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Just Something I Wrote About Poker
Just Like Alway This Is A Blooming Rant
Just one of those days huh... been getting a fair few of these days recently, one thing after another and just begs the question is just annoying the fuck out of me. I deleted a good chunk of people from my family and friend’s people that only want YOU to rate them and not the other way around... I mean how fucking hard is it to return a rate IF rates are what your after? Wake the fuck up... I know a good lot of you are not here for point’s lol YOU lot stay on my family and friends because you’re actually my friends... but the rest of you... stop bitching that you’re not getting rates... I don’t give a flying fuck really and if I have to see that shit all day I’m just going to delete your fucking ass real quick! Been getting angry more and more lately... don’t know why for sure... there are many reasons but none point to the bigger picture, like point whores though sometimes fun to talk to recently they get more and more selfish... they ask for
Just So Many Things
hey yall.. Glenn here.  it's been a while since I've written some of my own thoughts and muses in my blog.  I guess you could say that I've had a plethora of events occur that definitely fueled the fire for me to return and write more.   here recently, I checked into a recovery house, because I've not been able to keep my emotions in an even keel and I've become addicted to alcohol.  so for the past week, I've been going to A.A meetings and detox-ing myself.  Today, I was also told during a psychological assessment, that I have bi-polar disorder..I very rarely cry, but today, I wept like a baby-- Now I finally know why I've not been able to keep a relationship.  NOW I know why I always had problems keeping jobs when I was younger.    but isnt easy.  I still think something is fucked up inside me.  But I really could use all of my friends right now.
Just Practicing Ma'am
How long do you have to practice medicine or law before you get it right? Just curious. Kind of scares me when someone has been "practicing" the same profession for 20 years. Shouldn't they know how to do it by that time? :P
Just Like You
Just like u  I can honestly say ill never be like u. In todays cookie cutter world its seems like everyone is in a big race to be just like the next guy. same shoes same shirt same lip service. Im glad to know that i have surrounded myself with less then cookie cutter friends. I have managed to collect bits and pieces from every type of background and there are probably only two things they all have in common. Drinking & Me. Sorry but i just dont trust someone who dosnt drink. I haves to say that im truly unique in my own way and ull not find anyone like me anywhere else and thats fine with me. Im not striving to be any different that i am and im not looking forward to a much brighter future where i will somehow miraciously become someone im not.
Just Thoughts
I thought before I first saw you,I knew what love was.That, I later found, to be false.You showed me the meaning of True love.I loved you with all my heart,I gave you everything I had to give.I thought our loved would last a lifetime,I was the only one, though,You already knew it wouldn't be forever.You tried to tell me.I always chose not to listen.I only heard what my heart was telling me.If I could go back in time and change things,I wouldn't. I always want the memoriesof you and I together, the way we were -Happy for the most part.I love you still,And I always will.But today my life starts over,Starts over without you.This will be a tough journey for me,But I know I will make it.Life does go on.
Just Me
Hi to those of you who are taking the time to read this  blog, its about me my likes, dislikes and just plain randomness.  Where to start hmmmmmmm what about when i get up,  how come i switch on my PC??? am I the only one? I wonder how many guys would think WTF is she doing putting on her PC even before she has any clothes on ;).
Just To See
whether anything i post will illicit 10/11's from people.
Just An Idea.....
Looks like fubar is looking for a new way to lay thingz out. Well wake up FUBAR STAFF! I just recently posted a blog about stacking TOOLBARS all up and down the screen. WE HAVEENUFF TOOLBARS goin across our screenz!! Herez a novel idea.....since most of our screenz now are 16:9 (wider than tall) why not put the icons for the toolbar u made and our bar tab (live feed) and the shoutbox on the SIDE of the screen! TRY THIS FOR A CHANGE!!!
Just Alittle About My Feeling.....
ITS JUST AMAZING HOW PEOPLE TREAT PEOPLE HERE, HOW SOMEONE CAN TAKE SOMEONES HEART AND JUST DESTORY IT WITHOUT ANY REMORSE, I CALL THEM HEARTLESS PRICKS AND BITCHES SORRY TO HAVE TO PUT IT THAT WAY BUT ITS JUST A FACT..EVEN THOUGHT THIS IS A WEBSITE PEOPLE GET ATTACHED AND DEVELOP HOPES AND DREAMS OF MAYBE A POSSIBLE FUTURE. I do not understand how people can think that just because fubar is only a website, that the people on it do not have feelings.  I do understand that this place is not real life----on here u can be whomever u choose to be. for some that is a fake person whom they have always wanted to be. for some that is a person who they wish they were a copy of. for people like me----my page is only an extention of myself. my page----although not completely filled out is 100 percent true of who I am as a person. this can leave me vulnerable to those who choose to take advantage of you for wearing your heart on your sleeve.  weather I am in real life or fu-life, I do have feel
Just Something I Don't Understand.
Maybe you all can help me out.   I seen a ticker and actually clicked on it. The person's name was a Seether song that I really like. I was just going to make a comment to them about how I liked the song. [shocking I know] Anyway, his profile was set to comment approval but he wasn't approving any comments. That's right, the guy has absolutely NO comments on his page. Odd? Another thing about this that I don't get. His ticker was saying he was buying bling credits. So much per credit. So you know  he has to be about the points, why not approve comments? I just dont' get it.  
Just A Thought
she smiles and laughs like theres not a care in the world as happy as she can be, but when behind closed doors  tears seem to flow and her knees hit the floor. asking why all this hurt and why all the pain  shes driving herself insane.  she drowning slowly in misery so deep  no can save her now. shes falling and drifting just fading away can no one hear her cries?  tears keep flowing and this girl keeps smiling  pretending all in the worlds ok
Just A Song I Wrote
    You’ll never know how much you mean to me You’ll never know how great our love could be You’ll never hear I love you baby And you’ll never feel my touch If you don’t open your heart       If you don’t open your heart If you don’t open your eyes Try to feel this love so deep inside Baby please don’t say goodbye     You’ll never know what a best friend I can be and You’ll never know what your love does to me and You’ll never know if you don’t take the chance Take my hand, this is our last dance I’m standing before you My love is strong, my love is true But you’ll never know     If you don’t open your heart If you don’t open your eyes Try to feel this love so deep inside Baby don’t say goodbye   Inside my heart lies a pot of gold for you to have and you to hold In this life you’re all I need you keep me safe, make me complete It’s all right
Just Another Day
Today has been just another ordinary day in my life. I try not to complain too much. My life is not a bad one at all. I have a great fiance and wonderful children. I am a stay-at-home mom and also an AVON Independent Sales Representative. My fiance just got out of the military and is currently looking for part-time work while he prepares to go back to school to be an EMT. We just moved to Florida to stay with my soon to be father-in-law while we are trying to get our feet back under us. The only small dark spot on this picture is the oldest son I had no choice but to leave behind with my parents in North Carolina. Someday though I know I will get him back. But no matter how good life is, there are always low spots. My fiance and I do have some pretty wicked fights at times. It sucks but I guess that is just how it goes. I have never known anyone who never had a fight with their significant other. My fiance also has a tendency to hide things from me... either because he thinks it is no
Just Some Links Of Interest Be Sure To Copy And Paste Into Your Address Bar If You Are Interested In Learning What Your Governmernt Is Doing
Just Need A Break
     why is it when everything seems to be going great and u have all u can ever ask for life seems to rip everything from u and leave u to start over... i mean im engaged to a wonderful women and a great life then i deploy and the girl decides she loves another guy and cheats on me with him i lose 4 of my best friends in combat and am sent home blind in my left eye and now when at my lowest just trying to find someone honest and true the doctors tell me i have a either a brain aneurysm or a tumor... life just sucks im seriously at the point were i think i should just give up that im not ment to have a good life
Just Me Writing
The life is a play that does not permit trials... Therefore, it sings, laughs, dances, cries and each moment of your life lives intensely... ...Before that the curtain descend and the work finish without applauses. Hey, hey, smile! more you do not hide behind that smile... It shows that that you are, without fear. People they exist that dream of your smile, as well as I. Lives! Tries! The life does not pass from an attempt. It loves! It loves above all, housewife to all and to all. Do not you close the eyes to the filth of the world, do not ignore the hunger! It forgets the bomb, but before do something to fight it, although you do not sit down capable. It seeks! It seeks what there is of good in all and all. Do not you do of the defects a distance, and if, an approximation. It accepts! The life, the people, do of them your reason to live. It understands! It understands the people that think different to you, them do not reproach. Eh! Looks... Looks to your back, as many as friends...
A small smile disappears   Shadows crossing lowering,   darkening   And my mind weighs heavy.   Pushing my very life away.   breath gone, so very still.   envade me, teach me.   thoughts criss cross   through a dark garden   winding through the mind   grabbing the heart   beats slow, darkening still.   And I push my very life away...      
Just A Poem...
Juliet, Juliet were lie thee Juliet? In the ground ne'er awoken again It is i that caused this great pain For I that led her death, her love ending Romeo, Romeo were art thou Romeo? I await thee in this life after To damn thy for leading my death Leaving me abandoned me love you not Oh Juliet how much I love thee Forever I wish I to take ye place. Oh Romeo how much I hate thee Eternal I wish your death then me. Curse myself I do for thy death Curse thee I do for my death Ne'er will I love again Ne'er will thee love another I shall Cry alone and wish your kiss Ye shall die alone and wish my love Juliet, Juliet were lie thee Juliet? Romeo, Romeo were art thou Romeo? Oh Juliet how much I love thee. Oh Romeo how much I hate thee
Just Me Barking In The Dark And Ranting...just Ignore Me As Usual
Just When Ya Thought You Heard Every Blond Joke...
Frozen Crabs & the Blonde StewardessA lawyer boarded an airplane in New Orleans with a box of frozen crabsand asked a blonde stewardess to take care of them for him.She took the box and promised to put it in the crew's refrigerator. Headvised her that he was holding her personally responsible for themstaying frozen, mentioning in a very haughty manner that he was alawyer, and proceeded to rant at her about what would happen if she let them thaw out.Needless to say, she was annoyed by his behavior.Shortly before landing in New York, she used the intercom to announceto the entire cabin, "Would the gentleman who gave me the crabs in NewOrleans, please raise your hand?"Not one hand went up ... so she took them home and ate them.Two lessons here:1. Lawyers aren't as smart as they think they are.2. Blondes aren't as dumb as most folks think
Just One Look
One glance from her eyesso dark and so brown,put him under her spell,his world spun around One smile from her lips,his heart skipped a beat,her womanly spell,knocked him right off his feet One word, just one look,he flew out of control,and her magical spell,touched the heart of his soul Her voice of pure velvet,his thoughts were now drifting,her magic and laughter,her joy so uplifting For her magic, her charms,her feminine ways,would enchant him would capture him,all of his days His heart was now hers,his love hers to keep,for the power of her magic,that moved him so deep For the love in her eyes,sent him out of control,and her magical spell,played the harp of his soul.
Just Some Thoughts.
Life is made up of cause and effects. One slight difference and you will have a completely different outcome. I don't hold regrets. Life is to short to constantly question "what if". Sometimes it just leaves me dumbfounded knowing if I made just a few slight adjustments to choices in my past; I would be in a completely different place living a totally different life.
Just Shit In My Head Atm
Waiting On The Edge Of Whats Right For You  And Whats The Right Thing To Do. There  Is A Thin Line That Line Sometimes Becomes Blurred. It Even Disappears. What Do You  Do Then. Do You Let Ur Heart Jump Or Do You Let Your Brain Make You  See Reason. Do You leave Your Self Open To Happiness or Worse Misery. Or Do You Close Your Self Off Devote Your Self To Loneliness. What Do You Do When You See Everything You Ever Wanted But You Can't Have It.  What Do You Do When You Find The Right One For You Only To Have To Watch That Person Be Happy With Another. Do You Wallow in Self Pitty Or Do You Suck It Up And Move On. What Ever You Do Don't Forget You. Only You Can Make You Happy Only You Can Love You The Way You Need. Because In The End You Is All You Have. So Treat You Right.
Just To Taste You
In the still of the evening Without sunlight to intrude I see the twilight's in your eyes As the moon sets up the mood Playing music soft and low While romance fills the air I can't help but feel aroused The very moment you come near You submit to my embrace While candles flick their flame And the smell of sweet perfume Seems to drive my lust insane As I look into your eyes And run my fingers through your hair I taste the sweetness of your neck As I nibble at your ear I then whisper words of love As you answer with a sigh And in a very sexy way Your sweet body comes alive Your the heat of my desire As we slowly come undress I then start to lay you down While you welcome my caress With your luscious sexy curves You have a taste I can't resist And your breast show some response When I touch them with a kiss As I soak inside your love To a sexy love condition Feeling passions start to rise While making love in all positions You give me so much pleasure For ecstasy is here With you
Just I Love You & Goodbye
Not once did I expect this to happen. Never in my wildest dream that I’ve fallen, To a boy who wasn’t my prince charming Nor to someone who is my friend. It must been your sweetness that melt my heart Or your gentle smile could be the start. Whatever the reason for me to feel this way One thing I know, this strange feeling grows stronger everyday All this time I’ve been praying For you to see and look at me as a lady Every now and then I woke up dreaming That I can be your girl, not just a friend Then reality broke me into pieces It wounded me bad as it came to my senses. That you belong to someone else And I’m left alone with all this heartaches A few might have a clue But nobody knows the pain I’ve been thru They can’t guess the sleepless nights Nor count the tears I’ve cried. My friends see me smiling and laughing Yet deep inside there’s no place for denying. I know a have to surrender and let go At least to cease and ease the misery Still I’d be
Just A Reminder
No thought, no reflection, no analysis, no cultivation, no intention; let it settle itself
Just A Few Things About Me.......
im simple, yet complex im moody i have a favorite pillow and blankie i love flowers fall is my fav season dusk is my fav time of the day i hate mornings i hate doors cracked, shut or open i dont ever use the first stall in a public restroom i love sleeping with my fan blowing on my back i dont like praying mantis' survivor is about the only show i watch on tv trees, water, dirt, air...i need i've raised my 3 kids alone for the last 14 yrs being a mom is the only thing im really proud of i screw up a lot im impulsive
Just A Few Thoughts On Juggalos
OK before I get started I just want to make it known that I love my juggalo family. I have met people I know I'm going to be friends with until the day I die. But for real, ya'll need to stop tripping on the fact that ICP is getting made fun of (i.e. Aqua Teen Hunger Force & SNL). I see comments bitching about how they're making fun of juggalos and what we're about and yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah SHUT UP! Who cares? People make fun of what they don't understand. And haven't any of you  ever heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Who cares that they're making fun of ICP or juggalos? Why get mad about it? What is the point? I found all these parodies hilarious. I think what most people are getting upset about is the fact that these parodies are making ICP and juggalo's look dumb. I can understand people getting mad when their intellegence is threatened. But guess what it's a joke. Nothing more nothing less. Like the current outrage is the "Miracles" video by ICP.
Just So You Know
It's kind of weird to have pics of you sucking on a dildo in a folder right above a folder of your kids. Just sayin...  
Just Like Riding A Bike
Turns out after a prolonged hiatus, having sex is exactly like riding a bike. After putting on my helmet and cinching the chinstrap I poured the wine, lit candles, mounted her and took a couple of aggressive pedals.  We coasted down the sidewalk, jumped the curb, crossed the street where I bent my front wheel on the far curb, ran head-on into a fire hydrant, crashed onto the lawn and burnt my leg on her exhaust pipe.  Overall I think that went well.  I know she's impressed.    
Just Sayin
Just Writing
fcuk it! its my blog i'll write what i want haha. im wondering how i tell doctors and others that i'd like to pull my own brain out at times? i have experience in knowing when i have words like that its seen as suicidal or "depression"...whatever it is...its there. i get drugs and a pat on the back for it. a pat on the back pretty much a shove away from "being bothered". same old thang so why not treat me as such? im getting older and getting things together a bit more than before. but...this "condition" i know isnt going away. it disrupts my thinking, it disrupts relationships with people, it keeps me from being just a regular fcukin person. i want to bitch about gas prices! i want to talk about how shitty my pay is. i want to have the CHOICE to fcuk up and not just be fcuked up by default. who has the time to look past the catalog items?! haha im a good guy..i might not have the regular things to give or show for. but in that i can concentrate on everything else i
Just Keep Digging...
Let me give you some advice... The best way that one can dig themself into a hole with me is to talk about the kind of people they can't stand..and list off everything that I am. BWAHAHAH!   Yeah...   I'm really not amused.
Just Is
i have shed a thousand tearsand yet the pain, it will not stopfor my life, i scream your nameand to my knees i dropyou will never knowjust how much i have criedyou will never know the lossuntil your heart has triedi bang my fist against the glassthis image i cannot baredeep down withing my soula pain i cannot sharelet me lay upon the rocksgiving up my lifes bloodfor when they find me i will beface down within the mud................... Outlaw Angel
Just A Loser
I'm a people user, weed abuser Don't need a suture to see my future Who's fooling who, I'm a loser through and through Too much time on this computer making music for you I didn't chose to be poor, didn't chose to be born When I'm a corpse I assume I won't be mourned By no one but my mother cause I love her of course I could be wrong cause I treated her like shit all along I can't spit in a song without being demented Cause I'm mentally weak not to mention defective I guess it depends on how you see my intentions Am I being myself or just seeking attention And I need no direction I just smoke pot I'm in a dead end job but I do what I got To do, it's true I'd rather be you But what would that prove you're a fuckin' loser too Yet I cry Yet I try To survive Everything I do I'm just a loser I can't be trusted I've got no friends If I did it to you once Ima do it again And then you'll blend in the bottom of my mind Where I hold a funeral for you all the time I'm not too rowdy
Just My Observation
Hello World,   Peyton here.You remember me right,hehe Anyway I have been here a few weeks now after joining these other two girls site here on what you call the FU. These are just my observations and I could be so off beat with it and please feel encouraged to tell me so. First off I would like to say this.After getting some emails and shoutbox messages I would like for you to know I am not the only one on this page.So when you ask why I didn't accept your friend request it may be that I simply don't know why,but I will ask. This is what I was told when I arrived on that certain subject. 1.Don't accept any girls,They will bring drama almost everytime 2.Don't approve high ranking members because usually they have been here so long that they are taking the game to serious and have become buttholes but they said the other word.That being said I have approved many just go and look. 3.This one is mine..If you have anything that has anything against religion or devil names or just na
Just Bein Honest....
hey all....have to say this site is not easy to navagate and to tell u the truth...i'm loosin interest.....i finally met some cool people but it was way to hard.....most of ya r just in it for the points.....and i understand...but i just have to be real..i like meeting most of the time im just not feelin this site.....anyone feel the same? oh and come on people...if someone fans u or rates ur page why be lazy? return the favor......damn!
Just A Little History
History of the Purdue Cancer Benefit The Cancer Benefit Concert started in 2003 when the experiences of Maggie Kleinhenn and Rachael Custer, now PMO alumni, were inspired to make a difference and help raise money and awareness for cancer research.  Both Maggie and Rachel were personally fighting cancer and wanted to do something…anything to help!  Maggie, herself, was fighting the disease and Rachel was experiencing life with parents battling cancer.  Thus, the Cancer Benefit Concert was formed.  This new tradition began with a goal to entertain, educate and engage family, friends and the community. The ladies, in relationship with the Purdue Center for Cancer Research, entertain by performing a breath-taking concert, educate all on the new cancer research being done, and engage themselves by sharing their inspirational and positive stories.  Each year the Purduettes and the Purdue Center for Cancer Research showcase PMO by providing a Women’s Health Issues
Just Rambling
I took two benadryl mini tabs before bed last night because these bug bites are driving me crazy. I was hoping they would help with the itching. When I just woke up, I felt like I had been hit by a mac truck. My whole body is sluggish. I slept for almost 10 hours! Sheesh.
Just My Luck
I got an email from an ex in NJ on another website today.....last i saw her she was married with kids....Alas she is STILL married......this is the one woman i let get away from me....i STILL TO THIS DAY kick myself in the ass for not nurturing this relationship......We met in college and she was the hottest thing id dated to that point in my life....   *pulls out hair* *sad* Such is my life. Carry on.
Just Venting.
  Laserations on my aspirations, pushed beyond the point of exasperation my weak and weary wicked mind slips into darker contemplation. And whats the cause of exclamation of which will shock all laid foundations? None other than the proudful pompus prick, my dad the asshole-- whoops! Ha ha, that didn't rhyme so maybe i'll try just one more time to find the words that seem so absurd and try to explain my mind when I say that all that I get from you is stress, you see, and the bullshit you pull keeps testing me. When Im gone I'll never wonder if he misses me, far as im concerend he's fucking history. I tried to be a son, a friend, a patner in crime, but now I see how I was wasteing my time with a drunken broken man who couldn't even stand to be a father, so why bother?  Truth be told it may make me seem colder, growing up as I did with a chip on both shoulders, but I wont cry or hurt when you're in the dirt left to rot and moulder. So sit your drunk ass to this position and hear this pr
Just Need To Get This Off My Mind....
I am really getting tired of men altogether. I use to just tolerate them. But lately I am just starting to wish all of them would drop off the face of the earth.(yes i know that sounds mean) In person I  can understand them approaching us being they don't know the girl is gay or not. But when they can READ online that the girl is only interested in girls I mean seriously why keep bugging her when its not going to get them anywhere. Thank God for the ignore/block button on here. I mean seriously if they read are profiles they should see they are not going to get nowhere. Yes I know some  have trouble reading and just look at our pictures. Then you get the ones that tell you that they are a "gentleman" and to me if they where one of those you would think he would know not to bother the girl being it wont get him anywhere.  Anyway Just had to get that off my mind! What even makes it worse is when they are older then your own dad or even granddad! Plain gross!
Just To Make You Laugh :)
A store that sells new husbands has just opened in New York City,where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions atthe entrance is a description of how the store operates:You may visit this store ONLY ONCE! There are six floors and thevalue of the products increase as the shopper ascends the flights.The shopper may choose any item from a particular floor, or maychoose to go up to the next floor, but you cannot go back down exceptto exit the building!So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband. On the firstfloor the sign on the door reads:Floor 1 - These men Have Jobs.She is intrigued, but continues to the second floor, where the sign reads:Floor 2 - These men Have Jobs and Love Kids."That's nice", she thinks, "but I want more."So she continues upward. The third floor sign reads: Floor 3 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, and are Extremely Good Looking."Wow," she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going.She goes to the fourth floor and the sign reads:Floor
Just Me
I have discovered the blog, lol. A place to bitch and whine. I am simply down this weekend. There were moments of happiness and then I was let down again. I am at the point where I want to just give up, but that's not me.  I am a fucking thinker, I could think for people if they wanted me to, lol. I feel like I'm just holding on too tightly and I feel like a fool.   Someone once asked why such a pretty woman like me is single and I say cause I got a soul. And I feel too much. And I can't seem to find that guy who wants Carrie, just Carrie. Not tall blond chick, not Japanese goth chick, not tattooed chick, just me.
Just Another Day..
Life is one big mess, repetition every dayScrew the mentality that made you this wayYou bruise me time and time againWith your wordsDoes it make you feel better inside to have all this hatred?Dont mold me how you want meAccept me for who i amSomeone who is never good enoughNever good enough for lifeStop the blood flowing through your veinsThe whispers in your headOnly wish i were deadDeadwh*re forever moreDeny what you crave, its ok pretend i am like the restIn your heart you know i fit you the bestAngers youDefies everything you thinkEverything you have come to feelMisery and woe is what feels comfortableSome day you will open your eyesRealizeThis is why i cry aloneInstead of making love with youMy vagina is like my heart, no current use for it but i keep it around just in case
Just A Thought
Eli came back from Iraq and tattooed a teddy bear onto the inside of his wrist above that a medic with an IV bag above that an angel but Eli says the teddy bear won’t live and I know I don’t know but I say “I know” because Eli’s only 24 and I’ve never seen eyes further away from childhood than his eyes old with a wisdom he knows I’d rather not have Eli’s mother traces a teddy bear onto my arm and says not all casualties come home in body bags and I swear I’d spend the rest of my life writing nothing but the word light at the end of this tunnel if I could find the fucking tunnel I’d write nothing but white flags somebody pray for the soldiers somebody pray for what’s lost somebody pray for the mailbox that holds the official letters to the mothers, fathers, sisters and little brothers of Micheal 19...Steven 21...John 33 how ironic that their deaths sound like bible verses the hearse is parked in the hal
Just Trying Tostay Alive.
After living my life the way I had been living it without any problems at all and enjoying every moment of it I must face the facts that have came to my attention suddenly. Yeah I know I'm much older now and time has taken it toll upon me for all those years of not caring and abuseing my body. Well after having my world turned upside down by some very serious health problems that I've been through lately its a tough thing to face.After being told what I need and must do if I want to live my life longer,this is not as easy to do as one might think it should be! I am not ready to totally change my way life because of my problems ,which is very dumb,stupid,selfish,or whatever you may think of me but...I am just trying to be honest about it and its hurting the people I love because of it. I just don't know what else to say but please give me your thoughts good or bad about this!
Just For Today
Live the join while feeling the pain, tomorrow yet comes to bring another day. Even though its not promised, I must say this, we all have a leason to learn even if one isnt sure what that is just yet. Maybe things happen for a reason but we question on why. I have never felt as if I was good enough but blame the autistic side as a reason. People are strange and I am one of them as I ramble on with these words. I feel like I have alot to say but nothing wants to come out. Whats happens in the future if we have a hard time living for the day, the now..Can we forget about the yesterday and all the heart ache that came with it..Or is that impossible. I hate feeling this way. My mind is mentally tired and Ive had enough but no this isnt a get out of life feel note. I do have alot to be thankful and be blessful for..My children, the people who keep me leveled. My 2 little sanes. It could be worse though, I could be totally alone. I feel like I am though. I hate feeling this way..I really do.
Just Another Blog Ay! ^_^
Well here I am... back online for the last few days... been feeling up and down a lot... more so down than anything else.. But that’s just something I have come to expect from my past. Not a demon I can be rid of anytime soon I’m afraid to say... but ah well huh, tis life... lol So let’s see I’m living in a new place now. It’s nice here... my house mate is kind and understanding to me she has 8 cats that are all adorable... 2 don’t really like me unless I have food lol I am trying to keep up with all my writing even through these dark feelings... but life is a hard thing and the people within life are just getting to me more and more, they push and probe, poke and pull until you explode at them and lose all self control. But then when do we have self control, I hear things; I listen when people don’t realize I am. I know that though a lot of you say you have high self control when you are pushed, you forget that self control and just lose it and it takes forever for you to calm do
Just Call It Off
I just called it off with the guy that I was dating. he only wanted to see me during the week and not during the weekends. something is just not right and I have to trust myself on this one. it hurts like hell. but I will get over it.
