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Welcome 2 My Hubby And Sissy!
Welcome 2 LC Baby (TheZedster) and Sissy (MissyMouse) thank you for joining me here in what seems to be a great community well it hasn't showen me anything bad so far!! Love you both :)
This Is Emo
Chokathon I choked you ran Never to see me again why do you look at me with those eyes? I see right through your disguise (chorus) Why oh why...does it come to this Bleeding on the floor and all I wanted was a kiss I clutch at my neck and watch the blood run My body starts to gain a numb And now see it melt The pain the power you felt Can it be to ever happen? Or will the walls always shatter? (chorus) I'm broken, you're charred Gone without a mark Continue the massage Of this dying art Full of pain, desire and lies Drawn to the bloodshot eyes Stained, with no evidence Struck, with no sign (chorus)
Lost Cherry Mastercard Commercial!!!!!
No LC familial affiliations whatsoever.....$0.00 Not giving a crap if I ever win, or even get in, a contest.....$0.00 Leveling up naturally without whoring myself out.....$0.00 A drama free existance on Lost Cherry..... PRICELESS!!! There are some things money can't buy....heh!
Forever And One Day
across the sea of dreams we fly so many years have gone by Ive lived to feel your gentle touch always missing you so much forbidden love is no longer love for you always grows stronger I remember all the nights that pass waiting to talk to you at last late night phone calls all night talks dreams of holding hands and walks along the beach we have fun two souls together becoming one believe me when you hear me say Ill always love you forever and one day
Addicted By Simple Plan
This song describes the way I feel about my bf so well, except for the leaving part because we are together, but I'm definitely addicted to him. *Addicted* I heard you're doin' okay But I want you to know I'm addic- I'm addicted to you I can't pretend I don't care When you don't think about me Do you think I deserve this? I try to make you happy But you left anyway I'm tryin' to forget But I'm addicted to you But I wanted And I needed I'm addicted to you Now it's over Can't forget what you said And I never Want to do this again Heartbreaker Heartbreaker Heartbreaker Since the day I met you And after all we've been through Still addic- I'm addicted to you I think you know that it's true I'd run a thousand miles to get to you Do you think I deserve this I tried to make you happy I did all that I could Just to treat you good in every way I'm tryin' to forget But I'm addicted to you But I wanted And
Medical Remedy?
Do you have feelings of inadequacy? Do you suffer from shyness? Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive? If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist about Tequila. Tequila is the safe, natural way to feel better and more confident about yourself and your actions. Tequila can help ease you out of your shyness and let you tell the world that you're ready and willing to do just about anything. You will notice the benefits of Tequila almost immediately, and with a regimen of regular doses you can overcome any obstacles that prevent you from living the life you want to live. Shyness and awkwardness will be a thing of the past, and you will discover many talents you never knew you had. Stop hiding and start living, with Tequila. Tequila may not be right for everyone. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use Tequila. However, women who wouldn't mind nursing or becoming pregnant
Joke Of The Day 10/16/06
Due to a power outage, only one paramedic responded to the call. The house was very, very dark, so the paramedic ask Kathleen, a 3-year-old girl, to hold a flashlight high over her Mommy so he could see while he helped deliver the baby. Very diligently, Kathleen did as she was asked. Heidi pushed and pushed, and after a little while Ricky was born. The paramedic lifted him by his little feet and spanked him on his bottom. Ricky began to cry. The paramedic then thanked Kathleen for her help and asked the wide-eyed 3-year old what she thought about what she had just witnessed. Kathleen quickly responded, "He shouldn't have crawled in there in the first place ......... smack his ass again!"
What Color Is Your Heart?
You scored as Blue. Your heart is blue. You are a very calm and relaxed person. You are very caring and like helping others. You\'re grateful for what you have in life, even if it\'s not perfect. People love you for who you are, don\'t ever change that- it\'s what makes you the great person that you are.Blue93%Yellow71%White64%Black61%Pink54%Orange46%Purple39%Red21%Green14%~What colour is your heart?~created with
Sorry Guys
Not havin a good day today left comments on your pages & some didnt turn out for which i am sorry about but will get to your pages ASAP okay guys
Celebs And Their Stupid Babies.
Why is it people get sooo rich that they get sooo fuckin bored they feel the need to adopt a child from a third world country. I just believe they do it for the wrong reasons. Its trendy among the stars now. They try to prove something to the world that theyre some kind of a mother teresa, like oh "look how caring I am, I adopted this lil poor child and gonna give him the world" WTF!! its like a new toy for them to show off. WTF, madonna paid the country a fortune so she could bypass the red tape and adopt. The thing is she adopted, but not an orphan, she adopted a child w parents. They are so fucking full of themselves they figure they can just buy whatever they want, throw money at someone and theyll cave.when people say " oh did u see madonna adopted that child from transylvania, shes such a saint madonna" i wanna throw rocks at them!! and to all those idiots that acted like angelina was their sister and felt they needed to talk and show the baby pics to everyone, i say to them, Fu
So i woke up at 5:30 and jumped on here..I am oh so sick..Yup..So i missed Joeys birthday which was on the 11th...Im such a great friend eh?..So i bought him 2 presents :D...Im cool like i feel like shit and my house is freezing..So im sittin here callin Joey names..Cuz i can..And cuz he's the best..Yup.. SO my mom has LC now too..Which is pretty neat..Ok this is starting to get really random so im gunna go.....yup....bye
An Introduction Of Sorts!
I just got a new puppy, his name is Raphael the Ninja puppy! he is a mini pin.. and quite the cutie... here is a little video of him :) but i appologize for not getting back to everyone just yet, he is a little handful and i havent had much time to be online! so ill be talking with you all soon! always Kittie
Breaking Down
This is going to hell Why can't you see this? If only you stopped thinking of yourself you would see how I feel. People are worse off then you So stop acting like you've lost everything It's far from that. I hate being the one who has to be the bad guy but I don't see any other way. Talk about being frustrated. Soon enough it will be my picture in the dictionary next to frustrated. The world is not on your shoulders.
The Juggalo Creed
I am a Juggalo... I am an individual guided by Light... I know who I am and who I want to be. I recognize that the path to Shangri La requires an open mind... I shall not judge. I am part of a Family... I shall Love my Family as I would my blood. I shall do my Family no harm as I know what is done to others shall surely be done to me... I shall strive to honor my Family and not disgrace their name... I am a Ninja... I have no Fear. I do not Fear the unknown fore I embrace the wonders of the world around me and the differences in others. I shall meet adversity head on fore I am a Survivor. Nothing can stop my Shine. I am Human... I recognize my flaws. I shall strive to change the things I can control and seek strength for the things I cannot. I shall cherish the teachings of my ancestors and the Family who have fallen before me I have Love… With Love there is Unity and Strength. Love does not hurt nor does it seek to destroy. I too, shall not hurt or
Women In Nylons And Other Such Stuff
You know something? I like wearing nylons, but I'd rather see a sexy woman wearing them. Too many girls think that pantyhose & stockings are out of style, but most of us men think they're a great turn on. I love looking at women's legs. On that note, I don't have much of a sex life at home & kind of miss the old cyber days of old. If any lady would like to chat sometime, whether we have cybersex or not, my IM names are posted on my page. I like LC a lot & hope to spend more time here!
What Your Soul Really Looks Like
What Your Soul Really Looks Like You are very passionate and quite temperamental. While you can be moody, you always crave comfort. You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you're head is in the clouds. You believe that people see you as a bit small and insignificant. People pay more attention to you than you think. Your near future is still unknown, and a little scary. You'll get through wild times - and you'll textually enjoy it. For you, falling in love is all about flirting and feeling playful. You couldn't fall in love with someone who took life too seriously. Inside the Room of Your Soul
Atten: Everyone!!!
i noticed asking some of u to do me a favor is just crazy on my side i know those of u that help me level up and THANK YOU to those and to all the friends i have on my page like 60% of them ingnore me and they just don't care so i say fuck them as i see them post pics and like they do me i won't even comment or rate them it's is very sad when i joined LC in aug. it was such a NICE PLACE what happened??? well i said my peace thank u all for listening maria
Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?
Aquarius (Jan 23 - Feb 22) You have an inventive mind and are inclined to be progressive. You lie a great deal. You make the same mistakes repeatedly because you are stupid. Everyone thinks you are a fucking jerk. Pisces (Feb 23 - Mar 22) You are a pioneer type and think most people are dickheads. You are quick to reprimand, impatient and full of advice. You do nothing but piss-off everyone you come in contact with. You are a prick. Aries (Mar 23 - April 22) You have a wild imagination and often think you are being followed by the FBI or CIA. You have major influence on your friends and people resent you for flaunting your power. You lack confidence but are still a general bad ass. Taurus (April 23 - May 22) you are practical and persistent. You have a dogged determination and work like hell. Most people think you are stubborn and bullheaded. You are nothing but a god-dammed communist. Gemini (May 23 - June 22) you are a quick and intelligent thinker. People like you becaus
On Another Not As Well
With the way that jobs out here in the civilian world are, i dont give a shit i am about to piss off alot of family and friends if things dont change and rejoin the military, first i would have to get my claims with the va yanked
Mosh By Eminem
MoshAdd a video to your site FREE Music Video Code
He Takes Her Hand... (incomplete)
He takes her hand and leads her up paths so green, so crisp, their feet traveling paths of sticks, stones and dead leaves. He speaks, telling her of adventures lived, showing her glorious trees, interesting rocks and anything else he can think of. She smiles, listening to him, amused and interested. They reach their destination, the peak high on the cliff, overlooking the sparkling lake so intensely blue, it nearly blinds the eye. He proudly shows her this sight, his goal . . . his adoration of her growing as he watches her drink in the astonishing beauty of his land. The sky so clear and perfect, the waters so crisp and intense . . . it takes her breath away. He slips up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. She relaxes her body back into his, interlacing her fingers with his as she feels his excitement growing, pressing hard into her back. Tearing her eyes away from the mesmerizing sight in front of her, she turns to him, reaching her arms up around his neck
Officer Michael Briggs Rip 10/17/06
Michael Briggs has died; 10-16-06 OFFICER BRIGGS Manchester - A city police officer has been murdered. Bicycle patrol officer Michael Briggs, 35, died this afternoon. He leaves a wife and two young children. Briggs was the first city officer killed in the line of duty in 30 years and the first in the state since Epsom officer Jeremy Charron was gunned down in 1997. Briggs, then a part-time Epsom officer, was a pallbearer at Charron's funeral. Briggs had 15 minutes left on his shift when he was shot in the head at about 2:45 a.m. Monday on Lincoln Street. About 15 hours later, Michael "Stix" Addison, 26, of Manchester was arrested at his grandmother's house in Boston. Attorney General Kelly Ayotte said this afternoon that she will seek the death penalty for Addison. Officer Michael Briggs collected his share of honors over the years. As a Marine, he received the two medals and the Meritorious Mast. As a policeman, he was called a hero after he rushed into a burn
Halloween Party
Wow guys. I'm gettin so excited. My lover and I are having a halloween party on the 27th. And thats like right around the corner. I have a costume, but I don't really like it. I got pictures of me in it on my pictures page. It's call "Chicks Gone Crazy" its from Buuut, I have found another costume that am about to order on Friday and i'm all excited about it. It's also from and its called "Lady Gangsta" Here is a pictue of it and I'm also gonna get the matchin MiMi shoes with it. Lemme kno what ya think! Lady Gangsta.... MiMi Heels (Black & Red)
A Lil About My Sis And Her New Bf
guess how she met this guy? the net. he came over to see her one day and they was already makin out and shit. a few days later he came and stayed the night. after only seein him once before! she went to his house for about 4 days and a few days later tells us that she thinks shes prego! alright i love my sis but how fuckin stupid can she be? now hes tryin to get her to move to west virigina with him and his mom. shes foreal thinkin about doin this and she aint known him but a month! how the fuck is she gonna jus move away from me my other sis and our mother! she already has one lil boy who we all love to death. how the hell is she just goin to take him outta our lifes like this? she says she'll visit but it wont be the same. they have lived with us practically their whole lifes. seein him once a month aint gonna do it. and the one she may be havin may never even get to really know any of this side of its family if she does this shit! it just pisses me off knowing she doesnt even care.
In Sexual Dicionary I Am .....
lilmiss -- [adjective]:100% kinky 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Up To The Roof- Blue Man Group Featuring Tracy Bonham
All I see is not for me. What I want you have not got. Tried to use things you sold me, no matter what the cost Tried to go the way you told me, but each time, I got lost The stairs didn't lead me anywhere! I'm taking the fire escape up to the roof. Don't care if it's not the way you find the truth. Time to make this right: to rise above. This room and all of you Who say I should do like you would Tried to live the life you sold me, no matter what the cost. Tried to walk the way you told me, but each time I got lost The stairs didn't lead me anywhere! I'm taking the fire escape up to the roof. Don't care if it's not the way you find the truth And when I get up that high, I don't know what I'll find But I'd rather look at the sky than wonder why I let you take my time Time to make this right: to rise above. I'm taking the fire escape up to the roof. Don't care if it's not the way you find the truth And when I get up that high, I don't know what I'll find But I'd rat
SSkillfulWWickedEExhaustingEEasyTTastyNNaturalEEqualitarianSShockingSSpyCreated by
For The Friend,fader Or Moder Or Kids
As the years have passed, many things about ourrelationship have changed. We learned to accept eachother as individuals and to respect one another's feelings and ideas! Even though we may not always agree. Many things have changed but one thing will always be the same ----- You're love and my!!!! from patruick
What Mythological Creature Are You?
You scored as Mermaid. Mermaid: Mermaids are also known as Sirens. These creatures were beautiful women who tricked sailors into becoming completely entranced by their haunting voices and found death soon after. Not all stories of Mermaids are about gentle loving sea people. They are mystical, magical, and extremely dangerous. They have a way about them that brings anyone they are around to seem enchanted. They are very mysterious creatures and to meet one... Would mean certain Death. Let the song of the Sea fill your soul, for you are a Mermaid.Mermaid100%Angel92%WereWolf50%Demon33%Dragon25%Faerie17%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
A Prayer: Everyone Should Read
PRAY THIS EVEN IF YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE IT!! IT WILL ONLY TAKE A MINUTE. You never know when God is going to bless you!! Good things happen when you least expect them to !!!!!!!! Dear Lord, I thank You for this day. I thank You for my being able to see and to hear this morning. I'm blessed because You are a forgiving God and an understanding God. You have done so much for me and You keep on blessing me. Forgive me this day for everything I have done, said, or thought that was not pleasing to you. I ask now for Your forgiveness. Please keep me safe from all danger and harm. Help me to start this day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude. Let me make the best of each and every day to clear my mind so that I can hear from You. Please broaden my mind that I can accept all things. Let me not whine and whimper over things I have no control over. And It's the best response when I'm pushed beyond my limits. I know that when I can't pray, You listen to my heart. Continue to use
You've Been Tagged
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1.WOMEN ARE MY WEAKNESS 2. AT ONE TIME I BOWLED AT THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL 3. I'M AN AVID HUNTER 4. I hate liars and thieves 5. I'VE GOT THIS THING ABOUT EVEN NUMBERS 6. I LIKE SOME COUNTRY MUSIC The 6 people Im going to tag is 1. CHRISTINE 2. SHYMOONGIRL 3. REEN 4. JADEZ 5. SUZY-Q 6. BUTTERFLY PRINCESS
My Guy Friends Are Num 1
to all my guy friends you all thank you for being there for me and helpng me when i need some help you all mean alot to me even my new friend that i have accepted and that you have accepted me you all mean so much to me thank you to every one of you for all the comments and the 10s keep the comments comming and the 10s i am nice to every one of you my friends why i have so much trouble tring to talk to anybody and i will get so emotional i would even cry so bad and so hard thank you for being my good friends BEAUTIFUL ANGEL
Erotic Story For Sir Critter
I awake to the sounds of footsteps in the hall outside my bedroom. I glance quickly around the room to make sure that everything is acceptable. I am shocked with myself for falling asleep, knowing that you would be here any moment. The door opens and you are standing there in all black holding your familiar bag. A shiver of excitement and terror cause goosebumps on my skin. Patiently, I have waited for what seems like an hour for you to arrive. You never say when you are coming, only that I should be ready. I am just as you wanted me: Nude, my hair loose, and in bed with my legs slightly spread. The only cover you allow is a thin sheet. You walk into the room and say nothing. My heartbeat is thumping in my ears and I am so nervous that I gasp at your sudden movement. You don't say a word as you remove the sheet from my body. I suddenly stammer "I've missed you, Sir." And immediatley curse myself for doing so. You look down at me and I can tell that you are very angry. I hurry off o
I Tried. I tried to love you as no other man could, I did my best to love you where others should. My heart was held out to you so you would see, What loving a woman is meant to be. Attention and love I give to you, Love, comfort and trust are there for you too. I may not be as handsome as a movie star, I may not be rich with a brand new car. I am the man that can love you more than you know, The man who loves you in only the ways I can show. Your love in return is the breath that I breathe, Do you finally realize that you are all that I need? I have given more of myself than anyone would, And I will continue to give as a man like me could. With all these words know I never lied, And even though you might never hear me I tried. By: Mario A. Pinder
Ok So Enough
Ok thats enough of those usless blogs..Lets talk about my day...Well i didnt go to bed till 5am so i slept till 2.. Im STILL on my diet so i woke up and ate some veggies..YUCK...Then umm..I watched Maury..Stupid little bitches who wanna have babies when they are 15...I hope it hurts like hell... Then i made dinner cuz Rob was getting Pissy..It was pretty yummy..And YES healthy...Then umm..What else did i do today?...I watched MORE tv...I dont think ive ever watched this much tv in like a yr..Oh well.. Then i was craving chips..So i got rob to go to the store and get me BAKED lays and one of those 100 calorie chocolate bars...What a RIP..they are soo tiny..No wonder they are only 100 calories..They remind me of those stupid weight watchers breads that you can have 2 for one point..Well no shit they are paper thin..UGH... So yah i ate that then i felt CAN NOT eat chips and chocolate on a diet..I have NO self control..GOD... So now here i am...about 3 hours later and HU
What Body Part I'm Attracted To
You scored as Abs/Stomach. You are attracted to: the abs/stomach. You are a abs/stomach guy/gurl.Abs/Stomach75%Face58%Penis50%Butt42%Boobs42%What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics)created with
You have to actually RATE IT to vote not just comment! SO RATE!!!
Conpaq Pt 2
After working on it a few hours a day until I was ready for bed.. I finally have it back to the way it was.. Installed sp2, the burner, updating software. Sp2 installed without killing everything .. That genuine.. er genuwine advan.. crap sucks.. the damn thing is legit .. and i hate that whinning windows does to interrupit my fixing it.. sheeeeeez.. I had to completly restore the damn thing .. recongnize it and move on bitioch! lmao I'm the boos biotch . Yeah i'm bossy... put ya windoze in its place.. holmes! See there was some nerdy slang for the rap fans outthere.. fo sho! lmao now its doing windoze media centere 9 Not the version 10 or 11 with that crap drm.. garbage.. I mean come on... if i made a vid with my freakin camera.. why drm it? Its not gonna win any oscars and i made it of me singing in my freakin car.. sheeeeeesh.. laters my 1st job awaits.. free food today! lmao
A True Internet Love?
I met someone over the net more than a month ago. We started to get to know each other and he's been calling me ever since. Things started moving so fast and before I knew it, he was asking me to be his girl and saying that he loves me. He said that he had only said those words to one person, and this would make me the second. He's had a bad break up a year ago. He's really sweet and I think I'm feeling the same way about him. He said that if things go as well as they are right now, he'll come visit me when he gets his vacation and was telling me that he definitely wants to marry me. But, something happened. He had to move to another house and wasn't able to call me this last week. We've only been communicating through emails. The thing is, I miss him more and more everyday, but I'm not sure if this relationship will go well. One thing, we haven't met each other in person. We've only seen pictures of each other. What do you think I should do? Please tell me. Thanks! -A True Internet Lo
I Will Be Gone...
I have an emergency back east, and I will be gone until the 30th. So, I'll try to be on when I can. Hope ya'll have a good weekend, and a kick ass week!!!
I'm leaveing to visit my mother and sisters in Florida.I'll be back next Saturday.Have a great week!
The Monster Who Was Misunderstood
This is a tale of poor old Frank -- Frank the monster, not Tom, Rich, or Hank. He was created by a scientist in a great house. A house on a mountain, much too big for a mouse. There in the basement, the docter toiled night and day, with the help of his friend Igor, who had little to say. Finally when all was assembled like a bike, a bolt of lightning gave dear Frank his new life. He sat up from the table where he laid for months, scratched his square head, and said "I'm ready for lunch!" He crashed through the door, and went into town, where he arrived at the diner and tried to sit down. But everyone screamed , and left their plates hot. Even the cooks ran away without their prized pots. So Frank could have nothing to quell his belly's rumble, not a burger, or fries, or even Apple Pie Crumble. He was almost in tears, and very, very sad, and walked into the streets where everyone went mad, and screamed in horror at Frank's sight. No one had seen such a thing in their
Remember Me
My New Car
yippee-my 4th grand am! things were lookin' scary there for a while--i looked at a grand prix that was loaded, but i just guess grand ams are in my blood! it's a 2001 4cylinder(miss the v6) but it gots a power sunroof for the added perk :-)
Long Week
Well its Saturday and I am sitting here doing little things to keep my mind busy... laundry, cleaning, bills, playing a few games.... but my mind is still going over this last week. It was a pretty busy week for me, I am on call for work and it is just one of those ho-hum weeks. I had a few burglaries this week and a few other calls. Yesterday was one of those days that Radio had my number I guess. Called for a vehicle prowl in the morning.... when I was talking to the victim I found out that she has a male German Sheppard that she is willing to stud out to my JoDee Lee... I was thrilled. After that... just as I was going to pull into grab a bite to eat I got a call, Burglary in Fife. No big deal there... not even two minutes later I get paged by Radio... Burglary on the West side of the bridge.... OK... I will get to it after this Burglary. I get to the one in Fife and about half way thru... I get paged to a suspicious death investigation (D.I.) in Spanaway/Graham area. I called Radio
That One Nite
to hold you to feel your warmth your flesh my flesh eyes meet mouth smile bashfull love plays conversation soft andintagle ment meets toes touch this sertin feeling lingers consuption of each other wonderment of the others thoughts a rythmatic beat hearts connected feelings met words not spoken of it time goes by like passing cloads over the sun eyes are closed and breath is slow and sitll i know your there wanting to kiss you hesitatation passing moment saddness that i cant willingness and wonder how would it be as lovers how would it feel to be would our friendship crash or blossem over time how far can another go how should our boundiers meet we fall asleep together cuddling as one i know your breath is on me i know you smelt my hair still no words any more as we fall asleep the protection of your arms around me the sweet feeling of defeat defeat of letting go to give in to your controls to let it all flow to know thi
Evanescence Call Me When You're Sober Lyrics
Don't cry to me. If you loved me, You would be here with me. You want me, Come find me. Make up your mind. Should I let you fall? Lose it all? So maybe you can remember yourself. Can't keep believing, We're only deceiving ourselves . And I'm sick of the lie, And you're too late. Don't cry to me. If you loved me, You would be here with me. You want me, Come find me. Make up your mind. Couldn't take the blame. Sick with shame. Must be exhausting to lose your own game. Selfishly hated, No wonder you're jaded. You can't play the victim this time, And you're too late. Don't cry to me. If you loved me, You would be here with me. You want me, Come find me. Make up your mind. You never call me when you're sober. You only want it cause it's over, It's over. How could I have burned paradise? How could I - you were never mine. So don't cry to me. If you loved me, You would be here with me. Don't lie to me, Just get your things. I've made up
Evanescence Lose Control Lyrics
You don't remember my name. I don't really care. Can we play the game your way? Can I really lose control? Just once in my life, I think it'd be nice, Just to lose control, just once, With all the pretty flowers in the dust. Mary had a lamb. His eyes black as coals. If we play very quiet, my lamb, Mary never has to know. Just once in my life, I think it'd be nice, Just to lose control, just once. If I cut you down to a thing I can use, I fear there will be nothing good left of you.
