked to send a copy of her defective diskettes. A few days later a letter arrived from the customer along with Xeroxed copies of the flopp
Since day one I have Put my feelings aside to help you feel better Put my beliefs aside to keep us from arguing Put you in the spotlight I took a seat backstage Made sure you had what you needed or wanted I did without Dried your tears while I hid mine I listened to your problems I had to suffer alone Given all you have asked for and more I am left empty handed Defended you to everyone even when you were wrong While you ridicule and criticize me Supported all your dreams, wishes, desires and goals I hear how I'll never amount to anything Helped you do things just to keep your sanity I struggle still with everyday tasks. Given you advice when you felt the world had crumbled around you, While I have to work out my problems, alone. Dropped everything just to keep you company because you are lonely, I never have anyone to talk to Always helped you hide your embarassing mistakes, While I hear you laughing loudest Always encouraged you s
Green Chile Sour Cream Enchiladas
Ingredients: * 4-boneless, skinless chicken breast halves * 1-can cream-style corn * 1-can reduced-fat condensed cream of chicken soup * 1-can chopped green chiles * 8-oz. reduced-fat sour cream * 1 dozen corn tortillas * 1/4-cup canola oil * 2-cups shredded colby-jack cheese * 1 clove of garlic, chopped Salt and pepper to taste Method Boil chicken in medium pot for 45 min. When cooked remove chicken from water and let cool. Once cooled, shred chicken and set aside. In another pot heat cream-style corn, cream of chicken soup, sour cream, green chilies, garlic, salt and pepper till bubbly over medium heat, stirring occasionally. In a small frying pan heat oil over medium heat. Once hot, place one tortilla at a time in oil for 2-3 seconds on each side. Drain tortillas on paper towel. Place small amount of shredded chicken in middle of tortilla and roll up. Place in casserole dish. Pour all the sauce over rolled tortillas. Heat i
The Bus Ride Home
I wasn't very happy that I had to go all the way home again this weekend for yet again another family gathering. I was going to drive the 5 hours to Maine myself but, of course my luck being the way it is, the car broke down 3 miles from the house. So here I sit on hte bus heading to Maine. What should be taking a normal 5 hours will now take me 8 becuase we have to stop in every little town from here to there. Well at least its getting dark and I will be riding all night there can't be to many people who will end up riding past New York. I will sneak some sips of my flask here and get some sleep. I picked a seat close to the back of the bus I like to be alone. It has been a long hard day I just want tot drink my rum and take a nap. I will be in Portland Maine by 4 am. The bus wasn't really crowded so I took up both seats on my side. Everything was going along fine until we got to New York City. There were tons of people who needed to get on this bus of all the busses they could have t
How Wicked Am I??!!
Test your wickedness I took this quiz- Test your wickednessMy Result Was: You might not be a wicked person. But you should still take care not to antagonize others. Take this quiz- Test your wickedness More Myspace Quizzes on lots of topics.
Love Bonnie Raitt
One Part Be My Lover, Bonnie Raitt When he looks in her eyes He sees only the truth Telling him he's been living a lie Over and over like a line in a song About all the love he let pass him by. To her he might be the man of her dreams To find where she's been hiding inside Broken or battered, it really don't matter Her heart's like a wave and he's the tide. They're not forever, they're just for today One part be my lover, one part go away. He's like a boxer who had to retire after winning but killing a man He's got all of the moves and none of the courage Afraid to throw a punch that might land Not too much later she can't meet his glance You see her start pulling away Over and over like fire and ice One is color, one is grey. They're not forever, they're just for today One part be my lover, one part go away. So if you know how Why don't you say 'em a prayer They're gonna need all the help they can get They remember too much about what went wrong
Is It So Hard To Read A Profile?
