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My Family
well how do i start i am 29 yrs old i have 2 girls 1 lives with my mom and one lives with her father and my son lives with me and my husband he has autism spectrum its a hand full everyday its hard sometimes i cant cope with it but he goes to preschool where they help him also its great to get 2 hours alone time but then i miss him i see my other two girls every other weekend if there is anyone that would like to talk about autism spectrum with me and wants to learn i want to learn more about so i know how to handle it more he is 4 yrs old ....
My Favorite Video Game Ya
My Father Was A Fireman
My father was a fireman. He drove a big red truck and when he'd go to work each day he'd say, "Mother wish me luck." Then Dad would not come home again 'til sometime the next day. But the the thing that bothered me the most was the thing's some folks would say, "A fireman's life is easy, he eats and sleeps and plays, and sometimes he won't fight a fire for days and days." When I first heard these words I was too young to understand but I knew when people had trouble Dad was there to lend a hand. Then my father went to work one day and kissed us all goodbye but little did we realize that night we all would cry. My father lost his life that night when the floor gave way below and I'd wondered why he'd risk his life for someone he did not know. But now I truly realize the greatest gift a man can give is to lay his life upon the line so that someone else might live. So as we go from day to day and we pray to God above say a prayer for your local fireman. He ma
My Favorite Quote...
"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."
My Family List
if u find urself was in my family list and now ur not just blame urself for u know never talking to me anymore or just thinking ur hot shit now since ud advance so much u have no time for those who have been here the whole time so whatever to yall ill gladly accept anyone in who wants a real friend and the total oppisite of what i just mentioned
My Fav Quote
As we come to the end of this phase of our lives, we find ourselves trying to remember the good times and trying to forget the bad times. we find ourselves worrying about the future. where are we gonna be in 10 years? Don't worry, think of me. Please don't worry so much. In the end, none of us have very long on this Earth. Life is fleeting...and if you're distressed, Cast your eyes to the summer sky at the stars strung across the velvetty night. When a shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning Night into Day, Make a wish... think of me... Make your life -Spectacular . I know i did.
My Favorite Quotes!
God gave: Two eyes, two hands, two legs, two ears, but he gave just one heart. Because he wants us to search for the other The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart
My Father
My Father. "To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble." I'm trying. You know how to push all the right buttons. I'm trying to let it pass me. I think I'm doing a good job considering. You nailed one things right on the head, just not the reasoning behind it. And I think that's something you will never figure out about me. But that's okay, that's not for you to know. Another note: someone that I did trust and told me that I could trust them seems to be faltering. I always know things will come to this with everyone in life. It just sucks when it happens and I'm proven to be right. Sometimes I really wish I would be wrong when it came to this kind of thing. I wish someone would finally prove me wrong. But after years and years of the same old story, nothing surprises me anymore. Maybe it's human nature? Maybe I'm expecting too much of honesty and loyalty from other people. It sucks even more to hear it f
My Fantasy
This is just a story of a fantasy I have always had....hope to ! As I come out the shower and begin to dry my body the thoughts of the evening ahead run through my mind. With anticipation of the candlelight dinner and dancin he has planned for us I shiver. I smile. And begin to lotion my arms and legs soft and smooth. Then lotion my breast and stomach where I now feel butterflies fluttering thinking of his smile I cant help but think of his strong jaw and soft sweet lips....that I hunger to kiss before the nights end. I put on my robe and go to my closet where I pick my black,low cut satin dress. And find my heels that will enhance my firm, fit legs. I go to my drawer and find my sexiest stockings and silky black bra. No need for panties tonite or so I am hoping. I return to the bathroom to apply my make-up and do my hair. I think up with just enough hair down to tickle my neck as if his lips brushing softly against it. I put on my stockings, they feel good upon my soft legs, and my si
My Face
Raindrops and heat, Bodies entwined, Our sweat mingles, As our passion grows, Skin on skin, Lips locked together, Fingers exploring New territory, My cries grow frenzied, Outside the rain falls hard, As if in time with your thrusting fingers, At last I surrender my soul to you. for WMH 9-6-2007
My Favorite Movies
Here's a list of some of my favorite movies from my list: 10 Things I Hate About You 13 Going On 30 1408 The 40 Year Old Virgin Almost Famous Alvin and the Chipmunks America's Sweethearts An American Haunting American Psycho American Psycho II: All American Girl The Amityville Horror (2005) Angus Animal House Bell Witch Haunting Blood and Chocolate Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) The Cell Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) Cold Creek Manor The Corpse Bride The Convent The Covenant The Crow The Crow: Wicked Prayer Cry Baby Darkness Falls The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer Dirty Dancing Disturbing Behavior Dogma Edward Scissorhands Ella Enchanted Empire Records Ever After The Faculty Final Destination Final Destination II Final Destination III Finding Neverland Flatliners The Fog (2005) Tod Browning's Freaks (1932) Fried Green Tomatoes Ginger Snaps Girl, Interrupted Hairspray (1988 and 2007) Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle Ha
My Favorite Concert Memories...
As a child, my mom knew I loved music. She helped me get to sixteen concerts by my 16th birthday¡Kand I¡¦ve been going to shows ever since. My kids are starting to listen to a lot of the same performers that I was into as a kid and it got me thinking about some of the best & most memorable performances that I¡¦d seen over the years. My first concert was Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. I think it was 1977 at the Augusta Civic Center. They are best known for ¡§Cover of the Rolling Stone¡¨. Ironically, my all time favorite singer, Uncle Kracker, performs this at all of his shows. My favorite song by them was always ¡§Only Sixteen¡¨. Probably the most memorable performance I¡¦ve ever seen is Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers singing ¡§Breakdown¡¨ live in 1978. Thirty years and countless shows later, it¡¦s still my all time favorite performance. In 1982, Blue Oyster Cult rocked my world with a live performance of ¡§Joan Crawford¡¨. I¡¦ll never forget the stage getting all foggy as the
My Favorite Quote
"The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it, you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it's very brightly coloured and it's very loud and it's fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question, is this real, or is this just a ride? And other people have remembered, and they come back to us, they say, "Hey - don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because, this is just a ride..." And we... kill those people. "We have a lot invested in this ride. Shut him up. Look at my furrows of worry. Look at my big bank account and my family. This just has to be real." Just a ride. But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok. But it doesn't matter because: It's just a ride. And we can change it anytime we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no jo
My Farewell
im tired of fubar, i am deletng my account around midnight tonight. if you are lucky enough to have my messengerid for yahoo and msn, then i will still be on there from time to time. i will miss everyone but i am just bored to death of this site. take care everyone
My Favorite Quotes
~The day you wake up and realize how special I am, the one who already knew will be lying next to me~ ~It is what it is~ ~He who angers you controls you~ ~The ones walking behind you, talking about you behind your back, should come to realize you are already two steps ahead of them~ ~I'd rather have a moment of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.~ ~Life becomes precious and more special to us when we look for the little everyday miracles and get excited about the privileges of simply being human~ ~A broken heart is what makes life so wonderful five years later, when you see that special guy in an elevator and he is fat and smoking and saying 'Long time no see~ ~What we see, mainly depends on what we look for~ ~Several excuses are always less convincing than one.~ ~Time spent in getting even would be better spent in getting ahead.~ ~consequences of today are often determined by the actions of the past~ ~Experience is what you get when you didn'
My Favorite Line.
"as they stare from their stone houses their gazes peirce his soul and send it into a darkness none can measure in words" i think this is a pretty good line now if only i could get the rest of my book to look like this and finish it but i don't think i would be able to by myself.
My Favorite Song
"Bed Of Roses" ~~~By: Bon Jovi~~~ Sitting here wasted and wounded At this old piano Trying hard to capture The moment this morning I dont know cause a bottle of vodka Is still lodged in my head And some blond gave me nightmares I think shes still in my bed As I dream about movies They wont make of me when Im dead With an ironclad fist I wake up and French kiss the morning While some marching band keeps Its own beat in my head While were talking About all of the things that I long to believe About love and the truth and What you mean to me And the truth is baby youre all that I need I want to lay you down on a bed of roses For tonite I sleep on a bed of nails I want to be just as close as the holy ghost is And lay you down on a bed of roses Well Im so far away That each step that I take is on my way home A kings ransom in dimes Id given each night Just to see through this payphone Still I run out of time Or its hard to get through Till the bird o
My Family And Friends-
as some knows we have til monday morning to be out of apt we live.seems paying rent each month does no good if they dont pay the bank lol.but we havent found a place yet and im not sure what we are going to if we dont by monday.but i not sure as of mon how long i will be off line.i will miss you all i know that.but if anyone wants my cell num shout at me.i have free long distance and minutes if you want i can call.but just pray we find a place and ill be back you all.prayers for you all
My Favorite Songs
My Face Looks Like Who?!!?!? Wow!
My Family Here On Fu Bar
I started on Jan. 2nd going thru my family list and removing all the people that have been nothing close to friends let alone family like. This morning I have finally finished removing and adding. Some of my remaining family have been a bit impatient and now you all will know where my truest friends and even my one possible love interest stands in my heart here on fubar . Next is the friends list. Anna
My Favorite Actors
A Adam Sandler Anthony Hopkins Al Pacino Andy Garcia Anthony Hopkins B Ben Affleck Ben Stiller Bill Murray Billy Crystal Brad Dourif Brad Pitt Bruce Campbell Bruce Willis C Chevy Chase Chi McBride Chris Tucker Clint Eastwood Christian Bale Christopher Walken D Dan Aykroyd David Caruso Danny Trejo David Spade Denis Leary Dustin Hoffman Donal Logue E Eddie Murphy Edward Norton Eric Roberts Eugene Levy F French Stewart G Gary Oldman Gary Sinise Gene WilderGeorge Clooney H Harrison Ford Harry Shearer Hank Azaria Harvey Keitel Harvey Korman Hugh Jackman Hugo Weaving J Jack Black Jackie Chan Jamey Sheridan Jason Lee Jason Statham Jeff Daniels Jim Carrey Joe Pantoliano Joe Pesci John Cusack John Hurt John Travolita Jon Voight Jeremy Piven K Keanu Reeves Kevin Bacon Kevin Durand Kevin Smith Kevin Spacey Kurt Russell L Laurence Fishburne Leonardo DiCaprio Liam Neeson M Matt Damon Mel Brooks Michael Caine Michael Madsen Migue
My Faithful Take On Black History Month
Feb 13, 2008 | 11:17 PM Featured On: MyFoxMilwaukee With the second month still in effect, yes it's time for Black History Month. In one of the blogs last week, I know that some had a hard time coming to pass on why this celebration of still exists now. Some said that we shouldn't have it, or it's segregated, or it's just a waste of time because we don't teach our children more. Every ethnic celebration has a reason for it's upstarts and Black History Month is one of them. Like it or not, it is a celebration, and since this is a faith blog, it's can be joyous celebration for the achivements, contributions, barrier breakings, and difference makers that blacks made in the United States. Let me clarify a few: About 2 weeks ago in church, my pastor gave a sermon in regarding this year's election. He did mention that this is first election in years that has an African-American (as would most folks say) and a Woman going at if for the Democratic Side for the White Ho
My Favorite Drinking Chant
Here's to brother _______, brother _______, brother _______, Here's to brother _______, who's with us tonight. He's happy, he's jolly, he's horny, by golly! Here's to brother _______, who's with us tonight! Sooooooo.... Drink, motherf*cker! Drink, motherf*cker! (repeat until the drink (cup, glass, bottle, can or keg) is finished) Here's to brother _______, who's with us tonight!
My Fave Song Well One Of Them. :)
Maroon 5 - Wont Go Home Without You Music VideoAdd to My Profile | More Videos
My Favorite Song Atm
I DON'T THINK THAT IT IS NECESSARY TO DEDICATE THIS SONG TO ANYONE IN PARTICULAR, BUT YEAH I AM LESS THAN AMUSED WITH IT ALL. Liberty or death, what we so proudly hail Once you provoke her, rattling of her tail Never begins it, never, but once engaged Never surrenders, showing the fangs of rage Don't tread on me So be it Threaten no more To secure peace is to prepare for war So be it Settle the score Touch me again for the words that you will hear evermore Don't tread on me Love it or live it, she with the deadly bite Quick is the blue tongue, forked as the lighting strike Shining with brightness, always on surveillance The eyes, they never close, emblem of vigilance Don't tread on me So be it Threaten no more To secure peace is to prepare for war So be it Settle the score Touch me again for the words that you will hear evermore Don't tread on me So be it Threaten no more To secure peace is to prepare for war Liberty or death, what we
My Fave Stevie Nicks Song
Has anyone ever written anything for you In all your darkest hours Have you ever heard me sing Listen to me now You know I'd rather be alone Than be without you Don't you know Has anyone ever given anything to you In your darkest hours Did you ever give it back Well, I have I have given that to you If it's all I ever do This is your song And the rain comes down There's no pain and there's no doubt It was easy to say I believed in you everyday If not for me Then do it for the world Has anyone ever written anything for you In your darkest sorrow Did you ever hear me sing Listen to me now You know I'd rather be alone Than be without you Don't you know So, if not for me, then Do it for yourself If not for me then Do it for the world Poet priest of nothing Poet priest of nothing
My Favorite Montage Created By Icanburs!
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My Favorite Brownie Recipe
Best Brownies 1 stick margarine or butter, melted 1 cup of sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/2 cup plain flour ( all purpose) 1/3 cup Hershey's cocoa 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1/3 cup nuts (optional) 1/2 cup white chocolate chips 1/2 cup plain chocolate chips Set oven to 350. Spray or grease a 9 inch square pan. ( I use Pam and and 13 by 9 glass casserole dish.) Melt butter in microwave for 30 seconds. Blend butter, sugar, vanilla in large bowl. Add eggs using a wooden spoon, beat well. Combine flour, cocoa, baking powder and salt; gradually blend into egg mixture. Stir in nuts and chocolate chips. Spread in greased pan or dish. Bake at 350 for 20 to 25 minutes or until brownie begins go to pull away from edges. ( good test it stick in a tooth pick and if it comes out clean its done.) Cool and slice in whatever size square you want.
My Favorites
The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams Eleanor Roosevelt Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson Thou art to me a delicious torment Ralph Waldo Emerson Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer's lease hath all too short a date. William Shakespeare Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. Anaïs Nin
My Family
My Family!!!!! :d
I'd like to introduce you to my family! Each one is special to me in their own unique way! I love every single one of them and I'd like to thank them for being my family and friends. Please check them out and send them love. They are all wonderful!!! Make sure to Add/Fan/Rate all of them if you haven't already!! Tell them syn sent ya! :D ckymwn@ fubar ~♥ Miss Vee ♥~ Fu-Mistress to NYHA + ~*syn™*~ Owned by Cherry Eater@ fubar Ryawolf™ *Fu-Owned By Syn* (new music coming soon!!!)@ fubar ~(= Tre =)~@ fubar Fishinrod..Owned By Aussie Angel@ fubar
My Favorites
My Favorites Color: Animal: Car: Passtime: Book: Magazine: Video Game: Class in School: Holiday: Place to Shop: Brand Name: Dating Pick Up Line: Wingman: Quality in the Opposite Sex: Thing to do on a first date: TV and Movies Movie (All-Time): Movie (This Year): Movie (Drama): Movie (Comedy): Movie (Horror): Person to go to the Movies With: TV Series (All-Time): New TV Series: Animated TV Series: Reality TV Series: Actor 1: Actor 2: Actress 1: Actress 2: Music Song (All-Time): New Song: Rock Song: Pop Song: Country Song: Love Song: Artist (All-Time): New Artist: Album (All-Time): New Album: Sports Sport (To Play): Team Member: Opponent: Person to bug when I beat them: Sport (To Watch): Moment in Sports: Hockey Team: Football Team: Baseball Team: Basketball Team: Soccer Team: Person to bug when their team lo
My Father
to everybody that been there for me, thank you. tomorrow is my dad big day. he going in his first surgery friday. i just ask all the people that been there for me and my family to keep praying and having faith for me and them. thank you
My Favorite Mummy's
It's been know to me (at least) that there is some REAL comedic talent going on in the MUMMs. Once in a while a clever MUMM is posted, but more often than not, the true genius is in the resulting comments. I'm going to add different categories and try to spotlight some of the people I think have talent and some that are just smart,, but mostly hot chicks I want to butter up, some of them just happen to be what i consider,, really freaking funny and/or clever. I figure that it will be an ongoing work in progress type of thing, because every day someone says something that makes me laff. Feel free to paste in comments, because i miss a lot.
My ?! Family And Real Life Drama
OK, so, I have this rather odd living arrangement, where I live with my ex (who is not quite legally an ex, might I add) so we can both be there for the kids. We were however, both ready to move on, and have done so. I have my guy with me here now, which is amazing, and he had a girlfriend move in with him last Sunday. Well, I had only met the girlfriend a few times, and at the time I really didn't like her, but I wasn't sure if it was because I was confused about my role in the whole situation, or whatever. Well, it turns out, that this girl that I actually LIKE had some really strong feelings for my ex, but always pushed them aside because she was hoping for he and I to get back together, because his happiness is her happiness, kinda thing. Well, the other day, when I was bitching about the current girlfriend to her, I told her "if he has to have a girlfriend, why can't it be you?" From there, she realized that she did want to be with him, and proceeded to talk to him ab
My Fav Quote ...
There's a hole in the world, like a great black pit. And it's filled with people who are filled with shit and the vermin of the world inhadit it. But not for long! They all deserve to die! Tell you why, Mrs.Lovett tell you why Because in all of the whole human race, Mrs.Lovett There are 2 kinds of men and only 2, There's the one's staying put in his proper place and the one with his foot in the other one's face. Look at me, Mrs.Lovett Look at you! No we all deserve to die Even you, Mrs.Lovett Even I Because the lives of the wicked should be made brief for the the rest of us, death will be a relief WE ALL DESERVE TO DIE !!!! Sweeny Todd ......
My Favorite Books
These are all my favorite books... These books have helped me in more ways then one... All the books I've read are good... But these are my Favorites... To read more books that help go to my myspace Go to my Photos Under Album Books... A wonderful Book about Dreams, Coincidence and Imagination...By Robert Moss For More Info. Click Here This book is like the Angels, Jesus, God and my Spiruitual Guide sending me numbers through sequences. For More Info. Click Here The Bible I started reading again in Aug. 2007. I read 2-3 chapters a day. Do what feels best to you. Also has a movie I reccomend to watch. It shows you the differant stages you go through. For More Info. Click Here The Bible is based on numbers GOD has for us to learn from.. For More Info. Click Here This bo
My Family
My Favorite Song By Leona Lewis
Closed off from love I didn't need the pain Once or twice was enough And it was all in vain Time starts to pass Before you know it you're frozen But something happened For the very first time with you My heart melts into the ground Found something true And everyone's looking round Thinking I'm going crazy But I don't care what they say I'm in love with you They try to pull me away But they don't know the truth My heart's crippled by the vein That I keep on closing You cut me open and I Keep bleeding Keep, keep bleeding love I keep bleeding I keep, keep bleeding love Keep bleeding Keep, keep bleeding love You cut me open Trying hard not to hear But they talk so loud Their piercing sounds fill my ears Try to fill me with doubt Yet I know that the goal Is to keep me from falling But nothing's greater Than the rush that comes with your embrace And in this world of loneliness I see your face Yet everyone aroun
My Father
Well its been exactly a year come this friday.. it doesnt seem like its been a year since we lost my dad.. buts as they say time waits for no one.. life is slowly returning to some similince of normal.. but i still find myself forgetting hes not around.. looking back in retrospect i spent most of my 20's and 30's working or on the road.. but the last five years or so me and my dad went beyond the father son relationship.. he was my buddy that i could tell anything to... also i made an effort to take the time to go fishing with him and just do "stuff".. it was a bit of change it went from him loking out for me and helping me to me looking oput for him etc.. all i can say in closing the world will never know another man like my dad he was a mix of johnny cash/john wayne/merle haggard ro-lled in one a straight shooter that NEVER held his tounge.. he lived his life by his terms and lived and loved the same wayy well it just seemd like a good day to vent
My Fams
just wanna say much love to my ocb family our lounge is coded nbuilt some minor things left and the addy to our website is we are badelly need in new members of our family feel free to f/r/a us or just come check us out
My Fantasy Thoughts
My Fantasy Thoughts by LateNiteFantasy© My fantasy thoughts On my bed you lay I am leaning over Asking you to play Reaching forward To cup your breast Tasting your nipples My lips pressed Touching you here Stroking you there My wanton desire Kissing you anywhere To touch and taste Contacts with skin Partake the honey Dip fingers within Wrapped around Feeling me grow Grinding my hips Increasing tempo Hunger mounting Uniting sensually Merging together In thought fantasy
My Fathers Great Grand Papi
In 1888, Richard Wetherill and Charlie Mason, two cowboys from Mancos, found Cliff Palace. Wetherill gave the ruin its current name. The extended Wetherill family collected artifacts for sale to the Historical Society of Colorado as well as private collectors, and began assembling a small library of relevant publications. Over several years they guided tourists through the cliff dwellings, and became the first experts on them. Although they continued to dig in the ruins, knocking down some walls and roofs and gathering artifacts without extensive documentation, the Wetherill's actions were more responsible and considered than those of the looters that preceded them. The Wetherills guided many people to the site, including Frederick H. Chapin, for whom Chapin Mesa was named, and Gustaf Nordenskiöld, a Swedish scientist who explored many of the ruins in the Mesa Verde area and published the first scientific description of the site. Over the next decade, Cliff Palace became a tourist a
My Father
I will most likely not be here from Tuesday, June 3rd to Thursday, June 5th. My father has a pacemaker and from the results of some tests he received on Friday, it seems that the pacemaker wasn't working properly. He has to go into the hospital Tuesday morning for them to run all of these pre-op tests and then Thursday they are replacing it. I'm not sure if I'll have time to get on here, but if not, I have a copy of the Godfather List in my "fubar" blog, along with the Upper Levels List. But, I'm sure BooBoo will have a handle on that list. I hope you all have a great week.
My Family Pimp Out On Bully
Ever Want To Be In One Of The Greatest Family!!! If you have a salute and are at least a level 5 then ASK ME HOW TO BE IN THE FUBOMBERS!!!!! Greatest group of people!!!! Or just follow this link and let them know Synful Sinsations sent you!!! FU-Bombers@ fubar This pimp out sent to you by: Synful Sinsations~Mrs.USAdaddy in R/L!~FuWifey to SexiSam! FuBomberPride@ fubar
My Father
can be so adorable sometimes. he put out and APB over the history of PR on TV.
My Favorite Girl
"You have to rub Babe Ruth's head". Those were the first words I heard entering what to this day was the most majestic place on earth. Just getting off of the train and walking towards what the world know as "The Stadium", an absolute unbelieveable feeling of history and excitement felt walking with so many people from all different backgrounds, creeds, colors and beliefs all in unison, headed to cheer on something bigger than you or I. The smell of old beer and 8 dollar hotdogs fill the air, just as you get a whif of the aroma I heard "forgettaboutit" from a guy behind me. That's when I know for certain I was at the mecca of peofessional baseball, Yankee Stadium. I politely asked the usher not to tear my ticket, for this was my first time and I wanted to savor the capra es of it all. Not to compare this to a spiritual pilgramage, but every fan has to make at least one trip to the bronx to "earn their pinstripes". Headed to my seat with program, Nathan's hotdog and medium Canada
My Father-in-law...
My father-in-law was diagnosed with Cancer today and our family is pretty distraught. I am not a religion person but I believe that people who believe in good things have good things happen to them. If you can, take 30 seconds to think of him and hope for the best. We have a tough road ahead of us, but the more positive energy that we create, the better. Show some love and say some prayers... -T
My Favorite Quotes
1.If it feels good, Fuck it. 2.Can I getta HELL YEAH. 3.What’s your fuckin point? 4.If you dont live for something, youll die for nothing.
My Favorite Smokes
My Family Roots
1888: On December 18, Richard Wetherill and his brother-in-law, Charles Mason, rode out on what is now Sun Point in search of lost cattle and first saw Cliff Palace. That afternoon, Richard found Spruce Tree House, and the next day, the two men discovered Square Tower House. Al Wetherill, Richard's brother, saw Cliff Palace sometime the year before, but he did not enter the dwelling, so the credit for "discovering" the dwelling has been given to Richard Wetherill and Charles Mason. 1889: Four of the Wetherill brothers returned to Mesa Verde to explore and dig in the ruins. In a 15 month period, they claimed to have entered 182 cliff dwellings, 106 in Navajo Canyon alone. 1890: In the January 1, 1890 issue of the Durango Herald, there is an article on Montezuma County, expressing the idea of setting aside the Mancos Canyon cliff dwellings as a National Park. Between 1887 and 1892 the Wetherills made several trips into Mesa Verde primarily for collecting archeological material.
