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My Treasure
My Treasure Strangled cry doth love bequeath pon troubled heart expire tears stream down from eye to cheek to prove the pain you sire Pain and sorrow tis loves mistress it makes joy felt overwhelming for without one the others less fulfillment intertwined they bring So feel the hurt and relish pain for with them comes the pleasure of unrequited love the gain for which I'm sure we'll treasure Kevin Dustin
My Tribute
to all of my friends and people whjo talk to me, thanks
My Trackz
Am I the only DeeDeeDee that can't get the My Trackz to work? Yes I went to public school....but is it that tough?
My Trip To The Dentist
My Trip
I am leaving tomorrow morning for Birmingham, Alabama. My flight begins in Oklahoma City, I switch planes in Houston, and then on to Birmingham. I will spend the night in Birmingham, then wednesday morning drive out to Atlanta, Georgia, and then Thursday morning go back to BHAM. I will spend a big part of Thursday evening there before getting back on a plane headed for Oklahoma City. Thats a lot of traveling for 3 days, lol. Anyone is welcome to visit my Myspace page. ( I will post all of the pictures that I take on there once I get back!
My Triumphant Return To The Wonderful World Of Education...
Well I have finally started school in Blackfoot, ID. I had almost forgotten how much of a pain education can be. Dont get me wrong, I love this place. But I think its just gonna take a while for me to get back into the swing of things. Having to get up early in the morning, make lunch for myself, sit through 8 hours of class, take tests, and do HOMEWORK! I get tired halfway through the class from just sitting in one place all day long. Now I remember why I used to fuck around and cause trouble so much before, it was the only way to keep myself from falling asleep in my chair! But now that I am older and a little bit wiser, I realize that this may not be the best environment to pull that kind of crap in. Besides, I really need to learn this stuff and pass with flying colors so that I can find employment when I am finished. Also its only for 1 month and not for 10 months like regular school was, so its really not all that bad at all. The teachers are really nice guys and they make
My Tree
You Are A Lime Tree You are intelligent, hard working, and innately successful. You try to change what you can in life - and you accept what you can't change. Tough on the outside, you are actually soft and relenting. Jealous at times, you are extremely loyal and giving to those you love. You have many talents, but you don't have enough time to use them. What's Your Celtic Horoscope?
My Tree
Hey ya'll i found this and thought it was cool. wish you are a merry christmas.
My "true Love's" Sign
Your True Love Is an Aquarius Why you'll love an Aquarius: Independent yet devoted, you'll appreciate the unique approach to love Aquarius takes. You both see love as a bit of a game, and Aquarius will challenge you until you're completely hooked. Why an Aquarius will love you: You're secure enough to give Aquarius tons of space - even if it means separate interests and friends. You have the brains to keep Aquarius engaged and curious. And the passion to change the world together! What Sign Is Your True Love?
My Tribute To Typos:typos Strike Back!
Through wretchedness and indignant times, I've experienced and lived 10 lifetimes, The adulation and ecstasy are transient, Cursed with this knack forever being fascinated by illusions of something grandeur I sit here alone a companied by my thoughts and ridiculed by my intentions to over come it I grab my keyboard and take vengeance of what i cannot envision or admit I shall strike down upon thee which covets that which hinders my will or taints my love Let the typos run down your dismayed covered peritoneum Let my words run through you like an tumultuous unceasing river
My Tragic End (my Latest Poem)...
It's become a close friend, This feeling of misery. As in life, so will be the end, Would hit just like a tragedy. It's a pain I live with, This emptiness inside. Nothing can save me, The darkness will not subside. On my knees in the night, A prayer I do send. Pray others won't suffer, From my tragic end.
My Truths.
It seems life is changing drastically fast, my head is in a whirl wind and I am not to sure what to think anymore. I look in the mirror and see a distorted version of this person I once was. Someone that worked so hard to please everyone around her, that she lost sight of what was important to her. I checked out of my life for far too long now I am slowly trying to find the missing pieces so I can glue it all back together.
My Trip To Vegas!!
Well its 1am and I am home from vegas. It was a fucking blast!! I had a great time and I had only budgeted 40 dollars a day! Can you believe it?? I played a lot of craps, and was up till about 5 am every day that I was gone, and it didn't even seem like it was that late untill the next day when I had to get up lol. My brothers wedding was awesome! It was so nice and awesome that if I get married I am definately going to go to vegas to do it! Actually it put me into a strange mind set that I would really like to find some one to marry. Strange thought huh? Me thinking that way?? Well I guess that things happen some times that we don't expect. I really would love to go back, and have another great time, but this time I think I would budget at least a hundred dollars a day! lol I am going to put pics up as soon as I can, my mom has to up load the pics to the pc first. There was so much that was there, and that happened while I was there, that if you would like to know more
My True Friend
You make me feel so special by the sweet things that you do, and sharing your life wonders your are a friend so true. Your heart is full of tenderness your cup overflows with love, I know that your friendship came from our dear Lord above. You are always in my thoughts as I hope I am in yours, your friendship is the sweetest fruit thru which life's blood just pours. Walk with me as we grow old please leave me not behind, keep me always in your prayers good friends are hard to find. - Get Your Own - Get Your Own
My Training Is Nearly Complete!
Well it will be just a few more days until I have completed my CDL-A training. I have already finished all the classroom bullshit and have been driving for a couple of weeks now. I passed all my endorsement tests: HAZMAT, Tankers, Doubles & Triples, Air-brakes, etc... I have my clean bill of health with perfect vision and drug free pee-pee! I got finger printed for my HAZMAT endorsement and obtained my Permits to drive all kinds of 18-wheelers. This coming Saturday will be the State exam driving test along with a pre-trip inspection test ( let me tell you that this test is no joke ). There are about 50 things you need to remember to check on these trucks, both under the hood and all around the outside of this bitch. You need to know the names of all the parts and what problems to look for ( uuuuuuuggghhhhhhhh! ). I must say that I am pretty excited to be nearly finished. I have already had several job offers that dwarf any other job opportunities I have ever previously been off
My Trip
Hello to all my Friends and Family here on Cherry Tap!!! I am going to NY on Jan 10-17th. I have been looking forward to this mini vacation for over 15 yrs. I used to live there with my ex-husband and after I left in 91, I swore I would never go back!!! It was a nightmare back then but my life has now changed and some friends invited me there for a vacation and I am going. I will go to Brooklyn and the Bronx and upstate to meet the MC club that I have joined called "Ladies of the Creed" we are the supporters of "Brothers of the Creed MC" There are chapters all over the US. Look up our website So see yas when I get back on the 17th!!! God Bless and Ride Safe...Lady Di
My Truth...
I am exceptional and I am nothing. I'm not tall or short, fat or thin, ugly or beautiful. I am sweet and cruel, quiet and loud, shy and outgoing. I am simple and complex. I will love you with all my heart while I make you cry. When you make me cry, I will love you more. I will make you my world today and tomorrow you will not exist. I will always want you, but never need you. I will tell you the truth to hide the lies. I will always believe you but I will never trust you. I tell you to trust me and not trust in myself. I will be your best friend and your worst enemy...I have always been my own worst enemy.
My Truck....
Hey kids, I don't usually do stuff like this but I am entered in the nicest vehicle on Cherry Tap and noticed I'm lagging! Please if ya have time, vote for my 55 Chevy, it's cool, clean, and mine! Keith
My Trip Home
The road trip was a hell of a good time. Since I had full reign of gas and lodging costs, courtesy of a gov't credit card, I went ahead and let the trip last three days and spent some time in the South's finest shitholes of motels LOL. I never ask for much, so honestly I'd have to say that it was all a lot of fun making my way here. I formed seven different distinct road gangs. Because of them, I sailed through Alabama, from bottom corner to top opposite, at over 100 mph the whole way minus short plugs. For those of you that don't know what a road gang is to the full term, let me explain. There's several kinds of highway speeders: The Loner: Speeds constantly, but hates when anyone follows him. IF you follow him, he will either slow down, or depending on his temper, slam his brakes or flash to tell you to get off his ass. The Leader: Speeds like crazy, and if people jump on his ass, the more the merrier. He has no problem with pulling you through the mess. The Hitchh
My Tribute To Feb 14 Th Details Inside!!
My Trip To Norfolk, Va
wow, i will be out of WA for a couple of days, i will be in VA visiting with family, not sure what there is all to do out there so if you have any ideas let me know, -g-
My Tribute To The Late And Great Bob Marley! :-)
Rainbow Text
My True Me
The True You You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be together with you always, no matter when or where. With respect to money, you spend as little as possible. You think good luck might come your way, but if it does you'll be so surprised you'll burst out laughing. The hidden side of your personality tends to be satisfied to care for things with a minimal amount of effort. You are tend to think about others' feelings a lot, perhaps because you are so eager to be liked. When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you will search and search until you find your perfect match. Who's The True You?
My True Love Is Miles Away
Music Video Codes By Music
My True Love
My true love is like a valentine a bloody lie indeed a cardboard box and cellophane a discarded memory My soul is like an empty dream a colorless vision of hell drained by hope's foolhardiness a scene rehearsed too well My tongue is like a razor's edge seeking one to bleed cloaked in sweet illusion a perilous reality Love me, bleed me, feed me say you'll never let me go I'll keep you warm and satisfied with hatred's repulsive flow Love me, bleed me, feed me be mine until the end I'll always be yours but I'll never be your friend
My True Feelings
i've been on here for a while and i got to say eather i just to weired or ugle but i have tryed to make friends that i can chat with. i have stopped and commented on your pages . i have shouted out to you but i feel that i'm the guy that gets to be used on here. i know i dont have any good pics and all but all i see is people getting mad because there not being rated or faned . so people when you are in my shoes you should have something to be mad about. so just think of the person that just rated your profile and pics. they could be your best friend on here and would do anything for you .
My Tribute To Tori Amos (yep, I Made This Myself!)
My Trip To New Orleans
2:00pm last Thurs: start the long ass 8 hour drive 4:00pm hit some crazy ass consruction, delayed us an hour, now it's a freakin 9 hour long ass drive 11:15pm checked in to the Wyndham Bourbon Orleans. Got a two story suite with a balcony on Bourbon...hell yeah! 11:20 Tropical Isle here we come for a hand grenade! 11:45 Jazz Emporium, standing on the balcony throwing beads to those damn flashers! 12:00 back to Tropical Isle for another hand grenade 12:15 back to Jazz Emporium to flirt with the bartender to get more free beads to throw 12:30 get another drink 12:45 get another drink 1:00am get another drink throw some beads things start getting a bit fuzzy 8:30am sit up in bed wondering how I got back to the room and when 8:31am go back to sleep 9:30am wake up everyone yelling that we have to get to the arena by tip off! 9:31am go back to sleep 10:30am for real getting up this time. We have 30 min. to get ready and to hightail it to superdome arena 11:30 am tip off 1
My True Feelings Right Now!!
These are just my thought tonight. I know not where this path I find myself on will lead me,nor do I know if I'll walk it alone or with another. All I know is I find my thoughts on everyone but me. Which is nothing new,my world is touched by many from many paths. So to some I'm just a plaything,to others I'm just me. To some I'm a two face child,to others I'm a peek into their souls. To some I'm not even real,to others I'm the most real thing they have in their life. To some I play their follower to others I play leader. But tonight I sit here and wonder does any of them even really know me or even want to know me. I've taking some mighty blows from ones i thought as friends and family,yet I took these blows with out a word to them or anyone. I can't but help think that the ones I thought as being my closest,dearest friends really weren't. Because If they knew me they would have never sent the blows to me. Also they would have knew that I'm a lot more stronger and not so much a child a
My Tribute To My Grand Mother
My True Friends
Leave A Comment To Let Me Know.
My True Love.......
How long must i wait for my true love to come. will it be days, weeks or maybe even years. I have looked all my life for that special man to come in and sweep me off my feet, does this man even exist? What will he look like? How tall will he be? how will he treat me? Is he even what i thought i wanted or needed? how will i know that he is my true love. How many endless nights must i wait for my true love to come and take me away?
My True Love
my heart crys for your love,your soft and gentel touch,my lips await for your gentel love will shine through,when i am with you,i prey everyday that i find you to make me complete and whole,you would have to show me the true meaning of love,for i have had none,hope is what carrys me through the day that someday we meet and togeather we will concker the high and low i know your out there for i feel your heart beat and i feel your pain,so dont give up as i will find you.........
My Trip With Prince Charming
So I am back from a wonderful trip. I just spent the last few days in Eau Claire WI. It was so COLD! That is the one thing I am not missing. I got there on tues night I was greeted by one of the most WONDERFUL people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We had a few beers that night and then it was off to the hotel. Wed was a BLAST we went to The Mall of America in Minneapolis MN. We also went out to a cool little bar in Eau Claire(it had the coolest name..Whiskey Dicks) Yet once again back to the hotel :) Wed was a sad day Kinda I was going to be all alone after 3:30 We went about our day but the feeling of being by myself was still there. I had a GREAT day right up until 3:30. We went to the mall had lunch Went in the hot tub ;)(probably one of my favorite thing about the trip) I flew back home this morning and was back in sunny CA by 11:30am. All in all It was one of the best rips EVER! LOVE YOU BABY!
---my Treasure Box-------
My Trip To Gatlinburg To The Cabin
hey friends check out my new photos on my trip to Gatlinburg, TN. believe me i had a great time and starting to plan a trip for adults only. this one was for my son who is going in the military soon. but now mom is planning a trip where i can enjoy myself better,lol. let me know if your interested and i mean really interested in joining the crew of adults that will be going ....this trip will have cougar, and myself and hopefully tnker, and other couple or singles it really doesnt matter. come have fun with us......
My True Love
alone in the night i walk feeling my lover's warm breath touch my skin his touch as cold as death his embrace such sweet misery and pain eyes of such intensity as to devour your very soul a smile that could warm the coldest of hearts with him i dance in the abyss with him the shadows are the means for passion
My Trip To Tennessee
April 25, 2007 11:25 pm EST (in Tennessee) It’s weird being here again…seeing the faces that I remember from over ten years ago…those faces that produced so much hate. Those faces that implanted recollections which I now know could never be erased no matter what—merely stashed away in those cobweb-cluttered corners of my mind. Memories hiding amongst the chaos and disorganization of so many more complications, revealing themselves like a new gray hair—waiting to be colored…covered…concealed. The cupboards we fill with essentials and non essentials…the spices that we haven’t used in months…the ones we should throw out, but some strange instinct or learned behavior prompts us to slide them right back and leave them there…Do they provide us with comfort? Is that why we keep them? But, no—memories aren’t like stale herbs in many ways. We don’t have the option of discarding them, only displacing them. So we manage through them, as burned into our psyche as they are; and we learn to
My Tribute To Single Mothers
If there is anything I have learned from meeting people on CherryTAP, it is the strength that resides in single mothers and their determination to provide a good home for their children. What an enormous burden it is to know that you are the only person in the world who is able to provide the lifeline for your children for everything from income to food, clothing, shelter, and parenting providing the roles of both mother and father. And what a sacrifice to give up one’s own social life and opportunities for love and companionship in order to fulfill that responsibility. Mothers who do this are awesome beyond belief. Single fathers in the same situation are awesome too, but it is so much more often the mother who is faced with this burden and who accepts this responsibility so readily. To all mothers who support your children alone, I salute you for your strength, courage, and resolution. Your children are so very lucky to have you.
My Trip Continues
Hello my blog readers. Greetings from Tucson, AZ. Drove almost 900 miles Saturday. I left San Marcos, Texas before the sun came up to San Antonio and then got on I-10 West toward El Paso. The skies were cloudy with temps in the low 60's. By the time I got to El Paso, the sun was out and temps were i the 80's. Drove across the lower part of New Mexico into Arizona. Hot and dry. Temp in Tucson was 92 when I arrived. I will make my California destination late Sunday. Time to post more pics of my trip.
My True Passion In Dogs,please Watch This
My Trials......
As of tonight my friends, I will not be on until July 24 for reasons not known to some, but to others that know me very well. I will endure 60 days of trials and great tribulations. I will be persecuted like the lamb being brought to the slaughter. To those that do know me very well, you have my cell number. I will answer as often as I can, but to the those that dont have it, pray for me....... In Christ the king's name Ryan.....
My True Friends
REAL FRIEND TEST ! This is GOOD..I expect it back too! I especially like the last Sentence!!!!!! A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens Your Refrigerator and helps himself (and doesn't feel even the least bit Weird Shutting your 'beer/Pepsi drawer' with her foot!) A simple friend has never seen you cry A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean. A simple friend hates it when you call after they've gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems. A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail you with it. A
My Trip To California~~first Update
California is beautiful but wow me being from small town USA I am shocked at how big the City is!!!!! LMAO I know blah blah blah!!! I"M NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE TOTO!!! LOL!!!!! The first flight I had booked had mechanical problems and soo they switched us to a different airline which sucked cause they put us on a small azz plane that was totally booked and I believe the pilot got his license out of a cracker jack The got into phonix made it all the way across the airport thinking we had enough time to check the time grab a bite to eat then board the plane...welllll nope we got there just in time to board the plane...which this flight was much better and a lot shorter...better pilot too") I talked to the girl next to me who ironically just came from Topeka visiting her fieance!!!! We had a good conversation and before I knew it the flight was over. Then we got shuttled to the hotel where they told me about the restraunt next door that was open 24/7. Me and Vinnie and our friend
My Tragic Flaw
My Tragic Flaw Category: Life by: Gregory Smith The more things change, the more they stay the same. I'm not sure who the first person was who said that. Probably Shakespeare. Or maybe from a song. But at the moment, it's the sentence that best explains my tragic flaw: my inability to change. I don't think I'm alone in this. The more I get to know other people, the more I realize it's kind of everyone's flaw. Staying exactly the same for as long as possible, standing perfectly still... It feels better somehow. And if you are suffering, at least the pain is familiar. Because if you took that leap of faith, went outside the box, did something unexpected... Who knows what other pain might be waiting out there. Chances are it could be even worse. So you maintain the status quo. Choose the road already traveled and it doesn't seem that bad. Not as far as flaws go. You're not a drug addict. You're not killing anyone... Except maybe yourself a little. When we finally do cha
My Trip
hello anyone one that cares i am back from my trip from reno..i had a wonderful time i had so much fun that i will go back someday and hopefully i will find some one to go with me next time....the only reason why i went to reno was because i had a national bowling tournament. it is the biggest bowling tournament in the world and by going to it i had a partner that i was bowling with and we are sitting 6th place overall in the world.. which i am very happy with i had no intentions on placing in the tournament and that i was just there for a good time..with that being said i am proud of myself and i hope that i will find someone to go with me next year to new mexico and the followingin vegas....there are alot more different places to go every year and i hope that someone would be interested in me and want to go to these tournaments with me cause i promise you that it will be fun....hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and thank you for listening :)
My True Family,at Last
My Tribute To A Great Wrestler And His Family Chris Benoit
Rest in Peace Chris, Nancy and Daniel You will surely be Missed Crippler!!!
My True New Mexico Friends
FRIENDS: Tell you not to do something stupid when drunk NEW MEXICO FRIENDS: Will post 360 degree security so you dont get caught peeing --------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Will leave you behind when the cops come and will go back after they leave to find you NEW MEXICO FRIENDS: Will pick you up and throw you on there shoulders caring you through the desert so you both don't get caught --------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Will help you up and take you to the hospital after the fight you got into. NEW MEXICO FRIENDS: Will find the mother fucker and beat his ass then come get you and take you to the hospital --------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs NEW MEXICO FRIENDS: Call your parents drunk as hell and tell them about the fat chick you tried to pick up -------------------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDS: Hope the nig
My Trip
So far my trip rocks!!! I met someone really cool, had an awesome time. I'm looking forward to meeting someone else Tuesday. Charlotte ROCKS!!!!!!!
My Transformers Movie Review................
...............Very good, a solid popcorn flick and it has a lot of humor in it. There is a little "adult" humor, but most jokes may go over the little one's heads, you may have to explain what "masturbation" is. I enjoyed it.
My True Friends...
Well you say you are my friend, but is anyon man enough to show me a little CT Loveand giv me a Blast ? I would be sooooooo thankful, no telling what I might do... Big Wet Kisses and Big Hugs... Love SharkyShark
My True Love Is
Your True Love Is a Pisces Why you'll love a Pisces: Selfless and intuitive, you are perfect for a Pisces that lives to love you. You're sensitive enough to appreciate and explore the deep emotions of a Pisces. Why a Pisces will love you: You're generous and totally giving in relationships, something Pisces demands. You are also dreamy enough to get lost in fantasy with Pisces, but realistic enough to stay grounded. What Sign Is Your True Love?
My True Feelings
When I’m with you I feel so safe. Can this be a crush or am I in love? You hold the answer Be-cause your the one I love. All I think about is you being Mine forever. I really hope this works. Want is all I can hope for unless You can grant my one wish. To have you as mine for awhile even though I Know it won't last forever. How I wish it would. I'm writing this because my Feeling-s for you are everlasting. are so sweet, nice, and understanding. I hope my Love for You is mutual. Read the first word of every line to find my true feelings I've hidden inside. Written when I was 14 years old.
My Trip So Far
There is so much to say about this trip so far! I don't even know where to begin. This is just something short to let a few friends know what's up. Sorry I haven't been around much guys. Things have been kinda wild. Thursday and Friday we ran around and did a bunch of stuff and had a ball. Been shopping a lot, eating a lot, and we won't talk about other things yet. Saturday was awesome. I was extremely happy with my choices. I will be seeing that person again......very soon I hope. Yesterday kinda sucked because of the goodbye but then last night was awesome. All I'll say for now is jelly shots, sex on the beach, engery drinks and vodka, half naked pretty little goth boys, and the DJ's from Purg. Awesome night, I might be just a little hung over. Still not sure when I'm coming home. There is someone about 3 hrs from here I like being close to. I could live with being a little closer!! I love Charlotte. I swear I have the best sex here!! Anyway I'll be online off and on t
My Trip To Gwar
So yeah this weekend I went to see Sounds of the Underground tour and it was fantastic. With some minor hiccups along the way. Some friends and I got together around 0930 on Friday Morning and piled in her van and ran errands. One being to get a tire changed cause it was showing metal along the side wall and tread. Really needed to be changed so we took care of it, got a map picked up another traveler and away we went. The trip down was okay no hitches, we parked near the Palladium and got in line to wait for tickets. Now I am a curious sort of fellow and I looked into the line a bit and I see some people with clip boards, hmmm curious is piqued a bit. One of the kids, a rather short and chunky lad is wearing a shirt with a chicken on it above it the words, "I am not a Nugget!" were there. Oh, fun times ahead, these were activatists. So I approached the three of them and asked some questions and this one young lad who was a bit feminine, he acted and reacted like he didn'
My True Friend - Steve
Out of the thousands of people that have passed through my life, I have found only a handful of those that mean a lot to me. Steve is one of those people. We have only been friends for a few months, but I feel like I have known him my whole life. He actually takes time from his day, from thousands of miles and a totally different country to check in on me. We dont just talk about little things, we have long in depth conversations about things, that sometimes go over several days. We talk daily, several times a day at times, either through email, phone, or text, and then at night for several hours on messenger. The knowledge that we have shared with each other is the reason I call Steve my close, special friend. Steve is truly a person I consider my best friend, and will always be number one in my heart. He is genuine, honest, caring, and truthful. These qualities are hard to find in people. Steve knows how much he means to me. I tell him everyday how much I che
My Treasure Chest
I have a wooden cedar box Filled with precious things Most of no value to you But joy to me it brings A copper penny, 1961 The year I was given life A withered old white rose From the day I became a wife Two certified legal documents That tell me that I am free A US birth certificate And a final divorce decree Golden locks, adorned with ribbon Clipped from the head of my son A bag filled with tiny teeth Exchanged for a dollar one by one A report card, five A’s and one B My sons first year at school A tattered silken blanket Still covered with infant drool A book of poems that I had written While in my rebellious teens Fifty plus love letters From then, now and in-between Old yellowed photographs Of family long since gone A dozen crayon pictures That both my kids have drawn Hospital anklets, pink and blue That Danny and Sara wore A stupid keep out sign That I used to hang on my door Each item within this box Is a memory that I hold dear
My True Hate
Waking today im wondering how its gonna go. I can never tell if there is anger or a smile. Nothing is good enough unless I hand it all over to you. Cant you just go one day without putting someone down and making them feel like dirt. For so long now, I hear it everyday, please just stop and say "hey baby, I love you". Honestly, I dont see that happening anytime soon. It makes me want to crawl in a hole and die. I cant do that because I have 4 little children that look up to me. Thats what keeps me going. Why do I stay, everyone asks, I honestly cant tell you. It seems like so much more trouble to walk out that door.. One day it will end, Can someone tell me when....
