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A Day At The Nude Beach
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The Day After
the day after i'm one ball in the bucket there missing evey where puddles was a good snowman he always thought about the little flakes if you like it let me know give me a 10 please show me you at least looked at it
The Day After Christmas Nightmare
I work in a one hour photo lab. And its the day after christmas. I believe everyone got a new camera this year. We developed a 100 rolls of film!!!! For the first 4 hours our processor was down due to contamination. Get it started back up and an hour later the printer wants to not scan film anymore. Another hour later we get it back up. It was a HELL of a day. I really think we need to start selling a "how to use your digital camera for dummies" book.. I had 4 people come and yell at me telling me that something was wrong with their digital camera because they can only take 12 pictures with it. WELL YOU NEED TO BUY A MEMORY CARD. Well what is that? they ask me. And dont even get me started on why they cant cut their camera on. DOLLAR GENERAL batteries are NOT going to work in your camera!!! And then the other day a woman tells me i dont have a heart cause i would not sell her a copy of a porfessional picture. I told her that I work for WALMART im not allowed to have a heart. Well she d
Day After Christmas Part 2
Oh. I forgot to mention that i also busted my lip at work!!!!!! Dont ask how but it involves a BROOM!!!
The Day After Always Sucks....
Not in the teenybopper, rebellious, drank-til-ya-puked-and-did-it-again hangover kinda way... this is the silent, introspective kinda way. It was a group of about 9 or 10 of us last night. The connections between friends in this house last night spanned 15 years or more in most cases. And similarly, yet sadly, some of those friendships of 10-15 years ago have disappeared. Some major components in our little circle of friends have faded away, and others have just recently started. It's the way life goes. Some things survive the test of time, and some don't. Is there anything wrong with that? No. Do I dislike being where I'm at now? Far from it. But, as I listen to nothing today but the whir of my PC fan, it really makes me think about things... things I can feel need some attention and a lot of words, but I can't seem to find them today. The noise of friends is gone, the spark of what I planned to write is gone, and in a few years (if all goes as currently planned), it
Day At Disney
some new pictures from my day at Disney World unh9@ CherryTAP
Day At The Beach
Saturday was a special day for me! It has been over six years since I last went to the beach and today, I decided to go for it! We headed to Hollywood Beach and to the Broadwalk. My mom and I left the house around 2pm and started on our drive. The night before, Lisa and I had made a list of topics mom and I could discuss in the car. The whole way there, my heart was completely in my throat! I wasn't nervous at all, but I was anxious so I did my best to keep talking. As we got closer, I asked how far we were and mom mentioned we were only 10 minutes from there so I kept on talking. When we got to be about five minutes from the beach, I took a couple of pictures. Our first stop was to the Marriott hotel that my mom and grandmother stayed at for a few days over the summer. It was really pretty! We just drove up to it and parked in a temporary spot near by so I could head to the beach (just a few feet away). I had brought a container with me to snag some sand so I could always remember
~day And Night~
she of morning sun and blossoms she of twilight glow and enchantment omnipresent is her love whether illuminated of sun, moon or stars her radiance is pervasive and fills my own heart with a warmth compared to none and the proximate distance in which we stand whether in daylight or darkness is relative in nature to shadows standing side by side discerning one from another ~ impossible therein lies the magic between day and night of two as one...
The Day After Having Nothing
Let me out of my cage… I've seen devinity… yet she is out of reach… I feel an affinity towards her… yet out of reach… wanna grab her… yet out of reach…
A Day After Work....(one I Need To Happen)
It is a cold February afternoon, and it has been a long day for me at the office. I pull into the drive and park in the garage. I come in the house with a sigh and hang my keys on their hook and lay my briefcase on the table and walk into the living room. As I round the corn, what do I see? The most stunning woman with brown hair with auburn highlights, the most beautiful golden brown eyes, and a devastatingly wicked smile. She is leaning against the wall, sipping lightly from a martini in her hand. She appears to be wearing one of my white dress shirts and a red tie, but nothing else. The fireplace is reflecting off of her eyes and the glass, and she smiles and runs her finger around the rim and asks in her sexiest voice, "Do you want some?" As I move closer, I say "You have no idea" and take a drink of her martini. It is cold and feels good going down. At that moment, I lean forward and run my tongue up her neck to her ear. I see her neck ripple with goose bumps, not knowi
A Day At The Zoo
A man and his wife were spending the day at the zoo. She was wearing a loose fitting, pink dress, sleeveless with straps. He was wearing his usual jeans and T-shirt. As they walked through the ape exhibit, they passed in front of a large, silverback gorilla. Noticing the wife, the gorilla went crazy. He jumped on the bars, and holding on with one hand and 2 feet, he grunted and pounded his chest with his free hand. He was obviously excited at the pretty lady in the pink dress. The husband, noticing the excitement, thought this was funny. He suggested that his wife tease the poor fellow some more by puckering her lips and wiggling her bottom. She played along and the gorilla got even more excited, making noises that would wake the dead. Then the husband suggested that she let one of her straps fall to show a little more skin. She did... And the gorilla was about to tear the bars down. "Now... Show your thighs and sort of fan your dress at him," he said. This drove t
A Day At The Table
I went over to the big casino today dressed in my black and whites – standard attire for out of work dealers hoping for an audition. Dennis was at the desk. I reminded him that I had dealt in one of the tournaments he supervised there. He remembered me. I told him that I was looking for a job. He told me that there weren't any openings. Then I said, "Well, as long as I'm here, I might as well try my luck at the table." I pushed eighty dollars across the desk and he counted out the chips. "Where would you like to sit?" he asked. Before I could reply, he said, "I'd recommend seat number ten." That puzzled me, but what the hell. "Sure, ten will be fine." He introduced me to the table saying that I was a dealer and had dealt at the firefighter's tournament there last month. After a minute or two, the guy to my right struck up a conversation and seemed to take an interest in me. I replied politely to the questions and eventually took my eyes off the board long enough
The Day After Yesterday
Today i let the person i love most in the world go. I dont know if he will come back. I can only pray. After 8 years what can you do?
A Day At A Time
Love is cold, But it burns from the inside. How are you supposed to know, Wich way is wrong or right? Something that feels so strong, But soon it fades away. You meet someone new, And it feels so strange. You wonder what the feeling is, But it just won't go away. For some reason instead, It grows stronger every day. How do I find out if they feel the same way? And what do you do, If you've already given your heart away? You want to get close to one, Without hurting the other. You tell yourself it's all wrong, Not knowing why it still feels right. What is wrong with me, For feeling this way? I'm afraid if I do anything, I'll end up hurting someone. Maybe I'm just lonely, And it'll all just go away. Or maybe I'm not, And I should just take it day by day. By: Sara Prince March 1, 1997
A Day At The Races
Horses in the race are: 1. Passionate Lady 6. Clean Sheets 2. Bare Belly 7. Thighs 3. Silk Panties 8. Big Johnson 4. Conscience 9. Heavy Bosom 5. Jockey Shorts 10. Merry Cherry And, they're off! Conscience is left behind at the post. Jockey Shorts andSilk Panties are off in a hurry. Heavy Bosom is being pressured. Passionate lady is caught between Thighs and Big Johnson in a very tight spot. At the halfway mark it's Bare Belly on top. Thighs opens up and Big Johnson is pressed in. Heavy Bosom is being pushed hard against Clean Sheets. Passionate Lady and Thighs are working hard on Bare Belly. Bare Belly is under terrific pressure from Big Johnson. At the stretch Merry Cherry cracks under the strain. Big Johnson is making a final drive. Passionate Lady is coming. At the finish, it's Big Johnson giving everything he's got and Passionate Lady takes everything Big Johnson has to offer. It looks like a dead heat but Big Johnson squirts throu
The Day After His Birthday
well my son went to school yesterday and it was as if all the work and effort we put into getting this child to act some what normal was out the window. he refused to work and became so frustrated and belligerent that he ended up being taken to the time out room. he has not been in the time out room for a few months. he was screaming and yelling and throwing himself at the door like he did before the trips to the hospital last fall. no one was called to come and talk to him or take him home. that is ok though, i feel like it helps for them to see his behavior problems, not just me. he of course told them that his dad dropped everything they were doing on his birthday to be with his girlfriend and her brother in the hospital. i was of the mind set that this behavior was only coming out in my presence. in the mind of a child there is always someone to blame for the breakup and all i can figure is it was me. it doesn't really bother me that he is angry with me. i know in time that will p
Day 8 And No End In Site!
I've e-mailed 2 CT bouncers(including scrapper)and still no change in my suspension of stashing items and rating on all of your stashes.Even if someone on Ct support could at least tell me how long my suspensions for.
The Day America Cried
9-11 the day america criedAdd to My Profile | More Videos
A Day At Work.....
She walked into his outer office and saw his secretary sitting there. "Is Mr. Jackson in, Anita?" She glanced up from her computer and smiled at her. "Of course. Would you like me to tell him you're here?" "No, I will just slip in there and surprise him." She walked to his door and straightened her jacket before reaching for the door knob. She walked in and was met with his dark head bent over his desk. "Good afternoon" she said in way of announcing her arrival. He looked up, startled to see her standing in his office at this time of day. "What brings you downtown at this hour?" He asked her, eyeing her jacket. "And what is with the coat? Is it raining out?" He looked out his window and saw blue sky. Her face lit up. "Well, I wanted to show you something." She slowly undid the belt around her waist and let the jacket fall open a little bit, revealing skin and a little bit of black lace. I picked up some new things at the mall the other day and wanted to get your o
The Day After
the wedding was awesome we all had fun. there are some pics on my wifes site but will soon be on mine. have a good day and will talk to ya all later
The Day After
the wedding was awesome we all had fun. there are some pics on my wifes site but will soon be on mine. have a good day and will talk to ya all later
A Day At The Beach
A mother and father took their six-year-old son to a > > nude beach. As the boy > > walked along the beach, he noticed that some of the > > ladies had boobs bigger > > than his mother's, and asked her why. She told her > > son, "The bigger they are > > the dumber the person is." Pleased with the answer, > > the boy goes to play in > > the ocean but returns to tell his mother that many > > of the men have larger > > parts" than his dad. His mother replied, "The bigger > > they are the dumber the > > person is." Satisfied with this answer, the boy > > returned to the ocean to > > play. Shortly after, the boy returned again. He > > promptly told his mother, > > Daddy is talking to the dumbest girl on the beach > > and the longer he talks, > > the dumber he gets."
A little pang of nostalgia strikes unexpectedly. You used to have it so good -- or did you? Once this mood wears off, reexamine whatever it is you think you miss. Your conclusions might surprise you. Alright, so i was getting on to write a blog about a friend of mine from HS that just called me about an hour ago. {Jeremiah} He's the sweetest guy i've EVER known... when I read my scopy and saw the nostalgia strike part... So tonight at midnight (NC) I will be in The Hidden Temple lounge and I have to say that the first songs are for my Jeremiah... yeppers that's right MY Jeremiah... {he knows it, accepts it, & acknowledges it} So 2night for him it's Dust onthe Bottle for the roadtrips back in High School, and Jeremiah was a bullforg... ;) LOVE YOU BABES!!
A Day At The Races
Three couples are at the local horse races & the men are wondering what number horse to bet on. While thinking about what to do, one man suggests that they all go to the restroom & measure the size of their dicks, add the sizes together, & that would be the number of the horse they would bet on. Deciding that this was an innovative idea, they went off of the men's toilet. Inside, the first man says "Mine's 6 inches", the second man says "Mine's 4 inches, so that totals 10", & the third guy says "Mine's 2 inches, so that brings the total to 12". So they exit the toilet & put all their money on horse number 12. Sure enough, horse number 12 strides in front of all the rest to the finish line. So off they went to collect their winnings. Then came the problem of how they were going to split the money. While thinking, the first man says, "Mine was 6 inches so I should get 60%". Thinking along the same line, the second man says "Mine was 4 inches so I should get 40%". No
A Day Away
Woke up at 3 this morning to loud crashes of thunder and lots of beautiful bolts! Thought about taking some pictures, but damn I was tired and had to get up early today as we were going on a little road trip. We drove 4.5 hours north-east to Show Low, AZ. It was beautiful, all the pine trees and green everywhere. Not to mention the temp. it was 71 degrees at 1pm! It only got up to around 84 by 4pm. We had light scattered showers too. We didn't stay long, and the trip home we got hit HARD by rain....all the way until we hit our city line, then nada! Nothing that is except dust, dust and more dust! So much you couldn't see a cars length in front of you. However when we got out of the van it was so nice outside. The kind of weather you would want to sit outside in. So the little road trip was because our friend had his 3rd interview up there and we are sure he has the job, we just want to make sure they can afford to live up there. We're actually thinking about making the move
Day At The Beach
Was a good day yesterday. I am paying for it now, I am mad tired. So, do I go to Baltimore Beach and play or stay home and chill. Thinking I need to chill!
The Day After Tomorrow...happening Now!
The apocalypse draws closer. I, for one, say yay! World gripped by extreme weather By Edward Gay New Zealand Herald If you found yourself treading water in Northland or Hawkes Bay over the last two weeks, spare a thought for the citizens of New York where it's so hot, the city has opened 290 "cooling centres." The facilities provide respite for New Yorkers who can't afford air conditioning in temperatures which are in the high 30s with humidity. At the other end of the scale, there are reports from across the Tasman that some parts of New South Wales were colder than Antarctica yesterday. At the Thredbo skifield, the wind chill temperature plummeted to 28 below zero. Sydney had its coldest night in 21 years, dropping to less than 4C according to the Sydney Morning Herald. In Japan, the worst typhoon in decades hit the country last weekend. More than 30 people are reported injured. Winds gusts of up to 185kmh and 12m waves were reported crashing into the coast by the BBC
A Day At The Vet's
A Day At The Vet's One day a man took his poodle to the veterinarian. As he walked into the waiting room, he noticed a very attractive young woman with her Great Dane. He sits next to her, trying desperately to think of *something* to say to this woman. The best he can come up with is, "That's a big dog." She smiles, and leans over to pat his dog on the head. She turns and says, "Yes, he is. Now, what's wrong with your little dog?" He replies, "Well, he's a male dog, you see. And whenever we have company over, he trys to introduce various bits of himself to their shins. It's become a problem, so I'm here to take care of it." "So, why are you and your really big dog here?" He's really hitting it off with her! "Well, my dog is male too. I have the same problem with him: when I bend over in the kitchen, he jumps up behind me, puts his paws on my shoulders and, well,..." "Oh, yes, I see," the man interrupts. "So you're hear to get him fixed too?" "Oh no,... to get his
A Day At The Beach
Qty. Ingredients 1 1/2 oz. Coconut Liqueur 1 oz. Amaretto 1/2 oz. Grenadine Fill Orange Juice Glass type: Highball Directions: Pour all but Grenadine into a highball glass with ice. Fill with Orange Juice and stir. Grenadine can be floated on top.
A Day At The Office
Some days I feel like this...
Day At The Pt
hello , well the 28th i had to go get my knee looked at now lol I got to go to pt I found out the dr in morgantown just didnt want to mess with me ....... now i was told my knee cap is on the left side of my knee, she asked me why he didnt do anything about it other than sending me to pt.. I told him about the grinding in my knee but he tells me that is normal lol thats bull ........ now the pt tells me that my knee cap is on my knee bone grinding both bones and the band is way to tight that is pulling my knee cap to the side . neatless to say my other knee is doing the same thing from the way i have to walk to make it not crack and pop ,grind and i got something coming on the back side that on the bottom of knee cap you know tha dr's use them rrrrrreeeeeeaaaalllllll long words that dont make sience to me lol and i got to wear the brace i got till she get's the knee stronger and she said something about a j brace don't ask me what that is but i was told that them are not fun to have l
Day At The Zoo
Today I took my Little Sister to the Zoo. I capitalized that not because I don't understand capitalization rules, but because she is my assigned Little Sister through the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program. Now, let me be absolutely clear on something. I am not a Big Sister because it makes me feel all self-righteously pleased with myself for Giving Back to the Community. (Although I do feel that way, in the darkest depths of my being. Shush, Oh Self-Righteously Pleased Part of Myself. I don't like you!) I am not a Big Sister so that I can put that in my online profiles and people can compliment me on Giving Back to the Community (although they do). I am, in fact, a Big Sister because hanging out with a happy, cool kid is fun. Especially a cool kid who is appreciative of every opportunity to do something a little different, even if it involves slave labor helping Big Sister make ten dozen Christmas cookies. Not that I'd ever make my Little Sister do that, of course.
The Day After
Ok day after the Big Bday....and i sit here pondering..... am i in the wrong should I lighten up and give people slack or should I realize who matters and who does....I have a friend that did come online yesterday but never bothered to speak...yet I recieve a phone call tonight saying have girl whats up just wanted to wish you a late happy bday hope you had a nice day etc etc..... I was kind of short in my in yea it was ok and thanks...then they could tell I was upset and their mood changed...and now im sitting here thinking im the bad guy......yet at the same time I cant help but think if your important to a person they make an effort on there side as i wrong how do I keep getting in these one sided friendships......Clearly its starting to feel like its me.....I mean im like the kind of person that likes to give....but I do like to get once in it to much to expect a phone call or an email from a person that is suppose to be a friend on your special
Day 4 Again
yup it is day 4 again slid 24 hours kinda bummed but it is all good lol i still leaving. first beer hmmmmm chase women lol oh my.
The Day After
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: BIG POPPA PUFF Date: September 17, 2007 1:36 PM Body: ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: The Old Geezer Date: September 17, 2007 1:30 PM Body: Were really not too far away from this becoming reality with those two warmongering madmen sitting on the throne in Washington D.C. Enjoy! From: lysistrata Date: September 17, 2007 1:13 AM Body: Thanks to Taking Back America for the bed time story.
Day And Night
Anymore my days are extremely long, but my nights are even longer. My headaches hurt constantly and sometimes it's just too much to bare. Kids yelling and fighting. Stresses of life.....but then again.....God is beside me and thinks will get better. It's always hard when you are used to someone being there and then all of the sudden they are gone. I will overcome and I know this. Always have in the past and always will in the future. My goal is to get back on track and do the best I can for my or no man (which will more than likely remain the latter) and for myself. And if I can help anyone whom has to go through these similar things, then I will do so. I'm a good friend. Well, my older two are supposed to go to their dad's tonight so will be lonesome. Guess I'll be in bed Good evening to you all and may God bless anyone who reads these.
A Day And The Life Of Me
Well ok time to start this lil journal thingy up. I am new to doing this but hell like everything else i am willing to try it out....i just do not want to be one of those weirdo, emo people. OK so here we go.... As all my friends know already i half way cut my lil finger off in a tragic family fishing trip and had to have surgery to reconnect some tendons on the 5th of October...well here i am now still with stiches in it and i am typing like a champ. This weekend i went to my National Guard Drill weekend ( lol i went from being a fulltime soldier to being a weekend warrior) and used my shitty hand to go shoot my 16 for weapons qualification. i did all right i shot 36 out of 40 and did better than most of the people that had use of both their i am settling well having not shot a perfect 40 out of 40. My life is getting a little chaotic..i need to find a place to stay soon and i need to get a better job...changing oil sucks ass and i know i can do better and ge
Day 1 + 2 At New Job
okaaayy.. this will be my work report.... i started a job at monday... its hard to explain what i do cuz i kinda do everything and nothing haha ... anyways... first when i came there everything was closed and i had to fucking stand outside for fuckin 20 minutes freezing my ass off.. well when i saw my new boss i was kinda shocked cuz i knew him from an internship i did 1 year ago and i didnt really like him but we take what we get, right? lol so first he was telling me about the rooms and the history of the company and blaaah blaaah it was my first day so we started slow and i had to sign freaking 1 billion papers and i almost fell asleep when i did that cuz it was always the same..well my boss said the next day we will more exciting things.. so there we go... tuesday... this time i had to be at work at 9 am ( 1 hour later) but he still let me wait 15 minutes in the cold lol... so he said wednesday i can come between 9 am and 10 am lol anyways... i had to finish my freaki
Day After
Well..... lol, everything went good. We all had a great time but Im pretty sure we wont be doing it again. Im pretty much happy with the way me and Bob have sex and having sex with other guys just sucks. Most men just dont know what a girl needs!! So, Ive decided Im a 1 dick and LOTS of pssy girl!!! lol But, it worked. Bob got hard. We fucked this morning. And everything seems to be getting back to normal. Thank again to all my girls. Love you all...... Tina
Day After Day
Doesn't it piss you off when you have arranged with someone to do something for them, and they don't turn up..Fuck. What is the matter with the human race..People just don't give a fuck anymore, even when they themselves had made the arrangemnets..I give up..I just feel used and abused..not a phone call or nothing, just dont turn up,,and the next time you make contact,the person starts off by saying, " Ohhh!!, Where were you? "..Bloody hell,!! is that a friend, or what ? or is it someone who just goes out of their way to pretend to be one..Not genuine..
A Day At The Mall
I started the afternoon dreading what I had to do next. I knew I needed to go to the mall for a few items, and I had put the trip off for as long as I possibly could. I hated the mall. I hated the crowds and I hated shopping. It would not be bad if I only had to go to one store, but I knew I had at least a few stores I had to visit. After visiting one of the big department stores in the mall, I walked out into the main mall area. I walked by a few stores, absently looking into each of them. I walked by Victoria's Secret and looked into the store. It was then that I saw Jean. She was standing at a table looking through the boy shorts and thongs that had been laid out there. I watched her as she picked up one and then another, holding them up and feeling the fabric with her fingers. With each pair, I imagined what she would look like wearing them. Jean picked out 3 pairs of boy shorts and 2 pairs of thongs. As she continued to look around the store, I got by first good look at her.
Day 1 (a Bit Behind) page) Chapter One Sabrina. Cold. Wet. Very windy. No weather for a cat. Home. Lights. Run. Thunk! Meooooowch! Pain! Huh? I see the light. Run. Thunk! Again? Why? Back to steps. Now what? Mew. Help? Mew Hands. Flying. Warm Thing. Warm. Drying. Nice. Zzzzzzz, The tall, athletic girl looked at the sleeping feline and shook her head. Definitely a dim bulb in the chandelier, if not the dimmest. Glass was simply a foreign concept to the ball of fluff, and at least a half dozen times, she had seen the silly thing bash itself against the windows. The sole survivor of a rough birthed litter, Sabrina was a sweet little thing, but honestly, probably was not going to make a very good familiar. Which was going to make the school year a rough one for the teenager. Once again she mentally kicked herself for being a bleeding heart. Fortunately, familiars weren't a crucial part of this year's curriculum, but either Sabrina smartened up or she was
The Day After Thanksgiving
Well I hope evryone had a good thanksgiving.If you ask me I dont want to look at any food for awhile. Have a nice day.
The Day After Thanksgiving
Well another Thanksgiving has gone by.I survied another year.The only time the family gets togther and talks a bunch of bullsh**t about the ones that are not there.everyone has at least one family member that does nothing but complain.So my advise to everyone that has one of these family members. Make the sit at the kids table.
The Day At The Beach
It was a very hot day so i thought ui would go down to the beach and take a dip to cool down some.There was a empty spot under a tree, so i through my blanket down and organized the rest of my stuff before going into the water. I noticed ths very handome, well built man watching me. I didn't pay him to much attention at the beginning i went into the water to take my swim. After a few minutes i got a real bad cramp in my leg, and before i knew it that man that was lookin at me earlier was now carrying me back to the shore. I was kind of embarrassed by this point, he laid me gently on my blanket and then in a very deep sexy voice asked if i was ok now. I managed to mumble a very low yes and thanked him for his help. Without asking if i minded, he started rubbing my leg and working the cramp out. I couldn't help but stare at him, his body was so beautiful he looked like a fitness model straight from a magazine, huge bi-ceps, the finest chest i had ever seen, and eyes so dar
A Day At The Waterfall
This was given to me by a sexy friend of mine named TW Thank You ;) A DAY AT THE WATERFALL Looking out my window, it looked like a perfect day for my weekly picnic. I packed the basket with some finger foods. Some fresh strawberries and, a bottle of champaign. Ten minutes later and I was on my way to the waterfall on the river. I love coming here, it is always so peaceful. I have been coming here once a week for a year and I have never seen anybody here. Just the sounds of the waterfall and the birds fill the air. I move to the river and lay my blanket out on the grass. I lay back with my hands under my head and watch the clouds go by. As I lay there, my mind starts to wander. I dream of past lovers, things I have done and things that I still want to do. As I dream, I can feel the heat building in my pussy. I can feel the moisture seeping from between my hot lips soaking my panties. I let my fingers start down my body. Traveling across my belly, going lower and lower unti
The Day After Christmas ..
It was the day after Christmas at a church in San Francisco. The pastor of the church was looking over the crčche when he noticed that the baby Jesus was missing from among the figures. He hurried outside and saw a little boy with a red wagon, and in the wagon was the figure of the little infant Jesus. So he walked up to the boy and said, "Well, where did you get your passenger, my fine friend?" The little boy replied, "I got Him at church." "And why did you take Him?" The boy explained, "Well, about a week before Christmas I prayed to the little Lord Jesus and I told Him if He would bring me a red wagon for Christmas I would give Him a ride around the block in it." MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!
Day At The Movies
So i took my children to go see alvin and the chipmunks movie.. and needless to say it's funnier then the trailer lets it to be... so it's a good family movie to watch. but the events that happened after the movie is what got on my nerves really bad. I had grown women make my daughter cry for ten minutes straight because the wind pulled the door out of my 6 year old's grasp and it cause our door to scratch a less then one inch length mark in this car and that lady made my daughter feel as if it was completely intentional but it was not. it was a mere accident that is all it was. but that is all i am talking about because if i keep talking about it i am going to get more and more pissed about it...
