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Like that old song goes- are you going back to the one that loves you or are you gonna stay with the one you love?
4824 To Level
Sinnamon Darkheart needs 4824 to level! Please show her love, she returns it!! :) Sinnamon DarkHeart ~Kittytamer's Baby ~@ fubar
Longggggggg Day - Long Post
These last few days have taken their toll. Today it seemed to all pile on top of me and explode. I'm physically and mentally exhausted. I don't even know how I have any remaining strength to type this. I know that may sound really dramatic, but I mean it quite seriously. Last week, Momster and I had gone to the bank to get some paperwork. She had given specifics about this paperwork. The woman repeated it to us. She said it correctly on the phone to the person she was ordering them from. On Monday we received PART of what we asked for. We waited a few days considering it was coming from another town. No other paperwork came. Yesterday, I tried to call the local branch from 9:30 am - 2:30 pm. No one ever answered me. If I tried to get Customer Service, it was out of my local branch and since it was a "local problem," naturally they "couldn't" help me. I did ask them to verify I was calling the correct number. The person I spoke to said yes. He offered to try one other number for me.
Fubar Love
I'm looking for a fubar GF anyone know anyone that needs a BF? I'm a keeper....
Nov Contest
nov contest has start 2 slots are still open to win vip. bingo
Need Your Help!!!!!!!a.s.a.p. !!!!
Oct 27
October 27, 2007 Quote of the Day "We arrive at the truth, not by the reason only, but also by the heart." – Blaise Pascal
Best Of Brits
Who Is The Strongest?
Three mice are sitting in a bar in a pretty rough neighborhood late at night trying to impress each other about how tough they are. The first mouse slams a shot of scotch, and pounds the shot glass to the bar, turns to the second mouse and says: "When I see a mousetrap, I get on it, lie on my back, and set it off with my foot. When the bar comes down, I catch it in my teeth, and then bench press it 100 times." The second mouse orders up two shots of tequila. He grabs one in each paw, slams the shots, and pounds the glasses to the bar. He turns to the other mice and replies: "Yeah, well when I see rat poison, I collect as much as I can and take it home. In the morning, I grind it up into a powder and put it in my coffee so I get a good buzz going for the rest of the day." The first mouse and the second mouse then turn to the third mouse. The third mouse lets out a long sigh and says to the first two, "I don't have time for this bullshit. I gotta go home and fuck the cat."
Anger Management
When you occasinally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out on someone you don't know. I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I had forgotten to make. I found the number and dialed it. A man answered saying hello, I said politely "this is Chris". Could I please speak with Robyn Carter? Suddenly a manic voice yelled out in my ear"Get the right fucking number !" and the phone was slammed down. I could'nt believe anyone could be that rude. When I tracked down Robyn's correct number to call her, I found that I had transposed 2 digits. After hanging up with her I decided to call the "wrong number" again. When the same guy answered I yelled " your an asshole" and slammed down the phone. I wrote his number down with the word asshole next to it and put it in my dresser drawer. Every couple weeks, when I was paying bills or had a really bad day I would call him up and yell "your an asshole"
I Needed You To Know
i can not make you talk to me or even tell me why there is just one thing i ask of you don't mislead me with a lie if you love me tell me so don't just leave and let me go leaving me all empty inside and in need to run and hide you are the one i did not realize i would come to know and love at times i think you were angel send from up above you were the only one who could give me a little nudge so forgive me right now if i feel i can not budge you re the one who seen the real me thank you, you did not judge It is hard to find the words, the ones that say good-bye you see this dream
Priceless (cop & Ticket)
While she was "flying" down the road yesterday (10 miles over the limit), a woman passed over a bridge only to find a cop with a radar gun on the other side lying in wait. The cop pulled her over, walked up to the car, and with that classic patronizing smirk we all know and love, asked, "What's your hurry?" To which she replied, "I'm late for work." "Oh yeah," said the cop, "what do you do?" "I'm a rectum stretcher," she responded. The cop stammered, "A what? A rectum stretcher? And just what does a rectum stretcher do?" "Well," she said, "I start by inserting one finger, then work my way up to two fingers, then three, then four, then with my whole hand in. I work from side to side until I can get both hands in, and then I slowly but surely stretch it, until it's about 6 feet wide." "And just what the hell do you do with a 6 foot asshole?" he asked . "You give him a radar gun and park him behind a bridge..."
2 More Days
Well here shorty I will be 28 I can't believe it I am almost 30, but don't even look it. Here is to another year. Let find out what I can accomplish this year.
Really Cool!
Today has not been good. I woke up and things were fine. Then because I disagreed with a friend of mine because I feel someone we both know needs a vacation we aren't speaking and he says it's his health thats affecting his attitude, BS I think he got sucked into the clique that has become that game we play and I have no place in his lef anymore. While it hurts to loose a friend anyone who chooses a game over a friend is about useless anyway. Then I got told that my brother woke up yesterday and couldn't see or feel anything so his wife took him to the ER where they found he has a leision on his brain. I'm scared not only for my brother but his wife and 9 month old daughter.
Where'd You Go?
Here we go again. Where'd you go? I miss you so, Seems like it's been forever, That you've been gone. She said "Some days I feel like shit, Some days I wanna quit, and just be normal for a bit," I don't understand why you have to always be gone, I get along but the trips always feel so long, And, I find myself trying to stay by the phone, 'Cause your voice always helps me to not feel so alone, But I feel like an idiot, workin' my day around the call, But when I pick up I don't have much to say, So, I want you to know it's a little fucked up, That I'm stuck here waitin', at times debatin', Tellin' you that I've had it with you and your career, Me and the rest of the family here singing "Where'd you go?" Where'd you go? I miss you so, Seems like it's been forever, That you've been gone.
Help Needed.
Hello every one this lady is one of the greatest in my fubar family,she helps all without hesitating or questioning.She is a giver and never asked even for leveling.I thought I will do something sweet and help getting her a 3 months VIP so I entered her in a give away without telling her.just wanted to finish it and surprise her with it.Now she need around 6000 comment to get het VIP...Please come on drop 1 rate and 20 or 30 comments on her pic that will help a lot.You know that all the love will be returned. thank you so much in advance love to all WildCat
This Is So Me
Do you have an inclination for BDSM?created with You scored as SwitchYou know what you want but it has nothing to do with your own role in the bedroom. You have the ability to be flexible in that area which can be useful for exploring you sexuality with your partner. Switch 93%Bondage 86%Experimental 82%Domination 75%Exhibitionism and Voyeurism 71%Masochism 68%Degradation 68%Submission 64%Sadism 64%Vanilla Sex
Funny Military Quotes
"Do not touch anything unnecessarily. Beware of pretty girls in dance halls and parks who may be spies, as well as bicycles, revolvers, uniforms, arms, dead horses, and men lying on roads -- they are not there accidentally." Soviet infantry manual, issued in the 1930's One of the serious problems in planning the fight against American doctrine, is that the Americans do not read their manuals, nor do they feel any obligation to follow their doctrine... - From a Soviet Junior Lt's Notebook "The best tank terrain is that without anti-tank weapons." -Russian military doctrine. ...At a prewar diplomatic conference, the Nazi Foreign Minister Ribbentrop "sniffed" to Eden and Churchill that if there was another war, the Italians would be on Germany's side! To which Churchill supposedly replied: "that seems only fair, we had them last time!"... "The reason the American Army does so well in wartime, is that war is chaos, and the American Army practices it on a daily b
Lookin For Fun
hey all u fubar friends and family i thought i would post this to see if anyone is interested.we r a couple with a bi-female looking to have some fun with another couple or a bi-female.if u r interested or know someone send them our way, this is strictly for fun. we r both clean and ready and hope to find the same lol.hit us up or send a message ok, luv u all pappa bear and memori forever.
Help A Friend
Her Profile got deleted over the weekend! Help her out to get back where she was. HellzAngel@ fubar
New Additions To Flickr Sl
YES, some of the pics in this link are NSFW.. BUT Hey.. whatever.. they are modeling pics. :p And HEY.. as you say, Its JUST a game...right? Take a look.. and if your a member of flickr, as me as a friend, and I will do the same!
Fri & Sat Night Nov. 2nd & 3rd , 2007
Dont No What Too Do Anymore
lately i've felt lost im confused about so much stuff and i've been getting sick just trying to think about what i should do. But it's like the more i think about it the sicker i get all this stuff that ive been thinking about is school, work and try too keep everyone that i no happy and not let them worry about me but lately my attitude has been changing towards everything slowly and i have been showing it and i have been ignoring those that i love so if anyone has any advise please give it too me
Wake Up
I woke up and saw I was no longer young. I saw a dull mark where once there was none. The face in the mirror is not what I see When I view myself from ninety degrees. In my mind I see that naive young man Who was sure that he had the world in his hand. In my heart I feel that love I once knew But my mind tells me now there's nothing to do About love, about age, about years that are lost About moments regretted About actions' sad costs I see a world of beauty so fine Then I wake up It was all in my mind. I see a world that is free of man's fears. Then I wake up I wake up in tears.
Sujet Ici
Heute sehe ich eine Welt voll der Schmerz. Ein Ozean der Risse, die vom Regen überlaufen. Heute sehe ich einen Anblick, um zu erblicken, ein Engel der Gnade, zum meiner Seele zurückzukaufen. Ich möchte von frei sein leide. Ich abgeneigt aber, mehr, die ich erleide, mehr fühle ich. Ich gehöre. Aujourd'hui je vois un monde complètement de douleur. Un océan des larmes débordant de la pluie. Aujourd'hui je vois une vue pour voir, un ange de la pitié pour racheter mon âme. Je veux être libre de souffre. Je peu disposé mais plus que je souffre plus je me sens. J'appartiens. Vandaag zie ik een wereldhoogtepunt van pijn. Een oceaan van scheuren die van regen overlopen. Vandaag zie ik een gezicht aan behold, een engel van genade mijn ziel terugkopen. Ik wil vrij van zijn lijd. Ik afkerig maar lijd ik meer aan meer ik voel. Ik behoor.
siting here, contomplating takin my own life, missing the one who keeps me sane. Missing the way she used to look at me, missing the way I used to hold her. Missing the way the light hit her hair, Now all I do is sit and stare
New Pics
New pics. check em out!
Happy Halloween To All Of My Friends
Trick Or Treat
if any spooks show up point to your pussy and tell them to be goblin
In Pittsburgh today...Ya Me!...At least its Thursday..1 more day...I think im heading down to middle of least im in the same state i live...if u call what i do living?..Prob gonna pic up a load going back to Va Beach area...Im starting to wonder if going back long haul is in my future? I did absolutly nothing load was never i just cashed my check an hung out at the shop..blah...blah...blah!
Mine 2
Laser My Words
What A Friend Means To Me
What a friend means to me What a friend means to me is someone who is always there for you. Someone who will listen to all your rambeling and not putting their 2 cents in. Someone to be there when you are in trouble or in need. Someone who will always laugh at your jokes even when they are not funny. Someone to pick you up off the floor after a few too many drinks. Someone to make you laugh when you are feeling down. Someone who will tell you the truth even if it means hurting your feelings. Someone who will keep your secrets unless it will truely hurt someone. Most of all, someone who will just be a friend. Let me know if you are truely my friend.
Low-fat Berry Marble Cheesecake
ngredients * 1/3 cup crushed graham crackers (about 5 squares) * 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon * 3 8-ounce packages nonfat cream cheese * 1 cup sugar * 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour * 1 teaspoon vanilla * 1/2 teaspoon finely shredded lemon peel (optional) * 1/2 cup refrigerated or frozen egg product (thawed) * 1/4 cup milk * 1/2 cup nonfat sour cream * 1/4 cup seedless red raspberry preserves Directions 1. Preheat oven to 375 degree F. 2. For crust, stir together crushed graham crackers and cinnamon in a medium mixing bowl. Sprinkle onto bottom and 1 inch up sides of a well-greased 8- or 9-inch springform pan. Set pan aside. 3. For filling, combine cream cheese, sugar, flour, vanilla, and, if desired, lemon peel in a large mixing bowl. Beat with an electric mixer on medium speed until combined. Add the refrigerated or thawed egg product all at once, beating on low speed just until combined (do not overbeat
Today Is My 5th Wedding Anverisery
I must be licking something right
Nsfw's Et Al...
is it just me, or are there more who see these intrusions upon people's profiles as being a rather insidious invasion of one's right to adorn their profile as they see fit? people enter other people's profiles unannounced and also uninvited and yet, on the basis of their own narrow and/or close mindedness pictures, photos and other other adornments are either labelled for censorship, or-if the person doesn't agree to moving or deleting them-said person is removed from this site. why is it that the ones who moderate fubar aren't going after the ones who are complaining to them about pics, etc, for having the audacity to go first into other people's profiles and then complaining about what it is that they discover there? there are actually people going around with the express purpose of shutting people's profiles down, or at the least, having imagery, etc, they find offensive removed. and that has to stop. on a related topic, personally, i have to wonder about some of those out
People are liers and I can't stand it. Why can't they just tell the truth. I have this so called frined that lies to me all the time and I allow it only cuz I don't know what to do about it. This frined....we'll just call u BOB for now, tells me things nearly every day yet does what he saids he doesn't want to do. What do i make of it?? I feel he is just using me and calling it a friendship so he can reap the benifts I give him yet he is getting it else where as well. I have tried to talk to him about it but he doesn't listen. Then there are the rules and he is breaking them. I am so fed up with this shit! MOE
Strange Object Over Bedford England
Sam Willey: I received quite an interesting email on October 28th 2007 by someone in the United Kingdom by the name of Gordon Dungavel who reported an interesting UFO event which he along with his wife witnessed back in May of 2006 whilst out on a walk. Along with a report Mr. Dungavel also sent along a large array of photographs of the strange umbrella like object speeding through the blustery skies of Bedford, England. Here is the initial email i received in October 2007: "I thought you may find the following of interest. Last May my wife and I took a walk to a country pub in Cardington, Bedford. I had my digital camera with me and was taking pictures of my her larking about in the bright yellow reap seed fields. On our return home at the top of Harringdon Road I noticed a small blue object hurtling through the sky towards us. I have had over thirty years experience of sky watching and a keen interest in the UFO phenomenon. I have seen and taken photo's before of strange objects. Thi
So uhh.... Guess whos birthday is this month? Yours?Maybe, doesnt matter though. ;) I'mma gonna be 21 on the 22nd of this month. Yaaay I'll be legal. Booo I can drink cause yaay i'm pregnant. So uhh.. you know you wanna send me something. Something cool. Something sweet. Something orange. Or maybe a year subscription to ? 12 months for about 30 bucks. Not bad. :) In other news... I'm gonna be staying with my boyfriend at his house for most of this month. His parents are away getting money in Mexico for the baby and the wedding. So he needs someone to do his laundry and cook his meals :) He didnt ask me to, but I want to. We also have to go window shopping for stuff for the wedding next week. It's gonna be hectic and busy but nice cause it's with him.
why do woman pay more attention to their appearance than to improving their mind?because most men are stupid,but few are blind
See Back
It was early morning at the military base, and the first sergeant was calling out names for the daily work parties listed on a piece of paper: "Ames" "Here!" "Jenson" "Here!" "Jones" "Here!" "Magersky" "Here!" "Seeback" No answer. "Seeback!" No answer was heard again. "SEEBACK!!!" The troops remained totally silent. At that point, someone whispered into the first sergeant's ear. He looked again at what the last name really said, quickly turned over the list and continued calling the names printed on the other side.
Meet Me Halfway
life is a good thing sometimes could be bad deppends how u make ur life out to be my life is good but its also bad gone threw jumpings being shoot at ladys leaving me but the good things is my mom and dad and my daughter and my boy from munkyface entertianment for a shoot at the music industry so if yall think ur life good or bad remeber u got good family and friends to help u out
this is what makes this site creepy. i
Calling All Fire & Ice Crew
Alright Fire and Ice Crew Show me what ya got! We have a job to do, let's level this sweet lady!
Awesome Graphics
One of my fu-favorite people who happens to be very talented at making graphics and tags has opened a graphics shop. She is making awesome personalized graphics and tags by order. Check out her profile and go to the blog for graphics shoppe. You wont be disappointed. Show her some luv while your there. Heartistic Soul@ fubar
Now What??
well had a better weekend....not so much drama. even talked to that friend....i appoligized....i did hurt was in retaliation for hurting me. i wrote about was wrong...he is a good man... i am goning to try my best to be just a friend....i dont know it it will work....i mean i fell hard....i dont think he fell as hard as i thought he did.....but you all know i fell very hard. i went to see his new pictures....i saw the comments from the other made me extremely jealous...i swear i felt the heat in my whole face had to be red....i wanted to message all of them, call them very nasty names....i mean to me those beautiful eyes they were comenting on are mine to look at...not theirs....and the looks he gave should be for me...not them.... took pics of his home...i wondered who asked and who did he want to show if it wasnt me?!?!?! see i dont think its gonna work....i just dont know if i can only feel friendship...and not be jealous....i dont wan
A Dominant Male
After talking with a few people over the last few weeks I have come to realise that there are a few things I would like to get off my chest . I understand If you dont agree with me these are my personal feelings and insights but the great thing about this blog is it is not required reading. To me a Dom/Master/Daddy does not have to verbaly command obediance or submission.This is something given to him because of the type of person He is. Through his actions he shows his Slave/Sub/Babygirl/Brat/Princess that he is worth following. He also prises his possesion to the Nth degree. He understands that his slave has given him something that is very valuable and quite frankly very rare. He would never put his possesion in harms way or allow anything to go on that he felt was unsafe. If I was at a play party and someone touched what was mine with out asking first more than likely that person would find himself being taught a very hard lesson on what it is like to submit with out c
Fire And Rain
How Blonde Is She???
She was Soooooooo Blonde * She thought a quarterback was a refund. * She thought General Motors was in the army. * She thought Meow Mix was a CD for cats. * She thought Boyz II Men was a day care center. * At the bottom of an application where it says "Sign here:" she wrote "Sagittarius. " She Was Soooooooooooooo Blonde... * She took the ruler to bed to see how long she slept. * She sent a fax with a stamp on it. * Under "education" on her job application, she put "Hooked On Phonics" She was Sooooooooooooooooo Blonde... * She tripped over a cordless phone. * She spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice can because it said "Concentrate. " * She told me to meet her at the corner of "WALK" and "DON'T WALK." * She tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order. She was Soooooooooooooooooo oo Blonde... * She studied for a blood test. * She sold the car for gas money. * When she missed bus #44 she took bus #22 twice instead. * When she went to the airport and saw a
What Type Of Weather Are You?
You Are Lightning Beautiful yet dangerous People will stop and watch you when you appear Even though you're capable of random violence You are best known for: your power Your dominant state: performingWhat Type of Weather Are You?
I'm Going To Die Tonight.
You're all going to die. I came home last night and someone forwarded me this email: ---------- Forwarded message ---------- WHEN U ALREADY START READING THIS DONT STOP OR ELSE SUMTHIN BADWILL HAPPEN ..... MY NAME IS TEDDY...I AM 7 YEARS OLD WITH BLONDE HAIRAND SCARY EYES. I HAVE NO NOSE OR EARS. I AM DEAD. IF U DO NOT SEND THIS TO 15PPL IN THE NEXT 5 MIN., I WILL APPEAR TONIGHT BY YOUR BED WITH A KNIFE AND KILL YOU. THIS IS NO JOKE SOMETHING GOOD WILL HAPPEN TO U TONIGHT AT 10:22. SOMEONE WILL CALL U OR TALK TO U ONLINE AND SAY I LOVE YOU. DONT BREAK IT. (copy n paste ####. This is fucking serious. In the midst of panic, I phoned the police and gave them a description of the boy. They had a sketch artist do up a picture of him. Then a thought occurred to me - for every person this mail is sent to, they have to send it to 15 more. Imagine this scenario: Let's say the letter is sent once per day, this is how many people will die: Day 1: 15 Day 2: 225 Day 3: 3,
Admire The Lies People Tell
I simply adore fake, deceitful friends. You know, the kind of people that abandon you at every opportunity to better themselves no matter how much you've been there for them. They are the ones that continue to forgive the people who treat them like shit, yet when you state your dislike of those people, they can't figure out why. These greatest of friends just expect you to sit around and wait while they choose other random people over you and then rely on you to put the pieces back together when their tiny, bruised hearts are shattered. Come on now, who wouldn't desire these admirable traits in a friend? Anyone to turn down the opportunity to have these backstabbing, lying, manipulative friendships must be crazy. I couldn't live without a relationship like this in my life. Author's Note: This entire paragraph was written in complete and utter disgust. If you are dumb enough not realize it's dripping with sarcasm and oozing with hostility, then you must be one of the people previou
Are You Beautiful??
More Comments @
F*'ng Scumbags!