My Trip To France
7/31/2007 Dear Readers: My trip back home to France was very fulfilling and spending a few days near my dear ones was very regenerating. I arrived in Nice then flew to Corsica to meet my two sisters. Noelle’s home is in Ajaccio located on the west coast of the island of Corsica and Florence live in the opposite side of the tiny island in the city of Bastia. My younger brother Yves is a sailboat fanatic and joined all of us a day later with his family. We met at a tiny harbor 50 miles away from Ajaccio in the late afternoon hours where we enjoyed a phenomenal Corsica diner music in one of the most exotic village of the island. The sun set over the Mediterranean Sea sealed a beautiful day where love memories talks and great wine lasted well into the night. See some pictures at the bottom. Korina and I flew back to my brother’s home in Cannes where we stayed a few days. Korina dream to visit the “French Riviera” took place where we enjoyed the incredible wine, food and all
My Trackz
so obviously Im gonna have kmk songs on my tracks listing lol...but im sure when u look at the rest ur gonna be like wtf?? such as maybe my etta james, smokey robinson, and heatwave oh and lil rob and pit bull....sorry thats my mexican side coming besides alot of times when im smoking i dont only just listen to kmk. It is so damn relaxing for me to drink and smoke while my oldies are playing. Thats what I grew up on so its comforting u know....people should try it...educate urself with some of that stuff
My True Love
my true love is jared warnick. hes the best bf in the world right know. he makes me laugh, smile, and cry at times when he sings to me.he got a sexy voice that makes me tingle all over. he proposed to me in a chatroom on paltalk in front of all my friends and his and i was shock that he did that, but if thats ur tue love its okay. i love u jared my sexy brown bear. muahssssssss
My True Friends
just wanted to find out who my true friends are and who arent!!!!
My True Love
I know it is not they way you meet someone but how you connect when you talk to them. I feel that I have found my soulmate, someone whom I thought never existed. She is one of the best things in my life right now. If you read this baby just know that you are my one true love. All my feelings are for you. I know she is sweet and caring, funny and sexy. I cant wait until we can be together. She is the other half that makes me whole. She is the yin to my yang. My heart and soul belong to her. She is everything i wanted and more. I couldnt have asked for a better person to come into my life. I know once we are together nothing will tear us apart. My heart is true only to her. My eyes may wander but come the end of the day its her i want to wrap my arms and love around. I have the uncontrolable urge to just hold her close and look deep into her eyes and just confess all i am to her. The time will come when our love is tested and i know where my heart remains. I just w
My Treasure
My treasure Once I had a treasure now it is gone now the days just drag on why she left me I do know because I did what others told I just wanted her to like me more now she thinks I'm a bore I love her alot, too much to say I told her that just the other day now I'm confused and don't know what to do I told her "I love you" maybe that's the problem, it wasn't true now I want you to hold in my arms just let me prove my love to you and be the one you dream of I can romance you I'll go dance with you I'll do anything to be with you because "I LOVE YOU"!!
My Trial Video Blog
My True Love
She is my dream within a dream The warmth and security to comfort my heart. Her love is a song which beats to my soul as if we were one, Played from the strings of a harp. Her passion felt through her lips and seen through her eyes. Her beauty so deep, seen beyond the naked eye. Her touch is so warm and gentle, that Her love, fulfills my hearts desires inside. She caresses my mind and body, With more then mere touch. Her true love brings me, happiness and joy. Into my life that I enjoy and crave so much. Her love like, that of a rose petal in a winter morn, crisp and percise. Our love is so beautiful yet so rare I shall capture every moment, that We may have together. For when we apart, my heart yearns to be beside her. For she has become, My one and only True Love. written by me.....cha0tic dragon
My Trip Down The Stairs....
Well...Basically I Almost Plummited To My Death The Other Day. Damn near Put Me In The Hospital...Sad Things Have Happened. But I Definately Got Drunk As Fuck The Other Night.
My Troubles
idk wat im suppose to do im in love with two ppl but idk wat am i suppose to do sit here and be in pain some one help me?
My Tribute To Halo 3
My Tribute To Jim Morrison
Ride the snake. The Snake is long. Fuck my MOTHER Dead INDIANS omg
My True Friend
You make me feel so special by the sweet things that you do, and sharing your life wonders your are a friend so true. Your heart is full of tenderness your cup overflows with love, I know that your friendship came from our dear Lord above. You are always in my thoughts as I hope I am in yours, your friendship is the sweetest fruit thru which life's blood just pours. Walk with me as we grow old please leave me not behind, keep me always in your prayers good friends are hard to find.
My True Angel
As A young man, I thought I knew love, It was not a gift sent from above. But rather a thing which with time would grow Like a small stream that gently would flow. So I planted a seed and nurtured it well Then into a trap is where I soon fell I thought I could save a thing which was lost, I gave all of my heart at a great cost. I thought I could soften a heart of pure stone By giving many things worth money alone. This heart just got colder and took all that I had. She did all she could to make me go mad This woman was cruel beyond my belief She sought to get ritches by ending my life. But God heard my pleading for life I did cherish And used his great power so I would not perish My money and riches were all lost with great pain But a very true wealth was soon to be gained. In spite of all tries, I still had my life Time was all I had lost, not a true wife. I then found an Angel God sent from above A woman who showed me the meaning of Love True love is a gift, whi
My Tribute To Those Troops Fighting For A Better Place..
Me and the boys so far from home Protecting the lives of those unknown But why are we here, saving the needy When i could be at home with adoring family When will l close my eyes and not see destruction When will i shut my ears to the screams of distraction Of scared people that are frightened to breathe And go back to when life kept me at ease chorus Please mr president when will we be worthy of rest We’ve been fighting so long, we’ve all done our best We’ve been protecting the scared and rebuilding lives I’m sick of the sights of ammo, guns and knives So i close my eyes and try and remember the good The simple things in life when life was understood When we had normal days work for a normal days pay I close my eyes and wish myself there today Chorus So again when i go to sleep tonight Ill pray for the day when we have won this brave fight So we can go home and repay those we have left And said goodbye to with heavy heaving chests And those that have die
My Transformation
This was taken from my friends blog he wrote n made sense 2 me alot. Hope he doesnt mind LOL... ."Think positive to attract positive things... think negative and you will be overwhelmed by negative things.... LIFE IS HOW YOU WANT IT TO BE".... All my life I have been dwelling on the past bad things n forgot all the good stuff that happened in my life. Yes i went thru alot but I realized that my past can no longer hurt me n all the stupid mistakes I did in my past are in the past. As long as I dont do it again n have learned my lesson I am good. I was always so focused on the negativity of what i was going thru n the negativity of others n I became sad n miserable bc they were as well n thought why this always gotta happen? u know? But i realized yea its ok for me 2 be sad n depressed bc im human as long as i dont stay in it for so long, Bc its not healthy. Sometimes I cant help it but I am trying not to be who I was many years ago. I used 2 be a person who was depressed alot n
My Treasure
My Treasure by Robert ( From dusk until dawn, I have been given moments in time... From the Lord above, When I feel so full of you - And, your presence overwhelms me, I never, ever knew - That loving you would be like this, With happiness within arms reach, I can feel your longing, your hunger, And, your burning love for me. Now and forevermore - My feelings for you will remain the same, For all eternity - All the wonder that is you: Will be my treasure, When, close in our hearts - We can live these moments - Over and over again... Inspired by loving you, Robert...
My Trip Up North.
Right now i'm up North, had to go home and take the young in to see the family. Things are going much better than i could have thought. They love him and he love's all the attention. I always get so nervous when i have to be around my family, they've done so much and i've done so little with my life. I always think they're going to judge em, even tho they don't, at least not to my face. But so far everything's cool. I had a long talk with my brother last night about my latest Love venture. He had alot of advice but i'm still confused. Don't know if it'll really work out or not. I guess only time will tell. Well, i gotta go. A part of me doesn't want it to end, another can't wait to get home!
My Treat
it sweetly trickles down my fingers that taste of heaven when you are near i lick it delicately so i don't waste any and then save some for later for when you have to leave again.
My True Love
Throughout my short existence, I've found but one true love, Someone who fits me perfectly, Just like a rubber glove. This person is someone I trust, Someone who's always there, Someone who I can turn to, Through darkness and despair. I've known since I first met her, I love her oh so much, I long for her to love me, And to feel her gentle touch. She says that she still loves me, Yet just wants to be my friend, But I know that I'll still love her, Until the very end. I wish that I could have her, As my very own, But I guess I had my chance, And I guess that chance was blown. This girl I love so very much, Means more to me than ever, And I hope deep down inside, That one day we'll be together.
My Treat
Cum quietly. Bite your tongue. No words exchanged, Just a sweet little 'mm'. Cum quietly, Its the best way you can. Stay strong Be a good girl. Cum quietly, grasping the sheets, Cause oh sweet girl, this is only my treat.
My True Love
Well we made 4 months and I love you more than ever. You have made me the happiest woman in the world. I am so lucky to have someone as wonderful as you are. Craven you make my heart melt at every word and when I look in your eyes I can see our future. We will be together forever this I know. I love you and will always love you for all eternity. We were made for each other.. if this is not true love... then It does not exist.
My Trip To Gatlinburg And Funny Man Laws.
Whats up everyone. I have to say that my trip to Gatlinburg and the Great Smokey Mountains was great. While I have never been to Vegas, Pigeon Forge seemed like the Vegas Strip at night. Lots and lots of dinner shows and cool activities to get wrapped up in. Very very touristy if that is a word. I stayed near I-40 in a Days Inn, very nice, very clean although the stupid lock did not work correctly, a bit frustrating. Saturday night we all went to see the "Dolly Partin Dixie Stampeed". It just so happened that we caught the first night of the Christmas Stampeed show. Was still loads of fun, and the food was amazing. We were given no silverware and were instructed to just eat with our fingers like they do in the south. The next morning we all got up around 6:30 and checked out, decided that we would have breakfast in Gatlinburg. Did I say that the traffic into Pigeon Forge was horrendous the night before? Well our thinking was that we should get up early and beat the tr
My Travel Personality
Your Travel Personality Is: Easygoing When you travel, you're looking for a lot of downtime. Vacations are your chance to recoup. All you need is a scenic spot and plenty of time on your hands. You'll figure out the rest. You're not one to make lots of plans when you travel. You just follow whatever path seems right. What's Your Travel Personality?
My True Love
From the time you said Hello How are you PT.I knew there was sumthing special about you.You have shown me life in a new set of eyes and shown me that life isnt all pain and suffering.There is love,compassion,trust and understanding out there.I just needed to open my eyes and see my true love.That day when I walked in to the Ace Cafe and you were in there talkin with Cheryl.You were so sweet and kind to me I thought I had died and went to Heaven.When no one else was there for me and I couldnt see the light at the end of the tunnel.You showed me there was hope for me and that sumone like me could love another and be loved back.When I never thought I would have true unconditional love you showed me different.You have given me so much love that I never knew nor did I think I would ever get.I dont know how to say Thank you or show you how much you mean to me.When I say I would die for you when I say I would give you my last breath I would and will if you ever need anything I will be there f
My Trip & And Fudrama
Well I’m back from my trip, and my visit with Onyx. It is a beautiful place to see, a bit in the middle of nowhere, but it’s nice. A great time to be there with the leaves changing. I had a blast. Onyx is a great person and my bestest friend. I am glad I got the opportunity to meet him face to face. We are the best of friends and will always be. Also my first time on a plane, scared but not as bad as I had imagined it. Yes Onyx you were right nothing to worry about with the plane ride. And in light of what has transpired over the last few days. I am not being used, I do not feel like I am, and would like those of you who think I am to wake up. As I sit here and reflect on the past year and think about what I have to be thankful for. I am thankful that Onyx has come into my life. He is a great friend. And he has a kind heart and people need to stop using him for there benefit. I am tired of people walking all over him. And I am getting tired of being walked on myself
My Truth
You stole my life away from me I'm not the person I was meant to be Caught in a dampened prison cell Forced into silence as I try to yell So it is true childhood can be sucked away Then what is left you grow to hate Come inside and close your heart Innocence stolen with a cancer filled dart Dry your eyes from this self despair Keep inside what you long to bare Blame everyone close to you The only way to win is to lose
My Tree Gift Me!!!
My Tree
My Travels
places I've been: Inside the US: New York City, NY Seattle, WA Los Angelos, CA Palo Alto, CA Washington D.C. Jackson Hole, WY Los Vegas, NV Wendover, NV Honalulu, HI Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia Hoover Dam, Nevada/Arizona border Fruita, CO Fort Collins, CO Cleveland & Kirtland, Ohio Houston, TX Dalas, TX Fort Worth, TX Outside the US: (Now on a Google Map!) Brazil (for a week, Rio and Manaus) Taiwan (for a couple of weeks) Switzerland (for a year) Costa Rica (for a couple of weeks) England (a couple of days) France (over a year) Italy (a week) Germany (a couple of days) Austria (only briefly, driving through) Ivory Coast (a week or so) Togo (the airport only) Japan (the Tokyo airport only) Mexico (for about a week) Canada (briefly, Niagara Falls) places I'd like to go sometime: Other parts of Africa Russia Former soviet republics China Norway/Denmark/Netherlands New Zealand
My Tree :)
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My Train
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My Trip
Hey all- I am leaving on a trip tomorrow for Pittsburgh, so I will not be on for the next 4 days. I may sneak on if I take my laptop, but not likely. Hope u all have a wonderful weekend. Mine will be FUN!!! LOVE 2 all of u- Sherry
My Trophy...
I need a blog for...
My Trip To The Hospital
well as most of u kno i have very bad neck problems, most of the time i can handle them.til recently it got real bad and very very painful. my arm and feet would get tingling sensastions and numbness and be real cold out of nowhere,so i decided to go to the hospital to see what if anything they could tell me. they took 6 xrays of my neck and said by looking at the x rays i have disc degeneration. and i need to schedule an MRI to get a better look at my nerves.from what the doctor think about it he thinks i have a pinched nerve, and the only way to fix that is with come monday i have to schedule to get one done and hope they dont find a pinched nerve. i will post another bulletin after my MRI.
My Trip
well..... My trip to Ohio was truly amazing..... I met the woman i love.. the woman who I want to be with for the rest of my life Hannah. I cannot begin to say how much just seeing her at the airport to pick me up meant to me. I was able to hold her in my arms and hug her and tell her i love her for the first time face to face. The ride back to her town and just being able to hold her hand and snuggle close to her.... to kiss her... to look into her green eyes and lose myself.... it was just incredible... I get asked how we can spend our time on the computer and so much on time on the phone and what we could possibly be talking about. We talk about anything and everything. We are each others best friend and soulmate. We have been honest from the beginning and we enjoyed each others company... touch.... a simple kiss..... hugging.... dancing in the hotel room..... falling asleep and waking up together.... kissing in the bathroom for a few hours.... taking pictures
My True Identity
Suffering seems to be my only friend Living this lonely life Tearing away my sanity I can barely go on living My soul a shattered cry in the wind Endless thoughts race through my mind Where can I turn for help Few are trustworthy these days Hiding, always hiding my true self No one can ever know I cannot let the pain I live with touch others They couldn't understand my true torture Life without meaning An endless drone But I still feel I still hurt
My Training Schedule
Monday Weight Training and Plyometrics Tuesday Interval Training or other activity Wednesday Weight Training and Plyometrics Thursday Light and Easy Interval Training Friday Off Saturday Any Sports Activity or Fartlekking Sunday Long Slow Distance 1. WEIGHT TRAINING At a minimum, the following exercises should be performed. The emphasis is on upper body strength since all of the running involved will work the lower body a lot. Still, some strength and flexibility training of the lower body should be included. 1. Military Presses-- From a sitting position pushing weight directly over your head. 2. Deltoid Lifts-- From a sitting position lifting weight outward and to the side. 3. Biceps Curls-- From a sitting position lifting weight by bending your arms. 4. Triceps Extensions-- From a sitting position lifting weight by extending your arms. 5. Pull Downs-- From a sitting position pulling weight downward and behind your neck. 6. Butterflies-- From lying on yo
My True Friends Will Read This!
PLEASE READ THE WHOLE BLOG! PLEASE I need help from each and every one of my friends PLEASE, I am in a rating contest and the hostess has thrown in a TWIST. From 9pm PST tonight to 9pm PST tomorrow night whomever gets the most rates during those 24 hours will recieve a 1 day blast! BUT I have a problem....I won't be home! I have to take my daughter up to the city tomorrow because they have to do an exam under anesthesia on her eyes to check her glaucoma pressure and if it's not back at a safe level they will have to do surgery to release the pressure in her right eye. Which if they do that we'll be staying up there over night so the doctor can examine her the next day to make sure nothing went wrong. SOOO This is where YOU my friends come in! I need you to help me by rating my photo in the contest and getting all of your friends to rate it too! I am not asking for comments since comments don't matter in this contest...I repeat COMMENTS DO NOT COUNT IN THIS CONTEST :D all I need is
My Trip To The Grand Canyon
A few years ago, I went to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in one of those little puddle-jumper planes where they have to weigh you before they let you know where you can sit. We flew over the Hoover Dam and saw the West and North Rim of the canyon. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day. While we didn’t land and get to take it in from that angle, it was an amazing experience. So, when I was going to Arizona on vacation, I couldn’t resist the temptation to see the Grand Canyon from the South Rim. So…I booked a van tour with a small company, only 10 passengers. Our driver, Ty, was terrific. On our way to Sedona, we drove through the desert with a wonderful narrative telling us about the plant and animal species in the area. The weather was cloudy but warm with bits of sunshine. To avoid traffic, in the way to Flagstaff, we drove through Oak Creek Canyon. It was really cool seeing the vineyards and landscape as we wound our way to higher elevations. About this time, the tempe
My 105 Truths!!!
My 105 Truths 1. real name - Sarah Elizabeth 2. like it - not really 3. single or taken - taken 4. zodiac sign - Libra 5. parents - Gary and Barb 6. siblings - jay,tim,paul,beth 7. elementary - Handley then Herig 8. middle - North 9. high - AHHS then Carrollton 10. eye color - Brown 11. hair color - Cahanges too much 12. height - 5'4" 13. favorite color -Purple 14. car you own - None 15. are you responsible? - Yes 16. are you a health freak? - no 17. do you have a hidden talent? - wouldn't you like to know 19. do you like yourself? - sometimes 20. piercings - ears, tounge 21. tattoos - 2 22. righty or lefty - righty FIRSTS- 22. first surgery - left arm 23. first piercings - ears 24. first best friend - Heather 25. first car - None 26. first sport - Soccer 27. first pet - dog and a cat 28. first vacation - camping 29. first crush - Justin Pool 30. first boyfriend or girlfriend - Ben 31. first heartbreak - ben 32. first school - Handley 33. first awa
My Truck....
So I have a metal-on-metal sound coming from I think the front of my truck. Thought it'd be brakes so bought the pads and rotors. Pads were still over 3/4 good but Rick replaced them anyway and the rotors were baby-smooth so he didn't touch them. Noise is still there. Dealership gets my baby at 0700 and if it's the wheel bearings, it's covered under my extended warranty but I have to pay $250 deductible first. I HATE taking my baby to the dealership because I like working on her myself. I feel like a mother and my truck is my child. I so don't want to leave her anywhere without me. Sounds crazy but that's how much I love this truck. This truck I didn't want when I first saw her and I didn't want to get attached to. But I am now. At least the dealership knows how I feel and isn't going to over-charge me. It's only $45 for them to look at her and see exactly what the problem is. Way less expensive than any dealership in Laramie!! And all the techs and staff at Halladay think it's pretty
My Truest Thoughts And Truest Feelings
Well, I usually don't do this sort of thing often, but I figured why not! I can be different. Most folks never reveal their true selves. It seems like life in general for most is built around things such as: 1. Lies 2.Deceit 3.Subterfuge 4.Guile 5.Misdirection Were all guilty of these things at some point in our lives, some of us mean to do it and others just don't realize they are doing it. Its funny how we all walk in this path to a certain degree everyday of our lives. The question I pose in this blog relates to myself. Why do I do it? is it because I want to? is it because i need to? I wish the answer for me was so simply, but all the aforementioned are not my reasons. My reasons go much deeper than that. Many times in my life, I have shunned away those that cared about me. Hurt the ones I loved for no reason under the sun I could think of...until recently. See life is all about "Self-Reflection" if we never look at ourselves to see the mistakes we have made, and
My True Face! (sarcastic)
Friends who read this. It's time that I reveal some things. Because it is necessary that you know what is hiding behind the mask. I can't return services. I'm a concentrate of all the defaults. I'm always pretending, I cheat too. I make believe that I am a poet. And when i have to say thank you. I run away. I'm always late. I am malicious, vindicatory I have revenge for currency. And if you hit me in the face. I see red and I atomize you. I am odious with women. They hate me. People call me the Infamous. Do you regret reading this? Probably this portrait frightens you. I have nevertheless one last thing to say to you. I am also a big LIAR! :p
My True Heros!!
My Wife for her Strenght and her ability to hold things together even in the hardest of times. She is my rock! My wife and my children are true Heroes!!! They Keep me Going everyday! They are the reasons I live!
My True Love
My True Love The night is cool, the stars are bright. Wondering where my true love is tonight. If only I was pretty, or smart. Maybe I wouldn't end up with all these old farts. My life has been hard, this I know. If only it didn't show. With every new man, an expectancy to be hurt. If only I could find a decent man, and feel his comfort. I know I can do everything on my own, I just wish I didn't have to be all alone. I long for the man of my dreams. For now that is where he'll have to stay, in my daydreams. Maybe one day I'll hold my head up high, and realize I'm as beautiful as a butterfly. I would not have to settle for an ole fart, For I would have an open heart. No longer thinking I couldn't do any better. Away has melted the bitterness and anger. Then I wouldn't have to wonder where my true love is, Because I would know, where ever he might be, I would be his.
My Troubles..helpppppp
im trying to get romantic aka kinky with misfit but im broke and wellllll can u help me plz send her a spicy gift and tell her..the angel sent u winkzzzzzzz thats my pet name she gave me ...blushnnnnnnnnn misfit@ fubar
My Trip
Well I finally made it back from my trip. The plane ride was okay I guess, something I don't wanna do on a daily or weekly basis. I will say that I like the landings better than I do the take offs. Well gotta go bomb the contest my family is in so chat with ya later. If ya wanna help or just leave a rate here is the link.....
My Trip
listen to all my fubar friends and famly that live in the nc durham and raleigh areas me and my band will be visiting your town this weekend first in durham downtown and raleigh on saturday. i will give you the places where we are going to be tomorrow hope to see yall coolcome party with us it will be off the hook trust me
My Tribute To You Kat
imikimi - Customize Your World imikimi - Customize Your World /" />@ fubar style="width:435px; visibility:visible sen408/katie%20fey/?">
My Trip To Fairbanks
Well when I was younger I used to travel with my brother sometimes. One time we went to Alaska. It's a fantastic place to see. Well we landed in Fairbanks at the start of the trip, with the idea to work our way down to Anchorage. So we get there and check into the hotel. My bro was tired and wanted to take a nap, so I thought I would just take a little walk to downtown Fairbanks. So I go to the front desk and ask how far it is to downtown. "Oh just a few blocks, just walk out here and go straight." Perfectly normal idea, right? I thought so. And the lady at the desk gave no indication that there was anything wrong with this idea. So I walk out and make my way to downtown Fairbanks. As I am walking, I notice that every car that passes by has one single guy in it. There is a lot of honking horns. (Double entendre. :)) I stop at a corner and wait to cross the street and a car stops and someone is saying something to me that is not very polite. This rattles me a littl
My Traks
Sorry everyone!! Some of these songs are on here for a joke. They all loaded as one I guess~ DAMN!!