This guy didn't even check out my page, just shouted out of nowhere, lol. After I told him to go TO my page, he finally did, and left me alone :D *read from the bottom up* ->Nate21420: you would know this if you actually went TO my page ->Nate21420: the whole About Me section has stuff in it... Nate21420: where does it say anything? ->Nate21420: uh, yes there is, lol...but since you don't want to bother, you can go bother someone else now Nate21420: nothing to read ->Nate21420: go read my page Nate21420: u looking for some fun?
My Type Of Lovin'!
What kind of lover are you?BarbaricYou have a wild, fierce, and strong animal-like nature behind your lovemaking and that makes you very passionate. When you find the "one" you can give your whole heart to, you give that and then some! It's true that most people say there's no love behind that much fire but that's quite the opposite. You love who you're with and have no problem slamming them down on the sheets and showing them the time of their life! For this, your lover will respond back with the same animal nature and that will show you how much they love you back! For you, it's rough all the way and always very heated and intense!!!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
It's Almost Pre-season!!!!
OH MY GOD!!! I L-O-V-E Football!!! It's my addiction. I enjoy the games...I subscribe to Sunday Ticket and Super Fan! I can't get enough! Today we had nachos for lunch, and I already plan to make wings next weekend...I've got to get myself prepared!
To All My Friends Have A Great Week
You are so special! Today is ".. Buddy Day". Send this to your .. friends - even me, if I'm one of them - and see how many you get today! ~xoxo!! ___________________________#__# _________________________#__##__# ________________#########_#____#_# ________########____________##_#_# _____##__##____________________#_# ____##_#___#_____________________# ____#_#___#_________________##___# ____#_#__##___________#######_____# ____#__#_#_________###________##__# _____##_______###_#_____##_____#________####### _______###_______#_____###______##____##__###__# _________#______#________#___#__#____##_##___##_# _________#______#_______#####___#___##_##____#__# __________#_____##____##_______#____#__#_____#__# ___________##____##__________#######___#___##__# _____________##____##_____###_____#_____###____# __________#############_####______#_________# _______##_______#______#____#_____#___________# _____##_________#______#____#_____##_________# ___##___________#_______#___###
Southern Boys
I love the way you still open doors for us. I love the way you call us ma'am. I love the way you strike up a conversation at the most unusual places. I love the way you smile and tip your hat (whether it be a cowboy hat or a baseball cap). I love the way you do the hand salute when I pass you going the opposite way in my truck. I love the way you open car doors for us, but resist in pulling out our chairs at restaurants. I love the way you guys let your hand hover around the small of our backs when we are walking with you. I love the way you tease us politely with that gleam in your eye. I love how even though we live in the still have that Southern boy way about you.
'welcome Home'
You come home from work and find me in a pair of high heels, stockings, panties, short skirt and a halter, cooking you dinner. Surprise! I tell you that your landlord let me in. You come over and give me a hug and a kiss. I am in the process of making you a cake (you said that you like cake didn't you!). I put a little bit of the chocolate frosting on my nipples and ask you to lick it off. While licking off the frosting, you slip one finger into my pussy and find that it is already wet and slippery. I push you away and tell you that you must wait. I like to torture my baby, let him see my tits, ass and pussy but don't let him touch them until he finishes his dinner! I can see your hard on through your pants and know that I have turned you on. Sliding my hand down the front of you and squeezing lightly, whispering in your ear, thats mine for later. We sit down, eat dinner and talk about our day. You can't keep your eyes off of me - who cares about work, right? Finally you can't take i
Good Morning
good morning my awsome friends hope you have a wonderfull day and remeber to keep that smile on your face some people have it worse then you love you all
Keeping All Members Informed
