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:::erotica::: ~ Fine Dining - Part. 1~
Dishes clattered, the customers chatter droned in the dining area. Mott’s was a rather moderate ‘middle class’ of a Restaurant and Friday Night’s were always considerably busy. Patron’s and Families would always enjoy a good meal out on the opening night to the weekends. Mott’s was common and quite the popular place to eat out. The head cook Shaun was well familiar with gourmet food as the head chef, often receiving little in the way of complaints for his food. The kitchen was on a pitch of speed as he quickly cut up carrots and fried food in the pan. “Order’s Up! Table 9 Please,” he called out as he set a fresh dish of Risotto. One of the waitresses came and collected it. “Shaun, I got a soup order too. Is it ready,” she asked. Shaun turned, “Hey! Where we at on the Soup order. I got a soup for the Risotto at Table 9?” “I got it,” female voice. Shaun turned around to see a smiling waitress.
::: Erotica ::: ~ Fine Dining - Part. 2~
  The rattle of pans and metal kitchenware on the steel cooking table banged and rocked with the frenzy induced physical rhythm of Shaun’s repeating hips. Each thrust making the metal frame squeak, the pots and stacked trays rattle with even the slightest impact into one another. Loriann’s panting and frequent catching of her breath the only sound louder then the metal as she laid back a little more on the cooking table. Frequently shifting around on the steel top of the table as she was, the cold shiver going up her back as she relaxed more and more down on the sheeted metal. A stack of trays fell loudly and clattered to the floor after a hard thrust forced the table to shift some causing the stack to lose balance and topple over. He groaned at the noise, or was it from her contractions she thought. She couldn’t think on it long as another shudder rippled through her muscles and skin making her eyes shut and breath catch in her throat.  “Oh fuck, oh fuck,&rdq
::: Erotica ::: ~ Fine Dining - Part. 3~
  Relaxing her on the small, but rather lengthy island’s wooden-clad top Shaun caught his breath and wiped his forehead of moisture. The island rolled slightly but he had her by her legs, rolling her back to him. He of course knew he had to watch his step, the broken shards of plates and bowl were still amidst the tile stone floor. She panted and lifted her head, her lip quivering as she still was feeling the throws of her orgasm, he gripped her ankles and slowed his motions. Slowly breathing through his lips with each piston-like motion of his hips. The seamless rhythm as his shaft gracefully glided in and out, the warmth and wetness swallowing around his meat.  “Ooooooh, oh fuck,” he sighed between breaths.  Pulling out for a bit to slap it on the sensitive clit protruding now well out in plain sight, the pubic bone in a sheen of stickiness from sweat and her Lori’s juices. She panted and lifted her head up, her face twisted with a lustful look as she shook
::: Erotica ::: ~ Fine Dining - Part. 4~
  The pan sizzled loud as the chops of lamb cooked. The air conditioning had gone in the kitchen ventilation earlier in the hour, and Shaun was beginning to wilt in 100 degree heat. It was Saturday Evening, and since Thursday’s sticky closing of sorts that night at Mott’s he had not had the time he promised Loriann to indulge another moment to spend time together. The diners were low this weekend as they all had gatherings elsewhere, some big names were even taking long vacations out of town to Prague, Venice, and Guatemala to name a few. The lambs finished, he quickly put them to a plate, and seasoned them… another chef quickly stepping around with sides and applying them to the dish. It wasn’t so bad, the week’s leading up were active, Thursday night and even leading into Friday was a bit of a reprieve from the hectic chaos of days prior like around Monday and Tuesday. A fine take the week was, but the staff were on empty, most commonly were the kitche
::: Erotica ::: ~ Fine Dining - Part. 5~
  Tabitha stood at door, the wind blowing visibly with the end of her scarf flowing aimlessly behind her off to side. Shaun composed himself rubbing his face after managing put away his cock and doing up his pants. He did his best to hide his still massive hard-on behind his apron now down, hoping it would camouflage any hint of what was “up” so to speak. He unlocked the glass door and opened. “Hey. What’s going on, why you lock-up already,” she asked puzzled as she followed him inside. They passed some tables, the table clothes immaculate and white as Shaun proceeded to collect the plates and empty glasses. “It’s been a quiet day. Lunch was probably as busy as it’s been but we only had maybe 2 couples come in, 1 family, and that’s it,” he explained through the clatter of plates. “Wow, so want to close early,” she asked hands on hips. A brief glance up and a nod to her to solidify his answer to her was all h
::: Erotica ::: ~ Private Paradise ~ Part. 1
  The surf washed on shore, the quiet churn of waves amidst the audible of broken groups of people that gathered on the shores. Vibrancy of color as umbrella’s and beach towels were splayed out amidst the area in little pockets of people as they nested under the bright shine of the sun. The beach itself was breezy, the temperatures being not too hot or humid for people to be out that day for a swim, a tan, or simple family time. But it was this day, that Jules had the time to enjoy some relaxation. She felt the warmth of the sun’s rays basking over her limbs and flesh. The bikini she wore was leopard print, but with pink string ties that were nicely tied in bows at her hips and middle of her back. The big blocker glasses hiding her eyes as the sun shined bright on her face, her eyes opened and watched on as people came and went from the foaming waters of the gulf. She smiled, a big exhale leaving her lungs through her nose. It was a nice reprieve, she suddenly remember th
::: Erotica ::: ~ Private Paradise ~ Part. 2
  The wood was aged and worn on the outside from what Jules could see from the misshapen dock, missing planks and worn down wood slowly eroding away. As her hand reached for the door she gave it a soft nudge and it opened easily, swinging inward. The jam was old and the latch broken with no signs of anything that kept it shut. Her pulse still rapid from things to come, her eyes quickly surveyed the small 2 room interior. The 2 rooms were divided in an open level shed from looks of it. The wood of the wall an floor was aged and dated. The paint was dried and crackling away amidst the floorboards. The surf outside was close to the shore, and it was clear the salt riddled sea air had taken it’s toll on this abode for some time. Some broken panes of glass on a series of windows ahead, overlooking the shore further out. A small breeze was felt through the door, but the warm air made it feel quite soothing at her back. Her hands rubbing her breasts, feeling the nipples growing into e
Erotic Dreams 1, 2 And 3
Erotic Dreams I, II & III Filed under: Just me — Leave a comment September 1, 2010   Your hand on my thigh creates a chain reaction traveling up my thighs to my core. i am shivering in anticipation of what is to come. Your strong hands and masculine fingers on my skin feels so good. I love the way you caress me just so right. I feel you brush over my hot spot as your hands slide up between my thighs. Ooo feels so good. Shock waves of pleasure run through my body. “Do it again baby,Please” I say. I derive pleasure from your skins contact against mine. Feels so sensual, The definition of Pleasure and Desire. But i want more of you, I want all of you, and I want it now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your lips on my breast have got me excited and as you suck on my nipples i feel ripples and shock waves of pleasure throughout my body. “Suck Harder baby” I tell you. i feel myself getting wetter by the second. Now I am impatient to feel you i
Erotic Birthday
Chapter 1 I wanted somethinghot for my birthday, something erotic. Something memorable. Something I havenever done before. Something I would never do again. I wanted to push thelimits on what I was willing to do. So I contacted you, of course, and trustedyour judgment. The rules weresimple. Whatever you say, I have to do. No exceptions. We started at myplace. You picked out what I was going to wear. Naturally, you chose a dressthat clings to my body, very thin fabric, showing lots of skin, Lots of leg andtons of cleavage, with easy access. A couple drinkswould lower my inhibitions. A Jack & Coke, a shot, a second Jack & Cokeand a second shot. I was ready. I looked fucking gorgeous. I smelledincredible. I was feeling sexier than ever. The anticipation of what mighthappen had me wet already. Well, it didn’t hurt either that you insisted onhaving the Playboy Channel on my TV as we got ready and warmed up. We wereabout to leave when you noticed something. “Why are youwearing
Erotic Birthday
Chapter 1 I wanted somethinghot for my birthday, something erotic. Something memorable. Something I havenever done before. Something I would never do again. I wanted to push thelimits on what I was willing to do. So I contacted you, of course, and trustedyour judgment. The rules weresimple. Whatever you say, I have to do. No exceptions. We started at myplace. You picked out what I was going to wear. Naturally, you chose a dressthat clings to my body, very thin fabric, showing lots of skin, Lots of leg andtons of cleavage, with easy access. A couple drinkswould lower my inhibitions. A Jack & Coke, a shot, a second Jack & Cokeand a second shot. I was ready. I looked fucking gorgeous. I smelledincredible. I was feeling sexier than ever. The anticipation of what mighthappen had me wet already. Well, it didn’t hurt either that you insisted onhaving the Playboy Channel on my TV as we got ready and warmed up. We wereabout to leave when you noticed something. “Why are youwearing
i'm beyond exhausted but i'm not tired. i don't have shit to do and there's nothing on tv.
My grandmom had a stroke 5 days ago,is doing alot better now.My grandpop on the other hand,had MRSA since we don't know when,and the doctors only notifided grandmom,and nobody else,yet,the one doctor'' Dr.Cavalier,said she was wearing gloves to be caucitous. We don't know if we want to sue the hospital or not.Err!
To have loved and lost is better then to have... Lies.  
So instead of taking the eMac to the Apple Store to get serviced, I laid around, watched movies, talked my friend Amber and eventually just serviced myself. Now, it doesn't take long for me to get off, but first I have decide what I'm going to watch. I can't just grab the toys and go to town. I need a little visual stimulation. Guys have no problem fantasizing and closing their eyes and picturing some hot chick they want to bang. But with me, and most girls I assume, it doesn't work that way. We need a little something extra. We need porn. We need batteries. So my man's out of town. I'm not flying out until Thursday. I need a little love. Even if it is self-love. My mother always said I can't love anyone until I love myself. And that I did. So now, I'm vedging out until I go up to Lake Forest to hang with Amber, and then we're going to Blue Mondays. Woohoo! Gotta rock some leg warmers tonight.
Erratic Rantings
I remember when Britney Spears was losing her mind and everyone took the oppertunity to take shots, I admit I took a couple myself but deep down I totaly understood. It's a lonely place to be fucked in the head and have no where to go.  I hesitate to say I had post partum with both of my kids, I don't want to say had because I'm never really sure I'm over it. Their is a general misconception about us that we don't want our kids, I don't think their could be anything further from the truth. I love my kids dearly ... they just make me unbareably sad sometimes. I can't say it's just them, I'm still bipolar ... I still have ptsd, I'm still horribly depressed. I'm just an all around fucked up person. Some days I just don't see the point of putting myself through all this....not that I'm suicidal, I'm just not very hopeful of the future. I'm really resisting the urge to go down the "whoa is me" road with this but you'll have to excuse me if I'm a bit self-loathing. This is about the only out
Beyond hope I walk,Faithful to the promisesOf a foolish hero.
Errbody Know Dat Da Bird Iz Da Word
hobo steve says "I'ze hEnEry tH' aiTH i iZ I iz!" i'Ze be seEin deeZ guys with signz on MY corNas MINE... but i take caRe ah dat laTa... anywho i decidiMicaTEd to make me a siGn too but i dont like all dEeZ "Jesus loves you" and " god bless" sigNs deez fellas have... cuZ i knows tHAt some folk mite not be reLigious... an i also dint like da ONe dat says "homless, need money fo food" because even wiFF out da sign dat shoulT be purTY obvlius... so i decidEd ta be ariginal an i maDe Dis one i had anuTha one... but Den i discuVerd Dat crazy guy down on 17th street had stoled it JOIN US NEXT TIME WHEN HOBO STEVE SAYS: " WHARRGARBL!"
"Pain...without love. Pain....I can't get enough. Pain....cause I like it rough....and I can't get this damn song out of my head! Help somebody sing something different!!
I really have no desire to answer to messages that simply state how hot I am.  If you want to chat that's fine but conversations that start with "wow you're hot" aren't going to get more than a ty.  Just saying.
Don't fret too much Cathy. Like a lot of us, you deserve better, and you WILL find better.... I know sometimes, when the pain is intense, it doesn't FEEL like it, but Karma DOES exist, and those of us that are worthy, eventually get what we deserve, and those unworthy, reap their reward as well........... Just hold onand you will seeyou are better offthan he.He was a lesserman and knewHe had no nerveto follow thruYou cannot make himfeel the hurt nowhe won't feel it 'tilyou've long ceased caring...The loss hurts morefor you right nowbut it shall pain himfar longer for his erring....
Err...mixed Inspirations
My heart fell in love with you I let it go and you have it now Your eyes told me the truth You’d love me for life or longer Why didn’t I see it from go I got lost on my way To the end of our life together I didn’t know it was easier to just give Baby you have my heart I fell in love with you After only just a lil bit I got scared and pulled back I let go just before you left You walked away with my heart Boy bring it back to me I need it back I found a new He deserves what I gave to you You didn’t want it But you took it anyway It’s all good Because I see what I need You won’t come back I don’t need you back Please bring me my heart Give it back In love for me And not hate I’ll let go I’ll walk away Just see me He wants me He loves me I want to give him me I want to have my happy give me what is mine Walk away I won’t follow behind I loved you from go I love you still now You have my heart Just leave it behind Just leave me behind
Errors! This Site Is Worse Than Myspace!
Firstly, this site has more errors than myspace. At least they save everything and can allow more features. Secondly, how many of you noticed this: 1.)I'm typing to someone in the SHOUTBOX feature, then I move my cursor/arrow off the line and everything is erased. 2.)I'm typing in the SHOUTBOX, and someone on my friend-list updates their photos or something else, it interrupts my typing, then I can't add anything more to the unfinished line I am about to send, then it's no good and I have to start all over again. 3.)I'm typing up a private message, then someone updates something of theirs, and I had some mistakes on my words I just typed, so I press the backspace/delete-button and the whole screen of everything I typed is completely erased, then I have to start all over again from scratch. 4.)I'm using more than one window, and I'm on myspace typing a message, if I hit any button while someone updates something of their LostCherry account while I'm both logged on to that
We give our heart, then they take theres away. I dont understand the games that are played. Why do they sit you up on there shelf. Leave you there while they go out by them self. You collect dust, waiting around.. Your heart and soul becomes bound. No longer do words come from your mouth, a doll that has broken, tattered and used. You sit there only to amuse. Abused, confused, and misunderstood, why in the world do you do this to yourself. So beautiful to others, so fragile and free you could be. Yet your falling like a leaf. So many options, yet your eyes stay closed, and that poison jus goes right through your soul. A door has closed, but another always opens... dont be afraid sweet angel, your day will come.. N like all others you will find the one....
“error Messages”
“Error Messages” Sony has announced its own computer operating system now available on its hot new notebook PC called the Vaio. Instead of producing the cryptic error messages characteristic of Microsoft's Windows 95, 3.1, and DOS Operating systems, Sony's president Nobuyuki Idei said, "We intend to capture the High ground by putting a human, Japanese face on what has been-until now-an operating system that reflects Western cultural hegemony. For example, we have replaced the impersonal and unhelpful Microsoft error messages with our own Japanese haiku poetry." The chairman went on to give examples of Sony's new error messages: Examples: A file that big? It might be very useful. But now it is gone. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The Web site you seek cannot be located, but countless more exist. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Error: invalid user specified.
Error: You Must Gain More Points Before You Can Rate Members!
Now, i see alot of people that say "rate me, become a fan" before any one can add you.. well, one this is what it says with us FRESH meat when trying to "rate/become a fan" whatever. Error: you must gain more points before you can rate members! AND Error: you must be level 1 or greater to become someones fan! So how can i RATE you if i cant rate you??? LET START ADDING PICTURES! i cant wait until i win THIS game... talk about popularity contest damn.
Error: You Can't Rate Yourself, Foolio!
-whines- I wanna self love myself!.. poor me.. i was banned from AOL when I told an admin "i love myself there for i am gay".. now here on cherry tap.. i cannot love myself.. they only say.. "Error: you can't rate yourself, foolio!"
Error 2 Again
Hit my limit for photo rating again. Get me to the next level so I can continue, lol
Error: You've Reached The Daily Photo Comments Limit For Your User Level.
plz can yall help bomb him a bit even if each of u leave one comment and rat him it helps.. as u see i have used my comment for the day thanks yall lady kaos
Error:you Have Reached You Daily Photo Rating Limit
it has been giving me this error since yesterday.i have also reached limits on leaving user comments,photo comments.why is this?do they want you to pay money to take the limits off?i think it soon as i am able to rate photos again,i'll get caught up with everyone that has rated mine.
Error Messages
I think everyone on here gets the sorry you're rating too fast --- it will be ignored; sorry you're commenting too fast--the last one will be ignored; and my least favorite You session has expired. Compared to other problems in life...these are small and not worth stressing over or even wasting the energy to complain about. I mean s*** happens, its technology--nothing is perfect. Honestly its nothing to get irritated about. I'm sure that eventually they will get the bugs worked out. For now, its just a lil pain in the neck. Just overlook it and enjoy the site.
Error Im Commenting To Fast
i dont know if its happening to anyone else but allmost every time i leave a profile comment i get error your commenting to fast or error your session as expired, i just left a comment, and i got error your commenting to fast, thing is my last comment i left was a about a hour ago, couple of days ago it took me 3 trys just to fan someone, relly starting to piss me off now, is this happening for anyone else.
Error 5 Again
"ratings blocked for 10 minutes. stop flooding our servers! --babyjesus" Guess what I got the first time I clicked anything 12 minutes later. "ratings blocked for 10 minutes. stop flooding our servers! --babyjesus" So does that mean its really for 25 minutes?
Error In Flooding?
Hrmmm??? What does this mean? I never understand these warnings/errors? How can one flood a webpage? hrmmm...maybe Im rating too fast but trust me I do look @ all the pictures Im commenting/rating:) booohiss kitty got a spanking
Error 6
Error: you're temporarily blocked from commenting because you have repeatedly flooded the cherrytap servers. your account has been flagged as abusive. continueing to flood our servers will result in it's deletion. try again in 10 minutes. play nicer next time. --babyjesus aka the fascist antichrist, i know.
Error: You're Not Allowed To Do This.
this is to all my friends i have on here who leave me daily comments.i am sorry i am unable to return your comments due to no fault of my own. but i have been blocked from commenting-or replying to comments since friday 5-11-07 how long it will last i do not know. my messages to find out the problem has not been answered by bouncers-ct support-babyjesus or scrapper they will none of them return my pm. i get this error message when trying to leave you a comment or reply to the one you sent. just to let you know i still love you all and thanks for your understanding Suzy Error: you're not allowed to do this.
Error User Dont Allow You Leave Comment.
whats up with that? Error: the users permissions do not allow you to leave a comment. what a fascist bitch! I trying to comments on friend page it does that. there was few people on my list it does that Matt....about month ago or so it did it to Just Dad...when I commenting on more I cant remember the name. think thats strange...unless they have setting to only accept when they are online. dont know. anyone knows why it does that..could ya please let me know. thanks. hugss, ~Mary~
Error: Accept Request For Invalid Friend Request!
Error: accept request for invalid friend request! ---- then Get that "friend request received" link offa my screen! and why in god's name can't we disable the chat box, it's taking up too much effing space. Oh well, i'm the idiot logged in and wasting time here...
Error: You're Not Allowed To Do This.
I'M TRYING TO MAKE A MMMM'S,IT TELL'S ME Error: you're not allowed to do this.
Error: You're Not Allowed To Do This.#2
THIS IS STARTING TO SUCK LIKE MYSPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUBAR ON THIS Error: you're not allowed to do this.
Error: You Allready Reated This Stash ... Not!
No I did not already rate that stash. I checked with its owner who just posted it and they did not receive a stash rating. BabyJ, please fix this... pretty please!
Error Ugh!!!!! Lol
Error: you've reached the daily photo rating limit for your user level.
Err On The Side Of Caution
I'm writing this blog mainly to help my Outlaw newbies and anyone else who may need it. First thing I'm going to cover is photos. We all post them, rate them, get them rated and when we don't know it....get them stolen!! I wish I was joking but I'll cite examples of two friends of mine from Yahoo 360. One had her granddaughters pics stolen by a pedophile who then proceeded to make their lives a living hell. The Child was two years old and this sicko had a field day photoshopping her pics into disgusting images. Not pleasant as a vigalante of us went after him with little done by yahoo. Another friend, indeed several, had their identities and photos stolen and fake 360's set up as them to harass others and discredit them and ruin their reputations with some of the most insidious writings and comments. Well, I'm pleased to say that Fubar has a resolution for that. They have NO RIP of images in your albums, if you choose. So first, don't leave your photos in default, put t
Error: You're Not Allowed To Do This.
Error: you're not allowed to do this. no bulletins no profile comments no picture comments did i get grounded for something?
Error: I_really_f**king Hate You! I've had that happen MANY times, ESPECIALLY during someone's Happy Hour; give a Thumb's UP to someone's stash and it looks like it doesn't take, click again and get this message!! And these people have the NERVE to censor pictures for what they consider unfit or NSFW? I can't understand why on a site that is "for adults", someone would in one instant, practice blatant censorship by masking someone's pictures with a Bag-head, or outright delete them, THEN have the audacity to leave a comment like this for an error that you have no control over, one caused because the site is overloaded with people trying to leave comments etc. I think that this is ridiculous. Supposedly we're ALL adults on this site, and that would go for our web-master and the staff. You can't have it both ways people, either let this be an adult site, where we flag our own photos as NSFW, or invite Jerry Falwell and all the other televangelists to
Error Html
I tried to paste HTML code so many time which aren't javascript at all. So why keep telling me say, "Error: Javascript are not allow in entry?" Did I did something wrong? I also used Fubar's image image link on it, and it still does NOT work! Ugh! -Danny
LMAO I ONLY RATED SOMEONES PROFILE AN 11 :O ERROR: 1,000 points deducted from your score, thanks for playing!
Error: 1,000 Points Deducted From Your Score, Thanks For Playing!
ERROR: 1,000 points deducted from your score, thanks for playing! This message has pooped up 3 times so far. All I've been doing for the past 35 minutes, has been rating photos. Anyone else having this problem? Should I ask a bouncer? Why should my score lower just for rating photos 10's? Input is more then welcome.
Error: You Aren't Allowed To View This Blog
Why do people freak out when I post a private blog? Every time I post one, at least one person jumps in my shoutbox asking why. Honestly, you expect pearls of wisdom from me or something? My blogs all suck anyway, who cares if you can't see it. Chances are you wouldn't want to if you could anyway :p
Error: Your Session Has Expired, Please Try Again.
Fuck, fuck and fuck again. Two long messages and got that both times, lost everything. Oh, and excuse my french...
Errors Disappear...
Errors disappear when we cease looking at them. Nothing disconnected from thought survives... Except Love and all Its facets. In this sense ‘forgetting’ is the same as ‘forgiving’. Blessings John Mcintosh
ERROR: you've reached the daily photo rating limit for your user level. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT CRAP AND IM SO DAMN CLOSE GRRRRRRRR
An Error Free Pc At Last
Please Visit My Stash Under News For An Error Free PC..
An Error In Updating Your System Has Occurred
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. An error in updating your system has occurred. Select
Error: You Just Made The Fucking List.
I was fucked up. My mind was experiencing the effects from drinking the sickeningly sweet contents of two bottles of cough syrup. Procured off the shelf, and carefully chosen for a single active ingredient. Disassociative - That's how dextramethorphan "hallucinations" are described by medical journalists who've poked and prodded bits of data shaped like people, into an overly simplistic assessment of its effects. They didn't… weren't able to… extrapolate. All that I'd read and studied from analogues of their data in the form of user-accounts and Erowid dossiers, clearly stated (in my opinion) there was more to it than that. I was also of the opinon recreational use was an act of desparation. My own desparate rationalization being my use was "investigative". Fool that I am. Movie of this fucked up evening - David Cronenberg's interpretation of William S. Burroughs' novel of his own fucked-up-ness, Naked Lunch. Titled by Allen Ginsburg. Or so I've read. Have I ever to
Error In Judgment....aka Oh Shit
It was a typical day of household chores, consisting of dishes, laundry, and general tidying up.  I was off to a great start, getting a lot more done than I would have expected, when my day AND my mood came to a crashing hault.  That's when I found it...a tiny little offensive item, right there, staring at me.  I opened the door to the dryer and out fell a small black "hoochy mamma" type thong...most importantly, one I did not recognize. Before going too far into this story, I have a history of catching previous cheating spouses by washing some other woman's underware. I also have a history of finding myself with men who have a closet habit of cross dressing.  In either case....UM NO. First thought: "No, his package wouldn't fit into THAT, so I really don't think it's his" Second thought "Have I purchased any new hooker underware I may have forgotten about?" Third Thought "Do I REALLY have to walk into the living room and ask my spouse whose panthies these are AGAIN?!" Deep breath
[error, No Blog Content Entered]
One two one two   this is just a test.   One two one two   this is just a test.
