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Life Go On
i see how people are day and the future tell why donot understand or they donot want too maybe they need to walk in their shoe tell why poor, middle, and rich we bleed the same blood and color is red tell why we live paid check to check one day at time tell why
Life [(is)/ (can Be)] A Grand Adventure.
A grand adventure Don't back away from life just because it gets difficult. Instead, jump into it more fully. Don't slow down just because the road upward becomes steep. Speed up and get that extra momentum to carry you forward. There's no good reason to let the challenges get you down. Choose instead to be energized and motivated by them. Life is a grand adventure. You wouldn't want it to come too easily. You have all sorts of wonderful skills and abilities. Relish the opportunities to put them to the test and to make them even stronger. Live with passion and purpose and the resolve to handle whatever may come your way. Never stop discovering how much more you're able to do. -- Ralph Marston ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; All music is what awakes from you when you are reminded by the instruments. --Walt Whitman A small group of friends sat in a room around a record player. It was a heavy old thing, with parts that had to be operated by hand a
what does ThanksGIVING means to me.... To me life is about giving THANKS durring lifes ups and downs,,, IN the middle of all the storms in our lives.. we all have them.. we all have our stories... so here is mine for the last almost 2 yrs has been a battle for me in my life.. lots of stuff that could way me down if i allowed it to.. BUt i dont... I made the choice to smile and be happy and make others laugh. well some of the things going on in my life are... my x started having an affair (this mothers day will be 2 yrs.).this black friday will be a yr since the last time i said i was done and told him to leave.. i took him back 3 times durring the affair... i did this so i never had any WHAT IFS in my what if i would have tried this or said this... so i have no what ifs in my life about it now.but it was very rough time.. he got her pregnant. but she lost it.. and then she got pregnant again.. and she should be giving birth any day now.. so much i could tell u that s
what do u think of when we say happy thanksgiving ? my answer is we give thanks for our familie's, and for the food we eat, also for our country .
Life On The Edge
Hey everyone if you want to join me and my husband in some fun you have to live in Indiana or Louisville and want to come to sellersburg to join us if your interested please let me know I'm curious to say i've been with a woman before and want to experience more and I love my dick so All Guys Welcome even couples if your interested Let me know.. Thanks...
Life Is So Fucked Up.
You know.. I use to think that life was so simple.. then I guess I opened my eyes for the first time to the world around us... Since I started to get sick.. I've lost friends.. I've gained friends.. I've learned life lessons.. experienced life altering situations... cried my heart out.. been the shoulder for countless friends... proven to myself that I am someone... but in the end... I'm still left here... asking why do I pick myself up off the ground everytime I fall.. why do I care so much for people.. when I get hurt so much.. why do I open up... when I know it will never turn out the way I hope... why will I still do anything in the world for those who have somehow or another made me cry... I'm to the point now.. where I honestly think... the best road for me to travel is to just let shit happen.. I mean I'm going to get screwd in the end at least I should it interesting right?.. I mean if something comes out along the way.. why not.... but why hope
Life's Surprises
The air rushes past my body as I plummet towards the icy water I so love. As I’m in the air I think about my first jump and I... my thoughts are shattered as I plunge into the icy water once again. Such is life; I’ve come to enjoy the freedom of “flying” from the cliff into the icy water. Sure it’s a rush leaving what I know as “stable” ground and leaping off into the air to be greeted by icy water but its being “weightless” for those few seconds that I truly love. Freedom from the stability, a view you can’t get anywhere else and nothing can touch you, if nothing more then a few seconds. I try to live my life according to this everyday that I can. Life is short, its what you make of it and if one tries hard enough anything can be done.
Life And Feelings
In the past couple of months i have been feeling like that i could never find true love again. And i sit here and think that maybe i am right. I have one love in my life and that is my son. Sometimes i think bout what my life would be like if i stayed wit his mother. Thank god that i am not wit her anymore. My life was hell being wit her i could not work without her thinking that i was cheating on her. I could not have female friends without her thinking that i was cheating on her wit them. It got to the point to where i stop talkin to everyone and didn't talk to anyone at my job to. There is alot of things that i miss. I miss being able to hold someone at night being able to kiss someone before bed and miss getting up next to that someone in the moring. Everyone may think that i am a thug and that i could never love anyone. But the truth bout that is i am not a thug. I just really don't care what other ppl have to say bout me. I am glad that i have my friends and glad that i have my f
Life Savers‏
A teacher was doing a study testing the senses (taste) of first graders using a bowl of lifesavers. The children began to identify the flavors by their color: Red.......................Cherry Yellow..................Lemon Green...................Lime Orange................Orange Finally the teacher gave them all HONEY lifesavers. After eating them, none of the children could identify the taste. 'Well,' she said, 'I will give you all a clue. It's what your mother may sometimes call your father.' One little girl looked up in horror, spit her lifesaver out and yelled, 'Oh my God!! They're ass-holes
Life’s Storms
A pastor had been on a long flight between church conferences. The first warning of the approaching problems came when the sign on the airplane flashed on: Fasten Your Seat Belts. Then, after a while, a calm voice said, "We shall not be serving the beverages at this time as we are expecting a little turbulence. Please be sure your seat belt is fastened." As the pastor looked around the aircraft, it became obvious that many of the passengers were becoming apprehensive. Later, the voice on the intercom said, "We are so sorry that we are unable to serve the meal at this time. The turbulence is still ahead of us." And then the storm broke .. The ominous cracks of thunder could be heard even above the roar of the engines. Lightning lit up the darkening skies, and within moments that great plane was like a cork tossed around on a celestial ocean. One moment the airplane was lifted on terrific currents of air; the next, it dropped as if it were about to crash. The pastor c
Life In The Fast Lane...
One week to the day of my fender bender my puppy gets her foot caught in the gate...dislocating it in two different places. The doggie er fixed her up...on the dl...very very cool...what should have been 600 bucks turned into 15 *grin* I totally love animal lovers. They attempted to reset it but had no luck.Last week I took her to the vet. He fixed her up quite nicely in a's yellow :D..poor baby will have to hobble with "cone head" for 8 weeks, but at least she gets to keep her foot! For those of you who care or don't care... I'm back. Damn switching services gave me no choice but to be offline for a bit. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. ♥, Postal
Life... My Life
I've been thinking here lately... about a few things. I just ask that you be respectful if you choose to post any comments. The Holiday season is here, we all want to spend time with family, and loved ones. About this time last year, i posted a note about spending time with family, and how fortunate we are to get that luxury, while hundreds of thousands, if not millions of our troops are on the seas or overseas, in foreign countries and waters with out that luxury. We need not to forget about them. Don't worry, i'm not going to ask you to give or send anything to them, but just remember them, and cherish the time you have with your family. Another thing on my mind, is that it's been half a year since my horrible end of my once beautiful relationship. I had chosen to remain single due to the fact that i have not been able to allow myself to trust females in a relationship. (no offense to any females that may read this) It's just been really hard because i put more than i had, and
You need to go to my living on love page and check out my blogs...
Life (back In The Day)
A Different World Bucky Covington We were born to mothers who smoked and drank Our cribs were covered in lead based paint No child proof lids no seat belts in cars Rode bikes with no helmets and still here we are, still here we are We got daddy’s belt when we misbehaved Had three TV channels you got up to change No video games and no satellite All we had were friends and they were outside, playin’ outside Chorus It was a different life When we were boys and girls Not just a different time It was a different world School always started the same every day The pledge of allegiance then someone would pray Not every kid made the team when they tried We got disappointed and that was all right, we turned out all right Chorus Bridge No bottled water, we drank from a garden hose And every Sunday, all the stores were closed Chorus Chorus It was a different world [Thanks to 2step for lyrics] Ain't this Funny that is How life Was in the 60's, 70's,
So the last couple months have been really hard on me. First I had to get an emergency root canal. That cost $600. Then I got laid off from my job because they didn't have the budget to keep me on. Then I got a job stocking over nights. While working there I sprained my knee. The Friday following that I was in a car accident where I received blunt force trauma to my chest and strained my back and neck. This past Thursday my beloved cat Jade died. The vet thinks it was her liver. I am so tired of the bad stuff. I am behind on all of my bills and I'm at my wit's end.
A Life Best Forgotten (chapter 2)
The day I put down my mandovil was a very painful day for me. I wasn't just letting go of my music, I was letting go of pappa, his dreams, his memories. But I just couldn't do it anymore. I felt so weak, so empty. The music that once claimed my soul felt so alien to me. What once caressed my very being, brought happiness and serenity wherever I went, was now the serial killer that followed me in the shadows. It had let me down in the worst way. It made me blame myself for Vinny's death and I hated it for that. I didn't deserve to make anyone happy anymore. pappa was gone. But I had to do something. So I picked up a sword and became more active with the Regiment, hunting and tracking Rebels. The sword was an extension of my body, as my music once was. I trained everyday under the study of the greatest teachers and learned all they could teach me. I was able to wield either a one or two-handed sword. When I perfected those weapons I started studying the art of hand to hand combat and
Life Changing Music
Before I get to the list, a disclaimer about how this was compiled. My music taste is so wide that there is no way I could ever say I have a favorite song, I categorize music by the way I feel and it makes me feel, and even within each of those categories there's tons of songs I love. So, I did the next best thing. I set my iPod to shuffle, and listened for a while. I picked out the ones I remember the most about, that I remember the way they changed my life. If I were to do this again tomorrow, I guarantee I would come up with a different list, but here it is: 1. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. There’s something about classical music that shows the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. I know most people find it boring, it has nothing to it, but really pay attention to what symphony and chamber music can do. Plus, add in piano solos, string ensembles, and violin solos. It’s the music that you can use to drive your life, and I’d be afraid of what the world would be without it. 2
why is it so hard 2 b happy u think that things are so easy but then something or some1 walks in ur life like wow wat hav i been doin im in love but its hard 2 show it when the 1 person doest want 2 c it i wanna b someones baby someones everything people tell its in front of me and i c it 2 but sometime life makes u thinks ive seein so many peeps walk in and out of my life and 4 once i hav REAL friends and im so grateful for wat ive been given im so thankful 4 the friends and fam and the staff i wrk w/ I LOVE U GUYS
You told me you loved me. But then you walked out of my life. You were like a lifeline. Go ahead, pick it up. But the line is already dead. You said you wouldn't turn your back on me. But where are you now? You walked out of the door. Out of my life. You left me alone with my worries & strife. "I won't forget about you" Was the last thing you said. But here I am ... Forgotten
"Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself... You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams." -Kahil Gibran
Well, i got a phone call last week from one of my brothers, telling me my other brother was in the hospital. its been wicked stressful worrying about him. he has cancer. and they gave me 6 months. he ad a surgery to remove it. But they didn't get all of it and it spread. now this kind of bums me out. they live in a different state. i have seen either of them for 10 years. we lost contact for awhile, and just recently started getting back in contact and getting to know each other. and i feel like i am being selfish for wishing there was more time to get to know him better. it sucks that stuff like this happens to such good people. he has 3 kids and they are really sad and that is understandable. i just wish there was something i could do . i hate that someone who i just started to get to know again and getting close to is going to die. i know most people will say make the best out of the time you have with them now, and i intend to . I just cant stand to see someone suffer. it's j
Life The Universe And Everything
how is it that someone can work 2 full time jobs, and still not pay all the bills? i haven't had much time to do a whole hell of alot of anything but work. any one else having this problem? if you are, and it works for you, please tell me how the fuck to make this work!
My life has had some Amazing events. I am an only child, who only met her biol. father a few times, and the last time was to make peace w/ him and to say goodbye. He passed a few yrs ago.... but I'm glad I had the time I got to spend w/ him and to know him. :) I am like him in some ways, but not going to be like him w/my family. I have had a LOT of friends in and out of my life. I am grateful for ALL of them, no matter they age, how close or far they are to me... they are ALL VERY special to me!! I like to be there for them, and they are for me. I have had some experiences working and being a patient, but i LIKED working better!! I have been through some TRYING times and REALLY good times, but haven't given up. Have wanted to give up a couple times, but .... I think that the saying that which doesn't kill u makes u stronger is VERY TRUE!! I have to say THANK YOU to god, and my fam and friends for being there for me!!! Love to all!!!
Life These Days(update)
well folks, it's almost that time of year again! CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!!! but anyway, my lil angl is getting bigger and bigger everyday. i'm almost ready to take the GED test i have worked to take for 5 years now. i am so excited. plus in march, my lil angel will turn a year old. it's hard to believe how fast time has flown by. i love being a mom and everything that comes with it. Becca now has 5 teeth and is eating solid food. i gotta go out today and get her a sippy cup whandles so she can actually hold it. my mom is doing sooo much better these days and it makes me happy. i want her to be able to see Becca grow like her mom did with me. and another thing that is hard for me to believe is that my grandmother has been dead for 6 yrs on the 21st. there are times i wish she was still alive so she could meet Bcca face to face, BUT i am glad that she is no longer in any pain and doesn't have to worry about anything anymore. anyways, that's enough of my babbling for now. MERRY CHRISTMAS
Life Changed Last Night
Wow, I've always heard stories how your life could change in an instant. Well, for me it did...I don't know if anyone knows my situation...but last night, after my work was done. Adam and I were walkin' home, and it was rainin' badly, and were crossin' the intersection, Adam started across the second part of the street...I didn't follow behind him, I looked to my right and saw two cars drivin' fast...All I remember is seein' Adam crossin' with the bag of stuff, and the red car go in front of me, and than BAM - Adam was not there...Next thing I knew he was hit and layin' on the street, he bounced up quickly looked back at me...and scooted off to the side of the road...I totally FREAK OUT...I was Screamin' in the streets, OMG, OMG, OMG cryin' bawlin' my eyes out...I somehow found my cell phone, and called 911, but it was low battery, but somehow to recall 911 again. The dispectin' could not understand me, I couldn't describe where I was...all i was sayin' My husband hit by a car, help
Life And Death
The Skies Will Darken And All Will Go Quiet ! Only Then Will You Know The Sweet Serenity Of Death!!! Q:W.O.W.
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Nameless
There comes a time in life when you have to let go og all the pointless drama, and the people who create it. And surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus soley on the good. After all, life is to short to be anything but happy!
"life's Gallery"
“Life’s Gallery” On my way to the auction sale, I stopped in the little town As I sipped my coffee I knew for certain there were no galleries to be found But I inquired of my waitress, who smiled and said I’d see The finest paintings ever done, within “Life’s Gallery.” You see, in the city where I work I write a column there That tells the world if art I see is good or bad or fair And sure that I was wasting time I found the little shop With the faded sign that said, “Life’s Gallery” perched upon the top So not expecting much, I stepped in though the door To behold a sad display I saw was something less than poor It really was ridiculous, the paintings hanging there A sick idea of a joke for all the canvases were bare I muttered a curse beneath my breath and turned to leave the shop When a soft yet firm hidden voice said the words “Please stop.” I spun and saw a little figure of an old man standing near Who went on to introduce himself, his words I still can hea
Never in my life will I understand how people can be so cruel and manipulative. They will go out of their way to get what they want. The price is always high, but they don't worry because they aren't the ones to pay the consequences of their actions. They twist facts, tell lies all to get their way! Sometimes they are so good at it they even believe their own web of deciet. There is a story that goes with all this babbling. Can someone tell though, Are there any decent people that have morals that aren't afraid to work to get what they want. Or is the world full the of feel sorry for me because all the people I have hurt and lied to are tired of being hurt and lied to type of people?
Life Is Too Short
Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, and forget about the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance; take it. If it changes your life; let it. Nobody said that it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.
Life is a game to some so it seams always spreading the wealth of broken hearts and dreams they never take time think about how thier actions affect others somehow and even when told about the pain they cause they cannot consider the time to pause to think about what theyVe done so wrong they just keep on going and no matter how long they never give a thought to the pain that was wraught by the careless behavior they show they just keep on taking without ever waking the soul from within they just keep repeating the pain again they give no warning not even a clue they just keep on hurting good people like you think about life as though its a game and no matter the distance its always the same they show no mercy not even remorse cause to people like this life's a game of has winners and losers and i above all have had to much of the shit to watch my heart fall so in the future my friends watch what you do dont you dare let me find out that lifes a game to
Lifes Changes
Life takes time to show us all how to turn our selfs around, and show us that the better path is best to take then the wrong path and wrong choices, like love and trusting completely the person we are to the person we all beome, some times life can change so drematically it changes for the best like mine did meeting my husband falling in love with him and moving to another country to be with him...
Life With No Pain
a life with no pain is all we had to gain the one thing we needed but we could not avoid the rain we tried and we tried but to no avail all we ever did was fall down and fail it took the two of us to see what we missed we both saw so clearly the first time we kissed that a life with out pain could be ours for the taking if it was true love it was ours for the making no other can tell just how hard we both fell but deep down inside we knew it to well a life with no pain its what we both wanted but circumstances made us both feel so haunted we did our best to do the right thing but in the end we both knew the life was about to start over for me and for you the road is a long one but its safe enough now we can travel it together and we will overcome somehow i would never leave you alone and afraid my prayers have been answered and lifes debts are all paid my heart was long ago and it
Life With Myself
Well I just wanna say I am not here to pick up on people, someone invited me. You will not see me show my ass and tits to try to make myself feel better about a good damn pic, and to impress guys or gals. I do not have to impress others to feel good about myself. However, helping others makes me feel really good about myself. So either you like me or not, it makes no difference to me.
A broken heart Can be mended, Torn and ripped, Nearly shredded A stitch here A stitch there, Doesn't Matter No one cares Might be love Could be hate, Life's a bitch But it's our fate There are no answers Only lies, Forget the past Look to the skies Open your heart And let her in, Watch the decay Start to begin
The Life Of Me In This Time Period.....
Ok so here I am, bored because work has slowed to a crawl due to weather. So as it stands, I am middle aged according to the census bureau, work part time at home, because I chose to stay with my daughter who is 4. Fubar has become my official watercooler/office break chat forum. I am having a hard time being a stay at home mom, raising a Senior in HS and a 10 yr. old boy, who wants to be a great football player. All the while, all these young guys hit on me, like I am "Jesses' Mom" and I am far from it!!!! What do I do??? To be continued....
Life Of A Army Wife!
If President Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney were ever to be impeached, their foes could cite this Independence Day as a milestone the day that the nation's first "impeachment headquarters" opened its doors in a storefront near the Beverly Center. "This is an impeachment 4th of July," Byron De Lear, a Green Party activist, said Wednesday. He called removing Bush and Cheney "a patriotic duty to restore the integrity of the United States." Those assembled cited various Bush actions or policies, including "lies that led the U.S. into war." They also said that Bush--Cheney policies precipitated torture, illegal spying on American citizens, and the curtailment of privacy and civil rights in the name of fighting terrorism. The latest irritant was the president's decision to commute the prison sentence of former Cheney aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, whom a jury convicted of obstructing justice. "Isn't it ironic that Paris Hilton will spend more days in jail than Libby?" sa
There are a million facial expressions each with its own meaning the teary eyed of ashamed confessions which can cut the deepest the sadistic grin can give you the shivers it can expose what's really within the frown of a beautiful face it can bring tears to my eyes but there is one I cannot place love, there is no expression just a feeling of being complete It's the only true cure for depression but the best expression is a passionate kiss it can take away all your pain and leave you in heavenly bliss
Life With Killers
No, dear reader - I do not need you to tell me on a ROLEPLAY message board that I am a housewife that has no experience with severe violence: for one, this is a blog - not a message board designed for the use of a gaming roleplay guild - and for two, it has already been done. I laughed when it happened. How can people become so disoriented as to the purpose of the place in which they are currently residing as to confuse realities. How could anybody that reads posts that routinely contain such lovely imagery as *STICKING MY COCK IN YER EYESOCKET, TURNING LEFT, AN WATCHING IT BURST THROUGH YER EARDRUM* - have thought that when I was writing as a ROLEPLAY AVATAR, that I was going to bring my 3D reality into play. The strangest things do happen online, however, in the hearts and minds of men and women. Somebody should study it someday. It could prove to be a bane or a bonus. I could go on about how the traditional measures of attractiveness are entirely tossed out the window when the e
Life And Death
Last night I was driving to work at 11pm, and I was going a little too fast for the road conditions and the speed limit. As I started turning left from a turning lane, my car made an awesome 180 degree spin, stopping in the far right lane, facing the right turn. I just went straight, then made a U-turn. It was amazing that there weren't any cars at the moment, since it is a very busy street. If there were any cars on that side, I guess I wouldn't be typing this right now. I am truly being saved over and over, not sure what for. But its the moments like this that make you realize how fragile we were, and how our lives can be cut short at any given moment.
Life The adamant juggernaut of transgressions Lumbers steadily after me Picking up the pieces of broken time That comprise its shrapnel armor Perfecting the shredding skin That will eventually tear through me Instead of flashing before my eyes
Life Changing Experiences
Hey everyone it's been awhile since I have posted a new blog but I figured I would catch everyone up on how things are going for me. As of August 31,2008 I split up with the piece of ass I was with Eric-the one that abused me and controlled me. And best of all it was on his birthday we split up. I walked away a happier person then I ever had been and moved into Springfield on my own. At first I was very scared and not sure were to go but as time went on I realized the lord would lead me were I needed to be. For the first few months I was living in my car struggling and didn't have a job to speak of. As time went on I was able to locate a job and make some extra cash. I worked and saved up and was able to rent a motel room since November the 7th this year thats were I have been living. Take into mind it is still hard but I have learned to challenge myself and with that believe I have become stronger then ever. In the time of my hardship I was able to meet an amazing man o
life isn't about keeping score. it's not about how many friends you have. or how accecpted you are. not about if you have plans this weekend or if you are alone. it isn't about who your dating, who you used to date, or how many people you've dated,or if you haven't been with anyone at all. it isn't about who you have's not about sex. it isn't about who your family is or how much money they have,or what kind of car you drive,or whereyou are sent to school. it's not about how beautiful or ulgy you are,or what clothes you wear,what shoes you have on,or what kind of music you listen to,or what size you are. it's not about if your hair is blonde,red,black,or brown. or if your skin is too light or too dark. life is abut who you love and who you's about who you make happy or unhappy puposefully. it's about keeping or betrying trust. it's about friendship,used as a sanctity or a weapon. it's about what you sayand mean,maybe hurtful,maybe heartening. about st
So Friday, I got off work around 4:30am. Sitting in my truck letting it warm up, and two guys pull up. The driver gets out, walks up to the SAGE (restraint next to work) picks up a five gallon planter with a pine tree/bush that they have done up like a X-mas tree, and starts to walk to his car. " Oh no your not taking that" I say as I'm getting out of my PUT. At witch point he starts walking faster... With my gimp ass, I know that I'll never get to him before he gets the thing to his car. So I go for the drivers door, open it to take the keys out of the car so he can't drive off, and he try's to git in behind me!!! SO now here we are. I'm sitting on his lap in the drivers seat, trying to reach the keys as his "FRIEND" yelling, "Git out of MY car" starts tugging at me. As I'm yelling at them, " I'M TAKING THE KEYS, THE COPS ARE BEING CALLED, AND YOU TWO ARE GOING TO JAIL" (Sara was in the truck with me, had went in to get "The Boy" and call the CPD) I feel my arm
Lifehouse - Whatever It Takes (live)
Life Vs After Life
Like a soldier that must carry on Until the enemy is gone Long nights and stressful days Can leave a mind in a daze The long road from eternal hell can be long Must continue on and shall be strong No matter what exists on the inside May your conscience be the guide Life goes on day by day There can be only so much to say The gps of life belongs in the sky Future is not ment to be known by you and I Suicide is not the answer Only spreads the destruction like cancer To wish to die, it's too early to be The road is long ahead but we cannot see Hope cannot be lost forever Things of goodness should not sever The gate in the sky is denied for killers Of others and destiny quitters Raise one toast everything is just a second away Sitting here doing nothing is not the right way Make the move that can happen tonight Turn a ship that is lost to a path that is right Risk taking can be good Chances and enjoyment of life, knock on wood Doing nothing takes depre
Life...true Story Of 2008
I never realized how precious life is until this morning. Now mind you, I have encountered a near death experience before back in 2004 after having my youngest son and 3 weeks later was hours away from death when I was rushed to the hospital with a blood clot in my lung. Thankfully God spared me that time and I cherish my children more because of that experience. But nothing could have prepared me for this morning. It's December and of course weather is nasty here in NY. I had a doctors appt at 8am this morning and the drive normally takes me an hour. After seeing we were having freezing rain over night I decided to leave an hour earlier to make sure I arrived safely. I was fine after getting my early morning cup of coffee. I'm driving on the highway going with traffic at about 55 MPH. The roads were slick in some areas and slushy all over so I'm driving with precautions. I was on a 3 lane highway. I was in the far left lane and an 18 wheeler was in the far right lane. Out of nowhere,
life looks u straight in the face knowing deep inside you life has no meaning your heart slowing beating your mind always thinking the love that is always killing leaving u with so much pain you know u r dieing,slowly slipping away life still always looks u straight in face your blood slowly dripping your scars never healing blackness holds wondering why you cant get away will i ever get away marsha
Life Is To Short....
