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My Stuff All But A Bag Of Mold
Well I did the right thing, I returned all stephens things, if your clueless its because hes my x and I made sure all of his stuff was safe and without damage. My biff is that I got all my things back and they were put in a plastic bag and they smell badly of mold. Thats not even the half of it. My familys pictures and my mother and fathers wedding album wet. not to mention that all the clothes that was in the bag with it wet. Im just glad to see that I was the grown up in this and made sure his things werent damaged. I hope that if anyone of you ever has a brake up that your x wont damage any of your familys pics that are not replaceable. Sorry im rameling im just really upset, all that i own distroyed. I hate him, I really wish that I broke his things now, but then again God wouldnt have been happy with that, im so pist still i cant even see strait.grrrrrrrrrrrr there i feel a tad bit better
My 1st Blog
Broadcast Yourself LIVE
My Stash Is Stankier Than Your Stash;o)
Check out my New Stash created So far, I have only the BEST Pink Floyd songs/videos uploaded, but, more variety coming SOOON! It just seems bugged, this morning, thats all I HATE error messages! *shakes fist*
My Story, Pt. 26
you walk downstairs and see matt in the kitchen cooking the ham burger meat for the tacos. you take out 3 bowls and dice up the tomatoes placing them in a bowl. matt: wow, you didn't cut yourself. amanda: shutup. lol. matt: lol. you cut up the letuce and put it in a second bowl. then take the shredded cheese out of the refrigerator opening it and putting it in a third bowl. you grab the bag with the snickers and cherry coke putting the coke in the fridge and snickers in the freezer. you also put the taco sauce, sour cream, and taco shells on the counter beside the 3 bowls. matt comes up bheind you wrapping his arms around you and sucks your ear lobe into his mouth. amanda: *closes eyes* mm, thank you for the dog tag. matt: you liked it? amanda: no *turns around in his arms* i loved it. he smiles and cuts the stove off. matt: dinners ready. amanda: yay. [2 hours later matts pov in the living room] boy i'm stuffed. i'm glad amanda thought of tacos. ahhhh man, gotta go po
My Story, Pt. 27
ryan: *grabs matts arms* what the fuck is wrong with you? matt: what do you mean? *realizes what he just did and puts hand downsqauting down and trying to hug amanda but she moves away* matt starts tearing up a bit. matt: i'm sorry baby, i'm so so so so sorry, i swear i didn't mean it, i'm sorry *sobs a bit* i'm sorry amanda: no, i can't forgive u right now, i wasn't gonna say anything cause i knew you would be mad and something like this would happen. matt: baby, i'm sorry. amanda: no i'm sorry, i'm sorry i ever gave you a second chance get out. *points to door* matt: but baby *tears slide down his cheeks* amanda: no buts, now go *still pointing to door* matt: *sighs* i'm sorry *walks up stairs and gets his stuff packing it into a bag. [matts pov] omg how fuckin stupid am i? i finally get the girl of my dream back, and what do i do? yell at her and slap her cause she thinks she might be pregnant. i really aren't a good bf. i go upstairs and slowly and sadly start to pa
The Mystery Within Me...
Beginning to end, end to beginning. Together in my dreams, you say-- Don't tell me you don't love me... You whisper this ever so softly, I feel you near me... Your touch is as soft as that of a rose petal, yet, so inviting. Your kiss is delicate, yet so intense. And, as you begin to stare, it seems an Absolute Eternity. When will this extreme fascination turned to obsession about me end?!?! You are always around me... I hear you, I see you, I feel you... Is it my imagination, can it truly just be a dream? I can no longer tell between reality and what I think reality is... It has long been distorted by much pain and suffering, I can no longer fend to what I have to attend... It's what you've exposed. My beginning is your end, and your end is my beginning. This is my world and what it revolves around... like a routine it seems. What I am, what I can be, and, what I become will remain a mystery that will only allure you, and, aggravate you....of that, I
My Story, Pt. 28
[amandas pov] i sit there and wonder what just happened. did he really hit me? matt commes down a few mins later with bags in hand he comes over and tries to kiss you but you run over to ryan hugging him. you see him sigh sadly and a tear slides down his cheek. matt: *sadly* i'm sorry baby, i love you. he walks out the front door. ryan: *looks at you* are you ok? amanda: yeah, i think so. christina: what was that all about? amanda: he found the pregnancy tests. christina: *gasps* and you told him? amanda: *nods* yeah, everything. christina: and he hit you? that's not like him, at all. i'm gonna go talk to him real quick. ryan: don't baby. christina: yes ryan, that's not like him at all. i'm not saying they're going to get back together or anything but if she is pregnant, he needs to be there to support them. *runs out of house* [christinas pov] i run outside and see att sitting on the porch, head in his hands sobbing. you walk up behind him and hug him. he jumps a bit fr
My Story, Pt. 29
[amandas pov] amanda: *kisses ryan* ryan: *kisses amanda back* omg what am i doing?!?! i back up fast like. ryan: wow, ummm amanda: yeah ummmm ryan: nobody finds out about this got it? amanda: ok good. i go upstairs and look son the table and see the engagement ring on the bedside table. i pick up the note and read it. omg, *tear streams down my face* i don't know what i should do, should i go back with him? or stay away from him? i don't know, i might be pregnant, and i know i won't be able to support both the baby and jerum. i don't know. maybe i should talk to him about it... calmly... with christina sitting there or something cause she went outside to talk to him. i walk downstairs and out the door and see christina kissing matt. i stop dead in my tracks my mouth dropped open wide. you walk past them taking your keys out of your pocket getting into your honda accord and driving away matt trying to to run after you. you drive down the street fast tears streaming down your f
My Story, Pt. 30
[1 month later] [amandas pov] i wake up and i smell this familiar smell, wait, where am i? omg, all i remember was being in the car, after i saw, CHRISTINA AND MATT KISSING! and then i was going to go to zach's and i crossed the intersection, and i was hit. i try and open my eyes, slowly, i look around the room and see somebody sitting in the chair beside my bed sleeping. it's matt, omg i hate him. first he hits me, and then hemakes out with my best friend on my front porch. oh FUCK, am i pregnant? did the crash kill the baby? what happened? i wanna know. i try to move my legs, and surprisingly i can move them. well at least i know i'm not paralyzed. as i move my legs and attempt to sit up. matt wakes up with a start. matt: oh hey baby. amanda: don't call me baby. when you go and make out with my best friend, you're little sister at that. that disqualifies me as your baby. matt: i'm sorry, i don't know why i did it, i was just really hurt and feeling stupid, and she was just ther
My Story, Pt. 31
[amandas pov] *suddenly the door open and you see... john walk in the room. [johns pov] i'm at justyns party and i don't see amanda any where, she said amanda was supposed to be here, but i haven't seen her at all night. i come up behind justyn all worried. john: justyn, where's amanda i thought you said she was going to be here. justyn: i did, she said she was going to be here. john: well it's like 11 and there's no sign of her. justyn: well call her on her cell phone. john: ok. *grabs cell phone out of pocket and walks outside the house so i can hear. searching for amandas cell phone number i click on it and i hear it ringing. someone picks up* guy voice: hello? john: hey this is john is amanda there? guy voice: oh hey john, ummm no amanda's in the hospital... john: why? who's this? guy voice: it's ryan you tard. john: oh hey ryan sorry, didn't recognize your voice. so why is amanda in the hospital? ryan: well she got in a fight with matt, and he hit her, she kicke
My Story, Pt. 32
[amandas pov] john walks in the door and you smile as he walks over to the bed and hugs you gently. john: hey, how you feelin? amanda: umm alright i guess, just wondering when i'm going to be able to get out of here and if my baby made it. john: baby? amanda: yeah, i was pregnant when i got in the car crash. john: are you serious? who's is it? amanda: *looks at matt* john: it's his? amanda: yeah. john: *looks at matt* can i talk to amanda alone for a minute? amanda: please? matt: *nods* sure. *walks out of the room* john: so other than the car crash, and the baby and stuff, how have you been? amanda: pretty good. john: i was getting kind of worried when you didn't show up at justyns party about a month back. amanda: yeah, i was going to go... but yeah. john: yeah, so, i've missed you. amanda: i've missed you too. john: *kisses you softly* you kiss him back, then after a minute you break away. he smiles and you smile politely right on through. (sorry took that from
My Story, Pt. 33
[amandas pov] *the door opens and the doctor comes in and is shocked to see you awake* doctor: well ms. mintz, i'm glad to see you up and well. how are you feeling? amanda: just fine, a little sore, and a little anxious, but that's about it. doctor: i can understand. so, i got the results back about the baby. john: *grabs amandas hands protectively and comfortingly* doctor: it says that the baby is alive and well. a sigh of relief goes over your face and both you and john sigh and you notice matt is holding your hands too. doctor: but... matt: but what? doctor: the baby isn't just yours mr. snyder. matt: *questioningly* it's not? doctor: no, it's not. matt: then who else baby is it? (i know this isn't really real, but just go with it lol) doctor: no, it's also mr. downeys also. john: *mouth opens* matt: hold, wait, what? i'm the father and so is john? doctor: yes. that is correct. matt: but how is that even possible? doctor: i don't know, this doesn't happen hardly
Mystery Of Transformation
The Butterfly Chrysalis During the time that a caterpillar egg is an egg, it looks nothing like a caterpillar, and the butterfly seems a far cry from the larva that precedes it. Do caterpillars recognize butterflies as their future selves? Do butterflies identify caterpillars as past relations? The most mysterious phase of this shape-shifting creature's process is the chrysalis, the jade green cocoon in which the crawling, leaf-eating caterpillar transforms into a floating, nectar-drinking butterfly. In our human lives, we sometimes find ourselves in the chrysalis state. During those times we don't have much to offer the outside world because, whether we realize it or not, much of our energy is consumed with an inner transition. We might feel sluggish or disinterested in the outside world. We might feel impatient with ourselves, wondering why we don't have the energy we used to for our usual routines. But if we remember the chrysalis-the dark, inner sanctum that provides the envi
My 1st Blog
thought Id give a blog a try hehehe just wanted to say hi 2 everyone xxx
A Mystery
Read it carefully to know what it is.... A man is driving down the road and breaks down near a monastery. He goes to the monastery, knocks on thedoor, and says, "My car broke down. Do you think I could stay the night?" The monks graciously accept him, feed him dinner, even fix his car. As the man tries to fall asleep, he hears a strange sound. The next morning, he asks the monks what the sound was, but they say, "We can't tell you. You're not a monk." The man is disappointed but thanks them anyway and goes about his merry way. Some years later, the same man breaks down in front of the same monastery. The monks again accept him, feed him, even fix his car. That night, he hears the same strange noise that he had heard years earlier. The next morning, he asks what it is, but the monks reply, "We can't tell you. You're not a monk." The man says, "All right, all right. I'm dying to know. If the only way I can find out what that sound was is to become a monk, how do I become a
My 1st Entry
As anyone who has read my profile info will know I am a great fan of all things to do with BBW , no matter if its chat groups. info web pages or with ladys with real curves in real like I just am in luv with it. Am starting this blog with the hope that like minded friends who I have met here over the recent weeks will join me here and add there thoughts and desires about there lives and hopes, cause I plan to do just that with my own posts to this blog over the coming months. Please read my profile info and see what I am into and we can get this rolling along and am hoping that we can grow as a group of like minded souls and add each other to our friends and fan lists and our own personal online chats away from here, distance is not an issue its all about our shared interests.
Mystic Night
Evening falls across the land, I stand and wait for you. I lookout of the window, from with in my lovers room. The evening mist fills the air, its coolness kisses my skin. I long to be with in his arms, to lay with him again. His scent it fills the room I'm in , and carries me away. The memories that I've shared with him are cherished everyday. The gentle touch that caresses my skin, The lips that touch my heart. His gaze that looks with in my soul That says we'll never part.
My Stash
Hey everyone. I figured out how to upload home videos and posted several fun ones. Check 'em out when you have time. Have a great day! -Mikey
My Story With My Ex
we had 5 1/2 months of good times and fun dates then 3 1/2 weeks ago she started deleting me off of the websites we were friends on,when I asked her bout all the stuff online she denied that it was her. that should have been my first clue that things were messed up. then I asked her 2 weeks ago about it again on friday of that week and on sunday and she still denied it was her.then she chose to fuck me over more and ignore me and break up w/ me that way. so she's not only a fucking bitch but also a damn coward too. so yet again I get fucked over.thats my story of "our" bullshit story.
My 1st Blog Here
I am interested to see why it is that SO MANY people are talking up this place. I am still getting used to everything. I can tell I am going to have to change a few things because I can see that this site can get a little dirty. I do not need any perverts bothering me!! Ok, I am going to go back to figuring this site out! CYA!
The Mystical Land Of My Birth
What is the mystical land of your birth? {13 results with gorgeous anime pics} The Land of Moonlit MagicYou are a siren of the Land of Moonlit Magic. The moon is your goddess and you follow her with a mystic eye. You stare up the night sky and question the world. You are inquisitive and that is wonderful. You feel most comfortable in the night air under a cloudless sky. You thrive under the moonlight. Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Outside my home and across the street There lies a mystery Not often do I see him but I know he's there Almond colored skin with short wavy hair Smile so perfect, if perfection exists Vener before have I felt like this He leaves each day for a morning run And I head out just as he returns He nods and waves, the flashed that smile I do the same, wishing he was mine all the while the he heads back into his home Afte a while his image in my mirror is gone I return around 6 or so As I park I see him pacing in front of his wondow I enter my home and turn on the radio Glance out the blinds to see that he is there no more I pay it noattention as I pick up things from the floor Then suddenly there is a knock at my door I open it with no hesitation Its my mystery, waiting looking very impatient He says hello and that his name is Angelo He has 2 tickets to a play and would like for me to go I graciously accept then go to change my outfit He says ther
My Status
Status: Single Here for: Networking, Friends Orientation: Straight Body type: 5' 1" Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic Zodiac Sign: Leo Smoke / Drink: No / Yes Children: Someday Education: In college Occupation: Full Time Smartass / Student / Band Spokesperson
My 1st Contest......please Join It...i Have 13 More Spots Available
hey everyone~! im gonna hold a contest~! its gonna be the cutest hairstyle contest!! it will start as soon as i get 20 entries!! send me a message in my inbox with a link to the pic you would like to use...or just let me know you wanna join. message Krazii K aka Cassandra Lynn for this contest Miss Cassandra Lynn......aka Dj Krazii K....aka Khaki Limbo@ CherryTAP
My Store
this is the link to my store...something Im trying out tell me what yall think.....
My Stash
hi peeps, ive updated my stash again, put some new videos and songs on there, check them out when you got the time. hope you all having a good weekend
My Story (epiloge)
Ok yall this is a story i am working on with a friend of mine please comment and let me know what you think please i need some input!! Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, evil shall know my name. I walk with the shadows, still and silent, and yet…not a breath is heard. I move, but nothing is seen. The world turns…life lives on. I have seen the evils of this world, and fear is my name. Thus, confronting the evil I face everyday, the only weapons that I need are my own two hands and the mentality it takes to conquer it. Everyday we face evil in one form or another, whether it takes the form of someone we love or someone we hate, evil lurks in the heart of mankind. It lingers like some disease with no cure. How is it that we fight evil? We face it with each passing day, but too many people do not know how to battle the forces within, especially when it lies in the heart of the ones that we love. . This life we live is an illusion of delirious beh
Mysteries so You'd rather not wake me forever to drouse in oblivion: Set in the chaos that once was a mind divided into a million voices urging me toward this and that ; while all the time my only deep Desire is to know my Master's singular will Beloved, wake me for i have eterinities to please You questions of You and answers to You always rooted in trust and truth Indeed, everything that is Is to become good for my desire rises constantly before my Master He will not remove me He will not compromise me until we share the mystery That is Love Pixie
My 1st Mum
My 1st mum went well, thank you all. The choice, was having fruitcake or 1 month old Eggnog. Eggnog won, that tell you just how fucked up fruitcake is!
My Star
The Star is the light of hope. Shining in the night, sending light into darkness, the stars provide direction to sailors and are a field on which to dream. Humanity used to look up at the sky and desire to be there, to find out what it all meant, and now we have been a distance into space and have elementary ideas of the makeup of all the different stars. This kind of achievement adds further fuel to our hopes. The eternal, slow-moving stars that will be long shining past the end of our own existence provide hope of immortality, and the vast space they suggest and the very mystery they hold provide us with excitement and knowledge yet to be discovered.
9/11 Mysteries Video - Watch It!
If you have 90 minutes.. or even 10-15 minutes.. watch it!!
My Style
Whats your sex style? Romantic Sex StyleYou like to take it slow, lots of kissing and touching. Just like in a Chick flick... takes the girls away! At best when you are in love with your sex partner, and if not...they will be! Take this test
My 1st Update
My Strip Song Is ................
Your Stripper Song Is Dirrty by Christina Aguelera "Too dirrty to clean my act up If you ain't dirrty You ain't here to party" You're so dirty, you make Christina look clean. What Song Should You Strip To?
Mystique Collection: Sweet And Seductive - Nicole Conrad
Mystic Words...
My Stripper Song
Your Stripper Song Is She Wants to Move by N.E.R.D. "Her off beat dance makes me fantasize (Her curves) She's sexy!!" You are 100% sex appeal. As simple as that.What Song Should You Strip To?
Mysterious Ways' !
Mysterious Ways Video - U2 lyricsU2 Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
My Stashes
So thanks all big Buffy fan will add more later enjoy. muahh.
My Stupid Heart
My heart leaps up when I behold A rainbow in the sky: So was it when my life began; So is it now I am a man; So be it when I shall grow old, Or let me die! The Child is father of the Man; And I could wish my days to be Bound each to each by natural piety.
Friday, January 12, 2007 Mystery There is extraordinary value in knowledge. And there is also much value in what you do not know. For in the unknown, there are possibilities that have no restrictions. When contemplating the unknown, your imagination has no limits. Though the unknown can be frightening, it can also be magnificently beautiful and inspiring. You can put into it whatever you wish. In the realm of things you do not know, there is plenty of room for the joy of discovery and the enlightenment of learning. There is ample space to dream, to envision, and to grow. To act as if you already know everything is to deny yourself all the good things that are yet to be imagined and discovered. Mystery gives life a depth and richness that you would not want to be without. As each moment passes, make good use of all the things you know. And be thankful that you don't know it all. -- Ralph Marston
My 1st Blog
Love is being happy for the other person when that person is sad, being together in good times and being together in bad times. Love is the source of strength. Love is being honest with yourself at all times being honest with the other person at all times telling, listening, respecting the truth and never pretending. Love is the source of reality. Love is an understanding so complete that you feel as if you are a part of the other person accepting that person just the way he or she is and not trying to change each other to be something else. Love is the source of unity. Love is the freedom to pursue your own desires while sharing your experiences with the other person, the growth of one individual alongside of and together with the growth of another individual. Love is the source of success. Love is the excitement of planning things together the excitement of doing thing together. Love is the source of the future. Love is the fury of the storm and the calm in the ra
My Stalker Has Finally Revealed Herself(must Read)
in my exes account lol seems i get to see everything kady was doin behind my back lol guess hackin my shit isin't fun anymore! go here n u will see
The Mysterious Fate Of The Great Library Of Alexandria
A much more detailed and heavily footnoted paper about the libraries of Alexandria, their foundation and their fate is available here. Note: When a reference is given in Green then holding your mouse over it will cause a note to appear that gives the text of the reference. Longer references, given in Red, will appear in a new window as long as your brower supports Javascript. I believe that giving ready access to the original sources should be one of the primary aims of scholarship on the Internet. Introduction What happened to the Royal Library of Alexandria? We can be certain it was there once, founded by Ptolomy II Soter, and we can be equally certain it is not there now. It formed part of the Museum which was located in the Bruchion or palace quarter of the city of Alexandria. This great ancient city, occupying a spit of land on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, had been founded by Alexander the Great in his flying visit to Egypt and became the capital of the last dynasty
Buried at
The Mystery Of Clouds
The Mystery Of Clouds Clouds of white Traveling thousands of miles Looking down on mountains Filling valleys with cool air Drifting above big cities and small towns Flowers lift toward the sky Watching for them Children see friends floating within them Silky veils of white Flowing on gentle breezes Always moving as if dancing a beautiful ballet A melody that no one but the clouds can hear But yet one that plays for all to enjoy We watch as the sun sets The last moments of sunlight fades Shining through clouds a dozen miles away The clouds become gold and yellow and red Some people watch crying Others hold hands A few kiss and share their love But they all watch They watch a show designed by the gods Designed for mortals such as you and I
My 1st
Please stop by and vote for me....
Mystic Love Of Life.....
Mystic love of life… To cherish what you have… Becomes a prize with-in… To be love is a treasure… To lose a love… Becomes an inner experience of heartbreak… Destiny is a mystery of life… The past becomes a ghost that at time hunts you…. Today bring tears, laughter, joy, wonders, hug, kisses, but most of all it leaves you with hope, that tomorrow becomes a brighter day…..
My Stepdad Tal!
Mysterius One
last night i thought i saw something deep within your soul somthing ive been searching for for way to long i wonder if i truely saw it or if its just wishful thinking. are you what ive been serching for? am i what youve serched for? Are you the one to accept me for everything iam ? i know i can accept you. last night you made me feel i was more then a face and breasts. you truely seemed to wish to know me and for me to know you. But is it a reality? sweet words come so easy for some. in all the time ive known you youve always been a gentleman and treated me with respect. my mystrius one!! I call you this for very good reson everything about you is so new to me. Never once has your sweet words led to you wanting more then just my words and time, a new thing for me most just want one thing you truely seem intrested in what i say and in what i think and seem to want me to know what you feel and think to
My Stomach Is Going "rawrgrumblerawraarrgrumble"
for anyone who watched the memphis auditions for aermican idol yesterday or whatever day it was on for you, dear god that guy who said that he gets that he looks like fidel castro or jesus and had the long hair and beard? i want to marry him. like, right now. alot. My tummy also hurts. :P bet you couldn't tell. oh, and I think my hamster is going to die. Seems rather trivial being a hamster and all but it's my hamster and i loves it very much lots and I don;t know how to make it better. She's not very old either so it's not that she's lived her lil hamster life.
