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My Letter To You On The Date October 28th 1684
October 28th, 1684 Dearest : Your letter of the 27th is before me. I am always glad to hear from you, but your letter is so cold and calculated that I do not like it. If you love me any at all you might write in a different style. Dearest, I do not like to chide you for anything but please write me something from your heart. My soul aches for want of reciprocating feelings. I am surrounded here with nothing but the cold formalities of this cruel service and therefore expect from you, as my only love something that will cheer my desolate feelings. Dear, dear Love, do you not think I am partially right – or do I ask too much from you? I really hope you have not forgotten yet those happy, very happy moments we have passed together. Love, do you think I love you at all or do you think I have married you for a mere tool that I could use at my moment? God forbid that such a thought should ever enter my mind. I know Dearest that I have been the cause of much grief to you. I know I
My Letter To Hypocrasy!!!
Leave Me Alone Life is a bunch of shit. Live your own, NOT MINE. Death becomes me. Death is my friend, storing up all I care about. I’ll get it back when I’m gone, RIGHT??? Maybe not. What’s so fucking good about life? Love’s a pain in the ass. Time robs us of all we hold dear. Everyone wants to control Everyone. Who’s the fuckin’ boss??? I wanna kick his ass!!! Leave me the fuck alone, so I can leave you the fuck alone. Don’t fucking condemn me For what you do behind closed Doors! Maybe, just maybe, I’m not doing it! You judge yourself and say it’s me! FUCK YOU!!! JUST FUCK YOU!!! Life’s a bowl of cherries! LOL Too bad they’re rotten! Full of maggots and fruitflies, The stench fills my nostrils! Keep your secrets to yourself! Look to the future??? Thanx a fuckin’ lot dumb ass!!
My Letter To My Judgmental Friends Of The Past!!!
Leave Me Alone Life is a bunch of shit. Live your own, NOT MINE. Death becomes me. Death is my friend, storing up all I care about. I’ll get it back when I’m gone, RIGHT??? Maybe not. What’s so fucking good about life? Love’s a pain in the ass. Time robs us of all we hold dear. Everyone wants to control Everyone. Who’s the fuckin’ boss??? I wanna kick his ass!!! Leave me the fuck alone, so I can leave you the fuck alone. Don’t fucking condemn me For what you do behind closed Doors! Maybe, just maybe, I’m not doing it! You judge yourself and say it’s me! FUCK YOU!!! JUST FUCK YOU!!! Life’s a bowl of cherries! LOL Too bad they’re rotten! Full of maggots and fruitflies, The stench fills my nostrils! Keep your secrets to yourself! Look to the future??? Thanx a fuckin’ lot dumb ass!!
My Letter To My Future Someone.
My dearest ______, I know that I don’t know you, nor do you know me. But our love is here, waiting to be unfolded into a great love that neither of us has ever had in our lives. You are my thoughts, and you are my dreams. I stay awake at night because you are not with me. And sometimes I even look out at the clear night sky, wondering if the sparkles from your eyes were somehow gazing back at me to know you were there with me. Maybe one day, if we are destined to meet, I’ll be smiling at you, remembering the thoughts and dreams of you that have become my reality. Love is a part of life that takes our breathe away, and it catches us by suprise. Even though we have never met, and still haven’t, you have captured me with such great love for you, as I do to this day. Finally, remember that... ...I love you. --Xonus.
My Leprechaun Name
Leprechaun NameYour Leprechaun Name isBig Nose O'GradyGet Your Leprechaun Name at
My Letter To Santa
Dear Santa, As I'm sure you know I have been a really good girl this year. I didn't kick that girl's ass that was blowing up my chickens in the oven at work, I didn't even get ulgy with that lady that no matter how thin I cut her cold cuts they just aren't thin enough. I'm sure you know I wanted to. Being that I didn't go postal at work or send out hate email to headquarters would you please place under my tree A GOOD MAN! Santa I want a man that will hold me when I've had a bad day. Someone who will surprise me with flowers at work or send me text messages of sweet nothings just to let me know at that moment they thought of me. A good man that will love me for me and not what is under my cloths. One that will love kids and could put up with Linnea cause we all know she is me all over again. A good knowledge of Horror is a plus cause we will need something to watch together. Being that I'm scared of the dark he has to like holding me tight at night and check for the boogie
My Legacy
Legacy 09*14*84 My poetry is my legacy, To my friends left behind, No matter where I am at, They’re always on mind. I leave behind thoughts kind, Of friends both won and lost, And the price I payed, Was well worth the cost. I loved them all, With all my heart, Tho’ sometimes so dumb, And sometimes so smart. So when I’m gone, And six feet under, I leave my friends, One small wonder. I hope my friends, Will try to understand, The works and thoughts, Wrought by my hand. Think of me oft, Think of me kind,, For no one knows, This confused child’s mind.
My Level Of Hell
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)LowLevel 2 (Lustful)Very HighLevel 3 (Gluttonous)ModerateLevel 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)LowLevel 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)HighLevel 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
My Letter To Dear Abby
Dear Abby, I've never written to you before, but I really need your advice on what could be a crucial decision. I've suspected for some time now that my wife has been cheating on me. The usual signs... Phone rings but if I answer, the caller hangs up. My wife has been going out with the girls a lot recently although when I ask their names she always says, "Just some friends from work, you don't know them." I always stay awake to look out for her taxi coming home, but she always walks down the drive. Although I can hear a car driving off, as if she has gotten out of the car round the corner. Why? Maybe she wasn't in a taxi? I once picked her cell phone up just to see what time it was and she went berserk and screamed that I should never touch her phone again and why was I checking up on her. Anyway, I have never broached the subject with my wife. I think deep down I just didn't want to know the truth, but last night she went out again and I decided to really check on her.
My Letter
- A's Sexy Acronym - Ais for...Attractive The Sexy Acronym Generator at
My Letter To Sean....
dear sean, its been three months since you left...& i wont lie to you...this has been the hardest days of my life. i missed you the very second you walked towards the bus. i wanted nothing more than to call you back to with tears running down my face i forced a smile on my face because i knew you would turn around to wave once you got on the bus. i didnt want you to know how much i was hurting with each step you took. i had to stop myself from following the bus out of the parking lot....i felt my heart breaking & thats when i broke down for the first time. i drove myself home...& went straight to bed. i was hoping to find some solice there but all i found was that our bed was now just mine...& that it was far too big for just me. the tears came rushing back as i hugged your pillow. my mom called me about an hour after i had gotten home...asking me to come over & spend some time with the family. so there i was at my parent's house surrounded by family yet feeling so alone. th
My Left Nut.
There was a time when I would have given my left nut to spend time with you. Of course, that time was before the accident. Now let's never speak of it again.
My Letter To A Bag Theif .. Yeah I Actually Put This Ad Out There..
It's kind of the continuation off of my last blog explaining the oh so wonderful birthday I had. Well after a week of getting nowhere.. and yeah life sincerely sucks when ever damned gov. office you go to tells you to go to the next one or they cant help you replace anything. yeah. Anyway after spending 2 days running around chicago a week after my bag grew legs, I decided to post an ad in the Chicago Craig list classifieds. I thought I would share it here as well. Bitter-- barely-- I thought with as pissed as I am at the world in general, it actually turned out to be rather nicely written . *smile* _________________________________________________ Stolen Purse- - 2/24 (Cal's Bar South Loop) Reply to: Date: 2007-03-07, 6:02PM CST So I wasn't going to post anything looking for it as I know whoever took my bag took it intentionally and never returned it to the bar yet. Ive spent a week checking back in hope. I'm posting this at the prompting of friends
Mylene Farmer - Alice
Mon Alice, Alice araigne maltque mon Alice, malice arachne hightek mon Alice, Alice pendue au bout de son fil dpressive l'artiste exit, exit dans ta boite toutes tes pattes le black-out petite me comme tu me manques comme tu me manques comme tu me manques l'araigne
My Letter
my letter This is my letter to you We started following a certain description. We started simple and fair once again Before there wasn't any need for an answer Things were much different then But now you question who I am. Who I am inside Now there's nothing left to hide. So here it goes This is my letter Hope you're alright. It's been rough for me thinking all night. About the places I'd be If I maybe, just did a little bit more you might've Let me, become a man for sure And if I might, express one concern it seems an issue. All day at every turn What's the next step, the latest hole in my life What's next for me to learn Engulf myself into a permanent mystery. No one day just as the next. not for me It's so confusing when I look at my history. I just can't handle that yet. No But now you question who I am. Who I am inside Now there's nothing left to hide. So here it goes This is my letter Hope you're alright. It's been rough for me
My Letter To The Ny Daily News
Dear Ivan Pereira, Michael Saul, Alison Gendar, "In previous incarnations [of the Grand Theft Auto series], players advanced through the game by killing cops, selling pornography to children and killing prostitutes." After reading the above-linked article, I believe there are some discrepancies that need to be brought to your attention. I have extensively played Grand Theft Auto 1, 2, 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, yet I have never encountered any opportunities to sell pornography to children, nor is there is no way to advance in the game through killing police officers or prostitutes. In every game in the Grand Theft Auto series, killing a prostitute within view of a police officer will cause him to try to subdue and arrest you. If you kill a police officer, more will come in squad-cars, attempting to stop you. If you continue to kill officers, SWAT teams will at
My Leaving
I just wanted to let everyine know that I will be leaving my small town living in Texas to find new small town living in Missouri. But I will still be around here no matter what. I hope to make new friends in my new area but will keep all my friends from my old still in my heart area. With great Love to ALL.
My Letter
This is my letter to you We started following a certain description. We started simple and fair once again Before there wasn't any need for an answer Things were much different then But now you question who I am. Who I am inside Now there's nothing left to hide. So here it goes This is my letter Hope you're alright. It's been rough for me thinking all night. About the places I'd be If I maybe, just did a little bit more you might've Let me, become a woman for sure And if I might, express one concern it seems an issue. All day at every turn What's the next step, the latest hole in my life What's next for me to learn Engulf myself into a permanent mystery. No one day just as the next. not for me It's so confusing when I look at my history. I just can't handle that yet. No One more friendship ends. And then for awhile. I can breathe again
My Legacy
Seven years ago i never though myself to be a mother of three, and now seven years later my three children not with me any more, i wonder if i will ever be able to be the mom i once was, and get up to the sounds of laughter and feet running down the hall. Now i just get to see my youngest daughter and wonder how my two oldest are doing? wondering if they think mommy don't love them no more, and missing their birthdays and not being able to give them their gifts I wonder what this world has come too taking children from their partents for no reason, and not giving them back, making us fight over two years and with still no hope of getting them back. what are my children thinking? What are they doing? I miss my babies, they are the light of my life they are my legacy!
My Letter To Her
If I could write a letter to her, and she knows who she is, this is how it would go: Dear... well she knows, I want you to know something. We all know that you are a fake. You only do what you want to make yourself happy. Its a shame that people cant see that. But there are the ones who do. You are hurting not only your kids, but yourself. They are going to grow up and hate you. And you know what, I hope they do. You cant keep thier father away forever. As they get older, they are going to see you as the bitch that you are. Your oldest already does. She is miserable and you cant even see that. All you are tying to do is hurt them kids and us. Does that make you happy? If you just answered yes, then you are one sad person. I mean come on, even your own family see this. Why do you think they let him see the kids that one day. And you cant replace him as much as you try. Those kids will never love your new man the way they love thier father. What I cant understan
My Level Is Stuck....again!
My level has been stuck on 99.99% for about a week now! *WAAAAAAAHHH* lol I know, I know..who cares? lol
My Levels And U
ladies i need to up my level from a young grasshopper to a man not just some bug, can u help and i need more friends send some luv and friends my way please
My Letter To You...
I could kiss you forever.The silken heat of your mouth pressed against mine..the sweetness of your taste becomes a craving.I thought the first kiss would be enough..but its never enough.Tasting your skin as iI kiss my way up your neck.Our bodies wrapped around each other..needing to be closer than we could ever get.Your fingers buried in my hair as you kiss my neck..making me ache with wanting you.The heat of your body,the feel of your hands all over my body..making me yours.Belonging to you..only your touch fills me but leaves me wanting more.Your mouth that makes me cry out with longing as you kiss me.Whispering your desires.Making me feel brand new...reborn in the way you love me.
My Letter To Him, Rejected...
It is with much heartfelt love that I am taking the time to write you. I'm not sure if you are aware of how much you impacted my life, so tonight I say thank you God for a man like you. When I think of all of the possibilities, goals, and desires a person can have in a life with a blessed relationship built on trust, love, friendship, loyalty I can't seem to get you out of my heart, soul, head, everything I am that God has created.. You are there standing at my side, proudly.. perhaps in just a dream, but you are there. I'm looking for love on a long-term basis, and perhaps you don't love me now like I deserve, but maybe one day you could learn to. I want to mean the world to one person and in turn have him be the universe to me. I want to lay in his arms at night, in those last few moments before sleep and tell him of all the days events and good night and that I love you... Knowing that the next day will be better than the day prior for it was just practice to be perfect, and I mean
My Level
Cutie with a Booty and Naughty Cowgirl for helping me get my next level today. I got something for both of you on the way.
My "leaving Fubar" Status
When I posted that status yesterday, several of you went crazy and freaked out on me asking me why I was leaving and asking me not to leave. I thought I should explain to you all as to why... Well, Someone threatened to kill me tonight.. and he tried hacking my computer.. hit my firewall several times.. spam attacked my Yahoo and my Fubar emails 5000 times within 10 minutes.. and said my ex should have killed me, then he said he will personally do it himself. He also said that if I tried to use any of that in court.. he will lie and say I doctored it and falsified my proof. I sent it all in a report. and when someone tried to help me by sending his own report in because when he tried to ask the man to back off and to leave me alone, my friend got deleted.. Its all bullshit. Then all I got back was the typical "Ignore and block" message. When cyber bullying, cyber stalking, and spam attacks on your emails are against the law. I find it sad.. that when we really need help here on
My Left Hand Still Hurts But Not In The Way Of...
Just being freshly cut open, I keep forgetting to not use my left hand and I go to stand up...owwie! The stitches in my hand pull this way and that way, the skin around the stitches turns red and itches alot. I hope by the 5th of October these bleeding itchy stitches get taken out. I know at times my left hand starts to get hot and I have to apply ice packets on it. In other Health News I had finally had it, while on Pain Killers I would try and stay up at night thinking that my mind would kick in and let me play all night. Well, on the early hours of Thursday morning I nodded of to sleep in front of my Computer I had my legs on this container that holds alot of VHS' Tapes. ...Well my Restless Legs problem decided to kick me to the floor off my chair about 3 feet away from where I do sit. The fall was quite painful or I should say the leg that was the one that followed the right leg, my left leg came down with all of me and my left leg has been giving problems as of late. Whe
My 8 Legged Girl
Can a (bird eating) spider be sneeky? Mine sure can! She is drying (streching, healing, whatever...) after the big molt. And when Im home, she's laying on her living area floor almost saying: "I had such a hard time, I need some more rest". But I caught her, crawling over the flowers and the wood and she noticed me watching her... Now she is acting tired again. LOL she is so funny! My cats miss the attention, so Im going to rest in front of the TV (tomorrow will be my 7th day at work in a row) and they can lay next to me and get their attention. p.s. Am I a witch? Having cats and a spider... LOL
My Letters To Travis Bradley!
Travis Bradley Bingham, I never knew what love felt like till the day that I met you. Travis you’ve given me so much and made me feel like the greatest thing in the world. I don’t understand how you put up with me. Yes I can be a bitch or grumpy but you’ve never given up on me, or us for that fact. I never thought that we would make it this far. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t given you nearly as much as you’ve given me, and I completely thank you for that. You’re the greatest fiancé a girl could ask for. I could not have asked for a better person than you. You make my life so complete and I hope you know that. I’ve never been happier in my life. You’re my rock, my shield, and my better half. Thank you for everything you do for me, I can’t wait until we start OUR lives together. We will have the most amazing marriage. I want our marriage to be like my grandma hussing and grandpa hussings. Even though he’s dead, she is still completely faithful and committed to him. They loved each o
My Leg
Just wanted to give an update..... I went to the doctor today....I was released 3 weeks ago for therapy on my broken leg, today he told me to put on a normal shoe instead of my aircast and start walking on it, which i actually have been for the past few I am anxious to start walking again without a walker. So good news so far, but the healing is still going slowly, he's hoping that by putting my weight on it, that it will compress the bone together. I saw the X-ray, and to me it still seems like I have a long way to go. As far as the open wound on my shin area, its healing slowly as well, not as well as he would hsve liked to see. But none the less, i am healing and hopefully will be back on my feet fully soon! much love to all, Korissa
My Letter To The Piece Of Shit
Its `Renee. Your other granddaughter, and I use that term lightly, ok well actually never. I would like to thank you for emailing my sister, because now she sees you for the piece of shit liar that you truly are! Who in the hell do you think you are feeding her some bullshit story like that!? How dare you even think to speak of my mother, keep her name from your fucking mouth! You don`t have the money in yet, its been what 5 yrs? You fed my sister and myself bullshit saying you wanted to help us, only when I hung up the phone I called you on that crap and knew I would never hear from your sorry ass again. We know you never sent shit because my sister and I are the ones who snooped around when we were younger. You and your precious baby boy never did shit for us and never planned on it either, if he`s so great he would have never slapped my mother in the face. And if you were so great with guys you would have never dated a piece of shit guy that beat you up leading to your other sons de
My Letter To Santa
Dear Santa, I have been a good BOY. It really wasn't my fault what happened at FLUTTERBYGIRL's Christmas party. It was BOO BOO KITTY F*CK who spiked the punch with too much JAGERBOMB. I can't help it if I drank 7 glasses. It was so good---smelled and tasted just like ROSE. I thought it was funny when I put NICOLE's BOXERS on my head and danced the SOULJA BOY on the COUCH while singing `I LIKE BIG BUTTS'. I didn't mean to break FLUTTERBYGIRL's MP3 PLAYER and don't know why FLUTTERBYGIRL would sue me for STEALING. I don't remember calling FREAK ON A LEASH's wife a WONDERFUL OGRE---even though she looked like one with BLUE eye shadow and RED lipstick! And when I threw up on AMANDA's husband's ARM, it was only because I ate too much of that SUB. After all that fun, I admit I was a little tired. So I fell asleep on my way home and drove my TRUCK through my neighbor's TAIL. I don't think that was any reason for my neighbor to call me a BEAUTIFUL PUDDYCAT and have me arreste
My Leftovers
Your havin a midlife crisis tying to get where I've been Well if you want 'em that bad Ms.V You can have 'em So when you see me comin You better back down Cause I've been waitin to smack you around With all your plastic surgery you still think that your 20 Well honey you'll never look half good as me It would take a lot more money You can't keep your legs closed Your cheap and disturbing And you wonder why your still single and past 30. How do my leftovers taste Tell me did you lick my plate Oh you should've stayed home You should've known better Yet I melt in your mouth like liquid sugar. You thought you were gonna throw it back in my face But tell me how do my leftovers taste -porcelain and the tramps
My Leveling List..
My Letter To Fake People.
Dear Fake Person, I, myself, used to weigh 365 pounds. As a teenager, I was an ugly girl. I saw myself as ugly, but that did not by any means stop people from loving me... nor liking me. My beauty was always within. I was liked and I was loved. I had a heart of gold, and I still do. So I am writing a letter to all of you "fake people" who can't find the strength to be yourselves. I have to wonder what brings you to think you can't be yourself and be liked or loved? Is it that you grew up in an environment where it wasn't safe to be you? I did too, but I was always myself. That's no excuse. Perhaps you were TOLD you were beaten with the ugly stick, not realizing that true beauty lies within? I've been told that. That's still no excuse. Has nobody ever opened a door for you or smiled at you when you smiled at them? Don't let that get you down. I have no respect for the fact that so many people find it necessary to wrap themselves in a painting of another person and create a life tha
My Leprechaun Name
Your Leprechaun Name Is: Sniffles Greentooth What's Your Leprechaun Name?
My Level Of Hell
Which Level of Hell Do You Belong In?created with You scored as Circle 3: The Gluttonous Circle 3: The Gluttonous 83%Circle 1: Limbo 75%Circle 4: The Prodigal and the Avaricious 75%Circle 8: The Fruadulent 75%Circle 2: The Lustful 75%Circle 5: The Wrathful and Sullen 58%Circle 9: The Treacherous 50%Circle 6: Heretics 33%Circle 7: The Violent 17%
My Leg
I am supposed to be sleeping for 4 more hours, but just woke up to an intense leg pain starting at my thigh and ending at my toes, shooting through the entire leg. The weather changes is working like a charm (or curse) on my herniated disc. I haven't had this pain in a while tho. Fucker
My Lesson.....april 26, 2008
What we had, was a few moments in time. What you held were my dreams, What I had was hope. What I hold is memories, of how i want to feel again. What I need is to heal, for now I hide in myself. I have survived the pain, The fist that pounded into me. The bruises have faded completely, the memories haunt me less. I was strong enough to walk away, though my head was down. I had the will to survive, and this will be the same. This is better. I can laugh or cry, I can thrive or fail. My life is my own. I have been held gently. Stroked correctly, held lightly, caressed sofly, kissed fiercly... and I have been set free. I will once again find my wings, I have been through worse things.
My Lease Is Up !! 05/31/08
I'm up for Lease ..... Check out this awesome offer .... Click the Offer to place your bid ! Brought to ya by ... ummm .... ME XOXO : Tappinit ~ Bail Bondsman to trouble is back!!@ fubar You Can Leave Your Hat On - Joe Cocker
My Legacy Continues!
Born on July 3, 2008 at 7:54 am Weighing in at 6 lbs 2 oz Standing at 19 3/4 in long I am introducing to you Larry Thomas Priest III (The future Casanova) Feel free to click through and rate and comment this photo seen above!
My Letter
This is my letter to you We started following a certain description. We started simple and fair once again Before there wasn't any need for an answer Things were much different then But now you question who I am. Who I am inside Now there's nothing left to hide. So here it goes This is my letter Hope you're alright. It's been rough for me thinking all night. About the places I'd be If I maybe, just did a little bit more you might've Let me, become a man for sure And if I might, express one concern it seems an issue. All day at every turn What's the next step, the latest hole in my life What's next for me to learn Engulf myself into a permanent mystery. No one day just as the next. not for me It's so confusing when I look at my history. I just can't handle that yet. No One more friendship ends. And then for awhile. I can breathe again
My Leggo Peep
My Letter To My Dad
xDear Dad, > Last night I came to you not as a man in crisis, but > also as your son. The fact that Bea was the one who denied > me over the phone in my time of need. Regardless of > emotional or financial support, you did not feel my life was > important enough to give me the amount of time it > would've taken you to eat a meal. I did not ask for a > specific amount of money, I only spoke of the possibility of > needing a little financial help, what I was counting on was > for your support and to feel like I could lean on my father > in my time of need. What I received, was a messenger, a > surrogate, with the answer of "no". > I am just in shock that, one, I did not talk to you > directly about these matters of crisis at hand. I was > foolish in thinking that I could provide for two separate > lives and make them work. I did my best in what I thought > was the right thing. I failed. > I have been blessed to have had you and Mom as parents. > Both Andy and
My Letter Of Self Worth To The World.