My Favorite
What Have You Done [Original Version] - Within Temptation Well I feel like this sometimes. After he told his family about the pregnancy and the fallout that is happening with that...yeah we feel like there is a curse but we know we just have to ride this out. The first thing they said was we want you to take a pregnancy test right now infront of us. Okay will do and I did (well not infront of them but you get the point). It turned up positive and with sonogram pics yeah you wonder. Next.....YOUR GOING TO TAKE A DNA TEST TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE HIS. WHAT THE FUCK DO THE MATH ON THE WEEKS......DNA SURE AFTER THE KIDS ARE BORN NOT BEFORE. I AIN'T GOING THROUGH THAT HELL ALONE. Next....YOU ARE RAISING THEM CATHOLIC! Fuck off you ain't in control of my life and said that plan out. He basically told me I should have kept my mouth shut. "You don't understand our family we are close and look out for each other blah blah blah" GET IT RIGHT MAYBE THAT'S YOUR FAMILY BUT THEY ARE NOT IN C
My Family Juggalo Creed
JUGGALO CREED As written by Rev. Last Rite… I am a Juggalo. I am an Individual guided by Light… I know who I am and who I want to be. I recognize that the Path to Shangri La requires an Open Mind. I shall not judge. I am part of a Family. I shall Love my Family as I would my blood. I shall do my Family no harm… As I know what is done to others shall surely be done to me. I shall strive to Honor my Family… And not disgrace their name. I am a Ninja. I have no Fear. I do not Fear the unknown… Fore I embrace the wonders of the world around me… And the differences in others. I shall meet adversity head on… Fore I am a Survivor… Nothing can stop my Shine. I am Human. I recognize my flaws. I shall strive to change the things I can control… And seek Strength for the things I cannot. I shall cherish the teachings of my Ancestors… And the Family who have fallen before me. I have Love. With Love there is Unity and Strength. Love does not hurt or seek to d
My Favorite Band
My Favorite You Tube Video
My Famous 60 Minutes
My Favorite Sex Partner
Deanna sits at her desk, waiting. She is wearing a red plaid skirt, white silk blouse, black stockings and heels. "Don't get up," she hears from the doorway. I enter the room, walk over to her, grab her hair, turn her lips to mine, kiss her deeply, and say " are you ready, Deanna"? "YESSSSSSSSSSSS!", she replies. I pick her up, set her on her feet, bend her over her desk, lift her skirt, and slide my right index finger deep in her cunt. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" she moans as I finger her sweet, wet, ready cunt. "Don't move, I'll be back". I say as I remove my finger. I leave the room, she remains bent over the desk, watching me leave. A few minutes later I return with a black briefcase. It jingles as I set it on the desk. I open the case, remove a set of nipple clamps, a set of pussy clamps, a pair of handcuffs, and a Collar with a leash. "Stand up". I say as I pick up the collar. "Are you ready to belong to me, Deanna"? "Yesssssss". She replies. I place the collar around her neck,
My Family I Can't Live With Out! Ever!
MyHotComments MyHotComments HEY FU, i am making this pimpout for all the people i care a lot about. they help everyone on fu..and they are always there when you need them. so let's show them all some love...when they help you out please be sure to return the favors. MyHotComments First up we have Dj. psycho...he is a sweet guy! and a cutie too, so let's show him love! ~DJ~Psycho owner along with DJ Mesmerize of Hot Mix Radio also looking fo Dj's Bouncers, Promo@ fubar MyHotComments 2. i love this girl show her some mad respect! she is there for everyone any time of day.... AngelHellFire Greeter @ Heaven\'s Devils@ fubar   @ fubar MyHotComments 3. Then comes my very good friend living..this boy and i have been threw lots and lots. i would do anything for him. He will do anything for fu. �LÏVÏÑ Ðà Ю∃ÃM©OWNEDBY ANNA~~SHADOW LEVELER
My Family
gotta love Mel ERROR: this user's permissions don't allow you to do this. if you want to add this member to your 'blocked' list, click here.
My Fantasy.......
As Everyone Knows I'm Bisexual, I do Not Hide that..... I have meet a lots of sexy girls here and i have FANTASIES with them but there is ONE GIRL who DRIVES ME AND MY MAN NUTS!!! Here is her Picture: Screen Name is: ☆Hypnotic★Starr☆™' Real Name is Private.... Well, I been having very naughty thoughts of her and telling those to my Man and I have been asking her to come Houston.... But not getting nothing out of her..... I will not Lie I do sneak around her pictures (NSFW ONES) And I do get a little wet to be honest, I do not touch myself for respect to my man.... I have had lots of wet dreams of this woman and I can't help but tell what happend this morning...... Some people know I work at night 11:00 p.m to 6:00 a.m., I got home to do my thing on FUBAR like everyone does, specially now that I'm running An Auction.... I got HORNY like every day but this time I got what I wanted some fun... I started to suck his dick and I g
My 10 Favorite Songs
Here it is folks! My top 10 songs of all time, which change weekly probably lol. 1) Zero---Smashing Pumpkins---Recently moved up. I've been listening to alot of Pumpkins lately, and this has always been one of my favorites. Billy Corgans guitar, with some lyrics that really speak to me, have put it here 2) Negative Creep---Nirvana---I was torn, between this and "Rape Me". But I love the "Bleach" album, and this song is just raw power at its finest. I love the heavy bass line thru it, and whoever is drumming on it is really hitting it. 3) Come Dancing---The Kinks---It may not be their "best" song, but it is my favorite. And I believe their last song that hit the charts. Part of the reason I like it is that as a kid, it opened up the door to alot of the British bands of that era, that weren't the Stones or the Beatles. 4) Gimme Gimme Gimme---Black Flag---"Sitting here like a loaded gun, waiting to go off, I got, nothing to do, but shoot my mouth off" easily Henry
My Father's Eyes
Sailing down behind the sun, Waiting for my prince to come. Praying for the healing rain To restore my soul again. Just a toerag on the run. How did I get here? What have I done? When will all my hopes arise? How will I know him? When I look in my father's eyes. My father's eyes. When I look in my father's eyes. My father's eyes. Then the light begins to shine And I hear those ancient lullabies. And as I watch this seedling grow, Feel my heart start to overflow. Where do I find the words to say? How do I teach him? What do we play? Bit by bit, I've realized That's when I need them, That's when I need my father's eyes. My father's eyes. That's when I need my father's eyes. My father's eyes. Then the jagged edge appears Through the distant clouds of tears. I'm like a bridge that was washed away; My foundations were made of clay. As my soul slides down to die. How could I lose him? What did I try? Bit by bit, I've
My Fave Verse
Phil.4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strentheneth me. It Makes me realize that anything is possible... I can do anything I put my mind into...
My Favorite Song!!
I am sitting here at home (ed note...I didn't finish this yesterday when I was home I am posting this morning...) thinking...what's my favorite song. I decided that today it's Buckcherry's Crazy Bitch. Why you ask? Well...not since "Closer" from NIN has there been a song that just lays it out there like this. With got "I want to fuck you like an animal" well grrrrr baby grrrr. Talk about just calling it right out. Do you think he meant a cougar? Or maybe a racoon? I like to think he meant a really horny chimpanzee. I like the Christmas Jesus best, and I'm sayin grace. When you say grace, you can say it to grown up Jesus, or teenage Jesus, or bearded Jesus, or whoever you want. (sorry...I know it doesn't fit...but I LOVE that movie) Trent Reznor, Josh Todd who is the lead singer of Buckcherry decided to call America out and let us know about a unique segment of the female population and his fascination with them. Crazy Bitch talks about
My Father
my father is n surery right now...n i need alot of prayers 4 him 2 pull threw n 4 everythang 2 b fine n go well...plzzzzzzzzzzzz pray 4 him 4 me
*~my Fav Poem I Have Ever Written~* Trapped*~
My Fav Song
listen to all of this song and it'll tell you how i really feel about my life and my daughter's father...wish i didn't feel this way
My Fave Lounge And Online Fam.would You Join Us?
Pussycat Dolls Lyrics Pussycat Dolls Music Codes Music Codes by Ok listen here you need to join this Lounge today, Why you ask Well, Let's put it like this you are on the net to find pretty girls or hot guys to become friends with Right? Well this lounge has both,Now you owe it to your self to at least stop in and check out. but i'm warning you the cam girls are very addicting and the convers
My Fav Song
My Fantasies U Ask?
Ok all u fu men who think they know me..yeah asking me what my fantasies are,Sorry i dont have any cause i live mine out... Heres just one about 2 years ago i was taking a class to be a ultrasound tech cause im already a nurse,so i was taking a bus cause the school was downtown and i hate traffic.Bus drivers are normally ok lookin ..but when i got on the bus infront of my house i looked up and bam there was this young hott ass bus driver.Everytime i got on we'd smile and i noticed he would stare at me through his mirror.I guess u can say our eyes did the talking.The sexual tension was so strong that i would start breathing heavy and as time moved on and i would ride the bus we would flirt.So one day he had said to me that he is so attracted to me..i just giggled.Now my stop was always the last stop ,then he had a layover for 20 min or so b4 beginning again.The next day i had the day off so no school either, so i waited to get on the bus on his last stop,I flagged him and whe
My Family
I have an extermeley small family, it's me, my mother, and my lil brother. My mother and I don't have a relationship, long story..not worth getting into, let's just say...It's not Me!! So, I pretty much just have my younger brother, who is married and has my two neices, Ashley and Amy. No one, myself included really cared for my brothers wife when he married her in 2001...but what are you gonna do right! If he's happy...well then I'm happy for him. She and I have never been the best of friends, we get along because of my brother, Mike. I think I can honestly say, we don't like each other, just very different people. She likes to keep my brother all to's all about her family,..and always has been. She treats me like I'm an outsider and not part of the much has gone on over the years..that is just completely unfair...and my brother seems to have lost his spine when it comes to her and standing up for me and my we are the only blood fa
My "fav'" Show...
Well, one of ' Intervention on A&E. I watch it because I can relate to it as, I'm sure, most people who watch it, do... My oldest sister is an addict. She's a meth head, pot smoker, alcoholic beer drinker...yeah, pretty much a loser. I hate it. For the last couple years I've been watching this show because it gives me hope that someday she'll get help like a lot of them do. I also watch it to feel like I'm not alone in this fight because some days it feels that way. I try and convince my enabling mother to finally see the light when it comes to my sister but it's to no avail. She feels too guilty I believe. (my mother was an alcoholic some years ago, she quit drinking when I was 9) She simply tells me it won't work for my sister and that things will get better. Just like with any addict though, they do get better...for awhile, then, before you know it, it's worse than before. What I'm most worried about is my two nephews that are caught up in t
My Favorite Poem Ever
Como (translation)___ As the gentle breeze caresses the draping fronds of the palm, As crystalline waves embrace the silken sand of the beach, As the songs from the birds sweetly rain upon the ears of lovers everywhere... that is how you have touched me ! As the notes from a lament rise from all the dreams that have been broken, As the sigh of a new mother with her infant at her breast, As the wind when it screams with the torture of its loneliness... that is how you have left me! As the heat from the sun with it unequaled brilliance, As the eternal mystery of the pallored light of the moon, As a dancing flame that gives life to the first light in darkness... that is how you have shone within my heart! As the Passion that devours all other passions from the past, As the beating of a heart while it conquers it worst enemy, As the rush of blood as it courses through the vein... that is how you have filled my soul! As the force of a storm while it thrashes throug
My Fallen Friend
I wrote this poem for my good friend Bubba. He left behind wife Maya, Son logan amd daughter Trinity. I write this poem to say goodbye to a friend both dear and true but every time I start to write it seems the pain returns anew it's hard to lose someone so close i'm still in shock, you see though you are gone your smile lives on in Logan and Trinity how maya takes it i do not know she was so much more than your wife you'd been together since about 13 shes truely lost the love of her life to all of us you've left behind who will miss you every day the way God took you away from us was a wake-up call for those who play I hope that time will dull this pain that we'll all feel till the end just know, up there, your sorely missed Bubba, my fallen friend...
My Fam/my Friends
My Favorite Postsecret This Week...
My Favorite Quote
Moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as dangerous to this country as irresponsible talk. The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character. by Margaret Chase Smith: i got this off they have something beautiful quotes so go there and check them out maybe you might learn a little more about life
My Fav Things Stunt Biking Luke Duke
My Family
In having viewed my Family. I have some AMAZINGLY beautiful, sweet and awesome women on there. Suprisingly, I only have 2 men on there. What made these 2 guys so special that they made it on there. I call them my friends. They have been really cool. What is funny is that I have connected more with the women on here than I have with the men. I guess I need to start talking to the guys more and stop stereo typing them that all they want to see and hear about it perhaps I'll find a couple few worthy to be
My Fantasy
This is my fantasy. I am sitting on the couch, dressed in a short skirt and a slightly loose white T shirt. I am very horny and want to get you hot by teasing you. I slowly start touching my nipples which are easy to see thru the shirt. My nipples are hard and I start to touch and rub them,,,,,,and look at you and say I am going to make you so hot, your going to want to finger my pussy, and rub your face in my damp panties. I)m really getting myself all hot. Do you like watching me rub my hard nipples They are so hard. I,d love for you to lick um I am sooo horny. My pussy is getting really hot and damp. I wish I had another hand , so I could touch my panties.!! I now start to slide up My short skirt, teasing you as my white see-thru panties come into view, then I slide My other hand to the waist of my panties and give them a little tug, pulling them tight against my cunt. You can now see the outline of your lips pushing against my panties,My cunt lips look a little swollen. T
My Favorite Time Of Year Is Just Around The Corner
well it's that time of year again. Halloween is coming up soon and as usual i have no idea what i'm gonna go as. and usual...i have no money to start working on any sort of costume. i'm guessing i'll just have wing it like i usually end up doing. i have more fun on Halloween now than i used to because i've gotten to take my kids out trick or treating. nothing as fun and joyful as watching little kids get excited getting free candy. i'm not sure exactly how this year is going to work out. it's the first year since my split with my ex-wife and i don't know how we're gonna work out taking my daughter and son out and about to get their free goodies. but i'm sure we'll figure something out. i'm one of those people that love when it becomes this time of year. all the fun decorum is on sale. and yes i'm one of those people who wish they could afford all of it and would keep it up all year. i love the "spooky" and the "creepy" and the "bizarre" and i under
My Fantasy 4 U.....
As you walk through the door, you stand there staring at me, as i set in the chair by the fire place reading my book, with just a button down shirt and my boy shorts on. I could feel your eyes glazing over every inch of my body. Feeling the heat of your stare, thats almost as intense as the heat coming from the fire place. As i close my book and rise from the chair, you move closer towards me with the look of want & hunger in your eyes. You finally approach me and take me slowly in your arms. As you kiss me so slow, soft, & seductively, your hands explore every inch of my body from my shoulders to my waist. You pull your self away from my lips reluctantly, an our eyes meet once again. As we stare at each other our hunger for one another grows stronger. You slowly undo the buttons on my shirt, an slide it off my shoulders. It falls gently to the floor as you softly caress me. The soft, gentle touch of your hands as they caress my breasts, makes my heart start to pound faster. I wan
My Father
MOUNTAIN OF A MAN MY FATHER Well it's about time i tell people about my father. The only man i know alive i would give my life for you see he is the reason i am what i am today. I guess it's been about 30 some odd years ago this mountain of a man came into my life and he and my mom got married in 1971. He took us 5 kids and treated us like he was our own FATHER after all in his eyes he was ,over the years hes sacrificed worked 3 jobs just to give us what we needed and sometimes what we wanted. Growing up it always seemed he was harder on me than the other kids . But now that i'm older an wiser i realize he was hard on me cause he wanted me to be the man that he knew i would be. You see know i drive a truck and i am a DRIVER INSTRUCTOR and every day of my life i strive to be the best that i can because of the values that he instilled in me. Over the years he has sacrificed a lot and his health has faltered but he bounces back and he does that quite well but you se
My Father.
Well, life is full of shit, And it seems like it never gets better, My dad has a heart condition and I went and spent the weekend, down at my parents, only to learn that My dad is going to have surgery on Oct. 9 and Of course I have a million things going on.. around that time I will be taking my state exam for what I have been going to school for a year and a half.. The dr's are telling him and they are not sure if he will make it thur and that he needs to get things all ready just incase he does not make it. He has 3 wonderful grandchildern that would.. well Im not sure what would/will happen.. So like I said life is full of shit.
My Family!
My Fantasy
My Fantasy For all of you who are wondering what my fantasy is. Well here it is: My fantasy is to have a man be loyal, want me and only me, and have eyes for me and no other women. I would like to have a man who can have an intelligent conversation that doesn’t lead to sex in 20 minutes. I would like to be able to talk for hours about life in general. I want a man who will love and care for my children. I want a man who will not lie or cheat on me. I would like a man who isn’t afraid of romance. A man who doesn’t mind holding hands in public. I want a man who will make love to me. A man who likes to touch and be touched. I would like to have a man who isn’t afraid to say “I love you”. Who can show how much he loves me with a look or a touch. Maybe what I want is a fairy tale or a fantasy but it’s what I want. I just hope I can find it.
My Fav Poet!..shel Silverstein!
Prayer of the selfish child! Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, And if I die before i wake, I pray the lord my toys to break So none of the other kids can use 'em... Amen. Signals When the light is green you go. When the light is red you stop. But what do you do When the light turns blue With orange and lavender spots? Put something in Draw a crazy picture, write a nutty poem, Sing a mumble-gumble song, Whistle through your comb. Do a lonny-goony dance 'cross the kitchen floor, Put something silly in the world That ain't been there before.
My Fantacy..
I have a fantasy, my fantasy is one of many, I want to come home to candles burning low, music playing in the back ground, a musical sound sweet and romantic, i set my work bag down and I put my coat up for the night, i make my way into the hall to see candles that light the way, flowers and rose buds lining the floor like a signature of art... I move down the hall thinking to myself, what is this? Excited to know what is going on, what is going to happen, As I enter to living room, there she was... Long dark curly hair resting down an over her shoulder, eyes that are pure lust, love, and sexy brown, eyes that drink in every inch of you.. Lips that are sweet an full, half open as in wanting to say come to me, take me... She was the most beautiful women I have ever seen, wearing a black lace top with purple and white details, her breast were full slowly raising with each breath, nipples slightly aroused by my presences being there, she wore thigh highs of black nits, with clips that sna
My "fans"
i have come to the conclusion that people now are just fanning me just to annoy and piss off. and god damit its working.
My Favorite Band
So I had an album on here with pictures of my favorite band, Adrenalyn. I just deleted it. They were so awesome! The drummer was a girl who wasn't even as big as my 10 year old son and she could kick ass! The bass player was her boyfriend, he was quiet when you first met him but once you got to know him, he really opened up and had a great sense of humor. His standard dedication to me was "Psycho" by Puddle of Mudd. The guitar player was so incredibly talented and so twisted! He would often play an entire set wearing a mask of some kind. The latest was a "Jason" from Friday the 13th one. And the lead singer, he was my favorite. The rest of the band looked like they belonged in a rock band, piercings, tattoos, black hair. They just looked the part. But Craig was so normal and down to earth. And damn he's cute too! He had a voice that was so incredible it just gave me the shivers. I followed that band everywhere! Everytime there was a show and I didn't have my kids, I wou
My Fav Song! Love The Words They Are So True!
Dreamed I was missing You were so scared But no one would listen Cause no one else cared After my dreaming I woke with this fear What am I leaving When I'm done here So if you're asking me I want you to know When my time comes Forget the wrong that I've done Help me leave behind some Reasons to be missed And don't resent me And when you're feeling empty Keep me in your memory Leave out all the rest Leave out all the rest Don't be afraid I've taking my beating I've shared what I've been I'm strong on the surface Not all the way through I've never been perfect But neither have you So if you're asking me I want you to know When my time comes Forget the wrong that ive done Help me leave behind some Reasons to be missed Don't resent me And when you're feeling empty Keep me in your memory Leave out all the rest Leave out all the rest Forgetting All the hurt inside You've learned to hide so well Pretending Someone else can c
My Father
Lets see he is a military man all the way. He got me interested in joining before 9/11 happen and he has endured some time in considering when I was born he was 26 and he was a sargent then and now he is a 3rd star general after serving a nice 28 years in. I started myself in right after i gradurated from High school and wasn't really doing what i really wanted to do but he helped me in that by giving me what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. So yes he is one of my heros since I went to Iraq and he went to New York on the day after 9/11.
My Family Update
Hi Everyone, First, thank you so much for everyone who has visited my page and have kept Angel in your prayers. The thoughts, and prayers mean a lot to us. Sadly, I must report to you all that today we are making the decision to take him off the respirator. The EEG shows no sign of any brain activity and nil for a chance of survival. I want you all to know that I myself am at peace with this decision as much as I would love to keep Angel here with us, he was always such a good kid. I guess its true what they say, "Only the good die young!" It has been very disheartening to endure these last few days to say the least. I am quite tired and emotionally drained as you can well enough imagine. Having working in the ICU I have seen miracles happen, but unfortunately, I only allowed my family to maintain hope for a miracle, but it hasn't come and I am not certain it will. I will miss my Angel; but, I will always have an Angel to watch over me and my family as our days continue.
My Favorite Lounge
Are you knight enough to pulll the sword damn it? This is THE best rock lounge on fubar. Consider this an invite, and I thank Dede the owner who leveled me up, even though it was her birthday and didn't have to do anything. If you read this, get your ass in here and wish her a happy birthday and buy her a drink. She also activated her auto 11's just now I might add so get over and rate her like crazy! DeDe~Excalibur's Co-owner~@ fubar Thanks also to Toxic Angel who gave me a boost, and anyone else who thought up the auto11 bling. Have fun everyone!
My Fave New Song...
My Father
ok well as you no i went to talk with my father in order to change my life around i went to talk to him yesterday but i just missed him so i talk to my grandmother and told her because i might not have another chance at telling her i love her and that iam sorry for all the abuse i did to her when i was younger i cry my eyes out in tears then the next day i went over to my dads and we talk like adults iam glad it was great and no cops was called however i found something out i did not want to no as you no i said my mother deserves to get killed iam for reals if any one should die it should be her i found out my mother had twins before she had me however she had a abortion so ill never no but that's ok what really blew my mind was the fact the stupid cunt was going to have another abortion this time it would have been me iam very sure alot of you people could never no what that meant after i heard that and i may never be able to do anything with her but i have to swallow my pride and t
My Face Is Sliding Off And Other 40+ Issues....
As i wake up today and look in the mirror at the extra pair of luggage i seem to be carrying under my eyes from lack of good sleep I wonder what cruel little surprise my 40+ body has in store for me next. It seemed that on my 40th birthday the process started of my face sliding off the bone of my skull giving me the slight resemblance of the dog in Dukes of Hazzard to the decided drop in a few other strategic places that were once perky and ready to face the world. The gray hairs come in faster than Clairol can keep up with and naps in the afternoon that I used to make fun of my mother for taking are something i would pay good money to be able to do in peace. What does it all MEAN??? Means I am not immortal like in Greek Mythology afterall. Somebody! How quickly you get here and how fast it all flies by. Are you ready for it? I used to get hit on by older men who worried that I would get pregnant and they would end up paying child support. Now I get h
My Fantasy
I get into the house and there is a note hanging where my keys go, it says to go upstairs get a glass of wine, undress, and soak in the bath I've made you. So as I walk the stairs I notice the bedroom is lit up with a bunch of candles and so is the bathroom enough to where I don't even have to turn the lights on. I go to the wine and pour me a glass, I notice it my favorite kind and it's chilled to perfection. I take a sip and start to undress. I grab my wine and walk into the bathroom where the bubble bath is so warm and inviting with the rose petals floating on top. I step in and it's still hot enough to take my breath away but is a wonderful feeling. After soaking for a few mins, you walk in and ask me if i would like my back washed? I say Please. You grab a wash cloth and lather it up with vanilla and start to wash my back. When your done I lay back against the tub and you begin to wash the rest of me starting with my chest playing around, pinching my nipples then grabbing my
My Father
I could really do without Thanksgiving this year. Some years, the notion of giving thanks just makes you want to vomit. It isn't that I don't know what I am thankful for. I know there's always something to be thankful for. Hell, the 'I've got nothing' ended when I was blessed as a mother. And even while we may hit moments of having nothing but each other and damn lucky to have a roof, I know that their life and the air they breathe is more than enough for my thanks. Today I will spend the holiday with people I haven't shared one with in well over a decade. They are my family. My lovely sisters, my stepmother... and well... my dear old dad. Frankly, I wasn't looking forward to a day with him. You have no idea. See over the years I've become his caretaker. Me, the responsible one, burdened with the weight of his needs. He's been fukked in the head since I can remember. He's a drunk. I was a two year old who went to a foster home, because he picked my older brother up by th
My Favorite Christmas Story
Six To Eight Black Men By David Sedaris A heartwarming tale of Christmas in a foreign land where, if you've been naughty, Saint Nick and his friends give you an ass-whuppin'. I've never been much for guidebooks, so when trying to get my bearings in a strange American city, I normally start by asking the cabdriver or hotel clerk some silly question regarding the latest census figures. I say silly because I don't really care how many people live in Olympia, Washington, or Columbus, Ohio. They're nice enough places, but the numbers mean nothing to me. My second question might have to do with average annual rainfall, which, again, doesn't tell me anything about the people who have chosen to call this place home. What really interests me are the local gun laws. Can I carry a concealed weapon, and if so, under what circumstances? What's the waiting period for a tommy gun? Could I buy a Glock 17 if I were recently divorced or fired from my job? I've learned fr
My Family List
from now on anyone in my family i will keep there as long as i am in the other persons family i value my friends and i value the extra special who i put there but if im not valued as such i will no longer have anyone there that doesnt value me!
