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Baby Its True
if only you knew ...
Babygirl Is In A Contest.. Go Help Her
Baby Visits Doctor (from Tumsfun) :-)
I could barely stop laughing long enough to copy this! Baby's First Doctor Visit A woman and a baby were in the doctor's examining room, Waiting for the doctor to come in for the baby's first exam. The doctor arrived, and examined the baby, Checked his weight, and being a little concerned, Asked if the baby was breast-fed or bottle-fed. 'Breast-fed,' she replied. 'Well, strip down to your waist,' the doctor ordered. She did. He pinched her nipples, pressed, kneaded, and Rubbed both breasts for a while in a very professional And detailed examination. Motioning to her to get dressed, the doctor said, 'No wonder this baby is underweight. You don't have any milk.' I know,' she said, 'I'm his Grandma, But I'm glad I came.'
Baby 1
baby boy, u can't b real. u got women takin care of u n u want 2 bite the hand that strokes ur ego. how could u b so brain frozen 2 fall victim 2 ignorance. i know they don't teach that in school, but life damn sure don't spit that bullshit up. it is more like u adopt the teachin of some 1 voted probably the most likely 2 teach ignorance. if ur heart is so cold and polar, y try and succeed 2 capture a warm, lovin, worshippin the ground u walk on woman. if she opens up her legs willin and delighted 2 share her temple with u she must b thristy 4 love. of course she is confused by the love u share, which is really a diguised, dressed up, wolf guardin a baby in a basinet. damn when hard times just smile at u, she becomes ur victim. wit ur lack of love and comfort, u decide is the weapon of choice. poor baby don't even overstand she is stronger then that. what she hypnotically allow is one's power 2 manipulate her into believin she is weakier then he. i now know y they say, "u won'
Babyfreak Is For Sale
Babyfreak is in an auction... Please go bid on her... opening bids are 50,000 fu-bucks... bid higher if you think she is worth more... you can also offer her blasts or bling packs or anything at all really... just go read what she is offering and place a bid to show her we care!!
"baby I Love You"
"Baby I Love You" by Charles "DeAnte" Askew Baby I love with all of my heart I miss you all kinds when we are apart You are my angel that was sent from above You came down to show me that there really is true love You are the first thought on my mind everyday Then stay on my mind cuz the thoughts won't go away Baby I love you" you're all that I need You got me feenin like a pothead feens weed The feelings I feel are so very strong I feel in my heart that loving you is not wrong I know I am not the most romantic man But baby I'll love you with all that I am Baby I love you; I need you so much I long to taste your sweet kisses and feel your sweet touch I dream everyday I'd wake up to your beautiful face I know that your arms is such a safe place You make me feel like a brand new man You love me like nobody can. Baby I love you; you are my world I am so happy that you are my girl. You got me all twisted and stuck on to you
Baby Stuff
Well everything went good. I am having Braxton Hicks contractions now. She said it normal. She put me on Zantac and Ambien. He is growing really well. 147 was his heart beat. I have only gain an extra 3 lbs from my last appointment. He moved around alot too while he was getting his pics taken. So so far he is fine adn I am fine. She said also since we wanna go home in June she will try and make sure everything will be ok enough to go home for a week. If not we have to stay. It really lies on what my doc says as to if we can go home. So we will see. Also I had the next ultrasound and appointment on May 12th so that way I know he is home. I heard some talking about sending people home early too around here. I dont know if that goes for you but thats what I am hearing. So we will see about that. But eveyrthing is good. I posted an ultrasound pic if you guys wanna go see. Lata-Maranda
Babyfreaks Contest
Babyfreaks contest is closed she tied for first because it was only her and one other person doing it now so Hillary(me) closed it early and paid them both 400,000 fubucks because they were really close in score!! So congrats BABYFREAK!
Baby Wrap
Part of my job as a public-health nurse is teaching new parents how to care for their infants. As I was demonstrating how to wrap a newborn, a young Asian couple turned to me and said, "You mean we should wrap the baby like an egg roll?" "Yes," I replied, "That is a good analogy." "I don't know how to make egg rolls," another mother said anxiously. "Can I wrap my baby like a burrito?" *Thanks to Pastor Tim for this joke!*
Baby Made
Kissing is a habit Fucking is a game Guys get all the pleasure Girls get all the pain The guy says i love you You believe its true But when your tummy starts to swell, He says 'to hell with you' 10 minutes of pleasure 9 months in pain 3 days in hospital A baby without a name The baby is a bastard The mother is a whore This never wouldn't have happened If the rubber wouldn't have torn
Baby Girl...
Well, Today is April 10th, 2008... I went to the Hospital today with my mom...And I found out I am havin a baby girl!!! MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments
Baby, " If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart I'll be there forever."
Baby's Hug
We were the only family with children in the restaurant. I sat Erik in a high chair and noticed everyone was quietly sitting and talking. Suddenly, Erik squealed with glee and said, 'Hi.' He pounded his fat baby hands on the high chair tray. His eyes were crinkled in laughter and his mouth was bared in a toothless grin, as he wriggled and giggled with merriment. I looked around and saw the source of his merriment. It was a man whose pants were baggy with a zipper at half-mast and his toes poked out of would-be shoes. His shirt was dirty and his hair was uncombed and unwashed. His whiskers were too short to be called a beard and his nose was so varicose it looked like a road map. We were too far from him to smell, but I was sure he smelled. His hands waved and flapped on loose wrists. 'Hi there, baby; hi there, big boy. I see ya, buster,' the man said to Erik. My husband and I exchanged looks, 'What do we do?' Erik continued to laugh and answer, 'Hi.' Everyone in the rest
Baby Planes
A little boy who had been looking out the window turned to his mother and asked, "If big dogs have baby dogs, and big cats have baby cats, why don't big airplanes have baby airplanes?" The mother who couldn't think of an answer told her son to ask the flight attendant. So the boy went down the aisle and asked the flight attendant. The flight attendant, who was very busy at the time, smiled and said, "Did your Mom tell you to ask me?" The boy said, "Yes she did." "Well, then, you go and tell your mother that there are no baby airplanes because Southwest always pulls out on time. Have your Mom explain that to you."
Baby, Now That I've Found You
Baby, Now that I’ve found you I won’t let you go I built my world around you I need you so, Baby even though You don’t need me Now Baby, Now that I’ve found you I won’t let you go I built my world around you I need you so Baby even though You don’t need me, You don’t need me oh, no Baby, baby, When first we met I knew in this heart of mine That you were someone I couldn’t forget. I said right, And abide my time Spent my life looking For that somebody To make me feel like new Now you tell me that you want to leave me But darling, I just can’t let you (guitar & fiddle solo) Baby, baby, When first we met I knew in this heart of mine That you were someone I couldn’t forget. I said right, And abide my time Spent my life looking For that somebody To make me feel like new Now you tell me that you want to leave me But darling, I just can’t let you Now that I found you I built my world around you I need you so, baby even though You don
Baby Can I Hold You Tonight
I’m sorry, It’s all that you can say Years gone by and still Words don’t come easily Like sorry (like sorry..) Forgive me, Is all that you can say Years gone by and still Words don’t come easily Like forgive me (forgive me...forgive me..) Forgive me.. But you can say, baby Baby can I hold you tonight? Baby, if I told you the right words Oooh, at the right time You’ll be mine I love you Is all that you can say Years gone by and still Words don’t come easily (words don’t come easily..) Like I love you, I love you.. But you can say, baby Baby can I hold you tonight? Baby, if I told you the right words Oooh, at the right time You’ll be mine (baby can I hold you...) But you can say, baby Baby can I hold you tonight? Baby, if I told you the right words Oooh, at the right time You’ll be mine (baby, if I hold you..) (baby, can I hold you..) you’ll be mine.. (baby if I told you..) (baby, can I hold you..) You’ll be mine.. (baby if I tol
Baby Watch
The baby watch for my first grandbaby is officially on! My daughter had an appt this morning and she's started dilating 1-2 cm! She still has a month to go but between that & the contractions she may or may not go until 5/19! I had to battle FMLA since she's a minor (she's me I've heard all the comments & my initial reaction was not something to be proud of so I don't need to hear it all again). Anyway I went up to battle and I WON against the bureaucratic bastards! I'm legally allowed to the time off since she's a minor but they tried to deny it. Good thing I read up on it. Just as I was filing a formal complaint they responded with an approval. They have to cover me for EVERYTHING including 6 weeks off when she has the baby! HEH HEH. I can't afford to take 6 weeks off but I will take at least 3. I have a follow up drs appt for myself this afternoon. I was taken off work Monday when I landed in the hospital with several blood clots in my leg - Talk about scared!! I h
Baby Names
Our boy name... Ethan James names we're throwing around for girls... can't decide on middle names yet... Christina Crystal Dawn Kristin Makayla Kayla
Baby Bash & T-paine "cyclone' Video ""hot""
Baby Jesus Said......
hey everyone, if you hadn't noticed, there's now a link on your profile settings page (next to the 'Bartab Content' option) to configure some more advanced filters for the mini-bartab box that's at the top of every page. you can turn on or off every alert by type.... ie: if you only want to see when people rate you an 11 and leave you a comment, you can see that. or if you only care when your friends post comments on other peoples' mumms, you can see just that. for the first few days it was vip only, but it's now usable by everyone. let me know if you have any problems... cheers! -mike
Alannah Lyn was born today at 1:05pm via c section. She is 6 lbs 7 oz and 19 inches long. More details (and pictures) when she isn't sleeping in my arms heh
Baby Bitch
Baby Boomers
For the record, I was born in 1960, so yes, I am a Boomer, HOWEVER, I don't wear Depends yet. . . BABY BOOMER BLUES: It was fun being a baby boomer... until now. Some of the artists of the 60's are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging baby boomers: They include: Herman's Hermits --- Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Walker Ringo Starr --- I Get By With a Little Help From Depends. The Bee Gees --- How Can You Mend a Broken Hip? Bobby Darin --- Splish, Splash, I Was Havin' a Flash. Roberta Flack --- The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face. Johnny Nash --- I Can't See Clearly Now! Paul Simon --- Fifty Ways to Lose Your Liver The Commodores --- Once, Twice, Three Times to the Bathroom. Marvin Gaye --- Heard It Through the Grape Nuts. Procol Harem --- A Whiter Shade of Hair! Leo Sayer --- You Make Me Feel Like Napping. The Temptations --- Papa's Got a Kidney Stone. Abba --- Denture Queen! Tony Orlando --- Knock 3 Times On
Baby Subpoenaed For Unpaid Chiropractor Bill Baby subpoenaed for unpaid chiropractor bill HARRISONBURG, Va. - A Harrisonburg court has dismissed a case against a baby boy summoned to appear in court for an unpaid bill. Richard White said he was shocked when he got a subpoena in the mail requiring his 1-year-old son, Jacy, to appear in Rockingham County General District Court next Tuesday over a $391 chiropractor bill. Neither of Jacy's parents was named in the lawsuit, which has been dismissed at the request of the plaintiff. Shortly after his son's birth in April 2007, White says he took Jacy to the chiropractor. He suspects that when the family moved, the office updated records for everyone but Jacy. White says his insurance didn't cover the $391 and only recently billed him — about the same time the residents of his former home forwarded the subpoena.
Baby Panda Sneezes - Watch more free videos
Baby I Don't Wanna Hurt U......but Baby U Did
i am so sick to death of every thing...i wish it was like in school again...if a guy liked u and u liked him back then it was a done deal...u were boyfriend and girlfriend... right now i would b happy as hell if someone would even like me like that...i thought that i did and even thought that i had an understanding with him cuz he wasn't ready for a relationship even though i was...i figured there ain't no hurry so just lay back and see what would develop and he's supposed to come over and the first night he doesn't...something unforeseen happens...the next night he PROMISED that he would come over...and what happens...nothing i don't even hear from him...for all i know something happened to him...all in all he just didn't wanna deal with me or wanna be with me after all... so i just wanna know when is it gonna be my turn to get the man of my dreams...the one i feel i deserve...i'm always asked what do i want...i want to be with someone to say hey its ok to feel like that
Baby Bash Ft T Pain - Cyclone
She moves her body like a cyclone And she makes me want to do it all night long Going hard when they turn the spotlights on Because she moves her body like a cyclone Just like a cyclone She moves her body like a cyclone And she makes me want to do it all night long Going hard when they turn the spotlights on Because she moves her body like a cyclone A mighty cyclone I look at that double on the back a that bumper She aint even playin when shes shakin that rumpa And for who you dont know She gett lower than the muffler Even wit her girl friends Shes show stoppin wit a hustla The way she move her body She might see the masaratti She wanna put it on me Tryin to show me her tsunami She make it hard to copy Always tight and never sloppy And got an entourage And her own papparazzi Now ther she go again Ridin through the stormy weather You better button up if you wantta go getta Cause it is what it is And everybody wanna love her But when she pop it boy you b
Baby Bash - Suga Suga
So tight, so fly You got me lifted, you got me lifted [Frankie J.] You got me lifted shifted higher than a ceiling And ooh wee it??s the ultimate feeling You got me lifted feeling so gifted Sugar how you get so fly? Suga suga how you get so fly? Suga suga how you get so fly? Suga suga how you get so fly? Suga suga how you get so fly? [Baby Bash] You know its leather when we ride Wood grain and raw hide Doing what we do, watching screens getting high Gurl you keep it so fly with you sweet hunnybuns You was there when the money was gone You??ll be there when the money comes Off top I can??t lie I love to get blowed You my lil??sugar, I??m yo little chulo And every time we kick it it??s off to the groovy Treat you like my sticky ickey or my sweet oowy goowy (fa real though) [Frankie J.] You got me lifted shifted higher than a ceiling And ooh wee it??s the ultimate feeling You got me lifted feeling so gifted Sugar how you get so fly
Baby Bash - What Is It
[Baby Bash in background] [Sean Kingston] Bash [Baby Bash] Tell me, what it do Tell me, what it do [Sean Kingston] Kingston (What is it) [Baby Bash] What What What is it [Sean Kingston] Hey Hey Hey Hey [Chorus:] [Baby Bash] What is it [Sean Kingston] Let me see you go mama, go mama [Baby Bash] What is it [Sean Kingston] Get your girls and pull on her show, mama [Baby Bash] What is it [Sean Kingston] Get it on the floor and dip it low, mama [Baby Bash] What is it, what, what What is it, what is it [Repeat Chorus] [Baby Bash] [Verse 1] I'm a holler back, then I pop my collar back Girl, I see that Da-da-da, dunk I want all of that, follow that Train man, follow that caboosey Ain't nathin' in the world Like some thick, and some juicy She going downtown, cause her favorite DJ's spinnin' I'm all up in the door, so I'm already winnin' I got a lot of women, but I'm way too choosey And then I love my cake, like that Ricky love Lucy On some peanut butter
Baby Boy
Baby Boy@ fubar Okay...Please show this guys right here some madd luv and respect...Help him level up to..PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!! P.S. He`s a sweetheart! :)
Baby Update!!
So, I haven't been on for awhile. We don't have the net right now so the only time I get on is at Liz's and that's not very often. I thought I would get on here and give everyone another little update. The doctor decided to go ahead and keep the 21st as my Due Date. He says that since the Sono said the 7th, that just means that she is growing EXTREMELY well. So she will probably be a pretty big baby. Jason says she'll weigh atleast 8 mom says 8.5 LoL. I'm guessing a little over 7. I guess we'll be finding out before too long. I only have 3.5 weeks left until my due date, but the doc says that it would be perfectly fine and wouldn't suprise him at all if I went a week or so early. I have another appointment tomo and then after that I'll be going every week until I have her. Sucks for gas prices driving that far, but it means I'm getting close. It has went by SO fast. I can't believe she will be here any time!!!! I can't wait!!! I'm doing really good. Been having
Baby J's Blog Posting About Nsfw
BabyJ wrote this blog earlier today. I thought it was such a great post that I wanted to put a copy in my blog. Keep up the good work Mike. __________________________________________ i've read a bunch of bulletins, blogs, comments, messages, shouts, etc.. all regarding positive and negative feedback on our nsfw flagging. i'm making this post to state some facts for the people who keep posting bullshit because they don't know the truth. do NOT post any comments trying to argue the points with me in this blog entry, consider it zero tolerance day. see item #4. :) 1) Just because we impose an 18+ age limit, does NOT make us a porn site. If that's what you thought, you were wrong and you either need to realize that or leave. It's my fault for not making that more clear in the early days, I suppose. 2) You can still upload adult/nsfw content, but just as ALWAYS, we REQUIRE you to use the tools provided to flag it as such. If you think this is censorship, you're a god damn
The Baby's Coming!!
My first neice is being born today!!! My sister in law went in to labor at ten AM, and she and the baby are doing fine so far. I don't know anything else yet, but I am so excited I can't stand it! I am working right now so I can't go to the hospital yet so I am going crazy! I'll fill ya in later!
Baby Bash- Cyclone
Music Video: Cyclone Ft T Pain by (Baby Bash) Music Video Code by Video Code Zone
Baby New Potatoes With Fresh Herb Vinaigrette
1 teaspoon black pepper 1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary 2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint 1/3 cup olive oil 1 large garlic clove, minced 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley 2 pounds baby new potatoes, washed 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar or rice wine vinegar 2 teaspoons kosher salt Directions: This dish is a wonderful warm weather potato salad. Because they're no mayonnaise in it, you don't need to worry about it spoiling in the sun. I used to make this with just mint and parsley, but then added rosemary and garlic for an extra zing. You can mix and match any herbs you like, such as dill, oregano, marjoram, thyme or basil. 1. Place a large pot of water on to boil. When boiling, add about 2 tablespoons kosher salt and then the potatoes. Return to a boil, then reduce the heat to maintain a minimal boil. Boil for 20 to 25 minute until potatoes are fork tender. Drain in a colander and let cool slightly until warm. 2. Meanwhile, combine the remaining i
Baby In The Air Game
Use a soft nerf type ball. The group first assigns each player a number starting with 1. The group then must choose a thrower. The thrower throws the ball high into the air and yells "Baby in the air number X". X represents any number of any player. While the ball is in the ait, the rest of the players scatter in any direction away from where the ball will land. The player whose number was called must try to catch the ball. If it bounces once or twice that's OK. However, once the player has control of the ball he/she yells "Freeze!" and the rest of the group all freeze in their spot wherever they are. Then the thrower takes 3 steps towards any player and throws the ball, trying to hit the chosen player. If the ball hits the player, the player gets a letter "B" (the first letter in B-A-B-Y). If the thrower misses, then the thrower gets a letter "B". The thrower then throws the ball in the air again and the game starts again. The game continues and players continue to add letters (B-A-B-
Baby Macie Story
I was looking at some stories on MSNBC ...and came across a really interesting one...which happened in our state of Texas...nice to know they can prevail in situations such as this...quite a defeat for humanity. Go to that url and it should get you to this story. Amazing!!
Baby Steps
I am still taking steps towards publishing my first novel entitled, Her Best Friend's Lover. This is almost like birthing a But, I'm moving forward none the less. Much Love and Success to You All!