Just Some Thoughts From Inside My Head
Its what I GET  to do todayI was filled with ease and comfort this morning. I attended a counseling meeting with my daughter this morning and the councilor said to me that “ it is great to see a father stepping up and being a man and taking responsibility for his family.” I was holding my 2 week old grandson and I had to think about being a man for a minute and what stepping up was all about. You see I don’t feel I knew how to be a man all that long ago in fact it has just been in the past few years that I feel I have become a man. Before that I wasn’t much more than a selfish toddler in a mans body. Oh I knew about responsibility but it was a duty a chore so to speak and I avoided that sort of thing as much as possible. I really hadn’t learned how to even take responsibility for my own action. Of course I sure thought I was a man but see my values were a bit skewed. I suffered from to many John Wayne, Clint Eastwood move ideas of what a man is supposed to
Just Words ...
i am invisible just words on a page pages between the lines lines between the messages scrawled ...bathroom stall bar napkin a phone number at 2AM this is nonsensical ... as if i could love   someone who gave me his number at 2AM when i came into the bar, looking for an easy love life without the soap opera drama & MTV. i was a wreck coming into this poet's lounge, this hearth of men with pockets full of strawberry condoms. i had on my plastic mask, the see through shield with the cut-out eyes, & it was meet, flirt, & bring home that night. It always worked out that way, & i never felt guilty, & neither did he. But this was a different game tonight, a poet'
Just A Rant...
Where do I start? It's been a long 2 1/2 years of Fu-Nonsense and I think now is as good of a time as any to get some shit off my chest. For the majority of my time here, I have had a really good time talking to most of you but in recent times the goodness of this place has been sucked out to the point where I hardly even want to get on and do more than check my messages and go back to YIM. The constant begging, bitching and mindless conversation about nothing that really matters has honestly gotten out of control. For the most part, Fubar has become a place where mistreated people (both men and women) with more issues than Reader's Digest (seriously it's still in print but who reads it?) can escape their lives (kids, husbands/wives, and families) and feel like something more important. Before any of you take this to heart, realize that i'm excluding a small percentage of you, especially the ones that I talk to on a regular basis. I have been guilty of being somewhat addicted to the
Just The Way Life Is
I want the one that chooses meNot the one who thinks he can fix meDont fix meI will always be brokenLove isnt meant to be easyIf it was you could purchase it in a bubble gum machineLove for a twoonieLust for a looneyFor every smile brought to your faceThere will be a thousand of tearsYou will meet your everythingThe one that could be with anyoneBut the one that chose youThe one that loves every inchThe one that loves your every flawImperfectionsDarkest chamber of your heartCan you feel it?When your heart needs a new beat.....Oh look a ring in my cracker jack box!
Just Another Day By Ongo Boingo
I feel it all around / I feel it in my bones My life is on the line / When I'm away from home When I step out the door / The jungle is alive I do not trust my ears / I don't believe my eyes I will not fall in love / I cannot risk the bet Cause hearts are fragile toys / so easy to forget It's just another day / There's murder in the air It drags me when I walk / I smell it everywhere It's just another day / Where people cling to light To drive away the fear / That comes with every night CHORUS It's just another . . . . . . . It's just another day It's just another . . . . . . . It's just another day . . . It's just another day--When people wake from dreams With voices in their ears--That will not go away I had a dream last night / The world was set on fire And everywhere I ran / There wasn't any water The temperature increased / The sky was crimson red The clouds turned into smoke / And everyone was dead (but) There's a smile on my face . . . For everyone There's a golden coin . . . Tha
Just Rambling...
I'm only going to be on here for a few minutes, but I had to get something off my chest.   It's really pathetic when I'm blocked by someone for a stupid reason, yet they are "allowed" to have other female friends that do even worse things than I'm accused of. I did NOTHING and they can't be my friend while other women are allowed to send them bling that say "I love you". The worst thing I did was send them a bling that said "bff".'s lame, really.     That is all.
Just Venting
You're a stupid arrogant asshole who needs a woman to constantly stroke your ego. You take what you want from your so-called 'friends'...what YOU want. Not what is best for them. And when it doesn't go your way you manipulate like a little bitch to get what you want, and when it doesn't go your way you throw your toys out of the pram and lower yourself to childish insults. And then to have the audacity later to appear to be 'above' it all or pretending to 'not remember'. Please, even a 12 year old boy can come up with a better excuse than that. If you're going to be an asshole, expect people to react.
Just Trying To Get It All Out
Have you ever been hurt so bad that you didnt think that the pain would ever end? I have. Im only writing this out so I can get all my thoughts out in one Place. Im one of the few people in the world that takes a long time to love some one. But I love hard and that Love runs deep when it happens. The problem with that is that loveing that hard your bound to get hurt, and wounds that deep dont heal. Giveing some one that much of yourself is a Risk, always is. and the pain is greater. when you Love like that you never expect them to leave you. To fall out of love with you or just simply just forget about you. When some thing like that happens your world crashes down right on top of you. I know pain and I have felt the hurt of some one just leaveing, and forgeting about me. In time the wounds will heal but the Pain never seems to go away. The Biggest Problem with all that is the next person pays for the last ones mistake
Just Stay
Just Stay    A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. "Your son is here," she said to the old man.She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes opened.Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man's limp ones, squeezing a message of love and encouragement.The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed.All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lighted ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words of love and strength.  Occasionally, the nurse suggested that the Marine move away and rest awhile.   He refused. Whenever the nurse came into the ward, the Marine was oblivious of her and of the night noises of the hospital...the clanking of the oxygen tank, the laughter of the night st
Just For Today Na
Just For TodayJust for today my thoughts will be on my recovery, living and enjoying life without the use of drugs.Just for today I will have faith in someone in NA who believes in me and wants to help me in my recovery.Just for today I will have a program. I will try to follow it to the best of my ability.Just for today through NA I will try to get a better perspective on my life.Just for today I will be unafraid, my thoughts will be on my new associations, people who are not using and who have found a new way of life. So long as I follow that way, I have nothing to fear.
Just My Luck
  I ended up with an older woman at a club last night.She looked pretty good for a 60-year-old. In fact, she wasn't too bad at all, and I found myself thinking that she probably had a really hot daughter.We drank a bit, and we had a bit of a snuggle, and she asked if I ever had a 'Sportsman's Double?''What's that?' I asked. 'It's a mother and daughter threesome,' she said.'Oh...' I said as my mind began to embrace the idea, 'No, I haven't.' And I wondered what this daughter of hers might look like. We drank a bit more, then she says with a wink that tonight was 'my lucky night.I went back to her place. We walked in.She put on the hall light and shouted upstairs:'Mom, you still awake'
Just A Call ( Very Emotional To Me)
Just a call RIP FRANK PINK (I love you daddy) Oct. 28, 1960 – Aug 10, 2001   I never knew what it meant to be alone, Until I lost you, I wish I could pick up the phone, Dial your number, “Hey daddy it’s me!” I wish it was that easy, But it’s not. I dial your number and stop. You won’t answer, you can’t Its silent “...BEEP...” “This phone number is no longer in service” It hurts like a stab in the chest, 9 years have went so fast, I wish I could call you and ask you about your day. Just to make sure you’re
Just The Booze Talkin'?
You can blame a lot of things on being drunk: slurring your words, stumbling over furniture, attempting to leap over a large campfire in nothing but women’s panties and cowboy boots. But saying the drink caused you to sell out your ex to a tabloid for £500,000? That is weak sauce. Yet Sarah Ferguson, the weight watchin’, children’s book writin’ Duchess of York appeared on Oprah yesterday and did just that.   [Shout out: What do you think about ... Sarah Ferguson?]
Just A Few Words For You People
Ok, number one, read my fucking profile before attempting a conversation with me. Number two. I am not your baby sitter. I am not your girlfriend. You are not my boyfriend or my girlfriend.  If I do not say hello to you right away, please stop freaking out and thinking that i just decided to stop talking to you. Get off of my ass for christs sake. I just cant keep up with everyone at once here you know. I have a real life, and sometimes I just wanna watch tv, or a movie, or read, or have ME time. So ok. there we go.
Just Thinking About My Plans Wore Me Out!
has no motivation this morning.. I think that thinking about everything that I have going on this weekend has worn me out to the point that I don't want to start the plans in motion!
Just Wondering
i might be generalizng a bit here...But why is it when men ask (some) women a "yes or no" question we can never get a yes or no answer to the quetion asked????
Just Got My Classes
Totally stoked about it. I got: . Advanced Anatomy and Physiology . Advanced Anatomy and Physiology LAB . Medical Terminology I & II . Computer 0149 . AIDS Education and CPR/First Aid for Physician and Healthcare Workers OH YEAH!  :) :) :) :)
Just Thinking
Starting to think about winding down my time here on Fubar. It seems like it is just become about the games. Leveling, points, begging and pleading without and thought or feeling about the ones you call friends and ask them for favors. I am not a VIP or have money to buy blings, or any of the imaginary stuff so many think are so important on here so I am mostly ignored. I wanted friends who might actually care and maybe share a thought or two in the shout box, an occasional comment or a rate or drink to show you actually care. If you think all I am good for is to help you level, not an actual person, but just a click or two on the keyboard to help you out, you are not a true friend and I ask you to please remove yourself from my family, friends, fans and fans of list. If you do care, talk to me once in a while!!!!!
Just A Quick One
My lil niece was born last night at 11:45pm.  She weighed 8 lbs 11oz.   I COULD DIE OF CUTENESS! Pictures will be up shortly. Her name is Brooklyn Jean.  She has the chubbiest cheeks! Also, she didn't cry when I held her. Woot! Did I mention how CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE she is?!
Just What You Like And You Know I Got It.
Plz take time to rate. Thank you   
Just A Poem
   "Souls"Mine, is yoursand Yours, is mineto share together until the end of timeSouls alikeare we twoand forever love, is all I'll doTo hold you closeto my heart of flametogether we willplay this gameKnown as lifeand all it hasstanding side by sideno moments will I let passMy heart for youmy soul is yoursthe golden keythat opens all doors
Just Some Things I Have Learned Assorted With No Ryhme Or Reason...
-Posting statuses about arguments with your boyfriend/girlfriend trying to make THEM look bad, makes YOU look bad. Trust me. -Smacking your lips while eating is absolutely unacceptable. Not only is it repulsive, but its annoying. Just stop. -Every problem can be solved without screaming, try it. -If you're having a problem with someone, discuss it with them personally, not behind their back. Especially if that person is your friend. -A guy who puts his hands on you in a violent manner will not stop, this is practically a proven fact. Do some good for yourself and get out. Stop hanging onto people who's idea of hanging onto you is grabbing you too tight around the wrist. And men, if you're putting your hands on ANY women, you deserve a bloody beating. The end. -I don't think it'd kill you boys to get the door for your lady every once in a while. -If you don't treat her right, someone else will...and vise versa!
Just Thinking
I am up to 188 finds for geocaching and we have hidden 30 geocaches including a travel bug hotel.  We sure enjoy geocaching ... we work so well as a geocaching team and it is great for the relationship ... I cannot think of anyone else I would rather be doing this with other than my husband.  If you are not geocaching you do not know what you are missing.  Check out my pics in my geocaching album.
Just Not A Good Day
Why is it that when you start to drop try to get all acrobatic, performing moves and getting into positions you'd never try on a normal day?  And then when you realize it's completely out of your grasp, you add in tennis player, ping pong player, and gymnast to the equation?  When the sad fact of the matter is that only like 10% of the time do you actually catch what you've dropped (maybe I'm just clumsy, and you people catch things much better than I do) and if you'd just step back and say "fuck!" it would fall straight down.  Physics tells us that this is a much easier mess to clean up.  But NOOOOOOOOO...when you go through your floor routine and try to get a perfect 10 from all the judges, what ever you've dropped - and it's invariably glass...ALWAYS glass - flies from your hands at top speed from your juggling it, and and upon landing, splatters its contents ALL OVER YOUR FUCKING KITCHEN.  And to make matters worse, what happens if the item you're juggling is sittin
Just Sent To Glenn Beck
You are so right on unions. When I worked at Southwest Airlines from 1998-2002 the union contract read that you could opt out of the union but were still liable for union dues but were no longer protected by the union and since no Southwest Airlines employee could not be non-union, the union sent a letter to Southwest demanding the termination of the employee which Southwest Airlines had to abide by or face lawsuits. When I worked at USair from 1987-1990, it was non-union but bought PSA, who was union and the union was abolished and it all went non-union and both USair and PSA employees agreed they have never been treated better by management, even if it was merely out of a fear that the union would be re-established. Not to say there are not abuses of owners and managers who have no fear of unions, like those who work for Toyota, whether they be plant workers or dealership employees, because Toyota doesn't allow unions...They are bullies and abuse their employees. It is like a catch
Just Cause It Came Up
i was watching my gf go through some old pics of her in her highschool days and the thought went through my head as those days sucked what friends i had were more like acquantences , and it reflects on me still today with next to no friends and what friends i still have i only see online anyways. i guess getting out on my own really helped me mature though cause in school even if it meant i was gonna get my ass beat when i got home for fighting win or loose  id fight in a heart beat well untill i moved out on my own right befor my junior year of highschool then i only answered to me  but thats were people start to show you respect or resentment any ways the whole point of this blog is to point out im a looser and that i will never amount to much and thats what i think about that im sure none of this makes sense but i dont care no one really reads this shit anyways
Just Throwing In The Towel
I feel so, not like me. I hate feeling awkward around someone because I love them deeply and I know they could never feel the same way about me. I keep it to myself. But it makes me feel odd. And I get depressed. I'm not usually all emo and hate the world. I tried to take on or at least TRY similar interests. I tried going out on dates with other people and it just didn't feel right, because my heart IS taken. Indefinately. And i tried being around you and it just broke my heart. Texting is onething. Talking online doesn't bother me. But having you in my sight talking to me in person, hugging me when I know it means more to me then it does to you... I just CAN'T. It will take me a couple months to get over you. To numb myself and close that part of my heart.  I just need time away to think and to do what I personally NEED to do. I love you so much and it's killing me slowly and I can't let that happen. Time heals all wounds? Well... maybe. I guess I will find out. I'm not kicking you o
Just Listen To This
Just Feel Bored..i Just Want To Chat..
hey there..i felt bored right now..i dont know how to chat here!.and i want to meet new people here..wanna chat at yahoo?.heres my id!.sophiamadisonsmith at also have msn.sophiamadisonsmith at ..hope theres someone wanna chat with online now!.
Just Time Out And A Lil Disgust..
Yea, it's time out time. Look, there's alot about me that people either just don't know or don't remember. There was a time when believe it or not, I chased rates! So to see myself red again kinda was cool and everyone has been great and it made my Happy Hour so much more fun last night but.. but you see it's already starting to wear on me. I'm -not- the person that spends all kinds of money on here, simply because I can't. Sure it's fun once in a while but real life things are more important. And my close friends and people that have crossed over to real life are as well and I hope they know that. Mind you I even buy my bling on sale ffs when I do! lol. I'm already getting bitched or sniped at for "this person in your family, that person this and that." So three days in I'm officially disgusted. So on the first day of famplifiers I was #9 for the day and didn't even know what the hell it was! How'd that happen you say? Gee, maybe because the people that were running them I was actual
Just Getting This Out Of The Way...
Welcome to the head of one who has no head.I love my city. The insane drivers, the constantly growing crime rate.My neighborhood has recently accounted for 90% of all the break-ins in Columbus!I feel as though that should be an accomplishment...I love my car. My '95 Civic with one Chevy headlight that points at the trees and the one regular light whose dim setting no longer works, so i have to drive with my brights on.(people love me for that!) It's wobbly wheel and it's shot suspension.Hell, my car recently became another victim of our rising break-ins, even though all they got was my MP3 player.(that made me laugh hysterically.)I love my job.   ...oh wait, I don't have one of those. My bad.I've been to numerous staffing and temp agencies, not hearing back from any of them for days, and they only seem to call when I'm sleeping.(where the hell are all the third shift jobs anymore?)I love people. Backstabbing, conniving, scheming, selfish people.Now I know full well that not everyone is
Just Being Honest
My heart aches within from missing you,My lips long for the feel of kissing you,Right now all I need is to gently touch your skin,To look into your eyes and see deep within,Just one warm embrace, just to look upon your face,Just one little touch, from the one I love so much,If I could gaze upon your smile, for just a little while,To know that you miss me too, as I’m thinking of you,To hear the sound of you breathe, knowing you’ll never leave,To see you walk up to me, then embrace you tenderly,To just be with the one who’s sent my heart reeling,And brought about this downpour of emotion and feeling,I sit here alone in my office tonight,And pray that somehow this all turns out right,I’ve never been one to do more taking than giving,I’m not well off but I work hard for a living,I’ve told you many thoughts that weren’t borrowed or bought,And in lifetime, who would have thought,That I have found someone who was just meant for me,I can’t explai
Just A Rant
Just Thinkin...
 The State of Arizona is in court as I write this trying to protect itself from the Federal Government.  I'm sure the Feds have heard that 20 other states are trying to pass laws similar to the Arizona law so they can try and control the Illegal Aliens in their state and pay for the extra services being utilized.  The Democrats and the media doesn't understand this because they can't seem to use the word "Illegal".  They are "undocumented" according to the major media outlets and the Dems.  No, the way it works is, if you came here illegally, then you are an "Illegal Alien".  That's what the Federal Law says, even though the Obama Administration and most Democrats and the media don't seem to pay attention to the Federal Law unless it helps them.  That's what I think.
Just Another
Be still my weeping heart Cry tears no more You loved him Emotionally, unconditionally, completely In your heart he will be To love is to set free You will not leave him completely A bond even stronger than before Will come walking in your door The bond of friendship, a love even more You will carry your love You will be strong for him You will always be there You will be his rock His shoulder to cry on Right now you must be strong Even though inside you are dying You must understand You must be yourself And above all remember this Keep your love and his friendship Close to your heart And in your life he will forever be
Just..... Yeah...
So why is it that whenever a friend finds a gf or bf they start to ignore their friends?? I know they dun do it intentionally.. but don´t they realize it kinda hurts? Someone I have known for over 3 years, that I have shared every thought with.. that has come to me for advice regarding issues and relationships.. has now stopped talking to me.. Im happy this person has found someone to share life with.. but at the same time it hurts that Im no longer important... I realize U have Ur own life.. and thats ok.. thats not what Im "bitching" about... its about the fact that Im not even worth a hello anymore... It just hurts to know that I was awsome to be around.. but as soon as U find someone else.. I kinda suck.... *sighs* Guess staying away from people IS the best way to go after all....
Just Ranting
So over time I have learned that it doesn't matter how pretty you are in the face, or how sweet you are to other people. It all boils down to these few qualities you must possess in order to be considered important enough to be adored back on fubar.(notice I say fubar and not real life) Big boobs..the bigger the does not matter what your face looks like, if you are a bitch, or how big your waist line is..if you have boobs and are willing to show them you are LOVED.. If you spend money on people, I know this will make some people mad but hey, it is MY observation so bite me. I see the ones who hand out a lot of bling or other stuff, no matter how they got it, are the people others ralley around. Shallow comes to mind. Now I don't want to take away from the ones who are generous and love to give and NOT receive and do it because they really like making people smile...I see you and I adore you. I know how to tell the difference here. ;) If you are a trouble maker, you know t
Just Some Stuff I Write
You're there when the darkness comes turning off the ligh tand I'm all alone and then I see your faceyou're there when I'm to tired to go on my legs crumbling under me and then your arms are around me lifting me upyou're there when the tears won't stop hiding somewhere so they can't see don't want to be a burden and then I hear your voice saying "you're not"you're there when I don't know what to do thinking I'm not enough never living up to my own expectations and then you say I amaze youyou're there when I don't feel safe anywhere it all looks to scary don't know where to go next then you take my handyou're there even when I don't ask you to be somehow you just know want you next to me then I turn my head and you're there 
Just Wondering...
When was the last time you wore a smock?
Just A Thought
A thought for you my love. With you, I've learned what true love is all about. True love means staying together & being strong during the most difficult times. You & I have overcome life's challenges & we've also lived through wonderful experiences. Together, we've built a deep & lasting relationship. I know that I can always count on your support, your love, & your friendship. For that I want to tell you how much you mean to me...I love you
Just A Poem I Wrote For My Dad (daddys Hands)
When the days go by I never forget the feel of daddy's hands.Growing up as a little girl, i'll always remember all the times i would wait until my daddy went to shower after work and i would sneak into his lunch box and steal his oatmeal cream pies.Sometimes Daddy's hands were gentle...sometimes they weren't so gentle..but what daddy said went.Daddy's hands held me tight at night when I fell asleep curled up against him. Strong hands never let me go until I was ready for them to leave my grasp, he always knew when and when not to let go.Growing up, I started off on a bad foot.Getting involved with the wrong people threw my attitude off...One slip and I found out just how much campariable Daddy's hands were to a paddle.Look where im at now? What am I doing? I'm not a kid anymore daddy. In my head I put on a front...always telling people I'm grown...Yeah, on the outside.Inside I'm not more grown than a high shcool kid..I'm still so attached to You..I still act like a did with you when i
Just Thinkin Bout Us..
Why do I just lie awake and think of you? It'z because everytime I close my eyes I see you...I never realized what I was doing till It ended..People say never regret the decisions you make, but i can't help but regret what i've done to u..& to a lot of people around me...Now I know why nothing good ever sticks with me..because it took you to realize how I treat other people and only think for myself...I look back at the wonderful 9 months we shared, I couldnt thank God enough for putting you in my life. As a punishment of all the wrng I have done onto people..he's taken you from me. God only Does what's for the best, never for the worst; though it may seem to be. I'm tired, wore out, all i do is lye awake and think about you..3 a.m comes round and all i wanna do is call you up, so i know you're still there..My heart tells me you are, but my thoughts tell me you're gone forever...I wouldn't blame you if you were. Now that i see who & what I've become..I don't blame you or anyone else fo
Just Another Rant Of My Life..
Ahead of me is a wall of rock I have not seen before, am I lost or did this rock simply winked into existence before I arrived... I don’t understand what is going on anymore... it is as though I am walking through a nightmare I cannot wake from no matter how hard I try I just seem to find yet another level of this dream... this... waking nightmare... HELL I don’t even know what I’m really talking about anymore... everything seems to be blending into together as one and I am just getting more and more confused... what am I doing? Where am I going?Is it time to move on? Or is it time to stand and fight? Why do I find this all so hard to understand?Tell me do you know what you’re doing... I mean truly know what you’re doing. Or are you simply walking through life blind hoping that when you reach your goal you will understand what you are doing here... foolishness.. You need to know what you’re doing... You need to understand that this life bares more re
Just A Dream
It's paces echo within my mynd. Caged within the blackness of my thoughts. It's rage darkens the blind corners. Clawing the walls, searching for escape from the torment of nightmares. Wounds thought long healed, open with fresh pain as they scrape against the jagged edges of my sanity. Even the falling of my tears can't extinguish this flame burning white-hot inside my soul. Nightmares glowing with the anguish of hatred and pain. Screaming silenced by the flow of life. Deep from within, the beast howls as his torture ceases to exist momentarily. Knowing the circle will form again.
Just... Grimy!!
For anyone who ever complains of how nasty their roommates are. Shut the hell up. I PROMISE you that I have you beat. Hands down. They are a married couple. Big hearts and they have done a lot for me and my daughter but they are the absolute foulest, nastiest people I have EVER lived with. The husband and I kid you not, has only showered TWICE in the year I have lived here! Now mind you, the rest of the house doesn't look like this because I make damn sure it doesn't. This is how they LIVE in their bedroom!! **WARNING** You WILL need a puke bag!!
Just My Feeling's This Morning.
So.................. I have so many thing's going through my head, so I decided to jot some of them down. I look into the mirror, and I see this body look back at me. Her hair is long, her skin is pale and cold , and her eyes show wisdom beyond her years. They also show a sadness that she doesn't think will ever be removed.... She sees a body desired by some, but rejected by many. She sees a heart beat beneath thin skin, and she wonders at times, why it still does. It is so cold, and can be so hard. She has been called mom, sister, daughter, lover, wife, and BITCH... She has been taken, loved, used, and abused. These eyes have seen death, life, abuse, and care. This body has felt the tender touch of a new born, and the rough skin of an elder. It has felt the gentle caress of a lover, and the pain of someone that wants to harm her. She sees scars that brought life into the world, and also made her feel less of a woman. She wonders how anyone could want or desire what she sees.....She
Just A Lil Something Something I Go By;)
Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater, give her sperm she will make a baby, give her a house she will give you a home, give her groceries she will give you a meal, give her a smile she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what she is given. So if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit. In other words be good to us fuckers, we go over and out for you;)
Just 'cuz
Since there are no SFW mumms to stalk people into, and the primary source of my bartab feed is negative photo comments, I figured I'd do a blog in hopes that some of my friends would come hang out and be fun. Talk amongst yourselves.  :)   (not that I don't enjoy some well-placed shaming of disgusting pics, but I REALLY need to have some *positive* stuff to read)
Just Random..
Enjoy it and get some lolz...
Just Venting A Little
Wow, it sure has been awhile since I have wrote on here.  I am sitting here bored and I have a lot on my chest so I am guessing this is a good time to maybe get it all out and maybe some of you all will leave comments to tell me if IM right or wrong for acting the way I have been lately.  I promise not to make this too long! Sometime in June of this year I decided to move out of my father's house and move in with the boyfriend that I have been with a little over two years now.  I felt bad for his brother and him because they help take care of their mother and uncle.  Carlton and Chris' father passed away in November of 2009.  Their mom pays $500 of the rent and that is all that she pays.  The rest of her money she blows at bingo.  It's ridiculous really.  I wish I could stay home all day and just go to bingo and spend about $30 a night and go 5 nights a week.  I mean you do the math on that.  Sometimes she spends even more than that.  Oh, and the uncle doesn't pay a friggin dime towar
Just When U Think Ur Imune To Them
..all i wanted was a fried , to have unti lthe very end ,  someone who'd hold my hand smile .. all i wanted was a kind smile  all hug which lasted a while al i wated was some respect , but its so hard to find..   i wish i could go back in time ..  jump in time machine .. and real be a lady and with gentleman , i barely feel like i belong here this world is so cold sometimes .. nothing can hide from the chill  the many frowns the frowns .. which say your not from here .. are you .. so many questions .. it feels like an interrigation.. no im not a tourist , ive lived here  quite a while no im in school .. no i dont really want to tell you my life story .. i just want to be me ..   if only i could belong my heart feel so full of glee sometimes i think if only i wasn't me too much hate and not enough love  it makes me want to jio the love up above .. barely someone willing to lift a hand    its too big a job for just me .. why are pll so cruel .. i dont want to b
Just A Few Bars.
