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My Poetry Part 2
We head down to erotic city where we can funk alright Round and round I drive my love machine cuz money don’t matter 2nite, We cream 2 the cross down alphabet street 2 the glam slam All night we dance on doing the housequake and the funk n jam When 2 r in love it is positivity full of temptation Cuz i cant stop this feeling I got 4 prince and the new power generation. So I shake and push in the latest fashion just like melody cool Strollin down like a thunder bolt breaking the biggest rule. The future holds the electric chair 4 your fantasy Or do u lie your delirious from all your ecstasy. I am willing and able to go around the world in a day with crazy u, Its gonna be a beautiful night so why are we so blue Lets pretend we are married cuz i wanna be your lover Baby, my love is forever u know there is no other. So take me with you , im yours, so we can be free
My Poetry
Somebody once said, that I probably wouldn't get noticed until I was dead.  I stayed on my path, kept up my pace, never forgetting the look on their face. I want it to be known, that from the thanks and complaints, I have grown. I write the beauty in all that I see, so even if you don't understand, I love you hating me. My poetry in short says it all, my dreams and nightmares, each rise and every fall. I may be different but I am proud, my poetry is the voice of my soul speaking out loud. For twenty five years I have stuck to my plan, I won't give up, every day I do all I can. Just as you walk with a perfect stride, I hold hope that my poetry will help those that want to hide. When there seems no reason, my poetry will bring the crisp morning air of every season. Maybe one day I will stop, no plans yet, maybe when my heart stops beating and I suddenly drop.
My Poilcies..
Ok in the last not even 12 hrs of me posting that I am a Goddess with Athena's that is an opening for a guy to ask for sexual favors or talk to me in a sexual mannor. Athena's is a respectful business that does not promote anyone cheating on their parnters Athena's is to promote a healthly and spice up the bedroom life. I am going have set ground rules when I am on here... 1. I am Happily marry and do not want any sexual remakes like I want to be your god. or ask of any sexual favors. 3. you will be blocked if any this comments are said. I respect my Husband and he respect me. He trust me to say I am not that type of person and I am not. Please respect me and my husband. If you like to know more on what I am selling or a product please ask or know more on how to get a party booked please for all means ask. But remember to respect me and my husband. This not an opening to cheat. I show the products and talk about them. I do not DEMO any the products off or online. Thank you Sarah Espada
My Poetry
Okay a Friend had inspired me to do this so here is a few pieces of my poetry that i had written a while back WAKE UP Wake up and realize your life is going downWake up and turn that frowney face upside downWake up because the world is not going to hold up for youWake up and get moving realizing your mission is to make the world proud its trueLet go of all of the dead weight that is holding you downLet go of the insecurities that cause your depression and replace them with a crownWake up for today is a brand new day and every new day brings a clean slateEach and every one of us that wakes up every day is the subject of our own fateFairwell goes to the attitudes that are constantly downRealize that life is about what you do with it and in your own puddle of tears cease to drownBe strong and honest with youir dealings today with your fellow manBecome inspiring the person that Hallmark is banging down your door for your face on their newest movie and your face is on the wheeties brandAl
My Poems
The Knife As the blade of the knife pierces my sideThe single drop of blood cannot hideI feel the pain of every breatheKnowing i will soon feel my death Feeling all happiness fade awayHoping i will die soon today I wish this blade would take my lifeFor i,m tired of holding this knife ....   Blind Souls Everyone is dying From the moment they're born Everyone is crying But we're forsaken and forlorn Disillusion shattered dreams Destroyed visions of future Perfection is the name of condemned themes For a million of damned souls in overture So many souls in torment Reaching out to their creator We can only lament Because he is the betrayer...   Across the miles Have I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent ,Sometimes,I like to thinkI can hear your heart beatingin time with mine. Have I ever told you that when i watch you speak to me through lines and cords,and bytes and ram I imagineYour voice,Whispering in my ear. Have I ever told you that I wait out each day
My Point Of View On Gun Control
My point of view on gun comtrol is there are laws in place to keep people safe. Criminals do not give a flying flip bout the laws that are in place . its not the guns that kill people its people that kill people If some wants to do harm they will find a way with or with out a gun. everyday house hold items can do damamge to people. if someone wanted to use them for that 
My Poems
My Poems
I gave you the keyThe key to my heartYet now you lost itMy heart is locked upIts to broken to open upI'll keep the key nowI won't give it awayI trusted you with itIts locked upThe key is hiddenI can't give it awayIt hurts to give it awayYou were the oneI wanted youThe key is goneMy heart is locked up Please come backI feel lost without youWanting the way I had youPlease come back to meWanting you hereI need you hereThis feeling I hateBeing without you is hardI want you backYou complete meYou were my everythingMy heart was yoursNow I feel aloneCrying out for youWanting you backI can't take it I once was loneYou came alongPicking me upWhen no other couldBeing there for meMaking me smileGiving me your timeI hate letting you goI feel lost againWithout you I'm nothingMy heart is shatteredThe feeling of being incompleteI hate being aloneYou made me feel wantedMaking me feel completePlease come back to me
My Poetry
My poetry September 26, 2012 at 9:55am  Somebody once said, that I probably wouldn't get noticed until I was dead.  I stayed on my path, kept up my pace, never forgetting the look on their face. I want it to be known, that from the thanks and complaints, I have grown. I write the beauty in all that I see, so even if you don't understand, I love you hating me. My poetry in short says it all, my dreams and nightmares, each rise and every fall. I may be different but I am proud, my poetry is the voice of my soul speaking out loud. For twenty five years I have stuck to my plan, I won't give up, every day I do all I can. Just as you walk with a perfect stride, I hold hope that my poetry will help those that want to hide. When there seems no reason, my poetry will bring the crisp morning air of every season. Maybe one day I will stop, no plans yet, maybe when my heart stops beating and I suddenly drop.   I wrote this about a year ago and it still holds true. Incase
My Private Folders - Free Pornography?
What is it with some people? All they do all day is wander around here asking to see in private folders. What do they think this place is? I'm sorry, but I'm not here to provide free pornography and be used for their mastabatory pleasure, and I'm sure most of the people on my friends list don't usually "put out" to complete strangers, and that's what these people are most of the time, complete strangers that you've never seen, or heard of before, as their first appearance comes in your shoutbox "Can I see in your private folder?" Ummm... No! Why should I let you see in there, if you are a selfish, ignorant, and socially inept creature? If I wanted complete strangers to see in my private folder then it wouldn't be private, that's why people have private folders. It's like walking up to a complete stranger in the mall and saying "Can we fuck now?" You might get the very ocassional person who says yes, but 999 out of 1000 people are going to slap your face for
My Progress In Training....
I finally got to work with the birds a few weeks ago. It's really fun. The hard part is learning the habits enough to make it easy on me and the birds to get their equipment on. At first, i was working with an owl named Owliver but switched to another owl named JR. Owliver was easy to get down at first, but because she is worked with so much by new people she got to the point where she just wouldn't step to glove easy anymore. So, I switched over to JR. He likes to play games. You have to chase him down (not actually chase per say, but close enough) to get his jesses on first then grab those to make him step to get his swivel on then his leash. All the while he's biting at your had to get you to flinch away from getting the jesses on in the first place. Let me tell you, when a big barred owl is biting at your hand with that beak, you're gonna flinch! We were fine once i got him outta his mew (the cages we put the birds into.) More to update on Monday!
My Precious Daughters(poem)
From the moment you both came into my life You've decorated my heart with Love Two precious girls whom I've been blessed From Gods special hands from above. You're teenagers now and my memories flash To the moment I brought you home I'd sit and hold you close to my heart so my love you'd always know. I remember each night I'd watch you sleep The little smiles and laughter rang out and how happy the thoughts I'd have inside to know that this is what true loves about. Your first steps were much anticipated but now looking back came too soon, for now you dont need me to do those things as simple as tying up your shoes. Your first day of school has come and gone but I hold tight to those days, watching you walk in as though you were grown I'll never stop being amazed. Now I'm known as"Alycia and Laurens Mom" and with that I take such pride, There's been no greater gift for me than my two daughters by my side. No money in the world could give so much as the memor
My Prince Charming, My Knight In Shining Armor
Everyone hopes to find that one great soul shattering love in their life. If you're lucky you'll keep him/her forever, if not than you hope you can find another person to love. See, I believe there are many diffrent kinds of love, one does not mean any of the others are less than that one but just different. Now what if you find 2 loves at the same time. You love them both as strongly & you need them both for they both feed a part of you. How do you choose one & leave the other one alone. What if you just decide you don't want to???? You see one is my prince charming so to speak. He's my friend, my companion, my chosen mate. The other my knight in shining armour. He's always been my protector, the one I confide my problems with my prince with, & the only one who's ever been able to understand & help me control my demons within. One feeds the romantic, comfortable sexual part of me & the other makes me dream of dark, rough, kinky sex. The real kicker is this, they're best friends & i've
My Profile
My Promise
My Promise by Ella Kay In days to come when your world crumbles, and it will... remember this promise: As long as the wind carries sound, the ocean carries salt and time moves swiftly- I will believe in you. When you cannot believe in yourself... I will. I will love you when others turn away. When you find no good in your reflection... you will see your beauty shining in my eyes. From the moment of your birth, a promise I did make... I will protect you... love you... and believe.
My Primary Blog
You will find my primary blog at:
My Private Pics
Everyone go rate my pics! ive added new ones... thankya! ~~Krys
My Precious Mom
Well I am sitting here feeling sort of lonely. As I have stated in my "About Me" section... I take care of my disabled Mom. She was a victim of a Stroke last January, and 3 Heart Attacks since then. Going through this left her in a wheel chair, and extensive therapy! She is just starting to take steps... have more moblity when something dreadful happened ! Again yesterday morning she woke up screaming, rushing I gave her her medicine that is needed to reverse her symptoms.. called 911 and she was Life Squaded to the hospital again... with Stroke Like Symptoms! She has had several testing since yesterday, 2 CT scans. Lots and lots and lots of Lab work. EKGS, CHEST XRAYS.. They even ordered a stress test ( which we as a family refused ) .. and several more things above and beyond all that ! They have yet to determine all her problems, and or if it has effected any of her movement. She's the sweetest lady and does NOT deserve to go through anymore ! I ask that anyone wh
My Precious Son
Since you left nothings been the same, I should have been there, am I to blame, A new day begins so does my pain, Sometimes I feel like I'm going insane. I'm tired of pretending everything is fine, The hurt won't leave this heart of mine. They say it's time for me to let go, The agony inside me they just don't know. How do I live without you my son? When you were my most precious one. No one will ever take your place, Your were my blessing full of grace…
My Profile
Out of curiousity, I would like to know what you think would be a cool thing to do to my profile..
My Prayer For You-i Liked This Alot
When there is nothing left but God, that is when you find out that God is all you need. Take 60 seconds and give this a shot! All you do is simply say the following small prayer for the person who sent you this. Father, God bless all my friends in whatever it is that You know they may be needing this day! And may their life be full of your peace, prosperity and power as they seek to have a closer relationship with you. Amen. Then send it on to five other people, including the one who sent it to you. Within hours five people have prayed for you, and you will have caused a multitude of people to pray for other people. Then sit back and watch the power of God work in ! your lif e. P. S. Five is good, but more is better.
My Promise
Things haven't been the same Since you've been gone. For a while I wondered How I'd carry on. The emptiness inside, It aches all the time. That is the reason why I am writing this rhyme. When I heard the news, I didn't know what to do. It happened so suddenly, It just couldn't be true. They said you'd passed on, And you weren't coming home. You'd gone on to Heaven, Where your soul could roam. I cried all day And I cried all night. I say I'm okay, But I'm not quite alright. How can I pretend That I'm not still in pain, And wipe away the tears That fall like rain? I'll remember that day, The day that we met, And your smiling face I will never forget. This is my promise, A vow I'll keep evermore: You'll be in my heart Until I reach Heaven's shores.
My Princesses
After many days of being together virtually almost every minute, there came our natural desire to see each other for real. And we set the date on Feb 2, 2007... Oh! It was just after New Year, and it seemed to be like the birth of a new life for me, a wish come true! I'll be seeing my Prince! And I found myself in America, an unfamiliar country, getting out of the airplane, anxious and bewildered by the overwhelming new things around, but very certain of one fact: I WANT TO SEE YOU! " I noticed her immediately as she walked out of the plane...I couldn't miss those beautiful eyes and smiling face of hers.... my heart was beating so very fast!!!..." (message to a friend describing to her our first meeting) I was mesmerized when you ran to me with big open arms and flowers in your hands. Oh! That was our first embrace and I was very comfortable in your arms...It was as if they were molded for me and I fitted right. I felt that I had finally come home... And the rest o
My Pride And Joy
This is my pride and joy.    
My Profile
My Profile
Hi friends... I have add music to my pro... check it. let me know what you think.. :)
My Prayer
Alone in the empty church I can hear your silent prayer. I know your pain all too well. I am willing to shed your tears. My blood will burn and boil with yours. My eye cast upon your true temple. My heart will race at the idea of your perfection. I will battle your demons all in the name of love. I let the candles burn within my eyes. I can taste your will. I will resist the seed planted in my own skin. I will fight, but I will never take up arms
My Private Christmas Party
My Private Christmas Party by sierra © I have a big night to prepare for. It's the big company Christmas party and I'm hoping for a great night. I've been looking forward to this night for about a year. I've picked out my outfit already, it's a one piece pant suit in black, with a shiny top that closes like a bath robe, no buttons. I must depend on my cleavage to keep it closed. I do hope I look sexy in my new outfit, for I'm hoping to catch some attention. I shave my legs and my crotch, just as I always do. I apply some lotion to make my skin soft and smooth. As my fingers glide over my flesh, I get the tingles. All the nerve endings under my skin swell, exaggerating every touch, every feel, every glide of my fingertips. My body is screaming for attention, but I am still alone. Tonight, I promise myself, just wait until tonight! I hope to finally capitalize on an opportunity to spend the night with a man I know from work. For about a year now, we talk frequently, flirt often, a
My Princess, My Wife
For My Dear Wife, On This Usual Day; I Write You This Poem, In My Own Special Way. I Wanted To Tell You, In Words Of My Own; You're The Most Precious Person, That I've Ever Known. You're The Prettiest Girl, Than Any I've Seen; Your Body Is Flawless, So Slender And Lean. Your Eyes Have That Sparkle, That I Can't Live Without; One Day Without Them, And I'd Die There's No Doubt. And I Just Lose Control, When I Glance At Your Hair; Those Curls Are Just Stunning, So Perfect And Rare. You're The Most Caring Person, That I've Ever Met; There's No One Like You, And That I Can Bet. What Attracts Me The Most, Is Your Sweet And Kind Touch; You're A Gift Sent From Heaven, And I Love You So Much. So Hold Me As Close, As You Possibly Can; 'Cause Now And Forever, I Am Your Man
My Pride
Your Pride Quotient: 84% You're proud, arrogant, vain - and most likely stuck up. And face it: you probably think you're too good for this quiz. How Much Pride Do You Have?
My Profile!!
I put up some new pics and added a new song here, so send some luv and I will return it for sure!! : P
My Profile!!
New pics new song check em out!! : )
My Profession
This might be funny if it were not so sadly true. Scenario: Jack pulls into school parking lot with rifle in gun rack. 1973 - Vice Principal comes over, takes a look at Jack's rifle, goes to his car and gets his to show Jack. 2006 - School goes into lockdown, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school 1973 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends Nobody goes to jail, nobody arrested, nobody expelled. 2006 - Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it. Scenario: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students. 1973 - Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by Principal. Sits still in class. 2006 - Jeffrey given huge doses of Ritalin. Becomes a zombie.
My Private Folder (nsfw)
due to all the NSFW rules that are in play now i am keeping this folder closed and opening it up from time to time sorry guys but just trying to keep EVERYBODY happy :-)
For you to do the job you was sent to do And may aGod keep you and bring you home safe To your friends and family Your always in my thoughs and prayers
My Promise To You
This is my promise to you From my heart and my soul this is true Bring you happyness Give you all the best Spend all my time on you This is my promise to you Darling nothing wil ever hurt you Cause your happyness is my happyness I'll always and forever be true This is my promise to you
My Princess
can u tell me if u think if u run like that it is the right .belive me it is not u can imagin any thing in ur mined but what inside me to you now one can change him if that will be........ you know ur slef one day it will happened u will see trible_xxx-alfa-fox-99
My Princess 2
so dont you understand that every thing u did is going to nice but this last u go why u did that i feel like prince with you like magic it is going so far no time i look at it i think it is going like nothing dream i want to say what u left me to do just tell me
My Princess 3
My Promise To You
Many people has said that we wouldnt or that we couldnt or that we shouldnt we didnt listen we had belived in each other so much that we put our selves to the test the test of love the test of happiness the test of friendship the test of trust we have had our ups and we have had our downs we have made a life with each other a life that we both long to see work many times i have thought about you looking at you hearing you seeing you laugh seeing you cry knowing that i need you i want you i have you deep inside toghter you and i will make it baby you are the one for me the one i promise my life too the one i promise my everything for rember baby you and i this is my promise to you
My Princess
I smile as I see you greet me at tha door It has been a journey, one I have seen before You meet, you kiss, you fall in love You thank everyone in heaven above But this time is different than times in tha past This time I have in you a friend that will forever last Tha way your hands feels as it holds mine Our friendship has stood the test of time As fall approaches and Christmas is near I have no worries and no fears That we will be together for many years. I love your heart, your warmth and charm I give my love to you my Princess, love always Prince
My Prayer
My Pretty Pony Or Porn Star
My Prison Is Walking In This World All Alone
some times i think maybe am just not ready for anything or anyone or maybe am just unappy with who i am or maybe some times i see that but who cares right anyways i got things to do so maybe i just sit around and mope around later on anyways life sucks and so do i
My Proposal
Concealed within is truth,blinded by fear, beautifully painted in a mirage from memorable years, as I search for the questions that I've waited so long to ask, I struggle to receive the future and surrender to the past, with prayer and faith the path I travel will be with courage and strength, for in the fates I trust to give me a life that's great, so please take my hand and side by side come along into a journey filled with love, to a place we both belong, for every step forward will be one less look back, so soon our only vision will be of each other and things never lacked.
My Previous Life
In me previous life well I was the wife of a farmer from Fogartys Creek. I was the type who did everything right: I was passive and placid and meek. There was nothin' to learn where he was concerned - just act as if he was a king (and keep sayin' 'no' when he fumbled below 'til I had me that little gold ring). Well, he had me alright on our weddin' night - been better if he was a bull! Some honeymoon, me stuck in the room and him at the pub gettin' full. We moved the next week out to Fogarty's Creek and I was a farmer's wife. I cooked and I cleaned and six babies I weaned. I'd no time to think about life. He got up at dawn, by six he was gone and for twelve hours a day no-one saw 'im Bar the sheep and the cows and the 'overing crows...whatever I said useta bore him. So I learnt to just listen and keep me mouth shut and say 'yes dear' and 'no dear' and 'maybe' And when now and then he behaved like all men it was Bingo: another new baby. The years passed away, the same
My Primery Pic
My Prefrences....;-}
Read my resultz, lemme kno wat u think and den go take da test 4 urselfz and lemme kno ur resultz....promise u'll be amazed......;-} You scored as Biting. When it comes to being kinky, your biggest turn on is biting. You love the ectasy of teeth sinking into your flesh, and are probably willing to return the favor. Sex just isn't sex without using your teeth.Biting100%Whips75%Bondage50%Chains/Handcuffs< td>33%Blind Folds25%Blood8%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
My Problem
i have all this info that bouces around in side my head that i keep getting told by friends that its useless. but every time the get stuck with somethingi come to bail them out. am i stupid for this or am i to smart to say no because i wanna help.
My Private Pics
The pictures have been PERMANENTLY taken down. Please don't ask to see them. Thanks!
My Primary
I've been thinking of changing my primary pic. Tony the Tiger seems to be getting old. I tried "Mikey" from The Life Cereal commercial from years ago. That didn't seem like a good one to me. Now I'm thinking of going back to my morph pic. What do you think I should do?
My Prison
For my prison is my mind Though the exit I can not find And those within my heart Seem to all fall apart All alone in the shadow It's all hard to swallow Darkness is making me fear That I should disappear For my prison is my mind Though the exit I can not find The darkness all around me Why won't no one find me Moving ever close Is the spirit of Chronos As time slips away Following is only dismay For my prison is my mind Though the exit I can not find The light is ever brightening My savor was there hinding My spirits free at last As the darkness comes to pass The love I have inside I no longer have to hide
My Profile
hey yall,i'm gonna delete this's has been nice chatting with yall.ttyl
My "preppy"
Your Preppy Name Is... Keene Danforth Elbridge the Fourth But most people know you as Bink What's Your Preppy Name?
My Prep Name
Your Preppy Name Is... Garrison Cabot Danforth the Second But most people know you as Chip What's Your Preppy Name?
My Preppy Name [appropriate]
Your Preppy Name Is... Jarvis Northrup Abercrombie the Third But most people know you as Trip What's Your Preppy Name?
My Privates
for a small moment i made it only available to family....but i dont have enough of them for it to open to friends again...not that it was long enough for anyone to notice...but yeah.
My Prophecy
I see desire and lust in your eyes I'm filled with burning need for you Pink nightie falls in a heap I feel the tingle "there" Moistened lips beckon Tongues meet slowly Hands explore Exquisite Bliss
My Precious Babies
My Precious Babies God sent us a gift from above, Two little babies to hold and love, And with this gift I came to know, Each day, each hour you began to grow. For one life so short and sweet, My first who died in my womb. Still too soon for the other one, So cute, so small. I love you both, You were taken as the other laid. Oh how I wish I could hold you And stop the pain, Maybe just a dream of having two babies, Only a short while ago. Not one, but two to know. So cute, so small. My little girl and little boy, All conceived from love, One alive, so vibrant, so sweet. One taken away, so quick, and so mean. I love you all my lovely babies, If only words could tell you, How I am longing for you. Kailey Ann right now. To hold, to touch, to see, You were gone so soon, How could this be ? As days go by, your brother gets stronger and stronger each day. I feel Kailey Ann in every way. I watch Brandon sweetly sleep the night away, I pray for the day, I can
My Proverb
i see many people counting stars, i know cuz i have once. the thing is its not about the individual stars. yea every star is unique and wonderful, but its bigger than that, it takes more stars to make a constillation, its about the whole sky. in case you havent gotten the message dont stop to look at one star look at the all, the big picture is greater than the little ones
My Pride And Joy
My son when brought into this world You changed my life in so many ways I held you as you cried On what seemed like endless days But instead of feeling like a chore It only made me love you more Seeing your smile brightens my whole day When im feeling down and blue Thinking of you is what I do With your ten little fingers And ten little toes Those big blue eyes And that cute button nose It washes all the clouds away And brings hope for a better day
My Promise To You.