An Error
Movements in the world of hockey Sunday: National Hockey League TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING-Recalled D Scott Jackson from Norfolk (AHL). Tony Gonzalez Womens Jersey . American Hockey League AHL-Suspended Springfield D Jake Taylor for one game for his actions in an April 10 game at Hartford. ECHL ELMIRA JACKALS-Announced F Tim Spencer was recalled by Binghamton (AHL). Authentic Clay Matthews Jersey . The 25-year-old, who scored both goals in Pittsburghs 2-1 victory over Detroit in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, had played through the injury "for quite a while" according to GM Ray Shero. Authentic Marques Colston Jersey . The high costs of the Spring Festival are a real financial burden for me, Song Pingyang, who works in Chongqing, said during an interview with Chongqing Evening News. 
guys,just send me private msgs and ill answer that...mwah!
Errotic Reading....
The rope slides easily over her naked flesh and I hear a gasp escape her lips as the length of cotton rope rubs across her hardening nipples. The rope works as an extension of my hand making her feel things she didn't know were possible from just a simple piece of cotton rope. I feel her shiver with wanting as I pull the rope over her shoulders and around her beautiful sweet tasting neck nibbling lightly on her neck as I continue to move the rope over her entire shivering body.I can hear her starting to pant as the breath catches in her throat on occasion as the feeling of the rope being passed over her entire body makes her week in the legs I am over joyed that I can make my Sub feel like this just from some simple rope play. We started out just wanting to explore and find out what she likes and I found out fast that she was very in to Rope play. I turn her around still holding on to her and making sure she is stable from the minor Orgasm she just had from me running the rope over her
Errrr Responsibility!!!!!!
so why is it that i get promoted to a leadership position and all the detail shit get put on me? becuase im reliable? because the other Sergeant in my squad, who has been promoted for a year longer than me, is busy talking, or just doesnt want to? or is it to see what i can handle? i think its the last question. i have already done most of the tasks of an army leader, and have continued to for over a year. im always the relied upon guy, and i guess im just pissed that the other sergeant i work with nevr does much of anything as far as the leadership shit goes. errrrrrrrrrr.
hey everyone, im starting to get kinda annoyed y this, if you add me and look at my pics, please just rate and comment them, it takes like 10 seconds to do both, especially if u add me asking to see my pics, thx in advance
hey everyone, im starting to get kinda annoyed y this, if you add me and look at my pics, please just rate and comment them, it takes like 10 seconds to do both, especially if u add me asking to see my pics, thx in advance
What a fucking day! A lesson on why you shouldn't try to stay friends with your ex.
Errrrrrrrrr Lol
Are you Loved?!?! SORRY! your not LOVED!Well your not exactly the one who gets noticed... but theres that speciel someone for you just give life time, and put yourself out there! (KEEP YOUR OPSIONS OPEN!) Take this test
Errr, Ummm...
I put this in a bulletin along time ago, but nobody read it because bulletins are for deviants and weirdoes and cool people only read blogs and such. I ended up coming on CT because I’d had a very messy break up with my last girlfriend and most of my close friends aren’t that close geographically speaking. And they where sick of listen to me bitch whining. Myspace didn’t have what I needed, i.e. people to talk to. Despite the dissings it might get, I’m always going to have a soft spot for CT now, because I have met some genuinely great people on here and you’ve been a BIG help (if you think you’re one of them, you probably are, if you don’t, your probably not. I’m not naming names). Not only have I found people with very similar senses of humour (a frightening miracle), I’ve also found people who will feed me lines to keep weird fucked up conversations going, people who have put up with my excessive use of sarcasm, brackets and ellipses, people who have let me see pictures of them when
Errr Yeah Subject Goes Here
So here I sit, bored out of what's left of my mind. What's up in my world? Not much, but here's to hoping.
Alrighty, today i am getting off of my fat ass and doing something. It is nice out and junk. I need a new job, some place better where I am at now. Hmmmm, today would be a good day to get out and start checking out places. Argh... but all i wanna do is play on the computer. I need to get laid too. :)
Errrr! Eric Hudson Is A Dick!
ok, so get this, someone starts knocking on my window at 2am this morning...i look out, and guess who i see? eric! so i open the window, and he stars bawling about how he still loves me and how he never meant to hurt me and all this other b.s. he then tells me that he was going to go to jail today, so i then call his mom at lunch today to see which jail he was going to just so i could be nice and write him, well, she has no fucking clue what im talking about, so i told her what eric told me...she gets pissed off, and eric gets his ass kicked out, im pissed off, so i go to kennys, eric starts bitching about joe, and how i told his mom and all this other shit (which he did it all to himself) and then he tells me he wants to be with me, but then he decides i should stay with joe (not like i would ditch joe for eric anyway) and then eric says he want to be with me forever, and then tells me that we wouldnt work i tell him i just want to be friends, and he tells me im his goddess a
so lately my life has been full of drama and grandpa who is like a dad to me keeps going in to the hospital. im really afraid that hes gonna pass on soon and i dont want him to yet. last wekk i got the scarrest phone call of my life friend told me that this guy that i use to date tested positive for HIV....and that if i had it well yea it was jus affecting me but my b/f i had to go to this place and get tested and my results came out negative thank god....and then to find out he was lying about the whole thing...i swear if i ever see that guy again i will kill him ...why would you ever lie about something soo serious....i jus want a week with no drama
Okay... well it started last friday at Kuzzins. Had too many shots of tequila and approached the RHS to tell her that everything is in the past and no hard feelings... Now that I'm sober, I don't feel so great about saying that. Almost got into it with another girl. Now, I have an infection and feel like hell. Not to mention the fact that I can not stand my mother-in-law and have been bickering at each other for two days about random sh*t. Poor jason has to be in the middle. CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey all just wanted to let you all know that yes i am alive. lol Unfortunatly I have no internet or phone service at my house right now. It will be a while before I can get them up and running. I hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all very much. I will be in touch here and there when I can. And promise to show major luvins when i get hooked back up!! Hugs and Loves to you all Missy a.k.a Spicy Angel
You Are 28% Girly You are a pretty hardcore tomboy, and a very free spirit. Gender roles be dammed, you like to do things your way. How Girly Are You?
I’m going to sue all toy factories for the pain, suffering, aggravation and time it takes to open a toy these days. I went to Walmart his morning and decided to get Luke a medium sized toy off of the shelf. It was only $13, nothing expensive or elaborate at all. There is no reason that there should be anything involved in the extraction of the item, other than slicing open some tape. The black tabs and wires hurt my fingers and cause me serious grief. It’s ridiculous that the worries on Christmas morning is no longer "did we get batteries", but rather "how many wires will we untwist and get poked by?" Watch out Fisher Price and Tonka and Little Tykes, I’m coming for you!!
why does the bus drop my son off on the next street over when they drive right by the house? his bookbag weighs like 40 pounds, is it that hard to drop him off closer when you already drive right past it? and no it's not cause of other kids, there aren't any he rides with by us!
So I'm eating pizza with my youngest and every 30 seconds or so he makes a sound like a bomb hitting. I kinda looked at him and he said "kpewwwwwww another bite hit my lower intestine". Now obviously he's delusional. I'm just wondering where this came from since I'm so normal. :D Love yous guys
Why is it that no matter how nice you are to people, they just screw you over? Dosen't anyone cherish their friendships anymore? Smooches to all.
i really really really hate men right now. their stupid and dumb; they think with ONE BRAIN! and its not the smart one. and we must always need them or be under their thumbs!! im sick of it!! im a big girl and i dont need their help!! im fucking DONE!!!
The Errs Of Me
Another one from my book. Very special. ~~~ the errs of me I sit here to write and nothing more To free my mind of the trap that is today That is today, yesterday, and whole if this life It is hard for one to have what I have To have the light and the dark in my eyes To have my future in my hands and yet to be blind of it Color visions gray by pain and loneliness I hold it in my hands and feel the heat of it on my face Smell the charged air like lightning fresh Yet not a care that it is mine Not a care to how full it may make me No care that some spend their whole life to dream the chance to seek and find what I now hold and ingore I look away from the life I hold in these hands to another life and that love I let grow in my chest Let it explode into the world for I am the Lion heart The Burning Sun in celebration of His Mistress Moon Yet I wither and weep for I spill hollow Myself drawn as empty as winter words on lips As the nothing that tumble
20 Err Umm 53 Questions
  1. What time did you get up this morning? 10:00am 2. How do you like your steak? Bloody 3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 4. What is your favorite TV show? Rome for drama, Top Chef for amazement, and True Blood for guilty pleasure 5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Stirling Scotland 6. What did you have for breakfast? Pamplemousse Rose Perrier 7. What is your favorite cuisine? Pacific Rim 8. What foods do you dislike? Anything with a viscous texture 9. Favorite Place to Eat? Sunset Grill, Waikiki Hawaii 10. Favorite dressing? Vinegar and oil (i want to taste the greens not the dressing) 11. What kind of vehicle do you drive? 06' PT Cruiser Touring Edition 12. What are your favorite clothes? Something that flatters my body 13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? Everywhere 14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? 1/2 empty with a fly in it 15. Where would you want to retire? Stirling Scotland 16. Favo
I have had the opertunity to spend 4 late night 4 hour shifts in the ER helping the nurses for my EMT-Enhanced clinical time and I have noticed that these people never get enough get acknowledged for the fine job they do and hardly ever get a thank you. Has anyone ever thought about what they have to put up with in there jobs or see when they are at work. Everyone sems to think there emergency is worse then the next person. But did anyone ever stop to thing about the people who come to the ER to say there good byes to aloved one or to pick up a child that was criticly injured in a MVA or ever some one having a life threatening injury. Well next time you go to the ER think about these things treatment takes time test results take time and saving a criticly injured loved one takes time too. So after you get seen by a doctor and are told you can go home a few words of thanks could help these people working in the ER have a better day or even feel appreciated.
Tonight I discovered that there is a whole subset of folks out there that we should give time to consider. And those folks are what I like to call the "88¢ers". Tonight while shopping for Advil I found that you can purchase 100 Advil in a bottle for 88¢ less if you buy it without the complimentary cardboard box. This find brought up a whole conversation in which we concluded that this extra 88 cents must be seen as a moron tax if you will. I find that this situation also places it on a very long list of ongoing conspiracy theories that I sometimes give time to considering and trying to solve for us all. This list includes packages of wieners that are sold 10 in a package when you can only buy packages of hot dog buns in an 8 count. Do you realize that to break even you'd have to buy 4 packages of hot dogs and 5 packages of buns? Also included on this list are the so called "Dollar Menus". Is it really a dollar menu just because the cost of something is a dollar without the tax
Ers. More Importantly, The Tea
NASHVILLE -- The Tennessee Titans gave themselves a little breathing room with a much-needed victory, and the Pittsburgh Steelers still cant win away from Heinz Field. Rob Bironas kicked his fourth field goal, a 40-yarder as time expired, and the Titans beat the Steelers 26-23 on Thursday night to snap a two-game skid. Matt Hasselbeck threw a 5-yard touchdown pass to Kenny Britt with 4:19 left to tie it at 23, and the Titans (2-4) snapped a three-game losing streak against the Steelers. More importantly, the team that had given up more points than any other team in the NFL held its first opponent below 30 points this season. "Its only one win, we know that," Titans coach Mike Munchak said. "But its a great win for us at this point in the season when we needed a win to show people what were all about." Pittsburgh (2-3) lost its third straight road game this season and the fifth in six games dating to last season despite Ben Roethlisberger throwing for 363 yards and becoming
Ers On Sunday. It Wa
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had to work overtime to keep their playoff surge alive. Josh Freeman threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to Dallas Clark in overtime to cap the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27-21 comeback win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. It was Freemans third touchdown pass of the game for the Buccaneers (6-4), who have now won five of their last six games. Carolina appeared to have the game in hand after a 29-yard touchdown pass from Cam Newton to Brandon LaFell put the Panthers (2-8) up 21-10 with six minutes left in the game. But after a 40-yard field goal by Connor Barth, the Panthers offence couldnt put the game away and had to punt. Freeman led the Bucs 80 yards on seven plays in 50 seconds, despite not having any timeouts. He finished the drive with a perfectly thrown 24-yard touchdown pass to Vincent Jackson between three defenders with 12 seconds left. Freeman went back to Jackson for a 2-point conversion on a slant route to tie the game and
Erson To Fill The Role Of Team President And I Could
EDMONTON -- The Edmonton Rush named Dave Jamieson as the teams new president on Friday. He joined the National Lacrosse League franchise after spending 14 years with the CFLs Edmonton Eskimos. Jamieson, an Edmonton native, most recently served as the Eskimos vice-president of communications and broadcast. "We took a great deal of time selecting the right person to fill the role of team president and I could not be more proud to have found that person in Dave," team owner Bruce Urban said in a release. "Daves commitment to the sports community of Edmonton has been long and noteworthy and we expect this to be a great next chapter in that history." Jamieson succeeds Gord Sawyer, who left the team last July. Earlier in the week, the Rush selected Mark Matthews with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NLL Entry Draft. The NLL regular season begins in January. Wholesale NFL Jerseys . Park, of Korea, was eliminated for leaving the blocks early. Although his times were not released,
Er's Suck
So I had to be rushed to the ER for a serious asthma attack. I have not had one in over 10 years but due to the change in altitude up and my sisters this weekend and having a really nasty sinus infection, it caused for a torture session on my lungs. It was the scariest damn thing ever not being able to breath and passing out! I will be taking it easy the next couple of days so come say hi
49ers Vs Rams
I am going to the 49ers first home game versus the Rams on Sunday. This should be awesome!!! Go RAMS!!!
Ertotic Story
Her shower interupted ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a long hard day at work all she wanted to do when she got home was take a nice long hot shower. Entering the master bath shedding her blouse and skirt along the way all she wore was her bra and panties as she adjusted the shower to the tempeture that she wanted. She finishes removing her clothes and steps into the shower enjoying the warmth that invades her every pore. her mind returns to the phone call that she received earlier in the day telling her to be ready to go to dinner at" 7 o'clock sharp ! " . She knew that the punishment for being unprepared and late would be very severe. so she was toying with the idea of waiting to open the door until 7:01 . But knowing what lay in store for her tonight ,already her was pussy tingleing. She starts to rub her throbbing clit with one of her freshly mamicured nails when
The Er Today
First off, thank you to all of the love shown to me either in the shoutbox (I'm sure I missed some of them) and by way of messages. My son has been having some pain in his lower back for the past 5 days or so. It got to the point where he couldn't bend down to touch his toes (he'll be 14 in July 4). So, I took him to the ER and he was diagnosed with a sacral strain...nothing neurological or very serious, but the pain is real. So, he has to take advil and do specific stretching exercises for the next 5 days and if it doesn't improve, go to the family Dr. for a re-evalutaion. As many of you know, he is an avid baseball player and in sports terms he is "day to day". So again, thank you so much for the genuine concern shown by so many of you.
eructation\ih-ruhk-TAY-shuhn\  noun; 1.The act of belching; a belch
Erudite? Maybe......
Those of you that talk to me, know me, occasionally peak at my profile page, my blogs, and stalk me through staring at my pics, may know that I enjoy witty banter, and the usage of fancy $10 words. I came across a list of words this morning that had me 'lmao' or even 'pmsl'. I shall share them with you. You may feel the need to consult a dictionary, but trust me, you do not need too. The definitions have been provided, and after reviewing them myself, I feel they are true and correct. Let me know if you find any errors! ;) ABASH: A high school graduation party. ABDICATE: To give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach. ACCOUNT: A Countess's husband. ACRE: Literally means the amount of land plowable in one day. So in my case it would be four feet by four feet. ADULT: A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle. AMNESIA: condition that enables a woman who has gone through labor to have sex again. ANTIQUE: An item your grandparents boug
Er Um I Thought This Was An Adult Site
ok so um ROFL!!! was ur mummy mean to you when u were a kid LIKE SERIOUSLY if ur problem is with me no need to bring my friends into it fukn WANKERS!!!!!!!!
Eruo English
European English: The European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will be the official language of the European Union rather than German, which was the other possibility. As part of the negotiations, the British Government conceded that English spelling had some room for improvement and has accepted a 5- year phase-in plan that would become known as 'Euro-English' . In the first year, 's' will replace the soft 'c'. Sertainly, this will make the sivil servants jump with joy. The hard 'c' will be dropped in favour of 'k'. This should klear up konfusion, and keyboards kan have one less letter. There will be growing publik enthusiasm in the sekond year when the troublesome 'ph' will be replaced with 'f'. This will make words like fotograf 20% shorter. In the 3rd year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling kan be expekted to reach the stage where! more komplikated changes are possible. Governments will enkourage the removal of double l
E.r. Update
Josh is recovering slowly. Quick review:MondayJosh was taken (by me) to the E.R. 8am, admitted to Cardiac Intensive Care 10pm after a bed was cleared and the spiking 178bpm heart rate had been reduced to a 100-110bpm heart rate. Their chief concern at that point was not the sever infection in his mouth but the damage his heart may have received for the elevated heart rate.TuesdayThey didn't tell us much, they had Josh on a 24hr fast in case they decided to operate on his jaw to clear the infections after a CAT scan of his jaw was completed. Later that evening they let him eat a meal, deciding not to operate.WednesdayHe continued waiting for any news that might develop, took painkillers that actually worked, and was on (had been on since Monday) and Antibiotic IV Drip. That night they put him on another fast, having decided to operate on the infections in his jaw. He asked me to stay home Thurs., and clean the house that day - as he had quite a few things he wanted me to clean, and I
Erupt A beach covered in thick, grey ash Strewn about, the bodies of Islanders and tourists Their clothes ripped and matted Drenched in blood; their skin Charred Cajun-style, Crispy and black And the vast mountain beyond Exploding a million fireworks, Salivating bright orange magma, Rumbling, as the mount And it's surroundings implode Leaving nothing to exist
"An eruption of purest white befalls her face, robs her of sight, and prompts a wide and joyous smile as she wears Him for quite a while. "
(shoutbox) erv131: I've lost my panties, may I borrow yours? Need I say more? urgh.
I was hoping he would act all hurt and try to respond, but he didn't, but here ya are ladies. Another one for the "avoid" list. You know how to do it, bottom to top. ->ervi1977: OK, you seriously think that women are OK with you talking like that to them within the first few minutes of saying hi, and if they are, why would you want them? ervi1977: bra size ? ervi1977: o really ->ervi1977: I don't wear panties. ervi1977: what color panties ? ervi1977: just boxers here ->ervi1977: Um... jeans and a shirt? ervi1977: so what are you wearing ? ->ervi1977: Thanks. ervi1977: bummer, you are sexy ->ervi1977: Not that I share publicly, not anymore. ervi1977: got any naughties ? ->ervi1977: Thanks ervi1977: nice pics ->ervi1977: Well that makes sense then ervi1977: yep, i work 3rd shift ->ervi1977: Wow, do you work late or something? ervi1977: sounds fun,i just woke up ->ervi1977: Getting ready to make supper. ervi1977: what you
Ervin Vick Was Feeling Hamstring “pop, ” Has Mri For Thursday
Eagles quarterback Ervin Vick didn’t glance Lance Moore Jersey 100 % quick around Sunday’s 15-7 great loss to your The behemoths plus your dog ended up abandoning the adventure in advance of halftime resulting from a hamstring pain this obtained placed the pup sidelined for any not one but two former activities.Vick reported following on Jimmy Graham Saints Jersey from the recreation that he or she was feeling your dog have all your dog were required to conduct used so that you can coerce the pup that he or she appeared to be healthy and balanced more than enough so that you can have fun with, nonetheless this there’s Authentic Jimmy Graham Jersey oh dear so that you can duplicate recreation measures to the apply arena. Vick reported your dog was feeling her hamstring soda when trying for among the list of initially very few Philly moves.“I was feeling fine choosing. I actually was feeling for instance I did Jimmy Graham Jersey so all that I actual
Erwerben Android Tablet Pc Und Andere Smart Zubehör Von Online-shops
Entwicklung der Technik hat hervorragende und erstklassige Qualität Gadgets eingeführt, um effektive und schnelle Arbeitsweise bieten. Tablet-Notebook ist immer in der großen Nachfrage unter den Menschen aufgrund seiner erweiterten Funktionen und schnelle Arbeitsweise gewesen. Dieses intelligente Gerät ist für professionelle Aspekte sowie Unterhaltung. Solche Geräte sind mit einem tadellosen Funktionen und vorinstallierte Anwendungen problemlos Funktionsweise bieten konzipiert. High-Tech und tragbare Geräte bieten effektive Plattform für soziale Netzwerke, E-Mails, Spiele, Live-Chat und anderen Einrichtungen. Darüber hinaus können Sie kaufen verschiedene Arten von Geräten, einschließlich Tabletten, iPod, iPad, Handys und Laptops Funktionsweise zu maximieren. Deshalb kaufen hochwertige Produkte, die Sie zuverlässige Quellen betrachten kann. Außerdem müssen Sie sich nicht von einem Ort zum anderen auf der Suche nach solchen Geräten mit der Verfügbarkeit von Internet bewegen. Im Internet
Er Xd
nvm she didn't steal the shower haha but she's still a cunt...
Er.. Yeah.
Weird dreams. I was on a lake. I had a waveboard? I held on and it carried me to the other side of the lake. There were puffins there which let me pet them. It was more difficult to get back. Once I did we all went onto this ship... er.. space ship. I and some people were looking at some notices that Austin from my RP game put on the wall. They were cartoon drawings of Heaven (me) and Austin (Her gay best friend) but they were cool because the faces would change. Soon I went to a top area of the ship.. we were attacked.. but I think that I befriended the attackers or was with them. We were keeping the people from downstairs from coming up this metal stair. Then I was laying with Austin (Or the person in my dream who played Austin.. who in the dream was a large very darkly skinned bald black man in his late 30's or 40's. In the dream we were laying next to each other on the bed and I wanted to kiss him but he was gay but then he pressed his lips against mine and I did
Ery Is An Option" That Proba
ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon says he has a torn ligament on the bottom of his right foot and hes hoping to avoid surgery. Garcon described the injury thats sidelined him for four of Washingtons past six games as a "plantar plate tear" near his second toe. The plantar plate is a ligament that holds a toe in its joint. Garcon said Thursday that "surgery is an option" that probably would end his season, adding: "But we dont really want to think about that at all." He visited a foot specialist Wednesday. Garcon only has eight catches for 153 yards this season, his first with the Redskins after signing a $42.5 million, five-year contract as a free agent. Cheap Jerseys . -- Troy Matteson enjoys having the lead going into the final round of a golf tournament. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale . -- Jesus Montero put a slight dent in Jered Weavers nifty numbers. . Not only is physical capacity combined with concentration, b
Erythema Muliforme
ok yall Travis has erythema muliforme it is an alarm looking condition. EM is an alergic reaction that shows up either in the form of a rash or rather frightning looking lesions. it ca affect people of all ages but is often most sever in children and young adults. it is not contagious an d usually looks scarier then it is.em is believed to involve damage to the blood vessels of the skin which can lead to further damage to skin tissue. the following can be side effects of it. 1 vision abnormalities 2 decreased tearing 3 mouth sores 4 bloodshot eyes 5 eye pain 6 eye burning itching and discharge there are many causes of em. 1 allergic reaction to viral, acterial and fungal infections 2 sensitivity to food 3 immunizations 4 reaction to sulfa drugs, penicillin, barbiturtates and phenytoin. Travis got his from being sick and his body is trying to fight the cold and the cold isnt there anymore so its an alergic reaction to his own body so to speak. it will last 4-6 weeks and all the bumps wi
God hears what is not spoken and understands what is not explained, for His love doesn't work in the lips or in the mind, but in the heart.
Esa Boquitos
Gothic pictures and layouts
Esale.html . Frank Francisco Walked A Pair Of Batters With The Bases Loaded And Two Ou
DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Free agent forward Vladimir Radmanovic has agreed to a contract with the Chicago Bulls. An 11-year veteran, he appeared in 49 games for Atlanta last season and averaged 4.5 points while seeing his playing time decrease. Originally drafted by Seattle in 2001, the 31-year old Radmanovic has played for six teams and averaged 8.2 points on 41.6-per cent shooting -- 38 per cent from 3-point range. The Bulls announced the deal on Thursday. Terms were not revealed. Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China . And the fact that Canadas figure skating star triumphed over a competition he called the most difficult of his career is both a major victory and a huge lesson learned, he said, less than two years out from the 2014 Sochi Olympics. NFL Jerseys From China . PETERSBURG, Fla. . Frank Francisco walked a pair of batters with the bases loaded and two outs in the ninth inning, then gave up a two-run double to Martin Prado that put the potential tying
arms raised to the sky fingers grazing the stars magick surging a tornado a torrent of heat as the bonfire blazes a sheet of flame before me it guides the energy out of my body blasting from my fingers into the universe
JANUARY- Wolf Moon is a time for self-evaluation and working on that which is within. Envision yourself as a seed, which has been planted, now dormant with the winter, but preparing to sprout in the spring. This is similarly compared to the God who is young upon the earth and his mother, the Goddess, who cares for him. A.k.a. Cold Moon, Time to curl up with friends and other close ones, and give thanks for the inner warmth they offer. As the trees are well asleep, let us not be. Study well for the projects to come this spring. FEBRUARY- Storm Moon is a time of self-forgiveness, self-purification, and mental house cleaning in general. Its a time to clean out that which is no longer needed or wanted and to discard that which holds you back. The God is beginning to grow stronger and take his place beside the Goddess. Beware for as the season starts to change so does life around us. This is a time that you can be easily distracted and frustrated. Stay Focused. The true warmth
I held the knife so close to my heart. Like a foolish child I sat and I cried, Didn't realize what I had done, what I had tried. Tears mixed with blood, falling slowly to the ground. Covered in blood, pulled myself up, in tears scribed: To those who don't care, to those who can't see, Never Give up always thrive to be free. Didn't know how many people would later cry. Tried to be free, yet I see this isn't the way. Friend at the door, ran as fast as she could. Too weak to say I'm sorry, otherwise I would. In tears, looked at the blue sad day. When you come and see this pool of blood and me, This isn't the way my life was meant to be.
