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She has those Auto thingies and is damned close to Godmother! Please go violate her!! Μ∃Γ@ fubar
She's got what you want baby!!!You can find her right here!!What are you waiting for? just click the pic and get in here!! COPY THIS CODE TO POST THIS BULLY She's got what you want baby!!!You can find her right here!!What are you waiting for? just click the pic and get in here!!
1 4 Mel
Ive done some stupid things, Tried being friends with those I shouldnt, or couldnt But the most stupid thing I could ever do is lose you And I dont want to be stupid. Not eloquent, nor poetic, but I meant it When I said it Do words always need to be beautiful Especially if they are truthful In type I can flow Let my emotions go, But when face to face they come out Like blha blarblah blo Wonder if spell check will catch that? Why cant I speak to you , like I write, I dont know, maybe my words fail to match The beauty I see in you Maybe its just the fear, One of many I need to find a way to let go, That Ill say something wrong, Lots of times, when Im quiet, Its thoughts of you, Im lost in, How gloriously high You fly in My minds Eye Soaring before all others Reaching heights I knew not existed Around your little finger Im so willingly twisted To me you are the one, the only, Whose arms I
Melancholy Mood
Here comes that feeling once again, This melancholy mood is setting in, - The pain surrounds me now - My depression grows within - These ghosts wont leave me alone. I wish I could tell you how I feel, How your betrayal cuts just like a knife, - The blackness chokes me now - My hearts been thrown to the ground - Now a combat boot kicks it around. Why the fuck did you do this to me, How in the hell didn't I see, Whatever happened to you and me. I once loved you with all my heart, Now I feel just pain you left there, - The pain gets slowly pushed down - The anger has a hold of me now - The rage is slowly --- taking -- me -- down. Should have left you when I found it out, I should have walked out and made myself a new start, - But I still love you though - I can't seem to let this go - And now it is slowly killing me Why the fuck did you do this to me How in the hell didn't I see What ever happened to you loving me...
Melancholy....and A Holy Martyr....
Yep, time for another song of the week, this weeks song is....MELANCHOLY (HOLY MARTYR) by Iced Earth Song Name - Melancholy (Holy Martyr) Artist - Iced Earth Album - Something Wicked This Way Comes Song Number - 2 of 13 Song Length - 4:49 Lyrics Make the sadness go away Come back another day For years I've tried to teach But their eyes are empty Empty too I have become For them I must die A sad and troubled race An ungrateful troubled place I see the sadness in their eyes Melancholy in their cries Devoid of all the passion The human spirit cannot die Look at the pain around me This is what I cry for Look at the pain around me This is what I'll die for Make the sadness go away Come back another day The things I've said and done Don't matter to anyone But still, you push me to see Something, I can never be Why am I their shattered king? I don't mean anything I see the sadness in their eyes Melancholy in their cries Devoid of all the p
Melanie Delon
I stumbled across this artist's site yesterday and her artwork just blew me away please go check her out her stuff is fabulous Melanie Delon this is one her pieces called All of My Hate if you go to her site and click on the gallery there is a short description of each one
melancholy Dripping rain upon the glass, wondering how long it will last Gray light begins to dim as the night starts to roll in By myself with liquid skies and a tear in my eye Dreaming of things that did not last I felt my heart was made of broken glass Seeing my lover walking in the rain, causing me a growing pain . And in places where we would meet Tasting lifes bitters is not a treat Seeing shadows of you in the dark Hoping the night will disembark For hell has a hold of my heart. Scott baker
Melancholy Ramblings
And then,brooding. Perched upon the tomb of fallen heros, Like an unholy remnant of a new Dark Age. No need to wear black when one's soul already IS. I play the Game of Souls. I play because I don't have one anymore. Madness is only the beginning. And I fear,I fear there never is an end. You call me "death obsessed"? If I could remember how to laugh,I would. No,you see,death isn't an obsession. It's more like fine wine,to be savored. Bring me the souls of the Lost. I need the company. Bring me the Damned. And I shall be their King. Hail to the King,baby.
Melanie Needs Your Love & Support She Is Sick W/cancer ...i'm Going To Repost This Until U Give A Damn!!!.....w/music Video
Ok people, Melanie needs all the friends & love you are willing to show & give her, Right now she is battling cancer & the treatments are giving her a rough time, can't you find it in ur heart as I did, just to send her a message or comment of love and support?? I'M GOING TO REPOST THIS UNTIL THIS SICK WORLD GIVES A DAMN ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE THIS BREAKS MY HEART SHE IS SO YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL AND HAS A HEART OF GOLD C'MON' DO I REALLY HAVE TO BEG U TO OR IS THERE A HEART INSIDE UR CHEST!!!!! Cancer is difficult Let alone the chemo-therapy on her tiny young body I lost my: mother father grandma and both grandpa's all to cancer, so plzz have a compassionate heart loving and caring heart IT'S ONLY A HELLO HOW HARD IS THAT IF IT WAS YOU WOULDN'T YOU WANT THIS SUPPORT TO---YOU KNOW YOU WOULD!!! She's doing the best she can at the moment. Isn't it suppose to be Cherry Tap Love we show??? I'm so glad I met her and her - 2006 - A Year In Review - Video
A year in review - 2006. Canadian model, actress, and fitness instructor Melanie Pitts and some of her various work activities in Canada, Korea and the USA. Watch the video here: Enjoy! Melanie
Melanie C The Moment You Believe
Time To Face What You Are Hiding From Don't Have To Do This On Your Own Together We Are Strong We Don't Need Anyone No Matter What They Say The Time Has Come I'm Ready Now To Start A New Beginning With All Our Hopes And All Our Dreams And I Know The Stars Will Shine For You And For Me From The Moment You Believe I Know They Think That I'm No Good For You But We Both Know That They're Wrong Together We Can Fight Show Everyone We're Right I Don't Care What They Say Our Time Has Come I'm Ready Now To Start A New Beginning... When You Believe There's Nothing You Can't Overcome When You Believe The Earth Is Brighter Than The Sun I Believe I'm Ready Now To Start A New Beginning...
~ Melanie - Look What They've Done To My Song Ma ~
~ Melanie - Lay Down ~ (candles In The Rain)
This rare video was shot in Miami when Melanie was passing through in 1969, Music videos sure have changed :)
Melanocortin 1
Only an estimated 4 percent of the population is born with red hair (only 2% in the U.S.), due to the recessive nature of the gene that produces it. That gene, the melanocortin 1 receptor, was discovered on the 16th of the 23 human chromosome pairs in 1995 by Jonathan Rees, a professor at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. It makes me sad..All I want in life is a female redhead....I'm not greedy, I'm not asking for fame or fortune or anything like that, I appreciate the beautifulness of the world around me, and as one of the nice guys, a dieing breed, I think I deserve the best, so if anybody out there knows of a nice redhead, help a borther out yo...
If you are looking for a great product in your home that is all natural, great for allergies and asthma and Smell really good, Contact me and Ill fill you in....Ive been with this company for almost 2 years now and everything in my home has been converted over to these products, from soaps, shampoos, cleaners, laundry, all the way to weight loss, make up and vitamins. NO this company is not like Amway!!!! For more info contact me and ill give you my email address and web sight!!!
well, here we are again. i'm finally posting another blog, not like any of you really care. this blog is basically what i feel like lately. i feel like i'm missing something in my life. it seems like life and everything else is passing me by. it's not beeen the best year for me by any means. honestly i think my life sucks. my so called friends don't seem to actually BE friends. i've tried for years to be a friend to a few people but it feels like the feelings are far from mutual. i have major trust issues with people. a few people think they know me, but they have no idea who i am. i've been trying to change who i am lately but nobody seems to believe who i'm wanting to become. i know everyone thinks i'm just a big, dorky perv but they couldn't be further from the truth. i've only acted that way for so long because everyone expected it from me. it's time to change that. way passed time for this. i think only one or two people have even given me a chance to show them i'm trying to cha
Melaleuca Commission
I love this company....Just by spreading the word, enrolling 3 people lately, allowed my commission check to go up by $23.00.....WOW!!! The more I talk about this great product, the more people are more and more curious to give it a try. If you are interested or know of someone who suffers from Allergies or Asthma then contact me....If I can get enough people together, ill be having a party. Feel free to contact me.........
Melaleuca, The Wellness Company
I just wanted to say thank you for all who have asked about Melaleuca. Thanks to you all, I have been promoted to Marketing Executive 3 and im on my way to a Director 1. Not only are these products great for allergies and asthma, but they are safe around children. Own a business? or just stay at home? Either way one try and you are hooked!!! Hit me up for details and if not for you then for someone you know!!!!
"melancholia Falling"-neufutur Magazine-6/2007
Steve Lieberman Melancholia Falling / 2007 Self / 21 Tracks / / Reviewed 23 June 2007 Steve Lieberman is pretty much the one constant that I have had in the last three or so years of reviewing. There is not a six or eight month stretch of time where I do not receive a Lieberman CD. One has to give eir kudos for sticking around after so many negative words. This CD looks to be different than past Lieberman albums in that there are only two covers on the disc, where Lieberman works on a Mark Knopfler (Tunnel of Love) and a Jesus and Mary Chain (April Skies) song. While the disc is ostensibly about Liebermans depression, one cannot hear any sort of sadness in the track called Falling Into Sadness. What results is another quick, punk-infused song that draws off of the tempo of the Batman track with screamed-out vocals and flittering flute throughout. The first track where it sounds like sadness and depression are affecting Lieberman has to be Mela
~ Melanie - Beautiful People ~
God i had such a crush on her growing up
~ Melanie - Brand New Key ~
Ok yea it a funny song but i like it And ya know looking at here Music was so smiple back then, Woman, Guitar, crowd, Hit. No fancy lights, smokes, mirrors.
Mel And Mar Kissing
Well, I had another mole removed. I am cancer free again. How often will I ask myself... is the cancer back? I decided after my first surgery to remove melanoma cancer of my leg that it was gone and it was never coming back! Dr. OZ was on Oprah today talking about skin cancer. There was a woman who came on who had melanoma on her face. She said, the cancer didn't spread and they got it all but who is to say in 2 years it might be back.... I guess I have to live with it and stay positive. I now have lymphodema in my leg. I will have to wear a compression garment for the rest of my life and I am ok with that, I have my leg! I have my life! My request for any one who reads this: Stay out of tanning beds. I was only in one for 3 months, long enough for the cancer to cycle. Tanning Beds are NOT safe. I worked at a tanning salon and what clients are told is NOT always the truth. Think about those tanning accelerators you wear in the beds... would you go out in the sun and pu
Me + Lake Tahoe + August = Yay!!!
Ok cant afford it yet, but as I have not had a holiday in over 6 years,I have booked my Mums timeshare and requested 2 weeks in South Lake Tahoe, California. Have a couple of friends 2 hours from there in Sacramento I intend to visit and drink under the table or similar furniture, lol For the rest of the time, Sun, Relaxation and women in bikini's :P Going for 2 weeks between 2nd and 17th August 2008. Look me up if you are in reach of me, lol :P
Mel And I Own Sgt.raider
Starting January 18, 2008 Sweet Mel and I co-own Sgt.Raider! Click the next picture to check out Sgt.Raider :D Sarge's Bad Girls@ fubar Sarge is co-owned by me and Sweet Mel: ^Sweet Mel ~Official Greeter Club F.A.R ~Sisterhood~SgtRaider's Bad Girl^@ fubar - February 2008 Update
Okay - have just settled in to the land downunder ;) Came across this video of me from a few years ago - was surprised to see that someone posted it on Youtube but hey - publicity is publicity right? video posted on Have made another "Year in Review" video for you all to enjoy! - 2007 - A Year in Review Am in two contests at the moment - feel free to vote when you get the time ;) Contests: - Become a Judge and vote for beautiful women!! - Vote for the Million $ woman!! Updated my MySpace page (nothing fancy - just some of you were having problems with the flash site) Some great music:
Melancholy Man--the Moody Blues
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
This is bound to be done in chapters, with updates and such. So if you are interested enough to want to read this, maybe keep checking back for "more". I think I might have been a tad depressed lately. I feel really lonely, too. I don't know many people, because I found most of the people I did know, to be untrustworthy. And because I don't know anyone, I don't go out much. And that adds to my feelings of being lonely. I know it's my fault and I am trying to rectify this problem. I have also been unmotivated. I don't want to exercise, which is important to my mental health, to keep my endorphins pumping and recycling at the "normal" level. The more I don't exercise, the more I don't WANT to exercise. Anyway. That in combination with my having to move, NOT having a place to go, and looking for a new place, trying to write my resume, and looking for a new job are a tad stressful. I don't do change well. I'm working on that as well. I'm not about to make this a bitc
u cnt even describe ma mood its mix wit ere thing... aint gone be on 4 a while got important shyt 2 do.. girl feenin go ahead u can hav it get happy dueces
Hello Everyone My 13 year old niece Jessica has been newly diagnosed with melanoma (cancer). I know she would appreciate you all keeping her in your prayers and thoughts. Let's all hope and pray that they find a cure for Cancer. Thank you all Slick
Melanie On Stairs In Her Mini Skirt And White Thong
Me...layers And Stuffs
layer one:Spell your name with bands/artistsJ -Johnny Cash O - Ozzy Osbourne H - Hell Yeah A - Alice In Chains N - Nirvana N - Nine Inch Nails A - Atreyu layer two:- name: Johanna- birth date: June 1st, 1978- nicknames: JoJo- current location: where i am- eye color: Dark Brown- hair color: Dark Brown, unless i dye it red- righty or lefty: Righty - best friend[s]: Izzy, John, Nicole and some others=]layer three:- the shoes you wore today: Sketchers, ALWAYS sketchers- your perfect pizza: Extra cheese- the last time you cried: none of your businesslayer four:- your best physical feature: my eyes and freckles i've been told and stuffs- most missed memory: layer five:- pepsi or coke: as long as it's diet, i drink both- mcdonald's or burger king: neither- adidas or nike: SKETCHERS! FTW!!!- lipton ice tea or nestea: neither- chocolate or vanilla: chocolates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- cappuccino or coffee: neitherslayer six:- curse: fuck yea ffs- do you sing: everyfuckingday- take a shower ev
Mel And Shit Hawk Wedding Fund....
I want to see the shit hawks eyes bulge out of his head... Apparently he proposed to Mel this morning thinking he would ruffle some feathers.. Can you imagine if she accepts... He will Be in shell shock and we can all take a break from him. So help me help Mel and donate bling credits... she needs 80 to accept.
A Melancholy Moment
Well there you are just going along through life and you think all is just fine,but then along come those past ghosts that creep in when you least expect it.And you're all out of Ghosts Be Gone spray,so you have to allow those pesky thoughts to run their course. (Shutter) Well so while I go through my ghosts,I will post some of my favorite poems and some love quotes I like too. Here's hoping your ghosts skip your house tonight. :) Quotes: "If you press me to say why I loved him,I can say no more than because he was he,and I was I." "Love is like War.Easy to begin but very hard to stop" "Love that is not madness is not love" by Pedro Calderon de la Barca "Time is too slow for those who wait,too swift for those who fear,too long for those who grieve,too short for those who rejoice,but for those who love,time is eternity" by Henry Van Dyke Poems: Let it be forgotten Let it be forgotten,as a flower is forgotten.Forgotten as a fire that once was
Me Lately
As some of you know and most don't I am having major issues in the RL. As of Halloween I will be homeless and have no clue what i am going to do. I thought I had a plan but it didnt work out so I am back to square one screwed. I will try to keep up with everyone as best i can love you all
Mel Brooks Moses
Melbourne Cup
Melba Toast
i'm eating melba toast and pasta salad happily buzzed. I think i'd be happier with popcorn
Melbourne, Day 1.
Wednesday, the day, vanished. Disappeared. Gone. Absent. Completely. Long 14 hour flight. In the very pleasant company of Sarah and her mother Kimberly (immortalized in my pic section). Verizon promised my phone would work. My phone didn’t work. Changed to Telstra, Now the internet on my phone doesn’t work, however at Telstra I did meet Belinda. A lovely woman….and married. Pass. Shuttle has no record of me but gave me a ride nonetheless. Anastasia was the operator. I dated a woman with that name. Maybe that explains the special treatment. Qantas lost baggage, then found it on a later plane. All of 8 minutes and a complimentary cup of “coffee” later. There is no coffee in Melbourne.
Melbourne, Day 2.
My legs hurt. That means I walked more than two blocks (I’m from So Cal, gimmie a break). Spent the day in South Bank on the edge of the Yarra River. Had breakfast, bacon, eggs and tomato (still without coffee) which consisted of over medium eggs that were cooked through and bacon that looked more like a pile of ham. The slice of tomato was a garnish. I don’t know what it did to deserve top billing. It wasn’t that good. Visited the botanical gardens. Stayed awake. Toured Captain Cook’s cottage. It’s the oldest building in Australia and it wasn’t even built there. Go figure. Visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral (by mistake) and cussed once inside (on purpose). Looked like the one in New York if I remember correctly. How is it that I’ve visite
Melbourne, Day 8.
Okay, so things have changed a bit. Two nights ago I was wondering what I was doing here. Today, I don’t care. I decided to make the places I wanted to make, the aquarium, the Pompeii exhibit and, last night, Dali at the National Gallery. Beautiful! So many incredible paintings and so many beautiful women…enter Trisha, a sarcastic Asian student from Singapore. Sarcasm? Kind of a weakness of mine. If you know me, you knew. Trisha wore flats. I mention this because I’ve noticed almost all the women here wear flats. No heels anywhere except last night at the Dali exhibit. There, all the women wore heels, except Trisha. She wore flats. Go figure. Dali, dinner, coffee and good company. She made me laugh. I like laughing. She told me after she had a boyfriend. For that, she paid for her own dinner. Today, with a bunch of free time and no more sites to see, I made the rounds, hung out with friends and after a meeting in Richmond, asked to be dropped
Attraction to women's black underwear.
I want to be warped into her, crashmelded with her. Yes, to be mixed in every possible manner - to understand, be understood, take, be taken, give. I want to know all ways of knowing her. All rights reserved
Mel Dillon
Ok, got a blank request from this guy, I accepted (you all know I don't do that often) Went to the page, rated and fanned and left this comment: Ok I've done something I don't usually do and that's accept your blank friends request. Please be sure to return the rate and fan to my page as I have yours. A few minutes later this is what I get: Click the pic above to pay the prick a visit Brought to you by: lauria FuOwned by Hopeless Romantic♥Shadow Leveler♥ {{H&L Bombers Co-Founder}}@ fubar And my owner is: @};-Hopeless Romantic {{H&L Bombers Founder}} @};-Proud Owner of Lauria r@};-@ fubar
Melechesh is an awsome power metal band outta Israel!......They totally kick ass!....You should go an check em out dudes an babes!....Much love!
Me Leaving
I just want to thank all the people who befriended me and want to say that it was fun but I am leaving this site wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you soon.
Mel Friend From Chat Days...
Sexy Mel@ fubar
Mel Gibson And The Jews
I do not know if everyone knows but Mel Gibson was arrested for drunk I could give a crap if he was or is what he said that really pissed me off...he was saying to the deputy that arrested him....He said that all the Jews were responsible for all the wars in the if that was not some of the dumbest shit I have ever heard...I do not remember any Jews in WWI...and we did not fight WWII because of them either...we actually found the concentration camps near the end of WWII...Korea well no Jews there either...Vietnam...nope...Iraq...hmmmm nope...he is a guy who made a film about Jesus...who by the way was a Jew...and he makes these remarks...I hate ignorant people and he has to be one of the biggest ones...I guess he doesn't know the the Jews are the chosen people...GOD's people...but don't ask him that he wouldn't know...I think a lot of people do not know that...who is he to say anything anyways...he is nothing more then a drunk...asshole...that should s
Mel Gets Me To Do The Dumbest Crap..
Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the first definition it gives you. 1)Your name?: David -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. David A formidable foe to normal people. intelligent, strong forceful. a weird hybrid of a bully and a nerd. As well as the first dictator of the America and king of the new peaceful world. Also known as Timebomb and various other variations including at least TB. I am David. All other David's fall in march as we conquer the world. For a new Earth of peace void of general stupidity. 2. david a very hot guy usually nice and very funny dude he is such a david tags hot funny nice smart cute by lalalalallaall michigan Dec 11, 2007 email it 3. David 490 up, 131 down A person who is hecka cool or awesome. Everyone else is nothing compared to a David. Person 1: You are really really cool, just like a Dav
Mel Gibson Is Afraid Of His Young Lover
Mel Gibson should be a shamed of himself. First he leaves his wife of many years for a younger babe. Fathers a kids with the new babe. After a year breaks up with his mistress. Then files a restraining order against her. What’s he afraid of? That she might beat him up. At 54, this guy is still knocking up babes. If you’re going to be screwing young babes Mel get yourself fixed. You have more kids then Ocho Cinco and that’s saying something. The joke in all this is that Mel says he wants visiting rights to his latest kid. Mel are you senile or something? For more BlastFM a musical venue to escape the drudgery of daily life. Tune us in for the best music in the world
Mel Gibson Comes Unglued
What is Mel Gibson smoking, drinking or eating that has him allegedly using nasty words to his once hot lover Oksana Grigorieva? Does Mel think he’s still making the movie “Passion Of Christ”? I can understand the Romans calling Jesus Christ those names but Mel calling his lover, who incidentally had his baby, is in bad taste. RadarOnline says nice guy Mel even used the “N” word describing who would be screwing her. Man, if this is all true, this guy either has dementia or he’s not the nice guy he portrayed himself to be. I think Mel better have some quiet time, like for a couple of years or more. Want more BlastFM is your choice for the music you like to hear. Hook up with the best internet radio station on the net, BlastFM 24/7!!!
Mel Gibson Spends $600k A Month On Himself
If you have a job in Obama’s economy you are one of the lucky few. If you are Mel Gibson you can spend as much as you like on yourself. Have you seen what he spends on himself a year? If you haven’t let me clue you in. Mr. Passion told a judge overseeing the custody battle with his ex that he “blows” $600,000 a month on his living expenses. I don’t have a problem with Mel spending his money. What I do have a problem with, is that he is using it as a ploy not to have to cough up more the $6000 a month in child support. If he didn’t want to pay more then what he thinks the sex was worth with his ex then he should never have brought her into his life. Us old guys never learn do we. If we want a young babe to play with then we are going to pay one way or another. Here’s the story BlastFM gives you as much music as you want. And you can lis
Melissa The Milf - Erotic Story
I hate blind dates, need I say more? So you can imaging my frustration when my cousin, Paul, set me up on one, without my calling me and getting my consent. I mean, I hate to think of myself as shallow or, God forbid, a chauvinistic, but I like having a little say so over what type of girl I choose to date. In a blind date, you have no idea what to expect, or what kind of woman you should expect it from, if you know what I mean. I only go for a small portion of the female population, and Ive got a very strict ideal of what Im looking for. The time was six oclock, and Id just finished going through my pre-date routine of showering, shaving and dressing. I knew I wasnt going to take her anywhere special, just in case she wasnt what I was looking for, but found a happy medium before formal and casual, just in case my instincts told me wrong. BODY: My gut had told me that this evening wasnt going to be a pleasant one, and being somewhat of a skeptical person
Me Like!