My Promise by BlueWolf I promise to love you always I promise to hold you close I'll always do whats best for you What I think is best for us I couldn't stop loving you Your every bit a part of me You occupy my every thought I see your face in my dreams You are the phantom that beckons to me Your very aura in my veins I close my eyes and you come to me I beg you not to go away No matter where your travels take you No matter who you meet Know that my love goes with you And that I pray your love is with me
My Promise { Karulvinth For Life}
I promise to love you always I promise to hold you close I'll always do whats best for you What I think is best for us I couldn't stop loving you Your every bit a part of me You occupy my every thought I see your face in my dreams You are the phantom that beckons to me Your very aura in my veins I close my eyes and you come to me I beg you not to go away No matter where your travels take you No matter who you meet Know that my love goes with you And that I pray your love is with me A man in love is like a fly caught in a cobweb, the more he tries to free himself the more tangled he gets.If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one.
My Profile Song
Well I have changed my song on my profiel and it goes out to all my ex's exspecially my babys daddy. Cause now that He knows I have finally moved on and I am happy he wants me back. Well I think he really doesnt want me back he just dont want me with anyone. But it dont work that way buddy. I'm done waiting and sitting here wondering if you are ever going to change and me a man. So KARMA baby and I do believe it. So I hope some how you read this and you think. Anyway that is all for now. Love all my CherryTap friends.
My Prayer
My prayer This is my prayer to help me get through Im grateful for my one and only baby I have made mistakes in life know matter what i do But through my kid i can live right i see I love everything that i have in my wierd life My parents have left me hurt and alone And with my friends i have felt stab me with a knife But i have to lay in the bed that ive sewn I need some help to deal with my problems And i know that the man upstairs will help me Sending something to help me solve them Im scared how my long life might be This is the only way i know how to deal with this And it makes me feel good to let things out I want my life to end up in bliss When will i know what my life is all about
“my Promise”
While holding you tight underneath the moonlight I can feel your heart skip a beat, you are the love of my life, and for that your love that you have for me, I promise to never cheat. I will not tell you things that I will not do, and when I say it, I promise I will do it, I am committed to you, and the love that I have for you, and loving you I will never quit. Words can not express the things that I will do for the love of you, take my hand and come with me to love land, and on this day I promise a love so true, so please accept the wedding band. I’m so sorry that it took me so long to find you, now that you are here, welcome to my love, and the things that you do to me are oh so real, and the way that you make me feel I know that your love is real. I know that you are scared to be hurt, but my love will never cause you any pain, I know that you can’t forget your past, and all I know is that my love is not to blame. I promise to give you a life that you
My Profile Settings -- Fixed
Somehow somebody got in and changed all of my profile settings to disallow any type of commenting by anyone. I've changed the settings on my profile -- can you let me know if it works for you?
My Prayers Are With U'r Family (bulletin Posting)
IT BREAKS MY HEART TO KNOW NOBODY CAN EVEN GIVE PRAYERS TO THE FAMILY THAS LOST A LOVED ON AND WORST OF ALL THIS IS THE BABIES MOMMA.....MADE THIS BULLETIN FOR THEM NOT FOR ME CAUSE NOBODY CAN GIVE A CRAP ABOUT EVEN READING TH EBULLETIN. subject: please respond immidiatley!!!!1 (repost) date: 2007-02-08 14:59:47 Angie(My Sister)And James Brody were expecting a baby in the beginning of march. Last night, she went to the hospital because they thought she was in labor. When they got there, Angie wasn't responding to anything, not even her name. They found out that she had a blood clot! They did an emergency c-section and got the baby out. The baby is fine and healthy, but Angie's not. She was pronounced brain dead. She hasn't shown any sign of improvement and the only thing that's keeping her alive are the machine's. Tomorrow My family and I Are taking her off and letting her go. She doesn't even know her own child. She was never able to hold it. It's unfair. Please everyone pra
My Prayers
I was sort of hoping, That you would come along, Like the answer to a prayer, And the music to a song. Like the kind of thing that happens, At a special place and time, That will change our lives forever, Like a fantasy of mine. The fantasy was there before, I ever knew your name, And now that I have found you, We will never be the same. So, pardon, if I look at you, Forgive me if I stare, At the fantasy I knew before, I saw you standing there. For I was always hoping, That you would come along, Like the answer to a prayer, And the music to a song
My Princess,my Wife
For My Dear Wife, On This Usual Day; I Write You This Poem, In My Own Special Way. I Wanted To Tell You, In Words Of My Own; You're The Most Precious Person, That I've Ever Known. You're The Prettiest Girl, Than Any I've Seen; Your Body Is Flawless, So Slender And Lean. Your Eyes Have That Sparkle, That I Can't Live Without; One Day Without Them, And I'd Die There's No Doubt. And I Just Lose Control, When I Glance At Your Hair; Those Curls Are Just Stunning, So Perfect And Rare. You're The Most Caring Person, That I've Ever Met; There's No One Like You, And That I Can Bet. What Attracts Me The Most, Is Your Sweet And Kind Touch; You're A Gift Sent From Heaven, And I Love You So Much. So Hold Me As Close, As You Possibly Can; 'Cause Now And Forever, I Am Your Man.
My Private Part Died Today!
An old man, Mr. Goldstein, was living the last of his life in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked if there was anything wrong. Yes, Nurse Tracy," said Mr. Goldstein, "my Private Part died today, and I am very sad." Knowing her patients were forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Goldstein, please accept my condolences. The following day, Mr. Goldstein was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out his pajamas, when he met Nurse Tracy. "Mr. Goldstein," she said, "you shouldn't be walking down the hall like that..... Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas." But, Nurse Tracy," replied Mr. Goldstein, "I told you yesterday that my Private Part died." "Yes, you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?" (You gotta love this!!!!!!!!!!!) "Well, he replied, "Today's the viewing."
My Prayer
My Prince
Well its Febuary 17, 2007 and my son Manny is 7 months old now....hes crawling really well now....pulls himslef up on whatever he can....has 5 teeth and two comin in....sometimes he can be a handful but i can always manage to sooth him when he gets fussy....for the past 4 days he has been sick....with what i have no clue as of yet....ill have to take him to the dr.s this comin week....he seems like hes getting better by the day cause ive been giving him infant tylenol and hes mainly been sleeping to sleep it off so i dont bother him unless i have to change his diaper and/or his clothes
My Problem
I am my problem. I am my solution.
My Profile Link
GothicRose@ CherryTAP
My Profile
Im so sorry people if i dont respond to what i recieve as im new to all this and im trying to work my way through hehe. Thanks in advance and i wish i can cherry everyone if i knew how. PS... Have no clue if this works after all. so please bear with me. Oh and yes, Give me all the cherries u can hehe. Love ya all x
My Problem...
I got a call from my mother in law on Monday about 9 pm with her telling me that my husbands (Thomas) grandfather had died. I after writing down all the information that she was giving me, called the FRG leader with the info so that they could get the messege out to the field where Thomas' unit is...she called me back to inform me that with all the stupid messeges that they had recieved this past weekend that they were not taking anymore messeges to the guys in the field and the only thing I could do was to notify the RED CROSS. Well my question is can't this people manning the brigade office tell the difference in a real emergency messege and one where a "POOR WIFE just wants her husband at home. I am sorry but all those wives who think everything is an emergency needs to have their asses kicked. Get a backbone and learn to handle somethings yourself. When you continue to call the office for stupid stuff it makes it hard on the rest of us that follow the rules to get real messege
My Present Situation
Why are relationships so easy to screw up? Let me offer a piece of advice to all of you out there. If you enter a relationship, make damn sure that you and/or your partner are not in love with or have a crush on someone else. This will kill your relationship before it has a chance to begin. If both you and your partner are in this class, don't think this makes things any better. It actually makes things sooooo much worse. It's extremely unhealthy, and any good friend will tell you so. So, what are your options? As far as I can see, you have only three: 1. Break up with your partner because the relationship is unhealthy. 2. Discuss this problem with your partner extensively and then decide what to do together. 3. Get theraputic help, either alone or with your partner. Of course i'm referring to myself. My girlfriend will no doubt read this and when she does will have many questions, as will several other people involved, particularly one. You know who you are. To both of you, I can say
My Prayer
All praise be to the dark mother forgive our selfish transgressions blessed be and glory to all that is yours Oh great chaotic mother many faces many names barren to with child withchild into death like phases of the moon guide me and bless me with your wisdom and love grant me your wisdom with age grant me passage from this realm glory to you dark mother my only true wish is to stand beside you giving myself to you may i be worthy to stand by you not to be consumed by the material in this world but to stand by your side my creator my dark mother my goddess blessed are you and allthings that you are
My Preferences
I like BIG BUTTS and I cannot lie...
My Private Pics
ok since i have joined this site there has been nothing but, the guys trying to see my pics. like they are saying that their wife is only wanting to look or posing as a girl. well, i'm going thru my friends list and if no one is show any pics like mine then i'm gonna delete u from my friends and when i'm done deleting all of them i'm going to make it where everyone on my friends list can see my pics
My Precious Gift (wrote This One When Ryan Was A Baby)
My Precious Gift Lying in his crib so precious and sweet is a gift sent straight from above, from his head down to his little feet I shower every inch with love. His skins as soft as a summers breeze & there's warmth from the sunshine in his smile, he tries so very hard to please and has made my life worth while His face holds the expression of surprise his laughter pours out like rain, there's a twinkling in those bright blue eyes that can ease away any pain. Each time I happen to gaze upon him there's always something new to see, and even when the days seem dim he can still bring out happiness in me! Dedicated To My Son, Ryan Love, Mom
My Profile
I've updated my "About Me" section of my profile so please take a second and read it. THANK YOU!!!
My Profile
I've updated my "About Me" section of my profile so please take a second and read it. THANK YOU!!!
My Private Part Died Today
My Private Part Died Today An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living the last of his life in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked if there was anything wrong. "Yes, Nurse Tracy," said Mr. Wallace, "My Private Part died today, and I am very sad." Knowing her patients were forgetful and sometimes a little crazy she replied, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace, please accept my condolences." The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out his pajamas, when he met Nurse Tracy. "Mr. Wallace," she said, "You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that.. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas. But, Nurse Tracy," replied Mr. Wallace, " I told you yesterday that my Private Part died. "Yes, you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?" "Well, he replied, "Today's the viewing."
My Profile Counter
MySpace Profile Counter at
My Profession..
LesbianLayout.coma must in all relationships...i think.
Myprofile On Self profile
My Prince
Once upon a time ~~~~~~~~ In a land far away, ~~~~~~~~ A beautiful, independent, Self-assured princess ~~~~~~~~ Happened upon a frog as she sat Contemplating ecological issues On the shores of an unpolluted pond In a verdant meadow near her castle. ~~~~~~~~ The frog hopped into the princess' lap And said: " Elegant Lady, I was once a handsome prince, Until an evil witch cast a spell upon me. ~~~~~~~~ One kiss from you, however, And I will turn back Into the dapper, young prince that I am ~~~~~~~~ And then, my sweet, we can marry ~~~~~~~~ And set up housekeeping in your castle ~~~~~~~~ With my mother, ~~~~~~~~ Where you can prepare my meals, ~~~~~~~~ Clean my clothes, bear my children, ~~~~~~~~ And forever feel Grateful and happy doing so. " ~~ ~~~~~~ That night, ~~~~~~~~ As the princess dined sumptuously ~~~~~~~~ On lightly sauteed frog legs ~~~~~~~~ Seasoned in a white wine ~~~~~~~ And onion cream sauce, ~~~~~~~~ She chuckled and thought to herself: ~~~~~~~~ I don't fuckin' think so.
~~my Private Part Died Today~~
My Private Part Died Today! An old man, Mr. Goldstein, was living the last of his life in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked if there was anything wrong. "Yes, Nurse Tracy," said Mr. Goldstein, "My Private Part died today, and I am very sad." Knowing her patients were forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Goldstein, please accept my condolences. The following day, Mr Goldstein was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out his pajamas, when he met Nurse Tracy. "Mr. Goldstein," she said, "You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that! Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas." But, Nurse Tracy," replied Mr. Goldstein, " I told you yesterday that my Private Part died." "Yes, you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?" You gotta love this!!!!!!!!!!! "Well, he replied, "Today's the
My Promise
My promise is to my youngest son, though he is not old enough to read this. I feel I must put it somewhere that I can look at it, be reminded of it and draw strength from it. I promise you lil man that I will not stand by and just allow you to be hurt more than you already have. I promise not to ever belittle the people you love, just to try and prove Im something more than what I am. I promise that no matter what you and your brother will always be my number 1 priority. I promise that you will always feel loved and happy that you will have all of the care you need and deserve. I promise not to use you as a pawn in my own personal little vendettas. I brought you into this world because I believed that you would have a wonderful life. Im sorry that the people in your life can only fight and argue. You deserve more than that. Dont worry lil guy, Mommy is not going to give up, or give in.
My Promise
I promise to be a nice person and talk to anyone who wants to talk to me. Looks don't matter to me I judge by the way people talk to me and the way they treat me when they talk to me. I'm a nice person and all I ask is people to be nice back.
My Private Part Died Today
My Private Part Died Today An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living the last of his life in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked if there was anything wrong. "Yes, Nurse Tracy," said Mr. Wallace, "My Private Part died today, and I am very sad." Knowing her patients were forgetful and sometimes a little crazy she replied, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace, please accept my condolences." The next day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out his pajamas, when he met Nurse Tracy. Mr. Wallace," she said, "You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas." But, Nurse Tracy," replied Mr. Wallace, "I told you yesterday that my Private Part died." "Yes, you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?" (You gotta love this ...) Well, he replied, "Today's the viewing."
My Princess
Once she was a figment of my imagination i met her and my body lost all sensation i fell lost in her eyes, devoured in her smile imagined her touch, i was off by a mile i learned that i didn't put enough into thought to have it for days, left me dazed and just lost i confess my sins, for she gave me life no longer a mistress, but she isn't my wife someone i long to hold, with pleasures untold i long for her mind, body and soul someone i can sit with, relax and hold inner and outer, low and behold
My Promise To You........
By: My Allen...(your words to me melt my heart) I promise to be your warm spot to cuddle up to when you feel cold I promise to be your soft place to land if you should fall I promise to be the first one to say I am sorry (even if I was right) I promise to be there for you in all of your times of joy and sorrow I promise to support you no matter what your decision (even if I don't agree ) I promise to make a new memory with you each and every day I promise to love you without change I promise to make you laugh I promise to make you cry I promise to give you strength when you are weak I promise to love you forever I promise to cherish you and your love I promise to compromise with you I promise to make you my first priority I promise to never take your love for granted I promise to never lose faith in you I promise to never give you a reason to distrust me I promise to always trust you I promise to work with you to resolve our conflicts I pr
my man Rashad and my daughter Moni my granddaughter Taina (9-14-07) I'm no longer accepting random "friends". If you make a friend request chances are I will delete it, nothing personal. If your a guy chances are almost 100% I will delete it. If you want to stop by and make comment go right ahead but I am not a "friend" collector, sorry. If you have something to say to fine say it, but if its rude or asking for nasty pics or your cute... I'd rather you not. I'm just not interested in all that cyber crap, thanks. I will continue to delete friends that I don't really communicate with. My friends lists is for people who I actually want to go back and talk to or help out with contests ect. That said, for those of you who are really interested... I am a 37 year old mother of three children 19, 17 and 14 (girl, boy, girl). Grandmother to an angel,Emillio Abel, rip and Taina-Alicia. I am in a loving/alternative relationship with an amazing man, R
My Prayer Today
My prayer today is that you have a blessed peaceful Easter season and for those who travel a safe journey. - May this season the Lord Bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. (Numbers 6: 24-26 NIV - God Bless Still He Walked.... He could hear the crowds screaming, "Crucify! Crucify!" He could hear the hatred in their voices, These were His chosen people. He loved them, And they were going to crucify Him. He was beaten, bleeding and weakened.... His heart was broken, But still He walked. He could see the crowd as He came from the palace. He knew each of the faces so well. He had created them. He knew every smile, laugh, and shed tear, But now they were contorted with rage and anger; His heart broke.... But still He walked. Was He scared? You and I would have been So His humanness would have mandated that He was. He felt alone. His disciples had le
My Probation Officer
My Prayer For Peace
My Prayer For Peace! Dear God, I ask You humbly; To Listen to my plea. I am going to ask a favor; Which is nothing new for me. But, this time I am begging; And ask you from my heart. Please guide all those involed; As upon this war, we embark. It has touched on all of us; In one way or another. For we all know someone over there, A sister or a brother. Guide them all and keep them strong; Please stand with them as they fight. For they are doing what must be done; To keep us safe, by day and night.. Keep a gentle hand on them; Wherever they go or have been. And bring them safely home to us; So we will be together again. Thank you God, for listening; As I know you always do. And I know that You will always be here; Even after this war is through! Amen
My Profile
on it i say i am a switch...many take it the wrong way...i do NOT lick dickie....i ONLY lick chicky.....I switch from being dominant to being submissive........ damn some people just dont know how to read..
My Prayer For Joanie
Our life was good and happy too for i found love when I found you. The smile on my face has faded away for my love for you will always stay in my heart and in my soul. It hurts to know that you may go to be with God. He loves you too, that I know for you have been his light from above, your smile has brightened our hearts and our souls and made us wish to go on. We love you true and love you deep, But please awake from your sleep, Smile at us and let us see the love that you have giving to us for free. It's not a good one but it's how i feel
My Promise
My Promises
I promise to do my best and i promise not to lie i promise to hold my head up and i promise not to cry i promise I'll be there whenever you need a friend i promise this to you until the very end i don't promise i wont hurt you because i know it will be a lie i don't promise I'll live forever cause i know one day I'll die i don't promise you everything cause everything is only a taste i don't promise you forever cause JUST forever would be a waste i promise you more than any words could express i promise you my life and not a second less
My Promise To You!!
I promise you my love I promise you my heart I promise you my life I promise we'll never be apart I promise not to hurt you I promise to never make you cry I promise to always trust you I promise not to lie I promise you forever I promise you tonight I promise you my respect I promise to do things right I promise to always be there I promise until the end I promise to always love you I promise to be your best friend I promise you my love I promise you my life I promise this forever I promise our friendship is my life *To The One I Love*
My Prince
What I have… I have trust not doubt. I have honesty not wonder. I have fun not games. I have sincerity not just what one thinks I want to hear. I have hope not expectations. I have desire not need. I have true love not something to settled with. I love being in love with you honey. I love feeling complete and whole, more then I have ever felt before. There is a part of me that has been filled that I did not know was empty. I thought that I would have to give up on things I wanted and needed to be with someone and you have proven that to not be true. All I have done is love you the only way I know how and that is all you have ever wanted. I love that I can be perfect for someone and that it is you. You and I are not perfect but as we have said so many times we are so perfect for each other. I love you my sweet prince!!! I hold you close to me feel the breath of you and the wonder of you. I remember a time without you but only as one would remember a bleak and distant nig
My Profile Song Explained
Ok I have had a couple of request to explain my profile song, so here it goes. And yes the verse is "Sucking to hard on your lollipop". lol. I have always loved lollipops and suckers since I was kid, but found out as I got older some guys like it when I suck on lollipops too. So, much that last year while sitting in traffic with the girls a truck driver next to us who was to occupied staring in the car rear-ended this little porsche in front of him. Now how do explain that to a state trooper? ha. Well my friends found this song and told me to put it on, cause its a reminder that I should be more careful of what I do with my mouth.
My Prayer Request And More...
I have come to a point in my life where my financial situation is not very healthy... I have been unemployed since April 18th... I have been fighting depression over this... I know that depression is a spirit and I do not wish to allow it any control in my life... I have been praying about this for some time... I have submitted many resumes and have even had several job interviews... but nothing has turned up employment wise for me to date... I have also asked God to lead my steps and take me where He wishes for me to be and do what His will would be... my car is in need of repairs... the left rear wheel bearing assembly is making a loud roaring noise and I've been told by two mechanics that it could freeze up at any time... I am not whining about these things... I am only sharing them in order for you to know in what areas I need prayer... I'm not sure yet if God wants me to get another job or if if He wants me to be in a full-time ministry... Please take the time to pray for me.. lif
My Promise And For The Future
I Can't Promise You The World. I Can't Promise You Fame, But I Can Promise That I'll Take Away The Pain. You Set My Hear Afire, Hell Your My Desire. I Can't Go On Everyday Looking Left And Right And Everyway, I Just Want You In My Life Not As A Friend But As My Husband/Wife. For The Future From The First Day Till The Last. For The Future And From The Past Till Death Do Us Part, Baby You Will Always Be In My Heart. For You Have Nothing To Fear, For I Am Far And I Am Near, Loving You Day In And Day Out All Of This Without A Dought. Please Do Not Copy!
My Profile
Hello ya'll i made some changes on my profile check it out, i added a guest book on my profile please feel free to sign it!!! And please feel free to rate me, add me and fan me!!!!
"my Promise"
I promise to love you all the days of my life. Promise you'll do the same until the day we die. And if the angels call my number before yours, My soul will be waiting in heaven for yours. When we finally meet, we will live in happiness eternally. But, until that day comes promise to be mine. Promise to over come any obstacle necessary to keep us together. 'Cause I'll do the same. "Even when I have no strength to keep going, 'Cause for you I'll do anything, that has to be done. Remember you always will be: number one in my life, in my mind, and best of all, in my heart and all the space it provides. I love you and that is why I will not allow anything or any one brake us apart" Even if the world comes to an end, and there were no flowers to smell, or a sunset to see, we will always be! Written By Slim Shady The Poet
My Precious Daughter
I see you standing there, my precious child, but they will not let me come to you. I see the tears falling from your face, and they will not let me near you. I cringe as I watch you rip into your flesh, and they will not let me help. I try to cover my eyes as you vomit out your life, and they still make me stay away. They called the day they found you hanging from the rope, now they let me through. They need me to bury you.