* My True Friend *
When The Roses Lose Their Fragrance, And The World Seems At An End, When The Day Has Lost Its Gladness, What A Blessing Is A Friend. One Who Takes You As She Finds You, Caring Not Who Is To Blame, One Who Knows All Your Shortcomings, But Who Loves You Just The Same. Heaven Sends A Gift Each Morn, Of A Bright New Day To Spend, What A Joy It Is To Share It With, God's Greatest Gift -
My Truck
The police just called. They found my truck. As some of you know it was stolen last week. The cops called at 1:30 this morning and told me they found it. Its in good shape. Only problem is the steering column is all messed up from them breaking it apart to hot wire it. happy days are here again
My True Story!!!
When my youngest child was 2 years old, I came home from going to the store to find him hysterical & in tears one day! My hubby (ex now) told me a 'puppy' had been chasing my son around the trailer we lived @ nipping at the back of his diaper! The 'puppy' was fed & taken in by our family while I tried to find the owner of what I thought was a Husky or Malamute puppy, probably about 6-7 weeks old. No one ever claimed her so we named her 'Sheeba' & kept her!It wasn't til she was about 1 1/2 years old before I could afford to take her to a vet (money was very tight back then!) & he told he she was actually a wolf! It all made sense to me then, as the place we lived at was in the middle of a wooded area! I always thought she had a funny sounding bark & howl & then I knew why!!!
My Truck!!!!
My True Age
You were born between 1961 and 1981. This is the cynical Generation X which according to Canadian author, Douglas Coupland is "a category of people who wanted to hop off the merry-go-round of status, money, and social climbing that so often frames modern existence." Their cynicism led them to take on political issues such as; anti-globalization, environmentalism, Apartheidism, and autonomy for Tibet. This is the generation combined their love of athletics with a love of nature: the extreme sports movement which included a variety of risky outdoor activities, such as snowboarding, bungee jumping, and rock climbing. Key characteristics: Young, trendy, idealistic, optimistic,flexible and hard working; highly entrepreneurial, socially responsible with a particular concern for the environment. They are more ethnically diverse than any prior U.S. generation. Very comfortable with technology; like to multi-task, and are more spiritual.
My Traveling Prerogatives
Seven years ago minus two days … “And they did all eat, and were filled:” Jesus, I know the ticket’s [for my original flight from Orlando, Florida to Bismarck, North Dakota with a connecting flight in Chicago] been cleared and that I am as ready as I can be to go, but a little doubt still lingers. I’m still not focusing, Lord, on the real reason this trip is even possible. You have been here every step, and You’ll continue to be here every step of the way. Help me not to be so anxious, Lord, or scared, Lord, that I do nothing while I’m there. Have mercy of me traveling, Lord. [Break with review of David John Seel’s “Suffer the Children”, a 1996 book about a Bradenton, Florida garden club working in concert with the Korean Children’s Fund in Chonju, South Korea.] [Ticket stub attached for United Flight UA1673 from Orlando Intl to Chicago/O’Hare.] In a little less than two hours, I’ll meet the prettiest woman in the Dakotas face-to-face; I’m excited! (Written at 2142 hours
My Trip
I just came to realization that it will be less than a year when we will start getting ready to put our place back on the market in order to go on a voyage, AKA work program to Europe. The idea is pretty much to travel indefinitely until we run out of moneys. The fact that we will have jobs will make it possible to extend the trip for over a year or more, we'll see. The main chunk of it will be in Scotland, where the work prog is originated, but planning to stay in Russia for a coupla months (my friend there is gonna try to hook me up with a govt translator job-she is a cop in Moscow) since we will stay with my Gramps, in Israel for the same amount of time (staying with my great aunt, and will apply for a civ IDF position), Germany for a while (staying with my cousin in Berlin). These are just the places I can freeload at. The rest will have to be for a lesser amnt of time: Belgium, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Bulgaria, etc. I am all excited, but gettin ready is gonna be a major has
My True Political Self
You are a Social Liberal (65% permissive)and an... Economic Conservative (61% permissive)You are best described as a: Centrist Link: The Politics Test on Free Online Dating Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test
My Trip
Well I know it is a bit late lmao, but then I am not much of a writer. I when to the U.S. November 2008 yes almost a year ago and meet some great people and had a ball. I would like to thank the ones I meet and spent time with. Great people and good friends that I hope will always stay part of my life. To those that don't think much of it that's ok as well from where I live it is a big trip and a real eye opener. New Zealand has a total of about 4.5 million people as its total country population and is about the size land mass wise as England. Well I think you people have a great contry and the people I meet were all nice even ones I had never talked to before. Thanks if you read this Mike
My Trains ..
Do you love trains? I know I do! Are you on these trains I host? Stop by, rate the train blogs and hop on! They are fun! Check them out! Click here: Help Hazeleyed Soldier! Click here: Motivational Train Click here: Are you a Kid at Heart? Click here:Guestbook Train
My Trip.
So, I will be leaving early in the morning and will be gone until Friday night or Saturday. Just letting everyone know in case someone may have gotten worried.
My Trust
My Trust I tell you all my fears In hopes you'd comfort me And dry up all my tears To keep me from drowning in my sea It's more than I can take I've put it all at stake Don't know what to think I feel like I've all but died To think for you I've cried It's all gone in a blink Trust is much like glass You lose it and it will break This fairytale came on fast No ending in sight This all seems fake Now I feel so alone Even though you've captured me You're here but you're gone Nothing left to enrapture me
My Truck
Ok so almost everyone knew the master clyinder went out in my truck well the reason is sum stupid f@ckin idiot put motor oil in where the brake fluid goes and it wasnt me my dad taught me where all the fluids go in a vehicle
My Tribute To Those Who Serve Us All...
Just a small remembrance of those who serve and have sacrificed all for us...I thank and honor you today! Blessings on you and your families...
My Trip!
This is gonna be a long one, so pour yourself a pint of Guinness and get settled in! So, as you may have already gathered, I have returned from vacation. Yay! For those who missed it, I was in London for three days, then in Ireland for just over a week. I have exactly one crapton of pictures, but seeing as how I just got in last night and had to work this morning, I haven't had time to sort through them yet. I'll do that soon and put up the best ones here. So, London. It was very... British. I really enjoyed it, actually. I managed to see most of the major sights thanks to one of those awesome double-decker bus tours. Didn't have time to go in the British Museum though. Boo! I did get to have tea in the crypt of St. Martins-in-the-Field church, just off of Trafalgar Square. It was neat! London has an interesting feel to it. Seems like most of the buildings are row after solid row. Combine that with the strange layout of streets jutting off at odd angles, and it kind of made me
My True Feelings
my heart has been broken so bad i wonder if there anything to it anymore it hurts so bad it fells like daggers pierceing me to the floor happiness has slipped throu my fingers so now im at the bars remaniceing with all the drinkers can love really be the death of me that is something that i can't forsee i want to be held tight with someone that will help me fight throu the darkness throu the loneless the world and love have forsaken me i just pray there is some one out there to help me see that life has something else in store for me
My My Dad
Sunday will be my 47th birthday... I was born December 7, 1961. It wasnt just MY day though, because I was born on my father's 26th birthday. What a present huh??? Poor guy!!! Always got the same thing for his birthday every year after that... - ME! LOL! From the moment I opened my eyes...and saw my Dad...he was my Hero!!! Throughout my whole life, he served as the greatest example of a man that God could have ever given me. Most people are taught love, compassion, selflessness, empathy, and all the "emotional" attributes normally instilled by their nurturing mothers... Not me. Mine was instilled in me by my Dad. We shared our birthday together every single year for 44 years. I loved sharing mine with him...and he loved sharing his with me. It was most special. It was a "routine" on our birthday for one or the other to race to the phone to be the first one to call the other to sing "Happy Birthday". As soon as one would hear the o
My True Love
A year ago today i lost you,i lost you to the heavens above.I never fell out of love with you, you always had my heart.You knew me in and out and loved me with every breath you drew.I never gave you the chance you deserved and i feel like if i had the loved you the way u needed you wouldve had something to fight for.I never understood the love you had for me till i met him i never understood how u could see past my faults till i met him.When i met him everything fell into place for me.The puzzle I always call my life finally came together.I had been so lost for so long that i finally found my way again.If you had never come into my life i never wouldve found the happiness i did when i was with him.My love for you will never die.I miss you.
My True Love
They say that true love never dies, I must admit it's not a lie. Your my knight and shinning armor, Who said " I'll never harm her". This was also true, My love for him will forever be new. He has my heart and soul, While all other took it over coals. He locked it in away. And still has it till this day.
My Triumphant Return! Maybe Not
Hello, hello!!! How have all of you been? Good, I hope. I have been sort of a hermit in the past couple months, considering around Christmas time is not a very good time for me. Anyway, since becoming Fu-King, I decided I needed a break from Fubar, being it was consuming my waking moment everyday it seemed. So, in order to break my Fubar habit, I decided to get a new habit, play computer games! Yes, I know I am pathetic, but I like computer games, they are very challenging, and they don’t make your wrist go numb after hours of playing them like when I would rate people’s pictures. But the rest was well worth it, and with all the blog topics I began to think of started to pile up, I thought it was time to do some typing. There has been some new changes on Fubar I have noticed since I became a Fu-King, first I noticed there is a new picture for the security check. It’s still annoying as hell, but I guess Fubar just wanted to make the check fancier. Also, you can be owned by som
My True Zodiac Sign
Pisces Your personality is most like that of a Pisces, the zodiac sign for those born between February 20 - March 20. You are compassionate and selfless, often more concerned with others than yourself. Don't let your sympathy make you weak, and make sure to stand up for yourself when necessary. Pushovers rarely get far in life. Horoscope Test by fun quizzes! » » Internet Sweepstakes - IQ Tests - The Dumb Test « « Quizzes | Hollywood Movie Trivia Quizzes | Dumb MySpace Quizzes
My True Feelings Brought To You In A Song (comatose)
I hate feeling like this I'm so tired of trying to fight this I'm asleep and all I dream of Is waking to You Tell me that You will listen You're touch is what i'm missing And the more I hide I realize I'm slowly losing You Comatose I'll never wake up without an overdose of You I don't wanna live, I dont wanna breathe 'Les I feel you next to me You take the pain I feel Waking up to You never felt so real I don't wanna sleep, I don't wanna dream 'Cause my dreams don't comfort me The way You make me feel Waking up to You never felt so real I hate living without You Dead wrong to ever doubt You But my demons lay in waiting Tempting me away Oh how I adore You Oh how I thirst for You Oh how I need You Comatose I'll never wake up without an overdose of You I don't wanna live, I dont wanna breathe 'Les I feel You next to me You take the pain I feel Waking up to You never felt so real I don't wanna sleep, I don't wanna dream 'Cause my dreams don't comfort me The
My Trip
As some of you might know I went to Chicago for a week and I just got back on Saturday. Let me tell you, what a beautiful city. I am looking forward to when I can go back again and be able to explore a little more. The purpose of me going just in case you are wondering is because I needed a break, plus to meet someone special. I left last Sunday a nervous wreck. I don't like to fly only because if the plane goes down I have all that way down to wonder if I'm going to die or not. Plus, I have never been away from my kids for that long. And probably to the fact I was going to meet someone for the first time in real life. I was a wreck in a good way. So, I get to Chicago and I am feeling pretty good. Called everyone that I need to call when I landed. Oh I forgot to mention I have never done anything like this before in my life so everyone was worried about me. A lot of people didn't know why I was going except I needed a break. I get through O'Hare airport which is a pretty c
My Truth
Birthday Calculator 18 May 1982 Your date of conception was on or about 25 August 1981 which was a Tuesday. You were born on a Tuesday under the astrological sign Taurus. Your Life path number is 7. Your fortune cookie reads: None of the secrets of success will work unless you do. Life Path Compatibility: You are most compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 1, 5 & 7. You should get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 4 & 22. You may or may not get along well with those with the Life Path number 9. You are least compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 2, 3, 6, 8 & 11. The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2445107.5. The golden number for 1982 is 7. The epact number for 1982 is 5. The year 1982 was not a leap year. Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 1/25/1982 and ending 2/12/1983. You were born in the Chinese year of the Dog. Your Native American Zodiac sign is Beaver; your plant is Wild Clover. You
My Treatments.
Well I have went through 2 radiation treatments so far an one chemo,it didn't bother me so much till I was done then it seemed as if my mind was working faster than my mouth. I felt off an fell coming up the stairs to the house. I'm do to go in on the 30TH of this month to talk with the doctor in which will be doing the interal radiation treatment.They set me up for the 13TH to get the sleeve put in and then I am to be treated on the 14TH, I now have 23 more exteral treatments to go an 5 more chemo treatments. I'm ready to get all this behind me to make myself better an to be able to live my life. Just thought I'd keep you guys up2date on whats going on with me.... Much love always from your friend Jaime!
My True Love
I believe that everyone has a soulmate. The problem is finding your soulmate. It took me my entire life searching for my one true love, and now that I have found her, I would do anything for her. Its a feeling I cant explain, words would never do it justice. I just hope she realizes just how much she means to me, and feels just how much I love her. She is the light in my eyes, the beat of my heart, my world my everything. Not a second goes by night or day that I don't think of her, her touch, her scent, her kiss!! When i hold her in my arms my heart races... every time we touch my heart skips a beat.. and when I look into her eyes I see our future. She is my best friend, my lover, my companion, my world, my soulmate.. there are a lot of bumps in the way but together nothing can stop our true love for one another.. ti amo con tutto il mio cuore, per sempre. tu sei la mia vitta, la mia spozza.
My Treatment Plan
Today I went to do my radiation simulation and get all set up for starting next Monday. Daily treatments, 5 days a week for 6 weeks... the good news is they say I shouldn't feel the side effects until around week 4, and they should be over with by a week or two after they're done. But I've been also recommended to see a shrink as well as potentially massage therapy - and since I've already met my max out of pocket for the year, the insurance is supposed to pay 100%! And also for a nutritionist to go over a high protein diet that should help, but can also sneak in some weight loss tips for after my treatments are done (they've asked me to stop trying to lose weight for the next couple months so the side affects don't hit me even worse). I only got 2 hours of sleep last night, worrying about today and the possibility of uprooting the family if my hubby goes for this job in MA. I was able to get about 1.5 hours of nap in, but I'm about to drop.
My True Joy~
I wish i could wake up every morning And see your smiling face Holding you in my arms Seeing all your grace I wish i could fall asleep in your arms Every night of every day Feeling all your warmth Feeling so very safe Nothing could make me happier Than kissing your tender lips Hugging your body Feeling your gentle finger tips A day without you is hell With sadness and much pain But i know that without you completly I would never be the same I can help but think... How alone i used to be How unhappy i felt How i had sorrow for myself But then you came, to save me from my pain You have brightened my face, my heart, my soul You have made me feel special, my heart feels whole I never want to leave you I always want you to stay Because every part of me Loves you in each and every way! ~W.H.~   ~2009~
My True Age
11-20 Your true age is very young! You are very energetic and refuse to act like your parents did just yet. You have successfully managed to prolong your youthful days and others can clearly see it. But who cares what other people think! You love to be free and unbound to the constraints of life!
My True Love
My true love is myself cause i love myself 3 times a day.
My Treatments Coming 2 An End Soon???
I've got one more chemo treatment to go an thats on the 7th of next month, then I have 3 more internal ones and of course the externals not sure how many I've got left on those well my book says 3 however seeing I'm getting the internals on the days in which I'm to have the externals the doctor will be adding a few more on I believe he said at least 4-5 more which doesn't bother me none it's the rest of it that I can't handle.... I can not wait till it's all done and over with and they say it's gone (NO MORE CANCER), what a joy that would be. I've went this far in my (HELL) on earth so it's time to get something back in return from the gods... Anyways I got the results back from the bone scan in which came back normal which is good, however now we need to find out why my back has been hurting me like hell, my RADIATION doctor says it's a muscle related issue which I'm sure thats what it is seeing I've went through 3 CT scans an 1 PET scan plus this BONE scan and they didn't find anythi
My True Love
I wonder if I dreamed of you-if you would appear?To make my nights full of love,and always hold me near.I wonder if I thought of you-if you would feel it in your soul?Like two spirits in the universe,who always seem to know.Even if the stars went blackand the sun were to shine no more.They could find their way to each other,no matter how far the shore.Safely in each other's arms, to bid the rest of time.Finding Eternal Loveso many seek to find.Caring for each otherthrough the worst of storms.Leaning on the arms of loveand never need anymore.This is how I feel for you,I've known it all along.You are my one true loveMy world.. My heart.. My soul!
My True Love
I cherish ya all the way. id make it work, long distance or what ever it takes.i want u so bad, like i said, I can tast ya soul, but its be better cover in lye, cos all my life it seems to loose, but i lost that too, so what i do now? Want me to fall in love  show u this or that, life u could have.... marry u an have a fucking life: my life is a bull shit misery  so lets get married an say fuck it, is that all u know?  I'm too good to be true an ur to hot to be blue, an we, just make a day come true an it sucks ass, morning is coming late, dawn just past us by, mid day is present, dawn is coming near, hold you, close, id cherish you my dear, I'm a poet, if u didnt know it, devil bought my way, hell awaits, heaven is you, trouble is time an tired of running, please hold me, im falling, sincere, just running blind!... I'm on a suicide,  but sometime we seem to dis tray..wonder what hes really like...glistens,... nite falls, your in bed,, he creeps into your head.. falling in lov
My True Story
To all who know me i am a loving caring man that is dearly devoted to the ones i love. I spent 3 years with someone that was totaly keeping me in the dark and feeding me shit from the start, i tried to get along with her family and most of them are great people that i will never black list or bad mouth. i wish i could keep them as friends but im sure by now the X has that im no good and yadayadayada... on with the show.... i opened my eyes about a year ago and i found from there a life that is worth living. i found a friend that turned into more and a family that loves me. i found a place in this world where i can be loved for me and what i am, not just for what i do. i can only say that i hope that if anyone else is ever in a posistion that seems like mine that you can get out on your own two feet and make the most of what u have to give. and to the people that are holding you back from what you want, well remeber that when you are face to face with your maker and HE decides that he c
My Trhoughts In My Head Today
why are we here. there is always pain. some are here cuz we where planed some where not. we wish for death. but we wake up the next day. some think they have you wrapped around there finger. but they learn the hard way there not. when life goes bye. its too late to start over. they say pain is weakness leaving the body. more its like hurt that u dont want to feel. u get sick of love cuz your always gettin hurt. then u find another love but only to get hurt again. they say there sorry. and they wont do it again. but they do. you move on too start over. but there nothing there to start over with. u sit alone. nothing but thought. and wonder. the end  
My Trip
Well, I'm finally in Missouri. I haven't been on nearly as much as I was when I was home. It feels weird. I miss it here, but I'm really having fun with my friend. The flights here were....different. I've now come to the conculsion that I hate flying. Too bad I have to do it to get home. Taking off scares the hell out of me. The first 15 minutes of it I pretty much have my eyes closed. Of course that my have been because the planes I had to fly in were old and I was sitting right by the wing and I really didn't want to see if the engine caught on fire =/   My actual trip: I was suppose to leave Charleston at 7am. I was really nervous because I'd never been on a plane and I'd heard so many things about the airport that I was flying out the runway was smaller than some other ones, that it looks like you are going to hit the mountains. Well, about 20 minutes before I was suppose to leave they come over the intercom and tell us that my flight has been delayed for 2 hours and
My Trip To The Hospital
So I got back this afternoon and the medication made me pass the hell out. Whats wrong you may ask? Well I htought I had a bladder infaction. It was getting so painful so fast I couldn't go anymore... icky, yes; tmi, probably. But any how. So with in one day I went from no issues to "omg I can't pee and I think Im having my period AGAIN!" um nope. So it started as a bladder infection that went unnoticed and progressed quickly and ended in a bad kiney infaction. Turns out I wasn't on the rag, I was peeing blood. Go me. I was going to wait till tomorrow and the doctor told me if I had done that I'd be in there with kidney failure. -_-. Gee thats what I want to hear. I'm glad I went when I did. I still feel icky but I'm on strong meds and will be fine in a few days. Drew is comming over tonight to spend time with me and tommorow I'm spending time at his place.
My Trip To Six Flags Lol
So yesterday we all jumped on the car n headed out for six flags at 7 am got there rode everything we could till we was to exhuasted to ride anything else. On the way home stopped and ate dinner at the cracker barrell my fav restuarant ..well one of..Got back in the car n headed towards home. We got 73 miles out of Greenville when the freaking alternator in the car went bad!  The car died a few mins later. So there we sat on the side of the interestate .. We called someone to come help us, wait in an hour n a half he arrives with another battery. The car cranks n we take off again only to get 25 miles up the road for that battery of course starts dying. We pull off the next exit which btw was in Clemson, SC .. and for anyone of you all who follow Ncaa football knows there our teams the Gamecocks rivals. Hubby and his friend just happened to be struting around in one of there tshirts.. Not a single person offered to help lol .. So we are there changing the battery out again then it happ
My Trip To The Er Today
OK... for those of you worried...and so I don't have to explain it all over and over I'm just going to write this. I guess I should first give you some "histroy".   Last December/January I was sick for 33 days. Woke up on a Thursday with what I thought were the first symptoms of the flu. Every muscle in my body hurt so bad. I had no fever but I figured it just hadn't hit yet. I figured I'd get in early and get some tamaflu so it wouldn't last so long so I made an appointment for the next morning. I got there and was met by my doctor with a "Wow, you look like you feel like shit" (we're friends so yeah that's normal conversation between us), but yeah... I did feel like shit.   I was tested for the flu and it was negative. I told my doctor how much my stomache hurt and so of course had to lay down and allow him to push around on my belly. It was painful and he said "slightly swollen". He tapped on my kidneys... again.. painful. So I was told to pee in a cup. This showed white blood
My Trusted Worker Bee
I have a great employee, Hes been with me for the last 10 years and I rely on him daily. Hes there ready to work every morning and is one of the last to shut down at night. Hes faithful and has never asked for much just a smile and a good word once in a while. Last night, I got some bad news.. He decided it was time for him to retire, I don't want to see him go because he been with me since i started this journey. Ive seen workers come and go but he has stuck threw thick and thin, with me. He stood behind me every step of the way.. I am very sad to see him go, I have thought of ways to keep him. even my trusty friend Hugh has given me a few ideas. But he seems determined to get out while he still has a little juice left in him... I even stumped so low as to caress him, he still refused to budge that's when i hit him slightly on the side.. he was appalled. !0 years of service and he leaves on a sour note.. I start crying because its like a part of me and my company are dieing as wel
My Truck Abagayle.