My Favorite Quotes
These are just some random quotes that are my favorite. Comment or take the ones you like. Thanks and Enjoy! If you're going my way, I'll walk with you. No guy is worth your tears & when you find one that is, he won't make you cry. Sometimes I wish I was a little kid again....skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts! Everyone says you only fall in love once but that's not true, everytime I hear your voice I fall in love all over again If you love someone put their name in a circle not a heart, a heart can be broken but a circle goes on forever You laugh because I'm different i laugh because you're all the same To the world your just one person but to one person you could mean the world DON'T HATE ME BECAUSE I'M BEAUTIFUL HATE ME BECAUSE YOUR MAN THINKS I AM DON'T SAY YOU LOVE ME UNLESS U REALLY MEAN IT, CUZ I MIGHT DO SOMETHING CRAZY LIKE BELIEVE IT When I first saw you I was afraid to talk to you*When i first talked to you I was afraid to lik
My Fantasy
Where I lay on a bed in black and red Satin Lace, the sheets made of black silk, a veil draped around the large four poster. Candles are placed all over the room, surrounding me in such a warmth, I dont need a blanket. The scents of earth mist, draping my body in a comforting scent, that relaxes me and lets me rest easy. I lay resting on this bed of heaven, pale, and half nude on my side, my hair spilling in fine golden curls around my face. A noise disturbs my peaceful rest and I wake up, rising to meet the intruder. But instead of defending myself, I grow wet, and things grow hot fast inside of me and my breath catchs. The sight of him, so breathtaking, and very nude in front of me. He crawled on the bed towards me, slow, his muscles rippling underneath his flesh. Those deep eyes on mine, until he is right above me, his lower half pressing me into the mattress. Our eyes burn into eachothers, and even though the warmthin the room and my body was high, a shiver runs through my body, se
My Favorite Quotes 2
would you catch me if i you even notice all? If you're naughty go to your room.. If you wanna be naughty, go to mine DON'T WISH UPON A STAR REACH FOR ONE Heaven won't have me and hells afraid I'll take over! I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh,But I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry Don't hate the player, HATE the game! Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened Some day you'll cry for me like i cried for you ¤ Some day you'll miss me like i missed you ¤ Some day you'll need me like i needed you ¤ Some day you'll love me, but i wont love you! It's hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does... Fine guys open my eyes, smart guys open my mind but only a sweet guy can open my heart If you need space join NASA baby!!! girls are like phones, we like to be held and talked too, but if u press the wrong button you'll be disconnected! If love isn't a game,
My Favorite Books
These are my favorite books. In my spare time when I'm not at the gym, hanging out with the guys, or online, I like to hang out at Borders Books or B&N. I have 90% of the listed reading material. However, somebody borrowed my Big Coloring Book of Vaginas (Hastings, Morgan) one night at a party I threw in my home. I have the usual suspects on a spreadsheet list of probable thieves I created during my "investigation" into the matter. FYI: The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas is available online at; I swear, it's the truth. Go check it out if you don't believe me (crayons not included, but that doesn't really matter to me because I am more of a finger painter, myself). * 1984 (Orwell, G.) * 300 (Miller, F.) * Animal Farm (Orwell, G.) * Catch-22 (Heller, J.) * Deep Thoughts By Jack Handy (Handy, J.) * Encylopedia of Bodybuilding (Schwarzenneger, A.) * For Whom The Bell Tolls (Hemingway, E.) * How To Destroy Terminators, Cybor
My Favorite Verses
These are all very beautiful phrases that were taken from many sources that I love except the last one lol I just came up with that one. "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves." We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had? DON'T SAY YOU LOVE ME UNLESS YOU REALLY MEAN IT, BECAUSE I MIGHT DO SOMETHING CRAZY LIKE.....I DON'T KNOW.........MAYBE..........BELIEVE IT!!!!!
My Fallen Friend
My fallen friend I write this poem to say goodbye to a friend both dear and true but every time I start to write it seems the pain returns anew it's hard to lose someone so close i'm still in shock, you see though you are gone your smile lives on in Logan and Trinity how maya takes it i do not know she was so much more than your wife you'd been together since about 13 shes truely lost the love of her life to all of us you've left behind who will miss you every day the way God took you away from us was a wake-up call for those who play I hope that time will dull this pain that we'll all feel till the end just know, up there, your sorely missed Bubba, my fallen friend...
My Familia
1. Quit Asking To Be In My Family - If I Want You There, Trust Me. I'll Put you there 2. Have A God Damn Fucking Salute - Seriously Its Not That Hard... I Mean Really it takes 2 seconds.. Unless your one of those whores who cant take 1 damn pic of ur self without makeup 3. If i place you in my family. And you don't talk to me (or ur just not really a FRIEND) I'll delete you as I please 4. You're subjected to be deleted when I Deem necessary :p No questions/reasons why.. 5. If you happen to make it into my family.. And then you just so happen to piss me off.. GOODBYE! 6. If you add me.. then IMMEDIATELY ask to be in my family. This will result in me probably.. More then likely you never being added... So be a good boy/girl ;) (i only say girl because well some of them are my best friends and don't even look at the pics) 7. Oddly.... I could just say screw it.. Make them Private.. And you all need to Bling Me.. And Rate All My Pics.. And just be a COMPLETE fuwhore (
My Family...
My mom is 1 of my hero's , threw all she's going threw in the last few years, 2 massive strokes, 3 minor strokes, needing open heart surgery *a 6 bypass* and Now she has kidney failure and Is undergoing dialysis and Is trying to get all the test done to see if she's a candidate for a kidney transplant and even threw all that she's still a fighter and she's still here and Not giving up! Sometimes things are not easy for her. At this rate I don't even know how she can get threw the days I know IF I were in her situation I would have gone nuts by now. I am always amazed by her and watching her struggle as much as she does day in and day out but even then she doesn't and hasn't given up! Eventho sometimes I can tell she wants to just throw in the towel and say the hec with it all. She's the strongest person I've ever had the privilege and honor of meeting ! I hope to one day have the strength she has and at least a shred of the wisdom she shares as well. I've had the honor of h
My Family
My Favorite Random Internet Convo Thus Far
(oh yay) PP: I don't know what to think about your elephant. It reminds me of some sort of cult symbol. Are you in a cult? Awesome. me: 01/15/2009 - 1:33am no, silly. not a cult symbol. it's just a bullseye to get people to look at my boobs. PP: 01/15/2009 - 1:39am I was going to look at your boobs anyway, though. But not in a 'I'm horny' way, more like a 'What is your personality like' kind of way, like in 8th grade when girls started getting boobs. Although, maybe another time I'd look at them in a 'I'm horny' kind of way. But I think it's hotter to look in someone's eyes in an 'I'm horny' kind of way. me: 01/15/2009 - 8:20am my boobs tell the future. you can look at them and try to figure out what you're going to be when you grow up. how about that? PP: 01/15/2009 - 11:05pm Doh snap. That reminds me of the mighty boosh when they sing "Future Sailors". People keep telling me this photo looks like Yick Yu from Degrassi High. It's so cold
My Favorite Song At The Moment
it deserves a blog entry for being totally awesome.
My Family 2
if u find youerself missing from my family list there are many reasons for this one im not in urs yeah good job i see how good friends we u dont attempt to even talk to me i always have to make that attempt yeah ur gone too becuase u just dont care and 3rd lets see some get mad they loose status but if u dont talk dont get mad ur gone so if ur mad at this to bad!
My Fanasty...
Looking for a female out there to have fun role-playing.... You as a schoolgirl = me as teacher. I'm all about the fantasy and the role-play. I want to explore role-playing.... You arrive at my place knock on door in a sexy role-playing out fit. mmmmm let me what you think
My Favorite Song, Can Relate For Some Reason
My best friend gave me the best advice He said each day’s a gift and not a given right Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind And try to take the path less traveled by That first step you take is the longest stride If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late Could you say goodbye to yesterday? Would you live each moment like your last? Leave old pictures in the past Donate every dime you have? If today was your last day Against the grain should be a way of life What’s worth the prize is always worth the fight Every second counts ’cause there’s no second try So live like you’ll never live it twice Don’t take the free ride in your own life If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late Could you say goodbye to yesterday? Would you live each moment like your last? Leave old pictures in the past Donate every dime you have? Would you call old friends you never see? Reminisce of memories Would you forgive your enemies? Would you find t
My Favorite Valentines Day Song
Foreigner The Very Best Of Foreigner (1992) I Don't Want To Live Without You I find myself in a strange situation, and I don't know how What seemed to be an infatuation, is so different now I can't get by if we're not together, ooh can't you see Girl I want you now and forever, close to me I'm longing for the time, I'm longing for the day Hoping that you will promise to be mine, and never go away I don't want to live without you, I don't want to live without you I could never live without you, live without your love I ask myself, but there's no explanation for the way I feel I know I've reached the right destination, and I know it's real I'm longing for the time, I'm longing for the day When I'll be giving you this heart of mine, believe me when I say I don't want to live without you, I don't want to live without you I could never live without you, live without your love No I don't want to live without you, I don't want to live without you I could never
My Father's Birthday....feb. 10th....
i phoned my father today....his birthday, and their anniversary. so sad i became....speaking with him....mortality clearly apparent in his demeanor. the fatigue of life marked in his voice...and i couldn't help but feel so bleak from the call of well-wishing....knowing that the natural processes of time and life are in their final movements concerning this individual with whom i have had a lifetime's wealth of mainly, with a mix of hate...occasional shame...much admiration and respect...and more. life moves on for those able to accept it and go forward...those who don't have a diminished regard for it, and suffer the inevitable consequences for that. his was a life fraught with difficult situations and events, and yet he persisted....propelled by this sense of compassion and care...which was instilled in me as a form of continuity i supose...without encouragement or discouragement....genetics.... here is a man who as a doctor of medicine, specialising in me
My Favorite Place
Late at night, when I’m alone… I long to be in his arms When air becomes cold and Goosebumps cover my body… I feel warmth in his arms When the day is long and I’m exhausted… I feel relaxed in his arms The days I hate to look in the mirror… I feel beautiful in his arms There are days I just feel as if nobody loves me… Being is his arms, He lets me know that I am loved When life throws me a curve ball and I feel like my life is falling apart… Being in his arms gives me the strength to build it back up When ever I have a game and I am feeling nervous… Being in his arms encourages me to do my best and NEVER give up I absolutely love being in his arms… For it is my favorite place!
My Family Zodiac Levelers Please Join!
Help I'm in a Contest! Join my family Zodiak Levelers! Link to family Page: Read Page! Any Questions please ask me!!! If you add family PLEASE SAY KRAZYR SENT U HUGS! FAMILY RULES Ok... whats expected of you: * We ask that you display our family name in your profile name so all our members can identify you as one of our family. * Next we ask that you add our home page and the manager you are assigned to to your friends list This is so you can find your way to our home page to read the blogs. The blogs are there to keep you informed of the family thing is we ask you to comment bomb at least 2 hours a week. That is 20 minutes a day or less. How you bomb for 2 hours a week is entirely up to you. * Next, we want to get to know you. In order to do that we ask you to stay current with adding all the members we have in our family album in our photos. * Next, thing is we will not help you with contests for at leas
My Family #1 Would Like Help
THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE ¤jåmɧms§0104¤Éήƒ¤®©έ® @t♫jέη§ ®¤¤m Has Auto 11's !!!!!!!!!!! jamesms0104 is on his way to Disciple and would love your help! He has a little over 3.4 million to go; and can make it with your help. He will have Auto 11's activated at 7pm fu-time on Friday, February 20th--and will be hosting Happy Hour at 10pm fu-time that night. Get your points and level up on him! Be sure to Fan/Add him while you're at it. Tell your friends to help him out too. Let him know that DaddyBear sent you. jamesms0104@ fubar This Bull
My Favorite Positition
Gifs at
My Family Pimpout Be Sure To Show These Guys Some Love
Welcome To My Family Pimpout I Have Made This To Show My Appreciation Of Having Such Wonderfull Family On Fubar These Guys Are Awesome So If You Don't Have Them On Your Friends List Be Sure To Visit There Pages Rate ... Add ... & ... Fan Them I Can Promise You That You Want Be Dispaointed Please Click On The Pictures Below ~♡~§ÚMMÈR~♡~§håÐðw~Lêvêlêr~ Öwñêr~Ö£~Èrð†ï¢Ðrêåm§~@ fubar Archangel@ fubar Shadow Leveler Team Leader~Passionman71~R/L Hubby of ~Farscapecat~@ fubar Scarlett{Shadow Leveler Team Leader}{Yeahmon's Angels}~Proudly owned by Gary & Stalker of BooBoo@ fubar ♥BooBoo♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned By InFarred.Fu Slave to Mz Chelle... Garys Fo@ fubar
My Faith ( For An Angel )
 it is I ... the whisper within evenings shadow ... here, that I might breathe upon you the caress which makes dreams ... and me ... so ~  in those breathings .... so shall always be dreams ... so shall I always be so ~  thus it is I am before you now ... that I might again speak to you ... that I might in the words of the Dragon ... exhale another breath , and say to you ~  let not any doubt give you cause to fear the coming of silence ... for I am of such things ... I am the still .. the calm ... the quiet reverie, I have always been of such things ... and I shall always bring with them ... the moments that are ... our peaceful absolution ~  in that ... is the mending of this wound upon my life, I proudly bear it’s scar for you ... for your love ... for that alone ... for your love ... I ... my love ... my heart ... my soul .... my life .... heal ~  it is what I truly believe ... it ... is my greatest faith ~  this ... my always in all ways ....  ‘tis my ever
My Favorite Men Help Them Level!!!
My Famous Musician Friends.
Create Your Glitter Text .. Create Your Glitter Text Create Your Glitter Text
My Faith
For those of us who truly believe in the Messiah... We are not 'Christians'. The title 'Christian' and all the Western Europeanized 'holy' names that go along with it are largely in error. Let us understand the meaning of the word 'Christ'. This word is based on the Greek translation for 'messiah', Christos, which means 'Anointed One'. Check the beginning of a King James version of the New Testament. You will see 'Translated out of the Original Greek'. Was Jesus Christ a Greek? Negative. He was an Israelite. Israelites spoke Hebrew. 'Messiah' is much closer to the original Hebrew word mashiyach. [1] But then understand clearly. Neither Christ nor Messiah are proper names in the sense of family names such as Smith or Johnson. They are actually titles appended to the Saviour's original name to distinguish Him from others who also had His name. [2] And so removing the titles attached to the sacred Name, we are left with just the divinely ordained name Jesus. Matth
My Fav Songs
Artists :: Songs Danity Kane: Damnaged Jordin Sparks: One step at a time, no air, tottoo, Now you tell me. Rihanna: Umbrella, sos, disturbia,shut up and drive, dont stop the music, If i never see you again feat maroon 5 Ashley Tisdale: He said she said Cascada: because of the night, everytime we touch, what hurts the most, last christmas, kids in america Ashlee Simpson: invisible, boy friend Avril Lavigne: hot, myworld, complicated, unwanted, girlfriend, im with you, my happy ending, keep holding on Celine Dion: call the man, thats the way it is, to love you more, if thats what it takes Christina Aguilera: Fighter Enya: only time, may it be Eve 6: heres to the night GooGoo Dolls: Black Balloon, iris Jessica Simpson: forever in your eyes, with you, a whole new world feat nick lachey. Janet Jackson: if Jo Jo: too little too late Kelly Clarkson: never again, walk away, breakaway, miss independent, since U been gone, behind these hazel eyes,
My Fast And Furious Car
#4 ..... My Fav !!!!!
My Fate In Your Hands
i long to hear his voice say my name to hear that might be my undoing all my walls tremble now just the thought of you you need just lay a hand on it all will tumble down at your feet exposing all of me to you i know what lies within me its been there for a lil while a soft glow of ember never fading waiting to be fanned to life or smothered out not sure what to do or say being me seems mute at this point should i go or should i stay can i just be me again without you in it am i too far gone can you bare to hurt me if needed will my being here hurt you more trying like hell to understand what is going on leaves me shaking im so afraid now having spoken this much im like a wounded dove my fate lies in your hands do you fix what is broken or do you snap my neck end my misery
My Fav Gift Cards...
My Father.
No father is perfect. I know that. There days or parts of days i wish i could forget for my sack when it comes to my father. Those two days are February 2002 and March 18, 2009. In February 2002 my father was riding his harley and he got in to the worse bike accident. That day i will never forget and that day i wish i could forget. Then yesterday March 18, 2009 is day i found out my father just got out of the hositpal due to heart problems. Its hard to hear that anyone you love is hurting i think it worse when you hear about your parents hurting. And there is nothing you can do about it.
My Fav Poem
"Who will cry for the little boy, lost and all alone? Who will cry for the little boy, abandoned without his own? Who will cry for the little boy? He cried himself to sleep. Who will cry for the little boy? He never had for keeps. Who will cry for the little boy? He walked the burning sand. Who will cry for the little boy? The boy inside the man. Who will cry for the little boy? Who knows well hurt and pain. Who will cry for the little boy? He died and died again. Who will cry for the little boy? A good boy he tried to be. Who will cry for the little boy, who cries inside of me?"
My Favorites...
My Favorites My Favorite Color is... Blue My Favorite Movie is... '300' My Favorite book is... Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee My Favorite flower is... Sunflower My Favorite time of year is... Spring My Favorite holiday is... Independence Day My Favorite quote is... "When you are born, the world rejoices and you cry; live your life so that when you die, you rejoice and the world cries!" Native American Proverb My Favorite past time is... travel My Favorite place is... Bali, Indonesia My Favorite animal is... Cheetah My Favorite subject is... History My Favorite nickname is... Mobius My Favorite way to relax is... A good movie My Favorite athlete is... a tie...Larry Bird and Jim Thorpe My Favorite sport is... Rowing My Favorite US President is... John F. Kennedy My Favorite place I haven't been yet is... Australia My Favorite food is... Turkish cuisine My Favorite city in Europe is
My Favorites...ii
My Favorites My Favorite monument is... Crazy Horse Memorial My Favorite game show is... Jeopardy My Favorite actress is... Julia Roberts My Favorite thing about a lady is... her eyes My Favorite reality show is... Survivor My Favorite weekend trip is... anywhere in VT, NH or ME My Favorite person is... ...a tie: my daughters Abigail and Gabriella My Favorite type of home architecture is... Craftsman Style My Favorite Inventor is... George Washington Carver My Favorite dinosaur is... Veloci-raptor
My Fantacy
So, I have this fantasy. I am forced to crossdress in nylons, stockings, high heels, corset, garters, the works before being ball gagged. I am then tied to a bed face down and whipped with a belt by a sexy woman who his reprimanding me for being such a sissy slut. She then tells me that tonight I'm going to know what it is like to be fucked like a whore and that is when there is a knock at the door. Dispite my protests and cries, I am forced to just lie there and take it as another man rapes me over and over for my Mistress's viewing pleasure.
My Favorite Acronyms
F.U.B.A.R (Obviously) S.N.A.F.U. B.O.H.I.C.A. D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F F.I.S.H. D.O.   Maybe you know what they mean, maybe not.... Can you guess...?
My Father
I am a person who suffers from depression most of the time.  For those of you who dont you have no dam idea what we go through on a daily basis. Any how,  during the course of my sleep,  I had a dream of my father who past away in 84.  For the better part it feels like he died yesterday. Seems when I am at my lowest he comes to me in a dream.  The dream never makes sense so I try and break it down to symbols cause I feel hes trying to tell me something. Any how prior to this dream,  I was crying one day cause im tired of just living hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck.  And I ask out loud ,  dad plz give me a hug and tell me things are gonna be okay. Well as I said during the night, I dreamed about my dad.  And part of the dream he put his arms around me and hugged me . And like always I woke up crying,  and here I am awake and sad and blogging this . Any of you that still have your parents around,  hug them you never know when they wont be there any more.
My Fated Lover
come to me there are no doors no bars to keep you from me no need to worry no one here  alone .... open my arms wide offer you my throat rip me open feast upon my blood cradle me close feel my beating heart slow feel the warmth leave me come to me now  my fated lover    
My Favoit Musicians Videos
My Family
I know i havent told anybody here yet as i only come here a few times a day compared to Myspace or FaceBook, but here is some info: Ok,( spoke with my mom, my dad called me earlier and gave me the basic info) found out my mom had a heart attack on Monday sometime late afternoon. and was taken to the hospital in Salem that nite. then in the early morning, she was sent up to St Vincent Hospital in Portland. She will be having Quintuple (5) bypass surgery sometime tomorrow morning(Friday the 17th) and then will be in recovery until sometime around sat nite early Sunday when the Dr's expect she will go home on Sunday She apparently likes most of her nurses and gets along with them pretty well, they are talking with her and its not like the usual scenario where they just come in check on you and leave they are actually INTERACTING with her. i would like you to send any and all positive energy and prayers to her and my dad ( they live in Salem ) he doesn't deal well with hospitals as i do
My Family
hello, The girls in my family r special to me they take special pics for me and do special salutes for me!!  So  if u would like to see "my special girls" in my family its gonna cost u!!  Contact me for how much it will cost!!
My Favorite Saying
if youve been noughty go to your room if you want to be noughty go to mine lol i love it
My Family Here At Home!!
Ok the reason that I am here writing my blog to let you all know that I have some strange feeling thinking why my parents had been married for 50 yrs and damn I should've done myself marry to someone who been marry that long... Which I thought they would you know divource or seperate but nooooo they stay together for 50 yrs so I want each everyone of you could mind show some love to my family who celebrite 50th Anniversary tomorrow and I will be honor to tell them about what you show or how you show them that you were thinking of them!!!!
My Father   the site above is a memorial for my father the reason i am posting this is because my father was one of the greatest people i know it's been a year and a half since he passed away and there is not a day that goes by that i dont think of him. i guess what im trying to say is cherish what you have with your parents because you never know when they can go. it was something i didnt expect but i just keep on living because thats what he would want.
My Favorite Song Right Now....
I hate feeling like this I'm so tired of trying to fight this I'm asleep and all I dream of Is waking to you Tell me that you will listen Your touch is what I'm missing And the more I hide I realize I'm slowly losing you Comatose I'll never wake up without an overdose of you I don't wanna live I don't wanna breathe 'les I feel you next to me you take the pain I feel waking up to you never felt so real I don't wanna sleep I don't wanna dream 'cause my dreams don't comfort me The way you make me feel Waking up to you never felt so real I hate living without you Dead wrong to ever doubt you But my demons lay in waiting Tempting me away Oh how I adore you Oh how I thirst for you Oh how I need you
My Favorite Poem
Sacrifice YourselfDont Let my mind destroy meFrom Breaking in againPlease save me from my conscienceWhen it comes rushing in Oh please come be my hero Or maybe my heroinYou can brand yourself my saviorYou can call yourself my friend Show me light unto My darkness
My Favorite Dessert..yummy!