ESCAPE i am free free from your grip letting go of our love giving up on our future letting eternity set in finally walking away feeling the pain disapate i am happy again i am me again my friends will return once again i'll be accepted now that ive broken free your hate cant hurt me your lies cant burn me i have escaped
ive got alot on my mind this world we're living in is so unkind i feel the fist of god crashing down on me neverending pain of life cannot escape the reality that im done with living so get on your horse and ride the heavens will open and let me inside ill stay there and pray for you never ended chants of control enter my world and cleanse your wounds rub the stains of insanity ill take another drink again there is nowhere to hide ill sink into a rational hell into a blacked state i fell I cannot breakfree from this I leave a world no one will miss
each night we have something fun to do and if u want to come up great plus if u look at my page u will find a link to my home away from home and see all the ladies i work with hope to see you soon Monday Night: Each Monday night, you will have a chance to put together your own team of Fantasy Girls. With you acting as Head Coach, your team of girls will compete in a series of games. If your team wins, you get a free lap dance from every one of the entertainers. That's right, guys and girls! You're not hearing things! You get a VIP Dance from every entertainer working that night. And it's FREE. Come on out. Enjoy $2 Domestic Bottled Beer, and let us help you live out your fantasy! Fantasy Football every night, only at Escape Reality. Our lovely ladies will be offering up 3 VIP Dances for the low sum of $40! Buy two, get one free! Wow! Tuesday Night: 2-4-1 Tuesdays! 2-4-1 Admission, 2-4-1 VIP Dances and 2-4-1 Well Drinks (1/2 price, not two at once, because we're not gonna h
i ran from the place that you dragged me to i hate it whyd u bring me here how can i escape my minds in a boggle i wish i understood who am i how do i escape ive tried to run fear brings me closer to reality the reality that im stuck escape isnt an option i hope your locked up inside like i am who am i how do i escape i finally ran but realized i had nowhere to go no one to turn to no one that i love who am i how do i escape
Death is something which i crave My only wish is to my grave life is something which i hate death is the fate i await The end of my life is my desire To go to hell and its pits of fire The end of my life is my only dream the more i live the worse life seems
Tropical breeze gentle and soft Bluebirds whisper songs of spring Natures voice a distant melody Serene mirage of sweet escape Isle of beauty with bronzed delights Velvet kisses sweet nectar of innocence Embellished halo of glorious dreams Windswept memories of days gone by Beautiful people with smiles of persuasion Village of gold a breathless brilliance Wings of a dove eternal in flight Liquid dreams of ocean blue horizon Enchanted garden a captured fantasy
Escape From The Herd
I learned a long time ago the difference between sadness and despair. Sadness is when the heart hurts and despair is when the soul hurts. I also learned that when a soul is in the pit of despair it is very important to have a release. One of the best forms of release is in words. Even when you do not utter your words into another’s ears, it is still very important to have them. It is important to write them down, to read them, to reread them, and to absorb what it is they mean to you. Only in such a way can we clear our mind and go on from where we are now to where we want to be. For centuries man has done this through poetry and philosophy. In this day and age we have lost our poets and philosophers. We have people that call themselves by those monikers but they are not being true to themselves. Poetry and philosophy should be for those that are doing the thinking, but we’ve turned commercial and only write and think what we assume others want to hear. There was a time w
Escape From Here
I just need something that will take me away I'd throw my heart into your fire, when I was blind and you knew that I'd come crawling back, and you knew you'd always find me there but this time some things are gonna change, I'm breaking out. And I know someday I'll be ok, and I know someday I'll stand again But this won't be the end of me Cuz I'm breaking away I just need something that will take me away To help me disconnect to get you off my mind I just need something that will give me the strength to get away from you To escape from here And as I'm sifting through the ash, I find myself And you knew that I'd come crawling back, and you knew you'd always find me there But I'm sure you're never gonna change, cuz you've learned this all before And I know that you'll come crawling back, but I swear you'll never find me there I just need something that will take me away To help me disconnect to get you off my mind I just need something that will give
Darkness surrounds me like a cloud a cloak of understanding no judgement for my crimes compassion for my troubles prodviding a realse from my torment I sleep the sleep of the dead my mind wanders boundlessly dream Ceaselessly and I am free In my dreams i am loved in my dreams i am happy then the light tears me from my escape tear drops fall as I wait for night once more ( old poem of mine)
Pen in hand and thoughts in my mind The wanting to get them out and written on paper is unbearable Searching for paper is a lost cause there is nothing around but four empty walls My thoughts want to escape the dark and gloomy cells of my mind My hands are twitching with the need to write The blank walls are mind numbing and it makes me want to scream The numb feeling of the walls makes my vision go blank and dark The walls are no longer mind numbing or blank but they are full of words that make up my thoughts Four walls no longer blank but full of wisdom shame blame hate and love Now new thoughts will form and they will wait they turn to escape and be free the prison of my mind
One of my favorite songs This is everything that I wanted Do you believe that I tried so hard to take it home But never felt a single moment Life has been a place where I’ve wandered Moving slowly to understand what I can grasp But understand that it’s still not right So come back to me (he’s always waiting) (Chorus) I can’t find it but maybe I’ll cope And can you hide it and never let go? Come back to you, I only knew Lies have covered all of the smiles And wakened thoughts that have turned my heart To face the wind And then fall to where I know I’ll fit, but you Do you believe that I wanted Something other than fallen hearts that just Belong To places where the bridges give in Can you see what I felt when I told you Can you cope when it runs right through you Cause my heart it is broken with love that is Coped And now you tell me that I have something that’s missing?
Escalation Forces Bush To Resort To Recruiting Convicts
Please Rate This Blog Escalation Forces Bush to Resort to Recruiting Convicts By Robin Morgan 22 Jan 2007 In 2005, already desperate for fresh recruits, the Army started increasing, by nearly half, the rate at which it grants what it terms "moral waivers," permitting recruits with criminal records, emotional problems, and weak educational backgrounds to serve.
Take me away from here Take me to a place where I could no longer feel this pain Pain caused by giving in to so much vain Of loving someone that’s as cruel as hell for: THE ONE IM WAITING FOR
Escape The Fate - Reverse This Curse (lyrics)
A withered past and a blurry future, My hearts on an auction, It goes out to the highest bid. I live to fast, and I know I will lose her, But there is an option, to die is to live in her head. So I'll hang on, never let go. I dug this pain into my chest. [Chorus:] It's dead One last chance to reverse this curse, You stole my heart but I had it first. And now I see you've got something to prove, And nothing to lose, so let me tell you the truth. A deadly wish but it should've come sooner, A corpse in a funeral that I would never attend. There is a light on in the back of this house, But you're not around, to die is to live in her head. So I'll hang on, never let go. I dug this pain into my chest. [Chorus:] It's dead One last chance to reverse this curse, You stole my heart but I had it first. And now I see you've got something to prove, And nothing to lose so let me tell you the truth. So, this goes, out to, the ones that fall in love, And to, the
Celestial sacrifice of the lamb Hold high above your head For the gods are taking their sacrifice Dance your rituals of praise Let the rapture bind around you Graces degrade the worthless Sinners crowd around you As they lye dieing Scream in pleasure of their dying day In a world from eden You find your way
The loneliness, emptiness That is deep inside Is like an early spring day Waiting, wanting, needing to bloom To escape the barrenness, lifeless and the grey Wanting, needing the warm sweet touch For that soft caress That will melt away the grey To bring back life where there once was none To bloom Spring forth To grow To become To be strong as the mighty oak tree All this is waiting for me Just with one and with his soft caress Can make all things possible
The Escape
Four walls,, dingey blueish indoor outdoor carpeting,,,just a room. As she looks around through tear filled eyes at the photos of her children on the walls and the chatchkies scattered here and there; her heart only grows heavier. Thoughts and memories of missed oppourtinities... a lifetime of bad choices. As she pours over picture after picture of her father she chases another pill with chug of diet pepsi. "What's the use?" she says aloud! She chases the pink with the little blues and reds....and more flat white rounds to dull the pain. She walks froms room to room weeping watching her children sleeping. and for a fleeting moment the pain eases. Things are feeling knumb now.. as she opens the bedroom door all the pain comes rushong back in waves of red ..searing hot and orange. Quickly she closes the door and begins to sob again. She makes her way down the hall to the den and collapes to the table. How did i go so wrong? I can't take one more day of the abuse, the pain,..the
To escape from someone or somewhere is often indicative of needing to uncover new potential in the self, or to drop bad habits of the past. This new potential comes from incorporating the next order of archetype into the conscious. Escape can also reveal either a birth experience metaphor, or that one is discovering self-imposed limitations and is seeking to overcome them. Whom you escape from, how much violence or argument it requires, and the reaction to your escape all contribute to determining the meaning of this type of dream.
Current mood: contemplative Category: Life Every one of us, whether we actually want to admit it or not, is guilty of indulging occasionally in escapism. Some hike, some fish, some play violent bloody video games in order to take out their agression or forget the problems that sometimes pile upon our shoulders in our everyday lives. Me? I take long, luxurious, lavender scented baths, with the water almost too hot to stand, (and once in a blue moon I'll pour a cold glass of crisp red wine. I love the feel of the condensation on the cold glass against my water-heated fingertips), and let myself forget, for awhile, the things that keep me up at night. What about you? What is your escape from this world?
The Escape
Alone in a white cell four blank walls without color, the silence is deafening I cant stop their screaming downward, we spiral completely, and totally out of controll. If I cant solve their problems then why do I beg to know I hear a voice, soft and loving, I dont know who it is, But they are calling, calling me to come home, to return to my normal estate To return to the darkness that only I have seen that I seem to grasp for once I would like to see the light, ya know the one at the end of the tunnel. But I will never get to experience that feeling, I am doomed to roam the dark streets For eternity. Doomed to a loveless, unhappy, tormentous life. No one seems to understand the pain the pain I deal with everyday. No one can grasp the concept of being alone forever No one understands just what it is like to be unloved, to be unhappy, There is only one escape from all this. The esca
Escaping Rip Currents
Escaping Rip Currents Rips are easy to stay out of, and easy to escape from if you simply keep calm, and remember a few basic rules. Always remember this - if you enter the water and you feel water flowing by your legs, parallel to the beach, it's probably part of a rip current, and will soon change direction and head out to sea. If you're at all unsure of where the rips are, or if you have any concerns about safety, don't hesitate to ask a local surfer for advice. When you do decide on the spot you want to surf, look back up at the beach and pick some kind of landmark, like a house or a tree, and surf in front of it. If you look up after you've paddled out and see that you're no longer out front out your marker, you know that you've moved up or down the beach. Again - when first entering the ocean, feel for the direction the current is traveling in, using your legs. If there's a lot of current flowing sideways down the beach, it will eventually change direction and head out to
Jherik suddenly heard the locks to his cell door click open and raised his head to see Grimaldi walk in, flanked by two guardsmen. The look on Grimaldi's face was that of arrogant satisfaction as Jherik stood glaring at the man responsible for his imprisonment. "I trust you find your accomodations...." Grimaldi waved his hand around the room with a flourish,"....acceptable?" Jherik smirked. "The wards are exquisite, Grimaldi- shows how much you really fear me." "Fear?" Grimaldi snorted, eyes turned to stone. "No, foolish child, but contempt? Oh, yes, there is a lot of that. Speaking of children, you should know that your mother should be on her way here- I trust she will be happy to see her only child?" Jherik's expression turned from confusion to fear. "What? Why?" "Oh, did you forget?" Grimaldi sneered, eyes glittering with manic glee. "According to Coven Law, the family of those accused of treason or murder of an official are also brought in for question
Escape From Paradice
Excuse me while I fall into the darken hole… My heart cry's and longs for something… I don't know what… My mind is spinning... And I have no control… I don't know why… It feels like my feet are on the edge of the world… And someone is dragging me forward. I don't know why… It's so easy Just a slice to my hand… And I will feel pain again… I don't know why… Its seems so easy… But then again.. Fear gets in the way And I slowly slip away again. I don't know why I'm this way.. I don't know what is making me think this way.. I don't know how I got this way. I start to fade away.. And everyone doesn't notice.. The tears I cry.. The moments I die.. The memories fade… Something clings to me… Something that I knew before… Wrap me up in darkness… Throw me away to never be seen again… It seems like a good idea.. Since I hurt so many before… I don't know what's wrong with me… ……… Someone help me?!
want to get out want to go away act mad act sad want to be like you want to be like me want to lie want to cry afraid to talk afraid to sing afraid to do most anything
Escape From The Prison Camp
Escape from dolag 17
Escaping Your Own Prison
Sometimes I think that I'd like to just be released from this perpetual prison that is my mind Will I be granted amnesty for my sins of thought? I know this much, YOU can't tell me, and no one else can Have you ever noticed that everyone's opinion on God varies? Only natural, since our opinions on everything else vary just as greatly Release yourself from your opinions, they only hold you down Find another point of view, like a seal twisting and turning to see all angles around it The predator of my free thinking is my own bias So let's cast it all aside and put ourselve's in another's Adidas' Realize that the world is open and so is your perception, able to be molded, changed, scrapped, broken, or ripped apart as you see fit Don't get set in your ways, it only imprisons you *copyright Subh3rbanSmok3r 2007* MINE, biatches! ONE LOVE!
Escanaba State Fair
just trying to relax tonight after a long few days at the State Fair. the Fair was pretty good but enjoyable. right now, i'm Faired out until next year
Escaped Convict Found At Police Party
Escaped convict found at police party An escaped convict has been recaptured in Taiwan - at a barbecue party organised at the local police station. Police in Xinzhu city invited residents to celebrate the Moon Festival with them. But officers could not believe their eyes when they saw an escaped drug dealer called Chen, who had just been listed as one of the city's most wanted criminals, at the party. Police officer Cai Zhengtong, who was in charge of the barbecue, said: "I saw a man dressed in an eye-catching yellow windbreaker enter the place and sit in the corner. "He was enjoying the barbecue with the others. I really couldn't believe my eyes, since the man was just the criminal we were seeking." Police at the party quickly arrested Chen. He told officers he thought it would have been the last place police would have thought of looking for him.
Escape From Thinopolis
Escape From Thinopolis by JorisKHuysmans© Jain sat on the floor in front of the telset, sheathed completely in shiny purple nylor, bending her head over one spread leg and then the other in imitation of the instructor on the screen. "Doing aerobex again?" her husband, Kroll, asked. "My class was canceled tonight, I can't only do aerobex twice in one day," Jain said. "I've made so much progress this year." Yeah, progress in turning yourself into a human greyhound, Kroll thought to himself. His wife, like every woman in Thinopolis, now had the body of a seventeen-year-old boy track star. But that was the consequence of a diet high in FlavKelp and the exercise regimen followed by every resident of the city; body fat had been almost eliminated. And he was sick to death of it. He went upstairs and carefully removed the telset panel from the bedroom wall. It was no longer possible to watch old movies which showed women of the past-- they contained too much violence, stereotypi
The Escape;)
It is quiet around me. The air is cold. If I can get to the gym, I will be ok. Each frustration and anxiety will disappear. The first glance chills me, but I know I will ride. I step out into the cold air, and yes, I will wear leathers today. At first it is easy, this decision to make. I ride. When I step next to her I smile, and mount her grinning. In just a moment, I reach to engage her, and I hear the engine turn. It is thunderous, and like often before my heart sinks. I feel my anxieties lifted, and a burdened soul, that tries to sleep, awakens with a smile. Throttling up, I see the window vibrate next to me, and I move my sweet king, back towards the door. She slowly moves backward and exits onto the grass. The neighbor in the distance peeks out a window and waves. In the seconds it takes to pull around the house, I think: Good choice, I ride! I leave her. She sits pretty while I return in the house and get gloves, glasses, leathers, work out gear. Again, I
I need to escape; break away from this hell My incubus has me under his spell Enslaved by what’s pure, sophisticated, and refined How can my life be so intertwined There has to be more than all that I am A life of a lady I’m forever condemned To scream out in frustration, or pain, even pleasure Is forbidden for someone whose virtue is treasured I have the desire to be eternally here I hope that my memory will persevere Immortality is something that few can obtain It’s not for the shy timid mentally sane Will ever I be what I am in my mind? Will I ever break free of the pure and refined? I have failed no matter whom I chose to be So I will sit back and wonder, who is the real me?
Escaping Hell
He watches from his perch above his head, The vulture that has circled him for days. He wasn't dying, though at times, He felt his soul being torn apart. He trudges through the demonic turmoil That is his life. The vulture watches. There's really is no life. He climbs each broken step, stumbling As he reaches past each twisted thorny vine. He bears the scars of the battles waged- Not on his physical being, But on his heart and soul. The vulture still sits eyeing him As if he was giving up the ghost. He pushes past the brimstone gates, And refreshing air fills his lungs. He looks out into the world in front of him, And sees the beauty unfold. He looks forward and sees a path he has never taken, Perhaps to some the "road less taken", And with a little fear and resolve, He steps into the world that is anew, And he is escaping hell. Robert J Nye (2007)
To escape from someone or somewhere is often indicative of needing to uncover new potential in the self, or to drop bad habits of the past. This new potential comes from incorporating the next order of archetype into the conscious. Escape can also reveal either a birth experience metaphor, or that one is discovering self-imposed limitations and is seeking to overcome them. Whom you escape from, how much violence or argument it requires, and the reaction to your escape all contribute to determining the meaning of this type of dream.
Escaped Convict
Escaped Convict A guy breaks into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair, while tying the girl to the bed he gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the bathroom. While he's in there, the husband tells his wife: "Listen, this guy's an escaped convict, look at his clothes! He probably spent lots of time in jail and hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck. If he wants sex, don't resist, don't complain, do whatever he tells you. Satisfy him no matter how much he nauseates you. This guy is probably very dangerous. If he gets angry, he'll kill us. Be strong, honey. I love you." To which his wife responds: "He wasn't kissing my neck. He was whispering in my ear. He told me he was gay, thought you were cute, and asked me if we had any Vaseline. I told him it was in the bathroom. Be strong honey. I love you too!!!"
Escape (the Pina Colada Song) By Rupert Holmes
I was tired of my lady, We'd been together too long, Like a worn out recording, Of a favorite song. So while she lay there sleepin, I read the paper in bed, And in the personal columns, There was this letter I read. If you like Pina Coladas, And getting caught in the rain, If you're not into yoga, If you have half a brain, If you like making love at midnight, In the dunes of the cape, Then I'm the love that you've looked for, Write to me and escape. I didn't think about my lady, I know that sounds kinda of mean, But me and my old lady, Had fallen into the same old dull routine, So I wrote to the paper, Took out a personal ad, And though I'm nobody's poet, I thought it wasn't half bad. Yes I like Pina Coladas, And getting caught in the rain, I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne, I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon, And cut through all this red tape, At a bar called O'Malley's, Where we'll plan our escape. So I waited with high hope
Escaped Prisoner
A man escapes from a prison where he has been kept for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair. While tying the girl to the bed he gets on top of her, kisses her on the neck, then gets up and goes into the bathroom. While he's in there, the husband tells his wife: "Listen, this guy is an escaped prisoner, look at his clothes!He probably spent lots of time in jail, and hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck. If he wants sex, don't resist, don't complain, do what he tells you, just give him satisfaction, no matter how much he ravages you. This guy is probably damned dangerous. If he gets angry, he'll kill us. Be strong, honey. I love you." The wife responds, "He wasn' t kissing my neck. He was whispering in my ear. He told me he was gay, thought you were cute, and asked if we kept any Vaseline in the bathroom. I told him where to find it. Be strong, honey.
Escapism To some people who knew me and you know who you are let me explain some things. In dealing with all the trauma of childhood and some things in adulthood. From losing both parents and watching that transition in front of me, to burying childhood events of abuse and the emotional stress of all that I did some things. Escaping into games, art, working out, and reading or learning. I would do these things to an obsessive level. It was easier to escape into these things than to deal with what was going on with me internally. That is not the case anymore and hasn’t been for many months now. I would rather tackle head on what is bothering me than bury it and try to hide from it. Only people who understand pain and living with pain can understand how just ignoring it and escaping into a false sense of reality can numb the pain. Some people drink alchohol, turn to drugs or use their bodies as devices to numb the pain. These are all bad practices and really never truly fix
I found beauty in myself today. Hidden far away, underneath the mess I can be. I felt that special moment, within the words, wrapped around me like a flannel blanket on a chilly winter night. My skin, so pale and untouched, yearns for fingertips to leave trails of appreciation and depth. I found I can feel so much, so fast, so loaded, if I only let myself be vulnerable. I am a wall, wanting to be climbed, and invaded, by the unknown, where I can truly let myself go. My eyes long to connect with passion. Searching, I am lost. I have found an escape but will my heart let me take it in? Or will I force myself to stay in this cage, alone and afraid, until I'm blind.
Escape Prisoner
A man escapes from a prison where he had been kept for 15 years. As he runs away, he finds a house and breaks into it, looking for money and guns, but only finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties him up in a chair. While tying the girl up to the bed, he gets on top of her, kisses her on the neck, then gets up, and goes to the bathroom. While he's in there, the husband tells his wife, "Listen, this guy is an escaped prisoner, look at his clothes! He probably spent lots of time in jail, and hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck. If he wants sex, don't resist, don't complain, just do what he tells you, just give him satisfaction. This guy must be dangerous, if he gets angry, he'll kill us. Be strong, honey. I love you." To which the wife responds, "He was not kissing my neck. He was whispering in my ear. He told me he was gay, thought you were cute, and asked if we kept any Vaseline in the bathroom. Be strong honey
I close my eyes, And let my soul fly High above the trees, And I am free. I see the desert- bleak, And the mountain's peak; I see the ocean, and The sparkling sand. So quiet up high Where no noise can rise; But I hear a small voice- I must make a choice. Return- I choose; No time to lose. Back to my life I go Until the next time I let my spirit flow... Copyright 2007 Missy Harrell
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To wake up and be here, means one more year I've been longing for that road And if it means that road be marked with what i fear, then i say "bring on the suffering" But surely i'll be walking, and i sure as hell can't drive unless you Come along for the ride Leave it all behind, leave it all ruins For all I care, for all we care Don't look back just keep driving Don't stop now just keep striving Don't say, that we've seen better days Cause we haven't seen a thing (we haven't seen a thing) And at the break of day, in our case noon We'll scale that open road Cause here the hopeless strive, and all our dreams are shot out of the sky But they won't die, if we Don't look back just keep driving Don't stop now just keep striving Don't say, that we've seen better days Cause we haven't seen a thing Someday when we're just a myth in town, I want you to know I want you to remember That friends do last forever, last forever So don't you ever change, no Don't loo
In this captive cell i sleep, My mind is not mine to keep. Tortured by the deafly silence, Hinding in a world of violence. Trapped in lifes toughest jail, My freedom i do hail. Stuck behind strong steel bars, Want to leave thoughts and scars. Open fields i long to greet, Grass and flowers between my feet.
I need a place to escape,somewhere far from here. Somewhere in the sun,farway from the sad. Somewhere I don't have to pretend. Somewhere I can think clearly. Somewhere it will last forever. Somewhere it is true. Somewhere the touch is real. Somewhere far from here. I need to escape.
"escape Or Die!"
My new DVD, "Escape or Die! A Santini The Dark Master of Escape Documentary" is well on it's way to being finished and will soon be released. Besides featuring interviews with myself, my crew, and my manager, the DVD also contains live performance footage and rare still shots. The soundtrack has now been confirmed and assembled and it features some KICK ASS hard tunes by a wicked line up of international metal bands including: - SERPENT (Sweden) - THOR (Canada) - Serpent Underground (L.A. - U.S.A.) - Darafuzz (Canada) - RCZ (Czech Republic) This is going to be the DEFINITIVE Santini documentary to date!