Babyj System Bulletin 6/12/08
just a reminder..... NEVER enter your fubar username and password on a website that isn't! look up, see the browser url at the top of the page? it says something like or something like that.... NEVER ENTER YOUR PASSWORD UNLESS IT'S ''.... not, or ONLY FUBAR.COM! if you look up at the url now, and it's not or, manually type in into the browser url area, then login and change your password. thanks! -mike
Baby I Love You
baby i love you..... and i do.. there is no one but you you are my all my everything you are everything i will ever need your the love of my life the one i hold so close to my heart you are my life i will love you till the sun refuses to shine hell with that i will love you to the end of time you are the one that get all my kisses and hugs you are the one that i will live my life for you are my soon to be husband as i am your soon to be wife i love you hunnie and i will never stop i will love you forever i love you cause you treat me so right i love you cause you love me for me you love me even though you know all there is to know about me you love me no matter what i might have done wrong as i love you even if we had our fights so no matter where you go how far or how near remember my the love that hold for you and you alone for you are my all my everything the greatest love of my life i love you hunnie!! by:your baby
Baby Laughing
Baby Stepmomma
Baby StepMomma ok, here's another rant... a little background info--normally my son is watched by a woman who watches a coworker of mine's young son too... however with school out, her older boys and my coworkers oldest are also needing to be watched, so I told Marilyn that to make things a little easier on her and because Braden's stepsisters are coming up from Florida this summer, that baby stepmomma would watch him. Also, the custody agreement through Friend of the Court states that through the month of July, Shawn gets Braden Monday through Friday... SO I reminded Shawn and informed Brandy that it was Shawn's responsibility to pay for day care that month since he has him. And today it starts... I receive a text from Baby Stepmomma asking why should Shawn pay for day care when they are taking it out of his check with the child support. I told her that with him having "custody" of him during the week for that month that it is his responsibility and he'll have to file a paper w
Baby Put It On Me
Damn Baby! You really don’t know… Just how you make me get lost in thoughts of you…. You have released the freak in me that makes me want you so bad… I love the way we kick those freaky sensual games we like to play… Your style and beauty keeps me always in a horny state of mind… You know those sexy ways that you push up on me…in your sensual sort of way… Damn baby I’m feeling you… I’m so thirsty for you…and a just a taste of you is what I am craving so… “Baby Come On and Put It on Me” Let me watch you undress with my lustful brown eyes of desire… Make me loose my damn mind as I watch you walk up to me in your very own sensual seductive style… Especially right here in this room that is only created strictly for love-making that will sure as hell release the freak in both of us… Baby I want to feel you take total control, don’t be afraid to show me what you body is craving for… But before you real
Baby Update
Well Baron arrived 3 weeks early - impatient just like his parents. At least he didn't have his daddy's sense of timing - soon is like 3 hrs for him. So no longer pregnant but a mommy again and apparently going to be a grandmother by the end of the year. My 16-yr old daughter told me while I was in the hospital. Nice huh? I haven't told my parents yet - hell I haven't told them a bunch of stuff lately only because I know I will catch hell if not from them then from my wonderfully perfect brother. But that's a different matter. I posted pictures of Baron in my folder for anyone to see. Right now I am catching up on messages and things and missing the fact I don't have to work - definitely not a stay at home mom. Hopefully I can get out to the store tomorrow and out of the house. Going stir crazy and it's only a week - LOL
life growing inside me knowing its there makes me smile my body a cocoon for this fragile being my heart full of love for my unborn child my purpose in life soon to be fulfilled my dreams of holding a child of my own soon to be a child with a perfect smile ten tiny little toes ten tiny little fingers a wonder to behold i sit and wonder what my child will be like will the baby have my eyes? my hair color? will my baby look like me? or will the baby look like daddy? will my child grow up with my book smarts or its daddys street smarts all i can hope for my baby all i can dream for my baby is that it grows up with the best of both of us
Baby....i Do Know You!
I know that you don't have to be alone to be lonely. I know that sometimes you may have been hurt, mentally or physically, and made to fell you had no self worth so you stayed in the relationship out of fear of being alone because you were made to feel no one else might want you. I know that sometimes you need to go out, clubbin or bar hopping, to blow off steam and just forget. To get hit on by guys, not because you have bad intentions, but because you need to know you are still desirable. I know that the falling in love is the highest of highs. But it fades. I know that to you, sex is still making love. Sure, maybe once in a while a fuck with someone hot was nice, but making love with someone who's touched your heart was everything…is everything. I know that a text message the next day brings a smile to your face and one inside that no one else can see. I know that you want to be the one I am thinking of during the day. I know that your man is hot and sexy
  i called u yesterday yea i know u were busy but damn i called u yesterday... and Well...ummm... she answered.... i kinda got scared but i didnt hang up.... she asked me who i was well ...i know...but i told her.. she got quiet for a minute. then i could her whimper in pain as i told her about us.. "damn, i could just kill him!" she yelled ... i could kill u too...knowing u didnt tell me about her... knowing im not the last one u go to at night.... knowing im not the first person in ur sight. well...we talked for a good two hours... yea i said two hours... i found out alot about u too. like this isnt the first time u were unfaithful... how u even like men too damn u nasty.. got me felling like i need take a bath in bleach. WUT? u want to work it out....HELL NO!!! sweetie u got Kindra, Shanae and not to mention Donte... YOU sure the hell dont need me... wut did i tell her...shit i told her everything that we did from a-z. well she asked me to tell
The Babysitter =(
Billy was a baby, Of about four, Maybe, But none more. His parents were Going out tonight, So once again he would be stuck with her. With no one in sight, She would smack him around a bit, Rough him up, Leaving the child in a raging fit. She would take a cup, Fill it half way up with bleach, The other half would be watter. She would then laugh histarically, as the child swelled like a leach. When she picked him up, she could feel his skin tightening. Up the stairs they went, And into the bathroom. She tossed him into the tub, like a piece of lent, And turned on the hot water, watching the child, in his last seconds, before doom. When Billy stopped breathing, She grabbed a towel and wrapped him in it. She began heaving, When she sat the boy on his bed. Looking for some pajamas. She found a pair and went over to the dead, Boy and dressed him. Tucking him into bed
Baby I Love You
You are on my mind What some believe to be too much I lay in bed just thinkin of you Thoughts of happyness from the last time we spoke Those thoughts fade into sadness Cause you arent here with me I'm not in your arms All I want to do is have my body against yours Look into your amazing eyes And say the words that just flow out of my mouth When talking to you " I LOVE YOU" To be able to hear your laugh and see your beautiful smile At the same time would be bliss. To call you mine is what I miss. If I had just one wish It would be to spend a life time with you I hope someday this will all be true BABY I LOVE YOU!!
Baby Needs New Tires!!! Lol
Well I took My lil sport...I call it, in for the regular oil change. I asked them to do a tire rotation and check the brakes. I thought it was the brakes making this thunking noise whenever I stopped but I soon found out that the console on the truck was loose. So they tightened it up and no more thunk. Then to my surprise they come out and ask me to follow them. I thought "ahh shit, what is wrong now!" He says...all four of your tires need to be changed. I looked at him and said, the truck only has 24,000 miles on it..what is the hell are you talking about. Those tires should've lasted me at least another 16,000 before having to change them. I called Bill ...I told him what was said and he told me to basically challenge them...tell them there should be some kind of credit with Goodyear for those tires going before they should. So I did..I told them that and they said to me. We'll call Ford Credit and see what can be done. They called me at home and said Ms.Matt
Baby Te Quiero Nigga
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So let me tell you there is a profile that is claiming to be me! Thats right claiming to be the Goddess...let me show u. < that right there is the link to the page and this is the pic she/he is using There u guy sign that there are people that stupid?! Show your face coward!
Baby I Found The Song For Us
For those who knew I was pregnant. These last couple of days I have been in the hospital. I was about 6 wks pregnant. It ended in a miscarriage. I'm doing good. Just in a little bit of pain but I'll do alright. Any questions about anything feel free to ask. Love all yall. *MUAH*
PMTurn your sound on too !..YOU HAVE NO HEART IF YOU DONT REPOST THIS !December 4th, 2007, Jessica Sherwood had to do something no mother should ever have to do.At 2:29 pm Jessica made a very tough, but the right decision to take her little 3 month old daughter off life support In memory of little London Marie, i thought id start a little forward..Jessica had a message that i want every one to know..This is what Jessica said:"If anyone has kids, make sure that you keep them with you the whole time. Don't give then to anyone that you don't trust. Trust me, I thought that I trusted Josh. But now as of December 4, 2007 at 2:29 AM, she is gone. My one & only baby . & He is going to pay FOREVER, even if he gets out of jail scott free, he will be dead no matter what. & To all my friends that know London, I am very angry & upset that I lost the love of my life, my babygirl. She died on her three month birthday . London had six fractured ribs, both of her legs were fracture, & her brain was so
Baby, Take Me There..
"Take Me There" By Rascal Flatts There's a place in your heart where nobody's been. Take me there. Things nobody knows, not even your friends. Take me there. Tell me about your momma, your daddy, your home town, show me around. I wanna see it all, don't leave anything out. I wanna know, everything about you. And I wanna go, down every road you've been. Where your hopes and dreams and wishes live, where you keep the rest of your life hid. I wanna know the girl behind that pretty stare. Take me there. Your first real kiss, your first true love, you were scared. Show me where. You learned about life, spent your summer nights, without a care. Take me there. I wanna roll down mainstreet and backroads like you did when you were a kid. What makes you who you are, tell me what your story is. I wanna know, everything about you. And I wanna go, down every road you've been. Where your hopes and dreams and wishes live, where you keep the rest of your life hid. I wa
I'm so excited about being a mom for the first time. I can't wait until the baby is here.
Baby On The Way! :)
You read right - I'm pregnant again! :) We never thought it'd happen so soon! It took 12 years to conceive our new baby girl (we adopted our older daughter at birth). My doctor advised us to quit using protection this summer and see what happens. We figured it would take years, if it even ever happened at all. Well, the ONE and ONLY time we tried, I got pregnant! Hahahaha! I'm still in shock, I just can't believe that after so many years of infertility, I got pregnant twice in a little over a year! You guys have a job now, you have to think BOY! LOL! My poor husband is terribly outnumbered already with us three girls - I'm really hoping he gets his boy this time! :) I'm due around April 1st and have my pregnancy confirmation and first ultrasound on August 14th! (It's early to be sharing the news, but I have two postitive home tests). Now I know why I was having trouble losing weight lately! :) I'm vowing to keep my weight down and not gain any - I lost 100 lbs with my
Baby, I Love You!!!
Baby, we have known each other a year & a half, but it seems alot longer than that. I love you with all my heart, soul, & mind. I would do anything for you. I have thought about it alot, & I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You always know when I'm happy, sad, or even mad. I really hope we can last alot longer than me & anyone else have. I would love to wake up with you by my side. We get along great. As far as I know your whole family loves me, & I hope I can keep it that way. But, hell I know me & your daddy argue & aggravate alot, but oh well, I guess. I'm really glad I got to spend alot of time with your family & hopefully there will be more dates that I can to come. I love you so much baby, & I mean it everytime I say it. I want to wake up in your arms every morning. I'm going to love you until the day that I die. I'm always lookin forward to spending time with you, when I don't have to work. I wish I could spend every day with you but i think you would get tired of se
Baby Come Back
Spending all my nights, all my money going out on the town Doing anything just to get you off of my mind But when the morning comes, I'm right back where I started again Trying to forget you is just a waste of time Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, you can blame it all on me I was wrong, and I just can't live without you All day long, wearing a mask of false bravado Trying to keep up the smile that hides a tear But as the sun goes down, I get that empty feeling again How I wish to God that you were here Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, you can blame it all on me I was wrong, and I just can't live without you Now that I put it all together Give me the chance to make you see Have you used up all the love in your heart Nothing left for me, ain't there nothing left for me Baby come back, any kind of fool
Baby Names...
Just wondering if i was like the only person to have babies names picked out even thought i am not pregnant or not going to be anytime soon... here is for a boy Brenden Gabriel a girl Bella Grace... or Ella Grace... or something with Hope
Baby Pronounced Dead Lives After Hours In Cooler
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A stillborn Israeli baby who was pronounced dead by doctors "came back to life" on Monday after spending hours in a hospital refrigerator. The baby, weighing only 600 grams at birth, spent at least five hours inside one of the hospital's refrigerated storage units, before her parents, who had taken her to be buried, began noticing some movement. "We unwrapped her and felt she was moving. We didn't believe it at first. Then she began holding my mother's hand, and then we saw her open her mouth," said 26-year-old Faiza Magdoub, the baby's mother. The baby was pronounced dead several hours earlier, after doctors at Western Galilee hospital in northern Israel were forced to abort her mother's pregnancy because of internal bleeding. Magdoub was 23 weeks into her pregnancy. "We don't know how to explain this, so when we don't know how to explain things in the medical world we call it a miracle, and this is probably what happened," hospital deputy director Mo
Baby Girls 1st Day Of School
Ahh well, my baby started her first day of kindergarten today. To know her is of course to love her. LOL But let me tell ya, she has got some major attitude and stubborn as hell. Well, I hope this is not a sign of things to come, She was sent to the principals office the first day of school!!!! They were lining up for lunch in alphabetical order, her name starting with a Y was last. She did not want to be last, so she did her arms scrossing, stiff as a board die mother fucker die stare, and never say a word. The teachers were not impressed, or pleased. They had to pick her up and carry her to the office. LMAO Hopefully she will chill out! I still can't believe she was sent to the office on her very first day of school.
Baby Ewok
Baby Ewok -- powered by
Baby I Love Your Way
Baby I Love U More Than Life Itself
Baby I know we have alot of ppl who is jealous that we are together but i want to say idc what ppl says cause i will always be ur man no matter what and that i love you with all my heart. Your my heart,my soul,ur my everything baby and i dont want to be with anyone but u i can say that for a fact cause ur the only one ive been this happy with. We dont argue or fight,we get along great and as far as i know ur family likes me and i want to keep it that way well thats about all that i have to say except these words here I LOVE YOU BABY WITH ALL MY HEART AND I CANT WAIT TIL WE MOVE IN TOGETHER AND GET MARRIED LOVE YOUR MAN, SMOKIE
Babyface & Gwyneth Paltrow - Just My Imagination
Babydolls Auction
Baby Bizzle
My newest Fu-Owner is the awesome Baby Bizzle. She is a great friend to have on your page. Please stop by and show her some mad Fubar loving and be sure to tell her that I sent ya. I promise she returns all love as fast as you leave it. BaByBiZzLe(sunshine)fu-married 2 BaBy BiZzLeS dIpPyLiPpEr-SHADOW LEVELER fuowner of HappyCountryGirl@ fubar
Baby Update!
Dave and I went to the hospital to have an ultrasound done yesterday to find out the sex of the baby.... IT'S A GIRL!
Baby Registry
Baby Registry
Baby Turtle
A baby turtle was standing at the bottom of a large tree and with a deep sigh, started to climb. About an hour later, he reached a very high branch and walked along to the end. He turned and spread all four flippers and launched himself off the branch. On landing at the bottom in a pile of soft, dead leaves, he shook himself off, walked back to the bottom of the tree and with a sigh started to climb. About an hour later, he again reached the very high branch, walked along, turned, spread his flippers and flung himself off the branch. Again, he landed on the bottom, shook himself off, went to the bottom of the tree, sighed and started climbing. Watching these proceedings from the end of the branch were two little birds. Mummy bird turned to Daddy bird and said, "Don't you think it's time we told him he was adopted?"
Baby I Love Your Way--peter Frampton
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I found out a couple of weeks ago that Ana is pregnant! :D I was cautiously optimistic at first, because of the fail pregnancy last time. :( Now everything seems to being moving along as it should!! :D Ana had her first ultra sound last week and every thing look good! She is about six weeks along and no problems so far knock on wood! Next visit is a week from Friday where we should see the heart beat!!! So keep your fingers crossed!!! :D :D
Babyj's Latest Blog What do you think?
Babydoll Rum
Live DJ's.. Great tunes.. Fun Times Club Wicked Paranoia DJ Babydoll... Was drinkin it with the cat while RAWKIN CWP (click here to enter)
Baby Sister
So my baby sister is in the Army. She's a 29 yr old single mother of two precious lil boys. She's had to sign over custody of both boys to my parents because she's being shipped off to Iraq. She'll be gone for 13 months (at least) and we're hoping she comes home safe. She's a dedicated mother, a best friend a sister could have and I miss her terribly. She's asked if I could get a band of people together to send her and her platoon care packages while they're in the desert. I know I'll be sending her things she needs, but I will not be able to send things for everyone. If you'd seriously like to contribute and would like a way to support our troops, please do let me know. I know each and every one of them will appreciate anything they receive. Send me a private message and I will get you the information. Thanks!
Baby Shower
today im going to get a gift for my twin sister baby shower tomorrow afternoon
Baby Laughing
need a good laugh here you go.
A Baby ??? No Way !!!!!
oh yes way .. there will be a new addition to our family in just a short time ... And no i'm not pregnant ( bite your tongue!) .. I'm going to be a Grandmother !... Althou this wasnt something planned as most babies arent anymore .. and I was hoping they'd both get thru their college years ... My son and his girlfriend are going to be parents .. there was a lot of torn emotions about all of this . because of their ages .. yes they are young .. so .. adoption was an option ..but everyone talked well .. we mostly listened to what they had to say .. and There will be no adoption ... So... in just a very short time ( we arent sure of her exact due date yet ) There will be a lil one gracing the pictures of Fubar .. We're all hoping for a healthy baby .. doesnt matter boy or girl .. I just cant wait to hold my sweet grandchild .. wow who would have thought Id be saying this shortly after my 40th birthday HAHAHA . doesnt matter . I love them both very much and know there more
If you would like to become part of the fastest growing lounge,babydolls,and help me promote it to the top lounge on fubar,plz contact UT VOLS fan!!!!( information. This is a chance to make great friendsand good times!!!!! jess promoter@babydolls
Just thought i would let my friends know that i had my baby on 10/10/08 at 1:44 pm. She was 5 weeks premature but weight 5 lbs and 4 ozs and was 18 inches long She has a hole in her soft palete but is small and they say easily fixed. We will be taking her to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah.
Baby Noah
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A Baby ??? !!!??? No Way !!!!
Yes ... there is going to be a little addition to our family .. and No its not by me ... I'm going to be a Grandmother .. ! Eeeks !!! . My Son and His girlfriend told me news not too long ago .. and Im still in shock I think .. The other little surprise we all got . is that she's 25 weeks along already .. Yowza ! ..and She's due to arrive Feb 1st .. I cant believe my son is going to be a father .. OY ! when I can get my scanner to stop being a royal pain in my ass . ill scan the Ultrasound pics to share ... There were amazing .. hope you all are doing good .. and things are going well for you all... Catch you all someday .. :) Xoxox Wendy
Baby 2.5 Update
I've been going though some pains. I get to see the doc November 6. Still have morning sickness, and a pinched nerve in my neck. We have a lot of stress in the house. My ex is being a world class prick, he bounces from ignoring me and being a negative piece of shit, to trying to be the god send. Either way it is very annoying. I'll write more later.
Baby Boys Hh
Baby Contest (radio Station, Not Fubar)
My little Joseph, made it to round 2 of the XL106.7 "Central Florida's Most XL'Lent Baby" contest. Thank you to everyone who voted in round 1. His picture appears in this week's round of voting. Voting is only good for 1 week only, so please take a moment and vote for him when you get the chance. He is baby #19 in the list. They will take the top 10 from this round to move to the "Final 10". Winner gets $1,000. Click the photo below to enter your vote. After clicking on Baby 19 and entering your email address, be sure to check your email afterwards, and click the link to validate your vote. If you don't validate, the vote will not count. VOTE FOR BABY Number 19!! VOTE FOR BABY Number 19!! VOTE FOR BABY Number 19!! VOTE FOR BABY Number 19!! VOTE FOR BABY Number 19!! VOTE FOR BABY Number 19!!
Baby Dolls
summer deakins: i want to make a bully summer deakins: telling everyone what a lier she is summer deakins: and so much more summer deakins: but i dont know how to make them' What a lovely lounge owner over at baby dolls.... Sizzle AKA Summer Keep in mind i hear and see all!!!!!! DRAMA BASKET CASE no wonder I quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Drama and Games END HERE FREAK
Baby D - Come With Me (stomp Mix)
Time to get happy, time to get hard with my 'Stomp' mix of Special D's - Come With Me. Versions I've used here to make this mix are:- Flip N Fill Remix Groove Coverage Remix Hixxy Remix Rob Mayth Radio Edit Wigan Pier Remix Listen/Download
Baby Boy Update..
i know its been a long time from my last one but im here now.. bbay boy is doing soooooooo WELL. for those of u who do CARE and talk to me all the time and stuff. he is now TRYING to talk. he can move his walker forwards and backwards. he is now ARMY crawling all over the place.. hes can pul hims self t ohis knees now. we are working on getting him some equipment(sorry for the miss spelling) to help him stand and put weight on his legs to help him be able to to walk. we are still not sure how well he will be able to walk. thank u all for ur prayers for him.. for the lucky few that have my myspace u can see updated pics every month.. well i better get my but off here and to bed for now. i will try to keep u few that care and all posted a little more often.. take care and thak u all for ur prayers for baby boy. luvs hugs and kisses ida
Baby P (copied From Sandy Ty For Highlighting This Sad Case)
doubt if anyone in the UK has missed the shocking news of baby P, sadly again another child slips through the net of people that are suppose to look after such vulnerable children. Baby P was 17 months old and was used as the papers put it as a punch bag for his sick mother, who spent her time on the internet in porn sites, her boyfriend and their lodger. Baby P was seen 60 times by social workers and doctors, they failed to spot anything wrong with him, even when he was seen again and had 50 injuries after 8 months of torture. Words just fail me on this .... but even more shocking this little lad was on the child protection register and still no-one did nothing. The people that should have been protecting this little boy the social workers, doctors that all saw him and did nothing STILL HAVE THEIR JOBS! they let him down, no 2 ways about it, and they should be made to pay, some may say but it wont bring baby P back! I disagree they should be sacked all of those professiona
Baby Pool Winner
Sweet Judy
Baby Oil
Baby Oil This set is a WAM (Wet and Messy). It has been so windy here. It has dried out my skin so bad. I had to get the baby oil out to rehydrate my skin. I have on a purple silky nightie. I start by rubbing oil all over my nightie to help moisturize my skin slowly. You can see how my nightie sticks to me. Then I pull the nightie off to make my body shiny for you. You get close up of huge breast, luscious tummy, and super wet pussy. In the member's SEXtion you will get to see me spread my round ass apart. There are several video clips in both free and member's sextion. Watch for more to cum. I now have 24 videos and 51 video clips. XOXO Love XOXO Exotic Flame -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame
Baby Its Cold Outside
Baby Its Cold Outside - Dean Martin & Doris Day I really can't stay (but baby it's cold outside) I've got to go away (but baby it's cold outside) This evening has been (been hoping that you'd drop in) So very nice (i'll hold your hands, they're just like ice) My mother will start worry (beautiful whats your hurry) My father will be pacing the floor (listen to the fireplace roar) So really i'd better scurry (beautiful please don't hurry) but maybe just a half a drink more (put some records on while i pour) the neighbors might faint (baby it's bad out there) say what's in this drink (no cabs to be had out there) i wish i knew how (your eyes are like starlight now) to break this spell (i'll take your hat, your hair looks swell) i ought to say "no, no, no sir" (mind if i move in closer) at least i'm gonna say that i tried (what's the sense in hurtin' my pride) i really can't stay (oh baby don't hold out) both:baby it's cold out side i simply must go (
For those of you who knew Hawk and I were expecting... those plans have changed. We went to the doc last week and were told we had lost the baby at some point though there was no actual miscarriage. There was no development and we had to induce a miscarriage. Life sucks right now. I though tIw as doin ok until this afternoon. It has really hit me hard for some reason today. So, for now we are going to appreciate our princesses and love them and spend as much tie showing and telling them that. Just thought I would let ya'll know. One day at a time we shall get through this. Life Sucks
Baby Update
I am sorry that i havent been online that much i just have alot going on right now but i hope that everything will go well for me and this new baby that i am going to have in march so i will try to get on here more if i can so i hope everyone is doing well and i will keep everyone up to date right now i am 21 weeks and 6 days right now and i am going to have a little baby boy is what the doc is telling me right now i love all my family and my friends.