My Style
You scored as Violent. You are violent. To you there is nothing better than a good spank. You like scratching and biting 'cause that's what people are for.Violent100%Hot100%Exciting75%Wet75%Shy63%Awkward19%Sweet13%Soft13%What is your sexual style?created with
My Story On Kailey Ann
On November 20,1997,my daughters 2 birthday, I found out I was pregnant again. I was so happy that I could have another baby. After my first child i was told i couldn’t have anymore kids because of an infection i had gotten. At 6 weeks i started to bleed and cramp, so my dr. sent me for a ultrasound. On December 9,1997,is the day my ultrasound was scheduled for. little did i know i was in for a very big surprise of my life. the ultrasound tech was a friend who went to church with me. she started the ultrasound and then she stopped and said she would be back. not sure of what was going on, i started to get worried. she came back in and started the ultrasound again. she was saying oh heather, oh heather, look baby 1 and baby 2. Twins!!!! i was having twins. after the ultrasound i was told to go to my dr.'s office. at the dr.'s i was told everything was ok and that i was due July 26,1998.i was so excited. i went home and told everyone that i was having twins. January 199
Mystical Quotes
"One cannot help but be in awe when one contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality." Albert Einstein "I am not bound to win but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed but I am bound to live up to what light I have." Abraham Lincoln "Conscience never deceives us and is the true guide of humanity. She is to the sould what instinct is to the body; whoever follows her pursues the direct path of nature and need not fear being misled." Jean Jacques Rousseau "The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead." Albert Einstein
My Stripper Song!!!!
Your Stripper Song Is Closer by Nine Inch Nails "You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you Help me I broke apart my insides, help me I�ve got no Soul to tell" When you dance, it's a little scary - and a lot sexy. What Song Should You Strip To?
My Strip Song
Ok this is just fucked Your Stripper Song Is I'm a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears "I'm a slave for you. I cannot hold it; I cannot control it. I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it; I'm not trying to hide it." You may seem shy, but you can let your wild side out when you want to! What Song Should You Strip To?
My 1st Contest
Ok my space is about Dirty Lil Secrets. I am gonna have a dirty lil secret contest. What i need from u is a pic with ur dirty lil secret written on it. Now everyone has a secret It does not have to be about sex. Any secret at all will do. Write it down and either upload it and let me know and i will rip it or pm it to me. If u do not want anyone to know it is ur secret that is fine too. U can send it to me i will put no name on the photo. I will be the only one to know. The contest will be on ratings and coments combined. I will take the 1st 20 entries. I will start the contest this Friday and it will run until Wednesday. Good Luck and get the pics in! Prizes will be determined on # of entries but there will be a 1st and 2nd place winner and all prizes will be Big Pimpin!
My State Is Getting Fucked Up
the state sendnet is trying to pass the law no smoking in the bars that is'nt going to go over go
I know all the answers to all of life's mysteries. I'm not going to share them.
My 1st Monolgue
My Monologue! (Old woman homeless laying under black steel steps partially hidden under cardboard and news papers talking to herself only the sound of cars and people walking in the distance) I just lay here waiting as the room fades to black... Listening to everything my hearing making me believe the night is calm, but I know it is not (pauses to smile) life is simply an illusion masking the simplicity of deception and worries... Everywhere you look you see happiness but it is all lies (covers herself a little more so now all you can see is her dirty face) or a cover up rather, a cover up of the truth. But you can see it in the eyes, eyes tell all. (Starts rocking gently back and forth) They tell stories; stories of the cheating and remorse maybe even guilt or doubt. Even more the eyes show temptation and treachery, seduction of the best sort, (smiles) full of knowledge, knowledge of the weak, the niave, or just the stupid followers. (Pause) everyone is a follower though. Not m
My Stash?
I couldn't figure out why all these people were rating my stash. Now I know why... ok back to work for me :)
The Mysterious?
"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." - Albert Einstein
My Stashes
Hey everyone i ahve up some new things in my stashess and my son is one of them so please check it out ok and make some comments
My 'stop Filling Up My Bulletin Screen' Bulletin
Well looking at my bulletin screen more than half is about this new $10 cherry bucks to repost bulletins, some about how they don't like the new cherry tap installment and then others complaining about the people who are complaining... if you wanna complain please post in a blog and i promise i WON'T read it but stop filling up my damn bulletin board with all of your worthless complaining cuz quite frankly i do not want to hear about it, and it's only ten bucks if you want only repost what yo think is post worthy i am sure between all the ct ppl damn near everything will continue to be reposted i repost contest and radio lounges stuff only but repost what ever i can when i have free time, so please stop filling up my bulletin screen with worthless complaining because it makes no difference i am sure this thing won't change either way so stop complaining about it POSTED BYEMANON Aerosmith - Eat The RichMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com
My Story/ Chapter 1
I feel the need to get this off my chest. Perhaps it will make me feel better. I am in college to help others I need to help muself first so I can better help others. I was raised in a christain home. My dad was a preached who never had his own church becasue the Baptist said becasue he had been married before he couldn't have achurch. My mom played the piano in church whenever da preached and soemtime my Godly grandmother was with us. I never felt I lived a cheltered life. I had a good life. Thnigs changed while I was in high school. My dad lost his job and it looked liek I may not finish but i stuck to it and I am the only kid to graduate high school. I am also the only girl. We moved after my graduation to North Alabama. My grandad (Poppa) lived ther with his wife. I tried to get a job anywhere but it was hard for me as I had just finished highschool and I was livign in a small town. Just before we moved there I had two dreams. One was of a trailer witha hole in
My 1st Contest! Please Comment Bomb
Please Rate, but most of all Comment on My Pic. This is my 1st Contest, and I'd really Love to win that 3 day Blast! C'mon y'all help me out. Click on the pic below to be taken to the contest. Thanks in advance!!!
My Stash.
Check out my stash for a live recording from my band's last show. *edit* Youtube bites it, unless you check it out later. Search Cassandra Syndrome on Google video. Yes, I am an attention whore. Thats why I'm here. :D
Mystical Fantasy
Mystical Fantasy I believe in mystical magical things... Even when thing's are not what they seem... In that special place, where dream and wishes still come true... I hold in my heart, Soul and mind's eye, the vision of you... In this world of black and White, Who's to say what's wrong and right... In this realm of Mystical Fantasy and the unfore seen Magical Reality... They each play equal roles in part, just what is the state of the player's mind at start Life is what you make of it... The challenge is to make your Mystical Fantasy, your Magical Reality... All Rights Reserved Iah Darha 1983
My 1st One
hi im new to this site im fed up with my space this is much better seems more funi need 15 more points can any 1 give me some pointers and help me threw thanks x
Mysterious Skin Disease
Most individuals with this disease report disturbing symptoms such as crawling, stinging and biting sensations, as well as non-healing skin lesions which are associated with highly unusual structures. These structures can be described as fiber-like or filamentous, and they are the most striking and least understood aspect of this disease. In addition, many sufferers also report symptoms of disabling fatigue, severe mental confusion, short term memory loss, joint pain, sharp decline in vision, and serious neurological disorders. The MRF is currently working with physicians, nurses, patients, and research scientists, to better understand the disease, and to increase public awareness. The MRF is also committed to raising the funds required to research this medical mystery, and has funded two university research scientists thus far.
Mystery Lover
Lonely whispers in the darkness of the night.Come to bestow me theres no need for the light.Gentle caresses implore my soul, as the touch of shadows take control.Lingering fingers find their way, as my body trembles with delight from them finding their way. The warmth from a breath that hides in the dark flushes my soul with an inviting spark. A voice whispering out my name , as my body sweats and I become moist with delight. I feel the hardness as he slips himself inside. The passion and desire can no longer hide,as the sweat runs off my body I feel myself about to unfold. A warm gentle breeze gently brushes over my lips. A kiss goodnight as my mystery lover disappears into the night
My Stuff
You gotta dance like nobody’s watching, dream like you will live forever, live like you’re going to die tomorrow and love like it’s never going to hurt.’ -Discretion is being able to raise your eyebrow instead of your voice -Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within -Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye -Expectations are premeditated resentments. -There are times when silence has the loudest voice. -I’d rather be a failure at something I love, than a success at something I hate George Burns -There are no shortcuts to any place worth going -Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length -The best way to win an argument is to begin by being right -Success is getting what you want, happiness is liking what you get -It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts
My Story:)
My Name is Randy and this is my story.Well i grew up in a above average family with everything you can want as a child,father in the service,nice home,church going,private schools.But you see that was great if you were one his friends who did'nt know what he did to me as i was child..The service does things to poeple is all i can figure out is why he beat me from the age of two to the age thirteen.It took my mother all them years to see the pain i was going through,and finally get the courage to leave him. I tried to finish high school but just could'nt cope with the pressure not having any true friends that would understand, it was like everyone was smoking or drinking.And i could'nt come to terms with going through my life being abused only to destroy what i had left.So i quit school and went to work at first i struggled but then as i started to ask god to give me the faith to learn and to continue on. That was the day when my life turned around,you see the owner of a const
My 1st Time
Well been on here just over a month now, having a blast, thanks for all the great comments and 10's and 11's
My 1st Blog On The Tap
well i thought i would post up a blog this morning.. its saturday,its kind of chilly outside(i think in the 50's) overcast something nasty unfortunately, ill be recieving a brand new fridge and stove in about 10 minutes so my g/f jennifer will be able to cook( i would cook but i have a small record of stove fires,dont ask lol) and we can starting eating healthier and cheaper instead of drop $$$$$ to go out to eat all the damn time... ive been working on my profile all morning i think it looks pretty good.. this place is much nicer then myspace too(ex-myspace user twice over) well, i hope you all like my page.. drop me a line or something..catch ya lata everyone! Ted
My 1st Time Drunk
so the 100 days party for all the seniors was cancelled (sucked). my friend hannah threw a mini get-together instead consisting of thomas, her, me, nate and two of his friends. it was the first time i'd ever been drinkin to get drunk. so hannah mixed me a drink wit coke and i drank it. then we had a shot of something than she got from the cabinet. nate's friend, douglass wanted to smoke some pot so we went to nate's car but couldn't find a lighter so douglass grabbed the beer from the trunk and we went and smoked pot on the porch in the backyard. then we smoked some cigarrettes and i went back inside. douglass found out i'd never been drunk before so he mixed me a drink wit sprite. nate made a few passes at me and i was returning them. i remember kissing him outside, twice. i called a few people and nate had to go find his second friend to bring him back to the house but before he left, he mixed me a drink tellin me that after i finished the drink i had (the one douglass
My 1st Blong... And Its Sad.... :(
While I was having breakfast with my mom we had over heard that the school that I once went to was on lock down because of a school shooting… but no one knew who it was… while I was at the post office they finally let the names out and the person who got shot was a good friend of mine… she got shot 4 times by her ex-boyfriend once in the arm, twice in the chest, and once in the stomach. After shooting her he put the gun to himself and shot him self in the head. I am doing more then praying that she makes it out ok..... My friend’s name is Jessica Forsyth and she is only 17 years old. She has a page here on myspace. She has one other person on her myspace friend list and that is her brother James. To find Jessica’s page she is the 17 year old girl who lives in midland Michigan.. So if you would like to add her or her brother and leave a mess. I think that they would like that a lot………. Jess, I want you to know that I'm doing more then praying for you…….. And I hope that u make it…. B
My 1st Contest
daughter & daddy pic...
My 1st Blast Preview
My Starwars Horoscope
Star Wars Horoscope for Taurus You are a dependable creature, but you do tend to be stubborn. You like material possessions and love to win at games. You hate being bossed around or losing. You may succumb to your physical strength when upset. Star wars character you are most like: ChewbaccaWhat Is Your Star Wars Horoscope?
Life is full of mysteries and unknowns ~Research these as they come across your path and discover a whole new world and a whole new you.
My Story!
Originally posted on wendsday may 24, 2006 my saddness an explanation this is my story: I have 3 children a 5 year old a 2 year old and a 1 year old(boy boy girl) now my 5 year old has been through a lot in his short life his father was abusive to me and my son thought he could protect me but their isnt much you can do when you are only a baby. Well by the time he was 2 he had a mental breakdown, biting himself, hitting his head against walls, putting himself in corners, screaming and crying. It broke my heart! Well when I was 7 months pregnant with my second son my ex decided that he didnt want us anymore and dropped us off in california (this being where I am from anyway) shortly after having my son I got pregnant again and had my daughter exactly a week shy from my middle sons birthday! Well everything was fine for a while and then near my sons first birthday he started to scream and cry for hours on end he would destroy everything in site I almost couldnt handle him almost g
My Style
So i found out how to put a music playlist on my profile. So if ur reading my blog go check out my profile it will only take a minute n check out my list. L8ers
My Style Thing!
My St. Patrick's Day Gift To You
Today is St. Patrick's Day, so being that I myself am an Irish guy who unfortunately has to work this evening I figured I would give you guys a list of Irish Pub/Drinking songs to enjoy. Here we go: 1. Dropkick Murphys "The Wild Rover" 2. Dropkick Murphys "Finnegan's Wake" 3. Dropkick Murphys "Black Velvet Band" 4. The Dubliners "Seven Drunken Nights"(live version with all seven verses) 5. The Pogues "Dirty Old Town" 6. The Pogues/The Dubliners "Whiskey In The Jar" 7. The Dubliners "Molly Malone" 8. The Pogues "Danny Boy" 9. The Pogues/The Dubliners "The Irish Rover" 10. Great Big Sea "Drunken Sailor" Happy St. Patrick's Day! Thanks for reading. Peace.
Mystikal's Poem
It's time they said to let her go This child of mine they've come to know They tried so hard to make her well But all the while her stat's just fell She had more tube's then ever before Her serious condition I could not ignore I knew Mystikal's life would soon be over My only request was could I hold her She laid in my arms so peaceful and at rest I know in my heart I did what was best I look in her face and no longer see pain I knew from that look that Jesus just came With Loved ones around us She passed through the light For 10 and a half years she made my life bright I'll see her again in on the other side I know But it's still very hard letting her go It isn't easy saying good-bye I miss you so much, It's so hard just getting by, without her here to give me a smile, I miss you my angel, see you in a short while, Love always Dad... Tears In HeavenBy Eric
My 1st Contest!!
My Story And Basic History
***Warning this may triggor or offend some do not read if you are not in a safe state of mind**** A Storm is Brewing I am a storm. On the inside, I am turning and twisting, spinning in a thousand circles, screaming for air, love, and salvation. Outside I am as calm as the breeze after the rain has poured for hours on end. Chilly, silent, quietly creeping up on skin, turning it into rigid bumps. I have bursts of anger that rage for hours on end, hail beating against the side of a house, slowly breaking little cracks in the windows. Cracks. A smile too happy, a laugh that is fake, full of unsure terror, a laugh so full of terror and nervousness that it is almost screaming for acceptance. But there also is a light inside of me. A light that shines so brightly my skin radiates from it. Light, shining so brightly that tears stream down my face when I view it, a pride that swells inside me so intensely that I can’t breathe. A flood of tingling excitement, a wash of pure joy and elation
My Study Has Started...
and it is starting with the same outcome that I thought it would. Interesting, I was hoping that it wouldn't.... People are so vain, and it doesn't matter if you have an awesome personality. If you are not hot, then you get less attention then someone who exudes tremendous outward beauty even if they have a total bitchy personality. More later...
My Strength From My Past...
Have you eva sat there & thought about what happened to yesterday? Today was jus one of those days that I fell into my past. I can remember sittin' on tha homegirl's porch sippin' that suga wata aka koolaid wit tha big ass boombox all day everyday in tha summer, after school, and till all hours of tha night. Life was so complicated then to us and sittin' here 2day thinkin' DAMN That was life! I miss that shyt! We knew all tha words to all tha hits. (Not that its any different now, we kno music) but shyt made sense. I remember bein' told to go to bed and sneekin' to my bedroom door, layin' on tha floor and watchin' tv under tha crack of tha door because I wasnt done watchin' whateva show was on. I remember tha day my lil' sister Meghann was born and holdin' her in my arms and thinkin' she was the most amazing thing I've eva seen. I remember promising to be tha best big sister in tha world. (I've failed her on that promise now that I think about it I havent spoke to her in months and she
The Mystical Miss Tickle
The Mystical Miss Tickle has a most unusual kink It's weirder than many you could mention I would think She loves to capture males so they can not get away She'll strip them bare and naked and then tickle them all day To get a guy tied down is her favorite situation And to skillfully administer that tickling sensation So her squirming, wriggling captive, laughing helplessly will find That the tickle torture treatment will almost blow his mind If by chance her victim is a ticklish sort of chap He'll find that he has fallen into quiite a fearful trap Her tickling fingers mercilessly stroke and glide and roll From the tips of both his ears to each vulnerable sole The Mystical Miss Tickle is a fiend in human shape And when she starts to tickle you, my friend, there is no escape You've no option but to take it all- to laugh and shout and scream While she tickle you all over, more than in your wildest dream She'll search out all your ticklish places with amazing ski
My 1st Blog
Help: I'm a virgin blogger! What are you supposed to write in these things?
The Mysterious Black Tongue
So yesterday morning i woke up and freaked out because my tongue was black. I brushed my teeth and tongue (as all of you should) and it came off so I wasn't too worried about it. Well this morning when i woke up I jokingly said let's see if it's black again...and it was...So I used my trusty Google skillz and discovered that if you eat those little Pepto-Bismol tablets...they turn your tongue black. Weird huh?
My Stupid Roommates.
ughh.. it sucks cuz i deleted myspace becuz of those friggin' idiots!! they won't leave me alone.. they keep postin rediculous pics of me and writing stories about "how heidi is a fungus" and "we are saving our wise oak tree from the fungus" and "we are here to protect you from the fungus" (that one is about ruining our marriage and HOW) IT'S FUCKIN REDICULOUS!! IF THEY WOULD FUCKEN LEAVE ME ALONE I WOULDN'T HAVE TO GO ALL FUCKEN PSYCHO ON THEIR FUCKEN HUMPBACK WHALE ASS! FUCK! UGHH... why dont i leave? cuz i have no place expect my parents an their not gonna drop the subject forever.. well.. i guess the good news is the lease is up in a month in half.. in mid may i'm moving to the new apartments my husband and i are getting and i will wait for him... the lease in this hell house doesn't end until the first week of june. so i will be by myself for a couple of weeks... how sad.. LOL
My Stashing Nut Buddies
All my nut stashing buddies take it easy on me while I'm gone tonight ok...LOL
My 1st Contest
OK well help me out here.. I entered my first contest and I need some help to win... it would be nice! If you wanna help just click the link
The Mystique Of Sexy Shoes . . .
So, I am in a WONDERFUL mood today, having finally obtained the PERFECT pair of 5" black patent leather, round toe heels today (that I have been looking for for AGES!!!): I know what appeal high heels have to me, but I am wondering just what it is about heels that men like so much? Is it the way it makes our legs and butt look? Is it a "dominance" thing? Another thing - What is it about a woman dangling a high heel off of her toes while her legs are crossed that absolutely drives men insane? I have done this plenty of times before and will ALWAYS get a man's attention that way. I actually had a man come up to me once at a nihtclub and tell me if I didn't stop doing that, I would be held personally responsible for driving him absolutely mad! Men, you have any answers for me on this????
My Stark Reality
In shades of silver and white, Deceiving everyone, I cannot hide this stark reality Which is known as my life We go through our days blind fools Smiling warmly when we feel the wretchedness We play foolish games of appeasement When all we crave is recognition Love, success, life, harmony These are truths that not all of us will have The surest reason Is never the firmest emotion My pen shakes as I write Tears fall on this paper Blurring the words Reflecting the randomness that is my life. When do you say goodbye? When is it ok to say hello? Do you give up on all? Or has all given up on you? My starkest reality is this, In shades of silver and white. Feathery down on my head How much more must I play this game? © 2007 Kathleen Wehrstedt
My 1st Blog
My Style
Capricorn - Your Love Profile Your positive traits: You are serious about relationships and ready for a commitment. You tend to help your partner attain the success they dream of. You are a rock. Relationship problems don't seem to phase you. Your negative traits: Sometimes it's very hard for you to accept your partner's past. You are emotionally reserved, and difficult to connect with. You expect your partner to take care of you - and make cheat if they do not Your ideal partner: Is incredibly powerful and well respected. Is often older than you - and could be a superior at work. Has a good amount of money... or the ability to be rich someday. Your dating style: Practical. A "get to know each other" coffee date is just fine by you. Your seduction style: Bossy - you like to be the one in charge in the bedroom. Slow and patient. You know that good sex takes time. Calculating. You'll use sex to get ahead, if necessary. Tips for the future:
My 21st Bday Tomorrow...
soo ya i turn 21 tomorrow...should be excited and what not.. but im really not, i dont care really its just another day to me, im still sick anyways so i dont plan on doing anything as it is... may see grindhouse but who knows.
The Mysterious Stranger From Dreamsville
Walking in to their destination, all his eyes can see is her apple shaped bottom walking before him, Walking up the stairs due to a faulty elevator, his eyes catch a glimpse of bare flesh under her skirt. He tries so hard not to look, but his sight seems to just zero in on her legs following the seems of her thigh highs straight to their lacey tops. He begins to feel warmer then before, his blood rushing through him. Arriving at their suite she bends down to drop her bags, and again he sees an awesome sight, corset induced cleavage as if about to just break loose from their binding. Well that's the vision he now sees in his mind. Noticing the look on her gentle lovers face, she strolls over to him kneeling before him. She rest her head against his thigh and hip, looking up at him with doe like eyes. She can feel his happiness pressing against her cheek. She asks if he's ok, and receives a distant nod of yes. She asks him to sit on the large chair in the corner and he does. She remov
My 1st Contest
Hey everyone! I know everyone is getting tired of contests but this happens to be my 1st, (and probably only), contest and I need some help. I am currently in 3rd place out of about 20. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link and thanks again!
My 1st Contest... Hottest Milf!
Show me some love... Need all the help I can get to win my 1st contest!
My 1st Entry
Ive Been On Cherrytap For A Bit..And Sum Of these girls have got me wonderin what they would do for a bit of popularity on here..ive seen girls offer their naked pics for a fuckin cell phone card..and another 1 for a fuckin sad is it that sum women sell themselves for sum attention on here..And U All Know That Theres Sum Guys Thats Gonna Go 4 Them..2 C If They Can Get More Off Of Them...Respect Is Summin U Earn Not 4 What U Show On Cam...Thanks For Readin My Lil Rant...1 Luv
911 Mysteries
M.y.s.t.a. Rhyme Animal Anthem
Y ask Y!!!! Self explanatory....Listen closely my entire name is broken down to its very last compound. I created an acronym style of flow 4 this song i feel it was necessary in order for me to express who Mysta Rhyme Animal is in under 5min. M-Marvelous, Mucho magnificant Y- ask Why S- Siempre simply significant T- dont evn TRY A- Agressive Appearing Apprehensive ALL Allegations Appear to stack Against him
Mysta Rhyme
Mysta Rhyme I want to tell you bout a friend of mine He’s better known as Mysta Rhyme The man can rhyme all day long He puts those rhymes into all his songs He always has an awesome beat And he’s somebody I'd like to meet He’s also known as Micwheed And my writing he has freed So thanks to you and all your rhyme I’m glad that you’re a friend of mine Now I rhyme all day long I Hope to put them into a song.