What Is Tiramisu? Craig Miyamoto Tiramisu is a cool, refreshing Italian dessert that once tasted, leaves an indelible impression on you. Also known as "Tuscan Trifle," the dessert was initially created in Siena, in the northwestern Italian province of Tuscany. The occasion was a visit by Grand Duke Cosimo de'Medici III, in whose honor the concoction was dubbed zuppa del duca (the "duke's soup"). The erstwhile duke brought the dessert back with him to Florence. In the 19th Century, zuppa del duca became popular among the English intellectuals and artists who lived there Consequently, it is also known as zuppa Inglese. They took the dessert to England, where its popularity grew. Zuppa del duca eventually made its way to Treviso, just northwest of Venice, in the northeastern province of Veneto. Treviso is best know for its canals, frescoes and . . . Tiramisu. Stories are told about how Tiramisu was the favorite of Venice's courtesans,
My Fan List
so i was thinking.......                                                                                                                                                               fuck you dan
My Favorite Quote
Accept what is in front of you without wanting the situation to be otherthan it is.  Study the natural order of things and work with it ratherthan against it, for to try to change what is only sets up resistance. If we watch carefully, we will see that work proceeds more quickly andeasily if we stop "trying", if we stop putting in so much extra effort,if we stop looking for results.
My Family
This Is My White Trash FamilyChild #1Child #2Child #3Child #4Child #5Comments Appreciated!!!
My Favorite Quote
True love is your soul's recognitionof its counterpoint in another
My Favorite Local Performer
she is actually amazing but you wouldn't believe some of her songs she does this whole public performer clean image bit but she has some dirty songs she only plays for us :) including "just a finger isn't cheating""i haven't been fucked in the ass in the longest time" and "12 inches isn't enough" but i didn't tell you that
My Faith
God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow or sun without rain. But God did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way, And for all who believe in his kingdom above, he answers their faith with everlasting love.
My Family In Oregon
I been here two days in Oregon with my family My baby sister Bethany, My Son Joshua, My neice Angel aka Monique, My Nephew Connor, and Bethany's Hunny Travis. I spent the last two days haveing a freaking ball playing with my son Who turns 9 on the 25th I taken so many pic's that i cant wait to get leveled up or my Vip back so i can add a ton of new pic's of all of them. Bethany and Travis Have 5 kids between them counting my son Joshua. They both are full time College Students and Travis is manger were he works. They are so maid for each other its kinda funny concedering my sister is very picky about the men she lets into her life. I will be adding pic's of them all when i get home in June so till then hope you all are great and i will be on again soon  Tiff
My Father's Forgiveness - A Request
Well -- as if things haven't been enough I found out today that my father has cancer.  He has cancer cells on his liver and lungs.  It's incurable.  He begins chemo tomorrow and it will pretty much destroy his immune system.I sit here and type this blog just a couple hours after receiving the news and the only thought running through my head is that life is unfair.I think about all the hard times that my parents have had throughout their life and how they've overcome them while remaining together.  I look at all the emotional pain they put each other through and then remember that even during all of that, they managed to raise 3 kids and stay married for almost 49 yrs.They don't deserve this.  No matter what someone has done in life, they don't deserve the pain that comes with liver cancer.  I cried not because I'm afraid to lose him, but because of all the things he will miss in his lifetime after her he gone.I hope that in his own heart and mind that he can finally come to terms with
My Father
as i said before about my parents i thought my father was a lil better then my whore of a mother well today he proved it after i already forgive him for alot of things today he called me and ask if i can go get my grandmothers belonging since they are moving into a new appointment in the same place they lived at well i went there with my bff once i got there i forgot to take a vike's before i started lifting things i know i should not becuse of my left arm its still needs time to heal but i cant just stop my life and depend on others i have alwasys been indenpent unless iam lazy lol then that"s deffrent but still he knows i have some health issues that mother fucker lay on his ass and does nothing to help all he did was sit on his couch and watch the news and his gf all she does is run her fat ass mouth and complaining iam now sweaty tire hurting stressing and i already know that tomorrow iam going to be hurting alot more  i put all my energy into doing all the damn work my bff help al
My Father's Father
My Father's FatherMy Father's FatherHas gone awayMy paternal GrandfatherJust died todayHe wasn't a man of moneyBut somehow he got byWhen I was a childAlways a twinkle in his eyeI remember fondlyThe man he wasFrom the "Albino Deer"Really a goatTo the shaggy dogSnowball with a white coatThe little shackWhere business was doneOh, how it smelledWhen hit with the sunThough I remember himFrom the time of my childhoodNot one thought do I haveThat isn't good.I mourn his lossAs do we allAnd like the restMy heart doth fall.© 2009 by G.R.Kuder
My Fantasy
I approached my lecturer at the break and asked him if I could discuss my project, he instantly replied that he would be in his office 15 minutes after the lecture so we could have a chat then. I returned to my seat and as I sat down I noticed him glancing torwards me. His eyes suddenly met with mine and he quickly turned his focus away. As the lecture proceeded I sent him flirtacious signals, gently rubbing my leg and moving my skirt further up to reveal part of my panties. I could see him struggling to focus on the lecture and I giggled to myself as I enjoyed teasing. My mind began to wander, as I wondered how big his dick was, we quickly exchanged looks and my cheeks flushed as I hoped he didnt realise me dirty thoughts. As the lecture ended i passed him by at the door and he told me he'd see me in a few minutes in his office.As I knocked on his office door 15 minutes later I was promptly answered and directed in. I sat in the chair opposite him and shut the door behind me. He moved
My Fault!!!
To You It Shall Always Be My Fault. You Stay Out Until 2... Thats My Fault. You Get Into Trouble... My Fault. You Get Sick..... Thats My Fault. You Have No Money, No Friends And No Life ALL MY FAULT!!!!! You Have A Bad Day.... All On Me... I'm The Reason You Are Unhappy. Im The Reason You Yell. Im The Reason You Break Things. Im The Reason???? Then Leave... Just Go! I Wont Stop You! I Never Have! I Say Go You Stupid Ass! It's My Fault You Lost It? It's My Fault I Hurt? It's My Fault????? GO.... GO .....GO Im Begging Just Leave! Stay Away.... Don't Show Up One Day, With The I'm Sorry Baby, I Dont Care Anymore! Im Not The Problem You Fuck, Just Leave Me Alone, Straighten Your Shit Out, 23 New Charges... Guess Those Are My Fault Too? Fuck Off You Stupid Shit. I Have Better Things To Do. Rott There Im Not Bailing Your Ass Out. Guess What It Aint My Fault!!!!!
My Fave Quote
"There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, and who always will. So don't worry about people in your past, theres a reason they didn't make it into your future"
My Favorite Video... Lets See If It Works
Snake River Conspiracy - Vulcan
My Favorite Peppers!!
Greetings and Salutations!!          I have located finally a reputable grower of organically grown Bhut Jolokia Peppers!!! Yay!! I want to invite everyone to visit his website so they may learn a bit about the Bhut Jolokia which is by the way the new World Record Holder in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The Hottest Pepper on Earth". So Please pay the website a visit and learn a little more about me my learning a little more about my Favorite Pepper:D Here is the website address: Please check it out because he has a great deal of useful information on these peppers as well as great tips on organic gardening.:D   Have a great day; Nate      
My Favorite Beer:
My Face Was So Red!!!
We all have had those moments where we just wish for the floor to open up and swallow us whole because we are so damn embarrassed. One of mine was while I was at work. There was this scraggy creepy long stringy haired dirty looking guy pacing back and forth in front of the store. I was helping this very attractive woman in a business suit and looked up to see him walk by the front window for about the 10th time. I opened my huge yap without thinking and said " there's a walking advertisement for celibacy if I have ever seen one". The lady I was helping smiled very sweetly at me and calmly says " I know he is kind of different looking but he is a wonderful man and husband and I love him very much" If there had been a hole for me to crawl into I would have.   whats your most embarrassing moment?   share people share  
My Favorite Card Ever!!
Having You in My Life Is One of the Best Things That's ever Happened to Me In this fast-paced, impersonal, sometimes unfriendly world, I know that I'm really fortunate that you are here, too. You make me feel not so alone. Thank you for all that you are to me. I hope we will be there for each other during all the seasons of our lives, no matter where the road takes us. I can't imagine a circumstance that I would not be around for you or a place in time that I would not want you there with me. Having you in my life is like the best present anyone could ever give me. I have grown to trust you and care about you, and I love sharing the time we spend together. Knowing you lifts me up. You fill an empty space in my heart, and I hope you will stay in my life forever.   Written by Donna Fargo The love of my life sent me a card with this written on it and it made me cry with tears of joy. It made me so happy that I wanted to share it. I love you Ernie.
My Favorite Sites
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My Favor Show">
My Faves
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My Favorite Buds.........
What is up with this town?  I can't find good bud any where.  I need saved..............
My Favorites
Toenail Fungus Home Remedies How to Cure Toenail Fungus tv tuner for laptop laser treatment for toenail fungus
My Fans
Just wanna put a shout out to the people who have become my fans and all the ratings! you guys rock and I give you much love. I never ask people to rate me or tell them what to rate me so thanks for that!
My Face Book Account
My Favorite Quote
**“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Used by Nelson Mandela in his 1994 inaugural speech**
My Family!!
Ok, This is just something to rant on and on about. My family no matter how many times I hang out with part of them or all of them something always makes me feel like shit. I am the odd one of my family. I am a MAJOR TOMBOY! I mean like when my girlie cousins were playing school, and house with each other, sure I would play but if I found out there was HOME-RUN DERBY or FOOTBALL going on with my guy cousins. I WAS THERE!! I didn't like playing all the girl stuff. Now I am almost 21 years old. I still wear guy clothes but I wear my girl clothes too. I love my guy clothes though cause they are so much more comfortable. I can litterally go and sit next to my cousins and they could be having a conversation that I would know something about. I could join in the conversation they would know that I talked about it and everything, but still wouldn't even really talk back to me. I am the oddball of the family. On my father's side and my mother's side. It is usually something really interesting
My Familya
My Favorites...
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My Favorite Blue
I've been living by the rainbows edge. Green and yellow were my favorite blue. Until I saw Red, it was as if an angel had said. Your trusting no-one and it's got to stop. You act like strangers even though your not. When your born you have friends. Where you go from there all depends. Richard LeBlanc (c) 1987
My Favourite Celebrity Wallpapers
I like Megan Fox and Jessica Alba wallpapers. What celebrity wallpapers do you like?
My Family Is A Nightmare....
My family is a nightmare; that starts out as a dream.Like a family portrait, not all is as it seems .My father is reality slipping out of  reach;pesimistic views is all he'll ever  preach.My mother is the fear, the panic, and the rage;never slipping up this  world is her stage.My sister is the breathing speeding up and  down. She's  forever  restless; her  head is  never bound.My  brother is the twitching, the tosses, and the turns;always wanting  back the  bridges that  he burns. And I, I am the dreamer watching as it grows;as the night is ending...and my dreams come to a  close.
My Favorite Links
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My Favorite Song In The World ...
By my dear friend James Wilson/Frightened Seller  
My Family
Well some of my financial worry is over,  phewwwwwww!!!  My oldest son finally got a job working in the same place as his dad.  Its only causual but yanno its a foot in the door. Now its trying to find my youngest a better job t hen he has working at the drug store only one day a week.  He wants more hours and something a bit more interesting. And now that ever one is working, I am the only one home .  I try and do as much house work as I can in a day, not to mention try and think of something interesting for suppers. I gave up long ago asking, "what do you guys want for supper."  I get "what ever is in the fridge."  Now that tells me a lot ..NOT!!! And they seem to think once they arrive home they can just plunk their shit on the floor and do zip the rest of the night. WRONG!! I expect them to at least do the supper dishes,  however in saying that, when I wake up in the morning there is a sink full. Do you ever get from your family,  oh I only dirtied a cup or a spoon etc.  My
My Favorite Crytic
My favorite crytic, What I want is the; THECUPREDWHITEFRIENDSCLEARPASSAGE Cypher is not needed.  
My Father
Delbert Lee (Joe) Cashman Born in Princess Anne County, VA Departed on Sep. 28, 2009 and resided in Virginia Beach, VA.   Visitation: Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009 Graveside Service: Friday, Oct. 2, 2009 Please click on the links above for locations, times, maps, and directions.    Delbert Lee "Joe" Cashman, 80, of the 2200 block of Oak Street, Virginia Beach, VA, passed away September 28, 2009, after a long illness.A native of Princess Anne County, VA, he was retired from the City of Virginia Beach Mosquito Control. He also worked at Lynnhaven Waterway Marina. He was a member of the Travelers Hunt Club. He is survived by his wife, Mary F. Cashman; son, Duane Cashman; daughter, Diana Cashman; and two grandchildren, Tara and Devon Cashman.A graveside service will be conducted Friday at 11 a.m. at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens with Rev. C. W. Cashman officiating. The family will receive friends at Hollomon-Brown Funeral Home, Great Neck Chapel Th
My Favorite Country Song - Absolutely Love It
Lonestar - Amazed Everytime our eyes meet This feeling inside me is almost more than i can take Baby when you touch me I can feel how much you love me And it just blows me away I've never been this close to anyone or anything I can hear your thoughts i can see your dreams Chorus: I don't know how you do what you do I'm so in love with you, it just keeps getting better i wanna spend the rest of my life, with you by my side Forever and ever Every little thing that you do Baby i'm amazed by you The smell of you skin the taste of your kiss the way you whisper in the dark your hair all around me, baby you surround me you touch every place in my heart oh, it feels like the first time everytime i wanna spend the whole night in your eyes Chorus Every little thing that you do i'm so in love with you it just keeps getting better I wanna spend the rest of my life, with you by my side forever and ever Every little thing that you do o
My Favorite Story
The Black Cat 1841 by Edgar Allan Poe   (1809-1849)       For the most wild, yet most homely narrative which I am about to pen, I neither expect nor solicit belief. Mad indeed would I be to expect it, in a case where my very senses reject their own evidence. Yet, mad am I not --and very surely do I not dream. But to-morrow I die, and to-day I would unburden my soul. My immediate purpose is to place before the world, plainly, succinctly, and without comment, a series of mere household events. In their consequences, these events have terrified --have tortured --have destroyed me. Yet I will not attempt to expound them. To me, they have presented little but Horror --to many they will seem less terrible than baroques. Hereafter, perhaps, some intellect may be found which will reduce my phantasm to the common-place --some intellect more calm, more logical, and far less excitable than my own, which will perceive, in the circumstances I detail with awe, nothing more than an ordinary su
My Fantasy Land
Dark clouds fill the sky, the thunder rolls, and lightning flashes brighter than anything I've ever seen before. This is a place of darkness where no soul lives. To me this is a perfect place to be. My heart is troubled and I am feeling weak, but there are no people around to speak. No people, no sun, no flowers, no fun. I escape to this place to be alone. Here nothing can bother me except my own soul. I stay in this place with the dark clouds, the thunder, the lightning. As I sit on the ground covered with dark sand, my heart is content in my fantasy land.
My Fake Break Up
     After long days at work or fuckin' off I would come home and you would comfort me, I would take so much of you in it was hard to see. But no matter what you stuck to the facts, You always help me kick back and relax. Although you ended up wasting alot of my money sometimes I think it was worth it. your hair was so soft and fine, every time I saw you I considerred you mine. And would never belong to any one else, Shit you even helped me get to know myself. But that time is through it's gone and done. so long POT we had some fun.
My Favorite Ugg Boots
Genuine UGG all the materials all sheep wool from Australia one material (that is, fur-linked, without trimming!!!) Not sold in the outer surface of the leather inside the adhesive are made of wool with scattered!! ! is currently available in the market with a leather tag version, looks like a very formal, does not know that this is unnecessary for the office of unscrupulous vendors!, because the original goods with a tag Uggs are not, and ask, is where would these tag it? Some local merchants in order to get their goods to the poor are present but failed to add on the sum of! Ugg boots on the type, then a little bit of learning, and MM After all, most buyers are not seen a real genuine UGG shoes, UGG in the country at present, only Beijing Blue Harbor a store. The factory production of shoes are all for export, non-business people can get goods in general, our sales are direct manufacturers or getting goods produced by manufacturers to steal our wholesale them there. But no matter how
My Fault?
I been questioning things soo much lately. Kieran will be a month old tomorrow and NOT once has his dad asked how he's doing or tried wanting to see him. A close friend of mine is going through a divorce and her soon to be ex husband hasnt been around to see their daughter because hes avoiding all the stress.Seeing my friend go through this, its making me wonder if thats the reason my ex wont come around to see the baby which i dont get because while i was pregnant he sounded determined to be in the baby's life.  I try at ALL costs to keep the stress down between me and my ex and everytime he gets stressed from other situations he seems to take it out on me.  I dont know what to think anymore bout the situation. This will be Kieran's first Christmas and its going to break my heart more than its already broken if his father doesnt even come around to see him.  How can anyone be so fucking cruel like this? Yes! My ex and i have probs but those probs are between me and him, it is NOT the
My Favourite Christmas Joke Evar
Q.What's a bear's favourite Christmas carol?   A. God Rest Ye Merry Gentle Ben!
My Favorite Song Of All Time
Terry JacksSeasons In The Sun LyricsGoodbye to you, my trusted friend.We've known each other since we're nine or ten.Together we climbed hills or trees.Learned of love and ABC's,skinned our hearts and skinned our knees.Goodbye my friend, it's hard to die,when all the birds are singing in the sky,Now that the spring is in the air.Pretty girls are everywhere.When you see them I'll be there.We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.But the hills that we climbedwere just seasons out of time.Goodbye, Papa, please pray for me,I was the black sheep of the family.You tried to teach me right from wrong.Too much wine and too much song,wonder how I get along.Goodbye, Papa, it's hard to diewhen all the birds are singing in the sky,Now that the spring is in the air.Little children everywhere.When you see them I'll be there.We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.But the wine and the song,like the seasons, all have gone.Goodbye, Michelle, my little one.You gave me love and helped m
My Fate
I will wander through life,Never knowing what could have been.He took her away so fast,As quick as he did send. This stone in my chest,Now weights me to the ground.I look for any meaning to this,For me none can be found. Now as I walk through life,Never seeing the sky.I have become nothing but a shell,And not even wonder why. I seek nomore mysteries,I chase nomore dreams.Truely I am already dead,At least thats how it seems. Till my forever comes,For joy there will be nomore tears,Nor a smile to come from me,For all the rest of my years.
My Father
This blog is to tell everyone whats up with me.A lot of you already know but for those who don't,here goes.In November I had to take dad to the doctor and from there to the hospital here at home.After many tests and many doctors they told me that he was "full" of malignacies.A surgeon was called who promptly said to me,"I would not operate on your dad,it wouldn't do any good.His "plumbing" was blocked so we had to then take him to the University of Maryland hospital.They put a stent in to relieve the pressure and allow his system to work for awhile anyway.The doctor at U of M daid to take him home and let him enjoy christmas with his grandchildren.Which he did,as much as he could anyway.He went back to the hospital here at home over the weekend.after stablizing him they talked to me about hospice.My father has end stage pancreatic cancer.Dad came home from the hospital yesterday and the hospice team came shortly after.My dads wish is to be at home and I want for him what he wants..So,t
My Favorites....
I love words, and I love to read.  Some words are bunched together to form a memorable quote... one that sticks in your head and just seems to 'fit' any situation.  The following are some of my favorites... "Words are the basis for thought... without words there would be no thought." Think about it... "You gotta LIVE LIVE LIVE!  Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" Are you going to let this life pass you by without tasting the feast?  It's right there in front of you... reach out, take a bite! "Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited while imagination embraces the entire world." Albert Einstein... 'nuff said.
My Favorite Qoute
4Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud 5or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. 6It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. 7Love
My Favorite Mistake By Sheryl Crow
I woke up and called this morningThe tone of your voice was a warningThat you don't care for me anymoreI made up the bed we sleep inI looked at the clock when you creep inIt's 6 a.m. and I'm alone[Chorus:]Did you know when you goIt's the perfect endingTo the bad day I was just beginningWhen you go all I know isYou're my favorite mistakeYour friends are sorry for meThey watch you pretend to adore meBut I'm no fool to this gameNow here comes your secret loverShe'd be unlike any otherUntil your guilt goes up in flames[Chorus]You're my favorite mistakeWell maybe nothin' lasts foreverEven when you stay togetherI don't need forever afterIt's your laughter won't let me goSo I'm holding on this wayDid you know, could you tellYou were the only one That I ever lovedNow everything's so wrongDid you see me walking by?Did it ever make you cry?You're my favorite mistakeYou're my favorite mistakeYou're my favorite mistake
My Favorite Lady In The World    
My Favorite Game By The Cardigans
I don't know what you're looking for you haven't found it baby, that's for sure You rip me up and spread me all around in the dust of the deed of time And this is not a case of lust, you see it's not a matter of you versus of me It's fine the way you want me on your own but in the end it's always me alone And I'm losing my favourite game you're losing your mind again I'm losing my baby losing my favourite game I only know what I've been working for another you so I could love you more I really thought that I could take you there but my experiment is not getting us anywhere I had a vision I could turn you right a stupid mission and a lethal fight I should have seen it when my hope was new my heart is black and my body is blue And I'm losing my favourite game you're losing your mind again I'm losing my favourite game I've tried but you're still the same I'm losing my baby you're losing a saviour and a saint
My Favorite Poem
This poem is titles I GOT YOUR BACK. It is probably the greatest poem for the military I personally have ever read and I wanted to share it with all my friend son here. I hope you like it as much as i do.   I GOT YOUR BACK I am a small and precious child, my dad’s been sent to fight… The only place I’ll see his face, is in my dreams at night. He will be gone too many days for my young mind to keep track. I may be sad, but I am proud. My daddy’s got your back. I am a caring mother; my son has gone to war… My mind is filled with worries that I have never known before. Everyday I try to keep my thoughts from turning black. I may be scared, but I am proud. My son has got your back. I am a strong and loving wife, with a husband soon to go. There are times I’m terrified, in a way most never know. I bite my lip, and force a smile, as I watch my husband pack… My heart may break, but I am proud. My h
My Fantasy
First let me explain to each and every one of you, before you get excited, that I am NOT submissive! So don't be getting any stupid ideas. I just find this sexually arousing and figured you dorks need some Jerk off material. Maybe im getting my mojo back? Setting is a long hard day from work. I come home and just want to sit, relax and possibly have a long soak in hot tub of water. A chance to wash the stress of the day away. I through the front door, take my blazer off and throw it against the back of the couch. My feet are killing me from wearing high heals all day. The torture to my feet makes me scurry to the bedroom as I unbutton my blouse along the way. I open my bedroom door and enter as the last blouse button is cared for. Suddenly I feel his hand on the back of my neck. He wraps fingers from both hands around my neck and squeezes, leading me towards the wall. I am forcefully pushed against the wall and my hands reach forward to brace myself and keep my face from crashing aga
My Favorite Sites
SEO Services . Auctions  . Dating  . Matrimony  .  Adult Travel
My Favorite Rock-a-bye Songs For My Kiddos.
Baby mine, don't you cry. Baby mine, dry your eyes. Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.  Little one when you play, pay no heed what they say. Let your eyes sparkle and shine, never a tear, baby of mine.  If they knew all about you, they'd end up loving you too.  Cause you're so special to me, sweet as can be, baby of mine.   I'll take you dreaming, through the rainy night.  To a place, behind the raindrops.  Where the stars are bright.  You may not find gold or silver.  But a richer prize, waits for you behind the raindrops, if you'll close your eyes.  Tonight, tonight, when all the world's asleep.  We will tip toe home with a wonderous star, a star you can always keep.  Years from now, when you go dreaming, when you're very old.  Though your crown be rich with rubies, diamonds set in gold.  None will shine as bright as the star we find tonight.   You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are grey.  You'll never know dear how mu
My Favorite Guy...
Migar65@ fubar
My Faves
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My Family Hates Me
so get this my great grandma died and her funeral was YESTERDAY and no1 in my fucking family told me, i had to find out for myself on facebook FACEBOOK are you fucking kidding me, a social network designed for social activities and boom  i had to be the stalker. FUCK MY FAMILY they must really love me right??????  
My Fav Movie Quotes
And the Lord spoke, saying, "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shalt be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out! Once the number three, being the third number be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thou foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it."