My Profile
Hi my name is Ian . I am an energetic and enthusiastic 28 year old, and I bring that attitude into my workplace. I am very experienced in customer service, and I demonstate confidence and enthusiasm Iam an avid photographer, and enjoy looking at the many different kind of digital cameras that are now available. I enjoy using my laptop, my MP3 player, and I love poking my nose around to find out what is the newest and available with todays products. I am very interested in my community, I groom and care for some of my neighbors pets. I occasionaly do dog walking, and boarding. I enjoy the challenges that have been presented to me during my career in the animal field. I am now looking ahead to new challenges and also satisfying my curiosity with technology, and all the gadgets that are I'm very outgoing..I'll do anything I can to make people smile and laugh. I'm not afraid to make a fool outta myself for pure entertainment. When I wanna do something I usually do it. I lo
My Profile
Well got my profile up and running the way i want it. Have some glitch with the music big deal i'll fix it tomorrow sometime. If anyone has anything to say as far as opinions or suggestions pls feel the comments.
My Precious
today was a very sad day for dog ive had for 15 years passed away from cancer...its very tough for me cause shes always been by my side for so long....its gonna be hard comin home from work every day and not seein her by the door waitin for me... she will always be in my heart i love you precious
My Profile
About time i think it's all about finished...You peeps know the drill here.. Revised and finished .... i hope...stop by check it out and if ya like sign my guest appreciate it...thnx
My Private Dis
I have hated. I have cursed. I have loved. I have lost. I have let go. I haven't forgotten. I have moved on. I haven't forgiven.
My Pregnancy
hello there im Antonia and im pregnant my baby is due on the 24th of december yes a christmas baby hehe cant wait, hmmm, i dont no wat it is yet but if its a girl im calling it Serena and for a boy its going to be called Reece xx
My Princess
Ever since she became part of My life, things are so different, she gives meaning to My world, she compliments the part of My life that was empty, she fills Me up, she gives Me love, she pampers Me, adores Me, pleases Me. I can't ask for a better woman and slave, cause I have it all on her... she is smart, she is beautiful, she makes Me happy and I love her deeply. Show My beautiful pet some love My friends! PRINCESS SNIPPY@ CherryTAP
My Pregnancy...
HEY GUYS! ALOT OF PPL ASK ME TO KEEP THEM UPDATED ON MY PREGNANCY, SO I HAVE DECIDED TO POST A BLOG WITH ALL OF MY UPDATES THAT I KEEP IN MY JOURNAL, SO HERE WE GO... Hi my name is Renea Jones. I am a 20 year old college student and i plan to become a labor and delivery nurse. This is not my first pregnancy. I have had two previous miscarrages, one at 10 weeks and one at 12 weeks. My boyfriend Jason and I tried for almost a year, and now we are pregnant again with a beautiful baby girl that we have decided to name Jayden Grace. I am 23 weeks pregnant as of 5-26-2007. I have had a pretty easy pregnancy except for a few times that i got dehydrated and one time i got food poisoning. I took my positive pregnancy test on 1-20-2007 and i couldnt have been more excited. I found out that she was a girl on 5-2-2007. when i went in for my doctors appointment I was sooo scared that they were going to tell me that it was a boy. I was sitting there praying for a girl over and over again. my ul
My Problem
I've come to realize lately that while I may be confident I am afraid of being alone again. I am afraid of not having someone to share holidays with, and not having someone to hold me on a bad day. So I was willing in my stupidity to give up what could have been perfect. I was willing to just throw it away and think that I would never look back at it in disgust with myself. Well unfortunatly I look back at that one sentence I let come out of my mouth and wish to god there was a time machine that I could go back and change that one moment in my life. I could be truly happy if I just allowed myself to stop being so afraid of moving forward. Giving up on something that will probably never happen. I was the stupid one and I let the first good thing slip through my fingers. I like mens attention, I like the way they smell and the way their arms feel around my body. I like the way they talk, and listen, and make me laugh. What I don't like is when I feel like I'm being used by one
My Profile Cherrytap Is Deletin
There deletin my profile so if u wanna talk to me again i got yahoo
My Pride And Joy
AS many of my friends know my duaghter Taylor is my pride and my joy. With the chaos lately that I have seen going on with fools ripping pics or just saving them by right clicking I have the folder set to only allow myself to see unless it is someone I want to open them up for. My grandmother taught me an ounce of prevention is worth a quart of cure. So I can not take any chances with Taylors pictures. I would go on a serious war path if I ever found that they had been ripped etc.. So to those of you whom have rated and commented... Thank you much . You are the people I know will anyway. Muahs to you I am locking them up now to keep my treasure safe. My moral obligation to do so ( we all know the freaks come out at night )
My Prayer To God
Dear God I open my heart an ask you to come in side. An I bag you to save me from Satan's demise. I, Lose all control when emotion collides. I've contemplated suicide an come with in one slide of the blade from committin homicide. Just to end this charade, react like a renegade. Preparing to administrator a permanent sleep aid. But as I turned my head, I saw fear in the children's eyes. The moment I endured there pain, I could here the angels cry. I felt terrible, I even apologized, an some how tried to explain why. Truth revealed through the irony, my belief I was performing heroically. But in reality now I see that the monster is me. chorus: Have you ever witnessed your self out side your self, not your self. Lord save me from my self, I don't know if I can control the evil that lives with in me. I'd ask you ta take it . But I need it to survive, do you understand? Coz now I'm twenty nine an for success I have to put life on the line. Be careful when you choose your path, don't p
My Pregnancy
So I am now almost 8 months pregnant. I went to my doctor's appt the other day and found out I have to have another c section. They are worried I might tear or rip open. Im ok with that though bec I have had a lot of back pain and don't really feel like going through what I went through with my first pregnancy.Im getting to that point right now that I just want this baby out already..LOL Its been so hot where Im from. Over the 100's and can't take this damn heat much longer. Yeah we don't have humidity but the heat is so bad and we don't have central air here. I just can't wait til this is over and it can start getting colder..LOL My daughter bugs me everyday about when is the baby coming out bec she is so anxious. I can't wait til my daughter is big sister. She will be so good I think and a big help. Me and my hubby are more ready for this baby then we were for our first. Most parents usually are though. I have been waiting for this for 2 years now ever since my daughter was 2.
My Profile
¢¾So.... basically....¢¾Name¢¾:DannyAge¢¾:36Sex¢¾:maleEye Color¢¾:brownHair Color¢¾:BrownWeight/Height¢¾:200 6'Birthday¢¾:Augest 14th 1970Birthplace¢¾:indianaParents¢¾:Pass AwaySiblings?¢¾:No real brothers-sister only 6 half brothers RIghty or Lefty¢¾:Righty¢¾This or That¢¾Chocolate or Vanilla¢¾:bothPepsi or Coke¢¾:cokeLove or Money¢¾:LoveMusic or T.V¢¾:musicMom or Dad¢¾:momDay or Night¢¾:nightRain or Sunshine¢¾:rainLight or Dark¢¾:lightKiss or Hug¢¾:bothHot Chocolate or Coffee¢¾:Hot Chocolate ¢¾Favorites¢¾Food¢¾:pastaSport¢¾:basball and hockeyClothes Brand¢¾:leviAnimal¢¾:DogsMovie¢¾:A walk to rembmerRestaurant¢¾:Bob's big boyT.V. Show¢¾:CSI-24Color¢¾:purpleBand¢¾:dont have 1Song¢¾: a friend to me by garth brooks
My Precious Sister
MY PRECIOUS SISTER I’m So Lonely (TERESA) Since God Took You Away There Is A Part Of Me Missing Things Will Never Be The Same Sometimes I Feel You Near I Hang My Head And Cry Wishing You Were Here I Want You To Talk To Me Like You Use To Do Why, Oh Why, Did God Choose You? HEAVEN'S NEW ANGEL There Is A New Angel In Heaven Today Although I Had To Suffer The Pain Of My Precious Sister Going Away! I Will Always Miss Her... “Wondering Why She Had To Part?” I Will Forever Hold Her Memory Deep Inside My Heart I Will Always Be Grateful For The Love We Shared I Will Treasure Her Memory Ever Day, Every Hour In The Comfort Of Her Love I Will Always Be .... Knowing I Have A Special Angel Watching Over Me! Its so hard to believe your really gone. And to know that we will no longer see your smiling face,Or hear the sound of your laughter. You left us with so many memories, Which will never part. You will always live deep inside our hearts. We are thankful that God gra
My Promise
I'm sorry i displease u I'm sorry i dont do what i should I'm sorry for not doing whats asked of me Even though i knew i should do Plz forgive me for displeasing u Plz forgive me for what i didnt do Plz forgive me for not doing whats asked of me Plz forgive me even though u dont have to I make this my written/typed promise to u i will do my best to make it up to u!!! You know i love you you know i do i now know y ur mom doesnt like my age and what it can do.
My Prayer For All God Our Lord Hear These Lost Ones Now>i Pray That
I say prayers now for all you . God,s Coming ..He is and soon. Oh Lord protect thy children from harm and give strenth to the people who work to perserve the ones(childern, women or men)) harmed by hate and ungodly one.s ..May God lighten your burdens, May he give you all love> May God hear us all and show us mercy an give us light> May God keep us strong our faith as days pass on. May he give us courage to face what is to come. May he heal the sick and all the people that he has touched with his love. May God keep me able and willing to go on doing Good work fo Him,, To show all you His Words and to show Love..May each one recieve a blessing and healing in our Lords Love and light. May you all come into the light with our Lord . May you all have your eyes open and take in Our Lords Holy word drink of his life everlasting. May you all place those words into your hearts and follow Our Lord . May the words comfort and keep you whole. God help all that have reached out to me in here .Co
My Prayer >>>>>>>>
I do not fit in this worLd, Ive known a while. My GOd Called me to do alot and I follow HIM . For he promises a great reward , Life everlasting . this I know of ALL TO WELL. I do serve my Lord, I put worldy thing away now. He loves me and gives me a new destanation . He keeps me strong .. I move on in his , Word of truth and light...My need be not important as I prepare for my lord to help me see that there are people still in need OUT THERE. They thirst for thy drink, oh Lord and for your light. They are beatiful souls reaching out. I Do answer with every shout . I reply Its my God,s words not mine..They listen and they also pray and they send me great thanks..; but im doing my Lords work as he ask.. , I need no Praise , God covers me with love. I need no satisfaction there of . but the people want and have to show me their love...So they tell me and I pray. Oh my Lord cant they see im a servant for thee. It,s you who send the word.. Im but a messanger of sorts. W
My Prayer>> Of Today>>
Hope your having a great day ; Blessed it be in Our Lords name ; That YOU be filled up with Him. May He show you a great reward in his heavens one day ; May he bless you with hi;s love today; ..He loves us so ; If All would see ; What he has shown to you ,to me.;The great light thAt He shows ; to you and me; Oh what a GLORIOUS DAY ; this could be ;IF EVEry man woman and child COULD be saved by or CHRIST who came and paid; For all sin on the cross; ;For the gift OF life he GAVE UP; TO save us from a death here of ;To pay for All sins wipe them clean.. in his BLOOd he did this fo you ; for me; for all that see..He is our sACRIFICAL LAMB; He was and WILL be....,It is the greatest of all love HE give to thee.... xoxoxoxo x diana;;hugs
My Profile Is Trippin On Me Past Couple Of Days! Grrr
Not sure what is going on, but not all my friends and or family are showing up for me all the time, so please don't think i am ignoring anyone or anything! Hugz ~BC~
My Profile
okay, seems to be a misunderstandin' here...I am NOT LEAVIN' this hypocritical site...evryone who's tellin' my ass ta just block this douchebag needs to understand somethin', she will just keep makin' new accts so she can always come back...why should I deal wit' that when my ass can just make a new acct wit' new settin's and just not add her little bitchboy. I don't go lookin' for drama and I sure as hell am not goin' to deal wit' everytime I come here have to be concerned about what happened next at my page or in my pics...that's just fucking assanine; she and her bitchboy can go be miserable an' "stalk" some other user now while I continue wit' my "grown-up" friends. Much fuckin' luvv to all and just lemme know if you really consider yourself a true friend of my typically quiet, sarcastic loner ass how you can find me.
My Profile
When you get a chance, go over to my main profile and add me as a friend there. I may sometimes post bulletins that may be of interest to you. You can link to my main profile through the blog on the family rules...if you are not already on my friend's list there.
My Princess Puked In The Jeep!!!!!
PUKING IN THE JEEP IS FORBIDDEN!!!! GRRRRRRR Bad puking! Meggles Puked In The Jeep...SO NASTY!!! poor Baby Tho...I Filled Her Full Of Mountain Dew And Tossed Her On The Sizzler, Spider, Tilt o whirl, Berry Go Round, And The Dragon...All in A Matter Of 4.3 Hours. Non Stop....So Yea. dont Do That!
My Private Pictures
For those of you that want to ask about my private pictures they are for my family only. If I don't know you then don't ask to be on my family list. Take the time to get to know me and I might let you see them. Please don't ask until you know me because it just pisses me off. I have only been here a couple days and 20 people have asked to be on my family list and those are the first words they ever said to me. If you don't want to get to know me then don't ask me to be friends.
My Pregnancy Blog Continued... 8-2-07 Update
8/2/2007 33 weeks. wow! im almost there. i went to my 3d ultrasound on tuesday, it was awesome. im gonna post pictures later on tonight. My first childbirth class was super boring, i already knew all the stuff they were telling me from watching TLC, and DHC. Today i went to the doctor. i didnt gain any weight WOOO HOOO. she says my baby is around 4 lbs and that they estimate she will be between 6.5- 7lbs when she is born. that makes me real happy. i was so scared i was gonna have to push out a 10lb baby. When jason was here he was super supportive and sweet, opening up doors, helping me up the stairs, in and out of the car. rubbing my feet and back. he went a little overboard but it was nice to have someone to take care of me. only 50 days to go!!!!
My Profile
Come by and check my new as well as old pics. Rate and comment please as well as my videos on my page. Have a great day.
My Preferences
im gay and horny all the time so i only want teen hunks aged 16 - 30 and no WOMEN !!!!! especially over 30, overweight piles of crap
My Princess
I am madly in love. I wanted to put her picture here but Firefox will not let me. Here name is Debs and she is everything to me. I fell for her years ago but was just now able to meet her. She is a gorgeous, sweet, strong woman and I will never let go. I love her.
My Prayer 4 U
Dear Lord' You know how every day all throughout the day I send you little prayers? Well, This little prayer keeps running through my head... God, there is one thing I wish you could do and I hope you don’t mind me asking if You will bless my computer too. Now I know that it's not normal to bless a motherboard, but listen a second and I’ll explain to you "My Lord". You see, that little metal box holds more than odds and ends. Inside those small components rests many of my FRIENDS. I know so much about them by the kindness that they give. And inside this little scrap of metal it somehow takes me to where they live. By faith is how I know each and every one of them much in the same way I have faith in You. We share in what life brings us and from that our friendship grows. Please take an extra minute from your duties up above to bless those in my address book and those on my “friends and Family” list that’s filled with so much love. Amen
My Privacy
I took all the naughty pictures away. Tired of being looked at for only that, so if you are angry over this, delete me from your friends list, its my body to do with what i wish . If you cannot handle that then hit the road. I will not sweat it. Like me for me. Which is more than a nude pic or drawing.
My Prayer!
My Prayer Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man, who's not a creep, One who's handsome, smart and strong One who loves to listen long, One who thinks before he speaks, One who'll call, not wait for weeks. Pulls out my chair and opens my door, Massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind, Knows what to answer to "how big is my behind?" I pray that this man will love me to no end, And always be my very best friend.
My Profile
i added a brief summary on my profile for those of you that dont really know me go ahead and read it I want people to know about my life before becoming my friends ty mwah blondie
My Promise
When time comes you find yourself in deep trouble Like a ship lost in the mid-sea during a storm You want to cry and need a shoulder to lean on Seem hopeless and could not move on... Got no one around whom to count on. Maybe you have totally forgotten me Have given up on me for somebody Think I am useless and nothing but garbage So you shun and make a mock on me. You might be surprised when you turn your back See me smile with open arms and extended hands For unlike them whom you prefer to be with than me I'll never give up... Turn my back on you. I'll be your candle Offer you light so you may not stumble
My Proof...the Lounge Convo
Please read this from the bottom to the top...(you all know how the lounges work) Pain Is My Passion™ ~ Diamond of GC ~: GOOD BYE DEN OF PAIN ........ THE LOUNGE IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED EVERYONE .... THANKS FOR MAKING THE MEMORIES UNFORGETTABLE Pain Is My Passion™ ~ Diamond of GC ~: and then there was one :( Pain Is My Passion™ ~ Diamond of GC ~: and cries .... Pain Is My Passion™ ~ Diamond of GC ~: ** goes to DJ booth and sits down ** takes a drink and thinks of all the memories Pain Is My Passion™ ~ Diamond of GC ~: i love you too shawn dont ever doubt those words Pain Is My Passion™ ~ Diamond of GC ~: cns will never die babe Pain Is My Passion™ ~ Diamond of GC ~: imma just sit for awhile Pain Is My Passion™ ~ Diamond of GC ~: holds door open Pain Is My Passion™ ~ Diamond of GC ~: kisses shawn on the lips Dj Tigg {Founder of K.O.P.E.}{Owner K.O.P.E. Playground}: cns will go on Dj Tigg {Founder of K.O.P.E.}{Owner K.O.P.E. Playground}: opens door its time for me to yo
My Proof...carla's Convo With A Friend
Okay the other party's name has been changed so that no drama is placed at her door step...As you will see it is time stamped so ya know it isn't bullshit...also if you all have carla on your page you will also notice that it is her messy name...enjoy ~++~ (8/7/2007 4:48:24 AM): CARLA!! UwIsHu HaDmE (8/7/2007 4:58:41 AM): HUH? ~++~ (8/7/2007 4:59:00 AM): WTF ARE YOU DOING UwIsHu HaDmE (8/7/2007 4:59:12 AM): huh? ~++~ (8/7/2007 4:59:17 AM): HAVE YOU AND SHAWN LOST YALLS MINDS UwIsHu HaDmE (8/7/2007 4:59:33 AM): ummm ok im lost ~++~ (8/7/2007 4:59:38 AM): THE LOUNGE ~++~ (8/7/2007 4:59:42 AM): DOP UwIsHu HaDmE (8/7/2007 4:59:46 AM): its closed ~++~ (8/7/2007 4:59:49 AM): HAVE YA'LL LOST YALLS FUCKIN MINDS UwIsHu HaDmE (8/7/2007 5:00:06 AM): why? cuz we shut it down? ~++~ (8/7/2007 5:00:55 AM): YEAH BECAUSE EVERYONE ALL YOUR CLOSE FRIENDS CAME THERE AND THERE WERE SO MANY MEMORIES IN THAT PLACE THATS ALOT TO LOOSE CLOSING A PLACE LIKE THAT UwIsHu HaDmE (8/7/2007 5:00:56 AM
My Prince
My Prince All my life i have been searching for a man like you you came along on your white horse and took me into your heart and soul now that I have you I am not letting go I saw the pain when you came to me your heart was scattered to pieces day by day i pick up those pieces and mend that precious heart of yours. I was lost for so long i never thought my handsome prince would ever come i felt like i was stuck in the darkest tower forever never thought i would ever be free. The day you came into my life i knew it was gonna be a happy ending the day you got down on one knee sent shivers down my spine and my heart race fast. I realized we were going to be forever you took me out of the darkness and helped me show my true colors and showed me there was more to love everyday... Written By: Virginia Itri For You Chad Lonely Soul
My Pregnancy Update 8-18-07
My Private Part Died Today
>>MY Private Part Died Today >> An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living the last of his life in a nursing Home. >> One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. >> Nurse Tracy asked if there was anything wrong. "Yes, Nurse Tracy," said Mr. Wallace, >>"My Private Part died today and I am very sad." > Knowing her patients were forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, >>"Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace, please accept my condolences. " >>The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out his >>pajamas, when he met Nurse Tracy. > "Mr. Wallace," she said, "You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that. >>Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas." "But, Nurse Tracy," replied Mr. Wallace, >>"I told you yesterday that my Private Part died." "Yes, you did tell me that, but why is it hanging >>out of your pajamas?" (You are going to love this !!!!!) "Well," he replied, "Today's the viewing
My Prison
Trapped in a cell I can't escape Sentenced to a life of pain No guards to punish me No other prisoners to abuse me No stone, bars, or glass Just flesh & bones hold me in Solitary is where my heart lies Death row is where my mind dies I don't long for freedom outside the walls of stone Freedom from these thoughts which have closed me in Contained, bound & beaten I am Not by doors, chains and sticks But by hatred desire and love An execution to be dealt No chair, noose or poison Not quick or painless But days of sorrow and nights of agony Which torment me continuously For all the days and nights that remain My Prison is me. No guards. No warden. No fences. No cells. Just Me. My hands and feet have no shackles or chains But bear the burdens of my actions. My body is not bruised and scarred from fights But my soul is scarred and bruised from my sins. No visitors, friends or family to speak to Just my pen and paper share my time, In My Pr
My Problem In A Nutshell
Ten years ago. I was the type of person that thought love was the most important thing in the world. If you loved somebody you gave everything you are to that person. You make any sacrifice. You took the pain with a smile. All the persons faults were forgivable. Any grand gesture that I needed to make I made. Move 2,000 miles away from your home where you don't know anyone Craig. SURE! Trust every one of them with my money and my things and when they break that trust give them another chance. Then another and another. Once you were in my "circle" it took damn near a betrayal of Caesaresque proportion. I would defend, support and stand beside my lovers until the end. To the hilt. In for a penny in for a pound. Nothing held back. And when my heart was broken I thought " It is okay. The next one will be the one that deserves my emotions and attention." And I began the search again. These days. I have no issue getting rid of people that offend or harm me. Betray me once
My Pregnancy Update 9-9-07
9/9/2007 STILL PREGNANT!!!!! when i went to the doctor last wed. im dialated to a 3 and 70% effaced now. i really wish she would hurry up and make her intrance. well i took my first dose of castor oil lastnight around 11, i took 2 tsp. 4 hours later.. nothing.. so i took some more...this morning i was having small contractions... so i went to walmart and walked around, contractions got a bit stronger and a little diarreah but nothing bad, came home and was tired so i went to sleep. woke up and contractions were gone. :( went to longhorn for dinner and came home felt like i had to use the bathroom again and contractions have started up again. i took a little more oil mixed with coke so hopefully this time will make her come out.she needs to hurry up! p.s. i cannot have sex. i have noone to have sex with and no i dont want to have sex with any of you.