For all of you who are a member of FFF I am doing my best to keep you up to date on everything. I am trying to keep the blog of all the family members updated so it can be checked if you need to. I have also started a new blog. Every time i notice a family memember is in a contest or needs some form of help I will make a post. This way I know that you can stop by my page and veiw the blog even if you might have missed the bulletins. Now I realize that some members are not on my friends list. This is notmy fault but I do not go hunting people down. my husbnad started the group and i am doing the best I can to help keep everyone informed since he works. It is easier for me since i work in the home. Even though theses members are not on my friends list they cna still stop by nad check out these blogs. they will have access to them. Of course without being friend or fan I don't know if they get new blog alerts. Any way i will be doing my best to keep everyone informed on the famil
Paranoia.. Terror war camera plan sparks worry over privacy Islanders are skeptical about the city's plan for 3,000 security devices Monday, July 23, 2007 By ROB HART STATEN ISLAND ADVANCE STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- The "City that Never Sleeps" may soon be known as the "City Under Surveillance." Staten Island residents are concerned Gotham is creeping closer toward 1984 with the NYPD's plan to install thousands of cameras in Lower Manhattan in the next three years. However, just weeks after the failed car bombings in Britain, there are those who feel the security cameras are an important tool in guarding against another terrorist attack on city soil. As part of the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative [LMSI], more than 100 cameras are expected to be installed and operating by the end of the year, with as many as 3,000 by 2010. "As far as civil liberties, that's a concern," said Frank Piccini
Where Am I
Again, this is more to ma "family" then my new fubar friends, but, just wanna say I love you all. Im around, if ya look, just not there, and occasionally hard to find. But I need to be found, if I can't find myself, maybe one of you can lmfao Don't hate me for getting overwhelmed. Long Live 420, despite its death.
I Finally Found A Song That Desrcibes How I Feel Perfectly
He was sitting there beside me Throwin' doubles down when he ordered up his third He looked around, then he looked at me And said I do believe I oughta have one more. I hate this bar and I hate to drink, But on second thought, tonight I think I hate everything. Then he opened up his billfold and threw a 20 down And a faded photograph fell out and hit the ground And I picked it up he said Thank ya bud. I put it in his hand, He said I probably oughta throw This one away, 'cause she's the reason I feel this way, I hate everything. I hate my job, and I hate my life. If it werent for my two kids, I'd hate my ex-wife. I know I should move on and try to start again, But I just can't get over her leaving me for him. Then he shook his head and looked down at his ring, And said I hate everything. He said, That one bedroom apartment where I get my mail, Is really not a home, it's more like a jail, With a swimming pool and a parking lot view. Man, it's just great!
~just A Girl~
Across The Water
I Know The Whole Truth...
At school, a boy is told by a classmate that most adults are hiding at least one dark secret, and that this makes it very easy to blackmail them by saying, “I know the whole truth” -- even when you don't know anything. The boy decides to go home and try it out. As he is greeted by his mother at the front door he says, “I know the whole truth.” His mother quickly hands him $20 and says, “Just don't tell your father.” Quite pleased, the boy waits for his father to get home from work, and greets him with, “I know the whole truth.” The father promptly hands him $40 and says, “Please don't say a word to your mother.” Very pleased, the boy is on his way to school the next day, when he sees the mailman at his front door. The boy greets him by saying, “I know the whole truth.” The mailman drops the mail, opens his arms and says, “Then come give your FATHER a big hug.”
Ain't Life A Bitch?
My project was put on hold so I'm out of work and as I started looking again, the washing machine broke. $1000 later, I have clean clothes again for my unemployed body. Cmere and make it feel good.
Red Roses Forever...