My Favorite Quote
 I am no one special. Just a common man with common thoughts. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten.  But in one respect I have succeeded as gloriously as anyone who ever lived.  I've loved another with all my heart and soul and for me that has always been enough.   * I have always loved this quote and for me its very true and this was sweet success*
My Favorite Things
Botox and nose drops and needles for knitting, Walkers and  handrails and new dental fittings, Bundles of magazines tied up in string,   These are a few of my favorite things. Cadillacs and cataracts, hearing aids and glasses, Polident and Fixodent and false teeth in glasses, Pacemakers, golf carts and porches with swings,   These are a few of my favorite things. When the pipes leak, When the bones creak,  When the knees go bad, I simply remember my favorite things,      And then I don't feel so bad. Hot tea and crumpets and corn pads for bunions, No spicy hot food or food cooked with onions, Bathrobes and heating pads and hot meals they bring,     These are a few of my favorite things. Back pain, confused brains and no need for sinnin', Thin bones and fractures and hair that is thinnin',   And we won't mention our short shrunken frames,   When we remember our favorite things. When the joints ache, When the hips break,      When the eyes grow dim,  Then I remember the great life I've h
My Favorite Fallout 3 Song.....hell, All Of The Fallout 3 Songs Are My Favorite.
~my Faith~
My Faith I sit here tonight alone pondering what I will be shown Praying for the guidance that He will bring my years pass by from spring to spring   I feel the love that He offers each day as I awaken from my sleep to give thanks and pray with temptation in this world all around I seek His presense and assuredly it is found   Written @ 11:02 on October 2, 2010 by Rhonda Reneau
My Fav Song Lyrics!!!
The Wretched-NIN just a reflection just a glimpse just a little reminder of all the what abouts and all the might have could have beens another day some other way but not another reason to continue and now you're one of us the wretched the hopes and prays the better days the far aways forget it it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to, did it? it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to, did it? now you know this is what it feels like now you know this is what it feels like the clouds will part and the sky cracks open and god himself will reach his fucking arm through just to push you down just to hold you down stuck in this hole with the shit and the piss
My Fav. Poem!!
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.`'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -Only this, and nothing more.'Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December,And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.Eagerly I wished the morrow; - vainly I had sought to borrowFrom my books surcease of sorrow - sorrow for the lost Lenore -For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels named Lenore -Nameless here for evermore.And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtainThrilled me - filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating`'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door -Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door; -This it is, and nothing more,'Prese
My Favorite...a Rob Original
Skies are blue, Grass is so green. Michelle's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I love you Babydoll.
My Fall From Grace
What happened?Slightly awkwardly, I'm not entirely sure to what audience I'm writing this.  What follows is a story you may know all, some, or none of, depending on how I know you, and how well I know you.  However, for the sake of getting it over with, let's assume you know nothing, and tell all.Some background. I worked, from late 2004 until around June of 2010, for one of the Performance Teams of the Local Authority.  Previously to this, I had worked for a university, and previous to that, I had worked for the same team at the Local Authority, in its previous guise as the Research and Information Team.  In total, I worked for nigh on ten years for the team, with the exception of those 15 months spent at the university.  For the majority of that time, I did so with a good reputation, as shown by their decision to rehire me when I decided the university thing wasn't working out.Sometime a couple of years ago, things started slowly derailing.  I went from having a firm grasp on my role
My Fav Addicting Song
Dead By April Losing You What I have in me in the mind is you I would die if we were through What I'm feeling now What I´m having you do I am lost in pain without you So cold. So alone All I have is you it is all that I`m waiting for All I need is you Now I can make it through All the nights I prayed Mostly saby and true I am not prepared to be strong I just can't belive I am losing you Not prepared to going on, what you see and walk away So cold. So alone All I have is you it is all that I´m waiting for All I need is you Now I can't make it through I am losing you forever I am lost in pain without you I am leaving ground forever (Forever) Distant from all, yesterdays electing me murder these thoughs life is disconnecting me Loving is effecting me, count all the times You without protecting me So cold. So alone. All I have is you it is all that I´m waiting for All I need is you Now I can't make it through I am losing you forever I am lost in pain without you I am
My Family
My Failed Attempt To Order Out
Setup: This is my local Chinese place, where I have been known to order the same exact thing, Princess Beef without vegetables or peanuts, up to 4 or 5 times a week for the past 10 years.   Thank you for calling Great China, how may I help you? I'd like to order Princess Beef with *gets interrupted* You want what kinda chicken?   princ- what you wanna owda? Princess beef princess chicken - you want quat or pint size? princess beef princess chicken, yes... pint or quat? *click*
My Favorite Conversation
Have you ever met someone with no opinion on something?  They are the worst people to ask anything.  Not because they honestly have no opinion, they just lack the stones to say what's on their minds.  This leads to my favorite conversation.  Let me give you an example:   Me:  What do you want to eat? Them:  Oh, I don't care, anything. Me:  Ok, let's get some pizza! Them:  Oh no, anything but pizza! Me:  Fine, let's get a big plate of steaming horseshit.   Eating seems to lead to most of these conversations, but it can really be about anything.  Sometimes people will ask me for something at work, and I'll be like "No problem, I'll make it happen, what do you want it to look like or do?" To which they usually reply, "Oh, I don't care" Then I do it, and they will be like "Oh, that doesn't meet our standard!"  This is where I get a little angry.  If you have a standard, tell me.  If it doesn't match what I have in mind, I'll tell you.  Basically, I'm usually going to do whatever y
My Failures
 In this life we all make mistakes and we all encounter failures.   My failures are things that have been out of my control. I wrote an entire book about the failures in my life and than failed to have it published.    I had one very interested publisher and was ready, posed at the counter of the post office...I turned around, tucked it into my carrying bag on my right arm and walked back to the car and drove home. Why? As I stood there I realized that this book was NOT written for anyone BUT me. No one needed to read about these things, no one but me would really care. This book was between me and God. It was God who set my pen to paper and allowed me to write this as a form of therapy.  Much needed therapy, so I could let go of these failures and move on.   I realized through this self-therapy that I'm normal. I have emotions and I go through trials and tribulations just like everyone else. I found out that when it's all said and done, I have family and friends who know and l
My Facebook Was Hacked...
Well this is shocking!! and fuckings tupid!!!  I found out my facebook profile was hacked into... how? I was reading my bio and read this Someone had put this in my bio: I was here.✔Verified by Drako that Claudia Muller does not run this account.   I had it as ✔Verified by Claudia Muller that she runs this account.   I have to go on now to change all my shit?? UGHHH! WHO FUCKING IS LOW AS SHIT TO DO SUCH FUCKING CRAP?
My Favorite Cartoons Series
Vocaloid Costume employs everything regarding Kurosaki Ichigo. Kurosaki Ichigo within bleach seems as with all normal Fifteen yr old teen having just one positive change; he is able to notice ghosts/spirits. Rukia Kuchiki, a new Shinigami (Heart Reaper) has gone out for a mission to locate a great evil heart referred to as a Hollowed out. The actual Hollow's target can be the one and only Ichigo. Rukia and Ichigo face one another the very first time. Ichigo's family becomes confronted through the Hollow and the best to prevent it was pertaining to Rukia, who had previously been hurt, for you to exchange the girl Shinigami forces to be able to Ichigo who seem to stood a sturdy non secular push. The actual concurrence involving Rukia as well as Ichigo triggers several journeys, with plenty of sense of humor en route. Ichigo facilitates Rukia protect against Hollows in addition to maintain community protected. The tale proceeds with a lot of creativities and also transforms using actions,
My Favorite Quote...
 Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit. 
My Facebook And Yahoo
add me on yahoo/facebook...wildjessica
My Favorite Status Quotes!
Watch me care, oh, wait, you missed it. Love's when people try to flip me off, all I say is "SIT AND SPIN IF IT TICKLES BOUNCE B*TCH" :) word of the day: shutupyoufuckingretard "Every time I trust someone they show me why I shouldn't trust them anymore" To love without condition, To talk without intention, To give without reason, And to care without expectation... this is the heart of a true friend. New meaning of stop, drop and roll. Stop running your mouth, drop the drama and roll your behind out the door.   See ya. I've had enough of trying to prove myself to people. Now I don't care about what people think as long as I'm happy with myself! :) I'm only here to make you look tall. I am so sorry if you are not enjoying your life, but please quit trying to make me feel bad for enjoying mine! Even though it feels like you are a million miles away, at times you still manage to make me smile :) Distance is hard on a relationship, always communicate even if time is limited. Make
My Favorites Just For You..(to My #1 Famz)
"Forget that playin' doctor is for kids! Let's play Gynecologist!" (was what I was thinkin the first few minutes) "Can I flirt with you?"  (for a long time cuz this so much fun) "How about you and I go back to my place and get out of these wet clothes?" (maybe I am just speaking for me) "I'll cook you dinner if you make, me, dessert." (I really love cheesecake) "The gods were happy the day we met" (I now often wonder yours or mine) "Can I please be your slave tonight?" (Pleeeeeease, pleaaaassssee pleeeeaaaassseee....) "Excuse me, do you have the time.....and the energy?" (pleeeeeaaaseee pllllleeeeassseee pleeeeeaaassseee still thinkin bout the last one..) "Would you like to come to a party in my toolshed?" (lol, yes...yes let's) "Come over here and get a taste of America's Most Wanted" (I could never say this without laughin' ) "Are you a virgin? (No.) Prove it!" (at what point are you a "born again virgin"...either way tee hee) "Do you mind if I end this sentence i
My Favorite Poem By Hdthoreau, "friendship"
I think awhile of Love, and while I think, Love is to me a world, Sole meat and sweetest drink, And close connecting link Tween heaven and earth. I only know it is, not how or why, My greatest happiness; However hard I try, Not if I were to die, Can I explain. I fain would ask my friend how it can be, But when the time arrives, Then Love is more lovely Than anything to me, And so I'm dumb. For if the truth were known, Love cannot speak, But only thinks and does; Though surely out 'twill leak Without the help of Greek, Or any tongue. A man may love the truth and practise it, Beauty he may admire, And goodness not omit, As much as may befit To reverence. But only when these three together meet, As they always incline, And make one soul the se
My Favourite Classic Boot
This is a important view for you to know. When you are wearing such sort ugg classic tall boots black and you will be able to get one to take smile in the sports indiscriminately as your wish. When you want to get a new UGG Classic Tall 5815, the fashion designs must be possible to attract your eyes. You can find the boot blend with the aquite low charge and high quality, which were made by unique sheepskin and designed in various colors in order to catch your first sight. Now, because the Internet and our daily life have been totally changed, it means that it is the Internet that makes our world smaller and smaller step by step. We know clearly that the cost in the real ugg classic tall boots on sale .superstores remains to be more or less a little bit pricey, but when you are shopping in the real stores, you can touch the shoes and feel the shoes with your own fingers. So does a pair of classicugg tall boots cheap, we know distinctly that almost every famous brand have
My Favorite Sayings And Quotes
*I am.... A little Sassy ~A little Classy ~A little Rough ~ A little Tough ~A little Naughty ~A little Nice ~A little Loving ~ A little Ice. I Call It Personality! * Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. *I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. Pain is your friend, your ally, it will tell you when you are seriously injured, it will keep you awake and angry, and remind you to finish the job and get the hell home. But you know the best thing about pain? Don't know?! It lets you know you're not dead yet!
My Favorite Quotes
~ People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.~   ~ A building gets torched. All that is left is ashes. I used to think that it is true about everything ó families, friends, feelings ó but now I know that sometimes, if love proves real, and two people are meant to be together, nothing can keep them apart.~   ~ If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn. People die. But real love is forever.~
My Favorite Five
My Fav
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My Familys Suffering
family separated by a secret  we found each other again    years later and loved each other like we always did ..   i feel thier hurt i feel their pain  and i wish i could make it go away  i wish it could make it end ...  but i have no power to do that  no power at all .. i have to sit by and watchthem suffer greatly in thier loss..  i had to look into my cousin deep brown eyes tonight ...  and feel it so strongly it shook me to my core ...    the tears are just below the surface .. underneath all my pretty eye make up the rainbow eyeshadow ...  i smile and yet cry at the same ... im happy but sad .. gentle but mad .. mad they took her away .         
My Fate
I thought I knew my fate Only to know misery and hate   I found I was wrong On the day you came along   You showed me more of my destiny By just giving me your company   Then came the night you loved me I know things could never be   The way they were before Cause you have shown me so much more   For four months we’ve been together Like two peas in a pod or birds of a feather   I guess what I’m trying to say Is I love you, in every way
My Faimily
MY FAMILY ONLY PLIST WILL CONTAIN 2 NSFW full nudes each member will recive a salute from me (nsfw or normal) and will see when i upload new ones into the folders new pictures i mean pictures will be uploaded into there very often unless something crops up like me getting a gf   FAMILY MEMBERS MUST BE female, good friends of mine, must have talked more then 5 times and had great convosations, must have a salute must not be judgmental upon me,must have me in their family as a return favour and must not rip my pictures because i block rips anyway   FAMILY MEMBERS MUST NOT remove me from their family if they do they will also be removed, try ask me for bling to join their family if they do i wont add them to mine, must not ignore me after i add them just because they join they should not think thats all they needed to do   i'm sorry that i do not allow males into my family but that is my choice you could buy me all the bling and credits you want it still woouldn't happen tha
My Fav Game
Alice Madness Returns Well to even start to tell you about why this is my MOST favorite RPG I have to tell you how much I love Alice In Wonderland or Alice's Adventures In Wonderland By Lewis Carroll & i can not Put it in words. This is the only game that i know that has her besides the original American Mcgees Alice, They have thrown in some characters And threw on a Creepy Twist On all of them. Alice Liddel,Cheschire Cat,Queen Of Hearts,Mad Hatter,Duchess,Hair,DoorMouse, White rabbit CardGuards.. Even Wonderland itself! I loved being able to play apart of it.  Its also a good old fashioned platformer game! (Jumping from Platform to Platform) The weapons you use are also pretty Awesome they Upgrade from collecting Teeth. Vorpal Blade-Its The Basic Melee Weapon. Pepper Grinder machine Gun(based on Lewis Carroll)
My Fav Irote Lounge
helllo hello how you!!! FEEEL BETTER!!!!
My Favs
Create a playlist at
My Favorite Lover (erotic Fiction)
I had a lover who was a lovely and beautiful married lady a few years older than me, maybe even five. I was 44 when I met her and I figured she was around 49, maybe even 50. She was a nurse and been on the search for a lover like herself -- someone who was completely uninhibited when it came to love making.She had reddish brown hair that fell just below her ears and eyes that were a deep brown. It was almost as if she could look right through you with those eyes, too.Deb was about 5'7" and I'm guessing she weighed around 170 pounds. She had nice looking boobs, a great ass and a pussy that was ever so slightly covered with public hair. She kept her pussy trimmed and neat, making it easy to go down on her, which I did with great frequency. In fact, some of the biggest pleasure I ever received from her was eating her out.In addition to banging our brains out, we would also meet for coffee from time to time. We tried Starbucks once but quickly discovered it was far too small for intimate c
My Favorite Quotes
Battle not with monsters lest you become a monster ~ Unknown ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you ~ Unknown ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tear me open but beware, there's things inside without a care ~ Metallica "Until It Sleeps" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems, got to open my eyes to everything ~ Evanescence "Bring Me To Life" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we do in life, echoes in eternity ~ Gladiator --------------------
*my Favorite Singer/car & Washer "jessica Simpson!"
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My Fave One Liners From Complete And Total Strangers
Jetboy: can i be your puppy?  
My Father Who Passed 12/21/12 He Was 82
well this recent holiday for 2012 wasnt too great with the passing of my  dad,curtis "crawfish"crider 1930-2012...he was a former grandnational/winstoncup now nextel/sprint driver..he raced in england in 1955 and the last beach race in 1958 ponce inlet florida,then daytona speedway and other nascar tracks through 1964.then drove local short dirt tracks through out florida as he mostly called barberville"volusia county speedway" his home track. we did bump heads sometimes as some fathers do i reckon as i grew up and even now,but still didnt mean i didnt love him,me and some family was bedside when he passed and just had recent viewing and funeral 27th-28th of december and i think im still in shock,but i know i miss having him around even though he has been gettin demensia for several years now and was kinda rough on us,but i would trade that to having him back love and miss you dad,when you passed you made the final lap and got the checkered is a link to daytona beach news j
My Fave Porn Actor & Actresses
I thought about this all week. I'm going to do it by decades.   80's   Kay Parker and Jerry Butler 90's   Stephanie Swift and Ron Jeremy 00's   Zoey Andrews and Lex Steele   I could add so many to this list. Like Amber Lynn and Nina Hartly. Anna Malle and Savannah. R. Bolla and Job Dough   Who do you like?
My Family
It has been almost 2 years since my last blog entry here.. I have much to confess.. lol ... sorry for the religous joke, but being raised catholic, my life is mired in the mythology. Since my last writing here I lost my wife of ten years, Brandy Jean Genovese. She died of diabetic induced cardiac arrest on november the 6th 2011.. I still have the children and it has been over a yr since she passed as of the time of this writing.. We had alot in common and when faced with our similiarities , I find I still look for her to respond. Losing her was one of the worst days of my life.. She was soo troubled and soo sick.. I am just glad she is at peace...  She left me with our 2 young children .. Jessica my only daughter, and Joey my youngest son..  They are doing well Jessica is 10 now and in the 5th grade, Joey is 4 and in preschool... Both are wonderful and beautfiul children.  My oldest mason is still a work in progress .. he has such a capacity for love within him.. And seems to locate e
My Favorite Sin
your voice in my ear, Your tounge in my mouth, My body on yours, My hands head south, You arch your back, Then cry out to me, Our bodies become one, Our souls are set free, For that one moment, Two become one, I lay in your arms, Our hour of passion is done... 
My Fantasy
All Morning I've not been able to stop dancing to this song! I'm in love lol In the shower, in the kitche, naked, semi naked.. I'm dance dance dancing :) I love the lyrics!  The video is up in my video section hehe    My Fantasy- Sally Shapiro   i'm flying high somewhere in the skiesi have been searching eyes open widei couldn't find you although i triedi had been longing with all my hearti was in need for a brand new startyou came from nowhere without a signnow i can't stop, watch you when you smilei think you know that i won't let you goplease stay with me cause i want you soi call you up for a rendez-vousanother night with just me & youi feel so warm when i'm in your armsi'm flying high somewhere in the skiesand now i feel that you really carewe have so much in our lives to sharei think you know that i won't let you goplease stay with me cause i love you soyou came from nowhere without a signnow i can't stop, watch you when you smileyou are forever right here with meit's all i w
My Favorite Quotes
My Father's Day
Sunday will come and go and I will miss father's day as am off to London. So here is my tribute to my dad, don't worry he is still alive and kicking at 80 years old.   My daddy used to carry me over seaweed at beach holidays as I was utterly petrified of the seething bubbly alien mass covered in blue bottles. It was basically moving and buzzing embedded in the sand and the thought of standing on dirty flies scared me to death, so he would lift me up all the way down to the water.   Then as I saw the roaring ocean, I would need the toilet and he would carry me all the way back up the beach to do a pee, as I cried behind a big stone, convinced a blue bottle would come near my bare bum. He had three other older kids to tend to, but he had to devote this entire time to me, probably worried sick his other kids were drowning.   That's my dad.   In the early 60s before anyone else had one, my daddy made me a skateboard. Yes, an actual skateboard with roller skate wheels attached t
My Favorite
Haters are my favorite. I´ve built an empire with the bricks they´ve thrown at me. Keep on hating...
My Family
Family   Fubar is a game and it is a social network. For some of us it is “just a game,” for some of us it is “just a social network,” and perhaps for most of us, it is something of both. Each of us chooses how much of each it is for us.   Our Fubar Family also means different things to each of us, and much of what it means may be determined by what Fubar means (game vs social.)   Family takes on new meaning when one runs famplifiers regularly, whether one wishes it to or not. Run famplifiers regularly and it attracts people who want to be in your family. It puts a certain pressure on a person who runs famplifiers often: pressure to make some difficult choices because once a family is full, one cannot add a person without removing a person.   I enjoy Fubar for both the game and the social aspects. I try to maintain my own idea of balance between “gamers” and “heart connections” with my family and where I put my energies he
My Favorite Position
As I was walking thru fascinations an adult toy store the clerk asked if I was looking for anything special. I told him I wanted a new rabbit vibe one that I can take in the shower with me. Well he advises me no vibe is 100% water proof. I asked him whats popular now he leads me to this couples toy hmmm I might just want to know what it is so I follow him and he shows me a we-vibe 3 hmmm my first thought was you and me. While thinking about you I quickly thought shock and Ihe showed me ' the Zeus violet wand ' instantly I wanted this and some accessories so he showed me how it worked and it sent chilled up and down my body DAMN that was thrilling! But I am one who likes grabbing and touching during sex I can't stay holding so he told me about the accessory bodylight twilight adaptor omg Omfg I want all three! I had to have them. Now to tell you my position with that in mind it would be with my ass on corner of bed you standing with my legs over your shoulders. Can you handle that?
My Faith
Do i do as every1 else do?I try 2 keep myself from things that can hurt or mess with my spirit.I will never put people down,i try 2 give them knowledge or in lighten them 2 something new.I pray and bless the poor and needy,so they will make it 2 a new day when the sun is shinning all the time,or not need the sun's light no more.I read a train myself so i add good learning 2 my life from God not the learns of this world.Do i sin?yes i do,and my heart 4 it,and it also sometime hurt my spirit,so i run off and pray,read,repent,get 4given and not practice it again,and hope its not on my soul.I dont love money,so i think i have problems in that part of my life,but no follower of Jesus isnt going 2 have it good all the time when the devil rule the world,and they cant see it(deeper),I work 2 do good,with my hands,not 2 do evil,because if i do evil,that is what come back,and thats what i get what i paid 4,sorry not paying 4 bad things no more.If i practice evil and bad things thats in the end a
My Favorite Boots
My F*cked Up Life. Then Begins A New Love.
well my life has been f*cked up these last few months I had met someone and she had fell in love with me and I'm married but seperated ,my wife had told me she wanted to work things out with me so I ended up hurting this girl, about a month ago my wife didn't act like she wanted to be with me and we had got into it cause it seemed like I was being used by her. well I went online to talk to the girl I had hurt cause we was still friends right before my wife had left my house, well my friend came over with her daughter to talk to me, about 30 mins to an hour the cops had showed up, my wife had said I had hit her and my son. well I would never do that but I had ran and started staying with my friend, I don't know why she loves me and is trying to help me but 2 weeks went by and I had went back to work and that first day back my wife seen me there so the first thing she ask for was money for my kids, I gave her the money the next day the 3rd day I was there about 15 mins after I had starte
My Fckity -fcks *smirks*
HA! *Pouts a little* MEET MY FU-FAMILY! ALL SO VERY SPEACIAL IN THEIR OWN EACH & EVERY WAY'S! SOME WON IN AUCTIONS, SOME WON ME. FORGING GREAT FRIENDSHIPS & LOYAL SUPPORT. EACH OF THEM ARE ADORED. WON'T YOU SHOW THEM MORE. *** This Man is the most Loyal & decent person Ive ever had the honor to meet. He has been with me here from my begining's here on the "Fu-Scene. A true asset. jr69@ fubar My sista! My Part Time "Fu-Wifey! My Partner in Crime! Girl! I Love you! More on this one later,... ~Phoenix~@ fubar My Other "fu-Hubby by Default,... He is my My Fu-Wifey's Fu-husband. & Man can he fill a bling box!!! *wipes sweat from brow* *smirks* More to come on this one later,... LUCKY/FU HUBBY TO PHOENIX My newest winning in a auction & has also been with me from the begining here doing the "Fu-scene. @ fubarjayrod874~D.S.C ~D.T.B~MANAGER & SECURITY @ ACES UP~OWNED BY ☠☠☠BrightEyedArtist&# Another wonderfully welcomed n
My Fcked Up Life Poem I Wrote In High School
My Fucked Up Life I don't know why i can't stop my fucked up ways I hurt my boyfriend and now i am in a never ending daze. I wish i knew the truth about the way he feels my heart has grown harder then any kind of steels. I wish I knew why I am so thoughtless when it comes to boys people think I just think they are toys. I know guys have feelings to I am not a whore so how do i have to prove it to you? Do I need to wash off all of this gothic makeup well i wear what i want and look how i feel so shut the fuck up! I won't respect you if you don't respect me if you look deeper then the makeup you will finally see. I will never know how you feel when I lie all I know is that when I lie to you I start to cry. I don't care what everyone thinks everyone who hates me are just a bunch of dinks. I love you and I will not lie (to you) if I do I insist i die. I always have had no feelings for my acts but now I hate myself because of all the facts. This p
My Feelings In Regards To Ratings
oh i forgot to mention this if your new you get 10's but if no response if you decide to hit me up after for a friend request and depending on how it goes down when we chatting if i'm feelin you your rating goes up doesn't mean that goes after 1,2, 3 or whatever conversations it's the vibe i'm getting at the moment! also to mention i love too see happy fam pics and pics of babies and young children they all get 10's foremost so don't wonder why i rated ya kids or you with ya fam or children higher then you alone! grahpics pics(images), designs i'll rate anything from a 6-10! Wassup 2 all i just thought i'll write this cause i don't want peeps to get the wrong idea bout me, first i'm here for chatting and meeting much cool ass peeps as i can, and so far i have you know who you are, so whether it be 5 or a 4 rating or whatever, its not cause i'm being mean or hating, its because we hardly even speak or spoken and i dont know you, i'll add you in hopes of doing what i said,feel its f
My Feelings For You Are True
I never really knew you You were just another friend But when I got to know you I let my heart unbend I couldn't help past memories that would only make me cry I had to forget my first love and give love another try So I've fallen in love with you and I'll never let you go I love you more than anyone I just had to let you know And if you ever wonder why I don't know what I'll say But I'll never stop loving you each and every day My feelings for you will never change just know they are true and remember one thing it is that I will always love you!