Ever had the feeling, you're trapped inside your head, no place to go nothing to do just skankin the nights away, proper clownin keepin bullshit away,wrapped up in your mind, pretendin nothin is wrongthen you look up. To the sky, nothin's there, jus the past fallin down on you.
Just When You Think You've Seen It All
this lil boy started chatting me, an i was chattin back, well this is the specialness i get to deal w/ lmao so yes, i am taking time to post the convo, cuz i can =) oh, an now i'm blocked *shock shock* re-rated you a '1' from a '10'! 12:14 northwestr...: would love to make you cum over and over 12:16 to northwestr...: okay, what brought that up 12:16 northwestr...: i think u look hot hun 12:16 to northwestr...: well thank you just a lil surprised is all  12:17 northwestr...: oops sorry hun  12:17 to northwestr...: no worries, just curious  12:17 northwestr...: i like to please a pretty sexy girl 12:18 to northwestr...: i bet you get to do that often 12:19 northwestr...: why do you say that 12:19 to northwestr...: nothing bad, honest 12:21 northwestr...: i have pleased many women but im not a slut...i turned down sex 4 times in last 5 weeks 12:21 northwestr...: i love to eat pussy and make a woman cum hard 12:22 to northw
Just My Thoughts
In our  world of stress and insecurity.  We need to think about our future and what it will bring out for us.  In times of despair we never think about the end till it's too late. Only call on him at our final moments. I don't know what I'm writing getting too tired.
Just A Con.
Lying in a darkened room,Beside you in my bed,Sweet whispers in my earFill my empty head.Hold me in your arms, I plead,For without you, I'd be dead.Kiss me softly on the mouth,Touch my naked skin.Feel my body against yours,Caress the heat within.Now that we are all alone,It's time for us to sin.With your hands in mine,And your weight on top of me,I writhe and I moan,My body like a sea.I wonder in the darkness,Are those stars that I see?Unwinding from my pleasured haze,I turn the lights back on.A stranger dozes next to me,
Just Listen...
Why do we struggle to find what's right in front of our eyes? Disguised by convenience. Masked by access. When only if we took the time to assess, the situation. We would then realize that in our hesitation, we threw that diamond to the side. Only to hold on to a pebble with a little shine. Patience is a virtue that we walk by blindly. Standing with it's hand out kindly, waiting for us to take it. Instead we're to busy following fate, to notice or listen to what our heart has told us. For our mind speaks just a little too loud. Loud enough to cloud, what the heart sees and block what it has opened. It's a shame that we neglect and don't listen to our heart, until our heart has been broken.
Just A Little Something
Those of you who know me, know me as Trent's manager. It's a job I take very seriously and work very hard at, and as much as I bust his chops about how hard he makes it on me to do my job, the truth is I'd do it for free. He's my best friend. He's been there since the day I came into the world, and through it all, remained my friend. Most know the man for what he does or has done, but most don't see the other side of him and I thought I would share my favorite one: Trent was in the hospital visiting Amy, one of his biggest fans. Amy is a 12 year old girl that T has known since Amy was 6. Amy is blind and slowly dying from a terminal illness. Trent brought her an acoustic guitar signed by his entire band. He also brought another guitar (Amy asked him what his favorite guitar was and he promised to show her), a spanish acoustic guitar dating back to the 1830's. This guitar for as old as it was was in pristine condition and beyond value; not just because of the guitar itself, but the sen
Just Another
just another guy,just another broken heart,just another piece of ass,just another thing that hurts. just another step,just another lie,just another tear from my eyes.just another someone,just another no one. just another lonely phase,just another empty page. another tear,another crack,another piece of me to fear.someone new who turns their back,just another someone,just another no one,just another empty heart,just another full of pain.
Just A Dream ~ Nelly
Just A Dream LyricsI was thinkin about herthinkin about methinkin about uswhat we gunna beopen my was only just a dreamso i travel back down that roadwish you come backno one knowsi realize, it was only just a dreami was at the topnow its like i'm in the basementnumber 1 spotnow shes finding a replacementi swear now i cant take itknowing somebodys got my babynow you wait around, baby i cant thinki should put it down, shoulda got that ringcuz i can still feel it in the airsee your pretty facerun my fingers through her hairmy lovemy lifemy shawtymy wifeshe left me, i'm tightcuz i knew that it just aint righti was thinkin about herthinkin about methinkin about uswhere we gunna beopen my was only just a dreamso i travel back down that roadwish you come backno one knowsi realize, it was only just a dreamand i be ridinand i swear i see your face and every timei try to get my usher on but i cant let it burnand i just hope that she notice she the only one i yearn forno more
Just Writing 9/7/10
If you want to know what I'm thinking   learn to read my mind If you want to know how I'm feeling    open your eyes I'm not that hard to read If you don't understand me   take the time to listen when i speak If you want me around    show interest If you hurt me  I'll use the past to compare If you use the word "whatever" and walk away   I'll feel like I'm not worth it If i make you  mad then yell, scream,and cuss at me    but know your not the first And most of all if you want forgiveness   just ask for it
Just A Face In The Crowd
I have been alive for 49yrs 10mos and 12days I have seen people I loved and care for die and most of my mentors  have passed on. I had so many chances to better myself but for so many REASONS/EXCUSES I simply have not. I wasted this life with all my fancy hopes and dreams and now in a decade of so I will simply cease to exist. I have had too many jobs to count hoping that the NEXT ONE will be my CAREER job that I work till I get that retirement part and that cool gold watch. I doubt this is gonna happen. I am NOTORIOUS at being the GOOD GUY but its really true good guys do finish last, especially this one. I am there but you are the one that yes's me to death not even really noticing that I do exist, its like this for everyone I kno Family friends, everyone. I do my best to make an impact to show you I care, it simply doesnt work. I know why some people Kill themselves now but for me that just isnt isnt an option, I will just keep trying. and then one day I will simply cease
Justin's First Game... Mizzou Beats Illinois 23-13!!!
Britt gets his first game action against Illinois Israel Potoczny Sep 7, 2010 ST. LOUIS — Former Lebanon High School football and wrestling standout Justin Britt got his first action on Saturday with the University of Missouri football team as he split time at left guard during the Tigers’ season opening 23-13 win over rival Illinois at the Dome in St. Louis. Junior Jayson Palmgren got the start at left guard, and played the first four plays, then Britt rotated in for three plays. The two players rotated in and out with Palmgren getting four plays, then Britt three throughout the game. “It didn’t really hit me until pregame, then I started getting real nervous,” Britt said. “It is a lot faster than high school ... but I thought I did good for being my first game. It is definitely a different atmosphere, but it is something that I can do for the next four years. “It is faster than practice, and coll
Just Me !!
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Just A Random Thought
Hey everyone I like to welcome you to my life I am a very adventurous person and I enjoy the outdoors. I love to just go outside and set under a tree or on a tree Maybe a good night to just set out in the yard and look up at the stars. Wouldn't that be fun? Of course if someone else would do it too.I always wander how ppl came to be, who was the very first ppl set foot on earth? Besides me and you when we were two. Do you ever wander how the first tree got here or how the dinosaur's were here in the first place? I believe in god, I really do but I just wander is he really like me and you? Does his angels really look over us everyday. Why do people live in fear? I don't know but I do it to. I am always afraid someone is going to come in and take my life away,maybe not even my life but the next person close to me.Does our prayers really come true? Or do we just get signs from god on what to do next? What do you think? This is my message to you, to tell me what you think. Thnx Tiff   Ja
Just Me Writing Stuff
  Been a quiet but happy week, I think I might have a mental illness, as I sat on the sofa and chewed the ends of my hair, then got the hair into a knot and ripped it out my head. That’s not normal is it, unless am slowly turning into a cat. Soon I will cough up a fur ball.   Been gigging all week and writing and booking flights, then un-booking them as some comedy promoters and other people can’t make up their minds where am meant to be. So, here is the rule of thumb in comedy, don’t book stuff in advance for cheapness and seat security, leave it till last minute as you wont be going to that destination at all and some travel companies hit you with a cash penalty for changing your mind. Just leave everything till last minute and pay a bit more, cheaper in the long run but fucking annoying. Just thought I would let you know that.   I also need to go buy new high heels, as the ones I had have been donated to the Marquis de Sade museum of torturous pain. I actually
Just Sayin
I am going for surgery in the morning. Its nothing serious, but hoping it will do what is necessary to keep me from being sick all the time. I might not be on tomorrow, I don't really know, it just depends on how I am feeling. I'm not concerned, a little nervous, but not worried. I know what they are going to do, but ya know, surgery is surgery. Nerve wracking. I am not looking for sympathy or anything, I just feel the need to talk or type it out because I am at lack of better things to do to occupy my time.   I am getting closer to leveling, but still kinda far off. Oy. It will get there eventually I guess.   Well, thats it for now.
Just Let Him Go..
we have to consider letting go of  a person we love becoz love is not  just being together is very very broad if were gonna define ..All we have to is assess  the situation whether is still gonna work or not if not then be hurt cry you want ..anyway surely ,you'll find someone better than that..
Just Another Day
Today is just another day in this thing called life, it’s a day of realization and a day of understanding. Have you ever taken the time to really look at the people that you meet on the street, have you taken the time to see the fear in their eye’s or to see how haunted they look. Today I took my time and I watched the body language and I looked into the eye’s of those that I came across and for the most part what I saw broke my heart. So many people only want to be loved so many people only want to live and be accepted for who they are. But We have made them afraid to do so, we judge without reason and we let what we see on the news guide us into a world of fear and mistrust. It’s a cold world that we live in and yet no one is doing anything to warm it up. Love and blessings
Just A Thanks..
Hello everyone. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who over the past few days have sent their thoughts, prayers, gifts and well wishes to my fu wifey, BKB, in regards to the untimely passing of her close real life friend and fellow Fubar member Whatsherface. I know she appreciates it and I just wanted to let you all know that I do as well. It goes to show that there is good out there still, and during times like these, you find out who your true friends are and who well, the not so true ones for various reasons. Then again, we all knew that already...Once again thank you to all, and peace....
Just When I Thought I Was Happy
Just when I thought I found the right guy. I got turned around and told he wasn't interested in me and it really hurt. But I just feel feel frustrated at the fact he had to lie to me about it. I could have been told the truth but NO. If I would have gotten told then truth I would have been just fine with it. I'm just so freakin mad about it. I wish I wasn't lied too.
Just Another Type Of Rant...
Cold seething hate reaching up from the bowls of nothing to grip onto the neck and tightens its hold slowly... I remember when all was good, calm and peaceful… sometimes I wonder what happened to bring on the nightmares? Why do they grow bigger and more rotten each day? Withdrawn souls gripping onto their withered frames hoping that an end will come to their pathetic life so they may find happiness and contentment...But they waste what little time they have in this pursuit of faithless self indulgence.  This hate and rage seethes inside growing stronger everyday yet I see no end in its growth, only more fuel for its growth. So tell me why should I want it to stop growing when it feels so good to have its hundreds of snakes writhing inside the soul with their dark sticky ink coating all other feelings inside until everything feels numb and cold!I can feel the heat rising inside me now, burning its way through my core and filtering throughout my being adding to the hell I feel gro
Just. I met him on a night of light and joy. Beautiful boy. Beautiful eyes. Beautiful words. I gave him my heart, and begged him to take care with it. Trusted boy. Trusted eyes. Trusted words. He took my heart, and left me twisted and broken. Empty boy. Empty words. Empty eyes. Empty.
Just A Start
Ok well if you couldn't tell by my pics, I work at one of the local seasonal haunted houses. This is my 18th year working in them. We have done so many odd things just to get a scare, but it is the scare that counts most.  The one i work at this year has 2 houses with over 1098 ft of walking path. It just keeps getting bigger. We have animematronics, live people, and just all around mess and gore in some scenes. Started working on the rebuild this year in April, so it does take along time just to get it where we want it to be.  We started doing photo shoots for the advertising in July. We always have a blast dressing up and getting crazy doing the shoots. Can't wait until November, so i can take a break until February when we start the rebuild next year.
Just So You Know
Its that time of year again where my Christmas stock is streaming through the door and there are boxes to the ceiling .... This means my days are getting busier and my time to fuck around shorter. This means you might see me comment something one second and the next I am off cleaning, stocking ,helping customers, wrapping baskets ,or sitting in a corner rocking and humming. SO ... this also means that I am going to have some who think I am either in a bad mood, ignoring them or wishing them to jump in a lake. No ... I am busy  I am heading into my 3 months of having a snowballs chance in hell of making a profit for the year I am run off my feet and dog tired and its not going to stop until January   Every year at this time I have a certain percentage of friends who are convinced I suddenly went through a personality change and they have done something to piss me off. NOPE ... I am busy and I am fucking tired .     so now you know  
Just Another Day Full Of Bullsh*t
Seems like by now I would have learned to blow off the crap that happens on this site. Yet I am continually amazed by the ignorance of people who are supposed to be adults. Being on Fubar is all black & white lately. There is no gray area in the middle. Either you "put out" so to speak and have the world at your feet. Or you tell people to buzz off and end up being forgotten. Well, I can honestly say I don't give a rat's ass about the first group. Dealing with people who cop an attitude because I don't have a desire to flash my boobs for them is getting really old. I didn't join this site to satisfy the needs of some jerk who can't find a set of real ones to look at. I can't even count the number of asshats who have called me every name in the book over such petty bullsh*t and I'm not even gonna try. All I know is that I am the type that adds anyone. I figure everyone deserves a chance. Adding newbies is one of my ways of welcoming them to Fubar. After all, it would be boring on this
Just A Taste
As she walked through the grocery store she had no clue what to make tonight for dinner.  Tonight was to be date number four with her new boy friend and she was in the mood something special.  As she turned into the dairy isle she could help but drift into a naughty though as she passed the whip cream section.  She had always fantasized about having  whip cream applied all over her breast; feeling the cold cream over her breast then a hot tongue suck and lick it off was more than she could handle.  Her new boy toy was not yet proven in a sexual sense but after the thought of the whip cream she felt a desire to have the relationship move to the next level.  So she decided to txt him a coy message saying, “ I hope you have a sweet tooth.”  She tossed the can of whip cream into her cart and continued on to the vegetable isle.  He was sitting at his desk as his blackberry began to vibrate on the desk.  He was feverishly trying to finish up the proposal for his number one accou
Just A Warning
I have no way of explaining this beyond...I just can't play today. That's why my settings have changed. I don't want to talk about it, I don't want any hearts and flowers or six verses of kumbayfuckingyah...and I don't want to piss on anybody's parade either - but I'm not good at pretending, so sorry. Sometimes it's best I just shut the fuck up.   Best analogy I can come up with is the wounded tiger doesn't really give a fuck who it mauls - so as a slightly more evolved creature I'm at least shutting the cage.   You haven't done anything wrong. And don't worry about me, I will come about soon enough. In fact there's stirrings of it as I consider this emo bullshit.   Just don't expect much from me, and we'll be fine. Kia kaha C
Just B!tch!ng
Frack, I need to get a different life.... Get a real boyfriend, not just someone that wants to be around for a booty call.  Some that wants me around for more than an hours time until they get off.... Seems that everyone I meet just wants to 'hook up' and then when they get tired of the game, your back on the streets again. Frack, I'm tired of this frackin game.... Is there no one out there looking to find their one and only? Or is it just game on for everyone? Ok let me get off my b1tch box before I get violent. *sigh*    
Just Me
I sitting here on this site listening to music by my # dj and all i can think of is how and why peopl cant take me for me? back n day when i was on this site people were nice,now dont gte me wrong some people on here are awesome and then well there r some that are jus plain rude and full of themselves.This sote makes it so easy to friend,rate,crush etc on different people which aint back but when u rate someone and then friend them and they send u a message that says " umm ur not good enough to be on my page" or my favorite k umm i dont talk to fat people....right there that "FAT"word i dont know but damn that word pisses me tf off more then nething,i know im fluffy as i call but heres something the idiots who commented that was....yes im flufy but u either hate or love me either i really dont give a fuck either way u can watch me walk heres my lil quest......i challage neone reading this right now to go and talk to a "fluffy" person....ud b surprised what a HI means to them a
....just The Way You Are.
Are you interested in anyone?I'm interested in a few people. Interested is such a vauge word. Has there been anyone particular on your mind at all today?a little If you could have one wish and have anything right now, what would that be?my own place Your plans for tomorrow?work and then making a pie with the boys. What is the first thing you usually do in the morning?pee. Do you miss someone?yes. Anyone you're looking forward to seeing soon?Of course Is tomorrow going to be a good day?I hope so Have you ever been to a funeral?I have... How about a wedding?Yeah.... Are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or pajama sweats over shorts?Jeans Has the last person you kissed ever took their shirt off in front of you?Sure has Did you have a dream last night?I did, but I don't really remember it. Do you want to say something to someone?Nope,  I'm good. Who was the first person you saw this morning? Connor Have you held hands with anyone today
Just Atnother Day
Well it's been a interesting day today. Been working on one of my other blogs. Check it out ,go to and go to blogs ,but first become a member  it's free . Then go to blogs ,  then go to search  and search( Angelos blog about anything ,)that's the blogs name   check it out . It's borring for  now, but it'll get interesting as i go along  it with it,I promis. 
Just Another Writeing
Just How I Am Feeling Atm..
You still haunt me in my dreams Still make me fall down to my knees When did my life become so gray? The day you went away..   I will never have you back The pain hit like a heart attack Someone stab me in my eyes Sew them shut so I can die   I will never be the same Dont want to play their silly games I know I will never win That I will never see you again
Just Once....
Can I just once say, without any repercussions or fall out.....FML?   We all have times we need to.  I'm having a moment.  Sue me.   I know everyone has problems, but damn walk in my shoes for 1 month.  Seems lots like to discuss their problems yet I generally put on a smile and try to stay focused and positive.   Having said this....carry on :)    
Just A Short Little Story
        As the sun made its way down over the horizon, he gazed out upon the landscape, the countryside was breath-taking in all of its humble grace. He ran his hands through his dark brown hair, pondering what this night would bring him, his mind and heart straying to thoughts of the woman he fell in love with long ago, the woman he wished he could have in his arms, in his life, now and forever. He stepped back into his small home, the living room furnished with a plush black velvet sofa and a dark cherry coffee table, the fireplace in the corner was ablaze with fresh wood from the day, sending a soft glow throughout the room as the sun set slowly outside. His thoughts were abruptly ended by a knock on his front door, a confused expression quickly found itself spread across his features as he stepped to the door to open it and see who would have thought to visit him all the way in the country. He took a step back, almost losing his balance as his eyes took in the figure in the doorway
Just Friends
Just Friends by Diane Blue We enjoy each others companybut for the most part, we avoid it.We pretend there is nothing there.We're just friends.Every time we meet, it's awkward at first.We check our guard and put up the walls.We're just friends that's all.We call each other on the phone,and always have a good excuse for doing so.Do friends need an excuse?You remind me that "We must be careful","We can't go there", you say.The rules have been set,and we live by them.We sit and talk for hours,two sets of blue eyes interlockedand neither turns away.I hang on your every word.Your simple presence in a room,gives my life a purpose.Add your voice and a smile,and I melt away.The thought of you touching memakes my body scream out with yearning.But we're just friends, right?Why do I feel it's more?Are we in self-inflicted denial?Our past hurts have made us so afraid,We'd rather be lonely than to take that chance again.I wish I could tell you how I really feel inside.That I'd be willin
Just A Number
I am blessed to live to see another year.  I never take everyday for granted, and every birthday that I live to see, I look back to last year to see where I was and what I was doing, and what I was going through. One thing I have found out is life constantly changes and whatever you are going through - good or bad, doesnt last forever.  I am not saying good things come to an end but good things do change into something different.  Sometimes bad things,  but most of the time into something advanced.  There are times things play out like a television series, a season finale if you will.  Good, bad, the majority of life's situations come to a 'finale'.  Whether the situation is financial, personal, spiritual, relationships, or professional.  The point is, I am glad life changes and we need to look back at things not only bad or painful, but good things that happened to us as well.  The only thing we can do is learn from our life as we are blessed to live from year to year and although we
Just Stuff
Sometimes everything gets to me at once... I get scared, nervous and feel alone.. I know deep down Im not alone at all.. I have people that love me.. But I feel like Im all alone..and that no one will ever understand me.... Sometimes I just wanna throw in the towel and say fuck it to everything.. I know I cant do that tho.. I will soon have someone that will depend on me for everything in life.. That scares me the most... how will I be able to take care of this little person? What if I do something wrong.. what if something happens and I dont know how to handle it?? I have the support of someone special tho.. plus from my family... and all my friends.. I have promised them and myself that Im gonna do my best... sometimes my best doesnt feel good enough tho...
Just Released! New Level Up Requirements For Fubar
I just found out to level up to level 20, I have to jump up and down on a 3/4s inflated WNBA game ball used in a LA Sparks playoff game (any LA Sparks playoff game will do) in a pattern including a 3 to 1 ratio of left footed jumps to right footed jumps while juggling a running chain saw, a half eaten marshmallow peep (pink, not yellow), and a mylar get well soon balloon.  In addition, I must be chewing grape Bazooka Joe bubble gum without reading the comic, wear a flannel tuxedo with a striped lace cumberbund and have my hair cut into a mullet with the word FUBAR etched in the back of my skull.  I should be level 20 any time now!
Just Feeling Like Venting Thats All
When does getting over something u have had your entire life but lost overnight start to happen?  It never seems to get better and sure as fuck doesn't get any easier.  Im sick of this fucking place i am for the simple reason i had to sacrifice all that i have achieved in my life for the simple fact that someone got into something for the wrong fucking reason..i know same fucking story we all been there done what makes u it that u have moved on ?  If u did move on do u still wish u hadnt?  Yea wtfe .......When wall fails they all fail ..........been too fucking long for me and i still cant get passed it......although i don't and won't show for probs are my probs......but dont think for a second that just cuz i look like im doing well ...that i want ur fucking problems too.....i deal with my own shit one way or another ........for those out there who dont have the fucking balls or heart to speak whats on their mind...well keep on motherfuck
Just Cause Everyone Else Is Doing It...
I am posting a blog...   i have nothing to say...   so fuck u...   hope u get carpal tunnel...   that is all...
Just A Thought. Pt 1
Close your eyes and imagine a world filled with so many contradictions that it's damn near impossible to tell left from right, up from down and right from wrong. Picture a culture at war with itself, where the best of what it has to offer struggles to see the light of day, where style almost always trumps substance, where people seek out an existence based on their ability to blend in with an insanity that has come to represent the status quo.   Okay, Now imagine a voice in the midst of that wilderness, in tune yet different from everything that surrounds it. Barely indentifiable over the monsterous hum of the daily grind, the  voice is a constant that grows louder by the minute. What began as a soft whisper, innocent and only flirting with your audible consciouness, has grown into a definite roar, distinct, and undeniable in it's existince.
Just Me
I may not be the most beautiful, or the sexiest nor do i have the perfect body. I may not be everyone's first choice, but i'm a great choice. I don't pretend to be some one I'm not, because I'm good at being me I might not be proud of some of the things I've done  in my past,.... but....... I'm proud of who I am today.......  Take me as I am  or watch me walk away!!!!!!!!
Just A Rant About Everything And Anything
No I don't enjoy talking to robots, sometimes yes/no answers just don't quite hit the spot. Are you a tranny? No? Well then why do you insist on making yourself up like one? If looking slightly surprised gives you more lines on your forehead than the note pad I write on....then NO you will not age well even if you are only 17. I might be insecure and ditzy but doesn't mean I personally have a tolerance for it. My neighbour's sister's grandmother's uncle's ex-girlfriend's cat died. You must all feel sorry for me because this somehow personally affects me too even though I've never ever had a cat.   Annoying cousin: 'Omg I feel so dizzy...I don't know what's wrong with me'. Me: 'Try eating'.   Annoying cousin no.2: 'Yea yea you book the holiday because I don't have time to do it, you pick the hotel' Me: 'You sure? I'll come back with the details to double check with you first' Cousin: 'No it's ok I'll be busy anyway' Me (I do it anyway...then wait 30 mins for her to not even
Just A Few Of My Favorites
    Here are just a few of my favorite good morning text messages from my honey...I love you Rob and I start everyday with a smile on face and tingly feeling all over because of the way you love me. Thank you baby for all you do, I love your forever. From: RobSent: Oct 23  8:24AMMsg: Good morning honey. Mmmwah! I love you so much Michelle. How's my beautiful Sleeping beauty?From: RobSent: Oct 21  6:38AMMsg: Good morning honey. How's my beautiful Angel? Mmmwah! I love you Michelle Lynne Baar.From: RobSent: Oct 20  6:12AMMsg: Good morning sweetheart, I miss you so much Michelle. Mmmwah! I love you honey.From: RobSent: Oct 19  6:41AMMsg: Mmmwah! Good morning honey. I had such sweet dreams of you Michelle Lynne Baar. You and corn. I love you Babydoll. Ones of you were heaven...corn a nightmare lol.   From: RobSent: Oct 17  9:00AMMsg: Good morning sunshine. I love you Michelle Lynne Baar. Mmmwah!From: RobSent: Oct 15  6:45AMMsg: Here comes the sun (du dn du du) Here comes the sun And I
Just A Few Things
I don't expect a lot of people to read this, don't really care. I've been on this site for 4 years, have made and lost a lot of friends. I am not one to beg for rates, bling, ect. If I do get any of those things I'm very grateful. Mainly because I know it's because they wanted to, not because I begged for it. The site has become something I am not interested in anymore. Most act like this is E online for regular people. The best line : make me an offer to be put in my family. Hell, I thought family was suppose to be for close friends, guess I was wrong. It's all good and fun to level, but some of these people need a damn reality check and maybe get out of the house more often. You will notice my family list is extremely small, those are the people I trust, the people who have shown me they care about me. I'm not saying others don't as well, but I believe most just like looking at my nakeness lol, and thats fine too, but it's those people who don't visit when my folder is closed. To me,
Just The Way U R... *sighs* Love This..
Oh her eyes, her eyesMake the stars look like they're not shiningHer hair, her hairFalls perfectly without her tryingShe's so beautifulAnd I tell her every dayYeah I know, I knowWhen I compliment herShe wont believe meAnd its so, its soSad to think she don't see what I seeBut every time she asks me do I look okayI sayWhen I see your faceThere's not a thing that I would changeCause you're amazingJust the way you areAnd when you smile,The whole world stops and stares for awhileCause girl you're amazingJust the way you areHer nails, her nailsI could kiss them all day if she'd let meHer laugh, her laughShe hates but I think its so sexyShe's so beautifulBruno Mars Just The Way You Are lyrics found on I tell her every dayOh you know, you know, you knowId never ask you to changeIf perfect is what you're searching forThen just stay the sameSo don't even bother askingIf you look okayYou know I sayWhen I see your faceTher
Just 'cause
Just wanted to say hi....   I feel so dirty...I've been paid to add people to my family....yelled at for giving someone points...been called every imaginable mean and dirty names...I though Goddess were supposed to be treated with respect hrm?