The Baby Is Here
i had my babygirl Oct. 15,2008 her name is Lita Marie
~ Baby ~
I love your stubby fingers and your crooked little toes I love your chubby cheeks and your little button nose I love your pretty brown eyes and your pretty brown hair I love your rosy lips and your dimpled dernere I know that you'll grow up to be such a perfect lady because your such a perfect baby.
Baby Boy Bully
LETS GET ĂβŃ ĎĂ βŐŚŚ CLOSER TO GODFATHER IF WE CAN HE IS ALWAYS DOING FOR OTHERS AND IT IS HIS TIME NOW TO SHINE ĂβŃ ĎĂ βŐŚŚ OWNER OF 1-800-U-WISH ÞîmÞ ºƒ †h€ Þu$$¥Çå† Þlå¥må†ès@ fubar ÞîmÞ BY $Ðj ßåßý ߺý$ƒûHûßßý †º Яåîñ{ Ð.$.Ç} º.G.ÞîmÞ ºƒ †h€ Þu$$¥Çå† Þlå¥må†ès@ fubar (
Baby Bunnies
my bunny has 7 babies yesterday. I am so happy!!!
Baby It's You--the Shirelles
Baby- Its You - The Shirelles
Baby Spencer's Youtube Debut !!!
Baby Hat
OK so here is the finished baby hat, well almost, Im debating weaving in a pink ribbon near the bottom since its for a girl. This is for my cousin, she is due in March, so I thought this would be a nice gift for Christmas, Im also goin to make some baby booties, probibly knit those, this was crocheted.
Baby Booties
Ok so I have finished another project and here they are, they are goin to go with the baby hat.
Baby You Dont Have To Wait
Baby This Is My Song For You! I Love You!!!!
Babyjesus Mumm??????
Ok so I know I'm not crazy but who knows maybe I am lol. I know i seen and i know i voted on this mumm. Babyjesus put a mumm in basically trashing BBW's and I thought it was so wrong of him as a owner of this site and businessman. Did anyone else see it. I think he deleted because I know I commented on it telling him that wasn't good business. Just curious and making sure I'm not losing my mind, the little I have left lol
Babysitter 2
I have come to know my babysitter very well it seems. Sometimes so much that I can relate with her. But sometimes I dont even know what she was thinking. Just tonight she was telling me about two weeks ago when her friend had called her from a bar and was too drunk to go home so she wanted to crash at my sitters place. The sitter said that it was ok, since her kids were sleeping harm in bringing a friend over and such. Anyhows, the friend came over but she was not alone. She brought two guys she met at the bar with her. And the babysitter still let her friend come in, even with strangers in her home. (HMMMMMMM, kind of strange about that but to her it was okay.) Anyhow, the guys did not want to go to sleep at this home...they wanted to get "busy" with the friend and my babysitter had witnessed them try to attempt to do something and she did not approve so then she told all three of them to just leave or she was calling the cops. At this point, one of the guys pushe
Baby, Listen To My Heart!
Each day I listen to my heart Mapping a path for our possible love start My head speaks and so does my heart Feelings of mine for you wish not to depart With millions of gadgets Spread across the planet None of them can measure the way My heart feels about you each day Baby, Listen to my heart! Will you be my sweetheart? Baby, Listen to my heart! Our heartbeats shouldn’t be beating apart Heart to heart We can build us bridges of love Heart to heart We can sing our songs of love Heart to heart We can trust in this thing called love Each day I listen to my heart My heart has constantly infinitely spoken Each time it beats for you a work of art Only you can heal parts that are broken Baby, Listen to my heart! Will you be my sweetheart? Listen to its instant drumming Glisten to its constant humming Baby, Listen to my heart! Our heartbeats shouldn’t be beating apart
Baby Blanket I Made For My Cousin
My cousin is due in late Feb. Made this for her baby shower at the end of this month.
Baby's Blue
Once upon a hot summer afternoon, when the cycle of life was in full bloom, pain with a purpose gripped me. For hours it filled my body, relentless and increasing. Mere minutes of merciful ease were all that Nature allowed. I walked through it. My breath drew in power and expelled poison. Symbiotic in the most basic sense, we gave each other life. You were born blue. The literal physical connection between us, the umbilical cord, was wrapped around your neck. Nature declared in a clarion tone that a different connection had to be established - the one that She had forged was now a detriment. And so we parted in order to come together. Silky brown hair, trusting dark eyes and a voice that sounded like joy guided me in innocence. To preserve that trust I would have shielded you from any evil. I feared nothing, if my bravery could save you pain. But the moments of scarring seem to be dealt with the hands that should hold you close and smooth that silky hair away from those beautiful soul
Baby Update
As of yesterday I'm already dilating 1 - 2 centimeters and 505 effaced which means I can go into active labor at any given time. I'm only 33 weeks so doc is trying to hold me off for at least 3 more weeks. My sugar levels, blood pressure and weight gain are high right now. My sugar levels keep inching their way to the 200 mark after every meal and it's not suppose to be over 140 after eating. I'm not eating much at all yet I've managed to gain 10 pounds in 2 weeks so they think baby is already 10 pounds now if not then he's very close to it!!!! Nurse can feel baby's head already so I can go into labor at any given second. I'm on mandatory bed rest now and not allowed to do anything at all for at least 3 weeks. Since I'm Co-Owner of dolphin and unicorn lounge I won't be able to be online much at all so if you're interested in becoming a staff member of the lounge (please please please do!!!!!) contact the owner proudnavywife (Jen) ASAP we really really need all the room h
Baby Boo - 41k To Rock Star
Baby Juggalo Funeral Zomg!
WTF? Never seen such a thing..this is long..but almost worth watching..If you dislike Juggalo's now..give this a watch..
Baby Girl
You are more than just a sweet sexy body to me, Ya, I know you dont like to hear, but let me make it clear, Your smooth, your sweet, no no no, I'm not refering to something to eat, Your mind, your soul, it takes such a hard toll.... Yes its true, I think about you through and through. Your voice, your hair, your skin, your flair, Yes, your make-up too, even wiping it off my face is something I love to do. With or without, you are beautiful through out!! So sweet to see, my dreams about you and me, I know its you, I know its me, its something I hope you also see, Through the day and the night, your facing me, up close, up tight... Your eyes on me, mine on you, so deep you see, but not right through. Oh, lets go back, to that sweet sexy body that I think is all that, Yes, its true, even if not in your eyes of you. A pricess, a queen, so pristine and loved to be seen. I want to feel you inside and out, see you all throughout. Dont know what else to say or to do, Only thi
Just found out Im having a baby boy......! 20 weeks along!
Baby Dialed 911
An 11-month-old baby accidentally dialed 911 in British Columbia and when the Mounties came to investigate they found marijuana plants grown by the dad. This incident occurred in White Rock, British Columbia. The baby playing with the phone dialed 911 and the Mounties rushed in to investigate. After several knocks on the door, when no one responded from inside the home, the Mounties entered only to find marijuana plants growing inside. The 29-year-old father was surprised to see the Mounties and told them that he didn’t call the 911. When the police said that his children might have dialed it, the man objected and said he is too young to use the phone. But when they looked around, they saw the baby with the phone in hand. We saw him playing with the cordless phone and just pressing all the buttons, so evidently he had called 911. The officers then inspected the residence and found a 500-plant marijuana operation inside the home. The father was arrested on
Baby Dolls Lounge( Come Read This Blog)
Baby Daddy
My oldest friend, an attractive lesbian with a Masters and a Doctorate, has asked me to be a surrogate father. I'm not averse to the idea. Though (sadly) it won't impact my celibacy rating, I tend to think it's the best of all possible worlds. Visitation without caretaking, no financial responsibility, the opportunity to dote on offspring, and someone to leave a legacy to, should I end up with none of my own. At this rate, it seems more and more likely that I won't be starting a family. Nor do I think I really want one. I'd have to drive 150 miles to visit, when I do, and I'm leaving a child in the hands of a good friend who I have much respect for. So, I'm currently weighing all the options here... if I _do_ marry at some point, how will my bride-to-be react to my fathering someone else's child? I'm sure there are other issues I'm not thinking of... Anyways, contracts and such are being investigated. If nothing else, it should be an adventure. I really wouldn't mind input on this i
Baby Making Cunt
Obviously everyone has heard a story about a baby making cunt, which is a single mother and got turkey bastered in order to get 8 cunt runts in addition to 6 she already had. I sure hope the doctor will rot in jail for the rest of his life. But...there is something else... When you think about a person with 32409584 kids, you think of a homely fat bitch that thinks having a ton of kids will make her more respectable. This one, however, is all of the above, but had a ton of plastic surgery done to her face. Where the fuck did she get the $$$ to get her nose, her lips, and probably something else done?? So that was her priority? I just hope the kids are taken away, and she hops back into the loony bin she worked at.
Baby Was Born Tuesday
Feb 10, 2009 @ 1:44pm Ronald "Ronnie" Lee was born weighing in at 8 lbs 2 oz; 20 inches long. He has a major set of lungs on him and he instantly showed off his "manhood" on the doc when he was born. We are all home now and trying to adjust to the new addition in the family. We are doing well just trying to get caught up on much needed sleep. Not sure how much I'll be online the next couple of days as the every 3 hour feedings are taking a toll on daddy and I. Take care everyone and I'll keep ya posted. P.s. Ronnie is bigger than his Jr was when he was
Baby Elephant Trunk Dick Joke
A Baby Elephant's Trunk This couple are out having a romantic meal for the first time together.Suddenly something from the man's side whips from under the table, steals a bread roll and dissappears back under the table. The guy doesn't blink aneyelid and the woman can't tell whether it really happened. She says nothing. Well, damn, the same thing happens again. The woman checks the guy out andsure he makes out like nothing happened so she holds it in. A little timepasses. The, hell, it happens a third time and the woman can no longer holdit in and she speaks up demanding to know what's going on. The man explains."Look, I was in an accident in India.. I lost my ..penis.. thesurgeons transplanted a baby elephant's trunk in it's place and, well, I'vegrown to accept it and hell, It's embarrassing but that's it". "No, no.."the woman says "that's absolutely incredible. And you mean the trunk keepsstealing the bread rolls like an elephant. WOW. Look that's so amazingwould you mind d
Babygurl's Dog, Bandit...
Bandit was diagnosed with cancer on Friday Feb 13th... there is a link to the bulletin I posted below.
Baby Name Book - In Progress
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Baby Blood Rain & Carni
Baby Blood Rain ( BBR ): I have been asked to Interview Carni about his First CD, Well I guess my first question would be, What inspired you to do this CD? Carni ( C ): Well, I have always wanted to make a CD to express myself and I have had alot of insepirations. BBR: Care to name a few? or is that personal *winks* C: Hm, lets see. There is Twiztid, tech n9ne, Boondox, Devildriver ... just to name a few. BBR: I see. Well, What kind of reaction are you hoping to see with your work? C: I would love to be driving down the street and hear someone bumping to "Lets Play" in the car. I know that not everyone is going to like this and thats fine with me. I'd like them to listen to the lyrics and not just the beat. BBR: Yes, Lots of people prefer to listen to the beat instead of the Lyrics. Do you think its an insult to the artist for fans/listeners to only like the beat? C: Well, thats so/so because you have to give credit to the people who made the beat, but the lyrics
Baby Did You Forget To Take Your Meds?
totally wanted to introduce yall to this band omg they so rawk.. whadda ya think???
Baby Christopher Service Tonight
In Loving Memory ofBaby ChristopherRest In PeaceOur Sweet AngelWe Now Come Together To SayGoodbye To A Dear Sweet Angel Who Was Taken Far Too Soon.Little did we knew that day, that God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, and with your passing... we do the same.We Love You, Our Dear Little AngelWe ask that you join usThursday, February 26thAt 6:45 pm FuTime (9:45 pm EST)For a Memorial ServiceThis will be a time to share,and a time to heal.As we say goodbyeTo a dear sweet soul Who is all dearly lovedWe Love You Baby ChristopherPlease stop by and show your lo
Baby Love--the Supremes
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Baby I Need Your Lovin'--the Four Tops
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Baby Come Back--player
Baby I Love Your Way--peter Frampton
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Baby Black Escorts Los Angeles
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Baby Boomers Dating
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Baby Doll Lesbian Orgies
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Baby Gay Anal Sex Toys
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Baby Gay Toys
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Baby Oil Lesbian
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Baby Oil Lesbians
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Babylon 5 Lesbian Fan Fiction
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Babylon Gay
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Babysitter Lesbian
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Baby's By Brandon Lange
Baby's are a gift sent by god from up above Baby's Are a special Innocent kind of love Baby's are magnificent each one special In theyr own way Able to Brighten the cloudIest day Bab's are soft and warm to hold Baby's are a treasure to young and to old Baby's are Flawless In every way Baby's are perfect what can I say
Baby Love--the Supremes
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Baby Come Close--smokey Robinson
Baby We're Invincible Lyrics
I see you I'm waiting to make my move But i'm scared And I know that you got Better things to do I'll touch your hand And i'm wearing my heart on my sleeve It's cliche I know But baby it's the price we pay To get the things we've wanted To get the things we've left behind It's what you've wanted What you needed What you've always dreamt about Don't take another step And don't breathe another breath I'm trusting you And i'm taking the long way home I'm leaving It's not because of you Will you just hold me tight And never let me? I know this whole things wrong But baby, we're invincible If I could take these words And fill them up with air I'd fly you to the stars So we can disappear If I could take your heart And keep it close to me I swear it will not break I swear it will not bleed And I Believe Just anything you say If you would tell me to get lost I'd ask "how far away?" And now its getting late And i can't keep my eyes open My hearts open
Baby I'm Yours
Baby Dream
Baby dream I close my eyes and try to rest, being here without you again, another endless night, I feel like I'm slowly loosing my mind, I miss you so much. Another night without you here, I close my eyes and take a breath and will myself to sleep because your with me in my dreams. I think about you all the time and spend my days with you in my heart but when I go to sleep each night, that's when all the miles disappear and I'm finally able to rest. In my dreams I can feel your arms, feel your lips on my cheek and your hand reaching for mine, as our fingers link together perfectly I finally feel complete. Another night without you here, I close my eyes and take a breath and will myself to sleep because your with me in my dreams. Which each day that passes I feel a little older and feel the wear of strain on my soul but everything else falls away when I'm dreaming of you each night. The world and everyone in it all disappear when its just yo
Baby Girl Your Mom Misses U So Much
Baby's Death Ruled Homicide--christopher Joy Jr.
Baby's Death Ruled Homicide; Family Holds Memorial Posted: 2:10 pm EDT March 17, 2009Updated: 12:00 am EDT March 18, 2009 On the heels of news that a Jefferson County baby's death has been ruled a homicide, the victim's family held a memorial service for him. Family members gathered at a home in Wellsville Tuesday night to say goodbye to 18-month-old Christopher Joy Jr. of Richmond. While family members told NEWS9 they don't understand the child's death, they reflected on happy memories of his short 18 months. Autopsy results have determined a Jefferson County baby died of blunt force trauma, investigators said. Homicide charges are pending against Joseph Kyle Moran, 25, of Richmond, Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said. Moran was dating the baby's mother and was alone with the baby at the time of death, police said. When emergency crews arrived at a Richmond home early Monday, they said the 18-month-old was dead, his body covered in bruises. Abdalla said
Baby Name Book Complete!
Some details: wing - plastic canvas, flowers - buttons, stripes - ricrack tail - white pom poms "seaweed" - trim
Baby Left In Car Overnight In Texas Found Dead
"A 7-month-old boy left overnight inside the family car in North Texas was found dead on Wednesday morning, Cedar Hill police said. Laheather Wilson, 35, told police she went outside before 6 a.m. Wednesday and found her son unresponsive. Wilson was charged with injury to a child and was being held at the Dallas County Jail Wednesday night...." Source: How the hell does this happen in this day and age???
Baby I Want You!
Let me feel the wonder of all of you, baby take me high up on the hill side, high up were the stallion meets the sun. I could love you , build my world around you, never leave you till my life is done. Baby i want you!
Baby Bird - A Poem I Wrote
I was a baby bird when I learned how to fly.Would I fly low or would I fly high?Would I fly far or would I stay close, to the other baby birds I flew with the most?Will I grow strong or will I die weak, like the other baby birds found dead in the street?Will I die slow or will I die fast?Will I die first or will I die last?Will I eat well or will I eat crumbs?Will I live well or live in the slumbs?Will the other birds choose me as the leader of the pack, Because I have the strength that the other birds lack?If they choose me to be the leader of the flock, Will they follow me for more than a block?If I leave and never come back, When I'm gone who'll pick up the slack?Who'll be the next bird to take up the lead & guide the flock that I use to feed?Who'll be the next bird to spread his wings & take his place as the baby bird king?I was a baby bird when I learned how to fly, Would I fly low or would I fly high?Would I fly far, or would I stay close, to the other baby birds I flew with the
Baby Growth
Our first three babies, all girls, each weighed about seven pounds at birth. When our fourth arrived, he was much larger. After delivery, the medical team began testing and measuring my new son. The last reading came from a nurse, who seemed impressed as she read, "Weight, nine pounds, eight ounces." My husband, a CPA in corporate finance who'd been quiet up to this point, could contain himself no longer. "How about that!" my husband exclaimed happily. "It's 36.5% more baby!"
Baby Idol Contest
Hi everyone I have a thing going on with my daughter with an area radio station which is Q 97.9 and the website is You have to go under the baby idol part and vote for number 0056 that is the number for my daughter and you can vote for her as much as you want.
Baby Momma Drama
   I recently discovered a blog on my ex wifes profile  calling me a dead beat father and accusing me of stopping child support payments, and moving 3 hours away. Well lets start with the first accusation.  I am not a dead beat father.....when the custodial parent prevents the other parent from seeing and or even talking their children even though attempts are made over the months that is not being a dead beat father. My child support payments only stopped when i changed jobs and then it was only long enough for dhs to update their system as i called them and gave them all the pertinent information.  2nd part of the accusation.....i did not move 3 hrs was only 2 and as far as her saying that i expect her to bring them to me and pick them up? I didnt expect it but when my lawyer is done that may very well happen as she put in the modified divorce decree that she would drop off and pick up the children and had it filed in court, and has she done that? The answer my friends is n
Baby Dies; Pacifier Taped To His Mouth
  WTF? WHY? Why would someone do something like this? WYFF4 news story Why would someone treat an infant like this? Comments - please! Rock on! Durham  
A baby to hold and to love, a creature so tiny, so fresh and so new. There's nothing more important or special that two loving people could ever do. Who will the baby look like will it be a he or a she. Part of him, part of her, a creation that is meant to be. All we could ever want for our baby is very simple and very plain It's to be happy and content in life and know our love will never wane.
