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My Life With My Husband On Imvu
Mark And Mekhiya Video Showing How Much We Love Each Other----------- -----> ( I LoveYouBaby Mekhiya And Mark Are So Happy)
My Life
my life is like a puzzle its in a bunch of different pieces which used to be together now some pieces don't fit some are missing and some are damaged beyond repair. This puzzle one day piece by piece will be put back together again for better or for worse the picture might not be the same any more like it shows on the front of the box so heres hopeing for a better picture.
My Life
My Little Girl
just found out my little girl comin home sat, shes been in special care for 5 wks cause i had her at 32 weeks. so happy im shakin..cant wait
My Little Secret
As I Lie Here Listening To The Wind Blowing, Thinking To Myself What Have I Done, I'm So Confused,Not About How I Feel Towards You, But How I Mess Up Everything. I Just Can't Lose You,Thinking About The Good Times,But Bad Times Is What Hurts Me Mostly. Time Will Tell How We Really Feel Bout One Another. Sorry For Hurting You,For Everything I Have done, In Time You Will Understand Why,But Til Then,My Secret. These Tears I May Cry,Hurting Deep Down Inside, Hurting You Was Not Intended,Now Feeling So Lost,So Trapped. I Think About You Day And Night,Afraid Of Our Love,Scares Me Too Death.Not Knowing What To Do, But Yet So Afraid Of Losing You. The Wind Now Fading Away,Only Sound I Hear Is My Heart,Breaking From What I Have Done,Maybe Losing That Someone In My Life. Our Love Is Out Of A Fairy Tale,No Two People Can Love Each Other More,Then We Do,But What We Had Was Amazing.
My Life Really Sucks
i have one day to come up with 200 dollars to keep my husband out of jail. he got a ticket for no insurance and the judge said that if he didn't have his license changed from oregon to texas by tomorrow then he'll go to jail. and of course when it rains it pours cause i checked my bank account to see how much money we had cause i also need to get my son some formula we're over drawn by to much money. i know most people on here will tell me that i need to manage my money more better and if i didn't have some many bills going out and so many different needs i'd be able to. i was stupid and told a credit card company to go ahead and give me a credit card even though i didn't have a jobe. then my daughter got sick and needed medicine so i ended up using it on stuff we needed so there it is my bad credit and needing stuff i'm not asking for money i'm just venting cause this is the only way i can. and people are wondering how i get on the internet with needing stuff its cause my mother in la
My List Of Downraters
FRIDAY----- 7-06-07 edmonton420@ CherryTAP ∑ edmonton420 rated your photo a '7'! MONDAY 7-09-07 cowgirladams1@ CherryTAP ∑ cowgirladams1 rated your photo a '4'! cowgirladams1 re-rated your photo a '1' from a '4' TUESDAY 7-10-07 bullredrun@ CherryTAP ∑ bullredrun rated your photo a '7'! crazedaim@ CherryTAP ∑ crazedaim rated your photo a '8'! DOWRATING SOMEONE I LOVE gotcha@ CherryTAP Downrated a friend shadow7057@ CherryTAP DOWNRATED ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS 07-14-07 Ruffdiemon@ CherryTAP countryboy09@ CherryTAP MONDAY JULY 16, 2007 bbygirl321@ CherryTAP bbygirl321 rated your photo a '9'! TUESDAY JULY 17,2007 Tina Marie@ CherryTAP Tina Marie rated your photo a '8'! sweet_4ng3l
My Life
my life is so depressing and i cant figure y all i know is that something is stopping me no matter which way i go, it aint like i really got any good going for me, i dont have friends around i have no gal, and i dont live whee i wanna live cuz of work, its so depressing to be some where and know no one whats life turning into when u aint got anyone
My Life
THE FOOL THAT FOLLOWS Between this happening to me and the fact that my ex wife left me......I don't know what was a worst blow to me. Feb 2005...don't remember the date is when I finally opened my eyes and realized something my mom had asked me when I was younger. "Who is the bigger fool? The fool, or the fool that follows?" I now know the anwser to that question and so don't everyone else. Not only did he pull a gun on someone for no reason other than to try to prove that he is another ingnorant black person, he pulled me down right with him. And I fuckin let him, and I let the cops, and his father as well. Its not the fact that we both got in trouble, its the fact his father came to my house after the fact and basically sold me out, and the black race in my opinion. Basically told me he was gonna make sure that I got in trouble for what his son had did. Now I don't give a fuck what drew or any of his so called friends think, it was fucked up period. I wasn't totally inoc
My Living Room
I will be moving back into my townhome here soon, with the hopes of selling it. If I want to sell it, there are quite a few things that I will need to replace, repair, renovate or whatever. Yesterday & today's adventure involved me painting the living room. WooHoo!!! No, not really. It sucked. My hands hurt, my, oh what the hell, everything hurts. Alas with some help from my aunt the living room walls & trim are done!!! In addition to painting the walls & trim, I also caulked some cracks in the concrete slab, then painted the slab with some white, waterproof paint. This past Tuesday night, my friend & I proceeded to rip up the carpet & padding in the living room. I finally moved it outside last night & it already being cut into pieces, bundled it up for Solid Waste Services to pick up. Now, onto the hallway & kitchen. More fun for me. Anybody wanna help??? Stay tuned.....the adventure continues!!!
My Littlest Angel
It's been five years since I lost you, And I still dont know why, Maybe it wasn't time for you to be here, Maybe it was time for you to fly. I'll never forget that day, I felt so much pain, It's one thing I hope, I never go through again. Even though your gone, I'll always miss you so, You'll always be in my heart, That I'm sure you know. Written by me..Little Lee
My Life
My Life
My Life And Dealing With It Each Day On God's Terms
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My Life
It's weird how life has differnt destinations for everyone. Mine hasn't made sense yet. All the happiness I've had turned into pain. All the dreams I've had turned into nightmares. The help I've given out was not taken into consideration. I've taken people out of the darknss and been left behind. The ones who were their, showed compassion. If I were to say good-bye, would anybody cry? Would people reconize that I'm gone? How can I smile when all has been devoured? Love taken away. Used to cover up someones past misersy. I try to smile But what is their to smile about? Why, When i needed help for my mistakes nobody was their to lend a hand? So alone, I try to climb back up the road to recovery. Beliefs and reliefs fail. I see visions of happiness float by in the distance. Not near enough to grab. I'm tired of this feeling I hold in side for so many years now. I want to close my eyes and reunite with those miles away up above. I see though, taken my life away thing won't g
My Lips...such A Bad Analysis Tho
What People Think of Your Mouth People see you as both demanding and irresistible. You are often the center of attention - and that's how you like it. You are up for anything and very energetic. People sometimes propose wild ideas to you. And who knows? Maybe you'll take them up on it. You are known to be a little freaky! What Does Your Mouth Say About You?
My Life
When love come's your's way and it's ture, never let it go . life can be hard sometime but never give up, close your eye's and pray and when youopen them she there saying hi and the all willbe O K .
My Little Sugarpie
My Life..
i am posting this blog to tell the world and al my friends about what is goin on in my life right now..i am in a seriuos relationship with someone i am in love with.. i have discovered i might be pregnant with his child.. now you can all be happy for us or you can stay mad at me for the rest of your is no skin off my nose either way..those who know who he is can either be happy or go pout somewhere else because that is the way its gonna be..i am not looking for a way out of my friendships on cherrytap i am just letting you all know where i stand..he and i are together and will be together for as long as time matter what..for those who choose to be happy for us i say a much appreciated thank you in advance...any well wishes and prayers are welcomed with open those who choose to sit there and pout like a kid can kiss my ass because im not goin to sit here and deal with such immaturity..i have bigger fish to fry then you can make the choice to be hap
My Life
well i was born and raised in south Louisiana.Not the first place i would choose to raise children. It's not that it's a bad place to live it's not the prettiest.Nothing there but water and road.I wouldn't trade the memories that i had growing up there for anything in this world.I have an older sister whom i'd rather not state my opiion of at this moment.She gave birth to the 3 most beautiful children i know. I love them so much!An older brother who i feel is my twin!Even though he's a year and 3 days older than me!We were so close growing up! He's one of my fav. people.It doesn't stop there, i also have two younger sister's. I don't talk to them much though. I can't complain my life thus far is comfortable! I'm finally to a point in my life where i don't have to be so worried!And i luv it. not saying that everything is like it should be or how i had it pictured in my mind. I'm 23, not married, no children,but taking care of my sister's 2 yr old daughter! But yeah it good!
My Live Journal
I won't blog here I blog on live journal so if you want to know about me and my life you can visit my LJ at this address.
My Life
if life gets you down dont get discuraged just keep on going if it takes all you have some day it will get better
My Light
your light the way your light touched me.. the way you could make me feel every thing again.. like i was dead, and your light shined on my face and brought me back.. how great it was to have that light to see every day.. and for a time there it was wonderful.. - some bumps in the road.. i could see the light faid after time.. thinking it was me.. thinking that i was the reason your light was not shining any more.. how i would cry every nite hoping your light would not stop for me.. you where my bestest friend.. how high i had you up there.. you where the sun and i was the flower.. your light helped me to grow and see what others saw in me.. then the light stopped.. no longer was it faiding but it stopped.. i could no longer see.. my light was gone.. here i was in the dark.. scared and worried about my light.. and here i am , still in the dark.. there are some light far off.. but the sun is gone.. i find my self go
My Life 2
My Life....updated.
Well, here goes. When I was 5 months old and my older half-brother was two, my dad beat him badly. HE became furious when my brother pooped in the tub and began playing with it. The Louisiana department of wel-fare was called. My brother was black and blue and had cigsrette burns on his back. We were then given to my grand-parents to raise. My grandmother and my Aunt have told me that when they got me I looked like one of those Ethiopian children. They said my stomach was swollen from malnurishment. My Aunt said that I drank 6 four once bottles and then slept for a whole day. It was not until I was four or five that my parents were able to see me again every other weekend. I was always scared of them. Especially my dad. To me, my grandparents were my parents.I hated going there. Things were great. Until I was 8. My grandparents had gotten into an argument about us. Someone called the wel-fare again. I remember being called to the office at school and having to talk to alot of people. M
My Lil One (dedicated To My Daughter Jada)
My Baby I want to say that I love I mean I adore you I place no one above you My Baby You know I care for you I mean I cherish you You know I'll die for you Just because you're my boo My Baby $olo 1/o7
My Life Now
my life as i know it has changed dramadically over the last few months. I lost my wife.. she decided she wasn't in love with me anymore and didn't want to be with me i have our twins which keeps me going day by day... but without her i feel my life is incomplete and i don't know what to do anymore. I have no clue as to what to do or how to tell her how much i love her i know i fucked up somewhere is why she no longer loves me or says she don't anyway but i would love to have her by myside once again
My List
My Little Soldier...
My little soldier I know you miss me so Cause I miss you too I am sorry but, Santa cannot bring me home this year for you I have to stay so other little soldiers are safe too I long to hold you close to me see how much you've grown I have to stay, I just wanted you to know My little soldier, I love you too.
My Life
I promised to tell you about my life. Well, here goes. When I was 5 months old and my older half-brother was two, my dad beat him badly. HE became furious when my brother pooped in the tub and began playing with it. The Louisiana department of wel-fare was called. My brother was black and blue and had cigsrette burns on his back. We were then given to my grand-parents to raise. My grandmother and my Aunt have told me that when they got me I looked like one of those Ethiopian children. They said my stomach was swollen from malnurishment. My Aunt said that I drank 6 four once bottles and then slept for a whole day. It was not until I was four or five that my parents were able to see me again every other weekend. I was always scared of them. Especially my dad. To me, my grandparents were my parents.I hated going there. Things were great. Until I was 8. My grandparents had gotten into an argument about us. Someone called the wel-fare again. I remember being called to the office at school a
My Life
So basically my life iz great at thiz point in time. I am in a great relationship with Steven A. Turnage. And I have a great frind that I can Depend on and that would be Taylor M. Nesse. Withouth these two I don't know where I wuld be in my life. They are what I wake up for each and everyday. They can put a HUGE smile on my face no matter what kind of mood I am in. My life can't get any better at thiz point in time.
My Life Is Like A Roller Coaster...
Lets see, the list of things I need to do....Move, register my daughter for school (wherever we might be living), register myself for school, find a part time job or something, after compleating school take the test to get my real estate license....I know there are many things missing here. I am also trying to find myself between the duties I have as a mom. Who is this person living in my body? Lots of things got put to the back when I got married and now that its just me and my kids and him as my friend I am finding out who I really am, its an interesting journey. By 26 most people already know who they are and can say it with conviction, I find it hard to even say what I like to do for fun, so I have alot of exploring and learning to do. I am looking forward to the challenge while dreading what I will find.
My Life In The Shadows
Seems like no matter how much I try I will always be where I am. Looking out the window looking at the world through sad eyes. Leave me where I stand, Carry me to the wannabe promise land, I don't want to die alone, I don't want to cry alone. But here I stand alone crying and screaming. Wont anyone help me? My life seems to be hiding and staying in the shadows. When can I see the light, feel the radiant heat of love? Passion seems to be slipping through my very fingers, never seem to get a grasp on it. My very soul aches for the touch and carress of the man I love. My mind cannot control the way I feel, my heart cannot carry into the next day without breaking. Everyday I cry and I'm in so much pain from trying too hard, not wanting to let go of the one thing that helps me through my day. The words of Lithium by Evanescence really tells my life in one simple song, Lithium lyrics Lithium, don't want to lock me up inside. Lithium, don't want to forget how it feels without... Lithiu
My Lil Brother
my brother tells me to come kick it at his house and bring somethin to drink and a pack of blacks,so i brought to big bottles of bacardi, then three girls show up and one of the homies shows up. so we all kickin it and one girl gets drunk and throws up, this nigga tries to get me to take her home wit me, so i told him i didnt bringer i aint takin her no where, of course i was to drunk to drive anyway so i passed out at his house and so did everyone else. but why when i woke up my brother was kickin the throw up queen out his bed at 8 in da morning talkin about her face scared him.
My Life Categorized And Boxed.
Son of a bitch I'm moving... AGAIN. When I moved to VT in November of 2006, it was supposed to be my LAST fucking move ever. My mother was supposed to take care of all this probate bullshit so that the house would be free and clear for my boys. But nooooooo. Yeah, I'm in the anger stage of grief, so fucking what? Nothing my mother said has come to pass. This fucker that she named as executor (to supposedly take some emotional weight off of me when she died) is making me absolutely sick. Every fucking thing I do is under scrutiny. Every fucking word I say or write is being analyzed. My God, when did death become a business??? So here I am, packing up my stuff, my kids' stuff, and stuff that has sentimental value to us. Motherfucker! Pack a box, label the contents, mark it for house or storage. Every fucking think I own... I see my life in categories. My interests, what makes me who I am. If I lose a box, will I lose that part of me too? I'm not happy at all. I wanted out of VT bu
My Life
Um ya......Where to start....I have been in a relationship with a guy for more than 7 years And there are attachments. You see he tells me he loves me and that he wants to come home but when I call him he can never talk to me. I don't know what the deal is. I don't know if I should hang on or let go. Some people come to me and say "You and (my boyfriend?) aren't together any more?". And I ask him why I hear this and he tells me he never said that . But why would I be asked that? What should I do? Keep him because I think too much? or dump him because he is lying to me? Please comment..Thanx
My Lil Sister
My Sister Gets To Try Out To Be On Thats So Ravne Show, If Nune Of U Heard Of That Its A Disney Channle Show Bah Raven Is Also On The Cosby Show And Yeah She Gets To Meet Ravne At The Nickalodeon Studio..Or SOmething Like times it will be.
My Life
I look at my life, Back, over the years. What did I do wrong, That I ended up here? A childhood, so shattered, That it never could mend, But others lived through it, And bounced back again. Why was it, that I, As a child, couldn't see, That it happened to others, As well as to me? Those people I trusted, For,who else was there? Unable to help me, Through their own despair! Imparting, not wisdom, Nor love and concern, But vicious contempt For the child their hearts Spurned! I ran like the wind, When I saw a way out, Straight to my beginnings, To the birth of my doubt. Ran into the arms, Which had thrown me away! Thinking she'd love me, On this, a new day! Oh, truth is a killer, Of hope, spirit, joy! But still, I survived it, If just to annoy! I met, loved and married The man of my dreams. Had babies, a future, The life of a Queen. But one day I woke up, And there at my door,
My Life
My life, My Fantasy My hands learn touch My eyes learn sight My heart learns love My life is no cake walk My fantasy is my dream My dreams help me escape My mind knows no better My body learns exhaustion My legs learn to walk My mouth learns to talk I learn to live my life and dream my fantasy
My Life
Well everyone I kinda figure it is about time I do this Seeing as how I have been putting it off for lack of computer time but now that I am back in Oklahoma City I have a little more time then I used to no much but some I figure it is kinda time to bring you all up to date on what is going on in my life well after 26 years of life most of which I have spent fucking off and messing up fucking people over and do shit I really never should have done to start out like meth but I was young and dumb any ways I have decided to take a big step in my life and change it for the better and to do that I have made the decision to join the U.S. Army as well most of y'all can probably tell from all the Army stuff that is now on my page and i have to say that this decision has been a good one seeing as how I am now just about ready to take the GED test and since making this decision I have lost over 40 lbs and I am not down to 283 lbs which leaves me about 93 lbs left to lost to reach my goal once I
My Life
well i am 34 and live here in kentucky. i have 5 months to go on my treatments. cant wait until they are over so i can finally party. i started these treatments in january its been a long time. i have wonderful friends helping me through it all. its been rough i wont lie. but other than that i guess i cant complain. i am ready to move from here.his town reminds me of one of those old western movies. and im not kidding. this town a joke.
My Life
Hello, I'm Peter Mark Aragon and this is a description upon my life journey! I was born in Baguio City, Philippines on October 30, 1972 and within 6 months of my birth both of my parents went to the states while I stayed in the Philippines with my grandparents but not in Baguio CityÖmy grandparents raised me in Quezon province for 3 years and by 1976 (between June to August), my grandmother took me to the states to join my parents and my kid-brother (at which, my kid-brother is already one year old)Öat that time, we're living in Stocklin, California with my auntie and her family. As for me, during that time I was speaking in tagalog because I didn't know any English at that time. We lived there for a year and by 1977 (after June), we moved to where I started pre-school and I went to another town for school because we lived right on the border line of two towns and we lived in an apartment at that time. By June or July of 1979, we moved to San Jose, Californiaand that's where I did my 1
My Little Sis
she is 40 and has terminal cancer . she was getting kemo but today they said no more kemo now we r just waiting not good she did wiegh 150 now 75 pounds ill post a pic of her later thanks
My Life 1971
I take my basic training at Fort Dix in New Jersey.Take my A.I.T. at Fort Polk LA. On jan.5,1971 I was send to go VIETNAM as 11B10 infantry went to C 2/12 1st AIR CAVALRY spend three month their the 1st cav went home and i went to C 4TH /21 23D INFANTRY DIVISION I spend rest if my time 4/21 11 months and 11day in vietnam. I was grunt in field my hold time you name i did it walk point had m60 ,m79. I just don't talk about it . I came home and spend rest time at Fort Riley, Kansas I'm going VA for all my medial for my back problem and going because if agent orange ,diabetes few any thing . Plus still dealing with PTSD. This only time I write or talk about . The only resent I'm writing about this for our troops today went you came home talk let people know how you feel get help if you need .
My Life
Well it sucks as usual but I am doing better for it. Going to Move to AR and try and get a new start hopefully it will do something for me. I can start paying off my bills and get my own place in a cuple months. At least thats what I am going for.
My Little Brother
hes new here please add him his name is mikko...........mikko@ fubar
My Life As A Paraplegic Born With Spina Bifida
What is Spina Bifida? Spina Bifida occurs within the first month of pregnancy resulting in an incomplete closure of the spinal column. Spina Bifida is the most frequently occurring permanently disabling birth defect affecting approximately one out of every 1,000 newborns in the United States. What Causes Spina Bifida? The cause of Spina Bifida is not known with certainty, however, scientists believe that genetic and environmental factors may act together to cause Spina Bifida. Are There Different Types of Spina Bifida? Yes. There are three forms: Occulta Often called hidden Spina Bifida, the spinal cord and the nerves are usually normal and there is no opening on the back. In this usually harmless form of Spina Bifida, there is a small defect or gap in a few of the small bones (vertebrae) that make up the spine. The underlying neural tube defect is completely covered with skin. Frequently, there are telltale signs on close examination of the back. There may be a defect i
My Life
This will be sad part to understand.. I have been like this before and the story is true. All the way back was a miserable life. Those weird world has change. And this is sad, when I was born the first time, I could hear noise in background, with my screaming crying sound. The doctor put me in the cleaning position. And lend me to my mother's arms. My mother was happy to see me. As of 11 months old later my mother told me this, That she took me to the hospital and find out what wrong with me, my old doctor told her after he found out that I had spinal minigitic. And got remove but lucky I didn't die from it. I became deaf from ears infection. This is what I am now, Hearing impaired. That is my only sad one in life will never change....
My Life, Today
My Life, Today The warmth of a touch, a kiss, a look, the feeling of you inside me, the sunís caress, the physical jolt of music. Overwhelming beauty: words, lyrics, sentences, irony. The day opening and closing. Everything I know new, intriguing, clean, even when itís exactly the same as it always is. We listen to The Velvet Underground Ė Lou Reed, John Cale, Nico, others whose names I canít remember. Iím always thrilled by sight sound touch, your searching hands on my smooth skin, but no longer is everything weighted by desperate panic, melancholy, nostalgia, moments long since past Ė things I can no longer have or change. But right here, right now, it is enough, almost way too much at times, and I am in love with it.
My Little Girl
A beautiful cry as I fade away I open my eyes to see her face The miracle of a new life Through all the pain and strife Heaven's angel here to take my place To run the race of this world In the form of a little girl Through all the commotion I feel the emotion of a joyful life As death calls me The end of a life to be I feel no pain No shame No regret Nor do I fear For with her eyes and a tear She fills me with joy, calm and peace As my life does decease She will live The gift I give to all As I stand tall I will watch her From the Heavenly altar For she will always be The living part of me My beautiful daughter.
My Life Poem
I came in to this world Like a bat out of hell... One hot summer night....... From that day on i have known i was born to fight..... To fight for all i believe is right..... For i am a demon of the night.... I ride hard and i fight harder.... For i am of the Hells Angels.. I have power soon to have fame... But this is not why i am here... I am here to fight for what i believe is right.... My bike screams into the night.... The barrel of my gun breathes fire as if its a dragon... A body hits the ground.... Blood poors upon the earth....... Just another night in paridise?....... No its not paridise..... Its a war.... A never ending battle too fight for my right to freedom.... My right to live and ride free...... If you dont like my life style so fucking what....... You dont want to face this demon then stay the fuck out of my way......... For i am gonna go far in life... I am on a fast track to the top..... Life is short and i have a ways to goo... I will get t
My Life As A Dad
Some of you have been keeping pace with what has been happening to my 6yr-old son, Eric. Earlier this week he had an EEG performed. The results came back "abnormal". Abnormal enough to be abnormal but not abnormal enough to say "This is what it is". So, enter the MRI. Now, they had tried this the day they did the EEG but it was a "no go": He refused to do it without me there. I had been told last night that they were going to wait until he was discharged and do it as an outpatient procedure, which would have meant possibly weeks before it got done. And suddenly, while I was visiting him this morning, a new development: They could fit him in at 3PM, if I could be there. DUH! So I canceled everything for the day and told DHS what they could do with their volunteer work and settled in at the hospital to wait until 3pm. You know, as a parent, I really do NOT enjoy watching nurses inserting IVs into my little boy's arm and sedating him so that they can perform an MRI on him that sh
My List!
The perfect girl... 1) is semi outdoorsy 2) will drink but not excesivly 3) Has a sense of humor that makes me smile even when im down 4) Wants a real relationship. 5) is not all about sex 6) has a cute personailty 7) cares about her looks but not so much that it drives her batty 8) likes herself and doesnt need constant reminders that shes as wonderful as she is. 9) must be above average inteligence 10) will not flake out on dates and will call me if she does 11) has a smile that will light up my heart if not the room 12) Likes my freinds enough that shes willing to hang out wqith them. 13) Gets along with my mother and familly 14) doesnt mind that i shake. 15) well help me get motivated in the parts of my life that im not.
