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My Own Private Hell!
You don't know the pain i feel. Cause you fail to ask. i could not share this pain cause you would not understand.i look in the mirror and all i see is you,then the glass shatters and you disappear.will this pain and hurt ever stop.the pain of losing you and never seeing you again if there was a way for me to hug you i would never let you go.but that is not possible cause you are day i will see you again.i dream of that day.i've tried to get there but i never i sit and drown in my will never know my pain i am in my own private hell
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My Own Ramblings
Despite all that has happened this year as I look around I think how lucky I have been in life. I have those that I love and hold dear mostly still around to comfort me. My heart breaks for the families of those whose fire season ended early this year. Such a catastrophe is difficult to accept. I also feel for those who witnessed and were unable to do more as the scene unfolded in front of them. The feeling of uselessness is one I simply cannot stand and I know it is for many others in the fire service as well. The only good thing to come from something like this is the fact that all the agencies and various companies infighting disappears while everyone realizes no matter who we are or work for we all strive for the same goal - to come home at the end of the night and the end of the season. My thoughts and prayers are with the wildland firefighting community right now. Between the soldiers that are deployed and the firefighters that on the line it seems like I have a lot to pr
My Own Personal Opinions On Mylife
Is it just another boring day or is this something everyone should envy? I sit back and ask myself do I want to be out there like every Tom, Dick, and Harry and working my ass off for the rest of my life, (to get nowhere I might add, in most cases),or do I want to continue to kick back,relax and enjoy this time that I have, (well technically not really off)to re-coop before real life starts again.....most days I go crazy...but why? MOST WOULD SAY I HAVE IT GOOD. I have a beautiful ocean view the salt air coming through my window,beautiful sunrises that match even more beautiful sunsets, seagulls flying above,the sound of the ocean at night is awesome,butting up against a back drop some of the most spectacular beautiful and largest trees in the world....PEOPLE SAY THIS IS GODS COUNTRY,hmmmm none of them have lived here lol,BY THE WAY MY TOWN IS ABOUT POPULATION 800 OR SO,so im way in the country......I dont know im just restless today,and feel the need to share this with everyone on he
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Allow me to introduce you to my owner JUSTFISHING! He is the best owner a person could ever have. Most days I wonder who owns who because he absolutely spoils me. Please show him lots of love. F/R/A him if you havent already and smother him with love. 'Justfishing ~Owned by Texas Twister' & Owner of LuAngel & Cotton Candy Kisses & ~Suga Mama@ fubar
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Took me long enough to get around to this... I feel like a terrible slave, heh. This folks, is my owner for the month. He is on awesome, generous guy and if you haven't already you need to go show him some love. Tell him I sent ya so he knows I'm being a good l'il slave, k? xv~OwnerOf EasyOnTheEyz~MacARoni~BeautyAndTheMess~HppyBubbles & Kept in corsets@ fubar (Will add background and music to this when I have another spare moment.)
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My Own Hands
Going to bed last night I thought of, or realized, something. Anything I have done or anything I have I've done with my own 2 hands. I don't count on others to buy me things or give me things. Part of my brain makes me proud of that fact. Another part asks another question, which I will not mention here. The thought started in Fu, but expanded to that real world out there. Another thought was all those people out there who are the exact opposite. Who have things handed to them, most of the time because of how they look or maybe because of who they are. One thing I need to realize in those times of diffucult choices is not to further their ego by handing them over things like many others. It only hurts them in the end really :D.
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My Own Damn Song
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THIS GOES TO THE FOLLOWING LADIES OF FUBAR EACH ONE OF YOU HAVE OWNED ME ONE OF YOU ETERNALY:) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALLOWING ME THE PRIVELDGE OF HAVING YOU AS OWNERS AND THE GIFTS YOU HAVE GIVEN ME THE LAST YEAR. TO ME HAVING YOU IS GIFT ENOUGH. TO ANYONE READING THIS IF YOU DONT HAVE ANY OF THESE ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST YOU ARE SORELY MISSING OUT! PLEASE SHOW THEM THE LOVE EACH ONE DESERVES FOR THEY ARE IN FACT SISTERS TO US ALL! TERRY ~~DreamWeaver ~ ~ Wife Of The Watcher~~Shadow Leveler@ fubar ~LadySnowOwl~Manager of *Omega Bombers* ~& Now a member of ~Shadow Levelers~, Woo Hoo lol@ fubar ♥BooBoo♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned By InFarred.... Garys Forever..@ fubar ~Rebel Lady~Co-Founder ~ CONFEDERATE BOMBERS of FUBAR~Fu-Owner of The Watcher~@ fubar ♫ DJ Aimee ♫ ~The Bitch You Love To Hate~ President of GIT-R-DONE REBEL BOMBSQUAD@ fubar ~Farscapecat~Shadow Leveler~Yeahmon's Angels!~R/L wife of Passionman71& permanently o
My Own
A true man is loving, compassionate, kind who loves you for your heart,soul,and mind. He care not what others say,think, and do; His world evolves around you. A true man holds you tight in his arms. wanting to keep you forever unharmed. His joyous eyes are staring deep into yours; as he gives you that look,you feel secure. His soft whisper sounds like sweet music to your ears. Hes moving close,letting you know he is near... As you receive a warm embrace, You see the expression upon his soft tender face. His white smile tells it all. You rush with glorious pride, because you know he'll forever be by your side. Your hearts belong to one another; Through pain and sorrow,you support each other As those beautiful memories come pouring in. You feel his strong love once again. Oh, but true men are so hard to find! Through all this chaos is true love undivine. You yet wait for your prince to come And to love you unconditionally, not just some. How you wish to feel his co
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My Owner.. ~naughty By Nature~ For Valentines 09
My Own Personal Jesus
Religion, of any form, is of no consequence to me. Ive never had a taste or craving for a big spoonful of Jesus, though people have attempted to airplane a few in at various points in my life. I think this is partially due to the fact that my parents didnt attend church or force any sort of religious deals on my brother and me growing up. It was also, in part, due to their hippy I wanna live free- lifestyle. God, Jesus, and the good book had too many rules, man. Besides, Sunday was pops day to drive to the Florida line for his daily dose of alcohol (no alcoholic beverages are sold in Georgia on Sundays). Yay for family functions!! I cant condemn them for that. If anything, this was one of the few things I can praise them forhow different I wouldve turned out if I had been raised in a typical God-fearing, Bible-thumping, intolerant to a fault Southern family. Why, I wouldnt be the perfectly_inked or PI for short that you all barely know today. I shudder as I realize that I j
My Own Hell , Why I'm Not Around
I haven't been on since Friday and here's why I'm in a bad place right now. I found out on Friday I'm diabetic and on top of it I have tendinitis, On my left hand . I'm told I can never use that hand to write w/, since I'm a lefty I curve my wrist when I write. So from that is why I have it.. I have to wear and brace and I'm hoping that will help me to be able to teach myself how to write w/ out curving the wrist.. Not being able to write handicaps me from finding a job big time... I'm having panic attacks daily due to the stress I'm under ... Pretty much my health is poor on more than level and I'm at rock bottom.. Everything in my life is spinning out of control and I just don't know how much more I can take.. So with that being said please understand if I'm not here or taking awhile to comment or deal w/ my messages... 3-2-09 To give everyone a update I'm going tomorrow to retake the diabetes test.. Keep ur fingers crossed for me.. xo
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She is my owner. Love on her. Cannibal .√iolets. Bish!@ fubar
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Show Him Lots Of Luv!! *Teddy Bear Beer Hunter *Spanker* Proud Owner of Make Me Be Good!!@ fubar Brought to U by Me: ♕ Make me be good! ♕..Proudly Owned By Teddy Bear Beer Hunter@ fubar
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the stars are out all over the sky and no one is here but you and gently i hold you close..stiff as a rock...pressed against your clit..while on your back my hand strokes...tounges all over each other as we go down to our knee;s your laying down so beautiful,hot wet and im ready to hand goes down to your breast..finger tips twist your nipples as i grind you before the test...down i go with my tounge to that pearl and you scream my name out as your orgasm swells...out it comes into to my mouth I LOVE it and you NO DOUBT!
My Owner
This wonderful man bought me in Radio's auction and now owns me. :o I hope he doesn't make me do housework. Go love on him. :-) Donnie@ fubar
My Own Calendar ..drafts.
our new year starts on march 21,, it is the beginning of spring here"/ farwardin , ordibehest,khordad,tir, mordad, shahriwar, mehr, aban, azar, day, bahman, esfand. every 21 st. of the mon. is 1 st of our mon. march, april, may, june, july, august, sept. oct. nov. dec. jan. feb.. and march 21 .OUR NEW YEAR. 9 MONS MORE TO GO, STILL IN THE MAKING..LOL a href="http://imajr.cshahriwar-1400990" title="Click to view shahriwar-1400990.jpg on" target=_blank> CALENDAR DONE WHEW"LOL
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Hot&Fluffy ~Fu Engaged to Big Daddy Boomer~ SBG ~RR~FuOwned big daddy boomer 4 life~Ticha BabyDoll@ fubar Hot & Fluffy won me in Vamp's Auction. She owns me til May 9th!
My Own Worst Enemy
im my own worst enemy. i cant get away from myself and i dont know what to do. im so tempted to go find something to cut myself with but i dont want to piss people off. alot of times i wonder what it will be like if i was never born or alive. i just dont want to be a burden to any one anymore. thats all i have ever been is a burden. i just dont understand why mom my wouldn't get an abortion. im a nobody im not important....
My Own Lil Contest!
LOL I am In my OWN contest and I need my friends help, I need you to rate and comment on my contest folder, If your not yet a friend please Rate Fan Add me (Only My Friends Can Few The Pic) after that I will send 1k to everyone that F/A/R's And Comments (No dirty or NSFW Comments your that person WILL be deleted from my friends list AND Blocked! Thanks for your help! Thanks Again ~*MysticLadyWolf~*
My Own City
It’s been long years while I am waitingI don’t know what I am waitingDo I wait your forgiveness???Or I am waiting the water to get back to the old dry river??I know that I didn’t leave any space in your heartAs we didn’t leave any place in old DamascusEvery street has its own memoryIt presents a story of our bookEvery step presents a step in our journeyOur finished journey our finished storyEven the roads of Damascus are still hereAnd here you are my eveJust like old Damascus which never left its peoplesAs my heart never left your loveThat I became like qassyounAs long as Damascus is aliveIt will be hereThe never separatedIf my heart was qassyon Your love will be old Damascus- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - -W.B:FAR7AN
My Own Swan
no time for me anymore....they'll see when i wash up on shore....i'll die until i live...i didnt want that string to give...they left it up to day they'll see....but instead of taking my own life...i'll put away this knife...i'll show them i dont need them.....i'll make my life a worthy gem....they all said i was worthless....without their help i'll clean up the day they'll notice i'm gone.....but don't look for my swan song....look for the life gone wrong turned into something that was meant to be....and there, you'll find to all that dont think i'll be my own swan....dont look for me because i'll be gone
My Own Apocalypse
My Own Apocalypse Category: Writing and Poetry Ringing in my ears, my worlds a blurHoping for sweet kisses tonightSinging in my head, placing all trust in youDreaming of bubble gum kisses tonightVoices from the past singing my demiseAngelic tears fall from heaven aboveWhat is right I no longer knowHere comes my own ApocalypseTime passes by, forever seems like yesterday One day with a future unclearOne year with many roads to chooseOne life with a milkyway of memoriesFate locked in chains, cursed destinies without hopeDemons set ablaze in thehells belowForget the past and live for todayJust one more day in my own apocalypse Bum me a buck to play my song The jukebox is kicking tonight Eighteen shots way past sober I feel like dancing tonight Breath falling short as I lay in silent slumber Hearts racing faster with every single beat Who cares about tomorrowlive for today Let's hear it for my own apocalypse Lonely swirls around pale moon light Bitter sweet darkne
My Owner
My Own Space
everything has a point or a reason my mind is the samewhat you think is insane is actually in reality pretty sanelet you pick apart my brain and try to draw your own conclusionstry to paint between the lines of the patterns of my thoughts wildest illusionsa delusional wreckage of good and bad thoughts crashing togetherits a beautiful disaster that makes me one of a kind, my own mastermastermind ideas that go over your head 40 times before you say ''oh i get it''you thought i was aimless when i really knew exactly where i was headedi was crazy heading for the clouds the stars and the moon toosat on the moon just waiting for some aliens to pass throughprobably the only things in the universe that wouldn't think that im crazyhow can i get judgment from things that do anal probes on the dailygotta be kidding me, just let me rest my head while i have this chancefeet dangling in a crater, head on a star, as i give earth a distant glanceasking myself if i would go back there if somehow i coul
My Own
My Own Warped and fragile;This life is never what it seemsIt will tear you down,Like a fallen angel's wings;And shred you by any meansBut this is where I belongEven if it hurtsI stay awake just to hear this last song;To hear the sounds I dream Though when I'm here, I lack breathChoke; I can't seem to breatheI lose my mind, like i'm lost in time;My own catalyst, it brings me to my kneesMy own angel of nightmaresDestroying my own world,My home, everything precious to me
My Own Fubar Lounge
I had created and attempting to improve my own lounge named Phoenix Rising so many time and failed... that mean my attempt at adding Skins to my lounge, since I not great with codes... Yet, I wonder, would anyone here willing to work for me as lounge promoter/web master/security?
My Owner Has 77k Till He Levels! Come Help Me Help Him Help You... Out!
My Own Mo Fn Stupidity
I am having a really tough night. Last night my mouth went off without stopping to think just what the hell I was doing. I have a very very very close friend that is from the site. My ass got jealous, ugh I hate jealousy, and friggin said shit I didnt mean. I was sad cause I could share anything with this person and I hadn't spoken to them in a week. I felt like I was stupid for allowing myself to get so close to someone knowing this would happen. But right now I can't even begin to think of what not having them in my life. Having them in my life means so much to me, that I wish they knew how sorry I really am. To top it off, have been on an estrogen patch for over a month and found out my insurance wont cover it anymore so that has really affected the way I have been handling things this past week. Yanno, I know I have issues with major depression, but when it feels like it is totally controlling you, I dont even know how to think straight. Guess thats enough..... any advice wou
My Own Misery
Holidays are a time for happiness and joy Of laughter and love Yet I seem to be the only sad, lonely human I sit and wallow in self pity Pushing everyone away from me My life has been nothing but a mess Constantly inconsistent Nothing I do pleases anyone I'm told I need to get out Yet when I do, I've gone too far Why do I feel so alone? Mind spiraling down a sea of chaos Heart shattered beyond repair I feel as tho I can barely breathe
My Own Sin!
My Own Sin by Amanda Chafin The darkness lay like a blanket on a sultry summer night. Everything that is good and pure inside me trying to resist this fight. Longing for your touch needing to feel your kiss; My blood pulsing wildly like an addict in need of a fix. The battle that's raging in my soul I'm not sure I can win; resisting the temptation of your lust being my only sin. Not knowing why I cant fight you; afraid of letting these feelings win. Suddenly hearing the wolfs howling cry echoing in the wind! Like a siren "Whispering Come to Me" I realize I cant win. The call of the wild is pulling me; deeper than I have ever been! I see the fireflies dancing lighting my pathway to sin! Raw Hunger raging inside me; The feast will soon begin! For you are the forbidden fruit
My Own Device
Do not fear my destiny Do not fret my fate Do not worry my being For I have lived more than most I have loved all I could I have seen more than nearly all Life has lived, love has lost For all I sought, had None is left, my heart distraught Pinnacle was achieved, won Gutter found, displaced Personal vision No longer valid, just a waste Wanderlust a disservice Home nonexistent, alone From whence I came Now I roam, useless, forever forlorn
My Owl.
my first random free hand project. an owl, of course.
My Own Video!
Helly inspired me to do this: You won't be disappointed!
My Own Personal Hell
the walls surround me as i fall on my way to hell my addictions overwhelm my senses as i scream in pain am i insane or my thoughts are tamed with sanityjust let me be i want to die in vain but u never left..not yet my only fear is u leaving me alone in my own hell my personal cellfor ever i will dwellnothing will ever be the same all i got is my insanity so just let me be my own personal hell ..and me the demons annoy me hit me beat me and scratch me they consume me control me HOLD ME!! reject medisrepect me ..just kill me !!!im locked up in my hell my personal cell and i will never tell will i die or try to survive is this a lie in my mind is the key to my insanity will you help me or just let me bethe thought of killing myself are so violent noose hanging from my neck as i jump off in silence the gun pointed to my dome as i blast it off..pure violence im alone in this world as i truly was no one understands my pain only insanemy own personal hell in this cell that i dw
My Own Auction
THIS IS A DAILY AUCTION THAT I AM HAVING FUBUCKS: daily profile rates for 2 weeks daily point boost for 2 weeks 250 pic rates for 2 weeks 25 CREDITS: daily profile rates for 3 weeks daily point boost for 3 weeks 250 pic rates for 3 weeks sfw salute bling of my choice 65 CREDITS: daily profile rates for a month daily point boost for a month 250 pic rates for a month sfw salute 2 bling of my choice my points for 12 hours 125 CREDITS OR MORE: daily profile rates for a month daily point boos for a month 250 pic rates for a month 2 sfw salute 2 bling of my choice with one being a boomy my points for 24 hours
My Own Personal Hell...
For weeks I have had some probs with staying in the bthrm all the time, thankfully, after tests nothing is seriously wrong. Dr angel believes that my high caffeine intake is the problem so last thursday he tells me no caff, no chocolate, no citrus.. I was like dude you are killin me!, I live on mt dew and sweet tea. I thought maybe I could get by with decaf drinks but after talking to the nurse that is a no go as well. So its flavored waters and apple juice etc. for the next month, shoot me now LOL
My Own Little Hell
I am no poet, this is not for your entertainment, this is me getting some stuff off my chest, if you don't like it, don't read it. This place in my mind is creepy, I hate it. I close my eyes and I am standing in an old shut down amusement park, this once bright lit area filled with laughter has constant reminders of how things used to be...the popcorn on the ground remains like miniature corpses of memories. I sweep them up, try to make things neat again but no matter how much I sweep up, more remains and the wind blows the bits all over again. I have tried to leave this place behind, but the gates are locked, I can't get out, worse yet, nobody can get in, my own little prison fantasy land. A figure in the mind playing tricks...maybe...but the figure draws closer...looks like her but, no, put it out of your head. I go back to sweeping up the bits, I try to ignore the figure...the fear, ....closer, as the figure draws near, I can actually smell her....has she come to
My Own Clothing Line!
so "I might" be inheriting a good some of money soon. and I really want to start my own clothing company, I have 2 people in mind that I would love to run it. I've followed these two for years and I love their fashion style. I'm 100% sure this is what I want to do. Here are a few images of them. Do you think it would be a good clothing line? I LOVE THERE FASHION STYLES!
My Own Soul
I had completely given up on the hope to find my twin flame in this life. But then I found you…my best friend forever …my perfect passionate soul mate. . You just charmed me from the first glance. Sometimes I pinch myself to check if I am dreaming. Ever since I met you I feel like I am the luckiest person alive Darling you have been the first and will be the only one ever to touch my heart and soul. I want to grow old with you and I look forward to the wonderful years ahead in our lives. Now when I am in your arms nights are no longer dark and lonely and every morning I wake up only because I look forward to spending another beautiful day with you. I am drenched in your love from head to toe. Believe me I love you more than I love my own soul
My Own Personal Hell
Thought maybe I should write my feelings down and possibly see if any one has suggestions or comments on what is going on in my head. I have been going through a lot lately in the homefront. Recently this year I was arrested for a trumped up "Domestic abuse charge" all because I pushed her out of my way when she was not letting me leave my own bedroom. My bedroom is on the second floor, and it is my own room. Before we had our differences I was already in my own room due to not being able to sleep. Always wanting to complain about everything I do and keep me up at night, even when I had a job. Another reason I had my own room as well was the relationship started going south when we moved to Iowa. At that point when she proved to me she could not be supportive until I could find a job, I knew it was time to move on with my life. But I did not know how or what to do, so I accepted the situation as it was and tried to just deal with it on a daily basis, find a job and save money t
My Oxymoronica #1
i was given a book for xmas called Oxymoronica: paradoxical wit and wisdom from history's greatest wordsmiths. Each day (or week) i will post a new one from the book. Most that i have skimmed i have laughed hysterically at. i hope you all enjoy too! quote 1 "I am deeply superficial" ~ava gardner how is that possible? its oxymoronica!