Day After And The Party Is About To Begin In 4 Days
The Day After
Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house, Every creature was hurting-- even the mouse. The toys were all broken, their batteries dead; Santa passed out, with some ice on his head. Wrapping and ribbons just covered the floor, while Upstairs the family continued to snore. And I in my T-shirt, new Reeboks and jeans, Went into the kitchen and started to clean. When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the sink to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, Tore open the curtains, and threw up the sash. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a little white truck, with an oversized mirror. The driver was smiling, so lively and grand; The patch on his jacket said "U.S. POSTMAN." With a handful of bills, he grinned like a fox Then quickly he stuffed them into our mailbox. Bill after bill, after bill, they still came. Whistling and shouting he called them by name: "Now Dillard's
A Day At Sea
After the Park you told me how excited playing in public made you.We decided to try it one more time, you decided you wanted a boat ride. So we decided to take a day cruise. You were dressed in a sexy yellow sundress no panties and a half bra,I was in lose fitting Short's and tshirt. As we boarded the boat you grabbed my hands telling me to kiss you we kissed passionately as the other passengers walked around us.I could tell just the thought of being in public excited you we walk to the upper deck figuring less people would be up there this early. Up on deck we found a corner you began kissing me hard as your hands made there way to my shaft already hard from your excitement kissing me you slide your hand into my shorts stroking me telling me how much you wanted to play today. Sliding to your knee's you slide my shorts up exposing my hard shaft leaning in you tease me with your tongue. Flicking the tip of it across the head tasting the pre cum already pooling around it. You t
A Day At The Office
A Day At The Beach
Take my hand And dream with me Remembering life The way it should be Hanging at the beach My face in the sun I look over at you The love has just begun Sitting together Sharing a touch Sharing a blanket And kisses full of so much Sitting in the sun You take my hand A gesture of love Our toes in the sand When you’re holding me close Nothing can compare When I’m with you I belong there Swaying to the music Closing my eyes Sharing a kiss Makes me realize I belong with you And you with me To share life together The way it should be dilliness 060107
Day 2 And Day 3 Have Passed... Whew!
No, it isn't without some laughs as I race through Walmart 20 mins to airtime on my 2nd day to change out my headset so that I can be heard personally over the air as well as the music this time. The 3rd day (today) was much more smoothly. Headset (check) Playlist (check) Connect to DJ (check) and Play!!!!! :) I am loving this a little more and more each day. Just another way for me to vent my idle time in a constructive learning experience way. After all, much of what I love to do in my spare time (ie blogging) I have been doing for more than 5 years now. It is time to add a spark of new interest in my life (especially since I have no boyfriend here to distract me... lol....). I hope that you will try to tune in and continue to offer me some support..... My next airtime will be SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9th, from 11a-2pm CST. Normal airtimes scheduled -- Thursday - 5p-8p CST Friday - 2p-5p CST Saturday - 11a-2p CST xoxox DJ DEVINE BLUE
Day After My Bday
So on thursday they decide to send me home early from Germany due to a design issue with all the satellites that they wont be able to fix quickly. This delays the launch yet again. I also find out on thursday from the realtor that I rent from that the owner of the house has been receiving the money but not paying his mortgage and I will have 3 weeks to move out. I land back in Dulles friday evening. No time to set up anything for my bday on saturday so I spent it vegging with the cat. Got up early today to find out work would like me in tonight to do a 12hr hour shift. (Cool with me since I have no life) So this week I must file taxes, find a new place to live and get my car looked at cause its doing some funny shit. This is not what I thought 32 would be like.
Day After Day - Savatage
I remember finding out about you Every day my mind is all around you Looking out of my lonely room Day after day Bring it home, baby make it soon I give my love to you I remember holding you while you sleep Everyday I feel the tears that you'd weep Looking out from my lonely gloom Day after day Bring it home, baby make it soon I give my love to you Looking out of my lonely room Day after day Bring it home, baby make it soon I give my love to you I remember finding out about you Everyday my mind is all around you Looking out of my lonely room Day after day Bring it home, baby make it soon I give my love to you Day after day Day after day Day after day
The Day At The Parking Lot
I know I write a lot about messes I've gotten into, but, ya know, they stand out in my mind!! I used to live in Gainesville, Georgia. Its a very hilly town, the houses are built into the slopes and the streets are steep. There was a supermarket I used to go to that was on top of a hill and the parking lot was built on the slope of the hill. It was steep. I was 8 months pregnant with my second child and my first child was 2 years old. I had found a parking spot near the entrance of the store, way at the top of the hill. I came out with a shopping cart loaded with groceries and headed for my van. My two year old was sitting in the child section of the cart. I got to my van and the gravitational pull on the cart was pretty intense, I was at the top of the slope. I had to prop the cart against the van to keep it from rolling down the hill. Well, the first thing I did was take my two year old out and put her in her car seat. I got her buckled in and then turned to t
A Day At Fenway: Time Lapse
One Day At Fenway - Letus Extreme Film - Time Lapse - HDTV from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.
The Day After
This is the day after i met in person my MASTER and i just can't get HIM off my mind. This is the day after i met in person my MASTER and i still feel as though i am on cloud nine. This is the day after i met in person my MASTER and i have not stopped smiling all day. This is the day after i met in person my MASTER and talk of HIM is all i seem to be able to say. This is the day after i met in person my MASTER and my mind keeps playing over and over the last 2 days. This is the day after i met in person my MASTER and i still can't believe the love i felt and still feel in so many ways. This is the day after i met in person my MASTER and when i awoke this morning i was almost afraid that it was all just a dream. This is the day after i met in person my MASTER and from the roof tops my love for HIM i just want to scream! This is the day after i met in person my MASTER but it is only the first of many glorious days to come..... for now MASTER and sub are truly one.
Day 3 (almost Over) *someone New?*
my mom always told me... that for every man that blows into your life theres three more waiting for that one to fuck up so they can come blowin in too... one of the last things asshole-a-rific said to me was that i had a lot of admirers and that i'd find someone new... how very right he was... how silly of me... ive been dumped i'm not dead... and even though i feel rotten about myself apparently no one but me sees that.... at he end of this very strange day... i am thinking how very right he was... i am still really hurt and sick about the whole thing.... i still don't believe it really happened... keep staring at my phone... soo dissapointed to not hear the song... the song that first night when he asked me to be his girlfriend... and he asked them to play this song and dedicate it to me... i dont hear it anymore.. and the thing is instead of feeling nauseated by each passing hour that i DONT hear it... i'm more relieved.. more relaxed.... every few hours i feel something tug at my h
Day 5!!!! All Over Now!! !yay!!!!!!!!!!
*BIG DEEP BREATH* five days later.............. and i am happier than i have ever been..... still not eating.. but thats just stress....but i am exceedingly happy.... and here's why... i have someone who is amazing... not psychotic, not deranged, not a jerk.... wouldn't even THINK about calling me a whore or a slut.... and doesn't act like a total child.... and he's hot lmao....omg.... he is insanely hot... and he makes me smile... i dont worry that a guy comes in the lounge and tells me i'm beautiful that hes gonna go off on ME for the guy whos looking at me.... i know the man i'm with now.... will just say..."she is isn't she" and thats it.... i dont have to worry about us breaking up and him getting all his friends... to come to my page and try to hurt me... or to my lounge.... it's like i said yesterday....uhh hello... we broke up whyvthe fuck would i care who he's with? he's ur problem now... i don't care what he does or who he's with or who he fucks or what he tells ya'll.... soo
3 Day Auction Cum Own Momma
The Day After
I drank a little too much last night, got into a fight with an ex *Shawn* because he was just plain stupid last night. He shows up at my Aunt's house I'm already wasted and I wanted to get to the bottom of what the fuck his problem was with me. This guy as I have said before is 20 years old and last night I thought he was 15 again. This stupid fuck told me, "I just didn't want a girlfriend at the time." That was his "legit" reason for how we broke up. Which was him answering the phone and once he realized it was me hung up. I'm only 18 and I know that was a pretty fucked up way of saying I don't want a girlfriend. I would have at least talked to him about it and told him it was over. I know guys don't always have a way with words, but come on. This was the most immature act any of them can take. I shouldn't have drank as much as I did last night because I decided to walk home in a bad part of town by myself. Not exactly one of my best decision, but nothing happened and my frie
A Day At The Office
so im at work last night, smokin a cigarette outside.... when i see a group of people walkin by about 50 yards away....and i see one go towards these bushes and i got to watch him GET SPRAYED BY A SKUNK!!! i started laughin so hard i almost pissed myself while watching this guy scream and cry until.... he starts fuckin puking!!! apparently this skunk had a bad case of hot sick ass from eatin too much taco bell out of the trash or sumthin and let this dude have it full blunt force right in his fuckin mouth. his friends were all standin about 30 yards away from him while hes cryin his fuckin eyes out!!! i couldnt stop laughin. then one of his friends calls a fucking ambulance.... this is where i cant breathe anymore between laughin so hard and the smell of hot sick taco bell ridden skunk ass wafting towards me... so the ambulance shows up, an emt pops out, gets about 10 feet of the guy and STARTS FUCKING PUKIN!!!! if i had a video camera i soo woulda youtubed this shit... they're tandem
The Day After Shots
Yesterday, I took the day off from work, and went to IVCH to get shots into my back, in the hopes that they reduce the herniation, helping it heal, and then leaving my poor nerve alone, thus giving me some pain relief. When I went in, I was really hurting, probably a 7 on a scale of 10. I hadn't slept well, which I'm sure added to it, but it was acting snarky the day before, so I wasn't all that surprised. So we got there early, so I could register, which went rather smoothly. And the girl who coordinates who you register with is just smoking hot. I think that they put her there for guys like me, to totally take my mind off of what was going to happen. So then I went over to the Pain Clinic, and filled out a few forms, and waited for ten minutes or so. Then the wonderful nurse came, and took me back, and I got prepared for Dr Clok. So when he came in, he was a little older than me, and I liked him immediately. He put me at ease immediately. He explained what he
The Day After A Failed Attempt
The Day After Thanksgiving And Why I Hate It
well, there are many reasons, mainly my family's apparent curse for the day after one of my favorite holidays, it started a few years ago, when we got robbed at gunpoint, my dad, my sister, me, and my cousin in my aunt's driveway, another one i broke my ankle, another my husband got arrested and taken to jail for a month over a 25 dollar ticket and his sentence for non payment was a week, that was it, he got out right before christmas, and on top of it, what caused him to get arrested was driving me home from the hospital witha cyst. He had no driver's liscense but i wasn't about to let my dad come in during a pelvic exam either and i NEED someone in the room when I'm going through that. He got all of that taken care of this year, paid his dues and whatnot, but seriously why the hell should I want to leave the house on black friday because it's apparent that every black friday will not only be black, but bleak! I'm terrified to drive home after thanksgiving dinner, because I have no
Day After Xmas Party
So, in the attempt at turning my home into the bachelor pad that it is to become, Nick and I moved the Air Hockey table in today. FYI - if you ever have to move a full size air hockey table into a second floor apartment, fuck - make sure to have more than two people doing it. I felt like I just boxed 12 rounds with Mike Tyson in his prime after carrying that thing up the stairs. By the middle of the week, I'll have the table situated to where I want it in my spare room, and hopefully have my dartboard up as well. Rock Band 2 will be going on in the living room. BYOB...or better yet - BJSJ (Bring Jay Some Jagermeister) I'm thinking we'll start around six or so, and rock well into the night. -j.
The Day After
My nice clean house is a mess... so it is back to normal. :) I had cleaned all day last Saturday.. and until yesterday is was relatively clean. Yesterday Pluto knocked about 5 or 6 balls off the tree. His toys are mostly in little pieces as well. He is funny.. there is just 1 toy he is gentle with.. the rest he has always chewed into little bits immediately. I picked David up at 2:30 yesterday. The ex finally called me 9:30 Christmas Eve about the time. Funny how she says she didn't get any messages the whole week before. David got a few games for XBox, and an IPOD Touch.. and then a few smaller things. At this point he is still sleeping on the futon in the living room where he fell asleep. Christmas Eve was the usual.. church and then home. I played my trumpet in a small brass group as always. One of these years i will get it out more than a few days ahead of time and really get in shape to play. My gifts were simple and things I needed.. like a space heater to he
Day At The Office
the job Current mood: contemplative Category: Writing and Poetry He drives to work day in and day out. While he's on his way to his job his mind is racing with thoughts of what if. Walking in things seem different today the air is thick and heavy you could almost cut it with a butter knife. 3 hours later the tension is bout to explode he removes himself out of his current location and into a safe location his instincts are telling him to get out. 10 minutes later it happens it kicks off. They are going crazy yet he maintains his cool. This is HIS building and these guys are NOT getting out. What is this man you ask, well he's a correctional officer NOT a prison guard. Yes thats what most people know him as but he's a proffesional. They are getting worse the middle wing is on fire and they are trying to break the glass on the emergency exit. Calmly he gets back on the radio J-3 to radio picket. Radio picket comes back Radio picket go ahead J-3. He keys up and calmly says rad
3 Day Auto 11 Extravaganza
POST New Years Auto 11 Bling-Bux-Rama 3 DAY Event!!! Cherries, Bux, and Bling !!!! Chiina_Whiite Auto 11 Today 12 pm Fu Time - Running Thru Saturday 3 Chances to Be a Winner: Bling Race FuBux Drawing Daily Random Drawing RACE, RACE, RACE! 5 pm Fu Time(8 EST)-Race is On. FIRST 3 to completely rate the 550 pic Bling-A-Rama II Folder will win a 3 CREDIT BLING Comment Last Pic & Private Message me. The Grand Prize Drawings Over 5 Mil in Prizes: Rate ALL EZ RATE 100 pic & Default folders and you will be entered into a drawing to receive one of three Grand Prizes. 3 Million Fubux 1.5 Million Fubux 750k Fubux Plz Private Message me upon completion. Rates Reset After 48 hours Rate Twice & Receive 2 Bonus Entries in Drawing
Day At The Zoo
I was looking a someone's photographs of tigers in a zoo. It reminded me of a news story that happened maybe 2 years ago. A guy and his friends were at a zoo in California on the day the tiger broke out of its pen. One guy was killed. What a way to die! People don't go to the zoo often. Its an occasional thing. One day you wake up and say, hey, let's go to the zoo, it'll be nice, it'll be fun. You just have a hankerin' to go to the zoo. You buy a hot dog, wander around, buy an ice cream. You don't think that on this day, of all the days the zoo has been in existence, that this is the day the tiger will get out of its habitat. On this day that the tiger broke out, you will be the nearest person to the tiger's pen. This is the day you get torn to pieces by a wild animal in the heart of an urban city. This is the day you die. He just wanted a fun day at the zoo!
The Day After Emancipation
The Day After Emancipation That magic moment when Abraham Lincoln’s pen finished moving over the paper, his signature now permanently affixed to the Emancipation Proclamation, all slaves held within the entirety of the United States were immediately freed. From that moment onward, every other issue that might have existed as sources of conflict between the Northern and Southern States became moot, nothing more than side-show grievances. The remaining battles that were fought were with the united goal of ensuring and securing this all-encompassing document. Upon the completion of hostilities, the 13th Amendment was passed as a mere formality to support what was at once a universally held truth. Each former slave, now freed and able to enjoy all the fruits of citizenship, began taking full advantage of all such franchise offered. Turning their former labor of servitude into prosperous, self-determined labor, each freed slave, with their forty acres and their mule, built a rich an
A Day At Work -rough Day
First of all you may had gotten an fumail from me on this already.. and yes i know i cant spell but i dont care right now... so and sorry for the rant in advance i had to drive all day... had to hand unload material to job site... ( i work for a lumber yard. My main job is office.. i am the credit manager..but i do alot of other stuff also) but today was worse... my last load was a hand unload.. but turns out the dumb ass in the office desided to send to much material out to this one job and not enough of some other wood so my job was to take the materical out to the job. and hand unload it. john (the dumb ass) doesnt tell me that there is also a major (truck load and I am talking about a lumber truck load) of material that I have to load back on to the truck. I lifted on that one job by myself over 7000lbs of wood... stuff that weighed over 150lbs at a time carring it over 100+ft and lifting it up on myu truck... i am sooooo sore and tired..
Day And Night
"Day and night I toss and turn, I keep stressing my mind, mind I look for peace but see I don't attain..."
Day After Surgery!
Got at the hospital around 6 something in the morning, they had me in a room before going back into the holding area untill it was time to get the surgery done. Really thought that I was going to freak out however I took it better than what I had expected, things went very well from what the doctor told John & my Mother cause I was so out of it that I was an still unable to remember much of what had happen although I'm paying for it today, my back hurts from where they put the spinal block and my pussy is killing me from the sleeve they had to place in there for the interal treatments, anyways just thought I'd let ya'll know what I came out o.k.... An hopefully I will be back up and be able to talk with my lovely friends...   Kisses & Huggesss!!!
A Day At The Beach
My heart pounds faster in my chest, It feels weak, yet pumps without rest, I'm falling away, drifting with the outgoing tide, As i sit, moving with the water, i feel myself wanting to hide. Floating there, bouncing up and down, Seeing an end to the waves, i lose my frown, Enjoying the still water, with a fresh ocean breeze, Warm, clean sunlight begins to put my mind at ease, With my mind clear, and future a big thing on my list, There is still something my world cannnot resist. It puts a smile on my face, Something so hard to replace, My happiness, it grows as the sun begins to set, I may be alone, because i havent found my one yet, Pondering, touching the soft, cool sand, I reach out longing to hold your hand. Yes you, a beauty beyond which words can describe, Not just the smile that brightens my world, but whats inside. The features most people overlook or just dont see, It makes you who you are, and that means alot to me. Now with the moon lighting my room, eyes
A Day At A Time.
One day at a time is enough... Don't look back and grieve the past, it's gone... Don't be troubled about the future, it has not yet come... Live in the present and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering.
Day 2 And 3
I skipped a day...but I'm catching it up now. Today, the cops showed up to check out a child abuse complaint, I then had to spend an hour explaining that I had given my son a suppository. The neighbors heard him sobbing hysterically "Daddy, why did you put that in my butt? It hurts." My neighbor had heard and thought I was raping my son. FML   Today, while reading some chemistry notes I came across the term "solid water". Completely stumped, I asked myself "what the hell is solid water??". Then I heard my little cousin say "ice". I'm a 4th year science major in university. He still checks the closet for monsters. FML  
The Day After
The day after the worst day I have ever had I think.I dont have much feeling in me today>Life has delt me a hard blow and now the work of repair begins . As this day moves forward i must be dilagent as i go through changes that may or may not be synonomous to life as i know it at this time .You can only mean the word forever one time in you life with someone  that really counts .everything else never really did .I will be live always at crossroads lounge,evenings and weekends,sometimes during the day as well and this page becomes a diary please read every day a new post will always be here .
The Day After Jerm 33
last night was to say the least memorable. friends and family were there to celebrate my birthday with me. i am grateful. even if it seemed like the cactus and whatever other party time aids were puttin me sideways. i guess when it is your get to choose what to i chose alot of stuff. all in the confines of my own room and backyard. paranoia overwelmed me for a bit but it went away. i had a good time though. i got to know someone  even more as well. and...i think that was the best gift i got. not to put anyone else down but in all honesty finding out more about this person is what i will remember the most. im happier now that i know this person and she knows me. and that to me is an awesome gift. birthday or not. a real person in a fake world. along with being a wonderfully positive and passionate beautiful woman. and to think i was told there we'rent any real women on here. i guess that was proved wrong. haha...woops. no need to BE right...if i
The Day After Yesterday
Today is the day after yesterday And yesterday didn't go so well My love came down and assured me Sit down I have something to tell When I met you my eyes hurt That is how beautiful you are I don't suppose I could feel this way If I'd still have you by my side By my side I did not anticipate your candour Even though I didn't know you too well They say one door closed is another door open But this door is leading me to Hell When I met you my eyes hurt That is how beautiful you are I don't suppose I could feel this way If I'd still have you by my side By my side I'm just broken up I'm caving in That is how tired I am I don't suppose I could feel this way
A Day At My Job. As Told Through Jello Biafra
Put those headphones on, it's be-bop time. I want to tell you a story about the last time I was in Gadsden. It was right before I went home to drink. I was taking a car from some guy about 3:30 in the afternoon. A lot of people are still in bed around here at 3:30 in the afternoon. And well, I was repoing this car when suddenly these black guys in this bright blue Escalade drove up. It had neon lights, 26" tires, everything but Exibitz signature from pimp my ride. It was a life-size Hot Wheels car for some dumb nigger, right. Well, they drove up to me and they yelled what dumb niggers usually yell, "Hey, faggot, What are you doin' wit my car?" and showered me with some insults. So, I stood there thinking, what a bunch of fuckheads and hooked up his bonneville. Now, I waited, and finished  hooking up his car and sure enough they drove around again. They said, "Hey, faggot, where are you taking my car?" I said, "it doesn't matter you didn't pay your bill" and they insulted me again. So I
Day After Day
I have to spend my days at workLeave her alone at homeI hate doing itBut knowThat while she is there aloneshe is still bound by meBound to me
Day At The Beach
She came out of the ocean,With her bikini in her hand.She looked towards her friend,And dropped it in the sand.   As she walked closer,The other licked her lips.And slowly slid off her bottoms,Revealing her beautiful hips.   The two met in a sweet embrace,A passionate kiss with no remorse.Thier hands running over each other,So softly touching,no use of force.   Ones hand found its mark,And buried fingers inside.As the other licked her nipples,Begging her to go deeper inside.   Soon thier faces disapeered,Buried in each others thighs.Each so into the other,It wasn't long before one cryed.   Her hips raised and began to shake,As the other ran her tongue deep within.She begged the other not to stop,To never let this feeling end.   Her hips raised then slowly dropped,As the others tongue ran up to her smile.Then they kissed and held each other,And laid intertwined for awhile.
A Day And A Time
Welcome to another night of insight according the young male's view. Tonight is a night where things will seem twisted, but, in all intensions, due to perspective, is just an illusion. Again, this view may be explicit, vague, or incomplete; please be considerate and be acknowledged with a fair warning. How many days, must a person go on with their lives when they know that tomorrow is the same routine, and yet doesn't change it to make it more enjoyable, if they wake up miserable? I am not saying I wake up miserable, but I just feel, at times, discouraged and unmotivated to do something, but once I do, those around me look at me, and question me like I am insane. Is this considered a normal thing, or is it just awkward, or is it just plain idiocy?What I mean is this: every time I want to do something, those around me, do not want to do it. What am I doing, that makes me so different from the rest of those around me? Has my personality been shifted or is it just the other side of
A Day At The Ballpark
Where were you on July 12, 1979?  I know most of you weren't born yet and others are saying I don't remember what I had for breakfast let alone what I was doing 31 years ago.  Let me tell you where I was and what I was doing. I had graduated high school in May and was looking forward to starting college.  Basically I was working and enjoying the summer.  One day in late June I heard of a promotion for a Chicago White Sox double-header against the Detroit Tigers that was coming up.  The promotion was called "Disco Demolition Night".  Tickets were 98 cents if you brought and turned in a disco record at the Comiskey Park box office.  When I realized this was scheduled for a Thursday night I decided I would go.  The White Sox had a losing record and attendance for Monday through Thursday was well under 10,000 people.  This in a ballpark that was built in the early 1900's and had a seating capacity of 90,000. Before leaving I made up the appropriate story, to let my parents know, that I w
Day After Day
I guess you think I'm a fool,I suppose you believe that you can out wit me.Day after day,I watch you try and bullshit me.Day after dayI wonder why I listen.I guess in a way I am a fool.I suppose in a way you do out wit me.Day after dayI hope you will be honestIay after dayI pray you will speak the truth.I guess theres no pointI suppose i should stop dreamingDay after day Im bleeding withinDay after dayThe knife twist a bit moreI guess I should stopI suppose I would be better offDay after dayI wonder whyDay after dayI blame myself.I guess its time to let you goI suppose if best for you and meDay after dayI cope with lifeDay after dayI will let go of you
The Day After Thanksgiving
Today is the day after's boring! I said goodbye to my 93rd year old grandma "Bye Grandma, see ya later." She grabs my tiny hands and holds them and says "Bye hope you have a good time, I love you."  I left the house and when i got into the car i nearly started to cry. This was probably her last Thanksgiving! :'( She hardly ate any dinner (which we had A ham sandwich and mircowave mashed potatoes) what a GREAT thanksgiving dinner!? NOT! I don't blame her at all not to eat any of them!  It was awful...we watched Avatar two times, the last 30 mins of Twilight (FAIL), 2 mins of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. and played my wii for an hour or so.. Now i am back home about to eat turkey soup, marshed potatoes w/ gravy Yummm!? well talk to u all soon ~Irina247~   
Day After Day...
A Day At The Beach
Once there were people laughing here. Couples sneaking away for a romantic rendevous. No sunbathers here today. No children laughing and playing. No families enjoying the surf. No living thing exists here in the wasteland. All is quiet, except for the gulls. Loud and perverse in their callow calling, mind numbing in their relentless pursuit of cold and rotting flesh. They have come to dine, and a benevolent host does not disappoint his guests. In the water bobbing like the toys absent from such a scene is debris from the loss of the city to its new inhabitants.Here and there a body washes up on the shore. The denizens of the beach pay no attention to such unnanounced guests, they are only there to harvest the living. Singleminded in deed and purpose, they only seek the warm flesh. The beach is barren save these shambling figures moving slowly and aimlessly across the sands. Their moist flesh a feast for the flocks of seagulls on the shore. Here and there dozens of them descend upon one
A Day At The Beach 2
The creatures head has been emptied of all thought, and it exists for a single purpose. It stops as if confused and looks out on the shoreline, almost in a daze. A unfamiliar smell is here. Within seconds the unholy link between all the damned rotting creatures causes them all to stop too. Each looking at the surf, and standing motionless as if in a trance. Her moment is coming, she thinks to herself as she lays motionless on the beach. Her moment to strike. She thinks to herself,,,and as the seagulls rise into the air, she alits to her feet. Coming up with a piece of driftwood in hand. The birds utter their sick call of feeding and descend, dozens of zombies fall at once, as she crashes her whole body weight behind the wood into the fiend before her. His body like the others crumbles to the sand. The rest of the whoard look around around uselessly trying to see her in the bedlam that ensues. Not wasting any time she grabs a piece of broken glass and cuts the head off the unwitting cre
Day 2~ At The End Of The World
May 22nd, 2011~ Day 2~ Second Entry : Ok, I managed to walk about 5 miles yesterday dragging all my supplies behind me on a little red wagon that I found abandoned at an empty house. The skies are still dark and ominous. Narey a sound. No sight of any other survivors yet. I spent the night hunkered down in and old GreyHound bus. Through out the bus there were empty clothing. It was as if all who were riding this bus were raptured right out of their clothes and the clothing was left behind right where each individual was sitting on the bus. Erie feeling. My dog Cooper is my only companion on this journy and I must take care that he is well provided for. I have rationed his food so it should last for quite some time before running out. I share my water with him as we both need to remain well hydrated. I hope we find some other survivors soon.    