My Life
My husband and I were married for 9 years. We were together for 12 years.My daughter from a previous marriage, moved in with us. She was 16 at the time. When my daughter got pregnant, she told me it was for her boyfriend and he lefted her and said it wasn't his. That he didn't want anything to do with her or the baby. So,I did what any mother would do. I stood by her, took her the doctor. Was there for her every step of the way.I was their to cut the umbilical cord, it was the happiest day of my life. I had my first grandson. I was on cloud nine for about 7 months. When I found out she gave my grandson away. she moved about about that time. I raised levi (my grandson) all this time when she lived with us. Then last year the truth came out. My grandson, was not only my grandson, he was my husbands child. Yes, my husband had an affair with my daughter, his step-daughter. My divorce will be final September 13th. One day after my 40th birthday. So, you see its hard for me to get close to a
My Life Is Not My Own
My Lil Girl
Dear World, I bequeath to you today.. one little girl, in a pink ruffled skirt, with a matching bow in her hair, two brown eyes that dance when she laughs and bouncy brown hair that flashes a hint of red in the sun. I release her to you world.. To teach her the things that she will not learn under her mothers care. Today she will learn to stand in lines, to listen for her last name first, to sit quietly and concentrate. Today she will learn that it isn't nice to chase lizards in the yard or put frogs in her bed. Today she will learn that it isn't cute to say each of her dolls names one by one as she says her goodnight prayers.. or to tuck them in individually. World, I bequeath to you my heart of hearts, in a pink ruffled skirt, with a matching bow in her hair, two brown eyes that dance when she laughs, and bouncy brown hair that flashes a hint of red in the sun. Today she will begin to learn what unfairness means, she will learn what it is to be misunderstood, to love some
My Link
This is the only thing requiring attention right now, my is a race to 20,000 comments with no time limit...once I get to 20,000 comments I get a blast...Here is the link..I appreciate your help on this....this is not as high priority as the others. This is just mine. :P Clickable link
My Life For What It's Worth
My Life
MY CURRENT LIFE IN 83 QUESTIONS: 1. Did you just wake up? no 2. Whose car were you in last? mine 3. When is the next time you will kiss someone? prob a while 4. What is your msn messenger? i dont have one. 5. How long is your hair? medium 6. Last thing you drank? cofee 11. Where did you sleep last night? on the couch 13. Are you happy right now? yes 14. What did you say last? ok bye 15. Where is your phone? next to me 16. What was the last museum you went to? fuckin franklin institute 17. What color are your eyes? blue 19. How was your weekend? it was ok 21. Who/what do you hate/dislike currently? my ex 22. What are you listening to? like a boy ciara 23. Are you excited?well i guess 24. What is your favorite store/s? don't laugh walmart 25. What day is it today? wensday 26. What were you doing at midnight last night? waiting patiently 30. Are you left-handed? no 32. What's for dinner tonight? shit if i know ask me closer to the time 33. What is the last alcohol
My Life @#%#@!
So in one day I find out they are not keeping at my job due to my almost passing out at work last night. Then I get a letter telling me that my next Parenting time will not happen cause she claims to have to work. The drama in this relationship is ruining my kids. I have decided to make it stop. I will be filing the papers removing my rights to Parenting Time.
My Lil Sis Is In A Contest
please help her with a rate and a comment or even a bunch of them. thank you!! click the pic to help: (yes this hot chick really is my little sis)
My Life Here
My Little Secret
See baby your my little secret (secret secret) If you won't tell I won't tell And that's how we got to keep it See baby your my little secret If you won't tell I won't tell And that's how we got to keep it Did anybody see ya Come into my house last night When I got your message in my beeper That you wanna do everythng I like Alright (alright) Bridge: I like being in the same room with you and your girlfriend The fact that she don't know (she dont know) that really turns me on She'll never guess in a million years That we got this thing going on Chorus: Your my little secret (Secret babe) That's how we should keep it (Nobody has to know) It's on everybody's mind about you and I They think so but they don't really know or wanna know That Your my little secret And that's how we should keep it We should never let 'em know Never let it show But you know like I know We should never let it go If anybody knew that It w
My Life
My Life
I have been to Hell and came back unburnt. I've stayed sober for three years dispite all your non believing ass's. I went to college and got a degree. I paid my debt to my country and left the Army with a honorable discharge. I worked in shit hole jobs seven days a week for months on end. I put faith in undeserving people only to be let down over and over. I've put up with your selfish bullshit time and time again. I've been through more shit than you'll ever see on your television screans. I've been cheated on, lied to, and had my heart ripped into tiny shreds. But now it is time for The Bush to shake off his shallow exsistance and proove to the WORLD that he is no longer just that nice guy that will sit there and take being shit on over and over. I've never comformed to the way others wanted me to be and I NEVER will. If you don't like this then Fuck YOU!!!!! This IS the real me! I dare you to try and fucking break me!!!
My Life
well im from California just moved to NC...long story (will post that in another blog) My other account ~rainey~ on here got hacked and really mad because i was a level 17 and i lost friends and my pics so have taken new ones...hope you all like only looking to make new friends and keep up with old ones if you want to know more wait for more blogs or just ask.
My Life Story
my life is my own little world have any questions just ask
My Life For Now..
my life as i know it right now is awesome, i have never been so happy....i have a great boyfriend, just recently moved in to this awesome apartment...I also got a big screen t.v from my dad....My dad also came home from iraq so i am in such a good place right now...that is awesome for me to be so happy cause i have a severe mood disorder which makes me a raging bitch at times.So i am happy everything for once is going so it all fall apart again i will be pissed....
My Life Right Now....
One day someone special will be gone. And on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of your bedroom, you might be struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't any more. No more hugs, no more lucky moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, No more "just one more minute." Sometimes, what we care about the most goes away. never to return before we can say good-bye, Or say "I Love You." So while we have it . . it's best we love it . . And care for it and fix it when it's broken . and take good care of it when it's sick. This is true for marriage .... and friendships .. And children with bad report cards; And dogs with bad hips; And aging parents and grandparents. We keep them because they are worth it, Because we cherish them! Some things we keep -like a best friend who moved away or a classmate we grew up with. There are just some things that make us happy, No matter what. Life is important, and so are the people we know . And so, w
My Life Begins In 47 Days!!!
My Life
Self-inflicted pain is how I used to help myself cope With the feeling of losing all hope. Everyone has something that the choose to hide, I choose to hide this pain that burns deep inside. There is not one person who understands, All everyone wants me to do is cater to their demands. I will no longer hide behind this mask, I will start showing my "true" self no matter how awkward the task. I'm sick and tired of being what you want me to be, This time I will be who I want and need to be.... ME!! I say that I am hated by many and loved by few, But that was until I broke free from you! For the last few years I have held back these tears, And tried my hardest to hide my fears. I did all this to please those around me, Pretending to be someone you wanted me to be. You claimed to be helping me, But all you were doing was wasting my time. I did what you wanted me to do without saying a word, Yet you still held me captive inside my own body, You treated me like an animal,
My Life
just when u assume your life will go one way it turns and goes a totaly diffrent direction.....i recently thought someone cared for me but as it turns out im not so sure where it has gone.... distance is so hard to tell about you fall so eaisly on here and know u shouldnt probly but.....fuuuuuuuck sometimes it happens! ok anyway i am in the middle of trying to figure out what the fuck is goin on im confused and bewilderd and wanna say fuck it to all of it but im really not a quiter so i need advice and not mean advice either out of here xoxox to all!!!
My Life Is A Circus And I Just Have To Laugh!
I have decided that my life is a circus! A 3 ring circus that I have to juggle and try to get through every day with little scathing! Yesterday, I get the news about my brother. It is life and we all move on. Yesterday my son forgot his vocabulary words yet again! Peter had to take him back to school, get someone to open up the classroom and get them. Not fun. I had a bad email from his teacher also telling me that Christopher had a bad attitude with her. So my day always tends to go to Hell after the hour of 3:00pm. We got through last night with all homework done and not too much yelling on Peter's part. I hate yelling! It doesn't work. No one listens to someone yelling. Anyway, with another "pep" talk last night and this morning to Christopher on how to behave at school and bringing home his homework, today is another day! Here goes the circus! I am talking to my love on line today, being naughty with the cam with him. Everything is great! We say goodnight
My Life In A Nutshell...
I'm in a funk. That's the only way to describe my life right now. I am busting my butt to get a job and a life all in the same step, but seem to be having issues. I spend most of my freetime job hunting or sitting at home. My life consists of job hunting, filling out applications, sending out resumes, cleaning, sitting at home watching tv, going for jogs, cleaning, dishes, cleaning...and seeing Andy maybe once a week. I must say...I am lonely. This apartment feels so big and so empty and I am bored. Bored with my life and bored in general. This week I watched all 3 seasons of Roswell for something to do and am planning on going out and buying a new TV series to keep myself entertained. I am debating between Smallville and Will and Grace. Right now Smallville is winning just because I know I will for sure like it and have only seen a few episodes from will and grace. Plus, I know I like the whole scifi kinda deal so....It will probably be smallville. I am looking into 7th Heaven too.
My Life Is So Good
I am glad to be here with the fubar family.Everybody seems to be really nice and friendly.....Definetly my kind of folks.
My Life
Well I am beginning to realize life is not fair. Jared is off in Kuwait but I talk to him often so I am doing okay. But today I found out I will be heading there 1-2 months after he gets back. I am hating that but I got to do what I got to do. So Jared will be doing the single Dad thing for a year. Eli will start Kindergarten while I am gone. This is too much. But maybe I will get out of the Army somehow between now and then, we will see.
My Life As Of Right Now.
I have to be honest with myself, I never pictured my life the way it is now. I thought at 22 I would be in college, not married and have a kid. Although, I would never give up my daughter for the world. I'm in a rocky marriage part of me resents him for moving me up here. I left my friends and family all behind for him and I still get nothing in return but being yelled at consently. Certain friends of mine are telling me to leave. I hate the fighting, I was never a fighter before. Before I met him I was independent, I never let a guy get the best of me. If he didn't call after a date or he would just decide to hang out with his friends instead of me, it didnít faze me. I was actually fun. I didnít really have a care in the world but my friends and family. The only good thing I got out of being here is I meet some wonderful people, which mean a lot to me. Some of them are real friendships that may last for a long time. Now to be honest if I left him, who would date me? I'm a mothe
My Living Will
MY LIVING WILL Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room And I said to her, 'I never want to live in a vegetative state, Dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If That ever happens, just pull the plug.' She got up, unplugged the TV, and threw out my wine. She's such a bitch.....
My Little Girl
Dear Lord, Remind me that my little girl will always need her mother's prayers. Prayers to help her understand the death of a pet...or a grandparent. Prayers to help her get along with a playmate...or to get her through the first day of school. Prayers to mend a boo-boo...or a broken heart. Help me realize, Lord, that I have only begun to pray. A whole life stretches before her. I know I will not always be able to go with her, not always be there to hold her hand or point the way or pick her up when she falls. But comfort me in the fact that though I will not always be able to go with her, my prayers will. ~Mary C. and Robert G. Wells~ ~Judy and Ken Gire~
My Life
It seem that no matter what you do someone always wants more. I got all the information they needed in order to get the house and know more, more, more. I give up. It is tearing me up. Have you ever wanted to get something and work at it so hard to feel as if it is about to be pulled away from you? I am upset. First one thing is good enough for the loan company but then the title company called and wants another. It isa pain to buy a house.
My Life!
Hello everyone! My name is Carrie! I am an exciting girl who ants to spend what's left of my life having fun! I am divorced and I have three beautiful girls! One of my favorite thing to do is ride my horses, they keep me sane! Along with being a correctional officer I also train horses! I am here to get to know people and enjoy life!
My Little Girl
My List
Of songs that bring back fun...yet creepy memories: "Smack That" by Akon ft. Eminem....I have good reasons "I Wanna Fuck you" By Akon.. same as Smack That. It makes me remember my friend Lisa, her and me driving around in her Eclipse and dancing with the songs blasting. "Neden Game" by ICP...reminds me of Shortee and me just walking around and singing this...though we're girls "My World" by SR-71...remind me of my ex-boyfriend Steven...and it fits him well. I remember playing the song and singing it around him but he never realized who I was meaning. "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard..its kinda obvious with this one "Here Comes the Boom" by Nelly...I just have to say I heard it first on the way back to a friend's place (hi Mike) and now its on my MP3 player to remind me of that night "Boogie Woogie Wu" by ICP...also reminds me of me and Shortee but at 16 and at work. Our boss liked hearing us sing and we got customers that way (I worked at Famous Wok in the mall
My Life Changed...
Well, today is the 6 year anniversary of the day I met BJ. I'll tell you the story... I was in hair school and was going out pretty regularly with a few friends I had made up there (Kyra, Amanda & Myra) when one friday night we decided to go to the INZONE club in Kernersville, the town where I live. It was a pretty good place to go, especially since it was only 4 miles from my home. We were there for about an hour and I was already feeling pretty buzzed when out of the corner of my eye I spied a pretty sexy dude across the room. I showed Kyra and she dared me to do something, anything... So I said OK, watch this! :) The next time he came out of the bathroom I made sure to be in his path back to his friends... and when he walked past me I grabbed a hand-full of one of the sexiest asses I had ever laid my hand on... It was perfect. He turned around with a wild look in his eye, then it changed to pleasure when he saw it was a sexy chick (yeah right, that is what he told me late
My Life
September 6th, 2007 I only got like 4 hours sleep I was up talking to Kathy... Oh yeah! So my phone rings at like 10am, and it is like my friend the reverend. She says that she has a letter from her husband and the engagement ring is left behind. Mind you also I never leave my phone on ring but tonight I left my phone on ring and it went off like 3x in a 5 minute period My first thought was like umm...... Suicide, At the same time all this stuff is going on I am talking to a wonderful lady Kathy. Kathy and I were supposed to go out for lunch in the afternoon after talking all night the night before. But we did not, I instead am looking for a suicidal drug addict who stole his wifes van and sold it for his own personal amusement. He has a hotel room for a week and planned on killing himself. This is the first time I met The Reverends Husband and The Reverend is talking to me telepathically on how to bring her husband out of this stage of where he wants to kill himself and get
My Life
Broken wings i can not fly broken heart that will not heal broken me i feel the pain deep in my head thoughts of the past and every thing wrong fake friend behind every bend in the raod i sit in think some time why are we here many times before i ask the one thing that is all alway on my mind why are people the way they are i try to see all the beautiful in life but anymore all i see is pain and i know every one who will read this will say you are deep and i say u really don't know me at all because sometimes all i really want to do is just leave and not tell anyone where i am going and start over most if not a few of u have wrong me in a way or if i have wrong anyone alot of what we all do in life we come across poeple no matter where we go or who we meet we touch someones life every day every minte every hour every day, week mouth and year we are think of someone we like or love or want to get to know and hopeing at the same time they are think of us it is always 50/50 i kn
My Lil Princess :-)
I LOOOOVE cooking. Especially when my lil one is "helping" LoL She'll be 8yrs old tomorrow, and I can't help but wonder how many more of these fun days I have left before I go from SUPERDADDY to DROP ME OFF AROUND THE CORNER. LoL I guess I'll just have to keep enjoying it as I have for the past 8yrs. I know how precious these times are and that they'll never happen again. Every one is different and special. I hate the fact that I dont get to be with her everyday. Times like these make me, if only for a second, wonder wether or not I made the right choice in leaving her mother. Then, I quickly gather myself, put on my happy "I did the right thing" face on and keep on trucking. I know I'll never agree with my own decision 100% , but I know that 90% of me knows it was the right choice. I keep telling myself she would have suffered much more if I had stayed and been unhappy and fighting with her mother all the time. My bitterness towards my x-wife would have swallowed me whole and destro
My Life
My Life My life has crumbled, Fallen out of reach. How can I follow, Something they do not teach. (c) Natasha Wismer 02/29/95
My Link
Any and all help would be appreciated... You know you can always ask me for a hand anytime Laura
My Life
Lonely Little by little, you stop loving on me the mad wind of banners passed through my mind my love, my own in heart stop feeding of your love with out leaving mine seeking the new blossoms. No one wonders, is no one there No one will come on my life Lonely the days Lonely the times Lonely am I On my ways my lost soul wanders Alone in the life
My Life
My life sometimes in life you have nothing go your way and then a angel walks into your life and changes everything you feel alive at the moment you open your eyes in the morn you have some thing to look forward to again a passion from inside I have not known before I begin to have feelings for you ,,,days wondering when I will met this very special person the one who holds your heart in his hands so if you are reading this i know you know who i am talking about Just wanted you to know that no matter of our past we have a connection and i really glad you are in my life and the day i look at your face will be the beginning of a friendship or whatever the spirit has decided we would be to each other i know right now you have given me so much joy and a reason to keep looking to that special man may he be you..then we will know in time so we will walk together till or paths take us in a different direction...the feeling i have inside is wonderful thanks
My Life
so i just moved here. and i dont know anyone yet. so i'm kinda bummed. i had a ton of friends back where i was from. but now i'm a loser :(. i am working my MAD social skills at school though. USI i never even heard of it untill i came here. wish they had like a major sports team. but oh well, it's cool i guess..
My Life In Ur Hands
Advanced Big 45 Personality Test Results Gregariousness ||||||||||||||| 42% Sociability |||||||||||| 34% Assertiveness |||||||||||| 34% Poise ||||||||||||||| 42% Leadership ||||||||| 26% Provocativeness ||||||||||||||| 50% Self-Disclosure ||||||||| 30% Talkativeness |||||| 18% Group Attachment |||||||||||| 34% Extroversion |||||||||||| 34% Understanding ||||||||||||||||||||| 70% Warmth ||||||||||||||||||||| 66% Morality |||||||||||||||||| 58% Pleasantness ||||||||||||||||||||| 62% Empathy |||||||||||||||||| 54% Cooperation |||||||||||||||||| 58% Sympathy ||||||||||||||||||||| 62% Tenderness |||||||||||| 34% Nurturance ||||||||||||||||||||| 70% Accommodation |||||||||||||||||| 59% Conscientiousness |||||||||||| 34% Efficiency |||||||||||| 38% Dutifulness ||||||||||||||| 46% Purposefulness ||||||||||||||| 42% Organization ||||||||||||||| 50% Cautiousness ||||||||||||||| 46% Rationality ||||||||| 30% Perfectionism |||||||||||||||
My Life
Well,as many of you know, I'm in the midst of a divorce. It's been a long time coming and I finally asked him to leave. I am sorry for the pain that I've caused him, yet content with my decision. Perhaps some understand as others will belittle. Either way, I will go on. I miss my step children more than I can express and I try to keep it in for the sake of everyone around me. Alot of people don't agree with the decisions I'm making in my life right now, but it's my life to live. I'm not harming my children nor am I doing anything illegal so others will learn to cope. As i always say, if you aren't feeding me, fucking me, or paying my bills, don't try telling me what to do. Offer an opinion any time, then back off and let me do what I will with it. If I fall on my ass, it's for me to pick myself up again and keep going. Real friends will be there regardless, possibly laughing as I hit my ass, but there with a hand up tellling me to try yeah ya'll know who you are... by th
My Life
I'm dieing. This is one addiction from which I cannot run. It's eating me alive. My soul and my heart struggle to survive. Suddenly my world is closing in around me. The words and thought choke me and grow like a weed. I can't struggle with this anymore. I don't know what I'm living for. I know it's so wrong, But I can't seem to stay strong. I know I can't hold on for long. It's so so wrong. Why? Why did I do this to myself? I want to change everything right now! I know it will be forever now. I've waited to long. Can I start over? Can these things be erased? My dreams are no longer a safe haven. My mind is a deadly maze I wander in. No one knows me here. Not one can see my bloody tears. I'm tired of sleeping. I'm tired of always weeping. All the images into my head are seeping. Say it's all a nightmare. Tell me I'll wake up soon. All I do is stare, Stare into the emptiness. Take my life away from me, Give me another back. Somehow I got off track. The w
My Life
The court date, looming ahead like the shadowy gallows of yester-year. Head hanging low...eyes unable to focus on anything except the ground. My face becoming so hot....the tears swelling in my eyes as the first uncontrolable tears stain "twin" lines of black eye liner down my cheeks. Emotions flooding my head, heart, and soul. Are you there God? It's me Hancel...Taking everything in me to just breathe...10 months, 15 days, 6 hours, 14 minutes, 21, only a matter of days before finding out where the cards will fall. Will they? Won't they? Life altering decisions left in the hands of a third party that can change the course of my universe in the blink of an eye. To have money or not to have money....that is the desiding the expense of my heart Wolfgang and my soul Glenn. So...whether you believe in God and miracles or not I beg of you good people out there please send up a positive thought or two that my boys will be returned to me in 8 days, 6 hours, and
My Life
I am at a point in my life where I just don't know which end is up anymore. I question everything now, don't know whom I can trust or even what I can trust. I have everything changing in my life. I have been going through a divorce, had a job promotion and have been having to find a place for my two sons and I to live all at once. It has made me a basketcase for divorce has taught me alot, I am alot stronger in some areas than I ever thought, but in other areas, such as matters of the heart I am scared out of my mind. Every time I decide to go with my heart, I find that I can't trust my hurts. The ones that I thought I could trust, believe, count on....the ones I thought would be there no matter what...aren't and that just rips my heart out. It hurts
My Limit Is Up 4 Today!!!
My kitty needs Comments and Rates....any help will be Greatly Appreciated!! RedKandy: and PeeJay:
My Life Thus Far
This the last place that I have for actual blogging. Myspace is one cause mom is on there and so is face book cause the same reason and well shes not on fubar... but I don't want to blog on fubar, it keeps changing its name though with how I've been lately it wouldn't be a bad idea. I've been trying to change things, my hair, my style, my body, not it harmful ways. The world just changes so much that its hard to keep up, I want to keep myself interesting, and the only way to do that is to have people who are interesting to hang out with or to do things yourself. its hard, with work and school and trying to have a social life, and now that I have internet again too, crazy. I have trouble keeping myself away cause of my addition. Television isn't a problem though cause they keep take the things I love away like Passions and Buffy. TV is a trader, I hardly ever watch i anymore. I think I need to just stay in bed till the boys come to visit me Friday by then I might have chilled. It just f
My Life
The life that I live is not that easy. I am what I am, I love women! Some people think that it's not right but love has no restrictions either it's there or it's not. Some call it nasty cause it just looks wrong but how can you judge me if you never tooted the horn? I walk like you walk talk like you talk and breathe the same air you breathe. The only difference between me and you is that I am open and I keep it real all while you are afraid to play the field. You don't have to like it and you don't have to try it but please, please stop judging those that like it cause being me aint easy!!!!
My Life
Lately my life seems to be one huge mess. First I get bronchitis and a viral infection. Now I have fractures in my left foot and can not walk on my foot. It just seems to be one thing after another lately. I found out two of my friends that were engaged are no longer together yesterday. I did not know that they were in an open relationship for the last few months. I posted two different Mumms about open relationships today and people kept leaving me rude comments. I asked two seperate questions and they said I repeated myself. The first one I asked if people were for or against open relationships. The second one I asked what they would do if their man/woman wanted to be in one. I am not stupid like everyone seems to think. I was promoted to Family Manager for the Fu-Bombers last night. I hope that I do a good job and help Peggy and the rest of the officers with the running of the family. If you are not a member of the Fu-Bombers family, please check us out. We are alway
My Little World!
Well I live in my own little world for the most part. I have my friends and family around on a regular basis! I enjoy having fun with them all. I have some friends that I enjoy more than others and we tend to find trouble when together. My kids are old enough to tend to themselves whe I decide to go out. That is something that I have sacrificed for having fun. I have basically been single for 9 yrs now! Time for me to let my hair doen some!
My Life So Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First my husband decides this weekend to walk away from our marriage though he says he wants to work it out. Then the man I care about and who says he loves me and because he is telling me to try to work things out with my husband and that proves he loves me tore my heart out. I give up. except for djing I won't be around much because I will be too tempted to go on his page. After Debbie gets back I will be pretty much incomunicado. Those who have my number may call. Until I get my life straightened up I will be away from Fubar. Tony i'm sorry I will be pretty much wasting my VIP but I just can't be on here.
My Life
Well where do i start i have brown eyes brown hair 3 kids there names r nicholas, brianna,& alishia they are my world and also a great boyfriend matt.I live in wappingers falls i'm a stay home mom for now i'm going for my ged for the fact of my kids i dropped out of school because i thought i knew everything but look at me now going for my ged have three kids and no pot to piss in well that's not true.I just lost my stepfather in feb in a tractor trailer accident so that was hard in my life he was a very good man he was like own dad he did more for me then my real father but i love them both it's going to be very hard for the holidays because it will be the first year with him not here.I have a fucked up family well not the whole family just a couple people i have came to the point i don't say anything in front of them because i can't trust them all these people do is talk shit on the phone but will not come to my face and talk shit but it's all good all they r is little girls so tha
My Life Story.....
ok so here it goes, to save time we will do the condensed and slightly dark version....I was born in goshen among the amish to a couple of pothead alcoholics...moved to plymouth and lived in the middle of the sticks while attending a christian private school until my mother pulled me out of there because it was ran by a bunch of sexist morons....then we became broke moved to a trailer park and I started public schools and was introduced at age six to lots of swearing and heavy metal and a magazine called hustler....through out these years my parents fought, threw heavy glass objects at each other and I got really good at forward to 1989 and I finally get to move into a house with my parents and start dating...since I am poor and kinda a dork I got the ugly chics with no personality and this weighed heavy on me for a number of years....then uh-oh parents are broke again because they spend too much money on alcohol instead of paying the rent and we move to a one bedroom
My Life ...