My Oxymoron Is Mighty Weak
Last night I was trying to do something and Sarah came over with a light stick and tapped me on the side of my head with it. I tapped back a little harder than I should have, and she fell down and cried horribly. I was sorry and wanted to hold her, but Martha shoved me out of the way like I was some monster ... I probably was then. It hurt then to be ignored and I got angry and smashed a plate against our kitchen doorjamb ... it took about two hours to get all the pieces up. Sarah hugged and kissed me before she went to bed, though. I was just so ashamed I lost my temper like that over something so small! I told this to a friend this morning; it happened after dinner last night, and I hate to think Ive got the potential or ever the will to become so disregarding and potentially abusive oh, screw the doubletalk, I dont want to hurt my kids! I say this with some trepidation (OK, fear; Marthas been on me about using these ten-dollar words, and as a writer I should eschew I
My Ozone Xử L Nước Thải Trong Cng Nghiệp
My ozonexử l nước thải cng nghiệp nước thải cng nghiệp đng vai tr quan trọng khi n đang l vấn đề được cc cấp ngnh lnh đạo kinh tế quan tm v cũng l sự quan tm chung của ton x hội. Tnh trạng nước thải như hiện nay khiếna cc nh khoa học, doanh nghiệp phải tm mọi giải php để xử l trước khi đưa ra mi trường. Một trong những giải php hiệu quả nhất hiện nay l ứng dụng cng nghệ ozone, cụ thể lmay ozone cong nghiepđể xử l nước thải Tnh trang nước thải trong cc khu cng nghiệp hiện nay Vấn đề xử l nước thải trong cng nghi&
My Page
To all my friends and fans, my family that I so dearly love on here.. Let me say a little about my page and it's meaning. I do so love life and all in it.. I learned at a very young age that we are all connected and I try so hard not to be prejudicial. I am a woman of the Earth, Of all religions and I adore life... I have had one realy hard life, yet, I don't take the hardness that I have endured to heart. I have learned from it. I am basically a pagan/ Wiccan.... I know my karma and what it stands for.... I ask you all to go look at my page and see for yourself. If you get one little thing from it , it will make me happy and I will know that we all still have hope. I have eneterd my page into the pagan showcase contest at Ravynwolff's page, just go to my family and go to her page and leave me a 10 there... To you all, I say Goddesss Blessed... Cassy
My Path In Life
Your Life Path Number is 8 Your purpose in life is to help others succeed You are both a natural leader and a natural success. You are also a great judge of character. You have a head for business and finance. You know how to make money. A great visionary, you can see gold where other people see nothing. In love, you are very generous - with gifts, time, and guidance. You love to inspire people, but it can be frustrating when they don't understand your vision. Great success comes easily for you. But so does great failure, as you are very reckless. You are confident, and sometimes this confidence borders on arrogance. What Is Your Life Path Number?
My Pain
The night was really great, not a cloud in the sky. The stars shining brighter than ever before. A light breeze adds an eerie chill to the night. I'm standing alone is a bare corn field. The month is October, the corn had been freshly harvested and turned into Halloween decorations. As I look off into the distance, the horizon is surprisingly bright. As I look I remember a time when my father and I would go fishing on Lake Michigan, staying out on the water until the sun came up to remind us to eat breakfast, and then back out on the water. Only It always seemed you could see farther when on the water. It must have been the bright moonlight reflecting off of the shimmering black lake. Those times were the greatest, As I look back I recall I never really cared for the fishing but I always loved to spend time with my dad regardless of what we would make of It and end up doing. So may years have passed since then and now I'm alone. My father passed on couple of year ago soon a
My Passion Is Brown
***Your Passion is Brown*** You are both a sensitive and sensual lover. Warm and deep, you are tuned into the needs of your lover. Verbal foreplay is crucial to you. Words can make or break your mood. For you, sex is a 24 hour a day thing - you can't separate it from love. What Color Is Your Passion?
My Past
I can honestly say that my least favorite summer was the one I spent with leprosy. Please, don't let your friends get leprosy.
My Page
alot of people have looked at my page but didnt rate it why not it only takes a secound
My Party Bloodlust In Ny
My Page So Far
I always start my Blogs with you know what. Then I rabble on with what ever is in my mind... I have to say I reviewed my page today and yes there maybe more I could do to make my page to stand out... I review many peoples pages and leave them 10's for there page but I have to say I review how many friends they have... and yes... everyone has more friends than me... But you know what... I am happy with the amount of people I have... it maybe a small number but I am happy... :o) Just wanted to share what was going through my mind at this time... I have to say I try and keep upto date on my blogs as best I can but sometimes there will be time where it may take me at least a good few days or even weeks to get one posted... But Happy as I am... Hope everyone that reads this is having a Good Day... I know I am ... Living in England the time is 22.20 and I think I may just go bed and sleep... :o) hehe See You All Soon I Hope... Simon x x x
My Parents Gave Me An Excellent Painting Idea Today!!!
Mom and Dad were on the war path today and they gave me an absolutely wonderful concept for a I just need to figure out how to execute it. The concept you may ask? I was accused of both eating all the food in the house and going to bed, as in being asleep, before Mom every single night. So how do you paint an insomniac with rapidly developing tendencies bordering on anorexia that eats all the food in a household and goes to sleep before the rest of said household does? I'm thinking a skeleton sitting in bed, eating a refigerator with a bottle of Jumpstart and a cup of coffee. But I have a skeleton fixation lately. (Careful you don't slip on the puddles of dripping sarcasm...but I am serious about the painting...sketches to come when I get a chance).
My Page
alllllllllll u cherries will have to excuse me..i just signed into this site n havent had much time to work on it but i will get it looking pretty very soon...i promise
My Pain
i am getting sad right now i was going to see my girl for the first time on X-mas now she is telling me that she has surguary on the 18 may not come to see me now please kill me please
My Page
My Paper
For those who didnt read it...I got an A Here Is my Term Paper.....lemme know what ya think!! THIS IS MY HARD WORK! Technology has come a long way. Almost every home in America has a computer these days. Twenty years ago, children went to school. They made friends and played outside. Today, kids come home from school and turn on their computers. They chat with their friends via Instant Messages and Social Networking websites. When you expose your child to the internet, it opens the door to all kinds of things that can put them into danger. Social Networking websites like MySpace, Classmates and CherryTap are exposing our children to things they should not have to experience. “Two out of every 3 people online in the United States now visit social networking sites,”(Lamb) Social networking websites are a dime a dozen and more crop up each day. Some are larger and attract more people and others are smaller and cater to certain groups. was the very first social
My Paper my paper
My Passion Color
Your Passion is Yellow You're a total sexual shape shifter. You possess a complex sex drive and are very adaptable. Of all the colors, you are the most likely to be bisexual. While you the most passionate, you are very open minded.What Color Is Your Passion?
My Pantera (rip Dimebag) Song
You scored as Mouth for War. Your Mouth for War! You want things to always come your way and when they dont you get mad. You hate everything about the goverment. You have quiet a temper and your anger and anti-social behavior is why you are not to popular. You can be a bully and are very hard headed which can be good, you just choose to wear your "bad to the bone" image on your sleve. Lighen up a bit, you will be much happier.Cemetary Gates75%This love75%Mouth for War75%Walk (respect)63%Cowboys from Hell50%Planet Cavern25%Which Pantara song are you?created with
My Parents
My parents got divorced. I feel different from everyone else. Im sad. Im hurt. Im angry. Im confused. Im lost. Im in the middle. Will somebody help? I cant go on like this. Did I cause the divorce? I feel like my life has stopped in my tracks. Will somebody please help?
My Patriotic Site
Well People If you want to know more about me I have a page on It's very patriotic and yes My father was a USMC and he is still alive. He served in Vietnam but If you want to know more go check it out. Its Well You have a good one. And All the people who have a site here that is in the service Im sure you will totally love my site. Muuuah!
My Pain
Tracks on my face stomping my soul Not an empty space no little hole Building your ego not working as a team Wishing i could just go crushing my self-esteem Crying myself to sleep wish I could die The hurt runs deep no more tears i can cry A quick slice of the wrist the blood soon to run I know I shall not be missed at this moment the end has begun Laying here on the cold floor a tear runs down my cheek On this world I close the door a new life is all i seek Seeing the light looking for heaven Giving up the fight my eyes closed at eleven
My Path
Suddenly my heart feels lighter full of sunshine smiles and laughter,someone had filled me with sadness now that is behind me. For now my path I walk alone I need no one to define me,strong woman with a wild temper like my eyes part of my heritage why try to be different? Tsalagi I was born,Tsalagi I will die I would not change it if I could,today to myself I make a promise just be who and what I am. Trust again in my ancestors find the road that I should follow,each must make their own choice to take what you have and be happy. Life is not fair and never promised to be but I do not have to live with dark clouds over me,each day I will take and be glad I get the chance to say goodmorning. So many only see the bad things and suffer more than they have to,reach out to another share your sorrow and your troubles they will then seem lighter to you. While you still have a friend to talk to before you drive them all away,it would be truely a sad thing to face your
My Passion
for them that view my profile.. my road name is the bookkeeper, there is a rather large patch on my back.. it's Bikers Against Child Abuse.. the national website is WWW.BACAUSA.COM. i see several folks talking about the different forms.. but in BACA we actually do something to help the victims of the several forms of this insidious activity against the treasures of our world. being aware is a good thing.. but damn people.. get out a DO something..
My Page
I fixed up my page do u like it Leave me a new comment if u like it
My Pa Wont Like It
A farm boy accidentally overturned his wagon load of corn. The farmer who lived nearby heard the noise and yelled over to the boy, "Hey Billy Bob, forget your troubles. Come in and visit with us. I'll help you get the wagon up later." "That's mighty nice of you," Billy Bob answered, "but I don't think my Pa would like me to." "Aw, come on boy," the farmer insisted. "Well okay," the boy finally agreed, and added, "but my Pa won't like it." After a hearty dinner, Billy Bob thanked his host. "I feel a lot better now, but I know my Pa is going to be real mad." "Don't be foolish!" the neighbor said with a smile. "By the way, where is your Pa?" "Under the wagon."
My Painful Love
Why does it have to hurt inside? Why do I have to cry each night? I think I have to walk on by... Cuz I am starting to lose sight. What is it that changed your mind? Who is it that keeps you blind? Why did you change so fast? Did you really have to leave me behind? I start to think about all we could have And how it turned this way I guess I'll have to leave your side And turn my face away... Although my soul will die Although my heart will cry I've got nothing else to do I'm hurt deep inside But although I will leave your side You'll be always on my mind My heart and soul will ache for you Everyday and everynight You're my never ending love The love that keeps me alive You're the one I will love forever Although it hurts inside...
My Parents Best Friend
So I just got home from work and found out that my mothers best friend husband/my fathers best friend died last night in his sleep. This has been a very sad week for me. Two deaths within a week apart! Why is this happening? I dont know what all happened but his 17 year old son found him this morning. He is leaving behind a wife, two daughters and a son. I dont know what else to say about this but its a sad sad day/week....
My Parking Drama
i will probably post something everyday or once a week, usually whenever something really irks me. today's irk is that richmond needs more parking!!! i know we've all been there before. trying to find either the perfect parking space, or better yet, any parking space. well, yesterday, i went to my gym. it is downtown in a very busy city, anyway, i was trying to get to the gym for a 6pm class and didn't find a parking space until 20 minutes later. i know that sounds ridiculous, and most people would've left after circling the parking lot once or twice, but i was determined to get to the gym yesterday. i started to get pissed off and discouraged, there was actually a moment where i wished i was one of those people in a mentos commercial and had a can of white spray paint so i can draw my own parking space, (you know the mentos commercials always have a solution for everything). anyway, i circled the two parking lots to the gym twice more, and i eventually ended up parking a block
My Passion Poem
You're my greatest passion; I can't stop thinking about you. Every sunset, and every song reminds me of you and the last time we made love. You're forever in my heart like an eternal flame. I'm a starved soul, always hungry for the precious love that only you can give me. There's never a time when I don't want to be with you. You make me come alive. Life would be meaningless without you and I'd be lost to sorrow and heartache. Say you'll wrap me in your loving arms, and prove that you love me as much as I love you. We'll share a night of sensual passion that could inspire poetry. Afterward, I just want to hold you in my arms and savor being with you.
My Participation In The Mumms...
I'm getting to the point anymore, that I hardly post mumms, and comment in them less and less. Mike's said it before, and it's a good point. These mumms can be looked at by anyone on the net. Is the impression that we want to give possible new members one that is negative and bitchy? They most likely won't join if all they see is people bashing each other on here. They will move on and not think twice. I know I would've moved right on to the next site, if what came up was plain bashing and negative comments. For when I get to surf and interact with people online, I want to relax and not get pulled into drama. This is Mike's business, whether it is online or not.. from what I gather it's a full job and his income... with all this negativity it's hurting what he needs to survive. Would you do this to a local business in your town?
My Passion Color
Your Passion is Brown You are both a sensitive and sensual lover. Warm and deep, you are tuned into the needs of your lover. Verbal foreplay is crucial to you. Words can make or break your mood. For you, sex is a 24 hour a day thing - you can't separate it from love. What Color Is Your Passion?
My Partner... My Friend... Pain...
My Partner... My Friend... Pain... Sitting alone in a world of silence watching the day pass by... no one to talk to... no one there to wipe away my tears... & no one there to comfort me & tell me all will be ok... Alone in a world of utter silence... no one to hear my cries of agony... my cries of sorrow & pain never ending... Wondering if I'll ever wake... feels as if its all a dream... sitting... waiting... hoping... one day I'll wake to find myself in a world of laughter & love... I sit & beg for the end to come... as my heart slips away & the tears slowly dry... & the laughter fades to deafening silence... I've grown used to the silence... I've welcomed the monster people call... "Pain" ... I wrap him in my arms... holding him close & never letting go... knowing this is the only companion I'll ever have or ever know... He wraps me in his arms holding me ever so tightly... loving me the only way he can... keeping me close never letting me go... & even
My Past
After everything you put me through I looked the other way and stood by you. Accepted you with all your problems,got you through and helped you solve them. I would take your shit even though I had enough of it.You said I wasn't worth it,and I should be happy with the attention that I do get. Countless times you came home at night, you'd see me cry with my swollen eyes, but you didn't bother to ask why. I got told off if I asked too many questions, got a smack against my head if I was too provocatively dressed and you hoped I would learn a lesson. If I did anything that was out of place,that was your reason to fuck up my face. Use me and abuse me, that's what your good at,but wanting love in return,it started getting kind of wack.You beat me down in every way, mentally and physically till I couldn't take the pain. Your a sorry excuse for a man. Laying your hands on the one you claim to be your woman. Using your man made strength to ruin me, you'd hate it if I turne
My Pain Is My Pleasure
everyday i bleed black for you and still i soar high...the pain of not being able to touch you kiss your lips wake up next to a saint and go to sleep next to an angel....i hurt everyday and yet u pain me more because you dont see me at mayb thats the way it has to be me and the crimson harmony i bleed....after all my pain is my pleasure and my heart is in a box inside my chest the thing is i have the lock but who got the key?
My Pagan Pride
Theres people whom claim pagan wiccan hood and bare no fire or passion in it they let the weak christian and other kind walk all over them and have free range of being bigots well im not the pagan i hold pride high my pride is my fuel and my ways is the fire that lights my path if no one likes it to damn bad
My Passion Is Brown
Your Passion is Brown You are both a sensitive and sensual lover. Warm and deep, you are tuned into the needs of your lover. Verbal foreplay is crucial to you. Words can make or break your mood. For you, sex is a 24 hour a day thing - you can't separate it from love. What Color Is Your Passion?
My Pains
i feel pain with every passing moment, i am not with the one i love, and i lose those quicly and for ever. the pain of lose does not leave me, and i wish i was like those of you who might red this, for i feel that u deal with pain better than i. for i feel it everyday. i first lost a girlfreind t gang violence, then my mentor and best freind to cancer, then another freind to drug overdose, then soon after another to suicide. all before high school. thats when the real shit hit the fan. one goes down on a mtorcycle, nother a shot to the head. a third goes brain damaged for good after a fight. then another person to drag raceing and another to a swiming accedent. even the bastered grandfather i had scarcly know. then high school is over and i think the worse is behind me, but i was soon t see i was wrong, i had a scare of loseing the only real grandfather i have ever had, and my father, bot again to cancer. not to long after i have to watch a freing be carted off from achole poining, and
My Page Is Not Working Right
so I guess I'll say good night to those that see this. I was tryin to chat and it isn't working right either. May each of you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! TTYL Hugs, T
My Page
Just wanted to tell everyone that I've been making changes on my display name....and gonna be adding some new music....and maybe even some new knows....just making me know what ya think!!! Have a great day!!! xoxoxox
My Page
come show me were U live on the map please thanks so much
My Pain
My soul is screaming for release Just let me be Why does this world have to torture me so Why do you keep me, just to hurt me A pointless and hollow existence Full of hate Full of pain To roam the darkest of paths alone Lost in the sea of faces Pushed around from lover to lover Never to be truly happy Why the fuck am I even alive The countless times I have wished for death How many times have I tried to bring it upon myself And how many times have I failed I cant even do that right I cant seem to do anything right Just and empty and hollow shell That is all that remains of me Lifeless Full of pain and confusion Wandering through this world just making it by No one understands me No one ever will
My Pact With The Devil
(Originally Posted on May 2, 2006)As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to write up a pact with the devil based upon the one at the First Church of Satan website. (The link to the story about why they did a pact like that can be found in my previous post.)Anyway, here is what I came up with:In the name of Satan, Lucifer, Belial & Leviathan and in the company of Astaroth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Abbadon & Azazel, & by all the demons named and nameless who swarm the Pits of Hell, I do happily sell my soul to the Devil, Satan-Lucifer, in exchange for eternal health, happiness and youth.In addition, to better facilitate the desires of the evil hosts, I will receive the following to assist in indulging in the seven Satanic indulgences:Sex, whenever and with whomever I wantMy enemies handily defeatedEnough money to purchase whatever I desireLimited work for great rewardsA handsome visageAll of the food I can ever desireEverybody to know that I am the besttag: satan, satanism, satanist,
My Panties
You Are Silly Panties You're a goofy, fun loving girl who is always smiling. You like your panties to be a silly secret - even if only you know. Men feel instantly relaxed around you, with a little instant chemistry too. Even though you're a goofball, you can be sexy when you want to. What Kind of Panties Are You?
My Page
ive got something new on my page add ur self to my page please....
My Parents Splitting Up....
My parents split up twice...the first time i still remember to this day as well...i woke up one monday morning for school and realized it was almost 8 in the morning and wondered why i wasnt woken up for mom then walked in and woke me up and it was like waking up in the middle of a nightmare...she then said me and your dad are splitting up because i fell inlove with someone else (come to find out it was a family friend that was already married and had 2 kids one with health problems) and she said pack your stuff your coming with me and so i did i still remember the look on my dads face when i left he was so sad his looks sunk through me like a cookie cutter in a cookie...we left and were gone for months and never got put back in school and then i saw my mom and the guy she was with doing stuff and it made me one night i got on his computer and pmed my dad and told him to get me out of there b/c i couldnt handle the site of what i was seeing...he came and got me th
My Paw Paw
Today would have been my grandfather's 77th birthday. As most of you know though, we lost him a little over 2 years ago. He and I along with my mom and sometimes sister Emily and brother in law Bryan would celebrate his birthday in the same manner just about every year. ARCOS (you know the little Mexican joint at 1960 and Aldine Westfield). Paw Paw loved that place. The last time we (me mom and Jeremy) took him there for his birthday was April of 2004 for his 74th birthday. He wore the sobrero and everything. He was such a character and a good sport. Each year since his passing my family and I have made it a point to eat Mexican food on this day, April 12th, in celebration of Paw Paw's birthday. So I extend the invitation to all of you to do the same. If you are unable to have some food, drink a Corona. Shoot I think even a slice of pepper jack cheese would serve the purpose. Either way sometime today, have a taco, enchilada (Paw Paw's favorite) or even a margarita in memory of
My Past
My Past Thoughts provoking life detaining pain remaining fear the night quickly take flight hide my sight one world unknown one mission blown one soldier alone thoughts provoking pain still remaining one country detaining John V. Kiger Copyright 2007 John V. Kiger
My Page
Hey if your wondering whats up with my page. Im still figuring out how to do all this. Anybody willing to help me hehehe. Hope to talk with you soon.
My Page Theme Song
Well its by Plies featuring Pleasure of pretty Ricky and its called "Get You Wet" so fellas get that for ya ladies and ladies enjoy it ha ha its a real song and best believe it describes me ha ha hint hint
My Passion For You
Can you even see, just how much passion I have for you. My eternal flame, still burns in my heart as well as my eyes. You leave me breathless with each passing moment. Let me get close to you as possible, I wanna hear your most inner thoughts. I want to sense your inner being. Don't let your inner demons stop you from loving the one person in your life. You must overcome your most biggest fears and never let go of your love for me. Let me give you the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Let me be the one woman you will cherish for the rest of your life. And let me be the one woman to protect you, from the ones that try to hurt you.