[In the middle of a trial] Tommy Kelly: ...that Roman Troy Maronie was responsible for: the Mother's Day Massacre, The Christmas Day Slaughter, The Lincoln's Birtnday Mutilations, and The Groundhog's Day Be-headings! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warden: Your turn, Johnny. The priest you've requested has arrived. Charley: [pretending to be a priest] Are you ready, my son? Johnny Dangerously: I'm ready if you are, father. Charley: Dominus vobiscum nabisco. Espiritu sanctum. De gustibus. Prisoner: [hands Johnny a part of a tommy gun] So long, Johnny. Charley: Me gustibus. You gustibus. We missed the bus. They missed the bus. Prisoner: [hands Johnny another piece of the gun] Be brave, huh, Johnny. Charley: When's the next bus? Johnny Dangerously: [begins putting the gun together behind the wardens back] Always, Nails. Charley: Summa cum laude. Magna cum laude. The radio's too laude. Adeste fidelis. Prisoner: [give
Escape International
Who Are We? We Love Network Marketing And The Opportunity It Provides People. Now We Are The Ones Who Are Going To Make It Mainstream. Some People Say "Network Marketing Does Not Work" ...We Are Standing Tall And Proving Them All Wrong! Escape International is a Network Marketing company founded by a talented individual with a tremendous bank of experience and integrity. We believe that because of our FREE startup model; coupled with the industries, products, and training that Escape offers; that we will one day have more Full-Time representatives than the largest employer in the world. Bottom Line: People Want Financial Freedom, They Just Need The Vehicle To Drive There! Our founder, David A. Rutz believed he could assemble the right team members who could develop that "escape vehicle". The result, Escape International, its executive team, and the field leaders. Escape is located about 30 miles from Downtown Detroit in Bloomfield Township, Michigan. Escape's Mission
Escape International's Compensation Plan
Compensation Recurring Retail Income Earn up to 50% of what someone spends as you Share the Secret of Aisle19 and grow your personal customer base. Your customers experience the benefits and savings of their portal, you get paid. Recurring Retail on your Aisle19 Consumer Ripple Effect When your personal customers invite others to use Aisle19, those referrals, and any that they tell, and so on and so on become your personal customers too. We call this your Consumer Ripple Effect. None of them have become Escape Business Builders, so they are all your personal customers. This means you get to count all of their purchases toward your personal Bonus Volume and you earn Retail Income on all of them, through infinity- up to 50% of all their spending. Recurring Income on Your Escape IBO Ripple Effect Some members will want to pursue this as an income opportunity and will become Independent Business Owners with Escape. They will have all the same benefits and options as you.
Escape International's Training
Training Franchise-Like System We have a proven step-by-step system that you can easily follow to build your business. Regardless of your past experiences, you can succeed with Escape. Tool Culture Escape believes in providing tools to make the job easier. We believe that if your are speaking about our company you should be pointing to a tool so that the tool can do the communicating and training for you. Leadership Development Our leadership development system makes it affordable and convenient to stay abreast of the finest leadership training and information available. We believe that if we can “build the people” that they can build their business. We truly are a personal growth program with a compensation plan included. VISIT OUR WEBSITE BY COPYING AND PASTING THE LINK BELOW INTO YOUR WEB BROWSER.. MY REPRESENTATIVE ID# IS 504472
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Escape Into Madness
I want to be more.  I will rise from all of this.  I will become a part of something new.  But, I will not escape; I will face.I am shaking even thinking about you.  But it isn't you... it is beyond you.  It is in my head, and I have created it.I am shaking...Years have passed and I am shaking... with even the thought of you.  It is more than you...And even the smallest of reminders, send me into a state of panic.Why... couldn't I just take drugs... or slit my wrists, spilling my blood onto the carpets... or get piss drunk every night, until I die?Why did I have to feed in this?It is all so fucking trivial: Good grades, a future, and hope?  And yet the smallest of reminders, makes me fucking shake.On the floor naked, my pitch black carpet on the floor, with swirling designs... yes, "you've seen it" on my knees and leaning into my arms... head in my hands... looking in some direction.  Tapping... fucking tapping... keep on going... it keeps on going... the tapping of my heart... the tap
An Escape
Days come as fast as they go.... take time for yourself. A special place to erase the sadness within your soul. Make sure to trace the happy times deep within to keep your smile  shining brightly on the outside. Everyone needs a place to escape every now and then.
Escape From Death Row!
Escape   To escape from someone or somewhere is often indicative of needing to uncover new potential in the self, or to drop bad habits of the past. This new potential comes from incorporating the next order of archetype into the conscious. Escape can also reveal either a birth experience metaphor, or that one is discovering self-imposed limitations and is seeking to overcome them. Whom you escape from, how much violence or argument it requires, and the reaction to your escape all contribute to determining the meaning of this type of dream.
A man escapes from prison where he has been for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple in bed.He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair, while tying the girl to the bed he gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the bathroom. While he's in there, the husband tells his wife:"Listen, this guy's an escaped convict, look at his clothes! He probably spent lots of time in jail and hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck." If he wants sex, don't resist, don't complain, do whatever he tells you. Satisfy him no matter how much he nauseates you. This guy is probably very dangerous. If he gets angry, he'll kill us. Be strong, honey. I love you."To which his wife responds: "He wasn't kissing my neck. He wwas whispering in my ear. He told me he was gay, thought you were cute, and asked me if we had any vaseline. I told him it was in the bathroom. Be strong honey. I love you too!!"
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Escape Lyrics
You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my loveYou can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my loveHere's how it goesYou and me, up and downBut MAYBE this time we'll get it rightWorth a fight'Cause love is something you cant SHAKEWhen it breaks (When it breaks)All it takes is some tryin'If you feel like leavingI'm not gonna BEG YOU TO stay'Cause soon you'll be findingYou can run, you can hideBut you can't escape my loveYou can run, you can hideBut you can't escape my loveSo, if you goYou should know (you should know)It's hard to just forget the pastSo fastIt was good (it was good) It was bad but it was realAnd that's all you haveIn the end our love matters (Oh no no no yeah)If you feel like leaving I'm not gonna BEG YOU TO (I won't BEG YOU TO stay)Cuz soon you'll be findingYou can run, you can hideBut you can't escape my loveYou can run, you can hideBut you can't escape my love(You can run, you can run)(You can hide, you can hide)But you can't escape my love (my love)You can
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Escape With Words
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The Escapists
So Michael Chabon wrote an exceptional novel called 'The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier And Clay', which traced the history of two Jewish immigrants in the US who acheived fame and fortune when the create a popular superhero, The Escapist (no points for spotting the real life influence).  Riffing on this, and in turn writing his own loveletter to the medium, Brian K Vaughan, working with artist Steve Rolston, took that character and spun it out into a brilliant six part mini-series about the creative team that years after Kavalier and Clay come into posession of the rights to The Escapist and fight to bring the book back to the stands. The soft-cover collection has just hit the shops.  If you love comics, treat yourself.
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Escape Your Fear Of Fate
Have you ever feared your fate? Unfaithfully fleeing and searching escape? Insane. Yet I continue to run and continue this game, Gruesomely massacring all things in my way, Destructing the world so I don't have to stay Closed in, incarcerated, confined and I'm caged, Screaming for freedom, drunkenly enraged, And scared. By crushes, desire, my body's impaired, And I can't decide whether to grasp or beware. So I stare Down at my hands, which are twisting, I swear, From intuition that I should Not Care. I'm screaming internally, how could I dare, To allow myself to become so ensnared? It's not fair. I know this, and nothing can compare, To having your feelings forced into a state, Whether purposely or not they managed to MaNiPulate And you hate, Being out of control and you dissipate, Withdrawing into myself as you invade, My most personal barriers crumble and break. And I cannot escape my fear of fate.
each tendon muscle rippling She drink my sove with greed She fuck my helpless body and she just raise the speed She let her wet tongue roll I gasp and can't control She is hot and drives me wild and still she is open wide
I plant my chucks into the broken concrete    Faded black, paint splattered canvas low tops Half assed zebras roll through, dripping with the stench of misplaced authority Their empty eyes shoot a painful glare Shattering the fragile halo of light from the broken illumination of streetlights My tattoos blend with the rhythm less graffiti of the old neighborhood Twisting my fingers through the chain linked fence of 13th street Becoming part of the forgotten architecture of the east side I exhale a lingering disease or reoccurring nightmare
Escape Part Uno
***Hate, Rate or Join in*** I see no light at the end ~ I'm closer to death ~ I thought I wouldn't survive my friends ~ But, ain't none of them left ~ I wake up... ~ Gasping for breathe ~ I hold my chest ~ Still making mistakes that I regret! ~ Yet, I can't show no fear ~ I pray to God I don't end up dying this year ~ They trying to hate ~ I will not break ~ But I cannot wait, for that day ~ That I escape from the mutha fucking place! ~
Escape   The streams     Of golden brown       Crystal clear         Mind numbing           Escape         The rivers       Of perception changing     Thought altering   Tear releasing Escape   The oceans     Of life ending       Tongue loosening         Anger letting           Escape         The bottle       Of merry drink     Freely flowing   Just Escape   © Rhiannon Raventhorn, All rights reserved.
Holding on to the sweet escape I'm holding onto the deepest part of me Knowing it will take time to complete But just knowing and living with a dream that could be that burns slowly waiting for the day for the final explosion Fire out of control Nothing to hold back I feel it burning, simmering for now Time will only give and the patience to endure Even thought Silence defense my heart  I know what I feel inside even  Im determined  It's all you the only equation It's only you  but time can tell Being the the true answer Even how I ask the question,problems, and answers I have them  and knowing they belong to you I know  im not perfect, I examine mine own scars Far from inperfection but I believe I'm the imperfection to your life to complete But only time can tell With the sweet escape and the answers I have It's nothing but a taste of poison    Somthing I can't live without and A feeling to forget As though with my only sweet escape I burn to show Holding on
I plant my chucks into the broken concrete    Faded black, paint splattered canvas low tops Half assed zebras roll through, dripping with the stench of misplaced authority Their empty eyes shoot a painful glare Shattering the fragile halo of light from the broken illumination of streetlights My tattoos blend with the rhythm less graffiti of the old neighborhood Twisting my fingers through the chain linked fence of 13th street Becoming part of the forgotten architecture of the east side I exhale a lingering disease or reoccurring nightmare
Escape   In my darkest moments I escape To a place that is never seen The bluest sky there ever was The grass is emerald green My friends are there And family too With love shown all around And children playing happily To me the sweetest sound   I close my eyes and I am there Away from every day The stress and pressure disappears My place where I can lay Somewhere amongst the meadows Or deep within the trees While listening to waves crash And still hear buzzing bees It’s everything I need and want To get away from here A place where I escape to To help my mind to clear   And though this place does not exist I hold it’s presence dear So when I come back to this world Running the gauntlet that I do I Know I can just go back there It helps me make it through   November 21, 2013 MPS©   Blog: Facebook Author’s Page: Book Trailer:
Escape - Rupert Holmes
I was tired of my lady, we'd been together too longLike a worn out recording of a favorite songSo while she lay there sleepin' I read the paper in bedAnd in the personal columns, there was this letter I readIf you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rainIf you're not into yoga, if you have half a brainIf you like making love at midnight in the dunes of the capeThen I'm the love that you've looked for, write to me and escapeI didn't think about my lady, I know that sounds kind of meanBut me and my old lady had fallen into the same old dull routineSo I wrote to the paper, took out a personal adAnd though I'm nobody's poet, I thought it wasn't half badYes, I like piña coladas and getting caught in the rainI'm not much into health food, I am into champagneI've got to meet you by tomorrow noon and cut through all this red tapeAt a bar called O'Malley's where we'll plan our escapeSo I waited with high hopes and she walked in the placeI knew her smile in an instant, I knew the curve o
eschew\es-CHOO\  transitive verb; 1.To shun; to avoid (as something wrong or distasteful).
eschatological\ es-kuh-tl-OJ-i-kuhl \adjective; 1. Regarding last, or final, matters, often of a theological nature. 2. Regarding any system of doctrines concerning theological endings, such as death, the Judgment, the future state, etc.
Esclaves Du Chorde Et Metal
crawling. over broken glass feeding from a dog bowl kneeling as a human leg rest sleeping with a chain around your neck I pull you closer still as you crawl with me I do to you as i please your my human toy whispers as i push in deep willing as you come for me giving as you take me in screaming as you die for me I pull you closer still as you crawl with me i do to you as i please you my human toy
Escorting A Fallen Soldier Home
Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together. After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. No, he responded. Heading out I asked? No. I'm escorting a soldier home. Going to pick him up? No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq, I'm taking him home to his family. The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn't know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier's family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do. Upon landing in Chicago the pilot stopped short of the gate and
Escorts & Massages
A fellow checked into a hotel on a business trip recently and was a bit lonely so he thought he'd get one of those girls you see advertised in the phone books under "Escorts and Massages". He opened the phone book to an ad for a girl calling herself Erogonique, a lovely girl, bending over in the photo. She had all the right curves in all the right places, beautiful long wavy hair, long graceful legs all the way up. You know the kind. So he is in his room and figures, what the hell, he gave her a call. "Hello?" the woman says. God she sounded sexy! "Hi, I hear you give a great massage and I'd like you to come to my room and give me one. No, wait, I should be straight with you. I'm in town all alone and what I really want is sex. I want it hard, I want it hot, and I want it now. I'm talking kinky the whole night long. You name it, we'll do it. Bring implements, toys, everything you've got in your
Escortin A Soldier Home
Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together. After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. No, he responded. Heading out I asked? No. I'm escorting a soldier home. Going to pick him up? No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq . I'm taking him home to his family. The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn't know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier's family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do. Upon landing in Chicago the pilot stopped short of the gate and ma
Escort Duty........grab A Tissue For This One
This was sent to me by a good friend, I just wanted to share it with everyone. Some may have read it before, some never. The meanings the same no matter how many times we read it. Cemetery Escort Duty I just wanted to get the day over with and go down to Smokey's for a few cold ones. Sneaking a look at my watch, I saw the time, 1655. Five minutes to go before the cemetery gates are closed for the day. Full dress was hot in the August sun. Oklahoma summertime was as bad as ever -- the heat and humidity at the same level -- both too high. I saw the car pull into the drive, '69 or '70 model Cadillac Deville, looked factory-new. It pulled into the parking lot at a snail's pace. An old woman got out so slow I thought she was paralyzed. She had a cane and a sheaf of flowers, about four or five bunches as best I could tell. I couldn't help myself. The thought came unwanted, and left a slightly bitter taste: "She's going to spe
Escort 1
Escort 1 by ladyneedsdirection © The phone rang at 7pm. I instantly recognized her voice. "Hi, Sara. The Morgan Hotel, Mayfair. Meet a lady called Linda in the Piano Bar at 9.30. She's paid for the night. Dress smart – really smart outside, the long black dress I think. Best lingerie." The end. My Mistress ran the agency. She made me do this to humiliate me. I had been hers for 2 years, living in her apartment as her willing, happy sub slut. She sent me on my first assignment 6 weeks ago, knowing I hated it. It was her punishment, well one of them anyway. She would know if I failed and then it would be worse. In any event I wanted to please her, how much surprised me constantly. "Really smart." I showered and washed my hair. It's long, to my behind nearly, and dark brown. It takes an age to dry but I am proud of it and my Mistress loves it. I sat naked in front of my mirror and looked at my small 32a breasts. Oh well, they'd have to do. I applied lipstick and a little make-up
Escorts & Massages
A fellow checked into a hotel on a business trip recently and was a bit lonely so he thought he'd get one of those girls you see advertised in the phone books under "Escorts and Massages". He opened the phone book to an ad for a girl calling herself Erogonique, a lovely girl, bending over in the photo. She had all the right curves in all the right places, beautiful long wavy hair, long graceful legs all the way up. You know the kind. So he is in his room and figures, what the hell, he gave her a call. "Hello?" the woman says. God she sounded sexy! "Hi, I hear you give a great massage and I'd like you to come to my room and give me one. No, wait, I should be straight with you. I'm in town all alone and what I really want is sex. I want it hard, I want it hot, and I want it now. I'm talking kinky the whole night long. You name it, we'll do it. Bring implements, toys, everything you've got in your bag
Escort Service
My current mood: peaceful Hi,I hope this makes you laugh,enjoy :) ~Escort Service~ An escort service got a call one day and the man said "I need an escort for the night", Reconizing his voice she said "Who is this"?The man replied "Why,this is George Bush",then the lady said "Ok Mr.President,that’ll be $10,000".He said "No!That’s to much",and hung up the phone.Then he calls another one and says "I need and escort for the night",The lady asked who it was and he replied "George Bush",then she said "Sure,Mr.President,that’ll be $5,000", He said "No!That’s to much",and hung up the phone.Then he calls another one,and said "I need an escort for the night and I’m not paying $10,000,and I’m not $5,000,so can you help me"?Not knowing he was the President,the lady asked him who he was and he replied "I’m George Bush,your President",then she replied in a stern voice, "Well,if you can come over here and raise my dress as high as the taxes,and as lower my panties as low as the
ensconced \en-SKONST\, adjective: 1. sheltered comfortably and firmly 2. sheltered safely; hidden
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An Escort
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Escort Duty
Current mood:tears in my eyes: I just wanted to get the day over with and go down to Smokey's. Sneaking a look at my watch, I saw the time, 1655. Five minutes to go before the cemetery gates are closed for the day. Full dress was hot in the August sun. Oklahoma summertime was as bad as ever--the heat and humidity at the same level--both too high. I saw the car pull into the drive, '69 or '70 model Cadillac Deville, looked factory-new. It pulled into the parking lot at a snail's pace. An old woman got out so slow I thought she was paralyzed; she had a cane and a sheaf of flowers--about four or five bunches as best I could tell. I couldn't help myself. The thought came unwanted, and left a slightly bitter taste: 'She's going to spend an hour, and for this old soldier, my hip hurts like hell and I'm ready to get out of here right now!' But for this day, my duty was to assist anyone coming in. Kevin would lock the 'In' gate and if I could hurry the old biddy along, we might make it to Smo
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The Escort (not What You Think)
Cemetery Escort Duty >I just wanted to get the day over with and go down to Smokey's. sneaking a look at my watch, I saw the time, 1655. Five minutes to go before the cemetery gates are closed for the day. Full dress was hot in the August sun. Oklahoma summertime was as bad as ever--the heat and humidity at the same level--both too high.I saw the car pull into the drive, '69 or '70 model Cadillac Deville, looked factory-new. It pulled into the parking lot at a snail's pace. An old woman got out so slow I thought she was paralyzed; she had a cane and a sheaf of flowers--about four or five bunches as best I could tell.I couldn't help myself. The thought came unwanted, and left a slightly bitter taste: 'She's going to spend an hour, and for this old soldier, my hip hurts like hell and I'm ready to get out of here right now!' But for this day, my duty was to assist anyone coming in.Kevin would lock the 'In' gate and if I could hurry the old biddyalong, we might make it to Smokey's in time.
Escort Solutions In Birmingham Airport
A amount of tourists travelling by air in to Birmingham are looking for Birmingham Airport escorts . There are many accommodations situated near to Birmingham international and it’s not out of the ordinary for checking out marketers to search for the company of Manchester Flight terminal companions to become a member of then for meal and some pleasure afterwards. This implies that there are a lot of impartial Manchester Flight terminal companions and also many Manchester carry organizations who work in the location. Manchester Flight terminal companions will check out you either in your resort or some may offer an in telephone service where you can check out them in their house, though this may not be situated near to Birmingham international and could be anywhere within the Area. Escort solutions in Birmingham airport Journeying can be a very individual practical experience especially for men that are gone for months at a time so discovering a friend is often a need for them. Be
Escolher Vestido De Branco E Preto 2012
Aqui introduzir alguns belos vestidos de cocktail curtos nesta temporada de 2012. Como as cores clássicas, preto e branco são realmente bons que nunca estar desatualizado. Embutidos saias curtas partido são bastante elegante e perfeito para qualquer evento formal e festa. Vestidos de noite longos geralmente são ótimas opções para a noite formal, enquanto curtos trajes cocktail brancos são sempre populares em festas e bailes, bem como os negros. Você vai manter a sua elegância o tempo todo quando vestindo as roupas charmosas.   Estilo Branco Cocktail: Existem muitos estilos clássicos de roupas cocktail brancos, tal como uma linha de estilo e um turno. Saias A linha de fazer a metade superior do corpo parecer mais esguio e fluir como uma saia, que são sempre as escolhas favoritas para essas meninas com uma cintura fina. Se você deseja que apareça como uma boneca bonito e adorável, este é o que você deve escolher. Vestidos curtos mudar são tão flexíveis que são apropriadas para muitas
Escort Girls Paris Not Just Sex Workers
Usually to common people, an escort girl is compared to a call girl. For them, there is no difference between a call girl, sex worker and an escort girl. That is how escort girls are highly misinterpreted. It is true that some escort agencies provide escort girls for sex services, but not all escort girls are sex workers. Escort girls are usually hired by rich people to accompany them in parties, holidays, movies, business trips or any kind of recreational acts. These escort girls are usually provided by escort agencies who charge fees, which is completely negotiable. The escort agencies usually charge for services other than sex since laws do not permit to take any kind of fees for prostitution, but people hiring escort girls usually pay to her separately for her sexual services. But in some countries, sex services provided by escort agencies or even in a brothel are permitted through licensing only. Sexual services are usually not the reasons why people hire escort girls. Sometimes,
Escort Girls Paris Make Days Memorable
A female escort, also known as an escort girl or a call girl are sex workers but are very different from street walkers since they are hidden from the eyes of the general public. Escort girls are employed by escort agencies and do not work in brothels like sex workers. The services of an escort girl are paid for and they generally advertise in magazines, newspapers and on the internet. They are mostly handled by pimps. There are two ways in which they function, incall, which means that the client comes to them and outcall where they go to the client. Escort girls generally work with escort agencies and these agencies provide escort services to their clients via these escort girls. Meetings are arranged and the client can ask for any favour from the girl like dinner, lunch, and day spend etc and will have to pay for it accordingly. Paris is the city of romance, love, holiday and festivity. The cities architecture, surroundings, buildings and monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Elysees
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If you are just crazy and passionate for a company with the escorts, the escorts Chester can be a wonderful option for you. These escorts are renowned all over the world not only for their appealing looks and personality, but also for their services. If you are with such an escort in public, it can be a pride for you and envy for others. These escorts are sexy, appealing and slim and you will also be impressed with their smartness and intelligence. No Dearth of Options: You will absolutely have no dearth of options while you are looking for escorts Chester. In fact, you can expect to find some of the best escorts here. They are capable of completely fulfilling your passion and desire. They can be intimate with you and give a different feeling altogether. You will not only enjoy their company, but you will also cherish the experience. They know about the various requirements that you can have. Consequently, they will make the best efforts to satisfy your needs. Not Just Sexual Contac
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escutcheon \ih-SKUHCH-uhn\, noun: 1. a shield decorated with a coat of arms 2. the protective metal plate around a keyhole and lock, drawer handle or pull, light switch, etc. 3. the panel on a ship's stern bearing her name
Escultura De Gelo Para As Bebidas Do Casamento
Tanto noivos como cerimonialistas sabem a importância de uma decoração de casamento criteriosa, baseada em elementos atrativos enriquecendo o cenário da festa. Isso, sem dúvida, agrada aos convidados, que guardarão em sua lembrança afetiva as imagens mais bonitas do evento. Para tanto, é preciso ousar, dando à festa elementos diferentes que a caracterizem. De olho nessa tendência, empresas especializadas vêm oferecendo atrativos pra lá de diferentes… Quando se trata do tema buffet de casamento em temáticas exóticas, o ideal é que os anfitriões e organizadores da festa decorem o local com arranjos lembrando o contexto da cerimônia. Esculturas de gelo para as bebidas, por exemplo, são atrações perfeitas para uma celebração que cause verdadeiro frisson nos presentes! Trata-se de uma tendência muito em alta hoje. Esses lindos elementos decorativos transparentes e brilhantes – com todo o seu encantamento – costumam ter a duração de até oito horas num buffet
Ese Algen Soy Yo Enrique Iglesias
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E Seager Hit A Bases-loaded
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Jason Vargas already had an efficient night -- and his job became that much easier as his defence turned double plays to shorten his outing. Vargas pitched a seven-hitter to win for the first time in more than a month, and the Seattle Mariners snapped Oaklands five-game winning streak with a 7-1 victory against the Athletics on Saturday night. Kyle Seager hit a bases-loaded double to drive in three, Brendan Ryan added a two-RBI double in the second and Ichiro Suzuki singled up the middle in the fifth to end a career-worst 0-for-23 hitless stretch as the Mariners scored their most runs since a 14-10 loss at Arizona on June 20. "Tonight, thats what were looking for if anybody was wondering," manager Eric Wedge said. "Thats a complete ballgame." Vargas tossed his sixth career complete game and first since July 6 last year at Oakland. He struck out six and walked one in a 107-pitch gem that featured the club record-matching four double plays. All the scoring meant a lot,
E-sex Come have e-sex in my lounge
E-sex Lounge
E-SEX! The Lounge! Hey everyone, I made a lounge just for some silly, goofy, fun, E-sex! Come join us and become a member!