For those who don't know that much about it goes...The first thing I usually tell someone about myself is my children because they are my world! My oldest son, Robert, is 12 and will be 13 yrs old in Feb...He is a very bright little boys- gifted and talented art in school, learning drums- he has a good heart...Joseph is 11 yrs old and alot like ME..he is shy, keeps to himself alot by choice- struggles in school because of attention issues..has a HEART OF GOLD...he is the type of child that will give you the last piece of food he has even if he was starving..he's an angel! He was born a few weeks early with the cord wrapped around his neck twice, he was purple in color and wasn't breathing well...I thank GOD he was born early or he wouldn't be here right now...Matthew Dylan is 10 yrs old and lives up to his name~! He is a hell on wheels type of boy..he faces any challenge head on! He does pretty good in school but would rather be out in the mud playing- a typical boy eh? He is
My Life Is Sucking Right Now
hello everyone....tommorrow (7/17/07) andi am having surgery to have scar tissue removed from my uterus. its and in and out thing but i am indeed nervous since its my first surgery so pray for me will ya? and this week has been hell, i was thrown out of my house so where i am staying is a day to day thing. so its makin things pretty hard for me. i dunno what i would do if i didnt have my friends since my family has turned their backs on me. EasyE02476 is my best friend of all...he has been there for me in ever way he can even though he lives 1000 miles away so everyone be sure to show him love...he is an awesome person. anyway i just wanted to get some of my thoughts out..ty for listenin...bye 4 now..muah!
My Little Girl
A single tear, that love bears no boundaries. A simple touch, to wrap my arms around you. Within your smiles my heart embraces, Within your laughter my heart caresses your joy. In every story you have to tell me, In everything you do in play, In everything you dream to see, I love you more for this each day. In every way you want for the spotlight, In everything that you must bear, With every day you learn wrong from right, I look inside myself - I see a child who was once there. Let me dry the tears that hold you in sadness, Let me hold you in your joy, Let me show you all I know in lovliness, I shall love you forever. My little girl, Unconditional love for you forever, My little girl.
My Life
My name is Kevin. I was homeschooled from the age of 6 or 7, but since the past 4 or 5 years I haven't been able to do the school work because of the trouble with losing our apartment in Blackwood, NJ. And almost everything we had was in a storage facility. My 55 year old Mother ran her own company at home as a web-tech consultant for global business etiquette book authors, and after a market slump with some of her largest clients, she lost her business. My Mom was a Navy wife for 22 years and because she is divorced, and collects a portion of my Dad's pension, she cannot collect welfare or go to a women's shelter or any other government aide. We were living in the only motel in Glassboro, NJ, as far as we know, and it's not the greatest place; But it was a roof over our head with free heat, electricity, and HBO. We've lived with family and friends these past years, but when you're living in someone's house for a couple months and even a year, tensions rise. They begin
My Life
I was in a relationship for about 16 yrs, until a few months ago, We decided to separate for a time, to gather our thoughts n emotions....So now I'm an outsider looking in and not seeing the Real him anymore,or what he could be if applied.... It's true when they that actions speak louder than words..... At first he called alot just about everyday to tell me how he was doing and say those three little words,before he hung up.... Now, he never seems to call unless something is needed or wanted..... don't hear those words any more.... I feel so many different emotions,as i'm sure he does as well.... I was taught that's there good, in all of us!!! I still believe that, even in him !!!yeah we all go thru bad times,we get desperate, do things we wouldnt normally do in the right frame of mind!!! Believe me I did... I should have just talked to him instead and maybe would have avoided all of this now, I know we are both to blame now,I'm not pointing fingers cause I know where those
My Life Is A Wreck
my life is a wreck right now im at a point in my life where im about to give up when i was 5 i was molested by my babysitter the bitch took my innocent away i have nightmares everynight and i do something embarrassing at bedtime to protect myself (if you must know what ill tell you in sb) i have been shy ever since i cant make ends meet i find the wrong friends i always do for everyone else before my self and i get walked on i cant find the right girl cause i get scared to talk to the ladies and my teeth rotted out cause i was so stupid (bad teeth runs in family) i would understand if you dont want to be my friend after reading this :(
My Life
Ever just feel like the world is on your shoulders? I do . My life is so damn crazy right now and I am lost in my own head and cant find a way out. I feel obligated to stay because of our baby . She dont deserve to not have her mommy and daddy. But is it fair to put myself thru this because I dont want her to be a product of a broken home/?
My Life Today
I have nothing left in me it seems; All that's real has faded to dreams. The happiness lies deep beneath; I am in the grip of despair's sharp teeth. Feelings evade me - I have nothing to love; I've nothing to hope for nor to dream of. Avoidance of cowardice is what's keeping me here; At this point, no, it's not death that I fear. I would give anything to surface from this; Flailing endlessly in depression's abyss. I implore help from above with my every breath; And wonder if freedom comes only with death... HELP?
My Little Ones
Hush my little ones don't you cry or shade a single trey because mommy is here for you all. I am here to protect and to keep you all from any harm that comes your way. Now please don't cry any more than have too, let me take your pain away from you all. So now please wipe your treys out of your eyes and think of happy thought of you ae and of all our family that cares for you all. Thank of all of the memories that we all share togather. Just close your eyes and picture me holding you in my arms as tietly as I can. So my preshion little ones do not be affaid of coming to me and telling me anything that is troubling you all. Because I am here for you all when you need me just come to me and ask me anything you want to. Writen By: Melissa Joy Fransiscoe
My Life
Simple and annoying but mine all the same There is no one else in the world Who can have the same life. Because there is only one me People can try to imitate me But they will never be me My style or my words Try as they might They canít copy me They cant take what is mine My essence, my being, my soul, or my heart This is all mine and they cant change that If they try they shall fail Because I am an individual Not a carbon copy of what people perceive A teen to be I an not what most people would consider A normal teen I am unique and untamed But even if I was normal I would Still be who I am And would have still done the same things No matter how stupid or smart you think I am I have what I need to get by I have faith in myself and in those around me.
My Life In Simple Words
I am 36 never been married, and I live on the road most of my life not known where I am gona get my next meal ect... And I have been in and out of foster care homes till I 16 then went and stayed with my aunt and that is when I found out that I was just a wasted sperm from some trick that my mother had in her younger years.... And alos when I was in the foster homes I was beaten to a bloodly pulp with a leather strip with holes in it and locked up in a small room and feed only bread&water at dinner time... P.S I hope this little infomation about me will give you all more of a understanding about my life style ect... PLEACE GIVE COMMENTS ON THIS!!!!
My Lips Contest, Plzzzz Help? Plzzzzz
Would you come help me out in my contest? I always try to return the love. If you dont have time for comment bombing, i understand. BUT, would you rate the pic for me before you go? Thank you, Mandy scsweetie DSC & WTC member
My Lil Angel Needs Prayers
my lil angel -boogie im not askin for much just a prayer for my very ill child, incase u havent read my last blog she has pneumonia,urinary tract infection and e.coli and i am a nervous wreck im in and out but i wanna thank all u who have been here and suported me when i needed it thank u all and much love
My Life Right Now!
well then, other them being high on life because of a new found love... working myself to death it seems or letting them work me to death, everything has pretty much gone in a downward spiral for the last 5 yrs and until recently i didn't think i would be even wanting to try to have a relationship........i mean why should i? liars, cheaters, abusers.............HUMMMMMMMM work sucks, i mean other then loving my job.....but it has its moments...... i am in love with someone that is across the country and am wanting to move soon to be close to him.....just in case your reading might want to realize just how serious i i do love you baby.....not gonna stop now...... will post again when i am not at
My Life
Well this is a treat. My life as told by me. I will start by saying my life is as real as it gets there is no fairytale to it. My life is the way it is because i choose it and if it sounds like a fairytale than it's because your life is so boring you have to try and analyze mine. For those who think they know me and my life i wish you the best of luck in your failure in life as anyone who thinks they know anything. To the very select few that have the privliage of kowing everything about me Iam sorry you have to see this. My life is a story of triumph and failure, I do not live in a fairytale or anything of the like, I believe that whatever I can see i can make happen. For those that have no vision or ambition in their life iam sorry dont blame or take it out on me. Yes i came from a broken family when i was born my father and mother didnt want me so therefore i was left with the people that adopted my real father. From the time i was 2 to 5 i was molested by my older brother and over
My Little Girl
My Little Girl My daughter Jazzmen who's 4 She is now 10 You came into my life one evening, So little, so beautiful, so full of soul, God gave you to me for keeps, you're a joy I couldn't ask for a more perfect, Loving, caring, little girl. You give out your love to me with no limits, I have no doubts you'll go far, Because you're so smart at a young age, But no matter what, You are my little girl..
My Lil Brother Darrel
My Lil Girl
The string is broken you left my home I hope your not down and all alone Your brains your beauty, you will be fine I guess I never really could call you mine The pain in my heart is like jagged glass The happy days, have come to pass I guess I wasnt all what was expected of me Cause in your eyes its dissappointment I see No matter what you think today, My love for you is here to stay the day has come that Ive dreaded for years I tell you I love you through heartbroken tears Oh lil blue eyed angel, spread your wings and fly Just remember that you can reach the sky
My Lil Girl
she just turned 1 and she is starting to walk on her own i am so proud of her she is my lil angel
My Life Story
I used to think that I was living big Bet my money on almost anything Time and time, I got caught struggling Oh, I had plans, I had dreams And I had an open bar policy Spending time tryin' to numb the pain Lost my family just to gain a friend Oh, strange faces I didn't need I'm on a highway Ain't going no place Ain't got nowhere to run I think this deal is done Traveling goin' nowhere fast My folks used to tell me Boy stop and think Don't waste your whole life Doing selfish things Hurting your loved ones Just to get yourself a stir There comes a time when You gotta let it be I thank the Lord He had his hands on me Not really thinking I had sunken deep I looked all around And I was standing all alone I had dug my myself a hole I'm on a highway Ain't going no place Ain't got nowhere to run I think this deal is done Traveling goin' nowhere fast And I looked around And I was standing all alone I had dug my myself a hole I'm on a highway
My Life
I am having the best year of my life. I am finally about to marry the one man who can make me truly happy. For once in my life i feel complete. The wedding is ten months away in counting. I am writing just purely out of bordem right now though. My fiancee is cooking dinner. I am as always his princess so i am getting the royal treatment of a break from my life for just long enough to chat. Yeah go me lol I am amidst picking invitations so that i will know what i want when his mom gets here in december. she is the greatest mother-in-law a girl could ask for. I think I love her almost as much if not more than him. just kidding he is my heart. Well I had better bounce later peeps.
My Likes
I like them tall and dark and strickly MALE!!!
My Lil Ladies Man....
I picked my son up from his after school program today... this is the second day that he's went... He is 8 years old for all of you who don't know...and is as handsome as ever...(check the pictures)! So he's very shy and isn't a "tough" boy....but this kid was surrounded by girls.... they were everywhere! Screaming his name....huggin on him... I am in so much trouble when he gets older.....anyone have advice...
My Life
hey ppl tonight is the night im going to take the cam out and see what the night life is all about i hope i dont get punched in the face for it but it shall be fun wish me luck
My Life Its Real
My Life
Well for some people it may be a choice they make at some point or time in there life, but for those selected few it just comes down to genetics,it's actually in the blood line and that means for those; there is no choice but to follow there natural born instinct. For me that means;from my earliest child hood memory, hauling scrape metal has always been a main part of my life. It's who i am,it's what makes me tick,it is my inner clock,it is the fabric of what makes me who i am today. Thank You All
My Life
i am here for friends.i am a mom to a beutiful one year old girl who keeps me on my feet and busy i enjoy talking to people and making them laugh i hope you all can make my life continue to be happy and filled with joy well i dont know what else to say except thank you and hope to talk to you when i can.
My Life
Hey there all you people who take the time to read my blog, I LOVE YA! OK my blog is called cuz thats wahat I am Im told. I run hot or cold, never warm.I guess thats true. Im not real trusting of men I guess, thats why i usally quit first in a relationship. I can handle being left. To quote Marilyn Monroe" A wise girl kisses but doesnt love, she listens but doesnt believe ans she leaves before she is left." I guess thats the way it is for me. Ive got no problem finding men who want to be with me, I have a problem finding a man I want to be with. A few months ago I was dating this guy Mitch, Im recently out of a marriage, I KNEW he was gonna ask me out, Ive had a crush on him for YEARS and I found out he liked me a long time as well. He was gorgeous, funny, nice, smart, had a good job, loved his kids, was SINGLE (step up for me) and he thought I was hot, and funny and sweet. Within 3 weeks I fell for this guy. I dont fall for anyone that fast. However I got mad cuz he dont have a job
"my Little Chicken"
ADAM SANDLER LYRICS When I'm feeling down And feeling sad You come around And make me glad I got you Oh, my little chicken I love your feet I love your breasts I love the way you eat gravel To help you digest Oh, my little chicken People say you're using me In your heart you're a killer But I know the worst I should fear is A slight case of salmonella So lie right back Don't you cry If an egg can fit in there Why can't I.....mmmmmmm Oh my little Bawk, Bawk, Bawk, Bawk Bawk, Bawk, Bawk, Bawk Bawk, Bawk, Bawk, Bawking Bawk, Bawk, Bawk, Bawking Bawk You're my love My little chicken likes To wear garter belts
My Link
babygirl@ fubar
My Living Will
Last night, my wife and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." She got up, unplugged the TV, and threw out my beer. She's such a bitch ...
My Little Angels
My little angels so small so precious, why all the tears. Your little hearts have been broken, and you dont understand why. My little angels why all the frowns your life has been turned upside down and you cant figure it out. My little angels mommy's here dry those tears, know that you are loved and cared for. My little angels dont be afraid, God is watching over you. My little angels life is tough, but it will get better. My little angels I know you are sad I know you are hurting, but know you are not alone. Mommy's here and mommy loves you. My little angels the tears will stop falling and you will be able to smile again. My little angels you are my life my dreams my future, everything i have ever wanted you have given to me my angels my little angels. Mommy loves you so much. My little angels.
My Life In 61 Questions
My current life in 61 questions; 1. What was the highlight of your day? coming home 2. Who's car were you in last? mine 3. When is the next time you are going to kiss somebody? idk 4. What color shirt are you wearing? green 5. How long is your hair? long 6. Last movie you watched? transformers? 7. Last thing you ate? cheetos 8. Last thing you drank? water 9. Where did you sleep last night? the bed 11. What did you say last? nothing 12. Where is your phone? on the desk 13. What is the best part of your life? my kids 14. What color are your eyes? brown 16. When was the last time you had your heart broken? private 17. Who/what do you hate/dislike currently? nothing 18. What are you listening to? chevelle 19. If you could have one thing right now what would it be my boyfriend 20. What is your favorite flower? orchids 21. Who makes you happiest right now? idk 22. What were you doing at midnight last night? toss
My Life As Of Now
As much as I hurt and have been hurt I am still here. With all the shit and drama I have been through I am still here. I have been through a lot but at least I am still here to face everyday. I can't truly complain about my life cuz at least I have a roof over my head, food, and water. Most can't say that. Everyone takes this shit for granted but at least I know what I have and can be happy about it. Yes I do bitch about a lot and complain about shit but we all do. When you have a problem infront of you go at it head on. Everyone knows what they want in life just some are scared to admit it or tell people in fear of hurting them or whatever. Well, fuck it who cares who you have hurt in this life as long as you do what makes you happy. All anyone needs to be in honest, truthful and self relient. Without yourself you are nothing to anyone only you can save yourself no one else can. Hey if you need help with something don't be afraid to ask if someone pisses you off either get over it or
My Life In A Nutshell
WELL ITS THAT INFAMOUS TIME FOR AN UPDATE hello all it me lot has happened over the course of a year... I have cleaned up my act alot.....I quit drinking for most part yes i said it quit drinking I thought I was having a new addition to Family well that didnt happen(TAKE IT FOR WHAT ITS WORTH) Also met alot of new friends in the wierdest of places ALSO FOUND SOME FRIENDS ARENT REALLY THERE WHEN YOU NEED THEM found some old friends met some new thanks for that to help me keep me SANE almost went to JAIL ( if you dont know better recognize) Also found out just cuz people say shit to your face doesnt mean its always true. found that out the hard way and in long run if you really think I care or you need to lie and decieve then good so be it, I know where I stand with you and you will eventually know where you stand with me who really wins. I have learned I FUCK up just like any other human but also know where my mistakes are and try to make ammends and fix them and have and t
My Life
My life as a child was swell. As i grew up it wasn't all that swell. My life turned into a living HELL. Then I met you, and my life to being swell again. Without you MY DEAR/FRIENDS my life might as well be HELL. My life right now is turned upside down because its not so swell. This is my life when it was well and gone to HELL. My life will some day again be swell, but for now its HELL. This is my life as well as it is with it being HELL. written Aug. 29 2005
My Life With Fibromyalgia
Some people ask why I am lazy. Some ask why I don't work to help support my family. So I going to try and explain it. I am not here for pity or anything like that I am just trying to explain to everyone at once I was in a car accident in 2003. It broke my foot and crused the joint. That injury alone as made it impossible to stand for any length of time and squatting is out of the question. So that alone limits what I can do. As for the fibromyalgia, I either got this as a result from the accident or because of my mom also having it or a combination thereof. Here is a description of what fibromyalgia is.. What are the Symptoms? FM is characterized by the presence of multiple tender points and a constellation of symptoms. Pain The pain of FM is profound, widespread and chronic. It knows no boundaries, migrating to all parts of the body and varying in intensity. FM pain has been described as stabbing and shooting pain and deep muscular aching, throbbing, and twitching.
My Linguistic Profile
Your Linguistic Profile: 50% Yankee 30% General American English 10% Dixie 5% Upper Midwestern 0% Midwestern What Kind of American English Do You Speak?
My Little Man
Folding laundry a bit ago, I hear him. He's crying and beating on the back door. It's my little man, and that's his way of saying "Mom, I know you're in there, let me in now. I'm cold and I don't want to be out here anymore". He's mad. He's only been out a few hours though, and I'm still not done cleaning. He doesn't like to spend so much time outside, so I had to push him out the door and close it real quick before he got in. He's muddy from playing with Phantom and doesn't like to bathe, so I don't make him. Sometimes he'll go a few weeks without a bath, until I'm sick of the smell and have to hold him down and wash him, so outside is better. He'll be glad when Nick gets home. Nick thinks I'm mean for locking him out so much. As soon as Nick gets home, he runs to him to be cuddled. He'd sit next to Nick and be lazy until bedtime every day if I'd let him. He doesn't like me as much anymore, now that he's got Nick. The little traitor. I might let him back inside in about
My Life Now....
Poem Videos | Nashville Real Estate | Vail vacation rentals hey all! hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgivings i did...i just got a new kittie and her name is bella (got her from my sis in law) and she is very fistey lol, this song btw is really good i think, listen to it all the time then just remembered it tonight lmao, life is going good so far, now to get my love life in tact lmao!!!! well hope everyone has a good night and have fun
My Life! (full Of Honesty)
i woke up one day 18 years old full of pain and hate not knowing there was a god above! either knowing i had a heart and soul! feeling the need to bleed the sin out of my vains! i woke up 21 years old full of life and love never will i be that man again that boy i killed was the little bastard in me! now i am honest and loving and carring i love all and i mean that! i finally became one with my heart and soul! only now i feel alone and o long for a women with true beauty in-side and out! a women who's not cold nor heartless! a women who only has eyes for me and one who i can have a conversation about anything! i want a women who's just like me! i'm a smoker and a drinker. i'm a heart and a soul. i'm honest and kind. i'm mpore then a name if you TELL YOU WILL YOU REMEMBER ME? at a bar i see you dancing all alone i move close to you and move with you then i feel a draft and you scream OH SHIT I DANKED SO MUCH I FOR GOT TO PULL UP MY PANTS AFTER COMMING OUT OF THE BATHROOM!
My Living Will
My Living Will Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." So she got up, unplugged the TV, and threw out my wine. She's such a bitch.....
My Life's Song
SUGARLAND LYRICS "Settlin'" Fifteen minutes left to throw me together For mister right now, not mister forever Don't know why I even try when I know how it ends Looking like another "maybe we could be friends" I've been leaving it up to fate It's my life so it's mine to make I ain't settling for just getting by I've had enough so so for the rest of my life Tired of shooting too low, so raise the bar high Just enough ain't enough this time I ain't settling for anything less than everything, yeah With some good red wine and my brand new shoes Gonna dance a blue streak around my living room Take a chance on love and try how it feels With my heart wide open now you know I will Find what it means to be the girl Who changed her mind and changed her world I ain't settling for just getting by I've had enough so so for the rest of my life Tired of shooting too low, so raise the bar high Just enough ain't enough this time I ain't settling for anything less than e
My Life Sucks!
Well, I really fucked up now. I lost my job because of my depression. I was too depressed to even call in two days in a row and now I don't have a job. Yeah, I know...MY FAULT! Now I lost my job, my girlfriend left me, my life just sucks!
My Life
My Life Lately...
Sorry I haven't been online lately anymore.... with me working at night and sleeping during the day, it's kind of hard. Plus for a few months there I was working a second job site on the weekends. Nice paychecks but it just sucks because I don't have time to talk to anyone I used to anymore. Plus I've been ignoring my house lately, so I've been trying to do some cleaning as well as getting ready for the holidays. For all of you who I did talk to and know a bit about my personal life, things are great. I couldn't ask for anything different in my life right now except to have a few more hours tacked onto everyday. But I do check my email on a daily basis. And I love to email people so if you want to, email me. I'd love to keep in touch. Well much love to all and keep in touch. Ciao! Lillyth
My Life
Well my life is full of love and family but aside of that I have a very ill son to take care of. The only reason I came back on fubar was to talk to my best friend Al who I lost contact with a while back. Sure I love new friends but people please respect the fact that I am not here for a date. I live in the real world and in the real world I have a wonderful man I don't need anyone else nor do I want anyone else in my life. I dont trust too many people anymore because I have been lied to over and over hence my decision to be on my own. I don't need a relationship but the one I have right now is great. I don't like people who use love as an excuse to get them by each day. I am busy taking care of my children and no time for drama
My Life
to much emptyness all around me all inside of me how do you drown in emptyness? fuck i hate feeling like this she took away the one thing that used to make things better(my anger)but it didnt make things better just made me not give a fuck now i give a fuck and it hurts hurts like no pain ive ever felt and ive felt alot of pain in my life but nothing compares to this. i hated life for 27 years then i loved life for 5 years and now the reason i loved life is dead i shouldve done more to make her better and ill never forgive myself for my part but theres alot of shit ill never forgive myself for ive hurt too many women listen to my song its true i will hurt you eventually no matter how much i love you i always seem to hurt people life is hard i lost my gf of 5 years her beautiful daughter leah who i watched grow from a 10 year old child to a beautiful young lady i lost my second mom i lost my life i made her and her family my life for the past 5 years and no i come back to my friends and
My Life These Days
so i got a new bf we been going out for almost 2 months. but talking for about 1 year and a half. yeah i can pretty much say he makes me happy and actually cares about me and treats me better than any guy has ever treated me and not like a piece of shit. Me and my ex are okay he wants me back but that aint gonna happen he treated me like shit so i dont think so not gonna go through that again. and work is okay just this chick that tried to get with my ex when me and him were together was starting drama and she works at my job. so the bitch goes and has some girl come up to the girl she thought was me and goes " ur gonna get ur ass beat after work" and shes like "why" and the girl was like "cuz u stole my friends bf" and my friend goes "im married and pregnant" ...but yeah long story short..the girl shouldnt have came up to my friend because she didnt even know the fucking truth i mean HOW DUMB. the bitch tried to get with my ex the whole time i was with him.. i mean wtf..and now that m
My Little Girls Bday
well my daughter is fixing to turn 5 this coming monday. im throwing her a party on sunday afternoon. it well be good for her. we are hoping that one of her friends from school gets to come that would be great if she could. but i havent talked to her mother so i dont know if she will though. so just to let all yall know i wont be on till that evening sometime.
My Life'marryed With Childeren
my name is denise,im 46,5"1,140lb brown hair hazel eyes.i am happly married for 15 years.i have 6 kids and 3 grandkids and 2 more one the way.i have 17 tatoos and 5 body pericens.2 dogs,6 birds.i love to spend time with my hubby and kids and grandkids.i like gardening,cleaning,being with my friend and partying,to much some times.i don't drink just like to smoke a fat one.i love animals.i like to go for walks.hate tv,but love music.and would like to meet some new not as boreing as i seam just get to know me u will see.
My Life So Far...
My life is insanity. I'm a nomad, I don't know how to stay in one place too long. I went to 8 different schools in 9 years, and then left to be homeschooled so I could work professionally. I've lived in at least 6 different states. I've lived in about 25 different houses. All this before 22 years old. However, at the moment, I've stablized. Or come as close to stability as I get. I'm doing my second consecutive show at the same theater. I'm living somewhere I know how to get around. And after this, I'll be leaving immediately for WI, where I'll lose all that. However, I'll have like, 7 months to figure it out. Now, you may think 'Poor girl, that doesn't sound like any way to live'. You'd be wrong. It's what I want. It's all that I know. It's what I crave. I always have to be on the go. But for now, I'll try and remain content with waking up in the same house every day and buying my coffee at the same Dunkin's.
My Life
I was born on the 4th of September 1975 and was born with jet black hair and was a beauty baby with a devilish smile or so I have been told I was walking by 8 months and by 8 and half 9 months I was starting to talk first word I ever said that came out of my moth was shit and from that moment on the first 5 years of my life would be filled with fun not that I can remember just what I was told by my folks and other family members when I was 2 years old I was feeling adventurous and I got out of the house and saw a milk cart so I decided to get in it and see what happened when I started it I drove it right up a curb almost hitting a lamp post the milk man went grey over night arenít I a sweetie when I was 2 almost 3 I locked myself in my uncles flat and my mum and uncle had to call the fire service to come get me out he had only just moved in again arenít I sweet at 3 I got my first bike and I rode it with out training wheels god im good then
My Links
Here are some other places you can find me online if im not on fubar...