Life is to short. Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. Laugh when you can. Apologise when you should. Let go of what you can't change. Love deeply and forgive quickly. Take chances. Give everything and have no regrets. Life is to short to be unhappy. You have to take th good with the bad. Smile when you are sad. Love what you got always. Remember what you had. Always forgive & learn from your mistakes. Peaple change & things go wrong. But always remember.....LIFE GOES ON !!!!
I would like to find the one that cares for me as much I care for him. I had though that I had found him but as always it is all about what they want with no regard to anyone else. I wish that he would have done the one thing that I had asked but I guess that was just to much for him. 20 minutes was to much. I have gotten use to disappointment but this is getting to be to much. I am hoping that it will all get better but I just don't see it. I just wanted to come first every now and again. I don't see that happening but I will be ok. What good is life or being with someone if they don't make you happy anymore? I am not saying that everything is bad just that I wish that he could show me that I matter to him. I miss the kids and I can not wait for them to get home.Well good luck to you all who are looking to be happy.
Life Took A Twisted Turn...sad!!!
ok i only have a quick minute to write this, my roomy and i got into a bit of a scuffle and due to the fact that the pc i'm using is his i wont be able to be round aas much,he i guess i jealous, says i take this site and my friends and famliy here too seriously for ppl that arent real and that i'll never meet!!! whatever!!!!sorry he has chosen to drink his self into a life of lonilness, not my fault, but until i can get one of my towers up and online i will have limited access to be here, not sure i quite understand why this happeneing at this point but i choose to believe that at some time i will understans and until then i must just keep the faith!!! i will be able to be here weekdayz , maybe, but only bmaybe on weekday nights, and not on weekends at all, so looks like things will take a lil longer to get going thanx alott phil,(roomy's name) HOPE YOU ALL CAN UNDERSTAND AND BARE WITH ME AT THIS TIME!!!! WISHING ALL OF YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR, IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS BEWTEEN NOW
Well it's been along time since I have blogged so here goes.......I'm still in BFE Idaho but it's kewl I'm single and loving every damn minute of it. I can finally be me for a change and don't have no one to answer to.....I have my own place and juss bought me a truck all on my own with the help of no man or no one. I have finally got my independence back and damn does it feel good. No more being miserable and trying to please someone that can't be pleased. It has been a hard road for me this past year but I have survived and thanks to the ones that have been here for me.......You know it's funny how life throws us curveballs but I am a survivor and have always been one with or without someone special in my life. I have proved I can make it on my own and can stand to be alone without a man......too bad someone of us can't say that (NO NAMES MENTION) but ya'll all know who I'm perfering to LMAO. I'll be home around April sometime it's time for me to close the Idaho chapter in my life an
I always tried to touch the lives of the people I meet in my life. Either if it is by the words that I speak or the actions I take. I will sacrifice my own happiness for the ones that I love and care about. There are days that I feel like I have the world on my shoulders. My family thinks that carrying that burden is bad for my health. But you carry that burden for the ones you love. If you really want to make a difference in that person's life, there are going to be times that you will have to sacrifice your happiness so that they can be truly happy. I want to be that person and I choose to be that person always.
Life Responds To Your Outlook.
Your Daily Motivation – Life Responds To Your Outlook. [PLEASE RECOMMEND MY BLOG TO OTHERS] Monday, December 29, 2008 LIFE RESPONDS TO YOUR OUTLOOK. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Life is largely a matter of expectation. You must expect to succeed, if you want to succeed. When you expect things to happen, strangely enough, they do happen. Expectation energizes your goals and give them momentum. When you believe something good can happen, it will happen. Set your goals high. If you begin with some wild expectations you'll succeed beyond your wildest expectations. The dreams you believe in come to be. Copyright 2008 Free Webinar => How to Thrive in the Down Economy Free Webinar => Weathering The Coming Financial Storm Free Webinar => Beauty To Die For? =============================== Free Webinar: How to Thrive In The Down Economy Our economy
A Life Without A Dream Is Just Existence
Pastor Gerald made this statement in the sermon he gave the first Sunday after Christmas yesterday. He also referred to the day as being two special anniversaries for him; his wedding anniversary (he married Luann in 1977, thirty-one years before) and the anniversary of preaching his first sermon in 1969 (when he was a senior in high school, thirty-nine years before). Yet Bethany Lutheran is the first church he’s been pastor of because he spent most of his life as a farmer; in North Dakota, I understand this is not unusual. In fact, one of his sons still manages their family farm and he and Luann get out there a lot. I just hope when I’m in my mid-fifties I have a willingness to take a new direction in my life that I’d spent decades preparing for without even realizing it; I admire him a lot for that. Like most people who see our kids frequently (and even Martha and I do this), it’s easy to call Sarah or Jeffrey by the wrong name, especially if we’re in the middle of somethi
The ability to create life it's so often taken for granted but when you can't conceive when you can't create you feel bereft, void empty and pointless. Procreation is not a given it's a gift from God a blessing. I want offspring I need to be a mother before I'm too old while I still have energy while I still have love to give. I need to share what I know I need a child to hold to nurture. I will adopt I think
Life Insurance.....
OKay did you ever have it happen. Where things are going really good. And then all of a sudden something happens that throws your world upside down. We had four people pass away already. Then there is the lose of income due to all of it. Having to pay for two funerals. Oh and the famous after the Holidays money crunch to ass to it all. My Dad passed away on 11-19-2008 and my Father-In-Law passed away on 7-24-2008. This year has just really sucked beyond compair. If feels like our hearts have been ripped right out of our chest and nothing is ever going to feel right again. Sometimes you just feel like throwing your hands in the air and screeming I give up. But I can't cause that is not how my or my Husband were raised. Plus, I am just determined to try and set everyting right again and somehow get through this. There have been tons of other problems that have happened to us. Not just these. But they all just seem to be adding stress on top of stress for us. I feel like I am fighting a l
Life As We Know It
call it tragic fate a series of mistakes we fail to understand till it's already way to late...
Life Sucks
Somebody, just do me one favor. Pick up a real hammer, make your way here to Washington, DC and I'll stand still as you swing it as hard as you can and break my face with it. It would only take once and thatll do it for my life. So, any takers on that offer? I want you to know that with the way my life is going nowadays, I really think I'd be appreciative of it if someone would. All I want in life is to be good enough of a guy for Janice to take me, be with me and never let me go but I cant ever be good enough for her and because I love her anyway, and wont stop loving her, whats the point in me living this life if its without her!?!?!? To all those of you that pray to God and are religious or whatever else, guess what.... I have been too and I ended up feeling this bad about life anyhow! So, you people, I ask you in all seriousness, if there really is one of him, WHY DOESNT HE HELP ME!? IM ASKING THAT EITHER I GET ONE LAST SHOT WITH HER BECAUSE OF HOW ITS ALL IT WOULD TAKE OR THAT G
Life And Death
Tonight we celebrate the Birth of a new year, we all wonder what will it bring? Well For me it has already brought sadness to my life. I watched my 49 year old Brother Die at 3:10 this New Years Eve Morning. I hope This will make alot of people think about life and death, He died because he loved the bottle more than life, An Ulcer in his Esphogus Ruptured and he bled to death, Please all of you think of the choices you have to make in life, Don't let Booze become your main thing. Their is so much more to life than a Bottle... A friend, A child, A Loved one, A flower, Peace on Earth, Your health , just to name a few. I Want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year, and Pray that you never have to go through what I went through this morning! Be Safe And Have Fun, But Remember Life and Death Are a Second apart, Choose the road to this New Year Wisely.May you Choose to live for something or someone, not Alchol or Drugs...I will miss him and my New Years will never be the same. I find com
Life should be lived not put off for another day not lived for another's happiness you should live for yourself if that makes others happy also that's a bonus if it doesn't then... oh well! By all means, make plans but live while you wait enjoy the experience savour the moment take pleasure from your achievements take pride in who you are there is no-one else like you you are unique singular worthy of the life you have been given
Life is confusing right now. I am trying to deal with a new living arrangement. I have roommates now instead of my grandma. Its definitely different. I am hoping to meet more people and find someone special to spend time with.
Life Of Agony/weeds
Lifes Question!
The question is not if you can live this life. But rather if you can live with your self during this life So watch what you do! You might not respect your self the next morning.
So, it's a new year and I still don't have it all figured out so here's my list of wonders I'm gonna get answered this year: 1. Why do you men fall for the women who throw themselves at you? Cam shows/naked pics/Racy convo's really get far with you men and then you all fall in love with these fake ass women! 2. What's wrong with having a decent conversation with a woman? 3. Why do men feel the need to control women? Most on here seem to like that ish, but it seems like men can't handle a strong minded woman anymore. 4. What's with the "have to have many girlfriends/a wife and a girlfriend" bit? 5. Is life and friendship/relationships a one way street nowadays? 6. Why do women degrade themselves to get attention and then continue to get hurt when men treat them as whores cuz they acting like whores? I'm sure I will have many more throughout the year, so stand by!
Life Is A Struggle At Times
Sometimes it seems that no matter how much i try to get to a better place i seem to take 3 steps backwards rather than moving forward. all the obsticals seem to try to keep me down. The biggest thing on my mind these days is missin my dad and tryin to figure out how when and where to have my dads service. my step mom doesnt want to have a memorial service for my dad and my brother and i cant really afford one, shoot im having trouble commin up with rent money let alone money for a service. My uncle and I are trying to see what we can come up with. I miss my dad like crazy, especially with it being the holidays and all. See my dad passed away from Squamouis non small cell lung cancer on the 10th of december. I am sittin here today wishing that I had had more time with my dad, as i only had him in my life for 8 years. I met him for the first time when I was 15. I dont have many memories with him as we werent all that close. My dad may have said and done some really crazy things that
Life Her Breath
Beneath the tree No leaves for shelter A snow is falling And branches bend And up beneath A frozen ground I find myself Hearing dragons sound And there she sleeps Beneath the leaves Upon the ground Her growth of seeds Though wintery silence Keeps me still A raven crys out Upon the mountain shrill And though a chatter Fills my brain I silence then She comes again Rising white A dragons wings Transparent, unfolding Upon this dream Where snow became The white scales And icicles became Her shiny teeth Where breath Became my breath Unfolding and unsheathed See here, says the dragon Theres gold among the sun See here, says the moon Theres love to find as one And there she sat Upon the snow Upon the back of she dragon Away up high and down below She sleeps Life her breath And all of her in me A goddess of the flames The earth and wind and sea! Rain Feather 1:27 waxing moon
Life Can Be A Mirage
well i have to keep reminding myself that some part of my life is almost same as a mirage. it looks the same. looks so perfectly. cant tell its fake until you leave your guard down and go closer. that's when it disappears. when that happens i have 2 option. 1) scream and cry why me? or 2) just shake my head and walk away and learn. nothing is perfect. i look at everything in life in positive view. well i try to be. why try to enjoy life if im always negative.
Life is such a delicate and fragile mystery. It truly is a miracle. The way it begins, the quickness with which it can be taken away. How is it that so many of us survive day after day, living only for ourselves, not wanting more, not caring to contribute a thing to the other creatures we were forced to share an exsistance with. In less than a blink of an eye it can be stolen before it ever had a chance to be. And do we appreciate it for what it is and can be? How many discard what they never should have been given in the first place? Dipose of life because it is "inconvenient"? We all have our reasons, but irresponsibility shouldn't be one. Not when so many fight for it. Fight to keep it. Fight to create it. But why is it taken before it has a chance to look around, and take in its first breath? Sometimes life just isn't fair.
THE GEOGRAPHY OF A WOMAN Between 18 and 22, a woman is like Africa, half discovered, half wild, fertile and naturally beautiful! Between 23 and 30, a woman is like Europe, well developed and open to trade, especially for someone with cash. Between 31 and 35, a woman is like Spain, very hot, relaxed and convinced of her own beauty. Between 36 and 40, a woman is like Greece, gently aging but still a warm and desirable place to visit. Between 41 and 50, a woman is like Great Britain, with a glorious and all conquering past. Between 51 and 60, a woman is like Israel, has been through war and doesn't make the same mistakes twice, takes care of business. Between 61 and 70, a woman is like Canada, self-preserving, but open to meeting new people. After 70, she becomes Tibet, wildly beautiful, with a mysterious past and the wisdom of the ages...only those with an adventurous spirit and a thirst for spiritual knowledge visit there.
Okay I know it's Murphy's Law. But, have you ever had anything that could go wrong to you go wrong. Like having 4 family memebers pass away, getting injured at work, losing your job (so they don't have to pay you for the injury), having to fix your house, having your child end up in and out of hospitals, having that stress keep pilling up on you, not really having many friends, and it seems like th ones that you do have you cn't keep, or getting new friends and scaring them away when they relize how messed up your life can be. It seems like everytime you get over one hump. (like having someone close to you in and out of the hospital and some people telling you that with there condition most people dont last more than 10 years some times only 5.) Something else messes up. And when you get through all of this stuff things will start to go really god for you for a while then wham here comes another tidlewave of stuff to deal with. It's just amazing what we as humans can put up with. Yes s
Life Now!!!
So i just wanted to let ppl no how i am doin..... well first biggest and best thing of all... i got over that scumbag i once or twice had feelings 4.... like seriously he is completely outte my life 4 good... bout fuckin time i am currently single... i started 2 think after i left that asshole..... i don't need a man rite now... i only wanted 1... even tho i still want 1 i am willing 2 wait til i no it is the rite time 2 find that person who i want not who wants me.... i find i been through alot lately and well maybe i will do alot better.... because truthfully.... when i am with sum1 i lose all touch wit everythinng else.... life seems 2 stop when i would b wit him... i miss out on things that mean alot 2 me like those late nites wit my sister or those days hangin out wit the best of my friends... i plan on gettin 2 college in the near future.... so i am lookin 4 the rite 1.... i am tryin 2 understand wut life really is like ... so i want 2 explore... wit out a man that s
Anyone who has gone through the agony of losing someone he/she loves so much will still wish against all odds to have that love back again. But sometimes a love lost is a love gone forever. No amount of hope can bring back to life a relationship that just died a natural death. Set yourself free, let your heart spread its wings and fly. Remember, it may rain for 40 days and 40 nights, but still it will not rain forever. One day the pouring will stop and there will be plenty of branches where you can find rest. One of these is where you will build your nest and start over again. It’s never too late. you may find love and lose it but, WHEN LOVE DIES YOU NEVER DIE WITH IT. You cannot be a redeemer all your life. The best way to weigh a relationship is through the test of fire. You cannot be a sober with your mistake forever. We all fall and make wrong decisions but our blunders are not meant to bury us deep in misery but to teach us the valued lessons of life. Loving is always a learning
Life In Hell
I currently am living in a house with my family that we share with my Step-mother In-law and my Mental Sister In-law. They both think that the world revolves around them and that they do no wrong. The Step-mother In-law has no knowledge of how to properly budget her money and spends money in away to were the bills for the house are months behind and she blames everyone else for her not having the bills payed. Same with my Sister In-law she gets a monthly check and just about always has her bank account over drawn. Mean while my family live in the basement and I pay my bills and the the electric bill for the whole house as well as do repairs to the house and the vehicles that are not in my name. While my truck sits and I can't come up with the money to get my transmission fixed. Just can't wait for me to be able to file for my taxes and get my refund cause that will get my truck fixed and solve the living situation.
Life & Death
2008 sucks for me I lost my dad on dec 10th and my wife on dec 30th. The pain is really bad but i will make it some how some way. the only thing is i miss them very much!
So.... 2 days ago know I let one of my darkest secrets out to my brothers girlfriend. Boy did that bring hell tears pain flashbacks and memories. Since these events I learned that my family feels I exgaerate (sp) blow everything out of porportion and that im fucked up in the head. Learning this really really hurt me and since this there has not been one word said to me even though i was told they want to talk about it. I have realized that I got so involved in so many different things so I cant think and be stuck with myself and what I went through. I thought I had coped and dealt with things but I only suppressed them through school, musicals, acting, singing, homework, and friends. I lost all of my friends through not known how much this was affecting me subconsicsly and cause me to smother ppl so much they left me. I fear lossing people and getting hurt so much that I want to be with them 24/7 or talk to them 24/7 and thats not healthy for them or me. The only realtionship i was in
Life Is A Theater ...
Life is a theater - invite your audience carefully. Not everyone is spiritually healthy and mature enough to have a front row seat in our lives. There are some people in your life that need to be loved from a distance. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you LET GO, or at least minimize your time with draining, negative, incompatible, not-going-anywhere relationships/friendships/fellowships! Observe the relationships around you. Pay attention to: Which ones lift and which ones lean? Which ones encourage and which ones discourage? Which ones are on a path of growth uphill and which ones are going downhill? When you leave certain people, do you feel better or feel worse? Which ones always have DRAMA or don't really understand, know and appreciate you and the gift that lies within you? When you seek growth, peace of mind, love and truth, the easier it will become for you to decide who gets to sit in the FRONT ROW and who should be
Life And Why I Always Seem To Be Sad Or Depressed
So if anyone didnt know i got kicked out of school for the year and well its made life really sucky and really hard. trying to prove to my parents that i am an adult i decided not to move back home and get a job here. so when i first a job thigns were ok, then joe got fired and my roommate stopped going to work all the time and using all of his fmla. that made shit pretty hard for me cause i get paranoid so easily that i got worried about losing our house and whatnot. then my job started cutting my hours, now we havent had work since the sunday before thxgiving. they got hours for a week this last month, but the day they started i had to leave back home because my grandmother was dying in the hospital. so money has been a huge issue. on top of it me being out of school depresses me because school is all ive ever known. on top of it all joe and i keep hitting rocks and i dunno if were going to make it. i upset him with all my crying, he upsets me with his laziness, anger, and constant m
Life Or Death
When death comes to me, no funeral should be. just throw a party. Cuz I'm not worth anyones tears, don't remember my wasted years, of trying to over come my fears. I'm not going to a better place, don't remember my empty face, burn don't bury remember no trace. I have said good-bye almost done, love's a battlefield I never won, the days after may your joy be in the light of the sun. I can't say that I'm the best it isn't my claim, I won't even try to think you'll remember my name, and this isn't a situation that you know that you've felt the same. When you look and see me then I'm gone, Don't fret the burden of me is no longer in the dawn, the shit is over the crime is done no dwelling con.
A Life In The Day
ya know i'm not one to be little anyone. i have always seen the brighter side of the coin but in recent months actually this last year has been the year from hell. dec 27, 07 my dad passed away under curios circumstances. my husband and i moved in with my parents when i had to have my first back surgery. i cannot remember my husband helping me at all. i can't even remember hardly any of those days being strung out on percoset and oxycontin. my days for like 2 months were lived by tying to find a comfortable position from the excrutiating pain i was in. i did everything i could to try and maintain a good relationship with my husband. he was an alcoholic for many years. i begged for him to get help. help he got through AA. he was a changed person for the better. he took better care of me and my kids than he ever had. then things started changing. he spent more and more time at meetings, 2 meetings a week turned to 2 meetings a day, more on th weekeneds. when my oldest start
Life Is A Gift, Open Your Present
Im writing this blog because ive been inspired. In my quest to achieve something great not only have i given myself something to be focused on but ive also brought together some positive reinforcements. Together i believe we can sculpt what started out as just an idea into a phenomenal masterpiece. I dont want to give too much away at this time as i see no need to. This is something special and i plan on pouring everything i have into it as well as my partners. With that said i have a question and within this question holds a lot of power. We have all walked a different path in life, each of us holding inside a great story of passion, failure, accomplishment etc. Each one of us is unique in a different way and every single one of us should be proud. People often ponder the meaning of life and with this holds many different answers. I believe that the meaning of life is just that...too bring a meaning to yours that will live on even after we are gone. So my question to you is if you w
I hate when they say I love you and they don't really mean it. You know they don't because of their actions. They treat you like it's all your fault when they fuck up. They make you feel dumb to make themselves feel better. They hurt you just because they feel like it. I hate being treated like an idiot when I know I'm not. Well at least I think I'm not. I'm not a genius but I'm not a complete idiot. I hate the fact that he can make me feel like this. He can tare me down to make himself feel more like a man. What kind of man does that?
Life, The Universe, And Visions Of Servitude..
When you live your life like there's no tomorrow, the world becomes a lot less dangerous. There is no breath... no second thought. You BECOME. Movement flows, pieces fit... but shadows still remain within the light of reason. Some people falter and lay to waste by the wayside... some people adapt and survive. THIS is reality. I've come to the realization that I live a life in monochrome... various shades of a single color. No matter how far I venture out... my world is grey. But, it's within this grey that I find my variations... it's within this grey that I find myself. My soul... my purpose... my inspiration. Solitude will become my one true friend... keeping me grounded and never asking for more than I can give. I will adapt and move on, burning through the memories... leaving love behind. There will be no more breath, only life. THIS is reality. A single cataclysmic anomaly... rendered senseless. Believing emotion can be silenced and forgotten, swept
Life's Blood.
Just for today I'm the cubicle bogeyman. My snatch sack over your head rag bandages and distilled terror on my finer points. I'm hiding under your desk right now maybe snacking on forgotten granola bar crums, staring at those dainty panties you wore two days in a row Questioning the wisdom of you never checking under the desk. Obsessing Dripping grinding with anticipation... All that silky flesh snuggly crammed into nylon mesh... Its almost like the scent of nightshade or staring into the sun. Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Free refills, today only. But nothing to hold it in. Oh the bad things I'm going to do today- When you're not looking when you feel safe. The odd, wet, tingling sensations I'll feel today... as I wish feverishly for you to share them. That peculiar madness of danger dancing over your loins, with those fingertips of seductive flirtations under the desk. Like a hot caramel apple, still oozing from the dredge. Like so many long slow licks against
Life Changes
The past two days I have learned to never take anything for granted. We take our health, family and friends for granted everyday. When life takes a turn we are shocked at how something could intrude on our normal everyday existance. My father was being treated for high potassium which caused leg tremors/spams. Tuesday he had a seizure from it which resulted in an emergency room visit and then a various scans. These led to brain cancer, and then lung cancer alas cancer in the adrenal gland. He still has not had a biopsy, but the Dr's mentioned stage 4 cancer. The cancer in his brain is about thesize of a quarter and they say it is new and has been there about three weeks. They are unable to do any types of surgery because they are afraid of clotting and immediate death. His cancer is aggressive. I am not ready to lose my dad. I am thankful that I have been able to make him feel special on many occasions during his life, that I told him I loved him after almost all telephone conversation
Yesterday as some of you may know I went with my girl Daphne to the plasma center in Hampton. I am able to donate between 600 and 700 milliliters. I am glad to do it because I get paid for it but it also benefits everyone because it helps make medicine and helps babies and other stuff. I use about an hour to an hour and a half, my plasma and in return I get about 60 a week for doing this. It also gets me out of the house. It gives me some money to have when I wanna go to VB and when I want stuff.
i am once again bored and feel in a shitty mood i have got alot to think about i have got my danceing to think about cos this years comp is going to be hard then after that we are all out of a job because its gettng shut dowm so we have to find somewhere else to teach my dance and at the min men are just annoying and lke to shout i am in such a bad mood i feel ill well its friday tomorrow so i should be in a better mood i have got a modelling job so its money at the end of thr day.anyways life is to short to hold grudges and stay mad and agrue with peaple so live your life to the full take chances tell the peaple closet to you that you love them and tell them how much they matter to you you dont know what youhave got till its gone i learnt that the hard way. so dnt stay mad and forgive quickly and embrace life and love.
Life - Thought Provoking
Have u ever watched kids on a merry-go-round? or listened to the rain falling on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's eratic flight? or gazed at the sun into the fading night? You better slow down, Don't dance so fast. Time is short, The music won't last. Do you run through each day on the fly? When you ask "how are you?" do you hear the reply? When the day is done do you lie in your bed with the next hundred chores running through ur head? You'd better slow down, don't dance so fast. Time is short, The music won't last. Ever told a child, "we'll do it tomorrow?" And in your haste, not see his sorrow? Ever lost touch, let a good friendship die Cause you never had time to call and say "hi"? When you run so fast to get somewhere you miss half the fun of getting there when you worry and hurry through your day it's like an unopened gift.. thrown away Life is not a race.. do take it slower Hear the music before the song is over
Life it holds me down clinching to my wrist ripping slowly away to my empty inside skinless tears bones bare burnt eyes a yellow grin from scared dreams closing last tearful blue eyes cut, blistered hands an angel's breath on the devil's wing to a one time love tender kissing death firm lips soothing embrace
Glittering dark, dancing Before my eyes, closed Everything I see, shadowed In roaring silence I hear Falling A feather Soundless, a brush My lovers touch Bitter, life's bile Sweet, love's taste Shadows of tomorrow Darken the path of yesterday What was will not be What is, stands Before my eyes, open My life
Life Or Lack There Of
Why is it the I am destined to be a lonely soul. Bound to walk this earth in shame head hung low with nothing more than a few close friends and family at my side. Am I such a horriable person that I am destined for disaster, Is it the fate that I chose for my self. Could it be possible that I chose this fate and did not have it determined. Seems odd that I find something that I can truley care for, something that I can love, something to cherish and might have a possibility of returning those emotions and feelings back to me, and it vanishes into thin air like a demon in the night it sweeps in rips the breath of life away and falls back to the shadows. What must I do to find true happiness. Why must I wear this crown of thorns, and yet be forced to wear a clowns paint, faking a smile for the sake of others happiness. Tearing away inside feeling like all hope is lost and there is nothing left, but forced to carry on because another heart needs you, untill that momment changes, or that t
Through life you go through many changes, you take many different roads, not knowing where each one will lead, but it is the roads that you take that you learn many different things. Love,happyness,caring,trust,let downs and sadness. yes you may fall but each time you get up some times you get lost , but then some one comes along and shows you the way. as you grow you will loose people that are close to you such as a parent a brother, a sister, a cousin, a niece,a nephew, a grandparent and es even real close think to yourself why did this happen you get angry and yes sometimes think that you think it should have been you instead. things in life happen for different many reasons, but they will alway's be close to you . along they way you meet many different people and yes some become your friends, and yes friends have fights and some times you get over it and some times you don't . you also may have 1 love or maybe more, but in life you get that one person that just knocks
Life Deal With It
ISSUES IF LIFE Life is like a hoe house. Eventually you’ll get fucked. They say money can’t buy you love/ happiness. Well fuck them money can buy you one hour of bliss. Life is like being a sexy blonde chick. Someone is always trying to fuck you. Don’t dress and act like a hoe and say I’m not like that because if it looks like a duck.. quack quack bitch you know the rest. Ladies. FYI. It IS your booty NOT your beauty. Ladies. FYI. When he buys you a drink he’s already plannin on gettin some that night. Ladies. FYI. There is no such thing as guy friends. Those niggas are just waiting for their chance to get in those panties. Sad but true. Ladies. FYI. Letting yur man go with your best friend everywhere is a big sign of trouble If people tell you your kids are bad they probably are. Life is like being a toilet. There’s always gonna be someone shittin on you. Life is like being a fence on the american border. Someone is always trying to get over you.
