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A Heart Apun A Sleeve,
I had this poem on here before it maybe on here twice but if it's not well here it is. or here it is again what ever the case maybe. A heart apun a sleeve, It's not hard to believe, Normaly rushing into thing's, Jumping head first not carering, Tryy to find the right one, Ending up loving the wrong one, Some how my pain is my pleasure, Yet my pleasure brings me my pain, One equals the other it' all the same you see, So what is love but a form of lust, N lust is a a higher form o flove, wantidn to find some one to hold, Don't want a child or some one to old, Not looking for some one to change me, Just trying to fidn some to love me, Through my time's of attacks, Beeaing able to help me survie, they angle of darkest light, Beauty from inside not from physical sight.
Heartbreak Hotel
This is the heartbreak hotel (9x) You said that youd be here by nine And said you took your time You didnt think to call me boy Here I sit trying not to cry Asking myself why you do this to me Chorus 1 (sung by faith evans) Since youre not around for me to tell you baby face to face Im writing you this letter, and this is hat I have to say: All I really wanted was some of your time Instead you told me lies When someone else was on your mind What you do to me Look what you did to me I thought that you were someone who would do me right Until you play with my emotions and you made me cry What you do to me Cant take what you did to me Now I see that you been doing wrong You played me all along. And made a fool of me, baby You got it all wrong to think that I wouldnt find out That you were cheating on me. How could you do it to me? Chorus 2 (sung by kelly price) This is the heartbreak hotel (9x) Chorus and ad lib I aint goin to take it no more (4x) (kelly price
&hearts Contest
Hearts Desire
by LateNiteFantasy© Tell me what's your hearts desire. So I can set your soul on fire. A single kiss to ease your mind, Isn't love a spectacular find. With a simple whispered word, I'll dull your senses isn't it absurd. One gentle caress, Will take away all your stress. Tell me Darlin' all your hearts desire, So we can set the night on fire.
Heart's Desire
You know who I am I am the hunger that awakens you in the middle of the night whose feeding only leaves you wanting more. I am the dream that lingers, haunting your sleep Breathless, and aching to be fulfilled. I am the crimson hue of the evening sky Bringing promises of darkness in my wake. I am the whispering breeze that caresses your skin The fury that rages beneath the storm. I am the changing tides of the moonlit sea drowning your sorrow in my depths I am the passion that swells within your breast The quickening of your beating heart. I am the one beneath the crystalline waters And the beauty of the Gods, silhouetted. I am strength and fire, softness and laughter un contraste de contrastes dans un monde d'illusions. I am the tempter, the torturer, the liberator The keeper of the keys to your soul I am sweet pain, and glorious suffering I am the path to your goal. I am the heat of the fire, the cold in the ice rapture and ecstasy and pleasure yet u
Heartistic Soul's Fu-buck Auction Details
Since the spotlight seems to be going for insane amounts, I'll be hosting another fu-auction, but this time the bids will be fubucks only. So, if you're keeping an eye out for the spotlight, or if you'd just like to make a few extra bucks, here's a chance to do so. The entry fee for this auction will be 35k, so fus of any level should be able to participate. If you're interested, please send a SFW non-animated photo of yourself, and your BEST auction offers following the entry fee. If you aren't sure what to offer, a good place to start is always with things like pic rates, stash rates, crush, drinks, etc. All participants reserve the right to refuse ANY bid or bidder. There will not be any cash offers for this auction, so the highest amount of fubucks will trump. The auction will begin on the 21st, and will run until the 28th, so get in quickly if you're interested. Entries will not be accepted once the auction opens, so please enter before 3pm on Saturday. To swee
Heart And Mind
I have tried to live a life, where people can see me. See me as a man. The kind that people dream about. The kind that puts himself aside. That does the right thing. But mind and heart dont fit so neatly into decisions. My heart is hurt, my mind is confused. My path is mislead. I smile with my pain. And I have hurt many people. I probably am not as good a frield as I thought
Heart You live in my heart You gave light to my life You gave me courage to move on You gave strength to my weakening soul You are my precious gem much more than gold You are the wisdom of my crazy mind You made me good above those lies of time Sometimes I feel bad thinking about the reality of life But the gentle grasp of your love, inspires me to survive To keep holding on to our dreams till the end of our time I'm always here for you, whatever tomorrow would bring Baby, I can be wherever, whatever you wanted me to be But if you choose to be free, don't hesitate to tell me As long as you are happy, my angel, I will let you fly away From a distance, I will continue loving you forever and a day
♥ Ty Mfkn Tatt ♥ 7-3-08
IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! SOME OF THE BEST WOMEN ON FUBAR. CLICK THEIR LINKS AND SHOW 'EM LOVE MFkn ŧhlëY ŧ§ï§ÅNT TØ Jü§§ @ 504 BØürbØN §TrëëT ~rl gf ÅnÐ fü-wïƒë ؃ mfkn TÅTT@ fubar Jü§§cüZzZ™ Im Lüvïn'Thë 1 ÅnÐ ØnlY >>(ThëØrïgïnÅl)RØاTëR~504 BØürbØn §TrëëT™~Øwnër~@ fubar ~*Mademoiselle Damnielle*~ owned by MFkn TÅTT♪~@ fubar §t냃ÿ .//. Lï¢k mê ðvêr m¥ þåñ†ïê§.//. OWNED By : ∴ PaladinLost ™@ fubar PlumSexyGlossyDJ@SER&DDRψW.C. Pimpψ~Member of Fubar's Finest Melons~@ fubar SeXyMoMmA712.Arrested by.♥."Md_Motor_cop"..2nd Alarm Hottie.AsH.WeeE's Fu MoMmA@ fubar ★KØ£ë™★Čoþþerĥeą
The Heart Unknown
The heart remembers everything Although the mind forgets The ratures and the agonies, The hopes and the regrets. The heart remembers April When the snows of winter fall Hearing on the bitter wind The sweetest song of all
Hearts Walls
There are to many shadows on my hearts walls, I am scared to see their faces after all. Crying myself to sleep every night, Afraid that their truths are right. I am caught between a love of two, Knowing I need to make a choice between either one of you. Asking God to guide me to help with the choice, Awaiting for the reasoning in His voice. My hearts walls are hard and heavy laden with guilt, pain, joy, and happiness; Seeing the shadows on my heart's walls are hard to miss.
♥ My Tony ♥
Time moves slow for me and the world seems to race by as I sit here alone, on the phone with you and the sounds of your voice and the weight of of words seep deep into my soul and own the me I thought was strong and protected and they make me weak; weak with desire, with love immense and out of control somehow. The world around me, but a blur and essentially unimportant seems brighter, sweeter and somehow all a ruse; uniquely designed to pull and draw me into you entirely. My heart, once broken and torn and scarred seems whole and overflowing; the walls built high around it seem to crumble and dissolve without resolve or regret. I feel like I dreamed you. How could you be real I wonder sometimes and I simply want to pinch myself. I hear the smile in your voice when you speak to me and the pain when we must be apart. You seem so open - so exposed and it is like a heaven that I have never known. After years of being kicked and pressed down by love untrue in others a skeptical heart f
Hear You Me
Hear You Me Lyrics There's no one in town I know You gave us someplace to go I never said thank you for that Thought I might get one more chance What would you think of me now? So lucky So strong So proud I Never said thank you for that Now I'll never have a chance May angels lead you in Hear you me my friends On sleepless roads the sleepless go May angels lead you in What would you think of me now? So lucky So strong So proud I Never said thank you for that Now I'll never have a chance May angels lead you in Hear you me my friends On sleepless roads the sleepless go May angels lead you in And if you were with me tonight I'd sing to you just one more time A song for a heart so big God couldn't let it live May angels lead you in Hear you me my friends On sleepless roads the sleepless go May angels lead you in May angels lead you in Hear you me my friends On sleepless roads the sleepless go May angel
The Heart
Heart Of Pain
Another day passing by, another day without you; wondering if all tomorrow's are going to be the same. Seems like only yesterday, the wonderful day we first met, seeing your beautiful smile, knowing, you were the one for me. Why did our magic fade away? Where did our love go astray? I know it's too late now, but, I would really like to know. You've met someone new, someone who'll never let you go leaving me here all alone with a heart full of pain.
Hearts Searching
I sit here waiting fro some one to come and love me. I have set my heart on the line many of times. Fubar is a wonderful place with hopeful people though I fear my heart is still on the line for some .. When will it be my time?
The Hearing Aid
The Hearing Aid Two elderly women were eating breakfast in a restaurant one morning. Ethel noticed something funny about Mabel's ear and she said, 'Mabel, did you know you've got a suppository in your left ear?' Mabel answered, 'I have a suppository?' She pulled it out and stared at it. Then she said, 'Ethel, I'm glad you noticed this. I'm afraid now I know where my hearing aid is.'
Heartless People
im so sick of heartless people. i don't understand how people can just not give a shit.its so make me sick.
♥ Mine ♥
It's so easy to forget The time before we met I was spinnin' my wheels Never thought my heart would heal But nothin's killed me yet And now I know the truth It was all leading me to you I'd have to do it all again If those were the means to this end And I hope we see this through Trust this There will come a time... When the stars will all shine The planets will align The world will stop turnin' And I can stop yearnin' 'Cause you will finally be Mine You really just amaze me Even when I get crazy You're never too rough on me You never give up on me You just silently appraise me Am I worth your time? Could you ever be mine? Seems like everything I say You just tuck it all away Quietly assessing, carefully weighing Not asking but guessing, what I'm really saying Trying to sort through all the gray I don't know what you're thinkin' My heart is slowly sinkin' Will you ever come rescue me? Could you be my destiny? The question's still on my
There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won't anymore... and who always will. So, don't worry about people from your past, there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future. ( this came today in a e mail, well just showing you the part that made a wake up call) I love my fam and friends Camilla
Ok I have no clue what im doing right now basically i need to vent a lil......My husband has been working late every night and never has time for our daughter or us but yet when anyone at work calls he is right there for them...I have tried talking to him but nothing seems to matter to him what we feel or say at this point....I understand work is work but yet when you have a family you need to make time for them as well....Our daughter has not had a full hour with her dad with out being interupted by his phone in over 3 months I am completely heartbroken and on my last nerve and i have not a clue what to do right now if anyone has any ideas plz do tell..........
A Heart Remembers
A Heart Remembers A memory burned within, from a heartfelt second long ago a moment... one single moment, that only a heart can remember a fleeting thought, gone astray, but the feeling looms inside you a boy and a girl... so far apart, so long the days that it took their hearts to remind them... how fortunate they are, that a heart... can return a fleeting thought, one single moment, or a memory burned within... so they can now live as one as only inside true love, can such a past remain until... it's found again
Heart Thoughts
You live in my heart You gave light to my life You gave me courage to move on You gave strength to my weakening soul You are my precious gem much more than gold You are the wisdom of my crazy mind You made me good above those lies of time Sometimes I feel bad thinking about the reality of life But the gentle grasp of your love, inspires me to survive To keep holding on to our dreams till the end of our time I'm always here for you, whatever tomorrow would bring Baby, I can be wherever, whatever you wanted me to be But if you choose to be free, don't hesitate to tell me As long as you are happy, my angel, I will let you fly away From a distance, I will continue loving you forever and a day
Hearts Desires
Hearts Desires The heart Longs to Know that Special love My head Says no That it’s Not time My journey Is not Complete The love I so desire Must remain Out of My grasp Till i Once again Am whole Free from The masks That I Have worn For oh So many Years Free to Once again Know pure Happiness By: Kat 8-15-08
Hearts Red Sparkley
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09/04/08 - Heart - What About Love (yeah What About It Lol)
SONG VERSION BELOW What About Love - Heart VIDEO VERSION BELOW Heart - What About Love - LYRICS BELOW I've been lonely I've been waiting for you I'm pretending and that's all I can do The love I'm sending Ain't making it through to your heart You've been hiding, never letting it show Always trying to keep it under control You got it down and you're well On the way to the top But there's something that you forgot What about love Don't you want someone to care about you What about love Don't let it slip away What about love I only want to share it with you You might need it someday I can't tell you what you're feeling inside I can't sell you what you don't want to buy Something's missing and you got to Look back on your life You know something here just ain't right What about love Don't you want someone to care about you What about love Don't let it slip away What about love I only want to share it with you What about love Don't you want s
well she is now 2 yrs old and i am in a very dark mood not sure why i am in this mood but i am in a fighting mood and welfare in ohio has her and yes i am gonna kick the social workers ass if i ever see her she wont like me at all cause when i get through with her the social worker will not like my mood and if i had a good man in my life who would help me get her home where she belongs the fucking social worker has another thing coming when i see her she is gonna be feeling the hell she put me through
the world so cold and cruel crushed under the weight the pain and anguish overcome me as i begin to slip into the darkness of heartache indecisiveness the tought of never being able to love eats me alive to he point i cry at night when i think about the pain of being alone seems like yesterday i was away from my troubles and today they have seemed to double i cannot slip the feeling that i went wrong somewhere between here and there from afar someone else's life looks like that of a star
Hearing From Old Friends
It is always nice to hear from old friends. You lose touch with some people, through the changes in your life or theirs. But when they contact you it is refreshing to hear from them. Sometimes you take the back seat so as not to interfere with their life, especially when you think they have someone special in their life. A good friend understands that life can get a bit hectic with a new girlfriend or boyfriend. A friend understands you two are just getting to know each other and it take most of your focus. You always wish the best for your friends. Hoping they found the one that they have been looking for. You feel sad for the sake of your friend when it doesn't work out. You stand by and let your friend know you care about them. Life is not easy by no mean and why complicate them anymore then need be. Friendship is a wonderful thing to have.
Hear The Voice
HEAR THE VOICE by: William Blake (1757-1827) HEAR the voice of the Bard, Who present, past, and future, sees; Whose ears have heard The Holy Word That walk'd among the ancient trees; Calling the lapsèd soul, And weeping in the evening dew; That might control The starry pole, And fallen, fallen light renew! 'O Earth, O Earth, return! Arise from out the dewy grass! Night is worn, And the morn Rises from the slumbrous mass. 'Turn away no more; Why wilt thou turn away? The starry floor, The watery shore, Is given thee till the break of day.'
Heart Attacks
After an exhaustive review of the literature, here's the final word on nutrition and health... 1. Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than us. 2. Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than us. 3. Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than us. 4. Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than us. 5. Germans drink beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than us. CONCLUSION: Eat and drink whatever the hell you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you. Don't worry, the U.S. Government is trying to correct that problem.
A Heart Felt Message From Your Cofounder..please Read!!
First of all I want to say this family is freakin awesome. You all work so hard!! Especially today, we levelled 2 of our members to godmother its a big day for us. Actually you think about it 4 people levelled to god father/mother in the last 7 days. UNBELIEVABLE!!! All I can say. I need to hand out kudos to the people that make this happen!! Group Leaders--- I have hired the 3 best crew leaders on fubar. I wouldnt want to have anybody else working with me Enchanted Rose----She is the quiet one..not much to say...but without her...I say again this would not have been possible. She trusted in the village idiot to make this family work. And somehow it happened..But it is not possible without all of you!! The newest members---There are alot of new members I see just totally kicking ass!! Heart and dedication...that is what makes this family rawk!!...Many times I have the newer levelers in my shoutbox going "Whos next?" or "Are we gonna level today?" This is awesome!!!
1114pm When am I not heartbroken? I had my chance to do a few things I normally wouldn't do. I know this is repetitive and I'm sure I'll be bashed for it. I am still heartbroken over my crush. He doesn't know how much I liked him. I don't think he'll know. I mean he got upset over something so remotely stupid, but I am not going to write the reason online. Just be assured that I've asked my other guy friends and they all agreed that he got upset over something stupid. It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow since we've IM'd, text'd, and talked. It's stupid! I'm a proud person, and a hardheaded one at that. Well, what else can I say? Just don't mess with me and you'll be fine. Grr.... I feel bad because I was actually going to wait for him. Oh well, it's his loss. It's totally his loss. I was going to send him an email wishing his son a happy bday, but I decided not to. I mean his son has nothing to do with that this his dad hasn't talked to me. I bet his son has asked
Heart Trouble The Words That Scare
Ok so I am sure most have seen the pics I posted about my trip to the ER in August. I did that not for pitty but as a public reminder to myself that I cant deny health issues and think that will make them go away. I went to my Heart Dr. yesterday as a follow up from the ER visit I have elected to have this surgery as a cure for my "not all uncommon heart issue" On October 28 this year I will be having surgery to burn the extra wiring in my heart that causes me to pass out have tightness in my chest and in August led me to stop breathing for a short while. I am confident that the Dr. that is doing the surgery is very informed just a bit scared and nervous of the "worst case scenarios such as ending up with a pacemaker or bleeding in my brain that will cause a stroke. Should I at 34 with two small children be too concerned or is it good that I also decided to start going back to the gym to hopefully give my heart a some much needed cardio I am sure all will end up ok I
I can face almost anything. There are very few things that are simply too much for me. For instance, I could not face the death of one of my children. Now, logically, looking at it from outside the box, I can understand that this is an event that people do have to face. Even children die sometimes. But I am not sure I could see such a thing through to the end and still be in posession of the little bit of sanity I still have left. There are things that I think I cannot face. Things that I am sure will break the very essence of my soul. Crush it like so much chalk, demolish it into a smooth dust to be blown away in the wind. These things seem so very devastating to me...and then sometimes one of them happens. Something so simple as a long time friend simply losing faith in me. To some, this may seem to be unimportant, but when that person is not only a friend of many years, but a Mentor, a Teacher, a Leader of many of the very things I base the makeup of my personality on
Because of you, I'm empty inside You'll never know, how many tears I've cried I never want to go down that road again I can't believe, this is the end I wish there was a way, that you could see All the pain, that you have caused me I thought our love, was truly real And now I know, just how you feel You'll never know, how much I hurt You couldn't give me, what I deserved You shut me out, of your world Right after you made me think, I was your special girl I'm trying to fight, the pain within Hoping a new start, is where I'll begin This is to show you, what you put me through Writing my feelings down, is all I can do
My heart is gone Because of you And what you did That made it break My heart is gone It� torn in two And nothing you can do Can make it whole My heart is gone Because it was broken From the feelings that were misunderstood That lead to what you said My heart is gone And feels like forever Like I no longer can love The same way I used to My heart is gone Because of you
Heart Broken
♥dawn♥'s Halloween Auction!
Someone Wants You So what treats do you have to offer? Rules Contest Entry fee is 50,000 Fu-Bucks Opening bids will start at 50,000 Fu-bucks, in the unfortunate event that no one should bid on you, I will return your entry fee This is a Drama Free auction Auction will open on October 1st and End on October 15th Bonus The top two members with the most rates will receive Most rates 25 fubling credits 2nd most rates 10 fubling credits A preview of some of the HOTTNESS up on the auction block ~Phoenix~@ fubar ^sin^ Fu wife 2 sultry♥fu girl to easye02476-FU owned 2 vanessa-LT of Shadow Ops @ Rasta Inc@ fubar BoobsGottiFamilyDon™Fan Rate.THEN ADD@ fubar DJ ÃZ®Ï€£™@ EXCALIBUR RAWK RADIO ~Fu-Husband to Broken Angel ~Owner of the Wicked Kitties~@ fubar Scooby-Doo~OWNED BY THE ONE AND ONLY ΤhΣ ßîg ΜîκΣ//// IN AUCTION COME JOIN@ fubar ♥ Dawn ♥
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!! For Goofylady!
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!! My Fellow Fubarians!! The GoofyLady is only a scant 829,194 Points to go to GodMother! Please Come Help This Wonderful Lady! Click the Pic to go to her Page - Plenty to Rate Up & See - F/R/A - Bling! All Love Graciously Returned! ~GoofyLady~ * FuAngel * Bad Girl * Proud Member Of Love Shack *@ fubar Made with much mad love by:♕ LuAngel ♕ @ fubar Music provided by Blue Cat Radio
Hearing Trouble
An elderly gentleman had serious hearing problems for a number of years. He went to the doctor and the doctor was able to have him fitted for a set of hearing aids that allowed the gentleman to hear 100%. The elderly gentleman went back in a month to the doctor and the doctor said, "Your hearing is perfect. Your family must be really pleased that you can hear again." The gentleman replied, "Oh, I haven't told my family yet. I just sit around and listen to the conversations. I've changed my will three times
Am I alone in your heart? Have I hope with your heart? She's such a teaser, she's such a star. Give me a reason or gimme a chance. Am I alone in your heart, or am I alone?... It tears me apart. Doing all I can do, just to be close to you. Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat. Always up for a laugh, she's a pain in the ass Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat. Give me an evening, or give me a night. I'll show you the time, of your life. I'll walk you home safe, from the dark. I'll give you my jacket, I'll give you my heart. But she won't come dancing tonight, She's having the time of her life. Doing all I can do, just to be close to you. Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat. Always up for a laugh, she's a pain in the ass. Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat. I do love, she does a heartbreak. I did love, till she broke my heart. I do love, she does a heartbreak. I did love, till she broke my heart. I do love, she does a heart
♥dawn♥'s Now Open!
Halloween Auction Can you Handle the HOTTNESS? Each one of these Halloween Hotties has some incredible treats to offer Question is can you afford their offerings? Guess you better click their pic and find out
Heart Attack Not B_tching Tho!
Ok lets see, last Sunday evening while sitting on the couch after a very stressful afternoon I had a mild heart attack. Now after the usual ambulance ride to the ER and 4 hours in there I had four people (Medical) tell me it was a mild attack. Also they were admitting me overnight for observations, which is all understandable. Since I am or was a smoker they would give me a shot for the cravings, this did not happen and when I asked for it and yet nothing, which was more agitating. Anyhoots, why does everyone tell you to get lots of rest and to get well in hospitals when you don't do either cause someone is coming constantly for this or that and germs are everywhere in there LOL. Okay where was I,oh yeah now being in the beginning stages of diabetes I am lucky enough I do not need meds yet for it, I control it thru diet which means eating healthy and seemingly constantly. Now they wanted to see where my blood glucose was at and then I could eat something, Well as it goes they told
Hearts Dont Break, They Just Stop Beating Regularly
There's a terrible feeling you get when you're heart is broken. It's aching inside ya that you can't quite put you're finger on. And it's irritating because it's constant. For a second, I was hoping it was just indigestion. And there's a numbness that comes with it. Numb that stretches from the tip of your tongue to the flats of your feet. It's like a painstakingly slow paralyzation. And you have to force yourself to literally feel the things you come in contact with. Maybe because things just don't feel real anymore... Since what you once thought was real is no longer. You realize how much someone cares when they have to fight for you. And when they don't attempt to put up a fight, it's as if a veil has been lifted… As you trace back every moment you've spent together you realize that they never cared at all. And you realize just how hard you believed they did. And it's insane because it is at that moment, and that moment only, that you can actually reme
The Heart To Move On?
Ok so here it is i am 14 weeks pregnant and am all alone of course the babys daddy knows i told him time and time again. hes been back and forth between her and me and i got the short end of the stick. he tells me to move on but hello im pregnant with a ever expanding belly and really dont get out much anymore casue i am afraid of throwing up on someone. so what do i do now and how do i keep my head up only been in love one time with one man. and i dont know how to get over him?