My Pride And Joy
My son when brought into this world You changed my life in so many ways I held you as you cried On what seemed like endless days But instead of feeling like a chore It only made me love you more Seeing your smile brightens my whole day When im feeling down and blue Thinking of you is what I do With your ten little fingers And ten little toes Those big blue eyes And that cute button nose It washes all the clouds away And brings hope for a better day
My Precious Gifts
Darkness surrounds me but, I see some light Its my angels that guide me through this eternal night Pain, loneliness, and hopelessness is around Except in my heaven where my angels surround Im alone without my true love, thats gone away But, my angels tell me they are here to stay The day will come they will spread their wings and fly At that time,will I feel like Im going to die? God gave me these angels on loan Im sure The love they give me is so honest and pure My angels, my babies, what a beautiful sight Thank you for taking me from this eternal night
My Prayer
In the name of Jesus Let us pray Father please walk with us through the bad times as well as the good May we be heard and understood from the suburbs to the hood May you judge us by our hearts and not by our mistakes And see that we get a breakthrough however long that it takes May you fill that void in our souls that will lay our fears to rest Cause there is no way we can live for Jesus when we're liven in the flesh So I pray that you allow our sprits to be born Go strong move on know right from wrong Verse John Chapter 2 verse 15 do not love the world or anything in the world and we know what that means But lessen we know the distance we need to keep away from fire to keep it missing That doesn't mean we'll listen Lord you take care of fools and babies You teach women to honor their men and men respect their ladies But lately so many of us have gone a stray Doing wrong for so long that we've forgotten the way Please bring us back home and still in us the word witch
My Preference
There are many things that I prefer in a man. I believe that everyone has their own idea of a "perfect" person. And to describe him is not to seclude anyone it is just what I like. When a tall men is around me, my heart flutters though in the recent past I have dated a man the same height as I. I prefer a dominant man though a man that switches can allow me to express a different side of me as well. I prefer a man to have dark hair though I have dated men that were blonde to bald. I love blue eyes but hazel to green are wonderful as well. I prefer slim to a little muscle (a basketball player's type body)but have dated men that were very muscular and others that were a little over weight. I just don't like big guts.(the beer belly) Like I said these are the things I like and don't like. Doesn't mean that I have to have them because a man that has the best personality wins me over everytime.
My Promise To Myself
wow, let me say that Over the years ive battled many fights, either it be with friends or family or even fellow bosses, and of course the girlfriend who is on thier way to be the ex or the other way around lol. but one fight continuously raged, and that was the battle with myself! ive used drugs form what i can remember, started at the age of 14, i used and was introduced to all kinds of drugs as i grew older, and my addiction was very hard to stop. I never got as bad as to slam anything in my viens thank god but ive done my fare share of the hardcore shit to say the least (never did heroine). now these past few years have been the hardest for me because i did stop all drugs but i still used meth and at one point in time i almost lost total control of my life to it. but now its differant (yes i know all of us addicts say this) i had a great wakeup you could say about everything, my life, my family and even my inner self. the truth of course was a huge blow to me and
My Problems :(
Hello yall...i have been in Jackson, TN at the hospital seeing my grandma this week. She is in the's been one problem after another. she has been on a ventilator for the past three weeks. she has cancer in her lungs and in her she just had heart surgery and dealt with infections. she is the greatest woman i know. i hate seeing her in that hospital bed..she just lays there..asleep all the time. i am surprising alot of people with how strong i am being...but honestly i just want to fall down and cry. i can't begin to imagine what my life would be like without her.
My Primary Blog...
is at (trying to get all things that are the same in one place.)
My Private Stuff...
ok, I had a private folder with pics that i didn't want everyone to see....unfortunately, I got online a little too late and some people already went to this folder... I can say, the people who did, were not on my friends/family list, and I want to tell you all thank you for not being nosy....It is greatly appreciated.....
My Prayer ..............
Now I lay me Down to sleep I pray the Lord My shape to keep Please no wrinkles Please no bags And please lift my butt Before it sags. Please no age spots Please no gray And as for my belly, Please take it away. Please keep me healthy Please keep me young, And thank you Dear Lord For all that you've done.
My Profile
hey people i will be deleting my profile on here within the next few days, i just dont care to have it anymore, for those of you that still want to stay in touch let me know and i will give you my personal e-mail. take care and god bless each and every one of you tim
My Profile...
I was updating my profile the other day and after I submitted it, fubar did a bouncer check and then didn't save my changes and actually deleted my About Me section. I haven't had the time to sit down and rewrite it yet. Sorry. If anyone has any ideas of things I should add to my page, let me know. Thanks, Orgasmic Aimee If you read my blogs, please rate them.
My Promise
When time comes you find yourself in deep trouble Like a ship lost in the mid-sea during a storm You want to cry and need a shoulder to lean on Seem hopeless and could not move on... Got no one around whom to count on. Maybe you have totally forgotten me Have given up on me for somebody Think I am useless and nothing but garbage So you shun and make a mock on me. You might be surprised when you turn your back See me smile with open arms and extended hands For unlike them whom you prefer to be with than me I'll never give up... Turn my back on you. I'll be your candle Offer you light so you may not stumble
My Preety Lava Lamp
My Proud Of My Brother
Entry for November 14, 2007 Well alot has happened in a short time. The reason I am writing this blog is because I want to let everyone know what is going on in my life. My trailer is almost done we are waiting on the shower pan and then we need to put up the walls and finsh the flooring and we will be done. Then I have the joy of going to the storage and taking out what I will need and want to put in the trailer .... My baby brother the one and only one I claim is now in boot camp the other night he called to say he will have to write to use because they took his cell phone away from him I do not know how that boy will live that is like a life line to him lol . But I am so proud of my brother. I hope he does well in there. He is in my prayers and I do hope you will keep him in yours to. With my love always hugs Jamie
My Princess
A Beautiful Angel glances my way. Her smile warms my day. I cant help but to think of her beautiful face. Her eyes make me feel as though I’m floating in outter space. I float there in a daze. I dont think anything can give me a faze. I want her in my arms, now and forever. (Dedicated to my lovely woman, Alexis)
My Promise To Ypu!!
You are wonderful to me, I'm glad you are my friend. Hopefully forever, Until the end. You make me feel special With all that you do It makes me feel so lucky, Every time I'm around you. You are there for me, Through good and bad. It makes me happy, Like I could never be sad. I just want to thank you, For everything you do. I promise someday, I'll do the same for you. FRIENDS ARE LIKE ANGELS Our friends are like angels, Who brighten our days, In all kinds of wonderful, Magical ways. Their thoughtfulness comes, As a gift from above, And we feel we are surrounded, By warm, caring love. Like upside-down rainbows, Their smiles bring the sun, And they fill ho-hum moments, With laughter and fun. Friends are like angels, Without any wings, Blessing our lives, With the most precious things. SOMEONE THERE FOR YOU Someone you can believe in; Someone who is there for you, Reminding you to have faith in yourself. Someone who
My Problem
Whats wrong with that am i really that bad girls dont like me i make them mad is it how i look cuz i could change that shouldnt be my body cuz im skinny not fat maybe what it is is my personality i could change that but then i wouldnt be me or maybe its because most girls think im a creep but they dont really know me, they dont get that deep noone ever tells me that they wanna get to know me and maybe thats why im so god damn lonely im rapping this for you today so you know how i feel i gotta learn how to cope, gotta learn to deal so if you know what my problem is hit me up and let me know Dustin B. Unrath
My Private Pics Please Read And Pray
I made some pics for a little boy who has captured my heart on this site.He's a fighter and very cute.I pray for him and his family in this journey they are on.I have a private album with pics I have made for his parents for those who keep asking to see them.I don't want rates is why they are closed all I want is you all to pray for him and his parents. Thanks Angela here is the link to visit and pray for him ty just click on his pix and story above...
My Present A Gift..its Free Thank You!!!
My Prerogative
My Promise
Death is the one word, The one promise, That I have made, To myself and the world. I have already promised, My soul to the Devil. Provided he don't wreck it, Only worship and shit thats evil. But the one thing I'd truly miss, Of this "beautiful" and "perfect" place. Are the friends I once had, Are Bec and Hayley's face. Althought they are gone, I can still feel them here. Maybe they live in limbo, Maybe they live in fear. Death is the only word, The only way. The only promise, That I have made.
My Prayer
My prayer Would be a Husband That would stay And Not go away! To be able to walk And Not wheel in this chair thru the park! To believe in me today And Cry no more this way! To learn to live And Be myself and give! To make the monster That haunts me Set me free! By Wilma Walker
My Pregp
Well.... I already had my lil girl McKalya she will b 1 1/2 the day after Christmas.... Well we found out I was pregnant again... except this time not so good... I found out I was pregnant when I was 5 weeks n 4 days... Well when I ended up bein 6 weeks n a day... I get told the blood work i had done went from 1000 n somethin all the way down to 500.. so I ended up havin a miscarriage... Well thats all imma say for now toodles ya'll LOVE ME ALWAYS, *~* TONYA *~*
My Preteen Daughter
I'm a single mother in the mist of raising a preteen daughter whos age is 12. Life can be demanding at times especially when you also have a 2yr old son right on your heels. I embrace every day as a journey through the unknown. As I navigate through I remind myself time is unique, precious and very significant not only for me but my daughter as well. She is sorting out who she is and who she wants to become. She is taking shape in every imaginable way-body, mind, and soul. I'm worring about the role I will play in her life as all these changes take place during a few short years as she becomes a woman. When she was younger, she spent her time playing with dolls-but now, I find her and her girlfriends trying on makeup and picking out bras in magazines. One minute she is on edge with excitement, the next, stopped dead in her tracks by fear-only to bust out in hysterical laughter, and then betrayed by her tears. Hormones, well, that is something we as woman all deal with. Like crying for
My Private Photo Album...
It's private for a reason. I don't owe you a "peek"...what the hell have you done for me? What, you think I fucking owe you? I've never asked for anything from any of you, so don't act like you're "special" me, in the scheme of things, you're nothing to me. I've already been blocked by some people for telling them to Fuck Off when they continued to nag at me. Good, less assholes I have taking up space on my continually growing, yet totally useless fubar friends list. If you're in my family list, or I visit a lounge and we chat in there, and are on "friendly" terms, you're all good. But if you're nothing more than just wasted space in my list, think twice about what exactly it is that I owe you. Go ahead, call me a bitch, call me a know you want to. But hey, if me acting like a fucking cunt is the only way I can get my point across, than expect it happening alot. Another point I want to make...Does the private album have a NSFW notice? It's something wort
My Pre-op
For those of you that don't know..... I was in the hospital back in August for stomach pains (which they never figured out) but in the process they discovered that I have a 2 golf ball sitting side by side sized tumor sitting on my Adrenal Gland which is being removed this coming Thursday the 13th. Had my surgery pre-op appt. yesterday afternoon. gave blood (yay, i get to wear a pink wrist band for the next 6 days that has a number on it that they will match up to my blood/lab results the day of the surgery, incase I need to have a transfusion) & had a chest xray done. Got my list of do's and don'ts. Ugh.. I can't smoke a cig at all the morning of my surgery. I have to be at the hospital Thursday morning @ 7am. Boy am I going to be one cranky biotch that morning. And there's a chance they may cut off atleast one of my nails (to be able to get the monitor thingie on my fingertip to record my blood oxygen levels and heart rate.) And I will be staying atleast overnight. I hav
My Prayer(for Andrew My Cousin)
My Prayer to the Heavens, To the skies above and beyond the stars of the galaxy I reach out to thee.. My cousins life i entrust to within thee.. And yet I so pray he comes back to me and my family.. We all love him whole heartedly Hes a kind lovin gent With his whole life ahead of him yet Which shouldnt be taken nor considered spent.. I plead with the gods above Please let us have my cousin back to love Hes done no wrong no harm to any soul Let his light continue to glow for all mankind to show that your love and diviness does stand bold That the gods do have a master plan although we dont understand Protect him this night i pray and in your arms keep him safe... We love you andrew we want you back so dont give up the fight youve got to fight back...
My Princesmy Wife
For My Dear Wife, On This Usual Day; I Write You This Poem, In My Own Special Way. I Wanted To Tell You, In Words Of My Own; You're The Most Precious Person, That I've Ever Known. You're The Prettiest Girl, Than Any I've Seen; Your Body Is Flawless, So Slender And Lean. Your Eyes Have That Sparkle, That I Can't Live Without; One Day Without Them, And I'd Die There's No Doubt. And I Just Lose Control, When I Glance At Your Hair; Those Curls Are Just Stunning, So Perfect And Rare.
My Preferences With Women
My Preferences With Women I might come off shallow here, but there is no sense in me lowering my standards. I want a non smoker, at least not around me. Preferably with out kids (damn near impossible in this state). If they have kids, the less the better. Don't get me wrong, I love kids. I truly admire single moms because I am the product of one, but I need attention too. If the girl has kids, I hope she wants more, because my goal in life is to be the father that I never had. The girl must be prettier than me (yeah, I just said that). Someone smaller than me, I have to be able to pick you up. Being a little taller is acceptable. I do like them younger, but age isn't a huge deal if they meet the rest of the criteria. Someone who is supportive, and honest. Assertive, but not too controlling. Someone with pretty liberal political views. I would like a good girl, but not one who is way too uptight. I also don't want a long distance relationship, I'd prefer girls in a 20 mile radius. Also,
My Precious Friend
I search through the treasures inside my heart. You're standing with the key to a precious part, Saved for the friendship between you and I. We have a special friendship we can't deny. Your friendship is one that I adore, One that will last a lifetime and more. Just an ordinary friendship will never compare, To the memories that special friends share. You are there when my dreams are flying high, And you're there when all I can do is cry. Your friendship's carried in my heart everyday, Then it can never be too far away. I'm here to comfort you or laugh with you, And I'll understand whatever you're going through. The miracle of our friendship goes both ways, It will last between us all of our days
My Prefect Woman
My prefect woman: - Simple - Loving - Caring - Not afriad of being herself - Loves kids - Likes me for me - Loves metal and industrial - Speaks her mind - Doesnt mind getting drunk once and awhile It takes some people their whole life to find that perfect someone. I am glad to say that I have found that someone! She is everything I have ever wanted and way more! She is the only one that makes me smile! And I just cant wait to be with her!! Lacey Cash, I love you so much and you are my prefect woman and I will never let you go and I will do whatever I have to, to keep you happy! Love, Aaron
My Promise
I sit here, looking back on memories of a not so long ago time, places we have been, things you have said, plans we made.. I still feel your closeness, the touch of your hand on my skin, so warm, tender and sweet.. The feel of your arms enclosing me with comfort, giving me a sense of security against my fears, embracing me with love; Your kiss filling me with a devotion in which all have failed to compare.. These are a few of the many things you have shown me, that have meant the world to me.. And they are the things that bind your heart to mine, and give me strength when I feel I can no longer be.. I know not the the depth of the pain I have caused in you with the choices I have made, nor can I take them back, Or ease the pain in your heart with simple words, but this promise I will make.. I won't always be the best person, I know I will make mistakes.. but I promise you I will be the best I can be, whatever that may take. I will give you th
*~*~*my Princess*~*~*
NuttinButtSexxy We sit conversing of anything and everything. We have danced under the canopy of Stars, I have held you close, pressing your warmth up against mine and admired you with the Moon caressing your hair and shoulders. Now we relax, you have kicked your heels off and reclined with the delight of a playful girl, I sit beside you taking your beauty in as you lift your legs and place them on my lap. Again I feel your warmth as well as see the beautiful lines and sexy curves of your delicate but luscious legs. I smile a knowing smile and you return one that is laced with innocence and seductiveness mixed together. We lift two glasses of your favorite drink, tonight you chose a fragrant full bodied wine. I delight in watching you swirl the wine in your glass and can only think of how you make me swirl inside with Passion and Desire for you just as easy. You take the glass to your lips and part them ever so slightly as you tilt your sultry neck and drink deep. I can no longer brin
My Princess Video
Here's a little something I made for My princess...
My Profile Music
My Private Part Died Today...
My Private Part Died Today An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living the last of his life in a nursing Home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked if there was anything wrong. "Yes, Nurse Tracy," said Mr. Wallace, "My Private Part died today and I am very sad." Knowing her patients were forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace, please accept my condolences." The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out his pajamas, when he met Nurse Tracy. "Mr. Wallace," she said, "You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas." "But, Nurse Tracy," replied Mr. Wallace, "I told you yesterday that my Private Part died." "Yes , you did tell m e that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?" (You are going to love this !!!!!) "Well," he replied, "Today's the viewing."
My Prayer
My Dad wrote this the year before he died I hope you love it as much as I do I treasure it I have only two the he wrote he had wrote others but they were lost after he died these two were they only ones that survived. My Prayer and Three Loves Have I. Please enjoy these I know he would be honored to have you read them My Prayer Let me not die till I’ve done for Thee My work here on earth whatever it be Call me not hence till my mission’s fulfilled Let me not leave my ground untilled Impress this on me that no other one Can do my part that I leave undone For each in Your garden, has a spot To labor for life and tire not Give me strength in my faithful toil To bring fruitfulness from the barren soil An instrument for You I want to be To bid man to my table to dine with me To be the means one soul to save From the horrors of a hopeless grave Yet may my spirit be content To do Your will wherever sent Whether at home or in
My Pregnant Doggie
Ok, so here is what I did. I am reading Stephanie Lynn's blog awhile back about her possibly wanting another little doggie. And hearing her tale of her doggie it kinda makes me want one. So I go investigating breeds, looking up breeders, researching the breeds, looking on the internet for certain types of dogs. It was a toss up between a daschund, a min pin or a teacup poodle. I eventually settled on a female half min pin half daschund, perfect right. We adopted her from being put to sleep at the local animal shelter. I found her on pet by accident, and fell in love with her picture not knowing she was right here in my town and half n half of the two seperate breeds my husband and I were at odds about. I saw it as a sign that she was meant for me. Turns out she is a wonderful, sweet, HOUSE TRAINED (thank the lord) most loveable dog I have ever seen. And unbenounced to us at the time, she was/is pregnant. Took her to the vet a few days after I got her to see about getting
My Precious Mi Amour...
My Profile Name
yes it is true i am deleting people cuz i am so sick of the fake ass friends that only wanna talk to you like mmmmmm every once in a blue moon or the kind that wanna add you then never talk to you again and yeah i am sooooo sick of the ones that make it clear that they are ignoring you so i am gonna go thru my friends list and probably almost everyone will be gone those of you who know i care alot about ya will not be goin anywhere you guys have been the best of friends
My Preference
Hello everybody. I'm the guy who likes Fubar, and the way they DON'T censor photos like they do on MySpace, Hi-5, and Zorpia. Anyway, certain "friends" e-mail me and ask if they want to cyber. I say yes. Then, they give me a link to another adult porn site where I have to whip out a credit card. I do have a webcam. No, I will not go first. Either the girl goes first, or we'll go together, BUT I will not do this: I WILL NOT PAY TO CYBER! That is like going to Baseline and Waterman, near where I live, and there's a lot of skanky, drugged-out ladies that want mostly to give head. Why should I pay for sex? That's BULL SHIT! If a girl volunteers to cyber, then the rules are: 1. Turn on the cam. 2. Lift off your top. 3. Drop down your pants and panties. 4. Aim the cam towards your pussy. 5. Play with yourself there. I then may drop my pants and underwear and join you. It does not cost from 1 cent to +$100 to cyber. I will not pay some Ron Jeremy-lookalike or the Russia
My Prerogative
It's love it's love love get busy Everybody's talking all this stuff about me Now now why don't they just let me live Oh oh oh i don't need permission Make my own decisions oh That's my prerogative They say I'm crazy I really don't care That's my prerogative They say I'm nasty But I don't give a damn Gettin' girls is how I live Some ask me questions Why am I so real But they don't understand me I really don't know the deal About a brother trying hard to make it right Not long ago before I won this fight sing Everybody's talking all this stuff about me Why don't they just let me live (Tell me why) I don't need permission Make my own decisions oh That's my prerogative (It's my prerogative) It's my prerogative It's the way that I wanna live (It's my prerogative) I can do just what I feel (It's my prerogative) No one can tell me what to do (It's my prerogative) Cause what I'm doin' I'm doin' for you ah Don't get me wrong
My Profile!!
*I'm downdatin' again. 'S coo', bro. Deal wid it. Man! 90% uh Fubar users wont eyeball dis anyway. Slap mah fro! To de 10% dat do, I'm so'ry, but youse now dumba' fo' it. Man!** Well...I'm 29 now, so cut me some slack, Jack. It's real nodin' spectacular. Ah be baaad... ah' bet dat's goin' t'happen when ah' turn 30. ah' spent mah' 29d birdday at da damn Rustic Saloon in Ohio. 'S coo', bro. Yeah. Lop some boogie...I'll neva' drink one uh Dain's shots again, even dough HE insists ah' will. ah' spent da damn last hour in mah' truck, goin' between sleep and vomitin' out da damn doo'. ah' guess it's not some baaaad time unless ya' puke. Dank God ah' fo'gots mah' camera. WORD!..(Oh, who am ah' kiddin'? I'm sho' man I'll drink his shots, ah' can't resist any shot. Man!..)Pray ah' duzn't fo'get mah' camera dis time... Ohio wuz fine fun. 'S coo', bro. Met some lot uh interestin' sucka's. ah' gots de stars on mah' neck done at Body Language Tattoo on Hamilton Avenue. Dat wuz mah' birdday present
My Prince Charming
A few nights ago I happen to run upon my prince charming. He feels my waking hours with his warmth and my sleeping hours with his dreams. I don't know what lies ahead for me and my price charming . Nor do I want to wake up. I do know that he has became a big part of my life even thou we are over a thousand miles away. We have spent hours on the phone as well as on here sharing our dreams , our wants and our desires. He calls me his 'Babydoll' his 'princes'. Could I be going down the wrong road? I dont know . Do I want to be waked up so I don't fall so hard ? No , I'll answer that now. As for my prince charming , Thank you for the way you make me feel like a woman , feel wanted , and feel desired.