Life Part 2
PART 2 OF LIFE life is like eating a tuna fish sandwich and chugging a bottle of vodka, shits bound to happen. Life is like a computer. if you catch a virus, it’ll fuck your life up. People love horses because donkeys are not all that great to look at. So the lesson is don’t be an ass. Men. FYI. If you let your girl dress like a hoe don’t get mad when other guys start yelling, whistling and looking at her. Men. FYI. You can’t turn a hoe into a house wife. But you can turn a housewife into a hoe. Men. FYI. If you let your women take you shopping and pick out your clothes for you. YOU ARE PUSSY WHOOPED!!!! Men. FYI. Its true if you treat women like the ladies they are they’ll stay around a little longer. Men. FYI. Girls are looking for gangsta thugs. Women are looking for MEN. Men. FYI. So she cooks, cleans, does your laundry and helps you pay the bills you leave her because she won’t do something nasty. Don’t complain now because the bitch you with spends all
I did this last year and got to know alot about the people on here as they did about me. I am allowing a unlimited amount of questions this time since so much has happened this past year. Anything goes and I mean anything. Looking forward to getting to know you a bit better.
Life Unlimited
Life Unlimited Category: Life Life seems to be a continual challenge. One thing after another and the eternal search for happiness. We spend so much of our lives creating an identity for ourselves with all the likes and dislikes that go with it. These preferences build associations within us, which then turn into expectations. We compare our beliefs to other people's and then defend our position, making them wrong as they don't fit in with our picture of how "it should be." Life is unlimited. It is arrogant and naive to think that only our thoughts and beliefs are right. They may be right for us with the limited knowledge we have at this moment but the more you learn and grow the more opportunities there are for new information to become available for you. How many beliefs have you held that seemed to support your way of thinking and then something happened to change your point of view? Take Father Christmas for example... as a child you believed fully in him, then as you b
Life Is A Gift
LIFE IS A GIFT (not sure who wrote this) LIFE IS A GIFT! There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend. One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her and then she could see everything . Including her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her, "Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?" The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was blind, too, and refused to marry him. Her boyfriend walked away in tears and later wrote a letter to her saying, "Just take good care of my eyes, dear." This is how the human brain changes when our status changes. Only few remember what life was before and who's always been there, even in the most painful situations. Life is a gift. Today, before you think of saying an unkind word, think of someone who can't speak. Before you complain a
Life Is All About The Butthole Pleasures? (8/19/08)
lucky333: hey whats up? ->lucky333: Hi, not much. lucky333: you single? ->lucky333: Depends, are you illiterate? lucky333: Sorry, are you single? ->lucky333: Are you illiterate? lucky333: No ->lucky333: The thing is that my attachment status is on my profile, I was just trying to confirm if you can't read or won't. lucky333: oh sorry lucky333: sorry half the people on this site are either fake or not on anymore so i dont read the persons profile unless i get a response ->lucky333: So, to get this straight, you're not sure whether or not I'm some psychotic ass rapist, but you want to know if I'm single anyway? ->lucky333: I'm glad you're not picky. lucky333: well theres no use getting to know somone if you interested in romatinc things if there not single ->lucky333: Once again, you didn't read my profile, have no idea who I am, but you want romance? Let's just go with the psychotic ass rapist thing. That is the kind of romance I'm interested in. What's your cir
This road that winds through life Leads in all directions Only way leads to happiness The others lead to disaster Finding the right path to take Debating, searching We seek answers along the way Never knowing right from wrong Til the day ends and we stand alone Rambling down the path That leads us to destruction Knowing we should of taken one of the others Too late to turn back now We go our separate ways Losing sight further and further you go Away from me, stolen heart in hand Heartless, no fears left Seeking destructive beings Delighting in evil minds I roam, followed by many Who search for answers I know not the questions My evil heart decides Whom to trust Whom to deceive Deceptive ways are my life Leading away from light No more lives I will take No more hate I will breed Twisting, stabbing my own heart Instead of that of the one I loved Tossing it to the Beast That arises with the moon Through the air he flies Sweeping low to take me away On hi
So I go from a good well reserved girl to a little naughty. Not sure how I am feeling about that but will figure it out in do time. I think it is cool how people look at my pics weather it is a great pic or a slightly naughty pic. I don't want anyone to get me wrong I love myself and I love my body. I just don't like to share it with others. I appreciate my loyal friends and I have a few special ones that I treasure. I am a fun person and I like when new people come in the lounge it becomes initiation and fun. Really though there are good people as well as bad but keep the ones close to you that mean something because they really can become real life friends.
Life Is Too Short For Pettiness
I STOLE THIS FROM TEMPTRESS WHO STOLE IT FROM WV REBEL. AND NO MATTER WHERE YOU "WORK" I HOPE YOU READ, PAY ATTENTION, AND ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I DID. There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, 'If I could only see the world, I will marry you.' One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend. He asked her,'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him. Her boyfriend left in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine.' Life Is a Gift Today before
Lifes To Short!
I STOLE THIS FROM HAZEL WHO STOLE IT FROM TEMPTRESS WHO STOLE IT FROM WV REBEL. AND NO MATTER WHERE YOU "WORK" I HOPE YOU READ, PAY ATTENTION, AND ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I DID. There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, 'If I could only see the world, I will marry you.' One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend. He asked her,'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him. Her boyfriend left in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine.' Life Is a
Life May Turn Out Alright!
I think things might actually be alright! I am started my new job tonight and i hope this will get me the money i need to do it up! I love to party and i cant when im broke! For all of you who really know me... I am gettin back to my old self!!
I have been living moment by moment taking and making the most out of life and placing all of who I am into every second until the last second takes my final breath away when my love comes home. That will be the day when I am back in the arms of the only man that I had ever truly loved. I had felt out of place and so alone for the better part of my life never really knowing if I would find the peacefulness others had described when talking about their special someone. And the way that they made the worlds mishaps, problems, cares and worries fade into the distance. And I know in my heart I would be lost without him at the end of each new day. I count on my memories and the special times I shared with my true love. Waiting for the day his deployment will end and with it the lonely nights. Without him lying next to me holding and comforting my fears I find myself wanting more than I have ever wanted before to just hold my love once more and have him see in my eyes just what he has
You may have been looking to find the person that fits every thing you want them to be. All that I can offer any one is the love and beauty that is inside of me I have always given everything I had into all I have done and all I create the work that I do is my signature. The mark of excellence so if I tell you I will do something you know if it is a task worth doing it will be to the height of your expectation. I have always given 100% in everything I do so if I tell you I will do something it will be to the height of your expectations. My work is my signature it’s the mark of excellence. Heaven’s Entrance no Longer Lays open to Angel’s that have fallen from grace and shunned away from the gates of heaven they remains closed. Although the heart of an Angel will never stop loving or believing. Heaven’s Entrance no Longer Lays open to Angel’s that have fallen from grace, shunned away from the gates of heaven they remains closed. Never an Angel’s heart I have not for
i'm sitting here looking back on my life as we have all done at one point and yet there was a time so much like auther's befor me there was a time i was so full of hate that i feared i hated because i feared it i was only a boy that became a man almost a man over night now i stand befor you and the world no longer sweating blood and bulit's that paved my way of life for now i live a new life that isn't so hated that isn't so feared i stand befor you not as a juge and not as a leader i stand befor you as a friend i am a man with a past i am a man that isn't so defrint then any other man we all have a past it's not are past that make's use what we are today it is what we learen from it and what we do with what we have learned i know i made alot of bad jugement's in my time and now i know that i was wrong even though we all have said we would like to change somthing in are past i don't think i want to if i did i wouldn't be the man i am today
Here I stand befor you I stand befor you as a man with nouthing I stand here as a man with every thing I am the man with every thing for I am the man with nouthing and yet I am a man with many rich's and yet a man that has no money and yet I am a man with every thing to give and a man with nouthing to take for I am that man that has nouthing too lose I am a man with every thing too lose I am a man with nouthing too go on in here for I am a man to young to under and yet I am a man to oldtoo go on so here I am set in my world woundering what I have done as a boy growing into this man I am will this leave the mark that I need to be rembered by or will I like so many befor me be forgotten in time after all i am just a man
here i stand standing strong with my brother's and sister on my side makening my stand makeing my last stand becouse i stand here srtong just try and push me down becouse i stand i stand here strong i have no more frear's no more worry no fear in these eye's these eye's of the beast in side the wolf rage's on the wolf in side the man the man in the wolf running free like a force that can't be stoped running running wild and free nouthing in the way nouthing to stop it the man the wolf the wolf of man frearless standing strong with know fear in my heart full of courge nouthing can stop it it's unstop able like the strongest force you'll ever see stronger then a 200 mph wind never wanting to stop i just just keep going
Life Is A Long Lesson
After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul, And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning and company doesn't mean security, And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts and presents aren't promises, And you begin to accept your defeats with your head up and your eyes open, with the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child. And you learn to build all your roads on today because tomorrow's ground is too uncertain for plans. After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much. So plant your garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. And you learn that you really are strong, And you really do have worth.
Life In Our Daily Fast Track
Well happy New Year to you. Bet you wish you had a dollar for everytime someone said that to you. Did you make a resolution? Mine was to keep writting more in my blogs, and work on my grammer too. Was your resolution to lose weight, or stop smoking, or be a better person? What about a resolution to slow down, and take a good look around you? Don't look at what you want to see, look beyond that, and really see what is around you. You might be suprised. Trees, the ground, the sky all working in harmony. Close your eyes and listen, what do you hear? Birds, loud noises by cars and trucks, city life? You might be surprised what you hear like your spirit talking to you, or animals trying to tell you something, or you might hear life. Our pace of our lives is so fast that we miss far to much. Make a possitive resolution for 2009 to slow down, and take a minute to really see whats around you. Discover something that you might not have seen or heard before even though you have looked at it or h
my life has never been better i have a beautiful daughter shes my world shes 3yrs old i dont think i could live if i didnt have her! thats bout all more to come lol :)
Life Is Hell
when one thing starts a fucking chain. i swear. it rains bullshit in my town. ugh.
I hate not knowing. My life is so crazy now Im going thru a divorce and he will not give it to me. I hate That i have to waite 60 days for my court date. Im just venting cuz this sucks. To people who are thinking about getting married think long and hard bout it. Not just the sex but about all of the other things he/she has to offer the marriage. I was duped into thinking this man had it AHHHHHHHHHH!!!So just think about it.LOL well I'm done venting!!
A hidden treasure rises from the depths. When life seems like it is getting darker and darker, A light appears right in front of you. Sometimes the best thing in your life, Is right in front of you. You just have to look at it from a different angle. Life plays funny games sometimes, And you have to play to win. If you are only playing, You will lose every time. Sometimes you have to put it all on the line, To see the reward at the end of the trip. It is better to have the love of your life as your best friend forever, Than to lose them for all eternity. HONEY... THIS IS FOR YOU!!
Don't know how to love Forgot how to live Hate burns deep inside me Hearin the pistol clickin Time speeds on Just keeps on tickin Life is a waste Can't keep this up Gonna lose the race Life was once my friend Friends will fail me in the end I need to be grounded Someone please help me I wanna fall in love with life again Dreams haunt me I want to fly Pain will come again Life will leave me cold and afraid
I am a 40 year old woman from a very small town, I have grown up with those type of values, that small town people have. (You watch my back, I'll watch yours) So and so forth, It seems as though maybe I have gone over board in that department, I have taken so much of my time looking out for others and watching their backs , that I completely forgot to watch myself, in so doing that, noone else was watching me or my back either. I guess I don't understand at all, I thought all people , or most people anyway , when saying they would do things they kept their word. Wrong, completely wrong, or so it seems in most cases of these so called friends. So now I still live in this town where I grew up, still know most of the same people, or the ones that still are around, and None of them have the values that they had stood by at first , then over time just let them all go. Its all about them. I guess some call it Dog eat Dog!!! So I am thinking all the time about how I want things and ho
-life is a twirl and twine -so when your relaxing drinking your glass of wine, -realize that to succeed you must use peace of mind -there will be ups and downs but through it all you must not nag nor whine -there will be times of darkness and times of light -you must not be vulnerable to the grim of night -to get to the top there shall always be some kind of struggle to fight -but just stick to your goal and your results shall be bright -but you cant complain -because in the end you'll have lost nothing, only opportunity to gain -yes it might have cost sweat and pain -but now you are the one that shall ordain -so now its off to find your date -someone who could be your future mate -the perfect someone you could only find by fate -this is life, so find a goal and succeed before its too late
Life Is...
Life is a challenge, accept it. Life is a wish, want it. Life is a book, read it and observe it. Life is a fight, battle it. Life is a tear, face it. Life is a smile, enjoy it and embrace it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a journey, complete it. Life is a ruler, measure it. Life is a sunrise, begin it. Life is a sunset, hold it. Life is a treasure, save all you can.
Life Is But A Dream
Life is but a Fantasy Life is but a fantasy with no ending Whispers of forever that is but a day The empty words with no meaning Promises given with no thought Fairy tales of love and caring But a lie told with no second thought Kisses and caresses given without a care Hatred ringing as a truth untold Pain engulfing oh so real Battered hearts and souls Broken bodies and spirits Tears flowing unnoticed Desolate cries uttered unheard A mind in a whirl not knowing Happiness is but a fairy tale told To ones who want to believe By those knowing it is but a fable Promises of a tomorrow that will never come Life is but a fantasy with no ending And forever is but a day xxx x xxxxx Copyright ©2005 xxx x xxxxx
when one sets out to discover the world within their being, it seldom is met to the yearnings felt... the heart as a muscle gives to one the rhythmic patter that signals one's existence....but within those chambers beat a most provocative of that connects the physical to the the spiritual....and in exceptional of circumstances, the eventual and the eternal....this always knowing myself to be different...a romantic....somewhat a rarity among the males of the human animal....i have always sought to connect all these aspects that define me....with soemone like minded.... along the course of my life i have made contact with individuals with whom there were shared moments...aspects...pieces of the puzzle we call life...not many....very few in fact....since i never felt the connect that i sought....even as i was left uncertain of what my quest was.... in my formative years i was generally a loner....not always, or even necessarily by choic
ME FOR WHAT I AM The rose is a symbol of love and The light a symbol of purity And black the color of darkness LOVE LIGHT AND DARKNESS I have always been Beauty And Love so this picture is a vivid description of who, what I am. Even though the love I hold inside will never die I am blue because there is not a day I do not cry there is a light that shines in me so bright it can pierce the darkness of my sins darkness of my sins. I have the ability to hear the words not spoken to see the hurt, pain and suffering in people and animals other than my own. I truly believe we are all equals that no one is less than their will to want to make a better life. Not only for themselves for everyone. I believe in you could you find it in your heart to believe in me as well? Together we can make the world a place we may live in harmony. Remove the extra an after the people and will see for what you truly are the rose of that shine's bright in the sun
Sometimes life can become so hectic that when it finally slows down, We look around and realize that we don't recognize our surroundings, and we wonder “ How did I get here?”. You suddenly realize, You don't know your friends ,much less that they are even the same friends you acquired along the crazy trip to nowhere. You look inside and realize that you are not the same person that started trip. You realize that you don't know yourself. And you become afraid. Your wants are the same. But your needs have changed. Sometimes you drag other people along just to find that they themselves might secretly resent you for it. You work so hard to find something anything to hold on to. Only to see that there is nothing. Because all at once you know that you are just plain and utterly alone. Smells, don't smell the same. Things don't taste the same, friendships don't feel the same. And most of all love doesn't seem to be around you. And even if it was, the question remains “Would
Life Of A Poet
The Life of A Poet Blood flowing onto paper forming soul-stealing lines, Heart and soul enclosed in simple words, Frustration comes to be when the flow ceases, Words now forgotten never to be retrieved, Depression sets in when words refuse to come, Emotions piling up into a sea of frustration, Blood still flowing but with no place left to go, Mind and body draining into simple empty shells, Heart and soul decaying under the weight of suppression, Body becoming sluggish with the burden of pent up emotions, Incidents triggering thoughts and cracking the stone walls, Words forming in mind as pen at last touches paper, Thoughts gushing out into an abyss of heart wrenching words, Lines forming, words flowing like a river in midst of a storm, Current slowly destroying the feelings of depression, Lightheartedness returning as a masterpiece is formed, Thus is the life of a poet. 8/24/07
Life And Love
An Entrapment My love, I have tried with all my being to grasp a form comparable to thine own, but nothing seems worthy; I know now why Shakespeare could not compare his love to a summer’s day. It would be a crime to denounce the beauty of such a creature as thee, to simply cast away the precision God had placed in forging you. Each facet of your being whether it physical or spiritual is an ensnarement from which there is no release. But I do not wish release. I wish to stay entrapped forever. With you for all eternity. Our hearts, always as one.
Life Here In Ga
boring plain and just straight out nuts!! not much else to tell about a military town... lol... savannah tho is where the parties are!!! RIVER ST!!!!! walk and drink and party till the cops finally say dump your drink and get a ride home lol...
Life 2009
I Got My Apt An Im Been Livin In It For Over Two Wk Now. Im So Glad I Got My Own Place To Live. I Hope Things Still Get Better For Me An I Enjoy Bein A New Mom To My Baby Girl. Yes I Didnt Give My Baby Up. So Glad I Didnt Give Her Up An She Makes Me Happy When She Smiles At Me,
I wish I had thought of this sooner, but I am going to pick a song each day that relfects a mood, emotion or event from my day & put the lyrics here. Like a flower waiting to bloom Like a lightbulb in a dark room I'm just sitting here waiting for you To come home and turn me on Like the desert waiting for the rain Like a school kid waiting for the spring I'm just sitting here waiting for you To come on home and turn me on My poor heart, it's been so dark since you been gone After all, you're the one who turns me off You're the only one who can turn me back on My hi-fi's waiting for a new tune The glass is waiting for some fresh ice cubes I'm just sitting here waiting for you To come on home and turn me on Turn me on
Life Sucks
Wow 2008 has been a bad year for me. I sure hope 2009 goes better. My son has had Crohns disease really bad the entire year of 08' since then he had surgery. He is gaining weight again which is great. He was down to 110lbs. at one time and for a 6' tall kid thats not good. He now weighs about 155lbs. I have also had marriage problems...I think my asshole of a husband is cheating on me... So just trying to get thru that mess. I'm also looking for a job...I know a lot of people are. I'm really trying to get thru a lot right now so please 4give me friends for not keeping in touch. Alcohol really seems to help...LOL! I hope everyone else on here are doing much better than me...Please leave comments and if you do...anything that makes me laugh would really be great!!!! Take care to all my friends!!!! ~Tracy~
I have a Craving for Someone to Join Me and My Husband and if your Interested and Live in the Southern Indiana Area/ Louisville Ky Area and are Interested Please Get in touch with me at my email addy at and i'll give you all the details.. thanks for reading my blog...Stephanie
Life This Was A Essay For Class
The best way to start this essay. I was thinking about how I came to be here not in the way I was born, more like how did I come to Pittsburgh from outside of Philadelphia. All my life seems more like a blur because a lot of it was me seeing thing’s you can’t imagine for someone at a young age. I grew up much closed off at times. I did have my friends, but I never showed them a weak side of me even when my mom got sick from cancer. I can’t remember what kind can’t even tell you how felt when she died can’t even remember what I wore that day. But what I can tell you is that day was the longest day of my life. Then years later I get sick with kidney failure I go on dialysis for a year then get a transplant then 5 months later I reject the kidney to only go threw one of them times where something bad happen there was always something worst to come. Three weeks in I find out they can’t save the kidney and then they find my spleen about to burst on top of they find cancer ca
I GIVE UP!! Today was almost a good day then she goes and pisses me off.... Maybe I am just being silly, maybe I am just over reacting, but I am tired of trying to be nice through this whole separation/break-up whatever it is and I have caught nothing but BS for all my efforts so you know what .... I GIVE UP!!! I only have one wish and that is for both she and I to get past our selfish reasons for all this crap and just make up, but it seems that that is not the case. For whatever convictions she may have for staying away and my stubborn headedness we can never resolve anything. All I wanna do is talk something out and all she does is complain about her headaches, call me a little insensitive if you want it is just that i don't feel a headache is a good enough reason to avoid an important matter. Also, I am no help with my lack of patience and I admit that. So in truth I GIVE UP!!! If any of you out there know who we really are you know that she is the most understanding, gi
Life's Fun And Then ....
Yep just as you think things are going well. it gives you a nudge in the nuts. Firstly i have gone through 2 clutch levers, first was because I presumed the bike fell but now I think it was pushed. Second one was when the bike was on its centre stand and still looked like it went over. Theory is that either someone bumped it from behind and picked it up or someone tried to steal it. And thats the weird thing, that someone decided to pick it up and place it on its side stand! Well its a 5 min job to fit but just didn't need to buy 2 in total. Then the downpipes started to develop holes, yep its an expensive job to replace but I knew that when I bought the bike. So its going in Tuesday and then get the yearly vehicle test done. Hopefully there is not much else wrong with the bike but I will ask about getting the brake pads done because I feel they are on their way out too.
FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all I can say...confused and broken right now!!!! Not sure what to do or who to those special few I trust but they are not many!!! How do you know you can trust what someone is saying? (And I'm not talking about you...Mr. Brady!!!!) I have friends or so called friends that like to run their mouths and don't care who they hurt in the process...Who does that? I mean yeah we all talk shit but not like some.When you have to make up a lie about someone to make yourself look good I mean really. I don't know I was just a little irritated is all!!! I guess I am just really dissapointed in people these days!!!! I have however met someone who I believe to be very sweet and honest...(Now I'm talking about you Mr. Brady!!!!) Its rare to meet someone who you have things in common with and who you get along with easily...He kinda helped me see things for the way they are...but you know whatever. Not saying I'm in love cuz well yeah it's WAY too e
I am in a world were all I do Is work and take care my children An yes I am thankful and love doing it
Life Is Beautiful
go placidly among noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence. as far as possible without surrender, be on good terms with all people. speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others - even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexations to the spirit. if you compare yourself with others you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real posession in the changing fortunes of time. exercise caution, for the world is full of trickery, but let this not blind you to what virtue there is. and many persons strive for high ideals and everywhere life is full of heroism. be yourself, especially do not feign affection, and never, never be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment love is as perennial as the grass. take kindly
The Lifestyle
Just curious if there is anyone else out there in the lifestyle? It has been years since I have practiced the "lifestyle" and no longer know if I fit truly into the role I did before. I was always a DOM and loved to teach, but now not so sure. I think I maybe have moved in the mysterious world of the Sswitch - anyone out there have any suggestions on finding a new role?
Life The Way I See It
got this from t-shirt hell but seems to apply to so much more than just t-shirts (In response to a select group of assholes and their self righteous reaction to us going out of business) I would like to say something to all the idiots who think we've poisoned society. And I'm not talking about the religious nuts or the militant [whining minority here]. I'm talking about this new wave of douches comprised primarily of twenty- and thirty- something white people who feel like they have to defend the little guy, despite the fact that in 2009 the little guy no longer exists, and if he does he isn't even aware there's a fight going on. The obvious response to these people would be to say they have no sense of humor, basically because it's the truth. But too many people think sense of humor means what you do and don't laugh at. If you look up the definition that may be what it is. But to me sense of humor means you don't take things so seriously. It doesn't
Life Is Oh So Fun
life you have it i have it everything and everyone has it. so why is it that everyone wants it to end or to control another. its already too much to have your own but to take over someone elses is not right. but they try and some fail and some are victorious but why is it that we would want to control another and put more stress and pressure on them and ourselves?