Just A Few Thoughts.
Current situations have persuaded me to actually sit here once again and put together my thoughts on a blog.. Run for your life.. No names will be mentioned, that's petty and immature, not to mention slanderous and against the law.First subject at hand... "HATERS"... Seriously?!?! What is going on in your feeble little minds other than yourself? Why hate on others ? You could be the same way that others are if you'd literally remove your head from your sphincter.. If one wants to achieve anything in life, it's not just handed to them, the ones that are handed things on a silver platter, I pity you, there is nothing in life for free. one must work to achieve anything in their lives.. No that doesn't mean manipulating and using people, don't even get that concept in your head, that's morally and inconsiderate.. Some people strive to make that their life goal.. Manipulation isn't the best thing to use against people.. Now back to the subject at hand.... HATERS!! Why do you do this? Your l
Just Another Day...
              It started pretty normally, Debbie arose, brushed her long, red hair, and turned on the hot water in the shower. Looking in the mirror, she practiced the dance she wanted to do for Master, a slow striptease, and removed her nightclothes slowly, undulating and swerving her lithe body.               The water made steam on the mirror, and it was time to get in. Debbie stepped inside and slid the door shut, the hot water making her skin cold for just a second, then opening her pores, her skin ready to be scrubbed.                Holding her head back, the hot water flowed onto her scalp, making her hair weigh twice its normal weight, and shimmering. Debbie's little mirror in the shower showed her hard nipples, and she moved her hands over each one. The erect little buds lept at her touch, and she began to move her hands to other parts of her body.                Her palms moved wetly over her tummy, and her fingers swirled around her mound, grabbing the soap and making it
Just Thinking
Once upon a most fukked up time, I came across a psycho mime. Something was strange to my naked eye, to this very day I couldn't say why. As strange as he was it doesn't really matter, My friendship doesn't waiver and my best friend is the fukken Mad Hatter.   Now, just a minute ago I made all this up none of it is true. If you took my word for it , what does that say about you? think about this question don't answer too fast cuz in this Mad Hatter Reality , lies just don't last.                      Written By: Jessica Auzelia Tiffin 2010
Just Thinking
Why is it that so many men love porn but frown on a girl having nude pics online?    why is it that any girl who does have even a hint of nudity in her pics is just crying out for the wrong sort of attention? is there no other possibility? can she not just be comfortable with or like the way she looks? Why does it seem that nearly every guy i've ever met seems hung up on monogamy and commitment and defining a relationship? are all men really that insecure? really? why can't i find a "real ghostbusters" pke meter on the internet?   statistics is the worst subject. ever.   does everything i say have to be picked apart and overanalyzed? wait a minute. i'm the one going for my masters in clinical psychology. let everything the fuck go. there's not always a hidden meaning or a hidden agenda.  where is my rob gordon? how hard is it to understand, "i don't want ANYTHING from you. i'm going to die alone and all my cats will eat my fucking face off. and i'm ok with that"?   focus f
Just Upset Today
I don't know why i'm writing this honestly because you will never read it.  I see you everytime I close my eyes, hear your voice when everything is silent, and I just want to scream and cry your name everytime I open my mouth. I can still feel your arms around me. You hurt me so bad AGAIN that I had no choice but to walk away.  I'm sorry I just disappeared but if I saw you I knew I would have forgotten about my heart you ripped out yet again. I can't put myself through it anymore.  I know you were told I was back with him.  THat was a lie, that was the only way I knew you wouldn't try to come back around. I know you loved me but you were loving others too and that I cannot do anymore. I am alone and probably will be for a while.  I hope you realize that you were everything to me. I will love and think about you till the day I die. Even though I left you my heart is the one thats broken and this time, the pieces can't be put back together by you.
Just Pondering
     Have you ever hated your life?  I know I have.  Have you ever felt like no one cares about you?  I know I have?  Have you ever felt like you would never find someone who truly loves you and appreciates you?  I know I have.  Have you ever felt as if no one understands you?  I know I have.  Have you ever felt as if things were never going to get better?  I know I have?  I know this may sound like a self-pity party, but a lot of time I feel this way.  It seems everytime I have thought I have found a person who will be my partner in life or maybe even my soulmate I find I am wrong.  At almost 40 I find myself wondering if I will ever find true love or if I am destined to be miserable for the rest of my life.  I know I am not perfect and I have never been looking for perfection.  I have always been looking for what my parents had in each other...a partner.        Is that too much to ask for anymore?  Maybe.  If I work is it too much to ask that my girlfriend cleans while I am busting
Just Hooked Up The Travel Page On The Site A Bit More Website was approved to affiliate with Trip Mama (trip mama lol) ....anyway, so at this point, you will not be able to chill, travel, or vacation for the lowest rates without me. Weeelll, maybe if someone pays for you, but send them to me instead and everyone is happy :) OMG I am tired, 20 minuted turns into 2 and 3 hours when your are building or editing a website. But hey, I gota do it if dont ever want to work for anyone again. And hey, dont forget I represent some top International DJs so call me up when you are having an event. You can here demos by clicking Artist Roster on the website.
Just Shut Up And Do It!
If there is ever a blog that you read that I write let it be this one.I absolutely love helping others. When it comes down to it, the people I help, help me. I am still nowhere near the knowledge level I want but everyday I am fueling myself with knowledge of this industry and bettering myself. We all have to get started somewhere.Do you know why so much of America is overweight? It is so easy. Anyone can do it. Anyone can be lazy and indulge themselves in fattening, greasy, and unhealthy food constantly. It takes no effort. I get a lot of e-mails, texts, messages, and approaches on health and dieting tips. I spend ample time helps others and a few days later, 90% of the people I help are back to their same routine (I keep up with your Facebook statuses, ha ha). As I have mentioned before I am writing a book, because I was 270 pounds, lazy, ate crap all the time, and in October of 2008 I got a grip. I have taught myself over the years 90% of what I learned. At this point
Just A Newer Piece I Wrote....
Just now discovering that hey there's a blog on this site.  So anyways usually just use these things to post my poetry/lyrics so that's what's goin to happen here.  Feel free to comment/critisize, just be respectful, even if it's a negative comment about my work, keep it civil is all I ask.  Anyways, here's a couple of my more recent ones...... enjoy?   drone Wake upWork Shit Sleep Repeat  Wake upTime to workBust your assMove fasterTry harderHere's some paperAll you're worthThat's rightPayment doneThis is youJust another number Buy nowEat this shitNeed insuranceSuch a dealTry this drugLimited time offerWhile supplies lastHurry hurryAs advertisedPay the priceSome restrictions applyGo homeWatch t.v.Drink alcoholTake your medsElectrical needRepeat dailyNo deviationsChoke downSet alarmDown you goLights outAnother day awaitsWake upWork Shit Sleep And DieHypocrite Contradiction of self Despise all that you are Do as I say Not as I do Fuck that Learn to admit Learn to sub
Just Another One
Just Something I Wrote A Long Time Ago.
A rose called love   Love is a rose, it's an old cliché... but it's true anyway... It grows no matter where you plant it... in good soil or bad... If it is not tended, it will wither and die... Or turn bitter and thorny... Or even surprise you with a big bright bloom where none should be. But tend it carefully, feed it, and keep the weeds away... And patiently watch it grow... And soon you are surrounded by your own beautiful garden of love roses.
Just Me...
          You know I've never really been considered a handsome man. Neither have I been considered 'built', nor do I have an overabundance of money. I guess, when it comes down to having all the things that women find 'desireable', I come up wanting. However, I do know how to love and I have been blessed to have loved some very Beautiful women. I'm saying that to say this... When someone Loves you, I mean truly Loves you, all that outward bullshit becomes irrelevant. The Beauty that's inside is all that matters. You don't have to show me your ass or tits on Fubar for me to love you. As a matter of fact, I prefer you didn't. The real Beauty of who you are will shine through. That glow that shines from behind your eyes, is far more enticing to me than any nsfw that you can post. I might not be the most handsome, the richest, or even the smartest, but I can tell all of you Beautiful, Beautiful, women, and one very, very, special young woman one thing, as enticing as though nsfw pics may
Just Pondering Part 2
     So my life has been going about the same.  Still working and trying to get by.  Hoping things will get better, but I highly doubt it.  I hate the winter months in my line of work.  I so cannot wait for the Super Bowl though.  Also, Football fans are the best part of Winter though.  Dallas Cowboy fans are awesome and great to hang out with.  I have found many other teams fans fun to hang out with too.  Detroit Lions, New York Jets, and several other teams have fans that are truly awesome.  They love to come out and have a great time.  They can be so awesome to hang out with.  They come out to have a good time and enjoy themselves.        Wondering if that one true love will ever find me.  Hating I fucked things up with my ex-wife, but that was a long time ago and there is no use sulking about the past.  Especially when it has been over a decade now.  I meet so many women that seem to like me as much as I like them, but unfortunately for me most of them are with another guy.  Why
Just Having A Bad Day
Its just another gloomy day that I have to face alone. Maybe one day the sun will shine threw the darkness and warm up my cold heart.
Just Wanted To See If Anyone Would Read It!!
Hope every one is having a wonderful first day back to work after the Thanksgiving Holidays!! If you are bored and need a little pick me up please feel free to check out another free site that I am on. Hope to see you there soon!!! Tomme Gunnz's Other page Hoping more than One person reads this and at least one person checks out my link.   Love ya Andru
Just One Of Many Articles On Her Bball Team :)
Lebanon eighth-graders off to 2-0 start LDR staff editor@lebanondailyrecord.comDec 2, 2010In its second year playing under coach Matt Jernigan, the eighth-grade girls’ basketball team is off to a 2-0 start.A year ago, the class played under Jernigan as seventh-graders, and after starting the season 0-4, they rebounded to win their final six games of the year to end the season 6-4. Lebanon faced the Rolla Bulldogs in its first game of the season on Monday. In the ‘A’ game, the ‘Jackets led at the end of the first half, 18-8, despite a 1-for-8 performance at the free throw line. In the second half, Lebanon heated up and went on to win 43-21. Ashton Light led all scorers with 20 points, while Becky Brooner and Ashley Schafer added seven points each. Lebanon also won the ‘B’ game, 31-21. Renee Hudson and Lauren Pentecost led the team with six points each. Playing its second game in two days, Lebanon traveled on Tuesday to Jefferson City to take on the T
Just A Little Something This Morning I Thought Of
my lady gotta be thick in the thighs/cute in the eyes/  lady in the street but she a freak in dusguise/think you can ride...come take a try/ but if you cant abide/you gonna have to slide/ i need a chick that can hold the four -five/ when things get wild/ unload the clip...reup and spit back another five/can enjoy lobster,steak and wine/ but dont mind bar-b-que/and if a bitch lose her mind/ she quick to help her get a clue/  she keep her man the cleanest/her attitude the meanest/ and we wont even go into what she wil do to protect the
Just For You
Sometimes when I am depressed or drowning in self-doubt,I know i can call your name and you will pull me out....You tought methat im worth much morethan what i always gave me strengthand confidencethat so long i had showed me that i am beautifulboth outside and proved that i am not second besttime and time again.
Just A Random Little Blog Because Its The 12th
and happens to be mine and my boyfriends 8 month :] im super stoked for this do to the fact that i have never been in a relationship this long. im proud of myself! its understandable why id be in this relationship though since from the day i met him i found him really attractive!  im so lucky! hes the greatest guy to ever walk the face of this earth i swear to god he is! im in loooooove!
Just One Of My Question
im sitting here this morning and wondeing why is it hard to say "Im sorry" to someone. Wheather its your kids or your husband or firiends or family. Why is it hard or difficult for some peopole to say im sry after they miss up? Just my question to this world wide web and fubar.....
Just A Few Jim Morrison Poems For Now.
What are you doing here?What do you want?Is it music?We can play music.But you want more.You want something & someone new.Am I right?Of course I am.You want ecstasyDesire & dreams.Things not exactly what they seem.I lead you this way, he pulls that way.I'm not singing to an imaginary girl.I'm talking to you, my self.Let's recreate the world.The palace of conception is burning.Look. See it burn.Bask in the warm hot coals.You're too young to be oldYou don't need to be toldYou want to see things as they are.You know exactly what I doEverything
Just Litttle Help
 just want to help friends out
Just A German Song
Wenn es dich doch gibt Ein Herz nur für mich schlägt Wer sagt mir heut was Morgen noch zählt Wird die Welt bald neu geboren Der Weg ist mit Blumen und Sternen gesäht Ich spür mein Held wird kommen Siehst du was ich seh auch Wunder können geschehen Dann wünsch ich mir Flüsse die Wasser noch führ´n Dornen die weichen und Rosen die blüh´n Küß mich - Halt mich - lieb mich für immer Küß mich - Halt mich - lieb mich Ein Prinz der sein Leben sein Herz für mich gibt Ein Kuß der die Nacht und den Zauber besiegt Küß mich - Halt mich - lieb mich Küß mich - Halt mich - lieb mich Wenn es dich doch gibt Ein Herz nur für mich schlägt Dann wünsch ich mir Flüsse die Wasser noch führ´n Dornen die weichen und Rosen die blüh´n Küß mich - Halt mich - lieb mich für immer Küß mich - Halt mich - lieb mich Ein Prinz der sein Leben sein Herz für mich gibt Ein Kuß der die Macht und den Zauber besiegt Küß mich - Halt mich - lieb mich für immer Küß mich - Halt mich - lieb mich Dann wünsch ich mir Flüsse die
Just Cause I Look Like...
Let me tell you that just because I look mean,tough,ugly or whatever DOESN'T mean that I don't have a heart! I AM A MEAN MOTHERFUCKER SURE BUT I DO HAVE A LOVING AND CARING HEART THAT HAS FEELINGS TOO! What I'm not scared or ashamed to admit I got feelings that are real and felt just like anyone else! WTF! So think about it before you start running your fucking mouth talking shit! And let me say sorry to anyone that I may upset by speaking my mind!
Justice Served
Share1341 Updated: December 22, 2010, 8:10 PM ETNick Adenhart's killer sentencedEmail Print Comments2243 Associated Press SANTA ANA, Calif. -- A construction worker who killed a promising rookie pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels and two other people in a horrific drunken driving crash said Wednesday he had all but ended his own life that night by getting behind the wheel after drinking. Andrew Gallo, 24, acknowledged his deadly mistake to the grieving relatives of his victims and said he expected to spend the rest of his life behind bars before a judge sentenced him to 51 years to life in prison. [+] EnlargeAP Photo/Mark Rightmire/Pool Andrew Gallo was sentenced to 51 years to life in prison for killing three people. "I know whatever I say will not change anything or the way you think or feel about me," said Gallo, who faced the judge because he was not permitted to look at the courtroom audience. "You're right. I am a horrible person, a drunk driver who took your beautiful kids away,
Just Smile
This time of year...crazy. Yeah I know everyone says it but it's beyond true. We all have so much on our minds some tend to forget the things that really truly matter. Those that give it all for us in many different ways. The reason for the holiday, which is so very different and vast across the religious spectrum.  We forget to smile, we forget to give and to give thanks. We often times forget that it's not about what everyone can do for us but more so what we can do for others. This year has been a good year. Many things have changed. I've met some truly amazing people who've taught me more about myself then I could've ever known. People that have opened my eyes to who I really am and the friendship and love and understanding that I am truly capable of.  I've helped people that needed it, put smiles on a lot of faces so little fiery red head in particular, who reminds me so very much of myself at that age. Free spirited, open minded, and a love and devotion that could go on
Just A Thought...
"Then leave," - will this forever beThe answer you provide to meFor every difficulty I faceWithin the warmth of your embrace?  So tell me, where am I to go?  Whether the tide is high or low, You're tattooed upon my heart, Your face imprinted on each cardWithin my hands.  A silver cord Connects us, and a mere discordWill not erase that one connection, My memories or my affection. I stood beside you for two years, Through disappointment, sorrow, tears, As both your lover and best friend, I'll be with you to bitter end. You are the star that lights my night, You are the sky when I take flight, You are my darkness and my laughter, All things between and thereafter.  No matter what you do or say, I love you and I'm here to stay.
Just Like To Know If U Knew...
We truely live in a great country i must say. A nation that shows it can grow. A nation were we work on things that are wrong or were wrong. If u ever get bored read about . Anti-miscegenation laws - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  40 years ago  many of us would have gone to jail for breaking the law. Thank you American for being what you are. We are america and must make sure we keep the change going.  just remenber u make a difference. Let me know what you think. Not sure anyone will read this but what the hell. never know.
Just A Thought
Where to begin this time? Well lets see... Things were at one time great between the two of us Now not so much, we split up about 3 months ago And now all of the sudden without thinking twice we are one again You mean the world to me always have and probably always will What gets me is how everyone expects the two of us to just move on We were together for two years and have an amazingly beautiful daughter Yet no one seems see that you have made changes and are trying to make things work I really hope that you can hold things together this time my love Things without you are difficult My heart aches at the very thought of loosing you again I hope you know that we both love you dearly And that we are both hoping and praying that you and I Can continue on this unknown journey into life together Looking back i see the mistakes I made but do you see yours Can you admit your mistakes to me like a man and not let them come between us again I dont know just a thought on the th
Just Alittle Part Of My Earlier Days...
this on is called respect   remmber i just going to tell u the way i see it so if it offend u dont read it cause the truth can hurt.We are taught at an early years what repect is . right? hum when did we forget it or were never taught it. well u tell me.. when in the military my life and my friends life where alway in each others hand talk about learning trust. we deploye to some part of the world were it usely was peaceful but yes there was also danger out there and sometime we were the danger like a panther crawling threw the jungle looking for food. but we would be looking for targets our job was simple keep this country free at all cost and if it cost ur life then so be it. this is where i get my first taste of respect yes i loved my country and i would do what ever it took to make sure you were free. that was my job no one forced me to do it no pressured me to do it nothing i just did it like i said my parnet taught me respect of them and girls boy did they push that one... bu
Just An Observation
I may be stupid, but doesn't it seem that large breasted women have priority, in that they can post a default photo clothed in a bra, but if a small breasted woman were to do it, it would be pulled?  In the same vein isn't a bra underwear?  A bikini or bathing suit may be worn in public but not a bra, but it seems those kind of defaults are not allowed.
Just Sowes Yanno
I am here to have fun. I like to play, joke and have a good time with all sorts of people.    If theres an argument goin on and we disagree on it, Im alright with that. Im not here to hold grudges or be all pissy with you cuz you disagree with me, so if you are this way, please, do us both a favor and delete me. If i feel that you are way outa line, and a total fucking attacking asshole, I would delete you on my own. Otherwise, to me, its just a matter of different thoughts and opionons and caring and defending of friends.   If you are still on my list, Im going to assume that we are alright and im going to interact as i usually do. Im an analyzing tard tho, and if I feel you are remaining on my list for other reasons, you'll be gone shortly.  
Just Fyi
I'm turning off my bartab.  I'm too prone to following people in it, and end up reading things I wish I'd never seen.  Whatever shit was perpetuated this week while I was in the hospital, I can only guess, and I really don't want to know.  I _do_ know that I don't care to keep friends around who are intentionally cruel to others.  I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm sorry if I seem like I don't care what's going on in your lives, but I have too much RL shit to deal with now to have to deal with all of this negative energy.  If there's something you'd like me to know, link me to it, or yahoo me, or whatever.  If you think I've deleted you because of what's happened recently, think again - it was my WHOLE list, and I've accepted everyone I knew who requested me again.  It's not about kicking people out, it's about making sure those that are in want to be there. I probably don't make much sense right now thanks to the narcotics and the cold-turkey withdrawal from my antidepressants.  *
Just A Short
 We All Die                           By: Tina Louise W.    "You are such a fucking hypocrite!," screamed Pamela.   "Well if you weren't always being a cunt I wouldn't have to resort to being a dick now would I?" Ben said in a flat tone.  "Fu-"  "No fuck you Pam, I'm sick of your shit."  The Andersons... typical family in the local hell of Nashtown suburbia. Sure they have their bad points but also their good. You know?? Take their kids for a walk in the park on a leash, push the dog on the swings-set, have their holier-than-thou perception on others, laugh at the expense of one's misery. Yes, a normal life.  It wasn't that the family is odd, well not all of them. It was that the mother was nuttier than a half eaten payday melting on a summer afternoon. Pamela would be the sweetest woman in the world unless she didn't have her swiss army knife keychain. From what is known, this keychain was given to her by her mother which told her, "Always keep this by your side or you will surely die
Just A Quick Reminder,,,
1. I am a shallow woman 2. If I call you a friend, I think you are a beautiful person 3. I do not befriend uggos. 4. You could have the worst countenance on earth and still be beautiful to me, I see your inner beauty jerk offs. 5. I think I like this whole not being around much thibg, keeps me out of a lot of trouble 6. I am a hard working, independent woman...who oft times feels really really poorly about herself 7. I have amazing friends.     Ok...that is all...unless I think of more, which I reserve the right to do :P
Just A Test...
Just A Quick Few Thoughts... far this weekend football has let me down...the fuggin' Packers blew out the dirty birds...the Squeelers beat my Witchie's Ravens.....Think the Bears and Jets can pull off wins for me today? Because that would be spectacular... Well, in all honesty...I don't much care who wins...I just get a certain joy out of certain teams losing...I mean, the purple and gold pretty much gave up this year after that elderly hack as a QB came back.... In conclusion... It's pedicure day! I'm taking Moms out to get pretty feet for her birthday that was a couple days ago....I'm getting mine done as well...Can't decide...Pink, Purple, Blue, Green? Any input??
Just Thoughts
I want to cry I want to scream I want to tell you mostly I hate that I'm so afraid of everything I wish I would've been strong enough to say no to you I wish I could believe my own lies I use to cover up the pain you left I envy the way this hasn’t hurt you at all I envy the fact you don’t understand what this feels like at all I want to hurt you I want this nightmare to be over I wish I could make things the way they were before you I wish I could change time I wish I could change you I wish I could have hurt you before you hurt me I need you out of my thoughts I need you out of my heart I need to start doing things for me I hate that you used me I hate that I gave you something I can never have back I hate that I wasted time on you I'm tired of hoping aimlessly for you I'm tired of wanting something I can't have I'm tired of hurting me for things that aren’t my fault I'm sorry I wasn't good enough I'm sorry I defended you when everyone else was right I'm so
Just... Feelin This One Today.
Sorry... didn't know the fuggers messed with blog editing again... I'll try to fix later Da da da da, da da da da Da da da da-da da Do you know if I can yell any louder How many time have I kicked you outta here? Or said something insulting? da da da da-da I can be so mean when I wanna be I am capable of really anything I can cut you into pieces But my heart is....broken Da da da-da da Please don't leave me Please don't leave me I always say how I don't need you But it's always gonna come right back to this Please, don't leave me How did I become so obnoxious? What is it with you that makes me act like this? I've never been this nasty Can't you tell that this is all just a contest? The one that wins will be the one that hits the hardest But baby I don't mean it I mean it, I promise Da da da-da da Please don't leave me Da da da-da da Please don't leave me Da da da-da da I always say how I don't need you But it's always gonna come
Just A Thought
just my thought for this week why do i feel like no one at times want me around or want me as there family what im i doing so wrong in my life only time i do feel Gd about my self when i cuddle up with my wife and she tills me she loves me all time but it must my so call family this sucks .
Just A Little Update
Just a bit of an update from my last blog.  So far there is no medications that are helping with any of the symptoms and this week I get to go to a lovely neurologist to find out why I fall and black out.  More and more tests yay can't wait but who knows maybe something will finally come out of it all.  I just wanted to say a big thank you to my friends that have helped me out either by just talking or simply letting me know that they are there I can't tell you how much I appreciate it......much love Jen
Just A Biker I Saw You!
JUST A BIKER But, You Didn't See Me I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you, pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk.. But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you, change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by. But, you didn't see me, riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children. But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you, stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me, and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you, roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves. But, you didn't see me, a
Just Words...... My Definition Of How To Love Someone
When I say I love you, it means I love myself enough to let that feeling become a reality once again in my life. It's not to be measured against those words from anyone else, for they are not the same. Caring about someone so much that it enhances ones care for themselves is something not too often felt.   If you have ever been around a person who makes you feel like a better person just by being in their company, you know what I'm talking about. When someone can brighten your day by doing something so little as saying hello to you with a smile that comes from a deeper place than the muscle reaction to raise their lips over their teeth.   Caring about someone enough to not care about them for ANY of your own selfish reasons. Not basing your advice to someone by factoring in what you want. Being there for someone even if they aren't there for you in return and still answering the phone once you realize it. Being man enough to admit to them when you're wrong, when you'r
Just A Little
just a little bit of all of u if only it was a taste the idea was love at first bite i choked on u too tough to crack i watched that hard shell shatter crumbling into the dust that slipped through my fingers fuck ur walls...
Just Been Thinking
Ok, I have been thinking about a lot here lately. And it seems to me that there is a lot of things that I either haven't done yet or experienced. Like getting married and having kids....haven't done or gotten yet. I am good at making friends, but evidentially I don't know how to pick up a guy or win his heart, and I am not really sure why. Almost all of my friends seem to be married with kids, married or just have kids, and every time that I am around them, it's like I want that, but then there are times I know that I am not ready for at least the kids part in my life. It also seems to me, that when I am not dating anyone, I notice how hard I find it to try and not think about my dad's death from almost 2 years ago, but if I am dating someone, I seem to forget that pain. I don't seem to understand how that is, unless it feels that hole in my heart. With the whole dating thing, I know too many people around here where I live for me to date any of them, because they either dated my frien
" Just A True Friend "
A true friend is someone who will always be near a friend to comfort you when you're in fear A friend is someone who will always stick by your side no matter what the situation maybe he/she's there to be my guide... Or just when you feel down, lonely, or a little sad. a true friend will always be there to pick you up and make you glad. But there are only a few "TRUE FRIENDS" left to be found. That's why I chose you because you're always around... So take our friendship and keep it held close because you are my true friend that I think of and love the most...