Es Gibt Keine Billige China Tablet Pc
Vor einigen Tagen fragte jemand: gibt es irgendwelche billigen China Tablet-PC kommt mit einem UKW-Radio android 2.3 tablet pc ? Nun, hier ist es, ja, wir können nur selten finden einen Tablet-PC mit FM-Radio thiese Tag ausgestattet, aber das ZTE V9 may können erfüllt jemand Anfrage. Es wird davon ausgegangen, dass ZTE V9 Licht eine billige Tablet PC mit guter Ausstattung auf seiner Klasse ist. Im Gegensatz zu einigen Android 2.3 Tablet-PC, nutzt diese ZTE Tablet PC Android 2.2 Froyo OS und 600 Mhz Qualcomm Prozessor.Es gibt nicht viele Standard-Anwendungen zur Verfügung, aber die Benutzer immer kann die benötigten Anwendungen von Android Market herunterladen. Als Standard können Nutzer die Google-Anwendungen wie Google Navigation, Latitude und Platz. Es gibt drei haptische Tasten auf der Vorderseite, die Homescreen, Einstellungen und Zurück-Button sind. Es ist kein weiteres Zubehör neben diesen drei haptische Tasten auf der Vorderseite - mit Ausnahme der ZTE-Logo natürlic
Esham The Unholy
the wicked shit.......
Esham The Unholy
the wicked shit.......
A very good underground rapper, that spits the reel shit on the mic. Other rappers try and copy his style though(eminem). It's all bout reel life! A Rapper that been spittin tha wicket shit. Another member of natas and tha godfather of tha wicket shit. Closed Casket, Dead Flowers, Repentance . Those be 3 of his cds the unholy, the originator of the acid rappin' esham is the sizznt
Es Ist Für Mich Hart
es ist hart, damit ich ließ von den Sachen gehe, selbst wenn ich lasse sie gehen wünsche. sie bleiben in der Rückseite meines Verstandes, der manchmal durch das monotny des täglichen Lebens versteckt wird, aber jedes hin und wieder kommen sie zur Oberfläche und bilden mich Gefühl so wütendes oder verärgertes und konfuses Innere. sie bilden mich Frage Sachen, die ich nicht sollte und es verletzt. ich wünsche, daß ich vertrauen und gerade sein könnte, aber ich kippe, weil somethig innerhalb ich nicht it.i der Reihe nach verletzte Leute erlaubt, daß ich liebe und Obacht ungefähr und ich nicht die mehr tun möchten
Es Ist Verloren
wanna make me bleed ? you sure know how i try to make things clear but it all gets lost somehow in my mind nothings fine but i make do i try to keep the vines from tangling like they always do i dont know why its always the same and pretty soon ill fall again but its expected now and then i wonder if ill ever stay up next time will i just become the ground ? i know you see me bleeding!
Es Ist Verloren
wanna make me bleed ? you sure know how i try to make things clear but it all gets lost somehow in my mind nothings fine but i make do i try to keep the vines from tangling like they always do i dont know why its always the same and pretty soon ill fall again but its expected now and then i wonder if ill ever stay up next time will i just become the ground ? i know you see me bleeding
Es Ist Auch In Schlechten Lichtverhältnissen Von Vorteil
Ermöglicht es Ihnen, jeden Aspekt handy zubehör iphone der Stange, das Spiel dedizierte Grafik-Engine zu steuern, um Ihnen die meisten realistisches Gaming-Erlebnis, Sichtlinie helfen Ihnen dabei, den richtigen Winkel. Lösen Sie die Stange muss man einfach erste begradigen die weiße Kugel Position, stellen Sie die Club-Winkel, den Winkel, halten Sie die richtigen Kräfte bei den Bemühungen um nach unten oder oben anpassen der Wimper Bemühungen Winkel durch die Handfläche, es können spielen alle Arten von schönen Billard.   Die meisten der iPhone Partie Billard zu erzwingen, 26 Medal of Sie herauszufordern oh, nehmen iPad Mini Hause.iPhone 4S ist mit einer Karte Maschine genug, um 8-Megapixel-Kamera zu beschämen, und das Objektiv ist ein neues 5 Objektiv-Design, mit einem Infrarot-Filter zwischen dem Sensor und das Objektiv kann einflussreichsten Infrarotbild Filter ausgestattet. Objektivblende auf f/2.4, etwas größer als das iPhone 4, f/2.8, was auch förderlich für Aufnahm
E Six-foot-three, 200-pound Bartel Was O
\HAMILTON, Ont. -- Josh Bartel has made the grade with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Two years ago, he walked away from Australian Rules Football to pursue a North American football career. On Friday, his dream became a reality when he made the Ticats roster. The six-foot-three, 200-pound Bartel was one of three kickers in Hamiltons camp, along with Luca Congi and Josh Maveety. But the Ticats released Maveety on Friday, leaving Bartel to handle the punting duties while Congi will take care of field goals and kickoffs when the Ticats host the Saskatchewan Roughriders to open the CFL season next Friday. Also among the nine players released were offensive lineman Belton Johnson and defensive back Milt Collins. The six-foot-five, 315-pound Johnson was entering his third season with the Ticats and played previously with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Hamilton acquired Collins from Calgary last season, reuniting him with then Ticats defensive co-ordinator Corey Chamblin, a former Stampeders defens
Eskimo Snow
This week (as well as the compilation Vegas sent me), I a-be mostly listening to... Why?
Eskimo Kisses
I want to share more then a physical embraceas I know that there is more that the beauty of a body or face Together beyond the realm of a heavenly abode I want to grow into a bright star from out of the cold From the moment we would meet and touch each step would feel like it was meant for us to clutch For us to endure with the fullness of our hearts desires of joy we embark without the enthusiasm of  child opening a new toy There won't be a day that I would ever turn my back on you not a single deflection from your radiance shall be unloved in view In a crowded sky of clouds I see illustrations  of our life one which will entail all of my energy and enduring whatever strife This life is ours to color with each of our passions array and we can deliver nothing but a pure genuine sway Swinging on a high where we never can come down your smile and eternal inner beauty will always keep away a frown
Esmee.. She Got Famous On Youtube
Es Mi Vida
es mi vida     i walk alone upon this earth i walk the line inbetween love and hate... a narrow path toward the rising sun with hopes and dreams of something great...     5.5.09 fester
Esmonde: Rink Suit Is A Slap Shot At Decency
Esmonde: Rink suit is a slap shot at decency Donn Esmonde Updated: 07/22/07 10:31 AM Shopping mall owners, beware. Arena officials, watch your backs. Anybody in charge of municipal parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities, duck and cover. If a woman named Charlene Van Dusen prevails, the folks in charge of public places have a new role: surrogate parents. Malls and rec centers are not supposed to double as kid-sitting services. But some people think that dumping their offspring at the mall or ice rink and taking off qualifies as exceptional parenting. Van Dusen is the mother of the notorious 10-year-old involved in the Amherst Pepsi Center dispute. Charles Schmidl and his 5-year-old son were at the center for a mid-April skate when, he said, the 10-year-old taunted him, shot hockey pucks at him and his son and dared him to do something about it. Schmidl, a 38-year-old autoworker, said he searched for
Esoteric Agenda
esoteric \es-uh-TER-ik\, adjective: 1. understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite 2. belonging to the select few 3. private; secret; confidential 4. (of a philosophical doctrine or the like) intended to be revealed only to the initiates of a group
Es Over A Four-day Period - Team Games, Mix
The worlds best curlers are heading to Las Vegas. In a joint announcement by the Canadian Curling Association (CCA), U.S. Curling Association (USCA) and World Curling Federation (WCF), the 2014 World Financial Group Continental Cup will be staged at the 5,000-seat Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.   It marks the first time the event will be held in the United States and the first time outside of Canada. It also will be the first time that Las Vegas has hosted a curling event of this magnitude. The WFG Continental Cup is a unique, Ryder Cup-like competition pitting three womens teams and three mens rinks from North America (two from USA, four from Canada) against six teams representing The World, in a variety of curling disciplines over a four-day period - Team Games, Mixed Doubles, Singles, Skins and Mixed Skins, with each segment worth a specified number of points. Each side will also have a captain and a coach. Presently, North America and The World are deadlocked at four wins
Es Over ... I Dont Know, 30, 32, 33 Times That A Pitcher Has To Go Out There, In My Eyes Thats Pretty Much An Elimination
TORONTO -- Jose Bautista doesnt think starting pitchers should qualify for MVP awards. The Toronto Blue Jays slugger spoke out after Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander took the American League MVP award on Monday ahead of Bostons Jacoby Ellsbury and Bautista. "Theres nothing in the criteria that says a pitcher cannot receive the award," said Bautista on a conference call. "But at the same time, theres a couple of items that should eliminate a pitcher from receiving the award from the get go." In particular, Bautista was critical of the amount of time starting pitchers play compared to fielders who are in the lineup on a daily basis. "When one of the first items in the criteria for the MVP award states that the player should be on the field for the most amount of games for their own particular team and knowing that us position players have to be out there 150 plus times over ... I dont know, 30, 32, 33 times that a pitcher has to go out there, in my eyes thats pretty much an eliminatio
E Sox Rhp Jesse Crain, Out Since July 3 With A St
DETROIT -- Alex Avila took advantage of a rare mistake from Stephen Strasburg. Avila hit a tiebreaking grand slam in the sixth inning on a Strasburg fastball right over the plate, lifting the Detroit Tigers to a 5-1 win over the Washington Nationals on Tuesday night. "When youre facing a guy like Strasburg, you may get one pitch all game to do something," Avila said. Anibal Sanchez (9-7) gave up one run, five hits and two walks over seven innings for Detroit. Jose Veras, a day after being acquired from Houston, was perfect in the eighth in his Tigers debut. Joaquin Benoit, who will keep his job as the teams closer, gave up one hit in the ninth inning. Sanchez, who has given up two earned runs combined in his last three starts, isnt ready to say hes in a groove. "I need to keep working on my command," he said. "My first pitch for a strike is not there yet and I need that." Strasburg (5-9) allowed five runs, six hits and three walks while striking out seven over seven innings
hey everyone. are u looking for someone to create a kick ass website for ur business/band/personal use/etc. if so please contact Emerald Star Productions. they offer web design and graphic design for a decent price. if you would like more info please send me a message and ill get back to u with the company's email address.
For some reason, I'm suddenly able to accurately predict the outcome of sporting events. People keep telling me I have ESPN.....
They had not seen each other in years. Two to be exact. Not a word had been uttered between them, directly, or otherwise. They had not made any attempt to reach the other, and felt pride for it. They had both seen worse times they had ever seen before, and even though they had always leaned on each other in those types of situations, they fought the want, the need, the driving, unending, and burning sensation that came with the thought, and stayed silent as far as the other was concerned. Neither having come to this place with any reason in mind, They scoffed at the chance sighting, and cursed the boredom that sent them forth as if it had stolen something valuable, As a child often curses the band aid that is ripped from its arm. Each ignoring the other in every noticeable manner, No facial expression, no uneasy breath, and no eye contact of any type what-so-ever. Each won their battle with the other, By simply doing nothing. Nothing at all. One simply hushed the girlfriend at
Espagne Dépasse La Consommation Européenne Moyenne Des Jeux Vidéo Dans Les Quatre écrans
Le marché du jeu vidéo est en train de changer et de s'adapter aux temps qui changent-tablette tactile android 4.0 . Finie l'époque où seulement jouer devant la télévision ou l'ordinateur: les écrans des appareils mobiles sont devenues dures et semble rester. Desbancan le reste? Il semble: il va à la combinaison des quatre écrans. Dans cette combinaison, la consommation de jeux vidéo à travers quatre écrans Espagne est en avance sur l'Europe et les États-Unis, qui ont un 21% et 22% respectivement. En Espagne, cependant, le nombre est déjà à 33%. C'est l'une des conclusions de l'analyse du marché du jeu vidéo a fait Newzoo et indiquant que le marché européen croît plus vite que les Etats-Unis. Ainsi, les dépenses de consommation de jeux vidéo en Europe occidentale devrait croître de 3% cette année par rapport à 2011, alors que dans les Etats-Unis devrait croître de seulement 1%. Une autre tendance identifiée par l'étude est la croissance des utilisateurs qui paient pour le
Espagne Et L'angleterre Ont Les Premiers Acteurs
En twelve mois de récupération immédiatement après la grave crise économique qui a touché la plupart des clubs, le marché du football montre des signes de reprise "commence par dire" la société de marketing and advertising portugais "Futebol Finance." Pour 3 consécutifs de nombreuses années, ce web site net a rénové et mis à jour la liste avec les plus grands salaires des joueurs de football. Avec des ajustements majeurs par rapport à l'époque 2008/09 - le plus grand actuellement étant la création d'un nouveau maillot de foot 2013 groupe "galactique" par Actual Madrid et les plus récents millionnaires, Manchester Metropolis, qui a suivi la ligne identique de Chelsea, de plusieurs années précédentes , gonfler considérablement les salaires versés aux joueurs de la "Premier League".Avec le transfert le plus onéreux jamais dans le football passé historique, Cristiano Ronaldo de l'île de Madère, a voté le plus grand participant dans la planète en 2009, la tête de la liste, dev
Especially For You
Mantengo la esperanza de ti, porque no creo en el adios. Mantengo la vida de sentirte, porque naci para amarte. Mantengo la esperanza de tu vuelta; Te esperare.
Especially For You
Especially for you I wanna let you know what I was going through All the time we were apart I thought of you You were in my heart My love never changed I still feel the same Especially for you I wanna tell you, you mean all the world to me How I'm certain that our love was meant to be You changed my life You showed me the way
Especially For: Simon And Kylie
Especially Lie About Someone Being Dead I Will Not Stand For Dishonesty To My Lounge!!!!!!!
Espero By Rennyworks
Que ella es la unica . . . Quien haces una sonrisa parece con las piensas de tu Que ella es la unica . . . Quien das vigor a mi alma con suya presencia Que ella es la unica . . . Quien darle a uno calor frios con su cada tacto Que ella es la unica . . . Quien consolas ansiedades de mi con sus palabras Que ella es la unica . . . Quien liberas mi caja de Pandora con mis secretos y emociones Que ella es la unica . . . Quien me aceptas por mi y ningun Que ella es la unica . . . Quien me ensenas que amor no esta derecho, pero un priviligio, y desde este me decide mandar recuerdos a ti Que ella es la unica . . . Quien tienes parte en mis metas y suenos con sus acciones Que ella es la unica . . . Quien me crees, me cuidas, y me amas como tan mucho hace para ella De muchas cosas que he sonado y he rogado en mi vida . . . Espero que ella es la una!
Especially For Robin
imikimi - Customize Your World I'll Stand By You When you're looking for someone to count on, You can always look my way. I'll be that shoulder to cry on, That hug for those crummy days. Because that's what friends are for, To always have that open door. And when you need to talk, Don't worry, I won't walk away. I'll be by you when youre smiles bright. And still even on your darkest of nights. You can count on me to lend a hand; And not worry about me taking it back. I'll stand by you through all your tears, Don't worry about me not being there. Please don't let that become one of your fears, I'll stand by you; through all of the years
Especially Me
I am tired and sick and sick and tired of everything, especially me; To smart for my own good, I talk without being heard, and hear without listening; I just want to be loved is what I say but what I really mean is I dont want to be lonely; Giving my heart to dreams of what could be; hoping, praying but never demanding anything in return I want to be loved for who I am, what I do, and how I do it; but does this really exist beyond God? Im trying, giving up, trying, failing, trying, letting go, nothing to hold onto thats real; I live in my music, my books, my movies: searching for an answer...or perhaps just to know that I am not the only one... Needing, yearning, even making up answers to their hearts questions, but never quite finding the answers I am lost between what should be what I want to be and what actually is. I left no bread crumbs behind, so I am feeling around in the dark with only solemn prayers that the path I choose is t
Especial Casamento: Inspire-se Nos Vestidos Da Ficção Para Montar O Seu
Confira os looks que já passaram na TV. E fique ligado na programação do Especial de Casamento. Escolher vestidos de casamento ideal não é tarefa fácil. Mas, com certeza, existe um modelito ideal para você! Clássico, romântico, vintage, minimalista ou moderno? Tudo depende do seu estilo. Abrindo o Especial Casamento, selecionamos lindos vestidos da ficção. Aproveite e inspire-se em alguns looks que passaram pela TV. E nesta semana você ainda confere outros detalhes importantes para se ter um casamento lindo, como penteados, bolos, buquês, acessórios para a cabeça e véus. 
Especially After Daniel Sturridge Limped Off With An Ankle Injury
England departed for Brazil with a whimper as they were held to a disappointing draw against the Republic of Ireland.Having slipped further behind Montenegro in their World Cup qualifying campaign two months ago, this friendly was a perfect chance for Roy Hodgson's men to end their home calendar with a victory. cheap jerseys But they could not deliver. Shane Long had two men marking him in Glen Johnson and Phil Jagielka, but neither of them could prevent the West Brom man glancing a header past Joe Hart with 13 minutes gone.Only a defensive mix-up at the other end allowed Frank Lampard to level 10 minutes later.The game that promised to be a thrilling end to end Premier League-style scrap ended up being a tepid affair thereafter. England failed to create any real chances until the 83rd minute, when Forde saved superbly from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.Although Ireland's organisation made it hard for England, if they are serious about reaching the World Cup, let alone progress
Especificaciones Completas De Xiaocai 8-core Mt6592
Xiaocai han estado mostrando fotos y detalles de las especificaciones de su teléfono Android MT6592 8 núcleos y parece muy especial! Próximo teléfono de Xiaocai va a estar equipado con un gran hardware. La compañía ha anunciado que el reemplazo para el X 9 obtendrá el nuevo procesador de MT6592 8-core, 2GB de RAM, 32GB de memoria y pantalla de 5,5 pulgadas 1920 x 1080. La dirección, una introducción más detallada. También hay algunos otros bien destacan un 13 mega píxeles de cámara trasera con apertura F2.0, NFC, OTG y MHL! Como Xiaocai todos los teléfonos que también vendrá el nuevo teléfono con sistema operativo propio CAI basan en Android 4.2. Fijación de precios y la fecha de lanzamiento no han anunciado, pero parece que todos están esperando para Mediatek empezar MT6592 procesadores de envío.Haga clic aquí para ver más contenido.
I never expected life to be so crystalline blue.So distant, and pleading.A delicate flicker against the dark infinite gale.Enraged silence choked the spree of chaos in my mindlike the moments before being forcefully slid into the welcome depths of sleepnow oblivion.I resigned to the cold.It was too loud, too great and everywhere, and I was just the me.In the one place.The one  time.
Espin Personality Test
Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle... The eSPIN Personality Test MY RESULT:Saint You can't be a better person than a saint. You're selfless, sweet, and we wouldn't be surprised if you could perform a miracle or two. Of all the personality types on this test, yours is by far the most respectable. We mean, how couldn't everyone love you? Just remember, though - as nice as it is to help other people, sometimes you gotta help yourself a little, too. Don't be afraid to a little selfish every now and then. Seriously! We give you permission. Take This Quiz!
Espin Personality Test
The eSPIN Personality Test   Result: The Thinker You're smart, and you know what? You totally know it. You value brains above almost anything else, which is pretty good. (Better than valuing, say, booties). But you also tend to get cocky about your own intelligence. Keep up with the intellectual pursuits, but don't be afraid to be wrong every once in a while. Seriously - stupidity can be cute!
Espn Article go read that, its probably one of the best put together articles about the miserable weekend the wolverines had :( Im still mourning lol Its ok, Oregon is going down!
Espn Nfl- Cowboys Coach On Hot Seat
OXNARD, Calif. -- It's not often that a coach goes 13-3, sends 13 players to the Pro Bowl and begins the next season firmly on the hot seat. But that's exactly where Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips sits after his team's divisional playoff loss to the New York Giants in January and the $3 million retainer fee that owner Jerry Jones paid offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. It took one day of training camp for local columnists to write that there was nothing Phillips could do to save his job. According to their theories, even a Super Bowl appearance wouldn't do the trick because then the Cowboys certainly would risk losing Garrett's services. Ever since the loss to the Giants, the media have been begging Phillips to display anger and take full responsibility for what happened. But he hasn't taken the bait. "The blame goes on me anyway. I was stupid last year," he said sarcastically. "I balk when people try to ask a question that they already know the answer they
Espn Maintenant Maillots De Foot
Chelsea débutera nouveaux kits à MiamiChelsea Football Club et Adidas ont dévoilé le nouveau loin chemise pour votre . Saison 2012/13 de football La bande combine traditionnel et Moderne jour , avec un exclusif décoloration trois bandes layout sur l' bras et a Aqua Design élément au sein de l' en shirt, qui renvoie à traditionnel .La nouvelle Attributs le principal jamais décoloration trois aménagement sur n'importe quel adidas développé Style mettant en vedette traditionnelle Aqua léger contraste élégamment contre en confection un maillot que efficacement aujourd'hui avec le classique traditionnel.Ces nuances de bleu clair et foncé complètent le traditionnel Chelsea Reflex Blue Maillot Enfant coloris de intégrer du couleurs connecté utilisant l' succès .Le thème se reflète à l'intérieur du collégiale marine colorée Chelsea FC insigne, appliquée en utilisant une plumetis blanc sur les deux maillot et du cuissard L' elegant design et le style est fini terminé par une marine
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Espresso Love
She gets the sun in the daytime Perfume in the dusk And she comes out in the night time With the honeysuckle musk Because she smells just like a rose And she tastes just like a peach She got me walking where the wildlife goes Id do anything to reach her And she was made in heaven Heavens in the world Is this just espresso Love You know I'm crazy for the girl She call me just to talk Shes my lover, shes a friend of mine She says hey mister you wanna take a walk In the wild west end sometime And I get trouble with my breathing She says boys don't know anything But I know what I want I want everything Well I feel so good cos I feel so good And I feel so good cos it feels so right I was made to go with my girl Like a saxophone was made to go with the night And she can raise one eyebrow Put her hand on my hip And I close one eye now Sweat on her tip And I surrender to the fever She love me so tender I got to believe her Love? espresso loves alright I
Espresso And Chocolate
Espresso and Chocolate by ThorkelGriersen © I don't know for certain how old I was when I first became aware of the special perception that women have of males' reactions to themselves. Call it a type of radar if you will. I'm not saying all women have it. But a woman who is deficient in this awareness is simply not worth knowing. If I am walking down the street and notice a woman with a beautiful ass ahead of me– even twenty yards ahead – and begin to admire her, she will be aware that someone behind her is looking appreciative at her. She doesn't need to turn around and look. She just knows. And if she knows, what else matters? Why on earth should a male think that he needs to inform her or anyone else of his approval and appreciation? Does a "wolf whistle" or public comment add anything worthwhile? Any such act only draws the attention of third parties who have no part in the admiration of the woman. If she knows she is admired, no one else could possibly count. If everyt
Es Protect Children Bbg Technology Foot Health
The human body is composed of 206 bones, there are 56 piece is in your feet. The child's foot structure is complex, mainly cartilage and a few small bone, then ossification began forming process, and continued to 6 years of age, and this time the structure of the tissue and adult almost. The structure of the bone is in this period of forming, although the change to wait until completely of 14-by the age of 20. The development of the first foot in three years, the child's feet long quickly, a month long 1.5 mm, in his/her two and half years old when, the length of the foot is already in their half of adulthood.In the 3-6 years old, the foot of the development of the beginning to slow down, a month long 1 mm, until 9 years old, to start a fast growing again. Until after 20 years old, it will keep long.Bubblegummers for providing consumers with the children product is according to the highest quality standard design, production, for children of your feet every growth phase, has a differen
Esp Test...
I will be posting the results of my ESP test... I am so mad at myself for changing ansers at the last second because of the weird feelings I was getting... I am so pissed at myself... I clearly had 8 more that would've been right had I gone with my first instincts... I guess I just have to work on my trust issues... especially in trusting myself... I do however admit that the seven I missed otherwise I actually had no form of cognition whatsoever that pointed me at the right answer...
E.s.p. Versus S.c.p.
E.S.P. versus S.C.P.    Known by many, E.S.P. (extra sensory perception) has received mixed reviews as to its usefulness and validity to us.  S.C.P. for the most part, is completely unknown to most of us.  S.C.P. is; Sequential Conceptual Perception.  It is suggested that you have a seat now if you’re not already sitting down, because further reading may cause dizziness.   S.C.P. is a view; unlike any other view that you can imagine, S.C.P. is a view that represents order.  This view of order is completely detailed from the beginning to the endless spanse of eternity.  Now, aren’t you glad that you’re sitting down?   The sequence being beyond man’s limited knowledge is the most difficult to grasp.  The conceptual recognition also being well beyond man’s limited knowledge makes the two terms combined impossible to grasp, postulate or even imagine.  Consequently, you most likely have never in your life heard this term before.   Now the third aspect
espy \ih-SPY\, transitive verb:To catch sight of; to perceive with the eyes; to discover, as a distant object partly concealed, or not obvious to notice; to see at a glance; to discern unexpectedly; to spy; as, to espy land; to espy a man in a crowd.