Suicde Girl
Nights are Long and I'm gettin Cold, I'm so young yet feeling so old. Need to feel a love and embrace; with bloodshed hands and tattoed remains! I need; a Suicide Girl! x.x.x.x.x.x Everyone wants; a Suicide Girl! .x.x.x.x.x.x. need her to rock my world! x.x.x.x.x.x Everyone loves; a Suicide Girl! Dark and lovely, pleasently Naughty; got "bad" written all over your body! your the girl of of new dreams; a sound nightmare with welcome screams Everyone wants; a Suicide Girl! .x.x.x.x.x.x. I need; a Suicide Girl! x.x.x.x.x.x need Her to rock my world! x.x.x.x.x.x everyone loves; a Suicide Girl! wont you be my, Dark Angel!? wont you be my, Suicide Girl? Anti-prom-queen of my dreams; just as Fucked as She seems! coming on as beauty renowned sittin’ pretty, cuffed smiling and bound Everyone wants; a Suicide Girl! .x.x.x.x.x.x. I need; a Suicide Girl! x.x.x.x.x.x need Her to rock my world! x.x.x.x.x.x everyone loves; a Suic
What's A Good Pet For A Vampire?
"Hell no, that won't protect shit." Ted sighed and went to look for another shirt despite Sebastian's protests. "Look, there's two really good reasons you want this stuff. The first is that real plate mail is far too fucking heavy for you to wear. You'd walk ten steps and collapse, assuming you could even get it on." "Look, let me worry about what I can and can't..." "Second." Ted interrupted Sebastian, grabbing the second shirt from his piles. "I don't make real plate mail, and I don't honestly know anyone who does. That's just stainless steel, and is way too soft to even protect you from a butter knife." "Looks okay to me..." Bast didn't want to back down in front of Ashleigh, and besides, it didn't look soft to him either. "Ya, it looks okay, but..." Rolling his eyes, Ted unsheathed one of the short swords in a quick, fluid motion which suggested he spent a lot of time practicing with his creations. He set the other sword and the chainmail down, and then pointed at
Winged Time Bomb
everything i meant to say every word i needed to express sitting at the tip of my tongue i bite my lip gnawing until it grows numb keeping these explosive words from detonating a ticking bomb never knowing when the countdown will end and the bursting words lit with fire will take their winged course
Thunder Storm
in the night at its blackest with only hints of light trashing in the sky like a fight getting loader as the fight escalates, deep thrusts as if some one was pushing and hitting hitting hard, a load crash in the sky near me huvering over my head like a violent blankett , clenching my eyes shut holding my self wishing wishing it would end like my parrents yes like my parrents frighting verbally bashing in laod shreaking voices i wish this would stop, the the calming starts the climax of the rage is almost over one onethousand two one thousand i start to breath holding my head now over the blanket in which i hid i start to lession the beats of my heart as i breath 3 one thousand four ahh its startinging to go away, one last crashing boom and then it fades into the night just like my father in a fight last words then departs gone the thunder is gone
Zebra--can't Live Without
Deep Desire
desire runs through me filling me up inside wanting to hold you close feeling you skin next to mine leaning towards you for a kiss sliding my hands down your body feeling such bliss sliding down kissing you along the way heat from your body searing my flesh sliding closer to the point i wish to reach sliding on farther kissing along the way hearing you sigh in pleasure letting my tongue reach out tasting your flesh feeling so high letting my hands proceed before me touching you feeling you as you get turned on wanting to taste loves flows deeply turns me inside out lust takes hold of me wanting to seek you out sliding into you feeling you as i enter feels you nails rake my back orgasm take control of you thrusting deep an hard wanting this to last sliding hard into you exploding fast kisses you deeply as we cuddle up professing my love to you before i drift off to sleep
Hi Everyone.
Kind of bored, so I figured I'd start a blog here. Just got a 96.4 on the local Law Enforcement entry exam, so hopefully I'll be a cop soon. My current job is going well as an Administrative Assistant for AMC Theatres. I'm enjoying living with my girlfriend Ingrid (I love you baby! You're the greatest!). I hope to meet more people here and make some friends. Love to Kinky, Juniper, Blaze, and all my other LC Friends and Fans. Don't be shy! Joe
Sept 11 2k6
I hope that one day you can find peace for yourself and those you lost. Always in my thoughts......... May we never forget.
I Am A Goth(duh) Lol
You scored as Goth. Your A Goth!Goth90%Rocker, Mosher85%Emo40%Chav, Townie, Rude Boy, Ned, Kev30%Skater10%Prepy10%Trendy0%What Group Are You? Chav, Rocker, Skater, Emo, Goth, Trendy, Prepy Ectcreated with
My Next This
Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
this is my favorite song i just had to put it on here ------------------------------------------------- Baby we can talk all night But that ain't getting us nowhere I told you everything I possibly can There's nothing left inside of here And maybe you can cry all night But that'll never change the way I feel The snow is really piling up outside I wish you wouldn't make me leave here I poured it on and I poured it out I tried to show you just how much I care I'm tired of words and I'm too hoarse to shout But you've been cold to me so long I'm crying icicles instead of tears And all I can do is keep on telling you I want you I need you But there ain't no way I'm ever gonna love you Now don't be sad 'Cause two out of three ain't bad Now don't be sad 'Cause two out of three ain't bad You'll never find your gold on a sandy beach You'll never drill for oil on a city street I know you're looking for a ruby In a mountain of rocks But there a
Moving On Out...
Went out last night. And you know what? It was great. Its just nice to hold someone again. It felt really good. Its nice to once again hold someone in my arms. No groping no alteriar motives. Just enjoying eachother. Things just may be looking up.
Remember when you were little And the colors danced in your head You picked out your favorite one A deep crimson red Remember when you were little And you shouted out with glee As you and your color laughed Both happy as can be Remember when you were little And your color went away Your sad little sobs filling the world As you walked off alone to play Remember when you were little And it came in a sudden attack When you realized that your color Was never coming back Remember when you were little And you shouted out above I wish I'd allowed myself Just for once to feel love!
Homies Im New
looking for juggalos and juggalettes MCL hit me back
A Simple Thanks
A Simple Thanks Into the dim lit, bare walls of my world, You entered, bringing light and life to me, The vivid colors, painted with a swirl Of wit and charm, of personality, With tender care, you added comfort, warmth, And images that line the now bright walls. I look upon them fondly, bringing forth A thankfulness that you walk in these halls With me; our friendship has become a part Of my world now; it has its special place, Within my being, life, and in my heart, Your name hangs right beside your smiling face. I Remembering just how drab these walls had been, I have to thank you for the light, my friend. I am your friend 'till the end...
Just For Knowledge
Two More!!!
Here's a couple more songs from the upcoming (someday, lol) Snot Rockets album, "37 Short Songs For Rotten Kids". The Match Song "Mommy always said don't play ball in the house... If you run with scissors gonna put your eye out... Don't let me hear you swear....put on clean underwear... And never let me see you cut your little sisters hair... Well mommy's not around... And daddy's out of town.... They're sitting on the table and calling out your name... They always draw you in like a moth to a flame.... Go on and play with matches You probly won't get burned If you're really careful No need to be concerned Go on and play with matches Strike 'em one by one See the fire dancin' Finger burning fun!!!" Easter Song "Here comes Peter Cottontail Hopping down the bunny trail Hippety, hoppity.... ***BANG*** Heh, his furry little ass!" This is gonna sell millions!!! :)
A Solitary Ritual Of Thanks
You will need: a large white or pink bowl, one white candle, spring water, fresh flowers (white if possible), and a piece of white cloth. This can be performed outside or in, whichever you prefer. Place the bowl on the ritual surface (your altar or the ground). If desired, cast a circle. Affix the white candle to the center of the bowl with warmed beeswax or with wax from another white candle. Pour water into the bowl. Place the flowers in the water (either take the petals off or pop the heads of the stems and set the stems aside). Light the candle. Visualize your reason for the ritual, remember why you are giving thanks. Touch the water on both sides of the candle with your fingertips, saying: Lady of the Moon, of stars and the Earth, Lord of the Sun, of forest and the hills, I perform a ritual of thanks My love shine like the flame My love floats like the petals Upon you. Lady of Waters, of flowers and seas, Lord of Air, of horns and of fire, I perfor
Invocation Of The Horned God
By the flame that burneth bright, O'Horned One! We call thy name into the night, O'Horned One! Thee we invoke, by the moon-led sea, By the standing stone and the twisted tree. Thee we invoke where gather thine own, By the nameless shrine forgotten and lone. Come where the round of the dance is trod, Horn and hoof of the goatfoot God! By moonlit meadow, on dusky hill, When the haunted wood is hushed and still. Come to the charm of the chanted prayer, As the moon bewitches the midnight air. Evoke thy powers, that potent bide In shining stream and the secret tide. In fiery flame by starlight pale, In shadowy host that rides the gale, And by the fern-brakes fairy-haunted Of forests wild and woods enchanted. Come! Come! To the heart-beats drum! Come to us who gather below When the broad white moon is climbing slow Through the stars to the heaven's height We hear thy hoofs on the wind of night! As black tree-branches shake and sigh, By joy and terror we
DEFINITIONS New Moon or Dark Moon -- the Moon is not illuminated by direct sunlight. Waxing Crescent -- the visible Moon is partly but less than one-half illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is increasing. First Quarter -- one-half of the Moon appears illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is increasing. Waxing Gibbous -- the Moon is more than one-half but not fully illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is increasing. Full Moon -- the visible Moon is fully illuminated by direct sunlight. Waning Gibbous -- the Moon is less than fully but more than one-half illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is decreasing. Last Quarter -- one-half of the Moon appears illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is decreasing. Waning Crescent -- the Moon is partly but less than one-half illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is decreasing. WHEN TO DO YOUR WORKINGS
Work Drama
slight drama at work though nothing too bad. umm i worked friday when i wasnt even supposed to cuz the manager's mom passed away and i stocked in the cooler most the day. it was really crowded and lots to be done so after like 6 hrs it still looked like i didn't really do anything. the other day roxi told me jessica and kim were talking about how i was in there all day and didn't do anything though i worked my ass off all day when i wasnt even supposed to be there and had an hr of sleep. there's also drama cuz jessica and roxi were room mates but had some issues and it seems jessica tries to make everyone else look bad so she gets more hours tho she acts perfectly nice to your face then talks behind your back. kim is just kinda a bitch and seems snappy tho she has yet to say anything to my face. i had some issues tonight because no one has taught me to do propane and no one working knew how, and then i couldnt find the key to do an exchange. i think i found out why two of the gir
First Show! Wooooooooooooot
What Is Hurt
Hurt is the feeling you feel when your betrayed, betrayed by the one person who should care about you the most. Hurt is the feeling you feel when your alone,in a room full of people and you still feel so alone. Hurt is what runs you when you feel you have nowher else to turn for support. This is how i feel HURT. can any one tell me how to stop it please??
What Do Ur Eyes Reveal About You
You scored as Eyes full of Pain. People tend to overlook you, which makes you feel less worthy of their attentions. You sometimes wish you could just disapear from the world around you. You have been hurt very badly in the past and you just wish that someone would understand you, and what their cruelty is doing to you.Eyes full of Pain67%Diamond Eyes17%Mysterious0%Passion0%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with
If You Have "tooltips" Turned On
(at least, I believe that's the option!) you may want to look at peoples' popups today. There's more than shouts now, I noticed... (Nice :) )
I Almost Died In Front Of Dillards Today
So I was walking across the parking lotto go into dillards. and yes I looked both ways and checked to make sure there wasn't any cars coming and there wasn't. So anyways I get 5 feet fromthe curb and this green car comes speeding around the corner with no intention of stopping. So of course I'm in the middle of the street thingy and he finally sees meand stops literaly stops 1 foot away from me. Then I look in the car to see who the idiot is that almost ran me down and the asshole is sitting in the car looking at me like I'm the problem and he's rolling his eyes and acting like a real bitch. So I did what any pissed off chick would do. I yelled "You're a Fucking Idiot!!!" at him. but anyways on a more happy note I got my costume and I'm gonna be a cop, so no doing anything illegal or I'll ave to arrest you.
On november 7th I go under the knife... I am getting 3 herniated disc in my neck fixed. For all who didn't know i have been living in some severe pain for the last 2 months and I have had enough. Not too happy about the scar that I will have on the front of my neck but I just cannot take it any more. It is a 4 to 5 hour surgery (my poor wife) with a 3 to 5 month recovery (my poor friends on Lost Cherry). I will let everyone know how it went when I can but I will be in the hospital for 24hours, then taking it easy for a couple of days then I will do what I can. With any surgery there are risks... but they are very minimal in this case. But just on the off chance something does go wrong, I just want you, all of my friends here to know that my life was richer having met you and getting to know all of you. I had a great life and I have very few regrets (most of them had to do with a certain x-wife that no longer lives in this country). I am sure nothing will go wrong and you all will
Introducing Coreplay
btw this is very much adult. dont get offended at all about any of this. some guys need to learn this and act need to read the book that im quoting this from : She Comes First The thingking man's guide to plearsuring a woman. By Ian Kerner Ph.D. INTRODUCING COREPLAY We will discuss coreplay in terms of six distinct stages that are easy to understand. Stage 1. in which we transitionfrom foreplay to coreplay with the application of the first clitoral kiss. Stage 2. in which we establish rhythm and acclimate the clitoris to the persistent attentions of the tounge. Stage 3. in which we continue to build tension by focusing more of our energies on the clitortal head, as well as introducing appropriate manual stimulation. Stage 4. in which we hypercharge the process of sexual response and escalate her level of arousal by internally stimulating the "clitoral cluster" in combinstion with the clitoral head. Stage 5. preorgasm, in which we maintain the optimum balance of
Morphed Pics And Backround Images!! Please Read!!
If u want morphed pics.. plz send request to my inbox .. i will not do request by the shoutbox... cuz i had problems remember what people want done.. so to get better results plz send me a pvt message ok thank you..for others thing like back round pic plz go to my wife that is under my family list her name is psykobich.. and to be honest for all the hard work we do on these things we would like for u to come by and rate are pics in return and a user comment .. thanks u .. is that so hard todo.. hell you would be getting cherry points also to help u level up too.. so it comes both ways ..and u gotta be a friend and fan.. thanks for ur support.. lataz hope to here from ya soon.. Beno0420 Psykobich
Yes Yes Yes More Updates On Me
Tuesday and Wednesday, Well I still have that damn headache and it is bothering me alot.. I got some sleep and end up getting up early.. I don't know what do to do about this stupid headache an I did all I can.. Tired of it.. I don't know what to do.. Yes my show comes on Jericho comes on tonight and I can't wait.. I have to watch it.. It is getting good.. Well Give you all more updates on me ok..
Angel Of Life Purpose
Angel of Life Purpose Each of us comes into this world with a special mission or life purpose that only we can accomplish. Often we have a sense of what this purpose is from the time we are very young yet few are fortunate enough to have that sense of purpose encouraged or supported. Instead many of us are pushed into doing things that our parents or other people feel is really best for us to be doing, they ignore our own vision of what we came here to do because THEIRS was also ignored when they were young as well! It takes great strength of will and stamina to go against what others may see us being right for us and sadly many fall into that trap of living out someone elses dream. Yet there is an Angel of Life Purpose who is always with each of us, trying to remind us in each moment what it is we know we came here to accomplish. This Angel speaks to us when we are working at jobs that we hate and desperately wishing there was something else we could be doing to pay the rent an
Optical Illusions
"Optical Illusion" If you stare at this long enough you should see the giraffe!!
The Storm
Sitting here watching the world go by, rain down the windows like the tears that I cry, the cold, the damp a reflection of heart endless aching because we're apart Sitting here next to the river so free, offerings like boats are just leaves from a tree, the wind and the rain, depicting my pain, roars of thunder screaming your name Sitting here next to the fire so bright, But it can't chase away the shadow of night, flash of lightning, but no fear Hoping the storm is a sign that you're near Lying here with my dreams for a guide, the storm growing wilder, it comes from inside Closing eyes, sleep wins, storm stops for now - but tomorrow begins.
Big Boy
I love life. Always have from the day I was born. I came poppin into this world laughing..."what an I getting myself into now?" My mother wasn't laughing though. See, I was a BIG baby. I weighed a whoppin 23 pounds 2 ounces when I was born.
I Am Not Surprised Lol
You scored as Your too horny. Your too horny55%your sortof horny45%wanna hook up40%get a life30%Your not horny10%How horny are you 2created with
With these two trembling hands I destroyed the only beautiful thing I created Crawling through the fog I made my way to sanctuary Covered in blood of aborted memories I am killing myself to keep those that I love alive I wish I could forgive myself For the person I've become But I'm ashamed of the life that I've been living It's nothing to be imposed upon others Go before my life claims you too All I have in life are my words My words have destroyed me
Marry Me...
Marry Me Marry me… lover unknown Say those words & warm this heart so cold. Touch my heart & soul with your mind Don’t lie to me… or say goodbye. Please visit me at ungodly hours Please wait for me beyond those hills Take me away, sweep me off my feet… Give me wings, help me see The brighter side to the nights dark and long… Seek out the passions within me… Don’t ever let me go. Tell me everything won’t be alright… But stay and comfort me all through the night. Don’t whisper my pain away Don’t dry my tears… Your honesty and love are all I ask… To help feelings of fear and woe subside… Kiss my mother’s hand & make her feel alright, Let her know how much you care… Cause it’s not just you and me… It’s the universe… All connected in the most powerful union of life! Don’t cry with me… Just let me be. Surprise me when I’m down… Hold me when all else fails. Don’t shower me with gifts… But with earth, air, water & fire! And lastly… don’t love me… but
You Make My Tounge Water
Funny Hot Pictures!
Titties And Beer
Thinking Of You
Thinking Of you my sadistic Gothic Soldier Sitting here thinking of you. wondering if your sleeping. dreaming of our life togeather. or are you looking up at the stars. sitting here thinking of all the fun times we have shared. of all the fun times we have yet to share. no matter the joy or the pain baby im here for both. thinking of the nights you held me in your arms. and the nights i held you. the feel of your lips on mine. the smell of your colonge. the way your eyes light up when you smile. the sound of your voice weather it be whispering thos tender caring words. or singing or just talking. thinking if you and how your hands feel on my body, how just the touch of your hand on mine relaxes me. the feel of your arm around me lets me know that everything will be ok. thinking of you baby, thinking of how much i miss you, how much you mean to me. how much i love you. how much i care and need you.
Guatemala Pictures...
Okay, I have reached my photo limit. Help me to increase my level so I can add more of them, if you want to see them. :D I have over 300 so I guess it would take a lot of levels to get to in order to put that many photos on this site, but the more my level... the more photos I can squeeze in for you to see. :p K
Here's The Deal
If you wanna be my friend, you're gonna talk to me. Even if you're just talling me I'm hot, or you want my cock, you're gonna talk. Which brings me to my next point. If you would like my cock, please apply within.
Far Away ~~~ Nickleback
Nickelback Far Away Music Video Code
New Mum Created !!
Hi all I've done my second mum, so please vote !! Now i've added another mum plus 5 new photos !! Come and check them out. Thanks
The Treasure That Is Each Day
Thursday, October 26, 2006 The treasure that is each day Some days there is brilliant sunshine. Other days there is gentle rain. Each day has its own special treasure to give. Each day brings a new, fresh opportunity for living. Some days will bring unpleasant news, and other days will bring joyous celebrations. Every day, in its own way, adds to the overall richness of life. Take what this day brings and challenge yourself to see and to live its special value. For no matter what kind of day this one may be, the value is most certainly there. A sturdy and resilient life is built by making the most of each and every day. There's something in each one of them that will surely make you stronger, wiser and more fully alive. With love and care and real gratitude, live the treasure that is each day. In so doing you create a great and meaningful life. -- Ralph Marston
How Much Lust Do You Have
Your Lust Quotient: 59% You are definitely a lustful person, but you do a good job of hiding it. Your friends would be surprised to know that your secretly very wild!How Much Lust Do You Have?
i love you sooooo much !! ->-- q:)->-
Room Service
ROOM SERVICE Erica was dead tired, and all she wanted was a hot shower and a good nights sleep! A full day of meetings with designers and financial officers had left her totally spent. She always hated coming to New York, not only because of the endless traffic jams, but because it always seemed like every thing was fast, fast, fast with never an opportunity to just take it easy! At least she was in a good hotel with all the amenities, cuz she was going to order room service rather than fight her way through a restaurant crowd. She picked up the phone and dialed eight, in a few second she was being connected with the kitchen where she ordered a Caesar Salad and a hamburger rare. "Twenty minutes," she replied, "good, I'm famished!" With twenty minutes before her food was to arrive, Erica had just enough time to take her shower, so she stripped off her clothing and started the water running, testing it periodically to see if it was the correct temperature. When she was satisfied that
Soulmate (maybe One Day I Would Find Him)
Yay!!..I Finally Got My Lip Peirced...Its A Hoop...I Love It. I'll Be Posting Pics Later. -Ash
The 'let's Fuck!' Game
THE 'LET'S FUCK!' GAME" Face it, we all know that there is at least one person on our IM list that we want to fuck. So let's play the "Let's Fuck Game." The rules are simple. If you want to fuck the person who sends this to you, you reply to them with "lets fuck." The twist is you have to send this message to everyone on your buddy list and see who sends you back the messgae "lets fuck'". Good luck. You know if you get it you are cute. If you get it twice you are a hottie. Three times you are sexy.. yes i know this isnt the best place to throw this, but you all get the picture, you all arnt on my messenger list, but whatever, im easy going so this is the way it is
Eh, Somewhat True...