Day 2~ At The End Of The World Third Entry
May 22nd, 2011~ Day 2~ Third Entry : Cooper and I had a close call today. As we were walking along we were supprised by a group of what seemed to be survivors, but we were dead wrong. They were the living dead, ZOMBIES.  I knew immediately that we were in big trouble. I had to do something . Thinking fast, I knew that I needed to try to save what amunition I had so I grabbed a spade shovel and began whacking the heads off of the zombies.  They were all around me. I had to keep my dog Cooper from attacking them as I knew what would happen if he were bit by one.  This task proved to be difficult in deed, but somehow, through sheer might and will, I managed. I beheaded the zombies one by one. Exhausted by the days events, I have found shelter in a drainage ditch. I fashioned an  emergency escape route by cutting through the top side of the metal culvert that I was hiding in. Lucky for me there was only one way in as the other end was blocked by debris, and entry was not accessable. I thi
Day 1 - All Smiles (the First Ten)
  A Song From Your Childhood - Day 29: I'm Goin' Down by Mary J, Blige When I think of music in my childhood, I think of riding in the back seat of whatever car my mom is driving. Which always is R&B playing.  So I heard Boys II Men, Silk, and many others but no one was played more by my mom than Mary J. Blige.  A million times more than anyone else.  That's who my mom loved more than anyone and she filled my childhood.  Mary represented many young black women during the whole 90's. Even though I'm not one who is much into R&B, I know artist like Mary J. Blige are part of my love for music as a whole.  You felt the emotion from her and i'm an emotional person and respects that in all artists. Everyone knows this song.  If you heard this song before you know it.  Its one of those songs you couldn't hate. You had to sing with her. It's a cover of a song originally done by Rose Royce.   Your Favorite Song - Day 01: Shining Down by Lupe Fiasco W
Day 2 - Aggression ( The Second Ten)
  A Song From A Band You Hate - Day 12: Lemonade by Gucci Mane I couldn't think of someone worth hating, so i'm stuck with this guy.  Awful people, just plain awful and I have no fucking clue why people like this guy.  He did do a good verse on a Big Boi song but other than that he's plain garbage. If a sitcom like Law & Order wanted to create a rapper and a song, it would be him and this shit. Seriously 5 seconds into it you know you're in some trouble. 10 seconds into it you know you already stopping the song. If you manage to continue on to 15 seconds, a gun is in your hand and you're about to blow your fucking head.  I'm sorry to those who click to see the song.     Your Least Favorite Song - Day 02: Sky's The Limit by Notorious B.I.G When it says least favorite song instead of song you hate, i'm taking that as what its saying.  A favorite song of yours that you like the least compared to the others.  Biggie is a legend though i'm not one who co
Day 2 - Aggression (the Second Ten)
A Song From A Band You Hate - Day 12: Lemonade by Gucci Mane I couldn't think of someone worth hating, so i'm stuck with this guy.  Awful people, just plain awful and I have no fucking clue why people like this guy.  He did do a good verse on a Big Boi song but other than that he's plain garbage. If a sitcom like Law & Order wanted to create a rapper and a song, it would be him and this shit. Seriously 5 seconds into it you know you're in some trouble. 10 seconds into it you know you already stopping the song. If you manage to continue on to 15 seconds, a gun is in your hand and you're about to blow your fucking head.  I'm sorry to those who click to see the song.     Your Least Favorite Song - Day 02: Sky's The Limit by Notorious B.I.G When it says least favorite song instead of song you hate, i'm taking that as what its saying.  A favorite song of yours that you like the least compared to the others.  Biggie is a legend though i'm not on
30 Day Art Challenge :) Anyone Can Do :)
30 Day Art Challenge :) Anyone can do :)   by Kristine Righter on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 7:17pm Okay... so I've noticed how there has been a lot of 'challenges' on facebook lately... So i have decided to make one. :) It's called The 30 Day Art Challenge. And it is exactly what it sounds like… thirty days of creating art. If I’ve tagged you in this then I thought that you would be interested. And if you know anyone who would be interested then repost my note as your own and tag them in it as well. Art is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at drawing, or making things, or if you're not. No one will judge you except yourself and this is a chance to have fun! :)   And you can use anything! Make things out of play-doh or with toothpicks and hot glue. Arrange your mashed potatoes into something interesting. Use pencils, paints, pastels, crayons… the list is endless! Art can be found everywhere.   RULES: Do not talk about art club
Day 1 And 2.
Long story short, I'm kind of lost. Friend of mine I met recently likes me, but wants me to find someone else. Everyone else gives me an excuse of "you deserve better". Yet, no one has the nerve to step up to the plate. I'll admit it is a bit troublesome, but things ended up getting more complicated than I have expected because of my friends alternant personalities. Now they have something of mine and every one of my friends hate them for some reason. Seems me being happy comes with the expence of friends. -.-   They honestly don't know how to approach me.. I don't think she knows how to talk to guys anymore.. She literally only wants to talk when she is leaving because of the anxiety it must cause her... Ugh, I'll figure something out.    -Niho
Day After Day
day after dayi suffer all this painand i can feel the darkness sucking up my souli try and tryto escape this painbut it just won’t go awayi learned not to trustanyone at allbecause anytime i do trust someoneand i finally feel freethat person always disapearsmy life is a mazeno matter how far i goor which way i turni always find nothingbut a dead endso day after dayi sit and i waithoping that the painwill go away
A Day At The Beach
The sun glistens off your body Your lying by yourself the beach empty I walk along the waters edge just enjoying the surf when i spot you.As i approach you notice two drinks in my hand  I saw you sitting here and thought you might like a cold drink i say.My name is chas may i sit and talk to you.Your stunning a true beauty We talk about are lives a good conversation but all i can think is making love to you!!The male mind what a wonderful thing. As the sun sets we realize we had been talking for hours please have dinner with me i ask.You agree so i invite you to my house to clean up .When we get there i show you to the shower I'll get drinks while you get clean and i leave you .Sitting waiting for you i see you enter the room your so beautiful your body extraordinary such a pretty smile I cant resist i embrace you passion has taken over me.I undo your shirt your breast perfect i begin kissing you your nipples in my mouth the sensation overwhelming your so sexy I hold you tight your ski
Day, And Left Him On 2 Under
CHARLOTTE, N. Arian Foster Red Jersey .C. -- James Singleton and Cartier Martin were playing in China the last time the Washington Wizards played the Charlotte Bobcats. This time around they played a huge role in helping the Wizards complete a three-game sweep of their division foe. Singleton and Martin, both working under 10-day contracts, combined for 37 points and 18 rebounds as the Wizards routed the Bobcats 113-85 in a matchup of the NBAs two worst teams. Singleton scored 18 points and grabbed 12 rebounds while Martin had 19 points and six boards. Just last week Singleton was playing in the Chinese Basketball Association finals for the Guangdong Southern Tigers. He had no clue at the time just how bad the Bobcats were until he looked at the NBA standings on the chalkboard before the game. "I looked up and I saw 7-47 and I said, really?" Singleton said. Washington, playing without starters Nene and Rashard Lewis, got 67 points from its reserves. Jordan Crawford led the Wizards with
Day After....part 14
Room is hot,  sun is shinning from the window day after.. it's time for Marissa to go home. Late night drinking with her best friend, Anne and this man Marissa, does not know at all named David. Gets her things and walks out of there fast.. not saying good bye. Walks across the parking lot to her apt. And her friend is up.. had a few laugths.. partying some more.. into the night. David came over again to get Marissa phone number. She was so happy to give David her cell number. Marissa and Anne get ready for the day. Both have no clue the day will bring them. Nice summer day.. David had cold beers for them... They party into the Marissa thinking back on this night as she is fighting for her life.. not knowing if she is going to make it or not... in out of this dream she is in..  Part    14         bY LoVe GiRL   
Day 2 After The Shots
I woke up feeling pretty ok today. The pain was diminished slightly and I was actually kinda comfortable. So of course, with the new feeling spilling over me I attack the household chores that had been neglected.   I over did it slightly. Im achey and tired & have my back all flared up. And I didnt even do much, just more than I had done in some time.   I will be resting the remainder of today & probably take it real easy over the next few days.   I really want these shots to work & if I mess it up Ill be so pissed at myself.    
Day By Day
I see the sun go down, today is done and past, tomorrow is ahead,a better day I pray and it'll be what I make of it. I think how can I make it better, wake up with confidence that I'll get better with time, that I'll learn some thing that will help me in life, and make me a better person.
Day Before
Well all its the day before my surgery so im not going to be on for awhile after today but my sister Doc's lil girl will keep you all updated on whats going on with me she will be able to get into my account to post blogs so you can know how im doing and keep you updated. As soon as I get better enough to come back on here I will. Thank you all for your support. Have a great week!
Day Before Candy
so last night, it was late and i just figured "fuck it, i'm not gonna do homework this late and i got my application to Redlands, i'm taking the weekend off"...well that wasnt wat i was thinkin last night, that was this morning lol. last night was more "meh, i can do this in the morning" and i went to sleep. whoot halloween is tomorrow!! my friends are coming over so i wont be online at all. we're watching the scary movie series (all four) and eating candy we buy (since we'r not trick-or-treating) and they're sleeping over (two girls, no boys). maybe zack will pick us up in the morning or not, depends on guess on when he gets his ass out the door. i'm so ready for a sugar high!!! it's the only good high (AND THE ONLY HIGH THAT I'VE HAD!!) that there is. what's sad is that i cant bring my wings because they go three feet to either side and i'm not crab walking all over the skool. maybe i'll just use an older costume...i'll bring my camera so i'll have pictures of my costume
Day By Day
As I look in the mirror, I see the pain. It's so funny how eyes never lie. The memories of you careing and loving still linger in my mind and I sit here and wish you were here by my side... ... Day by day! There will never be another to fill all the passions in me. I know it could never be again, just you and me.... ... Day by day! I dream about you, visions of your sweet loving, just keep coming and going. Lonely days and sleepless nights. I tried so hard to forget you, but you haunt me. I thought we were meant to be. I see faces but none of them fill the empty spaces as far as I can see... ... Day by day! I thought I found the right love. I thought maybe heaven sent you from up above. I guess I was wrong and I know now that I must move on. You were always there for me. Where are you now when I need you... ... Day by day!
The Day Before Yesterday!
My husband an two boys went out as Summer an I stayed here to take a bath before bed time, well you know after getting all cleaned up an what not I came into the living room to play some cards. John an JJ, Eddie shows up with a gift for my boys class for tomorrow needless to say my hunny asks for me to look for his candy bar said he couldn't find it so I got up to look in the freezer where it had been an found something (a way more surprising thing), which was a box an in this box I find a set of wedding rings... Well I started to tear up and waited for him to say Jaime will you remarry me, but when I had asked if he was he's like hell no you got me once thats It's all good though cause it's been 14 years since I've had a set, my first ones cost over 5g's an the diamonds kept falling out so I sent em back to be fixed now mind you this happened 5-6 times so I'm like fuck it gimme my money back..... Well I am happy an I do hope you all have the pleasures of get
Day By Day
Day by Day I gaze at you Day by Day I wonder why Day by Day I long for you, Inside my soul would cry. Day by Day I talk to you Day by Day I sigh And Day by day Im without you Day by Day i die. Through the glass i look at you Contemplating why you do what you do My heart telling me it must be you. My heart that speaks to me so true. It tells me, tells me i love you. But i know, I know this cannot be. We are just too differant you and me on differant levels of the status tree I know, I know we'll never be I mourn true love ill never see. Standing outside the place you live, I've nothing but my heart to give. The feeling so strong it makes me sick. My flame of passion already lit. Maybe this time ill cross the street, Or maybe even our eyes to meet. All i know is your the one, My moon my stars, undying sun. Your beauty the wisest could not explain, Your heart i could not hope to tame. I ask only you give me a chance, My heart an overlooking glance
You're like a rose abloom, so ripe, but so alone on the outskirts of a barren land Reaching out for love, but touching only stone Solely in need of a tender hand Then I come, the rain, pouring down to quench your thirst & I won't stop until I've filled your soul I want to watch you thrive, but I want to please you first So it's alright if you lose control I pluck you from your space, then I bring you to mine Did you think I'd leave you there alone? To turn my back on you, a flower, oh so fine? The thought alone chills me to the bone Not when I have so much pleasure here to share You can't leave until you're satisfied I plan to love in ways no other man would dare So just sit back & enjoy the ride No time for lies or games that will only leave you pissed No puzzles here, just a simple plan I'm out to blow your mind, show you everything you've missed No mystery, I'm a simple man Working till I get it right Rocking you till daybreak
Day By Day
Day by day Night by night Kiss by kiss Touch by touch Step by step I fall in love A love so incomprehensible So vivid So unique So wild, that not even the reign of God could control A passion so deep A need so necessary A want so strong The universe would not handle I love you today I’ll love you tomorrow I’ll love you forever
Day By Day :
Day by day our lives go on, As lives usually do. Yet, sometimes our lives seem to stop Mid-cycle. Leaving us confused, scared. Lives are tricky that way. Day by day, our lives go on, As lives usually do. Yet, sometimes if we're lucky enough, That special person will walk right in At just the right time And brighten it up a bit. Lives are unpredictable that way. Day by day, our lives go on, As lives usually do. Yet, sometimes in the middle of that Ordinary life, Love will bring you a fairy tale....
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The Day Before I Found Out
Its thursday afternoon(22nd feb), and im feeling really low, and snapping at everyone, i was 4 days later on my period, and im always on like clock work i can time i to the hour, but for the last three months ive been late, so i thought i was just late again. Little did i know my sister thought otherwise, having given birth a few months prior to me been like what i was, she knew the signs and symptoms as i was acting exactly the same way as she was, and she knew without me even taking a test i was pregnant, none the less, she didnt say anything, she didnt think it was right or her place, i would differ with her on that, but in a way im glad she didnt say anything. Anyways back to how i found out. My mother new there was something wrong and wouldnt stop pestering me, and in the end i broke down in tears, n my mum sent chris in the longue so she could have a 'girly chat' it wasnt it was to find out why i was snappy, but i told her, that ive been late for the last 2 months for no
3 Day Blasts....
yes i ended up being in 2 giveaways for 3 day blasts.. heres the links.. if ya wanna show some love
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Day Back
we won again ^_^ yay for us! we beat mclean 8 to 4 and i hear there may be a tournie soon (field, mclean, wilson and a mystery school) which is good cuz we NEED one. we did one last yr and got our asses kicked but it'd be kickass to do one this year. i feel sorta better...i'm really hopin this aint mono!! it switched sides too. it was my left gland that hurt and now it's my right. i guess i'll get over it or i'll make it worse when i go runnin this weekend. fuckin A!! i have to be at school tomorrow (we have a day off) AND sunday!! how much does that suck?! cept i guess i'm glad i'm not a lead...forrest has to be there for 8 and a half hours! but still...i still have to write my 4 pg essay for english or my grade dies. my teacher helped me some today thankfully. i went shoppin for a few hours ^_^ i found some HIM flip flops that i'll prolly bring to beach week. i cant wait! beachybeachy fun! seniors have 3 weeks of school left!! yay! i still have to buy a white
Day By Day
The 1 Day Blast Contest
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1 Day Blast Contest
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7 Day Blast
Well, my blast is finally over. I swear i'm going to miss the hundreds of friend requests as soon as I sign on LOL To all of those who rated/faned me.. I will get to you. Just give me some time. I GOT COMPLETELY SWAMPED! The love did not go unappreciated. Thanks everyone and Hello New Friends!!! XOXO Stephanie
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Day By Day
As for those of you that know me from either talking to me or reading my blogs, I am currently staying at my sister's house till I go back to Germany at the end of August. I feel like I am living in jail. Constant nagging, constant bitching and everything else. I am paying rent here for the couch, a couch that kills my back. There has not been one night since I got back from Germany in mid May that I have been able to sleep all night through, and its not because I don't want to, it's because it is physically impossible. I am constantly waking up either cuz of the dogs running through the living room, the cat jumping on me, at 5 am hearing the first sister get up and get ready for work and then an hour later hearing the second sister. I get bitched out for "walking to loud across the wood floor, was told to put shoes on so that it would be quieter", what the hell is that for bullshit? I don't walk loud, just because she had the lapband surgery done and has lost 50 pounds so I am heavier
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7 Day Blast Love
The Day Begins
The day begins The day begins with fiery circle, Painful to look at, creeping over the homes. Laser feelers pierce the blinds, Slice my face. Another day With out john. Turn over And pull the covers up The covers are warm and soft, and the place where john use to cuddle is dark, the place begins at my heart and ends with his tiny feet touching my thigh. My arms encircle him. His head rests in my hand. He faces me. We are dreaming of all the adventures yet to come. Facing the inside of my eyelids, the kiss of an angels is puff of clouds, and invisible breeze. It splits in two with hug, drifts away in the haze of denial, before reality pierces though like a laser. The laser is a sword I use to cut the world in half, looking for my john to be warm and whole again, to wake up pink and breathing, to have his little feet on my thigh. The laser is a sword fate uses to cut me in half, w
The Day Before You...
The Day Before You I had all but Given up on finding The one that I Could fall into On the day before you I was ready settled for Less than love And not much more There was no such thing As a dream come true But that was all the day Before you Now you're here And everything changes Suddenly life means so much I can't wait To wake up tomorrow And find out if This promise is true I would never Have to go back to The day before you In your eyes I see forever Makes me wish That my life never knew The day before you The Heaven knows Those years without you Shaping my heart For the day That I found you You're the reason For all that I've been through Then I'm thankful For the day before you Now you're here And everything changes Suddenly life means so much I can't wait To wake up tomorrow And find out if This promise is true I would never Have to go back to The day before you
7 Day Blast!!
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Day By Day
Walking in the dark the shadows are haunting you by the night. Leaving the world so dark and cruel ur heart turns to fright. Who will sheild my aching heart Will u help me or rip it apart Do u want to know the realness inside of me Can u accept what i am and what i can be I know that in my heart i do require alot from a single one but i know if i settle the luv will come undone. I hate guessing and playing ur games leaving my life on hold like a single frame I hate this silly thing we call love and unity i loathe the way we are "supposed to be" is there someone truly to be by our self for all of life and end or are they a little more than tolerant friend i dont feel loved and i feel out of control i feel my spirit dampens and weakens my soul i want to feel that specialness once again but to all of u im just a really good friend. THe curse the anguish the feeling of despair life may treat u harshly and maybe unfair never give up hope they say bu
Day Before Thanksgiving
Well, here we are, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I've definitely had an interesting week so far, that's for sure. The crud hit me Thursday morning, when I got up for work.. Janis sent me home early at around 2 pm, so I was thinking, "Hey, I should be over this pretty quick, it's not that bad.." Friday morning rolls around, I was worse.. I didn't feel like I could make it into work, but I did. I walked in, and both of my bosses were like "What are you doing in here?!? GO HOME!! You look awful!" I had paperwork that had to be mailed out, so I was only there for an hour and a half, 2 hours, and they were practically pushing me out the door. Kept getting worse through the weekend, and I called Linda Monday morning, and she was completely awesome about everything.. She said "Honey, don't worry about us, we can handle things here, you just need to rest and get yourself better.. You've been working your ever-lovin heiney off for this place, you deserve the break." I'm like "Okay, but I j
3 Day Blast
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Day By Day
Day by day our lives go on, As lives usually do. Yet, sometimes our lives seem to stop Mid-cycle. Leaving us confused, scared. Lives are tricky that way. Day by day, our lives go on, As lives usually do. Yet, sometimes if we're lucky enough, That special person will walk right in At just the right time And brighten it up a bit. Lives are unpredictable that way. Day by day, our lives go on, As lives usually do. Yet, sometimes in the middle of that Ordinary life, Love will bring you a fairy tale.
Day By Day
Day by day Night by night Kiss by kiss Touch by touch Step by step I fall in love A love so incomprehensible So vivid So unique So wild, that not even the reign of God could control A passion so deep A need so necessary A want so strong The universe would not handle I love you today I’ll love you tomorrow I’ll love you forever Do you know who you are? Come to me Find me I am waiting for this!
The Day Before The Day Before.......
I sit and ponder amongst the cob webs of my mind. Sweeping confines clear of clutter. Dark and musty, lost in thought. Weepy, weary, lonely, lost... The shutters creak, the panes are dirty, Corners dark and full of dust. Take a rag and clean them bright. Bringing in a bit of light. Joyful, soulful peaceful, glee... The day before the day before
30 Day Blast Giveaway
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Day By Day
I remember a type of quote people used to say But I never really understood it 'til today Life will only get harder from here I think about that almost every time I shed a tear I look back on the happy years I once had And I wish for them to come back Oh so bad Pressure is a big part of teenage lives today Temptations of sex, drugs, and violence never seem to go away You never really know which road to choose It seems which ever way you go, your bound to lose Happiness eventually falls on your lap Only to look once more and see it gone in a snap Why does it seem I can't smile like before? As if the joyous part of me walked right out the door I never show my true feelings which is why I'm writing this poem I guess my feelings are personal to me and I'm too embarrassed to show 'em One day I'll find happiness again I just have to live my life until then And while I'm waiting just for that I think I'll give myself a pat on the back 'Cuz I've come thi
3 Day Blast
Day By Day
Day by Day Day by day, God’s work must be carried on to the point of self-sacrifice. Day by day, I ponder if am worthy of God’s love… But God always reminds me… Am I worth his time and love? Day by day life goes on without fulfilling…. It’s purpose for all life. Day by Day….. People talk the talk, but yet hasn’t done what they promise to do to make life better for all life upon Earth. Day by day is slowly slipping away. Do we dare to wait another day??? ©2006 Firestar ( Two-Sided Realities
30 Day Blast Giveaway
its free, no contest, no time limit 50000 comments is all.... any picture each contestant gets a 30-day blast let me know by private message is u are interested self bombing is allowed. No more contestant will be accepted and if you are not doing anything for yourself you will be removed
7 Day Blast
giving away a 7 day blast will hold a contest first person to 20,000 comments wins blast open to men and women contest will start as soon as i have 15 entries send me a shout or message me and which photo u want me to use thank you contest starts at 12pm cst on march 18th ist place receivest the 7 day blast 2nd place receives 75,000 fu-bucks 3rd place recieves 25,000 fu bucks good luck all and have fun ok prize update first place will receive their choice of a 7 day blast or a 1 month v.i.p 2nd person to 20 000 will receive a 3 day blast 3rd person to 20 000 comments will receive a 1 day blast all other people in contest will receive 5000 fu bucks plus 1 fubuck per comment minimum of 500 comments required to be eligiable for 5000 fubucks here is the link to the photo fo;der find your pic to comment on it
3 Day Blast Giveaways 8500 Comments A Piece
joy the midnight bomber needs 8500 comments Playboy needs 8500 as well
Daybreak Receptive
Daybreak Receptive when placing things inside of things could be bad spell or good as long as atop your highest spikes breathless, shy light barely enters you note my relish of recline please fulfill that wish standing reach and extended peach outline over my edge, allow spilling your lips frame tongue, milk flowing past ruby gloss, spread your animal places muscle me aside, drape me all in a morning in heat we beat leather, suck glass breath fire, fly origami with naked arms, you handle my hammer, you peal your bell Sweetly Dreamt sugar and incense, black smoke pungent poetry too hot for fubar, a dash of spice at hardwood’s edge a twist, a drive, an arrow feathered, tongued, grooved
Day 4!!!!!!!!!!! Break Up....
WELL!!! today was an interesting day........... kinda weird, so ya know i told ya i changed everything... i didn't do it to be a bitch and hurt him.. i did it so that i could move on with my life and not have that temptation there of trying to IM him or call him.... and i changed it sooo he wouldn't have it either... he said he just wanted to concentrate on his own private life... fine right? so why is it that TODAY i'm sittin in the lounge i work at... happy as can be because all my girls and i are in the same room and life is happy... then SHE walks in... funny.. you know because all these girls that come and try to hurt me for he hates them!! He thinks they're all disgusting and nasty...and yet like third graders they're out there trying to hurt me for him... soo this chick comes in and she purposely hus or emotes me or someone in there so that i can see that he now own her.... was i supposed to be mad? eject her? tell her off? lmao... we broke up! he's all yours!!!! a
Day By Day
day by day , i think am truely happy with were i am in my life . and one day when life slows down for me and i finely get a glance of were i have gotten in my life .and what i have to show for it .. i have always been told i have to roll with the punchs that life throws at me . it may not be easy and i may fall but all i can do is get back up and try again ..till i get it right the next time . i often cry at night cuz life is not easy for me i have 2 wonderful kids in my life who loves and needs me, as much as i need them .i have been married to a man four 11 years now that doesnt understand the word love , he dont show love or even give love .in any shape or form .i get so lost in sadness sometimes of feeling so alone and so hated that it hurts deep down inside . what is life with no love .what is life with no meaning , i would love to be happy ,i would love to be free to feel love. to open my heart to thing it has never felt before .
7 - Day Blast
Purchased a blast this evening. Figured it was cheaper then a Happy Hour this time with better results. If you happened to spot it and save the screen shot, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, hope everyone is well.
A 3-7day Blast
3 Day Blast I'm Trying To Win(done)
Hey, i am in my first giveaway to win my first blast!! I needed 6,000 comments to get it and I am only 500 away! Any help anyone can provide would be appreciated. I am willing to compensate for your comments if needed, just leave me a message with the number of comments left and we can work out a deal!:) Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me. Jen Here is the link:
Day By Day
Just for today, I will not worry what tomorrow will bring, I'm gonna try something new, Up through the state Because I got nothing to prove, Although I have the best intentions Can't predict anyone's reactions So I just do my best I put one foot in front of the other Keep on movin forward Let GOD do the rest I don't know what's gonna happen That's alright with me, I open up my arms and I embrace The mystery Just for today, I'm tellin the truth Like it's goin out of style, Gonna swallow my pride And be who I am and I don't care who don't like it, I feel, I feel that I'll do it anyway, Won't let it stand in my way I know what I must do There's no guarantee that it'll be easy But I know it'll be fulfilling And it's time for me to show and prove It's okay not to know the exploration Because its how we grow It's okay to not have the answers Because sometimes... It's the question that matters I don't know what's g
8/30/08 Day Blog
Been listing on ebay all weekened so far, Going to be going to Luckys Bar in town to meet a good Youtube Friend cant wait Midnight Central Standard Time , Always fun to meet someone you only see on a video player. Hopefully others will join us as I've made it public. I got my WoW character to level 31 in RFK already today. Hopefully will get to level 32 before I go to luckys. Anyways this is my first blog hopefully I will do a daily blog....