Last night I was into it with both banks, of course one being personcal and another FIN, reasons with my truck now I've made many of payments to these asses and yet yesterday when calling to talk with a manager he rimmed my ass from one side to the next. I am like you moron ya don't yell @ a lady like that first of all secondly I have a business of my own now I know what the hell it's like in the field o.k. I was only 38 days late on this bad boy and the fucker says to me that eventho I went an paid the $449.13 I was still 8 days late well DUH o.k. I know this, although he says that if I didn't shut up he'd come get my baybay, oh BIG mistake there I called the police/bank an talked with the fire dept. because they are in with I/T o.k. if you know what that is? Anyways the misses in which I had spoke to tells me that they used my CARD not the postpone check in that amount over the phone with Pete now he said ty for given em a heads up so this way he wasn't slapped in the face later on n
My Trip To The Er
UPDATE: I am finally home(Friday), Dr came in and told me everything... so Tuesday night i had a migraine coming on so i took my imitrex, well about 30 minutes later, i started to get shooting pains in my head and my jaw locked up and my chest started to tighten up. well i didn't think anything of it.. (yea stupid me) and i just went to bed. well the next day the pain was still there... so i went to the er (Wednesday).... they admitted me asap... they thought i was having a heart attack SO.... they hooked me up to an iv.. gave me morphine and nitro and had to inject me with blook thinners so my blood wouldn't clot and put me on a 12 lead EKG. the morphine wasn't working so they had to go stronger.. and they had to take me to xray... at this time.. my BP was 168/116 and my heart rate was 125, i had a fever. they had to give me a bettablocker.. if i spelt that right... well they got my heartrate down BUT it also got my blood pressure way down... tooo low ... it was 78/54. and at this tim
My True Identity
Suffering seems to be my only friend Living this lonely life Tearing away my sanity I can barely go on living My soul a shattered cry in the wind Endless thoughts racing through my mind Where can I turn for help? Few are trustworthy these days Hiding, always hiding my true self No one can ever know I cannot let the pain I live with to touch others They couldn't understand my true torture Life without meaning An endless drone But I still feel I still hurt
My True Feelings About You
My True Love
The first time I saw him, my heart turned on fire. My body was filled, with lust and desire. His eyes pierced my soul, I fell to the ground. In my mind I knew, that my love was bound. His eyes was so sparkling, his touch so divine. From that moment on I wished he was mine. When I’m all alone, out in the night. He comes along, and finds the light. When I am sad, and life’s no fun. He will be there to be my sun. In every moment, of my life. I always wish, he was my husband. After this is said, you maybe know. That this special man, is my true love. Written by: M David
My Truth
Avalanches rolling through my skull, destroying my pure thoughts, corroding my ideas, blending both sides of my thought process so that all is obscured and intertwined. No longet recognizable my soul cries out in anguish , searching for a beacon to guide it from the self-destruction it seeks. Listen for the bellowing sound my soul cannot ommit, resonating so far its deluded by space and time. See what evils are hidden from your simplistic sight, and feel the pain burdened on my shoulders for an eternity, yet I am oblivious to the pain. Suspended in an unescapable cage deep within my mind, only able to peer outward as if watching someone else act in my stead, yearning to once more be able to control my body. Silenced I am at every sound uttered from my pitiful lungs, suffocated by unrelenting assailants, and betrayed in so many ways it has become a familiarity. Denied the individuality I have sought out for so many years, cast aside as if all I have done was worht less than nothing, as
My True Love
joshskeens@ fubar      
My Trip To Walmart
ok you walk into walmart and you think ok im just gonna get some stuff i need. then you look down a row and see this FAT ASS HEFFER whos ass is eating her shorts.. you try too look away but your eyes are glued because their so damn fat. you think to yourself how could anyone let themselves get so fat. you look down at yourself and think "huh i guess im skinny com paired to them but damn i need to lose weight"......shit like that scares me its the whole reason why im on a diet 24/7 one of the reasons why im anorexic n bulimic . ok anyways, so you walk a little more fill your buggy with healthy fruit n special k cereal you look up n BOOM a fat ass guy who has no ankles. your eyes start to hurt even more.  you stop in your tracks and look around in every direction and realize your the skinniest think in walmart. so by the time you leave you never want to eat again, to get to the car n up comes all the food you ate, now thats gonna be fun for someone to clean up!!   SOMETIMES I WISH I WA
My Trip To Detroit!
So as you all noticed, I haven't been that active in the past few days. Why? Well, I went to Detroit from Friday to Sunday (and I was busy with school shit after that). Anyway, I really wanted to mumm this but I thought a blog would be more appropriate. Also, it's time I write my first blog (and you guys should be grateful cause you're witnessing history right here). So lets get started. Why the fuck did I go to Detroit? Well, I wanted to go to the Jay-Z/Eminem concert. I planned on buying tickets from a scalper or something. I also went to meet that 17 year old chicka I met on yahoo about a month ago (she lives an hour away from the city). And of course, I needed a bit of a vacation so this was a perfect opportunity. So I left with my friend (who's like Kramer on valium) on Friday morning. We got there sometime in the afternoon and after a little touring, we thought "okay Detroit is boring." Then I went off to go find tickets to the concert. My friend decided not to go so he went ba
My Truths, Too!
On September 11, 2001. I was getting ready for a field exercise with my unit in the 10th Mountain Division (that would be the active army division in New York - Fort Drum - about an hour north of Syracuse). We were on the trucks getting ready to go out (I think it was a Monday) when some guys came running down. They had just seen on the news where the Twin Towers had fallen. After that day, I was deployed on four wartime operations. One was for security in the US (Operation Noble Eagle). I've spent nearly 2 years in combat overseas on the other three deployments (which included Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Iraq). I was infantry. My job was to "close with and neutralize the enemy." For layman terms, that means our job is to kill people and blow shit up. Seen some pretty bad shit. It's been 9 years since that day. Nine... Wow. I'm out of the army now. Honorable discharge, of course. So, yeah... I did that. It was pretty amazing to be a part of it. It was pretty trau
My True Companion
Baby i've been searching like everybody elseCan't say nothing different about myselfSometimes i'm an angelAnd sometimes i'm cruelAnd when it comes to loveI'm just another foolYes, i'll climb a mountainI'm gonna swim the seaThere ain't no act of god girlCould keep you safe from meMy arms are reaching outOut across this canyonI'm asking you to be my true companionTrue companionTrue companionSo don't you dare and try to walk awayI've got my heart set on our wedding dayI've got this vision of a girl in whiteMade my decision that it's you allrightAnd when i take your handI'll watch my heart set sailI'll take my trembling fingersAnd i'll lift up
My Truth
The Truth Of My Life Will Never Be Know, The Truth Of My Heart Will Never Be Shown. People Who See Me May See What They Will, But I Know The Real Me And That's Part Of The Deal. My Heart And My Soul Are Not Worn On My Sleeve, The Mask That I Wear Makes It Hard To Believe. I Love And I Hate I Laugh And I Cry, I Feel All Emotions Every Day That Goes By. My Love For You All Can Never Be Shown, How Truly I Feel It That Will Never Be Known. Not In This Life And Not In This World, Not Till I'm Gone Will It All Be Unfurled. I Say This To You My Family And Friends, In Hopes That You All Can Begin To Comprehend. Just Love Me And Care Just Show Me Your There, For This Life Most Times Is Just So Unfair. So Now I Ask You Dont Judge Me Look Deeper Than That, Lets All Sit Down And Have A Little Chat. The People You Love Keep Close By Your Side, And All Hold On Tight This Is A Bumpy Ride. Through The Ups And The Downs Next To You Ill Be, And Hope That One Day You Can All See. The Truth That
My Trance Demo Is Uploading To My Player Now.
Happy happy joy joy! Finally found my demo MIA since 2008 lol daaaam! My favorite n my best by far. Shouts 2 DJ Exile 4 the studio time!!
My Trance Demo Is Uploading To My Player Now!!!!
This is my Trance DJ demo that has been lost for 2 years and I am proud to present it to you. It is my best set by far and more in my element of Trance and Lounge in comparison to my other demos. My heart is with Sexy Driving Tribal House but I prefer to play Lounge/Trance/Progressive House as a DJ. DJ Marco Andre
My True Love
My Treasure's
God give us air to breath….God give us heart that beats….Like music to everyone’s ears to hear….God gave us everything, we want as needs….God gave me treasure that i loved and cares….It’s more than a diamond that people wears….More than a picasso’s paintings hangs on the wall….They are like crystal in my eyes,That glows like stars above high….Thank you god for giving me my treasures….Thank you my kiddos….You are the gift that god gives….You are the treasure….That i love most…..You are my life….My everything……..
My Treasure
You have stolen my heartWith love unknownThe beauties in lifeTo me you have shownThe treasure of the heartYou have let me exploreI treasure your loveEach day more and more So when I kiss you softlyAnd you whisper in my ear so sweetlyIt’s love that has brought meYour way my dearThis sweet love with youI’m happy to share You have captured my heart,My greatest treasureLoving you……It’s my greatest pleasureIn love I liveEach moment in joyAs each moment, each dayWith you I enjoy Stimulate my thoughtsAnd capture my mindYou are so sweet, so charming,And so divineThe taste of youIs sweet as honeyHold me, love me,And enjoy my body It is yours to have,To love and to holdForever and everFor life untoldMy love one wishSure are you…To love you and hold youTrue and true
My True Love
Sometimes I sit and wonder, Why you stare at me, And then I tell myself, You're in love with me. As you begin to move, And as I begin to lean, There was something in your eyes, That I have never seen. You get on a bended knee, And then I start to see, That all you wanted to say was, "Will You Marry Me?" You wrap your arms around me, And without a grudge, That in my whole life that I knew, You were my one and only true love
My Train Fanastay
   Well I have this fantasy of having sex on top of a moving train well its going 60 mph, and the only thing to hold on to is a light........ As I hold on to the light, I wrap my legs around you and bring you deeper into me, screaming faster, harder, god damnit fuck me like you mean it. Letting go of the light with one hand, bring your face to my breast so you can suck on my them. Letting go of your head, I reach for your back to scratch making you shiver on top of me. You shove deeper into me, pounding me harder and bitting my nipples, As we both realize that the train is slowing down not ready to finish but know we have to you pull out and turn me over and take me from behind even harder and faster than before, going harder and harder and harder making me scream until we both cum in complete satification and bliss........
My True Love....
My true love came to me on a full moon to night my heart was broken long time ago. I wanted to trust him. He takes me kisses my lips Nice's and slow and looks into my eyes with kindness. I discover hidden truth about myself I never know. I can't help myself I give into him it's like poetry to me. I forgot about my broken heart as we lay down together as one. My true love            bY Christine  Thank You for reading my blog 
My Truth
Deep breaths and pain inside,Hard to tell the truth when there's so many lies!Whispers of secrets in my ear,Hoping that no one could hear.And I'm crying actual tears.I feel hurt, pressured and strained.Everybody cant feel my type of pain.And this might really sound lame.But life aint nothing but a game.Do you feel what I feel NO!I wish I could let it all go.But it really aint that easy.Have you ever had to sit in the cold freezing.Wanting to be awaken by a special healing.Just let pain go freely.Too bad nothing in this world is free.
"my Trip For My Job"
I didn't know what to expect as i headed into  the ass hole's office.  John had called me the day before and told me it was important that he meet with me as soo as possible. As my manager, john often held meetings with me, but they were always caual and never a top priorty.   John gretted me as i entered the office and motined to a seat across from his desk. He smiled and engaged in some small talk with me for a few minutes. He had no fucking idea that had seen him and my wife, Vanessa, fucking in my bed a few months earlier. And while i intended to use the info at some point in the future, i tried to act a s normal as possible whenever we met.    John was a nice guy and under different circumstances we could have become great friends. However, the ass hole was fucking me wife behind my back. And while i realized how turned on i had been at the sight of them doing it, it was till done in secret. I still didn't know how seroius they were. Did they love each other? Or were they simp
"my Trip For My Job"
"What kind of job is it?" I asked, caught off guard.    "Well, it's a traning job. There are some new products coming down the pike, and we need someone to learn all the ins and outs about them in order to train all the agents.  Even though this type of job uaually goes to a much more experienced advisor, i was able to convince the others that your track recoed proved that  you were the best for the job. I had to pull a few favors but finally convinced everyone to give you the position. so, congratulations! tyuo're really going to enjoy this role with the company!"   I was still shocked. the last thing i expected was for John to be offering me a new job. "But, what about being a field agent?" Suddenly i realized i maynot be able to enjoy my time in people's homes, and i was starting to really enjoy some of the homes i went into! "Wiill i still keep my client base?"   "Oh definitely, Lee.  This job will be full time for the next couple of months, but after that, it'll be more of a
"my Trip For My Job"
That evening, as Vanessa and i sat eating dinner, i told her about the new position. She listened intently, and i figured out early in our conversation that she had no idea that ass hole had been planning to get me the job. That made me feel a littlew better, realizing that at least she wan't part of the plan to get rid of me as much as possible.   "Anyway," I said, as i wrapped up the details of the new job, "It dose mean i'll have to spend a bit of time at the head office over the next few months."   Vanessa looked up from her meal. "Oh? What do you mean by a bit of time?"    "Well John said i'll be in training at head office all next week. I'll have to leave Sat night and won't be home until sometime the following Sunday. And then i'll have to go down there for a couple of days every week for the next month or so. I don't know if it'll mean any trips after that."  
"my Trip For My Job"
"Wow,' my wife replied, obviously deep in thought, "that's a lot of time away." what was she thinking about? Was she already imagining all the nights of fucking that ass hole? what her mind already picturing his cum filling her up?   "So,  know how much  you hate to be alone," i paused, letting that statement sink in. "I know how you get nervous with me not here, so i purchased a security system today. I'll install a couple of sensors and set up a keypad at the door. All you need to do is punch in the code and the house will be alarmed. that way, when you come home, you'll know if anyone else in in the house. And, at night, if you want you can set just the doors so you'll know if someone tries to enter the house."   Vanessa nodded her understanding, "Thanks, Lee, you're right, i hate being alone."    I wanted to say, "i'm sure you wont be alone too often," but held  back and said nothing.    After dinner i began to set up the system. I put a sensor on each entrance to the house
"my Trip For My Job"
The rest of the week went quickly, and soon it was time for me to leave. I packed up the car, making sure my labtop was secure, and  then tuend back to kiss Vanessa goodbye. We stood in the driveway holding each other tight for a few minutes before i pulled away.   "I'm going to miss you , sewwt heart," she said, reaching out to kiss me again.   "I'll miss you too. Hey, if you get lonely, just call up one of the escort agencies and have some fun." I smiled as i turned to open the care door   "Humm,"" she said playing along. "I just might do that."    "Or, i could just call one of the guys from work and ask him to come over and take care of you. What do you think? How 'bouy Ken or Jerry, or maybe john?"    A look of fear flashed across her face but disappeared just as quickly. I knew i had caught her off guard with that comment, and it was fun watching her try to joke her way out of it.:)   "Nah, if i want a guy, i can find my own. I don't need another salesman to satisfy me
"my Trip For My Job"
The next day soon as the class was over i grabbed my notebooks andstarted to head out of the class. I bumped into this red head and we  walked over to the elevator together.  we laughed as we reached for the same button, and then pulled away at the same time    "Here let me have the honors,' i said, pressing the button for our floor. "I guess we're on the same floor. My name is Bobby lee but please call me Lee how did you enjoy the class?"   She extended her hand and said 'Hi Lee, i'm Emily. The class was boring, but when is this stuff ever interesting?"   "Well, that's true, Emily. it is boring. I've found you to make your own fun while on these trips or you'll go crazy."   Emily smiled back. "Make your own fun? Is that what you do? "   I couldn't believe how easy it  was going to be to enjoy the woman. It seemed clear to me that i could inviet her to my room that and she would join me. In fact, i almost did, but then i remembered what i needed to see first.   "Tell you w
"my Trip For My Job"
 I  smiled and walked over to the desk in the corner of my room and opened up my labtop. After plugging the phone line into the modem, i dialed up a number and waited to see if my plan was going to work. After a couple of minutes to load, but soon i found myself laughing out loud at how much fun i was going to have over the course of the week. Satisfied, i disconnected, shut off the labtop and turned to jump in the shower.   An hour later i knocked on the inside door leading to Emily's room. I heard her moving around in the room and after a minute or so, she opened the doo. "well," she said, smiling at me. "I guess we should just leave this door unlocked for a week."   "I think  that's a good idea," I agreed. "After all, you never know what may happen in the middle of the night."   "True, Lee, you can only hope it'll be used frequently."    I couldn't believe how much fun i was having flirting with this sexy 50 year old red head. I knew that if i had suggested we just forget ab
"my Trip For My Job"
We headed to a nice restaurant and sat down to eat. It was amazing how easy it was to talk with Emily, and i fould meself soon shairing my entire story with her. She sat quietly listening as o told her about walikng in on my wife and that ass hole in bed together. She shifted in her seat as i explained how i became turned on while watching them, and how i ate Vanessa's pussy after. I could tell she was turned on as i described what it was like. She asked for a second glass of wine as i began to tell her about Bianca and out time together. But she really started to squirm when i talked about my other encounter.    By the time i was finished, Emily was very horny and having trouble hiding it. Actually, she  wasn't even really attempting to hide it.  Her leg rubbed up and down my leg, and her hand was in mine. Our eyes stayed locked on each other as i shared my stories.
"my Trip For My Job"
Then it was her turn. She told me how she had been married for about seven years to a very wonderful man. She loved him deeply. She was from a very religious family, and her husband was a deacon in their church. As a result, he was very straight and conservative. He believed that she was to be submissive to him at all times, and that sex was for procreation only. Their sex life was pretty much nonexistent. Once a week, on Saturday night, he would come up to bed, pull off his pajamas, lay down on top of her, enter her dry pussy, and pump for about a minute until he got off. He would then get up, take out a facecloth, wipe himself off, pull up his pajamas, and be asleep within ten minutes. She would  wait until he was sound asleep, and then get up and go into the living room, where she would masturbate usuing a cucumber, biting her lip as she came so that he wouldn't hear what she was doing.   a year ago she had her first affair and justified it as being "just sex." she had enjoyed a c
"my Trip For My Job"
Emily went on to tell me that she had decided that this trip was the perfect opportinity to meet some one from another city for a week of hard, wild intense sex. She had decided she wasn't going to waste thek by being shy, but that once she met someone, she was going to make her intensions clear, ensuring that they would enjoy each other every night of the week.   The only requirement she had for the person she would fuck all week long was that he had to be married like she was. The reason, she explained, was that she did not  want some single guy to enjoy being with her so much that he fell in love. The last thing she needed was some guy wanting more from the relationship than just the physical part. There was no way she would leave her husband, and she had no interest in being emotionally involved with someone else. She just wanted someone to fufill her needs. Period.
"my Trip For My Job"
As she continued to talk, i kicked off my shoe and began to move my foot up her leg. Her breathing quickened as she parted her legs slightly to allow my foot to continue its movement up her leg. She was wearing a short skirt, and my foot disappeared under the material. He legs opened a little wider. soon my foot found its destination, and i discovered she didn't have any panties on. My foot began to slide up and down her pussy, my sock becoming moist with her juices.   Emily for her wine and took a large gulp of the liquid. her face was a little flushed as she focused her eyes on mine. My big toe was deep inside her, and i continued to wiggle my foot, causing her to move  from side to side.    At that moment, our waiter approached and began to clear our plates. "Would you care to see the desert menu?" He asked, looking first Emily and then at me   "Humm, good question," i said, keeping my gaze on Emily, "How bout' it sweetheart? would you like something to eat?"   Emily closed
"my Trip For My Job"y Sock Was Soaked, But I Slid It Into My Shoe
I jumped in. "I think what the lady is saying is that we'll just have the bill, thank you." My foot continued to rub her, my toes sliding in and out of a very wet pussy. I knew that she had never experienced anything like this, especially in public, and she was going nuts. The bill came and i removed my  foot from between her legs. My shoe anyway. We quickly headed to the car and turned toward the hotel. As we drove along, i reached down and continued to rub pussy, this time with my hand. She sat very still in the seat, completely  lost in the ecstasy of the moment. We pulled up at the valet and jumped out and headed into the hotel.      As we got onto the elevator, i turned and pulled her into my arms. We were alone all the way to our floor, and our lips remained locked together until the bell chimed and the doors opened on our floor. We walked down the hall  and i slid my key into my door. As i turned and locked it behind us, Emily fell into my arms and we began to kiss passionate
"my Trip For My Job"
It didn't take long for me to find out how loud she could be. As i continued to eat her pussy, she sunndely start into her first climax. Her loud "Yes! As she went over the edge. i pressed down on her pussy, holding her clit between my lips as the waves of orgasm flooded over her body. I waited until her breathing began to settle before  releasing her clit from my mouth. I made my way back up her body, providing gentle kisses across her belly and her breasts until out mouths met again and she kisses her juices off my chin.   "I want to suck you," she finally said, whispering to me.    "I was hoping you'd say that," i said kissing her neck.    "But after what you just did to me, i'm nervous."   I kisses her again. "Nervous? Why?"   "Because i don't have any experience sucking a man off. Like i said, my husband dosen't do any of that, and i've only done it a couple of times with the lovers i met back home."
"my Trip For My Job"
"Tell you what, don't worry about your  experience. Just enjoy me. Learn to listen to my body. Try something and see how i react. You'll know what you're doing is pleasurable or not. just try and listen to my body . And don't be afraid to ask if something feels nice, i'll be honest with you. Learning the other's body is all a part of being a good lover.":)  Emily leaned up and kissed me again. "I want to please you, Lee."   She moved down the bed and tentatively moved her mouth close to my dick head. I looked down at her, watching her eyes through the strands if red hair that fell over her face. She had an incredible look on her face as she stared at my black dick. I coudn't believe how tuned on she was making me feel. Her was the lovely woman, desperate to grow in her sexual experience, wanting so much to please me, about to take my dick into her  almost virgin mouth. I couldn't  help but watch as her lips finally parted and my dick began to disappear past her lips.
"my Trip For My Job"
She closed her mouth around my shaft and began to suck. It was obvious that she did not have experience in giving head, but that was the turn on. She sucked me like she was sucking a popsicle, simple sliding up and down and glided one of her hands to my balls and i instructed her to play with them as she sucked. I took her other hand and btought it to my chest, leading her fingers to my nipple and showing her how to squeeze the tiny point.      She was so willing to learn and did everything i directed her to do without hesitation. I watched her head bob up and down over my dick and  found myself quickly approaching climax at the sight i took in. I began to grunt as i felt my load began to erupt. Emily must have sensed something was up. Just as i felt my load blast off she stopped and looked up at me. She lifted her head off my swollen dick and i watched as my cum fired all over her lips,  cheek and chin. She giggled as the cum hit her cheek and swiftly wrapped lips back around me as
My Trip - Ephesus Tours In Turkey
Attended the regular tour of Pamukkale beautiful, and then came to kusadasi. Anatolia is a very nice town, and here, and here attended daily ephesus tours. First, the nose of a This is an ancient city and a large number of studies carried out excavations and restarasyon and this serves as a museum of local people this is the first entry is the slope homes residence and place of residence of the municipal building, where there are a very large bird. The main road is the road where the marble is a very special occasion, and on the road There are fountains, statues on both sides of the works of art they are very special. There are toilets in the city, where the bulk sewage waste water system been very successful, and upon arrival we reached a house with a very big heart mark this house, which is composed of a large number of rooms.If the square is a symbol of Ephesus this place has a king Celcus Library works with a magnificent stone decorations on the front of a building and the four sta
My T-shirts For Sale
My Tts Bully
My Turning
It was August of 1999 when Grayell found me. He followed me many days, watching me this man, Studying my ways, my demeaner. It was September 10th of 1999 when he turned me and made me what I am. His Daughter his First chyld. He installed in me Honor, Loyality, and Respect. Most of all he gave me the Dark gift Of the Gangrel. He tought me to survive by leaving me, forcing me to earn his Honor, his Respect. I became as powerful as he. Over the years I traveled alone but always holding Grayell with in me. HIs blood so pure, nothing could ever match it, or so I thought. In time I made chylder of my own.. My first daughter lilywhite.. a gentle one born of my blood and that of my than long ago mate.. Lrd Azz.My First Son Drewx killed in the wars.. my heart still bleeds for him. My Son Dark Vampire who became my lover at one point... Two more sons followed Phantom Warrior, a boy yet a man unique in his own ways.. DarkWolf my son who I killed for his own pettyness.A second daughter
My Turn
The Holes Bottom Some times I wonder at the depth I had sunk some times I think it would be better to be drunk some times I feel all the hurt so damn deep some times I just want to fall down and weep some times I want to scream out in my pain some times I watch my dreams go down the drain some times I see the things I held to me so dear some times I wish just to give up the sweet fear some times I wonder do we really have a soul some times I feel so damn lost in this hole some times I pray for my life just to be at a end some times I get hope from the kindness of a friend some times I see that things could be much worse some times I see that it is all not a curse some times I find that I have something in life to give some times I find a new reason just to live some times I talk with the spirit who dwells inside me deep some times I find I have sown a greater harvest to reap some times I laugh and find a joy that makes me whole some times I see t
My Turn To Pimp 3 Of The Craziest Fuckers I Know
I got a new cherry here that needs some fuckin lovin. From what I know he's a crazy mother fucker. Hell he hangs out with 2 of my awesome and good lookin friends. *HE MUST BE CRAZY* *L* They r sweet and funny as hell. *GOTTA FUCKIN LUV THEM* Here's the 3 of the shitheads. Give them all u got people. Don't be dicks. The newbie~ 532364@ CherryTAP My Crazyass Sweetheart~ Dream Killer@ CherryTAP And of couse I had to save the best for last... My Sexyass Sweetheart~ Special K@ CherryTAP And y the hell they put up with me I have no fuckin clue.
