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Leveling Blog 426
Leveling Blog 427
MY NAME IS DJ 34 Single@ fubar 29k to level
Leveling Blog #428
Kanan The Dreamcatcher"K.L.W. Creations"rip any of my pics dont mind@ fubar less than 20,000 to Godfather
Leveling Blog 429
iLLlICKyOURkITTY:) (metaphorically speaking)@ fubar 24k to level
Leveling Blog 430
Sandracer AKA Mike, Owned By his BFF~Blondie~ AKA Lightning, She Rocks!!@ fubar 600k to go Auto's on for 2 more hours
Leveling Blog #431
~~One*in*a*Million~~@ fubar 12,443 to Assasin:)plz help her llamas
Leveling Blog #432
M Classic Beauty Debbie is Soooo Verrry Close to Oracle-she is 300,000 away:)She is an Awesome Friend please stop by and Help her reach ORACLE!Classicbeauty "Goddess"@ fubar imikimi - Customize Your World! M imikimi - Customize Your World! This Loving Pimpout Bully by:JoAnna
Leveling Blog 433
  Rose@ fubar Rose@ fubar         13k to level    
Leveling Blog 434     38k to level  
Leveling Blog#435
anti-terrorist@ fubar      Help level him to FubarLord!!
Levelling My Way
No One Needs to Waste Away in the Land of Silence. I can hear you. Give me time to find you. If you read these words you will receive love and light today. It is  because I weave these into each word with a copper cord. Copper is the metal of love, not gold or silver... I make jewelry with a copper cord to remind me that no necklace is ever broken. Even when a string of beads and crystals breaks, scattering upon the floor it has not broken. I will take something stronger and put the pieces back together. And I have made something more beautiful and stronger than what I once wore. This is who I am and so are you. Friends I learned something today. I know and understand the quote that says "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and when you forget that song they sing it back to you so you will remember".   you remember the song in my heart the vibration that makes me not just live but thrive in sunshine thank you for singing it back to me Thank you for bringing 
Leveling Blog#436
Star O'Fubar fu-owned Spiritwolf and luvin it:)@ fubar Please help her ORACLE she has Autos and is like 359,000 from Leveling:)hope this link works right!!  
Leveling Blog#437
Sweet Turtle@ fubar        476,000 to ORACLE:)and she has Autos:)
Leveling Blog #438
sweet and  sassy@ fubar 225,000 to Disciple:)Lets help one of our family members level-Sweet and Sassy!!
Level My Friend Babishelle needs help getting to her next level... Be a good person and help her out!
Leveling Blog #439
DoubleTap @ fubar 4,135 to level 14
Leveling Blog#440
~Midian~@ fubar 22,480 to Fubarlord- a fam. member of hers said her account got deleted a month-help if ya can plz:)
Leveling Blog #441
Uzza/SDMF Nightmare DJ/DJ Manager Excito Diabolus~Sunnys Kunt Cake~Owner Of Night Magic@ fubar 9,113 to Henchman-plz help out
Leveling Up???
I need help leveling up so that i can add more photos. I cant delete any photos for some reason & I need to submit a salute photo but I dont have enuff points to add more photos. What do I do?
Leveling Blog #442
Cowboy © ~Owner Of P.C.R.A.~@ fubar 3,703 to level only like 43 pics-plz help him out:)TY
Level Up
im happy  but  alot pf points to go now  lol 
Leveling Blog #443
HotRod@ fubar I seen a bulletin asking for help Godfathering this guy-its also his Birthday today!! So please lets help him Level:)Less than 60,000 to go!
Level This Gorgeous Lady
Now. she is less than 400k from Insider.     Tangerine Dream Lady@ fubar
I want to thank EVERYONE that has visited me for showing me love and helping me out. You guys are AWESOME!!! Thank you Thank you! I would take my hat off toyou but I dont have one on, so I will take my shirt off instead! BEWBIES!!!!! LOL (h) ...Oh! and special love to Dan. I love you shuga!
Leveling Blog #444
Sunny♥@ fubar   I know its a little more than we usually do- but please do what ya can to help her Godfather:)Please leave a blog comment if ya help-Ty!!Not many of us on lately- we will get things going again as soon as we can- I will post a few as i see them! If ur a llama and are getting close to leveling let me know!Thanks and hugzz to my llamas!!JoAnna
Leveling Blog #445
Lucky - Real Life B/F of Tempting Enchantress - Owned By Her Also@ fubar Help him Prophet plz-less than 80,000 to go but his autos ended
Leveling Blog #447
((Megan)) Cam Girl @ The Playaz Club@ fubar Less than 8,000 to level -please help if ya can:) great job last night Llamas! Muggsy still needs a few rates to level her:)
Leveling Blog #448
DJ Mystik[lette]™DJ @ Suicide Radio*Fu wifey to Lotus*~RR Member~@ fubar I was asked to help level her-help out if ya can plz:) ty
Leveling Blog #449 And #450:)
Justfishing~Fu-Hubby to NunyaB~Proud Member of Carrie's Bad Azz Boys 4 Li@ fubar 277,000 to Oracle- I know its more that we usually level but lets help him out-he is trying to level the ole fashioned way!! Lets Level him and then help out his fu wife-she's 390,000 from Oracle!~*NunyaB~Fu-wife to Justfishing*The PegasusProject~SBG@ fubar
Leveling Blog 451
  icecold@ fubar       20k to Level  
After a few months (really about 6 months) I am back and I am in SERIOUS need of some leveling help!! It would be much appreciated!!   THanks in Advance   The Bitch Your Mom Warned You About!!@ fubar  
Leveling Blog #452
funbuddy961@ fubar Less than 4,000 to go0 and 41 pics:)plz help out
Leveling Blog # 455
  Michelle~R/L Wife of Miracle Monkey~Winterhawk~Native American Pride~Member of Llama Levelers@ fubar       306k to Insider  
Leveling Blog #456
  ~M§.RÁ¡Ñ~@ fubar       10k to level 160 pics  
Leveling Blog #457
~~~BIGSEXY~~~fu engaged to COLLEGE BRAT~~~@ fubar 45,800 to GODFATHER-Lets do this for him plz:)
Leveling Blog 458
  ~~SeeKeR *@ fubar       127k to Level  
Leveling Blog 459
  biggun@ fubar       27k to Level  
Leveling Blog#460
*~Delicious~*@ fubar 4,322 to level her:)
Leveling Blog # 461
  *MZ.LIZ*  Moonlight Levelers  Head Recruiter ,Llama leveler, Affinity, FABA, FADD@ fubar       446k to Level Auto 11's on Shes one of us so kindly help her make Prophet  
Leveling Blog 462
  ☠The One☠ Proud B.A.C.A Supporter!!!@ fubar       1.5 Million to Oracle Auto 11's on  
Leveling Blog#463
angel of the night@ fubar About 20,000 to Insider
Leveling Blog 464
  bootsiej2000@ fubar       20k to Level  
Leveling Blog #465
DEADHEART(OWNER OF SPIDERS WEB)@ fubar 1,573 to level
Leveling Blog #466
«Jęń» CWP PromoTions Team - Owned By Tach@ fubar about 20,000 to level
Leveling Blog #467
Razor's Photography{Fu-Engaged To Saberoph}{CWP Promoter}{Axl's Fu Daughter}@ fubar  
Leveling Blog #468
OC ~ Enforcer @ Buxom Barbie's, Enforcer @ The Hunee Pit, Fu-Owned by TexasSweetie!@ fubar 13,437 to Godfather
Leveling Blog # 469
  b4bygurl1977@ fubar       3k to Level  
Leveling Blog 470
  Enjoying what I do best.@ fubar       12k to Level  
Leveling Blog 471
  Cooperwill ~ Crew Leader For The Moonlight Leveler@ fubar       2.4 Million to go Autos on  
Leveling Requirements
A lot of people are not aware of the requirements for each level after 30, so I am posting them for easy reference. I will do ANGELS first, and then DEMONS. At the bottom of this, I will also be putting the Level 31+ User Agreement. ANGELS Level 31~ 105,000,000 Points Must have had 100 ability points spent on you. Must have been added as family by at least 50 people at time of levelup. Level 32~ 120,000,000 Points Must have at least 25,000,000 fuBucks at time of levelup check. Must have won the spotlight after reaching level 31. Level 33~ 140,000,000 Points Must have been rated 11 by fubar family. Requirement must have been met within the last two weeks and after reaching level 32. Must reach the weekly top score in 1 of the top5 arcade games after reaching level 32. Level 34~ 165,000,000 Points
Level Her Now! She Only Has A Bit Less Than 66k To Go.
Beautifully Broken@ fubar
Level Her Now
I'm being demanding..but yeah. She's been gone for a while and decided to come back. She's amazing and she's my favorite fucker! MariaLoon@ fubar
Leveling Blog #472
thedeadlykisser " I use to be a schizophrenic, but we're both ok now "@ fubar 35,734 to Godfather
Leveling Blog 473
  ~*Heather*~@ fubar     11k to level autos on
Level Him, He's Close" target=_blank>Raistlin✯Majere✯fuMarried to Jaymatg">href="" target=_blank>@ fubar   he's less than 200,000 away...     have at it :p
Leveling Blog 474
  Hell~On~Heels@ fubar       48k to level Autos on  
Leveling Blog 475
  johan77642@ fubar       13k to Level  
Leveling Blog 476
  ~*BabyGirl*~@ fubar       173k to level  
Leveling Blog 477
  TAZZY@ fubar       32k to Level  
Leveling Blog #478
Why is there Air owned by Bella Disastro the best!@ fubar 15,994 to Disciple
Leveling Blog 479
  ::Miss Extra Krisssalicious:: Fu-Owned by (o)^(o)bies the pimp@ fubar       160k to Oracle lets help this Beautiful Lady make it  
Level 34 Help
Ok all, I am needing some help and of course I will do the same for you when you hit the level as well.  I need to be bought 50 times in fu owned in a 24 hour period.  THATS RIGHT 50!  SOOOOO I expire tomorrow and then the fun will begin.  *****PLEASE ONLY INCREASE EACH TIME YOU BUY ME THE MINIMUM POSSIBLE********DO NOT HIKE ME UP TO A CRAZY PRICE OR I WONT BE ABLE TO GET BOUGHT 50 TIMES IN 24 HOURS*****  THANKS FRIENDS, IF OYU NEED ANYTHING PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!   JON AKA CUTTERBUM
What is the deal with all the higher level people helping each other level up? I spend way too much time rating photos and voting mums to really enjoy the fun stuff.If those that are higher levels helped those way down here ,we could all have a good time instead of getting headaches and clicker finger spasms! So when ever u wonder what happened to some of the people that don't come around here much...ask yourself what u did to make their visit here when u can...and stop making fun of those who ask....they are only tired not begging!!!!
Leveling Blog 480
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       761k to Level  
Level This Lovely Lady. She Has Just A Bit Over 250k To Go. This Should Be Easy.
$safe_uid_dname@ fubar
Leveling Blog 481
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       6k to level  
Leveling Blog #482
$safe_uid_dname@ fubar 4,112 to level only 61 pics:)
Leveling Blog #483
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       100k to level he's one of our own!!  
Leveling Blog #484
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       16,900 to level  
Leveling Blog 485
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       4k to level  
Leveling Blog #487
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       136k to Angel  
Leveling Blog #488
$safe_uid_dname@ fubar 232,000 to Oracle:)Autos on
Leveling Blog #489
$safe_uid_dname@ fubar 97,666 to Disciple
Level Ms. Heather Now!!!!!!!!
She only has 770k to go. @ cherrytap
Leveling Blog 490
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       56k to Level  
Leveling Blog # 491
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       380k to Level to Oracle Auto 11's on  
Level 36 To 37 Demon
Must rate 100 different members a rating of 1.Members must be at least level 20 and online.Requirement must be completed as of 8-06-2009. i learned a new thing about this today from Bashfullhunk! you can rate someone with autos on a 1 and it still counts so no down rating needed! Mr. Sunshine
Level Justa Now
Because the link thing always goes to shit. She is my #1 Friend. She has autos on for the next 23+ hours.       @ fubar
Leveled Up
Leveled up to Oracle last night.  Thank you everyone for all the love!
Leveling Blog #492
$safe_uid_dname@ fubar 19,100 to Rockstar:)
Leveling Blog 492
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       110k to Level  
A Level 3 Sex Offender
Leveling Blog 494
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       134k to level  
Leveling Blog 497
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       5k to level  
My goal over the next few weeks is to use my ability points to help my family and top friends to level.  I will spend the next 6 weeks or so trying to help family and top friends all get to at least godfather.  So good luck to all and enjoy my points :) xoxo
Leveling Blog 498
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       56k to level  
Leveling Blog 499
  I Love Lamp™  fuEngaged to Fearless™ Enforcer @Tainted Angels@ fubar       31k to level  
9 Levels, 60 Days
9 Levels, 60 days, 105,000,000 million points.  I have nothing to give you except, I can re-rate you and show you the love you show me. My 31st birthday is Nov. 13, 2009. I want to hit Level 31, won't you help me?
Level 92 Fu Mafia Fake Busted - Jane Cloud.
Ah yes, I see even the Fu Mafia has it’s share of con artists and fakes. What a surprise my friends. Those that read my blogs on any kind of level know this to be well, basically a common theme around these parts. The users, the high level people that are shrude and cunning and will talk you into an oblivion and make you think they are important with their lies. The unemployed , unstable and truly unhappy with their life and their biggest contribution to real-life society is how “important” they think they are on Imagine that? You people see it every day. They suck ass and whatever else so hard they make a vacuum cleaner jealous. I like the site just like everyone else. I like the people that run it believe it or not. But I digress and that speech is for a later date. With that, I bring you this weekend’s busted fake…Jane Cloud…. Check it out…
Level 92 Fu Mafia Fake Busted - Jane Cloud.
Check the blog below and to the left with a similar title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
I was just looking at the requirements to level for the higher levels and I've come to the conclusion that I am never going to get that high.   "Run backwards and jump over an elephant while patting your head and rubbing your tummy, while chewing gum and fingering a Russian prostitute,drinking an iced mocha and braiding the back hair of someone's Uncle Larry."   Impossible.
Leveling From 28 To 30 Angel Or Demon
OK .........so0o0o if you are wondering why you cant level check your fu setting some ppl are sitting there with all there fubucks to pay there fu dues and have there refearls but cant fig out wth is going on and why they cant level it happend to a friend the other day..... well i went and looked at his setting you have to make sure your home page in your edit my profile is set on POWER not NORMAL or you will not see your yellow bar that will say "find out if you qualify for level 30" then you can push the lil level up box under the box where you see other ppl who have leveld before you..if you have all the requirements met   Good Luck Hope This Helped RideR ChulA If You Have Any Questions Fell Free To Sb Me =D      
*leveling Up*
Pls help me level up, ty
I need one more person to sign up under my name. I'm not sure how I'm going to pull this one off. =/ Also, I have a lot of pictures to rate. This leveling thing is a bitch now.
Leveling Help Needed?
Club Paradise is always trying to find a way to thank its members for their continued support & thank the staff for doing such an awesome job so we would like to try the following out:   Any member that is close to leveling can leave a comment here and we will be sending out a weekly promo from the lounge to all the members to see if we can help each other out.  Close to leveling will mean if you are under 100k or if you just need an ability used on you, fans, or whatever level requirement it is.  But as far as points please make sure it is 100k or under.     This is something we are testing out so we will be monitoring who is participating and asking those that are asking for help who has been to their page.  We will have a separate blog in which we will ask that you leave a comment when you help so that you can get the proper credit for helping.  If you are just joining the lounge to get leveling help, please don't bother because this help will come only if you help others.   
Level 25 Help!!
Ok, I am now working on leveling to 25. As I figured, the further up you move, the harder it is to move up. I'm not whining, or crying about it by all means. I love rating pics, voting on mumms, hanging out in lounges, voting on stash, etc. I do all of this daily. I even help people that are willing to pay for rates, and don't even care if they pay me or not just because I know they need the help. So, seeing as I'm not a Fubar "hotty" and I'm not a VIP, I'm sure leveling is going to be pretty hard for me, but I'm up for the challenge! All I am asking is for a little help from my Friends/Family/Fans.  I return all the luv I receive in one way or another.  So, below is a list of what I need to achieve Level 25!     Thanks to everyone that helps me with this! Maybe one day I can get myself a VIP and some bling packs and return the favors to all who have helped :)    
Leveling Up
Do you ever notice that on most places, and some games you have to meet requirements?? What ever happened to the simple hard work, and finish your quest, and *FFVII level up theme* ! You've leveled up. Somehow I think that these moronic places that advertise your mind, tell you in small subtleties, that you have to buy, rent, lease, or add more and more unknown people you'll never actually meet or talk to the ret of your existence, just so you can level up in a fake place for fake fame that no one but your self-centered simple minded ego might enjoy for five minutes. Why can't they just let you enjoy something that says it's "free" for actual free!!?? So I myself play along for the ride for the sake of being able to do a bit of that something, but after the first two minutes of not being able to do anything after being lured in for "free" this and that, I say fuck this, and simply leave and go do something more constructive for actual free. Like a simple walk in the park, throwing rock
9-01-2010 Today I made it to level 26.....let's see how long it takes to level again :P
I need help leveling. I am just shy of fans, and i am at 1,420,000 so i am 600,00 away on points. Can you help me?
    * 849th member to reach level 33 (Drunken Monk)     * 849th member to reach level 33 (Purveyor of Crunk)     * 727th member to reach level 34 (Horn Splitter)     * 727th member to reach level 34 (Hell Goat)     * 584th member to reach level 35 (Guardian Angel)     * 584th member to reach level 35 (Incubus)     * 506th member to reach level 36 (Divine Guide)     * 506th member to reach level 36 (Hound of Hades)     * 481st member to reach level 37 (Demon Slayer)     * 481st member to reach level 37 (Soul Slayer)     * 429th member to reach level 38 (Saint Levelus)     * 429th member to reach level 38 (Doppelganger)     * 550th member to reach level 39 (Demigod)     * 550th member to reach level 39 (Lord of War)     * 465th member to reach level 40 (Hellraiser)      * 655th member to reach level 41 (Winged Messenger)     * 550th member to reach level 42 (Holy Roller)     * 508th member to reach level 43 (Ascended Being)     * 444th member to reach level 44 (Halo Bender)     *
Leveling Requirements
Striving for level 36 and getting close. One of the requirements is to push 5 who are a minimum level 10 to the next level. I have pushed at least 5 in the last week but I show zero credit. I asked Fubar support why and was told they can't be above level 19....If you check level 36 requirements, you will see nothing about a maximum level. This is bogus
well i keep leveling however i am at the level to become angel or demon i chose angel and i get to pimp out ppl and i don't even no how....lmao thank you to every one who has helped me along the way.. i would love to send bling but i have no credits and cant bring my self to buy is it really worth the money they want for that stuff hell hubby wants to get fu married and they want 80.00 to do that really i didn't pay that much for our real licence... lol well I'm just babbling trying out this blog thing... stay sweet you all and keep the love coming... trish
You know in the beginning leveling was fun and easy.   Now you have to give an arm, a leg, someone a blow job (still haven't out who yet), or sell your saggy titty shots and roast beef looking   pussy to get ahead.   I'm in a manic stage in my Bi-Polar depression so excuse me if I go to fast.   Ooooooo which reminds me Prince is making an appearence at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville and I soooooooooooooooooooooooo    wanna go. He is one adorable little black man who has the best taste in shoes. :D  
Leveling Requirements 20 - 45
Level 20 Requirements POINTS:425,000 points required at time of level up check.Profile rates:Get 15 new profile ratesFan of:Fan 25 new membersBuzz:Be at 100% on the buzz meter at time of levelup checkSalute:Have one approved salute Level 21 Requirements POINTS:750,000 points required at time of level up check.Member profile rates:Rate 50 new profilesBig Pimpin Gift:Get a new "Big Pimpin" gift Level 22 Requirements POINTS:1,500,000 points required at time of level up check.Rates to your profile:Get profile rated 25 timesNew Fans:Get 10 new fansBuzz:Be at exactly 50% on the buzz meter at time of levelup check. Level 23 Requirements
Level Requirements
Hi my #2 family member needs 500 likes to level that is his REQUIREMENTS pls help him out
Leveling Up
there's 2 ways to look at the leveling up proceedures on fu. one way is to accept it naively, following those before you through the maze of accomplishments, with all of it's accompaning fan fare of colors, lights(casinos ring a bell?), andplacement on the board. or see it for what it is, a great social experiment in conditioning! all that's missing is for us to have red eyes and a long hairless tail. all here are beeing trained to go with meaningless tasks, in the endless quest ...for what? I tell you this, i won't be sheeple, led to the slaughter in a completely mindless docility! here and now, i strike out against the "fluffy" cartel. i won't invite my friends, won't jump through your hoops, and soon the fire of rebellion will spread, there will be casualties, with truth becoming the first, but chaos will engulf and return us to a more normal state of perpetual revolution! like i said there are to ways to look at the leveling up processes here at fu.