You scored as June. JUNE: Easy to talk to. Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Has that someone* always on his/her mind. Talkative. Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Abiding. Able to show character. one guy/girl kind of person. Loveable. Easily hurt. loves music. pretty/handsome. Loves to dress up.Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Sensitive. Down-to-Earth. Stubborn. June100%May0%April0%FEBRUARY0%january0%March0%JULY0%November0%OCTOBER0%SEPTEMBER
Tears Of Sadness
The way I feel about you is one thing I can't explain. My mind is open like an endless plain. It hurts so much so very much when you say I don't feel the same. It makes me wanna cry inside but the tears would not hide. The tears that are endless come pouring down and now there is darkness all around. I sit here and wait for the world to end but once again the tears begain to pour again. Will this sadness ever stop. I pray I hope you will come back again but you walk off as I lay there and cry all you can do is say I'm sorry. Well you don't kno what you mean to me you once were my light all I see is this little light that wont make it thought the night. Then I see the brighest light it's you again. You ask me to come back and that you'll never leave again
Where My Game's At
Pisces and Sex Sex is an emotional affair for the Fish, as is the case with much of their lives. Pisces is a sensual and creative lover, adoring playful sex and romping through erotic fantasies. Shyness goes out the door, if it's the bedroom door we're talking about! The Fish has a great appetite for sex and loves to keep things fluid and changeable. If their lover can indulge them in flights of fancy, they'll be primed all night long. For Pisceans, love and sex as a complete union is best, the better to feel safe, free and totally uninhibited. The Fish also loves to please their lover, so this union will definitely sizzle for two. As for the sexiest kind of play, it's in the water for the wet and wild Fish. Source: Oh yeah, that's a keeper ;)
Depression, And My Fave Holiday....
I want my son to be home so bad right now. It is getting close to my fave holiday, and knowing he will be stuck at the hospital, just makes me sad. Lately I just want to be by myself. Just me and my son, no one else. According to my dr, it is post-partum depression. I dont want to talk to anyone, I dont want to do anything, all I want is my son. He is my best friend. You should see the way he looks at his mommy. He knows when I am there, and if I am not holding him, he is looking around for me. We have such a special bond. That no one can break. So please understand if I do not talk to anyone for awhile. I just need some time to myself. This is a very crazy time for me, and I just need some time to myself. So please just give me a few days, to be by myself, and to spend some quality alone time with my son, because that is what I need right now. Thank you for understanding.
There's This Place I Like To Go....
I guess when we start to get sad, a lot of us have a place we like to go - Now, I'm not here to gain simpathy, but in my past, and recently actualy, I've been a cutter - It's where I go when my head is too full and I don't know where to turn. I've tried lots of other ways around it, but that is what works best for me right now. Well, what use to work - I don't do it anymore and am actively trying to keep myself clean from it. Still, things happen in life when we need to go some place - So, I suggest the following: Step 1: Google Landscapes - Then click on Images Step 2: Shuffle through all the porn that will come up until you find a picture of a place you think is amazingly beautiful. Step 3: Meditate on that place, and see if you can't picture yourself there. Step 4: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. These simple steps have been very useful - I've found a bunch of places I'd rather be there here/now - And I know it's not healthy to just escape when you think you can't han
How Are You In Bed??
You scored as A Romantic. You're a romantic through and through. You may not ever have very many partners, but it's ok. You know that it's about the person who you're having it with, and that the sex is more of a fun biproduct - a very fun biprodict. You know how to make your partner happy, and that's what it's all about.A Romantic78%Sex God68%A Slave To BDSM53%Virgin50%How are you in bedcreated with
I'm Back!!
Been here and fixed my music problem!! that site go bust too!!! That'sjust my luck!!! So, I'm at home alone once again! Out of town....deer hunting.... story of my life!! But, it's damn good!! I'm here right?? Had my nieces baby shower tonight. There, just for a second, I thought I might catch a glimpse of someones throat being slit, but I was wrong. I did get to know my nieces new husband a little better! I likes him a lot!!! I think he likes me also! Then again....what's not to like??? But, in this family.........he could hate me by halloween! My sister acted nice for a few minutes. She pretty much bitched the whole way through, but fuck her!!! It wasn't about her, or her other daughter...that's why she bitched!!! I felt kinda bad for the new husband though....he told me that he didn't now why my sister hated him so much.....I told him the truth...because y'all are happy, and she isn't! I'm sure she's also mad that instead of moving in with them, he moved my niece
The Thunder Rolls
style>.hov:hover{background-color:yellow}Music Video:THE THUNDER ROLLS (by Garth Brooks)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Funny Joke - Smokin Dope
Funny Joke - Smokin Dope Two guys get busted for smoking dope, so they have to go into court on a Friday. They go to court and the judge says, "If you can convince more than 5 people to stop doing drugs for the rest of their lives, you wont be sent to jail." So the two men agree and the judge tells them to come back on Monday. So the two guys come back on Monday and the judge asks how they did. I got 17 people to get off drugs, says the first guy. Wow, howd you do that? asks the judge. I used circles. I told them that this large circle is your brain before drugs and this small circle is your brain after drugs. Oh, thats nothing!" said the second guy. "I convinced 156 people to get off drugs. Wow. Howd you do that? asked the judge. Well, I used circles too. I told them this small circle is your butthole before prison...
Candy Heart
Your Candy Heart Is "WHAT EVA" Valentine's Day makes you a little sick And not just from eating too much candy You're opposed to the commercial celebration of couple-dom It's not all about love - and love is not all about overpriced flowers! What Candy Conversation Heart Are You?
Freedom - We Must Never Forget!
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: NEVER FORGET Date: Oct 28 2006 3:04 PM Dedication to our soldiers.Add to My Profile | More Videos NEVER FORGET A VERY SPECIAL PLACE YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS MUST VISIT PLEASE REPOST
I want to thank you for being in my life. Im a better person for having met you when i did. Thank you for letting me into your life. I Miss You More Than You Know
Hell Hath No Fury...
HELL HATH NO FURY .... LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED She spent the first day packing her belongings into boxes, crates and suitcases. On the second day, she had the movers come and collect her things. On the third day, she sat down for the last time at their beautiful dining room table by candlelight, put on some soft background music, and feasted on a pound of shrimp, a jar of caviar, and a bottle of Chardonnay. When she had finished, she went into each and every room and deposited a few half-eaten shrimp shells dipped in caviar, into the hollow of the curtain rods. She then cleaned up the kitchen and left. When the husband returned with his new girlfriend, all was bliss for the first few days. Then slowly, the house began to smell. They tried everything, cleaning, mopping, and airing the place out. Vents were checked for dead rodents, and carpets were steam cleaned. Air fresheners were hung everywhere. Exterminators were brought in to se
How Much Have You Changed In 10 Years?
You've Changed 40% in 10 Years Ah, the past! You may not remember it well - because you're still living in it. While you've changed some, you may want to update your wardrobe, music collection and circle of friends. How Much Have You Changed in 10 Years?
What Color Is Your Lucky Underwear?
Your Lucky Underwear is Blue You are caring and extroverted. You've made relationships your number one focus, and your lucky blue underwear can bring some balance to them. You thrive in one-on-one situations. You are a good listener and a natural born therapist. Sometimes you let the concerns of others become too important in your life, leading to stress and worry. If you want more balance, put on your blue underpants. They'll help you take care of yourself first. What Color Is Your Lucky Underwear?
Angels Weep
Angels Weep Angels weep within me, as I gaze onto your bed. And find envy of such things, as the pillow neath thy head. The night she holds you sweetly, And my eyes can't turn away. Just watching as your sleeping, gazing where you lay. Do not wake sweet angel, let me wacth you more I pray. For soon i will be woken, and you'll be a world away. Angels weep within me, as we whisper of this sight. I weep myself my darling, for the wish to kiss goodnight. DJ
Dacshund Halloween Party
Wow what fun ... Over 20 Dacshunds came to the halloweiner party. It was my first "meetup" event hopefully not the last. Here is a link to my stupid pictures I took at the event. Madel was a punk chick for about 4 sec then the clothes started comming off .. oh well enought of my boring rants here is the link.
Insight (poem)
I want to see something special, When I look into my soul. I want to see a spark so bright, it could warm all that is cold. I wanna hold something pure, When I reach into my heart. I want to posses a child's trust, innocent from the start. I want to find the answers, When I dive into my mind. I want to knowawareness well, and grow with it in time. But when I look into my soul, I see this flame, dim and old. And when I reach into my heart, I hold trust and love apart, And when I dive into my mind, I know denail has been too kind. So I fan the dying fire, Will not let myself expire. So I replace the broken trust, let the actions say so much. So I find a place and wait, and hope it's not too late, to use all that I've learned, and claim some peace I've earned....
Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb
Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home? Come on, now. I hear you're feeling down. Well I can ease your pain, Get you on your feet again. Relax. I need some information first. Just the basic facts, Can you show me where it hurts? There is no pain, you are receding. A distant ship's smoke on the horizon. You are only coming through in waves. Your lips move but I can't hear what you're sayin'. When I was a child I had a fever. My hands felt just like two balloons. Now I got that feeling once again. I can't explain, you would not understand. This is not how I am. I have become comfortably numb. Ok. Just a little pinprick. There'll be no more ...Aaaaaahhhhh! But you may feel a little sick. Can you stand up? I do believe it's working. Good. That'll keep you going for the show. Come on it's time to go. There is no pain, you are receding. A distant ship's smoke on the horizon. You are only coming through in waves. Yo
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
Turn it up some Alright boys, this is her favorite song You know that right So, if we play it good and loud She might get up and dance again Ooh, she put her beer down Here she comes Here she comes Left left left right left Whoo Husslers shootin' eightball Throwin' darts at the wall Feelin' damn near 10 ft. tall Here she comes, Lord help us all Ol' T.W.'s girlfriend done slapped him outta his chair Poor ole boy, it ain't his fault It's so hard not to stare At that honky tonk badonkadonk Keepin' perfect rhythm Make ya wanna swing along Got it goin' on Like Donkey Kong And whoo-wee Shut my mouth, slap your grandma There outta be a law Get the Sheriff on the phone Lord have mercy, how's she even get them britches on That honky tonk badonkadonk (Aww son) Now Honey, you can't blame her For what her mama gave her You ain't gotta hate her For workin' that money-maker Band shuts down at two But we're hangin' out till three We hate to see her go But love
I cant sleep. So im going to take a shower and take some new pictures. Since thats all i seem to be able to do when im tired. =/ I suck haha. I started smoking again. Dont even go there. I know i know, im the queen of "smokings bad for your health" Dont remind me. My m0mma is awake so maybe ill go watch some movies with her or something. I need to clear my head or ima be up for days dude. And i dont like it.
Slowww Progress....
Today it's been a month since I woke up with the left side of my face totally paralyzed. Not much improvement since then, unfortunately. I can move my left eyebrow some and there is minute movement in my left cheek. I couldn't have done that a week ago. Progress is hits you all at once, but buddy let me tell you regaining control and usage sure doesn't happen over night. Please just keep me in your thoughts and prayers. As always, thanks for reading. Kim
A Military Wife's Profile
The average age of the military wife is 20 years old.She isn't old enough to buy a beer, but is old enough to manage a whole household on her own and maybe, has a kid or two. She probably never her saw herself loving a man who was in the military, but she loves him regardless. Her penmanship has improved over the last few months or years, due to the excessive letter writing she has been doing. She cries alot, because she misses the man she swore to love. Her life isn't complete without him.She looks very tired, because of her many nights without sleep, due to a late night phone call that never came or a call that came and kept her up all night, just because she heard his voice, she is too overjoyed to sleep. As a wife, she is classified as a dependent, but she is totally independent. She tends to her household, her kids, her school work, and her job, all without her husband. She manages to wear a smile, even though inside shes crying. She understands that the man she loves has to go fa
About Me? If You Would Like Answer And Resend...
--Info-- > Name:: Why do you need to know? > Nicknames:: Voluptuous "T" and T&A, you figure it out > Birthplace:: Columbia, SC > Current Location:: Lexington, SC > Hair Color:: Blonde > Eye Color:: Blue > Height:: 5'6" > Weight:: what does it matter.... I have curves in all the right places.... > Tatoos?:: not yet > Piercings?:: not yet > Overused Phrase:: WHATEVER???? > --Your-- > Bedtime:: When ever I damned well please? > Best Physical Feature:: Eyes, I have gotten many comments on the chest and ass lately though.....LOL > Most Embarassing Moment:: Walking into a new place and being the center of attention > Most Missed Memory:: My best friend's husband and my adopted Brother....we had many good times together just the 3 ofus hanging out or them trying to set me up with someone > First Thought When You Wake Up:: Time to get up up already... > Weakness:: Tender heart > Best Friends:: Lisa, Deedi, Mary > Goal For The Year:: Divorce the jerk I ma
who wants sex? whos horny? who wants something? whos bord? who doesnt want to give a fuck?
A Friends Smile
Friends smile at you. They like your face. They want to be with you Any old place. Friends have fun with you. Friends share They’re glad when you’re happy--- When you’re sad, they care. If you’re a friend Then you care, too. That’s why your friends Are glad you’re you!!!
Damn I am 23 and still dressing up I gotta love it. Today for school we got to dress up and I went as Wednesday Adams Damn I look hott I'll take pics and put them up later. Tonight I am going out as stawberry girl which is skanky strawberry short cake damn HOTT..
lose your innocence ,come with me ill show you things youll never see living in the room you do spirit up ,drink to you In the darkest part of your past angels will cry out at last and save your soul tonite much to their delight fill your life with emptiness never giving kindness never doing as youre told saving all the silver and gold put the coins on the eyes saving them from all their lies and with a few more words spoke on ashes you will choke and never find the light again sell your soul for a life of sin
where are my gifts? lol
ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other. THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want. FOUR. When you say, "I love you," mean it. FIVE. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye. SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married. SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight. EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have dreams don't have much NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely. TEN.. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling. ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives. TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly. THIRTEEN. When someone asks you a question you don't w
Jesus told me to put down the gun Satan told me jus to have some fun Jesus told me to put down the gun Judas shoved it up his ass...and enjoyed the...fuck
Lol My Seduction Style
Your Seduction Style: Fantasy Lover You know that ideal love that each of us dreams of from childhood? That's you! Not because you posess all of the ideal characteristics, but because you are a savvy shape shifter. You have the uncanny ability to detect someone's particular fantasy... and make it you. You inspire each person to be an idealist and passionate, and you make each moment memorable Even a simple coffee date with you can be the most romantic moment of someone's life By giving your date exactly what he or she desires, you quickly become the ideal lover. Your abilities to make dreams come true is so strong, that you are often the love of many people's lives. Your ex's (and even people you have simply met or been friends with) long to be yours. No doubt you are the one others have dreamed of... your biggest challenge is finding *your* dream lover. What Kind of Seducer Are You?
~*~Thoughts Of Passion~*~ Thoughts Of Passion: thrill; pacify: lull: cradle: Thoughts of You, rush at my skin, Like wind whipping at my soul, Setting my body on fire, With the thrill of your touch. Anticipating the rush, I depict the warmth of our bodies, Entertwined under the full moon, Until our souls are pacified. As I soak in the pool of bliss, Feeling the ecstasies of eternity, Desiring an encounter with you, Lulls me into a paradise of dreams. Living with passionate memories, Carries me through life's daily rituals, But at the end of the day, I cradle your love, deep within my heart.
No Me Queda
Music Video:NO ME QUEDA MAS (by Selena)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
I Ask Of You
You are complex this I can see, But neither do you know me. You think it's love I ask of you, That is not what I want to do. Nor did I push to move ahead, I just don't want "us" to be dead. I think it's great the way we are, For us it seemed to work so far. It takes time for hurt to heal; All I asked was how you feel. I do not care about your past, I only want for us to last. For however long, I know not, But can we give this thing a shot? You are the greatest friend I know, All I ask is let your feelings show. I care for you as I have said; I do not want to be misled. I want to talk and share with you, All in life for us that's new. It does not matter about the past, Why can't we have a chance to last? You are complex as you say, But there is much that's in our way. Life is short so let's have fun, Slow down, enjoy, please do not run. I only want to see you smile, Even if it's for just a while. Give the two of us this chance; Do not give up on romanc
A Reason, A Season Or A Lifetime
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has! been answered and now it is time to move on. Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring yo
True Love
Want one? Go to
How To Show Love To A Woman:
HOW TO SHOW LOVE TO A WOMAN: Words of wisdom. 1.Don't lie to her. 2.Don't fail to complement her frequently. 3.Don't boast of your previous love affairs. 4.Don't fail to express your love frequently. 5.Don't fail to whisper endearing things to her. 6.Don't break dates with her or fall down on your promises. 7.Don't fail to give her attention in the presence of others. 8.Don't fail to maintain a give and take relationship. 9.Don't fail to do things for her. 10.Don't fail to show your consideration for her through words and deeds. Justin and Oliver
Arms Of Tranquility
ive gone blind from thoughts of you the poison within comes thru Ive taken each breath of my life for you and thru each one my hatred grew I feel it close again whisper things that once were said a long kiss gives trust grinding hips a new lust thru the night we will stay all our sins will wash away the past is gone so here we'll stay in the arms of tranquility words are spoken in the night becoming one by candlelight flesh to flesh skin to skin no one else will get in and take away how we feel forever one will be for real
Pet Rules
PET RULES To be posted VERY LOW on the refrigerator door - nose height. Dear Dogs and Cats, The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Please note, placing a paw print in the middle of my plate and food does not stake a claim for it becoming your food and dish, nor do I find that aesthetically pleasing in the slightest. The stairway was not designed by NASCAR and is not a racetrack. Beating me to the bottom is not the object. Tripping me doesn't help because I fall faster than you can run. I cannot buy anything bigger than a king sized bed. I am very sorry about this. Do not think I will continue sleeping on the couch to ensure your comfort. Dogs and cats can actually curl up in a ball when they sleep. It is not necessary to sleep perpendicular to each other stretched out to the fullest extent possible. I also know that sticking tails straight out and having tongues hanging out the other end to maximize spa
Sometimes When We Touch ~~~ Dan Hill
In my knowledge life is like a one way traffic. There is no "U" turn and others in this way. In this way, we are travelling in a vehicle called "Luck". The engine of the vehicle is called "Attitude". Some says attitude is most important than luck. They says that if a person has a good attitude he can win all the things in this world. I think attitude and luck are like a bicycle tyres. If one gave trouble the person who traveling on it will face problems. Then he will get disappointed, depressed, unhappiness. These two are like a milk and water, mingled in each other. We don't know about the god and his real wish. Nobody can show the god, when you want to see. Some says it's natural. Some says he is loving nature. But we must agree one thing that he has enough knowledge more than human beings. He knows how to build a human body and his structure he gave the protection for eyes called "eye lid". If some dust comes it automatically protect the eye. He gave the good position of the nose
Vacant Soul
To him I do adore To me it seems he does ignore Why bother it's all in haste all this bitter time I waste my voice gone I sit and toil listening to my blood boil he doesn't see or want to know the battering from his ignorant blows to be lost or not care I can never be but he is there he says he doesn't mean to be so distant tears fall and he becomes insistant So I believe and move ahead then back to the same ways instead He says he always thinks of me yet no evidence of this do I see So I'm empty, the feeling grows deep I have no more tears to weep I just crawl inside my hole the aloneness of my vacant soul.
Lost In The Depths Of My Physcotic Mind
i find it kind of funny that the dreams of where im dying are the best ive ever had im slowly losing my mind slipping into insanity wondering when it will end where it will stop who knows who cares i used to but ive stopped ive learned no matter what i do i will always be missunderstood i will always be lost i cant figure out why this is true the only truth is death the only reality is the one of your dreams imagination
My Birthday Is Coming
well everyone my birthday is on the 19th of this month and i am turning 30 years old. I know i am getting old when u hit the 30th mark of my life. i am so looking forward to this day. I can't wait. B ut first it is my boyfriends birthday on monday and he is turnng 33 and this weekend is going to be the best weekend ever. I have so much plannned for him and everyone is going to be shocked. well i am going now . love everyone on here .
How To Speak About Women
HOW TO SPEAK ABOUT WOMEN AND BE POLITICALLY CORRECT: > > 1. She is not a "BABE" or a "CHICK" - She is a "BREASTED AMERICAN." > > 2. She is not a "SCREAMER" or a "MOANER" - She is "VOCALLY > APPRECIATIVE." > > 3. She is not "EASY" - She is "HORIZONTALLY ACCESSIBLE." > > 4. She is not a "DUMB BLONDE" - She is a "LIGHT-HAIRED DETOUR OFF THE > INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY." > > 5. She has not "BEEN AROUND" - She is a "PREVIOUSLY-ENJOYED > COMPANION." > > 6. She is not an "AIRHEAD" - She is "REALITY IMPAIRED." > > 7. She does not get "DRUNK" or "TIPSY" - She gets "CHEMICALLY > INCONVENIENCED" > > 8. She does not have "BREAST IMPLANTS" - She is "MEDICALLY ENHANCED." > > 9. She does not "NAG" you - She becomes "VERBALLY REPETITIVE." > > 10. She is not a "TRAMP" - She is "SEXUALLY EXTROVERTED." > > 11. She does not have "MAJOR LEAGUE HOOTERS" - She is "PECTORALLY > SUPERIOR." > > 12. She is not a "TWO-BIT HOOK
Hatchet To The Head
Skull fragments are flying through the air Brains and blood scattered just about everywhere you look Swing of the hatchet gives permanent damage, Head fractured, gaping hole To incise the cranium Slit open crushed eyeballs dripping hanging from the sockets Steel cracked bone with fatal trauma to the cerebellum Useful lust of gore Hatchet to the head Rekindled gore obsess rend the weak Mutilate then murder consciously Death brought to the enemies of the past A life of beheading I must have Pure revenge is burning inside me Slit open crushed eyeballs dripping hanging from the sockets Steel cracked bone with fatal trauma to the cerebellum Useful lust of gore Hatchet to the head Hatchet to the head Hatchet to the head Hatchet to the head Hatchet to the head Forced from deep inside to hunt you Bludgeoned torn apart veins erupted Forever headless rotting corpse Recognition you are now beyond Wretched, onslaught, slaughter Faceless flesh remains from
Fallen Down
ive fallen to pieces for the last time and now ive met you you have turned my world upside down and im stuck on you so what will you do with the love I give will you keep it all for you will you even let it in cuz im standin here once again trying to find a way to happiness in the messed up world im in you can see it in my eyes ive been broken down so many times ive given up i can feel myself fallin down I dont know what kind of man i can be or even what to do I can only wake up each day and say that I love you
Im Becoming A Whore Lmao
The Dumbest Blonde Ever? (repost)
THE DUMBEST BLONDE EVER? (repost) A few days ago I was at the auto parts store when a blonde came in and asked for a seven-hundred-ten. No one had any clue what the part was -- even the manager. "Come on!" she said, exasperated. "Every car I've ever had has one! But mine fell off, and I need a new one." Finally, I stepped in. "Would it help to look under my hood, and you can point out what it is you want?" I asked. "Yes!" she exclaimed, and I led the blonde to my car with a parade of parts guys right behind. I opened the hood. "Is there a 710 on this car?" I asked. She pointed and said, "Of course, it's right there!" And here's what we saw: (repost of original by 'Blaze Infamous®13' on '2006-11-04 00:38:25') (repost of original by '¨*·~.♥. Tasha .♥.~·*¨' on '2006-11-04 00:46:51')
Are You In Love
are you really in love very much in lovewhoever you are with right now is in love with you just as much as you.... you are made for each other Take this test
This Song Says It All
Music Video Codes By Music
Made For Me By Spanky! I Love You Girl!!!!!