Just Because I'm Different
Just because I'm different, Doesn't mean I'm scaryDoesn't mean I'm not normalAnd doesn't mean I don't have friendsJust because I'm different Doesn't mean you can laugh at meDoesn't mean my style is weirdDoesn't mean I'm crazyJust because I'm different Doesn't mean I don't like youDoesn't mean I don't have a lifeDoesn't mena I love wierd foodJust because I'm differentWhy do people hate me? Why do you want to blend in? Why can't you be differnt? I wish I knew 
Just A Thought
How is it that I can still love you with all my heart And hate you so much at the same time You give me strength to move on and yet you are still holding me back After all the lies and all the betrayal I know deep down that I should love you no more But I cant help for some reason or another to love you more You bring me tears at just the thought of you I panic if you say you are coming over I should slam the door in your lying cheating face But instead I welcome you in with open arms I try to defeat your damn charms and deceivingly good looks But I never seem to be able to no matter how hard I try I am hoping that one day soon I can find someone to help me get over you I had hoped that you would just walk away and leave us be But I see now that you have other plans in mind Plans that bring me to my knees as you beg my please Please to talk to you that you love and miss me I know that in time things will get easier But right now it seems as if its taking forever But
Just Sharing
Feel Again Much time I now spend, watchingWatching as others pass by, livingLiving their livesI watch not for care of wanting to know themOr even so as to learn from what they do and sayI simply watch…and wonderWondering why. Why do I feel this wayWondering how. How have I come to this pointWondering when. When can I ever hope to feel againAs I watch, I rememberRemember what it was like…To feel as they feelTo laugh as they laughTo cry as they cryTo hope as they hopeTo hurt as they hurtTo love, to hate, to long, to fear, to yearn…to rejoice…to liveBut such is all that I have…memoriesMemories which flow before my mind’s eyeEven as the people flow before my gazeAnd I, I sit quietly in the shadow…And wonder
Just Me
i am just who i am i will be up front with you and im looking to have fun dont like to be lied to dont have time for drama keep it to your self im a stong and smart sothern female if you cant handle it step wont to be my freind be honest and true and we can get along wont to know anything ask and if you can handle all that you wont to date we will see and you will see that if you date me you will be loved
Just Saying
If you are old enough to be my dad or my grandfather, I am probably not going to be interested. So, please don't waste our time.
Just An Observation
The leaf dances as rains stike the ground. tiny civilizations move in leaps and move in bounds, scuttling they forage searching for places to hide, within a forrest of grasses fallen foliage, dirts, and rocks alike... take to a new position little parts of life. await for the newness that a new rains end shall devise.
Just Writting...
contrary to popular belief I am not perfect, I am not a saint, I am not a mind reader, I am not a millionaire... what I am is an imperfect bitchy broken mess with a heart a mindset that cause me a lot of pain and happiness all at the same time... A girl with a mindset that everyone ELSE needs to be happy and my needs and wants will come later or that the people i am caring for will take care of my needs... and in the end there usually isn't enough of anything left for me... Why is it that no one can see that all i want is for some one to love and care for me as much as i do for them... i want them to think of me before themselves... goodness knows i think of them and their wants and needs before my own... why is it so hard for others to do the same... I am tired of feeling used and abused and bitchy...
Just Wondering
Do you ever wonder who would have you back if bling dissappeared? I know who would do you? Chaotic times on fu
Just Thoughts....
“When you smiled you had my undivided attention. When you laughed you had my urge to laugh with you. When you cried you had my urge to hold you. When you said you loved me, you had my heart forever.” “I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.”“The worst thing you can do for love is deny it; so when you find that special someone, don't let anyone or anything to get in your way.”“You've spent your whole life running and running, trying to catch up with something that has never been there for you. And all you've done is go farther and farther away from the precious love that's been waiting for you all the time.”“I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might b
Just Me
So here goes ya'll thot id just fill sum peeps in on my fu tendancies...number one I do like to get on fu sumtimes and strictly return love...not always in the mood to chat. Ive found that when i turn off my sb then everyone sends me pms saying "i tried sbing u and its turned off." Well put two and two together I TURNED IT OFF bcus i dont wanna chat... I am infamous for updating my status and then leaving for awhile..yes i know i know strange bcus when u do that people see ur on and trying talking with u. but the fact of the matter is  i do more the fu all day and sumtimes i update and leave then i come home to people thinking im avoiding them that is not the case by any means..if im ignoring u i will block u. Now one of my BIGGEST PET PEEVES is when im going about my business likeing peeps rating and leaving status messages and all of a sudden i see that one person has blown up my shout box going from... hey how are u...hi...u there...hello...fine i guess ur ignoring me bitch all with
Just Couldnt Stop
I see you sitting at the computer looking hard at something on it, trying to study something ... i slowly come up next to you and sit next to you on the floor ... gently i start to touch your ankle, slowly bringing my hand up your leg... toward your knee, small circles around your knee and on the inside of your theigh... my fingers just catching the edge of your boxers skimming underneath, on both theighs... i catch a little bit of your cock soft but growing as im rubbing your legs... working my way up... i turn your chair to face me.... moving your boxers out of my way, so i can see what ive been thinking about all day,  building up my desire, just wanting your hard cock inside me all day, my desire is peaking and i need release... im almost too impatient for it and have to mentally slow myself... i want to just jump on you now and squirt cum all over your lap... but back to the slow rubbing of your hips and cock... i lick the tip of your cock, and run my tongue from the base to the t
Just Had A Thought That Made Me Giggle To Myself.....
I saw the status "If you cant handle me at my worst, you don't deserve my best" now what made me giggle is ive seen that status countless times from fu whores throughout fubar over the years and to those fu whores i say....... if your worst is showin ur stuff to anyone who wants to look at it.... what's your best? keeping your clothes on? laying off the crack? the word to the wise being, your worst better not outweigh your best or you will ultimately end up lonely!
Just One Question...
ok so why, when i'm at a stop light, do ALL other drivers think they the ONLY ones at the intersection too?? i mean they REALLY think they by themselves!!! do you have any idea how many people i catch diggin in their nose, like, not just a little 'ooh, scratch a little itch'; no, i'm talkin DIGGIN for PLATINUM!! only thing they missin is a damn mining pick!! LMMFAO swear!!! they got they fingers all spread, u know the face u make when u pickin boogers??? they makin the same face!!! OMG people save the snot hunt for when u actually are by yourself!!! This has been a Public Service Announcement by xXDatOneMomentXx FuOwned by Luscious
Just Be
  You can travel the worldBut you can't run awayFrom the person you are in your heartYou can be who you want to beMake us believe in youKeep all your light in the darkIf you're searchin for truthYou must look in the mirrorAnd make sense of what you can seeJust beJust beThey say learning to love yourselfIs the first stepThat you take when you want to be realFlying on planes to exotic locationsWon't teach youHow you really feelFace up to the factThat you are who you areNothing can change that beliefJust beJust be'cause now I knowIt's not so farTo where I goThe hardest partIs inside meI needTo just beJust beJust beJust beJust beI was lostAnd I'm still lostBut I feel so much better'cause now I knowIt's not so farTo were I goThe hardest partIs inside meI needTo just be Just be Lyrics Just Be Dj tiesto
Just Sayin
Breaking News: The Pity Train has just derailed at the intersection of Suck It Up & Move On and crashed into We All Have Problems before coming to a complete stop at Get the Hell Over It. Self proclaimed victims of the crash made their way to Whiner Memorial and received medical treatment from Dr. Snivel. Reporting LIVE from the town of Self Pity, this is Quitchur Bitchin'. Now back to you, Jerry Springer.
Just So Words From Me Lol Hope No One Get Offended
Just Because It Hurts
just because they say they do,..dont me they do. just because they say they have,...dont me they did. Just because they say they want you dont mean they dont want someone else. Just because you love them dont mean they love you too. And just because your a fool for them cause your head over heels in love,...dont mean they wear heels too Kermie
Just Wanted To Share About An Email From My Internet Comp. Dowlnlaoding Porn,lol.
 Aight here goes. Was towards the end of work tonight and I get an email on the phone from Charter Cable saying I have comitted a copyright violation an a recent DL. First I thought was bullshit until I got home and clicked the link,lol. The email had all the info of what time and what I downloaded with a bit torrent on vuze (needless to say vuze is now gone). Reading on in the letter it said I may be responsible for monitary reinbursement. Dohhh ! Well I clicked the link with tha case file and what not , and says the settlement offer is $125 if I pay by a certain date, if not then I may be resposible for more and will be turned over to there legal .  So a warning to you all dont download Hornt Black Mothers #10...rofl......wasnt worth no hundred and tweny 5 fuckin dollars. So dont download any movie from the company Evasive Angles Entertainment, bunch a turds. Guess Ill stick to the good ole white bbw and mature ladies porn. Lesson learned.  So anyone esle ever gotten one of these le
Just Walk Away!!!!!
It's about learning to dance in the rain!********************************************************************************** There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk.I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. The bible said that, they came out from us that it might be made manifest that they were not forus. For had they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us. [1 John 2:19] People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. Let them go. And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've gotto know when people's part in your
Just Catching You All Up....
                       Hello,everyone. I hope you and yours are well and happy. I just wanted to let you all know that I truly do miss talking to you and I'm sorry for that. It is crazy here with HORRIBLE neighbors and an asshole landlord. We are DESPERATELY looking for another place!!  We have to be out of here b4 May. I also have not had any luck finding the type of car we want,grrr. My oldest,who graduates in April,has been accepted in the Navy,as a Gunner's Mate. He leaves Dec.13th for 2 months or so of boot camp,then will have 7 months of training for his job in the navy,which sucks just b4 x-mas. I'm glad he got the job he wanted though and I'm so PROUD of him!! My middle boy is doing good in school and boy scouts and had his first pine wood derby. He didn't win a trophy,but we picked up hints and tricks for next year ;). So next year he WILL have one (fingers crossed). My lil girl is 16 months old,so smart,sweet and funny. A WICKED momma's girl,which I,of course LOVE!! She is on
Just A Little Annoying
just a tad annoying when you do things for someone on here over and over on multiple accounts over 3 years and they pretty much just use you its so rare when i delete someone but when they act so self centered and no-longer even bother with the pretense of being a friend i just feel i have to sigh lame
Just Looking For Some Help
Hello, im starting to market and advertise products for amway, and im looking for some customer support. I'm not asking you to buy anything extra just to help, but something that you use everyday or something that your thinking about starting to use. We have a wide range of products from Vitamins & Supplements, makeup and skin care products, energy drinks with no sugar, and so much more. My personal website is  and if you have any questions please email me at   Thanks for looking and have a great day.
Just Another Rant Lol..
A shadow surrounds me, it grows and breaths… looking around this world I just see the growing stupidity of the human race, why just today I watched as a man drove by reading a book while steering…. The book was placed on the steering wheel so he could read it better…. What the hell is wrong with people? The more I look at life the more stupidity I see. Take my last land lord…. Wow… I once knew a cat lady and I would have to say she is about the same, though there was this one time I went into help the old cat lady move her bed and gods…. I could not wash enough to get the stink off… and the room I slept in was disgusting… I kept quiet because I hate making waves but good gods…. I steam cleaned the floors 5 times and the stink just would not go….I don’t know honestly what the hell had wondered into that room and died but good gods… you know I was as kind as anything and still the bitch stole all my thing
Just A Question...
Do you ever really take the time to get to know ur online friends intimately?? Do you know their everyday struggles in life?? Do you know whether they'll be here tomorrow or not?? And why wouldn't they be?? I hold in everything in life that's bad, and only radiate the good... the positive. But, this is a screaming question that burns deep within me. DO YOU CARE??? I show nothing but love and kindness to all my online friends... I actually take the time to get to know them intimately... I know there's a lot of us out there that do care. But, it riddles me, to know how many of us DON'T CARE. A message to all my online "friends", caring or not... I truely feel like I'm dying... sad thing is, no one would even know if I did except my family. It scares me that something more serious is taking over me... mind, body, and soul. It terrifies me. I wake up, I take my meds, I think about the day... Will I still be alive when tomorrow comes? If I die will I be missed? Who will even know to miss
Just Thoughts
I know, thinking is bad, but I seem to be addicted to it. The same goes for food, whenever I try to quit it completely I get sick from withdrawl symptoms. I have different ideas that I couldn't really do, so I'd have to put them into books or movies, or something. Like this: Ambien and booze... It could be a tv series. Each episode would begin with someone finding a bottle of booze that had ambien in it. The show would follow the character through the rest of the day. Sometimes it would be a horror show, other times a comedie. Often times probably a mixture of both. It's something that could really happen, but would probably be illeagle, and/or unethical to make the actual reality show. Maybe some of the epsodes would be place in the future where it's made into a gameshow, or a reality series. There could be group episodes too. Find five or six or more people, and drug them serperatly. Wait about ten minutes for the memeory blackout to begin, then place them in a room with eachot
Just A Rant
Ever since I have been in a wheelchair the last 2 years I have noticed things that just piss me off. I hate whenever I go into a public restroom and all the stalls are open and there is some jack ass in the handicap stall. I choose to use the bigger stall over the smaller ones because why? So now I have to wait till he is done because I can’t use the other stalls! Just pisses me off!! Another thing that gets me pissed is when people use a handicap placard to park in a handicap parking spot when they are not handicap. I see it all the time. And I don't consider being overweight a handicap!! I don't understand how a person can get disabled tags for being overweight. Eating too much can be controlled......Getting blown up and losing your legs can’t be. This stuff never bothered me before I was injured. I love kids!! I love mine to death!! I can't stand when kids stair at me!! At first it didn’t bother me but now for some reason it does. I can't stand when
Just Some Stuff
This is going to definitely sound like I am bitching and whining but I really just need to get a lot out. I'm starting to really wonder why I am still even around. I feel most of the time like I am just a burden on people and waste of air for society. I have next to no friends locally. I have been single (completely not even a date or "anything") since 04. I am starting to wonder if I am just not as attractive to women as I hoped I was. I keep thinking back to the time when I was 21. I had an online friend that was in her 30s that I grew a very strong bond with so much so that I moved to another state to be with her. I got there and we barely even got to the car. She just couldn't keep her hands off Me. That's what I want again in My life. Is that so damn wrong? Obviously I am not worth much, according to those that I've been with, except for sex anyway. If I didn't have My mother and younger sister in My life, I would not even be here. And I know they aren't going to be there forever
Just A Taste Of You
I need to take you in my armslet me hold you oh so close and tightour sighs rising high into the heavensrocking wrapped up in sweet delightYou know I'll never ever let you goI yearn to kiss your warm lipstill we melt blissful in love's wild firein a dance eternal, joined at the hipI want you to know my heart's pure voicehear me pour out my feelings for youto shout them at the boundless skyso strong, so deep, so clear so truelove's feast calls us to this momentno reason needed, for what we doI have a gnawing hunger in my soulalways aching for just a taste of you
Just A Ramble
Picking my brains you want to see what I am made of but to find what I am made of may shock you. My brain works in weird ways sometimes loving others cold hearted but this all part of the plan. Sometimes I question my worth to those in my life for they would survive without me. My heart has a wall built which is thicker and stronger than anyone can imagine for to let that wall come down makes me vulnerable to feelings. Never let my actions fool you for they are true I am proud of who I am but sometimes I rather run and hide into my shell its my protection from the world. Someday’s I feel worthless to those around me and I fight that every time I turn around Maybe someday I will see I am worthy of all everyone seeks but till then I will keep everyone close but arms length away Just till that day I’ll pretend everything is just fine!!
Just Saying 1
what's wrong with playing with guns, driving a 4x4 Chevy, getting dirty, still looking as killer in jeans & boots as that girl in a dress & heels :) True love is waking up next to your partner and thinking " Well, I could smother them with a pillow or make breakfast. Sigh. Pancakes it is." One might say the glass is half empty.  One might say the glass is half full.  I just wonder who the hell has been drinking from my glass. says the leading cause of divorce is marriage Apple have put on hold plans to release a new iPod designed for children to use... Apparently "itouch Kids" wasn't an ideal product name. if people could read minds i would be screwed . is wondering what color does a Smurf turn when it holds its breath too long?? So someone asked me today "Are you going crazy?" and I said "Yeah, I've been there, follow me, it's this way!" thinks that thinking about the thoughts of thinking are too thinkable for thoughts to be thought about thinking, i think Trust me, you could
Just How Stupid Can
some of society actually be? I scheduled an appointment for what I KNEW was today to find out why I've been having the mini seizures. I get to the hospital (which meant waking up early which didn't make Me happy in the first place) to find that the lobby was basically a damn flea market full of vendor tables selling a lobby of a freaking HOSPITAL! Then I get all the way to where I THOUGHT I was supposed to be to find that not only did I have....1 the wrong place....2 the wrong DAY....but 3 the wrong MONTH altogether. I mean come on. Who the hell seriously sets up appointments for something 2 MONTHS ahead of time....and especially something medical like finding reasons for seizures for christ sake?? Obviously it is going to be a LONG BAD day. I guess its lucky that I am single. At least I can only bitch here and not risk a fight bitching to My "other". At the same time though, it would be nice to have someone that could be there to listen to know they are there regard
Just Putting Something Down
hopefully by semi starting it i remember to do it in future.
Just An Idea
Just thinking of something. Not sure if anyone would want to do this or not...Buuuuuuuuut..   What would you all think of a "traveling" item? Something where it starts in one place and travels to another fubar member. Each member signs it and takes a picture with it...then passes it on. No one would have to know a person's real name. We'd all use Fubar usernames.   Anyway, it's kind of a rough idea and not all the details are worked out. But yeah...let me know. :)  
Just Things That I Have Been Thinking About Again.
Well it's been 2 years as of Saturday since my Dad passed away. There isn't a second that I don't think of him. I miss him terribly. And of course I still love him even though he is gone. I couldn't have ever asked the Lord for a better Dad than I had growing up. I know not every kid knows their dad, I know that some dad's don't spend really any time with their kids. I know that some kids resent their dad's, but not me or mine. Mine was there whenever I needed him the most, he was there for some of my baseball games when I was a kid, he was there for some of my marching band competitions. he was there when I was marching in the parade in the summers when I was in marching band. I know that he was proud of me at that time, while I was growing up. I know that I didn't make him happy when I dropped out of high school, but with the way that I was doing in school, I felt that I had no other choice. But when I found that I could keep a job working as a hotel front desk clerk for as long as I
Just Blow Me....away
Yes, this is about the recent recording embedded on my profile. Talk about sexual overtones.   It wasn't really attend when I wrote the lyrics on paper. I had the thoughts of being alone on the ocean, and never landing. Honestly! I swear! Because I chose to put the lyrics to a raggae jam, it seemed fitting for the pause to end up there. The musicians that I was jamming with at the time would have paid far less attention to the song, if it didn't have the words, "Just blow me" repeated often. Now, that I am a solo recording artist. I can actually extend it into a nice dance mix. Gotta go...Bye.
Just Cuz I'm Feeling Very Grrrr Today
I'm a nice person. I always sit back and just watch all the shit hit the fan. Most would say I'm passive, weak, too nice, squishy...blah blah blah whatever. But I don't like to engage in the petty bullshit that keeps the parasites of this website running. I adore the people I've let into my life through this website. I try to see every side to every story. I try to give everyone a chance even when the world tells me they don't deserve it, because if it were me I would hope people would give me a chance to prove myself. I've been on this site for a while, not as long as MOST of you but long enough to know how things work. The constant swapping of fu-spouses, the lying, the cheating, the using, the abusing, the hurting, the fighting, the backstabbing, the twofacing, the asskissing, the ebullying...all of it. Its getting old. If you aren't happy with somebody...handle your shit one on one. Stop dragging tons of people into your problems. Stop dragging your friends down with your batte
Just One Of Those Days Wen You Are Mad At The Whole World, And Dont Really Know Why
Does anybody out there know what i am talking about? have you ever just had one of those days, where you were down in the dumps, and felt like it was you against the world? And when people ask you whats wrong you say nothing, because in all reality you dont know. its just one of those days......come one somebody knows dnt just leave me hanging.
Just Thinking Out Loud
Poor Alamut … at least that’s what I think our across-the-street neighbor said his Irish wolfhound’s name was.  Martha may have seen the City Transit bus hit him at the edge of our driveway (thankfully before Sarah and Jeffrey woke up, so we didn’t have to explain it to them); the driver did get out and see him, but then got on with his job as others on our block called animal control and the dog’s owner picked him up.  I admit my compassion for animals is not great and would NEVER outweigh my regard for a person, but I am sad that he was knocked down and out.    Oh heck, maybe I am a callous person!  I still think Sarah was very brave yesterday when she got her four vaccine shots required before starting kindergarten this fall (in 112 days as I write this) even when she screamed – partly because of the hour wait as well as them being painful – “please make it stop!”  I can’t laugh at that, I shouldn’t laugh at that l
Just So You Know
I am tired of little boys who think there men!!! I want someone who I can be myself around and not have to worry about it!!
Just Food For Thought
Just Another Dark Depressing Writing
Just How I Feeling About Shit
Just A Writing
Just Be Friends?
I come on Fubar to chat with people.... kinda do the virutal pen pal thing.  I hope that I am able to make connections with people aren't always just going to message me with some horndog comment.  I mean come on people, wouldn't you rather the real deal then sitting on computer looking at an NSFW folder?  I personally don't go in those folders often; not saying I never have I'm no angel by anymeans, but I don't come on fubar just for sexual  oriented conversation.  It gets old. Are there any other people who feel the same way as me?  I me heck who knows, one of those pen pals could turn into something else.  Stranger things happen.   Feedback?  
Just How Im Feeling
Just How I Feel About Some Things!
I have always wondered why people do some of the things they ex for instance kicks me out and then after kicking me out and making it where i cant help her pay the bills blames it on me saying that i LEFT.....i dont care anymore mind you i just dont understand why she feels the need to make herself look like the good one when its all been her fault from the begining...we got behind on our bills because she can never have enough STUFF not food not important things like toilet paper but stuff like make up and purses and shoes...i understand women need these things but when you have a family things like bills and food should always come first right? I dont know maybe i am wrong in my thinking but i dont think so after all my work for the last 4 years has been landscaping and fence building which only goes when the weather is good and with the job market so tight its impossible to find a job just for the winter so i trudged along and it was never good enough so i had to do things i
Just In Case You Wanted To Know... Go Here... If You Don't... I Am Not Rewriting It.. Copying It...idc
Just Some Thank You's. And A Rant I Guess
There is really a lot I have to say about this site, but first I really have to thank baby j and Scrapper for keeping this place possible (even though at times i don't agree they do the best job, but i'll cover that in my rant later) & allowing me to meet the man that I fell in love with, my amazing fu-hubby and RL bf, Jacob. MANY of you who know me, know Jacob and i have been together for a while, but haven't gotten to meet in person yet. He is stationed in Japan and had to stay over there longer because of the (stupid) Tsunami. HE IS COMING HOME IN LESS THAN A MONTH! We are both super excited about this. A lot of you who are my friends on here have seen the SS or heard about our problems, and I thank you guys for standing by me (and us). I know I have not been the easiest person to deal with during this time. I have gotten super emo and whiney, sometimes not talking to people for hours or days at a time. && I think it's about time.. I want to thank some of those closest to me perso
Just Downright Rude
kman 9900 : Hey how are you today mstrinityd: I am doing well thank you, and yourself kman 9900: Well I woke up exceptionally horny this morning, but other than that Im good. mstrinityd: TMI kman 9900: LOL ssorry mstrinityd: riiiight. you arent sorry. Its a guy thing. guys get on the internet and tell chics on here how horny they are.... and I assume that some stupid cunt actually said she'd help you out with it or youd only be dumb enough to say that twice at most. kman 9900: LOL you are right, they do it a lot. mstrinityd: interesting. Well, Im not here to hear it honestly. kman 9900: Im just fucking with you mstrinityd: ah... well Im not really here for that either. kman 9900: you are a rude one mstrinityd: how is telling you that I dont want to hear about your internet sex life make me rude? kman 9900: you really arent cute enough to be this big of a bitch mstrinityd: wow.... Im honest with you that I dont care to hear about your lack of sex in real life but IM the rud
Just Fuck Her
Fuck Me by Maggie Estep(1962- present) FUCK MEI'm all screwed up soFUCK ME.FUCK MEand take out the garbagefeed the cat and FUCK MEyou can do it, I know you can.FUCK MEand theorize aboutSado Masochism's relationshipto classical philosophytell me how this stimulatesthe fabric of most human relationships,I love that kind of pointless intellectualismso do it again andFUCK ME.Stop being logicalstop contemplatingthe origins of eviland the beauty of deaththis is not a TV movie about Plato sex life,this is FUCK MEso FUCK MEIt's the pause that refreshesjust add water andFUCK ME.I wrote thisso I'd have a good excuse to say "FUCK ME"over and overand overso I could get a lot of attentionand look, it worked!So thank youthank youand fuck ME.
Just Stalk Her
Stalk Me by Maggie Estep(1962-present) Liner Notes - (from Love Is A Dog From Hell)My friend Jenny is reallyworried that people are going to follow me around and send me dead animalparts and doll heads as a result of this song but please, if you feel inclinedto send me dead animal parts, think it through. Thanks.Stalk meI once wrote a poem called FUCK MESo stalk meI'm asking for it Don't take your medicationStalk MEWrite to me and say Dear Maggie I love what you doYou've got a really big mouthActually your mouth is a little too bigAnyone ever tell you what a big-mouthed bitch you areGod, you know I'm kinda sick of youI mean, what's so great about youHow come you got on TVI could do thatYou ain't shitYou suckI hate youbut I love youI love you because I hate youCan I have your children?Will you shack up with me?Oh sureI'll shack up with youI love stalkersEspecially when they hate meBut you knew that That's why you stalk meYou're not fooled by my clever ruseBitch goddess? I think notI'm
Just Sayin
just sayn chick freinds are way cooler than dude freinds cause they can hangout and hav fun just like a dude but THEY hav BOOBS!im just sayn if u dont do the dew i dont know how u can call urself an american! im just sayn if im datin a chick she dont want me to drink without her cause as long as i hav a penis im gonna flirt when im drunk! im just sayn women that where tight jeans that make their ass look like it was sculpted from marble hav no right getting mad when i stare... same thing for tight shirts. im just sayn thank u to all women cause yall rock! u put up with alot of shit and dont get enough recognition for it so thank you Im just sayin, there are two things i hate in this world and three of them are are related to me. im just sayin two plus two equals four... so its saficsive to say in the respect that object a plus object will inevidablely equal object c, that beer plus liquer simply have to equal a bitchin night! im just sayin, we fuckin SHOT osama in the FACE and dumpe
Just A Bunch Of Retarded Crap
Today i woke up... thats alwayz a good sign. why is it that fat ugly dudes seem to think hot chicks r more likely to talk to them on the internet? i gotta say. just cause there are more sexy chicks these dayz doesnt mean we get to up our standards even furthe dudes for real if she looks good, and plays nice, cash in b4 u crap out man for real! ur not gods gift to women...... i am... THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!haha yeah riiiight. there ladies, i said it for u.just so u know... obama sucks... just thought id clear that up.did u hear the one about the chicken nuggit and the tampon?... me neither. sounds like a real riot tho dont it? i ate a browny once that made me high. they said it had hash in it... to this day i wont touch hash browns, corn beef and hash, if it sayz hash! fuck it! i gained 10 pounds off those brownies! if u try to hard to pronounce marlboro it WILL drive u nuts!                                                                                                         you kno
Just A Few Lines
Broken heart, Broken soul, Oh my gosh! I am shattered on the floor!