Level 37 Demons - The Easiest Way To Level!
Level 37 can be a challenging level for anyone to complete. The level is especially difficult for people that are Demons because it's difficult to find 50 Demons to add you to their family!  With the new ability structure it is a little easier because there are more people under lvl 40 that are demons, but I still find it is easier to level as an angel. So here is my recommendation, and it has helped a lot of people succeed on this level! Part of the leveling requirements is to use all 11 abilities - 6 demon and 5 angel abilities. Since you have to switch, you should do all 6 of your demon abilities first. Shitface (1), Buzzkill (1), Fam Boost Self (2), Point Boost Self (4), Name Screw (5), and Cloak (8). This will take more than one day due to the number of ability points you have.  Once you have completed all 6 of the demon abilities, then you switch to Angel (at this time the cost to switch is $5 Million FuBucks). Once you have switched to angel you can begin doing the angel abili
Level 37 Getting Temp Family Adds
Hopefully you've read my other post and plan to level to 38 as an Angel.  If not, please read my post -  Level 37 Demons - the easiest way to level! I know some people that spend days or weeks looking for angel fam adds as they get their points. They get so frustrated that some people add them, then remove them, insisting they need the adds NOW when in fact they won't be ready to level for days, or perhaps weeks!  Relax!!  You can let people know you will need fam adds when you get your points, but don't stress, or get upset as you watch that number go up and down. Focus on the other leveling requirements. 140 Million points, Giftback from a n00b, level up 10 members, and used all 11 angel/demon abilities - then you can worry about getting the family adds you need to level. Once you have successfully completed all of the leveling requirements other than the fam adds, contact me and perhaps some of your other good friends!  If we can coordinate a time when you will be online for about
Level 51(updated)
NEWS UPDATE! This just in Babyjesus just announced "moving the pimpout and reset11's angel/demon abilities to require level 40+, but doubling the number of ability points they require.. from 3 to 6"   We have added level 51.  Level 51 will have the ability for pimp outs. They also have the ability to reset someones 11s.  Many of you have voiced your opinion on this in the support lounge. Rather than clog up the support lounge with angry people who just want a place to voice an opinion, I have created this blog for you to be able to post your criticism and state your opinion.  Adding new levels is never easy. While some people love the change there will be people who do not like it. Please do not abuse or be nasty to bouncers or admins. Thanks For the record! Pimpouts came way after the fact of the online bar. If you were here at this point, then you would know that a pimp out was actually a manual process where a member would make a bulletin and pimp out a user.The online user bar
Leveling Up
Okay, I need to buy 5 'pets', or FuOwn FuBar members, in order to level up. I personally find the concept of human ownership to be distasteful, even if it is only just a game.   But if I gotta, I only think it SHOULD be necessary to get the slave's permission first, right? Right?     So, who's willing to volunteer for the position?
Level 37 - New List Of Abilities To Be Done
Requirements have changed - thankfully you no longer have to switch from angel to demon or vice versa - here's the list of abilities! Reveal Crush - 1 point Fam Boost someone - 2 points Point Boost someone - 4 points Altruize someone - 8 Points Vouch for someone - 10 Points Buzzkill someone - 1 point Shitface someone - 1 point Fam Boost Self - 2 points Point Boost Self - 4 points Cloak someone - 8 points Name Screw someone - 5 points   To reveal crush or to use your abilities on yourself, it depends on your Homepage type. If you're using most of the homepage styles you go to the top, click "My" then an option says "abilities". If you use the fSB homepage style Normal, then you click where it says "Ability Points" under your point total and FuBucks Balance.  Or to make it easy - go here and you can reveal crush, fam boost yourself, or point boost yourself.
Level Requirement And Offer( S )
Levels Of Insanity
1. Talks to self. 2. Argues with self. 3. Loses arguement with self.  4. Is no longer speaking to self.   ~~just as I thought so this 'I think so I am' saying thats floating around is insanity~~
I am really confused, anyone have any ideas for me? i need 9 more achievments to level , although some i cannot acomplish because the limited editions blings are not availbe in the bling shop?? any suggestions
Level 37 - New List Of Abilities To Be Done
Level 37 - New list of abilities to be done Here is the new list of abilities to make sure you get them all and don't have to switch more than once to Demon.  It is still easier to get the 50 fam adds as an angel in my experience. Angel Abilities Reveal Crush - 1 point Fam Boost someone - 2 points Point Boost someone - 4 points Altruize someone - 8 Points Vouch for someone - 10 Points   Demon Abilities Buzzkill someone - 1 point Shitface someone - 1 point Fam Boost Self - 2 points Point Boost Self - 4 points Cloak someone - 8 points Name Screw someone - 5 points   As a demon, to use your abilities on yourself, it depends on your Homepage type. If you're using "hotness" You go to the top, click "My" then an option says "abilities". If you use the fSB homepage, then you click where it says "Ability Points" under your point total and FuBucks Balance.
Ok here is the deal I have been keeping an eye on what is needed for me to level and for what i see its going to be hard for me to do in the next three or four more levels or even more for that matter. I have tried my best to find people to help me out and have no luck and i have also taken advice in what to do and still nothing. I know i can get all the points needed in every level but the other stuff i need the most help with and would pay it back in any matter that i can do so. So for anyone that reads this hopefully you understand that im asking for help and will do any repaying back i can afford otherwise I wouldnt ask if i could do it myself. Thanks for hearing me out on the matter and hopefully understanding.
Leveling As A Guy
Ok this is going to happen. I am going for max level with spending zero money. I will just keep this blog updated. This is for all the guys out there that cry cause woman get what they want on here. All it takes is respect, being nice, helpful, friendly, and just an over all good friend. So to get me started im going to ask for a VIP. I need to get rates going and deals made. I will be taking donations of kind (just like woman do, I just have to work harder) What I am looking for now if possible is Awesome families, ones that want to help each other A VIP would be awesome like I mentioned above (until then I am spamming 10s lol) Any advice on how to help me get going better Looking forward to this and I will keep this updated.   Update 5/6/12 - I managed to get a VIP gift to me, so there is hope :) Any other gifts anyone wants to shower me with will be happily accepted   Update: 5/25/12 - Leveling as a guy on here is 100% like being stuck at the DMV forever :)    
Level 55
well to get to level 55 the price here is too high......I need the 10,000 in likes ....that will cost the 5 HH and the 6 RockStars let`s do some math ....5 HH is $250 or 300 credits....the 6 RS are another 210 credits and if you are doing that you have to reset a few times that day and help some of the family with some it would cost $500 to $600 dollars......this site costs too much now for me ..... something else have anyone else here ever wondered if fubar gives some of the big players here bling?.....I don`t know where they get the money to run ablities ever hour of the day
 i think fubar should lower the level to move up and it not fair to any of us to do all of what they want
Level 57 White Knuckler
I WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME ON THIS SITE TILL THE WHITE KNUCKER IS GONE OR TIME IS LOWERED ON IT! WHATS THE POINT IN SPENDING MONEY IF U CANT LEVEL? I got a 2 yr old a 5 yr old and a 7 year old. how am i suppose to stay up 36 hours to polish LE bling? I know most of you if not all of you have others helping you! Sharing your acct info or having people come over to your house and doing this for you!! So whats the point? PLUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I have already done something similar to this except it was any bling.. So why must we do it again?
Levels Of Submission
Levels Of Submission Within the S/M subculture, different people use the words "submissive" and "slave" to mean many different things. When submissives say I want to be your "slave", sometimes they mean only that they want to be tied up and whipped. Many professional Dominants routinely refer to their (usually not very genuinely submissive clients) as "slaves". At the other extreme, there are people who want to be full-time personal servants, and who truly want to exist solely for their Dominant's use, pleasure and convenience. And there are many shades in between these two extremes. THE OUTRIGHT NON-SUBMISSIVE MASOCHIST or KINKY SENSUALIST. Not into servitude, humiliation or giving up control; just pain and/or spiced-up sensuality, on the masochist's own terms and for the masochist's own direct pleasure (i.e., turned on solely/mainly by one's own bodily sensations rather than by being "used" to gratify partner's sadism). PSEUDO-SUBMISSIVE NON-SLAVE. Not into eve
9 Levels Of Dominance
The non-Dominant "kinky" lover: This person is not into power exchange and being in control. They only enjoy the heightened sexuality the D/s scene brings to them.  They feel "safe" in the scene if both the parties involved are having fun.  The normally won't try new things without first being told by the submissive specific things they would enjoy.  Their pleasure is from the sexual activity and not from spanking the submissive or being in control. The role playing Dominant but not a Master: This person is normally found on-line.  They will be Dominant and appear to be in control.  They may be into humiliation and enjoy playing roles.  They will have the submissive serve them, kneel, and act as they want the submissive to act.  They like to "train" new submissives because they feel safe when their charge has little knowledge about D/s.  The Dominant will normally not "force" the submissive to do things or request things that will push the submissives limits.  The only
Leverkusen In Pole Position To Sign Son
Leverkusen in pole position to sign Son Bayer Leverkusen have moved to the front of the queue to sign Hamburg forward Heung-Min Son, according to Bild. The Imtech Arena outfit would prefer to keep hold of their prized asset, but with his contract due to expire in a year’s time and their financial situation far from perfect, they have no choice but to sell.Until few weeks ago, Tottenham, Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund were being mentioned as the player’s suitors, but things have changed considerably of late. Arsenal jerseyWith none of the three clubs deciding to pursue their interest, it appears Vfl Wolfsburg and Bayer Leverkusen will be vying for the player’s signature.Son is unlikely to be too keen on joining the Wolves seeing as how they have been pretty disappointing of late, but he could be tempted by an offer from Leverkusen. Bayer have established themselves as one of top German sides and the lure of Champions League football is likely to drive the
Level Up
Can i get 50 more profile rates-Please!!! :)
Level 40
Level Payouts
New Missions for those above 150Extort From A Govt. OfficialPlatinum - 5 SCB-304 Subs 5 AH-64 Apache 4 Outlet Strips 5 Plasma Cannons 35 Silver MinesDiamond level - $64 T, 400 skill pts , 20 BFG ,10 Plasma Cannons , 4 Turrets , 40 Gold MineFix A Horse RacePlatinum - 5 Armored Trucks , 2 Mines , 1 Laser Turret , 80 ScrubsDiamond - $48T , 400 skill pts 20 BFG , 4 Plasma Cannons , 3 Turrets, 75 Silver MineCommit Stock FraudPlatinum - 250 Merc Repellents.Diamond - $32T , 400 skill points , 20 BFG , 4 Plasma Cannons , 135 Data CenterKidnap For RandsomPlatinum - cash regens every 5 minutes for 4 hoursDiamond - $24T , 400 skill pts , 10 BFG , 4 Plasma Cannons , 3 Turrets , 60 Copper MineEavesdrop Cellular Phone NetworkPlatinum - cash flow every 2 & 1/2 minutes , 70 scrubsDiamond - $16T 400 skill pts , 10 BFG , 4 Plasma Cannons. 3 Turrets , 120 OfficeRig An Underground CagefightPlatinum - 2 TUV , 1 Condo , 25 RBS, 26 Town Square , 60 C-4Diamond - $12T , 400 skill pts , 10 BFG , 3 Plasma Cannon
Level 57 Tips
First of all I would like to thank each and every one of you that helped me reach it to level 58.  First of all if you are going for this level a few tips i might mention that helped me make it here are:    1. Start on the wed before you are going for it not thursday thursday will set you day one with a bad rank and you will have to work harder all week.    2. Stock your page with about 500-600 credits being a male it cost me 550 for the week. (with the help from good friends not charging me)    3. Max fu pal on credits is 5 times a day soo team up with a friend that is also going for it and take turns buying each other in it will get the both of you in more famalies.    4.Since your buying into so many families my suggestion would be run boomies that way your reg. people and more can still rate you.    5.Something i didnt do but is a tip from a friend.. run a few blast during the week and do all possible to stay in live feed     6. Most important LIVE on the active bling page r
Level 57, Top 10
Ranking  is not for the weak.... (ranking resets every Wednesday) first off, i wanna say THANK YOU to everyone that helped me try to level. (knowing how awesome you are, is the ONLY reason i thought i had a chance)i think i did it wrong,  this is how i will run my 2nd and last attempt. ~ have a butt load of credits (500..)  ~ Happy Hour isn't needed ~ Boomer for every 4 hours of the week (42) ~ if you can, the same amount of big bangs (they reset your rates) ~ TELL your friends and family your plan and ask them for help (you cant bitch later they didn't help, if u haven't told them your plan) ~ very little to no famps(giving your rates away isn't helping you reach top 10) ~ IF you're famping and trade it with the opposite sex and people not trying to rank, they are not your competition.  ~ keep a shovel handy (for the bullshit)  ok so now you think your ready, you got your boomers and big bangs and the butt load of credits?
Leving Fubar
Well folks IM probably gonna be leaving fubar within the next 48 hours. If ya wana keep in touch Send me a PM and ill forward my Yahoo and or MSN sns so we can keep in contact, im fed up with the smart mouthed cowards who hide behind monitors talking shit. I know its only the internet But some of the shit they say about The trooops pisses me off so bad i litterally want to kill these folks. it isnt worth my aggrivation
Levi Coby Free Song teddy dreams hope u like and the others to gblesss
Leving Blog 259
wolfsub2001@ fubar 105k to level
Leving Blog 260
Mystikalady & Her Cowboy@ fubar 174k to level
Leving Blog 261
N.O.L.A~Kid~504@ fubar 6k to level
Levi Stats . 97 % Chance Of Being A Total Loser
Levi's mob of 750 (including 2 eligible mercenaries) fought with: 89 Reinforced Blast Shelters, 203 Leopard II Main Battle Tanks, 54 Blast Shelters, 547 Tactical Utility Vehicles, 607 Full-Body Tactical Armors, 750 M134D Gatling Guns
Levle Up Hi
Lev Me Sum Love , Will Ya?? Muahzz
There are two classes of lips. Hers. Everyone else's. Or in other words, perfection and non-perfection.
Levveling Blog#446
Muggsy77~ aka Chuckles~TINY BUBBLES~ AAARRRGGG!!!!!!!!@ fubar Muggsy is a Llama-plz help her about 17,500 to level to Fu king:)
Lew, Bill, Tupac, And Mitchell
by Dr. William Pierce I was surprised to receive a number of letters from irate citizens who were angry and frightened about what Bill Clinton said in a speech to graduating seniors at Portland State University in Oregon on June 13. The Fastest Zipper in the West told his audience -- and that included television viewers all over America -- that we must not do anything to slow the flow of immigrants from the Third World into the United States. He denounced as "wrongheaded" those White Americans who fear that "the America they know and love is becoming a foreign land." That is a wrongheaded view of Third World immigration, Clinton said. Instead we must welcome more "diversity." More "diversity" will be good for us, he said. Anyway, he gloated, there's nothing you can do to stop it. The White majority in America will become a minority within the next 50 years, so get used to it, you wrongheaded bigots. The White America you knew and loved will become non-White. And to try to oppose thi
Lewd Remarks
Catf1sh will go to jail for ... Making lewd remarks to your arresting officer 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
Lewd Student Fuck Granny Teacher At Home
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Lewis And Clark
The Lewis and Clark expedition ate dog meat during their travels.
Lewis And Clark
First chance I get I'm going Lewis and Clark all over you - I'm going to explore your hidden parts in little bits of spilling outs between the making loves and the silences... First chance I get, in the exhaustion of the after agains I will tell you what you mean to me so far - those will be the words most meant, most felt. And when each inch of you is charted, we may know each other in ways never expected. © All rights reserved
Lewinsky And Kaczynski
Lewinsky and Kaczynski The Washington Post runs a weekly contest in its Style section called the 'Style Invitational'. The requirements this week were to use the two words 'Lewinsky' (the Intern) and 'Kaczynski' (the Unabomber) in the same limerick. Now, remember, the following winning entries were actually printed verbatim in the newspaper, no bleeps or xxxs: Third place: There once was a girl named Lewinsky Who played on a flute like Stravinsky 'Twas 'Hail to the Chief' On this flute made of beef That stole the front page from Kaczynski. Second place: Said Clinton to young Ms. Lewinsky, We don't want to leave clues like Kaczynski, Since you made such a mess, Use the hem of your dress And please wipe that stuff off your chinsky. And the winning entry: Lewinsky and Clinton have shown What Kaczynski must surely have known, That an intern is better Than a bomb in a letter, When deciding how best to be blown.
Lewis Carroll
I recently finished Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, and I'm currently wrapping up Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. I thoroughly enjoy Carroll's creative word play and use of poetry and riddles in his writing, but I have come to a conclusion regarding his apparent muse: acid. Mr. Carroll was seriously fucked up and it shows like a zit on the Prom Queens forehead during pictures. If you have a little time and wish to forever ponder the fundamental characteristics lost in the transition between child and adulthood, read Carroll. Cory
Lewis And Clark Nwr 10-16-08
FINALLY!!!! back where i belong. i love hunting the "LC". just up from Astoria, OR and on the mighty Columbia River, this is no place for pussies. we head out onto the river following the GPS to a series of islands we are going to hunt on. the water is unusually rough for the morning. i am used to the ride out being on glassy water, not 2 foot rollers. the spray off the bow is invigorating, which was welcomed as this was day two of a back-to-back trip and i had spent the previous night in my truck. needless to say, quality sleep was not a term that could be used to describe my last 48 hours. we found our spot and got set up. i took the big boat and moved it off about 400 yards and paddled my layout back to the blind. we got a bit of shooting in before the tide ran out on us leaving us looking at a vast mud flat. with nothing to do for a few hours until the water came back, we broke out the sandwiches, coffee, and told each other lies for awhile. once the water
Lewis, I Hate Thee.
