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Yehamon's Pimp Out 4 Godfathering OMG Im a celebrity!!!! I made it on Yehamon's Page!!! Thank You sir! But we can only do what we do because of excellent brothers & sisters
whoooo hoooo bloody hell just seen my name on the list of top promoters 4 over the last day wheyyy heyyyy well chuffed at that 1 as I aint been on here that long myself deffo makes me feel gd and it proves just how dam gd LC is so ty 2 all my friends I have made and 2 all the nut cases I invited and joined up god help ya all and even more so if the rest I have invited get here pmsl mmmmwwwwaaahhhhhhh
Yeh It Is Sucking Again
my laptop is driving me insane!!! It keeps freezing up and it keeps booting me off the internet. My hubby was supposed to clear it off and reload windows but has not had chance yet. Also, all the backgrounds are coming up white including my own. I can't see any of them. i can't wait until this gets reloaded. hopefully that will get me up to speed and get my ability to see color backgrounds back. I do miss them cuzi know there are some really kewl ones on the pages of my friends and fans :(. I can't wait until he gets it all fixed. Until then, i suffer the white screens and live!!! peace to all :)
"ye I Send You Out As A Sheep Amongst The Wolves.."
I love people who love my breastesesessss... Click pick. Rate Comment. Get 11 or Drink or i'll sit on your face. "LOOK AT ME I'm AN ATTENTION WHORE!" Lve Alwys, Fxy
The Yellow Roses!
I walked into the grocery store not particularly interested in buying groceries. I wasn't hungry. The pain of losing my husband of 7 years was still too raw. And this grocery store held so many sweet memories. He often came with me and almost every time he'd pretend to go off and look for something special. I knew what he was up to. I'd always spot him walking down the aisle with the three yellow roses in his hands. He knew I loved yellow roses. With a heart filled with grief, I only wanted to buy my few items and leave, but even grocery shopping was different since he had passed on. Shopping for one took time, a little more thought than it had for two. Standing by the meat, I searched for the perfect small steak and remembered how he had loved his steak. Suddenly a woman came beside me. She was blonde, slim and lovely in a soft green pantsuit. I watched as she picked up a large pack of T-bones, dropped them in her basket, hesitated, and the
A Yello Ring
Your Mood Ring is Yellow Imaginative Wondering Thoughts Peaceful Mood Ring Generator
Yellow Ribbon
Courtesy of
A Yellow Ribbon
The Yellow Shirt !!!!!
The baggy yellow shirt had long sleeves, four extra-large pockets trimmed in black thread and snaps up the front. It was faded from years of wear, but still in decent shape. I found it in 1963 when I was home from college on Christmas break, rummaging through bags of clothes Mom intended to give away. "You're not taking that old thing, are you?" Mom said when she saw me packing the yellow shirt. "I wore that when I was pregnant with your brother in 1954!" "It's just the thing to wear over my clothes during art class, Mom. Thanks!" I slipped it into my suitcase before she could object. The yellow shirt be came a part of my college wardrobe. I loved it. After graduation, I wore the shirt the day I moved into my new apartment and on Saturday mornings when I cleaned. The next year, I married. When I became pregnant, I wore the yellow shirt during big-belly days. I missed Mom and the rest of my family, since we were in Colorado and they were in Illinois But that shirt helpe d.
Yellow Snow
Yellow Plectrum
So I still don't really get this place. Maybe soon I will?
A Yellow Summer
A Yellow Summer The straw yellow of the dead grass we lay in, the sun-soaked yellow of our field – dotted with sunflowers, daffodils, tulips. The falling yellow-gold rays warmed our skin, browned our bodies. Occasionally, I’d glimpse a hint of yellow in passing butterfly wings, and in the ringed torsos of the buzzing bees. The yellow roses – yellow for friendship – I gave them to a boy I dated, an apology, a plea, a selfish, yellow-bellied ploy for affection. The yellow can of Boddingtons’s pub ale in his hand, the liquid-amber yellow of my bottle of chardonnay, an intermingling of yellows – a kiss – an intermingling of fears. His yellow wallpaper – the yellow summer I spent in it – my lost identity. copyright 2006 Katherine Andrews
Yellow Ledbetter
Yellin' At The Christmas Tree....
Yellin' At The Christmas Tre.. Video - Billy Idol lyricsBilly Idol Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureMyspace Layouts
Yellow Ribbonz 4 Andre I Luv Yooh Lil Brah!!!!!
I tied a yellow ribbon 4 u yesterday u r now so far far away tha days will now come n go without end and now i sit here n wait 4 u 2 come home again when u joined tha corp that warm august day i prayed 2 god 2 never let u go away a tear rolled down my cheek u wiped it away i felt so weak as i looked into ur strong eyes i alwayz knew that 1 day u'd go 2 war 2 save our lives and now tha future has come tru so as i sit here n write to u i cry alot...who woulda knew Iraq is where ur at in tha desert heat hot n sweaty wearin that big ass pak sheding blood tears n sweat alwayz on ur feet i know ur stern face never twinges n fret u NEVER complain or regret all of tha sacrifices u have made or tha time u spent makin sure that when ur big sis goes 2 bed at night that i can wake up again to see freedoms light Andre i now kno theres angels kuz god sent u 2 me thank u lil bro for luvin me n ur contry so much 2 protect us n fight
33 Yellow
Yellow Fever
Do you have it? lol Yellow Fever
More things not to be caught yelling just as the music cuts out. -The charges were all dropped! -got done cleaning the blood up! -said it wasn't very contagious! -her pepper spray wore off! -urinating on his grave! -lovely clown suit! -corporphragy! -covered in a thin layer of mucus!