My 1st Blast Look For Me :d
My Story At The Story Inn
my two days at the story inn was a time that I will never forget...we arrived there at 3:30 PM there wasn't anyone around I guess they don't have much business on Mondays...all we saw was one man that checked us into the soon as I walked into place I can feel that there was spirits around more than one..very eerie if there is somebody staring at you intensely...we stayed in the Blue Lady is supposedly haunted by the Blue Lady...within five minutes of actually being in the room you can feel the room temperature go down at least 10 degrees and certain spots in the was a different kind of if you are cold on the inside...about an hour later we went downstairs to see if the kitchen was open but there was no one around in site not even a guy that checked us in...went around in the back and found a very large barn...which was very beautiful...but I was drawn to the barn as if something was calling me...took a few photos...then went back
My Stripper Song
Your Stripper Song Is Closer by Nine Inch Nails "You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you Help me I broke apart my insides, help me I?ve got no Soul to tell" When you dance, it's a little scary - and a lot sexy. What Song Should You Strip To?
My 1st Contest
My Family, Friends, and Fans I'm in a Contest My first. Here are the rules it's simple I will post then and first off no comment bombing. Thank you all so much, Love Ya, Gabe Big G AKA THE PROF.
My Story With My Children
»My first born child's name is Rachael Dianne Aikins. She was born on June 17th, 2005. She was 6lbs 7oz. She was born with jaundus, and had to be hooked up to a apnea monitor, and a billy blanket for her jaundus. I had her natural, and she had trouble breathing when she came out, I was happy to see her when they brought her to see me. She is now 20 months old on March 17, 24 lbs 14ozs. She is growing slowly especially from being born small. My second child's name is Lucas Alexander Aikins. He was born on July 4rth, 2006. He was 8lbs 1oz. He was also born with jaundus, and his jaundus cleared up on his own, because the insurance didn't want to pay for his billy blanket only because of the level of his jaundus was to low to cover it. I tryed to have him natural, I pushed for two hours, and he was stuck and I had to have an emergency c-section. I went thru a lot of pain and agony but it was worth it. He too had trouble breathing when he came out. When I was pregnant with him I had
My Story
My Name is Randy and this is my story.Well i grew up in a above average family with everything you can want as a child,father in the service,nice home,church going,private schools.But you see that was great if you were one his friends who did'nt know what he did to me as i was child..The service does things to poeple is all i can figure out is why he beat me from the age of two to the age thirteen.It took my mother all them years to see the pain i was going through,and finally get the courage to leave him. I tried to finish high school but just could'nt cope with the pressure not having any true friends that would understand, it was like everyone was smoking or drinking.And i could'nt come to terms with going through my life being abused only to destroy what i had left.So i quit school and went to work at first i struggled but then as i started to ask god to give me the faith to learn and to continue on. That was the day when my life turned around,you see the owner of a constru
Mystic Angel
It's a wonder how people on here can be so very stupid..I sit and wonder if they just don't have a life or if they think long and hard how to make people just want to smack them...I am married...i have it posted on my profile...i make it no secret...I don't "play" with men on here I don't do anything inappropriate however...some really stupid people assume i still want to..why is that?...People need to put a cork in their heads to fix the leakin stupid juice problem...okay im done venting now...LMAO...To all my friends...Love ya's
My 1st Contest
Im in a " " Contest ... please if you get a chance stop by and show me some Love !! xoxo Just click on the picture below and COMMENT bomb !! This just started 5/11 and goes for 2 weeks ! Thank you in advance for all your love , support and votes !! But best of all .. thank you for being a friend !! I love each and everyone of ya's !
The Mysterious Murder (chapter 1)
Chapter 1 Shayla's first year of collage was... interesting. It started off as a normal year at Dawn University, getting lost, getting wrong directions, and looking like a dork. A week later, two dectives walked into her english class. "Excuse me. May we speak to Shayla Johnson?" One dective asked. "Yes you may." The teacher said. I nervously collected my things and left. "Miss Johnson, I'm Dective Wakemore and this is Dective Lauman." " Hi! It's nice to meet you and please call me Shayla." "Okay Shayla. I bet you're wondering why we are here. Well there was a murder and your name was tattooed on the victim's arm." Dective Wakemore said. "What's his name?" "T.J. Jackson." Dective Lauman said. Shayla stopped dead in her tracks. " Are you sure his name is T.J. Jackson? I mean are you absolutly positive his name is T.J. Jackson?" Shayla asked. "Yes." Dective Wakemore said. Shayla started crying and talking fast at the same time. "This can't be! I-I mean I just talked to him last week a
My Story
She stands at his bedside as he sleeps. Smiling... she disrobes and slips into bed next to him. He stirs as her hands roam across his naked body and he pulls her closer to he reluctantly yet passionately takes her hand and guides it to his cheek. Slowly to his puckered lips where it is possible to kiss her lovely fingers. He pulls her gently yet firmly to him. As he pulls her close he grips her tightly in his arms and whispers in her ear as he licks it all around and in and out. Her arms encircle him, stroking the back of his neck, her fingertips gliding lightly across his skin. Turing her head slightly, she kisses his neck...making her way towards his mouth..soft kisses become more urgent Her tongue traces first his upper..then lower lip...gently parting she tries to gently probe his mouth with her tounge, he stops her. Holds her head still and with his lips gently caresses hers. She is trying to kiss him yet he withholds and caresses..... He all
My Stories And Other Insanities
just to let everyone know, I've been writing stories for several years to get some images off my head. Most of them had to do with events during Desert Storm. My deployment to Iraq during the ground war in 2003 just gave me more material to put out. This time, it felt like I was in Hell on Earth, so that is why so many of my recent stories have to do with that. Hopefully no one is offended, but it is my therapy. Any comments you may have are welcome here, or you can email me at Ben
My Status....
Ok so when it says I'm via sidekick I can't respond to your shouts so step up and show the love on my page so I can have quick access to you to return the love! Mwah! Sexii CapriQueen
Mysterious Ophelia
Mysterious star! You were my dream All a long a spring night- Now my theme By this clear stream, Of you I will write Mean time from afar Bathe me in your light! Your world has not the dross of ours Yet all the beauty-all the flowers That lists our love, or decks our bowers In dreamy gardens, where do lie Dreamy maidens all the day, While the silver winds of Circassy On violet couches faint away. Little –oh! Little dwells in you Like unto what earth we see; Beauty’s eye is here the bluest In the falsest and untruest- On the sweetest air does float The most sad and solemn note- If with you be broken hearts, Joy so peacefully departs, That its echo still does dwell Like the murmur in the shell You! Thy truest type of grief Is the gently falling leaf- You! Thy framing is so holy Sorrow is not melancholy.
Mystical Man
Mystical, whimsical figure Filtered formed, vague words To never describe this, Unformed vision. Just the occasional watching Of lucid brown eyes. Until, in our passion, My passion, her passion- Our making of intendancy, My lovemaking, her lovemaking Our lovemaking- You never would have, Stood before me- If never she whispered, Your name.
My Story
"THE BLACK STORY" Available in hardback I used to be hard (as a rock), (wicked) cold and as sharp as a razor. Lots have changed; over the years. Now I’m a big softie. I’m stone-cold, serious. Just 2 years ago, I told my mother I loved her; for the first time. I guess (or at least most will tell you) going soft is the first step towards becoming a real man. I’m happier, as a softie. I actually have feelings, now. “The Joneses” have long passed me by, because I’ve gave up my urban terrain, for a country life. It’s what I need. I did my part, for The Geneva Convention (6 years, Army). I’ve been a few places but managed to stay in The States. I almost sold an invention but ended up getting robbed. They kept demanding more money and at the worst time. My X-wife was miss-diagnosed and had a tubule pregnancy. The whole thing was drawn out; extensively. With no real diagnosis and with me helping her around the house (before and after surgery), we both were replaced; at w
My Strength
Mystery Of Life..
Life is a big mystery to me is it for you. Thinking each day what am I really here to do. The purpose of this world does one truly know. With each day passing so very slow. Is there a reason why were all here. Years of suffering for us to endear. I try not to think about it and just live day by day. Yet every second, every hour someone is tragically taken away. I guess only god knows the reasons why. People we love can suddenly die. I sit and ponder life as a whole. Do we just live to protect our soul. From the evil and corruption taking over us all. Did god put us here to watch us fall. To rise back up and decide we've had enough. If so life is really tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mysterious Unknown Beethoven Painting
I've never seen anything like this since I got into beethoven when I was 16 years old.. Want to see it? Here it is.
The Mystery Is Solved.
How does the small arrow in the screen of the computer work when we move the mouse? Haven't you ever wondered how it works? Now, through the miracle of the high technology, we can see how it is done. With the aid of a screen magnifying lens the mechanism becomes apparent. Go to (or cut and paste into your browser): Make sure you Move your cursor over the circle
The Mystery Of The Universe And Kingdom Of Heaven
Humans believe they are "devils" in hell pretending to be angels in heaven, when, in fact, the reverse is true. The Universe is the kingdom of heaven and you have been here all your life. All children are cheribums in the Garden of Eden. When you are converted like a child and live in the moment, love unconditionally, have ultimate compassion, abide in love, breath naturally from the stomach, and accept others for who they are; then you will inherit the paradise of the kingdom of heaven (on a conscious level). Now, you understand.
My Style
My Stalker
my stalker is still with me. you will see him on my page ,under recent views.he goes under id of FORD,yea i know 1 of a million with that origional id. he used to say he was my friend,but it was more he was jelious of me,and that i talked to a mutial friend.and only used this friendip to get dirt on me,or so he though it was,but im open an honest,ill tell the truth no matter what i his plan never paid now he has a profile full of bitter sayings you find on buttons and bumperstickers.yep takes a lot of work to find those and add to profile and he so afaid of me and my opion,and what ill do he deleted his own pic.he can use my pics,and say anything he wants.i know who i am. so here is his profile go say hi and,cheer himup ,hes a sad man. have a great and positive day,makes somebody smile,maybe ford
"mystery Dj*
Ohh Shit, check it out, theres a *mystery dj* In BDR.. yup come see who.. i bet you dont know.. BWHAHAHAHAHA ...
My Stash
Check out my stash it's hot if u don't like my taste in music just show me sum love
My 1st Ct Contest
My Stupid Mouth
The Mystrey Of The Dirty Weeds Lmao
My 1st Blog
My name is Kibbles I am 7 years old, but in human years I am 49 years old. I am a full bread pug. My mommy decided to do something different for me. My mommy made me a CT page! Isn't pretty! She is the one who runs my site along with my grammy, and my aunt Kelly. Since I am a dog *wags tail* So since is my first blog and it is titled a puggy's life. I will be telling you what I do every day. Today was a normal day for me I woke up with my grammy at 7am ate my breakfast. Mmm I love beaf liver. Then I layed down on the couch because my belly was very full. Then when my mommy woke up she petted me and we played bally ball. Oh boy do I love to play bally ball. Then I was all tired out so I had to go back to sleep. I would pick my head up on occasion to see who was here, but other then that I slept. Then my mommy's friend came over and she petted me and played with me and mommy played with me too. Then it was time for dinner. Mmm num nums! I ate my dinner went potty and chewed on a b
My Story
Last year I dated this guy that tryed to rape me, I left him and dated this other guy about 3 months later that only wanted to have sex with me, that didnt happen. So after He left me I started cutting, I meet this guy and he saved my life he got me to stop and showed me what love is. My dad never talks to me, and hes trying to be a father figure now. I am a much happier person now even though the guy i was gonna marry left me and I am an emotional car crash at times and people say i should kill myself you can screw your self I got to far in life to kill myself I am an angery person at times just like everyone else I just have a way to get it out.
My Stand In Matters Of The Heart
My 31st B-day (today - June 4th - Monsday)
well so far my b-day has been great today! all my cherrytap friends and then some have been buying me all kinds of gifts and sending me cards, and happy b-day comments. its been terrific! u guys r all so cool! i couldnt ask 4 a better group of friends & fans! u guys are by far the coolest! thanx so much for ur kindness! u can gurebntee when ur b-day comes rolling around (and i know about it which ill makwe a point to try to find outwhen), that ill be doing the same for u. since ive found cherrytap, i dont think ive even signed off except once or twice in the beginning, but now i stay signed on 24/7 even when im asleep (i just set my setting to "passed out). ive noticed that the more im onhere i get 120 points every little while just for being on here for a certain amount of time...its great! ill be able to upload more pix b-4 ya know it! and i cant going to have some really cool pix to put up this next time around too. i know u guys will all like em'. i also love thsi virtual
My Story Of Abuse
No human being should be subjected to physical, mental or verbal abuse. One human being has alot of love to give, when the right person shows them how to love and be loved. My story has only been told to a few people. I lived through physical abuse for many years. Starting from a child up. When the life you live is all you know, you tend to think this is how it should be lived. Well my story is a little different, but regardless abuse is abuse. We as humans don't deserve this from anyone. This maybe a way for you to show power, control. All I see it as a weakness. A weekness in wich you need to strike someone to proove power and control. I married the man of my dreams the love of my life. Until one day, he met another love of his life. Crack. His useage became more and more. His rage became stronger and meaner. When the supply ran out, I was his punching bag. For many years I did stay, for the same reason many woman do. Security, fear, low self esteem. More so the fear of my lif
My Step Dad Was Murdered
at 7:40am there was an unidentifided male was found in an alleyway near jacksonville beach on monday june 11,2007.He was found face down and his hands were tied behind his back.this unidentified man was my step father.I am asking anyone who might know anything to please help in finding and prosicuting his killer.Because of some careless asshole me and my mother have to explain to my 7 year old brother why his daddy won't be here on fathers day.To make matters worse when my brother came home from school today he showed me and my mom the card and keychain he made for his daddy. a present he will never I am asking for help from ppl i don't know and ones i do please help us find his killer. rest in peace Scott Eugene Hofmann
Mystical Love
Tonight I stand in a wash of starlight My love at my side, happy and complete Our hearts beating as one Our touch a comfort to the other Seems to have been a lifetime without love Our love hidden from all others At times hidden from the other Just waiting for right time to be revealed My heart sings to you while I sleep Feeling your heart sing in response Feeling you gentle touch as I slumber Your caress reassuring me all is well Friends becoming lovers You hold my heart and soul in the palm of your hand Your heart and soul held in the palm of my hand Your life, My life incomplete till now Copyright © 2007 Daniel SilverCougar
My 1st Blog
I am writing this to who shall ever read this, and if i dont get any comments back than thats alright. Well I would like to start out by saying that I moved to Los Angeles to be closer to my child and get the Phuck out of the county i was living in. Yes i spelled the f word wrong and it was done on purpose. Well I moved here and iam currently Living w/my good and closet friend/Hair Stylists Brother. I haven't seen Kyle my son yet, but and i have talked an I havent told him that iam only 1hour away if that from him :) Yeah i know thats sounds kinds mean but hey when he finds out that iam closer to him, he will be so happy as for I am. I am here in whole new world where i don't know anyone from my past, and to me that is a relief. I have done some terrible things in my life an Some iam not proud of and wish i could change some of them. But i believe that i have done enough since my past that KARMA has cashed in all my negative chips so to speak. My goal being here in L A is to be closer
Mystery Solved
Mystery Solved...How does the small arrow in the screen of the computer work when we move the mouse? Haven't you ever wondered how it works? Now, through the miracle of the high technology, we can see how it is done. With the aid of a screen magnifying lens the mechanism becomes apparent. Simply move the mouse arrow over and around the center magnified area to see what is really happening beneath the surface. Go to: (Will take a few moments to load) And make sure your speakers are on.
My 1st Blog Ever
To Whom Shall Read This Current mood: complacent Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes I am writing this to who shall ever read this, and if i dont get any comments back than thats alright. Well I would like to start out by saying that I moved to Los Angeles to be closer to my child and get the Phuck out of the county i was living in. Yes i spelled the f word wrong and it was done on purpose. Well I moved here and iam currently Living w/my good and closet friend/Hair Stylists Brother. I haven't seen Kyle my son yet, but and i have talked an I havent told him that iam only 1hour away if that from him :) Yeah i know thats sounds kinds mean but hey when he finds out that iam closer to him, he will be so happy as for I am. I am here in whole new world where i don't know anyone from my past, and to me that is a relief. I have done some terrible things in my life an Some iam not proud of and wish i could change some of them. But i believe that i have done enough since my past that KARMA has
WARRIOR MYSTIC On their path to spiritual refinement, the Kurai Kotori Sohei (Warrior-Mystic) practices an art known as Gorin Kuji Myo Himitsu Shaku or the Secret Knowledge of Inner Strength. This art form makes use of indepth medative techniques that are focused on unleashing the dormant spiritual powers that dwell deep within every warrior. If the warrior can successfully tap into their inner power, they can accomplish superhuman feats. Feats such as heightening mental and physical strength, refining mental focus, directing spiritual energy, projecting thoughts and emotions and tapping into the realm of the shadow. As mysterious as this sounds, these powers exist within every human being in existence. They are not magical energies as much as they are personal, spiritual energies that, if focused, can bring about the creation of powerful skills that breach the realm of normal human abilities. The Meditative technique used in Gorin Kuji Myo Himitsu Shaku draws upon the
My 1st Blog Ever Lets Make It A Good One!!!
I was wondering how many of you guys would be willing to make a picture with a salute to me in them show me some creativity too.. the best one I will by a big pimping gift. so let me know if your interested! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!
Dog day afternoon I can see your face I know you'll get here soon And we'll leave this place I would just lay in the mustard seed And watch you climb the trees Look for fool's gold in the scary creek Splash you, cold, and hear you scream No one's here to see us I'm kinda liking you too No one's here to believe us And I don't wanna share you Years gone by and this creek's all dried Funny little things never work out Years gone by and this creek's all dry Funny little things never work out Monday's came to soon And you went away Lord knows I think of you Every single day We would just lay in that beat up car And laugh until we cried We took our shoes off and went a bit too far I see it in your eyes Years gone by and this creek's all dried Funny little things never work out Years gone by and this creek's all dry
To most it shall remain a mystery, as to what lies beneath the thick layer of steel. Guarding what is precious, from no pain and deceit. Only allowing some to see what little I have above the surface. It is in my understanding that at some point I must regain trust and melt it away, but "Why"??? At times throughout, I opened and allowed a view, to only be decieved once again. The power that some hold to get to you, has now become my defense against all. I don't like to decieve into letting one think that they may have a chance, only to have me run and hide, once they inflict anything but love. That's who I am. But "Why"??? I've been carrying so much on these now weakened shoulders, with no need or desire to get close anymore, except for those reaching for only a friendship. Reading into what they say they offer, only to find a strand of hope to be much more. How is it that they make me see one, only to later find that much more is what they really sought to begin with? But "Why"?
My 1st Blog Lol
Hey W'dup every 1 its Yo Gurl Urban_Beauty In this Piece..Just wanted to say hi 2 every 1 an if any 1 has any questions or comments feel free 2 contact me! I'm very open an willing to meet new people and all that good stuff. ~Az.Always.Me.Urban_Beauty~
My Style
Whats your sex style?Erotic Sex StyleKissing, touching...pulling hair...handcuffs...whatever goes in your bedroom or backyard...truck...neighbors bedroom even! Its lights, camera ...ACTION BABY!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic This one was pretty true! :)
My 1st Blog
My 1st Blog
My Stash Has Some Goodies In It Lol
hello all i hope that if you are just bore and looking for something to rate i hope that you would please come and check out my stash. omg there are some goodies in there that might just stir up some memories or have you get your groove on. i hope that you will and to all the cherry tappers thank you for all the love you give. GUESS what It's The weekend time to get your party on. have a blast as well and party safe cause i hope to hear from you bright and early Monday morning. STAY sweet love ya carla seejaykaygee
Mystery Souls
You robb my heart like ah thief in the night. Your touch turns my body to putty in your arms. i can be your masterpiece if youll mold me just right. use me abuse me. i am yours . come and take me i will not fight my heart is your for the rest of this life
My 21st Birthday Drinks
2 Margeritas, 3 Bud Lites, 1 Fishbowl Screwdriver, 1 Fish Bowl of Long Island Iced Tea, a BUCKET of Vodka, Rum, Gin, Lemonade, and Sweet & Sour, Rum 151 w/Coke, 1 Jager Bomb, and 1 Irish Car Bomb
Dance, dance with the wind a sweet waltz. Smile, smile with the sun as the moon tells his funny tales. Cry, cry with the rain as it showers down a precious rain of loneliness. The world may play with times of joy and feel the pain that comes, But if you open your arms and embrace these things then you will become the one. The One only One, is all it takes to change the things we see, to change the things we judge, and to change who we need to be.
The Mystery Of Life?
The time has come to face up to the truth, whatever the consequences, those are the rules. Nothing happens by luck or by chance, the timing is perfect and your world is enhanced. Some of the travelers who get on this ride, are not ready to see it, to think or decide. They just need a push, a shove or a guide, the great illusion is inward, and not just outside. It's the secret of life that flows in us all, but why understand it and why climb this wall? Nothing is simple as we hide under our beds, all is a paradox and it's all in our heads. Fantasy is lucid on this trip through the dream, the path travels inward ~ building high self esteem. Overcoming all images of fear and of strife, thought creates reality ...that's the MYSTERY OF LIFE!
My Stupid Azz Cousin
My own cousin just walked into my room and started tell me shit about my life that I already knew. Then he proceeds to tell me that he knows more about certain things then I do. This coming from a kid that is going to be a sophmore because he failed 3rd grade. Yeah we're the same age and yeah Im a grade leave higher because I didn't fail any classes and no I don't know everything but damn does he haven't to be so fucking dumb! UGH! I HATE STUPID PEOPLE!
My Stripper Song
Your Stripper Song Is Closer by Nine Inch Nails "You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you Help me I broke apart my insides, help me I�ve got no Soul to tell" When you dance, it's a little scary - and a lot sexy. What Song Should You Strip To?
My Store Rules
OK, when I open my own store, the rules are going to change quite a bit. We will be like Walmart with an attitude. Here are the changes. We will have electric wheelchairs, but only for those that are handicapped and really need it. If you are too fucking fat and lazy to walk and shop, you don't need to be there. Get the fuck out! If you throw your money on the counter, my cashiers are going to throw your change literally back at you. Have some respect you piece of shit. You have an attitude with my cashiers, you get one back. Being a cashier is thankless work, I know because I am one. They will have every right to turn down checking you out. Don't complain about the prices, you don't like it, don't shop there. my store did fine before you walked in, will do fine without you. If you fall in the parking lot, it will be filmed and we will all laugh at your expense. If we close at 9, five minutes prior, a door will open in each corner and an axe wielding homicidal
Mysterious Acts
Mystical Haven That right there is the link to my lounge, for now....I'm having serious issues and if anyone knows how to help me, please let me know. I could use all the help I can get. Thanks guys. xoxoxoxo
Mysterious Me.
