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You are always on my mind Here you will find my thoughts, outlined Brandy, my dear sweetheart I will always carry you within my heart Brandy, you are unbelievably beautiful Not having met you earlier makes me feel like a fool The moment I saw you my heart was sold I dream that together we will grow old Brandy, you mean so much to me Being with you, one plus one equals three I anxiously await our time ahead For now, I keep dreaming of you instead All of you is what I need Together, we will succeed Bye bye, my love I really meant everything I said above another poem wrote for me by: Irishmouse25@ CherryTAP
Awww :(
WOW...that's one way of getting through to your kids... Don't Close Your Blinds The other day, my nine-year-old son wanted to know why we were at war in Iraq . My husband looked at our son and then looked at me. My husband and I were in the Army during the Gulf War and we would be honored to serve and defend our Country again today. I knew that my husband would give him a good explanation. My husband thought for a few minutes and then told my son to go stand in our front living room window. He said "Son, stand there and tell me what you see?" "I see trees and cars and our neighbor's houses." he replied. "OK, now I want you to pretend that our house and our yard is the United States of America and you are President Bush." Our son giggled and said "OK." "Now son, I want you to look out the window and pretend that every house and yard on this block is a different country," my husband said. "OK Dad, I'm pretending." "Now I want you to stand ther
Awww The Loan
Well this morning I tried to get a loan for 6500 for an online plece that was a joke for sure.. Their APR was outrages.. and it would have takin me 7 years to totally pay it off. But I need to get out of this hole I'm in!!! Its ok Anyway they said nooooo LOL Figures!!! So this is what Im going to do is try to find some kind of home based business to get into. Im not looking to get rich. Just something to help my ends meet better..
Awwwwwwwwwwww Chocolate!
How super sweet - the last client we had just handed me with a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates as a thank you for helping him sort out his billing mess last week. That's one of my favorite kinds! Such a sweet old man!
LA CROSSE, Wis. - They were called Wallace and Gromit, a couple of abandoned yellow Labrador retriever siblings who wound up at the Coulee Region Humane Society. The pups were 5 months old last June when they were adopted out, but to separate homes. Months later, Pat Kucera at Diggity Dog Daycare noticed two yellow Labs named Levi and Cooper would "play like crazy" every time they got the chance during visits to his facility. ADVERTISEMENT "They love playing chase, ring around the picnic table and face wrestling on the couches," Kucera said. When he mentioned their behavior to their respective owners, Cyndy Lamb remembered the other pup she never forgot — the one that was with Cooper when she took him home from the humane society. She asked Denice Mack, owner of Levi, about her dog's past and found out she too adopted her dog last June. "When she said he was 5 months old when she got him, my heart stopped," Lamb said. "I was so excited," Mack said, "because when we
Awwwwwww Where Am I?
Awwwwwww Where Am I? 9 minutes ago * Modify this blog message * Delete this blog message Where Am I? I cannot hear nor can I see, all is dark all is quiet, Am I dead or am I still alive, I cannot comprehend. Where is the light Where is the sound The sight and sounds of my life, Someone open my eyes or drop a plate, So if I see and hear them, I can comprehend, Why is this happening to me, I wish I knew the answer, Is it Gods order for me, Or something I don’t understand, Is death waiting for me with its sharp claws. What is that, I am sure it was a flash. Or am I dreaming but wait there is more light, Then I am in the dark again, Why I can’t work that out, So here I am drifting again on stream of live, Please release me from this mental turmoil in my head, I want to hear as well as see please. Then I can see again and who is that at my side. I think it is an angel “My Wife” I can really see not her but white coats. Click another click, They have
Awwww Someone Likes Me
I just want everyone to know, that I thank all of you that helped me out and who helped my grow in Cherry Tap! Make your Comments HEARD using
Awwwww Babe I Loves You
Pretty please show her Love on this tragic day! I loves her sooo much. her car was totaled this mourning cause some guy ran a stop side a hit her in the side and she went to the hospital cause she was in pain. I just want the best for my babe. she has my heart and she will be in prayers. I love you sooo much babe! Picture is Link to her profile
I lost one crush,, that's a shame... To whomever you were thanks fer at least having one on me 4 a split
Awwww ~just~a~bitch~.....
For my records only...not so that others go hastle her....i like it when i get down/low raters, cuz it just means they are jealous of my beauty and of what i got!! awwww it be aight!! I don't blame you for hatin me cuz ya aint me hun! *GRINZ* ~Just~a~bitch~@ CherryTAP just a noob biatch that doesnt know any CT etiquette yet *7* on my default
Awwww Hes Soo Cute!!!!
YOU GET DA SEX BUNNY!! `;;;;;;;;._______________;;;;;;;` ;;;;;;;;;;;:_____________, :;;;;;;;;;` `:;;;;;;;;;;;`;__________, :;;;;;;;;;;;` _ `:;;;;;;;;;;;`, , _______, :;;;;;;;;;;;` ___`:;;;;;;;;;;;;_______, ;;;;;;;;;;;;: ____.`:;;;;;;;;;_____;;;;;;;;;;` _______`:;;;;;;_____;;;;;;;: ___________`:;;;;., .;;;;;; ______.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ____.;;;;;D`;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ____`;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; _____`:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; _______`.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ___________.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;. ____(`*. (`*. .*) .* ) Ok This Is The Sex Bunny If You Receive This Bunny That Means Your Fuckin Sexy If You Get This Back That Means Your Even Sexier Pass This Bunny On To 10 Of Your Friends, If You Fail You Will Be Cursed With 10 Years Of Bad Sex
Awwww Helllllll Nawwwwwww
Awww Dont Worry
hey guys as by now u know i am not online much and wont be for a lil over a week i am moving so if u r one of my blog readers then u know whats up if not then u gonna think i fell off the face of the earth but i didnt lol dont forget about me ill be back lots of love *lolly*
Awww I Want This
Girl: Do i ever cross ur mind? Boy: No Girl: Do you like me? Boy: Not really Girl: Do you want me? Boy: No Girl: Would you cry if I left? Boy: No Girl: Would you live for me? Boy: No Girl: Would you do anything for me? Boy: No Girl: Choose--me or ur life Boy: my life The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says... The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind. The reason why I don't like you is because I love you. The reason I don't want you is because I need you. The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left. The reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you. The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you. The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life. REPOST THIS IN 7 MIN. IF YOU CARE FOR SOMEONE A LOT OR YOU'LL HAVE BAD LUCK IN YOUR UPCOMING
Awww, C'mon.
"Error: you can't rate yourself, foolio!" Why not? I think I'm pretty cute. It's the pigtails. I'd totally give myself like a 5 or something.
Awww No Love
all these ppl i have on my friends and only like 3 leave me comments WTF LOL
...for all those Earth Angels that stopped by and helped me out in my contest, I want to say a big THANKS! We're here for rating others stashes...not contest, and I know you were under no obligation to help out, but it is sure nice to know that there are friends that will help you out, just because they want to! Alot of you know that my Dad just passed away 3 weeks ago today, so you all have NO IDEA, how much it meant to have you all leave so many comments on his contest pictures. Thank you very very much!
- Girl: I love you. - Boy: Yeah I know everyone does! -Girl: Really? - Boy: Yeah...everyone of my friends that are girls tell me that everyday. - Girl: Oh...but am I only your friend? - Boy:'re my girlfriend...why? - Girl: So when I say I love you I really do mean it. - Boy: Yeah I know you do mean it...its just that you dont need to tell me that you love me anymore cuz I know you love me since the day we been together and i love you more each and everyday. - Girl: ...... - Boy: So wanna go somewhere tonight for our 7th anniversary? - Girl: Yeah...where? - Boy: I dont know...maybe movie then dinner? -Girl: Ok. - Boy: Ill pick you up after I get off and get ready ok? - Girl: Ok. What time do you get off? - Boy: In 2 hours and then I gotta go home and yeah get ready which takes about 15-20 mintues... -Girl: hey...I thought you didnt have work today... - Boy: One of my co-worker
"Girl: Do i ever cross ur mind? Boy: No Girl: Do you like me? Boy: Not really Girl: Do you want me? Boy: No Girl: Would you cry if I left? Boy: No Girl: Would you live for me? Boy: No Girl: Would you do anything for me? Boy: No Girl: Choose--me or ur life Boy: my life The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says... The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind. The reason why I don't like you is because I love you. The reason I don't want you is because I need you. The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left. The reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you. The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you. The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life.
Awwwwwww :)
Funny Myspace Comments
Awwww Now I Dont Get To
To all the mum commenters well no just one they know who they are. All because I tried to edit a mum and could not so I deleted it. Some Asshole decided to report it. Why are peoples correction Some people such ----- theres not even a word I can think of . Well Sorry egotistical self centered fake asswhiping crybaby not worth the shit they flush buttfucks.are some that come to mind. Now Fubar suspended me from making mums all because of a question about a Beatles tribute band that I had to delete because I worded it wrong but Posted right back explaned what happened then asked the question the right way? Then a day later I geta E-mail from FUBAR saying I would have my profile deleted if they had another complaint. What the FUCK? Anyway just wanted to let evryone know that some people are just Asshole as if you guys didn't know. BY THE WAY FUBAR I POSTED A FRICKIN SALUTE WHEN YOU WERE STILL CHERRYTAP> STILL HAVENT HEARD FROM YAS TO SAY F_YOU OR NOTHING. Good looking out I'm
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Nuts!!!! Lol
Last night my VIC ran out!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! Some awesome person gifted me a months VIC and surprised me..... :) I got so use to Now that I dont have it I feel NEKKED!!!!! lmao!!!!! :P :O.... And I cant afford squat.... Zombies dont make alot of money!!!! heheehe... Oooooooooooh well..... Back to my cave I go lol...Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nuts............ hahahaha...... Once ya get spoiled, you dont want it to stop..... hehehehe..... :O Okies Im done ramblin
Awww....from My Good Buddy Lisa Sweet
Awww I Miss My Rosie Girl
It seems I have offended a few people with my stash uploads. They removed their friend and fanning. Oh well. Most of you have been on my list for awhile and know that there are times i go on mad uploading sprees. Those that stick with me thanks. Those that cant handle it. FUCK YA. Get off my damn list if you dont like it. Just shut your whiney asses up. If I wanna hear somebody whine Ill call my kids at their grandmas (where they are this weekend). get it? got it? good! Cute!!! Kitty Eating Corn!!!
Awww Ray...
Awww...disappointed Like A Lil Kid On Christmas Day !
There's a rumor about Mars going around the internet. Here are some snippets from a widely-circulated email message: "The Red Planet is about to be spectacular." "Earth is catching up with Mars [for] the closest approach between the two planets in recorded history." "On August 27th … Mars will look as large as the full moon." And finally, "NO ONE ALIVE TODAY WILL EVER SEE THIS AGAIN." Only the first sentence is true. The Red Planet is about to be spectacular. The rest is a hoax. Here are the facts: Earth and Mars are converging for a close encounter this year on October 30th at 0319 Universal Time. Distance: 69 million kilometers. To the unaided eye, Mars will look like a bright red star, a pinprick of light, certainly not as wide as the full Moon. Sign up for EXPRESS SCIENCE NEWS delivery Disappointed? Don't be. If Mars did come close enough to rival the Moon, its gravity would alter Earth's orbit and raise terrible tides. Sixty-nine million km is good. At t
can you believe he did this for me? :) i ♥ you James! (i have to confess it made me cry a bit the other night and yees i'm very sensitive) it was very sweet and kind of you doing this for me you mean a lot to me and i hope you know that :P well i'm working, and fighting with Ubuntu and Fedora Core lol (for the ones that doesn't know, they are linux) this is my last week working here and seems like it's weird that i still didn't realize it... don't feel it like the last one. i'm working in many things at the same time to be patient if i take sometime to answer messages or shoutbox well i'll be around :)
Im not feeling so well today. I thought it was because i was tired but now im not so sure..... Come by and show me some luv.... help me feel better
Awww You're Not In My Fam Anymore?
Yeah well I did a quick fam check and a third of my family members didn't have me in theirs. I didn't care who you were, I just deleted you! Sorry, my family members recognize me as the same. Otherwise, I don't got time for ya! Peace bitches.
We all know or knew someone like this!! One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school. His name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying all of his books. I thought to myself, "Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday? He must really be a nerd." I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a football game with my friends tomorrow afternoon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on. As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running toward him. They ran at him, knocking all his books out of his arms and tripping him so he landed in the dirt. His glasses went flying, and I saw them land in the grass about ten feet from him. He looked up and I saw this terrible sadness in his eyes My heart went out to him. So, I jogged over to him and as he crawled around looking for his glasses, and I saw a tear in his eye. As I handed him his glasses, I said, "Those guys are jerks. " They really shoul
Awww Shoot....
sometimes i just sits and thinks..and sometimes i just am just sittin..but beware...those of you that know me understand this one...i'll be sittin and thinkin one day and oh mercy....what will come out then...hehehehe...ya'll have an outstanding one...
Ok so this guy posted a stupid MuMM blah blah & I told him to pull the bandana he was wearing up to cover his whole face :D. He just wrote this to me: how bout u delete ur pics so we dont have to look at u
so as you can see, I'm sad. I posted a personal ad on myspace, as i've done in the past, except for this time I got a TON of feedback.... it was like 5 guys every day for over a week! Now of course most of them were automatic rejections, but it was so nice getting all the attention! There were a few I had narrowed down to. One of which, Travis, I have already met and in fact we hang out quite frequently. He lives in town, yay, is very very sweet and affectionate, but I'm not at all attracted to him... rather redneck, at least in voice. He has been growing on me lately though, so he's not completely out of the picture, and has so far been a good friend The one I was MOST interested in was Brennon. He's in Richmond, so not toooo far, but not close either. He's drop dead gorgeous, beautiful, mesmerizing.... god... He was such a perfect gentleman too! Didnt say a damn thing about sex for at least a couple days, and we had very nice conversations, he thought I was very bea
Awww So Sweet
aww listen to how sweet this is. a guy that will not leave me alone no matter how many times i ask, how nicely i ask,and how much i cuss him out sent my brand new laptop a damn virus. yeah becasue thats gonna make me want to date his crazy ass. why the hell would someone do that?? i REALLY just dont understand. i use that computer everyday for school to write papers,take notes,and check my school email. so i just wanna say a big THANK YOU to the asshole that gave me the virus. He's on fubar so if you wnana know who he is leave me a comment and ill be sure to let you know his name. love yall
Awww!! Want A Boy To Say This To Me..
girl: Do i ever cross ur mind? Boy: No Girl: Do you like me? Boy: Not really Girl: Do you want me? Boy: No Girl: Would you cry if I left? Boy: No Girl: Would you live for me? Boy: No Girl: Would you do anything for me? Boy: No Girl: Choose--me or ur life Boy: my life The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says... The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind. The reason why I don't like you is because I love you. The reason I don't want you is because I need you. The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left. The reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you. The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you. The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life. If your a girl repost this as ''Aww. I want a boy to say this to me.'' If your a guy re
Awww Baby!! Look At Him
No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance. No one stays in love by chance, it is by work. No one falls out of love by chance, it is by choice
I think after having my cell phone for nearly 3 years (it would be 3 years this January on the 2nd!), it's time for a new one. I was working perfectly fine last night, but now, whenever someone tries to call me, it doesn't show on my phone that anyone is calling me. And I can barely make any calls out. I have a cell phone tower really close to where I am at so I should have all 6 of my bars (which I usually do) but it goes up and down every once in awhile and in a few places I didn't have any service at all, in my own room! It's being very goofy now and that sucks because I don't have too much money for a new phone and I've grown kind of attached to my out-of-style phone. Hehe. Is that what you all suggest to do, get a new one? Or does anyone know why it's freaking out? I just recently bought a new battery for it too, so it's not that. Thanks for you help! ***Update: I went and bought a new phone. A motorokr! Hehe. It's pretty neat. It's definitely an upgrade compared to my first ce
Awww Damn Snow
Well here is my little rant on snow.... I fucking hate snow... we got 8 inches of the white powder and I can't make a dime off of it.... why couldn't it be the good white powder... you know the stuff... the type of white powder you have to sell your house for a fucking 8-ball... so here are my reasons why I hate this shit.... One... I have to shovel the crap... it looks pretty and all but why the hell does it have to weigh a ton. Two... it weighs down trees and they tend to break and fall on your house... example... Me... God damn tree fell and now I have to spend more fucking money in which I don't have... And, last but not least... Three... People are stupid enough as it is.. and when it rains their IQ drops alot when driving... when it Snows... WE GOT TARDS OUT THERE ON THEM HIGHWAYS... Ugh... 98.9% of people can't drive in snow... I hate that shit... So fuck it I'm staying in and watching reruns of I love Lucy till the plows come through... Maybe do some drinking and lots of smokei
Awww Where Is The Fu Luv At
hey all where is the fu luv at come to the iron horse saloon and show us sum luv and join our twisted family the peeps are great lots of fun times tunes that will rock u so come on out and get shitfaced and rock out with us at the iron horse saloon we are also hiring for all staff if ur interested in a staff position hit tec or sexi up in the lounge luv u all my sweet wonderful friends
Awww This Fake Want's Your Hearts Guys!!! Tell Her To Go Fu-huck Herself! (from The Bulletin Board)
I don't usually run around exposing fakes but this one tried really messin with the head of a friend of mine. I dunno how his dumb ass missed that she was fake but here goes........ Is Actually And SAYS her best friend is...... I called her our and gave her a lump of coal for Christmas.....being fake is just what some people do but it SUCKS when they pretend to be that "fake" person to attract people they don't think they could attract by just being themselves..... Yeah, I'll put her link in here, I dgaf....she does unblock me to try and plead her case cute....LOL. kiwisweetgal...I'm Fake, Stang Busted Me and I Suck!!@ fubar Long story careful out there the FU is fulla fakes, this one just got caught. Much Luv For Yah...Don't Get Caught Up ۞Stang۞FU BAD B!TCH ۞Owner Of Centerfolds۞2nd Alarm Hottie۞@ fubar
Awww F**k, It's Christmas Again?!?!?!
My sister and her husband, both well-to-do individuals.....have gone "Balls to the Walls" this Christmas and to be honest....I feel a little insignificant when it comes to my sons gifts. I purchased a TON of Under Armour gear (several hundred dollars)for my son, and a new riding helmet......a wake board, a nice knife and several things from Abercrombie and Fitch, not to mention, the ever popular Old Navy. My son is doing good so far. He doesn't ask for much which is why we feel compelled to be ridiculous around the holidays. He is an Honor Roll student, he plays sports 3/4 of the year and although he finds girls cute...he is very vocal in his speech's to them "I HAVE NO TIME FOR YOU". sister and her hubby, who love my son as their own (A story I might share some other time) proceeded to purchase the following items because Joshua "deserves" them: This game goes with the 360 he just got a month ago. This pitching machine goes with the batting cage that hi
Awww Man....
So a guy post this as a mumm... I replied.. see reply.. Then he gets in my shoutbox.. Tries to talk idiot to me and I don't speak idiot.. Then he blocks me (I guess?) leaves me a profile comment... In which he CALLS ME STUPID... LMAO.. WOW...I'm impressed...I laughed..figured you might too...
Awwwwwww Butt Hurt!!
Remember read from the bottom up ;) bigruss@ fubar SO lam-o "bigruss" got a little butthurt because I wouldn't phone bone with him last night... and this morning thought he'd try to sweet talk me into something again... oo it went bad... so show him a lil loving... just say hello...... :D be sure to tell him I sent you! Thanks loveys!! ->~*BJ*~ Mem...: is that ALL you've got? bigruss: you have a nice life loosing weight is a nice thing too ->~*BJ*~ Mem...: I really don't get all your hostility..... but you have a nice life... anger management is a good thing.... ->~*BJ*~ Mem...: uh wow... well then bigruss: no need to get smart bitch ->~*BJ*~ Mem...: you were crabby because I wouldn't talk dirty to you ->~*BJ*~ Mem...: haha want me to copy n paste the convo for you? bigruss: i dont remember last night lol ->~*BJ*~ Mem...: well good morning cranky butt... I didn't think I'd hear from you again after how you left last night bigruss: hey there princess ->~*BJ*
My mom found a blog about plus size dating and typed this about me! Awww!!!! I'm not in the dating game but I have a 22 yr. old daughter who is NOT ONLY ,plus size but is DROP-DEAD Gorgeous.I've seen men(and women) walk across a room to say hello and break their necks to get a better look and then SMILE,sometimes at her,sometimes to themselves. I think it's all in the way a woman carries herself,whether she be *weighty* or not. If you aren't happy with yourself,an insightful person will see this.They'll either care enough to find out *why* or they'll be shallow enough to Run like hell. Sometime's all it takes is a few kind words or a great big smile to lift someone out of that dark hole. B E E N T H E R E D O N E T H A T !
