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Deleting My Account
I've decided to delete my account. Nothing against anyone on here, in fact I've met alot of wonderful people on here. I'm just bored with the site and find no entertainment from it anymore. If anyone on here wants to reach me I still have: yahoo IM: thanks and hope to hear from, if not all, then some of you
Deleted Friends
Basically, I'm going through and deleting all of you people who have like 257 photos who are here on CT for e-fame.. Sorry but I'm not here to give you points, I actually like to chat with my friends and learn something about them.. If I delete anyone by mistake who may have actually wanted to chat with me, send me a message and strike up some conversation and I will add you back to my friends list. Also NSFW pics are gone, doubt they will return. That's no longer the kind of attention I'm looking for online. :) Peace
Well once again I found myself sitting here this morning going thru my friends list sending user comments, thinking to myself ya know Chas...why..why do you constantly send out user comments to those that NEVER send them Back. So I deleted many off of my list, dont take it personal if you were one of them, I just dont care to spend over an hour each day skipping through user names trying to get to the ones who do actually show they are a friend by sending comments back, or by coming back to check my page for updates or new pics, or giving a shout every now and then. The ones I decided to keep have shown me that they are a "real" friend and not here solely for points...which is why I am meet new people and make some new friends joke laff and have a good time. With this i shall close and say THANK YOU to those who have taken the time to show what friendship is about. !!!SNIPER!!!
Deleting Massive People Off My Friends List
Going through deleting alot of pics and folders....Dont no if i am staying either...I guess that life doesnt always work out how its suppose to be funny huh?
Deleting My Friends List
Only because I don't know or don't remember most of the people on it. If you want to stay on my list, just leave a comment on this blog. No hard feelings to anyone. I Like every one, but jeez, I have like 300 hundred people I don't know on my list....kind of daunting.
Deleted A Couple Stash Items
I took the step of deleting a couple stash items today. Its so stupid cause this is an adults site and I am starting to wonder...what is really defined as NSFW? I mean come on! I see alot of stuff on here people...and I am left wondering.... I had a couple Monty Python scenes in my stash...but they are gone now. I decided that maybe "sex education" from "The meaning of life" might be too risky. I mean...its freaking funny, but do I run the risk of someone coming to my page and reporting it and losing my account over it...nay. I really do enjoy them and they are totally for adults...but if anyone can just complain because they don’t like what they just viewed and my account gets deleted...its not worth I am being pro-active...LOL. Maybe I am being overly sensitive, but whatever! So since the description of NSFW is "offensive or adult" I removed them. But hey...they are still on youtube if ya want to go see them. I will let others fight over this issue. I personally like my
Deleting My Profile
This divorce crap is starting to get ugly, and I don't want to give him anything to use against me. For now, I will only have generic pics, etc here, and may possibly delete everything. Just so you all know, for the day when I am no longer here, or in case you wonder what happened to all of my content.
I've deleted most of the pics of myself that were marked 'NSFW', thanx to all that rated and commented on them but I won't be adding any more of 'those types' of photo's to my albums. If you want to get to know me, the real 'me' then talk with me, those pics are 'just pics' , they don't let you know who I really am. Thanx. There's so much skin (among other things) shown on here, everybody just seems to go around looking for the next 'nsfw' pic, yes mostly the men, but women do it too. lol. I have my reasons for not wanting to show myself in that light to 'just anybody' and I've decided to stick to that now. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against those of you who choose to show yourselves in that 'light' or way , whatever ya wanna call it, I don't judge you for it either, it's your choice......and this is 'my' choice. Thanx to the one's that understand and respect me for doing what I believe to be the best thing for me. Much Love, Rose ~aka~ Jade Roses
I deleted my private album. Don't worry. you'll get over it.
Deleting Friends Today
Ok next round of deleting...Some of my "friends"are always keen to ask for help with this contest or that pic or levelling up etc but not once have at least 4 of these friends rated anything new i have stashed or uploaded in the last 7 days....I check my bar tab everyday to see if i owe anyone any rates etc and always return anything i get.Obviously this isnt the case with some so bye bye :) The rest of yas,i love ya :) xxx
Deleting My Account
i most likely will be deleting my account due to some relationship problems i am having, i will not go into details, if you would like to remain friends my e-mail is, and if you want add me to ur myspace, myspace is, i appreciate all of my friends on here, ty
Deleting Account...
I'm deleting my accout in like 2 days maybe... but i have a myspace and if you want that, you better let me know so i can give you the url and all that. SO HURRY...
Deleted Nsfw Pics
I'm not your cheap porn, end of story. Look for my intelligence and try to hold a conversation with me that doesn't start with H3y baby!! I'm not some girl in a rap video and I will thank you for thinking I'm sexy but that's not an invite for a conversation. I'm eighteen and not interested in seeing a dick 20 years older than me or your old cock either.
Delete Comment
I'm not much of a comment deleter. In general, I only delete comments that reveal personal information. Like when someone left a comment asking how things were in whateva-state-I-live-in. Or when a real-life friend left a photo comment that referred to me by my real-life name. I realize that not everyone is as secretive as I am, that other people reveal their names, where they live, where they work. I generally don't. It is a compromise, of sorts. I once told someone that he could either learn my real name or be made 'family.' He ended up choosing my name, but couldn't understand why I wouldn't allow both. Perhaps it is a fear of being known, of being found out. Perhaps it is a professional decision, a choice made knowing that the ghosts in my family folder could haunt me someday. But perhaps it's something else. Even if I don't reveal my name or where I live or where I work, I reveal nearly everything else. You know my likes, my dislikes. Who I love,
Deleting My Page!
I have someone harassing me on here. I dont know how much longer I am going to stick around. I have this person blocked under 3 different names on fubar and They are still coming to my page leaving negative comments. My father is in the hospital right now and I have enough things to worry about without signing on to my page after working 12 hours to find nasty comments on my page. I know for sure I have this person blocked from my myspace page. So if ya'll would like to keep in contact with me , Add me as a friend on myspace @ or Add me to yahoo messanger @ supaflychick25. Peace Out, Missy = )~
I am deleting all Ct'ers from Cali.....:)
Deleted More
9 more
Deletions Upcoming
IF you are on my friends list and want to stay there, a reply is needed or yu will be deleted PERIOD
Deleting My Account.
New pictuers. Doo itt babyyyy
Deleting My List
Going to Delet my List over the next few day's Want to see who My friends are So if you are a friend and want to remain ! just comment or re add me Thanks to all My Friends Who Have help me over the Last Few month's I know you will let Me know. :)
delete this profile. k? thx
Deleted More
Deleted More
I just deleted 15 so called friends, who's next
Deleted Account
For those who are on my myspace account, Uncle Tom deleted me lol Please readd to my new account
Deleteing All Pics
So Yeah This Site Is Fuckin Lame To Many Jealous People On Here Gonna Report U For Something Lil So Im Takeing My Pics Off And Yeah. Well I Just For Got Something I Also Could Of Put My Pics So Only Fam. Could Only View Em..So When I Have New Pics Imma Post Em For Only Fam. To View..So Yeah Thats It.
Deleting My Page
i do not hear much from anyone anymore like i used to it seems as though once a person geta marrie dthey stop hearing from people they though was their friends so i am takin it into consideration of deleting my page here if i do and anyone wants to talk to me stil my yahoo i.d is kristie_congrove2000 or i hate to leave cuz i have met a lot of interesting folks on here but what is the point when noone will talk to ya to all the true friends i have on here thanks for being here for me i will never forget ya
Deleting This By The Weekend
Going back to my original profile
Deleting More People.
Some of you got added because I liked your page, what was said on your page, some of you I just liked your pics, lol. I try to make an effort to talk to everyone I add, or who adds me, so If I haven't yet, that means either I forgot and overlooked you by mistake, or I just liked your pics and that's all I wanted, sucks, huh? lol. Anyway I am going to be deleting some people within the week probably, so if I haven't made an attempt to talk or you don't make an attempt to talk in some way, shape or form within the week then I will delete you. Have fun! :)
Deleting My Fubar Soon
Just not for me.... If you have any last words, or need my myspace,facebook or yahoo contact information, then hit me up b4 my page is gone!!! j
Deleted Mumm...
A mum you have posted has been removed by the 'fubar' admins. This mum was removed because it was either offensive or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in nature. Please read the Terms Of Service. NSFW CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED in the public areas of 'fubar'. This mum removal has been recorded and your account will be deleted if it happens again. END OF MESSAGE I find this hilarious that people take anything serious on this take offense to my mumm. which read...(and i have to pull from memory since it was DELETED) "TO ALL YOU MUMM SNOBS WHO CARES IF MUMMS ARE IN CAPITAL LETTERS? WHAT DOES IT MATTER THAT YOU HAVE SEEN THE SAME QUESTION ASKED ALREADY? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE IF THERES A VIDEO IN IT? WHO MAKES UP THESE RULES? BTW THERE IS NO QUESTION HERE WHATSOEVER." once again..get a life people...get off your ass, out the computer chair..and go out in the world!!!!
Delete Page Or Not?!?!
ok question of the day?!? lol so im thinking bout deleting my account today...and some of u who dont know me r wondering y...well im sick of men cumin to this website(women too) who claim they r single not married etc...and try to go a lil further than jus conversation...but in the long run individuals do get caught up and get hurt..and then u get their betta half cumin to ur page and asking questions like y u on my mans page and y u leaving him gifts and so on....for one if u one of the people leave that bullshit and drama off my really not feelin it and quite frankly im tired of dealing wit what im saying if u fake as fuck and u been lying to me get the fuck off my page i dont want and dont need the drama i got my own shit to deal should i stay or go?!?
once again.
Deleting Page
Has deleted alot of names if you want to be readded just request
Ok.. I know the whole point of this thing is to get as many friends as possible, basically... But I'm not wanting that. I don't give a shit if you give me points or what not. You wanna stay friends with me, you gotta add me... cuz I'm gonna start deleting let me know!
Delete Private Things
A word to the wise. Remember before allowing family members access to your email accounts or sometimes even your computer, Delete or hide your private shit. Case in point, my darling wonderful wifey allowed her sister access to her email to take care of something and while on there she decided to go through her inbox and was blessed with a not so innocent video of her soon to be brother-in-law(lmao) Now the poor girl is traumatized. Oh yeah..... way to go baby :P lmao
Deleting This Account Soon
Deleting Friends List Soon
i will be deleting my friends list sometime this month.
Deleted Pics
I just have to say, private nsfw pics suck, so I deleted them all..No more very private folders..Yay! I have decided there will be no more pics like that of me...the ones that are in nsfw now are fairly mild, so that should be good enough. If there is anyone that doesn't want to be a friend because they are gone, feel free to delete me. It was too much of a headache, and I feel much better already..:) Thanks for reading..:)
Alright heres the thing.. if you dont like me or i dont talk to you or you dont talk to me.. delete me.. im gettin sick of bein on peoples list and you dont talk to me.. im the kinda person you have to talk to me. or i will just sit in my pretty little corner.. there are some people that have been on my list for ages and im just staring to talk to them.. just stop by and say hi if you want.. i dont bite.. lol odd but i can be a lil shy .. i but again . if you dont talk to me. or your pissed that i dont talk to you.. all you have to do is DELETE!
Deleting Fubar Account
after much thought over the last few days i am deleting fubar account,i all so have delted my yahoo im so once i leave here i know most of you will not read or care that i am gone .but i did enjoy any talks that we have had good luck to everyone singed mason the unwanted nice guy
This account is getting deleted now.. If you want you can add my other accounts from my page (one of them may be getting deleted today as well I'm not sure yet, I've spent so much time on them.) Take Care.. Have Fun!
Ok, so here is what is going down, at 12 o'clock Eastern Time, I will be deleting ALL Friends, then I will be re-adding all the people who posted comments in the previous blog, so if anyone else wants to stay, you have till Noon today to post a comment on the blog to stay on my list, once again I will be sending this blog to ALL friends so there is no missing it
just to let everyone know,well the people i talk to on here,im deleting my account. eventually i will start another one,but i just dont feel like having one rite,if u still want to chat with me,my yahoo messenger is jaime_girl1977. my aol is jaimegirl1979. take care jaime
Deleting My Account
Hey all Just wanted to post this blog and share it to say BYE to all my incredible friends on here that Ive made over the past year Im deleting it in one hour just to give you guys that are my real friends a chance to say bye...I havent been a saint, I havent been perfect...but I really fell in Love with someone on here....I know I know I should of never went down that road online....and most you guys will say dont go you'll get over her....but theres no getting over this one...She was the ONE...Im pretty sure most of you understand've been there yerselves....But online you make enemies and you make a past....and they both come back to muddy the waters in yer relationships.....either that or she was looking for a way Out I dunno.....I just know Im done here....I wish you all the best of luck......We had some great memories some great debates and ome good wars with other lounges....Good-bye everyone....Hope all yer dreams come true!!!
Deleting My Account
Well, looks like I'm deleting my account very shortly. I'm in the market for a new job (believe it or not, I'm a professional) and I checked my professional branding...and this site is working against me in that area. No offense to anyone here, I actually like it, but it does not bode well with perspective employers. Sooooooo...I'll be gone. I'll probably wait until tomorrow, but gone I'll be nonetheless. I really enjoyed being here, meeting a lot of new people and rating and all. It's been great. So long, and I'll still be on until sometime tomorrow (Wednesday) so anyone that wants to send me a private message that wants to keep in touch, I can give them an e-mail address that can make that happen. Good bye, BigJimiZ
Deleting This Name
Hey all! For those that dont know, I have 3 ID's on FUbar. I am deleting 2 of them so I only have one to deal with. I have less time to be on the puter so this way I will only have one name to check on. All of my TRUE friends and fans and family are more than welcome to add my other name, the link will be at the bottom of this. Those of you that just wanted to add me before for just points dont need to bother adding my other name. Hugs Carrie Here is the link for my name you can transfer to: Carebear@ fubar
Deleted Bulletin
Well this one is kinda long so please read its not often i post a bulletin so when i do post one i assure you that it is rather important to me as this is... i ask you to read it in its entirety and i also encourage you to comment i love all the feedback i recieve on this site weather it good or bad i would like to hear all your thoughts about this maybe someone can elighten me as to why... this is a "fu-mail" sent to scrapper i have edited nothing in this it is a direct copy and paste the header is included Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 08:03:10 -0700 From: Size: 4 KB To: Reply-To: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ok i may not be the most observant person on fubar.. but i am rather curious about the ethics on a place where i spend my time and money. I've been around for a long time and i must say that something is going horribly wrong here 1st those of use who pay vip's we
Earlier today i posted a MUMM. The subject of my MUMM was Facebook. The guys/girls incharge of deletions for NSFW subject had deemed this subject NSFW. no where in this subject was there anything NSFW, NO nudity, NO obscenitys, NOTHING OFFENSIVE> Now I cant even post a MUMM, I dont understand why this happend.
Delete Shit
What shit should I delete in my photos? pics of me get old, so which ones suck? go ahead tell me which of my pics suck. just that I always take new pics of stuff and i think I have too many pics of me. or maybe "mumm ownage album" or i should level up or some shit for an extra 10 photos hahahahhaha
Deleting My Account
Ok all my family and friends...i am having serious issues with the pics and albums of i decide if it isnt fixed during the next two hours i will delete my account and create a new please if you are a family member or a good friend of mine look out for my new account and readd me.... Hugs EveningStar
Deleted Nsfw Of Me!!!
Due to the recent glitch in the fubar system i have deleted all of my nsfw that was of me....if they ever fix it I might put them back up
Deleting This Name
Hello friends, fans and family! I am deleting this name so I have only 1 name on here. I have had 3, I have deleted the other one already. I dont have enough time anymore to keep up with all 3 names. If you wish to keep intouch you can add my main name I use. Click on the pic below and it will take you to my page and you can add me there. hugs Carrie aka Mystical Carebear@ fubar
i might be deleting my fubar account. i dont see much of a point anymore. i cant add anymore pictures cause i no longer have a vic so my limit is full. and there are certain people that are very annoying and will never leave me alone. and ive been going through alot in my life lately.. idk. we will see.
Deleting Friends
If u are a friend on my list...u KNOW i posted this if u wanna stay as a friend, i need a private message from u...IF U WANNA KNOW THE REASON IM DELETING FRIENDS>...READ MY LAST BULLETIN....
Deleting Fubar
Me: (to the girl) Tell him that if you can stick a dick in his ass, you'l let him stick his in yours. It hurts. And you won't be able to shit right for a week. Guy: It don't hurt everyone so why say something that isn't true? Me: Maybe your butthole's more loose than mine. Guy: Highly doubt it. But if you want to be a cunt, be one. You don't bother me a bit. Me: You said that it doesn't hurt everyone. I assumed you've have had it done before. I merely made a (blunt) statement. Sorry if it offended you. Grow some balls and please don't call me a cunt. Guy: I pay my internet bill, not you, and say what I want, when I want. Don't like it, too bad. Me: I pay my own internet bill, too. And everyone's entitled to their own opinions. So here's mine: I'm gonna stop wasting my time replying to you because you're 32-years-old and probably just pissed off because you haven't been getting laid lately. I'm also going to block you because overly emotional fucks like you irritate me. So all I c
Deleting Friends
It may take me a while, but I am going to go through my friend list and delete anyone who doesn't have pictures of themselves. For that matter, I am no longer going to accept friend requests from accounts with no pics of the owner. ***HUGS AND KISSES*** Mary Berry :)~~
Deleted My Blog
I am not supposed to be on the computer. I am not following what the doctor said. I can't lay in bed for another day. The drugs I am on make me sleepy. they relax all my muscles, not just my neck. What a way to spend a Saturday! I wrote a blog a little while ago and then erased it. I was hurt and upset by something. again! Is it me? Must be. I just don't get it. I must be too emotional. I must be too attached. I must care too much. I don't now what it is? So sorry if you went to the blog and it was empty. I just am a little confused and am on strong drugs right now. I am not even sure that this is going to make any sense. Well, I hope all of you have a better weekend then what I am having. I hope to be better soon. Typing on the keyboard is a big NO NO so I will stop writing.
just a note to all my friends on here im letting u know i will be deleting my file. it was nice meeting and chatting with all you but right i have alot of issues going on and its hard for me to be here. i will keep in touch with a few of you. it will take awhile to delete so dont worry i will be here for a couple days yet
Deleting This Profile
Just letting all my friends know that i am deleting this profile i do have another and my the name is Nikki....ask for a friends request and i will accept you. Thanks
Deleting Friends - Read Now
I will be reposting this blog as often as necessary to keep it from falling off of my page. I will however, only be checking THIS POST for responses. If you do not have a SALUTE photo, unless you've already talked to me somewhere other than on FUBAR, you will be deleted as of October 15. 2007. From TODAY on, if you do not have a salute, you will not be added. I'm sick of guys pretending to be chicks, and i'm sick of fake/multiple accounts. I want to be able to SEE who my friends are. Either create a salute by October 15th, or do not be surprised if you are not friends with me afterwards. (you may mail me a personal salute if you don't want to post one on Fubar however it must have MY NAME and the current date on the salute). Post here if you have a DAMN good reason why you can't. (posting here doesn't mean i let you off the hook, it just means that i will consider your reasons.) That is all, Love ya Sin
Deleting Email
Does anyone know of a way to delete all your mail at once? Or if there is even a way to do it?? Please leave comment if u know how, i have over 1000 and i don't want to do it one by one.. Thanks, Angela
Deleting Friends-additional Info-read Now
This is a repost of the first post in this blog. There are additions in this post that are not in the first, however please click here to respond/comment since that is the ONLY post i will be checking during the deleting process. (scroll down if you already read this first post to the part labeled Addition). Repost: If you do not have a SALUTE photo, unless you've already talked to me somewhere other than on FUBAR, you will be deleted as of October 15. 2007. From TODAY on, if you do not have a salute, you will not be added. I'm sick of guys pretending to be chicks, and i'm sick of fake/multiple accounts. I want to be able to SEE who my friends are. Either create a salute by October 15th, or do not be surprised if you are not friends with me afterwards. (you may mail me a personal salute if you don't want to post one on Fubar however it must have MY NAME and the current date on the salute). Post here if you have a DAMN good reason why you can't. (posting here doesn'
Perhaps it was with somnabulent eyes that I sought. And perhaps it was a duplicitous edge upon which I did tread. The hope and faith of yesterday became the jilted disappointment of today, so it is this perception reborne. Not brother nor sister nor friend nor foe at my side - when I awoke all had vanished. But the dreams, oh the dreams I did have. Such a pity, such a pity. As a corpse I appear to falter, having not the decay nor stillness of the rest of the deceased. Perhaps that is why you do not know I am dead. Then again, perhaps you do. Scornful derision and cruel fabrication woven together in a sultry harmony. The music echoes as a distant whimper and we are an isle in the sand. Stalking through woods and fields as hunters that starve so where is the bastian? Brothers we are not, thus this pack of wolves stands divided. Emaciated I'll stagger to another horizon where those dulcet tones can not find me. - written by Mordrid Sunday October 14th, 2007 at 8:12p
Deleting Friends - Today Is The 15th.