My Feel-better Song
My Fear(s)
PART ONE: Today's entry 9:26am Monday Sept. 25, 2006 Most people I talk to tell me that they have no fears of any kind other than the normal "fear of water, or fear of fire, or fear of being smothered" that type of stuff. I think that everyone has some type of fear of that physical aspect of dying that way. I know I have a fear of Snakes, especially boas or pythons that are big enough to eat someone like me for lunch. But those are just your normal everyday fears that basically are like the boogyman, you can usually get over them as you get older, or not as the case may be. It all depends on the person and their state of mind. Some of those fears never go away. For me the snake one will never go away, but that isn't my greatest fear. My greatest fear is, not knowing my greatest fear. Or rather not knowing what that greatest fear actually is. Even though I have an idea that something is not what is seems in the back of my mind, I always manage to push it to the furthes
My Feeling
life is to short not to have fun and enjoy life. love is like a flower it grows with each passing day with the right care. much love to all my friends and friends to come. hugs kisses love xoxoxoxoxoxo
My Feel Bad Hurts
so much homework. eassay, term papers, quiz, test. so much to do. so little time why even bother? i mean does anyone realy care if i get the A or the C but me? After graduation who cares. Just dont feel good, dont feel like homework! Wanna go lay down and bundle up and fall sound asleep... maybe later....
My Feelings
ive got a lot of friends some of them r single looking for lovers some of the r looking for friends i try to help my friends out
My Feelings About Everything
Love. To hell with it. All it ever does is fuck everything up. I am completely lost like usual. I try to hide it but only a few people knows I am lost by just looking at me. I have no idea what to do with everything really. I actually am right back where I was a year ago...great. Everyday I try to crack a smile, my feelings deep inside just gets worse and worse and I don't know what to do with my feelings. One reason why I'm wearing black everyday is because that's how I feel inside. Black is empty and dark. I really want to move on and forget about the past but I can't because the man who I loved and still love has made me the happiest woman in the world and hurt me so much that I am not myself again. I will never open my heart up ever again. I know I said that last time but this time it's for real. I'm tired and sick of being hurt. Everyday I see couples hugging, whispering sweet nothings to each other, laughing, and having the time of their life. It depresses me because I used to be
My Feelings For You!
..:::My feelings for You:::.. My heart flutters, My hands shake, My feelings for you are beyond heaven's gate, Those feelings I have for you are pure, This I know for sure. Without you I am incomplete, Because your love for me is so sweet!!
My Feelings
I don't normally blog on Myspace. Too many people I know and I don't know I am not one to share true feelings. Since everyone here seems so nice and supportive I figure this is a great place to come. Last week my Husband (ryan) didn't feel well, I had bought some spare robs to BBQ but insted of saying I don't want those put them back in the freezer he just feel asleep early it was great I didn't have to cook but that was $12.00 of food that was wasted. so they are still in my fridge starting to get funky and I don't have the heart to throw them away. I will never cook them but now garbage dosen't come for another week so I don't want them to totally funk befor next friday. Then on monday I pulled pork chops out of the freezer and put them in microwave to defrost then we went out to eat, i forgot them till tuesday then remembered they were there. I called ryan he pulled them out and put them in the fridge why?? So they went bad too. Then 2 weeks ago it was my baby shower my best
My Feelings Through My Own Eyes
every day i read about victims of violent crime and people who serve our country dying i read about those who fight to protect our freedom and then i read about those children who get abused badly its a cruel sad world we live in today the abuse doled out to our children is disgusting and cruel not to mention unethical and harsh sure as a child i took my share of whippings but compared to now those were mild too many children have been abused to death and it sickens me any person who abuses a child needs a lobotomy you have to disipline ur child but where do you draw the line? too often i see abusive men hurting their woman and it bothers me i used to be that way but i grew out of that stage any man who beats on a woman is only half a man and needs a reality check now as for our men and women serving our country proud....i salute them even though i don't agree with us fighting a war with iraq i do support our troops we've lost a lot of men and women overseas but i wil
My Feelings On "pretty Pussy Contests. Dont Like My Opinion Go Away!
I can see the "Most Real Cherr" or "Graveyard Boys" I can see the "Pretty Eye Contests" and the "PS" contests. Tell me though What in the world is the point of something so volgar and degrating as "Pretty Pussy" Conetsts?! Is gross, Its showing a low self respect, and comepletely out of line in my eyes. I personaly would never eneter such a contest. I dont want the world to see my puss. Thats for my husbands eyes only. Come on people GROW UP! If your in highschool, I can see it but grown men and woman. Whats wrong with you. Be ashamed! I am far from a prude trust me. I also have a thing called self respect and BOUNDRIES! Sending randome shouts and mssages to have a person vote for your pussy is disgusting! A little warning please while I sip my morning coffee. MY CHILDREN ARE AWAKE!!! For future notice DO NOT SEND ME NUDES AND DO NOT SEND ME A LINK TO VOTE FOR YOUR DIRTY BODY PARTS! i HAVE NO PROBLEM VOTING ON OTHER CONTESTS FOR MY FRIENDS. I ALWAYS DO. I dont care for eneteri
My Fetish
My Feelings Of Love
I want the whole world to know That since the first night You walk into my life... Nothing has been the same. As I wait for you to pass by, Just to get a glimpse of you... I want you to know That I'm the only one That would walk any fire for you... As I've hungered, Just to feel the burning of your flames... And how you make my heart pound like thunder, As you take my breath away, With your words, And your passions, and your love, I can't escape... From the love I feel for you, From a place within me, Where your love resides, I feel that I am tide up in chains, For all this that my heart and soul feels, Since you have captured me completely, Cause all I do my love... Is crave and yearn, for one single touch, Of your everlasting love, I will always truly love only you!
My Feeling On Some Ratings
Ok i have had enough last week someone rated my wedding photo a 5 then tonight my support for the United States Marine Corps is rated a one if you dont like what you see dont rate.I feel it is rude if you cant be nice and mature then dont say anything..sorry for bitching but i have had enough
My Feelings
Empty The feeling empty is a lonely feeling , Life has no meaning or brightness Love is a lie and empty and hurtful The truth about love is that for some it is wonderful and great and happy and a dream come true. But for others there is just nothing no real feelings no warmth no joy no bliss nothing . Love is just a word you say to make someone else happy ,not a feeling not an emotion not anything at all... Just a word a lie a empty meaningless word... By Ronda McMillan Truth The truth is I have been going through life thinking that love is real and a joyful thing to have in your life ....Wrong Wrong Wrong I have the love of a wonderful man that I do not deserve , with the way I feel about Love he is better off with someone other then me............................ I care about him and wish I could feel that kind of love for him that he has for me but I think I am not able at this point in my life to give anyone that much feeling I am EM
My Feelings For You
I sometimes lay in bed at night and think of you and i cant believe how fast your making my dreams come true. it's unbelievable how i've fallin in love with you so fast and all i do is hope and pray it will last. so many questions are floating in my head things that i think about when i lie in bed. how did i get the chance to find some one so great was this just my luck or is this actually fate? but all that really matters is that we're together and it wont be just a fling it'll be forever. everything i've said i meant from the bottom of my heart i love you baby, and nothing will tear us apart.
My Feet Hurt
i have lots of pictures... battery park, central park, museum of modern history, ground zero, ellis island... had to get the cheesy I heart NYC shirts... i have snowglobes, i am such a fucking tourist. my feet hurt... i need beer..
My Feelings
Granted I dont have over a 1000 friends but you know what the many friends that I do have seem like the only reason they are on my list was to get cherry points. That doesnt sit too well because I thought my friends where there to supoport me and vice versa. Only a few of my friends showed that they werent my friend just for the points..others well...want support in things they are doing and I give that support but thats as far as it goes they say they will return the love but when the time comes they just ignore me like I hadnt said or done anything. But for those who will read this and either leave and not do anything or those that will show me that they are my friend because they want to be here is the link to the contest that I am currently in ..all the support I can get will be greatly appreciated and of course returned. When I joined this site I thought it was full of good people..and yes there is ALOT of good people but there is also a bunch of selfish people that only care abou
My Feelings
I just want to make some things clear to people that meet me. I am blunt. I am honest- maybe too honest. There are many people that have called me a "cold-hearted bitch," but I am just telling them the truth. If I don't like you, I will tell you. I don't "beat around the bush."
My Feelings Keep Me Real.
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My Fearless Super Bowl Xli Prediction.......
Here we go.......... Chicago Bears 27 Indianapolis Colts 24 You're now free to like or hate on my pick.
My Ferst Mum Was A Dare By A Friend.. I Love My Life!!!!!!
ok to all my friends that saw my First mum it was a dare by a friend of mine...I LOVE MY LIFE AND WOULD NOT CHANGE A THING!!!!!
My Fellow Americans
This is another blog that is not going to settle well with many. If you have read any of my other commentaries you already know 'I don't care' if this pisses people off. The social problems we are dealing with in the U.S are horrendous. While demand grows rapidly, government funding or help of any kind has been drastically cut or eliminated. It has become humanly impossible for those of us in the human service professions to assist the rapidly growing number of men, women, and children, who are homeless, poverty-stricken, abused, discriminated against, etc. It is time America helped her own first... Until I take my last breathe on this earth, I will continue to stand and speak for those who cannot for one reason or another do so for themselves... And sometimes that may include ways which are not popular... WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT TO TURN ON THE TV AND HEAR ANY U.S. PRESIDENT, DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN GIVE THE FOLLOWING SPEECH? My Fellow Americans: As you all know,
My Feelings For You
I never really knew you You were just a screen name, another friend But when I got to know you, I let my heart unbend. I couldn't help past memories that would only make me cry I had to find a way, to give love another try, So I've fallen in love with you and I'll never let you go I love you more than anyone I just had to let you know And if you ever wonder why I don't know what I'll say But I'll never stop loving you each and every day My feelings for you will never change Just know my feelings are true Just remember one thing I Love You! That is my feelings for you...
My Feet Hurt
so i am going to whine a bit about leaving my house this morning....i didnt want to. i went back to my full time job today after being off for seven months...also after having a baby.i am scheduled for 6 days this week, however i only work 6.5 hours per day so its not too bad. i am in a very fast paced environment where i am on my feet all day and i havent done anything real physical in all the time off because of the pregnancy.i am feeling the atrophy poor lil muscles just ache. on top of that, i work with a crew of people who are about 10-15 years younger than me, so that adds a little pressure to work harder than them so i can advance...ugh! kicked my ass today! the flip side is that this should progress my "post baby" weight loss by double the current rate of loss!lol i also recieved a very warm welcome from the coworkers,whom i have grown to love and missed very much! they are all wonderful and their smiles made it impossible for me to cry because i missed my baby! :) in
My Fellow Men: Just Listen To Them
Most of the women I know seem to have emotional problems of one sort or another, or with some aspect of themselves, or with men. I know, because they tell me about them. Sometimes I just listen, sometimes I am able to find words to make the situation a little less gloomy. But that is not always possible, because some things in the world are just ... crap. Or I'm the cause for the problems to start with. Kind of hard to be the neutral view from the outside, if you are really inside of the mess. Not because you can't have a separate neutral view, but because nobody will want to know about it. But do women have more issues to deal with then men, as my personal statistics might suggest ? I think not. "We" just don't talk about them. To nobody. That must be the cause for the fact that I know way more asshole men than asshole women. You can't fight your inner demons in a manly way (i.e. alone) without the whole process having some sort of effect on the outside world. Most of the time a n
My Feelings
ok i don't understand ppl i ran in to this one guy on here and i was checkin out his pic's and he had a whole bunch of white power nazi pic's and i checked out his profile a lil more and this guy had all kinds of rap music like 50 cent,jibbs,and alot more so i desided 2 shout him just 2 ask whats up and all he could say is who said i was a racist but he had a pic that said parental advisory fucking racist and he had a pic of a gorilla with a red banddana a blunt and a beer with thug life writin across it's chest i don't know about the rest of you but that seems kind of racist 2 me well anyways he proceded 2 tell me that he is a equal oppertunity racist but 2 me that just sounds like a cracker that is guilty about how he feel's or one that is afraid of ppl knowing the truth im no racist by no means (well just racist agienst racist ppl)but if have the ball's 2 put up white power and nazi pic's u shuold have the ball's 2 admite your a racist cracker so everyone knows were your coming from
My Feelings
Is it possible to love some one too much?? i mean in a sence you feel you cant love them enough and no matter what you say or do it is never enough but yet you would give your life for them but yet you feel as though you love them intirely too much, so much that you would be willing to die for them if a speading car was comming down the road and it was a decision of your life or theirs you would sonner throw yourself befoe that car and see the other person live gahhhhhhhhhh i dont know ok im babbleing so i will stop here
My Feelings
well just wanted to leave a note to say the last few days have been pretty awesome.. start with sat 3/10 me and my oldest sons father got back togther and we took all the kids to a park and had a great time.. and then 3/11 did the same thing.. I had suck a good time both days with my children and him!! Its awesome!! I love my boyfriend and now I know it's real!!
My Fears Have Manifested
What do you know, I am left without a place to stay. I was unable to borrow any money from the few friends I seen this weekend. Now I am lost and upset wondering what to do. I got to see some great friends that I have missed terribly and apparently they missed me too. I didn't get any new ink but managed to talked to my tattoo artist. I don't know what to do.
My Feelings For Him
My mind is wondering My heart beats My feelings are mixed But most of all my soul knows something I have been searching and looking for someone to be my friend that I can open up too There he was on the other side on my page Wondering and wondering is he the friend for me as days go by I have found the most sweet kind friend that any one can have as our friendship grows more and more as each passing day I start to feel something special for him even though he is taken my feelings still grow he is my friend my best friend The moments that we share just for a short time is all we need until something started to grow I saw his face in a picture now my mind wonders and my heart pounds to hear his voice just the thought makes me smile I can't stop thinking and wondering what we might do What a very good friend that i have who will know me inside and out and maybe even more but who will know except the man up stairs then soon enough i heard his voice I didn't
My Feelings, Page 3
Screaming for air, in a bottomless pit of despair, running with purpose, but going nowhere, Clinging to something, But unable to grasp Drowning in silence, waters making me gasp Inhaling this fear and pain and distress Finding no solace, no peace and no rest My eyes tighten up my heart buries deep my soul seeks freedom, as my eyes start to weep Lonely again with no one to hold no one to hold me as my heart turns to cold
My Feelings
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My Feelings
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My Feelings
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My Fears Of Being Hurt Again
what was I so afraid of? today as you read this you'll find out Just what I was so afraid of Beacuse I was afraid of getting hurt I was afraid I would'nt be everything you wanted in a woman. And I can't deny the fact that Your still in my heart as I think of you day and night It Brings tears to my eyes and they make me realize That you're not like any other guy And although I hurt you a lot it hurts me even more And broke my heart into a million pieces That I made me see the other side of you, The one I never wanted to know, one who Was cold hearted and angry at the world still I've never stop caring or loving you I have never shed this many tears for any one The way I shed them for you I hope that someday you can forgive me Im asking you to take my hand and let me be what you know I can be Someone who Deeply Cares for you
My Feelings
is there any single guys out there for me cause it seems like everytime i meet somebody online they end up hurting me
My Fetishes
My fetishes are simple(at least I would like to think so). Here is the least: Getting my hair pulled-it's a thrill cuz my anal about any one touching my hair,so I like it when a guy just does it,it's hot! Spanking-cheez come on guys dont be afraid to do it,women like it! Biting-it can be fun,if done right,if you're into drawing blood then do so,but before doing this,make sure you n your partner have discuss this fully with each other. Hickies-to me are very erotic feeling,nothing can make a woman cum faster if you are f**king her n sucking on her at the same time. Nipples-they are senstive and you can do some much to them Belly-buttons-can be very erotic especially when nippling on fruit ,trust me(or ask be brave,lol) Anything you want to know about my fetishes ask,go on I dare you
My Feelings At This Moment! Please Watch And Comment!!!
My Feelings
My Feelings
I can't help it, it's not by choice, my heart beats faster, my knees get weak, my stomach hurts & I can hardly breathe and each & every moment feels brand new, I just can't help it I'm crazy for U!
My Feelings
I have gotten to a breaking point. I do not know what to do. The drama has gotten so freaking deep. I try and pull myself away fromt he drama only to be pulled in no matter what. I do not have to be where the drama is to be pulled in to it. Seems like everyone keeps pulling the BS around me. Which in turn I am shutting down. I do not wish to do anything anymore. I want to hide under my rock where its safe. There for I do not have to deal anymore. I guess that is that.
My Feeling
A feeling so deep,a feeling so pure A feeling of comfort,feeling secure Feeling special,a feeling of goodness A feeling of care,a feeling of trueness So close so near so much love we share A feeling of emptiness if you weren't here Do not ever want to let this feeling i feel go Let this be something i'll forever know What would i feel without you Like i'm in a dark place all lonely In a cold cold room, with no one to hold me But while i'm with you I feel like i'm in paradise Your everything i want I never want to leave this place I'm not goin even front You make me feel good with all that you do I feel LOVED when i'm with you. If I had to count the reasons why I love you and why I'm so in love with you...I'd have to count forever.The first time I saw you, I knew it was true, that I'd love you forever, and that's what I'll do. You don't know what you do to me, you don't have a clue, you don't know what it's like to be, me looking at you. Because I Love you MOre
My Feelings On The Ct Salute Issue!!!
well ok so i found this site afew months ago and when i first got on here all i could say was kool. but since gettin to a level 10 it has become a crappy ordeal. for one u cant make it past a 10 til u post a salute ....wuts a salute u ask? well u have to hold up a white piece of paper sayin ur ct numbers and ur ct name ....and with that in mind.....u should be able to show any pic of urself u want...even if it's not you....i can name about 100 poeple on ct who just are very secretive and dont want ct members to see wut they really look like and theirs no crime in it.....,so the way i see it its not right to tell someone that they wont make it past a certain level cuz their not real...thats like tellin me im not human im a alien....NO SALUTE can prove who i really am only my CERTIFICATE!!!! so lets this be said i will stay a 10 for as long as i want cuz im not out to prove who i am to anyone but GOD HIMSELF!!!!!! PEACE OUT!!!!
My Feelings On The Ct Salute Issue!!!
well ok so i found this site afew months ago and when i first got on here all i could say was kool. but since gettin to a level 10 it has become a crappy ordeal. for one u cant make it past a 10 til u post a salute ....wuts a salute u ask? well u have to hold up a white piece of paper sayin ur ct numbers and ur ct name ....and with that in mind.....u should be able to show any pic of urself u want...even if it's not you....i can name about 100 poeple on ct who just are very secretive and dont want ct members to see wut they really look like and theirs no crime in it.....,so the way i see it its not right to tell someone that they wont make it past a certain level cuz their not real...thats like tellin me im not human im a alien....NO SALUTE can prove who i really am only my CERTIFICATE!!!! so lets this be said i will stay a 10 for as long as i want cuz im not out to prove who i am to anyone but GOD HIMSELF!!!!!! PEACE OUT!!!!
My Feelings On Love, Dating And Marriage
How I feel on Love These are how I feel about Love, Soulmates, Marriage and Dating My own opinion: I fell in love with Someone: All my life I pushed guys away. I felt I never deserved to have a guy treat me good. Unil I met him. He changed me in more ways than anyone has ever changed a person's life. He gave me what I felt I lost. Every person that comes into your life you learn a little bit more about yourself. Piece by piece until the puzzle of yourself is solved. Each relationship, Friendship and Partnership gives us the clues we need to figure out ourselves through our lifes path. Dating is hard, it's also fun. It's going over and over with differant people until we connect with someone. Hoping it works out and feeling frustrated when it doesnt, because then we know we have to start all over again. Feeling that lonelyness, we feel as humans. Then we get depressed and give up looking all together, and BAM that person finds us. I feel when you trully kno
My Feelin
i know things happens for a reason but why.....i have been thinking alot latey about that...wishin that i could go back and change things but i can' from now on im going to live my life for each day and worry what tomorrow will bring b/c you might not be here tomorrow and and worry about the past b/c that is what it is the PAST....i want to thank all my friends for being there for me when i needed them without them i don't know what i would have done so i thank yall with all my heart....and to somebody and i don't need to say names i want to thank you you have made me a better person and without you in my life i don't know what i do you know me better than anybody and for that i am thankful i will always love you and you will always have heart forever love yall Dana
My Fears
My fears, my dreams, my hopes they are what make me. But they are not always as they seem to be. I am let down time after time As my fears become reality my dreams are shattered and my hopes were never there My fear of betrayal of being alone is beneath the surface waiting to come forth My dreams of a perfect life of having it all become nonexistent when I took my fist step and proceed to fall My hopes for the future for having whoever I desire were not there becasue I recieve no desire in return Why does life seem to have a way of letting you down on each and every day? I want some answers to help me out so my dream, my fears, and my hopes may come about.
My Fetish Survey (women Only Reply Pls..)
Mainly Aimed at the local women in the Los Angeles,Long beach,OC,Valley,and other Beach City areas( Santa monica,etc..): Who would be willing to step on me in their Sneakers/socks/heels/or just in bare feet for 100$? (..You say "100$, is that it??!" ..and I say,well, yes..considering that 100$ here,100$ all adds up thank-you..) I'm suffering from trampling withdrawals and need to find new and more ahemm..Volunteers to jakk me up from time to time! ]>-)> U can respond bk through private message for discretionary purposes if you wish,or just comment bk on here. Thanks..U Rock,I-Rock, we all Rock! ];-)>
My Feelings On A Disabled Person's Life
Ok, this is basically saying how I feel about my life and I'm sure a lot of other people that are disabled feel the same way, for one, the quality of life should be the best and live life to the fullest, that means they should be invited to take part and be involved that means volunteering or playing sports or video games or just socializing because as long as the rest of the free world sits there and acts like or treats other disabled people like they can't do nothing, that disabled person's quality of life goes slowly but surely down the tubes because they're shoved aside and not included in things in life and it's really sad that people have to act like that, period because the rest of the world needs to know this, that one day, they'll be disabled by some form possibly and then they'll realize what the hell people like me and others go thru day in and day out, otherwise, they don't have a damn clue at all because some people not all of them but some people just don't give a flying
My Feelings
i know you are probably tired of hearing me talk about this. But this is the only way i can get my feeling out is by writing. a couple months back i lost my mom my best friend and my bowling partner. life has thrown me some curve balls. but im trying to deal with. my mom raised me all by herself and i feel she did a good job she made me into the man i am today. im going to be blut im tired of leading my life like this by trying to keep up with fashion or new phone that come out im just going to be Desmond and if most people dont like that i dont know what to tell you im just going to be true to myself and not try to impress people. i feel like im doing that at time i wanna have the new phone first or lastest jordans but no more im just going to be me I LOVE YOU MOM RIP 4-21-07
My Feelings Right Now
Hey Everybody even though my online status says sick i am physically fine nothing's wrong with me just feeling down in the dumps and sad and feeling blue and depressed because soon my bestest friend on Lost Cherry,Cherry Tap,Fubar ~NiCcKiE ~ Princess' Mistress and she makes me so happy and makes me smile every time she's on this site now she's leaving in a month and i feel like my heart has been ripped out but the down side is i wish that fubar had a sad online status but how i feel about her is i would trust her with my life and i would defend her honor in anyway and because she's going from this site i am feel like i am losing my best friend for a 2nd time in a space of 2 years and Nicckie made me feel so safe everytime i talked to her on this site my i am going to miss my wonderful amazing beautiful stunning sexy goregous pretty cool and hott friend Nicckie and i am uncertain how i will cope without her on this site because not only do i have her in my friends list i have her in
My Feelings
“My feelings for you shame me into silence. The truth of this and your name will never be revealed. It is you who has made me realize the failure of my life. The thought of you fills me with longing and at the same time, a burning humiliation that produces scar tissue and dead brain cells. Your existence mocks me and I am unable to confront this. You have no idea of any of this. None of this is your fault. It is completely with me. It is you who makes me see what I really am. I am weak and out of touch with myself.” ~Henry Rollins
My Feet Pics
Just Letting you know I took some feet pic for A friend on here If you like to comment and rate for me. Thanks. Hugs And Bites.