My Panda Express Fortune
BE CAUTIOUS IN YOU FINANCIAL DEALINGS I find this interesting because when I cashed a $232 check for services rendered at the individuals bank today, I left empty handed. I just deposited into my account to see what happens. "What do you think?" {Grin}
My Page Rules
These are a list of rules you must respect and follow if you wish to remain or be allowed on my friends list. If you feel you can not follow and respect my rules then please feel free to remove yourself. Thank you! #1. I will not accept blank friends request. #2. I will not accept friends request that have no pics of themselves. #3. I will not accept friends request where they do not have a profile up. #4. Absolutely no camming so don't bother asking. #5. Only friends and family will be allowed to see my blogs. #6. Absolutely no cyber sex so don't bother asking. #7. Do not come here looking for more than a friendship. #8. Do not ask me about messenger. #9. Do not ask me about my private folder, if I wish for you to see whats inside you will know. #10. Do not bother asking for my phone number or asking about phone sex, its not happening! #11. If I do not accept your friends request please don't keep sending request. I have the right to refuse anyone if I
My Pain
My Pain Current mood: crazy Category: Life I sit here shedding distraught tears My mind all out of sorts, blocked with confusion! All the lies and deceat You can not see the blood poor outwith every heart beat My palms clamy, sitting here in complete dismay My body's shutting down Feeeling as if nobody's around ! Scared to death of what is to come of this I want to once again feel that heavinly bliss! I don't understand one bit What is wrong with me that made u do this? Betrayed and played is how I feel Lies and more lies I bought the whole speal Why was it my heart u had to kill? I welcomed u with a smile sitting apon my face Open arms waiting to give u my warm embrace I let you into my pesonal space I thought you would keep me safe from pain I made you my bestfriend We promissed eacother to be their to the very end! Why did u have to do this? You lied about all of it i could not beleive all the
My Past And Present
There are always people that judge. How am I suppose to feel, what am I to think. So many games so many words that have no meaning. I sit here and cry, tears that you look away from. Knowing the pain is real and justified. Do you care, really you have the best of both worlds. They love and accept you and will never turn thier back on you. But with me its look away, she has a past, she has kids, she pulls you from happiness. I don't know you anymore all I know is the pain that I feel running through my veins. You say do I want us to end?? Is that your own questions that only you can answer. Yes I am sure that others would love nothing more than for us to go our seperate ways.. No names that I will mention you know who you are. Is it fate, hell I just know I am tired of being the shame. I have so much to offer with me and my children and the love that we can provide. And all we ask is for honesty and loyality in return. But I do know that loyality is given when you k
My Padded Cell
Stuck in the dark padded room Occasionally, the slight flicker of light Can anyone hear the screams Straight jacket on tight Slamming against the door Just wanting out Holding the mind of a tortured soul Knowing I am not crazy Seeing the key in my dreams Being doped and sedated by life Unleashing the nightmares or reality Foaming at the mouth Bottled up emotionsa drip out like drool Running away from the thing That set off disappointment Caused the stay in this cage Trying to beat the fear of unhappiness In this mental ward of my mind
My Paranormal Research Picture
First I'd Like like to say I love the paranormal and I believe in it highly which brought me to taking photo's and evp and even starting to spend money on advanced equipment. The haunted house is local and it is known legandary as the witchs house. It is said that the husband brutally murdered his children and wife in the 1800's we go thier often and on a clear night the pictures will come out real foggy and have some crazy apprisions in them. Some unexplained.The next is the Abandoned Hospital in Oklahoma, its a paranormal group that I belong to that has thier own server with live streaming camera's and Live Audio...Here is one of the news letters why this investigation cannot be done in person.. Guthrie - Logan County Memorial Hospital - The abandoned Hospital is haunted. An apparition has been seen in third-floor windows. A general, very strong feeling of fear, doom and terror is present at the hospital, and becomes incredibly strong when photographs are taken.***Due to the countle
My Page
Thanks to all who check out my page and send me notes or comments on my writing I appreciate it...LOL I am needy.. Plus it is nice to know people read that stuff... To any who care I am pleased to let everyone know Another one of my writings is getting published..Plus I got awarded an editors choice award and am getting on put on a limited edition poetry cd read by a professional reader..woo hoo..LOL
My Parents.....
Its very fair of me to say that my parents have always been and will continue to be a huge source of irritation to me. Last week, this was driven home again in spectacular fashion. First, a little back story. My parents NEVER listen to anything I tell them. For example, each year since I was sixteen, they would ask me what I wanted for my birthday. I would tell them not to get me anything, as I knew what was coming. They would insist, asking me to tell them of some things I really wanted, and eventually I would cave in and provide them with some things that I thought would be great gifts for me. And every year, without fail, after badgering me in this fashion, they would take the list, study it carefully, and then ignore every item on it and announce that they would renew my license plates for me. This continues to this day. Every year, even after I tell them I dont want anything and have renewed the plates myself, they tell me they want to actually go out and shop for me
My Passion Color
Your Passion is Purple! You've got a ton of passion, but you don't always wear it on your sleeve. If something truly excites you, you let your inner intensity shine through. But otherwise, your passion tends to morph into energy ... which you never lack. You're a balanced woman, knowing when to turn on the fire in your heart. What Color is Your Passion?
My Pain Is Your Gain
My Pain Is Your Gain Eyes swollen and wet with tears Silent darkness, enveloping fear A blanket of warmth, riddled with holes Sinking organs puncture your Soul Plummeting faith, imminently impaled Precious passion juice trickles a trail Follow the tracks that lead to hell Suffocating agony forbids you to yell Stinging words raise welts that burn Remind you of that for which you yearn Vapid pools of melted dreams Evaporate your every means Perpetuate your true love and desire Rekindle the spark that leads to fire Burning brightest when youre near to me Spellbinding evil forbids you to see So much pain from something so pure Torture so severe it's hard to endure I will absorb your anguish, Ill take all you can give The more I can shoulder, the less you relive Ill be your Superman, made up of iron flesh Comfort and protect you, help heal your distress Come on now, is that all youve got? Left hook to the heart, is that your best shot? It
My Past Couple Of Days...
My ex came home on Wednesday with myself under the impression he and I were going to try and work things out. All day he was distant and wouldnt really talk to me or anything. Finally, I drag out of him what is bothering him, and he tells me that instead of tryin to work things out with me he is going to pursue a long distance relationship with the chick I thought he was going to leave me for from the beginning of our end. He is going to visit her in Missouri for about 2 weeks. He leaves tomorrow. I hope he is happy. I think I deserve so much better then that. I dont deserve to just be left for someone so far away. But whatever floats his boat right.. Anywho.. Thanks for listening to my issue. xoxoxo
My Page
I changed Everything all around go on my page and tell me what you guys think!!! Thanks!
My Past Now My Fututure
well im not real sure how to do this so bear with me.since the incident that happened to me my past has truely become my present and possble future.i have little recollection of things from the past so i feel god has given me a chance to form my past as i would of liked it to of been.everyday now since my return has become the only past i really remember.its called long term memory loss. when it will return ,or if,i dont know but i do know ive been given a second chance to redo my life.there are people that ive been told i knew but dont remember,this is my chance to possably reform that into a better relationship becouse i have no need to forgive or forget,its gone.maybe thats the reason for what happened to me,there were things i could forgive but not forget,now i have the chance. ive read my blogs and though some seem so familiar the events seem like vauge dreams.some day i may be able to remember them but for now,ive got the chance to maybe redo some of the mistakes i had done bef
My Page
looks like im finally starting to get my page togather!, i just added my mp3 player to the front page and learned how to change my skins last nite. i also got some wicked ones today! not to mention, now ive learned how to edit them a bit myself as well! i got one playlist on my mp3 player on the page and im going to make another one tonite or tommorrow. well im going to wrap up my fist blog, id just like to say thanx to all the people who have rated me, fanned me, and sent me gifts! id especially like to thank my good friend Erik for introducing me to cherryTAP and also cherrryrock!
My Pain Is Your Gain
My Pain Is your Gain Eyes swollen and wet with tears Silent darkness, enveloping fear A blanket of warmth, riddled with holes Sinking organs puncture your Soul Plummeting faith, imminently impaled Precious passion juice trickles a trail Follow the tracks that lead to hell Suffocating agony forbids you to yell Stinging words raise welts that burn Remind you of that for which you yearn Vapid pools of melted dreams Evaporate your every means Perpetuate your true love and desire Rekindle the spark that leads to fire Burning brightest when youre near to me Spellbinding evil forbids you to see So much pain from something so pure Torture so severe it's hard to endure I will absorb your anguish, Ill take all you can give The more I can shoulder, the less you relive Ill be your Superman, made up of iron flesh Comfort and protect you, help heal your distress Come on now, is that all youve got? Left hook to the heart, is that your best shot? Its
My Path
Darkness swarms around As if it knows my plan. I am one, alone, desolate Four walls close in, Creating a prison. My prison. I hold a sharp blade To my wrist. The warmth of my skin Heats the cold metal. Without fear, I pull the blade down. For a second that seems Like an eternity, Nothing happened, and then it did. Red hot blood poured From my wound. I could already feel Myself growing weak. I take the blade in My blood soaked hand And draw it down my other wrist. Blood was everywhere, On the floor, on the walls, On my clothes, on my hands, On my face, on my lips. I lay on the floor, Weak and dieing, As the blood continues To pour from my wounds. My eyes become heavy, And I breathe my last. I am dead, gone. I am alone, desolate.
My Page
This isnt really a blog...Just wondering if anyone wants to help me spice up my page a lil bit....i dont really know how ot do it and the few things i do know how to do my comp has been slow lately...Anyways if wanna let me know
My Past! U Are Here
FOR MY VLAD, MY LONG LOST LOVE FROM THE PAST! Within Temptation - Forgiven Lyrics Couldnt save you from the start Love you so it hurts my soul Can you forgive me for trying again? Your silence makes me hold my breath All the time has passed you by For so long, Ive tried to shield you from the world You couldnt face the freedom on your own Here I am Left in silence You gave up the fight You left me behind All that stands forgiven Youll always be mine I know deep inside All that stands forgiven Watched the clouds drifting away Still the sun cant warm my face I know it was destined to go wrong You were looking for the great escape To chase your demons away For so long, Ive tried to shield you from the world You couldnt face the freedom on your own Here I am Left in silence You gave up the fight You left me behind All that stands forgiven Youll always be mine I know deep inside All that stands forgiven Ive been so lost since youve
My Path... A Momment Of Reflection And Thanks
some will find this boring or just me venting, and it is... just my form of expression. If you do take the time to read this I thank you for sharing this little piece of me. Never have I wanted somthing so much...but yet been so content with what I have. I used to enjoy being alone so much, I would be more then happy to see my friends leave so that I could be alone in my own mind and to sit with my guides/ gaurdian angels (whatever you refer to them as), It was nice being content to just be... To be connected to my guides, the earth and space in that momment in time. I was content to be in that state for what seemed like an eternity sometimes (maybe it was) It became so natural, life brought me my teachers and students as I needed... when I allowed myself to maintain the balance/ vibe, I would allway's be beyond my ego and rarely would human drama be allowed to remain in my life exept with'n the moment that I was sharing with one of my friends/loved ones/fellow students of our
My Page And Lists
Just and FYI.... if ya'll have been removed from my family lists or seen pics and things changed in my albums it's because I have someone that seems to be stalking me and my friends. If you have noticed one certain name constantly visiting your page, please let me know and I can tell you the names I know are him. I just wanted everyone to know that the changes were made so this person would leave me alone. If you were family and I deleted you from it, let me know and I can add you back. I have found out how to block my stalker, until he creates a new page that I can see is him. Anyway... I haven't been on much because of him but decided screw him.. not my fault he has issues and is a stalker. So I will be back on more... missed talking to my friends!!! Sorry for the drama!!! ~*~HUGS~*~
My Passion
Your Passion is Yellow You're a total sexual shape shifter. You possess a complex sex drive and are very adaptable. Of all the colors, you are the most likely to be bisexual. While you the most passionate, you are very open minded. What Color Is Your Passion?
My Parents Drugged Me
The other day, someone at a store in our town read that a Methamphetamine lab had been found in an old farmhouse in the adjoining county and he asked me a rhetorical question. Why didn't we have a drug problem when you and I were growing up?" I replied, I had a drug problem when I was young: I was drug to church on Sunday morning. I was drug to church for weddings and funerals. I was drug to family reunions and community socials no matter the weather. I was drug by my ears when I was disrespectful to adults. I was also drug to the woodshed when I disobeyed my parents, told a lie, brought home a bad report card, did not speak with respect, spoke ill of the teacher or the preacher, or if I didn't put forth my best effort in everything that was asked of me. I was drug to the kitchen sink to have my mouth washed out with soap if I uttered a profanity. I was drug out to pull weeds in mom's garden and flower beds and cockleburs out of dad's fields. I was drug to th
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Do u like my page? What would u change on it?
My Pal Swtpeach
hey all look at my friend betsy's page please and help her out she is new to us and is thinking noone like her on here :( cause she is not making out to good,so give her a peek and maybe a yell... thanks to you all.....huggies kat
My Panties Are Gone.. ??
I need your help sexy people.. it will only take a sec of your time.. its a contest done by rates.. If you could take 1 min of your time to come by and check it out.. I would be soo happy I might take a full nude pic at the end of the contest if I win.. Well I know you will help.. Lots of Love and Kisses ~Pole Princess~ Here's the Link or
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I'm new to all of this and I just got a layout and a music box and a slide show on my page...I'm learning how to do this slowly but I will get it all down sooner or later....thanks for everyone help that has been helping me out with gettin things posted on my all have a great evening
My Partner
my partner she treats me right my partner wont hurt me my partner shows me the stars and moon everytime we are togeather my partner watchs out for our truck my partner has made me the happeiest man whaen im with her my partner is someone i want to spend all my life with my partner pays attentiont and shows me the right amount of care I can't wait to be with my partner again
My Past Few Days
Well Friday Alexzander was taking to camp by my friend Chris. He was going to say at camp till Sunday maybe Monday but they lost his googoo and Alexzander doesn't sleep well without it. So he didn't sleep all that much Friday night for them at all. Saturday around 5pm I got a call that they where on there way to bring him home. Tristen ended up going to North Bay with his Nana they left Saturday at 1pm. Tristen was also going to be going camping with Chris but Nana took him to North Bay instead. Well Saturday I got all his stuff ready to go and even wrote down a list of everything he had in his bag so she didn't forget anything. Well Sunday they woke up late and ended up forgetting to pack Tristens Teddy/Puppy bear. Its a puppy teddy bear. Well I didn't notice he didn't have it till Sunday at 5pm when he woke up after passing out on my couch and asked for it and I couldn't find it. So I call Nana and told her like hey its missing you know where it is. She told me that she much have le
My Path..
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My Passion
Shadows dance across the wall as soft music plays in the background. Slowly I lead you into the bathroom. You are curious as to what exactly I am up to, but not reluctant to follow my lead. The bathroom is dimmly lit by candles with fresh incense burning creating a sensual but inviting setting. A bottle of wine, two glasses, a small cup of dark chocolate, and a bowl of fresh strawberries sit next to a nice bubble bath with rose pettles floating atop. You smile bashfully as you ask me" You did all of this for me?" I look you in the eyes with my infamous smirk and reply, " This is only the beginning." I lean in close to you staring deeply into your eyes and run my hands through your hair. I softly grasp the small of your neck and pull you closer to me . A shiver runs through our bodies as our lips meet. Slowly an dgently I begin to nibble on your lips with my own, occasionly brushing them lightly with my tongue. Our hands begin to fondle each other's clothing in a desperate attempt to re
My Passion In Life
Today someone asked me, What is your passion in life? Hell, I had no answer at all. I thought about it for a while and couldnt come up with a damned thing that I am really passionate about. Well, except for my two boys but then again what good parent is not passionate about their children. Right now I am in an empty void in my life. I wake up and think to my self, What the fuck is this shit all about? Meaning life as it is, I sit on the edge of the bed dreading to have to get up and do the shit all over again. I get my fat ass up and walk out to the front room and there are my two silly ass boys getting into some shit they know damned well they aint supposed to be in and I fucking smile my ass off and give them both a big hug and tell them I love them. There, right there is when I realize thats why I am doing this shit all over again another fucking day. I have to, I mean if I dont who the fuck else is gonna love them better then their own father. So my only pass
My Pain Will Lessen
When is it time to say goodbye, To all the love I've known, When is it time to end your pain, And leave me all alone? I've watched you on your good days when I feel your strength renewed; But shortly after little ups, The down days then ensue. We ride this roller-coaster of Emotions as we try, To make it through another day, And yet, I can't deny ... That as I look into your face On days that have been bad, I see a look that beckons me It's tired, and hurt, and sad. The little spark I used to see Behind those loving eyes, Is growing ever clouded By life's cruel inhumane side. I try to see beyond the pain You feel with every step; And softly whisper to myself This may get better yet. If I can bear to watch you Just another day or two; I justify my reasons to Ensure I cling to you. For letting go is harder for The person left behind; It means that if I let you go, I cannot turn back time. Back to the days I long for now, When you were full
My Path
you put a fear in me but i am not afraid you made me cold but i am not frozen you confused my path but i am not lost you made me lose myself but i know who i am for that was long ago and i am learning a new way a way to cope a way to deal a way to remember who i was a way to feel a way to be and a way to continue upon the path you found me on ~angela bennett 2007
My Page And Friends List
Ok guys ive got sick of addin people to my list who are just after points just because you rated my pictures dose not make you my friend wow you looked dose that mean i no you or that you no me i think not now what i have done is redone my page so if you dont mind taking 5 mins to go read whats on my page id really aprecitate that thank you very much
My Pants...
okay i was out with some friends and i was dancing, then out of no where my pants die on me and rip right up my ass. i'm talkin bout seam to seam. it sucked so bad but i couldn't stop laughing. i thouhgt it was so funny. now i'm home in some daisy duke shorts and i'm thinkin bout goin to bed. nighty night.
My past written by my sister, i dont think i could have done any better! well, when i was in the 10th grade my father commited suicide. For a long time I thought it was my fault. He had told me right before he did it that he loved me and if I did not move in with him so we could be a family again that I would never see him again. Now this is the father that had abused drugs and been an alcoholic since I can remember. But if I did not do what he wanted this time then he was going to kill himself. Me being the rebelling teenager that I was told him that I wanted to stay at my Uncle's house because there I actually felt loved. So he then told me he loved me and always would. When we hung up the phone I felt it inside me that tonight was the night. I was so worried that he was going to go through with his threat I actually slept by the phone in the living room. Sure enough the phone rang probably about 3 or so in the morning. When I answered it was the Port Charlotte hospital. It was
My Pain
Carried away for life Help me live For i cant hang on much longer It wont be long Help me plez My life has become storten My days have become darkend My soul has become depressed the life i want to live Isnt at all like this one help my body For i have fallen to the ground No one will help me ..Why? my soul cant be permently changed My pain is inventable Your pain is Optional
My Passion
My Pain
My Paradise
Green grass, Tall trees, A warm summer breeze, A cool dip in the lake, Oh how great! With animals everywhere, Wild Stallions, maybe a Bear, A Deer or Hare, All without a care, No hurt or spite, Just kindness and light, Birds chirping in the wind, Moon light dancing on my skin, Rain patters on the ground, Making very little sound, Family's laughter in the wind, It makes me want to grin, And so my paridise, Forever within.
My Pants Are Falling Off Of Me!
Wow, yesterday evening was just beautiful. The weather has been warm the last couple of days and when Peter came home from work, we went and sat in the backyard and talked. It was so nice sitting out there with it being just the perfect temperature. The pool looked so still and clean and inviting. Only, not warm! I checked the temp and it said 71, too chilly for me! School was good for both boys yesterday. That makes for a much easier evening. I made a nice dinner and I think everyone was happy! Oh my! On a different subject, I have been walking on the treadmill for about 6-7 months now. When I started off walking on it, I was only doing 10 minutes at a time and not very fast. The more I did it, the better I got. Then I started doing 20 minutes and walking at a faster pace. The reason I couldn't walk very far or fast was because of my knees. I have to be very careful. I now do about 45 minutes to an hour on the treadmill and I walk fast and even run now. I
My Passport
lmfao - check this out. I went to visit my parents at the end of July so I could renew my passport with my married name - so I could change everything on my permanent residency status application. My first passport I received in 3 weeks, but they normally take 6. I was wondering why it was taking so long for this one to come. My Mom had been having issues sending me mail in my name to this address, so I thought they were too. My scanner isn't working and Marc isn't home to fix it, so I had to take pictures with my digital camera, sorry for the crappy quality. lol. Now, the lady at the passport place said I could smile, so I did. And I have NO fucking clue how my tongue got stuck out there, but maybe they thought I was saying "Fuck you America! I'm in Canada now!" and that was the cause of the delay. But either way, it cracks me up.
My Pain
To rest.. to be weak.. to wearily close your eyes and dream. To open them to reality and let the stars and night sky fade to brightness. To have a need.. so painstakingly great consume you and your thoughts in the brightness of day. Pain is my friend. You cannot take my friend away from me. It is the comsumption of my thoughts.. the ONE thing that holds me where i kneel.. when i kneel. I do not bring this pain to myself.. although i wish i could.. give it to me.. want it for me.. tortured flesh so greatly in need of torture.. its quite the conundrum.
My Pamphlet
My Pamphlet My pamphlet would not change the world, nothing will, but it would make a few people think about the world they decided to cover themselves in. My pamphlet would ask questions and give answers but will not stop the world in its tracks of insanity. It will not stop world hunger or wars. My pamphlet will be a logical to others or myself who maybe insane and understand the ways a few people think about situations. As you look in a mirror, what would you change? A lot Im sure. Through the centuries bodies have changed and maybe you are in need of a tune up or a total body make over? A new color, new head lights, and new everything? Thats what my car was thinking as we drove by the car dealership. Poor thing thinks shes not good enough to be out on the road. But to me shes perfect and a great ride if you know what I mean? Ever met someone so stupid that you feel like slapping them? I once was watching this show on TV and they asked people how many stars are on the Amer
My Page
please be patient with me.I'm trying to work on my page but I don't have alot of extra time and I guess since I have gotten old I must have gotten dumber too
My Past Ruining My Future.
What is it with me. So much bad shit has happened in past relationships, and now I have to take it all out on the one girl I believe truly loves me. I have a huge issue with trust and I take things to heart alot more than others. I live my life afraid that she is gonna leave, because it has happened before. I believe everything is going great and then BAM! "I don't wanna be with you anymore!" I guess I shouldn't be scared because if it's gonna happen I can't stop it, I should just live life and let whats gonna happen happen, but that's easier said than done.
My Past
There is so much I want to do, so much I want to see. But, alas my dear, my past is finally catching up with me. Ive made a mess of my life baby, for which you need not pay. I cant give you what I want to, I cant do the things I say. You, and I are soulmates, of this I know is true. This society talks about second chances, but thats really all they do. There are no second chances, to them Im a worthless piece of slime. What I did was a victimless crime. I hurt no others. I did my time. But, I must go on paying for the rest of my life. Slowly dragging you down into my turmoil, my suffering, and my strife. A cesspool of always wanting, suffering without end. A life of shattered dreams, with you my only friend. Can we make it through all this shit, do we really dare? I want a beautiful life to give you, one that is worthy enough to share. Full of hopes, and dreams, and laughter enough for each and every day. That you, and I are together in our own very special way. I
My Passion
my passion is real i crawl to you climb up to your private parts warship you pleasing every part of your being kissing and licking and you are delighted my passion surprises you pressing on your thighs squeezing you with my lips our kisses are deep and wet never thought you was in my fantasies hold on tight the lustful pleasures have only just begun
My Passion
My Passion Do you hear that sound? Do you feel the same vibe Do we share the same hidden desires that our bodies cant hide Well lets find out shall weI pick up my phone and ask you to come over Pleasewear that sexy red dress that comes down passed your shoulder I cant wait to see youI have been dreaming this all week Your hair, your skin, your smelland that smile surrounded intrigueand mystique Whats going through your head right now? What holds to your wants; what do you desire What are the secrets to your charming ways that I have so come to admire Youre ready? Youre on your way? Good because Im really getting excited My body is filled with an uncontrollable lust and I can no longer fight it I put on my grey silk shirt, half buttoned up as if I felt too lazy And splash on a little bit of my special cologne, the one that makes you go crazy Theres a knock on my doorI slowly open it to see There you are standing in the shadowso elegantly.