Hey guys, I will be going through deleting those without salute photos today. Those that are exceptions, you've already been told what to do. Those that were not given exceptions, you can post in the first post in this blog if you have a DAMN good reason not to have one (e.g. military). "I can't because i have three million cheesy excuses" doesn't count. Don't bother. The other thing you can do is send an add request with your reason. If it's an acceptable reason, I will re-add you. If it's not, then you'll just have to wait until you have a salute. I'm sorry all but there are too many fakes on this site, and personally, I don't need to deal with it. Sin Posts of "i'm not fake" aren't gonna help.
Deletin Account Because My Internet Is Gettin Turned Off Soon
i left my husband 3 months ago and have been havin financial problems since then. I just came back from social services and they are gonna help me wit my mortgage but i have to contribute 85%. I have 3 young children therefore i am unable to work at this present time. I cannot afford my internet ne more so i will no longer be on yahoo either. When shit gets better maybe i will be back. If you have my cell number i might not have that any more either.
Deletion Time
im thinking of deleting my page
Deleting This
Hey just wanted to let everybody know that I am not going to be on this account anymore I am starting a lot of things new in my life & this is just 1 of them...If u want to know how else to contact me on here or any other sites let me know if u don't know already :) Thanks everyone!!!
Deleted Scenes: Spiderman 2 A
Deleted Scenes: Spiderman 2 by MasterOkime © Deleted Scenes This was a scene that the actors adlibbed that was deleted in the Spiderman 2 movie. Deleted Scene #1 Chocolate Cake girl “Hi Pete, would you like some chocolate cake?” “Yes that would be nice.” The girl left, she was the daughter of the landlord, Peter racked his brains trying to remember her name, Anna something….Annaka….Annalynn…. Annameka, he remembered. Annameka walked back in arms laden with two glasses of milk and two pieces of chocolate cake. They ate in silence, Peter chewing thoughtfully as he checked out Annameka, and Annameka checking Peter out, the object of her desires, the person she dreamt about every night, and here he was eating her chocolate cake laced with an aphrodisiac. Peter’s finished eating and downed his glass of milk. “Thanks Annameka that was great.” He said. She nodded, and blushed, she picked up the dishes and walked to the door slowly counting to twenty as she slowly shu
Deleted Scenes: Spiderman 2 #2
Deleted Scenes: Spiderman 2 #2 by MasterOkime © Deleted Scenes #2 Sorry for the long wait, but back by popular demand another Deleted Scene from the movie Spiderman 2, thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. You don’t need to read the first one to understand this one but the first isn’t a bad story if I say so myself. I hope you enjoy the story also, don’t hesitate to vote. The organs blared out the loud drowning wedding song.....dum dum da dum.....dum dum da dum. Capt. John Jameson stood with his back held high just like they taught in NASA. Here he was at 26 years old marrying and upcoming redhead actress named Mary-Jane Watson. Everyone had shown up to his wedding; his folks, his grandparents and some NASA and old school buddies. As the music drowned out everything in the room John looked to the door waiting for his woman to come through. The wedding had almost been delayed with the kidnapping a few weeks ago by Doctor Octavius aka Doc Ock. John had been mad with w
Not really into this site much, not much action going on.... think i'm gonna delete it...
Deleting Account!
hello guys for those who dont know i have loss a close family member and i am going to go ahead a delete my page those of you who have me on my yahoo im i will talk to you there love adam thanks to my freinds
Deleting pictures and people that doesnt talk. If you want to be added at least talk or rate pictures
Deleting Names
Is sorry to say i have left the WTC family and deleted everything but if anyone wants to be added as friends please do so. No one has been blocked
in the next few days I will be deleting my account. THere is to much here for me to see that I really cant handle at this point. If you want to continue find me on myspace or myyearbook Http://
Deleting My Account Here At Fubar
I will leave this up for a day or two then Im out of here. So far since the engagement I am 0 for 5 Five people I meet. All five have been either married or with someone. Three of those I have met here. There wont be a fourth. Im convinced this place is nothing more than a haven for scuzfucks looking to cheat on whoever they are with. If you are still interested in friends only I still have my Myspace profile up. Feel free to add me. I think this song says it all Don't talk to strangers Cause they're only there to do you harm Don't write in starlight Cause the words may come out real Don't hide in doorways You may find the key that opens up your soul Don't go to Heaven cause it's really only Hell Don't smell the flowers They're an evil drug to make you loose your mind Don't dream of women cause they only bring you down Hey you you know me you've touched I'm real I'm forever the one that lets you loo
Deleting Fubar For Real
Ok Guys 3 Days im not longer goin to stay here and will not change my mind this time im done with it all someone always finds a reason for drama or me doin something wrong and all i do is have fun so 3 days im gone
Deleting Fubar
Im deleting fubar and my account if you wish to stay in touch add me kayla.the_cowgirl thats yahoo of course. Thanks
Deleteing My Account
Howdy All, Sorry I havent been in quite awhile, but I have lost all interest in this site. It makes MySpace look very intelligent. Too much Drama and BS here anymore. I will be deleteing my account Next week Monday, If anyone (who doesnt already have it) wants either my Yahoo or MSN messenger address just send me a PM and I'll get it to you. Have a Great week DvlDog91
Deleting My Account
just letting my friends know im deleting my account. This place is just a waist of time, at least for the gay man. NO way to find other gay guys to talk to... Strait guys dont want to talk to us who are gay...( Shaun is the exception)But i can talk to him on myspace Strait women ( with the acception of those of you who are on my list)are only intrested in the men who wnat to fuck them ( cause most appear to be sluts)...and being gay ...well, I have no desire to fuck im a waist of thier time. Basically I just find myspace to be much better. True you cant send the naughtyier stuff...but you know what. I really dont care about that anyway. I can have plenty of fun without sending ranchy shit to my freinds. I dont need that to keep myself entertained. So those of you who I do consider to be good friends...well your on my myspace so ill still see you all there. Hugs to you all. Mark
ok well im deleteing my fubar page. ive met some good people on here that id like to keep in touch if i dont already have your yahoo or Aol messenger screen names, then please email them to me, because by tonight i will delete my profile. Just tired of alot of bullshit on the site and alot of fake people. So like i said if you would like to keep in touch with me then please send me your email addresses. Thanks -Jennifer aka BrokenSoul
Deleting Me Me
This is the last for me here @ Fubar Land I met tons of people & enjoyed talkin with all my friends but sometimes ENOUGH is ENOUGH... GOd Bless ALL OF YOU
Deleting Fubar Account
I'll make this short.... I'm Deleting my account..No 1 special Reason.. I will miss all that I have come to know and love..YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! **Props to Club F.A.R., Daddy and the Ladies ran a good drama, lots of love..Thank you all for letting me be a part of! I saw a blast the other day it said "FuFamous" I laughed and then became a little saddened. An Adult site that breeds hatred and makes people Believe they have accomplished something attaining popularity by spending money to gain points and level (think about that people, boredom is one thing but when you make it your life aren't you selling yourself short)...I had someone say to me once I have 21,000 fans, I could ruin you..again LOL ruin me, she actually sent several hundred fans my way(karma). No animosity at all, I wish she had been as loved as I was perhaps she would have more potential than being a FUBAR drama Queen! 1/2 my Family have or will be cancelling their VIPs..Some are deleting as well.Fed
Deleted Friends
well deleted most of my friends i never talk to them so whats the point on having them on so bye bye to the rest still on glad to have u till i get pissed and deltet them too lol
Deleting Peoples Accounts..just A Little Advice
Deleting peoples accounts who have screenshots of conversations which include certain higher ups "people who have the power" on this site, is not smart.. screenshots which were legally obtained, because they were provided by one of the 2 people who were in the conversation....In the screenshots, you can clearly see a set up and someone requesting the other to acquire information on certain members...and sending a shirt as a gift for services....NOT SMART... A smart woman walks in should a smart man...A smart man should also be careful who he trusts...How do you think everone has possession of the screenshots, because the person you had the conversation with , screenshot it and sent it to others...He set you up and acted like he was a pal.. In those conversations, it clearly shows bias behavior...and a desire to eliminate certain members...and obtain "damaging information on them".....and as previously stated it shows a certain someone sending gifts to a member, i,
Deleting Friends? Gimme A Fucking Break!
You know, everytime I spend time on this site, I see things that seriously make me laugh. This site is a bit more intuitive than alot of other sites, namely Myspace, Facebook or some other social site, because this site is virtually running everything that people do in real time. So it's easy to see how people make moves on this site...also revealing people's personalities to a large degree. The first thing I notice is too many people lay their feelings on the line on websites hoping to accomplish some sort of either feedback, response, or trigger feelings in people they are intending to read what they post. For example, people always talk about keeping it real before you add them, read their profiles, this that and the other...well, when you do, they begin to talk to the person who kept it real...ONLY to catch feelings! Then when the person stops talking to them, no fault of that person, just the nature of websites being cyclical in nature, this person sits behind a computer
Deleting "friends"
I'm going thru and deleting hundreds of folks off of my friends list. I haven't heard from most since they friended me and I really dont see the point in keeping them around. If you'd like to stay let me know by commenting here. If you view this blog and don't comment I'll assume you'd rather not stay on my friends list and I'll delete you. Hugs to my real friends.
Deleting My Account
Hi guys.. I just wanted to let everyone know im deleting my account on here.. if you dont have me on yahoo my ID is bama_keepin_it_real . yall have fun.. and it was great meeting all you new people :) hugs evie
Deleted Once Again...
Ok...its my 5th profile.. I have changed everything I can... name, email addy, pic..everything... so once again.. I see how long this one takes before i get delted once again...
Deleting My Account
sorry peeps thanks for the votes comments add i will be deleting this week sorry bye all
Deleting My Fubar Tuesday
I am deleting my Fubar on Tuesday. It will give me enough time to get my friens yahoo screen names or whatever to keep in touch.
Deleting Again
Are you really my friend? Well we will see. If you just sit their and don't do anything YOU ARE GONE.
Deleting Pics
since i have no vip anymore i'm going to delete alot of pics off my page if you want to rate them before i delete them please come and rate them ...i'll delete them this afternoon ....thanks,Evonne
Deleting My Fubar Account
I have made alot of great friends on here its been a blast, but i have so much on my plate too many sites i promote on trying keep up with them, manage and dj on round up radio i must focus more on my career and promoting in all media and working with my new pardner Axe Studio for the indies, if you have a myspace would like send me request there please do
Deleting My Account
Hey everybody. Just in case anybody was interested, I am going to be deleting my account when I get home from work tonight. I love all my friends on here, but to be perfectly honest, this place just isnt fun anymore. Too many people on here lie and its just becoming a chore trying to differentiate between the people who are actually worth my time and who just say whatever they can to get what they want. Is it really necessary to be something you're not? Oh well. Guess we will never know. If anybody is interested in still talking, you can hit me up on yahoo, my id is sugarshock83. To all those who were true friends, I love you all. If you don't fit in to that category, well I love you too, I just hope you can find you true self and be at peace with it. Shannon xoxo
Deleting Ppl
Deletion (of An Article)
That doesn't happen often. I was wandering around Wikipedia in hopes of being helpful, looking at uncategorized articles - usually easy to find categories to put them in; I used to do that more often... I come across an article that needs a lot of work, and set to improving it a little- and as I suspect, from its tone, it's a copy of someone's promotional material- from the website of the school it describes. The question that immediately arises is with-or-without permission (and for promotional material, this may or may not matter, but I do not know!)... - so I write an e-mail to the address given by the site - which returns, permanently. And go look up the procedures for deleting an article - speedily, for once, since there doesn't seem to be (except maybe the promotional issue) anything to discuss. Suddenly glad I had the hour to waste...
Deleting My Page
ask for contact info if u want it. also who wants my money?? i will pick someone to give it to
Deleting My Account
Ok don't worry or jump up happy:-) I am not going to delete anything here...only removing some people from my 'friends' list.How many times do we read people telling us they are going to delete their page,saying goodbye and blabla bla while we all know 9 of the 10 won't do it at all I am sure we all have moments we have enough of things going on here,just as we all have moments we love it here..There were enough times i had enough of this site and most people here..Even made the mistake to write once a bulletin saying that.Unfortunatelly there are people who see this as a great way to get attention and a lot of publicity,points If you want to go than just go but don't make a drama of it
I'm going to be deleting my fubar... cause I honestly don't want to deal with it anymore... Its just people that I chat with... that I wish I could meet in real life... and it will never be... its a downer. =0[
Deletions Of Friends & Rearranging Of Family Has Begun!
Just a note to all non-participating friends. Some will be deleted tonight while others I will make a final attempt to become friends with.
Deleting Some!!
Well.. here we go again... It is the same thing over and over again. There are lots of people on the train that NEVER repost anything! So... I just posted the newest update and will be checking to see who posts it... if it doesn't get reposted by Sat by some.. you will be deleted! Thanks again to those of you who repost the bulletins pretty much all the time for us!
Delete Account
Delete The Friends
so here it is prob my only real blog HA ive been thinking for a while now and im more or less gona delete my account not totaly but im gona wipe it clean and maybe leave a few pics or something . the ppl who bother to read this will prob think why .so im gona tell ya ....fubar is goin to crap basicly at the start it was all fun and i talked to loads of ppl on here but now the most i get out of new friend is a hey and dont for get to stop by my page and rate me a ten ... and then never a word again .is that the real point of this site ???i bearly talk to anyone on here anymore even the ppl i made really good friends with near the spending less and less time on here so i might as well just leave ha gona keep the page doh just in case in the future i decide to come bac but for now it defentitly BU BYE XxXxXxX
I'm sure that not alot of you will really care, but I'm goin to be deleting my fubar account! The reason for this is because I don't have alot of time to check to see if no one left me a message or whatever! So as of monday Jan. 13th. my account will be deleted! For those who care, let me know and I'll let you know how you can stay in contact with me!
Deleting Fubar
Well just weanted to say thanks for all the friend request but I have a myspace account I made just for Fubar friends and others so if you want to be added her isthe link. I will keep this page till the weekend and then Im out. It was nice knowing you all. Izzy :-)
Deleting Account
Well I think I should leave the FU. I've had some creepers bother me on here and men that don't get that I am a very taken woman.
Deleting My Profile
i thinking on deleting my profile since im not haveing any luck in meeting the right single females and just getting played with once they get some good cock from me and i want to continue the relationship they trun around and tell me it was all bout the money for a relationship with them and since im barely making any money or cant get my truck up and running cause of the lack of money coming in, they make excuses the reason why they dont want to be with me or i get the 1's who say they want to be fuck buddies or friends with benefits which to them it means " u only do me and no1 else" which thats not a friend with benefits or not what a fuck buddy is all about those 2 terms meaning who have sex with more then 1 person at a time with no strings attached and also practise safe sex when doing so...and then i also get the 1's where they stop cleaning certain areas on there body, what im meaning that dead rotten fish smell like dead fish rotting in the garbage can for weeks during the hot
Deleting Account
Well, I have been thinking about something for a long time now and i think im going to delete this account or at least /take a break for a while.. This isnt my usual rant of how fubar isnt the same as it used to be (which it has changed) but anyway .. I have only a hand full of people that i speak to and the rest well anyway ..... so if u read this u "may" actually be a friend. If u wish to keep in touch please send me a private message asking me for the best way to keep in touch with me ... other wise in about a week we may not talk anymore ,,, wonder who would notice ??? lmao
Deleted Nsfw
Ok I deleted the poison ivy pics. I tortured you guys enough. Thanks for playing.
I am deleting my profile on Fubar.
Deletion Time....
Deletion time has come.... There are soooo many folks on my friends and all but when I ask for help NO ONE seems to want to help but mind you I am the first one to help when a friend asks!! So if you would like to stay on my friends list then say so but if not I will begin deleting people this evening!! :)
Deleting Account
After a lot of debate..and a lot of heartache brought on by this site..i am leaving here. For those of you who wish to contact me outside of yahoo messenger name is JadedHope70 and my email address is As soon as i get my poems copied over to disk i am deleting this probably sometime tomorrow. You guys have been great friends to me...well some have..i wish you all the best..See You around. Take care Candy Fulks
Deletin My Account
Deleting Friends
I hate to be a bitch.. but here goes.. So you have 347 pics, your level 23, and you dont have a salute. Congratulations, YOU SUCK! OR you have 285 pics stuck at 99% of level 9, and all your pics are in a folder that reads something like this: "F*ckHaters, I'm Real(Friends only)(private)". Congratulations... YOU SUCK TOO! Starting next week I will be deleting all my freinds that don't have salutes. In addition to this, I will be unfanning all persons without Salutes. And from this point, I will not add/rate/fan/crush anyone without a salute (And I don't care if you have fake ass nudes or not). I realize this is the internet, and according you "I'm makeing too big a deal out of this". But I don't care, I can do what I want. You do what you want and I will do what I want. If you are honest about this and just don't have your salute yet, and you want to stay on my list, let me know. and I will keep you on. I'm Rea
Thinking of deleting my profile I have found a better site if you would like to add me on there free to do so its called Ill miss you all and hope most sign up. Bites And Kisses.