30 Day Blast Contest
Ok, here's the deal. The one and only Kare, that's me, is goin to host a contest. It is goin to be for a THIRTY DAY BLAST. Yes you read that correctly.All you have to do is:1: Send me your pic link in a PM and in the header put "Contest".2: Repost this bulletin. Ok this is updated. Some things have changed. The contest will go until the first person meets 35,000 comments. And the person w/the most rates at the end will get a ticker. If you have any question's, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you.This is brought to you by the one and only♀♂☆PrÍńcëšš Kŕrč Alół™☆♀♂ Fu-Owned by Zman!♥Fu-Owner@ fubar ♥HUGZ♥ KARE
The Day Bill Came To Church MountainWings A MountainWings Moment #8288 Wings Over The Mountains of Life The Day Bill Came To Church His name is Bill. He has wild hair, wears a t-shirt with holes in it, jeans, and no shoes. This was literally his wardrobe for his entire four years of college. He is kind of esoteric and very, very bright. He became a Christian while attending college. Across the street from the campus is a church. The members of which are well-dressed and very conservative. They want to develop a ministry to the students but are not sure how to go about it. One day Bill decides to visit that church. He walks in wearing his jeans, t-shirt, wild hair, and no shoes and starts down the center aisle looking for a place to sit. The church is completely packed, and he can't find a seat. The members look a bit uncomfortable, but no one sa
7 Day Blast...
This pimp-out is for Me, who is in Pink Lady's Blast/V.I.P Givaway... I am doing the 7 day blast and requires 10,000 to achieve it. If you have a few spare comments I would appreciate your help... Click the link below.. Thank you for your time reading this... Rob ZombieDragula Music Video Codes By Music
3 Day Blast Auction
I will give out a 3 day blast to the highest bidder on Feb 1st. Bid starts @ 100K
its been so dark for so long the sunshine, it seemed to be gone holding out for something, with nothing to give feeling I had no real reason to live..then came you..then came you. I know I dont know you that well but it seems we've been walking together on the street of dreams you fill me with sunlight that at times hurts my eyes but you are so real, with no fake disguise   And I see the daybreak when I look at your face I feel warm and safe in your tender embrace no sad tomorrows, and no more goodbyes all I see is hello in your eyes   I take you in gently, your smell is so sweet I'm no longer hollow inside, with you I'm complete it's a journey I'm willing to take to get to know you more and I'm anxious as to what's in store for you and I Are you willing to try?   And I see the daybreak when I look at your face I feel warm and safe in your tender embrace no sad tomorrows, and no more goodbyes all I see is hello in your eyes   (written by me, aug 15, 2009)
Day 14- Best Quote Ever
See the hills from afar Standing on my beat up car The sun went down and the night fills the sky Now I feel like me once again As the train comes rolling in Smoked my boredom gone Slapped my brains up so high - Greenday
Before the dawn of days,There, borne of light and thoughtWere all the symbols wroughtIn fair and candid ways,Beyond the depths of the great seaElven figures, tall and slender,In all the harmony to gender,Were weaving, writhing, words to be.The one was intertwined with all,And all was intertwined with oneFrom the dark it all then shoneIn true love's embracing shawl For all the wilful eyes to see,Thus celestial chants were sung,And bells of energy were rung.Forevermore, for more to be...
The Day Be Damned
A short story written by me about a couple who meet in cyberspace, and decide they want to do more than just key stroke eachother. A lot more. This story is free for all to read on this Yahoo site where it has been published.
Day By Day
Day By Day If you have a sack of troubles That you cannot set Aright,Close beside you though the day,And long into the night,If you are sore with sorrow,From which you cannot flee,Groping through the shadows;For a path you cannot see.If you are disillusioned with a lot of faded dreams.Clutching tarnished treasures That  are splitting at the seams,Wading through the marshes Of a bunch of wasted years,Grasping the straws you cannot reach,and drowning in your tears,You've got to learn to give before You earn the right to take,Who doesn't bend before the wind,Is mighty apt to break.Just as a rose needs sunlight,To nourish tendar shoots,So each of us need love to grow,Beginning at the roots.And if today is cloudy,Tomorrow might be fine.No one has failed who kept A happy state of mind.The longest journey taken,Starts with a single mile,And one day at a time can changeThe worthless to Worthwhile!
Day By Day
   We all live our lives day by day. We make plans for the future without thinking that there might not be one. Two years ago our family went thru the toughest year we ever faced. In 2011 I almost lost my youngest while we where on vacation we ended up staying in Denver while Tim and Aliyah went to South Dakota because Saphires appendix ruptured, she had to have emergency surgery and was in the hospital for a few days very sick.Had I not taken her to the hospital we would have buried her. Then a month later we lost my dear baby brother. Since his death it seems like the heart and soul of our family has completely vanished.Death is so final and so sad. It makes me wonder whats the point of loving anyone when you sre going to lose them or they will lose you, those being the only 2 choices, makes you really wonder if veing cold and heartless can eliminate the pain later on. Yes to feel love is a wonderful thing weather it be from your spouse children or even a pet. But the loss of love we
The Day Before...
Well, it's the day before my birthday. Big fucking whoop. My family turned their backs on me when my mom died 4 years ago, never forgiving me for my mistakes. Yet, we're to forgive their kids for their fucktard mistakes. I'm not perfect. Not by a long shot. I'm intelligent, I am kind although few ever see that side, and I am vengeful. Why? Why not? Why should I turn a "blind eye" to stupidity? Why should I be the one to "turn the other cheek?" No...I call a spade a spade. If you're a female just looking for twat stuffing- I'll call you a whore. If you're a guy just horndogging around- I wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire. But I will still give you the shirt off my back if you're hurt in some way. Why? Just because you're a whore or a horndog- you're still a human being. Just don't ask me for money, sex, or for my time. I hate people in general, kids especially. I like few, love even fewer. I trust only two people on this planet, and one of them is me. I hate what this world has b
The 3day Cancer Walk, Help Me Out:)
Hello All, This year, I'll be participating in a very special event called the Breast Cancer 3-Day. I'll walk 60 miles over the course of three days with thousands of other women and men. The net proceeds will support breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment through Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. I've agreed to raise at least $2,200 in donations. I've set my personal goal at $3,000. So I need your help. Would you please consider making any donation possiable? Please take a look at the enclosed donation form and designate the amount that's right for you. Please keep in mind how far I'm walking -- and how hard I'll have to train. According to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, approximately 200,000 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and nearly 40,000 will die from the disease. That's why I'm walking so far. To do something bold about breast cancer. I hope that you'll share this incre
7 Day Cruise
Hey everyone!!!!!! Since I am a Travel Agent, planning a 7 day cruise out of Galveston,Texas around Feb 24,2008. If anyone is interested in going drop me a msg on here. It goes to Jamiaca, Caymans, Cozumel. Please only serious inquiries. thanksssssssss
3-11 Day Confirmed....
Oh hell YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! It's so on, i WILL be in New Orleans on March 11th of 2008 for 3-11 day!!!! If you are a hardcore fan of 311, this is a concert/party festival you can't afford to miss. It only comes around once every 2 years!!!! So if you know anyone who's a 311 fan, tell them to get their ass to New Orleans and let's tear the CITY DOWN with UNITY, LOYALTY, ROCK, AND LOVE. Peace my fellow 311 Hivers, "D"
Day Closes
When the day comes to a close My heart longs for you. And when this feeling falls on me, No one else will do. You're so deep within my heart, My love seems to overflow. You're with me every moment, No matter where I go. Oh how I wish to be with you, To hear the words you say. Each moment that I spend with you, Brings such joy each day. If God would grant a special wish, And would allow a day with you. One day would be as a thousand years, To know you love me too. I wonder if you're thinking of me, And wish for a day with me I will love you for all of my life; In my heart you'll always be.
7 Day Cruise Out Of Miami Only $429
TIME IS RUNNING OUT! ! ! Carolina’s Group sailing on the Triumph, 10/19/08 is approaching the first deposit on 02/09/08! ! ! Please contact Adrian Fernandez at 1.866.721.3225 ext 24095 to guarantee space on this Fun Ship Cruise! Please refer to Booking # 9V76V6 when calling. NOTE: This reservation will cancel automatically if payments are not received. 7 days departing October 19, 2008 on Carnival's Carnival Triumph ITINERARY DAY DATE PORT ARRIVE DEPART Sun Oct 19 Miami, FL 4:00pm Mon Oct 20 At Sea Tue Oct 21 Cozumel, Mexico 8:00am 10:00pm Wed Oct 22 At Sea Thu Oct 23 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 7:30am 4:30pm Fri Oct 24 Ocho Rios, Jamaica 8:00am 3:30pm Sat Oct 25 At Sea Sun Oct 26 Miami, FL 8:00am groups Bonus bottle of champagne and box of chocloates each cabin $100 onboard credit per cabin cocktail party with one hour open bar & dry snacks! if we get 8 cabins booked only $429 fo
7 Day Contest Open Now!!!
Here is the link to She's a PROUD BOMBERS Contest Hit it hard for the next 7 DAYS!! Thank YOU ALL!!!
A Day Closer!!
Soft clouds of white go passing by me floating across the sky slowly watching them lifts me upward to a higher place where I can dream of my love for you. The sun beats downward throwing its golden hues across my path putting a warmth inside my soul Making the love I feel for you forever present in my mind The nighttime brings the twinkling stars creating a tapestry of lights shining across the night sky The love I feel ever present as I lay my head down and wait for another day to bring me closer to you.
Day 5 Continued
This is the first time I have signal more than a few minutes. Its hard to post with a phone HA! We still have no lights other than our generators. The NAT GUARD has been giving us ice and water for a few days.
7 Day Callinz(my Version)
Well, just went and picked my daughter up from daycare. My daycare lady nearly started crying when I told her my daughter wouldn't be coming back. Makes you feel terrible when you see the domino effect of a job loss. She just lost quite a bit of income every month, and she really cared about Lauryn. *sigh* And today I get to tell my son that there won't be anymore before/after school care at school. He'll be bummed too. I guess I can look at the brightside, I'll get to sleep in tomorrow!
25 Day Challenge - Deep Thoughts About Myself - Day 1
day 1 - your favorite picture of yourself and one interesting fact for every year you’ve been alive                                       1977 - I was born in VA to my mother who was 16 and single. 1978 - My family (mom, grandparents, uncles and aunt) moved to FL when my grandpa retired. 1979 - I slept thru my first hurricane - Fredric. 1980 - I had my first surgery - tubes in my ears. 1981 - I watched my mom marry my stepdad in the livingroom of our home. 1982 - My dad (step-father), mom and I moved to Germany. 1983 - My sister was born. 1984 - My other sister was born. 1985 - My parents, sisters, and I moved to IL. 1986 - I watched Challenger explode on the tv at school. 1987 - I spent the summer reading the entire set of Encyclopedias that I won from winning an essay contest. 1988 - I was in foster care and almost put up for adoption due to my mother being very sick. 1989 - Finally free of foster care but lost whatever bond there was with
25 Day Challenge - Deep Thoughts About Myself - Day 2
day 2 - your thoughts on death I'm not afraid to die. I am probably like most people. I just do not want to die a painful death or have it take a long time for me to die.I do not like dead bodies. I hate seeing pictures of them. I have never seen a real dead human nor do I want to.I do not like cut flowers because they die. I'd rather have a plant. When I die, I don't want flowers at my funeral.I am not a vegetarian. I have caught fish and crabs and cooked them for dinner, so killing them for food didn't bother me. However, I could not kill my rabbits for dinner.I believe in a heaven and a hell, so death isn't the end of your life, just a stopping point before going to your final destination.
Day 8 - Cube
Today's film was Cube. This is my first time watching it. This is a 1997 film about 6 people stuck in a giant cube shaped puzzle. In some rooms are deadlh traps and others are safe. It's basically Saw before Saw and less violent and more thinking. This film has a great concept but doesn't hold up by todays standard. The plot works. The puzzle is fun to solve and it was great when they got another clue because then I was thinking along with them. With the whole film taking place in the puzzle, it made you feel like they felt. No flashbacks or any visual backstory makes this claustrophobic. With these twists and turns the pace never slows down and that made this film fun to watch. With no big name actors is where the film struggles. The acting is terrible. Terrible. The lead guy seems like is in a school play. Now bad acting I can usually get over if the story is intriguing and this story just barely helps. This film is its for its own time, the 90s. Everything about it feels 90s and t
Daydreams I sit here and wonder what it's be like to hear your voice But I feel I have no choice So I continue to wonder Though I find myself wondering during my slumber. Daydreams, night dreams seem to blend I'm going crazy wondering if I'll see the end. I find myself longing your touch to feel your embrace, your lips, and such. Is your skin soft or rough longing to get you in the buff! Daydreams, night dreams seem to blend I'm going crazy wondering if I'll see the end.
close your eyes lay your head back don't worry bout what i'm gonna do just relax it's your turn feel good and this i promise you you're gonna love what i'm bout to do i'm gonna kiss your lips and caress your skin whisper in your hear a few sweet nothins then nibble your earlobe fore i start to make my way down low move my tongue behind your ear and down your neck kissing and licking making sure you're gonna be wet slide my hands up your sides just thinking bout how you feel inside move my hand back down and grab your thighs by this time i'm already down your chest mmmm pleasing each one of your breasts teasing each nipple then givin you a lil tickle i continue on my mission to give you what you been wishin for slide my tongue down below your belly button getting closer and closer to the sweet jackpot then oh shit it's only a dream and everything stops
Daydreams Of Our Love
I love you – never doubt that. No matter how many other things you have to worry about, my love is always steady and true. My love is here for you now. My arms are open when you need comfort, Talk to me when you need a friend. Let me share your worries and my strength. Everything that touches your heart also touches mine, and I want to do all I can, to help you through this difficult time. I love you; please remember that…that’s the one thing you can always depend on. No two love stories are ever the same, but ours must be one of the rarest… Sometimes it seems we just couldn’t be less alike. You’re such a force of nature, so full of high hopes and impossible dreams, so committed to great causes and plans for improving this wacky old world.. I guess if you’re the idealist, them I’m the realist, more at home with life as it is than with life as it might become… But I hope that will never make me seem too hardheaded or old fashioned in your eyes, because in my eyes yo
Daydream-erotic Story
It's a hot day there. She is lying on a float in her pool watching the clouds slowly float by as there is no breeze sweeping over her hot skin. She grazes her fingers across the top of the water. It’s so soft and gentle, and yet wet and exciting. She can't help but day dream about him now. She closes her eyes and she can see his face, looking innocent yet very naughty. She wants to run her hands across his face and run her fingers through his hair. She wants to pull him in so she can taste his lips and feel his tongue. She wants to kiss him so deeply and passionately that he knows how bad she want wants. How she wants to feel his skin against her, how she wants to know how he smells and how he looks at the moment of ecstasy. She wants to touch his skin that is colored with ink. And trace the black lines with her tongue. She wants to run her tongue along his ear lobe, nibble the ear and whisper to him that she can’t wait to feel him deep inside of her. And whisper to him that she w
Day Dreamin Fazes
Get this video and more at
1/2 oz. Vodka 1/4 oz. Triple Sec 3/4 oz. Dekuyper Lemon Tattoo® Schnapps 1/2 oz. Orange Juice 3/4 oz. Half 'n Half 1/8 oz. Grenadine Shot Glass In cocktail mixer filled with ice, combine all ingredients. Shake or stir & strain into rocks glass or large shot glass. Tip: If the right amount of grenadine is used, it should be the color of orange sherbert.
Daydreams Of Light
I have started looking for the artistic qualities in lighting fixtures. I stand staring up at the little white domes and square boxes. The occasional bare bulb makes me want to plant it in the earth so it can grow a shade. Fascinated by the light that pours into rooms reflecting off the walls. I wish I could keep light in a box to carry around with me so that whenever I was feeling down all I'd have to do is take a peak. It wont escape either, but just fill into me and then return for another dark day.
An ocean filled with an essence of purity Suddenly, I know how to swim, and I enjoy My looks, my weight, my strength, my life, all of it fades All I can see are the playful grins of an angel The clouds begin to gather, but the sky stays happy While I'm here, I can remember how to cry again I can soar into the horizon and touch the sun Though it doesn't blind or burn me, I feel so warm And when I look below me, to an island adrift I can see a beautiful and familar face "Have I met you some time? Maybe in the real world? It couldn't be true, because I do not miss you So here we are, inside the head of a boy gone wrong Who became corrupted in the midst of his youth But he has sent me today, to be his voice For when I am here, I can show you what he once was He thought of you often, and prayed that you were well But I assume that if he had met you somewhere, somehow He would've avoided your gaze, ashamed of himself I hope that you can forgive him, for falling in love B
Day Dreaming
Given the events of the years previous, it is hard not to see things in quite a different light. (Know what I mean?) Take, for example, a monotonous drive home from a day of work. I'm sure the desire to work has been greatly overcome by a desire to spend time in quiet introspection, but life must go on. While absorbed in this very introspection on the way home, things begin the gradual recession into a soft, warm blur. You barely even notice the time fly by as you instinctually head along the same route you've no doubt taken hundreds of times. Although the radio drones on and on, you barely even hear it as you sit alone in your thoughts. Up ahead you see the yellow of the stoplight and gently apply pressure to the breaks without so much as giving it a second thought. Rolling to a stop at the head of the intersection just as the light changes to red you find yourself staring, almost mesmerized by the intense red of the light. As countless thoughts clamor inside your head, you cannot hel
Daydream Poems
Daydream In the dungeon chained I wait for the arrival of thee I often find myself in a dark, freezing dungeon thousands of feet under the crust of the earth lies my damaged body chained to the wall of that pitch dark dungeon grasping for air for the lungs are in pain my mind shattered into millions pieces my heart bruised locked my eyes have been blinded from all images till the arrival my ears plugged from all noises till the arrival my motionless freezing body chained to the wall the wall of a dungeon waiting for the arrival the arrival of my love for thee is what shall set me free that is until we separate again I shall be chained in the dungeon by some magical power known to humans as love oh why me oh why shall I suffer till thee comes back oh why shall I love thee with all I got to muster why shall my mind and heart still duel for thee causing my soul to ache for another moment to be with thee Why shall I be the one locked in the dungeon
Day Dream
Day dreams and stranger things Quietly slipping along the ground Horses and wagons, faeries and dragons The hint of mischief all around The thief, killer, and demon, a fearsome threesome Lurking with evil intent The knight, priest and angel unaware of the tangle When they fell into the threesome's net The ancient man with outstretched hands Begging for one more penny The well-dressed merchant, with money as a penchant Refusing to give to the dying, skeletonal hand The slowly settling sun, stealing its light from everyone Marking the end of another day Chasing away the dreams of knights and things As the drop their magic and run away
Daydreamin By Lupe Fiasco
Daydreaming By Camron
Day Dreamin.....
....Idle thoughts transpire into visions of you and I standing before he who serves the Most High…it is here I profess and confess which simply can not be denied My love for you defines true, its origin dates back to the first beat of my heart It was present before my first breath, so not even in death will we part I look in your eyes and see my reflection as if it was etched into your soul… I knew then it was possible for two separate entities to intertwine and become whole Energized by your energy, my eyes cloaked by the nostalgia of past life memories you’ve given me, yet and still I see vividly All praise is due to the Creator for giving me the ability to re-cognize you… I grasp your hand tight as we begin on foot, this journey of “us” Watching every step I take closely because I simply cannot bear the thought of burning your trust Looking back only to chuckle at those who came before you Acknowledging the trials and tribulations they took me through conditioned my hear
9 Day Deprivation With Sun
ok so the update: i'm going away for 9 days. 9 days without cellphone or internet...meaning i wont be makin an effort to get online if there is. i need a break from drama and stuff...i just need 9 days to soak up sun and read and swim...yea, i'm going to jamaica so why bother with anything but sun n' fun? stories of recent days: xmas was fun. dinner party sucked. too many people i didnt like and their kids. sucked!! last night was the shit tho. hannah's bday party was last night. it was a dinner thing and rachel came with me to the party. then we hopped in hannah's car (after dinner and cake) and stopped by my house so frida could meet my parents and so i could get some money. we went to tenleytown and got into the hookah bar, wit nate appearin soon after. lol i forgot wat he looked like and he was like "hey ace" and i was like "...oh! hey nate" cuz hannah tried to hook us up like 3 yrs ago and it didnt work out (just like me and evan) cuz we never met until then. a
A Day Dream
Have you have daydream of all your wildest fantasies. Daydream from dusk until dawn about the things that you wanted in your fantasy. Taking by surprise because of your fantasy and what your partner had done. Tones and tones of things run through your mind at once. Not realizing that what you dream is actually what you really desire and want. Being sexed on the beach in front of the ocean and sunsetting sun. Getting a quickie once time in a random park oh so devilish but intriguing. Running around like 2 horny teenagers in public grabbing, gripping, and touching. Whether it was in america or out of state. When it comes 2 your fantasy there's no regulations or rules, it's now or whenever. And when u daydream it's only the beginning.
Whenever I day dream, and day dream I do, in my secret garden, I day dream of you. I day dream of you, in a faraway land; embracing me tight and holding my hand. Holding my hand, and touching my face. Just you and me, in this peaceful place. In this peaceful place a pristine river flows. Where the unicorns run, a breeze always blows. A breeze always blows and sings of a song; our love in a place where you're never gone. Where you're never gone is as it would seem, from dusk until dawn, whenever I day dream. And whenever I day dream, and day dream I do, in my secret garden, I day dream of you.
Your face in my mind, brings feelings of LOVE. A daydream of some kind, your voice heard above. A word or a touch, will trigger a thought. Emotions will quickly rush, and reality checks sought. You can't help me, I must help myself. These feelings can't be put high on a shelf.
Day Dream
My mind wanders, I'm calm and its faded out. Sitting by the spot where the photos are from, I don't know who she is, I can't see her, clearly but shes beside me. It'll fade to black, fade on when I wake, but the time'll enjoy the feeling so real. To wake and not tell the difference between the dream and reality.
I'm feeling: restless You'll find me: listening to music As I look out the window, I see the sun rays coming in uninvited, and daydream of jumping on the rays to see the world in a better light. But as the rays fade away so do my dreams.
I'm feeling: restless You'll find me: listening to music As I look out the window, I see the sun rays coming in uninvited, and daydream of jumping on the rays to see the world in a better light. But as the rays fade away so do my dreams.
Day Dreams.
Day dreams. I found myself in waking dreams . Holding you in seamless themes. Walking upon the sandy beach As the surf reaches our bare feet. Kissing you in the park where others Can’t keep apart. Flying in the midnight sky knowing that I was the only guy. Holding you close to me Under our special tree. Carving out the words of love And watching our tree begin to bud. Looking at you from a distance Hoping that I had crush resistance. Shaking my head one, two ,three As the reality comes back to me. A simple boy with a crush Heaven help us men All of us! Scott baker
Day Dream
Whenever I day dream, and day dream I do, in my secret garden, I day dream of you. I day dream of you, in a faraway land; embracing me tight and holding my hand. Holding my hand, and touching my face. Just you and me, in this peaceful place. In this peaceful place a pristine river flows. Where the unicorns run, a breeze always blows. A breeze always blows and sings of a song; our love in a place where you're never gone. Where you're never gone is as it would seem, from dusk until dawn, whenever I day dream. And whenever I day dream, and day dream I do, in my secret garden, I day dream of you.
Daydreams Of You
"DAYDREAMS OF YOU" I sit gazing at your picture, and my heart begins to melt. So much emotion fills me, with the love deep inside that is felt My mind starts to wander, and I sit daydreaming of you. Longing to have you by my side, to fill my dreams, I wish to come true. So captivated is my heart, I become "lost" in every thought. Overwhelmed by the beauty of our love, and all the happiness you have brought. If only all my daydreams were real, I would never ask for anything more. As I would have everything I want, a feeling I have never felt before. For now I'm content with my daydreams, until I can be with you. And turn all my dreams into realities, as we share precious dreams that come true.
A Daydream Remembered
I was sitting in my small condo on my bed wrapping gifts to send to my little brother and nephews. Startled, I hear a knock at the door. Beings I was sitting in my pajamas, a night shirt and shorts, I decide to grab my robe putting it on, on my way to the door. I peek through the peephole to find David standing on the other side. Opening the door I stood there in a bit of shock, “Hay, what are you doing here?” “Just thought I would stop by and see how you were doing. Is it too late?” He asked noticing me in my robe. “No, not at all. Come on in. I just had to get comfortable after my shower. I’ve only been home for a couple of hours from my second job.” “You have a second job?” He asks as he walks in and starts taking off his coat. “Yea, it helps me to save to get a bigger place.” He walks further in and notices the cutting mess on the bed. “Are you busy? I can come back later.” “No that’s ok; I was just finishing wrapping a few gifts for my nephews. I’ve got to ge
*day Dreams*
Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming, I love to daydream... Usually my dream starts out while I have a moment at the desk or I'm relaxing for a minute between work. You are in my daydream. It starts out with me watching you undress or better, I'm slowly undressing you. With each piece of peach colored flesh I reveal, I place warm, sweet kisses. I kiss all over...some deep some light and long hair is tickling you lightly as I work my way up from your calves, to your thighs and just lightly brush by your already swollen and aching pussy. You take in a quick breath of air as I bypass your hot box and take my tongue and glide up from your bellybutton to your two hard nipples standing at attention...begging to be licked and sucked. I roll them around with my tongue and feel you start to whimper. Flicking one with my tongue and gently squeezing your perfect tits. I kiss your hot mouth and nibble at your lower lip. I want to consume you! I roll you over on the bed and do the same
The Daydream
I was lying on my bed when the thoughts of him began to creep in. His eyes staring down at me, his lips curling when he sees me, his muscles tightening as he touches me. I keep thinking of him, I keep seeing him, I keep imaging him . . . And yet I don’t have him. All I have are the thoughts like these: He crawled up beside me on the bed and gently touched my cheek. He ran his hand through my hair and watched me as I sighed. He ran his fingers up along the black nylons I had worn just for him. He played with them for a minute as I just drank him in. I love his smell; I run my hands across his shoulders and lean into him further. He was caressing my foot as I lay back on the pillows and ran my finger nails up and down his back. I know it won’t be long before he gives in and turns to face me once again. Then there he is, his eyes blazing with desire and lips moist and waiting as he pulls me to him. He is kissing me like I had never been kissed before, with such fire, such
She had just got out of the shower, and was sitting at her computer drying the beads of water off her body when the thoughts came again. She tried to stop them, but somehow they overpowered her. She knew these thoughts were so wrong, and having them went against everything she believed in. She felt guilt, and shame, yet somehow all of this excited her. They had been talking for a short awhile, and she had grown quite fond of him. They shared similar interests; their thought pattern was the same. She couldn't help but think this was partly the reason for her interest, yet although she didn't even admit it to herself, she knew there was more. She opened her messenger, and saw that there were some offline messages for her. She waited for what seemed like an eternity for the messages to load, and yes, they were from him. Her heart started beating faster, the guilt was back, but she found herself smiling a soft little smile. She leaned back in her chair, and let her mind wander...