Awwwwww What A Sweetie!
Sean left this for me as a comment... he loves me hehehehe =D Sean: When will I find I love? Where will she be, And if she's out there will she wait for me? Andrea: How will he know me? Will I know him? Is there no end to all my questioning? Sean: Can I believe what I am seeing, what I am feeling Something so rare, watching her there She makes my heart stop. Andrea: Can I believe what I'm feeling, my head is reeling, He just looked my way, from the start I can say I will give him everything. Strange emotions wash over me Like the motion of the deepest sea, And I feel Chorus: Both: First love (I need nobody but you), You're all I'm dreamed of (I will be constant and true), Love moves me inside like the moon moves the tide. My first love. Sean: Can it be true? Can this be real love? Am I worthy of a vision so pure Oh lovely one, she's what I waited for. Andrea: Can it be true, or am I dreaming? He makes my heart sing Watching his eyes, a loo
Awww, For Me? Thx Mark! :o)
SHE'S A RAINBOW (Jagger/Richards) She comes in colors everywhere; She combs her hair She's like a rainbow Coming colors in the air Oh, everywhere She comes in colors She comes in colors everywhere; She combs her hair She's like a rainbow Coming colors in the air Oh, everywhere She comes in colors Have you seen her dressed in blue See the sky in front of you And her face is like a sail Speck of white so fair and pale Have you seen the lady fairer She comes in colors everywhere; She combs her hair She's like a rainbow Coming colors in the air Oh, everywhere She comes in colors Have you seen her all in gold Like a queen in days of old She shoots colors all around Like a sunset going down Have you seen the lady fairer She comes in colors everywhere; She combs her hair She's like a rainbow Coming colors in the air Oh, everywhere She comes in colors She's like a rainbow Coming colors in the air Oh, everywhere She comes in colors
Awww From Nyha For My Cause!
Little Melissa comes home from first grade and tells her father that they learned about the history of Valentine's Day. "Since Valentine's Day is for a Christian saint and we're Jewish," she asks, "Will God get mad at me for giving someone a valentine?" Melissa's father thinks a bit, then says "No, I don't think God would get mad. Who do you want to give a Valentine to?" "Osama Bin Laden," she says. "Why Osama Bin Laden," her father asks in shock. "Well," she says, "I thought that if a little American Jewish girl could have enough love to give Osama a Valentine, he might start to think that maybe we're not all bad, and maybe start loving people a little bit. And if other kids saw what I did and sent Valentines to Osama, he'd love everyone a lot. And then he'd start going all over the place to tell everyone how much he loved them and how he didn't hate anyone anymore." Her father's heart swells and he looks at his daughter with new found pride. "Melissa, that's t
Awww. She's Awesome! Ty Nyha
For anyone that isn't aware... Any donation will receive a salute made for them as well as included in a thank you pimpout. Any donation of $10,000 or more will recieve a custom graphic from my great friend Tinkerbell! Any donation of 200,000 or more will receive a solo pimpout and featured on my profile! Join the few others there! If you are trying to level and would rather have more than a thank you I or a couple friends that have volunteered to help will leave 100 10s on your pictures for $10,000 fubucks. $20,000 if you want to receive the salute and graphic as well. :) I am at almost 4 million fubucks. So, not too much longer to go! MUCH FU LOVE, PebblesinAZ
Awww Rocked My Socks Off
Went to show at Studio 7 on sunday! saw bands Wednesday 13, Alabaster, the a.k.a.s, and Creature Feature. Some of there music is posted on my page. Check them out! i will post photos soon. It was amazing!!!! so yeah check out the bands and let me know what you think!
Awww....he Cant Go!
ummm i asked one of my friend to come with me to the anti-flag... show but he is going to iowa or something to work that same week the concert is that is messed up! oh well at least he get to go to some good shows up that way... anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag anti flag i
Awww This Is From Madd To Me
Spend My Life lyrics I've been livin' in This lovely world Wishin' I could find Someone to love Hopin' someone would Come from above Change my life Then I noticed you there You were my angel Sent from my despair I know that you are The lady who cares I wanna spend my life with you I wanna spend my life with you I think of all of those Sleepless nights It's like the earth Was standin' still You know I hardly had The will to survive I wanna spend my life with you Only with you baby I wanna spend my life with you You know you're my little angel I wanna spend my life with you Don't you know I wanna spend all of my life with you, babe Cause you gave me All your loving And baby I know it's true, ya Cause you're the only one for me Baby I'm the one for you
AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i miss you schatzi!!! and i have my SPM and i'm in 0 tolerance meaning: - no patience - tendence to cry for every lil thing - screamy - sleepy anyone help meeee
Awww Ty Silent Lizard!
Hey you!! Do you know this nice lady?? ~PebblesinAz~ You don't!! Well, first you need to go Fan/Rate/Add her...I will wait..... . . . . . . You did it? Ok, then on to the true purpose of this :) She is in a giveaway for a Happy Hour, and needs your help!! She needs 60,000 comments to get it. Rates count as 5 points and comments count as 1 *well, duh* Here is the pic you need to bomb like mad!! PebblesinAz But make sure you Fan/Rate/Add the host too!! Cappy Every little bit helps, whether it be 1 comment or your max for the day! I will even pay you to bomb her!! For every 100 comments you leave I will give you 2,000 fubucks!! Count up or down, just fumail me when you are done!! This message brought to you by the one and only: Silentlizard Please Repost!!
Awww Nyha Made This For Chris And I!
Awww Pink Made This For Me! She Rocks!
Awwwwww....this Sweet, SWEET FU made this for me! I love her. Go show her how much! *Pink0828*~*~Owned By Tendercop~*~@ fubar I Love This Girl!!!! Lets Shower Her With Tons Of Luvin Fu Style!!!!! She has been through some crazy stuff lately and through it all she still finds the time to help out. She will get it stickied! She will make you a gorgeous bully! She will even bomb your a$$ off if you need it!Plus she has the worlds only Total Recall 3 Bewb Pic!! Let's Show Her Some Grateful Fu Luvin This Mother's Day Weekend!!! You My Dear Are My Best Friend On Here and I Love Ya To Death!!!!! Go Hit Her Up!!!!! ~PebblesinAZ~Owned by DJ Kidd Rock~I Love My BF Tappinit!@ fubar
Awww She's But Hurt
so ok the mumm expired as i was posting the comment and so this chick who is all but hurt because she red my comment which included mo mo and punkins comments on it in it and after punkins i put ya got the moron part right because punkin said fu-reality is an oxymoron lol which i found amusing any way she sends me a kiss lmao some one sounds a little butt hurt dontcha think?
Awwww Pink Made This For Me!
Let's Make Her Feel Sexy! ~PebblesinAZ~Make My Bedrock! C Sticky Bulletin/Blog! xoxo@ fubar She Has Had A Very Hard Week & Needs Some Luvin Up On! Let's Show Her How Much We Appreciate All She Does For Us! Add-Fan-Rate-Crush-Buy Her Things!You Know She Will Love You Back! This Love Pimp Brought To You By: *Pink0828*~*~Owned By Tendercop & jeff_dahl2000~*~Owner of RavinJuggalo~*@ fubar Muahhhhh
Awww... Don't You All Feel Foolish?!?!?
So howdy... this is my first blog on here, and I'm kind of nervous because it will probably be my last. I really appreciate all the comments about how hot I am. It really boasts my self esteem... but here is what's going down. As I type, I'm headed to my "boyfriend's" apartment to talk to him because he's been writing suggestive messages to a girl on here. The only thing is... it's me! He's been writing me on here... but see, this is a fake profile! That's right people... I'm a faker! Hardy har har... It's not that I'm ashamed to show my real pic on here... and it's not that I'm super fat or ugly at all. It's all about catching my "boyfriend" in the act. Sorry if I somehow misled you. I never asked anyone to add me, or messaged anyone but dudeman, who I totally caught! It's done... so I'm done. Cheers...
Awww Memories....the Kelly Family
When i was like 13...idk i just know it was in the 1996 our family received a video tape (yea it was the 90s thats all they of a band called 'The Kelly Family'. well my whole family liked them. it was sorta weird..but it's a family tradition thing that we sorta just listen to u'll hear why when u hear there first cds of there from england i believe. it's a big family of like 9. all in the band and all sing & play. there parents died when they were young. i guess just the fact that they stuck together..and still was a family is what we liked. also my fam is a fam of neways saw a recent music vid of them today. and wow they have grown..older of gave me some very old memories.. idk why i'm doing this blog..but i just like there music still..from top to bottom starting with the old to the newest..enjoy:)
Awwww, The Good Ole Days
I remember the times here on this scene, when things others did meant something. As time push's on. Much is revealed,... most often leaving many empty. Sad state of affairs that most always maybe. Getting lost in this crowd on this fu-scene. Sadder is the misfortune of others whom are so full of greed. Never actually seeing what in life is true quality. Irony is the lack of awareness, as in there is truly a reality. I live a good hard one. Make no exception of what you see. None the less, I've never forgotten,... Have you of me? Here is my pic link. Show me, & don't tell me. These are the most current from so many of you great peeps! I honestly love it when anyone takes the time, to do anything, for me.
Awww Naww Hell Naww!!! Ffs!!
Oh for the love of safety!!! Yanno, I could go on and on about the stupidity of people but I'll just let this one speak for really have to read this to believe it... It all goes a little something like this: Police: Dispatcher Blew Off Surrendering Murder Suspect Last Edited: Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008, 12:24 AM CDT Created: Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008, 12:24 AM CDT By Emily Lopez FOX 4 News A murder suspect called 911 to give himself up, but the dispatcher who took the call told him she couldn't help because he needed to find his own ride to jail. The operator who spoke to wanted murder suspect Cristobal Jaimes is still employed by the City of Dallas and as of Tuesday had not been disciplined for her actions. Police say on June 22, Jaimes shot and killed Manuel Martinez when Jaimes drove by his former girlfriend's house on Michigan Avenue and saw her with Martinez, then returned with a gun. "He's a young man who made a mistake," said DPD Lt. Craig Miller.
Awwwwwwwwwww Lol
i'm watching paranormal state with stina, and she's a little freaked out. i think she needs a hug... or a good cuddle. :p
Awww ...he Sung Happy Birthday To Me!!
Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Miss Laura Happy birthday to YOU
Awwwwe's My Lil Man
Awww So Cute!
from RESTRICTIVE......XOXOX > > and bunny loves her MASTER! XOXOX
i spend to much time on this ... who's can give me some comments??
AWWWWWWWW. He told me there isn't enough words to describe how he feels about me, so I told him to draw it. He said he can't draw. So I told him just make a couple of scribbles with an arrow pointing to them saying, "This is how much I like you." He said there isn't enough paper in the world. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW.
Awww, I Just Got My Feelings Hurt...
I wana delete my fubar account can anyone show me how... I just got my lil feelings hurt
Awww Shit
"David Tennant is to stand down as Doctor Who, after becoming one of the most popular Time Lords in the history of the BBC science fiction show. Tennant stepped into the Tardis in 2005, and will leave the role after four special episodes are broadcast next year." Source : BBC News Booooooooooooooooooo
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Make a Smilebox scrapbook
Awww Look Its A Mini...
to hold you. gently put my fingers on your face. brush back your beautiful black hair. gently kiss you on your sweet lips. when i look into your pure and beautiful eyes. i will say I LOVE YOU, than kiss you again. give you a big hug and whisper i want this to last forever. you have a beautiful smile. when i see your gorgeous body. i want to sweep you off your feet and make love with you all night. cuddle with you on our loveseat forever. giving you a full body massage to help relief all the stress. cuddling in bed with you. watching you sleep makes me the happiest man alive.just knowing your happy and feeling loved everyday
This is so beautiful... A little boy asks his mother, "Mommy, how come I'm black and you're white?" His mother replied, "Don't even go there! From what I can remember about that fucking party, you're lucky you don't bark!
... "You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before, she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She's not perfect - you aren't either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being a human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break - her heart. So don't hurt her, don't change her, don't analyze and don't expect more then she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she's not there." - BOB MARLEY
A girl asked a boy if she was pretty, he said "No". She asked him if he wanted to be with her forever, he said "No". Then she asked him if he would cry if she walked away, he said "No". She had heard enough; she needed to leave. As she walked away he grabbed her arm and told her to stay. He said "you are not pretty, you are beautiful. I don`t want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. And I wouldn't cry if you walked away, I would die."
Love in a MomentIt is your face that I see in the darknesswith each blink of my eyes.A thousand upon thousand times a day.It is your name that I hear in the silencebetween each beat of my heart.A thousand upon thousand times a day.It is your perfume that I smell as I inhalewith each and every breath.A thousand upon thousand times a day.It is your love that I wait forbetween the ticks of a clock.Forever and a day.
a must watch
he reads her blog with adorationas his cock thickens with anticipationshe smiles and feels warmth in her heartas she knows that this is only the starthe is humbled by her beauty and sweetnessand knows that she really is his only weakness!
Awww So Sweet ....
    In 1986, Peter Davies was on holiday in   Kenya after graduating from   Northwestern   University ..On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air.The elephant seemed distressed, so Peter approached it very carefully. He got down on one knee, inspected the elephants foot, and found a large piece of wood deeply embedded in it.As carefully and as gently as he could, Peter worked the wood out with his knife,after which the elephant gingerly put down its foot. The elephant turned to face the man, and with a rather curious look on its face, stared at him for several tense moments. Peter stood frozen, thinking of nothing else but being trampled.Eventually the elephant trumpeted loudly, turned, and walked away.Peter never forgot that elephant or the events of that day.Twenty years later, Peter was walking through the Chicago Zoo with his teenage son.As they approached the elephant enclosure, one of the creatures turned and walked o
People Love That You're Kind and Compassionate You're the kind of gal or guy who really enjoys putting other people first. You enjoy pitching in and making a difference. Your heart really goes out to anyone in need. In fact, it's difficult for you to turn your back on someone who's struggling. As long as you have friends who don't take advantage of you, your empathy is only a good thing. If there were more people in the world like you, you wouldn't feel like you have to look out for everyone. What Do People Love About You? The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings  
Awww Fuck
first off i haven`t been around much lately, kinda  bored with fu, but not the people, know what i mean? ok point of this blog i think it`s time i finally broke down and did my first block yep, WICKED, that crazy canadian cunt my insane fuckin fu wifey she has turned into a twat blocker since she got knocked up i love her dearly but she has more mental problems than charley manson`s whole family combined that and as of right now she has one of the cutest lil asses that god ever made and i don`t want to have to look at pics in the coming months where it looks like a white ford explorer
Awww The Joys Of Renting....right
Yeah so maybe I just don’t seem to understand. So thought I would rant a bit and see what you all think.    Looks like my apartment complex wants to evict me and wait until you hear why. You too may find it ignorant and others may understand it. Now mind you I have lived since June of 2006.  Never been late in the entire time I have been there. I don’t complain about the heard of elephants or cow tipping that goes on above me at all hours. Or about the fact that it is so poorly insulated that even if I have my heat turned off I still get a bill for no less then $90.00 during the winter. Why? Because there is one meter and they get in the bill take of a whopping 10% then they divide by the sq ft of your apt. Just so you know this blows last year it was no less then 120.00 for a small two bedroom. And as cold as it has been this winter. I am going to have to whore myself out just to pay the heat bill. This brings me to my original reasoning for this blog. So I wake up to
Awwwwwwwwwww Poem To Me
A Dream As I'm laying here, ready for sleep, I'm thinking of your beauty as you see.. I can't help but wonder what you're thinking about, but I'm very certain its me. As I gaze into your eyes, I long for your kiss, a kiss, a key to eternal bliss I shall close my eyes, and fall asleep. And dream of you. A dream so deep. I long to be with you, night and day. I'll get my chance, hopefully someday. My green eyed beauty, you are mine, someday our souls shall intertwine Goodnight my love, and may you dream, I will see you, in my dream.
the neighbors pit had puppies 2 days ago and this little guy was a runt and was being pushed aside so we were doggie sitting for a bit today and he got hungry
Awwwwww Best Thing I've Read All Day ♥
This picture is from an article called "The Rescuing Hug". The article details the first week of life of a set of twins. Each were in their respective incubators and one was not expected to live. A hospital nurse fought against the hospital rules and placed the babies in one incubator. When they were placed together, the healthier of the two, threw an arm over her sister in an endearing embrace. The smaller baby's heart stabilized and temperature rose to normal.
Awww Sweet Summer Time.
The best thing about summer is short shorts. I like the way on some girls the bottom of their ass cheeks are visible.
Aww You're Wussy Hurts Why?
Before I do what I do best...which is bitch about dumb first wanted to thank all of those who sent their birthday wishes. I have managed to send thank u cards to those who sent gifts and returned as many of the comments I could get to...those that didn't fall off the page. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you..... Now...on to my rant! Some of my best material comes from the I'll choose some of my favorites: "DOWNRATER ALERT" - We now have to alert the whole site that someone thinks you or your kid, or your dog is not a perfect 10? What a waste of time...some people on site actually give what they consider to be an honest opinion. Sure, some do it just to be a jack off but in the whole scheme of does it affect your day? Now, before you start griping that I don't get low rated...lmmfaoooo!! I've had enough 1's to pass around to all of my friends...lmmfao!! However, when I rate, it's always a 10 or 11....I figure if t
Aww You Made Me Ink!
I gotta get random with my blog titles what with these blog title thieves roaming the fu free men. >:D So here's why I hate married people. No not all married people, just a strong 92.4% of them. It seems like once you say those vows you lose all free will and dignity. I haven't seen my friend Danielle in a hot minute. In fact she got married while I was away. She wouldn't even know the guy if his friend hadn't liked me and wanted to hang out. He's married now too. Both guys are military. Big shock right?? Anyway, I texted today to see if she wanted to go out, to which she replied that she was broke. So I says that's cool, just come over here with the ball and chain and we'll catch up. She replies "ok we'll head out that way" Sound like a tentative plan to you too? So I texted at 9 or so and asked if she was still planning on stopping by, so she replies "no we're fishing. "I say, "wow, thanks for the heads up." I mean I'm not trying to be a baby, if she wants to miss out on my awesom
hey i just got my avenged 7x tickets last night i cant wait now lol! well anyway have a good day everyone FUBAR ROCKS ~S~
Ochrona. Przedmiot wart uwagi oraz nadzwyczaj istotny dla każdego korzystającego z komputera. Każdy użytkownik, laik i specjalista, musi starać się o swoje bezpieczeństwo w czasie korzystania z komputera, przede wszystkim, jeżeli ma do czynienia z danymi wrażliwymi bądź potencjalnie groźnymi. Korzystnym dla powiększenia naszego bezpieczeństwa (faktycznego, nie wyłącznie poczucia) jest zainstalowanie programu umożliwiającego kodowanie plików na dysku. Jednym z najdoskonalszych tworów tego rodzaju jest AxCrypt.========================================================Jest to mała, potężna aplikacja pozwalająca na kodowanie plików w nadzwyczaj obszernym zakresie, od pojedynczych dokumentów po całe foldery oraz dyski. Procedura szyfrowania przebiega ekspresowo i stosuje 128 bitowe kodowanie AES. Zaszyfrowany plik jest absolutnie bezpieczny i faktycznie uniemożliwia otwarcie
Axe And Javelin.