My Page
My Parrot Is Dead
At dawn the telephone rings, "Hello, Senor Rod? This is Ernesto, the caretaker at your country house." "Ah yes, Ernesto. What can I do for you? Is there a problem?" "Um, I am just calling to advise you, Senor Rod, that your parrot, he is dead." "My parrot? Dead? The one that won the International competition?" "Si, Senor, that's the one." "Damn! That's a pity! I spent a small fortune on that bird. What did he die from?" "From eating the rotten meat, Senor Rod." "Rotten meat? Who the hell fed him rotten meat?" "Nobody, Senor. He ate the meat of the dead horse. " "Dead horse? What dead horse?" "The thoroughbred, Senor Rod." "My prize thoroughbred is dead?" "Yes Senor Rod, he died from all that work pulling the water cart." "Are you insane?? What water cart?" "The one we used to put out the fire, Senor." "Good Lord!! What fire are you talking about, man??" "The one at your house, Senor! A candle fell and the curtains caught on fire."
My Page
Hey all, just thought Id post this and let ya know if ya wanna hear what I sound like I added a voice clip to my page. It is in the about me section. Stop by and check it out if ya havent yet and if ya feel like it. Im not gonna beg :D loves, hugzzzzzzzz and naughtiness always, ~Always~ Evil CntryGoth
My Pagan Name
Boadicea Rain Avalon What's Your's?
My Passion 2
My Passion2 The rain has begun outside, the thunder is crackling, theres a storm coming soon The candles still burnas the silhouettes of our bodies paint the walls of the room Our temperatures are boilingthe air is filled with our lust We full-fill ever-lasting desires of each other, as emotions spontaneously combust You feel so so good I just cant hold it all back The scent of love fills the airsmothered by the candles fragrance of lilac Soft sensual music rings the background with sweet sounds of romance The flickering light from the candles make the shadows seem to dance I move slowlyand sensuallyinside you so deep you get a chill I have only dreamt of this momentthis nightcan it all be real Your body so softfeels so good pressed to mine The hours fly byand we lose sight of all realityas our souls intertwine I gaze deep into your eyesas the pleasure is spelled all over your face I pick you up off of the bedand make love to you against the
My Part Of My Book
EVIL RISEING BY LONEWOLF 1/16/2008 I sat with my back to the wall rying to ignore the Techno dribble blaring all around me. Allthough the music was not my taste the club had its uses.One of the best parts about this place had to be the security or lack there of,These guys where so inept that they could find a bazooka on a midget with the huble telescope.Which made life just that much easyer for me.I didnt need to look around to know that my team was in place and watching my back!Met was some where on the dance floor is a sea of humanity i couldnt see her but i know she had a clear view of me at all times.Roxxy was in her usual sposomewhere a the bar blending in better thana chamleon.The res of the team was scattered i and around the club making sure no unexpected company showed up. I looked towards the door just in time to see the client walk in not that i could have missed him,His thousand dollar suit made him stand out like a black spot on a whie shirt.He sto
My Pain Is Real Even If Nobody Knows
i feel empty, blank even. it's been years since i felt this way, infact the very last time was in 99 when my grand-ma passed away. mind you i have felt sad, many times but this is..well can't describe it. i feel, nothing. scarey. i suppose i just am tired of living a lie, acting as if i am ok when infact i am the opposite. as kids we are taught crying = weakness. anger = strength. screw that, i wanna cry. i am GONNA cry. i have watched my past bite me in the ass. all i have ever loved turn on me. i stand back as my current never gets anywhere for my lack of caring. my future is in jepordy. i care no more. someone save me. help me. S.O.S
My Passion
My Past On Lc, Ct, Fu
okay so here it goes... i signed up for this website in 06. the only thing was, i was fake. i was me just not my pictures. i met some pretty awesome people and so when it came out i felt horrible. i came back to the site later on in 07 as 100% me. time went on and i was getting so tired of all the drama, so i saw an opportunity to fu marry someone (wont give names) and get out. and it worked, i waited a few weeks and then i made my move. within a month or so i had deleted my account and was unhappy about leaving one of my closest friends behind. i sent him a txt message saying i was sorry but never said for what, i was sorry for leaving him without explaining myself once again. i came back to the site 08 with the hopes that things will be better. i added some of my good friends while still a little hesitant to go find others. i was surprised to see that some actually came and found me. drama broke me down and i was stupid enough not to go to someone for help. im 20 and like most thi
My Parent's Love
My Parents Love Their love was rare and their hearts were one She knew this love was eternal One that would never fade Her heart now heavy and broken apart The man she love has gone away Her heart aches as it falls apart The love she knows will never die She aches to be once again with him She cant remember her life without him She sees him in her children and all around She knows she will never be the same Until beside him she is laid The years to her from that day have been a terror But now her heart is whole again In his arms she now resides Their love now brightens their spot in heaven And shines on earth as the brand new star One that is seen from near and far By Joanne Anderson February 8, 2008
My Padded Room
Dena sits in solitude arms around her torso sitting in the padded room thinking away and along came a spider that sat down beside her and scared little Dena away. How many tootsie rolls fit in someones pocket why does lined pillows always break first how do clowns live with their scary faces why does peanut butter smell like blood. why did mommy die why am i here what did I do I just made her eat
My Page
i need peeps to rate my page and ill rate theres back and im looking for new friends to chat with males and females to talk to so add me or ill add u thx
My Passion For White Women
I've given a lot of thought to my passion for white women, I've dissected it, run from it, hidden it away, let it go, cursed myself and ultimately gave it up - out of a desire to not be seen as a sell-out, race traitor or self-hating uncle tom. Black People are still under siege in this country. You'd have to be near dumb, deaf and blind not to perceive and understand that. My work in Social Justice and Nonviolence is critically important to changing that and I'll never abandon my cause. Even in my profession I work to uplift the children of color whom I'm tasked with educating. And how can you be a Blackman and not acknowledge & respect our beautiful Blackwomen? My Moms raised me by herself on the South Side of Chicago and she holds it down. My Aunts (all 6 of them) helped raised me too. So I will never disrespect Blackwomen or my tribe. I'm not turning my back on Black People or abandoning who I am 'cause I like dating white women. And I like a certain type of white woman (w
My Pain In The Butt Son
Today started like any other kids up before parents getting into things and waking us up. Well got the coffee and got awake then it was on to cleaning house , not an easy feat with my kids so anyways hubby goes out to help his dad and im with the kids i finally get to sit at the puter and get something done ... sure... i hear arguing outside tell the kids to knock it off then go back to puter... im sitting here n the phone rings its the 911 operator there has been 4 911 hang ups from our number im like not that i know of and give the gal my name and DOB she says well to make sure we have to send a car out im like ok and get off the phone with her so I go in search of all 3 phones ones missing i ask both daughter n son in the house where the phone is no one knows ... side note here no one and i dont know and it wasnt me live in out house i should start charging rent on them seriously... so i go out n tell hubby whats going on i lecture the 2 in the house about the phone and 911... se
My Past(read If You Would Like To Its Pretty Depressing)
Please don't judge me, and you cant really "judge a book by its cover" On September 11 2001 I got abducted and raped, He took me to a hotel motel in portland and to this day if I saw that Hotel I would know what truly happend. I was 12 years old and in 7th grade. I was already going through alot of things. I was also already addicted to drugs and drinking. I was raped by a man in his thirtys and I can't stress to anyone how scary it is to be abducted and raped. I know there is people who have been through similar things and it's honest to god hella scary. Ive been raped more then once and to this day it haunts me day and night and night and I dont show it. I moved up North and well I didn't get off drugs till I was 17 and a half, I was in 2 mental hospitals and well I cut for the first time in my first mental hospital. I went through hell and back. I was even in counceling for a long time and well when I turned 18 I said Fuck it. I met so many people and been in places I ima
My Pain
My pain is seeing someone day after day that i am so in love with that it drives me so insane that i cant think about anything else but that person and i want to tell them that i am so deeply in love with them but it would be a problem cause i dont know if that person feels the same way for me but it seems like that person does have the same feelings for me in the way he looks at me at times and at times the way that person talks to me but then again i dont think that person does feel the same for me cause the person treats me like crap -------this is my pain that i live with every day
My Pain
My pain is great,my heart hurts,then mends and the hurts again.When will it end?I don't want this anymore.I want joy,happiness,pleasure.I want it all not just the pain.I want my head to stop spinning and being clouded with the memory of us.I want to hear the word's you so desperately want to say,the words that are lost in you.You have me in front of you,my full just give me more pain.I see it in your eyes.It's there.I feel it,on my skin with your touch but you pull away.I am a fool.I want so to walk away and to stay.I am lost out in a tossing sea and am slowly drowning.My body is cold,in a lonely world.I need you by my side,not to complete me,for I am complete.You are my other half,my calmness,my everything.I don't want anymore pain.Take it away.You wont,your gone from me again. I will learn to not have you there for me,to not make me laugh and smile.To touch my heart,mind body and soul.Pain is taking control once again.
My Path
There comes a time. When you must choose your path in life. Many times that path is not set in stone, but instead it is layed down pebble by pebble. And one day you look up and you find where you have come to stand. You can look back and see each pebble that lay there. You can remember them being stuck down there in that dirt. down deep. down hard. But you cannot explain how this path came to be here. Only that it is. And you love it. You nurture this path. You embrace it. Sometimes Life is like that. Sometimes you stand there upon this path that lays at your feet. This path cradles your feet and loves it. This path before you and behind you is strong. And people ask how you came to be on this path. How can you love that path? Why didn't you take another one? A simpler one? And easier one. I answer them. This is my path. The one that I am meant to take. I love this path.
My Pain And Suffering
I have no one to blame but myself and I cant help but love him.I dont know why he has trouble in loving me but he does. I have no idea why he has trouble talking to me. and yet I still love him. Maybe I'm glutton for punishment . However I think I still deserve a chance .I've given lots why do I get nothing in return. The hatred that grows in me isn't from him but another. I love him and will fight forever. Does he not know this if he does he needs to reconsider.If he doesn't then he should read this!!!
My Parents
On November 5 of this year my parents will celebrate 35 years of being married. This is the song I wanna play for them on that day:
My Page
Dedication to our troops ..
My Passion Is......
Your Passion is Pink! You're the type of woman that would never get described as passionate... Oh but you can be passionate at times - you just don't let it show. Your passion most shows through in your sweet and optimistic attitude. And chances are, most people are very passionate about you! What Type of Passionate Woman Are You?
My Past Eats At Me From The Inside&its Taring Me^inside More In2y Im The Way I Am
today and yesterday i've been not wanting to go to bed tell late the next day today and yesterday i have been up 36 hours and only got 17 hours of sleep i know thats bad but i know ive got a sleep deprivation problem and i know for a fact or i'm sure i've got a small case of depetion cuz my brother went through it and i think he still has it and my cuzan tried to hang himself .... deep stuff i have friend that went through it too and two ither i think have it too i'm extreamly emotonal and things realy efecte me i've been a little down more laitly too i know that its not good that i'm not geting enof sleep but i cant help it some times and a few monts b4 i wasnt sleeping good it was almost 3 weeks that i wasnt sleeping good i was sleeping on and off and felt real lazy cuz of it but wait theres more to the story my dad used to work on the road when i was littler but quit cuz he was missing so much of my child hood and when i was 5 my mom and him got divorsed yes it still tares at me fro
My Page Has Been Invaded By Morons
So....... I have been away from the site a bit due to medical issues.....and I see that my page has been invaded by idiots. Shouts and comments, emails and pic comments.....filled with idiotic statements and insults. Always a warm welcome back that I needed after being so ill...gee thanks.
My Party Sucks
i am having a party right now and it sucks cuz none of my friends showed the guy that so call bf wont leave me alone and get it that we are over and i want some one else to be my birthday gift but no one knows that i am alive so yep partys sucks oh well i will always have a crush on some one that does not want me and never be happy
My Page
For those of you who know me on a personal level know that I am also a photographer. I recently sort of updated my site. So take a look let me know what you think. It plain just like me but hey it get the word out. :) Let me know guys! I can do you all up :P
My Page
Ok guys, this may sound stupid, but hey, I'm taking that chance. I have no clue how to add things to my stash, add a guestbook, music, pics anything. Though there have been many who have been helpful, the technical side of my brain is not grasping the concepts. Anyone out there care to help me out?? I will show my appreciation......
My Patchwork Heart
My patchwork heart, isnt at all made of fancy linens, but rather shreds and bits I found to replace the voids left by malicious spiteful sinners. I sew and I sew constantly adding to the mosaic, replacing the pieces so my heart can be whole again, just to find another tear, yet another spot to mend. I cant seem to hide it, when I wear it on my sleeve, it stands out like a bright flower in an undergrowth of leaves. Its not so hard to tear it apart as so many have clearly shown, but for everyone thats torn out a section, into it another section I have sewn. Now the different color threads I use and a few tough lengths of yarn and some leather, all the needles Ive dulled or bent trying to keep it all together, seem cover my patchwork heart and yes its quite a mess. It grows thick upon it like a scar, like the one upon my chest, the one that covers the hole where my patchwork heart used to rest.
My Pard In Crime!
ny_angel69@ fubar
My Pard In Crime :)
AmmoLady@ fubar
My Pain
My Heart it is my treasure, That I have given away. I've never been able to conrol it Or will my love to stay. My life's been like a rollercoaster, With many ups and many downs. There's so many things that I remember With smles and with frowns I've had lots of times with joy and laughter, And good times with many friends. But the thing that strikes me hardest, Is my loves that always end. My heart it has been shredded, It has been ripped, and has been tore, But spending time with someone special, I can't help but want it more. It's a pain that just gets larger, As I grow older on my own. I want to have a wife, a family, A place that I call home. Lately it's been harder To sit and wait it out, But one day I know that she'll be there, The one I've been without.
My Passion Is Blue-total Dream In Bedroom!! What Is Yours?
Your Passion is Blue You are a total dream in the bedroom.Sex is a fine art for you - and youre a total Picasso in your pleasure making.You like to build things up slowly, savoring each moment.And youd never think of skipping foreplay or afterplay... theyre part of the package. What Color Is Your Passion?..TABLE> ..TABLE> ..TABLE>
My Page~ My Rules
My PAGE~ My RULES 1.. Comment on MY page EVERYDAY coz if ya dont i will delete YOU, coz i AM AN ATTENTION WHORE (BATTING EYES) 2.. Tell Me how AMAZING i am thru Blogs , Comments and Mail, coz lets face it **LOOKZ** round i am the BEST Fubar has!! :-* 3... Gossip, i wanna know it all A) so i can hold it against you in the future, B) Coz imma Nosey BITCH C) Coz sometimes Your shit LIFE makes me feel better about my own!! \:D/ 4... If you are gonna Argue on MY page then Please remove all clothing and DO it NAKKID!! =p~ 5... If you a problem with some one on MY page, then Tell me, coz likes i say i love a good goss.. and i can play you off against each other!! >:) **GRINZ** 6... Be loyal to me ~ Just coz i dont give a SHIT dont mean You SHOULDN'T!!! [-X 7... If you are BORING then LIE about YOURSELF, Ya know if you do that A) I will Prolly like you more .. .. .. and B) You might even start to like YOURSELF!! ;-) 8... If You disagree with ME Plz tell me then I can REM
My Passion
Unsure of how I would express my deepest longing in words, I choose, rather, to show them in my passion...each word that escapes my mouth...each breath as your hands touch my lips, each time I look into your dark mysterious eyes. My passion rages like a star a thousand times brighter a thousand times stronger than the power of our sun in the solar system. It burns in my blood from each cell of my making to the core of my soul. My fingertips long to touch you my lips hungry to taste you..each movement of my body is directed at wanting you. My blonde locks of hair blowing reaches out to caress your skin, If only you could taste one small drop of my passion would you see the longing and are the only thing that makes me finally SATIABLE
My Paintings Are Up 4 Auction!!!
Come take the opportunity to bid on one of my paintings & meet me. Only 2 Paintings Available to be auctioned. Each unique & one of a kind, Signed by me, Bright Eyed Artist & the Subject: Mary Magdalan! Get a Photo with us & your unique one of a kind painting, if your the winning Bid! CONTACT ME HERE FOR TICKETS FOR EITHER SHOW IN PORTLAND OR IN EVERETTAUGUST 1ST ROCK-N-ROLL PIZZAAUGUST 2ND JIMMY Z Everett, Washington Sponsored & Brought to you by:B.E.A!!!
My Past Weekend
As most of ya'll know I took the younger two boys to see Thomas the Tank Engine in Lakeville on Saturday. It's the second year in a row they've been to it. It's like crack for them. I put up pics of it. it was a seriously good time. It did feel very weird not having the Ex there for it. Most of the major things for the boys...good and bad we've done together, even after the divorce. It was very odd to not have her there becasue days like that gave me a glimpse of how fun and good our marriage could have been. They boys were very adamant about going to "Daddy's house" afterward. It so broke my heart that they couldn't. Even more so when they cried when I dropped them off with their mom. She's had a rough time lately so I've done my best to just keep my distance and leave her be. I think she's due any day now and it still cracks me up when I predict how things will go down with her and she refutes it....even though I have a perfect record so This year there was WAY more to
My Past Creeps Upon Me - By Me
Wandering in the dark Out in the world on a lark My eyes see the twisting contortions as I consider the varied libations People wander by caught up in the race Distant horns sound in my ears Reviving old fears My past creeps upon me once again Just as I have found something in the rain I wonder do my eyes show the fear Am I to deal with another reality tear? An everlasting cycle it seems of the changes I could write reams Images float past my minds eye As I watch and sigh Those around me don't seem to have a clue To what has me in its grip and sweating into my shoes The horrors of explosive moments of death and mayhem twisting in the wind as I hold on to them The momentary thunderstorm in my head Passes back into my memories bed
My Page May Seem Offensive But Is Not.
If you think it my page or the things in it are silly;dumb or plain stupid leave a message. I have tried to do this bombing thing and it is moving slow but I guess I will have to be patient. I do somethings to get folks attention but it is not always as serious as you may think. Ask a question!!!! Be brave!!!! I know I am not like most people and don't do things like others do, I think it is good to be different. People on fubar it seems it is all about status or popularity. I would like to progress, I hate to be cemented to the floor if you will.
My Past Is Passing Me By
See a lot of pain, a lot of tears That's how I remember it There were a lot of days that I could only cry My hope was faded away I wanted to say goodbye to everything Now I'm laughing and feeling fine Sometimes I still cry, inside and outside But that's different then in the past I wanted to say goodbye to everything Damn, what was I a fool Cause if I really said goodbye I had never felt this lovely feeling deep inside It's a great feeling, called love And I'm so thankful for finding my love It's making me stronger day after day There was a time that I wanted to say goodbye, Now I want to live!
My Passion Color
Your Passion is Yellow Erotic Sex StyleYou're a total sexual shape shifter. You possess a complex sex drive and are very adaptable. Of all the colors, you are the most likely to be bisexual. While you the most passionate, you are very open minded.
My Parents And Their Divorce
Page 3 My parents divorced in 1980. A pessimist would say that I was the cause that extended a bad marriage eight years longer than it should have lasted. I remember a long custody battle between my parents that eventually landed me and my sister with my mom. We were with her for about a year until we were deemed old enough to pick who we wanted to be with. We both decided to live with dad. I think the reason we decided to live with dad was because mom was making some pretty questionable decisions at the time. She was dating some guys that I was not very impressed with. The one she ended up marrying was the worst of the bunch. Mom married a guy named Michael McShane sometime in 1984. This guy talked a good game, didn't have the sack to back anything up. He was a habitual in the fact that not one shred of spit that exited his mouth had any truth to it. This man drove a wedge between me and my mom that took years to repair. wasn't having too much lu
My Past Is My Past And My Future Is My Future
When look back on my past it was a blast. But there is a time and place to keep the past in the past. Everyone has a past and everyone has trash and when trash starts to stink you need to take it to the curb. Just like when your past comes back to haunt you dont let. It is not your future. Looking forward is where you will see what you truly need. My future is my future My future is unclear. But looking back I know it is not there. Looking forward is the only way to see your future. If you keep looking back your living in the past and the past is not the future. The future might be scary but when you look over the horizon the sun is always shining. That is good sign for a bright and shining future.
My Papa...