Just In Case Tomorrow Never Comes
My heart forever lies with you And I know that you love me too I want you to know just how I feel And that this feeling is real. Tonight I wanna let go of all my fears Cry all of my uncried tears Hear all of the things I wanna hear, Know that you'll always be near. Because love can be so beautiful Especially when I'm with you Kiss me like there's no tomorrow Just in case tomorrow never comes. Warmth spreads throughout me at your touch Love spreads throughout me from your kiss All I can think is, 'I love him so much And I want him to know I'm glad I'm his. Because love can be so beautiful But mostly when I'm with you Kiss me like there's no tomorrow Just in case tomorrow never comes. We've reached a level of understanding Far beyond what I ever imagined I don't know what I'd do without you, Your sweet love and lingering kiss. Because love can be so beautiful But only when I'm with you Kiss me like there's no tomorrow Just in case tomorrow never
Just A Pure Vent.....
Sorry y'all but this is NOTHING but ME venting......   What the hell am I? I will never be POPULAR, and I'm ok with that. But I am sooo freaking fed up by men who are assholes!!! I am not going to name names, but there are many of you who need to STOP leading women on. If you want friendship, great. If you want more, even better. But for the love of all that's holy, PLEASE just be up front about it. Many of you reading this might think it's you, but those who have my heart, and you know who you are, it's not you. And this is not only about me....This is for my male friends who have been hurt by women...On here and in real life. I just do not get people, and maybe I won't. I just know that MY heart cannot take much more. I am a flirt, and yes I do admit it....but if you do not have the same feelings for the other person....TELL them you don't!! Do not let them get close to you. Do not let them think there is ANY feeling for possibly going further with you. It is not fair to them, and
Just Some Poetry That Makes Me Feel Alive
Whenever you feel that darkness is falling on you,whenever you feel there is nothing you could do,i will be there even before a word you could say,to brighten your life in each and every possible way. I will stay awake all night so that you can sleep,dreaming about our love that has been running so deep,i know even in your dreams you always think about me,there are no more words like you or me,it's always we. For the flying birds  the sky is their best friend,for a loving heart you are everything that god could send,every second spent with you is like a day spent in heaven,your the most beautiful of the angels that god has given Being with you I always forget everything happening around,life is always at peace, even if there is lot of sound,someday if i die,don't ever feel that i have left u alone,I'll always live in your heart because of soul mates and true love ..   Your smile, your lips, your kiss,Your eyes, your gentle touch, With empty arms I reach for you,I miss you now so
Just Me
Just Me I am just meAnd me I will always beDon't try to change meI will fight it you seeIf you can't like the person I amYou will one day be alone and in a jamSee I won't be there to worry and careNever will I be there to shareI love deeply and fear alwaysBut never will I allow you to beat meI don't always do the right thingbut I am just meAnd as you can seeI won't ever be freeTo always be meUntil you let meApril 17th 2009
Justice Served!!!!!!!!
Collier County, Florida -- Have you heard the one about a homeowner foreclosing on a bank? Well, it has happened in Florida and involves a North Carolina based bank. Instead of Bank of America foreclosing on some Florida homeowner, the homeowners had sheriff's deputies foreclose on the bank. It started five months ago when Bank of America filed foreclosure papers on the home of a couple, who didn't owe a dime on their home. The couple said they paid cash for the house. The case went to court and the homeowners were able to prove they didn't owe Bank of America anything on the house. In fact, it was proven that the couple never even had a mortgage bill to pay. A Collier County Judge agreed and after the hearing, Bank of America was ordered, by the court to pay the legal fees of the homeowners', Maurenn Nyergers and her husband.  The Judge said the bank wrongfully tried to foreclose on the Nyergers' house. So, how did it end with bank being foreclosed on?  After more than 5 month
Just Thoughts
Before you I had never been a "we" There was no "us" , there was just me I was an individual never a couple Always separate never together I never noticed before I thought that was how it was Two lives shared but never really wed I was a good partner but I don't think I was a wife I guess I was selfish or afraid Never let anyone too close I was supportive but so are great friends I ask myself what made me a good wife I came up empty I am not special or extraordinary I am me-simple and content.
Just A Thought..
I have a lot to say, but I choose not to.  Unspoken truths are sometimes the most important.  We know what we do in our actions, and we learn consequences to them.  If you are not learning important life factors everyday then what is your purpose?  People seriously think that their wrongdoings will rarely backfire.  But it does not matter if it is today, tomorrow, or fifteen years from now: Karma will present itself.  For life only returns what you give it.  If you wanna live in lies then eventually your life will be a lie.  Clean up is harder the more trash you throw around.  Lies only benefit those that fabricate them.  It is true what they say when you are being selfish: The world does not revolved around you.  But in honesty, we are the center of orbit in our own individual worlds.  When we are hurt, it is the "most important thing in the world."  To us.  I do not like to hurt anyone or anything, but to live a life without pain is simply unrealistic. A fantasy, but unrealistic.   
Just Some Lyrics , Thats All
BLACK      Pearl Jam   Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clayWere laid spread out before me as her body once did.All five horizons revolved around her soulAs the earth to the sunNow the air I tasted and breathed has taken a turnOoh, and all I taught her was everythingOoh, I know she gave me all that she woreAnd now my bitter hands chafe beneath the cloudsOf what was everything.Oh, the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything...I take a walk outsideI'm surrounded by some kids at playI can feel their laughter, so why do I sear?Oh, and twisted thoughts that spin round my headI'm spinning, oh, I'm spinningHow quick the sun can drop awayAnd now my bitter hands cradle broken glassOf what was everything?All the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything...All the love gone bad turned my world to blackTattooed all I see, all that I am, all I'll be... yeah...Uh huh... uh huh... ooh...I know someday you'll have a beautiful life,I know you'll be a s
Just Random Piece Of Poetry... I Was Bored....
Spinning, wheeling, My head is reeling, Love and emotions, Feelings and motions, Love is strange, Works in funny ways, Shows you things, You never thought were real, Shows you emotions, You never thought could be real, Shows you what, Your heart most desires, Gives you a happiness like no other,   And I have found this, In you my lover, I never thought I could feel for you so, But you have opened my eyes, To a place I have never known, You have brought light to my dark, Peace to my war, You have brought me a peace, I have never felt before,   It drives me insane, That we cannot be so close, But im happy to know, That when we talk, When we see, Each other we bring out, Emotions unfelt, Emotions unknown, We take each other to place we never knew, We’ve never known, We take each other, To a thing we never knew.   To love is an urge, All people will know, But to succumb to that emotion, Is like finding the end of a rainbow, Ita joyous, Its wo
Just Another Way To Die!
Words left unspoken Words said out of pain Thoughts and feelings that still remain I wonder what went wrong What did I say? What did I do? To make you ignore me Just another way to die Leave me here not knowing why Slow and painful Everything seems to have fallen apart Just another way to die
Just So Everybody Knows
These posts are part of my Blogger blog ( These are what I call the great hits from that blog. It just seemed like the right place to put them. These stories are real. Do note, though, that they're from over 20 years of sexual encounters. It's not like all of these just happened in the past year. In fact, the college town posts happened well over 15 years ago. With that in mind, enjoy them as much as I did.....almost as much as I did.
Just Need To Be Patient For Discovering Your Ideal Designer Wedding Dress
You're engaged. Congratulations! Your next big step: discovering the ideal designer dress. although various brides have dreamed about this experience since that they have been little girls, purchasing for designer wedding dresses can be recognised to normally strike dread in the hearts of brides everywhere. Have no fear. If you're searching for any designer wedding dress, then you'll undoubtedly wish to study this. What's Your Style? Many brides fail to request by themselves a pretty imperative query prior to they start their search: what may be the style of the wedding. Will it be considered a big, orthodox occasion inside a grand cathedral? A lush, tropical beach wedding? maybe yours will possibly be a no-nonsense civil ceremony. Cheap Little Black Dresses You may opt for any superior affair in a contemporary location. The record goes on and on. in conditions of wedding styles, there are literally no limits. Thus, it's pretty sensible to initial select your design prior to consider
Just Need To Be Patient For Discovering Your Ideal Designer Wedding Dress
You're engaged. Congratulations! Your next big step: discovering the ideal designer dress. although various brides have dreamed about this experience since that they have been little girls, purchasing for designer wedding dresses can be recognised to normally strike dread in the hearts of brides everywhere. Have no fear. If you're searching for any designer wedding dress, then you'll undoubtedly wish to study this. What's Your Style? Many brides fail to request by themselves a pretty imperative query prior to they start their search: what may be the style of the wedding. Will it be considered a big, orthodox occasion inside a grand cathedral? A lush, tropical beach wedding? maybe yours will possibly be a no-nonsense civil ceremony. Cheap Little Black Dresses You may opt for any superior affair in a contemporary location. The record goes on and on. in conditions of wedding styles, there are literally no limits. Thus, it's pretty sensible to initial select your design prior to consider
Just My Thoughts
People are  so cut throat and jealous here. All I am is green, apparently this is pissing someone off to the point of having things blocked, lol, and the powers that be must find this ok. The thing is, if I want to beat a person at something, I do it fairly, so I can look in the mirror and smile that I know it was ALL ME. By reporting and getting your pals to help have things removed in my opinion makes you a punk. A weak punk because you know you can't do it fairly. I hope whoever -and I have a good idea who it is- it is reads this. You are a weak lil punk and no matter what you do you will always be jealous because you know you can't beat me fairly.   Peace
Justice In The Court Room
Justice in the court room "Did that little girl get justice? Not by a long shot..." I want to start off by saying this, I feel that Casey Anthony should get some considerable prison time for not reporting her child missing (I'm talking about decades). I am pretty sure there is a large percentage of people out there who are outraged over the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony murder case, yes, she lied and she partied at a time when she should have been doing anything but and many of you would like to see her life taken from her and more than likely would do it yourself if you could get your hands on her. You have a right to feel pain and to turn that pain to anger. I too am very outraged over what happened to Caylee, I truly am. I believe the mother did some terrible wrongs. I am not saying the mother did or did not do the crime because I honestly don't know. Casey Anthony did some stupid sh*t and told some lies but the truth of the matter is this, no evidence was ever present
Just A Girl
Beautiful. Hot. Sexy. Gorgeous. She doesnt think so. Just a girl. A girl like every other. A girl who feels more comfortable in jeans, t shirt and a ball cap. A girl more at home workin cattle than dodging people in a mall. A girl who loves the wide open spaces of the Nebraska Sandhills and feels confined in the big city. A girl who would rather fall asleep listening to the coyotes howl and the crickets chirp than to hear a train whistle and cars honk. A farmers daughter. A girl who would rather be behind the wheel of a tractor than the wheel of a car. A girl not afraid of hard work and getting dirty. A girl just like any other. Im just a girl.
Just Idle Thoughts
ok so it's been awhile since i blogged and well alot has happened since the laost blog but not sure how much i wanna share of it. but i can say i am a happier in many ways since i am enrolled in college ready for it to start but gotta say i am scared as shit tho means so many new things to come in my life and decisions to be made and not sure witch way to move or if these classes may just pull a cincinnati switch on my ass and i am gonna be left out in the cold? if this happens has i burnt to many bridges to turn back around and pick up with the mediocore life that i am in now where my biggest thrill is looking forward to going out to eat at night i mean don't get me wrong i get great joy out of hanging with my online friends and my nightly games of backgammon with bella where i get my ass whipped 8 out of 10 times are awesome and knowing that i can tell her anything and she knows what i mean and where i am coming from makes a day ten times better and i have met some cool new people bu
Just Once
Just Once  one stinking time I want to get the guy, and not worry about any one stealing him from me. I want to be able to trust him around other girls and not feel jealous when he's with them because i know he's loyal          ♥ [ I  x want x  to  x know  x he  x wouldn't  x dare x  look x  at x  prettier x  girls] ♥               because  I'm the only girl he sees and wants. I want to be with him for more than a month, and not have my heart broken for  a reason i don't know. I want my imperfections to be beauty to him.                                         Just once
Just Some Thinking I Have Been Doing For Days
Just An Idea
Looking to start a new lounge Called "The Spinach Patch" But Before I do I want to see If I can get some Staff in place 1st. Anyone Intrested??? The Spinach Patch would play all kinds of Different music( from Metal to Bluegrass) and be a fun way to meet new peeps... 
Just Slavegirl M
at this time my Slavegirl M should be allowed to introduce herself with her own words:   I would like to introduce myself. I am Slavegirl M. I enjoy a variety of activities but what I enjoy most is pleasing and amusing my Sir. I enjoy reading, cooking, going to the beach and just relaxing with my friends. I consider myself to be your everyday average girl. I like to go to clubs and dance and have fun. I studied drafting in school and love architecture and its various forms. I look forward to learning from my Sir and I hope that everyone enjoys seeing my progress as much as I do. I am anxious to see what lessons I have next. I am grateful to be honored with the privilege of being Slavegirl M. Copyright by Slavegirl M     i am happy and proud to call her my property. slavegirl m is not perfect, but she is on a good way and i am sure that she will reach a level of service and submissive thats above the normal standard. she is eager and willing to learn and to work on her
Just Some Wisdom
"Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally do meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe when one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often at times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us. The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had. It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives. Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile. Do something nice for someone everyday even if it is to simply leave them alone. May you have enough happiness to make you sweet
Just A Few Reasons
Just a few reasons...Your quiet strength makes me feel safe.The willingness you have to work when no one else wants the job makes me feel secure.Watching you with our beautiful daughters makes me glad they have a role model in you.And with our boys you are showing them the man they can grow up to be.You quiet my tendencies to be scatterbrained,keeping me organized and grounded when I need to be.Your faith and love of God helps me remember where I lost mine, and with your help I am finding it again.Your values and beliefsare helping us raise strong leadersnot the followers that most of society tends to be.The interest you have in knowledgehas helped me gain an understanding of our boysand the task we have ahead of us.For someone that grew up in a gypsy lifestyle having the same roof over our family's headshas been a real benefit to our family's well being. You make me feel wanted and this was something I had never really felt before.So for all of these things I thank you.  
Just Something Tonight
Love is fate. Fate is love. But fate keeps us apart. But love will pushes me on. Hold on hold on. I wont be gone. Time will tell. But for now its hell.
Just Letting You Guys Know
I just wanted to clear up what my intentions here in this blog are.   I'm getting some negative comments from people about my blog.   first of all,I can't spell and as lazy as it sounds, I might not spell everything correctly all the time but I honestly don't care. The more I write my blogs the better my writting will be so just chill out and let a nerd talk.I don't normally type out my feelings I'm used to the good old paper and pen so just give me some time to get better at this online bloggng thing. second of all yes sometimes I copy and paste is the thing I dont claim it to me me who wrote it and said it im just blogging about stuff thats on my mind,things people said,clips i get from the news..i always say and this came from and then paste it..if someone has already said something and its just as good or better than how you would explain it you should prob just leave it alone. Everything I put in " " is from someone else okay? there is nothing wrong with using s
Just... No
no bitch i'm not living my life, trying to please you get over yourself.
Just 2 More
Well today is thursday the 5th. Yes I'm late, its the end of the day and it's been an awesome day. I get stuff done to get out of here, briefed the colonel and his XO on how to do their job, yes im pretty important. But the past hour has been the best. Wish I could be listening to a choir right now. That all being said, TWO MORE DAYS. I hand over authority tomorrow and then im off to see what wisconsin has to offer. Then saturday I wake up, leave, fly to chicago, enjoy a nice 312 and hot dog, then fly into providence and drive home. Long day I know, but awesome day. Anyway I'm pumped right now, so pumped. What a great afternoon, I'm still laughing about a hyena comment. Sigh, if only... nevermind. People are still cranky and I'm still sucking it up. Life is good right now, cant complain. I look forward to talking to someone everyday, i look forward to school everyday, i look forward to traveling everyday, i look forward to waterfire someday hopefully. I leave soon, so ha
Just When You Think That You Can't Take It Anymore!!
I'll be 20,for forever!!!!! Not!!!I have always been looked upon as an underachiever,either because of the lifestyle iI sustained, or the behavior that I demonstrated.What was failed to have been realized by those of reference is that ,I too would grow up ! Throughout time ,I have learned quite well how to play the cards that I have been dealt! I may not have graduated w/ my class, but I never considered myself as second best to the rest, by any means! I have survived a 25+ yr. addiction ,w/over 7yrs. clean from chemical dependency.In these recent years, I have discovered what true happiness is to someone whose never really experienced it; and what it can provide ! I believe that GOD has many great things in store for those who persevere and overcome.Because of this fact, and others as well; I now stand a better man from my derelictions , and have now been blessed with purpose,priority and control in my life! In 1993 ,I was diagnosed w/ bone cancer.This too, I have overcome, as well.Th
Just Some Funny Shit
Ok so I came across this site and for it to be friggen hilarious thought id share a response from the book he wrote... Childhood Classics Posted at: 2011-07-12 06:54:03 | 313 comments | Add Comment Original ad: Wanted - CHILDRENS DVDSMovies wanted for children aged 5 and up - will take all unwanted DVDs! From Me to *********@**********.org:Hey there!I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of movies I've had since I was a kid. The movie stores won't take them, and it would be a shame for me to just throw them out. I'd love to pass them on to people who can enjoy them. Let me know if you are interested.MikeFrom Julia ****** to Me:Mike - Which movies do you have and how much do you want for them?From Me to Julia ******:Julia,Here is the full list:Alvin and the ChipmunksAlladinBackdoor Creampies 2Beauty and the BeastBig Black ThreesomeFantasiaFinally 18 and LegalThe Lion KingMattress Slaves 3The Mighty DucksToy StoryWet Squirters 5Please let me know which ones you want.Thanks,MikeFrom Jul
Just Checking In
HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS to all my family and friends. It's been a very long summer filled with in and out of the hospital visits and spending time with Dyani and family. I wont get into the hospital trips to much, I will say a couple of surgeries and a lot complications involved. I was emotionally down and drained from it all for most of the summer but feeling better and have been trying to make the most of the time off with Dyani before she starts back to school. I am sorry I haven't stayed in touch more but I did not take my computer or phone with me to the hospital and when I was home most of the time I was not up to anything but getting rest and trying to get back to normal, or at least my version of I have missed you all and hope you all had a wonderful summer. Thank you for all of you who called, emailed, and send me love while I have been away. I can't be on as much as I would like to but will be back a little at a time. Hugs and kisses!!!!!
Just How Far Is This Nsfw To Be Taken?
Ok... I realize that it's Not Safe For Work (NSFW).  However, if you are on fubar at work.. shouldnt you be doing your job and not on fubar anyways?  That isn't my issue however, my issue is we are all adults and if what I have said is censored that is not NSFW it is considered SFW just like it would be PG on a movie because it is CENSORED wouldnt it?  However, because either someone didnt get any or forgot to eat their wheaties I was cheated out a mumm. ok fine I can take that. I have been on and off since 2007, and I can honestly say it was better when ppl cared and helped other just for the sake of helping others and not to make a profit.. Yeah I do that myself sometimes, I admit I can be the same Point Whore.  However I have paid for my own HH's, my own Gmodes, my own boomys.. I have paid for my own VIPs.  If you don't like what I have to say get the hell off my damn page and stay the hell of my mumms.  Im not a normal everyday mummer (thank goodness) so no worries on that one but
Just A Thought
Smooth roads never make good drivers ! Smooth sea never makes good sailors ! Clear Skies never make good pilots ! Problem free life never makes a strong & good person ! Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life....... Time is like a cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.... Enjoy every moment of life.... "Being happy does not mean everything is perfect but it means you have learnt to see beyond imperfections." In Life ,When you get into trouble ; don’t get nervous , Just close your eyes and listen to your Heart; Because the Heart may be on the left… But It is always right !!
Just Stuff
             First a rant.: I don't like the "liking" thing on here. I realize it's just people getting points for the most part. It's stupid though, what if you don't like them? It says all these people like me. If they knew me, they may not like me. Plenty of people don't like me. I'm not saying I'm not very likeable. I think if I met me, or talked to me, I'd like me. Maybe not though, it would depend on what mood I was in when I met myself, and which medications I was on or not on. I'm just an honest person, and believe highly in honesty. It seems like such a lie to hit the like button when you don't know the person, never even visitied their page, read their blogs, jack shit. You may hate the person. You could have opposing paths and philosiphies in life. Maybe you love animals, and you hit like on someone who tortures them for fun. It's not the case with me, I love animals, it's just an example. There's plenty that people can know about me from reading my page and my blogs. There'
Just Because
11:17pm PST Just because I felt like writing tonight...  I usually don't write unless I have something to say.  I thought I'd be original and just let me thoughts flow and see what I come up with.   Though you're not here, doesn't mean you're not missedYou left our sideYet you're never goneYou remain alive because you live in our hearts I sit and wonder what would've beenyet, you can't go back and change what was This time around it gets easier to rememberYet it gets harder to forgetYou knew how I felt about youYet, you're no longer here I often think about the misadventures we'd haveThen again, you weren't given a fair chanceYou are now an angel in the skyI'll always love you and miss youHope it doesn't die. I love you dear sister, you're always missedSomeday, I promiseWe'll live in eternal bliss.       ___________________11:20pm PST This was all I had to write.... 
Just Wow
This past week has been just wow ... It has been an emotional round of ACM (Look that up it's a military turm specifically fighter pilot turm)  And Right now I'm giddy. I need a Grinectomy (Surgical removal of the grin from the face a made up turm) And I beleive it is only going to get better. *Looks to his one sleeping peacefully* Yeah only going to get amazing. For I have found her. *Looks to who I have to thank for this* Thank you for everything, and especially for introducing us I don't regret a thing.
Just Thoughts
some times i seem to wander in myself , and look at all that i have done , things that im proud of and even the things that i will never admit i did . And i wonder if i am going about things in the right way, i know im a disappointteedd to my family alot , if my dad was alive i would most likely have been disowned , long ago, and at times im very grateful that mom is off her rocker mentally , because it means she finally stopped trying to hook me up wiht her bible thumping buddy's bible thumping sons. Do get me wrong i have nothing against religion , just against people who play at being good one day a week lol. they (the sons) are so sweet and kind around the moms, but as soon as they are out of sight im nothing but a whore , and they are doing me a favor to be seen with me , and yes of course they want sex with me , fuckers . if i got together with one of them , i would never be allowed to forget that my kids are bastards and im nothing but a whore, since i was not married when i had
Just A Little Joke I Know!
Two rednecks decided that they weren't going anywhere in life and thought they should go to college to get ahead. The first goes in to see the counselor, who tells him to take Math, History, and Logic. "What's logic?" the first redneck asks. The professor answers by saying, "Let me give you an example. Do you own a weedwacker?" "I sure do." "Then I can assume, using logic, that you have a yard, " replied the professor. "That's real good!" says the redneck. The professor continues, "Logic will also tell me that since you have a yard, you also own a house." Impressed, the redneck says, "Amazin!" "And since you own a house, logic dictates that you have a wife." "That's Betty Mae! This is incredible!" The redneck is obviously catching on. "Finally, since you have a wife, logically I can assume that you are heterosexual, " said the professor. "You're absolutely right! Why that's the most fascinatin' thing I ever heard! I cain't wait to take that logic class!!" The redneck,
Just A Little Reminder...
so i'm really getting tired of bitches lately. lol. i'd rather know how you REALLY feel about me than have you be fake to my face.  have some respect for YOURSELF and quit being a backstabbing, shit talking, two faced, dick chasing, fucking emo whore.  you just make females look bad. i mean seriously. this is a GAME. if it pisses you off that the "boy" you like is talking to me or some other fucking chick that isn't to him...don't hate the girl. [vice versa for guys.] cuz more than likely the other person thinks they're the "special one" and they have no fucking idea you're even in the picture. JUST FUCKING SAYING! holy fuck. grow some fucking nuts and stop being caddy.  and if you think i DON'T are sadly mistaken. i am a strong believer in the saying "keep your friends close and your frenemies closer." have a fabulous week. xoxo
Just Random Thoughts And Ideas.. (( Comment If This Confuses You..lmao ))
my mind fade into blackness as the lonelioness takes over.. the room filled with people bu tno one even knows i am there, their eyes stare right through me like i am invisible.. the blackness just consumes everythign including my soul as i try to reach for any sort of light.. the feelings taken deep with inand i scream and no one hear.. enjoying what they can not understand and a smirk crawls over my face as i realise the possibilities that come from this and i start watching and seeing everythign i need from those i care about even though they dont know how much i care, and dont knwo how much it hurts that i can not touch them or feel them, yet i know i loove the way i feel, even as the worries of never being foudn enter my mind and never fade, reguardless of the whisper holding my sanity is trying to pull me back into reality, the lust for the power of nothing enjoys the death that will follow me though the hell that this is.. pain grows but doesnt hurt the blood poors but never leav
Just Can't Anymore
The needle goes in, little blood comes out. My heart's still beating, but I don't see how. Weak, pale, and giving up. This disease can have me, the struggle is to much. I'm not going to try, anymore. It's too hard, it never works, I'm locking the door. Laying down, saying my prayers. Guide her please, let her know I'm there. I tried so hard, but could never get it right. I just don't have it in me, to win one more fight.
Just So You Know
I'm not looking for pity, just getting this out. Can't deal, and this is the only way I know how. Being in love is not my reward, it's my punishment. I fucked it up, my time to vent. About why, and how bad it hurts. Feeling as if, I'm face down in the dirt. At a dead end, not knowing what to do. I'm probably, looking like a fool to you. But that matters not, not important to me. I deserve worse, most likely. Without you, I feel so lost. My actions, were not worth the cost. So I guess it's time, for me to let you go. I love you the same, just so you know.
Just Another Face
You're beautiful he said, amazing and pure. Knowing that wasn't me, for sure. I am well aware, of what I have always been. Although, I felt like so much more with him. Something worth having, priceless in-fact. And now those bright colors, have faded to black. I don't know how to deal, can't handle it at all. Knowing his opinion of me, is now so small. He is the one, that made it worth while. He brought a whole new meaning, to my smile. I didn't have to fake it, for once it was real. I never knew it was possible, for me to feel. Like a shining star, something unique. Now, I'm just another face. the wound is too deep. The one in my heart, cuts to the bone. This pain has knocked me, off of my thrown. For, I am nothing, once more. Just another face, behind a locked door.
Just Thoughts Today...