GRRRR i'm so hate filled right now. just saw on the news a white piece of shit caught on store cameras using his cell phone to take a photograph up a little girls skirt! I hope some solid mother fuckers get that piece of shit and cut his throat!!! ARGH. i have daughters - if any son of a bitch ever.....grrrrrr...........
30 Days Of Night
The Metal Guru’s Movie Review (30 days of night) In the far Northern Hemisphere, the small town of Barrow, Alaska, experiences a solid month of darkness every year. Though most of the residents head south for the winter, some townspeople remain behind. However, those that stay regret their decision when, one year, hungry vampires descend on Barrow to feed. Sheriff Eben (Josh Hartnett), his wife (Melissa George) and a dwindling band of survivors must try to last until dawn breaks over Barrow's monthlong twilight. ok now that ya got the plot and all...heres my review...was a pritty good movie, few things in it i did not like such as one scean showing dogs being killed (yes i know its fake but still NOT COOL!).....and it really never explained where the fuck the vampires came from they just kinda showed up when it got dark also the vampires spoke in some wierd ass language so there was subtitles every time one of em spoke, wich if u know me at all u know subtitles bug the hell o
Hehe Had To Share This.....
THIS IS WHAT MY ANSWERING MACHINE NOW SAYS..... I was sent on a mission to kill the sexiest person alive, but my other half said suicide's a crime (I can't believe they expected me to do this).Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm schizophrenic, and so am I.One by one penguins steal my sanity.lalalalaladum diddy dum dumdiddy hopapotomus. Insanity is a gift some little green men gave fish just drowned! I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have each other, and when I am alone I am together. Maybe I'm not here. Maybe I am here, and I'm just waiting to see what you type when you think I'm gone. Maybe this whole away message is just a cruel mind game. Maybe not. ME not here, Me go bye, You leave Message, me Reply I want you..............I need leave a message SO...Like a 500lb fat girl in a dodgeball game.... I'm out! and yes, I put the 'fun' in 'dysfunctional'. Be back in a few... WENT TO PICK UP MY PROZAC!!!!! TOO CUTE..WELL I
Mission Statement
Hello to all the members of Virgo's, thank you for becoming part of our family. Here at Virgo's it is our mission to create a comfortable, friendly, drama free atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. You do not have to be a member of a certain family, or be exclusive to Virgo's to come in and have a good time. Everyone on Fubar is welcome at anytime. The staff is a small group of like-minded people that all agree that friends are worth more than points or popularity here on Fubar. We all strive to create a place where all feel welcome and are included in the fun and flirting. No one is left out or treated disrespectfully at any time. Come on by to meet the staff, you might just find a really great friend too. Virgo's Lounge has the best music variety known to Fubar. The DJ's all have eclectic tastes in music, ranging from classic rock to hip-hop to metal, and everything in between. You will always be surprised with the tunes, and never know when you'll hear your all time favorite
I want to see the world as you see it. I want to feel your heart as you feel it. I want to hear your thoughts as you speak them. I want to be your strength I want to be your weakness I want you to think of me I want you to feel me within you. I want you to miss me. I want you to kiss me. I want you to hug me. I want you to be near me. I want you to sleep in my arms. All of this and more would be EQUAL.
Numa Numa Lol
Want one? Go to - Humor!
I Know I Hardly Know You
I know I hardly know you, But I think that I may love you. You can see the way I look at you And know. I know you have a girlfriend, But I think we can be happy, So take the time to find out If it's so. I know we don't have much time, But I think it's just enough; If you'd like to take a chance on me, Let's go!
I Need A Mgmt Team Asap
Fallen In Love - Women
Fire In The Leather
Fallin To Pieces
fallin to pieces torn between what's real what's in my mind unforseen unreachable unable to see past what is actully there talks and laughs where do we go from here smiles pass, as we just walk by tender thought as we take a second glance unreal untouched not blessed all this stress what a mess where do we go from here?
~tiffany..... ...: jen sam is a sexy guy
I Must Proclaim My Love For...
Dragonforce!! :D I love this band, always have, always will! I've got the Valley Of The Damned album here at work, and it's just great stuff through and through. I've got their other early album at home somewhere, and I need the new one that was released after they got signed to Roadrunner, and then everyone knew who they were lol... And lemme tell you... Playing Dragonforce's "Through The Fire And Flames" on Guitar Hero 3 on Expert in practice mode while drunk is severely fun! I say on practice mode because even sober, I fail somewhere around 0% or 1% into the song. yeah. fuck that. But it's fun to play after the intro!! :D
Your Kiss
Have A Great Weekend!!!
Hulllooooo fubar!!!! Just writing a blog to wish you all a GREAT weekend. I will probably will not be around much this weekend. Why? Same thing as last weekend...I am working till close tonight and coming home and going straight to bed because I am working an all day shift tomorrow and an all day shift on saturday and have to be up bright and early on Sunday. I am going to be one tired chicka. So...I'm sorry I won't be arouund to shoot the shit with all my favorite fubarians, calls!! Have a great thursday and an awesome weekend for me. Please have a few drinks for me!! Also, don't forget to show my overworked ass some love while I am gone!!! *MUAH*
If U Have The Heart And Not Scared
the hottest new lounge on fubar the Lumbrd is holding a ameteur nite for strippers 1st place $1,000.00 2nd place $500.00 and 3rd place $250.00 lets see if u got what it takes november 13th at the lumber yard 7p.m. centrial time
Heading Out
getting ready to leave and head to see saliva and puddle of mudd concert
A man who just got a raise decides to buy a new scope for his rifle. He goes to a rifle shop, and asks the clerk to show him a scope. The clerk takes out a scope, and says to the man, "This scope is so good, you can see my house all the way up on that hill." The man takes a look through the scope, and starts laughing. "What's so funny?" asks the clerk. "I see a naked man and a naked woman running around in the house." the man replies. The clerk grabs the scope from the man, and looks at his house. Then he hands two bullets to the man and says, "Here are two bullets, I'll give you this scope for nothing if you take these two bullets, shoot my wife's head off and shoot the guy's dick off." The man takes another look through the scope and says, "You know what? I think I can do that with one shot!"
Best Friends Song
Could We Meet?
I am asking all my female friends for a nice public meeting in a nice public restaurant where all we'd do is sit and talk, maybe drink soda. That's all I am asking for. So I am asking my old friends and my new friends. No sex will be involved, no going home, no anything you don't want to do. All I want is a public meeting so we can learn about each other and maybe sex can follow someday. But it doesn't have to. So reply to me the reasons why we can't meet in person? I've given more then full disclosure about me and what I like. I'm so lonely it's driving me crazy.
If ya want you can fumail me; ShoutBox is turned off for the time being.... ~*~XOXO~*~Lizzy
None Your Business
62 Things To Do After Sex: A Practical Guide For Any Situation
1 - Go home. 2 - Call her a cab. 3 - Apologize. And explain how you almost never "finish" that quickly. 4 - Unlock the men's room door and get back to your desk. 5 - Pay the lady. 6 - Try to locate Maui on the map of Hawaii you just left on her stomach. 7 - Roll over and go to sleep. 8 - Take a shower. 9 - Compliment her on her dancing skills as she leaves for the main stage. 10 - Spoon. 11 - Ask her her name. 12 - Turn the video camera off. 13 - Make yourself a sandwich. 14 - Tell her to make you a sandwich. 15 - Two words: Sports. Center. 16 - Tip Mai Ling the extra $25. 17 - Change the sheets. 18 - Put the whip back in the freezer. 19 - Clean up the condom wrappers. 20 - Hang up the phone and put your credit card back in your wallet. 21 - Check for sores. 22 - Ask the waiter for the check. 23 - Take off the wig and fishnets. 24 - Return to your seats and pretend to enjoy the in-flight movie. 25 - Remove the bead
From The Depths Of The Hollows
From the depths of the hollows, The darkness creeps in. With the light cast away, I don’t know where to begin. Too much to say, The story’s untold. I try to speak out Before the shadows take hold. Desperate to escape The penetration of night, Lost and tired Of the continuous fight. Frantic to be heard, I scream out loud. As I claw my way out Of the deafening shroud. I lose my center. My frustration grows. But the only reply, Is the chilling echoes. Too much to lose, Blindly I grope. In the infinite search, For the ray of hope.
Men's Answer To Maxine- Men Strike Back
I will probably catch heck for this one but oh well LOL Men strike back! How many men does it take to open a beer? None. It should be opened when she brings it. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Why is a Laundromat a really bad place to pick up a woman? Because a woman who can't even afford a washing machine will probably never be able to support you. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do women have smaller feet than men? It's one of those "evolutionary things" that allows Them to stand closer to the kitchen sink. ------------------------------ How do you know when a woman is about to say something smart? When she starts a sentence with "A man once told me..." ------------------------------------------------------------------- How do you fix a woman's watch? You don't. There is a clock on the oven. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do men
Pls Work
Come join DJ Baby Boy in the Git-R-Done lounge!! He plays great tunes and is open to requests!!
50,000 Comments Needed
please help me comment my pic.
Do Not Doubt I Love You
Do not doubt I love you, even though My actions may have undermined my words. We could be as connubial as birds Had I not let my wild longings show. I cannot help wanting to devour All the world that comes before my eyes; But more than all the world is that which lies Within the precious circle of our bower. I'll do anything to keep you with me; Our love will last as long as you have will. Despite my untamed need, my love is still A rock against the surges of the sea.
Anything But Perfect World
How Life Treat You
she lyes there drowning in her tears... wanting to give in to deaft.. knowing nothing good can come out of her hurts so bad she cries as her heart tears in two.. she curls in a ball ((rocking back and forth trying to make the world explode in her mind... wishin she could just know why life has to be so hard...when your as young as she is... wishing she didnt get so strong of feelings for him ((that she thinks shes in love with)).. she really dont no wat it is or might feel like ... she hates how ppl lie and just throw it around so much.. cuz it makes
So I was just doing my own thing today.. which was pretty much half the day nothing and half running aorund. Anyway.. once ina while I somehow manage to rank, but it's like around 500 or something like that. Today I ranked 128. Now I really don't care about that ranking stuff, but I thought WOW that's pretty cool, how did that happen. Well, I went to bed tonaight, just happen to wake up, went tp bed too early I guess, and saw I managed 104. I must have been busy on here today. I got that ran out of pic rates messege. Wow. Bought me another blast for the hell of it since my current one expires today on my BDay of all things. Sad thing about all of this is..lmao.. I have no
Jesus & The Redneck
An Italian in a wheelchair entered a restaurant one afternoon and asked the waitress for a cup of coffee. The Italian looked across the Restaurant and asked, "Is that Jesus sitting over there?" The waitress nodded "yes," so the Italian told her to give Jesus a cup of coffee on him. The next patron to come in was an Irishman with a hunched back. He shuffled over to a booth, painfully sat down, and asked the Waitress for a cup of hot tea. He also glanced across the restaurant and asked, "Is that Jesus over there?" The waitress nodded, so the Irishman said to give Jesus a cup of hot tea, "My treat." The third patron to come into the restaurant was a Redneck on crutches. He hobbled over to a booth, sat down and hollered, "Hey there, sweet thang. How's about gettin' me a cold glass of Coke!" He, too, looked across the restaurant and asked, "Is that God's boy over there?" The waitress once more nodded, so the Redneck said to give Jesus a cold glass of Coke, "On my bill." As J
Once In Awhile
Once in awhile there is a flash of light A smile on a strangers face or a smile of your own. Once in awhile peopl that help one another to do things that just cant be done alone. Someday we'll find that the answer to the troubles of the world was that once in awhile life. Once in awhile the world seems so nice people live together without a fight. Then we must realize that once in awhile can't be forever in all people's lives even though it should Written by: Deanna H.
"do It For Your Mama"
ADAM SANDLER LYRICS [J.N.:] "I can make a bigger splash than you!" [Jimmy:] "Oh yeah, give it a shot." [While jumping up and down on diving board] [J.N.:] "Can opener!" [Big splash] [Jimmy:] "Man, that one was huge." [J.N.:] "You go." [While running towards pool] [Jimmy:] "Ahhhh, jacknife!" [Jumps in and small splash] [Tracy:] "That was a dud, Jimmy." [Jimmy:] "Shutup, Tracy." [Tracy:] "You shutup." [Door opens, walks over] [Momma:] "Lunch time kids." [Kids yelling happily] [Momma:] "I made some jelly sandwiches and sliced up some cantelope. I figured you could eat a little food and and then maybe play with yer cock and balls fer a while." [J.N.:] "I'm just gonna eat, mom." [Momma:] "All right. And then maybe a little later, you can play with yer cock and balls fer momma." [J.N.:] "I don't think so." [Momma:] "Ok. Slow down Jimmy, yer already halfway done with yer sandwhich. You're gonna get a belly ache." [Jimmy:] "No I'm not. I'm hungry." [M
"fatty Mcgee"
ADAM SANDLER LYRICS [Talking quietly] [M1:] "Ms. Murphy is such a pain, man." [M2:] "We just had a test a week ago. Now we gotta take another one tommorrow. This sucks!" [M1:] "And it counts for 80 percent of our grade." [M2:] "Well we better study our butts off." [M1:] "Well we came to the right place, the ever so quiet library." [M2:] "Ok, enough talking, let's study!" [M1:] "All right." [Turning pages] [Heavy steps] [M2:] "Uh oh" [M1:] "Oh no! Fatty McGee is coming. We'll never get any studying done with him in the library." [Heavy steps continue] [M2:] "Oh god, he's taking the stairs! That means he's going to be way out of breath!" [Fatty whining, try to catch breath] [M1:] "Oh no, he's going to sit with us." [Fatty: Annoying whining voice] "Hey fellas, studying for the big test?" [M1:] "Uh, yes Fatty, we were." [Fatty: Still trying to catch breath] "Great! I'll join ya." [Fatty pulls out chair and falls into it, still whining horribly] [M2:] "H
"four Years Old"
ADAM SANDLER LYRICS Hey Why'd you wake me from my nap? I'm not in the mood To play your games Or sit on your lap You Where's my Yankees drinking glass? I want some juice And I want it now So you better move your ass And feel bad for me 'Cuz I'm just getting over a cold I'm four years old! I'm four years old! I'm four years old! Somebody better tie my shoes! Now I run down the hall I scream and I yell And I cry 'cuz I fell Bring the rubbing alcohol Outside I get mud on my shoe I come back in the house I get it on the rug The cleanging's up to you And I won't take a bath Unless you make me Spaghetti-O's I'm four years old! I'm four years old! I'm four years old! Mommy reads to me at night Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Well I can't have a job And I can't go to school If no grownups are around I can't go near the pool I'm not alowed to climb My neighbor's apple tree I'm not allowed to sit Too close to the TV I don't know how
"mother's Day Song"
ADAM SANDLER LYRICS Mama was the one who reached down and tied my shoelace. Mama spit on her fingers and used it to clean dirt off my face. Brush your teeth, Q-tip your ear, take off your sister's new brassiere. Watch PBS, not Deputy Dawg, don't you eat that Lincoln Log. Oh mama I still don't believe it's true: The tooth fairy was you. No Way! I love you maaaaaama, more than than paaaastrama, way more than Jeffrey Daaaahma, even more than my NFL paaaaajamas. Mama always calmed down dad when he got too mean. Like the time he almost hit me for stealing his Juggs magazine. Stop your jumping, you'll break the bed. Don't you fill up on the bread. Take those Take those (trying to read cue card) Take ... carrots out of your nose, that's not a hat that's pantyhose. Don't play baseball in your suit, that Magnum PI's very cute. Don't forget Vick's Vapor-rub, stop masturbating in the tub. Thanks for making corn beef hash, and putting powder on my
"mr. Spindel's Phone Call"
ADAM SANDLER LYRICS [Phone Rings] [Mr. Spindel picks it up] [Mr Spindel:] "Hullo!" [Student: Whispering] "Hey Mr. Spindel. How's algebra class going?" [Chuckling] [Mr Spindel:] "Whut!?" [Student: Whispering] "You're in for a big surprise tommorrow during 5th period!" [Chuckling] [Mr Spindel:] "Hey! Who is this!" [Student Hangs up phone] [Dial tone] [Mr Spindel:] "Hullo!" [Dial tone] [Mr Spindel:] "Hullo!" [Dial tone] [Mr Spindel:] "Who is this!?" [Dial tone] [Mr Spindel:] "Hullo!" [Dial tone] [Mr Spindel:] "Answer me!" [Dial tone] [Mr Spindel:] "Who is this!?" [Dial tone] [Mr Spindel:] "Hullo!" [Dial tone] [Mr Spindel:] "For God's sake! Who are you!?" [Dial tone] [Mr Spindel:] "Hullo!" [Dial tone] [Mr Spindel:] "Hullo!" [Dial tone] [Operator recording playing "If you'd like to make a call..."] [Mr Spindel:] "Who is that!?" [Recording continues] [Mr Spindel:] "Hullo!" [Recording continues] [Mr Spindel:] "Who are you!?" [Recording continu
He says he loves me, looks me right in my eyes. I try not to let him see that I know it's just a fucking lie. I let him walk right in my heart; let my guard down. Thinking maybe this would be a new start. Here we spoken sound. Broken promise of no pain. It's all good though. I'll find my way. Sitting here remembering an okay week. Pain in heart has brought me to my knees. You acted as if you cared and I knew it wasn't true. I'll hurt for a minute maybe a tear or two . Just so you know, I'll always be your friend. I'll be here for you until the bitter end. I pray for you, the ease of pain; hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
Faith Hill & Tim Mcgraw - Let's Make Love
nothing to do just sitting here noone to hang out with just sitting here i read books i write poems i dance around i sing a few songs i clean the house i clean my room with noone to hang out with i am doomed homwork is a bore i'm very tired i wanna sleep yet i am wide awake food is blah makes me wanna puke beverage is nnnh i just wanna sleep sleep sleep this boreing world away in a wonderful dream land where i can say "YAY!" i sit here nothing to do i sit here wondering where are you?
Good Night My Good Friend !
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You know you're German if... You separate your trash into more than five different bins. Your front door has a sign with your family name made from salt dough. You carry a "4You" backpack. You eat a cold dinner at 6pm. You call your cell phone "handy" and a projector "beamer". You have no problems with nude beaches and saunas. You have asked your Asian-American friend, "No, but where are you *really* from?" You have gotten splinters from environmentally friendly toiled paper. You call an afternoon stroll "Nordic Walking". You are shocked when you have to pay for dental care. You own a pair of jeans in a color other than blue. People start talking about Hitler and Hofbräuhaus when you tell them where you're from. Tenth grade was all about dancing lessons. You work 40 hour weeks and have 6 weeks of vacation a year, but complain about hard times. Your childhood diet consisted of Alete and Zwieback. Your college diet consisted of Miracoli and Döner. You were educated abou
Nothing much has happened today. i'm really bored aand craving waffles. yeah dumb post. BLOW ME
Please Come Help My Friend Out And Keep Her In First Place
click the link here and bombs away come help me out im the only one helping at the moment
What You See... Is What You Get!!!!
Ok, so why is it when I tell people I'm on a diet they say "Why?? You don't need to be!!" UM, if i didn't need to be would I be??!? I mean, HELLO?!?!? I'm a chick... I used to be a size 3 for god's sake!! Now i'm all fat and shit... and ok, suuure, i look pretty good now... i know... so don't tell me... but I want to be smaller... I'd like to be able to wear my old jeans (pre lexi not pre tash)I would be happy in a size 7... (i normally wear mudds... and stuff like that... soo i go in odd sizes...) but a 7/8 would be perfect for me. I'd be happy. Right now, I'm in like a 13/14... uumm, hello?!?! MOO?!?! And I think this was brought on by the "BBW" thing... dude, i'm not that big... i swear to fucking god, I'm not... MOST of those women are like fucking size 20 or more... and they like being fat.... i don't... It's not healthy... your BMI should be like below 25... if you're in a 20... it's probably over 36.... which means, HELLO??!!? DEATH BY HEART ATTACK?!?!? I have nothing again
Your Turn
"So tell me about the craziest thing you've ever done sexually." It took me only a second to reply to her. "There was this time in college. Some buddies of mine and I had been out all night at this fraternity party and this one little cooze starts draping herself all over each one of us in turn. She was petite with blonde hair, big green eyes and pert little tits which seemed to cry out to us to be let loose from this little blue top with no bra. Each one of us had had our shot with her making out in a dark corner. She'd obediently come back around and then take the next one off into a different dark corner. "So when the lights come up and we get our things to go, this girl's still hanging around so my friend Jason, this big black guy, and I slyly wink to each other and agree to walk her back to her place...."
Tits And Ass
I know there are a ton of beautifuk women out there that would love to show there stuff. Please send them my way. who ever you are, if you got show it off give me what I need Tits and Ass
Missing You
So we had to go our separate ways, I understand and it's fine. Then I see your face or hear your voice, And it gets to me every time. I think of when we were together, And reminisce of the times we shared. How you made me feel loved, And that there was more there. I know that someday, I will get over you. Though part of me wishes, You'd miss me like I miss you.