My life will not be the same without you. I will never forget you. You were more of a father to me than a grandfather. I cherish every memory I have of you. You were the best man I have ever known. We will take care of Gramma, don't worry. I love you so much. alt="Photobucket" /> Orval XXXX, 71, of Middleton, an Idaho native, went home to be with his Heavenly Father, July 27, 2008. He died peacefully at his home with his wife and daughters at his bedside following years of fighting an unhealthy heart and lungs. Orval was born Jan. 28, 1937, in Twin Falls. He served three years in the US Army during the Korean War and worked in tire shops and excavation prior to retirement. He is survived by his loving wife of 51 years, Kay XXXX, his daughters, Kimberly XXXX of Susanville, CA, Sandra XXXX of Nampa, Jacki XXXX of Red Bluff, CA and Lori XXXX of Nampa; also 11 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, all of whom he loved very much. Special thanks to Cortney and Shara for all the
My Past Couple Of Days
Well Now...Much Difference In A Couple Of Days...I Have Moved Out Of The Place I Was In And Am Now In A New Apartment. I Am So Excited. it's A Four Bedroom Two Bathroom And The Best Part Is There's Only Two Of Us...And Rent Is Cheep. Still Haven' Gotten Phone. Lost A Couple Friends...Sad Day :(. I Missed Everyone To The Fullest. Mostly My Lovey David. Missed Ya Tons Sweetie!!! Hope You Missed Me The Same!! RAWR! We Moved In On Saturday But Internet Didn't GEt Working Untill Today...Lameness But Whateves...Well Thats All For Now...there's Other Changes But Must Wait For Them To Unfold Before Telling...hehe xoxo ♥Nichole
My Passion Is Writing Poetry
Whisper of Love I Long to hear the voice that dominates my heart. Imagination runs ramped of the voice talking to me and setting a fire through my feelings and thoughts. Loneliness has taken the best of me away. Lost am I...So lost Then I have a whisper in ear as she talks slowly. Concentrating to absorb every word into memory as to play it again later. I am found again as I listen to her breath. For now the voice is all I have of her. She Dominates my heart as we talk. Then a good-bye. I am back to the imagination of her voice played back in my head. And yet she is far away from me. Until we meet again the Voice is all I have and it fills my heart.
My Path
I reach out to you in love and friendship and I beg you, please do not turn away. I may walk a different path, but its the path set before me and I must stay. I do not ask that you join beside me and mirror every step I make. For mine is not your path to walk it is MINE alone to take. I only ask that when our paths cross that we will be loving friends. And share the wisdom that we have gathered, along lifes confusing bends. Then perhaps one day our shared wisdom will alter the paths we take. And our paths will expand and blend and we can walk together... on a path that We Make
*my Pain*
Written on 10/11/2005 The love I miss while she's away my love, my lifeline, my soul's comfort This beautiful creature that I helped create The innocence that I brought into a wicked world. I love her so She keeps my head on straight Away from her is nothing but confusion No direction, no reason to go home No reason to sleep, no reason to look forward to another day without her. But in her name I find Hope I find the love I long for in her arms. Her eskimo kisses bring tears to my soul. Her butterfly kisses put smiles in my eyes. Her little embrace fulfills my every need. If anything I need in this world, it is she If anything I long for is to hear her precious voice. She is a jewel found in the eyes of God. Her pain makes the deepest cut in my heart. Her cries I hear in my minds ears and I reach for her She knows me She knows my hurts and sorrows But she also knows better than I. God whispers in her ears, "Comfort thy mother, child, for she is pai
My Papa : )
My Grandfather Passed away today at the age of 92. He was such a wonderful kind man. I'm sad that he is gone, but relieved that he is no longer in pain and at peace now. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the thoughts and prayers to my family. It means alot to me!! ~Jen :)
My Page
Ok so I have been trying to change the layout on my page with no success can anyone tell me where and how to do this? Thanks Sean.
My Paintbrush...
I keep my paint brush with me Wherever I may go, In case I need to cover up So the real me doesn't show. I'm so afraid to show you me, Afraid of what you'll do - that You might laugh or say mean things. I'm afraid I might lose you. I'd like to remove all my paint coats To show you the real, true me, But I want you to try and understand, I need you to accept what you see. So if you'll be patient and close your eyes, I'll strip off all my coats real slow. Please understand how much it hurts To let the real me show. Now my coats are all stripped off. I feel naked, bare and cold, And if you still love me with all that you see, You are my friend, pure as gold. I need to save my paint brush, though, And hold it in my hand, I want to keep it handy In case someone doesn't understand. So please protect me, my dear friend And thanks for loving me true, But please let me keep my paint brush with me Until I love me, too.
My Pain Is His Happiness
My pain is his happiness, I am alone, and depressed He is happy, and content I am sad, and in tears He smiles, and laughs I feel worthless, and unwanted He feels confident, and needed My body longs for his touch He is pressed against her My ears beg to hear his voice He cant stand the sound of mine My arms are dying to be around him again He holds her tightly to him My heart is still in his hands His belongs to someone else My tears fall freely He could care less My life has fallen apart His has begun anew.
My Pain Has A Beautiful Face
she holds me like she never wants to let go she looks at me like I am someone special she kisses me with a hunger that I can taste and my pain has a beautiful face she wont let me in or share her secrets she pulls away when she starts to care she drives me crazy and needs her space my pain has a beautiful face do i push her away or hold her close? she's been through a lot cursed with a sorry lot she's confused and torn another's her thorn buy my God my pain has a beautiful face i've never been so confused or scared to lose she's my desire what my life can use if only our souls could find a comfortable place my pain has a beautiful face if she'd let me in to touch her soul her heart of hearts; to share control through turmoil and lies i'd suffer that place because my pain has a beautiful face but he's buying control and envies my taste so forever my pain shall have a beaut
My Parenting Style
maybe you've sat around one day wondering what kind of parent you would be...well i did and i took a few tests (for fun of course) and this is what they had to say... Your Are An Open-Minded Breeder You're exactly the type of parent more kids need these days. You're open and giving and caring and loving but you know when to step back and not smother. The children you raise will change this world for the better.
My Past Relationship
sometimes i asked myself what am i doing wrong. i try to do what i can but i always feel like im not doing anything right. is it im just picking the wrong person? well one of my past relationships all she does is get drunk. always have to drive her home. i guess its my fault too cause im the one paying for the shots and beers and the bar. after spending a lot of money on her alone on booze. i had to cut down on it. well that was it. i wont go too much on the details. i meant another woman but she don't get drunk. that's a good thing i guess. but she loves to spend her money on everything but her own bills. i felt so bad i helped her pay her utilities. went to hospital to be there for her surgery. helped her get a phone. made her feel she didn't have to live a abusive life. what i get in return was seeing her exbf fucking her in the bedroom. he hits her yells at her. treats her like shit. but she chose to go back with him. in her eyes im not good enough for her. wow just thinking about
My Passion Sign Is Libra
Libra Mars in Libra bestows upon you an ability to express any anger or aggressive tendencies with tact, charm, and diplomacy. You probably do not enjoy conflict and may even go out of your way to avoid it. Your flexibility and balanced outlook make you an easy going, cooperative partner. You desire connections with others, and much energy is directed towards relationships and friendships. You are gracious and entertaining, and attract many, due to your curiosity and willingness to try anything new. You are sensual and affectionate with those you feel close to, and are gratified by lots of physical contact. You are extremely romantic. Setting may be very important to you, you may feel better in a room full of flutes and flowers. You offer a peaceful loving nature to your relationships and will be happiest with those who are demonstrative and expressive with words.
My Panties Are Up For Auction
Panties Up For AuctionPlease Bid Click on the Picture Above to Bid On Them
My Page
ok so im back on fubar after a long break i would just appreciate it if everyone would check out my page and give me some advice on making it better. thank you.
My Payee Stole All Ssd Money
My payee, who goes by the screen name liz325, stole all of my Social Security money on 4/08/09. It was my bill money for my rent, electric, ect... since she took all of it I was evicted and all utilities turned off. I gave her $ 250.00 o month to take care of my son, and this is how she repays my kindness. I f anyone out here knoews her, I would stay away. She is using the money for cocain again, and buying vicodin, and alcohol. My son called me and told me that he has seen mommy sticking needles in her arm again, and taking pills and drinking until she passes out. He has told me that sometimes he has to make himself something to eat cause she can't wake up to take care of him. If anyone out there can help me stop her from abusing my son, he's only 12 yrs old.Please do what U can!!! Thanx for any help out there!!!
My Page
All of my friends, please sign my guestbook and let me know when you stop by so I can rtf!!! Later...........
My Panties
so here it goes. if you want a pair of my panites from my recent pictures heres the way to go. private message me and let me know what you would trade and we'll go from there. now anyone posting a hurtful comment just because im doing this will be blocked so please be nice im doing this as a request from quite alot of you. bi bi
My Page...come Ck Me Out..">>
My Pain
I remember I been crawling till the end, I been beaten myself up What I did wrong? What did I do for you to walk out on me? Now as I stand alone frantically searching for someone, anyone to hear me. I remember when suicide eased away my pain, and sorrow falls from my eyes again. Jose Hermosillo
My Past!!!
My Past Four Years In The Marine Corps
I distinctly remember the day my journey in the Marine Corps began. It was the end of July 2005 and I was fresh out of high school full of ambition and curiosity. I had spent the past year in the DEP program preparing for the day I would step off for Parris Island. I was confident that my training and rigorous exercise had prepared me well for what would ensue but still had the fear of god instilled deep within me by the assumption of what kind of demonic creature my Drill Instructor’s would be. 31Jul2005, the time had finally come the culmination of sweat and hard work invested while in the DEP was about to be tested. That night I couldn’t sleep, my mind was an endless maze of nervousness, fear and the realization that I was about to embark on the most difficult test of my life. Would I pass the test of becoming a marine? I would find myself hours later still in the darkness of early morning sitting in front of my RS with my recruiter and a hand full of others stead
So I found this site this morning. Wish my parents were cool too. Lowell and Jesse (and friend) Submitted by Peter PHOTO 9:46 AM Dennis and Lisa Submitted by Jennifer PHOTO 9:22 AM George Submitted by Baker PHOTO 5:22 AM Kiki and Chastain Submitted by Baker PHOTO
My Paper I Gots An A On :d
Night Life Blaze shivered and shoved his hands into his pockets as he walked down the street. Life had been rough the past three years but he tried no to let it get to him. Being a prostitute was not his dream job, but it paid the bills, and bought some food, and left him with enough to take out his girlfriend. Today he was on his way to the local McDonalds. Last week, while trying to score, he had ran into a reporter who offered him lunch in exchange for talking to him. Hell a free lunch was a free lunch no matter what you had to do. As he walked up to the door of the restaurant he stubbed out his cigarette. Smoking was the only vice he allowed himself, and even that was done sparingly. Any drugs he bought were simply “extras” that his customers wanted. He looked around as he walked in and seen the man sitting at a corner booth in the back. What did this guy want with him anyway? What was so special about him? Shaking his he
My Paper Heart
Love unrequited,dreaming of better daysdoesn't seem to mattermuch anyways I thought you were an angelsent to save mefrom this hell that I createdhere on my own. long hours thinkingshadows on the wallthe day disappears and leaves me with nightfallthat's when it happensin the long, strange hours of the nightI lie still thinkinglistening to my heart beatso loud so alonea rhythm in my headpounding and demandingdrums on a distant shorewhere has it gonethe days we spent lost but not forgottenlost or stolen demons in my headsnakes in my bedtorn like so much paperburning, burning, burningit's goneso far gonetoo, too lateto do anything but crywhy did it endbefore it begandistant memoriesnothing left but tears and ashesof my paper heart.
My Pain
I loved you, You made me, Hate me. You gave me, Hate see?It saved me, And these tears are deadly. You feel that?I riped that, Everytime you tried to seal that. You feel bad?You feel sad?I'm sorry, hell no fuck that! It was my heart, It was my life, It was my start, It was your knife. This strife it dies, This life and these lies.And these lungs have sung, This song for too long.And it's true I hurt too, Remember I loved you! And I've, lost it all, Fell today, It's all the same. I'm sorry, oh. I'm sorry no, no. And I've, been abused, I feel so used, Because of you. I'm sorry, oh. I'm sorry, no. No.I wish I could I could have quit you.I wish I never missed you, And told you that I loved you, Every time I fucked you. The future that we both drew, And all the shit we've been through. Obsessed with the thought of you, The pain just grew and grew! How could you do this to me? Look at what I made for you. It never was enough and the world is what I gave to you.I used to be love struck, Now I'
My Pain On My Loss Of My Brother
My Passion
Wolfs & Roses & Lot's Of Ink, To Me Your Body Is A Canvas So Why Not Paint It? There Is One Tattoo I've Got That I'm Very Proud Of An That's My Cervical Ribbon, I've Fought The War An Won & To be Honest Not Many Can Say That, AlsoI Have Yet To Get The One Tattooed On Me For The Skin Cancer But Soon Enough.
My Party
at Knight Ryders Pub Fri, August 13 @ 10:00 PM CDT 100 West Saint Paul Street, Spring Valley, Illinois 61362
My Pain Is Deep-i'm Sorry I Hurt You!
This goes out to a special woman who recieved a broken heart from me,I'M SO SORRY! A young boy foolishly in lust with no knowledge of love/torn between the streets and whats good/birthed in the world of sin with no support from family or friend/forced to survive in a life of emptyness/maddness,saddness/struggling to acheive what was foolisly attractive/ his actions birthed a mind filled with hatred,/life flows by like scenes from the matrix/ making everything he encountered sacred/ corruptions what made him/ it's sad when I look at myself in the mirror/knowing what Heartache I gave her/ Lord save her/ best I ever had/ so long to those nights of comfort/ summer winds blow the voice in my head is yours/ but you'll never know/for that I'm sorry/spill my heartache in poetry/ live long those beautiful memories of when you comforted me/ the only great things in life I had was what you gave me/ Please forgive me/Lord save me too/ For now I know what she went through/gave me life I never
My Past Caught Up With Me...
First off, let me begin by apologizing for any typos, grammatical errors or spelling mistakes i may make ahead of time. I have never "blogged", so i beg urindulgence. however ,something pretty neat happened to me a few weeks ago and i feel the need to share the story. If no one reads it, oh well.... Many years ago,(i wont say exactly how m olany), i was working as a server at a popular waterfront restaurant on the beach. It was one of my first jobs and the restaurant still exists! One day i came to work and discovered we had hired a new dishwasher. I had always been one to make people feel welcome ad i soon discovered that this young man was painfully shy and quiet. for good reason, as his knowledge of English was limited. For some reason i cant fathom, all of my co-workers had difficulty with his name.He was from Morrocco and before you knew it, he had been nickamed "Vic" a shortened version of his name....Vic was. a hard worker and reliable and despite the language barrier w
My Paradise
I wish that you were mine and no one else’s.I long for the end of a hard day where we sit on the couch and you stroke my hair.And kiss my cheeks.I want to argue over the remote and whether or not to screen calls during dinner.I wish that you love me as I love you.And when you look into my eyes you can see thedepths of my soul.And I touch you and feel the smoothest, softest feeling I’ve ever felt.I wish I could wake up to your smile and go to sleep with you lyingpeacefully next to me.Aperfect dayof you and I together without hesitation or fear of the outside world.I wish that you could understand the heart of a woman and thesoul of a man.Meet me in my paradise.
My Pain
1. Pain from the Tooth Itself A. Mild Pain A mild pain is often described as a small twinge of pain, or a sudden sensitivity to heat or cold that the patient had not previously suffered from. These mild irritants can be caused by a small cavity, an old leaking filling, or exposure of the root to oral cavity fluids due to recession of the gum that surrounds and protects the tooth [8]. Additionally, clenching or grinding of the teeth can lead to mild pain and sensitivity in the teeth [9]. If touching the tooth in the area of recession with a fingernail or a metal utensil causes pain, the first step is to switch to a desensitizing mouthwash or toothpaste. These can be found in any local drug store. If the sensitivity is uncomfortable, use an over-the-counter pain medicine, as directed.
My Past Life Hahahaha - Call India
My Paint Brush
whenI look at myself each morning I suffer to accept whatI see I'm covering myself with paint, each layer hides the image of me. I'm to scared to let you in,afrraid you might laugh and walk away. soI keep myself covered hiding myself from the world each day. The paints are different colors of the rainbow. A self portrait of what im affraid to let you see.The world has kept me under hidden me from love now I stand before you. I'm striping off my coats For you to finally see. close you eyesI need you to be patient with me Ive been covred up for quite some time now. Ive been hiding my dark colors from the world to witness me without my coats,only hindness will allow. Now im clean,see my angel white skin.Open your eyes to catch a glance of the light. You might run away, you mightfeel a fright but i still keep my paint brush near me in case i need to cover up. A place where you cant reach is where it will be now I'm ready to let you get to know me what you see is what y
My Patience Had Worn Thin
A friend sent me an sb when I first came to fubar. She wanted me to send her a bling and promised me a family add and access to all her photos. The bribe was never necessay, but I sent her the bling she wanted. She never did keep her bribe. I didn't care though; I felt a warmth in my heart for helping someone I admired and even sent her messages letting her know that although I was hurt I wanted to send her another one sometime. SHE NEVER ONCE ANSWERED! She never thanked me, never even answered me when I tried to make small talk. She most definitely logs in regularly, but it's as if I don't exist anymore now that she got the bling. It has been months and my patience at being ignored is gone. I removed her from my friend list, unfanned her, and sent her one last plea to her sb so she would know I would readd her at any time she is willing to acknowledge my existence and I still intend to send her a second bling if she could be considerate of my feelings and post something. I did not blo
My Paper Update
My Past, Present, And Hopes For The Future.
My name is Allen and I was born July 6 1960 in Atlantic Iowa. Over the years I have been a Mall Security Guard, Inventory Control Manager for Wal-mart, a Driver’s Ed Instructor, and Managed a Drive-in theater in the summer and co-managed the indoor theater in fall and winter months. I have also been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 10years, but currently provide free sessions or by donation. Also have been a former volunteer EMT and Firefighter, and a USAF CaptainStill certified as a licensed Pilot, but do not have my medical certificate renewed due to health issues. Was married from 1982 till 2009, and have 3 kids, ages 21-29, and a 2 year old Granddaughter. Currently single. I had a heart attack in Jan 2009 and a stroke in Nov 2009. Discovered a brain tumor in 2009 and had that removed in 2010. Getting along fine overall but have short term memory loss, headaches, dizziness, and nerve damage in my legs and hip. I was approved for disability in 2011. I am hopin
My Past (the Looking Glass)
the footprints that i've left behindare unswept from my mindthe picture's as clear as it ever wasi know all of this becausei am haunted by the visionsof all that has come to passmy mind still sees the imageas though the present were the pasti hear footfalls instead of echoesas though a specter walked behind mei have this feeling that i can't let gothough it begs me to be freei feel a fragile whispertickling against my eari fight against an ice cold shiveras i sense the shadow nearthe silence starts to call my namehow strange this foreign soundthe laughter's never quite the sameas it is when you're aroundi feel a tugging pulling at my eyesi see the specter like a rage ablazeshe circles twice as though to gauge my sizethen returns a burning gaze
My Passionate Desire & My Infatuation
I would love to sensually, softly and slowly kiss every inch of your beautiful Body and not miss a single spot and be infatuated in the pleasure of the effection We share in the emotions in motion, and then make mad passionate love with You until were raw and sore and cant do it any more and then wake up and do it all over again and take a life time enjoying the experience of going to Bed and waking up, every night and every day of every Day with You in our passionate enamored embrace. always and forever, until the day after never...{:>+
My Pain
Pain oh pain go away!Do not come back another day.Tears falling down my faceOh how I wish for his warm embrace.Wonder if he cares about me.Wonder if this is suppose to be. How can he stand there and break my heartHow did we allow us to grow so far apart?My dreams of us being happy is not going to come trueAll I am feeling is down and blue. Oh hell pain go away!Bring me back to another dayWhere he will love me andsay we were meant to be. I will not stop loving you that much is truebut I will be stronger in timeand not feel so will always be in my hearteven when we are apart.One day I will have that warm embraceand tears will stop flowing down my face. Damn Pain pain fucking go awayleave me alone and do not stay.
My Pc And "bugs"!!
FYI: I have Windows XP and use McAfee 2007 Anti-virus, Spybot and Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE for de-bugging!! Picked up a horrible "Trojan" that none of the above would remove permanently!! Hell the damn thing would "pop up" while I was de-bugging!! I added the free "Windows Defender" and ran it on full system scan. All the crap disappeared!!! If you are not using the Windows Defender, I would suggest downloading and installing this free program. It does indeed work!!
My Pc
To all who have rated me today and trued to talk to me, my pc is acting slow and retarded! SO I will try to rate you later and thank you then! Peace!
My Pc Suxx!
I just wanted to let those of you out there that come by often to drop a comment or rate my pics that I really appreciate it so very much and I do my best to return the love, but there are a few of you whose pages jam up and freeze my pc because my pc SUXX LOL, so plz don't think I don't WANT to come leave ya some luv...I just gotta figure out how to at least be able to re-install my WinXP Pro without having to use the installation CD as right now my cd/dvd drives are not being found by my system cuz of some screw up somewhere!! IF anyone knows how I can use an online installation of WinXP Pro or where I can go to get the program, plz plz let me know asap. Thank you and hope you all are doing great! Hugz ~BaybieCaykes~
My Pc Is Fixed!
It didn't dump everything this time, whoo hoo! Just had some start up errors.
My Pc Is Broken
my pc took a bad crash last night so i'm out of commission for awhile. from time to time i can borrow one but it too has it's drawbacks. please just understand i'll be out for awhile and not meaning to be unattentive. the yahoo chat is broken on this borrowed pc but i can get email and a lot of you do know my phone number. i will still be loving and missing my friends. HAVE A ROCKIN WEEKEND, AND PLEASE GET A MAMMOGRAM ASAP...THANK YOU
My Personality Revealed...its Crazy How This Thing Can Be Soo Right On
Free personality analysis of AmberNicole. Generated on Sat Sep 16 20:15:28 2006. AmberNicole's Existing Situation Relatively inactive and in a static condition, while conflict of one sort or another prevents peace of mind. Unable to achieve relationships of the desired degree of mutual affection and understanding. AmberNicole's Stress Sources Wishes to be independent, unhampered, and free from any limitation or restriction, other than those which she imposes of herself or by her own choice and decision. AmberNicole's Restrained Characteristics Wants to broaden her fields of activity and insists that her hopes and ideas are realistic. Distressed by the fear that she may be prevented from doing what she wants; needs both peaceful conditions and quiet reassurance to restore her confidence. Very exacting in the standards she applies to her choice of a partner and seeking a rather unrealistic perfection in her sex
My Person Al Struggle
Soo..hummm...where do i start IM a BIG guy ..always have been..untill the one day someoen broke my heart. I MENA RIPPED IT OUT TROE IT TO PIECES AND SPIT ON IT AND BURNED ALL AT ONCE. ( BTEW SHE DATE MY CUZIN NOW..LOL). I needed to do something i wanted to get back at her, so i hit the gym. I put all my anger and furstration into working out. almost 2 yrs later...I've lost over 75lbs and i feel like I'm in decent shape...I still a big guy but a lil smaller...big guys just have more to give and for for others to love. Its my personal struggle. I workout hard... i try to go atleast 6x a week. my motto is: TRUE VISTORY IS VICTORY OVER ONESELF. I got a tattoo on my chest for my 30th bday so that i would never forget( hurt like hell)...each day is a battle an i fight it one day at a time. somedays i win somedays i don't, but i keepo going. Part of me wanted to make my Ex jealous...NOW i just do it for me...for my life
My Perfect Love....