Me Like
Well, all the comments on my pix are sweet and thanx to all who made a comment. I'm liking it better here but still pondering. Laterz ppl
The sounds of the storm began to fade away as Jesse slipped further off to sleep. Suddenly her eyes shot wide open, she rolled over and stared blankly at the red, glowing face of her alarm clock. "2am, I've only been asleep for 2 hours." She thought. Jesse was excited about today. Today was her birthday. She would be 13 and couldn't wait for her party. Dwelling in her excitment, Jesse drifted off to sleep once agian. The sun slowly crept into her room, warming everything it touched. Jesse woke up, stretched out over her bed and smiled. She climbed out of bed and made her way to the window. Last nights storm still left its presence on the soft ground below. Through her window, she could see life beginning to stir in this small Colorado town. Jesse dressed for the day and headed downstairs. She strolled into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Inside was a present addressed to Jesse, from her parents. She smiled and took out the gift, carefully placing it on the counter
Melina And I Fooling Around
Melinda Squirming
We are sitting at a table in the club talking, listing to music and people watching. It is getting late and I am getting bored, so when a slow song comes on I ask you to dance with me before I call it a night. You say yes, we get up and make our way to the dance floor where you take me gently into your arms. I moan softly under my breath, which brings a small smile to your lips. As we make our way around the floor, I take my hand off of your waist and place it in your front pocket; deeply enough that I can stroke your cock with the side of my thumb, and it's your turn to moan. I pull you closer to my body and my eyes meet yours. I drag my tongue across my lips, letting you know that I wouldn't be upset to not make it home that evening, and as the song ends we head for the door. The night is warm and quiet, and as we stand under the cover of darkness you run your hands across my breasts and down between my legs. I moan softly and lean back into your body for closer co
Melissas Tribulation Part I
Call me Melissa. I'm 18 with medium length red hair and a 34D-24-32 body. I'm 5'5" and 179 lbs. I work as a cocktail waitress at night and usually walk home late at night and alone. The bar I work in has a caveman motif and my uniform is high black heels, black, thigh high nylons, a short yellow skirt which is basically just a piece of cloth tied around my waist which shows the top of my nylons and when I bend over, my purple g-string. I live in the city and the streets are usually deserted by the time I get off work. I wear a long coat when I walk home to cover the short skirt, black tights and low cut blouse that I have to wear for work. I'm always worried walking home so late alone, but I don't have any choice. The bar I work at closed for remodelling a few months ago. We were closed for a week and I had no plans other than to relax at home for the week and not be bothered by anyone. It had been a long night at the bar. There had been this one customer who I had never seen in the
Melissas Tribulation Part Ii
It was early in the morning when Melissa threw back the covers and swung her feet to the floor. Although it had been quite late when she had finally gone to bed, and she had slept only fitfully, she knew that it would be useless to remain in bed. With what she had on her mind, she knew that she would not be sleeping well for quite sometime to come. Had it really happened? Had she really been brutally and repeatedly raped last night by her brother and four of his friends? Yes. Yes, it had happened. She would like to pretend that it didn't, but she couldn't. The pain and soreness in her body told her that it was real. The short leather coat laying over the chair in her bedroom also attested to the fact that it had not been a nightmare. It was the coat that one of the rapists had loaned her to cover herself after all of her clothing had been utterly destroyed. It had not been an act of kindness on his part, however. If Melissa had been seen naked in the streets, the police would have b
Melissas Tribulation Part Iii
Melissa lost track of time. She wasn't sure how long it had been since the three sailors had left her alone in the woods. She had been trying unsuccessfully to free herself from the rope that tied her wrists together ever since they had gone. What would they do when they came back? And then Melissa was struck with an even more frightening thought. What would SHE do if they DIDN'T come back? Would someone find her before she died of thirst? She was still struggling when she heard something. Was it the three Americans coming back? She lay still and listened. Finally, she made it out. It was somebody humming. Somebody was walking through the woods humming! If she could only attract their attention. "MMMMMMMMM!" Melissa tried screaming into her gag. If she could hear the walker's humming, then maybe that person was close enough to hear her. "MMMMMMMMMMMM!" The humming stopped. Melissa stayed quiet for a moment and listened. She heard nothing. "MMMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMMMMMM!" she tried
Melissa Etheridge - I Need To Wake Up
Me.. Like It Or Hate It You'll Never Find Someone As B**chn As Me...
People ask me as to who i am.. The only way i can tell you is by the music i lesson to. I Come from a back ground that only those know.. I ran with the wrong crowed when i was younger I'm about to finish up my five yr probation...which if that changes ur mind as to being my friend then Your lost F you.. and I'll find some people who aren't as prejudging... besides that i really never had a good relation with women.. Pretty much the cheated, lied, and left me. If you know me well you know that i was adopted and my biological mother left me and my siblings when i was 3.. So the only woman that really has been there for me was my adopted mother.. I never really hung out with just one crowed I know everyone and who they hung out with but i also know were to get what ever u need... Young Marines only gave me a since of mind as well ROTC.. Wrestling was a way to distress Football was just a sport i was good at as well Basketball.. Base ball was something to do when all the other sports w
Melissas Baby Shower
baby shoewr april 7th at 4:00pm at freewill baptist church
Me Life
Where do I begin? Hmmm. Well, I am a hopeless romantic, an idealist, & a very caring soul. I've been raked up against the jagged rocks of love more times then I care to say. I have no children & perhaps one day I will have me own. I've been lucky & smart at the same time I guess. I belongs to no one & everyone, as I have no ties to anyone yet. I was married once & she was unhappy with her self , her second husband, & her third one as well. As fer me ... Who knows what the future brings? I'm an artist through & through. Me ways of thinking is not so mainstream. I fantasize about having the perfect life, but that is just a dream in a world of jaded sheep. I refuse to be trendy & unoriginal with me craft as well me style. I am a perfectionist when it comes to doing things right. I have a deep sense of morals, but at times I live a bit on the wild side. Never allowing me self to be used. I never drink to get drunk nor have I ever gone out of me way to do drugs. I don't need to get h
As a lot of you may already know, my cousin, Melissa, has gone through a really rough bout as of late! She is also someone very close to me, and we have gone through a lot together over the years. When family life became too stressful, she took me in. When I had my stroke (which cancer had caused, we found out later), she was at the hospital every day and was even the first person I saw when I woke up. Like I said, we have experienced a lot together! Just over a week ago, Melissa had been in a car accident, very reminiscent to the one I had seen the week before (I describe it in 'A Rough And Sad Day...'). She had been in critical condition and was touch and go for many hours. She even started crashing on a few occasions. As I'm sure you can imagine (those of you have actually spoken to me could hear it), I was an emotional wreck! She did regain consciousness and was showing signs of improvement, but the woods are a hard place to get out of. At one point while she was still
Melissa Etheridge Hell Yea
Come To My Window Melissa Ethridge Come to my window, crawl inside Wait by the light of the moon Come to my window, I'll be home soon I would dial the numbers Just to listen to your breath I would stand inside my hell And hold the hand of death You don't know how far I'd go To ease this precious ache You don't know how much I'd give Or how much I can take Just to reach you Just to reach you Just to reach you Come to my window, crawl inside Wait by the light of the moon Come to my window, I'll be home soon Keeping my eyes open I cannot afford to sleep Giving away promises I know that I can't keep Nothing fills the blackness That has seeped into my chest I need you in my blood I am forsaking all the rest Just to reach you Just to reach you Oh, to reach you Come to my window, crawl inside Wait by the light of the moon Come to my window, I'll be home soon I don't care what they think I don't care what they say What do they know about t
Me Live... With No Make Up.. Be Afraid!!
Melinda And Lakisha. Again.
THE TOP 10 GIRLS OF THE IDOL 61) Gina Glocksen ('Alone,' by Heart -- Dedicated song to her Boyfriend) - Gina wants to be good.So very good.Except that she's so very not.2) Alaina Alexander ('Not Ready to Make Nice,' by the Dixie Chicks -- Dedicated song to her Mom) - Who dedicates a song to their mom, when the lyrics are about not being ready to make nice?It don't make no sense, but I guess it does to Alaina.And that's a shame for her mother...because I'm sure Mrs. Alexander is VERY nice.3) LaKisha Jones ('Midnight Train to Georgie,' by Gladys Knight & the Pips -- Dedicated song to her Grandmother) - I said it last week. And this week's performances only confirm it.This show is done.If LaKisha or Melinda don't win the show, it will be a travesty of epic proportions. No one else can match them.No one comes close.Seriously dude.The Idol 6 is officially a two diva race.4) Melinda Doolittle ('My Funny Valentine,' by Mitzi Green -- Dedicated song to her two "Gayles") - I am speechless. F
Melissa Auf Der Maur-followed The Waves
Feel me sneaking around again Am I hangin' around again? Can't you see? That my heart lies, my heart lies to you I followed the waves to you, I cannot see it through But my heart lies to you Youll never have me true (I lie) Please don't, please don't make amends (Please don't, please don't make amends) See me, see me slip again (See me, see me slip again) Break my heart The cards of fate Seal the deal My heart lies, my heart lies to you I followed the waves to you, I cannot see it through But my heart lies to you Youll never have me true I followed the waves to you, I cannot see it through But my heart lies to you I'll never stay with you I followed the waves to you, I cannot see it through But my heart lies to you You'll Never have me true Between my fire sighs and my burning eyes My heart burns wildly in his eyes He's just a drunken, gambling man Dealing with the hand of desire's thing I'm gonna shuffle his deck clean I'm gonna sh
Melissa Etheridge-live Earth---part One
The Melinda 109: A Little Shop Story
"I can't believe it's here!" Webb said excitedly. Soapy shook his head, as Plato and Cato dismembered the packing case, and pulled Melinda 109 out. She was something--five seven or maybe five eight inches tall. Blonde. Icy sapphire eyes. Beautiful face, much like Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight, but with much fuller lips. And Melinda 109 was dressed in a snug turtleneck, a miniskirt and high heels on the long legs. "Oh she's beautiful" Webb said, his erection poking through his pants. "Does-does she dress like that all the time?" Soapy fished a manual out. "No, the 109 has about seven different outfits. And she can change her own clothes, as well as looking after your interests. There's a suitcase with her, and it's got a leather outfit, and a cocktail dress, and some rubber stuff." Cato grinned, a big, black grin with gleaming white teeth, and took out the remote control. Clicking it, suddenly Melinda spoke. "You're a bad boy, Webb. Take your pants down and bring me the hai
Melinda. Melinda. Melinda. Lakisha. Lakisha. Lakisha.
THE TOP 12 GIRLS OF THE IDOL 61) Stephanie Edwards ('How Come You Don't Call Me,' by Alicia Keys Prince) - OK...I'll admit it...after last night's boy-fueled disastrophe, I was worried that the ladies of the Idol 6 wouldn't deliver.I shouldn't have worried. Stephanie should be a postal woman, because she delivered. And then some.2) Amy Krebs ('I Can't Make You Love Me,' by Bonnie Raitt) - If the Idol was a college class that you could take pass/fail, Amy would pass. But she would JUST pass. She definitely wouldn't get honors. Not even close.3) Leslie Hunt ('Natural Woman,' by Aretha Franklin) - Leslie seems like a lovely girl. And I think if I met her in person, I would enjoy her.But on the TV?Leslie was just "eh."4) Sabrina Sloan ('I Never Loved a Man the Way That I Love You,' by Aretha Franklin) - Surprisingly good. She won't win the Idol, but she is totally top 12 material. Top 6 even.5) Antonella Barba ('I Don't Want To Miss A Thing,' by Aerosmith) - After this AND this, An
Melinda. Melinda. Melinda. Lakisha. Lakisha. Lakisha.
THE TOP 12 GIRLS OF THE IDOL 61) Stephanie Edwards ('How Come You Don't Call Me,' by Alicia Keys Prince) - OK...I'll admit it...after last night's boy-fueled disastrophe, I was worried that the ladies of the Idol 6 wouldn't deliver.I shouldn't have worried. Stephanie should be a postal woman, because she delivered. And then some.2) Amy Krebs ('I Can't Make You Love Me,' by Bonnie Raitt) - If the Idol was a college class that you could take pass/fail, Amy would pass. But she would JUST pass. She definitely wouldn't get honors. Not even close.3) Leslie Hunt ('Natural Woman,' by Aretha Franklin) - Leslie seems like a lovely girl. And I think if I met her in person, I would enjoy her.But on the TV?Leslie was just "eh."4) Sabrina Sloan ('I Never Loved a Man the Way That I Love You,' by Aretha Franklin) - Surprisingly good. She won't win the Idol, but she is totally top 12 material. Top 6 even.5) Antonella Barba ('I Don't Want To Miss A Thing,' by Aerosmith) - After this AND this, An
Melissa Etheridge ~chrome Plated Heart
I got a chrome-plated heart I got wings on these fingers trying to tear it apart I got angels crying from up above And they got rust in their eyes They got rust on their love But I have learned to leave no stone unturned And keep the wall against my back And the love is real as the day is long And the night is black As black as night I got a two dollar stare Midas in my touch and Delilah in my hair I got bad intentions on the soles of my shoes With this red hot fever and these chromium blues And I will feel another lovers wheel And drive for miles and not look back And the love is real as the day is long And the night is black As black as night And I'll dance in time and the times are rough And I'll pay the price and I'll pray that it's enough And just outside the door where it always rains I'll take the time to polish these scratches and these stains On my chrome-plated heart Wings on these fingers trying to tear it apart I got angels crying from up abov
Me Like It Or Not
I read this the other day..and i agree with it whole heartedly... Juggalos (and juggalettes) are society's underdogs... poor ghetto freaks... eating ramen noodles... drinking faygo cola... and sporting pro wing shoes... made fun of in school... never accepted by anyone... tossed out by the world that didn't want them... these group of outcasts... brought together by the music and real life messages of the insane clown posse... are followers of the dark carnival and scapegoats of the world... Being a juggalos isn't about being a "fan" of icp... j and shaggs are juggalos themselves... being a juggalo is about individuality... no one is ever fully accepted in this world... and juggalos just don't give a fuck... so we sling our faygo, jam to the wicked shit, and wave our middle fingers to the legions of hypocrites, haters, and rich ass bitches trying to bring us down... Everyone in this world is so quick to judge... the close minded percentage of the population hears the "cuss words" in
Melissa Jacobs
Melissa Jacobs #2
Melissa Love Pink
Me Live
Me, Life
Ok folks, i don't know how many of you actually pay attention to blogs, but i am fixing to find out. Back in the middle of November my wife (which is manic and bi-polar) moved out with all her stuff in tow to our other home and told me she wanted a divorce. A divorce which was long over due and i am giving that to her and all the sudden out of the clear blue she decides to contest it. I am a disabled veteran, a little info on that i have 6 disks in my lower lumbar that are either gone, going, or trying to go. Along with that the main trunk nerve going out of my spinal column on the left side is 50% severed so i am lucky to be walking. On top of all of it, with my last check up with the VA i now have Type II hypertension, and they suspect an enlarged heart as well. I have lived a hard life. Have lived a rough life, but i would not change any of it including my time in the service. What i would appreciate are your thoughts every once in a while if you are not religious, and
Melissa Manchester--u Should Hear
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Melissa Pimpout
This is a hard working woman that takes care of her family. In her spare time she always tries to help people. Please stop by her page and show her some much needed Love!!!! lil bit oh fire~member of the Shadow Leveler~member of fu bad girls~@ fubar This is the link to the giveaway she is in, if you would like to help her. This pimpout brought to you by: blaclie22 ~Freelance Bomber~Confederate Bomber~@ fubar
Melissa Code
This is a hard working woman that takes care of her family. In her spare time she always tries to help people. Please stop by her page and show her some much needed Love!!!! lil bit oh fire~member of the Shadow Leveler~member of fu bad girls~@ fubar This is the link to the giveaway she is in, if you would like to help her. This pimpout brought to you by: blaclie22 ~Freelance Bomber~Confederate Bomber~@ fubar
Crossroads, seem to come and go, yeah. The gypsy flies from coast to coast Knowing many, loving none, Bearing sorrow havin' fun, But back home he'll always run To sweet Melissa... mmm... Freight train, each car looks the same, all the same. And no one knows the Gypsy's name No one hears his lonely sigh, There are no blankets where he lies. In all his deepest dreams the Gypsy flies with sweet Melissa... mmm... Again the morning's come, Again he's on the run, Sunbeams shining through his hair, Appearing not to have a care. Well, pick up your gear and Gypsy roll on, roll on. Crossroads, will you ever let him go? (Lord, Lord) Will you hide the dead man's ghost, Or will he lie, beneath the clay, or will his spirit roll away? But I know that he won't stay without Melissa. Yes I know that he won't stay without Melissa.
Meli High Club R/f/a/c/ Bling These Great People
Snow Bunnys Beer BabySchleprok - The Steeler Nation FU-Crew is Taking Over... - Owned by ~*~Bright~Angel~*~!!!!@ fubar ŘęĐ4Mmę@ fubar Have You Seen My Baseball?@ fubar
Me Life
so just when you think you figure it out you have to start over. Nothing like life its kind of like my music"constently starting over" but anyway can somone tell me wny females have to be so heartless. I'm tired of being treated like a steping stone or door matt. Sometimes I feel like I'm just another drink or a way into the club or bar or whatever.Well that gets old after a while. Why can't someone just be youre friend for who you are? and not for what you do or what you can do for them.Why can't you date someone for just being them? well who knows? sorry just venting. leave comment message me tell me what you think or give advice I'm open to whatever
Melissa Meets Two Guys
Real Live Farm Sex! Hollywood VIPs Bare All! Anime So Sexy, So Real Asian Sexual Delights College Girls Fuck! Ass-Fucked Sexy Girls Deranged Dungeon Fetish Mammoth Cocks In Tight Pussies Boys Fucking Boys, Yay!
4melissa = Fake...
Are you really serious?.... ..from user .. 4 Melissa@ fubar Has stolen pictures claiming it's her from... Actually had the audacity to upload this salute..really... Nice to see nothing's changed. P.S. If you want to try and get me involved in your drama. I really, really don't care. Have a good night.
4melissa = Fake...
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Melissa Etheridge - I'm The Only One
Please baby can't you seeMy mind's a burnin' hellI got razors a rippin' and tearin' and strippin'My heart apart as wellTonight you told meThat you ache for something newAnd some other woman is lookin' like somethingThat might be good for youGo on and hold her till the screaming is goneGo on believe her when she tells youNothing's wrongBut I'm the only oneWho'll walk across the fire for youI'm the only oneWho'll drown in my desire for youIt's only fear that makes you runThe demons that you're hiding fromWhen all your promises are goneI'm the only onePlease baby can't you seeI'm trying to explainI've been here before and I'm locking the doorAnd I'm not going back againHer eyes and arms and skin won't makeIt go awayYou'll wake up tomorrow and wrestle the sorrowThat holds you down todayGo on and hold her till the screaming is goneGo on believe her when she tells youNothing's wrongBut I'm the only oneWho'll walk across the fire for youI'm the only oneWho'll drown in my desire for youIt's on
Melissa Etheridge - Angels Would Fall
The rope that's wrapped around meIs cutting through my skinAnd the doubts that have surrounded me Are finding their way in I keep it close to me Like a holy man prays In my desperate hourIt's better that way So I'll come by and see you again I'll be such a very good friend Have mercy on my soulI will never let you know Where my mind has beenAngels never came downThere's no one here they want to hang aroundBut if they knew If they knew you at allThen one by one the angels Angels would fall I've crept into your temple I have slept upon your pewI've dreamed of the divinity Inside and out of youI want it more than truth I can taste it on my breathI would give my life just for a little deathSo I'll come by and see you againI'll be just a very good friendI will not look upon your face I will not touch upon your grace Your ecclesiastic skin I'll come by and see you againI'll have to be a very good friendIf I whisper they will know I'll just turn around and go You will never know my sin
Melissa Etheridge - I'm The Only One
Please baby can't you see My mind's a burnin' hell I got razors a rippin' and tearin' and strippin' My heart apart as well Tonight you told me That you ache for something new And some other woman is lookin' like something That might be good for you Go on and hold her till the screaming is gone Go on believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong But I'm the only one Who'll walk across the fire for you I'm the only one Who'll drown in my desire for you It's only fear that makes you run The demons that you're hiding from When all your promises are gone I'm the only one Please baby can't you see I'm trying to explain I've been here before and I'm locking the door And I'm not going back again Her eyes and arms and skin won't make it go away You'll wake up tomorrow and wrestle the sorrow That holds you down today Go on and hold her till the screaming is gone Go on believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong But I'm the only one Who'll walk across the fire for you I'm the only one Who'
Melissa And Tammy Etheridge Split
Melissa and Tammy Etheridge have ended their nearly nine-year relationship. "Melissa and Tammy Etheridge are saddened to announce that they are now separated," Melissa's rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. The former couple add in a statement: "We ask for consideration and respect for our family as we go through this difficult period." Melissa, 48, and Tammy (formerly Tammy Lynn Michaels) exchanged vows in Malibu in September 2003. Tammy, 35, gave birth to their children – son Miller and daughter Johnnie Rose – in 2006, after Etheridge was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. Etheridge is also mom two children, Bailey, 13, and Beckett, 11, with former partner Julie Cypher.
Me............ Live ;)
Melissa Etheridge - I'm The Only One
Please baby can't you see My mind's a burnin' hell I got razors a rippin' and tearin' and strippin' My heart apart as well Tonight you told me That you ache for something new And some other woman is lookin' like something That might be good for you Go on and hold her till the screaming is gone Go on believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong But I'm the only one Who'll walk across the fire for you I'm the only one Who'll drown in my desire for you It's only fear that makes you run The demons that you're hiding from When all your promises are gone I'm the only one Please baby can't you see I'm trying to explain I've been here before and I'm locking the door And I'm not going back again Her eyes and arms and skin won't make it go away You'll wake up tomorrow and wrestle the sorrow That holds you down today Go on and hold her till the screaming is gone Go on believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong But I'm the only one Who'll walk across the fire for you I'm the only one Who
Melissa Etheridge
December 13th is my other day to relax, also to forget have a good listen to my favorite song also to slowly shake my hips from side to side because she is just that silly stupid, she do not have a lot stress hanging on her back she wants to have something nice to herself, but no one can join me so go somewhere else with you all dum little flirts, there are twenty four more hours left in her party meditations, can not use what was used left on them, hurtful stabbings stab her in the back, so why should she let you all in my mystery’s of histories, there are twenty four more hours her throwing hits is done, so why should she let you all in my mystery’s of histories, besides she going to have some thoughts to herself, clocks is a tickin rewindin and fast forwin from my anger at my own game, it is fun to play where you know that you are the last player of the game, she going to wake up tomorrow bragging about this only escape, there are twenty four more hours left in her party
Mel Is A Cunt!