Baby Names
here the the 7 baby names that i like... let me know witch one yall like. jamie madrox michael monoxide toshiro michael pandora michelle kassandra nicole rayne destini faith jessika nicole marie
Babyj Kicked Me In The Balls
So...maybe 3 people will understand this... But this is me VENTING.... Awesome mood today. After 2 years, one back operation, i golfed for the first time today. :D I sign on to this...   TRUST ME. For Cubby, this is bad. :( Thanks Fubar
Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing
baby did a bad bad thing baby did a bad bad thing u ever love sumone so much u thought ur little heart waz gonna break in two? i didnt think so u ever tried wit all ur heart & soul to git ur lover back to u? i want to hope so u ever pray wit all ur heart & souljust to watch her walk away? baby did a bad bad thing baby did a bad bad thing feel like cryin feel like cryin u ever toss & turn ur layin awake & thinkin bout the 1 u love? i dont think so u ever close ur eyez ur makin believe ur holdin the 1 ur dreamin of? well if u say so it hurts so bad when u finally know just how low, low, low, low, low she'll go baby did a bad bad thing baby did a bad bad thing feel like cryin feel like cryin
Baby By Ashanti
I've got this jones formin in my bones from a man who indeed took over my soul understand I couldn't breathe if he ever said he would leave get on my knees til they bloody red beggin please see I don't know if you get it yet just don't know he's like a lighter to my cigarette watch me smoke I never knew another human life didn' t know could have the power to take over mine so baby Baby baby baby baby baby baby I love you baby baby baby baby baby I love it when I hear your name got me sayin baby baby baby baby baby baby I love you baby baby baby baby baby See I can never feel alone with you in my life I'll give up everything I own for you won't think twice almost ashamed how I'm mesmerised such a shame I lose my thought lookin in your eyes I know why because your kisses make my lips quiver and that's real and when you touch me my whole body shivers I can feel now I can see how another life another life could have the power to take over mine cause you're my Baby baby baby baby baby baby
Baby 1 More Time By Britney Spears
Oh baby, babyHow was I supposed to knowThat something wasn’t right hereOh baby, babyI shouldn’t have let you goAnd now you’re out of sight, yeahShow me how want it to beTell me baby ’cause I need to know now, oh becauseChorus:My loneliness is killing meI must confess I still believeWhen I’m not with you I lose my mindGive me a signHit me baby one more timeOh baby, babyThe reason I breathe is youBoy you got me blindedOh pretty babyThere’s nothing that I wouldn’t doIt’s not the way I planned itShow me how you want it to beTell me baby ’cause I need to know now, oh becauseChorus:My loneliness is killing meI must confess I still believeWhen I’m not with you I lose my mindGive me a signHit me baby one more timeOh baby, baby how was I supposed to knowOh pretty baby, I shouldn’t have let you goI must confess, that my loneliness is killing me nowDon’t you know I still believeThat you will be hereAnd give me a signHit me ba
Baby Baby...
Baby, babyBaby don't leave meOoh, please don't leave meAll by myselfI've got this yearning, burningYearning feelin' inside meOoh, deep inside meAnd it hurts so badYou came into my heartSo tenderlyWith a burning loveThat stings like a beeNow that I surrenderSo helplesslyYou now wanna leaveOoh, you wanna leave meOoh, baby, babyWhere did our love go?Ooh, don't you want meDon't you want me no moreOoh, babyBaby, babyWhere did our love goAnd all your promissesOf a love forever moreI've got this yearning, burningYearning feelin' inside meOoh, deep inside meAnd it hurts so badBefore you won my heartYou were a perfect guyBut now that you got meYou wanna leave me behindBaby, baby, ooh babyBaby, baby don't leave meOoh, please don't leave meAll by myselfOoh, baby, babyWhere did our love go?
The Baby Dolls Etiquette...
~~THE Baby Dolls Etiquette~~   1. All "THE Baby Dolls" members/prospects MUST have a verified salute. 2. All " THE Baby Doll Members" must be female. Once we get the group established we will be adding males to the group. Read "THE Baby Dolls Etiquette" and if you agree to the terms, comment in the comment box with "Agree" you will be placed in the voting folder. 3. Mark aka Slut OR "THE Baby Dolls" homepage must be added to your Family or Friends top 7 list. 4. All " THE Baby Doll Members" will be assigned a team leader who we recommend be placed in your top friends for communication purposes, however, this is not a requirement. 5. You must add "Potential Baby Dolls" to your name while awaiting results of the weekly voting. Voting will occur Friday - Sunday. If you are voted in,your name should be changed to "  THE Baby Doll Members". You may not be part of any other "All Girl" group. (You will be notified via email if your membership has been approved or not.) 6. All "THE Ba
(baby).....listen To My Heart!
  Each day I listen to my heartMapping a path for our possible love startMy head speaks and so does my heartFeelings of mine for you wish not to departWith millions of gadgetsSpread across the planetNone of them can measure the wayMy heart feels about you each dayBaby, Listen to my heart! Will you be my sweetheart? Baby, Listen to my heart! Our heartbeats shouldn’t be beating apartHeart to heart We can build us bridges of loveHeart to heartWe can sing our songs of loveHeart to heartWe can trust in this thing called loveEach day I listen to my heartMy heart has constantly infinitely spokenEach time it beats for you a work of artOnly you can heal parts that are brokenBaby, Listen to my heart! Will you be my sweetheart? Listen to its instant drummingGlisten to its constant hummingBaby, Listen to my heart! Our heartbeats shouldn’t be beating apart
Baby Mama Drama
Why do fucking stupid skanks (Jessica) like to fuck with my man. The god damn fucking baby mama drama from her skank ass needs to stop. All she is doing is getting herself into trouble because of the fact that she writes things that can be used against her like the fact that lil Robert has tried to choke lil Khalyn. One day she says My baby (Adam) can come see the kids, but when he calls to set a day up her shitty ass step-dad get on the phone & says Adam has to go though the courts to see the kids & she listens to him.Then she waits # months before trying to put a injuction for protection on herself & the kids (which did not work). The courts drop that cuz she waited to long (HAHA skank). In the injuction she tried to say the Adam ruined some of her belongings, but she does not realize that I was the one who helped Adam go through the things that she ruined. There were 7 bags of clothes & dale earnhardt things & only 4 or 5 were able to be kept. The main fucked up thing is that she is
Baby Hyena In Truck
Baby Kicked Out Of Burger King
The baby can't even walk yet, but she's already been kicked out of a fast food restaurant for not wearing shoes. "No shoes, no shirt, no service!" That's what the mother of 6-month-old Kaylin Frederich was told by the manager of her local St. Louis, Missouri, Burger King when she tried to order a Whopper. Local FOX affiliate KTVI reports that Kaylin, her mom, Jennifer, and Jennifer's mother were booted from the restaurant due to "health concerns." The infant, Jennifer says, is too young to even crawl, and her feet are too small for shoes. "Everybody loves baby feet!" she said. She says when she was standing at the counter ordering, the manager told her, "You can order 'to go' but you're going to have to leave if she doesn't have shoes on.' He said, 'It's against health code.'" Jennifer said she was with her church youth group on their way to a concert. Her mother went into the establishment first; then she followed with the rest of the group. "The guy was still saying, 'That lady
Baby Gifts
Baby Gifts
Baby Dolls First Live Auction Aug. 26th!
Baby Dolls Is Having Its Very First Live Auction Click Pic To Pm Dj Sunshine With Your Offers Oh Yea
Baby Don't Cry (keep Ya Head Up Ii) Lyrics
[2Pac]I feel you {uhh} .. (baby don't)but you can't, you can't give up{Hey.. 2Pac what?}[2Pac + H.E.A.T.]Baby don't cry, I hope you got your head up {Outlawz}Even when the road is hard, never give upBaby don't cry, I hope you got your head upEven when the road is hard, never give up {Keep ya head up}[2Pac]Now here's a story bout a woman with dreamsSo picture perfect at thirteen, an ebony queenBeneath the surface it was more than just a crooked smileNobody knew about her secret so it took a whileI could see a tear fall slow down her black cheekSheddin quiet tears in the back seat; so when she asked me, "What would you do if it was you?"Couldn't answer such a horrible pain to live throughI tried to trade places in the tragedyI couldn't picture three crazed niggaz grabbin meFor just a moment I was trapped in the pain, Lord come and take meFour niggaz violated, they chased and they raped meEven though it wasn't me, I could feel the griefThinkin with your brains blown that would make the pa
Baby Momma!
FREEZIES BABY MOMMAS! ok SO i thought this would be interesting to do lol WHo wants to Be My Baby Momma?? - there can be more then 1 lol not just any1 can b my baby momma - it requires a salute to me :D in return when i bomb - u have more of a chance at me bombing u then others - bling and so forth (hence child support lmao) So what it is? Who wants to be a Freezie Pop Baby Momma? u may also put it in Your name if u want :P lmao MY BABY MOMMAS! 1. RONPOWERS 2.  
Baby Gifts
baby gifts
Baby / Child   As an object in dreams, a baby or child represents something that requires great care and attention. The meaning is at issue regarding whether it is your original responsibility or one that has been passed off on you by someone else. These dreams may also have wish-fulfillment content for women who are in their childbearing years. For men, the dreams may be anxiety-related, especially if you are sexually active without wanting to experience the consequences of fathering a child.
Babydolls Dj Goofy
Baby Has Her Pussy Turned On
Her  bottom bucked and writhedAs I slid my hot tongue insideHer pussy that tasted just so fine;A pussy I knew was totally mine.How she moaned, and how she screamed;And begged me for my special cream.But I licked; and sucked; and bit;And pinched her two gorgeous tits.As her body screamed and beggedFor me to enter with my special leg;I lubed her tiny, pretty ass,And with my finger fucked the lass.My finger went in so darn deep;I thought that lass was sure to weep,But she wiggled and she screamedStill begging for my special cream.So I sucked and licked her precious clit,And squeezed the nipples on her tits;Felt her body buck and writhe,And to me it was no surprise...When to cum she begged and begged;Begged and pleaded for my special leg.I employed my tongue to fuck her hole;Thought she'd pass out as I poked and probed. When no more the lass could stand,I took my   cock in my hand;As her eyes grew wide and large,I made her watch as I massaged.And when my cock had swelled to size,I placed i
Baby Shoes
baby shoes
Baby, Take My Hand, We'll Be All Right
“What’s to be done?  I have inherited this burden of superstition and nonsense.  I govern innumerable men but must acknowledge that I am governed by birds and thunderclaps.” I was listening to Pat Benatar sing “Shadows of the Night” on my way to the office this morning and yesterday I finished Thornton Wilder’s 1948 novel about Julius Caesar, “The Ides of March”.  If I had the pull to put a book on Barack Obama’s reading list, I’d recommend this epistolary novel – that’s a ten-dollar term for a story told through letters written by characters in the story – because the first century B.C. Roman Republic wasn’t as different from twenty-first century America as William Shakespeare’s play, formally titled “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” would have us believe.  (Why is the play named after him when he’s killed in the middle, anyway?)  Told as others saw Julius Caesar as well as how he
I can't believe that girls can have like baby fatories did you know that? Ladies, do u know u can have a baby?  Yeah... i'll sho you later... yeah, it's really fun.... but... i love that you can't make one without us (men) though.... we have the "seceret incredient"... i love that... it's almost like G-d made us and said, "eh.... not so good... i'm going to have to give them a job or something cuz... no one's ever going to talk to them... i'll let them hold the "secert ingredient"....."   Unlike any other seceret ingridient... we'll just give it to ANYONE that asks!    any girl could walk up to a guy and be like "hey, can i have ur seceret ingredient?" . . . and a guy would be like, "SURE!.... should i put it on ur face?"
Baby Dancing To Beyonce Original!!!!!!
Baby Coupons
Hi. I am Prabhakar. I have few friends. One of my friends came up with a question regarding free baby coupons. I said, I have my own experience on using them. I came to know about them  and its features through internet. I explained my friends that more information about free baby coupons is available on the internet.
Baby Names
In lieu of a baby names mumm...   When I was born, I didnt have a name for a month. Because my parents were so indecisive, it took them forever to pick something. And after all this hassle, they gave me a most generic Russian name you can ever come across: Natasha (Natalia).   I once asked my mom why they didnt plan ahead, and she said that what if I was born dead or somethin. I asked her how come it took them so long to name me, and she said that they didnt wanna give me a pretty name, in case I was ugly; cause that wouldnt have matched.   So I guess if one day I have a kid (poor thing), I can just wait til it stops lookin like a bullfrog to give it a name.
Baby Blog 2
Went to my doc appoint and the baby is doing good. The baby is 3.56 cm long so far and i'm 10 weeks today. My do date is May 18th and my sister is supposed to throw me a baby shower. I can't wait til we can see if the baby is boy or girl. On my ultrasound the baby looks like a peanut ^__^ so awesome they have the technolegy to see the baby before it's born. Any way off to the game I usually play. Oh and my next doc appointment is November 18th. Lots of love to all my friends. Trista ^__^
Baby Shower Invitations
baby shower invitations
To my soul mate,     Somehow, out of all the twist and turns our lives could have taken, and out of all the chances we might have missed, it almost seems like we were given a meant-to-be-moment to meet, to get to know each other, and to set the stage for a special togetherness.     When I am with you, I know that I am in the presence of someone who makes my life more complete than I ever dreamed it could be. I turn to you for trust, and you give it openly. I look to you for inspiration, for answers and for encouragement, and not only do you never let me down, you lift my spirit up and take my thoughts to places where my troubles seem so much further away and my joys feel like they're going to stay in my life forever.     I hope you'll stay forever, too. I feel like you're my soul mate and I want you to know that my world is reassured by you, and my tomorrows need to have you near, so many of my smiles depend on you, and my heart is so thankful that you're here. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH P
Baby Battle (c'mon People Help A Mommy Out) :)
Our sweet little angel Gabriella D. is in STAGE 2 (woohoo) of the baby battle contest! We could use some votes! Voting is easy, go to the link below to voting gallery G-Jo (make sure it says Gabriella D.) and click for her! You have to enter your email then register (takes a minute and they don't send unwanted emails) Thanks for your support and as you vote let me know so I can show ya some lovers! ♥ Thanks!
Baby's Daddy
To many people are claiming to be my child's father, can you help me find the true one.... I thought Witchie was it... Dammit she came at me with a turkey baster, had me all tied up and everything... HELP WIcked and her fetus
Baby Your Baby
All you know-it-all loversBetter heed some adviceIf you're bad to your babyYou better think twiceLove don't come easy, love ain't blind.You've got to show her you love herMornin' and nightBe there for her just to make things rightMake her believe Till there ain't a doubt in her mind.Better baby your babyWith a love that's strongHold her and tell her You'll never do wrongBetter baby your baby'Cause if you don'tOne day your baby'll be goneDon't let her get lonely Don't make her cryDon't take her for grantedDon't tell her a lieBring her red rosesWhen she's blueGive her the best of What you've got to giveYou'll be togetherAs long as you liveBetter baby your babyAnd she'll baby youBetter baby your babyWith a love that's strongHold her and tell her You'll never do wrongBetter baby your baby'Cause if you don'tOne day your baby'll be goneBetter baby your babyWith a love that's strongHold her and tell her You'll never do wrongBetter baby your baby'Cause if you don'tOne day your baby'll be gone
Baby Names
We just found out we are having our first baby together and are so excited:) we could use a lil help coming up with some names both boy and girl names. Thanks for any thoughts on names.
Baby Talk
What your baby would tell you if he could talk: 1. I have my blankie, you have your caffeine. Enough said. 2. Don't be jealous, but I think I'm in love with the ceiling fan. 3. I know where the remote control is, but it'll cost you. 4. To you, it's just an empty egg carton; to me it's PlayStation 2. 5. Actually, I don't mind sitting in a bathtub that I've peed in. 6. Bang a screwdriver slowly and steadily into your gums. That's what teething feels like. 7. Two words I'd rather not hear from you: rectal thermometer. 8. There's no point in teaching me to say "mama" or "dada." My first word is going to be "hat." 9. I've told you five times what cow says. If you can't remember, I'm not telling you again. 10. There is no question that I can cry longer than you can listen. 11. I'm not just wildly throwing my food. I'm exploring the laws of gravity, estimating mass, and testing wind velocity. 12. If you wanted a good sleeper, you should have gotten a cat. 13. Who that baby in the mirror you k
Baby Wolf's New Bulletin#1
Baby Blue-george Strait
  This song was sung to me by the very first person that ever made me feel beautiful, despite my weight.  Thank you "Fat Billy" for making me love myself.
Baby, Don't Say No! --comment And Rate-------
After 3 bottles of great wineAnd looking at you in that dressAfter smelling your sexy perfumeAnd touching your smooth skinAfter sensuous embraces and kissesPulling up your dress and playingAfter licking and biting your neckAnd you slowly unzipping my jeansReaching inside and getting me hardAfter sliding your warm pussy against meAnd driving me out of my mindBy putting me half way in and sighingThen letting me go in a little deeperAfter pulling back teasingSaying you're not sure you're readyThen tracing my cock with your lipsWhile your tongue circles the shaftAfter pushing your legs apartPutting my hands on your hipsHolding you down, sucking your nipplesI know what you're thinkingWe're so ready we can't stand itA little voice is telling meYou're such a practical jokerI never know what to expectOpening your pussy so I can see itPleading with me to do you hardSpreading your legs even widerI'm gonna give it to you goodSo, I don't want to hear itThis is not the time to be jokingBaby, don't
Babylon's Embrace
I believe in one secret and eneffible LordAnd in one room where all men are bornAnd in one air the nourisher of all that breathesAnd holds the key to the secrets of the high degreeThe serpent and the lion the candles burn brightAs we recite the words to this sacred riteLet the water bare the virtue of the great seaAs meat and drink are transmuted in us dailyIn the company of stars I sitFor the fire is creation and creation is the start of itRessurection through death the eternal cycleThree Aeons, the real story of the Holy BibleSo mode it be to the prophet so secretThis is a puzzle rearranged into many piecesWe're nothing more than compiled particles of dustSo let the Father be present among usBehold the great work of the mysteriesI am a part of them they are a part of meChaos, Babylon's embraceRessurrected in the image of the alchemy of BaphometBehold the great work of the mysteriesI am a part of them they are a part of meChaos, Babylon's embraceRessurrected in the image of the alchem
Babylons Embrace
I believe in one secret and eneffible LordAnd in one room where all men are bornAnd in one air the nourisher of all that breathesAnd holds the key to the secrets of the high degreeThe serpent and the lion the candles burn brightAs we recite the words to this sacred riteLet the water bare the virtue of the great seaAs meat and drink are transmuted in us dailyIn the company of stars I sitFor the fire is creation and creation is the start of itRessurection through death the eternal cycleThree Aeons, the real story of the Holy BibleSo mode it be to the prophet so secretThis is a puzzle rearranged into many piecesWe're nothing more than compiled particles of dustSo let the Father be present among usBehold the great work of the mysteriesI am a part of them they are a part of meChaos, Babylon's embraceRessurrected in the image of the alchemy of BaphometBehold the great work of the mysteriesI am a part of them they are a part of meChaos, Babylon's embraceRessurrected in the image of the alchem
Baby, I Am Always Beside You!!