I passed.  Despite several sleepless nights before exam days, I passed both exams and will soon be barred in dakota territory.  (It's called a swearing in ceremony, but, if I recall correctly, there isn't a lot of swearing.  Just judges in robes and parents taking photos of their newly minted sons and daughters of law.  And me going, "Fuck yeah!  You want a will?!  I'll write you a goddamned will!  You want contracts?  Shit, I got contracts.")  In other news, the peeps are full-grown feathered ladies, and they're hell-bent on out-producing all the other chickens on the plains.  From my five hens, I gather four or five eggs a day--enough for cakes a'plenty, limitless scrambled breakfasts, and many very pretty easter baskets.  (My girls lay colored eggs!  Not sure how the local racists are going to deal with this!) The dakota soil (and my basement) have finally absorbed the many snow drifts, and I've been outside preparing my garden beds, pulling out weeds and saving them for the ladi
Esrd And Organ Donation
My little sister is 23, and is in End Stage Renal Failure. Her only hope is a kidney transplant. There are many circumstances at play, which keep her off the transplant list, but if one of her family members is a match, they would go ahead and do the transplant. Out of 3 siblings, I'm the only one with the same blood type. I know that it's not just blood type that is a factor, and I'm in the process of getting things figured out to see if I match enough qualifiers to donate a kidney to her. If I'm a match, I'll be at her side during the whole harvesting and transplant process. But if I am not, I need to be able to say my goodbyes. I am asking that you pray for her and our family. I have to figure out how I can gather funds to help her and her dad, and even myself to be at her side regardless... I'm not asking for hand outs.. but perhaps ideas. I have a very dear friend who has offered to take my children while I travel to be with my sister... and I can only say to her "I lo
Es Release Has Trimmed The Hornets Active Roster To 13 Players. Chandler Jones Youth Jersey . Looks At Some Of The Top Contenders. Toda
NEW ORLEANS - The New Orleans Hornets have waived forward Dominic McGuire, whos been with the club a little under a month. Since being signed on Dec. 16, the 6-foot-9 McGuire has appeared in nine games. Hes averaged 2.1 points, 3.1 rebounds and an assist in 16 minutes per game. McGuire, a six-year veteran, has career averages of 2.8 points, 3.4 rebounds, 1.2 assists in 340 games, including 83 starts. McGuires release has trimmed the Hornets active roster to 13 players. Chandler Jones Youth Jersey . looks at some of the top contenders. Today: Adam van Koeverden Ever since Adam van Koeverdens Olympic debut at Athens 2004, he has been one of Canadas most recognized Olympians. Tom Brady Jersey . Midfielder Caner Erkin gave Turkey the lead with a low shot past goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov after 30 minutes, and striker Mustafa Pektemek doubled the score in the 70th from a quick counterattack after the Ukraine offside trap failed.
Essay Defines The Qualities Of Those Who Possess Class
Essay Defines the qualities of those who POSSESS CLASS CLASS Class never runs scared. It is sure-footed and confident. It can handle whatever comes along. Class has a sense of humor. It knows that a good laugh is the best lubricant for oiling the machinery of human relations. Class never makes excuses. It takes its lumps and learns from past mistakes. Class knows that good manners are nothing more than a series of small, inconsequential sacrifices. Class bespeaks an aristocracy that has nothing to do with ancestors or money. Some wealthy "blue bloods" have no class, while some individuals who are struggling to make ends meet are loaded with it. Class is real. It can't be faked. Class is comfortable in its own skin. It never puts on airs. Class never tries to build itself up by tearing others down. Class is alread up and need not strive to look better by making others look worse. Class can "walk with kings and keep its virtue and talk with crowds
An Essay Of Closure
She I lay there in the back of the decrepit white Pinto in the grocery store parking lot. The icy wind hissed through the cellophane that covered the broken window above my head, and as I pressed my face into the cold, cracked white leather of the seat I pulled the sleeves of my sweatshirt tighter around me. I must have laid there for hours in the cold, I couldn’t be sure, all I knew was that I awoke warm in a familiar bed with her face hovering above me with the same concern I had grown to hate her for. The first time I saw her she had captivated me with those icy, gray eyes hidden behind black-rimmed glasses. She smiled and laughed with people I did not know, and before I could realize what I was doing I had gotten to my feet and wandered in her direction. I tried to stop, to turn around before she noticed me, but she was watching me. Smiling, I tried to play it off as casually as possible, but somehow I felt she knew. She let me sit next to her, and my heart swelled. She let me
10 Essay Questions
Would you like ONE night with me? 10 easy questions! 1. Who are you? 2. Do you WANT me? 3. How much? 4. What would you do if you got me alone? 5. What would you want me to do? 6. What turns you on? 7. How long would you want to go? 8. What do you think would please me? 9. Do you think it would be worth it? 10. How far do you live from me?
There lives a girl who searches high and low, day and night for a lost treasure. All she holds to help guide her is a mirror, a torn map, a box of memories, a small shovel, and a broken compass. She is lost in a world unknown to her, so vast and unpredictable. For ths, she was forced to jump overboard into turbulent seas and swim to shores undiscovered to her. In this world she has to decide who she was, who she is now, and who she will become. Do you know who the girl is? I am she, but I don’t know who she is. Who am I? On a journey I am still on, I have discovered clues about who I am. As I continue forward, I dig up more of my characteristics and I am wiping away the dust and corosion that pollutes my treasure chest of my life. Looking in the mirror, I see my physical self. I do not consider the physical part of me as the primary step in discovering myself. The mirror that I carry is a reminder of where I come from and that other people see me, not always agreeing with how I see
Essay Contest
So everyone, I am thinking of doing something a little bit different. We all know there are "hot" people on here. However, I get bored of that. What I'm looking for is someone who can wow me with their mind, because that's the hottest part of them all! I am going to be giving away some sweet gifts to those who write the best essay talking about life or cherry tap or why they should win a gift. I want creativity, originality, and wit in it. I will choose the top 5 and give each a special gift. However, everyone who takes the time to write one will get some sort of prize. So get crackin ya'll!!!
Essay Assignment That Won Me My Seat Paid In Full And Living Expenses ..woot Woot Im A Dork !!!
Essay Assignment I have been accepted by Kingstec Community College to attend the Human Services Course 2007/2008. I am interested in following up with Youth Services and Addictions Courses. Through job placement over the last two months, I have had the pleasure of working with the Conway Workshop Association. It has been one seriously life changing experience for me. I have had my eyes opened to who I can be and what I am capable of. The time spent with clients and co-workers alike has been wonderful! I never saw myself working with the mentally challenged, nor did I see myself doing personal care tasks for anyone other than my children within my own home, Over time, I have become very comfortable in the shop and feel competent in my work, be it the basics of cooking and cleaning, the dynamics of teaching an individual who has a learning disability or the personal care aspect of the job. I see now that I can be of h
The Essay
IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE READ THIS: IF THIS POST IS DELETED ILL RE POST, IF THE BLOG IS DELETED ILL MAKE A NEW BLOG, IF THE ACCOUNT IS DELETED ILL MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT. ILL KEEP DOING THIS TILL THE ISSUE IS FIXED. It seems that lately the censorship on Fubar has gotten out of hand. What we need is either a standard of censorship or no censorship at all. Fubar has been deleting things and not even giving a reason for doing so. This needs to stop. We the users feel that it is getting out of hand. Deleting a mum because someone posts a bad word in a comment is not acceptable. Delete the comment with the inappropriate language instead, or just don’t worry about it. There is a lot worse than using the A-word going on. For example, derogatory and cruel comments left on mumm’s are not even monitored. Why is harassment acceptable and yet your mumm gets deleted because someone else uses inappropriate language. Another problem is Fubar deleting things that point out Fubar’s problems. When some
Essay For Dead Air
Essay for Dead Air I think the way the media has control of our lives is very much absurd. I am forced to think how in the world someone before the time of television must have lived. There were many ways I’m sure. For example, they would read books. Wow a book! My problem now is there are some kids who have never opened a book in their lives. Of course I’m not so innocent, I have thrown little temper tantrums when I could not find the remote or when my computer decided not to work or when the television was out. It’s ridiculous that I get mad at an object and yell at it when I know it can not hear me. Since the media consumes our lives, I wonder what would happen if it just disappeared? Would there be chaos? Would there be screaming and crying on the streets because they were never going to know who won survivor or I will never be able to download another song again. Oh my god! What are we going to do now? Will we have to depend on literature and each other for entertainment? We
Essay: The Way We Lie
Essay: The Way We Lie Ignoring Plain Facts I believe this is stupidity at it’s best. If you see the facts and the truth and you choose to ignore them, what’s wrong with you? I see this all the time and it just makes me angry. For one example: our President chooses not to believe in global warming, that it’s not real and nothing is going to happen. Well, he has many scientists telling him the opposite. That is just ignorance. When a mother sees signs of her husband abusing their children and ignores them. That’s just sick. She knows he gets violent and sees the bruises all over the child’s body. Quick question, what kind over person is she then? When you are arguing or debating with someone and you bring out the history book to prove to that person that they in fact, bless all the corn in Nebraska, are wrong. They usually make up some other excuse or say that they missed spoke or maybe, this is my favorite, the people who actually wrote this particular history book maybe got
Essay Maintenance -.-
My photo uploading is temporary stopped by the woman that calls herself my mom... I got like a month to do this test essay, and I won't get any grades from it... She wants me to do it right now, it's like she's keeping me from scanning my photos -.- Why don't I just move ffs??? Anyway, good day everyone...
I have to decide which topic to use for my essay... which do you think would be more interesting Rosa Parks The Dred Scott Case Underground railroad Brown vs. Board of Education this is for my Ethnic Studies paper and these are from the list given to me that I could choose from.
An Essay A Friend Wrote... Just Read It...
LCpl Perez, Jorge A. "Biography": LCpl Perez in a Nutshell Disclaimer! (please read before continuing) This essay may anger some, and amaze others. This testament was inscribed in an everlasting moment when the quality of my life continues to degrade further and further. The lack of understanding, and overall carelessness, of some of the NCOs within CAB and the Marine Corps itself has inspired me to proclaim my inner self with, unfortunately, a negative slight to what I once believed was the ultimate organization I could ever be a part of. I ensured that my words were carefully considered- analyzing the possible consequences. However, integrity above all else. When ordered to write this essay, I was told to write about myself with honesty so that my NCOs can better understand who they are in charge of. They want to know. My convictions are unchanging and are an accurate reflection of the man I am. My aim is not to incite rebellion, or insubordinate the machine I have accidentally
Essay Commemorating 9/11/01
This essay was published by the Nashville "Tennessean" Sunday paper on 9/08/02. It was my attempt to honor the front line of emergency workers. I have chosen a style that represents the confusion and the various thoughts that came back to mind. "I don't know anybody there," I thought to myself, watching the events of the day unfolding with incredulity. It was the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. Still fresh were painful memories of the devastation of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City a few short years ago. I did know people there. On that fateful day in 1995, I watched tearfully as the media coverage detailed the aftermath until I could watch no more. The most memorable image from OKC was a firefighter with the remains of a small child from the day-care center. A muscular, tough looking man, obviously a veteran of many fires and disasters, but he was broken by this grisly find, moved to the basic emotion of raw grief, uncontrollably sobbin
Today for an English class i had to write an essay, on any topic i chose. I choose the last 3 months of my life. The meeting of new people the, the loosing of friends the new things i feel the songs i have found to be comforting when i need them and how everything is somehow connected to the music i choose. Anyhow i started as this sweet story of how i met this great guy that makes me smile. How the songs we think that fit us have new meanings and such then i went back to one of the last conversations he and i had. It was a conversation that would make the most stable girl shake in fear of not being good enough. i didn't shake i just laid still and watched the rest of the show we were watching. I didn't cry ( i don't cry in front of him when i hurt from his words) He is hurting too so why show him that i am hurting. I have been through the pain before i wanted him to be the guy that at least respected the rules i understand that rules are made to be bend or even broken but when you
Essay Writing
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Essay By Aaron Diaz ~ Transhumanism ~ Life As Game
It's haunting how much things like MMORPGs mirror contemporary society: roaming around performing tasks we care little about for rewards that are only slightly more interesting. And, possibly because we involve ourselves in such meaningless tasks so frequently, we often obsess over displaying our "achievements," to prove not so much our skills, but the fact that we have put the time in. Higher learning now mirrors running a high-end raid more than it does any classical notion of education. Once you get your "badge," you're allowed into a higher echelon, but it reflects so little of your person. And, most importantly, so often nothing is produced. We throw away time for the sake of pursuit; it's addictive, and we're defensive about examining that addiction. I feel like the post-industrial notion of consumption has penetrated deep into our philosophical core at this point. "Upgrade" is almost an entirely separate thought from "improvement" now, with the former being understood as an inhe
An Essay Written In High School. Aka Why Nice Guys Finish Last
AN OLD TALE BUT A GOOD ONE _____________________))_)_)_)_)_)_)_)_)-----))_--)_   Sometimes I wish I could Re-live certain moments of my life. Certain parts that have been screwed up so badly that even now, I can feel the pang of regret as fresh as when it just happened. I wish that I could go back and warn myself of the stupid mistakes I was about to make, and beg myself not to let it happen. One particular day that strikes me thusly, is the day I began the destruction of a friendship that meant more to me then I could have imagined. It started during lunch a day or two before the signups for the High School trip to the Renaissance fair was called to an end. I was telling my friend (Who for the sake of some level of privacy will be referred to as, Miranda) that I was considering not going to the fair. This was apparently not what she wanted to hear.      "But if you don't go then I won't know anyone on the trip." She said with one of the many looks that made me bend to
Essays On Time Archive
Crippled and set to the boulevard, cast casually and malice of afterthought, a muscle relaxer in the maw of a black bird, I thought you knew I’d come, come for the lost things. I thought you knew. I forgot my number, my place, forgot the attitude to keep me safe (though I never played that hand too well, and always bluffed my way to poverty). All I could remember once were the lost things, like papers blown into bridge caverns then swirling until it’s time to go, flying blind down streets, over fences, and then going where lost things go. I am a lost thing. “My,” they say sometimes behind me, “He doesn’t seem like that, no not like that at all”. And sometimes it’s said to my face, as though I were a ghost image, a negative, some pastiche of someone they thought they knew that had gone all lost thing on them, like that stanza to that song, or that blurred photograph of someone they had their arms around, but carelessly and loose. An
Essai Trouve Surface Pro Tablet (sorte De) Capable De Lire Des Jeux Pc Il S'avère Que Microsoft Surface Comprimé Coteux Pro Peut Gérer Des Jeux Pc
Récemment, PC World Alex Cocilova testé sur une gamme de jeux PC populaires sur PC de Microsoft Surface nouveau Pro protection écran ipad , qui dispose d'un processeur Intel Core i5 et un disque de 64 Go ou 128 Go état solide. C'est le muscle du matériel beaucoup plus que ce qui peut être trouvé à l'intérieur la plupart des tablettes électroniques, y RT Microsoft Surface propre. Cocilova constaté que la surface effectivement traitée Pro plusieurs jeux populaires - y compris XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Portal 2, Minecraft, et Civilization V - plutt bien. En fait, sur les paramètres de résolution moyenne (soit à peu près le genre de résolution que vous verriez sur une console comme la PS3 ou Xbox 360), Portal 2 a couru à un 50 images par seconde constantes. Minecraft aussi bien couru, coupant ainsi à 40 images par seconde. Cependant, XCOM et Civilization V ingurgité le long juste au-dessous de 30 images par seconde. Cela se traduit par un peu agitée, mais en aucun cas catastrophiqu
Essay Editing – Dissertation Writing Services
Many students send their entrance essay to an essay editing service and get accepted to the program of their need. The essay must be unique from the other applicants. Hiring a dissertation editing service is essential for many students revising and editing academic essays, dissertations, and medical research documents requires precision presentation of ideas to optimize accuracy. The proofreading and editing service can enhance the quality of the scientific research and academic essay for publication in journals or publishing companies. You can earn your grade and earn extra money when publishing companies accept the paper. These are the greatest benefits you can obtain when you hire editing and proofreading services with the right experience, skill, and academic qualifications. Writing an entrance essay is not easy for most students because they are required to write about themselves, their life, motivations, experience, and future plans. A professional essay writing service, with s
Essayons De Comprendre Ce Genre De Robe De Bal Va Chauffer 2011
accompagnant  début floraison de printemps en 2011 , nous avons notre saison de fête et certes, diverses cérémonies attendre d'attribution . Comme nous le savons , la mode change chaque année . Comment les célébrités seront habillés , ce qu'ils sont  va porter sur le tapis rouge toujours prendre de l'influence sur l'ensemble tendance de la mode pour l'année entière . " Dans la mode, un jour vous vous trouvez et la prochaine vous êtes dehors ", a déclaré Heidi Klum . Eh bien , nous allons essayer de comprendre ce genre de robes de bal 2013 va chauffer 2011. Tout d'abord,  styles jouent la partie la plus essentielle plutôt que d'autres facteurs. Que ce soit c'est un licol une ligne , une sirène faible v- col ou les poignets mini- noir , il sont vraiment autant de robes disponibles. Chaque fille peut porter un à rencontrer son style et sa personnalité. Les Golden Globe Awards 2011 nous ont apporté un festin visuel sur tapis rouge. Ouvrez Robe de Bal Bustier dos et dos nu sont certainemen
i linger ever so close to the brink i hear the words that you dare to think i am here i am lost i engulf the endless abyss i am enraged cause i cant feel your kiss i am forgotten i am alone i still sense the traces of what we were i need no remorse i made this occur i am hollow i am empty i hover by your side catching every glimpse i can i am a broken husk that once you called your man i am endless i am your essence forget me not!
The Essence Of You
The Essence Of You I look at you And yes...You are beautiful Any artist would drool At the thought of painting you But then I look into your eyes And I'm lost The starlike twinkle of your eyes Captivates me Like nothing or nobody could As I'm drawn ever deeper Into the shimmering green pools of your eyes I'm reminded of the saying That the eyes are the windows That look upon the soul And of this I'm sure Because my heart races As I catch a glimpse of yours A vision of love,beauty and compassion Beyond imagination And I'm truly in awe Because before me I see The very essence... Of you! By Bruce © June, 2005
"essential Love"
"Essential Love" "Essential Love" I'm still thinking of you at day,at night, and I'm not going down without a fight, to have your gentle touch would mean so very much, it doesn't matter if you're far or near, an image of you does appear, just thinking of you gets me through the day and for that I will owe you, just thinking of you when a song comes on makes me feel like I'm going to get lost in you, You're the very best and I wouldn't expect anything less, you caress me and impress me, you're that special kind of guy that will protect me and respect me, when you're in pain, that's what I feel and that's something I just had to reveal, when God made you, God made love from high in heaven high above.
Essence Of Mystery
She's the essence of mystery, She holds the potion to set you free... A fiery soul touched by death's toll, Her secret of many never told... She'll be your dreams if only you'd sleep, by night enchanting the unchained melody... her song of passion; alluring Siren it seems, brought on by fate, how could it be too late? allow her to unchain your destiny, she sings to set your soul free... she's the spring rain drowning all the pain softly you embrace, releasing yesterdays... her touch as morning dew, she washes away the old, bringing on anew... she's the spark that flame's your desire mesmerized; she dances within the fire... she's the light shining bright, no need to fight it... she's the essence of mystery, she holds the potion to set you free... within one's heart hides the key, ~ unchain me ~
The Essence Of Survival
"Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed… every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It dosn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle… when the sun comes up, you'd better be running."
Serene blue skies greet your senses As you look beyond the verdant canopy of foliage. A cool rippling meandering stream, Flows leisurely alongside you Melodic bird song infiltrates the moment, And as languid branches sway with the breeze Golden rays dance and glimmer through gaps Reflecting upon the inviting water, Hence eliciting a spectrum of colours You are drawn by the beauty, And you welcome the coolness, As the water eddies around your feet Your mind drifts into ethereal realms, You lose yourself in space and time, Hands as gentle as a butterflies touch Rest softly upon your weary shoulders, The tensions of the day dissipate, And your smile radiates warmth A magical ambiance surrounds the moment, In your hand a long stemmed crystal glass Filled with ambrosial nectar of the gods, Your lips seducing the rim… a tiny sip, A heavenly sigh as the delicacy lingers… Just like the subtle hint of the fragrant essence That wafts like a warm summer b
Essential Oils & Lotiions
One of the most pleasant experiences for people receiving a massage is the oils and lotions used. They feel magical when you put them on the skin, and they are! Different oils, called essential oils, have special properties that cause a variety of effects, from promoting relaxation, improving circulation, and easing soreness, to creating the feeling of being pampered. You can buy essential oils and add them (just a few drops) to your chosen massage lotion or oil, or you can buy lotions or oils with essential oils already added. Try several kinds to see what you like working with. You will find the kind of oil or lotion with the feel and scent you like using while giving the massage. Some properties of just a few essential oils include: * Camphor helps clear up sinus headaches, acne, and muscle spasms, and promotes metal clarity. * Chamomile helps eliminate anxiety, inflammations, menstral problems, and insomnia. * Geranium can ease depression, eczema, PMS, bruises, a
Essence Of An Angel
We are all prompted by the same motives. All deceived by the same fallacies. All prompted by hope, obstructed by danger, entagled by desire and seduced by pleasure. Sticks and stones may break my bones Words may fuck my mind Grab my hair, force me down Take me from behind...
Essence Music Festival
ESSENCE MUSIC FESTIVAL Place: New Orleans, Lousiana Date: July 5-7, 2007 Comments: The largest african american family festival in the country. Over 250,000 people attend New Orleans for a mix of Jazz, R&B, Food, socializing, networking, concerts, speaker series and more. It's the #1 event during the July Holiday weekend.
Essential Online Etiquette
For each of the different ways there are to meet people online--chat rooms, blogs, personal "spaces," and forums, as well as e-mail, instant messaging, and text messaging--there are written and unwritten codes of behavior. Here are some general tips that can help you get started in the online world with a minimum of bumps and misunderstandings. Chats, forums, and online communities • Read the rules or guidelines of the chat room, forum, or online community before you post. • Protect your privacy: Never use your full name. Don't ask for the full names of others. • Stay on topic. • Don't use offensive language. • Avoid using ALL CAPS to emphasize—this will be understood as "yelling.” • Keep messages short. • Check your spelling. • In forums, before you start a new topic thread, always check that there isn't a previous thread on the same subject. If there is, respond to that one instead. ************************************************* E-mail
Essence Of Humankind
“The true essence of humankind is kindness. There are other qualities which come from education or knowledge, but it is essential, if one wishes to be a genuine human being and impart satisfying meaning to one's existence, to have a good heart.” —Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama
The Essence Of The Journey!
A thought about what you are looking for in life...or in any man/woman...I understand you all have the right to look for a man/woman in an age range that suits your desires, however, do not close your mind to just that window, there is no garuntees that you will find a man/woman in that stage of life that has the maturity you are looking for, age is just a number in many cases. Look for what makes you happy in your heart and that you accept eachother as you each are with out changing the other to fit your bill of expectations. If or when a person decides to change it will and must come with in, while supporting them in that change is encouraged, however forcing the matter is not! It may come in plateaus in periods of time that the person is comfortable with, and if you truely love the person, set them free, if they come back to you or stay with you, it is meant to be. If the person does not come back, you have made a significant impact in their lives and be proud that you helped that
The Essence Of Cool
Everyone in Hollywood is officially on something. Entertainment reports are listing 'Oceans 13' as the epitome of "cool movies", meaning movies with men who personify cool. I haven't seen the movie, but I know who's in Oceans 13 and those actors aren't "cool", they are merely popular. Cool is a presence on the screen and off the screen. George Clooney looks like he's always ready for a photo op no matter where he goes, aside from that he stays out of the headlines. That isn't cool, that's just being camera-ready. Brad Pitt goes from the Grizzly Adams to looking like someone who should be taking your order at the local coffee shop. He can get into character, but away from the screen he's jet-setting and propping up his wife and her causes. Now I'll grant these stars that the onslaught of paparazzi over the past 10 years has drastically changed how stars act and how they take their security and public appearances differently than they did, but still coolness transcends everyt
The Essence Of Life
It's too long spent in a bath drawn too early The way your head feels when you're drinking & whirlie It's the bitter winds nip on a nose exposed Bathroom tiles and naked toes It's the raindrops falling in your hair The icy eyes from your ex lovers glare Sprinklers in the yard & children at play The lemonade quench on a hot summers day It's a skinny dip in a covered cove The morning dew on the petals of a rose It's how leather feels upon your skin The surge you get at the sight of shark fins The smell of nutmeg & cinnamon sticks A taste of salt tears when you lick your lips It's a look he knows all to well A sincere hug that makes your heart swell The tickle of a feather plume The thought of dancing close in your livingroom It's laughter in eyes and joy in a smile Feeling so tired, but going an extra mile Blowing dandelion wishes Getting butterfly kisses It's a glimpse of forever in someones eyes Velvet & lace against your thighs It's heartache & heartbreak all w
7 Essential Habits For Success In Life
1. Show Up 2. Be on Time 3. Present Good Hygiene 4. Start Promptly 5. Follow Directions 6. Get Along w Others 7. Finish What You Begin
~ Essence the joy of giving and tasting;..the essence of who you are.. the boldness of wanting and craving; lips travelling your shaft for more. the licking and flicking of tongue, at the ..v.., below your curved tip... the jerking of pulse and the dewdrop.. sweet-clear, at the glistening end. my mouth and the juices are sliding, up and down and all lightly round.. my fingers are stroking the jewels, sensitive probe before and behind; you jerk and you moan and you spasm... you're lost within my throat's keep. i swallow and wallow and love it.. a good girl; gone bad before sleep. ~ Shift The ache in soul, has shifted.... travelling down spine; past dimples of mine.. around smooth, and quivering belly.... between milky-white thighs and soft velvet; lies my moist-sweetened sighs of the living. oh! heated. ..with pulsing inside; the desire and fire and healing and reeling and wondrous feeling.... of animal call to
Essence Of Time
time is endless, it goes on. Neverending, but yet there never seems to be eonoug time. Time iis the epicenter of life. it controls every breath we take.l It controls how long we live and when we die. time seems to control our future and our lives day to day. where would we be withou time? in an endless abyss that goes on forever? would we ever accomplish anything? they same time is a virtue. but who is they? patience is time. all good things come to those who wait? What are we waiting on? time is a mystery. remember time is essence and essence is time.