grrrrrrrr i hate being sick pshh now my enter button works ouchhhhhhhh pain -falls over and dies-
What Color Are You? YellowYour normal. You always no the right advise. Your friends always come to you and you know exactly what to say to them. You are shy but also bold. You only speak up when you need to. Take this test
Yellow Thong Hottie! Hot Sexy Babe - Maryse Ouellet in Sexy Thong Bikini
Yellow Eyes
Yellow Eyes We've roamed the wild country My beautiful yellow eyes, Side by side we've hunted Shadows dancing on northern skies. There have been times of plenty We were content and serene, Peacefully sleeping Dangers few and far between. We've also known much hunger Ribs protruding from each side, Mournfully we howled When our starving cubs had died. And then there was our first winter Romping thru the glistening snow, Tasting each crystal snowflake Falling gently to and fro. Ah my dear, sweet yellow eyes I've known no greater love, Without you, I am nothing Our wild souls are one. And now you lay there dying Steel jaws upon your frame, Life's blood slowly seeping I whimper your sweet name. Helpless, I watch you struggle Chest heaving with labored breath, Steel jaws clenching tighter Winds whisper the song of death. The blood has now stopped flowing I know the time is near, And you will forever leave me My love, my life, my dear. And no
Yellow Roses
I walked into the grocery store not particularly interested in buying groceries. I wasn't hungry. The pain of losing my husband of 7 years was still too raw. And this grocery store held so many sweet memories. He often came with me and almost every time he'd pretend to go off and look for something special. I knew what he was up to. I'd always spot him walking down the aisle with the three yellow roses in his hands. He knew I loved yellow roses. With a heart filled with grief, I only wanted to buy my few items and leave, but even grocery shopping was different since he had passed on. Shopping for one took time, a little more thought than it had for two. Standing by the meat, I searched for the perfect s mall steak and remembered how he had loved his steak. Suddenly a woman came beside me. She was blonde, slim and lovely in a soft green pantsuit. I watched as she picked up a large package of T-bones, dropped them in her basket, hesitated, and then put
Yellom Beamer
The museum I work in is in the middle of an old industrial estate, so there are a lot of empty buildings and “unofficial car parks” (i.e. bits of wasteland that people park on) around. After about 5pm it’s very quiet. I drive to work and generally park on the street, because I’m too tight to pay the extortionate car parks prices, unofficial or official. As I was leaving work last night, I saw something that made me realise exactly how quiet it gets. Picture a bright yellow BMW, which is not the most inconspicuous vehicle to begin with. In full view, and I do mean in full few, I want no accusations of dogging here, are a couple making the beast with two backs. Except it was more the beast with two fronts (it was a canine style mounting, should we say). And they are parked right next to my car, which is the only other car on an otherwise empty street. So, I ask you, do these people want someone to see them, maybe to add a little frisson to their coitus? Or are they just fuckin’ stupid? A
Yellow Beamer, The Return.
Yellow beamer was there again last night. This time it was unoccupied. God only knows where they were at it.
Yellowstone: by David Fisher You hold many wonders within your boarders. A place of death and life unmatched. The volcanic forces give you life. But in an instant it could destroy it. A home for razor shape rocks. An amazing animal sanctuary. Covered by a blanket of trees. Danger dots the landscape. Pools of boiling water along the river. Explosions of water from the many geysers. Scalding mud on the edge of a canyon. A glorious getaway for tourists. Popular and world renowned. The place of everlasting beauty.
Yellow Ledbetter
Yelling From Cars
Invariably, when I mow my lawn, some jackass (or multiple jackasses) feel the need to honk and/or yell at me as they drive by. Why? What the fuck is the point in doing this? Thankfully, The Onion provided a wee bit of insight on WHAT they're yelling. This only partially answers the WHY question. Any ideas?
Yellow Thigh Highs
Anyone know where to find them? They seem to be as rare as a Canary Diamond. Help me out if you can. Thanx. LoVeLoVeLoVe Mandi
Yellow Shirt
The yellow shirt had long sleeves, four extra-large pockets trimmed in black thread and snaps up the front. It was faded from years of wear, but still in decent shape. I found it in 1963 when I was home from college on Christmas break, rummaging through bags of clothes Mom intended to give away. "You're not taking that old thing, are you?" Mom said when she saw me packing the yellow shirt. "I wore that when I was pregnant with your brother in 1954!" "It's just the thing to wear over my clothes during art class, Mom. Thanks!" I slipped it into my suitcase before she could object. The yellow shirt be came a part of my college wardrobe. I loved it. After graduation, I wore the shirt the day I moved into my new apartment and on Saturday mornings when I cleaned. The next year, I married. When I became pregnant, I wore the yellow shirt during big-belly days. I missed Mom and the rest of my family, since we were in Colorado and they were in Illinois But that shirt helped. I s
Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
There's a place off Ocean Avenue Where I used to sit and talk with you We were both 16 and it felt so right Sleeping all day, staying up all night Staying up all night There's a place on the corner of Cherry Street We would walk on the beach in our bare feet We were both 18 and it felt so right Sleeping all day, staying up all night Staying up all night If I could find you now things would get better We could leave this town and run forever Let your waves crash down on me and take me away There's a piece of you that's here with me It's everywhere I go, it's everything I see When I sleep, I dream and it gets me by I can make believe that you're here tonight That you're here tonight If I could find you now things would get better We could leave this town and run forever I know somewhere, somehow we'll be together Let your waves crash down on me and take me away I remember the look in your eyes When I told you that this was goodbye You were begging me no