Hearts Division
Hearts Division You and I Alone inside An empty room Watching the rose in the vase On the window sill die Watching the moon in the sky Disappear behind a cloud Body spirits coincide Eye to eye touching view There's only one of you Who understood my mirror eyes When you sang it made me cry For I thought I'd found paradise But we cannot live for always I had to leave Gaining a love for you Was like walking through the door of one-ness I was drawn to you like a reflecting image I loved you I saw the turmoil I saw the pain I felt the evil person inside of you You were my dreamtime Those dreams came at a price No more I have awoken from this dream Now I can dream my own dreams
Hearts On Fire-bullets For My Valentine
I'm coming home! I've been gone for far too long! Do you remember me at all? I'm leaving Have I fucked things up again? I'm dreaming Too much time without you spent! [Pre-chorus:] It hurts! Wounds so sore! Now I'm torn Now I'm torn [Chorus:] I've been far away When I see your face My hearts burst into fire! Hearts burst into fire! You're not alone I know I'm far from home! Do you remember me at all? I'm leaving Do you wait for me again? I'm screaming No more days that I just spent [Pre-chorus] [Chorus] [Interlude:] My bed's so cold, so lonely No arms, just sheets to hold me Has this world stop turning? Are we forever to be apart? (Forever to be apart) [Pre-chorus] [Chorus] I'm coming home I've been gone for too long! (I'm coming home) Do you remember me at all? Do you remember me at all? I'm leaving I'm screaming I'm dreaming HEARTS BURST IN TO FIRE [screamed]
Heart Bell
The pealing of a lover's broken heart Is as Heaven's bitterest of knells Scattering broken notes from it's start And likening a dreamless world to Hell. Dream with all you have inside your heart Leaving not one thought to your contrition Let not doubt, whispering, to you impart The death of lovelight's true ambition. Take not away from me this place That I, in humble dreaming, have discovered Inside my head, revealed not by my face Where hopes and wishes bind to me my lovers. Were I to disregard my beautiful retreat And live day-to-day with bitter empty soul I would, perhaps, cease instead to breathe Choosing Death, before my broken heart could toll. 10/09/08 D R Hyden simply put, a world without dreams is not a world worth living in...
The Heart Of This
At the heart of this Was a Judas kiss A mark of Cain An innocent slain Excuses empty as your soul The drama taken hold A medicated backlash In bridges of flame and ash
Hear My Screams
I scream in the dark I scream in the light I scream inside I scream and no one hears Screams fall on death ears Screams never heard
Heart Of Fire Needs 1 Rate! Hook Him Up, Y'all!!!
=== '"Heart of Fire's FU-ANGEL'S & Lost Boyz Club FAR~I HOOK UP THE PIC'S' wrote the following at '2008-10-17 11:57:28'.. > > > > > > > > > > Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park > > All I need for you is about 10 sec of your time. Click on the pic which will take you to a link and then rate the pic. It's that simple? Please help me out ok...? > > >
Heartbreaking Letter From My Son~ A Rookie Firefighter
On the day of my first call as a rookie firefighter you would have been hard pressed to find a person more excited and happy about the direction his life was headed in, someone who looked forward to the days he was able to go back to the station. While I have always known that the fire service was where I belonged and I am still just a rookie the baby of my shift I never really thought about just how fast a persons decisions can change the course of many other lives. While the first fire I went on was nothing more than a small car fire caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette it was the next call that really made an impact on me. That call was for mutual aid on a major motor vehicle accident to help a neighboring department provide care to the occupants of a small car they were pinned inside. I dont know where the occupants of that small car were headed but I am sure when the three of them got in the car they never thought that that trip would end with only two of them s
PITTSBURGH GIRL ! A Pittsburgh girl knows just as much about football as her guy friends, in some cases, even more. She drinks Smirnoff because it tastes good but knows when to be classy and drink something more sophisticated. She owns a Steeler jersey not just because it's cute but because she supports her team and understands the game. She loves Kennywood and isn't afraid to order cheese fries w/ gravy from the Potato Patch because, let's face it... They are amazing even if they go straight to your ass. Pittsburgh girls wear winter coats and scarves a lot more than bikinis and flip flops. A Pittsburgh girl loves St. Patrick's Day, even if she's not Irish because green beer is good for the soul. Pittsburgh girls don't have a funny accent. They just speak a different language. The word yinz is dear to her heart, even if she would never say it herself. A Pittsburgh girl bleeds black and gold and knows how to
Hear Ye Hear Ye
Heart Attack-blindside
Heartattack - Blindside
Heartstoppers Haunted House Presents The Deadlands
Heartstoppers Haunted House presents The Deadlands from Hex on Vimeo. Coming this October to the Placer County Fair Grounds in Roseville - Sacramento! Live through the final days of bounty hunter Cane "The Deathslinger" Hex, a ruthless killer with a cemetery's worth of murders under his belt. Hex's luck ran out 136 years ago at this very location, when he was ambushed by those whom he had already killed. All those lives he took, somehow escaped the deepest pits of damnation, to exact their revenge again and again...
Heart Break
My heart shatters as you walk away. I see my life ending. You were all i ever needed. A moment stolen in time. Now you want another. Heartbreak is my mistress now. Everyone mocks me they saw it coming. I was too damn blind. The warnings were there.You said you'd never leave. I trusted you. You shredded my heart. You left it bleeding and wide open. Now i wont let any one else back in. There's no way I can. Only if they can break down the walls i built. There's just no way I can deal with the pain again.
Hearache And Pain
nothing is worse than a broken heart...finding that one person who you think is your soulmate for life and then find out they love you but aint in love with you sucks....maybe i outta stick to driving big rigs and forget about finding what love is
You left my heart broken, your smile faded away, our words left unspoken, my bleeding heart betrayed. My blackened tears rolled down, streaking my burning cheek. My lips whisper no sound, my body shudders weak. Tearing holes in my chest, my soul weakened by pain, screaming out in protest, answers i can not gain. Scaring my flesh and blood, stabbing me in the back drowning in salty floods, from your verbal attack. I only wish you could see how much i hate your soul. I have but one request, give back the heart you stole.
Hearts On Fire
I need to take you in my strong arms let me hold you oh so close and tight our sighs rising high into the heavens rocking wrapped up in sweet delight You know I'll never ever let you go I yearn to kiss your lush warm lips till we melt blissful in love's wild fire in a dance eternal, joined at the hip I want you to know my heart's pure voice hear me pour out my feelings for you to shout them at the boundless sky so strong, so deep, so clear so true love's feast calls us to this moment no reason needed, for what we do I have a gnawing hunger in my soul always aching for just a taste of you
Heart Of A Woman
Deep in the heart of a woman Is the love for a man. One that she can not stand to be with out, One that will hold her hand. A man that will kiss her, Love her, Treat her with respect. Touch her with gentleness, Like a fine wine glass. Look at her as though she is his whole world, Tell her he cares, And that He wants to share, The rest of his life with her. Never leave her side, Cry with her, Laugh with her, Hold her close to him, Make love to her like the world is going to end.
Hearbreak And Life Sucks
what can i say i think life sucks right now im 28 divorced onec married twice filing for divorce number two what can i say i have 2 beautiful baby boys and cant let my husbands unfaithful ways go unnoticed so he has lost his family guess i really am cold hearted like they say i can be lol
Heart Ache
When you care for someone, you let them into your heart. When you love them, your heart can feel what they feel. When they are happy, you feel joy. When they are afraid, you are scared. When they feel pain, your heart aches. What even hurts more, is when you feel that the person you care about so deeply about, has put up a wall because they are scared. Scared of the unknown and the fear of having their heart hurt again. Faith. Faith in him and his love for me. The same faith he put in me months ago.
Heart Attack
well,for anyone who might read this,yes,yesterday I had a mild heart attack..Still more test,but I'm still here...
Heartsoflove To Godmother (closed)
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Heartbroken Snuggles Makes For Bad Combo
i'm not to sure why i put my heart out there and all it ever get's back it hurt and pain....It get's stompped on stabbed crushed and put in a blender then handed back with out regard i;m sick of it so in other word's I'M DONE DONE DONE....i no longer will be so eagger to start feeling for someone on a computer even if your a sweet me that just mean's your nothing more then a player or a heartbraker and if that's what you really are you need to remove yourselfs from my list....if you aren't stay put and get to know me i'm good person with a big heart...and if you deside i'm not for you be A MAN ABOUT IT AND TELL ME STRIGHT UP.....i'm not as heartless as some judge me to be
Heart Of Fires Fuangels & Lost Boyz Team 1
Heart V Head
Every minute of every day in our lives we all make choices, what to wear, what to eat, drink, where to go next, what to do next and every choice we make effects what sort of day we have, what sort of life we are going to have and some we have to make because we can see no other way in any given situation that is right for everyone…these we call sacrifices and theses, for whatever reason are the hardest choices we have to make as they can and invariably do effect our life’s greatly. One of the greatest sacrifices we may have to make is those of the heart and no matter how hard it may seem sometimes that choice has to be made, for instance, you care very deeply for someone but you see that that someone is it utter turmoil for what every reason, then the choice is, do you carry on with that someone as you were and hope they manage to overcome and come to terms with whatever the problem may be, knowing that maybe you are part of or caught up in that turmoil or do you allow that some
♥ ♥
I am in a super great mood!!! My life is about to take a huge change!! Thats all I am saying!! //smiles and hugs!
A Heart Felt Thanks To The Many Supporters
As I am new to this type of webspace and working hard to understand the ins and outs of what goes on here, I have had the pleasure of meeting some really fantastic folks. Though my internet access is somewhat limited and hard to browse through, I have noted that many of the folks on here have special sections and areas for the troops overseas. As I am one of the troops overseas I want to send out a very heartfelt thankyou to all that have shown us the love and support that we have needed to carry on. I have had the joy of meeting new friends here and hope to encounter many more as time goes. I enjoy conversing with all types of folks, and try not to make things too serious. I look forward to getting back to a real internet operation soon so I can continue to meet the outstanding people here. And once again speaking on behalf of all my brother and sisters in the Armed Forces....THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
Heard That Sound...
i know. its a little bit different side of me...and of course its a corny video blog...but this video and song just seems to say a lot...
Heart Chakra Meditation
heart shakra meditation
A Heart Warming Story
Here's a truly heartwarming story about the bond > formed between a little 5 year old girl and some > construction workers that makes you believe that we > CAN make a difference when we give a child the gift > of our time... > > A young family moved into a house, next door to a > vacant lot. One day a construction crew turned up to > start building a house on the empty lot. > > The young family's 5-year-old daughter naturally took > an interest in all the activity going on next door and > spent much of each day observing the workers. > > Eventually the construction crew, all of them > gems-in-the-rough, more or less adopted her as a kind > of project mascot. They chatted with her, let her sit > with them while they had coffee and lunch breaks, and > gave her little jobs to do here and there to make her > feel important. At the end of the first week they even > presented her with a pay envelope containing a couple > of dollars. The little girl took thi! s home to
My heart breaks Each day that passes Without effort from you I cant do it alone As much as I try Theres still something missing Your love doesnt feel the sam Like you no longer care Not sure where I went wrong But Im close to giving up Walking away for good Tears continue to fall And my heart breaks even more
Heart Breaker
Heart Breaker You are a heart breaker a dream taker You lied to get what you want Now you I no longer want I thought we had a chance but I guess it was not a true romance I loved you with all my heart All you did was tear it apart You are a heart breaker this is true You are the heart breaker that used to make my skies so blue You are the heart breaker that has locked my hearts door That door is now locked forevermore You are the heart breaker that took the love away You are the heart breaker who has made my blue skies gray You are a heart breaker and I hope and pray That someone breaks you heart and you feel how I feel today
There is this guy, Trevor, I started going out with beginning of december.. Anyways we really hit it off and I started caring for him, and he said the same about me. There are just things I do not understand. He keeps videos of him fucking his ex girlfriend and her sucking his dick on his cell phone. I ask him to delete them, nope not happening. Alright whatever I moved on about it right. So anyways, there's this chat place he an I go to and well his profile said he was still single, so when I asked him about it, it took him DAYS to change it when he was on there everyday. So then I had a friend flirt with him to see wtf was up, and well right off the bat she gets his phone number and he is calling her hun. So then I really bitched him out for this, and so he says well let's BOTH not go on there then.. So then we both didn't, however I went there to see if he did go back, and he didn't. Another thing is he drives truck so I rarely got to see him so I texted him alot.. So he bitched he
Heartless Man
Looking back when I was a child, you were my hero and I looked up to you for everything. You made me smile everyday even when I was sad. We would watch the games together and you taught me it was alright for a girl to be into sports. You got a washcloth for me when I would cry and wipe away my tears with cool water. I wanted to be by your side all the time. You taught me how it was ok to be a tomboy and that it wasn't wrong. You would make me breakfast every Sunday and we would sit around the house and just talk. You said I was your little girl and that you would always be by my side... Years past and you and mom drifted apart, leaving me wondering how love could just die for someone else. I believed in my heart you would never lose love for me. I woke up one day and got the call and she said you to were getting a divorce. I still believed in you and never thought we would change. I woke up one day to find you in a lie, how could you have done that to me. I put it to the side and knew
Heartbroken.......not Anymore!!!!
Here I am...sitting in my room thinking about all the time I spent writing your name in my notebook, putting mz. everytime when I put your last name, Now I think 2 myself how can I do that be that in2 a boy who tell the truth isnt cute @ all, my friends kept telling me that I was stupid or dumb 4 liking you, I see what they are talking about now....even now that I realize it I dont call myself dumb I just say I thought I was in love....or whatever ....the songs are right 1st crushes are hard 2 get over especially when you liked that person 4 a long time. When everybody found out I was speechless.....soon after that I answered their question by saying yes....the worst mistake of my life I spent 2 much time listening 2 sad and depressing songs......crying my eyes out because u said I wasnt your type or that I see that see your wit Honestly I dont want 2 be your friends helped me get over u...... making me listen 2 happy upbeat hel
Heart Felt Poetry
“Can You Tell?” Does time really come in between the pain and some day makes it go away? Or is time there to always remind, bringing up the pain when you least expect it? My pain seems to have remained, having yet to evaporate, but to expand in its depth. My tears come and go because the hurt sometimes shows, but a brave face I place. My smiles chase away the questions, while my eyes give up all the answers. I try to keep my secret hidden so no one can see, in the deepest, saddest part of me. I lie when I say I want to stay, because I fear I cannot ever get away. I’m pulled in more directions, then I could possibly take, can anyone pave my way? I’m lost and confused, just so dazed by the fight, how can I consider taking a life? I’m here, but I can see way beyond to there, my heart does not lie, if you can see inside? But what steps do I take, what words do I speak, how can I reach where I’m meant to be? Eyes are the windows, you lied to keep me here, so can I tell the
Heart & Soul's Stay Strong!
As the waves roll slowly by, Gently Breaking on the shores of hope, The sharp yellow shine of the silicate, Upon beds of delicate sand. The coral under the ocean, Sleeps silent, Swaying in silent pastel colours, The shells off another newborn era, The seaweed off Green can be seen. The trailer ship's pulling in there feast, Off gentle sea life in its woven net, Ready to be placed upon a fine man's plate, Ready to be devoured by the mighty beast. The rock's appear in plain sight, Guided by the glow of the Lighthouse, Shining it's wonder & safe return to the shore, Upon these lands things are plentifull. People are Gracious & somewhat kind, This all depends upon who you find, Some peop,le have sharp mind's, Some are full of hatred & greed. Have pity for those who pour out there heart, Feed the needy & Share the wealth, Without Brother's & sister's of the night, We arise & take flight up high. On stars of gold & the Silver Moon, Riding on comments that
Heart Break Quotes
With what a deep devotedness of woe I wept thy absence - o'er and o'er again Thinking of thee, still thee, till thought grew pain, And memory, like a drop that, night and day, Falls cold and ceaseless, wore my heart away! ~Thomas Moore Ask me why I keep on loving you when it's clear that you don't feel the same way for me... the problem is that as much as I can't force you to love me, I can't force myself to stop loving you. ~Author Unknown Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. ~Author Unknown I thought when love for you died, I should die. It's dead. Alone, most strangely, I live on. ~Rupert Brooke Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell. ~Edna St. Vincent Millay It hurts to breathe because every breath I take proves I can't live without you. Anonymous
Heart Strings
It's becoming more evident Much more obvious to me I thought much more of you Than you ever thought of me Was this my biggest mistake Letting myself think you cared Was I just your marionette With heartstrings open and bared With me left here still thinking What was false, what was true So puzzling and so complex I’m left to await another clue On my heartstings you played Each left with a loving memory Yet I still have those questions Do you ever think about me I’m wondering why all the intrigue Now why all of this mystery Why am I left here hanging Your the one that holds the key.
Heart Inspector Is In The Spotlight!
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Everyone has the same emotions Everyone has the same feelings Everyone has the same desires No matter where we live or what we believe in all hearts must be one We must make the world a place where love dominates our hearts nature sets the standard for beauty simpicity and honesty are the essence of our friendships kindness guides our actions and everyone respects one another
A Heart's Wish
A Heart’s Wish She closed her eyes And received her kiss Her winter heart Seek warmth and bliss Bring me my love She asked in whisper Complete my soul As the angel kissed her My love is hidden He is away from my sight Soothe my heart Please clear my plight My greatest gift Will be his love My greatest honor Descending from high above Let us melt into one A fire untamable A desire to bond A chain unbreakable As the angel returned Her heart began to beat As her breath returned So did strength to her feet
Heard This.........thought Of You
for you little one......... Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
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Heart Ache
Was the New Year when her heart broke, Was a cold winter when he lied, was morning when she realised, was evening when she died. The love that she had wanted was the one she could not keep. By day she couldn't stand it, by night she could not sleep. He told her that he loved her, then turned and threw it all away. Her foolish heart had broken, with words not meant to say. She lay there in the darkness seeking shelter from this world. And there she died of heartache that broken little girl.
The Heart Of A True Gypsy
as i have tried to explain to ppl who cross my page... I am a TRU GYPSY... my mother is full blooded ROMANIAN GYPSY there has always been a strong sense of family and protecting that which one holds so dearly... family is everything... friends are a blessing that are to truly be cherished... even in the simpelist of ways... my dearest friend/kindred/sister found some videos that have helped me... see like every one else i struggle with my own lifes lessons and at times i need my friends to help me as well... with these videos she sent me i have to say... one must close your eyes... the first video, is in a different language. watch the images for they are very real... as i started to listen i was over come w the feeling of having my own family that r passed standing here with me, i had the hairs on my arms first raise, then i felt a hand on my shoulder then the rest of my body started to b covered with these chills... i was once again reminded of my grand
Heart Against Heart
Heart Against Heart you are the pain that runs through my veins the gleam locked inside my glistening eyes. Secrets unfold - creating a hope-filled mold of endless confusion, shifting destiny to a level of devestated illusion. heart against heart, soul against sound my body lifeless, fallen on the ground. A change of blood from blue to red, would bring me back with nothing else said. The twist of fate - bright and full of heavenly light a new beginning stretching for miles upon a star-shining night
Heart Less
i should have known you would play with my heart this is how you left me heart broken my fualt for falling for you. i thought you were different it happens to be you turned out to be JUST like every other "HEARTLESS"
Heart-broken Musings...
Well, it's almost my birthday and my would-be boyfriend officially broke up with me... whee. Happy New Year... Happy Birthday.... sigh... I hate dating... Kinda reminds me of why I was so reluctant to get a divorce.... but that was really the right choice. It's not that have no one... I have a guy that is more than a fuck-buddy/ friend with benefits, but he will NEVER be more than that. I need more than that. I need to be taken. I need love and romance and someone who will consider living with me one day... It's weird but sometimes I think that guys are just waiting until my kids are older... I don't really feel like waiting for a maybe as my kids age, but it would be nice for them to at least let me in on that... I feel like I'm being punished... punished for having kids... punished for living in the wrong place... punished for not having a car right now... punished for not living alone... Do you all think I want these things?!? Ok, I want my kids... I love them, b
Heartbroken is what I am... You know...I wish I was strong like I used to be, Before Hurt and Pain weakened me, Then it wouldn't hurt so much. All I NEEDED was your gentle touch... You KNOW who you are, and What I mean You know that you were....A part of My Dream!! But in a haze I can almost hear you say, You gave up EVERYTHING.... I listen to how your words Slowly finish into sentences And they strike me like lightning, This chilliness makes me crazy And this feeling is frightening, And yet your words keep running, And I feel tears burning. What felt so Safe and Secure, Falls down like a House of Cards. It's like ... She (uh huh I know!) came in, To Wipe Me Out And destroy my life.... AND DID!!!!
Heart Of Hearts
HEART OF HEARTS If you were mine and if I was yours, What would be the objective view for me to really know you? Would you think the things that I say or say the things that I think, Examining everything that I do? Could your eyes see what it is that I can see? And search for unreachable stars and maybe even talk with ‘em to? And should we ever part, Will my words stay hidden treasures buried inside of your true heart of hearts? Will you think of me from within when Stars light up your lonely nights? Revealing the real maps and charts! And should we ever part, Do know that it is I feeling around inside of you pushing ignitions to spark a start. When high winds seize the expression on your face before time takes notice, It is our only breath there is left to share. When the Sun is painfully poised shading your resistant side, It is I adjusting visions commonly balanced by squares. If I was yours and you were m
Heart Aches
Why can't you see How honestly I would love, I wish, To love you. I could be the one You love and hold Every day- Rain or sun. Why don't you Realize, All the hopes and dreams That float in my eyes- Does that not help? Does it still yet lay Blind to you? I want so badly To have you hold me In your arms- Strong arms, Powerful arms- I want you to love me So bad- My heart aches.
Heart-magic Man
Heart-crazy On You
Mending Hearts is the best place to start. Meanding heart is the best way to start. We all need to mend our hearts from hurt That people put us thow But just were do we start Our friends,Family, loved one who Tear you heart apart Just were do we start with mending our hearts I know our hearts maybe shatter in two But those are alright I sure your heart Took time to mend from one thing or another So I think that my heart is fallen apart I just dont know were to start KaTrina AnnReed Copyright ©2009 KaTrina AnnReed
Heartache Love surrounds me Yet only heartache follows me I have no love To call my own My friends are never alone For they have their loves Who are always by their sides And as for me I'm always alone For heartache is my love And misery my companion And in my foot steps Shall heartache always follow For I am destined To always be alone
Heartless You Are
Heartless You Are Lonely Horny, Yet I am cold and dead to you dreams of love. Heartless you are to me upon each breathe I take. Loving Caring, But you could careless about my feelings for you. Heartless you are to me with word I speak to you. Sad Happy, What are these emotionally feelings I having now because of you. Heartless you are to me when I reach out to you. Restless Untamed Be my wicked thoughts of you. Heartless you are to me for no reason. Constant Endless energy How I wish you would make love to me. Heartless you are to me with kiss and touch upon another, instead of me. Dominant Submissive Which do you want me to be? Heartless you are to me without speaking to me. Sex Inexperience Yet, I want you to be my lover. Heartless you are to me because you don’t come to me. Lips Hands How I want to touch your body of sin. Heartless you are to me bait me with sweet words of hope, but never give it to me. ©2009 Firestar
My heart is filled with wonders I smile when I think of you My little soul takes flight and flutters Whenever you pass me through I heart the sound of your mesmerising voice I heart the smell of you I heart the way you look in my eyes I heart you, and only you My words may seem a little naive My lips are frozen, they cannot speak My body shivers just seeing you here And yet you are just a fantasy You cannot be mine because you don't heart me Though I wish and wish that we are us Still your heart belongs to another she Yet I pray you look my way And maybe you'll heart me back
Heart Attack
Yep, I had one, 3 actually. It happened friday night/sat morning. I was home getting ready for bed and my arms and chest started hurting. I went to the hospital and had them there. Thankfully I was there when it started. They life flighted me to Akron General. There they performed emergency surgery on me. I now have a Stint in one artery. It's funny to think that you can get shot, stabbed, ran over by a car and in a major car wreck and survive. But all it takes a piece of something smaller than a grain of sand to clog an artery and it'll kill you faster than anything else. They asked all the usual questions, did I do drugs, steroids, or smoke cigarettes. And the only one that I ever done was smoked, Had done that for 25 years. And needless to say it was what was gonna kill me. So with that being said, for the rest of my life I must take meds everyday, and see a doc every month to monitor my heart. There was nothing else that caused my heart attack other than smoking. My
Heart Day =)
That's right I'm in a Valentine's Day Auction!! So here's your chance Let's see if you have what it takes to own The Asian Persuasion Unbreakable (repost of original by 'Unbreakable † Promoter @ Fallen Angels Always owned by T & Fu wife to Sweetpeabayba' on '2009-01-23 19:50:02')
I woke up realizing that iam alone once again...seeing my bed empty next to me cold...the room dark, seeingher clothes gone i realzed for the first time in 5 years i am alone once again. Why she hado leave me alone was beyond my belief...what did she see in that other guy i didnt know, i had everything, car, money, and i gave her the best thing i could give her, my heart and yet she takes it and abuses it like a football. Irolled out of bed and hit the shower...i stood t here and let the steaming hot water roll over me, letting theheat washaway the trears that fell from my eyes, oh yes i loved Emma with all my heart and soul yet..she left me, fo who the other fist foundt he wall of the shower but not breaking skin or damaging the tiles. turnedt he shower off and dried dressed and had breakfast, hmmmbreakfast, a hot dog and dr pepper from last night, i grabbed my jacket and split for my car. I decided id drive around and see spots i hadnt seen yet..just drive, tho
The Heart.
the heart.... epitomises that which we hold as love... for it is comprised of two...individuals or chambers....that offer the essence of this one organ... two become begets life.... and much the reason one lives....that i live....without the one inside my heart...without being one in our heart....where is life then....? my life...without love...without one...