My Turn To Purge
Push me away, ignore my love Do just as you have done It seems our fairytale is over Although it had only just begun You chose to carry your burden alone And for you I feel a great sorrow Because sadness, I know, is easier shared Yet, we're waking up alone tomorrow I can't understand the choices you make By pushing away someone who loves you And my heart just can't stand another break Aftar all that it's already been through I know that I put my all into this My soul, my time, my tears and dedication I wish that was enough to have helped you through So you wouldn't give in to your hurt and frustration But it's over now, I'll walk away Another chapter in my book is done I'll turn around and try to pretend I wasn't sure you were the one.
My Turn On Is...
You scored as Blind Folds. Your turn on is the blindfold. When you can't see, that makes your other senses more aware... including your sense of touch. So who wouldn't enjoy being blindfolded???? Sex isn't sex without enhancing your sense of touch.Blind Folds92%Chains/Handcuffs75%Bondage75%Biting75%Whips58%Blood33%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
My Turtle Needs A Booty Call
I have a very special red-eared slider who recently "became a man," as they say. He deserves everything his little heart desires so I'm kind of hoping someone out there has a female turtle that . . . you know, needs a little something extra. She would be one lucky turtle because my turtle is very cute with huge, sexy claws. And he is also the John Holmes of turtles. That being said, my turtle doesn't need any baby momma drama and since he's pretty young in turtle years, I doubt he's ready to commit to anything exclusive or long-term. So I guess we're kind of talking about casual sex here but I promise that my turtle could give your turtle more respect and pleasure than the average "special friend." If you think that your female turtle may be interested, please contact me. And if you have any pictures, I can show them to my turtle and see his reaction. Thanks!
My Turn???
Every girl wants a Prince Charming and while he may be nice and all, I want a guy who will come up behind me and put his arms around me, and just hold me. He'll whisper in my ear that he loves me. A guy who will lay awake at night, just thinking about me. A guy who will call at 3:00 am just to tell me how much he misses me. He would come over just after we get off the phone because, he wants to know how I'm really doing, because I said I was fine...but we both know I was lying. He'd kiss my forehead and tell me everything's going to be alright. He may not be Prince Charming to anyone else but, in my eyes, he fits the part perfectly. That is a glimpse of what I'd love to have... I layed in bed last night watching t.v. and got to thinking how sometimes my life is very lonely... I have great freinds and family...I mean lonely in the love department... As I was laying there I thought about how I miss certain things about a relationship... The intamacy you share with that person and that p
My Tummy Been Acting Funny All Weekend =p
Hope evreybody else had a good weekend....I sure didn't....My stomach was all fucked up...ALL WEEKEND. I couldn't lay down and sleep for one minute. I mean the queasiness was so bad I couldn't lay on my side (and I usually lay on my stomach =X ) And when I wasn't queasy, I was extremely hungry....Then, when I did feed the hunger, I got that queasy feeling back. How fucked id that, huh? My best friend, Benny, wanted me to go to the mall with him and see "Grindhouse." Since my stomach was upset, I couldn't go......Damn, and I was really looking forward to seeing "Planet Terror." *sniffle* I still feel like that a little now, but at least it's not as bad as it was..... Have a good Week everybody... Much Luv
My Turn Ons
someone who.... is confident without being cocky can make me laugh writes me love letters or poems talks dirty to me knows what they want and is not afraid to say it cheers me up when i'm down lets me vent when i'm angry has something to say other than "wow, your boobs are big" has tats and/or piercings guys... trimed mustach, goatee, and pubic hair hairy chests muscular but not muscle bound bald or shaved head girls... thick dark hair shaved drama free
My Tummy Hurts
So I'm sitting at work as i oft do. . .and I am all kinds of disenchanted. . . You know i've noticed with blogs pretty much anything I have to say can be summed up in the subject. . .You don't even really have to read them. . . Thats not to say you shouldn't read them because definately you should and then of course commiserate with me about my stomach pain back pain head ache ect depending on what my bitch of the moment is. Mostly i'm just sleepy and could really go for a nap. In fact i think i'll take advantage of my dangerously low call volume and doze off here. . . Been lovely chatting Liz
My Turn To Vent......
You know what I cant stand?! I cant stand low life people who get pleasure out of making fun of other people. I am one who believes that everyone is equal no matter what you look like or even what your skin color is. So why do people like to bash on others?! Recently, I was reading through the bulletins and came across one where this guy was totally discriminating this girl becaue of the way she looked. Hell, he was even bashing on her boyfriend. This girl happens to be on my friends list and seems to be a major sweetheart. This guy knows who he is. And I have deleted him from my friends. For you to wish death upon someone for the way they look is just childish. I hope one day you learn how to grow the fuck up. Thank you.... Suerita AKA Cute&Chunky
My Turban Is Dirty...
my turban is dirtyAdd to My Profile | More Videos
My Turn..........
You are lying naked on my bed. I ask you to lie absolutely still while I strip slowly, standing at the foot of the bed with downcast eyes, turning my back on you at the last minute as I deliberately ease my panties down over my hips, flaunting my ass, bending over slightly at the waist to look back at you, the only movement the nonchalant lift of your erection. In the expectant silence I kneel on the bed beside you, my face closing in on yours, to touch your mouth with mine, kissing your open lips, tracing the contours of your face with fingertips while my tongue tastes your skin, my teeth closing briefly around your earlobe, a trail of wetness across your chin and throat, my scent filling your nostrils while your taste fills my mouth ...but you don't move. I explore your body with my eyes and my hands, caressing, my fingernails stroking across the vibrating skin of your belly and thighs as I rise above you, straddling your hips. My nipples graze your skin as I move down
My Tunes
Please check out my songs. I have added and subtracted some songs. I will also be adding more songs in time. So enjoy.
My Turn To Rant
why is it that when i try to chat with someone on here the damn page flicks about, i cant click on the tags on the shout when i try and tell the peeps down in support all i get is the same stuff....reboot your firefox? and when i do it doesnt helkp much because it just starts all over again. Now im not a paid membe here im a freebie but u would think the "QUALITY" of the site would be tons i do not know how many Mac users are on this site, but i have done eveything to make it work for me and yet still its a reoccuring situation wit hthe bad tags and such and some pages icant get into because the page has too miuch graphics and about 3 doz players with music going 40 mph! just afew wordds is all i have to say oh and the damned checks when posting comments? gimme a break delete me all ya want foir if u do some peeps will be very upset Peace!
My Turn......
I'm a relatively tolerant person toward the perverted variety. They are horny and can't help it!. But, a girl gets her turn sometimes. It is my turn. To the guy in Manteca, Ca: You asked me when I would come sit on your face. I will prompty be right on that, just as soon as you get your ball sack pierced with fishing hooks. K? CALL ME??? To the guy in Modesto, Ca: You said you wanted to "Tap, smack and break my ass". I've seen your picture. Um.....thats a Negative Ghostrider. 10-4.....over and out! To the woman in Birmingham Alabama: You want me to fly out to have a three way with you and your man. Wow! I am flattered but seriously, I've really tried to avoid the whole "Whorin' my way across the country" thing. I'll stick with local women and their overweight, unfortunate looking husbands over here........NOT!!! Honestly, I don't even do two ways. I do one ways!!! But Thanks for the compliment! To the obese black man who popped up in my shoutbox saying "Come sit on Daddy's
A "my Turn" A La Mode......
To the guy in Kansas City, Missouri: You brought the cigarette to my attention that I am holding in one of my pictures by saying "Smoking isn't good for you at all!". You Sir....are an ASTUTE genius! But may I remind you that neither is caffeine, alcohol, fried foods, pork, driving, unprotected sex, arguing with me, cliff diving, cell phones, microwaves, tightroping, petting strange dogs, carbs, partially hydrogenated oils, the sun, not jerking off enough, and jumping on a trampoline (With one of those protective cage things).....for starters. Let me say this to you: I have survived Desert Storm as a Master at Arms, and a member of the Radiological Decontamination Team. I have also survived an internal hemmorage that required serious surgery and an imperative blood transfusion and a fall off of a 35 ft. cliff (In which I was defibbed). I was "carried" away from my marriage to my bastardly ex husband so basically...I can smoke if I want to. You should have inquired a little m
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this ones mine show me the love
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My Vent....screaming Out
I'm sitting here on the floor, propped up against a wall watching as yet another day without you passes and with it a piece of my heart! With every passing day without you the more lost I becme and the more alone I feel.... I hear your words in my head, I feel your touch in my dreams yet when I wake there is nothing there... I go through the motions of my day, not really there, not really living.... Sometimes I feel like I'm on the outside looking in at my life as it goes on... Where are the dreams you promised? Where is the love that was meant for me? Where is the man who promised to be the father to my kids who have never known what it felt like to have a father? You missed my birthday last year and all i've heard this year is how you were not going to miss this one. But the truth is that you probably will miss it...I've stood behind you thru many obstacles, and i'm still here. But I
My Turn Off And Turn Ons
__________________________________________________ Turn ons __________________________________________________ _Physcial_ 1. Guys with tattoos (hawt!) 2. Facial hair (nicely trimmed) 3. Strong hands 4. Dimples (when you smile not in your bottom-lmfao) 5. Piercings (Tongue, lip, eyebrow, nose) 6. Dreamy eyes (looks like he's always turned on) 7. Really rosy or milk chocolate skin. 8. Long hair (wavy or well kept) 9. Green, hazel, or eyes that change. 10. not skinny but a medium build _Personality_ 1. Caring, concerned, not selfish. 2. Funny (can make me laugh) 3. attentive 4. good listener. 5. understanding 6. not conceited 7. has manners (I hate ignorant ass ppl who burp, fart, and curse around elderly people) 8. a gentleman 9. rough around the edges (not really a yes man knows when to put his foot down) 10. real (straight forward) __________________________________________________ Turn
My Tunes
Rodney769's trackz (16) # artist album title played rips bad marks entered on 1 4 0 0 2009-01-28 23:38:16 play | rip to my trackz 2 3 0 0 2009-01-28 23:37:37 play | rip to my trackz 3 3 0 0 2009-01-28 23:37:08 play | rip to my trackz 4 3 0 0 2009-01-28 23:36:28 play | rip to my trackz 5 4 0 0 2009-01-28 23:36:47 play | rip to my trackz 6 4 0 0 2009-01-28 23:35:46 play | rip to my trackz 7 2 0 0 2009-01-28 23:34:32 play | rip to my trackz 8 2 0 0 2009-01-28 23:33:44 play | rip to my trackz 9 2 0 0 2009-01-28 23:38:38 play | rip to my trackz 10 2 0 0 2009-01-28 23:35:03 play | rip to my trackz 11 1 0 0 2009-01-28 23:30:39 play | rip to my trackz 12 God smacked I stand alone 2 0 0 2009-01-28 23:32:53 play | rip to my trackz 13 3 1 0 2009-01-28 23:29:38 play | rip to my trackz 14 0 0 0 2009-0
My Tummy!
Dinner from tonight: Spaghetti, garlic toast, salad, iced tea. All prepared by me. My tummy is so stuffed. I have a paper to write and a review game to make before tomorrow. I'm exhausted now. After cooking all of that and then shoveling it in my face, I deserve a nap. But then I won't want to get up and do my homework. Oh, the decisions. They are so tough. So how is everyone doing tonight?
My Turn Offs
I don't care for guys with huge egos. Otherwise, it just depends on the person in general. I am sure I have turn offs but it just depends on the person. Obviously you have to have some attraction to a person but attraction varies in different ways and the same can be said for being unattracted to somebody.
My Turf
Please see me in Fu-Mafia and join my Turf
My Turfs Rules
There will be no disrespecting against our members, if you are disrepecting your own members there is a chance that your membership will be revoked. All i ask is that be active and participate in the turf chat and fights. Please don't go to any turfs and talk shit and provoked them and have them come to our turf and attacking and hitlisting all our lower members. If you need any help ask the LT's, Soldiers, Boss and Underboss for help. If you want to get promoted to a rank you have to be an active fighter  and helping the turf and participate in the turf chat so you will have some idea on what is going on in our turf. We need 3 associates per soldier, if you wanna be a soldier bring 3 associates in and i will promote you to a soldier. There is only 5 lieutenants position open, I already have 2, I will keep 3 open and I will determine who is active in participating at the turfs and any fights and will give that position away. I am open for any alliance if anyone wants to join us.
My Tummy Hurts....
because roKs default is fucking terrifying! yikes! I thought hanging a tampon in my hair was bad but i have got nothing on her epic hoaring skills.   I have something coming up...that will either be the worst thing ever, or awesome. we shall see. LOL   I have started working on my online boutique and hopefully i will have it up and running by the end of February. Wish me luck!   My dog is in love with the giant lab that lives next door...i think she outweighs him by at least 75 lbs....he should come to fubar if he is so in BBWs   and.........i have coffee.     that is all :D
My Turn Ons/turn Offs
I get asked this question a lot so I figure ill answer it for everyone now. And this is nonsexual. Turn ons: I'm not a hard man to please at all but here are some things I do appreciate. *kindness *confidence - confidence is key to anything. *good hygiene *brush your teeth *neat appearance(I know we all have sloppy days but know how to take care of yourself.) *have respect *have at least a lil bit of a bad/naughty/freaky side (I'm not a fan of prudes or people that find every little thing offensive) *honest *loyal *know when to be mature(age really is just a number, maturity really is what counts) Turn offs: This one will ruffle some feathers and ill probably get accused of insensitivity or racism but I don't care, this is MY list not yours. *bad hygiene - if you smell like a fish market, I don't wanna be around you, shower douche whatever you gotta do. Don't care if you're Beyonce' if you smell bad then nogo. *teeth - if your teeth are nasty, instant nogo. Buy a toothbrush and some mi
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My Turn
Tonight, you wear black silk boxers. Black cotton t-shirt. Nothing else.You sit in a straight back chair, armless, padded for comfort. Your body relaxed. Legs slightly apart. You can smell incense, spices, candles maybe. You close your eyes for a moment and reach for the drink beside you on the low table. It is cool. Exotic. You cannot discern what it might be, but you vaguely remember the taste.You sense me rather than see me. You open your eyes. The lights are dimmed just enough. My hair is pulled up to allow long curls to move and frolic playfully around my face and body. Around my neck I wear the bow tie you only wear when you can't get out of going to a formal affair. My halter top is white linen. You can discern the peaks of my tits because they're hard and pressing against the fabric, but you can also tell that they aren't completely bare. The nipple rings stand proud on my tits and presses against the satin. You can see something between my top and the trousers in fine white li
My Tv Program "masterz Of Mayhem Tv"
Hey Fubar Friendz & Family Please Check Out My TV Program "Masterz Of Mayhem Underground TV" It Features Music Videos, Band Interviews, Live Concert Footage & My Wrestling Matches. Itz A Kwel Show From Cleveland Oh. on Time-Warner Channel 26. So Please Give It A Peek, With Footage You Can ONLY See Here. Drop Me A Line Let Me Kno What You Think. Happy Holidaze.
My Twins .....
are home from their fathers. They here living in Regina, Sask for 9 months. They finally told me they wanted to come home. They hate it out there and hated a few other things too. My mother, god bless her, got on a plane from Vancouver BC at 7am. Landed in Regina hours later, with a hour and a half to kill. And then flied back with my twin girls. So yes. She went out there to meet them at the airport and came back. Got to love mommys ...... some times .. lol. Anyways, I just want to share that my girls are finally home with me. Everyone have an awsome day. Thanks Valley
My Two Cents
My Two Cents - Part Ii
My Twin
The neck, and then the chain The head is hung in shame The neck, and then the chain The head is hung in shame I thought that you had grown That you'd carry on But now that I am gone What else's been withdrawn You used to be like my twin And all its been Was it all for nothing Are you strong when you're with him The one who's placed you above us all I think our love I'll let it pass It feels like fire But it won't last What is this coming to
My Twin--video
from the Album The Great Cold Distance
My Two Cents Part Iii - Rate Me, Add Me, Fan Me, Wtf!!!!!!!!
My Two Ladies
My Two Ladies by damon132 © I am straight with a bent towards the kinky. I like bdsm and am quite skilled in many of the bdsm arts. The psychology and physical aspects of things like bondage and multiple play partners intrigues me. I have worked in the last few years to explore this area of sexuality for myself. The purpose of this story is to tell about the last time I had my two women over at the same time. This is a true story, NOT a fantasy as so many stories are on this site. Or maybe it is best described as a fantasy I have actually acted out many times. Let me introduce you to my two women. Donna (not her real name) is a good fuck buddy I have played with for about 8 months. She is very sexually open, has a great body 5'5" with 36D tits (I am a tit man) and a moderate build and bout 135 lbs. She is 50 years old but could pass easily for 40. She and I can talk about anything. From our first date she wanted me to arrange a threesome with two or more men. I said I could d
My Two Loves
My Two Loves by JamieStarr © The year was 1987, I was 20, and it was January in Grand Rapids Michigan. I had just gotten out of the Army and as soon as I returned home I decided to go to a trade school for electronics. Since it had always been a hobby of mine, I already knew everything that they were going to teach me in that school, I just went in order to get the piece of paper that said that I knew it. I had to live out of my car because my parent's home was about a two and a half hour drive from the school. So, I went to the classes with the intention of getting my certification and going back home to find a career in computer repair. I never would have guessed that fate would intervene and change all of my well laid plans. About the third day there I met a couple of young women who would eventually play a very large part in my life, Miranda and Sue Ann. Miranda had dark hair, so dark most people who met her thought that it was dyed, and deep brown eyes. A very shapely girl
My Two Myspaces
My Twat Come See!!!!!!
My Two Cents
This thing about "Cherry Tap" (which was once Lost Cherry and I will ALWAYS think of and refer to as Lost Cherry) and content on it has gone way out of hand. The facts: - when first entering the site (the login/register page) it CLEARLY states no Teeny boppers aloud. - When I joined LC, it was touted as "on-line nightclub". As far as I know, it still says that. - This site, I'm assuming, is for ADULTS for fun, making friends, downloading pictures to share with other ADULTS, as well as stash and blog entries. - This site is for making your page, and the contents you put in other areas kept for you, YOUR OWN. If some people don't like your page, they move on or they rate you with ones or block you. - LC touted it's not like myspace, you have more freedoms here because it's a adult online nightclub. - The reason (as I understand it) Lost Cherry's name was changed to Cherry Tap was to make it more clear that it's an adult site. My opinion: wtf happened??
My Two Cents
Please repost my bulliten!!!!1 read it first! and it is the truth!!! PLEASE read!!
My Twisted Up World
Well, my life is wierd I'll start from a couple of weeks ago... My Girlfriend from over a year left me for this guy in her town [it was a small long distance relationship]... I had loved her still so much from then on, I told her many times... I tried to move on and find another girl, which I did meet one, but almost a few days later she just didn't want me anymore... no reason, nothing... Right about this time I hear that my Ex Girlfriend's Boyfriend left her... for another guy... and I felt really bad for her... my feelings had re-surfaced for her that I had tried to push down... I really want to take her back... I didn't want her to get hurt at all... But she doesn't want to move interstate [about 8 hours] I know now, as I had just got a job, that I can support her and everything till she gets back on her feet... I love her so much... and hope she takes my heart again for hers.
My Two Cents For The Day!
I still dont get it, guess I never will. I still have no intentions on reloading my page. I did stop by the fool's page last night to see what wonderful greeting he had that shouldnt be allowed this time (guess he's an exception to the no offensive stuff rule) and was very happy to see that his being bothered by people who were on my side was showing and thats just awesome! I also read a very interesting bulletin last night about a white girl being attacked by a black girl and how she was blocked when she went to fight back. I think if people dont want to receive that negative attention on their beliefs shouldnt be broadcasting it anyways. Besides that, when you have those beliefs there wont be many who agree with you anyways regardless of where you come from! Everyone has the right to be proud of who they are and to have the "marry into your own" belief, I however dont! I encourage racial mixing, look at my kids and I! Oh's cant lol Well I shouldnt say encourage it
My Twisted Life
well Hey all I am reporting that I am good just having relationship problems as always there is a women I love u with Everything I have and love her very much. But I know That deep inside myself I already believe i know the answer
My Two Niece Is On Tv Tomorrow!
Hi. I want to let everyone knows that my twin baby nephews will be on soap opera TV " One Life to Live". They are my brother's sons. I am so excited to watch it! They were in the show in NYC. I am shocked that my nephews are on tv!! How lucky i am as their uncle. smile Erick
My Two Cents.
I wish people would just speak what is on their minds, stop beating around the bush. More importantly don't tell me you can't tell me things because it will "complicate things" fuck that. Life is all about complications, it was never meant to be easy. I analyze everything, I can't help it, it is just who I am. I look at things from every point of view. I have come to the point I really do not care what people think about me anymore, if they can't except me for who I am then fuck them, they are not worth my time. I have also been told lately that I need to stop thinking the worst of everyone. I realize I can't help this when all the people that I have ever let close to me hurt me in the end. I guess it is something I will just have to learn in time.
My Twin Soul
My soul yearns for your love I need Far away lands Long distances carry at times such sorrow Oh the tears I had cried For we had many things to work out Tears cleans the soul Purifying the heart Tasting the salt running down my face Then I came to the knowing That our separation Taught me I loved you more Your the experience I crave The lips and arms I need around this soul My love, my love Oh my precious darling I will always love you The ONLY ONE I CRAVE Forever twin flames For it is your soul I fell for Your soul God gave you I reach in my pocket and pull out a ray of stars To touch you To fly with me For I am the dreamer ! You know, Tinkerbelle ! Dance with me you say! In other dimensions We’ll have the glow of the moon As we recall our lighted souls God knows we are just about as differ
My Two Cents Part Iv
My Two Favorite Words
My Twins Lose...
Love I watch as you get sicker. I watch as you fall. Always smileing, Never admiting you are sick. And i cry for the woman you were, I scream this isn't fair. You My Sister, Is dieing. With something rageing in your blood. Leukemia they say, You just smile and walk away. Thanks for the news. I'll be ok. Chemo,you say no. Radiation,and you say no. Pills,you say if i must. And i cry. Because you are stronger than I. And I Love You. But Most of all, I'll miss you. Lisa Keith Copyright ©2007 Lisa Keith -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click Here to Rate My Poem
My Two Cents......yes It's Back
My Twelve Steps
Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill because they pissed me off.
My Twisted Life
Can't you see, The pain in my eyes, For every scar, And every cry. Don't ask me, What you can do, Because now I'm broken, It's because of you. Dare to kiss me, One last time, Choke me sweetly, And say your line. Maybe we, Weren't the best, Couple in the world, But we, always beat the rest. Can't say I won't miss you, Can't you see, I love you baby, And I asked you not to leave. But slit my wrists, Kiss me goodnight, It's over now, My twisted life.