As I began my search for any information on the clan, I uncovered a rambling set of papers written by someone calling himself Lord Ashton. I have a strong feeling Lord Ashton was altogether sane when he wrote what he wrote. I had scaned a few if his moe amusing screeds and emailed them to variousdead friends on the net. It appears on the whole that Ashton was right- in the grand sweep of things- but he had apparently gotten several of the details screwed up. I will try to distill reasonable truth out of the stuff I've read, from Ashtons writingsand commentary on it, a few conversations I've held with older Kindred, history and common sense. I'm not going to guarantee its unassailable, but its the best picture I can piecetogether out of the amalgam of myth, history and bullshit that I've gathered over the last 30 years. The scientific estimates I explored put Caine's murder of Abel and God's curse around 10,000 years ago or maybe 10,000B.C., which would be 12,000 years ago. This is
An Axe Angelina Jolie & Cameron Diaz
to be proud of being male !!!!! If a female is reading this article then just realize the value of a man; and if its a male then feel proud of after reading it! "One day, while a woodcutter was cutting a branch of a tree above a river, his axe fell into the river. When he cried out, the Lord appeared and asked, "Why are you crying?" The woodcutter replied that his axe has fallen into water, and he needed the axe to make his living. The Lord went down into the water and reappeared with a golden axe. "Is this your axe?" the Lord asked. The woodcutter replied, "No." The Lord again went down and came up with a silver Axe. "Is this your axe?" the Lord asked. Again, the woodcutter replied, "No." The Lord went down again and came up with an iron Axe. "Is this your axe?" the Lord asked. The woodcutter replied, "Yes." The Lord was pleased with the man's honesty and gave him all three axes to keep, and the woodcutter went home happy. Some time later the woodcutter was
Axebone's Artwork
Take a look at this..this is Axebone's artwork for me as a catwoman!if you'd like to see more of his's his pageAxebone's artwork
An Axe Chops Through It
"And the sons of the prophets said unto Elisha, Behold now, the place where we dwell with thee is too strait for us." The sixth chapter of 2 Kings begins on a purely local level; the sons of the prophets -- one could do worse than think of them as the seminary of their day -- no longer had to hide out as they did in Israel in the days of King Ahab, and more people were joining them. We've already seen in 2 Kings how God worked miracles through Elisha on their behalf (e.g. in 2 Kings 4 the widow's oil was multiplied, poison was removed from pottage, and a hundred were fed from what one man had brought with him in three separate events), not because the sons of the prophets were necessarily great people who deserved it -- none of us DESERVE a miracle from God -- but due to God being glorified by this divine provision which could be explained no other way. The miracle we're going to see next seems rather insignificant and hardly grand on the order of feeding multitudes or raising the d
Axe Commercial (reminds Me Of Lewis's Brother)
Axe Fight
As part of my tribute to Guitar Gods, I will have daily "Axe Fights" to see who you Cherry Tappers thinks is the best Guitar God. This voting will be seen once a day in my MUMMS. After each guitarist win, I will tally votes and let you all know who YOU, the voter chose. The next 24 hours will Randy Rhodes VS. Zakk Wylde. Good luck gang, this should be real interesting!
Axe Fight Results
Well, the results are in! The first AXE FIGHT between Randy Rhodes and Zakk Wylde were not even close. Here are what you guys voted- Randy Rhodes-46 votes Zakk Wylde-16 votes Randy won that one by almost 75%! Check out the second round of my AXE FIGHT on my latest MUMM. Randy Rhodes VS. Yngwie Malmsteen(AXE FIGHT II) Thanks a lot for everyones input, it's been a real blast and I've enjoyed meeting you in the process headbangers!
Axe Fight Iii Champion
Well, you guys picked this one! Here are the results from the third round of AXE FIGHT- Slash-20 Votes Randy Rhodes-16 Votes Slash is your new Champion! It was close for a long time, VERY close. But after two straight wins, Randy was finally taken down by Slash. Again, many thanks for participating! Our next AXE FIGHT will be Slash VS. Eddie Van Halen! Like before, stay tuned and in the next 24 hours, I will post the new winner. Have a great evening and God bless you all!
Axe Fight Iv-slash Vs. Eddie Van Halen
The results are in for Slash VS. Eddie Van Halen! Slash-21 Votes Eddie Van Halen-28 Votes And NEW Axe Fight Champion.... Eddie Van Halen! Thanks once again for casting your vote guys! Next AXE FIGHT- Eddie Van Halen VS. George Lynch! Look for my next MUMM to cast your vote!
Axe Fight Champion Tally(update)
Randy Rhodes-2 Yngwie Malmsteen-0 Slash-1 Eddie Van Halen-5 Zakk Wylde-0 George Lynch-0 Eric Clapton-0 Joe Satriani-0 Stevie Ray Vaughan-0 Angus Young-3 Ace Frehley-0 Jake E. Lee-0 Dimebag Darrell Abbott-0 Jimmy Page-7 Steve Vai-0 Ritchie Blackmore-0 David Gilmour-0 Ted Nugent-0 Brian May-0 Joe Perry-0 Jimi Hendrix-4(Current Champion) Carlos Santana-0 Jeff Beck-0 Peter Frampton-0 After I go through all of the Guitar Gods listed in my pic album in head to head bouts, there WILL BE an overall winner afterwards. It will be decided by either most wins OR votes.
Axe Fight Vi-eddie Van Halen Vs. George Lynch
Well, according to the last AXE FIGHT, Mr. Scary never had a chance! Here are the results- Eddie Van Halen-52 Votes George Lynch-2 Votes Cherry Tappers out their picked Eddie by a landslide! That makes Eddie a two time Champion! AXE FIGHT IV is already in place: Eddie Van Halen VS. Eric Clapton Many thanks to all the metal heads out there and I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this particular polling as I have. Please feel free to comment or share your feelings about your favorite Guitar Gods. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!!
Axe Fight Semi Finals
The next few rounds will be semi finals on the top guitarists that you on FUBAR voted the most on. These are the Semi finalists you and you alone chose: Jimmy Page Jimi Hendrix Randy Rhodes Eddie Van Halen Angus Young Semifinal Round 1 winner-Randy Rhodes was voted over Angus Young and will face off the winner between Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix.
Axe Fight Champion
Well by a large margin-Jimi Hendrix is who everyone overall voted for as their favorite guitarist. In your opinion, during the axefights I posted, was there a guitarist you like that was never listed and was there anyone better than Jimi Hendrix? Thank you for ALL your votes and comments. I enjoyed knowing all of you!-Chris
Axel F
The Axe Man Cometh
The axe man has the end of this weekend, I will be down to a handful of friends and very little family...will start over, if you still want to be my friend, stop by and rate the pic at least once...or "seeya" can find the link in one of the other blogs
Axes Of Necessary Evil
Had a few co-workers get laid off yesterday. Never happened at this job before. This is to them:( You feel full Of empty As you sit Powerless Watching your world Change The everyday Turns into Not anymore You say goodbye Wish good luck Future meetings We can explore But You sense the chord Sever As you see them Close That door It has happened Before And shall Again Sometimes detachment Makes you realize They really are Your Friend
Axe Studio Live, Collaboration
My name is Harvey I am a solo artist ,the band Seventh Day, I also have a recording studio Call Axe Studio, I am starting a online studio called Axe Studio Live, Collaboration with some the best artist in the world. All is Free I have programs and all we need are artist. Check on myspace and my website ,so if you are a musician go to my website and Sign up on the Live chat board. I am on live from 9:00am to 9:00pm and I am in the process of setting up all Live programs. but this will take a week to get all the bugs worked out so for now go and sign up a the chat board. And anyone how would like to join. the goal is to meet other musicians, have a good time, and write some CD promo. and make a little money. Once you have singed up on the board send me all you info., bio,and chat board user name to. The goal of this is to meet new artist and styles of music. make some CD' S and have some fun at the same time. the website will give
Axe Studio Music Promotion And Publicity
Axe Studio Music Promotion and Publicity Is a new Music Promotion and Publicity with artist as- Avril Lavigne , Buckcherry , Fuel , Dave Matthews Band , Seventh Day , Hellyeah, Johnny Rodes , Nickelback , Puddle of Mud , Nin Inch Nails. revebnation site link: website page Link: We are Looking for street Team Members to help out and Promote all of these artist in there towns, Street Team Members are, people, fans and friends to help out when the time comes , fliers, spred the word etc. Please sign up at or and also at For all questions please send an e-mail to All work on the site will be under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 License. We have major artist to musicia
Axestudio & Eagle Dreams Promotions Are A Team !!!
The Axes Of Evil
I have found the metal at last!!! I stumbled upon this band by chance: They are a local group who specializes in hard rock and viking metal. I was invited to karaoke night at Red Star Bar(Wed. night 8pm - 2 AM ...$4 cover and a valid ID will get you in) by one of the doormen, Josh. Red Star Bar Home Page There, I happened to meet their lead singer, Mohawk Mike, who was running the karaoke machine. After getting to know Mike slightly I decided to go to see his band play first chance I got. On the 20th of December I attended their concert for the release of their brand new EP "By This Axe I Rule". Needless to say, I was impressed, and for only $5 you can be too. If you would like to purchase their new CD feel free to hit me up in my shout box or my YIM:
The Axial Age
Axial Age From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia German philosopher Karl Jaspers coined the term the Axial Age (Achsenzeit in the German language original) to describe the period from 800 BCE to 200 BCE, during which, according to Jaspers, similarly revolutionary thinking appeared in China, India and the Occident. The period is also sometimes referred to as the Axis Age.[1] Jaspers, in his Vom Ursprung und Ziel der Geschichte (The Origin and Goal of History), identified a number of key Axial Age thinkers as having had a profound influence on future philosophy and religion, and identified characteristics common to each area from which those thinkers emerged. Jaspers saw in these developments in religion and philosophy a striking parallel without any obvious direct transmission of ideas from one region to the other, having found no recorded proof of any extensive inter-communication between Ancient Greece, the Middle East, India and China. Jaspers held up this age as unique, and on
Using the armpit for sex (as a substitute vagina).
Axis Mundi
In varied states of consciousness which are explored through the widespread practices of the Shaman it is believed that...time and space,matter and mind,body and soul take on different characteristics of heightened awareness which are traversed and represented by the Axis Mundi. The Axis Mundi is symbolic in not so much a figurative sense but a literal sense, meaning "the center of the world" where earth meets the sky. It has no one set place or point of focal imagery. Its image can be feminine or masculine, natural or a product of human manufacturing. How this relates to the Id, the illogical most primitive part of our psyche has been debated by scholars,scientist and naysayers alike. At one point Freud argued that the Id influenced our behavior but we are unaware of its presence. In many cultures shrines were built at the summit or base of mountains which become the centerpiece" of spiritual life. The Shaman considered "healers,witches,demonic,frauds" and other colorful array
Axis Of Idiots
The Axis of Idiots I don't know the accuracy of every remark made but most are true. Something very bad will have to happen against our country before anything like this will ever be enacted. I hope that it will not be too late. Too bad we don't have folks on Capitol Hill willing to speak out like this. J. D. Pendry is a retired Marine Sergeant Major who writes for Random House. He is eloquent, and he seldom beats around the bush! This is a sharp man. He has it nailed down pretty good. Too bad it won't do any good. There won't be 1 in 10 who receive this who will forward it. It sure loses steam that way. 'The Axis of Idiots' by J.D. Pendry Jimmy Carter, you are the father of the Islamic Nazi movement. You threw the Shah under the bus, welcomed the Ayatollah home, and then lacked the spine to confront the terrorists when they took our embas
Axl Apologizes For Not Attending The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame And Accepting The Induction Award...
Axl Rose apologizes to Cleveland for Hall of Fame snub  April 17, 2012, 7:10 PM EST  By Andy Greene RollingStone  Axl Rose has written another letter to fans explaining his decision to not attend the Guns N' Roses Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony and apologizing to the city of Cleveland for the snub. Last week, Axl wrote a long letter in which he said he declined his induction into the Hall of Fame. The group performed with Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy, and the Cleveland crowd booed every time Axl's name was mentioned during the ceremony. Find: Axl dating Lana Del Rey? This new letter ends with a request for the media to run the letter in full, so we'll do just that:  To: Cleveland, Ohio, Guns N' Roses Fans and everyone who's shown support for my decision regarding the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.  I seriously didn't plan on or expect the overwhelmingly positive response and public support for my decision regarding the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. With such a gener
Axl Rose
For a while there every time I said "yeah" to my husband I would say "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah". Couldn't help it!! :)
A7x- Seize The Day
Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time But I'm too young to worry These streets we travel on will undergo our same lost past I found you here, now please just stay for a while I can move on with you around I hand you my mortal life, but will it be forever? I'd do anything for a smile, holding you 'til our time is done We both know the day will come, but I don't want to leave you I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time But I'm too young to worry (a melody, a memory, or just one picture) Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over Newborn life replacing life, replacing all of us, changing this fable we live in No longer needed here so where should we go? Will you take a journey tonight, follow me past the walls of death? But girl, what if there
Ax7 - Seize The Day
A7x - Seize The Day
"Seize the Day" Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time But I'm too young to worry These streets we travel on will undergo our same lost past I found you here, now please just stay for a while I can move on with you around I hand you my mortal life, but will it be forever? I'd do anything for a smile, holding you 'til our time is done We both know the day will come, but I don't want to leave you I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time But I'm too young to worry (a melody, a memory, or just one picture) Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over Newborn life replacing all of us, changing this fable we live in No longer needed here so where do we go? Will you take a journey tonight, follow me past the walls of death? But girl, what if there is no eternal life? I see m
Axxo Movies axxo's website. he has movies on there not the latest movies but least they dont got stupid people standing in front of them.
Ayana And The Darker
Ayana and the Darker by: Linda H'Back This story is unfinished... It has so much work that needs to be completed before I can try to finish it... No one will probably even read this but it is still a story that I have to tell.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The screams from the lead wagon are painful and carry throughout the caravan. Everyone is gathered around the fire waiting. Tas, the leader of the group is pacing back and forth his face pale. He has never heard such pain in his wife's voice. He says a silent prayer and bends to one knee before the fire. The men in the group talk in whispers to him as the screams continue. Ayana stands at the outer edge of the circle saying a prayer of her own. If the child lives all will go on as normal, if the child dies she will face death also. Damara screams out one last time and the lusty cries of her newborn daughter bring a relieved sigh to the waiting crowd. A woman named Adi
Ayana Angel Takes A Cock In Her Amazing Ass
Ayana Angel Takes A Cock In Her Amazing Ass
Ayana Angel Takes a Cock in her Amazing Ass
Aya Waya Wish You Were Here
Ay Bay Bay
Attention!! Ay Bay Bay Is on air! ohh yeah come in and show her some love So click the pics and come in and say hi!! Today!
Ayban Pas Cher Femme
the material is soft,Chaussure Nike TN and NIKE AIR MAX TN the style is changed from long to short, also the unique are permeability and bright appearance. Also Nike introduced Nike Kobe series, with bold yellow color, it is hard for youngers to move their foot into other brands. It seems nothing else from the Stan Smith 80s line looks much classic than in this white and green color combination. nike air max It is predominantly wrapped in white leather upper, complete with lined perforations that smartly act as the Three Stripes logo; and the hints of green can be spotted on the heel and also on the tongue tag. Moreover, A foul choice of nike air max 90 pas cher shoes can ruin more than justifiable your feet.Nike Chaussures Homme and tn nike Your feet are considered to be your skeleton's foundation. If you have a incorrigible with the foundation of a erection, you ruin surpass up having problems with the turn up of the building. It may be important to have cut but there are more outsta
Ay, Citing Safety Concerns. But After The Calgary Grey Cup Committee Trotted
TORONTO -- The Royal York hotel has opened its doors to Marty the horse. Calgary Stampeders fans finally got their chance this afternoon to recreate a Grey Cup tradition by marching the 15-year-old dark brown stallion through the lobby of the upscale Toronto hotel. The Royal York had turned them away earlier in the day, citing safety concerns. But after the Calgary Grey Cup Committee trotted Marty to other establishments downtown, the Royal York had a change of heart and allowed the horse inside. Excited fans chanted "Go Stamps go!" as they surrounded Marty. CFL commissioner Marc Cohon also stopped by to see the stunt. Stamps fans started the tradition in 1948 when they rode a horse through the Royal York lobby during Grey Cup festivities. The Grey Cup game between the Calgary Stampeders and the Toronto Argonauts is Sunday at Rogers Centre. Authentic Robert Griffin III Jersey . For Ottawa 67s defenceman Cody Ceci one lesson stands out. Redskins RG3 Jersey . El Shaarawy scored
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Ay During An Intervie
SEATTLE -- Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine insisted Wednesday he wasnt serious when he threatened to "punch" a radio talk-show host in the mouth. Valentine said he made it clear he was kidding when he made the comment earlier in the day during an interview on Boston station WEEI with hosts Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley. "Didnt I go, Ha, ha?" the embattled Valentine asked before his fourth-place team played the Seattle Mariners. "I dont think physical violence is necessary for 60-year-old people." Ordway, sighting a newspaper report that Valentine arrived later than normal for a game last week in Oakland, asked if the manager had "checked out" on the season. Valentine responded on the air: "What an embarrassing thing to say. If I were there right now, Id punch you right in the mouth. Ha, ha," Valentine said. "Hows that sound? Sound like I checked out? What an embarrassing thing. Why would somebody even, thats stuff that a comic strip person would write. If someones
So tonight, i turned down some chick at the bar, not cuz she wasnt hot, but she was annoying the hell outta me, only to get home and realize, shit .... that was really stupid.   then to top it off... i'm still trapped in this house, with the ex.  and even though i love her, i can never make it work with her... then find out, shit it is annoying the hell outta me that she is not home.   why the fuck should this bother me... it really fucking shouldnt... i hate my brain.. i shall drill it out and feed it to whoever wants some whiskey soaked membranes.
i dont get it
2008 A Year In Review
Was the start of 2008 good?​ I worked What was one good thing​ about​ the first​ month​?​ I got a promotion and a raise What was your status by Valen​tine's Day? hurt accident happened on the 2nd of febuary and I have been out of work since Were you in school?​ no Did you have to go to the hospital?​ see above Did you have any encounters​ with the police?​ DUI, . 04 What did you purchase that was over $500?​ nothing, been on workman's comp Did you know anybody who got married?​ Caity :-( Did you know anybody who passed away?​ 3 friends Did you move anywh​ere?​ no Describe your birth​day:​ noone remembered, my little sis told me happy birthday 3 weeks after the fact, that was it What's the one thing​ you thought you would​ never​ do but did in 2008? meet someone off the xbox 360, she was wonde
2008: A Year In Review
Wow I can’t believe another year has come and gone and like I do at the end of every year time for my annual a year in review entry. Well I must admit 2008 was not a bad year for me. I did make a lot of changes and I have grown as a person. The first of the year found me making the decision to move out of my old apartment and back home. In September 2007 I decided to move in with a friend to help her out only to find out she was taking advantage of the situation. I was hurting financially, emotional, and physically. I knew that I was going to get hell for doing so from her nosey self centered mother, cause I have seen the old bat in action with others, I was well prepared. Of course I was right and she had so much to say about me to others, I guess no one in real life was paying attention to her so she resorted in saying stuff about me online. Of course they were all lies and no one paid her much mind. And quite frankly I wasn’t going to justify her actions or even give her the s
Aye Chihuahua
Mexican (though its probably better called Tex-Mex) food just sounds dirty when you say it.   I like hot sauce on my chimichanga Everyone raves about her taco I got guacamole all over her face She likes her burrito stuffed with beef Have you tasted my frijoles?
soooooooooooooooooooooooooo im kinda rap here you go o look at you your standing in line for star track the movie look your almost 25 you havent seen no booby. peace out
Aye Papi!
Big Papi Smurf@ fubar I am pink because of Papi!! Thanks soooo much. :D Show him some love!
Ayers To Receive The Prestigious Honour. Ma
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Curtis Martin was decked out in a Jets green tie and shoes, looking sharp as ever on another big day for the Hall of Fame running back. The Jets retired his No. 28 jersey at halftime of New Yorks season-opening game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Martin, inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last month, joined three of the biggest names in franchise history -- Joe Namath (No. 12), Don Maynard (13), who were both in attendance, and Joe Klecko (73) -- as the only players to receive the prestigious honour. Martin was also joined at midfield by former Jets teammates Ray Mickens, Victor Green and Fred Baxter. "Words cant express it," a smiling Martin said before the game. "I almost feel just like the Hall of Fame. Theres a part of this thats almost even bigger than the Hall of Fame because its the hometown, the crowd I played in front of for all these years." The whole idea had Martin pretty excited, something he said usually wouldnt happen for him until
Aye Ya Bug Bastards!