Sometimes I wonder why I exist in this world. More often than you can imagine. I wonder if I will ever meet that one person that I can give my everything to, give every fiber of my being to, and all of my love. I have put myself out onto the table for the taking and have been stripped down to nothing. I had a wonderful woman in my life but I was too immature to notice and I took advantage of her. Now that I don’t have her I cannot live without her. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with me she seems almost repulsive of my actions. I would do anything in the world to have her back, but she will not take me back she has found a new man and it hurts me to say that I’m happy for her when I truly just want to be with her for the rest of my life. But I cannot be the one to keep her from her dreams and I cannot keep her from happiness. I will not keep her from happiness. On the other hand I have moved on in life I have tried to move forward but any time I try to get close to someone els
My Letter
As veteran of the gulf war and tax payer .I expect congress and the senate. To support the president Obama in his four years of office .while I don’t want another unlimited power we saw with bush… I really need you to pass an economic package .By next month we the voters are sick of greed, corruption. , and fighting among DEM& REP. As you saw in the last two elections... people lost job manly in the house and senate…due to fact they are greedie and only care about them selfs not the people of America… Iam sick of being out of work .. I hope you support the Jones act…. The president gives us hope I strongly support the president Obama..........this a letter I sent to congress
My Leprachaun Name - (never Thought Id See The Day When I Was Actually Proud Of My Irish Ness Lmao)
Your Leprechaun Name is Five Finger Discount O'Grady Get Your Leprechaun Name at
Myles Recipe' Chicken Curry With Mushroom.
ahh, one of the thing that i religiously do is cooking, meals are important for me... and my favorite place at home is my kitchen, and take note the tidiest place too, i hate stingy messy kitchen'... lol, just wanna share my recipe today'..
My Leg!
Ok last night had a migraine! Took meds, then it started storming, been in a hurricain and tornado don't sleep, so took a xanax! Went back to bed, they make thirsty, so went downstairs to get a drink, my 8 month old lab follows me everywhere! I tripped over her, fell down the stairs hit the hardwoods and I am toast! Pain klllers are great, but I was training for a marathon! I am so bummed! Ok Good news for once, MRI this morning said just a hairline fracture and no broken tail bone!!! Just bruised up and on crutch for about 4 to 6 weeks! The pain killers are great though!! Thanks for all well wishes!!!
My Letter To Nicole
of all the things I have said and done nothing in my life compares to the day you came into my life and told me that you love me. My life was only about me, me, me now it is about you, you, you. One day I hope our dreams will come true, the day it becomes about us, us, us. I know I have never done anything in my life that would make me worthy of your love, even now I have done things to upset you and make you cry. Each time you have forgiven me. Each time you have have told me you love me still. Every time I hear those words I stop and think of how wonderful you truely are, My one dream above all is to make you proud of me, proud to say that I am yours and you are mine. I love you more then anything. You are the light that brightens my days and the fire that warms my soul.
My Legion (the American Legion)
The American Legion National Headquarters is currently designing and constructing an online secure-access area to provide more direct support to our members. In keeping with The American Legion grassroots tradition, The American Legion member secure-access will need to be designed to serve your membership needs and enhance your online experience. If you are a member of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, Sons of The American Legion and wish to contribute to ensure our web functionality truly serves your needs, please send your suggestions, concerns, and questions to Sincerely,Jin KongThe American Legion Internet group
My Leg!
Well, went to the gym on Saturday! First time in 2 months, I hurt, but feel good, was supposed to go today, got caught up in legal matters with my Daughter's father.....
My Lesbian Fantasy
So there I was with a knot in the pit of my stomach. My heart was pounding. I was so nervous and scared, I felt like running away. But I knew I wouldn't. I have waited too long for this. I have fantasized about this moment for years, now my fantasy was about to become a reality...  We met on the internet, FuBar. We seemed to hit it off instantly and began chatting friendly and informal. We went private and began talking of our mutual fantasies. We shared sexy e-mails for weeks. Then we decided to talk on the phone and ended up masturbating together. It was so hot, I can still hear you moan "I'm cumming". Then you asked me to meet you. Me the inexperienced one and you, the kind gentle experienced woman that I have grown to call friend. I had to, I just absolutely had to meet you, breathlessly I said yes.....  The day came and we were to meet at a nightclub in town. I was so scared. I arrived early hoping to have a couple of drinks to calm my shaking hands. I had barely sat down when
My Letter
To the one whom live in my memories and thoughtsTo whom traveling in my dreams as a princessI want to say that you are my DecalogueWhich god gave meBut I didn’t keep you the right wayI want to tell you that you are myBible and PentateuchYou are my eve which god createdOnly for meI am sure that even if I wrote thousands of psalmsThat you will not forgive meBut you are my lady and I would like your hellI hope that I was your Adam in many thingsI want you to know one last thingEven after ten yearsYou didn’t separate my dreamsEven for  a single nightEven when I am with another womanOur eternal date will be every nightTill I heal of this illnessOr I die with itI will keep taking this medicineTill death or health -------------------------W.B: FM
My Leftovers
Your havin a midlife crisis tying to get where I've been Well if you want 'em that bad Ms.V You can have 'em So when you see me comin You better back down Cause I've been waitin to smack you around Oh I don't hold my breath And I don't hold my tongue And I know that you know that I don't back down To no one To no one Oh you should've stayed home You should've known better Yet I melt in your mouth like liquid sugar. You thought you were gonna throw it back in my face But tell me how do my leftovers taste With all your plastic surgery you still think that your 20 Well honey you'll never look half good as me It would take a lot more money You can't keep your legs closed Your cheap and disturbing And you wonder why your still single and past 30. Oh I don't hold my breath And I don't hold my tongue And I know that you know that I don't back down To no one To no one Oh you should've stayed home You should've known better Yet I melt in your mouth like liquid sugar
My Letter Action Taken On Gayle Bauman And Kerrie Gray Must Read
THIS IS BEING SENT TO ALL NEWS STATION, PAPERS, TALK SHOWS, MILITARY SUPPORT GROUPS, AND ALL OVER THE INTERNET BY ME AND ALL YOU AMERICAN SUPPORTS I ALWAYS CAN USE MORE SUPPORTERS TO DO THERE PART.  I am using my example of these situations to get it out to the American people. Why do I this? Well this is a big problem in our legal system and I need to make a change for the better as well as use the people involved as an example to send to the world a message that this is not allowed and you will be punished  for your   actions. What is my intent? The proposal is this, we soldiers are willing to die for the American way of life to make it better for everyone who lives in this great country and we American soldiers are human, this is why our rights should not be taken away. Why should we have to be the victim of others and their crimes, lies and actions when we are doing what we were suppose to be doing for our country and the American people? The judge Lisa K. Page and Gayle Bauman att
My Letter To The Chief
Gentlemen, I'm writing this email in hopes that it produces good things in the department for one patrol officer Cross, whom I had the pleasure to meet late Saturday night / early Sunday morning Oct. 3rd-4th 2009 I'd like to preface this letter with a note on my personal point of view on law enforcement in America, in general;  I am a liberty loving citizen of the State of Texas, and an American.  As such, I feel that the police departments around the country are slowly yet doggedly becoming the henchmen for corrupt government, opting to silence dissent and violate the Constitution with regards to our unalienable rights in many cities across the land.  This growing mistrust of law enforcement is widespread, and millions of Americans now-a-days feel that the motto "To protect and serve" has fallen by the wayside. Having said that, I want to tell you about my encounter with officer Cross, who has altered that viewpoint at least a little bit, for me on a personal level. I have an olde
My Letter To God
Dear eye in the skydo you know why bad things happen to all the good people And now why am I seeing redAnd all these thoughts in my head keep getting deeperSo tell me what does it meanAnd are my dreams just to serve as a tormentBut I read that words that you've saidAnd yet I pretend to hide and ignore themCan you see where I am?And do you give a damn?I am a liar, searching for truth in this conflicted worldand I, I feel so broken, my thoughts unspoken, can you heal my soul tonight? Dear Giver of lifeYou see the strife in my dose of daily dramaand I cant make out the sunNothing but water around meI think I'm going underCan you stretch out your hand?Do you really understand?I, I am so fragileYet built so strong that I have taken a beatingBut I, I am a fighterShow me your light so I can find my way to You  
My Leaving
I don't know where it all began This pain running through my body A cold shiver escapes my spine My heart shredded beyond repair Why does it hurt so much? To love and lose No ending in sight for the agony Body racked in misery It's all an old friend Yet it still rips me to my core Getting worse each time Should I just run from it all? Leave it behind and start all over again I hope I can live through it You left me for another Now I'm slowly dying inside Wasting away to nothingness I shall leave this world as I came into it In pain
My Letter To Mommy
Mom, Where are you?right now i need you, i dont know what to do anymore! im not ready for everything life is throwing at me!i need you to be here when i meet the man of my dreams,when i try my wedding dress on for the first time, when i first find out im pregnent,when i hold my baby for the first time,Mom i need you to be here when i dont know how to be a Mom!mom where are you? cause right now u need to be here with me All the nights we would spend awake together bakeing random goodies just cuz we couldnt sleep! i miss that so much  i love you mommy... you can come back now... I love you so much mommy and i wish i would have told u that more
My Leprechaun Name Is........
:D :D :D       Your Leprechaun Name Is: Twindle Potfiller Top of the mornin' to ya, Patty! What's Your Leprechaun Name? Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!
My Leveling Update Whats Urs?
My Leather Bodybag After 7 Years In Storage
Just got to use my leather body bag that I've had in storage for the last 7.Actually, it's the first time I've EVER really got to use it because it was the I've been inspired to play with it and the sub actually fit it. This is especially sad because it's SUPPOSEDLY a size LARGE (and this sub was very trim and of average height).MISTRESS
My Letter To Santa !
Dear Santa , I Understand That This Is Your Busiest Time Of The Year So I Wouldn't Take Up To Much Of Your Precious Time ! I'm Writing You To Let You Know That Not Only Have I Been A Very Very Good Boy This Year And That I Would Like To Add To My Long List Of Very Good Deeds And Offer You Some Well Deserved Help ! I Understand That You Have A Overwhelming Amount Of The Naughtiest Girls That You Plan To Either Give Nothing Or A Large Chunk Of Coal ! This Is Where I Would Like to Offer You My Services , I Would Find It My Great Pleasure And Honor If You Would Let Me Take As Many Of The Naughty Girl Offenders Off Your Hands So As To Free Up Your Time For The Nice Girls ! Please Forward A List Of The Worst Of Offenders Along With A list Of Their Offenses, Face And Body Pictures And Measurements For Positive Identification As Well As Last Known Location ! Again , I Believe This Would Be A Win-Win Situation For Both You And I Seeing As I Would Consider This To Be My One And On
My Letter To My Abuser..(not Ment For Pity But To Release)
Its 7:30pm on May 21, 2013...and Im sitting here preparing myself to relive the events of yesterday. I am filled with such heartache, sadness, anger, and confusion, of how it came to this. We over came so many obsticales, and fought so hard to get to the point we was at, for it all to just fall apart in the blink of the eye, still baffles me. Why was I so blinded by all the signs? Why did I not take the warnings when they were given to me? Why do I still wish to be by yourside after all thats been done? Living with the shame I feel in myself is something that is only going to take time to fade away. I fight hard to not think of the man you was, and remember the man you became yesterday. We had a love that only some can dream of, a connection that so many would die for. And in one swift motion it was gone. Replaced with fear and anger, sadness and hatred. I still see the look in your eyes when you grabbed me by the neck and face, and the anger in your voice when you screamed at me as yo
My Lfe
If I will go and die tomorrow Please don't feel pitty, don't feel sorrow Soon, I will be back again in the sunshine, in the rain. This world has punished me enough It didn't gave me happyness or laugh I've fighted from my soul to be a winner But I am tired now and I become a sinner! If I will go to sleap and dieing too You got to know that I love you, But for this world I have no feelings 'Cause she made me think I'm crazy. Too many things has left me and had crash too many dreams it came become in ash And even if I try with all my power to be right the darkness just don't let me see the light! I didn't wanted to be born and fight 'Couse here's the place where happynes had died! I've allways felt that I'm loked in a body and a name and kept like this with no ashame; I've allways had the halth of the entire and no acces at rights and at DESIRE. If I will go tomorrow home and leave this side, please think that I've become a bride and will be gone my sorrow and my
My Life
I have live in or round louisville most of my life, spend most of my time at work or home. When I can go out love the out doors, maybe a moon light walk with a bottle of wine a small radio for some sft music a blanket and just hang out under the stars. Horses are always fun to ride. love to give suprizes for no reason other than to let some one know i missed and was thinking of them. Maybe a note for her to find. Well, i will add more later.....
My Life
Ok, blog time........... Well, lets see, blogs are usually about life and lifes little ups and downs. So lets take a look at my lifes "ups and downs". Born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1957 (yeah, old, I know), to my parents Nell and JW. Dad is a good man, loves his kids, hates his mistakes, worked hard all his life, and never once broke his word to me. Mom...oh yeah...shes a hotty, a redhead, sweet, loving and mean as a snake (shhhh...don't tell her I said that). But the snake part only came out when I was being a little turd...which was most of the time...go figger. Have a sister, Donna, that I love with all my heart, just never was able to tell her that for some damned reason. Grew up trying to protect her, still have that tendency, but now she has a better man than me watching over, and taking care of her. That would favorite brother-in-law. Couldn't have picked a better man if I'd picked him myself. Thanks Ed for taking her off my hands (and back)...she's
My Life (part 2)
My Life (part 2) Ok, lemme back up a bit here...... Finally managed to graduate High School without being killed, hooked on drugs, becoming a father at 16, or being beaten to badly by the gangs. Whew, was a bit close, but I made it, even managed to make the top ten percentile. There I was, fresh outta school, a free man, ready to take on the world. Biggest thing I remember was that very next day, waking up, staring at the ceiling and thinking to myself "Self, your now looking at a lifetime of work, paying bills, and responsibility"....I pulled the covers back up over my head !!! Actually, I enjoyed that summer, drank a bunch of beer, spent a lotta time at the lake, got me laid royally by a sweet little blonde (was my girlfriend), and then joined the US !!! LOL...I remember being at the AFEES station in Dallas, there for my physical, standing in a huge room with about 50 other guys, all of us in our tighty whities. 25 on one side of the room, 25 on th
My Life (part 3)
Ok, Navy is behind me, now I'm finding the healing for my mind and my soul. I know it will take a long time, but at least its started. Damn, been a lotta years now, still have the nightmares every so often....sigh. Got back to Texas and hooked up with a little cutey I met on my last leave home.....Mary Jo, damn she was cute, looked just like Goldie Hawn with dark hair !!! Ended up marrying her, boy was that a mistake....we just weren't ready, especially me, my mind was still screwed up. So we went our seperate ways, and ended that one. I hear she's married to a good man now, happy and doing well....that pleases me to no end.....wish I could find her and tell her. Met my second wife a couple years later, she impressed me. Taking care of two little ones, a house, bills, day to day life, all on her own. We married.....19 and a half years.....she was a good woman, I just wasn't the right man for her. In the end, she was angry all the time, it took me awhile, but I finally f
My Life (part 4)
Ok, here we go again, so WAKE UP.....! Zach, my son, the only natural born heir to my throne (or recliner). 16 years old, 6'5" (no typo there), 185 lbs, dark hair and almond eyes like his momma, olive complexion, and empathetic like his momma, hard headed and stubborn like his daddy....... I finally figured out why he is as tall as he is, to make room for that huge heart of his. I've never known another kid that is as capable of love as that boy. He has this natural ability to bring out the heart in anyone, and I've seen it time and time again. Simply an amazing boy. He was born on Sept. 10th, 1989 at 11:58pm.....two minuites more and he would have been born one day late, and shared his birthday with the 9-11 victims......whew. The night we brought him home from the hospital, I woke up at around 2am, I got up and went to his basinette , there was a moon beam shining through the window, illuminating him. I reached down and picked him up, and at that very moment, I knew t
My Life (part 5) it is...the final part to all of this.............. I've FINALLY opened up and told my heart and mind to the world, a lot of people have said WTF??? Others have said BRAVO.....I have to say thank you to all for your input, both good and bad. It was suggested by a very dear and close friend of mine that I find a way to express myself in some manner, so that I could bare my core, showing the world around me that I have a heart and soul, and what it is I deal with from the inside. He told me that I keep way to much inside, and that it's eating away at me. For some strange reason, that brought immediate tears to my eyes, and a horrible feeling in my gut. I knew he was right, and I thought about it for days until I finally came to the decision that it needed to be done. So there is the reason I did all of this. Good, bad, or indifferent, it's all out there for anyone who cares to read it, and it's gonna stay out there. So now, here are a few of the lessons I've
My Life life is shit... i have no girlfriend... i was dumped... im lonley. i want somebody...and all my friends have people that like them but are too gay to get with them... so right now i need to fucking do something to get my mind off of my life being shitty... so fuck this all and now my life has no meaning and i wouldent be supprised if i od this weekend...
My Little Angel
My Life As A Nobody
I went through life as a nobody every since i was a little girl i was always made fun of called stupid ugly u name it i was called it and as i have grew older my self esteem has gotton lower I tell myself iam fat ugly stupid retarded not worth any thing and i tell myself i would never find a person who would want to spend a life time with me It is hard for me to make friends and keep them cause i have been hurt so much in my life It makes it hard for me to trust people i have had a rough life but i keep goin I wont give up on life till God says its my time So when you see me around you will say theres that lady who is a nobody and when you think you meet a special friend who will stand by your side and all of a sudden that friend hurts you with there lies so that is why iam a nobody
My Life
My Life Without You
Hello my friend, it's been a while, I've missed you so much. My life without you is very hard to keep I dream about you in my sleep. Out of all the things I say it just won't be the same without you in my life. My life without you my friend just isn't the same I need you so much, but I know in my mind that I have to stay away, but in my heart I want to be with you all the time. My life without you my friend just isn't the same. Goodbye my friend it's been nice knowing you but I have to say goodbye. It's hard to say goodbye because of the way I used to know you. But now that you're gone my friend I have to finally say goodbye with tears in my eyes. I'll keep your memories alive in my heart and also in my mind. My life without you my friend just isn't the same. I need you so much but I know in my mind that I have to stay away, but in my heart I want to be with you all the time. My life without you my friend just isn't the same.
My Life
do you ever wonder, as you get older, if your s/o is just gonna dump you for someone else??? younger, prettier, any reason at all??? or am i the only one who feels this way? sometimes it just seems to much. women get older, and men get sexier as they age. why is that. why can't we be sexier as we age??? hmmmm. just don't seem fair. i am still pretty. but, i feel so inadequate at times i coul djust die. i really feel that men should appreciate women for who they are and not just what they look like sorry y'all for spitin that out at ya, but i think it suckzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
My Life....
I lived for you.... I slept to have energy to love you.... I loved only you.... You were my everything.... How do I go on without you.... I miss you so much.... I want you back.... I love you.... HOw can I go on everyday with you? I don't know how.... I haven't figured out how to go on everyday, without cooking for, cleaning for you, making sure that you laundry is done, making sure that you are ok. Knowing that you aren't ok, makes me not okay! I need you! COME BACK!
My Life (part 6)
Well, here I am again, lots of things happened, lots of thing happening. The divorce was rough, the loneliness prevails, the hurt is still there..........but, I'm still alive, I'm still pushing, and mainly, I'm still happy! There were a couple of bad spots, some still needing to be fixed, some just plain absurb to have happened. My name was slandered, my honor put to the test, my patience and temper sorely tried. Most for naught, some for good reason. I find it interesting that there are people out there who take what they percieve as a slight to them, and blow it up into a thing so out of proportion and full of lies, that it's nothing NEAR what the truth is. I often shake my head in wonder at the extremes some will go to, merely because they decide to take one persons word as gospel without even attempting to talk to the other person involved. To date, I've been accused of many, many things, things that are so far outside of my personality, and mental traits, that anyo
My Life's Saddness
My Life...
Well if possible it feels like my life is at a stand still. All I seem to do is go to class and then party. I try to find other things to do but living in a town like I do and bein single there are not many choice's on what to do unless I wanna just get drunk. To some that sounds like a bullet proof plan but it gets old after a while. So lets just set back and see if my life will pick up and continue haha.
My Life Number Is...
Your Life Path Number is 5 Your purpose in life is to life freely and collect experiences. You love life - new adventures, new people, new ideas. You are very curious, and you crave novelty in all forms. You tend to make friends easily, and you enjoy the company of all types of people. In love, you are fun and even a bit intoxicating. But you won't stick around for long. You are impulsive and spontaneous - which sometimes leads you to do things you regret. Sometimes you can be overindulgent with food, sex, or drugs. You have many talents, so many that you are often scattered and unfocused. What Is Your Life Path Number?
My Life
well, this is my first blog. I am not very good writting about myself, other poeple i am great in doing well anyways, i am a mother of five, Chelsey is my oldest she will be 11 on the 29th of this month, she loves playing vollyball. Matter of fact she is playing in 6 tournaments the weekend of her birthday. She is also running for her school Treasurer, so now with everything else she does I get to help her with this. She is involed with scouts, sofeball, soccor and vol. at our church. Austin he is my oldest son, he is 9. He is a handful already. I am in a world of trouble (maybe his nick name should be trouble) he has too many girls that call for him on the phone....well too too many for a mother. But i guess i should get use to it, its going to get worse before it gets better. He loves to wrestle, He wrestles for a team, they want to send him to state and then maybe to nationals. I have mixed feelings about it, first i really don't want him to go that far i
My Little Bundle Of Joy
I stand here watching my little bundle of joy She sleeps so peaceful like a toy Dreaming of good things to come, Not knowing of the bad of some. So fragile, but so strong in many ways. Still needs her mom to show the way. Oh, Dear Little Bundle Of Joy: Sleep all through starry night, Till the morning dawn shines bright. Awake to see my smiling face For you and I will have our place. Our place to play and have our fun For soon the night will again come. Copyright ©1990 (DEDICATED TO MY PRECIOUS DAUGHTER)
My Light
© By Emily N. Sorensen You know my most intimate mind My vulnerable side My gratitude I cannot hide Embracing My secrets to confide In you And I can't deny The change in me You are a guarantee To the highest degree And I am forever grateful I am forever blessed With the comfort you suggest You've always Given me your best I recall Above all When I first saw you I knew You were sleeping Consumed by walls of white Yet you were Uniquely bright Sometimes... Watching the way You sit and ponder Laughing as a silly thought Enters you Your smile explodes and takes flight Landing on me And I catch it Beautiful Lucent Pure Secure My cure... ... you are
My Life As A Movie Would Be...
The Movie Of Your Life Is An Indie Flick You do things your own way - and it's made for colorful times. Your life hasn't turned out how anyone expected, thank goodness! Your best movie matches: Clerks, Garden State, Napoleon Dynamite If Your Life Was a Movie, What Genre Would It Be?
My Life
u can find me on myspace most of the time. well this place is so cool
My Little Jelly Bean
We have waited for your arrival Praying for your survival Your parents are loving ones Who dare not shun I'm glad you here to bring them happiness To show them they have no worries You're only the size of a jellybean But you're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen The miracle of your birth To come to this earth Is far overdue Help them when they don't know what to do They've been waiting for so long So this can't be wrong I know you're not here yet But I tell you what; I'll make you a bet Your life will be full of love From everyone here and above We love you My little jellybean (For my nephew James Earl Tincher; Born October 18, 2001) Copyright ©~Ted E. Brown II April 1, 2001
My Little Dark Side.
Ok this is my little Gothic side. I love Vampire, Werewolves, and monster movies. so here are some wicked Movies i find great. Queen of the damned (already said it but yes), Underworld(1 and 2), Van Helsing, Interview with a Vampire, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corps bride, Sleep Hallow, The Crow, Lord of the rings, and Harry Potter. Most of these movies are books as well and i have to say read the books first before the movies.
My Life So Far...