Heartinspector & Sinfulbrat
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The Heart's Rise
A simple symphonic meant to symbolize the power of the human heart to overcome all pain and adversity in due time.All works of Razorwolf are created by Wolf himself using simple mod tracking programs. Contact for more info
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lonely ones longing in desire u fight it out let the beauty fade away thoughtless minds they always hunger for those things they can not have want not waste not nothing gained all i know is with u its just the same tell me something tell me evrything say its not a game lonely hearts beat stronger still while i listen feel ur pulse race thru my ears like a child i find comfort here what is the use y not just submit whats the point ohh i thought u got it the lonely reach out touch nothing even when ur skins on my skin vapid emptiness with in whats the point want not waste not nothing gained reach to fill the void lonely hearts reach to feel the void
Heart Attacks
This is a very good article. Not only about the warm water after your meal, but about Heart Attacks . The Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea with their meals, not cold water, maybe it is time we adopt their drinking habit while eating. For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Once this 'sludge' reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal. Common Symptoms Of Heart Attack... A serious note about heart attacks - You should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting . Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line . You may never have the first chest pain du
Heartbeat Words and Music by Robby Romero as the purple sunset fades are we really here alone on the main street of the world relocated from our homes and all that's real seems so far away sacrificing tomorrow for yesterday there's a heartbeat louder than thunder revolution is in the air there's a heartbeat deep inside our mother are you too cool to care you one so clever never speak too soon you one who knows better to be sliding in and out of the room with your friends close your enemies closer be careful now not to force her there's a heartbeat louder than thunder revolution is in the air there's a heartbeat deep inside our mother are you too cool to care roll back the darkness we've been blind for far too long in this socialist communist democracy it can't be right when it's all wrong and the spirit they could never really see you can't take away from me there's a heartbeat louder than thunder revolution is in the ai
Heart Shaped Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies
Valentine Day Treat! Ingredients: 1 recipe Butter Cookie Dough (read below) 3 or 4 drops red food coloring 1 pint ice cream or frozen yogurt, any flavor (Its good to have a heart cookie cutter for this one!!) Method: Prepare cookie dough; mix in food coloring. Cover, refrigerate until firm (about 4 hours or overnight). Preheat oven to 350 F. Roll dough on floured surface to 1/4-inch thickness. Cut out cookies using cookie cutter. Place on ungreased cookie sheets. Bake 8 to 20 minutes or until cookies are lightly browned around edges. Remove to wire racks; cool completely. Remove ice cream from freezer; let stand at room temperature to soften slightly, about 10 minutes. Spread 4 to 5 tablespoons ice cream onto flat side of half of cookies. Place remaining cookies, flat side down, on ice cream. Press cookies together lightly. Wrap each sandwich in foil; freeze until firm, about 2 hours or overnight. Makes 6 to 8 cookie sandwiches. ***But
Heartbreak Station
Waiting at the station Tears filling up my eyes Sometimes the pain you hide Burns like a fire inside Look out my window Sometimes its hard to see The things you want in life Come and go so easily She took the last train out of my heart ooo, ooo She took the last train And now I think Ill make a brand new start She took the last train out of my heart Watching the days go by Thinking bout the plans we made The days turn into years Funny how they fade away Sometimes I think of those days Sometimes I just hide away Waiting on that 9:20 train Waiting on a memory She took the last train out of my heart ooo, ooo She took the last train And now I think Ill make a brand new start She took the last train out of my heart My ladys on the fly and shes never coming back My love is like a steam train rolling down the tracks yea, yea She took the last train out of my heart ooo, ooo She took the last train And now I think Ill make a brand new start She took the la
Hearts And Devil Hearts
It's hard describing a heartache cause it's a one of a kind thing Serious injury and a whole lot of endless pain If it was a storm, I'ld compare it to a hurricane, ohh it's even got a name.... If it was a drink, it would be a strong one If it was a sad song, it would be a long one If it was a color, it would be deep deep blue But if we're talkin' about a heartache, it would be you...
Heartache is not knowing how you truly feel. Not knowing how I should deal with it. not knowing if I will ever meet someone. heartache is not knowing what to do without you. you are the only person that I think about. i try to think about other stuff, but I always go back to thinking about you. You are the last thing I think about at night and the first thing I think about in the morning. You are the only person that i have this strong of feelings for. You are the only person that has made me cry just by thinking about you. Heartache is not knowing if you have the same feelings for me as I have for you. heartache is not knowing if we will ever have a future together. NMG 7-30-03
From lashes to ashes And from lust to dust In your sweetest torment I'm lost And no heaven can help us Ready, willing and able To lose it all For a kiss so fatal And so warm Oh it's heartache every moment From the start 'til the end It's heartache every moment With you Deeper into our heavenly suffering Our fragile souls are falling It's heartache every moment Baby with you And we sense the danger But don't wanna give up 'Cause there's no smile of an angel Without the wrath of god Oh it's heartache every moment From the start 'til the end It's heartache every moment With you Deeper into our heavenly suffering Our fragile souls are falling It's heartache every moment Baby with you My darling with you From lashes to ashes And from lust to dust In your sweetest torment I am lost And we sense the danger But don't wanna give up Oh it's heartache every moment From the start 'til the end It's heartache every
Heartfelt Thanks
Oh, what a day Friday Feb 20th,2009. My 1st Auto 11 & birthday gift from my R/L daughter (Tracie) Vixxenn213 and our race to GODFATHER. At the start of the day I needed 1,500,000 and she needed 1,300,000 to level. In 9 1/2 hours we both reached Godfather. Team Rick leveled 1st and 11 minutes later Vixxenn213. Talk about some true friends, WOW! You all rawked!!! Many friends rated both of us & watched the race come down to the wire, leads changed, but in the end we had two new GODFATHERS. This was because of your support. So thank you all, and to your friends who came long as well, KUDOS! It fulfilled my birthday wish. Thanks to Archaic Angel (Indiana wants me) and Darklady for their bulli's that made it special. It was truly a blessed day! With all my love, Rick
Heart Surgery
Heartbreaker--pat Benatar
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Heart Murmur/ Or Things I Write When I Have A High Fever...
Hey Ghost... "WAKE UP HE CAN'T REMEMBER WHETE HE WAS, HAS THIS DREAM STOPPED". --Jim Morrison and the Doors And a still small voice read the invocation, "Do you see me Do you believe in me..." A Vision Waiting for Her Cermony How cruel I can be to myself. Would I say or judge apply words to anyone else Of course not. But I am forgiving and kinder now. As Albert Einstein said "You cannot solve a problem using the mind that created it" So I must move to a higher mind. If a me could go back to me as that young girl in time I would sit down beside her on the curb of the house she was frightened to step inside So she waited for her parents to come out I would plead, "Would you stop scaring yourself!" You do not know what you program for your life. And what I had to fight. But know in ten years You'll be allright and know You are good. You are good enough". And worry is like a wish for something you do
Heartstrings Are Played Upon
It's becoming more evident Much more obvious to me I thought much more of you Than you ever thought of me Was this my biggest mistake Letting myself think you cared Was I just your marionette With heartstrings open and bared With me left here still thinking What was false, what was true So puzzling and so complex I’m left to await another clue On my heartstings you played Each left with a loving memory Yet I still have those questions Do you ever think about me I’m wondering why all the intrigue Now why all of this mystery Why am I left here hanging Your the one that holds the key. By: Unknown
The Heart Of Rock & Roll
New york, new york, is everything they say And no place that Id rather be Where else can you do a half a million things All at a quarter to three When they palt their music, ooh that modern music They like it with a lot of style But ts still that same old back beat rhythm That really drives em wild They say the heart of rock and roll is still beating And from what Ive seen I believe em Now the old boy may be barely breathing But the heart of rock and roll is still beating La, hollywood, and the sunset strip Is something everyone should see Neon lights and the pretty pretty girls All dressed so scantily When they play their music That hard rock music They like it with a lot of flash But its still that same old back beat rhythm That really kicks em in the They say the heart of rock and roll is still beating And from what Ive seen I believe em Now the old boy may be barely breathing But the heart of rock and roll is still beating Dc, san antone and the lib
Heartbreaker: The one who changes, the way one feels. The one who swears , they love them still. When feelings aren't there. When you thought they were. You dont feel the same. And everythings a blur. You try to ignore it, hoping they'll come back. Then you realize these feelings, are no longer attached. *another 1 from high school* copyrighted
So I havent been here alot and wanted to let you all know why...Here is my last week.. Hee Hee 1...I started workin alot more hours at work and was still cleanin houses til a week ago. 2...Ellas dad got laid off..We are still extremely close and I have been dealin with all that..He helps me out alot in many ways..but money is DEF one big way and now thats gone.... 3..My daycare provider closed her day care for a while because of some family issues so after I picked up alot more hours, I had no sitter and had to let my daughter spend 4 nights away from me cuz my sitter lives soo far away and I had to work.. 4..Ella got extremely sick and I could not take her to day care and had to call in 4 days in a row ... 5..My van..As always..Has issues..LOL 6..My bank got some stuf all messed up and put my checking account in the negatives.They are gonna fix it, but will take a few :( So anyways..LOL..I miss you all dearly, but life is sooo crazy here I can hardly catch my br
Heart Sing
My Heart sings a brand new song since I've found where I truely belong Fate has finally found me with open arms as your presence captivates with screaming alarms I've fallen deeper knowing the promise of a lifetime throughout each season enjoying every step to climb Making memories that tantalize as we set adrift we can't help but cherish this precious gift the priceless touch of your hand The sultryness of your kiss quakes my land I know for sure with every glance we share living in paradise am I with your love to bear
I found out Wednesday, my great nephew is brain dead. His mother left him with a "supposed" reliable sitter. The sitter left the room, left the baby( a little over a year old) in the tub with another child. When she came back in the room he was under the water! My nephew, the babies father was in Iraq, and is being rushed home. I am crushed! How can a person do such a thing? Why would you leave a baby that small in the tub unattended? What could she possibly have been thinking? I would wish this pain my family is feeling on no one. Please everyone who has children, think twice about the people you choose to watch your children!
When out my door You went before, I always knew We’d make it through. You’d return to fix My broken heart And to dry my River of tears. Yet, I suspect, That this time You won’t be coming back. So I’ll float this river On my ship called heartache. Though the pain Seems to go on forever, I’ll find a way to make it through. As friends, we were Never far apart. As lovers, we only Seemed to be apart. Yet, still I hold you Always in my heart.
Heart Broken
why did I ever let you back into my life when I knew you would just break my heart again. I love you more then anything and I don't use that word lightly. I sit there and cry for you every night. If you truly loved me you would never make me suffer this much. I promised myself I would never let you back in after everything, but here I am again. what do I do to make this all go away. I love you so much it has destroyed what I have left of me.....
Heart Chakra
You Are the Heart Chakra You are loving, kind, and empathetic. You feel for the world, and you truly value peace. You have many close relationships, and you work hard to make them harmonious. You are accepting and understanding. You are tolerant of all sorts of viewpoints, even if you don't agree with them. You are very forgiving. When you love someone, your love is unconditional. What Chakra Are You?
Heart And Soul
a soul can be beaten bloodied battered and torn to shreds by the cruelty of others but look deep within it is still there just as your heart it may be hidden behind walls of pain and anguish but when the right person comes along they can mend any broken heart even the most shattered one a patch is all it needs to be whole again dont ever feel you cant be one again just know i am here for you now
life has its heartbreaking experince. life is also full of ups and downs. im in the point of my life suxs i lost my girl im in the army reserves
Hearts On Fire
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Heartbroken Nothing better than to sleep To forget that you are gone To forget your lies Forget the way You told me You never loved me Forget the way You looked at me When you left me I want to forget I want to leave this world Close my eyes Fall to sleep to stop the heart From beating I want to block awayThe world to stop the pain In my heart I want my heart to stop beating To stop bleeding From your words Your lies
Heart Vs. Head
I've got so much going on in my life now. I am planning a move to Georgia in a couple of weeks. It's been in the works for quite a while. My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years is coming with me but we've been having a lot of problems and I have been so torn with what to do. My heart says I can't be without him but my head says, I would be better off on my own for a while, to heal, to live independent for once in my life. The fear of being alone is very powerful though. I have a lot of friends who really think that I am making a mistake by taking him with me. I think I already lost a friend who is upset that I still am and I care a lot about that person and I don't want to lose contact with that person but they kinda of stopped talking to me and I am feeling bad about it. Oh well, such is life. I have to do what is right for me when it's right for me, not when someone thinks I should. I think my life is going to turn out really great. I am going to do great things with or without my bf.
Heartbreaker--pat Benatar
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Heartbreak Hotel
This is the heartbreak hotel (9x)You said that youd be here by nineAnd said you took your timeYou didnt think to call me boyHere I sit trying not to cryAsking myself why you do this to meChorus 1 (sung by faith evans)Since youre not around for me to tell you baby face to faceIm writing you this letter, and this is hat I have to say:All I really wanted was some of your timeInstead you told me liesWhen someone else was on your mindWhat you do to meLook what you did to meI thought that you were someone who would do me rightUntil you play with my emotions and you made me cryWhat you do to meCant take what you did to meNow I see that you been doing wrongYou played me all along.And made a fool of me, babyYou got it all wrong to think that I wouldnt find outThat you were cheating on me.How could you do it to me? Chorus 2 (sung by kelly price)This is the heartbreak hotel (9x)Chorus and ad libI aint goin to take it no more (4x)(kelly price)everthing you said was a lieDont lie to me (fade out)
Heart Around Ur Neck
Is that my heart around your neck I thought I'd lost it again But it's right where I left it Hold on to it as long as you want I know it gets heavy though Don't want it dragging you down Sometimes it's just an albatross Bringing pain and deep regret It doesn't soak up your tears It raises questions you don't like And don't have the answers for But I'll never take it back You can bury it if you want Or wear it for all to see It's just not mine anymore
Heart In Raged
Heart in enraged i feel like a rat in a cage my heart yerning and burning all the heart felt day now my heart traped in a cage my love that can not be gaged. heart tourment like a hellish soul. beating constantly out of cotrol. vampiric love is good 4 the soul.
Heart Of Gold
Jennifer gazed at her husband from across the table. Still dawning the perplexed look that had been on his face since he had arrived home to find the table laid with the best silver and lit candles. "Some wine, my love?"He shifted uncomfortably in his seat and cleared his throat as she handed him a brimming glass of sweetened red wine."What is all of this Jen?", he asked, a weak smile crossing his wine dampened lips."Well, William, I really wanted to talk to you about something, and knowing how things have been... a little strained, between us lately, I thought I'd make the atmosphere a bit more comfortable for us."She uncovered the plate and passed it to him with an inscrutable smile, "It's you're favorite, honey.""Wow," he smiled as he lifted the cover and leaned in to sniff. "Stuffed heart! I haven't had this in ages. Lamb, or pig?""Cow actually," she smiled"Good! It'll be nice and beefy, then. Sage and onion stuffing too? I can't wait. Thank you baby."As usual, he began devouring t
Heart Walk Donations!
    Danielle aka Evil Angel is walking to help fight Heart Disease on Saturday, April 25 and needs your help! The economy these days sucks, I know that, you know that, but even a few dollars can make a difference. Any Fubar member that makes a donation will recieve a custom made salute from Evil Angel, 100 picture rates, a gift, and she will get you Sh*tface if you are not already. This means a great deal to her as she lost two grandparents and other family members to heart disease and stroke. She has been walking in the American Heart Walk for 10 years now and if has her daughter tagging along to help! To donate just click the link below. Remember even a dollar or two can help! Click Here to Donate If you do donate pl
Heart Of A Volunteer
When someone is offering you there heart are they volunterring it to ease the pain they suffered or is it for real? We cannot be so sure even after the last few or the first one we was with lied to us after they volunteered there heart to us. Some volunteers can be fakers who get what they need, want or controll. Some volunteers are just using there own hearts as temporary subjects to use people with out caring if they hurt the other peoples feelings.  Men  and women have been doing this for years and they need to be pointed out.  A Heart of a Volunteer is not a true goal for anybody to accomplish in life. It takes a Real Man or a Real Woman to show what a Real Heart can do, not a phoney volunter who gives there heart for thrills and leaves you. Never trust a heart of a volunteer.
Heart Break
I cant take it anymore .. My heart shouts .. I cant take the pain I get every day because I let you go .. I cant bare to hurt you , or cause you any pain .. but every time I try to forget about you I find your face popping inside of me and giving me air to breathe.. I am an organ , I know , but what I feel , nothing or no one can ever understand .. I am numb now .. I cant feel a thing .. I was bleeding for a while .. no one helped me , no one rescued me .. so I recovered by time .. I healed myself with my own dreams .. but then you showed up .. you came and opened me , and put yourself inside of me .. and carved your name in my four rooms .. carved your words .. the 3 words I love you i was too afraid to let you in .. too afraid to offer myself to you , and then one day you will hurt me and cause me so much pain .. leave me on the floor to bleed .. I couldn't bare to get hurt again .. for there is no blood left In me .. I was bleeding before and I cant bleed again .. I am sorry I
Heartistic Soul
♥ Who Would Like A Cullenised Picture Made♥
A Heart Remembers
A memory burned within, from a heartfelt second long ago a moment... one single moment, that only a heart can remember a fleeting thought, gone astray, but the feeling looms inside you a boy and a girl... so far apart, so long the days that it took their hearts to remind them... how fortunate they are, that a heart... can return a fleeting thought, one single moment, or a memory burned within... so they can now live as one as only inside true love, can such a past remain until... it's found again
A Heartfilled Thank You To My Real Friends
Sitting here watching the clock strike the hours. 12 to 1, 1 to 2, so on and so forth. Watching because I am bored with everything. Tick Tock Tick Tock Time slowly fades away. Now I am young. One day I will be old but the lessons I learn will always be with me. No matter how the world changes one thing will remain the same: The Love for my real Friends. That can't be changed no matter how much ppl would like to believe. I choose my friends no one does it for me. If your my friend it's for a good reason not because I just want to say that. It's because you truely are and it's because I need you as much as you need me. I will always be there in life or whatever it brings all you have to do is ask. I'm not afraid to help I just need to know how. Anything you need a hug, a kind word, or just someone there to listen just ask. Everything is in my power and I am never busy for the ones that care. So in closing to my friends that still want to be my friend 100% I love you all and thanks for ha
~hearts&souls Forever~
The blood that trickelsFrom these veinsAre caused by thoseWho brings these painsThe knife they useTo stab this heartJust makes it's beatCome apartThe breathe it takesIt loses quickThe blood that runsIs not so thickDarkness closesWith every breathIt tastes it's sorrowAnd it's deathThe life that flashesBefore it's eyesAre caught withEvery tear it criesIt envies allThe pain that's deltOf those that onlyIt has feltThe beat is slowing The bloods run dryNow aloneIt lays to dieTime is tickingIt's almost outSo where's the strengthFor one last shoutIt will not moveThere it liesWith one last breatheThat's where it dies
creeping so silent, right under my nose, it hides in the places, where no one goes. It hides from the pain, it withers in fears, no one can hear it, along with its tears. no one shall find it, for its inside of me, but its slowly dieing, for only i can see. the pain is gripping, breaking it down, screaming so loud, but out comes no sound. pierced with hot knives, its smothered in fear, making no sound, the end is so near. the beats are getting weaker, the blood is running thin, everything blackens, theres no chance to win. it cannot breathe,
Heart-broken Still!
Recently, I was with a group of friends, hanging out downtown, and one of them asked another out. The person who did this, was my friend Lisa, that I have known for the last 5 years. We met back in winter quarter of 2004 and since then, I have had feelings for her. But now, seeing that she asked another girl out and she is bisexual, I have managed to miss another opportunity to let someone know of my feelings.This has put so far on edge, that it made me create a partial list of things that get on my nerves and this was one of the top 5. I feel so fucking stupid now, because I let my guard down once again with fear and agony reigning supreme. I just don't know what I am gonna do anymore. With people telling me that things will turn out if you hope for the best, I really dislike my chances of finding someone or anyone for that matter, who I can physically and mentally trust without being in fear of being let down or severely heart-broken all over again.I guess, if by small chance, someon
Heart Of A Lover
The heart of a lover You are to me what I never knew I wanted. Giving me love and acceptance like no other. To know your love is a comfort I find reassuring. To know we are together is what makes life worth enduring. But there is a truth to the love that we so selfishly take. A line we always cross, but choose to ignore or erase. I acted in passion and I lost myself there. I resisted the urge to walk away and not be there. Taking what was offered, reliving this life & acting with emotions I long ago set aside. Undoing all the walls I worked so very hard to create. Giving you my heart to take.  
Heart Association Information
Alert Please ask your Members of Congress to sign the letter to the President urging him to make funding to fight heart disease and stroke a top priority. American Heart Association May is American Stroke Month Heart Attack, Stroke and Cardiac Arrest Warning Signs Quick Links: Heart Attack Warning Signs Stroke Warning Signs Cardiac Arrest Warning Signs heart attack Heart Attack Warning Signs Some heart attacks are sudden and intense — the "movie heart attack," where no one doubts what's happening. But most heart attacks start slowly, with mild pain or discomfort. Often people affected aren't sure what's wrong and wait too long before getting help. Here are signs that can mean a heart attack is happening: * Chest discomfort. Most heart attacks involve discomfort in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes, or that goes away and comes back. It can feel like uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain. * Discomf
Heart Of Stone
ok. so recently i have been hangin out with this girl that seems pretty awesome so far for a week. she likes all the things that i like and we seem to be getting along great. she works and is trying to help me get a job when she is not working. i have turned in several apps but havent found anything. she seems pretty cool so much that i can call her a friend but she tells me that she is falling for me. she keeps asking me what if i really do feel that way. i tell her that she can feel how she wants to feel. i tell her i cant say those words and i have to remember what it truly means to be in love. i also told her that what she is feeling is infatuation. many of you who read this know what i am talking about. the ones that talk to me the most on fubar know what i have been thru in the past and know why i told my friend that. i dont know if i can ever love again because of what my ex did to me. its very hard for me. i still have feelings for my ex because she gave birth to my kids. i mis
The Heart Knows
Love is a lie we tell ourselves sometimes that makes us forget what our heart warns us about. Many times something can seem to be one thing and turn out to be something else entirely. We love with total trust and honesty and never expect to get shit on in return. So called friends can do it, lovers can, family can and just about anyone else for that matter. Why do we trust so much to only get burned in return? Is it all just a fucking test to see if we can stay sane and not go totally crazy? Why are people one way to your face and another in private times? Is it because they have nothing better to do with their time? Why is it that others always desire and persue what you have? The heart is a wonderous thing that tells us of what we sometimes do not want to face in the light of day. Our feelings can be wrong but I am not sure if they are always truely wrong. What are your thoughts in the middle of the night? Those thoughts that if they ever saw the light of day would cause you shame an
Heart Break
Heart break i fucking hate it. i wish i didnt have to deal with it. but no matter what we have to deal with it. one thing that is heart breaking is being away from the one i love to death for so long. Another thing that is really breaking my heart is the whole situation i am having with my brother. I want to be apart of my brother's life very much. i feel like i was forced into making a choice i didnt have to make. but whatever my brother doesnt got how hurt i am by it.
In the stillness of the night…. After the rain has fallen…. When the dust of the day…. Has been washed away…. As you watch the reflection…. Of the stars dancing upon….