My Two Cents' Worth
Minot man gets his 2 cents worth from the federal government By ELOISE OGDEN, Regional Editor A Minot man can’t say he didn’t get his 2 cents worth from the federal government. Layon Gartner was a bit surprised when he opened a letter this week containing a United States Treasury check made out to him for the total of "$******** 02," or 2 cents. "I couldn’t believe it," Gartner said. He said for 2 cents they could have "blown it off." The check was a refund for overpayment for medical services. Gartner does wonder how much it cost in total paperwork, postage and the time involved. The postage alone for two letters – the voucher and the check – was more than 80 cents. The voucher and the check were in separate envelopes and both arrived in Gartner’s mail the same day, he said. The refund and other information came from three or four sources in at least three different states. Gartner said he thought there was a cutoff for minimum amo
My Two Best Friends Of The Male Persuasion
George Charles A tall, handsome Carib from Tobago. George was the cheif engineer in my crew for many years. I have to admit that when I first met this man, I was a bit intimidated. His personality is a blend of happy and serious all at the same time. His size seems to conflict with his traits. Slowly we bacame trustworthy of each other after we proved ourselves as competent sailors to each other. I have been to his home many times and he has to mine. We have shared family time together as true brothers. Three years ago. not two weeks after he was married, he came to stay with me after I was initially diagnosed. He made sure that I made all my appointments and that I took my meds. George moved on to another company, so I rarely see him. But I do get emails and calls from him occasionally, which always makes me smile. I can't wait to hug him and shake his hand again one day. Kevin Mitchell aka Checkers So nicknamed after a barfight in which Kevin shoved a checker up a guy
My Twin Skye Is In A Contest N Is Falling Behind Plz Helppppp
2 My Twin Skye Happy 25 Years
We met 25 years ago today September 17th....We had our battles n ups n downs but that has made us stronger n we keep growing stronger as the years pass by..Thank u skye i love u
My Two Cents
I love this site! It's so amusing. Someone tell me what it's called when desperate people whore themselves for blasts or points? I haven't been on here that long, but I find it amazing how many people are begging for shit on this site? Why is that? Rate me! Fan me! Otherwise I won't add you! That's so damn lame...I really take pleasure in the chubby chicks and the old chicks showing their boobs to get points... Wanna take a look at my tits? You need to buy me a blast first...they should set up FUBAR strolls where these women can walk internet streets and peddle their wears...I know it will never change and women here will sell their ass for a few points or whatever...but i just wanted to give my two cents...oh yeah, I don't have any nudity in my pics, so could you please stop labeling them NSFW? That's weak!
My Twin And I
My twin and I are close Even though we arent the same When we get in trouble Its eachother that we blame Our parents say were cousins But of course we disagree We live so far apart But my twin she'll always be Our grandma says were twins But if we werent we wouldnt care She knows when I am hurting And beside me she is there We have eachothers back She means so much to me My twins and I are close And thats how we'll always be! To Tiffany, I love you girly!!!!
My Two Homes
My Two Homes I have never felt so lucky as I do now. I came home to see the hill that our apartment is set into, colors somber, compared to the colors at the home I just came from. These colors muted still beautiful with splashes of bright yellow and vibrant reds, accented by the quiet deep greens of the soft woods that never loose their foliage. I know that while I am coming home, I am coming from the place I have always and will likely always call home. I have spent years, in what I thought was only traveling, learning, about myself and life. While I was doing both of those things i was alsowas running from myself. I have recently been shown just how wrong I have been in at least a couple of things. For sometime now I had convinced myself that once Mom passed that I would loose touch with my family. I had further convinced myself that once that happened it would not touch me in anyway. For some reason that I can not fathom at this time I had come to the conclusion that my family
My "twisted" Sense Of Humor...
Is it wrong of me to make fun of the down syndrome kid pictured on the back of the Goodwill Truck while it's parked in front of me in traffic? Why would they exploite someone in that "condition" to market their wares? It's as if they're asking, taunting, me to address the wrongness of their add campaign! OMG...It ammused me to no end for the good two minutes I was stuck at that traffic light! I find humor in other people's's awful, I know, I'm going to hell... I don't care tho, I don't believe in hell's me rebelling against my Catholic upbringing! But apparently, I'm wearing the "catholic" bra...I learned that recently,... (I don't expect you to get that.) I appreciate sarcasm and pick my friends accordingly! What most are offended by I find rather ammusing, which leads me to laugh alot at other peoples' expense. The fact that so many people are "offended" these days annoys me. Furthering on the "Pussification of our Nation!" I rec
My Two Little Boys
My Two Little Boys Two little boys from the Heavens above, God sent down to me to cherish and love. From crawling to toddling to running and more. Getting dirt on the carpets & mud on the floors. From morning til night, my hands are constantly full; Oh, time goes by quickly, and soon they're in school. Like the wind through the trees, the years blow past; My two little boys-- they grew up so fast! One day they're just babies; the next they're all grown. Then leaving here to start lives of their own. No more screaming and yelling and mud on the floors. No more laughing and running and slamming the doors. This house, once so noisy, is now quiet and still. My days, once so busy, are now so hard to fill. Sometimes late at night, with another day behind, A silly, boyish laughter will echo in my mind. And if I close my eyes, I can still see them play. Oh! I can't help but think, "I liked it better the other way."
My Two Kids
My Twitter
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My Twisted Bucket List
So today I got to thinking about what I want to do before I usual my imagination took me to some psychotic places and perhaps some of these I may even be able to do...who knows! 1. As Hunter S Thompson is one of my idols I would love to try and pull off a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas type of journey. Obviously it would be a little different because the chances of getting my hands on mescaline are very slim however Im sure I could find what was needed in Sin City! 2. I want to go to Disney World eat as much food as I can handle, then immediately get on the spinning Teacup ride and see how many people I puke on before I get someone from Maine 3. I want to one day show up at a random funeral dressed as the Grim Reaper. 4. (This is a posthumous wish!) I want to have a dunk tank at my funeral where all the people who want to get up and "Relive" some memories have to sit. Everytime someone says "He was such a kind person" they get fucking dunked! Of course this could a
My Two Newest Owners :)
GO SHOW THESE TWO TRULY WONDERFUL PEOPLE SOME LOVE THEY WON ME IN AUCTION AND ARE THE BEST OWNERS/STALKERS YOU COULD ASK FOR ~ red wing hunny ~fu owner of Scarlett~member of the friendship circle~@ fubar +MRMostunderated+THE FREELANCE BOMBER*THE Thing of the **JUSTICE LEAGUE** AND **SHADOW LEVELERS**@ fubar SO GO HEAP SOME FU LOVIN ON EM THANKS! Scarlett{ShadowLeveler}~R/L Owned by Mark~FuOwner/Owned by MrMostunderated+Fuowned by Red Wing Hunny@ fubar
My Twin And Best Friend
It feels like forever now that I have known this person. She is my twin and my best friend, and her name is Dj Dragon's Passion. I love this woman to death, and if u dont know her then look her up. She is my best friend and my guiding voice it seems. she had been there for me through it all and more. Its like every where I look I see her. she forever has been a great friend and sibling to me. and I feel blessed to have her in my life as a friend and my twin!! I LOVE U SIS!!!! Diamond Dragon's Passionate Lil'Devil
My Two Year Fu-versary
So My Two Year Fu-versary Is Around The Corner!!! Dec. 6th!! I would Love To Have Spotlight By Then Or On That Day!! Its One Of The Things I Havn't Had!!! I Haven't Had A Happy Hour Or A Blast Yet!! Or Auto 11's!! I Have Alot Of Fu-Cherry's Still! *giggles* So Please Send FuBucks!! Rate My Pics N Stash!! Help Me Get The Spotlight Pls!! ♥SexyMel♥OwnedByUrbanSamurai4Hire♥Greeter@BabyDolls{{ThePinkLadies}}♥@ fubar
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My Two Little Warriors
the two little warriors... they are my two brave little soldiers.. mightily shouting 'ALLAH-O-AKBAR". w/c means 'GOD IS GREAT"... THEY DONT KNOW WHERE IS WEST, NOR WHAT IS TERRORIST, THEY ARE JUST INNOCENTLY PLAYINg... not pro west nor anti  
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My Two Cents
if u cant do to your loved one as they do to u then why be with them! u cant run away from every thing u have to deal with it! u have to sit down and talk it out and some times do things u dont want to do i am still learning this and have a lot to learn thats why its called a relationship! u will never be with some one for very lone if u dont and be unhappy the rest of your life wake up grow up what ever u want to call it but dont get left in the dust cause u are stuck on your own ways! my 2 cents
My Twisted Desires... And How I Understand Them.
Chapter I: The Early Stages I can't say where my twisted desires came from. I wish I could blame it on a bad childhood, but that isn't the case. Yeah my childhood may have been a little different than most, but I have never been subjected to any perversions growing up. Starting at the beginning of these desires is as good as any place to start.  Maybe it was when I was around 14-15 years old and I noticed my 16 year old neighbor getting dressed with her blinds open at 6am. It became a daily ritual for me. I would get up early, get dressed quick, and wait between our houses in the darkness of the morning hoping for a "show". Although I knew she had no clue I was there, it still turned me on and filled my teenage spank bank. Then following that, my 1st "real" girlfriend (Michelle) was quite the tease. Again I do not know if it was intentional, but she was going to stay a virgin until marriage. All that meant was that I wasn't allowed to have actual penetration. She would allow me to
My Twin Flame
You are the other half of my soul… MY TWIN FLAME. We are spiritually and emotionally and telepathically connected to each other’s souls since time unknown. Today I realized that meeting you was the most happening moment which my heart and soul were longing for. The joy of living with you is so overwhelming that I have no words to express the feelings of my heart. I cherish the heavenly feeling of being held in your arms where I lose all my senses into you and time stands still. My soul yearns for that magical touch of your fingers on my body which makes me feel so alive and still keeps me in a trance. Your presence ignites the fire in my soul and the passion in my body so exquisitely that I can feel my existence beyond dimensions and parameters. You are all that my heart and soul ever desired. Now I strongly believe that when twin flames are intended to unite with each other, the universe always finds a way of connecting them for their reunion and awakening…
My Typed Of Guy
I like a ruff neck thats frm tha hood or ghetto he gonna finished school and have a jod he needs to be a blood he need to be 19 and up and his named gotta start wit a t he is a libra he last named is brown he is half black and cherykeyindian he smell good and his dick tha shirt and i can't help it i wanna it everyday but he single and i knw his fam but it a problem i love 2 tease and flirt and play games and front i need to stop it cause we got everything in comment he maybe my soulmate but i will find out
My Type Of Woman
People have often asked me what type of woman or female friend do I like. Here goes She's beautiful, intelligent, loving, caring, a good friend, a good listener, understands my sexual side, erotic,sensual, will let me be a man, has my back, ride or die with me, freaky, did I mention intelligent. Can't get down with a dumb chick. She'll do what she can to make me feel better, be truthful, no bullshit..that's all I got.
My Type Of Friends
MY TYPE OF FRIENDS: Those who bring balance to the world and my life. And I have already met them... thank you 2 my friends for being so sweet.... im outta here
My Type Of Lovin'!
What kind of lover are you?BarbaricYou have a wild, fierce, and strong animal-like nature behind your lovemaking and that makes you very passionate. When you find the "one" you can give your whole heart to, you give that and then some! It's true that most people say there's no love behind that much fire but that's quite the opposite. You love who you're with and have no problem slamming them down on the sheets and showing them the time of their life! For this, your lover will respond back with the same animal nature and that will show you how much they love you back! For you, it's rough all the way and always very heated and intense!!!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
My Ty For Hel I Becoming Godfather
I'am a GodFather I wanted to Every one that helped me make GodFather u all ROCK Corky1952~Owner of The Global Bombers ~&~Founder of White Tiger Bombers~@ fubar
My Type Of Love Song Ha Ha Ha
My Type Of G/f
1..some 1 who cares about me 2..won't cheat 3..won't leave me for sum 1 else 4..calls to just to hear me 5..enjoys my company 6..some 1 who is willing to settle down with me 7..thinks i'm attractive even if i don't 8..likes public affection 9..tries to make me feel happy when i'm down 10..wants to be with me if something bad happens 11..listes to my problems and tries to comfort 12..likes to have a lil 1 on 1 time with me 13..some who is willing to move to live with her lover. 14..wants to have a family with me 15..doesn't care about what others say about me THERES ONLY 1 PERSON I WANT AND LOVE HER WITH A PASSION
My Type Of Women!
THAT'S RIGHT MY TYPE OF WOMEN! THIS IS MY SECTION TO DESCRIBE MY IDEAL WOMEN! 5'4- 5'6 beautifull skin is a must, Stands out from the rest of the other women Brunette preferred,but blonde also Hazel or brown eyes 115-135 lbs works out accent( preferred) comes from different backgrounds zero tolerance for racists educated likes to travel read spontaneous career driven sense of humor dress like a lady but still down to earth dance a love for undergorund dance music( not a must) loyal non smoker preferred loves children knows how to dress with style you can have your own style dress any way you like. just be creative with it your past is your past. i don't what happen before me. there is a reason why you left and were the future! very erotic!
My Type Of Guy...
likes to play russian roulette.
My Type Of Man
I get asked what kind of guy I like a lot. I'm not that picky, but the one thing I can't stand is men who think I'm good enough to screw, but God forbid they take me out in public or take me to meet their relatives. I guess since I'm an amputee, I'm only good for banging. LOL. I was just joking, but I've had 2 boyfriends that used me so I'm wise to it, guys! Well as far as appearance, I like a clean shaven face. Scruffy men don't do it for me. Also, overweight men are a turn-off. I'm 5 foot, 96 lbs. Since I'm disabled I'm not in the BEST shape, but I do work out every day. I do have a bit of a belly. So I'm not that picky but you have to at LEAST be height-weight proportionate. I have no idea why the only guys that hit on me are old bald guys. I like a man to have hair. I like to run my fingers through hair when I'm kissing him. As far as age... Well I'll be honest, I've dated old guys. 40 and up are effing boring and all they want to do is watch TV or have sex. It
My Type Is Hardly Typical
My friends give me crap about the “type” of guy I go for. I’m just not a frat boy type of girl. I’m not a rock-hard abs kind of girl. I’m not a country boy type of girl. So what is my type? Here’s a brief list of my preferences: Older men. Preferably 5 to 15 years older than myself. Also, I don’t consider things like previous marriages or children “baggage.” Intelligence. This is a must. Call me elitist, but I know I’m no idiot. Therefore, I have a very low tolerance for those who aren’t intellectually inclined or flat out dullards. Sense of humor. I love to laugh and love people who can make me laugh. Wit and sarcasm are my favorite, but sometimes I like plain silliness. General quirkiness. I’ve come to accept that I’m a little off. It’s much more interesting when the person I’m with is also eccentric. And, as always, dorks are welcome. Eclectic tastes. I love art, music, museums, thrift shopping, sports, movies, travel, Mod, 50s kitsch, pin-up style, 20s style, danc
My Type Of Guy ( Tagged From A Friend )
Now, here's what you're supposed to do, and please do not spoil the fun. Once tagged, Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers, if you a guy- post this as my kind of girl.. if your a girl- post it as my kind of guy..   1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?  not really, im more of a personality person. But i love a cute guy haha   2. Smart?  of course   3. Preferred age?  age is just a number   4. Preferred height? Tall. c:   5. How about sense of humor? YES   6. How about piercings?  yummy.   7. Accepts you for who you are? Lmao, duhh.   8. Pink hair?  sure why nott.   9. Mushy or no? Oh yes. >;D   10. Thin or fat? dont care   11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)? Doesn't matter. xD   12. Long hair or short hair? Whichever looks best on em. ;p   13. Plastic or metal?  plastic.   14. Smells good? Mmmm yes c;   15. Smoker? Doesn't matter.    16. Drinker?  not really...   17. Girl/Boy-next-door ty
Myu ;-;
i hurts all over D: even my teeth are sore O_o; wtf >.
My Ugly, Fat Neighbor Having Sex In Her Jacuzzi W/her Gross Bf
My Ugly, Fat Neighbor Having Sex In Her Jacuzzi W/Her Gross BF -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2006-05-10, 7:55AM PDT Dear Disgusting Neighbor, I don't mind that you are fat. I don't mind that you are ugly. I don't mind that you have huge, purple patches of scaling psoriasis all over your body. I don't mind that you have fungus underneath your plastic, frosty pink fingernails (sadly, you've shown me more than once). And since I have a very high fence, I don't even mind if you have sex in your hot tub with your excessively hairy, chain-smoking, rotted front tooth, unwashed boyfriend any time of the day or night. But I DO mind being in the middle of a much-needed gardening project and being bombarded with 'OH GOD, OH GOD, YES, YES, OH GOD...' coming through the fence with such intensity and volume that my dogs stopped dead in their tracks, looked at the fence, looked at each other, looked at me and then fixated on the fe
My Ugly Mug
(Originally Posted on June 27, 2006)Yesterday, I noticed one of the ceramic mugs I made in college.A LITTLE BACKGROUND:  I was in a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) game of Vampire: The Masquerade.  My character was a Malkavian, an insane (as are all Malkavians) little squirt who started out with the insanity that everybody is a member of a secret society, which exploded into a full-blown paranoia that everybody around him was a member of the Sabbat, the evil vampires.In order to show that my character was harmless, he made a set of nine mugs (one for each major clan, one for the Prince).  They were similar in design:  A figure on the front showing an idealized face of the vampire type (or a crown for the Prince), the vampire's clan's name in a design or something on the right side, a Malkavian "symbol" of the vampire clan on the back, and a handle on the left.The first one I made (which is in storage right now) was a Malkavian glass.  It had an upside-down face on the front, MALKAVIAN
My Ug
The last thing he ate in THIS life, was made by my loving hands The last thing he heard in THIS life, was my loving voice singing his favorite SRV song to him-Pride And Joy. I was his Pride and Joy he always told me, and he always sang that song to me, grinning that huge magnificent grin I love and miss so much The last thing he saw in THIS life, was my loving eyes and face looking into his The last thing he ever felt in THIS life, were my loving arms wrapped around him as he passed into the stratosphere... While he lay dying, he said to me "I'm not afraid of dying, I'm just afraid of losing you." I told him "you can never lose me, because we are a part of each other." None of us are getting out of here alive and I KNOW I will see my Ug again and I can hardly wait. MY Ug, My Gus, My Cave Man MY best Friend, My Hero, My Soul Mate always
My Ugly Mugshot :o
Myu Heartache
NO SUNRISE My sun didn't rise today the one my heart yearns for moved away too a distant land With final words of fair well she slipped away like sand through my hands scattered on the wind My sun didn't rise today surrounded by long shadows cast every which way the specters of lonely now hold sway My sun didn't rise today my veronica moved away
My Ultrasound...not The News I Was Hoping To Hear
I went to my ultrasound this afternoon and didnt exactly get the news I was hoping to hear. It would appear that I have some retained tissue in my uterus still and some fluid in my uterine lining and around the outside of my uterus as well. My dr says that can wait and see if it takes care of itself on its own since I am very close to being done with this whole thing or we can speed up the process with cytotec which will basically cause contractions and a form of labor. I am opting for the cytotec just to get it done and over with because I cant take this waiting anymore and it would appear that my body didnt handle all of it like we were hoping. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
My Ultimate Date Scene :)
This would be my ultimate date scene. lol John Legend's videoclip PDA we just don't care. Riding a scooter down the roads of europe, or anywhere (with a cool breeze),my arm around my guy and with my other hand holding flowers that was picked or bought by him (HEHE)...Then he turns around quick to kiss me and I kiss him back.. I'd be wearing a nice white summer dress ;) He'll take me to some romantic spot under a tree in the countryside and we have a Have grapes, cheese n wine (Awwwwwwwwwww...) We'll talk and muck around for hours...(SIGHS) LOL What would be your ultimate date scene?
My Ultimate Sexual Fantasy
Today I was asked to describe my “Ultimate Sexual Fantasy”… Well I took this as a challenge. I didn’t want my sexual fantasy to be “Butt Sex with Twins”. So in an effort to make my fantasy more unique, I have compiled the following Uber Fantasy. +Bauer+’s Epic Fantasy takes place, of course, where all fantasies start: on the moon in the lounge of Taco Bell. There would be a minimum of 100 lesbians surrounding me, and they’d be engaging in lesbionic activities, and moaning loudly. The floor would be covered with their secretions, which Emperor Penguins are frolicking in. Darth Vader would be doing S&M shit in the background with Princess Leah - while she wears the outfit that Jaba the Hutt made her wear. (I’ve wanted to bone her before I knew what boning was) 50 Cent would be rapping P.I.M.P., and my boy Steven Spielberg would capture all of this on film for his masterpiece “Lord of the Cock Rings”. I would be Shaquile O’Neal but I have a tw
My Ultra Huge Thank You Pimpout!!
I still can't believe I made the spotlight!!!! I never would have been able to do it without the help I got from all great friends!! Here is my ultra huge pimpout for everyone who donated even just a couple hundred fubucks to get me there!! Rate/Fan/Add everyone on this list! If you have already R/F/A them, then re-rate them!! TY soooooooooooooooooooooo much again everyone!! whispers420 =^ArCaDe^=™Fu-Owned by ImSomebodysPrincess ===Steve===MOODYS MAN*ENFORCER AND OFFICAL MOUTH KICKER@DDR [SHADOW LEVELER] jit73 Enforcer @ DDR DIRTY DEEDS RADIO DJ Kasper692 R/L GF to TIM Greeter @ Dirty Deeds Radio (Fu-Angel) / Fu-Owned by SILENTLIZARD dj nilla~owner of ~DIRTYDEEDSRADIO.COM~ owned by JETT & {§È}Ìññð¢êñ†{§È} ~ **club f.a.r.** joefreedom826/greeter/promoter @Dirty Deeds Radio
My Ultimate Vision Of You
My Ultimate vision of you By RedyFrLuv A special and awesome vision of you Dances in my mind I can feel you so close Yet you are so far away In every breath I take, you are there Every beat of my heart beats with yours A warmth and feeling of passion unlike any other Your soft, alluring and dreamy Your sweet and full of passion Your caress....So full of warmth and desire Your presence very really to me Yet hard to grasp from the air around me Your skin......So soft and pleasing to touch Your body......So perfect and conforming to mine I can feel you so close But somehow you elude me You are the sunshine in my vision Drawing you ever near to me I need you in my be my strength I need you in my bring happiness I need you in my bring purpose I need you in my make me complete XOXOXOXO RedyFrLuv Original poem
My Ultamat Fantise
my ultimat fantise is with a hot sexy white cop betwen the ages of 19 and 30 thay have to be in full dress uniform that inclueds the belt and all defanatly hand cuffs and cop car i whant to get so wet and i am qwite sweet and tasty...