Under each question, answer it, then go to urbandictionary. com and put the VERY FIRST definition that comes up. 1) Whats your name? ME: Carianne UD: Carianne Carianne isn't defined yet. 2) Whats your age? ME:20 UD:20 Bag of Weed, costs $20.00 dollars and is enough to make 4 fat joints. I know this dealer that sells 20's. 3) Name one of your friends? ME: Nicci UD: Nicci smart, classy, funny, weird, diva. the best of women that chick is a nicci. 5) Whats you favorite color? ME: shiny (yes that is a color xD) UD: shiny To be good, in a state of being good, to be having a good time. (See Firefly) How are you today? Shiny. Cool. 6) What is the name of the city you were born in? ME: Munster UD: Munster The act of hiding something in the rectum (or vagina) for the purpose of smuggling or concealing from authorities. "Oh shit, here comes a cop! Where's that pot I gave you?" "Don't worry dude, I munstered it." 7)W
Lewis Black
Watch comedian Lewis Black rant and rave about GREAT STRIDES in a new video: Lewis Black is more than just a funny man. He is willing to make a difference. --MLB
Lewiston's Finests - Midnight In A Strange, Familiar City -
Midnight in a strange, familiar city It's midnight in a downtown that smells like an onion bagel. It's raining and everything looks warped but it's all very familiar. The knots of hollow-eyed young people hanging out in the shine of a closed store. Are these Archie-type kids talking about video games and homework? Or roving meth addicts waiting to roll a vulnerable stranger? A man ambles across a dark corner dragging a tattered bag and murmuring to himself. He might be an unfortunate soul with a sack of misfortune or he could be mentally deranged and hauling body parts through the streets. In front of a bar men and women gather smoking cigarettes and littering empty streets with course laughter that echoes strangely in the rain. They might be a merry band searching for reasons to celebrate or thugs who will jump you to pass on a plague of blues. It's a downtown of unknowns that are paradoxically predictable. It's either a party or a knife fight and it's not easy to tell the
Lewis Told The Associated
INDIANAPOLIS -- Tony Kanaan has been called just about every name in the book. Cameron Wake Womens Jersey . Fan favourite, pole-sitter, race-day favourite, race leader, even the last starter on the grid. For Kanaan, the past decade of Indianapolis has been filled with close calls, bad luck and frustration. But he keeps coming back to this 2.5-mile oval because he loves the race and its fans, and he figures eventually, the racing spirits might show some empathy for him, too. "I dont think Ive had a bad memory here," he says with that confident smile and playful chuckle. "Ive just got to think things happen for a reason." Whatever the reason, Kanaan, the 2004 IndyCar champ, has been the king of hard knocks at Indy. -- In 2004, he was leading until a pit stop on lap 133, then ran second until Buddy Rice passed him on lap 150. Thirty laps later, a storm sent Rice to Victory Lane and Kanaan to a post-race news conference as the runner-up. -- In 2007, he was leading on lap 113 when the rain
Lex And Charlene
Lex And Aria
L'excitation Entourant Nouveautés Android
Smartphones sous Android sont la seule chose que chaque propriétaire de téléphone cellulaire parle. Ces téléphones sont plus qu'une tendance flashy nouvelle. Ils sont devenus une ressource essentielle pour les nouveaux utilisateurs de téléphones génération. L'Android a donné aux utilisateurs la flexibilité tant pour leurs smartphones personnels. C'est pourquoi le téléphone a acquis une si grande quantité de popularité dans un court laps de temps. En seulement des 3 derniers mois de la conception de l'Android a été améliorée et de nouveaux appareils avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités ont frappé les étagères. Les utilisateurs de téléphones cellulaires attendre avec beaucoup d'impatience sur les nouvelles versions et pressé de magasins pour ramasser ces téléphones qui viennent avec de meilleures applications, plus de jeux, et un niveau élevé de flexibilité. La publication récente du Nexus S de Google prouve que l'Android est seulement plus forte. Le processeur du smartphone est plus rapi
L'excitation Entourant Nouveautés Android
Smartphones sous Android sont la seule chose que chaque propriétaire de téléphone cellulaire parle. Ces téléphones sont plus qu'une tendance flashy nouvelle. Ils sont devenus une ressource essentielle pour les nouveaux utilisateurs de téléphones génération. L'Android a donné aux utilisateurs la flexibilité tant pour leurs smartphones personnels. C'est pourquoi le téléphone a acquis une si grande quantité de popularité dans un court laps de temps. En seulement des 3 derniers mois de la conception de l'Android a été améliorée et de nouveaux appareils avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités ont frappé les étagères. Les utilisateurs de téléphones cellulaires attendre avec beaucoup d'impatience sur les nouvelles versions et pressé de magasins pour ramasser ces téléphones qui viennent avec de meilleures applications, plus de jeux, et un niveau élevé de flexibilité. La publication récente du Nexus S de Google prouve que l'Android est seulement plus forte. Le processeur du smartphone est plus rapi
Lexis 4th Birthday So Far
Well my lil girl Lexis turns 4 today. She woke up at 2 something this morning. She finally went back to sleep around 6:20 and was woken up at 7 this morning. I was not in good mood. It was her sperm donor whom ended up waking her up. NEways, I was the first to wish her a Happy Birthday, then my son Caleb wished her a Happy Birthday. Caleb made Lexis a birthday card. Well her sperm donor completely ignored Lexi. It hurt her. I seen the look in her eyes. She got angry and told him she didnt want him here and I was backing her up 100%. All my babys'sperm donor wanted to do is run his mouth about something he knew nothing about. NEways after he left to take Caleb to school Lexis just wanted me to hold her and I did. I couldnt help but cry because I knew it really hurt her that a man whom is supposed to her daddy completely ignored her on her birthday. I called him a low down heartless b**tard whom should be tortured until he died. He had no right to ignore her especially on her birthday al
Lexie's B-day Party
My niece turned 7 on Wed and we're having her party this afternoon..........OMG everyone pray for me!!! She invited her entire cheerleading squad plus her other friends, then there is the rest of my nieces....There is going to be like 50 kids at a skating party!!! Let's hope that Icome back normal...LOL Love my girls, but 50?? I will let yall' know how I survive... XOXOXO Hugs n Luvs!!! Sarah (Sarbear)
Lexi's 3rd B-day!
Well, it's a day late, but it's here, Lexi had her 3rd b-day party last night. It was nothing spectacular, just a cake here at the house with family, but it was nice. She picked out her own Ariel cake. Sissy got her a Hannah Montana mic and I got her a Hannah Montana guitar with a built in mic too. She loved them of course and I wish the batteries would run out already, but it's cute watching her and sissy play and sing with them. Going to see Grandpa Wendell on Saturday and Grammy Lynda on Sunday. Then Monday Tash is starting t-ball again. Anyway, that's what's been going on recently
Lexicon Of Bawlamarese Nuff said Hon!
Lexi Is The Best
Make on Snapvine
L'extérieur Du Blouson
Menuire Blanc [MR00140] - €184.99 : Acheter Moncler achat en solde & le plus haut gamme Doudoune Moncler Femme|moncler france Vestes & Doudoune Moncler - Livraison Gratuite Avec son modèle brillant et sa doublure de duvet extrêmement chaude, Moncler France Online ce blouson Moncler est un style parfait. Collet Moncler Doudoune Femme montant avec fermeture Moncler Homme Vest En Noire et Bleu [moncler-245] Moncler | New Collection - Moncler Kollektion Herbst/Winter. à Borussia Dortmund 2 Star T-Shirt 2012 glissière dans Moncler Billig Kaufen les deux sens à l'avant. Poches avec fermeture à glissière dans les deux sens. Rayures de nylon satinées ivoires, rouges et marines sur le devant. Poignets munies d'une bande élastique. Patch avec logo sur la manche gauche. L'extérieur du Blouson: 100% Polyamide; Doublure: 100% Polyamide. Remplissage: 100% Duvet.
The Lexus
A woman walked into a Lexus dealership to browse, and spotted the most beautiful, perfect "loaded" Lexus. She walked over to inspect it more closely. As she bent forward to feel the fine leather upholstery, an unexpected little burst of flatulence escaped her. Very embarrassed, she anxiously looked around to see if anyone had noticed. There, standing right behind her, was a salesman. With a pleasant smile he greeted her, "Good day, Madame. How may we help you today?" Trying to maintain an air of sophistication and acting as though nothing had happened, she smiled back and asked, "Sir, what is the price of this lovely vehicle?" Still smiling pleasantly, he replied, "Madame, I'm very sorry to say that if you farted just touching it, you're gonna shit when you hear the price."
Lexus 350
YA GOTTA LOVE THIS ONE: > > > I bought a new Lexus 350 and returned to the dealer the next day > because I couldn't get the radio to work. The salesman explained that > the radio was voice activated. > > "Nelson," the salesman said to the radio. The Radio replied, "Ricky or > Willie?" "Willie!" he continued and "On The Road Again" came from the > speakers. > > Then he said, "Ray Charles!", and in an instant "Georgia On My Mind" > replaced Willie Nelson. I drove away happy, and for the next few days, > every time I'd say, "Beethoven," I'd get beautiful classical music, > and if I said, "Beatles," I'd get one of their awesome songs. > > Yesterday, a couple ran a red light and nearly creamed my new car, but > I swerved in time to avoid them. I yelled, "Ass Holes!" > > Immediately the French National Anthem began to play, sung by Jane > Fonda and Barbara Streisand nod, backed up by Michael Moore and The Dixie > Chicks and Babbles Boxer, with John Kerry on guitar
Lexus Is-f
Lexxus&wayne Wonder Anything Goes
Lezbe Friends
I'm new to the albuquerque area so if there are any cherries out ther that would like to show a new girl the scene here and how girls have fun here hit me up k
She's hot, shes got it all, shes bringing the real rock direct to The Ace Cafe, come see her or miss out on the time of your life!! Terror Brothers Radio is pleased to present to you, LIVE in The Ace Cafe .... !!!DJ LEZKA!!! Come to THE coolest place on fubar, for lots of drinks, laughs, friends, hot guys and girls and most importantly GREAT music!
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Lezzies Out To Piss And Kiss
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Lfe And Romance
Lf353 Jfet-inputdual Operational Amplifier
This device is a low-cost, high-speed, JFET-input operational amplifier with very low input offset voltage. It requires low supply current yet maintains a large gain-bandwidth product and a fast slew rate. In addition, the matched high-voltage JFET input provides very low input bias and offset currents.   The LF353 can be used in applications such as high-speed integrators, digital-to-analog converters, sample-and-hold circuits, and many other circuits. The LF353 is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.
Lfo-girl On Tv
Lf. Pierce Scored Nine Of His 24 Points During A Game-breaking Third-quarter Run And Avery Bradley Hit His First Career Three-pointer, Helping The Cel
BOSTON -- Boston coach Doc Rivers didnt hide the fact that his team should beat an injury-riddled New Jersey team. Paul Pierce listened and nearly took care of it himself. Pierce scored nine of his 24 points during a game-breaking third-quarter run and Avery Bradley hit his first career three-pointer, helping the Celtics beat the Nets 89-70 Wednesday night. After what looked like a listless first half, Boston took over with an 18-3 third-quarter closing run. "He mainly talked about us," Pierce said Rivers told the team after the sluggish first half. "He just told us we should win this game with all the injuries they have. We just needed to clean up some things and stop turning the ball over." Reserve Brandon Bass scored 15 and grabbed 13 rebounds, and Rajon Rondo had eight points and 12 assists for the Celtics (4-3). Boston has won four straight since dropping all three of a season-opening road trip. Kevin Garnett had 14 points and 12 boards, Bradley finished with 11 points
Lfw: Vainness Good Photos
 LFW: Vainness Good Photos With this London Manner Week the nation's Face Gallery presents Vanity Reasonable Photos: Pictures 1913-2008. The particular Very important personel release had been subsidized by Burberry and captivated the star-studded masses including Naomi Campbell, Emma Watson as well as Lilly Allen. The actual exhibit examines Counter Fair superstar images in the magazine very first version via 1913-1936 as well as via 1983 until eventually right now. Un-exhibited images are saved to Burberry Outlet Shop curated by Donald Pal, Mirror Fair Manager of Innovative Development along with Terrence Pepper, NPG's Curator associated with Photos ilogimjd. Vainness Honest Portrait runs coming from fourteen Feb . and 26 May possibly 2009 with the Nationwide Face Gallery, as well as tour going to Scottish Countrywide Symbol Gallery, Glasgow, later on this coming year; LACMA, Los Angeles, USA; as well as National Symbol Gallery, Canberra, Australia.
Lfye Jenning Let's Do This Right
Let's Do This Right [1st Verse:] This ones for my people locked up Know we keep you in our prayers and aint forgot about you out here No Call me whenever you feel Cause I know a lot of folks don't keep it real I know they got their own life but still When you love someone you let them know You don't let them go It's hard enough being alone Missing your family missing your home Whether you're right or wrong I'll be by your side Keeping your hope alive I know how it feels to cry So you aint alone in your struggle for life To my people [Chorus:] Hold up, Lets do this right First blaze one for all my fellas that aint here with us tonight hold up, lets do this right first blaze one for all my fellas that aint here with us tonight some of them for life [2nd Verse:] Your kids doing just fine The youngest, reminds me of you all the time He even shoots that ugly jumper from the foul line like you do and your girl she doin ok but dont concern yourself with
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Élégant Et Cher Phone Android Carry Out Technologie
Difficiles technologies innovantes pour la vente dans le monde d'aujourd'hui, pas cher téléphone Android sont livrés avec toutes les caractéristiques de l'époque moderne, ni ne doit vous coûter une petite fortune. Dans le HTC Wildfire et le combiné HTC Desire vers Samsung Galaxy Ace série comportant le plus le mini-téléphones android sauf le temps attendus de n'importe quel smartphone, y compris haut de la ligne Web 2. 0 Intégration de Twitter, les dessins, les écrans tactiles dans la plupart des tailles, caméras, magnétoscopes, ordinateurs, GPS, et bien plus encore! Samsung propose quelques-unes des plus étonnantes les téléphones Android sur le marché aujourd'hui avoir sa série Galaxy. Avec un taux de satisfaction élevé, et les ressources de smartphones, la ligne de produits est le pionnier dans les téléphones Android. L'original Samsung Galaxy possède un écran tactile de 3,5 pouces, des capacités étonnantes d'Internet, compatible avec la technologie Bluetooth, GPS et design fin et a
Lg Bd300 Network Blu-ray Player
LG BD300 Network Blu-ray Player Interfaces With Netflix Print E-mail Home Theater News Blu-ray Hardware News Written by Thursday, 31 July 2008 LG BD300 Network Blu-ray Player Interfaces With Netflix LG has officially announced their upcoming release of the BD300 Network Blu-ray player. A step that is surely aimed at creating a bridge between movie downloads and hardware players, the BD300 will interface with Netflix. The player will be able to link to your Netflix account and access movies stored in your user queue and begin streaming them directly to your HDTV. The player will require a wired broadband connection. The user will be able to access more than 12,000 titles in the Netflix library, including movies and TV shows. There is no word on whether you will be able to stream movies in full 1080p resolution. Our guess is you will not be able to as it probably would be highlighted in the announcement. The player will also upconvert SD DVD to 10
Lg Chocolate
I absolutely cannot get the MP3 player on this damn phone to work. I connect it to my computer and it doesn't recognize it's there. Also, the USB drivers supplied on the CD don't install on my computer. What piece of crap. At least all the features on previous cell phone that was five years old worked. Also, why the fuck does this phone not have a speakerphone capability. I don't use it very often, but it's nice to have when you do need it.
Lg Lança Celular Optimus 4x Hd No Brasil Por R$ 1.699
A LG deu início nesta quinta (25) à venda do seu smartphone topo de linha, o Optimus 4X HD, com tela de 4,7 polegadas e android 4.0 no Brasil por um preço sugerido de R$ 1.699. A resolução da tela do celular é de 1.280 x 720 pixels (densidade de 312 pixels por polegada, abaixo dos 329 ppp do iPhone 4S e acima dos 306 ppp do Galaxy S 3). O aparelho, grandalhão, tem processador Nvidia Tegra 3 de núcleo quádruplo e 1,5 GHz, câmera de 8 Mpixels e bateria de 2.150 mAh de capacidade. Seus concorrentes diretos são o Samsung Galaxy S 3 (R$ 1.999), Motorola Razr i (R$ 1.399), Motorola Razr HD (R$ 1.899) e Apple iPhone 4S (R$ 1.999). Entre suas outras características, o aparelho tem memória interna de 16 Gbytes, entrada para cartão microSD e 1 Gbyte de RAM. Além de conectividade 3G (não há 4G), o celular é compatível com a tecnologia DLNA para transmissão de áudio e de vídeo para outros aparelhos, como televisores. "É importante que um smartphone como o Optimus 4X HD chegue em um
Lg Nexus: Les Images Fuite Du Smartphone Nexus Venir
LG Nexus: fuite d'images du smartphone Nexus à venir. La présentation de la quatrième génération de smartphones Google Nexus se rapproche. Tout porte à croire que ce sera à la fin Octobre et pourrait être choisi téléphone LG-vente en gros chine. Et pour preuve sont les images qui sont apparues ces derniers jours à partir de différentes parties du réseau. Les photographies montrent un téléphone LG, qui est très similaire à un puissant G Optimus, avec une version du système d'exploitation Android, qui n'a pas encore fait son apparition sur la scène, la 4.1.2. Ce téléphone mobile est appelé E960 Mako. Sera-ce le Nexus prochaine? Il est moins pour nous montrer son prochain Google Nexus smartphone, ce qui pourrait libérer la nouvelle version du système d'exploitation Android, 4.2. Il est supposé que, à la fin de cette Octobre sera ce téléphone pour remplacer le Galaxy Nexus, qui a été présenté il ya un an à Hong Kong et lancé en Europe en Novembre 2011. Marque le premier anni
Lgn Revolution
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Lgn Revolution Free Custom Team Tour Website
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Lgn Revolution Team Offers A Unique System That You Will Not Find Anywhere Else!
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Lg Spectre 2, Le Smartphone En Vente Par Verizon
Disponible à la vente sur le LG Spectrum accessoires téléphones mobiles intelligent 2 via l'opérateur Verizon Wireless. Verizon a fixé une fourchette de prix selon le contrat de service, à partir de 99 $ jusqu'à 499 $ pour la version gratuite. LG a décidé d'offrir son spectre téléphone intelligent 2 via l'opérateur Verizon Wireless, déjà une liste de prix que l'ensemble des services qui localisent l'utilisateur. Fourchettes de prix commencent à environ $ 99 à l'achat du smartphone, mais nécessite un séjour de deux ans a forcé la compagnie. Plus si vous êtes à la recherche d'un plan prépayé, alors vous pouvez acheter votre version gratuite pour 499 $. Le spectre LG 2 a un écran tactile de type IPS avec des dimensions de 4,7 pouces. Dans sa section de mémoire de 1 Go de RAM, et était équipé de 16 Go de stockage interne. A l'intérieur on trouve un processeur dual-core Snapdragon qui fonctionne à une vitesse de 1,5 GHz. Nous avons permis à des connexions WiFi de type 802 et de
Lgt - Álomarcú Lány
Lg Vu 3 F300
TK Việt Nam chuyên cung cấp dien thoai sky chính hãng       Khi LG ra mắt chiếc điện thoại LG VU3, chúng ta đều thấy nó giống như một phiên bản khác của LG G2 với chung lối thiết kế và cấu hình ngang nhau. LG VU3 là thế hệ thứ ba (sau Optimus Vu 1 & 2) của dòng điện thoại có thiết kế gần như vuông của LG, máy có màn hình 5,2" nhưng thiết kế theo tỷ lệ 4:3 chứ không phải 16:9, điều này làm cho máy trở nên to bè và có cảm giác mập mạp. Điểm khác biệt lớn nhất giữa Vu 3 với hai chiếc Vu trước đó là máy đã được bo tròn ở các góc nên nhìn nó mềm mại hẳn ra, cấu hình tất nhiên cũng đ
Lhasa De Sala
I was lucky enough to see Lhasa perform as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival a couple of years ago.  It was a rare English appearance for an artist not widely known here, and the show blew me away.  Emotionally, I left the gig feeling I'd wasted my life not listening to her music, it made so much of my collection at the time seem... empty, worthless.  A heady mix of Latin-American, Mexican, Klezmer, Eastern European folk, Middle Eastern music amongst others, she simply defied characterisation.  The audience were spellbound, and when I tried to get my hands on some of her music the next day, there wasn't a record shop in Norwich that hadn't been bombarded with enquiries.  It was nothing short of a defining moment for me, musically, and one destined not to be repeated. It's a mark of how little she's known in this country that it's taken me a month to stumble onto the fact that Lhasa De Sala died on New Year's Day this year after a 21 month battle with breast cancer.  She was 37.