In my heart, there is a place that only u can reach.... In my heart, there is a feeling of trust & the security that u always want the best for me. In my heart, there is the knowledge that I can turn to u with my greatest hopes & deepest fears. In my heart, there is a child like happiness knowing that whether I'm silly or serious, frowning or smiling, happy or mad, u'll always love me. In my heart, & in my soul, there is deepest joy & truest contentment for all I could ever want is what I have with u.  
The Heart Of A Lonely Knight
Within this lonely heart, is love.Within this shattered soul, a passion burns.Within this mortal flesh, feelings reside.Within this twisted mind, a thousand thoughts and more.Beneth this guise of what you see, and what I choose to show is so much more then you may ever know!Within this darkness do I rome, lost again within it's hold.A light of fire did once peirce the night, so again I seek a spark to start a flame.This path is long with many forks, and the road to take is always the hardest.Many battles will I fight along the way, though maybe not of blood be told.Battles of mind, heart and soul will rage within me.Choices to make and ones already made will haunt me as well along my way.But I will stand fast against them and look twards my next opponet with confidince.        For even if he wins a battle I will face him again with the knowlage of are last dual.With my wits and knowlage as my wapons I will surely over come this path in life that I chouse to walk.Along the way a new com
The Hearts Sorrow
Do you feel that time is tested,In a life where love is wasted?Lost in world of pain and sorrow,can't wait for the end of tomorrow. Struggling now with every scream,why can I not wake from this dream?Wishing I could have what I have lost.Wondering what I did to pay this cost.Lost in a world of heartaches grip,wondering why the blood won't drip.Can you feel this pain I know?I trusted you in love to show.Turning backs and bleeding hearts,I slowly feel as this world parts.Struggling now in a world of fear,coward struggling tear by tear.Screaming for this pains release,wishing the sorrow would just cease.Hoping only for touch of love,crying to the skies above.Set me free and you will find,my heart strings begin to unbind.My love will shine as bright as stars,and the healing begins of my scars.
Hear Me Out
To all of my FU friends thank you to each and everyone of you for making my life that much more enjoyable and my days that much brighter. I enjoy the times and everyone I met. I am just a typical good hearted guy trying to make it in this world, and through yall's support and friendship... there is no dream or goal that I can't reach. Thank you all
Hearsay And Drama
Heart Determines
It's ok to kiss a fool,It's ok to let a fool kiss you,but never ever let a kiss fool you....It's still best to wait for the one you wantthan settle for the one available.Best to wait for the one you lovethan settle for one who's around.Best to wait for the right one.Life is short to waste on the wrong person....It is better to meet the person who will truly love you later,than meet someone now who promises to loveyou but sooner or later leave you forever.....Never try to impress someone to make him/her fall in love with youIf you do, you will be expected to keep the standard for the rest of your life...Fate determines who comes into our lives. The heart determines who stays...
Heart Destroyed By Love
Torn twisted broken in half. Open my heart and watched it get smashed. Tortured and dragged beaten in two. Is this what true love really does to you? Causing pain ripping your sould out. Just to see tears fall like rain. Bring a storm and the rain. Let it cover my tears on my face. Don't let the pain reflect from me. Let me hide it away, Like some caged animal yearning to be free. Let it destroy the walls inside. Let it kill me slow and allow me to die. If this is what love is, Then don't let me allow love in again. Instead shove this sword in my chest. So I can at least heal myself, Or let my self die in Peace and Happiness. So mote it be.   by: aimeecbuchanan
Heart Broken
ok so theres this guy jesse right??? and we became really good friend just talked everyday and he was there for me and i was there for him and all this great stuff.... well come to find out we r alike in everyway the only 2 diffrents between us is he is a guy and loves heavy heavy metal and i do not..... so anyways we get togeather and we r all happy and shit then one day he goes poof on me...... then comes back and everything is just not the way it was before its way diffrent and i start to feel like i have lost my best friend in this web of personal stuff......... so anyways i am hurt and lost and confused and its to the point of having a bad brake down then guess what he goes poof again lmao wow he must be a ninja huh??? so 2 days ago i see that he was on my fubar and see that he is owned and has as his number one some bitch and the only bitch thats on his friends list so at this point i am pissed cuz last i knew we were gonna try n work things out..... well then i get on my aim and
A Heart's Mourning
For the life in me, I dream the day, to reclaim the soul, of the bride I lost, When she closed the door, My heart left with her, My life grew dim, And the hope faded, As the shadows cleared, I saw my reflection, Of the better days, For life was good, I hope to get back, The love I shared, And the memories flow, Like the river's sand.
Gail Cooper thought she had made peace with her daughter's death nearly 25 years ago. On Saturday at the Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, Cooper walked into a terror like she's never known. "This is like an Alfred Hitchcock movie," said Cooper, gesturing toward the backed-up traffic, the line of family members and the dozens of investigators who have closed the entire cemetery and declared it a crime scene. Cooper learned the section of Burr Oak called "Babyland" -- where her six-year-old girl was buried after she was killed in a car accident -- was a new focus of investigators who have already found a mass grave in another portion of the cemetery. "That disturbs me a lot, you know?" Cooper said, breaking down into tears. "To think that maybe they took her and threw her over in the corner like she was a piece of trash. That was my baby." Four Burr Oak cemetery workers were charged with digging up hundreds of graves and reselling the plots. More than 300 bodies are suspected to be distu
My heart my soul my life feels blessedA feeling that I hope will last.To know you is to know a dreamThat I've always wondered what it meansOr a sunset that is so perfect and trueThese are the thoughts I think of youI walk alone on a lonley beachWith the idea that one day that will not beForever is a long and winding gateThat in the end is worth the waitDay dreaming of days of happiness and blissThese will be dreams that I will not missAfter the sunset of my closing mindI think of you behind my closing eyesForever will be worth the walk to the gateAnd in forever, true love...Will be worth the wait.
Heartache Continues
It was a line of people so sad and lost, they might have been refugees from a war, or a natural disaster. More than 1,000 came to Eisenhower High School on Sunday seeking information about loved ones buried at Burr Oak Cemetery -- or so they thought. Stephanie Jackson (left), whose daughter Charrhonda Tisdale Ford, was buried at Burr Oak, said, "I can't go in there and find her. That's my only daughter. My only daughter." A grave-selling scandal at the Alsip cemetery has layered new misery on old grief. Stephanie Jackson was near the graveyard Sunday with a poster that asked: "Where is babyland?" -- the children's section of the cemetery. Her daughter, Charrhonda Tisdale Ford, 4, was buried in the section after a 2001 accident. Sheriff Tom Dart has said Babyland's headstones are gone. "I can't go in there and find her. That's my only daughter," said Jackson, 36, of Posen. "My only daughter." She visited the grave in May and it looked intact. But looking back, "her
The Heart Knows No Reason
In times of frustrationsThe mind leadsWhat the mind teachesThe heart feels.In times of depressionThe mind finds the meansWhat the mind givesThe heart receivesIn times of prosperityThe mind rulesWhat the mind dictatesThe heart followsIn times of lovingThe mind asksWhat the mind questionsThe heart answersWhen the mind resistsThe heart insistsIt is the timeWhen the mind loosesAnd the heart wins
A Heartwarming Story
An Iowa boy These are the Americans that make us great.... John works at the Cargill plant in Eddyville , Iowa , when he's not in Iraq .  Wouldn't it be fitting if this went completely around the world!..... This needs to make headline news...not some of the other junk that makes the news these days!!!  Like the Rosie O'Donell war of words...celeb weddings...who's not wearing undies...etc. It's a tough, but heartwarming story...with a picture of John Gebhardt in Iraq John Gebhardt's wife, Mindy, said that this little girl's entire family was executed.  The insurgents intended to execute the little girl also, and shot her in the head...but they failed to kill her.  She was cared for in John's hospital and is healing up, but continues to cry and moan.  The nurses said John is the only one who seems to calm her down, so John has spent the last four nights holding her while they both slept in that chair.  The girl is coming along with her healing. He is one of the real heroes of the war, a
Heart Break
once again the lonelyness creeps in to my soul. Or was it ever really gone? Once again my humanity is taken from me. Once again the darkness consumes me. Darkness my old friend you have returned. Once again you stick to your steal blade in to my heart. But my soul you may never have. Once again you test my fath in others. Once again you have given me one that can not endure the test of time and hardship. Is there no one the can endure this test? Once again the word love has no meaning.  
Heartless Fu-diva?
Heart Wares
milky sunlight weakly waltzes through the nearby window there the silence pounding into my temples as my mind retraces the empitness of our last conversation that left my heart heavy laden and filled with contemplation of the future unfolding before me with the quickening speed of a jet fighter to love you is bliss and to have your love is a treasure a pleasure like none that I have ever known and I wonder if before this what I ever really felt was love at all. that being said i wonder again if this overwelming urge this surge of emotion and soulful devotion is love now that I am filling my broken soul with - how could it be naught?? I am caught... being a silly girl who is held in by fear afraid to live but wants to give life a chance. I crave romance but the filler inbetween can often be lean and lacking the fire that my whismical heart desires and I get to feeling, over-thinking and those thoughts are stinking - reaking if you will. I am no fortune teller or refined seller of
A Heart Of Stone
  A Heart Of Stone   Once I had a heart of stoneFor it had surley lost its homeIt could not love or wanted tooBut in my life, then came you. The stones began to fall awayAs happiness began to fill my dayA feeling so sweet and special tooCould this be love, I pray is true. My heart now sings a song of loveFor I know that it was  sent from aboveMy heart is warm, there is no coldHard no more, but with wings of gold. It soars above the sky so highSometimes I think of why and cryMy heart now sings a loving songFor the part of me I thought was gone. The gift that you have given meIs so important, can't you seeNo more sadness or being aloneFor now my heart returns to home
Heart Break
Heartbreaker   What is this feeling? That’s reeling in my heart Stirring chaotically in my mind Gentle kisses and tender caresses Flash briefly in my head Of the one night we laid in your board broken bed This cant be love It must be lust Our relationship quickly evaporated into dust I feel abused Yet happily mistreated You told me I wasn’t being used But you seem to have fleeted
Heart Burst Into Fire
I'm coming home I've been gone for far too long Do you remember me at all? I'm leaving Have I fucked things up again? I'm dreaming Too much time without you spent It hurts Wounds so sore Now I'm torn, now I'm torn I've been far away When I see your face my heart's burst into fire Hearts burst into fire You're not alone I know I'm far from home Do you remember me at all? I'm leaving Do you wait for me again? I'm screaming No more days without you spent It hurts Wounds so sore Now I'm torn, now I'm torn I've been far away When I see your face my heart's burst into fire Hearts burst into fire My bed's so cold, so lonely No arms, just sheets to hold me Has this world stopped turning? Are we forever to be apart? Forever to be apart It hurts Wounds so sore Now I'm torn, now I'm torn I've been far away When I see your face my heart's burst into fire Hearts burst into fire (I'm coming home) I've been gone for far too long (I'm coming home) Do you remember me at all? Do you remember me a
A Heart
  A heart is not a token, A heart is not a toy, So if you want it broken then give it to a boy,   Cause boys just like to play with things,  To see what makes them run, When it comes to kissing, They do it just for fun,   In the game of love a girl is taken for a fool, When it comes to making love, They have to play it cool,   I know you can't believe , He took your heart and ran, But then again you thought, You gave it to a MAN   Author Unknowm
&hearts Do You Want A Personal Salute By Me??? ♥
I am saving for spotlight so i came up with an idea...people are always asking me for salutes but none really seem to help me get fubucks for the  spotlight so I decided to sell salutes.    1.  Normal sfw salutes 250k    2.  Bra salutes 500k    3. Topless salute wearing nothing but my hands and a smile :) will cost 1 million   ♥ In closing IF you wish to have a salute made please private message me with what you would like and when i receive the fubucks I will make them upon payment. ♥ Thank You to all those that have helped me thus far! I look forward to doing business and making new friends Please help me reach my goal..
A Heart Warming Story
Here's a truly heartwarming story about the bond formed between a little 5-year-old girl and some construction workers that will make you believe that we all can make a difference when we give a child the gift of our time. A young family moved into a house, next to a vacant lot. One day, a construction crew turned up to start building a house on the empty lot.The young family's 5-year-old daughter naturally took an interest in all the activity going on next door and spent much of each day observing the workers. Eventually the construction crew, all of them 'gems-in-the-rough,’ more or less, adopted her as a kind of project mascot. They chatted with her, let her sit with them while they had coffee andlunch breaks, and gave her little jobs to do here and there to make her feel important.. At the end of the first week, they even presented her with a pay envelope containing ten dollars. The little girl took this home to her mother who suggested that she take her ten dollars 'pay' she
Heart Breaker
I have found that there are those that have been going around and telling women not to add me, because I will break their hearts. Is that true? Yes, it is. I do not do it intentionally. Hearts will be broken, not just by me, but by all of us.  We fall in and out of love. We change our minds. We fight. We are all heartbreakers. We know what we want, or sometimes not. Don't sit there and tell others not to add whoever, because we are heartbreakers. How about telling them not to add you, as you will eventually break hearts as well. It is a chance we take, when we come to these sites. We know the risks. Let us make the choices as to who we add or don't add. We are masters of our hearts and we give them to who we want and take them back when we want. We break hearts on purpose to protect ourselves or them. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is we are all heartbreakers.
While you cry on the floor I hear the pain and agony in your sobs.Im speechless completely at a loss for words my mind has gone blank for all my thoughts and memories just disappear.I cant stand to look at you like this i cant stand to look at what you have become  I turn my back to you so i cant see your bloody tears drip to the cold wood floors.I cant stand to look at the gashing wound in front of me i cant look at you while you die. You cry and beg me to explain myself you ask "Why are you doing this?Why are you doing this to me?" I have no answer,No feeling,No Justification for what has been done.I am ashamed of myself ,I am ashamed of my crimes. I once loved you,I once carried you upon my chest but no more for the burden is too great of a weight to carry with me anymore.I loved you once long ago,I cared for you once long ago but no more for we are not the same people we once were,we are not the same people we set out to be after high school .We are now empty shells of the lovers w
Heart Ache
Looking back i realized how much have my heart continue to ache i cnt do nothing but just to move on..but for some reason i cant help but to miss everything that i it felt when sum1 holds you close wit the same passion that your u can only think about that person and knowing the fact that his doing the exact same..but now as i question myself how can something perfect end to completely i wish that im still feeling wat im feeling can it end so soon..I just hate the fact that i miss you and what we have..its killing me that i cnt still 4get about you and that I still love you..i tried to move on but in the end my heart always crave for only you..How i hate that i love u so much that im suffering at this moment because i believed on us so i fought for it and gave my all and nothing turned out..why even now tears are still fallin..and wat hurts more is that how can you act dat nothing did ever happened and how u can 4get ab
A Heart Touching Feeling Of The Year..
A heart touching feeling of the year:She asked me you love me or  your life.i said my life.She left without knowing that she is my life....
+I'm probably one of the least orgnanized people you'll ever meet when it comes to some things.+my best friend is a guy._ And it's true that he understands me on an entirely different level than anyone else_ even when he's 150 miles away. +I love the beach_ my best memories all took place within an hour of the east coast.+i don't believe in love at first sight. Experience and past relationships will teach you that everything you think you know... isn't true.+i'm unpredictable when it comes to music, but rock never gets old. I like something I can hear and feel at the same time.+I've never been into LOTS of sports, but as far as watching them, theres nothin like runnin up and down the sidelines of a football field. The game is so much more intense down there- bleachers and televisions don't do it justice. +I like to hunt and fish, but I'm severely impatient and it always turns into a competition. +My dream career is in healthcare AND photography-just never told anyone. I love helping pe
Heartbroken Hurt Torn
OK so heres my story..i go to pay my light bill today only to realize 100 dollars is missing out of my purse. I KNOW i had all of the money in there on Friday.I picked up my sister Saturday morning so she n the kids could come visit.It was a hetic weekend with all the kids and her.She helped me clean the house because ive been sick.I told her i would pay her 20 bucks.Meanwhile my purse was in the Kitchen where she was cleaning..Sunday when i took her home she refused the 20 bucks and said she didnt need it...i didnt think nothing of it at the time...NOW 100 short i call her and ask her if she knows what happened..she said well Valerie had been in ur purse..keep in mind valerie is a 2 year old...and i was like ummm ok i know there was no way she took out the money grabbed 100 and folded the rest back up like i had it..Its hard to accuse someone of stealing when u have no proof..and it hurts because she is family but i know i know i know it was all in there on friday..i just dont know wh
Heart Condition
I am due for the TEE test is the 4th of September at 7am.   this is the site from my sister in law CJ Kestner.
The beating of her heartA lonely sound to the naked earSoft tears fallen in the rainThoughts and memories playingLaughter and tears intertwinedSoft whispers in the nightThe breeze gently flowing aroundA smile spreading softlyArms locked in a hug rememberedThe nuzzle of a hand on the face Listen closer The beating is of two hearts as oneHis wings of Alabaster envelop herTightly wound around her completelyFrom on high he watches over herHis hands gently holding her heartSoft words to help her throughA gentle touch of his lips upon her cheek
♥a Dozen Things To Do Today♥
This was NOT written by me... I just REALLY REALLY like it: Remember that some of the world's nicest joys are its most special people... and that YOU are definitely one of them.  Take care of that person.  Enjoy the ride.  When the world is too busy, slow it down. Climb one rung higher on the ladder to your stars.  Imagine what the view will look like when you get where you're going.  Stay in touch with your inner voice; it always speaks the truth.  When you've been working too hard, give your batteries time to recharge. Remember that you're thought of with friendship and with love. Keep a smile on that wonderful face of yours.  Have a great day... and... BE HAPPY!
A true friend is very rare to find these days.  I thought this was very sweet and it was written for me a few years ago... A true friend is someone who is there through thick and thin.  Someone who you can COMPLETELY trust.  Someone you might get mad at and hate for a day or two.  Someone who you can't stay mad at... Not even if you try.  Someone that you turn to in your time of need.  Someone that turns to you in their time of need.  Someone who understands you.  If you know someone like this, hang on to them because they're a true friend.
♥this Is Kinda Gay Lol♥
If you have found a smile that is the sweetest one you've known... If you have heard, within a voice, the echoes of your own... If you have felt a touch that stirs the longings of your heart... And still can feel that closeness in the moments you're apart... If you have filled with wonder at the way two lives can blend... To weave a perfect pattern that is seamless, end to end... If you believe some things in life are simply meant to be... Then you have found your soulmate... Your hearts own destiny.  
Have you ever noticed how the littlest thing you say could do more damage to someone than good, weather you meant it or not??? the littlest thing you say can set someone back on years of depression and anger... the years they worked so hard to block out so it doesnt effect their every day life... it truely bothers me that there are people who dont think twice about what they say first.... granted, ive had my share of times ive spoke before i thought, and i would step up and apologize about what i said or what i did.... but there are people who are just so heartless that what they say, even after they find out how much what they said hurt someone, they still cant and wont step up and apologize.... i dont get that.... yeah ima bitch, and ill admit it right off hand and i dont care.... but..... ive never been able to be heartless like that.....  then there are the people who were your "friends" who thinks you should have taken what was said as a joke..... and its hard to get people to u
Heartstrings Are Played Upon
It's becoming more evident Much more obvious to me I thought much more of you Than you ever thought of me Was this my biggest mistake Letting myself think you cared Was I just your marionette With heartstrings open and bared With me left here still thinking What was false, what was true So puzzling and so complex I�m left to await another clue On my heartstings you played Each left with a loving memory Yet I still have those questions Do you ever think about me I�m wondering why all the intrigue Now why all of this mystery Why am I left here hanging Your the one that holds the key.
♥ So...♥
So if you constantly have someone on your mind... No matter how bad you want to NOT think about them... Exactly what should be done about it?  I mean... are they supposed to be there... or what... FK it... IDK lol  Just felt like gettin that off my shoulders...
♥navajo Chant♥
This is a Navajo chant & was one of my Dads favorite entries in the book I got for Christmas in 1998: *My Daughter, My joy... The greatest tributes to daughters that have ever been written* I have made a baby board for you my daughter. May you grow to a great old age. Of the sun's rays I have made the back, Of black clouds I have made the blanket, Of rainbow I have made the bow, Of sunbeams I have made the side loops, Of lightning I have made the lacings, Of raindrops have I made the footboard, Of dawn have I made the bed covering...
♥my Absolute Fav♥
Okay, so this is my favorite entry from the book because I know this is how my parents felt: Even though this is mainly about motherhood... I know my father felt the same way... so I assume it is safe to say that fatherhood changes a man just as motherhood changes a woman, if not on a more intense level. "...when she cried her deep soulful cry, I was filled not merely with panic but with passion.  I loved her even more for not being beautiful. But was she comfortable?  Were those sunbeams perhaps a little too strong?  Did they cause her a moment's inconvenience?  I would smash the sun to smithereens if they did.  It would be the work of a moment: nothing easier.  I would weep tears of anguish the while.  There seemed to be lots of anguish about.  I only had to imagine her suffering anything at the hands of anybody and I sprouted claws and fangs.  I would tear her assailants limb from limb. Motherhood seemed to have turned me, overnight, into a sabre-toothed tiger"
♥quote 1♥
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.  -Albert Einstein
♥quote 2♥
If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then the emotions and the impressions of the senses are the fertile soil in which the seeds must grow.  -Rachel Carson
♥quote 3♥
Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, your own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself believe.   -Winston Churchill
Heart Appointment Friday,september 4th 2009
As for everyone knew I went for a TEE test today. For results I am having Heart Surgery but Gainsville,FL Hospital where I went to since I was 13 is in trouble my condition of the murmur has worsen an they were supposed to take care of it an they did not. I can't wait to be a adult for sure after this surgery on my heart murmur I will be so much better and not as sick much either. I am glad to have heard this today when I was in the Recovery room even though I woke up soon as I got in the room which surprised everyone that I woke up as soon as I did in their. The nurses and doctors were awesome I had mostly woman an one of them was name Amber too as well had one name Opal they were the sweetest I am glad to have gone today. For lunch also I got Mexican wooohooo it was yummy. Anyways you all thats pretty much went on today.Amber
♥poem By Bertrand Russell♥
I really liked this, so I figured I'd share it:   Bertrand Russell: Three passions have governed my life: The longings for love, the search for knowledge, And unbearable pity for the suffering of [humankind]. Love brings ecstasy and relieves loneliness. In the union of love I have seen In a mystic miniature the prefiguring vision Of the heavens that saints and poets have imagined. With equal passion I have sought knowledge. I have wished to understand the hearts of [people]. I have wished to know why the stars shine. Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens, But always pity brought me back to earth; Cries of pain reverberated in my heart Of children in famine, of victims tortured And of old people left helpless. I long to alleviate the evil, but I cannot, And I too suffer. This has been my life; I found it worth living.
Heartburn Cures, Excessive Burping
Excessive BurpingHeartburn CuresHow to Cure HeartburnCures for Heartburn
The Heart Opens Slowly
A gorgeous spring afternoon,the sky, heaven's bed, sprinkledwith angel clouds. Hummingbirdsreturning from winter'sodyssey.I survey the yard, the same gardenas always, Bermuda grass coming upthru brown death, making it'sannual journey thru the fertile soil( some odyssey's are measured in inches ).The hedges, manicured neatly, smartly.The flowers, ah...... did I mention theflowers, Roses in every vibrant color,Gladiolas towering.Orchids, royalty of the garden, nobility.Then there is your favorite, the Stargazers.Soft tender whiteness sharply heldagainst the bold red, so fruity and sweetlyaromatic. Just now coming to lifein the aftermath of a swift April shower.The flowers always come up shy, slowly,carefully ( when nurtured, cared for ).I look over to you ( transfixed upon the hummingbirds )and think to myself ..The heart opensslowly. Poem By Tammy C.