My Ultimate Poem
You are my haikuSublime, sweet and sensualMy ultimate poem You are my cinquainFive verses featuring youAnd all that you do You are my free verseMy spring of inspirationIn midst of chaos You are my sonnetEvery line is about youShakespeare would be proud You are my quatrainEach rhyme and rhythm uniqueOnly fit for you You are my balladYou have been since I met youIt is quite a tale You are my idyllThe verses are invitingYou to be with me You are my epicThe classical heroineWords cannot describe You are poetryEvery form I can think ofInspired by you 
My Um Dream?
so i had a dream last night.. and i've been debating if i should have put it on here.. sooooo i guess i will. My dream was that i broke this guy out of jail and my friends and i were in the woods and when they saw that this guy was here they said that he should turn himself in.. so we went inside and we were talking and he pulled my closer to him and kissed me and then said that he had to go back then i woke up. Now can any of yall tell me what this dream means? please? lol
My Umbrella Color
What Your Black Umbrella Says About You When faced with adversity, you respond with authority. You don't let problems faze you. You are naturally powerful and commanding. People look to you to take charge. You are elegant and classy. You know how to always say and do the right thing. While you stand out, you also fit it. You thrive in a variety of situations. On a rainy day: you carry on as normal - a little bad weather isn't going to get in your way! The Umbrella Test
My Uncle
Well, my uncle has been sick for over a week. He has had a virus that has been going around. I had it myself. The difference being that my uncle has just kept getting worse and the doctors have been trying to figure out why he wasn't fighting the virus off easily. Well, the last of his tests results were completed today and we found out that he has a tumor in his stomach. From what they can see of the tumor, it appears to be about 3 inches in length and possibly about an inch in diameter. We know that the tumor is benign and not malignant, thank God for that. I am relieved to know what is going on at least though, just because this tumor is benign, it does not mean that he couldn't die from it because of its location and size. They have decided to try and newer treatment first and if that doesn't work then they will try an older form of treatment. If that still doesn't work, then they will do surgery. They are trying to avoid this due to the fact that he had surgery only a few months a
My Unknown
Some things change some things dont.The times I cant rember I miss the most.Memories of my past haunt me like a ghost.Let them haunt me somethings are best left unknown!
My Uncle's Surgery
Well, I am happy to say that my uncle came out of the surgery okay. There were a couple of problems, however, so the surgery was a little more difficult than they originally thought it would be. First, they discovered that the one at the base of his skull had deeper roots into the skull bone itself than they could see on an x-ray. So, naturally, that caused it to take longer. The second thing that happened was that they actually had to stop for several minutes during the operation because he had a seizure. They were able, however, to get the seizure under control fairly quickly and were able to continue in spite of it. After 4 1/2 hours he was out. Yes, that's all. But, when you consider that the tumors were both in relatively accessible places and my uncle had one of the best surgeons in the world, literally, not to mention one of the most efficient and quickest, 4 1/2 hours is a long time. Well, anyway, it is over now and he will be fine. We have to give it about 48 h
My Understanding Of Death
I have been doing a lot of soul searching the last few days, with the unexpected deaths in our family.They have extended from misscarriage to the death of several family members.I have ask myself why, the only thing Iknow can come up with is,I know that God needs angles so he selects them, but i have some questions about how HE does that.1. Is why take the life of a baby that never had a chance to start with? 2. If the need is there for angles , Why not take some of the people that just does not care and make them understand? I can not understand why take small children. 3. Why take so many fron one family in such a short time, for example in our family in just 1 year we have had 8 deaths.Th lastest of which was a 37 year old male that was sevearly handicap since birth, he has never spoke , walked, or anything in his life. He was not even able to feed himself, he never walked, talked or anything, but he was the most special person you have or would ever want to meet.He was called home
My Unborn Child
I think of you everynight, When I lay down to sleep. Thinking about what could have been, If she would have just let you be. I never knew you, But I will miss you. I create you in my mind, Because I have never seen you. I lay here and cry, Constantly reaching for some tissue. You didn't even have a chance to live, Before your life was through. It's sad to say, That you will always be, My unborn child. But I will love you always, And picture you with a smile. *I wrote this poem in 2003 when my ex had an abortion. Somethings never change*
My Unborn Child
"My Unborn Child" "This Video Is Beauitiful, Isn't It?"
My Uncles House Caught Fire
Yesterday night my uncles house caught fire.. We thought at first it was because of the fire he had in the fire place but it wasn't that.. there was an electical fire.. My sister took some pictures... And I will post them at the end.. But my uncle is staying with us for awhile so I don't know how much time I will get to spend on my computer.. Seeing how both of us is going to be using it now.. the fire mostly just stayed in the living room but there is alot of damage!!!
My Uncle..
Damn, What a mornig already. I work for my families awning company. 30 minutes in to the day and I have my lead salesman and my Uncle, fighting in the parking lot. Have mercy. I can't take my family anywhere with out a fight getting started. My uncle is about 5'0" tall and my salesman is 6'. It was almost funny seeing them toe to toe. Then the cops pick up one of our employees. Man I wish it was Friday or late enough to have a beer.
My Unintended Experiment
So, I have posted my third three day blast. What can I say...I like paying for friends. :) I have just had my hair done and I went from being very blonde (which is me normally) to a medium brown. My blast has had 12,000 views and 1 friend request, since this morning. The last two times I would have had 40-50 by now at least. But my main pic at the time was also the "blonde bombshell look". I just changed my main pic back to a blonde one. I'm going to see how many requests I get in the next 5 hours or so. People are totally shallow. And I'm going to prove it. :o)
My Unspoken Love
My Unspoken Love, I stare into the darkened doorway, Peering into the night The shadows stirring in the warm subtle wind, as I wait, Watching the same path you walked down, the same path you left me on. I stand there in that doorway, The doorway where we shared one another’s warm embrace, That warm embrace that kindred souls feel when they meet for the very first time. That embrace that shines a radiant gold as a connection is made. The radiance that was once apparent, now slowly diminishes into the cold, dark ashes of the mournful shadows of the silenced night. Slowly fading, slowly was filling my unfaithful heart with emotions unknown. As the tears of deception roll down my scornful features of an existent illusion; I fell crying out your name in vain. Crying out your name in that same dark, sorrowful doorway that I pushed you out of with words. With this letter, the unspoken emotions can now speak. They speak the words that I couldn’t s
My Unborn Child
My Unborn Child I never got to see your face Or even give you a name But in my heart, you hold a special place And for that, I would never be the same I’ll never hear you laugh or cry Or hold you in my arms tenderly I’ll never know the color of your eyes But I will still love you endlessly I never got to hold your hand I never got to sing you a lullaby I will never come to understand Why murderers run free and innocent souls die I’ll always have my suspicions Why God took you from me All these unanswered questions That would burn inside of me Forever saddened upon this Earth Crying for you, my unborn child Never blessed by your birth. But I’ll be here, unable to smile You are my shining light in heaven For one of God’s angels to love Until I get my wings to descend She’ll take care of you, for me, in Heaven above You’ll be my Guiding Light to Heaven’s Gate Where I’ll get to see your Angelic Smile And even if I never got to see your face I’
My Underwear
What Your Underwear Says About You When you're bad, you're very bad. And when you're good, you're still trouble! You're sexy, in that pinup girl, tease sort of way. The Underwear Oracle
My Uncle
30 some years ago, my father that just passed become very good friends with a man. I have grown up knowing him as uncle even though he isnt any relation. found out after i got back from my fathers Celebration of life, that my uncle has cancer. In his throat is a tumor that is unoperatable. and cancer on his lung. he is in stage 5 and it is the last stage. he was taken to the hospital this morn with a stroke and cardiact arrest. Please give your prayers a small thought for my uncle and let him go without pain. Thank you
My Unending Search For The Truth... :)
Which one do you think is more believable? Theory of Evolution or The Bible and God Creating Man To me, Im really beginning not to believe in a God with all the questions I do have about the Bible itself. I just cant agree with the first couple stories from the Bible being written/lain about 3500 years ago. Man was on earth millions of years before the bible was first created. I mean how does man actually know what the hell happened millions of years before they were born? How could any of those people know what happened? I dont think Jesus was Gods son either... If God had a son, wouldnt the next logical choice be for his child be Adam and Eve therefore making them brother and sister and then every one of us being imbred with each other? Really, thats gross lol. But back on topic. If God had made the earth in 7 days, whether it be 7 days on our calender that we now go by or whether it be a week in Gods time (which we really dont technically know), then why in the p
My Universe
Saturday night and the weather agrees Warm open sky bears a beckoning breeze All of the pieces form into one whole Bringing the universe into my soul New Moon-bright stars wink at me through the trees I was born just for such moments as these Magic is sparkling around me tonight Here from the womb of the transfigured night This is the cure for my lonely disease For you are with me wherever you are Flashing around me elusive firefly The moon veils her face revealing a star I never would have noticed had she shone Finding you finding myself not alone
My Unknown
I’m falling fast For someone I don’t know What’s going on inside me head? Are the feelings starting to show? Do I truly want this? Is it worth the pain? My heart WILL get broken But what will I gain? Maybe an awesome friend… Who will never let me down Maybe someone that will always care Someone that won’t make me frown I guess there’s only one way to know Only one thing left to do I have to convince everyone That all I want or need is you You have to be accepted But the ones that care for me Although I don’t care what they think Maybe they’ll see what I see I picture you as amazing With a heart pure as gold You’re slightly older… no big deal You’re about everything I’ve been told You talk to me like an equal Like you’ve know me in and out I’ve talked to you when I felt like shit And you stopped me for starting to shout Please don’t get freaked by this I know it seems a little strange I like the relationship that we have And I don’t want anyth
My Unoffical Lifes Rules And Laws By Me
Its scary how religion can be such a gap in people and how people can insult my religion as being nothing but a heiracy so heres some of the rules and laws i live by. Live to honesty for honesty is the best virtues in personal life and others around you will respect you for it. Respect and show honor to all that show it forth for this will show you are the stronger person streangth comes from the humble. Honor and respect your ancestors for they are what brings you your wisdom good or bad we all learn from all actions that have been taken so honor and learn much. Learn to forgive for anger and hatred will only lead you to being broken and filled with weakness for those whom hold hate are weak at heart. Learn to help all around you for in the sharing streangth is born from those whom show care, honesty and humilty. learn to accept we as people are not the same and learn to accept all for we are all people and we all want the same, to live as we want and worship as we w
My Uncle Passed Away Monday Morning
My Uncles Funeral Services
Hi Sissy,Please forward this to David for me as I cant get it to go through again.I Love You All very much keep in touch ok?!I will talk more later ok... Love Dad and Mom and Family -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Subject: Funeral Services Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2007 08:01:18 -0500 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make every IM count. Download Messenger and join the i’m Initiative now. It’s free. All, As you may know, my Brother-In-Law lost a long battle to cancer induced by his military service to our country through Agent-Orange in Viet- Nam. He was in total remission from this awful disease for 28 months and it returned in April this year to wrap around his spinal cord and paralyze him from the waist down. Bob was a fighter, and he gave everything he had to fight this horrible disease but in the end, our Lord needed him wo
My Uncle Gene
My uncle Gene has passed away at 5:25pm this evening, just got off the phone with my mother which wasn't all there and crying.. I maybe going down there to be with her just don't know if John's work el let him get off to do this but I'm sure hoping they will... Sad day fer my mother, this is the second one she's lost with-in a few years of one another... Lets pray fer her and my uncles family!
My Undies For A Keg :) !!!
My Uncle
My Uncle Dedicated To Steve The World's Greatest Uncle Thanks for being not only the big brother I needed but the only father figure I had.... Soul searching for the answers from within; I find myself knowing now what I should have known then. You have always been there for me; Step by step with every little emergency. I just wanted to let you know , Just how much that I have noticed ; That with an uncle like you how muchI was truly blessed. Through all our good times ; And even through our fights. You stood tall beside me ; Like a father should be. Through all my little scares and frights. I just wanted to let you know; Because I t wasn't always easy to show. That I have always loved and appreciated you. Just in case you had no clue. Now I must say without any delay. There will never be a good -bye- and you know that I could never tell a lie. You will always be here deep in my heart. With each new memory good or bad from the very start. Do not
My Uncle
Over the weekend my uncle Mike had a massive heart attack. He is in a touch and go situation and my family is beyond devastated. We recently lost my aunt to cancer and mom is beside herself. I asked everyone just to send out positive energy to my family. It be prayer, chanting or simply any custom you normally do. Thank you for your support. -Mary
My Uncle John
One of my earliest memories was of my Uncle John. He was tall and lanky and dressed in a military uniform. I must have been 3 or 4 years old and I know someone was holding me, because I was up high. A lot of my relatives were in my grandma's living room, and everyone was saying goodbye to my Uncle John. I remember he waved as he walked out the front door. He was going to Vietnam. Well, he did come back. He brought with him two Vietnamese dolls dressed in silk with traditional hats which my grandmother kept up on a window ledge for display. One was dressed in blue, the other in purple. I was fascinated with them and always asked my grandmother if I could play with them. She would let me, then put them back up. I was always at my grandma's, she pretty much raised me. My mother once said to me that giving me to my grandma to take care of took her mind off her son being in Vietnam. Because he had two tours. He was the only son of five siblings. Well, Uncle Joh
My Untitled Story
Intro Twenty years ago a great war emerged among humans and demons. A war brewing for centuries lasting nearly five years. Humans were sure to lose being much weaker than demons God had to intervene. He knew what would happen if demons were to rule human world and that he would not stand to see it. At his orders angels clipped their wings making them mortal allowing them to enter human world and for ever living among them giving new hope to the humans. Both sides of that war fought fiercely and bravely but victory went to neither side. They signed a treaty of ever lasting peace. Peace that has lasted twenty long years but trouble began to brew once more. Twenty years is a long time and like the wind time changes. A new king has come to power in demon world. His name is Zagan. A kind and gentle king if you obeyed his laws but most demons did not want a gentle king. They wanted a king that would rage war on humans once more and this time bring them victory. Any demon could tell
My Underworld By Dem
Come Rawk Out In UNDERWORLD! With the hot & sexy Dj Selene
My Uncle
a couple months ago my uncle found out he had cancer. If his drs would have been doing their jobs he wouldnt be where he is now. He had radiationn to try and kill it off but ending up getting 3rd degree burns on his lower half. He cant undress without having to take a shower first to get his clothes to not stick to him. he had surgry on june 23rd to get rid of the rest and is really not doing well. he had to go back in because he got infected where they did the surgry. Please keep him in your thots and prayers that he can fight this and get better. I am really worried, and scared for him.
My Unconditional Family
Please Go Show These Ladies Sum Luvin …. They are Spending ALL of their Rates and Bling helpin me to Godfather They have done nearly a million points in the last 2 days His Sweet Obsession Berry Berry Quite Contrary SexySandi SweetDreams OneSexyAssBiotch QUEEN BUNNY is a PITA Gottoloveit69
My Uncle Got
I became confused when I heard the word 'service' used with these agencies. Internal Revenue 'Service' U.S. Postal 'Service' Telephone 'Service' Cable TV 'Service' Civil 'Service' State, City, County & Public 'Service' Customer 'Service' This is not what I thought 'service' meant. But today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to 'service' a few cows. BAM!!! It all came into focus. Now I understand what all those agencies are doing to us. Now you are as enlightened as I am.
My Uncle Larry
Served in Vietnam on the U.S.S. Iwo Jima was also on board when Apollo 13 landed  
My Uncle Lincolns Real Page
It seems that a nasty fat chick named blaine has hacked my uncles page if your in question on which of his page is real it is the one i am linking here please block and or delete the other one
My Universal Mumm Message
I need to use this more often
My Uncle Jerry
My uncle has been living with a brain tumor for a while because its so embedded in his brain the surgeons just didn't want to mess with it. He has been going through radiation and chemo and it had shrunk down quite a bit but it has started growing again and its almost doubled its size in a very short amount of time. Hes had surgeries to cut off "feelers" that are trying to grow from the tumor. Unfortunately,because his tumor is growing so rapidly  he has now lost his sight, among many other problems. They have to do something about it now because the tumor is causing so much pressure to his brain. Sadly, his survival rate isn't very high due to where and how big the tumor is. Please pray for him. Miracles do happen everyday:)
My Uncle
This is in answer to a couple of things that were raised with me today...I didn't explain very well at the time so...   When my uncle lived, he had a lil house, mortgaged. Car and motorbike, not paid off.  No wife. No kids. The only woman he'd loved, he'd met when she already had cancer and he looked after her for six months until she died. To outward appearances, a decidedly average, nothing life...observers would probably have felt sorry for him or, if he was on fubar, probably mocked him. When he died, there was literally standing room only at his funeral. Over 500 people from all over the country had dropped everything mid-week, not for appearances, but for him. 500 true mourners. We had to minimise who could speak so we didn't have a day-long service. People who had not seen him in ten years came up to me afterwards and told me of the things he had done for them. One-off kindnesses that they had never forgotten. In the eulogy I focused on what he had meant
My Uncle
Uncle Jerry, your quiet strength and unwavering love with few words spoke volumes to all. You faithfully lived in such a way that God's honor was always kept safe within you. Thank you for such greatness in your life. We all love you and will miss you."It is not death, but LIFE I greet . . . when He who loves me calls me home." Uncle Jerry, such an honorable man, you are finally Home!  
My Undying Love
                                                                My Undying Love          I Remember when I first saw you,        I was nine and you were ten,        I fell for you in more ways than one,        that's when my love for you began.          I chased you all through grade school,        and I knew our love would forever last,        I loved you and I knew you loved me        'cause you'd never run too fast.         I followed you throughout middle school,       we were inseparable and all the other guys       were jealous , I felt so cool.        Then in high school,      I took you to the prom      High schools final dance,     that's when I gathered enough nerve     to take one more chance.       I pulled a ring from my pocket     and dropped to one knee,    I pledged my life to you,   and asked if you'd do the same to me.     You smiled and cried,   as I slid the ring on,  and when you said "Yes"  the nervousness I felt  soon would be gon
My Uncle, Rip
So since my uncle Mike's murder last week I have been through some emotional turmoil, which I thank those who have been there for me dearly. Today I had to call airlines, which was so hard to do when asking them the details about "sending a body" to a different state. I feel anger, and hate...And the question "why" keeps going through my thoughts. Seeing the troubled images in detail of that the Detectives told us makes it almost vivid in my mind. Why didnt Bryan le just die? Another part of me makes me question my own behavior. Helping a person out and them to turn around and do somthing so cruel to someone so innocent is beside me.. Between planning a funeral, contacting everyone my uncle knew, speaking to family and the arguments they have started on where they want to bury my uncle, i am about to explode. Tomorrow is another day.. I decided to go to work and see if I can get through it emotionally. I hope I can. Say a prayer for the fam
My Unfortunate Saturday
I had to work Saturday for my sister who was out of town. It was a normal day just like any other day I've had to work. I flirted with guests and chatted with friends online. Nothing out of the ordinary. My day ended at 3pm and I decided to do a little shopping for a friend. I went to a store and didn't like anything there so I proceeded to go across town to the other store they have that has more items. I get about a 1/4 mile away from the store and all of a sudden my heart starts racing really really fast. I feel like someone punched me in the throat, my arms went numb underneath from my shoulder down to my pinkies. My shoulders got stiff and my neck did as well. My breathing changed as well. Now I've had my heart race before but it always went away after a few minutes. This time was completely different. It just wouldn't stop no matter how calm I tried to be. I wasn't gonna go to the hospital but I talked myself into it. I get there and they rush me back. They did an IV and hooked m
My Upcoming Novel...
Heading off to her bedroom, Elise strips out of her clothes and lingerie, and dons her fuzzy housecoat, and heads to the bathroom for her shower. Dave then goes out to the kitchen, and starts up a pot of coffee. Going back into the living room, he takes a quick glance around Elise’s sparsely decorated apartment. A few pictures of friends and family on the walls, a small 19” TV, a PlayStation 2 with a few games and DVD’s, positioned on an older coffee table, a modest couch, which doesn’t look all that inviting, and her computer, more than likely an older Pentium 3, sitting on an even older looking desk. Lighting a cigarette, he opens her balcony door, and steps out. Looking at the view she has, he wonders how much she is paying for rent. Thinking to himself, he wonders how things would work if she moved in with him, loosing himself in thought. Snapping back to reality, he shakes his head, and then thinks, “What the hell am I thinking? I barely know this girl, but yet shit like this is
My Upcoming Annual Head Shaving
Alright as alot of you know from my pictures, i do St Baldricks every year!! For those that dont know what it is, its a charity function to help raise money for childrens cancer research!! Every year i take pledges to sponsor me to get my head shaved to help support research to benefit children everywhere!!! The time is coming where i start asking for your help. If ya wanna and are able to sponsor me just let me know and i will get ya the information!!! I know some people wont be able to donate, but if you are i hope ya seriously consider it!! I hate begging but this is a great orginization that supports a very good cause!!!
My Updated Life....
Well, life is GREAT, what can I say? I've got a great guy in my life (FINALLY) that just adores me. This is the best feeling. It's been along time coming. Alot of crap has happened in the past year and I really need a good end of the year. My love life has been, umm-well, for the best words-EXHAUSTING for both me and everyone that has been in my life. Between Misty and Lois, those two poor girls have been thru hell and back (and they are both married! Thank goodness for single friends girls--we keep you on your toes!) I am so ready to settle down and just let this man love me so much that I can't even think about my past. It's just so not worth it. I have been really thinking about all of the crap that I've been allowing into my life---so many negative things. I think I forgot about what I wanted out of my life. Just to be able to raise great kids, have a man that LOVES me, and have a life that makes me think that I'm the luckiest woman on the earth to be able to wake u
My Up And Coming Site For Music Lovers
Please check out I need everyones support and sum comments.... Thanx, sincerly dj Clover......Cheers....
My 'updated Family Tree' Bulletin
Updated Family Tree Check the Updated Family Link Above, Search for your name,and if you have since made changes to your display name or display picture then comment the blog with a link to ur page i will get the link and change on the tree in the order that it comes..DO NOT SEND ME PRIVATE MESSAGES WITH YOUR LINKS, THEY WILL NOT BE ADDED and MESSAGE WILL BE DELETED...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED New Feature On The Tree When you see this under a persons pic: Some Words When You see the Bat and what ever words may be under a persons pic that is a direct link (that will open in a new window) to send that particular person a private message..all the links so far have been tested and are in working order If you can do morphs,banners,tags, emblems, or anything else that can assist the family in any way, contact any of the one of three ppl on the top tier of the family tree, with examples of what you can do and they will tell me ;) to make the correction as soon as possible E
My Update
State of the Steve is similar to the State of the Union address except I will get no standing ovation, will not slaughter the word nuclear, and will not disrupt your favorite television shows. There also will be no time at the end for opposing viewpoints. I looked at the calendar and realized that I've been on Cherry Tap (formerly Lost Cherry)for 9 months. So I thought it time to give some updates rather than go through and redo my goofy page. Many of you may have already realized that this can become very addictive. Have to check comments, new photos, and messages. I tend to rarely look at stashes and sometimes check out blogs. I just don't have the time to commit to it. I figured out that I was spending too much time on here. I thought about leaving here but decided against that. I have too many good friends and cool acquaintences to do that. But I decided to minimize the nightly checking and not get on during the weekend. This is to help me get some balance. I
My Updated Ct Rules
Hmmmm More Holy Hamburger: I'm torn really, the fact that I wrote these bugs the crap out of me. I wouldn't have thought that anything written here was really needed, but of late I'm finding they are. Yes, I'm wordy which is why they are longer and more detailed than those you will find on other profiles, but I tend to also be more explicit for reasons. I'm using this to amplify them and explain them a little further. I figure if you're here and reading, you might actually care more about my thought process. Either that, of you might actually be sadistic enough to wonder. Before you go too far, I've seen a lot of weird things lately, so I am going to throw out my own version of my CT rules: 1. Thank you for rating my photo, if you've come here, please read the profile in its entirety. There's more to me than meets the eye. (Actually, I would prefer to rate my profile first, but I know most people find me when I roll across the top of the bar.) 2. If you've rated my profile
My Upcomming Schedule
Updated On: Tuesday, 27Thursday, 15 November, 2007 To all whom it may concern....... I wanted to keep you apprised of my tentative schedule over the upcoming couple of months. Here's my upcoming tentative schedule, as I know it so far, through 31 DEC. 2008+: 02 NOV. 07 - 04 NOV. 07: San Diego, CA. (Business Trip) *******This Jam Session trip was cancelled at the last minute. ******* 05 NOV. 07 - 08 NOV. 07: Taft, CA. (Time with Son) *******Already happened. This was a great time, but not long enough, as always. ******* 09 NOV. 07 - 11 NOV. 07: Carmel/Pacific Grove/Sea Side/San Jose/Monterey, CA. (Visit Mom and Misc. other family) *******This trip already happened. Went well, overall. ******* 12 NOV. 07 - 12 NOV. 07: Los Angeles, CA. (Veteran's Memorial Event at the school of the Son of my fallen Marine) ******* This trip already happened. I was very special for me. ******* 12 NOV. 07 - 16 NOV. 07: T
My Upland Presentation Was... Interesting.