PHOENIXXX RADIO SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS This post is for all the troops! But it's especially for one of our very own dj's DJ PRINCESS If you all listen to her show - She can bring a tear to your eye She dedicates songs to the troops and the familys of them She gives all her heart into the dedications and request. Princess has one hell of a heart and this bulletin goes out to her and the troops. WE LOVE YOU AMANDA~ God, hold our troops in Thy loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen ! GOD BLESS THE US
"collared By Love"
"Can I have you?" he whispered in a soft spoken grace. "Can I hold you forever in eternity's embrace?" "May I keep you?" his words a delicate strength. "May I have you by my side never to replace?" "Will you love me?" she spoke with her eyes filled with tears. "Will you capture my heart and keep a fire all those years?" "Will you show me?" she smiled as her cheeks turned rouge. "Will you show me and teach me how I may always please you?" "Can you give to me?" he spoke as he held out his hand. "All your heart so I may show you the secrets of this man?" "May you never leave?" he whispered as he touched her cheek. "by my side but will always come to me?" "Will you always?" she spoke as she looked into his eyes. "Be the protector of my heart that our love never die?" "Will you take hold?" she said as a tear fell into his hand. "All of this woman, faults and not, in your hand?" "Can you promise?" he whispered as he wiped away her tears. "That our secrets are none and we'll
Food For Thought
To all you ignorant fucks out there... Fair warning, the next time one of you come into my store and bitches about how the "Total Cost To Own" merchandise you are renting, or whatever you want to call it, is more than what is selling it for... I WILL CALL YOU OUT ON IT! If you have money to pay retail for it then by all means go do it because I'm sick of chasing you down for a payment, but don't dare tell me I'm charging too much because I expect you to pay more if I have spend countless hours forcing you to pay for it and then repairing everything you break before it's paid for. Listen Up: FUCK YOU. Alright, now the weekend can begin... -Robert
Mel Brooks Moses
How To Get What You Want From Women
How To Get What You Want From Women -------------------------------------------------- To safely and permanently exclude yourself from future mailings just click the link at the end of this newsletter. To sign yourself up for this complimentary e-letter, visit -------------------------------------------------- >There's one place to get a COMPLETE education in attracting, approaching, meeting and getting dates with the kinds of women you've always wanted to meet. And that place is right here: Let me ask you a question. What is "SUCCESS" to you when it comes to women? If I asked you to give me a detailed explanation of EXACTLY how your life would be if you had ULTIMATE SUCCESS with women, could you do it? Sure, most guys would say something like, "Success to me would be being able to walk up to any woman and get a date with her"... or "Success to me woul
There Is Something Wrong With This Site
Just thought i would ask if this site has changed since the name change ppl are so bitchy & rude not everyone mind you just getting sisck of the crap ppl on hee at times am i seeing something that isnt here?
Thoughts Of Suicide
Tonight, I took my own life with just one swish from the knife. You see, it was so easy to do- The pain from the knife's blade wasn't near as much As the pain you put me through. I cried for hours, night after night, Before I finally put an end to my life. I had let myself fall in love with you, But you didn't feel the same- So, I did what I thought I had to do. Now a coffin is my bed, A satin pillow rests my head. A cold, dark grave is my home, Where my name is etched in stone. I haven't any pain or sorrows, No more waiting for tomorrows. No more tears will fall from my eyes, No more waiting for you half the night. No more angry words to hear, No more physical abuse to adhere. When you feel the rain fall upon your face And the sky turns dark and gray; Think of the rain as my tears and the sky as my restless soul That's now destined to roam. There isn't anything left on Earth for me- You'll go on with y
I'm Sorry
I'm sorry That I was raised with respect; not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4am when your new man hit you and dropped you off in the middle of nowhere, but not good enough to listen to me when I need a friend I'm sorry That I don't understan
You Made Me This Way You say that I'm cold-hearted and that I don't care But did u ever stop and think how I got there Lets take a trip down memory lane So I can introduce u to my best friend pain Think back to when I used to be sweet And with warm kisses is how I would greet I used to hold doors and keep champagne in ur cup But u know what bitch, u can wrap it up Now ur eyes are filled with tears of despair But u can cry me a river cuz I really don't care I'm immune to ur tears cuz its nothing new Don't u remember boy, Diamond's cry too And I've shed enuff tears to last me a lifetime This is my final answer and u don't have a lifeline So on those cold nights when ur feeling all alone Remember it was u that turned my heart to stone Cuz behind every heartless Diamond is the boy who ripped it out And u sweetheart are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt So save ur appologies cuz I don't care for sorrow I have no compassion for u bitch becuz u made me H
hello all still looking for some picture comments and ratings when you get some time could you could me that favour thanx
Every Thing
MySpace Comments Graphics MySpace Comments Graphics MySpace Comments Graphics MySpace Comments Graphics Hope u all have a great day and a great night ....
The Most Pathetic Mumm
I'm Horny
Not really but I saw a blog with that as the subject and just couldn't resist ripping on it. Some random answers to random questions... I'm glad I have two thumbs and some fingers... My brain hurts when I have to think about stuff... Alcohol loves me more than my parents ever did... You are too very handsome, just not in a traditional way... You may not have length, but girth is what matters... No No, that's perfectly normal for a guy a guy to do that... I love you for your mind... People make me sick too, but only when they speak... Fire makes me hot... Things I should get tattoed on my forehead: Paper...Smoking...Table For One...No Officer I had no idea... My mind is a cess pool filled with foul thoughts and turds of wisdom. -Robert
The Blind Man & The Angel - Excerpt From "in Other Words"
The Blind Man Said the old man to the lady "Be mine eyes that I may see" "For mine eyes have grown so dark" "and no one hears my plea" "I can hear the unicorn but know" "not of their grace" "Cannot see the beautiful days" "but feel the sunlight on my face" "I know not of the rainbows and all" "their splendorous sight" "for you see in my lone world" "here it is always night" "I cannot see the lovers smile as" "they hold each other dear" "cannot see the children laugh and" "play but know when they are near" "I haven't seen the water, in its glory" " it shades of blue" "such wonders that you all can see" "that I have never knew" The lady looked upon the man a tear welling in her eye and the old man sat there listening hearing only her sad sigh "Dear sweet man you sit here now" "and you ask so little of me" "just for a chance to see the clouds" "like the rest of can see" "but in my thought I have realized" "that this I will not do" "for in your heart
A Repost From Camgold Re Military Pay
This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers across America. On Nov. 12, Ms Cindy Williams (from Laverne and Shirley TV show) wrote a piece for the Washington Times, denouncing the pay raise coming service members' way this year -- citing that the stated 13% wage was more than they deserve. A young airman from Hill AFB responds to her article below. He ought to get a bonus for this. "Ms Williams: I just had the pleasure of reading your column, "Our GIs earn enough" and I am a bit confused. Frankly, I'm wondering where this vaunted overpayment is going, because as far as I can tell, it disappears every month between DFAS (The Defense Finance and Accounting Service) and my bank account. Checking my latest earnings statement I see that I make $1,117.80 before taxes. After taxes, I take home $874.20. When I run that through the calculator, I come up with an annual salary of
New Sexually Transmitted Disease Found!!!
The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of Sexually Transmitted Disease. The disease is contracted through dangerous and high-risk behavior. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim and pronounced "gonna re-elect him." Many victims contracted it in 2004, after having been screwed for the past four years. Naturalists and epidemiologists are amazed at how this destructive disease originated only a few years ago from a Bush found in Texas. Don't forget to VOTE!!!! ;)
Something To Think About - Thanks Lisa
THE BRICK A young and successful executive was traveling down a neighborhood street, going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar. He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something. As his car passed, no children appeared . Instead, a brick smashed into the Jag's side door! He slammed on the brakes and backed the Jag back to the spot where the brick had been thrown. The angry driver then jumped out of the car, grabbed the nearest kid and pushed him up against a parked car shouting, "What was that all about and who are you? Just what the heck are you doing? That's a new car and that brick you threw is going to cost a lot of money. Why did you do it?" The young boy was apologetic. "Please, mister...please, I'm sorry but I didn't know what else to do," He pleaded. "I threw the brick because no one else would stop..." With tears dripping down his face and off his chin, the youth pointed to a spot just around a parked car. "It's my
Darker Than The Darkest Shades Of Black...
turmoil...wrecking my an angry sea... shutting and blinding my heart...chose not to see hiding behind the invisible shield... never want my heart to yield... i felt my heart died...the day i stopped feeling the pain... ignoring your desperate you called out in vain... i wish...though it's too late now... i wish i'd told you how much i loved you...and i wish you're here now... so if you wanna know what's the color of my's darker than the darkest shade of black...
Just Checking
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I'm Going To Die
I will die on Wednesday, November 06, 2041 When will you? Calculate Your Death Date
When I look at the intolerent people on this site, I get confused. When did so many people become extremely intolerent? There's nothing wrong with gay marriages. There is nothing wrong with being patriotic. There's nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage.
Sex On The Beach
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My Ass Cheek Hurts
So I got bit by a brown recluse almost 2 months ago and its still not healed(there are pictures of it under my pictures on my profile.) Its still big and really sore and its all deep and oozing. Does anyone know how long its supposed to take for it to be fully healed? Ive seen a doctor, had steroid and antibiotic injections, plus antibiotic pills and its still nasty as hell. If anyone has any information please pass it on to me..thanks.
Tell Me Why...
tell me why...when i look into your eyes... i'm lost...i'm swept away in the sea of love...carrying me away to the deepest abyss of your beautiful soul...where i'll find peace and tranquility...sinking deeper with every waking moment...till my heart stops beating... tell me why...when i kiss your lips...i'm drunk...i have wings...i can the place where nothing esle but the sweetness of your mouth on mine matters...locking in the grains of sand standing still in the hourglass...and here i'll stay... tell me why...when i'm laying in your arms...i feel no fear...i stop trembling...may the earth opens up and swallow me...i will not be afraid...may the darkest night blind me...i can still see with your light...the coldest wind will not make me shiver...when i'm held in your warm embrace...till the twelfth of never... tell me why...when i'm with you...i'm into you...i don't exist anymore...i'm into one...
Skillet Chicken Rosemary
This is an easy chicken recipe with mushrooms, butter, white wine, and rosemary. INGREDIENTS: * 1 teaspoon dried rosemary, crumbled * 1/3 cup dry white wine * 3 to 4 pounds chicken pieces * salt and pepper * 1 tablespoon butter * 1 tablespoon olive oil or vegetable oil * 8 ounces mushrooms PREPARATION: Mix rosemary with white wine; cover and refrigerate for several hours. Lightly season chicken with salt and pepper. Brown chicken over medium low heat in hot butter and oil. Add wine mixture. cover and simmer for 45 minutes, or until chicken is tender. Add mushrooms the last 10 minutes. Serve chicken with the rosemary sauce. Serves 4.
How Well Traveled Are You?
Your Travel Profile: You Are Very Well Traveled in Africa (75%) You Are Well Traveled in the Northeastern United States (57%) You Are Well Traveled in the Southern United States (54%) You Are Well Traveled in the Midwestern United States (50%) You Are Well Traveled in the Western United States (47%) You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in Canada (40%) You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in Western Europe (36%) You Are Somewhat Well Traveled in the United Kingdom (25%) You Are Mostly Untraveled in Southern Europe (20%) You Are Mostly Untraveled in Asia (17%) You Are Untraveled in Australia (0%) You Are Untraveled in Eastern Europe (0%) You Are Untraveled in Latin America (0%) You Are Untraveled in New Zealand (0%) You Are Untraveled in Scandinavia (0%) You Are Untraveled in the Middle East (0%) How Well Traveled Are You?
I dreamt a dream last night We were kissing under the moonlight I dreamt a dream It was not meant to be Side by side we stood like before Holding entwined hands once more But dreams aren't meant to last Just like our love ending so fast Dreams! Let me be! How his very name makes me tremble Don't shatter my mask; don't let me appear so feeble Yet the pleasure surpasses and numbs my senses Making my heart falter at the chances Oh how he haunts my thoughts like every word possessed His smiles laughter every move single breath is charming I do confess None of these are for me alone They never will be for I am forlorn I beg thee; don't come again no more dreams In return you may have my heart lock it away just no more dreams Give me warmth as I kiss your rays of sunlight I do not wish to dream of you tonight
Rooster- Come Get Some
You scored as strawberry's. Your kisses taste like strawberry's.... they are very sexy, sweet, and sensual. when you kiss your boyfriend its full of pasion and Love.....strawberry's81%Candy69%cherry's63%taste like tongue50%what does your kiss taste like??created with
What Will Your Last Words Be?
Quiz Galaxy Predicts that Cutekitty6969's Last Words Will Be... "I can't believe that my death bed is made of rat carcasses" 'What will your last words be?' at
Sex Mumbai
Sex in Mumbai 1 oz vodka. 15 ml Archer's Peach Schnapps. Splash of lime juice 1/2 orange juice and 1/2 Cranberry Juice Fill tall glass with ice. add spirits, lime juice, orange juice and cranberry juice. Garnish with cherry and orange.
two things that really annoy me 1-Girls who post pictures and every single one of them have captions like "Oh I'm so ugly" or some shit like that. 2- Girls who need to cover their heads with paper bags and who weigh 500lbs who have captions like "Damn I'm sexy" Lets be honest now ladies, you cant all be beauty queens.
Tainted Love
Sometimes I feel I've got to Run away I've got to Get away From the pain that you drive into the heart of me The love we share Seems to go nowhere I've lost my lights I toss and turn I can't sleep at night Once I ran to you Now I'll run from you This tainted love you've given I give you all a boy could give you Take my tears and that's not nearly all Tainted love Tainted love Now I know I've got to Run away I've got to Get away You don't really want any more from me To make things right You need someone to hold you tight You think love is to pray I'm sorry I don't pray that way Once I ran to you Now I'll run from you This tainted love you've given I give you all a boy could give you Take my tears and that's not nearly all Tainted love Tainted love Don't touch me please I cannot stand the way you tease I love you though you hurt me so Now I'm going to pack my things and go Touch me baby, tainted love Touch me baby, tainted love Touch me bab
A Softer Touch
Apply Gentleness To Everything Throughout life we must cope with blockages that impede our forward momentum. Whether these obstacles are of a personal, professional, or societal nature, our first instinct may be to push against the obstruction. But the simplest way to alleviate resistance is to approach it gently, with a soft manner and kind intentions. Struggle and strife can find no foothold when confronted with mildness because conflict can only exist when fed by two opposing forces. So many areas of our lives can benefit from the application of gentleness. The beauty of gentleness lies in its multifaceted nature. It is part love, part compassion, part patience, part understanding, and part respect for others. When we move through life gently as a matter of course, we naturally attract these wonderful elements into our lives. This does not mean that gentle people are by nature passive or meek. Rather, their copious inner power is manifested in their gentleness and their choi
The Answer Is No!
Find Me An Angel
Find Me An Angel By Jeremiah J. Gibson Leave the shadows where I've hidden Come down off the strings of self-delusion Can't pretend I'm drinking fine wine When I am choking on this bitter swill of loneliness I need a light to fill this dark void I need... Someone to find me an angel A girl I can call my own I really don't care If she's a devil beneath it all As long she will hold my hand When heaven crashes down And the world falls into hell Keeping secrets in my head Pretending that I am ok alone While emptiness eats away my soul Say there's someone for everyone So I need to know that mine exists. I need... Someone to find me an angel A girl I can call my own I really don't care If she's a devil beneath it all As long she will hold my hand When heaven crashes down And the world falls into hell Walking away from a repeating history A love where I kept getting burned Now I am out there on the line But no one's on the other side I need to be prov
My Guildence To Purity
A touch from unseen hands, crawling up my spine, cold and framilure. My reason for standing still. Years spent sitting on this grassy knole, Lost in this distant touch. Moving over and under. Across skin, under and across the mind. falling fast into the comfort provided. Eyes look out, the world spinning. Changing. Leaving me as I am left. I am do not mourn it. I have no room to mourn, There is only you, my comfort, and joy. My faded link to innocence. I hold on with both hands. It's all thats left of who she was. "What happened to my girl" She died with you. I never said I was sorry. You're words haunt me, like the taste of you lips. But I still here your voice, I remember your scent. And I take what's left. I rise from the grass, I move to the rushing world. So long gone. And for a moment, the stillness of my soul, makes a stillness. Sort of like when A deer crosses the road in teh city. It gives pause, reminds one of the world. A graceful spirit,
8,594 To Go!!!!!! Help Me Out Pleezzzzzzzzz!!!!!
Hey all my friends and fans got 8'594 to go to level up.... Come by my profile and show me some cherry love I'll return the favor...... Much love to all of you Sherrie
Everything Ends!!!!
this one is juts PURE SEX! EVERYTHING ENDS!!!!
Republicans Lose Control Of Congress!!
Well for the first time in 12 years the Democrats are back in power.. Who all thinks that's good and who all thinks that's bad and who all doesn't give a damn cause we're gonna get blown up eventually anyway lol. I'm actually happy the republicans are no longer in control of the house n senate.. i think it is sad that they wanted to stop research on stem cells. Poor Michael J Fox. What are they thinking ? REally? I mean it's not like we are destroying a life or anything. Let's see another issue i think we could all agree on is Bush's failed policies in Iraq. It's getting worse over there and there's not really anything we can do about it. The cops they trained are just going to turn into terrrorists anyway. And As far as building a fence on the mexican border... I think it's a good idea but it might be to late. The govvernment speculates that a nuclear weapon of some sort has already been smuggled into the u s. So how is a fence going to stop that? I think we sho
Mini Meatloaves To Swedish Meatballs
Recipe Rating: Prep Time: 10 min Total Time: 1 hr min Makes: 4 servings from meatloaves and 4 servings from meatballs FOR TODAY: 1 jar (12 oz.) beef gravy, divided 1 cup water 2 lb. ground beef 1 pkt. (6.25 oz.) STOVE TOP Stuffing Mix for Beef or Chicken 2 eggs, lightly beaten FOR TOMORROW: Reserved gravy from yesterday's recipe (about 1-1/4 cups) 1/2 cup BREAKSTONE'S or KNUDSEN Sour Cream 16 meatballs, reserved from yesterday's recipe COOK TODAY: Mini Meatloaves PREHEAT oven to 400°F. Pour 1/4 cup of the gravy into large bowl. Stir in water. Add meat, stuffing mix and eggs; mix lightly. Cover and refrigerate remaining gravy for later use. DIVIDE meat mixture in half. Shape half of the meat mixture into 2 oval loaves on foil-covered baking sheet. Shape remaining meat mixture into 16 meatballs, each about 1 inch in diameter. Place, in single layer, on another foil-covered baking sheet. BAKE side by side, 20 min. Remove meatballs from oven; set aside. Bake meatloaves a
Creation Of A Pussy
Seven wise men with knowledge so fine Created a pussy to their design First was a butcher with smart wit Using a knife he gave it a slit Second was a carpenter strong and bold With a hammer and chisel he gave it a hole Third was a tailor tall and thin By using red velvet he lined it within Fourth was a hunter short and stout With a piece of fox fur he lined it without Fifth was a fisherman nasty as hell Threw in a fish and gave it a smell Sixth was a preacher whose name was McGee Touched it and blessed it and said it could pee Last was a sailor dirty little runt He sucked it and fucked it and called it a cunt
I Feared ....
LESSONS OF LIFE I feared being alone until I learned to like myself. I feared failure until I realized that I only fail when I don't try. I feared success until I realized that I had to try in order to be happy with myself. I feared people's opinions until I learned that people would have opinions about me anyway. I feared rejection until I learned to have faith in myself. I feared pain until I learned that it's necessary for growth. I feared the truth until I saw the ugliness in lies. I feared life until I experienced its beauty. I feared death until I realized that it's not an end, but a beginning. I feared my destiny until I realized that I had the power to change my life. I feared hate until I saw that it was nothing more than ignorance. I feared love unt
A Birthday
I sit here and reflect on the turmoil of the current political state and the absolute disarray that the top of the US Military is in. I sit here in my chair in my air conditioned apartment, and I can’t help but think about all the service members that are deployed somewhere, for the vast majority today means nothing, but for the few and the proud it means everything. Today is the 231st Anniversary of the foundation of the United States Marine Corps. So to the men who have fought in every battle from the riggings of colonial ships, the deserts of Northern Africa, the cities of Mexico, China, the forests of Europe in the war to end all wars, and the one after that where the men we fought from Guadalcanal, to Okinawa, and the countless pieces of rock between paid for in the blood of our brothers. To the men who fought in the forgotten war, from Inchon, to Chosen, and the mountains that have no name only a number. To the men who were in Viet Nam, and were bogged down by poor morale an
Have A Great Night
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Beef Cassoulet With Herb Dumplings
Prep Time:20 min Start to Finish:45 min Makes:6 servings 1 pound lean ground beef 1 cup water 1 teaspoon dried oregano leaves 1/2 teaspoon dried basil leaves 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 medium celery stalk, thinly sliced (1/2 cup) 1 medium onion, chopped (1/2 cup) 1 can (15 to 16 ounces) navy or kidney beans, drained 1 can (14 ounces) beef broth 2 cups Progresso® diced tomatoes (from 28-oz can), undrained 2 cups Original Bisquick® mix 2/3 cup milk 1/4 teaspoon dried oregano leaves 1/4 teaspoon dried basil leaves 1. Cook beef in 4-quart Dutch oven over medium heat 8 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until brown; drain. 2. Stir water, 1 teaspoon oregano, 1/2 teaspoon basil, the garlic, celery, onion, beans, broth and tomatoes into beef. Heat to boiling; reduce heat. 3. Stir remaining ingredients until soft dough forms. Drop dough by 12 spoonfuls onto beef mixture (do not drop directly into liquid). Cook uncovered over low heat 10 minutes. Cover and cook 10
The Bad Place
Every eye sees its own special vision; every ear hears a most different song. In each man's troubled heart, an incision would reveal a unique, shameful wrong. Stranger fiends hide here in human guise than reside in the valleys of Hell. But goodness, kindness and love arise in the heart of the poor beast, as well.
The Night Sky
The sky is deep, the sky is dark, The light of stars is so damn stark. When I look up, I fill with fear. If all we have is what lies here, this lonely world, this troubled place, then cold dead stars and empty space... Well, I see no reason to persevere, no reason to laugh or shed a tear, no reason to sleep or ever to wake, no promises to keep, and none to make. And so at night I still raise my eyes to study the clear but mysterious skies-- that arch above us, as cold as stone. Are you there, God? Are we alone?
Which Positive Quality Are You? Your Result: Love You are Love. Love is the glue that binds us all together. The love of family, the love of friends, the love between husbands and their wives--these things form the foundation of our happiness, our security, and our comfort. "All you need is love."Charity Friendship Peace Courage Faith Which Positive Quality Are You?
Nuns In Heaven
Four nuns die in a random car crash while doing missionary work in tanzania. Each nun assends to heaven where they are promptly greeted at the pearly white gates by St. Peter. The first nun approaches the gates and St. Peter askes her a question. "what was the worst thing you ever did in your life?" He asks. The first nun responds by saying, "well... one time I saw a penis." she was told that this was not a problem and to go to the holy water and wash her eyes out. The second nun approached st. peter and was asked the same question. She responded by saying, "well.... one time I kind've touched a penis." she was told that this shouldn't be a problem and to go over to the holy water and wash her hands. Right as this happens nun 4 budges infront of nun 3 and sprints up to st. peter. he asks her what is the deal with budging and running up to him. she quickly responds with "I want to gargle that water before she sticks her ass in it!"