♥POST THIS IF U AREN'T SCARED 2 C HOW PEOPLE TRULY THINK OF U:  0=Ewwwww!?      1=Definetly not attractive       2=Decent            3=Cute         4=Fine as hell!        5=I'd do u         6=Pretty damn sexy!         7=Lovable,I LOVE U!           8=I wanna make u mine♥ This so ain't true LOL... So I know yall are full of shit HAHA
This is my fav part of the song: *Gonna pack my bags & never look back, run a parallel line w/the railroad tracks & make my getaway. I'll put the pedal 2 the metal as the sun goes down, leave everybody sleepin N this sleepy town 2night & @ the break of day I'll be a runaway!*
Heart Strings Are Played Upon
It's becoming more evidentMuch more obvious to meI thought much more of youThan you ever thought of meWas this my biggest mistakeLetting myself think you caredWas I just your marionetteWith heartstrings open and baredWith me left here still thinkingWhat was false, what was trueSo puzzling and so complexI’m left to await another clueOn my heartstings you playedEach left with a loving memoryYet I still have those questionsDo you ever think about meI’m wondering why all the intrigueNow why all of this mysteryWhy am I left here hangingYour the one that holds the key.
♥runaway-love & Theft♥
In case the video doesn't work here's the link to it on youtube!:">
Heart And Mind
Never look Back.Life is spontaneous,so don't look back.Listen to your heart, Just don't look back.For when you look back,You'll stir up fear.By listening to your mind,you'll turn up here. "Did I make the right choice?"A question to be forever in your thoughts.So a quick lesson, I've learned from you.. The past has passed,So let us leave it all behind.Just don't look back. Promise me.. You'll think with your heart,and not with your mind.
Fate is just what you call it when you don't know the name of the person screwing you over
Heart Of Darkness June 3 2008
Embracing the darkness and it's ways. Accepting it's coldness it's interaction, embracing solitude. Being alone running alone hunting alone. No warm embrace watching the door being shut, being cut off from the world. When the door shuts the warmth stops cutting the flow of blood off from the brain, body and soul. Slowly going numb, a slow painful reality of no emotions left to express. Just silence never ending erie silence. Even a sound of a pin drop is swallowed by the silence of the heart of darkness. Hypyro
Heart Warming
Our 14 year old dog, Abbey, died last month. The day after she died, my 4 year old daughter Meredith was crying and talking about how much she missed Abbey.. She asked if we could write a letter to God so that when Abbey got to heaven, God would recognize her. I told her that I thought we could so she dictated these words:Dear God,Will you please take care of my dog? She died yesterday and is with you in heaven. I miss her very much. I am happy that you let me have her as my dog even though she got sick.I hope you will play with her. She likes to play with balls and to swim. I am sending a picture of her so when you see her You will know that she is my dog. I really miss her.Love, MeredithWe put the letter in an envelope with a picture of Abbey and Meredith and addressed it to God/Heaven. We put our return address on it. Then Meredith pasted several stamps on the front of the envelope because she said it would take lots of stamps to get the letter all the way to heaven. That afternoon
Hearts Imprisoned
All my nights are moonless now,Kissed only by ominous winds.My sleep is broken and filled with shattered dreams.And in the shards of these dreams,I see – Dark, shadowy woods tree-ed with terror.And the haunting silence swoops past me,As I crash through broken branches and fallen leaves. One terrifying, dark shadow of gloom – Shapeless, faceless and namelessRises up and grabs my arm!I struggle – Ceaselessly.In desperationI fight its slimy touch.I twist and turn, but to no avail.All I hear are the dying gasps of my fading hopes,Intermingled, with the sobs of my despair. Fear wraps its icy cold fingers,Around my warm beating heart,As I writhe in the vines of delusionthat snake around me in a vice like grip!I stop my struggling, shuddering at the Agony of my soul.I am bound ,shackled and chained,There is no escape for me. I am a prisoner of this night,from which I cannot break free! Poem By Tammy C.
A Heart Compleate
  What therefore is the purpose of the heart you ask To beat, to breath, to exist is not its only task. It holds within it small and living cells A place where what we are, ultimatelly dwells It swells with pride and happiness and cheer It shudders with doubt and shame and sometimes fear Hidden behind skin, flesh and bone A heart is something we all say we own What therefore is the purpose of the heart you ask To beat, to breath, to exist is not its only task Even though it sustains human life It does not always stop the owner from causing strife When speaking of the heart, these words and more Soft, gentle, happy are words that we always hope for Heart is to stop the brain from becoming to ridged Heart is to stop the hopeless from becoming to frigid What therefore is the purpose of the heart you ask To beat, to breath, to exist is not its only task To bloom like a flower and awake from its cover As it lay exposed in the hands of a lover To take in its place, one g
Heart Strings
Frayed tattered and torn are the strings that hold together my heart. Pain and heartache streach the material it so streached out. I don't know if I pull the string if it will hold. I pray they don't break For if they break. How how will I ever pull the peices of my broken heart back in to a whole peice again. Its falling apart. the string won't hold forever. I pull gently and it frays more. the peices are sharp they cut at the strings to. The pain to much to bare I am to afraid to pull to hard. So fragile so delicate . How? How do I put it back together. the peices don't fit so well they are chipped and worn
my eyes see the world A big empty place. a lonely soul trying trying to find a place. my eyes close as the day turns to night my dreams, my nightmares. Heartache. No sun to warm my face. only the cold hard truth were alone in a world alone in a space.
Heart Health Bummer
My heart has some kind of issue that requires me seeing a cardiologist. Fun stuff. Not. So, to help me pass the time and move on with life, I joined up here and am working the The Studio. Good people and good times to be had there, so be sure to check it out!!    
Heart Update
Spoke with a knowledgeable friend today about my recent diagnosis. General thought is that I will be a likely candidate for angioplasty. I am thinking that I am way too young for this to be happening, and yet, I am grateful for that fact because it means I am more likely to heal well from the procedure. We shall see what my cardiologist says on Wednesday.
Talk about comforting! Wooooo hot damn... Going to a REALLY HOT party!  I've actually been made to feel like I'm important..... and looking forward to the company! *rAwRz*
♥5 Types Of Guys To Stay Away From♥
When it comes to dating, we all know how hard it is to know who the bad seeds are (especially if your type is the bad seed), and especially if when we meet them it's in a haze of bar smoke. It's easy to think everyone is nice and worth your time, or think that everyone sucks and you're better off becoming a nun and devoting your life to Jesus. No need to purchase a rosary yet, sister, because here's a list of the easy-to-pick-out dudes who you should avoid like a pair of camouflage Crocs. The Guy Who Lives With His Mother This one is easy to justify in your head - "Well...he needs to take care of his family," or "It's super temporary and it's only because he's trying to save money." No. The second he says you can't chill at his place because it's his mom's night to watch Desperate Housewives, say "peace." Avoid if you can. There's nothing like always having the guy in your apartment, or having to endure the walk of shame past his parents in their bathrobes. It also implies a few inse
♥why He's Not Introducing You To His Parents...♥
  When we were younger, meeting the parents was a prerequisite to dating; if a guy did not come to the door to pick me up, he was forever banished into the "Not a Nice Boy" category by Mom and Dad. That came in addition to him tagging along to Family Movie Night, and having to leave my bedroom door open when we were hanging out. Now, meeting the parents means one thing, and one thing only: you either are in, or are on your way to, a serious relationship. But what happens if you've been together months, practically live together, yet you have yet to even glimpse his childhood home? Here are a few possibilities before you decide to call it quits: His parents are crazy Generally we grow out of the whole "my parents embarrass me" thing when we're 16, but it's possible there's something about his that still make him blush. Maybe they're super religious, and meeting you will basically cement his future to premarital maybe-bliss with you. It could really have nothing to do with you, but r
♥how To Make A Breakup Last♥
 IF HE CAN'T PICK UP ON THE HINT... THEN HE'S JUST STUPID!   Whether or not you were together for two weeks, six months, or four years, breakups hurt. And they can be really hard to get over. If you listen to the wise words of Charlotte on Sex and the City, it takes half the time you were together to get over him. Here are a few more wise words to help make your next breakup a little easier. Don't Talk to Him The most crucial rule in breaking up is to not talk to the person you're breaking up with. Even if you think you can handle it and still get over the person, you can't. Don't kid yourself; feelings will get hurt. Take some time off, get over him, and maybe someday in the future you'll be friends. Until then, lick your wounds and recover any way you'd like; whether that be partying hard, staying in bed for days with pints of ice cream, or spending absurd amounts of money on clothes you don't need. No one will say a thing; we all heal in our own, weird ways. Snap Out of It Rem
♥what Kind Of Girlfriend Are You?♥
WHAT KIND OF GIRLFRIEND ARE YOU?  Multiple choice options may seem like the easiest way to get a feel for your role in a relationship, however, we've bypassed all of the tedious questioning and are cutting straight to the categories, so you can determine once and for all, what type of girlfriend you are. Here's a look at the top eight choices; decide which type you are, which type you'd rather be, and which type your best guy friend's girlfriend is, and email her this link! Loving and Loyal You are one of the few women who can actually be deemed honest. You don't cheat, you don't lie, and you are genuinely loving. Yes, you partake in the occasional fight, but your intentions are always to move the relationship in a forward direction, even if that means admitting you too were wrong. You show your affection in natural way, by listening and supporting your boyfriend. You never put to much pressure on him and you expect the same in return. Too Good To Be True Usually you're this type
Heart Over Mind
"Give us not to her.", he cries. My mind not fooled by the tongue that spreadeth lies. "This one is true." , he says. My heart wanting to believe already forgetting past heartbroken days. "The pleasure. Not worth the pain.", he laments. My mind does beg that pointless portent. "This one will be different, I can tell.", he does defend. And with that my heart leads us away breast bared once again.
Hear New Music Artists
With all the different music genres and artists out there is it any wonder you can’t hear most of them on terrestrial radio. Your favorite radio station plays only a limited number of songs and artist because of their limited vision. Well, now that internet radio has taken hold in the entertainment market place, you can hear artists you will never hear on the “radio.” what that mean is internet radio gives a platform to most if not all new artists and their music. Read about it at Radio And Internet Newsletter (RAIN). BlastFM is one of those stations that give you artists heard no where else. .
♥& That's The Real Truth...♥
Love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species.  -W. Somerset Maugham It is also the slowest form of suicide...
Heart Update, Take 2
So, I'm going in Wednesday, October 28th for a catheterization. On one hand, it'll be good because we'll find out what's causing the issue. On the other, not so good, because I'll have to go back for the procedure to fix the problem.
♥quote By Eugene Kennedy♥
The real test of friendship is: can you literally do nothing with the other person? Can you enjoy those moments of life that are utterly simple?
♥2 Friendship Quotes♥
Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. Men kick friendship around like a football, but it doesn't seem to crack. Women treat it like glass and it goes to pieces.
♥another Friendship Quote♥
♥When a woman, like that whom I've seen so much, all of a sudden drops out of touch, is always busy & never can spare U a moment: It means a man♥
Im so tired.  I'm tired of trusting and loving. I dont want to hurt or feel anymore.  I keep no one close to my heart. Im jus so tired
♥how About A Dose Of Ur Own Medicine?♥
♥♥Either way you look @ it... You're all the same anyway lol! BTW, since when do guys have a problem with being a little secret. So it's okay for a girl to be a secret... but God forbid a guy be a secret... Oh no... that's like the worst thing ever lmao... Spare me the laugh please... I've laughed enough today... but thanks for even beginning to think that I give a damn sweetie... You always have been, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, a liar...♥♥ Ya know... I never had a problem with genuinely liking only one person... In fact, for the longest time that's what I was looking for... but I swear... People are just getting more and more hurtful... so here's a taste of your own medicine bc honey I can be just as fucking ruthless as you...
Just cos, idiots.
♥veterans Day♥
Thank you to each and every one of you who are serving or have served in the Military.  I don't think that most people realize exactly how valuable you men/women are. If I left anyone out then I apologize... :) ♥*EVERY1* Please take a moment of silence 4 our Veterans. It's only fair that we thank them & pray 4 them bc THEY R Y we still have freedom. On that note... a big XOXO 2 my friends that R & were N the military. *Fos(FT Bragg), My brother(FT BRAGG), My Grandpa(FT BRAGG/FT HOOD), My Uncle Lyndall(Ft Bragg), Eddie(CAMP LEJEUNE YAYERZ), Punkster(FT CARSON), Adam(FT BRAGG), BJ (FT BRAGG), DR. N. JOHNSON(FT BRAGG)Mikie(ARMY-VA), Seth(PRIOR-CAMP LEJ), Danielle(POPE AFB), Sara(CAMP LEJ), CHRIS(FT HOOD), Justin(BEAUFORT SC)*♥
The Heart Of Unknowing
The Heart of Unknowing Who Am I? At some point in our lives, or perhaps at many points in our lives, we ask the question, "Who am I?" At times like these, we are looking beyond the obvious, beyond our names and the names of the cities and states we came from, into the layers beneath our surface identities. We may feel the need for a deeper sense of purpose in our lives, or we may be ready to accommodate a more complex understanding of the situation in which we find ourselves. Whatever the case, the question of who we are is a seed that can bear much fruit. It can send us on an exploration of our ancestry, or the past lives of our soul. It can call us to take up journaling in order to discover that voice deep within us that seems to know the answers to a multitude of questions. It can draw our attention so deeply inward that we find the spark of spirit that connects us to every living thing in the universe. One Hindu tradition counsels its practitioners to ask the question over and
Heart Broken And Alone Again
What do you call a guy that never talks to you , but says he loves you and tells you that he will be with you  in jan, but then all of a sudden deletes off here with even say good bye to you or anything?? I trusted him. I told him all person stuff about me and my son. and he just walks away from us. Guess he  is like alot of guys on here. Play head games to get thier kicks and when thier done, just walk away from the hurt they caused and move on to someone eles to hurt and play head games with!!!    Just so who ever reads this his name was  dj rockerrprince aka Jd, i really thought he loved me  cause i gave him my heart and he walked all over it like it was nothing.
Instructions......Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. You can't tag the person who tagged you.1. I hate when people call me Chris, short for Christy.2. I dance around my Apartment in my socks to old pop songs.3. I chew on straws all the time.4. I'm addicted to the feeling of tattoos.5. I wear ribbion in my hair.6. I once found a snake in my car.7. I eat Chiense food at least once a week.8. Vodka will make me do just about anything.9. I scrunch my nose when I'm mad. 10. When i laugh I snort.
Heart Of Pain
Love Is like the wind, It passes by, And leaves nothing, Behind, Just passes through, My heart, My soul, And never let me, Enjoy the feeling, The sensation, Of being cared for, By someone, Who really loves me.   Why is my life, So desperate always? Why is love, Treating me, So unkindly? I look forever, I search forever, Look everywhere, Search everywhere, And all i end, Up with is, A love that, Never lasts long.   My heart is a, Heart of pain. It has never, Been able to love, Someone longer, Than it wants to. I always love, But does, That person love me? The answers, To my questions, Are always, Painful, And different to, Take into term.   Am i suppose, To search, The rest of, My lonely life? Where will i go? Where will i search? I am tired, Of searching, And wondering, Day by day, Why must my heart, Be all pain, And none of love?     Read this an loved it!!!          
Heart Is Silent
My Heart is silent, is silent like the night My hear closes up when I am full of might I want to hold her but I am full of fright She wants me to hold her ever so tight Should I be afraid of her love, it crushes me I am still here waiting to see My brain is full of words, it won’t really stop It keeps running and running, my brain is ready to pop I am afraid she might break my silence Will she be true if I let her in or practice patience? So I wait ever so still for my heart to talk I can feel her breath every time I take a walk She’s right behind me and telling me, to her, I must trust My heart it whispers not to, it could be a total bust Hearts break, in my mind hearts are a mistake Every time I love someone they’re in for the take A mistake love is I must shout and declare To me, sometimes it sticks out like a blind stare My heart crushes easily; it will stay silent for me It’s too hard to trust just anyone; should I e
Heart Breaker
Imprisoned by chains of agony, Heart entangled by lies. Rotting from the inside out, Color no longer resides in these eyes. Heart in a million pieces, Soul ripped in two. Dying a slow painful death, All because of you. Open the gates of Hell Let the killing spree begin. I've been driven crazy, Fighting this battle within. A knife in your heart, Coming straight from me. A slit to my own throat, Together for eternity.
Heart Of Glass
I gave you my heart,even though it was made of glass.It was already chipped and cracked,the reason why, you never bothered to ask.Then you went and dropped it on the ground,Now it's lying there, shattered.And your walking away,like it never really mattered.
2 Hearts Alike!
God gave us two arms so we could hold each other. Two legs so we could stand beside each other. Two eyes so we could see the beauty in each other. Two ears to hear the laughter and sweet sounds we make together. But why did he give us only one heart? Actually he made two that were exactly alike and put one in you and one in me with faith that we would one day find each other!
Heartache, Why Do You Stay???
Heartache, Why Do You Stay?     Love you,Hate you....REPEAT!!Love you,Hate you...REPEAT!!Tell me,heartache,why do you stay?I loved you in my mindfor a very long timebefore you even noticedI was actually alive.You held me in your armsfor such a short time,loving my body,denying my heartand everything 'emotions'would add to the sex.Hate you,love you.....REPEAT!!Hate you,love you...REPEAT!!I never asked for anythingfrom you.You never felt anything for me.You needed an outlet,and I opened mineto please you,hoping to make you feelwhat you never would,but what you swore youheld dear for anotherwhile taking me in your bed.DAMN,heartache, why do you stay?Love you?Hate you? emotions strings,no ties,just entwined bodiesdrenched in lusty sweatseeking release of painthrough each other....but I couldn't hold to the no emotions.....Hate you, right?No, love you.....heartache,why must you stay?Don't you get it?Without you,I'd be whole?I can't just be a nothing
A Heartless World
Welcome to hell.Not the general hell, by my own.Where money and power rule,where gunshots are heard every minute of everyday.A place where men are kings and women are whores.A place of deceit, lies, death, destruction, and drugs.Some may see this place and think of it as a nightmare,I call it reality, I call it home.Am I happy in this hell?In a sick and twisted way, yes I am.They don't call me "heartless" for nothing.I smile at the things of this world,laugh at the destruction,and find amusement in the people.I cherish every moment of this world,and can not wait to be back in it.Call me what you want,it doesn't matter to me.I don't show love,don't want love,don't care about love.Love has cost me more than I was willing to give.Now I show only hate,and I am happy with what I am.I am happy with what I have become.This is my life,and I choose it well.
Heart Of The Matter By Don Henley
I got the call today, I didn't wanna hear But I knew that it would come An old true friend of ours was talkin' on the phone She said you found someone And I thought of all the bad luck, And the struggles we went through And how I lost me and you lost you What are these voices outside love's open door Make us throw off our contentment And beg for something more? I'm learning to live without you now But I miss you sometimes The more I know, the less I understand All the things I thought I knew, I'm learning again I've been tryin' to get down to the Heart of the Matter But my will gets weak And my thoughts seem to scatter But I think it's about forgiveness Forgiveness Even if, even if you don't love me anymore These times are so uncertain There's a yearning undefined ...People filled with rage We all need a little tenderness How can love survive in such a graceless age The trust and self-assurance that can lead to happiness They're the very things we kill, I guess Pride and competition
Hearing All This Stuff About Hati And Being In This War. This Old, Old Song Came To Mind, With Photos Behind Her Of Stuff Still Going On.
The Hearts Cry
what is it the heart wants?? to love,to be any of us really know? i guess we all know...each heart is designed differently....God put something different and unique in each of us,each of our hearts are touched in different ways,our hearts recieve love in different ways,we have all had our hearts designed with a purpose and a hope that one day the one person who can touch and give our hearts exactally what we need without hurting or damaging our i guess we wait and cling to the hope of "the hearts cry"
torchured....blackness...pain...agony...unrivaled vengence to break the human spirit...demented torchured soul...lies in wait to attack the weaker being...forever trapped in a past life....cant let go of the hurt....waiting....attack mode....ready to rip them apart....focus.....flash of darkness....success....stay in the hadows....never leaves the exact heartless....
Is there a better place,To be right now,Than to be home,Listening to the crickets' sounds,Outside the windows.Is there a better place,To be right now,Than in the bed,Closing my eyes,Falling into a deep sleep,To forget about the days,Forget about the nights,Forget about you. Heartbroken,Nothing better than to sleep,To forget that you are gone,To forget your lies,Forget the way,You told me,You never loved me,Forget the way,You looked at me,When you left me,I want to forget,I want to leave this world,Close my eyes,Fall to sleep to stop the heart,From beating.I block my ears,From hearing the sounds,Like your voice,Like when you sing to me,Those lovely songs,They sounded to tender,Now they kill me,They hurt me,I don't want to hear anything,Don't want to hear the waves,Hitting against the sand,Don't want to hear the birds,Chirping outside the windows.Don't want to see my face,Don't want to see you,Don't want anything,That has to do with you,I want to close,I want to block away,The world t
Heart, Inc.