L Has Not Yet Officially Been Announced By The Colts. Team Owner Jim Irsay Tweeted Tha
INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indianapolis Colts have their new offensive co-ordinator, and its someone Andrew Luck already knows. A person familiar with the decision said Stanford offensive co-ordinator Pep Hamilton has accepted the same position with the Indianapolis Colts, where he will be reunited with Luck. The person spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity Friday because the deal has not yet officially been announced by the Colts. Team owner Jim Irsay tweeted that the Colts offence "could have some pep to it this fall." The Colts were hoping that a promised pay raise and a new job title would be enough to keep Bruce Arians in Indy. But Arians, a longtime NFL assistant, had long dreamed about being an NFL head coach and couldnt say no when the Arizona Cardinals offered him the job Thursday. Arians stepped in when Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia in September and went on to tie an NFL record for wins after a midseason coaching change. His 9-3 record no
L ♥o♥v♥ E
L'histoire De Google Android Phone
Android Tablet PC a été mis sur la voie rapide vers le succès, et sur la voie rapide de nouvelles fonctionnalités et des fonctionnalités améliorées.Un domaine dans lequel se sont battus, mais Android est maintenant dans le téléphone mobile et l'utilisation pilule est un soutien pour les comptes Exchange ActiveSync.Google Android utilisent le même équipement de base Froyo soit compressé ou les téléphones mobiles. Pour cette raison, les conditions d'utilisation qui vous permettent de configurer le push email via Exchange ActiveSync peut être facilement adapté à un téléphone mobile est exactement de la même manière que vous le feriez dans une attelle. Et c'est une bonne chose parce que le téléphone de Google ont été de rendre le processus facile et sans tracas pendant un certain temps. Personne ne s'attend à rien d'autre est libéré dans la nouvelle gamme de tablette.Toutefois, il convient de noter que les dispositifs de Google ne sont pas uniformes dans l'interface et le design. Pour cett
Lhr #4
Songs for the Long Hard Ride #4 "Fear" - Disturbed He's on it again Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha He's on it again Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha He's on it again Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha He's on it again Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha Reject Are you no one Feel you nothing You know I'll bet you think you have a good reason To be living In the limelight Of the fortunate ones You're too weakened By the poison That they feed you In the living lie They don't believe you Call to no one Trust in nothing Little impotent one I don't wanna be (x3) I don't wanna be innocent, you know I don't wanna be (x3) I don't wanna let them hypnotize me Punk ass Are you listening Can you hear me? Or are you deaf and dumb to my language Do the real words Seem to hurt you? Well put em' up motherfucker Gonna feel it When I stamp it On your forehead So you will never forget That you're a reject And you're no one And you're nothing Little impotent one I don't wanna be
It's strange how a shock to the system changes everything in your life. I found out just under a week ago that my son Teal has Cerebral Palsy. I always wondered why at the age of 22 months he was not walking and yet to talk properly. The time I spend with my son is so precious as I do not live with him. This poem is for you my little man TEAL As I walk along the shore with you on my mind wishing you were here with me by my side I need you more each day More than words can say L.H.S.F Love Heart Soul Forever We will always be together
Missing her already :P
Liagra ...very Strong Medicine
Liam Ford And The Band In Black
My good friend is the Leader and Lead singer for one of the best new bands in recent times. Check em out, I'm sure you'll like em ! See them at Guaranteed Good Times !
Liam Is Learning!
Liam is progressing so quickly all of a sudden. When he first came back to the states, he would not eat solid food even though he was 14 months old. He violently shook his head and shoved spoons away. When he first opened his mouth for a spoon two months later, we were in tears. But even after that, the battles went on. Next it was getting him to chew, which he has down now as well. But up until today, sippy cups were hell in a handbasket. He wanted bottle bottle and could contourt his body away from the cup. But this morning during speech therapy we filled his new set of sippy cups with Mandarin Orange Propel and this was the result.
Liam Hemsworth Pranked On Set Of 'paranoia'
The Aussie star says he was pranked by the crew of the tech thriller during some of his steamiest scenes. "I get into bed and they say 'action'," Hemsworth told E! News. "And then I turn over and I grab what I thought was her arm, and it was a giant dildo." "And I pulled it out, and everyone was in on it…except me," he said. Hemsworth was mum on his relationship with Miley Cyrus, but did admit he wants to follow in the footsteps of famous brother Chris by having kids "one day". "It’s so odd to me, still, that my brothers have kids,” he told E! News. The Hunger Games star also hit back at claims that he's less-than-fascinating on Twitter, after joining the social media site in early June, saying: "all these comments say that I suck at tweeting. I don't even know how you could be bad at tweeting!"
Liars And Players!!
Liars, Liars
liars, liars everywhere and not a one to hit... damn, that sux...
Why do people Lie? it because they care and don't want to hurt your feelings? Do they not realize they are hurting you more just by lieing and not telling the truth? These are just a few things I think about, when they happen to me... That is one thing I curse the Net for, only because it is so easy to find out if that person is lieing to you......Wouldn't you want to know if someone is lieing to you? I know I would, especially if they are a friend or a loved one....yes you get hurt in the process, but at least you will know just what kind of person they really are...and you have the option as to wether or not they remain your friend or loved one. Again just my opinion.......
Liars And Cheaters
why is everyone in a relationship now cheats or lies?????? they spend more time trying to get away with stuff or lying than they could just break up with the person !!!!!!!!! if you want someone else or you cant be honest you dont need a relationship in your life right now.
The Big Lie All of your life, you've been lied to. You've been told what life is supposed to be about. Grow up, do well in school, make friends, get a girlfriend or boyfriend, get a good job, get married, get a nice house and have kids. Watch tv, go to church, vote, find some hobbies to entertain you. Donate money to charity. Go on vacation. Get old, retire, spend time with the grandkids. Look back on your life with nostalgia, look forward to the afterlife of your choosing. This is what you're supposed to do, this is what normal people do. This is what everyone else is doing. Oh sure, there are a few aberrations here and there, sometimes some people slip off this track, but you can get back on at any time. Of course, when you actually look at the world around you, you may see something entirely different. See that young married couple living next door, with the wife gardening in the front yard while the kids play out back? She's snowed under with Xanax all the
"liar, Lawyer, Mirror For Ya, What's The Difference?"
Liars And Thieves
eli not only knew and invited a 16yr old girl to the tap then has the balls to trash her after being told she passed away and as for the other stuff he's saying if you go look on kierstens site or look in the bulletins kisha had posted they say st'marys hospital in saginaw michigan no where does any of it mention lansing and i'm not very good with words but eli has been dissing my sis kisha ever since she posted the bulletin
You told me you loved me like a fool i believed you i let myself get close after you brought me out of my shadow you let me go for another girl one you said you never wanted to see again now you say lets be best friends like its that easy i put on a fake smile and walk around no one knows the difference inside i wear a frown
liars Ok so here is my first published blog. I'm a little pissed right now so be warned there will probably be expletives. Liars. I absolutely hate them, not someone who tells a white lie or something like that, I am talking about individuals who have created a whole world of lies. People who can't go 1 single day with out lying to you. Yet they want to be nice to you, ask you for favors, get you to help with things, and the whole time lying to your face. Every one of you reading this knows someone like that, whether it’s someone you love, care about, or just know. When its someone you love and care about, there is no way to describe the pain it causes you when the truth comes out, because by that point, there is a list of lies, its a snowball affect, until their entire life is nothing but a fucking lie. And those lies have affected you to a painful extent. They are users, manipulators, liars, and in my book they are pathetic and worthless. They don't deserve the love and time that
Liars And Hypocrites
Saturday, September 30, 2006 Current mood: annoyed I am a fairly tolerant person. But there are a few things I just can't stand. Liars and hypocrites. That is why my next nominees for worst person in the world are on this list today. At the bronze level, The New York Post, who is owned by Rupert Murdock who also owns Fox (Faux) News. Keith Olbermann, the host of MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, was recently the subject of a terrorist threat. Now the reason why noone knows about this is because the FBI and New York police department asked Keith, MSNBC and other news organizations not to say anything during the investigation. The New York Post decided that this was a perfect opportunity to throw a few zingers at Keith due to his sudden surge of popularity. They released the story in which it criticized Keith for supposively exaggerating the whole terrorist threat deal. The problem is, the New York Post has now compromised the FBI's investigation by releasing in
A Liar
Im a liar,straight to the point,Ive done some things in my life I didnt like but this one takes the cake.I do have a girlfriend,dont know why I lied but I did,so any of you that I lied to Im sorry,I dont know why I didnt say anything.I hurt someone very badly that never deserved to be hurt like that(you know who you are)So everyone,I wouldnt be suprised if ya hated me.As for the reason I didnt tell the truth,I cant figure that one out,I will have to live with myself for this one.Which will be very hard!
I really hate it when people tell you what you want to hear but dont mean a single word of it! If you want to be my friend be real dont fukin lie to me and blow smoke up my ass!! I love attention like anyone else but for crist sakes be real.. i don't have time for bullshit liars!! Why even do it? do you get some perverted pleasure out of fuking with peoples emotions??? Like i said if you want to be my friend say hi.. flirting is great! but dont lie to me.. if you dont want to have me as a friend at least tell me to fuk off! GEEZ. ok i'm done.. ty for listening.. Cherry on!
So many people talk about fakes and liars when really they,infact are gulity of it thereself I really hate that I try to be real and me all the time I can't help it if you don't like me or who I am I'm a complicated person I try to be nice and friendly to everyone and what I say I mean I'm real,and open...I'm a little crazy, but I'm not fake and I'm not a liar like some people!
Liarsenic: Creating A Universe Of Discourse
Run, run farmer screaming bloody murder. The daughters of question have been murdered, murdered, murdered. Deception is charming. No, I don't think so. I dont think so. I don't think so. I don't think so. These things harmonize and overthrow these things will cure, but they will tear down and we are not the ones who carry on. and we are not the ones who wear the shroud, tear down. Liar, condescender, words born as bastards. Our swords will rest and a course in miracles all hail and killers will rise. Where have we gone wrong? Understanding laced in the web. I don't think so.
Is it me or is everyone lying more and more to people? How fucking stupid can you be?If you are gonna lie to someone atleast be start enough to keep your story straight. If you dont intend on doing something, dont say you are going to. If you dont like something dont say you do. I it that hard? Must people just blow smoke up your ass? What ever happened to the truth? At least have the fucking guts to stand up for the truth and not hide behind some chicken shit lie. Spineless fools. Myspace Layouts :: Funny Videos :: Music Video Codes
Liars Suck !!!!
Liar, lie, lie, lie You liar, lie, lie, lie Tell me why Tell me why Why’d you have to lie Should've realised That you should've told the truth Should've realised You know what I'll do You're in suspension You're a liar Now I wanna know And know I wanna know Why you never look me in the face Broke a confidence It’ll please your ego Should've realised You know what I know You're in suspension You're a liar I know where you go Everybody you know I know everything that you do or say So when you tell lies I always be in your way I'm nobody's fool and I know all Cause I know What I know You're in suspension You're a liar You're a liar You're a liar Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie Liar, lie, lie, lie You liar, lie, lie I think you're funny You're funny ha ha I don't need it Don't need your blah blah Should've realised I know what you are You're in suspension You're in suspension You're in suspension You're a liar You're a liar You're a l
I hate Liars... I hate game players I make this very clear when I meet people. It is in my profile. I vocalise it. Especially if I am getting into a situation where I am having more than friendly feelings for someone. So if you progrss past that point, and still opt to play games, and lie, then it's for no reason other than you are a pussy ass bitch that I want no part of. And all I can say is it is a good thing we live far apart, because I wouldn't yell, or slap you, I would flat out knock you on your ass, and you would have to explin to all your boys that some pissed off bitch jacked you up. And THAT is being true to myself! How are you going to be with one female and asking another one to move with you??? Are you fuckin retarted?????? I hate fucking game playin liars, you have no respect from me, not today, and never again. So whatever game you were playin... congrats, you won. All the points for you!! Pat yourself on the back asshole cause the eggs on my face. You
Liars, Cheats And Fake Ass People
I am so sick of liars and fake ass people. They take advantage of the good at heart and those who believe in truth and for this I am going to drop everyone in my network that 1. have not posted a salute, 2. have not chatted with me in an honest forum. 3. and those whom I have been warned against. Life is about trusting and knowing you can be trusted, and when that is broke there is nothing. I would rather have no points and no levels for one good hearted, honest, man. So, dont tell me that there isn't any one here cause I know that there is and have chatted with several and will continue to, now for the ones that I have been warned about and dont have proof of who they are and a completed profile......they will be gone in a matter of minutes, the process has begun...........
Myspace Layouts :: Funny Videos :: Music Video Codes
Liar Hehe
Meh is sikk n tired of deh fukkin liarz and sneeekz here on ct yarly. dere are too manie now fo meh to pwnd alone fo sho! Help meh pwnd sum liarzz and sneeekie n00bz on ct fo sho! Comment deh blog wit yer thoughtz on deh issue yalry and add yerself to tell every1 to stop bein a piece of fukkin crap yarly. Itz gettttin old fo sho! Music Video Codes By Music
He makes me feel the fire, He makes me feel the hate. He is such a liar, And then he knows he's too late. He tries to get me back, (with a hug and a kiss) But all I really show is that I'm really pissed I know I really loved you, I know, I'm very sure. But did you really love me? Was it just a lure? In the end I know, To me you really lied. Maybe one more hug, then it's time to say goodbye... done by christine
Liars And Fakes
Some people really make me angry. They talk all nice to you and say nice things but reality everyone wants something from you. It's makes me very untrustful of people. One mintue they say lets take it slow and see if this is what they really want. Let's not rush into anything, it's all bulls*@t if you ask me. I have been hurt too many times and I am tired of the whole mess called dating. I have made mistakes in my life. When is God going to stop punishing me for them? I thought I might have actually found someone that was honest. Turns out he is just like the reat of the a@$holes out there. Oh well live and learn right?
You turn your back and walk away The turn to me and try to explain Shut the hell up, I dont care what you say I dont have time to play your games You convinced me to fall for you Now I see its something I shouldnt have done And I find this much is true I see you think you have won Though somehow I have come out above Cause I dont have to deal with you Even though I fell in love I couldnt take all the crap you put me through Im not quite sure how it would have been I honestly dont think you care But thinking back, do you remember when you promised me all the things we'd share To thinb about it all right now And recalling all the memories I dont exactly know how You made me believe all the things you said to me But you know thats okay Because it taught me to be Stronger and watch what I say, Who I talk to, and what I choose to believe
Liars, Cheaters, Exposed!!!!!!!!
Yeah wanna see some bullshit? Soo... I logg on this afternoon,, and check the stickeys. There is this bulliton offereing Freeblasts. I can use on right now,.. as cash is tight..So I open it up. Its from this dude asking people to add fan rate and comment bomb his girlreinds profile. The person who leaves the most profile comments will win a weeks blast!. 2nd place is 3 days, third is a one day!His girlfreind BTW is todays spotlight winner! *this is him* ICANBURS IS TAKEN@ CherryTAP *and here she is* SEXYGIRLBLONDE*^*^*in *GA.*@ CherryTAP So I message him asking for details.. and he gives them. I was concerned on how they would keep track,, he assured me she was at the pc counting comments. So i said ok.. sure... why not!?!?!? Big fukin mistake! I decided to get a really good pic of Marylin Monroe,as she is obviousy tryng to emulate her, and make a tag for her, and use that to bomb with. This is what I came up with..... I fan her, rate her 11 as instructed,
Liar, you are the epitome of self destruction Liar, you are the manifestation of all it's vivid colors. Liar, you are Satans helper and are a demon in disguise, I know I saw your third frontal eye! Liar, you so cold and soulless, how do you go on? Liar, I see the way you watch and stare at people...your so called friends...You watch them and learn all their little secrets and weaknesses. Liar, I know you thrive on what hell and chaos you can make. Liar, I thought you were my friend and would be with me till the very end. But now I see you are FAKE...and you only want to shake my middle ground and watch me fall so you can laugh. I don't have empathy or sympothy for someone who is so pathetic. Liar, by night you are a mole and during the day you wonder and fro... Waiting and watching for your next victim to steal their soul. I should blurt out your name for the whole world to hear, so they know Satan truly is on earth...but see, I am a better person th
so they say these blogs can be for getting ur frustrations out so here i am because yes im frustrated no actually im pissed off to anyone out there thats not married STAY THAT much easier to walk the fuck out no papers to sign no court u can just fuckin leave .ive finally figured it out no love no how do u learn not to love
Liar Liar Pants On Fire
more bitchin why do people lie? Is it that hard to say what you are truly feeling thinking? What are you gaining from lying to anyone? but especially on Cherry Tap. Pettiness has won out lately I think. If you got the mind to concoct a lie .. then ya gotta know how freakin stupid you are goin to look OR even know what you can lose by lying. I do not and will not tolerate it in my life.. Cherry Tap or otherwise. Lying is stupid and sensless. im certain ill find something else to rant about later lol
Lie lie lie lie liar you lie Lie lie lie lie lie tell me why Tell me why why dyou have to lie Shouldve realised that you Shouldve told the truth Shouldve realised you know what Ill do Youre in suspension youre a liar Now I wanna know know I wanna known why You never look me in the face Broke a confidence just to please your ego Shouldve realised you know what I know I know where you go everybody you know I know everything that you do or say So when you tell lies I always be in your way Im nobodys fool and I know all cos I know What I know Lie lie lie liar you lie lie lie lie I think youre funny youre funny ha ha I dont need it dont need your blah blah Shouldve realised I know what you are Youre in suspension youre a liar Youre a liar Youre a lie Lie lie lie
twisted anguish and people filled with lies broken hearts and shatterd dreams liars I despise comprimisng others for their own desires using and abusing man do I hate liars cunning little snake devouring everything in your path sick and twisted your lies will not last cuaght up in a game of cat and mouse you will eventually be devoured by another dog like yourself this is the time this is your hour
One thing I hate is liars. Someone I do not know told a lie about me hoping to benefit from it. Believe me when I find out who you are it will be revealed to the world that you are a liar. You are not bold enough to face anyone. Reveal yourself to me and maybe I will have mercy but for now your childish little ass is going to have a huge problem when I find you.
Liar Liar Outtakes
Liar Liar - The Slapstick Bits
Liars Are Not Tolerated...
Let me make this clear... painfully clear to anyone who is or has befriended me... Lying to me is unacceptable - If I catch you in a lie you will be booted off of my friends list, and out of my life faster than you can say 'oops'. You see, I think anyone who takes the time to get to know me will find that I'm cool. I'm laid back... I accept alot from people on here... cuz I understand what this site is.... It's about playing and having fun. This is not if you've got a gf in real life tell me... if you're married tell me... but do not lie about it and let me find out the truth later... If you're just on the site to play with as many people as you want... thats cool too... I can play with the best of you... as long as it's in TOTAL honesty. This lying intolerance is also extended to my girlfriends... if you're a friend but you're hitting on one of my girlfriends... you'd better be honest with her too... I refuse to watch any of my friends get hurt
Liars On Fubar
I am so glad that people find it funny to lie on other people on here. To start stuff and ruin peoples lives for no reason at all. It seems like they have nothing better else to do with their time. The outcome from this has ruined some good friendships and the trust between individuals. The person whom got lied on, has been honest and was honest to all parties involved. Now, that person is having to fight with the best friend they had due to this and lost that person as their honesty seems not to with hold to the lies. Just thank you to all of you involved in this. I hope you got what you wanted out of it. I hope you can live with yourselves, cause you know what you done was wrong and were lies.
Honest to God, if there is a deceitful, manipulative, lying piece of shit guy out there, I will find them. I attract them like flies. I end up liking them and then find out who and how they really are. And it's so funny what they lie about like having a girlfriend. (Okay buddy, in today's world, Myspace knows all and the fact that we live in a tiny community doesn't help out your cause at all. Everyone knows everyone and if by some God awful chance someone doesn't know a certain person, you better believe they have a friend who does.) To bring to light what I'm talking about, take today's incident. This guy has been chasing me for a couple of months and he's cool...sometimes. We hung out and I ended up making out with a different guy, so it pissed him off. Well, we are okay again and talking about hanging out. Today I was leaving a comment on a friend's Myspace page and see a comment below mine with a girl and this guy in it, so of course, I go to her page and see that they have been
OK, let's start off by saying I'm not a very happy camper at this moment and to put it bluntly{speaking of which does anyone have one to share, could use one now}, I'm a bit pissed off!! I'm in a situation that needs to be either put straight or buried six feet under. I've recently caught someone in the middle of a really really big lie and appears this lie has been an on going thing, now I can just completely blow up on this person, or contact the other's and then we all blow up on this person. Just not sure how to go about this one..
Liars, Roommates And Everything In Between
I was forced to leave home last year at this time. I moved in with people I met through friends because I had nowhere else to go. I have been paying $500 a month toward rent and lived with 2 other people. Last month, my roommates broke up and the female kicked the male out. I was worried bout rent but she told me not to worry. She already moved on to a new guy and has been practically living with him the last month or so. I'm the only one who takes care of the apartment. Tuesday there was a petition from the court for non-payment where she has not paid rent since MAY!! They are demanding the money or eviction. She's still telling me not to worry but I do not want to come home one day and find that the marshall has locked me out the aprtment. I'm trying to move before any actions happen against us. I'm halfway packed and will pack the rest tonite to be out tomorrow. Should I let her know I'm leaving or just leave a note like she does for me?