Miss You
In the morning when I wake up And I open up my eyes, I feel an aching in my heart That's when I realize. How much I really miss you And long to have you near. My heart is filled with sadness, And my eyes are filled with tears. At different times throughout the day, I find I'm missing you. And I wonder if, perhaps a bit, Maybe you miss me too. I miss you in the shower, When I'm in there all alone. And when I want to hear your voice, And call you on hte phone. When I check my e-mail And find there's nothing there. I can't help it that I worry, And I put you in my prayers. I think by now it's safe to say, That I miss you very much, And my heart will never be the same Since it suffered Cupids touch.
New Job
Well I have orientation for my new job today. It's weird for me to think that I have a job. It's been nearly 3 years since I worked. Feels strange saying "Mommy has to work today." But at least now maybe I wont be so sick of my kids and husband. The breaks will be nice, and I wont be sittin here eating all day lol. Im down 80 lbs and would like to continue losing even more!!
Come On Peeps (specially The Ladies)
well all once again tryin to get a thing contest going please do contact this person if u r interested ladies KingPinn@ CherryTAP send him a private email with link to pic or tell him where it is at. so far only two ladies have joined, what are ya waitin for if ya got the behind to show then show it...lets have some fun, show them sexy behinds off *wink*
We Won!!
WooHoo Me And My LC Hubby Won The Cutest Couples Contest!!..We Are Without A Doubt The Cutest Couple..Yay!!! Thanks To Everyone Who Helped Us!!..We Both Realllllllly Appreciate It!! x0x0x -Ash
How Ya Feel Bout Me?
Please steal a moment to fill this out with your opinions (and we all know what those smell like) in a comment sluts 1. Who the hell are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. Do you have a crush on me or have i ever bit your nipple? 5. Would you suck my toes? (theyre very clean) 6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 7. Describe me in one word. 8. What was your first impression? 9. Have I ever licked you? 10. What reminds you of me? 11. If you could give me anything what would it be? 12. Would you give me your last beer? 13. When's the last time you saw me? 14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? 15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?
Which Creature Are You??
Leave a comment Tell me what creature you are....Thank you You scored as Ware wolf. You are crused and hate it. You are full of sorrow and how u are forced to live like this..Ware wolf100%Vampire69%The reaper44%Which creature of death are you?created with
Cottonwood fathers float down the sun's new light dust. Pulling on my boots the cabin's door dares to break morning silence. Unknown destinction propels my anticipation. The path darken by vegetation ceiling and wooden walls. Underbrush of the lonely trail does little to slow me down. By mid-afternoon that changed with a bellowing virgin meadow. A combination of vision, aroma and a melodic orchestra is my siren. My eyes close to day's perception, while intereye takes focus. Climbing honeysuckle swings from trees, goldenrod runs gracefully over brush and blueball hides on the ground. As the thunderous trumpeting frogs join the raspy coloration of crickets and birds. The wind blows seductevely up my arm, across my neck and whispers " wake up tinman the witch is watching."
Someday We'll Know
Ninety miles outside Chicago Can't stop driving I don't know why So many questions I need an answer Two years later you're still on my mind What ever happened to Emilia Airheart Who holds stars up in the sky It's true love just once in a lifetime Till the captain of the Titanic cry Someday we'll know if love could move a mountain Someday we'll know why the sky is blue Someday we'll know why I wasn't meant for you Does anybody know the way to Altantis Or what the wind says when she cries I'm straighten by the place that I met you For the ninety-seventh time ... tonite Someday we'll know if love could move a mountain Someday we'll know why the sky is blue Someday we'll know why I wasn't meant for you Yea yea yeah yeah Someday we'll know why Samson loved Dilaila One day I'll go dancing on the moon Someday you'll know that I was the one for you I bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow I watch the stars crash in the sea If I could ask God just one qu
Honey Spice-rubbed Pork Tenderloin
Recipe Rating: Prep Time: 5 min Total Time: 45 min Makes: 4 servings 1/4 cup KRAFT CATALINA Dressing, divided 1 large pork tenderloin (1 lb.) 1 tsp. chili powder 1 tsp. garlic powder 1 tsp. dry mustard 1/2 tsp. paprika 1/4 tsp. dried thyme leaves 1 Tbsp. honey BRUSH 2 Tbsp. of the dressing over pork. Mix dry ingredients; rub onto pork. Let stand 10 min. or refrigerate up to 24 hours to marinate. PREHEAT grill to medium heat. Place pork on grill; cover. Grill 20 min., turning occasionally. MIX remaining 2 Tbsp. dressing and honey. Brush some of the honey mixture over pork. Continue grilling 5 to 10 min., turning and brushing with honey mixture until pork is cooked through (160°F.) Let stand, covered with foil, a few minutes before slicing. KRAFT KITCHENS TIPS Serving Suggestion Serve with hot cooked MINUTE Rice and steamed vegetables. NUTRITION INFORMATION Nutrition (per serving) Calories 210 Total fat 7g Saturated fat 2g Chol
Ergh Well Yeah
ergh! what a depressing feeling! iunno why i come online.. you all live in different time zones so is hardly any1 here to chat too! :( well what a shitty week! my cousin passed away on wednesday, luckly he didnt feel anything but yeah scared the shit outta me, he had heart problems like i do.. cud so easily of been me (and part of me wishes it was.. wudnthave been such a great loss then...) college and work sucks, spend far 2 much time being busy that i got no time to have fun.. and when i do have the time im 2 burned out to do anything! lifes such a bitch. now i remember why i dont do these often, i talk far 2 much! blah blah blah fucking blah! i really wanna go play need for speed carbon but my ps2 desided it didnt wanna work... dont wanna buy a new 1 cus dont play it often so yeah that shat on last weekend and now imma be bored this weekend 2! well whoeva reads this thanks very muchly and sorry for wasting your time with my mindless rants.. neways.. byebye
What Is.. Pt 2 .. Intro
me :Uncle.. what is falling in love like after I fall down those stairs? Oh you really wanna know ?? uncle: good.. have you ever eaten some un cooked meat?, Have you ever eaten chitlens? have you ever got food poisoning? me: what? uncle : thats what love is like.. you go get your tummy pumped out of all the poison and its just lingering.. you feel all queezy.. and stuff.. that my friend is falling in love. me: blach .. I don't think I want to fall in love..!! uncle: oh.. really.. don't worry about it your cursed anyways.. me: cursed.. ?? uncle.. oh.. u don't know.. you will get food poisoning someday.. u will.. uncle: now let me tell you how we break up with girls Chicago style.. Me: i gotta go outside.. your scaring me again.. lol oh he broke up with a girl saying.. I'm off to buy a pack of cigs.. His bags were packed.. he stopped smoking 2 months ago.. she never noticed.. She was cheating on him.. by the time she d
My Karma
You Have Good Karma In general, you like to do the right thing when it comes to others. Your caring personality really shines through. Sure, you have your moments of weakness - and occasionally act out. But, all in all, you're karma is good... even with those few dark spots. How's Your Karma?
7 New Cocky Lines
ey Crystal, While there is no "magic bullet" out there that will turn you from dud to stud with women overnight, if there is something that comes close, it would have to be the skill of COCKY COMEDY. It's no coincidence that almost every guy who is a "natural" at meeting women is a MASTER of Cocky Comedy (whether he knows it by name or not). There's just something magical about communicating in this way... it says all of the right things about you... and lets a woman know INSTANTLY that you are funny, confident... and a "catch". The best part? It's the one skill that any guy can start using IMMEDIATELY to increase his success with women... even if he's never been great with women in the past... and... even if he isn't all that great at Cocky Comedy itself. Huh? Let me explain... One of the great things about Cocky Comedy is that you can start using it by simply learning a few proven "lines"... then getting out there and tr
This is an easy test, you score 100 or zero. It's your choice. If you aren't ashamed to do this, please follow the directions. Jesus said, "if you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you before my Father." Not ashamed pass this on ... only if you mean it. Yes, I do Love God. He is my source of existence and Savior. He keeps me functioning each and every day. Without Him, I will be nothing. Without Him, I am nothing but with Him I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13
You'll See
This is funny. YOU fill in the blanks about ME ... even if you don't have any idea, and send it back to ME . But first post a blank one out to all your friends so they can return the favor to you. Be honest and make sure you repost it blank in your own bulletin so I can do it for you! My name: Where did we meet: Take a stab at my middle name: How long have you known me: When is the last time that we saw each other: Do I drink: What was your first impression of upon meeting me/seeing me: What's one of my favorite things to do: Am I funny: What's my favorite type of music: Can I sing?: What is the best feature about me: Am I shy or outgoing: Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: Do I have any special talents: Would you call me preppy, average, sporty, punk, hippie, glam, nerdy, snobby, or something else (what): Have I seen you naked?: Have you ever hugged me: Kissed me? What is my favorite food: Have you ever had a crush on
Hey Evertone
hey everyone iam going to tell you a little about me iam 5'5 with blue eyes black hair for the time being lol i wgh 200 iam very in love and taken.and have kids and pets and love all music,and playing in pogo well that it for now so come on yall come rate me.and i love have fun and everyone who is look for a friend add me i will chat with yall peace out
askdhasjhasdggg!!!!!! ... frustrated is an understatment.
A Timely Message & Reminder
> Recently someone was browsing through the 40th Anniversary Issue of >Reader's Digest (dated Feb. 1962), and came across this reprint from the >Washington News. Very wise words every Congress should heed. > > > The quote reads: Vice President Lyndon Johnson received the following message from a reservatiom Native American Indian Chief : >"Be careful with your immigration laws. We were careless with ours."
im starting to get a little frustrated because i cant get my computer at home working right n i want to get internet hooked up. its getting old just working doing nothing that seems worth while. life has been getting old for a long time. seems i work eat and sleep that's it. it's so meaningless and pointless. i don't have anyone to hang out with anyone to hold. i just stand behind a counter working at a gas station 8 hrs a day 6 days a week for shit pay working my ass off. *sigh* i thought getting my own place n such would change things, but seems nothing changes, donno if it ever will. maybe ill have to post pone recording my cd or something but i wanted to record it a long time ago, ive put getting it done off for a long time already. maybe i ought to just save every penny i can and just go drive and i donno. get away, heh i moved here to get away, away from what? i dont know, but i still haven't gotten away. all i feel is nothingness most the time it's frustrating, if i feel anyt
Steakhouse Cheeseburgers
Recipe Rating: Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 25 min Makes: 4 servings 1 Tbsp. MIRACLE WHIP Light Dressing 1/4 cup A.1. Thick & Hearty Steak Sauce, divided 1/4 cup chopped tomatoes 1 lb. extra lean ground beef 1/4 cup chopped onions 1 French bread baguette, 16 to 20-inches long (about 10 oz.) 4 KRAFT 2% Milk American Singles PREHEAT grill to medium-high heat. Mix dressing and 1/2 tsp. of the steak sauce. Stir in tomatoes; set aside. MIX meat, remaining steak sauce and onions. Shape into four (1/2-inch thick) oval patties. Cut baguette crosswise into 4 pieces. Cut each piece lengthwise in half. GRILL patties 4 min. on each side or until cooked through (160°F.) Top each patty with 2% Milk Singles. Add baguettes, cut-sides down, to grill. Continue grilling 1 min. or until baguettes are lightly toasted and 2% Milk Singles are melted. Fill baguettes with cheeseburgers; top with dressing mixture. KRAFT KITCHENS TIPS Substitute For another great flavor option, substi
my salutes were approved lmao
The Great Aborigine Monolith
Ayers Rock Of Australia According to Aborigine legend, the great sandstone monolith Ayers Rock (known also as Uluru), which stands over a barren landscape of gnarled desert trees in Uluru-Kata National Park in Australia, was once an ocean. After a violent battle raged on its shores, the waters rose up and became rock to protest the bloodshed. The largest single exposed rock on earth, twisting 1,150 feet from the surrounding sands and delving more than three and a half miles below the surface, Ayers Rock overwhelms the senses with patterns of water erosion that dip and weave like ocean waves and colors that change by the hour. Depending on the weather and time of day, the monolith can appear blood red, slate grey, pastel pink and even blue. As the wind passes through the rock's folds, it whispers a quiet tune. For the Aborigine people, Ayers Rock is more than simply an awe-inspiring reminder of nature's creative force. It is the core of their mythology, a source of energy known
12-10-05 Anticipation By: Travis Smith Wanting to touch Longing to feel Feeling that rush What am I doing here? Skin on skin Heart to heart Temptations consume me What is this? My thoughts racing My blood boils Utter confusion surrounds me Can you help me? Can you help me? Looking for a reason Wanting the truth I don't really understand you Can I really trust you?
Dress 2 Impress
This Is My Old Guitar Player Tristan*** He Drew The Origanl Copy Of The Tat On My Back***
Untitled.. Again
The tears come rolling down Her voice, unable to make a sound Her wishes lost in the night Knowing that she had lost the fight Looking for a new beginning Wanting someone to just listen Not afraid to face her fear As she sheds her last tear Waking up from her moment of pain Waking up to the sound of rain Listening to the drops fall Waiting for her final call
Don't Pretend
No one knows the pain I feel No one knows the hurt inside No one knows what I've been through Or where I am going No one hears my cries No one sees the tears You think you know me But you really don't You think it'll get better But it won't Left alone in total darkness With no one there to talk to My life shattered apart My heart torn out No one will ever know No one will ever understand So please stop pretending When I know that you don't care
Repost of Justice's Blog post. THIS IS NOT MINE. This is a repost. =) QUOTE I'm sure that many of you have seen me spamming the link around to CherrySpaceGirls.Com. Well I do so partly because I am a model for the site, and partly because I an an owner of the site. I am just trying to find CherryTAP hotties and the men who love to watch them. So if you are not already a model at you are one of the ONLY! Check us out at CherrySpaceGirls.Com. And if you are not on our mailing list YOU NEED TO BE! I'm giving you guys fair warning, this is history in the making and heres why: 1.) What adult site asks for your suggestions, and uses them? 2.) What adult site finds out your FAVORITE "adult" fetishes and models? 3.) What adult site WANTS to use all that information to CREATE a site MADE for you? 4.) What adult site lets you get in on the mail list action prior to the site opening? Cherryspacegir
So I Got A New Camera.
yes i got a new digital camera.. the whole thing costed 325... wow.. im gonna go broke lol.. well ya..and no im not posting any fuckin nude pics so get over it.
Bob Dylan Song Done By Eddie Vedder
The Bed Letter
The Bed Letter Raindrops of the cobbled path always seem to speak. I can feel it in my bones now and I feel i'm growing weak. So i will try just to yell it out and say it line by line. Of all the joys i find inside just from knowing that you're mine. I wake up in the morning and i wait there for the sun. I'm thankful for ever finding you and how my life begun. I pray now that you hear me, that my voice is getting through. I's important now you know i'm saying how much I love you. I love the colder winters when we lay by roaring fires. I get shivers just from knowing I give all that you desire. I ache each and every way love, oh pleast just one last kiss. For those moments i'm without you your just so sorely missed. I need you now my lover as a bullet needs a gun. I need the joy you bring, I need the shining of your sun. Won't you help me when i'm falling and kiss me when I bleed.? All the ways and all the things that can show you how I need. I keep sitting up here al
Master Onyx Dra Wrote This Erotic Story And I Loved It
The party had been going on for three hours to far, and I'd been bored out of my mind for two and a half. Boring neighbors circulated everywhere telling boring stories about their boring vacations and boring fish they had caught, and god knows what else. My wife was happily ensconced on a couch with three girlfriends from the building, and would happily stay there all night, leaving me to my own devices. Never mind that I didn't know any of these people, let alone want to know them. I sipped at my bottle of Magners – at least the booze was good, that was something – and looked around the room for the hundredth of time, searching for someone mildly interesting to converse with. It seemed like I smelled her scent before I saw her; a mix of sweet attar of roses with something autumnal, maybe pumpkin spice, a sultry mix that reminded me of romping in fields with Rosie Barnes when I was sixteen. Then she stepped into view, and I couldn't think of anything but her. She stood maybe five
As I Sit Here Alone, I Think Of U An No One Esle As These Thoughts Run Across My Mind Tears Well Up Deep Inside As The Tears Stream Down From My Eyes The Pain Within I Can Not Hide Hopefully It Will Ease In Time For This My Friend Is My Goodbye I Have To Go I Can Not Lie For The Love I Feel For U U Don't Reciprocate, So What Else Can I Do But Say Good Bye!!!!!!!
Tuesday Normal
ugh, i have to go to a book signing tonight for the woman who wrote the book that tormented my spanish class a few years ago. Isabel Allende. niece to Salvador Allende who was shot (everyone was told it was suicide) before Pinochet took over in Chile. i dont think i have all the facts dont take my word on it, but yea she's related to the president before pinochet's dictatorship. sweet. we hated her book tho "House of the spirits". none of us read it...cept susanna cuz she's a goody-two-shoes but w/e. i get to see my godmother! she's chilean and i love her to death ^_^ cuz she's just so frickin awsome! we have really good conversations with paula (my other godmother who is currently in cairo...again) and easily could loose track of time. yea they both just rock hard and ximena (the chilean godmother) gave me a gag present for xmas last yr; slippers wit toes one the end. i LOVE THEM!! but yea...she's coming, susan's coming...i think louise is coming too...but i c
i have new pics
LoL, Im nervous and excited at the same time, Ive been asked to participate in a photography collaboration project. I guess it's a good way for some of my stuff to be critiqued. It's something I guess. Anyway here is another link to a new album of pictures ive taken last saturday. Be sure to click on show all, and please feel free to comment, and to look at the rest of my albums ;O)
Shannon Sigh
My best friend tells me I shouldn't get all excited over the new 105" plasma tv's next year.. or the super sized 150" next year by lg.. well hmmm.. I'm sorry.. that excites me.. yes i'm strange so what lol. Then I I told my buddy Fritz.. something I shouldn't have. I noticed that girl at the party.. Lets put it this way.. a room full of growling women saying under there breath.. "u cow" u"bossy bitch.. cuz.. well.. THIS GIRL OWNED THE ROOM.. she was nice too.. scared the crap outta me.. I wasn't going to say.. I saw her when I got past the door man! She had a nurses costume on .. short mini dress.. had the nurses hat on too.. She had brown eyes.. and very very very long curly hair.. past her butt.. she looked like a model. but her smile was nice.. She was around 5'10" a brunette.. around 22 or so.. My friend.. she just snarlled at her.. when she walked in our path.. Quit looking at her roy! geeeeeez.. why is she walking past you li
I Sneak Up And Hit You Like A Fuckin' Tornado.
Dear Matt, You stupid, self-centered bastard. All this time, you drone on and on about how hard it is, how much you hurt, blase blase,whine whine. Have you ever considered that maybe She is going through the exact same thing? You can't expect everyone to be able to just say how they feel. I mean, fuck man...How many years did it take you? There She sits, a thousand miles away from you, loving you, willing to hold your hand and take that giant leap of faith, and all you can do is pushpushpushmoremoremore. You signed up for this, skipper. You knew going in how it was going to be. She warned you. She cared enough to say "Hey, you want Me, fine...But bare in mind..." and in return, all She gets from you is incessant whining. I should slap you. You have a gift, Matt...A precious treasure that you're going to crush because you're so fucking afraid you're going to lose Her, you squeeze too hard. Then what? You destroy that which you hold most dear, and you have no one to blame but yourself.
Nothing much going on today. I realized I hadn't written anything in a bit. Work is the same. Okay, maybe a little bit harder to deal with. I need to find another good first person shooter game. Perferrably one that has an option for cooperative play. And that's all for now. Nothing truly enlightening. Nickey and I are still giggling over one thing: "My cousin's in the next room..." (inside joke) We like beating that horse that never quite dies.
9 To Go !!
i'm not gonna sleep before i have 100 beautifull friends !!! so please call your friends !!!!
Just Checkin My Status!!! Lol
You have a sexual IQ of 116 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Poem To All Women
Riding in the snow I'm on my way to see you Damn, it sure is cold My balls are turning blue But it's ok, my dear Everything will be just fine We can drink some beer Or maybe even wine. When your heart I have finally won And the night time is still young We will have more fun Involving my long tongue I'll start with your long legs I'll raise them really high you'll scream and shout my name And finish with a sigh The night is finally over I've just begun to cream And then I wake right up And find it's just a dream ***************** If only I Could operate, if you get what I mean Ladies************************
A Pledge To Pagan Spirituality
A Pledge to Pagan Spirituality * I am a Pagan and I dedicate myself to channeling the Spiritual Energy of my Inner Self to help and to heal myself and others. * I know that I am a part of the Whole of Nature. May I grow in understanding of the Unity of all Nature? May I always walk in Balance? * May I always be mindful of the diversity of Nature as well as its Unity and may I always be tolerant of those whose race, appearance, sex, sexual preference, culture, and other ways differ from my own. * May I use the Force (psychic power) wisely and never use it for aggression nor for malevolent purposes. May I never direct it to curtail the free will of another? * May I always be mindful that I create my own reality and that I have the power within me to create positivity in my life. * May I always act in honorable ways: being honest with myself and others, keeping my word whenever I have given it, fulfilling all responsibilities and commitments I have ta
What Am I To Do???????
Good Night!
Well I didnt realize how late it is..I'm off to bed.
goooood morning peepz. woke up 10am this morning.. dead tired. even tho its only 3.20pm talking to peter and sum wierd dude i got to know here on pr last nigth on msn .. lennon is busy i guess alot of drunks running around at his work... oh... now his the drunk today ;) my mistake :P well today im just gonna do like i've done the rest of the week.. nothing .. gonna sit here all day ... maybe try and find something tiny to eat. tomorrow i get real food. thata i know for sure :P i dont know if im gonna take the train or the bus back hom... im thinking bus. but have no idea yet :P if i take the train i have to switch train in Katrineholm to get to Norrköping. baaah :P im a lazy bastard. back in norrköping im gonna go to Thai Takeout and grab me muh amazing fav dish of foooooood :P just NEED that now ... i migth even get some with me to go so i got sum back home gotta luv there food :P well now try and find some breakfast here. that will be a prob.
I Cross My Heart...