I'm home again... This time I absolutly do not know for how long. I am 90% sure i'm moving back to Pennsylvania. The 10% left over is not doubt, just lack of finances....I pulled into RR /Gaston area yesterday, only to feel sick...I honestly felt as thou I would puke. I love my sister and her Husband (Jerry), them and Yumi is the only "real" family I have. But other than them, I hate everything about this area... The memories, the smell, ( and anyone that has ever been down here knows what I mean, Paper Mill....LOL) I went out last night with Yumi and Josh...and several of their friends...I was nervous to even be out, I'm always afraid "he" or his "skank" will walk thru the door. So we hung in the back so I saw everyone... With the ppl I was with, I had a wonderful time. But feel bad, cause I had to be "drunk" to even be out. This time when I went to Pa. I stayed with my "cousin" and her family. I did enjoy this. I give her credit to work 3 jobs and raise 2 teens alone. With hardly a
My Life
ok it was perfected untill i get an e-mail from a bitch saying she is dating my boyfriend .. i want to kick some ones assssssss
My Life
My Life, My Love!!
You are the man that makes me smile when I am sad and that gives me hope when I feel as though I have lost my way. I never knew how much you loved me until today and it brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. I beg and plead, dear God....please let this be real...don't let me get hurt once more. Keep us safe and healthy full of life and love!!
My Life
So tell me something...When did staying at home taking care of your child mean that i'm cheating??If anyone can clerify that for me that would be great, cuz now Joe thinks that i'm cheating on him or at least he did, but couldnt dig up any evidence. Thats because i'm not. Ovisously these feelings just didnt come up out of no where cuz he's been checking up on me?? Why couldnt he just come to me about this?? We've been together for alomost 2 years and he has to ry to go behind my back and talk to my family and my friends about it. Thats some B.S. if you ask me. I'm the one that takes care of our kid and i'm the one that could lose a whole lot if i cheated,but he doesnt see it that way. All because of his ex. Now hes paranoid. I'm not her. I dont ever want to be her. Its just dumb if anything maybe i should be having these thoughts that hes cheating. After all on some of the weekend hes gone to IL to go fishing. How do I know hes not doing it. I dont, but i trust him enought to believe t
My Life
My Life by Stephen Babcock If my life is the question, she is the one who answers it. If my life is the wind, she is the scent that sweetens it. If my life is the sky, she is the cloud that softens it. If my life is a picture, she is the color that brightens it. If my life is the sea, she is the light that reflects off it. If my life is with her, she is the one who completes it.
My Link To My Profile
diablo@ LostCherry
My Little Girl
I was there when she was born she is my live she's my little girl. I was there when she said her frist word she's my little girl. I was there the frist day of school she's my little girl. I'm walking my little girl down the hall and giving her away she's not my little girl any more she's a woman now. I's been a year now and here I am in front of this glass, as my son in law looks at me and says that's my little girl.
My Life
my life is but a dream it`s nuthing but a fantasy, where i make things become realityin my world,i could have anyone in my dream my dream is but things dat r full of emotions emotions dat i feel for my 1 and only true luv but the only ding is that its not fully luved becuase my true luv i have not yet found if i had found my true luv he would be by my side 24/7 always there to cheer me up wen my days r down givvin me hugs and kisses becuase he truely luvs me but my life is just da begining of a new dream every day w/ a new fary tale
My Lips
What People Think of Your Mouth People see you both as mysterious and exotic. You definitely have cultivated your own unique interests and lifestyle. Brainy and quick witted, you aren't one for superficial friendships. But if someone can make you laugh or think, they'll likely be your friend for life. What Does Your Mouth Say About You?
My Lips
What People Think of Your Mouth People see you both as mysterious and exotic. You definitely have cultivated your own unique interests and lifestyle. Brainy and quick witted, you aren't one for superficial friendships. But if someone can make you laugh or think, they'll likely be your friend for life. What Does Your Mouth Say About You?
My Lips
What People Think of Your Mouth People see you as both demanding and irresistible. You are often the center of attention - and that's how you like it. You are up for anything and very energetic. People sometimes propose wild ideas to you. And who knows? Maybe you'll take them up on it. You are known to be a little freaky! What Does Your Mouth Say About You?
My Life
so this is how im am i cant help it its my life i love women i cant help it but if it came between my guitar and a women i would choose my guitar just because some women cheat such is life i guess anyway thought you should know
My Life
my life is great,i have a great hubby who will and does everything he can for me and i love him more then i could ever imagine.i have a beautiful little girl who at times can be a lil brat,but shes the best and i love her to death.and we have another baby on the way in feb. we are so excited and cant wait for this baby to be here with us.its gonna be great watching our kids grow up together.
My Life
my life Current mood: confused Category: Life This is my life as is each day that goes by i feel alone my heart ands soul hurt with every beat that it make and it not for a person or some one special really i don't know i sit in my little world and i see every one that i know happy my friends with their lover or wives or girlfriends and i see my parents together and it hurts that i can't find some one for me i have once found some one but they left me for some one else and all my ex girlfriends that i loved and i am sorry that i hurt them and the world still goes on when i am sit alone in stillness so please if you feel like this just re-post or leave a comment
My Life
.I'm currently going through a divorce and have a son. I got married six months after I graduated and then had my baby boy..see I got married first then had my child, I did everything the right way or so I thought.. I found out my husband cheated on me and left him...not going into details here..but anyway I say that so u know where I am coming from. So, I talk to guys on this and in my daily life not wanting to get with a guy just friendship and as soon as they find out you have a kid..they want nothing to do with you... I'm not asking you to be my babys father or to support me nigga's I'm merely talking to you as a friend...My question is why is it more exceptable for a man to have a child and us as woman except it...but if you're a single mother u are looked down upon and judged? Or is it because you would rather not care for another man's child or show them love? In my case I did everything right and still ended up with a dog and would rather not be with a cheater but in tod
My Life...
my life is full of ups and downs but i try to make them happy and memorable... sometimes theres a minute that i rather put my hands up and give up and theres also more hour that i like and love my life [SO SATISFYING] even though how hard it is i'll just put a brave smile & continue get going & say thank GOD IM ALIVE AND BE MORE ALIVE...
My Life
Every time I think I found it It runs away and hides from me I’ll find it again someday And hopefully I will never let it go I will hold tight and see where It takes me For when I find it It will take me for the ride of my life.
My Little Girl - Tim Mcgraw
Gotta hold on easy as I let you go Gonna tell you how much I love you though you think you already know I remember I thought you looked like an angel wrapped in pink so soft and warm You’ve had me wrapped around your finger since the day you were born You beautiful baby from the outside in Chase your dreams but always know the road that'll lead you home again Go on take on this old world but to me you know you will always be My little girl When you were in trouble that crooked little smile would melt my heart of stone Now look at you I’ve turned around and you’ve almost grown Sometimes your asleep I whisper I love you in the moonlight at your door As I walk away I hear you say “daddy love you more” You beautiful baby from the outside in Chase your dreams but always know the road that'll lead you home again Go on take on this old world but to me you know you will always be My little girl Someday some boy will come and ask me for your hand But I won’t say yes t
My Life
I guess its about time I wrote about this cause lately it has been on my mind. Most people who know me now that most of my life I have lived with my grandparents and always asked why didn't I live with my mom. And I tell them it was my choice. There was no problem with me living with my mom I just chose to live with my grandparents. Then they would ask the question I would dread the most. They would ask me about my dad. To this day I still don't know what to tell people when they ask about him. I know where he is but there are a few things I don't understand. I have never been able to ask him how he could be a father to my brothers and sisters but not me. I didn't ask for this, nor do my kids. Its almost like he never cared what happened to me. The part that sucks the most is as much as I say I don't care I do and it bothers the hell out of my mom cause she hates that is happening. Oh well it is his loss. I have to kids who I love to death and they have a family that will love him bac
My Life...
My Life All my life I feel like I been pushed out to sea With no one in site to rescue me The way I used to be abused Kicked around and used After twenty-eight long years And after drying all my tears I think I have found who I'm suppose to be I have been knocked against the wall Only to get up standing strong and tall He used to beat me at least once a week But no woman deserves to be beat I have been thrown to the floor and choked 'til i was blue While the words linger "Baby my love is so true!!" You lied to me once, you lied even twice But still three years later I feel I'm the one who sacrificed I have forgiven you just so I could move on with my life Three years ago I left all those toils and strifes But now I know who I want to be I want to be the old me, the one that was long to be set free I feel as if a burden has been lifted up off my chest But starting today I live to my fullest and give life my best Never again will you hold me down Nor will my fa
My Life
~**HEY EVERYONE**~ I'm 32 years old,I have 2 Kids they are 15 & 11 ( Girls )... They are my life,So don't ever dis them... I also am in a relationship of 11 years we have our ups and downs but we will make... I would also like to add, they way I look at life is to ( LIVE IT TO THE FOOLEST ).
My Life
Well im 18 i live in cali and im going to texas soon to visit my mom and some family dont know what else to write later
My Life As We Know It
Here I go again I just typed this dang thing and lost it all man that pisses me off it was long to.... I never put in a subject so there you have it did that before think I would learn wouldn't you well dang it here I go again. How my night started before i came to my girlfriends....started with when my hubby came home around 5pm I asked him why he lied to me Thursday night and kept askin me where his gst cheque was all along he had it... Found copy of the receipt from the bank in his wallet with pay and cheque lied about that and how much his pay was and he also lied where he spent about 135.00 no were only thing i can think is drugs.... OH yah them he has a bad habit and im tellin you bad .... Sick of his spendin and lies and stealin it all ... We have a son together who is 15 and fed up dont know what to do with him ..... I have no were to live thanks to him gave up our appartment to move in to his house and now my problems have just got worse. I love him we have been toget
My Life Is A Threat
My Life is a Threat Looking about, wandering with an empty soul, wondering when I put these blue shades on Isnt it true how love kills hopes, my dreams Faltering in the sun, yet darker by the moonlight. Ive found many things recently, like how life is truly evil. That a smile hurts more than the pain of heartache. Sparkling eyes lie more than you standing right outside my door. My soul is priceless until I give it away, it rotten to the core. Im the burden I feared Id become, a torment to the public. As I walk these silent streets, I have the rain trying to cleanse me. The stench of my existence prevalent to the passer-byes. How did I find my way to this point in life, this threat to everyone. Im a sad, sad example of how life gives the decrepit to the healthy. Im proof of how life can play tricks on the hopeful and give them nothing. My eyes become blind as I look for an answer to your troubles in me, My heart blacken
My Life's Work
my life's work are my girls they shine above all others they're understanding and sometimes quite demanding my girls are very loving my girls can be very funny they are there when i need a helping hand when push comes to shove they'll take the stand when they grow up to tell our tales i'll hope i'll have done my job well i try very hard to make them see that sometimes life's not all its cracked up to be when i leave this world i hope to leave behind with them a proud legacy so they can tell their kids what kind of mom they had so they can instill in them the traditions and beliefs i did. this is my life's work. written by: angel
My Life Continued
My son is now two weeks old he is still not in the best of health.He has to take medicine every day to stay well.My husband in the meen time continues to drink but now he has gotten worse.He all time takes money I have for diappers to get his beer.When my son is a month old my husband has gotten so bad that we are asked to move out.Me and my kids go to stay with my mother.I have been married only four months and have a new born and have to leave my husband.I cry all the time and start wishing I was dead.i say something but was told it would be alright and the feeling will pass.I lose control.I drink all the time now and smoke weed all the time.One night I start drinking and smoking at 5pm and dont stop till 5 am My kids are with a sitter and i am at a party.I come home to come off my high and my parents confront me tell me how bad a person I am and that i need to starighten up my act.i snap and take a whole bottle of sleeping pills.I am rushed to the hospital and have my stomach pumped
My Life - Update
Well, Last Friday was my birthday, and I'm officially a 40-something. Funny, I don't feel any differently. Still enjoying life... looking for love (although I have a prospect or two beginning...)... still trying to work on my website... still spend way too much time on the 'Net... My uncle is about through with his treatment (see my blog from 8/19/06, So much in my life), but he's still very tired. His nasal passages aren't much different - air still feels cold to him. But he should be done with the carcenoma. No metastisis, no spreading at all. And he doesn't feel like he needs to blow his nose all the time! My nephew is riding the ragged edge of disaster - again. He's as bright a young boy as you'll ever see, personable, and wants to be just like his uncle - a smart ass. (Just the kind of role model I've ALWAYS wanted to be... ) :-P He has been doing his homework lately, and his grades have slipped. And it's always the same thing - " I have no home work." I keep trying to conv
My Little Boy
new pics..... Hes made my life real again...
My Life At 4am And What I Like
Heres my life. I need sex. I need to feed and not food, I am a vampire and I love feeding on sexual energy. I am not tame by anything in your imagination. I have just gotten to the point where i crave sex again , I had to stop due to remembering sexual abuse. I felt dirty for wanting stuff that I do. I like blood play. I like pain. I like being raped or forced to have sex . I like cocks big enough to rip and my boyfriends does, i am tiny. Funny theres nothing like feeling your insides tear a little , god it feels good. The amount of lust I get from that is like astronomical. I like being tied up and I like doing the tieing up too. I like gentle just as much and enjoy someone making love to me in front of the fire place , looking into my eyes and kissing me. I guess I go from one extreme to the other. I dont usually talk about sex so much but in this forum I feel a little free. If you dont like the topic, dont read and this club is for adults. My boyfriend visits me astral and
My Life
well Hello i just wanted to say hi to everyone for starters and introduce myself i am from illinois and i have 2 wonderful children who are an important part in my life i live with my father and he is a important part of my life too i cjoined this site maybe to either find mr right or make some friends which ever comes first but i am a sweet lady and i have a heart of gold and i love poetry
My Life
the longest relationship ive ever had is 4 1/2 years it ended on Jan. 7th, 2005 well what you need to know is that i have a son whos name is Matthew Randell Ivey now i know for a fact that there is noone on myspace that can tell you about it, nor is there any information on my page that can fill you in on this info he would be 3 this november, his life was taken at birth he had a hole in his heart, that wasnt known about, and there was nothing tha could be done to help him well, his mother and i continued ofcourse to be together till last Jan. i was working at Boeing at the time, as a security gaurd, working 3rd shift she was and still goes to una while i was working new years eve, she went to a frat party and had sex with some guy, who i have no idea of the identity of, and dont really care because i was always, it seemed at the time, at work, i didnt see her again untill the 7th i brought her lunch, we ate, then went back to her dorm room well, having been together for 4
My Life Sucks
my day started off by waking up then i get to school and my girlfreind breaks up with me then i flunk drivers ed. MY LIFE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! my whole week has sucked.
My Life
my life suck's at time because its like the harder i try i can get kno where i my life i got a house , money , power , wet air an heat , but i dont have any body to send time with an have fun with all i have is my brother an his freinds an my freinds but i wish i had a women to chill with an enjoy send time with her i have a good time with all my freinds but a part of my life is miss i feel like but i set in my house on my compter every night think an every time i get depressed i getin sick of bein by myself im 23 an im fixin to be 24 an im still single people ask me every day just about why i drunk so much an i tell them im just tired of bein by myself . so if any body reads this i kno it sounds crazy but its true
My Lil Angel Is Here
Well lil Miss Nemi Rae Kennedy made her apperince in this world on October 19th at 9:50am. she weighed 3lbs 15.5oz, was 17.3inches long, and her head was 11.4inches.... She is beautiful, and doing well, she is in the NICU for a few weeks while she gains weight, learns how to eat, and learns how to maintain her body temp. They hope that she will be out in 2-6wks... She is doing better then some thought, she is off all breathing machines, she is sucking on a pacifier already. Hopefully all goes well and she can come home soon... I will be going home probably tomorow but will come up and see her as often as possible, the social worker that she has is gettin me a parking pass for the lot so i dont have to pay for parking yeahhh a big burden off my shoulders... Love you all,,, go look at my pics and see my beautiful lil angel!!!!!!!
My Life
Have you ever been so happy because you can do something special for a group of people. Well.... I have. I was going to cook homemade pop pie for my family tomorrow but my aunt is coming up and she doesn't want to be around any kids. It isn't my fault that she told her kids that she would baby sit. And I am not a kid. But anyways, I am not going to be able to cook for my family and I won't get to enjoy any time with my aunt because she doesn't want my son around. I just think it is really unfair how she is doing this for me. I know what I should do. I should make it anyway so my gram and pap will stay home. I know right after Curt gets home from work tomorrow we are going to leave. I don't want to be here while she is here. She has no right to do this. I know she doesn't come up but any way. I just ain't in a good mood. We should have stayed at his gram's house tonight. My aunt is going to be mad because Curt has to be up at 5:00 am to be out of here by 5:30. Well gotta go so he can go
My Life
well my life has really went downhill now. well i texted justin on Thrusday night and i'm not suppose to talk to him cuz of the order of protection but i missed him and i knew my parents would never find out so i did.and well my parents did find out cuz justin told his attorney that i called him and his attroney told my parnets so i just found out that he didnt love me or he wouldnt of told anyone.then if that wasnt enough my parents didnt want to tell me but since this happen they decided to i guess when they went to court on october 5 and justin did too cuz of the order of protection i guess he brought a girl with him and they were holding hands the whole time and hugging each other and i guess they kissed to.and my parents wouldnt lie bout that cuz they knew i wasnt doing good at all and they knew that would make me feel worse but they decided to tell me.and we were supposed to still be together cuz he said we were and that he was waiting for me cuz i was waiting for him but i guess
My Life...........
Hey eferyone my name is Jamie........I am a 30yr.old female.I am the mother of two wonderful little girls ages 9 yrs. and 2 yrs.old.They are my whole world!!!!!!!I am an at hime mom for now (looking for work).I was married for 11 yrs. till my husband passed away almost s year ago(oh so sad).Now im just try n to meet new people and start a new life for us(me and the girls).I like to hang out with my friends and party (when I can).If all this sounds good to you well then hit me back!!!!!!!You can also find me on myspace.... im slavegurl there also)....or on tagworld...badgurl4u2 there hope to chat .........
My Life, My Love, My Hopes & Dreams
this is a poem that i wrote in july of this year. leave feedback. if you like it comment, if you don't like it still comment. i'm taking all PRODUCTIVE criticism. As I lay here thinkin, "What in the world should I do", All that comes to my mind, is me being wit you. I want to be able to love you, I want to be able to care, My life, my love, my hopes and dreams, is what I'm willing to share. But, I'm afraid to fall for you, afraid to give all my love, Because I don't want to get hurt again, by someone that I "thought" I loved. So please.....promise not to hurt me, promise me that you'll care....And then.... My life, my love, my hopes and dreams, with you I will share. My heart to yours I will carefully place, The previous pain I felt, your love alone will erase. Your smile, your style...... That swagger and your walk Your personality and intelligence.....and even how you talk. These are all things that I love about you Oh and I almost forgot, you're popular and cute t
My Life Dealing With Depression
Id like to start out by saying, I have been saved from the brink of death by the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, close friends and family. Last September I had, on more then one occasion, attempted suicide. The last time I was, literally, minutes away from succeeding. I was battling with severe depression. At that point in my life I felt lost and alone and wanted to die. I had on two occasions admitted myself to the psychiatric ward in champaign after severely cutting my arm and throat several times with a razor. They helped me get my head cleared a little bit and gave me a fresher look on how I could live my life safer, with safety plans in place if I needed extra help and/or support. My run in with depression started in my teens. I wanted to curl up as small as I could and disappear most of the time to try and avoid situations. For some reason, back then, the thought of dying never occurred to me. However, My depression was never talked about, nor the fact that my stepfather wa
My Life Is Falling Apart
I feel like screaming right now because nothing is going right for me. I am not doing well in college, my family is sick, and i'm single. It is hard being just friends with someone you love very much and was just still with a few days ago. Well at least i didn't lose him completely like all the others. Later.
My Life
I have had freedom of choice and gone where luck has beckoned, and there is much that would be different with second chance. But, I have known the fortune of my birthright and blessings of family and friends along with the pain that caring can bring. For me the myth has gone with fairy tale and legend. I live on in wonder at the wonders of the earth and the heights to which man's aspirations have taken him, while fearing the seeds he carries will one day end this pinpoint of glory that time has set in motion.
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My Life As A Blog
Hey this is a first what the hell is a blog,so u think u can get in my head? do u want to? well what do u want to know. I'm weird i don't care my life is weird but i don't care about that either, I don't like the president very much,there are dozens of preying mantises outside my house that look like aliens probably are, surveilancing me, because i'm valuable to the government or so my friend Hayes said but he's weird to so maybe we both lost our minds I hope so! And they do look like aliens!
My Life Sucks...
Well my life isn't going all that great at the moment. I thought it was going great, and then BAM! Everything falls to pieces; my heart once again gets crushed and stomped on. I'm so tired of getting hurt; I'm so tired of fucking being put on the back burner. What is so wrong with me that I can't even get a guy to like me that I have interest in? Am I really that bad? Well I was planning on going down to see Eric in South Carolina. I was going on the 1st of November, and wasn't coming back till the 8th. Well plans changed. Eric went to a LPA convention (LPA stands for little people of America). Well while he was at this convention this passed weekend, he ended up meeting another little person (girl) there. Well, I guess they hit it off. They held hands, kissed and had a great time. Why is it that a guy goes for the first thing they can get their hands on? Well, Eric came home, and I finally talked to him. He never called me like he said he was going to while at the convention. Told me
My Little Waif...
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My Life Now?
For anyone wondering just what happen to me or what my Paralysis might be? I'm a c4/c5 Quad, which basically makes me totally dependant on others even for a simple drink of water and in my case it's my very caring sister Lisa and her two children that take care of me, I do have some movement in my Arms to a certain extent which is how I am able to use the laptop computer that sits next to me in my bed, but my Hands are constricted in a away to where I have to use my thumb and knuckles to type with which is kind of tricky and very slow, so please bare with me if or when you might get an email from me. My Accident happen back on September 2nd of 1990, I was living in Indiana at the time, I had everything a man could ask for a beautiful wife, a 4 yr old son at that time, a good job working construction along side my two older brothers "The American Dream" so to speak and then one day I was out in my yard washing my 68 camaro and I saw a squirrel come down out of a tr
My Little Man(10-29-2006 For David My Son)
My little man...Can be as sweet as can be....or a little hellian. My little man...Wakes up with loves....kisses and hugs. My little man...Kisses a ladies hand....and sometimes bites. My little man...tries to turn makes a mess. My little a butt....but I love him, he is my life.
My Life
my life is something i don't think no one would miss if i was gone so many tragedies and heartaches turned my psyche to that of stone i live a life of being nothing more than alone i accomplished little really nothing to be shown i would leave this earth no more than a gentle wind being blown i've taken all that i can take had my heart broken all that it can break maybe people are right i'm nothing more than a creul mistake i've said all i have to say maybe this is the final act in my play or maybe i shall live again another day just remember either way i caused no sorrow if i decided to walk off this earth tommorow
My Life
Over the last 20 yrs of being a vampire I have learned alot about myself and the spirit (demon) that made me what I am. To my knowledge I'm the only vampire that is still able to spirit walk. It is a very strange feeling to be able to do this still after my embrace. I have only recently rediscovered this ability. I thought it had been lost after my embrace. It's sometimes very strange, because I think I am projecting and I'm not. I guess as the years go by i will get use to the difference of projecting and spirit walking.