Deleting People
Im cleaning out my friends list again , to get rid of people who never communicate with me at all. I m not one of those who have hundreds or thousands of friends in my list just for a decoration. To my real true friends - I love you all. Rock on - Lisa
Deleting My Account
The time has come to say goodbye to the Fu. I am going to miss all my friends on here, but I don't want to deal with the bs anymore. Mostly from one person in particular. You know who you are...I'm tired of her blocking me then saying a bunch of shit about me, thinking that I won't find out!!! Take care everyone...for those of you that have my yahoo, stay in touch...if ya don't have it...I will keep this account for maybe a day or two. Leave me a message... Take care, ~ Dungeon Master MustangDos ~
Deleting People
i have way too many people on my list that i do not hear from or rate for one reason or another. So if I seem like i'm being a bitch OH WELL! tired of all these fake accounts and harrassing asshats that need a life and the perverts who think they can talk shit to me! So if you do not have a salute pic, or do not rate or i do not interact with you, your gone!! and also friends of people who are harrassing me GONE!!! Bloody tired!!! Mina Im finding out slowly who my true friends are , I already deleted 400 people i will do more every day!
Deleting My Account
Deleting My Account
hey i'm deleting my fubar account. so whoever wants my fubucks, it's first come first serve. the first person to get in touch with me about that, i will give it to them. i have over 200k. oh and if anyone on my friends/family list wants to keep in touch with me, just let me know.
Deleting Stash And Pics
does anybody really care or is interested in remaining my friend? take care, john
Deleting Friends
Hey everyone i am going to be deleting some of my friends to see who wants to stay friend... If i don't hear from you, soon you will be deleted.. Talk to u later Brandy...
Deleting My Account
I'll be deleting my Fubar in a 3 or 4 days. Those of you that already have my email or Yahoo IM can keep in touch with me through those. Those of you that don't have any other way of keeping in touch with me... if you really want to keep in touch, just let me know. I'll give you my email or my Yahoo. There's no drama or anything. I'm just bored with the site. -Dave
Deleting Account
as you can see this account hasnt been up for to long. i am removing it in about 3 to 4 days. you can go to my origanal acount BIG POPPA J at this link.
Deleting My Account
I've been debating on this for awhile and want some opinions. There is way to much goddamn drama on this site and too many "adults" on here who act younger than my 14 year old brother. This site just isn't as fun as it used to be. Should I delete my account?
Deleting This Account Tomorrow!!
add me on myspace or send me your address if u have one of these pages, let me kno too windows live spaces yahoo 360
Delete Account
Delete Profile: GO up to the menu above hover you mouse over {My} click {Profile} then look on the left column on the bottom you'll see a link {click here to delete your profile..} click that and good luck leave a comment about and hope to see you on again someday....
Deleteing People
Deleteing Peeps!
I am going to be doing a massive friends list cleaning! SO if your still here after I am done, consider yourself lucky!
Delete Blog?
I did it. Deleted it all. Just whispers in the wind my words have become. Perhaps it was a mood. Maybe I just didn't givafukk anymore. Who reads these goddamn things anyhow? All anyone wants to see is the photographs. Words... oh they are just that, aren't they? Adjectives we utter to please another. Obscenities we scream to vent our anger. Verbs we offer to command action. Sweet nothings whispered in the night, Often turned into meaningless echoes in the morning. Words. Today, I think I have nothing to say.
Deleting My Account
For all my friends out there. I just wanted to say thanks for being such great friends. I am getting married on May 31st, 2008. I will be deleting my account then. If you wish to talk to me and remain friends then please send me a private message and i will give you my email address. I hope that we can remain friends and keep in touch. Good luck to you all and God Bless.
Deleting My Fu...?
hey pretty people... i may be deleting my fu. it has been great but you know how it goes.. there is way too much drama on here. i don't have the time nor the care to deal with stupid bullshit. if you care enough, i have a yahoo screen name and i am on aol im. so hit me up when i make my decision. i will let you all know in the next couple of days. toodles
Deleting Friends
I have begun to clear out my friends list. I am doing this because I keep having friends who I rate their profile and photos when they have Auto 11s and they cannot help me out when I ask for it. I hardly every have Auto 11s and when I have them hardly any of my 1,000 plus friends come by.  Also, when I get into an Auction no one reads the blogs or bullys and everyone wants to give me a hard time when I ask them to either bid on me or rate my pic.  If you have been a true friend of mine during the 2 years I have been on Fubar than none of this is directed at you.  I will be going through my friends list and rating everyone online through the next couple of weeks and those who do not rate back will get deleted.  Also, I will as always go by my friends with Auto 11s and rate several photos.  If my friends cannot return any of the love I give them then they will get deleted.  I am sorry if anyone thinks this is wrong but I am tired of people treating me like crap because I cannot afford
Deleted!!! She Needs Lots Of Fu-love
This PIMP-OUT bulletin is for : CUFFED DESIRE ǵ££êÐ Ðê§ïrê@ fubar STOP BY HER PAGE FAN RATE AND ADD HER SHE IS AWESOME!!! picture above is linked!! SHOW HER THE LOVE SHE DESERVES. click on the picture and do it! pimpoutbully brought to you by: ♫DJ Crazy_Momx4♫ ~FU_OWNED BY Mr. Diamond & Rockstar~@ fubar
Deleting Friends
good morning all. i just wanted 2 let everyone know im goin through friends and deleting. i dont have the chance to talk with all of u or leave comments and i feel bad, so im deleting. so if u would like 2 stay on my friends list please pm me. well thats it hope yall have a great day.
Deletion Of Friend
Ok, I might have overreacted... You tell me. This lady I added recently did nothing but spam my profile with naughty wishes for various days of the week. I have no problem with that as long as I know you and its a picture of a tied up woman. Or funny, can't go wrong with funny. Anyway, she breaks a rule and spams me with a chain letter about love and friendship. Wow, I hate those letters. Not because of love and friendship but because it was threatening. It threatened me with loneliness if I didn't perpetuate its existence by forwarding it within a certain amount of time. Not to mention, the thing was 18 inches of double spaced sweetness. So I deleted the post and the poster from my friends list. I really love deleting dumbasses. Is that wrong? There is a right answer here...
Deleting Friends
Hi just to let people know I am having a clear out with friends, There's many on here that I have messaged or sent profile comments to, or rated and never here from them. So its time for me to decide who stays on my list and who goes, Sorry for this but no point in having a contact on here if they don;t talk .
Deleting My Account
The time has come due to circumstances in my life that I will be deleting my account this site has changed so much and I am no longer enjoying it. Amongst other things that some people know. it has been fun and interesting to say the has lost its zest and has turned into a rat race of lots of selfishness and mostly competition. This is not an easy decision for me but I hope you all understand. I dont have the time to devote as I used to Good luck to all of you and I wish you all the best life has to offer. hugs Laura
Deleting My Account
so in a couple of days i'm gonna permanently delete myself from this site. it's been fun and i've met some dope people, but i just don't have the time or energy for it anymore. anyway, if you wanna keep in touch, i do have a myspace, and aim, yahoo, etc. i rarely sign on though, that's just a warning aim- wine and a moan msn - yahoo - binaryrelations
Deleting Account
I'm thinking about deleting my account again. Just wanted to get my friends' opinions on that.
For whatever reason Achilles has deleted his Giveaway folder without out telling me. He posted a Blog saying the giveaways were on Hold Now he deleted the pic 15,000 comments plus into the giveaway Thanks to all that wasted their time 1 year VIP 60,000 comments 10 weeks from today. All help appreciated and paid back Thanks
Deleted!!! Help Level!!
SO I know how much it sucks to be deleted so I am starting a new blog if you've been deleted or know someone who's been deleted let me know so I can add them to this blog!! This guy has been deleted TWICE now and both times he was almost to Godfather!!! Go rate his pics and stash and bling him help him get back up where he belongs! AND SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE HIM A VIP!!! He is a really nice guy and deserves lots of help!! IM OUT OF MY MIND AND LOST IN MY HEART, HOW CAN U BE SO SHALLOW AND MAKE ME FALL APART@ fubar
i just wanted to take this time to say i love my family and close friends.thank you for everything you do. i have noticed here lately that my friends list is getting crazy.people adding me just for points or to send me links to their lounges or what to help me manage my true friends and family i will be deleting people really shouldn't be a drama issue with a lot of you since we never talk no need to be stupid about it.i respect and love all my friends that i have contact with.and thank you to all the ones i have on a daily basis.the only people i will not be deleting are my family ~~the shadow levelers~~.and the ones that are true friends..rawk on guys.i love you all~big hugs~
Deleting Friends!!
Well as i was nearing the 500 mark on my friends. I decided it was time to clean house. There is no way I talk to all these people. If u pic comment me, or send me the shout from time to time. Then u are safe. However if I was added simply for points, and NEVER heard fro u , u are now gone. Off to bed I go. Oh and to the one friend/family member who has been removed (leave me alone) u are a rude person.
Deleting Fubar Account
so I'm deleting my fubar account. It's a long story but I think it's for the best, I've been hurt a bit so I'm just getting rid of this. If you'd like to keep in touch with me, just send me a message and we can exchange screen name info or even phone numbers. I just no longer have a need to be on this site, sorry.
Deleting Those Who Don't Respond!
Ok as my "real" friends know I try to help all the time with either offering tags for them to get people to bomb their contests they are in, helping level and get my "real" friends to join in, or just by leaving a comment or something to cheer them up. So I am going thru my friends list and if you cant be a "real" friend your gone. I dont care about how many friends I have. I care about how many friends I have that are "real" So If your "Real" and want to stay let me know otherwise your gone! Hate to be like this but I aint into being popular by no means I am just myself:) Have a great day!
Deleting My Fubar Account
Ok.. so im deleting my account for now... i might one day make a new one.. but till then... i dont get on here much.. and my boyfriend would prefer me not to be on here at all... so i decided to delete my account (NO HE IS NOT MAKING ME DO IT, IM A BIG GIRL AND DECIDED TO ON MY OWN) So if you need me.. i do have a myspace account... that i check twice a week... so if you need to get ahold of me.. message me there... so... yall have a good one!!!
i know i say this alot but i have a little time 2 do it, so im deleting people from my friends. im only keeping certain people so if u want 2 b a certain person let me know. thanks so much.
Delete Them They Are Fake!
They are all the same person using someone elses pictures. Miss Diamond ( Marie~Princess ( Lady Wizard ( IF THEY ARE REAL WHY NOT POST A SALUTE!! Wrong And About Those Baby Bulletins....
so anyways, it's been quite some time since I posted anything at all, and I figured it would be time to again, so with that here we go... What I'm doing... ..getting ready for a major life change in the next couple of weeks that really has been long overdue and needs to happen for alot of reasons. I'm excited about it, the details of which I'm sure you'll all be sick of seeing in the near I've deleted over 3,000 unsaluted profiles from my friends list, and countless other lounge spammers that either one, I don't talk to because they never bother to do anything (ie, rate pictures, comment on things, read things..etc) other than spam lounge bulletins with the word (repost) on it. I love it. My board is so much clearer now. Kinda makes ya think huh?.. But back to the over 3k unsaluted people on the list. That was only out of the first 5,000 friends on my list!!! That's about 60%. Amazing stat as well.... Yeah I know about the purge of KaTman and hi
Deleted Friends/family Blocked Some People
OK someone brought to my attention that they were lied to by some people and #1 i fucking hate liars so i made my page private to friends only ,so if they can't see my page there fucked. #2 i also hate when people treat people like idiots pisses me off more. so this the way it is from now on. To my friends i still have love you all. I have enough shit in my life to deal with don't need to deal with anymore BULLSHIT. LATER JIM
Deleting Account
hey all i am deleting my account if u wanna stay in touchith me please let me know. my account will be gone with in 2 weeks
Deleting My Crew Account
Well the time has come for me to do what I have not wanted. I am going to be closing down my crew account because of a lack of interest in other people to join and because of other members joining bigger crews during the period I was not on the internet after having my last apartment robbed. This is something that is very difficult for me because I was always taught as a child to never give up and to never quit. I would have loved to have seen my crew prosper and thrive, but it does not seem like that is going to happen. I went from a crew of six before I was forced to take a break from fubar to now only two full-time members. This is not enough to sustain a bombing and leveling crew. I do not know when I will actually close The Predator's account yet, but I am very depressed right now, and it may take me a little time. For those who have been my friends and helped support me and the crew, I want to say thank you.
Deleting People
Ok, I have been going through all the people that are in my "friends" list and all I could think was " I never talk to most of these people " So here is the deal. I will be stating to delete people that no longer want to be on my friends list. It is a waste of space if you don't want to be there or don;t plan on talking to me. SO, those of you that would like to remain on my friends list, please let me know. Otherwise I will just say goodbye now. Thanks for reading this. Take care.
Deleting My Account..
Hey everyone I'm deleting my account, if I own anyone anything pls let me know.. I just can't take this site and its BS.. people helpin who they want to help.. peoples accts gettin deleted(like mine was).. I have been here since 2006 and had to start over and others start like ummm yesterday it seems they are up to 28 in no time.. what is the deal... Wrong...Wrong..Wrong... Anyway.. I am getting all my pics off and then my acct will be deleted....I will miss my tops friends on here. Bye everyone...muahz
Deleting My Account
for those of you that want to sincerely stay in touch with me, send me a message and let me know. the real people send me a message and ill give you my personal email and contact info. sorry just so sick of all the ake ass people on this site that im gonna delete my account. this shits to much like a cult for my taste. ill keep this shit open for a while just so all my real friends can stay in touch. to those who only befriended me to look cool on this site a bowl of dicks you poser ass bitches
Deleting Page
well no one wants to talk on here or i never get a friend request so i guess im gonna delet this. i dont get it im a nice guy who is just looking for new peopel to talk to and people. i add peopel and try and talk to them but i never get a response. so whoever wants all my fubucks let me know. once i get rid of them im deleting my page. no sense of being on here if no one will talk to me.
Im deleteing my profile due to drama that has started and things i need to take care of in my personal life.....If i decide to make another i will look u all up.... Was nice gettin to know u all.... Love u all....XOXOX
i am deleting my account on here due to certain females that like to act like 5 yr olds...if anyone wants to keep in touch message me and i will give u my yahoo and i will talk the women who think their shit dont stink you win !!!! now go the hell away and stay out of my life...
Deleting Account
ok this goes out to all my real friends on here, i have had enough of all the lies and head games so within a couple of weeks i will be completely deleting my account and not coming back. For some reason i expected a little more maturity out of adults but ha the laughs on me. If you would like to stay in touch with me please make sure that i have your email addy and msn or yahoo messenger. If you have just been one of the fools that thought i would never catch on well you can kiss my ass!!!!!! Send me a private message with your email and i will keep in touch with you my dear friends. Life is just tearing me up right now and i dont need all the crap here to. I thought this was supposed to be a fun place to come and to make new friends but even tho i have made a few really good friends ive been severly disappointed by the rest. Hope to hear from you soon love to all my true friends.
Deleting Accounts
Don't put up silly status messages, come into lounges and spread the word hoping people will beg you to stay. If you say you're going to do it, just fucking do it.
Deleting Alot Of You
The reason i am doing this is because there are no responses from you or a hello not even a love. I am also fed up with the boring ones. I am not happy with fubar anymore and the ones that think are too good are adding fuel to the fire.Thanks to those that i have met and are friends of mine the rest see ya
Deleting Stuff
So i am going through my fans,friends and family and i am deleting everyone that has a private folder... i have taken down all my "NSFW" pics for now (like anyone really looked at em)... I'm keeping my page up for now and gonna see who comes around but no offence to anyone i just can't keep up with all this real life is way too busy to sit on here all night or all day and rate pics and give gifts and drinks... nothing personal or anything like that but people get mad when they don't hear from you for days or sh*t even hours...that's just lame.So if i make ya mad well get over i will start deleting very soon...
Deleting Account
Ok i have about 766,000 fubucks. I am seriously thinking about deleting this account. So , what do you think i should do with it, fu-pal it to a new random stranger or divide it up among friends/ family?
Delerius Has An Hh
What can I say about the man I love's first HH tomorrow?? SAVE YOUR RATES FOR IT OR I WILL KILL YOU....or more likely find out where you live and shave your pets. Its at 8pm PST And remember I will systematically cover your carpets with all shaved pet hair!
Deleting Account...or????
If u would like to stay in touch, get at me, ill keep u close to me. If u want to be removed, and/or have nothing to chat about, ask to be removed :) Hey, I'm just a laid back guy, easy going and down to earth that loves meeting new friends. I have no kids, but would love to have a couple in a few years. I gotta get to a place where I'm financially stable, first. :) I love poetry, writing erotica, music, open to many types, blues, R&B, pop, jazz, alternative, rap, , whatever I love having long lasting stimulating conversations about anything, can you hold my attention? I have a foot fetish and I have a thing for sexy high heels, sandals, whatever. >>>> I would love to suck your toes :) I'm teasing, just relax. ANYWAYS..... I returned back to college and will graduate in the spring of 2009 with a degree in business with a focus in Communicatons. Hopefully, within in a year, my first book will be published :) email me if ya wanna chat, u can also reach me at
Deleting Fake Friends
I have made some great friends on Fubar and the true friends that have stuck by me through everything mean the world to me. All I can say it I am very dissapointed about some so called friends Seems like the higher some people get on here the more they forget the friends they had and ditch them for friends that are higher and can offer more. Anyway to all my friends and family on here ( you know who you are. Thanks so much. To the so called ones, I will be deleting you all because for me the points aren't worth it. You all probably won't even know you are deleted anyway.I would rather have friends that no matter what level they are they don't forget what true friendship is. Love to all my real friends and family! Muaaahhhhhhh
im gonna be goin through my friends list on here, if u want to still talk to me let me know and ill keep u..... too many people dont respond when i say anything, even after a few days..... sooooo yeah.... thanks
Deleting People Off Friends List
For the club mystic members,would you please rate my family folder of 24, I am trying to delete people who are not club mystic.
SO i'm not deleting my Fubar account, but what I am going to do...starting tonight, is go thru and start deleting people who have talked to me once or less.... so if you want to stay my friend, SPEAK UP!!! thank you ~lilbit~
deletedir So you have problems with viruses and spyware that just cannot be removed by normal software or a nagging program that didn't uninstall right well there is a program you may not of heard about or can find on the net but it does exsist this program deletes the source from start up so all you do is type in the path of the source and the next boot it and all problems will be gone permently this simple easy too use program is called deletedir as it sounds but you have too know who too get such programs or do alot of research too get it for those really serious about fixing problems and having a good running pc l can provide a link too share this program that will remove those trouble some viruses and spyware all you have too do is ask., and l'll gladly provide the link .
Deleting My Account
Hi everyone! I know I haven't been on much, but now I won't be on at all. I just applied for a really good job and I need to delete any accounts that could jeopardize me getting the job.
Delerius Auto11's & Hh (hh2day@9am Pst)
Delerius • Delerius •@ fubar Has a Happy Hour @ 9am pst & He Has So go rate him hard F/R/A/C/B him.... AddictedBy Saving AbelBest Video Codes
He has auto 11s and is under 800k to Prophet! Please help!!! • Delerius •@ fubar
Deleting Fubar
hello all.. and thanks for checking out this blog... I just wanted to let my friends and family know that i will be deleting my fubar account at the end of next week.. too much drama and all the B/S on here. i have met some really great ppl on here and then some others... i would like to keep in touch with some of my friends on here.. some of you have my number or yahoo.. please stay in touch i know 95% of my friends on here wont come look at this and that kinda suck cause i know they really arent a friend... but for those of you that do and dont know my yahoo or myspace send me a PM and i will send it to you.. I hope to keep in touch with most of my friends on here.. but if not.. i hope you have a good one. Nate
Deleting Things...