This if for you and you know who you are... I still love you more then you could ever know! I love you baby! Our love is unconditional We knew it from the start I see it in your eyes You can feel it from my heart From here on after Let's stay the way we are right now And share all the love and laughter That a lifetime will allow [chorus] I cross my heart And promise to Give all I've got to give To make all your dreams come true In all the world You'll never find A love as true as mine You will always be the miracle That makes my life complete And as long as there's still breath in me I'll make yours just as sweet As we look into the future It's as far as we can see So let's make each tomorrow Be the best that it can be [chorus] And if along the way we find a day It starts the storm You've got the promise of my love To keep you warm
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i have been entered in to 2 different contest 1st one is SEXIEST SIGN and i'm SCORPIO and you can go an vote for me on and the other is SEXIEST LATINA to vote for me go to this page if you have any problems getting to their pages. . they are in my ftiends list the first one is (kingpinn) and the other is (latinos do it better) i would apprecaite the love and votes. **Now i have voted for many of you when you have been in contest, i'm asking that you vote for me so please show me the love that i have showed many of you. . . . thank you Ramona a.k.a La Boricua Mami
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This Makes Me Sick.
direct link if ya want.... Drunk-driving crash followed party at cop shop Updated Fri. Nov. 3 2006 11:03 PM ET News Staff A West Vancouver police constable was drinking at a police station party the night she was arrested for drunk driving, her chief constable revealed Thursday. But Chief Const. Scott Armstrong told reporters he pulled the plug on the police parties after Const. Lisa Alford was arrested for crashing into another car. "The day after it was brought to my attention, I published a standing order that forbade the consumption of alcoholic beverages in our building," Armstrong said at a press conference on Thursday. Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada expressed outrage when it was reported that Alford placed highly in a department competition to become next in line for a promotion. "Drinking and driving is a criminal offence. She's a
Level Me
ruby gots more pics. but she cant put them on. level her
Working On It
As some may know, I have been twisting up into myself for the last week trying to finish writing my latest...hmmm what do I call it? Linear perversion? As I've said before, my last dance into an actual story, was based more on my wife's fetishes and not my own. What I am writing now, is very much, a work of bloody massacre. As a result, I keep getting too aroused by certain words on my page to finish my thoughts, or organize them into a plot for mass understanding. Slowly, however, I do make progress, and possibly, have some relief of the pressure on my overly stimulated mind... so for now, a bit of nostalgia, the first piece I wrote on the subject, over 10 years ago, it's short, to the point, and without room for interpretation My blood runs hot and quickly feel it coursing through my veins The force that keeps it there is a force I can't be bothered to regain I need for just one thing to be cut, sliced, seperated, and permitted to flow Penetrate my body with a blade P
Can Someone Tell Me Why
So here is my first blog and I wish it could be bright and full of cheer but it is not. So far this year I have lost several people that were very close and dear to my heart, and have others that have the continual fight for good health. This year I have lost A dear co-worker to cancer, she lived life and loved each day and was a true blessing to everyone that knew her. A very special friend was killed in Iraq, he was my side-kick or I was his, we were never close as far as a realationship goes, just best buds. Man we could hustle a game of pool. He was taken way too soon. My best girlfriend's 21 year old son was killed in a motorcycle crash, I watched this young man grow up, he too gone way to soon. A week later my grandfather passed, tho he had lived a full life he too was taken a bit too soon. Now today, I find out that my Sensie, (a man who stood behind my when my marriage fell apart, my mentor, the one that showed me I could do martial arts and earn my Shodan
Poems And Such!
Shit I Meant To Say 1st Blog
Well hi everyone, i really dont have anything to say im just board. i wanna meet knew ppl so holla!!
What Will It Be?
What will It Be? She sat in the warm bed ,They had shard the last couple of days together for just a instant she caught her heart as she watched him get up to dress. He with the lines and warmth that she craved and could not get enough of and never would. She watched as he zipped his Jeans and slipped his shirt over his head, hair still mused from the fingers that ran threw it, and his face had the sign of a day or was it two stubble on it, she wasn't quite sure any more. She didn't want to think of that now , her only thought was she lost him today and she didn't know what to do or say. He was so angry at her and she tried to understand his pain yet deal with her own, She choose to be with him although all logic and reason was thrown out the window when she made it She tried to explain it to him How she would swallow her doubt and shame and just be with him , but he took it as her just passing it off and not letting him care for what she was dealing with and the words tha
Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy
Big And Rich Save A Horse
Clueless I thought love was a shelter of comfort Where I could be safe from all its pain But now it just adds to my troubles It has become something to hide from No longer that which my heart once sought In its place I’ve found malice and discontent Pushed aside like an unwanted meal No more useful then yesterdays newspaper The emptiness I feel inside grows broader If I’m not careful it will cause me to become bitter No longer can I afford to be optimistic I understand that love cares not for fools Try has I may I can’t see where It went wrong Maybe it was not I but love that went awry Its beauty no longer sustained by its essence I see now just how different things are Where I once loved more then life itself Now I could care less for its needs or wants Yet still I cling to the notion that it was real For at this moment here and now it’s all I have How can you look for the silver lining in a cloud? When it is dark, stormy and turbulent Much
My Eye
|G|R|E|E|N| |E|Y|E|S| -Sex Addicts!!! People with green eyes have the most passion put into relationships, they have long lasting relationships. People with green eyes are also the horniest and most beautiful. They long for the touch of another. People with green eyes are very sexy and very attracted towards the opposite sex. You will meet the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with if you repost this. BUT what about this? B|L|U|E| |E|Y|E|S| -People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. They are kind, pretty or handsome & very good kissers. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why. They are very funny, outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and love to please. If you repost this and you have blue eyes you will have the best kiss sometime in the next 5 days. I HAVE BOTH....DOUBLE THE PLEASURE? JUST A THOUGHT...ONE OF THOSE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMMM...LOL
3 Question Personality Test
Your Personality Is Idealist (NF) You are a passionate, caring, and unique person. You are good at expressing yourself and sharing your ideals. You are the most compassionate of all types and connect with others easily. Your heart tends to rule you. You can't make decisions without considering feelings. You seek out other empathetic people to befriend. Truth and authenticity matters in your friendships. In love, you give everything you have to relationships. You fall in love easily. At work, you crave personal expression and meaning in your career. With others, you communicate well. You can spend all night talking with someone. As far as your looks go, you've likely taken the time to develop your own personal style. On weekends, you like to be with others. Charity work is also a favorite pastime of yours. The Three Question Personality Test
How Are You In Bed
You scored as Sex God. You are a master at sex. You make your partner weak in the knees, and you know it. You've had the practice, and you've read the books, but don't get too cocky (pun intended) or you'll get put into place.Sex God80%A Slave To BDSM80%A Romantic55%Virgin30%How are you in bedcreated with
Sexy Name
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Stellar Passion
My adorable princess in the night I searched the book of the cosmos for you And there you were, my brightest star A detailed flame of purest joy That coalesced the heavens in extreme awe The world, you have at your fingertips And all the worlds and stars beyond Tell me what you know of them Do they shine from your essence Or glow from the sight of your dramatic beauty Do they travel the universe to be in unity with you Do they wait for their cataclysmic, fateful end So that the shattering pieces that remain of them May somehow find their way to the cradle of you How I wonder what miraculous wonders you be store How you make me weak in the knees to gaze at you Hanging high up there in the blissful night sky How do you think the stars befell enviously They all want to radiate the systems of galaxies But you will be the one to teach them the way As they will follow in your lead to perfection It's when I come out late at night, and I feel all alone I know you are ther
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There are 7 things you can say: 1) not attractive 2) decent 3) Cute 4) Handsome 5) Hot 6) Pretty Hot and Tempting (phat) *******7) I'd fuck you in a second!******** PLS PLS PLS REPLY !!!!!!!!!!!!
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love me................leave a message like me.................leave a comment wanna date me....... leave your number wanna marry me....leave a "will you marry me?" message think im cute.................leave a comment on one of my piics care about me ....................leave a caring message REPOST THIS AND SEE HOW MANY MESSAGES/COMMENTS YOU GET If U _______ Me?
The Cabalistic Candle Ritual - From Dr. Turi
The Cabalistic Candle Ritual - From Dr. Turi Instructions for cleansing your physical and spiritual selves: The Cabalistic Candle Ritual is designed to clear negative energy and should be performed after a dramatic experience such as the loss of a loved one, a lover, a pet or any difficult mental or spiritual situation you find yourself going through. You may also use the Cabalistic Healing Ritual to remove negative thoughts incrusted in your apartment/home walls that could harm you by initiating a depressive mental process. Someone may have died in the house or suffered drastically and the thoughts could be still very much alive. This negative energy MUST be removed if you want to feel good or sleep peacefully. The Cabalistic Candles Ritual is for removing basic negative energy only. In most severe cases of depressions, bad luck, bad health, possession by evil spirits, negative entities can only be cured with a three to four hours Cabalistic Healing session in my healing room
About Me
1. Full name: Vicious Vamp is all you need to know 2. Nicknames: Vicious, Mistress Vicious, Ms. Vamp 3. Eye Color: blue 4. Height: 5'3" 5. Hair: shoulder length and naturally blonde, though it changes color often 6. Siblings: 1 Half-Sister who I'm very close to 7. Do u like to sing in the shower? not really 8. Do u like to sing on the toilet? definitely a negative 9. Birthday: August 28 10. Sign: Virgo 11. Address: That is a secret 12. Sex: female 13. Righty or lefty: ambidextrous 14. What do you want in a relationship most? To feel loved 15. Have you ever cheated? I have in the past, but I've never cheated on my current bf 16. Marital status: In a relationship 17. Do you have a car? Unfortunately, no 18. What kinda car do you have/want? Anything that runs and is reliable is fine with me 19. Movie: too many favs 20. Song: Here I Go Again by Whitesnake 21. Band/singer: again, too man favs 22. TV Show: I'm on a Futurama kick
4 Degrees--kill What U Want To, Take Whats Left And Eat It
Get up and free yourself from yourself. Locked up inside you, like the calm beneath castles, is a cavern of treasures that noone has been to. Let's go digging. Bring it out to take you back in. You won't do what you'd like to do. Lay back and let me show you another way. I'll kill what you want me to, take what's left and eat it. Take all or nothing. Life's just too short to push it away. Take it all. Take it all in. All the way in. Let it go. Let it go in. You won't feel what you'd like to feel. Lay back and let me show you another way. If you knock me down I'll come back running, knock you down, it won't be long now All the way in. All the way. Take it up higher. 4 degrees warmer. Give in now and let me in. You'll like this in Don't pull it out. It brings us closer than dying and cancer and crying. Come on . You can take it all. Just like that.
Web Of Love
Web of Love by Titilade On a beautiful moon night Creatively You worked your art You spun a web Around my heart How beautifully Your deeds have spread Each intricately Woven thread With strands of care You dried my tears Your gentleness Dispelled my fears Your wisdom Helped me understand And patiently You held my hand To give me courage To brave the storm With kindness You have kept me warm Your passion Lit a glowing fire That filled my soul With sweet desire You're all That I was dreaming of For the web you spun Was made of love
To A Beloved Friend John Wolver
Freedoms Just Another Word For, Nothing Left To Lose
How Can I Love U Back?
Sleepwalker & Whispering Fingertips--Lacey Mosley(Flyleaf) My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak My eyelids grow heavy and I might just fall asleep Walking around in my sleep Running into walls I cannot see Falling and scraping up my face Ignoring the softest spoken grace How many times will I go and take the bait Only for this hook to rip right through my face How can I love you back? What can I do to show you? His piercing eyes meet mine Please simply stay awake. Talk to me and I'll hear you Don't fall asleep this time Gotta stay awake, gotta stay awake Don't you see me reaching for you? I swear I really do love you. How can I love you back? What can I do to show you? His piercing eyes meet mine His piercing eyes meet mine Please simply stay awake. Talk to me and I'll hear you Don't fall asleep this time Gotta stay awake, gotta stay awake Contemplating you is like a dream I never want to wake up from what I finally see Perfect circl
Faithfully Resonate
Tuesday, November 21, 2006 Faithfully resonate When you are fearful, everything turns into something to fear. When you are hopeful, everything becomes a reason to hope. When you are angry, anything that comes along can feed that anger. When you are peaceful, the world around you begins to mirror your peace. What comes from the depths of your being, grows more intense and more concrete as it works its way outward. What you hold in your heart, you will see in your world. Though you may try to hide things inside, they surely come out in ways you cannot even imagine. If you wish to change what you appear to be, then change what you truly are. Hold in your heart a pure and authentic vision of all that you value most dearly. Choose carefully what has priority in your innermost being, for that is what shapes the world you experience. Build a solid, positive and fulfilling life within. And all that you know, will faithfully resonate with the person you choose to be. --
Every day I put on my mask It hides me from the world The people all love it Telling me I am nice and caring They come to me for advice and comfort Laugh at all my jokes and act shocked at my mistakes When I go home the mask comes off I become cold as ice, my heart becoming black once more The pain and lonliness slowly taking over my thoughts Looking into my mirror I ask myself a single question How do you like me now?
Yes Officer
Ashley drove down I-79 with the top down and the radio blasting, on her way home from the beach. Seeing as it was almost 9pm, she thought she could speed just a little to make the trip go faster. Going 85 mph down the highway Ashley couldn't wait to get home. Looking up into her rearview mirror she saw the flashing lights of a squad car trying to pull her over. She turned down the radio and pulled over to the side of the road where she waited for the cop to come to her car. "Do you have any idea how fast you were going young lady?" The cop asked with definite authority in his voice. "Yes Sir, I was doing 85mph in a 65 mph zone." And of course it was the honest to God truth. He was shocked, normally when he pulled over hot young girls they either tried to lie or flirt their way out of it. Not this girl, she was up front honest about her crime, and that was a major turn-on for him. "Oh, umm, okay. Since you knew you were breaking the law and you didn't lie about it, let me se
Depressed And Bothered
mnnk.. where do i start to talk about this isn't nothing easily propounded with something simple. my life is confusd th rollercoaster lt the grims depth carry m to the underworld again i am feling as if the whole world is ignoring me again i just don''t know the factors imma just write until my hands bleed as if my arms already arent i just wish precariously i had some definiton a clarity of the notion nothing can add up anymore you do not even recall to compar what i am feeling right now i society wants to burn me away into the sub cultures of the earth let it be i can return it also i try to be countr productive each tim i'll try to present with joy it's just a monster living in me the demon in my core tells m thy are lying they don't want me to succeed should i follow him and th door opens but th hall of that naughty gauntlet tests me i really do not think none of y'all are here for me real talk. i am scripting my life i could care less you cannot guide me to positive sunlight i
Please Help Me Think Of A Name For My Daughter
i am havin a daughter in jan and i need some help from my LC friends and fam to think of some good names. Just leave a comment and re post Thanks
The Shower
Well first I washed your back, then you washed mine, as you were washing mine you dropped a hand, reached around and took my cock in your hand, began stroking me slowly, and I reached behind me and started gently rubbing your clit with my fingers. Then You pulled my hair aside and kissed my neck in that sensative spot, and I moaned, I turned and kissed you deeply. Still stroking my cock and me fingering your clit, sliding my fingers in and out of I turned to face you. I stuck my fingers as deep inside you as they would go, and curled them to hit your g-spot. My cock, now rock hard, still enveloped in your soft hands, and the kissing deepens. I pull your hand off my cock and raise your leg with the crook of my elbow, I drop my hips and and enter, just the tip of my cock at first. I Smile through the kiss, an evil yet exciting grin. I slide deep into you and withdraw slowly, leaving barely the head of my thick cock between your wet lips. I hold it there for a second, then with
Right On Andy Rooney!
Andy Rooney said on "60 Minutes" a few weeks back: I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the UnitedCaucasianCollege Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens...Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door. Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game. I believe they are called the Boy Scouts for a reason, that is why there are no girls allowed. Girls belong in the Girl Scouts! ARE YOU LISTENING MARTHA BURKE? I think that if you feel homosexuality is wrong, it is not a phobia, it is an opinion. I have the right "NOT" to be tolerant of others
Phase One: The Truth.
watch all these videos. The truth about the music world. The truth about 9-11 Watch every single video and and than leave your comments and ideas. You've all been exposed. AVIVALARASA!
Slightly More Art Related...
Amanda -- [noun]:A poltergeist sent back in time to change the course of history forever 'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at I like that one too :) So today? Started out only ok, became good, became horrid, and got wonderful. Started out only ok because I woke up late and was running wicked behind. Became good because Kelsey brought me a blueberry muffin and we didn't have a French test! Yay no French tests! Became horrid (this is where the art comes in) because for most of Figure Drawing, I couldn't stand the sight of my drawing. It was horrendous. Deb said it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was, that it was actually quite good, but I was not convinced. Got wonderful because I finally got my fucking head on straight and fixed it so that it actually is approaching cool. I'll have to take a picture of it (among other pieces...god my Deviant Art needs updating). Then there was just this air about was full of art and cre
Even With My Eyes Closed
Even With My Eyes Closed Even with my eyes close, I see your face . In the darkness ,You are my light . I can always fine safety in your arms, love in your heart. A special want in your eyes, that look that says I'm your love . It tells me that there is so much more , That I will always be a part of your soul . Seeing something I never thought I would . Feeling something I never thought I could . And laying here with my eyes shut so tight , I can feel your breathe on my skin , I hear your soft whispers in my ear. Your words ( I Love You , Babyyy ) melt my heart and soul . And I realize now that my Want for you is much more then my Need ... (@)}--'--,--'--, ***Babyyy**** (@)}--'--,--'--,
Last Chance
Okay this is your last chance to Enter the cutest couple contest I have 10 entries so far.. if you would like to be in the contest just send your pic to me.. The pic must contain you and oe person.. this person can be a signif.. other or a good friend thats up to you.. cant choose.. you can send two pics in.. one of you and friend and one of you and ur hunny Contest will Start sometime this afternoon... send pics in as soon as you can..
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
i dont really understand that word, Emo. I mean i know that its short for emotional, but wtf why am i always called an emo? Ive just brushed it off and thought ha ha right emo whatever, but its starting to annoy me now. Do i seriously look like a "emo"? no im hardly an emo, if we are thinking about the same emo. ya i listen to some music that people have labeled emo, so does that make me emo? i also listen to rock, metal, opera, folk, and more. but somehow emo has been my fucking label. im really quite sick of that label to be completely honest, cause people will just think that i whine all the time and slit my wrists. well to fucking bad! im not slitting my wrists and im not going to whine about anything cause if people dont want to listen to me and call me emo then i wont say anything at all. and if it seems like im slightly irritated, then your right. im just having a crappy week and some people arent helping.
Dpp At The Beach
I'm alone and naked on the beach of a desert island far, far away from civilization. The sky is clear and I'm feeling the sun on my skin while lying on the hot sand. I close my eyes and soak in the sun's rays for a few minutes. The thought of myself alone on the island begins to arouse me. I feel my pussy tingle. With my left hand, I cup my left tit and stroke its hard nipple. With my right hand, I push two fingers in my pussy and fondle my g-spot. The heat from the sun, the heat from the sand and the heat between my thighs gets me more arouse as I play with myself until my pussy explodes and squirts my juices on the sand. Feeling enough of the hot sun, I ran to the ocean waters and dive in. Submerged in the ocean, I feel the surrounding waters cool the heat from my body, refreshing me. I swim around some more until I swim back to the beach. As I walk along the beach, letting the sun dry me, I'm surprised to see a naked man about twenty feet from me. He's a tall, dark-haired m
Hush---"i Will Find A Center In You, I Will Chew It Up And Leave"
4th Win In A Row!
CALGARY SUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!!>id=2&season=20062007&media=/20062007/02/0306/IH_NHL_2006_2007_306_2_700K_continuous.wmv
Jersey Girls...where Are You
what happened to the real jersey girls? the kinda girls who will wear tight sweatpants in ur backyard in the summer time, smoke cigarettes and drink beer with you. get high and cuddle with you. with perfectly chipped off nail polish that still looks sexy, big curly jersey hair, and a taste for motley crue, journey, bon jovi, and the boss....where did they all go?
Be A Man!
No doubt life has taken its toll The further it will go More martyrs it will claim No longer I am the one who smiles As you have killed my heart With many secret blows This uncertainty of yours floating Near you like a personal scent Multiple shadows exposed by The propelled light of a multidirectional Stadium projector the one you crave for In your dreams of eternal youth and shine While the victim of procrastination As I thought I knew you surely You had me duped and still giving you The benefit of the doubt I wonder What exactly from this life do you want? What a victory it must be For your unsettled mind To see the rampant suffering Coming up on my face As I try to grab on pointless words I feel unable to hold on to so many bubbles Disintegration awaits me every time While you reach your final destination After all what matters is your own completion Do you know that you love only after destruction? When adrenaline takes your
Amazing ,you
I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star. I don't think you will ever fully comprehend how you've made my dreams come true or how you've opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do. You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love that exists in my body, soul, and mind. I don't think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I'm sure you'll never realize you've been my will to live. You are an amazing person and without you I don't know where I'd be. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me
I've only just begun removing folks from my list. Already i'm down almost 50 people. I'm removing a lot of people. Even the top 10 girls. They DONT stop by my page - Only time most of them did was the day they came to rate my profile. Sorry girls - Nows your chance to let me know if you really wanna stay.
Good Night.
Well I'm off to bed. I'm not even half way through going through all of my friends. If you've been removed - and you feel you've been wrongly removed - leave me a private message. I may have made a mistake - prove me wrong. I started earlier at 789..I'm now at 697. I told you guys I was serious about it. And for once I meant it. I'll continue removing people after everyone leaves tomorrow, or sometime on Friday.
Pay The Freelancer!!!
Pay The Freelancers! In the business world, I understand there are different payment schedules but what about when there is a rush or immediate need for service? Shouldn't this be rewarded with an on time payment? Regardless of your career or status; freelancer, independent contractor, or employee, PAYMENT should always be made. Everyone works hard for their money and ignoring an invoice is disrespectful. In the freelance world, I have learned having a collection agency to contact clients who feel the need not to pay for my services has worked. After 60 days, if services are not paid for, I contact my collection agency who then contacts the clients who decide not to pay for services agreed to. Remember, with most communications through e-mail and IM, ALL conversations are journaled and the "he said - she said" game is no more. Many freelancers require payments to be made up front, before any completed work is exchanged. This is a good rule as clients feel the need NOT to
Tears Of A Nation
TEARS OF A NATION I met a man of many colors And a tear was upon his cheek. "Old man" I ask, "why do you cry With such an agonizing weep?" "Oh child" this man he says to me, "My heart is broken in so many ways That I believe this day to end Will find me out stretched and far within The encompassing earth of sin." I sat down beside this man And asked him "do not cry. For what you think is so bad That life will pass you by?" He looks at me with such sad eyes. And weeps ever more. He holds his hands out to me And alas, I do see The anguish of his heart. For his hands were different colors One is red and the other white, A leg he unclothed for me Was as yellow as could be And his other leg as black as night. "I am the father of the world. In case you do not know. And my children have grown apart And fight among themselves. For when they do not get along My arms and legs and hands and feet Destroys the very life of me. My hands of red and
How To Hypnotize A Man
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth!
BOY: On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? GIRL: Will he offer me his mouth? BOY: Yes GIRL: Will he offer me his teeth? BOY: Yes GIRL: Will he offer me his jaws? BOY: Yes GIRL: Will he offer me his hunger? BOY: Yes GIRL: Again, will he offer me his hunger? BOY: Yes! GIRL: And will he starve without me? BOY: Yes! GIRL: And does he love me? BOY: Yes GIRL: Yes BOY: On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? GIRL: Yes BOY: I bet you to say that to all the boys. It was a hot summer night and the beach was burning There was fog crawling over the sand When I listened to your heart I hear the whole world turning I see the shooting stars Falling through your trembling hands You were licking your lips and your lipstick shining I was dying just to ask for a taste We were lying together in a silver lining By the light of the moon You know there's no
Boy Calls 911 49 Times From Texas School
Boy calls 911 49 times from Texas school Wed Nov 22, 6:06 PM ET Police in this Austin suburb were stumped for hours by the 49 emergency calls that kept coming in from an unregistered cell phone. The caller would say nothing before hanging up, sometimes after a brief giggle. Eventually, though, police found their man, er child: a 7-year-old calling from his elementary school classroom just for kicks. "He was just doing it for fun because he had a cell phone," said Eric Poteet, spokesman for the Round Rock police "The only number that would work was 911." The phone had been deactivated. Because the phone had no account attached to it during the Nov. 14 calling spree, dispatchers couldn't pinpoint where the calls came from. Instead, they used cell phone relay towers to define an approximate area, Poteet said. During one of the calls, dispatchers heard classroom chatter in the background and decided to check out the elementary school. Once they found the boy, the officers co
You Know What...