The Freaks Come Out At Night
Please Come by and check out my new lounge still buildin it but itz all good.
just to let you ppl know so nobody flips out thinking I took them off my list or whatever...I closed my shoutbox off to everybody. I'm not in the mood to talk with anybody right now. I wouldn't make good company at all. I'm basically here to help out a couple of people bombing in their give-aways. Sorry if I don't get back to you right away. But I do promise I will get back to you. Sorry. Just need a little time to get in a better mood. And I didn't want anybody thinking I'm ignoring them cuz I wouldn't talk back right away.
Just A Massive Thank You
I just wanted to say thank you to all of the vets out there and to the current soldiers. I recently lost my cousin and this makes it extra hard this year but I continue to pray for all. Thank you for fighting for what you believe in and for our country.
Black Satin Panties
She dressed in the morning in a short, casual jumper. She'd made it from a fine wale corduroy in deep, autumn tones. She wore a green turtleneck underneath, but no panties. She put the black panties into her pocket. No one would even suspect such a thing. Not about her. She'd been awake most of the night. Her mind was floating into the realm of the unknown. Into possibilities of fucking the forbidden. She wanted that guy at work so bad. But he worked on the docks. She worked in the office. There was this interoffice no-no at The Company about being friends with those from "the other side of the tracks" even though they worked at the same place. She was the college graduate, he was the felon. Everyone upstairs would die if they knew she was interested. It wasn't even daylight yet. He arrived at his job at 4:30 a.m. She walked from the bus to The Company, crossing city streets, into the industrial end of town. She doubted she was going to be able to go through with what she'd i
I woke up with a start; what a terrible dream. Dreamt I was alone; no one here but me. The whole life I had was just imaginary. Had no job; my house in ruins. Reached for my wife; she laughed and said nay. Reached for my children, and they faded away. I lie in bed shivering; crying in pain. I jump with a start, as an arm grabs me tight. My wife holds me close, and whispers: “every things alright.”
Crush Meter
My First Blast
Hey I got my first blast thanks to Peachykeenjelly but I would like to keep a memory of it unfortunately I cant take screen shots so I ask if any of you can when you do see my blast please take a screen shot of it and send it my way please I will be very appreciative Thank you
Lonely For My Love
I spend all my time in the dark, in the shower,in the rain Hiding this hole in my heart where I feel so much pain Empty bed,empty heart,empty arms in a world that's gone black Just coastin along,life on hold until you can come back I know I should cherish and treasure our love And I do But I feel like my center is missing while I'm without you When you call me, I put on a smile and I try to be strong But this being apart is so hard and goes on for so long You just called, unexpected, the love I can hear in your voice Let's me know I go on, I can do this,there's no other choice I can take endless days,lonely nights, countless tears that may fall I can take it-as long as there's you, at the end of it all!
Rough Times
This is definately a rough time of year. Thursday 11-15-07 will be 1 year ago that my 1/2 sister lost her fight with brain cancer. It was rough for a while I wasn't super close with her the past year but when I was younger I was and just the guilt of letting stupid shit let us not be close was rough.I was standing beside her when she passed away and I thought that would have bothered me but it actually helped because she went peaceful after a long day of a horrible breathing sound and her being in a coma type state. Anyways we have the same father is how were related and I'm very close and very very much admire my dad and its just been so hard seeing him break down he still cries soo often and I know its just going to be so hard on him this week.Hes 74 yrs old I'm just not sure how much more heartache he can handle. On 11-27-07 it will make 2 yrs since my mother in law passed away suddenly and unexsplained.My husband has said a few things lately out of the blue so I know its weighin
Please Do Ur Part In Helping Me
Keep america neet and clean I for one love this kinda country
Nice Toys
I Got Jobs
this is for my friends on messengers, i'm currently holding down a few jobs so i'm not gonna be on as much :( i'm also gonna be going to college in alittle bit and am gonna be moving outta town so yeah.....dont wait up for me
A New Love
I never felt a love Like this before It's a love like no other Something I have always hoped for A love with friendship Humor and heart A bond so strong It would never part A love that makes you smile From ear to ear A love that is joyful Without any fear A love that is beautiful From the inside out A love with no tears, Pain, or doubt A love with soul So tender and true A love that I have found Only in you...
Need 15,000 Comments For A Vip
Dinner With Whatever - Part 2
"Why won't you just do what I ask," she inquired. He didn't even look up at her. "Because it is stupid." "You are stupid," she softly said, after a moment. He cut a large chunk of his steak and put it in his mouth. "What, hun? Did you say something," he managed to mumble through a mouthful of cow. She looked down. "No, nothing, nevermind." *** She tapped her fork on the table repetitively, hoping that it would annoy him. Still he ignored her. Chew, chew, chew, chew, swallow. Repeat: chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, swallow. She waited for him to discard his utensils, to just pick up the meat with his hands and gnaw on it like a dog. Grease and crumbs lingered on his lips. She desperately wanted to scream at him to wipe his mouth, but she didn't. It wasn't that she was afraid to make a scene. No, she rather enjoyed making scenes in public places. "My little ham," her Mother used to say to her when she was little, "always wanting to be the star of the show, no mat
Pre-dating The Love Of Chocolate
Chemical and archaeological evidence has pushed back the earliest known use of cacao, the key ingredient of chocolate, by 500 years. The chemical compound, theobromine, which only occurs in the cacao plant, has been found on pottery vessels dating back to as early as 1000 BC. Experts say the vessels were used to serve a fermented cacao drink that was made from the sweet pulp of the plant. The vessels were unearthed at sites in Puerto Escondido, Honduras. "The earliest use of cacao in Mesoamerica is likely to have been for a fermented drink," lead author Professor John Henderson wrote in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). "Such drinks may contain up to 5% alcohol in volume," the Cornell University, US, academic added. Frothy chocolate Map of Puerto Escondido, Honduras As well as chemical evidence, a change in pottery vessel shape allowed scientists to pre-date the use of cocoa. It had been known that the seeds were used to make a frothed
You Inspire Me....
PROFILEFANTASY.COM I would be verse Without words Song without Melody, a Heart that Didn't beat Until your presence Provided The Passion, The excitation, The craziness. The movement Of the stars Would not be Noticed if I didn't look Up to God as I gave thanks For you And thankful I ever will be! Poet
Angels & Airwaves - Breathe
A blue, black shade of love. Sent from above. My hands are tied to worlds alone, And this I know. Your breath's like wine, And just like clouds, my skin crawls. It's so divine, the sky it glows with fields of light. Did you know that I love you? Come and lay with me. I love you. And all this day, I will love you. You make me feel alive, and I'll love you Until the end of time. My hands shake clasped with fear as you come near To say goodnight, just like a dove. A peaceful sign. To help us by as you come in. Let this begin. Stars fall like dust, our lips will touch. We speak too much. Did you know that I love you? Come and lay with me. I love you. And all this day, I will love you. You make me feel alive, and I'll love you Until the end of time. Did you know that I love you? Come and lay with me. I love you. And all this day, I will love you. You make me feel alive, and I'll love you Until the end of time. I've got a lot to say, if you will l
well everyone i am staying signle for a while i don't want my heart broken again. if you all like e-mail me to be friends that is all i want. so have fun with your boyfriends and girlfriends ladys and i hope you all will last longer then me and my ex.
Was Jesus Gay?
Show Him Sum Love.......
Hit my boy Abel up .........told him how nice my Fubar friends can be.....bigpapi1003 is his name look him up...
A Quiz For Everyone Who Thinks They Know It All
*This is a quiz for people who know everything! These are not trick questions. They are straight questions with straight answers. The answers are below--no cheating--try to answer the questions first. * *1. Name the one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends. * *2. What famous North American landmark is constantly moving backward? * *3. Of all vegetables, only two can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons. All other vegetables must be replanted every year. What are the only two perennial vegetables? * *4. What fruit has its seeds on the outside? * *5. In many liquor stores, you can buy pear brandy, with a real pear inside the bottle. The pear is whole and ripe, and the bottle is genuine; it hasn't been cut in any way. How did the pear get inside the bottle? * *6. Only three words in standard English begin with the letters "dw" and they are all common words. Name two of them. *
Miss Fiona Has The Best Pics On Fubar Read All !!!
i love all her pics the are so cool just look for your self !!!:D:D:D:D **Miss Fiona** ~Club F.A.R. member~@ fubar
How to suck cock like a pro Five Fellatio Tips Watch the teeth! The biggest mistake that novice fellatrixes make is scraping the penis with their teeth. Though some men may like this mix of pain and pleasure, most will not. Fact is, it's difficult to relax and enjoy the sensations if you're always worrying about your dick being bitten off during a blowjob. Tucking your teeth under your lips is one way to make sure you avoid this gotcha. Otherwise, just make sure to open wide and be careful. Your teeth and his skin just weren't meant to be together. ------------------------------------------------- Act like you like it It may seem simple, but if you act like you enjoy giving head, it will increase his pleasure greatly. Nothing's worse that getting a blow job from a reluctant or unwilling partner. Of course, the best way to do this is to swallow at the end, but even if you can't bring yourself to do that, a little enthusiasm will go a long way. Some ways to
Dark Faces
dark faces dark faces magnify here in the dark but we are face to face echos of times yearnings of future here pain is love here darkness is light where is thine sight here echos face to face now end of times past whom shall last like a sifter separating shaft and wheat light turned to dark darkness being the light eyes twinkling beyond sight wisdom that's darker than light whom can see my sight is this the end of me love twisted souls gathering the light hear my echoing hear me bellow through time hear your pain becomes my sign
ok well after 4 12 hr shifts with the flu and about 5 different types of OTC meds i think im gonna break down and go to the on site health clinic at work in the morning. no open appointments before then :( so if i dont reply to comments or emails today bear with me im trying to lay down but it only stuffs me up worse. Ive already tried tea with honey and lemon, chicken soup, and even vodka lol all it did was make me loopy.....with a hacking cough.8-p please rate my blog!i miss being it the top 50 lol
Twenty-six Things A Perfect Guy Would Do
Someone recently sent me an email titled 26 things a perfect guy would do. I thought "hmm, nobody could possibly send me anything so stupid, it can't possibly be as dumb as it sounds." I stand corrected. The email was just as advertised: a wish list of how women supposedly want men to act, as if men in this country weren't already an episode of Friends away from turning into giant walking vaginas. I never thought I'd ever read anything that would induce my gag reflex so quickly, and this is after having read the details of an anal prolapse that a friend sent me tonight. Here is the abridged list (because the full list might literally cause you to barf on your keyboard, and frankly, it's not worth reading), followed by my response to each "thing" that a "perfect guy would do:" 1. Know how to make you smile when you are down! When will women realize that they don't live on the set of a romantic comedy? Unless making you smile involves me playing video games while you cook me a
Should Children Witness Childbirth?
Should children witness childbirth? Due to a power outage, only one paramedic responded to the Call. The house was very dark so the paramedic asked Kathleen, a 3-yr old girl to hold a flashlight high over her Mommy so he could see while he helped deliver the baby. Very Diligently, Kathleen did as she was asked. Heidi pushed and Pushed and after a little while, Connor was born. The Paramedic lifted him by his little feet and spanked him on His bottom. Connor began to cry. The paramedic then thanked Kathleen for her help and asked the wide-eyed 3-yr old what She thought about what she had just witnessed. Kathleen quickly responded, "He shouldn't have crawled in there in The first place . . Smack his ass again!" If you don't laugh at this one there is no hope!!!
This Is Online I Can Only Have One Crush?
OK I only been here, little more then, two weeks but I tried to get a crush on another and got the thing that said "You already have a crush on ____ do you want to replace it with ___?" C'mon even in RL, real life, I sometimes have crushes on more than one! So what do ya mean ONLY one on FUbar? I wasn't told, or I didn't read the fine print, when I joined but this can't be serious? Thanks, Willy
For My Dad And My Friend Richard Rip
My dad passed away on may 17th,2005.And i miss him alot and wish he was still alive and here with us.He was 66 when he passed away.It's hard to let go when you lost a love one in your family.My dad and me didn't spend time together when he was alive.Why do god have to take away love ones in their family when their so young.I lost a real good friend of mine i met online last month and it's very hard for his family too. Can you's pray for all of us please.Thank you.
I was Fu-Engaged to someone who I thought Was Completely and Utterly Awesome, The night Before We were supposed to get Fu-Married, I discovered that she cheated on me the night before, I have never been so hurt in my life. I wasn't heart-broken, no i was heart-Shattered. I could never understand and probably never will understand how she could have done that to me. Am I seriously just never supposed to find love?? Wuts the point of life if You cannot love??
My B-day On T-giving Day!
Sumone Please buy me a Blast for my Birthday. Its on ThanksGiving Day!
Second Body Found At Search House
Second body found at search house Police searching a house in Kent where the remains of Vicky Hamilton, 15, were found have discovered a second body. Police said it was a significant development and the family of missing teenager Dinah McNicol had been told. Officers have been investigating the disappearance of Ms McNicol, 18, who failed to return home to Tillingham in Essex from a trip to Hampshire in 1991. Peter Tobin, 61, has been charged in Scotland with the murder of Vicky, who was from near Falkirk, Stirlingshire. Her body was found in the house's back garden on Monday. Patio lifted Police from two forces have been in Irvine Drive, Margate, since Monday. Mr Tobin appeared at Linlithgow Sheriff Court on Thursday and was charged with the murder of Vicky, who was last seen in Bathgate, West Lothian, in 1991. A post-mortem examination was being carried out on the second body found in the Margate house on Friday afternoon. "The McNicol family have
Can U Please Help My Friend
This sweet girl need some love... can u please help her to level Thank you... Have a great weekend Dora sign my guestbook plz :))@ fubar
Wake Pig;;;alien Angel, One Of My Fav's
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Remember to Read from the bottom up!!
As The World Falls Down...
Tips To Control Premature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation or PE is generally acknowledged as one highly feared sexual problem among men. It usually has far-reaching consequences, often affecting to a certain degree the relationship that a man has with his sexual partner. Medical practitioners, including sex therapists, often give varying premature ejaculation definitions, usually disagreeing on what actually constitutes PE. Nevertheless, the general agreement is that, as a dysfunction, it occurs in men either on a consistent basis or during particular periods of their lives. Either way, when premature ejaculation takes place much too often and begins to severely affect relationships, appropriate solutions need to be explored. Premature ejaculation simply refers to the act of ejaculating a bit too early, approximately several minutes after sexual intercourse has commenced, and either before there is penile penetration or shortly afterwards. Most men feel that the dysfunction is something that they cannot really
Tll Nov 16 2007
================================================================================================ 11-16-07 WRR FM 2 TLL Intro 11 friday Mark Collie "In Time" "Pumpkin And Honey Bunny" from the movie "Pulp Fiction" >voiceover: Dick Dale "Misirlou" Drowning Pool "Step Up" George Carlin "Three Little Words" Van Halen "The Seventh Seal" Alice Cooper "Brutal Planet" Steve Vai "Bad Horsie" The Scorpions "Rock You Like A Hurricane" >voiceover: The Viscounts "Harlem Nocturne" Led Zeppelin "The Immigrant Song" LIVE Alice Cooper "School's Out" LIVE Queen + Paul Rodgers "Fat Bottomed Girls" LIVE Pantera "South Of Heaven" LIVE Drowning Pool "Creeping Death" LIVE >voiceover Eric Johnson "Cliffs Of Dover" This Is WRR Music 3 Disturbed "Land Of Confusion" KMFDM "Stars And Stripes" Celldweller "Tragedy" F5 "Faded" WRR tendollar 1 Dream Theater "I Walk Beside You" >voiceover AC/DC "Big Balls" / "Rocker" Robin Williams "Men's Parts" Billy Idol "Flesh For Fantasy" Angto
Thoughts Of The Evening life feels like an enternal fiery pit of abandonment wrapped in grief and fury. I feel as though i'm waiting on a cold monsoon to wash away the sorrow, and endless suffering i'm forced endure. However that monsoon has already dried and turned to'll never make it to my world in the time i need it in. Life is to have me wait, and wait..listening to Father Time tick away the remaining shreds of sanity in this desolet place of my horrors and convictions. . Fate is to teach me my goal of simply being a empty shell for other's to fill with their own self-loathing and self-pity. 10 years from now, if you are to see what remains of this souless pathetic being...don't pity the withered ruined waste. just continue to pass it by. I know then,as i know even now..that I'm already dead and to have a passing concerned look from you would only be overdoing your obligation to pretend to care.
Sad Life
SAD LIFE OF A PENIS: His hair's a mess, his family is nuts, his neighbor's an asshole, his best friend's a pussy, and his owner beats him
This Is My Horrorscope For Today
This is my horoscope for today lol Nov 18 2007 Now does that hit the nail on the head or what You're losing little things left and right, so be sure to lock up your valuables or have a friend keep an eye on them while you're distracted. Things are going to be interesting for the next few days!
My Dreams Never Died
My dreams never died, they continued, although the pain makes it hard the dreams are still here. My dreams never died when the tears began to fall, and the sky turned grey. My dreams live on. Although the years have been painful and many tears have been shed, My dreams never died. although life was never the way i had wanted it to turn out, my dreams never died. The words in a song the love of a friend and the feelings of a poem. My dreams never died, but they continue to grow. Because of you my friend, my dreams never died. My heart was broken the tears fell like rain but you were there, to see me through and because of you my friend my dreams never died.
Lesson 3
Place the head of his penis inside your mouth, but do not tighten your lips around the shaft. With your tongue, begin a circle motion around his head with the tip of your tongue. The head of his penis will slide to different places in your mouth as you continue the circle motion. The technique is a great transition move between techniques; just make sure to experiment with the whole spectrum of pleasurable pressure, as this is incredibly stimulating just about any way it is performed. You can also incorporate spinning your head in a back and forth motion to add a little extra sprinkle of love.
The Love Between Two Friends
The love between two friends, the feelings that are shared, the laughter the tears, good times and bad times. we are always there for eachother. We can talk for hours and never get tired or bored. we have so much in common, like we were brought together for a reason. The love between 2 friends, a friendship that is so special, that nothing could ever tare it apart. the love between two friends i hope it never ends. We may never meet but i know that in my heart we will always be close. In my dreams i will hug you tight. The love between two friends. dont ever doubt my love for you my friend, and i hope in the end we will still be the best of friends. The love between two friends.
Hooked On You
It's like you're a drug It's like you're a demon I can't face down It's like I'm stuck It's like I'm running from you all the time And I know I let you have all the power It's like the only company I seek is misery all around It's like you're a leech Sucking the life from me It's like I can't breathe Without you inside of me And I know I let you have all the power And I realize I'm never gonna quit you over time It's like I can't breathe It's like I can't see anything Nothing but you I'm addicted to you It's like I can't think Without you interrupting me In my thoughts In my dreams You've taken over me It's like I'm not me It's like I'm lost It's like I'm giving up slowly It's like you're a ghost that's haunting me Leave me alone And I know these voices in my head Are mine alone And I know I'll never change my ways If I don't give you up now I'm hooked on you I need a fix I can't take it Just one more hit I promise I can deal with it I'll handle it, quit it Just one more
Thank You My Friends
As some of you may know, I had to put my dog Grader to sleep this past Saturday. He had spleen cancer and there was nothing they could do for him. I had him for 10 years and I am going to miss his quirky little simpleton personality. Thank you to all of you who have given me your love and condolescenses.
In My Dreams
This is a poem I wrote about 7 years ago. In My Dreams I see things. Things that will happen. Things that won’t happen. In my dreams I see, Things I want to happen. Things I don’t want to happen. In my dreams, I see my wishes come true. I see my fears come true. In my dreams, I see my heaven. I see my hell. In my dreams, I see things. I see life.
To Someone Really Me.. Read And You Will Find Out Who You Are...