You Are 88% Gentleman No doubt about it, you are a total gentleman. You please the pickiest ladies, and you make everyone in a room feel comfortable. Are You A Gentleman?
Aye Yi Yi
So, here is my first Blog. How sweet. Though I seemed to have joined this site about 5 months ago, I'm just now deciding to be active. I recently moved from Olympia WA to St Petersburg FL. I'm sure you can imagine it's been quite a change.
i need surgery on my shoulder. this sucks because im already having a pretty shitty day and the doctor just called me. what a way to spend my work day. and i didnt even get my fuckin lunch cuz the dumb ass it dudes cant get the computers working right. but i need shoulder surgery. not very interested in it seein how itll be my third on this shoulder since 1999. i hope this doesnt mean that my shoulder is eventually gonna fall off or be useless. but ill be good. im just askin everyone on my friends list to just keep me in your thoughts and hope i come out the same way i went in. well, with a better shoulder. im goin under the knife july 17. i need a drink
Aylssa Escort
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Sep 24, 2006 ... Alyssa Ladyboy Escort Oriental Shemale Escorts Transsexual Philippine ... Hi, my name is Alyssa and I
Ayn Rand, "for The New Intellectual," For The New Intellectual
"Intellectual freedom cannot exist without political freedom; political freedom cannot exist without economic freedom; a free mind and a free market are corollaries."-- Ayn Rand, "For The New Intellectual," For The New Intellectual
Ayn Rand
"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel." -- Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand, Author Of Atlas Shrugged
"The man who produces while others dispose of his product is a slave." -- Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged
Ayor Anosh' Ni
Ayo Technology
She she, she want it, I want to give it to her She know that, it's right here for her I want to, see you break it down I'm ballin', throw'n money around She work it girl, she work the pole She break it down, she take it low She fine as hell, she about the dough She doing her thing out on the floor Her money money, she makin' makin' Look at the way she shakin' shakin' Make you want to touch it, make you want to taste it Have you lustin' for her, go crazy face it Now don't stop, get it, get it The way she shakin' make you want to hit it Think she double jointed from the way she splitted Got you're head f**ked up from the way she did it She's so much more than you're used to She know's just how to move to seduce you She gone do the right thing and touch the right spot Dance in you're lap till you're ready to pop She always ready, when you want it she want it Like a nympho, the info, I show you where to meet her On the late night, till daylight the club jumpin' I
Ayo Technology
Ayo Technology
50 CentAyo Technology ft Justin Timberlake and TimbalandMusic Video Codes By Music
~a 2 Your Girl Is Lovely Hubble~
IT COMES FROM AN OLD BARBARA STRISAND MOVIE WHERE SHE AND HUMPHREY BOGART HAVE AN AFFAIR. BUT SHE LOVES HIM SO MUCH THAT SHE WALKS AWAY AND THE MOVIE ENDS WITH "YOUR LADY IS LOVELY HUBBLE (bogart)". Basically means that yll are willing to give up what means most to yll for somene to be happy .... thats the kind of person i want to be with. like in the bible there is a tale of 2 women claiming to be the same childs mother. to find out who the real mother was god said you can each take 1/2 of the baby. when the woman started pulling on the baby one woman let go and said she could not stand to see her child hurt she cared to much forhim so she gave the child to the to the other woman who was clearly not the mother. if that makes any sence..
:-) A 16yr Old Dream
Your eyes so soft,skin so white. Beauty fell upon me that cold october night. The wall that keeps me from my love The chains he is shackled to,not only did he free himself. He freed me from "the blues" I still walk alone but alone my heart does not feel. This is why I know God exists For I have never seen beauty so real. Dreams may not come true Dreams may end in a flash For I can always hope for one thing This dream will forever last.
Ays Because Of General We
TORONTO -- Minnesota Twins first baseman Justin Morneau cant wait to have a normal off-season. Over the past two years the 31-year-old native of New Westminster, B.C., has had to deal with the side-effects of a concussion that he picked up in July 2010 on a play at second base against the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre. Morneaus had various other ailments, including surgery to stabilize a tendon in his left wrist one year ago, and isnt expected to play in the season-ending series against the Jays because of general wear and tear from his longest season since 2009 and soreness in the wrist. But at least hes looking forward to an off-season without surgery. "Its nice to be able to work out with the goal of getting stronger instead of rehabbing from an injury or surgery or a combination of them both," Morneau said. "Im really looking forward to that and spending some normal time with my family in October for the first time in a few years. "Its a huge difference obviously compared with the one
Ays In Ski Cross," Leman S
TELLURIDE, Colo. -- Brady Leman won a silver medal Thursday at the Telluride Ski Resort, becoming the first Canadian to reach the World Cup ski cross podium this season. The 26-year-old Calgary skier finished just behind Filip Flisar of Slovenia. Armin Niederer of Switzerland won bronze in a three-way photo finish. "That final heat was as tough a heat as you can have these days in ski cross," Leman said on a conference call. "I just made a little mistake along the top flats while going for a pass and that was the difference. Luckily I had a good reach at the line to hold on to second. "It was a really good race, I had a lot of fun today. Im pretty happy with how it went. I felt like I probably could have won today but second is not so bad." Canadian head coach Eric Archer was impressed with Lemans performance. "Brady was on it all day," Archer said. "It was a great fight to get the photo for second." Dave Duncan of London, Ont., was ninth and Ian Deans of Kelowna, B.C., was
Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio
Ay. The Raptors Also Sent A Second-round Draft Choice In 2013 And Cash Considerations To The Grizzlies, Who Flipped Caldero
TORONTO -- Newly acquired forward Rudy Gay is expected to make his debut with the Toronto Raptors on Sunday against the visiting Miami Heat. A team spokesman says that Gay wont play in Friday nights home game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Gay isnt scheduled to arrive in Toronto until late afternoon Friday and still needs to take a physical. Toronto traded point guard Jose Calderon and forward Ed Davis to the Memphis Grizzlies for Gay and centre Hamed Haddadi on Wednesday. The Raptors also sent a second-round draft choice in 2013 and cash considerations to the Grizzlies, who flipped Calderon to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for forwards Austin Daye and Tayshaun Prince. Gay is averaging 17.2 points and 5.9 rebounds per game this season. [url=]cheap jerseys usa[/url] . The board said in a written ruling released Wednesday that forcing an end to the lockout for two members of a 30-team league would be unlikely to solve the contract disput
Ay. The Orioles Have Rallied From Five-run Defici
DETROIT -- Down by five after one inning and facing one of the ALs hottest pitchers, the Baltimore Orioles had the Detroit Tigers right where they wanted them. Nate McLouth hit a go-ahead, two-run triple and Baltimore stormed back to beat Detroit 7-5 on Sunday. The Orioles have rallied from five-run deficits to win three times in their last 20 games. "Thats a great win for us," manager Buck Showalter said. "This is a very workman-like team. They dont get excited when something like this happens. They just look at what theyve got in front of them and start working on it." McLouth, Nick Markakis and Mark Reynolds each had two hits for the Orioles, who have won five of seven, including the last two of the key weekend series at Detroit. Chris Davis homered for the second straight game and J.J. Hardy had a two-run double. The Orioles lead Detroit by two games in the race for the second wild-card spot in the American League. The Tigers had won 17 of 20 at Comerica Park before dro
Ayumi’s Photo Shoot
Ayumi’s Photo Shoot by WFEATHER © Ayumi walked into the front room of the building, and was greeted by the bubbly assistant Monica. They exchanged brief pleasantries, commented on the fact that John was really excited about this latest idea for a photo shoot, and then Ayumi disappeared down the corridor. John was already in Studio 3, the room designed specifically for fetish-related shoots, primarily BDSM. He was working with one of the lights, perhaps diagnosing a malfunctioning switch. "Hey, John! Great idea for today's photo shoot!" John looked up and grinned, a facial expression which revealed the gap from having a tooth punched out in a bar brawl a few weeks earlier. "I think so as well, and of all the fetish models I work with, you came to mind immediately for this one." Ayumi reached the photographer and gave him a big hug. "Thanks," she said softly. "That means a lot to me." "So will the exposure," John responded. "I mentioned the idea to a friend, and h
Ayumi Hamasaki - A Song For Xx
Why am I crying? Why am I lost? Why did I stop? Please tell me When will I grow up? How long can I stay a child? Where have I come running from? Where am I running to? I had no place to live. I couldn't find one. I don't know if I could have any hope for the future. They always said I was a strong child. They praised me, saying "you must be strong to not cry." I didn't want those words at all. So I pretended not to understand. Why are you laughing? Why are you by my side? Why are you leaving me? Please tell me. When did you become strong? Since when have you felt weakness? How long must you wait for the day you understand to come? The sun is rising. I must go soon. I can't stay in the same place forever. You will someday be betrayed by your trust in people. I thought it was the same as being rejected. At the time I didn't have that kind of strength. I definitely knew too much. They always said I was a strong child. They praised me, saying "you m
Ayumi Hamasaki-angel's Song
Hitoribocchi nanka ja nainda to Yoru ni nigekonde iikikaseta Kekkyoku sore wa jibun no kodoku o Hinihini ukibori ni shiteku dake datta Kensou kara hanareta kaerimichi Itsumo to nani mo kawaranai noni Kurikaeshiteku noka to omottara Kyuu ni namida ga komiagete kita Tayorinakute nasakenakute Fuan de samishikute Koe ni naranai koe de Nukumori o hoshigatta *Nee kimi wa tashika ni totsuzen araware Watashi no kurayami ni hikari sashita Soshite sukoshi waratte daijoubu datte unazuite Watashi no te o totte arukidashita Kimi no se ni tenshi no hane o mita Tsuyoku naritai to nagatta no wa Itami ni nibuku naru tame ja nai Tasukerarete sasaerarete Ataeatte yurushiatta Ano hi mamotte ikitai Mono ga dekita kara **Nee kimi wa tokidoki muboubi sugiru kurai Watashi ni subete de butsukatte kuru Sore wa amarinimo mabushi sugiru hodo de Watashi wa mabat
Ayumi Hamasaki-a Song For Xx
doushite naite iru no doushite mayotte ru no doushite tachidomaru no nee oshiete itsu kara otona ni naru itsu made kodomo de ii no doko kara hashitte kite nee doko made hashiru no ibasho ga nakatta mitsukaranakatta mirai ni wa kitai dekiru no ka wakarazu ni itsu mo tsuyoi ko da ne tte iware tsudsukete'ta nakanaide erai ne tte homeraretari shite ita yo sonna kotoba hitotsu mo nozonde'nakatta dakara wakaranai furi wo shite ita doushite waratte ru no doushite soba ni iru no doushite hanarete'ku no nee oshiete itsu kara tsuyoku natta itsu kara yowasa kanjita itsu made matte ireba wakariaeru hi ga kuru mou hi ga noboru ne sorosoro ikanakya itsu made mo onaji tokoro ni wa irarenai hito o shinjiru koto tte itsu ka ura kirare hanetsukerareru koto to onaji to omotte ita yo ano koro sonna chikara doko ni mo nakatta kitto ironna koto shirisugite'ta itsu mo tsuyoi ko da ne tte iwaretsudsukete'ta nakanaide erai ne tte homeraretari shite ita yo sonna fuu ni mawari ga ieba iu hodo ni warau koto
Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome. Isaac Asimov US science fiction novelist & scholar (1920 - 1992)
Ever gone out with a football player? uh no.... Last person to make you smile? troy Who were you with at 12:00 last night? troy If you're sleeping and someone calls you what do you say? ehhh ello? Ever receive a really long apology? yes, filled with excuses and guilt trips and everything but an apology Feel like talking to someone that you haven't in a while? yes Who did you hug last? troy's gramma Whats your relationship with this person? um my new gramma Whats a food that you and your best friend both love? we used to chow down on some loaded fries yo!!!! *sighs* i miss my tyra Are you mad at the last person who called you? Who was it? no like her alot actually... she saved me 500$ on my car insurance lmmfao Afraid to answer sexual questions? nope.... phew.... see that wasnt hard. Expecting something to change in the next month? Yes my car will be current and i will be older.... *gasp* i will be older :( ok ppl i wa
Ayurveda And Rejuvenation Tour In India
Combine physical and mental nourishment as you take in the sights and sounds of beautiful India with an Ayurveda and rejuvenation tour. Basics of Ayurveda Ayurveda is not merely a form of medication, but a way of life. It aims at not only physical well being but also that of the mind and soul. The basis of Ayurveda is the idea of that there are three humours or doshas influencing the human body which are the wind (vata), phlegm (kapha) and bile (pitta). These are the controlling forces that influence the health of an individual. The right balance of these humours makes the person healthy. Maintaining the balance depends upon our lifestyle, food, state of mind, environment, etc. A tour of India is the ideal opportunity to experience this way of life.The most common Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies (for overall rejuvenation and health of various aspects of the body) one would experience in an Ayurveda tour are Pizhichil, Njavara Kizhi, Shirodhara, Punagathi Kizhi, body massage and stea
Ayurveda Centers In Kerala
Ayyy October 17 And The Past??
today was the anniversary of death of one of the ex presidents of my country... the famous General Peron i was the whole day in a class about security for servers administrators, so i didn't hear anything... till i was in the car of my dad going home and i switched on the radio lol this was like a war near to my house! (around 12km away from here, but that's very near) they, after 32 years being in another cementery, they wanted to move it to a big house he had, with big gardens, and that had a museum... i saw on tv how people destroyed almost everything, it was a big chaos, and you can't understand why the people that said was all faithfull to the remember of the famous Peron, did such a big dissaster breaking everything they found, and hitting people, and shutting guns too... what the heck happens here? i thought there was a war! my opinion: mafia anyways i better stop my rant about this :) i'll move back to switzerland in few months lol i'm feeling ok after all no news are
hey whats up / new on here any az people on here. shout at me
(Originally posted on December 15, 2006)(The subject is a bit of wordplay I found today. It links together all these topics quite well, thankyouverymuch.)Last night I dreamed that Cosmo (from The Fairly Oddparents) and I lost our disguises and couldn't find Wanda to help us.Driving to work in a thick fog, I pulled out (safely) in front of a vehicle about the same color as the fog. The driver didn't have their lights on. Not too bright.When I got to work, I took out my last pack of Pop-Tarts from the box. They've been in there so long that they bent under their own weight.Today I see that somebody had replied to a blog posting I made months ago. I guess it means people are still finding stuff I put up "interesting." I don't know whether to be pleased with myself or scared that what I do can provoke thoughts. :-)Blather, blather, blather...Today is payday for both my wife and me. We will spend tonight getting a few remaining Christmas presents for a family get-together tomorrow.
1. A is for age: 39 today 2. B is for beer of choice: yuck ..but I will drink bud light 3. C is for career right now: none 4. D is for your dog's name? don't have one 5. E is for essential item you use everyday shampoo 6. F is for favorite TV show at the moment: house 7. G is for favorite game: don't have one 8. H is for Home town: ontario 9. I is for instruments you play: 10. J is for favorite juice: lol 11. K is for whose butt you'd like to kick: ohhhhhh hell he knows and have 12. L is for last place you ate: home 13. M is for marriage: yup m is for that 14. N is for your full name: Hell no 15. O is for overnight hospital stays: too many 16. P is for people you were with today: loved ones 17. Q is for quote: what you see is what you get 18. R is for Biggest Regret: saying your dead to me, to someone special 19. S is for status: I am awake
Me - A to Z THE LETTER A *Are you available?: Negative *What is your age?: 32 *What annoys you?: disrespect, liars, poor parents, poor drivers. THE LETTER B *Do you live in a big house?: I live in a big apartment *When is your birthday?: Oct. *Who are your best friends?: They know who they are. THE LETTER C *What's your favorite candy?: Lindor truffles *Who's your crush?: I don't think I've had a crush since I was a teenager. *When was the last time you cried? Not too long ago. THE LETTER D *Do you daydream?: Yes *What's your favorite kind of dog?: Chihuahuas, Huskeys, Boxers, I like a bunch of dogs. *What day of the week is it?: Tuesday THE LETTER E *How do you like your eggs?: unfertilized. *Have you ever been in the emergency room?: too many times *What's the easiest thing ever to do? give up THE LETTER F *Have you ever flown in a plane?: Many many times. *Do you use fly swatters?: not usually *Have you ever used
- [ A a ] - # 69:Slang for mutual oral stimulation by two individuals. # A Spot:An erogenous zone located in the anus near the prostate. # Ablutophilia:A paraphilia where an individual is unusually sexually excited by baths or showers. # Abuse:To cause physical or psychological harm. # Acquaintance Rape : Forced sexual intercourse by someone familiar to the victim. # Acrophilia : Sexual arousal from being in high places. # Adelphogamy: A marriage in which brothers share their wives. # Adult : An individual who is considered an adult, particularly by law. # Adult Entertainment : Sexually explicit or graphic material designed to be viewed by adults. # Adult Novelties : Synonym for adult toys. # Adult Toy : A device (like a vibrator or dildo) that is designed to increase sexual pleasure. # Adult Toy Cleaner : A special cleaning solution, usually with antibacterial properties, that is used to clean sex toys. # Adulterer : A person who commits adultery. # Adultery : A voluntar
A-z About Me
1. A is for age: 21 on March 12th 2. B is for beer of choice: none 3. C is for career right now: Factory Worker 4. D is for your dog's name: the one I used to have was CJ 5. E is for essential item you use everyday: Bra 6. F is for favorite TV show at the moment: Supernatural 7. G is for favorite game: God Of War 8. H is for Home town: Mt. Washington 9. I is for instruments you play: Making glasses sing, does that count? 10. J is for favorite juice: Apple/Prune 11. K is for whose butt you'd like to kick: Jessica 12. L is for last place you ate: BurgerKing 13. M is for marriage: looking like its never gonna happen 14. N is for your full name: Casandra Gayl Snow 15. O is for overnight hospital stays: when my baby was born 16. P is for people you were with today:Allen and my baby girl 17. Q is for quote: True knowledge is knowing you know nothing 18. R is for Biggest Regret: Not doing something I should have 19. S is for status: in a r
A-2-z About Me
A-2-Z About Me Survey by bamachic49{---Basics---}Name: MichaelNickname(s): Anti Bart Michelob Mikey(bleh)Age: 34Birthday: 12-15-72Birthplace: San Bernardino,CalifCurrent Location: Gresham,OreEye Color: GreenHair Color: BrownHeight: 5'7Weight: 110Lefty or Righty: RightZodiac Sign: SagWhat Do You Drive: don'tScreenname: Antidepressant Superstar{---Favorites---}Color: Red & BlackNumber: 69(hehe)Band: Fleetwood MacMusic Genre: Oldies Alternative Punk Poppish Punk William ShatnerTV Show: Veronica Mars Lost CSI Movie: True Romance Garden State Leon Dawn Of The DeadActor: Nathan FillionActress: Natalie PortmanKind of Movie: anythingCartoon: ATHF Robot ChickenSport: none really but I watch Football now and thenFast Food Restaurant: Dairy QueenFood: Anything I don't CookIce Cream: Phish Food Chunky Monkey
A-z About Me
A-2-Z About Me Survey by bamachic49{---Basics---}Name: MonroeNickname(s): BudAge: 50Birthday: April 13thBirthplace: Frew, KYCurrent Location: Clarksville, TNEye Color: blueHair Color: Gray (blonde natural)Height: 5'11"Weight: 203Lefty or Righty: rightyZodiac Sign: AriesWhat Do You Drive: Siverado/RangerScreenname: bud1357{---Favorites---}Color: BlueNumber: 13Band: ABBAMusic Genre: Pop/Soft RockTV Show: CSI or Law and OrderMovie: noneActor: Chuck NorrisActress: Sandra BullockKind of Movie: actionCartoon: noneSport: basketball/NASCARFast Food Restaurant: Not anyFood: GermanIce Cream: StrawberryCereal: CherriosCandy: White ChocolateDrink:
A-z About Me
A]-AVAILABLE? B] - BIRTHDAY? C] - Cell phone/number? D]-Drink u had last? E] - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO? F] - FAVORITE COLORS? G]- GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS? H] HOMETOWN?? I] FAVORITE ICE CREAM? J] Just something you always say? K] Killed someone? L] - Lime aid or lemonade? M] - Love or Money? O] - ONE WISH? P] Person you last commented? Q] -Quiet? R] - r u okay? S] - SONG YOU LAST HEARD? T] -Time you woke up today? U] U like someone right? V] - VEGETABLES? W] - WORST Habit? X] - X-RAYS? Y] - YOUR NUMBER OF FRIENDS ON FUBAR? Z] -ZODIAC SIGN? REPOST THIS AS "A-Z ABOUT ME"
mon MSN ====> ma compte de facebook ====>
The Az And Hellsing Convo
jonnyfford: i heard about your deal man jonnyfford: u wont be in trouble jonnyfford: and please dont be a stranger Dj Azriel: what deal? jonnyfford: with zombie Dj Azriel: ?? jonnyfford: just to tell ya jonnyfford: u wont be attacked jonnyfford: and your ok in my book man jonnyfford: for real jonnyfford: no bull shit jonnyfford: saw the screenshot jonnyfford: of the conversation Dj Azriel: well dude..i was treated shitty here Dj Azriel: jonnyfford: i think your a kool dude jonnyfford: being fucked over by fubar jonnyfford: thats my opinion jonnyfford: but your a kool dude man jonnyfford: u never did me wrong
Az;cps Bunker
It seemed a reasonable enough question. A four-month-old baby is found not breathing and near death, according to Chandler police. Baby Josephine suffers 14 broken bones, bruises all over her face and a cigarette burn to her arm. All this, while she is in the custody of a “safety monitor,” a woman entrusted with the infant's care by Child Protective Services. So, as I said, it seemed reasonable to ask why CPS put the baby with this woman and what steps the agency took to ensure the baby would be safe — back before she became a punching bag and an ash tray. Public: Meet bunker. “Your request for public records in this matter is respectfully declined,” wrote Todd Stone, public records request coordinator for the Department of Economic Security, which oversees CPS. To understand how outrageous the DES response is, you have to go back to 2007 when three Tucson children died on CPS's watch. While CPS was busy sweeping the story under its well-worn
Az De Escort Phoenix
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Search new or used Ford Escort cars for sale near Greater Phoenix, AZ Greater Phoenix, AZ ... Mobile | Búsqueda en Español de Carros Usados ... Audio-Visual Equipment-De... Automobile Stereo Equip
Azeroth Three
hey guys... i'm writing a book... about midway through chapter one... you guys will have to check it out as it comes along. will post chapter by chapter... tell me if it's good or if it sucks. later guys!