Each year he sent her roses, and the note would always say, I love you even more this year, than last year on this day. My love for you will always grow, with every passing year." She knew this was the last time that the roses would appear. She thought, he ordered roses in advance before this day. Her loving husband did not know, that he would pass away. He always liked to do things early, way before the time. Then, if he got too busy, everything would work out fine. She trimmed the stems and placed them in a very special vase. Then, sat the vase beside the portrait of his smiling face. She would sit for hours, In her husband's favorite chair. While staring at his picture, and the roses sitting there. A year went by, and it was to live without her mate. With loneliness and solitude, that had become her fate. Then, the very hour, The doorbell rang, and there were roses sitting by her door. She brought the roses in, and then
(This is an article I had published about a year ago, but certainly as relevant today) Cyberbullying P. Hillier, CD, CISSP, ISSPCS, ITIL IT Security Professional, Ottawa I recently received an email from a very concerned parent of a sixteen year old boy who is nearing the end of his life. This brave young man is dying of an incurable disease which was supposed to taken his life by now, yet he hangs on. He spends a great deal of time on his computer and communicates with other folks though email and an interactive Web Log (Blog). He has put out a challenge to his virtual friends to help him realize a goal of 50,000 greeting cards in his mailbox before he passes. He has received a series notes from a contact that said in a very impolite manner, full of profanity, that he should “just die”! What advice do you give to relieve the pain from that kind of bullying? In a 2001 Media Awareness Network (MNet), Young Canadians In A Wired World Survey, it was noted that one q
Down Rater Alert~shortie
Shortie@ fubar
Astrological Explanation Of Leo
LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)-- If you fuck up just once with a Leo...That's IT. Don't be expecting them to take you back. They are not willing victims, after all, they CHOSE screwed up? They can UN-Choose you just the same. They live for Menage a Trois...or Qua...or Cinco....anything in a group is okay as long as they are in the middle. Leos also like bubble baths. Once you start with a not think you can just turn their emotions on or off like a switch...they demand satisfaction. NOW. All the stress in the world ends up in the Leo neck...They need neckrubs...they feel like they have the entire weight of the world on their head. If its kinky, a Leo has probably done it..You know Madonna's a LEO, right? She masters the Madonna/Whore/Goddess thing pretty well, huh? I wonder why? Could it be cause shes a fuckin' LEO? yep. Valmont was probably a Leo. They probably have the movie at home. Get out your furry gloves and faux mink whips for this kitten. they love soft floggers
this is a site that shows a number of things happening in the world everyday...Quite amazing if you ask me, sad thing is the population is growing and soon there will be no place for us on figure out the rest...check out this site, tell us what you think:) thanks!
Getting Bored
i'm getting bored with this site so i may delet it i'm really not sure but i'm kinda leaning towards getting rid of it. if i do i just want to say thanks to everyone i've talked to
If Tomorrow Never Comes~ Garth Brooks
Never Mind Here Is The Page For All To See
Illinois Child Sex Offender Child Sex Offender Information Name: FRED H AUBUSCHON Date of Birth: 2/24/1972 Height: 5 ft. 10 in. Weight: 175 lbs. Sex: M Race: U Address: 123 SCHOOL FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, IL 62208 Sexual Predator Crime Information Victim was 10 years of age Offender was 25 at the time of the offense Crimes: FAILURE TO REPORT CHANGE OF ADDRESS CHILD SEX OFFENDER/RESIDE 500' AGGRAVATED CRIMINAL SEX ABUSE/BODILY HARM County of Conviction: St. Clair Compliant Print options may also be found under the 'File' menu from the browser or hit CTRL+P.
Bath Toy For Women
Ever Each
Two souls meld Two minds intertwine Two hearts embrace Two wills link Two bodies desire Two lives join To be forever changed No longer bound Set free by the unseen Set side by side Set apart for each other Ever seeking each other Ever finding each other And Ever losing Each other
Haunted's Accident
Hello to all Haunted's Friends and Family, This is Cheryl (Haunted's) mom Tina. As some of you may know, she was in an accident last night, following a dispute with her ex husband. She has 4 broken ribs and a broken wrist, and is currently in the hospital, heavily sedated due to the extreme pain. Her husband is in custody and was denied bail this morning. Thank you to all her friends for the support that you have given me, expecially a big thank you to Cherokee Warrior. I seen her thi smorning, and she was awake for about 5 minutes, and I was to pass on to the ones shes loves, shes promises she will get better and come back bitchier than ever. Again thank you so much. Tina

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