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My Life Today
I woke up and fell back to sleep
My Life Is Weird
So yesterday morning I was driving through the mall parking lot on my way to the bank, and something big came out of the bushes and flopped in front of my car: A SEA LION. No fucking kidding. I stopped the car, turned on my emergency blinkers, and called 911. All circuits were busy [really, what the fuck is 911 good for these days?]. I called the Petaluma emergency direct line and it was disconnected!!! So I got out of the car with my umbrella and started FOLLOWING A SEA LION AROUND THE PARKING LOT. Hi, this is my life. Another girl stopped and got out and just stood there all agape. I had to yell at her to go to the management office to get someone to help. Now they're crediting HER with "finding the poor sea lion." Fucking figures. I followed him for probably 10 minutes to make sure no one would hit him with their car, and keeping him from the freeway, which is where he seemed to want to go. Newspaper article about the sea lion He wasn't snarling or upset when I was
My Life
My Life Is Worth
If you were to buy me, it would cost you $296,581.45! What are you worth? Find Out Here
My Life Is Worth
If you were to buy me, it would cost you $444,469.63! What are you worth? Find Out Here
My Life
Well, I don't know what to say except that I have been busy with our newborn daughter so I haven't made it on here very much at all. Merry Christmas, I just found out that my place of employment is laying me off as of November 20th. What assholes. With a newborn and family to take care of. Anyways, that is what has been going on lately. Sorry I haven't got to say hi very much and I apologize. Hope everyone has had a good week and hopefully I will talk to some of you later. Stephen
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My Lil Girl
I am sitting in a hospital room as my lil one is caged in a metal crib sufferin with pneumonia. Im tired and bored. i hope all is well with all my friends, and thanks a million for stoppin by as usual. I am about 1/2 way thru my friends list to comment u one way or another so keep yer eyes open. Love always~ Night Angel
My Lifes Story
The porno of jason's life will be called ... "Cannibal love action - live!" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at
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My Living Room Floor
Has seen a lot of action over the last two plus years. Our house is really tiny so our daughter's crib is in our room. We both feel weird about fucking in the same room as Boo so blankets on the living room floor has been the standard operating procedure for the past 2.5+ years. It's a nice treat when she stays at one of the grandparent's and we can fuck in our own bed. What really sucks is when we forget to clean up afterwards or more likely don't get everything and forget a toy or two. Luckily the only things we've left out so far are toys that went unused and lube. On the plus side when we do put stuff away we're smart enough to put it out of her reach. It's bad enough when the kid walks out with a vibrator but if it's an acrylic butt plug that's a whole new level of explaining to the grandparents.
My Living Proof
My Living Proof What else am I to do with myself What else to convey the way I'm feeling I feel like I'm going insane All these words swimming Racking my brain I'm bored with my life every other day My heart aches for something new Foundations as weak as clay Fortune is not my friend it seems Grinning in another direction Spitting with objection My mind spins into the mist that is the world outside the windows of my eyes And in this moment I am free Do I rip out my hair and run into the woods Or pack my bags and see the truth All I need now is my living proof
My Lil Girl!!
So This sunday, being November 19th; my baby girl, Cami Elizabeth NiCole is going to be 6 months old...6 months and it seems like I've been a mom my whole life. I really dont remember what it was like before she came into my life. She is getting So big!!! Anyway I have some pictures of her on one of my photobuckets hehe! I'm not sure what order it should be but I do know that the professional pictures that are also found in my pictures are recent. Well...Enjoy and leave comments!!
My Life Sucks.
So i think me and Rob offically broke up..We got into ANOTHER really big fight tonight and i told him to get out of my house..He packed his bags and left..Right before he left i said we were broke up and maybe in a few days we can talk about bawling my eyes out..Ive been with him for a long time and now im all alone again..I dont really remember how to be alone..I dont know if i can deal with it..I dont know if this is for good or not.. I'm So Scared.
My Little Buddy Update
well my little buddy that has ewings sarcoma , they have found active cancer cells in his lungs we need all the prayers we can get for little bradley!!!!!!!!
My Life
My Life John Lennon My life, take it, it's mine to give. Take it, let me live in you. My life, take it, it's yours. Do what you will, I dedicate it to you. What's the use in waking if you're not there to share the dreams and nightmares? My life, take it, for better or worse. Why waste time? We both know together is the only way. We'll make it any way. Take it, my life, my life is you. What's the use in waking if you're not there to share the dreams and nightmares? I've only myself to... I've only myself to (give to) you. For better or worse I dedicate my life to you. La-la-la-la....
My Life Changes
My Life Questions
If you ever wanted to know about me...or even if you didn' is pretty much anything and everything I could tell you about myself. 1. Full name: Elle 2. Nicknames: Girlblink182, Sweetie 3. Eye Colour: Brown 4. Height: 5" 2 5. Hair: Black 6. Siblings: 1 brother I don't talk to much 7. Do u like to sing in the shower? nope, there's better things to do in there 8. Do u like to sing on the toilet? not really 9. Birthday: Nov.29.... 10. Sign: Sagittarius 11. Address: Canada 12. Sex: Had it and like it ;) 13. Righty or lefty: Lefty 14. What do you want in a relationship most? Love, Respect, Honesty, Open Communication, Humour, Trust 15. Have you ever cheated? Yep.....a long time ago 16. Marital status: Hitched 17. Do you have a car? Nope 18. What kinda car do you have/want? Hubby has a Kia, I want a minivan :) 19. Movie: Titanic 20. Song: Distraction 21. Band/singer: Blink182, Angels and Airwaves, AFI..... 22. TV Show:
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My Light
As i sit in the dark waiting for my time to come, Waiting and waiting, As my time is short i must find my way, The lonely darkness corrupting my mind slowly, Waiting and waiting, I know my time has come, I've been waiting for the darkness to end, Waiting and waiting, No one around in the darkness but me, I need a light to led me threw, Waiting and waiting, All this time in the dark thinking about that one light, And that light appears to be you. Written by: LE
My Life Sucks
well my life has been really suck ass I lost my cousin she died about 3 weeks ago the 2 days later my friend died then 2 weeks later another friend died in a car reck then I called my X cause he was haveing a really bad time and he needed someone to talk to and we ended up back to gather & he asked me to marry him I said yeah then he started haveing hell with his X and I just couldn't and wouldn't deal with her she is a dope head and drinks all the time and now today my aunt passed away I am just ready to just give up on everything and crawl in a hole and never come out Love is given up on me and I guess I will never find Love I am just givein up on men and Love My Life Sucks ass
My Life At A Stand Still.
I love the Marine Corps and what it stands for. I hate being an individual in the Marine Corps. I cant wait to get out. I am stuck here in Barstow, Cali. I have asthma so I am currently on a Eval Board. I was supposed to get separated in July. I dont know what I can do to speed this process up. They dont understand that they are messing with my life. Who do I tell and what do I tell them? I dont know. I wish that they would hury up and let me out. Even if I dont get med seped, there is no way in hell I am going to re-up! Grrrrrrr...
My Life
Hi my name is Sabrina I am egaged and have two boys 11 months and 12 years old. My fiance is the best why you ask beacause he lets me be free. he is the only man i know that will let his wife (the wed is 12/24/06) have a girlfriend and not request that we have a threesome with him all the time. he also lets me pretty much do as i please when we go to the stripclubs especially the one i used to bartend at he lets me flirt and have a good time without being stuck up my ass. I guess he is lucky too considering i am so openminded that i have no problem with him having a girlfriend besides me and it doesn't have to be the girl i am seeing. i guess what i am trying to say is i am here for friends and meeting people for a good time. at this time i would like to thank everyone that has rated either my profile or pic a 10. So anyone who is not warded off by the fact i have kids and am getting married wchich all that is a legal piece of paper so that we can get a house and other military benefi
My Life
My Little Blurb In The First Edition Of Ct News
innocentprncss™@ CherryTAP Our featured cherry this week is Angela. She has a page dedicated to pregnancy and infant loss awareness and supporting the troops. Her blogs reflect the trials and tribulations that come with being elated about pregnancy and the pain that comes with its loss. She want's men and women to know they aren't alone in this loss and dont have to grieve alone.
My Life
Hi! I am a single mother of two daughters 11 and 14! I am in enrolled in college online to earn my associates degree in business. I thought I had met "the one" but it turns out he was just like the rest a user and a here I sit again waiting for my "Prince Charming". I am moving back up to our states capitol to be near my friends as the last few years near my family have proved to be truly a nightmare! I want to at least be near the people who treat me with respect and are true to me and do not lie. The girls and I love to camp, hike, swim, ride bikes, pretty much anything that involves the outdoors. We also love movies! We have our family night where we get together eat pizza and watch movies! LOVE IT!!!
My Life Seems To Always Go To Music
THE BUZZCOCKS - EVER FALLEN IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE You spurn my natural emotions You make me feel like dirt And i'm hurt And if i start a commotion I run the risk of losing you And that's worse Ever fallen in love with someone Ever fallen in love In love with someone Ever fallen in love In love with someone You shouldn't've fallen in love with I can't see much of a future Unless we find out what's to blame What a shame And we won't be together much longer Unless we realize that we are the same Ever fallen in love with someone Ever fallen in love In love with someone Ever fallen in love In love with someone You shouldn't've fallen in love with You disturb my natural emotions You make me feel like dirt And i'm hurt And if i start a commotion I'll only end up losing you And that's worse Ever fallen in love with someone Ever fallen in love In love with someone Ever fallen in love In love with someone You shouldn't've fallen in love with Eve
My Life
people sit there and talk about you like you are a dog, then they pretend like they dont know what you are talking about when asked. well, i am here to tell everyone a little more about me. i am taken, but if he doesnt change things maybe diffenet. i love to go to races, hang out with friends. i love to shop!!! i like camping, going to mudd bogs, i like to fish and party.... for the ones that know me, i am everything you would wants as a friend. i hate people that lie and try to take you for granted. to all that knows me, will say that i am the best friend that i a friend can have. i hate people that try to be like everyone else. YOU ARE YOU, AND THERE IS NO WAY TO CHANGE THAT, GET OVER YOURSELF AND STOP ACTING FAKE.i dont like to start trouble, anyway possible i will stay out of things. but dont go behind my back and talk about me. i have a face and if anyone has anything to say then they need to say it to my face.... ne~ways, thought that i would tell you a little bit about myself. a
My Life
well lets see all my life I have been searching looking everywhere I can think to look but nothing nothing can calm the raging storm in me, I have felt peace for moments at times but never for to long, it always seems to come in waves of despair,when I think I have found what I am looking for the sea's in me calm, just to have it lost again and the sea's get more violent inside causing me to hurt deep inside of me. I fear that the calm after the storm will never come for me I am destined to be in eternal torment..... to have my soul pushed further inside of me making it hard to see me. I do it to myself though, I allow hope to slip in every once in a while.....that hope being futal indeed but at the time I have it there is nothing else I can see..... until realization comes and I break all over again....... sometimes I wish that the 20th of Oct 2006 would have went sooooo different to have not made that call, peace would have came to this longing soul....or I would be
My Life W My Bestfren....
the minute i start to have a lots of significant feelings towards to someone, i never thought that feeling will be repaid un expectedly... for years and years im looking for a perfect friendship, i look far and right to seek the right one, but one day never think he'll showed up and ever since my life is never been the same...
My Life Is So Fucked Up
Things in my life are so fucked up right now. I can't figure out what to do and what is the right thing to do. The guy i've been with off n on for 8 yrs had been telling me for about a month or so that he felt like he wasn't in love with me anymore and that he didn't wanna be with me and after Christmas was going to was very very hard for me to accept until i met someone else whom i wanted to be friends with n if things came of it it did and if not at least i had a friend but being around this other person made me realize i deserved better then what i was going thru and i had finally made myself see that and that if my current bf wanted to leave me and he wasnt' happy with me that i was just going to let him go. Well soon after i realized all this and was finally ready to let him go he changes and is all lovey dovey and wanting to be around me n spend time with me n all that crap....when i ask him about things he says he's not sure what he wants n doesn't know if his fe
My Life: The Soundtrack
Your Life: The Soundtrack Opening credits: Undercover-Pete Yorn Waking up: In Time-Mark Collie Average day: One of Those Days-"Weird Al" Yankovic First date: Listen to Yiour Heart-Little River Band Falling in love: Nothing Else Matters-Metallica Love scene: Slow Chemical-Finger Eleven Fight scene: Ten Thousand Fists-Disturbed Breaking up: Broken-Seether Getting back together: Someday-Nickelback Secret love: Every Little Thing She Does-The Police Life's okay: Right Before Your Eyes-Hoobastank Mental breakdown: Somebody Else-Bleu Driving: Take Five-Dave Brubeck Learning a lesson: One Thing-Finger Eleven Deep thought: Touche-Godsmack Flashback: No Such Thing-John Mayer Partying: Sledge Hammer-Peter Gabriel Happy dance: Not Gonna Get Us-t.A.T.u Regreting: It's Been Awhile-Staind Long night alone: Leather-Tori Amos Death scene: Bother-Stone Sour Closing credits: I'm Still Here-John Reznik Take this survey | Find more surveys You've been totally Bzoink*d
My Life, Today
My Life, Today The warmth of a touch, a kiss, a look, the feeling of you inside me, the sun’s caress, the physical jolt of music. Overwhelming beauty: words, lyrics, sentences, irony. The day opening and closing. Everything I know new, intriguing, clean, even when it’s exactly the same as it always is. We listen to The Velvet Underground – Lou Reed, John Cale, Nico, others whose names I can’t remember. I’m always thrilled by sight sound touch, your searching hands on my smooth skin, but no longer is everything weighted by desperate panic, melancholy, nostalgia, moments long since past – things I can no longer have or change. But right here, right now, it is enough, almost way too much at times, and I am in love with it. copyright 2006 Katherine Andrews
My Life
First off this is probably weird to say on here but I just thought I would start off by saying that I have a great life I have a good job and a girl who loves me...don't get me wrong I am happy that she loves me but I have put her through some rough shit as well as she has me!!! We are meant for each other!!! Sometimes we fight so much and it gets really bad and I feel like giving up and know she does also!!! But somehow we are able to stick through it!!! I love her so much and i wish she can see how much I do love her!!!! Baby I know you probably won't see this but I LOVE YOU!!! With all my heart and soul!!!! Thanks for giving me the chance out at the bar that night!!! almost 4 years ago!!! I love you and always will!!!!
My Little Girl
"Your mother have carried you for 9 months.....i'll carry you for the rest of your life" Cool Slideshows
My Life And My Art
There's not a lot of my art that I'm proud of anymore. Besides the commercial art that I create for Sharkless, it's been quite a while since I've done some work that I can acutally connect with and am willing to claim as my own. I really would like to put together a portfolio of my work that I am truly proud of. It's been several years that I have been into fine art & graphic design and I want to show what I am made of. I want to get back to the root of things, get my hands dirty with some charcoal and find my inspiration again. I miss it.
My Life
where to start. first i have done some fucked up shit in my life.used to deal cocaine and do collections for gansters. i guess i was on to. my perception of my self was not always the best. thought i was a failure to my paRENTS, BUT THEY LOVE ME ANYWAY. took care of my mother till she died. went thru a lot of shit with her family. if i could get away with killing most of those pieces of shit i would. i've been at the bottom of the barrel. you know it's time to quit doing coke when your sitting on the couch with shotguns, automatic weapons and variuos bladed weapons and havent slept in 6 days. this was after my mother died. she loved me to the end. on that night i came to realize life is meant to be savored not in torment of one's past failures. we all make mistakes. my demons are pulling at me every minuts of the day and night. but with the help of friends and some family, things will be alright. i know my photos don't show how i was back then. they r the new me. but piss me off i and
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My Life
How does one keep there life together when it has been torn a part so many times. that is what has happened to me i keep trying to put my life together and just when i think i have BAM the rug is pulled out from under me yet again all started when my husband of 13 years decideds he wants to cheat then he leaves my oldest son becomes involved with the wrong people because of his father leaving so he goes to live with his father bye my choice not his which was heart breaking and now my youngest son who has been my strentgh the past 7 years all of a sudden comes to me and tells me mom i want to go live with dad he tells me this just 20 minutes before his dad shows up to take him. so now I must start all over again 1 bye getting my thoughts together then 2 finding a new place to live because with out him here there is not enough money to keep my house and 3 finding some one to take my 2 dogs unless i can find some where that aloows pets welll I took enough of every ones time but reall
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~˘ľ*TinkerBelle*˘ľ~@ CherryTAP
My Life Thus Far
12-21-06. Well my very 1st blog. Not sure where to go with this but like the rest of my life, I will improvise. I work at a bank as a loan officer, the business sucks right now but this will pass, albeit like a kidney stone. The munchkins will be here in about an hour and tomorrow we will finish up christmas shopping, I know it not supposed to be about the presents but they love to buy things for their cousins and grandparents. I am even going to give them money to get something for their mom (the X). Hope the holidays finds you healthy happy and in love with someone (at least in like for a few hours)
My Little One
My Little One When I noticed the change of my body, I suspected that there was something inside of me, a tiny little one. Two months passed by it confirmed, that you were growing inside of me. I was excited and so was your Daddy, Our hearts jumped with happiness and joy. We were a little apprehensive of how our lives would be, But we loved you very much from the moment, We knew you were there growing. And then one day unexpected night came, I noticed that something was wrong, Blood spot came out scared but calm. I went to sleep but cramps woke me up, Bleeding was present red in colour. Your Dad took me to the Midwifery Care, I lied down on the table scared and hopeful. The Midwife looked for you but you weren’t there. I put my hands on my tummy to feel your home, But it wasn’t there where it was supposed to be. I couldn’t accept that you were gone, We listened to your heartbeat with Doppler, But never heard your heartbeat. I was devastated. The mid
My Life Is A House Off Cards....
Today was just a very shitty day. I was almost arrested and walked away with not one, not two, but three tickets. Why you ask? Pretty simple really, I ran a red light cause the light was yellow and my car did not want to stop all the way on the wet road. Then, I got a ticket for no car insurance. Who would of thunk it that $11,000 a year does not get you very far in this country. Then the third and almost final ticket for driving with a suspended licience I just found out today I had the hard way. Due to the fact I did not get my car tested for fuel emissions and the DMV can not seem to gt my address right being I have lived in the same house for four years and have changed my address 3 times. Only to have them still have my address from before I moved into my current home. So, you'd think this would be an pretty easy fix. Just get my car tested and in 72 business hours I should be clear. Excempt, I have no friends or family to drive my car there since I can not. Then, once it gets
My Little Paradise Of Love
my little paradise of love just like sent from heaven far above down there on my knees in the warm white sand touching your spirit with my little hand breathing just your rest and peace who looks good,beauty sees my little paradise of love never touched by one hand just by god himself let me melt into your land your water- so pure and clear so still in you i have no fear my little paradise of love my island of dreams far away so it seems somewhere there where the ocean kisses the sun in you i want to be forever gone so strong in my mind my little paradise of love- the last of it s kind in you i touch eternity forever there i want to be...
My Life Has Fallen Apart.
Not much matters to me anymore. This life has no meanings anymore. I'm hitting rockbottom. I lost everything I've ever wanted. I'm pretty certain no one gives a shit. My mother hates me and I hate her. True hate. Daily Threats, many insults. I'm constantly being brought to tears lately. I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I am dying. Who knows. Maybe I am...
My Life..
This is about my life my name is Jay Koons im half german and half canadian I was born in California 4/3/1971 my life has been hard and fast I stick to my self now and i have a hard time trusting any one also.. I live here in TX now im single I live alone pretty much at times I do have a rommie but we work alot the both of us . Im a shift manager for arby's I have been single now going on almost 3 years I find it hard to find some one to love and trust.. Im 6'3 with blue eyes and size 13 feet at 200lbs with frekles too. I love to travel and I love to cook too and clean I love to have fun and love all kinds of music too. I love exotic pets I love all women I never judge a book by its cover. I do hope to find some one to love if not its cool also I never push my self on no one .. hope this helps some... There is one other thing I wana add alot of people and women find me ugly its a sad world when every one bases life and love on looks Im sorry im not a model or soo ho
My Life
I have 4 kids 3 boys and 1 girl. I am a good person and a mother. I had a happy family but my husband and i are no more. My life is crazy. I am always on the go running around after my kids. They are good kids and i love them very much. I like meeting new people and making friends.
My Life
In life I have come to realize that it is full of ups and downs and when the downs hit they hit hard.But when the ups happen they are usually pretty good. That is because I thought of all the downs and the ups are awesome. I have met someone in my life and she has made all my downs Go away. She has become MY UP!! If I am having a bad day she brings me up with just a Hello.. Now how many times in your life does that happen.. I know in mine it doesnt. I thank God for bringing me an angel.. Dont know what I have done to deserve such a woman but I am not questioning it. My life is no longer full of downs and trust me there has been many. So the next time you think that you are down. think of someone in your life that brings you up ,,
My Life Story - I Am Different From You -
My name is Rocky i have learning disabilty the Doc. said when i was born i be different from everyone else. I would look more like a women than man. They told my pearnts you should just put him to sleep he not going be worth it. But instead my dad told the Doc. shut the fuck up! And my dad took me home, The Doc. said have rear Dieases. Most men and women hve 2 xx cromezones i have xxxy - We havent found anything about my rear Diseases we have check evevery where stell have know clue what i have. Some times try be someone im not so people will like me. But have learned hard way all my life nevr been easy for me. Tell 2 friends told me just be my self, If people won't execpt me for who i am FUCK THEM!! So thats what im start doing! I was slower learner through my hole life! It's hard times but deal with it best way i can. I learn new things each day. And i take life 1 day at time. I might not have alot friends might not be perfect put i am sweet love careing and have sweet hear
My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close
MY life closed twice before its close-- It yet remains to see If Immortality unveil A third event to me So huge, so hopeless to conceive As these that twice befell. Parting is all we know of heaven, And all we need of hell.
My Life
p>On may 23,2006 im finally getting married this is one day i said i wouldnt do.because life wasnt easy for me but i've learned alot from my life,ups and downs.when I met john 7yrs ago i knew he was the one i would marry.i said when my dad died i wont get get married,But i feel that the time has come to make my life complete and that is to have my soulmate with me for the rest of my life .the day i do died i will still be with john,we will grow old together,He is my true love something I thought i would never find,john completes my circle of life,I thank you lord for giving me the best years of my life...brenda I had a hard childhood one i don't wish on anybody,i've pretty much been abused half of my life started with my mom.then it started in 1989 when i got with this guy i was 17yrs old stayed with him until my kids came along in 90 AND 91 and in 1995 i got out of it and in 1996 got right back into another abusive relationship but this one wasn't right eigther it went on for 5 1/2
My Life Story As A Best Selling Book Lol
Okay so i have had to do something with my now free time as my life is at the moment drama filled once again like dawsons creek / 90210 / jerry springer.... So here we go you can tell me what you all personally think lol. Hi welcome to my life, If you don't already know who i am my name is Dominic i'm 22 and my life is insane. I've often wondered exactly why my life was so shitty but i figured it out, Because i am suppost to write this book on my life so it can become a best seller that will later be looked at by hollywood turned into a movie staring Jashawa Jackson to play me and Kattie Holmes to play my on again off again love interest Lol. Now i know you are all thinking god this guy is freaking insane but there is a point to my madness so please read on. I'm 22 years old and a member of the armed services,And A duel Citizon between the United States of America and Canada. Starting my life off both my parents worked for a living to make a decent life for me and my br
My Life.
I'm a typical male. All that matters to me is love, friendship and trust. I'm looking to live a dream. A dream of a lovely lil home with a loving wife nd two kids and a few animals. i want to have that forever caring relationship with a woman who feels the same about me as i do her. i'm not a greedy man i am just asking for a simple life of love and hapiness with a family of my own. i'm not getting any younger and i'm a lil tired of time passing me by. am i being selfish for wanting hapiness and a family. am i asking for too much. i'm not to sure anymore but i hope i will soon find my roots and stat a new legacy of humble children who grow up helping people doing good. thats all i can hope for. thank you for reading my babbling. Frank.
My Life
I do not understand guys. They make no sense to at all. This one guy that i really like cannot seem to make up his mind if he wants me or not. I told him that he had to make up his mind soon or I am going to move on. He says that he wants to be with me but he is confused about his life and where it is going. I cano understand that but why has it taken him 2.5 months to tell me this much? If there are any guys who can shed light on this for me please feel free to do so.
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My Little Lovenia
this the only pic that will upload at this time.... I hope u all enjoy her pic. she's my Mini-schnauzer, my baby girl.