My Prayer
A Prayer in Time of War Thou, whose deep ways are in the sea, Whose footsteps are not known, To-night a world that turned from Thee Is waiting at Thy Throne. The towering Babels that we raised Where scoffing sophists brawl, The little Antichrists we praised The night is on them all. The fool hath said . . . The fool hath said. And we, who deemed him wise, We who believed that Thou wast dead, How should we seek Thine eyes? How should we seek to Thee for power Who scorned Thee yesterday? How should we kneel, in this dread hour? Lord, teach us how to pray! Grant us the single heart, once more, That mocks no sacred thing, The Sword of Truth our fathers wore When Thou wast Lord and King. Let darkness unto darkness tell Our deep unspoken prayer, For, while our souls in darkness dwell, We know that Thou art there. Alfred Noyes I say this every night, to keep me safe and to keep me in this country because I know that maybe jus
My Prayers Are With Her
As always start at the bottom. Name: ♫Punkin™♫ ♥♥... (Online) Level: Henchman (22) Gender: Female Plymouth, IN Buzz: 0% -- dry, get them a drink! Enter message: ->♫Pun...: I do wish you the best of luck .. Later.z ->♫Pun...: I won't bother you no more .. you think I am just a rambling ex ... but I am the one that is smart enough to say he isn't worth it ... ->♫Pun...: I really hope you get to read what was talked about. I have no ill will toward you .. I just don't want to see you go through the same shit I did ->♫Pun...: all I have to say is he is good ... I wish you the best of luck .. you are gonna need it ... ->♫Pun...: he used the same lines on me Punkin I swear to you ->♫Pun...: why didn't you just take him wiht you when you came here?
My Prayer
Tonight as I prepare to sleep I will say a prayer For the one who has my heart I will ask that he has the things in life That will give him the most joy Or that he be placed on the path That will lead him there I’m not going to lie I am hoping that it will lead Him back to me But it’s as the good Lord wants Tonight I will say a prayer That I have the courage to let go Or the strength to hold on And the piece of mind to know That I am doing what is right For the both of us Because the confusion Is tearing me apart Only God knows the plan It's as he wants Tonight as I lay in bed I will cry tears of joy Just for knowing him Tears of pain For not having him And tears of heartbreak For loosing him And again I will pray That he will someday Learn to forgive me And accept that I only tried to love him The way we were intended to love As I lay here I will drift to sleep Envisioning what could have been And dream about being wrapped In his str
My Private Folder ....
I have opened my private folder to my friends. They are not marked nsfw , so please rate and comment them. They will stay opened until someone marks them nsfw.
My Profile
Not like anyone cares but to thsoe few who actually talk to me im gonna be deletin my profile...might just be for a few days might be for forever..i dunno yet...havin a hard time gettin into and figurin out this website..i do have myspace tho...thats nice n simple enough for my dumb ass so if u got it lemme know
My Prayer
O lord we pray o lord,make this house a home, may love dwell deep within it's walls, and may peace and harmony regin. May it prove to be a strong and worthy shield of protection against the elements of nature and man.... may all who enter it's doors find comfort,solace,and friendship, May your light shine through its windows to guide and brighten each day;May tou bless and keep safe our home, o lord we pray
My Prince Charming...
I treasure so much this love that we share I'm pretty sure it can take us anywhere to the sky the stars even the moon any moment with you can never come too soon i want you to promise you'll never let me go love me like the kind from a picture show wrap me in your arms and hold me all night wipe away my tears and promise it will all be alright hold my hand and run through the rain hold me under a star filled sky and tell me how much you love me. always see me in the middle of a crowd call out my name, love me out loud take me on the scariest ride in the park whisper you Love in the dark kiss me in public let everyone stare show them how this is amazing but rare give me piggy back rides and kiss me on the head show you listen to all the things I've said just be my Prince charming thats all i ask I'm sure you'll find it to be an easy task cuz your already perfect in all the things you do and thats why I'm so in love with you and as long as your there for me I'll co
My Promise As Your Friend!
1. When you are sad - I will help you get drunk and plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you sad. 2. When you are blue - I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile - I will know you've finally had sex. 4. When you are scared - I will rag on you about it every chance I get. 5. When you are worried - I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be and tell you to quit whining. 6. When you are confused - I will use little words. 7. When you are sick - stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have. 8. When you fall - I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. This is my oath - I pledge it till the end. Why, you ask? Because you are my friend. lol ~Larry~
My Private Part Died
An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked him if there was anything wrong, 'Yes, Nurse Tracy,' said Mr. Wallace. 'My Private Part died today, and I am very sad. ' Knowing her patients were a little forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, 'Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace. Please accept my condolences. ' The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out of his pajamas. He met Nurse Tracy. 'Mr. Wallace,' she said, 'You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas. ' 'But, Nurse Tracy I can't,' replied Mr. Wallace. 'I told you yesterday that my Private Part died. 'Yes,' said Nurse Tracy, 'you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?' (You've gotta l
**my Prayer**
My Prayer.... Heavenly Father who stands above all lift my spirits high I don't want to fall Let me be safe in the guidence of your hands let me walk in peace of this place dalled Gods land. As I struggle for help please give me a word of advice don't leave me in the dark where I know I'll pay a price I need your advice to live out of harm so pleaseopen your arms so I can feel safe With you is the safest place you listen when nobody would and you always bless me with wonderful things. So I thankyou Heavenly Father for being there in my time of need "AMEN"
My Promise T O Kathy
Have So Long Not Cried, I Cry Now See her dancing on the pale moon yonder. Wavy hair breathing that life into me like a delicious wonder. To take her hand and march gayly down the green side hills. To never cry again, as love is the savior now. That untold love story, of the two who wonder aimlessly through the chosen relm. To sample love and taste the fire that love burns brighter, in the fires of heart. Will wonder a thousand hells to know her scent and feel her spirit lift me. To never cry again, as love is the savior now. Now comes the day, the truth comes free, that he and he is me, have nothing to offer in this life. A failure, and wronger, a laugher in disguise. To play with fate and dare to show my love, and beg her love in turn. To cry forever, as love is the lost one now. Let not his tears be seen, let not his weeping sobbing breaths be heard. He is unworthy of this love, as God has cursed him in promise. He, and he is me. Stood atop the
My Profile
Tottenhamlisa@ fubar
My Promise...
It's a promise made of love And it's one I'll always keep, The essence of my strength When weary and feeling weak. It's the sunshine of each day Peace and comfort in the night, It's what soothes my very soul Letting me know it'll be alright. This beautiful gift from Heaven Was carried on an angels wings, The most precious melody of all That made this lonely heart sing. A promise built on forever The way it was meant to be, This love never fades with time My promise of love for eternity. ~For You Babe~
My Prediction...
Ok. Most of you know that I am a psychic. Well, for awhile now I have been feeling something "strange" going on in the Universe. The vibrations have changed and I've been feeling like magnitisms have been shifted. I am feeling the same feeling I had a few days before 9/11, fear, anxiety, confusion... Something major is about to happen. I know, sounds crazy, but I am telling you...SOMETHING is about to happen. I just wanted to express and document this so in case something does indeed happen, I know I wasn't crazy (as opposed to some of you may think...LOL!) Just know we are in a Time of Change. Just be aware of all of your sorroundings and treasure every day of your life. Be thankful and treasure your friends and may all change tomorrow. Again. I know I may sound crazy, but if I am right...just know that I documented this on this date.
My Prison
My eyes these walls I think I'm in a prison The walls are familiar They're thin I think they're made of skin The cold the pain The feelings that I feel I thought that I was dreaming But I realize it is real I try to escape But these walls They follow wherever I go I scratch at the walls And blood begins to pour It comes From my arms And runs down to the floor But wait whats this A gun with a bullet The pain is so real I might just be insane The gun points at me I stare up And see a bright white flash The pain It hurts I think its in my brain The gun has gone off A noise A smell That of gun powder And comes a great bright white I follow the light I think I found my escape A numbness like morphine flows all through my veins It feels good so soothing Its taking away my pain My blood its flowing to the floor My blood it made a trail to the door I'm out I've escaped But Now its cold and dark A sound a voice Too bad he was so y
My Promise To You
My Profile Pic...
This is just an explanation for the few down-rating morons out there who don't realize what a tribute is. My profile picture is of J.R. Bob Dobbs. The patron of something called 'The Church of the Sub-Genius' ( Go to the website to learn more about it. Just as an interesting tid-bit, it was created by Ivan Stang and Dr. Philo Drummond. Though they claim that it was created by the worlds greatest salesman J.R. Bob Dobbs in 1953. They have a a syndicated radio talk show called 'The Hour of Slack' from WCSB at Cleveland State University. Listen, read, but don't down rate until you use your brain and figure something out about what you see.
My Prayer
Dear God, I lay upon this bed with my eyes closed,and I hear this voice inside me.I feel like crying,and I don't know why.I look upon you for guidance,and I have been shutting you out,and again I don't know why.I feel lost,tied between two worlds,and they are pulling at my flesh.I stretch,catlike movements,and I talk to you a little more.I know in my heart you have never left me,so why don't I feel you there.Why do I feel so all along.I remember so many times,I could feel your hand on my shoulder,your whisper in my ear,or you carried me when I needed to be lifted.Why am I like a beacon of light,disolving in the midst of the evening glow.I pray to you,for not my soul,But for the ones whos soul is lost.I pray for those who has found thee,and have lost.I ask nothing of me.I shall hold my own,and within my darkness of nights,I shall find thee.Give those who have nothing,All you have given me.Place your hand upon them,and give them what you did me,and Father,let there souls be one,as y
My Prayer(s)
Dear Lord, I thank you for this day. I thank You for my being able to see and to hear this morning. I'm blessed because You are a forgiving God and an understanding God. You have done so much for me and You keep on blessing me. Forgive me this day for everything I have done, said or thought that was not pleasing to you. I ask now for Your forgiveness.. Please keep me safe from all danger and harm. Help me to start this day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude. Let me make the best of each and every day to clear my mind so that I can hear from You. L et me not whine and whimper over things I have no control over. Let me continue to see sin through Your eyes and acknowledge it as evil. And when I sin, let me repent, and confess with my mouth of my wrongdoing, and receive forgiveness. And when this world closes in on me, let me remember Jesus' example -- to slip away and find a quiet place to pray. It's the best response when I'm pushed beyond my limits. I know that when I
My Pregnant Lab Going Crazy For The Water Lmao
My baby girl Cinnamon Just Loves The water Lmao
My Profile
My Profile Pic
I was told my profile pics was not appropriate by an individual. I don't think it's affensive or in bad taste. maybe this person is just jellous or maybe I just have a
My Prayer
Let me do my work each day; and if the darkened hours of despair overcome me, may I not forget the strength that comforted me in the desolation of other times. May I still remember the bright hours that found me walking over the silent hills of my childhood, or dreaming on the margin of a quiet river, when a light glowed within me, and I promised my early God to have courage amid the tempests of the changing years. Spare me from bitterness and from the sharp passions of unguarded moments. May I not forget that poverty and riches are of the spirit. Though the world knows me not, may my thoughts and actions be such as shall keep me friendly with myself. Lift up my eyes from the earth, and let me not forget the uses of the stars. Forbid that I should judge others lest I condemn myself. Let me not follow the clamor of the world, but walk calmly in my path. Give me a few friends who will love me for what I am; and keep ever burning before my vagrant steps the kindly light of hop
My Private Part Died
MY PRIVATE PART DIED An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked him if there was anything wrong, 'Yes, Nurse Tracy ,' said Mr. Wallace. 'My Private Part died today, and I am very sad.' Knowing her patients were a little forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, 'Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace. Please accept my condolences.' The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out of his pajamas. He met Nurse Tracy. 'Mr. Wallace,' she said, 'You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas.' 'But, Nurse Tracy I can't,' replied Mr. Wallace. 'I told you yesterday that my Private Part died. ' Yes ,' said Nurse Tracy , 'you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?' (You've gotta love this ....) 'Well,' he replied, 'Today is the viewing.'
My Presidential Platform
I have decided to become a Write-In Candidate & here is my platform: (1) Press 1 for English is immediately banned. English is the official language, speak it or wait at the border until you can. (2) We will immediately go into a two year isolationist posture to straighten out the country's attitude. NO imports, no exports. We will use the 'Walmart' policy 'If we ain't got it, you don't need it.' (3) When imports are allowed, there will be a 100% import tax on it. (4) All retired military personnel will be required to man one of our many observation towers on the southern border. (six month tour) They will be under strict orders not to fire on SOUTHBOUND aliens. (5) Social security will immediately return to its original state. If you didn't put nuttin' in, you ain't getting nuttin' out. The president nor any other politician will not be able to touch it. (6) Welfare - Checks will be handed out on Fridays at the end of the 40 hour school week and the successfu
My Prison Name
More Fun Quizzes at
My Pretty Words...tehe
this is just 1 of my poems...feel free to let me know what You think! IN YOUR EYES you are holding me, loving me so carefuly, the way you touch me, as if i'm fragile, i'd break won't break...just ache... to feel you inside me. your eyes, are like a mirror, my heart is look at me as if i were the only thing you know sweet, fluid, smoldering hot... you look right into me feel what i am to you looking into my soul, with those eyes seeing what lies inside of me. wet, anticipating every touch, every move of your body...your skin slides over me, like a blanket. you lie on me, and the heat, the feel of your body, just makes me want to scream... like the howling of a wolf i want this..i need you.... all i want to do is just be.. even to just lightly touch the surface of who you are what you want why do you want me? feeling your body tense, as you push against me.. oh, what pleasure this is....i feel like a black panther... like I'm prow
My Pride And Joy I Love You Sweetheart
Nesh With the beauty you have on the inside as well as the out-side and the grey hairs mums starting to get through keeping the boys off my pride and joy. 'i love you', you stand your ground always and i see your strength daily, may God always bless you with the precious things in life you desire.use your wonderful talents that you have been gifted with and show wisdom in your daily choices, always aim high with your dancing and singing talents. 'Remember reach for the sky' May the lord above always watch and protect you and may all that i have installed in your growing years travel with you throughout your precious life and be of a comfort and guide in your life.your passion to help others and your kindness towards others is a special gift my girl and im so very proud of you for all the efforts you show and have delveloped in loving people you come in contact with. your eager to grow little one but with patience sweet daughter enjoy the years your at now and blossom into the wonderfu
My Profile
i want to put some things up about me on my profile. give me some questions about myself that you guys would like me to tell u. i hate talking about myself lol
My Private Part Died...
An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked him if there was anything wrong, "Yes, Nurse Tracy ," said Mr. Wallace. "My Private Part died today, and I am very sad." Knowing her patients were a little forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace. Please accept my condolences." The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out of his pajamas. He met Nurse Tracy. "Mr. Wallace," she said, "You shouldn' t be walking down the hall like tha t. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas." "But, Nurse Tracy I can't," replied Mr. Wallace. "I told you yesterday that my Private Part died. "Yes," said Nurse Tracy, "you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?" (You've gotta love this .) "Well," he replied, "Today is the viewing."
My Promise
I promise I will be your strength Whenever you fall weak When you cannot find the words I will be your voice to speak I promise I will be your eyes When you cannot see I will be here forever If you'll be with me I promise I will be your hands Whenever you cannot feel When you want to hear the truth I will tell you what is real I promise I will be your ears When you cannot hear I will be your dream catcher And chase away your every fear I promise I will be your smile When you have to frown I will always cheer you up When you're feeling down I promise I will keep you sturdy When your not feeling safe And when your feeling insecure I will give you faith I promise to listen Whenever you need to talk I will stay with you When you want to walk I promise to tell you No lies, just what is true And I will always have a shoulder For you to cry unto I promise I will hold you When you need someone I will not interfere When you need to get work do
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i need more profile ratings pleaase help get me better ones thanks
My Profile Too Send Message Add to Friends Add Comment All The Love I have and to Give Goes Out To My Bear Princess and Sunshine, My Reasons To Give Thanks I Love You ,Mommy Mood: touched View My: PhotosVideos35 / Female SPRING LAKE, Michigan, US Last Login: 11/29/2008
My Prison
I sit in this prison i have made. I sit here and wonder why i have done the things i have to trap myself here. were my worst fears haunt me and come to life. then i see you, you make my fears hide, you make the prison i have built dissaper into the night. you hold me close and i feel safe in your arms i dont want you to ever let go. but as day turns back to night you fade away and i realize it was only a dream that you want stay so as i sit here still in this prison i have made i morn the lost of my one true love and cry hopeing one day that you shall come back to me and release me from this prison.
My Private Part Died
MY PRIVATE PART DIED An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked him if there was anything wrong, 'Yes, Nurse Tracy,' said Mr. Wallace. 'My Private Part died today, and I am very sad.' Knowing her patients were a little forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, 'Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace. Please accept my condolences.' The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall wit h his Private Part hanging out of his pajamas. He met Nurse Tracy. 'Mr. Wallace, ' she said, 'You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas.' 'But, Nurse Tracy I can't,' replied Mr. Wallace. 'I told you yesterday that my Private Part died. 'Yes,' said Nurse Tracy, 'you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?' (You've gotta love this ....) 'Well,' he replied, 'Today is the viewing.' IF YOU ARE NOT LAUGHING SOMETHING IS WRONG W
My Promise To You!
My Promise To You I promise I won't hurt you, I promise we won't be apart. Because I would rather die, Then to ever break your heart. I carry on throughout the day, Remembering the outlines of your face. I want you to hold me A caring and a sweet embrace I Lie in bed at night and hope, That you will think of me I close my eyes And dream a sweet eternity So baby I want you to know, That never again will you be alone. Because my heart will be your shelter, And my arms will forever be your home.
My Pricelist For Work
My Prayer
for the love of my life that I don’t know yet! I know you walk the earth you are as free as i and when its right all in good time we'll make our way to each others side so until then be free my love gather all the wind ya need to rise into the heavens on the wind of life that will carry you to me and me to thee for as i live my life on my own terms i know you will to and when we meet at last my love it'll be from then until eternity and i'll accept you you'll accept me and all the things we each encompass will be the gifts we bare long with our hearts so godspeed my love but most of all remain free know that i will love you until the end because my love you are also my dearest friend serenity, danielle
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Someone reminded me of this yesterday. I was out with a friend. and i noticed a guy looking at me. I didnt think much of it. this happened last month. So when my friend went to get me lucnch we were at the food court(mall) the same guy starts coming my way. and says i look sexy. so i was like um... ty? Him: You dont remember me? i told him no. Him: im friends with you on fubar, i like your naughty pics.. so i got a little nervous. said ty. then he asks if the guy i was with are into threesomes? cause we could go to his truck. he starts to sit down. my friend shows up with the food and asks if im ok. i got scared. my friend saw this and he ask the guy to leave. The scary part is i had my baby with me. so we continued mall shopping to calm down after the guy got the hint. The i noticed he's following us. my friend and he got into it. since my friends a big guy he was able to handle it. the guy leaves. as we get in the car cause i just want to go home my friend noticed this truck circling
My President Is Black
[Intro: Young Jeezy] Yeah, be the realest shit I never wrote I ain't write this by the way nigga, some real shit right here nigga This'll be the realest shit you ever quote Let's go! [Hook: Young Jeezy} My president is black, my Lambo's blue And I'll be goddamned if my rims ain't too My momma ain't at home, and daddy's still in jail Tryna make a plate, anybody seen the scale? My president is black, my Lambo's blue And I'll be goddamned if my rims ain't too My money's light green and my Jordans light grey And they love to see white, now how much you tryna pay? Let's go! [Verse 1: Young Jeezy] Today was a good day, hope I have me a great night I don't know what you fishin for but catch you a great white Me, I see great white, heavy as killer whales I cannot believe this, who knew it came in bails Who knew what came with jail, who knew what came with prison Just cause you got opinions, does that make you a politician? Bush robbed all of us, would that make him a
My Pro
My Priestess, Friend And Mentor
Vicki, I need you so much now and I miss and love you always! R.I.P.
My Prerogative--bobby Brown
My Prerogative Dig It
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My Prerogative--bobby Brown
My Prince
Prince my dark my witty my intense Prince. How I wish you were mine I were thou art yours. Wishing I could taste your lips thou i bet there sweet. Wishing I could touch your skin I bet it to be soft. I wish I dream that u would be my prince and I beyour lady.My heart is already starting to beat for u it whispears your name. When I speak of the one I want your name is on the tip of my tounge ready to brust out. For my sadness I can not speak of u for you are not mine. It may be lust beautiful lust but I no it could be love.Wishing I could hold u to feel u breath. Thee so far me not near.My wishes are but wishes. My dreams simple dreams.My want for u is real my Prince.My want to love u is real my Prince. The way my heart race when i see and think your name my prince is very real cuz i feel it...
My Prayer And Offering
dear god,im asking that my dearest friend can find you again,that you will show her the direction with ur light. please love on her and her family. wrap your arms around her and her sons,show them your endless love and forgiveness and grace. please provide them with your guidance,security,clarity,compassion and love so they know what to do. please do it in such a way that they have no doubt about you. please shroud and protect them with you power,light and love. god, i will freely give my life as a lamb,a sacrifice like jesus did although i am not worthy or clean as he. if this is what it takes to free my dearest friend and her family that is my offer. the only thing  i ask and i know u will provide is that my family is protected when i'm gone and that one day you will guide them to you in the end. this is a scary thought for me god,but im willing to do so if that's what it takes to free my dearest friend and her family of destruction. i also will add that i wish for her and i to be o
My Princess
My love, my heart, my soul is my gift to you Your smile, your love is the only reward I would want Precious, like a gem made by angels to shine forever Releasing the passion inside me that burns for you Intertwining our destinies, so that we two soul mates Now and forever, can live out our hopes and dreams Creating our own bond of life, to overcome the challenges Explore the mysteries, and to enjoy life as it should be Sharing the peace and love, that everyone looks for So in the end I want nothing, because I have everything I need
My Prince
Locked high in the castle tower Kept by a cruel master who held all the power Growing wearier day by day Dragon Guard keeping would-be rescuers at bay The sun never shone into that cold cell My own cruel version of hell One day a ray of light shone through the gloom At once a blossom of hope began to bloom Rushing to the window, what did I see? My princely savior come to rescue me This wonderful Knight with sword drawn high His prize he would not be denied The Dragon he slayed with one hearty blow The master rushes to the gate below Sword drawn, ready to fight Swiftly struck down by this white knight My Prince climbs the tower stairs At my prison door he tears Released from this hellish world A new life before me unfurled My Prince has finally arrived Hope and faith have been revived He swears his love to me Forever more joy is what I'll see Two halves are now a whole As one...heart, mind, body, and soul
My Precious Moon...