My Life In General
so do you ever get in those moods where the littelist things bother you like nothing you do is ever good enough your love for someone just wont do or you like someone and they just dont seem interested yeah well it happens and im sorry nothin you can do about it so im finally single again after 8 1/2 months and honestly ive nver been happier with myself im out of a relationship where i was unhappy untrusted and used constantly bitched at and yet this great burden has been lifted from my shoulders im finally able to get my life back to the way things were how they used to be but yet somehow i dont miss any of them old habits and feelings resurface but is that really what i want to i want to be the me i used to be im a total sweetheart love to cuddle and kiss romantic spontaneous to a certain extent im a total goofball and a natural flirt im an excellent lover i dont cheat and try my best not to lie im a simple man and doing little things for someone makes me happy y
My List Of
Things to do when I turn 40 which is in like 5 months and 9 days.This list will probably have more to add in time but until then here's somethings I'm going to do.... Get a tatoo-been debating it but now I want to Get a band started-working on it right now Get a lapdance-why not? Kiss somebody else other than who I'm with-taking applications!!!! Get a new freakin job-if you read my last blog you'll understand why! so far that's it..I don't belive in resolutions so don't ask what's my new yr's resolution is. Got any suggestions to add to my list feel free i just might do it if I like it...thanks!
My Little Boy ..
She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon came out of the operating room. She said: "How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?" The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it." Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer? Doesn't God care any more? Where were you, God, when my son needed you?" The surgeon asked, "Would you like some time alone with your son? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university." Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good-bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. "Would you like a lock of his hair?" the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, "It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the Universi
My Life
MY LIFE. By me I look into mirror I see myself, but as I was before The days where I had hopes and Dreams Know I see sadness, pain, death in my face And the wasted time I have spent here I broke my life apart, I lost everything exept myself I have nothing to gain or lose from life I only wanted a simple life , Now i want only to live in dark, In the shadow of my Dreams watching how the world dies, Day after day It burns in pain It feels hunger for blood I take a peace of Mirror glass and look into myself I see that many years passed. I see how old I have become How much pain I have seen How much did I gane Throught this years Now I have only one purpose, to live And there is nothing to change..... MRRCP2007
My Life In General.
Well i dont talk to alot of people anymore. My life is going to hell on me and i am also thinking about leaving fubar. I am tired of the drama bs that goes on. Sometimes I feel like I am in high school all over again. I mean come on. I am becoming sick and I dont know what I have. My body is not liking what I have. I just dont know what to do anymore. I am just getting this out of my system. I guess that's what blogs are for?? lol. yep. im gunna go smoke now.
My Life
This is the first blog I've ever written, don't judge lol.... Ever since I was very young I knew I didn't quite feel right in my own skin. I didn't fit in with the boys or the girls. I've always been transgendered, meaning I've identified myself with the opposite gender. People only see the physical tho. I've had alot of trouble with this and was in counseling to begin the processes of transitioning back in 1995. My brothers talked me out of it for fear of me being a target for violence. I was scared and I changed my mind and tried to be happy as a male. I'm constantly judged, treated like a piece of meat w/o any feelings weekly. Some ppl have never learned how to treat someone else the right way. Alot of ppl are fearing of the unknown with ppl like me and that's just crazy. I've met my share of men who show interest but then don't follow thru. Most recently I've been talking to a military staff sergeant for the past cpl months and he's expressed his physical interest with
My Life
Locked in my cage, I stare at the emptiness; this very emptiness possesses my soul - we are one. The months pass, as do the years, yet as time progresses, it loses all relevance. I sit here trapped in a recurring nightmare, never to awaken. I feed on my own self-pity - I never hunger. I merely exist, captive in this asylum, biding my time; my sole gratification, inebriated isolation. The door to my cage is ajar, as is often the case, yet it's pointless to leave; each journey leads me back to this God-forsaken realm of suffering and despair. Long ago, I was free; I remember faces, smiling faces. A different me, in a different time - it was a time of fulfillment, of togetherness, of love. Then one day the fantasy ended, and I was here . . . but enough about the past; I must face my reality. Distant voices race through my head, as I stave off insanity. But this time, the voice is real. Unsure of its origin, I feel my soul is not as cold; my
My Link To Bomb/please Help
hello well here the link to the contest! If you like to help me your help is so needed Thanx alot Hippie starts:12-30-07 ends:1-13-08 Thank You All For Your Help And Support~! Hippie
My Life Story
Suddenly my mind races with thoughts and ideas, Then with a pen and a pad they magically appear. To construct the inner most parts of me, To what we know as poetry. My lifes most deepest secrets, On paper for people to read but keep it. But still you are entertained, By my lost my sruggles my joy my pain. You see my weakness my strength my flaws, My ideas of peace and conflicts with the laws. You suddenly relate to my character understand my thoughts, Understand why i slowed my pace down to a walk. Entertain by my struggles and cried during my joy, Heres the rest of my life.........Enjoy!
My Life
im wirteing this about me. why i wonder im sad little man thats hideing in a hole. my life got turned inside out and i meet this really great person but i messed it up again i have a fear of being comment to anyone in this life so i always use the excuse that i love myself more than any one. in reality i hate myself for all the bad stuff ive done in my life and most of it sad to say ive never got caught for. so i just wanted to say im lost in life now and alone in which i hope not forever but left up to me i will be alone forever.
My Little Brother Is Gone......
As some of you know my brother Brian made a really bad choice and killed himself on Dec. 26th. He found a real perminent solution to some temporary problems and hurt alot of people who knew and loved him including his 9 yr old daughter.Telling her what happened last night almost sent me over the edge and i cant even begin to describe the pain in her cries and how much they to this moment haunt my consciousness. Last night alot of our friends came to my place to support me and console me and even friends here on fubar have been helping me through what is with out a doubt the hardest fukking thing i've ever had to deal with. I cant even begin to explain how horribly damn empty i feel inside and wish so bad i could just wake up and find that this was all just a bad fukking dream. Brian was one of the most energetic and happy people ive ever known and i admired his ability to bring others around him up when times were hard. I'll never understand why he did it and no-one including me saw i
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My Life As Is Now...
My Life as is now.... Current mood: excited I just wanted everyone to know what is going on in my life right now at this very moment...I am very happy right now...I am taking time for me...Something I have not yet done...I am in Med. school studying to be a Dr....My expectations are to become a pediatrician someday....It has always been my dream but will no longer be a dream...God has helped me overcome some pretty rough spots the past couple weeks and I give Him all the Glory and Honor for getting me through...God is good!! I am now currently working at the local gym and loving it...I love working with children and fitness...God has been a real inspriation in my life ....He has picked me up and dusted me off...He is there through the good and the bad times...Well that is what is going on in my life at this moment in time...Oh and guys I am FREE and available for the taking!!! LOL....
My Lil Tink
Isn't strange how you can onto a site like this and find a really nice person. Someone with a good heart. I think that is the most wonderful thing out there. IF you have the chance she is a wonderful person. Smart, beautiful and caring. I wish that we lived closer. She makes me feel like nothing could go wrong and I barely know her. So Tink, I hope that you read this, You mean the world to me and I hope that it gets better than this cause I think that you are worth it.
My Life In Icons
My Life Is Like Hell
I sat and wonder why i deal with the life i have and wonder if its worth it i guess ill never know when it is worth all what i go through. my husband likes to drink and hit people and then he perfers to drink instead of taking care of his kids and he doesnt show none respect then the next day its all im sorry i didnt mean to i wont do it again. i don't understand why i deal with it sometimes i sit and think maybe cus i love him and then i tell my self is it worth all that just cus i love him i dont know what to do anymore
"my Life"
Well, this is what most people dont know about me. So it begins at about 10 years old when the beatings start...To answer to that i was beaten from 10 to about 17 & yea it might have done damage in certain ways to me. With that said i dont really have a family, its just me and my mom. The people who are family have treated me like shit my whole life so i dont consider that family!...To keep goin with the problems family & friends have all turned on me and not cared at all..I was forced to sleep outside in the rain or in freezin weather by my brother. And the friends that i thought were friends turn on me and end up jumpin & pistol whipping me in the head.......(15 staples). To top all of this i was accidentally set on fire in 1996 and 3rd degree burned my left leg from knee to ankle( i am walkin and ok..) The main thing is ive learned and realized who i am and what i want in life and not to do anything that ive been shown and to remain to be myself & try to make people happy. Ive alwa
My Life Is Boring Need Help
I need help on making my life non boring. All i do is go to school, come home cook clean and then go to work. And if im lucky a friend would call on a friday saying lets go to a bar. Lately everyone has been really busy and it bumms me out.
My Life's Been Touched By Many
My life's been touched by many yet changed by just a few for theres more with good intentions then there are that follow through. So many will come to share my space awhile and then depart but few are those who'll win a place forever in my heart!
My Life
Ok I'v tried to explain why I am the way I am and people just aren't getting it so here it is in baby steps. A. My mother told me I was a mistake. And later tells me I'm her special little man. So yea I'm confused. I didn't get much love form my mother groweing up so it seems like a vaegu terratory for me. I try my hadest but It doesen't seem to work. The only unconditional love I get is from my Son.....when his mother let's me see him. B. I have had my heart bashed in, broken and shattered 37 times. C. all my relationships I'v been cheatd on and lied to and in my marrage I was beaten and almost killed by theperson that claimed she loved me always and forever. And women wounder why I get depressed and defencive. It's not because I'm looking for pitty. It's hard to get over the lack of love from a mther and beeing used and pretty much treated like you don't exist in a relationship. And it seems the harder I ry in a relationship the worse I fail.
My Life
Michelle, My life began when we met online, And will not end until we part. Hearing your voice keeps me alive, Until we meet again. Mere thoughts of you lift my spirits, Drawing me into a world of love and laughter. Truly meant for each other, Not a fantasy nor distortion of reality, But a gift from above. Love means exposing yourself to another, Being vulnerable and helpless. Our love is a breath of fresh mountain air, Effortlessly giving, expanding slowly and patiently, A constant flow of passion. Our shadows blend slowly into one another, Forming a bond of pure friendship. Unselfish commitment for the purpose, Filling life with a sense of completeness. Tomorrow means so much, Because I have you today. I canít imagine my life without you. All of my love, Forever, Michael
My Life
The life I walk is hard, I live with loved ones that know nothing of the pain I carry, They keep my feet bolted to the ground, But they donít realizs that stops me from finding the true me, Iíve learned from the past that you must live as your own person, Not as a slave of another, To help the needed, And to keep those with full lives in mind is my mission so far, Although you might feel there is no one with your problems, You should know, Youíre not alone in the world
My Linc To My Profile Page..
sexy_ladybird@ fubar
My Living Will Lol
Last night my step-daughter and I were sitting in the den and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." So she got up, unplugged my computer, and threw out my beer. She can be such a bitch.
My Little Ray T
A friend who comes over my house always checks his profile on another site and I saw my first boyfriend that I had when I was 16 and decided to join to see who else was on there. Well I messaged Jay to say how happy I was to see him and his family so happy and I commented on a pic of his little brother Ray at Rays wedding. I didnt know then again I no longer lived in Meriden and to get the record journal in Hamden you would have more luck finding out who really killed JFK and why they did it. When Jay replied he told me Ray died 4 months after his wedding in Feb of 2003. Needless to say I am gutted and all I want to do is cry. The 1st time I went to Jay's house I met Ray as I already knew their older brother Al. When I was leaving to go home Ray was asleep on the couch but he woke up and before I left he ran to me hugged me and called me his sister. I loved that little 13 year old boy with everything I had. I loved and love all the Tremblay's. Ray was a smaller 13 year old and I am 5
My Life In All It's Boring Glory
Turns out I made the deans list last quarter..Completely amazed seeing as how I wasn't sure that there was even a deans list at the school.. Also it has been 8 days, almost 9 since my last cigarette, and today was the first day that I did not wake up craving one
My Life In A Nut Shell
Wow its been sometime since my last blog so my life been ok I guess my Christmas was a good one this year well I wasnít sick this year so already a lot better then last year I got some really great thing this year like my T.V( but no cable yet) I got 5 new books 3 new DVDs $50 to Wal-Mart and $30 to star bucks and one really great gift from someone and they know who they are so if you read this I loved it and I had sooo much fun too My new years was ok I had to work new years eve and day so I didnít do much but its all good I was able to talk to my friend Shawn and Mike so I was happy about that For all of you who donít know Iíve been working 2 jobs since September and its been one hell of a time for me but that about to come to an end come the 27 of this months Iím kinda sad to see dad by dad close cause Iím going to miss the 2 paychecks but then I am going to have a life once more Last week I had Jacob from Monday night till Thursday afternoon and we had soooo much fun we
My Living Will
MY LIVING WILL Last night my sister and I were sitting in the den and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all, If that ever happens, just pull the plug." So she got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine. She's such a bitch.
My Life For Four Days Of The Week.
The Corrections Officer's Creed Current mood: cold The Corrections Officer's Creed I walk through the gate of wrought iron, under arbors of razor wire. The clanging shut of all the gates, is the start of my day. Wondering some where deep in my mind if I will walk out the same way. Voices raised in anger, are the first words of my day, garbage flying down from the tiers reign upon my head. Words of hate and ridicule are their daily song. Why you here boss man? What did you do wrong? Not a blessed thing Human rights are a funny thing, guaranteed to us at birth. But as a guard within these walls, I am sorely hurt, I am spit upon, and cursed out loud. Have urine thrown upon me. All of this is by the ones, the government says should not be free. I guard the lowest of earth's scum, the guilty and the judged. Who have more rights than me. I spend my life as a free man, yet behind these walls of concrete and steel is where I am condemned to be. And all for the simple reason the inmates
My Life
ok everyone this is some bullshit ,. i am moving back to florida i really do love someone an she knows who she is . the babys mother of my child no longer has any effect on my descision making . only one person an she has been with me through everything she sat tonight an listened to me bitch an rant an go on with my persistont rage efect im kinda drunk an kinda dont give a shit about what people disagree with especially emily
My Life Sucks
my life sucks i feel in love with this one girl that i thought was the one for me but i guess i was wrong i still love her and always will love her wish i was still with her but now i gotta go on with my life but o well just remember this i'll always love you.
My Life Sucks
Hey Guys was up...well not much here i dont guess just thought id make a blog about how tired i am of my life im going through so much fucking hell between my father and brother....i get blamed for everything...nothings right to them me jody(my boyfriend) and my brother went out yesterday and all day i had to hear bullshit from my brother he acts likes im still 5 and i have to mind him and hear him bitch and my father...the same fucking way the only 2 ppl in my life that dont bitch is jody and my mother and thats cause they dont wanna fucking hear it and i know jody does cause he lives with my brother i mean the only day this week i didnt hear bitching is when me and jody went to his home town...and god that made me happy cause i didnt have to hear bitching nor nagging and today i woke up with my ankle hurtin but i have to go with my day without hurting i feel like the fucking slave around this goddamn town no one knows how hard my life is really they dont i mean goddamn im tired of p
My Life
I've been thinking about a lot of stuff that has been going on in my life in the past few weeks. Now im not going to sit here and get all into my business cause if your are good frined of mine you already know the situations at hand, but while I was up late last night this came into my mind..... I need more things in my life that I can just enjoy, so I learn how to feel nice , as much as I know how to feel bad. If I just felt my own feelings as I go along, instead of trying to invest this or that with stuff I dont feel at all, I would have to say that I would be suprised how much easier life will be. I can enjoy love while I have it, and mourn it when it's gone, instead of mourning it before it's even happened by crying when someone I don't even know that well dose not call me right away or feel the same way that I do. I should enjoy how much I like someone, and don't worry about it. Then I can be miserable when - or if - it dose not work out, but I need to make sure that I don't g
My Life "2"
My Life By me A smile plastered on my face, Inside Iím screaming, A sigh, Iím fine, Inside Iím screaming, A laugh here a laugh there, Inside Iím crying, A pat on the back you say it will be ok, Inside Iím crying, I come home to an empty house, Inside Iím dying, I lost my family and gained nothing, Inside Iím dying, I go to sleep wishing not to wake up, Inside Iím bleeding, The only thing I wish for is not here, Taken away from me, when I was young, Inside Iím bleeding, I long for the way it was, Inside Iím dead. Mrrcp 2008
My Life Not Really Wrestling
My life in the last few months has really changed for the best. I met a wonderful lady named Penny. She is the love of my life. She has a seven year old little boy who needs a man figure in his life and I plan on being that guy. We are getting married on Oct 18, 2008. Not really sure where it will be held out right now, but that will be decided alittle closer to time. I will be moving to St. Louis in a few months and really looking forward to that and getting to be with Penny and her little boy. Yes I will miss my wrestling and my family here in Georgia. We are going to try our best to be back down here atleast once a month. Penny is so amazing I never knew anyone so GREAT. Now on to some other things that have been bothering me here lately. First of all I had a (well what I thought was an online friend) and spent all kinds of time making pics for this certain person. We talked all the time on the phone and online hell alot of times doing both at the same time. Well after I los
My Life
i fucked up hardcore now i wonder if i should even live anymore
My Life
My Lifetime Whisdom
So many people, who write books, seem to have some great secret wisdom to share, but all I seem to have is that wisdom I have found through those same books, in music, and even in silly little quotes. I could fill these pages with those things I have been blessed to learn, I do think they are well worth the time and the ink, and maybe you might find something more here that maybe you didn't know. For instance, rain falls and sometimes it falls on your head. Just as the sun warms my skin, warms us all. But for some, that sun is hard to find. If we could be the sun for those others, then maybe we as a people might just get through our own sadness. I guess it could be seen as selfish, but I have found when you give warmth and light to someone else's life, then your own life warms up and you feel so full. Then at times when your own sun hides behind a cloud then those warm feelings can bring you back to life. Also when that doesn't work, sometimes those same people you helped come back
My Life
Soon I am not gonna have the internet, unless something great happens. I will have it back as soon as I can. But I do know that I will miss my friends and "family" on here. I am having a really hard time with many issues in my life. I have to handle them alone. I will be here for hopefully 3 more weeks. But after that...I am not to sure where my life is gonna go. I don't know if I will have to move again...if I will have any money...nothing is solid right now. So if u pray please pray that things will get a bit better ok :D Thanks Lizzy
My Live Journal
You can read my journals over on
My Lily Sitting On A Flower
My "lily"
L ong ago I had a dream I n it we were together L oving and living as a team Y esterdays gems sparkle forever I Love You My Lily!!!
My List
This is my list of what I want for myself & expect out of my self in 2008 ĘľTo take better care of myself ĘņTo be happy ♦To loose weight ĘīTo become comfortable in my own shell ĘĺBe a better daughter Ę”Be a better friend ĘľNot let my self get ran over & used ĘņTo realize that some things I just have to let go of no matter how it hurts ♦Stop thinking that I always screw things up ĘīStop hiding behind things and people and actually put myself out there ĘĺStop running away when I get scared Ę”Work on my writing more Ęľ Stop stressing all the little things Ęņ Stop letting people make me feel like I'm not good enough ♦Learn how to do all the things I want to do with my baking ĘīTo let go of the what ifs & fully forgive & forget those who have hurt me Ęĺ Finish the things that I start
My Life Right Now
right now life is just about where i want it to be. my divorce has its final hearing tomorrow. im a ball of nerves, but thanks to my guy , im doing good. im getting ready for a big move wich will make me ALOT happier and get me away from alot of drama from ALOT of different people.... its funny a year ago, i wasnt this happy.... what a difference a year can make. you can get your head on straight , find out whos real and true and who isnt..... and you can also find out who will kick you in the teeth and say no biggie... now about the love of my life... hes amazing , he takes care of me when im sick. and he dose anything in the world for me. i love him so much , and we can see our selves together forever! he treats me better than my ex ever did. he gets along great with my familt ( big plus there ) and he spoils my neice rotten! i cant wait for me and him to have kids some day . im sure he will be an awsome dad! well that is all i am going to blog for now. take care and pos
My Life Is Always Fun.....
My life is always fun,When its not i make it fun.I love to hang out with friends and go to the bars.I have a Thursday night trudition to hang with my friends at this very fun bar....So now on the nights i can't be out...(I HAVE KIDS) I can hang with my friends at the Fubar!!!!
My Living Will
My Living Will Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." She got up, unplugged the TV, and threw out my wine. She's such a bitch.....
My Life Is Hell
Seeing as this is my first blog, i thought i might as well give you an insight in to my mind/life as of now. I love my wife, but she's been treating me like I'm just her play toy, it seems like all I'm here for is for her to get hugs, kisses and sex and if she's not treating me like that she's treating me like a damn 5 year old. I'm tired of it, but even though I've told her that, It doesn't seem to matter to her. It seems that all that matters to her is that i do what she asks and then just sit there compliantly and not say anything but if i do say something she gets pissed at me. I'm tired of it, but like i said, i love her and i love her so much and i don't want to screw up what i do have, because i haven't had a lot growing up, or even since I've started dating, and i don't want to lose what i have now, but I'm getting so fed up with it. I guess thats all for now.
My Life....
Well....Alot has changed sense I blogged....Well I am no longer with Louie....We are in the middle of getting divorced right now and i am happy to report that he has moved on to some other "woman".....And thats all i have to say about that whole subject....As for me....well I have started seeing a wonderful MAN...Chris is my roommate...Kels cousin....I met him one night on a wim and we have been interested in each other every since....Chris and I have been together for about 1.5 months now and its been the best month and a half in my life....Since we met I have learned what it is like to actually be treated like a woman and not somebodies damn maid....Chris knows how to take care of himself and doesnt expect me to wait on him hand and foot....actually if you want to be technical we take care of each other....He does alot more for me then any other man has ever even offered.Anyways....well things between us are wonderful and might be moving faster than a normal couple....WHO KNOWS....
My Lil Angel ...... With A Hammer ! Lol!
I have a little angel that flys around with a hammer & hits everyone I care for, I hope it beats the shit out of u !!! Send this to everyone u care about, even me if u care & if u get 8 ur loved
My Life Sucks
My life has sucked for years and then I found this wonderful man and I love him with all my hart and soul. I know Iíve made mistakes and Iím sorry for them. I would do anything for this man I would give him the world and more if I could. Iíve stuck by him through a lot and Iíve always been there and trusted him and I still did everything I could to help him when he needed help. I wish I could rewind time and go back and do things over again between him and I and other things in my past but I know rewinding time and going back in impossible to do so all I can do is hope and pray that things will get better between him and I and in my life period. I know Iíve been faithful and have never cheated on him Iíve always been there when I was needed. I wish he had time for me like he used to and he could forgive me for my fuck ups. If I would loose him it would kill me he is my world and my life I just wish I was his again like I used to beÖ..
My Life
well i moved down her in n.c 6yrs ago . from oswego ny , i love it , im 20 min from the ocean i love to play the guitar 70s 80s bob seger clapton niel young , stuff like that . this is all right , getting fubar and not leaving home lol so im 47 yrs old im not a old man !!! i still like to do thing and go out !! but i have learn that i dont play head games and i dont want to be played , i love to ride , and ride i do , nightsweeper
My Link
skandalous@ fubar
My List
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1. I talk on the phone a lot 2. Music is second in my life....everything I do...I want music to be playing 3. I snore (lightly) ~ yea I can admit it 4. My children are my first priority 5. I would rather hurt myself than those I care for 6. I love going to local band shows ~ I have traveled almost 4 hours through mountains and rain to see my favorites. 7. I will run from Drama like the plague, unless it's about me..then I take it to the source and end it. 8. I love Gore Movies.... Sci Fi and Horror being the top of my list. 9. I usually spend so much time having fun with my friends on Fubar I end up sleeping on the couch in
"my Life's Calling, Setting Fires"
This poem I did with a starter line: "My life's calling, setting fires" By: Deborah Digges The rest is all my imagination... My Life's calling, setting fires. Drifting up like blazing tires. Sending me to places, I haven't begun to embrace yet. Letting me soar like the wings of a dove. To my dreams which have come above, the life I am now living. To see how much I have been forgiving. For my life's work, Not giving onto liars. My life's calling, setting fires.
My List
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1) I tend to talk in my sleep, and have been known to get into trouble for this in the past, innocently by the way....I Swear 2) I type with 2 fingers and need to watch where they go in order to type and Still tend to screw up repeatedly.....reason (3) will explain why this is 3) I failed typing in High School `cause I was always getting caught in Home Ec.Class instead, eating the "food" the girls attempted to make to cure the munchies aquired on the way to school 4) My children are most important in my life, they always have and always will come first, after all, I brought them into this screwed up world 5) I have always wanted to ro
My Life Worth Not Living
I no longer feel human. I see beauty, greed, hate, love, anger, but I can never see me. I went to the hospital today to see a girl I work with and her baby she had on the 15th. He's a cute baby boy, but it hurt me so much on the inside. I want my own family, well first I need a MAN !! I am sick of finding a guy I like and find out, hey HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND or HEY HE'S MARRIED. I thought my ex-boyfriends loved, boy was I mistaken BIG TIME !! They only wanted me for sex, a place to stay, my very little money, and my vehicle. I have been single for three years, I should say my whole life since my ex-boyfriends never loved me, I thought I was doing myself a favor by being single. Then I see all these newborns, lovers, old married couples, newly weds. I get tore up inside. What am I doing wrong ?? I never show myself as being desperate, I act natural. I will never change who I am to find a guy, if a guy can't love me for who I am he's not worth my time. Out of the mist flies a beautiful butt
My List.......