Yellow Shirt
The yellow shirt had long sleeves, four extra-large pockets trimmed in black thread and snaps up the front. It was faded from years of wear, but still in decent shape. I found it in 1963 when I was home from college on Christmas break, rummaging through bags of clothes Mom intended to give away. "You're not taking that old thing, are you?" Mom said when she saw me packing the yellow shirt. "I wore that when I was pregnant with your brother in 1954!" "It's just the thing to wear over my clothes during art class, Mom. "Thanks!" I slipped it into my suitcase before she could object. The yellow shirt be came a part of my college wardrobe. I loved it. After graduation, I wore the shirt the day I moved into my new apartment and on Saturday mornings when I cleaned. The next year, I married. When I became pregnant, I wore the yellow shirt during big-belly days. I missed Mom and the rest of my family, since we were in Colorado and they were in Illinois But that shirt help
Yellow Submarine
In the town where I was born Lived a man who sailed to sea And he told us of his life In the land of submarines So we sailed up to the sun Till we found a sea of green And we lived beneath the waves in our yellow submarine We all live in a yellow submarine Yellow submarine, yellow submarine We all live in a yellow submarine Yellow submarine, yellow submarine And our friends are all aboard Many more of them live next door And the band begins to play We all live in a yellow submarine Yellow submarine, yellow submarine We all live in a yellow submarine Yellow submarine, yellow submarine (Full speed ahead Mr. Boatswain, full speed ahead Full speed ahead it is, Sgt. Cut the cable, drop the cable Aye, Sir, aye Captain, captain) As we live a life of ease Every one of us has all we need Sky of blue and sea of green In our yellow submarine We all live in a yellow submarine Yellow submarine, yellow submarine We all live in a yellow submarine Yellow subm
Yellow Rice With Crab (arroz Con Jueyes)
INGREDIENTS: 4 tablespoons annatto oil 12 crabs, cooked, or 1 pound lump crabmeat 1/2 cup Basic Recaito 1/2 cup manzanilla olives, chopped 1 cup tomato sauce 3 cups parboiled long-grain rice 4 to 4-1/2 cups boiling water (you can use the same water used to cook the crabs)1 Heat the oil in a large pot with a tight-fitting lid. Add the crabs or crabmeat, recaito, olives, and tomato sauce. Saute over medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes. Add the rice and water; bring to a boil. Reduce the heat, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes, or until the rice is cooked.
Yellow Flag And Gym Whistle Friday!
Good Morning. How about this… Let’s have referees like the National Football League has roaming the field of play and keeping the game manageable and safe in our daily schedule…huh (oh it’s just my way of getting ones approval for something I just said or asked)…and when they see a foul or something that is wrong they blow their whistle and throw their flag…just like in football. Now my Aussie friends are going to blow their whistle on me and throw the flag at my face due to calling NFL style Football, Football but! The fact is Football in the US is done with an egg shaped ball and Soccer which we refer to as Football around the world is done with a round ball. So pick up your flag and stop tooting your whistle at me… and let me continue. Ok, so we have these referees running around in plain sight and they do not have to be in stripes. Hell they can be in a Bathing suit, a Bakers apron and they do not have to be men only! Oh hell let’s just referee life ourselves shall we? I will petit
A Yellow Rose
A yellow rose symbolizes friendship I thank you dear friend for showing you care being in a rut, thought I wouldn't get out then you came along and made me smile 1 yellow rose, that's all it took to make me smile, to brighten the darkness it lingers above shedding some light I don't fear anymore, for the yellow rose is lighting my way back.
Yellow Shirt
The yellow shirt had long sleeves, four extra-large pockets trimmed in black thread and snaps up the front. It was faded from years of wear, but still in decent shape. I found it in 1963 when I was home from college on Christmas break, rummaging through bags of clothes Mom intended to give away. 'You're not taking that old thing, are you?' Mom said when she saw me packing the yellow shirt. 'I wore that when I was pregnant with your brother in 1954!' 'It's just the thing to wear over my clothes during art class, Mom. Thanks!' I slipped it into my suitcase before she could object. The yellow shirt be came a part of my college wardrobe. I loved it. After graduation, I wore the shirt the day I moved into my new apartment and on Saturday mornings when I cleaned.
Yellow Butterfly Kit-child
Fun for a pixie costume too! Price: 8.99
Yellow Brick Road
I have had am interesting life to date as those of you who know me know, but today it seems differently happy. For years I searched for what was thought to have been both nightmare and dream come true and at last believe I have found what I had lost. I found a place of comfort and a place where my chaotic insanity is safe to reign free---just like the Demons intended. A place where I am understood and kept with in the darkest light I have ever known. Here I dont have to hide or lie or attempt to be what I am not. In this place I am free to indulge my dilusions and reviel in my own darkness. I can celebrate my faiths and deny my beliefs. I am weak and helpless but to submit to that which is more than myself and yet equal still. Years and years of being with out have left me in the same place where everything once began. So many twists in my Yellow Brick Road..................