Recently, i reposted a mumm that upset someone i care very much for.... I am here to tell that person i am sooo sorry... I didn't mean to upset you in any way nor make you think anything else. it is all in fun and games, or so i thought... didn't mean to hurt you. there is alot of stuff that i know goes on , on the internet, and when you start to make friends, and feelings get hurt, and then you are hurting also, it just makes ya so you don't even want to do these things anymore. I have had enough pain in my life, losing someone that i care about , is not something i want to do.. i find it hard enough to make friends that are true friends..... don't know who to trust, who not to trust , where to turn half the time..... i know who i can trust on this site so far... and those who just want to be out for a piece of ass.... or those who want to cause problems.... drama, drama, drama..... i hate it all..... i like the simple life , want the simple life.... all i want is my k
I'm Allergic!
to life. i've noticed the one downfall for me waking up everyday is i sneeze for like a good hour until i guess i'm fully lucid. it's funny because i've never been allergic to anything before and i've realized just now that i'm allergic to life. next time i get asked at the doctor's or hospital if i have an allergies I will say... "Yes doctor. I'm allergic to life." :D
Random Story
well it all started when i was in da worm n i found a cord that was buggin me so i pulled it n then the next thing i remember is havin some stupid guy ina whit coat who hit me i was like OH no u didnt so i did was evveryone eles would ahve done n kicked him. then when i was 5 i wanted a tonka truck (its a brand of toys 4 ppl who r lower n dont know wat it is) n wat did i get thats rite a MUTHER FUKIN BARBIE DOLL DO I LOOOK LIKE I NEED MORE PRESSURE TO B LIKE EVERYONE ELES ? so sant didnt get me that i m still hurtin over that but the next thing was when i was 11 n some guy took my bike i was so not happy n had to say fuk u to da person sitin bhind u as u read this. ok now im 21 its 12.29am or pm wat ever its fukin late im bored outa my brain n darran has this to say so here he goes psycopathic RYDAS( wen i die show no pitty send my sould to a juggalo city dig my grave six feet deep... says: u is a funny 1 coze u is buggin every 1 and its funny wen u bugg ppl coze they get piss
Da Da Da Da
OK OK OK... LOOOK AT THESE LIL LADIES RIGHT HERE... AWESOME PEOPLE TO KNOW... GO LOVE THEM SHOW THEM ALL THE LOVE YOU CAN GIVE EM!!! THESE GIRLS ARE HOT! HOT! HOT! -{Dots}-@ fubar FAN THEM ADD THEM RATE THEM Fre¥a Evil's Pet Cpt 2nd Alarm Hottie After Hours Promoter Fu/gf 2 Mydnyte Co-owner B/S Fam@ fubar MAKE THEM YOUR CRUSH! ☠J£§§Å Øwñê® Øf HÿÐåWàý ®ãСø☠ ßЯùTàL 4 Lýfê@ fubar FUCK IT JUST BUY THEM GIFTS! LBZ@ fubar REPOST REPOST REPOST Ms. Mojito _.·´¯)»Girlfriend to ♥Silhouette ♥«(¯`·._ E.D.F.B.@ fubar Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition! girls like me love guys like you@ fubar RAPE THEIR PAGES.. YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T HELP YOURSELF Im Not Your Baby
Leaving Fubar
i am leaving fubar for a while for any of you who liked my profile
Flashy Stars Background
What Kind Of Drinkin Woman Am I?
You Are a Beer Woman You drink to have fun and let loose. Simple as that. And you aren't picky about what you drink, though you can appreciate a quality brew. Casual and down to earth, you can hang with the guys more easily than the girls. You prefer to date a man who is manly, direct, and sure of what he wants. What Kind of Drinking Woman Are You?
What Mythical Creature Am I?
You Are a Centaur In general, you are a very cautious and reserved person. However, you are also warm hearted, and you enjoy helping others in practical ways. You are a great teacher, and you are really good at helping people get their lives in order. You are very intuitive, and you go with your gut. You make good decisions easily. What Mythological Creature Are You?
A Cynical Willyism For The Fuckin' Day 11/21/07;
Mom used to tell me to make sure I had clean underwear on in case I was ever in an accident! This is something she must've learned, in America, where she came from I don't think they even had underwear! She didn't want me to "embarrass her!" I been in a few accidents and don't think she ever, even when I was in ICU, showed up and asked, "did my son have clean underwear on?" And I really don't know what the fuckin' nurse would say LMAO!
I See You.
He was built like a machine - a man made to kill. "A heartless beast without a soul." Were the words he used to describe himself. He'd say the words she'd always want to hear, but did he mean them? Love was a waste of his life. It was nothing more than a man-made dream. He bought her roses just to watch them die. Why did he hang around if love was nothing more than a waste of his breath? Why would he use words.. meaningless words just to make her cling tighter? People saw his charade and believed the whole fucking lot. But what was ignored? Something deep inside him was found by someone who had her own secrets. The beast.. the synical beast was mearly a frightened boy wrapped in a Soldier's costume. The questions were answered. Day by day, he would play games, tell fake words - not for his own spiteful pleasure, but simply to make her smile... (Just written about some guy I recently met.. He's a mysterious character..)
Patience- Gnr
(1..2...1,2,3,4) Shed a tear 'cause I'm missing you I'm still alright to smile Girl, I think about you every day now Was a time when I wasn't sure But you set my mind at ease There is no doubt you're in my heart now Sad woman take it slow It'll work itself out fine All we need is just a little patience Sad sugar make it slow And we'll come together fine All we need is just a little patience (inhale) Patience... Ooh, oh, yeah Sit here on the stairs 'Cause I'd rather be alone If I can't have you right now, I'll wait dear Sometimes, I get so tense But I can't speed up the time But you know, love, there's one more thing to consider Sad woman take it slow Things will be just fine You and I'll just use a little patience Sad sugar take the time 'Cause the lights are shining bright You and I've got what it takes to make it We won't fake it, Oh never break it 'Cause I can't take it ...little patience, mm yeah, ooh yeah, Need a little patience, yeah Just a litt
Why Cookie Dough Is Better Than Men
Reason's Why Cookie Dough is Better than Men.... 1. It's enjoyable hard or soft. 2. It makes a mess too, but it tastes better. 3. It doesn't mind if you take your anger out on it. 4. You always want to swallow. 5. It won't complain if you share it with friends. 6. It's "quick and convenient". 7. You can enjoy it more than once. 8. It comes already protectively wrapped. 9. You can make it as large as you want. 10. If you don't finish it you can save it for later. 11. It's easier to get the kind you want. 12. You can comparison shop. 13. It's easier to find in a grocery store. 14. You can put it away when you've had enough. 15. You know yours has never been eaten before. 16. It won't complain if you chew on it. 17. It comes chocolate flavoured. 18. You always know when to get rid of it. 19. You can return it--satisfaction is guaranteed. 20. It's always ready to go.
It Can Be Thanksgiving Each & Every Day
The table is brimming with good things to eat; We're surrounded by family and friends; what a treat. The feelings that fill us today can't be beat; It's Thanksgiving Day, and it all feels complete. But other days, sometimes things don't seem so fine; Those days are not polished and don't seem to shine. It's then in our minds, we forget all the good, And think of the things we would get, if we could. On days when our thinking causes dread, If we could remember, it's all in our head, And not let our minds take our gratitude away, Then we'd make every day like Thanksgiving Day.
Ok This One Made Me Cry
>Daddy's Poem > >Her hair was up in a pony tail, >Her favourite dress tied with a bow. >Today was Daddy's Day at school, >And she couldn't wait to go. > >But her mommy tried to tell her, >That she probably should stay home. >Why the kids might not understand, >If she went to school alone. > >But she was not afraid; >She knew just what to say. >What to tell her classmates >Of why he wasn't there today. > >But still her mother worried, >For her to face this day alone. >And that was why once again, >She tried to keep her daughter home. > >But the little girl went to school >Eager to tell them all. >About a dad she never sees >A dad who never calls. > >There were daddies along the wall in back, >For everyone to meet. >Children squirming impatiently, >Anxious in their seats > >One by one the teacher called >A student from the class >To introduce their daddy, >As seconds slowly passed. > >At last the teacher called her name, >Every child turned to stare.
Happy Thanksgiving
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving today! Hehe and had lots to eat! You better have enjoyed that pumpkin pie! mmmmmm yummers!! Mine was alright. Had plenty to eat, omg I'm still stuffed.. gah! Though it is sooo nasty out right now. With freezing rain and snow mix.. gahh *gives mother nature the finger* the bitch so no ready for winter hehehehehee Now I'm just gonna relax.. weeeeee! Watching dawn of the dead then its on that 360 yo! haha thats my relaxtion. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
Naturally Submissive
my mind fills with You my spine straightens arching slightly legs naturally parted breasts aimed forward and up to meet Your gaze eyes aimed down to meet the smile forming on lips that part in anticipation of contact with Your skin salty sweet with exertion my heart once beating discreetly now reminds me with every thunderous contraction that You are reaching out for me my breathing once so simple and unconscious now comes in short deliberate audible sighs nipples now alert aching for attention conscious of encasement straining to be free between Your strong deliberate fingers smooth mound pushing against black panties pulled tight pulsating and searching for Your approval clit now steeped in dew a testament to new blossoming desire tingling of all the nether regions sacred openings widen inviting exploration for Your viewing and use dizzy spinning legs trembling i am river finding my way to You the Sea Your pet
Juggalo Stages
Stage One- Pre Birth: This occurs before you know Insane Clown Posse exists. You know you're different. You don't conform with society. You see the world differently than most and aren't sure where your view fits in. Stage Two- The Awakening: You are introduced to I.C.P. A friend may introduce you, or you may hear a song on the radio. Maybe you see someone sporting a shirt and think "I wonder what that's all about." It can happen in many ways, but from here on out nothing is the same. You start to discover the magic that is the Dark Carnival. You being to find that place where your view belongs. Stage Three- Clown Boy: This is the stage that most people resist. Nobody likes to think of themselves as a clown boy (or fanboy, or hound dog...take your pick), but we've ALL been there. This is where I.C.P. and Psychopathic are the WORLD to you. You want all the merchandise, memorize all the songs, and follow blindly the lead of Joe, Joey and the Psychopathic machine. The most
Rednecks Go Driving
Rednecks Go Driving A couple drove their car to K-Mart. Their car broke down in the parking lot. The man told his wife to go on with the shopping while he fixed the car there in the lot. The wife returned later to see a small group of people near the car. On closer inspection she saw a pair of male legs protruding from under the chassis. Although the man was in shorts, they had ridden up his legs, and his lack of underpants had turned his private parts into glaringly public ones. Unable to stand the embarrassment she dutifully stepped forward, quickly put her hand up his shorts and tucked everything back into place. On regaining her feet she looked across the hood and found herself staring at her husband who was standing idly by. The poor mechanic under the car had to have three stitches in his head.
Sheep Are Not Very Graceful
Another short story...I call it, "sheep are not very graceful" I awake to a soft, monotonous buzz that was as a string of beads being pulled through a handkerchief between my index finger and thumb.. The powerfully bright glow of my digital alarm clock with it's oversized stupid numbers actually brought a twinge of pain to a place behind my eyes. I laid awake remembering or realizing the sound I heard was not really part of a dream I was just having. I noticed a faint light on the wall in the next room. Not a bright light but what may be described as another shade of the darkness. A glow with a slight flicker like toy army soldiers passing between a lit match and my eyes. I quietly arose to follow that sound and the light into the next room which I know as my living room. I slowly stepped to the archway separating the kitchen and the room I presently occupy peeking around the corner. With my heart thumping and half awake self, I came upon all of my cats... all fo
Saddle Up
check out my mumms andcomment and rate them
Update 11 /23
Ok Had the surgery Monday and at home recouping now all should be fine thanks for all the Love it ment alot My new look ~Ancient1~ xxx SoberBy StaindBest Video Codes
One Dark Night
It was a dark & very cold night. The moon was full & bright, illuminating the sky as it snowed heavily.As He walked down the snow covered dirt road toward the small cottage at the end of it, He saw a light coming from it. As He neared the cottage He see's a small form curled up in the window. Hearing someone knocking on her door she looks out the window & see's a large form on her doorstep. Rising from her spot. she walks to the door & opems it to see a very handsome man. As she looks Him over, she notices He must be a foot taller than her 5ft 4in frame. Inviting Him in, out of the cold , she watches as He shakes the snow from His light brown hair. Looking up at Him she makes eye contact with a pair of beautiful brown eyes. Taking His coat from Him as He takes it off, she hangs it on a hook by the door."Have a seat at the table Sir, I'll fetch You a cup of coffee to warm You up". He watches her as she looks Him over. Captivated by her disheveled appearence, He
Rainbow Warriors Platoon
Rainbow Warriors Platoon
Needs Leveled!
Hey all! Shes got a little over 20,000 to go! If we all pitch in then we can get it done! lilmamma1@ fubar
Cherish The Moments
when we laugh we would cherish the moments when we cry we would cherish the moments when we have fun we would cherish the moments when we are in love we would cherish the moments every moment does count when we could cherish that Cherish every moment you have spent with that special someone or something Cherish that in your hearts forever So do cherish all the great memories forever forget the bad ones throw those out of your heart Leave those good moments you cherrished in your hearts always and forever =)
Hurt Me So Bad When U Said U Didnt Care
It hurt me so bad when you told me you didn’t care I cant believe I let one person make me cry so many tears I didn’t know how much I loved you till I realized I had to hate you now my stomach is in knots and my heart just hurts and my head is so confused because I thought when you said *I love you* it meant you really did
Always Love You
Before I met you, I was badly hurt from relationships that fell apart, I didn't wanna live no more I just wanted an end, I thought nothing could cure me, My heart would never mend. You walked into my problems and made them go away, I didn't wanna be with you, 'Cause I thought you'd hurt me someday. I gave you a chance to see if that was true, But something was different and you were something new. Now, I know what your love is truly about, your sweet, honest, and loveable, something I can't live without. I hope that this love will last, Because you know I'll always love you, I hope we'll never part, because I know you love me too...
Open Your Eyes
Open your eyes look around you, someone is crying and needs a shoulder to cry on. Open your eyes a child needs your tender love to see him through the night. Open your eyes someone is lonely and needs a friend. Open your eyes to the beauty around you. Open your eyes there is someone tonight that needs a hug. Open your eyes someone really needs some encouragement to make it through another day. Open your eyes and look around you someone is crying and needs someone to wipe the tears away. Open your eyes and see the many reasons you are here. So when you think about giving up open your eyes and look around you cause someone really needs to let them know that they are not alone, someone needs your friendship to help him make it through another day. Someone is wanting to give up tonight, they need your friendship they need your love they need a hug to let them know that someone out there really cares. Dont turn your back or close your eyes to someone who needs
Sick Of Fubabies.....grow Up!
I could have sworn that when I joined Fubar it said 18 and older which led me to believe it was an adult site. Well it's not! This is a place for moody whiney ass babies who want to bitch about everything and then go tattle tailin to the fubar shop because they dont like my freedom of speech. This is my page, my blogs, my mumms, my pics and if you dont like em then why the hell are you looking. Oh and this blog has been marked NSFW to save time for those who will report it. My kids dont even argue and act as childish as alot of people on here. I posted a few Mumms today...1 about a pic that was marked as NSFW and another was a joke that I seriously forgot to mark as NSFW well within 5 minutes of me posting the joke, it was deleted which is fine....the one about my NSFW pic was deleted also which again is also fine...but dear god, This place is gettin dumber by the minute....even the kids on Myspace have more freedom than we do on here!With all that said , I doubt I waste much more tim
Guess what????????? This is my damn blog and on my damn blog I put what I want in it... if you have something to say put it in your own damn blog :@ on with the show
The Naruto Techno Amv (extreme Seizure Warning)
hey. you know you're comimg alive once again from your months off as a dead person walking when you're in a book store and instead of passing by the cute boy at the counter with tears in your heart you spin in circles looking for something to buy just so he can "check you out" or so to speak. an excuse to go to his register. and then instead of walking out of the store like a zombie, ready to go home and be sad about something (anything) you suddenly realize your worst fear of the day is walkingthrough the door and praying the alarms dont go off. like you had stolen something when you didnt. then all eyes are on you. and you never enter the store again the same way. ok. that was random. up late thinking. goodnight.
This World Mordred
Many years in the aftermath of nuclear holocost the earth still lay baren, void of life, but through the ashes of caos and bloodstained streets arose a strange new world. A savage world of soecery and superscience.A world in many ways parallel the world of Aurthorian legend, so we will call this world Mordred. The people of this world for the most part are a humble and innocent people struggeling in everyday life to survive but, a small few have begun to mutate and form a new higharchy of cannibals, sorcerers and demonic creatures that randomly attack and slay the innocents then return to their subterrainian kingdom taking bodies for food and the living to farm as cattle and slaves.For this reason the people of Mordred live in constant fear of their everchanging environment and huddle in masses in order to try and survive the brutal onslaught of attacks waged against them.Among these people is a man; simple of mind; barren of deep or provoking thought. A man that others see as a life
My life is pretty fucked up today and just to prove it, here's my fucking horoscope for today. "You're not entirely sure what's going on with that new romance, job or opportunity, so now is the time to ask big questions. You may not get the answers you're hoping for, so be prepared to back out if necessary." Isn't that real fucking funny. Life a fucking bitch. Maybe I'll fucking die.
The Last Talking Point Of The Left
The vet-as-victim. by Dean Barnett 11/26/2007, Volume 013, Issue 11 To celebrate Veterans Day, the Los Angeles Times ran a two-part story on James Blake Miller, the battle-exhausted soldier in the iconic picture of the Battle of Falluja in November 2004. The photograph caught the 20-year-old Blake caked with blood and soot as a cigarette dangled from his mouth. He looked young, but also prematurely old. To many, the picture represents the modern American fighting man--resolute, determined, and much older than his years. Today, Miller is home from Iraq and suffering from a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. His is a heartbreaking saga, and the Times's lengthy story detailed the efforts of Luis Sinco (the Times staff photographer who took the photo) to help him. Near the end of the story, Sinco quotes Miller's 21-year-old brother saying to him, "I'm glad I didn't join the Marines. I got a nice house, a wife and twin baby daughters, and I drive a Durango that's
Stop By And Say Hello
> b>
Guess What ?????
ok this may get a response from you all i am gonna take djing up again but only for 1 week that is right one week and one week only but if all goes good i may be back again first i need a mic so i can talk while i play my music my girl has a ton of tunes on her laptop so now i need a lounge to work for but they have to understand I WILL NOT BE TAKE REQUEST'S FOR THAT WEEK it is a trail run to see if my baby's laptop can handle it or not so cross your finger and get ready for the new dj in me thing is i need a new name 2 sio ttyl ~Lost In The Dark~
MySpace Graphics & MySpace Layouts
My Dream
OMG I had the most awesome dream last night, let me tell you all about came over to me in the late hrs of the night, it was pouring out side so when you got here you were soaking wet,so i suggest you get out of those wet clothes and into some thing you went to the bedroom to change into a robe while ur clothes dried i came in to join you sat on the edge of the bed i put some soft suductive music on and began swaying my body bk and you watch with such amazement on ur face you slide up to the bk of the bed to enjoy,as you begin to breathe with such anticipation of what was to happen next..i slowly removed my blouse undoing 1 button at a time very slowly,until it was totally removed and exposing my red silk bra, as i slid my hand up my arm across my shoulder to lower 1 strap at a time.then turning around to undo my bra, while dancing and swaying even faster to the beat of the music, i turn around with both of my hands covering my breasts allowing you t
A Poem Written By An 101st Soldier
I got this thru an email from the Screaming Eagles website..I thought some of you would enjoy it. must warn you it is kinda a tear jerker. amanda So I was browsing a poem website and under military, this one came up. It's from a soldier from Ft. Campbell, last year and thought that we could all use to read something like this right about now. If I ever go to war... If I ever go to war Mom, Please don't be afraid. There are some things I must do, To keep the promise that I made. I'm sure there will be some heartache, And I know that you'll cry tears, But your son is a Soldier now, Mom, There is nothing you should fear. If I ever go to war Dad, I know that you'll be strong. But you won't have to worry, Cause you taught me right from wrong. You kept me firmly on the ground, yet still taught me how to fly. Your son is a Soldier now Dad, I love you Hooah, Even if I die. If I ever go to war Bro, There are some things I want to say. You've always had my back, and I know i
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
I haven't been around...I know..I'm sorry. I havent wanted to be around. I havent wanted to do much of anything lately except sit in bed and cry. Someone very close to me died in a very serious car accident. Out of the 4 people in the car...2 were dead on the scene, one is in a coma and not responding to surgery and they don't think she will survive, and the 4th they think will be ok, but will need a ton of plastic surgery to ever be recognized again...his face is that cut up. I decided to delete my site. Why? I was emotional, upset, sad, and just frusterated with soo much fubar crap. I have 2 really good fubar friends wo talkt o me and are there for me when I need it: Cubby & Voodoo Child. You guys rock. I know some of the others are good ones too. Its just that...I'm not looking for friends that jus want to check out my pictures and rate them so I can get points and stuff...I am looking for friends that want to leave me silly comments to make me laugh. I want friends i can
Dose Love Exist For Me??