My Feelings Part 1 ~nicckie ~ Princess' Mistress
Nicckie my feelings for you are more than just that of a friend and i just hope nothing bad will happen to you because in my eyes you're so special to me and i hope you realize i am serious about that and i mean every word i just hope that you know to me you're my special goddess who i really do care about more than anything in the world to me you're that wonderful and amazing and one hell of a good friend to me you ~NiCcKiE ~ Princess' Mistress i am going to miss you like crazy and deep down i happy for you but on the surface i am in pain and feeling very sad you decided to leave this site and to me you have been the bestest friend to me on this site i just care about you so much i really do whenever i needed to be happy you would always be there to make me smile all the time i just find it hard letting someone who i truly care about go like this these are my true feelings for you Nicckie and deep down i love you so much it just hurts me knowing you are going from this site and
My Feelings!
Ok today is Sunday August 9, 2007 and I was sitting here with alot on my mind and I thought I would put some of what Im feeling and thinking in writing just so I could express myself. So here is the deal.....Theres a man in my life that I feel like I am getting closer to every day and I like it very much. This man makes me feel so good when he is around me and even when I talk to him on the phone or text each other. I feel like he really understands me and that he feels the same way I do on alot of things and I feel like I can talk to him about anything. This man is growing to be a very important part of my daily life and I think about him all the time and I miss being around him. I know that I probly shouldnt have the feelings for this person that I have but he makes it so easy to be crazy about him and I am. I know that this may sound crazy but I really am having true feelings for him and I miss him so much when I dont get to talk to him or see him but we both have lots of thin
My Feelings Untold
Right now i just want to be held because these feelings I have they are raging within No, i won't ask you to do this because I know you'll only scold me because it's asking way too much. I'm trembling inside like a child so scared I just want the storm to stop for it just to come to a complete hault, even if it's just for a very short while I want to feel so safe in ways I haven't before. To be comforted is a pleasure that I long for but I know it's one that I shall not have from you, anyway. . The feelings that I am holding inside are feelings that have been left untold there are so many questions that I want to ask you, answers with honesty is exactly what I need, but I'm so damn afraid that you will only tell me, "NO" and the answers to the questions I will never know. You have no idea how i long to tell you how I really feel but then I ask myself, "What's the point?" "It's plain to see, my feelings don't matter." I think of you e
My Fellow Hypocrites
The ruling of all class Coexists with the Corruption hiding beneath The supposed, good intentions Put forth into the public eye Swaying the fools Over to the side Where deceit is enthroned. Truth is scarce Along with the Universal belief system Everyone speaks of Yet chooses not to acknowledge. "My children of chaos Look not, to the clear picture For it will turn you All against me in the end". In the land of the free And home of the cowardly Taking refuge behind An undeserved title. The diverse, charitable outreach Becomes the new status symbol. By appearing to lend a helping hand Brings in an ongoing budget. Blood money brings in the delights Into the comforts Of all village idiots. As the drought of realism Melts through the mirage Presented by the Despicable figure not fit To qualify for yet run the country. Ordained by an imaginary God The figure needs an excuse To drill the country lifeless. In doing so, by Bathing in the b
"my Fears"
Now that I finally opened up my heart to someone, Will he even want it? I have put my heart on the table Will he take it? I have said my words Will he even listen to them? I had sent my kisses Will he kiss me back? I had given my hugs Will he hug me back? I shared my feelings Will he understand my feelings? I had given my body to him Will he cherish it? I had given my soul to him Will he preserve it? My fears would be--- He would close his heart to me He would put it in the trash It would go to one ear to another ear and laugh at me He would wipe off my kisses He would just handshake me instead give me hugs He would walk over my feelings like a doormat He would treat it as if he rapes me He would allow it to became rotten Then whom am I to him?
My Feelings
hummm my feelings are... well im happy and sad all at the sametime.. and if I told yall my real feelings yall would be worried about me.. so im just not going to say...
My Fears
Now that I finally opened up my heart to someone, Will he even want it? I have put my heart on the table Will he take it? I have said my words Will he even listen to them? I had sent my kisses Will he kiss me back? I had given my hugs Will he hug me back? I shared my feelings Will he understand my feelings? I had given my body to him Will he cherish it? I had given my soul to him Will he preserve it? My fears would be--- He would close his heart to me He would put it in the trash It would go to one ear to another ear and laugh at me He would wipe off my kisses He would just handshake me instead give me hugs He would walk over my feelings like a doormat He would treat it as if he rapes me He would allow it to became rotten Then whom am I to him? What do I became to?
My Feeling For Today
well today is kinda shitty i dont know why maybe cuz my dad is away. Plus my son is going to have eye surgery here next month from today i cant have him sick cuz he could die :( idk but keep it real laters......... Justin
My Feelings & Dreams About One Man
Whenever you see me...Whoever sees me...know that my heart is opened wide...know that I will love you for who you are, know that no matter how wrong or right you or I may be...I am one who can give but must learn to recieve. I am not perfect, I am such as you...I must learn at times to...but no matter what...I will always be here for you...and perhaps you for me. If Only By: Flo There are many thoughts and fantasies Wandering in my head. While I dream about you, And when I am asleep in my bed, I wish many things. I wish with no fear That right here beside me You would be here. I wish you could tell me In person every day Just how much you love me. A dream can go Where a wish cannot. A dream can bring truth What a wish never thought. When I dream about you You’re holding my hand. My feelings for you These I had never planned. Gazing at the stars On a dark, cold night, We'd utter sweet words Under the pale moonlight. If you were here beside me, I c
My Feelings
Hey There Delilah" Hey there Delilah What's it like in New York City? I'm a thousand miles away But girl, tonight you look so pretty Yes you do Times Square can't shine as bright as you I swear it's true Hey there Delilah Don't you worry about the distance I'm right there if you get lonely Give this song another listen Close your eyes Listen to my voice, it's my disguise I'm by your side Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me What you do to me Hey there Delilah I know times are getting hard But just believe me, girl Someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar We'll have it good We'll have the life we knew we would My word is good Hey there Delilah I've got so much left to say If every simple song I wrote to you Would take your breath away I'd write it all Even more in love with me you'd fall We'd have it all Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what yo
My Feelings
My Feelings I'm in love with you,but: My Feelings are: No matter what you choose to do in life I just want you Happy. My Feelings are:Not as important as your Heart and Healing it. My Feelings are:If she makes you Happy then I fly away! My Feelings are:She better love The Dragon Too Or I will!!
My Feelings For You
My Feelings for You Current mood: numb Category: Writing and Poetry Sometimes in life, You find a special friend. Someone who changes your life just by being part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you cant stop. Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who can convince you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it. You treat me in a way no one has ever done before. And its because of this that Ill love you forever more. I thought about you today and for some reason after that I couldnt stop smiling! Life is for living. I live mine for you. Love is for giving, I give mine to you. Hearts are for beating; mine beats for you. Dreams are full of meaning; mine are full of you.
My Feelings For Someone Special
NATASHA BEDINGFIELD LYRICS "Love Like This" (feat. Sean Kingston) [Natasha:] Oh… Never find a love like this Oh… Never find a love like this We go back so far, swingin in your back yard, all the things that we used to do We were cool back in high school ooh I really liked you, must have been your attitude. That's why you keep on runnin in and out of my mind. As the years they'll roll by, Baby, now I know why I keep comin back to you. You're the only one that knows me, love it when you hold me, never find a love like this Let me hear you say now I'll never be lonely, look at what you've shown me, never find a love like this Well this life tried to keep us apart you keep callin me back to your heart Let me hear you say arent you glad you found me, wrap you all around me, never find a love like this. All the guys tried to take me, you're the one who saved me, I feel like I owe you my life. And as strange as it may seem, I'll go if you take
My Feelings About Love....
I find myself lost as of late...emotionally...So many many different decisions and choices...I want all of you to know something about me...I am a real... romantic... guy when I am not trying to be James Dean... I am not a giggalo...or a player type some of you might believe I am...If I had talked to you it was because I truly want to get to know you...I work as a Bartender & a stripper in a few clubs now...I did it mainly because I wanted a job where I could socialize because before I was slaving my life away for a lackluster hustler while trying to get back into school...Now that I am in the clubs and bars where I should be because of my "Rockstar" mentality...I thought meeting women would be easier...when truly it is more difficult...I am an outgoing person... I figure without great risk there is no great reward...I got some Rap about me... Looks didn't pass me by...But most of the time... I get numbers from the wrong hunnies for's with boyfriends at home...or i
My Feelings
is there any single men out there
My Feelins
This is about childeren and on how I feel. You read and hear about it all the time. The latest are these parents in California who left thier kids at home to go to Vegas. What is wrong with people like this? How can a parent (and I use this word losely) just leave thier childeren to fend for themselves? Then you have parents that decide to kill thier kids just to dispite thier former spouses. How can you just up and kill your child? They are supposed to be part of you, your pride and joy, a little person that you helped create. The greatest thing about babies, childeren and kids is that they have a purity, an innocents and if you feel down and out all you have to do is think about a time with a child and reflect on how pure thier smile and laughter are. I had the honor not so long ago the help a friend out with a bone marrow drive for his little girl. When I first met Hirstianna I could not believe this little girl had chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) . She was so f
My Feelings
I recently deleted a friend from my life because someone very special to me didnt like them. I feel so bad but yet relieved at the same time. The reason I feel relieved is because I believe that this person was playing me for a sap and betraying my confidences that I placed with them. I can't prove that they did but I suspect it heavily. I just hope that this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass later.
My Fears, My Dreams, My Hopes
My fears, my dreams, my hopes they are what make me. But they are not always as they seem to be. I am let down time after time As my fears become reality my dreams are shattered and my hopes were never there My fear of betrayal of being alone is beneath the surface waiting to come forth My dreams of a perfect life of having it all become nonexistent when I took my fist step and proceed to fall My hopes for the future for having whoever I desire were not there becasue I recieve no desire in return Why does life seem to have a way of letting you down on each and every day? I want some answers to help me out so my dream, my fears, and my hopes may come about.
My Feet Fuckin Hurt
just worked ten straight hours, plzzz plzzz leave love, pic comments are my fav. love you all hope you have an awesome x-mas
My Feelings On Being Submissive To My Master/owner
When I submit to my Master I do this completely at the time only thinking about pleasing him, this is when I feel most close to him… don't get me wrong, I always feel close to him... but in those moments, it's almost as though we're one... it is a very sensual and erotic feeling…that I have never felt before I feel that we've 'merged' somehow and while I may feel pain... I also feel his excitement, arousal, enjoyment... and it adds to mine.. and always leaves me wanting more… fantasying about the next time He always makes me feel very sexy that at times, I find myself feeling like the single most desirable woman on the planet.. Complete submission feels like I am no longer a separate entity, but rather an extension of my Master. I obey immediately, more readily, and without hesitation. I do not stop to consider the best way to do things, I just do them. Failure hurts more and is more frustrating. I give myself totally and my self-identity and thought completely disappears. I am p
My Feelings
a image in the mirror a person long forgotten a slain memory ive forgotten what it was like to be with someone to open my heart again without fear grasping me tightly i never knew it would be this way with you i'm not afraid or i tell myself so you consume my thoughts my dreams all aspects of my mind and heart i fear it too early to tell you my feelings but i already have you've yet to shun me away lock me out in the cold regret whispers in my ear i should've met you sooner but alas it matters not i have you now and you arent going anywhere you accept me for me appearance and all a whisper of love in my ear a kiss of desire on my lips a touch of passion on my flesh my dearest i want to always be this happy never take that away from me
My Fellow Americans:
WOULD IT NOT BE GREAT TO TURN ON THE old' TV TONIGHT AND SEE G.W. BUSH GIVE THE FOLLOWING SPEECH..... My fellow Americans: As you all know, the defeat of Iraq's regime has been completed. Since congress does not want to spend any more money on this war, our mission in Iraq is complete. This morning I gave the order for a complete removal of all American forces from Iraq. This action will be complete within 30 days. It is now time to begin the reckoning. Before me, I have two lists. One list contains the names of countries, which have stood by our side during the Iraq conflict. This list is short. The United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Australia, and Poland are some of the countries listed there. The other list contains everyone not on the first list. Most of the world's nations are on that list. My press secretary will be distributing copies of both lists later this evening. Let me start by saying that effective immediately, foreign aid to those nations on List 2 ceases immediate
My Fears, Supposidly
Your anxiety can center on a fear of being an outcast. It can also present itself as a fear of not being needed or of not being loved. When you're afraid of not belonging, you are allowing your insecurities to take hold. Perhaps you feel alone in the world or are afraid that you'll never find that "someone special" to spend your life with. You might also assume — most likely quite incorrectly — that the people in your life simply don't care about you. Have you ever found yourself thinking things like, "If I died tomorrow, no one would even miss me"? It's doubtful that you actually believe statements like this one. It's more likely that your inner self is voicing what you're most afraid of: that you are unimportant. You might be surprised to hear that your fear of not belonging can actually have certain positive effects. For instance, because you're concerned about your relationships, you likely try harder than others do to connect with the people around you. You're probably also
My Fetishes...
So another useless ranting of mine... So I'm looking at all these fetishes. The most wacked out one is the drinking of blood while having sex with them. It's so twisted it is an instant block account for me. Maybe I'm just too much of an average Joe. Most of the fetish stuff does nothing, absolutely nothing for me. What I like? Besides brunettes followed by redheads? Well not and I mean NOT skinny women. For those of you guys who like Paris Hilton you show me that you've never been with a variety of women. A girl that skinny feels horrible pressed up against your body. Seriously, if I wanted to be uncomfortable I would go fine a steel rebarb and fuck it. She's got no shape, just the twiggly features of a 10/11 yr old and I have NO, NO desire for girls. Give me a woman. Every guy I've ever known who's really been in bed with all shapes and sizes no longer wants the twigs. No longer do they buy into that whole twig shapeless idea. America's Top Model? More like Ame
My Fellow Americanos....interesting....
WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT TO TURN ON THE TV AND HEAR ANY U.S. PRESIDENT, DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN GIVE THE FOLLOWING SPEECH? > > My Fellow Americans: As you all know, the defeat of the Iraq regime has been completed. > > Since congress does not want to spend any more money on this war, our mission in Iraq is complete. > > This morning I gave the order for a complete removal of all American forces from Iraq This action will be complete within 30 days. It is now time to begin the reckoning. > > > Before me, I have two lists. One list contains the names of countries which have stood by our side during the Iraq conflict. This list is short. The United Kingdom , Spain , Bulgaria , Australia , and Poland are some of the countries listed there. > > The other list contains everyone not on the first list. Most of the world's nations are on that list. My press secretary will be distributing copies of both lists later this evening. > > Let me start by saying that effective immediately, fore
My Feelings In Music And Pictures..
please tell me what u think... id appreciate it
My Feelings
Unbound feelings Thrust your love into my soul; make my form shake with the mountains. Intensify my every curve. Male pleasures of mine come make me urn for every breath that leaves those lips. He carries the tongue of seduction. Releasing her tightly pleasures, hands of a dance glides to her thighs. The tongue slithers to the edge of her hips Arms of strength hold the gateway to her red rose. Wings of a butterfly open to the bliss of pleasurable moans... Come to my garden touch my pedals and breathe me into your soul. Come my tender love. For, I bloom with every glow of you. Open the light let us be together. I'm treasured with torture because of my unbound love. Come and find me, give me what I urn.
My Feelings And Look Towards Iraq
Iraq is very missunderstood it really is not a bad place, like every place it ha good people and bad, most of them just want what we all want a normal safe life not a war torn one. These people live as normal a life as they can here in iraq, and for that they have my respect yes a us soldiers respect, i see these people every day se their culture day in and day out not just on the news. So think what u want about this country but im telling you its not as bad as many of ou think.
My Feelings
Love Is ... Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play, Love is what I feel for you, Each and every day, Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, That keeps us going strong, I love you with my heart, My body and my soul, I love the way I keep loving, Like a love I can't control, So remember when your eyes meet mine, I love you with all my heart, And I have poured my entire soul into you, Right from the very start.
My Fetish List
Here are my answers, would love to see yours! Yes! No! maybe Fetish Activities: _____ __x___ _____ 24/7 (Total Power Exchange) __x___ _____ _____ Age Play ___x__ _____ _____ Anal Sex (Giving) __x___ _____ _____ Anal Sex (Receiving) __x___ _____ _____ Arse (Ass) Play _____ __x___ _____ Asphyxiaphilia (Breath Play) __ ___ _x__ _____ Biting _____ _____ __x___ Blindfolds __x___ _____ _____ Blood _____ __x___ _____ Body Hair _____ _____ __x___ Bondage _____ __x___ _____ Branding _____ _____ __x___ Breast/Nipple Torture, Clamps, etc. _____ _____ __x___ Candle Wax _____ __x___ _____ Chains _____ ___x__ _____ Chastity Devices ___x__ _____ _____ Chinese Balls/Ben Wa Balls/Anal Beads _____ ___x__ _____ Cling Film _____ __x___ _____ Cock and Ball Torture, Clamps, etc. _____ _____ __x___ Collar and Lead/Leash _____ _____ ___x__ Confinement/Caging _____ __x___ _____ Coprophilia (Shit Play)/Scat _____ __x___ _____ Cross Dressing __x___ _____ _____ Cupping (Suction of
My Feelings
Is this all in my head Feelings of you My head is full And I don't now what to do But when I'm with you my Heart feels no more hate or anger It feels so much calmer then is ever has This might be a mistake But yet the feelings are there And I can't hide it anymore
My Fellings For You
This feeling I have I could never describe, You are the light that shines in my eyes. When I look at you I can't help but smile, With you I could run that extra mile. Talking with you makes me go insaine, It could help me recover from any type of pain. You are Younger than me that I know too, But I can't go a day without thinking about you. And I know for sure this all is true, Because I'm simply falling in love with you.
My Feelings
Harsh words & violent blows Hidden secrets nobody knows Eyes are open, hands are fisted Deep inside I'm warped & twisted So many tricks & so many lies Too many whens & too many whys Nobody's special, nobody's gifted I'm just me, warped & twisted Sleeping awake & choking on a dream Listening loudly to a silent scream Call my mind, the number's unlisted Lost in someone so warped & twisted On my knees, alive but dead Look at the invisible blood I've bled I'm not gone, my mind has drifted Don't expect much, I'm warped & twisted Burnt out, wasted, empty, & hollow Today's just yesterday's tomorrow The sun died out, the ashes sifted I'm still here, warped & twisted
My Feelings.
The last month I have felt like nothing is worth doing.Everyday I have to go to work and I dont want to.I want to be home with Dylan and Dave.I feel like everything I do is pointless.Sometimes I feel pointless.I feel like a let down as a mother,sister,daughter,wife,friend,human. I just feel burnt out.I work 2 jobs to support my family.My day time job I am busy doing a shit load of stuff.I work for my parents,I am an office manager but I always have to do whatever they tell me to do.So every 2 weeks I drive 2 hours to the Indy office and spend the next 7 hours cleaning so my Dad can hand me a 100 dollar bill and say great job then I drive for 3 hours to get home cuz of the traffic.I have to do it cuz Im the only one to do it.And I think I should do it seeing as how my parents gave me life.I do anything and everything they tell me to do.I have never told them no and have always been there when I was needed.But I sometimes get treated like I do nothing and that hurts knowing all I do.I
My Feelings In 2006
October 15, 2006 Why do we decide to do things a certain way? Why do we stick to the way we are used to? Is it because of what we have grown up to know? I know it is from our parents, it's true. We all come from different families, We come from different ways of life. When we decide to start a relationship, We try to melt things together in one life. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. We cannot always get used to the way the others are. We try and we want things to work out. We don't know what to do to make it go far. We like different foods and different shows on tv. We have different hobbies and different friends too. Sometimes we don't have much outside of each other. But we know that we have true feelings, we do. Our parents mold us into who we are, We try to get a little bit of ourself in it also. But lo and behold if you look at who you become It is a big result of your parents you know. You may say, you don't want to be like them, Bu
My Feelings A Pome I Wrote 11 Years Ago
ok so im sitting here alone stareing at the wall thinking what did i do wrong ?crying inside and feeling depressed at all the things that could of been what do i do how am i sapposed to feel who do i love something says you something says noone and nothing y am i so confused y do you make me feel this way ? y am i letting this get to me what power do you hold over me and y cant i break the hold y am i leeting these thoughts run threw my head y am i sad i should be happy and cheerful but here i am crying and depressed just hopeing you would drop me a line tell me how your day was and what you did then again when you tell me i think yha right there you go you get to have fun well i just sit here and mope wondering what can i do and what can i belive PLEASE RATE THIS BLOG AND RATE IT HONESTLY ONLY GIVE A 10 IF YOU THINK IT DESERVES IT AND PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT
My Feelings
A feeling like this, words can not explain. To love someone so much, that it drives me insane. With you in my life my heart feels so complete. I've never been so in love. You sweep me off my feet. I've never felt this way. The way I do with you. To love some one so much, that no one eles will do. You feel me with such happiness, I can not help but smile. Just to wake up next to you, it makes my day worth while.
My Fetish
arious methods are used to achieve the level of oxygen depletion needed such as a hanging, suffocation with a plastic bag over the head, self-strangulation such as with a ligature, gas or volatile solvents, chest compression, or some combination of these.[1] Sometimes, complicated devices are used to produce the desired effects.[2] The practice can be dangerous even if practiced with care and has resulted in a significant number of accidental deaths. Uva (1995) writes “Estimates of the mortality rate range of autoerotic asphyxia between 250 to 1000 deaths per year in the United States.”[3] Cases have also been reported in Scandinavia[4] and in Germany.[5][6] Deaths often occur when the loss of consciousness caused by partial asphyxia leads to loss of control over the means of strangulation, resulting in continued asphyxia and death. While often asphyxiophilia is incorporated into sex with a partner, others enjoy this behavior by themselves, making it potentially more difficult to ge
My Feelings In Ink
check out these poems I wrote tell me what ya think Wilted Wings Wilted Wings Wilted wings grounded now Still breathin but dont see how Screamin in my nightmares Sweatin blood swingin fist My world a haze an angry mist Covers my eyes wide open bleed Screams stick in my throat chokin me Wounds heal but pain remains Count the minutes to end of daze But cant count the wounds that cover me Reminding me of my faults reminding me of the pain Tears drops fall burning acid rain Hell has no torture like broken wings Shatterd soul flesh rending dreams Wilted wings grounded now Still breathin but dont see how Carl J Short Copyright ©2008 Carl J Short Please Tell Me Shadows form in darkend dreams Shards of glass in shredded veins Wake up screamin soaked in sweat One step closer to the edge Now the question yet remains Have I awaken to normal days Or was what I woke from real Please tell me for I'm to numb to feel Wich reflection in the mirror Will see
My Feelings And Thoughts Exactly!
Myspace Layouts Why must it be this way? There's so much I don't understand. I feel that so much time has been many years.