Once You've Been Tagged, You Have 2 Write 10 Weird Or Random Things, Facts, Habits About Yourself. At The End, You Choose At Least 5 People 2 Be Tagged, Listing There Names, Don't Forget 2 Leave A Comment That You Have Been "Your Hit" On Their Profile And Ask Them 2 Read Your Blog. You Can't Tag The Person Who Tagged You.... 1) I Work Alot, With A Company Called WIS International And Count Inventory And Travel Around Canada Though...UGH..Could Be Worse. 2) Talk, Text, Email On The Phone With My Friends One In Particular The Most LOL I Love Ya Hun (She Knows Who She Is) I Love All My Friends There The Ones Who Keeps Us Going In Life And Help In The Worst And Best Of Times. 3) Always On The Computer Can't Get Enough Of It, I'm Bored When I Don't Have A Computer Around. Yeah I'm Geek Sometimes 4) Smokin Ciggys, Man I Gotta Quit Been Doin It Only For 11Yrs Now. 5) Been Wanting 2 Travel Somewhere In The States, New York, New Jersey, Florida Or The U.K, Somewhere Exotic Per
My Life
my life just busy keep up to date the stuff going on with my hubby just keep my kids happy
My Life
My life was dark and dismal Going forward without purpose No reasons for caring Out of the blue You entered my life Darkness subsided Life gained purpose Shadows of misery Transformed to light You entered my life I found purpose at last Finally I am Out of the darkness
My Life
my whole life ive always went out wit losers and i was never treated rite my own family treats me like shit ive always jus wanted sum1 thtll love me and tht i can love back.....i met this guy after i was raped beated and cheated on and jus treated like dirt by all these guys....his name was david.....omg he made me so happy i dnt think any1 else made me as happy as he made we were happy in love we wanted to spend tha rest of our lives together....i wouldve died without him......but now i lost him he says tha distance was wat got it but y would he throw away our love over sumthing tht can b fixed and he says he doesnt know if down tha road it wouldchange and he would never lie to me i know he wouldnt and i would never lie 2 him but usually wen sum1 says they dnt know it means no but it cant b tha distance it has 2 b sumthing else he wouldnt jus throw it all away over tha distance....i wanna know y its killing me inside he never hurt me he always made me happy and i made him hap
My Life
SO I HAVE THIS BF WHO IS AWAY RIGHT NOW IN TRAINING. HE DOESNT CALL ME VERY MUCH AND THE LAST TIME HE DID WE GOT IN A FIGHT.THAT IC BEcuz i called him and he was drinking with a bunch of gils and had to let me go but he would call me back the next day after his hangover was gone.SO I HUNG UP ON HIM.then he called me but didnt tlk to me he tlked to his buddys about some chick and going to the movies...then thts when we got in a fight cuz he wanted to let me go cuz the movies was in 2 hours and he wanted to go do something.. so gay.. i told him wht ever and bye and i hung up.. BUT HE SAID DO I REALY WAT TO DO THIS LIKE HE IS GONNA DO SOMETHING... I MEAN I REALY LOVE HIM BUT IM NOT TO SURE I AM GETTING THE SAME LOVE BACK..I MEAN I WOULD RATHER BE SINGKE A HAVE FUN THEN BE HOW AM RIGHT NO. ITS NOT LIKE HE GOT OFF ON A GOOD FOOT WTH MY SISTER EITHER.. SHE HAD TO USE MY PHONE TO CALLL OUR MO AND AS SOON AS SHE WAS DONE HE IS ON THE 2-WAY YELLING AT ME "HEY BITCH PICK UP UR FUCKING PHNE." MY
My Life
One day you will ask me which is more important, you or my life? And I will say my life, and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life. You are far away, but yet your love remains, I can feel it all around. It embraces me and holds me tight, night after night Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile. So, when you are lonely remember it's true: somebody, somewhere is thinking of youI'll always be beside you until the very end, wiping all your tears away, being your best friend. I'll smile when you smile and feel all the pain you do, and if you cry a single tear, I promise I'll cry too."
My Lil Angel, Kissed My Soul And Now My Heart Is Hers Forever.
Not sure if this is what you would class a poem, story, or just what. I was in a pit of darkness, of the likes that no one has seen. The dark tendril of despair and loneliness, kept creeping into my being. After each slight moment of hope came and went, my 'two companion' would return stronger than ever to carry me further into this morbidly dark effluvia of pitiful loneliness and despair. AS I had just about lost the last shred of hope, a ray of light appearred. The light was small and gray at first and indistinct, but it steadily grew stronger and brighter. The warmth and love I felt from that lonely light, quickened my heart to race and have hope return. As I witnessed this a wave of Dark despair battered against the light trying to wash it away. I was afraid it would blot out this light, so invitingly I raised my hand to it and cried for help. My Spirit knew this light was for me and I needed it in the worse way. With Faith, hope and love I arose, beating down the dark
My Life
I have been on this earth for over 30 years and I can honestly say I have nothing to show for it. I have done nothing but screw up my entire life. Now I am at a place where I dont know what I am going to do . I made a mistake and moved a guy i didnt even know in with me, Ive supported him for almost 2 months now. Last night I kicked him out but I am in a such a financial hardship. My rent is due in two days and I dont have it. The guy was supposed to give it to me, but thats not happening. I lost my car a couple months ago and I have been struggling everyday to get to a job that doesnt even pay enough to cover my bills. just when i think i am getting back on track something else happens. i am at the point where i just wanna give up. i wanna crawl in a hole and never come out. i am definitely embarrased of who i have become.
My Life "1"
MY LIFE. By me I look into mirror I see myself, but as I was before The days where I had hopes and Dreams Know I see sadness, pain, death in my face And the wasted time I have spent here I broke my life apart, I lost everything exept myself I have nothing to gain or lose from life I only wanted a simple life , Now i want only to live in dark, In the shadow of my Dreams watching how the world dies, Day after day It burns in pain It feels hunger for blood I take a peace of Mirror glass and look into myself I see that many years passed. I see how old I have become How much pain I have seen How much did I gane Throught this years Now I have only one purpose, to live And there is nothing to change..... MRRCP2007
My Life
Your Life is 54% Perfect Your life is pretty normal - sometimes great, sometimes not so great. You have a lot of good stuff going on. Your life may be more perfect than you realize. How Perfect is Your Life?
My Life Path #
Your Life Path Number is 6 Your purpose in life is to help others You are very compassionate, and you offer comfort to those around you. It pains you to see other people hurting, and you do all in your power to help them. You take on responsibility, and don't mind personal sacrifice. You are the ultimate giver. In love, you offer warmth and protection to your partner. You often give too much of yourself, and you rarely put your own needs first. Emotions tend to rule your decisions too much, especially when it comes to love. And while taking care of people is great, make sure to give them room to grow on their own. What Is Your Life Path Number?
My Lil Sisters!
Your Celebrity Sisters Are Beyonce and Solange Talented, sexy, and sassy. You've got a star quality that everyone notices Who Are Your Celebrity Sisters?
My Lil Bro...
SOOOO..whn last i left u i was havin a bad day here at the fubar.Well therez this really cool guy at work that i have adopted as my lil brother-and when i gotoff the cpu i found that he had left me a text:"Got somethin for you pimpin but u must remember.Im ur brother"-to which i replied:"Wtf lol?Just bring it u roody poo candy ass!Lmao" When i got 2 work he handz me a dvd-Alice in Chains Unplugged...and ya'll know how i feel about Alice in Chains!!! So yeah,that pretty much made my day,lol!Newayz,i luv my lil bro-he's a fubarian too...IBTHATFOOL or sum such madness-he's n my family,check him out.He's a metalhead like his big sis but worse...death metal,lol!Also my boy frm Cali just joined fubar,monte521(also n my family).Plz plz plz show my folkz sum luv!Have a gr8 day ppl.Peace...xox
My Life!!!! If You Wanna Know
i find it hard to get to really know a person. so i'm gonna tell you about my life, so we can get that out of the way. well to start.. right now: i am working at walmart. i am driving my daddys truck until my car gets out of the garage. i am single and looking. i am depressed. i was born sept 27 1989. when i was 3 mos old i was taken to live with my grandparents. my mom couldnt take care of me at the time. i had a good home life and good education. my parents are old so i'm sorta an older soul than an 18 year old should be but i still like to have fun. my dad didnt really know how to show emotion and he has a quick temper so at times i had to go through alot with him. (fussing, yelling etc. but nothing physical) alot of people in my life have died. my uncle eddie, my papaw crouse my mamaw french and my mom's mom, (i just called her mother) as a child and growing up deep within my subconcious thought i was always afraid of the people close to me leaving so i now try not to
My Life Goes Wrong With Every Turn
I was going to go see my kids this weekend, but the person was going to give me the money is no where to be found, and i got my kids all excited over nothing. Why does this happen to me all the time, i have not seen my kids in 2 months.
My Life
my life is always crazy somthing that i should be use to consdering that i grew up in a disfunctional home. Sometimes I wonder what the good lord has really going on for me in the future. LOL! maybe i should not know just keep on rollin' with th punches.
My Life Soundtrack
heres how it works open up your media player get all your songs together hit random and whatever comes up put down. no cheating Opening Credits Bloodhound gang - the roof is on fire Waking Up Scene the beatles- all the lonley people Getting Ready Scene slaughter- fly to the angels Car Driving Scene lynard skynard- whats your name High School Flashback Scene staind- falling Nostalgic Scene bryan adams - summer of '69 (hahahaha) Angry Scene Metallica - Holier then thou Agony, Painful Scene sick puppies- nothing really matters Break-up Scene Metallica- the god that failed Sad, Breakdown Scene twisted sister- the price Buddy/Sidekick Scene ministry- new world order Dreaming of Someone Scene bryan adams- plese forgive me Contemplation Scene nicelback- fight for all the wrong reasons Love Scene iron maiden - aces high Kissing Scene evabescence- taking over me Relaxing Scene slayer- season i
My Life
So this last year has been so damn crazy. I have grown so much as a person and a mother. You never realize the things that are most important till one day they walk up and kinda smack you in the face. You think everything is ok and in reality it isn't. Life takes a load of work to make it through. I am jsut glad to say that the stress I have been through has all worked out. I am glad that I have grown adn I am a better person for it. I love my children and my life and will continue to live my crazy life to its fullest cause you never know when something abd will happen or when this crazy life will end.
My Life In Tunes
So, here's how it works: 1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc) 2. Put it on shuffle 3. Press play 4. For every question, type the song that's playing 5. When you go to a new question, press the next button 6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool...just type it in man! IF YOUR LIFE WAS A MOVIE WHAT WOULD THE SOUNDTRACK BE? Opening Credits: Guttermouth - Scholarship in Punk. -- Suitable I guess. Waking Up: Good Riddance - The Hardest Part -- Never easy to do. First Day At School: Slayer - Criminally Insane -- Interesting Falling In Love: GWAR - I Hate Love Songs -- OMG! LOL! Losing Virginity: Nine Inch Nails - Perfect Drug -- Hmmmm... Fight Song: The Planet Smashers - I Like Your Girl -- Oops. I guess I should've kept my mouth shut :p Breaking Up: Against Me! - Baby, I'm an Anarchist -- LOL. Nice. Prom: NOFX - The Decline -- Prom? Decline? I thought life got better after high school? Life: Neverending Wh
My Life
Ok well this is like my first blog on here! So I dont know what to really say! But I guess I will start by saying that I love FUBAR! It's so much fun and I have met some really kool people! U know who you r! Ummmm Im gonna be graduating in May! Im really excited for that! I'm not working yet but am looking for a job! Im really family orriented! I love my friends! Im single!!! So Im free boys! But I do like someone right now but we'll see! Well I guess thats all I mean like I said I have never done one of these before! But hey R8 me add me fan me anything and I will return the favor! Much Love!
My Little Heart
We went to our second apointment, and they found the heartbeat. YAY! Good things, good times. We both have a really good feeling about this one. It's right where it should be, and making me sick as hell! A small price to pay for such a wonderful gift. Both Daddy and I are very excited and can't wait! We have two ultrasound pictures of him/her already and are getting a third on the 15th. Cheers and hope you all are in good spirits as well. -Kendra P.s I uploaded one of the two ultrasound pics in the "Baby" Album. Second will follow in a few days.
My Life As I See It
well as many of u know my life has been hell these last few months and there is alot more to my being down that i really havent said anything about just yet im not hiding anything just when i find the right words and the right way to say it i will and i am thinking its better off me being single its like i have bad luck with men its like i touch them and they turn evil or dont want nothing to do with me avoid me or i dont exsist until they want something im getting to the point to where im giving up there is nothing or no one out there for me be sides my family and my bestfriends and a few other friends i do have left and when i do give up there is no turning back unless i think its time to but once my stubborn mind is made up thats it there is no perfect match for me
My Life Thur My Eyez
MY life has been nothing but, a rollercoaster ride.Lots of twist n'turns.and, Never Ending.. Had a house and pericous things,kept it up for a few years to come. And with no time, I noticed some changes, that came out of no where..And one day the wrost thing came true,and out of nowhere, my dad was in a coma and never to come out.. and, in days he was gone.i never got to tell him just how much i loved him,or he would b deeply missed.. All of us went our seperate ways,never being able to look at each other.or even comfort one another.. one family that was,actually was nomore.. I just didn't care any more, i didn't even care if i lived or died.I just knew that i did not want to exist more patti is all that went thur my head.. so, instead i had a nervous breakdown.. i just snapped into.. could not do anything abt it cause i needed to stay strong for my mom and their grandchildren. but, to no avail i just could not.. i crashed and, i have been trying to pick up the pieces ever s
My Life
so im having a bad day... maybe a bad week... things just dont seem to be going my way,.... i mean i am the freaking queen so shouldnt the queen get everything she wants.... lol just kidding... but still... ikd. im just so tired of selfish people.... i just wanna go lay on the bost and sleep... float awaya.... thank god im leaving town for a while... a mini vacation...
My Lil Brother
Hydrovamp Please go show him some of that famous Fubar love He's a sweet guy and he'll return the love And he has a great sense of humor so please show him a good time lol
My Life, As A Realtor Sitcom
My life, as a Realtor sitcom Current mood: tired Category: Jobs, Work, Careers Well holy crap. WTF happened to my day? As a Realtor, there are days where you do NOTHING but drive, Drive, DRIVE! Today, was one of these such days. It goes with the job, so thatís usually a-ok. However, the way the events of my day all played out made me feel like the Universe was looking for a new sitcom star, and had zoned in upon ME as the leading lady. My day started a bit rocky, as I was hung-over from a night of "un-corking" over a few bottles of wine with my BFF Trish. We have these girly nights at least once a month, and it helps us vent and laugh about our crazy lives. Astonishingly enough, I did actually manage to drag myself up off of her couch be 8 am, in spite of a raging headache and hangover. Today, I had a mission: Get two ACRís signed (Affidavit of Compliance and Responsibility...A fancy way of saying, "I accept the repairs on this house, and promise to fix them in 6 months"
My Life, As A Realtor Sitcom, Part 2-addendums Addendums!
Ok, so if you have read Realtor Sitcom, part one, you know a few things: 1-I work very hard to get things done for my clients, no matter how it complicates my day, and 2-I was hoping to sell two houses today. Well, in spite of #1, #2 was a NO GO. Why? Because sometimes, no matter how hard you work, it doesn't make up for other people being unprofessional/retarded. The first deal didn't close because the seller has yet to pay the taxes. My investor is buying the house for $5,000, and the seller (a corporate entity/bank) owes $6,000 in back taxes, not including the final water bill. They are upside down no matter how you slice it, especially after closing costs and commissions are paid, but I don't feel bad for them. They have known for well over 30 days this deal was to close today, so Why the Hell didn't they pay the taxes? The title company will NOT close the deal until those are paid. We could have closed in escrow, but that would mean my investor would be
My Life
Have you ever found the truth ... the true meaning of who you are and why we are here? I have found love, peace, hatred, sadness, passion, desire and happiness. I have learned that love takes time to grow... Like a seed that needs nurturing to blossom into a beautiful flower so must love learn to blossom. Peace, that is in the inner heart , inner mind, and inner spirit that comes from a deep level of our beautiful surroundings and all that share in that beauty . All hatred within can be turned into love if we understand where the hatred formed , and to give love and understanding and not criticism or judge . Sadness that can be made into joy with just the little things in life like a good word said or a hug. Passion that is so deep within that all we need to do is release the passion inside so that we become energized with a newness that all will want to share in. Desire that is within us that is so strong that we can climb mountains even barefooted and not feel the blisters upon our s
My Life
I met you when my crippled heart no longer believed in love. Love wasnt what we were about. A little fun, a lil wild, some hot sweaty sex for sex'x sake. Poor Larry. One day he decided he had nothing worth having, off he went in cyber land looking for the missing pieces. We met online, but I got to know him on the phone, and I fell for him in his arms, in hotel rooms, the back of the truck, in empty parking lots at 2am. No one under stood him, he was all alone in his "lifestyle". I was coming off a strong man who decided he didnt want me anymore, and told me so, in kind but definite words. A rare man among men. I needed a strong man, I thought. And I thought I had found one. A master to subdue me. I was daddees slut. My love promised to show me the world, to open my eyes to things unknown, to make the family "we" both wanted. I found that I was the only one trying to live that dream. The man I was sleeping with wasnt who I thought he was. Larry is whomever you dream him to be. He fills
My Lifestyle
Why is it I seem to always have to explain my lifestyle? It's simple. I dabble in BDSM. I dabble is swinging. I dabble in this and that. My life isn't governed by any of my "playtime" hobbies. People that are deep into BDSM wonder we I don't do it more. Contrary to the "norms" that automatically call you a freak, because you dabble in other "non-christian" approve sex. WTF?? Am I alone?? Why can't I just dabble and people accept that? Hell, where I work, you even mention that you wear leather, they assume you have a bike or sacrafice cats and children. Other people's stupid assumtions are not my fault. Before you judge me, talk to me. Does anyone else dabble??
My Life
In life (poem) No one wants me, I am trash, All alone in this world, Without the one who is needed, My life is in completed, My heart is left in pieces, Lying all over the ground, I lay there watching all the ones I cared about stepping on my life, I will cry and weep until I can bury the pain, But will it let me be, Will the pain ever go away? Is it my turn to die tonight? All alone and in pain, My life has been up and down, And now I am at my lowest point, Will my pain end tonight?
My Life... (my Rhonda)
I had never before put much thought into getting married. But, with you it is completely different, I put A LOT of thought in to US and how we should show the world what TRUE LOVE really is. I never thought I could dream of what a wedding could be, but for you & me... it is all I can dream about! The thought of you in a gown so sweet, just waiting for me, to come to your eyes and meet. Exchanging vows of love, so sweet. For you my love I pledge for you.. ME! MY HEART, MY SOUL FOR YOU! FOR YOU MY LOVE IS UNEQUALED AND TRUE!
My Life......or So It Seems
She's waiting for someone who could turn her life around But someone who could make her feel The way she used to feel,but he never comes She's dating, but no one that she cares to talk about And all the flowers in the world Don't amount to much, when what she wants is love And she'd give anything and everything to fall in love Just this one time, she'd like to find What she's been dreamin of She could find someone to hold her But that wouldn't be enough She'd give anythingto fall in love Now she's looking just like She'd rather be someplace else Staring across the bar, lost in herself Will he ever come Cause she'd give anything and everything to fall in love Just this one time, she' d like to find What she's been dreaming of She could find someone to hold her But that wouldn't be enough She'd give anything to fall in love She's gonna keep on makin wishes She's gonna keep on being strong She won't settle for less than true love She's gonna keep on holdi
My Life With A Chronic Illness
Another one of those days.... Not everyday is like this but they are becoming more frequent... such is life. Morning again, another morning that doesn't come creeping in gently on silent cat feet but rushing in with the dull ache of another medication hang over. I groggily rolled over, pried my eyes open and slowly pulled myself to a sitting position. I tried to gather my bearings, time - day - purpose of life, you know the drill. Oh yes, the wonderful world of medicated sleep and it's dreamless, thoughtless, almost lifeless means of being... what I have to do just to get a little peace and sleep. I forced myself awake a bit more and pulled back the covers. I attempted to swing my legs out of bed and to the floor, but wait - they aren't moving - wonderful! It's going to be one of those days again, just what I was looking forward to... With a sigh of resignation I close my eyes and focus my mind and my will, when I was satisfied that I was 'where I needed to be' mentally th
My Life Before...
Like ripples on a pond... I stood there with my dog beside me, in total and utter shock at the huge mound of rubble in front of me. We had driven for 2 days after getting the phone call, asking us to come. This was my first 'real' Search & Rescue operation and boy, was it a big one. New York was very subdued - all of the people had looks of tightly drawn strain on their faces. The police officers were at such a high pitch of unspoken anger and pain that it showed in their eyes. One of the other dog handlers was getting impatient and, it typical southern fashion, was running her mouth and being rude. She was so blind at what was going on around her, I was stunned at her callousness and ashamed to be on the same team as her. I pushed that aside and let my calmer nature prevail. I finally went up to the woman and said, "these people have suffered one of the largest tragedies in US history, you need to be a little more understanding and not get yourself arrested because you can't
My Life
I sit back and reflect on how life used to be..Of kids playing games out side and not glued to the tv. when parents would sit on there steps while the kids played outside..But those days are gone and as I think about them sometmes I wanna cry. hustlers on every corner serving all the feans. is this what they fought for? This couldn't have been Christine dream. Ihope some one is feeling this even if it is coming through s screen Done By Christine
My Life Through Songs
MY LIFE THROUGH SONG Your Life Through The Eyes Of iTunes Shuffle Go To iTunes Or Whatever You Use. Then put it on shuffle and put a song with the artist for each answer. Don't cheat by choosing or skipping songs. It won't all make sense. About You So what's your weird name?: WALK**SAWYER BROWN Who are you?: THIRD RATE ROMANCE **SAMMY KERSHAW Who do you feel like?: DON'T BLINK *** KENNY CHESNEY What do you feel like doing?: THE FIREMAN *** GEORGE STRAIT What is your biggest guilty pleasure?: DARKNESS AROUND THE SUN*** ALEXZ JOHNSON What do people call you?: LOVE TO BURN** ALEXZ JOHNSON How's the weather?: "What's Your Mama's Name Child?"--Tanya Tucker What are you feeling?: IT'S MY PARTY**LESLEY GORE What are you craving?: "FOLLOW THAT DREAM**ELVIS What are you thinking?: YARD SALE**SAMMY KERSHAW Where are you?: ALL THESE YEARS **** SAWYER BROWN What should you be doing?: THOUSANDS MILES FROM N WHERE*** DWIGHT How is your day?: YOU H
My Life
My Husband decided i was important enough to go to counciling... so for now my divorce is called off. might not be on as often... sorry.
My Life
My Little Crash And Burn
I was heading to go out into the desert on a 90 cc quad, went to turn which i was turning to sharply and a fast pase and ended up crasheing ono the pavement. I was wearing my helmet but didnt have it strapped down. yet it managed to not even come off.i scratched up my arm that is close to my elbow. i also scratched up the palm of my hand. then i landed on my right hip really hard. i managed to get my happy ass back up to chase after the bike to stop it before it hits someone or something. then realized once i got it i was in alot of pain. i actually road the damb bike home. but ended up going to the hospital getting xrays dont and get my arm and hand cleaned out. luckily i have vicodine to help and motrine, and some other stuff to make my muscles relax.
My Light
She burst through the door and I swear sunshine followed her. she always smells sweet, even if she has been digging in the dirt for an hour. "Mom! Im a girlscout." she smiles and she shines because of it. I try not to let my mind settle on the fact that I missed her first meeting because of work. I pick her up and settle her on my stomach. My arms wrapped beneath her bottom. "YOU! Are perfect." I say. I am in love with my daughter. Her giggles alight my own. I snuggle her into my neck. I smell her hair. It is cool from the wind. My eyes tickle with unshed tears and I hug her closer. She settles back and looks down at me. Her hair and mine mingle. Eyes so blue. Crystal clear. she has my mothers eyes. Ice eyes..but warm and sparkly. "I love you Emma ElizaMIDGETbeth." "I love you mommy." She smiles down on me still..... And then.... She farts on my arms. "EW!" I wrinkly my nose and hold her away from me. She giggles and between gasp of breath
My Life
For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin Ė my real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, some challenge to be gotten through first; some unfinished business; time that still to be served as if it were a prison sentence; a debt to society that was still owed to who knows who. Then my life would begin. Finally it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. This was how I chose to experience my life. Sitting and waiting but not really sure what I was waiting around to experience. Some believe that the Christian God has absolutely everything planned in advance; that He has scripted our every joy and injury to serve some divine plan of the ages. All we can do is yield to this Divine Plan. Resistance is futile, or if we try it, it is part of the script too. Such a view makes freedom of will an illusion. It also eliminates personal responsibility: that genocidal slaughter was fated by the Deity, so why blame the murderers? The real Per
My Life
I make mistakes . I say things I don't mean way too much these days. You can't take back whats done. No matter how hard you try . I am trying to take these days one at a time . Its hard . Ive cried more in the last week then I have in years . I miss my son . I miss his face . But I know What Im doing is whats right . I know what I can't do . and I can accept who I am . Im sorry if thats not who every one else wants me to be . Im sorry if i don't live by the book . If when I look at me in the mirror , Im the only one thats happy with who I am . But I've lived . Im hurt , and I've died inside . I can't live my life crying over things I can't change . Wishing I could take back things I can't control . But I dont care what they say anymore. I don't care how hard you try to trun me into you. My life has too many blessings to spend day after day crying over whats been stolen from me. Ill get it back when Gods ready to give it to me . Its his will not my way . I can accept that .