So, ya know the old nightmare of being naked in front of a group of ppl? Well... I had Upland Wednesday morning at 8am and we had to give our presentations on the projects we've been working on. He gave a short lecture then we took a break before starting the presentations. At the last minute of the break I decided I'd better go to the restroom while I can, so I hurry. I have on the bikini style panties. I'm in there rushing and I'll be damned if I didn't break one of the strings on the side. So there I am, in the stall with my panties half hanging off like "what the hell!" So I'm trying to figure out how I can fix it... I couldn't tie it in any way. So I said "fuck it," broke the other side, took them off, threw them in the trash, and there I was, giving my presentation without any underwear. I'm not used to going commando, so I'm feeling like I'm naked standing there in front of everyone trying not to laugh my ass off about the whole situation. Was fucking hilarious.
My Updates
more updates Current mood: blessed Category: Life ok so as many of you already know and some of you dont i am engaged to a wonderful woman...... we are hoping to tie the knot next spring........ um lets see i well be offically joining the Lutheran church this month, and my kids baptized. things are just gettin better and brighter each and everyday!!!! so thats it for now........
My Upload Videos
My Update
I weighed 305 lbs at my Pre-Op on 4-30-08; I had surgery on 5-6-08; I came home on Mother's Day; I weighed 285 lbs on 5-14-08, a loss of 20 lbs in 1 weeks; I weighed 282 lbs on 5-21-08, a loss of another 3 lbs.
My Update
I have lost 34.5 lbs in 6 weeks and I am very happy. :-)
My Update
I have lost 70 lbs since May 6th and I am feeling so much better ... Thank you my friends who have been supportive through this whole thing ... I love you all :-)
My Update
I have lost 85 lbs since May 2008 ... new pics coming soon :-)
My Update
I have lost 97 lbs since May 2008 ... YEAH :-D
My Up And Coming New Show!!!!!!!!!
Hey this is my first blog I hope it brings you joy a nd pleasure.... anyway check out!!!!!  then scroll over to the show schedule, Look for "the melting pot" thats my show crank it up also add me as a friend on FB if you want to get the deep dish details on and about the show.. hope to see you there..    LOVE YOU GIRLS  Bucky
My Url
Tammy@ CherryTAP
My Url To Myspace
if you would like to check my site at and be my friend thankyou
My Useless Tips To Make Me Weak
Ok so I am thinking that I just have relationships on my mind pretty badly tonight so I am going to write this blog and hopefully clear all realted thought away for now. I decided that I am going to give some tips on what I enjoy and what will make me weak in the knees and make me want to come back for more over and over again . . . Which I am sure some other gals will agree with and others will think I am insane, lol. But I am honest and that is what matters. 1. A man who will be honest with me even if it means my feelings will be hurt for a little while. I want to know that he values honesty and recognizes that despite the initial pain the truth is always better. 2. A man who wants to be with me, not one who says he does, one that actually does. I want a man who puts effort into being with me. I want to know that I am the one he wants, even if it is just a quick email during the day, or a text to say hello, or a voicemail so I can listen to his voice. It’s those small t
My Useless Primary
Here's the deal.  I am pretty much assured of voting Democrat in this election.  Bushco has assured me of that.However, I am registered as a Republican.  Therefore, in the primary I plan to vote for Ron Paul.  Not that it'll make a rat's fart worth of difference.I am in Alabama.  By the time the primaries get here, it's already too late to make any difference at all.  For that matter, voting in Alabama for anybody other than a Republican presidential candidate also has the same effect (i.e. nothing).Yet once again, I will take my part in making sure who I want in office will never make it there due to my efforts, not as long as I live in Alabama and don't vote for the most god-fearing candidate.  Oh boy...tag: politics, religion, republican, democrat, primary, primaries, alabama-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-Ave Satanas!Join me at Fubar.comGet paid to surf the web with    
My Usa
I am sick and tired of all this bullshit about the poor illegal aliens. How they do all the work we will not do, if they work that hard they should put some of it into getting their asses legal! I spent 3 years in Germany. Knowing this was just a 3 year tour, I learned enough German to get me through, and was able to talk to the locals, drive, tour, and travel all by myself. You can be sure if I went there to live I would have be fluid in my German, and learned all the customs. I would not have demanded they learn my language, or my customs. This is still a melting pot, meaning that we all blend together and live as one community. We speak English here, and we believe that you are free to worship any god you choose. But we were a nation built on the belief in god. IN GOD WE TRUST on our money does not hurt anyone, and if it does, you might not belong in a nation where people are free to do as they please. Also I am sick of Muslims here wanting us to change things to suit them. If
My User Name Meaning
Depeche Mode--Sweetest Perfection The sweetest perfection To call my own The slightest correction Couldn't finely hone The sweetest infection Of body and mind Sweetest injection Of any kind I stop and I stare too much Afraid that I care too much And I hardly dare to touch For fear that the spell may be broken When I need a drug in me And it brings out the thug in me Feel something tugging me Then I want the real thing not tokens The sweetest perfection To call my own The slightest correction Couldnt finely hone The sweetest infection Of body and mind Sweetest injection Of any kind Things you'd expect to be Having effect on me Pass undetectedly But everyone knows what has got me Takes me completely Touches so sweetly Reaches so deeply I know that nothing can stop me Sweetest perfection An offer was made An assorted collection But I wouldn't trade The sweetest perfection To call my own The slightest correction Couldn't finely hone Th
My Usless Writings
I am sorry I am sorry forever mistreating you. I am sorry for not ever being there when you needed a friend. I am sorry for not giving you a shoulder to cry on when you needed it. I am sorry for not being a soundboard for you when you were upset. I am sorry that I cannot take away the pain you feel. I am sorry that I cannot turn back the hands of time to make things right for you. I am sorry that I was not there when you needed me the most. I am not sorry for the times we have spent together. I am not sorry that I heard your voice speak to me. I am not sorry for the laughs we have shared. I am not sorry that I took the time to get to know you. I am not sorry that I ever called you a friend. I am not sorry that I started to fall for you. I am not sorry I got to look into your eyes and get to know the real you. I am not sorry I looked into your eyes and fell in love.
My Use Only
My Utopia
Running with wolves Flying with eagles Don't want this dream to end Kissing the sky Embracing the wind Am I in euphoria? Is it my utopia? Smiling at the moon Cruising around the stars I just wanna stay here forever Waltzing in between the clouds Floating in the deep blue sea Is this euphoria? Can it be my utopia? Riding waves with dolphins Diving deep with orcas Never want to leave Falling asleep to the sound of the waterfall Waking up next to my love This is euphoria My utopia
My Utopia Of Thought
It's not a special room or a special place Void of discrimination of gender and race My dreams are my utopia of thought. Dreams are limitless and can be caught. Dreams are what make the world go round with them secure my peace is sound. My dreams mold and revitalize my soul Without them I could not stay whole. I rely on dreams to keep me sane Heavenly euphoria hard to explain. Beyond the words I speak Dreams create hope Hope creates chance My dreams are where life extends Dreams never end.
My Uw2
My Values
Your Values Profile Loyalty: You value loyalty a fair amount. You're loyal to your friends... to a point. But if they cross you, you will reconsider your loyalties. Staying true to others is important to you, but you also stay true to yourself. Honesty: You value honesty a fair amount. You're honest when you can be, but you aren't a stickler for it. If a little white lie will make a situation more comfortable, you'll go for it. In the end, you mostly care about "situational integrity." Generosity: You value generosity a fair amount. You are all about giving, as long as there's some give and take. Supportive and kind, you don't mind helping out a friend in need. But you know when you've given too much. You have no problem saying "no"! Humility: You value humility highly. You have the self-confidence to be happy with who you are. And you don't need to seek praise to make yourself feel better. You're very modest, and you're keep the drama factor l
My Vampyre Strengths
You scored as Shadow walking. You have the ability to walk in shadows. A rare power not posessed by all vampires. Follow me, and experience all the powers the vampire enjoys. Come play with me!Shadow walking94%Telepathy81%Shape shift69%Perception69%Mind Control63%Charisma56%What vampiric power do you most possess?created with
My Vampyre Clan
Business minded and a natural leader, you are a canidate to be embraced by the Ventrue clan. You can be rather dominant with a high stamina however, you tend to have obsessive compulsive tendencies...especially when it comes to your food. You are the clan the others look to organize groups and factions. Generally princes are among this clan.What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?
My Vacation
I am on Vacation this week. I felt it wa time to take some time off. Plus there is so much going on, it would be easier to deal with without working as well. I have really enjoyed the new people I have met on LC. I am still trying to earn those big points like a lot of people have. I will get there eventually. I hope those who visit my page enjoy some of the stuff on it. I am amazed at how many people will visit a page and not take the time to award any points. Anyway, to any who actually take the time to read this entry, this is from my 360 blog as well. I am using this as a way to keep my thoughts straight. My son's 19th b-day was yesterday. I bought him a portable horseshoes set and I made him a real beer bong. My wife gave him a silver chain that was pretty cool as well. He partied all day and had several friends that helped him celebrate. We have had two adults and two children living with us for a month now. We are helping them relocate from a bad area of Dallas to
My Vampire Name
Your Vampire Name Is... Ignacio of the Damned What's Your Vampire Name?
My Vacation Trip
well it has been about 2 or so year's since i had a vacation an it's about time again i have another one so on this one i am going up north an spend a few day's up north with my brother an be a bestman for him i'll be there beside him. my last vacation was in texas when it was hot had fun for about a week oh yes it was nice then an i still wanna go an have fun in texas to the fair there but i guess it's not gonna happen this year oh well life goe's on my life here at home is gone crazy now day's lol trying to find something an can't seem to find it now darn it it's a pair of lace up roper cowboy boot's that i got put back. well anyway's i am gonna get going so i can try an find those darn pair of boot's for me for this weekend. take care all...hotwheelers...Brian
My Vampire Name
Your Vampire Name Is... Veronique of the Vile What's Your Vampire Name?
My Vampire Name
Your Vampire Name Is... Athene of the Underworld What's Your Vampire Name?
My Vampiric Strength...
You scored as Mind Control. You have the power of Mind control!! Only a powerful mind can utilize such skills. Lets see what else you can master! Come play with me!Mind Control75%Shape shift69%Shadow walking63%Telepathy63%Perception56%Charisma50%What vampiric power do you most possess?created with
My Vanity Plate
David's vanity plate: UHATEME 'What will your vanity plate say?' at
My Vampire Name
Your Vampire Name Is... Orlando of the Underworld What's Your Vampire Name?
My Vampire Personality.
You scored as Blade. Thats right you are the booty kicking you cross me and I will stomp a mudhole in your butt type. Sexy and a great fighter with mad fighting skillsBlade100%Dracula83%Spike75%Louis50%Armand50%Marius50%Deacon Frost42%Lestat42%Angel33%Akasha8%Whose your Vampire personality? (images)created with
My Vampire Clan
You aren't sure where you came from. Perhaps your sire did an embrace and run. Or maybe your sire was an outcast himself. Either way, your powers are unique and really don't belong to any clan...or maybe a little from each. Because you of these circumstances, you aren't really sure where you belong. You tend to wander and do a bit of soul searching in your eternal life. Maybe some have a while after all. What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?
My Vampire Clan
Mysterious and a scholar, you are a member of the Tremere clan. You are pretty loyal to your clan, well, you sort of have to...especially since you are blood-bonded to most of them. You are the intelligentsia of the Camarilla and are fascinated with the occult. Possessing the ability to use blood for magic, many clans don't like to approach you. However, that is fine with you. You tend not to trust the other clans anyway.What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?
My Vampire Clan
Your clan is a dysfunctional one. That is because you are a Malkavian. Something is poisonous about this clan's blood that drives all those embraced to madness. However, in this madness, you tend to have great insight. Unfortunately, people just take it as senseless ramblings. In every family there is an insane one. You're it.What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?
My 5 Variable Love Profile
Your Five Variable Love Profile Propensity for Monogamy: Your propensity for monogamy is high. You find it easy to be devoted and loyal to one person. And in return, you expect the same from who you love. Any sign of straying, and you'll end things. Experience Level: Your experience level is high. You've loved, lost, and loved again. You have had a wide range of love experiences. And when the real thing comes along, you know it! Dominance: Your dominance is low. This doesn't mean you're a doormat, just balanced. You know a relationship is not about getting your way. And you love to give your sweetie a lot of freedom. Cynicism: Your cynicism is low. You are an eternal optimist when it comes to love and romance. No matter how many times you've been hurt - you're never bitter. You believe in one true love, your perfect soulmate. And if you haven't found true love yet, you know you will soon. Independence: Your independence is low. This doe
My Vampire
My Vampire I dream of man in black He stands above me and I am the snack His eyes look through me and he sees my soul He reaches for my hand and we take the stroll Into the dark where he now resides Into the shadows where he hides And now he’s bringing me- What will he do? Hopefully what I want him to His skin like porcelain, smooth and cold And I desire to be in his hold He makes love to me with only his stare And my brain knows that I must beware My body however needs him deep Only one of his kind could creep Into a person this way I’m not just lust, I am prey With his eyes locked on mine, he embraces my fruit His cold fingers slide in me, and his mouth in pursuit Of the pulsing flows of life in me He needs to drink, and I will agree His hands quickly moving inside He tastes me now and I enjoy the ride I feel the pain and it’s more than good I want him so much more than I should Giving of me means marking my death Losing my sun, and losing my breath H
My Values Profile
Your Values Profile Loyalty: You value loyalty a fair amount. You're loyal to your friends... to a point. But if they cross you, you will reconsider your loyalties. Staying true to others is important to you, but you also stay true to yourself. Honesty: You value honesty a fair amount. You're honest when you can be, but you aren't a stickler for it. If a little white lie will make a situation more comfortable, you'll go for it. In the end, you mostly care about "situational integrity." Generosity: You value generosity a fair amount. You are all about giving, as long as there's some give and take. Supportive and kind, you don't mind helping out a friend in need. But you know when you've given too much. You have no problem saying "no"! Humility: You value humility highly. You have the self-confidence to be happy with who you are. And you don't need to seek praise to make yourself feel better. You're very modest, and you're keep the drama factor low. T
My Values
Your Values Profile Loyalty: You value loyalty highly. You're completely devoted to your friends and family. Even if they totally screw up, you're still there for them. Just make sure they're equally loyal to you! Honesty: You value honesty a fair amount. You're honest when you can be, but you aren't a stickler for it. If a little white lie will make a situation more comfortable, you'll go for it. In the end, you mostly care about "situational integrity." Generosity: You value generosity highly. So much so that you often put your own needs last. There's nothing wrong with having a caring heart... But you may want to rethink your "open wallet" policy. Humility: You value humility a fair amount. You tend to be an easy going, humble person. But occasionally your ego takes over. You have a slight competitive streak - and the need to be the best. Tolerance: You value tolerance highly. Not only do you enjoy the company of those very different from yo
My Valentines
I am sooo husband's leave starts on Feb 14, 2007. Whooohooooo....that means he will be here sometime on Valentines Day. I have not seen him since the end of September 2006. I get him all to myself for two weeks, well almost two weeks, we will have to go visit and let others see him to, darnit. But, yes I will be a VERY Happy Camper. But, then after that he will be going back to Iraq, for seven more months . I am not thinking about that right now, I am thinking about what to wear when I pick him up from the airport....since I have lost about 131lbs since he left, I think he will love whatever I do or do not wear. Hey how bout some ideas? Ya'll gimme some ideas, especially the guys.
My Valentine......
Ya know Im not that girl that expects jewlery, expensive dinners out, or dozens apon dozens of roses for Valentines day......... Im the chick who would just love to spend that night with her man........ If I got a stuffed animal Id love it....... But if I didnt I wouldnt die.......... The days meaning is LOVE!!! not expensive gifts........
My Valentines Day Heart Says..
Your Candy Heart Says "Get Real" You're a bit of a cynic when it comes to love. You don't lose your head, and hardly anyone penetrates your heart. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: is all about the person you're seeing (with no mentions of v-day!) Your flirting style: honest and even slightly sarcastic What turns you off: romantic expectations and "greeting card" holidays Why you're hot: you don't just play hard to get - you are hard to get What Does Your Candy Heart Say? *lol doesn't sound like me at all*
My Valentine :(
Since My Valentine Got A Computer Since my Valentine got a computer My love life has taken a hit. Nothing I say is important Unless it’s a byte or a bit. Before she got her new laptop, Everything was just fine; Now she says we can’t talk Unless we both go online. "But honey," I said, "I’m attached to you; Love is what I feel." "That keyword isn’t relevant," She said, with eyes of steel. She clicked the keyboard furiously; The screen was all she could see, And then to my horror and shame, She started describing me: "Your motherboard needs upgrading; Your OS needs help, too. And you definitely need a big heatsink To cool your CPU." "Don’t flame me, my sweet," I pleaded. "Not on Valentine’s Day." "Fix the bugs, and I’ll see," she said, While looking at me with dismay. "What ever you want, my darling; Whatever you need; you call it. I’ll upload or download anything, And then I’ll go install it." (Her hostile CD keeps replaying,
My Valentine Pussy-for My Master I Love You
Aching Dripping Soaking wet In a hotel room not so far away My love I wait for you Legs spread upon this bed of satin and lace Wearing nothing but a smile and holding a glass of the finest champagne Daring you to cum seduce me if you dare Smiling as I think of you tonight Inside the tight, wet, hungry tissue of.... My Valentine Pussy Fantasy so sweet engulfs me Drawing me nearer to the red hot flames of my naughty imagination Taking over Slowly Boldly My fingertips began to caress my desire for you Dreaming of your heartbeat so close to mine Tonight my love I bid you cum over and take a lick A long, slow teasing lick of the treasure that I offer Moaning for your hard acceptance of my invite to cum inside... My Valentine Pussy Making love to myself while I wait for you I slip a naughty dildo deep inside Pumping it Up and down In and out Up and down In and out Over and over and over again Barely able to contain myself as a orgasm such a wonderful or
My Valentine
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My Valentine .....
My Valentine Is...
Well I promised that if you sent me a heart I would choose a Valentine on the 14th. Well since I am having a crappy night, I am choosing my Valentine early. I got several hearts, 2 of which cheated and sent heart comments and not heart gifts but OK. So Anyway, my Valentine is: *drum roll please* WENDY!!!!!! Yes yes, Wendy is my valentine! I think she is the best choice and probably the only one who will not make anyone else mad :) hahaha *playin guys* So thank you all for wanting to be my Valentine... I love you all... You are all my CT Valentines... And I hope your Valentines Day are spent with people who love and appriciate you for who you are!
My Valintines Sadness
6 years ago i lost someone that ment the world to me in a hit and run on Valintines day. i held her in my arms as the light in her eyes faded away i still hear the last thing she said to me ''i love you albert'' and ''hold me closer baby it is getting dark and cold'' and still to this day i can hear her laughter when she was happy and it hurts bad. i am sorry if later today i am not very happy but now you know why i will be sad. thank you for reading this
My Valentines Day Page Comment
Roses are red violets are blue, One day out of the year they show you just how much they love you, The rest of the of the year they treat you like shit, Parties late, masturbates and just forgets about it, yet one day a year they buy you a box of chocolate, maybe a rose or two, and all is forgiven with those three little words I Love You
My Valentine
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My Valentine's Day Gift
My Valentine's Day Gift by BlueWolf A dozen red roses A bouquet of balloons A box of fine chocolates A vial of perfume A beautiful card With a verse oh so sweet A beautiful pendant With matching earrings These are the things You always give Now I love each one Since they came from you But listen now Darlin’ To what I say Here’s what I need On this Valentine’s Day Won’t cost you a penny And I’ll love it more Than all of the presents You’ve brought me before A good morning kiss Each morn when we wake Whispered I love yous All through the day A hug when I need it A smile when I’m down The gift of laughter When I need a clown Be there by my side A companion true With love in your heart Like I have for you Each evening My Darlin’ As I lay by your side Hold me close to your heart All through the night If these things You’ll give to me I promise you true A happier woman You’ll never see...........
My Valentine Poem
valentines are very sweet they sometimes knock you off your feet. its a day to show your love for another even though some people just dont bother. i show my love for each of you so know this my valentine my love for you is very true..
My Valentines Day
¢¾MY VALENTINES DAY¢¾ Current mood: determined OK here we go.......When Eric first got here he told me to go to another room so he could set his shit up! So, naturally I did! =) So I was talkin to my mom and we were both wondering what he was up too, took him like 20 mins. So then he comes to the room and knocks on the door.....Says come on baby let me lead you to ur suprise! So as I hit the kitchen I noticed something shiney on the floor RIGHT? well needless to say it was hershey kisses in a path to my kitchen he asked me as I go to please pick up the kisses so i do!! I get to the table and he has made me a ♥ made out of hersheys kisses with a dozen roses, hearts shaped suckers and a teddy bear with a card RIGHT? well he said NO STOP! read the card out and remember I put alot of thought into this so I said OK and went on with reading the card (which said) I thought U would ENJOY something WILD, CRAZY, and FUN for valentines day but.... Then I opened it (lo
My Valentines Day
Today was awesome for me. I woke up with a bad attitude thinking I wasnt gonna be able to see my boo and then I was able to cus my roomate helped me with that. (Thanks bro). I learned some things today about this day we call Valentines day. For me, its the first one in quite a few years that Ive actually been able to share with someone else. Usually its just another day but this year, things have begun to change for me. It wasnt about getting gifts to me or giving, well in a way it was cus I had to get my boo something:) but the fact that I was able to just be with her and cuddle and watch a movie and kiss her and hold her was the best. Thats what I have always wanted to share and I finally have. Today was about me showing my love through my eyes and my touch as it was shown to me. Im no longer in the pit that I use to be in and for once, I feel great. I truly mean that. Some of you have known me for awhile and this probably sounds like a complete stranger but trust me, its real. Im in
My Vampire
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My Va-jay-jay...
is rather on the small side In other news i'm currently blogging from my beand new Toshiba Sattelite series laptop *bounces up and down* I HAVE SOUND AGAIN!! which i have a feeling is going to make me hate this site..i've been told it can get pretty damn noisy... and i have a mic..and..and ok i don't know what else but i'm just happy i'm not in ghettoville anymore :D i'll actually be able to hear my internet porn again *swoons* ok WTF was that?? why did i just hear a cha ching or something?? lol
My Vampire Personality Whats Urs
You scored as Deacon Frost. Yeah you are the take no prisoners it's my way no matter what type. You do whatever the hell you like and make no apoligies for it. The tempermental vamp surrounded by lots of hot chick vampiresMarius100%Armand100%Deacon Frost100%Blade75%Spike75%Akasha75%Dracula75%Louis67%Angel58%Lestat33%Whose your Vampire personality? (images)created with
My Valentine Card
My Vampire Experience #2
My Vampire Experience #2 After I made my prey cum all over my hand….my teeth plunged deep into her flesh again wanting to taste her sweet nectur. The sweetness of the wine that flowed from her body made me have an intoxicated affect throughout my body. I released her flesh from my mouth as my tongue licked over all the bites again wanting more of her sweet blood. I then whispered in her ear, “ I want you to suck my cock”….she turned around and took my hard throbbing cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked with a hunger I never have seen my my prey before. She would suck in the head and go all the down my hard cock gagging on it. She was like a wild animal. She started to suck it slow but her mouth kept moving faster and faster…..she was gagging more on it. I could feel it growing inside her mouth. Her mouth was so warm and wet. Her left hand squeezed the base of my cock as she went up and own on it with her mouth. I was clawing at her back…..digging my nails deep into back and r
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