To MEL: new friend request from 'SEXYGIRLBLONDE ...' received! cancel Chat 4:04pm reply MEL: lmfaoooooooooooooo cancel Chat 4:04pm reply MEL: she's only replying to you....she likes you! cancel Chat 4:04pm reply MEL: or you're the only weiner commenting her cancel Chat
Melissa's Story
I've just recently started watching that show, Intervention. If you are not familiar with it, it is a show about alcoholics and drug addicts. Their families plan a surprise intervention to try to get them the help they need. This is at the end of the show. The first 2/3 of it is a documentary type of look into their life and how they got to be the way they are. Watching this show has made me face my own addiction and I want to share my story with you. This is Melissa's story Melissa has agreed to be in a documentary about addiction. She does not know she will soon face an intervention. Melissa grew up in a small town. She
Mel/julianna Margulies
those stars REALLY like their pictures BIG
Mellow Yellow
Well the weekend is upon us..I'm staying in all weekend I must kick this cold !!! Practice has been cancelled this weekend .. Nice how this works out I'm doing percussion and backup singing for this band ... Had a great day in the salon ..I wish it was a saloon but I'm sure I don't need the liquor. That brandy in the cupboards is very tempting..Little honey little lemon hot tea.. yum!! Be right back....Yes I do say that does hit the spot ...Its just past high tea time so Im not too late lol.. A friend has called, Donovan is playing close by..Should I go? I don't know most don't even know who he is anymore but us true beatnick's will never forget Why now of all times I have the cough from hell and I would hate to cough all over everyones good time..Its settled I stay home I've seen him a few times.. This is just a very small place to see him a perfect setting, oh well...I guess I will stay home and drink tea and watch the TV or maybe I'll play a little..Im kinda hyper so I
Mellow Yellow
Mellissa [the Allman Brothers Band]
~ Mellisa Ethridge And Joss Stone - Tribue To Janis Jopplin ~
Wow Joss does her Good :) Online Videos by
The Mellon Dive
The Mellon Dive Headbutting a woman's big fat titties. Always lots of fun.
Me Llaman Calle
Singer : Manu Chao Song and Lyrics :Manu Chao Me llaman calle, pisando baldosa la revoltosa y tan perdida me llaman calle, calle de noche, calle de da me llaman calle, hoy tan cansada, hoy tan vaca como maquinita por la gran ciudad me llaman calle, me subo a tu coche me llaman calle de malegra, calle dolida calle cansada de tanto amar voy calle abajo, voy calle arriba no me rebajo ni por la vida me llaman calle y se es mi orgullo yo s que un da llegar, yo s que un da vendr mi suerte un da me vendr a buscar, a la salida un hombre bueno pa toa la vida y sin pagar, mi corazn no es de alquilar me llaman calle, me llaman calle calle sufrida, calle tristeza de tanto amar me llaman calle, calle ms calle me llaman calle, siempre atrevida me llaman calle, de esquina a esquina me llaman calle bala perdida, as me dispar la vida me llaman calle del desengao, calle fracaso, calle perdida me llaman calle la sin futuro me llaman calle la sin
Mellys Lounge
This is one by my sis. Current mood: mellow One Woman By: Kimberly Colton I admittedly was feeling WEAK one day When my God spoke to me in his own quiet way His voice rang clear as I felt his words say "One Woman" Raped, kicked, degraded and used Looking for love but often abused Broken battered defeated and wronged Left feeling powerless and alone His words again flowed through me as a gentle breeze And his overwhelming grace granted me the words' meaning "One Woman" again I felt his voice say, One woman tasted forbidden fruit indugled her mate and forever changed the destiny of man. One woman cut the locks of Samson's blessed mane and made the strongest man weak. One woman danced a dance of seduction and left John the baptist without his head. One woman's name became synomynous for whore throughout times ancient and modern as the word Jezebel still carries its own dark meaning One woman and Satan One woman was a virgin, visited by a messenger of good
Mellow Medicine Dr. R.D. Chapman, a Grand Junction physician and member of the American Board of Holistic Medicine, was in Durango on Monday to review medical records of marijuana-card applicants. He is filling in until Higgins can find a local doctor. Chapman scrutinizes an applicant's medical history to make sure it supports the need for cannabis. He said cancer patients or people who have suffered back or sports injuries are typical of those for whom he signs medical-marijuana applications. Sharon Brooks, who makes marijuana edibles for Natures Medicine in Grand Junction, was on hand. She's attended the openings of all three Natures Medicine dispensaries. "I'm glad to see the use of medicinal marijuana spreading," Brooks said. "I'm Apache, and we've used marijuana in our tribal rites for years."
Mel Maintenance
I just got this email that reads: "MEL will be performing maintenance at 2:30pm. Please log out before that time. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause." I am stupified. Help me out here. Does this mean my FuWife wants to have sex with me at 2:30 pm sharp and wants me to log off? She didn't leave me any messages this morning. I don't know what to do damnit!!!! Where is Tutti? Maybe she can help me.
Melody Of Souls
Although we've never met, I feel as if I know you well. I knew from the start that there was something special about you; you've touched my heart and wouldn't let go. Our relationship has given me a lot of dreams, and now I feel hope. You entered my thoughts and magically erased all of my fears with your sweet and caring ways. Now I look forward to each day and feel so much at ease with you. I'm so grateful that we're able to share our problems and aspirations with each other. It truly seems as if you're a part of me, as if our time together was a melody of souls. The thought of you fills me with smiles, and I can't wait to hug you each day Shannon J. 2006
Me Love He
I must really be out of my mind today but here we go.....Joey don't read this! hehe I cannot stop thinking! My mind keeps discussing my issues within itself and there's no way to stop it. I tried reading didn't help, painting very horrible, calling a friend, not available. You name it I tried it. What's left but to crawl into a lonely hole until the fog has lifted. I swear I love When you men leave me picture comments on how beautiful I am and how you can make me yours hehe very cute really, but if you think about it, where there is beauty there is pain. They say the two go together. No panic my friends, once a year right around the Holidays I tend to feel very very lonely and this is the result lol....So I am done for now, hopefully tomorrow I will awake in a far better mood then today, I think it's because I forgot to perform my morning ritual....wouldn't you love to know hehe..... S
Melodramatic? Fool Is Emmadramatic
Ya know. I always expect so much of things. And every time I pretty much get let down. I don't know why I go into everything with my head up... specially since every time I get hurt by something I swear to myself I will never do it again. If both parties in most of the stuff going on cared then it wouldn't be so hard to fix. Right? It wouldn't be such a one person clean up job. Ugh. I hate when I am the only one that tries to make things right. I'm seriously at a lose of ideas as to what to do to fix all that has broken in the last week. Dad still wont try... but what does that matter. I'm probably going to be kicked out anyway. I've started on the Cris problem. But I don't even know how I want that one to be fixed. In my effort to be comfortable again I may have made things worse. The friendship I had with Jon is a lost cause... now I just have to get myself to get over that. Which... will be quite the challenge since he was the shoulder I had when I needed someone to jus
Me Lol
im here and waiting to meet all you awesome people if want more personal chat byez
Melons, Pears And Onions
A family is at the dinner table. The son asks his father, "Dad, how many kinds of boobies are there? The father, surprised, answers, "Well, son, there's three kinds of breasts. In her twenties, a women's breasts are like melons, round and firm. In her thirties to forties, they are like pears, still nice but hanging a bit. After fifty, they are like onions." "Onions?" "Yes, you see them and they make you cry." This infuriated his wife and daughter so the daughter said, "Mum, how many kinds of 'willies' are there?" The mother, surprised, smiles and answers, "Well dear, a man goes through three phases. In his twenties, his willy is like an oak tree, mighty and hard. In his thirties and forties, it is a birch, flexible but reliable. After his fifties, it is like a Christmas tree." "A Christmas tree?" Yes, dead from the root up and the balls are for decoration only. lol... ;)
Melody's Wants To Have Fun
Hey All....I'm Melody and I love to have fun. I love to meet new people and get to know them. I work two job...flight attendent for an airline and I'm a phone sex operator with Bay City Blues. Call me for some hot phone sex, 1-866-739-9832 I would love to play with you... Love and Kisses, Melody
Melodrama Life
Its so tedious. And the same shit gets me pissed off and the same shit has me stressed. I need to stop crying or I am going to be dehydrated. Every small thing gets me crying and angry. I feel really low right now. The sun isn't helping this time either. And there is still a long time before I'm out. I can't wait until the summer time. I am never going to be home. I hate when people say shit, but they can't come out and tell you whats up to your face. They have to use the messenger game. I'm sorry but thats just not right. And worst of all I know why, they are to scared that I am going to bring up all the shit from the past and let it out. I'm not a fucking bitch, unlike them. So fuck that. I'm not touching any of Rafis shit any more. He can take all of it and shove it up his fucking ass like I said. And I'm sorry that people get stuck in the middle of everything, but you know what if your not going to stand up for me and have my back, mother, then you deserve to be in the middle of
Melody's Mural
Melodys Mural Sun seems brighter today The rays on my face so warm Blue skies a brilliant hue Entranced by thoughts of you Green grass growing Gentle breeze of Spring Paint in the bottle Brush in my hand Something so beautiful A visual melody Soon to be seen Capturing my thoughts Visuals of you and I Colors blended by Happy harmony A true masterpiece No Gallery to display Walls go without This picture so perfect Can only be found When you close your eyes And believe in love For in your heart This artwork hangs. Written by Melody 3/31/07
Melody Of Rain And I Am There
Melodies Of Life (piano) - Ff Ix
Melon Melody
Melon Melody This weekend, welcome the unofficial start of the summer season with a cool melon cocktail. The colorful garnishes, made of fresh melon balls -- use other varieties when watermelon is unavailable -- add an impressive finishing touch. But the melon soaks up the punch, so be careful when snacking! Credit: Punch by Colleen Mullaney Servings: 8 Ingredients: * Punch bowl and glasses * 4 cups pineapple juice * 2 cups vodka * 3/4 cup Midori (melon liqueur) * 1/2 cup cream of coconut * 1/2 cup fresh lime juice * 1/2 small cantaloupe, chilled * 1/4 small honeydew melon, chilled * 1-inch-thick slice of small seedless watermelon, chilled * 4 cups crushed ice Directions: Mix all of the liquid ingredients in the punch bowl. Cut the melons into 1/2-inch balls using the smaller end of a melon baller. Thread the melon balls in combinations onto 8 large cocktail picks or small skewers. If you have more melon than you
Melody & The Tyrany - Velvet Revolver
She Builds Quick Machines Just Sixteen Psycho Killer
Melody's Mural....
Me Lovez Tha
Me Lovin You
11 13:36:38 If I don't get this back, I understand. But I have a game for you. Once you read this letter, you must send it to 15 people that you really care about, including the person that sent it to you. If you receive at least 7 back, then you are loved. Nobody knows what they have until they loose it. You never leave the person whom you love for the one you like, because that person who you like will leave you for the person whom they love. Tonight, right at 12:00am, your true love is going to realize that they LOVE you! Then something is going to happen to you between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. Tomorrow, be ready for the greatest shock of your life. If you break this chain, you are going to have bad luck in love for the next years of your life. Send this to 15 people in 15 minutes. Do it if you wanna know who your real love is ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii
Me Love
As I stand in the forest, Along with my violine. I start to play my song, The one of a heart that just can't win. The birds they all surrond me, As they listen to my melody. The clouds start to open up, In an effort to let the sun in. The suns rays beat done upon me, My heart then begins to change. The cords that I am playing, Lighten up in a magical way. The melody becomes less dramatic, The sound more like a spirit. It lifts me up higher. Till I can touch the birds wings. The birds start to carry me. To another place and another time. That is where I see you, Like you never left my side. The dance is the same there. The people and the places. Nothing ever changes, When my soul takes me home again. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved
Me Lol
- Get Your Own
Melody's Story
Chapter 1: Part 1 This is a story of a neko woman named Melody Dragon. Left to fend for herself as a young child. She has long pink hair and frost blue eyes. She tends to wear a black bikini or a black priestess dress. Her weaponary of choice is a dual blade sword. Though she is known for use of alot of weaponary. Often having to make her own weapons from scratch. When she was only 2 years old her family was murdered by a man named Sobaku Herotu. She had managed to exscape thanks to her mother hidding her in a hallow tree. At the age of 4, she'd exscape his grasp by her own sheer determination. At the age of 7, she was taking in by a human family and riased as their child. At the age of 12, Sobaku found her and the human family that had taken her in. He killed the human family in front of her eyes. He was about to kill her when a white arrow knocked the sword from his hand. She ran off and found a man with long black hair and deep green eyes wearing a black 14 NEW POSTS!! This is still a work in progress but in the last couple days i've been doing a lot of work on it and so I figured i'd share it and see what ya'll think so far. If you know me you know that i'm both an aspiring chef and personal chef with that being said.. This will not be just a *blog* . My goal, in the very near future, is that I can offer you a chance to taste a lot of the dishes that I talk about on here. Pretty the end of the year..there will be options set up allowing you to purchase a few choice delights? lol Im also toying with the idea of doing gift baskets..and yes oh yes..even some desserts. If you like you can register to the site already. So whenever you have the time or are bored i would be greatful if anyone could give me some feedback on it :) Thanks so much!! Melody
Melotron- Kein Problem
The Melody
The Melody I listen to that melody playing my head its like a broken record that will never seem to end my soul is deep, deeper then the sea and when i write i drown in its beauty and when that melody seizes to exist i will be gone to a better place maybe not in spirit as that will always be but in memory i will disapear ill be just another casualty
Melodic Tendencies
Eloquence Silver tongued so she speaks Rhetorical How persuasive she can be Dictative She's the creator of the dreams Devious With her reckless mischief ~ Illusions It only seems to be Reality Is only for the weak Visions Not an imagination of the mind Lunacy Melodic tendencies all the time ~ Lyrical Words dancing in her head Madness Destiny manifest Manipulate She likes to bend the rules Foresee Fantasies oh so true ~ Cautious Foolish she is not Brutal Oh her crazy thoughts Surreptitious In an eccentric way Sublime Is the Wordsmith's way ~ Lisa '08
Me Love Me Some Dark Knight And Anything That Pokes Fun At Ironman:d
hi im hellboy/batman,hulk,ironman purdy funny. dark knight shear awesomeness!!!
Melody Of Creation
Silence, The time of chance beneath my fingers, As the telephone rings, wanting to be accepted by the outside, In it's belows unbroken to us, feeling the colors of thought within the room of fabric, wrapped in candles whispering to us their dreams. A sense of who you are in the future, A feeling of who you can become in the moment. Changing the reality of life..... A Distance, Stringing the songs of hope. Curved into the harmony of dreams coming alive , and yet fearing to awaking as though , they never were dreams in my head Showing the future through the mobile of colors, cracked on the window within the melody of creation. *~KIKI~*
Melo Tricks And Tweets!
Follow Me on Twitter In this age of instant everything la mode, I have sprouted wings and a beak. Yes, I have become a Twitterer. Or am I just a Twit? Whatever Ive become, I am now way too busy Twittering, or actually, Tweating, to blog. Yes, I confess: I am a Twitter Addict. I cant stop Tweating about the silliest things from my breakfast to my orgasms, to my pithy political opinions to the twists and turns of Speakeasy intrigues, all in a matter of seconds. Like good satisfying Quickie Sex, with everyone coming in rapid succession. I even love that Twitter limits me to 140 words per Tweat and no photos, restraining me ever-so-gently, like velvet verbal bondage. follow drsuzy at As those of you who know me know, my blogs tend to be endless, multi-course meals like the 6-hour dinners the French enjoy, peppered with pictures and links. The more I promise myself to keep it short, the
The Melody Within/ A M/s Song
Music boxes have with them Melodies they carry with them Once they're opened music fills the air Every person you have known Has a song of their own Once they open up you'll hear what's there It's not easy you must listen With your heart for what lies hidden There was a melody Locked deep inside of me But now it's free It found a place embraced by harmony Sweet harmony Love, more than anything Teaches our hearts to sing Only love could break the shell Now I know very well The love within myself There was a melody Locked deep inside of me But now it's free It found a place embraced by harmony Sweet harmony Love, more than anything Teaches our hearts to sing Only love could break the shell Now I know very well The love within myself
Melodramatic Climaxes
Last night at 10:30 I was doing schoolwork. Normal night for the most part. I'd done my normal routines.....fed the kid, put him to bed, played around online... I'd also talked to my ex mother in law. She's become more frequent here in the last several weeks. For whatever reason, I've become a sounding board (or one of them) about her failing marriage. She's been married to my ex father in law for over 30 years. He has always been her focus...her world. She seemed brainwashed when I first met her. The woman never stops. She works, cleans, cooks, and waits on him hand and foot. She mothers and grandmothers. She is a constant caretaker to him and her 'boys.' always has been. Alot of things happened. mostly it was because he caused her to lose contact with my ex and my son for a couple of years, i think...anyway, she finally woke up. snapped awake it seemed. and she could no longer deal with him or his constant need to be her sole focus in life. last night she told him she wanted a
In this heartless creation It is hard to understand Why some souls choose to wander Forgetting Yet I am lost without wandering My love is a ghost Ancient - with wisdom Vital - with tears Not able to move on Unable to let go It's hard to remember a love You don't recognize in this life Yet the memory is without thought Agony - without knowledge This love - is without mercy Passing through eternity Life to the next Forever searching In a labyrinth of whispers For a blissful love Lost Longing for the touch I'll sense when I feel Whispering to my heart Comforting this stoned soul Our love burns within me But I am lost in the shadows This entity of dreams Forever killing me I believe this love is eternal The flame will not relinquish Forever circling me The very matter of my existence But for now I simply breath Awaiting your rescue Music - bonding our souls Pain - stirring the memories While silence shouts out this melody
Arousal from music
A Melodoic Marine
A Melodic MarineBefore his legs carried himWith strides that are longHis delightful little voiceWas nare without songHe lived in a worldWhere momma taughtRight versus wrongBones, muscles and mindsGrew progressively strongHe learned that singingWas the way angels praySo upon the pianoHis sister did playAs papa danced a bowon the fiddleIn his own special wayMany deep voicesJoined in so they sayRound about the timeHair sprouted on his faceHis tiny tenor voiceNature did replaceWhere once beforeNo note was too highIt was now harmonious bassThat bellowed outAmazing GraceOff to fight evilWith modern weapon in handMarching and singingNow in distant sandWith thoughts driftingBack to a lone sisterbut a family well mannedAnd daisy filled meadowsExactly as God plannedDon’t think for an instantHis tunes aren’t missingBy those who carry himAs one of life’s blessingsA voice soothing and lowIs heard by many heartsFree to listenAnd in peaceful dreamsHis songs do their caressing t
Let others know a little more about yourself, re-post this as your name followed by "ology". ***********FOODOLOGY****** ********* What is your salad dressing of choice? french What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? this chinese resturant in desloge What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of? umm nothing... What are your pizza toppings of choice? ham and pineapple What do you like to put on your toast? butter ***********TECHNOLOGY*************** How many televisions are in your house? 2 ***************BIOLOGY****************** Are you right-handed or left-handed? right Have you ever had anything removed from your body? ehh no What is the last heavy item you lifted? my brother wes when he climbed on my back Have you ever been knocked unconscious? no ************BULLCRAPOLOGY************** If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? nope i wanna be shocked Do you want to change your name? nope Would you drink
Melodious Voice
So sweet her voice sings,She does not know it is so,As she speaks music.
Melody Of The Day :)
Melody Of The Day :)
Melon-berry Basket, Watermelon Fantasy, And Watermelon Supreme
Melon-Berry Basket 1 Medium Watermelon 1 Honeydew Melon 1 Cantaloupe 2 Cups Sweetened Raspberries Cut Watermelon in half lengthwise, leave part of top for handle. Scoop balls from center of melon with melon scoop. Scallop edge of watermelon. Cut honeydew and cantaloupe, scoop out balls. Mix melon balls and raspberries together, place in watermelon basket. Chill basket until ready to serve. Watermelon Fantasy 1 Watermelon 1 Cantaloupe 2 Bananas 1 Can Pineapple Chunks 12 ounce Bottle Lemon-Lime Carbonated Drink Prepare watermelon as above (Melon-Berry Basket). Scoop melon balls from center with melon scoop. Halve cantaloupe, remove seeds. Scoop balls from cantaloupe. Cut bananas into bite-sized pieces. Drain pineapple chunks. Combine fruits in watermelon shell, toss lightly. Chill covered, until ready to serve. Pour chilled lemon-lime drink over fruits. Serve immediately. Watermelon Supreme 1 Watermelon 3 Cantaloupes 4 Peach
Melody Of Creation
Silence,The time of chance beneath my fingers,As the telephone rings, wanting to be accepted by the outside,In it's belows unbroken to us,feeling the colors of thought within the room of fabric,wrapped in candles whispering to us their dreams.A sense of who you are in the future,A feeling of who you can become in the moment.Changing the reality of life.....A Distance,Stringing the songs of hope.Curved into the harmony of dreams coming alive ,and yet fearing to awakin as though ,they never were dreams in my headShowing the future through the mobile of colors,cracked on the window within the melody of creation.
Melody Of The Sea
Listen my love to the melody of the seaIt sings a sweet lullaby as we run freeFeel the magic of this isle of blueIt sings for no one elseJust me and youAs we watch the tide slip away from the sandLet our souls become as one with this enchanted landListen to the wind as it softly whispers secrets to the seaIt tells tales of love,happiness,and harmonyThe melody of the sea shall always be one of peaceThe memory of its tranquility in my mind shall never cease
Melody Of The Sea
Listen my love to the melody of the sea It sings a sweet lullaby as we run free Feel the magic of this isle of blue It sings for no one else Just me and you As we watch the tide slip away from the sand Let our souls become as one with this enchanted land Listen to the wind as it softly whispers secrets to the sea It tells tales of love,happiness,and harmony The melody of the sea shall always be one of peace The memory of its tranquility in my mind shall never cease (1988)
Mel Peachey
anybody in the uk have you heard of mel peachey if so please tell me what she is up too now thanks
Melrose Place
Mels Layout
Myspace For Girls Only -
Mel's Interview By Dj Rhumble
Mel's interview by DJ Rhumble - Direct link: Check it out when you've got the chance.
Mel's B-day Bash!!!
Alright everyone, it's that time again. Except this time Mel is going to be 30!!! I'm having a big party for her and I want everyone here to show her a good time. I'll be making the desert, finger foods and jello shots. This is a BYOB. Please ignore the RSVP date. Just let us know so I can plan to have enough food. Message me for location info. -Erica
Mel Sucks. :p
You Are A Weeping Willow Tree You are a dreamer, and you're into almost any kind of escapism. Restless and capricious, you love to travel to exotic places. You are easily influenced by others, as long as they don't pressure you. You tend to suffer in love until you find that one loyal, steadfast partner. An empathetic friend, you love to make others smile and laugh. What's Your Celtic Horoscope?