My Life
So, recently I've been hanging out with Alisha, Adam's sister, a lot. She's actually, really fucking awesome. She has become one of my best friends. I mean, it helps that we LIVE TOGETHER, but still, we go out and hang out a lot. It's really awesome. I love her to death... So kudos to Alisha for totally rocking!!! And you should stop by her page if you haven't already... She's in my friends and family list, as Princess Alisha! She rocks... show her love!!! So, other than that, things are going great in my life. Adam is completely amazing, and I love him with all of my heart. He is so amazing to me, and I honestly could not ask for a better boyfriend. SO i gained an awesome boyfriend and a totally awesome sister in law!!! Alrighty people. Love you all... lemme know how your life is!!
My Little Amanda....stuck In Her Lifejacket
My lil one decided to try and put her lifejacket on my herself but forgot to put her arms in the arm holes lol..... thanks for watching
My Life, Where Do I Go From Here?
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read about me.. I was born in New Orleans,Raised in Alabama ans somehoe ended up here in Arkansas.I am 35 married,GETTING DIVORCED..I have 2 wonderful sons ages 15-17, They live in Alabama..I have no kids by this marriage I am in not ( Thank God )would just make thinks that much more difficult..Anyways moving alone.. When I was 16 years old,I met the man of my dreams,MY TRUE LOVE..We were in a relationship for 2 years and lived together.This is when I had my first son (Steven)..Needless to said after I become pregnant we stayed together 6 more months and he cheated on me.I was just toren, I couldn't eat, sleep, nothing..I ended up going through the next 4 months during my pregnanice alone..I ended up having Steven 2 days before my Birthday, His father came long enough to see him born and left.I was just heart broken for awhile.Was a long stay in the hospital alone. About a year down the road I met my first husband and the father of
My Life
I can only pretend to be happy with who I am now.... What can fulfill the void that seems to be taking up my life? Maybe I'll find out one day :: sigh ::
My Life
Well things are going ok i guess not to sure what else to really say. I got a great man in my life who knows that i love him and he says he loves me to but it seems that the last couple of days he has been very distant from me and i am not sure if its cause of things going on or what. He knows i am here for him and got his back no matter what but at the same time he should know he can talk to me about anything. But dealing with sick twins as well isnt so good. Being up and down all nite with them and there fevers and snottt noses and trying to get them better has me not happy cause i am so tired and want to sleep lol. But other than that things are going good we got our place and the kids so what else can i ask for, just wanted to jot down some of my thoughts.
My Life An My Unborn Child
I never knew what life was gonna bring me. I never thought i would meet a man that would bring me happiness. I met my soulmate back in october off the internet his name is alec. Weve been together ever since now im pregnant with his baby. We have our fights but i know our love only grows stronger after each an everyone. He thinks its going to be a gurl i think its going to be a boy he wants to name her prescilla Leigh we dont have a boys name yet but were still thinking i love him with all my heart an he loves me too i know that for a fact.
My Little Boy
I wrote this for my son A love So real A love that you can feel A love that can only come From heaven up above First there was fear Of how will I get by Then I held him in my arms And knew that help was near From the first bottle To the first diaper change I was in love And ready to go full throttle I am dad Proud as I can be I am dad Proud that he loves me Oh look he can hold his bottle Now his head is up Crawling Then Walking I think I'm getting old I'm so happy Its ok I'm watching his life unfold I remember That first kick In his moms belly I remember that first kick He was trying to work his way free Each day I work And then go home to him I'm alone But not lonely Because I have him He is my life My future My only gift from my wife Thank you god for my son He brings me hope And happiness And Joy Thank you god for my son My precious little boy.
My Life
This is sad but true. A look into my life. All this pain I can't take The loss of love The continuous heart break I look around every corner Sometimes I find a little happiness The pain is always there It never goes away When I was a little boy I had to grow up Face reality, my sister was on drugs she tried to kill herself slit slit cut cut pop pop over dose I tried to grow up I joined the army They told me to give 100% and be all that I can be I thought I was doing right I was there for any fight Then I heard of my father That cancer took him fast as night Several years went by and then I found you You were my inspiration; the root of all my dreams My life my everything I thought finally this could be something true All my life I looked for the good The only thing that finds me is the bad I had hopes and dreams for you Dreams that you would be the best I ever had Can't take this pain it eats me deep inside All the memories Makes m
My Little Lady
My Little Lady by LateNiteFantasy© She sits legs bent fingers clicking keys, At the computer quickly reading what she can see, From places far and somewhat near click, click, click I hear, The keys go faster as she types and then they clear, Friends across a vast world she talks to, As she sits and joyfully chats on the internet, Her buddy list grows and then gets short, I am mad at them she says with a snort, But back again she goes to play, I wonder who it will be today, As my beautiful lady sends her joy, To everyone she meets on her computer toy, She is known to them as a rare little dish, But you know she will always remain my little, Lady Kit
My Life Is Slowly Fucking Me Over
Ok so 2008 is the worst year of my life...Thought I was in love :( I had gotten pregnant and engaged in the same month then a month later I miscarried and it really fucked with his head and now he no longer wants to be with me. I am so confused with life and love right now. I thought you are supposed to stick with the one you love no matter how horrible the ups and downs are. :*( Someone talk to me I need some cheering up.
My Little Secret.....
I have been asked, from time to time, why I am still single. My answer is always that no one wants me. Which is not true at all. I know that there are women out there that want me, I really do, I just donít want to sound stuck on my self by saying so. No the real reason is much different. I tell people that I am ugly and not very good looking which is untrue, I say all that so people wonít think I am stuck on my self, which I am not. I am single because itís the right thing for me. Please let me explain that. As every knows and would agree, that relationships can be hard to say the least. Well I have some mental problems that make it much harder. I am bi-polar, and itís hard at times for me to function. I can get mean, depressed and moody, without any reason. Things like that make it hard for others to deal with, and love donít last long under these conditions, at least in my case. I have had a hard life, and I am sure that has some to do with why things are harder for me. Because of a
My Life Is 53% Perfect
You have a pretty good life, but you could undoubtedly be happier with it in certain areas.
My Little Flower Needs A Big Butterfly
In my opinion, the best thing about a long-term relationship is developing a deeper and more meaningful relationship. My last date was a couple of months ago. My eagerness for my next date can be best described as I'm genuinely looking forward to it. I think that dating is better than being home alone. I wish that men would realize that femininity is not predicated upon domesticity. If you think that I sound appealing after reading this profile, just say yes! Contact me! get me!
My Life
well my life busy take my kids and doing stuff for my mom now that she got cancar so everything i do is for my mom and kids so how my life is and for my hubby as well so
My Link For Contest!
Hello Everyone. Glad to see that everyones reading this. Come check out a good friend & then check me out & let me know you came by . Contest is gonna start on June 13th (Fri) at 11 am (Pacific)- 2pm (Eastern) & run til June 23rd (Mon) at 11 am (Pacific)- 2pm (Eastern). (repost of original by 'ßrWhÔ+ÍKnÔgh+ blondies r/l hubby _ßouthernBadAzzCrew♥GÔ+R –ūŮÍRÍbÍls♥CūnfÍderetes,DsC' on '2008-06-13 11:29:14')
My Link
Maricella member of fu-luv bomb squad@ fubar
My Life Is An Effing Soap Opera.
I don't know what to do with myself anymore. My love life is so fucking ridiculous. For the life of me I can't figure out why I continue to let myself hold onto something that I can't even say whether or not is still there. The obvious thing for me to do would just be to move on, but that's not as easy as everyone thinks. It's easy for people on the outside of things, but it's not that simple. I wish it was. I know I have options. I know that I could just go out and get someone else but I know that right now my heart would not be completely into it. I'm past the point in my life where I just want something for the sake of having it. I just have no want or will to persue anyone or anything right now, no matter how effective that may be in taking my mind of things. I just know it's not the right thing to do. The possibility of having what was lost is too tempting. I just wish I could be stronger. WTF.
My Life Right Now
so right now my life is pretty crappy! just broke up with my bf had no home for awhile there cuz i was living with him nd then yea..we broke up!!! i am now living with my aunt and two cousins hopefully i can get my life on trackkkk...but dont get me wrong i styll like to party and chyll with friends lol
My Life
Time has moved on and I still need to make those changes as for as getting a job and/or money to stabilize my situation. I feel that my health is not going in a positive direction. Because I don't have insurance I am hoping and praying I don't get real sick, lately though I have been having chest pains and tightning of my chest muscles on the right side. Now I am an avid coffee drinker; I don't get much sleep cause I am on this computer searching for an answer all hours of the night and early morning. right now it is 12:01 am at night but I must do something about my situation, what good is sleep if it has not helped me regain some respect for myself. I have a great son 13yrs. old and deserves some things I can't afford to give him. One thing I wanted to give him is his own room with his own stuff. I think that would give some peace of mind. He worries about too many things for a kid his age. In the neighborhood we live in makes it hard to find good friends for him and his sister. I ne
My Life Lately
My life lately has been spiraling in every direction. One minute things are going well then the next i have no control over it and it is going downward. I started a new job 3 weeks ago. I love my job, i am a CNA, i work from 2:30 to 11 pm. I make $10.50 an hour. Everything was going good, then i started going to the hospital because of severe migranes. Turns out i was dehydrated and they gave me IV fluids and some prescriptions. THe other night i go into work and when there are supposed to be 3 people on the floor to take care of people, there are only 2. SO everything HAD to go haywire that night. Call bells going off left and right, bed alarms going off because residents are trying to get outta bed. THEN we had to make sure our residents are in bed by a certain time. Lucky for us we managed to get them in bed. That day that this all happend was also the day my family had a graduation party for my brother, so i was upset i couldnt be there. But when i got home from work i was happy
My Life
some people ave a past th arent proud of (ignor typos im hgh as fook), sometimes therpy can help, I had ECT 3 times becuas of suicial tedancies, but my wounds are so deep, it slike trying to block a doorway with a always gets thru, shit wil always stay with me. I shouldnt ut anyone through what im goin throu its not fair......but i do, an d i am, that comes dow n to trust........i trust so few people in the world.....the two peopl I trust the most are o fuabar, poopthewondercat, who i just love so much, and kyz who is the typ ofguy i wish i had a a friend closer to me. Its bin so many yars ssince ive trusted anyone and still find it so so hard. Trauma never lays dormant, wanting to pounce........adn boy have I been whacked by it this past month I feel so isolated
My Life
The Keys to Your Heart You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free. In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored. You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change. You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic. Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with. Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment. You think of marriage pessimistically. You don't think happy marriages exist anymore. In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted. What Are The Keys To Your Heart?
My Lil Girlz Mom.......
Ok so here i am Big Bandit and about give all yall some in site of the type of love a father should for there child and wantin a better life for that child. what I am about to put n this blog is real shit that is happening in my lie as we speak and I am taken word for word from a police report on my lil girls mom no I will put her name but plz believe when I say damn I want my kid ans will die to get her plz leave comments Humboldt County Sheriff aresst report on 6/22/0 Mrs.------ was was arrested for teh folowing Pos. of a control substance poss. of a control narcotic transportation and sals poss. of concentrated canibus poss. poss. over 1 ounce of maijuana poss. of a controlled substnce without a perscription violation of tres of probation carryin concealed weapon and carrying loaded firearm and child endagerment. Ummm she's out on bail right nw and we had court because my daighte
My Life....
Look at my Life, I did... Current mood: hopeful Category: Life OK, so anyone who knows me know's what my life has been like. Tonight I layed in my bed and thought about it. It can be looked at in so many ways, here's what I decided. Brought up in a family of 8 kids, being in the middle (6) I got lost... Sad huh... NOPE, it means the older ones were getting into trouble, pissing off my parents and causing attention to twords them, the younger ones needed more care and direction, causing attention to go to them, I learned from the older ones and blamming things on the younger ones... It was a good place to be... My dad passed when I was 14, took over the house and took care of my really was a rough time in my life... BUT, I had two parents for 14 years, some kids never get to know their dads, never get to learn the things I did from my dad, How to love your kids uncoditionally, to treat people fair, to try to find the good in people, and to always tell every
My Little Midget...everyone Has One...awww!!!
My Life
My Life
Well it is about time for me to tell a bit about me. I am a single mom to 2 wonderful boys. I am a very hard worker and as all my friends know a big flirt. But lately I have someone special in mind always. And he is the reason I have changed my way of thinking. Also as you can tell by my folder I am a big supporter of our troops. God bless every one of them. We are blessed to have them looking out for us it is the least we can do to support them. Well I am easy to get along with but wont let just anyone see my nsfw pics. so if we don't talk about normal things then I don't show them. those are for true friends. Well enough about me for now.
My Life
My life is beautiful, in my own way. It is simple and it is pure. I live my life in my own accord, without fear of judgment doing as I please without having to answer to any one. I am the way I am and I am not afraid of being alone. After all what is so bad about being alone? This is where people fail to realize that if you are not happy with yourself then you will never make any one else happy, your insecurity will show. You have to realize that you alone are a complete person and you do not need any one or anything to complete you. That is not to say it is not good to have a person so complements your attributes. You I alone am complete. I have painted my life the way I want it to be, free, worry-free, adventurous, and enjoyable in my own accord. It is just the way I want it to be. If you canít find in it then just goíon.
My Life Sucks
have you ever felt lke your fighting a loosing battle? with not only yourself but with everyone and everything around you? like everyone has to come frist and all the weight of the world has been placed on your shoulders.. sorta like your about to fall but havent quiet started yet and your trying to conspalte a way to fall wth out hurting yourself... my head is jumbled with thoughts and feelng thatr i am yet to figure out and when i fnally have i cant quiet seem to earse them,,, its crazy how time can erase and change people... How one change can counterreact a hole mess in seconds which took yearss to bulid the way it is laid out. Life is confusing to me.. i am not ready to conquer but waht if it doesnt matter beacouse its a matter of having to do what it takes to conquer and divided to get anywhere in the plaace willl call life... something about the present sends a shock about my future.. who i love and what awaits in the foggy looking glass.. its not actually foggy to we
My Life
You know I love being single, i love the freedom of it, being able to do what I want, talk to who I want, and all that good stuff. Being single is like looking into a new world everyday.. But I miss talking to someone, trusting someone, laying in bed with someone, the cuddling and kissing,the little secrets,the one that would drop everything to be with you, the one who would say whose ass do i have to beat when you run crying to them,the stay at home and watch movie nights, the one person in your life you can tell everything to, the one person you are not afraid to let see you with no make up, in tears, in a bad mood, happy mood, the person you just wanna lay all night there with, the person you think about when they arent there around you, the one you wish would call when your not expecting, or show up at your door just to say hi, the one that can just stand there and look you in the eyes and you know that they are telling you they love you, the person that runs through your mind when
My Life As Of 7-7-08
Things in my life arent going as good as I would hope they'd be.I'm going through some tuff times right now and it sucks hard.I have been seperated from my wife since April 9th of this year and she has said she wants a divorce,and the last time we talked on May 19th our conversation didnt end well.I really thought I had the women of my dreams and would NEVER have to worry about being alone ever again but here I am alone again and its REALLY hard on me.I dont have many TRUE friends right now which doesnt make life any easier on me .I really wish god would let me know what he has in store for me and whats my plan supose to be cause I am REALLY sick and tired of starting over in life and sick of all the bullshit.I'm not getting any younger and I really dont know what to do with my self .I am always fighting the erge to just bite the bullet and say the hell with it,the pain is NOT worth it .But I keep hoping that some day things will get better and I keep telling myself God has a plan for
My Little Girl, My Little Boy
A single tear, that love bears no boundaries. A simple touch, to wrap my arms around you. Within your smiles my heart embraces, Within your laughter my heart caresses your joy. In every story you have to tell me, In everything you do in play, In everything you dream to see, I love you more for this each day. In every way you want for the spotlight, In everything that you must bear, With every day you learn wrong from right, I look inside myself - I see a child who was once there. Let me dry the tears that hold you in sadness, Let me hold you in your joy, Let me show you all I know in lovliness, I shall love you forever. My little girl, my little boy, Unconditional love for you forever, My little girl, my little boy. Samantha and Joseph this is just for you. You brighten up my day, with your smiles, and your thoughts. I love you both so much.
My List Of Things To Do Before I Die
I'm not sure if anyone else has a list like this but here is mine. =] 1. Make out with a rock star 2. Fly in an airplane 3. Jump out of an airplane 4. Bungee Jump 5. Learn to play guitar 6. Swim with dolphins 7. Own a 1968 Shelby Mustang
My Lil Sis Joined Today Hit Her Up
My Life: Junior High School
This is the first of a series of blogs I will be doing chronicling my life. I hope you won't be completely bored while reading it. September 1998, I started a new era of my life. I was 11 years old and I was starting 7th grade at Virgil I. Grissim Juinor High School 226. I didn't know what to expect and I was certainly not prepared for what was to come my way. On that first day I met a lot new wonderful people, some of which would end up having a big effect on my life; Christian Alvarenga, Katrina Harikissoon, Darryl Jones, Sanjuktadebi Lachman, and several others. I also saw a lot of familiar face from elementary school; Adriana Carro, Marlon Davey, Stephanie Felder, Shameka Martelly, and others. These people became big parts of my life in different ways, although I'm sure they never realized it. The classes I took weren't as hard as I except them to be, they were actually very easy. But I got very lazy and didn't care for the work that much, big mistake. I wouldn't do the hom
My Life
ok so i am 19 and married and prego. i find out wat im havin on the 30th and cant wait seeing as i cant drink till the baby is bornn in dec i figured i would get edrunk and have a lil fun wit it.
My Little Rant
Ok so i know why i left for awhile there. It looks like fubar still has a list of fucking loosers on here huh. I had posted a MUMM earlier today regarding a feature i had in mind and wanted to get opinions on it, well it seems to be to fucking offensive for some of you idiots out there. So....if my shit is being deleted for no reason i'll give you fuckers something to report. Whoever reported my MUMM step up here and tell me who it was. This shit don't make a difference to me, i don't want to socialize with people like this. I just thought i'd come back, check it out and see if the drama had stopped even just a bit...hahaha who the hell am i kidding. Well mother fuckers that's my rant hahahaha. I'm out of here...FUCK YOU, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! Chow for now...oh yeah and i apologize to those who didn't do's my little rant.
My Life Is In Shambles
Well lets see .... My wife left me last January 23rd cuz we had a minor fight. She ended up going home with my younger cousin to take him home. Well she ended up staying there the night, and when i finally got ahold of her the next morning she told me it was over. For months I waited for her to come back and say everythign was ok. But as it turns out she never planned on comming back. Now she had told me it was all a big mistake and that she'd be back. However her actiong show other wise. She is still living with my younger wanna be wigger/baddass cousin in the getto projects. And ontop of it all the bitch just had a baby with him, well she says it's his but i know the her b/f kennith shared her in a 3-sum with my ex best friend mickey so the baby might also be his and not kennith. But now i never want her back so i'm single once again.. Idonno it doesn't matter what any1 thinks about all this i just needed to tell every1
My Link
Timber_Wolf_bartender@howl@the moon@ fubar
My Life The Past Two Weeks
I would like to apologize to all my friends for not being here as I should be ... The past 2 weeks have been hell to say the least ... last weekend we had 4 funerals in 2 days including that of my childhood friend Julie ... and on Tuesday evening of this week, our dear friends lost their 14 month old son Damien, so we have another funeral on Monday ... to top things off, my aunt and uncle had their baby (a girl) early this morning and she is having some heart and lung trouble so please say a prayer for my little cousin Dianna Dawn .. I love you all and hope to be back in the swing of things soon ... hugzzzzzzz, Sexy LiL Sharky the Angel of HRR and the Mad Man's Wife
My Life....
*To anyone reading this, I'm not looking for sympathy or anything else by writing this! I just want to speak my mind.* My life is bullshit! As long as I can remember, it's been nothing but problems and heartache. At the present, I've finally come to the realization, that the woman I married and am now supposed to be getting a divorce from, never resll loved me at all! The [[l I consider friends are only using me and I can't get a good job if it saved my lifr and I'm so lonely it's getting to be intolerable! thought I could make my situation better, but I now know, that's not ever going to happen. I guess in short, the realization here is that I have a miserable bullshit existance!
My Life In Words
My Life In Termoil
I haven't been getting on and probably won't for awhile. I am in a state of severe depression. I have been figting my ex for my children off on on for two years now. I have reach a point where i have pretty much shut myself off from the whole world. Please pray for me and my kids we want to be happy again. They are stuck in a situation with their dad where he abuses them and I can't seem to get anyone to believe believe me. my friend charisma on here can confirm this because she has see it first hand. miss the fun of being on here but feel i have to devote myself to making life better for my kids. If you are a tue friend pray for us. love you friends and miss you.
My Linguistic Profile
Your Linguistic Profile: 65% General American English 15% Yankee 10% Dixie 5% Upper Midwestern 0% Midwestern What Kind of American English Do You Speak?
My Life In One Short Spand Of Time Will Never Be The Same Again!
So.... my step dad who has been in my life for 11 yrs has cheated on my mom, lied, and started other things up again and my mom is leaving him. If i dont act normally this is why. I have alot on my mind and im trying to help my mom get thru everything!!! *Sigh* Some men can really make you hate them!!!! ~Mel
My Life For You
Life is supposed to be fun. You said, "I'll go forth and choose. I'll look at the data, and I'll say, yes to this, and yes to this, and yes to this, and I'll paint a picture of the things that I want, and I'll vibrate about them, because that's what I'm giving my attention to. And the Universe will respond to my vibration. And then I'll stand in a new place where a whole new batch of yeses are available, and I'll say yes to this, and yes to this, and yes to this." You did not say, "I'll go forth and struggle into joy", because from your Nonphysical Perspective you know it is vibrationally not possible. You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come. Remember What you conceive in your mind, You Create in your life,You can Achieve
My Life !!!
Ok so in the last few days I have found out a few things!! How much my family hates me!! Up to including my own mother!!! I have always been the black sheep. Well shit the outcast of the outcast in my family!!! Yet the way I was raised was matrilocal. That I was in line after my mother was gone. I have been raised almost the same way but for one major factor like my mother and her mother! They were never abused like I was!!!! Which has lead to a major diffrence between me and my family!! And also trying to break the cycle of abuse from mother to their children!!! I am the last to know anything in my family now. When I shouldn't be. Oh well I have never really wanted my so called birthright!!! But it still hurts to be sunded!!! I have just lost my great aunt to malpractice. And top of all that no one told me of my grandmother!!! Yes, I may not call or keep in contact with my family as often as most people do, but I have learned since they do not want me in the
My Life
my life is nothing i work at a shitty pizza place im 25 no house no kids no car no money i see people around living life its fulliest i just cant do that i have a stick up my ass im a bitter jerk who hates most people. people cant handle who iam i speak my mind and speak the truth im tired of y life failing though i probally wont live to see 35 i will be murder because of something i said i can be as asshole but why be nice i was never treated right made fun of in highschool beat up in middle school ridaclued now because my teeth are imperfect or iam a chubby basatrd or i dont shave and have a huge beard you knwo what fuck off and accept it im just done trying to be the person the want Primer
My Life Amongst The Rain
My Life Amongst The Rain The days go on, the rain keeps pouring. Hoping something will brighten my depression, maybe the sun in the morning. The clouds fill the sky, as tears fill my eyes. Iím screaming Iím crying, my life is full of thunder and lightning of lies. If rain can make things healthy and grow, as I stand out side in the rain. My sorrows wonít go. The rain falls harder and harder as the minutes pass, my heart feels so broken; my happiness, shattered glass. Usually Iím the sun yet bewildered by the clouds, as if Iím some rain drop blending with the crowd. Iím the sun that never shines, Iím the never ending cloud, Iím a never ending tear drop, even when I hit the ground.
My Life
WHAT What did I do to make you so mad What did I do to make things so bad What did I do To get you pissed off I Wasn't even there, I THINK YOU FORGOT. So How did I do it when I wasn't even there you make it my faut and say I dont care What did I do I think you Forgot. So How did I get stuck here in this spot. What did I do..... help me find my way out
My Life
My world exists in a place known only to those who have been here before. It is a place that allows me to escape the daily routine of life, to experience moments all my own, yet shared with others. My world exists on the ice, where I retain lifelong memories filled with the grandeur of battles past. It is here that life gives me opportunities to delve into a world only hockey players can appreciate. A world where anticipation is heavy with fear as I lace up my skates, knowing fate is in my hands with the stick that I taped. What would I do without this game in my life, or the place where dreams are made? What would I do without the dressing room, the smell of sweat-dried equipment, and the chatter of small talk as I prepare to go to war? What would I do without the cold crisp air burning my lungs as I skate hours on end, early mornings, late nights? What would I do without the traveling of great distances to take to the ice, or the sounds of pucks banging off battle-scarred boards? The
My Little Brother Told Me Today
So I get home from school today and then take a nap. JJ calls I ignore it cause I want to sleep. Then he calls again so I decide to answer it and well he asks me if im awake enough to comprehend anything I tell him yea. thus he proceeds to tell me he is signing papers today to go into the Army and be a Medic. And so there it is. its official every single male i know well has joined the military. though im taking it much better than i thought i would and as i am me im supporting his decision. And ever so much proud of my little brother.