My perfect Love When I first talked to you, I didnt know what to say, But the more we talked, The more my heart gave way But now when I think of you, And how you changed my life, I cant imagine, A day without your light You light up my day, As if you were the sun, You are that sense of completion, When my difficult project is done You are my strength, and wisdom, And the keeper of my heart Whose grip never weakens, Even when were apart, I think of you all day, And dream of you all night, And every night I wish That you could hold me tight, You are always on my mind, No matter what time or day, Even when I shouldnt I think about you anyway, And when I think of you this much, The day seems so long And all the time we spend apart, Just seems so wrong You are my special gift, Sent from up above Sent to me from heaven, Sent for me to love Thank you for your smile, And your light that fills my dreams You always make it brighter, No ma
My Penis
Is bigger then yours.
My Penis Name..
Your Penis Name Is... Fatboy Slim Penis Name Generator
My Personal Demon (demon Part Iii)
It looks beautiful From so up and close That's how it works A wolf in sheep's clothes I fell for it again Same way as before The illusion controlled me And destroyed me once more It's singing again "Let me free" It's pleading again "Set me free" It's demanding again "RELEASE ME!" On it's knees again "Will you free me?" I see it's true face now It can no longer hide Here for so long now No more to abide No more illusions No more sheep skin No more diguising The fire within It's singing again "Let me free" It's pleading again "Set me free" It's demanding again "RELEASE ME!" On it's knees again "Will you free me?" You've ashamed me so much Why should I let you free? You've destroyed all I've loved I will not set you free! You're not master of me And you will never be I've had enough You will never be free! It's face twisted with rage As my face it sees Showing no fear For I hold the keys It's singing again "Let me free
My Peach
In a room, laid under stucco, isolated from rebuke. My innocence tastes her experience, like the farmer's son in his father's peach orchard. Ripe fruit in hand, her juice drips twice to the thirsty soil.
My Pet :)
I love pets but cant have them so this is my pet for the moment :) adopt your own virtual pet!
My Personal Tragedy
today Wednesday, September 06, 2006 at 3 pm I got a phone message from the Texas DOC my father Was killed today. So if I am not on for a few days please understand why I am not online. I will miss my father alot.
My Pet
adopt your own virtual pet! THIS IS HOMER MY BABY ......LOL
My Penis Wants You
To vote for him [ photo: 2615582440 ]
My Pearl...
IMspidey/M.M. 11/06 Copyright 2006
My Perfect Dream
This is not a poem, but a story of a dream that took 8 years to finish... It was so surreal that i had to write it. It was a clear night. The moon was full and she was by my side. We came up a road leading somewhere in the hills of who knows where. When we arrived at the top, there was an old airy building. We decided to wander around in it. There was an odd familiarity about, like I had visited it before. We were enchanted by its presence, almost hypnotic, as if it was trying to bring us in. We found an open stairway at the first floor on the outskirts of the building. The walls were of stone, the type of stone you would find in old castles and dungeons. There was no light near it except that of the gorgeously bright moon. We climbed half way to the top of the spiraling staircase when we began to see a blue light at the turn upwards. We followed it to the stairway opening to the second floor. Darkness mainly shrouds the area. Looking around, the floor of the second stor
My Personality Test Results...
My Penis Wants A Raise!
Subject: Raise? I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: 1. I do physical labor. 2. I work at great depths. 3. I plunge head first into everything I do. 4. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. 5. I work in a damp environment. 6. I work in a dark area that has poor ventilation. 7. I work in high temperatures. 8. My work exposes me to diseases. Response: Dear Penis, After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the management denies your request for the following reasons: 1. You do not work 8 hours straight. 2. You WORK IN SHORT SPURTS AND fall asleep after EACH brief work period. 3. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. 4. You do not stay in your designated area, and are often seen visiting other locations. 5. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. 6. You leave the workplace rather messy at the
My Pet Bat Echo
adopt your own virtual pet!
*my Pet Peeve*
You hate gossipers! Your biggest pet peeve is gossip. Gossipers are vapid. They have nothing better to do than spread gossip about other people and stick their nose where it doesnt belong. Cant they just get a life? Take this quiz at
My Perspective On Me Kissing Jenn.
This is Illysia. A cuple weeks ago Jenn and I went to a bar and I kissed her. This is how I saw it. I though Jenn was pissed at me all night and i was drunk. I pulled her over to see if she was mad. Her long hair glistened in the light as she gently removed a strand from her face. No, that's a lie. anyways, she said she wasn't mad and was all smiley and I couldn;t hear what she was saying and then I kissed her to show that no one was mad and she pulled back quickly and remarked" what! i was telling you to kiss that guy!" so for her it was awkward. This is now Jenn's perspective of what happened that night. Jenn: ( as written by Illysia, because she's making me) I went over to lindsay who was looking exceptionally hot that night. My thighs quivered with delight.. k no. I wednt over to lindsay to tell her i wasn't mad at her, to come outside with us. Then i repeatedly told her to kiss some guy and started singing the you gotta kiss the girl from the little mermaid. I replaced girl w
My Personal Views On The "new" Cherry Tap And That Nsfw Issue
So it has been a few weeks now since the new CT went into affect and I see plenty of people are unhappy with many of the changes. Honestly, I can't blame them. And yes, while moaning and bitching about it might not change it, sometimes one just needs to let loose a little and say what is on their mind. So here is my 2 cents on it....take it or leave it, I don't really care. Lets start with the obvious...the NSFW issue. Now, when I signed up for this site, I was under the impression that you were required to be 18 in order to have an account. 18, yes, that means that you are an adult (at least numerically speaking...sometimes maturity comes MUCH So as an adult we are able to make adult choices. Here's an idea...if you are patrolling through someone's pictures and you see that they are adult, or now marked as NSFW, don't open them if you are afraid of what others might see. That opens up a whole other issue which I will get to eventually. Now, the marking of pics as NSFW
My Person Of The Year Acceptance Speech
Getting fired can certainly take a drain on one emotionally, especially at the holidays. However, I have tried to keep myself positive and trust that something bigger is around the corner. Little did I know it would come this soon. I got online this morning and saw some amazing news on It seems that in a tie vote, I was one of 10 million Time Magazine readers to be picked as "Person of The Year". Naturally, I feel humbled by this news. I would like to thank the editors at Time for recognizing my many accomplishments this year. I must also confess, that after several years as the bridesmaid, I am relieved to finally get my shot as the bride. My 7th place finish to President Jimmy Carter in 1979 was somewhat understandable for the simple reason that I was only born in October of that year. Perhaps if my mother could have been knocked up a few months sooner, I would have popped out in March and had more time
My Personality Disorder
You scored as Borderline. Borderline personality disorder is characterized by mood instability and poor self-image. People with this disorder are prone to constant mood swings and bouts of anger. Often, they will take their anger out on themselves, causing injury to their own body. Suicidal threats and actions are not uncommon. Borderlines think in very black and white terms and often form intense, conflict-ridden relationships. They are quick to anger when their expectations are not met.Borderline50%Avoidant45%Schizotypal.45%Obsessive-Compulsive35%Paranoid35%Schizoid25%Antisocial25%Dependant20%Histronic15%Narcissistic10%
My Personality As An Operating System
Which OS are You?
~~my Perspective For The War In Iraq And President Ahwannajob From Iran~~
2007 My Personal Year
Personal Year 6. . . . Love, Family, Home and Responsibility This is a number 6 Personal Year for you. A personal year 6 tends to bring on increasing responsibilities and a deepening concern for family, loved ones, and close friends. It may be a year when you are called on to make some adjustments in your life, or sacrifices for those in your family or close circle of friends. This is not really a year for major accomplishments, but rather a time to handle those adjustments to your plans that may be necessary or required, and for finishing projects started earlier. Endeavors will seem to be moving so very slowly throughout this year. You should expect to have a very good year so far as family, domestic, and romantic matters are concerned. Your emotional interchange with those who are close to you should be at its very best during this particular year. The important thing is to be willing to accept a slower pace and be sure to enjoy the peace and harmony that the personal year number 6
My Penis Wants A Raise!!!
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: 1. I do physical labour 2. I work in great depths 3. I have to go in head first 4. I do not get days off, weekends or public holidays 5. I work in a damp environment 6. I work in high temperatures 7. My work exposes me to contagious diseases Response from Management: After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for a raise based on the following criteria: 1. You never work 8 hours straight 2. You fall asleep on the job after brief work periods 3. You do not always follow the orders of the management team 4. You do not stay in your workstation area, often you visit other areas 5. You take many non-scheduled breaks 6. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order for you to begin your work 7. You leave your workstation messy after your shift 8. You don't alway
A My Peeps
My Peeps!
I love all my friends and family! U have all taught me a lot! Take care friends and family! Stop by and say hi! Cherry Loves KEVIN! ;}
My Personality Disorders.........
DisorderRatingParanoid Disorder:Very HighSchizoid Disorder:HighSchizotypal Disorder:Very HighAntisocial Disorder:HighBorderline Disorder:ModerateHistrionic Disorder:ModerateNarcissistic Disorder:HighAvoidant Disorder:Very HighDependent Disorder:Very HighObsessive-Compulsive Disorder:High-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! ---- Personality Disorders --
My Perfect Car
If I had a perfect car it would be a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss....tricked out of course but all black and chrome and hell bent for leather! And this would be the song playing full volume on the stero as I blurred by you! Her name would be Black Sunshine! "Gripping the wheel his knuckles went white with desire. The wheels of his mustang exploding on the higway like a slug from a .45...True Death! 400 Horsepower of Maximum Performance piercing the night....this is Black Sunshine!" ~ White Zombie
My Personal Favorite
Imaginative, erotic, passionate You prefer to have one partner and to try everything with them. You have an enormous sexual appetite, and you often create sexy scenarios to play out with your significant other. Take this quiz at
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is: Lady Mythtery the Indefatigable of Walk upon Water Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title
My Personal Thanks
Wherever you may be serving, whatever you may be doing, I want to tell you that we appreciate your efforts. You volunteered to join the military in service to our country, and you are making a selfless sacrifice to help others in so many ways you may not even realize. While this country has more than its share of complainers and critics, we also are blessed with many fine, courageous, and heroic citizens such as yourself. Your service to this nation is often hard, thankless, and frequently goes unnoticed by the very people you are serving, but you do a magnificent job of "keeping on" in spite of the difficulties. Especially, I want to specifically express my heartfelt gratitude to all who are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other war-torn regions of this world. Under the most terrible and trying circumstances, you perform to the best of your ability, often facing situations that require you to make instant life-or-death decisions that you know could result in recognition of your hero
My Personality Type
Your Personality Is Guardian (SJ) You are sensible, down to earth, and goal oriented. Bottom line, you are good at playing by the rules. You tend to be dominant - and you are a natural leader. You are interested in rules and order. Morals are important to you. A hard worker, you give your all at whatever you do. You're very serious, and people often tell you to lighten up. In love, you tend to take things carefully and slowly. At work, you are suited to almost any career - but you excel in leadership positions. With others, you tend to be polite and formal. As far as looks go, you are traditionally attractive. You take good care of yourself. On weekends, you tend to like to do organized activities. In fact, you often organize them! The Three Question Personality Test
My Perfect Woman!
My perfect Woman... NOTE: Now i am just describing what i usually go for physically in a chick, and what i think goes well with me mentally on a chick. But as we all know the heart wants what it wants, and you could be NONE of these things and still have me wanting you. Life is silly like that... Mentally: Smart, not a procrastinator (because I am), feminine (you know girly), affectionate with good motherly instincts, likes to take care of her man and support my choices. Good sense of humor. Knows how to talk. A sprinkle of jealousy (just a sprinkle tho not a scoop). Good listener. DOES NOT DISTRUST ALL MEN! Loves movies, travel, and yummy restaurants :) Would not mind doing my bills, basically would be a part time personal helper because I am useless J A girl that does not really NEED me to be with her, but wants me to be with her. There is a difference, some girls got no friends and they base their life around yours, i need to be able to go hang out with my frien
My Personality
You Are An ENFP The Inspirer You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends. You are also unconventional, irreverant, and unimpressed by authority and rules. Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives. You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're qutie the storyteller! You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist. What's Your Personality Type?
My Perspective On Iraq
Being a formy sailor and a former infantryman, I'm all for going into Iraq. I just think we went about it the wrong way. We put restraints on soldiers who's job it is to kill, and expected them to be successfull. That's like telling me to build a house and then telling me i can only use plywood and ascrewdriver to do it. Yes I probably could do something with it, but it wont turn out like you want it to and it wont be done in the timeframe you want it. Now their going to send more troops over. That's like saying that you can see that I'm having trouble with the tools you're letting me use so you're going to give me a couple of people to supervise. Not thebrightest idea. What the should have done from the begining is to call it like it occupation of Iraq, and opperated under the terms of an ocupation, not a police force. You can't train people to kill and destroy then expect them to be peace keepers.
My Pet In Contest
My Pet In Contest
My Pet Needed A Spanking ...and I Gave Her More
Looking down at the trembling slave before me, I wanted to feel nothing. She was too powerful, too potent, far too innocent in her trust. The rush of her emotions beat at my demon, demanding more not less. I was already on sensory overload from that blasted disaster of a dinner party. I was lying to myself and I knew it. I wanted to feel every bit of her. Her blood beckoned. My mark on her breast called to me. Her light brown skin was flush with her excitement, the pupils of her blue eyes were dilated. The wetness between her legs, the combination of lust and anxiety, everything about her wrapped me in her sexual spell. It didn't matter that I was the vampire and she the slave, she had thoroughly bewitched me. Jade,...How do you do this to me i thought.. She licked her lips and I watched the movement. The flick of her tongue was making my body harder than I thought possible on this strange night. Slowly, I walked to the large bed and disrobed with a thought by quickly demateria
My Personality
Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP) Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive. Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.How Rare Is Your Personality?
My Personality Type
You Are An ENTP The Visionary You are charming, outgoing, friendly. You make a good first impression. You possess good negotiating skills and can convince anyone of anything. Happy to be the center of attention, you love to tell stories and show off. You're very clever, but not disciplined enough to do well in structured environments. You would make a great entrpreneur, marketing executive, or actor. What's Your Personality Type?
My Personality
You Are An ISFJ The Nurturer You have a strong need to belong, and you very loyal. A good listener, you excell at helping others in practical ways. In your spare time, you enjoy engaging your senses through art, cooking, and music. You find it easy to be devoted to one person, who you do special things for. You would make a good interior designer, chef, or child psychologist. What's Your Personality Type?
My Personal Pictures Are Open..
And they will be for an hour. I'll make my main picture one of myself during that time... I'm no Jennifer Aniston, but some of them are good pics :) Let me know what you think, and repost this if you have a minute! thanks! Please fan/add me if you show love, so I can be sure to return it!@ CherryTAP
My Personal Pictures Are Open For A Bit...
And they will be for an hour or so. I'll make my main picture one of myself during that time... I'm no Jennifer Aniston, but some of them are good pics :) Let me know what you think, and repost this if you have a minute! thanks! Please fan/add me if you show love, so I can be sure to return it!@ CherryTAP
My Personal Pictures Are Open For A Bit...
And they will be for an hour or so. I'll make my main picture one of myself during that time... I'm no Jennifer Aniston, but some of them are good pics :) Let me know what you think, and repost this if you have a minute! thanks! Please fan/add me if you show love, so I can be sure to return it!@ CherryTAP
My Personal Female Ordeal
I have to say that if there was anything that a woman could have wrong in their female reproductive organs, I have had it. For two years, I lived in pain that was the same as being in labor or worse because of military docs and Tricare not believing that I was REALLY in pain because things didn't show up on their very vague ultrasound. Tricare wouldn't allow me to have a "scope" done to see what the problem was because they didn't have enough paperwork to support it. Finally, after going basically nuts with the pain, my husband and I decided that the only way we could find to get them to allow a "scope" was to have my tubes tied. A female miliatary doctor broke some rules to take my case and went in. She found that not only did I have Endometriosis on my bladder but, a tangerine size uterine fibroid tumor on top of my uterus being feed by several arteries. She told my ex husband that was a double whammy and had every right to be in pain. But that wasn't the end o
My Pets
I took my Tara to the vet today he has told me she isnt in pain yet but when she is he wants me to bring her in and that I cannot do :( so I will ask a friend (although most of my friends adore her too they might not be able to do it either) or my dad... I wish dogs could live to be a 40 or 50 they are taken far to early from us and that sucks... I sat here thinking of all the ppl out there that get animals only to treat them like crap they should be the ones that die early:| soon i will be down to 2 dogs and then one as another will go soon aswell grrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I hate being so emotional C
My Personal Rant
**** This was written fro my Myspace blog but thought I may as well post it here as well **** So if I can get over this fucking constant pain that I have been in for what 2 weeks now I would be so damn happy. But I am not here to complain about my pain and discomfort because all in all I am dealing with that pretty well. I am still going to work, just not doing anything extra. I am not bitching as much as I could by a long shit, yeah I am a little more bitchy than usual to the guys at work and I kinda (very little) feel bad for it but I could be much much worse all things considered. Anyway, I want to just ramble cause I am on Vicodin and my mind is racing since I cant sleep and all that. So, what is it about blondes? Why are men so fucking attracted to blondes? I make fun of the guys at work about this all the time, but I am aware of the fact that it is not just them. It is like some fucking epidemic. I am not picking on blondes since some of my greatest friends
My Personality Is Like Acid Lmfao
Your Personality Is Like Acid A bit wacky, you're very difficult to predict. One moment you're in your own little happy universe... And the next, you're on a bad trip to your own personal hell! What Drug Is Your Personality Like?
My Pet Names
What Porty Irishman Means P is for Puppy O is for Old Fashioned Love R is for Rabbit T is for Tator Tot Y is for Yummy Kiss I is for Itchy Lips R is for Rum Raisin I is for Itchy Fingers S is for Sweetums H is for Hotness M is for Marshmallow A is for Almond N is for Nut Butter What's Your Pet Name? My Real Name What Neal Means N is for Nookie E is for Enchantment A is for Angel Eyes L is for Lovable What's Your Pet Name?
My Pets
i am not crazy i am just an animal lover and all that i will talk about is my husband and my pets and to all those who don't like it i don't care. i am willing to make friends but to those who are looking for a date look somewhere else i am very happy with the love of my life.i am very happy about my jack russell cause she had 3 puppies on monday of last week and 2 early tuesday morning. one of the puppies died but she still has 4 and i am very happy about it cause i thought that she might die because of a stray dog that was hanging around my house this dog was 4 times bigger than her and she had her babies without leaving me if anything ever happended to any of my animals it would kill me. my boxer pit bull mix holly is also pregnant and she is due next month sometime and i will be adding her puppies pictures here also so if your not an animal lover do not go looking at my profile cause thats all you will mostly see.
My Personality
Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ESFP) Your personality type is playful, charming, open minded, and energetic. Only about 7% of all people have your personality, including 9% of all women and 5% of all men You are Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. How Rare Is Your Personality?
My Peeps!!!!!!!!!
As an artist who is up and coming, I have some things to share with ya'll. You know, it always seems like your favorite artist's just appeared overnight....right? Unless you really know that artist's history and how long they persistently pushed and pushed and how many people were behind them. I personally love to hear all the stories of how long it took Metallica, Linkin Park, John Mayer, Maroon 5, Alicia Keys, 50 Cent, Kanye West.....I could go on and on. No one is ever an overnight success... in any business. It is the journey of the good times and the bad times that make us appreciate the long haul that much more!! Stories of all the greats before me fuel my fire and inspire me so much. It's crazy as I look back on my journey of where I started and where I am at now. I can't believe it!! I am no longer dreaming it, I am living it. With this being said, the message is to let you know how many people that are behind the scenes that you don't see. They see to it that I
My Personallity
Your Personality is Very Rare (ESTP) Your personality type is dominant, driven, poised, and self-aware. Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 6% of all men You are Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving. How Rare Is Your Personality?
My Personal Thoughts
After a year that me and andy has been together. I couldn't ask for a better person to be with. I am very happy to have met the most amazing person in my life. I mean he loves me and respect me for me. And he never judges me. The only i hate about his mother she dosn't know when to come back to a phone when someone has been on hold for ever. Yet i still love her. Many time i keep telling my self my emotions and all that are going to be ok. Because i can tell andy anything. But sometimes when i do i just wanna be near him telling him not far away from him. That is one thing i miss i can talk to him without being judged for who i am. When i talk to andy i talk to someone i trust and i love. Yet my grandmother dose say things i dont want her to say. But u know what it dosn't come from me it's her problems with certain sistuations not mine. I love having a life. I love having a fiance i love my family. But my family judges people before they get to know them. They only give out chances
My Peeps
hey everybody i want to say i miss alot of my friends on here and on a different chat rooms and stuff
My Personality Test Results?