Mel's Level Bully
This is mel aka SPunky aka trailer whore...hahahaha just kidding u know i love u ! just click link under her pic
Mel's Fault
Show me what your soundtrack would look like. Opening credits: Rosemary's Granddaughter...Jessica AndrewsWaking up: Sunrise ...Norah Jones Average day: Bad day...Daniel PowterFirst date: Something To Talk About....Bonnie RaittFalling in love: What's Love Got To Do With It...Tina Turner Love scene: These Arms Of Mine...Otis Redding Fight scene: Complicated...Avril LavigneBreaking up: In The End....Linkin ParkGetting back together: If You're Gone...Matchbox TwentySecret love: Slip Away....Clarence CarterLife's okay: Strong...Leann RimesMental breakdown: Into The Void...9 Inch NailsDriving: Fast Car...Tracy ChapmanLearning a lesson: Don't Stop Dancing....CreedDeep thought: Breathe....Melissa EtheridgeFlashback: Welcome To The Jungle...GnRPartying: Party People...Nelly and FergieHappy dance:Pump It...Black Eyed PeasRegretting: Still Rainin'...Jonny LangeLong night alone:3 am ...Matchbox TwentyDeath scene: Fade To Black...MetallicaClosing credits: Life Ain't Always Beautiful...Gary A
I was closed to all influence broken down and malcontent completely void of all affluence uninspired, cold and spent winter currents stole into me hardening my very core waxing and waning thorough the debris stealing my innocence like a whore then one day while I wandered lost and ragged, nearly lifeless inside, the beast still squandered turning my body into a recess I found a place far from the freezing that heated my insides, and ran out the libertine my heartbeat felt foreign and began seizing I thought that it was death's high sign.. I awakened to breathing that wasn't mine using his lungs vicariously the warmth he enveloped me in was divine yet my life still teetered precariously he taught me what it was to feel again and my heart was a willing initiate I was thawed to him like I'd never been exposed, my soul did emmoliate
Melting Point
I did not know when I slipped from highs of anticipation into gentle sweeps of submission. Perched precariously on my nerves the waves traveled head down - the tips of my ringed toes caressing love rhymes. It was difficult to contain and burn at the same time the energy till it melted into me like an ice cube in fire.
Melt Away Your Ex Boyfriend Lmao
Ok .. I found this and Had to Show ya'll .. What a hoot .. Here's the Advert for it Melt Away Your Brown Hair Ex Boyfriend Candle Ha! "He took you from the heat of passion to burnining mad..." so why not "watch him slowly melt into oblivion?" Brunette figurine candle also features a place to write his name. 2 1/2" tall. Imported. Too Damn Funny
Melting Ice
sitting on our sofa watching a movie holding each other kissing so sweet so soft an tender a sweet delicious treat covering us with a comforter as the movie plays feeling your body next to mine kissing you as we drift off to sleep only measure of time is the melted ice in our glass
I went to a party with my girl Lea Saturday night. It was a guy named Anthony's birthday and our friend Matt invited us since it was at his house. The guest list consisted of: Me, Lea, Matt, Rod, Anthony, Other Anthony, Sari, Scott, Jared, Derrel, Christina, Some Asian Guy, Wiggles, Tyler, Eli, and Maggie (I think that's all of them). I knew most of them or had at least seen them when I went to high school. Maggie is Robbie's sister. I brought her since she's a pretty cool person and I hadn't heard from her in a while. It wasn't a real active party for the most part. We made three plutoniums (Everclear, Apple Pucker, Vodka, and I believe a shot of pineapple juice), and then mixed the left over vodka with miscelaneous other stuff like Coke. Everything was pretty alright to begin, cept Lea and Matt started slamming drinks back like the end of the world was coming down on them. She had fought with her Mom about staying at my house for the night, and he has some psychological issues go
Melted In A Kiss
Your eyes were softly sparkling Like the sea of stars twinkling They were like a magnetic drawing me in Ever closer till Im touching your skin Smooth ever so smooth you glide on in Till your loving arms wrap around me Your moist wet lips cover mine in hunger Long and passionately wanting more You rock my world theres more in store My heart it melted in that kiss Overflowing love springs out like darts Pausing while you hug me tight You nestle in against my neck Pecking nicely it feels so sweet Sending shivers down my spine You know exactly how to turn me on The warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside So neat was that kiss you followed it with more To my lips up and down my neck even my ear lobes Youve touched my heart once again putting stars in my eyes
Melt Away
Can I fade in your arms? Can I get lost in your eyes? 'Cause when I'm with you I just melt away Can I render you still? Freeze this tmoment in time? 'Cause when I see you I just melt away Can I stay close to you Until the river runs dry? 'Cause when you're heart is by mine I just melt away
Melt Into Me
Feel me inside of you as I explore searching for more than ever before. Within the chambers of passion, saving the explosion for just the right moment. Crash into me and feel me feel you. Relax and let me take your mind on a never ending journey. I am that man, the one that is unique in my own special ways. The one for you. See into my eyes what Im feeling as we melt slowly into one instead of two. Melt with me. Melt into me.
Melting Passionate Lips
My tears have stopped falling Raindrops glisten sweet in the morning sun My heart is light and floating upon wings You have come for me I will enter your realm and feast on this fantasy A rose petal fall and cover us with love Protecting and sheltering from all evil harm Hold me into your dreams, you are in mine Gentle touch me with your words of sweet magic Gentle we are as one as one flower one breath Love is born and given to us Over land and sea Ill fight four you In my veins are the might of love The heart of red roses beating in my breast Candle lights will send my wishes to your heart Lips of passion melting in the fire of longing dreams In your eyes I can read billions of sweet wishes Your heart is like an open book of true romantic love That will carry me to the homeland of roses You are a miracle And an angel of never ending storys of my feelings an and hopes A light of love twinkles in your ocean eyes You made all my dreams com
Melting Point
N'avez-vous jamais fondu Have you ever melted Comme du beurre dans le four? Like butter in the oven? D'abord, votre esprit disparat. First, your mind disappears. Puis, le corps devient inutile. Then, your body becomes useless. Il est caus par un regard simple, It is caused by a simple glance, Un regard de l'amour. A glance of love. Souvent, il vous attrape par surprise, Often, it catches you by surprise, Ce regard, venant de quelqu'un inconnu. This glance, coming from someone unknown. On sent comme une fonte physique relle It feels like an actual, physical melting. Qui reste au del du temps. That lasts beyond time. Parfois on rit ou on crie. Sometimes you laugh or you cry. Parfois on fait des choses bizarres. Sometimes you do strange things. Il cause un type de folie, It causes a kind of madness, ct de qui, la mort est impuissante. Next to which death is impotent. Quelques femmes ont ce rega
You have melted me I just don't understand You have such control Whenever your near Hearts skip a beat Mine comes to a stop The smell of your skin What daydreams are of Your lips touch mine You melt me
Melt Into Me
Feel me inside of you as I explore searching for more than ever before. Within the chambers of passion, saving the explosion for just the right moment. Crash into me and feel me feel you. Relax and let me take your mind on a never ending journey. I am that man, the one that is unique in my own special ways. The one for you. See into my eyes what Im feeling as we melt slowly into one instead of two. Melt with me. Melt into me.
Melt Away
I feel for you because the moment I saw you I felt something inside me. I knew I just had to get to know you. I just had to meet you. You with those beautiful eyes and perfect smile. You with with the warmth of an angel and the brightness of a sunny day. You cause me to daydream, to wish again, to feel the wall surrounding my heart melt away.
America is often called the "Melting Pot." Little did people know when this phrase was coined that there would be a melting of races, sexes and religion. There are those born of parents of different races, but melted isn't an option on applications. When asked about sex - yes, no, not enough or preference isn't asked! If gender is being asked, why not ask gender instead of sex? You may be thinking, "Where the fuck are you going with this?" Well, I don't really know. It was just a thought. Have you ever noticed how all religions have some similarities? It is sort of like when my dad use to cook stew; he would take all kinds of left overs and cook together and POW - there was some delicious stew! Just a thought, but maybe this is how we should view the "Melting Pot." Yes, the green beans and pot roast were good yesterday, and yes, those baby butter beans were good too. But now, throw them all together, some canned tomatoes from last year's harvest, some spices and you hav
I was closed to all influence broken down and malcontent completely void of all affluence uninspired, cold and spent winter currents stole into me hardening my very core waxing and waning thorough the debris stealing my innocence like a whore then one day while I wandered lost and ragged, nearly lifeless inside, the beast still squandered turning my body into a recess I found a place far from the freezing that heated my insides, and ran out the libertine my heartbeat felt foreign and began seizing I thought that it was death's high sign.. I awakened to breathing that wasn't mine using his lungs vicariously the warmth he enveloped me in was divine yet my life still teetered precariously he taught me what it was to feel again and my heart was a willing initiate I was thawed to him like I'd never been exposed, my soul did emmoliate XxBarricadexX May 19 2006 ----------------------------- Notes: I just read this 1 for the 1st time today, and what do
Often the little things mean so much more than the over the top gestures.... Here are the things that make her melt, and notice please that not everything is related to playtime! Ironing not just my own clothes, but hers as well. Saying Come here in the exact tone of voice that makes her go weak at the knees. Her waking up to discover that once again I have allowed her to take all of the covers without a fight. When I finish putting her necklace on her in the morning, and give her the tiniest kiss on the back of the neck. Easing her panties slowly, slowly, ever so slowly down over her bottom just prior to giving her a spanking. Interrupting her in the middle of something simply to tell her how beautiful she is. Interrupting her in the middle of something to tell her she has been a very naughty girl. Skipping a dozen roses and instead sending her one rose every day for a month. After Ive spanked her very hard, putting my hand on her bottom to feel the he
I walk into the dining room to grab something off the table when I hear faint whimpering, but I cannot locate it. After carefully scanning the room, I realize my son is not in there. I bend over and glance under the table to see him feverishly wiping his eyes and crying. Pulling the chair out, I crawl under the table with him and begin to talk to him. I ask him what is wrong. No answer... I ask him to come out from under the table, he cries harder. I pull him out from under the table and carry him to the couch, tissue in hand. I hold him tightly and tell him it's ok to tell Mommy what is wrong. This, what I perceive to be reassurance, incites a full on screaming meltdown. He begs me to let him go, crying, screaming. The tears run down my cheeks as I beg him to please use his words, just tell me what is wrong. I cannot calm him down. My heart is breaking with every tear rolling down his cheek. My soul sobs violently under a mostly calm facade. Why has my son been finally blesse
Melt And Flutter
You make my heart melt and flutter With you I cant keep my mind out of the gutter My heart is burning with desire You have set it on fire I know you are what I need Mmmm yes indeed Now my mind is back on a dirty thought And you are what I sought You are in my thoughts and dreams too All I ever do anymore is think of you I am waiting for the day we meet I know that day will be a treat I want to meet a guy for me that is Mr. Right To love every day and night And if my dreams will ever come true I am hoping this guy is you!
Every day on here I have some random person seeking my Fu-friend approval tell me how "unique" I am. Guys seeking my approval because they think that I look "hot" or they "would like to see my private pics" tend to try to sweet talk me with that word. They seem to think it really means I'm oh so special and there's no one else in the entire expanse of the universe that could compare to me. And because I'm so special, could they please have a peek at my tits? You know, I look in the mirror every day. I see who and what I am. I know myself. I am NOT a beautiful and unique snowflake. What I am is someone just like you. Someone who's lonely and tired and jaded and bored. Someone who wants the same exact thing that everyone wants. To not be lonely and tired and jaded and bored anymore. In this quest, I have been through a lot. I've trusted the wrong people, I've looked for love in all the wrong places, I've let down my guard over and over only to be forced to
Melt Away
I see a sorrow in her eyes, I hope would never come from me. For her my mind and heart are true, I hope though her clouds she will see. I could lift her doubts, As I melt winter from deep within. To put light back in smile, Where it has grown so thin. If she would take my hand, And give me just one chance. Forever it would be my calling, To make her world once again dance. My goal a smile on her face, Each day as she opens her eyes. As happiness runs again in her heart, And her eyes never again shed a tear.
Melting Into You
Hm baby you are so hot You make me melt when I touch I want to soak into your skin I love you so very much When you are ready to receive I'll be spread all over you This recipe is one of love We belong, you know its true A simple thing you and I A gourmet meal for some Devoured we are by many All finished to the last crumb Hot toast and butter combined We are an awesome pair We've been for many years The breakfast many will share dutch2lips September 22nd, 2006
Melted Brickle Lovers
He loves to sink into her eyes, the same moment his flesh finds hers moist, fresh--- he had forgotten the pleasure of a woman soft beneath him, ardent, urgent, his for the taking, his to possess between breaths, breasts such sweet alabaster under his touch. She loves the feel, inch by inch fighting the urge to hurry his hips to hers, knees spread to beyond open, oh my love--- make me gasp again, she goes to the place where words cannot be, amber belly butterscotch in her blood. The melting the melding, the joining of the two, love making to raw fucking, taste to tempest, his name, her name the password to nirvana, blessed with kisses to the last touch of melted brickle lovers.
When you light those candels up there on that mantel setting the mood I just lye there starring silently preparing to love on you Well i can feel the heat from across the room ain't it wild what a little flame can make you want to do Chorus I melt Everytime you look at me that way It never fails any time any place This burn in me is the coolest thing that i'v ever felt i melt Don't know how you do it I love the way I lose it everytime What's even better is knowing that forever yur all mine The closer you get the more my body aches One little stare from you is all it takes Repeat chorus twice Everytime you look at me that way I melt, I melt Rascal Flatts
my eyes refuse to see you showing me the door then your smile whispers softly for more so I'll stay, stay awhile and I'll leave leave when the sun sends me home the night is ours and you are all i need I'm melting into you when i look into your eyes i feel like I'm melting into you when i touch your skin I'm falling in i'm melting into you we walk beneath the sun write letters in the sand but love is more than holding your hand let's run away we'll find somewhere far away we'll stand on the edge of the world where only the stars will catch a glimpse of our first kiss
A Melting Twilight
a melting twilight the world in its entirety dissolves the scent of you the blossoming encapsulation of dreams all dissolves a vision deferred in a while a star will emerge on the horizon to gaze at you replete with meaning your heart shall then reminisce, there shall be an echo of a memory the tale of a separation, of an unfinished moment of dreams unborn, thoughts unsaid we ought to have met in another time in pursuit of attainable dreams below a different sky upon a different earth we ought to have met then, there
Melting...cuteness Attack!
Melt By. Ashton Mullen He was cold He was tough He had himself and that was enough. They'd come and go The girls he knew Throwing them away and finding someone new. He didn't care This bastard son He lived his own life and needed no one. But then she came walked into his life and suddenly his world was free of strife. She could be silly This was for sure but she made him laugh and her heart was pure. There was something about her That changed his view and never again did he want someone ne
Melting What's the useWhat's the causeWhat's the matterAre you scared of the fogWhat's the fuss What's the fight Too late nowYou can't make it rightMelting your bodyMelting your soulMelting your bones Melting you whole CecilyNikole Pate
Melt In Ur Hands
Once upon a time there lived a king.The king had a beautiful daughter,The PRINCESS.But there was a problem. Everything theprincess touched would melt.No matter what;Metal,Wood,Stone,Anything she touched would melt.Because of this, men were afraid of her. Nobody would dare marry her.The king despaired. What could he do to help his daughter?He consulted his wizards and magicians. One wizard told the king,'If your daughter touches one thing that does not melt in her hands, she will be cured.'The king was overjoyed and came up with a plan.The next day, he held a competition. Any man that could bring his daughter an object that would not melt would marry her and inherit the king's wealth..THREE YOUNG PRINCES TOOK UP THE CHALLENGE.The first bro ught a sword of the finest steel.But alas, when the princess touched it, it melted.The prince went away sadly.The second prince brought diamonds.He thought diamonds are the hardest substance in the world and would not melt.But alas,once the princess t
Melt With You By Modern English
Moving forward using all my breath Making love to you was never second best I saw the world thrashing all around your face Never really knowing it was always mesh and lace I'll stop the world and melt with you You've seen the difference and It's getting better all the time There's nothing you and I won't do I'll stop the world and melt with you (You should know better) Dream of better lives the kind which never hate (You should see why) Dropped in the state of imaginary grace (You should know better) I made a pilgrimage to save this human race (You should see why) Never comprehending a race that long gone by (I'll stop the world) I'll stop the world and melt with you (I'll stop the world) You've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time (Let's stop the world) There's nothing you and I won't do (Let's stop the world) I'll stop the world and melt with you The future's open wide (Let's stop the world) I'll stop the world and melt with you (Let's stop the world) I've seen so
Melt Away
Can I fade in your arms? Can I get lost in your eyes? 'Cause when I'm with you I just melt away Can I render you still? Freeze this moment in time? 'Cause when I see you I just melt away Can I stay close to you Until the river runs dry? 'Cause when you're heart is by mine I just melt away
We lit our cigarettes off of each other’s. We were never meant to be, no. We had sex, but I could never let her touch me. She couldn’t have extracted my soul from all the places it was hiding. That’s okay. We were what we were, when we needed it. She was out on my balcony, late one night. I was in the kitchen, when I sensed a change in energy. I walked out onto the balcony to find her sitting with a cigarette in her fingers, trembling with tears streaming down her cheeks. I sat down in front of her, and said gently, “Come here, sweetheart.” She slid into my lap, and sobbed into my shoulder. I remember the exact feeling of her back beneath my fingertips, as I ran my fingers up and down her spine. My god, I held her, and for the first time in so long, I felt something in my heart that resembled softness. It was a heartbreaking, heartmaking feeling. She melted my permafrost in that moment. I cared. Suddenly, I could feel tenderness again. That
~melvin Carl Fisher~(to You Auto Nut)
Magic of passion in your words. Elegant touches against my body. Love the sweet and tender voice. Very mature and caring. I wish to be in your arms every night. Naturally a great person to cherish. Can't never forget your voice. Admire the person you are. Realized no one can make me smile as much as you. Long lasting love to have and to hold. Fun person to be around. Intelligent person that I can learn from. Sweetly to the touch of the heart. Heavily in love to fall for. Encourging someone to do their best. Recognize easily by friends and some family.
Melvin 'inkslinger1975'
Melvin is going to give it a shot! Good luck Melvin......
Melzie Got Me Again, Dammit.
Melzie posted a blog about this Nohari thing that I'd done months and months ago... I'd like it if more people would do it... Go here for the positive one, and here for the negative one. Thanks!
Melzie Started It!
You Are Dramatic Your positive traits: You're red hot passion makes anyone you date feel extremely wanted Loyalty, to the point of doing anything to protect your lover You are mysterious and charismatic - and you easily draw people in Your negative traits: You tend to be paranoid and think that the worst is going on with your lover You turn cold and mean at the first sign of conflict in relationship You sometimes become obsessed with dates - so much so that you develop jealousy early on Your ideal partner: Someone who will take the time to win you over. Not an easy task! Is able to keep up with your carnal appetite... lots of stamina needed. Reassures you of their love and loyalty on a daily basis. Your dating style: Intense. You prefer to stay in with take out and conversation - so that no one else is distracting you and your date. Your seduction style: Hot. New partners have trouble believing that your libido is for real. You have incredible sexual intuition - you always
Member These And Get Back Ta Me
1-touch their waist 2-talk to them 3-share secrets 4-give her your jacket 5-kiss them slowly are you remembering this? 6-hug her 7-hold her 8-laugh with her 9-invite her somewhere 10-let her be with you when you're with your friends keep reading 11-smile with her 12-take pics with her 13-pull her onto your lap 14-when she says she loves you more, deny it. fight back 15-when her friends say i love her more than you, deny it. fight back and hug her tight so she cant get to her friends. it makes her feel loved Are you thinking about someone? 16-always hug her and say i love you when you see her 17-kiss her unexpectedly 18-hug her from behind the waist 19-tell her shes beautiful not sexy! 20-tell her the way you feel about her! ..20 u need to show her you mean it too 21-kiss her on the lips 23-tell her what u feel! 24-make her feel loved 25-buy her stuff. small things can still help ...the little things mean the most... 2
Members {rebel's Of Ct}
HERE IS THE REBELS OF CT . IF YOU HAVNT ADDED ANY OF THEM TO UR LIST YOU SHOULD . WE STRIVE TO HELP OUT AS MANY OF OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AS WE CAN . SO ADD EVERYONE TO UR FRIENDS LIST , AND DONT FORGET TO FAN THEM WHILE YOUR AT IT . IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING THE REBEL FAMILY PLEASE SEND A PRIVATE MSG TO TAZMAN OR MISSBITCH AND LET US KNOW WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A REBEL AND WHAT YOU THINK YOU CAN DO TO HELP MAKE THIS THE BEST FAMILY OUT THERE . Meet your Rebels of C.T.. TAZMAN Head of The Rebels of C.T.@ CherryTAP *~*MiSs BiTcH*~*MeMbEr Of K.O.T*~*ReBeLs Of CT*~*HeAd BoUnCeR*~*@ CherryTAP aprilrose~ ~rebels of ct ~design artist@ CherryTAP Niccole Secretary~Rebels of CT@ CherryTAP Bubba ~~Family Member - Rebels of the C.T. - Will mainly be off line for a while.~~@ CherryTAP **Grav3danc3r**Rebels of CT**@ CherryTAP ~Amie~CT WIFE of RedneckGodfather~Family Member~Rebels Of CT~@ CherryTAP WYTETYGER~Family Member~Rebels Of CT~@ CherryTAP
Members Of The Congregation
I would like to thank all members of the Congregation for their support as we continue to grow! As you may or may not know we are always accepting applications. Pastor Redneck and Rev Doggie James will be more than happy to review your applications. Rev. Doggie James @ CherryTAPPastor Redneck@ CherryTAP Our mission is to lead as many people to the promise land as we possibly can. We have many funfilled events and sermons in store for this 2007 years. -Weekley Drink-a-thons @ El Casa de Pastor Redneck -Retreats/Camping trips upto the pines -Visits to the Hole Temple aka Bugel's -Superbowl Party (location to be determined) -El Hunt de Sean Tanner -Other special holiday drink-a-thons -Campo de Chaos @ Big Lake Please stay tuned for more announcements. We look forward to a great year! Hope to see you all become a part of the revival:)
Members Of The Bomb Squad
THE MEMBERS SO FAR IN THE BOMB SQUAD ARE AS FOLLOWS< ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; No 1 member of the bomb squad =cumwithdamo@ CherryTAP --------------------------------------------------- juicywetlipsxxx no.1 member of the comment bomb squad = juicywetlipsxxx@ CherryTAP -------------------------------------------------------- Simply Complex #2 member of the comment bomb squad@ CherryTAP --------------------------------------------------------------- No 3 Member Of The Bomb Squad = Mish Number 1@ CherryTAP --------------------------------------------------------------- 4 the no 4 member of the comment bomb squad@ CherryTAP ------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 the no 5 member of the comment bomb squad =tamster92574@ CherryTAP --------------------------------------------------- 6 jujuangel(READ MY PROFILE BEFORE YOU ADD ME)@ CherryTAP -------------------------------------
'member When
REMEMBER WAY BACK WHEN.. HHHHHHHHHH MEMORIES!!! Close your eyes...And go back... ....Before the Internet or PC or the MAC...... ....Before semi-automatics and crack.... ....Before Playstation, SEGA, Super Nintendo, even before Atari... ....Before cell phones, CD's, DVD's, voicemail and e-mail.... ....way back.... ....way.....way.....way back.... I'm talkin' bout hide and seek at dusk Red light, Green light Red Rover....Red Rover..... Playing kickball & dodgeball until the Streetlight came on Ring around the Rosie London Bridge Hot potato Hop Scotch Jump rope!!! YOU'RE IT!! Parents stood on the front porch and yelled (or whistled) for you to come home - no pagers or cell phones Mother May I? Hula Hoops Seeing shapes in the clouds Endless summer days and hot summer nights (no A/C) with the windows open The sound of crickets Running through the sprinkler Happy Meals Cereal boxes with that GREAT prize in the bottom Cracker jacks with t
A Member Of The Armed Forces Please Help Us!