My Fear Of Bridges
I took these photos to challenge myself. I face my fear every day, every morning, every evening. For some people phobias might seem like a joke. But other people will know how real they can be. My fear has been with me as long as I can remember. Which is to say that there isn't a timeframe in my memory I can look back on when I was not afraid of bridges. I wish there was. I have had hypnosis therapy to deal with a traumatic experience of seeing a bridge collapse in Connecticut when I was about 9 or 10 years old. The root of my fear is that it will collapse while I am on the span. My secondary fear is that I will witness it collapsing and people dying but I myself will be spared. My lower level fear is that I will one day see a jumper. I've been in traffic because of one, I've read about them, but I haven't seen one. And I hope I never do. I hear New Yorkers shout at them to jump. Can you imagine? The edge of the fear, the very worst, the complete paralyzing and hyp
My Feelings For You
when i see you, you are peaceful and sound and when i see you my heart begins to pound then i turn myself around and i feel as if i were floating above the ground at night in my bed i lay thinking of when i saw you that day and how all your beauty in every conceivable way shines like a golden sun ray every part of you is perfect without a doubt it brightens my day to see you when i walk the normal route it's even better to see you when i'm out and about you're a person the world could not do without maybe just my world you are my boy you come into view and my head twirls your eyes shine like the ocean during the morning sun rise if you only knew how much i am falling for you i'm writing this hoping you know then i can let my feelings go
"my Fears"
Now that I finally opened up my heart to someone, Will he even want it? I have put my heart on the table Will he take it? I have said my words Will he even listen to them? I had sent my kisses Will he kiss me back? I had given my hugs Will he hug me back? I shared my feelings Will he understand my feelings? I had given my body to him Will he cherish it? I had given my soul to him Will he preserve it? My fears would be--- He would close his heart to me He would put it in the trash It would go to one ear to another ear and laugh at me He would wipe off my kisses He would just handshake me instead give me hugs He would walk over my feelings like a doormat He would treat it as if he rapes me He would allow it to became rotten Then whom am I to him? What do I became to?
My Fears Of Him!
My Feelings For You
My feelings for you grow more and more each day. I love you so much more than words can ever say. I think of you day and night, just practically all the time. When I glanced at your face, and stared at your eyes, the very first thing that was on my mind... I've found someone to hold on to, and I've found someone to whom I'll stay true. Never a day passes by when you are never on my mind. I truly care and love you so, that when you're around I have this bright and shiny glow. Look into my eyes, you could see my very soul, and deep in your heart I know that you know, that I love you to death, as you can see. You mean not just the world, but everything to me. I hope you believe me when you hear me say that my love for you grows more and more each day. I miss the fact that we were together, and I miss the fact that we spent time together. Hearing you say you love me for me is a dream in my head that I'd never thought I'd see. Hearing your voice brighte
My Feelings For You..
I never really knew you You were just a screen name, another friend But when I got to know you, I let my heart unbend. I couldn't help past memories that would only make me cry I had to find a way, to give love another try, So I've fallen in love with you and I'll never let you go I love you more than anyone I just had to let you know And if you ever wonder why I don't know what I'll say But I'll never stop loving you each and every day My feelings for you will never change Just know my feelings are true Just remember one thing I Love You! That is my feelings for you...
My Fear
I cant stop the sun from rising ,I cant stop the rain from pouring I can’t stop the birds from humming” and the winds from blowing. I cant heal the pain and my heart from aching” I cant help myself from falling, and my mind from thinking” I can’t believe, you might be leaving. And I feel that I can’t stop that from happening. I don’t want my heart to stop believing, that what we have is real and it is forever”.
My Feelings I Guess
"WHY ME IS ALL I ASK" Here you are, in the same house as i am, but i am so unable to even have you realize just what it is you mean to me. Wanting to just hold you all through the nite and not let go. Seeing you every morning i awake and knowing it is not i that makes you happy, does so much damage to both my heart and mind, i do not know just how long i will be able to handle this. Feeling as if i failed you in every way imaginable, i just want to disappear from society and never be found again. Having such a heavy heart and thinking things i know i really shouldn't. You are what keeps me so alive in this life, yet all i do is seem to keep you both upset and sad. People wonder why i am so down on myself, all i can say is i have but one simple question...... WHY ME IS ALL I ASK?? P.J.Page 11/12/08 10:29pm
My Feelings
when does lonely become despiration? when do you give up the pride in yourself? at what point do you break like a twig feeling traped in a situation that seems to get worse at every turn ? when is enough enough? when does pride feel like the enimy? Scary thought is that i know i am worth being loved and being treated well my body is broken yes but my mind is as sharp as ever and in this day a man need to be more then smart they have to have a job and a future that i do not have. what do i have left?
My Feet Hurt
Was just remembering this story during smoke break, always bring a smile to my face. One of my co-workers Nick (aka Satan Nick, that's his nickname because of the pointed beard and hair style he has) was well known to overuse his sick time. Most people though would just call in sick and that would be in the end of it. Not Nick, what he liked to do was come to work, play sick, and wait for someone to say "Damn man you should go home", thinking he would get the night off, AND get brownie points for at least trying to work. So of course, anytime Nick would say "Wow I don't feel too good tonight" we would just ignore him. Well, on Christmas night, Nick shows up to work, complaining about his foot hurting. He bitched and moaned about that foot during 2 smoke breaks, no matter how much I ignored him he STILL whined. Finally, he looks down and notices one foot is longer than the other, and sits down and takes off the boots. One is a size 12, the other is a size 10!! His wife bought
My Feelings
I don't think I should ever feel sorry for being myself, a passionate and intense person, although there are a whole lot of pros and cons surrounding it or me. More importantly, I shouldn't even have to apologize for expressing myself or being totally upfront about what I think and how I feel. I prefer things to be point-blank, no guessing games. I don't like wasting my time trying hard to figure out a person or something when all I need is just a bit of honesty from the other person. Things are simpler that way and no playing merry-go-round. There are parts of my life that I said on front page that I did not wish to disclose here that this was place for me to have fun.Lets answer some questions now.Yes I appear in videos,yes I have a website that is a pay site to view.I will not go any further on that.This page is for me now leave that at the door.If I feel good about telling you I will.I will not be pressured.I told upfront I did these things and now people would like to know where.
My Feelings You
When your away I can feel you. You exist in my every breath, in every beat of my heart, adding a spectacular sizzle in all the right places. Even when I close my eyes, I see your face and feel the fire of your caress. Your prsence is a tangible thing... Yet as hard to grasp as the air, I reach for you but you elude me. Still i can feel you;the softness of a pedal, a warm wind on my cheek, a ray in my vision. A distant light that ever draws me near.
My Fellowship Of Juggalos Site
My Fear
My Fear It is my fear, to let others see me. I'd rather just ask, what would you like me to be? Because what if what they see, is less than desirable. That leaves me vulnerable, and open to the harshest pain.
My Feelings
Watching her move about, wanting to tell her I was wrong while holding her and looking into her eyes. watching them light up as I say "i love you" and kiss her gently on her sweet lips. Then I snap out of my dream and focus on the harsh reality of the lonesome sleepless night. The Littlest things she does makes me smile, even though we aren't together. Still wonder if she wants me back? While she's at work I long to hear her voice on the phone speak to me: "Hey baby, what'cha doin'?" Smiling, I reply "nothin'". Wish I knew how she felt, still calls me "baby" dont know if it's out of habit, acting like we're together, or maybe she still cares. "God" I think to myself, "why can't i just say these things to her?" fear, that maybe she doesnt want me anymore. Wanting to be woken up from this nightmare. Cuddle up next to her and say: "God, im sorry, princess, sorry i treaded you like shit, sorry, sorry,sorry." "Sorry doesn't cut it rob." she says. "i know" i replied (crying) i look at her, "
My Feelings
Written at 1:38 am on December 30, 2008 Why does it have to be this way... Like there are walls all around me No one can break through them My pain, no one can see I built these walls A long time ago Never to let hurt in Why are the walls there? So many people ask.... I really don't know I blame it on my past But is that true The real reason why I may never get an answer Until the day I die Will I die ALONE? It seems to be that way I'll never find happiness Sadness every day Some days I seem happy Or is it a false facade Put on a happy face for all to see Make it look not odd I have been to counseling, tried to talk about my feelings Never know where to start Not a thought that brings So I start back at square one With no answers at all I live a hopeless, helpless life Deeper, more depressed I fall Where will I find the answers, When will I live to be happy These are some of the questions That are asked of me The answers are
My Feelings Right Now...
So, I have had my heart bruised, squeezed, thrown away, crushed, shattered, stepped and spat on. In my relationships I give it my all but seem to get the shit end of the stick. I'm married and thought I found that guy who would never do that to me... I guess I thought wrong. He seems to be tossing it up in the air to see how much I can take and to tell you the truth, not much more. People say that god gave you this life cause he know's you are strong enough to handle it... I'm not so sure about that. Don't get me wrong. I love my husband with my body, mind, and soul, but I don't get that feeling in return. What I get is me waking up to him still being on the computer at 5, 6, 7, 8 o'clock in the morning instead of wanting to cuddle with me. Flirting mad crazy with other girls. I know that flirting is harmless, even I do it, but I know where to draw the line. He doesn't. That's why there is a pic of his penis on my phone that was sent to his email with a chicks name one it.
My Fed Id
My Feelings For You
my feelings are strong. i will always love you. love you until i die. you changed my life. i will give you my soul. i don't mind waiting. as long i will be with you at the end. it starts when we have our 1st kiss. it starts when you say yes. i will give you my heart. you will have everything. every moment you will have endless love and affection. my feelings are strong for you. you changed my life. i feel complete with you. i don't mind how the world is today. as long i have you in my life. cause i love you. i don't mind waiting. as long i will be with you at the end. i want to see you and me in the mirror. i will take you no matter what. i take you with all the faults you may have. cause i love you. you changed my life. you made me feel love. now i will give you my soul. it starts when you said yes. i can see myself with you forever. cause i love you. i want to dance with you every night. i want to kiss you every night. kiss you passionately under the the sunset. my feelings are stro
My Feelings For Thee
My heart depleats I see within. The you I see is the one I love I wish to hold you in My arms and kiss your lips I dream of you every night and in my dreams we are as one. Two people who's life has been foretold in the stars I wish for love that comes From you to me to have and hold for all time Say you will be mine for all the days, We are as one to feel love that is pure and ture. I will always be with you here on earth and in the heavens I love you so much I'll be the man in your life that you always what and need I love you so much This I promise you I will always be ture to you my sweet angel.
My Feelings For Thee
My heart depleats I see within. The you I see is the one I love I wish to hold you in My arms and kiss your lips I dream of you every night and in my dreams we are as one. Two people who's life has been foretold in the stars I wish for love that comes From you to me to have and hold for all time Say you will be mine for all the days, We are as one to feel love that is pure and ture. I will always be with you here on earth and in the heavens I love you so much I'll be the man in your life that you always what and need I love you so much This I promise you I will always be ture to you my sweet angel.
My Feeelings
i am sick of fucking losers and stalkers who cant take no for no
My Feelings
These are my fears These are my tears I will fail I know I will Will I fail at this too? Or will I win this time? This is my blood This is my soul I will die I will be reborn Can I wont make it through the day? Or Can I make it through the night? Here is my broken heart Here is my fucked up mind Could you heal me? Or Could you just kill me? All of this is just a dream they say All of this is just will disappear I am nothing more than a dying star I am nothing more than a lost soul I am nothing more than a forgotten lover I am nothing more than a injuried soldier
My Feelings.......march 12th, 2009
March 12th, 2009 My feeilings Why do I have to feel this way? Why do they come in my life again and again? With each one a different story. Tho each story ends the same. Ends with me getting heartbroken, Feeling unwanted or not worthy enough. Each persons story I understand. But why each story do, I get dragged back in, I get mixed signals, I beleave them agian. One story I cant say anything but, I understand and still feel hurt and used. The other story I fall back in his lie, I beleave him when he says he misses me And he loves me. I beleave him when he says he cant wait to have me back. And once again i get hurt, I feel worthless and feel nobody wants me. Nobody wants a single mother. Nobody cares how I feel Otherwise they wouldnt be doing this to me. They'd be honest with me and They wouldnt change anything. They wouldnt make excuses And they wouldnt duck and dodge me. If only they truly knew How I felt. If only thye truly understood. The pain and
My Feelings At The Moment.
Things about myself that I don't feel so great about is the fact that I'm 20 years old and I've never really lived on my own,not counting the half a sumer I lived in my car(that I don't have any more),if that even does count.The other fact is that I haven't had a job for about two years.My criminal records are the lamest memories and expireances of my life.I din't really have friends any more and I have a hard time making new friends cause my lack of social skills. I don't know what I'm doing with my life,and I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life. I feel like I'm dieing rather than growning and I want to be growing so badly.I want frinds,I want to be happy,I want to live.
My Few Owners Updated 3-21-09
Hey all check out my sexy fu owners . The first one is Kitten . The second one is dj foxy The the third is Kerigirl4u and the fourth is BrandiCakez The fith and newest is Tracy (Shadowleveler). Make sure you show them lots of fu love . there are all sweethearts and the best friends anyone can have . so hit up there pages and rate , fan and add and bomb there pics . they deserve it . Thank you in advance . ♥Kitten♥ ♠Dirty Deeds Radio♠ ♣Owned by Yakuza♣@ fubar ÐJ fÖ×¥ ~ ÖWñÈR Öf RÈLÈñ†Lȧ§ RÄÐÌÖ ~ ÖWñÈРߥ ÐJ †ÄZMÄñ ~@ fubar Kerigirl4you~Playmate@Forbidden/Exotic Dreams@ fubar =*BrandiCakez*=*Owned by Tiger*=*Head Greeter @ Misfits Hangout*=*RR Member*=@ fubar TRÄÇ¥ {§håÐðw Lêvêlêr †êåm LêåÐêr}þrðµÐl¥ ÖwñêРߥ ~♡~§ÚMMÈR~ & ÐJ~mmðµ§ê~Promoter @ ddr@ fubar
My Feelings
Well, Friday night was definitely interesting! We went to go see my favorite local band, Plan B, that I hadn't seen since late last year. Well, some old friends of ours came into the bar, which was a bit uncomfortable for me, as I hadn't seen either Michelle or Ann in quite a while. Being bi, I've been intimate with both of them, and Ann was my first girlfriend...the first woman I was ever in love with. She seemed very surprised to see me. She ended up dancing with me several times all night, we got down & dirty on the dance floor, and she & I talked while dancing. She told me how much she had missed me, that she couldn't go on with things the way they were, and she would like us to end our separation. Later, she said that she really wanted to have sex with me. I told her that I'm not a shy bi anymore, and that I have changed a lot since she knew me last. At the end of the night, right before the band finished their gig, she said to everyone at our table, "She is so beautiful! So gorge
My Feelings On Relationships Etc
Hey Everybody i just want to get something cleared up when i see a relationship status on anyone's profile if that relationship status says in a relationship weather it be a male or female especially female or even if it says married  i respect that in a person so  i wouldn't ever try to break up that marriage or relationship especially if it is a strong marriage or a strong relationship i respect a loyal boyfriend and girlfriend and husband and wife  relationship/marriage so i hope this clears up my feelings on a relationship i respect all relationships including that of mum and dads with their kids or uncles and aunts with their nieces and nephews and granddads and grandmothers with their grandkids and so on from Bruce
My Fears As Of Late....
Some days I let my fears get the best of me. For the last two weeks, i've noticed black and blue marks on my pelvic bone and there is no explaination.  and i'm freaking out.  Why am i freaking out?  For the past year, I have been in remission from cervical cancer. And now i have mysterious black and blue marks that aren't 'cause from work or my brothers i going to have to go through the whole cancer process again?? or is it nothing?
My Feelings.
I am so hurt and confused. I hurt the only person i didnt want to hurt. I think i pushed him to  far. I really thiink i lost him for good. I really think i have had my breaking point when it come to relationships. but i really hope i didnt lose him.
My Feelings
  I remember   I been crawling till the end, I been beaten myself up What I did wrong? What did I do for you to walk out on me? Now as I stand alone frantically searching for someone, anyone to hear me. I remember when suicide eased away my pain, and sorrow falls from my eyes again.   Jose Hermosillo
My Fetish
Almost everyone has this one thing that they are attracted to physically about a person. For some it's boobs, arse, legs, eyes and smile or even feet. For me I have a nose fetish. Don't know how I got it or even if there is anyone else on the planet that thinks like i do but there it is. I guy could be absolutely brad pitt gorgeous but if i don't like his nose i'm not attracted to him at all. A guy could be completely funny looking to most women but if i like his nose he's the most gorgeous thing in the world. Don't know why i was thinking of these things but I thought for those of you who were trying to get to know me this is one of the oddities of my personality and I felt like sharing. Guess it balances things out too because what i find attractive isn't the typical or the average. Thanx to all who read this Comments welcome
My Feelings Remain True
Time and time again I give all that I am. I have no more to give,but My feelings remain true. I love you. You know who you are. I try to give you confidence in your natural beauty but the more I try the more you doubt yourself. I tell you I love you and you think I'm blind. You think I'm creepy possibly because I treat you like you should be treated and ask nothing in return. If you ever need space or I'm being to clingy just say so and I'll back off. I will listen to you. I just want to hold you and show you I love you in my evey movement. When you tell me I look better in looser jeans. I listen even if it's the total opposite of what I normally do. I do this because I Value your opinion and advice like no other. I listen because I love you. You think I'm not me because I change frequently. I change frequently because you help me to become a better man and person with everyday. You help me with your opinions and you advice. My feelings remain true. I love you. You think I'm crazy beca
My Feelings On Love And How I Am
You can never love enough but it is wise to guard your heart. Do I follow this......NO. I feel that if you cannot love to the fullest you cannot live. Is there such a thing as being to clingy?NO. Two sides are argued in my favor on this one. One: The passion and closesness of a couple cannot be distanced by being "too close" but can only be strengthened,albeit there is seperate times apart like work school and all but you could never be too close. Two:If you are "too close" you cannot and will not be accused of anything,for you are already there. But there is a fine line of being close and Stalking.Yes you can stalk in a relationship. Me personally. I will give up everything and start over for love if i feel it. If I say I Love You to you i mean it fully with my heart i do not joke around with that. It has caused me a lot of pain and heart break but i will never change that. I love to spoil "my Girl" poems, walking on the beach, a massage, going out, roses just for the hell of it, ki
My Feelings In Words
I feel this deep felling, That to which there is no words for explaining.I seek your your smile,If only for a while.I hope that I am good enough for you,To show you how much you mean.I will do all I can do,I care for you in an amount that is obsceneI want you to be the one to hold my hand.Perhaps you can be the one,To walk with me on this land.I can't express my feelings enough in words so I guess I'm done.
My Feelings
I was Sitting Here Thinking And Was Wondering Can Someone Really Care To Much For Someone? I Used To Think So Sometimes You Can't Help Who You Care And Love Your Not Supposed To When You Love Someone You Love Them And What You Feel In Your Heart Shouldn't Die. I Believe If You Want Something Bad Enough You Should Fight For It And Not Give Up Cause Once You Do The Other Person May Feel You Given Up On Them As Well. To Me Love Isn't Just Something You Feel It's The Things You Do And Say To A Person That Makes Them Feel Wanted And Needed. I Realized I Can't Give Up Easily Cause It Might Pass Me By Knowing The Person You Think About Is Always There In Your Heart. I Believe People Can Love Again But Are To Scared To Because Of Getting Hurt But I Try And Look At The Positive Things In Life And The Future Cause There Is Someone Out There Who Will Treat You With Love, Honesty, Respect And Be Loyal To So Don't Give Up On The Person Who Has Showed You All Those Things Because You May Not
My Feelings
You're taking over my thoughts. My dreams. You do this without trying. Without knowing. Your voice. Your smile. Your touch upon my skin. Oh how I melt on the spot beneath me. Your eyes. Your body. Oh how I see you and feel weak. I can't control this power taking over me. What must I do to know how you feel about me? Because this feeling is true...
My Fetish Nazi Website
MistreSS Janet FETISH NAZI BITCH VERGNÜGEN DURCH SCHMERZ Nothing brings to mind the images of total FEMALE SUPREMACY and DOMINANCE over males more than the extreme genre of the FETISH NAZI BITCH. Based on images of evil leather clad Nazi SS women in black boots, gloves, and tight fitting uniforms their power multiplied with the addition of a Luger pistol and a whip. This erotic taboo figure is based on the BDSM culture and protocol conjuring up images of sadistic Nazi SS women in command roles operating prison camps full of allied men during World War II. One can only dream of the imagine of a blond Aryan goddess in a tight fitting black SS uniform, her extreme cleavage spilling out as she struts around the camp in her black thigh high boots and riding crop followed closely by her equally gorgeous, well armed, personal blond Aryan bodyguards. Hollywood picked up on this
My Feet Still Hurt
  Where am I? I am home in Glasgow, that’s where. I have been in London for a few days doing some interesting stuff and having meetings etc…nothing too exciting but I did get to perform at Heston Blumenthal’s staff party. For the record he is the nicest man on the planet, despite cooking weird and wonderful food and soup made out of rainwater (he didn’t make that though I suggested it with a puddle pudding on the side, it may appear on the menu) he is very cool.   It looked like the worst gig on the planet, a big bunch of folk of all nationalities in a sodden tent with rain battering down and a microphone that didn’t work. The microphone stand was assembled by me out of two cricket stumps and gaffer tape! There was no stage, I stood on a plastic chair and shouted at people, and luckily I was funny. The crowd laughed at some of the info I had gleaned off the staff.   The next night Heston was presented with an award at the GQ man of the Year as best c
My Feelings About September 11th
I couldn't imagine being on a plane thinking I was going home to see my family and never make it...   I couldn't imagine being in the WTC and just went to work to feed my family and the last thing I see before I die is a plane coming toward my office and not having a chance to say goodbye...   I couldn't imagine being on the floor above the plane crash and feeling like suicide was my only way out...   I couldn't imagine being a firefighter and going into the WTC to save lives and lose mine ...   I couldn't imagine waiting for my loved one to come out of the WTC only for them to never make it...   I couldn't imagine growing up without my mom or dad because a terrorist killed them for his beliefs...   COULD YOU IMAGINE?? I WILL REMEMBER  9/11 LIKE I DO MY NAME...ITS SOMETHING I CAN'T EVER FORGET!!
My Fellow Fu's Style
The  singer of Motorhead,Lemmie, once was asked about those kids who wanted to make it in rock and roll- and his answer was simple-"Why not if you think you got it-run it up the flagpole and see who salues it" in that low rent English accent of his.I remember that interview and it gives me chills.I see this so much with all these women (and you guys) Ive added and fanned on this over the few years Ive partipated on this thing.   I worship style-especially home-made style.I love it when an average looking woman can take herself and brush,paint and polish herself into a goddes-so much so that the best pic of herself she picks as her avitar makes me sit up and go "Whoa now!"- but to say thats after Ive looked over her "About me section(I see the damage done by horndogs and no class assholes)and enough of her pics that I find one with no makeup or so unflattering she is brave enough to post her real "at home" face. We all have the potential to be Gods.Loving your fellow man for what
My Feet
A My Feelings Update
Holy Fucking Shit The Gratitude of some People on here take the cake at times most of the time my friends would help me out when i need it but Lately Since i am trying to level all my friends i respect on here are either to fucking busy or just don't give a fucking shit about me anymore i even attempted a morph pic officially 1 time and yet i don't remember which program i used plus most of the time other people have made me morphs  on here i mean real morphing pics proper ones and i am so fucking glad i made my decision to leave this now so called going down hill site forever i am still along way from the next level point wise and yet not all my friends consider a 37 male from the northern beaches of sydney australia IMPORTANT to help out anymore i do take the time to read people's status' on here and yet sometimes i feel like i am a fucking brick wall that is get spray painted on basically say fuck you Bruce no one here fucking cares about you anymore and wants to fucking knock down
My Feelings On The Friends I Made On Fubar!!
My Feelings
Hello everyone i hope all my friends had a Great Day!! Just would like for everyone to know i am on here lookin for friends. If I find something better than friendship that would be Awesome!! Just want people to know i am a kind and loving person and just because i add you to my page that doesnt mean i want to F@@k you!! I know i have NSFW photos that may make people think i am on here to find sex which dont get me wrong it has been a long time for me but not desperate enough just to sleep with anyone that is not who i am. I have some great friends on here and really appreciate the ones who accept me for who i am!! For all the others just get to know someone before you talk about wanting to get in the sack with them try being someones friend and enjoy getting to know them before you start asking crazy azz quetions!! Thanks to all who have read this not much on telling my feelings to the world but something had to be said to some of these men on here i am sure you know who you are if y
My Feelings On This Day 9/10/2011
Woke up this morning and turned on the radio which music is a great part of my life always there for me when nothing or no one else is there. And the great Hot 98.1 has been doing Tributes all day and has made me cry all day. Actually crying writing this but just need to vent somehow. Find myself thinking about where i was and what i was doing on that very tragic day which changed my life forever and i remember not being up long sitting drinking coffee and watching a local show and i will never forget the anger and pain and sorrow i felt on that day. And i find that i still feel the same way today feelings havent changed and heart still aches for everyone lost on that day they will forever be remembered. Thanks for reading and letting me tell my feelings. And Thanks to all our Military for your service!!!

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