I am enema wrapped in a burrito inside an old tin can. Wait. I got that all wrong.
Mysterious Is My World!
You scored as The World of Mystery, Night can bring you fear and intrique. You are very cautious when alone in the night. You feel safer in numbers cause of what might be out there. You're not saying there is such things as vampires and things, but you're not ruling them out either. clickThe World of Mystery70% The world of child60% The fantasy world55% The world of a romantic55% The high rollers world50% What world do you live in? (PICTURES)created with
My Story, The Loss Of My Youngest Son (long)
This is a LONG story.. But its my Life.. Please rate my Blog when you are finished... We lost our son Feb 10th 2006. He passed away 4 weeks before he was due.. He was 4 Lbs- 6 OZ. He is missed dearly!! This letter is in detail of what i had gone through. Emotionally, Physically and spiritually My story, The weekend had just passed. We went shopping for a Van because the truck wasn't big enough for all the kids.. Being so excited we had gotten a Van and picking it up that Monday I hadn't really paid much attention to my pregnancy. He had moved Normal so I didn't bother to think something was wrong.. The 8th day of Feb. I went to my OBGYN Being 2 days shy of 36 weeks pregnant. The day before Tuesday I remember he wasn't acting his Normal rambunctious self .I had tried everything to get him to move.! Camron seamed to stop moving. At 3:00PM. I had gotten to the Labor and Delivery Floor. Waiting on a cold table for a Dr to come and see me. I had all my children in there with me.
The Mystical World Of Love
Being in love is the best feeling in the world. It is the feeling of having someone that you know loves you no matter what happens. It’s the feeling of sharing with someone and just being with them and loving them for who they are. All of my life I have wanted and craved unconditional love. Unconditional love is the rarest form of love and the most difficult to find. I think that I have found it though and in return I love him unconditionally. I don’t think he realizes that or completely understands it, but I do. I love this man for who and what he is and accept him. I don’t want to change him. I was listening to music a few moments ago and heard a song that completely explains this and so much more. Like I am Rascal Flatts Lying here with you I watch you while you sleep The dawn is closing in With every breath you breathe I can feel the change The change you've made in me But will I ever see All the things you see in me When you say that I'
The Mystery Of Relationships!
THE MYSTERY OF RELATIONSHIPS > > During a seminar, a woman asked a common question. She said, > "How do I know if I married the right person?" > I noticed that there was a large man sitting next to her so I > said, "It depends. Is that your husband?" In all seriousness, she > answered "How do you know?" > > Let me answer this question because the chances are good that > it's weighing on your mind. > Here's the answer. > EVERY relationship has a cycle. In the beginning, you fell in > love with your spouse. > You anticipated their call, wanted their touch, and liked their > idiosyncrasies. > > Falling in love with your spouse wasn't hard. In fact, it was a > completely natural and spontaneous experience. > You didn't have to DO anything. That's why it's called "falling" > in love... Because it's happening TO YOU. > > People in love sometimes say, "I was swept of my feet." Think > about the imagery of that expression. > It implies that you were just standing the
My Status..
Hey everyone, in case you are wondering what is up with my status "Stop Spying!!!!" I have it set to that because I had blocked a guy on here, and now he is creating new accounts, not adding anything to them, and coming to my page.. He is also having his friends come to my page trying to add me as their friend.. I know it is him, because he is a VERY immature guy, and is the type of person to do something like this.. He can't understand that I am not looking for immature kids.. I have a child of my own, and do not want a grown ass man to take care of as well.. Almost 31 years old, and acts like he is about 12 years old.. I mean seriously, who makes bogus accounts and goes to someones page because they blocked you and you aren't allowed to view their page or pictures anymore ? Also, who has their friends do that ?? A creepy stalker, thats who!!! So anyways, didn't want any of you thinking that I put my status as that because of you.. Its because of him LOL.. Have a wonderful day!!!
My Start
You know it sucks that when the storms of life end. An the storm clouds start to show some light. In your darkness u see the most heavenly light shining on the path to take. How in this beautiful site. How the feelings you felt before the storm come back so strong. How it feels you with all these emotions.. How you start to remember those dreams that filled you with hope. To remember that person that made you smile. How you smiled cause you could feel there touch. Or the smell they wore.. Oh and my favorite. How they looked at you like you was that person they could not live with out. Only to wake up and see how your dreams where over.How you try to see why they left you alone. How the dreams you both had is gone. Only to read them on letters of broken promises. To see there face and want to cry. An how that heavenly lighted path god is telling you to go on. Knowing they where your start on this path. That they was god way of saying there are more like that out there.. An knowing you w
My Story
Eliza Kit Monroe was born to a modern family of 6 and parents had divorced and she only seen her brothers and sisters for holidays. She lived with her father most of all her life. Early on in childhood her father knew she had a gift when she could control animals of any kind and had abnormal strength. It was almost like she could talk to them with her mind, she always had animals everywhere. Her siblings hated her for their father taking her and leaving them to live with their mother. They always called her kit and told her she was adopted that’s why animals would talk to her. Eliza always hated them for being so mean and loved when they weren’t around to hurt her. Then one day her mother had a fight with cancer and dead on Eliza’s 16th birthday. Everyone said it was her fault and her siblings caught her in their mother’s room. Eliza got kicked out of her home and on to the street. Where she learned how to fend for her self. She got a job at a dinner for room and board while she went t
My Story
Hello My name is Ben Varela. I have had a heart problem since 1998. I was doing a regular physical for my schools basketball team then I was given the news that I wouldn't be able to pass due to the problem. I needed a heart pacemaker inserted. All was fine until 2000 in which I needed Open-Heart Surgery. Well I was supposed to have another surgery last summer in July but by the grace of God and I believe my dad, I felt them pull my heart out of my body and say that you don't need the surgery son, you will be cured. Sure enough, it happened one week before the surgery that it happened and one week later up at Stanford Medical they ran tests to see how I am doing and sure enough they said that I didn't need the surgery. It has been one year since the miracle and all my tests run the same and they say it looks like I don't need the pacemaker any more. So I thank the Lord above for keeping me here everyday here on Earth. So I hope you find it in you heart to tell the people you know about
Mystery Method - Indicator Of Interest
An indicator of interest is seduction community jargon for either verbal and nonverbal communications between two people that conveys (usually sexual) interest. [4] The term was coined by Mystery, and is often abbreviated "IOI." Indicators of interest are part of flirting. Examples of nonverbal indicators of interest can involve touching (kino), fidgeting, eye contact, and body language cues, such as Proteans. Verbal indicators of interest can range in subtlety from statements such as "Did that hurt?" (referring to a piercing), to "Wow, you're amazing." Generally, after three indicators of interest, one has built enough attraction to move to A3.
My Story
Have faith that the right thing will come along at the right time and in the right way. If you can hold onto that belief, it'll make passing up situations that aren't a good fit a lot easier. Uphold your horoscope for today...the story of my life1!!
My 1st Pimpout
ok everyone this is my first attempt at an official PIMPOUT!! This is my FAMILY list....... HIT EM UP!! QuickSilverGirl a/k/a Katrinity@ fubar QUICKSILVERGIRL a/k/a KATRINITY evil*the bi-bitch@ fubar EVIL*THE BI-BITCH Harley Princess Honorable Society Of Wolves@ fubar HARLEY PRINCESS CrazySexaliciousBitch@ fubar CRAZYSEXALICIOUSBITCH / DARKANGEL ~Cherry*Splash~I.B.I.C.~Dirty South Crew~Club F.A.R.~@ fubar CHERRY*SPLASH `blakpnthr68`~Honorable Society of Wolves~Official L.U.V. Club Co-Founder~@ fubar BLAKPNTHR68 ~~Rhanda~~@ fubar ~~RHANDA~~ Simply Complicated@ fubar SIMPLY COMPLICATED RECK ~Founder~Native_Rebels & Owner of the Native_Rebels Lounge@ fubar RECK .... she's pretty much my favorite disaster!! lxl_Purple_Killer_lxl ~~founder~~ Native_Rebels ~~ Bombers & Owner of Native_Rebels Lounge@ fubar lxl_PURPLE_KILLER_lxl .. a very good friend w
My Stalker Is Back
Man what is with this dude? he is the whole reason I deleted my old profile and he is back again...I blocked him from any messenger i had and yet he still can get to me. This dude is crazy. I don't know why he is so obsessed with me but he needs to realize he is a fuckin coward and nasty. I swear this dude is watchin me. I am not going to have to check in with an investigator again like I did the last time...grrr
My Star Sign
Sun in Leo: Your path of soul development in this lifetime revolves around developing your awareness of yourself as a distinct, unique individual. It is not enough for you to simply be who and what you are, lesley, you must radiate your inner essence outwardly, express it, bring it forth in a creative way. Although ultimately your goal is self-discovery and self-recognition, you initially have a profound need to make an impression on others and to be recognized and appreciated by the world. In many ways you are like the eager child who delighted with the discovery of a new power or accomplishment, demands of all and sundry "See ME! Look what I can do!". Of course, you do this in subtler ways (usually!). Nevertheless, the joy of self-discovery and self-expression, and the yearning for "strokes", applause, and affirmation is very much present in you. Put simply, you tend to be rather fascinated with yourself. Your tendency to dramatize or exaggerate, and your desire to be
My Stash
The Mystery Of Jerks
The Mystery Of Jerks And Why Woman Are Attracted To Them is Simple....We're Fucking Stupid!!!
My Stash Once Again
Come on guys show some freakin love I have more than enough (8593 items) to rate... I try my best to do the same when ever possible... Just once in a while I am askin.... Thanks
Mystical Elders
My Story Thus Far...
So, for those of you who are's the story as to how I became "Recently Single". My sister introduced me to her roommate. I had been single for over a year up to that point, and he was definitely my type...physically. He was 6' 8".. LOVE the tall ones. And not skinny. Not fat, mind you, but not a bean pole. So we hooked up, and me being the fabulous chick that I am, he more or less moved in after the first night. He was working as a bouncer at a strip joint. Well, he got fired Thanksgiving Day. Proceeded not to work for two and a half months. So I'm supporting him and my kids. He does finally get a job, making DAMN good money. Things are looking up, right? Well, I find out from a family member of his that he has lied to me about pretty much his entire past. He told me he was an Army Ranger... he never even made it through boot camp. Told me he had owned his own Repo company until the IRS took everything because he had a sucky accountant. NOPE! Tol dme that while an Arm
Hot, spiced fire exists only for eternity From fiery, crimson dragons Watching the white phoenix stagger. Journey to the celestial valley Where vision is death to heaven, and God and Goddess manifest paradise. Plunge a vow in blood Then swim naked in hazy magic. Illumination in light of ecstasy. I dreamed serpents of gold, caused warless explosions in stagnant pools at dawn.
My Stash
Well I got my stash back after two days and 4 times of adding things come on fubar this adding stuff really should stop. two day know one has been able to rate any thing of mine its not fair.
My Stash
Thank you my friends for rating my stash, for the rest of my friends if you are ever bored come and visit my stuff.
My Stash
Does anyone have any good ideas for me to go look for stuff 4 my stash?
Mystery Of Life 3,451: Snapping Self-portrtaits In Your Car
A colleague and I briefly engaged each other recently in this very modern-day puzzle. No doubt many upon many myspacers (and others who publish profles on related personal connection websites) post online self-portraits from their automobile's interior. Of all the places where could have your picture taken, you choose the inside of your car? The driver's seat, no less? Perhaps some while driving (i.e. possessing the safety and wellbeing of passengers and other motorists in the palm of your hands)? A friend reasoned that sometimes one could get so bored waiting in traffic or waiting to pick up another acquaintance that taking a few photos of yourself is a nice way to pass the time. Err, maybe. But really, you couldn't do that at your place? A friend's house? The workplace? Standing in the middle of a freeway? The depths of hell? It seems to be trend at myspace and lots of other sites. Individuals putting on their coolest pose while in the driver's seat, possibly doing 80 in a 40.
Mystery Method - Pickup Artist
Mystery Method - Pickup Artist The authoritative guide that will take shy guys everywhere from the first date to home plate."Hey baby, what's your sign?" "Come here often?"These may work in the movies, but not in real life, and not the millions of guys too shy to risk their dignity on such flimsy . Barry Dutter knows, he used to be a shy guy himself, sitting at home night after night watching television because asking a woman a date was simply too scary.Not anymore. He's learned dozens of tricks to help shy guys ease into the swing of dating while avoiding humiliating rejections and romantic disasters. Keeping a shy guy's tender ego in mind, he tells guys where to meet , which ones to approach and which to avoid. Readers will learn what to do with them, and how to act from the first date through commitment time. Filled with hilarious lessons from the pop culture we grew up in, this witty, commonsense guide is a must everyone who's ever been afraid to try which means everyone.
Mystery Man
Mystery Man These techniques can save a shy guide from many lonely and dull nights in a bar.Dutter's many anecdotes about the dating world were both helpful and motivational. Knowing that a fellow shy guide, armed with some proper strategies, could enter the dating world, certainly embolden me. My only suggestion is that, since the book was published before the Internet explosion, an updated version is needed with the author tackling such issues as email, instant messaging and social networking sites such as friendster,myspace and facebook.
Mystery Man Vh1 Tv Show
Mystery Man vh1 TV show This book is packed with information that none of the other books even touched on. I'll try to give you a few examples of what I mean. The book is over 260 pages and there are about 20 italicized pages that just cover university studies on dating. The book covers every aspect from how to approach a to how to look, act, and behave. There are super techniques in the book that will get you a date every single time you use them. I don't want to ruin it for the author but let me give you some idea of what's in the book. He interviewed two thousand women and in the book are a number of the actual interviews. One of the questions was "What is the best thing a man can say to you when he first approaches you that would make you feel good and want to respond to him?" He gives you the top answer from the two thousand women he interviewed. If you don't know what that answer is, you'd better buy the book. Here's another example; the book covers how to have a co
My Stalker Application
Mystery.. Dj..... Comming To You @ 8 Pm Tonight !!
a> Ohh Shit, check it out, theres a *mystery dj* In Hydaway Radio.. yup come see who.. i bet you dont know.. BWHAHAHAHAHA ...
Mysticaldreams Needs Our Help
WwW.SparkleTags.Com This sweet lady is in a contest. She has been sending people from hers over to the one I'm in to help me out. Hers end this evening at 10:00 p.m. PST. She's currently in 5th place and I would love to see her get into 3rd or better. Please go show her lots of love. WwW.SparkleTags.Com Here's the link to her contest
Mystery Train
Mystery Train - Bon Jovi There are days when shes a whisper Nights when shes a scream A reason to wake up in the morning To close your eyes and dream Shell curse you like a sailor Shell wound you with her eyes She always makes it better But she wont apologize I know everything about her but dont know her at all Chorus: Shes a ride on a mystery train To a place youve never been before Better hold on tight to that mystery train Youre not in kansas anymore Shes a ride Mystery train She cries because shes happy She sings songs when shes mad Like a stiff drink when you need it Shes good at being bad And long before you knew her you knew she was the one Chorus: Shes a ride on a mystery train To a place youve never been before Better hold on tight to that mystery train Youre not in kansas anymore Shes a ride Mystery train Solo I know everything about her but dont know her at all Chorus: Shes a ride on a mystery train To a place Ive never be
My Star Sign
Pisces You have an awesome imagination, and often put it to use for sexual purposes. You are very romantic and don’t hook-up with random people very often. Because sex to you is about showing your love, you are incredibly romantic in bed, and very giving. You tend be in a serious relationship more often then not. Sex matches: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio Take this quiz at
Mystical Dreamer
Get More at
Mysterious Thing Called Love
If you find yourself in love with someone who does not love you, be gentle with yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. Love just didn't choose to rest in the other person's heart. If you find someone else in love with you and you don't love him/her, feel honored that love came and called at your door, but gently refuse the gift you cannot return. Do not take advantage, do not cause the pain. How you deal with love is how you deal with you, and all our hearts feel the same pains and joys, even if our lives and ways are different. If you fall in love with another, and he/she falls in love with you, and then love chooses to leave, do not try to reclaim it or to assess blame, let it go. There is a reason and there is a meaning. You will know in time. Remember that you don't choose love. Love chooses you. All you can really do is accept it for all its mystery when it comes into your life. Feel the way it fills you to overflowing, then reach out and give it away. Give it b
My 1st Contest As A Host
I have decided to run a contest!!! I asked if I should do a SAFE FOR WORK SEDUCTION or an UNUSUAL TAT/PIERCING contest and I got exactly 50/50 votes so I decided on the SFW SEDUCTION contest. so here's what I need:: 1) THE PIC MUST BE SAFE FOR WORK!!! 2) I need 10 entrants 3) each entrant should have 3 - 5 pics for me to choose from... I WILL DECIDE WHICH PIC IS USED! When I recieve notification that you have 3-5 pics to choose from (please send in FU-MAIL) I will rip the single pic I deem most seductive and safest for work. I still haven't decided if it will be a timed contest or a race.... let's hear your thoughts. The prizes will be announced when I have recieved all entries. DEADLINE FOR ENTRY WILL BE FRIDAY 9-7-07 at 6pm EDT.
The Mystery
the mystery foams the companion roams the mystery that is my life the companion soon to be my wife the mystery of time the lack of meaning in lemon or lime the mystery of open spaces the looks on my childs faces the mystery of me the emptiness we all see the mystery of you the nature of me and you the mystery is us the discovery a plus the mystery of we the future we shall see
My Story, Unraveled
I just want to say I love you, I would give my life and soul for you. I have died for you...this is my life unraveled. This is my story. I spent endless nights, pondering about my future. Why, I do not know. With every ounce of power I had, I tried to stop but couldn't. I saw myself happy and in love. I felt an overwhelming feeling of bliss. I saw children playing in the front yard, dogs barking at the back door. Vivid sights of things to come. I believed that with all my heart. At first I thought it was just a dream, but then, you walked into my life. As soon as I saw you, my heart stopped and my legs went weak. I had seen you in vision. You were that blissful feeling that overwhelmed me. I walked over to you and stared, speechlessly. You were dating one of my old friends, who I hadn't seen for a while. He introduced us. I didn't know what to say. So I just said hello, and shook your hand. Then I made up and excuse and left. Later that night I started thinking about you. I said
My Struggle
When I look at myself,I cannot see, See past my stunned face,To who I should be, Gone are the days, Of insecurities,Long since past, Has gone my innocence,I've turned myself, Into a spiteful creature,Everything I'm not, And everything I wish to be, My pain is gone, Replaced by rage,My anger it boils, From inside of me,I wish to be rid of this curse, I forever wish,To erase all these cuts, My dreams are inside me, So out of reach,This person I've created, Has sinned to much,I want this all gone, And be able to live,I just want myself back, The things I have done,I know have been wrong, But they have shaped who I am,And now I am strong, My wisdom is wiser, My heart not so small,My burdens are secrets I carry alone,No longer the torment of worry and hurt,I put all my friends through, Without their support,I would not have pulled through. By Psyfer
My Story
I was born on September 20th, 1976 . When I was 6 weeks old I suffered from meningitis. I got sick and almost died. I sometimes wonder how my life would have turned out if the meningitis did not occur. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time or have some supernatural powers. Well after seeing the Butterfly effect those kind of ideas can run though my mind. Over the years they did not know what I had and later I was put on Ritalin to calm me down. Later In life I found out I had epilepsy. I would have Petit-mal seizures. It drove me crazy because I could not drive and stuff when i turned 16. I knew after I took care of my seizures my life would get back on track. I played sports and a couple times during the games I would have seizures and blackout. Like on the basketball court or the football field. After high school I had been going to Cleveland for tests where they hooked up wires to my head but each time I went I would not have a seizure when the time i needed to ha
My Status
For anyone that's been wondering where I've been, it's a long story. I moved out and I am staying with a friend of mine and she doesn't have the internet. Doesn't believe in it. So I am saving my money because rent here is cheap. Until I can save up enough cash for a new car and a new pad. I'll probably get the car in the next couple weeks. I use the library computer when I can squeeze it into my scedule, because working two jobs is a bit tight on my free time. Anyway to all my friends and fam, I haven't forgotten about you. I miss you all and I still love you. I will be back here soon
My Story
I was asked by a wesbsite called to write about my experience living with it is My Problem I am a 23 year old female. In May of 2002, just weeks before I graduated from high school, I was in my 6th car accident. I was 18 at the time, and none of the car accidents had ever been my fault. In fact, this was the first one I was in where I was the driver. A woman rear-ended me while I was stopped at a red light, and slammed my car into the back of the car infront of me. This car accident was the one that changed, and for a while, destroyed my life. I was put on vicodin for the pain after the accident. However, that pain never went away....and neither did the vicodin. I was on it for about a year, over which time it just slowly stopped helping. At this time, I was still working (waiting tables) and was in school. Next my doctor tried morphine patches, actiq sticks (morphine "lollipops" usually used for cancer patients), valium, percodan, percose
My Stripper Song....
Your Stripper Song Is She Wants to Move by N.E.R.D. "Her off beat dance makes me fantasize (Her curves) She's sexy!!" You are 100% sex appeal. As simple as that. What Song Should You Strip To?
09-11-07 - My Stash Additions now that I am done indulging what appears to be a sick obsession with Neil Haskell from: "So You Think You Can Dance" Allow me to tell you that I was SO impressed with most of his dances that I had to put them somewhere I could find them to watch them again if I wanted to. Neil also happens to be a member of my parent's church (and mine until I became a His older brother is best friends with my best friend's younger brother. I graduated with his oldest sister. I cannot get over what a small world it is! And I never in a zillion years would have expected to see "Little Neil Haskell" on tv! I had no idea he could dance that well! So anyways... that's half my stash right now I also added some images of pentacles and yggdrasil trees. I am in the process of obtaining a pendant of a yggdrasil, with an amber disc set beneath it. Also, one of the images: I combined some pendants I found to make my ideal tattoo.
The Mystery Is Solved
Ok I don't think anyone has a clue what the hell Corey Hart is saying in his song "Sunglasses at Night" so here it is...we can all sleep at night now. Artist: Corey Heart Song : Sunglasses At Night Lyrics: I wear my sunglasses at night so I can so I can Watch you weave then breath your story lines. And I wear my sunglasses at night so I can so I can Keep track of the visions in my eyes. While she's deceiving me it cuts my security. Has she got control of me? - I turn to her and say: Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades oh no. Don't masquerade with the guy in shades oh no I can't believe it! You got it made with the guy in shades oh no. And I wear my sunglasses at night so I car ` Forget my name while you collect your cla1 so I can And I wear my sunglasses at night so I carim. See the light that's right before my eyes. 1 so I can While she's deceiving me it cuts my security . . . Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades oh no. Don't ma
My Store....