Life Is A Gift
Life Is a Gift Today before you say an unkind word - Think of someone who can't speak. Before you complain about the taste of your food - Think of someone who has nothing to eat. Before you complain about your husband or wife - Think of someone who's crying out to GOD for a companion. Today before you complain about life - Think of someone who died too early on this earth. Before you complain about your children - Think of someone who desires children but they're barren. Before you argue about your dirty house someone didn't clean or sweep - Think of the people who are living in the streets. Before whining about the distance you drive Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet. And when you are tired and complain about your job - Think of the unemployed, the disabled, and those who wish they had your job. But before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another - Remember that not one of us is without sin. And when depr
Life Is Good....
Hey everyone..long time no see. Yea i know i've been neglecting this site. well not so much neglecting but more like ignoring. life stuff..hey it happens..or should be happening. neways so yea a lot has been happening in my a bf than he cheated on me and broke it off on freaken christmas day..yea no comment...than have a new bf..still with him and it's going good so far. we both like where it's going and he's a super sweet guy. we'll see how this one goes, cross your fingers. Just last week i decided to find out more info on art colleges. so i signed up for more info on the International Academy of Design & Technology for graphic design. they called me up and said if i wanted to go visit. so i went..applied. had an actual interview with my art portfolio (they thought i've been doing classes already with graphic design..that's how impressed they were with my portfolio) and they accepted me. they don't accept just anyone. which is why they do interviews. so i was accept
Life's Story
There was this girl named Nicole that lived in a small town. She was born into a loving and caring family. She had blonde hair and the deepest blue eyes you had ever seen before. Her life was goin great until she was about 12 years old.It was November 14, 1998 Nicole got up just like any other day and got ready for school. She walked down to the end of the road to catch the bus. What Nicole didnt know was that while she was at school her mother was at home packing up her bedroom. She got off the bus and started to walk up the road to her house. As she was topping the hill she noticed that all her brothers and sisters was at the house. She started to think if it was someones birthday and noone came to mind. So she didnt pay any attentaion to and opened the door and walked in. Nicole was stunned at what she saw. It was her mother sittin at the kitchen table crying. Nicole's sister walks up to her and asks her to come back to the bedroom with her. So Nicole goes back with her sister to he
Life In General
did you ever stop to think that your life was supposed to be different but you just didnt know what or how to change it. your life passes you by and you can only catch glimpses of what you are going through and thinking about what you could be different in your life? do you look at yourlife and think i couldnt have it any better than i do right now. i thought that, for a long time ithought i had the perfect life, a loving attentive husband who treated me good, 2 beautiful boys who make my world go round. then one day i stopped. i was out shopping in a store and something made me just stop in my tracks. i looked at all the women walking around, their kids either screaming in the carts or the kids were picking up everything and putting it in the cart and the mom was totally oblivious to them. there she was walking at a slow pace looking sideways as if to wonder if she got everything on her list. i looked at the empty look on her face and then there was another. and another. why w
Life And Love
What causes someone to push you away? What causes that person to make you sit alone at might crying because they aren't making seance? Why should I keep pushing forward when every time I do you knock me further back than I was? Why must I live in pain because I want to love you? Why should I wait any more? Why when I offer my proverbial shoulder for you to cry on when your down, my ear when your mind is overloading with your troubles don't you take my offer and let me ease your trouble the best I can? Why do I keep letting myself get hurt by sticking around for the the dream at a love that is given both ways not just from me to you? You know whats sad? With every question I keep thinking the same answer..."I DON'T KNOW!!!" I am starting something new. I am going to start being true to myself. There will be no more waiting, no more crying at night, no more letting you hurt me. I have a couple friends that have really open my eyes. Oh and b4
Who knows what life has in store for us. I believe that everything happens for a reason we cannot change it but we can contort it to fit our needs. I also believe that living the past is a waste of time. Live life to the fullest and don't miss out on anything. Don't give up because things aren't going your way change the situation. Love life and embrace all that makes you happy. written by: Dale Wesley Jr.
Life Lessons?
Some lessons in life ... take em or leave em. Always err on the side of generosity. In case of emergency, keep loose change and a handkerchief in every pair of pants you own. Don’t toot your own horn. Take pleasure in small things - a warm sweater licorice Allsorts a fuchsia flower a joke anything Irish a cup of tea finches building a nest on the porch. Be courteous and respectful of everyone. Always be a kid at heart. If you want to make a point, quote scripture. Never mistreat a book, for books are your friends. Don’t throw anything away that might be useful some day - you never know when you'll need another scrap of paper, a rubber band, an extra toothbrush, an old magazine, or a stale piece of gum. Always keep several stashes of candy, preferably chocolate, for yourself and guests. A glass of Sherry aids digestion. Write thank-you notes. Don’t raise your voice in anger.
Lifes Hard Especially On Lockdown
Life Kicked Me In The Face
I have spent th elast two years courting a relationship that I was being lead to believe would take me to the next level in my pusuit to be a model. As of yesterday I found out that most if not all I was told was nothing but an elaborate hoax. When I sat elaborate in to an extreme that I dont believe Hollywood would even dream of. I am now trying coup with the fact that I let myself be played like that for as long as I did. Trust me when I say that I did do my homework. I researched info that was given to me to confirm it. Even used local contacts that I had made to check on the validity of certians things as well. It wasnt until the last 12 days that things began to fall about for this person and I was able to finally see things that I had been suspect of for sometime. My only true mistake was I believed in myself and my qualifactions to actually make it as a model. The good news in all of this is that I never gave ANY money to this individual. What I am left with no thought is the e
Life And Love
A FRIEND OF MINE SENT THIS TO ME VIA TEXT. I LOVE IT. I THINK ITS SOMETHING TO LIVE BY. SO I THOUGHT I WOULD POST IT SO EVERYONE THATS WILLING TO READ IT COULD ENJOT IT AS WELL. FEARLESS- is not the absence of fear. Its not being completley unafraid. FEARLESS- is having fears. FEARLESS is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, FEARLESS is living in spite of those littles things that scare you to death. FEARLESS- is falling madly in LOVE again, even though you've been hurt before. FEARLESS is getting back up and fighting for what you want over and over again......even though every time you've tried before, you've lost. Its FEARLESS to have faith that someday things will change. FEARLESS is having the courage to say goodbye to someone who only hurts you, even if you cant breathe without them. I think its FEARLESS to fall for your BEST FRIEND, even though hes in LOVE with someone else. And when someone apologizes to you for things they'll never stop doing, I think its FEARLESS to sto
Life is to short, grudges are a waste of perfect happiness, laugh when u can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change, love deeply and forget quickly, take chances, give everything, and have no regrets, life is to short to be unhappy, you have to take the good with the bad, smile when your sad, love what you got, and always remember what you had, always forgive but never forget, learn from your mistakes, but never regret, people change and things go wrong but always remember that Life Goes On!
Everything in my life has brought me to this one day and today is all i have to live for a lifetime of everything.
Life Blows
ok, since i dont have anyone to bitch to here, i guess i will do it where everyone can see.... i hate my fuckin life, all i do is sit at home every fucking day and do jack shit, and when i say that, i mean it.. i just sit on the dumbass comp and do what... NOTHING!!!... or i watch tv, which by the way has like 60+ channels and there is NOTHING ever on worth watchin, and the playstation and 360 are broke so that leaves me with nothing to do but sit there with my thumbs up my ass and pray that someone comes over.... sometimes i wish i would not have kids.. cause thats one of the main reason i have nothing to do cause i cant go ANYWHERE... if it was just me and Sin, then i would be alittle more happy cause while she sleept, i could go somewhere....friends, mall, anywhere but here...I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok, thats enough of my bitchin for one day...
Life!! Day To Day Living
A Little About Me SINGLE BLACK MALE IN MY 50'S. I DO LIVE ALONE. kid's Not Living At Home,, I enjoy being pampered too, dinner's, dining out, some time's to, bubblebath, a good glass of wine, or having some coconut flavor rum. I enjoy the good life, or a long drive sometime, looking at a movie, or sports on TV, listening to some good old soca, calypso, or reggae, R&B , old school music, quiet evening's at home. A Good picnic, barbeque sometime's with family and friends.I like all sports, raceing is top. I am a simple man, honest, dependable, caring, understanding person. I am not asking for much, and it don't take much to make me a very happy man. I am a serious person, I don't have time to,, play games. Because I love life and I am trying to live that way, day in, day out. Having a special good friend to be with from time to time. A picture of you wood be nice also...
God bless all those people out there who wish bad stuff on this wonderful country and military. I hope you someday realize your ignorance and selfishness...they(the military/government) are the reason you go to bed safely and wake up able to do whatever it is you hope to do with your life...I was on youtube and I read a few comments about Soldiers and Marines saying they wish they get they're legs blown off in war and that only uneducated people join the military , etc...Why would you say that about anyone? What if the military said "screw America! Defend yourself..." Michael Moore isn't going to fight terrorists off your doorstep. It's just sad that those people really mean what they say. I hope you know the military has the highest high school graduation rate. I hope your kids someday grow up and see how you fought to throw away their freedoms and tried to aid the enemy more than your own country...and when they see that they'll say...."It's a good thing the government had to make un
Life In A Small Town
Today a friend and myself made flyers and put them up for our upcoming Passion Party. It was an interesting experience to say the least. And major fun too. A Passion Party is one that shows off adult toys and lotions and such. The one I went to was fun and so my friend and I decided to try to hold one. I was surprised at the places that allowed us to put up the flyer so it could be seen. Everywhere from the bar it is being held in, to the library! Just goes to show you that even in the bible belt, people can be freaky kinky. It will be interesting to see who all shows up.
Life As I Know It
its been a long time since ive had something to say, and so friggin much has happened in the past year; the wife and i have reconciled, its cost me alot of blood tears and sweat, and a couple friends to get our marrige back on track but im definately glad we put the effort in things are gettin better for us all the time and our improved life is having a very positive effect on the children, they have always been great kids but now they seem alot happier, i am truly blessed, and immensly thankful for the ease of stress, and the abatement of saddness in our house. as my wife and i rebuild our marrige and restructure our lives i just wanted to take a minute and say "THANK YOU" to all the friends ive found online who made the lonliness bearable, and "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" for posting nude and nearly nude pics of yourselves for me and your other friends to oogle over.. so many gorgeous women, you all make me feel very manly that i can show you all off to my friends, your all sooo
Life's Apples Or Sour Grapes
life is too fast for some of us. we get older and stop to look at life as we lived it. only to find that we are not where we wanted to be. can mistakes be corrected? can a memory be real? can a lost love be recaptured? or is life just a sour grape waiting to be crushed under your own feet? I find these questions relevant to my life and i dont know all the answers. do you?
Sometimes life is like walking in the dark Without the light of the moon and stars to guide us And still we move on Driven by a need to find a way And sometimes life is like an endless forest And we are but a twig on a tree Feeling small and fragile Still we cling to the tree Looking to find meaning in our existence And sometimes life is like a long sleep On a mattress of dreams And we are like players in a play On an endless carousel stage Coming in and out of each others lives Dancing 'round and 'round And sometimes life is like a wondrous trip to OZ Where everything is possible Where everything is Technicolor And what we dream comes true And it is not a fairy tale after all But for whatever life is We take it as it comes For the moment it is And all those moments Become our memories Of living and growing And knowing life
Life Is A Strange Journey
Life is a Strange Journey if you havent already figured that out for yourself. One day you dont have a care in the world and you just go on as if everything in your life is the greatest it has ever been, Then comes the Holiday that reminds you that you are alone and more than likely will remain that way the rest of your life or so it seems that way... 2 hours of sitting alone at a bar drinking by yourself gives you alot of time to just see how pathetic your life has really become.. I really dont know whatelse to say in this blog since im basically talking to myself lol. Sometimes it just feels better writing it out for the world to see....
Life In Abundance Comes Only Through Great Love.
Your Daily Motivation – Life In Abundance Comes Only Through Great Love. Saturday February 14, 2009 LIFE IN ABUNDANCE COMES ONLY THROUGH GREAT LOVE There is no force more potent than love. Take away love and your world is a tomb. Your life echoes emptiness without love. With it, your life will vibrate with warmth and meaning. Even during hardship, love will shine through. As you look back upon the events in your life you will find that the moments that stand out, the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in a spirit of love. If you have it, you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter what else you have. Therefore, search for love. Once you have learned to love, you will have learned to live. Love is the most important ingredient to your success. Happy Valentine's Day. Copyright 2008 Watch This Video => Discover The System Watch Th
Life On The Road
it sucks! but the money is goodand my family of brothers are the best but man its a lonely life sometimes
Life's Rules
1. There are two sides to every divorce: Yours and Shithead's. 2. The closest I ever got to a 4.0 in college was my blood alcohol content.. 3. I live in my own little world but it's OK, everyone knows me here. 4. I saw a rather large woman wearing a sweatshirt with 'Guess' on it. I said, "Thyroid problem?" 5. I don't do drugs 'cause I find I get the same effect just by standing up really fast. 6. A sign In a Chinese Pet Store: "Buy one dog, get one flea." 7. Money can't buy happiness but it sure makes misery easier to live with. 8. I got a sweater for Christmas. I really wanted a screamer or a moaner. 9. If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the terminal"? 10. I don't approve of political jokes. I've seen too many of them get elected. 11. The most precious thing we have is life, yet it has absolutely no trade-in value. 12. If life deals you lemons, make lemonade.? If life deals you tomatoes, make Bloody Marys. 13. I love being married
Life (short Palindrome)
Life (Short Palindrome) Life My Mess My Life
Life Stink...!!!!!!
What a day?? Life just stink sometimes..even you know that.. is allways suprise you. Ok..i dont want to walk happy hills all the time but pls even sometimes would be nice. How many times you have to desepoint to people? AND ALLWAYS FIND NEW KNIFE IN YOUR BACK..ARG!!! ...this is just those days..and nice to complane anyway....weheeeeeeeeeee!!!
Life In General And Joey !!!
Holes in Life A road is life It is filled with holes There are high spots But also low The holes shock you As do events in life. It cracks and crumples So do friendships and relations Life is a road full of holes.
Life Is An Endless Road
The road I lead is full of holes and curves. Never a smooth straight path, always swerving and changing. No turning points remembered, but facing the ones ahead. New challenges await me, each one met with endurance. I face each day with strength, not remembering the past. My turning points not remembered, for I have so many to go, to remember the last.
when life throws you curve balls straighten them out and live life to it's fullest life is a precious thing might as well enjoy it until the end.
Life Is.......
life is what you make it . If you want to succeed in life do it. If you like failing then fail. But whatever you do, live life to the is what you make it
Hey people. Just decided to post a blog lol. MMFWCL to all Lo's and Lette's out there!!!! Well lets see my last relationship ended on the 9th of jan and because if it completly destroyed me. Its been a tough road to get over her and better but now im here and ready to swing the hatchet high with anyone who wants to chill and talk so yeah.
Life Is Weird,so Laugh As Hard As You Can At It.
I am the second born of 11 kids.Two of siblings are addicts.They have their own stupid reasons for being addicted,with dealing them.It makes the world better to deal with.They say you can't pick your family.Well hell yes you can.You can adopt.With the things I have experinced in life,I have learned to laugh at it.It is said " Comedy is the best medicine."I prefer to focus on the positive shit in my life,as well as keep positive people in my life. I will never have room in my life for negative people.Because they don't laugh.
Some of us, myself included, have taken things for granted in life, the simpliest things. For instance, a vehicle, money, food, water, electricity, phones, cable, internet, books and many more. There are even major things that some of us take for granted... family, love, friends, breathe, body parts... and many more. I have come to realize, maybe because i am not working, there are things that I have that I would not normally have if it was not for my husband. I had a big wake up call. I am usually on the internet all the time. I thanked him for the intenet, why u ask... well if u sit and look at it ... i would not have the internet or anything if it wasn't for him. If he did not work his butt off and do what he does for us I would not have alot of things. There would be pure boredom in my life. I love him for this and for lots of other reasons. If you sit back and look at your life, are you taking things for granted in your life? If you are, and I am not saying that you are, you
****THE LAW OF ATTRACTION**** When you put out negative into the universe, you get back negative. If you put out postive, you get back postive. So, if you think postive, postive stuff will come to you. There is a really good book if you are interested in reading it. The book is The Secret by: Rhonda Bryon... dont think last name is spelled right.You might be able to look it up on the internet and find out what i am talking about. i have heard about this before, I just did not really think about it. If you change you way of thinking to postive you will see great improvement in your mood and in your every day life... I have done it. Also, instead of thinking... oh my stomach hurts... find away to either not think about it or make that thought a postive one. It helps and you may even notice that you do not hurt anymore. good luck... if you have any questions feel free to ask blessed be
Life Hurts
“Always expect the worst, then you will never be disappointed” In some situations that quote is very much true, but what if you set urself up and prepare yourself for the worst and then something even more heartbreaking happens? Then what? I don’t know why I keep racking my brain and losing sleep over with whole thing. Cuz really I shouldn’t let this get to me but unfortunately it really took a stab at my heart. I mean I was for warned by my brother Daymon that was better off not knowing my “birth father” and him and my sister pretty much refused when I asked for his number so I could call him myself. And in a way that makes sense cuz they were probably trying to protect me but then again they know how much it’s been aching me to have contact with him and they don’t understand how it feel to have no contact for over 20 yrs and then all of the sudden be that close and have the door shut in your face. So the other day my brother Daymon texts me and tells me he talked to my brother Robbi
For those of you who are unaware I have a serious permanant disease. Lately it's been hitting me hard but overall I mask it well. The point of all this isn't to whine because frankly it won't change anything or make it better. I'm not asking for your pity because I damn sure don't want it! This is the hand I have been dealt and I will play my cards like I have an ace in the hole. What I am asking for is some understanding. There will be times I am distant or easily emotional, don't take it personally as I love you all. Sometimes it's just the natural human defense mechanism. Thanks for those of you care and to the rest of you...suck it!
Life is very strange, just when you think things are going in one direction, they go in a total different direction. Life isn't about who wins or loses, it's about getting back up and trying again. I've learned a lot of hard lessons in life, and i'm still learning. what i'm trying to say is, happiness is not a present that someone holds in their hands waiting for us to take it. happiness is something we all posess, and can have if we just grasp it. I've spent much of my life struggling with that aspect, and have come to the conclusion that it is a very true statement *hugs* to all
Life's Ease
Into a dim horizon I dissappear No thoughts of what to fear Pride dies with each stride Sadness settles with every tear cried Unable to hold on anymore Perceptions of being no more I push against destined fate Boxing my mind into a crate To who holds the key I plead "will you set me free" Happiness you will then serve Valor given to who it is deserved I ask again with a please Give me life's ease For it I would owe you it all 'Till the day of my last fall Bearing my soul only to you Our love will forever be true
Lifes Awakenings
Staring out at the dark night sky, as I float along this star lit path gently swaying with each ripple the trees leave behind. Feeling the steady stream strong yet silent as I float along this star lit path hoping that I can be just the same never waiver never strain Unshakable unstoppable fierce and gentle as I float along this star lit path cloaked in the mystery of the night knowing that it could never be that way knowing that I would never stay the same knowing that I have changed become more yet less become stronger yet weaker as I float along this star lit path knowing that this is not the end its only the beginning I am only awakening to the magic of the night, of the beauty all around me, of all of life's endeavors as I float along this star lit path at peace for once within me.
I believe that life itself is made up of choices. I don't believe in Kismet, Karma, Fate or Destiny per se. I believe that you are what you are,is entirely dependent upon the choices you have made throughout your lifetime. Decisions come to us on a daily basis, normally. Whatever we decide is going to take us down that path. There may be other decisions that allow us to get back onto the "right" path, if we decide to take them. Or, we can continue to do what we're doing because it feels good. Our choice. We are granted the blessing to choose our course in life. Whether we choose not to believe in the lives of others or not, it is still a choice. At the end of our lives, I believe we all face a judgement on the choices we have made. So, I guess the best course of action would be to live our lives from day to day and take careful consideration of the decisions that come upon us. Some do not believe in a higher being. Okay, that's their choice. I happen to believe it. My ch
Life And Love
Life's To Short
I STOLE THIS FROM J~BREEZY WHO STOLE IT FROM HAZEL WHO STOLE IT FROM TEMPTRESS WHO STOLE IT FROM WV REBEL. AND NO MATTER WHERE YOU "WORK" I HOPE YOU READ, PAY ATTENTION, AND ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I DID. There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, 'If I could only see the world, I will marry you.' One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend. He asked her,'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him. Her boyfriend left in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, the
Life Was Easier When Boys Were Boys
Easily, with a whisper of a voice, a dial on a phone, or an unexpected non appearance.. you break her heart Simply, with words you think won't harm her they do more damage then one, can believe And slowly, the tears begin to fall and let out the words, the broken heart could never say Oddly enough, your actions confuse her make life, non understandable Forming creases in her forehead, trying to make sense of everything, and everyone Stupidly, you don't appear you've made her wait, and made her have faith and now, her hope falls quickly tumbling and breaks Secretly, she hides her feelings her compassion, and love hoping somewhere you still love her and keeping in mind, you once told her forever... Quietly, each girl slips away forgets who she is. And thats the moment she needs you the most when, and where she least deserves it. just as she had given all she had to you all her heart and love, though it wasn't much she hopes you do the same. Those me
Lifes Changed Va Tech ....
watching the story unfold in front of my eyes, tears choke me as I watch the horror develop before me All those young minds gone for good by a gunmans bullet who knows what they would of become or accomplished whose lives they would of affected or changed because of that person having known them my heart goes out to the families that lost a child friends and fellow classmates who lost one or more my prayers for you all every night there are strengths in numbers and you all have mine and the following keep in mind when you are feeling lost One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene , he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand; one belonged to him and the other to the Lord. When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of hi
Life Part 3
Well here I am thinking again, like always. I have had a really bad day, I went to go see my kids today and what do ya know, they were not home this weekend. The twins and my oldes were gone. So I sat and talked to my dad for a while to see how they were doing. Saw their report cards and although it was hard to understand them but from the look of things they seemed to be doing really well. I miss them so very much and right now I feel like all I have ever seen is the pictures that they have gotten from school or looking at old pictures of them that I have. Im starting to wonder when Im ever going to see them grow up without the pictures, just me and them and making our own memories. I have been dealing with this for so long now and nothing ever seems to become of it. I know that some day I could get them back but I cant wait for some day to come. I know that if I just work really hard at it that I will get them. I just hope that it wont be to late for me to make my memories with them.
Life And Other Disappointments
Whats the point of being with someone if they cant respect you? Whats the point of having someone sleep next to you if they wont hold you? I just dont get how I am always the only one to try when it comes to a relationship. All I want is for someone to treat me the same way I treat them. Is that too much to ask for? My ex just keeps popping up. He says he wants to see the kids but he only comes by after he knows they should be in bed. Then he just wants to sit here and say how he wants me back. All I can do is ask what happened in the last three years of our marriage. When he cant answer me I ask why did you hit me. He still doesnt answer. I can deal with a lot of things as long as I love someone. The only two things I cant deal with are cheating and abuse. He knew that from day one. You hit me or hurt my kids thats it, its over. He says he wants another chance, but he doesnt want to try. I wont deal with someone using me as a punching bag reguardless of him being the f
If you woke tomorrow and everyone you loved was gone would your life still have meaning would you still carry on would you sit down and cry not knowing what to do would you lay down and die or start life anew???
Life Is Like A Dream
Here is an excerpt of a conversation from back in 2007. life is very analogous to a dream - in that in your dreams, you just take for granted the circumstances of the dream life is kind of the same way, at first we just take for granted this is all here and makes sense but then - you start to think about it, and realize...this is all craziness yet, for anything to exist period - it must involve such unanswered questions interesting ever have a lucid dream or an out of body experience? both to this day my most exilerating experience in life occurred in a dream what happened? I was aware i was dreaming and decided to sit back and watch it like it was a movie * Theory has joined #philosophy except unlike a movie I was involved it was very strange but wonderful, feeling that everything would work out like the move wanted it to movie that is whenever I've lucid dreamed - it's strange because part of me must buy into the illusion of the dream that was many
Has anyone ever wondered why some people seem to get off just by hurting others? You know the people I'm talking about don't you? The people pleasers. The heroes that never were. The ones that take credit for a job they never did or they say the right words but never respond with actions. They ones that speak a big game, yet they never played or they played only to reap the benefits. I can honestly say that I don't understand the mentality of these types of people or why even when caught, they continue to lie, or to cheat, or steal? How can they wake up every morning with a smile on their face? How do they maintain any sense of sanity while living what has to be an awful existence? HOW? I know that believing that everyone should be sincere and kind every day of their lives is not realistic. Maybe my thinking is a distorted picture of what life and/or people are really about. Maybe I am too open and too honest for my own good. Maybe the world I live in is make-believe. But
Life As I Know It
So here it is. Divorce. We had out fair share of issues but nothing we couln't ever work through. But something we can't work through is him falling in love again with his exwife. yeah. harsh huh? the story goes as this: she his ex went to a year long treatment facicilty for being hooked on ice in maui. while in there he met another woman. moved to washington state in 95/ divorced his ex in 97. got together with me in june of 2000. we married in july 2001. he gained custody of his two sons in february 2002. this past xmas they went for their last visitaion with her and she refused to send the4m back and he had to fly to maui to get the youngest which is 15. he brought him home the weekend of martin luther king weekend. i felt a vibe that was "off". so i questioned him and he told me that he missed hawaii and that was it. we got papers in the mail that the ex had filed for custody and he needed to appear in court feb 11th. so he made arragements to fly down there yet again to "squash it
Life In General
will i think i understand y girls go 2 girls now days, cause men they make up every excuse y they can't give u some. plus there is a big age difference between me and my fiance. a 18 yr age difference. but im young and like sex and he should realize that when he got with a 26 yr old. i might just try the same sex 4 once cause men just ain't doin it. who knows might just b talkin out my ass. i luv my fiance but he has got 2 get with the program.