Az Fetish Prom 2009
Hey all you nasty Fubarian freaks! LOL Well I am just sooooo freakin' excited! I am going to the Az Fetish Proom Tonight for the first time. If your in my side of the world Its at the Scottsdale Venue! Maybe Ill catch some of ya there..... I'll be the 6'5 naughty school teacher ;p
Water collects Puddles Rises Mass of tears that I have cried Drown within my own ocean See the light for the final time. Something floats within the deep In my sorrow demons creep Chit-chit-chittering I hear their heartbeat. Shadows move within my realm And I cannot control All the hate, the rage, the pain That threatens to consume my soul. Isolation Incarceration Denial Trust And me All breed contempt a penny to Watch fall down the wishing well. A tender burning in the mind As the air within my lungs explode Oh I realize to late what it is I've done...
Az Friends, Please Help. My Friend Got Robed Today.
Today, one of my best friends was robbed at the gas station. She was filling her tank when someone drove up, jumped out of his van, peered inside her truck, opened the door and took her purse. With EVERYTHING IN IT. Her license, cheeckbook, credit cards, atm cards, prescription medications, and her security I'd card for work. The person is being described as a male in his 30's or 40's, short cropped dark hair, and either caucasian with hispanic features or hispanic. He was driving a white conversion van with a powder blue or light blue stripe towards the bottom of the van and "mag" wheels. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please call the Gilbert Police Department. Paul PS; Please feel free to re-post and help me get the word out.
Az Gov. Jan Brewer Signs New "spice" Ban
 Arizona gets a new tool to fight against dangerous synthetic drugs in the form of a new law signed by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. A year after President Barack Obama signed a federal law banning synthetic drugs, Arizona officials strengthen their currently flawed law on such drugs as Spice, K2 and other known synthetic substances. Brewer announced Wednesday that she is backing the legislation that would expand the state's definition of dangerous drugs, and law enforcement officials are relieved. The law will also increase the minimum fine of selling or manufacturing dangerous drugs from $1,000 to $25,000. Law enforcement officials say the current law has very little impact on the distribution of Spice and similar chemical substances, because the small fine is worth the business, and minor chemical changes can be made to stay ahead of the law. The law includes chemical configurations that make up synthetic drugs to the states current definition of dangerous drugs, making
Az Heat
Now that the blistering 112* + heat is here, I can't wait for the Monsoon's to hit. Just an awesome time to watch & video tape mother nature at work.
Az Here We Come
well tomorrow we head off into the great unknown .... leaving NC and heading to AZ ... i have been only on the east coast pretty much my whole life cept vacations as a kid we went to Cali and texas and such... im nervous but so excited ... im bout to jump right outta my skin im so ready to roll out... Harley is calm .... i envy his conviction and ease which he handles things .. he calms me but not enuf in this circumstance ... getting all the last minute stuff done tomorrow and leaving in the evening/nite... will be a 30 hour trip or so ... with two kids and one more driving with us in his car.. when Master said "I am coming to take you and the kids back with me " he was serious.  im lucky and excited and nervous and giddy all at once... send up prayers that no road hazards hit us and that we all get there safely if yall will ... i am blessed by God to be able to be with the man who lights my life with His smile and calms my soul with His sure voice.. and starts passion with a mere loo
Aziende Nuova Schermata Quad-core, Tablet Pc Chi V10 Quad-core
Aziende nuova schermata quad-core, tablet pc Chi V10 quad-core Di seguito elencato per lo schermo retina tablet android V99 da 9,7 pollici Chi Chi viene rilasciato da 10.1 pollici quad-core Tablet PC, un ambiente business completo Chi per il prezzo quotato V10 di tablet prezzi 1199 yuan \ 16GB. Il prodotto utilizza puro guscio posteriore in metallo, spessore del corpo di soli 9,2 millimetri, nelle nostre mani, non solo la struttura ma anche molto tatto. GALAXY la A7 architettura V10 CPU quad-core, full-Chi A31 quad-core, Android 4.1 Sistema, 2GB di RAM DDR3, e la memoria flash da 16 GB. I 10.1 pollici IPS display con una risoluzione di 1280 * 800, sostenere un dieci punti touch capacitivo. Ha anteriore e posteriore doppia fotocamera, pixel, rispettivamente 200 milioni e 500 milioni di seconda generazione back-illuminated CMOS F2.4 grande apertura, e la fotocamera posteriore in grado di catturare più chiara lente. V10 quad-core è dotato l'interfaccia è abbastanza completo: interfaccia
Her love she sends to him,But to it he is blind.What does this beauty need,To reach inside his mind. To touch his thoughts,And reach for his heart.She crumbles away more,The longer they are apart. To see this sadness in her,For her love not returned.A love so strong,Forever in her heart it burns. I hope when he sees these words,Know that her heart is true.And know that always her heart,Will always belong to you,
download english song new english song
"a Zit Named Saddam"--4.1 Starz---like Who Would Believe That?
A ZIT NAMED SADDAM 4.1 Active contest: • #72 in Experimental Rock Best ranking: • #72 of 234 in Experimental Rock on 24Apr2008 Track Of Day: 28Apr2008 Reviewers' Picks awards! Band: STEVE LIEBERMAN Genre: Experimental Rock (Bipolar Crapola) Signature Review i love it you know, i didn't know what to think of this artist the first time i heard him (in a different song) but now he's among my top favorites on garageband. this song is no exception. truly what experimentation is supposed to be about! Reviewed by: theMiracles from Arcata, California this flute my oh my perfect unison of this flute coupled wi this cheeky devil of a singer. couldnt be more dishonourable. just a perfect type of satire and the joint o your legs go the other way Im sure. can imagine you singin in a better world of forrest creatures who still nevertheless can and do plug them obnoxious mud dirty guitars. honestly I wouldnt do it any other way and
Aziz And The Donkey's Dick
Aziz and The Donkey's Dick by Paul44 © The old man sat on the bare ground and waited allowing his audience to settle. About them people wondered and ran hither and fro collecting, buying and haggling in the busy market of Nishapur. Somehow in this corner there was a silence that seemed expectant as the youngsters and their elders waited for the man to speak. To look at him would have meant nothing since he seemed so old and weary. His garb was worn and dusty, it spoke of him being a wanderer and a vagabond. Yet a second glance would show a sparkling set of eyes and the dust seemed to shine as diamonds about him. Slowly he lifted his eyes and scanned the expectant crowd. A slight smile lifted the corner of his lip and he stroked his grey dust matted beard. "God has been good to me and I have seen many things," his deep melodious voice caught them in its invisible net and he felt an inaudible sigh spread over the audience. "Let me tell you of someone I met..." He was cal
Azkadellia/DJSeleneCorvenios Up for offer: ~ I will put your name at the end of mine "Owned by you" for 3 months ~ 2 personal salute (1sfw 1 nsfw if you chose) ~ Top friend for 3 months, along with rating of all pictures only (during any time of the day) ~ Link to your profile on my page for 3 months If the bid includes 7 day or 30 day blast: ~ I will be "owned by you" for 6 months, and I will put that in my name ~ 2 personal salutes (sfw or nsfw) ~ Rates of all pictures OR stash, during happy hour. ~ Top friends rank for 9 months. ~ Link to your profile on my page for 6 months. ~ I will send you ONE personal letter. ~ One gift a week of your choosing (within fu-bucks spending limit) for a month. ~ You can have my phone number for text purposes only. (I have unlimited Texts) If the bid includes a Happy Hour or VIP membership: ~ I will be "Owned by you" for a year, and it will be in my name for that whole year. ~ I will add you to my family for an enti
Az Lawmakers Target Spice
  The synthetic marijuana known as "Spice" maybe seeing it's last days Arizona. State lawmakers have started to take action against the synthetic drug considering it's dangerous record. Two bills were introduced on Monday by a Senate committee targeting synthetic marijuana. The bills work in effort to make it harder for people to obtain and use Spice. The Associated Press reports, One bill would prohibit businesses with liquor licenses from selling synthetic marijuana. This would remove the known dangerous substance from local liquor and convince stores limiting the ease of purchasing it. However this will have little effect on tobacco and smoke shops. The other bill will allow the state to expand the definition of dangerous drugs to include synthetic marijuana. The bill would also increase the minimum fine of selling or manufacturing dangerous drugs from $1,000 to $25,000. State officials say the current law has very little impact on the distribution of Spice, beca
Az Medical Marijuana Law May Get Some Unwanted Changes
A state lawmaker seeks to add new regulations on medical marijuana in Arizona with new bills that could make dispensing harder, and lead to the destruction of personal and local business property.Sen. Kimberly Yee, R-Phoenix, is proposing two bills to tighten the grips around Arizona's medical marijuana program. She wants local dispensaries to add warning labels on edible cannabis products such as brownies and lollipops similar to the U.S. surgeon general’s warning labels on cigarettes. This is her solution in an effort to keep these products out of the hands of children, as if these warning labels keep cigarettes and alcohol out of the hands of our kids now. Most can agree that a label stating to "Keep out of reach of children" is a good idea, however suggesting a "surgeon general’s" type warning could just continue the myth that marijuana is as dangerous as cigarettes, which is not the case in the slightest, especially on edible marijuana products. What exactly i
Az Music
check out my friends hip hop project called Justus... and help my band get to vegas in the bodog battle of the bands competition! click on the first link, register at the site, then go back to the myspace page, click on the link, and vote for us!
A-z Of My All-time Favourite Movies
I keep getting asked what my favourite movies are, so I've listed my all-time favourites. Not all of them will appeal to everyone, but they are movies that have brought me back to them for repeat viewings and have remained in my memory ever since. Absolution (aka Murder by Confession) ( 1978 ) The Abyss ( 1989 ) Adaptation ( 2002 ) The Addiction ( 1996 ) The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert ( 1994 ) Agnes of God ( 1985 ) Akira ( 1987 ) Alice, Sweet Alice (aka Holy Terror / Communion) ( 1977 ) Alien ( 1979 ) Aliens ( 1986 ) Alien 3 ( 1992 ) Alien Vs. Predator ( 2004 ) Alphaville ( 1965 ) Amateur ( 1994 ) Amelie ( 2001 ) American Beauty ( 1999 ) American History X ( 1999 ) American Psycho ( 2000 ) An American Werewolf in London ( 1981 ) The Anderson Tapes ( 1971 ) ... and justice for all ( 1979 ) And Now for Something Completely Different ( 1971 ) Andrei Rublev ( 1966 ) The Andromeda Strain (
The A-z Of Me
The A-Z of ME [A]- AVAILABLE: For what??? To kick someone’s ASS Hell Yeah I’m Available… [B]- BIRTHDAY: 5/9 [C] - CONFUSED ABOUT: Women (but then again what guy isn’t) [D] - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Milk [E] - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: Me… Talking to myself is easy and Fun to do… [F] - FAVORITE MUSIC GROUP/BAND: Stevie Wonder [G] - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: Bears… [H]- HOMETOWN: Chicago [I]- INSTRUMENT: Nope [J] - JUICE: Orange, or Apple [K] - KILLED SOMEONE: I plead the 5th [L] - LONGEST CAR RIDE: Arizona to North Dakota to Chicago [M] - MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: Vanilla [N] - NUMBER OF PETS: 1 [O] - ONE WISH: To live a Life worth Living. [P] - PERSON WHO KISSED YOU LAST: She knows [R] - REASONS TO SMILE: Awesome Friends that I can pick on… Plus Mavis [S] - SINGLE: No I would like a Wendy’s Double with Chess, and can I get some Fries with that. [T] - TIME YOU WOKE UP: Who says I ever went to sleep… [U] - UNDERWEAR: Boxers [V] -
A-z Of Swearing Clicky-clickyA>
The A - Z Of Bekah, Enjoy
A - Available: haha! you wish!A - Age: 20A - Annoyance: just kinda people in generalB - Bestest Friend[s]: Bianca!!!!B - Birthday: not coming fast enough!C - Crush: cans?C - Car: dodge charger.....or an old chevelle...what? a girl can dream!C - Candy: chocolate covered espresso beansD - Day or night: night, definatelyD - Dream Car: see above....heheE- Easiest person to talk to?: Thom and BiancaE- Eggs: yummeh!F - Favorite Month: August. heheF - Favorite color(s): royal purple and blackF - Favorite Memory: lotsG - Gummy Bears or Worms: worms....or bears if i'm feeling violentG - Giver or taker: either/orH - Hair Color: brown-ish, red-ish?H - Height: 5'4H - Happy: yep!I - Ice Cream: chocolateI - Instrument: my voice count?J - Jewelry: i adore my blingy-thingiesJ - Job: looking for a job?J - Jail: not going back, bitches.K - Kids: someday. K - Kickboxing or Karate: either/orK - Kindergarden: i don't remember her name....sad ain't it?L - Longest Car Ride: ND to FLM - Milk Flavor: chocolate
Az On The Weekend Before
Flagstaff, AZ – On the weekend before Thanksgiving, horseback riders from throughout the Navajo Nation, Utah and Flagstaff came together to bring attention to the ongoing struggle to protect the Sacred San Francisco Peaks. The riders began their significant two-day journey at Gray Mountain, AZ. “We are carrying a message of dignity and respect”, said Clayson Benally, a volunteer with the Save the Peaks Coalition. “This ride is a prayer that the city of Flagstaff and the Forest Service will change their minds about desecrating the Sacred San Francisco Peaks and heal the divisions of these communities!” A plan to expand Arizona Snowbowl ski resort and use treated sewage effluent on the sacred Peaks has been approved by the Coconino Forest Service despite negative impacts the development would have on Native American Cultural and spiritual practices, the environment and community health. The City of Flagstaff is planning on selling the reclaimed wastewater to Snowbowl. The ride b
The Az Paddle Fund....give Till It Hurts
ok i have made my mind up,forget spotlight when i get to level 28 (or whatever level you can make your gift at) i wanna make my own spicy gift,,,THE AZ i have to start savin now...plz help me
Your nothing but a user! So, all this time me and you been "dating", you were using me?! Your fucking pathetic. I don't even think you need someone. So that didn't mean I was your "kitty" you had your scarleterra to be your fucking kitty. You think the main thing in a fucking relationship is to have a girl have webcam sex with you. Thats not the number one thing in a fucking relationship dipshit. And you wanting to start shit with Jasyn....hell no. Dont piss me off by starting shit with Jasyn. He didn't do anything. He treats me right...unlike you. You lied to me about liking me. I liked you still...which was a bad were like my last someone else while we were. Thats fucked up. Dont worry about why he's still in my friends list. I LOVE HIM. Deal the fuck with it. Stop being such a bitch about it. Your pathetic. Fuck off and leave me and Jasyn alone.
Azriel & The Fate Of His Angels...
Once i joined this group to help Az run it (Which was the ONLY way I was going to JOIN a Group) and get it organized i began to get messages DAILY from women on here about how he hassles them, threatens them, stalks them, and i continued to ask him and he denied it. So of course, i looked at it as "his word against theirs", gave him the benefit of the doubt.... but then i started getting screen shots, copy of text msgs, copies of yahoo messages and he still wanted to deny it. His name has been in several bulletins about his "issues" and then they started to say that the "angels" were hassling them too, and thats when i decided enough was enough. To my knowledge, other than myself trying to find out facts and see what the hell was going on, no other angel ever said anything rude or mean to the 2nd alarm hotties or their chief... they then decided to link his digusting behavior to this page I made for the group. Although he finally admitted the facts he could no longer deny because of
Azriel Is Doing It Again!!
This is a screenshot of an email sent by this guy because I wouldn't donate fubucks for his Spotlight or make him a Salute. He wanted me to help him clear his name on fubar. I told him that was on him, it's his problem and I don't get into other peoples problems on here. I also told him I don't try and judge people by what I hear, but he screwed up when he sent me this ya go block this scammer old account †Dj Azriel†@GØds FØrsakën RadiØ@ fubar newest account DJ ÃZ®Ï€£ Member Of The Dark Society Family@ fubar (
Azriel And Hoody
American Psycho - D-12 Yea i know this is drama, and YEA i know that MOST of you already know these two fucks, and all about their bullshit...but fuck it, im FTW, and i do what i want, (until ADMIN decides to boot me again!! LOL) DJ AZRIEL Is this a face you want for the FUBAR SPOTLIGHT? I would CERTAINLY hope not...This douche is a stalker, a psychopath, and has been known to threaten both women, and YES, EVEN THEIR CHILDREN... PLEASE DO NOT DONATE TO THIS DUDES SPOTLIGHT FUND, AND IF YOU'RE A WOMAN, YOU WOULD BE SMART TO AVOID HIM. IF YOU'RE A MAN THAT HAS RESPECT FOR WOMEN, THEN U SHOULD HATE THIS DUDE JUST AS MUCH AS ANYONE ELSE WHO KNOWS HIM ON THIS SITE....Sorry for the DRAMA bully, but im just sick and tired of seeing him beg for fubucks, KNOWING that some unsuspecting woman that doesnt know his past will fall for his shit...I do have screen shots of his behavior, along with some other WORTHLESS HOODY WEARING Click the pic to go to his page, blo
Her smile means more than the world.Her eyes constanly cape my heart.Her beauty so amazes me.But shes thousands of miles apart.Will she listen to me today.Or look at anothers smile.I long to see her.Maybe even hold her for a while.You say I forget.But beautiful my heart is true.There will never be a day.When I can forget you.
Azrocky Alert--need Cast For Rocky, Hedwig & Moulin Rouge!