2 Day Drunk
For the last two days I have been fairly toasted after going to the club when I was done work. 2 reasons, one to help ease the pain of losing my best friend and lover, second to try to make some head way with one of the cooks. Now when I say losing, no she didn't die, but I have lost her back to her husband. Last year when I started work here we met, became best friends, she felt like she should hook me up with someone. Well, that didn't work out so good cause we ended up together. For the next 4 months everything was perfect. Then her husband came home and things started getting fucked up. Now, she just wants to be friends, but the thing is I still see her as my best friend and lover. Oddly enough one of the girls that she thought would be for me is the cook that I mentioned. She is very cute, nice personallity, and a body to match... With her working at the club and spend time with her, as to get her to go out with me, I sit there and drink... chat with friends that come in,
Before reading this, I need to say I am a Master on Hiatis, sometimes taking a break is a good thing. A couple of people have asked me to post some of my stories because they felt that they are good enough to be read by many. So plz feel free to comment and let me know how you liked this one.. If I feel like its something to continue then I will prolly post or write a new story every couple of days. Peace, Dawg Sitting on the couch watching the TV daydreaming, when you walk into the room wearing a red corset, fishnet stockings attached to your hips by a garter belt and matching thong. I don’t notice you at first until you dance your way in front of the TV and begin swaying your hips back and forth making sure to get my attention. I look at you with a shy grin and click the TV off and turn on the stereo and find Joe Cockers You can keep your hat on playing. “Dance for me pet.” I say firmly. I turn the lights down low and watch you intently. You begin to sway your hips as you m
Day Dreamin
sittin here jammin out and thinkin to myself would love to find some folks to play with some time
Daydreams Should you cross my mind a single time in passing through the day I could call it happenstance a fleeting moment and continue on my way But for all the times I turn around and find you standing there I can not shrug it off simply continue on without the slightest care It is not only at nighttime you come through into my dreams If that were true I’d be sleeping now as I look at you standing before me If I must continue dreaming through these mundane days of mine I could not ask a better fantasy having you with me as they go by
I always thought that no matter how bad things got I would still find happiness. I just can't think like that anymore. It is doing more damage then it is helping. I am so sick of setting myself up to fail. When do the pain and tears stop? Oh they will just as soon as I can catch my breath for then I won't care anymore. Why care when all it leads to is more pain? Sorrow's touch has moved beyond an embrace.
Daydream Of Us
the first one was well received so here is another. if the rates remain high, i will continue to post. please feel free to tell friends/fans/family to come check the stories out :D this one resulted from an online chat i was having with a "friend", where we were discussing an upcoing visit and spending some time relaxing in her hot tub. i'll leave it to you to debate if it ever came to fruition . . . Daydream of Us Picturing you and I sitting there, taking your hand in mine pulling it into my lap as I reach to yours. Sliding my fingers under the edge of your bikini bottom, tracing your smoothly shaven lips as you grasp and stroke my steel-like rod. My free hand reaching up to caress your hardening nipples, untying your bikini top and throwing it out of the tub. Leaning over to kiss you pulling you over onto my lap, you kneeling over me, straddling me. My right hand kneading and fondling your breasts, my left firmly planted in your bikini bottom one finger sliding deep in
Daydreamin And I'm Thinking Of You
I don't know if its your style or the way that you talk Maybe its the sound of your voice or the swag in your walk Could be the shine in your eyes or maybe your laugh But whatever the reason I'm fallin' and FAST The way you say my name or kiss me goodbye They can have all the DRO, you're my natural high I wait for your call or that knock at my door I don't care who knows baby, you got me feenin' for more Its not just your body or the way you lick your lips Not the year of your car or your hands on my hips Its deeper than that. a feeling only you and I know Me and you against the world, wherever you're taking me, I'll go Got my head in the clouds, flying high, miles and miles Can't explain it, but I get turned on just by your smile The smile that you give me when I walk in a room Or your kiss on my neck as you smell my perfume Usually cool and laid back, more reserved, thats my style Hard to imagine these feelings, guess I'll call it de
A Daydream...
Drifting off into thought leaving all the world behind Not always knowing where I'm looking nothing but you on my mind You and me how perfect it would be Waking up next to a lover with these eyes it's plain to see If you could only see how much my heart yearns Such a crushing feeling my passion for you burns A lick over my lips a bite on my lower Visions of you and me Growing stronger and stronger No care to the world let my work pile and stack It all can wait Oh Memories, take me back You fill my head seems like at the start of the day From the time my eyes see light till my body rests where my pillows lay Different scenes racing through my mind You and me in on our first date to the day I make you mine Am I going too fast does this make you question me Just because I love you And all you've done for me A blink of an eye back to reality A feeling of warmth a thought of things to be Smiling from ear to ear not even a word to say
Day Dreaming
"Day Dreaming" Daydreamin' n Im thinkin of you [4x] Look- at- my- mind- floating- away- Hes the kinda guy that would say hay baby Lets get away lets go someplace, huh. Where I don't care. Hes the kinda guy that you give ya everything Ya trust ya heart share all of ya love Til death do us part I wanna be what he wants, when he wants it and Whenever he needs it And whenever he's lonesome and love starved I'll be there to feed him I'm lovin him a little bit more each day Turns me right on when I hear him say... Hay baby lets get away lets go somewhere oh Baby can we, where I don't care [2x] I wanna be what he wants, when he wants it and Whenever he needs it And whenever he's lonesome and love starved I'll be there to feed him I'm lovin him a little bit more each day Turns me right on when I hear him say... Hay baby lets get away lets go somewhere oh Baby can we, where I don't care [3x] I'm lovin him a little bit more each day Turns me right on w
Day Dream
Whenever I day dream, and day dream I do, in my secret garden, I day dream of you. I day dream of you, in a faraway land; embracing me tight and holding my hand. Holding my hand, and touching my face. Just you and me, in this peaceful place. In this peaceful place a pristine river flows. Where the unicorns run, a breeze always blows. A breeze always blows and sings of a song; our love in a place where you're never gone. Where you're never gone is as it would seem, from dusk until dawn, whenever I day dream. And whenever I day dream, and day dream I do, in my secret garden, I day dream of you.
Day Dream ( For Someone Special)
Daydream Whenever I day dream, and day dream I do, in my secret garden, I day dream of you. I day dream of you, in a faraway land; embracing me tight and holding my hand. Holding my hand, and touching my face. Just you and me, in this peaceful place. In this peaceful place a pristine river flows. Where the unicorns run, a breeze always blows. A breeze always blows and sings of a song; our love in a place where you're never gone. Where you're never gone is as it would seem, from dusk until dawn, whenever I day dream. And whenever I day dream, and day dream I do, in my secret garden, I day dream of you. - Cassie McNair -
Day Dream
I stand here and day dream of a sweet girl to be in my life to have and hold and to love. Thus I have not found her yet so I will keep looking til the day I find her. All will be well and happy til the end of are days together.
I feel the soft winds blowing, feels like your fingertips. I sit alone and dream of you, kissing those precious lips. eyes so hypnotizing, they mesmerize my soul, you put me in a disarray, you're the one that I behold. your smile is just so stunning, your voice it does stop time, you must be celestial, you're pure and so divine
Daydreaming by tonidelasalle© Pete leaned back in his desk chair, letting the sounds of the office on a Wednesday afternoon bounce off his eardrums. His finger came up and loosened the tie in his collar. He unbuttoned the top button and let cool air blow down his shirt. He blinked hard and shook his head, trying to clear away the midweek doldrums. He let his eyes wander and saw her. She was tall and buxom, with fiery red hair and eyes so green, he could see them from across the room. Her gray suit and white blouse said "lawyer", which wouldn't surprise him one bit. He let his mind wander as his eyes scanned her figure slowly. As they came back up, his gaze lingered on a valley between her breasts that would put the Grand Canyon to shame. A slight grin creased his lips as he imagined nuzzling that magnificent spread. That grin died when his eyes came up to her face. He didn't know how long she'd watched him, but her expression said it had been long enough. His eyes and mind
Day Dream
I am sitting at my desk looking at your pictures. Imagining what I could do with you if you were mine. Your eyes are so captivating, your body so alluring. If wishes could come true you would be in front of me. a message appears in my shout box, it is you. I get excited even before I read it. "I want us to meet" I cant believe my eyes, you want to meet me. I reply quickly that I want to meet you as well but how. You tell me that you are on vacation in VA Beach right now. My heart starts to beat faster, my cock starts to firm. My dream may come true. I tell you I want you as mine while you are here, "yes Master" you fall into the roll immediately. I type my number and tell you to call. In seconds my phone is ringing, it is you. I stay cool on the phone but my face is flush with excitment. You will be my pet for the wekend....."yes Master" You tell me where you are staying and I tell you that will be for later. For now I tell you where a nice local lace is for lunch but
Day Dreams Ch. 01
Day Dreams Ch. 01 by rabiddedbare © Savannah GA 2010..sometime AFTER the fall of humanity...... Dave looks over the crowd in disgust. He dislikes most vampires he meets these days. And he has no idea why Lillith brought him here. Friday is blood night at the "Docks". A werewolf can only stomach so much of the smell of human blood before changing. And the soft scents from the holding cages were already making his stomach rumble. Unlike his vampire friend he had no need for the blood, or humans at all for that matter. Every now an then they were fun to hunt. But not much. He could vaguely remember being human. In 1996 when the vamps took over. He had hid in the woods of northern Windsor CA. But a different being caught him and changed him. An made him much more powerful than the camps. True he could die, but it would take a lot. And true old age would have its way with another 200 years or so. "Happy birthday, lover." Lillith purred at him. She knew he hated it
A Daydream Of Simply Red
A Daydream of Simply Red by ViXxXNKisses © May I share a daydream with you? It began when I was dwelling on this never-ending hunger I have for you. A desire so perfect it pours throughout me till I overflow with this desperate expression; yet it is exotic and mysterious as well. Eventually I will be exhausted and emptied by your love for me. If it is possible, you seem to have no faults. You amaze me over and over again with your willingness and patience. Most men cannot satisfy me; or understand what I need and want, because they don't know who I am. Because of this, may my lust for you be your reward, grandly tantalizing you each moment and every hour of all your days. My daydream tells me you are spirit, but I am flesh. Your spirit is what I long for most. The way it twists and turns with my spirit to meet me in places foreign and strange to me, yet refreshing and exciting. I see you making love to me, and I'm not afraid. Not afraid to look into your eyes
The Day Draws Near!
Well as some of you know I am getting very close to leaving the states for a long period of time and heading to the big sandbox known as IRAQ. I havent been around alot due to last minute things going on at work and in my personal life. Let me tell you the stress is building as the days get closer. I have been trying to keep in touch with my children but even that has been hard lately. My boys understand that this is my job and mom has to go and do it to keep them and the rest of the world safe, but it still doesn't make it any easier on them. This will be the first holiday season I will be away from them and that is breaking my heart. I have been told I am a tough cookie so I am aboout to find out just how tough I really am. Those of you that are closer to me than others please do not feel that I have been avoiding any of you cause that is not the case. Any of you wishing for me to keep in touch while I am deployed please send your mailing address to my email soon so I can write them
Day Dreams
Why do I worry,why do I care when i open my eyes , he's still not there I dont want to lose him ,why cant he see In his arms is where I long to be But Im confused and sometimes lost if I wait to long my heart will pay the cost Do I ris kmy heart,and jump right in? or lock up my feelings and keep them within? I lay awake in my bed at night wishing he was there to hold me tight I sit in the darkness and cry Every time we say goobye I want to be with him I truely do And whisper in his ear I love you
Daydreaming Lastnight...... And Wrote It
Now, let the fantasies begin The door gently swings open.... You're all alone You're asleep Slowly, you half open one eye, to see who's disturbing your slumber You see me, dressed head to toe, slowly making my way towards the bed.... I slowly remove my garments, as I move towards you.... You're naked; the sheer thought of me in the room with you, alone, is sending shivers down your spine I slowly slide myself into the large, comfortable bed, and lay next to you, staring in awe at your beauty I move my head down to yours You can feel my breath on your lips My hand caresses your hair My hair falls down, and brushes your cheek I lower my lips to meet yours...... We kiss, savoring the taste of each other.... As we lie, naked, in bed together You feel an all too familiar sensation.... a strange tingling in your spine Your knees feel weak Your mind goes blank; all you care about is the man, who's holding you in his arms, All you want is for this moment to last forever...
I sit here and I close my eyes, and all I can see is you... I graze a fingertip across my lips and all I feel is your tongue I run my hands through my hair, and they are yours I take a deep breath and all I can smell is you.... My fingertips alive with the electricity of US on them.... Every sense tuned into you... Listening to the way your breath catches as I hold a nipple captive softly between my teeth.... Seeing the way your back arches and your hips move as I move my fingers deep inside of you.... Feeling you get wetter and wetter as your muscles contract tightly around my fingers... Hearing your moans with every move I make... Sensing the little hairs on the back of your neck raise as I whisper softly in your ear.... Feeling your hot mouth on my neck... Your tongue melting with mine... Your cool hands on the warm flesh of my belly... Hearing you moan softly as your tongue circles my nipple, hardening under your touch.... Experiencing a rush of warmth that reaches d
Daydreamer By: Jennette N. I have been sitting here daydreaming For what seems now to be like hours Endless thoughts of you to keep my smile beaming While my fear of what is to come towers So many hopes, aspirations, and desires Somewhat carefree with a whole new mentality Yet it is you who I truley admire You are my daydreams... Could you possibly be my reality? So here I am again Standing the test of time Running the ink dry from the pen Wondering if you will be mine Feelings becoming stronger with each passing moment The more questions answered, the more intrigued I become Trying very hard now to make you part of the quotient Where two hearts from different worlds intertwine into one.
Thoughts floating in my mind... Feelings of another kind... Inexplicable to me Are the visions that I see. The impossibility of such, This dwelling on you so much Has caused me to be free, and yet So captured by my reverie. This dream, uncalled for, yet so real That sets my heart up for the steal, And promises of nothing, or A chance to see you just once more. If I close my eyes I see you there, Royal, classic, golden hair; With eyes that light the world aglow With love and passion burning so. I am better for the chance that I Would meet you once, and qualify The theme of my life changing to A life of thinking about you.
Daydream Whenever I day dream, and day dream I do, in my secret garden, I day dream of you. I day dream of you, in a faraway land; embracing me tight and holding my hand. Holding my hand, and touching my face. Just you and me, in this peaceful place. In this peaceful place a pristine river flows. Where the unicorns run, a breeze always blows. A breeze always blows and sings of a song; our love in a place where you're never gone. Where you're never gone is as it would seem, from dusk until dawn, whenever I day dream. And whenever I day dream, and day dream I do, in my secret garden, I day dream of you.
Day Dreams
i day dream licking your neck and sit on your lap and knowing u are rub my back. God u are holding me close to u. when we are having sex and i can feel u inside me and the passion and desire knowing i want u more everytime , oh god donot stop.
Daydream (2003)
Daydream, had a little daydream. I have been daydreaming my time for a long while. Though short it may seem. Daydream, please dont shout or pinch me so that I will wake. Im sure I will wake up on my own one day. Daydream, If you see me dreaming away on the street one day. Just leave me be, and Ill dream my dreams to reality. Daydream, I you see ive daydreamed righton past my Home. Please I ask you, just leave me alone. So I can have a chance to daydream all my dreams true, for all the world to see. Daydream, when you see me with a smile. You will know my daydreams were all worth while. I daydreamed them so, though it took a while. Daydream, if i see you dreaming past. I will only smile at you, and hope you get where you dream to be. Go ahead and daydream, I will not shake or wake you, or even make a sound. I will only hope all your daydreams are found. Till then I will just be here, Daydreaming around.
A Daydream Remembered
A Daydream Remembered I was sitting in my small condo on my bed wrapping gifts to send to my little brother and nephews. Startled, I hear a knock at the door. Beings I was sitting in my pajamas, a night shirt and shorts, I decide to grab my robe putting it on, on my way to the door. I peek through the peephole to find David standing on the other side. Opening the door I stood there in a bit of shock, “Hay, what are you doing here?” “Just thought I would stop by and see how you were doing. Is it too late?” He asked noticing me in my robe. “No, not at all. Come on in. I just had to get comfortable after my shower. I’ve only been home for a couple of hours from my second job.” “You have a second job?” He asks as he walks in and starts taking off his coat. “Yea, it helps me to save to get a bigger place.” He walks further in and notices the cutting mess on the bed. “Are you busy? I can come back later.” “No that’s ok; I was just finishing wrapping a few gifts for m
Daydreaming by Mike Hubbell I sit and ponder to allow my head to fill the clouds when no one else is around I dream of seeing her To feel my heart lifting to the heavens above and feel the weightlessness of my heart when she walks by To have my arms around her to smell the sweet sent of her hair my heart jumps at the possibility and my soul cries for more I know it's just a dream I know that she will never come but still I daydream of the day she comes home to me
Flowers Blooming Bees Buzzing Id give anything to be taken away from here So I Close my eyes Take a deep breath and I'm gone Into a world that does not hurt me A place that has no worries, no pain or hate or loneliness Where the birds sing the sun shines, brightly and I am everything Taken away from myself and everyone else Until I wake up by a sound I find familiar But I hope this time it will last Forever
A Day Dream
white skin very pale very really yes fair skinned excited my heart is beating fast cause i can see you in my eye the layers of tone underneath Transparent like crystal light colors blacks and whites that have just made me go into shock you are a beauty a pleasure yes it would be easy it would be i think, easy to I am going to say it it would be so easy to love you It’s like a dream yes you are like a dream the kind you make up in the day wide awake the kind you do not soon forget the kind you most want to come true yes the dream kind and you do not have to write it down soon as you awake least you forget or the kind that makes you scream or cry in your sleep yes its the kind that makes you want to go back to sleep to finish it cause dreaming is far better then living it cause you want to believe it and i believe you i like you I believe you are not a dream a figment of an over active imagination but are more a note a sound l
Daydreaming And Wishing
You never know if daydreaming is a good thing or not. One on hand if you don’t have an imagination as an artist...well not really a good thing is it? :D. On the other hand dreaming about what could be and putting so much energy into it is a bad thing. You cannot force things into being but you can hope the best for the outcome. There are a few people always in my thoughts almost in every single moment of every day. I hope and wish for them the best in everything. For some of those people I do hope and wish to be in their lives more than I am right now. Time will tell. All I can do is remain positive and know in my heart things will work out for the best in the end. Living in the past while the future passes is a bad practice to do. Make each moment count from this moment to the next. Can you change things in your life..well yes you can. Can you change what people think of you or how they Can you change how you think of yourself? Yes you can. We are all flaw
Daydreams Should you cross my mind a single time in passing through the day I could call it happenstance a fleeting moment and continue on my way But for all the times I turn around and find you standing there I can not shrug it off simply continue on without the slightest care It is not only at nighttime you come through into my dreams If that were true I’d be sleeping now as I look at you standing before me If I must continue alone through these mundane days of mine I could not ask a better fantasy having you with me as they go by
A torture chamber would be for me The gift surpassing all gifts A few I know I would ask with glee If I could bestow on them my drifts A few guts I'd have for garters Pulling out some hair with skin All this just for starters Before I really begin Each flaying of the knotted tails Will bring me some satisfaction Oh sweet sounds, to hear the wails They just enhance my action The stretching wheel awaits your call I would lay you down so soft Smiling small I would pull you tall Your screams reaching the loft With branding irons I would approach Searing flesh right to the bone Some more screaming this would coach A strange echo? the ringing of a phone! Waking from my dream so sweet And picking up the horn A chirpy voice my ears did greet Spitefully I lashed out my torn Back in the world of do's and don'ts I go about my business Grinning broad I hear the groans when I tell them - DO THE DISHES! ©dutch2lips April 26th, 2006
A Day Dream About My Special Someone... You Knpw Who You Are.
I had an idea…more of a daydream really…It began with me kissing your forehead, then your eyes, to your nose and cheeks....down to the nape of your neck then up to your lips. Then I was kissing your chin and cheeks and then held your face in my hands and while looking into your eyes, slowly lower my face to yours and kissed your lips, and tasted your tongue . As our kiss became more passionate, our tongues were twisting and turning around each other..... I left your mouth, kissed your chin and continued down your neck to your beautiful breasts.... My hands found their way down the sides of your sweet body, and your moans urged me on as you pushed your body into mine. My lips continued to move down, between your breasts, as my hands moved up your body. You tried to guide my head further down, but I moved back up to kiss your lips, as my fingers began to circle your breast once, then again. Each circle was becoming smaller and smaller, inching their way to your hardened nipple,
Day Dreaming
Tracing the edge of insanity you might think of this But I want to feel the trueness of her kiss The brillance of her smile early in the morning and the radiance of her thoughts in full swing Living fast , breathing slow there is much I don't know writing only my hearts desires she inspires me every which way and never tires Like rain she pours me my fill and see me for all that is god's will She say's " I Love You " and I know nothing more to be true Enough mirrors reflect days where it was understated never half stepping since our days where intiated dialated pupils captured her beauty with first glance and chance has given us a love worthy of a dance Following only the scripts of our hearts we find today as it was when spring starts One hopeless dream is now everflowing forever tending even in not knowing I use to think it would take an eternity but the truth is I don't remember the old me For all I know now is that of acceptance Sweat pants , tee shirt
Day Dream
I gaze out of the window, a leaf tumbles its way down the gutter unhindered on the late summer breeze. Sun contrast to the shadow within the cool buzzing atmosphere. My mind wanders the thin sheet of glass a fragile prison separating desire from reality. The hum alters pitch distracting me from my revere. I turn the cadence registering demanding a response. I nod an affirmative seeking a return fantasy's release from the mundane. The monotone changes I focus for a moment disdain registered. I realize my affirmation is in error out of balance I hastily tack to the contrary which seems to restore the resonance back to normal harmonics. I pause a brief moment only to satisfy etiquette before returning my gaze to the passing world that holds so much allure filled with the possible the potential. I see only one that fill my heart with song in everything that holds beauty……..
Day Dreamin
Michael's gaze lifted as a dark shadow fell across him. He had been sitting in his chair in his living room, ruminating over how utterly meaningless his life was, and tired of the 9 to 5 grind everyday that left him tired and restless at the same time. He now set eyes on the most breathtakingly beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. Her hair was the color of silken flame, the long locks catching the sun's dying rays and making the ends look as if they were on fire. Her eyes, a deep-set emerald color, glinted darkly with desire, diminished only by the seductive, slightly cocky smile on her lips. His first thought would have been, should have been, "who the hell is this woman and how did she get into my apartment??". But in his current mindset, all he could do was stare. His gaze lingered on her face for a few moments, and then slid down to her body. She was wearing a short red dress, the lacey hem barely reaching her tan, well defined thighs. It wasn't a tight dres
We were in Mozambique together. What was Mozambique? Nothing you want to hear about. Just a dot after weeks of sand every way you turned, no matter how many prints you left in the parched, firm dirt. It crumbles in your toes, like packed, dry snow, like playgrounds at the city park. But the greasy cake of blood and sand doesn't melt in your fingers. We were in Mozambique together. Where the screams weren't in my head. Where the pleas of what I can only assume was sand jock for "please not my daughter" went unmet. Where an angry, indifferent, or nonexistant god was to judge us. The hands of your mouthpieces. We were in Mozambique together. Only, now Mozambique is together in us. A town, a slaughter, a sin, that never happened Not every nightmare Not every patriotic macho recruitment commercial Not every day whenever the house is still. There was no Mozambique. We made sure of that.
you know...ibeen tryin to look at the upside of life...the good things in life...and you know what...its all a bunch of horse so sick of people going around treating people however they want and such. I hear it all the here for you blah blah blah...give me a break dont play fucking know i sat here one day and idk why but i just started dazing off...(daydream)I sit here on the side of the street...all black...hood up watching people walk by...hairover my eyes no one can see them...finally someoen walks over and asks if im ok...i look at them...when they look into my eyes i seee a fear in theres i havent ever seen before...then i feel something dripping down my face...i wipe it off and see its blood coming from my crying blood...i stand up and smile ...she screams and all reality i have no hatred for her...she is a mere pawn in this game of life as the rest of us seeing her run away i sit back down and lower my head
She's amazing, generous & beautiful!! An amazing friend & if she's not on your list, You are seriously missing out!! Michaela daydreams ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ brought to you by Unbreakable Please repost!!
Daydream Whenever I daydream, and daydream I do, in my secret garden, I daydream of you. I daydream of you, in a faraway land; embracing me tight and holding my hand. Holding my hand, and touching my face. Just you and me, in this peaceful place. In this peaceful place a beautiful river flows. Where the unicorns run, a breeze always blows. A breeze always blows and sings of a song; our love in a place where you're never gone. Where you're never gone is as it would seem, from dusk until dawn, whenever I daydream. And whenever I daydream, and daydream I do, in my secret garden, I daydream of you.
Day Dreaming
Its been a long day I need to sit at my desk and just close my eyes for a few. Drifting away it my mind im thinking it would be nice to go for a ride in the mountains. We are riding together to the mountains in my Escalade. The fall foliage is so pretty this time of year. We have some soft jazz playing on Sirus. I crack the windows to let in a soft breeze , the air smelling so crisp. Your wearing a nice flowing skirt with sexiest riding boots that creeping up ya calves. I cant help but want to slide my hand up your skirt to admire your smooth trembling thighs. I use my hand to warm your thighs. Sliding further up I notice you have on no panties. Your slit is dripping wet. You unbutton your blouse to expose your heaving breast. I take your left nipple into my mouth. Your aroma is filling my nose your wearing "Very Sexy" damn it smells so good on you. The moisture from down below is so slippery, im getting wet from playing in your wetness. "Ring" I spread your lips to expose your clit
Day Dreams
I think about you when your not hereThe days they pass so slow.Hours fade together until the time I talk to you.Lost in my day dreams that this is my perfect life.Lost in my day dreams when it sudddenly becomes night. My dreams lost in a nightmare world where nothing is the same.My life comes unglued My future right in front of me but I already know I’m screwed.As tempting as it is to sever these veins and watch dyingas my life, my future and my blood flows down the drain. I take a deep breath and realize tomorrow is a new day.New day dreams a plenty, day dreams of you.
Daydream Under Moonlight [7-7-09]
Day Dream
Falling trees with hanging leaves fluttering in my mind. A simple life with simple times hiding behind the times.Soul searching and blood thirsting socioty seems to thrive. Full of agravation and frustration with the world as it needs to be.I do not need or want any of lifes hypocricysI will stand alone, if I must, upon my mountain top.Blissfully watching "life" pass me by looking off my giant rock. And all this useless and needless drama will finally come to a stop.Happy to be, to see, to love, to laugh, bring back the beauty that lifes ment to be. Will it be done? Can it be done? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!Don't let the world get ya down. Lead by example or dont complain. My small and insignificant words of wisdom to anyone who cares to hear them. Find something you love and hold on to it. A person, a hobby, and idea or even a dream. Be true to yourself.Peace to allNick
Day Dreams
And now I return back to the way I have been....back to day dreaming.