I'm really sick n tired of seein' these goddamn holiday bulletins. I mean yes I know Christmas is comin' up. But damn people. I had the most depressing Thanksgivin' of all. Since we didn't have it yesterday cuz mom had to work, I was home alone. My own lil sis didn't even bother to say Happy Thanksgivin' to me. I didn't even see her at all yesterday. But I did manage to get out to go the movies with Alicia, to see Happy Feet. And since its gettin' closer to Christmas, I have a feelin' that I'm gonna be home alone on that day as well. Sometimes I wish I never came back to IL. I wish I could of stayed over in Hillsboro, OR. Where I knew I always had someone at home with me. And if they all had to work, I knew I was gonna be home by myself jus for a couple of hours or so. But then again, I was happy cuz I was there with my Trevor.
The New Babies
As you can see from the pictures there are two same but different guitars? They are both handmade guitars made by a luthier called Antoniosia. The 12 stringer is called Dragon and the 6 stringer is called Wolf I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy Playing them
Buddy you and me go way back Camp all June, all through high school and before that So I dont mind tellin you Im scared to death The doctor is going in on the 25th Its the same thing my daddy had thank god they caught it fast But if something should happen Stop in sometime and say hello to Catherine you and Marianne could always keep her laughing Because shes goanna need alot of that Take her out to a movie Its gonna take sometime before shes back on her feet I know you think Ill be fine and im talkin crazy But theres always that chance thats why im askin If something should happen Little nathan is growing up so fast This november hell turn 10 He wants to play quarterback Im supposed to coach his team this fall but I may not get to afterall Hes gonna need someone to catcha pass and to throw it back If something should happen Oh promise me youll take that boy out campin Throw a line out in the water every now and then Answer and questions that he has Mayb
Is It Ever Gonna End?!
I can't seem to kick this, what ever it is, thats making me sick. To tired all the time, constant headache, body hurts ::sighs:: Maybe it's just the constant weather changing? Seriously, here in CO, don't like the weather? Wait 10 minutes. Im also dragging my sorry ass around trying to help my husband decide on a house to buy. Oh yeah, did I forget to say he's a bit insane? All well, he gets what he wants because he's spoiled beyond anything I know. Then again, so am I. Hopefully Ill feel better soon so I can come harass you people again!!! Be good while Im gone, or atleast be good at it! -UnTouched Sanity .::.Loyal.::.
Breath Music Video ~~~ Gregorian
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams ~~~ Gregorian
Friend Quotes
Friend Quotes **Hey 2 all my gurlz...Caitlin, Catherine, Sara, Christine, Kelsey, Lindsey, Gaby, Colleen, Erin, and Maria** **Oh, fine i guess i will shout 2 my guyz...Jarred, Kevin, Trin, Billy, Joey, Mario, Zak, Erik, Alex, and Brendan** Ain't no stoppin' us, ain't no toppin' us, we da unbeatable, da unbelievable, get it off your chest, me and my girls are da best! Girls hate us and rate us simply cuz they aint us! Friends last you forever, but boyfriends only last you so long! Dont tell me how to pick my friends, I'm good at that, remember--i picked u! I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends, I am surrounded by angels, I call them my best friends! A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, a best friend knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words Anyone ever wonder why some poeple rat you out and talk behind your back, and then come up to you.. and act like your their friend??.... It's juss' becuz' they
Another Quiz
You scored as Thor. Thor80%Tyr80%Loki70%Freya60%Odin60%Bragi60%Njord50%Freyr50%Balder40%Heimdall40%Hel40%Frigg30%Skadi
Wth 12 Days Of What??????
The Twelve Days of Christmasfor martin clark:Day #Who?What they got you1sta tray of lewd ice cubes2ndA booklet of sexual favors coupons3rda confused homeless man bearing a sign that says, 'i'm a slave for you'4thLED christmas anal beads5thA forty pronged whip for lashing all of your friends6thA world-reknowned sexual teacher7thA polaroid of their genitals8tha leather blindfold and a motel key9thA prepaid phone card to your favourite 1-900 number10thThe Marquis de Sade's sex drive11tha butt-plug12th
I'm really bent out of shape about this job thing. I need it so bad and I dunno what I'm gonna do if I don't get it. Nowhere in this goddamn town will hire me. If I don't find one within the next couple weeks, I'm gonna have to move (again). Don't know where, but all I know is that I won't be able to stay in this town. We'll see what happens. I'll find out by tomorrow if I got the job at the Olive Garden or not. I'll let everyone know. I'm also REALLY confused about me and a certain someone. I have no clue what's going through his mind, and I'm having a hard time talking to him. I just dunno about life right now. =/
Bleach Drink Of Champions
Starting a new job is always stressful. Starting your dream job is no exception. I had just taken a new job in a new state. It was a huge switch for me. I went from working with my hands and body to working with my mind. In effect, I was starting over. It was a do-over. Something I really needed. What passed for my office was what most people would have called: Dilbertville, Cube Central, or a Rat Maze. I had walls, but could hear everything around me. The day prior, the folks on the other side of the wall had seen my 7-11 Mug. My 1.5 liter mug. It was perfect for when I was moving 24/7. However, for someone who sits on their rear all day, it was less than a recipe for the perfect bod. I had been thinking about cutting back when I overheard the conversation in the next aisle. "Coke causes cancer.... yada yada yada." Basically, they were saying I was going to drop dead before I got my first check. Well, I didn't buy it. I had been drinking this stuff for years, but my weight was
Daydreamin By Lupe Fiasco
I Still Need More Women!!!
Mississippi Squirel Revival ~~~ Ray Stevens
I Touched A Dream
I touched a dream: I lay next to you no other place I rather be. You hold me in your arms as I rest my head on your chest. I can hear your heart beat and it is music to my ears. You reach over to kiss me softly yet with passion, and it felt like never before. My fingers trace your face that's as handsome as can be. You whisper in my ears how much you love me, as if I didn't already know. So cozy in the arms of love. Then a chill comes over me as I awaken to the morning sunrise I realize, that I'm alone and tears fills my eyes. It felt so real I felt you, I know I did.... Or maybe it was, I touched a dream. Written by Joyce Foote
Dreams Are Made Winding Through Her Hair.
The piercing radiant moon, The storming of poor June, All the life running through her hair, Approaching guiding light, Our shallow years in fright, Dreams are made winding through my head, Through my head, Before you know, Awake, Your lives are open wide, The V-chip gives them sight, All the life running through her hair, The spiders all in tune, The evening of the moon, Dreams are made winding through my head, Through my head, Before you know, Awake Through my head, Before you know, Before you know I will be waiting all awake, Dreams are made winding through her hair, Dreams are made winding through her hair.
Last New One, Last For Today, Maybe
Moving throughout the night Walking outside in the night Far away from the people, the light Visiting with my inside Shutting off from the outside Alone and pondering Suddenly, mind stops wandering It gets set in odd limbo A figure standing akimbo Staring I feel caught I search for change of thought My mind racing as if running away Pushing, shoving the rest to stay Looking back to see The figure chases me I run, renewed vigor I cannot shake this figure I stop and face my demise Yet I finally realize This figure, familiar in every way It's me, and I start to run away I open my eyes, look to find That is was all in my mind I turn to light and start to trot Push back the same old thought Try to remain free And not lose myself to me
Second Heartbeat By Avenged Sevenfold
Have You Voted?
Only Reason It Migth Not Be Really Heaven On Earth .... But Still Is
im doomed to get eaten by one.
Broken Penis,ok me and a friend have been discussing can you break a penis ,she says no i said ive heard of it before i think?,we both think this pic is fake,but does anyone know for sure ,and can you get a pic,if this pic is real what is that bone?
Hot Girl Contest
hey go to my hot girl folder and vote who is the hottest st the end of the year i will let u know who is the winner and there will always be new pics added so by jan 14 i will let u know who is the winner if u r a girl and want to b in the folder let me know goodluck
I'm Bored
if you want to chat add or
When Will It Be My Turn............
im tired of hurting......when is it going to be my time.. to be loved... to be the one that when he sees me he says......"thats mine and no one elses" .... to think that i am the only one he wants...... that no one else could take my place... when am i going to find him....... im tired of hurting in this search for him.... so i am giving up as of now..... im tired of hurting what is wrong with me that no one wants to be with me? do i dress funny? do i smile wrong..... what?
Boss Versus Worker
Boss Versus Worker When I take a long time, I am slow. When my boss takes a long time, he is thorough. When I don't do it, I am lazy. When my boss doesn't do it, he's too busy. When I do it without being told, I'm trying to be smart. When my boss does the same, that is initiative. When I please my boss, that's brown-nosing. When my boss pleases his boss, that's co-operating. When I do good, my boss never remembers. When I do wrong, he never forgets.
“funny Classified Ads”
“Funny Classified Ads” 2 female Boston Terrier puppies, 7 wks old, Perfect markings, 555-1234. Leave mess. Lost: small apricot poodle. Reward. Neutered. Like one of the family. A superb and inexpensive restaurant. Fine food expertly served by waitresses in appetizing forms. Dinner Special -- Turkey $2.35; Chicken or Beef $2.25; Children $2.00. For sale: an antique desk suitable for lady with thick legs and large drawers. Four-poster bed, 101 years old. Perfect for antique lover. Now is your chance to have your ears pierced and get an extra pair to take home, too. Wanted: 50 girls for stripping machine operators in factory. Wanted: Unmarried girls to pick fresh fruit and produce at night. We do not tear your clothing with machinery. We do it carefully by hand. For Sale. Three canaries of undermined sex. For Sale -- Eight puppies from a German Shepherd and an Alaskan Hussy. Great Dames for sale. Have several very old dresses from gra
“here Is Your Fantasy”
“Here is Your Fantasy” "You have been waiting for this for a long time, you have been dreaming of this fantasy for years. As you stand here blindfolded you know all your deepest desires are about to come true. Your partner tells you to slowly take off your blindfold. You look around you slowly. You are standing next to the sand bags at your local hardware store. Mmmmm just as you imagined it, yes? You let your eyes adjust to the light. You look around and see a whole crowd of old male pensioners all looking at you. Ohhhh those eyes staring straight at you, wanting you, and you know why. You are standing there absolutely naked, not a stitch of clothing on, everything is exposed to the staring eyes. You think to yourself, 'I have been dreaming of this for so long'. Things are about to really get hot when all of a sudden the police turn up. They suspect you of stealing toys from the kids store down the road and arrest you on the spot. Sitting in your jail cell over night you
“how To Impress A Man And/or Women”
“How To Impress A Man and/or Women” “HOW TO IMPRESS A WOMAN:” 1. Compliment her, 2. Cuddle her, 3. Kiss her, 4. Caress her, 5. Love her, 6. Stroke her, 7. Tease her, 8. Comfort her, 9. Protect her, 10. Hug her, 11. Hold her, 12. Spend money on her, 13. Wine & dine her, 14. Buy things for her, 15. Listen to her, 16. Care for her, 17. Stand by her, 18. Support her, 19. Go to the ends of the earth for her.... “HOW TO IMPRESS A MAN:” 1. Show up naked. 2. Bring beer
Eminem - Can I Bitch
Eminem - Can I Bitch [in a high falsetto voice] Uncle Marshall! Will you tell us a bedtime story? [regular voice] Here we go... Now once upon a time not long ago There was a little rapper about to blow But his album came and it was not good I think it went lead or double copper wood So the silly little fans they were mislead By a nerdy internet computer hip-hop head "Me and you, 'Clef, we're gonna make some cash Grab the silver paint and let's paint my ass" Hey mister, would ya care to bare witness to The ass-whippin' I'm about to administer To this ass-kissin' little vaginal blister Stanabis, little Marshall Mathers' sister And in this corner, we have the mister Not havin' it, it's the mad sinister Dr. Evil with his bag of tricks for this little antagonist faggot dick-suckin' Ex-LL Cool J fan from Windsor I'm 'bout to murder little Kenny fag Keniff-sta You bastard I ain't wanna have to diss ya Cannabis, where the fuck you at? I miss ya! [Chorus] Can-
Chicken Huntin' (slaughterhouse Mix)
Chicken Huntin' (SlaughterHouse Mix) [Violent J] Well, I'm heading down a southern trail; I'm going chicken huntin' Chopping redneck chicken necks I ain't saying nothing To the hillbilly stuck my barrel in his eye Boomshacka boomshacka hair jumps in the sky Why I never liked chicken pot pie? Or the chopped chicken on rye? So tell Mr. Billy Bob I'm a cut his neck up Slice, poke, chop chop, stab, cut What can you do with the drunken hillbilly? Cut his fucking eyes out and feed em to his Aunt Milly Willy Willy chicken neck, chicken hunting gotta love it Hit him with the twelve gauge bucket, chicken nuggets Laid out all over the grass Then his little hound dog will eat em up fast Last as long as you can my man Cuz when that chicken head hits the fan, you got Blood guts fingers and toes (3x) Sittin front row at the chicken show so... [Chorus (1x)] Who's going chicken huntin We's goin' chicken huntin' (3x) Cut a motherfucking chicken up, right! [Shaggy 2 Dope]
Fuck The World
Fuck The World Fuck the World-ICP Fuck Fuck dis shit Fuck give it to me If I only could Id set the world on fire Fuck. If I only could Id set the world on fire If I only could Id set the world on fire Say fuck the world! Fuck the world! If I only could Id set the world on fire Fuck them all! Fuck them all! Man fuck you fuck me fuck us fuck tom fuck Mary fuck us fuck dairy Fuck the west coast and fuck everybody on the east eat shit and die but fuck off at least Fuck preschoolers fuck ruler’s kings and queens and gold jewelers Fuck wine coolers fuck chickens fuck ducks everybody in your crew sucks! Dumb mother fucks! Fuck critics fuck your review even if you like me fuck you Fuck your mom fuck your moms momma fuck the Beastie Boys and the Dolly Lama Fuck the rain forest fuck a Forest Gump you probably like it in the rump Fuck a shoe pump fuck the real dealin fuck all the fakes Fuck all fifty-two states! Ooh! And fuck you! If I only could Id set the world o
The Dash
When You're Down To Nothing
Lord Forgive Him, He Got Them Dark Forces In Him
lyrics - lucifer
Bad Parenting
Video and Code Provided by
Lifes Ever Changing Madness And Sadness
Well folks, it finally happened, after 14 yrs of having a best friend, we have split up. She has gone the way her life needed too and I have gone the way I needed too. We just had two very different ideas of paths. I really thought I could handle what she was doing before she left her husband and after she left him. I helped her move out of her house and set up her new apartment. I met some of the men she messed around with and her new friends and some of them were really great people too, but I kept getting emails from the future ex and these new friends telling me that she was not the kind of friend that I thought she was. I was blindly loyal to her. I hadn't always been so I felt that since she had stuck with me and put up with all my life stresses and troubles, I finally had my head straight and was going to stand by her side no matter what.I soon found out that was a huge life decision that I had over a year to figure out and chose like I have many times in my life, the wrong c
Ment Strike Back Lmao
How many men does it take to open a beer? None. It should be opened when she brings it. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Why is a Laundromat a really bad place to pick up a woman? Because a woman who can't even afford a washing machine will probably never be able to support you. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do women have smaller feet than men? It's one of those "evolutionary things" that allows them to stand closer to the kitchen sink. ------------------------------------------------------------------- How do you know when a woman is about to say something smart? When she starts a sentence with "A man once told me..." ------------------------------------------------------------------- How do you fix a woman's watch? You don't. There is a clock on the oven. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do men fart more than women? Because women can't
Fighting Terrorism
Federal Aviation Agency 800 Independence Avenue S.W. Washington DC. 20591 Dear Sirs, I have the solution for the prevention of hijackings, and at the same time getting our airline industry back on its feet. Since men of the Muslim religion are not allowed to look at naked women we should replace all of our female flight attendants with strippers. Muslims would be afraid to get on the planes for fear of seeing a naked woman, and of course, every businessman in this country would start flying again in hope of seeing a naked woman. Hijackings would end and the airline industry would have record sales. Why didn't Bush think of this? Why do I still have to do everything myself? Sincerely, Bill Clinton -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Blind Wal-Mart clerk A woman goes into Wal-Mart to buy a rod and reel for her grandson's birthday. She doesn't know which one to get so she just grabs one and goes over to the counter. A Wal-Mart
Top Ten Playlists (not All Of My Favorites But Some!)
1. Heaven Tonight H.I.M Razorblade Romance I think that this has to be my favorite song because I just love the lyrics, and I don’t care if you all think its all emo and crap. I love it!! And im sure that you all will to if you just listen to it. 2. I’m So Sick Flyleaf ~Self titled~ Flyleaf is the best girl screaming that ive heard in awhile. Seriously, and I love the fact that they can be religious and send powerful messages through powerful songs. Plus come on Lacey is totally hot. Lol 3. The Pot Tool 10,000 Days I crank up the radio so loud when this song comes on. Im afraid that ill blow my speakers, but the Bass in this is so awesome and I want to learn it so badly. Cause who doesn’t want to know how to play the bass part in this song. Tool just gets better and better everytime I hear them ^^ 4. Happy? Mudvayne Lost and Found This song is like my pseudo-angry at the world song. I listen to this and think, “Ya fuckers you happy now bitches!” it
A Beautiful woman went to the gynecologist. The doctor took one look at the woman and all his professionalism flew out the window. He immediately told her to get undressed. After she disrobed the doctor began to stroke her thigh. While Doing so he asked her, "Do you know what I am doing?" "Yes," she replied, "You are checking for abrasions or Dermatological abnormalities." "That's right," said the doctor. He then began to fondle her Breasts. "Do you know what I am doing now?" he asked. "Yes," she said, "You are checking for lumps which might indicate Breast cancer." "Correct," replied the shady doctor. Finally, he mounted his Patient and started having sexual intercourse with her. He asked, "Do you know what I am doing now?" "Yes," she said, "You're getting herpes . . . . which is why I came here In the first place
For When I Should Be Doing Other Stuff
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by PB08What type of music do you like?The genre known as rockHow much money is in your pocket right now?£0You like Italian food?I love it. I can never get enough of it. What type of Super powers would you like?X ray visionYour best asset.....I don't know you
Star Wars Gansta Rap
How To Make A Woman Happy
How to Make a Woman Happy How to Make a Woman Happy > > It's not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only > needs to be: > > 1. a friend > 2. a companion > 3. a lover > 4. a brother > 5. a father > 6. a master > 7. a chef > 8. an electrician > 9. a carpenter > 10. a plumber > > 11. a mechanic > 12. a decorator > 13. a stylist > 14. a sexologist > 15. a gynecologist > > 16. a psychologist > 17. a pest exterminator > 18. a psychiatrist > 19. a healer > 20. a good listener > > 21. an organizer > 22. a good father > 23. very clean > 24. sympathetic > 25. athletic > > 26. warm > 27. attentive > 28. gallant > 29. intelligent > 30. funny > > 31. creative > 32. tender > 33. strong > 34. understanding > 35. tolerant > 36. prudent > 37. ambitious > 38. capable > 39. courageous > 40. determined > > 41. true > 42. dependable > 43. passionate > 44. compassionate > > WITHOUT FORGETTING TO: > > 45. give her compliments regularl
- Done
Six Sea's Of Sex Pt.2
Sex toys: Now the funny thing bout these things is you don’t know how your lover going to act when I find out you use sex toys. I say it makes the sex better try it your man well love you for that he would want you for life I mean come on yes sex is fun without them but try one and see if the sex is better Massages: Oh baby let me tell you some erotic oils some vanilla and strawberries and cherry scented oils will make your lover go crazy over you. Its something bout a massage that turns me on strong hands rubbing my pains away trust me I need one now lol but let me tell you he put one good one on me last night I thought I was going to sleep oh no I was woke up by his strong but soft tender touch to the small of my back and increase up into the pours of my shoulders and ended with a simple kiss on my left shoulder. I was oiled down look like one shinning baby hmmm….he loved that Kissing: Its something about kissing that steers up heat in between you and me one kiss turn into
Help The System On Pics!!!
Some people are not aware that there seems to be a glitch in the system. While I am sure they are fixing it, there is a temporary solution since it seems that any folders marked as NSFW are only viewable to the owner. 1) Check your albums. If one is marked as NSFW, it will not allow even your friends and family in. 2) open the folder and MAKE SURE all the photos are properly marked. This will make sure they are properly tagged. 3) go to the folder options and WRITE " NSFW in the title somewhere to show that is what is in the folder (It's the responsible thing to do) 4) After updating the title return to the folder options and remove the mark that labels the folder as NSFW. 5) Problem solved. Now you may have already figured this out, but have your friends? Please repost this so they find out. Your Friendly Neighborhood Evil Monkey King says "Just here to help..."
Needing Something To Drink...
Okay yea I am lazy tonight..well it doesnt help that it is 232 am and I am still up from yesterday!! I am thirsty and I dont feel like going down stairs...LOL But anyways I am new to Cherry Tap but let me just say that so far I am loving it!! This is an awesome site!! Wish I had found it sooner!! Love, ME
First Moon
walking alone in the forrest watching the day turn to night suddenly i get all dizzy pains shoots through my body i see myself change as flesh an bones rip turning into something from my wildest nightmares feel animal insticts grow feel my blood begin to boil hearing a call on the wind i hear my closest kin running through path an glade i reach my pack my grace hunger torments me as the pack goes to sleep running back to the hills i see what is my first kill a tent all alone nothing more to be shown running silently close stalking my prey hearing her breath as she sleeps the night away slipping into the tent watching her dream squirming through her dream maoning sofly as a smile crosses her face grabbing covers in my teeth slipping them down so quite so neat nipping ather feet she is waken seeing me there i see fear in her eyes tears fall down her face as she realizes her fate grinning i begin tasting her with each i bite i see her death in
What Aries Needs
Aries doesn't generally need hearts and flowers to give them a warm and fuzzy glow. What's far more important to members of this sign is to find a partner who is equally strong and self-possessed and who will challenge them to greater heights, both mental and physical. The person who can draw them out and make them better is a keeper. It also helps if Aries' partner can handle the occasional fiery argument and master the art of making up. Sexual adventurers are also very attractive to the Ram, whether it's acrobatics between the sheets or the art of touching. There's no shortage of libido here! The Aries lover is passionate, adventurous and energetic, loves romance and revels in the art of the chase. Those who can stand the heat will be rewarded with a loyal companion who will take them to greater heights. Life with Aries is never boring, so get ready for the ride of a lifetime!