I think not! Many say I am ugly, some say i'm not. Now what do they see in me? For I am drowning in this sea of misery. Yes I am human, yes I do cry. With tears in my eyes, running down my face as I write. This which you read I s like when my heart bleeds. Everyone longs to be loved. So I run not to be found, the pain of a loss is so profound. Where is he? was all being asked. Just follow the trail of blood. Down the street,and through the alleys. Go on hunt him down! Cause at the end of it all you will see him. Bleeding to death on the ground. In a cold dark place . Where nobodies around... I please ask you all "keep me in your prayers" Thank you, and may god bless you all. Jesus , Rivera Calderon Copyright ©2007 Jesus , Rivera Calderon
Oshun, Goddess Of Sensuality
Oh let me delight you with beauty so the eye may dance with joy let me seduce you with scents so that your nose inhales pleasure let me tantalize your taste till your tongue quivers let me caress you with sound that makes your ears sing and sing let me touch your body with waterfall music and adorn your beauty with golden bracelets and honey and perfume and when all is experienced when all your senses have been given play when your spirit from the stars connects in a blissful way with your body from the earth then you will know sensuality. Oshun (pronounced oh-shun'), the Brazilian Macumba Goddess of the waters-rivers, streams, brooks-is known for her love of beautiful things. She loves to adorn herself, especially in yellows and golds. Her rites at watery places include honoring her with honey and pennies (copper). Her necklace of cowrie shells symbolizes her knowledge and power in divination. It is said that the women dedicated to Oshun carry the special gift of th
Red Shirt Fridays
If the Red shirt thing is new to you, read below... Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together. After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who had been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. 'No,' he responded. 'Heading out?' I asked. 'No. I'm escorting a soldier home.' 'Going to pick him up?' 'No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq , I'm taking him home to his family.' The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that although he didn't know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his death to the soldier's family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, 'Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so that my family and I can do wha
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A Pome
"I see you in my mind i fear you in my sleep everywhere i go you're there by my side haunting me in my dreams killing me in my sleep i tried so hard to run and hide but you're there in the shadows in my mind"
For My Brothers
Here is a Bikers prayer src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket" />
To all of you that i have decieved, i am gods child not alone, I have been waalking with him for a while ever since the age 12 so I have told a bunch of you that i am wiccan but I really follow christ so if anyone is offended that think i am not who said I was.
Crazy Drugged Up Chick
Household Hints
Did You Know That? Drinking two glasses of Gatorade can relieve headache pain almost immediately -- without the unpleasant side effects caused by traditional "pain relievers." Did you know that Colgate toothpaste makes an excellent salve for burns. Before you head to the drugstore for a high-priced inhaler filled with mysterious chemicals, try chewing on a couple of curiously strong Altoids peppermints. They'll clear up your stuffed nose. Achy muscles from a bout of the flu? Mix 1 Tablespoon of horseradish in 1 cup of olive oil. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes, then apply it as a massage oil, for instant relief for aching muscles. Sore throat? Just mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with 1/4 cup of honey and take 1 tablespoon six times a day. The vinegar kills the bacteria. Cure urinary tract infections with Alka-Seltzer . Just dissolve two tablets in a glass of water and drink it at the onset of the symptoms. Alka-Seltzer begins eliminating urinary tract infections almost inst
A Little Humor To To Get Over The Hump
I dialed a number and got the following recording: "I am not available right now, but Thank you for caring enough to call. I am making some changes in my life. Please leave a message after the Beep. If I do not return your call, You are one of the changes." ~~~~~ Aspire to inspire before you expire. ~~~~~ I LOVE THIS NEXT ONE! My wife and I had words, But I didn't get to use mine. ~~~~~ Frustration is trying to find your glasses without your glasses. ~~~~~ Blessed are those who can give without remembering And take without forgetting. ~~~~~ The irony of life is that, by the time You're old enough to know your way Around, you're not going anywhere. ~~~~~ God made man before woman so as to give him time to think Of an answer for her first question. ~~~~~ I was always taught to respect my elders, But it keeps getting harder to find one. ~~~~~ Eve
CUTE-O-METER Post this and watch the answers you get sent back to you in your messages!!! If you don't repost your a scaredy-cat and you will have relationship problems for 5 years. So post it now. -2= Nasty -1= Ugly 0= Not Ugly 1= Almost Okay 2= Okay 3= Average 4= Cute 5= Really Cute 6= Beautiful/Handsome 7= Gorgeous 8= Sexy 9= Incredibly Sexy 10= Breath Taking 11= Me you bed noww 12= Come Fuck the shit out of me ...Which one do you think I am? Tell me in a message. Then, repost this as: "Cute-O-Meter
We Men And Needing Holiday Help...
Good Morning. It’s the Christmas shopping season and being a man I am always looking for that special gift that she never thought I could find for her. Yeah, yeah teddies and panties are way over played. To a man looking at the cosmetology counters is like a kid struggling with math pushed into trigonometry. It is all foreign to us. Oh yeah I can look at Bonnie’s make-up table or Mandy’s and Jax’s bathroom and see various bottles of this and that Tubes of goo and pencils, brushes and devices that look like they should be props in a horror film and purchase those items… but they have them… so I will get bigger ones… that is the thought of we men. We think bigger is better, so we pick up garden sheers in place of tweezers. Oh… and just how many pairs of tweezers do women need? I am sure there has to me a law against having too many… Shouldn’t the Government do a tweeze check? But, those items are not male friendly… I mean give us a task of finding the proper motor oil for a certain tempe
We Hold On
"We Hold On" How many times Do we tire of all the little battles Threaten to call it quits Tempted to cut and run How many times Do we weather out the stormy evenings Long to slam the front door Drive away into the setting sun Keep going on till dawn How many times must another line be drawn We could be down and gone But we hold on How many times Do we chaff against the repetition Straining against the faith Measured out in coffee breaks How many times Do we swallow our ambition Long to give up the same old way Find another road to take Keep holding on so long Cause theres a chance that we might not be so wrong We could be down and gone But we hold on How many times Do we wonder if it's even worth it Theres got to be some other way Way to get me through the day Keep going on till dawn How many times must another line be drawn We could be down and gone But we hold on
Office Relations
Edward has had the hots for Lucy, a woman in his office. Finally one day he cannot stand the tension anymore. He approaches her and says, "I will give you $100.00 just to let me screw you." As she begins to protest he says, "I will just throw the money on the floor and when you bend over to pick it up I'll take you from behind. I'll be done before you finish picking up the cash." She thinks about this and calls her boyfriend. After she explains everything to him he says, "Ask for $200.00 and pick it up real fast. You will be done before he gets his pants down." She tells Edward the terms and he agrees. After an hour her boyfriend is getting nervous and she finally calls him. He asks, "What happened? Why did you take so long to call me back?" And she replies, "The Bastard paid me in coins!"
First Paragraph Of "the Call Of Cthulhu
"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." H.P. Lovecraft
A Little Insight
What if you gave someone a gift, and the neglected to thank you for it- would you be likely to give them another? Life is the same way, in order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have.
Hey was wondering if anyone knew anyone who is doing a giveaway for blasts right now. I sooo want one! Been awhile since I had one up *whines* haha yea I'm a dork but you love me! Mwah! love yous
Not For Kids
[] Mary had a little pig, She kept it fat and plastered; And when the price of pork went up, She shot the little bastard. [] [] MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB Her father shot it dead. Now it goes to school with her, Between two hunks of bread. [] JACK AND JILL Went up the hill To have a little fun. Stupid Jill forgot the pill And now they have a son. [] SIMPLE SIMON met a Pie man going to the fair. Said Simple Simon to the Pie man, "What have you got there?" Said the Pie man unto Simon, "Pies, you dumb #$%!" [] HUMPTY DUMPTY sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the kings' horses, And all the kings' men. Had scrambled eggs, For breakfast again. [] HEY DIDDLE, DIDDLE the cat took a piddle, All over the bedside clock. The little dog laughed to see such fun. Then died of electric shock. [] GEORGIE PORGY Pudding and Pie, Kissed the girls and made them cry. And when the boys came out to play,
Torchwood Season Finale - Saturday At 9pm E/p On Bbc America
End of Days - Saturday, December 1st at 9:00pm & Midnight ET/6:00pm & 9:00pm PT on BBC America. The rift has been opened, and time is splintering all over the world. As events spiral out of control, the Torchwood team members are faced with fragments of their pasts – and terrifying visions of their futures. Can Captain Jack save the world?
You Dont Love Me
As we lay there quiet I was reminded of all the reasons why I lust you Your smile and the way it teased at me seductively Your laugh and the way it tempted me Your eyes and the way they seem to hypnotize me As we sat there silent I was reminded of all the reasons why I love you Your smile and the way it brings such life into me Your laugh and the way it makes everything okay Your eyes and the way they seem to read my thoughts As we stand here now I am reminded of all the reasons why I hate you Your smile and the way it confuses me Your laugh and the way it seems to mock me Your eyes and the way they can look into mine and not feel a thing
I am just going to try my best to describe a wonderful woman that words can't really describe. She is a person with a heart of gold that helps out anyone in need. She gives me strength to get through my troubles. She inspires me to be a better man. I wait up all night just to hear her voice. I have never been so comfortable with a woman as fast as i have been with her. She is absolutely Beautiful, Gorgeous, Stunning, in everyway possible. Like I said words can't really describe thats why this is so short. She makes me feel things I don't think I ever felt or could ever feel. I thank god everyday and night that she is in my life. Sonya thank you for being you. You mean the world to me.
Fun Facts From The Infection Control Center
During an hour's swimming at a municipal pool you will ingest 1/12 liter of urine. In an average day your hands will have come into indirect contact with 15 penises (touching door handles, etc.) An average person's yearly fast food intake will contain 12 pubic hairs. In a year you will have swallowed 14 insects - while you slept! Annually you will shake hands with 11 women who have recently masturbated and failed to wash their hands. Annually you will shake hands with 36 men who have recently masturbated and failed to wash their hands. In a lifetime 22 workmen will have examined the contents of your dirty linen basket. At an average wedding reception you have a 1/100 chance of getting a cold sore from one of the guests. Daily you will breath in 1 liter of other peoples' anal gases. HAVE A GREAT DAY... .and wash your damn hands!
My Ex
OK... Some of you that are on my friend's list that I talk to and some of you I don't. I have found out over time that my ex is on some of your pages in friend's list and some of you have him in your 'family' list. All I can say is at the moment we are going to court. The state has pressed charges on him and I have to testify, so in the interest of legality, I really can't tell you who he is, what he has done..but I will say that I won't be talking much to some of you for this reason only.. when court is over, I will talk to you regularly again...To those I don't talk to, you will be deleted. Sorry.
This is a slightly more complex game, but very, very fun when mastered. This game requires a minimum of 5 people to play. High boot factor. The first hand of asshole is the establishing hand. This will decide who is the President, V-Pres, Normal People, and the Asshole for the next round. Approxiametly 6 or 7 cards are dealt to each player, depending on the number playing this can be higher or lower. The rank of the cards is as follows (most powerful to least powerful) 2, A, K, Q, ... 4, and 3. Some is chosen to go first and they play a card, the next person has two options: 1. to play a card higher than (but not the same) as the previous card. 2. or to pass on that turn. For example, if a 4 is lead, a next player must play HIGHER than a 4, the the next player has to play higher than that. A new hand starts when all players pass, or when someone plays a 2 (the most powerful card). The last person to play a card, leads the next hand. This proceeds until all playe
Winter Greetings
Christmas Comments by
Rip Zoe
thanks for looking after me after i had my surgery and hanging out with me i would have been so bored and lonely without youim gonna miss you .but im glad your not in pain anymore
We who wait and ponder past mysteries of life feel no joy or sorrow are bothered by no strife we watch the people chasing those sweet elusive dreams we hear the moans of pleasure we hear the terror screams but we, we can feel neither the pleasures nor the pains for we have died to wander this earth between two planes you may not see us standing nor feel us pass you by you may not know our yearning nor hear our plantive cry just know we are here with you we harbor you no hate we only seek the portal to heavens pearly gate. For those departed, but not yet gone. In memory Bumpa Carl, 12/01/07 0600 Folkston, Ga 31537
Anime-techno Good One
Just Been Busy
Yeah, I know that I've been pretty silent lately. Well, I've been busy with crap at home and crap at work, and well, you are beginning to see the picture I imagine. I have a divorce date!! Jan 29, 2008 and I will party after it goes final. Of course, custody issues likely will not be finished by then, but that's just the way things go. However, I won't stress, I will do what I can from there. Work is the same pain in the arse it's always been. Preferred coworkers get to do whatever they wish with impunity as long as the lead likes them. I guess I'm the wrong gender. Instead I'm told I set the bar too high. Well, just because I'm damn good at what I do and I've the hardest area to work, I can't keep it all up forever. I'm looking forward to when the agreement runs out and I can start looking again. Had fun volunteering at my son's school and apparently, the school liked having me. Now they are looking to find a way to have me working for the district. Get my resume dusted of
What Are You Doing With It
HMmmmm u tell me
Life Goes On...
Life is too short. Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. They are a waste of perfect time and energy to be happy. Laugh whenyou can, and as often as you can at everything possible. A ppologize when you should and let go of what you can't change, beacuase it will only change you in the end. Love deeply and forgive quickly, because in not forgiving you only hurt yourself. Share your life and your lifes experiences with others. Teachlove and happiness and you shall recieve love and happiness in return. Take chances, give everthing and have no regrets. Life is too short to be unhappy. You have to take the good withe the bad, smile whenyour sad, love what you got and always remember what you had. Always forgive but be sure to never forget. Learn from your mistackes inlife but never forget them and never regret them, cause eachaand everyone of them taught you somethingin life that made you grow as a personin some way. People change, and things go wrong, sometimes terribly wr
Ladies – Can U Squirt? Now U Can!
Ladies – Can U squirt? Now U can! This is my best advice... Consider this article and at least try it once or maybe after reading this, you might decide you DON'T want to try it at all. THIS IS JUST EXPERIENCE and I am CERTAINLY NOT SPEAKING FOR ALL MY FELLOW SQUIRTERS, Just this one :-) Practice Kegaling ALL THE TIME... The kegal muscle can be found easily... while peeing, forcibly stop the flow using the muscle down there that you contract when you are trying not to piss yourself. That kegal muscle is the 'catapulter' for the female orgasm. If that muscle is strong, you can ejaculate your juices OUTWARDLY with the release of the orgasmic contraction... PLUS your partner will literally be able to feel your new ability to GRASP onto and "pull" his penis or his/her fingers into you. I also have wet-dreams and I wake up literally contracting and releasing this muscle very tightly~ HOLDING IT INTO THE CONTRACTION for as long as I can stand it and
Re: The 2nd Annual Boston Tea Party & Conference For 9/11 Truth!
RE: The 2nd Annual Boston Tea Party & Conference for 9/11 Truth! ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Pamela's Protest Date: 02 Dec 2007, 16:49 The 2nd Annual Boston Tea Party & Conference for 9/11 Truth!From: Boston 9/11 TruthDate: Dec 2, 2007 8:43 AM.The 2nd Annual Boston Tea Party & Conference for 9/11 Truth!If you've got no plans for the weekend of December 15th & 16th, you should come check this out:::----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- buy tickets for the conference!! Conference-Only $25, All Day Pass (12/15) $35, Student & Senior $15-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Second Annual Boston Tea Party and Conference for 9/11 Truth! - Scientists & Citizens Speak Out!December 15 &16, 2007Building on the success of last year’s inaugural event, Boston 9/11 Truth is proud to present two days of 911 truth activ
The Perfect Boyfriend!!!
Boys Should; • Give her your hoody even if you go to different schools. • Give her a big tshirt of yours to sleep in. • Leave her cute text messages for her to wake up to. • Kiss her in front of your friends. • Tell her she looks beautiful. • Look into her eyes when you talk to her. • Let her mess with your hair. • Just walk around with her. • Forgive her for her mistakes. • Look at her like she's the only girl you see. • Tickle her even when she says stop. • Hold her hand when you're around your friends and in private. • Let her fall asleep in your arms. • Stay up all night with her when she's sick. • Watch her favorite movie with her. • Come up and grab her by the waist Remember this; • Don't talk about other girls around her. If you love her, others shouldn't matter. • When she's sad, hang out with her. • Let her know she's important. • Kiss her in the pouring rain. • When you fall in love with her, tell her. • and when you tell her, love her like you've nev
It's Monday
A Train Story & The Army-navy Game
A TRAIN STORY & THE ARMY-NAVY GAME > > The following article appeared in the Philadelphia > Daily News on December 22, 2005 > > "Here's a Yule Story That Ought to be a Movie" By > Ronnie Polaneczky > > AND NOW, in time for the holidays, I bring you the > best Christmas story you never heard. > > It started last Christmas, when Bennett and Vivian > Levin were overwhelmed by sadness while listening to > radio reports of > injured American troops. "We have to let them know we > care," > Vivian told Bennett. > > So they organized a trip to bring soldiers from Walter > Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Hospital > to the annual > Army-Navy football game in Philly, on Dec. 3. > > The cool part is, they created their own train line to > do it. > > Yes, there are people in this country who actually own > real trains. Bennett Levin - native Philly guy, > self-made millionaire and irascible former L&I commish > - is one of them. > > He has three luxury rai
I'm This Girl...
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she's sleepy, but because she wants to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than inside your bedroom or in an expensive restaurant... I'm the girl who says,"ok, but you owe me..." jokingly not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you... I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will (or at least try to) have fun because it means I am spending time with you... I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms... I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... I'm the girl who never gives up hope even when I tell others I have... I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. AND EVEN IF WE SPEND TIME APART, IM THE ONE WHO NEVER FORGETS YOU I'm the gir
Pray For Our Veterans
Oh Lord, We Veterans stand here in front of you, our Lord, humble yet strong with knowledge that we can put our trust in Thee. Our love for you is never ednding, and we pray that you with your heart, will bring fortht the streght to help those fellow service men and women still in a combat zone, to stand tall and follow you, as your arms are always open to those that need you, as all of us do.Of all the battles that we have won or lost, we know that you have won more, and in you, we will one day be able to come home and be with you... OUr final battle will be won. We will have Peace in your loving bosom.. We thank you, Lofrd for bein with us, your sevants, when we have needed you so very much...Your loving sevants....
Help Me Win A Vip....10,000 Comment
just click on the pic and it will take you there 10,000 comments is all i need~!~! THANKS FOR ALL YOU HELP~!~!~! ~~~~~~~~~~MICKI-BLUE-EYES-DSC/S.HOOD
My Christmas Blog
In my life, I have lost for the most part everything that means something to me, my mom and dad were headed home from michigan christmas eve 1970 when they got into an accident which claimed my mom's life, my dad had 3rd degree burns over his entire body and they had him covered up and pronounced dead also until he started grunting, he then lived until i was 10, then he was shot and killed, my granny raised me and a few yrs ago she passed with a heart attack, that was a majow blow to me, for the longest time i was like why me, why does life suck so bad, when it rains on you, it's pouring on others, all you can do is keep digging and do the best with the hand you have, and hope the next day should it come is better than the one before, have fun in everything you do and live each day as if it your last, because you really never know, it may just be. have a great day and merry christmas to all
Are People Nutz?? U Tell Me
=== 'Thank A Soldier 4 Our Freedom' spewed forth the following at '2007-12-03 15:15:59'.. > > ahh no thanks..but thanks for the offer! > if that is the way you talk to women..thats sad! good luck and have a great night > === 'THESKINLESSPIG' spewed forth the following at '2007-12-03 14:22:51'.. > > > > WANNA GO FOR A FUCK AND A WALK IN THE WOODS? > > > > KEV > THESKINLESSPIG@ fubar this is a lovely email i got from a lovely person...just in case u wondered this is next on my things to do..NOT what he said and just for added laughter i added my reply!
Harmonica Gift
Thanks for the harmonica you gave me for Christmas," Little Johnny said to his Uncle Rodney, the first time he saw him after the holidays. "It's the best Christmas present I ever got." "That's great," said his Uncle Rodney. "Do you know how to play it?" "Oh, I don't play it," Little Johnny said. "My mom gives me a dollar a day not to play it during the day and my dad gives me five dollars a week not to play it at night."
Are You Really A Friend?
Ya know the other night I was feeling really crappy due to yet another problem with my car. (I guess I should have made it a raunchy/sexfilled blog instead) I posted a blog not asking for purchased "hugs" but just a hug in general. A few people off my friends list read it & only ONE commented & offered me a hug. Thanks CherokeeLady for letting me know you feel my frustrations & care. Pip1966 hit me up on yahoo & I want to thank him for that. Everyday we sit at our computer sending out comments of greetings & friendship but yet are you REALLY a friend of anyone on here??? ~*~Lizzy~*~
Taking Chances-ms. Dion
Come See It!
The Clause
This Was In A Friends
How do U know Santa's a Man?...Cuz He shows up late, eats Ur cookie, empties his sac, cums only once & leaves while you're asleep! Pass this along to make UR friends laugh cuz everyone needs a laugh!
Mellys Lounge
Christmas Songs
i love the four seasons. both summer and fall. but i love spring and summer. the best of them all. with spring comes the flowers. so brilliant and brite. and the weather is perfect. especially at night. and then there is summer so sunny and hot. theres swimming and camping. or sailing a yaht. but fall brings a change. in all that we see. like leaves changing color. that fall from the tree. winter will follow. the snow is so white. the landscape so breathless. what a wonderfull site. so in closing i tell you. and never forget. that all the four seasons. are the best free gift yet
Reserve Duty......