Yellow Eyes
We've roamed the wild country My beautiful yellow eyes, Side by side we've hunted Shadows dancing on northern skies. There have been times of plenty We were content and serene, Peacefully sleeping Dangers few and far between. We've also known much hunger Ribs protruding from each side, Mournfully we howled When our starving cubs had died. And then there was our first winter Romping thru the glistening snow, Tasting each crystal snowflake Falling gently to and fro. Ah my dear, sweet yellow eyes I've known no greater love, Without you, I am nothing Our wild souls are one. And now you lay there dying Steel jaws upon your frame, Life's blood slowly seeping I whimper your sweet name. Helpless, I watch you struggle Chest heaving with labored breath, Steel jaws clenching tighter Winds whisper the song of death. The blood has now stopped flowing I know the time is near, And you will forever leave me My love, my life, my dear. And now my w
A Yellow Rose
A Yellow Rose: a song's worth of dancing Dust devil twirls around a cactus then fades the big blue sky dims as if to draw the shades Mesa and mountains reflect an evening's glow silver stars were blooming over a Yellow rose. Rocking chair songs blend with orchestrated winds sitting in wait with a soft southern grin Eyes that trail a dusty road to the horizon looking for those that thirst for a bit of dancing Cowboys race on the setting Sun's rays to the lady with a sensual two step way on the front porch of the only tavern for miles a Texas Lady sat waiting with temptress smiles. Thunder rumbled across a cloudless sky like lightening the riders raced, riding high clouds that trailed the fast footed hooves rocking chair empty as a Lady in yellow stood. The piano man sat behind a tip jar grinning crackled his fingers with a hand woven spin Barkeep wiped the glasses to sparkle and glow swinging doors swung behind a Yellow Rose. Cowboys burst through the
A Yellow Rose: Boots Over Sawdust
A Yellow Rose: Boots over sawdust Lanterns burn brightly as did Men's desires to hold a woman dancing under illuminating fires stepping in time with the piano man's song some men dance awkward, glumbsily and wrong. A Mason jar 'clink' another nickel's tossed in She always greeted them with an inviting grin slight pull of her dress as her hands raised out smiling like sunshine she would curtsy and bow. Some men danced closer than two sheets of paper others stood as if frightened of what they savor Hand to hand and heart to heart, dancers twirled lonely hearts waiting for their chance with the girl It wasn't a cowboy but a man in a suit and a derby That put a dollar in the jar and that was disturbing In good faith he bought the house a round of drinks then to the lady he bowed and slowly began walking. Sprinkling new saw dust across the wooden floor the bartender was busy with a dozen more to pour He removed his jacket and also his funny looking hat He moti
A Yellow Rose: Dance Card's Full
A Yellow Rose: Dance card's full Slow moving notes from the piano were sprout looking her in the eyes with his hand held out together they messed like clouds in the sky then stepping softly in a synchronized glide. A long yellow dress swirled and twirled as the pace soon quickened to tilt a whirl watchers sat watching as these two danced the piano man sang a tune of romance. Eye to eye across the floor they sailed his hand went lower across her back it trailed she pulled it back up as they circled around spinning to the music like a merry-go-round. Two in tune with one another's moves hands like feathers in finger grooves escalating heart rate as the song slowed dancing with elegance, A Yellow Rose. They stood in the center of the dance hall floor he held a Lady in yellow and was waiting for more as local ladies come for the tavern's dance for nickels in their jars and perhaps, romance A new song broke out like a turtle dove's coo slowly the notes to
A Yellow Rose: Gringo Challenge
A Yellow Rose: gringo challenge The doors swung open in a gust of wind scrupulous gang of cutthroats walked in like wolves they growled at everything bullets, knives and guns come drinking. Pushing their way into the crowded bar the desperadoes acted as if it was war The dancing continued for stepping toes eyes fell on the beauty of a yellow rose. The song hadn't ended and dancing he demanded hombre with a hunger for twirling and romancing "I want a dance with the Lady," pushing the fellow a hush fell upon the tavern around a yellow rose. The piano man stopped playing his tune he knew that trouble was about to bloom The hombre pushed the suited man back took the lady by the waste and tossed his hat. The gentleman tapped on the hombres shoulder "I wasn't through dancing," he said slightly bolder. "I will dance with the lady, you go sit down." the hombre said as his friends gathered around. "I don't think the lady wishes to dance with you," the gentlema
A Yellow Rose: Hombre's Tango
A Yellow Rose: Hombre's tango There was silence in the tavern of this dance hall A challenge was laid as an Hombre stalled. He stroked his mustache and glared at this man holding the lady tight, "Okay, I except this challenge." The Hombre walked over to the piano man's stool the gentleman said to the lady "I'm doing what I can do!" The piano man sprang forth a zippy tapping tune the Hombre swayed over as if dancing with a broom. He waved the gentleman to back off the dance floor grasped the lady in yellow and they began to soar, She followed his lead reluctantly as they tango held whisker close, dancing with a yellow rose Cheek to cheek and arms extended outward across the floor they drifted in a single blur, all eyes watched this Hombre perform well as if the song had cast a musical dancing spell. Feet that beat with drumming stepped tones spinning the lady out then rolling back into his arms, dipped and held then twirled up close stopping for a moment st
A Yellow Rose: The Waltz
A Yellow Rose: The Waltz In two stepping unison two dancers took flight like one feather floating across the floor light they began a twirling that continued in round of motion and movement to the musical sound. In circles upon circles spinning elegance and grace matching and meeting the songs melody and pace with a twist they reversed their dancing flow never missing a beat as the crowd sounded, "Oh!" Clapping sprang forth from such a bold move as these two danced with perfect paced shoes spinning, twisting and turning in their dance a flickering flame sparked in eyes of romance. These two sailed over a sea of hard wood sprinkled saw dust 'a foot's' aid to be fluid under soles of souls in musical motions flow a waltz with a lady, the lovely Yellow Rose. The piano man slipped in some double time beats the pace soon quickened in new sounds, unique the same song become faster as the dancers rallied a different step stepped across the floors valley. Someth
A Yellow Rose: Waltz Across Texas
A Yellow Rose: Waltz across Texas The dancers glided across the slatted board sea of the dance hall tavern where all watched to see who would be victor of this challenge this night all in the name of trying not to kill or fight. Piano sounds sounded in musical note blasts as the dancers twirled to the last notes cast the gentleman pulled the lady in close slowly they stopped almost nose to nose. The gentleman went to kiss the lady's lips then dropped her from his hold as if he'd slipped then caught her as she was close to the ground kissed her lips lightly as the crowd clapped all around. It was obvious who had won this challenge a disgruntled hombre showed his lips kringed "you understand the gravity of the situation my friend," the Hombre said threatening and wearing a wicked grin. The gentleman went to the hombre like a serpent's strike a derringer held tightly, pointed between Hombre's eyes. "I know that you won't see much more, unless you and your fri
Yellow Bird
1/4 oz Creme De Banana 1/4 oz Galliano 1 oz Light Rum 1 oz Pineapple Juice 1 1/2 oz Orange Juice Mix and shake with ice. Garnish with a cherry and enjoy.
Yellow Bird
1/4 oz Creme De Banana 1/4 oz Galliano 1 oz Light Rum 1 oz Pineapple Juice 1 1/2 oz Orange Juice Mix and shake with ice. Garnish with a cherry and enjoy.