Hey... got some free time... Come visit my store... I have tons of wholesale items... and I give my friends a special deal... Check it out... or
My 1st Blog Entry!
Hello unpredictable chaotic brainwashed world! I decided to actually try a blog on here. It's a bit different than other places... still I prefer my usually blogland areas. It's a good feature here I suppose, although I doubt I'll ever even use it!
My Stickam
My Story
Hi, my name is: Kathleen But you can call me: Kate Never in my life have I: done cocaine The one person who can drive me nuts is: my grandma My high school is: Highlands HIgh (GO SCOTS!!!) When I’m nervous: I laugh/smile ALOT The last song I listened to was: Bartender If I were to get married right now it would be to: um, no one My hair is: LONG When I was 4: i was in my mas wedding Last Christmas: was the best in years! I should be: happier When I look down I see: my cute toes and my carpet The happiest recent event was: meeting Sondra (shes a AWESOME friend!!) If I were a character on ‘Friends’ : rachel By this time next year: i may be in the Army My current gripe is : bad jobs in military towns I have a hard time understanding: men/boys/guys There’s these girls: that ruin guys for the good girls If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: sondra I want to buy: a house Where do you plan to visit: ireland
Mystery Trader To Collect On Financial Meltdown?
Mystery Trader To Collect On Financial Meltdown? ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Alex Jones Date: 17 Sep 2007, 16:04 Mystery Trader To Collect On Financial Meltdown? A run on the Northern Rock bank in Britain has increased the possibility that a mystery trader could stand to collect around $2 billion should a panic send markets tumbling during the course of this week, as investors have predicted.
My State Of Mind.......(at Least For The Time Being)
Daily Horoscope: Cancer For September 17,2007 You're taking care of so much weird emotional business right now that you might be torn between one important person and another. Take a deep breath and try to figure out your priorities quickly!
Mysterious Stranger
If i know you or you know me or wanna get to know me then here is the place to do it,if not then say that too.....anything goes
Mystic Dreams
I'm sitting on the tip of human existence tonight Dipping in the darkness from the moon that's shining bright Swirling at the dusty path that scans the Milky Way Scattering the stars that Mother Nature has displayed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Along the moonbeams shadow I now put my feet to flight And dust the sparkles with my bottom as I slide into the light Capturing the twirling tail of songs, sung by the wind Ever searching for the place where pixie dreams begin. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The peaceful melancholy voice that whisper so serene Stirs the sparks of stardust in the night that fairies bring Upon the crest of loveliness lies just a simple glow For fantasy to linger in the souls of those who know. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Small wonders in the minds of all that tarry on this night Upon the sweet surrender of the moments burning bright Is it really magic that the moon has cast with beams Or maybe it is just alive in hearts that dare to d
Mysteries Of The Sexes Explained! Can You Believe This?
Do Men Believe in Love at First Sight? Posted by David Zinczenko on Mon, Sep 24, 2007, 8:50 am PDT Post a Comment View all 6 Comments » When you were younger, you probably believed the Meg Ryan movies and the accompanying romantic plots: Of course there's such a thing as love at first sight. But now that you've been on more than a few dates, you've noticed the absence of a scriptwriter, cinematographer, hair, makeup, and lighting engineers. That meet-swoon-commit deal only happens in Hollywood, it seems. But consider this: a national survey revealed that 48 percent of men say they do believe in love at first sight. Eye-lock with violins, anyone? Of course, the classic definition of love at first sight includes quite a lot of physical sensations, especially where men are concerned - attraction that's triggered by a particular face, a smell, a body, or just the overall vibe for a person. For a man, though, love at first sight quickly becomes more like "love at first-thr
My 1st Contest Held
Ok everyone am goin to hold MY VERY OWN contest for once instead of being IN one! Have seen no one do this one yet so took it upon myself. Deal is has to be a picture of 1 PARENT and 1 CHILD, person with the most contest wins. This contest is just for fun and bein that it is my 1st contest will only do 6 people/pics. Prizes will be as always 1st place-BIG PIMPING GIFT, 2ND PLACE-OTHER GIFT OF CHOICE. Please be patient with me, as again is my 1st contest am holding in my life in this site! So please let me know what pic you choose and send it to me in private message. Will start Monday Oct. 1st 12am and held till Oct. 7th 12am Thanks, Michele GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!
My Stalker
Stay away from my page, stop making new accts. simply to make ur way to my page again. Stop calling my house leaving voice mails threatening me and my sons. Calling my sons bastards and whatever else comes out of ur nasty, sick mouth. You say you are going to kill yourself, claim you have attempted the act three times now, well my thoughts are I DON"T FUCKEN CARE! DIE PLEASE! Do it right already! I can't stand you, you are sick get psychological help. Your wasting your time and mine.
My Stepson
My stepson is a UNITED STATES MARINE, he is leaving out tonight 9/28/07 for his second trip to Iraq, if you would all please keep him and all the other soldiers in your thoughts and prayers that they will return home safe.
My 1st
My Standers
My Status..
Just in case it is wondered about my status.. It is a gospel song I am continually listening to and not referring to anyone in general... Long weekend or a short one I should say.. Just making it day by day...
My 1st Contest
hey guys im in my 1st contest for most popular fubar i would love it if ya'll would help me win just click on the pic Thank you Lyndsay
A Mystery Huh
Israel says it bombed Syria, but why remains a mystery By Dion Nissenbaum, McClatchy Newspapers 2 hours, 9 minutes ago JERUSALEM — Nearly a month after a mysterious Israeli military airstrike in Syria generated political aftershocks from Washington to North Korea , the Israeli government lifted its official veil of secrecy Tuesday. It didn't provide much new information about what took place on Sept. 6 , however. While its government censor cleared the way for journalists here to report that the incident had taken place, rigid rules remained in effect that ban reporting what the target was, what troops were involved or why the strike was ordered. Israel lifted its ban on reporting that the attack took place after Syrian President Bashar Assad told the British Broadcasting Corp. that Israeli jets had hit an "unused military building." But Israeli officials refused to say anything about the attack, and almost no one who'd be expected to know— from government officials t
Mystery I wish you could know how it feels to be me, Why I appear so intoxicated, When I let you inside to seek, Looking for what you seem to need. Some nights you enter ever so tenderly, Others you ravage and plunder, Pervading primed lips, as I silently wonder, As host, which pair you like most. Occasionally you command my head, Forcefully pushing down, Saturating my mouth with your entirety, As I succumb to the rhythm that you need. Intensity enflames me, When you speak my name in ecstasy, Igniting a craving, insistent that I mount, To fuse us with its heat. At times you are a hungry lion, Stalking, as soon as I step through your door, And I fear being torn apart, resisting, As savagely you thrust, the moment tasting. Desperately searching, Exploring for something I hide, You tunnel further with every stride, Into the cave that houses my soul, Digging for a treasure to make you whole, One you think is buried within, Beneath my skin. Altho
It is a mystery why we fall in love. It is a mystery how it happens. It is a mystery when it comes. It is a mystery why some love grows and it is a mystery why some love fails. You can analyze this mystery and look for reasons and causes, but you will never do anymore than take the life out of the experience. Just as life itself is more than the sum of interests and attractions and commonalities that two people share and just as life itself is a gift that comes and goes in its own time, so too, the coming of love must be taken as an unfathomable gift that cannot be questions in its ways. Sometimes,hopefully at least once in your life-the gift of love will come to you in full flower and you will take hold of it and celebrate it in all inexpressible beauty.This is the dream we all share. More often,it will come and take hold of you, celebrate you for a brief moment,then move on.
Mystical Unicorn
Much like the mystical unicorn that Nicolas Cage calls the mustang in gone in 60 seconds I once had a Eleanor. I'm finding out more and more though that much like the uncatchable unicorn in the movie, so is my eleanor. My ex-fiance once became the perfect woman for me and thus completely decieved me "pulling the wool over my eyes" as I fell deeply in love for who she became, and not the real person inside. I think my Eleanor is the false belief that I will one day find the perfect wife. No one is perfect esp me i know i have many faults. For the longest time, and part of me still believes, that i will find the perfect wife. one that is not only beautiful, but one that will treat me respectfully. I think that because of movie and T.V. stero-types i fell into the belief that i would find someone with the perfect body, blond gorgeous, but i know that it's not in the cards for me. I think I need to take a long look within myself and ask myself whats really important to me. I real
My Style
should i keep the style or change it?
My Stash
Hello. I understand that it will take years for people to really view all of my stash iteams. however I would like to say that all of the songs/ vidoes are facet's of me. I will add to it as I come accrossed things that are truly reminecent of me. If you like something or have any questions please let me know. ( I also take sugestions LOL)
Mystery In The Lake
My Status Msg
anyone ever pay attention to my status msg??? LOL its been the same for 3 days and *sniffles* no one has paid attention. I'm not loved anymore *sniffles * no one wants to FU Marry me *cries* lol :D
My 21st Birthday!
So my birthday is on October 23rd and every damn year I end up getting shit that I dont like or nothing at all. So I decided to make a list of shit i want! Anyone who feels the need to buy me something... will recieve a photo of me in my underwear next to the gift! Gift prices begin at only 2.99 and go up from there. ANY giftgiver, no matter the amount spent, WILL receive a photo, unless the giver tells me they do not want it. I really sincerely appreciate every gift received! Wishlist #1: GO TO Enter my email address... into the box that says " Enter an E-mail address to view that person's wish list" Wishlist #2: Thanx to everyone who reads this and if you decide to send me something PLEASE remember to let me know what you sent so that I know what gift pic goes to who! You guys are awesome! LOVE YOU ALL! even
9/11 Mysteries (full Length, High Quality)
9/11 Mysteries (Full Length, High Quality)
My Stupidy
ok, on Sunday, I went into work ...ok, i usually get my uniform on before i go to work but that day i took it to work and was gonna change into it. well i usually have my belt on my waist at all times but i took it off to go to the other building to use the restroom and change my clothes. I walked out of the back door. which keep in mynd is in a locked fenced area, and the door automatically locks. well it closed behind and i didn't think anything of it til i went to open the other door which was also locked and i remember my keys were in the office which was locked and i couldn't get over the fence unless i jumped it. well i called PD the local Police department which we are tied with, actually they are our boss. well .. they were no help. so i called my boss and she wouldn't answer her phone. so i thought to myself i'd try to jump the fence. so i did. keep in mind its an 8 ft fence and full of barbwire.. we have a kennel right next to the fence that we usually keep stray animals in,
My Stash
hope you have been by my stash some of its funny please rate it thanks
My Status...better Blog Lolto Wow Game
This one is so much better. lmao You just have to watch the WoW characters dancing lmao I love the song anyways and the how makes it funnier lmfao!!
My Stories
i write stories for a few websites so i figure i might post'em here as well any comments would be great anything u might like to see me write about any topics im pretty open to or any advice or criticism feel free hope to hear from all of you
Mystery Method
Mystery Method The Mystery Method is a method of seduction, first popularized by Erik Von Markovik a.k.a "Mystery". The system was initially outlined in posts on the newsgroup Since October 2006, Mystery is no longer part of the Mystery Method's website, and he has launched his own company. Mystery is responsible for coining a lot of terminology now used in the world of seduction: such as "3 second rule", "set", "peacocking", "indicator of interest", "indicator of disinterest", "last minute resistance", "routine", "neg hits", "canned material", etc. The Mystery Method is now marketed online, via books, DVD sets, and most notably, live seminars and coaching with various instructors, including Markovik himself. mystery method, seduce women, lesson of seduction, flirting tips, attracting women, picking up women, meet women, approaching women, body language in flirting, seduction advice, pick up artist, pickupartistvh1, pickupartist vh1,
Mystery Method
Mystery Method The Mystery Method is a method of seduction, first popularized by Erik Von Markovik a.k.a "Mystery". The system was initially outlined in posts on the newsgroup Since October 2006, Mystery is no longer part of the Mystery Method's website, and he has launched his own company. Mystery is responsible for coining a lot of terminology now used in the world of seduction: such as "3 second rule", "set", "peacocking", "indicator of interest", "indicator of disinterest", "last minute resistance", "routine", "neg hits", "canned material", etc. The Mystery Method is now marketed online, via books, DVD sets, and most notably, live seminars and coaching with various instructors, including Markovik himself. mystery method, seduce women, lesson of seduction, flirting tips, attracting women, picking up women, meet women, approaching women, body language in flirting, seduction advice, pick up artist, pickupartistvh1, pickupartist vh1,
Mysterious Creature
A mystery creature washed up on Orkney almost 200 years ago was "strikingly similar" to descriptions of Nessie, the Highlands Science Festival will hear. Geneticist Dr Yvonne Simpson, who hails from Orkney, has researched the Stronsay Beast. Its carcass, which some said was that of a basking shark, was found off Stronsay in 1808. Dr Simpson said the descriptions of its long neck were along the lines of those of the Loch Ness Monster. She will give a joint talk with Loch Ness expert Adrian Shine during the science festival, which opened on Saturday. The Stronsay Beast was first sighted on 25 September 1808 on rocks at Rothiesholm Head, on the south-east of the island, by a local fisherman. Various others saw the carcass and fragments of it are preserved at the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. I felt this was an Orkney tale which had been forgotten, and which I wanted to uncover Dr Yvonne Simpson Some people suggested it was a basking shark or a large un
My Story In A Nutshell
Hubby had an affair that lasted a year and a half (which includes the four + months after I found out that she was still working at my husband's office. ) I found out Dec.1, 2005 and Christmas & the holidays were a joke!! I FELT LIKE I WAS UNDER WATER…ALMOST CATATONIC … I had started Weight Watchers…April 2005 (great diet by the way if you know of anyone...)... so I had already lost 20 lbs...but after I found out…I stopped eating and just kept a full glass of alcohol next to me at all times...... I got a tummy tuck on Dec. 20, 2005....and kept drinking and not eating...and not sleeping…boils down to a total weight loss of 55 lbs., ………… so skinnier....look alot better....but still eaten up with all the insecurities of the the time we had already been married 22 years... and on our anniversary (DEC 30th, 2005) he tells me he still doesn't know what he wants...that he can't decide.... March 3rd.. tells me the same thing..."I wish I had nev
The Mystery Continues
Pagan burial site? Too boring. UFO landing pad? Too bonkers. So what IS the secret of Silbury Hill? Terry the Druid reveals all Can there be anything more po-faced than a health and safety briefing? We are about to enter some rather iffy tunnels dug into Silbury Hill, in Wiltshire, a 4,400-year-old man-made pyramid constructed entirely from chalk. It will be wet, dark and nasty in there, so we need to take precautions. There is talk of wearing hard hats, stout footwear and highvisibility jackets. But what makes our briefing slightly less catatonic than the average health and safety lecture is the presence of Terry Dobney. He looks, well, different from the other officials. For a start, he is wearing a long white robe. And he sports facial hair of Biblical proportions. He is carrying a piece of antler, and a long wooden staff with a crystal in the top. Terry, you see, is an official site druid. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have to wear a hard hat like ever
My Step-dad's Passing
Today marked two years since my step-dad has passed away. Today has been a pretty hard day for me and my family. We are steadily making through the day.
Mysterious Grave Robber Puzzles Town
From the Boston Globe After she died in 1824 at the age of 30, Sarah Symonds rested in an out-of-the-way cemetery in the small town of Hillsborough, N.H., for nearly 200 years. But sometime around Halloween her sleep was disturbed. Someone dug up her coffin and her remains, leaving behind only a few shards of wood, a meticulously dug hole -- and a mystery for the local police. "It was dug in a very strange manner. It's perfect," said Hillsborough Police Chief Brian Brown. "You'd have to see it. The sides are all squared. The bottom's level." "We just don't have any answers right now," he said. Brown said the grave robbers had hit the Bible Hill Cemetery sometime between Oct. 30 and Nov. 2. He said police were considering a number of possible theories in the case, including the possibility that the body was dug up by members of a satanic cult. Gilman Shattuck, 80, a resident who is active in the local historical society, said he had researched Symonds since the incident had hit the n
My Struggle To Have A Baby
Hello. My name is Lori and I am living with PCOS. For those of you who don’t know what PCOS is, I have explained it in my 1st blog. I decided to write this blog to see if there are any others on here going thru what I am. Unless you are in my exact shoes you can not fully understand the situation. You can not understand all the full blown heart breaks. I say this because if you have children, there is no way you can fully understand the pain of trying to have children for so many years to just keep coming up with failed attempts. Here is my story. I have been married to the same man for 19 years. We have wanted a baby from day one of our marriage. Needless to say, we are still without child. Most people tell us to adopt. That is a great option, but that still isn’t the same as having a child of your own. Feeling that child grow inside of you and having that child be a part of you and your spouse is something you can not get from adoption. Over the years I have tried 1 or 2 cycles of
My Status: Et Al
No im to the point of killin myself have way too much to live for at the mo...just that what i meant by dieing is that well people are leaving left and right cuz they have real lives to live and not into this bs site antic and the gripe sessions they see, they have real problems and real loves to love not lil pictures of us t o think about. why stay in a place where the staff blow ya off like so much dust on a shelf. I had thought about leaving myself because of the stuff thats going on here..SO THE QUESTIONS ARE THESE: 1. How many times do we the members free and paying one have to get the rights we have on this site to put up..with bouncders stalking us at every co,mment or whatever 2.How many member will leave befpore they realize oh shit..where is everyone? or why did they all leave? something to ponder peeps..its agreat site but hell hath no fury as members leaving
My1st Blog
im not really sure what your supose to write or put in a blog. I never really got the whole i guess that'll be my question for my blog..."what are you supose to write in a blog?"
My Strength
I love my husband jason he is my life and my world no matter how things come and go I will never leave him. He has made me love again and feel soo good about myself that no other man can come between us. I love him with all my heart and Soul when O am with him time stands still and we are lost in eachothers eyes and can only see eachother... No one can make us love anyone else because we love eachother and that will never change we are a family now and will be forever. My vow is to love him unconditionally forever and always and make him happy through our many years together. I LOVE U JASON u are my rock and u hold me up high for the world to see me and see my glow of happyness and love.
The Mystery Of Female Oral Sex
Pleasuring your partner is an important part of a great sex life. You definitely know that, right? Well, one of the best ways to pleasure her is by giving her a little selfless attention – that means doing something hot to make her feel amazing even when you’re not getting anything back . . . at least not at that moment. I’m talking about oral sex or, in this case, cunnilingus. The good news is that oral sex can be amazingly pleasurable for your partner. The bad news is a lot of guys just don’t know what their doing and that ruins the experience for both of partner. But you’re not going to be one of those guys. Let’s look at some pointers to improve your oral sex aptitude. Oral sex is one of those things guys have to pretty much learn how to do on their own. It’s not like driving a car where they can ask their dad for advice and it’s not even like vaginal sex which you learn how to do from watching a couple of X-rated films. You’re pretty much on your own with this one
My Star
My Star, the one that shined so brightly for me a short time ago … it’s rejoined the trillions of other stars in the universe. The light is still there, I can see it, but the warmth is gone. It no longer shines just for me. Daylight is a precious commodity to me now. Perhaps it is because I see less of it due to the changing season. Perhaps it is because, if the sun is shining, I can’t search the heavens for my former star. When night begins its inevitable march across the sky, I am compelled to go inside. Night brings its blanket of stars, and if I stay outside, I’ll search until I find the one that filled my window, filled my soul. Yet, I’m drawn to my window, just in case the galaxy decides to befriend me again. I sit, staring out at the void, and sometimes I imagine I see a twinkle from that special place recently vacated. Is the twinkle a sign of resurging love, or is it a sign of humorous relief … or is it just a star again?
My State
Ok here the deal I am in a vary weird kinda pattarn not sure if it is good or bad . First off people who know me very well well have made very rude and crude comments about my personal life which put me in a down moodbasically telling me that I am ugly I dont think I am but hey , 2 I have had two of my ex girlfriens contact me over the past few days one who I havnt talked to in over two years she wants to go back out weird the other I she wanted me back but I was not sure now she told me she wants me back weird . So I told them my new out look on life which is no more will I ever go back meaning if we parted ways in the past it was for a reason so I told the both of them that I want nothing to do with them . 3 My boss gave me my review this week OH BOY he sure can make shit up wow all to keep from giving me a raise sucks . 4 I found a friend with benifis supposedly who never in the mood So wow I must say I kinda at a loss 5 I HAVE A WEEKS VAC NEXT WEEK BUT I HAVE NO ONE TO GO WITH OR P
Mystic Warriors Wecomes New Family Member
Mystic Warriors Tribe welcomes new member Mart kayKaren **MWT**
My Star Is Back
My star is back … I saw it twinkling through a bedroom window only a few days ago. I’ve had time to think about where this star may have gone, why it joined the myriad of other stars in the night sky. It’s all part of the Master Plan … or so I’m told. My star was simply drawing back into itself just long enough to renew its energy. And now, rejuvenated, my star shines for me again. Its twinkle is the same light I see in the eyes of the one who is so special to me. I wake during the night, search through my window, and see that friendly body in the heavens. It’s smiling at me, and I’ve never felt warmth from a star as I do from this one. Ice blue, sparkling, and ever so warm … that’s how a star should be.
Mystic Warriors Tribe Update
Mystic Warriors Tribe Owner Mystic Warrior **MWT** Platoon leader Jim 'the real flirt ~ Royalty Leveler ~ & **MWT** Rainbow Warriors Platoon Leader' Vice Platoon Members Sandy 'mailbroad47**MWT** Cece 'even-in_the_rain**mwt**' Karen '~@Mary Kay Karen@~ **MWT** 'Mystic Angel **MWT** Real Wife of Mystic Warrior **MWT**' Sassy 'Sassyharleylady**MWT**' Honorary Members and Friends of Mystic Warriors Tribe Ruth 'Honey~Angel*Global Bomber Family...GreenTeam Leader*member Mystic Warrior Tribe*member Spirit of the' Woolsey 'SweetBaby~Parnter/Owner~GlobalBombers~Owner~APB~WTC~MWT'
My Stepson
Well at 8:30 this morning I got a call from my husband saying that the school called and told him that his oldest son Kevin Jr. (who is 11) had an accident. He was riding his bike to school, when he hit a rock on the ground and ran face first into a chain link fence. So I told him to go pick up Jr. and bring him to the house. Me being a paramedic-in-training, I checked him out and he was fine. He will be staying home today. His injuries icluded some scrapes on his face by his eye and lip, as well as a possible black eye. Right now he is resting on the couch watching cartoons. I found this very funny actually because Kevin Sr. (my man) had a similar accident a few months ago where he flew off his bike and landed face first into a guard rail...which landed him in the hospital. The first thing I told Jr. when I saw his face was "Boy you are just as clumsy as your father!" Lmao. What a day....and it's only 11:26am!