My Precious Moon…   Memories of time Of ages, long past gone In the midst of my mind I have, always come to know, That you were the only one… To make me believe Of setting, my wings free For with power you have chained my soul In a dark, secret, pit   Follow the lilt, of a siren song, Here I am, Let me reach you through time Conceal your bright wings And come back t
My Prey
My Prey   I know you can hear the rustling Trampling under foot jungle brush Through the dark dense forest I feel your blood begin to rush Your heart pounds calling to me You can feel the lion’s eyes upon you Hunting for your desires A reckoning so long over due Slowly I circle my prey I see her tremble at the unknown She crouches down trying to hide But she knows she is not alone
My Private Part Died
 MY PRIVATE PART DIEDAn old man, Mr. Wallace, was living in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked him if there was anything wrong, 'Yes, Nurse Tracy ,' said Mr. Wallace. 'My Private Part died today, and I am very sad.' Knowing her patients were a little forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, 'Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace. Please accept my condolences.' The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out of his pajamas. He met Nurse Tracy. 'Mr. Wallace,' she said, 'You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas.' 'But, Nurse Tracy I can't,' replied Mr. Wallace. 'I told you yesterday that my Private Part died. 'Yes,' said Nurse Tracy, 'you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?' (You've gotta love this.)'Well,' he replied, 'Today is the viewing.'
My Promises
To My Future Wife (I don't know her, but God does)   I can never say I'll love you forever, because we are not promisedtomorrow.I can however promise that as long as I have breath within me I will loveyou.I can't promise you the finest things, but you will never lack.I can't promise that we won't argue, but I will be the first to say I amsorry.I can't promise I won't make mistakes, but I can promise to make thingsright.I can't promise you'll never cry, but I can promise I'll always hold youand wipe away the tears.I can't promise you that you won't worry, but I can promise you that I'llhelp you find peace.I can't promise you that you won't hurt, but I can promise you that I'llcarry you.I can't promise you that you won't get sick, but I can promise that I'lltake care of you.I can't promise you that you'll have everyday happy, but I can promise thatI'll help you remember the good days.I can't promise you that you'll always be young, but I can promise you thatyou'll always be my bride.I
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My Problem Is You
To love and get away before the walls have arisenYouve got to be freeBut to go on attempting to break into the prisonYoud have to be meI wait for the sun to rise over the mountainI wait for your touchI wait for your angels to carry me homeBut I wait too muchWaiting for youI have no problem telling right from wrongFiction from whats trueNo problem telling the dream from the dawnMy problem is youWaiting here for youI wanted to live in the realm of the sensesYouve got to know howAnd for some kinds of pleasure there are no defensesI know that nowOur love is a crackling ladder of lightningOur love is a fireOur love is a wave moving deep in an oceanOf need and desireWaiting for youI have no problem with this crooked worldI play the cards I drewNo problem with the changes life has hurledMy problem is youWaiting here for youI need your wonder and I need your lightI need your tender touch to heal the nightI need you laughing and I need you freeAnd I need to lock you away deep inside of meWaitin
My Prayer
Lord I really need your help.  Give me strength and guidance to take me to the right direction. Give me the ability to have moreconfidence in myself.  Please let people know that I mean no harm I'm a good soul, God.  I just need help mentally, dear Lord. I'm not a bad person, just misunderstood, dear Lord. Please heal me, please give me knowledge.  Please God correct me and let people that I made uncomforatble know that I mean no harm. Please give me strength and guidance. In Lord Jesus Name, AMEN.
My Private Pics
If u wanna see my private pics let me know I will tell u how 2 be cum family to view them!
My Private Parts
Ask if you want to see  
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My Private Part Died
An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked him if there was anything wrong, 'Yes, Nurse ,' said Mr. Wallace.. 'My Private Part died today, and I am very sad. ' Knowing her patients were a little forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, 'Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace. Please accept my condolences. ' The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out of his pajamas. He met Nurse Tracy. 'Mr. Wallace,' she said, 'You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas. ' 'But, Nurse Tracy I can't,' replied Mr. Wallace. 'I told you yesterday that my Private Part died. 'Yes,' said Nurse Tracy, 'you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?' (You've gotta love this ....) 'Well,' he replied, 'Today is the viewing
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My Private Part Died
  An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked him if there was anything wrong,'Yes, Nurse Tracy ,' said Mr. Wallace.'My Private Part died today, and I am very sad.'Knowing her patients were a little forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, 'Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace. Please accept my condolences.'The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out of his pajamas.He met Nurse Tracy. 'Mr. Wallace,' she said, 'You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that.Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas.''But, Nurse Tracy I can't,' replied Mr. Wallace. 'I told you yesterday that my Private Part died.'Yes ,' said Nurse Tracy, 'you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?'(You've gotta love this ....) 'Well,' he replied, 'Today is the viewing.'
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My Promise
When your sad, i will dry your tears,When your scared, i will confort your fears,When you need love, my heart i will share,When your sick, for you i will care,When you are worried, i will give you hope,When your confused, i will help you cope,You will feel my love when we are apart,Knowing that nothing will change my heart.When you are lost and cant see the light,My love will be a beacon, shining through the night,This is my promise, my vow til the end,For you, above all, are my world, my girlfriend,These words on paper, show my care for you,From my lips, these words are spoken, will always be true,God has blessed me, with your hand in mine,Both our hearts, will constantly intertwine.Everyone lives through pains and sorrows,I promise together we will face all tomorrows,Happy with you, swallowed in love,Bless God for giving me you and everything above.
My Profile
Hi,         My name is deboh, im from westernafrica. Im single and  about 5fit 2 inches tall, loyal, humble, gentle , welcoming and responsible. i love to share meet positve minded people and focused too. IM hardworking and i believe in hardwork. I glanced through your profile on net and i admire everything about you. i will like to meet you definately love to share pleasantries together even get more closer and probably stay for a life time permitted you welcome. I love listenig to good music and  mostly commited to my work. I hope and believe distance between us will never be a barrier to our friendship. You could reach me at my mail id hopeful to hear from you.
My Progress
It has been a few months now that i have been introduced to a new lifestlye, one that i have been looking for for quite some time. What my Daddy has shown me and what he has to offer was beyond my wildest dreams. Over the past few months my whole life has changed for the better because of his love, understanding, wisdom and guidance. My opinion of myself has taken a full 360 from where i was to where i am today.  Today i see myself as being a hot sexy slut slave gf lover and hard working mom who is not afraid to show my diversity in my life, and i am proud to be all of those personas to the people in my life.   A few weeks ago i was with my Daddy for a few days, and i experienced the best sex i ever thought possible. In my past relationships the men in my life could never come close to satisfying my needs. Today i consider them as being smallcockboys who only thought of there needs before mine and when finished just got up and walked away. This is not the case with Daddy. He took me
My Pretty Peom From My Heart
beautiful face, I'm shy to talk to you. You're the eagle I must watch No matter what I do. You're the beauty, wild and free, The mistress of my eyes, Rolling through exultant air, Alone in pristine skies. I would take you for my own Could I but have your wings, Could I but go where night begins And frozen sunlight sings. Could I but have you for my love, How might we fly together! But I must watch you from below And long for you forever. But I must be the one below And long for you forever.
My Problem
The other day I was served child support paperwork on my 16 yo daughter whom I have not seen since her mom and her disappeared on me 13 years ago. Now I have no problem paying the child support. The problem I am having is that I found her mom on MySpace and sent her a message telling her that I wasn't going to fight it and that I would like to get to know my daughter. Her response to me was to block me from contacting her at all. Now I feel like that my money is good enough for her but I am not good enough to know my daughter. Now I live in Iowa and thats where the support order will go through but they live in Florida and to get court ordered visitation I have to either go there or hire a lawyer there and I can't afford to do either one. I currently have 5 of my children living with me. Any comments or advice would be helpful.
My Present Mood
Baby, do you understand me now,Sometimes I feel a little mad.But, don't you know that no one aliveCan always be an angel.When things go wrong I feel real bad. I'm just a soul whose intentions are good,Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood. Baby, sometimes I'm so carefree,With a joy that's hard to hide.And sometimes it seems that,All I have to do is worryAnd then you're boundTo see my other side. I'm just a soul whose intentions are good,Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood. Life has its problems,And I get my share,And that's one thing I never mean to do, Oh, oh, oh, baby - don't you know I'm human.I have thoughts like any other one.Sometimes I find myself, lord, regretting,Some foolish thing - some little simple thing I've done. Eric Burdon and The Animals
My Projects: Let Me Know If You Have Any Writing To Promote!!!
My Protector My Sword My Shield
My soul is the Guardian of Death it protects me fuels me i will ever surrender to any 1 you may hurt me & my blood on your hands but i can not allow you to kill me again! Never again as long as my soul is still Alive I will Fight you off! Yet my Blood is on ur Hands ur words I wont forgive you ever again you seem like you enjoy hurting me go head hit me & hurt me more with ur attitiude ur dagger & ur shitty hurt full words are like needles in my skin in my feelings sucking out every feelings i had for you. Keep your cell number i dont want it keep Every FUCKING THING! I Had Enough getting Hurt by Girls Like you you have no FEELING WHAT SO EVER! You say i dont know you but i do I knew you & your soul it was pure like mine before you turned you Turned on your self your family you & ur friends can try to kill me even in death but you dident know I love you I toke you in to my life where u had no where else to go & yet you still gotta act like a bitch! WHY! so i sat here & think I
My Promo Video
Greetings all! I haven't been around for a while, but now I'm back! Latest news: Since I'm responsible for my own PR and advertising for my book series, I have to rely on social networking to get the job done. I've recently made a cool video for this purpose. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Peace! Corwin
My Prefect Man!!!!
AFTER ALOT OF THINKING AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCE IT SEEMS TO HAVE BECOME MY DESTINY....LMAO  Looking for a man who lies, cheats and steals...a lot! I'd like to meet someone who is dishonest, lazy, mean, uneducated, unethical and rude. A previous arrest record is not necessary, but would be nice. You should know how to act like a king, preferably a drama king. And not be afraid to talk openly about your feelings, even in a crowded movie theater. You should also be a good communicator, understanding that yelling, screaming and swearing are effective in most conversations. I'd like someone who is open-minded enough to believe that unicorns and leprechauns are real, but also believes that things like hard work, deodorant and exercise are just myths. I like a man who enjoys spending time at the beach, or on long hikes in the woods, as a way to hide from police until "things settle down". You should enjoy a nice evening out shoplifting, or just staying home to cuddle with a nice porn video. A
My Private Hell
I actualy wrote this like two years ago... i dunno...       KK here goes.. i used to write alot then kinda lost it.. i dunno if any of you will like it but I felt 100 times better after i got it out on paper.. and to be honest i don't care if ya like it or not lol and i don't normally share my writings but eh wth?     My Private Hell   All these things inside of me.. I hide so the world doesn't see.. All the pain i feel.. Sometimes it's hard to deal On the outside i smile On the inside i'm dying I wish you could see I wish i could show you.. I keep it all locked up to the point i'm unwell I need out of this prison Of my own private hell Look into my eyes.. what do you find? Can you see my hurt? Or do they still shine? All this anger and hate.. Can't you see it's killing me? My heart is cold and dark Not a soul left to see I've gotten good at this show But now i have no place else to go No place to run... So welcome to my private hell..
My Professional Wrestling Profiles. If You Don't Fail As A Human Being You'll Check It Out.  -   Match videos. We'll be posting videos of us being awesome and making fun of losers soon, too!/profile.php?id=100001790499743  - since facebook is all the craze these days!/TheNewKliq  aaaaaannnd the twitter, since for some reason people like that shit.   Really. This stuff means a lot to me now and your support would be very much appreciated.
My Profile Pic
I was told by someone on here that I look like a whore in my profile pic.This was quite disturbing to me considering the person who told me this likes slutty looking women.I can't for the life of me figure him out.Just wondering if anyone out there agree's.I'm a slut because I showed some clevage?
My Pre-req
2-16-2011   I always wanted to write a blog about clarifying dental products, treatment, insurances, ...  My works is on a referral system from other dentists so I see all their work.  Half my job is about putting out fires because someone somewhere upset the patient.
My Prayers Answered
                                                      My Prayers Answered        As a child I could see,     How my future would turn out to be.,     Full of joy, and filled with love,     overseen by the Lord above.          In the distance,      Standing there      was a someone       who would care.          I had some feelings,      of doubt and fear,      but they vanished      as I neared.          It was you        to my surprise,       to wake me up      and open my eye's      you showed me what       love was all about,      and freed my heart      of all doubt.         You opened my heart,      to feelings that were new,      and showed me a love,      felt by so few.        Now my dream       has come true,      and I owe it       all to you.        You showed me love,      you showed me sharing,      you gave me hope,      you gave me caring.        I guess what I'm trying to say,     is I'll love you more,     with each passing da
My Prey..
MY PREY..   I hunt for you like prey stalking your every move...from me my love you will not get away.I want to consume your beautiful black soul... ever so slowly eating all of your flesh for when I get to your heart... I know it will taste the best.Your blood like like wine...tangy and sweet...the perfect complement to my flesh filled feast.Your tender lips I will save for very last..the perfect desert,succulent and sweet...they are going to be such a treat to eat.Don't try to fight can not escape...destiny my love has sealed your fate.
My Precious Gift
Get up honey, it's time to get ready. She looks up at me, with her eyes so heavy. Giving me that same look, I have when I'm pissed. I just smile and walk away. Love every second of it. She makes the rules, calls the shots. Everything I am, she's knows she's got. My precious gift. The center of my world. Have to give thanks, to my baby girl. She keeps it real for me, with her warm beautiful smile. Makes even the impossible, worth while. She can break my heart, quicker than anyone can. But I know she will still be around, in the end. When everyone else, has come and gone. She will remain by my side, where she belongs. I would lay my life down, for hers to live. There is nothing for her, I wouldn't give. I gave her life, yet she has given me much more. Every smile, every move I make, she's responsible for. I just have to say thank you, for delivering her to me. Without her, who knows where I'd be.
My Private Nsfw Folder Access
If you want to see my private pic folder make me an offer of credits only please. If you have seen my private pics please feel free and leave a comment below.
My Precious Star - Aaron Neville
So many special reasons we are here, so in love I feel so blessed because I know that we're in this love You are the sun that lights the sky, you are the only one I need in my life Cause you are my precious star, wherever you are, I want to be there And you've got all of my heart, and I will respect this love forever Yours is the sweetest song I've ever heard, or ever knew I can't imagine living in this world, without you I never thought that I could feel something so wonderful, something so real Cause you are my precious star, wherever you are, I want to be there And you've got all of my heart, and I will respect this love forever Nothing is stronger than our love, nothing lasts longer than this love Nothing is deeper than, sweeter than, loving you Cause you are my precious star, wherever you are, I want to be there And you've got all of my heart, and I will respect this love forever And you are my precious star, wherever you are, I want to be there And you've got all of my heart
My Prayer
My PrayerOur Father Odin Be thy name Valhalla Be thy home You give Us Mead You give Us Meat Let Me pray to You Hear Me Oh Almighty Father Give Me the strenght Give Me the Might Lets Win this fight. Blessed Be Your Sword And You Shield Please hear my War Cry. Heed My call  Answer My Prayer oh All Father. Keep Me safe, Keep Me from Harm. Bless My Family and who I hold close to my heart. FIIIIIGHT !!!!!
My Promise
Her smile so amazing, Only her heart can compare. I now hand you my heart, I send it through the air. To hold yours forever, Now is my forever quest. To make you always happy, For that I will never rest. Your smile will fill my dreams, Your heart with me when I wake. Your love to me I promise, Deep from my heart I will never forsake.
My Promise To My Daughter ~ By Joe The Plummer
I do not know what my Daughter will grow up to be, but I do know that I will raise her to be  a God Fearing/Loving Christian woman. I will raise her in The Word. I have taken on the responsibility of raising a daughter and she will see and feel that she is my priority. I will work hard to provide for her, but I will not let the world intrude on our family time. I will not make the mistake of being her friend, I will be her Dad… because that is what she will need. Public Declaration: I will Love herI will teach herI will show her GOD’s loveI will support herI will encourage herI will Love herI will be patientI will be understandingI will comfort herI will be there for herI will teach her familyI will teach her commitmentI will discipline her when neededI will teach her responsibilityI will teach her to think for herselfI will teach her Love of CountryI will Love herI will play dress upI will teach her to shootI will teach her to fishI will hug herI will praise herI will b
My Prospecting Secrets Revealed!
Let me start off by explaining the biggest benefit of providing your downline members with a viral prospecting system.It boils down to this...When you have a viral prospecting system in place for your team members, your downline has the potential to take on a life of its own and continue to grow effortlessly while you're focusing on more important things such as family and friends.A gentleman I recently discovered managed to accomplish the difficult task of duplication while maintaining his full time job and family life.He mentioned that ever since the beginning of his online ventures he was searching for a system that brought interested prospects in automatically.He didn't have time to do the traditional recruiting methods because they required a lot of time and commitment.What he wanted instead, was a huge downline that duplicated on auto-pilot from his part time efforts."But did such a solution exist?"If it did, he said he couldn't find it...So after many years of struggling to buil
My Promise To You
I promise to always lift you up When you are feeling down I promise to wipe your tears When you feel you need to cry I promise to keep you smiling To show off that beautiful smile you have I promise to be your strength Whenever you fall weak I promise to be your voice, When you can't find the words I promise to be your eyes When you cannot see I promise to be your ears When you cannot hear I promise to always tell you what’s real When you want to hear the truth I promise to be your dream catcher To chase away you’re every fear I promise to be your smile When you’re frowning I promise to always cheer you up When you are down and blue I promise to give you faith When you are feeling insecure I promise to keep you sturdy When you are feeling unsafe I promise to listen When you need to talk I promise to tell you no lies Just what is true I promise to always lend you my shoulder For when you need to cry I promise to always hold you When you need someone I promise to alw
My Psychiatric Evaluation... Lol
Melissa S Witte Not Fit for Society Passable Extremely Insane Passable Click Here to Find Out YOUR Psychiatric
My Psycho Poem
You are a disease. As I smell your rotting flesh and hear your screams. I remember my obsession for strange things. As I feel your nails dig into my arms. I see my dream of murdering some one. While your eyes bulge and I feel your pulse I know the time is close.Your relaxed now I beleive I won. I care for you so much that Ill keep you for ever tell the end of days come.
My Psycho Ex
My Psychiatrist Is A Hypocritical Mass Of Bitch.
I've been seeing a shrink every week for the past two years and I'm confident she knows nothing. Not only is she a hypocrite, but she looks like a hippo and she should be locked in a crate. A hippo-crate. The lady gets paid hundreds of dollars to look like a slug and write prescriptions for Ritalin. She's so dumb. The only psychology term she knows is ADD. The cuntrag sits in her recliner scratching her tits for an hour ignoring everything I say, then tells me I have ADD. There's nothing more ironic than being diagnosed with ADD by a therapist who didn't pay attention to a word I said. Most people get addicted to Ritalin. My shrink is addicted to giving out Ritalin. A kid told her he hates his dad. She called it ADD. Another guy apparently had ADD because he killed his dog. Were you raped? It's because ADD! Do you have a panty fetish? Have some Ritalin! ADD this, ADD that, she ADDs more than my calculator in fifth grade. In fifth grade, I used to sit in class with my calculator a
My Psychotics
My Psychotics My mind is lost While you force me into this time-murdering trap I see nothing in you but an abusing man filled with unsorrow lies We made them and broke them and now we must suffer our own promises I scream to the world asking for help I feel I'm near death It's only my death Tears would shed if you weren't lost Strangely so, you feel you can help Your horrid idea is to lock me in your trap We were pathetic to make those promises Pure trust spilled only into lies I too have lies My emotions for you have lead me to my death Secertly, I broke some of our unreliable promises But there're gone and as we are still lost You're so lost you had to put me in a trap You check every corner making sure there's no way I can call for help You say you're the only person who can really help Does that mean forcing on me more of your psychotic lies? Is this the key to your trap? I know I'm alrea
My Psychiatrist!
My Psychiatrist cares about my problems. The word of God can be my Psychiatrist. II Corinthians 11:19,20-33.
"my Psychic Cafe"
“My Psychic Café” There’s a psychic café inside of my head Filled with thoughts of the living and the deeds of the dead Those I have known and those I’ve not met They all tell me the tales that I’ll never forget The sign always says “Open”, and there is never a seat The place is always packed, but they don’t come here to eat They come just to talk, or to shed a few tears Or share an old yarn, and perhaps whisper their fears Some come every day, and take the same table They repeat the same story, the same worn old fable I’ve heard it all, a million times or more And I’ll hear it again when they walk through the door And yet there are others, a sea of fresh faces That come from the past, from long distant places From lands I’ve not seen, ages lost to time I am a staff of just one, but I don’t really mind Because what they give me can’t be bought in a store The wonders they offer as the coffee I pour Shreds of themselves, and the lives they have lived The mos
"my Psychic Cafe"
“My Psychic Café” There’s a psychic café inside of my head Filled with thoughts of the living and the deeds of the dead Those I have known and those I’ve not met They all tell me the tales that I’ll never forget The sign always says “Open”, and there is never a seat The place is always packed, but they don’t come here to eat They come just to talk, or to shed a few tears Or share an old yarn, and perhaps whisper their fears Some come every day, and take the same table They repeat the same story, the same worn old fable I’ve heard it all, a million times or more And I’ll hear it again when they walk through the door And yet there are others, a sea of fresh faces That come from the past, from long distant places From lands I’ve not seen, ages lost to time I am a staff of just one, but I don’t really mind Because what they give me can’t be bought in a store The wonders they offer as the coffee I pour Shreds of themselves, and the lives they have lived The mos
My P*ssy Hurts And I Want A Fupony...