Yellow Partnership Limited & Strawberry Educational Limited Conned Me
I have been conned by the above companies and this is how they did it:- About 2-3 months ago I was contacted by a charity asking if I wish to sponsor them and if I did they would put an ad for my website in their product, which I agreed to do then we agreed a price and a password. About a week later I was contacted by the above company saying that I agreed to sponsor their charity but not giving a company name, but they gave me the same password which I had given the original charity and gave me the same price, hence I thought they were the original charity. It is a as if the above charities had been tapping into other genuine charities telephone calls after all how would they know my password. It was only after I had said that the info they had given me was correct I get told that they were someone else, by which time it was to late I had been conned. Once I had realised what had happened and had done some research on these companies, I took legal advice and was advised not to
☻W☻H☻I☻T☻E☻ I don't really know right now ☻G☻O☻L☻D☻ you like someone, and that someone likes you back, but you arent together B☻L☻A☻C☻K☻ pimps dont fall in love ☻P☻I☻N☻K☻ taken and confused at some things ☻P☻U☻R☻P☻L☻E Your single but you have a crush on someone and you don't know how they feel about youh.. ☻Y☻E☻L☻L☻O☻W☻ Wish you could go back in time... ☻B☻L☻U☻E☻ Taken & loving it ☻O☻R☻A☻N☻G☻E☻ Your a super pirate that goes around robbing the rich and have a super side kick thats a squirrel
Yello- The Rhythm Divine
Yellow With Sun
> > > > > > HEY
Yellow Shirt
The yellow shirt had long sleeves, four extra-large pockets trimmed in black thread and snaps up the front. It was faded from years of wear, but still in decent shape. I found it in 1963 when I was home from college on Christmas break, rummaging through bags of clothes Mom intended to give away. 'You're not taking that old thing, are you? Mom said when she saw me packing the yellow shirt. 'I wore that when I was pregnant with your brother in 1954!' It's just the thing to wear over my clothes during art class, Mom. Thanks!' I slipped it into my suitcase before she could object. The yellow shirt became a part of my college wardrobe. I loved it. After graduation, I wore the shirt the day I moved into my new apartment and on Saturday mornings when I cleaned. The next year, I married. When I became pregnant, I wore the yellow shirt during big-belly days. I missed Mom and the rest of my family; since we were in Colorado an d they were in Illinois. B
Yellow Angel Food Cake
Yellow Angel Food Cake 1 2/3 cup cake flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 10 egg yolks 1/2 cup warm water 1 teaspoon lemon extract 1 cup sugar Sift flour, baking powder and salt together. Beat egg yolks with rotary beater, adding warm water gradually while beating add flavoring. Continue beating for 10 minutes until mixture is very light and has increased in volume. Add sugar gradually beating constantly with egg beater. Add sifted dry ingredients slowly, folding in lightly. Bake in oven 45 minutes at 300 degrees.
yo yo i hate waking up in the mornings and putting my cold feet on the floor and walking to the bedroom door because the first thought that crosses my mind is i dont want to live this life anymore yell yell what the fuck yell yell what the hell as i walk up stairs i see you fighting and i get so scared i wind up crying why be there now its not like you were there before and the first thought that crosses my mind as i walk threw the door is you dont even reconize me anymore it makes me wana just settle a score and walk out of your life like you've done to me before yell yell what the fuck yell yell what the hell because of you i wind up cutting just to relieve all this stress your giving to me cant you see what your fighting does to me its making me want to bleed instead of living my life free like i want it to be i love you mom and i never want you to leave why cant you just give this life to me and let me be all alone in my sanity its not like you'll ever see me b
Yellow N Green Sparkle
> > TYPE HERE > >
3 Yellow Roses
I walked into the grocery store not particularly interested in buying groceries. I wasn't hungry. The pain of losing my husband of 57 years was still too raw. And this grocery store held so many sweet memories.. He often came with me and almost every time he'd pretend to go off and look for something special. I knew what he was up to. I'd always spot him walking down the aisle with the three yellow roses in his hands.. He knew I loved yellow roses. With a heart filled with grief, I only wanted to buy my few items and leave, but even grocery shopping was different since he had passed on. Shopping for one took time, a little more thought than it had for two. Standing by the meat, I searched for the perfect small steak and rem embered how he had loved his steak. Suddenly a woman came beside me. She was blonde, slim and lovely in a soft green pantsuit. I watched as she picked up a large package of T-bones, dropped them in her basket.. hesitated, and then put the
Im here to meet everyone i can so if your game holla
Yellow Treehouse Restaurant In New Zealand
Yellow Treehouse Restaurant In New Zealand2
Yellow Treehouse Restaurant In New Zealand3
Yellow Treehouse Restaurant In New Zealand4
Yellow-haired Babe Gets Naked
Real Live Farm Sex! Hollywood VIPs Bare All! Real Live Farm Sex! All access pass to 120 sites Real Live Farm Sex! Real Live Farm Sex! Real Live Farm Sex! Real Live Farm Sex! Real Live Farm Sex! Asian Sexual Delights Ass-Fucked Sexy Girls
Yellow Footprints And A Bad Haircut
I figure it might at least entertain someone out there if I shared a thing or two about the hilarious time I had in The United States Marine Corps. Where to begin, hmm... well, why not the begining? Pretty fuckin' clever for a Jarhead, huh? December, 1998. I'm on a bus entering the Marine Corps Recuit Depot in San Diego. The little bit of idle chit chat has gone dead since we know we're all about to leap into the unknown. The bus stops, the door opens, and all hell breaks loose. "Get off my bus! Get on those yellow footprints!" It was chaos and quite comical looking, I'm sure, but I wasn't gonna laugh or anything, lest the mean looking sumbitch in the smokey hat took interest in my opinion of the evenings proceedings. As the complete and total bewilderment set in for me and these scared young leathernecks to be, it came time for the customary haircut. It got interesting for me, though, since the surly DI took notice of my somewhat overlong hair and decided that I was to be his enter
Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do, Yeah they were all yellow, I came along I wrote a song for you And all the things you do And it was called yellow So then I took my turn Oh all the things I've done And it was all yellow Your skin Oh yeah your skin and bones Turn into something beautiful D'you know you know I love you so You know I love you so I swam across I jumped across for you Oh all the things you do Cause you were all yellow I drew a line I drew a line for you Oh what a thing to do And it was all yellow Your skin Oh yeah your skin and bones Turn into something beautiful D'you know for you i bleed myself dry For you i bleed myself dry Its true look how they shine for you look how they shine for you look how they shine for you look how they shine for you look how they shine for you look how they shine look at the stars look how they shine for you {Yellow by Coldplay}