Couple of weeks ago, I removed her pic as the wallpaper on my iPod touch... Last night, I removed her pic as my cellphone's wallpaper... *sigh* I've been told by friends in RL as well as on here I should open up more, so welcome to my emo-blog. I've had folks on here reply to my status with sad faces and concern, even though I'm making a joke of the situation. It's almost become the norm with me.... Girl gets to know me and is quick to say the "L" word. We have a great romantic friendship for awhile... And then, *POOF* ...she's gone... No explanation. It's come to the point that this is how I expect all my romances to end with, and I have no other way to deal with it but shrug and joke about it :p On a side note, I'd like to thank you folks that I joke around with on here. I know I don't open up, but just mindless banter with ya'll really helps ;)  
Hearts Of Fire
She smiles and looks deep into my eyes, I see her need come pouring out to me She nuzzles close, and whispers in my ear, softly whispering words that I want to hear sweet lover there is something I must say something I need to take my breath away For I have a confession that I must make, of a million ways to make my body quake of smoldering hungers down deep inside A desire for something that we can share made flesh to fulfill all of our secret needs make us burn with empassionened deeds
Heart - Alone
I hear the ticking of the clockI'm lying here the room's pitch darkI wonder where you are tonightNo answer on the telephoneAnd the night goes by so very slowOh I hope that it won't end thoughAloneTill now I always got by on my ownI never really cared until I met youAnd now it chills me to the boneHow do I get you aloneHow do I get you aloneYou don't know how long I have wantedto touch your lips and hold you tight, ohYou don't know how long I have waitedand I was going to tell you tonightBut the secret is still my ownand my love for you is still unknownAloneTill now I always got by on my ownI never really cared until I met youAnd now it chills me to the boneHow do I get you aloneHow do I get you aloneHow do I get you aloneHow do I get you aloneAlone, alone
Heart - What About Love
I've been lonelyI've been waiting for youI'm pretending and that's all I can doThe love I'm sendingAin't making it through to your heartYou've been hiding - never letting it showAlways trying to keep it under controlYou got it down and you're wellOn the way to the topBut there's something that you forgotWhat about loveDon't you want someone to care about youWhat about loveDon't let it slip awayWhat about loveI only want to share it with youYou might need it some dayI can't tell you what you're feeling insideI can't sell you what you don't want to buySomething's missing and you got toLook back on your lifeYou know something here just ain't rightWhat about loveDon't you want someone to care about youWhat about loveDon't let it slip awayWhat about loveI only want to share it with youWhat about loveDon't you want someone to care about youWhat about loveDon't let it slip awayWhat about loveI only want to share it with you
Heart - Will You Be There In The Morning
I'm lying beside you just thinking about usToo tired to go to sleep and too much in loveI know I'm crazy but I can't close my eyesI'm scared you won't be there in the morning when I riseWill you be there?Who do you dream about are you alone in your sleep?To who will you reach out?Oh, let it be meOh baby, you're my obsession, my addiction, my drugDon't want to be without you when I wake upWill you be there in the morning, will you be there when I want you?Will you be there when I wake up, Oh I need you to be there in the morningWill you be there?Well, you're so close to me but I feel so aloneThe more I touch you the more I wantDon't know what to do about me loving you but I pray to God that you feel it tooYou're my obsession, my addiction, my drug, so let the candle grow into a great fire of loveWill you be there in the morning, will you be there when I want you?Will you be there when I wake up?I need you to be there in the morning!I wanna love you forever,Don't want a lov
Heart - Who Will You Run To
You're not sure what you want to do with your lifebut you sure don't want me in itYeah you're sure the life you're living with mecan't go on one single minuteAnd there's a new one waiting outside this doorand now's the time to begin itYou found a new world and you want to taste itBut that world can turn cold and you better face itWho will you run to when it all falls downWho's gonna pick you world up off the groundWho's gonna take away the tears you cryWho's gonna love you baby as good as IYou won't know what it's like to live on your ownYou've always had me there beside youYou think it's easy finding someone out therewho's gonna care as much as I doWhat's gonna happen baby when you find outthat there's no one there to cry toYou can tell the whole world how you're gonna make itYou can follow you heart but what ya do when someone breaks itWho will you run to when it all falls downWho's gonna pick you world up off the groundWho's gonna take away the tears you cryWho's goon
Heart "there's The Girl"
You're a polished diamond Now you're feeling kinda rough Yes I know how long you been searching for the perfect touch You better hear what I say I can tell your eyes are just about to give you away Cause there's the girl that you were after Feel your heart beating faster now There's the girl that you were after Can you say that you don't want her anymore Just take my word now Cause you know it's true she ain't good enough for the likes of you You better hear what I say I can tell your eyes are just about to give you away Cause there's the girl that you were after Feel your heart beating faster now There's the girl that you were after And all the time you can't get past her There's the girl that you were after Broken glass, complete disaster There's the girl that you were after Can you say that you don't want her anymore I believed you once When you explained That it wasn't to tough To forget her name Cause there's the girl that you were after Feel your heart beating faster now There'
Heart - Magic Man
Cold, late night so long agowhen I was not so strong you knowA pretty man came to meI never seen eyes so blueYou know, I could not run away it seemedwe'd seen each other in a dreamSeemed like he knew me....he looked right through me....yeah"Come on home, girl" he said with a smile"you don't have to love me yet, let's get high awhileBut try to understand...try to understandTry, try, try to understand.....I'm a magic man"Winter nights we sang in tunePlayed inside the months of moon"Never think of never..let this spell last forever"Well, summer lover passed to falltried to realize it allMama says she's worried..growing up in a hurry"Come on home, girl" Mama cried on the phone"Too soon to lose my baby yet, my girl should be at home"But try to understand....try to understandTry, try, try to understand..he's a magic man, Mama...ah...he's a magic man"Come on home, girl" he said with a smile"I cast my spell of love on you, a woman from a child"But try to understand...try to understand..Oh...oh
Heart - Crazy On You
If we still have time... we might still get byEvery time I think about it, I wanna cryWith bombs and the devil...and the kids keep comin'No way to breathe easy, no time to be young....But I tell myself that I'm doin' all rightThere's nothin' left to do at night....But go crazy on you..... crazy on youLet me go crazy, crazy on you... oh...My love is the evening breeze, touchin' your skinThe gentle, sweet singin' of leaves in the windThe whisper that calls after you in the nightAnd kisses your ear in the early light...And you don't need to wonder, you're doin' fine...And my love, the pleasure's mine...Let me go crazy on you.... crazy on youLet me go crazy, crazy on you.... oh.....Wild man's world is cryin' in painWhatcha' gonna do whan everybody's insaneSo afraid of one who's so afraid of youWhat you gonna do...? Ohhh...(Ah.......)Ooooo... Crazy on you... crazy on youLet me go crazy, crazy on you...... oh....I was a willow last night in a dreamI bent down over a clear running streamI san
Heart &soul
Feel my heart... Feel my soul... An you will know I love you... Comfort my heart... Comfort my soul... An you will know I will be there for you... Take my heart... Take my soul... An I will never leave you... Don't play with my heart... Don't play with my soul... An I will be true to you... by J.E.Bischoff
" With a glad heart to receive friendship, and with a big heart to receive a rejection of friendship "
Heartless Bitch
"Being a Heartless Bitch isn't about stepping on other people, or reality TV-style sabotage antics. Its about working hard for what you want, and knowing when to stand up for what you deserve. Its not about demoralizing others; its about self-empowerment. Its not about being arrogant; its about displaying your confidence and intellect as a badge of pride. Its not asserting any inherent superiority or self-entitlement, but recognizing your own self-worth and value."
Let us assume that the human heart is divided into parts. Some parts are made apparent to everyone who crosses your path and on certain days will linger with strangers. Other parts are more subtle, meant for only a select few that on certain nights may listen to the sound of your tears. But with all these parts, there is one that is sacred. It is meant for only one other person to have. And you have to hold onto this part and protect it and wait until you find the one that truly deserves it.It’s beautiful really. Because you're allowed to make mistakes. You can give too many parts of yourself away in meaningless moments. But the way the heart works is that it can withstand getting bruised and broken and tossed around a bit. Nobody wants an un-used heart. But in the end, you can never lose the sacred part until you’re ready. Because in the end, you choose who gets it. And it is this person that will have your whole heart.
Heart Of A Poet
From the heart of a poetComes words of sorrowJoys withinAnd unseen tomorrowsTears with smiles are beautiful thingsGifts of thoughts to a human beingLessons of loveBe still and waitKindness is patientIt does not takeBut gives to all who hesitatesWho writes the words without mistakesWho needs to feel and needs to show itWhos meaning is real and needs you to know itWhos friendship is sealed above and below itInto and out of the heart of a poet
-- ♥ -- T0p N0tch -- ♥ --
Just going to make this simple and sweet and get straight to the point. I know people judge each other and I know some of you may think Im stuck up or a bitch but I would like to think that if we've had the chance to talk any previous judgements fell to the waste side. But with that said, I would just like to ask one thing of all my new friends and that is to not ask the "generic" questions that I get on a daily basis. I understand that you're trying to start a conversation and all that good shit but getting asked everyday what I do for fun or what I look for in a guy starts to get kind of annoying. So with that said let me answer those questions for all of you now and hopefully I wont have to repeat myself again. What do I like to do for fun? Smoke, drink, hit the clubs, hang out with friends, go on mini vacations;; basically anything and everything thats legal and a few things that arent ;)   What do I look for in a guy? First I want to say that Im not here looking for love or a
&hearts Slay &hearts
"Romantic love reaches out in little ways, showing attention and admiration. Romantic love remembers what PLEASES a man, what EXCITES him, and what SUPRISES him. It's actions whisper: You are the most special person in my life. He is MY romantic love, there are no words for how I LOVE him, how I NEED him, how I FEEL him close to me even when we are apart. How when I'm without him I smile because I remember how he loves me, how I love him, and how IN LOVE we are with each other. ♥ ♥ ♥ I LOVE YOU SLAY, YOU OWN MY HEART AND SOUL, I GIVE MYSELF TO YOU TOTALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY FOR ETERNITY ♥ ♥ ♥        
A Heart's Desire...
Why must every day end in torment, like the flows of a river smashing against the dam trying to break through to where it belongs. Nothing is ever easy, nothing is ever simple, even the most basic actions and reactions take numerous steps to complete. Yet when it comes to the heart, the complications grow and the desires go beyond the basic to the neigh impossible to accomplish. Such is the way my heart feels now, no matter what I desire I feel as if I may never have it, as if it is always a hairs length outside of my reach.
Heart Broken
"Doesn't Mean Anything" Used to dream bout being a millionaire, without a care But if I'm seeing my dreams and you aren't there Cause it's over, that just won't be fair, darling Rather be a poor woman living on the street, no food to eat Cause I don't want nobody if I have to cry Cause it's over when you say goodbye All at once, I had it all But it doesn't mean anything now that you're gone From above, seems I had it all But it doesn't mean anything since you're gone Now I see myself through different eyes, it's no surprise Being alone would make you realize When it's over, all in love is fair I should've been there, I should been there, I should've should've All at once, I had it all But it doesn't mean anything now that you're gone From above, seems I had it all But it doesn't mean anything since you're gone I know I push you away What can I do that will say how I love Take these material things They don't mean nothing It's you that I want All at once, I had it all But it doesn
The Heart Of Content!
I walk into the dark abyss, seeking the nature of my darkness. I come upon a gravestone that was unmarked, it looked as if it had been there forever, and a spirit becons me, taunting me, and asks,"What are you looking for?" I stand there with an icy glare upon my face and say,"answers to my hopeless existence. Why must I be this way?" and the spirit says."The only reason why you thint that your existence is hopeless is because you are not who you want to be with. You are this way because you are longing for a dark and romantic pleasure!" I stare at the spirit as if i was staring at myself, who has died from eternal loneliness and lack of the physical romantic nessissity of life, and a life of chaos and despair."Let me help you that way you won't end up like the way that i have. Go to your love and follow your heart, listen carefully to your hearts' voice, for your heart IS you, not only mentally, but physically too. Don't be like me and close your heart from those who love and care for
Why should I remain cornered? Why should I always help others achieve what they're not meant for while I can effortlessly achieve it? Why should I help create the stars and stay aside among the fans? Why should I give up on what is rightfully mine just because I don't fit a definition in their book? Why should I let them throw me into a straitjacket while all I say is the truth? Till when should I take everybody's crap and bullshit? Till when should I just be patient? Till when should I wait and wait and wait? I need a quick solution... I have no more years to waste... My best years have gone by in vain so far... While nothing at all has ever been changed... I am sick of the lies people keep telling... I am sick of the faces people keep wearing... I am sick of the stories... I am sick of the words... I am sick of people!!!
The Heart That Bleeds
The Heart That bleeds     Why I let you toy with the my heart that beat pure I guess inside i'm still holding on to something untrue I let you talk me into talking to you knowing i shouldn't and all you do is take needles and prick my heart so it bleeds slowly slowly it bleeds the life out of the my heart I really think it would be better to rip it from my chest In one quick blow break the ribs Pull the lung for the air I breath is hard and heavy  the pain is near its end for I will never love again Make my heart cold and black  so I can never love again Love in the true pain that is unseen  But felt true and deep.  Rip it Rip it I say take what was pure and true  and Bleed it dry Cause it will never beat for the heat of you.       By Warlock
The Heart Of Ages.
A heart beats within a troubled breast. Made from glass, once pure and clear. Now blackened by knowledge of evil. The beats slow, slow, slow... Then beats no more.
So there comes a time in your life, when you meet someone. Someone damned special. And its something you never expected.Something you never thought you wanted, but now that is has comes, you for fucking sure dont want to be without that person.Lura. I love you. You mean the world to me. In a short amount of time, you have put so many smiles on my face.A lot of people will come and go, buy you my dear, you must stay with me. Or else. I love you,but I'll threaten you. Rawr.So I got a jobby today. Working for Vizio. Tech support. Call center job.I hate being on phones. and it will only be a matter of time till i hate this job as well. But its money, and i need moolah.Just one income isnt enough.I wanna be able to move out and get our own place. I need more room then just if he gets this job as well, and a combined income of 22bucks an hour, it should be a lot easier.  
Heart Aches And Heart Breaks
Love lifes mystery without it we seem so lost .. with it we seem so confused , so which is better .. to really love .. in this world seems to hurt so much .. you give so much of yourself .. and hope they do so in return ..  But still love is one of those things... You never expect it sometimes but .. you never know when it will happen or who you will fall in love with .. but real love .. is out of this world it requires its own understanding , even if the heart been broken it can be healed to love again  move pastit past and into the future were a deeper love dwells , a love which leaves you in awe of each other , and delights in each others experiences.. such is a love that would be worth the cost .. worth the cost of putting ones heart out there .. so we as humans keep looking and trying to find it , and you never know where you will ... open your hearts to love  and be with someone who admires and respects your true self ..  
how many times can i decide what i want to do and at times its a hard diffcult challenge. when you have heart that has been threw hell and back and yet i wonder at times. i could find a good girl that i had in the pass or now that could show me what i have been missing or that passion love that i once had when everything was goin so good until it went upside down. many mix feelings are coming at you and they feel like they eatin you up inside and you dont know what to do or what you want to do when that time comes. hard times when they come out at once when you want to control thn and your anger comes out which leads to frustration and its hard mind set to go threw but in the long run that sometime you have to breath and give yourself time to get it together and go from there.
You look for sun and i look for rain Were different people, were not the same The power of the sun I looked for treetops, you looked for caps Above the water, where the waves snap back I flew around the world to bring you back Ahh, the power of the heart You looked at me and i looked at you The sleeping heart was shining through, The wispy cobwebs that were breathing through The power of the heart I looked at you and you looked at me I thought of the past, you thought of what could be I asked you once again to marry me The power of the heart Everybody says love makes the world go round I hear a bubbling and i hear a sound Of my heart beating and i turn around And find you standing at the door You know me i like to dream a lot Of this and that and what is not And finally i figured out what was what It was the power of the heart You and me we sweat and strain The result is always the same You think somehow were in a game The power of the heart The power of the heart I think im dumb, i kn
you know when u find someone that u really care about and well u just hate to let em go? I'm still trying to get over the face that when i get home back to wisconsin ill be still hurting and ima be missing the one great guy who i met and fell in love with. yeah i may have lost him to his ex, but on the other hand it was for the best. he'll always be in my heart and ill never stop loving him, but its hard. i wish that i never lost him cause he means alot to me, but i cant change that. things happened between me and him and well yeah. so of course im still gonna hurt and miss him, but ill never forget him. He made an impact on my life and im not gonna give up on him that fast. I have a feeling that he'll forget me when i leave, but idk. thats gonna be his choice, not mine.
Heart Touching Story
Everyone has played this game: If you had only one wish, what would it be? For Kassaundra Ramirez of San Jose, the question was no game. The 7-year-old knew what she wanted. And on Friday, her wish came true. "Kassaundra! Kassaundra! Whoo!!! We love you, Kassaundra!!" Screaming paparazzi shouted their love and snapped photos as the slender little girl with a feather in her coiffed hair emerged, glittering in beads and a ruffled dress, from a stretch limousine to walk a red carpet into San Francisco's Grand Hyatt Hotel. She was there to premiere a music video of her original song, "Butterfly Don't Fly Away," and to hold a news conference in a ballroom packed with fans and media. Six bodyguards in sunglasses surrounded her. "This is the most wonderful thing!" shouted Richard Ceely of San Francisco, one of the multitude who had heard about Kassaundra on TV and showed up at the hotel to see her. "How can you not show up for a little girl battling cancer?" Kassaundra doesn't
The Heart And Mind
The acquire true happiness, you must look deep withen your heart. NOT your mind. your mind will trick and confuse you with lust and greed. Causing you fun in the process but pain in the long run. You heart on the other hand, will show you true happiness and desire. Your mind, is for problem solving. Your heart, is for showing you the true path to everything. Or this is what i like to think atleast. ^.^   Feed back is liked. tell me what you think? future blogs will be posted.
The Heart Of A Woman
                                                               The Heart Of A Woman    The Heart of A Woman  is a mystery,  often with a story to tell,  A story of mystery & suspense  Honor and betrayal.    When will a man ever see,  what's staring him in the face? A love so special and true, just searching for the right place.    The Heart of A Woman  is often misunderstood.  As big as it is often screams in silence, though it never should.    A woman doesn't want a man,  because of how many women  he's had, she wants a man  who loves her for who she is ,  and for that she'll be eternally glad.     The Heart of a woman   is a strong one,   no matter how battered or   abused, the Heart of a Woman   beats on , for there's plenty of love left   for her to use.    So don't pity a crying woman,  because her broken heart still  beats strong, and she knows  deep down inside,  he'll pay for the day  that he did her wrong.
Heart Rejected
Rejection Shattered my heart, I fell.   Shards Pierced my soul, I screamed.   Grief Filled my body, I shuddered.   Tears Rolled down my face, I wept.
Heart Of Gold
I sit here and try to figure out why people think its so easy to treat my like garbage. Then I think to myself? Maybe its because I allow them to. Maybe its because I trust when I shouldn't. I allow people to hurt me. Maybe I need to be like a other women. A cold hard bitch to be respected. I rather have a heart of gold then allow myself to hate or mistrust. I will continue to let people hurt me because I beleive in love kidness and forgiveness. I beleive in allowing someone to be genuine. I have yet to find a man who can do that. They all treat me like a door mat. They wipe thier shoes on me and move on. But, it ok. At the end of the day a lot of times in tears I know in my heart that I am a good person worthy of being loved and cherished. I say today I am worth it. I say today........Maybe you are not!
Heart To Heart
Your skin glows like a fire fly luminating the nectarine blossoms of spring’s sensational delight. Scents of softness escape into the gentle breeze as the delicate orchid opens  into the purest of promises kissed by the purity of hope. Your angelic voice sings  to the clouds of divinity like a song bird whispering for my heart to follow the calling of your name. The dusk of evening floats like a lost feather; cascading the bounty of comf
A Heart Of Many Colors
A Heart of many colors is a wonderful thing to see,with all it's brightness and beautiful rays,it shines so glorious as you can see,it's as pure as the christmas snow,As free as the eagle is soaring,and as breathtaking as the sunset,once you have seen it you will have to say,I have found the magic of it's love to stay.written by Sandra Carter aka Dj chinadoll
my heart my heart is broken and its all because of you my heart cant be put back together with some gluemy heart is full of pain and u dont even care my heart really needs you but your not even theremy heart now as an empty spacemy heart needs u to fill that placemy heart feels the friendship will never be replacedmy heart wants you to still keep me safemy heart knew this friendship would grow into something moremy heart knew you were going to shut that doormy heart told me to let you know how i really feelmy heart told me if he lets go then its not actually realmy heart never told me if i told you i would loose a friendmy heart never told me my world would come to an endmy heart thought you wouldn, t walk out for goodmy heart thought u would of understoodmy heart now misses all fun we have had togethermy heart now wishes we should of stayed friends forevermy heart just had to give in and put up with the fact that you are gonemy heart has let you win and made me realise that i was wron
Heart Of Gold
I hate this tagging nonsense...   THE RULES 1) Put your iPod/Windows Media Player on Shuffle2) For each answer push the "Next" button for your answer3) YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS____________________________________________________________________ 1.) If someone says "Are you okay" you say: Suicide (Soundgarden) - lmfaoooooo2.) How would you describe yourself? Gypsy Road (Cinderella)3.) What do you like in a Guy/Girl? Rest In Peace (Extreme)4.) How do you feel today? I Me You (Jim Noir)5.) What is your life's purpose? Keep the People Working (Julian Lennon)6.) What's your motto? Blow Me A Kiss (Bob & Tom) LOLOLOLOLOL7.) What do your friends think of you? This Photograph Is Proof (Taking Back Sunday)8.) What do your parents think of you? Harvester of Sorrow (Metallica)9.) What do you think about very often? Everlong (Foo Fighters)10.) What is 2+2? Hello City (Barenaked Ladies)11.) What do you think about your best friend? Deck the Halls12.) What
The Heart, The Soul, The Mind
        Kill me now; shove me in the ice; dont worry about how I feel; Dont worry about being nice; I fell too hard; I fell too fast;  This time, this fall; will be my last; I shall sit in the corner of shadows; I will be here for all eternity; I will sit in this world of darkness; and hope one day the light comes to me; This is my soul; my heart and soul are one.         My mind will go forth and play in the light; So all that know me shall not know my plight;  As fake as it may be; Those who cant see wont see;  However those that already know can see it's for show;  My heart is no more; it has been destroyed;  It was by my choice; that I had it deployed;  So who is to blame but the owner themselves; Nothing matters nothing else;  So I go to the shadow; dont follow me there;  It is very dark; and full of despair; I will say these last real words to you; you know who you are; and you know its true; So as I go; when this is through; always know, I Love you. 
_¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶__¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶_¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶____¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶____¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶__¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ _¶¶¶¶¶_¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶___¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶_____¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶_______¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶_________¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶___________¶¶¶¶____________¶¶_____________¶
_$$$$$ $$$__$$__$$$ $$$$$$ _$$$$$$$$$$$$__$$$$$$( ¯`v´¯)$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(¯ `(?)´¯)$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$( _.^._)$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(¯`v´ ¯)$$$$$ _$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(¯`(?) ´¯)$$$ ___$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(_.^. _)$$ ______$$$$$$(¯`v´¯)$$$ $$ ________$$$(¯`(?)´¯)$$ ___________$(_.^._)$ ____________$$$$$$ ______________$$
Heart Smile
    _______0000000000000________0000000000000_________ ______000000000000000000__000000000000000000_______ ____000000000000000000000000000000000000000000_____ ___00000000000000___000000000___0000000000000000___ __000000000000000___000000000___00000000000000000__ _0000000000000000___000000000___000000000000000000_ _0000000000000000___000000000___000000000000000000_ _0000000000000000___000000000___000000000000000000_ _0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000_ _0000000000___000000000000000000000___000000000000_ __000000000___000000000000000000000___00000000000__ ___000000000___0000000000000000000___00000000000___ _____000000000___000000000000000___00000000000_____ _______00000000____00000000000____0000000000_______ __________0000000_______________000000000__________ _____________0000000000000000000000000_____________ ______________000000000000000000000_______________ __________________000000000000000__________________ ____________________0000000000______________________ _______
……..@*@*….@*♥♥♥♥@* ……………………@*@*..@*♥♥♥♥♥♥@* ………………@*♥♥♥♥@*.@*♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥@*……….@*♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥@*@*♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥@*....@*♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.@*@*♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥*♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.@*.@*♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.@*..@*&heart
____ (¯`(♥)´¯) _____(¯`(♥)´¯)___¶¶ (_.^._)¶¶__¶_¶¶(_.^._)¶¶_¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶__¶¶¶¶¶(¯`v´¯)¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`(♥)´¯)¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(_.^._)¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`v´¯)¶¶¶¶¶_¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`(♥)´¯)¶¶¶___¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(_.^._)¶¶______¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`v´¯)¶¶¶¶¶________¶¶¶(¯`(♥)´¯)¶¶___________¶(_.^._)¶____________ ¶¶¶¶¶_____________¶¶¶  
3 Hearts
__*hug*___*hug*____*hug*___*hug*__*hug*______*hug*_*hug*______*hug*_*hug*__________*hug*__________*hug*_*hug*_________________________*hug*__*hug*________JUST_ _________*hug*___*hug________SHOWIN______hug*_____*hug*_________________*hug*_______*hug*_____________*hug*_________*hug*_________*hug*____*hug*___*hug*____*hug*___*hug*__*hug*______*hug*_*hug*______*hug*_*hug*__________*hug*__________*hug*_*hug*_________________________*hug*__*hug*______SOME_____________*hug*___*hug______________________hug*_____*hug*_________________*hug*_______*hug*_____________*hug*_________*hug*________*hug*____*hug*___*hug*____*hug*___*hug*__*hug*______*hug*_*hug*______*hug*_*hug*__________*hug*__________*hug*_*hug*_________________________*hug*__*hug*___________LOVE________*hug*___*hug_______________________hug*_____*hug___________________hug*_______*hug*_____________*hug*_________*hug*_________*hug*____________*hug*____*hug*_____________*hug*_*hug*________________*hug        
We look into each others eyes just as the sun begins to rise My heart begins to race as u hold me in your loving embrace I knew it from the very start that ud be the one to melt my heart. The way you see into my soul my love for you continues to grow. Hold my hand as i hold yours and together we will open all closed doors
2hearts By Yours Truely
What does a person have to do to find the love thats honest and true?When you search it never shows and yet inside the yearning grows. Wanting to feel it fearing the fall is the plague that burdens us all. When the heart is torn the scars r deep laying in bed never able to sleep. Pray the hurt will end and you'll start anew self doubt makes you think chances are few. Everyones been there im sure of that everyone thinks it but never acts. For each broken heart thats been led astray there is a match waiting for that day... Where they both meet n become as one no longer two hearts on the run.
A Heartfelt Poem, Straight From My Soul
of this world there's a woman...this certain lady carries the candle and key to the darkness in my lonely heart that been locked up....of this woman, to be bring me light, must first travel the night within my soul...  and heart...for me to be open, I must first melt to the candle knock the rust off the lock.. its a task I so tried for so long....but finally I gave it thought...I can hear the lady on the other side...calling my name in the dark, jiggling with the lock... playing with the candle to light up this rusty padlock on my soul.....I banged at the door to cheer her on...but it came through as a whisper.... a whisper she heard clearly for it said...please me with this door...I want you so ever badly... when you heard those words through my lips...through sat down and cried...cried and let the tears each tear...captures the candle each sparkled into  the night...each cry make me quiver at the sight....