The Liar In You
The liar in you By April Terry Our paths cross, Everything is great, At least so it seems, But the liar in you, Starts to come out, One little lie, Leads to another, And before I knew it, The person that I care for, Is no longer here. You are gone, Buried within the lies, Of your own world. But unknown to you, Is the fact that I know. I’ve drop little clues, And watch even closer, I hate that you feels the need to lie, And most of all, I hate to be lied to, Don’t play me for a fool, Because a fool, Is one thing my mama did not raise!
Liars I hate I can not stand They always seem to get under my skin Men are the biggest I do confess Tellin you wut u wanna hear and A whole lot of other mess They start off tellin you that your wifey But to other Bitches your just a friend With all these lies how come they expect it not to end Liars I hate I can not stand They march together like a united band In a lie is not where i wanna be If you wanna lie than set me free Cuz my heart can be found for my true love to be With me and only me
Liar Liar Pants On Fire...
You can keep moving all day long and your positive spirit keeps you enthused even about taking care of small tasks. If your family needs inspiration, you've got plenty -- and it keeps coming! So i was totally stoaked today... EDITED OUT... Oh well... I'll just watch some youtube til CSI comes on...
Forever you claim this for we Forever you will never be Faith and trust and sanctity you scream Deciet is all you weave Lie for a Lie is your creed Love only one can never be I trusted you, shame on me LIAR, LIAR Hate before the dictionary reads Hate for your lust, I did feed Such thin skin for a shallow heart I can't let you back in, cannot restart LIAR, LIAR YOU FUCKING LIAR, LIAR Forever I leave you to your hell Forever I carry your lessons well you, you you LIAR, LIAR CHEATING LIAR, YOU FUCKING LIAR Never again
ok so i know this world is filled with people who get their kicks off by deceiving those around them. i dont get why though. guys and some girls but mostly guys are really bad about lying. especially when it comes to relationships. i take this observation from past and somewhat current relationships.ive always been honest with people because im a bad liar. so rather than look like an idiot i just tell them the truth even though it may or may not hurt them. honesty builds trust and respect. deceitfulness builds a world of made of it really that hard to tell the truth to the other person. are you going to die of some sort of brain over load from admitting the truth. what do you accomplish by lying seriously? is there anyone out there that can answer these cosmic questions. i say comsic cause they are constantly being asked and no one has yet to answer them
I have so many liars in my life ight now, i wanna become a mad man and start axing people's heads off and mount them on spikes around my yard! Im usualy the calm headed one, the one people come to, the one that listens and listens with no come back for them. Now ive heard to much and said nothing! now the tables turn. ;) Tan xx Dark blessings
Liar - Megadeth
Liar You take great pride in never having lived up to anything Lie, steal, cheat and kill, a real bad guy Your daddy is a wino, and your mommy is quite insane From alter boy to sewer rat, you don’t give a damn Your sister is a junkie, gets ’it’ any way she can Your brother’s a gay singer in a stud leather band Your girlfriend’s got herpes to go with your hep and aids There ain’t one person you know you ain’t ripped off yet. Look deep in the mirror, look deep into it’s eyes Your face is replaced, a creature you despise But I know what you’re made of, it ain’t much I’m afraid I know you’ll be lying until you dying day Make up your stories, truth’s so hard to say Brain is numb and your tongue will surely dig your grave Your mind is sickly from alzheimer’s disease And decadence and debauchery killed your memories You’re a liar, liar, liar, everyone can see Liar, liar, [liar,] it’s all you’ll ever be Liar, liar, liar, it’s what you mean to me Liar, liar, lies.
Liar Liar .....
Yo Liar liar pants on fire... Liar liar... Hey naw Liar liar pants on fire ain't nobody getting no higher FUCK THAT where's my lighter Sick of all you lyin' typers We getting higher higher smoking on a vaporizer Eyes red blazed up smoked out I'm tired as fuck We got that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
i just wanna scream and then puke then get shitfaced drunk and then cry and stab my heart. Why the hell do I trust anyone????????? Trust is such a lie anyways. I cant take anymore. My heart just is so black now, I dont even care if I ever love again. I wish for nothing. I dream for nothing. Since you killed everything inside me, what am I supposed to do now?
He whispered in my ear Words that took me ectasy Sentences that made my spine tingle Paragraphs that made my wetness pour Dialogues that made me wonder about our future He told me everything I wanted to hear Everything except the truth... ~Jade
Liars, Skanks, Perverts Oh My
There are lots of dishonest people in the world and the sad part is I am the creator of one of them. That is very sad because she is my daughter. She lies, cheats and steals to get what she wants and expects everyone to conform to her. She is not going to graduate from high school, and her boyfriend is a complete loser that will be here till she figures out he's a loser. To compound my frustration she got arrested last September for shop lifting. I can't believe that this is my daughter. Granted I still love her with all my heart and would lay down my life for her. But I DON'T trust her. That scares me to death. I hope she realizes in this day and age that she can't make it in life with no high school diploma or a college degree. But live and learn she won't know until she tries. I just have to let her make those bad choices and hopefully she will see how bad it really is. The really sad part is .. I call the internet the INTER LIE because everyone on this thing
alrightt. well recently me and some of my old time friends had a falling out. They lied to me. actually they lied they said shit and mad up shit. and i make it very clear to anyone that i don't like liars.actaully i hate them. Also i make it clear that i don't believe ANYONE should talk behind ANYONES backk. if you have the balls to say it. Say it to the persons face. see who ballsy you are then. Don't go around saying it behind they're backk and being friends with them to their face. how stupid can people get? I don't say anything behind anyones backk. and if i do say something and i don't say it to your face. you better believe when it comes down to it i will say it to your face. Sorry bout the rantish kinda thing. i was just pissed : ]]
How come when you catch someone in a lie they continue to add to the lie?? If you give someone all the hints you know they are lying why wouldnt they just man up an come clean??
To you people lieing about the fubratz we did not downrate anyone, so go on downrate me block me see if i care. Liars do not deserve to be my friends
Liar Quotes
“A liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth.” “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” “Great talker, great liar.” “A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself as a liar” “The liar's punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.” “He who does not need to lie is proud of not being a liar.” “The visionary denies the truth to himself, the liar only to others” “The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool.” “"Let God be true but every man a liar" is the language of true faith” “If one is to be called a liar, one may as well make an effort to deserve the name.”
Just feeling down right now and wondering why men lie?
You know if you're going to cheat or lie you should at least be smart enough not to get caught. If you're willing to be unfaithful then should you really be in the relationship in the first place. I won't say temptation isn't always there but shouldn't you be able to say no. If I'm no longer good enough then why are you here? I don't get it. If this was how you wanted things then why did you ask for a closed relationship in the first place. You had the options to go elsewhere. I'll tell you why it's because you want your cake and you want to eat it to. You want me at home like a happy little housewife while you do as you please. Well I'm finished with that role. I could feel bad about myself or blame myself but I won't. You're as replaceable as the guy before you. If its my weight thats the problem then get the fuck out. I like me and I don't need your approval. If you think that I will be lost with out you then you are sadly mistaken. It's not like I didn't have options. Unlike you I
There is a girl on here whose every other word out of her mouth is nothing but a lie. I have a friend on here who knows her and her family and this girl states that she is 18, she is 16 and a sophomore in high school. She says she lives at home, yeah, that one is true, but a job? No way! My friends tells me this gal is so lazy she won't even change toilet paper when the roll is empty, throws thrash on the floor instead of the trash can. Wears the same sweat shirt every day for 4 months without washing it. And paranoid! God forbid someone say something she can't hear, because they have nothing else to do but talk about her. Her name is ashuhlee on here by the way
You hit that Imaginary Playa shit right on the nose...I've been sitting here asking myself and my home girl (not that men are the only one guilty but since I'm heterosexual.....) Why do niggas think they are players all the are is a bunch of BAD LIARS! I mean the shit is so ineffective...I was wondering why the ones I came across didnt figure it out....I can't fool this girl (scratching their heads) instead when I smack them with the truth stick they CONTINUE TO LIE. About the cheating and forgiving you are absolutely right, people do forgive and stay with cheaters hell I even tried to tell my ex just tell the truth and we can move forward but a LIAR is so much more than a cheater...shit I'm guilty of cheating but I picked up the phone and said "I fucked up"! You can t seem to find that anywhere...It's Crazy! We are on the same boat with this one. I CANT STAND A LIAR! And what's so sad is...Lying isn't even necessary, but many haven't grasped that idea yet...Thats why...I stay close t
My brother, you love her But don't give up your instincts Hang onto you know what They'll be gone fast as you blink They're trained to seduce you Suck you dry quick as they can They bite down, reduce you Now you're barely a man Oh my God How could you deny the flood That's flowing through you Hey you You're saying that she's all that you desire Liar Hey you You think you can throw water on this fire Liar It's not wrong to let go And let the woman ride you For fuck sake, don't lose touch With the dog that's inside you She wanted what you had You bet she smelt the spore Don't wimp up, fuck her up One more time, slam that door Oh my God How can you deny the flood That's flowing through you Hey you You're saying that she's all that you desire Liar Hey you You think you can throw water on this fire Liar (Scat) Oh my God How can you deny the flood That's flowing through you Hey you You're saying that she's all that you desire Liar Hey
"No More Sorrow" - Linkin Park Are you lost In your lies Do you tell yourself I don't realize Your crusade's a disguise Replace freedom with fear You trade money for lives I'm aware of what you've done [Chorus:] No more sorrow I've paid for your mistakes Your time is borrowed Your time has come to be replaced I see pain I see need I see liars and thieves Abuse power with greed I had hope I believed But I'm beginning to think that I've been deceived You will pay for what you've done [Chorus] Thieves and hypocrites Thieves and hypocrites Thieves and hypocrites [Chorus x2] Your time has come to be replaced Your time has come to be erased
Liars And Backstabbers
It never ceases to amaze me how some people who call you their "friend" can turn around and back stab you so quickly and easily, without even blinking an eye. It's amazing how you can invest so many years into a friendship and accept someone for who they are - forgive and forget more times than you can count, and still be treated like you are nothing in the end. But I think that the most upsetting thing is how someone can be so jealous of your happiness that they will do anything to try and sabotage every relationship you get, and they call themself your "friend"? BULLSHIT. Friends don't treat friends that way. The person I am talking about knows who they are, and let me say once and for all - after 12 years of standing by you through everything - being there for you when nobody else was, in spite of what others thought of me for remaining a true friend to you - I HAVE FINALLY HAD ENOUGH. I wish you well in your life, but I will no longer be a part of it. I'm NOT the person yo
Liar Liar Pants On Fire
liars suck. i had encounters with two yesterday. one being a jerkoff from when i was a really little girl who deserves to be shot for being a filthy disgusting pervert,and another man who just had to fucking really sick of this shit . what about honesty is so fucking hard for you douchebags to comprehend? ITS BETTER! even if it may hurt a little it will hurt much less then sticking a bandaid fake plastic smile on everything.lets say for example your in a situation your not happy with but rather than state plain as day that your unhappy you act like a raging douche and in turn make the other party act hostile because things were not normal.should they then be allowed to say they must walk on eggshells because they dont know what kind of mood your in ?SELFISH MUCH ? it sure seems like a selfish thing to do to me.what do you think ?
Liars And People Who Need To Win
Too many people try so hard to obtain friends on fubar, and the internet. Yes, technology is great, but at what price? I have one friend who is in love with a different man every few months. her life is truly devistated on each breakup. I have another, who, in my opinion, does not put enough distance between "adult" internet activities and her children. I have another, that feels I over-react on the previous. Well ... who protects the children? That is not over reacting ... it is simply curiosity. This person also feels I was not interested in bidding on her, when she never told me HOW to bid on her. I assume the average person may respond to me something to the effect ... telling me ... hey silly, the message I sent you has a picture of me, just click the picture. Instead, I search thru her fu page; pics, blogs, ect. Then I reopen the last dozen or so mails she sent me. Not a word about a link; or description of HOW to get to where she wanted me to go. When I poin
Feeling so stupid!!! Is it true MEN do not change??? Holy shit on the verge of ending my marriage, and other relationships in my life. Fuck this shit!!! Someone keeps lying to me, and I have HAD IT!!!
You Can Definitely Spot a Liar Maybe you have good instincts. Or maybe you just have a lot of experience with liars. Either way, it's pretty hard for someone to pull a fast one on you. You're like a human lie detector. Can You Spot a Liar?
I don't tell lies; don't lie to me because I certainly won't lie to you, dishonesty doesn't get you far, unless you are a politician. I don't like dishonest people.
Liars And Whores
im tired of liars is it really that hard to be honest i think life would be so much more fun if people were not so fuckin fake and it seems the more you ttrust the more you get fucked well i got news fuk u all all you bastards that have ever lied to me or went sneaking behind my back go fukin die whores!!!!!
Well the sad part about all this is that I learned a hard lesson... What I have to say is the truth no bull crap. I recently have separated from my husband that I have been with for 12 years. Long before we separated my heart was not in our marriage. He felt his friends and drinking were more important then his family, when confronted with it he told me that he will not change for anyone, so that is the reason for our separation not dealing with that. I am 38 yrs old and not getting any younger. A gentleman on fubar befriended me and we became very close.. we even exchanged cell numbers. We talked everyday, what a smooth talker. Everyday like clock work he would call me. Sometimes 4 times a day hours at a time. We became very close just by talking over the phone, we knew what each others likes and dislikes were, what we wanted out of life, we talked about everything!!! He told me that he owned his own company, 65% of another company that his mom left him, two homes, harleys, lots
You say you want to be with me, You say you truly care, But when I'm face to face with you, It's like I'm not even there. I've tried my best to make you happy And please you in every way, But if you don't want to be with me -- There's nothing more I can do or say. I waste my tears on you every night, And pray that tomorrow everything will be all right. But things never do. They always stay the same, So I need to realize, You will never change
Liar Part 2
Also we are STILL bombing Willy Makit's pic, we have to keep at this until the 18th. We are in first but they have over taken us twice and are keeping up pretty good with us. He has goten help from other bombing families, so we need everyone bombing this. I have already removed 22 inactive people, and when this is over I will be removing about 22 please come bomb with us. I know it is hard work, but we would bomb just as hard for you in your contest. THEY ARE REMOVING PPL AFTER THIS CONTEST, IT'S HER WORDS NOT MINE! AND SHE KNOWS WHO THERE'S 22 OF U!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------READ THIS MESSAGE FROM PEGGY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>When you joined, the main page here says- as well as the emails I send you all- that to be in this family you must have our name on your page and you m
Liar Part 3
I told her she could shout everyone...she didnt mean to hurt anyones feelings but shes just doing what I told her to do...I have been spending 18 hours a day on here bombing and she got frustrated cause shes watching her bar tab at all these FuBombers who claim they cant bomb yet they are showing up in the bartab leaving ppl profile comments and voting on MUMM's. I guess MUMM'ing is easier than bombing? I dont know. But I am tired and trying to keep us in first in this thing and Im not getting any help. She is just doing that I told her she could do. None of the other managers ecept Tee are even bombing, let alone trying to get thier ppl to bomb... --------------------------------------LOL SHES THE ONLY ONE BOMBING NONE OF US HELPED AT ALL!!!!!!!!! NO LIFE IF YOUR A FU-BOMBER-----THIS IS FROM TEE A PM---------------------Second, Peggy wanted me to ask you if you could possibly use your status to let the Family know what we are doing.. ie "Bomb Willy" instead of everything else. Hope
Liar Part 6
THIS IS ABOUT CRAZY MAMA, WHEN THEY CARED ABOUT HOW SHE WAS, YOU NOW SEE HOW THEY ACT TOWARDS HER, THEY TURN ON YOU IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THIS CONVO IS WITH PEGGY!you got the job, you can add it to your name..I will let you know who all are your ppl are once i figure it out LOL I have to go look at her page she has a pic albun with all her ppl in it === 'INDIANROSE*OWNER*SMOKING TEPEE&WATERING HOLE*~*FU-BOMBER*SPIRIT MOTHER*NAP*SHADOWLVLR*WIFE 2 EAST*~*' wrote the following at '2008-10-12 15:16:10'.. > > i'd love to do it....let me know > > === 'FU-Bombers*READ THE WHOLE PAGE*' wrote the following at '2008-10-12 15:14:38'.. > > > > I need a manager to replace Crazymama > > === 'INDIANROSE*OWNER*SMOKING TEPEE&WATERING HOLE*~*FU-BOMBER*SPIRIT MOTHER*NAP*SHADOWLVLR*WIFE 2 EAST*~*' wrote the following at '2008-10-12 15:03:20'.. >
You think youre gonna to live your life alone In darkness And seclusion Yeah I know Youve been out there Tried to mix with those animals And it just left you full of humiliated confusion So you stagger back home And wait for nothing But the solitary refinement of your room spits you back out onto the street And now youre desperate And in need of human contact And then You meet me And you whole world changes Because everything I say is everything youve ever wanted to hear So you drop all your defenses and you drop all your fears And you trust me completely Im perfect In every way Cause I make you feel so strong and so powerful inside You feel so lucky But your ego obscures reality And you never bother to wonder why Things are going so well You wanna know why? Cause Im a liar Yeah Im a liar Ill tear your mind out Ill burn your soul Ill turn you into me Ill turn you into me Cause Im a liar, a liar A liar, a liar Ill hide behind a smile And understandi
I'm really starting to wonder what the fuck is wrong with me. I'm basically an honest person. I try not to sugarcoat anything. That might come across as bitchy, but that's just me. problem is this: As honest as I am, why is it so hard for others to be honest with me?? I'm not a fucking monster. Why is the need to lie always there? I start talking to someone. All is well. Things go good for awhile, then BAM! The fucking floodgates let loose. Then you have people who are supposed to be your friends and claim to love you, lying point blank to you, not realizing that you know it's a lie. Then they question why you're mad... It's no goddamn wonder I'm a bitch. This is shit I've constantly had to deal with and I'm pretty tired of it. Bottom Line...If you can't be honest with me, then fuck off and have a nice day. I don't have any time for you
Liar Sermon
A minister wound up the services one morning by saying, ''Next Sunday I am going to preach on the subject of liars. And in this connection, as a preparation for my discourse, I would like you all to read the seventeenth chapter of Mark''. On the following Sunday, the preacher rose to begin and said, ''Now, then, all of you who have done as I requested and read the seventeenth chapter of Mark, please raise your hands.'' Nearly every hand in the congregation went up. Then said the preacher, ''You are the people I want to talk to. There is no seventeenth chapter of Mark.''
"Liar" by Korn My brother, you love her But don't give up your instincts Hang onto you know what They'll be gone fast as you blink They're trained to seduce you So you dry quick as they can They tried to reduce you Now you're barely a man Oh my God How can you deny the flood That's flowing through you Hey you You're saying that she's all that you desire Liar Hey you You think you can throw water on this fire Liar It's not wrong to let go And let the woman ride you For fucks sake, don't lose touch With the dog that's inside you She wanted what you had You bet she smelt the spore Don't whimper, fuck her up One more time, slam that door Oh my God How can you deny the flood That's flowing through you Hey you You're saying that she's all that you desire Liar Hey you You think you can throw water on this fire Liar Oh my God How can you deny the flood That's flowing through you Hey you You're saying
Liars,cheaters,an Stalkers
so what do you do when the man you love cheats on you . i forgave him and we have been good for months then the bitch starts stocking him. no matter what we do she wont leave us alone. i so just want to go over to her house and shack some sence into her.i love this man with all my heart and we are starting a family together but she doesnt care. i wish i knew what to do. my heart is torn in half because this bitch cant get on with her life. she has caused me to lose my best friend. mother in law thinks that my fiance is cheating on me again cause of her. i just dont understand what to do anymore. i dont know if i should just go to the police or wait tell after i have the baby then whoop her ass. i have never been in so much physical and mental pain in my hole life. she says she has all this proof that he is calling her. but when i look at my phone bill her number isnt there. i know she shows up in his lounge all the time but fuck she needs to get over robbie and leave us alone. i just w
You think youre going to live your life alone In darkness and seclusion... yeah, I know You've been out there and tried to mix with those animals, and it just left you full of humiliated confusion. So you stagger back home and wait for nothing, but the solitary refinement of your room spits you back onto the streets. And, now you're desperate and in need of human contact. And, then you meet me and your whole world changes because everything I say is everything you've ever wanted to hear. So, you drop all you defenses, Im perfect in every way, cause I make you feel so strong and so powerfull inside. You feel so lucky, but your ego obscures reality that you never bothered to wonder why things are going so well. You want to know why? Cause I'm a liar, yeah, I'm a liar. I'll tear your mind out, I'll burn your soul. I'll turn you into me, I'll turn you into me. Cause I'm a liar, a liar, a liar, a liar... I'll hide behind a smile and understanding eyes. And, I'll tell yo
why do so many men lie to women? i just for the life of me cannot figure this out. if you arent intersted or have no interest in doing what you are going to say why fucking say you are? i am so tired of all the bullshit with men today i really might go back to bein a lesbian.          