My Stranger By Rosalind
This is how I imagine it would be; First lust, tearing at each other’s clothes, tumbling onto the bed, hungry for sex but embarrassed by the stranger next to me, yet wanting to know how you can make me feel. Your hands on my body. Trailing along my skin, across my breasts. Pausing for a moment to tease my nipples. Then onward. Wanting to explore me, everywhere Part of me wants to resist you, but I'm lost to your touch insistant intimacy Then alive, my entire body awake new sensations, myself forgotten Finally I succumb to you. Let you enter me. Forcefully Fuck me, Vigorously. Until we collapse. Spent.
My 1st 'flip Book' Lol
My Storm Within
*Again, still feel like it's missing something, but here it is anyway* Lightning flashes Illuminating our room I feel the electricity in the air And in the bed that we share Like a tiger stalking it’s prey, You slowly move above me Sparks between us ignite As our bodies press tight A brush of our lips Teases my senses Our hands begin to explore Like so many times before Skin on skin Pure passion Fingers entwine Our bodies align Breathing becomes erratic Eruptions build within Unadulterated pleasure Over and over again Thunder echoes through the darkness Masking erotic moans and cries We collapse in each other’s arms While the waves begin to subside As I look into your eyes I begin to realize You are my storm within The driving force of my desire & affection
Mystic Warriors Tribe Update
Mystic Warriors Tribe Owner Mystic Warrior **MWT** Second in command Jim 'the real flirt ~ Royalty Leveler ~ & **MWT** second in command' Vice Platoon leader 'Queen B owner of the Tiger's Den & proud member of**MWT** Rainbow Warriors Platoon Leader Platoon Members Sandy 'mailbroad47**MWT** Cece 'even-in_the_rain**mwt**' Karen '~@Mary Kay Karen@~ **MWT** Sassy 'Sassyharleylady**MWT**' PLATOON LEADER cathy lostangel **MWT** Platoon Members 'Mystic Angel **MWT** Real Wife of Mystic Warrior **MWT**' Amanda 'Amanda The Seductress 69 ~ & ~ RLW To ~The Real Flirt~**MWT** Wind talker's Platoon~ Vice' Vice
Mystic Warriors Tribe Update
Mystic Warriors Tribe Owner Mystic Warrior **MWT** Second in command Jim 'the real flirt ~ Royalty Leveler ~ & **MWT** second in command' Vice Platoon leader 'Queen B owner of the Tiger's Den & proud member of**MWT** Rainbow Warriors Platoon Leader Platoon Members Sandy 'mailbroad47**MWT** Cece 'even-in_the_rain**mwt**' Karen '~@Mary Kay Karen@~ **MWT** Sassy 'Sassyharleylady**MWT**' PLATOON LEADER cathy lostangel **MWT** Platoon Members 'Mystic Angel **MWT** Real Wife of Mystic Warrior **MWT**' Amanda 'Amanda The Seductress 69 ~ & ~ RLW To ~The Real Flirt~**MWT** Wind talker's Platoon~ Vice' Vice
My Stone
Tombstone Generator
My Stone 2
Tombstone Generator
My Stupider Ex!!!!!!!!! {{loser}}
~¢¾Amy¢¾~@ fubar It was my ex-GF!! She is cheated and lied to me!!! I have few of friends told or show me that her email!!!!! Here Her Sent E-Mail: 1st: I don't kno who u r and don't really care..all i kno is ur dating a man who has done sumthin soooo unspeakable to me that there are no words to describe how in human he is...U don't kno me from there for...u have no rights comin to my page and rating me at ALL!!! I did not bother u or him i blocked ur asses cuz i knew this shit would happen....I'm not stupid so therefore......LEAVE THE DRAMA for sumone else! 2nd : WHATEVER u don't kno me either and this isn't the first time she has been to my page with her other profiles so u can keep the drama amd juss leave me the fuck alone {{See That!!! O'Well She is big LOSER!!!}}
My Story...
They made their way through the house, through the softly lit parlor with abundant pillows and the big screen television, sound muted. Most bodies were upright but some were already horizontal and squirming — all were naked. He had a nice build, with well-groomed pubic hair a testament to his regard for genitalia. Pierced nipples, too. Very nice. She was much smaller, with a delicate snatch. Great succulent nipples. Her cafe' au lait complexion suggested her ancestral roots were somewhere in South America. I'm a sucker for cafe' au lait. The man was the first to notice the steady stream of porn being played on the wide screen but the woman saw that the coffee table was strewn with glossy nudie magazines. Steps from the kitchen, where voices and laughter suggested friendly interaction, she had a small panic attack and clutched his arm. I couldn't hear what they said but I can only assume that the steady visual stream of tits, asses, cocks, pussies, moans, and slippery sloshing
My Stash...
Shamless self promotion again... Yet check out what I just put in my stash.. I want you too be as scared as I was... :)
-my Strawberry Tone-
- beneath soft sheets, lay still my heart, as i long for your warmth, my dream falls apart, inspired by your lips, singing sweet these words, generated by your curves, elevated by thirds, silken hair through my fingers, kills all my regrets, a warmth from my soul, you could never forget, strawberry lips on the neck, of a souls valley so wet, as my soul dives deeper, our hearts connect, on a plain, like a summer memory, we let it rain, til your soul calls my name, not invain, but your spirit glows, in every eye, every puddle, and every mirror shown. my love is a place you can call home. in a Strawberry tone. ~ Owned ~
My Stalker Is My #1 Fan! :d
Trust me when I say the next few statements is not me bragging. Someone is making accounts, coming to my page for whatever reason then deleting themselves! For awhile, I NEVER knew who it was or what they looked like. Untill yesterday. Their pic was of a guy with a bandana around the lower part of their face and holding a knife. Their profile name was "Don't worry. I'm not stalking you". That pic might not even be of them, who knows. But the profile is completely gone now! They stopped by my page last night, I saw the pic (didn't really think anything of it though :/) and this afternoon, it's gone. Only reason why I noticed them is because they popped up in a blog I had just written. But this has been happening a lot lately. I'm not mad, scared...anything really. I just think it's weird and I'm curious. Curious as to what this person's mental disorder is. But hey, I might be completely wrong and it might not even be the same person *coughbullshitcough* But if you're seeing this M
My Story Pt 2
The Oracle: Well, come on. I ain't gonna bite ya. Come around here, and let me have a look at ya. My goodness, look at you! You turned out all right, didn't you? How do you feel? Neo: I, uh... The Oracle: I know you're not sleeping. We'll get to that. Why don't you come and have a sit this time? Neo: Maybe I'll stand. The Oracle: Well, suit yourself. Neo: I felt like sitting. The Oracle: I know. So. Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. Neo: You're not human, are you? The Oracle: Well it's tough to get any more obvious than that. Neo: If I had to guess, I'd say you're a program from the machine world. So is he. The Oracle: So far, so good. Neo: But if that's true, that can mean you are a part of this system, another kind of control. The Oracle: Keep going. Neo: I suppose the most obvious question is, how can I trust you? The Oracle: Bingo! It is a pickle, no doubt about it. The bad news is there's no way if you can really know whether I'm here to help you or not. So
My Story
I want to tell you my story, of my relationships with guys. Please just ignore though, if you see tears in my eyes. Let me start with the first. See this scar right here? That was placed there, When ii cried my first tear. The guy lied to me, made my life so hard to live. But everytime he did something wrong, i was still the one to forgive. Now this scar right here, is much deeper than the other. A boy caused it, one I treated as my own brother! He hurt me so badly, yet with so much regret. But the thing's he did, I just cant forgive. These other scars over here, are from a guy so unique. I spent my life dreaming of him, but he made me so weak. He brought me down, with chains on my wrist. turned off the lights, and beat me with his fist. The rest are from a guy, I loved more than life. But he like the others, caused me to use the knife. Now see this here, the one still bleeding red? This I've done just now, it isn't a scar just yet. Its from a guy
inside this head, brews a thing it makes me screem and makes me sing thoughout my life i've been torn and used between what I want and what to do I try to get all I desire for babies, myself, and all my friends most the, the means, don't justify the ends it is said ALL that is given will eventually be received But I still wait, and try, and give....becoming impaitent to this life passions are building....with out end but what I really want is a best friend some one who can see my heart and is completelty real... from the start one day this life just my return my love and keep pain at bay one day...maybe just one day I will see my will create the way...
I wish you could know how it feels to be me, Why I appear so intoxicated, When I let you inside to seek, Looking for what you seem to need. Some nights you enter ever so tenderly, Others you ravage and plunder, Pervading primed lips, as I silently wonder, As host, which pair you like most. Occasionally you command my head, Forcefully pushing down, Saturating my mouth with your entirety, As I succumb to the rhythm that you need. Intensity enflames me, When you speak my name in ecstasy, Igniting a craving, insistent that I mount, To fuse us with its heat. At times you are a hungry lion, Stalking, as soon as I step through your door, And I fear being torn apart, resisting, As savagely you thrust, the moment tasting. Desperately searching, Exploring for something I hide, You tunnel further with every stride, Into the cave that houses my soul, Digging for a treasure to make you whole, One you think is buried within, Beneath my skin. Although, I know no
My Stupid Username
I've grown to absolutely hate my username. I always knew it was shit but couldn't be bothered to give it any real thought. Trouble is, if I change it I'll probably have to make a new salute. *Not worthy of a blog but I've said it now so there*
My Step Dad
Would everyone pray that my stepdad recovers from his wreck from Friday night (Jan. 04, 2008)? He is in critical condition at Erlanger in Chattanooga. He flipped his car into a revine and it crushed his chest and ribs. The jaws of life had to cut him out due to him being so big. He is 6'4 and weights about 300. So yeah, I see why they had to cut him out, but he was pinned under the roof from it flipping on it's top. We do not know how he had the wreck or what caused it. When I get more information I will let you all know. Thanks a LOT! Hope all had a safe New Year's night! ~BuTtErFlYqUeEn~
My Story
Tower The Prisoner The room is dark and I am all alone. I can hear the sounds of the approaching storm. It is so cold, but it is always cold here. With no light to warm the air even the tiniest bit. I have walked this room at least a million times, but always in the dark. The walls are like large cold bricks with a rough feel to them. I have not felt an opening of any kind. No windows or doorways at all. I know there should be something somewhere, but I cannot find it in this darkness and I get so weary of looking around in the dark. The floor feels of a rough concrete always cold to my bare feet. How can I survive in such a place like this? In such a state of barely existing? I can hear the thunder getting closer now, but I will not see the lightning. It never comes; you see no light enters this dreary room. None at all, it is like a coffin. A cold stone coffin that I exist in, but will surely soon die in. As the storm approaches yet again I slowly back my way along the wall t
My Story
Okay so here is the deal to all that maybe reading I went out one night and got drunk. I was drinking with a couple of friends. After having a whole bottle of SOCO and Smernoff me and a friend bumped heads. DAM I started to bleed from my forhead. So now above my eye brow is a scare. Now my "boyfriend" is questioning every movement I have made over the past months. Well shit here ya go. I go to work then guess what I go pick up my youngest son from MY MOTHERS. Then I go home. I am so freakin sorry that the past couple of days while you have been off I have been converating with other people that isnt you. I am so sorry that you have a hard time trusting the fact that all me and another person do is sit in the car. Talk and listen to music. I know sounds lame but actually kinda works for me and him. Um other than that if you really wanna put shit out there why dont you let everyone know what you have been doing behind my back. About how it is that if I ever see a certin som
My Stories (adult)
I slowly push open the door and step into the dim candle lit room. Before my eyes had time to adjust to the darkness, I felt hands and a silk scarf closing around my head blindfolding me. I know he is in the room. I can feel his eyes upon me, staring through me. But there is nothing but a thunderous silence lingering in the air. Not a sound of a foot step or even a heavy sigh. Not knowing for sure where he is, I shiver with anticipation. My senses are all heightened. And I swear I could feel his breath enveloping me. I've longed for his touch since I first set foot in the room. All I can think is... where is he? What does he want from me? And what will he do with me? As I stand there in the darkness waiting and wanting. Suddenly I hear his voice, as he commands me Stand There! I obey, with my deep longing of him touching me growing stronger every moment, but I dare not move. I stand in my appointed place for what seems an endless amount of time. From the corner behind me I hear rustl
My 1st Auction....
> > > > > > Have you ever wanted to own me? Well im givin ya the chance to right now! > > > > I will rate all your pics an 11, rate all ur stash, do 2 weekly pimpouts for ya, your link on my page, make a personalized tag for ya. If the bid is at least a 30day blast or more I will add a sfw and a nsfw salute and a sfw phone call! Please no vip bids as I already have one. > > > > Whatcha waitin for come on over and place your bid before im gone! > > > > Grundy.mp3 > > > >
My 1st Week Out Of The Psych Ward
it was totally horrible. i would ultra-cycle between deathly sad and mildly happy like 5-6 times/hour. i returned to work--1/2 day the last 3 days of last week and a full day today. most think i was on vacation or on the road or something-only my very closest colleagues know where i really was--i so don't want to be stigmatized or something. i can't lose anybody--that's so vital. i need to hurt myself so bad so from my pain maybe all i seem to have hurt will feel good again--but i refrain in fear of ending up in D4 again. my soul is now so fragile-and tormented-and so easily bruised--not sure if i will ever be better love ya's lots
My Stash Entrys Of Today
Today I put two videos in my stash that take a look at life from a couple of views. Love 'em or hate 'em; agree or disagree; you should have some kind of opinion. I would like to know what you think. I don't hold anyone's opinions against them.
Mysteries Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I could just go back and change a couple of decisions I've made.. not that I would want to change anything, but if I did, would it really change the course of my life? I guess it's one of those mysteries that eludes me.. like death. Yes, death. I know I'm almost nurse, and I understand the mechanics of death. But as far as what the person last thinks, sees, feels, hears, smells, wants... no one will ever know that. There must be a period between the time the heart stops beating, and the brain actually dies in which a person is scared, knowing that their heart is no longer beating, as it has every single day of their lives.. knowing that it's the end. One would think that the person would be at peace, but what if they're not? What if they're terrified? I guess seeing people die all the time in the profession I'm in kind of makes me wonder these things. I guess it's really one of the only, even if very small, secrets t
My 1st Fubar Nut Job
I guess I've been blessed, but today I had an encounter with my 1st FUBAR nut job: This nut refused to believe that I was not some guy she worked with from South Carolina. I tried politely to tell her that she was mistaken, but when she started ranting about lawsuits and reporting me to FUBAR it was time to block her! Gotta love the internet!
My Stuff
look at my pics to see my honey
My 1st Give Away
PLEASE come show Rebecca sum mad love. She is in her first giveaway. She needs 25,000 comments in 4WEEKS to get a 3month VIP. She is such a great person and is always helpin out everyone else, so lets HELP HER!!!!! Thanks MSMaine Just click on her picture and bomb away, any little bit will help!!!! Thanks and the love will be returned!!! (repost of original by '♥MS.MAINE~BBW♥Dylon's DIVA♥~PATS 18-0~BABY~♥' on '2008-01-25 15:03:07') thanx for makin this for my ms. maine aka stacey
The Mystery Unlocked
The Mystery Unlocked This is serious In the middle of the table is a round food tray with five kinds of Fruits on it. They are: a. Apple b. Banana c. Strawberry d. Peach e. Orange Which fruit will you choose? Please think VERY carefully and don't rush into it. This is great, I was astounded! Your choice reveals a lot about you! Test results: Please SCROLL DOWN If you have chosen: a. Apple: That means you are a person who loves to eat apples b. Banana: That means you are a person who loves to eat bananas c. Strawberry: That means you are a person who loves to eat strawberries d. Peach: That means you are a person who loves to eat peaches e. Orange: That means you are a person who loves to eat oranges I hope you find fulfillment in this new insight about yourself. May it bring you peace and understanding, tranquility and all that other profound stuff. Also I bet that right now you would like to find me and kick my ass. Well, You wo
My Stepdad #2
Well, the Lord answers stepdad is home now after being in Trauma for 23 days...keep him in your prayers still...thanks all!
My Story, These Days....
There's a lot going on. Too much really. And honestly, I'm not sure how much more I can take. Here's the story, the short version, for those who don't know.... As of tomorrow, I will be homeless. I am moving all of my belongings in to storage today and tomorrow....then who knows what will happen. I've been struggling for a long time, and now it has reached critical mass. Epic Fail for me! And as if that was not enough stress and worry....the whole situation has caused the man I was seeing to break up with scared. And he did it via a text message mind you! I guess I can't really blame him, but it still hurts. More than I imagined it would. I thought that I had found someone to accept me for who I was...bumps, bruises, broken pieces and all. But this temporary situation was more than he could handle I guess. Is this really my life? What did I do to deserve this? I'm not sure I will ever know the answer to that question. I'm not sure I want to know the
My Stated Destination
I only stopped there for lunch though advised to take a nap, Ive wanted to go to baker for alongtime.. in my kind of mind I can't land crap alright thank you for the tip no I wont kiss you im gone again raped by the pig on the west side of town making a run from LA Lonely nomore I sidestepped the showdown in death valley bastards nailed me hunting me like a beat thank god I got your telegram poolside with total credit at the flaminco this is how the world works defying you from vegas no choice no more.
My 1st Happy Hour Feb 9th 11pm Pst
On Saturday Feb 9th at 11pm PST, 2am EST I will be having my very first Happy Hour, thanks to all my friends :) xoxoxox ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~ ~*DSC*~ "Fu Owned by "Sexy Baby Blue Eyes"@ fubar
Mystic Illusionz " Special " Downloads
Are you into creating your own pictures? Tired of dealing with trial versions? Want full 100% working programs? Contact me and I can give you prices and details. Keep in mind, we are running a special this month to go along with it being Valentine's Day and also our beloved CougarBaby's birthday. Thanks to you all. ~ Alexa ~
My Story
Chapter 1 Quietly through the dark walkway, a young couple watched out for any signs of someone coming towards them. “Quickly honey. We do not want to get caught.” The young man ushered his young wife. Silently she told the infant, being placed on porch steps, “Good bye my precious daughter.” Then the couple left, just as quietly as they came. All alone on the front steps of creatures that were nocturnal by nature. Creatures that were known as vampires. Normally vampires will kill anyone or anything that trespasses on their territory, but not this night. The vampire that owned this house was feeling generous that night. The infant was as calm as can be; of course it being night time and the baby not knowing what went wrong. The vampire looked down at the baby in curiosity. As the vampire watched the baby girl he saw a birth mark on her left arm. So, he quickly gathered her up into his arms and brought her inside. As he shut the front door the coven stared at
My Story
Threesome I had been dating this girl for about 2 months when she first invited me over to her house for a sleep over. I was 20 at the time and on summer break from college. She was a year younger and was amazingly hot. She also had this incredibly hot mom, who must have been around 40, but still irresistibly sexy. I was sleeping on the couch that night when I woke to someone sitting down next to me. I started to get up but a hand pushed me down and started to pull off my boxers. She bent over and began to give me one of the world’s greatest blow jobs and finally I shot cum all over her face. She began to pull down her tight pajamas and I saw a huge black thong which turned me on sooo much. She came on to me and began straddling me hard. She started to moan and whispered in my ear, "Fuck me as hard as you like." I stopped, recognizing the voice. It was not that of my girlfriend but of her hot mom. Then all of a sudden I heard my girlfriend’s voice up the stairs. "Jeff, is ever
My 1st Flying Lesson
I got to take my first flying lesson today. It was so exiting. I had so much fun. I got to help with the take off and I got to fly for an hour. The instructor let me take over the controls completely once we were in the air. If i decide to get my license this will count towards my time. I only need 39 more hours. We flew over downtown Columbus, well, we actually flew around downtown twice. We were only 2,000 ft up when we went around downtown. I seen my house. We were 6,500 ft above sea level most of the time. He explained everything about all of the controls and everything. At times it was like we wasn't even moving. Everything was so beautiful. It was 1,000% better than driving a car. I am hooked. I can't wait till I can go up again. I would tell you what kind of plane I flew but I was so excited I can't remember. I will have pictures of it very soon. I was kinda nervous when i first got into the seat, but after we started moving and we got up into the air, everything was just perfe
Mysterious Girl
I'm the girl everyone notices, but doesn't really know. The girl you may see daily, weekly, or anywhere you go. Quiet and laid back, contented as can be. It will take a special person to truly get to know me. Strong as the mighty oak, beautiful as light. An enigma one can't figure out, try as one might. Wild as the wind, yet grounded, six feet tall. No one can truly tame her, try and you will fall. Special as the gift of Life, fragile as spun glass. You may see her on the street, smiling as you pass. The girl who sees everything but doesn't say a word. Her actions speak volumes though she's rarely ever heard. So try to tame her if you will, you'll fail all the same. Just love her like she is your own, or go back from whence you came.
My Status
Hey everyone just a quick little reminder, I love making new friends on here and talking, and I even dont mind the occasional flirting and allowing people to view my naughty pictures.... however I am happily married, I want to let you guys know that I am not a bitch or anything but if you keep bugging me about meeting up if you are close and what not I am going to remove you all together from my friends and probably not even get into a general chat about anything with you. My husband is my world, he is my soulmate and as much as we are open and allow each other to explore on here and talk and meet new people I am a happily very much married woman. You girls out there thats different call me anytime ;) lol but I dont meet up or do anything with guys... Sorry about the little rant I just wanted to put it out there so people dont feel like I am wasting their time like I have been told by some guys. I love talking to guys and girls and love meeting new people but I dont want guys
My Story "through My Eyes"
Written about 2yrs ago when I was going through my divorce.. I try to make the reader feel and experience in some way the pain and emotions I was going through with the poetry that I write.. My Story "Through My Eyes" Been living on broken promises and lies. You will learn about my story if you look into my eyes. I turn away from your look, before you can read my life story, like the pages of a book. Pain and misery has been my life story for so long. How can something that seem so right go so wrong. In my eyes you can see, all the pain that has been put upon me. A single tear rolls down my cheak. Please dont see this tear as a sign of being weak. These shoulders have borne such a load. My eyes tell the stories I've never told. It is sad but true, everything they have told you. What once made me weak, has in turn made me strong. Copyright ©2008 Farrah Paige Lucia
My 1st Happy Hour
My 1st Happy Hour will be friday 3-7-08. there is a screenshot of it in my default album. Please show sherrylicious lots of luv for giving me this. She is the greatest.
My 1st Contest
I'm in my first contest! Will you help me out by bombing my pic? Thanx guys!
My 1st Contest...
Mystery Shopping
For anyone that is interested in getting paid to shop and have fun, check out my stash for the link. I have been ceritified as a mystery shopper and while there are bogus sites, satisfaction services is a legit site that not only sends you a monthly check for your work but provides a 1099. If anyone would like to know more, msg me with your email address.
My 1st Hh Is Set!!!
on wednesday, march 12th at 2pm PST is my happy hour running!!!! pls remember the time n show me and hole fubar some love or lots of love???!!!!!!