Just Not Enough
The note was written through tear filled eyes, explaining the misery that I had experienced, and that this time I simply could not hold on any longer, I needed a break. Everything was done, I checked the stove twice, coffee pot was off but I assumed to unplug it would be better, the dog had food and water. The front door was locked, thermostat was set at a reasonable level. Dinner was on the table, laundry was put away, everything anyone might notice was taken care of. It would not matter at all if I decided to leave, he would not even notice I was gone until he needed something, Would anyone even miss me? This was the last time I would hide the cuts and bruises behind make-up and sunglasses. My biggest nightmare had come true, and the only person to blame was me. I walked back up the stairs one last time to make sure she was nestled securely in her bed, I could hear the repetitious breathing like so many times before, the soothing sounds of peaceful slumber. I w
Just As I Told You
My eyes are shut, but I can feel you here. Under the sheets, your breath in my ear. Your presence is heavy, the darkness surrounds. Movement is impossible, holding me down. Intimidation doesn't work, I am not afraid. I have been hurt, lost and betrayed. Fear is one thing, you cannot gain. I'm a wild animal, that cannot be tamed. I know what you've come for, but it is in someone else's hands. You cannot have it. I have messed up your plans. You reach in anyway, to try and capture my soul. But just as I told you. You find an empty hole.
Just Take A Look
im bored and wanted to meet some new friends, so if you like, take a look round my profile and leave me a message
Just Thought I'd Let You Know
So you call yourself a ladies man, well I don't see it. What kind of a "lady", is going to fall for this shit. Telling your stories of sex, and satisfaction. Knowing that it is all, an exaggeration. Cyber, sorry, I don't engage in that. Step into the real world, that's where it's at. I know all to well, that you would never approach me at all. If I passed you by on the street, at the mall. You hide behind the screen, because it causes your balls to grow. I am familiar with your type, just thought I'd let you know.
Just Random Ranting......
this is my first blog on here so.. bear with me.. if  you took the time to read this.. MANY THANKS. so im not used to writing publicly so bear with me,as i get ideas.. i have a lot of time on my hands.. as im currently looking for work.. which sucks. in the last year i have worked on job.. which paid minimum wage ie (7.40 hr)... i worked at price rite as a cashier.. guess what.. go fired. yeah you read that right fired.. not for stealing, or having an attitide with my supervisors, or customers.. but because im a moron when it comes to simple math... seriously. im horrible.. if you put in the wrong amount on the register... your screwed if you cant do simple math... and when it comes to math... im freeze.. im get uncomfortable when i make a mistake.. With having an anxiety issue with that... not good. so i got fired for having an OVERAGE of $7 dollars... getting fired cause your drawer is over... makes you an even bigger idiot than the people who happen to steal..  before that i wo
Just A Story I Read
Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mummy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried......, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees. A dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, For everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats. One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them was searching, a man who wasn't there. 'Where's her daddy at?' She heard a b
Just Keeping It Real
Here I am, on the floor. Safely secured, behind a locked door. Suddenly, there's a knock. Someones trying to get in. I'm not budging, can't crack it, not again. I'm not trying to be mean, just keeping it real. I could never explain to you, how I feel. You can't come in, because that spot belongs to someone else. If I said anything different, I'd just be lying to myself. That position is filled, no longer exists. I'm just telling it, like it is.
Just For My Ex..
A 50 year old woman is home, NAKED, happily jumping on her bed & squealing with delight. Husband watches & asks "Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look? What's the matter with you?" The woman continues to bounce on the bed & says, "I don't care what you think. I just had a mammogram, & the doctor says that not only am I healthy, but I have the breasts of an 18 year old."The husband replies, "What did he say about your 55-year-old ass?""Your name never came up," she replied.
Just Whatever!
You know I've been on this sight for sometime now! and It REALLY creeps me out sometimes. Its really put me throught the ringer! I think a woman could be beautiful and sexxy without being so revealing! topless yeah its fine I do those. But not everyone wants to see EVERYTHING unless your an uncontrolable PERVERT! Not to insult anyone what so ever! I'am just saying that you'll never see me on cam or nude photos maybe topless thats about it. Don't ask for more then that! can you control yourself!! I think you can!....I don't take bullshit... and if you don't like me I'am perfectly fine with that to!...I'll prolly leave this sight soon anyways!!! LOL..  
Just Coming Back
well bout week an a half ago i was up to level 23 any way some how my account got deleted apparently somebody hacked my account an deleted it, Anyway im back an here 4 good i hope i really like this site an enjoy my friends an fam as we speak im workin on my new profile an any help is appreciated i need friends an well anything an everything so just wantin to let it b known
I am locked,  withing my thoughts, withing my soul ,Nobody it feels,can come rescue me,from here,my life is a wreeck, sits here alone,thougts racing,r unning a thousand fucking miles,escape whom I am!
Just One Wish ...
If I could have just one wish,I would wish to wake up everydayto the sound of your breath on my neck,the warmth of your lips on my cheek,the touch of your fingers on my skin,and the feel of your heart beating with mine...Knowing that I could never find that feelingwith anyone other ... than you ...
Just So You Know
Fast asleep, laying chest down, on the bed. Being woken up by the feel, of your breath on my leg. I act like I'm sleeping, not wanting you to stop. The feel of your lips moving upward, sends me over the top. Your lips are like heaven, all over my skin. As you place your tongue, a little deeper in. I grab the sheets, the feeling is too intense. I begin to moan wildly, there's no holding it in. Trembling from pleasure, being pushed to my limit. Holding on for dear life, forcing myself to handle it. The satisfaction is too great, for me to let go. Just writing about this is killing me, just so YOU know.
Just Too Awesome
Ya know it's funny because, my body doesn't even belong to me. It fits in his hands, firmly. He owns every inch, down to every last curve. There is no way, it could ever be yours. Because he loves me right, he loves me good. Give it to you? I never would. Mine and his bodies, are a perfect fit. He's just too awesome, to even listen to your shit. So, before you ask me about something, that isn't mine. Maybe you should try, asking him next time.
Just Reach For It
Walking through a wall, that is blocked. There's no way in, I've already knocked. As hard as I could, but no one is home. Walking through, this place alone. I think I have cried, all that I can. It's just so hard, to understand. I know you're on, the other side. Protecting yourself, choosing to hide. I don't blame you, I would too. After all that I, have done to you. I'm trying so hard, to prove. That you are something, I don't want to lose. I give you my all, my heart my soul. Just reach for it, please don't let it go.
Just Because
Just Because By J.M. T Twisted are we, deep within our souls Plotted in darkness, unrevealed are our goals Tossing peoples dreams into the embers of the coals Bursting dreams into flames, stirring as the smoke rolls Deceptive are we, deep within our hearts Shrowded in veils, avoiding truth in all parts Weaving this tapestry of lies, like a collection of fine arts Never knowing where it ends or where the truth starts Greedy are we, deep within our lives Soaked in envy, undermining to further our own strides Pulling away from unity, indulging our self-fish prides Removing all sense of humanity, now here only contempt resides Faithless are we, like rebels without a cause Lost in confusion, never stopping to even pause Standing in discouragment together a applause Knowing we did all this for nothing, happily Just Because
Just An Update.
it's been awhile since ive done some sort of update blog, so here goes. my capitalization still doesnt work, i see.   blake: soccer season is under way and he is paying more attention this year. it's great lung exercise for him. he just had his 4 year boosters yesterday. it's hard to believe lil man is 4. he is doing well. we are so blessed. his weight has hit a plateau, though. he's so active. we had to up the pediasure to twice a day, trying to keep the feeding tube away. great news from the cystic fibrosis clinic...they are now working on finding a way to make pulmozyme into an inhaler instead of the almost 30 minute breathing treatment! that would eliminate 1 treatment a day! he still has almost a year of negative readings with his tobi before he can go off of it for awhile. it's a twice a day, 28 days on, 28 days off breathing treatment. he's getting taller...finally! he's my lil hero. :)     khloe: omgosh! she is growing so fast! she turned 2 in august and such the lil diva!
Just Thinking
Dipping fingers Into the chill Twisting lime A cocktail Patron silver Sucking on the ice Berries are fresh Maraschino cherries Stilled in amaretto Fingers experience Licking wetness Tasting thoughts Sensual delicacies …Thinking of you
Just One From The Road
Just My Poetry
As I walk this path alone,Gales, blizzards of sleet and snow. Cold, tired and hungry. Desperate for shelter where golden embers glow. Where will this road take me? Will there be sunshine, blue skies, A cosy place to lay my head. And watch the sunrise. I have roamed for so long now. My bones are weary, feet sore. My ancient years need comfort, peace. My eyes, ears, no longer good as before. No longer chasing shadows, kitten tails, Birds, moths, such delicious feasts. My time will come, join my friends; enemies too. For I was king of beasts. Scars I carry inside and out, of loved ones lost, And those in battle and defence. I know that one day I'll join them soon. No more will muscles tense. Stories of old, a place of such peace, Where butterflies dance at your feet, It seemed a long time away, gets closer each day. Those reeds of grass, that cosy place to sleep. Will this path take me to this place? Or is it just a dream and soon I'll awake. My pads sore, my hunger now desperate, My aged
Just Had Some Kind Of Thought
I just had some kind of thought, that can never be sold or bought.  I would like to say thank you, for taking the time and the reading you might do. Even if you don't grasp the hidden meaning, any passing thought created is gleaming. I write to figure out why,  I can't seem to get use to goodbye. Anything can happen to someone I care for,  the screen is closed but there is the open door. I take and see whats happened sometimes its never as it seems, everything begins and ends even if I never know what it means. It took place for a reason good or bad, I try to think I have to change  and never be sad. Just because someone won't call, this happens for a reason no tear should fall. Just because somethings will never take place, gives me more time to live freely without a sad look on my face. I fall asleep when I am alone  wishing someone was there, I fall asleep spooning but feeling unsure striking distance is closer and I d
Just Sitting Here Thinking
will  to day just another  day  just sit back listing to great song from my Di's they doing great job  but I'm sitting tyring think what I'm going get snap at next  when i think i done nothing wrong  but i  take because I'm here  and that when people  are yelling at other and when it said done  if this person still in a bad mod anything i say I'm going get that  that bad mod at me even thought i under stand that this person does not mean to but it does hurt  when i know i do not take thing out on other people  that didn't do thing to me or get me bad  and if i know I'm going to i walk away to com down then come back try talk in a better mod  well  this all for know  be back later 
Just When
  just when   i start to feel happy, i just have to think about my flaws and be taken over by insecurity.  
Just Right Backyard Recreation Motorbike Canada Goose Coating For Your Very Own Vacation
your guy named any Perfecto. an exceedingly twin approach amount of fine art what i mean pay for to this fact theme. Schott Bros later in relation to bought simply desire ushanka your own Beck status your Beck 333 Northeaster. Those two many people designs tend to be odd your 24-hour interval although in actual fact sought-after for extractors.Within a very last thing 40s, Schott Bros revealed innovative jumper really good software applications Perfecto form known as 613. Suffered eventually nicknamed that can "One Superstar" because the device are super star in both equally publicize passant. Dozens Canada Goose having to do with numerous cut down, the business demonstrated most of 618 that has been equally many of our 613 excluding the entire highly successful people. This has been really you see , the reasoning and even Marlon Brando appeared to be dressing in at the drive-in This Particular Various nuts A. The celebrities across the passants together with digital photogr
Just Another Survey Lol
Wassup, I'm your future wife.Created by xx-ae4me-xx and taken 26 times on Bzoink Now, who do you love?: my son/myself! Role playing is super lame. Agreed?: unless its in bed! How do you feel about dance movies?: HATE EM! Don't you just hate raunchy comedies?: Ahhh If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be?: a shark with lazer beams attached to its head! Do you act like a white person?: no im gansta
Just Wrote This And Felt The Need To Share With As Many As I Could
passion flowing deep from the heart, trying to find the words but not sure where to start, everyday a struggle just to get by, everyday always left asking why, you look on as i sit in this pain, going over and over running it through my brain, the words dont come even when i try, still left here asking why, now the words begin to flow, they dont seem to slow, coming faster each time, becoming easier to rhyme, another day come and gone, so listen now to the words of the song, passion flowing freely as it draws to an end, flowing these words for someone special someone more than a friendMusic takes time, no need to rush, let it come on smooth, try not to push, let the words come slow, so that way when they her it they know, say it from the heart not the head, hours grow late should be in bed, but once it starts it is hard to stop, with these words should be right up on top, right alongside all of the greats, but guess it was up to the fates, so we take what we are dealt, no matter what w
Just Copy`d From Myyearbook, From Something I Replyd To ""
Play Now! "THE MACK !" LADIES,IF YOU ARE GOING TO WEAR THONGS,GROOM PLEASE.DONT LOOK LIKE A ZZTOP CONCERT BROKE OUT.......DANG!.LOL 1 hour ago · Comment · Like · View 4 people like this. sassy attitude 1 hour ago never happen with me Rebecca Leuallen 56 minutes ago what about us women who have to ( kiss ) men with Beards and Mustashes " who know whats looming still in them, after blowing there nose last, to the last time they ate ! i think that`s a li
Just So You Know
I eat pussy as well as any girl.
Just Plain Bummed Anymore..
Feel like I'm losing touch with myself, and everyone else.And i can't bloody ASK anyone; that'd be rather pathetic.So I gotta suck it up and embrace this.Shit happens fer a reason, I guess.And if enough shit happens, I can always reinvent myself.No huge loss, aye?
11/29/2011 Just An Update :)
Busy busy busy. Seems like the time is just flying by! (Which I don't mind one bit) It's still a little hard entering this holiday season knowing this is the first year without my dad. Soon my sister, brother an nephews will be home which I am pretty excited for. The past 2 months have been wonderful in a certain aspect of my life :) as far as that goes I couldn't (at the moment ;) be any happier. It's crazy how things work out, but i'm not going to question fate. The boys are doing great and seem to be pretty accepting of the current situation. My oldest 2 are really loving their school time. (Headstart) My youngest will be starting early headstart here soon I just hope he likes it. I think my doctors are finally doing something right and getting ahead with a good plan for meds diet etc. I'm starting to finally keep on a little weight, and sleeping some and having a lot more energy and less pain. I am so thankful for that. I am so very excited for what the new year is bringing!! 
Just Need To Vent.
You know that feeling you get when you're somewhere and you think you are in the wrong place? Now imagine that feeling all the time; everyday, all day. Imagine it transposed to your actions and thoughts as well. Think about how it would affect you.  Try to really put the feeling in your mind of how weird it would be, how awkward you'd feel, and how you needed to get away, to be anywhere but where you are now, only to realize that there is no other place where you'd feel better. Imagine how you'd deal with others if you knew they weren't like you, and that if they had an idea of the anguish you were going through, they'd lose repsect for you, and look at you with derision. Think about what it would be like everyday to know that all of your interpersonal connections with others were at best shaky, and at worst a lie. Think about how you'd struggle every minute with this and pray not to deal with it, knowing that you had no other choice.  Think of the sort of dread this would it indu
Just Another Tear
I don't have a place to write how I feel outside of fu. If you have access to this and don't want to read it then ou don't have to read it.   Its another Friday. I work this evening and I am not looking forward to it. Loss has my mind going crazy. The 6th this year and like 50 or so for my lifetime. I'm 29. My heart has had many a night grieving and I don't know how much more I can take. I am making those close to me promise that I get to die before them. You might say that it is impossible to keep that promise but I need something at the moment to ease this ache in my heart. My friend lost her grandmother on Wednesday, November 30th. Her grandma was like my adoptive grandma. I don't really know what a grandmother get to do because my dad's mother passed when I was like 2 weeks old and my mom's mother said that she hates me for who my father is. My moms mother said that to me when I was 6! I do not have a grandmother. My dads sister spoiled me like a grandparent because I lived too
Just A Lone
Just a lone is a feeling of the moon going down on my face of sadness  no love in my heart as I set thinking  love of flowers falling around me will make me happy love come my way one day running running finding love one day falling moon falling moon falling flowers on my face of love ... love one day may be love come my way love falling down falling down
Just A Reflexion, Cause I Want To Do It!!lol(yes, Even In Hedonistic Places Like This..)
I have been a little sick these past couple of know the drill: emotional, achy, feeling like crap, and the whole "why me" feeling-sorry-for-yourself kind of thing...BUT..(yes, that should last about 10 minutes, not ONE second longer!! in MY book..) minute 11, I thought..(yes, sometimes, in rare occasions, "ideas" come flashing by..and being, well, ME, I HAVE to share them: Really?!?! "why me?" there are a LOT of others, unfortunately, that have it even WORSE than us, some of them, unfair as it sounds, children...and in these times of the "memememe", "what are we going to eat?" "what are we going to drink?" "how many presents will I get?" there are people like us, who don't even have a roof on their heads,much less food to eat, or presents for their kids.....and isn't it better SHARING than HAVING? we are all looking (yes, VERY guilty: ME... ) to be "understood" and "loved"...but I want to turn it around, if only for the holidays..(hey, who knows, it might stick with me...w
Just Be Urself
one day i woke up and said if the world cant love who im then fuck like to tell all be urself.stand up for wath is right ,live by 3,loalty,respect
Just My Thoughts
Why is that when you feel love take over your mind you feel out of control. The person you have these wonderful and amazing feelings for all of a sudden has so much power over you. Like you are wrapped around their finger and they could do no wrong. I'm sick of being powerless. I want my heart my feelings and all of my thoughts that you have been consuming back. But I love you and you dont even know. Yet I've done all I could to show you yet you push and shove me away.&
Just To Vent..
My parent gave the 2 teenagers laptops for Christmas early because they won't be with us on Christmas day. My 2 youngest haven't gotten theirs yet. Now the 2 older ones have no reason to leave this house and are getting on my MOTHERFUCKIN' NERVES!!!! Before they got them they would at least leave the house and go do something. Now they won't go away. They are always in my face making me play tech support....I shouldn't be this annoyed...but god dammit I am....
Just Because I Fucked Your Mom Dosnt Mean You Can Keep My Flatscreen
just because i seen you as what you really were dosnt mean Espn still isnt on just because your burnt eggs and slaughtered resamblance of bacon didnt satisfy my taste buds donst mean the remote needs new battires you blame me for all of your complants but did you look at yourself, a mine wouldnt dig you out sweetheart it is nice to blame me for hiding the fact no one cand stand you... your typical possesive deilliusons have hindered you to freeze for the night you make think they won't leave you but my love they already have tick tock the clock is still spinning nothing has changed from your victim role your tinted words may sting but the fact you have to live with yourself is quite sastisfying every hollowed creak and crack leads you towards your empty heart set to automatic jumping at every sweet word or wink my thumbalina, you dance but no ones looking hide away behind those fake smiles but realize theres nothing you can do to stop time from takeing your looks and will when you set
:( Just :(
They aren't goin g to let my nephew home for Christmas unless something miraculous happens. I keep praying, but let's face it...I am not on the best terms with God.  
Just A Thng
Just a thing I found in my mind I can not stop thinking do you do that ... may be a song ... or a name  lover or a thought you love when you where a kid . I love walking in the woods with flowers all around me and set and think of all kinds of things the pass when I was a kid do you do  that ... playing all day thinking of nothing free of life love and just loving life ... O shit things have change so much now fast so fast I can not keep up with things now ... I may have to deal with life in a new way.. and this is my way of dealing writing ... So here we go ... love is the only way out of this madness run as fast as you can find the one you love.. stay and be in love forever... this is going to safe you in this world change all over  fast fast it will become faster in time ... love will keep you strong You may think I may be out  of my mind life is changing so fast ... So do not wast it on things like house, cars work, Take the time to love the one you love spend this time like no end
Just Rambling
Wow I really cant believe Im doing this but I guess Im needing to release some hurt and frustration.  Seems new and old friends lie all the same.  Its funny how I never trust anyone, and the ones I thought I could turn their backs on me....Me, lol the one who would do anything for anyone, who gives and gives and asks nothing in return, who never asks for help....All I want for the next year is one person I can count on no matter what....its not like I would ask a thing from anyone but it would be nice to know that no matter what someone would be there for me.  If I died tomorrow, yeah there would be a few people at my funeral, and so oh were so close and blah blah one could honestly say I know Jami....Thats because I couldnt let anyone get too close...everyone lies to me and uses me for some reason...thats why Im such a loner..... Would it be hard to just be a friend??  I mean a true friend?  Even if its a virtual friend?  People form relationships on line constantly, heck
Just Now
Steven Reynolds pfft why you liking that comment ya damn drunk 15 minutes ago  Matthew Reynolds didn't even drink last night 15 minutes ago Steven Reynolds
Just Thought You Should Know
To look at him, you would never know. That his legs are black as coal, from standing knee deep in snow. Frost bite, a prisoner of war. The American dream, is what he suffered for. He held his head high, fought without fear. Shed his share of blood, sweat and tears. You can't look at him, and even begin to understand. To you he was nothing, but just another old man. Show him respect, he has earned at least that. For he is covered with memories, no one can take back. He carries around his reminder, underneath his clothes. He risked his life for you. I just thought you should know.
Just Some Stuff I Know About The Illuminati
The Illuminati is a secret society that has been around since 1776, they want to create a one world government, a "New World Order," with themselves in charge. The Illuminati are generally powerful and rich people. The Illuminati will kill anyone, anywhere at any time to get what they need. The Illuminati are not atheist, they believe in God, they just fear God.The people that are "Anti-New World Order" and speak out against the Illuminati will be murdered like 2Pac and Michael Jackson. 2Pac and Michael Jackson were going to warn the entire world about what the Illuminati are planning. If you look at the title of 2Pac's album "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory" for example; 2Pac was referring to the Illuminati in this title, Kill + Illuminati. In the song "They Don't Care About Us" by Michael Jackson, "they" is the Illuminati. The Illuminati killed 2Pac, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Jon Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, John F. Kennedy, Abe Lincoln, Princess Diana, Martin Luthe
Just A Rag Doll...
Abandon at birth,placed in fear of the next fallowing days.. Growning up in pain..taken by love yet haunted by hate,caged in by jealously and still awaiting for some sort of care.I sleep in horror of the dark things that come to take away my sanity one day at a time.Filled with nothing and yet hold every emotion there is..only .. Cursed to care too much it kills all hope. Dieing to feel again, hoping for a kiss that brings back this dead and cold heart to life.Killing time with thoughts of this and that, dreams that will only stay in my head.Stripped of trust in all. The wounds only get so much deeper. I try my best to patch myself up. So many years have pasted now... and all I have become is a rag doll. Torn and broken from seem to seem. Parts missing now and a place where my heart is ... is only spilling out.  no one to hold me. Just another object in life. A lost and forgotten  friend. what will the next day hold for this doll of lost ambition for life?no one really knows.. Lost all
Just Thinking About Things..
Remember when you were a child and dreaming was a part of everyday life, the possibilities of what you can accomplish were endless. life was so meaningful, full of adventure, everything is obtainable. All you have to do is try.. your not afraid to fail because you don't know the meaning of the word. I remember wanting to be a stuntman when I grew up.. I would jump off high platforms, take a dare from friends  like it was nothing. swing across a rope with a whip and a hat pretenting to be Indiana Jones and having the time of my life in a single afternoon. where did that go? Why did that type of enthusiasm for life fade away? what about the your Dreams.  All of the great accomplishments that have ever happened began with a person who had a dream. Somebody rebuffed the naysayers and said to himself or herself, “This can be done, and I am the one who will do it.” And in many instances they changed the world for the better. I know I don't have kids yet. But I often think about,
Just Looking For Friends Preferably Female Lol
Well folks here to try and meet some new female friends and maybe see what happens....   Would like to maybe find some that like to go on motorcyle rides to the beach and just be friends ...    thanks for now and have a good day!!!!!!!
Just Me
I am here just to make friends and meet nice people.  I do not cyber and I am not here for drama nor meeting a boyfriend.  I want to meet friends because they are the best to have :)
Just Cause
Steven Reynolds jeez that's all you people wanna talk about.... borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring 35 minutes ago · Like Ainsley Walker it wont be boring when its censoring your ass left right and centre! :P 33 minutes ago · Like Steven Reynolds hmmmm well i've been barred from facebook twice already... banned from fubar probably upwards of 20... ummm... myspace a few.... hmmm come to think of it... pretty much everywhere... ah the joys of being a troll 31 minutes ago · Like ·  1
Just Something Stupid I Stumbled Upon    that is the site that i came across and well can't copy and paste the whole think...LOL but let me tell you my thoughts were WHO WOULD REALLY TRY THIS...LMFAO CHECK IT OUT AND DON'T FORGET TO READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS...LOL
Just Gonna Say This Right Now
i've changed my top fam... the people in my tops have me in theirs... so before you come to me with hurt feelings that i've taken you out of tops and/or out of my family completely, please spare me the bitch fit. i'm not trying to insult you, i also don't want anyone gauging our friendship based on where the fuck i have you in my list. but if you don't have tops and i've kept you in mine for however long, then, i'm sorry but i'm doing what i want with my page and my tops. i just know how people can be about where they sit in a list and this is my warning, bitch and be deleted and blocked completely. i don't wanna fuckin hear it cuz i sure as shit don't say a fucking word to you.  THANKS have a nice day.
Just Random Crap
writing about life? nope, more just about odd things i know  or odd questions i may have, like why is a bottle of soda cheaper then a bottle of water? tid bit of info for ya - if you buy a new washer and set it up yourself, Remove the shipping bolts! you be amazed at how many people don't.. hinges on your door coming loose? slide a little sliver of wood into the screw holes and reinstall the screws waalaaa. computer acting stupid on start up? try replacing the internal battery before anything else ( yes they really do have one ) its like a big watch battery why did they stop making universal remotes with the new tv's ? and why can't all remotes use the same size batteries? okay, so do people think Mcdonalds hamburgers really taste good? i cant possibly understand how anybody could but hey to each their own. if you're going to buy a new dishwasher, measure the opening from top to bottom, can make a big difference on what you can buy.. btw i used to install built-in appliances b
Just To Make Someone's Day
What ever happened to the days when people would help you level and things as such on here without expecting things in return? I mean it's not just here either, no one ever just does something to put a smile on someone elses face. It's more and more about "What can you do for me'? now a days.    P.S. Not EVERYONE is like this but it was something that had been on my mind a few days and finally decided to getting around to share my feelings.   I like the majority of you, love some of you and wanna see you all naked at some point :P
Just Another Boring Day At Home, Gotta Love It.
I have absolutely nothing interesting to write about but I am so bored.  Today I went to the store,  and well, that's about it.  I am feeling pretty tired and just down as usual.  Went out last night with my girls, Bonez and Camille.  I had a nice time, listened to peope karaokee drank a bit.  Didn't get sick so I know I didn't over do it.  Why am I so tired all the time?  I have no motivation, I'm just too dragging ass to be motivated.