My Little Cousin
stephyy@ CherryTAP
My Life
I have always wanted to be a "housewife", not a teacher, not a lawyer, not a doctor, just a housewife. I loved the 1950's lifestyle where the woman stayed home and the husband left for work each morning and came home to his wife and kids and dinner on the table. As a child that is the life I dreamed of. Maybe that is because my life was so vastly different then that. *(More about my early life can be found in my blog as I have been asked to repost my early years.)* As I started dating, I quickly learned the power a woman could hold over a man. I enjoyed playing my games and making those poor boys jump through hoops to please me. But after a little while I lost interest in the games. Then 11 years ago I met the man I would come to marry. He was different. He did not fall for my games. Pouting lips and puppy eyes did nothing to him (except make him laugh which was not what I was going for). I realized he was different. This wasn't some boy, this was a man…a real man that knew
My Life
First: Live and LOVE Life. Life's full of changes and you have to be willing to do them, I'm a hard working person who's willing to do what she can to get what she wants,Everything i have is because i worked my ass off going to school and work, I do it on my own and proud of it. I'm kind hearted, maybe a little to much sometimes, yet some ppl take advantage,I've been mistreated in the past and i can't let it happen, I forgave but couldn't forget, thats what made me who I am today, for those who know me i dont intend to hurt people in any way but i dont like to have ppl walk all over me so i do what i have to do,If i can get anything out of life it's that everyone I know remembers me for who i was, what good friend i am, always willing to listen/ give advice, and always there. If you dont have faith then you wont get anywhere in life.
My Little Paradise Of Love
my little paradise of love just like sent from heaven far above down there on my knees in the warm white sand touching your spirit with my little hand breathing just your rest and peace who looks good,beauty sees my little paradise of love never touched by one hand just by god himself let me melt into your land your water- so pure and clear so still in you i have no fear my little paradise of love my island of dreams far away so it seems somewhere there where the ocean kisses the sun in you i want to be forever gone so strong in my mind my little paradise of love- the last of it s kind in you i touch eternity forever there i want to be...
My Life Love !!!
My Lil Brah.....=(
ummm ya my lil brah SSGT.Johnson,Andre p has been reported M.I.A =( 2 all civilianz or unknowing peepz M.I.A= missing in action =( i never thought id hear thos letterz in my whole life specially bout my lil brah now my close friends who kno me truely know me kno im on my way to join tha military like my lil brah my lil brah is a marine he loves been a marine n now ima join him it is my goal to b there i kno deep in my heart he is still alive hahaha i just hope he lives long enuff to see me there hes been through everything hes been in fist fights there shot stabbed in explsions( he finds n detinates bombz,landmines,ieds, n what not)he is my brah he is my son hahaha i raised him we didnt have parents in out lives at least not very long when we did have em this is hard to type ive never cried this much in my life i dun kno what ima do i found out from his fellow man last night n i havent slept i havent eatin it hurtz too much haha ima stop now kuz i cant do this n-e-more =( n
My Life
Well I thought I would let you all know a little about me. :) If you take the time to read this. LOLI was born in a small town in Rockledge, Florida. Yes I am a true Florida orange. Grew up pretty much at Cocoa beach. Yes I have been a surfer since I was about 6 years old. I would still be doing it except this west coast of Florida has zip for waves. I just sold my board about a year ago. :( At the age of 17 I went out on the LPGA as a caddie for two years. I do have to say that was the best job I ever had. BUT after 2 years of lugging around the clubs I decided I had enough. I went back home and started working odd jobs. I did everything from fast food to painting tanks. Big difference there. While I was working at a gas station every morning a recruiter would come in for his coffee and ask if I was ready to join the Navy. For almost a year I told him what to do with it. LOL One morning he came in and he asked again. I told him that if he could have me in boot camp within one week I
My Life
When a mans heart is full of deceipt,it burns up and dies.And a dark shadow falls over his soul.From the ashes of once a great man has risen a curse.A wrong that must be righted.We look to the skies for a vindicator,someone to strike fear into the black hearts of the same men who created him. The battle between good and evil has begun,against an army of shadows comes a dark Warrior,the purveyor of good with a voice of silence and a mission of justice this is the WARRIOR....People once believed that when someone dies,a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes something so bad happens,that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest.Then sometimes,just sometimes the crow can bring the soul back to put the wrong things right.If the people we love are stolen from us.The way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.Buildings burn,people die,But real love is forever... "YOU MUST SHOW NO MERCY,NOR HAVE ANY BELIEF WHATSOEVER IN HOW OTHERS WILL J
My Life
Sunday, March 26, 2006 my life Current mood: depressed Category: Life It started back when I was just five years old, I remember it like it was yesterday... I was coming back from California, I went there with my babysitter when we pulled up to the house there was no body there. The house was completely empty & not a single neighbor knew where they went. All anyone could tell me was that they'd left in the middle of the night. My babysitter decided to take me to her mom's (we all called her grandma) house to see if she had heard anything & to see if maybe my sister was there. She lived only a couple of blocks from "grandma" but she hadn't heard anything either. This was the beginning of my new life with new parents. Everything was good for awhile, we used to go on alot of outtings like camping in the summer @ Fort Stevens Natural Park on the Oregon Coast. It used to be so cool, once we even went to Canada on Motorcycles....they had to bungie me on when I
My Lil Goddess
this video is Isis she was born to wild in are hearts and soul.We all still miss her and this her video born to be wild.She was born a blind eye that it likes weird. my lil goddess isisAdd to My Profile | More Videos
My Life
What is freedom, that is the question that I ask, Is it when you put on the clothes you want to where for that day, Is it being able to show the love that you have for someone in everyway Does it involve being able to go and eat when you want to eat, Is it like when your able to drive you car down the street, When your able to hug and kiss the ones you love, Is that freedom when push comes to shove, I wonder why when I lay asleep at night, When I wonder why i was handed down this so called life, I mean I feel nothing but pain deep in my heart, It always feels like my worlds being torn apart, I struggle and fight to live the life I live everyday Yet I cant because someone took away that right to live my way, I dont ask much, I dont ask for money or material things, All I want is the happiness my life use to bring, Everyone tries so hard to reach to my heart and help heal, Though they hit a steel wall everytime because of the way i feel, I have given to many and asked n
My Little Pony? More Like My Little Floozy
on friday at work, i was asked to come in early tonight to help start-up the machines and get things running all smoothly before folks got in to work tonight...i told them that i'd only do it if i got a my little pony out of it. little did i know that a pal from work, kelly, had my little pony fruit snacks and offered them to me after overhearing my demand. i immediately accepted because fruit snacks are radical...but....upon inspecting the package, i took a look at one of the ponies...and i thought to golly...these equines are's true...i mean take a look at this my little pony calendar, for example... the ponies are like strippers or something...i mean, i have not once seen one of those ponies with clothing on....have you? no...those sinful beasts prance around with their nicely done hair, tattooes on their butts, and too much make-up on their faces...oh, and their faces! look at their's so obviously they've had surgery to decrease the size of their
My Life Fucking Sucks
well my life just keeps getting worse and worse. i cant find a single person even remotley interested in me. i guess i dont have the looks or something. something is wrong cause i cant find someone. i guess i was meant to be single.
My Lil Sis
Stephie@ CherryTAP
My Lil Angel
As of Oct 13th I found out I was gonna be a first time mommy. It scared me at first becuz it was something i wasn't sure i was ready for. As time went on and my child started growin i begin to love it everyday. I didn't have any support from tha father day 1 and he abandond us and i knew that i was gonna be a single mom that made me even more nervous. I was raised by a strong woman and she was a single mom wid me and my brother and she did it all alone wid no help. I kno i can make it but i also kno that i have my mom in my corner to help me. She has been my rock thru this whole thing thru my breakdowns to my happy times thru my crazy sick moments lol. Today we saw tha baby for tha first time and we found out that it's a BABYBOY:) So i'm glowin from ear to ear and i can't wait until june to hold him and to see him in person for tha first time:)
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My Life?
Am shy at heart for the light of my tail has yet to begin With the love of a true lover yet to find my beating heart for them For my still lonely beating heart will tie you up in the love of my soul For If you where to cry I would go to the ends of the earth just to catch your tear drop With my loving hands to you
My Life Story, Thanks Dad!
Your story: When you were 8 years old, your dad handed you an ice cream. You thanked him by yelling at him and telling him its the wrong kind When you were 9 years old, he paid for piano lessons. You thanked him by never even bothering to practice. When you were 10 years old he drove you all day, from soccer to football to one birthday party after another. You thanked him by jumping out of the car and never looking back. When you were 11 years old, he took you and your friends to the movies. You thanked him by asking to sit in a different row. When you were 12 years old, he warned you not to watch certain TV shows. You thanked him by waiting until he left the house. When you were 13, he suggested a haircut that was becoming. You thanked him by telling him he had no taste. When you were 14, he paid for a month away at summer camp. You thanked him by not writing a single letter. When you were 15, he came home from work, looking for a hug. You thank
My Life.
What my life has been since i was little has been nothing but pain, sorrow, and borken hearts. i never learned to truely let soemone in. because once i let them in they always tend to break it once more. but i am letting one person in at a time. and he should know that. i love him and i care for him, but he needs to tknow that i am still trying to tend to my broken heart, and my broken life.
My Life Right Now .
iam trying to write and just dont know what to write about i have feelings inside struggling to get out that cant seem to surface a new year new beginnings new ideas new starts but where does one begin changes needed not sure where yet but i know this is not the end of my journey ..losing people you feel a connection too can sometimes remind us to do all we can with the time we have so i guess thats where my mind set is at .my goal for 2007 dont fall for bullshit stop listning to empty words stop believing in broken promises and to basically just expect from people around me the mindset and knowledge to just be true to me if not true to me atleast be true to yourself.............. words left unspoken afraid of the end thoughts and provoking sudenly dead what was once our dream is now yours alone my life from this day set to a new tone dont promise me flowers and bring me dread dont promise me love and bring silence instead dont promise forever when tomorrow won
My Life
my life has been living hell. there are a couple of people that i want to thank. you know who you are. you give me reason to live. i hope that i get to see you all soon as i can. i glad that met and reconnected with you all. i hope you feel the same way.
My List
Top ten things I hate about where I work 1.)Leona! She is THE number one thing about my job I hate. She's rude and ignorant. She's old and doesn't know what she is doing anymore. I could go on and on.. but I wont. 2.)The hours. Sometimes I go in at 2am sometimes at 10pm sometimes 7am. It's ridiculous! 3.)The fryer. Sometimes it makes this loud bang noise. It sounds like it's about ready to explode one of these days. 4.)Karlene. She is one of thos people that feels the need to talk about ANYONE who isn't in the room. 5.)Some of the costumers. Now most of them are alright people. Some of them just drive you right up the wall. 6.)The pay. I don't get paid nearly enough to put up with most of the things I do. 7.)MaryEllen. Don't get me wrong she's a sweet woman but MY GOD. She can never seem to make it to work on time. Half of the time she's over an hour late. The she runs around talking aobut how she doesnt have time to do things. Hmmm I wonder why... 8.)Kathy. Sh
My Lips Say!!!
What People Think of Your Mouth People see you as both seductive and intimidating. Other women are especially put off by your womanly powers. And men either fear you or obsess over you - sometimes both. No way to fight it - you're a natural vamp. What Does Your Mouth Say About You?
My Life's Soundtrack
IF YOUR LIFE WAS A MOVIE, WHAT WOULD THE SOUNDTRACK BE? So, here's how it works: 1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc) 2. Put it on shuffle 3. Press play 4. For every question, type the song that's playing 5. When you go to a new question, press the next button 6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool... Opening credits Bring Me to Life - Evanescence Waking up Tourniquet - Evanescence First Day of school Don't Speak - No Doubt Falling in love I Think I'm Paranoid - Garbage First Song The Young Crazed Peeling - Distillers Fight Song Sugar - System of a Down Breaking up Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down Prom Kiss My Irish Ass - Flogging Molly Life Blue Monday - Orgy Mental Breakdown The Prison Song - System of a Down Driving Just a Girl - No Doubt Flashback Why Do You Love Me - Garbage Getting Back together Spiderwebs - No Doubt Wedding Blood and Whiskey - Dropkick Murphys Birth of a child I Hate Everyth
My Life Is Taking On New Meaning
Just at the point of believing my Life is taking on new meaning, Finding the truth inside of myself I have searched hard to find. Giving in once again to a hope, a wish, that things will be different. Only to find myself once again destined for disaster, Discontentment and heartbreak. I continue to take the chance that things will be different. Must I need to feel Love always, where is my Love. I know not Love anymore and have not for a while. Beginning a new life, being the person I once was years ago. Finding Me once again, after living lies for so long. It was not hard to find Me, I have been there all along, but alone. Let Me live once again! Let Me LIVE! Dying inside trying to Live My life as I want, as I need. I will give to You, Myself, all of me. But can you accept Me. As I will accept You. Only if you will have Me. Will You Love Me? Life will only be worthwhile if You can. Anything else My Life remains a Lie. And I will NOT Live A Lie Anymore! I must find
My Life And My Love
My Life and Love My life is full of anger and hate Everyday im on the edge of a breakdown I guess this is really my fate Cause i can't seem to lose this frown These scars remind me that everyday I try to shake off the demons in my head Everyday i look up to God and pray Trying to get through anger is easier said My happiness and joy is almost to its death I look above for strength and guidence But i want to scream everytime i take a breath Lord take my hand and pull me through this I need to be happy and strong for my baby Jade She is my world and she will be better than me I was young but she is the best mistake i made She will surpass me by far, you will see I love my family and friends with all my soul They help me get through all of the drama My anger and hate blinds me sometimes like a mole Nobody but God can help me, not even my momma I appreciate the people that support me everyday You guys helped me through the bad and good I love everyone in my
My Light
Lost in this maze called life in the dark again trying to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart Struggling as I may I just can't get them to fit right Lost on this journey feeling my way along trying in vain to find where I belong Walking against the wind in a driving rain searching for the beacon that lies in your heart So open it up to me and let my journey end for you love is the like that helps the pieces fit just right.
My Little Buddy
there was a time in my life where i walked alone i felt alone and i had much sadness in my life then 1 day god blessed me with the most prescious gift that anyone could ever have. he gave me my little ray ray he was such a bundle of joy he smiled he laughed he cried and daddy would take him in his arms and hold him tight and rock him till he fell asleep. little ray ray was so cute he would make faces and laugh at daddy and make daddy grin from ear to ear. i watched him grow till he was about 3 then his mom moved out of state and took him away from me omg my heart was so broken the only thing in life that was so prescious to me was gone and i couldnt see him cause they lived so far away. about 2 yrs went by and each and every day of my life i would think of him and each an every day i would look forward to being with him again someday.then i got a call that he was moving again this time to a different state even further away. my heart dropped out of my chest it felt like. Some nights i
My Life
well everything seem's to be going good i'm pretty happy right now hopefuly it stays that way i am cerintly deating someone he's a lil sweetheart so hopefly everything work's out.
My Life!!!!!!
My Life
True happiness has not come easily to me although I've fought so hard for contentment I've been close to true joy so many times and then disheartened by cruelty and resentment As a young girl I experienced the greatest joy when my father's precious time was promised to me But the pain that I felt when his indifference showed through bit deeper than anyone could see I put a smile on my face, held back the tears, pretending I could handle being forgotten once more I learned not to put so much trust in a man who viewed time with his daughter as a burdensome chore As I grew older I was faced with a painful realization: my mother loved someone other than me At first I was happy, he seemed so much fun; and mom was jut glowing with this new ecstasy But hurtful words of contempt and painful blows of frustration soon replaced the laughter and smiles The monster was emerging from this facade of a man; but my mother was blinded by his devious wiles As I became a woma
My Life Is Worth
Your Life Is Worth... $577,500 How Much Is Your Life Worth?
My Life
My winter of discontent It’s not much fun to be out here, and to be this far To exist on the outlying fragile fringes of this winter… Trapped inside a world turned over, fractured and bent But I’ll still remain the same… Stubborn to the last, in my own shape and way Do you know what its like? To feel so detached from yourself, and everything that makes up this life you lead? Everything is covered in lies, half-truths, tall-tales and things of that nature And you have only one salvation, one chance to be carried home One opportunity to reach your hand out, swallowing you’re pride in one monumental gesture One life changing declaration, meant to rescue you from beyond the edge of your own imperfect soul The waves come quickly, I know… Just breathe, and swim through Hold on, and take a moment to read the sign That sign that reads: Never come back here, you just don’t fit in Take these words to heart… Because this past trip pushed you And you won’t survive if you
My Life
well i am really happy rignt now my daughter is almost over her cold,i'm almost over mine.Me and _____ (my boyfriend)are doing very well hes very good to me and i don't have to pretend i'm happy like my last that lasted a year then i couldnt do it anymore so hopefuly everything stays like this
My Life Needs A Do Over Today
Ok so I left off with the disapearing act of the maintenance man. So right as he bolted on me, the phone rings. It is the school nurse telling me that my daughter has a mild case of food poisoning. *ACK* So I rush over to pick her up and I got her the attention she needed. Then I returned home with her to get her settled in and wait for Eddie to come home from work. Well then the Houdini maintenance man decides to show up to fix the toilet. UGH! Now I have to send him away because I need the bathroom for my sick kid. God only knows when I will get it fixed now. While tending to my daughter, one of my dogs apparently had a hell of a time in my purse. He managed to eat all my cards! So I had to call the bank and get those replaced and have money transferred into our local account so I could have access for what we need until the new cards get here. I finally get all of that taken care of when the workmen finally showed up to fix the broken boiler! YAY! Something good! So
My List Of Guidelines ~~please Read
My Life
Most people ask, what i like and what i dont like so hear it is, I don't like guys who show off about the size of there dick, when really even if it big u probley dont even know how to work it, and how ur so eager to get laid every fucken night by god knows what kind of a girl, (which probley has some STD) but u dont care as long as u bust a nut, And dont be into urself, cuz thats a major turn of when u spend more time then ur girlfriend dose to get ready for the day. I like it when a guy is truthful dosent lie even about the smallest things like leaving the towelet set open we expect it duh!! Even though we get on ur ass. And girls like when a guy shows then effection, even if u want to fuck DONT well not every night *wink* but just hold her and tell he that u dont want to let her go...blah blah what ever, i am sure u know. I not trying to say that its just u guys girls do it to thats why there are labaled whores, slut, traps....ect...The world is not just about sex (well in some aspe
My Life
Well.. here i am sittin at school bored off my ass and I am finally gettin around to checkin this shit out.. lol... and I am gettin kinda confused.. but yet i dont know what about yet.. Anyways.. My life is hectic right now.. I am debating on droppin out of school this semester so I can settle my life down.. but yet i just dont know.. GRRR... anyways.. i am gonna leave this now.. laters
My Little Pearl
Hi my little pearl It is time to rise And its time to not be afraid Let your light shine so that all can see. You have been tucked away Inside to deep I’ll slip back in if you ask Just little by little. When I think of it My heart races an skips a beat Wondering if its able Oh yes its true With our two hearts There’s only one beat that’s where I’ll always be To give you strength Your journey will begin But know that I’ll be watching Come here my little pearl Let me hold you tight. 10-5-2005
My Life
This is the time that I am alone, no one around to call my own. This is the time that i fear, because its scares me to the bone. This is the time I hate to see, because its not where i can be me. This is the time where im depressed, becasue of the hatred and doubting. This is where it all starts, the fight until my depart this is where it all begins, the pain where i had a heart. this is what i see, nothing good that happens to me. All i see is the pain and the torture, will i ever be free? Ive been heart all my life, by mostly everyone i see Some only did things, cuz they felt sorry for me I thought they meant it, but it was a joke and that was when i heart went far from broke The things I face, the things i hear Made me invisible and my heart disappear, I lost my feelings, I lost my thought I still have fear, but by what i was taught I have no heart, I have no feelings i have no hope, I have no meaning. I am invisible, im not seen in life. I may not grow up
My Lil Girl Is 3 Today
my my how they grow....where does time go? I remember prior to being a mommy how the time went by so slow, now its going by too fast. oh well here is to a lifetime of happiness and frustration that comes with raising a lil girl on yer own!! touche'. MySpace Comments Graphics My Little GirlAdd a video to your site FREE Music Video CodesMyspaceUpdates
My Little Man
soon i hope he will be home
My Light Of Happiness
My spark of happiness died today. A stranger came and stole it away. Off he walked like a thief with a prize and whisled as he went. I wanted to curl up in a tight ball and sleep myself to death, but alas my love whispered my name and caressed my neck. 'Come back to me and be with me as u have been there for me', he breathed into my ear.'I'll bring back u're happiness as only a knight on a quest can do.' Out the door he strode, a man on a mission for me and only me. I crawled back down into my dark release. My soul grew smaller within, but the pain drew futher away. 'Come back to me my lovely spark of light and laughter.' I cried in my sleep. I shall wait patiently for my prince to come back with my it, because he promised and he always keeps his word.
My Little Runaway
My List
Finding your self is harder than you think TO find your self you have to look in to your soul.Now to look in to your soul you must not be afraid becouse there are terrible things that will haunt and try to steal your life force away.Dont worry my child for i am the light and if you fallow me i can show you what you seek for i have what you search for. Thats right i have your SOUL so what will you do now ?can you ask me for it?No you cant becouse i like it to much and it taste so nice plus the smell is so sweet, so befor you take that turn remember im waiting for you Always Waiting For You REAPER To Have Lived Once An loved truely once is a blessing in these times and to do it agien would be miricale becouse you are always on th look out for that special soul but to find it you must walk down the road of many heart breaks so when you find the one your ment to be with hold on to them and never fail to show them what they mean to you a night satan him self cried if you hav
My Life Story (in Part)
I am going to start from the beginning (or close to it)..... I am the oldest of four kids.... *Dawn Marie (1979) *Daryl David Jr. (1981) *Richard Louis (1984) *Mary Ann (1986) My parents were relatively young when they started a family *father Daryl David Sr. (1959) *mother Luann Fern (1961) We never had much, at the start my father worked to support his family on his own and my mother stayed home, which nowadays is old fashioned, until my mother got a job working at Hills Department Stores in 1989. I believe that was the year anyways. My mother was into writing poetry, she loved when I was her audience, so it wasn't surprising when she called me into her room one day for a "session". What was surprising was what she said after reading me the poem she had just wrote. The poem was all starry eyed and about love. She said, and I quote her here...."Your Grandmother (referring to my dad's mother) thought this poem was about your Dad, but it
My Links
src="">@ CherryTAP
My Life Story
well i once live a life that was not that kind of life i was living and that was me being a ALCOHOLIC yeah i hav lived that life and it was not pretty to see how my life was back then so here i think to myself what a life i was living but it was not the life i wanted to live for all those yrs but it never had change me for it but just me being a drunk up til i had someone that WAS in my life for almost 4 yrs and somehow she put up wiht my BS and always had stuck with me thick and thicker but this most pretty girl i had in my life could of been everything but who knew that my drinking had made her change her ways about me and how she felt about me and i didn't hav all the answer to everything in life cuz i thought i had all the answer while i was being drunk but i was wrong on that seem like it only take one thing ,one time ,one day and it would be gone just like that seem like the life i had was not the life i WAS dreaming for cuz it took one little thing in my life to see it all it re
My Life....
Love this world,Hate the way it treats me,see my life in distant time i know it will defeat me......