Daydreams Should you cross my mind a single time in passing through the day I could call it happenstance a fleeting moment and continue on my way But for all the times I turn around and find you standing there I can not shrug it off simply continue on without the slightest care It is not only at nighttime you come through into my dreams If that were true I’d be sleeping now as I look at you standing before me If I must continue alone through these mundane days of mine I could not ask a better fantasy having you with me as they go by
Day Dream
As I sit here I start day dreamingThe most beautiful girl i ever seenWe are walking side by sideI wonder if she knows my words are what i meanWalking on the beachOur toes in the sandEvery day im with herLife has been so grandSitting across from herStaring into her exotic eyesSlowly just getting lost causeHer eyes sparkle like stars in the skySitting here holding her closeNever wanting to let her goEven though this is a day dreamThe feeling is real i hope she know
 Dirty little thoughts … they cause a stir … create heat and passion. Late at night sometimes I have naughty ideas ! I share those ideas with you sometimes, other times I just keep them in my mind, I love sexy scenarios. They range from exciting places to have sex to just different sexual encounters. having wild imaginations ! One of the most exciting parts of the daydreams I have are the long lasting passionate kisses. Kisses are so personal, so intimate. Nibbling my lower lip can be very dangerous … I am going to go lay down and daydream something sexy … erotic … wanna join me ?
Daydreaming Lost In My Head
dreaming i keep wondering what will come to i bold enough to make the next move . what move it is for me for take . as i sit on my lovely arse . thinking all day and into the night . i cannot sleep when something isn't right. my mind is filled with so many thoughts... i try to read , and i try to chat .. but my mind will have none of that .. it tired to do its own thing .. i lie awake on my pillow .. my eyes sore from lack of sleep as the hours and minutes pass by so slowly .. and the next feel so tired .. i wish i could change it but for now .. it is what it is .. pure and honest stress and life is what you make it but i keep my head help up high , as i fight against the urge to be depressed ..   i continue to look foward int othe future of the things in life i want to do so badly , the places i want to go . I stop to smell the Roses and all the other flowers around me .. I'm luckier then some .. and i'm grateful for what i have .. i'll live every day l
Daydreamin Ouch!
‎"I can honestly say you've been on my mind... Since I woke up today, up today I remember when we kissed, I still feel it on my lips The time that you danced with me With no music playing ... I remember those simple things I remember 'til I cry ..." hahahahahahiiiizzzz...cnt wait" damn day dreamin again ...?
Whenever I day dream,and day dream I do,in my secret garden,I day dream of you.I day dream of you,in a faraway land;embracing me tightand holding my hand.Holding my hand,and touching my face.Just you and me,in this peaceful place.In this peaceful placea pristine river flows.Where the unicorns run,a breeze always blows.A breeze always blowsand sings of a song;our love in a placewhere you're never gone.Where you're never goneis as it would seem,from dusk until dawn,whenever I day dream.And whenever I day dream,and day dream I do,in my secret garden,I day dream of you.
Day 4~ Dooms Day Survivalism
May 24th, 2011 ~ Day 4 ~ Fifth Entry :   Cooper and I had to remaine tucked away in the culvert for most of the day yesterday, as the Zombies out numbered us 20-1. Im not sure, but I think they knew we were around, but just coldn't figure out where.  Finally just before dark, they left. The coast was clear.  Cooper and I set out in search of safer/dryer shelter.  We stayed off the main roads, and traveled the narrow foot paths through the woods. This was tough as there are many root systems and rocks along the way.  Stumbling through the dark we were suddenly spotted by a gang of rogue survivors. These are the ones I feared most, as they were not prepared for the worlds end, and had no food supplies. They set chace after us in an attempt to steal my supplies. I knew this would happen!  Running blindly through the woods, Cooper and I came upon an old abandoned Grange Hall.  Following Coopers lead, I trusted that there was no one inside. Once inside, I barracaded the doors and windo
DaydreamWhenever I day dream,and day dream I do,in my secret garden,I day dream of you.I day dream of you,in a faraway land;embracing me tightand holding my hand.Holding my hand,and touching my face.Just you and me,in this peaceful place.In this peaceful placea pristine river flows.Where the unicorns run,a breeze always blows.A breeze always blowsand sings of a song;our love in a placewhere you're never gone.Where you're never goneis as it would seem,from dusk until dawn,
Daydream Gamer Pt 1
Daydream Gamer   Things always start innocent enough, playing video games together on a normal Sunday afternoon.  The playful banter and the challenges issued through out the afternoon, and the gentle rough housing, nothing out of the normal, but something is different today, something that can't be explained, a simple push, the un intentional brush against one another, minds racing.  Not sure where things are headed but you know you don't want to, can't let it stop.  That smile, that look, gently brushing your hair out of your eyes.  Your so close you can smell her sweet scent, driving you crazy, making your heart race, your thought blur, leaning in for a hug, and without realizing it letting out a small sigh like every worry every problem it just doesn't matter right now, nothing else matters right now, because your with her.  Your emotions get the best of you and you give her a light kiss on the cheek.  She seems startled but not upset, and then you see a little smirk apear on her
Daydream Gamer **edited By Mysweetestsin**
It was like any other Sunday afternoon playing video games together. Things always start out innocent enough. Playful banter and challenges issued. Gentle rough housing. Nothing out of the ordinary. But something feels different today; something that can't be explained. A simple push, an unintentional touch. Your minds are racing. Unsure of where things are headed but you know you don't want it to and won’t, let it stop. She smiles at you with a look of longing as she gently brushes the hair out your eyes.  You’re so close you can smell her sweet scent. It’s driving you crazy. Your heart is racing, thoughts blurring. You lean in for a hug. Without realizing it you were holding it, you let out a sigh. Every worry, every problem, they don’t matter. For just that moment in time you’re unconcerned with everything with the exception of now. Your emotions get the best of you and you give her a light kiss on the cheek.  She seems startled but not upset, and a lit
Day Dream
     You're standing in your bedroom, thinking about your neighbor just across your lawn in her pool and you begin to stroke your growing erection. The woman was beautiful and you wanted her hands all over you. You close your eyes and imagine her running her hands down your body. As you wrap your hands around your erection you imagine her lips wrapping around you.    Your cock begins to throb and pulse at the fantasy and you groan loudly , your eyes still closed. In the pool across the yard the woman glances up and sees you standing there. She's mesmerized by the sight and makes her way out of the pool. As she watches you tighten your hand around your cock, she makes her way into your yard and through your open patio door.    You press your forehead against the window glass as you feel your release growing closer. You feel small soft hands sliding down your chest and your eyes pop open. She's kneeling in front of you a question shining in her eyes. You move your hand from your erection
        You open your eyes and watch your seed spurting out onto the glass of the window. Your daydream felt so real you could swear you felt her lips around you. You look out the window and you see her lying on her lounge chair looking your way. As you watch her hand slips beneath her bikini bottoms. She bites her bottom lip as her hand begins to move beneath her bottoms. Your cock begins to harden as you watch her and you groan, this will never do, you want this woman too bad to settle for daydreams and your hand.         You step away from the window and slip on a pair of swim trunks. You glance out the window to make sure she's still there, then you hurry through the house and out the patio door. You make your way across your yard and into hers. Dusk is settling in but you can still make out her silhouette in the chair. As you get closer you hear her soft moans as she continues to stroke herself.          You stand above her and she must sense your presence because her eyes fly
Day Dreaming
It is fun to day dream , and pretend your somewhere warm, where the sun is shining bright ..  When i start to imagine things it all feels so very real ,  The beach is so warm and sunny , the sky is so oh so blue , The people stand around , doing what they do ..   The sand is so soft beneath my feet ,the gentle wind blows blows around me , the seagulls fly by looking for food.  the families gather together under their big umbrellas , hiding from the sun .. the teens and teenagers chase each other live they are in love .. the waves crash all around me .. and i love to look out far into the horizon .. and see the ships upon the ocean  It is so beautiful in my daydreams sometimes i don't want to leave them , i get lost in my own little world .. 
A Day Early
the guy who is going to have a chat with me about helping with the site is coming round today, thursday 30.11.06 and will be here at 6.30, he couldnt make friday so glad I get to meet him a day early
The Day Every Parent Regrat
on July 25,2005 my son and his mother's friend were out walking in North east Minneapolis,Minnesota. there was a gang be hide them in a park and then there was a car that drove by at a high speed and someone started shooting and my son was a victim in a drive by shooting. My Son Jacob die on the way to the hospital. on November 11,2005 we bared My son Jacob Richard Till If he was alive today he would have been 6 year old today is is birthday.
Day Eleven Album Release
Day Eleven will preview their new album on their MySpace starting Saturday, 03.10. They will put up a couple of songs with the band’s own comments for 2 days, then change to the next tracks so you will hear the whole album before its release. Day Eleven’s 2nd album, Sleepwalkers, will hit stores in Finland next Wednesday, 03.14. This bulletin is brought to you by: *Please Repost*
A "day 4" Extension (my Maria!)
Day 4 Extension (My Maria) I finally got some attention for Maria tonight! YAY!!! I was taking all of my gear out and then had an ADD moment and decided to jump on the trampoline for a little bit. Maria came over and sat down on one of the chairs under the shade and started talking to me. Maria: So what have you been doing these last few days? Me: Beating the shit outta myself, cuz you are ignoring me!! Maria: *Laughs* I wasn’t ignoring you. I had work to do. So what do you got? Me: I got all of my equipment except the head gear. But I figured I wanted to work with the speed bag before you kicked my ass with the ‘bows. Maria: *Laughs* Oh yeah! Girl, you need the headgear! Did you get your mouthpiece because I’m sure you wanna keep all your pretty teeth *laugh*. Me: Yep, got it, molded it. DONE AND DONE! So we went into the building behind the house and found the placement for the bag. Methodically, she measured, screwed and tightened the mount for the bag. All t
30 Day Evaluation
They put my truck in the shop today, but it's apparently good to go. While there, they did my 30 day evaluation. Gawd, what a hoot. They're used to dealing with yout typical truck drivers. I walk in there wearing khaki 5-11 tacticals, a tie, tie bar, badge case w/credentials, polished, buffed, shiny and crackling. The CEO did a double take. They gave me a form for MY comments, which they said was usually thrown away, and filled the thing out completely, to include the margins. I told them what I thought of their computer system, but that overall I was having a great time. The truckers are a hoot...they have NO idea what to think of me. I don't think some of them own a tie. There is a method to my madness...I have received nothing but up front treatment from even the hardest of shippers and consignees...hell I even got loaded on a guys lunch break. What works works, lemme tell ya. I think my air conditioning problem is finally rectified...whew. Been out a month
Day 2 Epcot
We spent today at EPCOT... We needed some sleep so we did not get to EPCOT until just before 10... I sent hubby with the kids to Imagination why I ran over to Soarin' to get FASTPASSES as it always has a long wait and the fast passes tend to get run out early in the day... I jumped on line at Living with the Land and my family caught up with me there just as I was nearing the end of the line. I love that ride because of the awesome greenhouse at the end...boy I'd love to have a hydroponic garden. :) How cool is that? After that we tried to ride Nemo at Living Seas but it broke down with us in the middle of it... we had to listen to the sound track over and over and over again..."Hey! It's Nemo!" "Mr. Ray! Here comes Nemo!" Yeah it's Nemo! "Oh there you are Nemo! Okay everyoe...let's go adventuring!" (Try listening to this on a loop for 10 minutes straight---while watching graphics capable of inducing seizures!!!) They did give us "Fast Pass" to use "on any ride except Soar
A Day For Heros
A very good friend of mine, Paulette, posted this on her blog and with her permission I am reposting it here. She is a major supporter and does a lot on her own and also with the USO. She was there at this homecoming and these are her thoughts and impressions. She is also on and here as I said if you would like to send her a note and some love. I think it is important for you all to read and understand how very much we do care and support you all, and how many there really are of us that do regardless of how it may seem at times that it isn't so. I love you guys!!! Tonya ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Day For the Heroes On Saturday I went to Ft. Stewart where the USO was putting on a welcome home day for the 3rd ID. Local food places donated food and a carnival was set up for the soldiers' families. Jeff Foxworthy performed and so did Chely Wright. It was a great day! But a couple of th
Day Four...
I did not get to talk to Fred this morning. We woke up and had breakfast. Then the two oldest went to church. I stayed home with the babies and cleaned. When the girls got home, we then went to watch Jake play football.(He is my neighbors kid.) They won. 18 to 0 against Mairemont. We were there for two games. Now we are home and will just be relaxing for the rest of the night. Hopefully I will get to talk to Fred soon.
Day Five
Today I kept myself real busy. I got the girls off to school. Then I got the babies ready and ran a few errans. Then I decided that I did not want to go home. We went to Mc Donalds and I got a coffee and let the babies play for an hour. When we left there it was 11:30. I knew that I had to get Courtney at 1, so I did not want to go home. We went to GoodWill to walk around for a few. We then headed to the Post Office and over to Courtney's school. Then it was off again to the doctors. After the doctors I was ready to go home. At that time it was 2:30. I then had to help the girls with homework. We got done with that around 5pm. I decided I was ready to go again. We went to my best friends sons football practice. And don't you know we did not want to sit there. So we walked the track for about an hour. We did about 5 laps or so. At 8pm it was time to go home. I bathed the babies and did alittle more school work with the kids. Now I am writting on here. You know tonight I think I
A Day For Us
The day was bright and warm We woke in the bright sunshine Your eyes as bright as the day This is the way I want us to stay We begin each day with a kiss This ritual I would not miss We hold, we caress, we talk softly We make love and begin our day This day is for us We want to explore The area, Each other We dress for the shore The drive is peaceful The music playing Soft and tender Hands held along the way You see the spot The beach below a bluff Waves crashing on the rocks Sea grass in spurts We park the car Sit quietly for a moment Look at each other Take in the view With a smile we leave Walking hand in hand Down the slopes of the bluff To the shore below The sight is overwhelming Sea gulls flying The water so clear The sand so white We walk to the edge of the water The waves roll in The waves retreat It is refreshing on our feet You put your arm around my waist We walk slowly Talking quietly, laughing gingerly Soft kisses i
Day From Hell
Hell started at about midnight. I usually love December. Argument, me leaving, crying all night. I'm a stupid girl. I didn't get enough sleep. I nearly got into a car accident. I braced myself so hard for impact that I had a splitting headache for three hours. I took my car in for the stereo at 3 after not finding any of the right gifts I was looking for. They said it would take until 5 to be done. I walk around. Work calls me. Jessica is sick and the TWO keyholders I have there are refusing to stay. I can't go anywhere, Best Buy has my car. I lie and say it's being "worked on". They call and call. I lie and say I can't get there until 7 at least. Fuck. I sat on a bench and cried. I was woozy from not being able to eat all day. Some girl found me and bought me juice and talked to me for two hours while they finished my car. I come home and find out someone Puerto Rican mami -impress me, read my profile@ CherryTAP is using MY graphic of ME to thank peop
Day From Hell And The Punch That Wasn't
I walked into my job this morning, thinking everything's wonderful. What do I get but a nasty-ass letter from this 16-year-old little shit. I have never gotten such a rude, mean, bitchy letter in my entire life. If she had been in front of me, I would've broken her face. I would've ended up in jail (she's a minor and I am not) but my point would have been made. If you're mad at me, you're mad at me. There's nothing I can do about it. But don't sit and stew and act nice to my face. Tell me you're pissed. I'm not a freaking mind reader. And DO NOT come at me like I'm retarded. You're allowed to be mad at me. That's fine. But don't talk to me like I'm shit or I will treat you like shit. On my own bitchy side, everyone agreed with me and she's going to be in trouble! Maybe it's a shit job but it's MY shit job and I do it well. So don't mess with me where my job is concerned.
Day From Hell
Well..had our van fixed for a grand total of 15 minutes before a little old man pulled out in front of us on the highway and BAM! Front end is smashed. Still starts and drives, but it's going to take quite a bit of work before we're legal again.... The last two weeks have been nothing but crap. I swear the gods have one of the most sadistic senses of humor I have ever seen.
The Day Finally Come!
The day has finally come! As days went by I thought I was fine, no pain and no sorrow. The day finally came your out of my life for sure, but why do I feel the pain more then ever. I thought everything that was happening was only a dream and you'll finally change.I was wrong and it hurts so bad, you lied and played with my emotions, but i was the fool to let you in. I live in a fantasy thinking your thinking of me and that im all you ever want.Well little birdy fly away and never come back.You left me confuse and wanting to cry.If i cry and let my tears out will it be ok, or will I die. My heart, my soul, my mind is tired but all I see is memories of you and I. Now Im all alone in the dark thoughts of you, but all I hold is a pillow and memories of you. I try to cry but I cant am I all out of tears or is it if I let it out I will die.Old wounds cover by new wounds, should I be cold or is it that my heart has turn cold and into stone. The day has finally come and i dont know
The Day For Lover Bathed In The Color Of Night
when i said roses are red and violets were blue, i should have know it wasn't good enough for you. For you, it's all about image and looks. superficialness and self- centerness is what is about you. Love is a empty emotion for you. i don't believe you have truly felt 3. I guess showing you Love was a bad thing or these words would not be spoken. you were my all, an I was......??what was i to you???besides a friend?No drama you hated it you said..but why did you do what you did when you did??I can not believe i allowed you to take away almost everything that made me me..i threw myself out there in a attempt to heal all the wounds that were not mine..i guess i threw myself out there to far, for i had a hard time finding my way back to me..what a skeletal wreck i was when i finally found ashamed of myself for being what i had become..i was so destroyed that i started having thought i swore i would never have again..i was at the brink of self close.
A Day For Poetry.... I Guess.
Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes. -------------------------------------------------- NOTHING SPECIAL....JUST THINGS I FOUND INTERESTING THAT'S ALL. HOPE YOU LIKE THE LIL POEMS I FOUND. ~SINCERELY~ ~~UNSURE~~
A Day For Angels
A Day For You
Day Four (of Driving Lessons)
more lessons starting at 10am. I hope i get more tomorrow (that afternoon). I hope i can get 2 hours Friday and take the test. I probably will have to do it on a saturday and get my driver's license and get the fuck out of the city.
A Day Fulla Rock & A Birthday
Click banner to enter lounge 12:00PM EST (Noon) 2:00PM EST Happy Birthday DJ Trinity!! From Your Family & Fans at WRR 4:00PM EST Happy Birthday DJ Trinity!! From Your Family & Fans at WRR 8:00PM EST 10:00PM EST 12:00AM EST (Midnight) Click banner to enter lounge (repost of original by '~CSC~ - WRR Army Special Ops - Always a Bitch but HEY! I'm good at it, just ask Sato lol' on '2007-07-24 09:34:53') (repost of original by '~˘ľ~Jes
Day From He Double Hockey Sticks
Day Four
Today is day four of the alli diet. So far, everythings working out. I'm taking the pills, I'm following the TRAGIC 1800 cal a day *WHICH SUCKS* and i'm not drinking much dr pepper *Sobs* But I'm pretty pleased, I already feel a bit better without being so jacked on caffine all the time. In other news, I cut my hair. It's some crazy weird emo looking hair do, I'll put pics up soon. It kinda happened on accident, then I had to get it fixed. The blonde never would come out, so I'm sitting here with mahogony brunette in my hair, hoping it'll take. So, dont be surprised if my new pics look a bit....emo-er...thats not even a word, but *Shrugs* Well I'm off to watch THS INVESTIGATES some more, i'll be back laters. MYSPACE ME :) *to add me you need my last name, and yes it's around here somewhere*
Day Four
Toay is going to be a hard day. The first couple of day I was feeling on top of the world. I was finally free from a contoling man. I was from under his thumb, feeling good, wanted to go dancing, making real changes in my life, now its Day 4 and I'm starting to fall apart. I cried myself to sleep, my pressure is up, my 16 year old daughter hates me because I made her leave her job. My 18 year old needs her own room, fuck I need my own room. I don't want to miss him. I don't want to think about him and I don't want to call him, but everything in me is screaming, call him call him. I want to let this go, I don't want to feel anything for him, I want to stay pissed off, I want to stay away, but my heart is breaking fast and I can't seem to stop it. I thought that if I had sex today with a ex co worker I would feel better, but as the time passes by, and it get closer to the time I told him to be here, I'm getting scared. I don't want to sleep wth him, I don't want to sleep with anyone ri
The Day For Mothers
i think we should all be grateful of our mothers because you don't know what its like to live with out them for as long as i did which is 17yrs now and i still miss her every minute of the day so i hope that every one will cherish them on mothers day.
30-day Fu-marriage Auction! Starting Soon!
Cooter's Barowned by Rev. Cooter Each month, Cooter's Bar will be sponsoring auctions. We will have some great ones lined up for you each month to participate in. Our next auction which will begin on: Sunday, July 13, 2008 and will end at 11:59PM EST or 8:59PM Fu-Time Saturday, July 19, 2008 and this will be a 30 Day Fu-Marriage Auction! Thats right...for 30 days you will be fu-married to the winning bidder in this auction. Once won you must: 1. Put in your nickname that you are a fu-wife/fu-hubby to "whoever won you". 2. Give them as many 10's or 11's you can muster. 3. Give them a gift every day 4. Comment them every day 5. Anything else you wish to offer *And if you are offering more let Rev. Cooter know* If you wish to particpate in this auction please do the following: 1. Private message Rev. Cooter by Saturday, July 12, 2008 by 9PM EST or 6PM Fu-Time that you wish to be added to the auction block. 2. With your message, please submit a photo link so Rev. C
30-day Fu-marriage Auction Has Started!
COOTER'S BARowned by: Rev./DJ Cooter™ 30 DAY FU-MARRIAGE AUCTION HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED! CLICK *HERE* FOR THE LIST! LEAVE A COMMENT ON THEIR PHOTO IN THAT ALBUM OF HOW MUCH YOUR WILLING TO BID! This officially starts Sunday, July 13, 2008 12:01AM EST/9:01PM Fu-Time and ends Saturday, July 19, 2008 11:59PM EST/8:59PM Fu-Time! So let me kno.... Love, Rev./DJ Cooter™ CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO ENTER LOUNGE
Day 3 For Misift
Yesterday after telling Misfit in the MuMMs I would post my underwear choices for her every AM she made it perfectly clear she was tired of being promised these things and not having it delivered. so ..... here we go 7 days for Misift Monday Tuesday changed as per Misfits specifications Wed had to do Thursday now its just so damn sexy and stuff Friday Saturday is laundry day ... shrug
Day 1 Freedom Lol
The kitties got their first day of freedom within the yard today...... and on their first day they killed 3 birds and 3 mice which is quite unprecidented around here.  They havent left em around as trophies, but my lil guy and girl are turning into good lil hunters, im so proud of em :D
Day From Hell..
I was in a big bass derby on Saturday, and it was one of those days that I wish would never had happened.. it started with the dog waking me up at 2:40 to go outside. that's not a bad thing considering my alarm was set for 3. got to the lake by 4:30, boat was in by 4:45. I was walking back from parking the van and the trailer when Norm started yelling to me that the battery was dead. NOBODY would give us a boost.. so I had to pull the boat back out. I tried to charge the battery with the van. that didn't work. so I ended up taking my van battery in the boat so we could start the engine. the fishing SUCKED for us. we went back with 2 bass that were under 2 lbs each. there was 90 minutes between weigh in and the door prizes/awards, so we decided to take the boat home and then come back. that woman called me and asked how things were going, so when she found out we were going to be back at Norm's to drop the boat off, she wanted to go to the bar with us. awards SUCKED.. Norm got some ch
Day From Hell
Well, today is August 24th. Today started out the wrong way, I woke up late.  After getting a late start I took the 20 mins instead of 45 to help a fufriend by dropping links to her leveling mum and managed to meet the one person whom I should not have. Of course this person then proceeds to go off on me. Me being me I said something to be a smart ass and she goes and craps all over my friends mum.  I then go to work where I knew the General Manager was about to fire the person I was relieving.  Needless to say that went real unwell.  The lady getting fired started cussing and yelling at the top of her lungs and tore up the bosses office. Then procedded to hit the General Manager with her purse. Not really the smartest thing to do. I then had to call my most unfavorite people, yes the men with the disco lights on their cars, and fill out a report on what I had seen and heard.  Thankfully the rest of the day went pretty uneventfull and i only feel like a heel because I caused a friend(f
2 Day Fast.
I'm going to fast tomorrow and Saturday. It'll be easy. Just don't eat. Period. Peace, Love & Bones
Day Four
Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have   A habit I wish I didn't have is probably a tie,1: I give into temptation too easily, like when I know i'm doing really good in school &doing all the shit that makes my momma proud. I just quit, &quit doing all the stuff im suppose to be doing. Likeeee...going to school &making good grades, and going to church, and not partying. Like I can't find a happy medium- I'm either too goody goody or just plain horrible &theres no hope for me. I just wish I could balance out everything in my life.2: I fall "in-love" so quickly, as soon as I find a guy whos good in bed AND can keep a conversation, someone I can really get along with. I just fall so hard for them. &by then they only see me as a good fuck, and nothing more. therefore i'm stuck alone again with a lot of good guy friends and/or a lot of guys i have saved in my contacts in my cell as "booty call #1, #2, #3, etc." 3:ohhhh, yeah &i bite my nails, i burp a lot, and i snore....i real
Day Five :)
Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to   louisville, kentucky- i live about 20 minutes away from here. i spend most of my weekends partying it up here :) its nothing special, but it would defiantly be considered my second home. i love the ville, 502♥
The Day Fu's Servers Died (american Pie Parody)
So this is my response to THIS PIC by my homeslice DAWDJ...I felt that at least one of these songs needed to actually exist, you have it, in all its terrifying glory! A long, long time agoI can still rememberHow it felt to have my name dark greenAnd I knew I could have my funThat I could get past Level 1And, maybe, find what FUBAR really means But no salute, it held me backUploaded, then got back on trackGetting approved, it sucked chodeAnd what the fuck's a "God Mode?" I can't remember how I foundMyself in FUBAR's Support LoungeBut someone said, "Some features are down,"The day Fu's servers diedSo CHORUS:I hate when I'm trying to rateI'm a-singin' while I'm Blingin'Then I look at the dateI'd send you a PimpoutBut it's probably too lateGuess the servers have decided my fateFUBAR's servers have decided my fate Did you write the Bible of Fu?And do you need me to Shitface you?I know how much you need your drinksI do believe I'll create a loungeWith all the spare time I can
Day 27 (for Reals)
okay, i think i have my bearings now...all i gotta do is lube 'em up and i should be good XDhow do you deal with someone who hates you for some unknown reason? a coworker inadvertently revealed through inflection, speech, and how they held themself that they are not very fond of our hero. I am utterly puzzled, hurt and somewhat annoyed.two fellow cashiers at the walmart i work at were red-lining (waiting for customers to check out) and they were talking about food. The hater said "I don't like hot dogs, i can't eat them". i said "that's probably a good thing, considering what they're made out of. Two words: MEAT BATTER."In an annoyed tone and with a look that told me i was a piece of shit stuck to her shoe, she said "Meat paste."I just raised my hands in a  "calm calm" gesture and said,  "hey, that's how i learned it. jeez."that was one of the instances of conversation. hardly a minute later we were talking horror flicks...and she was just looking daggers at me. i'm like WTF.another in
Day 1 20 Feb 2013 0545
Ok so here it goes. It is Wedenesday the 20th of February at 0545. I am 35 yrd old, 5ft 11 in and weigh 208 lbs. I geel that i am out of shape. The Army states that i should weigh 194lbs. My 2 mile run time is garbage, as well as my pushups and situps. So here is the game plan to loose wieght and get back in to good shape. First things first starting today i am cutting all Soda out of my system. I do not drink alcohol so I am good there. Tomorrow i will cut smoking out. I have the patches, i have toothpicks and tomorrow is my day. Starting today I will run no less than 2 miles every monday tuesday wednesday and friday, on thursday I will Ruck March no less than 4 miles, full kit with at least 35lbs on my back. On the first day of the week, 3rd day of the week and the 5th day of the week (week here meaning duty week) I will be going to the gym, to focus on chest, back, arms, and abs. On the days that i do not go to the gym i will do a quick work out of push up and situps. T
The Day God Called You Home
God looked around His garden and He found an empty place, He then looked down upon this earth, and saw your tired face. He put His arms around you and lifted you to rest. God's garden must be beautiful. He always takes the best. He knew that you were suffering. He knew you were in pain. He knew that you would never get well on earth again. He saw the road was getting rough and the hills were hard to climb. So He closed your weary eyelids and whispered, "Peace be thine." It broke my heart to lose you, but you didn't go alone. For part of me went with you, the day God called you home.