Yellow Shirt
The yellow shirt had long sleeves, four extra-large pockets trimmed in black thread and snaps up the front.  It was faded from years of wear, but still in decent shape.  I found it in 1963 when I was home from college on Christmas break, rummaging through bags of clothes Mom intended to give away..  'You're not taking that old thing, are you?' Mom said when she saw me packing the yellow shirt.  'I wore that when I was pregnant with your brother in 1954!'     'It's just the thing to wear over my clothes during art class, Mom.  Thanks!'  I slipped it into my suitcase before she could object..  The yellow shirt be came a part of my college wardrobe.  I loved it.  After graduation, I wore the shirt the day I moved into my new apartment and on Saturday mornings when I cleaned.      The next year, I married.  When I became pregnant, I wore the yellow shirt during big-belly days.  I missed Mo
Except for having to disagree with the description (practically. everywhere.) of his politics as "reform"-oriented (well, in an odd manner of speaking that makes the language groan and sob, I guess...), I will just report for those who don't know... and so as to have it noted here- that Boris Yeltsin, an important figure in Russia's history, died today Monday 4-23-2007. (I only learned a few hours ago myself.)
Yemaya, Goddess of the Ocean and the New Year They call her the goddess Yemaya, Ymoga (Mother of the Fishes), Iamanga, and Balianne. She traveled with them from Yoruba to distant lands, comforting them in the holds of the slave ships that took them far away from their homeland in Africa. Today she is also celebrated under many other names, including the virgin Mary (Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception), Stella Maris (Star of the Sea), and Our Lady of name but a few. Originally Yemaya was a river goddess of the Yoruba in Nigeria, far from the ocean. She was a nature spirit, an orisha, a powerful guardian spirit that reflects an important aspect of the God of the Ife religion. An orisha manifests itself as a force of nature. When her people were hoarded onto the slave ships, Yemaya went with them, thus becoming the Goddess of the Ocean. Actually Yemaya shares responsibility for the ocean with another orisha. Okolun rules the dark and turbulent depths of the ocean.
Yen And Yang……………
I am talking about the yen and yang of the BDSM lifestyle and how so many live it. When the life goes in a circles and they seem to attract more tit he circle that travel in a continue motion…round and around….. Where you have Masters find that special one but then moving on as soon as He finds fresh meat, another conquest. To be used then dropped as soon as He get bored with her. Sand she the submissive who is always seeking a better Master, who will drop her Master like a piece of dirt toilet paper. Simply because the new one is a smooth talker, might be His looks,,, His voice…. So these are the ones who travel in the yen and yang lanes of the BDSM lifestyle. Always circling around seek the better, fresher, toy for the week. They both travel down the road on a single lane, both seeking what they seek and never happy. There are some lucky one who have found some one to hold on to share there thoughts feeling and needs with. These are the one who travel the same road
Ye Old Woodpile
They tell you that cutting your own firewood warms you twice. It's a lie, but it's a witty lie. It's one of those lies that has truth in its pocket; it's a lie because it's more than true, not less. Therefore, in reflecting on its deception, you can not only avoid error, you can also learn. As anybody who has done it knows too well, cutting your own wood warms you not twice, but three, four, ten, twenty times. The implication that you work up a mild and pleasing heat in procuring a year's worth of fuel and then forget about firewood until you kindle a blaze to cheer a cold winter night is fanciful. The woodcutter each year pits himself against a level of mass, weight, and inertia that is truly gigantic. Indeed, assuming that you own a chainsaw, cutting your wood is the least of the job. The real work of getting your fuel is in moving the stuff from one place to another. You will lift and shift every stick. And again. And again. And then again. The warming you get from combustion of
Ye Olde Ice Cream Shoppe
It's easy! Just fan, rate, and add everyone who has joined before you... or leave a comment on their profile if they are already your friend. In the friend request, or comment, put "Hanging out in the ice cream shop!" When you are done with everyone on the list, send me a private message so I will know to add you. We're all here to have fun, so enjoy your ice cream! The Owner In my dreams...or yours? ~~Leader of the CONVOY ~*~ Pilot of Fantasy Flight ~*~ Shadow Leveler ~*~@ fubar Tag Maker ♡JÁmï€-£¥ÑÑ Real Life G/F ؃ ϟϟJÁkè the §Ñåkèϟϟ {Shadow Leveler}@ fubar CinDragon~CoFounder of Thunder&Lightning Levelers~CoPilot of Fantasy Flight~Founder of Club Mystic@ fubar JÁkè the §Ñåke Real Life B/F of JÁmï€-£¥ÑÑ {Shadow Leveler}@ fubar
Ye Ol Bible
You know the Bible 88%!  Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic! Ultimate Bible QuizCreate MySpace Quizzes
7.32pm - mentally unstable. 10:19pm I have just made an ass out of myself in front of myself. If I had split personallity, one of them would slap the other for thinking that it would all be allright again, that it would all fall back into place. The funny thing is, it's not the women you had that you still think about, it's the ones that got away. Before I had a chance to even settle from the shock I got by hearing her voice again, I am back in the time when everything seemed like it was put together by the nice people at Ikea - perfect. What goes around comes around, except it comes back around with a lot more baggage 'it' picked up on the way, souvenirs so to say, karma's a bitch. If you nibble on it, it makes sure to come back to bite your arm right off, and you deserve it because you initiated contact first, you started the chain of events. The news snowballed on me when I least expected it, when I was just allright. If you find a way for your heart to stop producing feelings of sa
hey all this is my first blog thing on here my name is derek I live in the falls town....I have a beautifull girlfreind mel and we have a wonderfull son whom is almost 5 months old...but anyway I dont have a pic on here cause IAm a dumb ass and dont know how to but if you want a new friend on here holla at me aight then Iam out