_____xxxxxxxxxx______xxxxxxxxxx___xxx pass xxxxxx___xxxxxxxxxxxxx___xxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx___xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx____xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_____xxxxxxxxx heart xxxxxxxxxxx ______xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_________xxxx to xxxxxxxxxxx ___________xxxxxxxxxxxxx_____________xxxxx all x______________xxxxxx _______________the x_______________xx_______friends__xx_____________x_you_______x_________xx ___care_xx _____xxxx__x about x___xxxxxxx____xx the xx______xxxxxx_most!!_xxxxxxx_________xxxxx_________xxxxx________xxxx_____xxxx
Heartful Thoughts...
The Heart Of A Woman
In the heart of a woman, There's secrets and doubts, There's fears and there's pain, But she tries not to show it. In the heart of a woman, There's love in all it's forms, There's kindness and good will. The heart of a woman is complicated to understand, One minute she could be sad the next she could be happy, The heart of a woman is beautiful and precious to have, She tries to make you happy, To feel you are the only one she ever wants. But in the heart of a woman can also be sadness and pain, She feels the sun will never shine, all it does is rain, When she doesn't get the proper love and treatment, The heart of a woman dies, It's like a flower, It needs the sun, the happiness that fills it, That puts the sparkle in her eyes. When the heart of a woman get's the attention it needs, She will hold nothing back and she does succeed, She's always happy and her eyes always sparkle, She does everything she can to help the one she loves, Because she knows he's the one she will
The Heart Attack Grill
so i just watched a news clip about the burger joint called "the heart attack grill" where there slogan is "a taste worth dying for" and where anyone over 350lbs eats free, and they have burgers named after various bypass surgeries and their spokesman died at the age of 29 standing at 6'8 and weighing 578 lbs...I just wanted to share this with you and im also curious to know your thoughts on this.  Here's the link to the news clip if you wanna review it for yourself.
The song from my previous post may have the ability to put a smile on my face, but this link makes my eyes well up with tears. Satellite Photos of Japan, Before and After the Quake and Tsunami
Heartache To Hope
This note is for every man that has ever let me down, hurt me, abused me, brought me down, broken my heart, diminished my faith and hope, destroyed my mind, heart, dreams, faith, and spirit....for any and every man that has caused any negative feeling in me at all whether you were in my life a day, a year, or a decade; whether you caused a little pain from a simple let down or a lot of pain from whatever; whether you're still in my life or not....and to any one that knows any of those men, feel free to tell them this for me....   THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the pain, all the heartache. Thank you for ever single time you let me down and hurt me. Thank you for all the mental, physical, emotional, and psychological abuse. Thank you for dragging my heart and spirit through the dirt Thank you for everything you've ever done to ruin me. Thank you for bringing me to the lowest depths that you could possibly bring me. I know I've been strong enough that MOST people h

He loves me he really does. He told me he always will This makes me VERY happy. I know I'll always love him too.
Hearts And Scars
Have you ever been hurt in the past? Who am I kidding, we all have. Have you ever let your scar come back to bite you in the butt and ruin possibly the best thing that has ever happened to you? Yeah well, I'm a retard and might have just done that. I met someone recently who has done things to my heart I have never felt before. In a good way that is... But, my past crept up on me. I got really scared. This girl is beautiful, smart, funny, kind, caring, has a great heart and is just an all around great person. Why would I get scared of that? I got really scared because of my past. I let a scar tear open just the tiniest bit and let old fears take over. I pretty much spooked myself. I thought...a girl like this would never go for a guy like me. Even though I know my past is the past, I allowed those old pains back in. I hate living in my past. I always look to the future, but for some reason I let it creep up on me and get the best of me. I was a fool to do so. I never had the best of li
Heart Of Glass---blondie(1979)
Heart Of Glass lyrics (circa 1979)Songwriters: Stein, Chris; Harry, Deborah;   Once I had a love and it was a gasSoon turned out had a heart of glassSeemed like the real thing, only to findMuch of mistrust, love's gone behindOnce I had a love and it was divineSoon found out I was losin' my mindIt seemed like the real thing but I was so blindMuch of mistrust, love's gone behindIn betweenWhat I find is pleasing and I'm feelin' fineLove is so confusing there's no peace of mindIf I fear I'm losin' you it's just no goodYou teasing like you doOnce I had a love and it was a gasSoon turned out had a heart of glassSeemed like the real thing, only to findMuch of mistrust, love's gone behindLost insideAdorable illusion and I cannot hideI'm the one you're using, please don't push me asideWe could-a made it cruising, yeah
The Heart Tattoo Test
Your Love is Unpredictable Your love is hard for others to understand or anticipate. There's no telling who or what you'll love next. You find love and friendship in the most unlikely places. For you, it's all about chemistry and connection. You don't pay attention to friends, family, or society when deciding who to love. You always go with your intuition. It's rarely led you astray when it comes to matters of the heart. The Heart Tattoo Test Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!
♥my Love♥my Life♥my Heart♥my Soul
As most of you know, a week ago today I got a message that turned my life upside down,and not only broke my heart but crushed it as well. That message was from Patricq, the god son of my fuhusband Don1897 aka Drinkbox Bomber. The message was entitled "I'm sorry Gary" and after reading just that, my heart sank. Upon opening the message, I immediately began to read and be overcome with emotion. I quickly ran to the bathroom to try and get away from my younger sibblings so they didn't see what was about to become of me. My adoptive mom with whom I live with was in the room with me she was playing Halo Reach with my sister..I ran by her, tapped her on the shoulder and continued up the stairs. I got into the bathroom, she quickly came in right behind me with my puppy right behind her, and I collapsed. I couldn't get it out. My 2012 happened that day. I curled up into the fetal position on the bathroom floor and cried..I came back down to my laptop, and went to his profile, tried calling him
A Heart Of Stone
Once I had a heart of stoneFor it had surley lost its homeIt could not love or wanted tooBut in my life, then came you. The stones began to fall awayAs happiness began to fill my dayA feeling so sweet and special tooCould this be love, I pray is true.My heart now sings a song of loveFor I know that it was sent from aboveMy heart is warm, there is no coldHard no more, but with wings of gold.It soars above the sky so highSometimes I think of why and cryMy heart now sings a loving songFor the part of me I thought was gone.The gift that you have given meIs so important, can't you seeNo more sadness or being aloneFor now my heart returns to home.
Heart Breaking..........
“I try to talk to you, but I don't know what to say. I am afraid you don't want me to say anything. So I don't. But inside of me there are words waiting to come out.And tell you how I feel-like how I miss you. And how I love you despite my broken heart.And how I need you in my life. And especially how much I want you.But those words may forver stay in my heart-locked inside.Sometimes I wonder if there are words locked inside you too... but I'll never know.”
Heart Of Stone
Once i had a heart of stone,For it had surley lost its home,It could not love or wanted too,But in my life then came you.The stones began to fall away,As happiness began to fill my day,A feeling so special to,Could this love i pray its true.It soars above the sky so high,Sometimes i think why i cry,Cause theres no more sadness,Or feeling alone for my heart,returns to its home.
You look at life and wonder.... is it really worth the pain So much that is going wrong is enough to drive you insane   You find love and happiness  and then it is gone. It rips your heart and you thought  you had found the one.    Nobody cares anymore who you  are with or not. They are all so selfish and  have to take what you got.   What happened to morals  and having respect? Then fights, hurt, and hate happen,  what do they expect??     Tamara Busch @06/18/2011
Heartless Bitch
"Being a Heartless Bitch isn't about stepping on other people, or reality TV-style sabotage antics. Its about working hard for what you want, and knowing when to stand up for what you deserve. Its not about demoralizing others; its about self-empowerment. Its not about being arrogant; its about displaying your confidence and intellect as a badge of pride. Its not asserting any inherent superiority or self-entitlement, but recognizing your own self-worth and value."    -- Kat D.
Something in me understands the voice of this heart broken in 2. Abandoned hopes and nites take me back to the start, I listen to The rain cryin', I listen to my heart drownin' in pain and again I Feel Im dying, I feel Im bendin' with the weight of my silent fate. Nothing is gonna b as it was b4, who was the first to open the door And sketch the serpent's touch? Idk much, Idk anything, I can only See that you've cut my wings. Im lost within meself, Imnt strong, I cant go along. What was so right is gonna b forever lost and wrong? Oh! Hun listen to me crying 4 ya, I wanna b swept into eternity, I wanna gouge my eyes out. Oh! Hunni, listen to my pain, to my shout. Oh! Luv take me away to a new day, lemme tell ya all the words I cudn't say. What I have now is the kiss of the memories crawlin' neath my cold skin. This heart broken in 2 makes me feel there ain't been nothin' like ya an' me. This heart broken in 2 has to learn again how to b free...
Heart On The Line
Dear Ninja,I asked a guy to be my boyfriend on the first of the month. He acknowledged the question but still hasn't given me an answer. We talk daily, hang out A LOT, and he's even spent the night a few times. This has continued to go on even after asking him but he still hasn't answered me says he's thinking about it. Is this good or bad? Should I ask him for his answer, or wait for him to come to me with it?Sincerely, Confused and Impatient.   Dear Confused and Impatient, The reason he isn't giving you the answer is because he is still involved with his other options. Sadly to say, you're probably not his priority if he isn't willing to give you a yes or no in 9 days. It's not like you asked him to move in, he's just not ready to quit getting strange. The fact that he's ducking the question any time you bring it up is another big tell that he's got someone else chowing down on his baby batter too. If it were me, well I am not actually the best example because I avoid rel

I've kissed a guy. . . i've kissed guys. I just haven't felt that thing... You know, that moment when you kiss someone And everything around you
Hearts In Shadow
Looking into the mirror the face there turns away, not wanting to see the disgusting image.  Beating against the glass in hopes of a response is the shell of one forgotten, desperatly wanting to be heard through screams never heard. One final blow and glass shatters, shards fall to the blackened floor below.  Blood streaked hands reach for glass to remove the offending image, with meticulious precision the surgeon does the work at hand.  Rivers of blood wash across the floor, shards dropping down to seek another home. Piercing lower flesh and slicing deep, guts spill forth to greet the morn.  Fingers tremble reach within; to stretch and pull a muted chord, with bow in hand the musician plays. A lonesome melody comes forth from them, telling a story of hearts no longer bold. Body slumps forth; eyes pierced with shards, echoing of eyes forgotten how to cry.

Throw it away,   Forget yesterday. We'll make the great escape. We wont hear a word they say, Because they don't know us  anyway ♥
I had closed the door upon my heartand wouldn't let anyone inI had trusted and loved only to be hurtbut that would never happen againI locked the door andtossed the key ashard and as far as I couldMy heart was closed for goodThen you came into my life andmade me change my mindjust when I thought thattiny key was impossible to findthat is when you held out your handand proved me wronginside your palm was theKey to My HeartYou had it all along
It takes a strong heart to love. It takes a stronger heart to continue to love after it has been hurt...
If one day you realize i haven't talked to you in a while it's not because i don't care its cause you pushed me away and left me there.  - The notebook. ♥
You dont belong in my world no longer , I want you to come , no nothing changes , last time you see me , Love is gone , My soul is gone , dont try to find me , I am a gypsy in the wind as the Moon is full. You dont belong to me , last time you see me , love is gone , My soul is gone dont try to see me , I am a gypsy in the wind as the Moon is full. You dont belong to me , no nothing changes...... I am a gypsy ....All I have is all I have .... like ever thing els ....
A Heart Can ....
a heart can carry alot in it  years of words spoken  from lovers lips treacherous fiends who swore  undying devotion it has felt it all but still remains  battered at times torn apart alot but with each beat it reminds us of one thing a word spoken  can bring us to our knees enrapture our souls but nothing can take  i repeat nothing can take our heart its a part of us at times we feel it is gone swearing its stolen giving up to some  but in the end its there beating still no man  no woman  no word no gesture can take that from us our heart is ours we may offer it to some  we shelter some within give them love when needed vanquish some from it next time you hear some words spoken from the lips of someone you feel your heart flutter  sighing from the ecstacy just remember this if its meant to be  it will embrace your heart not steal it  not try to bend it  if it tries just remember a heart is very much like a rose a beauty to withold to some a
Humans were orginally born with 4 arms, 4 legs, & a head with 2 faces, Fearing their power, Zues split them in half, condeming them to spending the rest of their lives searching for the other half to complete them.

In Reality, there's no such thing as a perfect relationship. All relationships have obstacles. I'd prefer a strong relatio

tHE perfect first date?  Chilling in your best sweats. With a box of chinese food. Curled up in a blanket. While watching a movie. Then building a fort with that blanket. Then falling asleep wrapped in his arms inside it. ♥                              

                                                        I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that's real The needle tears a hole The old familiar sting Try to kill it all away But I remember, everything What have I become My sweetest friend Everyone I know, goes away In the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt I wear this crown of thorns Upon my liar's chair Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair Beneath the stains of time The feelings disappear You are someone else I am still right here What have I become My sweetest friend Everyone I know goes away In the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt If I could start again A million miles away I would keep myself I would find a way
Heart Broken
I just heard that a life long friend of mine was shot to death in the line of duty. I am numb. The fucker who did it has been a thorn in my side all my life as well. I am close with several police men and women, and each one of them has texted me to make sure I knew, and that I didn't find out on the news :( I am so incredibly sad. He was shot in the face ... and then the shooter killed himself. That fucking cowardly piece of shit. I may not be here much for a few days, got to make sure his wife and family are ok... Love you all... I think I may be less whiney about my life for awhile
Heard The World, O.a.r.
I just heard the world, is breaking down into bits again.Tell me what am i to do?And you just want me to stay, here.So i'm just gonna stay, here.Home, the last resort.Build a castle with an iron door.Lock the window, pull the shades, the hazed out sun won't help anyway.If the world is crumbling down, I don't wanna be alone.NO, locked up in this place.I heard the world up, late night.Holding my breath tight, trying to keep my head on right.There's a chill in the air, nobody could care.How you're caught up in the fight of your life.Fear, is holding me here.The television got me seeing unclear.Bravery, my neighbor, moved away.Cause I don't need to be courageous today.If the world was crumbling down, I don't wanna be alone.NO, locked up in this place.I heard the world up, late night.Holding my breath tight, trying to keep my head on right.There's a chill in the air, nobody could care.How you're caught up in the fight of your life.I heard the world up, late night.Holding my breath tight, tr
Heartsbreaker (pat Benatar)
Heartbreaker  Your love is like a tidal wave, spinning over my headDrownin' me in your promises, better left unsaidYou're the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fantasyThe invincible winner, and you know that you were born to beYou're a HeartbreakerDream Maker, Love TakerDon't you mess around with me!You're a HeartbreakerDream Maker, Love TakerDon't you mess around - NO NO NO!Your love has set my soul on fire, burnin' out of controlYou taught me the ways of desire, now its takin' its tollYou're the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fantasyThe invincible winner, and you know that you were born to beYou're a HeartbreakerDream Maker, Love TakerDon't you mess around with me!You're a HeartbreakerDream Maker, Love TakerDon't you mess around - NO NO NO!

I act like shit don't phase m
Hearts Desire
HEARTS DESIRE   You had left me wounded, crying in the dark. Why must I go through this? Why must I feel this pain once? What did I do to deserve such deep pain.  You held me high, higher then any man would; you gave my heart such life, such hope. You took it away in a heartbeat, you gave me the I love you's but you really were hiding the behind the lies you told. The only heart that I had ever owned up to having now broken, that same heart I gave to you; hearts are only given once. I gave you my heart, you knew it was fragile but you still walked out on me. My heart desires only you, no man will ever fill in the hole that you had left behind; My soul forever yours never to be given out again. Pain through out my body, and to see that you found someone else to play with. What did I do to deserve such pain? Why must I go through this pain?  I love you even though I can not have you anymore, I miss you but I realize that there is no way to be with you. Even though I have given you m
I repeat the words over and over again until they become real. I hate them. I want through brute strength and vile aggression to make them untrue. But there is nothing I can do. Is that not the great binding? The broken teeth of frustration that litter the ground from that undying helplessness. The plateau of acceptance seems an iridescent monolith from this lowly stoop along the path. It was with a smile, with laughter, with burning lust that my heart broke. The jealousy of envy that makes me yearn to be...there. Can you taste it? I can. The bitterness assaults my senses and cleanses me. I can't connect. There exists not one that understands. So I beat on feet cut from the shards eyes unable to meet the horizon as the dawn illuminates my emptiness.
Heart Beat We’re on an open bed truck on the highway Rain is coming down and we’re on the run Think I can feel the breath in your body We gotta keep on running until we see the sun Oh you got a fire and it’s burning in the rain Thought that it went out but it’s burning just the same And you don’t look back, not for anything ‘Cause you love someone, you love them all the same If you love someone, you love them all the same Oh, I feel your heartbeat And oh, you’re coming around, coming around, coming around If you can love somebody, you love them all the same. You gotta love somebody, you love them all the same. I’m singing, oh, I feel your heartbeat I’m trying to put it all back together I got a story and I’m tryin’ to tell everybody I got the kerosene and desire I’m trying to start a flame in the heart of the night Oh you got a fire and it’s burning in the rain Thought that it went out but it’s bur
Heart Break
I have loved several people in my life.When I do it it's with all my heart. Just when I thought I've found the right person that understands me and loves me for me they end up breaking my heart and walking away. So I started building these walls over the years thinking nothing could penetrate them. As long as I have the walls up I won't get hurt. Just when I was ready to knock all the walls down I get hurt again. I want to love again but am afraid to go through all the pain of a broken heart again. There's just so much a person can take before their heart shatters and will never mend. I don't know how much more pain my heart can take. It's like every time I start to like someone they are only using me. It's hard to have faith in love when you have been proven wrong over and over again.
Heart Risk Higher At Highest, Lowest Salt Intake Levels
Among patients with increased cardiovascular risk, sodium intake that is too high or too low appears to be associated with an elevated risk of cardiovascular events, an analysis of two large, randomized controlled trials showed- Moncler Outlet . Through a median follow- Monclet sale up of 56 months, cardiovascular death, MI, stroke, or hospitalization for congestive heart failure occurred in 16.4% of the patients. Compared with patients who had an estimated sodium intake of 4,000 to 5,999 mg/day, those who consumed more than 8,000 mg/day had greater risks of the composite outcome and all of the individual components (HRs 1.48 to 1.66). In addition, an intake of 7,000 to 8,000 mg/day was associated with a 53% greater risk of cardiovascular death. "This shift to a more natural diet would concurrently lead to an absolute increase in dietary potassium content and also lead to an improved sodium- Monclet store potassium ratio, which may be more desirable than change of either electrolyte
Hear This Today And Thought....
When will I see you again? It's a question I ask all the time. It's now the last time till the end. All I need to see is a sign   It's starting to wear me down, Little by little. Feeling like a sick dog. Everything's gone wrong.   Tell me what it takes, To make it like yesterday. One thing that is true. I'll be waiting.   If I only knew what was right. I'd do it in a second to calm down. Oh baby, when day falls to night. My heart always ends up on the ground.   When will I see you again? It's a question I ask al
A Heart Black As Coal
A Heart Black as Coal  Coal is black as the nights sky, a heart that is red as the volcano's lava.  There once was a guy I loved so much, he made my heart as red as the volcano's lava, hotter then the sun, and brighter then the moon.  My heart was his to keep safe, to hold and call his own. I am wanting my heart back; for where my heart was is now black as coal on a midnight's sky.  I wouldn't want it if it wasnt for the blackened hole in my chest, it deserves to be treated with respect, loved with all of a good soul.  A heart black as coal needs to be loved everday, kissed every night, and hugged every morning. A black heart needs these things to be red as the volcano's lava.  My heart only belonged to him, and always will for he was my first true love. But I am needing it back to give to my new love, who will take better care of it, give it love like it needs.  I hope maybe he will forgive me for taking it back, but a heart black as coal needs to be with someone who wont let i
Hear My Cry
Hear My Cry  Hear my cry as you sleep peacefully at night, hear the soft whispers in your ear saying only to your ears, "how could you". Hearing my cry late at night you wake to a cold breeze, no fan on, no window opened. Again you hear my whisper in your ear, only its more clearly. "I gave you". You look around, and only see blackness. You feel something grab you on the arm, and you quickly turn the lights on.  Hearing my cry once more you hear, " I gave you my world. " Looking around only seeing that your alone, you hear my cry again, only its a scream. " YOU BROKE MY HEART AND NOW YOU ARE NEXT." As a spirit comes into view you see that she is not who you thought it was, the spirit is you wanting to be noticed again. As you float up you see that your heart is bleeding. Hear my cry you say, I will do anything to be able to take away your pain. My dearest you were the only one for me, and now you came back to take what you should have been given.  My last cry of pain as you sink
The Heart
Needs to beat... needs a steady rythm needs to circulate needs oxygen Kinda like me...and kinda like you...   Interrupt anything from what it needs, and it races, or slows way down Can Panic or just stop altogether.... No  One there to help and its certain death.... Kinda like me..kinda like you   Treat your heart right Treat other's hearts right I may not see it But I know its there...     The important things in life... are usually not seen... But without it.. you cease to exist...... Kinda Like Love Kinda Like You.... Kinda Like Me.   ~Live~ Laugh~ but most of All... ~Love~   ~Ragdoll~
Heart Against Lutian Manolo Blahnik Something Apricot Satin Pump
Heming Zhe Jiang Siqi like to know is, she even more Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes annoying Jiangsi Qi. Why do people like her, president or does not fit. 25 love is too short, too long forgotten - Twenty-four chapters accident "My dear guests, tonight I am pleased that we can attend the scene and Yan heart of engagement, I hope you have fun and go tonight." He Mingzhe said before the microphone, his eyes do not look Jiang Siqi deliberately in the direction, but He knows that she has been looking at himself. He Mingzhe and Liang Yan set wedding heart jumped Christian Louboutin Sandals with the opening dance, then, we all enter the dance floor. Go Jiangsi Qi Lu Tianyang thought, his heart stopped white condensate, held out his hand to his invitation, "Mr. Lu, to compliment you to dance it?" "Condensate heart, you -" "We are looking at it, let him help me once, OK?" Lu Tianyang clutch white condensate into the heart of the back spin dance floor, his eye
Hear Me
I hear my heart cry For once I love someone so much That time apart is hard It turns me inside Everyday we are apart The will to go on is with her The will to be strong is whats growing in side of her   Honor is what is serve everyday For she is the one that loves me Deep inside I feel her pain I work hard everyday With a picture of us in my pocket   To take it out only to see her for a moment Then I place it back till I need to see her again She is what holds me together all of the time Brings me to tear's when we are to far apart   There is nothing I want more Then to wake by her side once more She is there for me when I need her to be For she is the life's blood inside this hard soul  
Heart Issues
I just want 2 get this out there so everyone knows what is going on with me! I have had a few health problems 4 a while now but don't really talk about them! I think now it is time 2!  I have really high blood heart attack stage! They have changed my meds a bunch of times & nothing is really working! I go 1/24/2012 to have an ultrasound done of my heart & lungs! They r also putting a Holter Monitor on my heart for 24 hours! On 1/25/2012 I am going 2 have the monitor taken off & have a chest x-ray done! I went 2 the doctor on 1/16/2012 & they did an EKG cause my blood pressure was 215/120! My EKG came back abnormal! That is y they r running all these tests on me! They r trying 2 figure out what is wrong with my heart! I really hope it is nothing 2 bad & something that can be fixed easy! I will update as I know more & can!   Thanks, Chris =)   1-24-2012 I went 2 the hospital 2day & had my ultrasound done on my heart & had my Holter Monitor put on! I go back 2 the h
A Heart.
Gold have I none,Or a nice house on the hill.But in my heart I pray,That you'll love me either way.No diamonds or rubiesOr an island in the sea.Just a love that's true;To you from me.So I give to you something,That's special and true.A gift that's forever..A heart that loves you.
Heartbroken, Again
No one seems to understand
A Heart Of Stone
My soul is gray, my heart is cold, i cannot die, though i am old. To much to do, too little time, i care to much, my only crime. So hard it is, to be alone, while next to me, a heart of stone.