My Life In General Right Now
SO today I went to my big sister's wedding. I now have another bro-in-law named Tony. It's getting quite confusing lol. I'm pretty much just going through life waiting til the moments that remind me again why my life is entirely worth it (when I get to be in HIS arms for those precious minutes). I'll get to see him soon.. well.. kinda soon. I'll see him during the first week in April (Spring Break) and then he'll be going deploying in early June and won't come back until early October. and that's about the most that's happening right now. Oh yeah... and my best friend's boyfriend and I hate each other. But that's kinda been going on. So nothing to new here. But I gotta go, cuz I'm trying to figure out this dang photobucket thing lol. See ya'll later. ~*~kissies~*~
My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
I have lived in Upstate New York all my life. I am well aware of how to drive during treacherous road conditions (over 20 inches of snow and still counting from the Valentines Day Storm, Temp with windchill is about -15) Anyways this mornings commute sucked ass (not like I didn't expect it) The average speed on the expressways was 35. There were cars spinning out from the icy conditions. So I was following the flow of traffic and going the same speed. Ok now to the story.... So this guy in a this big truck or TDM (Tiny Dick Mobile) as I like to call them pulls in behind me and starts laying on the horn. Like I am Moses and can part the red sea or something. I look in the rearview mirror and he is flipping me off telling me to move... Mind you there are cars ahead of me basically at a standstill there is nothing I can do. So what does Jackass do... He gets over on the unplowed shoulder and guns it to pass the semi that is next to me. The semi has to hit the brakes quick and begins t
My Life Is Done
MY LIFE IS DONE Will you remember the way I looked? Will you remember the way I cooked? Will you remember the dreams I had? Will you be happy after you’re sad? Will you see many people around saying I’m nice now I’m in the ground? Where were they when I smiled and sang? Nobody Called…..Nobody rang.
My Life
Well guys guess what there is nothing to ruin my life any more except me. Jason and I have not spoken in I guess it’s been two months and I feel great. The love of my life is being sweet then ever and I am growing to love him more and more with each passing day. He is dark and mysterious but not in a sinister way and I take great pride and being his wife as he calls me. We are nothing less than soul mates drawn to one another by our deep lust for life and of course blood. Just kidding guys he’s not a vamp all though I am beginning to wonder about me cause we both love to bite. But anyways back to the subject of my loving husband. He has been an adoring fan of mine for quite some time now and I could not be more pleased with him. I guess you could say I too am his adoring fan. He is the oxygen that fills my lungs and helps to give me life. I know that when God created me he had Jeff in mind. We are perfectly matched in almost every way. We are in fact so much alike that we cannot argue
My Lil Man
My lil man turned one on saturday and man he is truckin in the house so fast now and dont stay out of nothing. I cant believe that it feels just like yesterday when he was born.
My Life....and Im Sure You Can Relate....
When things in your lives seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 cups of coffee. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was.The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous "yes."The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar effectively
My Life Is Hell....
I face going back to jail for a very long time. The woman I love kicked me out pretty much and my ex g/f is living with her. Also, I think she still is in love with her ex, but doesn't want to hurt me. I'm tired of the drama. She said when you love someone, you are supposed to want to do things for them and take care of them and asked me what I had done for her. Granted I haven't had much, but I've given her everything I've had. Does she not see that? I've got to go, if I say anything else I'm just gonna break down.
My Little Dedication
THE WAR On that day our lives changed forever. Together, united, we chose to stand. Our freedom we chose to protect. We will not back down. Vengeance will be ours. Defending everything we hold dear to our hearts. Justice will be found. One day we will all live in peace. Pride will keep us marching forward. Loyalty will keep us united. Respect will end the death. Trust will keep the bond strong. Faith and hope will be restored. Together, united, the courage will be found to see this through to the end.
My Life Is Worth...
Your Life Is Worth... $976,000 How Much Is Your Life Worth?
My Life
moments seem to creep by shadows appear memory fades except for the fears mined from the depths of some faraway tome made real by delusions home all alone voices surround you who to believe someone is lying they want to deceive further and further your mind runs away leaving scraps full of memories to fill up your day the sun shines brightly yet clouds could bring rain if only you knew but you do, your insane except for the pills that cloud your mind but when you close your eyes tis rain you do find so you smile.....
My Life Should Be A Movie I Swear....
Well These last couple of weeks things have been insane i cant believe all that has happened , I honestly wonder when someone will step out with that video camera and then some other guy call CUT!. In the last couple of weeks, I have been in a bar room brawl, I have fought with my friends and made back up , Nearly killed when there was an accedent right infront of me on the high way, Challanged to a street race by some punk little bitch who i left in my dust. I have gotten into a fight with my better half, nearly broke up but talked it out , threatened another guy to stay away from my girl, Had my mother in law bring me down from freaking out something bad and before i had done something less then adult. Only to end up being the one who not only has come out on the top but still managed to be the good guys in the eyes infront of everyone including my father in law who dispite it all normally hates me. So all i want to know is Damn where is my stunt double? I didnt intend
My Little Rant....not The Views Of Cherrytap.
Boycott the site PLEASE!!! Makes more room for users who WANT to be here Recently all the bulletin boards have been flooded with “oh lets boycott cherry”. It’s all a load of crap and you know it. I call your bluff people. I actually do hope a lot of user leave CherryTap. By leaving, you are freeing up this site from your useless complaining and whining every time something changes. Change happens people. Can’t stop it, its gonna happen no matter what you do. If you really can’t deal with it, then please, the door is to the left. OH and those stupid people who give out all their personal information: ARE YOU STUPID???? Seriously, what makes you really think that guy isn’t gonna stalk or harass you after staring at your 1/2 naked body over and over for hours??? Get real. DON’T give your phone number out. And if you do and it comes down to this user being mean, it’s your own fault…you deal with it. Don’t come crying to the bouncers because you screwed up.
My Life
ever feel like your friend is stabbing you in the back? when u look at him u see him 7 years ago and now all u see is a fellow aquaintance...what happens to a friendship that causes someone to do shit behind ur back even when they know it will affect you...just wondering
My Little Battle
Hi there! To start this off I'll just say that I had a little battle with a feral cat inside my house today. Ultimately, I was able to get the cat released back outside but I did not come away battle scar free. This is true story. It happened within the last two days CAT FIGHT 2/19-2/20 About 6:00PM yesterday I had one of my outside kitties get in the house. It looked a lot like a set of triplets that we have that are gray in color with brown spots. It hid very well until about 8:30PM today. I didn't sleep much last night because I heard it rummaging around the house trying to get out but I could never find it to help it along. Well of course with it being basically a feral cat it was very scared being inside the house with not way out on its own. I saw the three cats outside earlier so I thought maybe it had snuck out during a time frame when I had left both the front door and the back door open for the purpose of it getting out on its own. As I said
My Link
Peregrine@ CherryTAP
My Lilith
I watch you walking through the streets at night. Broken angel almost lost all will to fight. You came at me and offered me salvation. That sinful kiss instead turned in to my tainted damnation. Born of the night, my Lilith incarnate. Your midnight kiss, what more could this blood junkie wish? You are the dark light that guides me. My dark angel,bring me to death with you dark kiss. The blood is the life, and in death we will be free. Welcome to the age of suicide, a world of decay. Razor sharp incisors carve in to my neck. That one bite was all it took. Finally set free of this world, to be a slave in yours. Born of the night, my Lilith incarnate. Your midnight kiss, what more could this blood junkie wish? You are the dark light that guides me. My dark angel,bring me to death with you dark kiss. Ivory white naked flesh of such sinful delights. Wrap me in those raven wings and bring me the night. Take my throbbing pain in to your eternal womb. her sweet crie
My Little Boy Needs Some Help!! Shadow Is In The Cutest Pet Contest!! I Need Bombers!!! Love Ya!!
cutest pet contest for shadow here's the link
My Little Cousins..
Kyler and brother Caiden .. ____________________________________ Kyler and sister Morgan ___________________________________ and my other little cousin Haylee
My Life
My world was black and white... Cut and dry... Until the day you walked into my life, into my heart, opened my eyes and changed my life.
My Life
all my life i have been played and hate it my babys daddy was a player and abusove couldn't take it so i left state with my baby thats why i am in nc i use to live in va. not i am in a mest up town hate it here but i will be here till i fine the man of my dreams so if ur not a player holler at me
My Life & What Everything Means
So My love life is amazing I have this great guy that I want to be with for the rest of my life I have found a great job doing collections soccer season started up & looks promiseing this season my girls are awesome ok so now you may be wondering why I am bloging & a lil upset!!! Time has been passing me by as fast as it can & I have everything most girls dream of a great boyfriend soon to be husband loveing parents great friends a good job a past time that I love & everyone in my family (including my boyfriend) support me in it! But all of this means I am growing up I am no longer the little girl I still wish I was I wish that I could say I was 16 with all the intellect I have now but oh well I will live just had to let it all out thanks to those of you who have taken the time out of your life to read about mine I mean I do have some problems I mean who doesn't??? thanks Lots of love ~Love Always & Forevers Amanda~
My Life
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My Life
my life have beenfull of ups and downs. well, i just believe that i will make it in life. or do you want to assist me in realising my goals in life? will it not be a thing of joy for you to know what my goal in life is?
My Little Thing
My Little Pony
My Life
Well some people might think this boring, but to truely understand me, you need to read all of this... I was born in San Bernardino, California was raised in Fontana,California. I graduated from Fontana High in 1993. I met my hubby in 1989. We dated up until I was 18 and then he moved away. In 1995 on my 21st birthday I get a call from him wanting me to move out to Oklahoma to marry him. Well I move out there get pregnant and me and him move back to Cali. We have been together ever since. We got married on March 1 1999, three years after my daughter was born and 10 mos after my son was born. My hubby is my life and my kids are my future. I have been through alot with him and I will go through a whole lot more for him. I collect dragons. I have 10 tattoos. My life and my love life is an open book.
My Life Could Change
My life could change next week. I have to have a biopsy done on my breast. I have a solid mass on my right breast. I had an ultrasound done last week and now we have to find out if it is cancerous or not. I am so scared now. If anyone knows anything about breast cancer and biopsys please let me know.
My Light Is Fading (poem)
My light is fading, My body is tired, My bones are aching, I'm almost expired, I can't hear like I used to, Songs sound the same, I can't see like I used to, Is that your frame? My mind is feeble, My thoughts jumbled, My soul is weary, From years humbled, I'm ready to move on, From Earthly veil, That for some Heaven, But for others Hell.
My Little Girl
hey all, well on friday we brought lilianna to the ER cuz she was running a high fever and had a really bad cough, come to find out she has RSV its basically an upper respitory infection for those of you that dont know what it is. lol. and so yesterday she still had her fever even tho she had been on antibotics (so it should have gone away) since friday, so we had to take her back in. Well now she has pnemonia, a small case of it :( so now not only is she on amoxicilian and prelone, she is on zythromax, and an inhaler too. we have to keep a close eye on her in hopes she doesnt get worse. If she does we need to bring her back to the ER and have her admitted to the hospital. anyways just needed to get this off my chest. i am a worried cuz pnemonia can be some bad stuff! just 2 months ago my son had it and was admitted, luckily just over night. but in babies its worse. so if ya all could pray for us that would be wonderful! thanks for listening you guys are awesome! Jessi~
My Life.
I am digging through the bored, over-stimulated, numbness that we bring ourselves into, to find the subtlety of experience.
My Life Path (i Need To Find This)
Your Life Path Number is 6 Your purpose in life is to help others You are very compassionate, and you offer comfort to those around you. It pains you to see other people hurting, and you do all in your power to help them. You take on responsibility, and don't mind personal sacrifice. You are the ultimate giver. In love, you offer warmth and protection to your partner. You often give too much of yourself, and you rarely put your own needs first. Emotions tend to rule your decisions too much, especially when it comes to love. And while taking care of people is great, make sure to give them room to grow on their own. What Is Your Life Path Number?
My Life In Sacramento!
My Life ..........
Her names Abbigail Ann Basham .... got custody of her in Aug of '03 .... shes got red hair shea 6 now ..... her b-day is Jan. 10th ..... of '01 ...... me and her is doing pertty good on our own if i do say so myself ..... LOL well if she can just do good in school we'd be fine ..... ILMAO ... and yes she got tha "DAM" temper to go with tha hair of hers ...... I'll leave it at that for now ..... she my love my life and my world ..... if ya wanna know more just ask .....
My Little Man
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My Lil Man
Today I lost my sweet lil man. I send him now into gods hand. His sweet little face full of life. For now it will remain gone from my sight. His cold wet nose, His laughing eyes. The smells he produced brought tears to my eyes. His struggle was hard, so full of pain. I tried all that I could to make him better again. Today my heart broke into tiny shreds. As I kissed him and petted his unmoving head. So may God and angels hold him now Pet him, love him, feed him well Untill mommy sees him again.
My Life
well, i am having such a good time in my life right now, im happy, im almost done with my finals, spring break is next week two whole weeks off, that makes me so happy.. but the thing is, on the 30th of this month, it will be the anniversary of my Dad's passing, so im worried. im so happy right now, i dont want to be depressed again... so im going to try my hardest, but that seems like its not what i should do... i want to be happy and i know my Dad would want me to be too.. but the thing is.. i dont want it to seem like im not mourning him... oh damnit... i just dont know what to do..
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My Little Perks
You know what is super cool about a girl like me? I cannot get pregnant! BAMMMMMMMMMM
My Life Passed Me By
My pain is deep I got lost in it Didn’t know it was my life I stepped away for a moment Opened my eyes to what it is My life passed me by With the blink of the eye I stepped out on my own Grown and without love Thought I’d never recover Figured I’d always love you To never be free again My life passed me by With a blink of the eye My heart hurt so much I thought I lost who I was Never to be found again Wandering through a life That wasn’t mine to start My life passed me by With a blink of the eye I awoke to an empty I smiled to myself I found my reckoning My regret My forgive My forget My life passed me by With the blink of the eye I took my steps I made my leaps I conquered my bounds I stand tall in who I am My soul is mine Never to be lost again My life passed me by With the blink of the eye
My Live Webcam Schedule
In case you're wondering when I am Live on my webcam, I'll provide you with a schedule of when and where. Here's my current schedule: Sunday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude House Show) Monday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude House Show) Tuesday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude Group Show) 3/27/07 11:30PM EST (Rude House Show) Wednesday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude Group Show) 11:30PM EST (Rude House Show) Thursday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude Group Show) 3/27/07 11:30PM EST (Rude House Show) Friday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude Group Show) 12AM EST (Rude House Show) Saturday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude House Show) ***I may not be Live at exactly 10PM EST, it could be closer to 10:30PM EST. It all depends when my kids go to sleep. There also may be a night, I won't b
My Life Part Two
I don't know about you all, but I hate school work, house work, work in general. I hope that you all have better luck finding time to get the things done that you need to in the time you have cause I can't, Juggling my kids, house work, school work, and working at a store that tryes to call me in on my day off every day off. I can't do it anymore. Just tell me that I not the only one that has this problem and can tell me how to deal with it. Help me...........
My To Step Inside?
First off, I'm a Virgo. I worry about everything, and bitch about everything else. I also tend to be a bit of a know it all. Just ask, and I know and if I don't, I'll bullshit you really good. Yes, I am bi-sexual. Sorry mom, sorry, dad, sorry, sis (I know you knew), but I've been this way ever since I can remember. And sorry, Dale, but my first sexual experience was with a girl. I do lie, and I lie a lot, but never if it can hurt someone. I try to be honest when it comes to that. If I don't like you, or don't want to be bothered by you, you'll know. BUT let me say, I also tend to be forgetful...sorry Mikki...I do luv ya hon...but I even forgot to uncover my bird this morning. Secondly, I tend to put too much into my friendships, and in the past, I've always been hurt. So I tend to go into friendship with a bit of an edge. CherryTap, though, has been great so far. I've met alot of great new friends. And even Dale has met up with some old friends!I AM A BITCH!! There is no get
My Lil 1
Check out the pics of my Daughter and comment on my other pics
My List
My List I’m mean and angry I have anxiety and depression I get very lonely It takes a while to teach me a lesson I’m usually needy I have trust issues I’m also whiney And I hate when I lose This is my list Think what you will These are my flaws At least I’m real.
My Life
so what if you are not in my life did you ever stop to think i might be better off i don't need you to be in my life i can be happy i have my family just stay out of my life i don't need you i can make my own choices i don't need you to make them for me i'm happy the way i am just get out of my life stay out i'm happy the way i am it don't matter to me what you have to say all that matters is what i think jsut stay the hell out of my life i don't need you for me to be happy on my own stay out of my life by Melissa Dumler
My Life In General
You know, life is truly great, at least for me. I'm discovering new things all the time. Take my girlfriend, for example. Last night, I discovered a whole new side of her that I find "intriguing" to say the least. And it's getting more and more surprising in a good way. I have a great number of friends whom I would never give up for anything in this world. I would sacrifice my very soul for those closest to me. I can only hope and pray for them, but i'm always here when they need me. To all my friends, even my distant ones, I hope you know that. You can ALWAYS count on me to be there for you. I thank you for coming into my life, each and every one of you. I know I may not seem to be there for you or I may not seem to be what I truly am, but I AM what I have said I am. Take no doubt in that. Again, thank you all, for listening at the very least. You know how to reach me if you need me, even to listen.
My Life
my life is a prison with no bars and all my x's are prison gaurds all my girlfriends are wardens that become gaurds as my heart hardens if life is a lesson that im to learn why does everyone laugh as my heart burns drink a beer with a girl to put out the fire dont fall in love cause there all lairs my walls are cold and made of steel a place for this animal whos heart dosen't feel what can i do to prove that im a nice guy i spent two thousand whats left to buy i moved her here and lost my shop when daddy call it was me she dropped back into my world so dark and cold leaving me with no one to hold i'll never leave thats what they say i just laugh cause they will someday. i was told my life is the twilight zone every door leads to disaster even at home i should end this now i fear cause if i dont i'll drown in my tearsMusic Video Codes By Music
My Life
Well..I dont even know if anyone will read this...but this is a quick summery of my life now. On March 14th of this year, I got divorced from my husband of 14 years. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to go thru...and I wouldnt wish it on anyone. I loved him with my entire being...and even after he cheated on me I was willing to work it out....but he didnt want to be married to I moved out and started a new life with my 3 daughters. They are the only reason I am still here now and able to even type to you now. I get my strength from them. They are my heros. I wish I could take their pain away, and promise them they will get over this..but I cant. I hurt like they do...but I will heal in time; they may not. So now here I am..on April fools day..which is also my youngests birthday. I am waiting for her cake to cool as we speak so I can frost it and go to bed. It's 1:30 in the morning...but I dont even care. I want to see her when she wakes up to give her her gifts. Thi
My Life
My Life In A Nutshell
well i sit here and i try to figure if i made the right decision for my life i doubt my choice all the time but on the other hand the choice i made was the best for me at the time if you read my profile this deals with me being in the military. i joined the navy right after i graduated high school really it was 3 days later lol i guess i rushed to get somewhere fast where i knew i had a secure future but now i look at where i am a wish i would have waited i would have liked to meet someone then settle down first and then make up my mind on my future from there with the person of my dreams but... that didn't happen as planned now iam in the military with my dream job as a combat medic for the marines which is called a hospital corpsman for the navy but now finding someone who wants to deal with all the moving around is hard to do so now i sit here trying to figure what to do next my choices are leave after my 5 years of active duty and find a civilian job in a hospital or stick out the
My Light
I have found a light through my tunnel and a star in my eye You have been sent to me and I have no idea why Its a rough road ahead but all will be fine I need room to heal and I know you wont leave me behind Why do I ever deserve someone as special as you Giving me everything you can and a lot more too Can I give you all that you need in your life For now I know we have to get through the struggle and strife All we can do is let our beating hearts show us the way And spend meaningful moments throughout each waking day
My Life
well I am 23 never had a child befor (well of my own but have helped take care of other mens children without hisatation) Now I have the chance to take care of my own but it seems as if the mother does not want me to be in the childs can you deny a father of his rights when he has done nothing wrong but tried to keep the peace...I have no ideal if anyone can help me understand this please do...for I really need help with this it racks my brain how she could deny my of my fatherhood...
My Life Story 2
when i was 19 yrs old . i startin gettin into drugs and drinkin and chewing and smokin and sex .. seem odd for me to do everything at that age .. to waited that long but i drop everything else . but drinkin got a hold of me really good . by the time i got to 21 or 22 . i was way out of control with drinkin . started to drink every single night and drink and drove ... many times and very lucky i never killed anyone or myself .. and theres times i never thougth it could happened to me . but it did . i got 2 dui's .. one in 1998 and other in 2002 .. and this girl that was with me for 4 yrs . but i didn't understand why she stood with me this far . i mean after goin to court and goin to 49 days treatment and got out opps i went back to drinkin and what was sad about me . i should up to court smellin like i already been drinkin .. it sucks even tho my family love me to death . but don't want to see me die too soon at a young age . and sometimes my mom or sister would come up in my room to
My Life
I Lye Here Thinkin Of Wut You Said, Those Words Had Hurt Me Like I Wanted To Be Dead... You Gimme Scars Every Single Day, They Just Wont Fade Away.... I Wish I Had The Power To Heal Them, But All I Do Is Just Feel Them... My Heart Is As Fragile As A Mirror.... It Shatters, But I Guess It Doesn't Matter... Now I Have To Pick Up The Broken Pieces... Thats A Moment Of My Weakness.... It Seems Like Everyone Hates Me, Everyone Blames Me...... I Guess I Am The Problem, But If I Was Gone Would That Solve Them.... I Wanna Be Left Alone, For All The Shame I Guess I Shown...... My Life Is Fallin Apart, Like Anyone Cares Bout Tearin Up My Heart... I Cry Almost Every Day, The Tears Seem Not To Go Away.... My Mind Spins Full Of Torture, This Is Whats Hurtin Me For Sure.... I Seem To Give More Respect Than I Get...... Will My Life Get Any Better, Or Will It Get Worse..... Sometimes I Wish I Was Never Born, For All The Times Ive Been Torn... Life Isnt Easy To Live...
My Life At The Moment In A Song....
Ok, so sure Jesse McCartney is pretty lame, but I heard this song, and totally love it. It sums up something I'm feeling right now (not being over something I know I should be) It just hit me close to home... JUST SO YOU KNOW by Jesse McCartney I shouldn't love you, but I want to I just can't turn away I shouldn't see you, but I can't move I can't look away I shouldn't love you, but I want to I just can't turn away I shouldn't see you, but I can't move I can't look away And I dont know how to be fine when I'm not 'Cause I don't know how to make the feelings stop Just so you know This feeling's takin' control Of me and I can't help it I won't sit around I can't let 'em win now Thought you should know I've tried my best to let go Of you but I don't want to I just gotta say it all before I go Just so you know It's gettin' hard to Be around you Theres so much I can't say Do you want me to hide the feelings And look the other way And I don't know h
My Life, My Love...
stroking your hair softly as you drift slowly into dreamland, i want to be by you every minute. holding you when you're sad and sharing in your happiness, i want to be with you through it all. and though i've never seen you grow taller by the minute or saw your eyes turn color, i was there. i was in your heart, i curled up to sleep in your arms. i was a fly on your wall the first time you took a step, and i was the wind drifting past your cheek when you spoke your first word. you're still my life, my love. you're the reason the blood still pumps through my veins and i take in breath every day that we both exist.
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My Life These Days
My life these days is up and down. I started the year in good spirits. Something told me this year would be great. Something LIED!! I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney disease in Feb., a disease that has taken two important people from me, put 2 aunts and my mom on dialysis, caused 3 of my aunts and uncles to have transplants. Then, I fianlly start to accept the fact that I will join them someday. I came to terms with the fact that I will deal with this for the rest of my life. Right when my spirits are up again, I go to the first visit with my kidney doctor. It's supposed to be just a discussion and they send you on your way for another year. NOT IN MY CASE!! Apparently I have an infected cyst or a cyst with a kidney stone in it, which has been causing me to have almost deadly kidney infections. SOOO I have to take an antibiotic for 8 weeks, which has upset my stomach every time I take it. Not to mention the fact that I have to get blood work done again next week and
My Little Girl
Death of a Child Sandy Eakle Sorry I didn't get to stay. To laugh and run and play. To be there by your side. I'm sorry that I had to die. God sent me down to be with you, to make your loving heart anew. To help you look up and see Both God and little me. Mommy, I wish I could stay. Just like I heard you pray. But, all the angels did cry when they told little me goodbye. God didn't take me cause He's mad. He didn't send me to make you sad. But to give us both a chance to be a love so precious .. don't you see? Up here no trouble do I see and the pretty angels sing to me. The streets of gold is where I play you'll come here too, mommy, someday. Until the day you join me here, I'll love you mommy, dear. Each breeze you feel and see, brings love and a kiss from me.