Mystical, Naughty Cowgirl, Dilated Pixie Ever She Claims To Be Today
Holy SHIT she has gone by many many many names!! There was "Mystical" back from about a year ago, "Naughty Cowgirl" and now she has transformed to "Dilated Pixie Dust ♠ Stutters Bottom Girl" This is her profile today: This was her profile pic a few weeks ago: Ummm yea...2 completely different people Whatever she is, she is a FAKE! AKA Erin Renee Montgomery, then changed it to Dorthy Mote...this social retard can't figure out what personality she wants to be. She steals pix from other members and a porn star even, Jordan Capri and an Erin from the Military Myspace. She claims to be military, first a recon Marine (guess she didn't know females can't do that) now she is Army, but showed a screen shot once of a Navy email address...she claimed to have been injured in Iraq, and needed an amputation, another version is that she has bone cancer. There has not been an approved salute yet, she did try a photoshopped one, a salute she STOLE and changed it...months later s
My Stripper Song!
Your Stripper Song Is Super Freak by Rick James "That girl is pretty wild now The girl's a super freak The kind of girl you read about In new-wave magazine" Freaky? Yes. But you're also pretty darn funny. What Song Should You Strip To?
My Stripper Song
Your Stripper Song Is The Bad Touch by the Bloodhound Gang "Sweat, baby, sweat, baby sex is a Texas drought Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about" When it comes to dancing, you let your freak flag fly! What Song Should You Strip To?
My Stats
Hope this helps you know me better. Name:Jared Michael Kinter Age:26 DOB:May 14th 1981 Sign:Taurus Place of birth:Somerset County Hospital NJ Hometown:Bound Brook NJ Height:5'8 1/2 Weight:190lbs Hair:Brown with blonde streaks due to the florida sun. Eyes:Hazel/brown with blue and gold Mother:Karen Father:Carl(Deceased) Brother:Devin,Dan Uncles:Marc,Richie Aunts:Patty,Janice Cousins:Emily,Brian,April,Collin,Joey,Steven,Anita,Jeff,Joshua Grandfathers:Joe,John(deceased) Grandmothers:Irene & Gina(both deceased) Great Grandparents:All Deceased Demeanor:Jay is a sweetheart by nature, is really caring with a big heart. Seems happy and carefree but uses this as a front to hide his pain.Jay has his fathers temper but is good at keeping it at bay.Known to be jealous at times and a bit cynical and is known to not take shit from anyone. Stress level:Moderately High Energy Level: Extremely High due to ADHD Successful Relationship level:very Low Mood Stability:Moods are usu
My Stuff
hope yo liked
My Step-son Is In Intensive Care.
Yesterday afternoon while my husband, Beazil, and I were at work, early in Beazil's shift, Beazil received a call from his ex-wife's fiance. He told him that she had been on her way back home from Tulsa Oklahoma with Beazil's son and they were involved in a severe car accident. Beazil's son was too critical to be transported by ambulance so he had to be Star Flighted to Children's Hospital here in Dallas. Beazil left work immediately and went down to the hospital. His son was having a CAT scan done. No broken bones, but it did show air pockets in his abdomen. (Sign of ruptured organs) and they needed consent to perform immediate exploritory surgery. Beazil of course granted permission. Two and a half hours later they came to tell Beazil that his son's stomach had been found severed from his intestional track and was spilling stomach acid into his abdomen along with bile, bacteria from the intestines and all kinds of crap. They fixed that and had to move several thin
My 21st Birthday!
Countdown Clocks at
My Story
I was raped on a day in February 1999. I had husband at the time. my ex-bother-in-law, who I had previous friendly contact with, made his way into my home by asking to use the bathroom. There was not any sexual contact at all previous to that night! I was being friendly and did not think about anything bad. But when he stepped into my house he made a decision, which would change my life tremendously. He forced himself upon me, taking advantage of me feeling sick and being intoxicated. He held my arms up and took my clothes off. I told him to stop plenty of times and tried to push him away. But he just kept hushing me, kept holding me down and kept taking my clothes off, touching me and kissing me. I did all I could do with the power that I had at that point of time. I did not think about screaming, I did not think about scratching him or hitting him. He seemed just so extremely strong and it did not seem to make any sense to keep trying. I was worn out, tired and intoxicated. I was
My Story, In Icons!
It started with... Then it became... Then it got better...
My 1st Happy Hour..trying To Godfather!
Tonight at 10pm PST (fubar time) I will be hosting my first happy hour thanks to an awesome friend that wanted to help me Godfather. I hope you will all hang around and help my achieve this goal. I'm so excited and am looking forward to it. All love will be returned. Thanks so much and much love, Jackie AKA Irish Sweetheart IRISH SWEETHEART RL/GF 2 DEADLIEST CATCH~DSC~CLUB FAR@ fubar My happy hour is compliments of this awesome man, please show him some awesome fubar love! He's close to godfathering as well! Texas Camaro Nut - Owned by Mirage Dancer - Show her love@ fubar
Mystik On Air 1
Comming up next He's takin over the airwaves live from ☆{{{{FuBaЯ's Afte® Hours™}}}}☆ It's Dj Mystik he'll keep ya mystified with the fresh beats and cool jams...Don't know your way? Well all you have to do is click this Dj banner here to come chill with us were we love our members!!!...
Mystery I wish you could know how it feels to be me, Why I appear so intoxicated, When I let you inside to seek, Looking for what you seem to need. Some nights you enter ever so tenderly, Others you ravage and plunder, Pervading primed lips, as I silently wonder, As host, which pair you like most. Occasionally you command my head, Forcefully pushing down, Saturating my mouth with your entirety, As I succumb to the rhythm that you need. Intensity enflames me, When you speak my name in ecstasy, Igniting a craving, insistent that I mount, To fuse us with its heat. At times you are a hungry lion, Stalking, as soon as I step through your door, And I fear being torn apart, resisting, As savagely you thrust, the moment tasting. Desperately searching, Exploring for something I hide, You tunnel further with every stride, Into the cave that houses my soul, Digging for a treasure to make you whole, One you think is buried within, Beneath my skin. Although
My 1st Hh Comin April 9th
My Street
Mystically Addicted World Tour
This table has a background image 1. Must Fan, Rate, and Friend all staff and members of the tour. (if you are already friends and have rated anyone. Just send them a shout saying you are taking the tour. 2. When you are done with the staff and members, you must go into Mystically Addicted Lounge and become a member and meet all the staff. 3. Once you have done that. You will be added to the Lounge List so people can add, fan and friend you also. 4. We are doing this for people to help level and meet new people, It wouldn't be fair if you didn't follow the rules. 5. Having fun is most important. So enjoy meeting new people and besure to check out the Mystically Addicted Lounge, Drinks will be serverd at anytime. 6. IF with in a week a person as not responded to your request please make sure you get back with me and i either talk with them or remove them .. where here to make many good friends ..... Texashubby-tech_&_lounge_designer@ fubar Gµññý_§ Øwñè® ºƒ Mý$†î¢
My 1st Awesome Fu-owner.please Do Show Him Your Lot Of Love!tyvm
★~MY 1st Fu-OWNER~★ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Passionman71~ Shadow Leveler~ is my first owner. Friends, show him your much much or lot lot of loves,and he will love you too! He is very sweet and gentle men,and he is real GREAT OWNER and FRIEND! So girls, CLICK MY OWNER'S LINK BELOW NOW! Passionman71~ Shadow Leveler~ & Fu-Owner Of Lady Kate~&~ Tippy162008~@ fubar THIS BLOG BROUGHT TO YOU BY: ★.SAY.★~Fu-Owned By 'Passionman71~ Shadow Leveler'@ fubar ___Please Repost and Thank You___
Majestic mysticism dances in magnetic realms of ritual. Tides of vindication ride smoothly on contempt justification. Loose yourself naught in the gleam of retribution. Linger in understanding of ones venerable right of instinct. Respect the congregation of peace within ones core rite. Instigate the being within. Tug upon the ability of transformation. Excel naught the vile recognition of jealousy. Preserve and cultivate awareness of ones innate insight. Revel in the distribution of fairness. Every tide turns to favorable strides. Gain satisfaction in the strokes of ones self portrait. Beauty lies upon the canvas of hues, feathered by life's brush. Lend ones brush unto the sweet melody of trance. Compose ones symphony, one delightful note in reverberating time. Pace ones steps into future endeavors with care and meticulous thought; bringing both action and consequence forefront. Cherish ones experiences, molding them into wisdom and liberation. Present ones imagi
Mystery Of Good Sex
A Woman comes home and tells her husband, "Remember those headaches I've been having all these years? Well, they're gone." "No more headaches?" the husband asks, "What happened?" His wife replies, "Margie referred me to a hypnotist. He told me to stand in front of a mirror, stare at myself and repeat 'I do not have a headache; I do not have a headache, I do not have a headache.' It worked! The headaches are all gone." Well, that is wonderful." His wife then says, "You know, you haven't been exactly a ball of fire in the bedroom these last few years. Why don't you go see the hypnotist and see if he can do anything for that?" The husband agrees to try it. Following his appointment, the husband comes home, rips off his clothes, picks up his wife and carries her into the bedroom. He puts her on the bed and says, "Don't move, I'll be right back." He goes into the bathroom and comes back a few minutes la
My 21st B-day Out On The Town With Voltaire
Ok, so last night, the 28th, a couple of my friends and I went out, in celebration of my 21st birthday, which was commencing just mere hours after we left. We went to this kickass nightclub downtown called Dante's. My friend invited me along weeks earlier, but wasn't aware my birthday being literally the same night. So, we get there, and OMFG, the house is fucking rocking. Two bands were playing that night. The first was Ego Likeness. They're a techno/industrial band that literally got the entire bar out of their seats and dancing. lol I told one of my buddies I felt like I was in the club scene from every Blade movie. Fantastic times. while they were playing, my buddy Mike got me a beer, and I had some. hell, it was quarter past midnight, I was legally 21 by then. I didn't drink much of it though, seeing that I still had to drive home. While we were shaking our asses, I kept bumping into hot goth chick after hot goth chick, and got some pics (alot of you KNOW my deep love of got
My 1st Auction
I went to the doctor this last Thursday , and I was diagnosed with a mysterious odor. They have not ruled out there could be something wrong with my bloodstream , they are in the process of checking that out now .
My Story Part 1
So I have been thinking, dangerous I know, but sometimes it has to be done. In little less then a month will be my 10 year anniversery of the whold cancer incedent. It has been weighing hevily on my mind. So I figured I would kinda try and tell my story of what I went through all those years ago. Funny, it was around 10 years ago that I started having those nasty pains in my stomach and had no idea what they were. And me trying to be the tough little cookie that I am tried to ignore them. Thought the pain was all in my head. Of course its not like its the first time that I have ever doubted myself ya know. I have always taken pain in stride and suck it up. It will make you stronger in the long run. I mean if any of you knew me when I was younger, I was kinda a depressed kid. Maybe it stemmed from the fact that I grew up as an only child on a farm all by myself in the middle of nowhere. Who knows. Probably not even important anymore. In high school and grade school there w
My Stand
Walking out the door wiping at my tears Not trying to let my heart make me drop Wishing that the memories wont last Holding on to the heartache to push me past. Tears steaming down my pale cheeks He is back behind me begging please I turn around and look into his eyes Realizing if I stay I may never find Find the truth under all the lies The lessons that may never pass And heartache that is not to chance Running to the future not looking back The smile I wear on the outside Hides the pain from a torn up past Still slowly I am letting go And letting love find its goal Letting my heart heal once again Not realizing just yet how this helps Erasing all the past mistakes So that he sees the me hidden deep inside Tears steaming down my pale cheeks He is back behind me begging please I turn around and look into his eyes Realizing if I stay I may never find Find the truth under all the lies
My 21st!
I know, it's been awhile since I've been online. Been sick, got a new job that has been scheduling me crazy hours, and any free time I've had I've been trying to sleep and what not. But, I'm back now and hopefully will be able to godfather here soon. My 21st is in 6 days and I'm excited. PLEASE HELP ME GODFATHER FOR MY B-DAY!
My States
April 21, 1984 Age in years 24.06 Age in months 289 Age in days 8784 Age in hours 210806 Age in minutes 12648360 Age in seconds 758901620 Age in Milli seconds 75890162045 Age in weeks 61485 You born on Saturday APRIL * Active and dynamic * Decisive and hateful but tends to regret * Attractive and affectionate to oneself * Strong mentality * Loves attention * Diplomatic * Consoling * Friendly and solves people's problems * Brave and fearless * Adventurous * Loving and caring * Suave and generous * Emotional * Revengeful * Aggressive * Hasty * Good memory * Moving * Motivate oneself and the others * Sickness usually of the head and chest * Easily get too jealous
My 1st Auction!!!!!!!!
Mystically Addicted Back To Work
Just wanted all my loved ones that are close to my heart that I am now back to work. Working a real goofy schedule. I am on 4-10's right now, Monday through Thur. But working today. After my Training period I will be on a 12 Hour Swing Shift. :( So i will be here when I can. Love to all. And hope to chat soon. (b) Cheers Mystically Addicted
My 1st Scene....
Well I just got home from doing my 1st scene for a company. I gotta say it wasnt wierd or anything. It was actually alot of fun. It was gonzo and not quite what I want to do but its a step in the right direction. As soon as I get my stills from the shoot, Ill post them for all my friends.
My 1st Auction Now Open!
Would you like to own one of these hotties... they have a lot of good stuff to offer... Come & check it out.. Make sure you Rate, Fan, and Add the host because the folder is to friends only... Heres her link: ♥rkkennedy84♥ fu-wifey of Undertaker 1098 *Owned By Sniper*@ fubar Here's who is up for Auction: The HOST ♥ Rkkennedy84 ♥ @$h13y R0ck$ F@c3$ 0ff™ ♥Stacey a.k.a Suckface♥ ***Jezebel*** Robisue (Club F A R) IRRESISTABLE COMPLCATION~ CLUB FAR~' !Sniper! 'Diamonds Forever Owned By Sweet Thing ( MANAGER @ THE KITTY KAT LOUN' Right~kind~of~wrong' ♥Jeana aka JeeZilla♥
My 1st Blog
Well here we go then 1st I have to apologise my keyboard is a bit buggered so it misses letters when it feels like it! Ok well nobody on here really has a clue about me do they i'm a leo so I like to be liked sorry I love to be adored but sometimes it aint possible I can understand that. I know that most people don't read this so I guess i'm guna be talkin to myself! My day has been reasonable as days go! The sun was out and the people were out with it lots ogood lookin ppl where I live guess you could say i'm jealous they all have copious amounts of daddys money to get everything their hearts desire. It makes it hard to be around when all they talk about it stuff they have. I think I live in the bitchiest place in england by far. It's none stop anyways enough about that. Because most of you are American you won't have seen the Champions League final la st night it's football/soccerItdetermines the best team in europe which is major and the team that I support MANCHESTER UNITED!!! WON
Thursday, May 29, 2008 Mystery There is much you can learn from what you don't know. The questions that have no answers will add great value and wisdom to your life. Some things in this world are shrouded in mystery. Some things will always be. The fact that you don't know it all compels you to think. And thinking can be a very productive and enlightening exercise. Those things that are unknown cause you to wonder. And wonder is the source of much richness in life. In what you know and understand, there are many valuable possibilities. In the realm of what you don't yet know, are even more possibilities waiting to be discovered. Look toward what you cannot see, and listen for what you cannot hear. In so doing, you'll find great truth. -- Ralph Marston
My 1st Brush With Greatness....38yrs Ago.
The first man to greet me into this world 38 years ago was the best and so far, the only politician I have voted for, is Ron Paul. He was my mother's doctor in Freeport, and on the coldest day in June, he welcomed me to my mom and a truly strange world. Just a lil quickey before I had out to lunch and a movie with my oldest friend from Jasper. Its her Birthday on the 4th. Thank you all for the wonderful B-day wishes you have sent me. ~S
My 1st Auction
OK so its true when dj aussie gets a few more players I am gonna do my first auction. I hope that I can do this. I am kinda nervous. I dont want a real slave driver who will be like mean if i mess up or something. I mean sheesh. I am still a newbie here in fubar world. whooo hooo this is also my first blog. Now what the heck is a stash?
My 1st Happy Hour
My Stalker.
Yes it's a real MuMM. I know it seems like it's out of a movie, but it's not. This is a real situation. This plays a BIG part in my social phobia. I am afraid to leave my house at all hours of the day, some days are worse than others. This has been an issue since I was 15. I'm now 28. So if you want to think it's out of a movie, go ahead. I know the reality of it. I live it every damn day. Shut the fuck up and quit judging me. You don't know what the Hell I go through. Be glad you don't.
Mystery Madness Game
You collect costume pieces that require no sizes, for instance, wands, axes, or wigs. Anything from the halloween accessory isle will work. Fill several garbage bags with items (no themes, just randomly place them.) Make sure there is an equal number of items in each garbage bag Place the bags in a circle. There are the same amount of bags as their are people. The people walk around the outside of the circle of bags. When the music stops, they must reach in and pull out the first thing they grab out of the bag directly in front of them in the circle. The game is over when all items have been given out. The person with the funniest overall costume in the end wins by vote.
2:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at mystic_druid_777 Click banner to visit Mystic's MySpace page!
My 1st Hh!!!
I'm having my 1st HH tomorrow(thurs) @ 8PM futime. I'm going to be giving 5 people 50k fubux during it. To have a chance to win all you need to do is rate the "my 1st HH" folder all 10's or 11's and send me a pm when you are through. I will return the message with the order # you turned it in. After my HH I will open the folder with the already preselected winning #s. If one is yours hit me up and I'll get you your bux. Thanks, Mickey HOPE TO SEE YOU TOMORROW @ 8!!!! ALSO JUST CLICK THIS PIC BELOW AND YOU CAN GO RIGHT TO MY PAGE (repost of original by 'Smokie Fu Hubby To Toxic Tears' on '2008-06-18 23:40:37')
My 1st Auction Hosting
Ponyboy's FuBuck only Auction Will Be Starting july 7th at noon EST. And Finishing On july 12th at midnite EST. Starting bid: 50k fubucks What you will need: The pic link of the pic you want used and what they you are offering the winner.No NSFW pics though. Rules: NO DRAMA NO BASHING OTHER CONTESTANTS NO NSFW COMMENTS Auction Will start when i have 20 people, 10 male and 10 female. Contestants/winners will be notified of the results at the end of the auction. PONYBOY0827 If You Would Like To Enter Please Click My Pic And Send Me A Private Message
The Mystical Is Real!!!
CLICK PICTURE TO ENTER A LOUNGE WHERE THE MYSTICAL IS REAL!!! NOW PLAYING (repost of original by 'Chained - Asst. Manager @ Deuces Wild -Dj @ Lost Radio - Greeter @ Rebellion' on '2008-06-23 07:54:32') (repost of original by '¢¾ DJ Angel ¢¾ CoOwner@Sinful Sanctions & 2 Shanes&anAngel-Owned &FuEngaged to DJ Punk~' on '2008-06-23 08:06:19')
My 1st Owner *the Polish Sausage*
My Student Lan
I am a member of VITA(Volunteer Instructors Teaching America). I have been instructing a Viet Namese Lady for nearly 2 years. This lady came to America in 2000 and did not speak a word of english. Within 2 days of arriveing here her appartment burnt down with the cause being faulty wireing. From that shaky beginning this Lady and her family have built a successful business and all have become U.S. citizens. When Lan entered the VITA program(Nov. 2006) she tested out at a grade level of 5.7 reading ability in english. In May 2008 her grade level had improved to a grade level of 9.6. Also during the month of May Lan and I reviewed for her U.S. citizenship test. On June 3 Lan took the test and aced the test. She was sworn in as a U.S. citizen on June 5,2008.
My 1st Fubar Blog!
I've never blogged here b4, so I thought WTF, give it a shot. I'm not on here to much...I check it every few days. I'm a myspace freak,, but my buddy Billy turned me onto FuBar and I turned my Friend Donna onto FuBar. Check em both out. I'm so low on points and FuBar cash! Guess I need to check things out more. Sexuality??? Went to a drag club over the weekend with a friend and my mind has been kinda messd up since. I'm not into girls per-say, but those drag Queens...WHOA! Knowing what's under their dresses really turns me on. I've always loved the idea for more then 1 boy and have been lucky enough in my past to have had that a few times. But its kinda messing with my head. If I were totally single I'd not even give it a second thought, but I'm into a longterm thing with my man. He works so much and he's always to "sleepy" to do anything! And I mean ANYTHING! Its a drag, but I love him so much. Really wish I could be fully honest with him. He's got to much on his brain right n
You look into my eyes and see things you don't understand. Am I a mystery? I think not. You look at my smile; You search for something that isn't there. Am I a mystery? I think not. You listen to my voice, and call me an angel. This angel is flesh and blood, Not a doll to be put on show. You see - I'm not a mystery. I am me. I am flesh and blood. Touch me; I wont break. There's no mystery here. Caress me; feel the warmth. I'm not a mystery; I am Woman. Here I am - desires abound; Relentless and sensuous - yours to caress Like a flower; make me bloom. Don't stop; not even to rest! No mystery here; Just a Woman. I feel the weight of your body against mine; Your heaving breath upon my skin. The most gentle touch on my thigh, The soft nibbling on my breasts - Moving slowly in a downward motion. Now you see, I'm no mystery; I am YOUR Woman. I am all Woman
Mysticfairy & Her Stupid Ass
Wow, dis woman is possed 2 b 34 yrs old, with 2 kids & twins on da way. This woman comes on Fubar everyday with her nasty fat ass & hangs on 2 what was once a so called long distance relationship. I have proven 2 her time & time again, dat Guy doesn't want her anymore, yet, she still hangs on. What is it going 2 take? As I said n my blog, I met Guy on Myspace...& from day 1 he hit on me. Wantin' me 2 meet him & chill. We r no longa friends cause of some stupid shit & I am payin 4 it, but he dropped her so he can have a 3some w me & homegirl. Mysticfairy (Lena) knew bout dis & still defends him. I am not doin' dis cause Guy don' want me. He was beggin me 2 come c him. I have proof of dat. So, don' act all innocent like u don' kno' what da hell I'm sayin'. I have sent her numerous msgs. sayin he don' want her, don' want 2 c her, don' love her anymore..yet she is still hangin' on. Tells me she loves him & can' let go. Hopes dat 1 day dey will get back 2gether. Y would a
My 1st Auction
Please come and check it out. Thanks!
My 1st 13 K Comment Contest
WOOOHOOOOO I am so excited!!!! My 1st Opportunity to Win Something Here!!!! Thank You Tee!!!!& fellow FuBombers Click on My Pic & Please CUM drop a few bombs on me & help me earn my award!!!! It's not a Mad race to beat someone out.... I just have to get in 13,000 Comments....