The Sudden Departure Random Brutal Love Master (RBLMf) Sweet. Dear. Loving. At Gate 18. Final call. You are The Sudden Departure. You've been in a lot of serious relationships. More than a few have ended ugly. Uglily. Whatever. Our guess is that you're a really fantastic girl who doesn't really know what she wants, and you've broken a few hearts as a result. You fall for people easily, and you enjoy the feeling of falling in love, but once you're there, either boredom or the old "grass is greener" syndrome sets in. The mind wanders, and with it goes the flesh. And then the toiletries. Your exact opposite: The Intern Deliberate Gentle Sex Dreamer
My Personality Test Results.. Pretty Accurate..
DisorderRatingParanoid:ModerateSchizoid:LowSchizotypal:HighAntisocial:ModerateBorderline:Very HighHistrionic:HighNarcissistic:ModerateAvoidant:ModerateDependent:Very HighObsessive-Compulsive:Moderate-- Personality Disorder Test ---- Personality Disorder Information --
My Perfect Partner Report
Merritt, your dating personality is: Merritt, when it comes to dating, you are a Social Idealist. This means you feel in your heart that there is one special partner out there for you and chances are, you've spent plenty of time daydreaming about them. You've probably imagined all kinds of things about who they are, compiling a mental checklist down to the smallest details. After all, knowing what you want is a good thing. You're pretty sure you'll know love when you see it and you're more than willing to go out and find your ideal mate. Being naturally social, meeting people may feel almost like a hobby of yours. You enjoy chatting up friends of friends, or even total strangers, more than most people do. But this outgoing nature doesn't mean you take whatever comes your way. When it comes to finding a love interest, you're not interested in just anyone. You want "the one." This romantic quest likely has you sizing up new people's potential as soon as you meet them. I
My Personal Anthem
Music Video:FEELING WAY TO DAMN GOOD (by Nickelback)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
My Personal Jagermeister Song I Made And Got Copy Righted
My Perfect Day
my Idea perfect day....I would awaken to fresh air and a beautiful dawn with the sound of waves crashing beneath my window and the love of my life beside me. I`d appreciate at least an hour of quiet time then awaken her with a kiss that would slowly deepen into something more passionate. (Miraculously, neither of us would have morning breath.) After several -censored- minutes, we`d jump in the huge two-person bath with loads of bubbles and two loofahs our hair would not be an issue because...well, just because it`s my perfect day. After more -censored- minutes, during which we`d get very, very clean. We`d bundle up in freshly laundered fluffy white terry cloth robes and have breakfast in front of a nice fire that just takes the chill off. we prepare maybe waffles, maybe some fruit, cream cheese and toasted bagels, and peach mimosas. We`d read the morning paper and tell each other about the good parts. After which we`d get dressed and go meet a couple of friends to hang out with for the
My People
i have contacted the hh sponsor and he will sponsor a contest today...i need 5 people who havent fanned himnm yet to drop a i can know who u are/..i told him5 people would fan him
My Personal Life
as some of you know i have been having some family problems the last couple weeks so rather than try and fill you all in i decided to just write a blog about it for those who have been asking why i have not been online constantly like i usually am well here is the reason........ besides the fact that my son has been sick my brother out in indiana is having major problems with his heart....his heart beat has increased to 180+ beats per minute and he has been in and out of the hospital and the er for the last 2.5 weeks now....he was refered to the leading cardiolgy hospital in Indianapolis where in June he will be undergoing surgery to hopefully repair the problem (i would tell you the name but i cant pronounce it let alone spell it), as if thats not enough my dad out in california has also been really sick this past week and is not doing very well health wise...they are considering hospitalizing him again as well, but thats not all my dads wife has not been feeling for some time
My Personality Test Results
Merritt's Personality Report Relaxed Apprehensive Self-Doubt Confidence Safety-Seeking Risk-Taking Internal Experience External Appearance How You Approach Life Wherever you go Chosen One, you do the right thing. You have an uncanny sense of what is right and what is wrong in this world, and you side with the good-guys every time. People recognize this in you, which is why they might often come to you for advice. People don't see you as judgmental. How could they when you tend to look at an issue from so many sides? Not everybody has the tolerance, or interest, in fairness that you do. But then, not everybody is as motivated as you are to please others. When it comes to pleasing people, you are a pro. Your balance of insight, kindness and understanding of situations around you is much more developed than most. You are probably a good sympathizer and empathizer, and that adds to your wisdom. You are curious and interested
My Personality Type Due To A Test I Took Online
Current mood: contemplative Category: Life INFJ - the counselor You scored 18% I to E, 26% N to S, 38% F to T, and 26% J to P! Your type is best summed up by the word "counselor", which belongs to the larger group of idealists. Only 2% of the population share your type. You are so empathic that you often know what others need before they know themselves. You are a complex person who can deal with complicated issues and people, almost prefer to, as you love problem solving. You can be something of an idealist or perfectionist, and should try to take yourself a little less seriously. You are a supportive and insightful romantic partner, encouraging your mate to have dreams and work hard to make those dreams come true. Because you are so creative, you have a wealth of ideas to help them toward those goals. You need harmony so much that you are driven to resolve conflict quickly, as long as the terms don't violate your ethics. You feel the most appreciated when your partner adm
My Penis Name
More Fun Quizzes at
My Perfect Woman
My perfect woman... 1. A woman who can go horseback riding all day long ,picnic included, have a great time and not complain about the bugs or the ants. 2. A woman who lets me be a gentleman without complaining or making a big deal out of it, but still understands that from time to time my testosterone will get the best of me and make me do/say "dumb" guy things. 3. A woman who lets me get away with those occasional "dumb guy" moments and doesn't remind me about them for weeks on end (bonus points if every once in a while she thinks they're an endearing quality). 4. A woman who can participate in a heated discussion about who's better, Hugo or Hawthorne, and then cuddle on the couch with me and watch Austin Powers (for the 100th time). 5. A woman who can dress up and do dinner and the symphony and act the part, but can put on jeans and a t-shirt the next night and shoot darts and/or pool with me in the local bar, listen to my country music selections on the jukebox, and act tha
My Personality...i Guess. What Do Ya'll Think?
My Penis Wnats A Raise!
I the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: I do physical labor. I work at great depths. I plunge headfirst into everything I do. I do not get weekends or holidays off. I work in a damp environment. I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation. I work in high temperatures. My work exposes me to contagious diseases. Sincerely, The Penis --------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Penis, After assessing your request and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons: You do not work eight hours straight. You fall asleep after brief work periods. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. You do not stay in your designated area and are often seen visiting other locations. You do not take initiative. You need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of you
My Peeps
how is everybody i just want to let my friends know that im alive and kicking and hanging out in with a bunch of new friends
My Personality
Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||||||||||| 56% Stability || 10% Orderliness |||||||||||| 50% Accommodation |||||||||||||| 56% Interdependence |||||||||||||| 56% Intellectual |||||||||||||||||| 76% Mystical |||||||||||||||||||| 90% Artistic |||||||||||||||||||| 83% Religious |||||| 30% Hedonism |||||||||||| 50% Materialism |||||||||| 36% Narcissism |||||| 30% Adventurousness |||||||||||||||| 63% Work ethic |||||||||||||||| 70% Self absorbed |||||||||||||||||| 76%
My Perfect Date
Merritt, your perfect date is a Cultured Sophisticate Sure, sweet dates are great, but you know a more refined mind trumps all. With your smarts and love of a quick wit, you should definitely date someone who can hold their own when it comes to worldly affairs. From spending time on Sunday morning with the NYT to talking about a newsworthy event, you're most stimulated by a mature date that can keep you on your toes.
My Personal Reflection
Independence Day brings alot back for me personally. A day off, BBQ, fireworks yada yada yada. But deeper than that It brings alot of memories forward that I try to keep in the back. Some more than others. I remember my friends, men who were braver than me, stronger than me, alot less lucky than me that day. I also think of those who have gone before me in previous wars. What they went through. No, I cant say for sure what exactly went through their minds. But I do know the fears, no the terrors they felt. The pain of the loss of friends. The confusion of coming home. The feelings of guilt of coming home. The frustration of becoming a civilian again. And most of all, the pride of serving my country. I still cant decide if this is a happy or sad day for me. I to this day cant go see fireworks. I just cant take the loud bangs and explosions. I still dont hear it the same way. Maybe I never will. Small price to pay right? Either way I remember with a deeper insight.
My Personality
You're a Shark! The Ultimate Personality Test Brought to you by Tickle
My Penis Is Orange????
A guy goes to a doctor and says, "Doc, you've got to help me. My penis is orange." Doctor pauses to think and asks the guy to drop his pants so he can check. Damned if the guy's penis isn't orange. Doc tells the guy, "This is very strange. Sometimes things like this are caused by a lot of stress in a person's life." Probing as to the causes of possible stress, the doc asks the guy, "How are things going at work?" The guy responds that he was fired about six weeks ago. The doctor tells him that this must be the cause of the stress. Guy responds, "No. The boss was a real asshole, I had to work 20-30 hours of overtime every week and I had no say in anything that was happening. I found a new job a couple of weeks ago where I can set my own hours, I'm getting paid double what I got on the old job and the boss is a really great guy." So the doc figures this isn't the reason. He asks the guy, "How's your home life?" The guy says, "Well, I got divorced about eight months ago." The doc fi
My Personality
Your Personality Is Guardian (SJ) You are sensible, down to earth, and goal oriented. Bottom line, you are good at playing by the rules. You tend to be dominant - and you are a natural leader. You are interested in rules and order. Morals are important to you. A hard worker, you give your all at whatever you do. You're very serious, and people often tell you to lighten up. In love, you tend to take things carefully and slowly. At work, you are suited to almost any career - but you excel in leadership positions. With others, you tend to be polite and formal. As far as looks go, you are traditionally attractive. You take good care of yourself. On weekends, you tend to like to do organized activities. In fact, you often organize them! The Three Question Personality Test
My Personality
My Pet Peeves Of Ct/fubar
-People asking me stuff & when I answer them I don't even get a ty back :( -People who get mad when u drop them down off your family list...If I don't talk to u in a few months yes I delete u. Mine are all close friends & it makes it easier to find them. Maybe if you commented me more you'd be there too ;P -People who post bulletins w/out checking the facts, & Google are your friend ;) -This site is temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments....need I say more? -People replying to my comments via mail...what the heck?? trying to confuse me? LoL! -People who don't allow html in their comments but comment me w/html ugh! -People who send u a friend request & never say anything...what's the point? -Perverts who send u unwanted pics of their privates M & F ~ O yeah there are female perverts out their too! LoL! If I wanted to see them I would watch shriveled up old fogies on cable ick! -People who get mad @ me because I don't re
My Pen (rewrite)
My pen does what it wants it seems. It doesn't follow my heart or my dreams. It takes my words and puts them down. It takes my thoughts without a sound. It rapes my mind for the world to see. Thoughts and feelings meant only for me. Secrets no longer secert truths hidden now shared. You know this now,for that I am truly scared. When I don't speak or my mind seems far away. You put it in my hand to see what it will say. Sweat forms on my brow as I start to think. Why can't this damn thing just run out of ink!
My Personality
My Penis Size!!, Lol
You scored as 9 inch, 9 inch67% 7 inch50% 8 inch33% 1 inch33% 3 inch33% 4 inch17% 5 inch0% 2 inch0% 6 inch0% How big is ur penis?created with
My Personality
Personality: I want a guy who's not afraid to be himself, I'm not here to crack open any shells. I love when a guy can make me feel like a girl. So, I like when he's not clean and doesn't know a damn thing about shopping. It's cute to me. I like to shop for them
My Perfect Halloween Costume..
Get Your Own! | More Flash Toys
My Personal Vow
I have been dealing with alot in my life lately. I lost sight of me and am very fucking dissapointed in myself and ashamed as well. So If you see a different side of me soon. Its because Im weeding out the problems. Fixing my life and doing what I have to. I want my life back. I want my happiness and I will do it at any costs!I will lose friends over it and you know what......? If you cant accept me for me. Theres the door get the fuck out! Im serioud as shit on this! I lost the best thing I had going for me cause I was lost in the fucking clouds. Being a god damn moron! Well, heads out of clouds and Im more determined now to take action and fix my life than I ever was before! I dont give a damn who appreciates this blog. Nor do I give a damn if your behind me on this. If you are then your a great friend. I will always have your back from here on out. If your willing to be in the trenches with me so to speak. If not ... then fuck you get out of my life. I dont need nor want you! This i
My Pensacola Vacation
Well, I'm finally getting around to following up on my vacation blog. I have returned, and rumors that I was eaten by jellyfish are greatly exaggerated! I had had, however, second thoughts about returning. The beach was very refreshing, and it only rained ONE TIME while we were there - at around 10:30 CDT our third night there, so I was asleep through most of it! YEA!We left home in Plano Saturday morning around 10:30 Am, with the idea that we had to be in Pensacola Monday afternoon. So we drove around 8 1/2 hours, till we got to Monroe, Louisiana. We were surprised that, even though there was some distance between them, that Monroe didn't smell like dead fish. West Monroe has a large paper factory, so the town always smells because of it. Exactly like dead fish rotting on the bank on a hot sunny day. Oh, and don't go to the Cracker Barrel there - the service was slow and half-assed and the food came out mostly cold. But the Hampton Inn had some very nice people there - friendly and c
My Personality Test!! In Depth
Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||| 26% Stability |||||||||||||||||| 80% Orderliness |||||||||||||||| 70% Accommodation |||||||||||||||||||| 83% Interdependence |||||||||||| 50% Intellectual |||||||||||||||||||| 83% Mystical |||||||||| 36% Artistic |||||||||||||||||||| 83% Religious ||||
My Perfect Girl
The perfect girl for me would be the one that keeps my life on the edge of excitement, using her imagination to keep me motivated about life in general. Making me want her and make love to her at all times. It would be a girl that would love trying new things in life, and keeping our lives wrapped in adventures at all times. Looks count, but it's not a big part of my decision. Emotions and feelings it is what really counts at the end anyways for that it's all there inside my heart..... I would fall in love with that girl, and i would make her the center of my life, giving her all my attention and energies creating the most beautiful story of love.
My Personal Being As Brew
My Perfect Gent
My Perfect Gent by Jacqueline Youre the sun in my day, the moon in my night. And just like a star - you shine brighter than bright. Youre the end of my rainbow, my crock of gold. Youre my sweetheart, my darling, to have & to hold. Youre the man of my dreams, the one I adore. And as hard as I wish - I couldn't wish for any more. Youre the rock that I cling to, when the tide is high. You soar like an eagle - and help me to fly. Youre my knight in shining armor, proud upon your steed. Always there when I call you - to answer my need. Youre the love that I've searched for all of my life. You are surely heaven sent. Youre the man that I cherish - Youre my "perfect gent."
My Personality
Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP) Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive. Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. How Rare Is Your Personality?
My Personal Resume
This is at the request of my good friends who want to know if I'm the real deal and some of my finer qualities. Height: 5' 7" Weight: 150 lbs., but I'm working on bulking back up to my fighting weight. Hair: Auburn, but I cut it really really short. Eyes: Brown (yeah, yeah I know the joke already) For starters, I'm a great cook and really do enjoy cooking for my friends and family when given the chance. I'm comfortable either on a stove or a barbecue, but I prefer a barbecue. Everything from seafood, to steaks, to Italian and Mexican, I can do it all pretty much, I can even prepare escargot (that's snails, in case you were wondering). I have a knack for knowing what goes into a dish and adding my own flair to it. I like things spicy, but tend to calm things down for my friends so that they can enjoy it as well. Some things I enjoy in my spare time, dancing, shooting pool, a little gambling, swimming, going to the strip clubs and just hanging out with my friends and
My Personality
I find this highly interesting... INFJs, making up an estimated 1% of all people, are the most rare type (males even more so). They are introspective, caring, sensitive, gentle and complex people that strive for peace and derive satisfaction from helping others. INFJs are highly intuitive, empathetic and dedicated listeners. These traits tend to act as a "tell me what's wrong" sign on their forehead, hence the nicknames Confidant, Counselor or Empath. INFJs are intensely private and deeply committed to their beliefs. "INFJs enjoy a greater clarity of perception of inner, unconscious processes than all but their INTJ cousins. Just as SP types commune with the object and "live in the here and now" of the physical world, INFJs readily grasp the hidden psychological stimuli behind the more observable dynamics of behavior and affect." - INFJ Profile (TypeLogic) "creative, smart, focus on fantasy more than reality, attracted to sad things, fears doing the wrong thing, observer,
My Personal Hell
I guess I created the mess that i am in. But it still hurts. Let me say this i am not the easiest guy in the world to get along with. Hell i am a real asshole. I am not a very emotional person nor even a very affectionate person, unless I happen to be in the right mood. I do however need my ego stroked and as much attention as i can get. I am a Leo. My wife on the other hand is a very open affectionate, caring, women who craves passion and attention. I havent been able to provide those to her for some time now, and I want a good relationship, and so I opened up the relationship. I made one condition we had to bothbe ok with the person. Well Our relationship has been going steadily downhill for sometime not as a direct result of that but it didnt help matters either like I thought it would. Well i wanted to say no more to the open relationship thing and work on our relationship, but I found out an open relationship is like Pandora's Box once opened cannot be shut. Well about a week ago
My Perfect Woman....
I was thinking about this today; 'what is your ideal woman'? granted alot of men have 'types' as in they prefer blonde, brunette, redhead ect ect. However that is all facetious. While good looks might reel me in, its personality that intrests me. If you have that spark inside of you, that is what matters. That spark that sets off a fire in another person(in this case, me) is what keeps a person beyond looks, beyond sex and beyond any other bullshit. Well I thought about what it is that I would like to do with my "love". I realize that this is a very specialized list, but something that I feel is very important.... All these things I want are things I would happily do for her... The woman of my dreams would be willing to share everthing with me, good or bad(and that goes both ways). She would be honest with me 100% of the time. We could go to a crowded bar/club and no matter who was looking at us, she would sit on my lap to let every other girl in the bar that I was off l
My Peoms
Slender beams of illumination enter this darkened chamber as I kneel, always lost, always alone, frozen here, waiting. Tortured forms wrought in panes of glass loom as dust dances in the air, forming an image in my mind, penetrating my exposed soul. A reflection on a deathless face. I raise my head, now embracing this oblivious darkness. Alone in Darkness the night falls in a heavy, suffocating cloak, lost are we. the understanding for which you sacrifice yourself flares once, then dies, devoured by your obsession. all hope must fail. Untitled Around, all around, the dark memories gather. My dread grows as the stroke of death falls against my naked soul. It wounds me, and darkly my essence drips to the wicked earth that is my prison. In a strange and terrible glee I beg forgiveness while the end of life takes my hand. Now alone, my soul falls upon howling eyes. This is because of you what you have done what have you wrought?
My Personal 911 On 9-11
I checked my bag, and headed toward my gate. Arriving at my gate, I called my wife to let her know when my plane was landing. My call also had a secondary effect of calming me down. She happened to be few months pregnant at the time, and she was adament I not fly. Unfortunately there was no way to get out of the training that was required. I said my goodbyes as I started to board the plane, and grabbed my seat. I had a window seat just over the wing. I prefer window seats for two reasons: Firstly I don't like getting up every two seconds to allow whomever is next to me to get out and do whatever it is they are doing every two seconds. Secondly I want to "see" what the plane is doing. I know I've no control over what the plane does, but I feel more in control if I can see for myself what's happening. As the old adage goes, it's not the plane you need to worry about, it's the pilot. The plane landed in NYC around 10:30PM, and after telling my wife I had landed okay, I picked up my
My Personal Tribute To 9/11/01
IN MEMORY TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE DIED ON TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, THAT THEY ARE NOT AND NEVER WILL BE FORGOTTEN NEW YORK WORLD TRADE CENTER AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 11, from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center with 92 people on board. UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 175, from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, was the second hijacked plane to strike the World Trade Center, plowing into the south tower. Two pilots, seven flight attendants and 56 passengers were on board.
My Personal Nsfw Pics
A little while back I had pics...some very NSFW pics.....but every time I turned around someone bugged the crap out of me over them! No "Hello", no "How are you?", just 'Let me see now!" "I wanna see." "Let me into your family album"......WTF!? So I got rid of them...... Okay...I have re-added my own NSFW pics....dont badger me about them or I will block you! If you want to see them...then add me! But I DARE you to demand me of anything! lol....all that will get you is banned...well blocked, which is worse if you think about it....hehehehehehehe So for those of you who cant figure it out let me explain it to you in no uncertain terms....Do NOT demand me for anything. I don't know you so I don't owe you! Nothing! I am not a whore ! And if I were I wouldn't be cheap so your word alone wouldn't cut it! Get over porn is one google search away....use it LMAO! our old family who have loved me from the beginning...they are back! And anyone else
My Personal Sexy Story By Captaincooter...thanks Babe!!!!
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 21:12:04 -0700 From: Size: 6 KB To: Reply-To: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The full moon shines down. Striking the grass and exposing everything in moonlight as you look into his eyes."Amanda." He breathes your name, you breathe in the scent of him. The familiar aroma, the comforting presence. He wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer, pressing his lips to yours as he squeezes you tightly. His lips leave yours, brushing across your cheek as he whispers in your ear "I love you." He lays you down in the grass, on the opposing team sideline. The stadium is empty, the bleachers bathed in moonlight. He kisses your neck, lips sliding over your neck as he kisses lower. His hands slide off your shirt, lifting your back so he can unclasp your bra before pulling it over your head. He kisses his way down your chest, over your stomach, trailing his way down to yo
My Personal Nsfw Album
When I requested that you rate and comment my NSFW album I meant my personal NSFW album, the pics of me. I don't even know if any of you lovely ladies look at that album. I created it for you basically. So many of you have NSFW albums and bare all or some that I thought it would be only fair that I do that same. Quick Pro Qo and so forth. So please look at my naked pics and try to be kind. I have lost some weight since then. But haven't got the nerve up to create new pics.