I was just deleting a bunch of pictures since I ran out of room, and I had a thought that I might delete my family list. I came to a realization that a lot of people on my family list either are not online much, or they don't talk to me when they are online. So if I come to your page and add you to my family, then you know that I want you there:)
Deleting My Page!!!!!!!
For everyone who cares and still wants to be friends, I am starting over with a new account. Its already made. So if you still want to be friends my new page is made in my top friends will see me :) If not it was nice to meat you. I am only adding friends who I actually talk to. *lisa the star*
i am deleting this account tonite when i go to bed...its been fun....if u have my number you can get a hold of me that way...if not well then i gues you are S.O.L.
Deleted Bombs
I have put up with a lot of crap here in fubomber land. Someone tried to run me off & I was ignored by most fubombers. She was supported by Peggy. Look woh stayed & who left - that person left & formed her own bombing family with friends & took most fubombers. HAHAHAHAhAHA I stayed putting up with the shit I have seen. I just sit in my corner bomb my necessary then who I want to help cuz they have helped me or other. I was given a contest & bombed 80% myself using my IDs & other friends' IDs. I never got my fubomberday for the family to help. I entered an outside contest & asked for help on 2 occassions & never got help After Harleys contest I didnt see a status as to who to bomb next so I set up my status to bomb SITH LORD MORTE (bottom of the list) - he had a contest on Crazymama's page who left fubombers (who also caused all the problems I had) After dropping over 150 bombs was told by Peggy that we arent helping him cuz he hadnt been bombing himself. I went on to who she t
Deleting My Page.....
I've had so little time for Fu that I'm considering deleting my page. There are only a handful of friends that even stay in touch with me anymore. If you want to keep in touch with me after my page is gone, let me know and I will send you my email address. Or you can catch up with me on myspace. My link is as follows: Take care, Donna
anyone who would like to chat with me after friday dec 5 can add me to messenger yahoo the_game_is_on_2002 or msn z33_21 at hot mail. com
Deleteing Profile
Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know I will be deleteing my profile. My better half and I have created a new profile as a couple as we are looking for bi females to meet and play with..... Thanks at all of you that have kept up and said hello over the past year. If you want to be added or check out our page its under cancpl4female Thanks
FYI If you delete your account and come back... I'm not going out of my way to track you down and add you. Same goes if you deleted me "by accident". I can only assume I'm not on your list now for a reason. I will accept if you choose to add me back, but I have enough disappointments in my life now. I don't need to deal with a rejection or a pity accept. That is all for now.
Deleting My Profile
hey every1.......i dnt gt on here 2 much so i figured dat id delete my profile!!! =D if ne1 wnts 2 gt up wit me... u cn find me on myspace/TAGGED/yahoo messenger use dat email 4 those places u cn find u cn also add me 2 yahoo messenger if u wnt wit dis otha email 2... MUCH LUV @ U ALL!!!! =D *MUAH* THANK U, *T-Baby*
Deleted Acct.....please Help Her Level Back
Deleting My Account??
To All my friends... I am really considering deleting my fubar account. I just don't think I should continue to be on here. I have done somethings this previous year that I am not to proud of. If you are a true friend and want to continue to chat with me, send me a Message with your Yahoo address and I will keep in touch. I will be deleting my account by the end of this week. I had fun meeting all of you on here. Hope to hear from you...
Deleting Ppl
To everyone on my list...if you were a memeber of chubby Chaser Hang need to know that lounge was deleted for reason i will not say..but someone was seen doing something they were not to do so the lounge was deleted and i am sorry but we have a new lounge to hang out is called Chubby Chasers hang out...cum and join are loveable and lickable family we would love to have you in there...i am sorry for the trouble we are having right now but we will be up and running like before just give us time thanks.. ##Mistress Sexy Vixen$$Fu-Wife to Chubby Chaser~PA to CC~Bodyguard to Terry~
Deleting My Account
I am deleting my account to those who have me on here as a friend and wish to remain a friend of mine. i am on myspace my email addy is .... U can search for me under this email and it will find me lol ...
Deleting People
deleting people that dont talk to me anymore or i dont talk to.... especially those that dont read this cuz im tired of people wanting stuff and not giving back
yea i decided to delete ma profile from here. idont know if ill get it back up...
Deleting Account
Deleteing Account
to all my friends i have met. i will be deleteing this account within the next couple of hrs.i have createda new acount to start over. some of my friends here have gone tomy new account already. feel free to stop by and fan add and rate me. love wolfheart. new account name is blackheartedwolf. hope to see you there. GOODBYE
Delerium: After All
After All - Delerium
Deleting My Account
im deleting my account... bye to all the ppl that i may/may not have become friends with!
if i dont already have you on my yahoo messenger, add me ...poeticheart08...include your FUBAR name so i know who you are please..thanks...take care. All my pics will be closed down for a while, gonna see if I can just stay away and leave the page idle first, if i cant (cause ummm Im a freaken chronic) then Ill delete...still want you all on my yahoo though cause i wont be around here regardless...hugs Wanda
It looks like its about that time again. Im getting tired of the dead weight friend collectors and point whores. Im here for friends so if you're not one, you'll be gone within the next few days. Those on my top friends and family are safe as I KNOW they care about me whether Im here everyday or not... and even if they dont rate my pics everyday, I know if I need them, they'll be there. However, if you're on my list and you dont talk to me or at least make an effort to be a friend, you're gone.
Seriously considering deleting this account. This place is a festering cesspool. I'm kinda over it. *shrug* We'll see. -REL
Deleting My Account
Delete Or Take A Break
i have been on fubar almost a year may 3rd will be a year.i am getting burnt out with goal was to make the top 10 but that has all went backward.i made it as high as top no.18 rank before i started going backward.i am now no.25 top rank. fubar has nothing left for me to do. so my question to my real friends is should i just delete and say the hell with it? or should i just take a break for a while
Deleting Site
you can find me on www.myspace.comor myyearbook ( on facebook (
"deleting A Friend"-supernews!
I am going thorw and deleting poeople so if you havent left me a comment or at lest said hi or fanned me you will go. All you have to do is one of them 3 things and you stay. i dont mean to be a jerk but im here to meet friends and this is like im here to buy bling. so come friday i will start deleting.  
Deleting People From Friends List
I am going to be deleting my photos from the knotty album. For those of you that frequent them...and i know who you are haha...take whatever ones you want to keep for your personal whatever. I need to make room for more important things to me.   *hugs*
Delete, Delete, Delete.....
Just finished up deleting over 900 *friends*.  HA! Well, for lack of a better word anyway....*friends* it is.  I've been on this site for over 2 years....and countless people have sent friends requests and have been added.  And that's where it ended in terms of their communication.  LOL  That's hilarious.  Anyway....I've lightened the load, so to speak...and deleted all the dead wood.  And just left the people who actually have taken the time to get to know me.  I could go on about how I feel about the people on this site....and what they are here for....but why bother wasting my energy.  I will stay for the few friends that I enjoy chatting with.....and as for the rest......the people who are here for points, bling, and the rest of the stupid a bridge and get over it. 
Deleting My Fubar Account
To anyone that cares, I am deleting this account in the very near future. If you wish to stay in contract please let me know and we can exchange emails. I'm not mad at anyone or at the creaters of this website. It's a cool website and it's fun. I'm just very busy and will get busier in the near future. I wish everyone a fu-tasitc day. Who knows, I might be back. Luke
Deleting My Profile
To all my friends, the time has come for me to delete my profile - life has just crashed down on my in a HUGE way and I need to focus on saving my home and Fixing My life - if i can I will miss my friends on here - but if you would like to keep in touch via email - then just send me a PM thanks for all the fun - much love and good luck to all of you! may life bring you nothing but happiness :) xo rebecca  
Deleting People
HI:) I dont care who you are!I dont care if we talked alot in the past and dont now~ whatever. Im deleting people on here! I am not on here to see how many friends i can get/get a high number blah blah blah!Im on here to make friends and talk to the friends i make! So~ yeah! Much love to my friends tho Have a great day everyone much love Mwah xoxoxoxo Rachel
The Deletein Of My Account Need 10 Good Reasons Why I Shouldn't
yea it has come to this! sorry to all my good and close family and friends but i am tired of the lies, the empty promises,the drama, ppl runnin their mouths when i didn't say what they say i said or done. i come to fubar to make friends and possibley find the right guy. i have found many friends and afew that i would consider the right guy but only one ( and he knows who he is. i do still love you babe! and always here.) that i have been there threw everythin and he has stuck by me as well. yes he has made some promises but i ain't too sure that they r totally empty promises and i understand he is confused right now and i was willin to try and move on so i meet another guy (ahottie-sweet,carein, we went to the lounges hung out and even joined a lounge together. i ain't sure if i want to be a dj (Dj Goth Angel1) or if i want to be a greeter but i am willin to try djin. workin on gettin that all set up. lol til the other day afew things were said by him bout a female and well as most
Deleting People Off Friends And Fam
i will be making some big changes in my friends and fam list....i will be deleting people who don't talk to me anymore or never have talked to me to start with i need to know who stays and who goes so i need people to speck up and tell me they want to stay and prove they want to this is your chance to get to know me and become a friend the only people that are safe from being deleted are Dj Lostboy Tiff Lost and forsaken so let's get to it i'm trigger happy tonight
Deleting Friends
Well, it seems the theme of the moment is losing/deleting friends. This greatly disturbs me, and I was hoping to help ease the pain of some of you.   Many have been wondering "what did I do?" or just thinking "damn, that's really fucked up"..and I really have nothing I can say to you other than: it could be worse. In the interests of figuring out what worse could be, I thought what would be the worst reason to drop a friend....and it came to me: That's right...not dancing. So, when you look at your dwindling friends list..sighing at the stupid reasons some are dropping, perhaps questioning yourself over deleting some..just remember: At least it isn't because you don't dance.
Deletion .... Mummers!!!!
I detest my friends getting deleted, I hate the fact that they don't obviously have the freedom of speech that their constitution allows them. And that the same company who deletes their accounts for saying something inappropriate; will then allow NSFW pictures as there 'Happy Hour'. I can assure the company that if people are at work, it isn't the scribblings of some random mummer, but the tits of a porn queen they are looking at.   The hypocrisy boils my piss. Delete me if you wish, I couldn't give a fuck anymore.   Oh yeah, I can whinge if I want and I will continue to do so, if I feel it is necessary. If you want to bow down to authority then kiss my arse on the way !!!!
Deleting Most Of The People On My List
This is how it is, I try to help people. always. There will be a selected few that will stay on my list. Most will be deleted !!! I help people level all the time and when I need it well they arent there so, i am not playing their games anymore. I have always been nice and now i am a cold hearted person. i found out who my real friends are on here so bye to yall and have fun doing it to someone else. I am keeping just the good ones. I do love my friends
Okay... I figured I would put this in a blog so I do not have to type this dozens of times... Yes... My account got deleted.... all because I decided to use a feature that yes, this lovely website gives us as an option. Apparently, how I violated Fubar TOS, I will never know. I am just very tiffed on how the situation was handled. All I know is that really, they need to give people a solid explanation on how they violate Fubar rules instead of just taking action. I think it would be fair just to issue a warning or something saying... Hey you are in violation of x action, and if you repeat x action again or something along x action again, face y consequence, or even better... If you are gonna delete someone's account or IP ban them for violation, email them and explain why such action was taken. I know we all have to put up an email address to maintain an account on here, so it's not like this information is not accessible to the people who run this place. What was funny is yeah... I
I'm going to be cleaning out ALOT of folks on my "friends' list". I've been meaning to do it for awhile, but I hate doing so. It's gotten to the point I don't know what my friends did TWO hours ago on my bar tab. Mostly it's just gonna be folks I added when I was bombing, and I still have people here that were friends of the original "Jack Bauer" profile. It's nothing personal, but my bartab's just going WAY too fast.  
I have no VIP so if I want to upload more pictures, I have to delete most of what I have. I'm going to start that now. I'm going to get rid of pretty much every picture I have. I'm only keeping about 20 of the newer ones of me, a few of the ones that I think are funny, and a few of the salutes to friends and from friends. I just think that I have way too much and what's the point? Anyway, if you don't have a salute I made for you, you better get it today. By tonight, about 90% of my pictures will be gone. Love ya all!!!
Deleters And Stuff
It's been a long morning. I've had MAYBE 4 hours of sleep. I'm only awake because I might be called into work. Gotta love when my boss screws up the schedule. Anyway, I've been here for 3 years today. Seems weird. I didn't think I'd be here for a week. This place was confusing and I thought it was stupid. I was wrong. I've met some really wonderful people and wouldn't trade it for the world. My friends are awesome and I love them dearly. On the Fubar topic, there is an active MuMM where the guy deletes comments that he approves. [sigh] He won't even approve mine. I'm not sure why. I only said he needed to grow a set. Other topics now. I'm still sick. I'm coughing like crazy and I need coffee. I feel like I could pass out. I may doze off while I wait to see if I get a call. Bowling was horrible last night.  I won't even get into my scores. I'll just say that I got above my average only one game, and that was barely.   blah!!!!!!
Delete Me If You...
Are just using me as a temporary replacement for someone else. I don't demand to be anyone's best friend but I certainly will not play second fiddle in lieu of anyone.
Delete Button
First of all, this did not happen on fubar, it happened on Facebook. Apparently I was deleted off a "friend's" friend list. I wasn't sure how it happened, so I sent him another friend request with a message. Just a quick little "hey, how did we become unfriended? Lol."  I think I found the reason. I went to check the status of my request and it still says awaiting comfirmation. I looked at his recent posts and found a status that read "Will be deleting friends that aren't really friends." .... Ouch. That really hurt. I consider him my friend. Yes, he is good friends with Eric (my recent ex) but Eric and I have remained friends. And this guy always has said he's considered me one of the guys, cause I always ended up being the only girls in the group of guys. So I don' quite understand what's going on. He still has the mutual friends I do on his list: my brother and his wife, Eric, my bff Kelly (I suspect Kelly because he's got a thing for her).. but not me. So I sent him another mess
so iam going to delete my profile not that many of you care thought i say it for those who do want me around   i have alot of drama and no its not on fubar but it was the main cause of it to began with   i ment my ex amy off of fubar of all places   and ever since then its been hell at the end of the breakup   i just recently found out she got rid of my other 2 cats i had own anyways  the other reason why iam its becuse 1 no one really rate me why keep it the other is the fact no one talks to me either   but thats partly my fault in that aspect   anyways if you like here is my contacting info phone  480-206-6177   facebook myspace   i will be deleteing this in a week or less
deleting for real and forever this time. Add my Myspace, my email for it is or DeviantArt, I apparently can't handle being on this site.  I'll delete it in the morning so the people I still want to talk to can have a chance to see this and hopefully add me elsewhere.
Deletion And Friend Requests
A little lesson in deletion: If you were on my friends list at some point and you find yourself removed, here are a list of a few reasons why: 1) Fubar had a glitch and it deleted you. 2) You deleted me. 3) We never talk and I don't see a point for you being there. 4) You showed yourself to be a racist, fucktard or moron. 5) You creep me the fuck out. Those are the most basic reasons I can come up with. Oh and FYI: just because you MuMM and I MuMM doesn't mean we need to be automatic friends. We can goof around in the MuMMs without having to befriend one another. Here is another big pointer: if you have been deleted, pointed out you've been deleted in various forums and I ignore you, don't send me multiple requests. You were removed for a reason. It makes you look creepy and makes me think you're obsessed with me and want to jerk off to my NSFW. :) Desperation smells funky and is not an attractive quality.
I shall delete what I want to delete, whenever I want to delete.  The First Amendment of the US Constitution does not apply to privete persons or institutions, otherwise why the NSFW crap?  And whoeever does the same has my blessing.  Also if I or anyone else wants to approve comments that is their choice.
Deleting Profile
You know, in the beginning I really liked being on here cause of my one friend. After awhile, I got so busy that I was only able to check my messages and that was that. Now that I have been deleted from a lounge, I think it is now time to delete my profile. Just don't have time for work, FB, and the Fu anymore. I love each and every one of you that I have met on here along the way and you can still keep in touch with me on FB and yim(Hott7Syde9), but as of this weekend (hopefully), this profile will be gone. Send me a message anytime on Yahoo as well. I will still be around, just not on here anymore. I have finally grown out of the FU. Time for me to concentrate on myself and getting some things on track and rebuilding friendships that should have never been lost in the first place. It's not just one persons fault. I have grown a lot as a person and I have made mistakes along the way, but I am sorry if I have hurt anyone or pissed anyone off. You can hate me, love
Deleting Your Account
Delete everything off your page family, friends and bling, comments, and pictures, turn your name back into numbers by delete all the info you have typed in the box. At the bottom of the page in the my setting is delete account button click that. If you have a vip you have to cancel it,and wait for the vip to finish running its course, if your over a level 20 you have to take one more additional step and e-mail support telling them you want your account deleted
Delete Yorself
in the night, the moon so bright the trees slowly sway the first hint of light, a lover heald tight the promise of the day the springtime flowers, the april showers anew year will begin the frozen pond, the leaves have gone all things must have an end do i dare stop,stop, sing and smile and seize the precarious day or be now old cold and bitter and slowly waste away
Dear People who threaten to delete their account almost every single day,   I do not give a flying fuck. We all know you aren't going to do it. This is just a ploy to get some attention. Shut the fuck up and wipe your weepy vagina. Thank you.    That is all,  Me
The Delfonics Revue Mother Day"
The Delfonics Revue Mother's Day Event
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Delhi Escorts Girls  (9958869484)            Delhi Escorts Girls is perform a special task in entertainment and our service which called name escorts female in high class which is now available in delhi NCR .But Delhi Escorts Girls are perform in only high class area or five star hotel , now high profile model escorts and Russian escorts are include in that performance of escoers female in high class . now if you want to that enjoyment in delhi or other place then visite my web link . we provided our escorts girls contact no for your service and talking. Delhi Call Girls are include in also.                       Delhi Independent Escorts (Contact--: 9958869484)           Delhi Escorts Girls are come in NCR or Delhi City which city is the capital of india or delhi city have erotic history because mugal king is use escorts girl in past time . So escorts service history is
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Delhi Ncr The Center Regarding Specialist Packers In Addition To Movers
Have to have regarding expert packaging in addition to going solutions inside India can be escalating everyday specifically inside neighborhood towns. Many folks alter their particular existing position each day in the united kingdom searching for much better job, alter inside working position, beneficial training and also other relevant factors. This example sales opportunities the development regarding large numbers of expert packers in addition to movers in several massive towns in addition to little towns in addition to neighborhoods furthermore. Specialist organizations are full of essential methods in addition to encountered employees regarding transportation industry. They may be devoted for safe and sound deal regarding clients' products in addition to bring each individual exercise related to move by professionals. Men and women will find numerous expert transportation organizations inside massive towns regarding India similar to countrywide capital packers and movers in delh
Delhi Ncr This Switch Regarding Expert Packers In Addition To Movers
Need to have regarding specialized taking in addition to shifting providers in India is actually growing day-to-day specifically in neighborhood urban centers. Large numbers of people change their living location every single day in the country seeking better career, change in doing work location, excellent education and learning as well as other appropriate causes. This case brings this development regarding a lot of specialized packers in addition to movers in many huge urban centers and also small urban centers in addition to cities furthermore. Professional organizations are filled with required resources in addition to encountered workers regarding transport subject. There're committed intended for risk-free exchange regarding householders' merchandise in addition to have every individual task linked to separation by professionals. Folks will see numerous specialized transport businesses in huge urban centers regarding India including national money Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad
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Delirious Delirious from your kisses, your tongue leaves a sweetness on my breath. Ancient and holy, laced with sunlight and honey, a lusty mead mankind long ago forgot how to make. Now, I find the recipe in your eyes, and it is one for delirium. For loving you is surely a madness, one that swallows me whole, and allows no forgiveness.
this is my way of showin Delicious some true love!! i just thought i would take the time to make a blog just for her!!