Members Updated 6/18/07
#1 EVONNE ~evonne ~ #1 of the TEXAS BOMBERS ~please vote 4me in the cup of joe contest@ CherryTAP #2 JOY ~~MyJoy~~#2 of the Te Bombersxas@ CherryTAP ">DJFawn #4 of the Texas Bombers ~~~vote for me in sexiest female cherry contest@ CherryTAP The #6Yellow Rose of Texas@ CherryTAP #11 Michelle@ CherryTAP #16 LoneWolfDFW~~#16 of the TEXAS BOMBERS~~@ CherryTAP barry #15 BARRY #15 OF THE TEXAS BOMBERS@ CherryTAP xxxdogg2000@ CherryTAP mags@ CherryTAP Short_d1ck_man aka imawhore@ CherryTAP mckpups-CLUB F.A.R./ANGEL FAMILY/TX BOMBERS@ CherryTAP
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Here are members of the Society. Its your duty to seek them out as a member. All should add me to family as soon only family Members will be allowed access to Society bulletins, blogs and pictures. I will add members as my schedule permits. My dedicated slave and servant Gypsy~Freaks R Us Family Member~@ CherryTAP ~just becky *DM & SS Mages Family~@ CherryTAP Sir Critter & baby doll ~ Dark Masters & servants Society ~ D/s family@ CherryTAP freakymilf1967/magesmuse@ CherryTAP Mezmereyez*FREAKS~R~US FAMILY MEMBER*~Lord Mages 4th of 5~@ CherryTAP Freak of the Irish *Freaks R Us Family Member* ~LORD MAGES FIFTH OF FIVE~@ CherryTAP moonshyne~Lord Mages Muse~ Dark Masters & Servants Society@ CherryTAP Dreamyeyed*** Freaks R Us Family Member***~LORD MAGES THIRD OF FIVE~@ CherryTAP Cin~Curse of The Howling Wolves of Lestats Dark Covenant Family~Mage's Muse~'s
****DO NOT REPOST*** This is the updated full roster list of members... Make sure you have everyone added to your lists... Hollywood -nWo- CGW Security & Eyecandy@ CherryTAP ♥JУ♥~*W*~@ CherryTAP ghostwalker The Outsiders-nWo- @ CherryTAP ~GUAMANIAN~nWo~The Outsiders @ CherryTAP The Madness -nWo-@ CherryTAP ♥~ Honey ♫ Club Fear ~♥ -nWo-@ CherryTAP The Big Mike ...N.W.O...GRENADE LAUNCHERS... U.A.O. Bomb Squad@ CherryTAP jayrod874-nWo-@ CherryTAP PastorLezkas BitchOwner of TBR~Bountys Hubby~Co owner of Ace Cafe chanclor/undrwrld~NWO~@ CherryTAP ~DJ BountyHuntress~TBR~Ace Cafe~DJ Bubba's Wife/RL Fiance~ nWo Stripper~Bubba's Porn Princes@ CherryTAP
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>-nWo-@ CherryTAPHollywood -nWo- CGW Head Of Security/Eyecandy@ CherryTAP♥JУ♥~*W*~@ CherryTAPghostwalker --nWo- Outsider@ CherryTAP~ GUAMANIAN ~ NWO ~OUTSIDER~@ CherryTAPStormy ~nWo~@ CherryTAPjayrod874-nWo-@ CherryTAPdbo71 -nWo-@ CherryTAPDJ LOONEY JUGGALO~nWo~ Sexi Baby Doll Juggalette Ct Hubby-Fan Me@ CherryTAPCaptain Caveman -nWo-Apprentice Pimp@ CherryTAP(Please Fan Me)$! Shorty !$ -nWo-
#3 Member Of The N E Bombers
Get your own glitter and more at
Members So Far May 18, 2007
The following members add to your friends and family: Babydoll Diamond ~Lost Hearts Club Member~ Button ~Lost Hearts Club Member~ shyLOU4u ~Lost Hearts Member~ When more join I will tell you or post a bulletin! thanks!
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The Covenant of Shadows@ CherryTAP -----FOUNDERS----- ~Gothic Rose~Goddess of Death~Founder of The Covenant of Shadows~ Member of The Confederate Bombers Family~BBG Fan Train~F.A.R.~CT Wife of Warlock~@ CherryTAP warlock Boreas of Beggars and Lepers Founder of The Covenant of Shadows CT Husband of ~Gothic Rose~@ CherryTAP -----CO-FOUNDER----- MOOSEJR /Ct Hubby of annieo/ / Co-Founder of The Covenant of Shadows@ CherryTAP --------BOUNCER------- **DJ WICKED**JUGGALO ENFORCER OF** Covenant of Shadows**@ CherryTAP -----MEMBERS----- Sahib of Flesh of The Covenant of Shadows@ CherryTAP BLUEMADDNESS CTAF SQUAD 3 RANK 15 RAZIEL THE SOULREAVER OF THE COVENANT OF SHADOWS@ CherryTAP **AGENT SMITH**C.O.S.~Brother of Oracle~VIP for Club Contageous~@ CherryTAP Silver Dragon of the Mist of LDC~Covenant of Shadows~ Charmed Outlaws of Darkness@ CherryTAP
There are a lot of cool people here, only trouble is keeping up with all of them. I say I'm not a people-person, but that's not true. Nice to meet all of you, near & far. It's the member's that make this site work, Cherry Tap is just the road there! Thank's, Butch
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~Insane Asylum Rejects~ {I.A.R.} Fan Train is on the move. If you would like to jump aboard please follow a few simple rules. Rate, Fan & Add All the People on the train before you add yourself. When you send your friend request leave a lil note that you are w/I.A.R. If you do not rate & fan back those that rate, fan & add you, you will be removed from the train & blocked. After you have fanned, rated & added everyone, Click the banner below to add your link to the bulletin & Plz comment this blog as well so I can add you here & to the original bulletin. Note: This is NOT a bombsquad, just a fan train so anyone may join. Plz don't post bulletins asking I.A.R. to help bomb your contest. I will be ripping members default pictures to add to an album so if u would like me to use a different picture please say so when you contact me. HollieHottie{Founder of I.A.R.} .:L:.{Co-Founder of I.A.R.} ~Insane Asylum Rejects Fan Train Family Page ~ ~ GodFathers/GodMothers
Members With A Verified Email Address Now Have A Bold Name.
i just enabled a small tweak to the site-- members that have verified their email address now have their name in bold (unless it was already changed by being a top cherry, referrer, etc). :-) -mike
Members Needed
friend request for the CT.L.R.L.Society of Wolves Hows it Going ,I'm Jeff Founder of a Bran new Family here on the CT. Seeking Loyal new members,to be part of the L.R.L.~The Objective of this Family is to Win Contests.The Wolf is out Totem,A Wolf Morph comes with membership.The Wolf is Strength,Unity + Loyalty.Either just send this back as a regular friend.Or send this back a member of my Family.Add L.R.L.~Society of Wolves to your nic.An I'll be by to retrieve your Code an add it to the Family blog,an a Picture for your Morph.Hope to see u.Many Hugs. just click here friend request for the CT.L.R.L.Society of Wolves Lord~Wolf~L.R.L.~Society of Wolves*Roadhouse~Riders~*Club*@ CherryTAP
Members Needed
friend request for the CT.L.R.L.Society of Wolves Hows it Going ,I'm Jeff Founder of a Bran new Family here on the CT. Seeking Loyal new members,to be part of the L.R.L.~The Objective of this Family is to Win Contests.The Wolf is out Totem,A Wolf Morph comes with membership.The Wolf is Strength,Unity + Loyalty.Either just send this back as a regular friend.Or send this back a member of my Family.Add L.R.L.~Society of Wolves to your nic.An I'll be by to retrieve your Code an add it to the Family blog,an a Picture for your Morph.Hope to see u.Many Hugs. just click here friend request for the CT.L.R.L.Society of Wolves Lord~Wolf~L.R.L.~Society of Wolves*Roadhouse~Riders~*Club*@ CherryTAP
Member The 90's
This is our childhood to the T!!! 1988 Anybody under the age of 13 should not read this, and if you do, you should not repost this. Just because you were born in '97 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid. It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons. I am sorry but three conscious years of the 90's just wont cut it. You're a 90's kid if: You can finish this [ice ice _ _ _ _ ] You remember watching Doug, Ren & Stimpy, Pinky and the Brain AAAAAAAH Real Monsters! And who could forget: Clarissa Explains it All You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!" You just cant resist finishing this . . . "Iiiiiiin west philidelphia born and raised . . ." You remember TGIF, Step by Step, Family Matters, Dinosaurs, and Boy Meets World. You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. You got super excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school. You remember reading "Goosebumps" You too
Members - Updated 11/26/07
If you are a member of L.U.V. Club, please add everyone below. Pete - President pokiepete ~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB FOUNDER~HONORABLE SOCIETY OF WOLVES~*T.L.O.F. CLUB*@ fubar Theresa Administrator Theresa ~H.S.W.~*T.L.O.F.*~Cursed Rebel LDC~ L.U.V. Club~FAR~**JLB's Yummy**@ fubar Hollie - Vice President H♥llieH♥ttie{President of I.A.R.}{Club FAR & LUV}@ fubar Laurie - Master Morpher, Adviser ~blakpnthr68~Honorable Society of Wolves~Official L.U.V. Club~Advisor~@ fubar Cheryle - Adviser Assistant ~Demon of Gypsies of LDC family~ 'Txtigerldy41' ~Official L.U.V. Club Co-Founder~@ fubar Brigitte - Official Accommodator }i{MisssButterfly}i{~~L.U.V. Club Accomodator~~ArchAngel Family ~~Underground Den of Desires~~@ fubar Cal - Puter Expert cal07@ fubar Wendy - Big Sister god angel-OFFICIAL L.U.V.CLUB CO-FOUNDER~@ fubar Crissy
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If you are a member of L.U.V. Club, please add everyone below. Pete -Founder ♥Pokerpete13♥~OFFICIAL L.U.V CLUB FOUNDER~ HONORABLE SOCIETY OF WOLVES~@ CherryTAP Theresa Tech Advisor/2nd In Charge BGD's Yummy~Alpha Female ~ Honorable Society of Wolves~Joker's Mistress :)~L.U.V. Club Co Fd@ CherryTAP lAURIE -Master Morpher/ Moderator `blakpnthr68`~Master Morpher~Honorable Society of Wolves~Official L.U.V. Club Co-Founder~@ CherryTAP BRIGITTE -Official Greeter }:{MisssButterfly}:{~~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER~~@ CherryTAP CAL - PUTER EXPERT ~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER~ PUTER EXPERT~@ CherryTAP Stacey sweetlady_tx_loves_hotbostontrkr~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO - FOUNDER~@ CherryTAP Crissy ladyhumps22@ CherryTAP Chris ~*~SweetAngel~*~ ~Official Fallout Slammers~ ~*~Club F.A.R. Member~*~Please sign my guestbook. Than@ CherryTAP Tracy
THE FOUNDERS ♂МдяQ v.2.0 @ CherryTAP Achilles @ CherryTAP (PLEASE NOTE if your NOT on this LIST your NOT in BAND of BROTHERS) 68 MEMBERS please ADD and/or FAN all other MEMBERS in group!This is NOT a BOMB SQUAD or FAN ME bullshit....This group of people inform and protect each other from down raters,Stalkers,Drama People.What we do is after someone in our group was been down rated we go and up rate or FIX the photo's that have been down rated and BLOCK the USER that did it ...also posting his link.We need VIC'S to drop 11's on the PHOTO.For now I'm going to use my C.T.A.F members to ACT.All the people who join I will add to my ALBUM (BAND OF BROTHERS) from there you can see other members and click the name to go to their profile.Please NOTE we DO NOT ACCEPT cherries on the TOP 50 or DRAMA people.MUST have a SALUTE ...last of all WE DON'T UP-RATE NSFW photo's .Also please note I must RIP your main photo for ID,It will be placed in my B of B album with NO
THE FOUNDERS ♂МдяQ v.2.0 @ CherryTAP Achilles @ CherryTAP (PLEASE NOTE if your NOT on this LIST your NOT in BAND of BROTHERS) 68 MEMBERS please ADD and/or FAN all other MEMBERS in group!This is NOT a BOMB SQUAD or FAN ME bullshit....This group of people inform and protect each other from down raters,Stalkers,Drama People.What we do is after someone in our group was been down rated we go and up rate or FIX the photo's that have been down rated and BLOCK the USER that did it ...also posting his link.We need VIC'S to drop 11's on the PHOTO.For now I'm going to use my C.T.A.F members to ACT.All the people who join I will add to my ALBUM (BAND OF BROTHERS) from there you can see other members and click the name to go to their profile.Please NOTE we DO NOT ACCEPT cherries on the TOP 50 or DRAMA people.MUST have a SALUTE ...last of all WE DON'T UP-RATE NSFW photo's .Also please note I must RIP your main photo for ID,It will be placed in my B of B album with NO
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HTA LEvELING CREW Pr03ffect C.T HUBBY TO KILLER BLUE EYES H.T.A OWNER@ CherryTAP Dan H.T.A Leveling Crew Leader and CT hubby to ~*Jnn*~ H.T.A Leveling Crew Recruiter@ CherryTAP ~*Jnn*~ H.T.A Leveling Crew Recruiter Ct wifey to Dan H.T.A Leveling Crew Leader@ CherryTAP angel of seduction****H.T.A Leveling crew****@ CherryTAP Domking123***Round Table Bombers***H.T.A. Leveling Crew***@ CherryTAP H.T.A Levelin Crew>CT Plus Size Pinup Girl Untamed Anjel@ CherryTAP HTA N00B@ CherryTAP Dewmz (Husband of Sinnm0n Forever and Ever)@ CherryTAP Sinnam0n (Wife Of Dewmz, Forever And Always) H.T.A Leveling Crew@ CherryTAP : H.T.A Leveling Crew@ CherryTAP Brown E
Lou (Founder) Christina (Founder/Recruter) Sexyscorpio Sexyceto Berta Lynnn Wolflover 13 Sexi Mami Klown Luv Mrs.Babycakes Amber aKa CaSpEr Teresa Susan "strawberry cream" tree Dawn~hot momma~ Barbiie Dj Carla Jean "Poeticheart" Justin LostSoul Keesha "WallaBear" mike 'king' Angel Rose Snake Charmer Brittanyy 'So girlishhh' Devil's Advocate Melissa 'Baby-Bugga-Boo' Devilish DD Owner Grand Theft Radio Wolflover roy King Baby Bugga-Boo Devils Lost Soul Justin Darr (LostSoul) Showin Mad Love For All Cowboy From Hell
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If you are a member of L.U.V. Club, please add everyone below. Theresa OWNER BGD'S Yummy~Hon. Soc. Of Wolves~Cursed Rebel LDC~ L.U.V. Club Co Fdr~Club FAR@ fubar HOLLIE - VICE - PRESIDENT .H♥llieH♥ttie{President of I.A.R. Bombsquad}~L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER/VP~{Club FAR}@ fubar Laurie - MASTER MORPHER, ADVISOR `blakpnthr68`~Honorable Society of Wolves~Official L.U.V. Club Co-Founder~@ fubar CHERYLE -ADVISOR ASST. Txtigerldy41OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER~@ fubar Brigitte - OFFICIAL ACCOMMODATER }:{MisssButterfly}:{~~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB GREETER~~Plz sign my Guestbook!!!@ fubar CAL - PUTER EXPERT wima08 L.U.V. CLUB@ fubar WENDY -BIG SISTER god angel-OFFICIAL L.U.V.CLUB CO-FOUNDER~@ fubar TERI - PROMOTER Sweet Witch**Bitch**Mom ~ PROMOTER &CO-FOUNDER OF L.U.V. CLUB~(Mskinn's Mistress)@ fubar CHRISTIE - Christ
Members In Contest Need Help
we have 2 members in contests they both need our help. Teresa is behind but we can catch her up christina's contest has no time limit and she needs 20,000
Members In Contests
We have three members in a contest. Teresa needs the most comments in 10 days. I need 20,000 comments to win vic. Barbie needs 100,000 comments
Members In Contests
members in a contest. all SCF Bombers plz bomb Christina needs 20,000 comments total to win vic. Barbie needs 100,000 comments
Members Marking Pics Nsfw, Report Photo Needs To Be Taken Away.
We all need to petition to get the "Report photo as nsfw" removed. I could see if members marked things that were actually nsfw but they dont, they mark pics just for the hell of it, its getting way out of control. I just recently had some pics marked nsfw and theres no nudity or anything, and it was by a bouncer, so they need to train the bouncers on whats nsfw then take away the option to report photos nsfw. U get these morons on this site that are bored and they dislike you for god knows what and they will sit there and mark tons of ur pics that arent even nsfw, and what blows my mind is its being turned in to the staff here and they mark it just because the member reported it. Other day when my pic got marked I emailed the person back, telling them I wanted it unmarked, no reply. For christ sakes adult site. We all know how to mark our pics and go by the rules, so why cant they be fair and stop letting people report our photos. Heres the pic that got marked, I could put a ton in he
Hello to all of the family.I would like to take time out to thank all of you for joining the family.If any of you ever need anything do not be shy just come out and ask and if you have a problem please come to me djphilburg360 or hoakie or sugar.. thank you all and please leave more suggestions if you have them or think of one We are in need of a greeter and someone to help me do some recruiting if you all think of something fun for a job or a game so we can have fun too let me knoe in a private message to me djphilburg360 once again ty and love you allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Members Of The Wtc Family
Homepage ♠Wakan-Tanka Clan's Home Page ♠~~~@ fubar Founder DJPHILBURG360 ~DJ Philburg360~DSC~ ~Founder Of Wakan- Tanka Clan@ fubar CoFounders SUGARSPICE ~~SugarSpice~~~ ♠ Dirty south Crew ♠ ~~Co-Founder of Wakan-Tanka Clan~~~@ fubar DEMON_LOVER demon_lover~Co-Founder of the Wakan-Tanka Clan sign my guestbook . plz@ fubar Greeters PAINTER PAINTER.{GREETER~W.T.C}@ fubar Members INFARRED "INFARRED"~~~~DIRTY SOUTH CREW~~~~""Wakan- Tanka Clan Family""@ fubar HOAKIEGIRL HoakieGirl, . Co-Founder of the Wakan-Tanka Clan - D.S.C.@ fubar SIXTYNINEMUNCH sixtyninemunch2000~Wakan-Tanka Clan~ official co-founder~D.S.C.@ fubar DUST ME PINK 77 dust_me_pink77 ~ Wakan-Tanka Clan ~ OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER~ DSC@ fubar PRINCESS TONI Princess Toni ...:: Just an Irish girl ::...*W.T.C.*@ fubar MISSY
A Member On Here Thinks He Can Get Away With This, Please Help Me!!!
sugardaddy is his name, and being a dirty fucking pervert is his nasty game. LADIES.. please check this link and make sure your not on here. This ASSHOLE thinks he can publish pictures on a website without OUR permission, we can take him to court. These are pictures of our TITS, your body being exposed with out permission, he just took it upon himself. I don't care to have that shared with the www... here is the link: and his name is sugardaddy... and you wonder why our folders are marked private, to keep asshats out like HIM!!! please help me, tell him he needs to emove this site!!!
Gary-Dirty South Crew Owner@ fubar MyZtErY~{Dirty South Crew}~I.B.I.C.@ fubar rumney pride - Dirty South Crew@ fubar DJ *Brenna* Extreme " X" ~*~{Dirty South Crew} & ~I.B.I.C~@ fubar ~ JADA ~ Loves Her D.S.C. and Is Away Dealing w/Life ~Miss You ALL ~{I.B.I.C}@ fubar smoggy{dirty south crew}@ fubar ~*Sunshyne*~ SSV Crew *~ SSV ~*Angel Eyes's Fubar Wifey*~ {~Dirty South Crew~}@ fubar Tim ~SouthernOutlawBiker~DirtySouthCrew~Jamies Fubar Fiance~@ fubar ~TNK~ ~DSC.~IBIC~ Fmlψ Recruiter@ fubar magicshark {~Dirty South Crew~}@ fubar Devilish_Angel ~member of~ S.B.A.B & D.S.C & I.B.I.C~@ fubar
The Member Has Returned
OK... well i thought we have succeeded on removing a major ass from here, and we did so by pulling together, BUT... after a few weeks, he has returned and reared his UGLY head back into the general public. I am telling you that sugardaddy, now known as "THECYBERGUY".. has returned... he has blocked all comments from his page, unless you are a friend... I am not happy about his return, in fact i have already blocked him... Ladies, please be careful, and i have 2 bulletins up, one with the link as well... please keep him from doing this all over again with new ladies... Thank You!!