No seriously though…I’m coming out of a REALLY ROUGHT relationship.  Like, four years long, half of it wonderful, the other half terrifying.  I met him here, ironically enough.  And after four years, an engagement, and all the rest it’s over.  I’m not sure how to feel about it.  Some days…some hours…some minutes I feel numb.  Or ok.  Or happy.  Or devastated.  Or angry.  Or all of it.  Sometimes I’m so thankful he’s gone I want to dance and sing and other times I’m so crushed I can hardly breathe. I made the decision, over and over, that it was bad and needed to end.  I got dragged back over and over again.   Now, after he took money, hurt me physically, scared my daughter, cheated, and got someone else pregnant I’m TRULY done.  I was done before, but now I’m beyond done, to that place of such deep hurt and betrayal that revenge (which I have a lot of ammunition and justification for) doesn’t even seem adequat
My Psychic Vision
I know not many ppl beleive in psychic's or the ablility to even have that for any man. I say unto you, that is fine to feel that way, I wont judge you for your beliefs. Each man has has beliefs. I have been doubted b4, and i have proven also to many. I fear of nothing, only cus i have seen things most could or couldn't only imagine. I know things that only ppl can say its a maybe or its not possible. I had a vision last night in a dream.. Sure it is a dream but i know how and can know what is a vision and dream. Got to be careful not to get them mixed up. ever had da javu? (if thats how you spell it) It's most likely a dream you have had in the past still locked away deep into your mind that you have forgotten about, then you ponder on the fact but it never comes to you. That is a vision you have had long time ago about the future, but with the mind being a dark and sinful place within yourself, you are too lost too see it, or know what it means, You cant separate that part
Máy ấp Trứng Lin Convection 20.000 Trứng Qui Mô Công Nghiệp
Hệ thống trong may ap trung CONVECTION (LIC) là 1 hệ thống tân tiến, tiết kiệm điện, tỷ lệ nở trứng đạt mức hoàn thiện, hệ thống LIC sử dụng toàn bộ nhiệt năng của thanh điện trở nhiệt không để tình trạng thừa thải nhiệt độ, rò rỉ nhiệt độ ở góc cạnh nào làm hao tốn điện năng , hệ thống có thể tự lọc không khí sạch khử trùng bằng tia cực tím cung cấp cho trứng luồng không khí trong sạch hoàn toàn và hệ thống tạo ẩm còn tự động cảm biến mực nước trong máy, tự động bom nước khi gần hết nước, đảm bảo h&#
My Pussys Name
OMG this is toooooo funny!!!!!!!!!! What should you name your cat? Jimmy Jam Take this quiz at
My Pussy So Wet;
MySpace Comments Graphics haha made u look lol
My Pussy(s)
My Public Appology To Krazy Karen!
In todays fast paced world life comes at of from all points. Top and bottom and side to side. We make decisions on the basis of how we think and feel. Sometimes these are made blindly, sometimes they are the products of hind sight...lessons learned in the past being applied now to the future. But, sometimes, our mind will take truths and distort making our judgements clouded and the process of making intelligent decissions next to impossible. Ever second guess your self or the actions you are about to make?? The chioces we make are jus that...our own. Chioces that shape the future direction in which our lives will proceed. Everything is a chioce. What we choose matters. I choose solitude. This way I cannot hurt those in which I care most about. I have hurt many. But no more. This is my chioce. I don't pretend to understand why or how this comes to be. I have never woke on any given day saying that today I'm going to hurt this person or that person. It seems that as soon as so
My Pug Puppy
i had to write and tell everyone i finally got my pug it's a female and 7 weeks old i got her this past tuesday night. my husband told me on the phone he had a big surprise for me, he said he had to go to on business and wanted me to go with him. we didn't get anywhere close to we pulled off onto a road off rt. 23 in lousia ky he pulled in a drive way and went into the house. while i sat in the car for a few minutes he came and got me to go into the house. i went inside and saw 2 pug puppies playing in their living room floor i nearly fell over from shock when i saw them in the there. my husband then told me to pick the 1 i wanted and of course i did. needless to say it was a total surprise!! he had already bought her food and puppy pads and toys and they were in the trunk. i didn't have a clue they were in there. and " RUBIE"" was my christmas present from my husband. i couldn't have gotten a better christmas than her she is adorable. and looks like the pug pic i have he
My Puppy
My Pussy On Cam?
My Puppy Dogs - 3d Rotating Cube Special Effect
Cool Slideshows CLICK on The Above Picture To Get To My Site
My Puppy
come vote for my puppy bomb him with comments
My Puppy Dogs
Please Rate This Blog Cool Slideshows CLICK on The Above Picture To Get To My Site
My Puppy Smells
Yes Yes...Killin More Time. My Puppy Tubbs...AKA Bat Dog. Smells Like Booboo. I Think I Should Bath Him. SICK!!!!!! Damn Tubbsly
My Purpose
Here I am as a man. Me and me alone. Here to love with all my heart. Here to take you home. Ive seen the wrong. Ive seen the right. We have what it takes to win any fight. Youve begun to erase me the past that once was gloom. Now Im in your life. You are my full moon. In you I see a purpose. A reason to believe. I see a brighter future. Im staying. I wont leave. Youve got me so completely. Youve got me all the way. It just takes one thought of you and everythings ok. I love you Janette. I have right from the start. Youve broke down all the walls I built and now youre in my heart.
My Purity Rating
You know a friend just recently called me their dirty girl. I thought that they were joking until I took this quiz. Looks like they were right after all. Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle... Purity Test MY RESULT:Fairly Filthy It looks bad, but there’s still hope for you! (Hopefully.) Just try to avoid R-rated movies and anything with a warning label.On the eSPIN Purity Scale (patent pending), you score 3 Purity Points out of 6. Which makes you 50% pure, give or take a couple Jell-O shots. That puts you, oh, let’s see – halfway between good and evil. So, which way will the totter teeter? That’s up to you and your conscience. Oh, and Oprah. Oprah has a say with pretty much everything. Take This Quiz!
My Published Definition Of Wikkid On Urban Dictionary
Link to page here wikkid ........................ 1. wikkid - (adjective)- Slang: a misspelling of the word 'wicked' which is slang for 'awesome', 'cool', or any word or phrase that expresses something being impressive, awe-inspiring, remarkable, incredible, outstanding or exciting, the best, the shit, the bomb, etc. This definition has been around since the 50's or more. Can also mean fun, funny, sexy, hardcore, chill, non-chalant, laid-back. The New England slang of the word only defines an adverb that express the degree of the word or phrase. Such as: very, really, well, so, hella, totally (so awesome, very cool, hella crazy, totally awe-insipring, fuckin' nuts/crazy). This definition actually denotes both adverb and adjective, as in the previous examples. Wikkid can express an extreme degree, usually indicated by the excitement in the vocal emphasis and volume. "Yeah, that's wikkid." (That's cool.) or "CHECK THAT OUT! THAT IS WIKKID!" (CHECK THAT OUT! THAT IS FUCKIN' AWE
My Puppies!! Check Em Out!
Puppies!! Check em out! Hey Everyone, my dogs had puppies 2 weeks ago, (carlito & Sarge ) They are Mastiff x Rottie .. more pics of Carlito in my profile pics, hes my baby! but the Rottie is the mum.. They are so cute!! if anyone in Victoria is after a pup, message me for price info. This was right after they were born Female Male Hey Everyone, my dogs had puppies 2 weeks ago, (carlito & Sarge ) They are Mastiff x Rottie .. more pics of Carlito in my profile pics, hes my baby! but the Rottie is the mum.. They are so cute!! if anyone in Victoria is after a pup, message me for price info. This was right after they were born THOUGHT I WOULD SHARE..
My Public Apology To Jeff Of The Lrl
OK You wanted a public apology? Here it is. Jeff, I realize that I may have been a little rough on you with my resignation. For that, I apologize. I understand that you have an infieriority complex. For that, I apologize. I see now that you have no life. For that, I apologize. I didn't buckle at your every wish. For that, I apologize. I opened the eyes of many others you tried to rule over. For that, I apologize. I have never, nor will ever, been subserviant to another man. For that, I apologize. I took someone from you that you NEVER had. For that, I apologize. I exposed you for the manipulative bastard that you are. For that, I apologize. I resigned from a family that includes many very real, very caring people. For that, I apologize. I tried to remove myself from all this drama. For that, I apologize. I am a ruthless SON OF A BITCH. For that, I apologize. I agreed to accept a position in your cabinet. For that, I apologize. I do not take y
My Puppys Name Is.....
Gilly!! Gilmore is how we will register him.. but he is for SURE a Gilly :P Thanks for all the help with ideas!! xoxo
My Pussy Is Talking...( From Her Point Of View
I am tired of not being taken care of! All u big dicks, lil dicks, fat dicks out there... U either beat me 2 fast... beat me 2 slow... beat me wrong... or beat me 2 damn long... It's not fair!!! I am tired of getting ate all da time... Just cuz u come up short... Just cuz u just don't come up... Just cuz u 4-got da process...(eat a lil, fuck a lil, eat a lil) It's not fair!!! I am tired of not getting satisfaction... I wanna rest after a good nutt... I wanna be beaten da way I want... I needs 2 be spoiled and treated right... It's not fair!!! Do me right fellas... Lick it alittle, but beat it right! Understand that I respond only to da best... so if u don't qualify... I won't put u through a test... I wanna spit on ur heads... I wanna talk shit to u... But u will never know... Unless u come through!!!
My Purpose
My Purpose People hate because they can’t relate to that which is not Theirs to understand or appreciate As a result, they meander through life, full of strife, bitterness And a lack of purpose Purpose is that which wakes us up during the course of the night Because something’s not right in our world Purpose is that which drives us during the day, to say That it’s not okay to accept things the way they are Purpose is the very thing that brought us to the point that we’re at Right now Knowing that right now is not later, later is not yesterday, and today we can’t wait for That special thing to happen tomorrow They say that today is the first day of the rest of our lives But we’re consequently, consistently, continuously waiting For purpose to find us But purpose of purpose itself is that it will not find you, Because something can’t find itself when it is not lost to begin with Purpose is that which inevitably comes out even when we pout and shout
My Pussy
My Pussy(cat) Wants You!!
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m My kitty needs Comments and Rates....any help will be Greatly Appreciated!!
My Purpose
All my life I've wondered what my purpose was on this planet and I think I may have found it. Being a woman, of course I'm meant to bear children and I have completed that task 3 times. I seem to make an impace on everyone who enters my life, no matter how long or short the impact may be. I have a way of talking to someone and making something easier for them or making a decision easier for them to decide. I'm not a therapist or a doctor. I guess I just have a true heart. I have a sense of respect and self love and love for others that I could love someone with all my heart and soul knowing that I could make that person the happiest person on the Earth but if they decide to pursue another path in life, then who am I to stop them? I wouldn't want them not doing something or being with someone who could possibly make them happy just because I know I can make them happy as well. I am not one to make someone make a decision or force them to be with me or love me. I just sit back and let li
My Purpose Here
I am not here to just collect pictures of woman, if i wanted pictures of woman I would subscribe to Playboy. I am here to meet ppl and hopefully become friends. If u have zero intention of friendship then please do not accept my invite and if already have please delete urself. If u only want me to make comments about ur pix and u do not want to talk to me about anything else, well, u will b deleted. I love to meet new ppl and gettin to kno ppl is even better. I am here for only one reason....making new friends.....if u are here for anyhting else i am not interested.
My Pussycat
My Punk Ass Is Up For Sale!!!
Yes, after ALL that shit I talked about how gay auctions are, I AM FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!!! Clickon the pic, and do whatcha do.......
My Pumkin!
I picked up my Pumkin from school today. she got back from her 3 day trip. i was so excited when she got off the bus. :] and leave it up to Ruby to be on the phone with me and call dibs on saying hi to her first lol!
My Puss Rap (tooooo Funny)
My Pussy Needs Love!! Help Please!!
Hey friends!! My kitties are in a "Pimp your Pet" contest!! Please, if you have a little time, could ya go rate and maybe leave a couple 3 or 400 comments?? LOL I would love you big time!! Anyone that drops 100 or more comments I will give 5,000 fubucks!! If you don't want to comment, then could you at least rate the pic?? Just click here: Thank you soooo much!!! And don't forget to F/A/R/ the host!! He RAWKS!! cutterbum~Shadow Leveler~ Owned by BooBoo and Phoenix!@ fubar Thanks again!! ~Silver Diamond~@ fubar Please repost!!!!
My Puppy Is Sooo Smart--sometimes!
So hopefully everyones looked in my Sammy Sammerson file by now. I call him Buppy (short for baby puppy, or beautiful puppy my mom says). I've been the one thats been training him since we got him and I've gotten most of the basics down from reading a puppy training book, but its been no easy task, let me tell you! At any rate, he's a good buppy for the most part, he's very lovey and likes to play. He has the occasional accident and poopies in the house (not too sure its an accident sometimes, since he does it in the same spot all the time no matter how many times we spray with various pet urine odor stuff). He ALWAYS manages to tangle himself up when he's on the lead, which is frustrating to him and us, bc we're the ones who have to go untangle him! lol But today, he really shined and showed his intelligence! (let me first tell you that we put some fencing up this past weekend so he has a place to run without running off) I said "go out side go potty" (which I always
My Purpose
My purpose is to nurture and to give. My future depends soley on my ability to take the positive and the negative from my past and create a blend of unity, desire, and focus. And as a result of those goals I strive to live my life to the fullest of it's boundaries and capacities. I was blessed with the gift of empathy and do not take for granted the gifts that I am exposed to. Not many are happy in their souls, but when you find the answer to your equation you will be free from all that prohibits your growth, and in the end you will reveal your true quest for happiness.... I am easily recognized by my radiant smile, but remembered for my seductive and mysterious eyes. Not many have forgotten the alluring sparkle that erupts from the center of my stare. But very few have been given the opportunity to explore the excitement that is hidden in my glance. I seek to find the ultimate connection...where words and actions are worthless... and all that truly matters is the smile that our hearts
My Purple Umbrella
What Your Purple Umbrella Says About You When faced with adversity, you remain together and graceful. You are very balanced, and it's hard for you to let yourself get too down. You are brainy and philosophical. It's hard for you to lose your broad perspective on life. You accept things as they are. You don't try to change anything that can't be changed. On a rainy day: you should spend the day reading The Umbrella Test
My Punishment
My world grows darker. As each day comes around. My nights and days collide. Without even a sound. Like being left barren and cold. With shelter nowhere in sight. The skys no longer visable. The sun sheds me no light. Sinking deeper into darkness. Becoming lost in this abyss. Trying to remember. What is gone what I miss. But some memorys now to distant. Faded others have begun. I wonder how much longer. Before all my thoughts are gone. How long will I drift. In this empty space. Is this my forever. My final resting space. If this is my punishment. For all my past mistakes. I wish my life would end. And my God my soul to take.
My Pussy Is Always Hungry For A Big Piece Of Meat
      to watch my little pussy is a show you say that your pussy is clever and so slick but i think that your pussy's kinda sick   :)    
My Pussy Pics...
not really  
My Pug Dog
Had to take my Pug to an emergency vet tonight.  They think he had a seizure.  Needless to say I'm super worried.  Has anyone had a dog with epilepsy?  Or better yet a Pug with epilepsy?
My Punkstar Dream
Sweet friend, with black dress,with a lot of pearching,with a lot of tatoos,i can see in your eyes,only a beautiful flower,that are you. In your eyes the dreams,in your hands there's life,and you make every daywork, friends and choses. I wanna stay there wit you a daylike in a dream,me and you on a cloudfor smile, for play, for listen your voice,see in your soul, in your world i know that this isn'tonly a stupid and stupid dream,couse i learned in my life,that if you wantdreams become real,and that coud is thereunti we can t go in to the sky,only me and yousweeming in the airsoul in the soul.   For PunkStarChik from my heart
My Purpose On Fubar?
I just moved up here to Western Mass with my parents. I reeeally wanna meet people. Not just random hookups, you know, but people to actually hang out with in real life.
My Punishment
We'll looks like my status got me into trouble and the fu-gods were not pleased. I am dealing with the consequences of my actions and not having the  privilege of having a status or online icon. I hope the fu-gods will look down upon me and show alittle love and give them back someday soon.  I beg like alittle child, flashing my eye lashes and having a pouty face "please Fu-gods please give me back my status and icon, I promise to be good as I can be. I don't like being grounded and would be a happy little girl if you would let me have it back" I just wanted everyone to know that I am somewhat around still though you can not tell at all when I am and not online.
My Pussy
soooooooooooooooo wwet soooooooooooooooooooooo tight sooooooooooo good nighnt  
My Purple Dreamy Blog
I have a blog on Blogger that I am working's all about beautiful Purple things. I am trying to get new followers, I think I am doing a real nice job on it. Can you guys check it out ? Love yaz
My Punishment
You say I have been naughty and bad, but I know you love me that way You say I must be punished for my deeds, You know I love it too   Strip my body bare, take away my pride Swift slap across my face Grasp petite wrist in your strong hands twisting them behind my back   Expertly the ropes snake around my arms Cinching tightly, I am yours This time I know you are serious But I have no fear   My heart, body, and soul belong to you You prove this with the pain My reward is your pleasure and adoration now its time to pay my due   Your calloused hand is firm as you grab my face Soft whimper my response It falls away, landing heavily on my full breast The sting bites at my nipples   A sharp yank on the rope catches me off guard I stumble away but stop Your hand tangles in my hair keeping me upright Head pulled back, neck exposed   Your mouth closes upon my neck as teeth sink in The pain makes me weak You pull my hair harder as teeth slowly rake down Pausing t
My Purple Butterfly
This is a poem I wrote to help me get over my ex. It worked pretty well I'm now talking to another girl only thing is she is surprisingly similar to my ex is every possible bad way and different from my ex in every positive way. Oh well, dating isn't suppose to be easy. Gotta live for adventure. Tell me what you think. My Purple Butterfly You flew into my life and turned it upside down suddenly I found myself falling off the ground into the sky It’s true that the first time I saw you you made me fall for you as I stared at your beauty and elegance I loved how graceful you were when you flew effortlessly above me and the feeling of you touching my skin and the warm feeling it gave me I dreamed of flying alongside you so I was always afraid you’d fly off one day to somewhere better Until one day you did And that turned my life on its side Until I was constantly rolling along unable to stop like a quarter on a hill Just waiting for you to return and put you
My Puerto Rico Lover ~~is Burning Hot
I am in Paradise! I love Puerto Rico!" I scream to the air.  I am in my Hustler 41 Razor speedboat racing down the clearest blue water like an iconic scene from Miami Vice. I look fresh in my crisp white button-down shirt, slacks, and matching all white Air Jordan 8 Retro sneakers. I love the feeling of the cool breeze, the wind humming in my ears, the sun setting, and the sight of the waves that are wild as an untamed steed. I am excited that I am going to meet with my friend, Roselyn Sánchez, who is waiting for me at her beach house. This is my last night in Puerto Rico and I am ready to do it big!There is her white luxurious two-story beach house. There are French glass windows in the front and a terrace all around the second story. The architecture reminds me of something I have seen in the classic movie, Scarface. I took a deep breath, ring the gold doorbell twice, and step back.  Roselyn comes out wearing a purple top and white shorts cut offs, which complements her sun-kissed s
My Purpose....
Dear Soul, I’m not keeping track of the days anymore...I am just focused yet confused and intense combination...almost like I’m driving down a road headed in too many heart has one destination...I can feel it beating with mine...almost as if it is driving me straight to it....then the road becomes misty...almost as if it is also the beating of its own heart terrifies it as it backs me a smile instead of a kiss...a pat on the back replacing the loving’s a beautiful confusion sometimes...then other times my own tears add to the mist making it impossible to see the road....the road I’m traveling on...I see strangers holding up signs that read...”he’s lucky”...but these people don’t even know me....they have no idea wat I’m whether he is lucky or not...only he can truly say...for he does know road is filled with sharp curves and pot holes.
My Qoutes....
This will be updated every time I have something witty or funny to say and no they will not be ripped from other people. If it is not a genuine thought straight out of my mind It will not be posted....PERIOD! When in doubt GOOGLE!     1.Sometimes even when you hide behind smoke and mirrors your transparent.(RR) 2.Never have I seen at a cellular level so many atoms coexist to create such a beautiful being.(RR) 3.They say some friendships happen on accident....Well then "CRASH".(RR) 4.I really believe that people fall in love with moments not other people...I'd give a lifetime of mediocrity away for a single perfect day of love.(RR) 5.They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.That is until I come by and poke your freaking eye.(RR) 6.Of course I know your the Devil.You lead me into Temptation all the fucking time.(RR)
My Quick Vent
Seems like everyone’s got a bone to pick with someone these days on here. Or just about everyone. I do admit it’s getting a bit ridiculous, but I stay away from the drama. I know my bulletins don’t get read because they get lost in the shuffle. I’m not gonna go crazy and delete people because of it. Anyways, my advice is simple. Fuck the haters. They’ll only get you down. That’s all I got to say. That’s my quick vent.
My Question Is How
I finaly found out what a relationship is supposed to be like. This time there was no abuse of any kind. He never hit me. He never called me names or made me feel like less of a person. He always did everything he could to help me even if I told him not to. He spent time with me without expecting something in return. He did things that other guys would have never done. There was respect and a friendship before there was anything. We had so many good times and really no bad times. He told me I was beautiful and that I was a wonderful person inside and out. For once I was paying for everything and I wasn't having to give everything and not recieve the same treatment. I was treated as an equal not above or below. This was such a wonderful feeling that I have never known in life. I decided to open my heart and try to love again and when I felt myself falling in love with him BAM!! It was over as quick as it had started. There were no goodbyes or anything of such. There was just nothing. Ho
My Quiz For How In Saine I Am
You scored as Narcissistic. Congratulations, you are a self-centered ass.Narcissistic75%Paranoid63%Schizoid63%Histrionic44%Antisocial38%Borderline31%Schizotypal13%Which Personality Disorder Do You Havecreated with
My Quick And Dirty Salute Tutorial
Since my Sticky is gone lets Continue here!! OK all u happy people this is Immortals quick and dirty salute tutorial! GET A Pen!! Get Paper or USE UR SKIN... Like This: WRITE Your ID AND NAME TAKE A PHOTO OF IT with YOU in it holding up ur paper or hand.... You can Also take a Pic of yourself with your monitor but this is a difficult feat in itself as I will show ya! So ALL that BS and this one gets Approved Upload it and then flag as a salute You will see the option below the name of the folder. Click Flag photo as a salute. You will then see a red SALUTE near each picture. Choose the one that is your salute and submit! WAIT for approval... voila.... TY Signed... Cranky Princess who doesnt have salute tattoed on her forehead :P
My Quote Of The Day.....based On Love
Love is... What makes a weak man brave And a king step off his throne Good times, bad times Easy times, tough times It comes in an instant And lasts three days after forever That's what love is love jamaal a.k.a m-dot
My Questions To You !!
*!*Whats your Name*!* 2. Are we close? 3. What do you think of me? 4. Do you hav a crush on me? 5. Would u kiss me? 6. would u hurt me? 7. Describe me in 3 words? 8. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do? 9. What was ur first impression of me? 10. Do u still think the same? 11.. What reminds u of me? 12. If you could give me anything what would it be? 13. How well do u know me? 14. What do u like best about me? 15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt? 16. Could you ever love me? 17. Give me a nickname and explain why? 18.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u? 19.Anything 2 say b4 u go? 20.Would u go wit me?