Visions come, visions come, in a sick room bed There's something left to learn Pass them all, let it show Let the rich meet death Confront out own concern See us sleep behind the glass unaware of crime Will you wake us up before it is time Dueling circles, holds the only light Break down my perspective Notify everyone when the time is right My mouth remains So when you let me in Let me justify My only war You put your hands on me Now I learn the words I didnt know before I am ice, I am clear Let the world be cold Are you deliberation Pass them all, let it show Let the words come slow Your constant decondition Repeating cycle Of light, no light There's nothing in the air space Theres no one in the air space Repeating cycle Of love, no love I am unwilling to go on You have lost No one has won
Content and images copyright ©2000-2005 by Master ~violators will be spanked~ The taste of your body is my delight, from top to bottom for the rest of the night don't need to move, don't need to speak just let me explore each and every treat, i'll start at the toes and and then to the calves, tasting each inch and making it last. ...Savoring the texture of every flick, my tongue on your body, yes baby this is it, I know you want to take Me inside and my need for you i cannot disguise, let me take my time won't you please. ...As i rest my head between your knees, cupping and stroking and plunging, licking and sucking and knowing, these are the things you like me to do, when I'm down on my knees in front of you. your nipples they beckon my wanton kiss, one of the spots i never can miss, Your sighs escape because I'm the treasure, and the taste of my love gives you such pleasure. ...Don't make me stop ~ Don't cry my name! Those little sounds I utter drive You insane, they
Deliver Me ~~~ Enya
Delicious Ambiguity
Gilda Radner: "I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity."
I saw the light on the night that I passed by her window I saw her standing there alone dressed up in her smalls She was a stunner Putting my hand in my pocket I tickled my balls My ,My, My, Deliah, Why, Why, Why, Deliah I could see that girl was so good for me She was in there and I was sat up in her tree At break of day I was still in that tree and awaiting She got out of bed and walked the length of the floor Off came her nightie Kicking off her panties she entered the bathroom door My, My, My, Deliah, Why, Why, Why, Deliah I could see her sitting having a pee Oh how I wished I had her front door key Then she opened the blinds and gave me a smile and a wave Giving a full frontal I fell out of that tree She was not a woman A dick and a pair of ballocks was all I could see Why, Why, Why, Deliah, My, My, My, Deliah So before I come to kick down your door Hold onto your goolies or you won't see them no more !!!!!
Get into it Get up to bad things Make raw flesh sing your praise Have at it Pull it straight out of my veins You drive me fucking insane The way you make my hips buck with your vicious ways The way you make my organ swell while you peel me away Saturate me with a damp explosion Get your gore fill Let me play in your gore Let me claw you long after its sore Open up a new hole to flow through Purr to me how you want me to fuck you Fuck me up You fuck me up Let go of pent up aggressions Distress my flesh with your aggravations Be my sedation I’ll be your sleeping drill And drill you into sleep Creep down my throat, spread yourself into me Grabbing your thighs, my blood is bursting to greet you And I am at attention to please you Pleased to meet you, may I eat you? Out Whole Leave holes I’ll take it all thank you Bite at my calve while I spank you I’ll make it available to you Leave myself open to rape While I take Whatever I want, feel free to stop me I
Delicious Women For My Boys
It feels dizzy outside inside it feels fizzy Eyes open in the dark I force myself not to sleep I want to control my dreams All those bubbles in my veins did somebody inject me with pure air? What will happen when this reach the beating drum in my chest? I am in danger you see I feel dizzy and fizzy Oh my Lord! Is this you near me? You dive your eyes into mine a samba beat on the drum In my mouth the pink extension of my soul seems so dry and frozen I am lost an earthquake has removed my landscape I sense the tremor in my legs I feel weak dizzy fizzy Still I pretend to stand up I smile but inside I know I am dying dying dying to kiss you
When all my fears come screaming at me, and the air is too thick to breathe, torn apart from a past I can't escape. but yet I dream of so much more. left alone to be forgotten, yet I still find the time to smile. This distance never felt so cold. I think i'll hang on this thought for awhile. Sleepless nights make these sunny days tired. Too late to turn the hands of time, when life has expired. So before the bridges are burned, I'll make amends, then walk away. I finally figured out the lesson I should have learned. I'm forever delicategray.
Delivered To Balcony
Valentine's Day theatre balcony threshold to somewhere I don't know. Show's about to start: "Pandora's Box." Long to look in but I am a bit singer, plot does not involve me, yet still find pleasure to be here now ironic theme of today's play. I grin at Video Man who sees all, his painstaking vantage, tripod tall, proud, camera's eye filled with all the world. He smiles, an insatiable nova blistering through darkness so so sure of self love at first sight. Me, not yet. Conservative in hetero motion, cautious, wary acknowledge he's nice not my tall, dark father unattainable standard. Something intriguing about this Video Man he's nice. I trade cards, so jaded by waiting list of men who need me, keeps me from feeling flint-spark of this man I will marry. Valentine's Day theatre balcony Pandora's Box peeps open, light seeps out, love at first sight he sees immediately while I pretend to need more time, still our fate is sealed. Inside the
Delicate As A Kiss
Delicate As A Kiss by BlueWolf So firey, so hot Smooth and fine Your lips slowly connect As they touch onto mine So blazing fast Like a shooting star My heart beats for you And goes so far So abstract and crazy I can't tell which way is right My mind is all lovey dovey Kiss you again, I might So fast and caring It goes by in a mist I love you darling As delicate as a kiss............
Delivery Boy
Little Johnny is delivering newspapers. He knocks on a door and says to the lady, "I'm collecting today... that'll be five dollars." She says, "I'm a little short on cash, but I'll gladly give you some great sex instead." Little Johnny agrees, "All right." He walks in and the lady undoes his pants and pulls them down. To her surprise, she sees the biggest penis she's ever seen. Little Johnny then reaches into his shirt pocket, pulls out a handful of washers, and begins sliding them onto his penis. The lady says, "You don't have to do that... I can take all of it." "Not for five bucks you can't," replies Little Johnny.
Dilverance You make me weak, You bring me to my knees. Broken skin shelters these blows, I can understand why you would hate me. Their voices are so loud all around me, But I can’t hear a sound. I tie my hands, Hold my breath and await a prayer. Something profound. You make me weak, You bring me to my knees. Broken skin shelters these blows, I can understand why you would bind me. As the world falls away, Here in my corner of the world, I find my place. Among the misery ridden, Here lays another tragedy. All sealed with guilt. You made me weak, Brought me to my knees. I shed the broken skin that sheltered, I can understand why you would break me. You were so much more than me, I failed you when I stood alone. When I went away I made you fine. Since I’ve gone away, I’ve watched you fly. You kept me so far away, I heard your words, But the voice was not your own, You made me fine. You made me fine. © Ashley Farrar, All rights reserved
Delivering What Was Promised.
Okay- Hi everyone its time for a dork moment. I played World of warcraft from a month after release, for a whole year or so, then quit for nine months. I got several characters pretty damn far, spent hours... days... perfecting builds and equipping my toon perfectly. I was also fairly active in the community, I tried to influence the players and developers to unbreak shamans :P and stop fucking over paladins, but that's besides the point (please notice that they continue to nerfadin even after both sides get paladins... gay.) What I was PROMISED from the freaking BOX and early development press was REAL PVP, as in I would go to someone's town, start some shit, and screw up their livlihood. ... It never happened. Eventually PvP became more than optional- it became a waste of time. Making quest givers invulnerable... "dishonorable kills" and even systems to completely castrate you and your buddies therefore making them completely ball less and giving them no reason to get tog
 Deliverance Here is to tonight it’s been a long time- of thought and yearning put into now. Strip in a rush clothes here and there me and you in the middle of the floor sweat whipping our bodies. Our hands coupling over each other we curve as trees you lift me roughly- against the wall spread my legs and arms. I sense your lips tingling my shoulders, back and between my thighs. I whimper bounce my hips- against your head and I plunge on my knees before you. My tongue toils its way around your hardness I suck til the last bead- glides back into my mouth. With coaching hands you lift me up and bring me down intensely onto you and I gasp . . . You make me want to infest your skin to come all over again. I grind my hips down and drive my body up and down my hands cloaked around your neck I whisper how hot you make me and beg you to go faster. In shadows we mate and cascade to the arc of providence where our legacy
Deliberate Deception
by Dr. William Pierce In our weekly discussions here I sometimes use careless language that leads to misunderstanding, and when I do I'm sorry for it. The problem is that I really have a great deal of work to do, and I usually don't have time to refine and polish my remarks before I go on the air, and so sometimes I don't make myself as clear as I might. One listener criticized last week's broadcast because I referred to Ayn Rand as a "Soviet Jewess" who preached a religion of selfishness. He wrote to me that that was like saying that Ayn Rand was a believer in both communism and individualism at the same time, and that didn't make sense. Actually, my reference to Ayn Rand as a "Soviet Jewess" was intended to mean only that she was a Jewess from the Soviet Union, not that she was an apostle of communism. Unlike many of her fellow Jews at the time, she did not preach communism. She was, however, an apostle not only of selfishness but also of other destructive ideas preached by nea
Delix But Not Dum
Every splinter of a thousand shattered mirrors, Reflects the scarlet lips of virgin velvet dream. I glimpse at a thousand fleeting strangers, In hopes to find her eyes, I have once seen. Illusion, sweet mirage, or simply drunk delirium, Dream came to me at night, through smoke of cigarette. Created carelessly, in a moonlight solitude, Will stay forever as a guiding muse of my sonnet. * sometimes I just can't let them go
Delia's Way & The Real Womans Way.
1) Delia's Way Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice cream drips. The Real Woman's Way Just suck the ice cream out of the bottom of the cone, for God's sake. You are probably lying on the couch with your feet up eating it anyway. 2) Delia's Way To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes. The Real Woman's Way Buy Smash and keep it in the cupboard for up to a year. 3) Delia's Way When a cake recipe calls for flouring the baking tin, use a bit of the dry cake mix instead and there won't be any white mess on the outside of the cake. The Real Woman's Way Tescos' sell cakes. They even do decorated versions. 4) Delia's Way If you accidentally over-salt a dish while it's still cooking, drop in a potato slice. The Real Woman's Way If you over salt a dish while you are cooking, that's tough sh*t. Please recite with me the Real Woman's motto: "I made it and you will eat it and I don't ca
Deliver Us From Evil..
I think americans are nuts, well some of them are anyway. Like now they are going to ban the portrayal of people smoking cigarettes in movies, i guess that that will mean that the entire back catalog of film noir movies from the fifties will be cut down to beginning and end sequences with nothing in between. Can you even visualise Humphrey Bogarde without a cigarette between his lips? I cant. Maybe using the wonders of Photoshop they can erase the cigarettes from those old movies, hell, they might even replace them with something else, like carrots for instance.. Do you know what movies are suffering the worst edits and cuts at the moment? If you guessed horror movies then no, you are wrong. Old westerns are being cut to shreds, its like, here come the indians, bang bang, its over.. You see in old westerns the horses would get tripped up to look like they had been shot and now due to rules about not portraying cruelty to animals these scenes have been removed.. In a few years sc
Delicious Corn
So I just finished boiling up some delightful corn. . .Don't know what I'm going to do with so much corn but if I'd left it in the fridge any longer I would have had rotton corn. . . Mmmm Corn on the cob is tasty. . . If you want some. . .YOu know tell me cause I have waaaay to much corn
Delicious Diva Contest!!!!!!!!!!
Delicious Diva Contest
Hi Everyone, I could really use some help with this contest, if you have some free time would you please rate my photo and leave as many comments as you can. I will return the love to all. Thanks Ladylove Here is the link:
Del Isherwood Music
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confess your heart silently your dreams may haunt your passion can defy tragedy's watch will never forget-- the night shall be your love and the stars your hope greif feigned desire becoming your deliverer and there is less suffering beyond the fall
Ok so now today I have another job interview (for 2nd job) why in these small towns is it so hard to get the right job for right pay?? Now I will have no time for fun , and forget passion in my life ...I will be working from 8am till 12 midnight 6 days a hope my old bones can handle it...LOL
A Delicious Suggestion For My Theme
~*deliciously Evil*~
I'm a simple woman with simple interests. You will never have to go out of your way to please me. I guess you can say I'm a giver. I love making people happy. I'm a people person. I am a single mom of four beautiful daughters and the most important interest I have right now is making my daughters happy. Seeing them smile makes me smile. So whatever they feel like doing, you will probably see me doing it with them. Acting out the latest drama between Barbie and her friends, playing Mary Kay, watching "Flicka" 3 times a day, having the snarls RIPPED out of my head because they want to do my hair, reading....anything that brings that beautiful laughter out of their soul. I would rather spend a Saturday night watching movies with them than have a night out on the town with my friends. As for the men. It's all about treating the man I am with as my king. A dinner date, a picnic in the park, play fighting in leaves on an autumn day. Running through the house spraying one another with w
Deliver Me
you have to give to get a little lick and kiss and stick my middle hold me down and take control i feel you deep it's me you own bend and shape me you got it like that nibble and bite me and kiss my back pull my hair and spank me hard don't be shy you can be me star video, polaroid and snap-shots too be creative lets get sedated mix me a drink or two feed my need and help me release tie me up and lay me down you be king and wear the crown swear a little shed a tear we can cum all night if you have no fear we can do shots of tequila or sip champagne you fuck me or i'll fuck you in the end it's all the same we can play games we can switch roles get hot with candle wax or with ice get cold we can shake we can shiver i don't care just deliver
The Delivery
Susie paced the length of her office, fuming. Her presentation package should’ve arrived hours ago. She had two hours until the board meeting and still had to make some final touches. Ugh! Why the hell did she let Dale talk her into sending them to him for approval? She thought impatiently. When she caught her reflection in the small mirror on the opposite wall, she frowned. She was a mess! The hair she kept in its classy little upsweep was in disarray. Tendrils of curls escaping from the silver dragonfly clip her grandmother had given her before she died. Her blouse was an utter mess, and the thigh high skirt she wore was a wrinkled disaster. Grabbing her purse, deciding to go freshen up, she opened the door and ran smack into the UPS delivery man. Her purse fell to the floor, only to scatter the contents everywhere, while her precious presentation hit the ground with a resounding thud. “I’m so sorry ma’am” the man said, bending to pick up the scattered remnants of her purse. Looki
Delicious Low Fat Barbecue Chicken Dinner
4 lg. chicken breasts, cubed 1 green pepper, cut up 1 onion, cut up 1/2 to 3/4 c. barbecue sauce 1 to 2 bags Minute Rice, boil-in-bags Put chicken with green pepper and onion in skillet and barbecue sauce and cover. Let simmer about 15 minutes. While chicken is cooking, boil the rice. When done, place rice in center of plate. Make a nest and put chicken in center of rice. Looks nice and tastes great.
Delicate Sculpture
Poured into this fine symmetry, silken porcelain slip - the clay of each man's dream - this delicate sculpture will outlive me. She will carry forth water to slake eternal thirsts - no man will own her, but will ask for the nectar of each soft kiss spilled from her lips. This woman, this vessel, chalice, grail - I am cast out, forever at her window, looking in - a stepchild, boy, man, beggar. She is the beginning of each journey, the destination, and all miseries and blessings in between. © All rights reserved
Deliver Me
Delicious Enticing Irresistable Lover
I'd waited so long to meet her... we'd talked for days online... our phone chats had been both hot and also meaningful. So when I suggested we meet for lunch, and she had asked if I would mind if she had me, I chuckled.... and said I was hoping so.We had agreed to meet outside. I was early, wanting to savor every moment. Mary waved at me, running up and just about jumping me in a hug. Her body melted against mine, and our mouths were locked in an intense kiss. My nipples tingled at the feeling of her hot body against mine. My heart pounded and my skin got hot. She rolled her hips against mine and giggled, pulling back. "I see that you are as hard as I am wet!""YOU??? Wet???" I teased her."Ken, I want you so badly. Cummon... let's go play!"She pulled my hand and led me away. It was her territory and I wasn't sure where we would end up. In doorway and up three flights of stairs. She used her keys and opened a door. We ducked inside. The door had no more clicked shut before her hand was f
Deliver Me
Deliver me from the anxious moment the aching longing must have of this first last only dance into arms legs skin hair - her, the object, subject and endless adjectives. Deliver me to the moment of consumption consuming consummation - blood flushed to cheeks boiling bubbling buried in each other one beast carnal craving caving into the warmth of her us every moment before leading to this the surrender succoring overload of us we us yes. Deliver me to her and her to me to lie in afternoon light and take this singularity one second one breath at a time one from two separate together for the last first only movement in this choreography this tease this dance. Deliver us. © All rights reserved
Deliver Me
Sarah Brightman - Deliver Me "Deliver Me" Deliver me, out of my sadness Deliver me, from all of the madness Deliver me, courage to guide me Deliver me, strength from inside me All of my life I've been in hiding Wishing there was someone just like you Now that you're here, now that I've found you I know that you're the one to pull me through Deliver me, loving and caring Deliver me, giving and sharing Deliver me, the cross that I'm bearing All of my life I was in hiding Wishing there was someone just like you Now that you're here, now that I've found you I know that you're the one to pull me through Deliver me Deliver me Oh deliver me All of my life I was in hiding Wishing there was someone just like you Now that you're here, now that I've found you I know that you're the one to pull me through Deliver me Oh deliver me Won't you deliver me
Choosing not to cry, to watch blackbirds build futile nests of twigs and threads of sad dreams, honeysuckles frozen by late arriving winter, cold and foreboding - I shall be the cause of my own deliverance. Nothing is ever truly empty - always the fresh, clean air of hopefulness sweeps through - no vacuum where there is still breath... I can feel the ghostly hand of tomorrow in mine - she pulls me to her, always toward an unknown, unbidden love. I will burst into her! Thrusting, glad-humping her sunrise - seizing her every moment by the hair, kissing hard the crest of her afternoon. Tomorrow is my mistress and I am the best fuck she will ever know. © All rights reserved
Delight Out Of Nowhere
Delight Out of Nowhere by Bleeding_Poet © She woke up that morning feeling so bored. What the hell? Each and every day was identical to the previous. The alarm's noise had become so annoying. She wanted to break it in little pieces and throw it to garbage. She got up, stretching her body and got ready to go to work. Same things were happening day after day. Nothing new, nothing special to shake the dark murky waters of her life, nothing important to make her feel alive. Another boring morning, another boring day, another boring piece in the puzzle of her life. Feeling that crappy she took her handbag and locked the door. She got into her car and started the engine. The car rolled and soon she was in the avenue she used every morning to get to her job. The traffic light got red and she rested her head back since the jam was huge. She knew she had to wait a lot until it would be her turn to pass, so she listened to the music her player offered her, completely lost in h
Delivery To The Angels
~ Delirium At Kings Island, Ohio ~
And NO i don't live far from this but NO way i would ride it :) As far as flat rides go, Delirium is one of the best. Essentially it's a pendulum on steroids. You can see from the screenshots just how far this thing swings and the circle of seats at the end of the pendulum arm spins while the arm is swinging. (137 feet up at 8 revolutions per minute) The ride is a Giant Frisbee by Huss. If you can find one of these it's definitely worth a ride.