Members Of The Hug Brigade Please Read
Ok...I am being a pain in the butt. lol I think it is going to be best if I put all the member tags in a seperate folder from everything else so that they will be easier for all of you to find. I am going to be moving all tags to a new folder on Friday... The reason I am not doing it now is because anything that we have our html code on...our pages and stuff...will get that tacky picture up that says the pic has been moved.I want everyone to have a heads on Friday when I do this...we can go through the pain together of redoing the part of our page that has our tag. This doesn't affect our two newest members since I already put theirs in the new folder. I would like for all of you to do me a big favor please? Comment on here that you got the message. I am sorry I didn't think of the seperate folders sooner. Dee Dee Dee Thanks, Heartsound
Members Needing Help
Membership Rules
3 Members Needed For Metal Band
Hey all, i'm a metal minded musician who wants to get a band together. What i'm lookin for are serious individuals that want to make this happen. I need a lead guitarist, bassist and drummer. 1 stipulation...1 of the 3 needed must sing. LOL
Members As Kids Contest
well this is my first ever contest entry so I hope I get a few comments lol
Please add one another. You dont have to add to your family list unless you want to. But it would be nice. ~Just Meee~S.B.A.B.~Club F.A.R.~I.B.I.C.~Royalty Leveler~@ fubar gl$65101(member of royalty levelers)@ fubar ~~WVPRINCESS~~ CLUB~ F.A.R.~~MEMBER OF ROYALTY LEVELERS****@ fubar the real flirt ~ Royalty Leveler ~@ fubar
Fubarwife of belanger 39/belanger39 gf GREETER FOR W-T-C/ArchAngel Family@ fubar BabySquirt{W.T.C}{Spirit Bombers}@ fubar ~~**INDIAN PRINCESS**~~WTC~*INDEPENDENT FAMILY~*Club F.A.R.**~~@ fubar SweetBaby~Fubar~Wife~ Corky1952~Founder~GlobalBombers~Wakan-Tanka Clan's''@ fubar Lady Raven~~DSC4Life~~I.B.I.C.~~WTC~~ Spirit Bombers~@ fubar FREAKINALNYTE Wankan-Tanka Clan [Spirit Bombers} +PLZ Sign GuestbooK==@ fubar ***Lady Dahlia ~DSC~**~WTC~***@ fubar Khandy {"Belongs To Tree Top Flyer"}~~Wakan-Tanka Clan~~@ fubar ~RAIN~ ~D.S.C & W.T.C MEMBER~ ~BFF&SISTA 2 ROXANNE & JONA~~GO COWBOYS GO!!!!@ fubar mistrwayne "proud WTC member" Penglase
HOTT BOMBERS OF FUBAR (Helping Out The Team)A New Bombing Team Dedicated To Helping Out Their Team Members To The Best Of Their Ability! With All The Contests Everyone Has It Gets Hard To Get Help Sometimes. HOTT Is Being Created To Give Everyone A Chance To Win Something! (This In No Way Meant To Be Disrespectful To Any Other Bombing Family Already in Place) HOTT BOMBERS OF FUBAR MEMBERS SO FAR!!! GODDESSOFLIGHT *FU-WIFE OF ARMYDAD* R/L GF TO NYPHOTOG *MY MASTER*READ THE PROFILE B4 YOU ASK 2 ADD@ fubar froggy@ fubar Master Feather the Lord of the Lash{{Owner of Fubar Paganism Family lounge}}@ fubar cavey@ fubar ~Broncos Angel~Raiders Royal Stealth Bombers~ BRI GUY CONFEDERATE BOMBER ...........@ fubar ~~Golfer Chick~~@ fubar
Member List
Members Of Total Chaos And Quiet Angels Boricua Needs Help To Level
Boricua@ fubarhe needs help guys lets help him
Member In Contest
ok our first test is here we have a family member in a contest. lets get out there and show everyone what we are about and show this member some love and what it means to be a member of Mystic Warriors Tribe
Members Of The Fus Bombers
Member Needs Bombing
fellow team member needs us come on bombers lets show our support! to help the link is thanks
** 153 Members On The Fubar F/r/a World Cruise Come & Join In The Fun ** If U Do Join, Please Let Her Know Jen Sent Ya :) Ty
Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. Welcome aboard The Fubar World Cruise, where you can get more friends, fans, page rates and fu gifts when you join. It is free to join us, but feel free to buy any of us a drink or any other gifts during happy hours LOL. The few simple rules to join us are as follows ... 1} You MUST rate (profile only), fan and add all crew members and the passengers. Please remember to put "Fubar Cruise" in the add request or the passengers may not add you. If you do not do all 3 of the above, you will not be added to the cruise, sorry. 2} Once you have completed number 1, you send a private message (not a shout) to the Captain, who will then add you to the passenger list. 3} Passengers must have a passport (default) photo and be at least level 1 and above to be added to the passenger blog. 4} You are asked to repost bulletins please so that more passengers can join in the fun, thank you! 5) If you already have cre
Member Needs Our Help To Level
**Stargazer**(member of Flamming hearts )@ fubar all members of the flamming hearts a member needs our help to level so lets try and do whats in our power to help her thanks
Member List
Aristocats @ fubar The Aristocats Members Co-Owner: =^^=CaTDaddy =^^= @ fubar Co-Owner: =^^=Momma CaT=^^= @ fubar Members, in no particular order: fubar's Resident Rattlesnake @ fubar GIGGLES the COMMENT BOMER comment flooder (got comments)ill comment u a bunch @ fubar lauria FuOwned by Hopeless Romantic♥Shadow Leveler♥ {{H&L Bombers Co-Founder}} @ fubar **SexyTiger** ~ Demon Crew Member ~ Owned by =^^= Momma Cat =^^= @ fubar w@0g7Fm~m Ǯw~ ">@ fubar J~W]♥~F/WF2♥[J~Wգ]♥*~*m Ǯw*~*H~J @خGT~FMΣ's @ fubar [J~Wգ]♥~F/H2♥[J~W]♥*~*m Ǯw*~*-H~J @خGT~FMΣ's
Member Applications Only
To apply,simply leave a comment stating what the winning bidder will reieve once he/she has won you. ***PLEASE NOTE*** If you cannot leave a omment it is because we are either not accepting applications yet,or because we have enough people signed up. This is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!! Once the 25 people have signed up,I will once again disable comments on the blong and the applications will be closed. I will leave the blog available to be viewed by anyone so you can see who is offering what and to see who you would like to bid on.
Members List
The Member
A certain young man finally got a date with a female of somewhat questionable morals that lived in his apartment complex. To prepare for his big date, the young man went up on to the roof of his apartment building in order to tan himself. Not wanting any tan lines to show, he sunbathed in the nude. Unfortunately, he fell asleep while on the roof and managed to get a sunburn on his "tool". But, determined not to miss his date, he put some lotion on his manhood and wrapped it in gauze. When the hot date showed up at his apartment, the young man treated her to a home cooked dinner, after which they went into the living room to watch a video. During the video, however, the young man's sunburn started acting up again. He asked to be excused, went into the kitchen and poured a tall, cool glass of milk. He then placed his sunburned member in the milk and experienced immediate relief of his pain. The date, meanwhile, wondering what he was doing, wandered into the kitchen to see hi
Member List
Aristocats @ fubar The Aristocats Members Co-Owner: =^^=CaTDaddy =^^= @ fubar Co-Owner: =^^=Momma CaT=^^= @ fubar Members, in no particular order: fubar's Resident Rattlesnake @ fubar GIGGLES the COMMENT BOMER comment flooder (got comments)ill comment u a bunch @ fubar lauria FuOwned by Hopeless Romantic♥Shadow Leveler♥ {{H&L Bombers Co-Founder}} @ fubar **SexyTiger** ~ Demon Crew Member ~ Owned by =^^= Momma Cat =^^= @ fubar w@0g7Fm~m Ǯw~ ">@ fubar J~W]♥~F/WF2♥[J~Wգ]♥*~*m Ǯw*~*H~J @خGT~FMΣ's @ fubar [J~Wգ]♥~F/H2♥[J~W]♥*~*m Ǯw*~*-H~J @خGT~FMΣ's
Members We're Bombing
August 10th, 2008 Hello Officers and Members.... Please stop by here a few times a day to check which members we are bombing!!! They are in contests and need your help.. Much Love To You-- CTGirl- Owner of the Fu-Luv Bomb Squad!!! FU LUV TRADING CARDS R Now Available: Hit First Knight Page to Rip them!! TY First Knight@ fubar THIS IS A LINK TO OUR NEW PAGE Fu-Luv Bomb Squad@ fubar Please show some FU-LUV to these awesome members!!! So lets makes sure the win!!!! Just Hit the Pic and Happy Bombing!!! TRY TO KEEP TO THIS ORDER!!!! CONTESTS! GIVEAWAYS!!!
Membership Link
Membership Rules
1. ALL MEMBERS MUST BE VOTED IN NO EXCEPTIONS!!! 2. Must have verified salute. It will be checked to see if its photo shopped. 3. NO DRAMA OF ANY KIND 4. MUST HAVE At least 20 pics of yourself. 5. Must rate/fan/add all members after voted in. 6. Home page must be added to fam once voted in 7. must add Dream Girlz to your nick once voted in 8. No being rude to other members. If you dont like them dont talk to them. All ex officers are an exception to the #1 rule, due to me becoming extremely close with them all. If you'd like to join just let me know. Thanks so much Shell
Membership Approval
=== 'Lady Victoria *Eclectic Pagan*' spewed forth the following at '2008-02-17 19:31:31'.. > > > > Congratulations! Your application has been approved to Way of the Wolf Pagan Study Lounge. Thank you for your patience during the review process. We look forward to growing in knowledge and shared experiences as kindred spirits, friends, teachers and students looking for something different in a mature, friendly, tolerant and comfortable atmosphere. > > We will be coordinating times for workshops and a create a general resource area for you to delve deeper onto areas of interest for perusal at your leisure. > > Again, thank you for your interest in our group as the staff wishes you Welcome! > > ~Lady Spirit Wolf ~Lord Spirit Wolf~ > ~Owner~ Co-Owner/Bouncer~ > > Lady Victoria ~ Spiritual Advisor > > Dream Wolf ~ Group Developer > > Lady Leanna ~ Head Bartender
Member Payout
Members List
10,366,424 to go to Lvl 27 ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned by Gary@ fubar 5,798,965 to go to Lvl 26 ♫LilBamaGirl♫~Owner of Wishful Thinking~@ fubar 921,404 to go to Lvl 25 $()TR-(Lori's Hubby){Demon Crew Recruiter}-[Slave to Mz Attitude]{ShadowLeveler}@ fubar 57,320 to go to Lvl 23 ~yeahmon~[Shadow Leveler]Please read profile and sign guestbook♥Heart's in Indiana♥@ fubar 212,435 to go to Lvl 24 lauria♥Owned by Hopeless Romantic♥Owner of Gary and Hopeless ♥Shadow Leveler♥@ fubar 5,127,716 to go to Lvl 26 ♪♫♥♥Teresa♪♫♥♥@ fubar 465,875 to go to Lvl 23 GARY~SHADOW LEVELER~fu owned by Lauria~R/L ENGAGED TO BooBoo~ FUMARRIED AND OWNER OF~ BooBoo~~@ fubar 530,966 to go to Lvl 24 Mz Attitude - {Fu-Owner of Scooter - Lori's Hubby} Shadow Leveler & Demon Crew Member@ fubar 233,990 to go to Lvl 22 MrDiamond ~ Shadow Leveler
Members In Need...
Members need to check this blog regularly to see who's in need. If your are in need of some help please contact Cuffed Angels or Cuffed Desire via private message. There are currently no members in need of your assistance.
Members Please Read
ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ! For the benefit of any new members I will repeat the ONE rule we have after you have fanned/ rated profiles/add a friends to all the other members. "The bombing is a MUST. When you join the fubratz any past problems with another member are to be left in the past. All members will bomb comment, and rate I am adding a new rule, THERE WILL BE NO BAD MOUTHING OTHER MEMBERS. We are all diverse, have different ideas and qualities. IF you have something to say you will come to one of the Founders and voice your complaints. We will mediate and try to solve whatever problems you have with the group. Almost all of you have been doing a great job and I am very proud of you, keep up the good work! There are tags made for everyone in my default folder. Please comment so I know all members have read this thank you angelbrat &sassybrat
Member Handbook
Member Of (tdr)
Members (must F/r/a All To Join)
Please Allow me to introduce you to all of our wonderful members! Everyone of them is an exceptional person who is always there to lend a helping hand. Our Founder... -(`v)-J ǵ r -(`v)-@ fubar Our Manager... arakrune @ fubar Our Assistant Manager... darkprince75@ fubar ~Lady Spirit Wolf~R/L Wife to Lord Spirit Wolf~Member of Cuffed Angels@ fubar {GYPSY HEART} ***{MEMBER of CUFFED ANGELS}@ fubar ✂Please✂Excuse✂Me✂For✂Not✂Being✂Pretty✂Enough✂
Members Of The Tiny Hugs Levelers
vvjuggalette86 Owner vvjuggalette86@ fubar Stina co owner ☆wt ti☆ŃŜĎ@ fubar Sassy Redhead Sassy Redhead ♥*~*♥ Member of Shadow Levelers & Tiny Hugs Levelers ♥*~*♥@ fubar vannasbaby vannasbaby@ fubar jaysbaby *jaysbaby=)*~Member of Țįήŷ Ħũģș Ĺĕvęľ&#@ fubar Lord Darktree LORD DARKTREE FU OWNED BY ST3PH4NI3@ fubar Butterflyprincess ♥ButterflyPrincess♥Tiny Hugs Levelers♥@ fubar Jenn jenn Shadow leveler@ fubar Mandy ~MandyFlowRater~@ fubar Lady Darktree Lady Darktree@ fubar o.OGthmO.o o.OGthmO.o@ fubar Qu
Members List Updated 5/4/11:00pm Est
We're Gonna Do Some Mattress Dancing so bust out the Handcuffs and Whipped Cream and Are you YOU up for the ride? Well then, just Rate/Fan and Add each of the following people (be sure to put Sin Wagon in your friend request!) and then send aGEM4life and AngelGurl a private message (no shouts please) saying that you have taken the ride and R/F/A everyone! **Please make sure you R/F back and if you have already done this in the past simply leave em a comment saying "Sin Wagon already R/F you".** You will then be added to the list of riders. We are all here to meet new people and have fun so we ask that there is No Drama please. '♡aGEM4life♡'Founder 'AngelGurl'Co-founder 'Keith'Driver 'SuperStarrPrincess'
Members List Updated 5/6 10:36pm Est
We're Gonna Do Some Mattress Dancing so bust out the Handcuffs and Whipped Cream and Are you YOU up for the ride? Well then, just Rate/Fan and Add each of the following people (be sure to put Sin Wagon in your friend request!) and then send aGEM4life and AngelGurl a private message (no shouts please) saying that you have taken the ride and R/F/A everyone! **Please make sure you R/F back and if you have already done this in the past simply leave em a comment saying "Sin Wagon already R/F you".** You will then be added to the list of riders. We are all here to meet new people and have fun so we ask that there is No Drama please. '♡aGEM4life♡'Founder 'AngelGurl'Co-founder 'Keith'Driver 'SuperStarrPrincess'
Members At The Present
PERPETUAL BLISS~FOUNDER OF PRYMETYME LEVELERS~HEAD SECURITY @ ACES UP~TIGGY'S FU WIFEY~MEMBER OF THE DOWNTOWN BOMBERS~@ fubar Bluegrass Player***PrymeTyme Levelers@ fubar j.mzld/SHADOWLEVELERS/RL /VRFM08/FU WIFEY OF SBM08@ fubar Mr.420ChipStack *r/l bf of *ღHeavenღ *stiletto girl* and the hottest woman on or off t@ fubar
Member Rules
1. To enter you have to send a private message to the homepage to notify us you would like to join 2. Add/rate/fan all members. Private message when you are finished and add our name to yours. 3. We will not stand any drama!! if you have a problem come to the homepage or Perpetual Bliss and it will be taken care of 4. You must have a verified salute photo to enter. 5. You must check in when every you can to see what we are doing. you will be able to see by checking the blogs. 6. If you do not stay active you will be deleted unless you notify us before hand. 7.We are not Bombers So Dont Ask. 8.When you are close to leveling and need help send a private message to the home page and let us know we will get you posted asap Thanks to Our Loyal Members. I want to be one of the best leveling family out there so try your best thats all i ask
DJ DemonWolf ~ Kindred2WhiteWolf420~ FuWifeOfDragonPoet@ fubar Owner&Founder DragonPoet~HeadGigaloSecurityBartender@CreaturesOfTheNight~ FuHusband2DJDemonWolf~TrueLycanFreeL@ fubar Member '$gl FW T R/ /F w Hvl Юm& Ǻ w @ ll$ @ fubar Member Kendog a.k.a. Thunderlips@ fubar Member ~Dusty the Wolfspirit aka the BigDog-owed by Angelic Kissame~@ fubar Member
Mychele~ Spirit Mother~ Owner Of The Spirit Walker's@ fubar Owner ~ Mychele ************************************************** Grecian~Co-Owner Of The Spirit Walker's ( Come join us)@ fubar Co- Owner **************************************************
colitas420 -Warrior Of The Spirit Walker's@ fubar ################################################## Mychele~ Spirit Mother~ Owner Of The Spirit Walker's@ fubar ################################################# Grecian~Co-Owner Of The Spirit Walker's ( Come join us)@ fubar ###############################################
Members And Staff Of Chaotic Intentions Please Read!
First of all, thank you for reading this...I appreciate it. Now let me talk about the purpose of this blog! I would like to start off by giving a public apology to those I have banned all due to one man. We all kno who that man is! I do hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I believed everything this man told me...even that he loved me...wanted to be with me...wanted to marry kno...I believed he was going to be with me. Even here recently I thought so...he told me to give him 3 more days. I did...nothing. I should have known better...well considering my past anyway since all men seem to lie, cheat and break promises to me. I just thought he was like me...wanted one person to prove that they are not all the same...after all he had that in his profile...well...we kno who the stupid one is. I just want to offer a PUBLIC apology to those I have harmed, those I have banned, those that did nothing to deserve the drama I brought into the lounge. Please ac
Members Who R Not Rating/fanning Members
Hi everyone, Well I don't know what else to do about the problem of members not following the rules. To be on the cruise you are required to rate, fan and add every member. I've done a mumm on this because theres so many people who are just not doing it. They are adding but not rating or fanning back. This is just not acceptable, it's putting a negative spin on the cruise. The whole purpose of this cruise is to make new friends, get gifts, new page rates and new fans as well as having fun. If you are not doing that, then there's no real point to you being on the list! It takes a few seconds to rate and fan someone back when you add them. If you are already a fan and have rated them previously, then send them a gift or leave them a comment on their page telling them so, so they know and don't come to me complaining about you. I have had a few people tell me who hasn't been returning the rates and fans. If you are in this list, you have 2 choices - go through all
Members New Tags Made!
Just wanted all members to know that ButterflyMajic has made tags for us..everyone will have one that she has made available to us. She is allowing them to be ripped. I would suggest however that if you can...copy the tag and then upload it...that way you can receive points on it! Here is her page link...when you get there the tags will be in her SpiritOfGaiaStuff folder... ButterflyMajic{LovingFunCpl}{fuSlave2Boomgardens&DarkGodOfBondagedSouls}{StaffOFSpiritOfGaia}{Force~@ fubar Blessed Be!
Member Check Outs
okay I get the idea behind the security thing but what is the use of trying to see who a person is if you can't get in to look? They checked you out first, why can't I do the same back???? major flustration!!!!
Member Gone...member Rejoined...
Angelkis resigned from the Circle due to heavy schoolwork load. Southern Charm was gone because she had moved and did not have access to a computer. Southern Charm has now been re-instated. Please add her to your family again. Thank you. HoakieGirl Micki Blue Eyes Jus' Me
Members Tags And Ids And Rating Revolution Tags
There is an ID and tags for every member in the family....They are on lori's page and you are welcome to take your id and your tags and you can take any of the other rating revolution tags and put them in your folders and it is recommended to use them as profile comments during levelups..Thanx for your time!!!...And once again You levelers rawk!!!
Membership Rules
ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ! For the benefit of any new members I will repeat the ruled we have after you have fanned/ rated profiles/add a friends to all the other members. "The rating system is a MUST. When you join the Circle, any past problems with another member are to be left in the past. All members will rate the very MINIMUM of 35 rates (more stashes as they are not worth as much) per week. You may rate more days and more rates as you wish. You can even pick the days you want to rate. NO MEMBER IS TO BE SLIGHTED." I will repeat NO MEMBER WILL NOT BE RATED BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE THEM!! You will have the group name or initials in your header. FounderTHERE WILL BE NO DOWNRATING MEMBERS OR REPORTING PICTURES YOU FEEL ARE NSFW OR JUST DON'T LIKE. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE PICTURE THEN PASS IT BY. I am adding a new rule, THERE WILL BE NO BAD MOUTHING OTHER MEMBERS. We are all diverse, have different ideas and qualities. IF you have something to say you will come to one of t
Member Ship Blog
Please go to this blog for a quick way to rate members. Just click on their picture and it will bring it up. Save to your favorites or just go to Micki's room and find it.
1. KIM~THE FREAK IN ME~LITTLE SISTER TO PUA CORR~PLEASE SIGN GUESTBOOK~@ fubar 2. Unbreakable Member: Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club, Dylon'sDivaMafia & Always owned by T@ fubar 3. ~TotallyHugeObsessedMariahCareyFanatic4Life~@ fubar 4. MzCaBiBBW*ALL Women Are Beautiful & I Love Them*Proud USAF Veteran*Writer Of Erotica*SF Niner Fan@ fubar 5. Shauny66♥~Barmaid@Cooter's Bar~♥@ fubar 6. `*`boopmebaby`*`Omega Bombers Team Leader~*~{Fu Angel} `*`Platinum Club`'`@ fubar 7. J ׇ~R/L gf & slave & fu-wife to Master Raven - co-owner of Leather & Lace@ fubar 8. ♥SunySkyz♥@ fubar 9. ♥ Lori ♥ {Wife to ScOoTeR} Member of the Demon Crew,Rating Revolution{Crew Leader}, Lollipop Gurlz , Brunette Diva Clubs
Membership Rules
vlꮧ Memebership Rules: (All new Members MUST rate/fan/add rest of members) 1.Must have a Valid Salute 2.must be at least a level 5 3.Must be active at least every 2 weeks 4.No Drama whatsoever will be allowed 5. When helping someone you will rate all rateable pictures and stash. Once done you will either leave your comment tag on there page or acknowledge you have helped them in a comment left on the blog that will be sent out either way we will be checking.