You scored as Love. You are Love. You Love someone and are always thinking of them. You want them and need them. Your love and kindness is what will win their heart. Thanks for taking my quiz. Please rate. :)Love100%Grace75%Courage58%Hope58%Peace50%Faith42%Joy33%Wisdom25%What feeling are you?? (cool pics)created with
im asingle dad with to beautifull little girls.i love the outdoor camping,fishing,hunting,and goin to the to old for games i dont believe in cheating when im with someone thats who i stick to.i dont have a problem spoiling the one im with as long as im not takin advantage of
Alrighty everyone, Been working my ass off so I haven't been on too much, or been able to leave a daily comment to those who get one. I have the next 2 days off, thanks god, so I'm hoping to catch up with everyone. Will be going to bed early tonight so I wont be on here much longer. Hope everyone is doing okay :)
this is something i am not sure what but it is ok i guess so bitch jus yelled at me cause she didn't like tha i rated a few of her pics low
Warning: getimagesize( 404 Not Found in /home/www/quizilla/htdocs/codepastes/showQuiz.php on line 376 What color is your soul?(9 results) Blue....Your soul is very smart and quiet at make quick calculations and judgements about people.Everything has to be up to par in your are very judgemental and self ritcheous even though that tends to be what you hate most.Your a very nice person willing to help others in most see fitting that is.You love literature and books....knowledge is one of the most important aspects in your life..When you have a book there are endless possiblities and that is what you love.Knowing so much you tend to come off as a know it all..but you arent you just LOVE information.Your good traits are that you are smart and calm and easy to get along with.The downside is that you tend to be very hypocritical when it comes down to it..though we all are.Your best feature i
yeah well things are getting a little better i guess started a new job and what not and the pay is way better but other than that not much else good is happening no woman, average place to chill, same shit different day
ok wellnot much to report i got a better job now...much much overtime lol i got to work thru the christmas but oh well just another day...hey every one thanks for the adds and what not i really need more friends lol
just thought id share
so here's your holiday............ don't look back in anger........... I can't remember anything.......... Wo bist du? There's nothin left to say........... fast cars, cheap thrills........... round here, we talk just like liars........... meet me in outer space......... he spent 15 years.......... as privileged as a whore.......... I've got somethin for his punk ass........... This moment of randomness that most of you won't be able to decipher brought to you by: Jason Fuckin Rebellion. 'Nuff Said.
yes, i had the tests done but i'm waiting for the results... next monday will be done the Magnetic Resonance, and next Jan 29 the blood and urine result and yes, that stupid machine for the MR does too much noise :P my arm has booboo still lol and for now my stomach is ok, no pain while i'm taking the pill :) i'm in an excellent mood i started to look for some info in Brazil about kateboarding :) so when i get my vacations i can do it! after the show last night in the Kateboarder lounge now i'm very excited about it haha xD thanks Scrapper! it was awesome! i already called one of my friends asking if he would like to go to Brazil with me and do Kateboarding and he already said yeah sure! (lol i had to tell him what was that hahah he didn't even know!) really i'm in a good mood and i guess no one, and i mean NO ONE will be able to ruin my day ;)
What a horrible night to have a curse.
So, I figured out that I live under some kind of cloak of shadows when it comes to the internet. Everywhere I go, i'm noticed for about 5 minutes, then i'm old news, thrown out like yesterdays one is gonna read this anyways, so why even write it?
Im bored...someone do something to unbore me.
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You have a sexual IQ of 134 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
1.Who was your first kiss?: I don't even remember... must not have been that great 2.Who was your first feel up?: Ahhhhh... his name was Cory... in a tent... with 4 other people sleeping... I was 14 3.When did you lose your virginity?: 17... night before graduation 4.Was it good?: Yep :) 5.Who was it with?: Brian... my first love 6.Oral sex?: What about it? 7.Spit or swallow? Ugh... neither 8.Anal sex?: Depends 9.Ever have a orgy?: Not that I know of 10.If no, would you have one?: Probably not 11.Faveroite position?: All 12.Sex. For love or fun?: Both 13.Whats the longest you have had sex for?: OMG... no idea... probably awhile 14.Whats the longest you have gone without sex?: A year... and I lived with the guy! 15.How many times a day do you wanna have sex?: As many as possible 16.Ever been to a strip club?: Not really a club 17.Ever gotten a lap dance?: Yes... and he looked like Mark Wahlberg... fucking HOT! 18.Made
Jealous people SUCKS! see what has to say about it ******************************************** jeal·ous·y /ˈdʒɛləsi/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[jel-uh-see] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –noun, plural -ous·ies for 4. 1. jealous resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another's success or advantage itself. 2. mental uneasiness from suspicion or fear of rivalry, unfaithfulness, etc., as in love or aims. 3. vigilance in maintaining or guarding something. 4. a jealous feeling, disposition, state, or mood. [Origin: 1175–1225; ME gelusie, jelosie < OF gelosie, equiv. to gelos jealous + -ie -y3] —Synonyms 1. See envy. Unabridged (v 1.1) Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006. American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source jeal·ous·y (jěl'ə-sē) Pronunciation Key n. pl. jeal·ous
So, today I went through my list of friends on here and deleted most of the "whore me and whore this person" bulletin posters. I did this because most of the friends I have dont even so much as look at a bulletin that I post... Nor do they help me level up when I need it. I have been pretty much silent about it up until now and havent really said much. Somewhere along the way a person has to stand up and say something about it so, here I am. I have seen mean bulletins putting people on blast and things of the sort and im not really like that but it seems as though thats how you get to the top here. I dont demand things of people such as (add, rate and fan me) And I dont specify a certain order in which those things should be done. (Im not that frickin bossy) Most of my points I worked for through taking surveys and actually spending a resonable amount of time on peoples pages rating their pictures and commenting them. Most of the time (not all) I never even so much as get a than
You understand that reality is simply a set of guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules. However, remember to be respectful of others around you who may not get it. They can go their way and you'll go yours.