Encapsulated in arms, back pressing chest, Bareness embedded in manhood, I'm aroused as silent you dream, Pulse keeping time with my heart. I wonder where you are, Wishing for your awakening, A taking from behind, Without care the alarm rings so early. Then sweet surprise, you're stirring, Sleepy fingers fondling, Feeding wanton hungering, In the wee hours of morning. Knowing you desire me more than sleep, Evokes my entirety to fervor, A warmth exuding as your own private fountain, Called forth to flow for your pleasure. Side to back, head to foot, Ampleness piercing entrance, Intertwining like scissors, We lock in a dance of ecstasy. Hips thrusting thighs, clit reaching high, Riding swelling waves, Engulfed by a raging river, Threatening to erupt floodgates. Your passionate unrestraint Opens my mind, Loosing its aching yearnings, A secret longing fulfilled. And flying free, my soul Escapes these earthly confines, He
Delicious Low-fat Lasagna
* 1 cup onion, chopped * 1 cup green bell pepper, chopped * 1 1/4 lb. ground turkey * 2 teaspoons dried Italian seasoning * One 28 oz. can diced tomatoes * One 15 oz. can tomato sauce * 15 oz. cottage cheese or ricotta cheese * 8 oz. shredded low-fat mozzarella cheese, plus 2 oz. to sprinkle on top * One 10 oz. package chopped frozen spinach, thawed and drained * One 24 oz. package of ready-to-bake lasagna noodles (use only 16 noodles) * Salt and pepper, to taste * Optional: One pinch of nutmeg Directions 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. 2. Spray a skillet with nonstick cooking spray and heat until hot over high heat. 3. Add the chopped onion and green bell pepper and cook for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. 4. Add the ground turkey and sauté until browned and cooked through, about 5 minutes. Stir frequently. 5. Add the Italian seasoning, diced tomatoes (with the juice from the can) and the tomato sauc
Delicious Beef Sukiyaki
* 20 slices of beef......... gently rolled * 2 sticks leek chopped * 2 tbsp spring onions chopped * 2 tbsp coriander chopped * 300g Chinese white cabbage (Cut into bite pieces) * 2 pieces of Tofu (choose the tofu that you like and cut to pieces) * 1 packet Shitake Mushrooms * 1 packet Japanese Glass noodles * 2 eggs beaten * Sauce: * 3 cups water * 1 cup soy sauce * 1 cup mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine) * 3 tbsp sake (Japanese cooking rice wine) * 2 tbsp sugar Directions 1. Cut all the ingredients accordingly and cleansed with water. 2. Combine all sauce's ingredients and bring to boil. 3. Add in the white cabbage and chopped leeks. 4. Now the steamboat is ready. 5. Start enjoying the dish! 6. *The beaten eggs are for you to dip in after dipping the beef slices into the soup.
Delicious Pot Roast Nachos
* each 8 inch tortillas cut into quarters and fried * 2 cups leftover pot roast (rough chopped) * 1 cup chili aioli (see below) * 1 cup peppers, sliced and sautéed * 1 cup yellow onion, sliced and sautéed * 3 cups shredded cheddar or mixed cheese * For the Chili Aioli: * 1 jalapeño, seeded and diced * 1 Serrano chili, diced * 1 tsp. red pepper flakes * 1 tsp. minced garlic * 1/4 cup lemon juice * 1/2 cup mayonnaise * 1-2 Tbsp. canola oil * Sugar, to taste * Salt and pepper, to taste Directions 1. Lay tortillas flat on a baking sheet 2. spoon 1 tablespoon of chili aioli on each chip 3. divide the peppers and onions on all the chips 4. divide the pot roast on all the chips 5. divide the cheese on all the chips 6. broil until cheese is melted (about 5 minutes) 7. top with salsa and green onions and serve 8. For the Chili Aioli: 9. • In a food processor, combine the jalape
Delivery Is 9/10's The Problem
Good Morning, I scanned over the msn web page and right there… staring in the face was an article entitled 10 Things you should never say to a woman! You know…I am so laughing my ass off here… and it is so tough to write. See each sex, each culture have their own set of words that they can use between themselves but dare you not enter and use that word if you are not the same sex, color or religion. I threw religion in there just to stir the pot. However the top two designations will cover most of all the word errors in our society today. Without spewing forth numerous heavy sanctioned words I will just say, if you are living and breathing…(more or less you have to be to read this, unless you are on life-support and someone is reading it too you) You will have ventured across the forbidden trail of words not to say to a Woman, a Man, A person of color different from yourself and or different ethnic or cultural backgrounds. It pains me to go out in the world today and see Men fail due t
Deliver Us From Evil
What's happening to me, I'm dying from the inside, Body hurts to much to feel, And pressure adds to pain, Straying from sanity, Why can't you let me be, Is nothing else important, Does my mind mean more to you, Screaming for your vanity, Will darkness turn to light, Can someone wake me from this nightmare, Here we go, The tank is empty let it dry, I'm suffering, A passion ending so a world ceases turning, So now i hope you see, I'm nothing more than human, Making plans for enemies, But here we go again, Deliver us from evil, Crawling back to insanity, I'm suffering, Will darkness turn to light, We're evil.
Delia's Tatt.
Delia's Next tatt..
Deliver Us From Evil
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Delightful Insanity (ode To A Mad Man)
The quiet whispers within my own head, The pictures in my mind stained crimson red, The unthinkable desires that must be fed, Rationality gone, I find chaos instead. The screams and echoes are a constant sound, My world crumbling, I lay curled on the ground. A shadow of my old self is all that is found, No help in sight, there’s no one around. The final acceptance of what is to be, Welcoming the beast that’s inside of me. No need to resist, my mind is now free, Welcome to my world, of delightful insanity.
Deliquesce Fear
deliquesce fear. by LateNiteFantasy© .deliquesce fear. there are things i give you.. things you take. and i was born just so... to bottle all the moments... the collared seconds by grace impossibilities... each and every... gracious breath.
Delicate - Damien Rice
We might kiss when we are alone When nobody's watching We might take it home We might make out when nobody's there It's not that we're scared It's just that it's delicate So why do you fill my sorrow With the words you've borrowed From the only place you've know And why do you sing Hallelujah If it means nothing to you Why do you sing with me at all? We might live like never before When there's nothing to give Well how can we ask for more We might make love in some sacred place The look on your face is delicate So why do you fill my sorrow With the words you've borrowed From the only place you've know And why do you sing Hallelujah If it means nothing to you Why do you sing with me at all? So why do you fill my sorrow With the words you've borrowed From the only place you've know And why do you sing Hallelujah If it means nothing to you Why do you sing with me at all?
Delicious Thoughts
Delicious Thoughts by LateNiteFantasy© A fog that joins the earth and sky Rain as it stirs the senses. The scent of a lover now. A scene in the minds eye. The feel of a hand unknown, but wanted. The taste of what might yet be. A moment’s thought that brings a smile. To wake from a dream, and sigh. The feel of snow, on summers day Or the essence of an afternoon. Things we see behind closed eyes Somehow seem to stay. A whispered name upon the night that couples kindred souls. A sunrise spent in solitude The thoughts that make one whole To walk a path or sandy beach and feel the oceans spray A single coin dropped in a well, for thoughts of better days. A word that never leaves the lips turned inward, held in place. The touch brought by a simple thought, gentle on your face. The flavor of delicious thoughts Like autumn’s essence weaves a lingering taste of yesterday And the scent of burning leaves.
Okay so I seriously think the lack of sleep is making me delirious. I cannot deal with the time adjustments and I'm losing my mind. Ask Ruby, I'm on the phone with her right now and I'm making her laugh so hard at my random nonsense, that I think I might get her in trouble at work. I need to be put in my place. A warm comfy bed with a cuddle buddy. Speaking of Ruby.... Still 63k away from Fu-King. Ruby Cairo ETid, LP, FuGF of Persia@ fubar Still Fly (Big Tymers) - The Devil Wears Prada
Delicious Angel Hair In Tomato, Tuna And Olive Sauce
NGREDIENTS 2 1/2 tablespoons olive oil 3/4 cup chopped onion 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 (6 ounce) can solid white tuna packed in water, drained 1 (14.5 ounce) can whole peeled tomatoes, chopped 1 (4.25 ounce) can black olives, drained and halved 1/2 teaspoon dried basil 1/4 teaspoon dried oregano freshly ground black pepper to taste 1 (28 ounce) can tomato puree 1 (16 ounce) package uncooked angel hair pasta 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese for topping DIRECTIONS 1. Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Stir in onion and garlic, and cook until tender. Mix in tuna and peeled tomatoes; cook until heated through. Mix in olives. Season with basil, oregano and pepper. Cook and stir 5 minutes. Stir in tomato puree. Cover, reduce heat to low and simmer 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. 2. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Place angel hair pasta in pot and cook 4 minutes, or until al dente. Serve topped with the sauce and sprinkled with
A Delicious Pimp My Cherry Drink
Pimp my Cherry -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Qty. Ingredients 5 oz. Vodka or Gin 2 oz. Chocolate Syrup 2 big dash Maraschino Cherry Syrup or Hershey's cherry syrup 1 sprinkle Cinnamon (optional) 1 whole Maraschino Cherry Glass type: Highball Directions: Add half Chocolate syrup in highball glass , swirl around glass then add cherry syrup. Pour liquor taking care not to overly disturb syrup. Add the rest of chocolate syrup, drop in the cherry and sprinkle with cinnamon if desired. Source: Amit Kumar Had Bar Tender Make A Lot tonight BF brought a round for everyone! I told everyone about this web site while I was standing on the bar!
Delightful Zombies Attack Sleepy Town @ X-mas
Zombie X-Mas So there's a small town like totally sleepy and hickish. There's a mill or something that everyone works at. The zombies are coming about because of a necromancer. Except not really who cares. The point is, they're here! The town has to deal with all these fucking zombies and basically get out of town and not get eaten and shit. The cast of charecters will include The Deputy. The sherrif is going to be a zombie and one part someone will shoot him and they say to the deputy "I shot the sherriff, but I did not shoot the deputy." or maybe that song can start playing and theres a montage of zombie slaying! The deputy is young, and unsure of himself. A total faggot actually. Scared of girls but comes to it when it counts. That guy who is all butt hurt about slaying zombies. He has a dog. The grizzled old trucker. This guy is a total ass hole. ZZ Tops looking mother fucker right? Okay he's got a double barrell sawed off shotty in his cab. He's also g
Delicious Casserole
DELICIOUS CASSEROLE 1 lb ground beef 1 onion 1 (16 oz) can cream of chicken soup 1 cup milk 1 can green chilies 1 can enchilada sauce 1 cup cheddar cheese, sharp Brown meat and combine all ingredients. Line casserole dish with Mexican style corn chips and pour in mixture along with grated, sharp cheddar cheese on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, uncovered. Makes 4 servings
Delicious Cabbage Rolls
POLISH CABBAGE ROLLS 1 lb. ground beef 1 sm. onion 1/2 c. cooked rice or Minute Rice 1/2 tsp. salt Pepper 1 lg. cabbage Canned tomatoes, tomato juice or tomato soup 1 tsp. brown sugar 1 tsp. lemon juice Brown onion in a little butter; add to raw meat and rice. Add salt and pepper and mix together. Steam large cabbage to remove leaves easily. Place about 2 tablespoons meat mixture on each cabbage leaf and fold over and roll up. Stick with a toothpick if necessary to hold together. Place stuffed rolled cabbage leaves in pot. Add canned tomatoes, juice or soup. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, brown sugar and lemon juice. Cover and simmer on stove for 2 hours.
Delicate Rose ....
they say a woman is like a delicate rose open each petal gently feeling the moisture on your fingertips making you want to seek the moisture even more diving deeper for that sweet nectar being gentle at first getting rougher , driven my desire but never damaging the delicate petals descending deep into the very core of the bud the delicate fragrance reaches your nose of the hot house beauty deeper you go driven by desire for the fragrance tasting the moisture a woman may be a delicate rose but what is a man but someone consumed by that rose
Delicious Dee's Auction
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A girl who is like none other, she’s definitely great; a perfect example of what a queen is, but some can’t relate. a female of her caliber can B seen as a potential mate. She’s a delight 2 B around, lights up rooms with her smile; her swagger is shown like a diagram mapped by her style; she pulls heart strings & allows people 2 C that she’s versatile. She’s a pleasure 2 B around, with a beautiful sense of flair; easily seen as the prettiest girl in town, she even has great hair; she loves that I’m a clown, she also likes that I treat her fair. Such a magnificent female specimen, not at all seen as a gold digger; so incredible, unlike the average women, she makes her own figures; a lady with a passion of past kin, she’s involved N what’s bigger. She wants more than little boys; she’s only interested in what’s real; tired of dealing with their ploys; without looking 4 a wager or deal; she’s strong, but she’s also quite coy, definitely seen as someone with appeal.
Delieve Me (sara Brightman
Deliver me, out of my sadness. Deliver me, from all of the madness. Deliver me, courage to guide me. Deliver me, strength from inside me. All of my life I've been in hiding. Wishing there was someone just like you. Now that you're here, now that I've found you, I know that you're the one to pull me through. Deliver me, loving and caring. Deliver me, giving and sharing. Deliver me, the cross that I'm bearing. All of my life I was in hiding. Wishing there was someone just like you. Now that you're here, now that I've found you, I know that you're the one to pull me through. Deliver me, Deliver me, Oh deliver me. All of my life I was in hiding. Wishing there was someone just like you. Now that you're here, now that I've found you, I know that you're the one to pull me through. Deliver me, Oh deliver me. Won't you deliver me.
Getting my phone tomorrow. La de da. No more minute phone bullshit. I feel like an amazing person today. I have been helping so many people lately. And being thanked because you made some one's day that much easier. Is an overwhelmingly happy feeling. When they say, "Trisha I need you, I've had the most fucked up day." And I talk to them, give them my advice. Then at the end of the conversation, they say," I feel so much better, thank you." Because I tell them like it is, I tell them things even if they don't want to hear them. It's like I'm the only person who does that in their lives. I even call them out on their faults. And then they can take it in, reflect on it. And self heal. All I know is at the end of the day... .. I helped bring someone's smile back.
You know when you want to blog something, but you're an air headed zombie like me? Okay, maybe not. But because that's what I am, I'm gonna blog about stuff that happens at work that makes me laugh. So explanation done, on to the story. Place - Inside Stairwell Time - Lunch People involved - 1 x generally hated (amongst students) female teacher, many x students. Background info - Every lunchtime the kids sit on the stairs and in the hallway and get in everyone's way basically. The event - Said teacher walking up stairs, student pushes another student into teacher, nearly making her fall down the stairs. Teacher goes ballistic, kids plead innocent, was a joke they say. Teacher promises to have them banned from being there at lunch. Much mirth for me
Delivery Houston
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wartrol caralluma Burn
Delightful Insanity
The quiet whispers within my own head, The pictures in my mind stained crimson red, The unthinkable desires that must be fed, Rationality gone, I find chaos instead. The screams and echoes are a constant sound, My world crumbling, I lay curled on the ground. A shadow of my old self is all that is found, No help in sight, theres no one around. The final acceptance of what is to be, Welcoming the beast thats inside of me. No need to resist, my mind is now free, Welcome to my world, of delightful insanity.
Delirium Shadowy feminine figure Lurks outside the glowing window Watching silently Coveting in the night Two angels illuminated By flickering firelight Cast in passionate embrace Lamenting why it is not her... Imagining that it is! Happy enough in her delirium She continues the fight Though reality eludes her In him she will never delight For his heart belongs to the light  SMF
Delightful Dump Cake
DUMP CAKE      1 (16-ounce) can crushed pineapple1 (21-ounce) can cherry pie filling1 (18.25-ounce) package yellow cake mix1/2 cup butter, chilled1/2 cup chopped nuts (peacans are great.) 1/2 bag of sweet coconut.     Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease well a 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan. Dump pineapple (including juice) into the prepared pan; spread evenly. Dump cherry pie filling over pineapple, spreading evenly. Dump yellow cake mix over the top, spreading evenly. Cut cold butter into 1/4-inch slices and arrange over the top. Cover top layer with coconut. Sprinkle with nuts. Bake in preheated oven until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean (about 40 minutes). About 10 servings.
Delicate Cream-colored Nail Bead Shoulder Sweater For Women
  Winter has come, for girls it’s the most romantic time for dating, and a pretty sweater will be great helpful to create warming and moving atmosphere. Now new arrival korean fashion and japanese fashion women sweater series will let you enjoy christmas date and new year date.   The red super comfortable warmth baggy wool sweater coat Deep red sweater, thick fabric, wearing rise very warm, elegant decorative pattern on clothing, full of clever art simple sense, slightly fleeciness line, not feel at home, dress up very relaxed and romantic.   Pure light grey mixing purple potato contrast-colored plus size sweater Light grey sweater coat, with loose long lines, reveals a very fashionable languid taste, the packets on both sides look very lovely and lively, individual character is dye-in-the-wood. Deep V collar sends out very romantic and fashionable sexy breath.   Peach pink leisure style loose big sweaters Rose pink sweater, bright-coloured colour sends out a small woma
Delicious Memories Of Sensual Night
In the darkness of room I crawl on top of you, breathing deeply. Awakening, you feel my nipples press against your chest as I stroke your face gently with my hands. Your cock pokes me in the belly as my mouth draws closer to yours. Closing your eyes, you try to move your arms to engulf me, only to find they won't move. Puzzled, you try to look up at your hands as I fade away into the darkness. Your arms are pulled out to the side and above your head. You try to move them and wonder why they refuse to obey your command. You feel a very interesting sensation in your groin and look down, startled. Eyes adjusting ever so slightly in the dark, you make out your manhood being gripped in my hand, rapidly moving up and down until your erection has grown. The friction induced pleasurable sensation is replaced with an even better one as you feel my mouth close over your tip. "Whaaaa?" you gasp, now awakening more fully to find me kissing your cock. I smile at you mischievously,
De Lingerie, Irmã De Penélope Cruz Posa Para Campanha
A irmã de Penélope Cruz, a dançarina Mónica Cruz, é a estrela da campanha de inverno 2012 da grife de lingerie Agent Provocateur.     Na última semana, foram divulgadas algumas imagens da dançarina usando lingeries preta e vinho e, agora, novas fotos foram reveladas. Nelas, Mónica, que tem 35 anos, mostra suas belas curvas em combinações coral e lilás de calcinha, sutiã e cinta-liga.