Liars, Haters An Cheaters
Breaking the walls of  yesterdays insanity, and tomorrow laughs, Bordomeating my soul. I will tell it how it is, control, screw that..... I hate this world. Always telling me things i cant say. For i have an open mind, unlike them, they're low class..... For I sit here and write my farewell,some say the sky is the limit, but i know there is foot prints on the moon. Even to take u far beyond the milky way, would be a blast..... needless to say, its like walking on broken glass.... Misery taking its toll, for dreams are made of the past, the future holds you well, harm none and you'll pass.... For the screams echo in my ears, can u hear me? banging my head off the cold dark walls. In my cell of laughter, emptiness at hands graspe..... Always wondering why I am here, nothing to search for, shawdows follow my wicked ass, Can't talk about the way I really feel, insanity at itsbest!!!  I'll still write about my past....  control, control, control, ha, I dont live by ur rules. I make my
Just for a momentCan we forget the pastOnce taken for grantedNow I'm begging forgiveness at last Can you even give meOne thing I ever did rightCome up with a memoryThat didn't end up in a fight Well I know you're a liar Can you tell me onceYou love me firstI'm caught in this desertAnd dying of thirst Do you expect me toBelieve this load of sh*tI've had my fillNow I'm done...done with it I hear you sellingBut I'm not buying no moreAll these F*cking word gamesI lay them at your door Cuz you're a F*cking LIAR
i guess im a big loser because i dont deserve to be told the truth instead im to be lied to. why would he hurt me why would he lie to me tell me im special and then turn around and tell someone else that i mean nothing so much for friendship honesty loyalty. well guess what im better off without him im hurt but ill move on
Liars And Freeloaders
Well ladies I am here to let you know that Archlight ( David ) is a fake and does NOT live in Michigan. He lives in upstate NY and I lived with him for 4 months, he is a freeloader he is a pathetic liar about what he states he owns he has  NOTHING he moved here to NY with just his clothes, has warrents in Cali. dont know what for. he is a scammer so look out ladies I hope your not his next victim
Liars N Cheats On Fubar Oh My
It amazes me how many people on the net live several lives~~you have "THE SUCESSFUL MILLIONAIRE" Oh baby I'll cange your life 4ever and give you the world~~ Then you have "MR ROMANCE" Baby I don't have much, but my heart 4u will be more than you will ever need ( yet their heart is all over the place) Then you have your "MR IM SINGLE AND LOOKING 4 MY SOULMATE" Oh baby you are perfect 4 me and you are all I need in my life, yet they are telling that samething to 10 others lol Or the BEST  one yet " THE ONES WHO HAVE 4 SCREEN NAMES and play 4 differnt people on them" Can we say Sybil? LMAO This isn't me capp'n on men~~Trust me women are worse!! Women tell men daily "I LOVE YOU" Then @ night they are in bed w/ theyre husbands~~ Are people on the net that desprate 4 attention, addicted 2 lying, bored, needy, or just game players that bad that they have to toy w/ peoples emotions??? I feel 4 the FEW people who are honest, continue to be honest that will shine thru~~ Bull shit ALWAYS SME
there are many of them in this world-- they take on various guises, and they feed on what people desire most-- for some, its the idea of love and the feeling of being loved..for some its the thrill of seduction and lust.. and I despise them.   
Liars Cheaters And Plastic
Liars And Fiction
Follow your heart when you need it don't let yourself be betrayed friends can turn to enemies enemies to friends tell then will the madness never end ticking ticking ticking the clock counts away resisting the darkness insomnia abounds can't eat or sleep or hardly motivate depression is like a black shroud tearing and shredding all hope in its path fighting this maddness everyday never gonna give in anyway
Liar, Liar....pants On Fire!" target=_blank>$heWantsMoney">href="" target=_blank>@ fubar Drew Duns...aka...So Far So Good So What...aka...She Wants Money is a cheater.  He cheated on me last summer while I was pregnant with his baby with a girl he met on Fubar.  He said it was the biggest mistake of his life.  He said he  would never do it again.  He said he loved me.  He said he wanted to marry me. Well must have all been lies...cause here is is again after promising not to go on Fubar or chat with women anymore.  I actually believed him!  Ha ha ha ha, stupid me!  Actually stupid him.  I wrok all day, take care of him, let him live with me 4 free and love him.  I make 3 times the money he does.  I buy him whatever he wants, have sex with him whenever he wants!  Suck his cheating cock whenever he wants.  I am an awsome cook, a hard worker, a beautiful intelligent woman.  I have a good job and
Liar   Empty inside and no where to turn; Faking a smile before tears start to burn.   No love in my life and few friends I call mine; No one to say that it will all be just fine.   Just 24 hours to escape and be free; To live out this lie I dreamed of for me.   But wishes aren't heard, and dreams are defeated; The real world doesn't care how badly it's needed.   So I'll hold my head up and pretend it's ok; My lie still a secret for at least one more day. Darlene
This idiot was using my photo without my permission, as if he new me.  My name is not Linda nd he doesnt.    ☠ skulls bullets">@ fubar
I lie to myself so I dont go insane wear my fake smile of hidden disdain nights full of tears wet my pillow of fears lie so I dont go insane. I pretend to be happy and let others know I feel little remorse for when I have to go. Death is the way out the only way I see well thats how I see it thats the way for me. Kicking and screaming want it all to end still I wear my smile and still I pretend. Surrounded by peers all through out the day not one word escapes me I have nothing nice to say. I really dont like many people they all just dont care most of them dont even realize people like me are there. Surrounded by people all through out the day dont care what they think or what they have to say. My mind wanders around the thought of my demise how to end it all maybe work out a comprimise of my wanted fall. My mind wanders around the thought of how I want to die. I now sit here writting to you all wondering if I'm good enough planning for my fall. You probably think I'm crazy but
Is it just me or does it seem like no matter what a guy like me does he gets fucked over by someone? Just  wondering if I have a sign over my head that says "Bitches who play games and cheat talk to me"?
One day while in the white house I walked in on this hot woman in the tub... After she told Me to come over, we had sexual intercourse..which was amazing. She did not judge Me for having a half inch penis, and even though she was clearly unsatisfied with the sex, she did not tell Me. Since we each swore to secrecy this act and said we would not tell any one about it... I never thought any more about it.. Years later, after I went on trial for starting a cult where our main goal was the decimation and domination of the human species, I saw this on the news during My trial testifying about My characteristics... in her statement she said.. Since we each swore never to speak of it, My lawyer said that I could take legal action against her for breach of a verbal contract, since what she said is true I can not also add a slander charge to My case.   So should I: Kill her before she tells them about the two minute sex Stab her in the throat so she cannot talk any more...wait... sh
Liars In Church
Liars in ChurchThe Preacher finished the service one morning by saying,"Next Sunday, I am going to preach on the subject of liars.As a preparation for my sermon, I would like you all to read Mark 17."On the following Sunday, the preacher rose to begin.Looking out at the congregation he said:   "Last week I asked you all to read Mark 17.If you have read the chapter, please raise your hand."Nearly every hand in the congregation went up.Smiling, the preacher said, "You are the very people I want to talk to.Mark has only 16 chapters      
The Liar Takes The Stand
Validity of testimony Because of the serial bully's Jekyll and Hyde nature, compulsive lying, charm and plausibility, the validity of this person's testimony cannot be relied on in disciplinary proceedings, appeal hearings, and under oath at tribunal and in court. Emphasise this when taking action. Mediation with this type of individual is inappropriate. Serial bullies regard mediation (and arbitration, conciliation, negotiation etc) as appeasement, which they ruthlessly exploit; it allows them to give the impression in public that they are negotiating and being conciliatory, whilst in private they continue the bullying. The lesson of the twentieth century is that you do not appease aggressors. The disordered thinking processes of the criminal / antisocial mind are succinctly described in Stanton E Samenow's book Straight talk about criminals. For example: "Certain people who I term non-arrestable criminals behave criminally towards others , but they are sufficiently fearful [and k
How to Detect Lies Become a Lie Detector Warning: sometimes ignorance is bliss; after gaining this knowledge, you may be hurt when it is obvious that someone is lying to you. Introduction to Detecting Lies: The following techniques to telling if someone is lying are often used by police, forensic psychologists, and security experts. This knowledge is also useful for managers, employers, and for anyone to use in everyday situations where telling the truth from a lie can help prevent you from being a victim of fraud/scams and other deceptions. Signs of Deception: Body Language of Lies: • Physical expression will be limited and stiff, with few arm and hand movements. Hand, arm and leg movement are toward their own body the liar takes up less space. • A person who is lying to you will avoid making eye contact. • Hands touching their face, throat & mouth. Touching or scratching the nose or behind their ear.Not likely to touch his chest/heart with an open hand. Emo
I have been seeing a woman off and on for a few years now. things were good for awhile but she was married so that put a dampener on things. When she divorced her husband things got better, for awhile. My ex-best friend for over 25 years comes into the picture and she loses her damn mind. Friends of hers and mine start telling me all kinds of stupid stuff she and him are doing, alot of the stuff comming strait from him to my friends. Nice right? I have never told her who she cant and cant be friends with but have told her just exactly what I think of him and why our friendship ended. It wasnt pretty either. I have been hearing for months now she and him are sleeping together, she denies this of course. BUT, from her own mouth to a friend of our she says she has. she doesnt even care to fight for what we once had and that hurts the most. I guess I know where I stand now, ALONE.
You said we would be friends, I never asked for anything more than that....not that I wouldn't have like it. You took someone else's word over mine. Yeah, I said a lot of stupid things but I never lied to you. You told me to be true to myself and I have been. I am not jealous of who you are with or anything. What hurts most is how you take what I say and stab me in the back. I know why now I don't trust anyone! Those I do....wouldn't have walked away like you did! I will not cry over you, I will only miss the one I called my friend and continue to pray that you are happy. 
Liars & Fakes! Be VERY CAUTIOUS of this FU~TARD! He WILL MAKE UP LIES AND "FANTASIES" about YOU & YOUR FRIENDS!  HE"S A FAKE & A LIAR! *Part of the sb that could be saved! :40pm reply dhcc98: let me pull those big breasts out of that low cut top 3:40pm more To dhcc98: sorry i was so drunk the other night< can you refresh my memory on what we did together 3:40pm reply dhcc98: while D watches 3:40pm reply dhcc98: sure. 3:41pm more To dhcc98: n she is out of the room watching my baby 3:41pm reply dhcc98: we "tried" to drive back to my hotel at doulbetree on tam trail, but u were so horny we stopped in kmart lot on tam trail and got in back seat 3:41pm reply dhcc98: good, glad she is out of room 3:42pm reply dhcc98: omg 3:43pm more To dhcc98: omg what
there are people on here that try an fake ppl out by pretending to be a person there not example done or sinfully naughty irish princess are actually naughty lill vixen an she is scamin lot of guys on this site bc she has access to one of her friends pages off site from here i think its bullshit that she is allowed to continue to be fake by this site an the fact she is tryin to pass her self off as ex military while her friend is she is not an im going to do whatever i have to to ensure she is shown to be the liar she is
Liar by Kenneth Matlock on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at 7:45am ·   PublicFriendsOnly MeCustomClose FriendsArlington AreaSee all lists...CUNA Mutual GroupTrinity High SchoolFamilyWestwood OnlineAcquaintancesGo Back It's a silly little story. I tell it day by day. Of me and all my glory. No better things to say. You tell stories too Of you and all you are. Crazy things you do and places gone afar. All we have are lies To keep us oh so tall Tell us between the sighs or much of nothing at all
Liar To Boot
Viper Lion...: u do realize my wife.. isnt the one you talked to.. thats our roomate break the dawn? 1:23pm Your Master: and your point is what.... 1:23pm Viper Lion...: do you like lying about my wife? 1:24pm Your Master: how did lie about your cunt. 1:24pm Viper Lion...: the only reason ininjad ripped ur photo is because you told break u wanted to kick her in the stomach 1:24pm Viper Lion...: umm 100$ for a blow job? that convos with my wife never took place 1:25pm Viper Lion...: so funny .. i think your referring to break the dawn.. ininja just gave you our addy.. so keep lying you twit this photo is how u lied 1:25pm Your Master: The only reason I ripped her pic was because she wanted a $100 to blow me 1:25pm Viper Lion...: no that was break the dawn not ininjadurmom 1:25pm Viper Lion...: ininjadurwife isnt break.. two different girls.. 1:26pm Your Master: I can't help your jobless w
Liar, Liar Pants On Fire
EVEN CNN CALLS OBAMA "LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE"Even the Communist News Network called out Obama as a liar on accusing Romney of committing a FELONY... and factcheck says Obama is flat out wrong. Slinging dung when our country is on the verge of economic collapse! Shame on you Obama... you are making things up as if you are a third world dictator who has to answer to no one. What is even worse is that we find out that top execs from Bain capital donated big bucks to Obama's 2008 presidential campaign...Obama greedily accepted it! That's right, Obama’s campaign has been quick to rip Mitt Romney for his association with Bain Capital, which outsourced certain jobs during restructuring of companies, but there’s one BIG problem; many of the very executives who were running Bain Capital during the 1999-2002 period (the period now under media scrutiny) donated to Obama’s presidential campaign!!! And Obama was more than happy to cash the checks.Obama is not only a liar, but a
Liar Liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liar, liar. Pants on fire.Odds are, you and your guy have a great relationship, and the only lies he tells are little fibs. But it's good to know how to spot the signs he could be telling a whopper. Lie detection expert Janine Driver, author of the new book, You Can't Lie to Me, fills us in on the words that give away a liar. By Korin Miller "Left" Sure, sometimes 'left' is the only word you ... can use in a situation, but there's some kind of drama involved when he uses it in place of another word that will do (think: "I left the bar at six" vs. "I went home at six"). It could be due to his desire to "leave" the lie behind. "Never" The big thing to look out for is when he says "never" when "no" will do. It's a sign he's overcompensating. For example, if you ask, "Did you just look at that girl's butt?" and he says, "Never!" "That" Like never, it depends on how he uses it. If he puts "that" in front of a noun, like "that woman" or "that money," it's a subconscious attempt for
L I A R ! ! ! ! !
Sooo this might sound totally weird to some of you but I have a fu-friend into humiliation and he has promised me blings if I can get my friends to..   1. rate him and his pics all 1's and comment how pathetic, lame, etc. he is. this is his link 2. rate his mistress' pics 10's or 11's. this is her link   And then let me know when you do plz :) He really wants to be the joke of Fubar :P Let's get this done! :)   If for some reason you don't believe this as I know I might not unless I was the one approached lol I can forward you the messages he sent me saying so :)  And also, he promised to rate back 10's or 11's to all of you who do so no matter what :) He likes this shit LOL! Thank you all in advance! ♥
Sooo I've learned my first big lesson here on fubar... No matter how many pics someone sends you, if they don't have a salute they are FAKE!!!!  I could name you out here an let everyone know what a liar you are BUT I'm not that type of person. I'll consider this a lesson learned and never make the same one again. :-)
Liason With Staff
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 14:50:02 -0700 From: Size: 2 KB To: Reply-To: I am not planning on turning on your comments anytime soon. That photo you posted was WAY out of line. Do NOT post pornography unless it is properly flagged NSFW. On 9/28/2007, wrote: Do i talk to you, or someone else? I cant comment on anything, not mumms, not my page, not anyone elses profile. This didnt happen until after this last bug was fixed; coudl you direct me to a fix for this, so i can start COMMENTING again? thank you
Li As I See It And How I Want It To Become
I been thinking about life alot I guess. Looking back at the past and then looking at now...It has gave me alot to think about. As i was growing up like when I was 17 and 18 I had thi I loved in life.I had friends that actually wanted to do things with me. I had gurls that loved me, but at the same time I believe they only loved me due to I had weed everyday and I ani't talk to smal amounts either, or cuz I had money all the time. I always had a job on top of that. But as life as i started living it was icredible I thought. I had a beautiful young woman that I could come home to every night after work and she was there everytime...Waiting for me to wrp my arms around and cuddle and hold her...Don't get me wrong I done with out things for her such as clothes,cars,friends,family,(well her family was there for me unlike my wasn't) they treated me like I was one of them. Yeah I ani't going to lie about it Everyone called me her little bitch boy cuz I was always doing everyt
Lia Strips Her Panties.
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Libra You are so popular, you have your choice of hotties. You can easily charm anyone of your choosing, and you often come home with someone you picked up at the bar. Despite your forward and extraverted nature, you are usually submissive in bed. You like your partner to take the lead and show you all of their little secrets. Sex matches: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius Take this quiz at
libation \ly-BAY-shun\, noun: 1. The act of pouring a liquid (usually wine) either on the ground or on a victim in sacrifice to some deity; also, the wine or liquid thus poured out. 2. A beverage, especially an alcoholic beverage. 3. An act or instance of drinking.
Liberated Lover
The Liberated Lover 72% partner focus, 71% aggressiveness, 85% adventurousness Based on the results of this test, it is highly likely that: You prefer your romance and love to wild and daring rather than typical or boring, you would rather pursue than be pursued and, when it comes to physical love, your satisfaction comes more from providing a wonderful time to your partner than simply seeking your own. This places you in the Lover Style of: The Liberated Lover. The Liberated Lover is a wonderful Lover Style, and forms the kind of free-thinking, sexually-exciting, self-confident lover that society once condemned but that a liberal-mind cherishes and exults. The Liberated Lover is a treasure to find, though it can sometimes be difficult to do so because they are often already engaged in relationships or are in high-demand if "in the market." In terms of physical love, the Liberated Lover is possibly the most thrilling and demanding of
Liberation Day!
December 2nd is offically a non-affiliated holiday! its my last day at Pestmart! THANK GOD! God has smiled upon me and told me that its time to leave that hell offense to people who go and work at petsmart. its horrible there and i needed out. badly. SO! CELEBRATE! WOO!
I see a lot of people yelling for peace but I have not heard of a plan for peace. So, here's one plan." 1..) "The US will apologize to the world for our "interference" in their affairs, past & present. You know, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo, Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein, and the rest of those 'good ole boys,' We will never "interfere" again. 2..) We will withdraw our troops from all over the world, starting with Germany, South Korea, the Middle East, and the Philippines. They don't want us there. We would station troops at our borders. No one allowed sneaking through holes in the fence. 3..) All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs together and leave. We'll give them a free trip home. After 90 days the remainder will be gathered up and deported immediately, regardless of who or where they are.. They're illegal!!! France will welcome them. 4.) All future visitors will be thoroughly checked and limited to 90 days unless given a special permit!!!!!!!!
Liberals At Work Again!
A locker room controversy is erupting within the FDNY. Firefighters have been ordered to remove all personal decorations from the outside of their lockers, including pictures of colleagues killed on 9/11. "We're tired of being treated like children," said Stephen Cassidy, president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association. "It will not continue. If we have to take legal action we will." The fire union is at war with FDNY Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta over a regulation limiting what firefighters can have on the outside of their lockers. "[The regulation] prohibits a firefighter from having an American flag, a 'Support Our Troops' sticker, a picture of their family, a mass card of a dead firefighter," Cassidy said. A department-wide crackdown on locker decorations began several weeks ago after a sexually offensive slogan was found on the outside of a locker at Engine 230 in Brooklyn. But the union claims this time the department went too far. "Two weeks ago they beg
Liberal Media At Its Finest!!