The Day God Called U Home(love U Dad!
The day God called you home God looked around his Garden and found an empty place. He then looked down upon his earth and saw your loving face. He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest. His Garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best. He knew that you were suffering, he knew you were in pain. And knew that you would never get well on earth again. He saw your path was difficult, he closed your tired eyes, He whispered to you "Peace be Thine" and gave you wings to fly. When we saw you sleeping so calm and free of pain, We would not wish you back to earth to suffer once again. You've left us precious memories, your love will be our guide, You live on through your children, you're always by our side. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone. For part of us went with you on the day God called you home
Dayglo Abortions!
"Blah blah blah blah blah blah,argh fuck kill"One of my favorite lines from the song:Argh Fuck Kill from the Dayglo Abortions off their LP Feed us a Fetus....Maybe you should go an check it out,the album is actually quite good! have fun with that!....Peace out all!
143 Day? Give Me A Break.
SUBMIT YOUR RESUME AND LIST 143 DAYS EXPERIENCE AND SEE JUST HOW MANY JOB OFFERS YOU GET! Subject: 143 DAYS > > You couldn't get a job at McDonalds and become district manager after 143 days of experience. > > You couldn't become chief of surgery after 143 days of experience of being a surgeon. > > > You couldn't get a job as a teacher and be the superintendent after 143 days of experience. > > > You couldn't join the military and become a colonel after a 143 days of experience. > > You couldn't get a job as a reporter and become the nightly news anchor after 143 days of experience. > > > > BUT.... > > > > 'From the time Barack Obama was sworn in as a United States Senator, to the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee, he logged 143 days of experience in the Senate. > > That's how many days the Senate was actually in session and working. > >
The Day Has Gone Dark
The day has gone dark and cold things gone wrong and out of control what was said had to be said there's no point in crying to bed I wish there was another way but too bad it has to be someday im just glad time is on my side these feelings and emotions will soon die
Day 8, Holiday (tes Festival)
Today we went to the TES festival! I am including some video I shot (did it with my digital camera, so the image may not be all that clear)!! This robot is the whole reason I am in Japan. I am training on it, and when I come back to the states, Jim, David and my self will be responsible for maintaining, repairing, and showing it!!! Hope you all enjoy the videos. You may have to let it play once to buffer it, then it'll play smoothly if you play it again...I hope, at least it does on my machine! Okay well enjoy the vids!!! Click the PLAY button Click the PLAY button I put all of the vids in my stash, including two others! was taking to long for my blog to load with 5 on here, so I took 3 off...sorry! I hope you enjoyed those clips!!! take care and have fun!!!! Later Gators, -Fred Jr.
The Day He Died
times) For those of you who know me on this site, and have known me for years, you know that a lot of my poetry is inspired by the death of my grandfather.... But it is always the aftermath that I am talking about.... My feelings after he died. The pain I felt then. That pain is nothing compared to the day he died... I am going to tell everyone exactly what happened that day. If after reading this paragraph you do not wish to know what happened, please move on to some non-depressing story and I apologize for taking up your time. Background Information: My grandfather is everything to me. He is my father figure, my best friend, and everything to me. He is the person I compare every boyfriend to, and I know not one of them will ever come close to being him, but if I can just find one little piece of my grandfather in them, Im happy. I say is, because to me, he is not truely gone as long as he is still in my heart.... I was the only grandchild to grow up with my grandfather. I saw h
Day We Go
Well, I'd like to say it's getting easier, and maybe it is, but sometimes I still feel like I could chew nails and spit carpet tacks. Still no cigarettes though. Go me. Hehehe I think posting these blog comments on it was a good idea. I don't want to embarass myself by backsliding now that everyone knows I'm quittin' whatever works, whatever works. Thanks everyone for the support!
The Day Hell Came To Visit
The unconscious hell waits Ready to tear my body from its fate. As I try and hide from the hell that awaits, Fearful adrenaline fills the veins of my heart, That aches. When darkness Falls, Hell unleashes. He slams my head down like a human hammer, Splitting my scalp into a bloody massacre I fight him in terrified anger. Trails of blood stream down my sorrowed face, Leaving a trace My lover tries to clean the place. As my lover's once soft face returns to hells Place, Darkness falls once again, Surrounding my broken heart in disbelief, For my lover signed with the devil, Becoming hell in the devil's place. written by, Cecilia Jordan Please do not plagiarize this is finished work, ty ;)
The Day Has Finally Arrived..
well, I've been waiting for this day to come since last October.. those that have known me for a while know that I have a grand daughter that I have never met. she's 7 months old, and I've been dreaming about this day for a long long long time. well, I got a call from my ex tonight and she told me that she's in Buffalo, NY, just across the border, and she's bringing the baby to my house! my daughter has been causing nothing but grief for my ex and her new man, so they took off without her but brought the baby along.. lol I'll have to make room for the new folder of pics that'll be posted Monday. they'll be friends only. I'll keep ya posted on how things go.. talk soon kids! Mike May 25 12:20am
The Day Hell Froze Over...
So thanks to a certain someone who decided to start running in the mornings...I said "What the hell?" So yesterday I was seriously lacking in motivation for running, but I did find time to go to the store and get ingredients for waffles. (mmm...waffles) While I was out, I stopped and bought myself a new pair of running shoes...Why I paid over 100 USD to torture myself is beyond me. But I did it...So I got home, made the waffles and the syrupy goodness that accompanied them...Not just any syrup, I make my own syrup. It's better that way. I looked at the shoes...Nah, it can wait. I did some more things...looked back at the shoes...It can wait. So finally, about 6 hours after I bought the shoes, I decided to take them on a test run. Lesson learned right off the bat...stretch. My god I was sore. But I did it. I kept running for 20 minutes. Running, jogging, what's the difference? A big one I'm sure...But when you're just starting out..walking can be just as hard. But I didn't walk...I ran
The Day Hunter Was Born
Most of you know, and if you have read my profile, you will know that I have a 5 year old boy with Down Syndrome. I thought I would share with you what its like to live with this little guy and just how special he is to me. For this entry, I want to decribe to you the night he was born, and how I came to find out that he had Down Syndrome. I had a very normal pregnancy. No real complications. I didn't find out until I was 2 months pregnant that he was already forming inside me. To be honest, I was sure how I felt at that moment. Scared I guess. I ahd been married for 2 years, was 26 and still working on my career. I didn't think this was the best time to have a kid, but I prepared myself for the upcoming event. As time passed, i grew more and more excited that I had this baby growing inside me, and I couild't wait to hold him! May 10,2004, I went into labor and ended up having a C-section because his foot was wrapped up in the umbilical cord. they pulled him out and here
The Day Has Finally Come
OMG! It's finally here .. my long awaited, much deserved vacation! Heading out tomorrow immediately after I get off work at 11:30am! Dropping the kids off at my moms in Huntsville and then driving to Nashville to stay the night and get on a plane for the FIRST time friday morning. The husband and I are taking a short trip to Chicago! He's from that area and it was a cheap getaway. The best part about the entire trip is that on saturday I'm meeting a long-time friend from Fu! She's a special, awesome friend! Most of you know her. There is another bouncer friend I also hope to meet if time permits and our schedules fit. I will post lots of pics when I get back. I shall return on Monday, but I probably won't have time to be back online until Tuesday, maybe. Miss me, love me and all that blabbity blah! I'm SO happy! By the way, I had to dote on my hubby, he has planned all of this FOR me. His anniversary gift to me. Which happens to be today. We've been married 4 years. He left me a car
Day 4- Heh
All I can think of is...   That bitch better write to me...or im gonna cut a hoe..   but also hoping he doesnt get his ass kicked..
Day 5 ~ Hiding In The Grange
May 25th, 2011~Day 5~ Seventh Entry :   Today proved to be pretty uneventfull. It would seem that Cooper and I have eluded the Zombies for now. We mustn't get too comfortable though.  Lets see.. so far today I have improved my traps...I have made them more fail proof by adding some cammoflage. I figure if the traps are un noticed then they are more likely to work.  I worked on my peeks ( the places where I can look out and see whats going on outside of the grange). I sinched them up some, and have secured weaponry at each station.  So far there has been no sign of any hostiles, no signs of any friendlies either though. I thought at one point today I might have heard some children playing not too far from the grange. There is a possibility that there may be a camp of friendlies near by. Cooper and I will investigate early tomorrow, as long as the coast remains clear. Cooper seems to be at ease still thus far so it is my best guess that we will be safe here again tonight.    
The Day Has Come
Sherry Guffey  The day has come~All be it far too soon, I know,to surrender unto Godthis one that you loved so.... No amount of words,no matter how be they wise,can take away the painwhen someone so special dies.Grief is such a personal thingwe each accept in our own way.My heart can only guesswhat yours feels today.I am sorry for your sorrow.But, I do understand your tears.For, we all suffer partingif we've lived enough y ears.Try to remember, if you can,that, someday, you will again meet(they truly are waiting there)when we join them at Jesus' feet.I pray, in time, the tears will passand a smile takes their place;as your heart begins to heal,by God's amazing Grace.See MoreThe day has come~All be it far too soon, I know,to surrender unto Godthis one that you loved so.... No amount of wno matter how be they wise,can take away the painwhen someone so special dies.Grief is such a personal thingwe each accept in our own way.My heart can only guesswhat yours feels today.I am sorry for you
Day In The Sun
some call it love I call it suicide death of love is a thing you cant hide lonely nights with empty arms sad and weakened blood stained palms sit and watch the world alone like a razor cuts it to the bone someone out there to take it away wipe the tears and cure the pain even when you find a friend all good things then must end and happiness replaced by pain and life becomes hard again enjoy your day in the sun reality has not begun you think you may have found the one setting up to be stung it never works as it should and nothing ever stays good so wipe away the blood filled tears save me from this lonely year
A Day In The Life Of A Mall Maintance Worker
hey everyone, just a typical saterday at the mall. it was a great day for a change. just got paid. got my hair colored it was looking alright. had tryed on some clothes the day before and was all set to go in and spend about 200 bucks on some new jeans and a few new shirts when I found myself outside havin a smoke with a few of the girls from differnt stores in the mall. as I'm about ready to walk back into the mall, I open the door and there she is, a new girl at the jean store where I shop, having dealt with her when she comes to subway I know wat kind of bitch she is, anyways she just kinda snarled at me sayin "where do I put all this cardbored?" so I told her where she could put it she drags most of it out the door while making more snarling remarks all while making me hold the door for her. afterwards I told her that it would have been easyer for her to have just walked into the big room and then through the other doors to put it in the place where it goes and she snaped at me say
The Day I Learned My Lesson - Erotic Story - Domination
The Day I Learned My Lesson! I was out with friends in a bar and id sunk a few it was still early but after calling time with my possessive on off boyfriend Tony id needed a drink and started early. He was the possessive type which just didn’t suit me at all I was playing pool with some of the boys and as usual I was getting a fair bit of attention, now im not a beauty queen but at nearly 6ft a size 16 and 38 DD breasts and adding the fact im a total flirt I get a fair bit of attention. I was wearing my usual uniform of leather…I love leather the feel the look it makes me feel so sexy so with my short leather skirt a tight top that leaves nothing to the imagination and black thigh boots I was ready for a good night, and a good fuck!! Jake came in the bar at about 9 and headed strait for me, now id always fancied Jake but he was Tony’s best friend so he was off limits, im a bitch but not that much of a bitch. “How’s things Hun” he said as he walked up to me. “Fine thanks have you s
Day In
My last few days have been hell. Starting Tuesday I had bad chest pains and muscle clenching pains all over, etc, etc. Wednesday upon talking to my doctor's office on the phone, they sent me to the Emergency Room because they thought I was having a heart attack. I got I-Vs, blood work, machine hookups, CAT scans on my chest. All this from 10:30am to after 6pm. Turns out my body had a SEVERE allergic reaction to some antibiotics I was taking. But, nevertheless, it scared the bejeezus out of me!!! So there you have it.
A Day In The Third Grade
Miss Hoffman was no taller than the average height of her third grade students. Approaching or possibly having exceeded retirement age, she spoke in measured tones and walked slowly, yet purposefully, with perfect posture. She was, however, given to occasional outbursts of temper culminating in her grabbing a student by his collar as he sat at his desk, and shaking him vigorously – four times back and forth, four times from side to side and then twice up and down. The girls were exempt. While punishment in Miss Hoffman’s class seemed to be handed out equitably in proportion to need, certain students received a rather large portion. Dennis Lazano, who had developed the art of complaining to heights previously unknown in Ohio grammar schools, was one such student. Dennis sat in the row of seats nearest the cloakroom, and on this day he seemed to be having a rather animated problem with Billy Tucker who sat at the desk immediately behind him. Billy was the product of low class
The Day I Saw My Lady Cry
The Day I Saw My Lady Cry She stood there with her torch held high To watch planes falling from the sky As silver bullets ripped apart The center of her loving heart With disreguard of sanity In senseless act of lunacy She saw her children fall and cry The day I saw my lady cry. I LIFT MY LAMP..... so reads her plaque Just miles from the terrorist attack Her open doors now violated By pure evil orchestrated Hounds of Hell have been released And God must rise to kill the Beast I saw her head droop, shaking "Why?" The day I saw my lady cry. Her tears will bring on bitter rain Unleashing winds of hurricane To circle the globe in whirl wind force Uncover evil at it`s source Then seek exacting recompense From those that prey on innocents They`ll not forget, as time goes by The day they made my lady cry. Written by Stephanie B on 9/12/01
The Day I Met You
the day i met you i knew you were the one. my soul mate. the other half of me. i had vowed long ago to never love again. knowing that i always get hurt. but after much talk on your side i gave in and belived in you. i offered you my heart body mind and soul. turning myself into what you wanted. giving and giving not ever getting. giving till there is nothing left to give. i turned into the woman you wanted and yet it not enough never happy are you. always wanting more andmore. when will it be enough for you. how much more do i have to change to be what you want. y ou say you lov eme the way i am but you always change meto something else. the day i met you i knew you were the man for me. only if youd get over past hurts and let us be happy. if you only would get over all that women have done to you in the past and judge me for who i am and not what they havedone to you. but you havent.
A Day In The Life Of Gh0stwraith
Before you read this, I will tell you this is a fictional story I wrote about a online game I play called planetside. ;) If your a gammer you might just like it. Pls feel free to let me know your thoughts and comments.. A Day in the Life of Gh0sTWrAiTh The Siege of Faro Blackness… Slowly, I try to open my eyes and think to myself, “Can I see? What will I see?” My body tingles all over. It feels like my skin is crawling, everything moving by its own accord. I’m not sure what this is, but it feels so… familiar. Why does it feel like something is regenerating me, making me stronger and rejuvenating me? Is this a new body? I still have all my old memories of home, but the intensity of the pain is relentless. The memory of being shot by a sniper five hundred yards away still resonates through my skull. I can still feel the bullet ripping through my Rexo-suit, burning into my flesh, deep into my heart, causing it to stop beating. The pain and the burning are unbearable. My
The Day I Saw You
I remember the first I saw you your'e beauty so radiant your fragrance so exotic your body so fufilling to my every senses I was stopped in my tracks short of breath and I thought if this girl was ever to talk to me I would melt at the sound of her erotic voice for the first in my life I was left speechless the grace of your'e walk my jaw dropped you were my light I was searching for along time and the first time saw you I felt complete
A Day In The Life
i know why she talks to me security comfort is she flirting with me is this wrong my mind tells me no but my heart falls to the ground what am i doing does anybody know i wish she would tell me tell me what i want to hear my feelings are mixed what should i do i try not to care but my feelings overtake all what should i do if she told me she loved me what would i say what could i do about it tell me what i want to hear and thats why a day in the life of me is silenced
A Day In The Life Of .....
A Day In The Life Of A Dispatcher
I leave my home and my family too To go to the station my job to do, My kids don't know when I'll work or I wont My schedule's so crazy I sometimes don't! It's hard to leave when my family's at home But this shift will soon change, it won't be long. I walk in the door and the first thing I see Is the dispatcher on duty just before me. With a quick rundown of the day's events, A sympathetic smile and a couple of hints, She's out the door and back to her life And I whisper a prayer for safety tonight. My two worlds are different in so many ways The language we speak, the things that we say. At home it's, "Mom, can I have some more, please?" And here, it's 10-4 and 10-29P's. Though different at times they're similar too Because someone's life is depending on you. You answer the phone call after call - A lost dog, a found cat, or nothing at all. Then the phone rings and the voice on the line Is screaming for help and you know that it's time Your Training takes o
A Day In My Life
As I lace up my boots at the edge of my bed. I stare across my room at a empty chair. I think when I get to work will she be there. Will she talk or does she really care. I pass by some other soldiers along the way. They all ask how was yer day? I smile and tell them I'm living a dream. When deep down inside I'm comming apart at the seams. As I walk through the door I look at the floor. No mail there it's all gone. So I continue to move, just walk on. I get to the office and start to settle in. I grab a computer and log in. I look at the screen with a blank empty stare. Hope for something from home, will it be there. When I scan through the lines they all say forward like the last hundred times. They all set down and forward there shit. I guess they never had time to just to type a bit. As I get out of that I sit and I stare. Log on to Cherry to see who all is there. A few friends come by and left me some mail. I get a small gri
The Day I Knew Bunnies Were Evil!
Thought I would take this time to let the world (or at least who wants to read) about how evil rabbits are...and how much more evil I am. LOL When I was living in Boise, ID I was working as a zoo keeper and working at a pet store part time. Now you think zoo keeper, you thing exotic, potentially dangerous animals. Well, even playing with a BADGER at the zoo, that was nothing compared to what happened at the pet store. We got in a surrendered bunny at the store. An older male bunny named Milo. People said they just didn't have time for him anymore, kids grew tired of him. Well after we took him in, he bit one of the girls so we all knew to be careful and cautious of him. Granted...he's "just a bunny". I went into work at the pet store one day and began cleaning the small animals. When I got to Milo I waited for him to be on the far end of his cage so I could open it and reach in to grab his water bottle real quick... ...Not quick enough. He LUNGED at my hand and sunk his teet
A Day In The Life Of My Cat
I started my day just Chill'n I was Watching a little Kitty Porn When My Buddy came over wanting to Jam So we Jamed I was smoking on the turn table. After We played That bastard stole my Food so i had to Fuck him up While he was out cold. I ate my owner's food. But he Caught me... if only he know what was gong through my head... He would NEVER have turned his back on me... What can I say Payback is a Bitch!!! Well that was a day in my Life Take care BITCHES!!!!
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The Day I Fell In Love With You...
Lonely nights passed me by... and i thought i never had anything... but u came my way... and u gave me everything... time has passed us by... but we didn't realize anything... we talked all night... and that night we found everything... we saw something in each other... that would last a lifetime... and that night that we talked... i wanted to make u mine... there was something about u... so i just followed my heart... so i told u and u told me... and now nothing can tear us apart... u fell in love wit me... and i was there to catch u... all the promises and things i said... will forever be true... my heart tells me that u are the one... i want u to love me the way i love u... no one else comes close to u... no one makes me feel the way u do... everytime i hear your voice... my heart starts to beat fast... u mean everything to me... and i know this love will last... that night, that moment... it was special to the both of us... without each o
Day 2 In Hospital
So my dad is doing well now. At this rate he will leave to go back home Saturday. His surgery went great, and is recovering great. Thank you guys for the get wells.
Day In The Life Of Me
"Day In The Life Of.. ME" It was Sunday morning, opening up my sleepy eyes I tried to focus on the alarm clock. WHAT, IT’S ONLY 7:30. I thought to myself, on a day I get to sleep in I am up this early, so I turned over and thought I would try to go back to sleep. Pretty much an impossible task. Rollin myself out of bed I took a peak out the bed room window. The clouds had taking over the sky and I could see the rain drops hitting the window, UGHHHHHH, I thought another good reason to go back to sleep. But then THAT sudden urge hit me, rolling my eyes I stumble to the bathroom, flip the light on, I was instantly blinded. After doing my daily morning ritual I looked in the mirror and noticed the dark sagging circles under my eyes, the dried slobber on my cheek and I think I even saw the rat that used my hair as a nest. I moved closer to the mirror, opening my mouth to check out the pearly whites and at that minute I about fell over dead!! It’s no wonder I wake up alone every mo
A Day In My Life
After nearly 7 weeks of medical leave from the Master/slave life I am returning to my duties as Master's slave. I had an old blog on Myspace, but can't find it now, that outlined what a day in my life was like. I usually start my day waking my Master for work. Sometimes I wake him properly with a blowjob other time with just a kiss. As he showers and shaves I iron his clothes and pack his lunch. I kiss him goodbye and lock the doors (Master is adamant about the house being locked at all times especially when i am home alone). I set about getting ready for my day. I eat breakfast and sit down at the computor for about two hours. I check my emails Cherrytap Myspace etc. Sometimes I will play an Online RPG, Guildwars. After my computer time I will look at my chore list. Everyday I have a section of the house that must be cleaned. Monday is the Master Bed and Bath, Tuesday the Computer and Living rooms, Etc. I clean whatever rooms are alloted for that days. After cleaning up
The Day I Quit Smoking
The Day i finally Quit Smoking Now here is something to post about. I have smoked for over 10 years and time and time again have tried to quit without any luck. I think it was because I really didn't want to quit so you know me if I don't want to do something trying to get me do it is next to impossible. I catch colds that turn into sinus infections very easily and about three weeks ago I caught a dozy of a cold. So I did what I always do dose myself with de-congestate, ibuprofen til it goes away.. Well over the three week period one day I would feel fine then a few days later I would feel like shit .. you think since I'm such a hypochondriac about when I get the simplest cold that I that I would have called my doctor especially when I began to weezing and cough. I don't know what made me not call maybe its was so that the next thing I am about to tell you would happen. But on Friday January 12 I woke up and I was weasing very loudly and my chest felt like some took it and th
A Day In The Life
Hi everyone! I havent really had a chance to let you all in on my crazy life yet, but now you will all learn as start writing my blogs. Also to all who has stopped by to say hi or to check me out, I want to say thanks, im always looking to meet new people and reconnect with old ones too! My life as a pornstar is quite crazy, irritating at times, but definitely an adventure! I cant wait to start filling you all in on my daily events that happen to me. Sometimes, the oddest and most unusual chain of eventsoccur all in the same day, things that just dont happen to normal people. So keep checking back in to learn more about me! xoxo
A Day In The Life;
I got a call the other day that took several hours to unravel and I eneded up being the one to take this guy into custody.. Now this story begins at 7:20 am. My boss gets a call that a W/M was walking in and out of traffic on the intersate south of town. He finally gets to the scene and this subject is gone. No where to be found, but at least he's not road pancake. At about 11:00 pm that night my partner gets a call about a W/M passed out beside the road in front of the liquor store. When he gets there he finds the topic of our little story passed out and drunker than hell. Now we carry these wonderful little boxes that take a breath sample and tell us how drunk you are. My partner finally gets this young upstanding citizen awake and gives him a breath test. Is .262% blood alcohol High?? GOD DAMN RIGHT IT IS! The dance begins and our lucky little man goes home for the night with out a ticket. .. Now enter Whezzie, 12 hours later and not knowing as much as you do righ
A Day In Life
A day in life today i started a new job let me tell ya baby i was hot had a answer for every question a solution for every problem Like three men in one the blessed son I might should feel bad someone will be put on the road because no one can follow not even in my shadow but ow hell its survival of the fittest and when it comes to my job i'm the shizznick yes i know I'm an arrogant little prick got that way by being the fittest in whatever i do i'll blow right by you my craftsmanship makes it so YES I am gloating WAS my first day as the new maint and repair tech for a big reality and property management company a nd the millionaire who owns the show told me that she could see that i was the kind of person people soon found they couldnt do without. my response was *it turns out like that everywhere i work. I'll be in charge before the month is out* she smiled and i could tell that was exactly the correct thing to say me so happy
A Day In The Life Of!