Delight Yourself In The Lord
DELIGHTING YOURSELF IN THE LORD   Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart, to live out his will for your life Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him, he will be kept from strife Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness, and He will lead you in the way Commit your way to the Lord trust in Him and He will bring forth your righteousness as bright as the noonday.   Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, there is no greater way to delight in Him Love your neighbor as yourself, this is the way we show the world the treasure and light He has placed within Being filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns, singing, making melody in your heart Rejoicing in the Lord always, being thankful to God for everything at all times praying each day from the start.   Living our lives in total surrender daily, obediently walkin
De Lijst Van De Beste Recente Android Apps Uit De Google-winkel
Hier zijn enkele van de beste apps wel. Chameleon Launcher de ontwikkelaar gepeld uit duizenden dollars om een ​​betere Android homepage te krijgen en nu is het uit voor openbaar gebruik. De Android's standaard widget-systeem krijgt een frisse uitstraling en verschillende API's zijn bedoeld voor ontwikkelaars om te knutselen met, in het. U kunt tweaken de schermen en voeg een beetje kruiden. Amazon MP3 aan de andere kant, is niet nieuw, maar populair nu met de Britten. Amazon lanceerde haar nieuw ontwikkelde Amazon Cloud Player in Verenigd Koninkrijk, die gebruikers in staat stelt om muziek af te spelen van de muziek locker. Men kan ook nieuwe nummers automatisch toe te voegen aan de Cloud Player. De nieuwe app Talking Ginger heeft meer dan 500.000 installaties binnen enkele dagen na de release, die is ongelooflijk op zijn zachtst gezegd. Net als de andere "sprekende apps," de dierlijke held herhaalt de woorden die je spreekt naar u terug. Deze app is erg populair bij ki
De Lingerie, Daisy Lowe Diz Que Magreza Não Lhe Cai Bem
A top Daisy Lowe posou para a capa da revista semanal inglesa Grazia e revelou que gosta de exibir curvas avantajadas e que os padrões muito enxutos das modelos não são seu objetivo. "Ser magra não me cai bem ", disse. A modelo de 24 anos, que é filha do músico Gavin Rossdale, aparece de lingerie na publicação e afirma gostar de divulgar um modelo de corpo mais saudável para jovens mulheres. "Recebo muitos tweets de meninas que dizem que odeiam suas aparências", diz. Apesar disso, Daisy afirma sentir algumas inseguranças em relação ao corpo e diz que já sofreu em editoriais por ter muitas curvas. "Já houve momentos nos quais me senti muito triste porque as roupas não entravam durante os ensaios, e me sentia péssima", completa. Daisy mantém uma rotina de exercícios na academia e diz que malhar permite que desfrute da comida, uma de suas paixões. "Amo comida. Amo fazer bolos, tudo que é caseiro", diz.
Delicate Destruction
Delicate destruction Like painstakingly darning a sock People don't do that any more of course But the tools remain In museums Destroying the edges of what is there To mend the whole for the long run A decision is made To darn or not to darn Surgery? Cut out what is dying Or dead before it's time THAT is the decision To be made cooly Like a surgeon A very Delicate Destruction Indeed
A Delightful Ctk-810in Experience
A unique Indian music experience is what I was looking for when I bought the CTK810IN professional keyboard.  After using it for my performances, I realized that CTK810IN is a digital keyboard with a difference.  Laced with advanced features and beautiful rhythms, it offers an experience no other digital professional keyboard does. Not only did it prove to be a reliable casio during shows, it helped me hone my skills and learn about exciting new sounds and tones. The CTK810IN professional keyboard is a complete package when it comes to combining creativity with technology. It comes with a staggering 120 new rhythms that will bring to you seven beautiful Indian rhythms for a complete Indian music experience. It also offers to you 15 Indian tones that are part of its 515 tones package of impeccable quality and depth. This is a casio that will give you the best of the latest technology in the field. Its high quality tones, piano like keys programmed with touch response, the pitch bend wh
Delightful Lunch Encounter
    Alone at night...she has plenty of time to think. She closes her eyes, thinking about her lover.... Goosebumps raise on her flesh as she remembers the taste of his kiss.... the taste of his cock...Even now, weeks later the memory brings her such joy... Her heartbeat picks up rhythm as she remembers.... her hands slowly moving over her body....starting at her neck...She barely touches her skin... letting her fingertips roam over her bare breasts... circling her nipples slowly.... a gentle pinch of her hardening nipples... to simulate the way his lips and teeth teased her so long ago.... She bites her lower lip....remembering his taunting bites at her neck and breasts.... hard enough to bring pleasure, but gentle enough not to cause pain.... She imagines something that has not happened yet...Her phone goes off during work.... the ring tone for a text message...She looks around to see if anyone is watching her at the moment. Noticing that she is basically alone in her little corner
Dell & Cherrytap
Hello some of my friends asked to be notified when i started the new Job at Dell Well i started On Monday so far it rocks the people are friendly an pay is great...i'll be in their training class for another 15 days so they can train me on their procedures then i'm good to go..Its so cool. I also wanted to let my friends know the new job is part of the reason i havent been on much and friday i lost my internet thru the local cable company because of the server issues but after 2 days i told them keep it an my dsl will be thursday at the earliest Saturday latest Cherrytap is great but not very user friendly on dialup lounges really dont load all that good an user pages with alot of embedded graphics an html..i will show all my friends love when i'm on highspeed again i have't forgot about you guys your great.
Dell Pushes Linux
SITE: Engadget Linux has been around for a good number of years. Paving the way for many new technologies, Most of which you have seen on your Windows based Computer. Lets Go over some basics before we get into advantages of Linux / Windows. Linux, DOS, Windows, UNIX, Solaris, FreeBSD, OS/2 are all different Operating Systems (OS). All an OS does (by definition) is gather a computer's resources to be used by programming for the sake of completing a task, chore or job of some sort. Resources being memory, Hard drive space, external drives, and CPU. Programing being things like Notepad, Wordpad, Office Tools, web-browsers, games, and instant messengers. Some would say "Oh no, I only know how to use windows." This is not true. You know how to use a GUI layer on top of a windows kernel. (Kernel = the engine that runs an OS), (GUI = Graphic User Interface). How is Linux different? Well in many ways, it is. But from a user standpoint, nothing. Lets do some Comparisons shall we?
Della Seduzione
Della Seduzione Her dark brown eyes as tempting as chocolate I wonder if her lips taste as sweet One kiss would that be enough Or would my desires run deep If I were just to hold her in my arms, Would I be able to stop there? I fear the heat from her soft skin Might start a fire I dare not share. And if we surrender to our love Would the passion justify the mistake We've sacrificed our feelings so long For nothing but our loved ones sake Is this the time to think of us And take that final step It would fulfill two empty lives With a memory neither could forget Copyright ©2007
Dell Tech Support
Dell Tech Support
Dell Inspiron
I am upgrading my system message me for further details. This is for the Tower System ONLY no Monitor no keybord Dell Inspiron 530Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600 (8MB L2 cache,2.4GHz,1066FSB) Optical Drive16X DVDRW Drive Memory3GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz - 4 DIMMs Hard Drives500GB3 Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache Video Card nVidia GeForce 8300GS 128MB Sound Card Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio DUE TO PAST EXPERIENCES OF THIEVES ITEM MUST BE PAID FOR VIA PAYPAL NO CREDIT AND NO PAYMENTS OF ANY KIND !!!
The Dells
Dell Sucks!
So, many of you know I've had problems with my laptop since I've gotten it. It's now to the point of no return. For those of you who don't know, new friends and blog stalkers, I'll give you a run down of everything that's went wrong with this thing since I've gotten it. Keep in mind that I've had it 13 months. 1. Within 2 days of having it the DVD/CD drive popped open on its own. 2. The keys on my laptop would stick, so I was sent a new keyboard that I had to replace. 3. My webcam is messed up. It looks like I'm in a room full of smoke. The lense and cover have been cleaned and it's still doing it. 4. The laptop stopped reading my memory card. They sent a tech here and they replaced my mother board. 5. While the tech was here, he noticed that the DVD/CD drive was bent in the back. 6. He asked me if it was refurbished. Said I had a screw missing and others were lose. He replaced the missing screw and tightened the others. [ive never had it apart until then]
Dell Computers
its funny that for the longest time i never had any problems with my computer up untill my mom passing away and ever since then its been one problem after another. So far $350 in having a tech guy coming out to look at it only to fix some problems and after he leaves more arise.  First problem i was having was the whole thing freezing up anywhere from 5 to 15 mins after getting online (didnt matter what i was looking at...fubar..emails...ebay) so i made the 1st appointment to have someone look at this POS. by the time he got here (3 days later) when i'd try to start the computer i was getting the blue screen. So mr. techguy takes the tower to the shop and comes back an hr later with the computer working ok (fixed a corrupt file which kept triggering the blue screen) but the main problem still existed (freezing up).   Second time mr. techguy came here i had him scan and clean the entire computer for all the bugs and things not needed hoping that it would also help the freezing proble
Wisconsin Dells
have a dell lab top i wont to trade need to be able to come to Alexandra, look at my pictures to check it out
Dell Delight Is What Your Shopping Will Get
It’s the utility and gorgeous gadgets that you have been looking for. You want to do the computing work in style, and that’s the truth about Dell gadgets that has in place, and is your link to click.
Dell Peut Se Fermer L'entreprise De Pc
juillet 21 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Il ya quelques mois il l'a fait Hewlett-Packard et ces jours-ci c'est au tour de Dell dans les mots de son fondateur et chef de la direction, une attention de moins en moins aux entreprises traditionnelles de la société, qui subit les conséquences de l'émergence de tablette pc android et smartphones dans un espace qui avait récemment limité. PC et ordinateurs portables s'essouffler sur le marché, et les fabricants semblent souffrir plus classique d'une mort lente. Un peu plus d'un an, Hewlett-Packard, numéro un mondial de la PC encore, a annoncé que sa gestion a examiné la possible vente de son activité PC, qui a finalement décidé sont sans lever le petit émoi dans l'industrie. Maintenant vient le tour de Dell. Son fondateur et chef de la direction, Michael Dell, vient de remporter une conférence organisée par le magazine Fortune comme le nouveau Dell n'est pas vraiment centrée sur l'industrie du PC.
Dell Zum Verlassen Des Globalen Smartphone-markt: Schwer, Das Geschäft Der Andrews Zu Etablieren
Obwohl das Ausmaß der globalen Smartphone-Markt des Jahres 2014 wird erwartet, dass 150.300.000.000 $ zu erreichen, aber Dell noch entschieden aus diesem Markt zurückgezogen. Jeff Clark, Leiter der Dell Consumer Business (Jeff Clarke) in Dell Weltversammlung am Dienstag bestätigte die Nachricht, er sagte auch, dass das Unternehmen die kurzfristigen nicht wieder in das Smartphone-Markt. Er sagte: "Wenn Sie wirklich Erfolg haben wollen, müssen Sie die umfangreichen Investitionen erweitern müssen." Anfang dieses Jahres hat Dell in den Vereinigten Staaten gewesen, den Verkauf von mobilen Geräten. Aber ich hoffe auch weiterhin auf dem chinesischen Markt zu expandieren, ist immer noch in China des Unternehmens tolle handys hintergrundbilder kaufen. Allerdings hat das Unternehmen nun beschlossen, bis im globalen Smartphone-Geschäft. Clark sagte: "Android play Inhalte Kriegsführung Amazon, E-Bücher zu verkaufen, Google wird mit der Suchfunktion als Ergänzung Far wir noch einen Weg zu Androi
Delmiro Cuellar - Morena Esperanza
Del Mar
Last weekend I had what I would say is the honor to be able to hang with the band Del Mar in a music/club setting, and the following day/night in a personal setting just hangin. these members are very cool and very laid back, and if you are into surf/punk type music then they are the band to check out. their music is very alive, if you know what i mean. Oh and if this falls into your hands Del Mar sorry about the pyrmad show but i was to hung over took days to recover, have to catch up with you later. check them out Del Mar you wont be disappointed.
93 Del Sol Parts For Sale!
Anyone wanna buy parts from my Del Sol? Pictures are posted of the damage at the bottom. Alot of the car from (but most likely excluding just) the engine/transmission and back to the rear of the car is salvagable. Pop off roof (along with the weatherstrip I had just bought still in the plastic), brand new tires w/ about 300 miles on them, doors, trunk, speakers on the inside, center console, dashboard, seats, all interior purdy much, um... tail lights, windows, window motors, doors, exhaust/spoiler (whichever one is on the underside of the car haha), rear bumper, side panels, um... breaks (which I had put on a month or so ago), battery, some tubes, I think MAYBE the engine could be salvagable (but Im no car expert on making hypothesis)... Anything else shoot me a message. If you want anything specific that I dont have a clue in hell if I have, just tell me and I'll give you directions to my place and you can come over to see if its there or whatever. So yeah... Thats abo
Del Shannon - Runaway
I am debating whether or not it is the right time to finally discuss my opinion on the way everything was handled with Katrina. I feel like there are so many facets I would like to address, but I guess that is the luxury of having a blog I contribute to everyday. This all comes to mind because the last few days at school have been incredibly hectic. I got my eight new kids from the teacher who went back to her New Orleans school. I also have been thinking about the rebirth of the city after talking to Rachel regarding her upcoming Katrina relief project. It has come to the point where Katrina doesn't come up in conversation more than ten times a day and I'm a little bit more able to put the whole mess in perspective. The first thing I'd like to discuss is the evacuation before the storm. There has been harsh criticism of Mayor Nagin, the Louisiana government and the Federal government. Did Mayor Nagin do everything he possibly could to avert the casualaties of over nine hundred New Or
Delta 1
Delta 4
Delta 5
I am a river on bended course to you, carrying deltas of lovemaking in the sands of distant beaches. We are this moment - forever and yesterday - immortal. You are a million drops of pure water come together, the roiling surf of our confluence - I am alone with you whenever we are mixed. No other time, no other place, just the ebb of your bare skin drawing me away - forever and yesterday. © All rights reserved
Delta Force Founding Member Denounces Bush's War
Retired Command Sergeant Major Eric Haney, founding member of the military's elite covert counter-terrorist unit, Delta force, has stated publicly for the record that he sees the war in Iraq as an "Utter debacle" based on intentions by the Bush administration that were "not what they stated" and that "there is no real threat to the U.S. in the world". Haney made the comments in an exclusive interview with David Kronke for the LA Daily News published yesterday. After Haney retired from the military his book "Inside Delta Force" became the basis for the hit CBS drama "The Unit," where he now assumes technical adviser and executive producer duties. When questioned on Iraq Haney responded with the following: "Utter debacle. But it had to be from the very first. The reasons were wrong. The reasons of this administration for taking this nation to war were not what they stated. (Army Gen.) Tommy Franks was brow-beaten and ... pursued warfare that he knew strategically was wrong in
In the year three thousand and thirty everybody wants to be an mc In the year three thousand and thirty everybody want to be a dj In the year three thousand and thirty everybody want to be a producer In the year three thousand and thirty everybody want to tell ya the meaning of the music I must appeal to you people with your faculties Cuz everybody else is gonna laugh at me People try to get over and take a crack at me The universe is one and I can see what rap can be glorious Put in the Smithsonium my podiums for holy hymns But you see whos controlling them F**k myself off cuz of the egotistical mode I'm in No I can't slap you no five When you and your cutty is talkin shit about me outside People take pride in what they have no hand in Sorta like a phantom holographic handsome But deep inside he wants to do what his man done Just because his peers jeer and and clown When your six foot deep no one hears you now They say were not compatible like deers and cows and
Delta Drama
Soo, to append my previous blog, I had bought tickets for zztop for the same day I was flying from cali. I gave my friends my ticket just in case sumn happenned and I couldnt make it. Usually when flying out of socal, I will go ahead and get to LA and bunk in by the airport. This time I drove in from outta town, worked once before, thought it might again. Left like 2am to catch a 615. Should have put me there like 4. Road's all mine right?...wrong. 4 bouts of night construction, with CHP zigzagging across 8 lanes in front of the pack 5 miles before the construction just to slow everyone down. So this repeated scenario puts me in the morning LA crawl. Im still 15 miles out, and its 430am. I still have to turn in the rental, catch shuttle, offload, checkin bags, by 515. Im not seeing it. So i figure its 730 back east, call the HR girl see if can catch the next. She didnt get in til nearbout 9. Turns out theres a 0915, and its now 0645. Gonna be tight, but lets try it. Turns out
I was crippled, prostrate with confusion Held firmly in the grip of my illusion That all was right within the world But now lifes banner has been unfurled. That balance of power, my self esteem So personally mine, it would seem Has wreaked havoc with my rosy out look Reality breaks through, my faith it took. I helped you in love unknowingly The game you played so professionaly To use and abuse I know not why Your offer of fidelity one big lie. You took with you the last of my hope that life was good, perhaps I could cope with the dreary existance of day after day You promised me roses, you promised to stay. I'm left with the dregs, the residue Of loving and trying to live with you Family is personal, forever they say You robbed me of faith at the end of the day. Hosted By cc/amawitch 2006
Delusional So Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are locked in a passionate threesome involving whips, chains, leather and spandex on a beach in Africa. They break from their lovemaking only to mine for diamonds so they can support their cocaine habit that keeps them all bouyant and happy all year long. Meanwhile the jolly green giant and Paul Bunyon are having a secret affair that started when Brokeback Mountian made it okay for strapping young men to diddle each other as long as they are wearing cowboy hats and Wrangler jeans. Mother Earth has divorced Father time because she caught him cheating on her with his secratery the Blair Witch. The Leprahcauns and the Trolls are locked in a religious war over a sacred tree that borders both ther lands. President Bush is now investigating the possability of nuclear arms involvement and plans to deploy 100,00 more troops to keep the peace. Jesus has returned from his three year sabbatical of caring for AIDS
Delusions Of Grandeur
Delusions of Grandeur Waiting Dreaming For something that I can believe in Wondering Question Is this world only deceiving – me I can’t see me/ delusions of Grandeur (x3) (Chorus) The questions for which I need answers Keep running around just like rats in my brain Everyone’s pulling and pushing for more of me Can’t take much more of this pain In me/ delusions of Grandeur I can’t see me (x3) Wanting Hoping For something to fall into place Fearing Question Is this world only deceiving—me I can’t see me/Delusions of Grandeur (x3) (chorus) *I can’t see me runs continuously behind chorus Lyrics by Michael W. Smith-lead vocalist for Determination 4/27/2004
Delusion Witness as the wild tries to temper down the beast. Tears are shed on broken wings, as heartache longs to feast. Shattered are the fractured bits torn from the wanton heart. Knowing what the cure is making difficult to part. Ease into the mindset of the creatures lonely den. Strain to hear the sorrow hidden deep within his pen. Gaze into the darkness behind eyes once blurred with tears. Watch the beast within him steady tremble at his fears. Wicked is the evil lurking 'round the darkened bend. Casting grievous shadows upon wounds that never mend. Silence would be welcome as the shrieking last throughout. Bloodied is the tortured soul of he who lives without. Scatter empty ashes ‘cross the path he set to use. Burning fragile structures that he often did abuse. Pray for quickened rigor as his veins do harden fast. Death and mad delusions resting well at peace, at last . ©Paggz
 Intoxicating/ Never Ending/ Beauty that I see/ You deny it/ You don't buy it/ Would you let it be/ If you could see you through my eyes /You would feel my butterflies/ I want to break your thin disguise/ So you could see you through my eyes /If you could see you through my eyes /You would feel my butterflies /I want to break your thin disguise /So you could see you through my eyes. You just deluge/ I am consumed/ With every breath you take/ It filters through me/ Complete and hoping/ That you're not just fantasy/ If you could see you through my eyes You would feel my butterflies I want to break your thin disguise So you could see you through my eyes If you could see you through my eyes /You would feel my butterflies /I want to break your thin disguise/ So you could see you through my eyes. Is it all a dream? Are you really there? Never ending beauty/ No one else compares /To anything you do/ Give me just a sign /Tell me/ That my vision is not blind/ If you could see you through my eye
Delusional Writings
I face the world with a smile, no one knows what is hid inside. They see only happiness, they cant see the tears I've cried. When I am alone I hurt, because here I do it well. In front of all the watchful eyes my heaven turns to hell. The judge and jury awaits me, everyone has a say. In a life that hangs suspended for yet another day. Who are they to judge if what I have done is right or wrong? In the end I gave him up, but inside still sing his song. I don't know how to find the strength I thought I had. If only I could play tough it wouldn't be so bad. They say that life goes on and someday I'll smile again. But, how do they know my pain without being where I've been? I've traveled so far from home, and can't find my way back. Somewhere along the way I must have jumped the track. I saw him just today and his smile is still the same. He looked at me so sweetly, but never spoke my name. I wonder if he remembers me, It hasn't been that long. He may have forgotten me, bu
~ Deluxe Pool ~
Deluxe Forest Faerie Wings
She flutters along with her magical fairy wings... Price: 18.99
Delusions Of The Past (2001)
Silent solutions sacred emotions a destination unknown Fortified arrogance sleeping destiny a rite of eternal revival Saddened revolution sadistic compilation a memory of things to come Desecrate existence sanctified righteousness a delusion of the past
Are people that delusional that they think anything online is real? It amazes me how people get so angry, hurt, jealous etc etc. by someone they do not know in real life? Oh the best is when you chat with someone for like 2 days and they are in love with you ROTFLMFAO! I am sorry but you cannot fall in love with someone from bull shitting with them online, it’s absolutely ridiculous. People need to chill out and take a step back and check themselves. Anyway I think I am going to take a break from this site for a little bit, getting to be annoying to me right now….. My friends know how to reach me.