Somewhere between black night and blue consciousness of dawn (that shadowed gray gloaming) there is movement so tenuous and transparently green a slight murky slick you will not see it shift (or hear its stray moaning) you will only feel the desolate essence of your harrowed soul.
Essence Of Silence (1999)
The Essence of silence something to be craved obliterate the arrogance and the silnce will be saved Egocentric adolesence of adult children a systematic deliverance and thoughts of then Misinterpretation a language of old separate the severence an oppression of the bold The essence of silence something to be craved obliterate the arrogance and the silence will be saved
I am sitting under an old tree, looking up to lose myself in its crooked branches. My gaze wanders past .. to the clouds far above, calling for my attention. Suddenly, they move aside, and the sun blinds my view, I am sitting under an old tree, squinting, laughing.... My spirit filled with joy, as the breeze plays tag with a leaf. Twisting .. churning... way up high.. down low.. up.. up.. I am sitting under an old tree, holding a leaf, smiling. For a moment time seems to stop. An ancient calmness fills my soul. I understand. I believe.
Essence Of Love
Essence of Love The tendrils of my lovers touch Still very much with me Rekindle his hold on Not just my body But my soul. I'm drifting, deliciously dreaming. The scent of his masculinity Lay rich on my pillows Sending my mood back To the cradle of his arms And I close my eyes To feel his spirit. Oh how his essence fills my life With the deepest delirious of Desert wrapped in eternal desire By the light of a shared fire I see his shadow Once he again he is here.......
The Essence Of Gypsy
Ebony passions dance spiraling gracefully across moonlit water shimmers brilliant echoing wild solar flames flickering in the heart's soul morning noon and midnight 2007dma
Essential Oils
Essential oils are not true oils, despite their name. They are volatile liquids extracted by various methods (usually, but not always, by steam distillation) from aromatic botanicals. Modern aromatherapy is the manipulation of these essential oils for therapeutic, cosmetic, magical, and spiritual purposes. The roots of aromatherapy stretch back to ancient China, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Middle East. If you would like to access the power of a botanical, essential oils are the most concentrated form and as such have many magical uses. Once upon a time, essential oils were also referred to as chemical oils, especially in older grimoires. This relates not to their chemical constituents, which we are only now beginning to understand, but to their previous use in alchemy, the term being a corruption of alchemical oils. Their potential physical impact upon you is as concentrated as their magical power. Never take essential oils internally without expert supervision Even when taken
Essential Paradox
The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less. We buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner spa
The Essentials
I love you my friends! muahz. "There are eight essential things you need in life: Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Peace, Calm, Joy and Love. Strength to get up every morning, Courage to face the challenges thrown our way, Wisdom to realize that it's not always in our control, Peace within and with those around us, Calm to have a clear mind, Joy to see the good in life and most importantly of all Love - love for those we know closely, those we know at a distance, and those we're yet to meet." -Author Unknown "Let people say whatever they like, stick to your convictions and rest assured, the world will be at your feet. They say 'have faith in this fellow or that fellow, but I say have faith in yourself - all power is in you, be conscious and bring it out'. Say I can do everything! Even the poison of a snake is powerless if you can firmly deny it." -Swami Vivekananda You must not let your life run in the ordinary way; do something that nobody else has done, something that will d
Essential Self
One's sister is a part of one's essential self, and eternal presence of one's heart and soul and memory.
Essence Of Bushido
Essence of Bushido - FA2100
Essential For A Cheeky Monkey
Essence Of Sex
Essence Of Sex by LateNiteFantasy© Blow my mind Soar my soul. Let our bodies speak and demand Anything we want. Let Our hands clenched, Eyes delved and pierced each other, Lips locked and tongues tangled Like mating snakes. Let all elements of flesh mingle Smell, scent, skin salt, sweat Where everything meets Bites, kisses are taking their turn Tearing, bruising are not left behind Whispering lewd and profane things. Let our bodies counter with a beastly urge Fit after fit, like enemies clashing Until all fierce, pent up loads discharged Souls shattered, consumed, tempered and tamed Souls melted and blended in a sensual pot. Let the lotus of mating open petals Until we had it, the embedded core of Earthly essence Called endless Discreet, uninterrupted lusious sex.
The Essence Of Inhumanity...
"The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity." -- George Bernard Shaw
The Essessance Of A Woman
Treat a Woman with lots of love, kindness, show her a lot of affection and watch her bloom into the worlds prettiest flower called a rose.
Essence Of Beauty
Essence of beauty There are so many different aspects of life that you cannot ever experience them all. And therein lies the beauty of being. With each dawning day comes a fresh new set of possibilities. The more you choose to experience, the more there is remaining to experience. As you contemplate all that you know, you create new avenues of contemplation. The more intensely you explore, the more new territory you open up for further exploration. There is no end to that territory of experience. For each possibility leads surely to a whole new universe of possibilities. Within you is life that ever yearns to know itself more fully. Every moment is an opportunity for new and unique expression. The essence of beauty is that there is no limit to the way that beauty can be, no limit to the form that beauty can take. Now is the moment to experience beauty in a way that it has never been known before. -- Ralph Marston
no pretty flowers or tall green trees no hummingbirds or buzzing bees no tales of love lost or love to be none of these feelings flow through me no winded songs of life or theatrical plight no star filled skies or moonlit night profound philosophy, twist of fate, and absolute beings are all negate no play on words just rhyme with no reason to nothing is there a time or season no grief no strife just being and seeing is the essence of life Artist - Keith Hayden
~essential Bdsm~
~Essential BDSM~ 1. Honesty. Without honesty, there can be no trust. Without trust D/s is nothing. 2. Trust. Trust is sometimes given freely or it is given after a long slog. D/s relationships rely on trust as the depths physically, emotionally and mentally can surpass vanilla relationships. 3. Love. Without love, the control a Dominant can have over a submissive, is dangerous. These are real people, real emotions. 4. Communication. How you communicate youre desires is your choice - but communicate! Take time to learn about your partner, learn about their needs, their requirements. 5. Self Respect. Value yourself. Being a submissive does not mean you are a doormat. Being a dominant does not mean you treat people like a doormat. 6. Patience. Learn to grow together. Take your time to explore each other, love each other, and respect each other.
The Essence Of Beauty
Beauty is just a word until its essence is captured within the confines of something or someone and presented to the world to be seen. Then it becomes a reality and something of value and meaning. The essence of beauty is not captured in the outer appearance of a person, but the inner layers that lie within. Essence: the nature or being of anything; a substance extracted from another without the loss of the qualities of the original Beauty: loveliness; elegance The essence of beauty is found in the nature of person. They share that beauty when they extract the elegance or loveliness from within and present it to those around them in such a way that it does not lose its original qualities.
The Essessance Of A Woman
Treat a woman with respect, love and kindness, Show  her  lots of affection and she will bloom in to a pretty flower called a rose.
Essence Of Existence
I am the sun and moon.I am the air and sea.I am the glory of God,and the decadence of Satan.I am the power of the universe,and the frailty of life.I am the flesh that gives form,and the thought that gives substance.I am the beauty of love eternal,and the filth of hatred everlasting.I am the divinity of birth,and the repugnance of death.I am the embodiment of pleasure,and the exquisiteness of pain.I am all that has been,and all that will ever be.I am deityI am humanityI am Poem By Tammy C.
Essential Cougar Terminology (repost)
Mountain Lion A mountain lion is similar to a cougar, only it refers to an UN-attractive older woman seeking younger men. The only difference between the terms mountain lion and cougar are that cougars are usually somewhat attractive, and mountain lions are usually quite ugly. The mountain lion's natural habitat is at bars. Cub A young man who is attracted to an older woman or women, no doubt intrigued by the passion and experience that only a cougar can offer. Puma A woman who is not quite old enough to be a cougar, but still likes to date/mate with younger men. Bobcat A cougar that doesn't really want to do anything but makeout and second base; c*cktease cougar. Jaguar In the lexicon of older women seeking younger men, a jaguar is 50 and over, where the cougar is in their 40s, and the puma under 40. Jaguars tend to be financially stable and are only looking for sex from their 20 something prey. Example: Madonna. Cheetah A cougar who is known
Essence Of Bliss
Beyond the surface of a lost dream lies a heroWith mocha eyes that carry a tale twice ignoredFragile, yet scripted with tints of devout strengthAn aroma drizzled with innocence but held a secretWearing her hopes as a cloak to disguise...maybe hideJust to keep that smile plastered on full lipsLured by a kiss into a lap of that even possible?[let me sing a song full of fantasy,Will you listen? Or at least pretend?Who am I to say how you receive meThat last step into love looks higher nowAnd the hand to guide me throughIs tainted with fear.]She would always hear life is a journeyLooking at it through naive eyesShe saw life as good, pure, full of loveNow the bitter taste of turbulence stingsUnable to free a soul from years of painNot the type of pain erased by new loveNo, the kind that's made a homeIn the crevice of a heart scared to openTake the time to look into those mocha eyes once againYou might see dreams, maybe a hint of hopeBut do you see the suffering? The darknes
The Essence Of Christmas
Christmas is coming either we like it or not. It is evident everywhere you look at. Television shows normally start their countdowns as early as three months prior to it. The morning and evening news deliver stories about the strangest and coolest celebration of Jesus’ birth. Health magazines have an early warning on how to deal with holiday stress and that extra weight one is most likely to have due to festivities.  Newspapers teach you how to spend “wisely” so that your budget wouldn’t be maxed out. Some websites give you list on what’s hot (and not) holiday outfits. Christmas is often associated with either stress or festivities. But, is that all there is? Shouldn’t be Christmas about Jesus as the term suggests? If you were to ask a number of people what do they think Christmas is, what do you think they would say? Let the mystery be spared and the responses be enumerated. One said that it is a celebration of Jesus’ birth. Another said that
5 Essential Tipps Für Die Wahl Smartphones
Smartphones können scheinen ein wenig entmutigend, wenn Sie eine neue Verbraucher gerade erst in den Markt. Es gibt scheinbar neue Smartphones auf einer täglichen Basis veröffentlicht und es kann hart sein, zu entscheiden, welche Telefonnummer kann das Richtige für Sie. Hier sind ein paar Tipps, die helfen bei der Wahl der Smartphone eignet sich für Ihre speziellen Bedürfnisse. Wenn Sie diese Tipps nutzen, sollte es kein Problem, den perfekten neuen Smartphone, um Sie in das 21. Jahrhundert zu bringen. Die Auswahl der besten Netzwerk kann auf dem Spektrum zwischen extrem einfachen und schwierigen variieren, abhängig von Ihrer Anlage zu Ihrer aktuellen Netzwerk. Wenn Sie bereits über ein Handy-Anbieter und sind mit dem Service derzeit vorgesehenen dann gerne ist es wahrscheinlich sinnvoll, einen Blick in das, was Smartphones bieten sie nehmen und nutzen den Rest dieser Tipps, um ein Telefon in ihrer Linie wählen. Für Menschen, die auf allen Zellen Netzbetreiber suchen, wird es dauern,
5 Essentiële Tips Voor Het Kiezen Smartphones
Smartphones kan lijken een beetje ontmoedigend als je een nieuwe consument net in de markt. Er zijn schijnbaar nieuwe smartphones uitgebracht op een dagelijkse basis en het kan moeilijk zijn om te kiezen welke telefoon kan zijn voor u. Hier zijn een paar tips die u  kunnen helpen bij het kiezen van die smartphone geschikt is voor uw specifieke behoeften. Als u gebruik maken van deze tips, mag er geen probleem bij het vinden van de perfecte nieuwe smartphone om u te brengen naar de 21e eeuw. Het kiezen van de beste netwerk kan variëren van het spectrum tussen uiterst eenvoudig en moeilijk, afhankelijk van uw gehechtheid aan uw huidige netwerk. Als u al een mobiele provider en zijn blij met de service die momenteel dan voorzien is het waarschijnlijk verstandig om een ​​kijkje te nemen in wat smartphones die zij aanbieden en gebruik maken van de rest van deze tips om een ​​telefoon in hun lijn te kiezen. Voor mensen die op zoek zijn naar een GSM-netwerk providers,
Essentiel De 3 Téléphones Mobiles
3 téléphones mobiles ou les téléphones mobiles 3G sont également souvent être identifiées asthird téléphones mobiles de troisième génération. Ces termes définissent une norme reconnue liés aux télécoms. à la hauteur de cette une des exigences de téléphone 3G normales spécifiques pour posséder l'utilisation synchronisée de plus de communicationin verbal de données solutions.They avoir en outre des débits maximaux de 200kbits / s. Communiqués publiés récemment suggéré three.5G et 3.75G en outre, donner monde accès haut débit à Internet cellulaire large pour les téléphones intelligents et les ordinateurs ordinateurs portables. -tablette tactile pas cher Le premier réseau 3G commercial à travers les états-Unis par Monet réseau mobile. Il a fini par être finalement fermé andsubsequently Verizon Wireless a fini par devenir l'opérateur de réseau 3G ultérieure le lancement de ses services en Octobre 2003. AT & T Mobility est encore un réseau 3G plus légitime. Japon et la Corée du Sud est deve
Essentials Of 3 Handys
3 Handys oder 3G-Handys sind auch allgemein asthird Generation von Mobiltelefonen identifiziert. Solche Begriffe geben Sie einen anerkannten Standard in Bezug auf Telekommunikation. Um zu leben bis zu diesem bestimmten normalen ein 3G-Telefon synchronisiert Anforderungen an den Einsatz von verbalen communicationin Zus?tzlich zu den Daten solutions.They besitzen müssen zus?tzlich maximale Datenraten von 200kbits / s. Kürzlich ver?ffentlichte Versionen vorgeschlagen three.5G und 3.75G zus?tzlich geben Mobilfunkbreitband World Wide Web Zugriff auf Smartphones und Laptops Computern. -china handys Die erste kommerzielle 3G-Netzwerk in den Vereinigten Staaten war von Monet Mobilfunknetz. Es landete schlie?lich hinunter andsubsequently geschlossen Verizon Wireless landete immer die anschlie?ende 3G Netzbetreiber startet seine Dienste im Oktober 2003. AT & T Mobility ist noch eine weitere legitime 3G-Netz. Japan und Südkorea wurde theearliest L?ndern zu 3G-Netzen etablieren. In der Tat wird g
Essential Things To Do When You Relocate From Delhi
Are you thinking to move your residence from one location to another? It could be extremely time consuming and hectic event of life particularly while you will have loads of residence goods. You will have to suffer from some troubles and distressing concerns along with several overwhelming chores such as packing, loading, shipping, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of residence items. But you can overcome all relocation challenges by utilizing services of licensed packers and movers agencies. There are various expert movers and packers agencies in different major cities and towns of India. They are providing efficient packing & moving solution with door to door services to individuals who have to shift from one location to another safely with punctual hauling of things. Well-qualified shifting firms assist their clientele in the complete phenomenon of shifting procedure. They provide perfect solution to all moving requirements. They assist from planning the shift, to packing of the
Essence Of Submission By Asj
Essence Of Submission To understand the power of submission, one must first understand where it comes from and how it is expressed. True submission comes from deep within a person and is an essential part of their nature. It is something expressed from the soul and as such, goes much deeper than the offering of oneself to a Master for mere sexual/physical pleasure.A person can behave in a submissive manner but it does not mean they are a "submissive".To offer oneself completely to another, to surrender all power and choice requires an exceptional inner strength. Embracing and expressing ones submissive nature can bring to one powerful opportunities to find the deepest levels of trust, power and the intimacy that can only arise from the bond between a Master and submissive. It is the ultimate expression of balance, the archetypal opposition of Yin (the relative principle) and Yang (the active principle). Both sides being perfectly equal yet to
Essential Rights For A Submissive Partner
I once came across a post on a BDSM discussion forum where a dominant man asserted that his "slave" had a single "right" within their relationship: she could leave. I have no idea whether this was true, or if the writer even had a partner. Online forums are a kind of stage where actors issue proclamations. But the statement got me thinking about what rights, or perhaps promises of protection, are essential to give the submissive partner in a D/s context, no matter how radically the partners inhabit their dominant & submissive roles. Initially, I came up with three: The Right to Health. The sub must not come to lasting, much less permanent, harm, in a physical or psychological or social sense. By "social harm" I mean damaging the person's reputation with family, friends, or colleagues. Health in all these senses is subjective, so this right confers a great deal of protection. It may seem worrisome to have to discuss a right to health at all, but honestly BDSM relationship
Estachido Para Todos Mis Compas
Please don't send me naked pics, ask me if i "wanna cum" over the shout box, or stalk me on Aim/Msn/Yahoo. I'm always down to make new friends but please if I don't respond it means I'm not interested. Seriously unless I seem like I'm interested leave me alone.
Estate Planning 101
Estate Planning 101 When Dan found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died, he decided he needed a woman to enjoy it with. So, one evening he went to a singles bar where he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her natural beauty took his breath away. "I may look like just an ordinary man," he said as he walked up to her, "but in just a week or two, my father will die, and I'll inherit 20 million dollars." Impressed, the woman went home with him that evening and, three days later, she became his stepmother. Women are so much smarter than men.
Estate Planing! Lmao!!
Dan found out that he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died. He decided that he wanted a woman to enjoy and share his new fortune with. One evening he went to a singles bar. He spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her natural beauty took his breath away. He approached her. "My name is Dan", he said introducing himself. "Hello. I am Mary", she replied extending her hand. "I may look like just an ordinary man", Dan said. "But in just a week or two, my father will die and I will inherit 20 million dollars". Mary went home with Dan that evening. Three days later, she became his stepmother. Women are so much smarter than men. :-)
Estate Planning
When Dan found out he was going to inherit a fortune >>when his sickly father died, he decided he needed a >>woman to enjoy it with. >> >>So, one evening he went to a singles bar where he spotted >>the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. >>Her natural beauty took his breath away. >>"I may look like just an ordinary man," he said as he walked >>up to her, "but in just a month or two, my father will die, >>and I'll inherit 20 million dollars." >> >>Impressed, the woman went home with him that evening and, >>three days later, she became his stepmother. >> >>Women are so much smarter than men.
Estate Planning 101
ESTATE PLANNING 101 When Dan found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died, he decided he needed a woman to enjoy it with. So one evening he went to a singles bar where he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her natural beauty took his breath away. 'I may look like just an ordinary man,' he said as he walked up to her, 'but in just a week or two, my father will die, and I'll inherit 20 mill ion dollars.' Impressed, the woman went home with him that evening and, three days later, she became his stepmother.
Estate Planning
Dan was a single guy living at home with his father and working in the family business. When he found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died, he decided he needed a wife with which to share his fortune. One evening at an investment meeting he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her natural beauty took his breath away. 'I may look like just an ordinary man,' he said to her, 'but in just a few years, my father will die, and I'll inherit 20 million dollars.' Impressed, the woman obtained his business card and three days later, she became his stepmother. Women are so much better at estate planning than men. :)
Estate Planning
Don was a single guy living at home with his father and working in the family business. When he found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died, he decided he needed a wife with which to share his fortune. One evening at an investment meeting he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her natural beauty took his breath away. "I may look like just an ordinary man," he said to her, "but in just a few years, my father will die, and I'll inherit 20 million dollars." Impressed, the woman obtained his business card and three days later, she became his stepmother. Women are so much better at estate planning than men.
Estarr Thirty Two / Ring Three
ROBERT CHRISLEY "The Enchantress Part II" UNVEILED Estarr 2008 Time begotton from the morning Star Entwined by Desire of Eden near and far She becons me with a whispered kiss My rites of passage ponders The Enchantress Hieroglyphic spoken words surround Drawing me up to her Temple Mound Myan High Priestess I spy She shows me her bedroom through her deep dark eyes Sunbathed in cinnamon to entice See through gown glimpses that polarize higher altitude I am lead Above her earth deep into her pyramid Ohhh, and she covers the four corners Ohh, she covers the four corners Now Mythology becomes the night The heat of Styx burns in her river of Life What Desire becomes of this? Not an Illusion but the flow of The Enchantress Ohhh, spell bound before the alter ohh, I'm spell bound before her As I lay upon her bed of Dark Roses Tattooed wings wrap around my poses Honey drips from her vine The wine intoxicates Me beneath her Latina Spice Luna shifts me
Estarr Twenty Seven / Ring Six
ROBERT CHRISLEY "Black Cloud (Aside)" Hypacrypha DEFF-ini-shon 2005 We're burning walls to the ground Leaving behind the nature of the beast Let someone else wear this black cloud As we wake to partake in Our Wedding feast Worlds for your bustier Worn underneath your flowing gowns There's two Souls that need Freedom of the mind As they leave behind this heavy.....(black cloud) .......throw up flags as we submit When you can think deep without depth digging you into a hole Back to a place where everything makes sense Seasoned by everything you already know, no, no, no No matter what becomes The black cloud will dissipate And all that seems to have come undone Will be what will never seperate -and as it all came crashing down We still rose up new in its place What seemed lost is now found Upon the Great Beyond We Became ©MMV Chrisley Music® Unauthorized Use Prohibited Under Federal Law.
Estarr Thirty One / Ring Twelve
ROBERT CHRISLEY Escape (The Ballad of Eric Weiss) Shogun The Masquerade Starving Artisan 2008 Misunderstood and socially crucified Why the hell did you come to me? Mind games endeavored with trial by fire Rogue intentions disguised so sweetly Self indulged in arrogance Though the world you create is a faux Revenge is best served through cold success Would it derail you to know I never wanted you at all? No you can't escape No you can't escape Time will rot all your distractions And bind you to your haste Feeding off the fear you create To devert yourself from the fear that grows inside But, time unveiled your false promises To radify your shame to everyone's eyes And as the gavel bangs down Crushing your temporary reign You claw to get out as friends abandon you To make your attempts to escape in vain No you can't escape No you can't escape The great pretender revealed to the world she deceived And judgement won't delay Before the masquerade audien
Estarr Twenty Seven / Ring Four
ROBERT CHRISLEY "Breaking The Orthodoxy" Hypacrypha DEFF-ini-shon 2005 Standing there with that chip on your shoulder Oh, how you want to be so compelling Must've missed the invite to your apathetic mayhem There's something to your little secret you're not telling Daydream about no longer being emotionally poor But, are all the things you want really what you're looking for? Want you to see me Want you to bleed me Replace the religion you lost just to fix me Stay, frame, blame, fucking cut the chain And break away the orthodoxy Prayin for the best intentions While showing how much it hurts Nothing is how it seems when dispare Convinces you to convert Nightmares about dreaming no more Is sweet reality worth losin just to settle the score? Want you to feel me Want you to hear me Pour out thy Holy water and cruci-fix me You've tried to hide it Now everything's ignited Why won't, why won't you listen to me Fake, break, shame, fucking pie in the face
Est Amazon Prépare Deux Nouveaux Comprimés Allumer Le Feu?
juillet 2 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Avec la pression de la Nexus 7, accessoire pc , il semble probable que la prochaine itération de l'incendie Kindle sera disponible en deux tailles Google 7in Nexus 7 est appelé à prendre une bouchée des ventes de l'incendie Kindle aussi poche amicale - de sorte Amazon semble être en passe de super-taille avec la prochaine version de son budget tablette android 4.0 . Il a déjà été signalé que l'incendie Kindle 2 devrait atterrir en Juillet. Or, selon des sources anonymes de BGR, Amazon va également dévoiler un feu 10in Kindle 2 comprimés en concurrence directe avec l'iPad d'Apple. Bien que les détails sont rares il est prévu d'offrir microUSB, un appareil photo de face et une sortie HDMI-out. Que ce soit Amazon peut miner d'Apple sur le prix une fois de plus - comme le feu premier Kindle - reste à voir. Migration le Kindle semble aussi mettre en territoire iPad où les comparaisons ne sera pas tendre.