My Life: High School - Part 1
After Junior High graduation in June of 2000, I still had to go to summer school because I did not accumulate the necessary grades for me to graduate. I knew that I had screwed up big time by letting too many things distract me. I knew that I could not make that mistake again. I promised myself that I would not let anything distract me from my goal. In order to keep myself focused, I decided that I need to put everything that had happened with Katrina in the back of my mind and keep it locked away. I was successful with that. For the first few weeks I was doing pretty good. I was on the right track and I knew that I would be receiving my Junior High graduation certificate and and I would in High School in no time. But as the days rolled on, I started to become distracted by something else. As most of you already know, I am a really big fan of professional wrestling. In the summer of 2000, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) was at the height of it's biggest boom period, the Atti
My Life Forever
As I was talking to my new found friends all of the sudden in a burst of light you came in As you walked into the room, my eyes could see that finally I found her, I found the one for me I had found the one who could love me true my love forever, my heart found it in you One person who stole my heart and soul One person, to you my love, I give all control As the wind continues to blow and the days go by Every night I dream of your love and I start to cry Tears of joy I find rolling down my face Nothing in my life, prepared me for this place All I know is that in my heart I found something new I found something that changed me, I found the words I LOVE YOU So as you go to bed tonight, and curl up in a ball remember my words to you, but remember this most of all Nothing in the world compares to the love I have for you I give you my life, my heart, and my soul, do what you will do As each day turns into the next and time goes by for everything I do, I pr
My Life As A Movie...
AS stolen from The Princess Slut, who stole it from Bibli, etc etc etc... IF YOUR LIFE WAS A MOVIE, WHAT WOULD THE SOUNDTRACK BE? So, here's how it works: 1) Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc) 2) Put it on shuffle 3) Press play 4) For every question, type the song that's playing 5) When you go to a new question, press the next button 6) Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... Opening Credits: Collide by Howie Day Wake Up: My Hero by Foo Fighters First Day At School: Bulletproof Weeks by Matt Nathanson Falling In Love: Tearing Down Stars by Red Wanting Blue Fight Song: If You're Gonna Leave by Emerson Hart Breaking up: Everlong by Foo Fighters Prom: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz Life: First Time by Lifehouse Mental Breakdown: Dreaming With a Broken Heart by John Mayer Driving: Leaving Behind by Red Wanting Blue Flashback: Say by John Mayer Getting back together: Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's Wed
My Life As A Random Songlist - Copied From Mr. Adorable As Copied From Bibliophile
The story of my life told via random playlist. . . Opening Credits: Wake - Linkin Park (that would actually sound pretty cool to open things up. It's just a short instramental) Wake Up: Fisherman's Song - Carly Simon (seriously how the eff did that get in here? :p) First Day At School: The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls (I don't remember school being that exciting) Falling In Love: Girl is Mine - Jagged Edge, Ja Rule, Jermaine Dupri (at least it's about a girl. Phew) Fight Song: When You love a Woman - Journey (Don't we get one Mulligan?) Breaking up: Can We Chill - Ne-Yo (That's pretty good. It's meant to be a getting together song but in context it would actually work pretty good) Prom: Run to the Sun - N.E.R.D Life: Fly Away - Mariah Carey (It's a pretty song) Mental Breakdown: Treat you Right - Luther Vandross (makes no sense to me but...) Driving: Trip On Love - Abra More (this would have worked better one song before. It's from the Cruel Inte
My Life As A Random Playlist, As Handed Down Through The Ages
The story of my life told via random playlist. . . Opening Credits: "Young Lust" - Pink Floyd (No comment?) Wake Up: "Dazed & Confused" - Led Zeppelin (Actually the string quartet tribute... which might even work better!) First Day At School: "Gravity" - A Perfect Circle (Well isn't that depressing...) Falling In Love: "Sweet Sweet" - Smashing Pumpkins (Ooh, this works...) Fight Song: "Mrs. Rita" - Gin Blossoms (Apparently I am a wuss in a fight.) Breaking up: "For the People (Dan Label vs. Mahamudra Remix) - Yahel (At least I have the purest of motives. And am too busy dancing to notice breakup.) Prom: "Little Red Riding Hood" - The Bobs (I guess my prom was a capella.) Life: (Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding (Isn't my life EXCITING?!) Mental Breakdown: "Another Bag of Bricks" - Flogging Molly (Yeah, this just works. Go look up the lyrics.) Driving: "Moribund the Burgermeister" - Peter Gabriel (Um, well, at least it's from the albu
My Life With Chemo Brain
Well Folks, for those who don't know... I am a Hodgkin's Lymphoma patient. Hodgkin's Lymphoma, for those who don't know, is a cancer. While not RARE, is is less common. It is also one of the most EASILY CURED! WOO-HOO! yeah, right. When I was first diagnosed (March 2001), I was told, by numerous doctors that if I was to have to choose a cancer, Hodgkin's was the one, because it was the most easily cured. WELL, somebody forgot to tell MY Hodgkin's this. I did 8 months of Chemotherapy in 2001, had 2 lung surgeries, had a port-a-cath "installed", NUMEROUS tests, I have no idea how many CAT-scans, hospitalized three times. I got the all clear in January 2002; and was THRILLED. (left my husband Labor Day weekend 2002) Damn it all, I did a big move/job transfer/job promotion in July/August 2005. In September 2005, I find out that my ex-husband has to move for his job... which means my kids are moving (just after I move closer to them)... to KANSAS, in January 2006!!! By November 2005
My Life Has Value!!!
My Life At The Moment
My life at the moment consists of nothing but bad news an drama...I'm sorry to blurt this out but in my eyes talkin to strangers can give me a new perspective on my make a long story short I'm dealing with the death of my father...The drama is driving me nuts...I NEED A DECENT DISTRACTION!!! HELP!!!
My Life
I didnt come to this site to have people feel sorry for me or for people to pity me or for people to rate or give me bling or gifts because of my homelife. So please dont misrepresent this blog. Im simply venting about my life. Nothing more. Not many people understand me at all. And its not because I'm a difficult person..its because of what has been given to me ... my two severely handicapped children and my learning disabled 14 yr old with an attitude problem. My youngest angel is 11. She has a neuromuscular disorder called Rett Syndrome. She was diagnosed @ age 2 with it..followed by a seizure disorder the following year.She started out as a normal healthy child..only to have that taken away by this horrible dibilitating disorder. She still wears diapers 24/7, drinks from a baby bottle, walks but with a very unsteady gait and does sometimes use her wheelchair. She cannot play with toys, nor can she tell me what hurts her when she isnt feeling well..because she is non verbal. Sh
My Life
well in a few days im going to be a aunt for the frist time ;)
My Mystery
The life is mysterious to me......maybe it is because I am also a bit mysterious.... Now a days I am going through such a phase of time that I hate the most....the phase of uncertainity, I dont know what to do next.....I am not satisfied with my life right now...and I think I should not be satisfied till when I belive that I deserve more than what is at present I am getting from life, this unsatifaction is the driving force that guides me or motivates me to grow....I will make myself satisfied because yes I do deserve it more than ever now. Im growing excited at what my future may bring only I can make everything happen. Im going to laugh, giggle, have fun, and take my adventure to a new meaning. Maybe I will have someone to share it with maybe not, but that will not stop me. I am really feeling more comfortable and more energetic now...maybe it is because I have found my way out of that I found what I want what I want to do.....
My Little Hooters
American Triple Freight train Horns running at 150 psi through two valves producing about 156db blast. Yup its dammmmmm LOUD !!!!!!!!!!!
My Lil Bro
My Lil bro is new to fu land. A/F/R him,make him feel welcome. Go Deep@ fubar
My Life
Self-inflicted pain is how I used to help myself cope With the feeling of losing all hope. Everyone has something that the choose to hide, I choose to hide this pain that burns deep inside. There is not one person who understands, All everyone wants me to do is cater to their demands. I will no longer hide behind this mask, I will start showing my "true" self no matter how awkward the task. I'm sick and tired of being what you want me to be, This time I will be who I want and need to be.... ME!! I say that I am hated by many and loved by few, But that was until I broke free from you! For the last few years I have held back these tears, And tried my hardest to hide my fears. I did all this to please those around me, Pretending to be someone you wanted me to be. You claimed to be helping me, But all you were doing was wasting my time. I did what you wanted me to do without saying a word, Yet you still held me captive inside my own body, You treated me like an animal,
My Life
im 19 and all my life i have been a army brat im close to my dad and i know i can trust him and tell him everything but lately its been hard on me knowning hes out all the time to sea or on base i hardly see him , being selfish i miss him and want him home but i know he loves his job as he loves me but i can't help wonder how life would be if he was never in the army am i wrong for thinking that ??
My Life
I live my life how I want. You can say what you please because I don't give a fuck! I no longer have anyone to worry about but my boyfriend. His opinion is the only one that matters! The rest of the world can kiss my ASS!
My Life According To Me
Right here we go I feel compelled expelled whatever to elaborate (checks dictionary for spelling!) on part of my last blog. The part that I mentioned about being an alcoholic for over 20 years startinf from the age of about 13 (yes young and dont blame my parents they had no say in my life cos the step mother was a witch!) and basically carried on until about 3 years ago so work it out, I was a heavy drinker holy cow 24 years. Anyway, you read about how alcohol effects lifes, and I thought it would never happen to me but it did - moved out of family home at about 16 to work, and had my own place, but lost it cos drink was more important than rent. Went back home to dad and step witch 6 months later. Still drinking. Moved out again 6 months later followed same as above but this time a year later before I went home. THey went to New Zeland or somewhere for holiday and when they came back I had raided the drinks cupboard and dne all stupid things and therefore got kicked
My Life Is 55% Perfect.
You have a pretty good life, but you could undoubtedly be happier with it in certain areas.
My Life
I hate the way you look at me With Love and so much trust The Demon inside waits for your soul I am the one who takes control You donít know Love I am Satan The Devil from within I am destined to live alone Love none but my own Days I wish you were real To hold my heart close But your just inside me Alone I am to walk this Earth The End 20081021 Jason M. Christilaw
My Life!!!
Yes this is my first blog here, I went through Hurricane Ike i use to live in Galveston Tx...All gone for me, Im single again now its nice, Had a very bipolar man in my life awfull...But im over that still hurts he took everything..Then ike took the rest, I just need a break, A change of scenery , I love to go on roadtrips now that my cars gone i cannot..Im so miserable..I want a new exciting life im only 48 and have so much left the good i want ..some one who can show me life is great again, someone who loves life for all it has to give...Am i so wrong...Let me know..I don t think so..I also hate games, and so many people theses days play them...Well there i have my first blog...And also im mad at mother nature for taking my peace away...
My Life In General
Im just sick in tired of being alive. I have No Life, No friends ( well the only friends i think I have are on here) none in my real life at the home front. And thats all becasue of my husband of 10 yrs... He doesnt trust no one or me...thinks if i meet anyone of line is cus they want to have sex with me. Which is not all true.. halloween is coming up and i get a call from my sister ohh byt the way can you watch my 3 kids so i can go to a halloween party with my friends..Im like fine i will since i have nothing else to do or no life or party of my own..Im just sick in tired of being used to watch kids so my sisters can go just wish someone understands what i go though..
My Life Right Now
Tenacity... something everyone needs every now and then. Tenacity, some thing im gaining a little more of with every negative response for employment. For those who dont know what that word means, let me educate you real quick. According to Webster it means: persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired. It also means being able to snap back no matter what life brings to you. I have been on this job search for almost 3 years now and so far ive come up empty handed. Being employed in my field is something I think about all day everyday and Im not going to give up just because a few doors have been closed...better yet SLAMMED in my face. I believe God does things for a reason. Right now Im very close to having a job and I never would have gotten it without first working at Ford. Ive worked hard and stuck it out there for almost 2 years now and this possible endeavor my be the reason, and the pay-off. Even if i dont get the job, there are people I have me
My Life
I see my life as a big charter bus. It looks great from the outside big and black and shiny with a great colorful design on the side. It is just beautiful. At least from a distance. Once you get closer you see that the windows are kind of dirty and the paint is scuffed and chipped in some places. Still from the outside it looks just fine. It doesn't seem to run anymore. So to get any where I have to push it. It rolls for a while once I get it going. It really doesn't have great direction unless I can run up and jump inside and steer for a while but then it comes to an hill or just time and gravity start to affect it and next thing I know it is stopped again. Once in a great while the engine will fire. And will run like a dream. everything is clicking and I am just cruising along. Then for some unknown reason it stops again. The bad part is that the bus if full of people. And when I say it has stopped again they all get pissed, because of course... It is my fault it quit. I did
My List Of Most Beautiful Songs
okay so here's my list so far and I'll keep on adding. If you have any songs that you think I might like based on what I have so far feel free to let me know. Birds and Boats-Gregory and the Hawk The Promise- Tracy Chapman One of These Mornings- Moby Who Wants To Live Forever- Queen Something- Across the Universe soundtrack (cover of the Beatles) What If You- Joshua Radin Everytime- La Ley Recovery Room- The Jealous Sound Are You Alright- Lucinda Williams Silence- Matt Pond PA Back 2 Good- Matchbox 20(good old cheating song) Bankrupt On Selling-Modest Mouse A Little Pain- Olivia Inspi Reira Send Me on My Way- Rusted Root Rest in Pieces- Saliva Wait- Seven Mary Three Sunrise- Norah Jones Mayonaise- Smashing Pumpkins Nothing Iíve Ever Known- Bryan Adams Everything Changes-Staind You- Switchfoot Song To The Siren- Tim Buckley Edge Hill- Groove Armada Painted On My Heart- The Cult Sway- Bic Runga Badass- Kacy Crowley Not a Pretty Girl- Ani Difranco Bittersweet
My Life
Okay so I haven't been on as of late. I have had a life. My favorite holiday, happened. I got to decorate my house. It was the first time I had a front yard first time I could take pride in showing off my display in my home. I had a casket outside my window, two light up crows a skull it was just great i scared the kids off from my house SO my costumes of this year: she-ra Princess of power, batgirl for trick or treating with my neice and nephew, and Black canary with green arrow. As everyone knows I dress up and love dressing up for this season. I went to Hallween USA picked up a costume for my best friend where i was talking to a person who worked at the store. We talked about dc costumes comics and batman being the best super hero ever. Well they told me about "im a marvel Im DC" i watched them told mat about it and funniest stuff ever. lots of costumes and have met someone. so life is good. Busy hectic I no longer have the days off tat i used to but its still epic. life i
My Life In A Nutshell
I love that sometimes my life reveals itself in lyrics.... Better Man - Pearl Jam Waitin, watchin the clock, its four oclock, its got to stop Tell him, take no more, she practices her speech As he opens the door, she rolls over... Pretends to sleep as he looks her over She lies and says shes in love with him, cant find a better man... She dreams in color, she dreams in red, cant find a better man... Cant find a better man Ohh... Talkin to herself, theres no one else who needs to know... She tells herself, oh... Memories back when she was bold and strong And waiting for the world to come along... Swears she knew it, now she swears hes gone She lies and says shes in love with him, cant find a better man... She dreams in color, she dreams in red, cant find a better man... She lies and says she still loves him, cant find a better man... She dreams in color, she dreams in red, cant find a better man... Cant find a better man Yeah... She loved him, yeah...she d
My Life
Just a few lines to touch base with everyone. I haven't been ignoring anyone, so please don't think I have been. I have a lot of stuff going on right now that is keeping me busy in real life. My daughter is in the hospital due to pre-term labor. She isn't due until January 31st but has been in the hospital for the last week and a half. They are doing everything they can to stop delivery for as long as they can but we aren't sure how long that will work. With her being in the hospital of course I have her son here with me. He is 2 1/2 so he keeps me busy around the clock. And of course with me working 7 nights a week it has been far from easy. But we will make it. We always do. All I would ask from my friends and family is please...when you lay down at night please say a prayer for my daughter and the granddaughter she is about to have. She only weighs a little over 2 lbs right now so we need her to just hang in there a little longer. And please understand why I'm not here as much as I
My Life
My Life
This year has proved to be the worst one of my life!!!! Only good thats happened to me all year was marrying the man of my every dream...As some of ya know my kids went into foster care a couple years ago...I had done everything possible to do what the courts wanted me to do...Get a job get housing yadda yadda yadda...So I finally get a job and an apartment things were good till I lost my job and then my apartment shortly after that...It has been shown and proven that Michigan has the worst unemployement rate ever...Well Feburary 1st of this year was 6years that my dad passed away (still seems like yesterday) and I recieve in the mail that the courts had decided to terminate my parental rights...WOW talk about a double whammy there...Dad's death anniversary and now the notice that they are terminating my rights...So me and my hubby decide to appeal the courts decision...I get the call from my lawyer today and they are dead set on not giving me my babies back!!! Wtf I did everything the
My Lil Slut Puppy
Sarah wants auto 11s, she's willing to give you anal if you get her one. no clue what that has to do with bling, but i like the pink dancing dong
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My Living Will
MY LIVING WILL Last night my sister and I were sitting in the den and I said to her, 'I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all, If that ever happens, just pull the plug.' So she got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine. She's such a bitch
My Life
My Life
hello i just thought id write about my life and and how its going. well first thing is im lonely. see i always fall for girl right off the bat and never think that its never going to end. then i found out that they play head games and leave me hanging in the balance. wondering if they are going to be with me
My Life
My Life On Shuffle
:Put your music player on shuffle. :Press forward for each question. :Use the song title as the answer to the question even if they don't make sense. You'll be surprised though. :NO CHEATING How am I feeling today? Hyperpower! - Nine Inch Nails Will I get far in life? Easy - Fuel How do my friends see me? Salvation - Five Finger Death Punch Where will I get married? Into The Darkness - Nobuo Uematsu What is my best friend's theme song? The Long & Winding Road - The Beatles What is the story of my life? From Cradle to Coffin - Isadar What was high school like? Anything Goes - Guns N' Roses What is the best thing about me? I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry ~ Johnny Cash What was today like? Imaginary - Evanescence What is in store for this weekend? Track 4 - Sigur Ros What song describes my parents? Clumsy ~ Our Lady Peace How is my life going? The Running Free - Coheed & Cambria What song will they play at my funeral? To Love You -
My Life Will End
We chase misprinted lies We face the path of time And yet I fight And yet I fight This battle all alone No one to cry to No place to call home Oooh...oooh... Oooh...oooh... My gift of self is raped My privacy is raked And yet I find And yet I find Repeating in my head If I cant be my own Id feel better dead Oooh...oooh... Oooh...oooh...
12.03.08 My Life Is Rapidly Becoming The Punchline For A Seriouly Disturbed Joke
Barren of events. Rich in pretensions. My earthly life. Obscurity. My real name. I am all alone, between failure and frustration. I am the red thread between nothingness and eternity. As each day passes, it seems to get more and more depressing out here. I cant stand it. I am slowly watching myself slip deeper and deeper into a situation I might never come fully out of, and I see what it's doing to the ones I love as well. Yakima has drained my creativity, my money and is slowly devouring my soul. I feel completely lifeless here. I need out... and I want out. I have never hated a place as much as I hate it here, and I should have known, I did know... I thought this was going to be temporary, I never thought I would be here this long. I could win the fucking lottery and still be in debt... I just don't know what to do anymore. And I am sick of trying and it never going anywhere. How can a company seem to think that giving someone 12 hours one week and 16 the next
My Life: High School - Part 2
After a joyful summer filled with great World Wrestling Federation action, it was time for me to make my return to John Adams High School. Those 2 months away from school was exactly what I needed after basically going 3 straight years without any down time. But, it also made me forget how tough high school was, so on the first day back I felt the nervousness that I had felt months earlier when I joined the school for the first time. Only this time I would be better prepared for what was to come my way. The year started off pretty normal. Nothing too exciting happened. The classes were once again very easy and I was doing very well in them. I was still deep in my somewhat obsession with wrestling, but it wasn't distracting me as much as it did before. I was happy and having a great time, making new friends and learning new things. I felt like I was on top of the world, that I was on the right path, and that I would be graduating in June 2004 with all of my old friends like it was su
My Life
My life is changing dramatically....Yesterday marked the 1 week since my husband walked out on me and my kids. We have been lost and searching for answers since he left. When he left, he cleared out the bank account and left me and the kids with basically no money, except the $26 dollars in my purse. I have asked him for help on things and he said he is broke yet I found out last night when I really needed him to help me that he was out drinking supposedly with a bunch of buddies from work but he never has gone out with any of them before and he has been there almost 2 years! I was really sick last night, not sure if it is from the stress or what but I was getting really dizzy and light headed and even fainted once! I texted and called him for help and he said to call his mom to take the kids cause he was busy! Are you kidding me!? These are our kids not your moms! He spoke to the kids yesterday and told them to call him at bedtime and they did and he didn't answer to find out he was o
My Life As A Bartender
Most people would sell their soul along with Grandma's house and their yarbels for the ability to roll into work at 9pm, pour drinks, drink said drinks, listen to music, dance, party and flirt. Such is the perceived life of a bartender. Sure, we socialize and basically have fun, but some facts need to separated from fiction. Most bar patrons have severe misconceptions about the actual lives of bartenders; who we are, what we do and why we do it. Also, remember that the interaction between bartender and customer is a delicate one; it's both an economic and a social relationship that has stood the test of time. Most other relationships in life are fleeting but, if managed properly, the partnership between drinkers and their bartenders is sacred. Consider this a pocket-size operating manual for our mutual good times. And, if these points are taken to heart, we can continue to raise our collective glasses and toast to our long, drunken future together. So forget all those third-perso
My Life's Work
Steve Santini has single handedly revolutionized the image and accomplishments of the contemporary professional escape artist. Taking escapology out of itís ďDark AgesĒ, Santini crafted a unique performing style and props that are a look forward into the future of the art all the while creating a visceral and extremely intense psychological experience for modern audiences craving ďrealityĒ over fantasy. There is no ďmagicĒ or ďillusionĒ to be found in the work of Santini. In fact, he strongly believes that such elements have no place at all in the art of escape. What he does is real, impassioned, and without equal. HISTORY 2008- Work begins on an original extreme escape television series starring Santini 2008- Became a consultant to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, D.C., USA. Besides lending the museum many authentic vintage restraints and ancient punishment devices from his personal collection Santini also did pre recorded voice work for the Med
My Lil Fasicnation, Or Fetish As Some Folks Put It
I know some of u have looked thourgh my pics n stash, n seen all my posts involving lady wrestling, n wondered why i enjoy it so. For one , its not cause of violence, not in the least. Its all bout sexy ladies, thier sexy outfits, n thier whole persona bout it. It started when i was maybe 14, a young scrawny teenager going thourgh puberty. I dont know if yall rember it, but there was a lady wrestling show called GLOW in the mid 80's that use to come on. Ahhh i can rember watching it every saturday, on a lil black n white tv i had with rabbit ears on it. Rember like i said i was 14, going thourgh puberty too so that was a big part of it lol. Those sexy ladies, wearing tight spandex n boots too. My mind ran wild,n i enjoyed it so. N so me enjoying wathing ladies like that stuck, n thankfully i never out grew it.Actually have dated a lady wrestler too some. Its all n good fun, n yes i guess it is a fetish n turn on. Guess thats why i think sexy legs n thighs r such a turn on too. N
My Life As The Jaded One....
Why is it as I lay in bed, I begin to cry ? No one understand's me. No one gives me credit for the thing's I have done in my life that are good, everyone just dwell's on the past. It's not fair, when all I do is bust my ass and try my hardest. All anyone want's to do is criticize me on the thing's that I have done wrong in the past year. And everyone wonder's why I do not want to be here anymore. I finally got a good job, pay's well we finally have health insurance and for what? So that I can get told what a fuck up I am. It's not fair. Yes, I have made mistakes in the past, but who hasn't ? And all anyone can seem to dwell on is how bad I've done .... What ever happened to leaving the past where it belongs.... IT's not fair. I go to work, pay my bill's, and try my best to make sure that the kids are taken care of and it's not fair! My only hope at this point is that someone will tell me I'm dying or have cancer.. Maybe then I'll get lucky and die. No one care's that everything I do, i
My Life
This'll sound very vague to most who dont' KNOW me but I have some weird things in my life and I'm not sure what to do about them... I need to sort out some major dilemma's in my mind as they eat at me. Sorry I can't be very specific at the moment.. maybe I'll expand on that soon.