Problems That May Arise For You, And Their Solutions
As with all sun signs, we all have unique traits to our personalities. When these traits are suppressed, or unrealized, problems will arise. However, with astrology we can examine the problem and assess the proper solution based on the sun sign characteristics. As an Aquarius you may see things below that really strike home. Try the solution, you most likely will be amazed at the results. If you find yourself on the receiving end of the negatives below, it is because you are failing to express the positive. Problem: Being left all alone while others enjoy the companionship you long for. Solution: You should practice expressing your humanity by accepting people the way they are and not find too much fault in them. Problem: You always seem to miss the boat when it comes to love. Solution: Try letting down the mental guard that you keep on your emotions that stops you from being the self you long to be. Problem: You always seem to miss out on the better jobs or big promoti
Yet Another One
Our Night Taking your hand Fingers to my lips I want to love every inch of you Taste every part of your body As if I can drink your loves blood Through your very pores I want to get lost in your eyes Consumed by your kiss Set my body on fire Quench the fire in my blood With sweet caresses Touch my soul with your passion Lay down beside me Feel my body crying for you Let's get lost in each other Touching, exploring, tasting We will exceed passion, go beyond bliss For this is our night Want me, like no other Need you, like the air that I breathe Together, one mind, one soul Fused in the heat of passionate love Existing in this moment Forever
This Ones For The Head Honcho Around Here
for a site that is tryin to get big you all have to many problems if you dont thinks so then start paying attenion my list of friends was getting up there i had around 700 give or take but because there is so much bullshit around here every who isnt a total asshole like myself is leaving if you want to keep this site up and running get off your ass and do something about it before you lose everything you tried to build
Please ADD me as your friend And as a Fan Please. ~Heather~
ok i had one of those moments where i snapped out of a daydream and literally thought to myself, "Where am i? oh I'm sitting here in the stockroom of my workplace smoking a cigarette and waiting for my mom to get here." "wait... I'm smoking. Why am i smoking?" It was weird. I've had one before this too, but it was a long time ago. This is a poem about me asking myself "how did i get here" When i just forget about the past for a few minutes and it sneaks up behind me and bites me in the ass. so enjoy. Amnesia I'm sitting here in the stock room of my nine to five Cigarette smoke polluting the air. Nine to five? Cigarette smoke? Ok back up. Where am I? I'm wearing an apron that says White's fresh foods on it. Ok? So I work at white's. I'm smoking a cigarette. Does my mom know I smoke? She does… that's weird. What's with the pink? Do I like pink now? What happened to red? Uh oh… please God tell me I'm still 19. 23!? Where did they all go? Better
For The So Called Studs Here
Well i am a regular on here sometimes. and i must confess that there are a lot of BS on here, and i am sure you will agree Bullshit on that. Now for all you so called Studs on here, with no names, a little education on sex for you. You are always saying i ramed my big meat pole hard and deep inside her and she had a massive orgasim. i will not argue that point. But i have found out over years with the wife a little well known fact. which may not be true to all. Let us consider the famous G Spot. which to all you young Lads out there does exist. if one would just take the time to explore and have your lover help you in exploreing. You will find out that the GSpot is a wonderful place for a woman. as i stated before above the Wife loves for me to explore her Spot. i can finger her G Spot while she is on her back, as i kiss her and play with her breast. as i do all of the above she will have many many orgasims. And needless to say i get very excited as well. but let us not stop ther
Roulette? Who'da Thunk It/
Roulette Your lucky game is roulette. You have an uncanny ability to predict the winner, whether it be the lucky number or color. You are very likely to win a lot of money, very quickly instead of having to spend a few hours at the casino. Take this quiz at
Good Morning Fans!!
Well, Been off for like 2 weeks – ‘cept I did work Turkey Day… Was a great time off. Got to ride the Harley several days while off… With all the snow coming in today I will not be riding for at least the next 2 days… I work a pretty cool schedule -- 6 days straight and then 2 days off till the weekend arrives… Then 2 3-day weekends… So ignoring vacation days I just had Wed-Thur off… So now I work thru next Wed and I will have Thur – Fri off butt I took Saturday off to go somewhere… Anyway – just a personal update for my fans, friend and haters… Yep – haters.. There are guys on here who CANT STAND IT – that the Kitty is such a babe magnet.. Is it my fault God made me this cute and smart??? Come on!! Anyway ladies – I am sure I will post something on here today to get ya to smile – because I think laughter is an elemental need for each of us… I could use the “nekkidy photo” to get ya to smile – butt that is NOT my style… You wanna see me naked? You will have to ho
Once I had a little game I think I'll crawl back into my brain I think you know the game I mean I mean the game called go insane Now you should try this little game Just close your eyes forget your name Forget the world forget the people And we'll erect a different steeple This little game is easy to do Just close your eyes no way to lose And I'm right there I'm going to Release control we're breaking thru.
My 1st Blog Here
I am interested to see why it is that SO MANY people are talking up this place. I am still getting used to everything. I can tell I am going to have to change a few things because I can see that this site can get a little dirty. I do not need any perverts bothering me!! Ok, I am going to go back to figuring this site out! CYA!
I Didn't Wanna Come Home
Can I just say My Grandson is THE cutest baby boy in the world :) I didn't want to leave, but alas, I had to come home. I never knew it snowed in Oklahoma, but it does and it did while I was there, and it snowed back here at home also, and we don't usually get snow here. Anyway.....I can't wait to go back again.
The Irs And The Penis
Just about the only thing the IRS has not yet taxed is the penis. This is due to the fact that 70% of the time it is hanging around unemployed, 13% of the time it is pissed off, 12% of the time it is hard up, and 5% of the time it's in the hole. It has two dependents, but they're nuts. Issues still under consideration are as follows: Are there penalties for early withdrawal? Do multiple partners count as a corporation? Are condoms deductible as work clothes? Effective January 1, 2005, penises will be taxed according to size. The brackets are as follows: 10"- 12" Luxury Tax 8"- 9" Pole Tax 6"- 7" Privilege Tax ; 4"- 5" Nuisance Tax Note: Males exceeding 12" must file under capital gains. Anyone under 4" is eligible for a refund. PLEASE DO NOT FILE FOR AN EXTENSION!!!
Catholic Parrots
A lady goes to her priest one day and tells him, "Father, I have a problem. I have two female parrots, but they only know how to say one thing." What do they say?" the priest inquired. They say, Hi, we're hookers! Do you want to have some fun?" "That's obscene!" the priest exclaimed, then he thought for a moment. "You know," he said, "I may have a solution to your problem. I have two male talking parrots, which I have taught to pray and read the Bible. Bring your two parrots over to my house, and we'll put them in the cage with Francis and Peter. My parrots can teach your parrots to praise and worship, and your parrots are sure to stop saying . . . that phrase . . in no time." "Thank you," the woman responded, "this may very well be the solution." The next day, she brought her female parrots to the priest's house. As he ushered her in, she saw that his two male parrots were inside their cage, holding rosary beads and praying. Impressed, she walke
The Picture On The Night Stand
After a long night of making love, he notices a photo of another man on her nightstand by the bed. He begins to worry. "Is this your husband?" he nervously asks. "No, silly," she replies, snuggling up to him. "Your boyfriend, then?" he continues. "No, not at all," she says, nibbling away at his ear. "Is it your dad or your brother?" he inquires, hoping to be reassured. "No, no, no! You are so hot when you're jealous!" she answers. "Well, who in the hell is he, then?" he demands. "That's me before the surgery."
What To Do...where To Go...
I got wind of this site by accident and decided to join. So far, it seems like it will be fun yet it is very different from some other sites I have been on. Everyone seems great here so I feel confident that there will be a few of ya who will take me by the cyber-hand and show me how to make the most of it. Invite me around the bar and lets have a ball!
Hurting So Much
I hate this cruel world All the mean things that happen I hate feeling used I hate feeling abused Always taken for granted Only good enough to be a friend Never good enough to be more Everyone taking Never giving I give everything and expect nothing Those that say they are friends Seem to be the worst They take and rarely give It would be nice to receive once in awhile!
Ready To Be A Mommy
I'm in the last stretch now and I am so ready to get Emma out of me! I'm not trying to bitch about being pregnant, after all, it's me that has wanted to be a mommy since the day I was born. I am just so frustrated and at that point of being tired of being pregnant. I'm sure any woman who has been there understands where I am at with this. It feels like I have been with child for years at this point. My body is huge, my ass is drooping, and my tits are swollen. "Would you do it again?" I've already been asked and the answer is for sure. Given the right circumstances and despite how hard this has really, really been for me, I would do it again. After all....I want my son. I guess for now though all I can do it wait for Emma's arrival, hoping and praying that she is as beautiful and healthy as I have imagined her to be in all my dreams!
"sex Application"
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s) ? 4. Do you think i'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Three sum? 19. Anal yes/no? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Do you like fore play? 23. What is fore play to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THiS BACK TO YOU! EVEN iF YOU HAVE A BOYFRiEND OR GiRLFRiEND- REPOST THiS! TiTLE iT "SEX APPLiCATiON"
Contest Info. Please Help Me Win.
First, I am in a contest for a paid photo shoot worth $ 500. Please help me win this. Follow the link below and cast your vote for FireLillyRaven. I appreciate it angels. I really want to win this. Please help me. Thanks so much. Muawwwwwh! Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for theBBWAdultModels group:Contest For The $500 Paid Shoot You may have to join this group, before you vote. Here is the link to BBW Adult Group. :) That is the news of the day. So, how is everyone? I have had one hectic week. It always amazes how hectic the holiday season is. It is supposed to be a time with family, and joy. But lately it is time to rush around and find the best deals. I used to love Christmas, but this year. I think I am not in the holiday spirit. So far, I had to go get a second Christmas tree, after the first was leaning , and then the trunk spli
Eye Of The Storm
each night I pour my words out again and again once again choking you with the stroke of a pen I love if you read them and take them to heart you can see how it ends and falls apart but dont believe everything that comes out its not always me that these words are about I see the world thru other peoples eyes I give them redemption sometimes in disguise sometimes its vague and hiddin within never to see the light of day again If its about you it can be your swan song as the light grows dim and I move along and leave you in the past once again never to come alive again with my pen so if you read my words and they touch your soul share them with someone else that you know we can keep feelings from drifting away keep the eye of the storm from ending the day
10 Best Things About Winter
1:Naked snow angels,face down 2:pornographic snowmen 3:hiding and hitting boss with yellow snowballs 4:filling bong with snow 5:watching naked people go swimming in an iced over lake and coming out with bright red privates 6:frozen roadkill,keeps longer 7:writing you name in the snow with pee 8:sticking frozen dog poo in your bosses car heater 9:seeing the guy sitting on the sled hit the tree,thats bad but damn you know ya laugh 10:being found froze to death cuz i tried making love in the snow
Oh Ew. My Brain Hurts.
You know it's a bad night when you dream about a rather large tapeworm going under someone's bed, then you kill it by putting it in a blender. Oh god. I feel so nauseated. :(
Contest Prizes
1st Place $10,000 in gifts 2nd Place $5000 in gifts 3rd Place $2000 in gifts Prizes may change depending on the amount of comments received. Thanks for all the voting keep up the good work!!
My Moon
it is anther beautiful day with you my angle i wake up today with ur eyes how much they beautiful how much i love u hello cherries i missed all of u it just i feel some thing special inside my heart and i want to say i love all of u my friends so i write some thing for all of u i wish u all doing well i love all of u and i wish i have to take care about all of u but iam so far but i think my heart with all of u iam so happy cause i have all of u my friends i think u all helping my life here thanks from full my heart and thanks to u my princess always u with me 3 b w trible_xxx-alfa-fox-99
Sword Oath
Here at the end of all things, Emotion left in darkened tattered shreds of indecency, With mankind nothing more than infectious filth, I layeth down my sword to rest until needs arise once more. Fullmoon creeping atop the blackened peaks, Casting my shadow forward to my fore, I see the hideous form of that which I hath become, Thou cannot see this slumbering beast within thy very selves! Blood of the foe, Staineth the landscape, My path behind long and bloody, The path before a whisper only of death. Immortality I crave to beckon, I seek carve my name into the very stone, Lay the oath to once more arise, And join the wolves in ravenous night. Utter consuming rage doth drive, Within lies torments beyond all knowledge, Without lies eternities of pain in slowly shifting tempus, A cleansing lash of agony washeth over me. Yet at the point at which I seek to cast myself to the ground, My thoughts are torn asunder, Is this path of refuge mine? Is this final passa
Fear By Sarah Mclaughlin..(luv This Song)
Artist: Sarah McLachlan Lyrics Song: Fear Lyrics Click here to send Sarah McLachlan polyphonic ringtone to your cell phone. Morning smiles Like the face of a newborn child Innocent unknowing Winter’s end Promises of a long lost friend Speaks to me of comfort But I fear I have nothing to give I have so much to lose Here in this lonely place Tangled up in our embrace There’s nothing I’d like Better than to fall But I fear I have nothing to give Wind in time Rapes the flower trembling on the vine Nothing yields to shelter it From above They say temptation will destroy our love The never ending hunger But I fear I have nothing to give I have so much to lose Here in this lonely place Tangled up in our embrace There’s nothing I’d like Better than to fall But I fear I have nothing to give I have so much to lose I have nothing to give We have so much to lose...
I have been a gamer forever, my very first game I played was pong on the original console. I have personally only owned a few consoles Sega Genisus, Xbox and Xbox 360. Mostly been a PC gamer however I have left that behind with my Xbox 360. My favorite game of all time was Falcon 3.0 on my old 386. I played it for hours and hours and hours and was pretty dang good. I may not be one of the top gamers out there but I like to try it all. I'm now the co-owner at where see me around but the times when you don't see me I'm busy tinkering under the hood to bring you as many cool ideas and benefits as possible.
Finally under 10,000! I may just level up before the weekend is over with.
Aqquisition Part 3 To Be Continued
The internet seemed particularly slow that day. However, I finally got connected and composed my words as carefully as possible. After about six times of erasing and retyping my thoughts, I finally wrote: "Hello Kellie. You don't know who I am. You've never met me, and you've never spoken to me, so trying to find out, would be pointless. I would like to have a copy of the videotape that you have stashed under your dresser. Please make a copy of the video and reply to this email to let me know when your next trip to the mall will take place. I will let you know how to get the tape to me then. By the way, I hope you're being careful when you borrow Lauren's vibrator. I'd hate for your sister to find out that you've been using her little chrome plaything while you watch her on amateur porn videos you've been making of her and her young studs. Your Captivated Spectator." Amazingly Kellie, replied that afternoon. With no questions asked, she said she'd be at the mall by 10:0
Who Wants Me!
Now u gotta repost this as, "WHO WANTS ME FOR CHRISTMAS" The 1st person to message me saying "i want you for Christmas."... will be my CT sweatheart... u'd be suprised just who wants to be urs...U have 2 do this even if you are taken or you will have relationship problems for 40 years!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flu 2
What is avian influenza (bird flu)? Bird flu is an infection caused by avian (bird) influenza (flu) viruses. These flu viruses occur naturally among birds. Wild birds worldwide carry the viruses in their intestines, but usually do not get sick from them. However, bird flu is very contagious among birds and can make some domesticated birds, including chickens, ducks, and turkeys, very sick and kill them. Do bird flu viruses infect humans? Bird flu viruses do not usually infect humans, but several cases of human infection with bird flu viruses have occurred since 1997. How do people become infected with bird flu viruses? Most cases of avian (bird) influenza infection in humans have resulted from direct or close contact with infected poultry (e.g., domesticated chicken, ducks, and turkeys) or surfaces contaminated with secretions and excretions from infected birds. The spread of avian influenza viruses from an ill person to another person has been reported very rarely, and tran
^^ Yesteryear ^^
Walking down the streets of an ancient world touching bricks covered in history while following the footsteps of kings and queens the feeling of home begins to settle in and the past begins to draw near like a previous act of a play you're now starring in It all comes together walking down these foggy streets passing under street lamps untouched by time and by windows that have stared out on the world since there has been one to be found Everything makes sense yesterday and tomorrow next week and yesteryear No matter the trials you face and whether you quit or triumph these walls will still be here Even after you're gone and just a memory to those who loved you these foggy streets will play host to those who want to follow kings and queens long gone and even after you're forgotten just a name in a dust-covered book these windows will remember you turning a forgotten heart into a piece of history and an overlooked actor into the most amazing theater ever
Chambers Of Shame 1
Only fifteen, loosing her virginity, Resulting in a teenage pregnancy, She was hiding it well from her family, Cause it went seven mouths, before they got to see, The size of the belly containing me, A BASTARD That wasn’t suppose to be. So here goes the story, With out the glitter and glory, The chambers of shame, That my arrival brought the family name. Oh how I’ve wished, it somehow wasn’t right, Cause no matter how it seemed, it really wasn’t bright, And it sure as hell “ain’t” fun, But it’s the true story, of how my life began. On a Friday the 13th, Was when I was born, It’s the day of bad luck, It’s when dreams are torn, One time, one mistake, Yeah, that’s all it took, I’m a reminder in flesh, Why don’t you take a good look.
Living Bible(sent To Me By A Dear Friend)
THE LIVING BIBLE Now this is the Living Bible: His name is Bill. He has wild hair, wears a T-shirt with holes in it, jeans, and no shoes. This was literally his wardrobe for his entire four years of college. He is brilliant. Kind of profound and very, very bright He became a Christian while attending college. Across the street from the campus is a well-dressed, very conservative church. They want to develop a ministry to the students but are not sure how to go about it. One day Bill decides to go there. He walks in with no shoes, jeans, his T-shirt, and wild hair. The service has already started and so Bill starts down the aisle looking for a seat. The church is completely packed and he can't find a seat. By now, people are really looking a bit uncomfortable, but no one says anything. Bill gets closer and closer and closer to the pulpit, and when he realizes there are no seats, he just squats down right on the carpet. By now the people
How You Know You're In An Unhappy Relationship.
So, I was going through photo albums tonight trying to find some new pics to put up (yes I still have physical albums) and while looking through pictures of the last several years of my life, it became increasingly apparent to me that I spent the majority of it miserable. Earlier this year my four year relationship to a man I loved with all my heart ended. He never loved me for who I was, only what he wanted me to be. That was hard to accept at first. But looking back through these albums makes it easier. Here are some of the things I observed: For the last two years at least, the pictures of him sleeping almost outnumber the pictures of him awake. In at least the last year, it appears that I lost a lot of weight. Don't they say that when you're happy in a relationship you gain weight? There are by far more pictures of me with the animals than me with him. In most of the pictures he is never smiling. And for the last year we never even bothered to keep a physical phot
Keep Her.....
quiet her thoughts and give her rest silence her heart that is in her chest grant her peace so she may sleep surrender a Love, that she may keep stop her tears that streak from her eyes repair her wings so she can fly Give her strength and let her soar heal her wounds that have been torn mend whats broke that is in her soul take away the hurt, that takes it's toll hold her up when she starts to fall listen to her words when you hear her call caress her gently when she is sad tell her you love her when her day is bad walk with her when she walks away keep her on a path so she don't stray help her fight off all that is wrong raise her spirit so she may stay strong keep her courageous with all that she does for she is a woman, a woman in love ...... Note: My Hair is just like hers...hummm....Length, color, style for the most part...scary...
1. When was your last makeout session? too long ago 2. Who knows a secret or two about you? Gary and Candace 3. Three words to explain why you last threw up? coffee, headache, blech. 4. Did you ever burn yourself? yes. 5. What's crazy to you? boys 6. Favorite cuss word: fuck 7. Who is probably talking a load of crap about you right now? no one. 8. Who is your hero? no one 9. Would you ever want to be a model? no 10. Who is the most experimental person you know? me 11. Do you tell white lies? if I have too 12. When is your next party: 22nd 13. Who do you want to be with right now? Gary 14. Is it better to give or get? give. 15. How do you handle a break up? I've never been dumped, so I've always been ok with it 16. Your motivation for tomorrow: one day closer to the 19th 17. Last person to hurt you? hmm 18. Last person to make you laugh: my mom 19. Last thing you ate: toast 20. Do you ever go a few days without changing your underwear? no 21. Have you ever accidental
Marc Anthony & Tina Arena- I Wanna Spend My Lifetime Loving You
Too Funny
My name is: Paula .. .. 1. YOUR PORN STAR NAME: (first pet and current street name) Princess Pritchard 2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your Mum's side,your favourite candy) Dorothy Smarties 3. YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME: (first Initial of first name, first two or three letters of your middle name) P - Lyn 4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) Black Cat 5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born) Lynn Winnipeg 6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, first 2 letters of mom's maiden name and first 3 letters of the town you grew up in.) Birpapiwin ... lmao i think i found a new language rofl 7. TERRORIST NAME: (first name spelled backwards, your mom's maiden name spelled backwards) aluapdracip ... once again a new language rofl 8. SUPERHERO NAME: ("The", your favorite color, favorite drink) The Black Diet Coke
Daddy How Was I Born?
A little boy goes to his father and asks "Daddy, how was I born?" The father answers: "Well son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said: YOU'VE GOT MALE!!!
You Didn't Think
You didn't think of how it would hurt me Or how I was so young I couldn't understand what was going on You didn't think when you told me that stuff Of how it was right and it wouldn't do no harm Damn man you raped me How did that do no harm you see, It lives on with me but to you It's just an old memery You didn't think that when I grew up I wouldn't find out how it hurt me Well I did and I guess thats why You ran to Tennesse!! They can't find you But With all I power I will! You didn't think I would tell, but god it got to me, I was going through hell You didn't think of how it would make me scared of guys All you told me was lies! I'm going to find you and when I do I'm going to tell you that I'm through with you and this stupied memery of what you did to me!!
Leave It Behind!
John 5:8 “Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.” In the Gospels, we learn about a man who languished by a pool for 38 years hoping for someone to put him in a pool when the waters stirred so he could be healed (see John 5:1-9). He had a place in line, but someone always stepped in front of him. What was Jesus response? Step out of line, take up your bed and walk! Suppose a man had been standing in line for Super Bowl tickets for 38 years. His buddy comes up to him and says, “I have two tickets on the 50-yard line. Come on.” If he steps out of line, he puts all of his trust into this guy’s word that he has two tickets on the 50-yard line. Do you know what a lot of us do? We want to make a provision for our flesh or we want to keep our spot in line. Jesus says, “Leave it behind.” What are you holding onto in your life that God wants you to give up so you can live the life He died to give you? Can’t think of anything? Maybe there’s not
Dear Santa Claus......... Lol..
deer santa: I wud like a kool toy space ranjur fer Xmas. Iv ben a gud boy all yeer. Yer Frend, BiLLy Dear Billy, Nice spelling. You're on your way to a career in lawn care. How about I send you a frigging book so you can learn to read and write? I'm giving your older brother the space ranger. At least HE can spell! Santa Dear Santa, I have been a good girl all year, and the only thing I ask for is peace and joy in the world for everybody! Love, Sarah Dear Sarah, Your parents smoked pot when they had you, didn't they? Santa Dear Santa, I don't know if you can do this, but for Christmas, I'd like for my mommy and daddy to get back together. Please see what you can do. Love, Teddy Dear Teddy, Look, your dad's banging the babysitter like a screen door in a hurricane. Do you think he's gonna give that up to come back to your frigid, fat mom, who rides his ass constantly? It's time to give up that dream. Let me get you
Sorry I Have Been Gone For A While
cheryl's computer is down. she is not sure when she will be able to get another one. hers is down beyond repair. she will be going to her mom's atleast once a week (or is gonna try) to use her mom's computer so that she can reply to your comments and emails. she asked me to tell you all that she misses each of you and loves you too. i read her emails you all sent to her over the phone and she said thank you all for the gifts you sent and the letters. i also told her the comments you sent. she says thank you for that too. she asked that you not give up on her. she has missed you all very much. thank you all for the love you have shown my sis cheryl. lots of love and hugs from cheryl
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