If you ever get lost, I’ll be there to shine my lightYou’ll see I will always there by your sideLighting your darkness, helping you see what's rightAnd lift your head up high, get back your strideIf you find yourself walking down a lonely roadWondering endlessly with despair in your eyesI’ll be there to shine my light, to take the loadOff your heavy heart, I’ll left you up, help you riseWhen ever you feel you’re questioning the truthAnd the struggles cloud your feelings insideI’ll shine my light down and bring back our youthWhere there are no tears, when you never cried I’ll be here until the end of time just for youForever by your side to always shine my lightTo see you smile, to feel a love so strong so trueI’ll give my soul to help you make it through the night
The Baby Animal Test
You Are Wiley and Smart You're the type of person who can get out of any jam. You always have your wits about you. Other people find you to be a little dangerous! They know what you're capable of. You are always planning and scheming. You can't help it - your mind never stops going. You tend to outfox everyone standing in your way. You don't like to play dirty, but you will if you have to. The Baby Animal Test Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity
Baby Photos! Part 1
Baby Bash Ft. T Pain- Cyclone
-oh (O-oh) O-oh (O-oh) O-oh (O-oh) Swanananani (nanani, nanani, nanani) [Chorus] She moves her body like a cyclone And she makes me wanna do it all night long Going hard when they turn the spotlights on Because she moves her body like a cyclone Just like a cyclone She moves her body like a cyclone And she makes me wanna do it all night long Going hard when they turn the spotlights on Because she moves her body like a cyclone A mighty cyclone Now look at that peppa' On the back of that bumpa' She aint even playin When she's shakin that ruppa' And oh, you aint know? She gets lower than a muffla' Even with her girlfriends Show stopping with a hustla' The way she move her body She might see the Maserati She wanna put it on me Tryna show me her tsunami She make it hard to copy Always tight, never sloppy And got an entourage And her own paparazzi Now there she go again Ridin through the stormy weatha' You betta button up If you wanna go get her
Baby That Survived Botched Abortion Was Rejected For Cleft Lip And Palate
Here's one for you! A baby found alive nearly a day after a failed abortion in Italy had been rejected by his mother because he had a cleft lip and palate, according to reports.   The 22-week infant was found breathing a day after the operation. He died one day later in intensive care at a hospital in the mother's home town of Rossano, in southern Italy. The mother, pregnant for the first time, had opted for an abortion after prenatal scans revealed that the foetus had a cleft lip and palate, according to reports in the Italian media. The condition is treatable with surgery.  The baby - weighing just 11oz - survived the procedure, carried out on Saturday in the Rossano Calabro hospital, but was left by doctors to die. He was discovered alive the following day – some 20 hours after the operation – by Father Antonio Martello, the hospital chaplain, who had gone to pray beside his body. He found that the baby, wrapped in a sheet with his umbilical cord still attached, w
Baby Names
How are the names Moshe, and Avraham, for boys and Chana and Sarah for girls?
Baby Names
im having a discussion with a certain female mummer about weird names for humans when they are born....... is Brooklyn weird for a female???
The Baby Dragons Have Chili Pepper Dreams
Skeletor:   It is my destiny! It is my right! Nothing will deter me from it! Sorceress: Men who crave power look back over the mistakes of their lives. Pile them all together and call it destiny.   “Masters of the Universe” (movie, 1987)   The problem I have with believing in destiny – and I expect most of us do – is that it’s easy enough to be vague enough with prophecy and fortunetelling to be open to a variety of interpretations.  Like Phoenix (not the Jean Grey Phoenix, but her and the X-Men’s Cyclops alternate future daughter) once said to Cyclops in the comics when he said he’d heard she was from the future: “A future.  We won’t know if it’s ‘the’ future until we get there.”  We brought our daughter Sarah home from the hospital yesterday where she’d been with asthma and a mucus spot on her lung and I got introduced to her inhaler to be used every two hours when she’s awake and her brea
"babybit"at one time u were the bestnow your like the restjust a bad memoryanother bad dreamthat i wish i could forgeti lay awake at nightand wonder where it went wrongwhy did u lead me onfor so very long?all i ever here is our songis that your wayof making me payfor all of your sins?
babyjesus: Hey there! I'm Mike, the dude who runs this joint. The quickest place to learn more about fubar and have your questions answered is in the Help section. The Help link is right above this box in the navigation bar. Have fun and be can get addictive here! Don't forget to tip your bartenders!
Baby And Lover
It's about noon already. I'm standing outside with her while she takes a fifteen minute break at her work. It's just us out here, no one else at her job smokes and you can't see the back of the building from the road. She wraps her arms loosely around my shoulders in an embrace and kisses my neck. "So have you missed me this week, Lover?" she asks in a kitten like purr. She pulls back to look in my eyes while running her hands down my shoulders, cupping my breasts in her hands and squeezes them. My body reacts to her touch and I feel myself get damp. "You know I have, Baby." I reply. I gently push her against the brick wall and kiss those full lips before she can get her cigarette out of the pack. I run my tongue over her lips, tasting the vanilla lip balm she always wears. "You should come to the office tonight and let me show you how much I've missed you" I say moving my mouth over to her neck. "I've got an idea, Baby, how about I give you a sample of what you'll get
Baby On Way
well i am a dad to be  the mom amy my g/f is 20 weeks along and the baby has a strong heart beat  love u amy and baby cant wait to hold u and mommy in my arms
Baby Don't Cry....
Baby don't Cry... you had my heart, at least for the most part... 3rd or 4th week of being alone.. it's been great for i guess half of it.. Other times the lonelyness piles in and leaves me depressed to the point where you get that stinging sensation in your heart. so i've been listening to a lot of Avenged Sevenfold, obviously... a little piece of Heaven is the greatest song for my situation... i guess i'm really happy tha tim out fo my relationship, but since i have a 16 month old daughter who is the love of my life makes things tha tmuch more difficult.. I guess all i can do is just kep tryin to better myself, keep on smokin weed to fog out the thoughts of her, and try to replace my heart with peace instead of rage and anger. this blog probably makes no sense becaus eim not reading it over when i type but i dont give a fuck.. i usd to write poetry and shit all the time to help with my bipolar/depression.. but i havnt done this in years because i guess i was finally happy.. What t
Baby Doll Bones
i've seen the wreckage of crumbling faces.  smothered away in time.  plagued with lies fueled from jealous eyes.  take me away from here and scream with me.  a mercilous face in the mist; a ghost gone mad.  like a rain drop, i was born to fall...  slit my wrist to heard out the pain.  forgive that which brings pain.  remember the face that invades my dreams.  a creature made of sunshine with a soul darker than night.  she smells like a child with flowers in her hair, with blood on her hands.  who cares because the end is near.  there's blood on my face and on her hands; she is my child.  i've got my blue skin; i can do this!  the wisp of a butterflies wings brings tears to my face.  the sun and dirt on my face, she runs like the devil.  stillborn babies come with her so the dead can dream.  i met an angel with a sawed off shotgun, so the innocent can be judged, but who cares because the air is getting thin.  there's blood on this dress and there's no more room in my head for all of us.
Baby Dead After Mom Tosses Infant Into Washing Machine, Launches Spin Cycle: Cops
Read more:   Lyndsey Fiddler, 26, was high on drugs when she put her newborn daughter, Maggie May Trammel, in the washing machine along with the dirty laundry and started a washing cycle, NewsOn6 reports. An Oklahoma woman has been charged with felony child neglect after her 10-day-old baby was killed in a washing machine.  Lyndsey Fiddler, 26, was high on drugs when she put her newborn daughter, Maggie May Trammel, in the washing machine along with the dirty laundry and started a washing cycle, local station NewsOn6 reported. The baby’s great aunt, Rhonda Coshatt, was also in the house at the time and realized something was wrong when she saw Fiddler passed out and unresponsive on a chair with the child nowhere to be found. After hearing a clunking noise coming from the washer, she opened the lid and found t
Baby Un-fu-gettable
So, like, back in August, of, like, this year, me and. like. Cowboy had, like, a baby. No, like, seriously! We had a, like, baby!Baby-Fu-Gettable! Her name is Lydia and she is,like, now 3 1/2 months old. OMG. And she is cuh-uuuuuute! She's on my picture thingamajigger, if y'all want to peekaboosy. Soooooo, like, yeah, lemme know what you, like, think, kay?O.K. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Baby Making For Nerds
There once lived 2 computers that met on the net, the lived hapily spamming eachother over the years. One day they swaped coolant fluids n made beautiful hardware. They grew fast and constantly needed to be updated. They later grew up and tookover the net as their parents did n made beautiful malware which spread across the net. The parents grew out of date as their hardware soon grew to be full grown towers as they were. Soon they moved onto other sites n made more hardware n made many processors and became one big happy station.    That is all for this random thought of the week.
Baby Jacob Forever Even After Death. A Poem Written By Me!!
Flowers at bloom, birds in there nest. I looked at the time and knew it was time to rest, Laying in my hammock while the wind danced with my hair. I felt like I was in heaven,but realized I was already there. An angel approached me and took me by the hand, and asked me this question. "Are you ready to see your little man"? I shook my head yes with a smile on my face then we started walking with a graceful pace. All of a sudden I heard a small cry, when I looked up baby Jacob was dancing with a butterfly. He flew down to greet me and whispered in my ear, said that he loved me,but I wasn't suppose to be here. I gave him a big hug and said I loved him, and before I knew it he dissappeared. I know I have a job right here on earth to take care of my children before I go there.But when I do get there, I would know for a instant that I would be dancing with my baby like the wind dancing with my hair, singing beautiful songs like the birds in there nest and resting in my hammock
I swear in many ways you were taken from me to soon. I tried to protect you from the world, and now you will never have to see it, yet alone live it. Carolina, you were to world of my hope and happiness, and I wanted was to give you a better life then what you had. I wanted you to have it all, the happiness and the joy that you deserved. I loved you when you were still alive, and now that your gone that love is still alive. you are and always be my baby girl.
Baby Pool Fun With Hellyeah And Marcus Rafferty
The fat bald dude who does the belly flop is one of my closest friends and is a guitar tech for HellYeah and has toured with Korn, Pantara, FlyLeaf, Silent Civilian and learned to play guitar from the great DimeBag Darrell. This is some of the wild shit they do when they have down time between shows.   Headbangers Ball
Baby's Heartbeat
I got to hear my baby's heartbeat on Thursday, May 26, 2011 :D Scan till you get to 1:11 then start listening !
Baby Alijah
  I was talking to another long time Fubar member about times past here on Fubar and the subject of Baby Alijah came up. Some of you who were not members at the time may even remember the case since it was so high profile, and so horrific.  The mother Caren Kohberger (aka "I Love Sporks) and the father Travis Mullis (aka DJ Roc) were both members of Fubar at the time. The mother was a legend (red member).  I was just thinking what ever happened with the case and what if any sentence was handed down to the father so I did some digging around on google. I couldnt remember either of their fubar names nor their real names, but luckily for me Google understand stupid so I type in "texas baby thrown from car" and voila Baby Alijah was the first to come up in the hits. Some of you may remember this woman at first began passing out pictures like the one above but with ribbons on them acting as though she didnt know what happened to her child. So many people felt so badly for this piece of shi
Baby ~ Baby
Baby Seals Released After Rehabilitation
The Vancouver Aquarium released 10 rescued and rehabilitated harbour seals on Wednesday near Deep Cove. The seals – which had become stranded when they were pups – are just a fraction of the more than 80 seals that are cared for at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre in Vancouver. Although newborn harbour seals are the most common patients at the rescue centre – which is run by the aquarium – the centre has cared for elephant seals, sea otters, porpoises, sea turtles and killer whales. This year they have rescued 145 seals. While preparing to release the months-old seals, Dr. Martin Haulena, the staff veterinarian at the aquarium, juicy couture outlet told media that this was when all the hard-work done by staff finally pays off. "Releasing these guys is fun and going through that process of taking really, really sick, injured marine animals through that process is certainly a feel-good operation," said Haulena. Before releasing the seals, the staff has to ensure th
Baby Boomers Broke The Government?
source: (CNN) -- Could it be that the reason our government is broken is because of which generation is running things? Authors Morley Winograd and Michael Hais think so, insisting that the problem is that power is now firmly in the hands of self-righteous baby boomers who have spent their entire lives convinced that anyone who disagrees with them is morally inferior. Boomers won't negotiate anything, Winograd and Hais say, because they think every position they hold is rooted in something no less sacred than their values, and they're understandably reluctant to negotiate their values. Winograd, who worked as a policy adviser to former Vice President Al Gore, and Hais, an expert on polling and research, insist that the situation will get better when the generational torch is passed and younger people take over. In their new book, "Millennial Momentum," they explain how the millennial generation (
Baby It's Cold Outside
Baby It's Cold Outside
 This is my wife Annetherese and I singing "Baby It's Cold Outside. I only do one take most of the time. But my wife is a real perfectionist. So, we ended up doing several takes. And after a while I hardly knew what I was singing anymore.But we did have a lot of laughs doing this. And I gave her a big kiss on the last take. Anyway, it's a great duet for a couple to try.
Baby Boy
it was 2 yrs ago today that i said goodbye... 2 yrs ago today i had to let you go. i wish it didnt have to be this way, i miss you everyday. my baby boy, so soft and sweet no chance to see the world. my heart shattered when you drifted away inside your mother's womb. tho your not here with me today, you're always in my heart, and one day soon we'll never be apart. my love for you grows stronger everyday, my dear little boy. look down on me from up above and keep me strong today. i dont want to show the world how weak i really am. its just between us two, my love for you, my little boy. thinking of the plans for you and watching your future grow. shattered in just a matter of minutes, how could your father do this to you i wonder everyday. no chance for you to see the world, and me watch you as you grow. stay strong for me my baby boy and we'll be together soon.. i love you more each and every day my precious baby boy. R.I.P ~J.M.R~ momma will always love you
Baby Love
Baby Love Baby Love : (feat. [Nicole:] I Remember Like It Was Yesterday First Kiss And I Knew You Changed The Game You Had Me, Exactly, Where You Wanted And I'm On It, And I Aint Ever Gon Let You Get Away Holding Hands Never Made Me Feel This Way So Special, Boy Its Your.. Your Smile, We So In Love (Lalalalaaa) Yeeeah We So In Love (Lalalalalaaa) And I Just Can't Get Enough Of Your Lalala Lovee Yeeah We So In Love Love I Want You To Know... You Are My Baby Love My Baby Love You Make The Sun Come Up Ohh Boy (Ohh Boy) You're My Every Everything That I Could Ever Dream Of You Are My Baby Love My Baby Love You Make The Sun Come Up Ohh Boy (Ohh Boy) You're My Every Every Every Everything In A Minute Now We're Still Holding It Down Butterflies Everytime He Come Around You Make Me, So Crazy, Its Crazy, Ohh Baby I Don't Ever Wanna Be With No One Else You're The Only One That Ever Made Me Mad You're Special, Boy It's Your, Your Style We So In Love (Lalalalalaaa) Yeeeah We So In
Baby Boomers Interested In Better Health
Email my Sponsor Paula Coffey at ---------> Ask whatever health questions you would like She is a millionaire so she does not need to scam you, be without fear, in that she will help you achieve your health goals She loves to chat, make friends, and help others
Baby I Love Your Way
Baby I Love Your Way
Baby Girl News
This is a blog about my littlest girl Lorelai “Lora-lie’. She is three years old, born on February 14, LOVE DAY as she calls it. She is a beautiful, colorful; she has such determination for such a young girl, and she is very organized for a little person she must stick to a schedule and we or someone goes off of it….she just can’t handle it. She loves horses, cats, and dogs.  Anyone who has met her will never forget her she just has that type of personality that people don’t forget her! She is so out going, thoughtful of others, she is blonde haired, blue eyes, and the cutest smile you have ever seen.   In November 21, 2011 she was at her grandmothers’ house while her daddy and I were at work. When I went to pick her and her sister up her Nan told me she had not felt good all day. She didn’t get sick just high fever and acted tired all the time. They didn’t have thermometer. So I went to get to one from wal-mart. Came back and checked
Baby "g"
BABY "G" SOU 1 RADIO Tonight from 8pm to 10pm Playing nothing but old school music down and dirty night.  Come join me at We can Chat and also call in and speak to me. if you want to give a shout out that's ok to. again that's and you can call in @ 626-22-1448. Hope to see everyone there tonight.
Baby Boy Due In August!!!
As most of you know I will be having a little boy Due august 13th. I am in desperate need of baby boy stuff as im on bedrest for preterm labor and cannot work. Hes due in 3.5 months and I literally have NOTHING for him so far!  Ive had quite a few friends ask for my registry info and i cant remember who So im just posting it here!  If anyone would like to get anything for him id really appreciate it. Gift cards to babies r us will also work even if you can only contribute $5 or $10.. if a few people do it will add up to alot... Heres the link to the registry...®istryNumber=48241868
Baby You Send Me ...
Baby you send me ... Ever lasting love Always be my baby it's manner of time I be your dream lover I keep it real .. Ever lasting love Always be my baby it's manner of time I be your dream lover I keep it real... "I" in Love with you Baby you send me ... Ever lasting love.
Baby Pics...
I have posted new pics of my bff tashas baby girl arlie, cant believe is is almost 7 mo old now..cutting teeth and trying to walk. check em out
*baby Shower Lotto
(Materials- Calendar with large calendar month dates, highlighter pen, and normal pen).   Have the calendar of the month that the mother-to-be's baby is due at the front door for guests when they arrive. Each day is divided into two parts: am and pm for the guests to choose from in picking the date and general time the baby will be born. Make sure to have the due date highlighted. Guests can "buy in" to a lotto ticket for a certain day (am or pm) that they think the baby will be born. The guest who guesses closest wins a baby shower gift, of course given after the baby is born. The fun part of the game is that the lotto tickets can be purchased by using something other than money that is useful to the parents. Instruct guests beforehand that a lotto tickets may be purchased with a diaper pack, baby bottles or baby wipes, etc
*baby Shower Intruder
  The host’s teen daughter will not be present at the beginning of the shower, but will show up for the first game. The teen will begin the skit by "barging" in on the event dressed strangely (you can decide how) and wanting to join in the party. She is wearing a large purse or satchel (important) carrying "goodies". The host is upset by the interruption and demands to see the teen’s invitation. The teen sits on the floor and begins taking "goodies" out of the purse one by one and placing them on the floor. The "goodies" are baby items. Finally she finds the invitation and shows it to the host. The host is satisfied with the invitation and says she can stay. The teen packs up her purse and joins the party. Now the guests have to write down every "goodie" the teen had in her purse. Whoever guesses the most correct items is the winner. This is a fun game, and no one "tries" hard to remember the items because they don't expect a game. Also, the mom-to-be gets to keep all
*baby Shower Intruder
  The host’s teen daughter will not be present at the beginning of the shower, but will show up for the first game. The teen will begin the skit by "barging" in on the event dressed strangely (you can decide how) and wanting to join in the party. She is wearing a large purse or satchel (important) carrying "goodies". The host is upset by the interruption and demands to see the teen’s invitation. The teen sits on the floor and begins taking "goodies" out of the purse one by one and placing them on the floor. The "goodies" are baby items. Finally she finds the invitation and shows it to the host. The host is satisfied with the invitation and says she can stay. The teen packs up her purse and joins the party. Now the guests have to write down every "goodie" the teen had in her purse. Whoever guesses the most correct items is the winner. This is a fun game, and no one "tries" hard to remember the items because they don't expect a game. Also, the mom-to-be gets to keep all
Baby Steps To Financial Freedom
The very first step into becoming financial free from debt is to save $500.00 or $1000.00 emergency fund. When you squrriel away this money and a emergenncy arrives; you will have the money to take care of this small problem. Instead of using a credit card to get out of this emergency you will already have the funds available.  Saving money is 80% mental and 20% physical. The biggest obstacle that is on your way is yourself, first you must change the way of thinking. Look into the mirror and say I can so this. Once your fed up being in debt and tired of the harassment from the debt collectors start by taking the proper measures to financial freedom. Once you create a budget stick with it and find ways to save money for the end of te month so you don't live paycheck to paycheck. Married couples needs to have constant communication and agree to the budget they are setting forth on.  The second step towards financial freedom is the debt snowball. Find your bills and look for the one th
Baby Benz
Baby Benz The plane landed at San Francisco air port and the sun was extremely bright and very hot This lady was getting on and I was getting off the plane at the same spot  Out of no where my heart started to sing  My thoughts thicken and and my eyes went, bawling She was a old school friend of mine I remember that she was sweet and very kind She looked into my eyes and started to smile Best of all she had a fantastic style Wind-drowsy frontiers explore explosive thoughts of six shooters roads of endless dreams My wisdom's point of view, was soft and starting to sing I was studying hard and doing my thing Running brooks was flowing and I was lost in wondering what this will truly bring Ecstasy is walking slow and pouring slowly into my silent lust The wordless moment ran into a deep blue trust Elegantly our kiss is going to be oh, so fine You, my love, is sweet, like a bottle of red wine Milky-way-whispers are silent sweet kisses that are sweet but very fine Just as
Baby Jesus Is Missing
It was the day after Christmas at a church in San Francisco. The pastor of the church was looking over the cradle when he noticed that the baby Jesus was missing from among the figures of the nativity set. Immediately he turned and went outside and saw a little boy with a red wagon, and in the wagon was the figure of the little infant, Jesus. So he walked up to the boy and said, "Well, where did you get Him, my fine friend?" The little boy replied, "I got him from the church." "And why did you take him?" The boy said, "Well, about a week before Christmas I prayed to the little Lord Jesus and I told him if he would bring me a red wagon for Christmas I would give him a ride around the block in it."