(please repost by clicking "reply", then copying and pasting the text into a new bulletin--thank you!) Greetings and salutations, fellow ROCKY fans and other assorted Freaks of the Desert! Matteo (Mr. Producer Guy) here with some VERY exciting news, especially for those who’ve been interested in joining cast… NOW’S THE TIME! We’re looking for freaks like YOU to become freaks like US! We’re looking for people to help with our Halloween ROCKY shows as well as our November productions of… HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH (November 9-10) And MOULIN ROUGE. (November 23-24) We are looking for performers, lights/props/tech, photography/videography, choreographers, costuming, makeup & promotions help, and just about everything else you can imagine! (We are also always looking for sponsors, advertisers and donations!) We will be holding our casting calls THE NEXT THREE SUNDAYS: Sunday, September 30th, 4pm Sunday, October 7th, 2pm Sunday, October 14th, 2pm This will be held
Azrriel's Godfather Bully
Get your player at Another Godfather is approaching! Swing by and give a good spanking to help him along the way! Azriel™ aka The DreamSeller@ fubar All love will be appreciated and returned. Brought to you by: »-(¯`v´¯)-»»ÐJ ǵ££êÐ Ðê§ïrê »-(¯`v´¯)-»» §låvê †ð Öñ¥z, Èmåñðñ & Ðj þrï¢k@ fubar
Az's Angels....wanna Join Read This
hey ladies AZ's angels are back....if you wanna join just put Member of AZ's angels in your name...and make a group salute as well....WE DO NOT TURN ANYBODY AWAY we call out to the tattooed pierced and the outcasts......but ALL ARE WELCOME so what are you waiting for??????????
Az's Angels R.i.p....long Live Wicked Kitties
AZ's angels is changing things up...the new group name (for those who are members you will have to change your profile name and salute) the new name is Wicked Kitties i think that this will make the group less about me and more of a group for all of us..... all you have to do to join is put "Member of Wicked Kitties" in your profile and make a salute with your fubar name and that as well... SO CALLING OUT TO THE TATTOOED AND PIERCED LADIES....THE GIRLS THAT THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX AND TEAR IT TO SHREDS..... SO COME BE A WICKED KITTIE WE ACCEPT ALL NO MATTTER WHAT AS LONG AS YOU CAN SHOW RESPECT THEN YOU ARE GOOD TO GO..... SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?????????????????
Az's Smoking Ban.
So there I was today, locked into an arguement on, apparently, those who voted to ban smoking everywhere seem to think they've won a victory, when in reality they have lost in the long run by continuing to give government the authority to violate the rights of private property owners. I will say this real quick as I said many times in the discussion, this is not smokers vs non smokers as some have foolishly suggested, this is about the property rights and the rights of private businesses to cater to the market they wish to cater too. Anyway, read the article and scroll down until you see the comments, I am mike867. I explain it better there.
Az Sting
NATIONAL LACROSSE LEAGUE CANCELS 2008 SEASON Arizona Sting Forced To Cancel Games At Arena FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 GLENDALE, ARIZONA --- The National Lacrosse League (NLL) has announced the cancellation of its 2008 season. The cancellation was triggered by the Professional Lacrosse Players Association's executive committee rejecting the league's last Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) proposal. The NLL and its owners had implemented an Oct. 15 deadline for the two sides to come to an agreement. “I would like to apologize to the fans who have supported the Arizona Sting for four seasons,” said Sting President Douglas Moss. “We are disappointed that we will not be playing in 2008, but plan to work diligently with the League and Professional Lacrosse Players Association (PLPA) to ensure we are back playing at Arena in January of 2009.” “I am disappointed for our loyal fans, including the kids who have so enthusiastically
A-z Survey
...*[ABC's OF YOU]*...[A] is for AMOUNT of money in your wallet:$80 [B] is for BEER of choice:Corona [C] is for CAR you drive:Kia Spectra [D] is for DUMBEST thing you've done lately:hmmmm [E] is for most EXPENSIVE gift you've received:Computer [F] is for FARTHEST place from home you've been:Mexico [G] is for GOAL you would like to acheive before you die:Bachelor's Degree in Sign Language [H] is for color of your HAIR:Brown w/blonde highlights [I] is for 3 ITEMS in the room yourin right now:Tv, Computer & Bed [J] is for JACKET you wear the most:Jersey jacket [K] is for names for your KIDS:None [L] is for LAST person you kissed:not gonna tell [M] is for MEMORY from your childhood:spending time w/my nana [N] is for time you go to bed at NIGHT:10pm [O] is for OLDEST thing you own:my dresser [P] is for PERSON you would like to meet:Matthew M [Q] is for what you are the QUEEN of:me [R] is for ROOM you're in right now:bedroom [S] is for STATES you've been to:37 out of 50 [T] is for TIME it is
A-z Survey
A to Z SurveyTake This Survey at Quizopolis.comA - AvailableYESB - Best FriendKELLIC - CrushNO ONED - Dad's NameTONYE - Easiest Person To Talk ToSELF LOLF - Favorite BandRUSHG - Gummy Bears Or Worms
A-z Survey
THE LETTER A are you available?: yeah what is your age?: 21 what annoys you?: bitch ass rappers like g-unit, emo n country music THE LETTER B do you live in a big house?: naw when is your birthday?: June 20th who are your best friends: Rick, Sha, Angelo, Shannon. and my brother from another Kevin THE LETTER C what's your favorite candy?: peanut m&m's and almond joys who's your crush?: don't have one when was the last time you cried?: 8 years ago THE LETTER D do you daydream?: yeah i dream bout hip-hop all day what day of the week is it?: thursday what's your favorite kind of dog?: a pit or neopolitan bull mastiff THE LETTER E how do you like your eggs?: over easy or scrambled have you ever been in the emergency room?: yeah more den once what's the easiest thing ever to do?: rap THE LETTER F have you ever flown in a plane?: yeah do you use fly swatters?: yeah THE LETTER G do you chew gum?: yeah are you a giver or a taker?: both do you
A-z Survey
A • What is your age?: 24 • What annoys you?: BAD BODY ODOR! and People in the checkout line talking on their cell phones!!! Thats really damn RUDE! B • Do you know anyone named Billy? My dads name was Bill...but my Aunts all called him Billy. • When is your birthday?: 06-15-1983 C • Current mood: Bored!!! • What’s your favorite candy?: right now....Hershey's Bars • When was the last time you cried?: A few days ago D • Do you daydream?: Sometimes • What’s your favorite kind of dog?: My dogs are my favorite! :) • What day of the week is it?: Tuesday E • How do you like your eggs?: Depends on the day • Have you ever been in the emergency room?: Yep • Ever met an elephant?: No F • Do you use fly swatters?: Yeah • Have you ever used a foghorn?: No • Is there a fan in your room?: Yea G • Do you chew gum?:yeppers • Do you like gory movies?:yeppers • Who’s gay?: who cares??? H • How are you doing?: Okay I guess • What color is your hair?
A-z Survery About Me!
A¢¾ AVAILABLE: yup! B¢¾ BIRTHDAY: oct 7th C¢¾ CANDY: twix D¢¾ DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Vodka.. straight up! E¢¾ EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: my friends F¢¾ FAVORITE SONG: dance with the devil- breaking benjamin G¢¾ GOALS: get my degree and start a business. H¢¾ HOMETOWN: Portland, Indiana I¢¾ ICE CREAM FLAVOR: chocolate J¢¾ JUICE: Orange K¢¾ KIDS - HOW MANY: just one L¢¾ LONGEST CAR RIDE: Ive been all over the damn US so take your pick! vegas was a pretty long one tho! M¢¾ MOM, MOMMY OR MA: ma N¢¾ NUMBER OF PETS: 0 O¢¾ ONE WISH: that eden grows up happy and healthy P¢¾ PERSON YOU CALLED LAST: My MA R¢¾ REASONS TO SMILE: other then eden i have no idea T¢¾ TIME YOU WOKE UP: i got to sleep in today! 10:00 U¢¾ UNDERWEAR COLOR: pink V¢¾ VEGETABLE: Corn W¢¾ WORST HABIT: blowing guys off when they try to flirt with me X¢¾ X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: alot, and i hate doing it Y¢¾ YOUR FAVORITE COLOR: pink and silver Z¢¾ ZODIAC SIG
Az Swinger
hey all my peeps on fubar my birthday is cummin up and my wife would like to start meeting people to see if there what shes lookin for bring in for the fun hit use up if you would like to meet us couples females NO SINGLE MEN
Tell me when, at any time in the history of the one world, has any one life ever been saved. Mexica Proverb ------------------------- Hopefully people will understand the jist of the quote... Mexica were the preeminent tribe in 1400-1500 Mexico during the conquest...later misnamed by history as the Aztec, and even though they had a brutal way to worship their gods I think they also had a higher understanding of the human condition than any modern society I've ever studied.
Az Trip....
Well the week in az went well....however i had a few issues with the not so HD 2500. Snapped a tierod the first night...and on halloween as i pulled into flagstaff i smoked the transfer case... Guess it was my turn for a run of bad luck... Currently stuck on stalag 13 outside kemmerer wyoming...this is a long jaul well...90-120 days. Just finished surface and it'll be caseing break in a few hours...yehaa...i can escape. DW
Azul & Insmonia. . .
Azure Rider's
Have you recently taken the time to make me velvet or to simply wrap me up in blue and green? I need this, you know. Perhaps I'm not asking in a way that you can understand, perhaps my spider madness gets me tangled in a web of dreams. It's true, tonight I could do with a soothing moonbeam, or two, slowly on my hair, across my face, intimately. A warm and cleansing rain could follow; for desert, I have a purple desert wind full of mystique and miracle enchantment; Arabian nights under bright white stars with unfamiliar music drifting strangely. Before I go, I want to turn and greet the azure riders on their horses, silver flanked and silver armoured, watch them flow in sweeping arch towards my window. Is that too much to ask of you?
Azure Skies
God has taken me home with him, But I still watch you from above. Through the midnight skies that are azure blue, I did not leave you far behind. I remain in your heart and in your mind. I still feel the love you have for me, The same as the love I have for you. Please my darling do not cry, I see it from here above. You will join me in this place. We both will bask in Gods warm embrace. No I did not leave you far behind. For I see you through the azure skies. I need for you to be happy for me. I am no longer in pain, I have been set free. My love for you will always remain. Until I met with you again. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserve
Azure Cote D Escorte Girl
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. You will have a great time in Cote d
Azure Skies
here i rest under azure skies contemplating self rightousness,and wondering how it ever became any of your hold me upto the light and set the goals you would yourself,because you and me have to diffrent ideas of great wealth.when you walked away and i chose to stand indestructible,with a dedicated determination that was uncomprimisable.for i could of faded away into dust a long time ago,but chose to stay among men and maintain a perfectable egoalas you set the perfect example for what not to be in life,so thus in the opposite polarity i will set my made all of the decisions that predeterimed my story,through this moment  i will turn it into my allegory.for even though your actions were not of concrete,they still make me feel physically and morally weak.because of the atrocities you have portrayed to our family,has left me wandering open fields wounded and alas i must make everything right and put you in your place,i know this is hard father but it will
Az Yet- Hard To Say I'm Sorry
Chicago Cover
The Azz
lmao ..I just have to laugh it got even better must be his woman who came and rated me a 1 and left the same comment he not have her link but name is canadian420
Azza Bazza
It be a new year and once again I'm going to work on losing weight.... as I always seem to do this year. I've been going up and down on my weight loss but as of then, I've been going between 1-6 lbs. I weighed myself this morning and I've lost 5 or 6 pounds. Today, I was just completely starving at work. I grabbed a tuna sandwich from the scary vending machine, ate my sun chips and yogurt... My belly felt much better. Then I started to get hungry later on in the day....I figured I just grab a salad and ice tea from wendy's for dinner...and that I did. Instead of coffee. LOL Note to self...cut back on We got a inch of snow today. It started falling right after I got off work. Hopefully it won't be too bad driving to work tomorrow...bleh Tuesday I have a eye doctors appointment. Need to get some new contacts and see if I can get some nerd glasses for at home whenever my contacts are bugging me... Then I go back to work for a 2 hour meeting...
Azzhole Amio
redshirt78@ CherryTAP
Azz Hats
Azz Hole!
Gizzy: *punches you* Ridin' Dirrrty: WHAT 4 Gizzy: Your status... Ridin' Dirrrty: DIDNT MEAN IT LITTERALLY... Gizzy: Oh...sorry... Ridin' Dirrrty: how u feeling today Gizzy: Much much better :) Ridin' Dirrrty: thats very good to hear Gizzy: Ya know...I'm very very happy Gizzy: What had been your problem lately? Ridin' Dirrty: I GUESS I COULD ASK U THE SAME QUESTION Gizzy: Don't you dare point a finger @ me Gizzy: You're the one with the mean attitude Ridin' Dirrty: ARE U CRAZY OR SOMETHING Gizzy: Ya know what? I'm done with your shit Gizzy: Don't you ever fucking ask me if I'm crazy. Who the fuck do you think you're fucking talking to? Gizzy: Don't EVER speak to me like that again Gizzy: I don't deserve that kinda treatment Gizzy:It's best we doing talk anymore. I no longer wish to talk to you again. Please delete me. Goodbye Ridin' Dirrty: BIPOALR CITY .....NEITHER DO I SO BACK OFF DON'T WORRY I'M FUCKIN DONE TOO U HAVE HAD AN
An Azzy Must Have
I have noticed over the past few years my taste has changed so much in most things, including my taste in what I want on my walls. Yesterday during my lunch break was wandering the mall and went into an art/framing store. Wandered in looking at what they had so see if anything caught my eye. Nothing had and was on my way out when the owner asked me if there was anything I was looking for. I told him yes, I am looking for black n white photograghy. He let me look at a few books he had, flipping threw the pages, I am think yes this is nice, then the last book, the second last page, there it was. It just hit me .. had to have it thing. So I ordered it. Bertram Bahner
"Those who survived the San Francisco earthquake said, "Thank God, I'm still alive." But, of course, those who died, their lives will never be the same again." - Barbara Boxer, Senator ***maybe cos theyre dead, but hey im just a simpleton here "City fathers were hoping to raise enough money to erect a new bronze statue of the Duck of Wellington." - BBC commentator ***and of course the DUKE of wellington had no probs with this new adition "I don't think the Republicans can damage my character." - Bill Clinton, former U.S. President *** because i do a pretty dam good job of it myself "Politics gives guys so much power that they tend to behave badly around women. And I hope I never get into that." - Bill Clinton, former U.S. president *** well ya fucked up there dint ya buddy, i think ramming ya dick down monicas throat counted as being badly behaved lol "You know the one thing that's wrong with this country? Everyone gets a chance to have their fair say." -
do you eat a lot of junk food? no fast food? no do you eat fruits and veggies? yes are you healthy or overweight/underweight? healthy do you exercise? yes do you bite you nails? nope any bad habits? no drink/drug/smoke in excess? Nope do destructive things? nope cut/harm yourself? nope are you an attention whore? no or a loner? yes do you brag a lot? No like to show off? no does it annoy you when other people do? YES. do you crack you knuckles or other parts? Yes do you love porn? I don't love it, but I like it. are you a sports fanatic? yes are you obsessive? no have you had unprotected sex? more than once? yes/yes are you a shopaholic? no do you keep up with trends? no cat or dog person? Dog [last questions] do you plan on going to college? went if not will you be happy making minimum wage? College doesn't promise a better job, dumbass. do you have any regrets? yes
B1 for me and you will find... "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mohandas Gandhi RAMBO AMADEUS - Plastik fantastik .. .........................................apoem....... driver .................. allah's uber dire straights it has creepy sideways figure eights the zombie steers the ticking bomb no radio, yet knobs all twirling his superlicious eyes on fire as a brickhouse hits innocent floating bodies now become the tiger ......................................................fin “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Albert Einstein the anatomy of war(mars-vs- man) the art (twenty years ago) and below is the photo i pulled offa someones blogs .... today ... august 06 ...... eek
The B
Betty Botter had some butter, "But," she said, "this butter's bitter. If I bake this bitter butter, it would make my batter bitter. But a bit of better butter-- that would make my batter better." So she bought a bit of butter, better than her bitter butter, and she baked it in her batter, and the batter was not bitter. So 'twas better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter.
Bacillophobia- Fear of microbes. Bacteriophobia- Fear of bacteria. Ballistophobia- Fear of missiles or bullets. Bolshephobia- Fear of Bolsheviks. Barophobia- Fear of gravity. Basophobia or Basiphobia- Inability to stand. Fear of walking or falling. Bathmophobia- Fear of stairs or steep slopes. Bathophobia- Fear of depth. Batophobia- Fear of heights or being close to high buildings. Batrachophobia- Fear of amphibians, such as frogs, newts, salamanders, etc. Belonephobia- Fear of pins and needles. (Aichmophobia) Bibliophobia- Fear of books. Blennophobia- Fear of slime. Bogyphobia- Fear of bogeys or the bogeyman. Botanophobia- Fear of plants. Bromidrosiphobia or Bromidrophobia- Fear of body smells. Brontophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning. Bufonophobia- Fear of toads.
" B "
Balefire- A fire laid and lit for magical or religious purposes, usually outdoors. Physically similar to the non-magical non-religious bonfire. Bane- That which is harmful, destructive or evil. Banish- To magickally end something or exorcise entities.To rid the presence of. Banishing- Three meanings: banishing the Circle is the formal dismantling of a Magic Circle when the ritual is over. Banishing an individual means expelling him of her from the coven for an unforgivable offense, or from Wicca itself, though some regard the latter as impossible. Banishing an entity means disabling a harmful non-material entity. B.C.E- Before Common Era, non-christian version of B.C. Beltane- Pronounced "Bal-tene". The Irish festival of May 1. Called Bealtiunn in Scotland, Shenn da Boaldyn in the Isle of Man, and Galan-Mai in Wales Besom- A bundle of twigs attached to a handle used to cleanse and purify sacred space. Essentially a witch's broomstick. Bind- To prevent or lim
"Passion is what makes the heart come alive and when the heart is is found."
36B chest I say no every time you ask me 'cause I think my size 36B chest isn't big enough for that kind of play.But after that amazing orgasm you just gave me and seeing the look on your face as you're straddling my waist and the huge hard on you have, asking again I say yes. A huge smile comes to your face as your reach for the baby oil beside the bed, pouring some into the palm of your hands, and then rubbing them together to warm it. You lean forward and rub it on to my tits caressing and teasing as you do. I take your cock in my hand stroking it while you get my tits all oiled up. When you do you move forward placing your cock between my tits then I push them together wrapping it in them. You start to move up and down slow at first and every time you come up I lick the head of your cock with my tongue, sometimes giving it a quick suck. I'm watching your face and the expression on it is sheer pleasure. Your strokes start to pick up speed I push my tits together a little harde
u know, some of my fubar friends well lets just say that there lifes are different. the question is , why isnt there anyone like them live close to me.u always see this in other towns but never close to u, r maybe its just that people in macon ga just dont know how to spice up there lives.
"The beauty of your life depends on how you love the things you do, how you do the things you love and how you love the one who loves u."
the best family on fubar go and check them out ! PLEASE REPOST
sick of it whatever it’s called sick of the names I dedicate every pore to what’s here - Ikkyu
Baaad Drama
Well i thought i would call my hubby today. No, we're not divorced cause i didn't want to get re-married and staying married was a pretty good plan for now... and you have to be seperated a year and so on and so forth so... anyway ring, ring, RING... female, "Hello?" me: "lemme talk to bj" female: "why" me: "CAUSE I AM HIS WIFE AND I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO TALK TO HIM WHENEVER THE HELL I WANT TO, YOU LITTLE HOMEWRECKING SLUT!" female: "this is his sister stephanie" me: "ooops, my bad. let me talk to bj please" steph: " can't, his little brother just died" me: " what? which one?" {he has three} steph: "JW" {his 16yr old helf-brother} bj:" hey" and it went from there... but, i found out that JW actually died on BJ's birthday, april 17... last thursday (i was having my "me day" and completely forgot that is was his birthday, wooops, lol) but i have been having this nagging feeling to call him all weekend. anyhoo... he told me that he was getting ready to go to the fune
  Since everyone else is doing it...layer one:Spell your name with bands/artistsE - Evans BlueR - Rise AgainstI - IncubusK - KissA - Abbalayer two:- name: Erika- birth date: May 23, 1973- nicknames: Reeka (online), my sister calls me Ricky, Shawn calls me Sweetie-Keetie (h)- current location: Brighton, MI- eye color: Hazel- hair color: Strawberry Blonde- righty or lefty: Righty - best friend[s]: Shawnlayer three:- the shoes you wore today: Pink lined Croc wannabes- your perfect pizza: Pepperoni - I have simple tastes :P- the last time you cried: yesterday layer four:- your best physical feature: heck if I know - my hair, I guess- most missed memory: snuggling layer five:- pepsi or coke: Coke, duh... this should have been layer 1- mcdonald's or burger king: McD's- adidas or nike: I have a comfy pair of LA Gears...- lipton ice tea or nestea: *gaks* nooooo tea- chocolate or vanilla: ch-ch-ch-chooocccooolllaaattteeee *orgasms*- cappuccino or coffee: ewwwww, neither... I use Coke for my
Baa Baa Black Sheep...