My Quiz`s
I AM RADIATATING POSTIVE ENERGY FROM MY SEVENTH CHAKRA! You are radiating positive energy from your seventh chakra! This chakra is located at the crown of your head and represents the seat of the soul. The seventh chakra is associated with your connection to your spiritual self and to the divine. When this chakra is clear, positive energy can flow from it freely. Radiating positive energy from your seventh chakra indicates that you've cultivated higher wisdom concerning the important life lessons associated with this energy centre. You're apt to feel a greater bond with the spiritual world. You're probably also more able to live in the moment than most other people are. The seventh chakra is the chakra of highest spiritual evolution. YOUR LOVE ELEMENT IS METAL In love, you inspire and respect your partner. For you, love is all about fusing together for one incredible life experience. You attract others with wit and a bit of flash. Your flirting style is defi
My Quest
Crazy Bitch@ CherryTAP I need help getting more friends on cherrytap I am trying to get all of them are at least most of them please help.
My Quizz
You scored as Vampire. You are a straight up !Vampire Your hobbies may include drinking the blood of innocents...or not so innocents. You tend to shy away from crosses. Your bed is a coffin with the dirt from your homeland inside. The light is your enemy, and will destroy you should you be lured into its trap. Garlic is not your favorite spice in the kitchen, though it does make for a very nice weapon along with the holy water you stole from that priest awhile back...Just watch your back you never know who might be lurking in a dark alley!Vampire33%You are a Vampiric Elf!17%Black Witch0%You are a Demon0%Fallen Angel0%What creature of the night are you you most like? (Pics!!)created with
My Quirks
70 QUIRKS ABOUT ME - 01. Initials: JAW 02. Name someone with the same birthday as you: I'm don't know of any 03. Last thing you ate: Spring rolls 04. For or against same sex marriage: For definatly Love is love 05. I say Shotgun! You say?: Get off my land lol 06. Last person you hugged?: Natty 07. Do you believe in God?: NO!! 08. How many U.S states have you been to?: 1 09. How many of the U.S states have you lived in: None 10. Ever lived outside of the US: Yeah all my life 11. Name something you like physically about yourself: I'm pretty content with my body. So I don't have a fave part. Maybe you could tell me. 12. Something non-physical you like about yourself: My attitude 13. Who is your best friend?: Nat for sure 14. Why are you up?: Because it's 8:13 pm 15. Who made you angry today?: My nan and it being the third day in a row that I've seen her all because it's Christmas. 16. Favorite type of Food?: Anything Italian 17. Favor
My Quest To Better Health Begins Anew
Okay... in truth it began some time ago... Several months ago I went to the Dr for some problems I was having in my leg.. an infection got very bad from a cut and my legs were swelling dangerously. I went to the Dr and he put me on the scale I almost cried at the weight. We, my wife and i, said we would do something and we didn't.. not really. Then i saw this one diet and decided to try it and it works, works well, but it was decided that things were just too bland, or too bitter (to the point they actually burned the tongue), so we would change our diet back to another we knew would work. Now.. before starting this other diet i was at a GHASTLY 375... yes ladies and gents, the man you, for some unknown reason seem to find appealing on this site, was a in deed moby dick.. the great white whale Anyway... on the diet i lost 30 lbs in no time.. so down to 345 where i hovered for awhile... i went on my trip for a week and came back at 352.. UGH Now this morning I am at 33
My Question
My Quizz
Which ArchAngel are you most like? Rafael. You're most like the ArchAngel of Healing. You want people to shape up, and you nag. But you mean well, and you're well loved despite it. Or because of it. You bring the donuts even as you tell people to eat more veggies.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
My Quizzes..=)
LISAS QUIZ SECTION..=) Men See You As Playful Men want a challenge and you are the perfect playmate You know how to push men's buttons and attract a wide range of guys You enjoy living and loving - it's one of your most attractive qualities Men are often consumed with desire for you, and you love that! How Do Men See You? Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at You Are Thong Panties Woman, you are one hell of a ride! You're a total wild child - and you live for crazy times. Men are attracted to you like flies to honey, even though they know they should stay away. You need a expert cowboy who can keep in tune with your free spirit! What Kind of Panties Are You? Take the quiz: Which Victoria's Secret Angel are you?Adriana LimaYou are wild,crazy,exotic,
My Quiz On How I Am In Bed
You scored as A Slave To BDSM. Admit it, you like being tied up and being told you've been very naughty. You like teasing your partner and making them squirm, and not letting them be able to do anything about it. Some people think what you do is sick and disgusting, but you know it's all in good fun.A Slave To BDSM100%Sex God88%A Romantic45%Virgin28%How are you in bedcreated with
My Quiz
You have a sexual IQ of 134 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
My Quiz Results !!!
I didn't lie or embelish on any of them.... Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect Your kissing technique is amazing - and you know it. You have the confidence to make the first move. And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best. Sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're a tease. And you're always amazing! Are You a Good Kisser? Your Seduction Style: The Charmer You're a master at intimate conversation and verbal enticement. You seduce with words, by getting people to open up to you. By establishing this deep connection quickly, people feel under your power. And then you've got them exactly where you want them! What Is Your Seduction Style? What Your Soul Really Looks Like You are a wanderer. You constantly long for a new adventure, challenge, or eve a completely different life. You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet m
My Quotes For My Life
"hurt is the soul of love, you must endure it and embrace it b/c when love, as a body, dies the soul, as the hurt, must continue to that inevitable unknown heaven, such as life, in a persuit of another body(love)" what good is your reality, when justice fails and dishonesty is glossed over and the ones who keep faith suffer.
My Quiz Answers
1.Name? Bec 2.Age? 33 3.Location? Ga 4.Height and weight? 5'8 Extra Baggage 5.Single or Married? depends on the day 6.Think I'm Hot? im ok lol 7.Kids? If so, how many? Ive got 2 8. Would u have sex with me? I have sex with me all the time 9.No strings attached or relationship? not sure 10.Favorite Positions? ALL ( well the ones ive tried ) 11.Like to give oral? recieve? Both 12.How long can u last? ummm all depends 13.Have sex outdoors? why not orgasm or multiples? multipes 15.Loud moaner or quiet? i can be both 16.Like to use handcuffs? chains? never tried but i sure would try handcuffs 17.In control or be dominated? all depends 18.3somes? group sex? on camera? 3sums rock 19.straight or bi? all depends on the day 20.Horny all the time? ( UMM HELL YES ) 21.will u repost and send filled questionaire back to me so I can reply to u?
My Qualitys
1) great smile 2) good personality 3) beautiful eyes 4) sexy body 5) >.> nice fuckin ass 6) good mother/ care taker What Brandon said..... 1)friendly 2) sweet 3)loving to family and friends 4)open 5) honest 6) a terrific friend 7) very sexy 8) gorgeous eyes 9) can always make me smile no matter what 10) always there to help someone What Al said..... If anybody wants to leave some they can. Its so I can look at it everyday and try to feel better about Christina.....
My Quiz
okay i got a quiz about me any of you that are brave and think you know me i dare you to try :)
My Quiz
go take my quiz on my page. see how well you know me. the top person will get a gift
My Quote For The Day
My Quote For The Day
I knew life wasnt going to be a party, but since I am here, I may as well enjoy the dance ********************************************** Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means you've decided to see life beyond the imperfections. So, don't say your're happy because everthing is alright, be happy because everything sucks but you're just fine....
My Quickie
one night i was just laying in bed wit nothing to do n very horny my phone rang and it was you. i told u i am in need. u ask to come over. bout a hour later u showed up. wasting no time we both naked. damn ya body is so damn sexy. pussy getting even wetter. u lay on the bed n wit those sexy eyes u do not have to say it. so i crawl between your legs. as i do licking up your thigh. getting closer to your balls starting to licking n suck on them. then licking up your dick, taking the head in my mouth. given it lil kisses n some tongue play. now taking the lenght of u down my throat. mmmmmmm baby i miss doing this. got ya dick nice n wet now its time for me to really get down on u. u hold my head n thrust up in my mouth making me take all of u in mouth. u steady fuck my mouth coming out half way then back down my throat. feeling the head get bigger i know u about to cum u start to fuck my mouth faster n i am in beat with u. as u are cumming on my face i start to play in my
My Quote For The Day
BECAREFUL WHO YOU GIVE YOUR HEART TO BECAUSE YOU NOT ONLY GIVE THE PERSON THE RIGHT TO LOVE YOU BUT ALSO GIVE THEM A THE CHANCE TO HURT YOU. Many people ask why does love hurt so much and I guess the only answer to that is the obvious, if it wasnt really love then it wouldnt hurt when you lost out .
My Quiz . Let Me Know
Are you daring enough to answer this and send it back ? 1. Would you have sex with me? 2. What positions would you want to be in? 3. Would you give me oral pleasure? 4. Would you have hard pounding sex, make love, or mix it up? 5. Would you have sex with me the first night we met? 6. Would you give me a naked pic? 7. Would you do me in a hot steamy shower? 8. Would you let me handcuff or tie you to the bed? 9. Would you join me in a 3-some? 10. What is it about me that makes you want to have sex with me? 11. Would you talk dirty to me while we had sex? 12. Where would you like to be when we have sex? 13. Would you have sex with me in front of other people? 14. Would you have multiple sex sessions with me in the same night? 15. Would you have sex with me in the rain, letting me bend you over the hood of a car? 16. Would you mind if we got nasty and dirty like in a porno? 17. Would you have phone sex with me? 18. Would you have sex wi
My Quinn.
So yesterday when I got home I made a beeline for the basement to see my Quinn. Couldn't find him at first til I started calling for him. Next thing I know here he comes flying out from one of the bookshelves and throws himself on my feet. He purred like crazy and every time I moved he was moving with me so I couldn't "leave him" again. It was so cute.
My Quote For The Day
If you always do what you have always done , u will always get what you have always got!!!!!!!
My Quote
world peace will be the day of our destruction for the day we have all murdered ourselves will be the day of peace.
My Quiet Obsession.
You are my quiet obsession my favorite dispossession a track ran on repeat with a prickling heart of regret Like catching the silence without the storm Or the darkness without the taste of painted salts in vivid hue A Son forever set. the sea catches the moon so empty hollow in her lonesome dance without the Son to reflect upon In who's arms does our Lady weep? Her voice is but an awkward whisper torn from the empty found inbetween digital lines The moon is my sister and these secrets shall keep. Her promises are but a play on shadows and her lies have this silken way of seeking out the truth between the patterns of her quilt and When she sings I might sing with her and when she crys I drink her tears The stars our only audience free from hope, devoid of guilt. I touch with my mind, you see. I taste with my soul. I trace each dream particle with an empty hand sketching out each piece; of darkness, of light. I hear only the echos as they might have bee
My Quiet Inner Myspace
Ok, as you all well know Myspace can be a bit coo-coo for cocoa puffs every now and then. Yet, as of late I can't help but notice that myspace, while still having those annoying HTML games as advertisements, it now offers services. These services are strange at best and why anyone would want to use them is beyond me. These services can mostly be found, oddly enough, on the blogs page. I dropped my account there, and then decided to open a new one. I haven't done anything with it, or added friends, so there has been no need to check in. But I did this last Friday and this is what I found lurking around my blank profile page. A service was asking if you know your credit score. I, always one to be on top of my credit knew my score but decided to check the thing out. After filling out loads of information I was eventually brought to a page that asked me which magazine subscription I wanted to pay for. I have no idea how this helps me find my credit score. I chose against sub
My Quotes Of The Day!
You may not be able to beat up everyone, or win always. But a baseball bat goes a long way. It's funny how some people talk about what they do for a living. I find a lot of the ones who are the most cocky, are those who talk about how they do cage matches as their profession. Yet a pencil pusher can do more damage than they can in one match if that. That's how "Wars" happen. Remember we're all in this together. I’m pulling for you.
My Quarter-life Crisis
They call it the "Quarter-life Crisis." It is when you stop going along with the crowd and start realizing that there are many things about yourself that you didn't know and may not like. You start feeling insecure and wonder where you will be in a year or two, but then get scared because you barely know where you are now. You start realizing that people are selfish and that, maybe, those friends that you thought you were so close to aren't exactly the greatest people you have ever met, and the people you have lost touch with are some of the most important ones. What you don't recognize is that they are realizing that too, and aren't really cold, catty, mean or insincere, but that they are as confused as you. You look at your job... and it is not even close to what you thought you would be doing, or maybe you are looking for a job and realizing that you are going to have to start at the bottom and that scares you. Your opinions have gotten stronger. You see what others are doi
My Quest For A Happy Hour
Hey guys I am in Steph's Happy Hour Giveaway, I entered in hopes that a Happy Hour could help me reach Godmother! I could really use some help! I know I need a lot of comments, but just 10 or 20 from all my friends would really make a difference. Any help is appreciated! Thank you! Love, Jamie
My Quest For A Fu-hubby
My Quest For A Fu-hubby
My Quote
Cassie say......"Girl that masturbates with cucumber... ends up with pickle".
My Quilt
As I faced my Maker at the last judgment, I knelt before the Lord along with all the other souls. Before each of us laid our lives like the squares of a quilt in many piles; an angel sat before each of us sewing our quilt squares together into a tapestry that is our life. But as my angel took each piece of cloth off the pile, I noticed how ragged and empty each of my squares was. They were filled with giant holes. Each square was labeled with a part of my life that had been difficult, the challenges and temptations I was faced with in every day life. I saw hardships that I endured, which were the largest holes of all. I glanced around me. Nobody else had such squares. Other than a tiny hole here and there, the other tapestries were filled with rich color and the bright hues of worldly fortune. I gazed upon my own life and was disheartened. My angel was sewing the ragged pieces of cloth together, threadbare and empty, like binding air. Finally the time came when each life wa
My Quick N Easy Chicken Recipe
Ingredients * 500g Chicken Thigh Fillets cut into strips * 400g can Tomatoes diced * 1 medium onion sliced thickly * 4 crushed garlic cloves * 2 tbs dark soy sauce * 2 tbs worchestshire sauce * 1/2 cup plain flour * 1 tsp sugar * olive oil Directions 1. Coat chicken in flour. 2. Fry in oil until brown then remove. 3. Fry garlic and onions in same pan until translucent. 4. Add tomatoes, soy, w'shire & sugar and simmer for 3 minutes. 5. Return chicken with 50ml water and simmer gently for 5 minutes. 6. Serve with fresh boiled potatoes and corn.
My Quickstep Guide To Mumming.
Mumms can be very time consuming if you are new to them. After reading voting on countless mumm's, i've come to the following conclusions, and you my friend, can save time in your mumming life by following in my footsteps. lol. the guy with the foot fetish said 'footsteps' :P 1. mumm's that ask for YOUR favorite this or that, or what YOU would do, are not mumms. these people suck and do not deserve your points. do not vote. leave a comment that tells them they suck. 2. violence never solved anything. (except the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WW1, WW2, etc.). If a mummer asks for violence or not, no violence! 3. do not become an accessory to a crime. Voting on a mumm that persuades a person to commit a crime could be interpreted as aiding in that crime. Don''t do it. Vote against all illegal acts. 4. always vote to: let it go, wait and see, see what happens, or the like. If the mummer is ok with waiting for fate to intervene, why should you interfere?
My Question ?
My question is, how can I love someone so much... but let them cause me so much pain? Why is it that you can devote yourself 110% to someone, and they take advantage of it... and turn their back on you? How can one sit there and blame all their problems on you, but you've never done anything but be there when it matters most? Why make promises when you know you don't intend to keep them? Why say you love someone, when you know it isn't true? How can you walk away from someone when all they wanted was to be loved by you? How can you get so angry at someone when all they do is care about you? How can you dislike someone so much to make them hurt so bad? How can you look someone in the eyes and say they're the only person that matters, but when they need you the most you’re nowhere to be found? How can you say you love me, but then turn your back on me? My question is, how can I love someone so much... but let them cause me so much pain?
My Quicksand
I’ve slipped into an obscure reality This mortality plagues me. Self-manipulation A Catastrophe - What have I become? Where’s my compass when I need one? My vision’s blurred again The voices in my head scream Is there silence? I’m still alone in the dark No footsteps in the snow No white knight to save me No compassion for the inferior This quicksand suction of life; It pulls me down.
My Quiz Result
ZQ: Zombie QuotientYou Just Might Get Through ThisIn the event of a zombie holocaust, you have a better chance than most. Stay stocked, and keep studying the undead.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
My Queen
.... My grandmother passed away yesterday morning...of cancer! It had only been a few weeks that we found out and since then it has been down hill at 100 miles an hour! The meaning of this blog is so that i can state what an amazing woman she was! When I was a little girl i couldn't wait for fridays to come because i knew i was going to my princess castle... It was my hide away from the foolishness of the mean cruel world! We laughed and loved one another with out disturbance from anything! With her Bright blue eyes and soft voice she spoke about the world and life lessons.We ate food, did each others hair, and layed on the couch with blankets watching movies. Her jolly belly laugh filled the room and you couldn't help but laugh when she did! She spoke with emotion through her eyes and her heart! At 11 years old I buried my father and her in turn buried her son... this tragic event brought us even closer! We loved harder and laughed louder all the time crying inside. The f Questions... do you know when the one you love is the one? ...what does it take for you to see it? ...why do we get odd feelings in our stomachs? ...can we give our faith to that person? ...will they give you theirs? ...if I were bleeding will they lick my cuts? ...will they cut me, if I ask them to? ...would they let me do the same? you believe one person can save you? it possible to save another? ...can we really let go of the past? I able to trust again? ...will I be hurt if I do? you have faith in me? ...will you wait? ...when will I understand all this? ...did you hear that? you know what that was? ...that was my soul, leaving my body... goes to join yours... ...I know the answer to all my questions... ...her... ...need...
My Question For You
Do you think of me cause i think about you i wonder how your doing and to yourself being true i have so many questions i wish that i could ask but every time i get the chance i cant live up to that task im afraid of what you might think when i ask you all my thoughts but there's one thing you must know and that is that i miss you lots though i feel you made a mistake when you decided to go i feel like i should be there for you and for my pain not to show i know in my heart we are no longer best friends and even though i hate it reality is everything ends Even though you chose a guy over your entire life i have to accept your decision but it does hurt like a knife one more thing before i go and before i start to cry i wanna know how u could leave without saying goodbye
My Question Is?
Do you have to act like a WHORE on here to get rates? I mean whats wrong with honest & true to yourself type of people, has it gotten that damn bad? To think that theres only a few of us out there, seriously?
My Quest For Spotlight
I am over whelmed with generosity from my fellow Fu's an would like to take this time to thank each an everyone for their donations to my spotlight fund.So Please go       them all you wont regret it. RonaldAnthony74 Fu husband of +*~Kick A$$ Bi@tch~*@ fubar paintguy
My Quest To Godmother
PLEASE COME FAN RATE AND ADD HER !!!!! SHE WANTS TO LEVEL TO GODMOTHER!!! PLEASE CLICK ON HER PICTURE TO LOVE ON HER ΨSuziэ[κϋnτasτίc]Ψ@ All Hope Is Gone@ fubar PLUS SHE HAS MANY SEXY PICTURES :) BROUGHT TO YOU BY: ♥ΛΝGΞ|ÐΛWΝK®I§♥Real Life Wife to BarryLicious*Owned By Tappini@ fubar (repost of original by '♥ΛΝGΞ|ÐΛWΝK®I§♥Real Life Wife to BarryLicious*Owned By Tappini' on '2008-12-17 21:58:51')
My Queen I Loffs Her
chillinbaby23: so you get now a yahoo there,, ->chillinbaby23: U AM GIVEN TO ME SEX I COM TO SEE YU? ->chillinbaby23: OH IS NICE THER? IM WANT COM THER TO SEE YU chillinbaby23: california ->chillinbaby23: WHER YOU ARE FROMP? chillinbaby23: ->chillinbaby23: IM FROM THE POLAND BEFOR I COM AMERICA ->chillinbaby23: OR I GO TO YAHOOID.CAM? chillinbaby23: where you from? ->chillinbaby23: I GO TO YAHOOOK.CAM? chillinbaby23: get a account on the yahoo ok,,and get the yahoo id,, ->chillinbaby23: IM SEE YOU NAKEED IF I BUY ID? chillinbaby23: i dont have it only yahoo or msn only,, ->chillinbaby23: IM WANT SEE FOR YOU ARE NAKEED MY QUEEN ->chillinbaby23: YU ARE HAVING POLSKITALK MASSANGER? hillinbaby23: its a yahoo messanger ok,, ->chillinbaby23: I BUY ONE FOR YU? ->chillinbaby23: I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS ID ->chillinbaby23: U WIL BE MY QUEEN P[LEACE chillinbaby23: you dont have a yahoo or msn id,,too chat on me there,, ->chillinbaby23: OMGOOSHNESS YOU ARE BOOTIFUL LIKE
My Question..
Help us Keep the TRUTH alive! donate to my account today and you will be able to get all the truth that YOUR goverment is hiding from you
My Queen
My face blazes red. He holds me tight. A smile spreads across my face. He places a kiss at the base of my neck. I intertwine my fingers in his hair. I press myself closer to him. Then he kisses me roughly and bites my bottom lip. I tug at his shirt while he tugs at my shorts. I place kisses upon his bare chest. He runs his hands up my thighs. Still, we hold each other closer. This love we share is strong. This love we have is beautiful. This love we know is amazing. This love.
My Quest To Quit Smoking... Part 1.
I have smoked my last cigerette as of the end of December in 2010. I have turned to the e-cigerette. Now from time to time you will see my status reflecting vaping comments. I have talked to a few people on here about it. It may also seem to them that I may have "preached" it to them, but let me now say I did not mean it to sound that way. I was just trying to inform them what I have learned through my "vaping" experience. As I know that it is up to the individual to determine whether or not that they want to quit smoking, I am only giving information that they can do with what they want.   That being said, I have managed to reduce my nicotine levels on my own time frame. I do this by mixing my own juices myself. when I first started, I was at 14mg of nicotine. I am now down to 4mg. This e-cigerette has not been a cheap thing for me, as I am always trying out the new technology that comes with it. But others don't have to. If you are doing this, it is totally up to you how you spend
My Quote
He takes hold of my soul and keeps me from spinning out of control. I grab hold of your hand as you lead me across this land. I love my hubby
My Quest
So deep in her thoughts,Is where I long to be.Buried into her heart,Will this she ever see.In days of old,This would be my lifelong quest.To search only for her,Forsaking all the rest.I wish my God would smile on me,And make this beauty's heart mine.Then I would have the greatest treasure,And cherish it for all time.
My R1
So I bought a 2007 Yamaha R1 back on the 13th of April. I had it for 4 1/2 months already. I had plans to put an alarm on it this friday. I'm getting ready to take off to a party just to have my roommate tell me that it was gone. Now some unlucky, lucky asshole stole 16,000 from me. And to think, I lived in a nice neighborhood!

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