Deluxe Bullet Belt With Silver-plated Bullets
Keep your amo handy. Price: 9.99
Delusional Fancy
Oh what dreams do conspire? Where were lost in the muck and mire, Lost soul turn to each other in search of sanctuary, Only to find that it houses the advisory, Lost in love, never knowing the truth Kidding all reminisce of its proof, Searching, searching, searching, but never finding, Because from it we are always running, Dreams disguise the pain inside, Wrapped in fantasy that our minds devise, Why do we run from what we seek? Is it fear or because we’re weak? Or is it that our souls can’t bare the thought of edan, Which lies just there? Peace, happiness, joy and bliss We’ll never know just what we miss. One day when we are in heaven will Look down on all the earth and wonder Why we do what we do to ourselves, And realize that chasing a dream stole or reality...
Delusions In Dreaming
im missing her in ways that become detrimental will my eyes ever experience or feel her in my frontal... lobe... wanting to hear her base and charm, for the only parts that feel my flow are the parts that connected arm to arm and thigh to thigh... my obsession's running high and can i endure this force causing closed lips and secretive hips moving to fantasies that's way much bigger than this? it was that kiss, full of life, love, sweet morning then it was goodbye love... that's kept her in places my current only dreams of.. knowing it's not fair that sometimes i think about touching her hair and grabbing that ass.....piration of one day attaining that clarity needed for me to grow a pair. i can't let go of the what if's and the could be's or the every pore of me wanting to know if she's... really wanting me or letting me go so she can be free or if she's already embarked on other possibilities. i implode when i need to explode and i talk abo
Delusion Of Reality
Is what I feel, what I see Just a delusion of reality? Is all I see or seem But a dream within a dream? Dreams I can control, At least the ones that don't come true. Am I really in control of this world, Or is it in control of me? Just a delusion of reality. If delusion it is, Then what is real? Something I created, you say And dreamscapes are what I create. You think many love me, I think many love you. I am right, I hold the truth. What they love isn't me It's just a delusion of reality. When you are loved It is something real, solid, made of steel. They have fought for you, Not for me, For I am just a delusion of their reality.
Deluxe Chef Salad
Deluxe Chef Salad This salad is a full meal in itself. Arrange or layer the ingredients in a clear glass bowl, and toss with the Wish-Bone® Deluxe French Dressing right before serving in front of your guests. Beautiful! Serving: 6 Prep Time: 15 minutes INGREDIENTS: 1 small head iceberg lettuce, torn into pieces 2 cups cut-up cooked chicken 1/2 lb. cooked ham, cut into thin strips 1 cup cubed cheddar or Swiss cheese (about 4 oz.) 2 tomatoes, cut into wedges 2 hard-cooked eggs, sliced 3/4 cup Wish-Bone® Deluxe French Dressing DIRECTIONS: 1. In salad bowl, arrange all ingredients except Wish-Bone® Deluxe French Dressing; chill. 2. Just before serving, toss with Dressing. Taste Tested Recipe from The Wish-Bone® Kitchens Source: Wish-Bone®
Delusions Grander
Delusions grander than anything you could know fool my weary mind. I am a fucking genius and all that that might imply. 3-31-03
Deluxe Cheeseball
Deluxe Cheeseball 1/2 to 1 pound soft cheddar cheese(found in dairy stores), or cheddar cold pack, room temperature 1/2 pound cream cheese, room temperature 3 ozs. pimiento cream cheese, room temperature 6 to 8 ozs. crumbled blue cheese for salads, room temperature 2 tablespoons freshly grated or dried minced onion 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce Chopped nuts or paprika for garnish Combine all ingredients except nuts or paprika in a large bowl; mix thoroughly with a heavy-duty mixer. Mixture is very thick, so lighter mixers may not be powerful enough unless all cheeses have been at room temperature for quite a few hours. Refrigerate until firm enough to shape into a ball, apple, or even banana shape. Garnish with paprika or nuts; decorate accordingly. Re wrap in plastic wrap; refrigerate until served. yields 12 servings
Delusion Standing in the road Two paths before me The signs clear Like the changing of seasons One bringing pain The other is known painful still for various reasons Words of beauty Have the ring of truth Fall to the wayside When put to the test They hold no substance Without actions The reality is They are like all the rest The clock is ticking Time has told Sadness dwells Truth has been revealed No comfort to be had No friend at my side There is nothing No safety to shield My foot to the path Which way to go The words have dried up The beauty is dead Sadness enfolds For the path of old Understanding has dawned It was only in my head
Delusional Idiot's That Take Things To The Extreme
You know, time after time it just simply amazes me how some idiot's on here take things so seriously. What's annoying is the fact that they try to put their two senses in where it doesnt belong, not to mention which is none of their business anyway. And whats even more disturbing and annoying is when a person has to post blogs and a mumm about it. Simply put people like these are obviously paranoid and delusional...then of course they have their own sheep that will believe everything they say. This is why I love this site, because their reality on here is simply for my entertainment..I truly live for this kind of
Yea, I'm bein a big meanie head today!! Ran across this as I was surfing the fu. Big sexy?? He got the big part right.  
Delusion Of The Vampire
Delusion Of The Vampire I was a vampire. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, vampires do exist. Yes, vampires do drink the blood of mortals for sustenance. NO, I am not crazy. And yes, I am writing this from beyond two graves, for I perished from the species of mortals over 440 years ago, and perished from the species of vampire 11 years ago (or so I believe; that may be incorrect). However, unlike most of my kind, I did not choose to be a vampire; it was thrust upon me by a vampire who did not wish to seek permission to replenish his clan. I never even knew his name, as he was killed by members of his clan for breaking vampire law. And I was therefore pushed most violently into the realm of the undead. Death by vampirism does not come quickly; in fact, if you are unfortunate (or fortunate; it depends on your point of view), you will live until the sun goes nova and demolishes the planet. For with vampirism comes immortality, and with immortality comes the bereavement of the loss of thos
chevyman: well gb Suga Lips: I don't see that happening in this lifetime chevyman: good point but damn ur sexy and i mmmmm want to taste u Suga Lips: Exactly. So how are you tasting lips through your computer? chevyman: haha this is a web site Suga Lips: Does this line actually work on women? chevyman: may i taste ur sweet lips Suga Lips: chevyman: i wanna lick ur lips n not the ones on ur face
Delusion And Paranoia
Are delusion and paranoia fun and/or fun to exploit?  A. Yes B. No C.  You are one mean and weird motherfucker!!!
I wake up this mornin hoping for an answer like I always do,but I see my heart on the floor in nothing but crushed dust.My mind goes blank,and my soul empty.I was a fool to see you as something more than you gave yourself credit for,but I was wrong.You give claims of love,yet it was not there.You put that blindfold over my eyes when i thought I was seeing clearly,and you led me away from the truth.   My mind and soul cry,Cry for what was taken from them.Mind and soul embrase to stay together,For they, together,try to keep heart from disappearing into the wind forever..........Goodbye.
Are some on fubar so delusional as to think the government could possibly get any worse?  A. Yup B. Nope
Delusional Dream Reality
Blackened seas, Darkend skies, A world that resides, Abides in thine eyes.   Dimly painted realm, Lit by eternal light, Full of echoing clamor; Lost souls' last plight.   Crumbling keeps, graze the sky, Listen close, hear the fire's cry, Atop the mountain, hark thy raven's call, Stand your ground, watch these lands fall.   Laws of life don't exist When a world eats itself, Yet continues to thrive without fail, deterioration, or perish.   Only in absurd hysteria, Will you find, A place I call home, This delirious world, By which my heart entwines, And where my blood flows, Cast-upon by moon's glow.  
Delusions           Looking around, and reaching upward,         I finally have found that I have been contained,         captured in a delusion.           A delusion that you actually cared,         and that I mattered to you.         Delusions that I would be missed,         or wondered about at all.           Looking around, and reaching upward,         I pull myself out and look about.         The sun is shining bright.         Funny, how I got used to such darkness.           Now reaching out, I begin to realize,         that the days that are now a daze,         no longer matter, because,         The delusional walls, are coming down.           A delusion that you actually wanted me,         or cared that I lived or died.         Friendship supposedly stronger,         that was a delusion that I believed, too.           Pulling myself up, I am leaving you behind,         wishing things could have turned out non-delusional,         but, before I drown i
Delusions Of Granduer...
there i was sitting on a greenand it came to pass that i did dreamand in that dream i did seeall the drama of things to beof all that is and so has beenthis wicked world in all her sinand in my dream as things unfoldi saw the truths of stories toldhow the Spirit fills and so makes wholeall of us whom pay our tollunto the mighty three of Onethe Father, Ghost, and only Sonand so it is and so i've saidi've seen the place where souls are feda place so grand no words describeyet thou shalt see should thou abidenot laws of reason nor those of mansave those set forth by God's commandfor so it is written and so it shall beyet what a curious vision to come unto me
Delving Into My Dreams?! Who Is She?
The dreams I most often write about are the ones that awake me from their intensely realistic and intimate experience. I just awoke from one. It was a beautiful majestic night.. With a warm breeze that felt magical as the air tingled your senses and stimulated the moment. As I neared the door; my heart raced as the adrenaline soared. This felt more like my first date ever then just our first date. The black leather flat toed euro style shoes I was wearing made a clack sound every step I took on the side walk to her front door. With every sound the tension heightened. Till I got to her door and rang the bell, I could see my own reflection in the glass door that sat in front of the actual front door. The porch light was just enough to make out my dark pants and the light blue, white, and dark blue striped button up. The stripes went from top left to lower right at an angle. Very symbolic to how much I wanted this to be a special night. It was my favorite shirt. Suddenly my con
Delving Into Thyne Self
"How much has to be explored and discarded before reaching the naked flesh of feeling." Debussy, Claude The depth of emotion knows no limit. But what is its purpose? It taunts me with desires that are unattainable. Cursed I may be... methodically analyzing its reason, I find no clarity and no rest along the way. Does one fight the impulses? Or does one embrace it? Does the sand fight the ocean during the constant bombardment of its waves? Or does the sand allow itself to be overcome? NO, it remains quiet during the onslaught. Never speaking of it, even when the ocean roars at it! So that is what I do. I remain quiet during the overwhelming crashes of emotion. I have become numb. I have grown acustomed to the intense pressure. However, even the land land revolts with tremendous quakes and the spewing of poisonous fumes and searing fire. That is its release. Then once again it quiets itself. Therefore, now that I have lurched these fragmented piece
Del Zamora, Star Of True Blood, Is Producing And Directing A Movie, The Last Brown Beret.
Actor/Writer/Director/Producer, Del Zamora, is producing and directing a movie, THE LAST BROWN BERET. An indie movie, starring Daniel E. Mora, Randy Vasquez, Vance Valencia, Elpidia Carrillo, Del Zamora and Ingrid Oliu. Based on the very successful play, "The Last Angry Brown Hat", which toured the USA, playing at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., Yale, Notre Dame, Northwestern, UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley, UNLV, amongst many others. It played to 282 standing ovations, at over 187 universities and colleges, as well as large venues, Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado; Orpheum Theater in Phoenix, Arizona; Wool Warehouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio, Texas; Actor's Alley in North Hollywood, California; Plaza de la Raza in East Los Angeles, California; ARCO Plaza in Los Angeles, California; and a very special show, at the East Los Angeles Juvenile Detention Center, in East Los Angeles, California.   Del has appeared, in over 95 movie
Demand An Apology For President Bush's Comments About Wicca
We the Undersigned demand an immediate and public apology from George W. Bush concerning his demeaning, bigoted comments concerning the legally recognized religion of Wicca (sometimes called Witchcraft). Every citizen in the United States has the unalienable right to religious freedom, as long as religious customs do not harm others. Wicca is NOT devil-worship; it does NOT use animal or human sacrifices; it does NOT promote cultism; and it does NOT seek to destroy the Christian church. It is a peaceful religion centered around love and respect for other human beings and for Mother Nature. Therefore, we demand that our voices be heard; Wicca is a valid religion, and should be treated as such. Discrimination and bigotry will not be tolerated. President Bush, we are waiting.
Demand The Release Of The 911 Pentagon Plane Crash Tapes !
Demand The Release Of The 911 Pentagon Plane Crash Tapes ! PLEASE REPOST We must fill the Internet with a Demand for the RELEASE of the 84 Pentagon 911 Tapes. We need a full court Blitz of the Internet, gang. You can use some of the stuff from below or just add your own stuff. Demand The Release Of The 911 Pentagon Plane Crash Tapes ! So What Is The Pentagon Covering Up About The 911 Chash? The 911 Pentagon Tape Witholding is a Conspiracy Fact ! There is a cover up and a conspiracy by the Bush Administration and the Republicans in Congress and it is a fact, not a theory, other wise the 911 Pentagon tapes would have been released almost 5 years ago. Unbelievable the Bush sheep like followers don't want to see what was on the 911 Pentagon tapes. Now if this had happened under President Gore the Republicans would be demanding the tapes. There is a cover up and a conspiracy by the Bush Administration and the Republicans in Congress and it is a fact, not a the
Demand Public Officials' Lie Detection And Commandment Obedience
what good would that do? this is the truth. followed by some entertaining enlightenment. ...cause i called levin's office yesterday and the day before telling what's up. i said "is prostitution legal in israel, still?" and the faggot on the phone said, "i'm not sure of the context of your there a comment you'd like to leave?" i said, "yes. we will lose the jihad if goe's chosen jews aren't expected to obey and enforce god's commands in israel. then last night i called and demanded to know who was censoring me and obviously plotting to kill me. i haven't heard back yet. call him - 202-224-6221 waroc seizer, john allan tate iii 4 raptor and head crusher of pathetic coward bytch kibbutzim pimp heads '08 and president now! the coward faggot kibbutz pimp jew bytch carl levin and his butt lover buddies probably caused the scare in order to threaten us not to demand prostitution of children be criminalized in israel. go
Demand The Release Of The 911 Pentagon Plane Crash Tapes !
Demand The Release Of The 911 Pentagon Plane Crash Tapes ! PLEASE REPOST We must fill the Internet with a Demand for the RELEASE of the 84 Pentagon 911 Tapes. We need a full court Blitz of the Internet, gang. You can use some of the stuff from below or just add your own stuff. Demand The Release Of The 911 Pentagon Plane Crash Tapes ! So What Is The Pentagon Covering Up About The 911 Chash? The 911 Pentagon Tape Witholding is a Conspiracy Fact ! There is a cover up and a conspiracy by the Bush Administration and the Republicans in Congress and it is a fact, not a theory, other wise the 911 Pentagon tapes would have been released almost 5 years ago. Unbelievable the Bush sheep like followers don't want to see what was on the 911 Pentagon tapes. Now if this had happened under President Gore the Republicans would be demanding the tapes. There is a cover up and a conspiracy by the Bush Administration and the Republicans in Congress and it is a fact, not a the
Demand John Cena And Brooke To Performe Their Music In Youngstown
Demand John Cena in Youngstown, Ohio. To preform his music. Demand Brooke Hogan In Youngstown,ohio
Demand My Outlaw Johhny Rodes
If this does not appear in some windows, please go to its on Johnny page and demand him in your town, feel the heat its Johnny Rodes ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band Date: Jul 31, 2007 10:23 AM
Demand This Aritist To Come To Your City
Demand Carvin Fraser In Your City
Demands And Suggestions
WELL, I got myself an mp3 player for when I exercise. But I don't know what all songs I want to put on it. SO, if you would be so kind as to help me out with some songs that would rock (Y). THANKS =]
Demand Soars For Spicy Cambodian Rat In Garlic
Rats fleeing Cambodia's lower Mekong Delta are being snapped up by hungry, entrepreneurial village children, keen to make cash from a booming trade across the border with Vietnam. August 27, 2008 11:13 PM by Ek Madra PHNOM PENH - Rats fleeing Cambodia's lower Mekong Delta are being snapped up by hungry, entrepreneurial village children, keen to make cash from a booming trade across the border with Vietnam. The price of rat meat has quadrupled in Cambodia this year as inflation has put other meat beyond the reach of poor people. With consumer price inflation at 37 per cent according to the latest central bank estimate, demand has pushed a kilogram of rat meat up to around 5000 riel ($1.28) from 1200 riel last year. Spicy field rat dishes with garlic thrown in have become particularly popular at a time when beef costs 20,000 riel a kilo. Officials said rats were fleeing to higher ground from flooded areas of the lower Mekong Delta, making it easier for vill

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