LIFE How would you best describe your life? Who is the most important person in your life? When did you realize you had control over your life? What does your life mean to you? Where did your life truly take form? Why do you feel about life the way you do? These and many other questions reguarding life can either make or break a person. I know this first hand. Too many times life is happening around you and when you stop to analyize it... it kicks you in the ass. Well, at least in my life. So, now I just let things happen, they say "Everything happens for a reason." So, yes there maybe good/bad consequences, but that is.... LIFE! We were put here for a purpose... do you know yours? I have found mine.... and I am continuing to grow in it.
Life Is So Confusing
I just don't understand life sometimes. I mean one day life is good, the next day I want to explode. Some days I want to do nothing but go home and get a beer, others I want to do anything but go home. There are those days where I love what I am doing, and others where I don't know why I do what I do. There are days where I love the Army, and days where I blame the Army for everything rotten that has happened to me over the past almost 10 years. Now don't get me wrong, I love life. I love what I do in the Army. I just don't understand anymore how I am supposed to have a normal life. I have no say in my life anymore. How am I supposed to have a normal life in the Army? Let me explain where I am coming from on this a bit. Let's take two weekends ago for an example. I was supposed to have Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. I put in my mileage pass to go to my dad's house for the weekend. I was getting up and around, the phone rang. I had to go into work for
Life And Death
well, everyone needs to get to know someone before they can judge them, this is what i believe, i know that i have misjudged people and found out, it tears me apart that some people won't give others the time of day because of the way they look, i'm semi-overweight and what not, and people don't wanna know me because of this, but i tell those people to fuck off, anyway i know the pain of this misjudgement, but know that this is a learning process, i've tried to kill myself over a girl before, i know now that it's not worth it, but if i can even save one person with this piece of knowledge i may find peace in this world yet, i just want to meet someone special who won't screw me over in the end, anyway i'm headed to bed gotta work tomorrow have fun
Life So Far In 2009
Hello Hello all my precious friends, family,and loverz. I havnt written alot lately... i know... iv been really busy. Work is kicking my ass. I still work at the nursing home, i have been employed there since June of 2008 (yay!) congrats to me. this is the longest i have ever held a job! So i have been working about 40 hours a week if not more... The wing i work is getting sooooo physically demanding. Its really getting bad. my back is killing me. my arms hurt, my knee is really getting bad... i sound like a bowl of rice crispies when i get home. its horrible. But i make money i pay my bills a do what i have to do. I will be moving into my place come spring cant wait for that. Oil is way to expensive for me to afford right now so thats why i am moving in when it gets warmer. Gonna be going away to Florida in a few weeks i hope goin to visit my Marine. I cant wait. Its gonna be fun.. iv never been on a plane before AND iv never been to Florida. This will be interesting lol. My Marine
The broken clock is a comfort, it helps me sleep tonight Maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all my time I am here still waiting though I still have my doubts I am damaged at best, like you've already figured out I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing With a broken heart that's still beating In the pain there is healing In your name I find meaning So I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on I'm barely holdin' on to you The broken locks were a warning you got inside my head I tried my best to be guarded, I'm an open book instead And I still see your reflection inside of my eyes That are looking for purpose, they're still looking for life I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing With a broken heart that's still beating In the pain is the healing In your name I find meaning So I'm holdin' on (I'm still holdin'), I'm holdin' on (I'm still holdin'), I'm holdin' on (I'm still holdin') I'm barely holdin' on to you I'm hangin' on another day Just to see
You are known from your creator! You are know as man and woman! You are known by your name! You are a gift! You are the precious treasure! You are know to live and enjoy!
The Life
Just got in from a long ride from Orlando to West Palm Beach FL. on the Harley. Didnt want it to end! I think that I will ride to the ocean, get a drink at the bar.
Life Is To Short
These days people are taking life to seriously, I will admit I catch myself doing it at times, and then I remind myself life is way to short. I watch my friends get caught up in bad situations just for love, and they think that they will never find love, but the truth is... Love will find you, so looking for it is a waste of time. There is only 24 hours in a day. 60 minutes in a hour. 60 seconds in a minute. 60 second with a frown is 60 seconds wasted away. Time passes to fast, take everyday like its your last.
These past few weeks have been crazy. It seems like I've done nothin but move, move, move. I lived in Texas for awhile, came back to Oklahoma to stay with my parents for a little while. Now we are moving to Florida. I got a job down there for a Service Rep for a collection agency. Yeah it's a BIG STEP for us, but fortunately I've got family and friends down there. My boys are doing good, getting big. My ex is gonna be locked up for awhile for stupid shit that he knew better than to do. My oldest one is looking forward to the move. We finished up the U-Haul packing this evening. So bright and early tomorrow morning we start for Florida. I'm looking forward for a new start, a new life, a chance to get my bearings again. Don't get me wrong I love being with my parents, but you all know how it goes when your an adult and trying to raise your kids. Well wish me luck!!!!
Life I’ve learned that life isn’t always what you want it to be. The fantasy of ‘what you will be when you grow up’ and the reality of the outcome are sometimes 2 totally different things. I’ve learned that even though I’m a strong woman that God tests my mental and physical strengths and faith everyday. I’ve had to overcome a lot of things in my life, from being a very young mother (by choice), bad/abusive/failed relationships, surviving cervical cancer, being a burn victim, premature deaths of the ones I love and now the dreaded disease of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’ve learned that through all these phases of my life I’ve had the power to make a change but with a disease like RA, I have very little control over what happens to me/my body. You become a prisoner of your own body. Granted, your body is a machine and with age it wears out and rebels against you refusing to work properly. Each day is a challenge, a test and in a warped sense an adventure. I’ve also learned tha
Anyone that says life is easy is a fool. Life is full of surprises, twist and turns, ups and downs. The thing about it is you never know what is around the bend, what is in store for tommorrow. I have found that putting your total faith in GOD makes that unknown benign, makng you push on everyday without a care cause you know its gonna be alright. Just trust in GOD and live your life.
Reach out and open a door that no one thought could be opened. Life is behind it. We don't have an eternity to realize our dreams only the time we are here. If you ask nothing then you risk nothing.
Life Is Back
I am finally healthy, happy and moving forward. Headed to the 40 bday this summer! I am embracing it rather than stressing. My daughter is engaged to baby's daddy and in college. They have a nice place. My son 18 is now home and making me nuts! lol It's- I'm 18 when it comes to privacy, and it's BUT YOUR MOM when he needs his fines paid, shoes bought & money for a date. Anyways; I love babysitting my grandaughter Madison it's great. She has just started to just stare at us when we tell her NO! It's a dominance thing. But it's soo hard not to laugh! She is wonderfull therpy for me to keep looking toward the future and let my past (illness) go. I recently started a facebook account. The first few days I thought This is the snobby Myspace! All those high school people! I felt like I was being tormented in Jr high all over! Now that I have connected to a few people that I really did want to find it's getting better. I still love myspace the best.I'm putting apps out Sat and Mon to go back
Life Happens Whether We Like It Or Not
I just had someone remove me from their friends list, said that the only time that I came to their page is when they activated and cherry bomb. Now most of you know that I have 2 new grandsons, have been getting busier with work at the flea market, and now with spring coming up I'm going to be even busier with our pond business. I do leave comments as often as I can, try to help people level and hit my frineds auto 11's as much as possible, and whatever else i can do. If you can't understand that there is life outside of fubar and I do as much as I can when I have the time, then please, go ahead and take me off your list. Yes, this person really hurt me a lot, I thought that we were better friends than that. Oh well. There is a saying that a friendship that ends, never was to begin with. Lots of love to all of my FRIENDS!
it seems that after all these years I have lived, I will pass away without leaving any mark on thw wall of life. so what??!!
~life Is Sweet~
Date: Mar 9, 2009 ~Life Is Sweet~ Current mood: thoughtful Category: Life The other day my daughter and i went out with some friends to finalize one of them's paperwork on a used car(a convertable) she was getting... I went along just thinking it would get me out of the house for awhile. I waited for an hour or so, acting my usual self in the parking lot(a big dork) just trying to make time go by faster.... listening to my mp3 player, talking alot, and raising a questioning eye to one the over zealous, over complimenting employees. Finally it was time to go, five of us in a convertable... lol all i could think was damn, i'm about to be a sardine all squished up in the back and in the middle lol... damn i cant wait to get home... those were the thoughts i had while climbling in the back. We all got in and off we went.... and immediately my attitude changed... sitting in the back of that car every problem or care i had seemed to melt away.. the further we went the better
Life Altering Event
I am not going to have any fancy lettering or pictures cause this just doesnt need it. My life has been changed forever and by purely God's will I thank him. Although the near future will be very painful and a slow process I will persevere and become a better person. At 11:50PM on Friday March 6, 2009 as I was on my way home on my beloved scooter an intoxicated person decided to leave his place of consumption and head off down the road unaware he was about to alter the life of an innocent rider in the next few moments of his life. I was bringing up the end of a line of vehicles making our way on State Highway 242 from the Woodlands towards FM 1314. We were moving along at the speedlimit as there seemed to be no real hurry to get to our destination. The air was warm and pleasant just perfect for a night ride. Enjoying the ride so far checking mirrors and scanning the road a flash of light in my right mirror catches my attention. I look to see and that is when I notice a vehicle mo
There are those times where you feel life has passed you by as if you were never a part of it, Then one day it reaches up and grabs you and you realize it was there all along, just waiting for you to take it all in and become part of it. When you get to the point were you feel that there isn't anything left to live for, because everything around you has fallen apart, step back and take a deep breath. Open your eyes and realize that everything in your life happens for a reason. One event leading to another in becoming your end result. If things seem as though they are never going to get better, just take a second and think about where you were before and were you still might end up. If we all stop to think we would all realize that our future is in our own hands and that only we can write the ending to our own story. Life is a line of chain events that we can only control ourselves. If things seem to be getting bad then do what you have to do to change it. Rationalize your decisions bef
I just recently found out that a friend of mine has cancer. I will not say his name because he is here on fubar. He is an ex of mine, but also a really good friend. It's stage 3 right now and the doctors don't know if they will be able to remove it or not yet. He's scared.. as we all would be... and so am I. I feel a little selfish because I don't want him to die... I wouldn't know what to do with myself.. I would go clinically insane. It's tearing me apart inside and out.. and I know it's breaking him down too. He's in his late 20's, but sounds like an 80 year old man because it's effecting him that bad. He has a 5 year old son also.. I'm not sure if he knows or not. I'm sure he can tell something is wrong with his daddy. He is the best father I have seen.. he tries to be. He doesn't deserve this.. out of all the people in the world he isn't the one who deserves this. He doesn't do drugs.. hardly drinks.. he's an awesome person. Why him? He coughs up blood... I'm weak.. and so is he.
Life Or What It May Be...
Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had never existed? Or, if you did exist, but not in the same existence as you are today? What the people would be like? Where you would be? Or, if you were same person in a different body? And if existence is a truth or is it merely a theory in which we have been force to believe from that first instance we could rationalize pure thought? Yeah, I have. Lately, I've been wondering what the lives of my family and friends would be like if I weren't around. If I had never existed, would life still be the same as it is today. Would it be richer and not so complicated? And if I did existed and not in the same form I am today, would I even know them? Would they know me? Would we still exist in the same drowning cesspool of a life? What would happen if I suddenly disappeared? Would anyone truly miss ME or would they just miss the thought of me? What lives have I truly changed by being me? Who out there has benefited from having me around? I
Well we got settled in down here in Florida. It is so different than OK or TX. My job is going well. My oldest starts school next week and my youngest one likes his sitter. It's a friend of mine that I went to school with, so I know he'll be safe. My mom has called like a zillion times since I've been down here. I know she's worried about us, but she has to understand that I can make it on my own. We're taking the boys to Disneyworld tomorrow. My oldest is so excited about it, my little one doesn't really understand it yet. Disneyworld is so cool, I got to go with one of my Aunts when I was 9. She took me and some of my sisters when we were little. Of course being girls, our favorite thing was the castle. haha I'm so thankful for the friends that I have down here, they have really helped me and my boys. Thanks Jen, Sam, and Stacy
Life Before
with a million things runnin thru my head and dont know how to sort things out is like makin me feel like im dying inside. no wait, i am dying inside. i need things to change i want to feel what i felt before.
Life, Ppl, And Dogs
I know i haven't been on for a while but life must go on. things are so damn whatever that i can't think straight. i have always believed that you shouldn't take life serious because your not gonna live through it anyways but, it is hard to not be that way some times. You can't ignore life and expect it to just be right. and ppl are down right nuts sometimes. if we could all be like dogs it would be great they don't care where you go, how much you have or don't all they know is they wanna be with you and are happy when your there. and they get to sit around and lick them selves ALL DAY !!!!
Life-sized Headache
A wise woman once told me to follow my heart... but I'm sure I lost that months ago. I scratch my head, try to rub the dull thump-pain in my head. Trying not to think about the guys that claimed to have fucked my ex or the criticisms used in place of support trying to solve my problems with tylenol instead of 80 proof. Problems... do I have a problem? Single. Unemployed. Talking to myself. Uninsured. Directionless, further from shore than I've ever been surrounded by unknown sapphire depths Sounds like the human condition to me. And the cigar I was looking forward to all week was packed too tight and gone limp halfway through. Inferior confetti leaves, listless draws and the perfect spring night. What new betrayal is this... I just can't catch a break, when all I needed was to take one. Though I'm unsure on what I was to take it from. Maybe it was a matter of "who" and in both ways when I say "take". I'm a ball of tightly wound stress and pain. Some say
Life...i Am A Guessing
I am writing about Life these days...I am super sad and depressed! I want to try different things in my life..with different people. Well, with one person in general. I am not sure where to begin on this blog except for that...change is a hard thing for me. I am a real routine type of gal...I got my very own daily routine..and getting off balance is one of those things that gets to me! And besides that; this person is pretty damn far away from me...but that connection is just there for both of us..not quite sure what I wanna do with it all just yet. I am pretty sure where I want things to go. The questions are (1) Is he ready (2) Am I ready for a major change/ shake up in my life. (3) how will these changes affect my children/his? See it aint all about me....of course I have always liked to think that the world revolved around me...but I know that it doesnt. LOL... I guess I will change my philosophy to life...It IS my world..I am just letting you all live in it! There that
Single seed Water Air Love Growth Fragile petals Intimidating thorns Radiant color Silky Intense aroma Extraordinary beauty Beautiful flower Life
Life Lessons
A Lesson In Life I was happy. My girlfriend and me were dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married. My parents helped us in every way, my friends encouraged me, and my girlfriend? She was a dream! There was only one thing bothering me, quite much indeed, and that was my mother-in-law to be. She was a career woman, smart, but most of all beautiful and sexy, who sometimes flirted me, quite obviously too, and made me feel uncomfortable. One day, she called me and asked me to come over, to check the invitations. So I went. She was alone, and when I arrived, she whispered to me, that soon I was to be married, and she had feelings and desires for me that she can't overcome. So before I get married and commit my life to her daughter, shewants to make love to me just once.. What could I say? I was in total shock, and couldn't say a word. So, she said, I'll go to the bedroom, and if you are up for it, just come and get me. I just watched her delicious behind as she wen
READ THIS VERY SLOWLY..... IT'S PRETTY PROFOUND. Too many people put off something that brings them joy just because they haven't thought about it, don't have it on their schedule, didn't know it was coming or are too rigid to depart from their routine. I got to thinking one day about all those women on the Titanic who passed up dessert at dinner that fateful night in an effort to cut back. From then on, I've tried to be a little more flexible. How many women out there will eat at home because their husband didn't suggest going out to dinner until after something had been thawed? Does the word 'refrigeration' mean nothing to you? How often have your kids dropped in to talk and sat in silence while you watched 'Jeopardy' on television? 0A I cannot count the times I called my sister and said, 'How about going to lunch in a half hour?' She would gas up and stammer, 'I can't. I have clothes on the line. My hair is dirty. I wish I had known yesterday, I had a late breakfast
Life And The Things That I Think About
The things we learn growing up may help us when we get older, but the things that cause a haze in our minds is what gets the best of us. Sometimes in my mind, I feel like jumping off a cliff. But then I think of myself being on a merry go round. I know that I will be safe, it just goes around and around and I become more relaxed knowing that everything will be alright. I think of myself holding my arms out wide, feeling the cool breeze wisp slowly through my fingers and I lean my head back forgetting everything that has caused me pain. My tears fall gently as I remember the good times, and the times I wish I could have been around more. I know in my heart though, that those were the best times in my life. I live it to the fullest, I don't forget the happiness in my life, I reminisce about the past and laugh at the complex parts in my life and I never forget about the love that's been brought into my life.
Life/health Changes
Down from a pack a day to 3 cigs a day and starting the Herbal Magic weight loss program. Just signed up and joined today. In 3 months I'll be thinner than ever and ripped for my T.V. series.
Your born You eat You shit You sleep You grow up You work You mate It’s fate New family More bills You’re fucked Drink pills You survive You gain weight Say, Good-Bye Time to die
Life Lesson's You Have To Know!
Don't anyone tell you diffrent okay stay true to yourself and don't let anyone bring you down because life is to short for bullshiter's because I am sure there are bullshiter's out there in the world... But hey what you do lol I guess deal with it I guess right.... We wish we could do something about you can't unless you want to go to jail and miss out on having a life and enjoy life then go for it.... Anyway there is things life you just gonna have deal with and shit and I guess you have deal with life in a diffrent way I think that made since I have idea but all well end's well.... All I am saying is that you have to take the good with the bad smile when you down and laugh when you are mad... Even though it's hard but that is a part of life and just be greatful for the little things you have in your life and Thank God each and everyday that you are still on this s earth...Yes it is hard to believe in someone that you can't see is it what faith is called.... Believe it is hard for me
Why is life so hard sometimes? I've been going through a divorce with my soon to be ex-husband. I am so tired of the drama that goes along with it. I just want it to be over. It would be a relief. I feel like I have no one to be there for me when I need them. Its not anyones fault, thats just how i feel. Last night was one of the hardest nights of my life. I needed someone to be there for me to tell me it was going to be ok...and i had no one. But in the same breath, I could not go back to my ex. I know there is nothing there to fix. I'm just sad...and don't know why....
I believe that life is only truly lived if one chooses to live it one day at a time. Thats not to say we shouldnt think of the future, but that we MUST embrace the moment, for if we spend all our time looking towards tomorrow we tend to lose today. This is how we miss out on life, how we lose sight of whats important, the little things that matter. This is how we miss out on memories in the making. What we need to do is slow down, take a nice long look at our lives, our children and ourselves... let it all soak in and start living. I mean, how many people do you know that REALLY know themselves? We only get one chance to live, and we don't exactly get a long time to get it right, so make it count. Tell your loved ones every day how much you love and care for them. Hold your friends close and your family closer. Make every day new and exciting. Play basketball, or a board or card game with your kids. Sit down at the table for a family dinner every night and just talk about a
i turn instide and outside in this life, death being the only thing to remind me to pay atention, what are we going todo oh girl, you turn to me but im gone, so close to you, yet so far,
Accept the emptiness, welcome the cold There is no fath, those are just stories told They wanna make you a puppet in their sadistic play They wanna make you eat your words, they wanna make you pay Simmer down now learn your place I learned along time ago noone wins this race Cut a little deeper, let the blood heal your pain Drink a little more, let the numbness keep you sane Bottle that rage, can't let them see they won Swallow your tears there's still work to be done Carry that cross, hide those scars Keep all your emotions, looked behind those bars Fight the fight, and take loses in stride Don't just follow, be the master of the ride
Life As A Soldier
Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes. He stays up for days on end. __________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at, as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. __________________________ You talk trash on your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He walks the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. ___
life it to short people need to live go out into the world make use of it we only have limited time here so live it up as much as you can
Life Changing,
I just though I would give you all an update on my life. :) A. Moving I will be moving at the end of this semester into my sister and her fiance's place to help pay the rent. I have a job lined up out there and I start training the monday after my finals. B. School Because I am moving, I have to transfer schools. I am still saying with the Purdue school system but I am going to a different branch. I will have to take the toll road every day to get to class. I will be in classes with an entire group of people I do not know. It will suck but it's for the best. Yeah I think that is about it. I am sure there is more but I can't really think of anything so oh well, haha.
Life Sucks
Just venting. As the days go by my gut still hurts but its healing. Im going through this gamut of emotions, why is this happening to me, why now, will i ever get laid again, what is this pretty shiny thing on the floor and why is it there? My ex and i have been fighting the system here because they have my granddaughters in their care because my son is a fucking irresponsible little prick. That is almost done and I believe we have won. Judge still needs to make the final decision. Our lawyer is a money hungry fucking little jew. Im pretty sure that cumstain could have done the job for a lot less money. My sister called tonight, my brother had a heart attack and is in ICU in Kansas City. He had a quadruple bypass a few years back. Don't understand why he had another heart attack when the doctor supposedly fixed it. But i don't know his habits. Probably his wife. She is about the dumbest bitch I have ever met and talk about a nag. Would like to kick her in the... Fuck I
I am healed... but the smell of charred remains still linger in the air, from torches carried by past lovers who said they really care, and as your heart and soul drifts into a false state of bliss, You think to yourself finally my most precious dream as come , then they burn you with their torches,setting your very blood a flame, to which engulfs your soul smothering your every breathe you take, leaving nothing behind but the smell of smoldered flesh , a blackened soul and a bitter charcoal taste of love gone bad, and despite how many times this happens it doesn't strangle my desires to be loved, to love, my need to care for people, my compassion for people, and my love for life. Sometimes, we want something so bad, that we over look the demons inside someone only seeing the good, for fear of failing or ending up alone. I have learned a great deal through out my love life's , the first being some people are not who they say they are, some people's goal in life is to cheat and lie, wit
Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many people call you and it's not about who you've dated, are dating, or haven't dated at all. It isn't about who you've kissed, what sport you play, or which guy or girl likes you. It's not about your shoes or your hair or the color of your skin or where you live or go to school. In fact, it's not about grades, money, clothes, or colleges that accept you or not. Life isn't about if you have lots of friends, or if you are alone, and it's not about how accepted or unaccepted you are. Life just isn't about that. But life is about who you love and who you hurt. It's about how you feel about yourself. It's about trust, happiness, and compassion. Life is about avoiding jealousy, overcoming ignorance, and building confidence. It's about what you say and what you mean. It's about seeing people for who they are and not what they have. Most of all, it is about choosing to use your life to touch someone else's in a way that could never have been
It's hard to accept, but you can't change the past. You can't go back and manipulate things to the way you wanted them to happen. Because life'd be meaningless and boring and just not worth living. But you can change the future and that's a beautiful thing about life. Yes, you will make mistakes. And yes, you will have bad days - but as long as you let the past go, you'll have such a gorgeous and bright future ahead of you. Knowing that things were meant to happen. Knowing that each day you will learn something so that you keep growing to be a better person. Life is like a rope, twined in all its complexities and yet weaved into one marvelous stream that you have the chance you use something amazing from. So grab hold of it. Rhino
Life is crazy sometimes. You can eaither have a shity day or an almost good day. I don't thank I have ever had a good day. What is a good day. Will there ever be a day when every body in the world is happy, hell even a hour, or a min.. I don't thank that will ever happen. I wish it would. There are some people where there good day is only getting beatin once or twice. You always have to look at it this way. Someone somewhere has had a worse day,hell a worse life. So I don't thank we should take life for granted. We should enjoy it. So live your life how you want, not how outhers want you to live it. You are the one responcible for what you do, not evy body else.
*-:-LIFE-:-*' The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A death. What is that, a bonus? I think the cycle is all backwards. You should die first. Get it out of the way. Then live in an old age home. You get kicked out when you're too young. You get a gold watch and you go to work. You work forty years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You do what you want to do.Enjoy the time…
This blog is brought on by a conversation I recently had with an acquaintance of mine. She was feeling down over some issues in her relationship. The guy that she had been dating for about six months decided that he didn't want to be her boyfriend anymore, but still wanted all the perks that came with a relationship, minus the commitment part. He basically wanted to have the freedom to date whoever he wanted, but still have her around when he wanted to be with her. I saw her start to question her self worth and saw her confidence start to disappear. This isn't the first time I've seen something like this happen, and I doubt it will be the last. As women, we need to stop allowing men to determine our worth. Who we are has nothing to do with what a man thinks of us! I've seen it a million times, girl likes boy, boy doesn't like girl back, and then girl thinks there's something wrong with her. This train of thought seriously needs to stop. We can't control how other people are going to
well hello to all my friends i love my life and i wanted to thank u for making it a great one
Life's Challanges
As i stated in a previous blog, i am 37 yrs old and almost legally deaf. This comes from listening to rock and heavy metal growing up with blasting headphones, and dangerous careers involving firearms as an adult.. Well as of next week i will be getting hearing aides for both ears. IM not quite sure what to think of this yet, but i know i need them. It will be interesting to hear everything that is said again and be able to make out the words!