My List
Dear Santa: I think the last time I wrote to you I was about 8 or 9 years old (that following year Randy Gilman told me you were fake & not real) Well I still believe in you, Well you know what I mean. So tell me how's the wife & the elf's? alright, enough small talk. Wait, one more stupid question, After all these years why do we still have to write you a letter why can't we email you or add you to our IM? keep up with the times .. jeez. Alright I know you have many other letter to read Hey why don't you have a proof reader so you have to only read the good ones like mine? I know back to my list: Well I think I was a good person this year I only tripped one person in the street, come on you have to laugh it was a dare from an old friend. & I did give her back her cane. Jeez. What I really want this year is a Hummer but not like the one last year, this time I want the automobile! Get it right, not that I didn't like the one last year (But remember the docto
My Lieutenant
It's my 1st day on the job, I still wonder how in the world I am in this position. Nevertheless, I'm in the locker room fixing it up and getting dressed. Giving myself the once over, I smile and slam the locker shut. As I'm walking out to the meet & greet, I see my brother in the distance. He's shaking his head and wondering what in the hell I did to get hired on with ZERO experience, and he's got a smirk on his face, laughing inside. I walk up to him, we talk a little bit, and then settle in for the 1st briefing. As I sit down at the table, I adjust my belt and see my sister walk in with a couple of friends. She sits next to me and smirks that same smirk my brother did. Mind you, I don't have any memory of how I got here but it's surely an interesting adventure.The chief does his role call, and speaks of the important news of the day for lookout. After he's finished, the Lieutenant comes up. Damn. That's...Brian, what in the hell? I look at him quizically and he flashes me a smile. He
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My Life
It is realy hard in the world know that evething is going down hill no job's and what are us people to do i thnk there is going to be Riot soon i don't know about you all.
My Little Pain Slut...............
Our relationship was going in a totally different direction to what I had ever imagined. It had started out as just two people having some fun, granted it was what many people would consider perverted fun, but harmless fun in reality. But now, it was as if we were both on an express train to sado-masochistic depravity. The really scary thing was of course that neither of us new where the final destination would be, but neither of us wanted to get off. And now as I waited for you to answer the door, the train was going to speed up some more, I just hope it did not leave the tracks. You open the door, dressed as I had instructed. My favourite leather under bust corset, black of course, pushing your beautiful breasts up and outwards. I could still see the faint red marks from when I had used the flogger to torture them the last time we were together. As instructed you were wearing stockings, attached with suspenders to the corset, but no panties. Your freshly shaved cunt glowed pink fr
My Life
My Life
i sit here dazed as i stareand think abt the day i have had...i came to maine to sy daughters for xmas and we had been together a week and having a great time after 5 months of not being able 2 c them an d because u refuse to hand her what she wants she gets mad and comes to my hotel and takes them and crushes me
My Life
well some of the people im close to on here know. that the last couple of years in my life have had its ups an downs. mainly fighting with my mom over alot of things. she seems to think i dont want nothing to do with her anymore because of money. no thats not correct she once had a responceability and never took care of it. that responceability was me she chose to do things her way and go her own way. i dont want nothing to do with her because of the way. she acts and has acted in the passed. not because shes 15,000$ behind in back child support. but because of reasons like her calling her brother my uncle. and telling him i have there fathers 30/30 rifle . that she gave me after there father passed away. then she wanted it back beacuse she had sold. the atv and welder to get beer money an was broke. and hounded me for the rifle back an i said no. cause all she whould do is sell it for beer money. she was living in a fuckin semi and was broke. she had a good job working
My Likes And Don't Likes
Well I like all kinds of music blues, rock, some country dont listen to it all the time makes me depressed and tv what I like to watch anything that has action horror and it has to make sense cops,car chases, wrestling and movies on payperview that I might see I like. I like to read books believe it or not but I cant seem to find the time to actually read a book. Im really a nice guy when you get to know me I dont hate anyone im not mean or a sex maniac im here to meet people and talk to my friends I dont mean or cause harm to anyone I will add just about anyone as long a they are nice and not a cam chick (if any are reading this please leave me alone) My hobbies are scale model building cars model trains when I have the time to And what I dont like mean people hateful people people that are rude and judge mental tomatoes beans etc. well, I hope this gives an insight on what im like the rest talk to me and just find out. I know I didnt post anything in my profile so I hope this helps.
My Life
Ok those of you who know me know I am a huge flirt.. But for the record I am not looking for that meaningless one night roll in the hay... Some of my best friends are on here and they are friends online and off. I also am not looking for a relationship because there is one who knows he holds the key to my inner being and when he is ready for that then he knows I will move the world for him... I am a woman in many levels but believe that you should always be honest in every thing you do.. so if you want to ask me a question feel free and if you like the answer or not it will be the truth so becarful what you wish for...
My Life As I See It 2
My life starts to change. My so called "Step Dad" could not wait to get rid of me. He took me home and commenced to totally blow me off. I went to live with my newspaper route manager and his wife for about a week. They were good people. His wife introduced me to cottage cheese and pepper. I still love it. I had hair down to the middle of my back. That was promptly cut off and new clothes were bought for me to attend moms funeral. I never understood the need to cut my hair. After all, mom had no problem with it. I guess they did. After about a week I was picked up and taken to my "Sisters". This is where I remained until I joined the United States Army. Now about my sister.....I had been to their house before, played with their kids and spent the night. Yet, I never knew she was my sister. Strange that she was my sister and yet much older than me. She had kids about my age. A son and a daughter. They my brother and sister. I still don't understand it. Guess I never will. At th
My Life As I See It 3
My return home I left the Army and returned home. It did not take long to see that some things never change. Hell, even my wife could see it. Nothing I did was good enough for the rest of the family. Not my wife, the car I had, my job. Nothing.....Looking back at it. They were correct on the wife part! After the buying and furnishing of a new house. The wife got home sick and just would not let up on it. So I sold it all and moved to Charlotte NC where her sister and her husband lived. So there I was in a strange town. No job and what money I had in my wallet. With a wife and my two step boys to take care of. Things couldn't look any worse. Especially with a wife that continued to spend money like I was getting paid next Friday. I stopped in an Exxon station for gas at the corner of Woodlawn Drive and I 77 to get gas. They had a sign on the door for help wanted. I talked with the manager there his name was Al. And left with a job a whole $3.90 an hour plus commission. Now that
My Life Part 4
Returning home again I left California pulling a small U-Haul trailer behind my car. (The one that's in my pics) I had intended on going back to Atlanta. But coming through Oklahoma City, Oklahoma during the morning rush hour I was in the wrong lane and could not get over. So there I was heading toward Tulsa on I 44. So I said what the hell. I'll go visit for a day or two then continue to Atlanta. I never left. Things went well with the family for awhile, but as usual that didn't last. I left and have not been back around them at all. I have no desire to be either. Enough is enough and I have had enough! They can take their sniveling back stabbing holier than tho shit and keep it. I will not return...... So. There I was. Just me. Life was boring dull and repetitive. Just the same shit everyday. Work home eat sleep. over and over again. the only excitement I had was riding my bike. It released me from the everyday bullshit. Made me feel good. Took away the stress. But something
My Life Part 1
To start with, if you think this is about you, and only you. Get over yourself. This is about how I feel at this point in my life! Reflections from the past as well as thoughts from the present. This blog covers several years and will probably not make sense to many people. It will I am sure slap some right in the face. This is not my intention. I just feel the need to write this as it come to mind. My life from the start According to my birth certificate I was born December 8Th 1957. And was the third child. I wonder why I grew up as an only child? I wonder why I was told at a very young age that my mother gave me up for adoption, yet the mothers name on my birth certificate was the same as the one that told me that? Did I misunderstand being as young as I was? Or was I mislead for some reason? None of that really matters at this point. I can not help but wonder though, how much that information had to do with the way I look at the world now? I remember as a small child go
My Life Part 5
The need for medical insurance Well, I got very ill no insurance in and out of the hospital, no one could figure out what was wrong, severe pain that brought me to my knees in my chest. I just knew I was going to die. Then they figured it out. I had a gahlbladder that was not functioning correctly causing all the pain. I had surgery was off work and got very far behind in bills. My wife did not work and she didn't then. She should have. I went back to work sooner than my doctor wanted me to. I had a wife and three step kids to support, but It was killing me I hurt it seems that some people recover more quickly than others. I was in the "Other Category" It took me a long time to get back to making good money again. I was paid by commission, so speed was important. I just did not have it at that time. We had to bail on the house and the car went back, I was barely making enough for utilities and food, much less anything else. My beginnings into Motorcycle clubs I had a fri
My Lie Part 6
Me and The Bandidos Motorcycle Club I was invited to attend one of the National runs I found this to be a great honor and I gladly accepted. I got to see a lot that some only dream of. I was able to talk with 30 plus year members and even one member. Who was in a Military club much like I was before he became a Bandido. I seen prospects working their asses off to get what they wanted. None of them were just sitting around shooting the shit. This impressed me. This looked like exactly what I was looking for. I was asked and I accepted the opportunity to Prospect for the Bandidos. I was then and am now Proud to have done it. I worked my ass off. Rode more in a month than some do all year. I learned club history, was told stories of things funny and not so funny. I earned the privilege to be called a Bandido I have earned my One Percenter Diamond and will defend my club and my brothers to the death if need be. I am now again more than just another person. I am a One Percenter!
My Life Part 7
Love, Trust, Betrayal, Disrespect and Selfishness This title pretty much says it all. So be warned! This is the open, honest, straight forward and to the point. This is how I have come to see things over the years. I am not the only man that feels like this to some degree. And there are plenty of women out there that feel this way toward men to some degree as well. In order for me to get my point across. I need to give you a little of my thoughts on life in each of the categories in this title. So please be patient as you read. As I grew up, I believed that Marriage was a life time commitment. To love honor and Cherish til death do us part. I believed that once you were married, that was the one you were with period. It was to be strictly monogamous. The man worked and took care of his family. Defended them at all cost and could trust without hesitation what his spouse told him. Man...What fantasy world was I living in? Life is not what The Wonderful World of Disney po
My Life Is For The Taking
hey hey my life is for the takeing my heart is almost breaking im really shaking with all these lies and storys you've been making its no wonder i've been living this life in vain that when i cut so deep it almost hits the vein. my life is for the takeing its heart breaking my life is for the takeing its heart breaking every morning i wake up all shook up with the memories of what you've done to me its no wonder you can't see the pain thats been driven into me take the time to see the life i lead and why i like to see myself bleed. my life is for the takeing its heart breaking my life is for the takeing its heart breaking sometimes i wish i could sleep my life away then to have to put up with the pain do you even care if i hit a vein why do i live my life in shame because its the only way to deal with the pain instead of going insane my life is for the takeing its heart breaking my life is for the takeing its heart breaking
My Lil Me
My Little Girl
my little girl you were my only passion for life, my only reason in this crazy world to go on, you brought meaning to this life, you were my everything, my existence revolved around your every little breath, i brought life to you, and you gave life to me. you gave me joy every moment your tiny feet walked this earth, to see you smile, gave me such a rush let my heart jump a beat and to hear you cry broke it, you changed everything in my world, gave it new meaning everything i thought and felt before you, meant nothing and could never compare to what you showed me. around your tiny little finger you had me wrapped, and in your eyes i saw my world. and in just one moment in time my world crumbled, and now i feel nothin, a cold memory has been put in place of my heart, i am lost to the world, disconnected from this coil, i have become hollow, my only reason died with you, i seek your face in my dreams, and we play for hours, your laughter oh god your laughter, you crawl in my arms a
My Life In 2008
2008 as it was for Me, good bad and ugly... Current mood: loved Category: Nostalgic Life Wow a year full of its ups and downs. I have to say for the most part I'm glad its over. A few major occurrences in '08 .....I got divorced (yay), turned 40, had major family conflicts and changes, lost friends, gained friends, made mistakes, hurt people, have been hurt, re-connected with family, and fell in love. Starting with my divorce, since the beginnings of it were in '07, it was finally final July 28, 2008, and I must say, that was one of the happiest days of my life. To be out of a marriage I should never have entered to begin with. I have no regrets on meeting Joe and becoming part of his kids lives, for that I will always be grateful. We should have never married, but that's neither here nor there. I love his children with all my heart, just as my own, and they still love me despite the fact that I'm not their "step-mom" anymore. The love of family does not know boundaries, its un
My Life
love and emotion ripping thru my soul the challenge of a new day, missing your touch we spoiled ourselves those last few weeks those days, now passed, that i miss so much the pain of the days without you near the love, so strong, it makes me weak you hold my heart, it's in your hands the chills i get when your name i speak late last night, i had a dream i woke up angry that it wasn't true cause in that dream you were my wife and i realized i belong with you i'm hoping my life's like that dream and one day soon you'll be my wife i know i could not love you more your my days and are my life
My Life.
MY LIFE. By me I look into mirror I see myself, but as I was before The days where I had hopes and Dreams Know I see sadness, pain, death in my face And the wasted time I have spent here I broke my life apart, I lost everything exept myself I have nothing to gain or lose from life I only wanted a simple life , Now i want only to live in dark, In the shadow of my Dreams watching how the world dies, Day after day It burns in pain It feels hunger for blood I take a peace of Mirror glass and look into myself I see that many years passed. I see how old I have become How much pain I have seen How much did I gane Throught this years Now I have only one purpose, to live And there is nothing to change..... MRRCP2007
My Life....
Love sick Current mood: lonely Exploring possibilities, thoughts take their own direction Dissected to the pit of me, I mourn for his affection Disease is taking over me, love sick is my infection Addicted to the bitter sweet that feeds on my regression How unclear must the picture be, blind faith must get me through If loving you means I can't see, I'll trade my sight for you Inform me when you've had your fill, I never give enough Remarkably despite my feats I'm desperate for your love Whenever will you notice me, my God how long it's been The time loves truth can be embraced we both will truly win Sorrow grows from seeds of hope neglected by the sun I need your light to penetrate this solitude of one
My Life
This is the thing I am 21 years old and all I want in my life is to happy but in order to do that I feel that I am getting angry all the time and that is not me. I think that I have some personally info that I need to figure out. The two main thing that I need to figure my self I can't get to it. So right now I am lost and have really nobody for direction instead my girl mary jane. She help to get raid on the pain in life for a little bit but it dosen't mean that it gone. The worst thing that a person can do is to suppress there feeling because you can exploed on somebody that you don't mean too. Thats whats going on to me right now and I don't like because it is not who I am. That is the main problem too every body have a purpose in life and I don't know what is mains. The thing for me to know that is for me to know who I am, not what I am but who. There still a lots of stuff me for to figure out but right now I have to figure where the hell I can get a boost mobile phone charger a
My Life
WEll i am 23/f/ny and my name is heather and i have 2 kids that are my life. i have a lot of sister and bro. i also have a best friend names kaite she is there when i need her the most and for the good tiems and bad ones. I just brock up with a guy that told me he was not the same as the oher but guess what he was just like them so there for i am just a lil pissed off about it all how is had to end you know. So if u reading there and u want to know more just wright to me ok
My Life
I am greatful for my friends and family.. My husband, Matthew and i met in high school 22 years ago.. I have 4 boys and he has 5 kids of his own.. That is a lot of children. lol... We seperated after high school, but we got back together 20 years later.. We got married on October 6,2008.. We are truely blessed with all we have in our lives.. We have friends that are as close as our family is.. Granted our friends don't live in the same town let alone the same state as we do, but we are close just the same.. We are looking forward to a bright future together.. We are so happy for the friends and family that are in our lives.. Some of my family don't talk to me but that is ok.. I have all i need or want right here at home.. My husband and my boys make me happy everyday and from where i am sitting that is what matters most in the world.. Matt drives a truck and I am a stay at home mom, which is where i want to be this way i can see all the changes in my boys.. I am looking forward to seei
My A Nutshell
I needed to start writing again. These are my daily ramblings and observations..... Cast (so far): Ian - My 15 year old son Neil - My 13 year old son Nevin - My 11 year old son Kim - My Ex-Wife Joann - My Girlfriend ------------------ Nevin and I were talking tonight. We were insulting each other. He said, "Dad, you're a Homo." I said, "If I'm a homo, then how did you get here?" He replied, "Oh..yea, nevermind." Joann and were taking pictures...I said...something I always do, and she called me a "Wing Nut"....can someone explain that one to me?
My Life!
Take me away from the hood like a state penitentiary. Take me away from the hood in a casket or a Bentley. Take me away... Like I overdosed on cocaine, or take me away... like a bullet from Kurt Cobain. Suicide. I'm from a windy city like do or die. From a block close to where Biggie was crucified. That was Brooklyn's Jesus shot for no fucking reason. And you wonder why Kanye wear his Jesus pieces. Cause that's Jesus people, and Game he's the equal. Hated on so much Passion Of The Christ need a sequel. Yeah, like Rockefeller need a Segal. Like I needed my father but he needed a needle. I need some meditation so I can lead my people. They askiní why? Why did John Lennon leave the Beetles? And Why every hood nigga feed off evil? Answer my question before this bullet leave this Desert Eagle!!
My Life
As my 35th birthday draws near I'm looking back at my life and wondering if I ever made good decisions when it comes to love.... I have let good guys go so i can be with jerks.... I wonder if i can change me or is my life always gonna be this way. I've never felt so alone.... of course i have friends and family but i'm missing that special bond between two people...... I know I shouldn't compare my life to someone else's but most people my age are married, with a family and a career... oh well enough self pity time to move on
My Living Will
MY LIVING WILL Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her, 'I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.' She got up, unplugged the Computer, and threw out my wine. She's such a bitch.....
My Life
it was a dark night like I have never seen befor cloud's filled the skyhiding the moon awayas I walked through forest fog covering the ground all at oncei hurd a nouse. I stoped in my track's turned to look couldn't see any thing and did hear the nouse I thoght I hurd all I could see is the darkness around me. Haveing feeling that i was being watchedunable to see.I toke a step or 2 and hurd it again sounded even closer then befor so I stoped again. Nouthing but a feeling like I was being watched. All I could see is the darkness that was around me all the sound's where gone with all the silince felt like I was being stalked. Like I was a nice dinner or maybe a snack. Then it sounded like somthing was right behind me. The last thing I rember was opening my eye's unsure where I was or even what place i was in and it had seemed tat i have gottin away from the darkness that almost had me. as I open my eye's a little more i could see very little just some crack's in the wall's or maybe in t
My Life
I have a new life here in Pa, which i love, i have met lots of new people and i love my job.
My Life
As the days grow closer, And your face enters my mind, I begin to realize something. My life revolves around you. Breaths one by one, Are taken for you. My eyes are God's gift to me, So I may see the glorious wonders of your feature. I smell so as not to miss you, When the wind blows your perfume. I wake every morning, To see a smile flash in my direction. I live for you and you alone. No matter what happens, Then, now or later... I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART! by: Michael the Smokin' Gator
My Life Sucks Right Now
Everything has went downhill, since New Year`s eve.We went to a bar that night & stayed put & sleep.Got up the next morning went thru a road block & guess what? They had the hubby to get out & decided our fate for the rest of the year.He hadn`t drank anything since 2:00 that morning.To make a long story short. he got a dui & lost his job.Not good for us....I hate it.Don`t go to court till March.He hasn`t had any luck with a job yet.Life sucks....
My Life
I can't wait till feb. 5th then i get to finally see him OMG I CAN'T WAIT
My Life
I am starting to make changes in my life. Two years ago i was approved for disablity, but it doesn't pay the bills very well becasue I am young and haven't worked a lot since I was 16. So now I am out looking for a job so i can get off disablity and take care of my family. i have my degree in web design and i am searching for a job that will allow me to use my degree. So far I have not had any luck but i am not going to give up. My career advisor at school is helping me look not only here in Wichita, but in other states as well. It's time that i put myself first and start getting my life going in the direction that will make me a stronger person and also much more indipendent then i am right now.
My Life
I Know none of the people on here. really quite intriguing. I like it. So tell me what you think be honest.. No need to lie really. Were never going to meet eachother so why not. The Name is Annie.. Yes chris you already knew that.. (no chris is not my bf) anyway I like pink. I am a nympho.. Figured ud like that. Anyway.. Im not seeking help for my condition I just look it as a good cardio work out no harm done. lol well no harm has been done. I can controll it and just take it out on my bf. Yep he loves me. Why wouldnt he. haha. Im not your average girl I think I can honestly say. I really honestly think im a dude trapped in a girls body. That happens to have big boobs... thank you all for pointing them out cause I didnt even notice they were there! wow weird. So therefore I am BI.. yep real bi not im a drunk whore I think ill get with a girl but only when im drunk kind of bi.. I also enjoy long walks on the beach.. JK no when im at the beach I enjoy Skim boarding. You know your
My Life
I've been through hell and back loving every minute with no regrets. If I had to do it all over again I would. I don't back down from any challenges and welcome any that come my way. My husband knows I don't tolerate anyone's bullshit, never have and I never will. My husbands name is Denver, he's 31 and such a great man to the kids and myself. He has 2 kids from a previous relationship whom I love as my own. I call them my kids because I have never thought of them any other way. To some people it might be viewed as a bad thing but if they knew what I knew then chances are it would be better understood. My daughter is soon to be 11. My son is soon to be 10. I have been in their lives since 2005, watching them grow up more and more each day. They are both jewels in my husbands eyes as well as mine. The love I have for them all can withhold anything. This is my family and my life. I'm taking things one day at a time making it better each day.
My Life And Wonders
words the old and the new nothing can exspress the sorrow the heartache. everything that holds dear to me. my daughter...i wish the best and i hope she will still love her father i will not be able to see her for i am far away in another state not seeing my daughter that is worst than any physical pain i can think of nothing can measure up to it. death is nothing but a pine needle on a pine tree nothing in my life all the beatings all the hardships all of it could never measure up to a father not being able to see his child is only child. i love my daughter more than life i wish i could see her grow up and see her smiles and comfort her when she frowns.. but i will not be able to anymore.... not for a long time i will not be able to see her all i have to see her with is her pictures i have of her now and then. i wish i could see her my heart aches not seeing her her voice and her cuteness and how she called me daddy... it make my heart melt each time she was a daddies girl i hope she w
My Life
I found someone that makes my heart super happy. He is my knight in shining armor and he rawx my world. I believe in my heart of hearts that he is the one for me. I get butterflies when we talk and he makes me smile. I never thought that anyone would ever be able to do that for me again. He makes me laugh every night that we talk...he is my soul mate. We get along and understand each other. I thank GOD everyday that he sent this wonderful man to me. I know now that GOD does truelly answer prayers.
My Life-part I: Growing Up In Va
I thought I might expand upon my life story here in my Fubar blogs so that my friends can get to know me better. I was born in Richmond, VA in 1971 and lived there until 1993. As a kid, I was a decent student in school. I liked collecting "Star Wars" toys and playing Atari games in the 80's. My sister, K., and I faught a lot, were "lach-key kids" and worked on Fmr. US Pres. Ronald Reagan (R-CA)'s 1980 and 1984 presidential campaigns. In high school, I took lots of different classes. I liked business, compter and drama but found that I did well in math, social studies and science. My senior I took high-level chemistry and math. I also got on the varsity football and track teams as a team manager. I ended up earning two varsity letters and an academic letter. Out of high school, I started to attend a local community college. I studied funeral science for a year and then switched to liberal arts. I earned my associate's degree, served on student government and got to represent
My Life In A Nutshell
so one of my last blogs was unmarried and no kids at the age of 23. Well I am not 24 with a 10 week old baby girl whom I love more deeply than i could ever imagine. Last year around this time I got back with my ex fiance- and in the couple months we were back together.. he wrecked my car... got me pregnant and left me while I was still pregnant. while I was pregnant my dad had to get a pace maker in.. my uncle was diagnosed with cancer.. and went through a life threatning procedure that he made it through.. My great aunt died. Just a whole lot of crap went down. Dec 3rd rolls around and the most incredible gift to my life occured I had my baby.. She is my everything and I hope to provide for her the best I can for being a single mom.. Hope she knows how much I love her and everything I do.. I do for her!! But the problem is now.. I work 2 jobs.. work 7 days a week.. and work 5+ hours a day.. so thats time away from her.. Granted my parents help but the
My Life-part Ii: The College Years
In the fall of 1992, I began attending Marshall University in Huntington, WV. I decided to major in Social Studies Education and minor in Mathematics Education with specialty classes in Middle School Education and Special Education. As a student, I did pretty well in making the Dean's List and getting inducted into four honor societies. I did pretty well at getting my assignments done, but I found summer session too much work to do for the credits I earned. I got involved in the college community by serving in student government, the College Republicans and Students For Life. I even worked on a conservative underground newspaper. I loved going to football and basketball games. Every so often I would go out to a Techno bar/club to hear the latest dance tunes. I didn't date but had many female friends I hang out with. I spent my first year living in the "jock dorm". It was always noisy and my roommate was much younger than me. So we didn't get along too well. For my last thre
My Life-part Iii: Summer Adventures
While I was both in and finishing up my college education, I worked in the summers to earn some cash for school books and bills. For three summers, I worked as a camp counselor. I spent two summers in northern VA at a Salvation Army camp for inner-city kids. I worked with kids ranging from 6-17 and helped out with night programs. The pay was decent and I made many friends. Later I worked one summer at a camp for special needs kids in western NC. There I mostly worked with young adults. The pay was low, but I got a lot of experience in working with special needs of all ages. For two summers, I worked at an amusement park in northern OH call Cedar Point. The first summer I worked in the Food Service department. I learned a lot about running different types of eating establishments. The second summer I worked in the Merchandise-Games department as a retail salesperson. I sold everything from low-priced tourist junk to high-priced clothing. I was the best jewelry (sp) salesperson in

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