Member List (in Process Of Updating With Current Links)
Join the ** Fantasy Flight ** New Friends! Quick and easy points! Level up! It's easy to join, very simple rules. 1. You must fan, rate, and add all the flyers on the list. Include "I'm a Fantasy flyer" in your request so you are sure to be added. If you are already friends with that person, leave that comment on their profile page. (If a flyer has made their profile private, just send them a message that you are a new flyer and want to f/r/a them) 2. Send me a private message telling me that you have f/r/a everyone so I can add you to the list. 3. You must fan and rate all new flyers when you accept their request. 4. This one is very important! NO DRAMA! Adding Fantasy Flyer to your name is optional. The Crew The Pilot In my dreams...or yours? ~*~ Shadow Leveler ~*~@ fubar The Co-Pilot ♦CinDragon♦Founder of ClubMystic♦PegasusProject♦FuAngel♦I.B.I.C♦@ fubar The Flyers EmilyIMAX a
Members Gone
Because of nastiness in the contest Micki was hosting, bestbikermom was evicted from the Circle and her best friend Tess left voluntarily. I had second thoughts after bestbikermom offered a public apology in her blog. But they continued to spread lies and bad mouth the Circle as a whole and this I will not tolerate. You are all wonderful people and I am sorry that this has occurred. Tess has removed everyone in the Circle from her family, friend and fan lists. They continue to tell lies about the contest and the Circle and one of their friends had come to my page and left me a lot of 1 rates. This only bothers me because it was done out of vengence and not honesty. They also rated Micki's profile a one. There was no fixed contest as they claim it was. Poor sportsmanship is not for people who cannot accept that they might not win. This kind of attitude belongs in grade school not in an adult site. And then to spread lies about our wonderful site is inexcuseable. If you
Members Of The Bbw Diva's Club
These are My mommy Pinup girls come show them some plus size love and attention they deserve it for being the sexiest BBW Mom on fubar!! Wanna join well just shout me a fumail and a pic you wanna use for your plus size pinup tag and ill put ya in the family make sure to fan/add/rate all Moms Royal_Thickness_Luv U my fubar sexy friends!@ fubar Vanessa@ fubar W GЀ @ fubar multifacets@ fubar KlKzth㙃/LWGSKLvll认WiFK@ fubar w@0g7Fm~Owner of sinfulsplaypen~n~sinfuls crew~lollipopgurlzclub@ fubar Bisexcee~~~Owner of "Phatty Girls"~~~@ fubar
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Zodiac Bombers/Levelers Members List: Please be sure to F/A/R all Officers and Members. In the friends request, please say your joining the family. If you have already F/A/R'd someone, please leave a comment letting them know your joining the family. Once you have done all, PM Polarisman and let him know you are finished. Members: ------------------------------------------------- WE we@ fubar joe joe@ fubar Miss B MISS B HEAD STEWARDESS @ PIPPI'S LAKE CLUB & ZODIAC BOMBERS AND LEVELERS FAMILY@ fubar DJ Crazy Bitch DJ Crazy Bitch *~* Owned By DJ OLDS *~*Unholy Grail Staff@ fubar getting dirty getting dirty@ fubar AngelScorpion AngelScorpion@ fubar Sultry ♥ř♥Fu Wifey 2 ^Sin^♥@ fubar Alluring Redhead Alluring Redhead@ fubar MS KAT MS KAT@ fubar OZZ Ozz@ fubar LuAngel
Members List
P.h.a.t.t.y Girls/Lovers (Pretty, Hot And Tempting To You) This is a family for BBW and the people that admire them. There will be absolutely no drama, or rudeness towards any member. If you are a member and feel you have been insulted or talked to in an unnecessary manner, please report it to the owner and the situation will be handled. We are a family and will treat each other respectfully. To join this family you must rate, fan and add all of the members. Also you must send each member a box of chocolates with one of the following printed in the message box. Women = "Phatty Girl" Men = "I love a Phatty Girl" Once you have done the above, private message me to be added to the list. To get your Phatty Girl/ Lover tag, you must go to my photos and rate the folder labeled for Phatty Girl Tag. When completed private message me requesting your tag. You can start you rates with this pic.... Here is your Hostess: Bisexcee~~~Owner of "Phatty Girls"~~~@
Member Of The Month
Native American Pride Pimpout INDIANROSE*FU-BOMBER*SPIRIT MOTHER*NAP*SHADOWLVLR*WIFE 2 EASTAND PHILLY VIC*@ fubar Lets show this person a little love she deserves this pimpout shes went over an above for Native American Pride!! Congats...on being choosen Member of the Month!! This leveling Pimpout brought to you by: Native American Pride Homepage@ fubar
Member List W/ Points & Standings (updated 5am 10-1-08)
Members And Friends With Auto-11's Active! Luv Them Up!
noticed that Fubar is well over 2 1/4 million membership. I remember when it was a big deal approaching 10,000 all the questions "will we make it or will it just die out?" Now if Mike just had $1 for every memeber ... he would probably just piss it against the wall hahaha
Membership On Instantcast
do u want to see me act? no? ah, cmon all u have to do is see my profile on instantcast watch the devils advocate final scenes as i learn my lines go on...i need feedback from my friends jimmy
Members With Auto-11's, & Lynne Is Having A Hh @ 5pm Futime!!! Time To Oracle!
Members, Please F/a/r Each Other!!
Naughty Angels Leveling Crew Members of Naughty Angels Leveling Crew, please F/R/A each other!!! Red Hot Sexy Angel-Founder Sweet Addiction-Co Founder Kristen Come join FUBARS newest leveling crew! The Naughty Angels. Click the pic to apply :) Send us a private message stating you would like to join, you must be at least a level 10 and have a verified salute!!
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I have been informed that RedWingHunny is very ill. She has pneumonia. Please keep her in your prayers. Send Get well wishes and/or a present if you so wish. Also, Wizard has left the Circle. No reason given. Thank all of you for being such a great group. Luv ya all!! HoakieGirl Jus'Me Micki-Blue-Eyes
Members Of My Unit Who Are No Longer With Us Here Today
1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment Raiders 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Dragons 1st Infantry Division Fort Riley, Kansas Deployed to South Baghdad (Dora & East Rashid), Iraq February 2007 - May 2008 Pfc. Steven J. Walberg 18 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division Paradise, California Died of wounds sustained from enemy small-arms fire in Baghdad, Iraq, on April 15, 2007 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Pfc. Aaron M. Genevie 22 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Died of wounds sustained when his vehicle struck a roadside bomb in Baghdad, Iraq, on April 16, 2007 ------------------------------------------------- Pfc. Christopher M. North 21 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division Sarasota, Flor
Member List!!!
AS USUAL, ANY BEEFS, GRIPES, QUESTIONS, OR SUGGESTIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO ME IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE! THANKS! Home Page Club Mystic!@ fubar Insider -----> Fu-King 510,036 Points to go! Founder CinDragon@ fubar Disciple -----> Prophet 8,647,981 Points to go! Team Captains G-@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 5,786,311 Points to go! ~SouthernBaby~@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 1,823,148 Points to go! M M @ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 4,597,747 Points to go! Resident Wizard MERLYN....ClubMystic@ fubar Fubarlord -----> Henchman 299,452 Points to go! Family Members ~EAGLE~ @ fubar Henchman -----> Insider 210,385 Points to go! Preciousmoments@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 299,565 Points to go! **TABBY76**@ fubar Fubarlord ----> Henchman 421,943 Points to go!
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Regiment Dragon Bombers & DD Levelers Membership List DD Levelers' Homepage ************************* Regiment Dragon Bombers' Homepage ************************* ************************* Owners ************************* GoofyLady ************************* USA KING (Earl) ************************* ************************* Co-Owners ************************* Cengin ************************* CrazyMama45 ************************* Missa (I love Ben & Jerrys) ************************* ************************* Managers ************************* Buckeye Babe
Member - "slipknotmaggot"
So, I'm just sittin' here at 1 in the morning just minding my own business. Listening to music, watching some videos, checking out peoples profiles, making some new friends - you know the usual boring "got nothin' goin' on" Saturday night bullshit. So, I'm sittin here and this asshole who is on my friends list apparantly - "Slipknotmaggot" , dumbass name I know, sends me a shout. He starts making derogatory comments about my Man and myslef in my NSFW pics. Well, normally I would get upset and freak the fuck out but I was just like "Dude, wtf is your point?" he proceeds to tell me that I'm gross and blah blah blah and I'm like well don't look. And then of course he mentioned something about how I churned his stomach which actually made me chuckle. I was amused that this kid had nothing else to do but to check out some broads dirty pictures - some broad that HE friend requested in the first place - and then talk shit. I suppose he must have not been able to get laid by whatever Juggalett
Member List!
LET'S GET ANDEE LEVELED THIS WEEK! PLEASE RATE ALL HER PICS, STASH, AND BLOGS! THROW HER A BLING IF YOU CAN! SHE WORKS HARD FOR EVERYONE, AND IS ALWAYS THERE FOR US! ~~~andee~~~@ fubar Henchman -----> Insider 435,669 Points to go! I NOTICED THAT NOT ALL OF YOU RATED MERLYN WHEN I REQUESTED THAT YOU DO SO A COUPLE WEEKS AGO... WHY NOT? HIT HIM UP AGAIN, HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN LEVELED! AND LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED RATING EACH OF THESE MEMBERS! MERLYN....ClubMystic@ fubar Fubarlord -----> Henchman 289,176 Points to go! AS USUAL, ANY BEEFS, GRIPES, QUESTIONS, OR SUGGESTIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO ME IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE! THANKS! Home Page Club Mystic!@ fubar Insider -----> Fu-King 341,940 Points to go! Founder CinDragon@ fubar Disciple -----> Prophet 8,549,753 Points to go! Team Captains G- @ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 5,518,679 Points to go! ~SouthernBaby~@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 1,325,073 Points to go! Resident Wizard MER
Members Blocked As Of 11-28-2008
Below is a list of members I have blocked (list updated 11-28-08): ...User #2255000 (doug) ...User #1004471 (raleighfella) ...User #530529 (irandkim26) ...User #2250848 (Blade) ...User #1342101 (johnnieangel77) ...User #2242256 (havefun) ...User #1767682 (TLoveHer) ...User #1689833 (wraithe23) ...User #1115618 (chris_turner67) ...User #1868977 (shianz) ...User #2123817 (baby cakes) ...User #2273599 (guyinmirage) ...User #1338888 (helpme) ...User #2228344 (big m) ...User #1651405 (fat boy joe) ...User #1911076 (country boy) ...User #975367 (Anthony Flora...NJ Original) ...User #1995183 (rollo69) ...User #2226661 (Wildstar71) ...User #2301205 (aarondeyton) ...User #2294272 (ddianeepooh) ...User #432391 (432391) ...User #2273328 (fireboy) ...User #764084 (shutterbug) ...User #1604705 (casser) ...User #2300018 (NOCTURNAL NIGHT) [4 attention seekers not included in list]
Come join my Pic Club - The #1 Club! This was an idea my ex and I wanted to try, a photo album of all our friends flipping off the camera. And Fubar is the perfect place to set it up! If you want to join you will need to have a salute; rate/fan me, send me a pic of you giving the bird, the name you want on the card, your zodiac sign, your favorite drink, and your male/female preference. If you want to add to or change any of the info please include it.
Member Of The Week 12/13 To 12/20
This is our second week for Members of the Week. Please treat this member like you would want to be treated. Generosity, rates, gifts and comments. Blings are not mandatory. Hit her Hard, she was a elite Member so that showed she has dedicated herself to Club United with Lotsa Love. Time to give it all back to her now.. ~Babygirl~ Shaggy's Wifey ~Club United Elite Member & Club Tabu Member~@ fubar
Member Taking A Break
Dear Friendship Circle...Tiffany is taking a break from the Fu for awhile ..due to personal issues.. This is what i received in a shout ... {Tiffany...: Micky im gonna be leaving fu for a while having some personal issues and need to take a break} TiffanyRalynn(Crysis).Fu Engaged 2 Seamus Hardcore@ fubar Please keep her on your rating list,she will be back... Thanks Micki-Blue-Eyes Co Founder
Members Live Auction 12.19.08
-------------~*~*~*~*~------------- Come Join Us for Live Auction Take 4 LIVE AUCTION -------------~*~*~*~*~------------- WHERE: The Playground -------------~*~*~*~*~------------- WHEN: FRIDAY DECEMBER 19TH 9:30PM EST -------------~*~*~*~*~------------- WHAT: These members are up for grabs Baby Brat Ducky pumping350 ~*~ Radissongirl ~*~ SpAdEd PrYnCeZz
Member Of The Week - From 12/21 To 12/28
Please treat this member like you would want to be treated. Generosity, rates, gifts and comments. Blings are not mandatory. Hit her Hard, she was a elite Member so that showed she has dedicated herself to Club United with Lotsa Love. Time to give it all back to her now.. ~~TEXAS TWISTER~~SHADOW LEVELER~~CLUB UNITED~@ fubar
Member Of The Week 1/6 To 1/13
We have a new Member of the Week. Please show her lotsa love and Club United Spirit. Shes a great supporter of Club United and a beautiful person. Treat her like you would want to be treated! Silverpixi~Club United~LollipopGurlz~ FSC~Owner of Miss Crys {Please read my profile}@ fubar
'member This?
Member Of Week 1/25 - 2/1
We have a new Member of the Week - Eddie!. Please show him lotsa love and Club United Spirit. He's a great supporter of Club United and a awesome person. Treat him like you would want to be treated! Eddie...Club United and Club Tabu member@ fubar
The Members Of Club Mystic
imikimi - Customize Your World! AS USUAL, ANY BEEFS, GRIPES, QUESTIONS, OR SUGGESTIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO ME IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE! THANKS! Home Page Club Mystic!@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 5,614,880 Points to go! (+84,214) Founder CinDragon@ fubar Prophet -----> Oracle 18,899,730 Points to go! (+1,872,725) Team Captains ~SouthernBaby~@ fubar Disciple -----> Prophet! 1,781,682 Points to go! (+878,680) G-@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 4,159,912 Points to go! (+211,329) MERLYN@ fubar Insider -----> Fu-King (+144,610) 731,070 Points to go! Family Members **EoTwP **@ fubar Fu-King -----> Godfather 538,747 Points to go! (+419,043) Preciousmoments@ fub
Member Of The Week 2/1 - 2/7
We have a new Member of the Week - Arctic Mermaid!. Please show her lots of love and Club United Spirit! She is a great supporter of Club United and an awesome person. Arctic Mermaid⢾Proudly Owned by Ms. Sassy~Rating Revolution~Bad Bitches@ fubar Treat her like you would want to be treated! And who knows, maybe next week YOU will be the member of the week! Club United Rocks! IslandGirl
Member Links To Invite To Train
Here are some members to invite to train to start it off Sxymama4u ~OWNER OF THE HOUSE OF FANTASY'S~ member BBW Lovers@ fubar ♥ MZ.LIZ ♥ 25 TO LIFE. LDC, crew,Llama leveler, click club, Princess Leia's Crew@ fubar ~Kat aka Dream~Double Dragon Bombers@ fubar foxitoxi@ fubar ~GoofyLady~ Owner Of Double Dragon Bombers / Member Of Rating Revolution@ fubar Tequila Gurl....mommyskisses31 on messangers plz add me@ fubar ~Sweet~N~Sexxay~Fu Owned By Dr@gonMaster~SBG@ fubar MishNumber1 ☂♥ Rate & Fan Before Adding Me Thanks ✿☆♥☂@ fubar MzCaBiBBW@ fubar Slave2Fantasy/Aka/Erotica/AKA/Keeper of Trains see blog~Tat _man73~R/L G/F@ fubar tat_man73~slave2fantasy r/l b/f ~
Membership Rules
Angels Playground Membership Rules: 1. You must be sponsored by one of the members. 2. Send Private Message requesting to be a Prospective Member and who is sponsoring you. 3. We will then confirm your sponsorship. 4. We will send you a PM stating you are being considered for membership. 5. The Council shall vote. 6. If accepted, Fan/Friend/Rate Angels Playground and Family. 7. After step 6 we will announce your membership and supply membership tag. 8. Member can put Member of Angels Playground in their Profile name. 9. We do not judge any one on sex, race or any other worldly values, we are all equal in Gods eyes. 10. Members will have to respond to all prayer requests.
Member Of The Week! Show Them Love!
Starting Monday March 30th we started Member of the week! I will post that person's link in this blog. I expect everyone to show them love! I will also make them #1 friend too! I will also make them a pimpout bully! I will NOT PICK someone that doesn't participate in the group and keep up with what's going on either! It will be someone that helps the group out and others. :) Just keep that in mind for the future! :) THE VMV MEMBER OF THE WEEK FOR April 27th-May 3rd is: Woodie@ fubar
Members (plaid Mafia)
Check Out Plaid Mafia: Lounge: Josh[myself] (Founder) Lauren (Co Founder) DragonFairy (Manger of Members) Go to members page just by clicking on their name
Member Of The Week 6/8/09
Please help me in making our new member of the week feel special. Sweetangelkisses is only 35K AWAY FROM LEVELING to godfather. Lets help her get there. Congratulations Melissa!
Member Of The Week 6/15/09
Keith, the founder of Club United, has worked so hard to make this a great family----so we are making him Member of the week! Go by and love up on him GOOD! Congratulations Keith!! Keith@ fubar
Member Requirements
Requirements1. You must add Devils n Dolls Homepage.2. You must add all Devils n Dolls Founders and members to your friends list. (all founders will be in the family list on the homepage and the members will all be in the friends list on homepage)3. You will be required to repost any DEVIL N DOLLS bulletins.4. You will be required to help the person and or people we send out to you. (keep in mind we dont want you to spend all your time on fubar just helping, this is for fun and we would like everyone to have fun doing it. Key to being helped is to HELP!!)PLEASE CHECK HOMEPAGE DAILY FOR UPDATES AND INFORMATIONIf you have any questions as of now please send a private message to the DEVILS N DOLLS homepage. Until we can get blogs up.Keep checking this for a few more things might be added.
Members Tags
Please stop by and grab you members tag!! Make sure you rate and comment to.. we are going to be looking for recruiters and help if you are interested pm SexyBadbicthcca ot Lips Of an Angel please.. Try to stop by and say hi to our memebrs this group is about making friends and getting to know one another so feel free to say hi
What criteria should we use to determine ones membership? To what length should we validate the member? What expectations should we place on all members to remain a member ?
we dont ask much: 1) make an EAZY RATE album 50-100 pix and lable it SUD (helps us love you better) 2) Rate/Fan/Add ALL SUD members! (there is an album of members) 3) show love daily drop a status commet (when ur online) 4) repost SUD bulletins (spread the word) 5) you MUST want to feel and show some OLD SCHOOL fubar love again! 6) HAVE FUN! 7) salute SUD show your support! 8) MESSAGE ME or THE BOSS for more info! H3rbalR3m3dy Owned by Ramrod@ fubar
Member Monday Bulletin
Its Member Appreciation Day In Erotic Desires...Drinks Keep Flowin, Rates R Plenty and As Always We're Showin the Love To You Our Loyal Members So Get In Here n Celebrate With Our Awesome Fam!!!!! CLICK THE PIC TO JOIN THE FUN!!!!!
Members Of Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, And Adrenaline Mob To Present Metal Masters 3 Clinic In April
Members of Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Adrenaline Mob to Present Metal Masters 3 Clinic in April Samson, Hartke, Zoom, and Best Buy are pleased to announce the third installment of Samson’s “Metal Masters” series of instrument clinics, which will be held on Thursday, April 12, at the Key Club on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA. Doors will open at 7:00pm. Having surprised the audience at Metal Master 2 in New York City with surprise appearances by Philip Anselmo (Pantera / Down) and Scott Ian (Anthrax), as well as a full Anthrax performance, Charlie Benante and Frank Bello (Anthrax), David Ellefson (Megadeth), Mike Portnoy (ex–Dream Theater/Adrenaline Mob), Kerry King and now Dave Lombardo (both of Slayer) are back on the West Coast with an exclusive metal experience that’s bigger than ever. Artists will perform both individually and collectively, demonstrating their personal techniques and how they all come together to create the music
Member Contest
A Member On This Site Is In Critical Condition
A Member Of The New Zealand Men's Hockey Underwear Color Violation Fined
Olympic dress code can not see where applicable. New Zealand men's hockey team manager Malta, not strictly enforced players shorts and underwear color must be consistent, and fined on the bleachers to watch the New Zealand team and the German team promotion key race."Central News Agency" reported, according to the provisions of the Olympic hockey tournament, the players in wearing shorts and underwear color must be the same, but the New Zealand team in the first game of a Chinese team had three players wearing black underwear with white shorts.The original Olympic officials hope the New Zealand team suspended for three violation of the dress code, but Marr said he was responsible for the players wearing players from punished.He pointed out in an interview: "Such provisions are silly. They want to make sure that each team debut the best look, I understand the intention of this provision, but let the players suspended is not right."New Zealand team in the game and Germany, put on t
Me Me Me
I thank each and every one of yall for popping my cherry,, There seem to be some really nice people on here..I was sittin here thinking how I could be a great Memory for some of yall..Nice to meet yall my name is Memory..So keep it as real as u can and get with me if u want too....
Every now and then a few films will come out that'll redefine the standards of what a movie is, and "Memento" is definitely one of those rare films. Christopher Nolan's dark direction for this film has audiences constantly guessing what's going to happen next while Guy Pearce and the rest of the cast deliver spectacular performances. The film is about a man, Leonard (Guy Pearce) on mission to find and seek revenge against his wife's murderer. However, Leonard suffers from a short term memory loss preventing him from constructing new memories due to an attack when he tried to stop his wife's murderer. Thus, he can only remember who he is and everything leading up to the incident, but he can't remember anything for more than two minutes after that. The only flaw this film does suffer from is that it may come off too disturbing for the faint of heart, but it's definitely worth seeing. "Memento" is by far the best film of 2001 by creating the idea that memories of one's past isn't always a
I am a sheep sometimes. Ah well. It's something to do while slacking.....I apologize in advance to all of you whom I tag! Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 6. I lick the seasoning off of chips before I eat them. 5. I collect dancing hamsters and rotate them out at work. 4. I will literally cringe and run from the room if I hear anime in English. 3. I know the number of the pressure maintenence hatch of the garbage masher unit from Star Wars: A New Hope. Don't ask why I know this. I just do. I will also say that knowing that and other random facts about SW has made me unbeatable at SW Trivial Pursuit. 2. I can do a damned good "Sprinkler" and will happily break it o
Me Messing Around Dancing Old School Style.