Life Sucks
life at job corps suck cuz everthing is limited to u and we cant even any thing we want to do and if ur 21 u cant drink in ur own roomand thats bullshit plus they say that gonna give u 900 dallors but no they r only gonna give u maybe 489 dallors if u can find a job in time befor u live
Life Has It's Own Direction
Life has it's own direction It isn't true that life is one damn thing after another; it's one damn thing over another. Life is much easier if we can accept a few basic rules. Accept the impossible, do the indispensable, and bear the intolerable. One learns in life to keep silent and draw one's own confusions. Life just happens. There's no controlling it. You just need to flow with it. All the ups and downs. Give yourself the moment. Just let it happen. Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. Don't continually try to look for answers that aren't there. Most of life's questions have no answers so don't kill your self trying to solve these puzzles. Let them go, move on. Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced. Simply; Life is just something that happens to us all while were making other plans. Life has it's own coarse. No one can write there own auto biography in advance. One could say the first part of their life w
Life Is Hell
So you all think likfe is sweet and prefect.'s not. Life maybe good for some...but for a soul like mine it's been hard. I've suffer more of my share of pain in my life. More then anyone could ever understand. This life I live is of pain and being alone with noone to care for you. I'll I ask for is for someone to care for me as a friend. Someone to love me for who I am. Not thinking that I'm a nobody, or trash....but as a somebody...not everyone's play thing. I just hope and pary that this summer coming up that my GF Samantha comes and makes the pain and suffering go away...I hope she does. If not her...then who will in this crazy world we live in? I feel like I'm breaking down...slowly....
A Lifetime
A lifetime From the very first moment you said hello I knew you were the one for me. The moment I heard your voice I knew you were the one for me. The minutes went by The hours went by The days went by The weeks went by The months went by And I knew you were the one for me. The second I heard the sweet sound of your voice say "I Love You" I knew you were the one for me. I have been through hurt and pain I have been down the wrong paths I have been broken down I had even given up on love Until you came into my life. You have brought hope light love understanding compassion giddiness feeling to name a few back into my world. You are the one I have waited a lifetime for.
Life Is Too Short
'Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.'
so here goses some of me singel dad fightting to have myy son full time been thow hell all my life and trying to get a holed on it but not easy at all
Life Is One Big Argument.
So yeah, here it is. You go through each day, and there's always at least one argument you either have, or privileged to be near when it happens. Now, typically I just semi-iggy(ignore)the ones I'm just lucky enough to pass by. Now a good intelligent argument is awesome, sitting around a table drinking Starbucks whatever. :D The ones I wind up involved in, though, are the ones that make life a ball of fun. First, I have to stop doing what I gotta do. Then, defend my view of the world and what it's taught me. This is just to satisfy some goofnut who either doesn't get it or needs OMG attention (yawns). How is it, that some people never have a thought of their own. They have to jump on someone else's popularity wagon, but when it's their turn to be confronted on it. They look like a complete moron and waste everyone's time, all because they just want to be little lost sheep following every other lost sheep. Too lazy to decide for themselves and make their own story.
Life Of A Fly By Nite
i don't shoo u from annoying me i know your days are numbered i show empathy i let it go as you fly and bother it will end soon and there will be another.
What if each person Who looks at us Even just sees an image we chose to capture in space and time in a photograph. Maintains our existence... Then add another Who reads our name Much less takes time to think Or speak aloud a sentiment about us Keeps us walking around And it was that person or those people Who brought about a dramatic shift From feeling hopelessness to inexplicable hope When we say I choose not to give up. I may not know why, but I will keep trying. Was it you? Have you ever thought that Perhaps this is what is meant by the power of prayer Or the strength spoken of in two or more gathered together in my name... Lately I feel alone And sense I am not Even if it takes an hour of tears And an hour of silence to get through to me... We allow others to bring us down But this means We can choose others to hold us up in their place. Three years ago I smas
Life Isn't Always Fair
Life isn't always fair just when you think you are on top of the world and your every dream is coming threw then at the drop of the hat you loose it all I lost my Baby and then the man I Love was sent to Jail for a drug promble and I was left a lone in the cold cure world all alone once again but I pry that he can get help and get his head stright but I feel like God forgot about me and left me all alone to sufer and be alone I don't know if I should Scream , cry or just lay down and die People say if I can do anything let me know well if you can bring my baby back and make the man I love well again then that's what I want but no one can do that for me so all I can ask is just pry for me to be Strong that's all anyone can do for me cause noone can be God and put things back like they were and make ppl shut their mouths about me and him but you know what I say keep on cause i don't care cause the truth will show its self and God will Get me Threw all this and I am going to be Strong thr
My new saying for me is:  Live Love Laugh...I have lived I have loved, and now it is my turn to Laugh...
there comes a point in everyones life where they wanna give up on alot well i guess this is mine!!!! everyone knows i am a nice person i keep the peace i dont really say much and i let others run all over me :( sad huh??? well now i am to the point i am not i try to let everything go that has happened this week but others dont wanna let it go no they wanna talk there shit and feel good about rubbin shit in my face!!!! well u know what yall ppl that r doing that can fuk tha fuk off sideways!!!! what can i not make anyone happy i mean really happy??? if i am here it seems like ppl aint happy if i am gone ppl aint happy i mean come on what do yall fukin want from me??? i am one person and i cant make everyone happy even thou i try my damnest to well fuk it all to hell!!!! my life is compacated enuff well there it is so fuk it
Life Hard?
 Truth is, I don't believe my life has been especially hard.  It has been different.  If I were to rage against this difference and spend my nights yearning for so-called normalcy, then I would surely make life as hard as granite and break myself on it.  By embracing difference, by choosing to thrive on it, I lead a life no harder than most others and easier than some.
Life In The Fast Lane.....
DOUGLAS, Ariz. – It wasn't the beauty of the paintings that caught of the eye of Customs agents. It was their drug-sniffing dog turning up his nose at the art that stopped the show. Federal officials in Arizona say a man was taken into custody after Customs and Border Protection officers found 90 pounds of marijuana hidden in the frames of six large paintings in his vehicle. Officers selected the man's vehicle for a routine inspection Friday at the border crossing in Douglas, Ariz., and their dog showed an interest in the paintings. An X-ray revealed the marijuana in the frames. The agency says the paintings were professionally done and the frames were nicely constructed. The man was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He had not been charged.
life is shit. not sure if anyone knows this, but it is. I suggest a few things to brighten up your world... 1. break wind on a regular basis. feng shui lots 3. masturbate a lot 4. have a good shit it can make you feel a lot better 5.never drink more than your friend 6.avoid affairs with married people 7. dont worry about anything cos it seriously aint worth it 8. dont tell the doc about those voices you hear ;) 9.cancel your facebook account... that site is seriously bad for ones health 10. cancel your ebay account as its seriously bad for ones pocket... 11. make me your best friend in the whole world.. cos im so nice,cheerful and generous :)
Life Everlasting
Pain is all I remember,From the last time I was in love,I was afraid of it,Until I met you.I never felt true love,Until you showed me,I didn't know I loved you,Until you made me see.Now that I am with you,No more guessing in my life,Now that I have you,No more pain and strife.I can't imagine my life,Without you being a part of it,Now I am truly happy,For I have life everlasting.Life everlasting is when I met you,Life everlasting is when I'm with you,Life everlasting is when I hold you,Life everlasting is you.
Life Expectancy Age Calculator Grow Old With Makin It To 82
Life Expectancy Age Calculator
Life After The Army
I think that every person who serves in the military has the right to their freedom. It is not always the case while serving, but once out of the military. is a breath of fresh air. It takes a little adjusting to things, but in the end is worth the life of deciding things for yourself. I realized that my life was different when I was in compared to now that I am out. I can do the things I want to do and sleep as late as I want to as long as I am not working. I am able to attend college online, which is ten times harder while being in the military and having certain schedules. I know I am a better person for having been through the things I have been through, and I just want to say that I support my fellow brothers and sisters in arms across all military branches. I hope they all come back safely and can cope with the changes once they get out or retire. I look forward to helping my fellow veterans out down the road. Freedom isnt free and I know that from experience. TO ALL THOSE WE HAV
go figure its lie gurl of ur dreams and fike finding 20 bucks and then getting a call and finding out u still owe 200 on ur laptop. kinda like gettin the gurl of ur dreams and findin out shes in luv wit ur boy. just ironic bullshit everyone seems to go thru. if ur life is like a walking time bomb and and u really just dont give a fuck hit me back cause this shit is just sumtimes too much to deal wit alone so holla at ur boy and tell me wats good
'The Train of Life' Some folks ride the train of life Looking out the rear, Watching miles of life roll by, And marking every year. They sit in sad remembrance, Of wasted days gone by, And curse their life for what it was, And hang their head and cry. But I don't concern myself with that, I took a different vent, I look forward to what life holds, And not what has been spent. So strap me to the engine, As securely as I can be, I want to be out on the front, To see what I can see. I want to feel the winds of change, Blowing in my face, I want to see what life unfolds, As I move from place to place. I want to see what's coming up, Not looking at the past, Life's too short for yesterdays, It moves along too fast. So if the ride gets bumpy, While you are looking back, Go up front, and you may find, Your life has jumped the track. It's all right to remember, That's part of history, But up front's where it's happening, There's so much mystery. The enjoyment of living, Is not where we have be
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Life And Fools
They say life is like a box of chocolates yu never knw what you are going to get untill you get it ........................wel for those to stupid to read the insert in the box i guess thats true ......i always herd if you want in be smarter than the door .you all know i am a veteran  and that i am very proud of that ... but sometimes i wonder ( even as i work in the public utility field ........ why in the hell do i care but i do care .. it amazes me how many fools are in the world and what the standard of men has become tooo ............i guess i am  THE LAST OF A DYING BREED ... BEYOND HONEST
Life Changing
At different times in your life you have life changing events.  Some stronger than others, but affecting you and changing the direction of your life.  I have had a wonderful life and when I least expected it, someone comes along and just grabs ahold of my heart and hangs on for dear life. I have found what love is all about again with a woman who means more to me than anyone who I have ever met. She loves me for who I am and who I will be. All that matters is our future together which is full of love for one another.  She has opened up many suppressed feelings and emotions that were long since gone.  You go through life sometimes aimlessly or actually thinking that you know where you are going.  My course has changed from where I thought I would go.  Kim, you have changed my life for the better. You have given me reasons to go forward in a new direction with my life and want it to be with you. I love you with all of my heart and soul. I thank you for what you have brought to my life. I
This pain is just to real The things I feel and the things I need Are not here So every now and then I drop a tear I cant sleep I just seem to weep Im trying to forget those bad memories and those nightmares But they keep coming So I keep hiding. Nobody here is confiding So I keep crying remembering those nightmares My mother in heaven is sighing because im falling in her footsteps if there is a god I don't think he is a good god Because everything I wish for never comes true I wish I had some clue to y this happened to me Its just to real..
What is the point sometimes! i have been movin every 6 to 8 months now, for the past 3 years. i meet new people jus friends and some people it felt like a little more. i work my ass off all the time and i am never able to get ahead ever.  Now i am heading out west. Suposivily it is supposed to make things better but at the same time i know it is goin to come to me and my brother mike fightin to survive. i am a open person i am will in to try new things to make life a little better. but i am exhausted  i want to settle down stay somewhere and be happy. will it come i dont know. i hope it dose and fast before i give up for the last time. ( iam venting this is not a suicide note)
Life And Death....
I have spent my whole life opening my heart, arms and the doors of my home to anyone in need. I have given them whatever I can whenever I can. All I ever wanted in return was to be happy and feel loved. When I was 19 I got married, I was head over heels in love with her. But all she wanted to do was drink, party and do drugs. I got mad alot, she never wanted to just be a family. A couple weeks before our 1st Anniversary she took my son and ran off with a guy who supposedly a friend of mine and apparently had been seeing on the side for quite some time, at the time I didnt know it but she was pregnant with my daughter. When she left me I tried very hard to end my life, I slept with nasty women, drank myself into oblivion and did enough drugs to make Snoop Doggy Dogg blush. Just when I thought it couldnt get any worse, I get a bill in the mail for 10,000 dollars from the state of Arizona for child support. Great My wife cheats on me and now I have to pay her for betraying me, what a worl
hello all thank u for taken time to get to know me im 23 and singel i live in yuba city california and im a former prisoner i jest got out of prison last month iv been in love once but she broke my heart i want to find love agen but its been hard to find a girl who will be with a xconvict oh i went to prison 4 woopen some dudes ass and he didnt like it lol well thats me hit me up if u want to no more.
Life & Survival There Is A Difference Between Life And Survival.
LIFE & SURVIVAL There  is a difference between Life and Survival. Whatever medical science may profess, there is a difference between Life and survival. There is more to being alive than just having a heartbeat and brain activity. Being alive, really alive, is something much subtler and more magnificent. Their instruments measure blood pressure and temperature, but overlook joy, passion, love, all the things that make life really matter. To make our lives matter again, to really get the most out of them, we will have to redefine life itself. We have to dispense with their merely clinical definitions, in favor of ones which have more to do with what we actually feel. As it stands, how much living do we have in our lives? How many mornings do you wake up feeling truly free, thrilled to be alive, breathlessly anticipating the experiences of a new day? How many nights do you fall asleep feeling fulfilled, going over the events of the past day with satisfaction? Most of us feel
2 Life Sentences Plus 40 Years =4 Child Porn Pic's
That's right 2 life sentences, followed by 2 40 year sentences.  Now serving time in the Victorville Penitenary.  His Cell mates are Drug Cartel leaders, Mexican Mafia hit men, the leaders of the gangs of California.  His crime?  4 child porn pictures he has never seen the FBI says where downloaded over the internet via Limewire in 2005.  He has now spent since September of 2007 in isolated confinement, the lights never go out, in his 6 foot by 8 foot metal cell.  He does not get any time outside, or with anyone else.  The Jury did not have one member that was computer literate, the evidence was FBI file photo's. His computer was never turned on. Of course by the time of the trial in 2008 it was up to 14 picture that he never saw until the trial.   This is what has become of my brother, a US Marine in Viet Nam serving with the 1st Marines as a grunt. A man who never went into a chat room, never took any pictures, cared for our sick parents till their death.  Ahh the new American Ju
Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift.When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us.The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they'll love you back! Don't expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart but if it doesn't, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.Don't go for looks; they
Life With Out You
I should be hurtin but I'm smiling ear to ear cause I mowin down the roses that you planted last year. I’m pouring out your perfume strait down the toilet bowl. Ripped you face strait off the wall left nothing but some holes. Gather up your clothes smoked em with your popery in a fern pile out back. Your love aint welcome here no more.
      Life is a journey me must all endure. Either led through it by our hearts or minds. Whether you're lost in the journey or know your destination the trip is always filled with unexpected turns. For some these turns are disrupting but for others they bring a newness to the journey that makes it more worthwhile. Live the journey and except the turns in the road because the road leads to the place you were meant to go.     lalne1
The Life And Times Of Ian In Song Lyrics
describe yourself: Just a simple guy, livefrom day to day. A ray of sunshine melts my frown and blows my bluesaway. There’s nothing more that I can say - but on a day like todayI’ll pass the time away and walk a quiet mile with you".-- Led ZeppelinWhat do you like about yourself? "I’ve got 1,2, 3, 4, 5 - senses working overtime!"-- XTCWhat don’t you like about yourself? "Don’t ask me, I’m just improvising my illusion of careless flight.Can’t you see my temperature’s rising? I radiate more heat than light" -- RushWhat mood are you in? "Hey, you’re not getting any youngerThe wild west has already been wonNorthern lights are growing colderAnd the old eastern ways are goneSo tonight after sundownI’m going to pack my caseWithout a word, without a soundDisappear without a traceI’m going Southbound" --- Thin LizzyWhat are you doing? "Speeding through the universe - thinking is the best way to travel"-The Moody BluesWhat do you
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on. Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experie
Life's So Strange!
I've had the worst week of my life, but i wouldnt change it for anything! Learn to be grateful, thats all i'm gonna say...
Hello all. I have not been on much..due to fact of getting a new member in my family. His name is Bruno..hes a great dane.  Hes only 5 weeks he needs alot of attn.  Especially at night time it seems.  He still crys alot..and I am hoping he eventually gets use to his crate at I do not have to hear it.  Its been 8 yrs since I had to do the motherly thing. LOL.  Anyways..that is why I have not been on much. That and baseball/work.  I got new pics of him in my folder.  Luckily hes been doin real well at training.  Hes only had a few accidents in the house..and he surely doesnt like to go in his crate. Hes alot easier than when I trained my puggle.  I traded a cousin of ours .. 2 rabbits and a ferrett for him. I think I came out ahead. There girl loves the ferrett though. Also.. got a call from the library today.. My youngest won the contest..of how many books were in the library.  I helped him guess some.  That is so awesome to win! LOL. I can not wait for him to listen t
 I have regreted this since the day my little boy was born . The fact of knowing that my pride & joy would grow up & leave the nest . I'm kind of depressed right now , my only son turns 17 , on Thurdays . Soon my baby will be going off to College , & I hate the thought of that . Yes I will still have 3 other kids at home , but it's not the same . See my son is my first born & my only son , & I have always had a special bond with him . To this day he still tells me he loves me , hugs me before he goes to bed , calls to let me know he made it to his friends house alright ,& asks for permission before he goes anywhere .   I have been wondering that when he goes off to College if he will call just to say I Love You Mom , or if he's going to come home on the weekends . I can't imagine my life without my son in it , & hate the thought of him growing up . It's really depressing not knowing if he will still be my little boy . All I have ever asked of him was to do good in school & stay out of
Life Its Fun When U Not Scare To Do Any Thing
you got to enjoy life so don't be scare to do any thing fun if you know what i mean:)
Life Pert 2
ok so lifes a bitch i mean was up with the world a guy cant find a girl looking for love ? it seems a role revearsl the chic want to hit it and quit it and i dont want just a peace of ass dont get me twisted i love sex and im  not  to bad but i dont want to have to find a new chic every other day i want one and only one i dont have time for games and thats all it is anymore what happend to the good old days when a man met a woman they fell in love and got marred ? thats what i want why is it so hard to find? tell me girls i need to know.
there cums a point in ur life when you think back on the past well wat if i would hav have done this or this would u stillb here wat if i didnt lose weight and stand overweight would i still love my life? or since i lost the weight would that homecoming king till look at me if i was overweight as he does when i skinny? this world is cruel and hate ful and not only judges u by ur money but ur looks now every 1 tells me im speaical im a angel i tell em there blind and dnt kno wat there takin bout bu then i dig deep in my heart and see y they tell me this i c soemthign some of this world dnt hav 4 every1 i hav a heart so do the girl whos over weight or the pouplar girl whos in love w the geek go 4 ur dreams dnt hold back bc at 1 time in ur life ur goin 2 look back be lik damn i wish i wouldve gone 4 it  
Lifes Journey
    Isn't it funny where you have these days where nothing seems right at all. Days where you feel your going to have a break down and yet no one seems to be around. Your mind racing with all these different thoughts and for some odd reason you cant comprehen anything that is going around you. Your body feels this emptiness that seems like its there to stay and you feel so alone that even God himself has walked away. The only thing you hear from anyone is all the negative talk in which it brings you even more down or even more far away then you all ready are or at least feel.   I'm sitting here squeezing my head as if it is a pimple ready to be popped, thinking of why I feel so down and alone. Though I can't understand why and maybe thinking that if I wrote it down that maybe my hands can do the thinking for me. I have come with many different ways of how to explain how I feel. Like my baseball theory. ( Life is like baseball because no matter how many strikes you get, you have to
hey yall i thought i would put my two sence into this site. i dpnt know how many of  you that are on here are like me that are confused about life i want to go back full time in the military but they wont let me any ideas on how to get over this let me know
The Life I Have Lived...
So I dont know where to start this off at ... but this morning sounds real good. I watched the first most beautiful sunrise of my life n had a reflection on my life. Someone told me a few days ago when I found out who I am, let him know. He cant see this n maybe that will be my blessing ... but I know who I am now. I am NO longer afraid of me,the outside world or the people in it ... I am beautiful,passionate, loving, caring, alive. My heart is pure n truthful. Im gonna dig deeper into my past so those who know why this is being written, might understand what I did n an amazing soul that help me understand "That I am more than good enough for this world to see n know". This I dedicate to ... I am a women who survived the abuse of a man for 12 years. I wish sometimes for his sake I could say it was my fault but I know the difference now in a sick love n actual love. The first time he hit me, I was like wtf did I do. He said his lil ole apology n I forgave him. Then it got worse
Support those who protect our country & in our community they fight for us everyday to keep us safe. we call them out for duty over seas they go some make it home some don't. we call them in the middle of the night when we have a prowler in our yard. they come to us when there is a fire so we don't lose our home. these men and women is our friends co-workers but most of there our FAMLIY. I am very proud to be part of there FAMILY
Life Is Great
I woke up this morning think that happiestness comes from the heart/within.  Only we can make our own life the way we want it to be and if we cannot do for ourselves then who the hell will.  Life is too short to count on others.  If you want someting done right do it yourself.  Is'nt life great.
Life Sux
Well, I am single and not sure if anyone cares....there are a few people out there that give a shit about know who u r!
You know I don't ask for much in this life. I just wish for my kids to grow up happy and healthy and for a little happiness for myself. Some mornings I wake up and am disappointed I woke up, thinking sweet death would be better then the depressed stupor I walk around in now. I wish for it to all just end, by my own actions or the actions of someone with more knowledge or power then me. I'm drowning in this ocean of saddness with no life boat in sight. Taking my last breath as I slowly sink into the dark abyess finally free from the heartache I cause and suffer from.   :/
Life As A Book…with Meaningless Words?
Hearing, Don't judge a book by its cover… Is it a true statement? Do we ever look further into the cover and continue into the passage? Looking into the book and reading, do people take the time to stop and think what's being read, or just move on and not worry about comprehending. Though we see and say the words to ourselves, taking the time to think beyond the word and meaning are just as important to focus. Taking that time to comprehend in a book is just as similar as how we perceive a person. Quickly looking on the appearance of a person we quickly judge who they are. Having trouble to stop and share, we fear that we are bothering the person. As a result, we commonly Fear to approach and share what we have beyond the cover of ourselves. Just allowing each person just read our title of our story, we tend to behave just from our title and not actually who we are inside our own book. Starting to build an automatic pattern in our mind, many just accept the title of their book a
Life Isn't What It Seems
You know that sometimes you just come to realize that its time to start over and just do what needs to be done. Whatever you decide or anything else you just have got to sit back and say fuck it, and if you piss people off in the process, then so be it but you have to take care of business either way. Just as you are taking care of business something or someone comes along the way or someone has always been there just seems to take over every waking moment and thats all you can think of. Old friends contact you right out of the blue and you haven't heard from or seen them in ages, well since high school graduation or friends that were there for you right from the beginning just happen to be the breath of fresh air that you have always been looking for but you sit back and take that extra second to think. While taking that extra second to think things over, you say to yourself that you are not concentrating on anything else except yourself. You want to act upon urges that haven't really
There are angel's above that watch over all of us no matter who we are they are there to help & guide through the tough times of life's travel's we have a path that we follow that takes us on may roads in life make that right turn with god's blessing make the wrong turn and life get's hard but i know that my angel will guide me back to the right road. My angel is silent and i know there here beside me everyday of the year,when i am sad my angel's wings will hold me tight. when i die there will be my angel there to set me free.
Well I turned another day/yr older yesterday and I'm not very happy I want to be a free bird to do as I please like I used to when I was younger. Each day that passes seems like I am more stuck and just slowly dieing in this mundan place. I would like to meet some causual to hang out with that live in the lincoln area and if you like to party better yet
Life In General
Life sucks here in shitsville I mean er um bellefontaine. I work my ass off to bring in a fucking paycheck and my wife just sits on hers. Her fucking dad lives with us and doesn't help out atall.
Last Thurday,  I had a busy day.   I had to take care of last minute bills and banking issues, pack my bags to go and be done by 4:00 pm so I could make it to see my youngest son's baseball game by 5:15.   at 8:00 am in the morning I got a text from the dragon (my ex), about some bullshit issue several text later I think I answered the question.  at 10.00 am ,  I get another text message concerning child support.   I was in the process of setting up my bill pay on the situation so Informed her of some of the changes and made adjustments let her know.  Several texts later and a phone call got that issue clear around 11am to 1:00 pm issue concerning my oldest around 2:00pm she texted me asking me if my brother was going to the graduation,  I said I suppose.  She texted back, I need to know.   after 15 texts that day I had enough.   I texted back,  I am packing to go to war. she texted back saying she understood.   Finished the primary packing in time, headed to the game.  Te
The Life Of National Guard
This is the life of the Army National Guard no matter the age you can always join and have a good time but when we get deployed our realationships have problems and we feel as if our lives start to crumble before the we get to the hot zone but when we get with the right one who is with us for through it all they are the strong ones
Life Dont Always Give You What You Want~~and Sometimes It Dont Even Give You What You Need
   As you all may know I have been involved with one of the most wonderful ladies I have ever met.   When I first saw her I got warm all over, my heart skipped a beat, and my heart melted like butter.  I knew right then that I just had to find a way to spend the rest of my life with her.    I was very excited about this lady.  I bought her gifts and went to her page often to rate her and such.  Then after a while I found the first comment she had sent me.  I felt like I had turned to jello.  This beautiful person had actually shown me some attention.    Eventually we started chatting, then the first phone call came.  When I first heard her voice I fell in love right there.   I told her a little while later how I felt about her.  She responded in kind, yet with a very reserved attitude.  then a while later she told me she loved me.  .  It was the day before Easter, and when I heard those words I about melted on the spot.  The most fantastic lady I had ever laid eyes upon loved me.  I
Life Gne
A trusting heart bound by a destructive soul a logical mind losing control a complicated girl with a simple wish a dark little secret hidden at best an undiscovered truth hidden between the lines a barren plain of emotion keeping her alive a broken smile complete by a frown a single tear in which she will drowned a fire so bright fueled by hatred within a tempting thought her final sin a small little blade a river of blood an instant used a whole life ended
Life Is Like!