She was a mystery to me Never once did you mention her Until feelings had already formed By then you guys were aleady fighting You hid her from me Never once tellin me you had a girl Hurting us both in the end I dont know how to trust You wont do the same to me Seeing you have done it once Now I know about her And exactly what you did I am not sure I can trust you If she was a mystry to me Theres no saying I wont be a mystery To soe innocent girl
Mystery's Bully
DJ Mystery's waiting to burn your ears up and make them bleed!!!!!! Come join us in Club Envy and let the good times roll!!!
My 1st One
My 1st Happy Hour Show Me Love
DANA MARIE has HAPPY HOUR This is one the sweetest people you will meet on fubar! She is hosting her 1st Happy Hour tonight at 7pm FUBAR TIME (10 est) Come show her some love and help her level...... DANA MARIE Watch for her HAPPY HOUR folder which could earn you some FUBLING!!!!!
The Mysterious Chinese Pyramids
Why have the Chinese pyramids remained such a secret? The virtually unknown Chinese pyramids are historic monuments that now struggle against the ravages of time and the elements. The elaborate walls of one grand structure were accidentally discovered by U.S. pilot James Gaussman towards the end of the Second World War. His engine failed when returning from a mission to aid the Chinese army en route to his base in Assam, India. Flying over Xi’an at a low altitude, Gaussman was astonished at the site of an enormous pyramid in the distance. The pilot did not waste this precious opportunity, and flew over, taking the photographs that would later accompany a report presented to U.S governmental authorities. In 1947, another U.S. pilot, keen to the legend of Gaussman’s mysterious “Great White” Chinese pyramid, flew close enough to the structure to catch a glimpse for himself. He estimated the ancient wonder to stand nearly 1500 ft high—in comparison to Egypt’s great pyramid of Giza w
My Store Got Robbed Last Night...
Yeah mad craziness the guy got away with $15,000. He shot at one of our cashiers and sent her into convulsions. Co workers were freaking out cause they thought the guy shot her. Man....just mad craziness. I was off last night thank goodness so I wasnt there but my aunt was working and she called me and told me not to come up there to pick up my check cause the cops had the store blocked off. They sent everyone home at 2 am and the store was a mess. It's a horrible thing that happened and I dont wish that Kind of situation on anyone....Im just glad that my co workers came out of it safe and no one was seriously hurt... Just lots of craziness.
Mystical Journey From Mushrooms Potion"
"Mystical Journey From Mushrooms Potion" ~~~~~ Flash back to days of old when an acid trip I did take, Deep ravenousness lustful images a mind conjured up, Making love to an image of forbidden beauty. ~~~~~ Pink Floyd, have a cigar, bells echoing, echoing, Mystical illusions of fingers tracing bare skin, Sounds from excited sighs filling the lust within a heart. ~~~~~ Hey, can you see me, feel me, want me, taste me, Record player going round and round, Needle capturing the hissing of hidden spirits. ~~~~~ Acid trip dripping sweat as bodies collide, Building of a climax exploding as loud as thunder, Two bodies in passionate throne of ecstasy. ~~~~~ Fresh mushrooms from cow dung did spring, From drops of rain and kiss of the sun, Boil those mushrooms boy, drink the potion down. ~~~~~ Hey can you see me, Feel me, Want me, Taste me, Hold on for into a lustful trip you will waken, Two bodies embraces in throne of climax ecstasy. ~~~~~ Pink Floyd, hey teacher, leave
My 1st Auction
Hey everybody I am having my 1st auction come by and look if you like what you see than bid on me. Thank you :P
The Mystery Of Michael Phelps' Missing Father
During Michael Phelps' races, camera shots of his mother Debbie were a fixture on NBC. The network showed endless replays of her falling to her seat after that memorable 100 butterfly finish. She even watched one race on camera with Cris Collinsworth, squeezing his knee the entire time. And after her son won his eighth gold medal, Debbie was all over NBC getting interviewed by Bob Costas, Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera. Michael's sisters, Hilary and Whitney were also in Beijing cheering on their little brother. All this coverage of the Phelps family led to one obvious question from our readers: Where was Dad? It's been well-documented that Debbie and Fred Phelps divorced when Michael was 9. Beyond that, little else has been publicized about Michael Phelps' father. Enter: Fourth-Place Medal's Investigative Unit. Today the FPMIU looks into the mystery of the whereabouts of Michael Phelps' father. Fred Phelps is a retired Maryland State Trooper, lives in a suburb of Baltimore and has rem
My Status For Those Who Wonder
My Stripper Song
Your Stripper Song Is I'm a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears "I'm a slave for you. I cannot hold it; I cannot control it. I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it; I'm not trying to hide it." You may seem shy, but you can let your wild side out when you want to! What Song Should You Strip To?
Mystic Eyes
Mystic eyes look upon the star filled sky, To see what they can see. Trying to find the answers, And the keys to destint. They see all the patterns, And they chart the dates. Looking for answers, And the key to mankinds fate. But they dont see the Ancient Pit,And the cold dark fires within. Nor the destruction of mankind, Which is about to begin. For their mystic eyes are blinded, and they fail to see the sight. That would show them that their destiny, Is the darkened Flame of Night !!!! ~ Grey ~
I love to watch the shadows When they're dancing on the wall From the candle's fragile flickering Summoning demons from their hall They seem to be calling me To join them in their lair Some kind of secret Palace Somethings waiting for me there I close my eyes to darkness The monsters I will follow Into the lifeless deep here Beyond the Devil's hollow Pain is wrenching in my throat As I force away a tear All these things around me Creating everything I fear There is a sense of power Hidden in this frightful place Essence of something greater Than I would wish to face I'm surrounded by the dampness A slight chill is in the air Cold breath upon my neck I turn, but nothing's there The walls they seem to swell The crimpson ceiling bowing down I hear the stirring echoes Nearly deafened by the sound Then, there it stands before me A spirit that has no soul No face to make resemblance But someone that I know Leading through a narrow passage Like
My Staff 1
My Staff 2
My Stash Is Open For Business!
Hello everyone. Tonight, I was playing around with the My Stash section after talking to someone about what it does. So, I added many video clips of some notable bands I like, some interesting footage, and just some things that may piss people off. But oh well, it's fun, it's my taste and my page so I hope you enjoy!
My Stickcam
My Story
The Grey (written in summer 06 - now) Prologue My story begins here, I guess. Hi my name is Mike Jukes, right now I'm 19 years old and I just relied why over a year and a half ago I got this journal/diary book and wrote the title The Life of Crazy Mike :A Memento of My Journey Into normality on it because of what i realized now. I realized that near the end you tend to look back at the beginning. over the last few months I was thinking of things i did over time and was like Ding light bulb....I see my book and started writing this story. Thinking of how to start this book is difficult so I'll start it this way, three parts all told by me in my own words. Hope you understand....... Chapter 1 : Beginnings pt.1 As you start this book you read a lot of good byes that were written by some of the people I call friends and called friends. If you noticed in the "good byes" it fits with the beginning of this story or in this case Autobiography. Well lets get started wi
My Star Wars Character (i Don't Like Star Wars, I Like Star Trek)
Which Star Wars character are you? Yoda
My Story....or I Guess Paper Is A Better Term...
Free I want to go to places unknown, to experience what isn’t seen. To go to areas only dreamt of, told in only children’s stories. Trees of the most splendorous green and mountains with fields yet untamed. To see all manner of beast, and fowl, of the land and sea. All things hidden by rules of imagination and only perceived in a dream. To visit places untold and find treasures unfound, lost in a world of make believe. Finding cities amidst the clouds, of gold and silver, gleaming with the sun. To know that I can find these things in anything other than a dream. Realizing that I cannot be governed by gravity, to, for once and for all, be FREE. My place is not here on Earth as it is for everyone else. I am different, I am me. I belong in the air, with the wind blowing in my face. The sky all around me, its magnificent splendor, in divine majesty. To know that to come down is a choice and not a requirement, only governed by myself and no one else. To find that one place of superi
My 1st Auction...
Hey there... Holly Hotbox is running an auction and I'm in it. I would love for ya to stop by and put in a bid on me! It will be worth it and who knows, I might add to what is offered. The only way to find out is to buy me... lol! If nothing else, stop by and leave some love. Thanks much! Muah to all!!!!
My Status Message From The Other Day...please Read And Try To Forgive Me
I'm truly sorry you all; truly I am. I know only one person looked at my bulletin asking for your prayers and good thoughts as my Dad struggles to recover from a broken hip and an increasingly serious heart condition. I guess since I haven't been in any of the lounges lately or around that much that out of sight out of mind really applies to me. I know I'm not handsome or pretty or anything but I really thought I had more true friends here; it's okay because now I realize that I relied too much on a dream and I won't make that mistake anymore. That's not to say that I love any of you any of the less or that I want our friendships to end; it's just that I honestly thought I meant more to you all; a really pathetic example of how much of an inflated ego I had. So I'm asking again here, please say a prayer for my Dad or send some positive karma or whatever our way. Don't do it for me, do it for the sweetest 81 year old man you'd ever care to meet and give him at least a fighting ch
Mystical Months
Mystical Months October'...Echoes fade and memories die:Autumn frosts have slain July.'The name is derived from the Roman word 'Octo' which translated means 'eight'. October was the eight month of the Roman calendar after March. As part of the seasonal calendar October is the time of the 'Blood Moon' according to Pagan beliefs, and the period described as the 'Moon of the Changing Season' by Black Elk (Black Elk Speaks, Neihardt). October was also known as:'Wynmaand' (Wine month / Time of vintage)Old Dutch'Teo-monath' (Tenth month)'Winter-fylleth' (Winter full moon)Old SaxonThis is a time when the Celtic year, 'Lammas', draws to a close and the people prepared for the harshness and impending darkness of 'Samhain'. The circle of the year was closing, and the sense of death and life ever present. The Druid belief in the soul being taken after death to the west across the water in a ship mad of white crystal to the island of the blessed, as described by Kenneth McLeod in The Road of the I
My 1st Blog
Well...this is my first blog on here. I have other blogs on other sites but this is the first on here. A little about me...I am 34 yrs old. Single. BBW. I am an OTR truck driver. Right now I am in Omaha Nebraska waiting for my truck to get fixed. My life is pretty basic and simple. I live my life the way I want for the most part. I live in my truck, go home once a month. Well, thats about it for now. I will warn ya tho...I tend to bitch alot in blogs because it gets what is on my mind off of it. Its better to get things out then let it fester. So...hi all...hehe....hope ya'll have a good night.
My Story
So you understand me better. I was raised by a simple, mill worker dad and a mom that ran a daycare out of our home. Never had a lot, but mom and dad made sure I never did without what I needed either. I never got to date in school. With mom and dad not rolling in money, I chose to work. When I was a young teen, I started helping out on my friends dad’s farm. Just being a general farm hand after school, on the weekends and in the summer. For a 14 year old, $5 an hour, tax free in the late 80’s was a gold mine! When I got my license, work at the farm had fallen off, they were having a hard time. So my friend and I would borrow one of the farm trucks and did landscaping work on the side. I did that with him even after I got a regular part-time job at a local restaurant. I didn’t start dating until after graduation, and even then, the first woman I dated was the one I married. Yes, I admit, she’s the only woman I’ve been with, and until about a month ago, the only woman I had
My 1st Hh Went Great Thank U Dee75 !!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey All Raider Got An HH Comin TOMORROW Thursday the 19th @ 7p.m Fu-Time 10 P.m EST. He'll Have His Auto 11's Up & Running So U Can Spank Him Real Good.... But We All Knw He Like A Gd Spanking RAIDERGOAT-owner@ RAIDER NATIONs- SPANKER member & Lounge Expert-OWNED by ANNA@ fubar Show Him Lots Of Lub!!! Spank Him Goooooooood! T.I.Swagger Like Us ft M.I.A., Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne
Mysterious Person
Who is the LOVE of my LIFE Who is the one that will be Forever embedded in my Heart, my mind, and my soul, Who is the one and only that will be devoted to me for the rest of my eternal life who will he be, will he be someone close by who says he cares, or will he be far away and never makes his move unitil it’s to late and misses out, who is the one that will make the first move and tell me how much he really trully cares for me unconditionally will he be the one that says “I LOVE YOU” and mean it from the bottom of his heart, mind and soul, from the inside out and the outside in, who will this mysterious person be in my life, will he someone that I have known for ever or will he be someone that I’ve just met or someone that just walks into my life DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS MYSTERIOUS PERSON
My Stupid Computers
Just so that everyone knows.... I operate off of two computer. A powerbook and a regular desktop pc. I love my powerbook with the exception that I am having some serious issues with it. Namely the battery. I get about 30 - 45 minutes off of a charge and thats it. DRIVES ME BONKERS. And too book, my power cable is shot as well. It takes aobut 10 minutes just to get it to work.... but I am getting the replaced today. I am sick to death of it. My desktop pc is an oldy but a goody... I try and rely on that sometimes but it likes to freeze up and decide to quit for a few minutes. I am working on getting that up to date as well. So if I am talking to you and I jsut disappear or say something that might not make any computer sense, thats what the issues are.
A Mystery Uncovered
"Captain Black!" exclaimed Agatha Tindale. "I called you as soon as I heard the gun go off! I think my husband has killed himself!" Captain Black opened the bedroom door and saw Mr. Tindale lying dead under the covers. A pistol lay by the side of the bed. "You haven't entered this room since you heard the shot?" Black asked. "No, I was too frightened," Agatha answered. "We were all alone in the house when this happened." Captain Black pulled the covers off the body. Mr. Tindale was dressed in pajamas. His hands were by his sides. "A pity," said Captain Black, "for such a fine man to die." "Yes," agreed the weeping wife. "And a pity that I must arrest you for his murder!" ~How did Captain Black know that Agatha had killed her husband?~
The Mystery Is A Breeze
"What an effort!" said Leonard Conroy. "Poor Marty must have done it with his last bit of strength." "Done what?" askde Captain Black. "Tried to get help. As I said, I was driving past the country club. You know, the night was still and hot, I thought I'd cool off in the car. Then I saw the flag. It was flying upside down. THat's the international distress signal, so I stopped. And there was old Marty lying by the flagpole. I called for you first thing." Captain Black examined the body. Marty had been shot once, through the heart. Black stood up. The air was still and hot as he wiped the sweat from his face. It was hot alright -- and there hadn't been a hint of a breeze for three days. "I just don't understand it," said Conroy, shaking his head. Black cut him off. "What I don't understand is why you're lying. You had better tell me the truth about this right now!" ~How did Captain Black know that Conroy was lying?~
My 1st Happy Hour...
My Stroke
Today is the 10th day since I had a stroke and the 5th day since I knew it. I never knew what signs to really look for, always thought that if it happened I would either know it or I would be dead. Now that I think back, I know what the first sign with my stroke was, it was not seeing 'right , I told a friend that I wasn't seeing right and was gonna go lay down. My vision was blurry and I could barely read anything. That only happened for about two days and stopped. Then I felt fine. A few days later I started feeling like I was ill , started craving soup everyday, was weird. And then all of a sudden, one morning , I got up, was feeling fine and did my usual coffee & get online thing. And I noticed right away that my fingers and brain weren't connecting things right. I was making tons of typo's , I thought it was just me not being awake yet though. This went on for three days. I told my ex that something isn't firing right in my brain. He didn't understand what I meant.
My Story
this song is so mee excatly how i feel.
My Store
I have a great ebay store I hope will become even more popular. I have left my link for my store below. Come visit me. You may like it.
Mysterious Explosion 1,000 Times Greater Than Hiroshima
Thu, Nov 6, 2008 Featured Digg Fark Mixx Newsvine Reddit StumbleUpon Slashdot Hiroshima mushroom cloud Image: University of Maine On June 30, 1908, the Earth experienced an explosion 1,000 times the magnitude of the the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan (shown above). The event resulted in the flattening of 80 million trees over an area roughly the size of Washington DC, and a century later scientists and UFO enthusiasts are still debating about what caused this colossal 5-30 megaton blast, and what happened to its mysterious remains. Map of Russia Image: WikiMedia Commons Dubbed the Tunguska Event, or Tunguska Explosion, because of the location of the blast in the Tunguska Valley of Russia, the event would have registered a devastating 5.0 on the Richter Scale, had it been invented at the time. And had it occurred about five hours later in the day, the Earth’s rotation would have guaranteed that instead of killing 1,000 reindeer, the blazing object would have
My 1st. Post
My Status
If you haven't seen it's the gay or straight men love boobs. And it's true. It's a mystery of life though. lol I've even had conversations with gay men and it's just a mystery. Last night one guy was like real or fake there's just something about them. And mind you...I was at a gay bar. In fact when I first walked into the bar...I was the ONLY female in it. lol Eventually more girls showed up. But it was such a fun time. I love gay men. Why? Because most of them are just so loving and friendly and cool to be around. They are quick to talk and joke and just out to have fun. Not cause drama. Not be all badass with a chip on their shoulder. One guy accidentally bumped into me and was like oh I'm sorry. I was like oh it's okay and then joked how he just did it because I was a woman. We both laughed and his buddy joined in saying how he's always in everyone's personal space. But boobs got molested so much last night. lmfao I had one guy I th
My Status
Some care and umm well some dont give a furry rats ass but to those that do care .... Because of recent changes in my life I have not been able to invest the time to the family I was a part of ( which may I add made me sad) but I have met some awesome people that I love dearly As a result Of DSC on to 25 to Life. Even though I am not a part of any of the families by name I love many of the people I have met. I am trying to find balance and find time for Fubar, Myspace and my real life. There are people on both sites I care for dearly. I will be making the rounds to show love and I will be also be deleting once again "the useless occupants of space on Friend list" Apologies for my absence. Much love
My Step Son
hello friends just wanted to update everyone on my stepson he recently left on my bday to go to the navy boot camp in great lakes and we found out that instead of 8 weeks he will be gone 16 weeks he wont be here to see his baby brother born but that is ok. i just people to know that we are very proud of him to make a big decision like this on his own he is very smart and he is gonna be going to texas after boot camp for his training i guess he is gonna be a navy cop. so god bless our troops and all the new ones to come and pray for there safety home
My 1st Auction Hosted
Jªne_N.к³ DARK DRAGOON86 BID: 15 Mil 1 day blast Gears of war 2 And I'll beat FF 7 for you!! OWNED BY: Qüéêñ ☼ƒ ♥'š/Captain Elite 2nd Alarm Hotties@HOD ~ Owned by lou_cypher~@ fubar QUEEN OF HEARTS BID:2.5 mill & 7 day blast OWNER: lou_cypher owned by Cindy "Rose"@ fubar
My Star
When a star shines for you, the love light it generates is brilliant, pure, and filled with warmth so real you can feel it even from the greatest of distances. The miles between you and your star are insignificant … if the star shines true. Love is not bound by distance. What one must be wary of is the star that shines only to be noticed. You can tell the difference. When I look to the heavens in the direction of Ursa Major, I see a star that immediately draws me into its light. The star beckons, sharing rays of warmth, love and promise. And, I respond. When I search the southeastern heavens, I notice another star shining equally bright. This body, though brilliant in its own right, casts the cold pall of a lonely star absorbing its own light. A neon star, if you will, and I am compelled to ignore it. My message? Embrace the star that shines only for you. Feel the warmth, revel in the light.
My Star - No Longer There
My Star, the one that shined so brightly for me a short time ago … it’s rejoined the trillions of other stars in the universe. The light is still there, I can see it, but the warmth is gone. It no longer shines just for me. Daylight is a precious commodity to me now. Perhaps it is because I see less of it due to the changing season. Perhaps it is because, if the sun is shining, I can’t search the heavens for my former star. Such a futile search. When night begins its inevitable march across the sky, I am compelled to go inside. Night brings its blanket of stars, and if I stay outside, I’ll search until I find the one that filled my window, filled my soul, but has now left a void. Yet, in times of weakness, I’m drawn to my window, just in case the galaxy decides to befriend me again. I sit, staring out at the void, and sometimes I imagine I see a twinkle from that special place recently vacated. Is the twinkle a sign of resurging love … or is it just a star again?
Mystery Piano Found In Woods
(CNN) -- Was it a theft? A prank? A roundabout effort to bring some holiday cheer to the police? Authorities in Harwich, Massachusetts, are probing the mysterious appearance of a piano, in good working condition, in the middle of the woods. A police officer examines an oddly placed piano in the woods of Harwich, Massachusetts. Discovered by a woman who was walking a trail, the Baldwin Acrosonic piano, model number 987, is intact -- and, apparently, in tune. Sgt. Adam Hutton of the Harwich Police Department said information has been broadcast to all the other police departments in the Cape Cod area in hopes of drumming up a clue, however minor it may be. But so far, the investigation is flat. Also of note: Near the mystery piano -- serial number 733746 -- was a bench, positioned as though someone was about to play. The piano was at the end of a dirt road, near a walking path to a footbridge in the middle of conservation land near the Cape. It took a handful of po
The Mystery Of Love
The Mystery Of Love Love Is Full Of Mystery, Like A Maze Never Knowing Where You’re Going Or Where You Might End Up Only Hoping To Choose The Right Path And Not Finding A Dead End Can You Ever Find Your Way Out? Or Is It A Never ending Path? Which Keeps You Going In Circles Or Is There A Hidden Path? One That You Cannot See One That May Not Appear But If You Do Find A Way There May Be A Key To Happiness That Can Set You Free From Loneliness Or Will You Walk Through Fire Before The Maze Expires Look Out For Many Traps While You Watch The Time Elapse Falling In A Deep Hole Searching For Your Soul Because Even At The End LOVE IS STILL, A MYSTERY?
My 1st Contest!
Hi there! I'm in a contest, and I was hoping you could help me out! The contest is for the most COMMENTS in a weeks time. It starts 8am Monday 12/01 to 8pm Monday 12/08 (central time). The prize is a bling pack! PLEASE help me out! :)Just click on my picture below and leave me a comment or two.While you're there, why not apply to be a VIPER girl! :)
Mystery Santa
Just a memory now, I used to have a great friend, we partied together, laughed at life, enjoyed her children, were both very young, she was 24, I was 26, Long story made short, her husband went to prison leaving her with 6 children to raise on her own. She had nothing. Here is where the story gets sad, she got involved with a guy, ended up catching aids from him, was very sick for many years. She knew she was slowly dying and I remained a close friend thru her demise. At Christmas time I used to buy her entire family gifts and secretly place them outside her door in the middle of the night as they all slept, this went on for 5 years as she slowly got sicker and sicker, on the 6th year...I went to deliver her Christmas gifts as normal. Her home was Empty. She died the day before, there were people there cleaning her home, they said that no one had any information on where her children were or anything, That year was the saddest Christmas for me. To this day I dont think she ever k

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