I also do a little old school on my free time a yr and few pounds less ago! lol, I've tought this dance for over 11 years now and been doing it for 33 yrs.Heres a rare view of me doing a robot charactor I used to do in Waikiki, this is the origins of that Titan charactor that you viewed in my other blog, if you havent seen it, go check it out.Click to see VideoHere's a video of an event held in Waipahus Filcom community center, the event was called "Target Kalihi" Click to see Video
A Meme With Only 98 Questions
1. How old will you be in five years? 31. 2. Who did you spend at least two hours with yesterday? Shannon. 3. How tall are you? 5'7" 4. what do you look forward to in the next 6 weeks? Getting Black Friday over with. Going out to dinner and wearing a DRESS. Attending my first office party. Finally buying the new MCR album. Going on a few bike rides. Having a day off with no plans. 5. What's the last movie you saw? Cars. I loved it. :) 6. Who is the last person you called? Eliana to tell her I would be late for work. 7. Who was the last person to call you? Shannon to tell me to get the hell over there to sleep. .8. What was the last text message you received? Some boy trying to get me to move to Boston... odd. 9. Do you prefer to call or text? Call! Besides, texts cost me extra. 10. Do you have any pets? No, but a cat owns me. 11. What were you doing at 12am last night? Sleeping like a rock. 12. Are your parents married/separated/divor
Me Me
You have a sexual IQ of 149 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Meme's Love Type
ESTP general You are the type of person who makes things happen. Your lively, engaging, and charismatic style is bound to raise the excitement level in anything you do. You are also an expert at observing people and making uncanny judgments about their personalities. If you are so inclined, you can use this information to get what you want from others. Others may call you manipulative, but in your own mind, you are simply skilled at operating in the game called Life. ESTP when in love To you, love represents excitement and never-ending pleasure. You want a partner who can join you on a roller coaster of sensual delights as both of you enjoy the bounty that life has to offer. If you set your eyes on someone you really want, you dont hesitate: you are capable of instantly turning on your irrepressible charm and joy-loving personality to capture his or her affections. As a lover, you are patient, practiced, and always eager to please. You pride yourself in making sure your part
Me Me Me Me Me !!!!!! Lol
Me Me And Me
Hey evrybody...Just wanted to thank everybody for the comments and stuff. I try to keep up and rate people fairly and when I can have the time. Anyways about me...Other than I am 31 but feel 25 or younger...I am a Home Care Provider and I have 3 wonderful children ages 15, 11, and 9...And I also have 10 puppies 3 cats and 1 dog. So I have my hands pretty full. I am a bi-sexual female and found that out when I was 17. Anyways I love to have fun and get to know people on and offline. I am on this site looking for friends and maybe possibly a girlfriend whether its a friend or a lover that I can spoil from time to time...hehe. I do have a boyfriend but things are not going too well with he and I...As some of you may know that from being long time friends of mine or even an ex but still Anyways If you really wanna get to know me msg me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. XOXOXOXOXOXO
Meme...(of Doooom!)
30 secrets about yourself... 1. Is that your natural hair color? most of it, some of the streaks aren't. 2. where was your default pic taken? in front of the door to my parents' bedroom. 3. What's your middle name? Rose 4. Your current relationship status? single.again. 5. Honestly, does your crush like you back? actually, i have no crushes at this point, and i actually like it that way^.^ 6. What is your current mood? eh, it's weird. 7. what color of underwear are you wearing? teh white, though i'm buy some green ones to wear on St. Patrick's day, so if i get pinched for not wearing green i can show them teh green panties. 8.what makes you happy? sleeping, reading, spending time with friends, thrift shopping, and not being crazy 9. Are you musically inclined? ...ask a stupid question... 10. If you could go back in time, and change something what would it be? in my own life? i know what, all those bad decisions have made me the pers
Me Me Me..he He
I only need @ 500 points to level up, who wants to help me out? pretty please ;)
Me Me Me
hi been away for a while but back now comment me now and ill get back to u comment my pics there r some funny ones
Me Me Me Me
I am looking to add more photos of myself on here and Im curious to what type of photos I shold take of myself. So any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Me Me Me
well i dunno what to say on here just trying it out... ummm I got a new man ... hes awesome and great.... maybe this will work I
Me Me Me
I have looked high and low but still i find no love where is it can some one help me find it or should i give up. I hope he or she is out there whit what i need.
Memeorial On Pine Ridge
Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me
I am going to be 19 in 39 days. I am kind of scared actually. Don't ask me why, but I think that it is because I am scared of getting old.I have always been a spoiled little daddy's girl, and this whole responsibility and doing shit for myself is alot tougher than I thought that it would be, but I am managing. My fiance Scott, is amazing. I seriously don't think that I could be happier with anyone else. We are currently living in this shitty little town, in Missouri, called Bowling Green. I hate it here. I want to move to a big city with lots of stores and shit. Lol. My best friend in the whole world is Frankie. We have been freinds forever, but have been best friends for like 2 years now. She is great! Ummmmmm....yea...I'm running out of things to write about now so I will shut up because Travis is reading over my shoulder out loud and its super hard to concentrate. So,
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Hi, my name is: Alissa When I'm nervous: Talk a lot and make even more animated hand gestures and facial expressions than normal, saying something The last song I listened to was: Think of Me (Phantom of the Opera)...instrumental *grins* If I were to get married right now my maid of honor would be: This is a complete impossibility, but given it's a hypothetical, I'll go with Michelle By this time next year: One year closer to ME and a DEGREE and FREE...yay...rhyming :) I have a hard time understanding: a lot of stuff, but nothing in particular comes to mind If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: Destiny Take my advice: If you don't take care of yourself, it makes you incapable of taking care of others to the best of your ability Most recent thing I've bought myself: Couple of T-Shirts and some unmentionables Most recent thing someone else bought me: Cheeseburger last night...thanks Geoff lol My favorite blonde
Win or Lose I've been trap in my own world you see, It's been all planned out for me, So what am I suppose to do, I have no clue, The light seems too bright, I have to wear sun glasses at night, But trust me its not a fright, It's a fight to the end, Only good would will win, dnt act like your my friend, cause I let you in, My friend is me, I see me, it's a battle between me and me so you dnt have to keep threating me you see.My mind is like a bomb it's always tinking in time, I'm never wasting mines, I guess it's my time to shine, I wonder why, Why do it have to be, I wonder where this life is going to take me, my father taught me to be clever, to be caught sleeping never. I wonder how I would be If I wasn't me!
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hey i posted a quiz on my profile page go see how well you really know me and who ever get the tops spot wins a prize from me
[1] List 5 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions. [2] Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. (5 - 1, 1 is the hottest.) [3] Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you. [4] Supply photos for said people. 5. I've been in lust with her since Foxfire 4. Dunno why...just wanna 3. Cuz he's sexier than hell. 2. This man....dayum....he might not be able to act, but he can throw me around anyday. and for number one!!!! 1.
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I am a strong Mexican American Female who was raised in the Silicon Valley. I am the first ever Mexican Valley girl. I am not stuck up, i just think highly of myself. I love the finer things in life but don't need these things to survive, but that doesn't mean I don't want the latest Coach purse added to an already jaded collection hehe. I was a teacher for 11yrs and have recently switched careers. I am working with the USRA(Universities Space Research Association)-SOFIA(Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy), at NASA Ames and I absolutely love my job. I am in school and get excellent grades. I am a happy person and am always smiling or giggling for some reason or another. I LOVE to read! I love Shakespeare and am really into to poetry and writing. I also love to read about all different subjects from- the Autobiography of Alexander the Great to learning about how stars are born. I love to learn and am so in love with my mind because it encourages my body to get up and make
Me, Me, Me..., no me. That's right I'm an egotistical asshole, surprising I know, but oh well shit happens. So in kinesic interviewing today my teacher says that when I'm stressed the pitch of my voice becomes squeaky. Then continued to make fun of me for that. It's not fault my voice raises to the octave of a Catholic choir boy/alter boy. Oh well, enough about me, I think its about time for me to get to know those I talk to one here more then they state in their profile (yes, I read the profiles. I'm not that inconsiderate, assholes). So tell me your quirks.
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holla fubarians how you all doing on this fine day I was thincking to my self as people do theres not enough britsh on this site and more to the point me fellow welsh people I havent met one yet any way never mind who you are come n add me become a fan and a friend and I'll return tha favour laters come n rate my ugly ass hahahhaah
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Me Me Me Me Radiooooooooooooooo is where i dj and love it come join me on waykool give me a shout and iw ill call ya on air where they all can hear lmao
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Hello Fubarians :) Im in TEASE CONTEST :P FEEL FREE 2 HELP ME OUT. Thanks Hugs n Stuff Bad DD
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I have come to terms with the fact that i'm pretty lazy, I do what needs to be done, and enjoy trying new things, but don't see whats wrong with just doing nothng. I suffer from severe migraines, and sometimes have to cancel important plans. I
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1. Who has your heart?TOM BROOKS2. What are you listening to?nothing right now3. Are you sad?somewhat4. Are you wearing any jewelry?none right now5. Skittles or M&M's?I don't know... I would probably have to say M&M's 6. Whats your favorite television show?I have too many favorites to pick just one7. What did you eat today?ummm... actually nothing8. Do you like mustard?LOVE it9. What's the last thing you bought?makeup, gallon bags to freeze things,beer10. Do you know your fathers birthday?Sept 28,fuck i don't know11. Where's the last place you went shopping?Walmart ..Family Dollar yesterday12. Did you sing in the shower today?nopebr />13. When is the last time you cried? last night14. What is the most irritating thing people can do?lie, steal... you know the typical thing everyone hates about someone else15. What did you do yesterday?went shopping and watched movies at the house16. What was the last movie you watched? Where?Beta House and Shrekat my house17. Is the shirt you're wear
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how you doing folks, im willie im into most rock and indie music fave film is natural born killers, i love glasgow celtic football club i have 5 kids 3 who live with me, hate living in england, it`s real deppressing in winter smoking puff is the only thing to do here.
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Wanna c wassup w/everyone. Lookin for people who like to chill, take it easy, no drama, tell it like it is. Not lookin for games or bullshit. Need some friends. I don't discriminate. Male, female, black, white, puerto rican, or asian. Lol. Hit me up!!!
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Things You Actually Really Want to Know About Me basic info name: HEATHER what do people call you?: HEATHER birthday: JULY 10 current location: BOONEVILLE,MS height: 5'9'' eye color: BROWNISH GREEN hair color: BLACK righty or lefty?: RIGHTY a few questions do you believe in god?: YES do you have a religion?: YES do you speak another language?: NO do you live in the moment?: IN A WAY YEA do consider yourself tolerant of others?: DEPENDS ON MY MOOD are you confident?: IN MY POETRY YES are you a daredevil?: DEPENDS ON THE DARE what is the compliment you get from most people?: WELL ASIDE FROM THE BOOB COMMENTS IT WOULD BE ABOUT MY EYES AND SMILE what do you like the most about your body?: EYES AND SMILE do you think you are good looking?: I HAVE MY MOMENTS WHEN I CAN BE do have any bad habits?: TALKING BAD ABOUT MYSELF what's your biggest fear?: LOSING A LOVE ONE do play an instrument?: NOPE can you sing?: NAH if you c
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A-2-Z About Me Survey by bamachic49{---Basics---}Name: RacquelNickname(s): KelAge: 28Birthday: 11/02/1979Birthplace: Manchester, NHCurrent Location: HooksettEye Color: HazelHair Color: BrownHeight: 5'10Weight: Lefty or Righty: RightyZodiac Sign: ScorpioWhat Do You Drive: PonticScreenname: 69foru{---Favorites---}Color: PurpleNumber: 69Band: BuckycherryMusic Genre: RockTV Show: Tru TVMovie: Sweet Home AlabamaActor: Brad PitActress: Reese WitherspoonKind of Movie: HorrorCartoon: Family GuySport: FootballFast Food Restaurant: Taco BellFood: ChickenIce Cream: Peanut Butter CupCereal: Fruity PebblesCandy: M&msDrink: Pepsi
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imikimi - Customize Your World
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as you all know by now im heather im 23 f zanesville ohio i am known to be loco and as people tell me dangerous is my middle name i am goth and love it i have 8 piercings guess where aha ha ha ha anywaz i am a real drinker i dont drink beer though um yuck i drink liqour whiskey all the real shit and i am no light weight at all i remember everything when i drink to so i have no excuse when i do dumb shit im a nympho i love sex a lot pain is my middle name the more pain the more exotic and outragous i get while having sex i love to be bit and sucked on i love to cut and draw blood im a real freak on top of being bi sexual to yea i do have naked photos and i am debaiting on putting them on here i dont know yet if i will or not though i am a heavy set girl but i know im beautiful i get told that shit every day by someone new (it actually gets old) i love to dance and drink im a flirt and tease that def knows how to please well this is a lil about me get at me to find out more kisses
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Look at that pic, you know you wish you were there that night! But you weren't, so the best way to relive it, without being there, is to click on the pic, rate it, then comment on how much you want to drink with me...over, and over, and over again. Rates are 10 points, comments 5, and I have a month to get 50000 first. I'm against some pretty good competition, so I'd pencil in the rest of your day commenting me. As a bonus to you, here's what I'm offering for your help 100 comments = 1000 fubucks 500 comments = the fubucks, and a salute of whatever I want to say 1000 comments = 1 bling, and a salute of whatever you want (I'm in a bar with a dick on my face, I'll pretty much do anything that doesn't involve insertion) Private message me with what you've done, and I'll hook you up!! Thanks Mr 7000000
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i wasn't sure where to put the whole "about me" thingy so here goes lol . i am 21 i loooove music,tattoos,comics,and lots of other stuff too. i am in like 3 bands right now i play bass and sing in we shot lincoln the punk rock jukebox in that band we do all covers but really fun ones. i started a ska band called take warning where i sing and play bass but we still need a drummer and some horns lol. the other band isn't really a band just my acoustic stuff it's really emo lol but in a good way. any how thats basically me.
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Lets get these Member leveled up~! whos next??? this pimp out brought to you by Micki"Blue Eyes" {Dirty South Crew}Co-Founder of Friendship Circle'----Owned by DustMePink
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i jus got a few things to let off ma chest and i hope everyone reads dis and rates is well here it is i jus want peeps to kno if u is gonna be a friend u shouldnt start shit wit da person u r be friending cuz its jus wrong plus if u is suppose to be a gurl u shouldnt cheat on da guy fo any reason unless its payback i guess but not if they is not doin shit wrong
10 to 1 of My WorldTAKE THIS SURVEY! TEN HOW'S: How did you get one of your scars?MOST OF MY CLOSE FRIENDS KNOW MY LEG STORY How did you celebrate your last birthday?STAYED SOBER How are you feeling at this moment?ON TOP OF THE WORLD How did your night go last night?OK How did you do in high school?OK How did you get the shirt you're wearing?MY SON GAVE IT TO ME How often do you see ur best friend?NOT OFTEN How much money did you spend last month?NOT A LOT How old do you want to be when you get married?180 How old will you be at your next birthday?A YEAR OLDER THAN I AM NOW NINE WHAT'S: Your mothers name?JOAN What did you do last weekend?THE SAME AS THE WEEKEND BEFORE What is the most important part of your life?LEARNING TO WALK AGAIN What would you rather be doing?WALKING What did you last cry over?AH SOME YANK GEEK What always makes you feel better when youre upset?FAGS Whats the most important thing you look for in a significant other?EYES What are you worried
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lol i was trying to be conceded... not working all that well... but their are more than a few ppl out in the world who are way beyond the point of that huh....
Come join my Pic Club - The #1 Club! This was an idea my ex and I wanted to try, a photo album of all our friends flipping off the camera. And Fubar is the perfect place to set it up! If you want to join you will need to have a salute; rate/fan me, send me a pic of you giving the bird, the name you want on the card, your zodiac sign, your favorite drink, and your male/female preference. If you want to add to or change any of the info please include it.
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If you wanna see more of a naughty English Lady; look at my naughty blog or at; Do not look if you are easily offended by a seeing a young English Lady do dirty things with her staff. My blog is very perverted and awfully disgusting. All my friends think butter wouldnt melt in my mouth. Miss Hybrid xxx
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sup i am new here and i am not understanding this.. lol i am here for fun and lets play... lol
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I am in a wierd mood and it is some funny shit time to go get shit faced wasted I will laugh last at every one hhhhhhhhhahhhhahhahhahahahahahahahaha
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I am Me. In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine, because I alone chose it -- I own everything about me: my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions, whether they be to others or myself. I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears. I own my triumphs and successes, all my failures and mistakes. Because I own all of me, I can become intimately acquainted with me. By so doing, I can love me and be friendly with all my parts. I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and other aspects that I do not know -- but as long as I am friendly and loving to myself, I can courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and ways to find out more about me. However I look and sound, whatever I say and do, and whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time is authentically me. If later some parts of how I looked, sounded, thought, and felt turn out to be unfitting, I can discard that wh
stolen from rabble_scum because I'm boredSix Names You Go By:1. Rachel or Ra-Ra to family2. Alli or Allicat to some online friends3. Turkey Bill to my nephew. Long story. lol4. Omie Jr to my dad. My grandmother's name was Oma, people called her Omie I guess.5. Sweetie to everyone6. Babyface. Nickname I gave myself. Named from the movie of the same title with Barbara Stanwyck. Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:1. jeans2. long sleeve shirt3. sandalsThree Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:1. black grand piano2. iPad3. a box of Turkish Delight. This is the less expensive of the lot. lolThree People You Hope Will Do This Meme:1. don't care2. don't care3. don't careThree Things You Did Last Night:1. re-watched episodes of Doctor Who. Sixth Season for be exact. I still bite my nails watching Good Man Goes To War.2. worked out. Yes, I prefer working out in the evenings. It helps me sleep, strangely enough.3. Read a bit of Bag of Bones by Stephen King. I can't wait to see the movie
Me Miss Piggy...i Think Not!!!!
You Are Miss Piggy A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it. You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less. You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way. Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift! The Muppet Personality Test
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MEMIOR OF AMANDA Christina Marie Gore is one of the most influential people in my life. She has the coolest style of anyone I have ever seen. Black hair, crystal blue eyes that change from green to gray and back to blue. Her style is very punk, rock emo, which means emotional; its kind of like a style of dress and acting. Like punk. Emo has the whole flippy black hair, tight dark jeans/pants, and band t-shirts. She may be four months younger than me, and I call her my little sister, but she has always been one of the most influential people in my life. One time, when I was about thirteen years old, Christina, Sally, Erin, Brandy, and I were into the whole cutting thing. Well she helped me a lot with stopping for awhile. She has always been there for me ever since we were little kids at the age of seven. We met at The First Church of the Nazarene in Wilmington, North Caroline. Her grandma, whom we call her maw maw, had been going to the church for year, but Christina had
Me, Mike And Kids
Well since I haven't update our relationship for awhile, I think I better....Well we made a big Thanksgiving Dinner for my family...past out some Christmas gifts that night. We have put up our Christmas tree and did the outside of our house in the past month. We went to watch Saw 3 last month. Now, that scarid the Piss out of me...Mike loved it. At the first of December (last weekend) we took the kids to watch Santa Clause 3...which Jacob feel alseep and kyle would not stay still. I thought that movie was better than the first 2....when that comes out on DVD we are going to buy all of them for the kids. Next week we are going to take the bus around town to see Christmas lights. Now that will be a pretty site to view. I am looking forward to that... Well I will update more after Christmas or New year's later all Love ya's
Mem Lie
Men Lie for alot of reasons! They lie to make themselfs look good. They lie to not hurt some people that love them. They Lie because they can not help but lie about everything they do or say! They also will lie to keep someone that is good to them too. I have learn over the year the only time I believe anything that ever come from a mans mouth is when I see it is for real. Some just lie because they dont care how much it hurts others
i luv outdoors, cuddling, romance, music, traveling - mainly road trips, am affectionate, honest, trusting, loving. Part native and love living life to the fullest...luv all animals but prefer cats of all kinds. Have many interests and activities.
Memmel Reveals Broken Ankle After The Competition
Chellsie Memmels ankle injury was worse than anyone realized. Memmel said after the U.S. women won the silver medal in team gymnastics Wednesday that shed been competing with a broken bone in her right ankle. The 2005 world gymnastics champion hurt the ankle during training Aug. 4, but still competed on uneven bars in both the preliminaries and the team finals. After missing much of the last two years with a devastating shoulder injury, Memmel became one of the feel-good stories of the summer when she finished behind reigning world champ Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin at both the national championships and Olympic trials. She missed the 2004 Olympics with a foot injury. The Americans expected Memmel to appear on all four events during qualifying, but that became impossible after she hurt her ankle. She was still able to do uneven bars, though, because it doesnt put much pressure on the ankle, and the Americans badly needed her score on the event. Memmel won the world title on ba
sitting lonely going back day we met march 7th 91 bowling was fun but soon as i saw this sexy guy come threw the door i knew charter oaks never be same love at first sight you and your friend April 16th 91 dunking donuts cartwheels showing off never thought get your attention gave you my number you call pick up phone heard your voice set the date you met me love at first sight in arms of my king im your queen treated me like a precious jewel spoiled me rotten never forgotten then we join carnival together we worked after day done slept in merry ground trailer rainy night you worried bout me told me go firemen club i worried bout you you had get people off the ride tornado was comeing found it was bogous laughed bout it i remember the condo and joking bout Crystal lake Jason coming lmao fun times we shared then night we broke off i cried in the rain you said you come i waited then it was over in October 92 never thought i see y
Memory Flashes
It's odd how memory works. How you will remember key moments in your life, like how on January 20th, 1990, I sat down between my friends Paul and Kurt at a greenscreen terminal to check my email ("you type 'mail!'" -Brett), and instead ended up addicted to a text adventure game... a decision that completely changed the direction of my life. I remember that moment with incredible clarity. But other moments are small ones... just small insignificant memories that sometimes just hit you. Today I heard Bryan Adams's "Run to You" on the radio. I think it was his first 80's hit, and certainly was played on the radio a great deal when I was a teenager. And I had a flash to those days, when we were driving home from church with my dad. He'd let us have control of the radio (as he was more genial about that than Mom), and this song came on. After listening incredulously for a few minutes to the (let's face it) repetitive chorus, Dad said, deadpan, "You think he wants to, oh, RUN TO HER?" We
i wrote this one for a few good people i lost in my life.... Memories of you to alway's stay, Knowing your not here brings me pain, Sit up thinking of all the good times, It's the only thing that keeps me saine, Knowing your not here still brings me pain, There will be a day i will see you again, There will be new memories to be shared, Old times to catch up on, But...Knowing your still not here brings me pain...
Your scent attracted me. I had no intentions of seeking you, but your scent, it beckons to me. I don't know how long you've been without a heartbeat, but I cann tell you have been this way for quite some time. Lifelessness in your eyes. The sound of a thousand burning souls in your voice. My bloodlusts runs deep. The thirst is strong. My desire boils over bringing warmth to your cold body. I have thought of us together. Under a full moon on the cemetary lawn. My jaw locked on your inner thigh. Your ruby nails raking my back, as you howl to the night sun in unimmaginable pleasure. How long will I keep this to myself? We've never touched. We have only traded superficial comments. I want to feel your icy breath on my abdomen. I want to watch you bathe in a pool of red. I want you to be my Goddess. Without knowing, you beckon to me. Your scent.... It's all I have. I will have you.
I remember a night of love Given to me as a gift from heaven above. Time stood still for every kiss And I knew I would die for this. In my heart is where he lays Where he will be with me always. He lends an invisible hand. And gives me the strength to stand. Lips as sweet as honey Eyes full of cheer and sunny skies I remember our bodies entwined And how then heaven's step in kind. When the world spins to fast He helps me stop it at last. Even though I don't know his name. I'll remember my guy for eternity. This I tell you with certainty. In my heart is where he lays Where he will be with me always... BY: Sheila Christian
A Memory
a memory by paradiseflower here i sit naked alone my wandering hands explore first my lips, my neck, my nipples and travel down south as i think of you and remember how thick your dick was invading me deliciously when we met again i had to refuse in love, afraid, had too much to lose had to fight your hands away from the breasts which longed for your touch the pussy that dripped wet memories of how desperately you had to taste me your talented tongue sent me places i havent seen since where are you i see you when i close my eyes

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