Life is like a mirror. If you frown at it, it frowns back. If you smile at it, it returns the greeting.
live life to the fullest n ever looking back on the past
A True man does not need to romance a different girl every night, A true man romances the same girl the rest of his life..
well i'm another year older and i i can count on 1 hand who wished me a happy b-day. i guess i should feel spiecial, cuz the 1 i love w/ all that i have said happy b-day; but i don't. i miss her so very much but she loves another right now. can anybody help me figure out what i should do? please im me
Life Takes The Thoughful Person On A Path Of Many Windings
Lifehouse : If This Is Goodbye
And day lights, craving Sunshine on this frozen heart I am wishing you well Wondering how you are If you and I are going under Maybe we can both recover And find forgiveness for each other Even if this is goodbye And time heals But these scars keep on tearing us apart And sometimes ending is the only place to start If you and I are going under Maybe we can both recover And find forgiveness for each other Even if this is goodbye If you and I are going under Maybe we can both recover And find forgiveness for each other Even if If what we had is really over If fate is out there we discover Let's find forgiveness for each other Even if this is goodbye (Second best song ever... Just wish he could forgive me)
Life In Music
You ever have a day, where every song you hear, you can relate to? It all seems relevant to whatever is going on in your life? I know that nowadays everyone has their ipods and mp3 players and who the hell burns cd's still, haha, so we can make our own playlists and keep those tunes and choose whatever we want to listen to, thats not really what I mean. But, turn on the radio, and every song they play during that car ride to work hits you somewhere? Ya. Love that feeling. I love how I can tell my life story in song. Here are just a few "theme" songs of my life--- I am sure if you know anything about me, you know why I picked most of them.  My Own Worst Enemy-PinkI Like Big Butts-- Sir Mix a LotNot Ready to Make Nice- Dixie ChicksGunpowder and Lead- Miranda LambertThere Goes My Life- Kenny ChesneyNever Enough- Five Finger Death PunchPain- Three Days GraceI'm a Bitch- Alanis MorissetteWalk This Way- AerosmithOnly the Good Die Young- Billy JoelU + UR Hand- PinkBring on the Rain- JoDee Mes
Lifes Fun Aint It
There are so many things in this world that will make you feel like shit. Well almost everything in this world will make you feel like shit. From the smallest of things like your kid coming up to you and saying mommy your beautiful like my teacher shes big too, but of course they mean it in a nice way, to the worst making yourself feel like shit for knowing better. They always say if its not one thing then its another. Well what the fuck man. God damn it mother fucker son of a fucking whore. Ok really had to get that out. But back on track, all you ever try to do is to be happy. Try everything to make others happy, yourself happy everything, but it all just turns to shit. Im tired of shit. I want something eles. I swear man I must have been one bad ass mean bitch in a former life cause in this one im the one getting screwed. It just really sucks missing out on the good ones. Well thats all I can think of right now so........              Later
 I’m wounded, bleeding, groping in pain and yet sorrow and grief accompany my injury. I’m like an innocent yearling about to be sheared, to be slaughtered. I’m like a soul floating in the chilly winds of unchartered horizons, like the dust troubling itself in the long winding road. Yet my spirit is being lifted by a pure heavenly soul. I feel like I’ traversing from the blood and tears of the fiery hell to the realms of uncertainty of purgatory to the gates of boundless of mercy, affection and happiness of heaven. Paradise and ultimate joy is in sight but still far to come yet I keep on moving, I keep on walking until I reach it and finally come to my final destination where I can see my life, live and spend my life and until my life on earth is over.      Life for me is a constant struggle, struggling towards an ultimate goal,despite the hardships and difficulties and most often than not, risk or danger is at stake wherever you go.But I’m familiar with i
I've taken all I can take, by no means am I giving up but with all the shit you're pullin it feel's as if everythings a mistake. I can't wait around anymore. sitting here watching my life pass me by while you go out and do your own thing tears me up inside. Being the person I am I grin and let my emotions hide. "Drawn together like moth's to the flame you left me and you were to blame, no longer the same, the old me long's for a change. Dead and gone is what I am, No longer here to give a damn. Tired of the bullshit and game's, I'm on the fucking verge of losing it..."All thing's aside in the end none of this will matter, I'll be the one to pick up the pieces and mend your brokenheart. A heartbreaker all along soon it'll be your turn to feel the pain that you once so unwillingly dished out.
Life Update 9/5/09
There is not much that can make me hurt but I would have to say that recently I have been thrown into some horrible moments... I should be writing right now but it’s become so hard to write when my muse is gone. *Sighs* what to do huh? Moving on is the only thing to do but why is it so hard? You know something... I can’t watch romantic movies or comedy’s that end in the romantic way... it actually hurts to watch them, how sad is that! I feel like I need to rant but really I don’t know what to be mad at... I mean I was told it would all end like this but did I listen? No... I ignored it because I thought this was what I had been searching for... I was wrong. However I think I might know where my end is... that thing I have been searching for, for so long I can feel it getting closer! I’m sure it’s in Nova Scotia Canada! I’m sure this is good news for someone. I just wish I knew and end to all the pain that deep inside me, that pain I thought I was finished with! This pain should hav
magnify Maybe . . . We were supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that, when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift Maybe . . . When the door of happiness closes, another opens; but, often times, we look so long at the closed door that we don't even see the new one which has been opened for us. Maybe . . . It is true that we don't know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives. Maybe . . . The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. Maybe . . . The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; after all, you can't go on successfully in life until you let go of your past mistakes, failures and heartaches. Maybe . . . You should dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go, be what you wan t to be, because you have only on
I can't sleep. Those who live with insomnia and who consider sleep both an enemy and a gift would probably understand the following:  Some of us cannot comprehend how anyone except the very good or those who have no conscience at all (you know who you are) can sleep from dark to dawn without dreaming or waking. We hear William Blake's tiger prodding softly through a green jungle, stripes glowing, whiskers spotted with gore. Psychoanalysis does no good. Neither does a healthy regimen that includes physical exhaustion.The only solution that is guaranteed is the one provided by our old friend Morpheus, who, it might be remembered, requires our souls in the bargain. I used to sleep good. But I slept with Bridget. I slept inside her goodness, the smell of her hair, the flush of her skin when I kissed the skin of her sides. I slept inside a flowerlike oder that she left on our pillows. Now I have the devil and prowling tigers and shadows in my mind...Any person who has had the life I have ha
I love to party  I love to have fun But it's my kids that matter They are #1 If my kids aren't safe I won't go out Loving my babies Is what I'm about
Life As We Know It.
I always get overwhelmed at the smallest signs of courtesy. When a random person holds a door open for me, I can’t help but smile in appreciation. I know it’s the tiniest things, but it just makes me feel good to know that people in the world still want to help each other. I especially like seeing this on campus, so I know our future still might hold a little bit of chivalry.   On a completely different note, I feel like I over-rate love. In my mind, its story book love all the way. I read too many romantic novels and watch too many helplessly romantic movies for love to be anything other than perfect. Now, I’m not saying the love is perfect, I’m saying it’s the essence of perfection. Of course I realize that everything has its problems, and ups and downs. But, I just don’t know anyone in my life that has this love, this absolutely magical, head-over-heels, perfection of love. I definitely know people who are in love, and show it maturely and sensi
Life Is Only One Time For Every One
try to utlise eah second in your life for some thing good malife cool ,nice and your
Its funny. I sit here day after day watching the world go round. Isit in my corner in lonely life watching people have everything and some nothing. I always felt like i had nothing even when i had something. For the first time in my life i feel like i have the world. Idont know how to explain it but for the first time i have somethign inside me saying i succeeded. My angel and savior of life has come to me and idk how it happened. I still sit in my dark corner with my hood up..but she is there next to me. She has felt the pain and torment of life like i have and now i want her to feel happiness in every way i can give it to her.
Life And Loved
the girl i know is more then a girl more then a lady she is the one in my life i love so much with her eye's grayed blue and hair of cole she make's me feel she make's me feel loved with a heart of love  from her my heart of coldness melted away she's a more then i ever asked for in my so called life she is my my life she is my every thing she's more then a girl she is more then any lady she is my queen and i'm just her's im nouthing special and yet she see's so much into me i will never see she's more then a friend she's more then a lover she more then any women she's my world she's my life she's my heart and soul to know this just look in to my eye's and there you will see her face smiling back at you she is so full of life and very caring with her eye's of love she has warmed my heart that as once ice
Darkness surrounds me  I cannot find the light  My life is filled with perpetual night I long to have you whispering softly in my ear  Have no fear for I am here  I try to sleep and instead just weep  In my heart, we are never apart You are always near and I hold you so dear Wanting you here to calm the fear Your gentle hand that understands  Your gentle touch that means so much  Without you here, there is no love  I am like a caged dove  Longing to be set free from inside of me The door is locked, all exits are blocked
Life Is "ducky"
LIFE THOUGHTS BY DUCKY  Marriage changes passion. Suddenly you're in bed with a relative. I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with 'Guess' on it. So I said 'Implants?'  She hit me. How come we choose from just  two people to run for  president and over fifty for Miss America ? Now that food has replaced sex in my life, I can't even get into my own pants.     I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose fitting clothing. If I HAD any loose fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place! When I was young we used to go 'skinny dipping,' now I just 'chunky dunk.'  Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference. Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press 'Ctrl Alt Delete' and start all over? AMEN, AMEN !!  Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school, but they can in prison? Wouldn't you know it....Brain cells come and brain cells go, but FAT cells live forever. Why do I hav
Life is not something you waste, you never take it for granted, support those around you & respect those who have nothing for one day they may run into you in the near future, live your life to the fullest extent. A life is precious gift it was created b/c nature intended you to make the best of it and end it in the most remember-able of memory's even if because your life sucks or because life has turned for the worse life is something that is represented to someone, to give them a chance to change the world, to make it better and for those around you for one day you may regret everything you didn't do, everything you missed out on. Every mistake you wished you hadn't taken ever waking min of you life represents you an your near future. Nothing good last long and for this absence in your life as it comes and goes will end in whatever end you make for yourself and that end is what people will remember you most, so take what you get not what you don't & never take form those who you don'
Life's Grace
She walks in the shadows of her life. Some would say she has a stone cold heart, A wall that surrounds it , So they can't get in. If they only know of the experiences she has had. The first experience presents itself., How young she was and how she had to live. The next  one came and she ask herself why. It was worse than the first, Except she wasn't called a whore. Then the one of you, Stopped her dead in her tracks. She realized now why she doesn't look back. The day you left her, She shut down. She took a vowel to close herself off. Despite all that she has endured. She walks with grace, She walks with style. In the stillness when she is by herself. She lets you sneak in, She savors you again. She remembers your walk and the way you talked. She remembers your scent and your essences light. They way you touched her deep inside, They way you made her how she is now. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved
Lifes Journey
Today is one of those days when i question where i am going with my life and if this is what i am destined to be. Ive lost my focus or quite possibly my purpose. I know the things i want from life and i know i want to share my life with someone, but i have found myself questioning if it is with the current woman i am with. i love her dearly, but i do not know if i love her that much to spend the rest of my life with. im no spring chicken anymore and the window for some of my goals or wants is closing quickly. the biggest lesson i learned from my divorce is that you should never settle. hold out for that one special person who deserves your heart and love. I dont know what to do right now. my heart and my mind are awash with angst. time for the soul searchin to begin.
 sometimes things happen for a reason. yea right! seems like some things that happen happen cuz some other person wants to wreck your life..... I got the results for my job status and good thing is that i won't have to b homeless this summer. still at the same building with my friends only thing i have different days off and start a lil later. that's cool for now. but pretty soon the rest of the machines will be going to another building so will soon b concerned again about where i will b in the next few months. if rumors are right then seems like i shouldn't have anything to worry about and most times the rumors are right and what management tell us is wrong. on another note i did c stomp and it was so good. lotta fun and you interact with them. i had a really good time and i would see them again. i hope next year when we go back to vegas they are playing there again. i wanna c Stomp and Blue Man again yes somethings i can spend money to see twice. I would even see Lance Burton we
Life In Reverse
"The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A Death! What's that, a bonus? I think the life cycle is all backwards. You should die first; get it out of the way. Then you live in an old age home. You get kicked out when you're too young, you get a gold watch, you go to work. You work forty years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You do drugs, alcohol, you party, you get ready for high school. You go to grade school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a little baby, you go back into the womb, you spend your last nine months floating…...and you finish off as an orgasm!!" RIP George were a comedic genius...your work lives on!!!!
I am very happy to be alive I HAD LUNG CANCERin2004.they got it all  out of me and now I still get to enjoy my family and my fubar friends
Life For Me
so its been forever since ive been on and in that time my baby has become a big girl and ive had another baby i also fixed my relationship with my boyfriend all but the sex part of it he just copuld care less
Life Is Fun....full Of Changes...
So, i will be off line for a bit. I am moving cross country, and picking up my little ones along the way. Alongside that quest, I will be tryin to get me ex the help she needs, my kids need their mother too... life is fun and full of changes, so to all my friends, I will be in touch as I can..gonna be very busy for awhile.... wish me luck and keeps us in your prayers please... Love you all, Donn...
Life Sucks
ok so my life isnt going anywhere any more and i hate how i dont have anything to do anymore so ya here a list of y i hate my life 1:no friends to hang with in public 2nly a few friends online/out of state so not alot i can do with them 3:no job,car,own home,money 4:no gf been looking for almost 5 yrs nonstop in public and online no luck and im thinking of stoping cause no1 wants me or wants to try to go out i dont care if we not work out i just want to try and make work if anything 5:nothing to do all day but eat,sleep,iming,music (this is wat i do all day every day of 24 hrs looks like this 5 hrs of sleep 7hrs online and a few hrs in all for eating,bathroom,watching tv so ya i dont do anything fun just basic stuff...) 6:no life 7:fam thats not really fun or loving anymore 8-15:etc.... so im thinking of getting off this site and all sites im on cause im not getting friends i can hang with and also im not getting a gf so i may end this pf within 5 days and then all othe
When life gives you lemons make lemonade or make the best of what you got... and don't take life for granted... by the time you realize what you had your time runs out faster then you want it to.
Life In General...
When will people realize that bad things happen to good people??? So, you're a great person, living your great life, and something fucked up happens out of the blue... get over it!!! Don't get me wrong, I've had some pretty crazy shit happen to me, but when it does, I just ask myself, ' What makes me so fuckin' special?'. I've come to realize it's not what happens to you that defines the situation, it's how you respond!!!  I said respond, not react!!! A reaction is based on feelings, a response is based on intelligence. Never let your emotions override your intelligence!!! All in all, life is a Beautiful thing!!! When something bad happens, dictate the situation, don't let the situation dictate you!!! Keep it pushin'...
Life Strategies - Dr. Phil's Ten Life Laws
Life Law #1: You either get it or you don't. Strategy: Become one of those who gets it.It's easy to tell these people apart. Those who "get it" understand how things work and have a strategy to create the results they want. Those who don't are stumbling along looking puzzled, and can be found complaining that they never seem to get a break. You must do what it takes to accumulate enough knowledge to "get it." You need to operate with the information and skills that are necessary to win. Be prepared, tune in, find out how the game is played and play by the rules.In designing a strategy and getting the information you need — about yourself, people you encounter, or situations — be careful from whom you accept input. Wrong thinking and misinformation can seal your fate before you even begin. Life Law #2: You create your own experience.Strategy: Acknowledge and accept accountability for your life. Understand your role in creating results. You cannot dodge responsibility for ho
A Life Of Happiness
Walking barefoot on a secluded beachAdoring the flat calm seaFor your hand I gently reachAnd we stroll contentedly.On a bench overlooking the beautiful bayWe eat fish and chips for lunchWild flowers along the clifftop swayAnd I pick you a bunch.Making plans for our life togetherLost in a world of our ownIt seems we have waited almost foreverBut at last we are alone. We don't ask much from the life we're livingJust love and devotion, passion and careDelighting in both taking and givingWorking hard on the relationship we share.Contented sighs and heavenly kissingOur path of life is clearly definedWe have found what we've been missingNow and forever you are mine.Oh I know we'll share life's tormentsWe'll have drama's too I guessBut I also know that this is the momentAnd we'll share a life of happiness.
Life Is Life I Guess
5-21-2009Sorry just felt like talking. Nothing much has been going on.  I did watch "My Bloody Valentine 3D not in 3D though but 2D version lol and was talking to someone and realize it was 5 years ago today that we buried Jayme.  I don't know how often this happens but this year everything fell into place on the exact dates and days. But I will get through it as I always do. I decided to make it a 4 day  weekend. I will try to watch some movies and get things done. I think on Friday I will do the laundry and dusting and vacuuming. Then Saturday I will do the ironing because there are slacks I haven't worn in a while and I need to wash them and iron them and that is about 6 pairs besides what I wear lol I think maybe Sunday I will go to the movies and see Terminator: Salvation. Then Monday go grocery/toiletries shopping. Then it will be back to work on Tuesday.Clif just called me telling me he had to talk with me before he had a nervous breakdown and killed someone. He said Dad I have
Life And Lack Of It
LIFE OR THE LACK OF IT 3rd drployment to iraq my quick thoughts on it The price of ones life seems to get less and less every day especially in a world where no one wants you. Death flys over u screaming as it passes u dnt knw what to do some people run and hide some like me just light up a cig and puff away being here for the third time now u get use to certain things that no normal person cud ever imagian and shud never have to. everyone looses loved ones but it just seems so much diffrent over here when u loose a brother or sister  it can tear u apart but u gotta just move on and do yur job it makes u think how long till im next and thats the first thing that gose threw my head when i get up and when i go to sleep.
A Life Changing Occurance
On Friday night, I had a life changing event to take place.  I bought a motorcycle from a buddy of mine.  I was so proud to have it.  I didn't have a chance to get a tag, nor insurance on it yet.  I had only had it for like 2 days.  It was a 2006 Lifan, C20. I had to go to the coast to pick up my check for the week and work on a couple cases. When I got done, me and my wife rode to a casino to play our free play off our cards.  We then went to Chili's and had dinner.  We came back to the house. I was getting ready to do some more work on the bike and preparing to get ready to leave going to Texas for an interview on Monday.  I had had a few drinks in the meantime.  I was gonna run the gas out of the bike and patch the gas tank as it had developed a small leak.  I hopped on the bike and ran it down the road.  I didn't wear a helmet.  That proved to be a downfall.  I only went like 2 miles from the house, turned around and was heading back.  I don't remember anything about the crash.  Fr
Life And Pain
Life is such a MYSTERY... Sometimes things turn out differently than what you expect... The best thing to do is ENJOY LIFE, counter the flow and have a lot of FAITH! Sometimes the best things in life are the ones we take for granted. It is so great to be In Love!!! Makes You Complete and inspires you A lot... NEVER lose the TRUST given to you by the person you LOVE since it would be impossible to earn it back and you would be left behind with nothing but HEARTACHES. The PAIN of REMINISCING is HARD enough but the GUILT is just incredibly UNBEARABLE... Life's full of mysteries and surprises, you just never know that the person you let walk by you could be the greatest thing that can happen to you...We were given two hands to hold two eyes to see two ears to listen but why only one heart? Because the other one was given to someone for us to find Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall Who you are now is not always who you will become in life.
" Life "
Life It Gets Harder As You Grow, You'll Lose Friends, Family, And More Than You'll Ever Know. Time Will Fly By And It'll Keep Getting Faster, And In One Day, Turn From Perfect To A Complete Disaster. Things Will Continue To Happen As Unexpected As The Rain, And The Thing That Brings You Joy Will Be The Same Thing That Causes You Pain. Your Children Will Advance From Crawling To Reading Books, And Then Thier 18 Before You Can Take A Second Look. The One You Use To Love Swore They'll Never Break Your Heart, In The End Not Only Breaks It, But Tears It Apart. But If It Wasn't For The Things That Make You Frown, Then The Happiness Would Never Keep Your Feet On The Ground. So Keep Life Precious For There Is No Second Ride, So To Have A Good Life Or A Bad Life? Well That's For You To Decide.  
A Life Without Love. . .
I love this poem and its so true!!! A Sunset without a sun is no sunset at all. A life without love is no life at all. A rainbow without colors is no rainbow at all. And heart without feelings is no human at all. All these things need something to be, Either a sun or a person or a crayon, If only to create what nature said was meant to be. A sunset makes us feel as though the world has been born again. A life with love lets us know it's worth to let someone in. A rainbow with colors thats a moment frozen in time, to be grateful for all that is beautiful and feel all the glory inside. A heart that has feelings, well that would be me. For I love just the thought of you and hope you feel the same for me. Life without our love, is an emptiness I'm not sure I wish to face. Because I know that time will never be able to erase. I wish our love was as simple as a sunset, ready to be born again. But I know in truth love only comes from within. So I'll keep watching for my sunset, and look
To All My Friends Well my dear friends just wanted to give a update of things that are going on in my life   I may be down in the dumps right now but with 3 out of 4 of my best friends in my corner I am slowly getting back on my feet I know what I have to do but it is just hard to fight with a man you fell in love with as a kid and then again after so many years but I have not talk to him in about a week now and I do not plan on talking to him unless I have to but not that I do not want to talk to him and remain friends I would love to but I am doing the things that I need to do for ME and only me now I can not let his negitive aditude bring me down any more I need to get back on my feet fine everything that I need for myself I will always be there if he needs me to talk to but as for any thing more NO NOT right now or ever and it brakes my heart to say it but I need to come frist     Why oh why do men and brake ups have to hurt as much as they do when u have one person tring
Life Of If's
My life after you became ifThat if you  didn’t leave meI wouldn’t be like thisIf I didn’t a lot of mistakesYou wouldn’t leaveIf we didn’t meetWe wouldn’t love each othersIf love wasn’t adestinyWe wouldn’t loveIf I didn’t have heart to loveI wouldn’t have feelingsIf I didn’t have feelings I wouldn’t be a humanSee my ladyYour love prove that I have a heartThat I am a humanAnd without your loveI wouldn’t be- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - W.B: FM
It's been the longest winter without you I didn't know where to turn to See somehow I can't forget you After all that we've been through Going coming Thought I heard a knock Who's there no one Thinking that I deserve it Now I realize that I really didn't know If you didn't notice you mean everything Quickly I'm learning to love again All that I know is I'mma be ok [Chorus:] Thought I couldn't live without you It's gonna hurt when it heals too It'll all get better in time Even though I really love you I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to It'll all get better in time I couldn't turn on the TV Without something there to remind me Was it all that easy To just put aside your feelings If I'm dreaming don't wanna laugh Hurt my feelings but that's the path I'll believe in And I know time will heal it If you didn't notice boy you mean everything Quickly I'm learning to love again All I know is I'mma be ok [Chorus:] Thought I couldn't live without you It's gonna hurt when it heals too It'll a
This is the shit that comes out when i purge my mind and don't think or     I sit here alone thinking this is what I wanted I find my time idle and unproductive Things I've done the words i've said Memories flood a tortured mind  Time is but a nursery ryhme Fuck Jack Fuck Jill Fuck the idiot jumping over the candlestick life isn't fair life isn't sweet life is ugly and unfulfilling twisted and scarred people look upon you for possessions and wealth hearts are black  people untrustworthy believe in yourself no one else will  Most friends are only there when you have something for them "Time heals all wounds" Is horseshit from someone that doesn't know pain Happy endings are only in stories that have yet to conclude Finding true love from someone other than your mother is a fucking myth If someone says they love you then hurts you they are only looking to soothe thier pain  Love, where your palms sweat and your breath is taken is never shared and
Im still a lil worryed about how life is going to be... not really use to moving this much and not use to not being around my friends and family... i wish i knew how to handle all of this and i wish i new how to be married... its a lil confusing... i have never hade a relation ship like this were i can trus him and not worry about every move he makes... even tho i know i dont have to worry i still do and my mind trys to come up with shit that makes no cents... im trying to controll my thoughts and lisen to my heart cuz i think that my heart knows best...
i love it. :)
Life In General
selfish pricks of the world unite!!!!!in the words of a selfish prick;  i realize that i am the most important person in my life, for without me to feed off of, the rest of those in my life would not be. without me to provide a backdrop and stage to fuel the play the actors would have no script or motivation to further the act, no resources to derive a scene, nor thought to even speak a line. without me the world as i percieve would not even exist at all. so if you ask if the world revolves around me, then i would not hesitate to say, fuck yes it does!!