Well everyone. I have to go away to do my annual active duty training. For those who did not know, I am a reservist in the Coast Guard. I used to be active duty but a few years back, went into the reserve.I will try to answer or check my e-mail when I can bit for those who have Yahoo IM, let me know, I have Yahoo IM through my cellphone. I will be home before the holidays but I hope everyone will be ok and yes,I hope to keep in touch with each and everyone of you if you wish..... let me know how we might keep in touch, either through e-mail, Yahoo IM , or if you know or feel comfortable with me, we can exchange numbers or info..... let me know. Hugs to all of you and take care! Pete
Dancing Barefoot By Patti Smith
Dancing Barefoot Rockin' Your Way
potatoes and gravy. like carrots and beans. go together like love birds. and kids in thier teens. like horse is to carriage. and sun is to moon. twilight to darkness. and day is to noon when two minds alike. come together as one. it makes life worth living. and brings so much fun. one thing i am sure of. and this is no lie. if i didnt have friendship. i think i would die. friends are forever. through thick and through thin. you know where your going. and share where youve been. when your heart becomes heavy. with nowher to turn. a friend gives you courage. and love to return. when two hearts are beating. like one single drum. then you know that the magic. of friendships begun. dedicated to all my great friends
a memorie is sacred. so pure and so true. its with you forever. in all that you do. never forgotten. it seeds in your mind. sometimes it haunts you. sometimes its kind. the deep darkest secrets. that no one wil tell. are there in the shadows. of a memorie so well. if moments were minutes. and hours were days. then the thoughts of our memories. would soon fade away. so live for the present. forget not the past. and treat every memorie as if its the last.
Create Your Own Icons
You don’t have to live with the icons your Mac displays by default. Instead, personalize your folders, files, and drives with custom icons using just about any graphic file you desire, whether it’s a jpeg, gif, png, Photoshop or Illustrator file, or even a PDF. First, choose an image you want to use and open it in Preview. If the file doesn’t open in Preview by default, select the image in Finder, select Open With from the File menu and then select Preview from the drop-down list. Once your image has opened in Preview, press Command-C to copy it. Next, select the file, folder or drive whose icon you want to change, and press Command-I to show its Info window. Click the file, folder, or drive icon at the top left corner of the Info screen, then press Command-V to replace this icon with your chosen image. Close the Info window. The new image should appear in place of the old icon on your desktop or Finder window — even in List view. To make your icons appear larger or
Who'da Thunk It....? They Were Brave Troopers Once Too.
Interesting....... You Would Never Have Guessed Captain Kangaroo passed away on January 23, 2004 as age 76 , which is odd, because he always looked to be 76. (DOB: 6/27/27 ) His death reminded me of the following story. Some people have been a bit offended that the actor, Lee Marvin, is buried in a grave alongside 3- and 4-star generals at Arlington National Cemetery . His marker gives his name, rank (PVT) and service (USMC). Nothing else. Here's a guy who was only a famous movie star who served his time, why the heck does he rate burial with these guys? Well, following is the amazing answer: I always liked Lee Marvin, but didn't know the extent of his Corps experiences. In a time when many Hollywood stars served their country in the armed forces often in rear echelon posts where they were carefully protected, only to be trotted out to perform for the cameras in war bond promotions, Lee Marvin was a genuine hero. He won the Navy Cross at Iw
Hump Day
Onerepublic - Apologize Lyrics (how I Feel)
This song fits my mood so well right now :0). I'm holdin' on your rope, Got me ten feet off the ground. And I'm hearin' what you say, But I just can't make a sound. You tell me that you need me, Then you go and cut me down... But wait... You tell me that you're sorry, Didn't think I'd turn around... And say... [Chorus] That it's too late to apologize. It's too late... I said it's too late to apologize. It's too late. Yeah! [Verse 2] I'd take another chance, Take a fall, take a shot for you. I need you like a heart needs a beat, But it's nothin' new. I loved you with a fire red, Now it's turnin' blue... And you say... Sorry, like an angel Heaven let me think was you... But I'm afraid... [Chorus] It's too late to apologize. It's too late. I said it's too late to apologize. It's too late. Whoa! [Interlude] [Chorus] It's too late to apologize. It's too late. I said it's too late to apologize. It's too late. It's too late to apologize.
Rip Uncle Steve*sadness Fills My Heart*
It is sad that you have left us,you tried to be strong and hold on until christmas.I sit here not believing you are really gone,you will be missed terribly by all who knew and loved you.I'm sorry i didn't spend more time with you,i'm sorry I cant go to the funeral,or even send flowers to my aunt.I'm sorry I didn't write when i said i would,i'm sorry i didn't go visit you this summer,i thought we had more time ahead of us.Atleast you aren't in pain anymore,I know your heart so i know you are in heaven,and one day i will see you again,I will be sure my cousins know what a great man you were,and always will be in my eyes.I love you Uncle Steve,for ever and always your niece Mimi
Hells Winter By Cage
5 Free Spots
Well I've freed up 5 spots. For those that were booted, I'm sorry but I have my reasons. If you want one, I'd rather you send me a private message. I'm not always online to get my shouts. And if I dont comment back after you've commented my pictures I'm sorry. If I'm not online when you place the comment I'm not aware that you've posted one and I only go through my pictures about once a week so I dont even notice them till then. So if you'd like to be a part of my family please let me know. And remember..Not everyone can be a part of the family!
Half Cocked Concepts By P.o.s.
True Christmas Story- The Birth Of Jesus Christ
Christian Glitter by This story is a TRUE story and it REALLY happened some 2,000 years ago. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to this earth to suffer for OUR sins so that we may live forever in heaven with Him. The prophets Isaiah and Micah both wrote about the birth of Jesus Christ a LONG time before the events actually took place. No ONE can predict the future unless God gives them the vision. God shared these events in the future with Micah and Isaiah for a reason. God wanted EVERYONE to be able to identify the savior of the world when He was born. God left NO room for error. It would be impossible for Jesus to have chosen his own birthplace wouldn't it! We should thank God for giving us so much evidence to prove that Jesus Christ is the ONE and ONLY Son of God! Don't forget to wish Jesus a very Happy Birthday this Christmas Season! May your holidays be blessed by Him!
Happy Thirsty
I'll b putting up the tree and all the other Christmas decorations today. I promised my grandson that we'd do it today. Sooo-I won't be on here most of the day but I will pop in/out. If someone needs soething please shoutbox or yahoo me...I can see my puter screen from anywhere in the living Anyway-y'all have a great thirsty Thursday...I'm trying to stay warm-its only 20 degrees here....brrrr...c ya later..**huggzz** ~Roxann~
Straight Up
Welcome To The Geo Show
Greetings from Ireland- Come join the Geo Show and see what happens!!!!!
Careless Whisper
A Song I Wrote For Adrin
Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm... Naw I don't need rescuing Now I sit here reveling Yah, I think it's amazing Just how fast people are changing Being true to yourself Just not able to sell That to nobody no more Chivalry's dead that's for sure I know you feel lost Somewhat abandoned Your real friends feel responsible Like they had a hand in Why you're feeling this way You're feeling confused and isolated Wanting love but hesitating Cause you offered your heart on a platter You don't even dream like before Cause you don't think you're worth it anymore Wish you could see you The way I do, through the eyes Of another abandoned soul One who dares to care even though Their heart has been ripped out many times before I've been there before Aint got no feelings no more They're gone with the wind that's for sure The tears that you see Aint coming from me See I don't have tear ducts anymore If I had feelings, I'd care I know you're right there You're all outta s
Darth Vador Prank
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Santa And Little Girl (email)
Santa: "So little girl, what would you like for Christmas?" Girl: "I want a Barbie Doll and a G.I. Joe." Santa: "Doesn't Barbie always come with Ken?" Girl: No, she only fakes it with Ken."
Straight From The Heart
I see my future there in your eyes Together and forever, it's you and me You see cause I wont be listening to what my friends have got to say I know you'll be there all the way You promised And I know That you will always care Through good times Through bad times You're always there Hold me now don't ever let it go I'm in love with you but you already know I want this love to last and be forever If you believe and you can only see That making love to me would make your life complete Hold me tight and say you'll leave me never Straight from the heart you changed my life forever more I dream of waking up in your arms And watch the sun bring in the day You see what I can't imagine I'm sure we can achieve Which means giving up on this dream You comfort And you guide me When skies are grey And I feel you And I need you To say you'll stay Hold me now don't ever let it go I'm in love with you but you already know I want this love to last and be forever If
These are poems I have written do not rip Please!!! Blah , Blah , Blah I here you say nothing more nothing less Because I stare out into space thinking nothing more nothing less but still I hear your thoughts expressed Caught up in emotions like everyone else I get up and walk away with nothing more nothing less to say Truth in expression with our words we speak to one another , our fears , our hopes , our desires , but are we liars Nothing more Nothing Less These paths we have chosen are they what we really choose or what was given to us by nothing more nothing less
Forrest Gump Dies And Goes To Heaven
The day finally arrives. Forrest Gump dies and goes to Heaven. He is at the Pearly Gates, met by St. Peter himself. However, the gates are closed, and Forrest approaches the gatekeeper. St. Peter said, "Well, Forrest, it is certainly good to see you. We have heard a lot about you. I must tell you, though, that the place is filling up fast, and we have been administering an entrance examination for everyone. The test is short, but you have to pass it before you can get into Heaven." Forrest responds, "It sure is good to be here, St. Peter, sir. But nobody ever told me about any entrance exam. I sure hope that the test ain't too hard. Life was a big enough test as it was." St. Peter continued, "Yes, I know, Forrest, but the test is only three questions. First: What two days of the week begin with the letter T? Second: How many seconds are there in a year? Third: What is God's first name?" Forrest leaves to think the questions ove
Halawa Valley, Island Of Molokai
Poem #6
Unknown Sadness Pain peirces through my soul. Never reaching my ultimate goal. Depressing feelings deep inside. A hellish roller coaster ride. Up and down and all around. Sometimes spiraling towards the ground. Loving all but never caring. Never keeping always sharing. Being sad all the time. But showing only that I'm fine. Pent up feelings growing strong. To let them out would be wrong. Only tears will flow down my face. And only then, in a secret place. Just being strong for the ones I love. But inside, wishing I was up above. I can never get rid of the pain. Not even when tears fall down like rain. No one shall know of this. But I will remember the pain with every kiss (wrote this a while ago) By:Addon
Native People Pro Vol 1
"merry Go Life" Lyrics
This si a song called "merry go Life" i wrote it a while back, but i just recently re edited it, tell me what you think. Move on down, Step right up join us in the crowd, come with me and you will see How the merry-go life spins round I gave her my ticket, “Enjoy your ride” she said And with a nod of my head, got strapped in This time I’ll be ready for sure I heard it start winding , I griped even tighter And then I saw the reaper’s ivory bone As neuroticism begins Dizzy, can’t stop spinning What has this life become My head can’t stop twirling This vicious cycle has begun Shroud is a black cloak of mystery Unforeseen the perils ahead, they all keep perpetuating Just in another form instead, as this Merry-go Life begins Panting…….. Shifting……. Fidgeting…… Squirming…… Crying……. Why can’t this feeling inside me end The ride was at full tilt, spinning wildly out of control I looked the reaper dead in the eye and asked for no more All I saw was a
School 1967 Vs 2007
SCHOOL 1967 vs. 2007 Scenario: Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack. 1967 - Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack's shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack. 2007 - School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school. 1967 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends. Nobody goes to jail, nobody arrested, nobody expelled. 2007 - Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it. Scenario: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students. 1967 - Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by the Principal. Returns to class, sits still and does not disrupt class again. 2007 - Jeffrey give
I Am Through
I am through being everyone's fool, I am through with being torn apart, my heart broken there's no where to go, no where to turn. I am through with trying to make things right when everythings going wrong. I am through with playing games, when i am only trying make a friend. I am through with everything. I am through with being nice, when it gets me no where. I am through being everyone's fool, when all i wanted was to be your friend. You call me names you tell me lies, I am through being everyone's fool I am through with everything. So in the end if you are not here I know it wasnt meant to be. I am through. I say goodbye it was never meant to be, I wasnt meant to be here. I am through with trying to help, It seems it was all a game. I was never meant to have you as a friend. I am through. I really thought that this was fun, but I am through it was never meant to be.
Glad I Dont Listen To Wife
when we moved to colorado from pittsburgh we had a camping site that had xtra appliances in it so she said throw the out i said hell no i paid for the shit,so this morning r coffee pot croaked and guess what i had the pot from camp in my that saved us a few bucks that we dont have right now.
Raging Rudolph
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Some Guys?
All Pimpettes And Manwhores We Are Having A Best Christmas Salute Contest.
Never Quit Trying
Never quit trying, never quit believing, never give up. Never say you can't when it can be done. Never quit trying never give up hope. Never stop smiling, never stop laughing, and never stop loving. Never quit trying always keep moving forward. When life gets tough and the tears are falling, know that i will be there for you, I cannot give you a hug or be there when the days are long , but know in my heart that is where i keep you. Never quit trying never give up hope, for in the end it will be ok. Never quit trying if you fall get up and try again, i will be there to pick you up, and hope that you will do the same for me. Never quit trying take one step at a time, and before you know it you will realize that you made it through. Never quit trying cause i know you can do it, I believe in you. Never quit trying, keep moving forward, new doors will open and the old ones will be in the past. Let go of the past quit reaching for things that you know you can neve
Blessed Be All Of Fubar
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Come Join The Roller Coaster Of Fame!!!
Welcome to the roller coaster of fame. This is a fan ,add & rate ride. Rules are simple. 1. 10 + levels must have a salute. 2. 9 - not required. 3. Must add the conductors to friends list. fan ,and rate. Come see us for info. THE CONDUCTORS!!! BUC-aka "THE SANDMAN" . DJ LadyMels Fu B/F.The O.W.N. Shall Rise again.Owner of ~FA~ . LMSS@ fubar ~DJ LADY MEL~BUC'S FU LADY-MANAGER@KARIZMA-FIRE&ICECREW-KSG CREW@ fubar
Something I Wrote A While Back And How I've Changed From It...
I was up late one night after speaking with a good friend before I wrote this... This.. is how I felt then.. that was about 3 months ago. It is amazing the changes a person can make within themselves. I just want to let others know.. that in a self evaluation if they are honest within themselves that they truly feel the way I did at the time... it can change. After it is read what I had written then I am going to add more to it as to who I am now. It is a way to show that the mindset truly can be changed.. Within myself it took some good friends and a lot of pondering and changing within myself. A lot of hard lessons learned. but before I go on. I just want to thank those whom have been there to help me discover myself further and the beauty and joy that I truly can hold within myself of what a wonderful person I am. So here it is.. Who I am. Myself.... Where do I stand right now? Who am I? what have I become in the past 3 years? I'm timid, shy, unsure of myself. Angry,
The Empath
I weep for my sister her heart is broken I feel her pain just as if I was in her place Reliving my own pain from days gone by I love my sister she is strong in her time of sorrow She will not let fear rule her or keep her from loving again Be free my sweet sister Let go and live again Embrace yourself Bask in the beauty that is yours and yours alone You breathe inspiration Into the little ones May blessings abound All around you Now and evermore
How True
Music Video:JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL (by Carrie Underwood)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Ashes To Ashes
Beauty fades to dust, life is decay because it must. Everything we have will crumble and rust, nothing and nobody in whom we can trust. This world this life just a lie, no love, no hope when we will die. No reason to move or even to try, lost in the pain we just sit and cry, Into the heavens our shouts of anger we hurl, as we watch life's decay unfurl.
Constructive Delusions
Flaming emotion coloring perception, blinded to the truth that is hidden under the past lies. Forgetting all that is because, of all that has come before. Gone and lost is life's chance, the fleeting hope of happiness. Missing out on it all, because of what once was. Jaded heart becomes callous, immune to the warmth. Bitter and lonely they now remain, anger and sorrow their domain. Unknown to themselves it is the state of their existence.
Futile Control
Running out of breath, fear budding, futile struggles taking you under. The surge of emotion flooding, drowning as your torn asunder. Purging flames swept up desire, consuming the flesh to temptation, now only fuel for the fire. Having found damnation, left alone on your pyre. Burning a hole in your soul, as the last sparks expire, cursing your lack of self-control.
Zzyzx Road
This is the most personal song that Cory Taylor has ever written... My life isn't nearly as hectic as his, but this song... I feel every word of it... listening to it now still makes me think...and not a little misty eyed as I entwine my life with the lyrics...but I'm just a video sucks and isn't official...I just used it for the song anyway...I don't know how else to put this. It's taking me so long to do this. I'm falling asleep and I can't see straight. My muscles feel like a melee, My body's curled in a U-shape. I put on my best, but I'm still afraid. Propped up by lies and promises. Saving my place as life forgets. Maybe it's time I saw the world. I'm only here for a while. And patience is not my style, And I'm so tired that I got to go. Where am I supposed to hide now? What am I supposed to do? Did you really think I wouldn't see this through? Tell me I should stick around for you. Tell me I can have it all. I'm still too tired to car
A Cynical Willyism For The Fuckin' Day 12/11/07;
Without a past; don't matter if you were just born, made a million, or were just released from prison, you can't fuckin' have a future! Everybody has skeletons, some have fuckin' graveyards, in their closet!
Snowball O Luv
YOU'VE BEEN HIT WITH A SNOWBALL-O-LUV!!! > > ______$$____$s_______$_____$______________$ > > ________$$$___$$______$$___$$____$________$$____s > > _$$_____$$$$___$$$___$$$__$$$____$_______$$$___$$ > > __$$$____$$$$$__$$$_$$$$_$$$$$__$$__$___$$$___$$_____$? > > ___$$$$___$$$$$_$$$$$$$$xoxo$$$$$$$$$__$$$$_$$$____$$$ > > ____$$$$$__$$$$$$$$______________$$$$$$$$$_$$$___$$$$ > > ss$$$$xoxo$$$________________________$$$xoxo$$$$$$$ > > _s$$$$$$$$$______________________________$$$$$$$$sss > > _____?$$$$________________________________$$$$$$ > > ,ss$$$$$$$____________SPLAT!!!!_____________$$$$$$$$$ss, > > ____$$$$$_________________________________$$$$$$$$$$$$$s > > __ss$$$$$$_____________XOXO______________$$$$$ss > > ss$__$$$$$$______________________________$$$$$__$ss > > ___s$$$$$$$$___________________________$$$$$$$____ss > > __$$$$__$$$$$$$$____________________$$$$$__$$$___$$ > > _$$$___$$$__$$$$$$$$___________$$$$$$$$$$$___$$$ > > $$___$$$___$$$$_$$$xoxo$$$$$$$$xoxo$$___$$
Merry Christmas And Have A Whoop-ass New Year! - From Lee Roy Mercer
Merry Christmas and have a Whoop-Ass New Year! Lee Roy wants this to be the most WHOOP-ASS holiday you have ever seen. Visit the Whoop-Ass Store today to shop for everyone on your list, naughty or nice. Since this time of year can put a real dent in your pockets we've put together some whoop-ass deals for you... * Free Trial Subscription to Sports Illustrated magazine with purchase * Save 10% on all orders over $50 (offer good through Dec 21) We've got a new payment option called Bill Me Later.* For a limited time all purchases made using Bill Me Later qualify for two special offers: * Free Standard Shipping On All Orders! * 90 Days Same as Cash for Orders Over $199! *Credit approval required for new accounts - Bill Me Later is only available for US Residents and addresses. GONE RACIN', The First NASCAR Driver Prank Call CD In History! You can also place an order by phone by calling 877-MUSIC77 [877-687-4277]. [9am - 12am Monday Thru Th
why is it when you break up with some one you hurt more then them? He moved down here for me and now that we are not longer hes leaving after a week of us not being together. why? questions roll through my mind. Was he going to tell me if i hadnt called to see what he was doing? Did he ever care for me? Did he ever love me like he said? Was he going to tell me the day i left to go back home for christmas? Can i really have him take me to the airport with out breaking down? Why does it hurt so bad? I think about it alot, if it was the right desition or not. I know it was bc i wasnt happy but now im depressed and sad. Why? it was my choice, my doing and i dont understand. I sometimes wish i was little agen, and didnt have to worry about geting hurt. I just dont know what to do anymore, i dont know if i could take that chance with another guy. I dont think i could take geting hurt anymore. I think i should just lock everything up inside and not let anything show ever. Just be one of those
Love Stinks! (god I Feel Sooo Much Better!!!)