Estate Spiaggia Sandali Di Viaggio Essenziali
Con il miglioramento degli standard di vita della gente, alla città costiera di turismo di diventare una delle prime persone progetto turistico, frutti di mare, acqua di mare bolla è attività ancora più essenziali. Per evitare che oggetti duri di crostacei e animali marini pietre sulla spiaggia come i piedi punture, spesso le persone Scarpe Hogan Hi-Top sono in ciabatte e pantofole usura viaggiare scomodi e ingombranti, quindi le pantofole invenzione sandali utilizzare uno alternativo, e lancio usura. Inoltre, l'estate sta per mamme e papà attenti più pronti per i bambini un paio di sandali, risate dei bambini risuonava attraverso il mare. Presto introdurrà in estate calda. Intolleranza al caldo belle donne e la moda, può essere necessario nel più breve tempo possibile per i loro propri pronti non solo a tenere il passo con la tendenza, possono raffreddare scarpe estive. Popolare di questa estate ciò che le ragazze sandali? Con piccole serie con uno sguardo! Estate, la cameriera che
Es Tablet Pc Una De Las Mejores Formas Electrónicas Disponibles?
No hay duda de que el mercado mundial se bombardea con nuevos aparatos y los inventos electrónicos que son sin duda va a hacer que un leve perplejo. Las ofertas más recientes son de lujo que vienen con varias características extrañas. Cuanto más se tiende a aprender rápidamente, cuanto más se confunden. Usted debe haber encontrado con otros monstruos gizmo haciendo alarde de sus aparatos innecesarios alrededor. ¿Son los productos electrónicos realmente importante? Para ser precisos, hay suficiente de formularios electrónicos e inventos que parecen ser de ningún uso en absoluto. Pero aún así, son en general, y en general las personas tienen ningún reparo en hacer alarde de que se retiraran. La última invención de modo electrónico en la línea de Tablet PC es que parecen haber moderado generar controversias entre todos los grupos de la vida. Hay un gran sector que parece haber estado apreciando el estilo y la elegancia de la invención, mientras que otro lo piensa todo lo co
Establishing Limits: Going Full Circle
For those of you who are unsure of what a limit is, let me explain. There are activities we all consider as "acceptable" and "not acceptable". Acceptable activities are ones we normally enjoy experiencing and attempt to do on a regular basis. What we deem as unacceptable are actions we do not enjoy; in some way we find them offensive, repulsive, or morally wrong. Those activities that we enjoy and accept are within our sphere of "limits". What we don't enjoy, for whatever reason, tends to end up outside that acceptable sphere. What is termed as a "hard limit" is something you will not do under any circumstance and is outside our individual sphere of acceptance for any reason: spiritual, physical, or emotional. A hard limit is non-negotiable and will not and should not be pushed upon you. You should not have to explain to anyone but yourself and your Dominant why a certa
Estate Agent For Your Properties In Harrow
If you have Harrow property for sale or Harrow property to rent you will need your own licensed estate agent to help in letting or selling those properties. The ideal estate agent should have years of experience in this area and in the letting and sales industry so that you know they can manage to sell off or let your property Harrow. They could either have worked for another company in the past where they gained their experience or they could have worked for their current company for years. Either way the right estate agent will know how to attract buyers or tenants depending on your need.   You may find that the selling price of your property Harrow could be very different from what you were expecting to get. Sometimes this may mean that the selling price is much lower while at other times it could be much higher. This does not automatically mean your estate agent doesn’t know her job. Actually there are many factors that can dictate the sale price such as the condition of yo
Album Catalog of Robert Chrisley: 1983-2008 and ÄRÇ ÄÑGΣL ÇRØWΣ: 1983-PresentGenres: hard rock, metal, industrial, trance, blues, Contemporary Christian (83-95), experimental, acid house, meditative, classical, smooth jazz, fusion, trip hop, funk, signature brand "trance epic rock", "message music", and "trans-epic".Under The Watchtower (Empire/Chrisley Music 1987) estarr oneClassics (Empire/Chrisley Music 1993) estarr twoRobert Chrisley (electric blue album) (Empire/Chrisley Music 1993) estarr threeRemembrance (Empire/Chrisley Music 1994) estarr fourPraise, Worship, and Spiritual Warfare (Empire 1994)The Season (Empire/Chrisley Music 1994) estarr fiveForever In Christ's Eternal Love (Empire/Chrisley Music 1995) estarr sixOver The Edge: Spiritual Acoustics Unplugged (Empire/Chrisley Music 1995) estarr sevenBelieve (Empire/Erynn Song 1996) estarr eightLegion (The Dark Side of the Kreisler) (Empire/CanaWORMwood Music 1996) (explicit) estarr nineMonsoon (aka "The Dream Album")
Est-ce Que Apple à 800 $ Après La Victoire Contre Samsung?
Apple a pris le dessus dans le cas qui a opposé la plus grande société cotée en bourse avec son principal concurrent, Samsung. Le tribunal californien chargée de statuer sur l'un des procès les plus célèbres de droits de propriété intellectuelle déterminés vendredi dernier, lorsque les marchés étaient déjà fermés, la Corée a violé six brevets de la société fondée par Steve Jobs et a imposé une compensation un milliard de dollars. Le parquet verdict initial ne laissait aucun doute Lundi: Samsung ont baissé de 7%, tandis que Apple a augmenté de près de 2% à l'ouverture de Wall Street, en dépit de 11 recommandations d'achat. Cependant, les experts estiment que le principal catalyseur de l'action est la bataille juridique d'Apple avec son principal concurrent, mais dans leurs prochaines versions, dont le succès dépend de la valeur est placée à 800 $. Voire au-delà. En effet, les analystes reconnaissent que l'issue du procès pourrait signifier des profits pour Apple, qui décou
Est-ce Que Votre Prochain Comprimé Avez Ubuntu?
Si vous ne savez pas ce que Ubuntu est, c'est actuellement la forme la plus populaire du système d'exploitation Linux pour les ordinateurs de bureau. Le système d'exploitation a gagné une part rapide à la fois un espace de travail de la communauté Linux, ainsi que des percées dans les marchés gagnent de bureau des entreprises et des consommateurs - en général en devançant Windows sur des systèmes vieillissants ou basées sur le serveur de terminaux corporatifs. (mobile pas cher) Ubuntu a aussi fait leur apparition sur les smartphones et même certains décodeurs premiers étant caressé pour la mise en téléviseurs à domicile pour accéder à Internet sur le téléviseur. La société derrière Ubuntu, Canonical, a pour objectif de «quatre-écran stratégie" dans laquelle leur système d'exploitation apparaît de façon transparente sur les ordinateurs de bureau, les téléphones intelligents, les téléviseurs et .. comprimés. Ils viennent de dévoiler leur nouvelle Ubuntu Tablet OS sur le nouveau Nexus a
Este Es Para Ti... Quieres Bailar Con Migo ? :-)
Estelle Getty Dead At 84
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Estelle Getty, the diminutive actress who spent 40 years struggling for success before landing a role of a lifetime in 1985 as the sarcastic octogenarian Sophia on TV's "The Golden Girls," has died. She was 84. Getty, who suffered from advanced dementia, died at about 5:30 a.m. Tuesday at her Hollywood Boulevard home, said her son, Carl Gettleman of Santa Monica. "Estelle always wanted to be an actress, and she achieved that goal beyond her dreams," former "Golden Girls" co-star Rue McClanahan told The Associated Press. "Don't feel sad about her passing. She will always be with us in her crowning achievement, Sophia." "The Golden Girls," featuring four female retirees sharing a house in Miami, grew out of NBC programming chief Brandon Tartikoff's belief that television was ignoring its older viewers. Three of its stars had already appeared in previous series: Bea Arthur in "Maude," Betty White in "The Mary Tyler Moor e Show" and McClanahan in "Mama's
Estelle Getty
imikimi - Customize Your World
Estelle Getty, 84, 'golden Girls' Actress
Estelle Getty, 84, 'Golden Girls' actress The Associated Press Tuesday, July 22, 2008 LOS ANGELES: Estelle Getty, the diminutive actress who spent 40 years struggling for success before landing the role of her lifetime in 1985 as the sarcastic octogenarian Sophia on the television show "The Golden Girls," has died. She was 84. Getty, who suffered from advanced dementia, died at about 5:30 a.m. Tuesday at her Hollywood home, said her son, Carl Gettleman of Santa Monica, California. "Estelle always wanted to be an actress, and she achieved that goal beyond her dreams," the former "Golden Girls" co-star Rue McClanahan said Tuesday. "Don't feel sad about her passing. She will always be with us in her crowning achievement: Sophia. " "The Golden Girls," featuring four female retirees sharing a house in Miami, grew out of the fact Brandon Tartikoff, then NBC programming chief, believed that television was ignoring its older viewers. Three of the stars in the
The Estella Apartment For Rent With Furniture European
The Estella apartment located Highway street, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. The Estella apartment for rent  full-furnished include air conditionner, washingmachine, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven and gas cooker, sofa,  3 bedrooms in with 3 bathrooms, kitchen room, living room…etc and have balcony It’s 193.5 sqm with an open sky garden (available every 5 floors only).  This Flat is special and the most beautiful European style in The Estella apartment. Rental price is 2000 USD/month ( Include management fee, car park). Beside we have apartment for rent in The Estella, TheVista, Saigon Pearl, Xi Riverview Palace and Villa for rent in Thao Dien, An Phu An Khanh….District 1, 2, Binh Thanh District..with best price and provided your life in the best way. I provide free serviced for all tenants. The Estella Apartment for rent Please do not hesitate to contract me Hotline: 0903 646 012 Ms Anna Email: Web: Pho
Esther In Medias Res
“So Esther was taken unto king Ahasuerus into his house royal in the tenth month, which is the month Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign.” Our study of the second chapter of Esther begins toward chapter’s end to give us a sense of how much time has passed. It’s been four years since the events of chapter two and chapter one (from the third year of his reign in the latter’s verse three – 483 B.C.), and in the intervening years quite a lot has happened. From your western civilization course you may recall the names of Thermopylae, Salamis, and Plataea, three major battles of the Persian Wars that the Persian Empire under Ahasuerus – better known as Xerxes, the Greek translation of his name – fought and ultimately lost. Contemporary authors attributed the Persian defeat to hubris or pride while studies of the campaign ultimately make out the Persian force as too big. It was THE greatest power of the world, yet it was defeated. Perhaps having the book of Esther set within
Estimated Graduation Date
is the day after my birthday!!! so u know ima party!!!
estivate\ ES-tuh-veyt \verb; 1. To spend the summer, as at a specific place or in a certain activity. 2. In zoology, to spend a hot, dry season in an inactive, dormant state, as certain reptiles, snails, insects, and small mammals.
79% Estiment Que Leur Vie S'est Améliorée Téléphone Intelligent
Parce que le smartphone apporte la proximité,galaxy , l'efficacité et la productivité, 79% des personnes interrogées par l'étude des rayons X de vie de Movistar Mobile a déclaré que sa vie a été améliorée par de tels dispositifs. Movistar a commandé une étude de l'Institut de sociologie de l'Université catholique (Isuc) pour détecter le comportement des utilisateurs de cette technologie. La recherche a révélé que parler est encore la principale fonction d'un téléphone, suivi de l'utilisation de l'appareil photo et le lecteur de musique. Un autre point souligné est l'utilisation de téléphones cellulaires que le formulaire d'inscription. Nous avons une nouvelle génération qui mène à un moment records plus élevés de tous les jours, et si vous ajoutez la connectivité devient un outil social activés par diverses plateformes telles que Facebook ou Twitter", a déclaré Magdalena Browne, directeur de projet de l'Espace Research & Consulting Institut de sociologie de l'UC. Chez l
Estilos De Casacos De Inverno Para As Mulheres!
Cintura jaquetas: Se você quer olhar elegante, juntamente com o restante acolhedor, encontrar uma jaqueta de cintura bom para si mesmo. Jaquetas estilo aviador são bastante sucesso nesta temporada. Além disso, capas soltas e legal seria o mais quente da moda nesta temporada de inverno. Faux-fur jaqueta aviador iria complementar o seu estilo. Além disso, você se sente confortável ao vestir este casaco de inverno acolhedor. Jaquetas de aviador para as mulheres também são feitos de camurça, couro, pele de carneiro e algodão. Escolha o que você sente que adequar a sua classe e estilo. O tamanho da sua jaqueta importa mais em alcançar o look perfeito. Ele deve se encaixar perfeitamente. Use-o sobre um vestido curto ou um vestido longo e fluido para parecer superior sobre os outros. Casacos longos: Um pedaço roupas sem que seu guarda-roupa de inverno é incompleto é um belo casaco longo. Trench coats são queridas por quase todos, uma vez que estas clássico do inverno usa são apenas o direito
Esti Departe De Mine
                                                                      Esti plecata departe d emine dar , te simt in orice faptura divina , in orice gand insistent ce pleaca catre tine , in orice ... si ... spin floare , de parca in floare se ascunde ceva ... Ar mai fi urma palmelor tale , mangaindu-ma ... Spun apa , de parca in picaturi se simt valuri din dorul meu agitat ... Spun foc , de parca in flacari e iubirea mea ce se mistuieste pentru tine ... Spun TE IUBESC de parca in metalicul sunet al cuvintelor esti tu prezenta in fiinta mea ... Asa te simt eu , in marea-ntrebare , unde esti ? Asa te simt eu , in marea-chemare , vino la mine !
Esto Perpetua
Thursday, June 25, 2009   It’s 3:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. I have the worst song stuck in my head - Neutron Dance by the Pointer Sisters. The cat wont quit licking my face, and I've decide to get up and crack my last beer. I stare at the computer for a few as I wash down my Effexor, Bupropion and Methylphenidate with a cold Keystone Light. You can't buy beer till 6:00 AM, the bank doesn't open till 9:00 AM, and I don't work till 5:00 PM.   I feel now is a good time to share my trials and tribulations of the last 2 months. I grew a beard and drank myself half to death on more than one occasion, and cut off, pissed off, or pushed away friends and family. I've endured heartache, self-loathing, loneliness, and regret only to realize that life is a journey to the center of yourself. I put these things in perspective and deal with them accordingly. With the combination of psychiatric drugs, fishing, a warm camp fire and plenty of alcohol; I've managed to rise from this
Estrogen Recalled
Estrogen recalled Current mood: bouncy Category: Blogging IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ADAM case no. CV9870-89-09 Garden of Eden Plaintiff Class Action Complaint for damages V GOD Heaven Defendant. Now comes the plaintiff and moves this court for a judgment for damages in the amount of 10 gazillion dollars. The reason being more fully explained in the memorandum below. MEMORANDUM In the beginning God (the defendant) did knowingly steal a rib from Adam (the plaintiff) and create Eve. The defendant did knowingly create Eve, with the chemical Estrogen, which the defendant did know to cause mental and physical harm to plaintiff. The defendant never warned the plaintiff of the diverse side effects of such chemical. The defendant being omnipotent knew of all present and future effects of said drug. Many studies future, past and present have been conclusive in their findings. Said dru
Estrogen Issues ???
10 WAYS TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE "ESTROGEN ISSUES" 1. Everyone around you has an attitude problem. 2. You're adding chocolate chips to your cheese omelet. 3 The dryer has shrunk every last pair of your jeans. 4. Your husband is suddenly agreeing to everything you say. 5. You're using your cellular phone to dial up every bumper sticker that says: "How's my driving-call 1- 800-". 6. Everyone's head looks like an invitation to batting practice. 7. Everyone seems to have just landed here from "outer space". 8. You 'r e not as nice as you used to be and you used to be a bitch 9. You're sure that everyone is scheming to drive you crazy. 10. The ibuprofen bottle is empty and you bought it yesterday
The Estranged Student Body President And A Younger Me
Sometimes I wish to go back as the woman I am now And revisit a younger self. A memory surfaces sometimes how someone older Did this very thing for someone younger than they were Years ago I learned how to not cry Or at best By reflex I hid my face If tears did fall. I hated the way my eyes looked And swollen mouth. A 15 year old very awkward Unpopular me Sat with Monica the student body president. The cheerleader of all people was my friend. She claimed she wanted someone who didn't care about all that. After all these years I believe her. So we sat in the parking lot at the mall In her 65 mustang. The shopping mall Where girlfriends went to gossip Or in our case confess secrets. One brought tears for me And a barricade of my hands And hair Obscured my face She took my hands down And held my face up by the chin To say "I always wanted lips like yours" She did not say "You're ugly" Or "You have no reason to cry" She just told me I was beautif
When you're talkin to yourself And nobody's home You can fool yourself You came in this world alone (Alone) So nobody ever told you baby How it was gonna be So what'll happen to you baby Guess we'll have to wait and see One, two Old at heart but I'm only 28 And I'm much too young To let love break my heart Young at heart but it's getting much too late To find ourselves so far apart I don't know how you're s'posed To find me lately An what more could you ask from me How could you say that I never needed you When you took everything Said you took everything from me Young at heart an it gets so hard to wait When no one I know can seem to help me now Old at heart but I musn't hesitate If I'm to find my own way out Still talkin' to myself and nobody's home (Alone) So nobody ever told us baby How it was gonna be So what'll happen to us baby Guess we'll have to wait and see When I find out all the reasons Maybe I'll find another way Find another day With all the changing seasons
A "estréia" De Um Novo Perfume Em Veneza
O Hotel Cipriani, em Veneza foi o cenário do coming-out do perfume Gucci novo. A ocasião foi pena porque Gucci Première filme-lo com este nome ter apelidado esta nova fragrância apresentado durante a celebração da Mostra na cidade italiana-vem do lado de uma imagem de infalível, a atriz Blake Lively, um it-girls do momento. A atriz norte-americana estava radiante nesta apresentação com uma assinatura exclusivo vestidos de cocktail sem mangas, com decote profundo, totalmente bordado com lantejoulas e detalhes de flores de cereja no decote, e, além disso, sandálias de salto alto python Borgonha com detalhe metálico na parte de trás. Além disso, os participantes desta reunião, poderia ver o vestido de alta-costura da Gucci Première usado por Blake Lively na campanha, que foi exibido no evento. Mas Blake Lively não estava sozinho. Ao seu lado, a atriz Salma Hayek, que nunca hesitou em apoiar com gestos afetuosos para a jovem atriz. Hayek acompanhada e seu marido François-Henr
Estudiantes Est Un Club De Football De L'équipe Argentine
Le ton fondamental est de couleur mixte. Orange et jaune Nike emploie forte que la couleur de la carrosserie clé de concert pour rendre hommage à la ville de l'art, la culture, l'architecture et intemporel maillot de football de style, modèle rond à l'arrière du cou et des manches oranges figurant sur votre maillot de football normal. Bannière catalane plus distinctif et maillot de football du slogan "plus qu'un club" est également visible sur le maillot route. Et puis, le fonctionnaire a déclaré que Nike Soccer Jersey résultat nouveau maillot a été faite par un nouveau matériau de fibres de polyester recyclé, ce qui est la marque jamais produite dans le maillot le plus respectueux de l'environnement. chaque chemise (y compris T-shirt et shorts) sont réalisés par 13 bouteilles de soda recyclées. Par rapport aux matériaux traditionnels en fibre en jersey polyester, le new jersey qui permet de réduire la perte d'énergie d'environ 30% des joueurs. Et par rapport à la vieille section de Je
My favorite movie quote comes from the movie E.T.!...Where they're all sitting around the table at the beginning of the movie and Elliot has seen the lil alien..."Shut up penis breath,it's not like that"!....Lmao...Thanks Spielberg,you rock dude!
Eta Carinae And More Doom And Gloom..
Good Morning and HAPPY MONDAY!!!! Well, at least happy day and it is a Monday so hang on tight. Astrology buffs would like to scare the living Be-Jesus out of you…oh yeah! Some astrologers are painting the doom and gloom picture of Eta Carinae as a supernova waiting to explode. Perhaps. They also would like to say, wait back up the bus! No they would not say back up the bus that is me, I was referring to supernova…I have not seen a cool nova since high school in which a friend of mine had a faster then grease lightning, cool as cool can be and slicker then cat crap on a hot wet tin roof…now that is slick! So that was a supernova, this star that star gazers are watching is what it is…a star, will it explode? Possibly... Will it destroy earth? Possibly… is there anything we can do about it? Yeah send up Bruce Willis and a team of drillers to set a dept charge on it and blow it up like in Armageddon. Ok, now were talking, what ever will be will be, adding this doom and gloom onto a worl
E Tackle Richard Seymour, Who Was Picked One Spot A
ALAMEDA, Calif. -- The Oakland Raiders made a move to bolster their struggling pass rush on Wednesday by signing proven defensive end Andre Carter to a free-agent contract. The Raiders (1-2) had brought Carter in twice before for workouts in training camp and earlier this season before signing him to fill a glaring need. "I think hell be instrumental," said defensive tackle Richard Seymour, who was picked one spot ahead of Carter in the 2001 draft at sixth overall. "Hes a proven guy in this league. Obviously, it will take some times to get his legs under him, but hes a guy thats shown he can rush the passer and I think that will be essential for us." Carter has 76 sacks in 163 career games over 11 seasons in the NFL. He was named to the Pro Bowl for the first time last season after recording 10 sacks for the New England Patriots but his season was cut short by a quadriceps injury that forced him to miss the final two games of the regular season and the post-season. Carter w
Etam, Almost A Hundred Years Of Expertise In The French Corset ...
For nearly a century, Etam lingerie creates his pieces in the tradition of expertise in French. When the brand was born in 1916, women abandoned their corsets to discover the very first bra. They then slide their new underwear line with the carefree atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties   Birth of a bra Etam model development bra between the parent company in Paris and the studio of Mouvaux, in northern France. Today, if the design has been modernized, the process of creating a collection has remained true to its beginnings. Designers create models of Etam in the heart of the trends by making sketches and then looking materials that provide a clearer picture of the future underwear. Next, patterns and prototypes are made between Paris and Mouvaux, which remains today a center of technical expertise. Finally comes the crucial step of the "fitting" to ensure comfort and support to the model   And Innovation It is this collaboration that gave life to the greatest innovations of the house
E-tarded People
subject: E-tarded people post date: 2007-10-10 07:47:06 views: 22 comments: 3 ratings: 0 This was someone's blast message that I can hardly believe I laid eyes upon: "like too think my fubar wife for my frist blast you rock ty you rock mauh xoxoxs" member is Trying to work M, 45 - Wooster, OH views: 321,030 WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have SERIOUS issues about people who misspell words or use them in the wrong context...but holy shit! This one takes the fucking cake. Someone bought you a blast, but they should have bought you a damn tutor!!! Congratulations Mr. Wooster. You are the e-tard of the week!
E-tard The Lifecaster - Live On Webcam 24/7 Http://
Etats-unis: Un Tribunal Annule Une Mesure Sur La Vente Du Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Une cour d'appel a annulé une injonction préliminaire États-Unis sur la vente de smartphones Galaxy Nexus de Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, grossiste telephone portable , portant un coup à Apple Inc dans sa bataille contre Google Inc Apple a été une guerre sur plusieurs fronts contre Google, dont le logiciel Android pouvoirs plupart des appareils mobiles de géant coréen Samsung. Dans l'un des signes les plus visibles de cette bataille, essai afin de déterminer si les produits de Samsung violé les brevets d'Apple a expiré en Août avec une victoire écrasante pour le fabricant de l'iPhone. La cour d'appel du Circuit fédéral des États-Unis a statué que le tribunal de district de Californie "a fait un abus de son pouvoir discrétionnaire pour délivrer une injonction préliminaire." La cour d'appel a renvoyé l'affaire à une juridiction inférieure pour réexamen Californie. Le Nexus est un ancien produit de Samsung, qui a une large gamme de nouvelles tablettes et les smartphones sera
Etched In Stone
Etched in Stone Away from castle walls I travel far into the deep woods Along forgotten paths I escape the world I know To a clearing I am drawn...a knight...sitting alone by a tree Walking up to him I hear his plights.....I listen...I care Words of comfort flow from my lips...I am drawn to him. Day turns into night....we fall into each others arms I am happy....again I reach to kiss him once more... He vanishes Alone I stand shocked....confused A smell of brimstone circles the air and a voice calls I turn....a man dressed in black speaks "You are a foolish pathetic creature. You think your words of comfort and caring are etched in stone?" He laughs loudly.. "I am the prince of lies....there is no Knight you will find That I will not pluck from your life as easy as this illusion of mine. The Princess you play with your ideals amuses me. You are alone now as you will ever be. Try all you will my friend....we will dance this way many times
Etched In Icons Of Ink
Inspire me, my Muse, Inspire my forgiving pen With wandering dreams. Let me dream impossible Things etched in icons of ink.
estimated time of death 3 days and counting

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