Ok, SO I read a magazine that does a monthly article on an unfortunate incident in the UK where a "goth" couple were beaten and the girl killed by hate mongers claiming it was all done because of their appearance and demeanor. Well...while I agree the incident was horrible and I do feel some sympathy for the families involved..I have to say the fall out response is somewhat comical in nature. As I, myself, am heavily tattooed and pierced with bod mods, the whole emo goth thing has gotten way outta control. These people act, dress, and present themselves in a way that illicit a response from the general public, and then bitch and cry when its not the response they want. I have never been attacked for my looks or behavior. When people see names like hornedsavior or satansfairy, or anything similar to such, how can you not expect some kinda of backlash? you choose a name to garner a response then scream when its not about how awesome or great you are or look. wrap yourself in
Baad Dawg Blues
I had a baad dog name was fool his tongue hang out all he did was drool scratch his hide till d'fleas jump out bark all nite when the moon is out lift his leg on your favorite chair squat down and shit everywhere lick his face and wag his tail chew up your socks and make you wail fetch the stick, roll over too would'nt sit and beg, he's too cool on a leash he was fine and dandy but let him loose he was all over Randy 2x chorus mans best friend is what they say but my baad dog just would'nt be that way chase the cats make em howl but farted so bad it was just fowl fed him good on table scraps then his 100lb. lunk wanna sit in your lap ride in your car or the back of your truck turn girls head was just good luck when they got close smell his bad breath it was all over just the kiss of death loyal and friendly was no doubt but man he was stupid make you shout "come here doggie", "no not there" always doin somthin, make people stare chorus 2
Baali (World of Darkness) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Baali are a fictional bloodline of vampires, from White Wolf Game Studio's Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Dark Ages books and role-playing games. The Baali are very strongly rejected by both Camarilla and the Sabbat, because of their infernalist nature — they are called "monsters" and "demons" even by the other vampires. Much of the Baali symbology is Mesopotamian and Phoenician in origin. The very name Baali is originated from the Phoenician word Ba'al, meaning "great lord". Origins The Baali are infernalists who once dealt in the names of ancient beings that existed before the "Let there be Light" of Genesis (as simply knowing the names of such powerful beings can give one access to some of that power). Baali legend says there was a group of people called the "First Tribe" who discovered the existence of those old ones and became their acolytes. They were degenerates, who murdered their parents
Baa 'should Sell Three Airports'
BAA 'should sell three airports' Ownership problems are at the root of poor service, the regulator believes BAA may have to sell three of its seven UK airports because of concerns about its market dominance, the Competition Commission has said. The watchdog is recommending that the airport operator should have to sell two of its three airports in the South East - Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. It also believes BAA should not be allowed to continue to own airports in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. BAA said it had "no intention" of selling Heathrow, its largest airport. It described the regulator's verdict as "flawed" and said the forced sale of leading airports would be "counter-productive". FROM THE TODAY PROGRAMME More from Today programme Q&A: Future of British airports Send us your comments Reaction to break-up threat The final decision on the company's future will be taken next April. Ownership concerns Publishing the preliminary find
So for those of you that know me know that about a year ago tragedy struck my life. My husband and I had thought that we were going to be ushering a little one into our family. Then I go to my first prenatal appointment and they tell me that my uterus is empty. Well here we go again, last night I took a pregnancy test and it turned up very pregnant. I don't want to get to excited because of what happened last time but I can't help but think I may actually be pregnant this time! And I can't help being excited, we have been trying for a baby ever since....I just wanted to share my joy with some friends.
Babalonia Cafe
Babalonia Cafe by Avalanche Man © Advertised as a complete cornucopia of delight for all the senses, it still took months to be accepted for a reservation. The waivers, disclaimers, and doctors' report that had to accompany each request for a reservation seemed mountainous and over bearing. Yet, once that magical reservation was obtained, there was never any doubt or change of plans, as it must be experienced and enjoyed to the fullest. Despite any date that was on the actual real reservation, it was a rare item to be shown off to friends, coworkers, and even strangers. The "OOOH" and "AHHHs" were almost worth the $250 dollars that had to be prepaid for each person on the reservation. Though several would claim to have gotten a reservation frequently, everyone knew better and secretly held the belief that this was a once in a lifetime occasion. A strange and unexpected off shoot from this were the much advertised specials at salons, spas, and even gyms to prepare one'
Baba Ghanoush
I made this yesterday, now my whole kitchen smells like garlic. 1 lb. of eggplants, doesn't matter the size as long as it's about a pound 1/4 cup lemon juice 2 cloves garlic tahini paste or sesame seeds and sesame oil 1/2 cup toasted pine nuts salt and pepper Roast eggplant at 500 degrees until the skin is all wrinkly and the eggplant is soft. Might be 15 minutes for small eggplants. I got one big one, so it took 30 minutes. After it cools, scoop out the flesh and pulse in a food processor with the rest of the ingredients. I like it with toasted pita chips, ten minutes in a 400 degree oven.
Baba Yaga Stories
Who is Baba Yaga? She is the Goddess, she is the Witch, she is the Wise Woman, she is the Crone, she is aged artemis. Baba is Grandmother. In Tibet, fierce demons are Yagas. So she is the Grandmother Demon, Grandmother Dragon, the fearsome, the fierce. Baba Yaga is the subject of many Russian folk tales or fairy tales. She is very very old. How do we know? We are told her nose curves down and her chin curves up and they nearly meet. Since the cartilage in our noses, chins and ears continues to grow throughout our lives, only someone a hundred or more would have such a remarkable face. Her fingernails, it is said, are as thick and ridged as roof tiles. My, what a mineral-rich diet she must have! And they are stained brown. Any herbalists here who have noticed such a staining on their hands after a summer of harvesting? I have. Baba Yaga lives in a house that nearly defies description, yet any herbalist would feel right at home there, overlooking perhap
I’m flying, 10 feet over the race Hit your tongue like mace Retrace steps of temptation Welcome to the alien nation If you step in you’re not allowed to heal There’s no point to being in pain if you don’t feel Hold hands with insanity and spin fortune’s wheel Don’t bother crossing your fingers because I’m crossing your heart And criss-crossing cold on your flesh leaving my mark It’s only fair for the impaled state I’m in I lick at the point of the pike protruding from my chest It tastes like me But not Remember when I said I’m shot? Everywhere and a lot Bullet fragments lodged in my spine Making me twitch Making my jaw click Giving me a heart attack heart rate Sporadic palpitations, followed by a stillness of the organ My feet touch the ground but I’m not running Not until I get what’s mine Not until I can stroke the pike’s shine Not until I can die on the receiving end of a properly held knife Not going to run unless I’m running into that knife
Babble On Pt. 1
So I'd like to start with saying thanks for coming to read this, and give a warning. Tonight, I write like I speak. I have a myriad of ideas I want to convey, in a form of catharsis, as well as mental self organization, but I will no doubt trail off several times and never get to the heart of what I wanted to say. Sorry. That's just how it always ends up, and if you think it's disappointing to you... imagine how it makes me feel. And we're off. I just watched American Splendor. I want to be a filmmaker, and I call myself one now, despite still not having completed a feature length project. I call myself that to describe my nature and intent. Perhaps it's a little self congratulatory, but it's who I am, and I've learned that any sense of self denial is dangerous. Look at all those ultra conservative public figures throughout history that ended up exposed in some scandal that showed them giving in to all the things they fight so hard against. Do you really think it's all a coincidence
Babble On Pt. 2
Ok, so I'm gonna be a father... but it's time to go to Iraq. Um... but I thought we were at war with... oh whatever. I did my time over there. Stories, life experience, and lessons the likes of which you don't get anywhere else in the world cam in a rush almost too big to take. After my service over seas, I still had a little over a year to serve out. I did so in an elite unit. It's cool and all... you know... being considered elite... but the price of what you have to pretend to be just isn't worth the glory. So, having seen the belly of the beast, I decided it was time to get out. My second child had already come along, shortly after my return from overseas, and the GREAT surprise... a third due just days before my triumphant return to the normal world. Great... how am I gonna pull this off? I did, and with a lot of help, or at least I'm trying. You see, I got my last paycheck in December of 2005... I've been doing my best to make money as an "artist" of sorts since then. Need
Babble On Pt. 3
The future. Greatness. Desire. It's just within reach. Sure it's a long road, but half the fun of it is just being ON that road. All these years, and I'm just now making the turn. I'm in the final stages of the screening for this government job. I already have it... I just have to do physicals and paperwork. It will have me working 4 10 hour days a week. It's perfect for giving me time to make my art. Especially since it's federal. Huge promotion potential... good benefits... job security... and the stability to both have a family, and be an artist. It's probably a shit job, but I promise you... I've had worse, and as long as I can do what I please with my free time, I'll be happy. The Greatness? Oh, I almost forgot. I'm a bit of an optimist. It's not so much to a fault, because I can usually convey my vision to a person well enough for them to want to be a part of it. In a way, it's a tool for acquiring allies, and in my kind of art... you need them. So, to achieve greatness, I ha
I cant wait for this week to be over so I can have a week off of school (Spring Break). I need the week to just relax...well sort of lol. I have to catch up on math and do my midterm for linguistic anthro, but neither should be too hard. Still no word from Renthal, my app is still pending. I know Dirty Girls is looking for new dirtbike riders, so I'm waiting until October to send them my resume (that's when they accept them). And no word from FMF, but I just recently filled that app out. I'm hoping to go to Chaparral on Saturday. I need to look into several things for my bike. Price some stuff out.
My heart, my life, my soul.... a connection, a kiss, a passionate embrase... someone to love me, someone to care... someone to wipe my tears and still find me beautiful in the morning.... they're a rare beauty for it's from the inside, they look at me and see the truth... when we speak it will be as if we'v known each other before. Natural, wonderous, sexual and intelligent. I want to find the person who brings me all these things. I want the one who completes me and makes me strive to be a better woman, a better mother and a better lover. I want to be captivated and swept of my feet and I want to be the reason for their smile and laughter. I need respect and compassion as much as I give.... where are you, why aren't you here with me now and why aren't you busy falling in love with me. Soft kisses, making love long into the night, body and skin the taste of you on my lips, the touch of your finger tips... your hips my thighs our glances and eyes... I want to lose myself in you i
A Babbling Fool.
I have never been one to be incredibly girlie about things. I mean I am extremely affectionate and romantic but I never got all giggly and foolish over someone I like. What the fuck has happened? What is with these sudden mushy feelings I am experiencing? Why can't I tell this person how I feel either? I have always been able to tell someone I like how I feel about them. Now I am stuck here babbling away in a little blog entry. Bah!
Babbling And More Babbling
Yesterday Morning Papa calls me and asks if I can help him cut some MDF Board.. So I spent the whole morning in the shed with Paw cutting wood.. lmao we had a blast.. And Helped him again today... Got all dusty and dirty. Then last night I got a fucking magrain the size of Texas.. Fucking A I almost started crying it hurt so bad.. I took a pain pill and layed down and watched family guy and futurama.. Went with Missy and Jeff the other day to the new house again and took some pics.. I might post some later if I get around to it.. Crystal is still selling tomatoes, corn and peppers. And we are trying to cook down the rest for canning and freezing.. This weekend We might go looking for a cavern to play in for my birthday.. I love caves I don't know why I think they are cool as hell... I think I might make me a lemon pie for my cake since I don't eat cake.. The X-games are over.. I love that they have added Rally Cars... That shit was awesome.. Well they had it last
i'm tired...of men who say one thing and mean another.. tired of having to explain myself over and over the fact that i was in an abusive marriage and that i need to be more cautious this time around tired of being alone tired of searching tired of being the strong one, i want someone to lean on now tired of doing everything on my own tired of the bad luck that has followed me in the last few years tired of people saying it will be okay tired of empty offers of help...that sucks tired of dealing with a bitter ex husband, even though he won everything in court tired of comforting my kids alone when he cuts them down tired of explaining nicely to my kids that daddy didnt mean to call mom white trash, hes just upset tired of being sick so much, and having no one to help me tired of being put on a pedal stool, instead of being treated like the person i am tired of not being good enough tired of hearing woman treating a good man bad, and then wonder why he leaves tired of ma
I have been getting things in order. Work, home, the usual. I have been putting money to the side for a vehicle. It'll take me a while, but I was never one for putting myself in debt. What I do have are usually paid on time or earlier. It's how I do things, ya know? Granted, I should improve my credit rating. I was considering a credit card, but either I would end up maxing it out, or it would just sit there in my wallet, collecting dust. Either way, it really doesn't matter. As for work, it's work. I've been pretty sore for the past week, I really haven't worked that hard in a while. But the OT is worth it, especially when I look at my check. It helps, ya know? I use to spend my money like crazy, but I've been belt-tightening as of late. I only get what I need, and if I do have some spare cash, I'll get something for myself. I think being on my own helped. I learned how to budget, and put things in order. It's hard for me to really go on a spending spree, hell even the sp
Daylight must erase these etchings stolen on my soul blackout backtrack if but... no.. no.. no. Unfair to jump into these lights of a car made from mist brought about by broken minds a failed suicide like walking down an empty street in a holocaust town It's hard to move forward when you can't look back It's hard to dream on stolen truths meaning is but a million molecules which disolve with each new movement and nothing is real nothing not this moment, not the next not the tears which threaten to moisten this heart gone dry It's not okay to believe. Storys are just that. I cannot tell you a story lest I forget I cannot sing you to sleep without my voice. This parched throat may barely utter without choice I am not an answer but a conclusion my darkness is not merely the absence of light but an echo of something lost which is never had step back. I cannot fall if I do not climb and I cannot climb if I rip these wings Let go of these treacherous bindin
Babby Mamm Vs. Friends.
Today been pretty good or atleast it was. I did the normal thing watched my kid most of the day and played video games and watched movies. My kid is 4 montsh old. Any way's I live with her mother. She has problems with my friends cause they told her when she comes over she needs to wear more clother cause the feel that she looks like a slut every time she comes over. Wearring mini skirt's spageetti strap short shirt's and no bra. A lot of people have come to them and statted that they didn't like the way she came over. So they had asked her nicely if she was going to come over then she needs to put on more clothing. Not a problem in my eye's. Well my procedes to tell me that they was very rude with her. I read the email they wasn't rude at all. So in turn she has forbidden them to come over to her house. Because of the fact they told her that she needed to wear more clothes. So any way's that was a few day's go the email and what not. So today as I said was going fine. She took m
Babby J Update
hey everyone, just wanted to post an update in a new entry so it didn't clutter the old one. MUMM's the only thing that has changed is that points are no longer being awarded for voting on GLOBAL mumms. this is an experiment after hearing the feedback on my last blog post yesterday and we haven't decided if it's staying this way or not. everything else has remained the same, including friends-only mumms. STASH based on feedback from a bunch of members, i'm not going to reset the old stashes when we migrate to the new hardware. the stash limit will remain the same (1000). LEVEL REQUIREMENTS since so many people wanted it, i've turned back on the salute requirement to move beyond level 10. also, i just wanted to get up on my soapbox and clear up a few things for anyone who's forgotten, or is new and doesn't know the history of this site. the site was originally created for *my* friends. everyday i'm amazed that other people end up liking it and wa
Babble #1
Why is it when you feel something going right.. some else will come in and destroy that...its like you feel you going no where in life.. cause as you try advance or move on there always something draggin you back... I feel like this today.. I got my license I get my kids for week ends to sleep over which make me feel so good. I love my kids to death... now it seems that everything going good and all.. but now my van is falling apart.. I gotta find money to get it fix so I can start to look for work. And the town i live in sucks so much ass that there is barely any work.. so soon my income will be shot cause I will be off unemployment.. and no work to make money.. Like my life just keeps getting fucked up.. I just runnin out of ideas on what too do.. I am at the point I am debating on joinin the army... and push everyone away form me so they don't get my bad luck streak.. but I would be destroyed cause I would be away from my kids. I am just so lost I don't know what to do.. I am thinki
Babbling Again...
"Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward in the same direction" ~Saint Exupery~ If two people can't see the same thing when they look ahead...then they won't be traveling in the same direction...They go their separate ways...And eventually they can't even see each other
Hopefully when feeling down or like I cant do it I can look back on this and get some inspiration back. Over the last few weeks, its been pretty hectic. Ive been exhausted but a good exhausted.    Last year, after a few months of my separation I began learning the dynamics of domestic violence on both male and female victims. I then got asked to speak at the university as well as host a vigil for a close friend of mine and her son who were brutally murdered two years previous. That got stemmed basically out of politics. Seems when someone of 'higher rank' in society dies gets remembered and honoured better than just your 'average' citizen. A lot of people just shrug and say "It's just the way it is there is nothing you can do about it" I say bullshit! This infuriated me! I thought to myself she may not have been a civil servant but she was SOMEBODY just as important to many lives that are considered ordinary deemed by society. Meanwhile, I was struggling to learn more and more abou
Scrapper just wrote me back asking me for the link to my hacked account.MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE they will FINALLY take it down   My husband gave me lilies and then informed me he was leaving for Germany tomorrow...why cant men ever do that without it coming with bad news? *sigh*   My kids both got rave reviews at the PT conferences...I may be an epic fuck up but I have good kids   I have a new fan...why do I always get the psycho stalker fatties? Blah     the snow finally melted I think ferrero Roche chocolates may just be better han sex   I saw a 5 year old with a pacifier yesterday why cant I shoot the parents of those kids?   Why is it so dead around here lately? Makes me sad I tell ya   I am trying to fin a new obsession to stalk fuck fuck fuck I am bored taking the kids to see Christmas carol tonight....I want cotton candy   I hate folding laundry.,.I wanna burn the shit   and oh I want 5 minutes alone with the piece of shit terrorist that hit Ft Hood yesterday t
why is it you find someone who is your exact soul so similar to yourself that its like you were twin s  in another life and you care so much for them and yet they have to live sooooooooooooooo fucking far away?i mean you both have been broken by evil people and  when u talk to them they make u forget it ever existed they are the only thing that makes you want to live period....they are the last thing  you think about before you fall asleep then you dream about them then when u wake you worry if they are alright  ...every time there is silence you hear their voice close your eyes and its their face you see .... you cant help but have some cheesey ass grin on your face when you speak to them .....your heart races when they whisper into the phone to you ........makes ya wanna pull out your hair because they arent near you ...or ball your eyes out... its like the universe is out to get you or something this song explains it all
Loser noob rated me a 1 babcin5@ fubar
Babes Of Star Trek...
Babe R U Mine (repost)
Now u gotta repost this as,"babe r u mine?" The 1st person to message u saying "babe im urs." will be ur cherry tap sweatheart... you'd be suprised just who wants to be urs... u have 2 do this even if you are taken or you will have relationship problems for 40 years!!! good luck ( (repost of original by 'Shell' on '2006-11-14 09:01:19') (repost of original by 'dazzler36' on '2006-11-14 10:40:54') (repost of original by 'karen' on '2006-11-14 12:40:01') (repost of original by 'DustyRose' on '2006-11-14 13:40:21') (repost of original by 'PeckerWrecker6966' on '2006-11-15 05:02:10') (repost of original by 'Shattered Spirit' on '2006-11-15 05:04:20') (repost of original by 'JackDaddy~The RedNecks of CT' on '2006-11-15 05:05:46') (repost of original by '100% ANGEL' on '2006-11-15 06:21:02') (repost of original by 'wzktm' on '2006-11-15 06:23:32') (repost of original by 'sidekicksiUK[EFC]' on '2006-11-15 06:26:55') (repost of original by '~DJ Yanke
Babes Vs Hunks Contest
Hey to all my Beautiful friends on CT ! I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS ! I was wondering if you would help my friend out in the Babes vs Hunks contest??? She is definately the hottest there (and the realest..(wink). If you wanna check her out for yourself hers her link. Oh and feel free to add her ! She's a great friend !!! Love to you all, Joeylynne
Babes Vs Hunks
Hi there Cherry friends! Would you be a sweetheart and help my friend Lucy out? She really deserves your vote as you will see! I would very much appreciate it! Hugs and kisses, Joeylynne Merry Christmas to all !!