Juggalo Lyrics
Juggalo Homies (feat. Twiztid) (I know you ain't there That's why I just want to let you know something bro You all know I love you You all know you're my homies And eh... Alright we'll talk later - peace!) [Violent J] Let me ask you this about this life we live And let me try to swerve some of this attention you give To them distant ass relatives over ham dinner If they really missed you so much Why don't they just call a (Muthafucka) ? If you wasn't blood, would you still have love? Or infact does the blood make you think you have to love? Look, I probably love my family more than anybody here But my homies are family too, 3rd cousins' get outta here Who was you with when you got tattooed? And who was you trippin' with when you did them mushrooms? And who the fuck threw up all over your car? And then felt worse than you about that shit in the morning? (Friends ya'll) [Shaggy 2 Dope] Who loaned you money, homie? Who owes you cash? (Who?
In Time For Christmas
Completed A Survey- Results?
Mixed Drink: You're young, fun, goodlooking and tasty. You like to stir things up. You're a Mixed Drink! And with all of those ingredients, and funky names, your probably also on the high-maintenance side as well. But you deserve the attention.
Is It That Freaking Hard To Be Honest
ok iam so done with people lying why cant you just tell the truth soon or later the real truth comes out and all your lies got you was nothing and that you hurt someone ..does it make you fell good to do that to people cause iam telling you something right now i can see why people change from nice to being a totally bitch........there is nothing you cant say that i wont understand but yet you just keep on using me people can only take so much before they come to the end of there rope...and iam a really nice and sweet person but you fuck me over one to many times and you will see a whole other side of if you cant be honest go away and leave me be ....
Falling In Love
I met a woman, 2 days ago... And I know that I am falling in love with her. It's the sound of her voice, the warmth and happiness I feel, just talking to her. It's that feeling of butterflies I get, when I called her for the first time. It's smiling for no other reason than because I am thinking of you, and finding the strength to get through the day, just because I know that I will hear you voice again soon. I think about it, all day, and all night. There's so much more that I feel when I think about you, and it's never a sad or dissaopinting thought. I know this is love... Are you ready to accept it?
whats the ultimate rejection ? when your hand falls asleep while masterbating
One of the wonderful aspects of the human imagination is it's power to break through the barriers of time and space. I can see things not as they are but what they could be. Failure is my teacher, not my undertaker. Failure is my delay, not my defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing. Losers live in the learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.
When I'm In Love
When I fall in love I give my whole life To the one who falls in love with me And there's no one who with the power to dispel what I feel for you They say that I won't know To look for flowers for you That I won't be able to offer Any gift They say that I have suffered Of bad loves And that my heart has not healed yet My girlfriend knows that it's not true My girlfriend knows that when – When I'm in love I give everything good To the one who's in love with me And there's no one Who can change me Who can take me from her When I fall in love I give my whole life To the one who falls in love with me And there's no one who with the power to dispel what I feel for you To the one who says live another day Everybody will understand That when When I fall in love I give my whole life To the one who falls in love with me And there's no one Who can change me Who can take me from her When I'm in love I give everything good To the one who's in
Time To Escape
The way he treats you, is such a disgrace. Using intimidation, to "put you in your place". You say when he's not drinking that things are just great. Though as I recall, he broke your nose while he was straight. You don't deserve these bruises, punches and slaps. It's time to escape, get away from that crap. You say that you love him, you say that you care. Do you think he loves you, when you're knocked through the air. Maybe you're afraid, of being alone. It's still better, than the "love" that he's shown. He squeezes your throat, as you gasp for a breath. If you don't get out now, he'll be the cause of your death.
whats the best thing to come out of a penis ? the wrinkles
A bus load of catholic girls go over a cliff and they all die and go to heaven... they are standing at the pearly gates, and St Peter ask the first girl: Have you ever touched a mans organ She replies yes but just with my finger St Peter says: wash your finger in this holy water and go right in The next girl in line steps forward and St Peter asks: Have you ever touched a male organ? The girl replies yes but only with my hand St Peter says: wash your hand in this Holy water and go right in A girl runs up to the font of the line and asks St Peter if she can go next, ans St Peter asks why The girl says: well if you want me to gargle that holy water i wanna do it before ashley sticks her butt in there
A husband wakes up with a huge hangover the night > after a business function. He forces himself to open his eyes and > the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins next to a glass of water > on the bedside table. And, next to them, a single red rose! The husband > sits up in bed and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and > pressed. He looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, > spotlessly clean. So is the rest of the house. He takes the aspirins, cringes > when he sees a huge black eye staring back at him in the bathroom > mirror and notices a note on the table: Honey, breakfast is on the stove, I left early to go shopping, Love > you! He stumbles into the kitchen and sure enough, > there is hot breakfast and the morning newspaper. His son is also at the > table, eating. The husband asks, Son... what happened last > night?! Well, you came home after 3 am, drunk and out of > your mind. You broke the coffee table, puked in the hallway
Epic Battle The Sequel.
is about to be me vs. this goddamn printer. it's printing sooooooooooooooo slow. i'm like yay close to yanking the top off and seeing why. lol. i've noticed when i want things to work and they piss me off i usually pull them in half to see what's wrong with them. *deep breath* so yeah. hi! =]
To All Freinds And Fans
If you have not done so already.... Please sign my guestbook. Thank you .
What Do You Find More Secure And Satifying?
What do you find more secure and satifying? A secure mongamous one-on-one relationship with a man/woman you love, or a swinging sexual relationship with the man/woman you love with another man and/or woman?
Its That Time Of The Year.... we go...battle of Christmas and Happy Holidays. Lets get one thing straight here... Your tree, your log, your silver and gold, your red and green, your dinner, your gift giving were all from one place...PAGANS! Your "Christian" traditions you do every year and teach your children to do every year are from PAGANS! Christmas is actually celebrated on the wrong day. It actually is supposed to be somewhere in September and October. Christmas is only on the 25th of December, because the church put it there to try and convert Pagans to the "New Religion". Now...even your Easter traditions are PAGAN! Your Easter Bunny...AKA Ostara Bunny....PAGAN! Now lets talk about the one day that really fuels my fire. HALLOWEEN! Some Christians believe that Halloween is a SATAN holiday...shows what THEY KNOW about WHERE it actually came from. November 1...All Saints' Day aka All Hallows' a Christian created holiday to...again...convert Pagans sinc
Little boy sits on Santa's lap and Santa says, " HO!HO!HO! What would you like for Christmas, little boy?" The little boy just looks at Santa says "Guess!". So Santa thinks really hard and says, "I want" and tapping his finger on the boy's nose, " T- R - U- C-K" The boys shakes his head and says," no,no I don't want a truck." Santa thinks again and says, " I know you want a", and once again tapping on the child's nose, "a b-o-a-t!" Again, the boy shakes his head and says," nope, I don't want a boat." Santa is stumped and asks the boys, "ok I give up, tell me what you want for Christmas." The boy looks at Santa and says," I want..." and tapping on Santa's nose," P-U-S-S-Y!! and don't tell me you don't have any because I can smell it on your finger!!!"
Ooey Gooey Sexy Music
i also recently discovered a playlist from The Politik and just had to include it because there are many sonic treasures within....
Easy Lover Stripping
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~ Elton John - Daniel ~
elton john - daniel Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain Oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye God it looks like Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes They say Spain is pretty though I've never been Well Daniel says it's the best place that he's ever seen Oh and he should know, he's been there enough Lord I miss Daniel, oh I miss him so much Daniel my brother you are older than me Do you still feel the pain of the scars that won't heal Your eyes have died but you see more than I Daniel you're a star in the face of the sky Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain Oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye God it looks like Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes Oh God it looks like Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes
I Love You Baby!
9 Seconds
Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Well it is almost upon us! One more week till Christmas. Got all your shopping done? Anyone have a good plans for the holidays?
It's An Honor To Pass This On
> >I watched the flag pass by one day, > >It fluttered in the breeze. > > >A young Marine saluted it, > >And then he stood at ease.. > > >I looked at him in uniform > >So young, so tall, so proud, > >With hair cut square and eyes alert > >He'd stand out in any crowd. > > >I thought how many men like him > >Had fallen through the years. > >How many died on foreign soil > >How many mothers' tears? > > >How many pilots' planes shot down? > >How many died at sea > >How many foxholes were soldiers' graves? > >No, freedom isn't free. > >I heard the sound of Taps one night, > >When everything was still, > >I listened to the bugler play > >And felt a sudden chill. > >I wondered just how many times > >That Taps had meant "Amen," > > >When a flag had draped a coffin. > >Of a brother or a friend. > > >I thought of all the children, > >Of the mothers and the wives, > >Of fathers, sons and husbands > >With interrupted lives. > >I though
The Feeling That I Endure
theres feelings that i endure i dont know what to do cause its been a while since i have felt like this. it seems everyday life gets a whole lot better for me when all i used to dois struggle. i still endure some of the pain and wished i could just let that go let it be but i cant there some things that i still hold on to and not many people about that. life is got to be so complicated for me but easy for others i dont understand what i do understand is you gotta go thru the bad to get the good but its seems for ever with me. i miss the happnees i once had now i have all the sadness and it hurts to the point i cant breaher and i cant sleep at night. i talk about this all the time and in response all i get is the you will be okay well her is what i got to say about that if imma be okay then why have i been feeling this for like since i was in 9th grade wehn im now graduated four years lata now going on six years still feel the same way so tell me why. life is ruff not
Ok depression i think is this lonely hearts only true friend. I've been alone almost all my life and i'm so tried of it but everytime i try i just get shut down or they just wanna a quick fuck. Am i that unattractive? Why can i have a relationship? Why can't i have someone that wants to date me? I want to have that something that as of now i can never have. I guess at this rate gray would be the color of my heart anymore. I'm always the person that everyone comes to for their promblems for their dating or relationship issues yet no one ever stops to see how hurt and alone i am or how much it sucks to hear how they got someone interested in them or how they're getting engage or they are having kid while everyday i sit alone depressed alone trying so hard not to let it eat me alive. Come on doesn't someone find me attractive? Doesn't someone want to date me?
Some People Need To Take Their Medicine...
This evening I was rating, commenting, adding stash, accepting friend requests, (requesting some myself), but last I knew that's what you do on this site, it's all for I thought. A comment was made on my profile pic, I thanked the individual, rated and commented on this 40YR OLD MAN FROM CANADA, then moved on to doing somthing else, well he saw that I was viewing and rating and commenting on other's profiles, pics, and whatever he decided that I wasn't giving him enough attention and here a partial of the convo that took place between us, I actually found it rather amusing that this grown man actually got mad because I wasn't giving him the attention he thought I ought to have given him....WTF! THIS IS THE INTERNET, IT'S NOT LIKE ANY OF US ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO MEET!!. so those of you who read this and view the conversation between me and this individual, hope you get a chuckle like I did, it was just too much for me to not the way he was reported. DOO
Santa's Early!
Went to the train station yesterday to catch my train home after work. And what to my wondering eyes did appear ... Santa, waiting for a train. He was just sitting there, with everyone else and saying "Merry Christmas" to everyone that went by. You can't help but smile when Santa says Merry Christmas to you.
New P.i.c.s
Yo i Have just spent the whole damn night trying my best to find pics that yall would enjoy if you don't mind can you please stop by and drop a comment or something ladies and gentleman you will laugh your ass off on some of them o.k. but come holla my fubar family 1Luv ghettoluva26
Omg !!! My Best Friend Is Getten' Married !!!
What Love Has Joined Together You are formally invited to the celebration of Liberated Spice & BigJimmy as we both say "I DO" The wedding will be held: Friday December 21, 2007 6:00pm fubar time at the Centerfolds lounge alicia keys - no o...
For My Friends
i jus wanted to wish all my friends a happy holiday to u and blessed and be safe...luv kells
Its Because Of Them We Can Celebrate
Off Topic; but something we should ALL be thinking about.... This poem was written by a Marine. The following is his request. I think it is reasonable: "PLEASE. Would you do me the kind favor of sending this to as many people as you can? Christmas will be coming soon and some credit is due to our U. S. service men and women for our being able to celebrate these festivities. Let's try in this small way to pay a tiny bit of what we owe. Make people stop and think of our heroes, living and dead, who sacrificed themselves for us. Please, do your small part to plant this small seed." HE LIVED ALL ALONE, IN A ONE BEDROOM HOUSE MADE OF PLASTER AND STONE. I HAD COME DOWN THE CHIMNEY WITH PRESENTS TO GIVE, AND TO SEE JUST WHO IN THIS HOME DID LIVE. I LOOKED ALL ABOUT, A STRANGE SIGHT I DID SEE, NO TINSEL, NO PRESENTS, NOT EVEN A TREE. NO STOCKING BY MANTLE, JUST BOOTS FILLED WITH SAND, ON THE WALL HUNG PICTURES OF FAR DISTANT LANDS. WITH MED
Cathedral Rocks!
Damnit my babies,gotta say Cathedral totally rocks!....You should check out their LP The carnival Bizarre!......Got a lil somethin for every lil metal fan on it!....An as always,much love,heavy metal that is!
Nfl Cheer Week 15
The Story Of She And He
He gave her compliments and made her smile…she told him that she missed him and it would be worth his while. He thought and answered, 'what should we do?' She said, 'I like fun and I know you do too'. Let's go somewhere alone, but let's keep it light', she said. He had no idea what was going on in her head. They met at his place and had small talk…giggles came from her then, he took that walk. He came closer and whispered, 'what do you want me to do?' She thought to herself…'ooh the things I could do to you!' She said, 'touch me there.' He gladly obliged. He told her to sit and she had an idea why. He touched her legs gently and she sighed with a smile. He kissed her lips below and this move drove her wild. They kept on coming back for more - each day never knowing what was in store. She did things with her tongue that made him cry out with delight. He would pull her hair and spank her because he knew ju
Newest Update On Broken
She is feeling better gonna be coming home from the hospital tonight. Thank you all who has shown her love. Means alot to her. She might even be on tonight who knows. All depends on how she feels after the long ride home. Broken honey feel better. Miss you. Lots of Love Hugs and Kisses.
True Lover
How can I make you see that your love means so much more to me? I know you love me that's easy to see, I sit here and think I wonder if everything is all right. Remember all those lunchroom rights? They may have meant nothing then. I remember little things like that. You may have just been kidding when you called me fat. It's those small things that make me think if were meant for each other. I don't want your money. I want a true lover. Don't play games with my heart for I have been hurt before. When you play games with me its hurts two times worse. So all I am asking is for you to be there. Most of all show me you care. Stacie Arnold
Angels have pretty faces, But so does death, They tempt us constantly with loud insidious whispers, With eyes so beautiful, And skin so pale, They lie within our dreams, Waiting for us to release them, From their chained boxes of ivory, They rest there, Bound till we release their fury upon the world, They are the darkness that every person carries within them, The half people fear…
This is one of my all time favorite poems i have know since i was a teenager, i read this everyweek and feel it speaks to me in many ways for it sums up my in many words!!! for i am a fighter in life i don't give up on things in life easily. no matter how bad life can get i think we can find something positive in any situation, you just need to seek out what is is and build off that and star to walk forward from that point...hope anyone that reads the poems feel that is has a powerful deep meaning as i get from it!!!! INVICTUS OUT of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds and shall find me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How ch
Um Rockstar?
BLAH! All my coworkers keep blinding me with their camera flashes because of how i'm dressed today. They keep saying it's a miracle I have a skirt on. Yeah I was just FREEZING outside with this skirt on. Had some skeezy ass guy on the main road there ask me if I was cold and wanted to be warmed up. Then I had more guys asking me the same thing. I mean originality is the key. And um. No. LOL
Soulja Boy - Soulja Girl (ft. I-15)
aighty i figured i would edumacate all squirting feens and anyone you reads this... i got bored of explaining this actually so i went searching and found my fav explation... so i would like to thank for there very indepth teaching... all i have to say is have fun reading. if i offened anyone oh well stop bieng prude... History of Squirting If you were to refer to literature over the last 50 years you would be lead to believe that females have only been able to ejaculate since about 1980. Of course this is absurd, and just shows how "the experts" can be wrong for decades on just about anything. Many knew the experts were wrong, but had little success in convincing anyone. Needless to say this lead to many problems, needless surgery (to fix the poor women who would ejaculate), expensive counselling (got to find out what happened when they were children to cause this "problem"), and in some cases divorce. "The G Spot" by Alice Kahn L
The Grunt
This may be your finest hour, for you are about to meet a "grunt." Take off your cap, if you will, wave a flag, choke back a sob in your throat, wipe away a tear from your eye, for this is the man who is fighting your war. He is the Marine up front, the one who is sticking his nose in the mud each day, every day. He is the one who sees the enemy at 25 yards or less. He is the one who knows what it feels like to be shot at by small arms at close range. He is the one who dies a thousand times when the night is dark and the moon is gone. And he is the one who dies once and forever when an enemy rifle belches flame. If you have ever slogged through a sticky rice paddy or waded a stream carrying 200 rounds of ammunition, a rifle, several canteens and a pack with enough field rations, extra gear and spare clothing to last a week or more, you know why they call him a grunt. It's fairly obvious. But look at him well and know him, for he is really something. He wears, in dirty dignity
Tequila Christmas Cake
1 cup water 1 tsp. baking soda 1 cup sugar 1 tsp. salt 1 cup of brown sugar Lemon juice 4 large eggs Nuts 1 bottle tequila 2 cups dried fruit Sample the tequila to check quality. (I already sampled it.....several times to check the quality) Take a large bowl, check the tequila again. To be sure it is of the highest quality, pour one level cup and drink. Repeat. Turn on the electric mixer. Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add one teaspoon of sugar. Beat again. At this point its best to make sure the tequila is still OK. Try another cup...just in case. Turn off the mixerer thingy. Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit. Pick the frigging fruit up off the floor. Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaterers just pry it loose with a drewscriver. Sample the tequila to check for tonsisticity. Next, sift two cups of salt. Or something. Check the tequila. No
Just As (phoenix)
Just when I was sure, I knew where I was going A man appeared and confused my mind. Made all my questions seem worth knowing Every word I seem to hang on Simply because he speaks. Rare this one is, even more so that I'd find. A soul worth sharing my own desires Vehemently I try to hide my own fledgling eyes Entering into a world unknown is how I feel inside Never holding back a word, a thought…or even a deed. Just as I was sure I knew where I was headed A fork was placed in my path now I'm standing still Many think I've gone insane, I'm not quite sure I mind Every day I talk to him, more interesting facts I find. Still I'm nervous scared I guess you could say Roaming in my conscience Aware of feelings I hold Vehemently traveling shaken like I'm cold Entering into a world so unlike my own Never looking back, and never being so bold. The Dark Tower Tet Contents
Teresa’s Dream
Teresa’s Dream Talk to me, perpetrating through my spells of inexplicable gloom. Look at me, admiring the contours of my face; making me feel that I was the Queen of the sparkling hills. Dance with me, to release tons of idle energy; sweat passionately under the shimmering blanket of milky moonlight, Smile at me, spawning me to feel that I was indeed intriguing and have rights to exist of this planet. Wink at me, flirtatiously swirling in the atmosphere, as rain drops pelted thunderously from the sky. Embrace me, igniting the blistering inferno of love to the inner most recesses of my body, catapulting me into a land of sheer ecstasy. Tickle me, evoking me to burst into pools of uninhibited laughter, enjoy the journey of existence to its fullest, with the Sun dazzling mystically through the whites of my eyes. Sing for me, triggering me to escalate beyond the realms of the cosmos, feeling elevated when compared to the rest of the world. Promise me, an ocean o
Chapter 3
A list! 1.) I will NOT hand out my yahoo messenger, especially if your first words to me are do you have one? So stop asking. 2.) Do I have a cam? Yes. Can you see it? NO. 3.) Stop saying my man is really lucky because if you look at my profile, it says I'm single and I'm not lying about it or fogetting to change it. I really am single. 4.) With that being said, I'm not looking for a relationship on this site. I'm looking for friendship and harmless flirting. Not for a fuck buddy or a boyfriend. 5.) I took a lot of my "naughty" pics down because I was getting sick of the comments. I should have seen them coming, but I was just having some fun. Now I regret putting them on here in the first place. Oh by the way. . .not showing nudes so don't fucking ask. I think thats it. HUZZAH
Hello Dolly--louis Armstrong
A Nun Grading Papers
These 2 Songs Go To My Grany Nail Rip Granny
Amazing Grace Lyrics "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me.... I once was lost but now am found, Was blind, but now, I see. T'was Grace that taught... my heart to fear. And Grace, my fears relieved. How precious did that Grace appear... the hour I first believed. Through many dangers, toils and snares... we have already come. T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far... and Grace will lead us home. The Lord has promised good to me... His word my hope secures. He will my shield and portion be... as long as life endures. When we've been here ten thousand years... bright shining as the sun. We've no less days to sing God's praise... then when we've first begun. "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me.... I once was lost but now am found, Was blind, but now, I see. (end) Go Rest High On That Mountain know your life On earth was troubled And only you could know t
Pimpin Out...fu-style
nuttin fancy or anything here but i dont know when i will do this again but im pimpin out my best friendz so plz show them sum luv...tysm the sweetest guy i know...sorri gurlz hes already taken lol VaCwby@ fubar my sis...u mess wit her then u will have 2 answer 2 me ~ÐJ £ÎßÊ®Tÿ~* §í¢k & TWî$t€Ð's R/£ G/F & FÛ FîÂñÇê' † Demon Crew Recruiter۞Dylons Diva@ fubar this next gurl will keep u laughin...she RawKsss! SweetNTastyRed@ fubar now this next guy is so freakin awesum...hes the best & he totally kix @$$...hes alwayz been there 4 me & gave advice on anything i needed 2 know plus hes HawT!!! PieDaDDY@ fubar now last but not least this next gurl knows how 2 party & have a good time...i havent known her long but shes very nice & kix @$$ 2...thats a + in my book Kinkstar Sin *Fu Owned*@ fubar Now if u have not yet rated fanned & added these ppl then i suggest u go do so...u wont b sorri & dont forget to show me luv 2 tysm This pimpout waz brou
why is everyone in this country against truckers?,,do they not realise without us they have nothing? do they not realise major stores omly stock for 3 days and i f were to shut down for 4 the shelves would be empty? organizations that have no idea what trucking is about need to get out of our busineSS,,,MADD and PATT
New Orleans Bowl '07 Fau Practice
Dark Kingdom
Yes I am back..... Loved my vacation time away....missed you all. OH yes... Dark Kingdom has been release to the public on Dec. 18 2007, so you now can find it on Dark Kingdom Firestar ISBN 978-1-4343-5266-8 (under $9.00 each)
Do I Look Like And Online Porn Star?