My Life
My life SUCKS!!!! Its a living hell!! I am sick of it all!! I want it all to go away!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I dont know what to do or where to go!!
My Life And Unhappiness
Everything seems so pointless anymore. It seems like the more I try the more I get kicked back down. I try so hard to please everyone in my life. I try to find love but it seems that everytime I try some one is there to kick me back down. It seems that no one wants me to be happy any more I try my hardest to be a good person but it seems that I turn into a bitch that no one wants anything to do with. This really sucks I don't know what to do I don't know maybe I'm never ment to be happy maybe I'm never ment to have someone I love that will love me back. I don't know WTF I'm doin wrong. I guess I was always ment to be alone and unhappy. Well I guess if no one wants to be in my life then I guess it will be just me and my 2 wonderful kids.
My Life Is So Mess Up
Tears fall from the sky Raindrops from my eyes as I cry I must confess; My life is a mess I don't want to try I would love to lay down and die Why must I live? I've got all this love to give But nobody to receive it They don't appreciate it; they think it's worth shit! Maybe it is, maybe it's useless Maybe it's true, maybe it's worthless But I have more To live for I want revenge I want to turn the tables; to have a change I hate the people Who think living my life is simple Those who say I think too much And those who say those lies and such Raindrops fall from the sky Tears from my eyes as I cry My life is a mess And that I must confess
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My Lil Cousin
My lil cousin was killed today. He was run over by truck.... I didn't know him all that well. He was only 4. I am so Sad. Boy, 5, dies after being hit by truck (April 14, 2007) — Misael Santiago, who turned 5 last week and liked to play video games, was killed Saturday afternoon in Rochester when he was run over by rental truck. The boy’s family, relatives and friends grieved at the scene as police worked to determine how Misael was hit at a business that his cousins said is operated by the boy’s parents. Misael’s grandmother had to be taken to the hospital when she collapsed after the incident, said the boy’s cousin, 19-year-old James Quintana, who struggled to talk about Misael’s April 2nd birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. “I was just looking at the pictures last night,” he said. Gerardina Soto, the boy’s aunt, said Misael was enrolled in a pre-kindergarten program at School 45. “Everything suggests to us at this point it’s a tragic accident,” said Rochester
My Lil Boi!
Just wanted to let you all know that he is in a contest and could really really really use your help!!!! If you have sometime just to drop a few comments and a vote that would be wonderful!!!! Thank you soooo much! I PROMISE TO RETURN ALL LOVE SHOWIN' TO HIM...
My Little Guy, Matt
This is dedicated to everyone who has ever been embarrassed by a child's words or action. My three year old son had a lot of problems with potty training; and I was on him constantly. One day we stopped at Taco Bell for a quick lunch in between errands. It was very busy, with a full dining room. While enjoying my taco, I smelled something funny, so of course I checked my seven month old daughter, and she was clean. Then I realized that Matt had not asked to go potty in a while, so I asked, and he said "No". I kept thinking, "Oh Lord, that child has had an accident and I don't have any clothes with me. "Then I said, "Matt, are you sure you did not have an accident?" "No," he replied. I just knew that he must have had, because the smell was getting worse. So...........I asked one more time, "Matt, did you have an accident?" This time he jumped up, yanked down his pants, bent over and sprea! d ! his cheeks and yelled.... ..."See MOM, IT'S JUST FARTS!!'
My Little Epiphany
< font color="hotpink" size="1">Have you ever wanted to just get up leaveing everything and go,move to another state where nobody knows you? i think there comes a time when you just get plum sick and tired of being in the same depressing spot in your life, and you feel kinda stuck, well i aint stuck, i got nothing to look forward to here and i can leave this life guilt free, fuck cutting and other things of the sort, thats for pussys, eeh anyways, anybody have any advice as to where i should go? because im pretty damn fuckin ready to do something!,before i lose my mind anymore that its allready been lost! if that makes any sense lmao
My Lil Girl Celia
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My Life...
My entire life, the only life I've known, has been one big fat rope on which I've hanged. I've put my lowered head into the noose and looked on as it tightened around my neck. That was the bottom, that was the end. I couldn't imagine how I could live another day. But yet, just when my vision was blurring and my breath was leaving, just when my heart was missing it's beats and my body grew whiter, just then something -not much, but something -would pull on me, work on me. Just then I would remember, my brother's jokes, my dad's funny faces, my mom's wit, Alex's beautiful irreverance, Sean's sweet evilness, or Maggie's beautiful innocence and it would lift my heart. Just then. And I would slowly free my head of the loop. I'd take a deep breath. The air would smell so clean, so cool -a way to go on still one more day. I have never wanted to die, you see. I just wanted to live a little better. I haven't been lucky, just stronger, that's all. I taste my own blood and imagine
My Little Bubble Of F*ck Off
Appearently the reason why no one likes to talk to me is because I have a little bubble of fuck off around me that gives off an energy of stay the fuck away... appearently I can't turn this off.. I would like to but I can't.... I'm also feeling SUPER artsy today... but I don't want to go to the cemetery to take pictures alone... it sucks...
My Little Angel
Last night when I was Feeling so low A little angel came and spoke to me She spoke some words,Yeh some magic words And my ittle angel put my mind at ease Here's what she told me, yeh,She said You can only remember the good times Cause the bad can bring you down Get your head above the water Swim in tears,You know you'll drown Oh my darling little angel Watching over me She's always there to watch out And dry the tears so I can see. Jimbo/Copyright/4/20/07
My Life
I am broken on the inside With no desire to be fixed I am haunted by my past and Chased by a future I can’t outrun I hide from the sun, and I'm scared of the dark I live in a world that doesn’t fit The voices in my head scream to be heard Yet I suppress the desire to be loved Or seen, I want to disappear Yet I’m bigger then my jaded thoughts And I'm smaller then this life I’m a puzzle peice, in a world that doesn’t fit I am empty, yet I'm full of questions And I have no desire for answers I am lonely all the time, but only for myself With another’s arms around me I am safely wrapped in lies I wear this mask for the benefit Of a world that doesn’t fit Lex Landry-2007
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tender_hearted_lady@ CherryTAP
My Light
all my life iv been surrounded by the night walking in the dark moon light guilds my way for every step i make the grave yard is my place each stone colder then the last pitch black on this night with the lose of my sight i cause of the pain of others reather i know it or not thats all i am thats all i cause anger is all i feel hate is all i give not careing for others or tragic events as i look into the distance i see a light very bright but not so clear questions run throw my mind a new sight to behold my eyes my cuoristie gets the best of me as i run faster and faster the light is a person the light is the girl those feelings of anger are no longer there the hate still lingers for most of the world as time gose on she makes me happy words are spoken hours on end she is a light the brighest of them all and she is my friend this light is my happiness this light is my peace this is the light which i am banded from happiness,
My Lil Man
12 years ago today was the most happiest day in my life.. I gave birth to the most precious lil boy.. he weighed just 2lbs. 6oz. and he was very very early.. over the years I have watched him struggle with hearing problems and trying to fit in.. and now I look at him today as he turns 12.. hes almost ready to cross over from cub scouts into boy scouts.. hes playing baseball ( and does really friggen good too I might and just has friends all over... He went from this shy lil wall flower into this wonderful lil man who loves to be with his friends and is growing up too fast for mommy to take... so ok this has turned into me venting on the fact that I have finally realized hes not a baby anymore and that he infact is a lil man coming into his own and it is time for mommy to cut the strings (but i think he chewed thru them a whilke is it me or does every mom hate and dred this day!!!! just figured I would ask .. should anyone actually read this... lol well on that n
My Lil Girl
well i took my lil girl to the er tonight cuz she has a really bad rash that didnt seem like it was a regular diaper rash. come to find out it was a yeast infection. the doctor said it could be caused from many different things but to keep a cream on it twice a day. if it doesnt start to go away then i have to take her back to get checked out. but she is doin alright now. still a happy baby though.
My Life
hello everyone, its funny how life can turn out sometimes.mine has its ups and downs to ,like anyone elses does. sometimes we want things we cant have so we do the best we can to get has to move on .if we get stuck just spinning our wheels then the best things in life can pass us by . ive learned alot about life in the last year. one of the things i learned a very special friend of mine helped me learn .i dont think he realizes what it is he taught me. but thats ok . no matter how my life turns out or where it takes me ,ill always remember he was the one who was there when no one else was and he never wanted anything in return other then to be my friend. but anyway thats a little bit of my life. everyone have a nice day.
My Little Adventure!
Well, as most of you know, I went to Texas not too long ago. What should have been a quick trip, ended up lasting way too long! I used to love all kinds of music, including, I am just sick of country (I am sure Raven is glad to hear that!). I am sure, eventually, I will like it again tho. Anyways, we were driving back from Texas, U-Haul trailer in tow, when (on the night of Friday, the 13th, early morning of the 14th~ 12:40 am), a truck driver rammed into the back of us, as we were headin' down yet another hill, in Tennesee. It was 2 lanes, on our side, a large ditch, then 2 lanes heading south-bound on 81. Well, he rammed us, pushed us forward, then hit us again, in the side of the trailer (which is where his bumper ended up embedded). We were in the right lane, because as some of you know, you can't go over 50 with those trailers, because of the major fish-tailing it causes. We had just gotten back up to 50, when he hit us. It spun us around, so that we were between
My Life
My Life As A
Mandi is dandy But your quicker than liqueur Haha! I could be a rapper! Oh wanna hear sumthin cute? I raise the roof I make the walls shrink My flows so icy When you walk your balls clink! Haha! Or one I actually said to some loser who dumped me infront of a crowd...with a rap..dork Does it make you sick I played my trick Sucked his dick Then kissed your lips? Playin you aint cuttin shit I'm so fuckin adorable right?
My Life Vol 4...
Since high school... I've been nothing but the best And aint a dam thing changed... I still accept nothing less ... So here it is, an image of what Nemesis is A torn battered man, who's had his share of killer skids... .... And there was times I thought I didnt live Face to face at the Heavens Gate, disappointed it isn't Him ..... Waking up to a world of sorrow While jerks run streets.... with no goals.... no morals People asking me for courage to borrow... But I aint got enough And they wonder why... but I can't tell em I got it rough Stuff.... That you aint even seen yet... I did twice Example.... Iv'e already seen death... you live life.... But see the real fight... is still ahead of me Live life humble in a jungle full of jealousy ....Go hard until the end... so I won't regret a thing And prove to myself that I am the King....Nazerene -Nemesis the Nazerene-
My Life
Where do I start......I have been thinking about my life alot today(to much time alone). I sometimes think that if I died tomorrow would anybody miss me? And the answer to that is yes! First off there are my kids, they would miss me, my best friend she would, my baby the love of my life she would. Outside of that I dont really care. Im bipolar, so that makes life kind of fun. Most people dont want anything to do with me because of that. Cant keep a girlfriend at all. Well just the one. We broke up about five years ago and she got married because she was mad at me. Well she infromed me that we never really broke up! She still is in love with me, she left her husband for me, she understands me, she wants me, for who I am. She is there for me when no one else would be. After to marriages and alot of bad realionships, Im very bitter and jaded. After my oldest daughter was killed I went cold. I dont have any feelings or anything, my expressions are flat no emotions show on my face. When I a
My Life
my life is almost fading, i just wish people would miss me at all.. I dont know but, i would probably say goodbye to all of you.. Dont forget about me.. Marie
My Life
My life style is messed up. I'm stuck in this game, My life compared to yours could never be the same. I just want out! Life these days seems like it matters if your broke or upon life with your pockets fat. I just want to feel good and happy. But at this point I don't feel at all. I'll ever reach that. To reach that I have to let go and let God. It would help if I had a strong back bone. My life style is messed up for my back bone was heart of stone. Who always left me standing alone. Hes not the only one. So I can't blame him. I'm just playing the cards as I was delt. I just wish maybe sometimes people could see how I really feel. I don't express my feelings to people. You see so I put my words on paper for you to read. I hope the words I write may help someone in there life to let them see I have a good heart. Although my life style isn't right. I have always been there for people in need and I was once told I have to good of a heart to be in this game. So why am I here in missery
My Life
It's weird how life has differnt destinations for everyone. Mine hasn't made sense yet. All the happiness I've had turned into pain. All the dreams I've had turned into nightmares. The help I've given out was not taken into consideration. I've taken people out of the darknss and been left behind. The ones who were their, showed compassion. If I were to say good-bye, would anybody cry? Would people reconize that I'm gone? How can I smile when all has been devoured? Love taken away. Used to cover up someones past misersy. I try to smile But what is their to smile about? Why, When i needed help for my mistakes nobody was their to lend a hand? So alone, I try to climb back up the road to recovery. Beliefs and reliefs fail. I see visions of happiness float by in the distance. Not near enough to grab. I'm tired of this feeling I hold in side for so many years now. I want to close my eyes and reunite with those miles away up above. I see though, taken my life away thing won't g
My Life In A Nut Shell!!!
Ever feel like every step you take and every move you make is being watched and judged by the world? Yeah mine is on a daily bases. Dont get me wrong my life is fan-fuckin-tastic, but here lately i just feel like I'm under survalence by the world and everyone in it. Cant talk with out people twisting my words around, cant step out from behind the shadows with out someone stopping me and asking me 10 millions pointless questions. I feel like I should be a catagory on Jepordy or something. I am only me people I'm not a billboard that needs or wants to be displayed if I wanted people to know my life story then fuck I'd come out and tell you. My personal life is that "PERSONAL" I want it kept that way. I miss the days when you could sneek by without so much as a pebble of sand being disturbed but those days are long gone. Now you have to deal with every nosey Dick and Jane out there. I'm sorry but from here on out if my personal life is brought up then people are ganna be meeting the not s
My Little Man!
Right now listening to his even breaths, I wonder… Is he dreaming? What is he dreaming of? Is he dreaming of cars and trucks? Or maybe spending the day with mom and dad? He stands over three feet high. And yet when he is asleep, he seems so small. He is my little man. He brings a smile to my face, when he points at a shape in a book, and knows what it is. Pride rises in my chest, when he counts to five, by himself. Looking at him now I get scared, wondering how well he will survive, in the world today. Now I know why, parents want to keep their kids small.
My Life Experience
You've Experienced 64% of Life You have all of the life experience that most adults will ever get. And unless you're already in your 40s, you're probably wise beyond your years. How Much Life Experience Do You Have?
My Life
It's weird how life has differnt destinations for everyone. Mine hasn't made sense yet. All the happiness I've had turned into pain. All the dreams I've had turned into nightmares. The help I've given out was not taken into consideration. I've taken people out of the darknss and been left behind. The ones who were their, showed compassion. If I were to say good-bye, would anybody cry? Would people reconize that I'm gone? How can I smile when all has been devoured? Love taken away. Used to cover up someones past misersy. I try to smile But what is their to smile about? Why, When i needed help for my mistakes nobody was their to lend a hand? So alone, I try to climb back up the road to recovery. Beliefs and reliefs fail. I see visions of happiness float by in the distance. Not near enough to grab. I'm tired of this feeling I hold in side for so many years now. I want to close my eyes and reunite with those miles away up above. I see though, taken my life away thing won't g
My Life!
The sweetest things are when your man, your daughter and you are sitting on the couch cuddling up to watch a family movie. And when your man always gives you a kiss before he leaves for work at 4 in the morning. When we go to the park you sit back and watch the man of your dreams help the love of your life climb the chain ladder so she doesn't fall and hurt herself. When we go out to Chucky Cheese he plays all the games to get the most tickets so she can come home with more toys then the rest of the kids. When you watch them play horsey and see the tired sweaty face, but doesn't quite till he has tired her out. Going to the park and from the blanket you lay back and watch them walk side by side to go explore and watch the train go by! When you get held down by your big strong man so that your little all mighty tickles you till you cry. When they gang up on mommy during a pillow fight. Seeing the joy in your daughter's face when the man of your life walks through
My Life
My life takes many turnes and it has turned a new. I moved to be with someone and now we are at a cross roads in our life and the choices are a few. I feel really lost at times and wish I new if we were friends or working things out. But neither of us know. We argue over things and do we listen too each other? It is hard to know what to do be open hide and withdraw stay go love or cry so lost at times.In a few weeks we are to move will we be happy as friends or old wounds open and bleed are we to be lovers roommates. all so confusing ned to think about life. sorry to ramble just lonly inside miss my best friend. thanks all
My Life All The Pain
In my life I have been through a lot of pain and lost of people I love. Something I can never get out of my head is the day when I was five I was raped by my twin sisters boy friend Billy that memory go though my head day and night I cant sleep some night or other night I wake up crying and screaming because I have a dream of that day. The other thing I can never get out of my head is when I was in fifth grade when my foster father Sherman who adopted me when I was six months died but the thing I remember about that day is two hours before he died I told him I hated him and wished he was dead and two hours later he was given the meds he was allergic to and had died ten minuets later ever since that day I have thought that his death was because of me. And also I can never get the day of the fourteenth birthday my best friend Brandon held me at gun point and raped me. These thing that have happened to me are things I have never got out of my head because of it I have had to lie most o
My Lips()
My Lips were buds of innocent untill you came one day; And drew a fountain from my Heart and careless went your way; My Lips were hungry,eager flowers curved,in ecstastic bliss to gather the soft sweetness of my next Lovers kiss* My Lips were lucious ripeness of a crushed and poisoned vine; When you bent your Lips upon me and my soft one clung to thine; My Lips are withering fading flowers,fullweary unto death...Dew with out moisture is thy kiss,Wind w/out heat is thy breath... A fugitive tears wells up from my eyes and is secretly silently shed... Are Lips that once were dead...
My Little Angel And Me
randy is out of town again starting today for the week so it is just me and aiden. he sure does enjoy picking on me. i sure love my little angel. in between being picked on i was helping my big sweetie level up he had 688 ponts before getting magic cherrry. he sked me to pimp him out. i told hm no one reads my posts. but did it anyway. only one other person helped. took me all night cuz i could only do comments. and didnt want to set off commnets alarms again. but i got him leveled up. i dont know why that silly spamming message always hits me when i do my daily comments to friends. luckily it picked on someone else to night. there is a lot of comments in 688 points. lmao. off to bed sweet dreams all
My Life
I never really Thought Id be doing what im doing on the budget I am..See ive never been the richest motherfucker Ive never been the most liked person but since ive been rapping everyones whole attitude changed about me...But Now in this present moment I got alot of haters and I got alot of people who love my shit but its hard when you get threats and diss tracks and hate constantly..I just feel like i entered a new state of reflection looking at things more differently then I have in the past..I wish the same people i used to represent still represented me like i have in the past....thanks for reading this...i had to vent
My Life Of Hell This Is A True Story About My Life Its All True
this story is all true please read and if you have anyone in your family or friends or maybe yourself i can try and help. ever since i was 14 years old my life started to change it started when i was in the 2nd year of high school. my primary school years were great i was an outgoing bubbly girl a normal girl loved hanging out with friends and family and alway had a smile on my face. but it all changed when i was 14 years old. i was in my 2nd year of high school. the boys would call me name like fatty, scar face, moon face as i have a small scar on my cheek in the shape of a moon. i could handle this the teachers would do nothing and say nothing to these boys and my friends just laughed with them. i would then telling my mum and dad i didnt feel well to go to school. the days i did go they started touching me places i didnt like and want them to touch. i went and told the teachers about this but they didnt seem to do anything and my parents went to the headmaster and still never don
My Life.............
well... nothing new here,, haha.. you didnt think there would be did you>? im working 12 hour days again... and making the money... YAY... fighting with people about stupid shit continues.. but... the more time goes by I realize that through everything.. i'll still be me..
My Life
Well the past 5 days have been the hardest 5 days in my life, including the when my father died. My wife of 17 years and been together for 25 years left me because she felt negleted. She would not tell me how I negleted her. The only way I can see is that we did not have sex very often because I have ED. I am so tore up inside that I have had a hard time sleeping, eating, and working. The biggest problem is that she is my only reason for living. But I am trying to not get depressed. But this is hard to do. I hope to be able to go to work tommorrow. I hope to love again but she was my love of my life.
My Life
MY LIFE I look at my life, Back, over the years. What did I do wrong, That I ended up here? A childhood, so shattered, That it never could mend, But others lived through it, And bounced back again. Why was it, that I, As a child, couldn't see, That it happened to others, As well as to me? Those people I trusted, For,who else was there? Unable to help me, Through their own despair! Imparting, not wisdom, Nor love and concern, But vicious contempt For the child their hearts Spurned! I ran like the wind, When I saw a way out, Straight to my beginnings, To the birth of my doubt. Ran into the arms, Which had thrown me away! Thinking she'd love me, On this, a new day! Oh, truth is a killer, Of hope, spirit, joy! But still, I survived it, If just to annoy! I met, loved and married The man of my dreams. Had babies, a future, The life of a Queen. But one day I woke up, And th
My Life, My Love (redone For My Mother)
My Mother's Will stroking your hair softly as you drift slowly into dreamland, i want to be by you every minute. holding you when you're sad and sharing in your happiness, i want to be with you through it all. i've seen you grow taller by the minute and watched your eyes turn color. i was there. i was in your heart, i curled up to sleep in your arms. i blinked back my tears of joy when you took that first step, beamed pride out of every pore when you first called my name. you're still my life, my love. you're the reason the blood still pumps through my veins and i take in breath every day that we both exist. so much to learn, so much to sacrifice for something so small, i'd give up the world for you. i'd crawl upon the earth if it means you walk tall. and now, drifing slowly into that same dreamland, i'm there with you every minute, sharing in your happiness, crying with you when you need my shoulder, and i'll always be there through it all.
My Life As A Firefighter With A Family Who Loves Me
Yes, I am firefighter. So if any of you want to know how hard it was to have a family. It is tough, but I have a tough family who will never back down from anything. And what the head of the family say to this is: "Dad you are too sweet. Yes, I remember that. And that was always happening and mom and sis didn't know what to do. I was their to help you out. And I will think of you as my hero."
My Little Accident
Well, Last weekend went prefectly swell until Sunday (May 6th) when Chase and I decided to let Joe (my room-mate) come out for the night and shit...we were tall drinking...I had about 3 beers, Chase had about 3 beers and Joe had had about 3 beers (which means he was buzzing, because he is a light weight)...and Guess what happened...I got my jaw borke in two places, 3 teeth knocked out and one pulled out and 3 1/2 inche cuts in my tongue because of Joe...we (Joe and I) were goofin around and he put me in a sleeper hold (mind you, he had about 3 beers in him, which means he had a little buzz because he is a light weight)...well, I tapped him arms so he would let me go...and he didn't....not until Chase told him that it was time to let me go...and instead of letting me go towards the bed...he turns away from the bed and I did a face plant, chin first, to the now I have stitches in my tongue and my jaw is wired shut for the next 6 weeks...YAY ME!...NOT! I am in like OMFG PA
My Link
My Link
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My Littlest Angel, Judy
As most of you know my youngest, Judy is special needs. For all her difficulties to over come she is one of the sweetest most loving little girl I have ever met. Okay, I'm sure thats alot of Mommy speaking LOL I am so very proud of her. She does all her therapies with a smile and works very hard. She has had some trouble with her left eye ever since her last eye surgery. Found out some good news, the vision is getting better, but it looks like she is going to need MORE surgery on the eye. She has come through every one very well, its Mom who falls apart. I let everyone know when they schedual it and ask for any prayers you may have for her. It looks like it will be in mid August when she has a break from school. If I seem off for the next few days, I'm just trying to absorb it all. Thank You to ALL my family, friends and fans, your the best. Many Hugs, Trish
My Life In Statements.