My Pet
My affection rises When I see you without your shirt. You enjoy watching me softly As I'm pulling down my skirt. Your kisses are making me shiver And when we turn off the light You lick my neck with pleasure, And I smile to you with delight. I like to feel you over my body, Touching your beautiful skin. Your tongue fondles my ear Always making me grin. Your fingers lay on me gently Petting my sensitive spots. I feel your love swallowing my body I will never tell you to stop. My darling, you are so tasty. I enjoy hearing you sing When I bite you like that I can hear How much delight does it bring. I like the way you're grasping my body, I like how you deep me inside. I like the way how you touch me I look forward to this every night.
My Pet
I was once an innocent little girl But when you came along My mind was filled with impure thought!! I had feelings I never felt before My mind wonders to the thought of you, The desire for you body, for your lust. I crave these feeling more and more. Here I am gasping for air as I write this. For my excitement grows When Im with you When I speak of you I become week in the knees Im completely vulnerable to your touch, To the warmness of breath when you whisper in my ears, To the softness of your skin onto mine, To the hardness of your body when preset against mine To the richness of your charm and use of words that you know drives me mad!!!! To your soft, juicy plumped lips. I could go on and on for ever Cause the temptation grows even stronger. But I shouldnt I shouldnt You know what screw that!! I want you and Ill have you, Come to me now, let the fun begin
My Personality Type
You Are An ESFJ The Caregiver You are sympathetic and caring, putting friends and family first. A creature of habit, you prefer routines and have trouble with change. You love being in groups - whether you're helping people or working on a project. You are good at listening, laughing, and bringing out the best in people. In love, you value harmony and mutual understanding. You will apologize or give someone the benefit of the doubt, if it means getting over a fight sooner. At work, you are good at building relationships and connecting with people. You would make a great nurse, social worker, or teacher. How you see yourself: Organized, dependable, co-operative When other people don't get you, they see you as: Opinionated, critical, and know-it-all What's Your Personality Type?
My Personality
The Blue Personality- To Love & Be Loved Of all the people in the world, Blues are the most loving, nurturing, and supportive. They do not have to work at it; it is simply their amazing nature- who they are. Everyone has gifts and talents, and Blues possess extraordinary people skills. Many people understandably are attracted to Blues, because they sense that Blues are interested in them. Although Blues represent only ten percent of the total population, they exert a tremendous influence on the minds and hearts of other people. One of their greatest gifts is the phenomenal ability to love another person unconditionally- as much as humanly possible. Many say that Blues are the least judgmental of all; people feel accepted by them and thrive in their presence. Blues focus on whats special about others, they are verbally affirming, and everyone is good until proven otherwise. When Blues speak, they often communicate from their hearts rather than their heads. In other words,
My Pearl
You dive to one small reef In the center of my warm sea Where the mother of pearl grows lustrous In a soft shelled oyster Veiled by feather coral Bedded in shifting sand The shell so delicate It must be opened only under water By the diver's lips The pearl Coaxed from its glistening membrane By a quick turn Of the diver's tongue
My Pent Up Frustrations...
*This blog is not directed toward anyone specific.* I have so many pent up frustrations! I think that it's time to let it all out before someone that does not deserve it catches it... I am so sick of bullshit. I don't like to be treated like I'm less than what I truly am. I am a person and I have real and honest feelings. When someone hurts my feelings about things that they say, yes, it truly does hurt me, but yet I do not let on that it does. I do not want to let anyone know that they are getting to me. But right now, this isn't about anyone, this is about in general... So if you are reading this and feel like it might be directed toward you, it's not. Not everything is about you. This is about me and my anger, hate, and frustrations. I have a burden that I carry and I believe that it is time to get it out. I've tried going to counseling. It only pisses me off. I know where it comes from. I bottle up everything. Well, this time the bottle got shaken and it's time to blow!
My Peoms
Slender beams of illumination enter this darkened chamber as I kneel, always lost, always alone, frozen here, waiting. Tortured forms wrought in panes of glass loom as dust dances in the air, forming an image in my mind, penetrating my exposed soul. A reflection on a deathless face. I raise my head, now embracing this oblivious darkness. Alone in Darkness the night falls in a heavy, suffocating cloak, lost are we. the understanding for which you sacrifice yourself flares once, then dies, devoured by your obsession. all hope must fail. Untitled Around, all around, the dark memories gather. My dread grows as the stroke of death falls against my naked soul. It wounds me, and darkly my essence drips to the wicked earth that is my prison. In a strange and terrible glee I beg forgiveness while the end of life takes my hand. Now alone, my soul falls upon howling eyes. This is because of you what you have done what have you wrought?
My Personality Evaluation Lol
This is alittle quiz I took and it's me all over. lol IN A WORD OR TWO Dependable, compliant, deliberate, careful, amiable, systematic, persistent, precise, a good listener, accurate, kind, perfectionistic, logical, influential, persuasive, verbal, communicative, hesitant, mild, non-demanding and accommodating. THE BASICS Enjoys being with people but differentiates between friends and acquaintances. Dislikes trouble, hassle or confrontational issues. Is prepared to follow rules and existing structures. Has good listening skills. Can communicate both verbally and in writing. Is well-organized and disciplined; likes to plan ahead and find the perfect solutions. Strives to maintain harmony in the group. Is confident in her specialized area of ability and experience. Is friendly and sincere; will try to be fair in all her exchanges. Can perform detailed tasks. MOTIVATORS Marla is best motivated by stability, structure and time to adjust to chan
My Personal Family :)
My Personal Web Page My Music my band my pics et all!
My Pets Part 1
How I got my pets is a story in it self. They are both throw away dogs. Each was 4 years old when I got them. The first one I got was my little terrier Buddy. I got him and his brother, Kipper, they were 4 years old and not used to human touch. I rescue them before they got to the animal shelter, the owners daughter-in-law was bring them in after work and I worked with her. The owner had them in their yard and fed them cat food, but never handled them. It took me two months for them to even let me touch them. Found out later that the previous owner was pet breeder and could not sell them so that was the reason they were like that. Then one day someone stole Kipper from my yard. Poor Buddy was hiding at the back of the dog house I bought for them. It took another two months for him to come out of his shell and trust me. I had to train him to become a inside dog. With me working I knew he had to be lonely so I decide to get another dog so he would have company. I went to the an
My Personal Battle
I have such a hard time some days..... I fight this battle that should be way done and over.... but its not.... the thought is always there..... not a day goes by that I don't think about going back..... No its not going back to the relationship I was in.... its something I gave up a long time ago.... I know I shouldn't. I know its not good for me... I know ppl will kick my ass.... Its my personal battle.... It was my crutch for so long.... Why is it some days I can't get it outta my head? I try to fill the void with alcohol and sometimes it just don't work Its my battle.... I have to overcome it.... I have to win.... I can't let myself and everyone else down!!! I won't! I refuse to! I cry because the urge gets so bad! Why haven't I gotten over this yet?!?!
My Pedestal
Just when I thought my life was in order everything in place something unexpected slapped me in the face. I tumbled off my pedestal onto the ground below my confidence was shaken my recovery was slow. When I got my wits about me and I took a look around talked to all the other people who had tumbled to the ground I soon realized I'd simply built my pedestal too tall my head was in the clouds too long I'm glad I took a fall!
My Perfect Lady
Features: Head: Long Hair that are full of life Beautiful Eyes Gorgeous Face sooo beautiful that i can never take my eyes off her Cute Nose Pretty Smile Bubbly Kissable Cheeks Biteable Neck Body: Has Meat on her Bones (or just big boned) Nice Thighs and Legs C-DD Nice Perky Boobs 5'3''-6'5'' and weight proportionate to the height. (so if you're 5'6'' about 110-130ish) Tight Spankable Butt Personality: Has a sense of humor Can make me laugh Likes Biting, Kissing, Scratching, Spanking, Wrestling etc. Puts a smile on my face Kinky Joyous If she needs help or anything she comes to me Doesn't bitch about little things Talkative Crazy (not in a psycho way) Doesn't play too damn hard to play Open-minded Likes to/Offers to/Doesn't mind paying for things once in a while Watches TV with me and we laugh our asses off together :) Always there for me Has her own Opinions Likes to try new things Always there for me Outgoing Laidback Isn't a ditcher ( i se
My Personality And Disability
I have always naturally been silly, and known to have a stash of 'smart-assed' remarks. And also a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease. hahaha Seeing people smile and hearing them laugh has always brought a bit of joy to a dreary day. Tho there are times when simple laughter could set me into a rage of anger or tears. As life goes on, I have realized this has gotten worse. And is accompanied by memory loss, along with a few other symptoms that raised some flags. So I have taken the steps I needed to, and sought medical help. There are medications to take, and Therapists to see. Along with a Psychiatrist who is really an awesome person. He takes the time to explain things to me in simple terms so that I can fully understand what is going on. I have been seeing him for about a year now and he has helped me to understand alot about my Illnesses. The medications so far dont work very well. I have been on several in the last 5 years, with many different outcomes, each h
My Personal Code
Okay, this is important. This is as close to a "Mission Statement" as anyone is going to get from me. This was a post, in the forums, on another site, in answer to someone complaining about "dominants" that get offended, when they don't get replies to their e-mails. The thread took a few "left turns" and the poster right before me (Whose name I've edited out, here because this is NOT to ridicule or pass judgment) included this sentence as part of their agreement with the main topic: quote:ORIGINAL: XxxxxxxxXxxxx Dom is just a title that some people hang on themselves. This is something which I have talked/posted about extensively. This is, exactly what's at issue! "Dom" should NOT be " ... just a title that some people hang on themselves.". It should a person that holds themselves to a certain set of standards and behaviors. True enough, since everyone's idea of what makes a good dominant would be different, the standards would be different but, I like to think that ther
My Personal Opinion On The "sporks Issue"
My Performance @ Suite Abyss
what the link..its really cool..I got nakey! lol
My Personal Feelings
as i sit here i feel alone although i am not really alone. watching everyone around me having people that they relate with and knowing i am the one sitting on the outside looking in. i feel so alone. i am friendly and i am caring, why am i the one that always feels like i never fit in. my own husbamd chooses to be with his online friends than be with me. i think i am slowly losing him. now that he realizes that others find him attractive as i do maybe he'll think he can do better than me. what can i do? i am who i am and no one seems to care. very few friends i really can count on and no family that really care and a husband who puts me second to his online i think about it is sad really. i wish people would just be honest and say what is really on their minds. my life would be happier if i would not have to spend my time caring about people who really do not care. thanks for letting me bitch......have a wonderful evening i am sorry to my husband though my feelings wer
My Perfect Guy 7-2-05
Somewhere between 5'7" and 5'11" Short hair worn spikey and blonde Eyes as blue as the ocean Or as green as mountains Not too fat and not too thin But right in the middle A great smile that Makes me week in the knees A personality that's sugar sweet A kiss so powerful That I forget all my problems And melt in his arms When he holds me I feel so safe and secure That I know he wouldn't Let anything happen to his girl This has always been The kind of guy I was looking for And when I meet him I'll grab and hold him tight Never letting go of him I do, till death do us part I will love you till the end
My Perfect Man
Ok so over the last few months I have been doing a lot of thinking of what I want in a man. What will make me happy in a relationship. Well here is what I have come up with so far. I want a MAN!! Not a boy!! I want a confident, trustworthy, loyal and non abusive man. A man strong enough in who he is to handle me. Someone strong enough to be a bad boy when need to be but wise enough to know its not always required. To be strong enough to handle my strong feelings. To allow me to break down and be a weak female once in a while. Granted I am a very strong woman, but I was raised to be this way. I want to know that me and my children will be safe. I want to feel like a woman next to her man. I want the freedom to be strong and the safe harbor to go to when I need to break down and be weak. Most importantly to have a man that won't abuse me. I want someone that will listen to me when I talk, just like I will listen to them. Someone that will allow me to make my mis
My Pens End
I've gotten to a point, Where a lot doesn't matter. Friends come and go, Leave my heart torn and tattered. People used to ask, Why Miki your words so dark. I thought it was a clue, Thought it gave me the right spark. How could I be so wrong, As I spread my words out far and wide. Little did I know, It was killing me inside. So now with whats left of me, I turn away,as my pen falls to the floor. To save whats left of my soul. It will write from my hand nomore.
My Personal Beasteaks Charts
just cause this band always makes me feel better when i listen to their songs... #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
My Personal Thoughts
its been two weeks since my daughter moved out and so far its been a huge adjustment for us she comes by to see how im doin she's such a sweet little princess my little girl has grown into a woman of beauty she's learning to be a mom raising my son she may have moved out on her own but she will always be a part of me
My Penis Is Smarter Then You And Has Higher Standards Then My Brain.
Ok, First of all most people on this site are full of shit. For some reason a lot of women on here seem to LOVE spitting all this game at me but never have the guts to back it up. You all must love fantasy land. So if you call me hot, I want your body, blah blah blah....first of all you have to earn that. "What, earn that?" Yeah, sorry sweetie, but just cause you are female doesn't give you the right to assume I want to jump your bones right off the bat. That's quite insulting, especially when any of you say something as stupid as "You Wish." If you ever say that consider yourself cut off from ever having a chance to touch me. I don't care how hot you think you are, I love being the first guy to ever tell a woman no for rude behavior. The look of shock on their face is priceless!!! :P Why should I reward a woman for bad behavior? If you always got a treat for doing something that was rude, you probably wouldn't think it was rude would you? Most guys are so ez, I can
My Perfect Friend
My perfect friend holds me tight My perfect friend kisses me goodnight My perfect friend loves me for me My perfect friend wont let me be My perfect friend wears dark clothes My perfect friend loves me loads My perfect friend knows when in sad My perfect friend isnt scared when im mad My perfect friend makes me smile My perfect friend would run a mile My perfect friend is sweet at heart My perfect friend is also smart My perfect friend is really tall My perfect friend will catch me when i fall My perfect friend doesnt just look skin deep My perfect friend is not cheap My perfect friend is one of a kind My perfect friend has one wild mind My perfect friend is in my heart to stay My perfect friend might be moving away My perfect friend made me cry My perfect friend can make me fly My perfect friend left a tear in my eye My perfect friend just said his last goodbye My perfect friend saved my life My perfect friend helped me battle the knife My perfect friend is h
My Perspective
I'm sitting here filled with so much emotion..a raw aching feeling in my heart. I know I should write something..I NEED and HAVE to write something. Yet I have no idea where to begin. I'm angry, I'm sad but most of all I'm reflecting. Reflecting over the last 15 months of my life. I can't watch TV anymore, because it makes me furious. I have yet to see a single commercial or program which deals with the meaning of Memorial Day. I see sales, cookouts, vacations..but no remembrance. Maybe if more people have spent the last months of their lives in the same way I have they'd get it. I was standing on the tarmac today next to the Adopt A Soldier lady here. We were standing in the rain bringing home a plane from Afghanistan. When the rain got too hard we moved under the over hang. We stood clapping as the soldiers made their way off the plane. The rain was really coming down..their first steps on American soil and it's pouring. But funny..they didn't seem to mind. I could hear someone yelli
My People
see the shadows in the twilight, Dancing to and fro. It's the shadows of the spirits, Of long, long, long ago. I can hear the warriors chanting, As they dance around the fire. It's from the almighty Spirit, That they draw their power. You can almost sense the sadness, Of how it use to be, When the white man came, Tortured and killed their family. They took their land and left them, As helpless as one can be, I feel that sense of sadness, Because I to am Cherokee. They called these people killers, I just don't agree. But that is what they wrote, When they wrote our history. We have the Trail of Tears, A book written long ago. It tells of my family, My people I do not know. I was raised among the white man, Death and poverty is all I've seen. So many little white children, Left hungry and go unclean. How can you call yourself a people, When money is your only need. I don't call this taking care of one another, I called it nothing more than gre
My Persona
The Sonnet Deliberate Gentle Love Dreamer (DGLD) Romantic, hopeful, and composed. You are the Sonnet. Get it? Composed? Sonnets want Love and have high ideals about it. They're conscientious people, caring & careful. You yourself have deep convictions, and you devote a lot of thought to romance and what it should be. This will frighten away most potential mates, but that's okay, because you're very choosy with your affections anyway. You'd absolutely refuse to date someone dumber than you, for instance. Lovers who share your idealized perspective, or who are at least willing to totally throw themselves into a relationship, will be very, very happy with you. And you with them. You're already selfless and compassionate, and with the right partner, there's no doubt you can be sensual, even adventurously so. You probably have lots of female friends, and they have a special soft spot for you. Babies do, too, at the tippy-top of their baby skulls. Your exact female opposit
My Personality ~ This Is Me To A T!
About Your Personality Type ~ The Dutiful Host On those stressful days, we can thank God for that most wonderful of creatures the one who nurtures and helps us unwind the Dutiful Host. You are the gracious one, the master of ceremonies who delights in serving others and making sure they are well fed and well cared for. When it comes to hosting any social occasion a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, or a bar mitzvah you can barely contain your excitement. As soon as the date for such an event is announced, your mind is already going a hundred miles a minute planning, organizing, and thinking about how much fun you and your guests are going to have. As a master host, one of your fondest dreams is making your wedding a smashing success: a cornucopia of people, food, music, and laughter a lasting testament to your lifelong partnership. Before you get to the wedding stage, you will probably experience a rousing and sometimes conflict-ridden relationship with your
My Performance @ The Riverdale Marina !!!
Date: July 12 Saturday Time: 9:00 pm till 1:00 am Location: 13100 S. Halsted Riverdale, Illinois Notes: Live outdoor performance of a variety of music & dance by the pier!!! This is a restaurant/bar/marina !!! The quintessential summer in chicago experience !!! from the city (heading south): I-94 south , stay right right and you'll be on I-57, exit 127th st., left to Halsted (1 mile), right (3-4 blocks), just after the bridge, right @ the marquee, and head to the back... from Indiana: I-80 west to I-94 (Bishop Ford)north to 130th st. east, (follow 130th, under the viaduct, right, then a left) to Halsted, left (3-4 blocks), just after the bridge, right @ the marquee, and head to the back... from the south suburbs: just get to halsted & you know how to follow it north !!! After 134th, look on your left for the marquee (if you go over the bridge, you passed it...), turn left & and head to the back... still confused ??? the number is 708-849-2200 or toll free 1-866-4
My Peeeeeeeeves!
Assholes that think they know everything without even giving you a chance to explain yourself, people who keep the change without letting you give them what you feel is right for a tip, smokers that come in to my office to talk to me after a smoke break to ask me how im doing, arrggg, fucking tic tac break much? Bosses that yell so loud the nerve in their brain stays stuck on swoll, people who borrow money and never pay it back, SUICIDE as i consider it taking the chicken shit way out, flakes, bitches that wear to much war paint and bathe in strong ass tabu purfumes, shit talkers, people with bad breath, drunks that attempt to hit on you at a bar and do more spitting and stepping on your toes then trying to impress you, oh yeah and let me take a minute to tell you, the smell of mixed alki and piss just dont mesh well with the look into my eyes and let me buy you a drink routine! Continuing on, bitches that wont stand up to their man, the yes men, military boys that wanna fuck you so ha
My People
i have been on fubar 4 quite some time now i have come to know a lot of great people. Shelly my new owner i have known 4 3 or 4 months now, Rosa u r my girl and i will always be ur superman, Tammy u have touched me in a way that has made me a better person and i love you 2 death 4 that, and the rest of my fubar friends and family i love you and my time on here has been fun and i wish to make my time here even better so there are some people u r gonna see on here and i would like 2 single out the one's that are sepcial 2 me Shelly ~Mikey's Lil Shelly FuFu~ Wifey to My Soldier John~For Fu-Life~@ fubar My Mom TheRedheadNextDoor *RL girlfriend to ChrisJohn *@ fubar Tammy MORTICIA / REAL LIFE GF OF SGT. RAIDER!!!, ENIGMA'S ANGEL, I'm a Sarge's Bad Girl@ fubar CJ ChrisJohn *RL boyfriend to TheRedheadNextDoor*@ fubar Rosa PRINCESS BOOBS!!! - GREETER FOR THE MIXTURE ULTRALOUNGE - FU-WIFE TO BIGD GoT SkiLLz**v.S.O.P.**@ fubar Vicki take me awayyyy@ fubar Dawnie
My Perspective On Life
Some say life is like a box of chocolates, Some times you come across the sweeter things in life and then u come across those things that dont make you feel 2 good. We were all born to see, to sense, to touch, to listen and to love 1 another. But sometimes you feel like u have No understanding of life what so ever and not really knowing what it means to us. God put every single person on this earth 4 a reason, That reason was to fight great expectations, to climb the highest mountains, to swim the biggest oceans, to encounter every little thing around us. Not to sit in fear, Not to be afraid of one another, Not to harm Others and yet alone, Not to harm youself. Nobody was put here to be made to feel insecure and hopeless, we wasant put here 2 take ourselves back out again. Am I confusing you? Let me tell you some things that tackle my mind every day.... -Guilt -Confusion -Pain -Insecurity -Unanswerd questions Have you looked into somebodys eyes, without seeing the
My Personal Mission Statement
My Pets
Meet my Pets.. just trying to keep an eye on them and making sure they are behaving. Cruise by their page tell them I sent ya to be FAR'D. I hope they are courteous as you stop by or I'll have to extend my web and reel them in.. ===Steve===C.C F/U MAN*ENFORCER@DDR@ fubar suckface@ fubar ♥rkkennedy84♥ *Owned By Inkman876**Fu Slave of MsCharlotte2U!*@ fubar Their honored Owner: MsCharlotte2U!~No Rate No Add~Owned by 1 and own 3 =0)@ fubar

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