NBC News led the way. Elements over there calling the execution a PR disaster for the USA. Did you think Saddam's hanging was a PR disaster? I didn't. The mass murderer got what he deserved. We also heard an NBC commentator say President Bush is allowing Americans to be killed in Iraq for money and other insane stuff. Unbelievable. The Bush-hating Baltimore Sun says more Iraqis are dying now than under Saddam and it's America's fault. By my count, Saddam was responsible for about 750,000 deaths during his reign of terror. So The Baltimore Sun is nuts. And our pal, far-left columnist Robert Scheer, consistently anti- American voice, writes in The San Francisco Chronicle, "The frantic killing of Hussein abetted by the United States was the third act in a morality play of misplaced vengeance for the September 11th terrorist attacks — where the first act was the invasion of Iraq, based upon trumped up lies linking it to Al Qaeda, and the second was the killing of the tyrant's sons
Liberals: Born To Run
I knew the events in the Middle East were big when The New York Times devoted nearly as much space to them as it did to a New York court ruling last week rejecting gay marriage. Some have argued that Israel's response is disproportionate, which is actually correct: It wasn't nearly strong enough. I know this because there are parts of South Lebanon still standing. Most Americans have been glued to their TV sets, transfixed by Israel's show of power, wondering, "Gee, why can't we do that?" Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean says that "what's going on in the Middle East today" wouldn't be happening if the Democrats were in power. Yes, if the Democrats were running things, our cities would be ash heaps and the state of Israel would have been wiped off the map by now. But according to Dean, the Democrats would have the "moral authority that Bill Clinton had" — no wait! keep reading — "when he brought together the Israelis and Palestinians." Clinton really br
Liberate your mind You motherfucker, you're so narrow-minded So narrow-minded Liberate your mind Now motherfucker, will you liberate your mind This time Bold motherfucker Don't limit your mind Can't you see that the pace Has fallen behind All the hate in your heart Will be leaving you blind So bold motherfucker Don't you limit your mind This time Waiting, for your modern messiah To take away all the hatred That darkens the light in your eye Still awaiting. I "Out of Zion shall come forth a law And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem Nation shall not raise sword against nation And they shall not learn war anymore For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken" Waiting, for your modern messiah To take away all the hatred That darkens the light in your eye Still awaiting.
Liberals And Your Money!!
Those of you that voted for the Dems are about to get your wish!! The Senate is considering a $900 Billion Dollar Tax Increase!! Part of the Liberal Campaign bulls--t was no tax increases. It is always the same with Liberals.....never ever believe what they say; always believe what they do. Liberals tax and spend. That is their only means of retaining their power. Make you a slave to their many and multi-layed bulls--t programs so that you will continue to vote for them. Of course you will never be able to leave the Liberal Plantation because if you do you lose your Government Check!! Meanwhile the very Liberals you elect will exempt themselves for the laws imposed on us!! They do it everytime and still manage to "fool" many uninformed people!! I urge each who read this to Google the President Carter years!! This is what you get when you elect Liberals!! Liberalism is easily defined....Spread misery equally and exempt the "elites" who make the rules!!! And I should know as
Liberated Ladies
Oral relaxation, that's what I'm talkin about.
The Libertarian Option
The Libertarian Option Consider the Libertarian option: * Substantially reduce the size and intrusiveness of government and cut all taxes. * Let peaceful, honest people offer their goods and services to willing consumers without a hassle from government. * Let peaceful, honest people decide for themselves what to eat, drink, read, or smoke and how to dress, medicate themselves, or make love, without fear of criminal penalties. * The U.S. government should defend Americans and their property in America and let the U.S. taxpayer off the hook for the defense bill of wealthy countries like Germany and Japan.
i love cali. i want to go back. that place is awesome. some of the most liberal people i know live there. Gay men are awesome. everyone smokes. there really is no speed limit on highways. motorcycles cna cut lanes. fuckin arnold their governor. beverly hills. the fucking awesome beach. the even better titty bars. vegas is so close. sun sun motherfucking sun. cheap tattoos. :) the only thing that sucks is traffic and the cost of living. i wanna go back. Waste my ife away in strip clubs and burn away the day on the beach lol.
Liberty Or Anarchy
Let our government honor our rights as guaranteed by the constitution, or let us do away with it. It is better to live without government, than to live under an oppressive government. Our liberties are being destroyed one by one, in the name of security. The right to free speech is being restricted by hate-crime legislation and political correct agendas. Our right to free exercise of religion is being consumed by the politically correct interpretation of the establishment of religion. A copy of the ten commandments at the county courthouse is an example of the free-exercise of religion, not, as the ACLU alleges, an establishment of religion. Students praying at school is free exercise of religion, not, as the ACLU would like us to believe, establishment of religion. Our right to keep and bear arms has been unconstitutionally restricted since the passing of the National Firearms Act of 1934. The NFA imposed a federal excise tax on all Title II weapons of about $200, 5 months sa
So understated, you confuse me (Being so different) You've become so ordinary What are you so scared of? What made you so afraid to feel? I know your heart was broken But the emotion is unreal Now you're afraid of complication And you mark every love With this stone cold liberation So I thought, "Yeah - what a concept" Let's take some more, give a little less Until your future is yesterday You've got to hide your love away Now it's not your fault If they break your heart You never live up to your part I know it shouldn't be like this But it's all you wanted (Isn't it?) What do you expect From every mother's son? When you only flirt because it's fun It was never my thing To be like everyone So how can I understand Your motivation? Busy playing hard to get Until it's all you really are Did you think an apology And the third degree Was love, actually? The one thing I hate most about me Is the one thing you've made your trademark To have a crus
~~liberated In Europe~~
I found that I had more freedom riding around in the foreign land....
Liberty Needs Glasses
excuse me but lady liberty needs glasses and so does mrs justice by her side both the broads r blind as bats stumbling thru the system justice bumbed into mutulu and trippin on geronimo pratt but stepped right over oliver and his crooked partner ronnie justice stubbed her big toe on mandela and liberty was misquoted by the indians slavery was a learning phase forgotten with out a verdict while justice is on a rampage 4 endangered surviving black males i mean really if anyone really valued life and cared about the masses theyd take em both 2 pen optical and get 2 pair of glasses
Liberty Yet So Not Misleading.... Funny Videos | Funny Cartoons | Comedy Central Much to the surprise and delight of their coworkers, two women's conversation about "self improvement" becomes very touchy-feely. Funny, yet so typical of women the way they relate to one another. Well...only fuels male fantasies !
Liberate Your Mind
Liberate your mind now everybody, you're so narrow-minded So narrow-minded So liberate your mind Now everybody, will you liberate your mind Liberate your mind now everybody, you're so narrow-minded So narrow-minded So Liberate your mind Now everybody, will you liberate your mind This time Don't limit your mind Can't you see that the pace Has just fallen behind All the hate in your heart Will be leaving you blind So Don't you limit your mind Don't limit your mind Can't you see that the pace Has just fallen behind All the hate in your heart Will be leaving you blind So Don't you limit your mind This time Waiting, for your modern messiah To take away all the hatred That darkens the light in your eye Still awaiting. god "Out of Zion shall come forth a law And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem Nation shall not raise sword against nation And they shall not learn war anymore For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken" Waiting, for your mode
Liberal Nonsense
Liberals are so invigorated by the story about a noose being found on an obscure Columbia University professor's door that now nooses are popping up all over New York City. Liberals love to make believe the Night Riders are constantly at their doors. I'll be shocked by a noose appearing on a college campus the day an actual racist does it. Could Columbia at least produce one student or professor who supports racism before holding another "rally against racism"? Every concrete example of the racism allegedly sweeping the nation's campuses keeps turning out to be a fraud. Far from "institutional racism," there is "institutional racial hoaxism" run amok in this country. Will anyone rally against that? Out of legions, here are just a few hoax hate crimes on college campuses. -- In 1997, at Duke University, a black doll was found hanging by a noose from a tree at the precise spot where the Black Student Alliance was to be holding a rally against racism. Two black students later
Liberty & Sacrifice
The tree of liberty has been watered with the blood of patriots. I ask you what did you contribute to the watering of this tree? I ask why some say they don’t owe, but what we all don’t realize is nothing in life is free. I ask you don’t you feel bad others die in your stead? You sit in your comfy house or driving your nice car, or sit with your kids playing the games Soldiers just dream of doing those things. But ask yourself who or how many have died so I can enjoy this? How many more have to before you contribute?
Liberation Of Paris
Liberation Of Paris The Liberation of Paris (also known as Battle for Paris) took place during World War II from 19 August 1944 until the surrender of the occupying German garrison on the 25th. The capital of France had been administered by Nazi Germany since the Second Compiègne armistice in June 1940, when the Vichy puppet regime was established with its capital maintained in the central commune of Vichy. The liberation was an uprising staged by the French Resistance against the German Paris garrison. On 24 and 25 August, the FFI resistants received backup from the Free French Army of Liberation and the uprising evolved to urban warfare with the use of barricades, submachine guns, and tanks firing against Nazi and Milice snipers until the German surrender on 25 August. This battle marked the end of Operation Overlord, the successful liberation of France by the Allies, the restoration of the French Republic and the exile of the Vichy government moving to Sigmaringen in German
Liberation Of Rome
Liberation Of Rome Rome was quiet on the morning of 4 June 1944. Propaganda leaflets dropped during the early morning hours by order of the commander of the Allied 15th Army Group, General Sir Harold R. L. G. Alexander, urged Romans "to stand shoulder-to-shoulder to protect the city from destruction and to defeat our common enemies." Even though the retreating Germans had declared Rome an open city, citizens were urged to do everything possible to protect public services, transportation facilities, and communications. "Citizens of Rome," the leaflets declared, "this is not the time for demonstrations. Obey these directions and go on with your regular work. Rome is yours! Your job is to save the city, ours is to destroy the enemy." Hours later the first Fifth Army units, elements of the U.S. 3d, 85th, and 88th Infantry Divisions and the 1st Special Service Force, reached the outskirts of the city, encountering only scattered German resistance. The citizens of Rome remained indoors
Liberty Is 100,000 Away.
Help out my friend Liberty. She returns the rates. *~£ÎßÊ®Tÿ~* ♥ Demon Crew Recruiter♥@ fubar
Libertis First Fourth Of July
with the sound of the first boom i turned to liberti thinking that i would see the tears rolling and the lips stead i saw the biggest smile a baby could have and the biggest eyes in the world..not once did she whimper not once did she shead a tear.i however cried through the whole thing cause this year just was not the same..she did such a wonderful job. i thought the noise alone would scare her cause we were pretty close .she was such a good strong baby. i only wish i could have been as strong as her.looking at her i could see her daddy just plain as day.the whole night would have had a whole other meaning to t if we only had him here with us.mommie is so proud of you liberti did not let them big loud fireworks get you down..awesome job baby girl
Liberated Spice Spotlight Bully
Liberated Spice Liberated Spice Club United Owner* R/L WIFEY 2 Big Jimmy--DSC***Life Saver@ fubar This lady has been trying so hard to win a spotlight,, if you can help her in any way that would be awesome. She has made bulletins for alot of people, helped in leveling a ton of people and I just think she really deserves all the help we can give her. Thank you!!!!!
Liberty Park Dk With His Drink!
Panorama Fun at Liberty Park... My sister had to do a panorama assignment for her photography class and I went out with her because I did the same assignment few years back, same class. So we went out to Liberty Park and just for fun I told her to take a picture of me on the swings with her camera then mine so I can see the results faster. hehe
Libertarianism And Anarchism
Ive never really seen the difference both seem to share in most of their political philosophy's.To me a libertarian is a anarchist in a suit or someone that would vote republican.Where a true anarchist is trying to get away from any form of power state or federal. the other thing that makes me laugh is the word libertarian needs to be changed since libertarianism has allot more to do with the "TRUE"conservative system then a liberal social system.libertarian has become almost meaningless for a variety of reasons. The use of the word by many Republicans has been noted in the discussion but this isn’t the only problem. Anyways havent blogged in a long time enjoy....:)
Thomas Jefferson, Colonial Hippie Retail | Shiloh, IL, USA (A lady wants to make a credit card payment with a temporary check, which is not accepted at the store I work at. It goes all the way up to the top manager in the store and the exchange of words is glorious:) Manager: “How may I help you?” Customer: “Yes, this lady told me you can’t accept temporary checks?” Manager: “Yes ma’am, unfortunately in the past we’ve had trouble cashing those checks. It’s nothing against you personally, but based on past problems we can’t accept temporary checks.” Customer: “So let me get this straight? You treat everyone exactly the same way?” Manager: “Uh…yes.” Customer: “Well if this place isn’t run by a bunch of stupid liberals!”
The Liberal Way~eliminate Dissent
(This is a pretty dark one, I'm not sure what I was thinking about when I wrote this. It's rather crude in style, but I think it gets the point across) I lived in a land of hate and sorrow all my life. My people were not allowed to be married and have children, it was a disgrace to our tormentors to see us flourish. Those of us who were alive before the cruel came to punish us vaguely remember what it was like to be free. Now all we know is the pain that others push upon us to feel better about themselves. I know I will never taste freedom again, I have spent too long in this body to see my captors punished for the torment they shed. I can only hope that somewhere someone will look down upon us, and in agony state the pain we have endured and fight for us, for alone we shall perish. I have not felt the embrace or touch of a kind person for fifteen years now. My wife was torn from my side and I was forced to watch as she was brutalized before my eyes by soldiers who had their own
Liberation Of Mind...
Its never bothered me to be Its always bothered you to see What I have become You can never be Free I've flown the distance Run every mile The golden rainbow has no end Space and Time are mine Free You claim to be trapped I've seen through lies and lifes reality Prison is another word for Mind Internal darkness is now Free Ignition sequence starts Feel the burn I see you turn and yell You cannot join me now Free
Liberate lyrics Liberate your mind You motherfucker, you're so narrow-minded So narrow-minded Liberate your mind Now motherfucker, will you liberate your mind This time Bold motherfucker Don't limit your mind Can't you see that the pace Has fallen behind All the hate in your heart Will be leaving you blind So bold motherfucker Don't you limit your mind This time Waiting, for your modern messiah To take away all the hatred That darkens the light in your eye Still awaiting. I "Out of Zion shall come forth a law And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem Nation shall not raise sword against nation And they shall not learn war anymore For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken" Waiting, for your modern messiah To take away all the hatred That darkens the light in your eye Still awaiting.
The Liberal Mind Can Not Understand This
An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before but had once failed an entire class.   That class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.   The professor then said, "OK, we will have an experiment in this class on socialism. All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A.    After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B.    The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.     As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little.     The second test average was a D! No one was happy.    When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.   The scores never increased as bickering, blam
Liberals, Only For The Gain Of Themselves.
I hear it everyday, not from Conservatives. It is the ringing in my ear of the leftist agenda. It incorporates everyone to pay higher taxes at some point. Not yet however, they want to tax American citizens to control everything and everyone. Where is our leader. Our real Conservative leader. Not a leftist leaning Republican, but a real Conservative. One that will be better than Reagan. One that will, as part of their administration do away with, ACORN and the ACLU? One that will decrease taxes way below the world average to bring back the diversity of jobs to regular Americans who need them. One who will appoint judges from a Conservative view rather than a leftist radical view. Not everyone knows how to manage their money. People need jobs. Incentives to create more business and big business. Promotion of business and wall street rather than to make everyone look stupid. Take the bad guys out of their jobs rather than to demote the whole nation as money mongers. The name
Liberation Tower
Kuwait City, Kuwait Pinnacle 372m / 1220'
Liberalism Is Failing
On Tuesday, the National Association of Realtors reported that July sales of existing homes fell by 27% from June of this year and by 25.5% compared to July 2009. This annual sales rate of 3.83 million homes was the lowest since NAR began keeping track of sales in 1999. Then yesterday, the Commerce Department reported that July sales of new homes fell 12.4% from June and by 32.4% compared to July 2009. This annual rate of 276,000 new units sold is the lowest since 1963, when government records were first kept. The source of the plunge is no secret: July's numbers reflect the first month when existing home sales received no boost from the home buyer tax credit.Americans have seen this movie before. Last fall after the Obama administration's Cash for Clunkers program dried up, new automobile sales plummeted. General Motors' sales plunged 36 percent in September 2009 compared with August. Ford plummeted 37 percent. Chrysler dove 33 percent. And Americans are still feeling the hangover fro
No words needed here...couldn't paste a video in here for some reason...???... Sooo...I commented on this...the video...s h o u l d my comment...(but...ya never know around here...nope!!!)...
Liberals And Peace
 "Meanwhile the Liberals had been elected.  Traditionally opposed to war and foreign adventure, they were confident that good intentions could keep the peace." Barbara W. Tuchman ~ The Guns of August (p.46)   It's interesting that over 100 years later, this brief reference to England in 1905 by Tuchman would still hold relevance in our modern era.  World War I was the war to end all wars, yet only 30 years later Chamberlain would declare "Peace in our time" after being hoodwinked by Hitler.  The folly of good intentions would continue throughout the 20th century with useful idiots proclaiming that all that is necessary was to "imagine" peace or to give peace a chance. The truth of course is that it takes only one party to break a peace and initiate hostilities and typical aggressors will play on the good intentions of those who wish against all reason that peace is attainable if only they give in a little more or pretend the danger is not real.  George Orwell has a few interesting
Liberal Senators Join Mps In Walkout Over Ag Pick
The entire Liberal caucus walked out on a House of Commons vote Thursday morning to protest an "abuse of process" in the appointment of Canada's new auditor general. By mid-afternoon, the Liberal Senate caucus had followed suit. Prime Minister Stephen Harper's pick of Michael Ferguson, the former auditor general of New Brunswick, has been controversial because Ferguson is not bilingual. Fluency in both official languages was one of the requirements of the position as posted by the government. Liberal interim leader Bob Rae,burberry outlet cheap seen during question period in the House of Commons Thursday, led a walkout of Liberal MPs during an earlier vote to approve the Conservatives' choice of auditor general.Liberal interim leader Bob Rae, seen during question period in the House of Commons Thursday, led a walkout of Liberal MPs during an earlier vote to approve the Conservatives' choice of auditor general. Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press MPs were called to the House to vote on a m
Liberal Traits & The New Flea Bagger Party
This is what the new Flea Bagger Party has done so far. (OWS) Obama, MSM, Liberals & all Hollywood idiots like Michael “Lard Ass” Moore are supporting   NY: 10/1/2011 — Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge Madison, WI: 10-27-2011 — Madison Occupiers Lose Permit Due to Public Masturbation Phoenix: 10/28/2011 — Flier at Occupy Phoenix Asks, “When Should You Shoot a Cop?” NY: 10/18/2011 — Thieves Preying on Fellow Protesters NY: 10/9/2011 — Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters Accused of Living in Filth as Shocking Pictures Show One Demonstrator Defecating on a POLICE CAR NY: 10/7/2011 — Occupiers Rush Police … More Cleveland: 10/18/2011 — ‘Occupy Cleveland’ Protester Alleges She Was Raped NY: 10/10/2011 — ‘Increasingly Debauched’: Are Sex, Drugs & Poor Sanitation Eclipsing Occupy Wall Street? Seattle: 10/18/2011 — Man Accused of Exposing Self to Chil
Liberal Arts Student From
HAMILTON, Ont. Stevan Ridley Youth Jersey . -- Playing at McMaster University next year is out for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, but owner Bob Young says the CFL team will attempt to keep its home games next year as close to Steeltown as possible. The 2012 campaign will be the Ticats final one at Ivor Wynne Stadium. At seasons end, the facility will be replaced by a Pan Am Games stadium, forcing the CFL team to play all of its 2013 home games outside of Hamilton. The new stadium is schedule to open in 2014 in time for the 2015 Pan Am Games. Ideally, the Ticats were hoping to play some of their 2013 scheduled home games at Ron Joyce Stadium, home of the defending Vanier Cup-champion McMaster Marauders. But on Thursday, school officials told the Hamilton club it couldnt play any portion of next season on campus. The has forced the Ticats to look at alternative venues for 2013. One site that has been mention is TD Waterhouse at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ont. The facility has
Liberal Media Already Pushing Death Panels For Fat People And Smokers
Jim Hoft thegatewaypundit.comJanuary 30, 2013 We were warned. The liberal media is already pushing a plan to let “health sinners” – like fat people and smokers – die without health care treatments. Maybe they’ll make them secret death panels like in Great Britain where a national audit found thathalf of dying patients placed on the controversial “Liverpool Care Pathway” are never told that life-saving treatment has been withdrawn. Each year 57,000 patients die without being told life-saving treatments have been stopped. The worries about Liverpool Care Pathway arise from reports that it is sometimes invoked without informing either the patient or family. (Photo: Alamy) The AP reported: Faced with the high cost of caring for smokers and overeaters, experts say society must grapple with a blunt question: Instead of trying to penalize them and change their ways, why not just let these health sinners die? Annual health care costs are roughly
From MY Friend ~ DISPOSABLE I. A pool of Representatives shall be elected by each state and the number to represent that state shall be apportioned to the number of verified votes cast in that state. Purpose: The purpose of this amendment is to give control of the government over to those that actually participate in how it is run. In short, if a state does not have people that are interested in the running of the country, they shall not have as much of a say in how it is run.II. A Representative shall not only have been a citizen of the country for at least seven years but also a resident of that state for at least twice the length of time of the office that they run for, resident defined as that being their place of living when their work does not prevent them from being there and the place where they vote. Purpose: The purpose of this amendment is that by a candidate having to be a resident of the area for at least twice the length of the term of the office that they seek it will h
Liberals Defend Obama For Spying On Media
After years of denouncing Bush wiretapping, Think Progress says phone taps necessary to protect against terrorists Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comMay 14, 2013 After years of scorning the Bush administration for spying on American citizens in the name of prosecuting the war on terror, pro-Obama outfit Think Progress has defended the Obama administration for phone tapping the Associated Press in the name of fighting terrorists. Barack Obama. Image: Wikimedia Commons In an article entitled Why The Department Of Justice Is Going After The Associated Press’ Records, Think Progress writer Hayes Brown attempts to absolve the administration by placing the blame on the AP for reporting on the CIA’s involvement in disrupting an alleged terror plot in Yemen. Despite the fact that the Associated Press obeyed orders by the White House and the CIA to delay reporting the story, Think Progress justified the phone taps by accusing the AP of aiding terrorists. “By reporting the
Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23) Let the games begin! Libra will try anything once. Twice to make sure they liked it. Three times to be absolutely sure. Do not touch a Libra's head during oral sex...that may work with an Aries, but not here. Libras LOVE giving oral - They LOVE getting it , too. But don't feel like they get enough...too bad, because they sure as hell are getting enough of everything else. They will buy toys to make YOU use it on THEM. Libras are mental creatures that believe in living and fulfilling fantasies that they haven't done in real life...which is rare because they have done almost EVERYTHING. They have no problem sploshing. To them, sitting in a pie COULD be fun. Porn? Bring it on! Sex, video AND food? ALRIGHT! They are heavily exhibitionistic by accident. They are accident prone, they lose bras, underware, condoms....they also accidentally end up in bed with people. Amazing how THAT works! They like to cross dress. Both sexes do this quite
...LIBRA... .Very pretty. .Very romantic. .Nice to everyone They meet. .Their Love is one of a kind. .Silly, fun and sweet. .Have own unique sexiness. .Most caring person you will ever meet! .Amazing in Bed..!!! .Did I say Amazing in Bed? not the kind of person you wanna ........ with... .u might end up crying... .the most irresistible.