A Heart That You're Purifying
A Heart That You're Purifying by Poet Robert J. Neal on Monday, March 26, 2012 at 1:42pm · Father...too many times to question... You have guided me to capture... Hearts...that you have created in nature... To uplift my spirit...during times... When I am feeling doubt... Beginning to manifest itself... In my mind And I want to thank You... For being my God... And for showing yourself... To be Ever-Faithful in all your promises... To a man...who is so unworthy of You... And the Love you show me everyday I am deeply humbled and Father... And I thank You...for all the blessings... That You have poured upon a man... Who is undeserving of You... And all that You bring into my life And I thank you with tears in my eyes... Which are coming from a heart... That You're purifying... With it's every beat...that's echoing... Throughout the entirety of my being!!!                              Written By...Robert Neal
Hear Me Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After all of the bullshit events from last night, I think its only fair, to know what kind of person you are ripping when you say things you know nothing about, in MuMMs. I would post the link but don't really feel like wasting my time and anyways, the damage has been done.    People say traumatized kids never forget and it's the truth. The following event are very true and I do have proof of the majority of them and the others, well do a brain scan or polygraph or even hypnotize me and you will see that the rest is very true too.  None of this, no matter how horrid and unGodly it is, was made up.   I was born in 1969 and my mom was always high on drugs when she was pregnant with me and my other sister, Julie (you will know more about her in a minute). Right after I was born, mom got pregnant again, with Julie Christine. I have 2 brothers older than me and one younger and, well, besides Julie, there was Lisa Marie (also younger) When I was 7 months old, I almost died (I should hav
Hear Me Now!!!!!!!!!!!! Pt 2
So, if you read the blog from yesterday, you would know that I was raped two times before I was 10 years old (well actually more if you consider the constant 6 years from my oldest brother). I remember sitting in the bus line in the school gymnasium, flirting with the guys back then, two of them being Brian Miller and Greg Nevins. They were kinda obscene back in the day, but then again, what little 10 year old boys aren't curious? I was the youngest in my class through out school because I started school when I was 4. Mom figured it was a way to keep from looking after me and my dad was in another state and my stepdad was a drunk and my two older brothers were in and out of Juvee homes more than they were at home.  My grandma's house was the only stable environment I had and she died when I was 5. Me and my grandma did a lot together. We used to fish, hunt snakes (for the skins and meat), she taught me how to cook, quilt, read, whistle (I know that doesn't sound like much but when you
Hear Me Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!pt 3
So, by now, you know more about me than you thought you did. You never expected someone to have gone through this much hell, huh?!? Well, while the past two blogs, in fact, were kinda harsh and brought back some bad memories for me, it's better to get everything out and not keep it suppressed. And, I have nothing to hide. I am not ashamed of myself, or the way I was raised because even though I was physically and mentally abused and raped, it made me a better person on the inside.  Sure, I have trust issues from everything that has happened but wouldn't you, if these things had happened to you? Oh, and also, the paragraphs are for someone close to me, as they don't like reading for long periods of time. So, if you have been reading, you know about me being raped and about how horrible my parents were to gets a little worse from here. After daddy died, I started getting checks every month from Social Security for $351.00 (in 1981, that was a lot). From then until the time I
♥ Life ♥
I found this amazing thing…   Attached to this thing was another thing, but this thing was a bit longer with twists and some other things knotted in…   I followed the thing and tackled some things and came across a couple of other things..   I looked down the thing to my right and as far as I could see... the thing was pretty easy and smooth…   I looked down the thing to the left and saw more twisty things…   I selected the thing to my right, of course… and went in search of more things…   Just as I thought, this thing was a calm thing, a comforting thing, a needed thing, but a very boring thing almost depressing thing a thing that never seemed to end thing…until…   I came across several other things!!!   This time, I took on the center thing, it looked the bumpiest and most difficult and…   O M G!! LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS!!!
Mother:The Most Beautiful Word On The Lips Of Mankind !
Hear The Word Marriage
Yin Shangqi holding the phone was Mercurial Vapor Superfly silent for a long while before opening: "I understand your feelings for me, Liren, give me a little time, I would like to see to what extent this road in the clothing design, Liren, since you love I should support me. " "Qi, I have been very supportive of you, whether you want to do, I have been behind you is not it? But you have to have pity on me, we Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly love to talk about seven years, when will you be willing to nod to marry me ? ...... you know, my mother has been urging me to get married ... " Hear the word marriage, Yin Shangqi hastily interrupted him: "Fostering can not talk to you, what happened the night we met talk about it, I really want to hang up!" She did a finish on the not hesitate to put a microphone. After hanging up the phone, she suddenly looked Mercurial Vapor Superfly 3 up to this time only to find that the girl was still standing at her workbench. Little wear, how you still here?
Heard And Still Qiti To Work
Yinshang Qi hastily from his seat jumped up Mercurial Vapor Superfly and snatched the hands of small wear a Valentine card. "Of course not!" She hurried to the card incorporated into the drawer. Pei wait until her side, holding a bouquet of flowers, the expression of a leisurely Wife looked at the Shang Qi. "I know there must be filled with a nauseating looking over the situation, like I love you, I miss you, I Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly love you ...... right? The remarks angered Shang Qi angry, funny, light nodded her head wear, the exasperation learned: small wear, most recently the company so busy, you indulge in working hours to slack. Do not forget I give you the work you have not do a good job! " Heard and still Qiti to work, small wear suddenly opened his eyes, revealing look both innocent and alarmed expression. Finished, the old witch account of my photocopy of the Mercurial Vapor Superfly 3 information I have not printed, I must be old witch devouring "cried she shocked th
Heart Of Stone
Here we are, back again It's the same but somehow so different I hear your voice it's in my head and then there's this hardening of soft tissue then silence. All I asked of you then was to please not abandon. All the things we said we'd do we did and then .... "the end"...   Now I stand here all on my own The weeds in my mind are overgrown No sunlight no cool breeze no song in my ears to comfort me My feet planted firmly where no more love can grow and all you gave me to remember you was this heart of stone....   All your words, felt so true Nothing in the word  could "us" undo I still hear them They're echoing but carry with them also everything All those times I thought you'd run You held your ground we found the sun Now you're gone and here I am a shadow fading dancing it's last dance look quickly before it's over...   Now I stand here all on my own The weeds in my mind are overgrown No sunlight no cool breeze no song in my ears to comfort me M
Hearts Card Game Rules
Well... Heart card game rules Learning a few things... After the fourth player takes a seat, each player has 20 seconds to place the bet. If times expires the players with no bet will be removed from the table, and the bet will be returned to the other players. During the passing each player has 10 seconds to choose three cards and press the button to confirm the pass. If time expires, three cards will be chosen at random. So there you have it! why not start today?? 
The things I have seen and heard people say over the last 48 hours alone has been enough to make me cry... really cry, real tears. I'm losing my faith in humanity, which is all I've ever had faith in. Human kindness and compassion, that was my something to believe in, and I don't think I even believe in that anymore. How someone can hate so deeply, that they honestly don't view it as hate is beyond me, and I weep for these people, I weep for those they hurt and I weep for their children, who may one day be the very people they are attacking. All the LGBT community is asking for is to be seen as equals, to be allowed to love, to be loved, and for their love to recognized as just as valid as the love of everyone else... and the "godly" ones are calling for their deaths, saying they want them shipped out of the country or locked away... what is wrong with you people? How have your hearts become so cold, so numb, that you can't feel the pain of those around you? Other human beings with wh
Hearts Of A Torn Wrold
Destruction Lingers A pain left behind Two Hearts Torn Left to Insanity A Painful world Full of fears and tears A world wehre no one cares Two Heart Torn Between Insanity & Love Fleeing from Hatered and Pain Running to Passion and Freedom Two Hearts Torn
Heart, Do You Dare?
I'll cut my own chest open, take my heart out and hand it to you. That's how much love I got for you. It's made of stone, and I doubt it can be broken. When it loves it loves hard. When it's cold it's cold for long. Angel, I know you're here because you've fallen.I'll help you mend you wings, and from this hell you'll be free. But for you... i stand up. My eyes i shut. Darkness is around me. I can feel that their is someone in front of me. I can feel their breath on me. I’m afraid to open my eyes. I can feel their eyes looking in to my soul I’m afraid of what they will see. My darkness, my hope, my dreams, my fear, every thing that makes me me. I open my eyes and I’m looking in the mirror. I’m afraid of myself. Is life worth living if you are your own enemy. I fight with my self every day and I always lose. But for you i stand upand gets me you'll greet me with open arms. Till then I'll just have to hope.
Heart Boulder
Hinder us to find, to create, only is our psychological obstacle and the thought of boulder.Once upon a time there was a family garden pendulum with a big stone, width is about 40 cm, height have ten centimeters. To garden, and not careful will play to the a big stone, not fall is scratch.The son asks, "dad, that a hate stone, why don't you take it away?"Dad so answer: "you said that the stone oh? From your grandfather era, has been in now, its volumeSo big, do not know to want to dig what, fine boring dig stones, not to walk a little bit more careful, can also trainingYour response ability. "After a few years, the secondary rock until the next generation, the son to marry the daughter-in-law, when his father.One day daughter-in-law angrily say: "dad, garden that a big stone, the more I see more not pleasing to the eye, another day please people move outGood. "Dad said: "come on! That a big stone is very heavy, can move out word was in when I was a child I moved out.Which meeting let i
I wear my HEART on my sleave.
The Heart Of Me
It beats, I hear the rhythym but I still can not breathe.... the air I gasp for, out of reach! I fear the life I once lived is now that of a memory... Searching for blissful thoughts, lost in the past. Longing for that truth, or that bit of common ground to cling to.Does my future only exist this pain that i feel? Is this destiny beaten to be the path I walk?   This heart of me, it bleeds for you, it calls to have your love.. where are you when I need you the most? Why do my arms reach out to you but you are not there? Why is this pain the only sensation I continue to feel? Love, is the object I crave... feed mine heart make it beat once again.   This heart of mine, beating, bleeding, crying yearning. Do you hear her call? If so, why do you stay so far from me? Is this my destined death? Is this my payment that i am forced to give in to? Murder me fowl beast! Take my last breath, but one thing u shall never have.... is this heart of me.....
Heart, what is heart? It is an organ inside your chest that is constantly pumping blood, and when it stops, you die. But heart is more then that; it is a piece of our souls that we carry around with us. Clutching and hiding, protecting, and when we want it to be given least of all, it slips out of our grasp and belongs to someone else weather we want it to or not.   Once it is given it is gone. Nothing we can do can stop that and usually this giving is a wonderful thing, but for some of us, the giving is always painful. I can usually manage to grasp it tightly and keep it from going, this time I’m not certain weather I caught it in time. I know I didn’t want to but I hope it did catch it in time for my heart cannot take another break. Like when the blood stops flowing if I was to have given it away for nothing yet again, I would be as dead as a live man could be. She is special and holds a piece of me but it remains to be seen as to how large a piece it truly is.   Hope
To heal our hearts is one of the greatest things we can do to ourselves and others... Dear One... Find ways to embrace the pain in your heart... to bring it home to love... and yes... a new life is now ready for you..
The Heart Of Dreams
THE HEART OF DREAMSThe heart of dreams inside us, begins to mold,Brought on by flights of fancy within our waiting souls.It doesn’t cost us to dare to dream, it makes life so much better;It is built slowly between us, word by word, letter by letter.Strike a word, add a word, and let our budding dreams take flight.Let us stack the build blocks to form our coming life.Would it be that we can be, all we’ve talked between two?To take the very first step, a home for me and you.
Hear This Is Reel.....
Sometimes it really gets on my nerves. There are some that are picked on because they may spell wrong or they use the wrong punctuation. Not everbody just some people are mean to them. Yet if higher leveled people mess up, no one says anything. Why is there a difference?? If there is a fine line, why can't there be no line?? We may not be able to change the whole wide world, but we could change Fubar!! Just because the may spell incorrectly doesn't mean one person has to say you are wrong.  Its been done to me. I graduated from high school. I took college classes but didn't have the energy to keep up with the hectic schedule, due to the car accident I was in. If this has any effect on me being perfect enough for anyone here, then feel free to delete yourself. I am not willing to deal with that kind of shitty attitude. This world isn't perfect. People mess up all the time. Accept it. Just move along. Don't judge unless you want to be judged. Its simple. Maybe even something you could
Heart Split
Just not whole   I know that I should be happy and be smiling becuse I have a gorgeous daughter and a caring family and friends but I'm not whole. My heart is still broken and torn. Joe is gone and me and my baby brother are split more than ever. Joe was the glue that kept us close.   My baby brother Andrew and myself were never that close and I think it is mostly because of the fact that Andrew was closer to our father and I was closer than my mother. It also wasn't just that because me and him used to be closer but life just changed things. When we would get into hard times and would fight and just being done with everything to do with each other Joe would stop us. Joe would remind us that we would only have each other after he passed. That we were going to need each other.   When Joe was on his bed and needed his brother and sister me and Andrew were both with him. We were both there for him in his last moments when it mattered,  the only thing is that seemed to push us further a
Roses are red. Violets are blue. I said I loved you. But what did you do? You broke my heart. Ripped it out of my chest. I thought you were different but you were just like the rest. Every now and then I hear our song play. But now it just seems like we're drifting away. But what happens now? What do I do? Are roses still red? Are violets still blue? You meant the world to me but you didn't care. You left me crying. Left me in despair. Roses are red. And violets are blue. But everything changed when I lost you.   (I didn't write this, I just love it)
The Heart Of Dream
  The heart of dreams inside us, begins to mold,Brought on by flights of fancy within our waiting souls.It doesn’t cost us to dare to dream, it makes life so much better;It is built slowly between us, word by word, letter by letter.Strike a word, add a word, and let our budding dreams take flight.Let us stack the build blocks to form our coming life.Would it be that we can be, all we’ve talked between two?To take the very first step, a home for me and you
Heart Ache
Where do I start....The last couple of months have really had their toll on me, not knowing where to turn. I run to my best friend of all the people in the world my best friend is the one person I could trust, the one person who made everything alright. Someone who was always there for me, made me feel like I could take on the world and conquer everything. After going through what I went through last month I had given up on finding someone to be with. To let you in a bit I suppose, I was raped by a friend I was on a date with....I don't want pity for it I don't want to hear I am sorry's, I want it to go away to be honest and I don't ever want to think about it again. I though it had I though everything was going to be alright. I started over again, I have loved my best friend for over 9 months now, it took a little pushing for me to realize it but i have. when you truely love someone you are suppose to be there for them, he was he was always there when I needed him, when I called he
Heartstrings   I feel so loved yet all alone I think about your face I wonder where you are. Do you still think of me? I find that you are always on my mind A single tear slides down my cheek As I let you linger Another moment I may not survive I delve into my dreams of you it’s there I find a smile Brush the tearstains away, looks me in the eye as she sings: “I will be a part of you forever Until forever, I would stay right by your side Far beyond the passing days Far beyond all measure” How far would she go? Find me once again? Ends of earth not so far Yet farther still I’d go Just to stand beside you Just to let you know Starry eyes look ahead to what’s in store Struck by the beauty in a smile One day down the road so long will you be there by me? Such wild ride, Passions untwine Unraveling rhymes desires burn Deeper and deeper Heartstrings strain I wonder if she feels the same?    
It's so not worth falling in love with someone that is heartless !
A Heart's Hope
a heart hopes for many things including love not only does the heart want but craves things  including love hearts do not feel or are the same without love we die and willl not be normal people without love   many things happen to hurt our hearts for different resons hearts do hurt some for our own good some for our protection some for others selfishness but one thing is clear hearts will and do hurt   a heart is always hopeful whatever happens hearts do mend however you feel your heart will heal things will change in time   with a heart there is always hope and it will mend in time
where do you go when you feel nothing is left what do you do when they was every breath you took, time takes its toll as 2 lovers slowly drift apart loosing the love that was once deep in our hearts, seeing the changes right before our eyes slowly leting go not much to hold on to feeling lost and ever more so empty, where is that love that fire we once shared where is our good times the moment we once truly cared, letting go is hard to do but what do you do when  i thought forevr was found in you, cant force some thing that isnt there cant make them stay or truly care, feeling so sad my life is blue the world of you was all i knew 
Hearts Cry
A heart's cry although may be silent carries many emotion's level's of pain, memories of  the joy, shared hate and much more , although you dont see  nor hear the sorrow's, nor can you just pick them out of a crowd. The world has many thing's to break you, but you find the strength in the strangest places. You search high and low to find there is no short cut no other way around we face what we face because we are the one's choosen to take it on. To carry the burdens of the one's who have become weak who fall between the world's of emotion. We find peace just when you think nothing is left, love in the places in which we hide, guidence in measures which can't be explained. We carry on the road head held high to protect the next heart's cry. No way to go on yet we find it with such grace. Touching lives of many even though unseen it is real every day every night just holding the pieces together in what we call life as a heart cries. 
Heart Touching Story
A doctor entered the hospital in hurry after being called in for an urgent surgery. He answered the call asap, changed his clothes & went directly to the surger...y block. He found the boy’s father pacing in the hall waiting for the doctor. On seeing him, the dad yelled: “Why did you take all this time to come? Don’t you know that my son’s life is in danger? Don’t you have any sense of responsibility?” The doctor smiled & said: “I am sorry, I wasn’t in the hospital & I came as fast as I could after receiving the call…… And now, I wish you’d calm down so that I can do my work” “Calm down?! What if your son was in this room right now, would you calm down? If your own son dies now what will you do??” said the father angrily The doctor smiled again & replied: “I will say what Job said in the Holy Book “From dust we came & to dust we return, blessed be the name of God”. Doctors canno
Heart In Pieces
Like broken glass on the floor Swept out thru the open door my heart split in two from all of the things you put me through there is no healing this hurt I feel this pain is all too real there is no way you can take it back after all of the ways you attacked and abused my soul now im no longer whole there is a part thats missing now I need to bring it back but I dont know how the only thing left to do is to pick up the pieces of my broken heart the fragile heart your tore apart and left splayed across the floor
The Heart Of A Woman!!
A little boy asked his mother, "Why are you crying?" "Because I'm a woman," she told him. "I don't understand," he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, "And... you never will." Later the little boy asked his father, "Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?" "All women cry for no reason," was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry. Finally he put in a call to God. When God got on the phone, he asked, "God, why do women cry so easily?" God said, "When I made the woman she had to be special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children. I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue without complaining. I gave her the sensitivity to love her children under any and
Heart Of Gold
You have mended this heart into gold. With all the love you have shown. You treat me like none I've ever known. I can't wait to have you to hold. As long as you never let me go. You have this heart of gold. Till we are grey and old. As long as you will have me to hold.  
The Heart Of A Woman... Thanks Proud American
 The Heart Of A Woman  is a mystery, often with a story to tell a story of mystery and suspense honor & betrayal.  When will a man ever see  what's staring him in the face?, a love so special and true just searching for the right place.  The Heart Of A Woman is often misunderstood as big as it is often screams in silence though it never should.  A Woman doesn't want a man because of how many women he's had, she wants a man who'll love her for who she is and for that she'll be eternally glad.  The Heart Of A Woman is a strong one no matter how battered or abused The Heart Of A Woman beats on for there's plenty of love left for her to use.  So don't pity a crying woman 'cause her broken heart still beats strong and she knows deep down inside he will pay for the day that he did her wrong.
The Heart Of All Spiritual Teaching Is Simple....
The heart of all spiritualteaching is simple....Be loveBe peaceBe harmonyBe compassionBe joy
Heart And Mind
When i met you, my life changed Don't know when this feel came i got out of bed one morning shocked about this feeling   It's not right to love you, I know But i can't force myself to forget you you gave color to my life Though i know the time is not right   I told myself  to stay away from you But i can't teach my heart not to love you This feeling i had for you keeps growing A reason for me to be afraid of what this could bring   My mind always tells me to let you go But my heart is always  saying i love you This heart really rules my mind And that why i can't stop this feeling inside   Asking god to help me to decide Which one will i fellow heart or mind? God has purpose to what i feel For he only knows about what is real   One thing in common between my heart and mind Is that they both saying what is right My mind is right and so with my heart But one thing is for sure, You are a part  of my life
A Hearts Question
She smiles so softly,Her thoughts hidden by beauty.To look beyond it And go deeper,Her true self I want to see.To only want her body and not her mind,A great loss that would be.To truly be one with her beauty,First into her mind then her heart deeply.Look into her eyes into their shine,Then to know of her desires and thoughts.Maybe then into her heart and feel it's beat,Could lead to her being caught.So tell me beauty,Is this be the way to your love.A treasure beyond all others,Where only one man can go?
I have done nothing to you expect show you kindness. I have spoken only words of truth to you with the honesty that is in my heart. I am nice to you because you are a person that deserves it. I compliment you because that is what I believe about you. I know exactly what I feel in my heart for you because I have had this feeling before in life. I won't tell you how I feel because I don't want to lose you. I am afraid that you will not have nothing to do with me if I open my soul to you. You have told me that you just want to be friends, then you contradict yourself by saying the opposite next. You are surprised that I can call you out so fast, and tell you what you are thinking before you can. You think I am stalking you, but there are plenty of ladies that show me attention without me doing anything. You need to get your head on straight, and stop trying to play mind games with me. You should just tell me how you feel straight up from your heart, and not your mind. A person
Hearts Adrift
  Tonight, While tiny perfect snowflakes Fell about me, Within a haze Of ethereal fantasy The silent perfection Of each tiny crystal Made clear, That I, Can never hold you Never touch Your silent Tender lips Never hold Your perfect gaze Yet,  In the fantastic infinity Of  just one perfect flake of snow You, somehow, still exist As a minute possibility
Heart To Heart That Stuck It Out Through It All And Some
Heart to Heart that stuck it out through it all and some date: 2013-05-30 14:31:12 share: I guess a heart and or soul as many can get hurt or at times even feel shattered can & rather believe in nothing more then lies & or of the next lie of one or many then to have ever been strong enough just one more time to know or even try to understand the truth or of what is truly the truth as it seems at times when heart may be or get weak,,some just rather stay & be the ONLY ONE of those whom have lied to have bled it out all alone rather then face the truth of their was maybe more or the true fact of there was just ONE MORE HEART THAT BLED IT OUT WITH THEM even if they couldn't see the truth through all the lies & pain that had surrounded them for so long that caused them to be more then trapped,,but as for only those 2 hearts that did BLEED it out together shall know the truth that comes of it all when the BLEEDING stops and as even so far apart in the touch of flesh or the physical shall
Heart-eating Cannibal Demands Obama Send Weapons
“If we don’t get help, a no-fly zone, heavy weapons, we will do worse [than I did]. You’ve seen nothing yet.” Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comJuly 9, 2013 The Syrian rebel fighter who infamously cut out and bit into the heart of a dead soldier has threatened to commit even worse atrocities if the Obama administration doesn’t send the FSA heavy weaponry and impose a no fly zone over Syria.   In an interview with the BBC, FSA fighter Abu Sakkar, who prompted international condemnation back in May when video emerged of him cutting off and eating the internal organ of a Syrian Army soldier as his comrades chanted “Allahu Akbar,” is unrepentant and actually threatens to commit more gruesome acts unless the Obama administration sends the rebels heavy weapons. Pillorying the west for doing nothing to help the rebels, Sakkar complains, “If we don’t get help, a no-fly zone, heavy weapons, we will do worse [than I did]. You’v
The Heart Of A Wolf ( Reflections Of A Lycan Poet )
My penis is gentleness, kindness, tenderness, compassion...............  when a lover allows it to penetrate their heart they find it irrisistable.  - Mikademus
Hearing His Voice On Phone
While I listen to his voice I wish I could tease him. As I hear him stretching I want to touch his body it kinda makes my nipples hard I wish he only knew. I might just get my bullet out and listen to his voice.
Heart Of Stone
Heart Of Stone Once I had a heart of stone For it had surley lost its home It could not love or wanted too But in my life, then came you. The stones began to fall away As happiness began to fill my day A feeling so sweet and special too Could this be love, I pray is true. My heart now sings a song of love For I know that it was sent from above My heart is warm, there is no cold Hard no more, but with wings of gold. It soars above the sky so high Sometimes I think of why and cry My heart now sings a loving song For the part of me I thought was gone. The gift that you have given me Is so important, can't you see No more sadness or being alone For now my heart returns to home

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