I said the things I never thought I'd say. I played the games I never thought I'd play. I've led the life I vowed not to live. I've fed my body the discrimnation I vowed not to feed. I lost the virginity I tried not to lose. I chose the boy I tried not to choose. I gave everything I promised not to give. I'm living the life I promised not to live. Dawn F 1991
My Life Revisited
Well It has been two weeks now since my wife left me for this guy in OK. I am getting more depressed as time goes by. I been trying to think what I did or did'nt do that was so wrong that she would leave me after almost 17 yrs of marriage. I asked her the question but she has yet to tell me an answer. As I am waiting, I am trying to figure a reason to live, but I am coming up with no reasons.
My Life Sucks Bad
I just messed a great thing up with someone on here. I am not sure if this person will ever forgive me. I guess i don't blame them if they never talk to me again. I should have listen to this person first before i did what i did. I am so sorry sweetie. I will truely miss you.
My Link To Contest ok you guys that is my link to the contest please everyone comment bomb me if you are a level 5 or higher i would really appreciate it and the contest starts at 3 est
My Life
some things in my life is kinda going the way i want it to but the other part not so good. but i know thats life though, you cant always have it your way. but i really thought this time things would get better. i belive if you want some thing so bad, youll do all you can to make that happen but i guess in some cases no matter how much you try sometimes it just doesnt work out the way you want it. and i know i should just try and accept the way things are but also be greatfull for all the things that i do have and thankfull that ive gotten to do what i have done on my own. it feels good to be able to look back and see what ive done my own but yet also saddens me that im not where i want to be in my life yet. but i know im young in i still have time
My Life
some things in my life is kinda going the way i want it to but the other part not so good. but i know thats life though, you cant always have it your way. but i really thought this time things would get better. i belive if you want some thing so bad, youll do all you can to make that happen but i guess in some cases no matter how much you try sometimes it just doesnt work out the way you want it. and i know i should just try and accept the way things are but also be greatfull for all the things that i do have and thankfull that ive gotten to do what i have done on my own. it feels good to be able to look back and see what ive done my own but yet also saddens me that im not where i want to be in my life yet. but i know im young in i still have time
My Lil Yahoo Group Bit The Dust
Hi there, just wanted to kick off my 1st blog here. I had a small yahoo group of about 3000 members that was deleted last week due to the fact that a member had posted pics of his wife there without her knowledge and another member who recognised her contacted yahoo and they closed us down instead of deleteing the offending member. RIP Aussiekylie Yahoo group. Anyway, we spent monday nite chatting on webcam at awc (link in profile) and had 3000 ppl veiwing which was a turn on to say the least. I hope they enjoyed the strip tease Hopefully we will be back there sunday nite (aussie time) for another lil strip tease and maybe more depending on the nite. Kylie...x
My Life And Happyness
My Life So far up here in Maine has been well going great ! I realy cant complaine! I went to the VA Doctors here in Togus and Have seen diffrent Doctors and they have been realy helpfull in everything! I was diagnose with having PTSD and have had a few aches and pain due to it. I have my blood pressure under controlled and im taking Prozac to help me keep everything Easy going . I realy think Im Mmuch happier here then iI was down in GA. I miss My boys and hopefully I wont have to say bye to them at all over the phone soon! I got a call and am starting a new job this comeing up week as a truck driver which is awesome! Been waiting for a long time for this and I hope everything will work out for me. I also been fishing and love doing that as a stress reliver and hope iI will soon CATCH something instead of drowning worms all the time! Ive nmade some realy good friends and hope one day it will grow into something eles Im in no hurry at all just relaxing and enjoying my time
My Life
well today is the first time ive been on this. im mostly a myspace freak. but anyway's... i have a really fucked up life now so if anyone wants to talk shit they need to go eles were!!
My Life Long Dream...
A cool breeze flowing passed me, darkness is all around. All except a small light, could this be another one of those tunnel dreams? Sure enough, I can feel the ground beneath me. Sounds like I'm walking on concrete, but where am I going? My feet will not fail me, I walk a little faster, till I am as a steady pace. Someone rushes from behind me, I feel a hand on my back. I feel a push and soon the voices are raised. Feels like a crowd of people wanting to get out of this place. I'm getting closer to the light, should I walk through or should I stop? Think I'll just keep going, they seem not to want to stop! Mr. Phillips, I hear a woman say, she hands me a red sack and says, Take these, You need to hurry! As I walk I look inside, they're percussion cymbals. At this moment I smile. A very encouraging moment has just approached. I hear something as I get closer to the light, and it's chanting. I can't make out very much, the echoes of the tunnel are too much. Another perso
My Little Girls Room!!!!!
Well when my little girl was born we had to change my sons playroom into a bedroom for my little girl....She was still sleeping in the same room with us at the time because she was too young to be by herself yet but all her little toys were in her room....One night I was sitting up in bed reading when I started hearing what sounded like a lullabye and I got up to go check it out....I followed the sound straight to my little girls room and I opened up the door....I walked into the room and her little spin top was on the floor playing twinkle twinkle little star and then all the toys in her room started going off all at the same time and I started hearing what sounded like a child giggling and I left the room and went and checked on my son and it wasnt him he was asleep so I went back to my little girls room and it felt like something brushed past me in her room and all her toys started playing all together again....I went back to my sons room and took him back to my room with me....I wa
My Life
Well here I go again waking up in this dreary room. I look around and see everything that was here yesterday hasnt gone away. My children greet me every morning with a loving smile that means the world to me.. Those are just a few things that I dont want to disapear in my life. The yelling and screaming and not knowingif someone is going to hate me today, thats the part I want to go away. I just want to be loved by someone that doesnt get tired of me, loves to see me everyday. Maybe a kiss that means something would be great.. "hey Baby" I love you would be even better.. Im told everyday that someday it will be better. Maybe one day someone will walk into my life and make me smile forever.....
My Life Path Number
Your Life Path Number is 3 Your purpose in life is to express your unique self. You are a creative and artistic person with an interesting view on life. Witty and outgoing, you enjoy sharing your crazy ideas with anyone who will listen. A total social butterfly, you're the life of any party. In love, you inspire and enchant your partner. You are often an object of fantasy and desire. While you are very talented, you sometimes lack the ambition to put your talents in play. And while your wit carries you a long way, you occasionally use it to mask your true feelings. Your natural abilities can bring you all the success in the world ... if you let them What Is Your Life Path Number?
My Libra Lava Lamp
Lava Lamp from
My List
Ok...its time to clean out my list...i went thro about 600 people and quit....if i dont talk to you ever...your gone....i know who leaves me comments daily and takes the time to talk to me.....if you dont...bye list has gotten to out of not on here for popularity just to make friends and ive met alot of awesome ass people on here and want to stay close to all you other..thanks for whatever you did give me but if you dont talk your outtie....have a good weekend
My Life
It is so funny how you spend forever trying to figure life out and just when you think you have it, the unexpected comes along. I always thought I knew what I wanted and damn it I was going to get it, even it took me until my dying day. I hate change. Things should always be the way I expect them to be. I try to keep control of everything to make sure that it is that way. Recently, something unexpected came up and changed what I want in life, what I expect in life and everything that I think should be. I am trusting something I would not normally trust, believing in dreams that I thought were just dreams and I am willing to sacrifice everything to achieve it all. It is definitely not what I planned on, not even close to being able to fulfill that, but oddly enough, I think I am okay with it! I just hope that it is what it seems! And I thank you for giving it to me! I have made alot of leaps of faith lately and life has never been any better. I hope to God it stays th
My Life Song
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My Live On The Streets And My Story
Kerry Hoffmann Story 11/19/03 I was born in Seaside, Oregon at 12 p.m. On April 30/1963. Well I had very large family 8 kids in all. Some are haft Brothers Sisters. My Mom was married 3 or 4 times but she was not to happy and loving Wife and Mother to her kids. When I was like 2 years old I moved to Mitchell, South Dakota. Where I lived till I was 18 when I moved out and started hitch hiking all over the places. From South Dakota to Nev. for 2 years and got a job as a dishwasher to make the rent & food till I could find a better paying job. Well that is when I join the carnal (Butler Amusements) they where in the town and I ask them how much they made a week and it was more than I could make there dishwashing. So I left there and got hired as a ride jock in the show. Well it was hard work but fun to we where all over different places in the U.S.A. and I loved it meeting new people and kids and making new friends and more. But that is another story. Then I came home to see my
My Life Is Just So Idk Anymore...
Even with a list full of people and my family its hard to believe that with all of those people...i still feel all alone...its like standing in the middle of a crowd full of people screaming out for someone to notice you and yet no one notices and you feel all alone...for once in my life i wish someone standing in that crowd would notice me whe no one else would...or when i say im fine turn and look me in the eyes and tell me to tell them the truth...or when i walk away they jerk me back and tell me that they dont want me to go because it would hurt them...or when i feel like im sitting in a black room with no doors or windows and im screaming for someone and no one hears me i want them to hear me...when im falling i wish someone would catch me...or when im trying to hurt myself i wish someone would save me...i wish someone would treat me like they were the last thing they had in there life...or when im lost and at a dead end i wish someone would come find me...but none of this will ha
My Life
ok about me i guess. i am 43 years old, married no kids,but do ,how ever take care of 3 year old little girl. and she a hand full. i think we learn from each other,and who said you can't teach ,old dog's new trick's lol. she is apple of my eye and the the only one who hold's the key to my heart. and as far as love goes i found out hard way that nothing last forever. i have no clue why iam at this cherry tap thing lol , it's not like i don't have life lol. ok you think your sick of hearing about me ,well hear i go again lol, i love all kids music love 70s rock and all country and lite jazz.i enjoy walking and love it when it rain's , and i like smell fresh gut grass, i am just a kick back kinda person i guess. i have been told a person with heart of gold.i try not to get mad or upset over ever little thing cause life to short. ans besides i love take the time to stop and smell roes's .
My Life Is A Shadow
My Life is a Shadow I am a shadow in this world To some I am dead To others, a ghost of the past No longer seen by you Because the loss of love But here I am rite in front of you Drifting away in the distance Never to be seen again When you’re around me The world goes cold Now I feel empty Like the world you live in.
My Life
none of you dont really know me or know who i am. every1 is just addin me cuz of the pic u see of me. dont add me 4 that reason. i want people to get to know me as a person. i have lost my dad back in 2002 what made into horror and gothic stuff was when i lost him. but what really did it was when i touched his hand and kissed him. it was something i had to do cuz he wasnt just my dad he was my best friend. then back in 1986 my best friend was killed by a drunk driver she was only 10 i had a tattoo on my leg in memory of her. and now im about to lose my grandmother she has liver cancer i try to think positive and pray but as i see it when yer numbers up yer numbers up. its in gods hands so if he feels its yer time it yer time. i just dont want her to suffer anymore. that woman is my life shes my heart and soul. i am not puttin a pic of me on here what i really look like so every1 can dog me like theres no tomorrow. you may not have anything better to do than make people feel lik
My Little Slave
i call her shadow ,she moves like one,she cannot be caught and yet she is always there,she will do my bidding,cannot be destroyed,she shys from the light and gets lost in the darkness her presences is reassuring her absence is unsetteling. she came to me out of the darkness calling me master.I have felt her presence all my life but like a shadow she has remained just out of touch.Her gift is sublime she gives herself without thought only wanting to please her master and yet she is here by her free will i own her soul and she mine.the trust developed is like no other.....So take hede my gentle reader,the trip i will take you on from here out would only make sense if you can comprehend your own shadow ... she sat in the candle light soft music playing in the background face demure she sat on her knees and heels,eyes downcast,hands palm down on her leggs she waits for me she waits for my instruction,my desire ,my firm hand if need be.I sit beside her in my red wingback gazing u
My Life
My life a daily chaos, feeling ultimately lost. Hopeless, senseless, heartless, loveless and forgotten Then an escape , you arriving in my life with such a jolt, then things didnt seem so bleak. Nightmares and turmoil of your own, yet a mirror of our lives is what you seem to me. Trying to touch or kiss you. All i feel is the cold and brittleness. Thinking it's the glass yet that is not it, it is something more. Is what I'm seeing actually you or is it the thought of you with my own feelings being reflected back and the thought of........... Maybe??....
My Life So Far
i dont have time for anything anymore. i spend all of my time at the hospital with my mom or at work. i love my mother more than anything in the world but jesus i just want her to come home. i barely have time to see any of my friends anymore. atom is moving to colorado in a month and i doubt ill be able to see him before he leaves :( i woke up in the hospital room this morning and i stepped in bile :( my mom forgot to hook up her tube that sucks all the crap out of her stomach and so it all just dripped onto the floor next to my bed. its definately a great feeling to wake up to in the morning - bile squishing in between your toes. oh well, ive pretty much been desensitized to all of that. i have to be if i ever want to be a good nurse. anyway, i just stopped home to take a shower and check my goings on on here. sorry i havent been on much for those of you who care. ciao bella
My Light
you've been the light that shined so brightly in the darkness I called my life when i couldnt see anything else i could see the light you shine you lit the shadows that surrounded me it gave me hope when I dared not dream
Mylil' Kaleiatia[r] 1st Visit 6-24-07_7-9-07
~this is mylil' kaleiatia sis during her visit with U/us first time, i got a little bit pic taking happy she and Master B/both tell me, but i did such for T/them B/both as i felt was only right for memory's sake as i would have liked having done for my first visit with/to O/our Master so long ago. Taking pics is my way of commiting stuff to memory and comforting myself when i am forced to be parted from myMaster, though i admit that i dont think when He has me moved in with Him that i will stop this addicting habit of mineyou!!! more later when i can focus my thoughts once again on what this visit meant to me and how i feel~ tallyssinae[R]
Mylil' Kaleiatia[r] 1st Visit 5-24-07_6-9-07
~this is mylil' kaleiatia sis during her visit with U/us first time, i got a little bit pic taking happy she and Master B/both tell me, but i did such for T/them B/both as i felt was only right for memory's sake as i would have liked having done for my first visit with/to O/our Master so long ago. Taking pics is my way of commiting stuff to memory and comforting myself when i am forced to be parted from myMaster, though i admit that i dont think when He has me moved in with Him that i will stop this addicting habit of mineyou!!! more later when i can focus my thoughts once again on what this visit meant to me and how i feel~ tallyssinae[R]
My Life (lol) - Comments the picture above is to say thanks to anyone who decides to add me. my life well im female not to fat not to thin. im due to start college in september to be a forensic officer(i aint scared as i have seen a couple of dead bodys and i wasnt scared ) i currently live in north england and at the moment it is raining badly most of the uk is on flood alert. i will keep up dating this when i have something different to add,or if you have a question please ask me.
My Life (lol) - Comments the picture above is to say thanks to anyone who decides to add me. my life well im female not to fat not to thin. im due to start college in september to be a forensic officer(i aint scared as i have seen a couple of dead bodys and i wasnt scared ) i currently live in north england and at the moment it is raining badly most of the uk is on flood alert. i will keep up dating this when i have something different to add,or if you have a question please ask me.
My Life
I know the sound of each rock and stone And I embrace what others feel. You are not to roam in this forgotten place, Just the likes of me, you're welcome here. Everything breathes and I know each breath For me it means life for others it's death. It's perfectly balanced, perfectly planned, More than enough for this man. Like every tree stands on its own Reaching for the sky I stand alone. I share my world with no one else. All by myself I stand alone. Deep in the darkness my heart still seeks Everything that I'll never be. Behind these eyes, I'll go everywhere There's no need for sympathy. Everything breathes and I know each breath In my world there's no comfort lasts Like every tree stands on its own Reaching for the sky I stand alone. I share my world with no one else. All by myself Still, I will remember... Still, I'll run with you....yea And when it's time for you to go Take me in your heart. I've seen your world with these very eyes Don't come
My Life
why is it my life suck i can talk to weman online and i can have them want me but i try to talk to them in person or on the phone i cant get the words to come out the way i whant it to is there something rong with me i dont know why im posting this but it makes me fell beter in a way i let u guy know what im thinking but if u know me the words just dont come out that whay im a fun loveing guy but to tell a female about that in preson it just come out rong i like this female right know but to tell her what i fell it comes out the rong way well im boaring u i will ttyl
Mylil' Lei's First Visit To U/us To Meet Out Mutual Master Rendclaw
There are just no words to describe just how happy i am at this moment and have been since myMaster opened His arms to me this visit. W/we have found O/our missing part,,a part that means the very most to U/us B/both,,,,,have i mentioned how happy i am?????
My Life Dreams
My dreams for my life don't seem like they are going to happen so I think I should let them be known at least. My life dream is to find someone that will love me for me, not want to change me in anyway. I want to find someone that will not tell me lets just be friends. I want this person to be patient, understanding, knows how I am feeling without having to ask, will never hit me or lie to me. I want this person to be honest and open with me about everything in his life past, present and future. I dream of eventually marrying this person, not a big wedding just friends and family maybe outside like in the spring or something like that. I wanted to wear a white gown but that is probably out of the question for certain reasons that are best left unsaid. I want to have at least 4 kids becaue I want more than just 2. My reason for that is because it is only me and my sister and I don't like the idea of that. I sort of been thinking of names for my kids which I don't think I will ever have.
My Little Handsome Man
My son left today , he is 5...and I am heart broken because he is MY son but I just can't do this all by myself. I need help. I have three little girls with me. 3 1/2, 2 yrs old and a little bitty that is only 4 months old. I have been separated from my husband since April 7th, that wound is still fresh Plus...I am looking for a job, and I am moving into a new place.... NEED the income. So what else can I cry about on here? I know people don't give a shit.
My Life
My Life My life is mine, no one else in this world will determine the outcome of my life. It’s my story and it’s a long one that may not be so interesting to the rest of the world. I have struggled all my life to find out who I am. I have been in many relationships, some of which I made poor decisions, but they were my decisions to make, my choices. I am in control of my life, to blame anyone but me would be wrong, I am responsible for the decisions I make. Only I can choose who I will be with and who I will love, whether or not that person loves me back is irrelevant, it is my choice to feel that way. I understand the ways of the world, I further understand that the only person who has control over me besides me, is God and he generally steps back and lets me take over. Only I can make the necessary changes to make my life better for both me and my children. Only I can choose to change the situation for the better or not. It is good to have the opinions of others, ulti
My Life So Far
So far today has been good.. My son that is 6.5 weeks old is asleep. He is so great to me. I love that lil boy to death.. I have 3 nieces and 3 nephews and I have a couple step nephews... I am a stay at home mom for now... I come from a hugh family..... I am so not sure what to say lol... but newayz i hope yall have a great day
My Life
The smell of your skin lingers on me now You're probably on your flight back to your home town I need some shelter of my own protection baby To be with myself and center, clarity Peace, Serenity I hope you know, I hope you know That this has nothing to do with you It's personal, myself and I We've got some straightenin' out to do And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket But I've got to get a move on with my life It's time to be a big girl now And big girls don't cry The path that I'm walking I must go alone I must take the baby steps 'til I'm full grown, full grown Fairytales don't always have a happy ending, do they? And I foresee the dark ahead if I stay Like the little school mate in the school yard We'll play jacks and uno cards I'll be your best friend and you'll be my Valentine Yes you can hold my hand if you want to 'Cause I want to hold yours too We'll be playmates and lovers and share our secret worlds But it's time for me to go home It
My Life Rules
Just thought I would share a few of my life rules with you all, feel free to comment on them... HEARTS AND HOES DONT MIX!!!!Life does not always go the way you want it to go, so always be truthful with yourself and you will always know what's best for you.Love yourself cause if you don't, no one can love you.Not everyone that says they love you....loves you.Never SWEAT anyone...It will forever be their loss.Love can be painful but the pleasure is always worth the pain.Getting what you want is not always a good thing. You can't be forgiven unless you have forgiven someone else. If you get caught up in emotions....ride it out...your feet will eventually hit the ground.Know when to get off a good ride. Always say what you mean, even if no one is listening...cause odds are really they are hearing you. NEVER play mind games...the one you are trying to play might be better. Giving up your COOKIES, is totally up to you, so if you give it make sure he is worth it. (Sidebar....There is nothi
My Little Cousin.
By JOE D‘AQUILA People react after police remove the body of murder victim Ronnie Williams, 19, from the scene of a shooting yesterday on Stuyvesant Avenue in Trenton. (Jackie Schear photo)TRENTON — Police yesterday identified the city‘s 14th homicide victim of 2007 — shot dead in broad daylight in a neighborhood already beset with violence. They said the dead man was 19-year-old Ronnie Williams, but little else in the case was divulged. Williams‘ shooting death was the second in four days in Trenton, each coming only a block apart on Stuyvesant Avenue. Williams was found dead in a driveway between two homes at 2:42 p.m. Saturday, preceeded by the killing of 23-year-old Mickel Coates, gunned down in the 800 block of the street at 10:35 p.m. Wednesday. Police have not said whether either murder is gang-related or if there is a connection between the two, but they are investigating the possibility. One source who asked to remain anonymous has said that Williams was a
My Little Cousin.
Daytime shooting is city's 14th murder By JOE D'AQUILA TRENTON — Grief-stricken young men turned their backs and walked from the crime scene, where they had just watched as their friend was loaded in the back of a coroner‘s van—a crime scene where their neighborhood had just experienced its second murder in four days. As they slowly walked down the beleaguered Stuyvesant Avenue, their tear-streaked faces and flailing fists revealed rage and anguish at the thought of one of their own wrapped in plastic and taken away with a bullet in his head. Police released few details about the city‘s 14th murder, which occurred just before 3 p.m. yesterday, except to say that an unknown man had been found dead on the ground. But to the crowd of friends that gathered just behind the barrier of yellow tape, the young man in the body bag was clearly known and loved. Advertisement The Trentonian has learned the victim‘s identity, but has withheld the name in consideration of his fami
My Life Now
I grew up in a small Texas community.Where I join the band.Went to all the football games,basketball,and any event that met my fancy.I had many friends,that I have never forgotten.Cousin all over.Plenty of childhood memories.Then My daddy died,and my life was over.For he is My hero,still to this day.My Mother Dearest shipped me off to whomever wanted me,but,never the ones that wanted me the most.Aunt Betty ,and Uncle Bobby.So at 15,I was married,went to school,and at 17 I had my first son.Soon after,my second one.Which I am very proud of.Well as fate would twist. We said our goodbyes,and for about 10 years,it was just me and the heart of me,my children. My smiles are now my grandchildren. Then somewheres down the line,I met the love of my life.And that twist,sent me right back where I came from.Yesterday,I found myself among strangers,I havent seen in 30 years.trying to fit in,yet,wondering where life will begin,and end.I said goodbye to my aunt,and a sister,and my father,all in the sa
My Life And The ?why? Of It
So every time i get a GREAT friend i can call a BEST friend they either drift away or MOVE.. WHAT THE is up with that?? And people wonder why i dont have too many friends and why i hold on to what good friends i have.. well thats why.. but i dont get WHY my life has to be like that.. WHY? Y? why? y? Heres how my life has been... i got a best friend in kindergarden-edgerton but i moved half way through also had a best friend that lived by me in edgerton(i moved to janesville) So never saw them again.. 2nd grade i had the very best friend Erica(Laven) but up in the middle of the year she didnt come to school for days and i asked and people even teachers said" i heard she moved to new mexico to take care of her sick grandpa"-again havnt seen her since.. 3rd grade came Lacresha(Driver) she was my first(no offoence to anyone) black friend and she was my best friend we were like sisters and she only lived a street away but her dads job got transfered to Florida.

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