Baby, I Feel, That Bliss
Baby, I Feel, That Bliss I can't, find, the words, to tell you, just, how I feel! Yes, my love this is real. As, I look at you.It's all true!You, look good, to me. It, is smooth, as, it, can be. You know, I do love, only, you! So, how do you do?...I feel, the warm, bliss, from deep, inside! From you, I can't hide. With you, I feel, the bliss, in many, ways. Honey, do you want, to stay?Do you know bright, light, pounding, that is deep, in side, your chest! There, is only one thing, you have to confess. Yes, I love you, I love you dear! I will have to, make this, perfectly, clear!Need, I say, any more?. You, are the one, I do adore! So, come to me, my, dove. It is you, that, I love!
Baby Blue Bird - 202
I'll be there for you, my promises are true. No much trust, only quilt, breaking the walls we both have built. I won't lock the door, don't you want anymore?? Won't you come back again?? you said we would never end. You promised to stay, so please don't fly away. Will you think of me?? When you are alone but free. Baby blue bird, my love is true, and I would never hurt you.
Babygirls And Daddies
this was posted in one of the DaddyDom/little/babygirl groups i am in--i find this to be very helpful--and if i had saw this before, it mighta kept me from being so hideously impetuous and getting into trouble--again!♥ PocketPet Babygirl Etiquette-(1.) Always ask Daddy’s permission. If you don’t, you’re only asking for what’s coming to you.(2.) Present yourself in a way that will honorable to your Daddy and yourself at all times. You’re his Princess, babygirl, and pride and joy, always behave in a way around others that will honor him and those you’re around, or even on your own. (If you’re nasty and hostile to others, it reflects on your partner in almost any relationship.)(3.) Babygirls do not bully, harm, chastise, or make others feel belittled. If someone is out of line, it’s a Daddy’s place to deal with the situation, or guide their babygirl in the right direction to handling it on their own. (If you’re
Baby What Now
Your choking on rainbow beads and gasoline You swear it tastes like me. Like alphabet soup that pours your written words down my throat Did I force it down for you? && like your clenching teeth The vibrations from these speakers, feel so good against bare skin. You leave a melodic scale of bruises along my thighs --You play me like sweet, sweet music. I love the way you love;hold;make;break;fuck me [over.] 'Cus I'm your easy-bake dinner Eat me up [Before I'm cold.] All this time I convinced myself The words I couldn't hear you mutter-
“sure thing baby ;)” i say to you. you think i have just used “baby” as a term of endearment, but in reality babies are dumb and loud and obnoxious. i have insulted you and you dont even realize it. take that Society
Baby Dies
Toddler Dies In CPS Captivity After Being Taken from Marijuana-smoking Parents     Parents needed just four more months before they could get their daughter back Adan SalazarInfowars.comAugust 5, 2013 The Texas division of Child Protective Services may be ultimately to blame for a child’s death this past week after the child was taken from her parents because they smoked pot and put in foster care with the woman that would eventually end up killing her. Round Rock, Texas resident Joshua Hill received an urgent call last Monday, July 29 requesting he rush to the Scott and White Children’s Emergency Hospital in Temple, about an hour north of Round Rock. Hill was only told it concerned his daughter, and was kept in the dark as to exactly what to expect.   “They wouldn’t tell me what co
The Babysitter #1
I am a college student who watches the neighbors’ children to earn some spending money and my name is Leah. I was studying when my neighbors next door called and ask if I could watch their one year old baby that night, I said sure and would be over at seven. When I got there their son was sleeping in his crib, Tom and Sue where dressed up and said they were going to a party, they look very good and i noticed Sue had a very low cut dress on and was very short. I ask them if it was alright to use their laptop to do my homework and they always let me and said yes.I stated doing my homework and later I noticed a short cut on the screen that was named Tom and Sue private, I just keep doing my homework and it was getting late by the time I got done, I started to but the laptop back when I noticed the short cut again and was very curious about what could be so private, I click it on and it was a movie of Tom and Sue she was kissing his chest and they were both naked, tom was a very hand
Babysitter # 2
I woke up early Friday morning thinking about last weekend and babysitting for Tom and Sue, I was wondering if they would need me again this weekend, and to be honest I was hoping they would call me. School was over for a few months and I was bored sitting at home. I spent the day out with friends shopping and bought a very short red plaid skirt that made me look like a little school girl. I got back home and ate dinner and started watching some TV when the phone rang, It was Tom and he ask me if I was free tonight to babysit for them, I got excited and said yes I would love to. My parents went out of town for the weekend and I was glad to have the house to myself, I started getting ready and was thinking if I had the nerve to put on my short new skirt, I was hoping to turn them both on to be honest so i decided to play the part of a little school girl for them. I put a white thong and my new skirt on and a white top and no bra which made my nipples very noticeable as they stuck out an
B.a.c.a. (bikers Against Child Abuse)
Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) Here is more info on B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) Breaking the chains, healing the wounds. Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. We exist as a body of bikers to empower children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live. We stand ready to lend support to our wounded friends by involving them with an established, united organization. We work in conjunction with local and state officials who are already in place to protect children. We desire to send a clear message to all involved with the abused child that this child is a part of our organization, and that we are prepared to lend our physical and emotional support to them by affiliation and our physical presence. We stand at the ready to shield these children from further abuse. We do not condone the use of violence or physical force in any manner, however, if circumstances arise such that we are the only obs
Baca Testimonial
This was just emailed to me from the mother of one of our (BACA) children. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!!!!!!!!! ................... ................... Dear new found friends, I would like to share with you our story and I how we came to become involved with BACA. About a year and half ago when my daughter was 7 years old. She was touched by her father in an inappropriate fashion. This is a something no child should ever have to experience but it seems even worse when it is by someone you love more than anything in the world. My daughter loved her dad in that way. She was very brave. She came to me the following morning after the incident. I felt my world slip away from under me but I could not show that to my daughter I had to listen to her and assure her that she was very brave and did the right thing in coming to tell me and I also assured her that none of this was her fault. I told her how proud I was of her and that she did the right thing in telling me. I confronte
Baca (bikers Against Child Abuse)
BACA was founded by John Paul Chief Lilly. Chief is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Registered Play Therapist/Supervisor, and Part-time faculty at Brigham Young University. He has been in practice for twenty years, most of which has been spent in the treatment of abused children. Chief became keenly aware that while the system was able to offer much in the way of helping the children to heal, there were gaps that needed to be filled. The two major gaps were: providing for the safety of the children and, providing funding for their therapy. Even with the court involvement to protect children from further abuse with the issuance of protective orders and removing perpetrators from neighborhoods, the perpetrators were continuing to access and wound the children. It would be nave and misrepresentative to believe that law enforcement officials could protect these children from their perpetrators on a continual basis. Further, many children that are abused do not qualify for therapy f
B.a.c.a. (bikers Against Child Abuse)
B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) East Missouri Chapter - Missouri My name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Chariles bar. I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work. He slaps and hits me And yells at me more, I finally get free And run to the door He's already locked it And i start to bawl, He takes me and th
BACA Mission Statement Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. We exist as a body of Bikers to empower children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live. We stand ready to lend support to our wounded friends by involving them with an established, united organization. We work in conjunction with local and state officials who are already in place to protect children. We desire to send a clear message to all involved with the abused child that this child is part of our organization, and that we are prepared to lend our physical and emotional support to them by affiliation, and our physical presence. We stand at the ready to shield these children from further abuse. We do not condone the use of violence or physical force in any manner, however, if circumstances arise such that we are the only obstacle preventing a child from further abuse, we stand ready to be that obstacle. Check them out here http://www.
From my website: Highway Song Leather believes in the sanctity of our children. BACA is an organization of bikers dedicated to eradicate the growing problem of child abuse. We strongly support this organization and hope you will too. For more information on this organization go to The Video you are about to see may disturb you, and if it does GOOD, that means you still have a shred of compassion left in your life. HELP US help the kids. We need goods for these Children, anything at all, we will take it. Ages from: Infants to Teens School supplies, clothing, Money, blankets, toys, electronics. You name it WE WILL accept it. You can send your donations direct to us and we will get it to the correct places. Or visit the BACA website for the chapter near you.! Warning ! The surgeon general has determined that hurting a B.A.C.A Child Is hazardous to your health
Bacardi Mojito (say 'mohito,' And Enjoy!)
An easy mojito recipe to liven up your evening: 1.5 oz BACARDI Rum 12 fresh spearmint leaves 1/2 lime 7 oz club soda 2 tbsp. simple syrup (or 4 tsp. sugar) The coolest summer drink recipes from the hottest bars always include Bacardi mojitos. Follow us step by step through our no-fail mojito cocktail recipe and mix up the sparkle for your party. For the smoothest summer cocktails, gently crush mint leaves and lightly squeeze lime in a cool tall glass. Pour sweet syrup to cover and fill glass with ice. Add Bacardi Rum, club soda, and stir your emerging mojito well. Garnish with a lime wedge and a few sprigs of mint. The best bar recipes then add these essential steps: toast, sip, and enjoy fine Bacardi mojitos with your friends. Share the secrets of your original or favorite Bacardi bar recipes with your friends - send an e-recipe for mojitos today! For over a century, the Bacardi Mojito has channeled the spirit of old Havana. Use our original mojito cocktail recipe
B.a.c.a.come Show Support
Come jump aboard on the B.A.C.A. bus and head over to the Bikers Clubhouse Bar And Grill and sign in to show your support. Prizes given out to every one that signs up and the119th person gets a ring. click pic to get to lounge-
Bacardi Chocolate Rum Cake
Ingredients Amount Ingredient Preparation 1 package cake mix, chocolate 1 package pudding mix, instant chocolate, (4 servings) 4 large eggs 1/2 cup dark rum 1/2 cup water cold 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1 1/2 cups milk cold 1/2 cup dark rum 1 package pudding mix, instant chocolate, (4 servings) 1 package whipped topping, prepared (single envelope) Directions Heat Oven to 350F. Grease and flour 2 9" cake pans. Combine first 6 ingredients in large bowl. Blend well then beat on medium for 2 minutes. Pour into prepared cake pans. Bake for 30 mintues, or until done. Set aside to cool completly before frosting. In chilled bowl, mix remaining 4 ingredients. Mix well, then beat on high speed (whip cream) until light and fluffy. Cut each layer horizontally and frost.
Baccon Ranch Dip
Bacon Ranch Dip Madeover Recipe Rating: Prep Time: 10 min Total Time: 3 hr 10 min Makes: 3 cups or 24 servings, 2 Tbsp. each Nutrition Information Kraft Kitchens Tips Ratings and comments You may also enjoy 2 cups KRAFT Light Ranch Reduced Fat Dressing 1 cup BREAKSTONE'S Reduced Fat or KNUDSEN Light Sour Cream 1/2 cup KRAFT Reduced Fat Parmesan Style Grated Topping 1/4 cup sliced green onions 1 pkg. (2.8 oz.) OSCAR MAYER Real Bacon Recipe Pieces MIX all ingredients in medium bowl; cover. REFRIGERATE several hours or until chilled. SERVE with assorted cut-up vegetable dippers or chips. KRAFT KITCHENS TIPS Makeover Savings We've taken a family favorite dip and made it over. We used KRAFT Light Ranch Reduced Fat Dressing, BREAKSTONE'S Reduced Fat or KNUDSEN Light Sour Cream, and KRAFT Reduced Fat Parmesan Style Grated Topping in place of regular products. You'll save 40 calories and 6 grams of fat per
Bacchus we dance as gods madmen nectar obsessed reeling to the pealing thunder plateau
bacchanalia \bak-uh-NAIL-yuh\noun;    1.  (plural, capitalized) The ancient Roman festival in honor of Bacchus, celebrated with dancing, song, and revelry.    2.  A riotous, boisterous, or drunken festivity; a revel.
Bachelor's True One Dish Pork Chops
2 to 4 pork chops 1 can cream of mushroom soup 1 (soup) can tap water 1 2/3 (soup) can minute rice 3 tbsp. butter Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a sturdy aluminum baking pan slowly brown pork chops in 1 tablespoon butter; season with salt and pepper. Remove and set aside. In same pan (over low heat), mix soup, water, and remaining butter, stirring constantly to remove lumps. Add rice, stir, and remove from heat. Place pork chops on top of rice/soup mixture and sprinkle with Lawry's seasoned salt. Bake in oven for 20 to 25 minutes. Variation: Try cooking some fresh sliced mushrooms with the pork chops and spreading them over the top of the chops before baking. Serves 4.
[stay and listen] bjork. I'm a fountain of blood In the shape of a girl You're the bird on the brim Hypnotised by the Whirl Drink me, make me feel real Wet your beak in the stream Game we're playing is life Love is a two way dream Leave me now, return tonight Tide will show you the way If you forget my name You will go astray Like a killer whale Trapped in a bay I'm a path of cinders Burning under your feet You're the one who walks me I'm your one way street I'm a whisper in water Secret for you to hear You are the one who grows distant When I beckon you near Leave me now, return tonight The tide will show you the way If you forget my name You will go astray Like a killer whale Trapped in a bay I'm a tree that grows hearts One for each that you take You're the intruder hand I'm the branch that you break 01 play dead.mp3mp3 hosted by
The Bachelor Claus
Bachelor Party
~ Bachman,turner,overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet ~
~ Bachman,turner,overdive - Takin Care Of Business ~
or a point about him... chorale preludes are not the most interesting pieces on the whole and relatively speaking; you have a melody, you have figuration around it. One reason I'm putting multiple versions of pieces Bach wrote for teaching purposes- a project he never finished, at that, a project to write a chorale setting for each week of the liturgical year - is - in part because (maybe for that same reason... if you're going to have a certain number of pieces, make them as different from each other as possible) what does exist of the project shows what can be done with the chorale prelude (in the opinion of the note-writer to the recording I have of part of the set, and I agree) and because up to a point, I think hearing good and different interpretations of even more minor Bach is both pleasant, and interesting, and thought-provoking, instead of just redundant. To sleep with me :)
Bachelors Grove Cemetary
Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, located near Midlothian and Oak Forest, Illinois, is one of the hottest spots of paranormal activity in the country. The small, abandoned cemetery formerly known as Everdon’s lies near the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve just outside the Chicago city limits. The cemetery was established in the late 1830’s and its last resident was buried there in 1989. Many of the individuals were German immigrants who were hired to build the Illinois Michigan Canal. Many of the workers were single men as the backbreaking, dirty work and the long hours made married life a true hardship. So many of them died and were buried there that the cemetery was renamed Bachelor’s Grove. Although the graves are no longer attended and nearly forgotten, there is no shortage of activity around them. The cemetery is well known as a place where unusual sights and sounds are experienced. More than 100 tales of glowing balls of light, apparitions, and unexplained noises have be
Bachelor Party (jennifer)
Bachelor Party (Jennifer) by nust8ofmind © Jennifer braced herself as she knocked on the door. "Easy money," she kept saying to herself. "Go in. Do a little dance. Get paid and get out." The woman at the talent agency had told her she would be a natural. She said to "just smile, shake that ass and rake in the dough." But now it was coming down to it. She needed to pay her rent and it was time to put her money where her mouth was - so to speak. The music roared inside the hotel room making sure the rest of the floor's residents didn't get any sleep that night.. "What is that song?" she wondered. "I know I've heard it before." Then it hit her. "Unskinny bop-bop-bop-bop, she just loves to play." They were listening to Poison?? What kind of bachelor party was this? The last time she had heard that song was in the ninth grade, being felt up in the back of David Dixon's Mustang on Boyter Lane. She hadn't given it up that night, but Bobby had gotten his rocks off all
~ Bachman,turner,overdive - Roll On Down The Highway ~
~ Bachman,turner,overdive - Let It Ride ~
Bachelorette Party A
Bachelorette Party by PrincessKoriandr © Donna Troy is one of the Original members of the superhero group, the Teen Titans and Wonder Woman's little sister. (This can be debated seeing as how Donna's history/origin has been re-written more then both Wonder Woman and Superman. It's three times as confusing and equally stupid when put together!) Jason Hart was the main character behind the Titan' s Drug Awareness Campaign books. Or rather, ended up being the main character when the George and Marv couldn't get the licensing and approval for Robin to be in the in the partially constructed books. A last minute change of hair color and costume and wa la! The Proctor was born! Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran is the beautiful alien princess and the resident Titan's teammate; Starfire. Beautiful and passionate, Kory is a handful 95% of the time. Born to the Royal throne of Tamaran, Kory was destined to rule, but revenge would rob her of that right. Kory spent years as a Citadellian sla
Bachelorette Party B
Bachelorette Party by PrincessKoriandr © Not him. "Okay, Kory, you have yourself a willing victim. I guess I can give this present to Donna just as well as Terry," he said, giving in. "Good." He heard Kory's husky reply. Looking up, he saw her expression. She looks like someone that is well pleased with themselves and used to getting the things she wants. God! Dick doesn't stand a chance. Smiling at Jason like she knows what he's thinking, she shouts into the room. "Ladies, guess who stopped by to give Donna a present?" Six heads turned, including the stripper's, trying to see who it was. "Jason!" came from the direction of the stripper. He turned just in time to see Donna climb down of his lap and come running over to him. Giving him a hug and kissing him on his cheek, she exclaimed, "Jason Hart... Long time no see, sweetie! What are you doing here? I thought you were at the bachelor party." "Yeah, I though I was, too." Watching the confused look on Donna's face,
Bachelorette Party C
Bachelorette Party by PrincessKoriandr © He wanted to eat her and he wanted to do it now. He moved along her body, kissing and licking as he went, until he came face to face with the object of his desires. Taking a deep breath, inhaling her lightly musky sent, he moved closer to his treasure. Taking his fingers and parting her, he saw the engorged hood of her clit. Above him he could hear her moaning and begging, "Jason… Jason…Please. Don't tease me. I need you so bad." "Are you ready to cum, Donna?" he asked, teasing her clit with brief licks of his tongue. Hearing that tiny frustrated scream again, Jason decided to put them both out of their misery. With his fingers keeping her open, Jason leaned forward and captures her clit with his lips. "Arghhh!" came the impassioned moan from Donna. "Gods! That's incredible," she whimpered. "Keep doing it. Don't stop," she begged, bringing her thighs around his head, locking him in place. This didn't bother him. He didn't plan
Bachelorette Party D
Bachelorette Party by PrincessKoriandr © "Let me guess. Sharon and Lilith made a move for him right away." "Let's not forget Bette, but that's exactly how it happened. Of course, they did the same thing over the stripper as well, going as far as fighting each other over his shirt!" she told him, laughing at the mental image of Lilith sitting on the floor rubbing her head and a triumphant Sharon Stacy standing over her swinging the shirt around her finger. "No!" Laughing again at his shocked tone, she said, "Yes. It was quite funny. Even Karen cut loose, only after the g-string came off that is." "NO!" Raising one thin eyebrow at the phone, she asked, "Why are you so surprised? Karen is a woman and Ken is a very attractive man. She's not immune you know." "Yeah…maybe. It's just that I'm having a hard time seeing conservative, brainy, married Karen Beecher Duncan interested in a stripper. It's just not her speed." Staring at the receiver, she was sure she was hea
Bachelorette Party E
Bachelorette Party by PrincessKoriandr © "Jason?" Startled, he pulled up so quickly he bumped his head against the inside of the refrigerator, shaking the racks and banging all hell out of his head. He couldn't prevent the muffled "Shit" that escaped his lips as he turned around and found Kory standing besides him looking worried. Mayonnaise in one hand and rubbing the back of his head with the other, Jason stared at her in shock. She was standing by the refrigerator with her hair mussed from sleep, wearing nothing but a short thigh length lavender silk robe that revealed more than it concealed. She looked sexy and sleepy, like a kitten and he suddenly felt his body respond. No, no, no, no! Not now. Desperately wanting to run and hide, but knowing there was no where to go, he lowered the arm holding the mayonnaise in front of him, hoping to disguise his rapidly hardening dick while he mentally prepared to answer some difficult questions. Walking over to him, Kory remove
Bachelorette Party F
Bachelorette Party by PrincessKoriandr © Smiling at his impatience, Kory continued her examination. Jason was definitely a big boy at a little over 9 inches and thick. X'hal he was thick-coming and going. The tip was a angry purplish red, heart shaped and smooth, and hard as a proverbial rock. Intrigued, she ran her inquisitive fingers over the rubbery tip and then gently pulled at it, and then she applied pressure with her tightly clenched fist. She wanted to see how hard it really was…it felt so good, so strong. Shit! What did I get myself into? Jason felt as if his legs were going to collapse under him, but he didn't care. This was something he wouldn't have missed for the world. Kory's soft hand on his dick was almost more then he could stand, but the alternative was to ask her to stop and that was unacceptable. And even though it was bound to take the last of his tenuous control, Jason closed his hand over hers and slowly guided her hand back and forth over the tight blood
Bachelorette Parties
Bachelor Pad Pizza (melissa's Creation)
Ok for all of you who are like me and love shortcuts, but you want full flavor at home on some rainy day... I do not like my pizza on a soggy crust yuck... so I've devised a way to have fresh hot cheesy pizza in a flash with a crispy crust and here's how I do it..... Ingredients are per serving: 1 English muffin, cut in half 1/4 cup shredded cheese of choice (packaged shredded) 2 Tablespoons Canned or Jarred Spaghetti sauce or marinara sauce 1/2 teaspoon garlic pieces (jarred garlic) garlic powder or garlic salt 4 Tablespoons any "topping" (optional) This is so easy and so addictive. toast your muffin pieces in the toaster. When they are almost done, melt the cheese in a microwave safe cup on high for no more then 45 seconds, keep an eye on it. You can drain off the oil from the cheese when it's melted by spinning it around a fork, letting the oil drain into the cup, and discard the oil. When the muffins are toasted and crispy, you put 1 Tablespoon of red sauce on
Bachlorette Party Tonight!