Babe !
Babe Video - Styx lyricsStyx Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth held lifetime records for both home runs and strikeouts.
Babe R U Mine?
You gotta repost this as,"babe r u mine?" The 1st person to message u saying " urs." ... will be ur CherryTap Sweetheart... u'd be suprised at just who wants to be urs...u have 2 do this even if you are taken or, are you just Chicken!!!!
Babe 3
Babe Do You Love Me?
:) BABY do you love me? Gotta repost this as"babe do u love me?" The 1st person to message u saying "babe....i do." ... will be ur CT sweatheart... u'd be suprised just who wants to be urs...u have 2 do this even if you are taken. ***Good Luck***
Babe Lets Make Love
Babe lets make love I don't wanna screw I don't want a fuck I wanna make love lost in the blankets of each other inner twined around this love until the day i met you there was sex didn't mean a thing but making love is something beautiful and something i only wanna share with you lets make love get away to our place feel every inch of each other i wanna breathe your soul i wanna feel like you're part of me so babe lets make lov ( I Hope it is ok to put Poems on here?)
Babel Vs. Crash
I watched Babel for the first time tonight, and I kept asking myself why did this movie win so many awards? It was a good movie don't get me wrong,but if you have watched Crash before you might find Babel somewhat disapointing. Both movies have pretty much the same set up, a bunch of pretty tramatic story lines all coming together at the end of the movie. Crash had much more tough provoking stories coming together in a meaningful way. Babel just threw up some stories that they found some way to tye them together, in both movies they deal with sterio types and lack of communication. But Babel contradicted it self! As Im sure many of you have heard or have made a stupid joke about Asian sex sterio types...One of the main storie lines was about an Asian Girl who is trying to have sex, the entire movie you see this girls vagina. I mean I like vagina as much as anyone else, but I thought that the plot was lacking PLOT. If your a person that likes good movie with good story lines Babel in my
A Babe Or A Chick
I shave my legs, I sit down to pee. And I can justify any shopping spree. Don‘t go to a barber, but a beauty salon. I can get a massage without a hard–on. I can balance the checkbook, I can pump my own gas. Can talk to my friends, about the size of my ass. My beauty‘s a masterpiece, and yes, it takes long. At least I can admit, to others when I‘m wrong. I don‘t drive in circles, at any cost. And I don‘t have a problem, admitting I‘m lost. I never forget, an important date. You just gotta deal with it, I‘m usually late. I don‘t watch movies, with lots of gore. Don‘t need instant replay, to remember the score. I won‘t lose my hair, I don‘t get jock itch. And just cause I‘m assertive, Don‘t call me a bitch. Don‘t say to your friends, Oh yeah, I can get her. In your dreams, my dear, I can do better! Flowers are okay, But jewelry‘s best. Look at me you idiot... Not at my chest???? I don‘t have a problem, With Expressing my feelings.
"babe Will You Marry Me?"
you gotta repost this as, "babe will u marry me?" The 1st person to comment u saying "baby....i do." ... will be your Fubar wife/hubby... you'd be surprised just who wants to be yours
Babe Of The Month
Monique Dupree is Babe of the month I just found out about this today
Babes In Bikinis Say It Like It Is: 9/11 Was An Inside Job
Babes in bikinis say it like it is: 9/11 was an inside job
Babe Are You Mine?
Now you gotta repost this as, "babe are you mine?" The 1st person to message you saying "I'm yours." ... will be your fubar sweetheart... you'd be surprised just who wants to be have to do this even if you are taken
By:Nicholas Christopher Angelo Lombardo 3rd written in 2001 BABE ! I'm telling you how much I Love You. You are the sun for my light, the moon for my night. The beat of my heart, the thoughts of my brain. You are my life, body and soul. Without you i'm nothing, nothing at all. At first I didn't think it would be anything, but now it is my everything. You are not only the love of my life, but my guardian angel. God sent you down from heaven to take care of me, to love me, and be there whenever I need a shoulder to lean on. You need to be there for me because when you weren't in my life I did bad. When we became closer I changed. I know I hurt you in the past, but now I would never hurt you again. Don't ever hurt me because I don't think I can take anymore pain. ONE LOVE ONE LIFE ONE SHINE O.N.E (Our Never Ending) Us Dedicated to- Andrea Lynn Christine
Love is like a lump of gold, Hard to get, and harder to hold. Of all the girls I've ever met, You're the one I can't forget. I do believe that God above, Created you for me to love. He chose you from all the rest, Because he knew I would love you best. I love you babe.
Babe O Rello
this is one of my heroes!
Babe I Love You
Babe, Styx
Babe, I'm leaving, I must be on my way The time is drawing near My train is going, I see it in your eyes The love, the need, your tears But I'll be lonely without you And I'll need your love to see me through So Please believe me, my heart is in your hands And I'll be missing you. Cause You know it's you Babe Whenever I get weary and I've had enough Feel like giving up You know it's you Babe Giving me the courage and the strength I need Please believe that it's true Babe, I love you. You know it's you Babe Whenever I get weary and I've had enough Feel like giving up You know it's you Babe Giving me the courage and the strength I need Please believe that it's true Babe, I love you. Babe, I'm leaving, I'll say it once again Somehow try to smile I know the feeling we're trying to forget If only for a while Cause I'll be lonely without you And I'll need your love to see me through But Please believe me, my heart is in your hands Cause I'll be missing you
i invited her to this site and she blocked me.i did not leave her any bad mail or bad comments or bad has taken me by in shock right now.i have no clue as to what she thinks of have done to her. oh well...all i can do is move forward. bye ~Michael~
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Babe's Spotlight Auction
Babe's Spotlight Auction  Babe's friends are having a spotlight fundraiser to help her get the spotlight. We have salute's up for auction and I have 200 11's up for auction. If you like to auction off anything please shout or pm me. :) If you like to donate fubucks to her send them to her here Babe Thank You! Here are the sexy fu friends of Babe's that is auction off a salute to help her out! :)
Babe's Spotlight Auction Results & Ty's
Babe's Spotlight Auction Results  Babe's friends had a spotlight fundraiser to help her get the spotlight. We had salute's up for auction and we had 400 11's up for auction.   :) Please send all fubucks to her here Babe Thank You! Here are the results :) TABBY76 has won a salute from HerWorld for 250k please send fubucks to Babe and thank you for helping out!BigDaddy has won a salute from Babe for 400k please send fubucks to Babe and thank you for helping out! HerWorld has won a salute from TABBY76 for 200k please send fubucks to Babe and thank you for helping out!
Babe Im Gonna Leave You
Babe, baby, baby, I'm Gonna Leave You. I said baby, you know I'm gonna leave you. I'll leave you when the summertime, Leave you when the summer comes a-rollin' Leave you when the summer comes along. Baby, baby, I don't wanna leave you, I ain't jokin' woman, I got to ramble. Oh, yeah, baby, baby, I believin', We really got to ramble. I can hear it callin' me the way it used to do, I can hear it callin' me back home! Babe...I'm gonna leave you Oh, baby, you know, I've really got to leave you Oh I can hear it callin 'me I said don't you hear it callin' me the way it used to do? Ohhh I know, I know I know I never never never gonna leave your babe But I got to go away from this place, I've got to quit you, yeah Ooh, baby... Baby, ooh don't you hear it callin' me? Woman, woman, I know, I know It feels good to have you back again And I know that one day baby, it's really gonna grow, yes it is. We gonna go walkin' through the park every day. Come what may, every day
I have the most amazing guy in my life right now his name is jeff he's my sweetheart im sooooo lucky to have him in my life he makes me feel beautiful he makes me want to be a better person babe you you how much i care about you xoxo.
LMFAO, my 3 year old just came up to me and said...... "read me this book, babe" Seriously, where is he getting this?!
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Babe I'm leavin' I must be on my way The time is drawing near My train is going I see it in your eyes The love, the need, your tears But I'll be lonely without you And I'll need your love to see me through So please believe me My heart is in your hands And I'll be missing you 'Cause you know it's you babe Whenever I get weary And I've had enough Feel like giving up You know it's you babe Givin' me the courage And the strength I need Please believe that it's true Babe, I love you You know it's you babe Whenever I get weary And I've had enough Feel like giving up You know it's you babe Givin' me the courage And the strength I need Please believe that it's true Babe, I love you Babe, I'm leavin' I'll say it once again And somehow try to smile I know the feeling we're tryin' to forget If only for a while 'Cause I'll be lonely without you And I'll need your love to see me through Please believe me My heart is in
Babes, Babes, Babes!
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Babe, Merry Christmas! ♥
Babe, Merry Christmas! There's no gifts I can give you but all my love I have in the world for youthat's my gift...What I want from you for Christams is YOU and your LOVE it's all I need and want. That gift will always last forever...I love you very much, you are my world...Merry christmas Moon.. I love you...MWAH...I love you!  
7 Babes Ski To The South Pole
This what I call tough. Seven babes from different countries skied 562 miles to the south pole. It took them 38 days. They averaged 15 miles a day with each of them hauling a 176 pound sled of provisions. They did to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of New Zealand. One of the babes got frostbite so she didn’t make it. My hats off to these honeys. Next time I need a body guard detail you babes are hired! Check it out: Take your iPhone next time you travel to the South Pole and listen to BlastFM to keep in touch with the world.   .
Babe, I Got You Bad - Nick Cave And The Bad Seed
Oh babe, I've got you bad, Dreaming blood-wet dreams Only mad men have; Baby, I got you bad, I wish to God I never had And it a'makes me feels so sad, Oh, baby I got you bad, Yeah babe, I got you bad. I long for your kiss, The turn of your mouth Your body is a long thing heading South And I don't know what I'm talking about, All my words don't matter Oh baby, I got you bad. The seasons have gone wrong, And I lay me down in a bed of snow Darling, since you've been gone, Well, my hands they don't know where to go And all my teeth are bared, I got you so much I'm scared, Oh baby, I got you bad. With a sweep of my hand, I undid all the plans That exploded the moment I kissed you On your small hot mouth And your caramel limbs Which are hymns to the glory that is you; Look at me darling, it's sad sad sad Oh look at me darling, it's sad sad sad, But baby I got you bad. Smoke bellowing from the bridges And the rivers we swam in are boilin' And my hands are reaching for you everywhere, But you'
Babette Waits...
I Love You, Babette! I long to write for you, to tell you those stories you loved. long for....Simply say the word, and I will commence a story right now! She walked thru the night, her heels clicking along the street, her tight clothing rubbing on her body, each step almost forcing her to want Him, Nickolas, the man she waited for, dreamed for, longed for. She loves him, with all his heart, and the same way, HE wants her, for all time. Babette wanted her once. She wait for his, , Nickolas' draw to near, the scent of her flare his nostrils, his toungues caresses her with her flesh. Nicholas would tie her to an ice cold sheet of metal...Babette loved the cold metal causing her flesh to dimpleskin. Having the icy steel tied to her body caused Babette to orgasm to no end. Regardsless, She loved Nicholas....and he loved her!
My cousin had her 4th child today, he's adorable, like all of her children. He has dark hair like his momma. I can't believe she has 4 kids already and I haven't even had 1!
As u all know im married..... three years 4 months now, and have no kids....... i admire all tha moms cus is a great responsability to have babies. But today im really shocked cuz yesterday my hubby asked me to have a baby WOW that was something huge for me. I told him im going to think about it but to be honest im terrified with the idea, i donno what to do!!!!!!!!
Babies Come From
Where Do Babies Come From? A mother is in the kitchen making dinner for her family when her daughter walks in. “Mother, where do babies come from?” The mother thinks for a few seconds and says, “Well dear, Mommy and Daddy fall in love and get married. One night they go into their bedroom, they kiss and hug and have sex.” The daughter looks puzzled so the mother continues, “That means the daddy puts his penis in the mommy’s vagina. That’s how you get a baby, honey.” The child seems to comprehend. “Oh, I see, but the other night when I came into your room you had daddy’s penis in your mouth. What do you get when you do that?” “Jewelry, my dear. Jewelry.”
Babies For Sale?
I know we are all pretty much burnt out on the guy we refer to as "Wacko Jacko" but you know, it seems that man can't get a break. Some of you are already shaking your head thinking "break? why in the hell should he get one?", let me explain why, then I'll go on with why I started this blog in the first place. In the Jackson trial, the state failed to prove it's case. Our personal and emotional conclusions were based on information that was made public, there is information that has yet to be released but in court, the information was heard, the jury rendered a verdict and it was "not guilty", so in reality what we think doesn't matter it's what the law decided. Now, moving on. If you follow current events or court hearings, you'll know that Nancy Grace of Court TV has a female hard on for Jackson. Any opportunity that she gets to rake him over the coals she takes. Nancy gets on my last nerve anyway but that's neither here nor there. Her most recent accusation is that Jacks
Babies Laughing
Thats the cutest videos of Quadruplets laughing. Its in my stash you gotta watch it...God and there beautiful white babies too.
Babies , Little Johnny Joke
Little Johnny came running into the house and asked, "Mommy, can little girls have babies?" "No," said his Mom, "of course not." Little Johnny then ran back outside and his Mom heard him yell to his friends, "It's okay, we can play that game again!"
~ Babies Contest Closed Now ~
~ Baby Contest Winners are...~ 1st Place is......Wins a Glass Of Root Beer And Dozen Roses with 1039 comments 2nd Place......Wins a Glass Of Champagne And A Dozen Roses with 136 comments 3rd Place...... Wins A Glass Of Wine And A Dozen Roses with 86 comments Thanks to everyone that entered! ~ Maria ~
I have just learned that my beast friend who hasnt been trying to get pregnant is now pregnant ! I should be greatful but i am envious of her cause we have been tring to get pregnant for 4 monthes and absolutly nothing! grrr any advice guys?
Babies Mom Murdered
BABIES MOM MURDERED MISSING & WANTED CASES WI MD TEXAS PENN THE FIRST CASE IS A SPECIAL REQUESTS FROM PERSONAL FRIEND. DEIDRE HARMS DAUGHTER WILL BE ONE IN 3 DAYS AND WE NEED TO FIND HER KILLER. BEING A FATHER OF 3 GIRLS, THIS CASE MADE ME CRY... I POSTED HER CASE ALL SUMMER HOPING SHE WOULD BE FOUND ALIVE... WHO OR WHAT ARE WE GOING TO TELL HER LITTLE GIRL HAPPENED TO MOMMY WHEN SHE GROWS UP? To Repost click reply at the bottom of the bulletin then copy and paste the codes into your own bulletin. If you do not click reply before you copy the bulletin, the pictures won't show and the links wont work. So just go to the bottom and click reply and then copy & paste the codes into your own bulletin. It is mathematics, plain and simple: Someone out there has seen some of these faces, someone out there knows something about some of these cases. Someone out there either knows what happened, witnessed something, or were themselves involved. Pass this information around to your frie
Babies are born with 300 bones, but adults only possess 206 bones, Why? Bones fuse together with age.
I have just learned from BabyJesus that all the Storks have quit delivering babies and well people will have to start making their own. So, I have been trying to make a baby all by myself now for some time and still can’t seem to get it right. All I am doing is making a dang mess here and this stuff gets so sticky and gooey am I doing something wrong anyone got any advice for me.
Yanno Babies are ADORABLE. When they are like 1. What is not adorable is a 41 year old man baby who whines for his moms tits and shits his pants. 41 year old man babies are also attention whores: who someone re-rated your profile a '1' from a '10'! IM LEAVING CT CUZ JELLY WAS MEAN TO ME (no worried i will be back under another acct) AND I WILL CHANGE MY NAME TO! BLAME JELLYBEAN!!! Its all good tho. Rush...ur an asshole...grow up! (this blog was sarcastic) xoxoxo
Babi I Miss You
Missin u iz like a day witout nite Missin u just dont feel rite Missin u cuz ur mi babi boi Missin u leaves me no joy Missin u makes me wanna cry Missin u everytyme u say goodbye Missin u each-n-everyother hour Missin u iz a very strong power Missin diz iz all i do Missin,Missin 1peson dats you.. I LOVE YOU BABI
So, I keep having dreams of babies. Of having a child. I just had one last night, in fact and a different one within the last week. I've had at least 2 other dreams of having a baby before. It's always a great thing too. I'm not really exposed to many babies, though a friend of mine just had one in February and my step-brother's wife had one back in November. I do love babies. And I do want some. The other day, I just thought about it for like 20 minutes and realized I wouldn't even mind having one -now-. I couldn't financially support one, but I still wouldn't mind. Of course, I'd rather be married or engaged before having one and more financially secure, but mannnn... I really want one! Plus, I hear making them is pretty fun too :D
Babies And Love (repost.i'm Feelin It Again)
Does age really matter when it comes to stages of life? I feel that people around me are progressing so much more than I am... in matters of love, marriage, babies.... etc... but that begs to ask they question are they just progressing or am I choosing not to accept that part of my life because I want something different? I am 25, not old but definately not a "spring chicken" anymore. I find myself wanting to settle down but at the same time, can't see myself doing it. I don't think I could be a woman who stays home all the time with just her boyfriend... Granted, I like affection or whatever... but I need to get out, travel, be free and have my space... If i can find a man who allows that to happen... GREAT!!!! He just would have to understand I like to have a lot of ME time. Not a lot but some... or time "with the girls"... just like I am sure he likes to have time with "the guys"... That's not asking to much, is it? Is it asking to much that i find a guy that loves
Bubba's sister is pregnant and is in a bad car accident, which causes her to fall into a deep coma. After nearly six months, she awakens and sees that she is no longer pregnant. Frantically, she asks the Doctor about her baby. The Doctor replies: "Ma'am, you had twins - a boy and a girl. The babies are fine. Your brother came in and named them." The woman thinks to herself, Oh, no! Not Bubba, he's an idiot! Expecting the worst, she asks the Doctor: "Well, what's the girl's name?" "Denise," the Doctor answers. The new mother thinks, Wow! That's a beautiful name, I guess I was wrong about my brother. I really like the name Denise. Then she asks the Doctor: "What's the boy's name?" The Doctor replies: "Denephew."
girl kaylee rose 3lb 9 oz 15 1/2 in boy haydan hunter not sure if i spelled it right 3lb 9 oz 16 in a quarter in my brothers kids
Babies In Work Place?????
Okay, here is another rant but i'm not heartless.So, alright so tihs 17 yr old chic has a baby and is geting ready to marry the baby daddy.i cant understand her mom bringing the baby to the workplace for her to take back home....But umm you have sunday to see the kid i mean duh im pretty sure the kid is geting sick of tired and going back and we're in a work place as in it's a PLACE to WORK...where does it say we geting paid to to hold babies or for the co- wqorkers to hold babies on the job? ...i mean wtf..basically a baby has no place where people supposedly are working should be.everytime i turn arouns sumone runs over to hold the baby when we have a job to ok whats the point of taking the baby back and forth when their are ppl to care for like close family members. ...i mean geesh the chic lives with her bf's when a person is trying to do a job to make money their shouldnt be a big group of ppl in the back area talking and holdin/playing with a baby..
Ok, this is the conversation that put the whole we need a mom idea in sid's head. We were at the mall walking and looking at the people. This is an activity that my son and I do on a regular bases. I sometimes get wired for sound and need to be somewhere where there are people. there we were walking when my son says to me. LOOK DAD I SEE A BABY. yeah there is a baby DAD, CAN WE HAVE A BABY? I know you want a baby, but son we can not have a baby with out a mom to help us make one. I know you want one YEAH I WANT A GIRL BABY SO I CAN TEACH HER HOW DO BE NICE. (15 minute pause) DAD? what? MOM MADE LOGAN TO LIVE AT HER HOUSE? (logan is Sid's 3 year old step brother) yes, mom made logan to live at her house. LETS ASK MOM TO MAKE A GIRL BABY FOR OUR HOUSE!! Oh sid. I know that you want a baby, but your mom and I are divorced and that is kind of what divorce means is that we will not be making anymore babies. SHE COULD MAKE A BABY FOR OUR HOUSE. Sid?!? I am pretty sure you mom won't make a b
Babies....who Will Protect Them????

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