~100% Libra~
You are 100% Libra How Libra Are You?
Libra...... Find Out
Libra You are so popular, you have your choice of hotties. You can easily charm anyone of your choosing, and you often come home with someone you picked up at the bar. Despite your forward and extraverted nature, you are usually submissive in bed. You like your partner to take the lead and show you all of their little secrets. Sex matches: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius Take this quiz at
Once you have opened this bulletin, there's no turning back. Repost this in a new bulletin with your zodiac sign or you'll get bad luck and lose the person you dearly love most! >>>ARIESlovable >Spontanious. >Not one to FUCK with. >Erotic. >Funny. >Take you on trips to the moon in bed. > excellent kisser >EXTREMELY sexy. >Loves being in long relationships.=) >Addictive. >Loud. >best in bed >>>CANCERVery high sex appeal. > Great in bed!!! > Love is one of a kind. > Very romantic. > Most caring person you will ever meet! > Entirely creative > Extremely random and proud of it > Freak in bed> Spontaneous> Great tellin stories > Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out if it comes down to it > Someone you should hold on to> >>>VIRGOsomeone loves them right now. >Freak in bed. >Always wants the last word. >Caring. >Smart. >Addictive. >Attractive. >Loud. >Loyal. >Easy to talk to. >Hard to forget >Love at first sight wit u babe >Everything u ever wanted >Easy to please >The one a
Libra You are so popular, you have your choice of hotties. You can easily charm anyone of your choosing, and you often come home with someone you picked up at the bar. Despite your forward and extraverted nature, you are usually submissive in bed. You like your partner to take the lead and show you all of their little secrets. Sex matches: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius Take this quiz at
3 Libras
Music Video:3 LIBRAS (by A Perfect Circle)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone threw you the obvious and you flew with it on your back, a name in your recollection, thrown down among a million same. difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed and passed over when i've looked right through to see you naked and oblivious and you don't see me.but i threw you the obvious just to see if there's more behind the eyes of a fallen angel, the eyes of a tragedy. here i am expecting just a little bit too much from the wounded. but i see through it all and see you. so i threw you the obvious to see what occurs behind the eyes of a fallen angel, eyes of a tragedy. oh well. apparently nothing. you don't see me. you don't see me at all.
Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)-- Let the games begin! Libra will try anything once. Twice to make sure they liked it. Three times to be absolutely sure. Do not touch a Libra's head during oral sex...that may work with an Aries, but not here. Libras LOVE giving oral - They LOVE getting it , too. But don't feel like they get enough...too bad, because they sure as hell are getting enough of everything else. They will buy toys to make YOU use it on THEM. Libras are mental creatures that believe in living and fulfilling fantasies that they haven't done in real life...which is rare because they have done almost EVERYTHING. They have no problem sploshing. To them, sitting in a pie COULD be fun. Porn? Bring it on! Sex, video AND food? ALRIGHT! They are heavily exhibitionistic by accident. They are accident prone, they lose bras, underware, condoms....they also accidentally end up in bed with people. Amazing how THAT works! They like to cross dress. Both sexes do this quite well, actually. Male
Libras And Sex....that Be Me !! Lol
Libra and Sex Sex is often mental for Air signs, and Libra is no exception. These great communicators are possessed of a strong intellect, and these mental fireworks often manifest themselves in the thorough exploration of a lover. Only the brave need apply! Since the Scales like to be in balance, though, they are often thinking of what both partners want. A marked distaste for confrontation can sometimes be perceived as disinterest on Libra's part, but it's more often just a deep-down desire to please. Libras love seduction and foreplay, and plenty of talk leading to some hot action. If this is all achieved in the right luxurious setting, watch out! Libras swathed in riches are a pleasure to behold. Libra loves the thought of a gifted and attractive partner, since they feel their partner is receiving just that. It's safe to say that a little erotica goes a long way with the Scales, since these folks can be oh-so-playful with their toys.
Symbol: the Scales Ruling Planet: Venus Ruling House: Seventh House Element: Air Quality: Cardinal Body Parts: kidneys Keyword: PARTNERSHIP Date with destiny: Gemini, Aquarius Run for the hills: Cancer, Capricorn Where you glow: mediating What makes you tick: charm Fitness forecast: rowing Play date: flying first class to Paris Perfect jobs: beautician, personal shopper Best accessory: a bottle of water A sure thing: flirting Destination: Fiji Pleasure: cooperation, fair play, conversation Pain: disharmony, solitude, decision-making Kindness: Your peaceful nature soothes those who suffer, while your willingness to work with others ensures the job will be done. What's my line? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Someone who reads in bed is called a librocubicularist, a term invented by author Christopher Morley.
Libra You are so popular, you have your choice of hotties. You can easily charm anyone of your choosing, and you often come home with someone you picked up at the bar. Despite your forward and extraverted nature, you are usually submissive in bed. You like your partner to take the lead and show you all of their little secrets. Sex matches: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius Take this quiz at
Libra.. [love Profile]
Your positive traits: You are open minded enough to date outside your typical "type" ... successfully! You are diplomatic - and likely to end a fight instead of dragging things out. You are easily loyal and faithful, but only for the right person. Your negative traits: You're a bit gullible, and partners take advantage of you. You still may not know it. You find it difficult to decide where to go to dinner, what movie to watch, who to date... You have to be in a relationship, or else you just don't feel like yourself. Your ideal partner: A smooth talker who enjoys socializing as much as you to. Someone classy and cultured who knows which wine to order with dinner. Is beautiful to you - although not necessarily attractive in the traditional sense. Your dating style: Romantic. If your date comes bearing flowers, wine, and poetry... well, your heart soars. Your seduction style: Giving. Your lover's pleasure is as important as your own.
Jody dries her hands off in the bathroom. She looks at her reflection in the mirror and takes out a few bobby pins and pins up some loose strands of hair. She adjusts her glasses and smoothes her skirt down as she walks out of the door. She takes a deep breath and goes behind the counter at the public library she works at. She continues to pull down returned books and put them on a cart to be reshelved. She is the only librarian working that afternoon, and it isn't crowded in the library yet so she feels comfortable not watching the counter closely and doing other tasks. She reaches the top shelf to get a book down when she hears someone cough quietly, clearly trying to get her attention. She looks over her shoulder while still reaching for the book. Her mouth drops as she sees a man waiting patiently on the other side of the counter. He oozes sex. She wasn't sure how else she could describe him. His dark eyes, dark hair, and broad shoulders just screamed sex at her. She sl
Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)-- Let the games begin! Libra will try anything once. Twice to make sure they liked it. Three times to be absolutely sure. Do not touch a Libra's head during oral sex...that may work with an Aries, but not here. Libras LOVE giving oral - They LOVE getting it , too. But don't feel like they get enough...too bad, because they sure as hell are getting enough of everything else. They will buy toys to make YOU use it on THEM. Libras are mental creatures that believe in living and fulfilling fantasies that they haven't done in real life...which is rare because they have done almost EVERYTHING. They have no problem sploshing. To them, sitting in a pie COULD be fun. Porn? Bring it on! Sex, video AND food? ALRIGHT! They are heavily exhibitionistic by accident. They are accident prone, they lose bras, underware, condoms....they also accidentally end up in bed with people. Amazing how THAT works! They like to cross dress. Both sexes do this quite well, actually. Male Lib
Libra - Your Love Profile Your positive traits: You are open minded enough to date outside your typical "type" ... successfully! You are diplomatic - and likely to end a fight instead of dragging things out. You are easily loyal and faithful, but only for the right person. Your negative traits: You're a bit gullible, and partners take advantage of you. You still may not know it. You find it difficult to decide where to go to dinner, what movie to watch, who to date... You have to be in a relationship, or else you just don't feel like yourself. Your ideal partner: A smooth talker who enjoys socializing as much as you to. Someone classy and cultured who knows which wine to order with dinner. Is beautiful to you - although not necessarily attractive in the traditional sense. Your dating style: Romantic. If your date comes bearing flowers, wine, and poetry... well, your heart soars. Your seduction style: Giving. Your lover's pleasure is as importan
Library Batman
Ok now this is serious now, batman knows when you are gonna be late bringing back a book. He helps the librarians enforce the late book charge with this guy here, Lets watch and see
Libra Horoscope Daily
Libra Horoscope Daily
Libra - Your Love Profile Your positive traits: You are open minded enough to date outside your typical "type" ... successfully! You are diplomatic - and likely to end a fight instead of dragging things out. You are easily loyal and faithful, but only for the right person. Your negative traits: You're a bit gullible, and partners take advantage of you. You still may not know it. You find it difficult to decide where to go to dinner, what movie to watch, who to date... You have to be in a relationship, or else you just don't feel like yourself. Your ideal partner: A smooth talker who enjoys socializing as much as you to. Someone classy and cultured who knows which wine to order with dinner. Is beautiful to you - although not necessarily attractive in the traditional sense. Your dating style: Romantic. If your date comes bearing flowers, wine, and poetry... well, your heart soars. Your seduction style: Giving. Your lover's pleasure is as importan
Zodiac Maiden Libra by *JessicaElwood on deviantART "A warrior maiden of The Cosmic Order and the Cardinal Sign, Libra on the surface seems sultry and seductive. Her manners, even her voice barely gets above a purring whisper and she moves with artful grace, every inch of her either in combat or at rest is something to behold. At about the same time as Capricorn was introduced, Libra graduated to the ranks of the Cosmic Order, a darling of her instructors and caretakers. She joined almost on accident, simply venturing into the realm of the celestial guardians as though it was a pre-destined event; the guardians were as much angered by the intrusion as they were mystified by how easily she accepted their explaination and how readily she asked to join. Libra is a specialist and probably the Celestial Order's best informant, taking on solo missions as easily as she does a full deployment with her sisterhood. And her sisters even on the worst days count on the breezy Libra to give
The Archangel Raziel is the Ruler of the Sign of Libra "Know yea this...that I have knowledge of all things strange and mysterious" angels of libra The Libra woman is what all women would love to be! She is beautiful, intelligent, gracious, talented, warm hearted and kind. She is called the Warrior Queen and can be as brave and courageous as any man, but she is also tender and gentle when emotionally moved. Libra is the Champion of the Weak or Oppressed and will work tirelessly for a cause in which she believes. She loves life and lives it with abandon. She is daring and takes chances, always reaching for the next challenge or the next adventure. This woman often needs to work hard to overcome the effects of a wild youth....some never outgrow it. The Libra female is mysterious but not so by intent. She is a dichotomy even to herself....and struggles constantly to balance her life. She can be equally at home dressed formal
Libra Men
Libra is the lover of the Zodiac. He seeks complementary energy - partnership, equilibrium, balance, harmony, and above all, love. Libra takes pleasure in people, words, art and beauty. There are so many joys, wonders and ways of expression. He wants to experience them all! Maybe that is why he is constantly falling in love. The opposite of Aries, who is on a quest to make his personal mark in the world, Libra is searching for connections with others. He attracts people and collects things because of his great fascination with everything he sees. He may seem acquisitive, or luxury loving, but he is merely fulfilling a deep need to appreciate the earth by gathering it close to himself. Libra creates balance in his life by making comparisons. He spends a great deal of time weighing out options, opinions and possibilities. Like a judge, he must choose the best, and this is sometimes a challenge! The tendency to vacillate on the part of Libra is his famous, and seemingly endless exer
LIBRA Drinking style "I'm jusht a social drinker," slurs Libra, "it's jusht that I'm damn social?" Libra loves nothing more than to party, mingle and relate to everyone. Whether dipped in favor of Good Libra (with Insta-Friend device set to "on") or heavier on the Evil Libra side (they are little instigators when bored), the Scales can really work a room. Charming as they are, Libras are notoriously lacking in self-control, however, which can get them into all sorts of trouble -- including wearing their wobbly boots waaaay too early in the evening, flirting with their best friend's beau or even blacking out the night's events entirely. Oops! Trademark cocktails Aesthetic Libras like pretty, pouffy drinks like a pink lady or a brandy Alexander. That's the influence of Venus, their ruling planet, which also gives them a horror of crudely named potions like Sex on the Beach. They're fine with "normal" guzzles like apple martinis, but every Libra secretly just wants Champagne
LIBRA The amazing lover. Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone They meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique sexiness. Most caring person you will ever meet! Amazing n Bed..!!! Did I say Amazing in Bed? not the kind of person you wanna #### with... u might end up crying... the most irresistible.
Library Cds...
So today (after therapy ...) I went to the county library for the first time in a month or so, couldn't find the book or the DVD Mozart and the Whale listed in the catalog, but picked up the following CDs... Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda (Jan Kalivoda) (1801-1866) - symphonies 5 and 7 (out of 7) and overture no. 16. (One of his overtures for orchestra was commissioned to, and inaugurated, the first season at Carnegie Hall of the New York Philharmonic, I think...? Something like that. So, had some recognition in his day. The 5th symphony I have another performance of on CD, I think this recording I borrowed is the third, which for a full-orchestra work by a now-lesser-known composer is not so bad. His concertino for oboe has done better, I seem to recall, but soloists get to push for things ;^) - that helps! Anyhow, it'll be good to hear another performance of the 5th, and the 7th for the first time.) (I started the article on this fellow in the English-language Wikipedia- mostly but no
3 Libras
Threw you the obvious And you flew with it on your back A name in your recollection Down among a million, say: Difficult enough to feel a little bit Disappointed, passed over. When I've looked right through, To see you naked and oblivious and you don't see me Well I threw you the obvious, Just to see if there's more behind the Eyes of a fallen angel, Eyes of a tragedy. Here I am expecting just a little bit Too much from the wounded But I see, See through it all, See through, And see you. So I threw you the obvious Do you see what occurs behind the Eyes of a fallen angel Eyes of a tragedy Well, oh well.. Apparently nothing. Apparently nothing at all. You don't You don't You don't see me You don't You don't You don't see me You don't You don't You don't see me You don't You don't You don't see me at all
Libra - May 20th, 2007
Why are you spending time with people who, frankly, don't do it for you? Too much niceness can be as much of a drawback as too little. It's time to identify what it is you want instead of giving others what they want. ( lol wow )
Libra Daily Horoscope ,may 22
Libra (September 23 - October 22) Your peers may judge you harshly today, but don't take any criticism in an overly personal manner. Others are likely being more supportive than you realize. They are telling you what they think you need to know in order to be a better person. Listen with an open heart; save your defensive posturing for when you need it. This is about libra..about what kind a person i am ... The Libra person is a seeker of balance, justice and order. There’s nothing worse to a Libra than being in conflict. But making a decision is another story; Libras are famously indecisive. Libras are also frequently sought after for their exceptional looks and general aura of beauty that surrounds them. Noted for their social graces and charm, Libras enjoy a favorable social status, especially because part of their charm is making other people feel important. Libra in a Nutshell Born: September 23 - October 22 Element: Air - communicative and logical Quality:
Libra - May 22nd, 2007
May 22nd, 2007 for Libra ( yay!! ) lol You feel the need for a long stretch of indulgence and luxury. Frankly, you pretty much require it. Don't wait for permission; go ahead and go after what you need to make you happy. Enjoy life to the fullest.
Libra - May 23rd,2007 ( Lmao)
My horoscope so says CherryTap! lol Life's too short to live without love. Romantically, maybe you need a new take on an old situation to keep it fresh. On the job and in your personal life, it's time to find a new passion to keep your instincts sharp.
Libra - May 31st.2007
Is someone accusing you (of all things) of being too nice? Is that even possible? Okay, you want to dismiss this, but sit down and think about it. Could it be that there's a kernel of truth in this person's supposition? hmmmm could it be possible?! : thinks, yep, could be!: lol
you're all alone in the library and it's just about closing time. you look around and there's not another person in sight, worried, you start walking around looking for someone, anyone, hoping you weren't stuck there for the night. you hear some noises comin out of a closed door behind the check out counter so you go behind the desk and see a barely dressed woman standing there. she turns and looks at you and you realize it's the librarian you barely looked at earlier. she was hot, with a body to die for, all you can think about is the evidence of your desire swelling in your pants as her eyes travel down the length of your body. she didn't look like that earlier, she looked like any other librarian, just there. you stumble over your words, trying to come up with something to say as to why you're there but all you can think about is her body and that long blonde hair splayed across the desk behind her as you drive into her again and again. her big blue eyes barely opened and cloudy wit
Libra--the Scales
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Libra You are so popular, you have your choice of hotties. You can easily charm anyone of your choosing, and you often come home with someone you picked up at the bar. Despite your forward and extraverted nature, you are usually submissive in bed. You like your partner to take the lead and show you all of their little secrets. Sex matches: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius Take this quiz at
Libra?? My My My
With her continual crushes Libra can't afford to fall in love easily. She is often drawn to younger, and arguably androgynous guys, never one to be turned on by the rugged, hairy he-men of the pack. Libra doesn't hesitate to make the first move on a man, sex being a rather casual affair. In bed with Libra woman, there are no set gender roles or pat responsibilities to perform. She allows herself to approach sex from a surfacey standpoint of two buddies just needing to have it off. Libra relates far more readily to the directive quality of the male mind than she does to the traditionally subjective feminine view; and so, with her mate, she's just as naturally aggressive as he is. Assuming responsibility for her own pleasure, she takes the pressure off a guy as well- still she won't objectify a mate to the point of using him as a dildo. Libra is somewhat of an efficiency expert in the bedroom, far more proficient at getting the job done than she is passionately abadoned in the proc
Libra July 19th
Misery doesn't love company, unless the company is helping to clean up that misery! Okay, so these chores aren't quite 'miserable,' but they are very time consuming. Call in some reinforcements for help.

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