TRACY IS DANCIN ON THE BAR IN THE LOUNGE!!!! GET IN HERE AND WATCH THE SHOW, LISTEN TO THE KICK A$$ TUNES AND HAVE A FEW DRINKS!!!! Gonna have Niecee and Christina's Bachlorette Party Tonight so get your asses in here woohoo
Bachelor Commandments.....pfft
BACHELOR COMMANDMENTS 1. Thou shalt always fool around on your girlfriend (that way when she dumps you, you can always get the last laugh). 2. Thou shalt not screw thy girlfriend's friends unless you're sure you can get away with it AND you do it in her bed. 3. Thou shalt never spend more than $100 without first getting in her pants. 4. Thou shalt never marry the first girl you screw after getting out of a "slump." 5. Thou shalt never admit to being in a slump, it is always a "lull." 6. Thou shalt always have beer in the fridge. 7. Thou shalt always blow off your girlfriend at least once a month to get drunk with your buddies. 8. Thou shalt always forget to call when performing the previous commandment. 9. Thou shalt never go on a blind date with someone described as having "a good personality." 10. Thou shalt never eat anything high in fiber or low in cholesterol. 11. Thou shalt never drink nonalcoholic beer. 12. Thou shalt never covet thy neig
Bachelor/bachelorette Party Point System
In order to keep track of how much trouble you will get into, we have created a point system. You can use this system to determine how far you should go. It might be a good idea to try to set a limit for yourself before the party. I'm not sure if you want to discuss this with your future spouse beforehand, however you should probably be able to estimate how many points you will be allowed on your own. Suggested Point Limits: Here is a table that tries to point to recommended point levels: Grooms Brides You are a sissy, your friends will be pissed and will never call you. 3 1 Not a bad compromise, but you need to live a little 15 5 Good job, not a wuss, not an ass. 25 10 Eventually, there may be a fight over this. 30 15 The fight will happen after the honeymoon. 35 25 The fight will happen on the honeymoon. 45 30 The fight will happen before the wedding. 50 35 What fucking wedding? 50+
The Bachelor Pad
my place that i moved into last week.
The Bachelor
I realized that my six-year-old grandson had been watching too many reality TV shows the day we attended a cousin's wedding. As the four bridesmaids walked down the aisle toward the front of the synagogue, he turned to me and asked, "Is this where the groom decides which one he wants to marry?"
Bach's Toccata And Fugue In D Minor(guitar)
Bach's Aire On A G String(guitar)
Bachelor Escort Party
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Call us today to book your party. Lovable, lust-inducing, lap dances ala carte. These too are pretty much predicated on producing wood. Boston Bachelor Party Resources » Escorts. Escorts. 1. Heather. [Boston] Independent blonde female escort for the discreet and expressive executive. ... Thinking of a Las Vegas bachelor party? Why not a Dominican Republic bachelor party? We have casinos, strip clubs, massage parlors and escorts. ... This is probably why going to the strip club, or having a private escort or stripper show up to bring some life to a bachelor party, has become quite a ...
Bachelorette Party
ok im throwing one and need to know where to find a good cheap place to find a limo in Orlando Fl. if anyone can help that would be great!!!
The Bachelor Party
the bachelor/bachelorette party I was at last night was fun.   We started out the night at paula and dana's apartment, drinking and chatting. The limo bus arrived at 11pm. FYI limo busses = VERY COOL! (Y) Upon boarding the limo bus everybody was given beads 5 sets each. the guys would give their beads away to girls showing boobs and the girls would give away their beads to guys for a buck a piece. ended up making 87 bucks for the bride & groom, pretty good I thought. We bar hopped all night, by the third bar I was REALLY drunk. several jello shots and many many beers lol. Everything was going well until the fourth bar and almost everyone was drunk. One guy got outta hand and lost his spot in the wedding party because of it. He tried starting fights with several people because he was that drunk. He got so outta hand we had to stop the bus and throw him off. Because we stopped the bus, the driver had to call the cops to take him away. 6 squad cars showed up, due to the rest of us bein
The Background On My Lc
Ok here is the thing... If i get more "cool" votes thand "NOT" votes... i wont change my background. If i get more "not" votes.. its getting changed. Please vote.
The Back Of A Smiley Face
  Have You Ever Wondered Whats On The Back Of A Smiley Face Check This Out LOL   Page By BroadwayBaby  
Back Home
I went home today to visit my mom and Sam. I missed Sam a lot too! She was happy to see me I think. I don't want to go to the doctors office today though! Do I hate doctors! I just can't wait until Saturday, I get to see Allie! :) She is so adroable! She's just the cutest thing ever, I'm really thinking about getting her into acting, I mean she would be the perfect baby to put on TV...she never crys, only when she's hungry and she whines a little bit when she's tired, but that's it! And she's 9 months old..the same age the Olsen twins were when they started on TV. I really think I could get a TV deal with her! If only Adam would let me take her...
Back Stabber
You waited for me to turn my back Then you planned your attack while thinking to yourself I'm gonna get that b*tch back You then plunged a knife repeatedly into my back You roll me onto my back and look into my teary eyes You didn't know whether to laugh or cry I looked into your glassy eyes and let out my last few painful cries,and bid to the world my goodbyes You then put my motionless body in a sack You shove me in a dumpster,walk away,and never look back You listen to the funeral bells as to the world I bid my last farwell at my funeral you sit in the very back and as they place my body within the earth you let out an evil laugh My grandmother approaches you with a note that read: Mother fucker I'll get you back
Backyard Wrestling
today i have to go do a backyard wrestling show i will get to beatup on some innocent kid this rocks
Back Online!!!
Dear Cherry Readers, Today is the frist day back online.. Since Wednesday, when the internet when down.. I am here today to tell you all.. I AM BACK.......... I have missed everyone and this site... Much Love... Thanks for taking the time out to read this.. I am glad to be back.. Be Safe.. Jeannie
Back To Me
***written in request by Nibbles for Nibbles*** Seasons change Colors fade Hours come and go But the memories of us in my heart they linger on Can't help but wonder wish i hadnt failed to see the enptiness i would feel when you are not a part of me... I would pray you back to me within my arms you need to be I miss your smile I miss your charm I cry within my heart since you've been gone I feel i cant go on... Time will pass My heart will heal A memory won't seem as real But I will always hold you in my heart I can't help but wonder I wish i had of seen So much of who i am Is because of what we use to be And STILL.... I would pray you back to me within my arms you need to be I miss your smile I miss your charm I cry within my heart since you've been gone I feel i cant go on... (C) sept. 24, 2006
Back Online!
Ok so i am back online after a month of being gone. So glad to be back. I have missed my lost cherry friends something awful. So if you read this holla at cha girl!! Life has been busy the last little bit anyways, i wouldnt have had a whole lot of time free ro be on here, but now i do!!! Anyways just thought i would start a blog i dont have much to say right now.
Back From Big D
Hey y'all. I just returned from DFW about an hour ago. I'll be leaving again this weekend. This time from DFW to California! I'm glad to be back..I couldn't access the internet very well while I was gone. :( Glad to be using a FAST computer again. :D Later y'all. xoxo
Back From The Doctor....
Well I got back from the doctor today and he is going to run some blood work on me and find out why I have been so tired all the time. I have been feeling this way for almost a year now. :( First I had anemia but I think it was more than that. He is going to test me for low B12. If it is low then I will be needing to get shots of b12 to help it, and I will be feeling better. He will be testing for other things also to see if anything else is causing the tiredness. I am going in for the test tomorrow morning, and will go back to the doctor next week. I also found out I have a UTI, so thats why I have been feeling so sick. :( I am on some meds to help that now. I hope to feel better soon. Please send your prayers my way that this will all go away soon and I will not be so tired all of the time. I am so sick of dealing with it. Thanks! :D
Back In School
You scored as Emo Kid. You listen to emo. 'Nuff said. You know how to dress. You usually feel as if nobody understands you. What Highschool Clique Do You Belong To? created with
Back To You
"And I knew I was through, when I said 'I love you'." - John Mayer "I survive on the breath you are finished with." - John Mayer I love song lyrics, they perfectly describe everything you feel, everything you have to say but you can't put the words together right. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by a whistfulness and the only way I can express myself is in the words of others. "No more camoflague, I want to be exposed and not be afraid to fall." - Teddy Geiger The truth is that I have too many options. But the one I choose is the riskiest, as it is far too perfect to last. But I love him, what else is there to say?
Back Togather Again.
Back In Black
Your Theme Song is Back in Black by AC/DC "Back in black, I hit the sack, I've been too long, I'm glad to be back" Things sometimes get really crazy for you, and sometimes you have to get away from all the chaos. But each time you stage your comeback, it's even better than the last! What's Your Theme Song?
Back To Work!
Oct 3, 2006 So Paris was insane! So we were only they’re for 48 hours, but I think we saw just about everything you could possibly cram in. Ken our producer is Mr. World Traveler, and what I like to call a complete “animal”! We no more than stepped off the metro, and we were off and running. Seriously running up steps! I do have to say thank you to Ken for treating me to such an amazing trip. I think he has made it his mission in life to inject me with culture. LOL! All jokes aside, I welcome it all. Getting “outside my comfort zone” has kinda been a theme for this album, and this place in life. I feel I will return a new me in so many ways. Have no fear…I’ve gotten a few e-mails about not losing my “small town”. No way kids. If being away and seeing all these amazing things has done anything, it has made me really appreciate home. No place I’d rather be, and you can believe that. I actually get to go home for a couple of weeks. I will get home on Friday Oct 6th, and you can bet you
Back Again
well... i went to the medical service, and doctor gave me a pill for the pain but she said it didn't look like i have an infection inside my ear, and that my eardrum and everything there was ok... what can i say? i promise i'll take an appointment with the specialist, because this didn't convince me i had a serious infection in my ear when i was 16, and this pain reminded me of what i had 10 years ago anyways i feel a lil better, but it still doesn't let me relaxed i'll be around here till i go home (that means in 15 mins :D) hugs everyone much love... Maria
Back Pain
well first blog and the old buggers moaning already,if you seen my pics you may of seen the truck i use for work,well 6 weeks into physio on my back,its damn close to going again as im in bloody pain with it (welcome anyone to come rub me down ?) so after im finshed doin this,im off to find some pain killers,so sorry for moaning and lets see if anyone reads this anyway lol
Hi everyone, i havent been on in a very long time, been too busy with work, though i have a week off now so i'm popping on too say hi, jee lots of stuff has changed on here, all looks good, hope all is well with everyone and its glad too be back and finally have a rest lol.
Mad it back this afternoon fromFt.worth. In all rolled upi about 700 mi. not a bad scoot. I added one more to the contect she had her paic waitingforme. Enjoy and recruit moe ok lol... REMEMBER THIS FRIDAY... AND WILL COUNT THE VOTES.
Back View
Back To The Online Dating
ok here i go.I just got in from a hard night at work get no my comp. and i see people telling me they hit it off with people on line.That is so cool and i hope you the best and i am not saying you can find your true love online but i am saying look if you talk to someone and you hit it off thats so this will be my 1st i am sorry that i write. thank you bratt
Back To The Empty
Back to the Empty open eyes that see nothing you are lost and i am dead the last tear to fall was one of hope, deceased empty but for the stains of love and cruising into endless ache this nightmare of living came at too great a cost back to the numb confines of a drugged mind when you don't love anything it hurts to lose nothing
Back To The Heart Of The Matter
Last week I got a call from my family on the Kalispel Reservation north of Spokane Washington. They called to tell me my grandma wasn't doing very well. Her health was fading fast. So the great tribe that they are, the Kalispel's sent for me and family to get there as soon as possible.I got to spend a few days with my grandma before she left this world. I was heartbroken when I found out the bad news and I didn't think I was going to get another chance to hold her again. I was very fortunate to make it to her side in the last few days of her life. I love her very much and anybody who really knows me has heard me speak of her. She was truly a great woman and I looked up to her a great deal because of the person she was and everything she did for everyone who ever met her. I miss her so much but I'm glad that her long battle is over and she is in a better place.In Loving Memory of My Grandmother Alice Ignace.While we were there I couldn't help but take pictures of the beautiful country t
Back At Work Today
So after about a week off work, here I am back at my desk and feeling the pain again. I got a fracture in my foot and while I have been resting it at home, being back here only reminds me how much it needs to heal. So I will say this, broke it on the metal frame of me bed....imagine what ever you like, but tell me your funny injury tales
Back To Work
just started back to work back to the grind stone im a best buy guy now yah it a gig
Back From The Interview
Well I got the job!!! :))
Back At One By Brian Mcknight
Back At OneAdd a video to your site FREE Music Video Code
Back In The Fight..... Time To Hurt!
Well as some of you guys know, I have recently decided to play with fighting again. I have been talkin' to my coach lately and from what I hear there looks to be a good up-comming of new and old fighters a like and it would be a good time to decide wether I wanted to fuck around or get serious about what the fuck I'm doing. I took a look at my self and the position that I have been in lately and to say the least,.... I'm not very pleased, or happy for that matter about anything. Going back into training would mean cutting off everything. Friends I wouldn't be able to spend much time on and family seen as much as i was home. I was with somebody before and that was the reason for me not wanting to train. So be away from my love. But that's not the case anymore. I've had so many offers for a relationship, but that we're so empty that they were forgot they were said as soon as they left the lips. I don't feel much wanted anywhere and that's not how i've ever been in my life. I think it's t
had a good nite but he not fella for me he to creepy
Back That Thang Up
Juvenile Back That Thang Up
Back From California.
Hey Cherries. As of Friday night I returned from California. The trip was very fun, and also very stressful at times. But, I survived. :) Those of you who I talked to during those stressful times out there know how upset I was, but I'm alright. I actually feel bad because I just needed to calm down. So, I'm sorry if I upset any of y'all. I'm just peachy now. :D Anyway, even though times were rough, I'll be going back out there again in a month to a month and a half, but I need to make some changes on my part first. I'm a little stressed about that, but I'm too hard headed and way too determined to give up and I refuse to do so. At least I know more of what to expect now, so I'll be more prepared next time. And, the industry I'm in is very rough, and you can't let anyone get to you. I not perfect and I had times out there when I was weak, but I'm way too set on this to quit. I currently recovering from being sick. I wasn't feeling well out in California when I first got ou
Back When~~country~~
Back When Performed by: Tim McGraw Album: Live Like You Were Dying (Jeff Stevens/Stephony Smith/Stan Lynch) Don't you remember The fizz in a pepper Peanuts in a bottle At ten, two and four A fried bologna sandwich With mayo and tomato Sittin' round the table Don't happen much anymore We got too complicated It's all way over-rated I like the old and out-dated Way of life Back when a hoe was a hoe Coke was a coke And crack's what you were doing When you were cracking jokes Back when a screw was a screw The wind was all that blew And when you said I'm down with that Well it meant you had the flu I miss back when I miss back when I miss back when I love my records Black, shiny vinyl Clicks and pops And white noise Man they sounded fine I had my favorite stations The ones that played them all Country, soul and rock-and-roll What happened to those times? I'm readin' Street Slang For Dummies Cause they put pop in my country I want more for my mo
Back To Europe
heh, after a pretty busy week in india, i got to relax a bit in singapore over the last weekend. Visited sentosa island (very nice). Then on Momday flew to Kuala Lumpur (or KL as it's known here) and then to a meeting in Banting ( mins taxi). The same day I flew back to S'pore, had dinner in the hotel (misu soup, ushi, some hot sake) ad I'm actually writing this in the British Airways lounge. So, a big hug and kiss to all my lc friends who do the effort to read this. Talk to y'all soon!!!
Back Again
Back Again Oct 23, 2006 Like I was never gone... I'm back to the city life. Short trip this time. Only gonna be here a few days. Will and I are just adding some more background vocals, and then head out. The photo shoot will be this weekend, and after much debate between NYC, Chicago, and Cincinnati...Cincy will be the place. We wanted to keep the theme of four "small town" guys in the big city. (After all, I think we have all been affected or shall I say influenced by the bright lights.) Anyway, Cincy had it all. The big city feel, but a hometown feel as well...if that makes any sense? I guess the "home" feel may just be in my head. Way, way, way back before Dayton opened its arms, and we had the "Sidney Squirrels" welcoming us, Cincy was the only place that an all original band could get a show. We were part of "The Cincinnati Rock Machine". Played at legendary Cincinnati Red, Pete Rose's book signing. Did several in store shows at Cincy "Media Play" retailers. Shared the stage wi
Back From L.a.
um... I'm back. I may try to type up a quick rundown of everything I saw and did. Mostly it was work... after all, it WAS a business trip. But I did manage to see a bunch of college buddies, ate some killer shrimp (literally) and made it to one very cool party
Back Stabbing Witches
Ok it really bothers me when people stab other people in the back. Two girls used me to find out the address to where my b/f lives. They planned to have him arrested the weekend my dad came up. They thought i would go running home, but guess what i didnt and my b/f is out of jail freaken stupid bitches. So since you tried fucking me over which you did a poor job of doing it is now my turn:) So watch your backs becuz you never know when the cops will be knocking on your doors.
Back Where I Come From
this is another one of my favorite songs Well in the town where I was raised, the clock ticks and the cattle graze. Time passed with amazing grace back where I come from. You could lie on a riverbank, or paint your name on a water tank, miscount all the beers you drank back where I come from. Back where I come from where I'll be when it's said and done. well I'm proud as anyone, That's where I come from. We learned in a Sunday school who made the sun shine through. I know who made the moon shine too back, where I come from. Blue eyes on a Saturday night, tan legs in the broad daylight. TV’s, they were black and white back where I come from. Back where I come from where I'll be when it's said and done. Well I'm proud as anyone, that's where I come from. Some say it's a backward place narrow minds on the narrow way but I make it a point to say that's where I come from. That's where I come from where I'll be when
Back Again
It's been awhile since I've been to this place. A place so familiar and yet so forgotten. It feels like I'm falling all over again. The darkness is all around and all I yearn for is a chance to change the outcome of a choice I made wrong. But eventhough I'm so close to the end of the line I still reach out and struggle for the light at the other end of this long decent. The light i basked in for so long has now moved on and left me for the darkness and shodows i stumble around in now. The black and endless night is the consequence of being the fool who chose insecurity over bliss. This is my burden and my fault. Now I sit and wait for the time when it all ends...
Background Out
Hi iwas wonderin if anyone had a code for the background that took out the color in the back ground..i have gotten a few from others and none seem to work.. i know how to do it as wel but nothing seems to work..or is there a sight i can go to to get another...ok thanks alot...
Back From Salem
Hello to all my friends. I got back from Salem, Mass today from my little get away. I had so much fun, we did all the witch and ghost haunts and tours. I even learned alot about the history of Salem and the witch hangings, got to visit the places where they were hung and the cemetaries. I surely learned alot. Halloween night was so exciting, so many different costumes, and there were so many people it was like mardi gras.Alot of different costumes and some looked like they cost alot. but it was surely a masquerade of sorts. I plan on going back next year and hopefully get more people to join me. Just wanted to let yall know that I was back and had a fanfukintastic weekend. Lady Di
Back To Work
Well, after 30 days off from work, i have to go back tomorrow night. My surgery was a success and now I'm better. I'm actually looking forward to going back, I was getting tired of being at home. I like to be outdoors and for 3 weeks i couldn't. I have to go back to the real world. Until next time...