So, yesterday I was running some errands. While I was leaving Rite Aid, I heard someone say, "Hey. Belladonna." I turned to see if I knew who it was. I didn't. It turned out to be Keith and Jochem from the band Caputo. They told me that they messaged me a while back and also sent me their CD but it got returned. They had a copy in the car and got it for me. Normally, I do not have time to listen to music that people send to me or give to me when they see me, but Keith and Jochem were really nice, down to earth, and not pushing their music down my throat. I really respected that, so I listened to it. I like it a lot. I think Keith has a great voice and the music is definately something I can listen to, this CD is going in my iPOD. But before I get to far, I thought this was cute. Keith told me that he REALLY liked my feet and I got excited and asked if he wanted to see my blue toes! He did! He e-mailed me later and told me that it made his year that I showed him my toes! I love guys wit
A Day In The Life
well, today has actually been a really good day health wise. i have not had but one prob with morning sickness, i have kept down all my food, i have been tired but not totally drained and i am going to see my fiance in a little while. with our marriage coming up fast, on march 12th, i thought i would be the last person to have cold feet - yet i realize i have been engaged 4 time previously in my search for Mr. (or Ms.) Right and now that i found him in billy bob, it is weird and a bit scary. after all preveously i was always a bridesmaid, never a bride. not so this time around, but i am excited. nervous but excited and happy for this beginning with my billy.
The Day I Died
The day I died was a good day. Nothing happened out of the ordinary. Nice sunrise, melting snow, it was getting warmer...decent music playing in the car and i was smiling. I was thinking about you and the conversations we had been having. I woke to the sound of your voice and that gave me the smile. That gave me enough to keep going and push through the day. It gave me something to look forward to at the end of the day. Gave me hope that I would get to see your face again and hear you laugh at something that had happened to you in the course of your day. Exiting the main highway, I misjudged the water on the road and the speed I was going. As I headed into oncoming traffic, all I saw was your face. I didnt hear the horns or the tires or the bending metal. I heard your voice telling me your feelings for me that one last time. These are random thoughts I had based on real situations, obviously not all were true to my life but to recent things that have happened in my life, and in the
The Day I Became A Woman
this is me thinking about the moments that i grew up. hope you like it. The day I became a woman Was not the day my chest blossomed. Was not the first shattering of my heart Was not the day my womb brought it’s first blood Was not he day I gave my innocence so ignorantly The day I became a woman When I said good-bye without shedding a tear When I gave a hug without holding on for dear life When I realized nothing I could say would change his mind When nothing I could do (save standing before the gates of hell) could make him stay The day I became a woman When I swallowed my pride and bore my soul When I finally revealed the secrets that I could no longer keep When I felt the fire extinguished from my eyes When I felt the blessing of true friendship Was the day I became a woman
A Day In The Life Of A Surfboard!
As the sun emerges over the horizon, the enormous waves break on the peaceful shore of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. It is a quiet morning, on a day where greatness is about to unfold. "Cowabunga! Like, Dude, no surf story starts like that! No offense or anything but this is a story about my totally radical day. My life is like a 30 foot wave that you could ride forever! Every inch of my gleaming fiberglass skin spells action! You obviously are one of those Chalk People who just doesn't get surfing." Every day at the crack of dawn, my surfer, goes for a run along the beach. I think that he likes to be at peace with nature, it seems to get him into the mood to run the waves. I am very thankful he doesn't come to get me until after his run. I loathe getting up early; I'm more of a mid-morning type of board. He comes to get me at about 10 am and we head over to the gym which is at the east end of the beach. I am always anxious to see him; I know that adventure awaits! He is careful to wedge
A Day In The Life Of...
Day started out kinda early. I worked. Then, right before I was about to leave, I cut the tip of my thumb by accident. No biggie, just a nick, so I went home. When I got home (10 mins later) it was still bleeding. I couldn't figure out why, so I went to change the bandage. When I took the bandage off, guess what I saw.... nothing. Nothing because I cut the damn tip right off! What an idiot. Either way, hung out at the house and realized that I was temporarily unable to play video games. It is a sad day indeed. No worries though, it will be all good again sometime soon. It's now around 2:30am, and the Shield Season 5 is about to come on. Hooray. I haven't seen these episodes is over a year. But before this, South Park was on tonight. They ripped on Hillary Clinton and 24 in such a great way. I was on the floor laughing my ass off for so long. Don't get me wrong, I love 24, but this was good. Oh shizznit, Shield about to start. Let me wrap this up quickly by saying
"day In Day Out" Poem
Day in day out, Work today work tomarrow. I don't know why, It bothers me so. What I need no one wants to give. When I think it only brings sorrow. So I dwell in the halls of lone. When I'm not working, Im in a constant point of contention. The superfilious amout of time on hand, to grunt a grone. There has to be someone out there, to give me their time and speculation. If my life keep going how it has, I will be regressed, into a dossile drown. I have nothing to strive for except the constant compitishion. There is no exeptions for comming in second. There is only first, but with that I'm prown. TO THE... Day In Day Out, I have no one to blame,... ...But myself. ©Nojjoy
A Day In The Life Of A Fallen Angel
Whose to say, what tomorrow will bring. What this grand scheme has in store for us. Each moring I awake, and wash away the sorrow of yesterday, hoping today will bring the light I so long for. I put my had upon my breast, yes...its still beating. Sometimes I think it has stopped all together. Shriveled up and turned to stone. I stand in front of the mirror, brushing my hair, I don't recognize the reflection. Just a leathery shell, home to a broken soul. I pick up my ring and slip it over my finger. A symbol of the hopes and dreams I once had. It still sparkles, shimmers, relects rainbows into my eyes. A glimmer of light on my dark facade. Off to wake the tiny zilla. I stare sometimes, her sleeping perfection. I tickle her side and she sighs a tired long sigh. As she wraps her little pink arms around me I think maybe part of me was not lost in the dark abyss. Off to the grind, the traffic and cars, the dark forboding building and the world of 4 x 4 cells. Numbers and
A Day In The So Called Life...
Fuck i just want to hang myself but it wouldnt end it soon enough.They took my guns so i cant shoot myself.Id cut myself but id like it too much.I just want to call it a life and go on.......
A Day In The Life Of A Figure Model
Today was a full day. I went to my first shoot at 9am. The body paint artist was late so we didn't start til about 10:20am. It took 3 hours to paint me, 5 mins to shoot, 30 mins to scrub the paint off at the studio (then another 10 min. shower when I got home to get the spots I missed), kissed my husband, pet the dogs, then to my second shoot at 4:30pm. Got home about 9pm and getting ready for my day job that starts tomorrow at 8:15-5pm, work out, then a photo contest I'm entered in in Fort Worth. Whew! 6 hours of sleep and I'm up and at 'em again! Thanks for reading. This was more then a minute long video blog! lol Deejay
A Day In The Life Of A Deaf Mute
Once upon a time there were two deaf mutes standing on a street corner talking to each other with sign language. Mute #1 (SIGN)"What would you like to do?" Mute #2 (SIGN)"I don't know, what about you?" Mute #1 (SIGN)"Let's get my car, find some girls, drive to a dark space and have some fun." Mute #2 (SIGN)"Good idea." So they get his car, find some girls, drive to a dark spot and are having a ball when the guy in the back seat taps the guy in the front seat on the shoulder..... Front Seat Mute (SIGN)"What?" Back Seat Mute (SIGN)"Have you got any protection?" Front Seat Mute (SIGN)"No. Don't you?" Back Seat Mute (SIGN)"No. We had better go to a drug store and get some." They proceed to drive to a drug store and the man in the back seat gets out and goes inside. In 2 minutes he is back outside and taps on the car window. Inside Mute (SIGN)"What?" Outside Mute (SIGN)"I've got a problem." Inside Mute (SIGN)"What?" Outside Mute (SIGN)
Day I Asked
The Day I Never Wanted To Face...
I lost a pal, friend and companion today... My beloved Gunner dog R.I.P. You will never be forgotten... I want to thank all of my friends and fans for there support through my tough time. "THANKS" with LUV! Darla
The Day I Met Michael Clarke Duncan
My mother was a bank branch manager here in Indianapolis until last year when she retired. Michael's mother had an account at her branch and I was there visiting her one day when this big limo pulled up and out stepped Michael and his mother. They came in and came to mom's office and she introduced me to his mother. I already knew who he was. Anyway we shook hands and man he has big hands lol...He is a big man period. We were sitting there talking and his mother asked him if he needed any money because I guess he hadn't made any movies lately..That was funny lol. I stayed about 10 minutes and chatted with him while his mom did her banking business. He gave me his autograph which was awesome. After I left they took pictures of him with all the bank employees and he took one with my mom and him...( I guess I should have hung around a little longer lol) He gave my mother is personal phone number in case his mother ever needed anything. I will try to get that photo th
The Day I Die
The day i die dont cry not a single tear may run down a eye just lay a rose on my coffin bed then get the hell away im dead but here some rules for when im gone dont say my name and then proceed to yawn dont make my bed i want it all a mess if you want to lay on my bed and cry do it with success dont just lay and wet all my pillows and sheets and i tell you now No going through my stuffed bear you cant hear my heart beats dont mess with my computer tryin to talk to all my friends and tell them that i died why dont you just go outside and scream it world wide dont ever smell my clothes its just not right and when you try to talk to me in my room dont a poem recite dont tell all ur friends how great was ur kid cuz i guarantee its prolly the 10th time you did now heres a big rule that people just dont follow so sit there and dont move dont even swallow when you visit my grave dont cry and get people to behave and if you kneel down on the ground watch where you pound cuz im layin down the
A Day In The Life Of Me Rob Lol
A Day In A Life
Twenty years ago, I drove a cab for a living. When I arrived at 2:30a.m., the building was dark except for a single light in a ground floor window. Under these circumstances, many drivers would just honk once or twice, wait a minute, and then drive away. But I had seen too many impoverished people who depended on taxis as their only means of transportation. Unless a situation smelled of danger, I always went to the door. This passenger might be someone who needs my assistance, I reasoned to myself. So I walked to the door and knocked. 'Just a minute', answered a frail, elderly voice. I could hear something being dragged across the floor. After a long pause, the door opened. A small woman in he r 80's stood before me. She was wearing a print dress and a pillbox hat with a veil pinned on it, like somebody out of a 1940s movie. By her side was a small nylon suitcase. The apartment looked As if no one had lived in it for years. All the furnit
A Day In The Life
so earlier today i am chasing aiden around the house. he had the phone i asked him to give it to me. he stopped turned around and did heavy breathing. like an obscene caller would. i have no idea where he got that. he has a cold the other day he blew his nose on his shirt. i told him not too do that. so he blew his nose on mine. i told that was even grosser. so today he blew his nose on the couch. mom should be more specific.. we had him out side and he had randy filling my bucket up with a little water, he walks the water down to the end of he porch and pours it in his wheel burrow. it get full he dumps it. this goes on a while. randy tried to make suggestions aiden screamed. guess dad dont get paid to talk just work. in the end he was filling up the dog dish. first one went in ok. second one went all over the groundd so he dumped the bowl. who knows. i dont understand men and i dont understand little boys. lmao
A Day In The Life Of A Us Soldier
It may take you two minutes to read this, but it is how some people are like in Iraq. You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. __________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He patrols the streets, sear
A Day In The Life
I started the day by driving into the Shell station to fill up my tank. At the next row of pumps, I could hear someone yelling from inside the cab of a U-Haul truck. "You fucked it up! Get your head out of your ass." I decided to mind my own business, but a heavy set Chicano emerged from the driver's side door, looked at me and said, "Isn't that car a little young for you." "It would be if I'd ever grown up." "Did you add those aluminum wheels?" he asked. "Nope, they're stock on the Nismo race car." "What you got under the hood?" "It's a two point five liter V-tec with forced air and a modified exhaust – about a hundred and seventy horsepower." That seemed to perk his interest. "How fast that thing go?" "It redlines at a hundred and fifty." "You been there with it?" "Hell no." "Why would you buy a fine machine like that if you're not going to give it a chance to run?" Okay, time to throw a little bullshit into the mix. "I didn't actually buy it.
A Day In My Shoes
Because it's not that easy to be Wonder Woman ya know! So I just got home a lil bit ago. Had to walk to the grocery store and pharmacy, and gas station. Then it started raining right as I started walking home. Fun. So envision this: me walking to the store, 90 degree weather. Zach in his stroller drinking some apple juice. I get all the stuff done I needed to. Bought toilet paper, dinner food, got meds filled, and bought smokes. I leave the pharmacy to head home, and low and behold it starts pouring! Well that screwed the idea of buying Zachy an ice cream cone at DQ on the way home. So I had to start jog/running home with the stroller. Got about 5 blocks away when a couple of really nice old people invited us to sit on their porch until the rain let up. Yep, it was very nice of them. Then I got home, got the bread cut and prepared for garlic toast. Seasoned the steaks, and opened the green beans. I went outside and mowed the lawn. God it was hot still. The
The Day I Felt You Changed
A movie that plays in my mind Remembering you helps me survive Every day a re-run of the next I promised to stay by your side That all would change, I can't complain Another victim of the game Close my eyes, just for tonight The sun still sleeps, and when she wakes Close my eyes, just for tonight The sun still sleeps, and when she wakes Maybe love will find us again For there is always tomorrow Sincerely till the end
A Day In My Life
well to day i get a call my fav uncal had a heart attac and is in icu and one of my other uncals was cliped and found in the river my baby girl is ghoing in to suggry this week and i most likely wount be able to be there for her cuz im 2500 mile from her now and cant leve for a few days soany how just a lot of other stuff on mind as well but not for here right now
Day In The Life Of Jen
Today hasn't been the best day.. Physically I'm drained.. This past weekend though was awesome! My parents come into town. I haven't seen my parents for a little over 19 months. It was great to see them again.. I got trashed with my Mom and sister. Monday they went back Home :( A friend of mine came into town that morning so i had a pretty busy day.. Trying to spend time with just about everyone..Not counting the fact I have 3 children to run after.. 'Which is my I'm drained" So yeah im pretty much rambling at the moment.. Its what Tuesday. Mark went home this morning.. I had gone out and done a little bit of shopping. "Nothing for my self of course" Then came home cleaned the house and made supper.. Then i get a phone call from my husband. Blah Blah.. Lets just say our conversations don't last longer then 4-5 min! Every 4 days or so.. So he pretty much did his normal ramble. How things are with him. Not the slightest though of asking how I'm doing.. So of course I bust out how stresse
Day In The Life Of A Soldier.
It was just another day in the morning of a soldier's life. We were up and doing by 05:30 and showered and shaved and in line at the mess hall. Then it was time to start another day here in the desert. Far from home in the land of Iraq. By 08:00 we were in formation and ready to move out. Everyone had a combat load and we were all in full gear. Can't be to carful out here. It is just another long day here and the weather is already hot. The gate opens, and it is time to move out. We will be glad if this is just another long hot walk in the sun. As we head out the gate, a chill runs threw me. But we are solider's we have a job to do. We chant our slogan's and unit cree as we pass the gate. Gary Owen would be our's if we were part of the 7th Cav. Our unit has it's own motto, but that is just to keep our spirits up. And the morning passes. Around noon, we are about to call a hault and eat some MRE's. ( You know Meals Refused by Eathopian's. ) Ju
Day 2 In Japan And A Bit Of Album News........................
OK - so I'm back, writing my usual nonsense. I promised I would be posting more regularly on this tour - for those of you who care about the day to day life of LoveSick Radio!!! Today is a complete day off, and our chance to shop like we've never shopped before & see some sites. We have one whole day in which to get around one of the biggest and most expensive cities in the world. During the day we walk around looking in all the stores, drinking coffee(yes I found a Starbucks), and digesting the Japanese way of life…… The evening was all about food, food, and food. We had a great meal at a Japanese pizza joint, eat more than any human has a right to eat,and eventually we go back to the hotel and call it a night.We left the hotel at about 11:30 in the morning, and get back, shattered and sweaty, about 10 at night. A successful and enjoyable day. Sue - Sweet girl!! Our crew are overworked, underpaid, and kept in cages in between shows, fed on raw cabbage and prune juice, and
A Day In The Life Of A Pc Repairman...
A day in the life of a PC repairman... All in all, it hadn't been a good day. Bad traffic, a malfunctioning computer, an incompetent customer, and a sore back all made me a boiling, seething cauldron of rage. But more importantly for this day, it had been over forty-eight hours since I'd last taken a decent dump. I'd tried to jumpstart the process, beginning my day with a bowl of bowel-cleansing high-fiber cereal, following it with six cups of strong black coffee during work, and adding a bean-laden, roughage-filled extremely spicy lunch at a local Taco Bell. As I was returning home from work, my insides let me know with subtle rumbles and the emission of the occasional tiny (but volcanic) fart that Big Things would indeed be happening soon. But alas, I had to stop at the local post office located in a nearby strip mall to pick up a package for my wife. I completed this task, and as I was walking past the stores on my way back to the car, I noticed a large "going out of business" sal
A Day In The Life
I read the news today oh, boy About a lucky man who made the grade And though the news was rather sad Well, I just had to laugh I saw the photograph He blew his mind out in a car He didn't notice that the lights had changed A crowd of people stood and stared They'd seen his face before Nobody was really sure if he was from the House of Lords I saw a film today oh, boy The English army had just won the war A crowd of people turned away But I just had to look Having read the book I'd love to turn you on. Woke up, got out of bed dragged a comb across my head Found my way downstairs and drank a cup and looking up, I noticed I was late Found my coat and grabbed my hat Made the bus in seconds flat Found my way upstairs and had a smoke Somebody spoke and I went into a dream Ah I read the news today oh, boy Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire And though the holes were rather small They had to count them all Now they know how many holes it takes
A Day In Dj Porkchop's Shoes..thx Carrie
AAADD- KNOW THE SYMPTOMS.....PLEASE READ! Thank goodness there's a name for this disorder. Somehow I feel better,even though I have it!! Recently, I was diagnosed with A.A.A.D.D. - Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder. This is how it manifests: I decide to water my garden. As I turn on the hose in the driveway, I look over at my car and decide it needs washing. As I start toward the garage, I notice mail on the porch table that brought up from the mail box earlier. I decide to go through the mail before I wash the car. I lay my car keys on the table, put the junk mail in the garbage can under the table, and notice that the can is full. So, I decide to put the bills back on the table and take out the garbage first. But then I think, since I'm going to be near the mailbox when I take out the garbage anyway, I may as well pay the bills first. I take my check book off the table, and see that there is only one check left. My extra checks are in my desk in the s
A Day In The Quiet Zone
quiet times are great. even though it can be alittle boring. the quietness reminds me of the road less traveled or the most challenging. being a over the road trucker coming down saluda, fancy gap, mt eagle , jellico can be challenging but, having your mind in the game and eyes on the road it is no problem no matter what weight you have in the box. to all whoi views this have a great day and thanks for stopping by
The Day Is Almost Over.....
Well, the day is almost over and I have made it through. It has been pretty hard. I didn't cry the entire day, as a matter of fact I made it till 2 o'clock. Thanks to some great in particular, today was actually pretty good. I am so glad my friends were there to keep me occupied and keep my mind off my dad and on what we were doing today. I don't think I would have made it through with my sanity had it not been for everything I did today, and my friends that were there for me. So this is to you my friends...I LOVE YOU!!! now and forever!!! Thanks for breaking down the walls and holding me so close when I needed you the most! All my love forever, Michelle
A Day In The Life Of My Sister (goddess) And I
I wanted to share a moment that "Just happened". I copied and pasted my sisters blog. When she says "I" she is referring to herself...and when she says "My sister" she is referring to me. WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN DOING NOTHING!!! Check her out. She is a very elaborate and colorful writer...PLUS WE ARE FUNNY AS HELL!! Day Wake at my dream....stretch Growl while my coffee brewed. Stare at the two audacious doofus dogs at my feed whining for food before my coffee. Wonder why I have these two dogs. Plan a way to dispose of these dogs. Feed the damn dogs. Sip my coffee while wrapped up in my thick cream robe Make waffles Feed twirps Send the boy twirp off Twist the girl twirps hair into a bun... Watch her add entirely too many accessories Laugh out lout at LEAST twice in the short drive to her school. She is a funny get. Come home Slide my eyes over the kitchen...still clean (it's a miracle of friggin nature) Wade into the piles of n
A Day I Never Gonna Forget !!!!!
The most happy day in my live was September 5th at 10:47 p.m. after eating some TACO BELL, I was walking with my man back to the house talking shit about life and that I want to get married with him cause a lot of people that we know were saying that I was telling everybody about that (well I kind of was). Well we past where the church was and they have a beautiful fountain and I was kind of exhausted from the walking and we stopped. Then he got down on his knees and he asked me to marry him. I was in shock for like an hour or maybe more!
A Day In The Life....
So, sorry I've been out for a couple of weeks. I m finally finished moving! Yay! and working graveyards at a super cool 7-11 job haha. Fun eh? :P Umm I resolved that my isp is the dumbest frikin company ever. It took Qwest 2 damned weeks to transfer my services 10 frikin miles. *sighs* not to mention about 20 hours on the damned phone with cust service. (what service? lol) I haven't had time to do my shoot yet, maybe on weds. blah.. Book should be out between dec. and Feb hope hope. I'm officially zombified at the moment just thought I'd catch up right fast. Oh and Corey if ya read this give me a call! lol Hope ya'll are doin well, send me a shout, it is nice to have my Inet back.. finally. Be well!
The Day Is Here...
Hiya friends...please help vote for me in the best cleavage contest...thanks for the help... Here is the link...
The Day Is Done
For the day is done, there's no going back, to undo what's been done. No changing the memories. What should have been, what could have been, what might have been. Each day goes by, as God intended it to be, all we can do is, live the day to it's fullest, For the day is done and what was will always be. this goes out to a very close friend i consider family ( love you momma )
The Day I Had
well today me and my son had a blast we went to the park out to eat and rented movies we had so much fun when his mom came here to get him he cried and told her to get out i stay at papas house you know that warmed my heart so much i cad tears froming in my eyes it hurt me to see him go so i did cry a little but i told him to be strong there will be more days ahead of fun he smiled at me and told his mom ok ready to go now he started to leave then ran back gave me a big hug ant told me he loved me sad
The Day I Proposed
The Day I Proposed by 75corner © I looked down at Simone sleeping softly beside me and could hardly believe my good fortune. Just hours ago we had been married...a union that, until six months ago, seemed virtually impossible. Oh, I had tried and tried, but she was enamored with another just as much as I was enamored with her. Over the years I had remained around the family, loving her every moment, doing what I could for her, caring for her children, seeing to as much of their needs as I could. Call me a friend, call me a faithful dog, call me a fool. But I wanted to be around her constantly, despite her claims of liking me only as a friend and not wanting to ever get married again. Her cries for help kept coming, though. Mostly financial, but sometimes supportive. I was always glad to be there for her, though sometimes I felt used. However, I loved her, really and truly loved her, and that made me stick things out. The breakthrough came with her eldest daughter. She was
A Day In The Life Of Me.....
Ok this is my first entry on fubar....for some reason I think I like myspace better. This site is a bitch to navigate. Anyways....a day in the life... well, my life is just fucking peachy these days. Dont know if I can stand much more excitement or good fortune. If you believe that then I have some swampland in Az for sale!!! Had shoulder surgery, which went great, actually went back to work 2 weeks early only to twist my ankle in the parking lot of the hosp 2 days later. Just my luck!!! But I'll heal. I dont know half of the ppl on my friends list on this mother******. Sorry, I can be a bit of a potty mouth when I'm in a not so good mood. LOL. Anyone out there ready to cheer a girl up?
A Day In The Dark
Have you ever spent a day in the dark Stumbling blindly unable to find a light When, despite your best efforts nothing turns out right? Have you ever spent a day in the dark Feeling overwhelmed by mounting fears When you scream out for help and no one hears? Have you ever spent a day in the dark Knowing that you're completely alone When all of your reasons for living are gone? Have you ever spent a day in the dark Chasing shadows that aren't what they seemed? When you sink to your knees and hope the day was just a dream? I've spent many days like these in the dark, And for me there will never be light, Because I'm stumbling here alone In the darkness that I call a life.
The Day I Lost My Bestfriend*poem*
You befriended me,no questions asked..I thought about the future,as we talked about the past..You made me laugh with the silly things you said.I started writing down the things inside my head.I'm glad we met,and I think you are a great friend.I hoped it last forever,but it had a traggic end.perhaps i read to much into this..So im sending a hug,and im blowing a kiss..To show you there are no hard feelings,between you and I..I wish you were still here with me,but youve gone to kiss the sky..I hope you your at peace,you will forever be in my heart..I wrote this the day,my bestfriend left this earth..and the day i fell apart. :(..R.I.P...ROB D MAN
The Day I Found Out The Truth
why do men lie they say one thing the dont do it they promise stuff and then break it and then they come ask whats wrong and act like they didnt do anything but who knows right not me
Day In Day Out
Day in Day out I think of you. Your smile brightens my day. Your eyes touch the furthest part of me. You have awakened the Giants within. Long lost and forgotten like time. I would sleep awake, Die in my sleep. Things can change things can get better. I never stopped believing I just protected my soul. Now I release a part of me to you Extending myself to the furthest reaches Allowing myself to dream once again To watch the world shine before me. The darkness descends, the light comes through. I feel your warmness I feel your touch. You have come to me for a reason Day in Day out I think of you Your smile brightens my day.
A Day In My Life....
Today was one a good day!!...The kinda day where everything went right all my jobs were easy and i completely resisted the urge to call someone a complete moron cause they unplugged their digital phone and it didn't work all wkd and it's MY FAULT....I knew it was too good to be true....Last job was fairly simple on paper...bad modem switch it out......ok no problem....I get there and switch it out and it works no worries....the owner and i chatted about gaming,rasslin and chinese food three of my fav subjects so i was actually having a good time at i stated before ....TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.....anywho...........he says Hey wanna have some fun? this point i should have ran like like lil richard going to a bologna factory.....and even as my scooby sense was screaming RUN YOU FOOL! inate sense of curiosity got the better of me so i had to see what he had planned....Did i mention the monkey?....ah well he has a monkey of the type i have no idea...i believe he said
The Day I Was Born
Monday, May 14, 1979 Top News Headlines This Week: May 16 - FC Barcelona wins 19th Europe Cup II in Basel May 16 - National League approves Astros sales from Ford Motors to John J McMullen for $19 million May 16 - NL approves Astros sales from Ford Motors to John J McMullen for $19M May 17 - Emmy 6th Daytime Award presentation May 17 - Phillies beat Cubs, 23-22, on 50 hits with 11 homeruns May 17 - -12řF (-11řC), on top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii (state record) Top Songs for 1979 I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor Bad Girls by Donna Summer Hot Stuff by Donna Summer Ring My Bell by Anita Ward Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? by Rod Stewart My Sharona by The Knack Babe by Styx Reunited by Peaches & Herb Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes Too Much Heaven by Bee Gees 1979 Prices US President Milk: $1.50/gal Jimmy Carter Eggs: $1.32/doz US Vice President Car: $6,847 Walter F. Mondale Gas
A Day In The Life
You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. ____________________________________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. ____________________________________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. ____________________________________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. ____________________________________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. ____________________________________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. ____________________________________________________ You walk down the bea
The Day Is Just 121 Days Away

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