Just Sleeping
like the gentle butterfly in a warm breeze her life fluttered by-silently peacfully with ease she slipped away in the early morning of spring she wasnt alone she wasnt sad no worries the look upon her face really i think shes just sleeping
Just Sleeping
like the gentle butterfly in a warm breeze her life fluttered by-silently peacfully with ease she slipped away in the early morning of spring she wasnt alone she wasnt sad no worries the look upon her face really i think shes just sleeping
Just Words
I don't know if my friend copied this from somewhere but it makes alot of sense to me that i had to share it... "Perfect is not when two people are together. It's when you're both opposite but in that way you complete each other." No relationship between any two people is exactly the same except in one way, each relationship we have is imperfect in some way. When relationships last for long periods of time, it is not because the pieces two people bring together fit exactly together, but rather the pieces aren't the same so that they may be easily fused together. So don't be too close minded as to only look for a perfect Mr. or Mrs. Right when you are seeking someone to love. Look for a person that you think would compliment you the most, meanwhile you do the same for them. Look for someone who is willing to love you for who you are with your flaws and all, and someone that you know in your heart that you could love despite what flaws they may have as well. Reach for love
Just A Bit More...
well, I figured I'd post this blog to give people a few more pictures. I don't want to upload these here on fubar where they can easily be ripped and re-uploaded by people somewhere else. So, I decided to just put some pictures in a rar archive and upload them. I've saved them in .scr format (screensaver) because most sites don't support .scr image it would be harder for people to upload these elsewhere. These are private pictures, so please respect my wishes...I don't think you can convert .scr images to .jpeg or anything anyway...but if you can, just please keep these to yourself, that's all I ask. I'm being nice enough to share :)   As long as you have some sort of image IrfanView (that's what I use, so I know it works) the images will display just fine :)
Just Words
I feel like I don't exist.It's like tI'm here,but everyonelooks right trough me.Not begging for there me they ever mention.No I'm not a pitty person,thats howI am feeling.Things can be so revealing.This hollow a continuation;happenseveryday to me.I know I'nm not special,but I'm human also.Maybe I should be invisible,and just dissapear.....                      
Just An Update
To everyone who cares I just wanted to share a little more on this subject. Since all the surgeries I have had in the past few months I have not been on much. This is not only because of the surgeries but also due to the depression it has caused me. I have held back on sharing this but I get so many questions about it, I thought I would finally share. It is hard to go from being a hard working woman to someone who has troubles just climbing a flight of stairs or sitting up for long periods of time. We take these simple tasks for granted and I truly now realize how much in my life I have taken for granted over the years. This has all been a serious eye opener for me. There are so many other things I could mention as for what is taken for granted but I am sure you all get the picture. Being it is hard to go up and down stairs is another reason I am not on here as much as I would like to be. The fact is I do miss everyone and wish I could be on more often to show all the love and support
Just Because I Luvz You
Don't ever forget that you're loved; and while things may look completely bleak and desperate, someone somewhere cares about you, cherishes your smile, and lights up with your laughter.  ....  Most importantly, don't forget to be one of those people; don't forget to care about YOU.     MWAH!
Just More Thoughts
When i lost aubri it changed me forever.Sometiemes i still have horrible hightmares and other i want to believe she is still here just out of my sight.i became very defensive and gaurded after she was gone.i would keep people at arms length and when they get to close i would push them away and hurt them.tho this day i dotn understand why i did t just know it hurt alot of people.There are a couple that i  cannot say im sorry to .i still miss them    to those reading this and you know who you are i am sorry. i never meant for it to happen.i have learned alot from some people about what i want to be these people no matter what i have done remain close to my herat i miss them dearly even tho they dont know it.   So when times get tough and your not right please take the time to not over think things.Not everyone is out to get you even if it truly feels like it.Be careful what you say to them cause chances are they have no idea whats going on in your head or heart.Not thinking about thi
Just Like Me
Just like me by Kenneth Matlock on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 10:06pm  I don't know if what I say is true. I can't see a better way to construe. The endless things caught in my mind I feel are guiding lights shown to the blind That was an egotistical thought indeed It's broke my inside to internally bleed Wretching rhythms rolling in my loin Pricking needles throb throughout my groin They let me know this pain is real Something I know will never really heal It'll eat at me core to core day by day Regardless of what my so called friends do say "I know what it's like... and I've been there" Oh then your pain would be exactly where? Oh your sore back your aching head You must go now lay in your bed. Until you feel better and once again do rise Shrug off the pain and clear the sleep from your eyes This is not something I get to do My endless pain is never through It'll be here until i'm dead and down Beneath your feet where i'll soon drown It makes
Just Pure Happiness!
It feels so good to be back on Fubar! I mean really good! Yea folks, Rayne's back and this time I ain't gonna take no drama! Thanks to the owner of Excito Diablous, I deleted my original page! But that's not why I'm happy! I found someone who I used to talk to a whole helluva lot! and I am so glad that I found him again! And if it hadn't been for a certain friend, I wouldn't have found him! I am so glad that we reconnected after so many years! Can't wait to talk to him again!     xXDJ RayneXx Metal Goddess of Fubar
Just An Object
I don't wanna, be here anymore. Being knocked to, the floor. I smile and laugh, but I know what I am. In the eyes of, every single despicable man. I am a body a sex toy, nothing more. That's the way i was made, what I was designed for. My heart doesn't beat, or bleed for that matter. It's never broken, damaged, or shattered. For how could it be, when I am just an object. There to use, pleasure, then neglect. That's how I was born, and how I'll remain. Never being loved, always feeling pain. For a machine, I sure feel a lot. And it's not from, hitting the g-spot. It's from never being touched, in the spot that means the most. The one's hidden underneath, my clothes. My wiring must be malfunctioning, because I'm starting to cry. So see me as you always do, and dry these eyes.
Just Something Funny
Can you spare just $2.00? Ranji is a 9yr old boy living in Namibia. He has only 1 leg, 1 arm and 1 eye. Each day he has to ride 7 miles to school along a narrow road on a rusty bike with bent wheels, no brakes and only 1 pedal. If you send us just $2, we will send you the video – its fucking hilarious. So wrong isn't it? :P
Just Somr Thing To Think About
Hi this is my first blog, more like a test for me. I like to have intelligent conversions on a many different subjects. I even had some people ask for my input on some things when this happens I always surprised and honored that someone thinks my advice is of some value. So as part  of my first blog I would like to get some feed back on this subject, " How do you see life?" I know for me the way I see life has changed I use to see life as a battle, and like any battle the results are usually very damaging. The people i use to get what I wanted resulting in a host of problems, emotional, spiritual and physical. Ive since have changed my view of life as a great river. Like a river life starts off slow and small and then grows as or streams are added. Resulting in a greater deeper understanding. I know this is not a perfect view because there can be pollutants added too, this where I can make changes to try to keep that clean. Since i started see life as river Ive been able to have dee
Just Thinking Of You
Ya know if everyday was the same I would not have an issue with this particular subject. Then again I might, who the fuck knows?? I would first like to say thank you. Some of you might not believe I could have much to thank you for. But I do. The way there are more of you that put me down or insult me in any way. I say thank you for putting an end to something that clearly wasn't going anywhere good. You saved me the trouble. You have made life for me easier. One, two, or three names not needed to be   recalled or remembered.   Maybe we are not suppose to feel emotions on here. But sometimes it does feel here. When you hear something  bad as happened to a friend or family member isn't there a moment that even if just a second you hope they are going to be okay??   Whenever I sign in, whenever I have time to, I hope everyone is okay. I hope their life is filled with love and comfort. I am not knowing or finding out from everyone but still.  I say thank you to you f
Just Wanted To Say Hi
Feel free to write me people.  I love to socialize.
Just Now
I realized ... you are only a drop in the ocean, the piece of me you can keep. It will only turn black in time and remind you of your wrongdoings.
Just One Of The Guys
Just One of the Guys   It seems to me it cant be real I mean its hard for me to express how I fee lI toy with my own emotions, I make myself cry Then just minutes later I try to figure out why I’m not very attractive, in fact I’m quite plain With this attitude and appearance I’ve brought myself much pain Many friends say that I am pretty, to me its just lies Because if I am so pretty…..Why do I feel like just one of the guys?
Just Strangers On The Shore
The hottest day of the year and my yearning to cool down has led me to this spot. My secret hideaway. A place to escape the rigors of everyday life. Here I can relax, watch the sun go down, listen to the gentle sound of the sea as it laps over the pebbles. Here I can just relax.I feel the tension begin to drain from my body as I recline onto the blanket, the cool evening air caressing my near naked body. Closing my eyes, relaxing still further, enjoying the hypnotic sound as the tide rushes ever nearer to the spot where I am laid. Reaching back, I unclasp the bikini top and allow my breasts to spill out into the cool night air. My nipples reacting the instant they are hit by the cooling breeze, standing proud, the sensation relaxing, yet strangely invigorating.Glancing round, I decide that I am alone, and begin to remove the bottom of my bikini, exposing my entire body to the refreshing chill of the air. I lay back once more; resplendent in my nakedness, revelling in the sense of freed
Just Be Careful.
i've been rating a lot of greenies (newbies) lately to help a friend level. i have seen something disturbing this past week as i do so. i have seen three very obviously fake accounts (you're on here long enough, you learn to spot them), that men have been blinging (and who knows what else) quite heavily.  i would caution you to demand a salute from a newbie before you spend any cash on him or her. these accounts are usually caught, and locked or deleted, but it may take awhile, and in the meantime, folks are doling out bucks on fakes.  just be careful, my sweetlets -- i  hate to see anyone taken for a ride. (h) 
Just You
Today I finally saw you for the first time, not in just a picture, but forreal! It was the most incredible thing I think I ever had experienced,for the first time right before me there was the man that I loved more then anything in the world. Those sexy hazel eyes staring back at me, the smile on your face everytime I caught you glancing at me, finally knowing for sure I was the one that brought those smiles to your face. Watching the way you concentrate on things,watching your reactions to things,watching you walk around and do things, just breathe taking, because finally I was there to see it all. Finally seeing you when I didnt think it was any way possible to love you more then before, you took what was left of my heart and put it with yours and made a whole one, two hearts finally turned to one beating together and loving together. Still sitting here staring at you, its so breathing taking looking into your eyes makes my heart start to race, feeling like I am right there with you,
Just Thought I Would Share With Friends And Family
I have been in many places, but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can't go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone. I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there. I have, however, been in Sane. They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my friends, family and work. I live close so it's a short drive. I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump, and I'm not too much on physical activity anymore. I have also been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go, and I try not to visit there too often. I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm. Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older. One of my favorite places to be is in Suspense! It really gets the adrenalin flowing and pumps up the old heart! At my age I need all the stimuli I can get! And, sometimes I think I'm in Vincible but life shows me
Just Where My Mind Is Wandering........
I find a random website. Chat with some amazing people some not so amazing but special in their own way I'm sure. I sit here in the dim candlelight and the brightness of the screen lighting my hands as I type. Pondering life and events or lack of.....So there is is, my life in wonder. I am passionate, caring, generous, intelligent, chivalrous, respectful and among others to say the least. Alas every light cloud has a darker side I sit alone in darkness wondering if I have all these qualities why am I sitting alone? Like many I have loved and lost, been through tradgedy and horrors that most should not endure and hopefully never will. I am fortunate enough that my mind can compartmentalize and somewhat blank out the memories but unfortunately some good ones get lost in the process as well. I suppose I am like most on here seeking some sense of purpose whether with or through other people, looking to see if there is a spark somewhere in my life that could use some improvement or exciteme
Just Wondering.... Why Is It??
Why is it??... when a day is feeling good and going fine you have to take the trash out and fight the gnats and other flying and jumping insects on the way to the trash?? You go and get to the dumpster and you see this big ass spiders web in the corner... why is it?? You go to have a cup of coffee and you can't find any tasty Why?? You go to clean your son's room and you find your clothes in his room... ah geez!! Why is it?? Or heres one.... The shower is feeling really good and your washing your hair and then the water temp decides to climb at the same moment you happen to get a litttle soap in your eyes... oh no you don't!!! Damn!!...  Then you start bad mouthing the water. You want to move the handle far enough but not too far. I'm not one to say life is really seeming against me, its been going better than it was a few weeks ago. But for some unknown reason it seems to just have everything that can go wrong teams up. Why??   I have about had it whith this
Actions and Reactions are a funny thing, ironic really. I always find the irony of most things in life to fit with the metaphor workings of a sword. As I said before, I love swords; another reason why is that some swords are double edged, or single edged; and if single edged like any sword they cut in a multitude of different directions. Each direction centimeters shorter or longer, degrees higher or lower, and inches deeper or more shallow. Truth's of this are the same, in logic, in consequences, circumstances, and natural occurrence. For example people. People do stupid things, good things, horrible things, great things. But the one constant in everything they do is a reason. A justification to the "why". Often enough I see or hear of people doing terrible things that result in hurt, thievery, death. And everyone likes to ask, why. But then there are moments in which we have characters who do tremendous unselfish things, giving and sacrificing for others to benefit; whether they were
Just Couldnt Stop
I see you sitting at the computer looking hard at something on it, trying to study something ... i slowly come up next to you and sit next to you on the floor ... gently i start to touch your ankle, slowly bringing my hand up your leg... toward your knee, small circles around your knee and on the inside of your theigh... my fingers just catching the edge of your boxers skimming underneath, on both theighs... i catch a little bit of your cock soft but growing as im rubbing your legs... working my way up... i turn your chair to face me.... moving your boxers out of my way, so i can see what ive been thinking about all day,  building up my desire, just wanting your hard cock inside me all day, my desire is peaking and i need release... im almost too impatient for it and have to mentally slow myself... i want to just jump on you now and squirt cum all over your lap... but back to the slow rubbing of your hips and cock... i lick the tip of your cock, and run my tongue from the
Just Random
Come a little closer flicker in flightWe'll have about an inch space but I'm hereI can breathe in what you breathe outLet me know if I'm doing this rightLet me know if my grips too tightLet me know if I can stay all of my lifeLet me know if dreams can come trueLet me know if this one's yours tooCoz I see itAnd I feel it right hereAnd I feel you right hereThe vacuous night steps asideTo give meaning toGemini's dreamingThe moon on it's back and the seeminglyVeiled rooms litBy the same starLet me know if I'm doing this rightLet me know if my grips too tightLet me know if I can stay all of my lifeLet me know if dreams can come trueLet me know if this one's yours tooCoz I see itAnd I feel it right hereAnd I feel you right here
Just Dont Know Any More :(
I fell for you hard, i tried with everything i had, to not let go, all u ever did was yell, all i ever did was cry, i dont no why, but i love u so, that 1st day my eyes saw u, i already new we were ment to be, but how can u do wat u do, an yet u say u still love me, i just dont no wat to do anymore, should i stay or should i let go, im tired of fighting, for some one who dont want to be fot for, im tired of all the lies, im tired of the fights,
Just A Quick Note
I would like to ask for your understanding.... I blacked out again. Things were going great, I laid down just to allow the heavy feeling of my head to be at rest, then all of a sudden I wake and it is after 2am. I didn't have that busy of a day. The day before was more hectic. I am not too sure the doctors can do much of anything. I already know my time is near. Anyone that knows me knows I don't like wasting anyones time. I have accepted that I won't get the chances alot of people have. In the simplest terms and the most convinent definations I am me. I may not be what I once was but I am still trying to be better than I ever have been.
I feel the wet warm liquid dripping down my arm. I can't think, feel.. I dream of someone that would hold me in their arms and tell me that everything is okay. I hear someone screaming and I finally realize it is me.. I look down and blood is everywhere.. My life is coming to an end..I think of the nothing that I have accomplished in my life. All the hurt that I've experienced.. rape, abuse of all kinds. I know I can not go on like this. feeling like this. the numbness and indifference of what may come of this night..
Just Sayin
I never Thought I was perfect, I never tried to be!! I look back on some of the things I have done in my past and I am not so proud, I have been hurt, I have hurt people and I have always took the easy way out. There's alot I would change if I could. But what I can do is learn from all of it The the person I am and make a better future.. Enjoy the Song Its just how I feel...
Just Fucked Up!!
Isn't it fucked up to fall for someone you don't really know. Wish for a wonderful relationship and then tragedy strikes. Could be a number of things... Not compatible... Bad in bed... Snores... Boring... Someone who plays emotional games... Etc... Well, I'm not one who likes to play those types of games with others, It's really not cool to play with peoples emotions, One day you will fuck with the wrong person ;). So just a little friendly advice for those men and women who like to do that with others...BE VERY VERY CAREFUL!! Much luv to all of my real family and friends even the ones that are REALLY not wanting to talk to me right now (you know who you are still my babes) ~~Sassi
Just Blah
Kinda shell shocked right now.   I came back in contact with an old high school friend on Facebook from when I lived in Arizona. We've been chatting a bit back and forth over the years. This last month I spoke with her, I was getting info. to help a friend of hers who is dealing with cancer. Anyway, long story short. I go to message her this week only to find that she died. I searched the Arizona newspapers for any information and the only accident I think may have been hers, I wish I hadn't come across. They were trapped in their car and it caught on fire after and suv rear ended them. This overwhelming thought of death and just plain sadness have consumed me the last few days. I didn't think it would affect me as much as it has. I wasn't close with her. It's just sad how quickly someone can be gone from your life. She was just one year older than me, has 3 amazing children. Her youngest is a little over a year old. Always keep your loved ones close to you, even those you h
Just Sayin...
I know throughout the years we have flirted, laughed, shared intimate conversations and maybe even fantasized a time or two. I am in a relationship now. I am very happy and I hope that as my friends you are happy for me. I would like to ask that everyone respects the boundaries I am putting in place. I don't think I need to clarify what they are just that there are some ;)   Thanks :)  
Just Me Going Off!!! Tired Of These Guys Who Cant Carry On A Decent Conversation.
ok so this guy comments my mumm demands a fam spot me being nice I let him in to see... He then demands I go and check out his one cock pic rate it and comment it.  OK sure I go check it out but I rarely comment pics besides my Masters (as I am an Owned and Collared submissive in a real life D/s relationship that I dont hide from anyone).  I warned him before I let him in that I was owned and collared and that most of my pics were BDSM related (My Master allows me to add whom I wish to fam and to show my pics as I please and also to carry on any conversations I feel like having whether it be just friendly chat or flirting but if I flirt they are told I am with Him.) I DO NOT HIDE THIS FROM ANYONE I AM PROUD TO BE HIS OWNED PROPERTY!!! I let him in and then when I didnt rate his cock an 11 and didnt comment he got Bitchy with me! Disrespecting me is Disrespecting my Master! THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! I kicked him from fam then he said " Fine there wasnt much to see in your pics anywa
Just How Much You Really Mean To Me
Heartbreaks just a part of life,Everyone has hurt sometime.But if you let me i could be your shield,Protect you from all the hurt you feel.I would stand tall and be your guard,Be there for you even when its hard.It breaks my heart to see you cry,Would do anything to see you smile.It kills me just to see you hurt.I know you dont beleive me buti could take that pain away as long as you can feel the same.I could mend your broken heart,Piece it back together like it was at the start.I wish you could just open your eyes and seeJust how much you really mean to me.
Just Wanting You To Kiss Me Like This ...
Run your hands along my jaw line. Reaching towards the back of my hair with one hand place my head in the palm of your hand. Grab gentley onto my hair pulling my head ever so slightly with gentle aggressions. As I let out a slightly sighed breath, lean into me and place your lips to mine. Wrap your arm around my body pulling me in ever so closely next to you, as to letting me know what you are wanting with full intentions of taking what you want and know is yours to have.
Just Something Kinky
My Nipples are hard My Pussy is wet Who wants to cum be my pet If you do it good If you do it right I promise you I’ll do you right
Just Figures
I am still having pc problems and can only use my laptop sometimes. Last night I let my son use my pc and then he didn't use the mouse that much and the computer froze. Anyways I went to turn it off then turn it back on and it would not boot. Grrrr.... Turned on the pc when I woke up this morning and it still hasn't been able to boot. I remembered that it might just want a short blow. I tried that three times but something else seems to be messed up.  I get ideas when I am offline and it don't help alot when the pc don't want to boot. Its only when my daughter leaves that I can use my laptop. I don't mind if you think of me as a weakling. I just don't want to piss off my daughter. I will try an return... be gentle. Remember not everyone has the capacity to have thunk it all out yet. Smiles and giggles, hugs and licks!!
Just Listen
There is a story that I need to tell One of love, and of pain and of fear But first I'm not what I lead you to see I've been hiding from you what's dying me I have known love like no one will ever know I have seen eye's look at me like nothing I have ever felt before I have touched and been touched in a way that cannot be explained Nothing or no one can ever take it's place   I just want to save her   A monster came into our lives, destroying a love so amazing A family now broken apart, but a life that is still worth saving A love so pure that only I have been blessed to share Now lost and replaced with dying's despair It kills me to know how she's crying at night Hurts even worst to know that I'm right I'm not here to hurt and keep them from you But only doing the things that I know I must do   I just want to save her   In their eyes everyday I live to see The pain of loss in their faces of what came to be And I can't help but think that somehow I failed To do
Just A Quick Thought Or 2
Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that.   The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.   Guard your heart above all else, for it will determines the course of your life- proverbs 4 23   I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it.   When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me."
Just An Older Poem Is All
"JUST LOOK BESIDE YOU" During this lifetime of ours, we will meet many different people and some shall become really close to us while others will be but only an aquaintence. It is those who touch our hearts and minds that we know are the best friends. Friends come and go all the time,but our best friends are always with us no matter where we go or what we do in this existence of a life we lead.Never at all ever forgetting all of the joys and happiness we just happen to share with them. So anytime you go and want to think that noone can relate to the ways you feel or to the very many hard and hurtful pains you have always know this one certain fact. When you feel down and depressed, just look there beside you and your best friend is there. P.J.Page (Lost Poet) 1/12/08 4:43pm
Just For Fun
YOU JUST WOKE UP IN MY BED NAKED NEXT TO ME...using 3 words what would you say to me? If you comment you must post as your status so I can comment on yours. See what the others say !! (just for fun :D)
Just Asking Women. Please, Lol
do any women still think that a man is more then his money.
Just Sayin I'm Sorry
For those of you that know me here..writing is not only my is my passion as well...I feel it..I write it..I dream it..I write about it..I reach for it...I write it...regardless if I triumph or fail..there is always a story to be told...either victory or defeat...something happened and my mind won't allow me to simply dismiss things like others eats at me..until I either write it down or lash out...I have always been that way...people dismiss people like they are a piece of garbage...simply throw them away regardless of wat they have meant to them...I am not one of those people..I can count on one hand the number of people that has really touched and effected my life in a positive way..and once that has is not easy for me to simply dismiss them or let them go...I am human just like everyone else..and I can admit my flaws..and OH MY do i ever have em!!..I am gifted at making mistakes..and I don;t half ass that shit either..when I screw up..
Just To Be Clear.
Hi all feel free to ignore this blog just a small rant.  I've been on Fubar over 5yrs.  I've seen people called cheap because they don't buy credits, bling, or whatever.  Now I have no idea how much money it costs to buy credits, but seems to me that the money can be better served by paying bills, keeping food on the table, or you know just real life in general.  I don't have a great job, but it keeps me from being homeless.  I can't afford to buy excess stuff.  Maybe it's just me.  So anyway before you judge someone as being cheap make sure you know what your talking about.  Thnx, and have a great night.  :-)
*just Another Day At The Bar... Cheers!
Just A Note
to the few of you that stick around even when i'm not here, thank you for being cool and asking how i am when i do finally show my face around here...we must find other ways of communicating if we don't already do it. to the rest of you...hope you're doing fantastically... i was going to write a huge blog about whatever typical blog type shit i was thinking about, but i'll spare you a bitchfit, there's enough of that already. peace.
Just A Thought V.1
What makes you better than me; what makes you better than the homeless man living under a bridge? Do you judge me? Do you know the choices I have made or haven't made? How do you know what I've been thru? YOU DON'T.  Do you judge the homeless man for the decisions and choices he has made for living on the street? How do you know that, the homeless man didn't have a career a year ago? That his wife and children were killed in a car accident, that he was and still is overwhelmed with grief and lost everything. That is just it - you don't know, you assume. Just because the decisions you've made are right for you, doesn't make THOSE decisions right for me or anyone else. -(and vice versa)- Everyone lives their life accordingly. According to their own standards, right or wrong. The sky is BLUE - water is WET. You don't know why, it's simply what you're used to. It's simply what you were told, what you learned.  Change your perspective, don't judge, open your eyes and your heart.
Just Ranting For A Bit
I try to be a good friend.. to make people smile and laugh.. it's just in my nature. However lately I think that perhaps people have grown tired of me and my humor.. I'm the one always reaching out to check on people.. to make sure to be a shoulder to lean on.. well.. fuck it. I'm done. I'm sick of trying to make sure everyone else is alright.. making sure that everyone else is happy. If people take what i do/say out of context then fuck it.. it's on them. They should fucking know me by now. I haven't changed in the 42yrs i've been on this earth. The person they see today is the same dude as yesterday.. and will be the same tomorrow. I'm done apologizing for what I do.. I'll just say.. if something I do or say offends you.. then I'm sorry I OFFENDED you.. I'm not sorry for anything I do or say. I'm me.. if you don't like it.. oh well.. it sucks to be you because I am fucking awesome. OK.. i'm done!
Just Deal With It
If I only knew more than I did and didn't have such a short memory. I would believe some dreams could still come true if I could be the kind of person I want to be. Seems like a long time ago that everything was going really good. I never knew I would meet those people I have on the internet though. I may never meet you or know certain things about you I might want to know but I just wanted to say thank you for coming into my life. I don't think I would be doing anywhere near as good as I am now. I don't have diamond necklaces or a fancy car but I have some really nice friends and that is good as gold for me. In my will I am leaving whatever my kids don't want to cherity. I have nothing I value except my kids. Sometimes they hate me and sometimes they love me. They don't thank me for what I do all the live long day but I helped create them. They wouldn't be here if I played it safe. Yeah I like to walk on the wildside every now and then. Deal with it!! I am not a theif or a killer. I
Just A Short But Sweet Blurt B4 I Goto Sleep
I do all this on my phone so I tend to lag a lot and my phone is a big fan of freezing up.. Just so u know if i am slow to respond..
Just Me
Just A Freestyle
yo im'a smash dude's untill i reach the top haha and im a white fool so let me go on and bleach the spot im in this bitch high as ***xck i dont need a glock matter of fact you can keep ya thought's buddie because i don't need ya prop's!hold up im raw i will have you motherfxxckers running like you just seen the cop's,,,,catch me playing on ya vocal cord's im the evil that rock's,,,im a beast a monster a disease that will never stop!i am the speaker's in the back of ya head that always talk's///yeah i am mad ruthless how the ***xck you gone come on here and rap stupid?sit there and act tough watch me speak some fact's bruh and get this fxxckin heater booming the meter's moving like it was a digital scale i blast shooting////listen up this is real spit my flow ill sick in your mind your probably saying how can he still switch?no filled clips i will let you know right now that im good with the Rhythm bitch im not a quitter shit,,,,thought i would let you know that i am done with this bitt

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