A Lifetime Of Reasons And Seasons
People come in to your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person.   When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.They may seem like a Godsend and they are.They are there for the reason you need them to be.Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done.The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.     Some people come in to your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.They bring you an
What in life makes you truley happy from the hart.. What do u want or xpect in life... Is it a Given or a Blessing... Where do your loyaltys lie
Life At Sea
To live by the sea and not die, means to trust the sea and know the sky. There was a multitude of clever sayings about life on the water, but being half of a two man crew under constant sail lent plenty of time to think of my own.Only fictional characters could be painted as accurate portrayals in the depth of solitude that was mine. We fancied ourselves as the "fly by the seat of your pants" sort of men, who always find more trouble than that which was sought. Our attitudes would bring our adventure. Gods willing there was plenty of that. The first major voyage on our homely vessel took us south along the Intracoastal Waterway into the West Coast of the Florida Keys. We were aboard an ancient 26 foot catalina with a 40 foot mast. The newest part of the ship was her engine which had been rendered obsolete before I was born. We were too proud to rely on such trivial things as charts. Our navigational instrument was the compass, and our radio was used to request bridge openings.  Ju
So I work as a security agent for a company called Hunt Leigh. I get free flights from continental airlines because of my cousin. I recently broke up with my girlfriend cause she started getting sphyco on me. I make decent money and I am meeting new people from all over the US. So being that I am single, not tied down, free to go wherever I want by plane for free, and looking good I am going to take all this in as an awesome journey in my life...  Look out world I am knocking at your door ready to party
Life can seem ungrateful and not always kind.Life can pull at your heartstrings and play with your mind...Life can be blissful and happy and free...Life can put beauty in the things that you see...Life can place challenges right at your feet...Life can make good of the hardships we meet...Life can overwhelm you and make your head spin...Life can reward those determined to win...Life can be hurtful and not always fair...Life can surround you with people who care...Life clearly does offer its Up and its Downs...Life's days can bring you both smiles and frowns...Life teaches us to take the good with the bad...Life is a mixture of happy and sad...So...Take the Life that you have and give it your best...Think positive, be happy let God do the rest...Take the challenges that life has laid at your feet...Take pride and be thankful for each one you meet...To yourself give forgiveness if you stumble and fall...Take each day that is dealt you and give it your all...Take the love that you're give
Life Gave Me Lemonade
So life's gotten harder and easier at the same time. I'm currently getting a divorce. Some days I can't wait for it to be finalized and some days I don't want it at all. It's confusing at moment and other's it's not. But I've been learning. Life game me lemonade. I don't have to work at it, I am learning to see it in everything. Since I left my husband I've found life easier on me, I've started to really find myself. I've got myself on medication I need, I'm going back to school. I'm doing all these things that I just hadn't really been able to push myself to do while married. But here I am finding myself working to make myself better. I just hope he can pull himself together then maybe, just maybe we can give it another try before all the papers are final. I really don't belive in divorce.
Life The most important thing I have learned in life is nothing is more important than being happy & having a sense of humor. Follow your dreams and your bliss always and no matter what anyone tells you and be sure to be happy along the way. Because happiness is not attained from achieving your goals, it's the fuel that propels you toward them! And there is too much serious shit in this world not to laugh at all of the absurdity of it! Such as the dynamics of sex and male to female relationships. Surely GOD has a twisted sense of humor to play this joke on us! Besides have you ever seen a platypus I rest my case! Don't think you know me from 1000 words on a page...this is only the tip of the iceberg, only one facet of me, the part I allow you to see at this particular moment in time.
Life Changes And So Do We:)
well i sitting here writting this with a broken wrist got to see the hand surgeon tomorrow, was in the middle of packing to move when I slipped and fell  saturday/. Being 8 months pregnant I threw my hand out to catch my self so i would not hit my belly, luckily i didnt .. but in  the fall i managed to break my wrist in to places.    My 8 yr old son my self and this unborn bundle of love will be moving to north texas in just a few short days to start a life on our own, changes everything does, life changes so do we and whats important, the only thgs that are important to me right now is my kids and the new life we are getting ready to start. so with a big sigh here goes nothing both feet in jumping into the deepest water i have jumped into in  along time wish me luck!!
Life Is Like.........
life is like riding a bicycle;;there'll be bumps and potholes,but you won't fall off unless you stop pedaling.{so you gotta keep movin' on} mine(:
I've dreamed many dreams that never came true I've seen them vanish at dawn but I've realized enough dreams thank God to make want to dream on. I've prayed many prayers when no answers came though I've waited patient and long. But answers have come to enough of my prayers to make me keep praying on. I've trusted many friends that failed and left me to cry alone. But I've found enough of my friends true blue to make me keep trusting on. I've drained the cup of disappointed and pain and gone many days with trillions of tears shed. But I've sipped enough nectar from the roses of life to make me want to live on.
This is my life, this is my timeIn the game it's got me slowly going out of my mindThis is my life, this is my timeAnd I came to set this motherfuckin' house on fireThis is my life, this is my timeIn the game it's got me slowly going out of my mindThis is my life, this is my timeAnd I came to set this motherfuckin' house on fireI'm alive and it's every minute, every second in itThis is life, this is prison, this is only the beginningBut the time I was given for these lines that I've writtenEvery rhyme that I spit is like a sign that I'm livin'Give me pain, give me death, give me hate, give me loveWhen I lay upon the fire give me rain from aboveGive me pain, give me death, give me hate, give me loveWhen I lay upon the fire give me rain from aboveThis is all about wrong, this is all about rightThis is not about bark, this is all about biteAnd it's about the everything that you're praying for at nightThis is all about the music, this is all about lifeEvery street, every block, every burro
Life Is Like A Ball Of Clay...
Life is like a ball of clay. We are born into this world like a ball of clay…. We are nothing special. Then as we grow we begin to get molded by the choices we make and the things we go though. It’s like we are the clay and God is the artist. Each day we go through He molds us making us that much more perfect to put into his glass case (heaven) and show us off. I believe that each hardship….each choice shapes a different part of our lives. Each person we meet makes an impact on how we are developed. It’s like we are born this block of clay and with every decision every hardship some clay is scraped off in order to mold the character. The harder the decision or hardship the more clay comes off. When life is over and we die that’s when God had decided we are good enough to go into his collection, good enough to be put in his glass case. For the ones that don’t go to heaven its because they grew hard and refused to be molded into a better more u
Life Goes On
a song of truth written by the innocence of youth seven ways to sunday home away from home your not alone all in sync whatever you think is this the game of fortune and fame they say life is no fun who are they, away they fun be who you goin to be but your no different than me take a chance learn to dance around and around life is full of sound you just have to listen open you eyes to a vision of perfection or decision what is right or even wrong life goes on.....
Life Used To Be Good, But .....
i used to trip and stay so high, i'd even climb buildings and think i can fly, i never jumped but i soon fell,and where i'm at now is my own personal hell this single life is far worse than it seems, with tearful pains of long lost dreams, the nights alone lying in my bed, with romantic memories lost in my head, missing the the calls that never come, ignoring excuses that sound so dumb,or other peoples views to help me cope, but since they are so far and few, i spend all my time feeling lonely and blue, so listen all you men and women, life is too precious to treat as a toy, before you say things that you don't mean, just to level up... think about the persons feeling, when they're let down................................................................................... 
I walk down the long, dark winding tunnel. Darkness consumes my soul with every step…. yet still I walk and walk and walk. Searching, searching for something elusive, something essential that will make my life complete yet not knowing what it is. Despair claws at my core, heartache consumes my being, indifference is what I strive for, always trying to lessen the ache of being alone. Friends are there yet not around, they try to understand, but how can they understand when I can’t fathom what’s erroneous. Smiling faces all around, laughing, full of glee… poison in my soul and wounds, slowly consuming, ever consuming until all is gone. Humanity, compassion, kindness all fades to nothingness in the face of sadness and freezing cold hatred for all things light and pure…the world is inky black and devoid of hope, how much longer until all feel as I do and weep for their salvation? Rodney aka Rhino    
The saying goes when one door closes another one opens. This Monday one chapter in my life is finally ending. My husband and I have been separated for nearly two years now and I've kinda gotten used to that fact. Never mind that I'm the one doing the filing its a mutual decision we made long ago and one I'm having a hard time coming to grips with. Neither of us wants to be married any longer so no clue why other than the fact that in just over a month would be our 31st anniversary. Such a long time over half my lifetime that he's been a part of my life. He's given me 3 wonderful children and we have 2 beautiful grandsons. We make such good friends too bad we couldn't make such good spouses.  The only bright spot is that we remain in each other's lives and are here for our children. I've been told I will be meeting the man who will make me truly happy soon and its funny as much time as I spend on here I will be meeting him in person not online. I've known for over a year I will be meeti
Life Quotes
“Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.” Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. -- Gandhiji Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies. -- Ann Landers Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.-- Buddha  Life is like riding a bicycle. You don't fall off unless you plan to stop peddling.-- Claude Pepper
Life And People
  So things have happened. Ashley got her exam results, she got an ‘A’ and 3 ‘B’s for her Honours and we are well chuffed, am so very proud of her. She on the other hand has begged me to stop bragging about her, I almost vomited onto her new dress with shock! Brag? Me? Of course I will brag about my child, what else can I do? No one in my entire family history finished fucking school never mind went through a full private education till they were 18 years old and then onto University and stayed on right through till they got their Honours, with a commissioned writing job at BBC..Brag? Oh fucking yes I will! Most females in my family line get pregnant or married before they were 10 years old! So am very proud and happy, I walked out of school on my 16th birthday, have no qualifications and no educations to speak of unless you count the street level of East End Glasgow-ness I got after running a bar in the Calton. My education was based on 16 old men, two old
Life Is Good
So.. Everythings prety well settled into our new home. We still need to paint the kids room & little things here & there but overall its a nice place to call home. I'm happy at this point in my life, I love my babys father, which i hate lablin him that so well just call him Hubby. :o) My other daughters due in Sept. and times flyin by. Im gettin stinkin fat lil but hey I still look good pregnant. Its alot better waking up to the family that you love so much everyday and goin to sleep with them. He brought me in flowers & a card to my work about a week ago which was really unexpected but really sweet. & he's was bein the "family" man today doin the laundry. :P cute. But anyway tomorrows my bday and im spendin it the way I want it. Hes makin me dinner that I want and who knows what we'll do . I havent been this happy in awhile though. If bitches would stay out & mind there own business. but anyway thats another suject. lol Must be checkin up on me or sumthin u kno.  well thats all i rea
Life Can Be So Stressful
At some point our life u almost just want wish the things away, its almost as if you are stuck in a whirl wind and your never going to get out. at some point in your life you wounderful if it'll get any better but then you relize that you made that thought at 23 and your almost 35 12 years later and your still stuck in that whirl wind,     Sometimes i sit back and kinda enve people. only because i wish i could have what they have or seen what they've seen, or even been where they've been, hell look at the multi-millionare's out there. they make alot of money  but yet they are bitching because they might have to paly more on taxes.. well hello share the wealth, i mean yea they might work for thier money but we work just as hard to give them the money right? payin for concerts and movie tickets and all that crap...dont u think we dereve alittle in return.. u dont mind givin to chirty but onces your told you have to give some back now you want to bitch lol kinda double stander isn't it??
Before our lives divide for ever,    While time is with us and hands are free,(Time, swift to fasten and swift to sever    Hand from hand, as we stand by the sea)I will say no word that a man might sayWhose whole life's love goes down in a day;For this could never have been; and never,    Though the gods and the years relent, shall be.Is it worth a tear, is it worth an hour,    To think of things that are well outworn?Of fruitless husk and fugitive flower,    The dream foregone and the deed forborne?Though joy be done with and grief be vain,Time shall not sever us wholly in twain;Earth is not spoilt for a single shower;    But the rain has ruined the ungrown corn.It will grow not again, this fruit of my heart,    Smitten with sunbeams, ruined with rain.The singing seasons divide and depart,    Winter and summer depart in twain.It will grow not again, it is ruined at root,The bloodlike blossom, the dull red fruit;Though the heart yet sickens, the lips yet smart,    With sullen savour of
Well the Stommish water festiveal was awsome. Sorry if you missed out. Been home for over a Week now got to visit a good majority of my relatives. Lifes good got a roof over my head food in the fridge and Im going to get my son back after a long and slow process of treatment and court bs!!! But I got God on my side and he is restoring my life to the way it was before I gave it all to drugs and trouble. I got to go to California and Travel From St. John BC All the way to the Boarder of Mexico and Cali. I also been to east as far as Salt Lake City. I have had a good life expierience for the things I been through and Just want to Say I Thank you to all My Freinds and Fans. And everyone God put infont of me to give my Testimoney to. I'm not a Religous person Just chose to live a lifestyle and thank my Creator for every thing he's done for me. Much love :)
the chaotic day to day rush plunges me into a rapid flowing stream from which i have yet to return the joys and sorrows of everyday life fill my heart with a continious ache tears flood my eyes and fall like rain from sorrows i would like to abstain joy and laughter id like more to gain for the pleasures of life and love should outweigh the heartaches and tragedy yet you insist on causing grief through strife caring not the hearts you crush you sacrifice all for your delight of pain i wish  all could see the shriveled black nugget you call a heart to hear the devilish thoughts that run rampant through your mind for then and only then could they see you for what and who you truly are ...... ........... LIFE......................
Well I am not the best looking person. But I always wonder if there is someone out there for me. Yes I am gay. When it comes to gay men they want sex and only sex. What happen to the ones that want to have a relationship are they still out there? Granted sex is good but its not all that in a relationship. I look what in the inside of a person ie there heart and other things. One day it will happen.
Life To To Short
Don't hold grudges against people. All it will do is eat you up inside. Live life like it's your last day on Earth. Almost a year ago I lost my very best friend on the face of this earth. R.I.P. Heather. I will always love you and will never forget you! I think it was the hardest day of my life. I shut out the one person that wanted to be there for me. Frank if you ever read this, I am very sorry for shutting the door on you.
" When Life gives you a Shit sandwich... Ask for the ketchup, So you can at least enjoy it!!!"
Life as a whole My life is great as it is.Even thought I know it is his.I live my life day by day.Letting the Lord have his may.He will bring me what  I wantWhether good or bad.He has taken my dadBut he gets what he wants.My life will goWhenever he wants it you know.Hopefully not soonBecause I still have to come out of my cocoon.
Life changes when you least expect it. Not sure why or how it just does, and sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's a bad thing. Either way we as humans always find a way to handle the unexpected. Somethings in my own life has taken a mental toll on me.  Without going into details that past two and half years have really drained me mentally. For those that know me, knows exactly what i am talking about here.  So in reality i feel that life has taken me to a place where things are kind of  shattered.  meaning that i don't know when i'll stop hurting inside from all the Life's unexpected tragedies that got me here. To top it all off not only have i not had anyone in my life for the past seven years. But now all of a sudden i have not One but Four that think i am the one for them.  But only one of them well maybe two of them has made a move to find out if what they are feeling for me is GENUINE.  NOW WTF, when is my life going to be complete again hum hum hum!!!!! Life changes
Life Sucks
Ok so i am startin 2 feel it the lonelyness is creepin up on me. I feel like there is no need for me in this world. Like im just sum1 every1 can tell wut 2 do and if i dont i get screwed on.... I try 2 help whoever i can but sumtimes i need a little help of my own.... rite now is a time when i feel like i wanna leave this life and never come back... alot of the people i met r well they only think bout themselves or they like hurting other people ... i had my fair share of hurt and i wish it will stop .. i feel like everythig in life is all a lie and i dont want it....
Just wanted to let everyone know that life is good and i hope you keep on listening and dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Life Lesson's
i don't no why people complain when someone Else's live there life there own way   people are fucking stupid you cant help who you fall in love weather they be white black or polka dotted  green or the gender rather they be male female or transsexual or age str8gay or bi   you might not like there choice that they made but its there life   same with parent's they cant accept there boy or girl is going out with someone they don't accept   same thing with religion     who care of you believe in god or not it does not make you a bad person its just a personal choice as long as they don't try and convert you or force you to believe or love then why should you care its not ur life    and if you don't want anything to do with the person becuse of there personal choice's then its your lost not there's   also i want to point out another fact most people care if the person does drugs or not ok well ill be upfront yeah i smoke pot there nothing wrong with it pot does not kill no on
A Life Of Learning
Earth School Life is the province of learning, and the wisdom we acquire throughout our lives is the reward of existence. As we traverse the winding roads that lead from birth to death, experience is our patient teacher. We exist, bound to human bodies as we are, to evolve, enrolled by the universe in earth school, an informal and individualized academy of living, being, and changing. Life’s lessons can take many forms and present us with many challenges. There are scores of mundane lessons that help us learn to navigate with grace, poise, and tolerance in this world. And there are those once-in-a-lifetime lessons that touch us so deeply that they change the course of our lives. The latter can be heartrending, and we may wander through life as unwilling students for a time. But the quality of our lives is based almost entirely on what we derive from our experiences. Earth school provides us with an education of the heart and the soul, as well as the intellect. The scope of o
I haven't forgotten That I am just one person, That I am but one voice Attempting to stand out From the crowd. I remember That I have fallen Amidst the laughter That surrounds me, and that sometimes It gets too loud. I know That I can't sit here And expect my silence To evoke change Without reason. I can see That I don't know everything, That I can't expect My hand to be held Always. I can feel That time is slipping By me, that it Will be gone if I just Stand still. I have heard That there are a million Other voices that sound Like mine, that want also To be heard. I've been told That it's not enough to Wish for dreams, that I Have to work them Into reality. I know that I don't know All that I think I know. I know I won't see all of The places I wish to go. I know I'm not ready For all that the world demands, You don't have to always hold me, Just let me see your hands. I know That there's a lot That I won't understand, That
Life, Living And Death...
I have a friend, He knows not what he sees, he has lost the meaning why his heart bleeds... Life is just a dance with death, I'll tell you what I mean, You start to die with your first drawn breath, That is why you screamed... Death holds no release, death is the beginning... death is just the doorway, just another piece, another puzzle, another meaning... Death is not the answer, living is the key, Love is all the answer, all the meaning that we need. Loving holds the purpose, emptiness indeed, if you settle for illusion, pain is all you see, life will lose all meaning, your heart will know disease, Lonely is the soldier, that knows not what he sees, agony his riddle, that drops him to his knees, cold his only question, silence his decree, death is all sequestered, in each moment that he breathes, but death holds no answer, only loving holds the key, love is all the answer, all the meaning that he dreams.... Sacrifice and honour, duty and bel
LET ME LIVE AGAIN In this dark abyss there lies only obscurity. No consciousness, no imagination. Anguish stabs like a saber into my soul. And the jubilance that once abounded has escaped into oblivion. It cannot find its way back. Any solace that once was appears so apocryphal now. Which path led to this nothingness? From a life which once seemed so enchanted. Was it fate or a paralyzed reaction to circumstance? Is this bewildering quagmire my final destination? Or just a short sojourn to free my spirit So that I can love again, laugh again, dance on top of a mountain again.
   What is that makes your  life meaningful? For me it has nothing to do with money nor material objects...But  more on my relationships..either between my Son and I,or my family members and friends... I could not imagine my life without this people and the relationship i have with them. They fill me,bringing me laugh,love guidance.and so much more...  What about you? 
Life Is About...
life is about trusting our feelings,and taking chances.Loosing and finding love,and happiness.Apreciating the memories,and learning from the past...
"life Was A Lot Simpler When"!
Life was a lot simpler when what we honored was father and mother rather than all major credit cards.
Life Sucks
Got laid off of work.  Im all alone and dont know what to do. I wish that things would be easyer than this.
Life...and Death
I work in a field where people die all the time. It is part of working with the elderly. They come to places like my work to live the rest of their life. To die comfortably and get the care they need....Today we lost a resident. She had dementia and was 84 years young. I remember going into her room and saying it was time for pills and being swore at one minute and smiled at the next. Funny how you take things for granted like being able to remember who is standing next to you in a childhood picture. But, as I was thinking about her and all the other people I have taken care of at the end of their lives I was taken back to 2 yrs ago when I first started my current job. I am going to enclose a newspaper article and then tell about how this man, Patrick, changed my life.   Nick Coleman: Monsignor was the face of God in war's inferno With strength and grace, the Rev. Patrick Hessian walked easily where he was needed in the spiritual and military worlds. By Nick Coleman, Star Tribune
Life Is A Prison
Life is a prison,Oh God let me out.No one to listen,To hear when you shout.Climb the walls of insanity,Ride the waves of despair.If you fall it don't matter,There's no one to care.Used to wish for a window,To see birds, trees and sky,But you're better without one -Stops you aiming too high.Watching freedom is painful,For those locked away.Seeing joy, love and happiness,Another price that you pay.Strong is good, weak is bad.Be it false, be it true.Your mind makes the choice,And enforces it too.Cell walls built by society,With rules to adhere.If you breach the acceptable,You had better beware.Hide the pain, carry on,Routine is the key.Don't let on that you're not,What you're pretending to be.Lock it all up inside you,How badly that bodes.Look out for that one day,When it all just explodes.Leaving naught but a shell,Base functionality too.But killing all else,That was uniquely you.So how do you grow,With a timebomb inside?Or how to defuse it,Without destroying its ride?
A Soldiers Word... Take a man and put him alone, Put him twelve thousand miles from home. Empty his heart of all but blood, Make him live in sand, in mud. This is the life I have to live, This the soul to God I give. You have your parties and drink your beer, While young men are dying over here. Plant your signs on the White House lawn; "Lets get out of Iraq". Use your signs and have your fun, Then refuse to use a gun. There's nothing else for you to do, Then I'm supposed to die for you? There is one thing that you should know; And that's where I think you should go! I'm already here and it's too late. I've traded all my love for all this hate. I'll hate you till the day I die. You made me hear my buddy cry. I saw his leg and his blood shed, Then I heard them say, "This one's dead". It was a large price for him to pay, To let you live another day. He had the guts to fight and die, To keep the freedom you live by. By his dying, your life he buys, But who gives a fuck if a Soldier dies!
Life As I Know It....
O.K..have to vent...Why is it that you give your heart to, whether a friend or someone close to you and they BREAK it...And then find out nothing but LIES...DAMN, It kills, I try never to lie, or even make small lies to anyone and Even my kids which that is hard to do...As us parents know...Even the smallest hurts....So I'm out here wondering why people intentionally hurt someone when they are nothing but loving??? I can't do that, or try not to...And to give to people and in return get STOMPED on, that shit HURTS...Damn, I wish People could just learn to stop hurtin the people that truely LOVE them..DAMN IT..
Life Changes
Life is about to change for me, and for the better.  I got my old job back.  8k more a year than what I was making at the insurance job.  And I still have room to step up.  Talk about a confidence booster. I got fired from my job for being on fubar at work, and 3 months later they call me back.  I am truly thankful for that opportunity.  I def learned my lesson and am moving forward in the good way.  Trying to leave all my pains of the past behind. In the next few weeks, I'll be getting my own apartment.  I'm sooo excited.  Time to step out on my own two feet and spread those lil wings.  So I'll be focusing on finding an apartment, packing, packing up the kids, all that fun stuff. There is more chance than not that I won't be around for a bit, not sure that internet's gonna be in my initial "I'm on my own, really and truly" budget.  Who knows, I might even get a real life date.  LOL This blog is really just an FYI, in case I do disappear for a while.  But rest assured, I'll be b
Ok friend you may have noticed that i am not a bouncer anymore. that is something i am working on. i need more training so i could do my job better. maybe once i get this training one of your favorite bouncer will be back on the job. as for real life it starting to suck again right now. stuipd place a work for keeps blocking my unemployment which mean i am getting in a big mess money wise. i am not asking for anyone to help me out here just thought i would let my friends on here know. on the good side work is picking up again so maybe i will make it after all. have a great 4th everyone.  
live today for for today....cus tomrrow has not come yet .....and yesterday is gone!    made me feel better any how maybe it will for you to!
Life Is Good, So Far Today At Least
just got done trimming some low hanging branches in the back yard. got out the leaf blower, cleaned off patio and hosed it down. was sitting smoking a bowl and a lizard jumped out of tree and landed on table dark grey head, green belly and silvery bluish back. have never seen one like that before. just sat there while i smoked then scurried away
Ok we all know that life can be great and that life can be shit. I have to admit right now my life is about as bad as it can get i seem to annoy people that i care about without even trying to, I find it hard to let people get close to me and i put a front on acting as if im happy and jokey when im not really. What i was going to say in this is that no matter how hard life seams there must be something that can be done to change it and make it better, but no matter what im doing or thinking i struggle to understand why it seams everyone else is having fun and enjoying there life more than me. Yes i have had problems in the past with people passing away and other things happening but why does it seem i cant move on... I try and be happy and to make others happy but for some reason it dosent work. If you have got any ideas that may help me feel free to comment and let me knwo your thoughts. I am not saying my life isnt worth living i have been there before and i never want to go there
 what one might think is say a man robs in the middle of the might think he is a crackhad..but if you look deeper you might find to follow an walk  his path might lead to .two kids an no mother  ..who lost his job..cant get has to take care of his kids yet because he owns the home he worked his life for  an is the very reason the state wont help! what would you do! even better what would you not do....

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