Entry for November 04, 2006 Out of the darkness, I rise. I hear the tinkle of chains, feel the weight of them on my body. Why? What's happened? Eyes still closed; I scent them. The sweet smell of women, not one but many. I hear they're whispers; I know they're scents, these are my friends. But why the chains? I smell the iron bars......chains & bars? Oh god what have I done? WHISPERS again, I hear them.....he's so cold....why do we have to keep him like this....what are we going to do too calm his RAGE? Rage?...but I'm not angry.....what are they talking about?.....I peer through my eyelids, I see three of them kneeled beyond my cage, several pacing just beyond my sight, in the background. One kneeling says"I trust him" "I'm going to try" she stands, her robe falls open, I see her body...glistening white in the night.......I feel my blood fire, and then I know what there fear is......I've gone to long without the taste of a woman. I can smell they're heat, they're moist
The other day a very good friend of mine, was pretty much forced out of a group we belonged to. It was a Pagan Meet Up Group. Although, they never talked shop, it was more a social sex meetup group. But they started spreading around rumors about him, and then voted another person to take his place as assitant organizer without him knowing it, and only a quater of the members there. So, of course, he was upset. So I removed myself from this meet up group, cause he was pretty much the only reason I kept going back, and then message were flying on the message board of this group. So we would reply back calm, and respectively. Well then when they started getting nasty, when we told them that they didn't know how to run a group, we kept pointing out to them, that they were the ones that were acting childish, and we were simply laying out on the table our side of the story, and I guess the old saying truth hurts is really true. Cause they couldn't handle any of it. Then Finally I lo
Back At Work....
So here I am back at work dragging my ass...god it was hard to drag myself out of bed this morning. Vacations never seem long enough!!!! Anyways got my hair done went with crimson red and black. I love the red its so vivid. Anyways posted a couple of pics..will post more when I level up. I can't wait for friday.....
Back At Work
heh sorta amazing storm out of work and poof, everyone treats me like a kitten. Heh, getting a raise too... lol
Back From The Docs
I got to the docs and they said everything was going good I was healing just fine and its going good. They are always surprised on how well im doing when I go there. I have to go back on the 27th for a check up and we will see what they say bout going back to work :( Its so nice not working but then again its not lol. Im missin my friends from work but it still hurts to do somethings that I would be doing at work. Oh I do have pictures of my surgery in my gallery but they are kinda gross well if you ask my sister they are VERY gross but it all depends on who you are lol so if you want to see them you do have to have the option to see adult pics because of all the nasty pics. well thats all I got for now
Back In Chi Town
Hey there everyone, I am back in Chi town for a while and enjoying myself here. Too bad my vacation is only for a week but it's been great, the weather isn't as bad as I thought it would be and thank God for that.... I have seen old friends and hung out with them, even having lunch with a friend or two. I recommend when you go on vacation and especially when you go back to your old stomping grounds that you visit the places that create memories, have fun with the friends that you grew up with and enjoy your time while you are there. Remember, live life tot he fullest and enjoy every moment you have here on Earth!
Back With My Girlfriend
Well, I'm back with my gf. now. She will be here on the 18. Hopefully we will live happily ever after. I'm not sure what her reaction to this place will be. So if I'm not online much anymore, I'm probably not dead. ( Unless she's killed me or something. lol ) I don't think she will care too much. I have two other places I'm at, and she knows that. The other two places are for standing on my soapbox, and to keep intouch with the friends I know. This place will still be another place for my soapbox. But I'm sure any flirtatious behavior will die down. I don't think she will have a problem with this place cuz it's not like I will be going out and haveing somekind of romantic relationship with the people on here. Never really can tell though with people. They can get all irrational and shit. I guesse only time will tell.
Back For 48 Hours
Hey all,,, I damn sure missed you all... I am back for 48 hours then it is off to Dominican Republic for a 5 day vacation... Hope all is well with everyone,,, went through helll with 2 - gale storms over the past tow weeks...
Background Photo's
I found some terrific backgrounds for your desktop. They're in my Fun Stuff folder, so come by visit, rate and rip away! Pete
Back To Television....
I thought that things had changed in the bedroom. My wife's morning surprise really woke me up. But alas, all the talk of getting to bed early, breaking out the oils and indulging ourselves in eachother seems to be just talk. We have had this...rollercoaster before. Actually, it is not really a rollercoaster. It is more like...Freefall @ Magic Mountain. Long wait, the ride is over in 3 seconds, and all I am left with is the sense that I somehow wasted my time. Only an idiot goes on Freefall twice. We have been going on it twice a month for five years. Every 6 months or so we head to some new attraction, but no matter how short the line and thrilling the ride, we seem to only go on it once and head back to Freefall.... If tonight is going to happen, the dishes need doing, children need baths and dinner needs to get started.... I'll do my part...
Backseat Cook
A wife was making fried eggs for her husband for breakfast. Suddenly her husband burst into the kitchen. "Careful... Careful!!! Put in some more butter! Oh my God! You're cooking too many at once. Too many! Turn them! Turn them now! We need more butter. Oh my God! Where are we going to get more butter? They're going to stick! Careful... Careful!!! I said be careful! You never listen to me when you're cooking! Never! Turn them! Hurry up! Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind? Don't forget to salt them. You know you always forget to salt them. Use the salt. Use the salt! The salt!" The wife stared at him and asked, "What the hell is wrong with you? You think I don't know how to fry a couple of eggs?" The husband calmly replied, "I wanted to show you what it feels like when I'm driving with you in the car."
Back On
OK just finished moving this weekend I am in my new place now and got the cable and subsequently internet hooked back up this afternoon. I survived YAY!
Back Home
well i just got home from filming my first episode of the t.v. show overhaulin'. well let me tell you i have put so many damn hours in on the build it was crazy. now the episode has finished filming i can tell you who it was for and what it is. if you're into drag racing you will know what he just accomplished this weekend. he is 14x champ john force. it was his 1956 f-500 special needs bus. man does it look amazing. i can't really tel many details about it. but i can tell you it will air in mid december. and it'll be worth watching
Back In Town, Went To Funeral Today
The hunting party as a whole did pretty good this year but as far as my immediate family only my brother has gotten a deer this year. But in my husband and i's defense we were called away early due to his grandpa dying in a car wreck this week, we attended the funeral in bella vista AR today and now we are back home, we will not be returning to missouri to finsih out deer season. So i will be around til christmas, unless i can't manage to avoid thanksgiving at the inlaws which a dread. hope everyone had a good week. ~cassandra
The Backrubber
The BackrubberDeliberate Gentle Sex Dreamer (DGSDm) Lusty but indirect. Kind, but also using friendship as a means to sex. Oh, that feels gooood. You are The Backrubber. We call you "The Backrubber" because you straddle that fine line between coming on to someone and just treating her nicely. Backrubs are just one example; you'd meet for coffee, or talk about books/movies, or even argue a little bit, all the while mostly preferring to screw. Your exact opposite:The Vapor TrailRandom Brutal Love Master Your indirect approach is not some evil trickery, but rather a result of your open mind. You'd enjoy either love or sex, but the latter definitely doesn't require the former. While you are responsible and ambitious, you absolutely DON'T have uptight views on relationships. So ultimately, you just enjoy a woman, and let things take their course. If she wants you, great. If not, that's fine too. Though you're not thinking too much about Love at this point in your lif
Backyard Toilet Fence Upsets Neighbors
Backyard toilet fence upsets neighbors Wed Nov 22, 11:35 PM ET Some people use scarecrows to chase away birds, or garlic to block vampires. Rick Froebe uses toilets to repel golfers. Froebe has erected a backyard "fence" made of seven old toilets, a few used bathtubs and some broken-down water heaters, all designed to prevent golfers from the adjacent Lakeview Golf & Country Club from approaching his yard. While critics say Froebe is acting out in a dispute with the golf course and other neighbors, the plumber insists his fence is not meant to be offensive. "It's plumber art," Froebe, 52, said. Besides, he added, "It's not like this is Pebble Beach. This is Lakeview." On Monday, three scarecrow-like dummies sat on toilets and looked on as golfers finished their putts on the 354-yard, par-4 first hole. The old commodes, bathtubs and water heaters first appeared on Halloween. Froebe, co-owner of Coulee Dam/Ephrata Plumbing, used to belong to the golf club, but resign
Back In The Day.... It Was 198x And I Remember
# When TAG TEAM was back again. # When Mr. T pitied the fool. # When all 5 lions made Voltron. # When Optimus Prime died. # Not to feed Gizmo after midnight. # How to "put your hand up on my hip, when you dip, I dip, we dip.". # What "Nanoo Nanoo" means. # Who to ask to know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop. # When Lucky Charms didn't have Purple Horse Shoes. # M-M-Max Headroom. # What color Mr. Yuk was. # By what power Prince Adam became He-Man. # How the Turtles became Ninjas. (FUN FACT: "Uncle Phil" from Fresh Prince of Bel Air was the voice of "Shredder") # When Sting was in the POLICE. # David Bowie for more than Labyrinth # When cartoons killed one another. # When Joe Theisman got his leg snapped on Television. # When McDonald's Happy Meals came in a Styrofoam container. # When plastic Coke bottles were "NEW" and called "shatterproof". # Who "Super Buggy" was. # What a "SNORK" is. # Inspector Gadget # Mr. Wizard # S
Back Again
damn folks i kno i been gone 4 a lil min but im back again. i been workin like a dog on that paper chase and i finally got a lil time to myself. so holla at me ppl cuz who knos wen i'll b back again. get at me
Back In The Oc!
Monday being a rainy cold day here left me to do nothing accept book more work and check on available work online. I have a full schedule this week. I am shooting video for Silverstar, and Redlight, then doing some stills for Vivid vidoe. I am a busy girl, I love my job! I still have Thursday and Friday off, but I should get those booked soon. Keep ya updated as things change. Anyone interested in seeing any of my web work, let me know. I will send ya the links!
The Backseat Of A Car
As you pull my hair Say your words to god Shove my face down Down It’s all in love Whisper Please don’t ever leave Grinding teeth And scratching nails Struggle to breathe I am your sin The one you love to commit As I choke You scream my name I swallow your pride And we begin This ritual of decadence
Back The Fuck Up
Back Sooner Than Expected.
Hey my Cherry-flavored friends. I'm back sooner than later. So I hope that I wasn't away too long for you all to forget me. I'll have to catch up on my stalk...I mean, visiting all of your profiles again. See you soon and it's great to be back. ;)
Back In Hong Kong
7th May 2006 1:42 AM as i write this i have just finished seeing my 4 gig in a row and have now seen 9 differennt bands since i have been here and through a strange series of coicidences half of them have already bought me drinks and im on first name terms with them. Last days in yangshou were interesting, went rock climbing however im sure the weather is plotting to kill me, everytime i do anything dangerous it decides to go all troical stormy on my ass. did alright but had one nasty fall where my spine was hrridly introduced to the rcks on the ground (im fine though guys, i feel your concern) had a terribly stressful last evening, we were getting the ngiht bus to HK and were told when we booked it to wait in a hottwl lobby at set time. we got there early and waited...and waited...and waited........nothing happens, we had already checked out and due to the May holidays for the chinese rooms where very scarce, had to peg it to the trael office at 10 at night and hope we could
Back Again
well.i made it back to see the kids for a couple of days.this weather is a trip got to leave sunday for south cal.7 drops starting at barstow and ending in sandeigo.hope you all are doing fine as frog hair out there. talk soon.
Back To Work In A Fun Way....
Hey So I'm just taking a break here and checkin up on the mail and thought I'd drop an update on yas. This weekend I hope to finish up a majorit of my calendar. I'll still have to do one shoot after this weekend.. (Damn pink wig hasnt arrived!) But should be ready before 2006 is over! :P Best, VJ
Back In Town
hi all!!! stress what a special gift... my life would be nothing w/out drama.
Back Where I Started
I sit alone in a dull hospital room right now finding a somewhat grim irony to writing this. The last time I was in the hospital, my first blog turned into a cat fight amongst my friends as i lay comatose in the same hospital i sit now. It's different this time, i'm not near death, nor am i on a respirator. I'm actually chain smoking and movie watching my way thru the hours that seem endless. Reminded that while here, I'm not running my business, not making money, not finishing up that last hard to find Christmas gift shopping. It's not all horrible. My office is doing fine without me, my friends are getting along, at least the few i bothered to tell I was coming in here, and ebay has hijacked my credit limit with CIA precision. For some reason me being in here has actually brought out the best in some people, friends and family all seem concerned but respectful, my daughters mom is trying to make peace with my own mother. The kid finally got to go sledding, which when u come from a pl
i'm back from my lovely weekend at the boyfriends house... well i didn't dye my hair... gotta have it cut first..
Back In Action
So the damn computer is back up and running now....but seems slower than it was before it crashed (what the hell is wrong with this POS?. So I'm hoping to get some new pics up this week (as I slowly get all my programs back in order). Thank goodness Bro-in-law was able to save my family photos and stuff like that. Today i have been playing catch up on the cyber-side (you think real life moves Ny guess is by the end of the coming week I'll have it all running smoothly again *fingers crossed* It's good to be back!!!
Back Home
I am now back home and have had a shit ass week. Sorry that I haven't been around much and will work on that problem as soon as I slow down. Hope yall are doing ok and hope to talk to yall soon. Love, Carrie
Back & Forth
BACK & FORTH So fresh just like a clean cut wound; I'm sending you straight back to the womb. Where you can restart and begin again; This time around I'll only be your friend. Matters of the heart weren't meant for you and I; Deep inside I remind myself its not worth it to cry. Because even though I still feel for you; Dancing back & forth I'll just never do. So move on and get out of my way; I'm on a mission to live it up every day! It's go time to face off with you; To prove and show you how much this woman's worth can do! PWB~*B*
Back From My Photoshoot
I got lots of good stuff done this week. Kinda tired but wanted to stop in and tell u had a good trip to my friend belles house. you can check out my two updates this week I got some good gurdle, pantyhose,sexy maide, watch me tanning and getting off.lots of sexy tight dresses to nothing at all.smooches.. Lorie
Background Skin
Ok try as I might I still can't get the background skin to come out right.I did find a place that you can rip a skin and did that good. I want a Christmas background.How do you get the different pics on the background? I would like some different Christmas pics to make up background.Now if some brave soul decides to help me plz remember you have to tell me every little step and to speak clearly..LOL..
Back Where I Started From
I feel as if im walkin in a circle riding a fawkin rollercoaster life is going up and down just when i feel like things are going good something in my life brings me back to the ground guess im not meant for all this shit but there is one thing that keeps me around thats what i need to focus on now as soon as i get my health back in order get back on my feet then this circle will start all over again i will be on an emotional high so now ill sit here doing anything anything i can to get better doing what i can to get by but im here alone once again right back where i started from guess some fools just never learn fawk it.. just the story of my life give this chapter of the book a turn...
Back In Hell
hey all, its been a while since i have written, i just got back to iraq from my 15 days of R&R. it was sutch a beautyful trip. holding my little girl every day, my little girl walking up to me and raising her arms, giveing me hugs and kisses. it amazes me just how smart she is. she is only a 19 months old, but she already helps put her toys away when she is done with them, she knows you have to turn a door knob to open the door (most of the time she isnt strong enough to do it, but she knows) she knows that the one thing in the pots and pans cubbard that she can play with is the folding steamer thing, and that is the only thing she will grab out of there when she goes in it. seeing some of my friends amazed because she will put her toys back when she is done with them, she usaly has to be told to do it, but she knows where they go and will do it. my friends are amazed because their six year olds usaly need more prompting than she does. it was hard the last three times i had to
Well we are in VA and back in tack and seen snow flurries yesterday!!! Wow its cold!!! I am so glad to be unpacked and back into being in a normal place, lol. The kids have plans tonight and well hubby invited a friend over to fuck me well!!! So I could have some fun, I am very excited. Glad to be back and I missed you all!! Kisses Alyse
Backwards Shit
Back At Home
Alright, so I just returned back from my weekend trip to visit some out of town friends. It was good times seeing a lot of them again and getting trashed and doing some of the stupid shit we used to do when we were still in high school. I know I said I would take pics of stuff but we just all kinda forgot about it so I apologize. I did meet some new people like one of my Marine buddie's girlfriend or maybe it was his ex-girlfriend (I don't really know nor do I care) but what I do know is that she was fucking annoying as piss and all I did was just talk bad to her the whole night and she was so annihilated drunk that she never once caught on to what I was saying, then came about 3 rounds of drunken heavy metal karaoke in which case I pushed my voice fucking hard and it hurt a little bit the next day but all is well with it now. I'm sure there is more I could go into detail about but those things are more of a "you had to be there to understand it"
Back On The Streets With The Phat Rockin' Beats
My DJ Names -MC Incoherent Raptor -MC Megadose of Mildew -MC 1 Grilled Cheese -MC Fragile Self-Esteem -MC Obvious Corporate Reference -MC Object Denoting Wealth -MC Dance Attack and Groin Pull -MC Sensible Health Plan .... (from my livejournal)
Back Like A Vertabre
Yup I am back and now kicking more ass than usual...Damn tonsils and had hernia surgery aswell...Gee imagine that...I knew something was wrong when I was at midtown fitness(by the way the best club around) and I had felt a pop and a burn...wooooohaaaa.....
Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program
Back At The Beginning
Chapter 1 They walked passed each other every day, lockers were right next to each other but they never spoke. He was known as the school nerd and she was the cheerleading captin. Barely knew the other even existed until one day when everything changed. Precious Stetson, was junior in high school when her life changed for what at the time she believed to be the worst. She had been the cheerleading captin for two years and had always been able to get away with everything, even cheating. This year things were different though. They had a new principal and he didn't care who you were, if you didn't follow the rules you got punished. Precious was never any good at math so whenever she had a test coming up she would sneak into the classroom when nobody else was there and find the key. Once she found the key she would make a copy of it and hide it in her folder for the day of the test. Never before had she gotten caught. But then again never before had she been so careless.
Back From Work, Now Home For The Night
Back To Work I Go
DAMN DAMN DAMN i want to get orders out of here at this point with or without my husband....maybe apply for Korea just get the fuck out of here, but as always the power he holds on me will never let me go He has captured that part of me that no one can see me unwilling for that mind you but indeed he did as the time grows closer for CCL to leave my heart gets harder and harder, my mood gets worse and worse panic wells up in me like I want to do something to stop it but I know i can't ever do that So with everything in my life being as it may I am here no matter what, three kids make it hard to do anything but continue to smile........ I wish for that fairy tale love I suppose but it doesn't exist does it, so I will be content in the love that I am given by a good man and continue to make him as happy as I can I AM DEFEATED the wild mustang has been tamed the impossible made possible, like many the spirit has been dragged out of me, so now I sit and go threw my day wi
Back To Back Relationship
I figured out a pattern to my relationships! First the love me Then they turn to only lust finally they leave me After they leave me I lust EVERYTHING Then I love someone I think is great And it starts ALL OVER! So.... Love Lust Leave Leave Lust Love A great BIG ENDLESS CIRCLE OF PAIN!!! But I am least I know what to look forward to! LOL!
Back Grounds..
Back On Track.
I will get back to writing a lot more on shotguns (my first firearm love) soon. I was distracted by pistols for a while, and then rifles. I *think* I'm back to shotgun-obsession for a while now :)
Back Grounds For Lounges And Profiles
I got my background from Background Codes Background Provided By: SeekCodes MySpace Codes
Back From 'vacation'?
Well, we're back from our 'Vacation' in Utah. Part vacation, part Getting My Teeth Removed So I Can Start Wearing Dentures trip. More about that inna bit. Anyway, so . . . we arrived it Utah, and, despite a bit of trouble here and there, had a relatively good time. The first couple of weeks, my mom was rather . . . bitchy. She calmed down the last week and apologized profusely, telling us she had NO idea why she was so pissy. So, all is forgiven. Now, I go into the dentist, and need dentures. Long story. Anyway, we opt for Immediate Dentures. Immediate Dentures are dentures where the mold of your mouth is taken, and then when they get the dentures in, they rip out all of your teeth at once then shove the dentures into your mouth and that's it. However, my dentist didn't do it that way. He ripped out 5 teeth the day he took my denture mold. Then, he took out 5 teeth a week later, and then the rest 4 days later. So, the dentures didn't fit quite the way the should, and they hurt
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Back To Good !
Back 2 Good Video - Matchbox Twenty lyricsMatchbox Twenty Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
Back :):):)
hey all!!!!! the christmas season is over....and what a long and busy time it has been for me. but now i have time for cherrytap and all of the freinds i mave missed so dearly :)thanks to all that has shown me love while i was gone... hugs and kisses kels :):):)
Back And Horny
so i just got back to cali it took so long i slept a lot but wheni was awake i couldnt help but think about sex it fucking sucks im so fucking horny
Well yes i missed it plus friend's i have like's CT better so here for good and im just chillin is all say hi if ya like and have fun~~~Nancy
Well I went out and got a used computer and added a little more RAM for dsl and now I'm back. So what did I miss? lol
Backyard Wrestling
Backyard Wrestling Montage
a montage of me Backyard wrestling

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