I post a mumm about being alone on christmas and I get every fucking wanker with their dick in their hand jerking off in my shout box. What the hell!? I am a true southern lady and a freak in the bed. But if you don't treat me like a lady in the street you'll never find out what kind of freak you really could have had. So don't come at me with "do you like oral", "do you take it up the ass" and bullshit like that. Crap like that will get you blocked. Be a grown up, have some respect. If you wanna talk to women like that their are plenty of them out there that will charge you $2.99 a minute go find them.
1-15-06 so love the flowing thoughts, that come in my head when im fucked up. Okay you really need to focus on where you write your enteries keep track of them because thats is good but at least you are writing every day or at the end there of. Anyway so first day of work im sick like hell had a mirgrane all last night while I was trying to sleep woke up couldnt eat. Worked all day didnt even feel like work then left hung out with brooke talked to robert about things I thought about just all day and it was awsome just as he leaves my home boy calls me and we hang out with the chickia and thats was sick I also realized something new avout Seth: he went out with that hoe when he was tweaking and after I got sick and tonight should not have told him about tim because it s so out of context but I told him I cant wait for his birthday im getting us a room and drugs and we are going to have fun and I am getting his gift soon oh im so so happy. So tired but not so tired vecause this always h
Every single year... it hits me at a different time... Sometimes right after thanksgiving... sometime not until the day of Christmas. But it always hits me. This feeling in my stomach... like, this is just, not right. My mom should be here. Christmas was her favorite holiday. She loved it. I mean of course it's a lot of people's favorite holiday... but my mother always went overboard with gifts and decorations. Sometime this morning, while the girls and I put up the tree (between work and the death of my nephew we haven't had time yet....) I'm going to watch the home movies from when I was little... Somehow it helps. I just hate it so much. My mom should be here. She would have been so happy right now. Helping me and the girls. God, she would have been an amazing grandma. All my mother ever wanted was to be a mom, and grandma. She was so loving and so caring, so compassionate. She always wanted to make sure everyone was happy. Esp. me and my brother. And at Christmas... man... we had a
Merry Christmas To All
Happy Birthday Amy!
It is Amy's 37th. Please hit her with 37 10s/11s and stash ratings. She always returns the love. AmY..sign my guestbook .. (RaTe SpAnKeRs)@ fubar
My Christmas Eve
Well it appears Christmas is upon us again... Funny... I remember Christmas's being so much different than this... Even last year; I remember it being ok... Alot of fun and feeling happy... This Christmas feels alot different... There's no joy behind it... I going to bed alone and waking up with no kids here to share the day with... My Christmas Eve wasn't one for the books either... I dunno how to describe it and yet I'm sure many know what I am talking about... I miss my kids... All of them are with the mothers'... So to me right now... Its gonna be just another day here... Don't get me wrong... My dad came up and we had a great day together... but there's just something about not having your kids with you on Christmas that brings you way down... To the point you'd do anything to see them... and wish they were there with you... Though it seems more about today has me thinking about things in my life right now... Maybe its just the Holiday Blues or maybe its more... but whatever
Whats Up
hey everyone just wanted to say hay and marry christmas to you all. god bless you all over there fighting for owr freedom come home soon and be safe
Kanye Ft Adam Levine - Heard Em Say
Westlife - Bop Bop Baby
My mama said nothing would break me or lead me astray Who would have guessed I'd let my mind drift so far away You always said I was a dreamer now it's dead I'm dreaming of things that's making my mind go crazy Small things like When I call you at home and he answers the phone Or I get your machine and I don't hear me When I lie in my bed with the thoughts in my head When we danced and we sang and we laughed all night Ooh da bop bop baby please don't let me go Can't live my life this way Ooh da bop bop baby please just let me know And put my mind at ease for sure On a love train 20 odd years now I got off today But nobody said the stop that I've taken Was a stop too late Now I'm alone I'm thinking of stupid Hurtful small things like When I call you at home and he answers the phone Or I get your machine and I don't hear me When I lie in my bed with the thoughts in my head When we danced and we sang and we laughed all night Ooh da bop bop baby please don
Christmas Sucks A Little More Every Year
The best part about this year?? I woke up next to the love of my life. Other than that.. it sucks.. no presents, no alcohol, no smoking.. I HATE the holidays.. hell, I didnt even get to enjoy Christmas dinner.. I got nada..It sucks.. Oh well.. no one cares about the moshes anymore.. it happens.. at least i got laid.. lmao..
Can It Be Real?
I wrote this in April of 07 It's cold out tonight, the air is still. The silence is killing me. I close my eyes and see you clearly. I shut out the sounds of the world and I can hear your moans. The scent of your love lingers on my comforter and blanket. Oh how I wish you were here but.. your not. The memories of our encounters are fresh in my mind. I can almost feel the warmth of your body. Your breathing becoming heavy as I kiss your neck. My hands slowly.. softly running down your chest, teasing your breasts, and circling your nipples. We kiss as I let my hand wander down your panties. Gently I start rubbing your pussy. As you become wet your clit becomes hard and I quicken the pace. Sliding a finger in and out massaging it as you move with my hand. You start to climax for the first of many tonight begging me to suck on your nipples. Laying on my back you climb on top of me. Slowly pull the shirt over your head and massage your beautifully expo
Souls Passing
Do you ever wonder what draws two souls together. You go through your everyday life, passing by hundreds or maybe thousands of other souls... You pass each other with nothing more than a nod, a wink... maybe a quick smile... Most people go obliviously by without even that much of an interaction. But, every so often, there is something that pulls you out of the doldrums and routine of ordinary and a little sixth sense awakens... Do you??
A Fun Night Out
"Well, tonight is the night", as the hot water from the shower massaged my neck and shoulders, I thought "We'll see if this is what he really wants, or get all jealous and a bruised ego or something". "How's it going in there, babe?" Hubby asked. I can't believe that he ever talked me into this. Not that I am nervous, but to seduce another man with my husbands knowledge just seems a wee bit odd, that's all. But if that's what he wants, then that's what I'll get! Hubby reached over and touched my cheek, looking deep into my eyes and said, "I don't want you to do anything that you really don't want to do." "I love you very much." “Hubby," I said. "What I do tonight is strictly for you." "It's not what I want, but I am going through with this because I believe that what you truly want is this. I’m only doing this for you." And then he gave me a big kiss. I walked into the bedroom and there laid out on the bed was the outfit that Hubby had bought. I reached down and pic
Road Rage
Angry drivers torching traffic cameras in England10:37 12/27/2007, Joshua Topolsky, autonomous cameras, autonomouscameras, capt gatso, captgatso, gatso, mad, motorists against detection, motoristsagainstdetection, speed cameras, speedcameras, traffic cameras, trafficcameras, Engadget Filed under: Robots, Transportation Apparently, the Luddite tradition of machine breaking is alive and well in its country of origin. According to a report, a group calling itself MAD -- or Motorists Against Detection -- have taken to setting autonomous traffic cameras ablaze across the United Kingdom, and are detailing their exploits on a website (of course). The group's "PR" claims they have been active since 2000, and have destroyed over 1000 roadside cameras. Says the group's leader, Capt. Gatso, "The vigilante anti-speed camera group have announced a summer of MADness which will see them target for destruction all speed cameras in the UK. It's now going to be a period of zero tolerance against
If You Haven't Heard
A single touch of her soft skin Fingers gently falling through her silken hair The scent of her laying next to me These are things a lover can share A light soft kiss upon my lips falls A warm embrace encircles me I kind word whispered to me as I lay My love now flows endless and free The first taste of this lover I now enjoy My mind swirls with love filled thought Her finger tracing along my arm so slow Chills of pleasure to my body are brought One lool into her deep eyes I can see The sould that has taken my breath away Passing my love from my soul to thee I take her in my arms this very night No more searching for perfect love will there be I have found the one that can fill that void The lover that sets my heart's bindings free Our bodies slide together now as we lay Her warm nectar I feel as we become one Knowing that a giant step has been made The releasing our love nectar soon is done Another soft kiss on the lips of my lover Our eyes close as into a slee
Face To Face
There'll come a day When you'll walk out of my dreams Face to face Like I'm imagining How can I be sure That you're the one I'm waiting for Will you be....... Unmistakable?
Walk With Me
Walk with me, the path of life, to explore every bend of the road Enjoy with me the beauty of life, along its wonderful way Find comfort with me, in each other's arms, when grief crosses our path Find strength with me, in each other's strength, when despair lies in wait Laugh with me, a single true laugh, to enlighten another's distress Cry with me, a single true tear, to understand true happiness Cherish with me, the wonders of life, as they need to be preserved Rejoice with me, in the mysteries, of what is yet to be Find peace with me, in each other's souls, when the world has gone insane Find love with me, in each other's hearts, until this life has been fulfilled And when the path comes to an end I hope we can say from within We've known the beauty of true love, our love came from within
If Only My Body Were A Car...
IF ONLY MY BODY WERE A CAR... IF MY BODY WERE A CAR... If my body were a car, this is the time I would be thinking about trading it in for a newer model. I've got bumps and dents and scratches in my finish and my paint job is getting a little dull ... But that's not the worst of it. My headlights are out of focus and it's especially hard to see things up close My traction is not as graceful as it once was. I slip and slide and skid and bump into things even in the best of weather. My whitewalls are stained with varicose veins. It takes me hours to reach my maximum speed. My fuel rate burns inefficiently. But here's the worst of it -- Almost every time I sneeze, cough or sputter ....either my radiator leaks or my exhaust backfires!
News Anchor Assaults 9/11 Victim's Family Member
News Anchor Assaults 9/11 Victim's Family Member
The Ketchup Effect....
The Ketchup Effect - Watch more free videos
Goldfinger: Free Me
Vip Givaway
I am in my first ever. Please come help out a little or a lot. Anything at all.....
True Beauty
Where does the true beauty lie? Within the heart, not the eye The eye deceives and the eye is blind It is the soul where answers you will find Not to search beyond the skin; a disgrace The beauty within, not upon a face But what is beauty? It is falsly termed Beauty is not born, Beauty it is earned Carry the true beauty within your heart Never from your lips let anger depart Within people you trust, always confide And always search for the beauty, that lies inside
To Whom It May Concern
To Whom it May Concern Dear Mr. Liar I don’t believe a word you say And of all the promises you've broken Forever was my favorite. To think a heartless man like yourself Could even for one moment be capable of loving me forever Is something to laugh at I must of been mad Temporarily insane, Or just plain naive. Dear Mr. Ex – Lover If u haven’t heard My body is no longer yours It is up for the taking And I will not deny myself pleasure any longer For there is someone worth my time, Worth my while And that someone isn’t you Not anymore Not ever again And he will please me He will surpass all my expectations And when I find him He'll get to enjoy every inch of What used to be just yours. Dear Mr. Attention- Seeker Have you seen me around? Have you heard how they all love me? Love... what a word! Do you know what that is? The thing you used to reel me in with The word u abused and confused with “manipulation” I don’t think you've ever loved in your w
Blog Game
Leave your name in my blog comments. Once you do that, this is what I'll do for you... 1. I'll respond with something random about you. 2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of. 3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in. 4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me. (if possible. if not, I'll say something that only makes sense to me.) 5. I'll tell you my first memory of you. 6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of. 7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you. 8. If you play, you MUST post this on yours. You MUST. ** (taken from jessa she's awesome)
Kitty Licking 101
kittylicking 101 Most women are shy about their bodies. Even if you've got the world's most gorgeous woman in bed with you, she's going to worry about how you like her body. Tell her it's beautiful, tell her which parts you like best, tell her anything, but get her to trust you enough to let you down between her legs. First I stop and look at what I see. Beautiful, isn't it? There is nothing that makes a woman more unique than her pussy. They come in all different sizes, colors and shapes; some are tucked inside like a little cunnie and some have thick luscious lips that come out to greet you. Some are nested in brushes of fur and others are covered with transparent fuzz. I appreciate a woman's unique qualities and tell her what makes her special. Women are a good deal more verbal than men, especially during love-making. They also respond more to verbal love, which means, the more you talk to her, the easier it will be to get her off. So all the time I'm petting and stroking her
Shuttle Launch Date Up In The Air As Repairs Are Ordered
NASA managers today cleared engineers to remove the external components of a suspect feed-through connector built into the wall of the shuttle Atlantis' external tank in a bid to fix intermittent electrical problems with low-level engine cutoff - ECO - sensors that derailed launch attempts Dec. 6 and 9. Image Above: Space shuttle Atlantis stands on Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photo credit: NASA/George Shelton 12-29-07 The external fittings will be replaced with soldered pins and sockets like those developed and successfully flown by tank builder Lockheed Martin for its Centaur rocket stages. Shuttle Program Manager Wayne Hale said today the work likely will delay Atlantis' launch "a few days to a couple of weeks" beyond the previous Jan. 10 target. But that "no-earlier-than" date was little more than a placeholder intended to ensure the launch team enjoyed a few days off over the Christmas holiday. As such, it was not based on any ac
I Still...
I still wake up thinking of you, and I still fall asleep dreaming of you I still get lost in memories I still ask myself a million "What if's..." and countless "Maybe's" I still look at your pictures I still see you everywhere I go I still know it's not you, but I still wish that it was I still wish things were different I still wish it was the same as before I still think that you're perfect I still cry cause you are I still remember the first time I still thank God that we met I still love you more than you know I still wish I had said it I still try to forget you I still try to move on I still wish that I could I still can't force myself to let go I still remember the nights I still remember the days I still remember the good times I still justify the pain I still know that tomorrow nothing will change I still can't accept I can't have you I still wish... I still wish...
Test Your Love Compatibility With A Leo Person
Test your love compatibility with a Leo person Quiz Free Fun Quizzes at My Result Was: You seem to be compatible with a Leo person. All the best for a great relationship ahead.
Speak English Fuckers!
Ok ok ive ranted about this alot when i was in the car buisness...ran into a ton of spanish speakers who wouldent speak english to me, it happends alot in the car buisness...but i aint in the car buisness any more i work at TARGET as a cashire and yet im still getting these fuckers who refuse to speak english to me and get mad at ME when i dont know spanish! last time i checked we where in the US and we are NOT a spanish speaking country, hey thats great if u speak spanish and wanna keep ur haritige alive or whatever but ur in the US now LEARN ENGLISH u idiots or go back to mexico! i think it is very unfair that i was forced to learn a second language in school and these people coming over from mexico and other places dont even have the decncy to learn english! IF YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE HERE SPEAK ENGLISH FUCKERS! ITS THAT SIMPLE!
Hunger Lust and Pleasure Desire and Passion Man and women Night and Day In and out Up and Down Darkness and Brightness Good and Bad Right and Wrong Devil and God Demon and Angel Peace and War Sun and Moon Work and Play Who is to say what is Right and what is Wrong only Believe in what we feel is where everything lives
Close Your Eyes
Well the sun is slowly sinking down, But the moon is slowly rising, So this old world must still be spinnin 'round, And I still love you. So close your eyes. You can close your eyes, it's alright. I don't know no love songs, And I cant sing the blues anymore, But I can sing this song, And you can sing this song when I'm gone. It won't be long before another day. We're gonna have a good time. And no one's gonna take that time away. You can stay as long as you like. So close your eyes. You can close your eyes, it's alright. I don't know no love songs, And I cant sing the blues anymore, But I can sing this song, And you can sing this song when I'm gone.The Dark Tower Tet Contents
Why is it so hard for me to explain what my heart and soul truly contain The words come to me with ease but when you are around they become difficult to seize For my love towards you is blind and it is also..... one of a kind I have never felt this way so I always want you to stay because when you are not around..... I feel broken so my love for you is my only token Somehow I wish to be with you forever I do not wish to ever be severed For when my love for you was born my heart and my mind felt as if they were torn For I wish to be more with you but I cannot So I will try to love you with all Ive have in my heart
The Garbage Truck
(Unfortunately, I have done this. I appreciate those who forgave me for doing so.) How often do you let other people's nonsense change your mood? Do you let a bad driver, rude waiter, curt boss, or an insensitive employee ruin your day? Unless you're the Terminator, for an instant you're probably set back on your heels. However, the mark of a successful person is how quickly she can get back her focus on what's important. Sixteen years ago I learned this lesson. I learned it in the back of a New York City taxi cab. Here's what happened. I hopped in a taxi, and we took off for Grand Central Station. We were driving in the right lane when, all of a sudden, a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his brakes, skidded, and missed the other car’s back end by just inches! The driver of the other car, the guy who almost caused a big accident, whipped his head around and he started yelling bad words at us. My taxi driver just smiled an
"the Unicorn"
"The Unicorn" eatting grass. wondering. am i the only one. maybe oh maybe. how can it be. there is no one. for me.
Nin: Hurt
So Here It Goes, My Whinings
Ha its funny when you are young you have all the hopes and dreams and it never occurs to you that you may not ever achieve any of them. When I was little I had this picture of this red haired boy, I never knew his name and in fact I found the picture on the ground...I used to say that when I grew up I was going to marry a red headed boy and be a paleontologist and dig up dinosaur bones. Stupid, eh? As I got a little older it was an astronomer and marry a red headed boy. I guess I always wanted to marry a red headed boy, and my heart would never be broken and some how I was going to be someone great aspiring to do great things and loved by an equal. Now, I am 28 years old and I am far from an astronomer nor am I discovering some great dinosaur, and the red headed boy, well, just a figment of the imagination I once had. I am a nursing assistant that had I guess a good paying job, one I have grown to dislike because I moved up the latter I became the staffing and central supply person. M
A Pretty Good Joke
A small town was having a problem. Squirrels had invaded four churches in the town. Each church tried different ways to get rid of them. The Baptists decided to wait until the squirrels wandered into the baptistry and then they would close the lid and trap them. But the squirrels were too fast for them and they ran away only to return the next day. The Methodists decided that they could not do anything to harm God's creatures and so they did nothing. Squirrels overran them. The Presbyterians decided they would catch the squirrels and take them out into the country and release them, whicn they did. However, a few days later the squirrels found their way back. The Catholics took a different approach. They baptised the squirrels and made them members of the congregation. Now they only see them on Christmas and Easter.
Just How Long Never say "I love you" if you don't really care" Never talk about feelings if they arent really there Never hold my hand if your gona break my heart Never say you're going to... if you never plan to start. Never look in my eyes if all you do is Lie Never say "Hello" When what you really mean is "Good-bye" If you really mean forever... You really would have tried. Never say forever... Cuz forever made me cry
Happy New Year To All Of My Friends...
PROFILESANTA.COM Well friends,another year has come and is almost gone.I hope you all have a very HAPPY NEW YEARS celebration and if you drink please be safe and don't drive,if not for your sake then for someone Else's!There are too many accidents that could have been avoided because someone thinks that they have not had too much to drink and they get behind the wheel.EVEN ONE DRINK IS TOO MANY!!!PLEASE think of your fellow man/woman before getting behind the wheel. I ponder on the things of this pass year and some I wish I could change but most I am very happy to have the memories.I don't make new years resolutions because I don't believe in them for one thing and even if I did I could never keep one so why make it lol..I love all of you and wish for you nothing but love,happiness,peace and prosperity in the up coming year. I have my daughter and her boyfriend coming over tonight so I won't be back online this evening but I did want to wi
Happy New Year 2008 From The Staff Of After Hours
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