ust clicking on the link will cast your vote! Cuz I can!!!
im sick of ppl running arround saying thing to pll that i never even said..i go to work come home get on the comp and thats about it..i wish ppl would act there fucking age and grow up...if u have a problem with me then tell me not everyone besides an adult not like a 6th greader..ok done venting
Yep. . .
I am bored.
Guess its time to move on and see what went wrong and think about the times what we shared...blah blah...
AHH YES, THE BEST MEN ON FUBAR! LADIES: DO YOU HAVE THEM ALL?! CHECK, AND THEN RATE, FAN AND ADD ALL THESE AWESOME PEOPLE.. TRUE F*CKING FAMILY RIGHT HERE: ۞Silhouette۞@ fubar ~ Unique Dream ™ ~@ fubar †hΓø䆃äωk™@ fubar DJ.KëvDög {LaUrEn♥'s Man!!!}«PIMPIN Radio»@ fubar ~shady326~ *GOON SQUAD SOLDIER*@ fubar Johnnydevil@ fubar ЯJEEZY۞NeaNeas Everything۞MsDallas' Personal Dancer@ fubar BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Drunk1 {AussieGoddess's UndercoverLover} {Co-OwnerOfTheTank}@ fubar Sharp Dressed Man VideoSharp Dressed Man lyrics -
Dancing with the world, I call my own Stringing along my hopes and dreams Impatient anticipation Fulfilling my every move Wondering gaze of confusion Tailored needfulness Taking deep breaths of conspiracy Holding my own but running short. Timing my mental motivation Running Walking Crawling Shaun McLean
i came to this site look to meet new ppl and i have ment some nice ppl and some not so nice i am going to be cleaning out my list soon so drop me a line if you want to keep in touch
Graphics Quotes Images Top Codes
Just wanted to thank everyone for helping me out when i first got was really helpful and enjoy chatting with everyone of you
screeching weasel "The Science Of Myth" If you've ever question beliefs that you hold you're not alone But you oughtta realize that every myth is a metaphor in the case of Christianity and Judaism there exist the belief that spiritual matters are enslaved to history The Buddhists believe that the functional aspects override the myth while other religions use the literal core to build foundations with See half the world sees the myth as fact while it's seen as a lie by the other half and the simple truth is that it's none of that and Somehow we get by without ever learning Science and religion are not mutually exclusive In fact for better understanding we take the facts of science and apply them And if both factors keep evolving then we continue getting information but closing off possibilities makes it hard to see the bigger picture Consider the case of the women whose faith helped her make it through when she was raped and cut up left for dead in a t
So I'm not used to the whole being happy thing. I usually in former days would take stress and internalize it, directing my anger improperly towards myself until it got to the point where things seemed unbareable and then I'd lash out. For some odd reason unbeknownst to me, I have not been as vulnerable as I once was. I have gained a strength that I am pleasantly surprised to have. Perhaps it is age. Perhaps experience. Perhaps it is the fact that the most beautiful man I've ever known still cares for me as I do him. Perhaps not as strongly, but there nonetheless. Whatever it is, I'm thankful now more than ever before. For friends, family and all the support.
I get my own place in a little under 3 weeks, and then I'll be back to being online like normal. unlike right now. where it's less than normal or something yea
I am offering up a free gift of an animation or morph of your chosing. To get it you must leave 400 comments here:
I got suckered into joining Fubar. Yes, I know. I'm being a cynical jerk again. But serious, seems pretty I get to look at nice racks for free. =P More later...
whats up everyone....well i'm finally back and goin here on fubar....think the last time i was on here was like a year ago i updated my page and got some new pics posted...check em out, leave some comments and all that stuff and i'll be sure to do the same for you. ya'll have a good one.
Little Cricket I found this little bug perched on my sleeve And, try as I may, I could not get it to leave. So I shook and I shook with all my might, but the silly little bug held on ever so tight. For a better look, I brought it up close to my eye. “Ah, yes, it is rather cute,” I decided with a sigh. From that moment on, we were such a pair. As long as we were together, we hadn't a care. Summer after summer, together we played. Promise after promise together we made. How I loved gazing upon her sweet little face and she loved resting safely on me in this place. She would sing so sweetly to me every night; I, in return, would hold her until morning’s light. Strangely, though, as the years went by, the sight of her made me want to cry. Her chirping now made my ears want to bleed and my warnings she just would never heed. Many times I shook her off and tried to run away but then I'd look down and on my sleeve she'd lay. So, finally, while she slept, I gently
I'm terribly bored, so making a blog seemed like the right thing to do. Even thought I have nothing to update on. O.o But uhm... my birthday is in 20 days?! =]
I think I pulled a muscle in my hand. No idea how but even picking up a bottle hurts. I'm working a lot this weekend. Which is good, but it is wearing me out. It's sad... how quickly I do get worn out. Part of it is that I really don't sleep well. As a result I don't go to bed when I should. (Like how it's after midnight and I'm still sitting here bored on the computer. I'm bored and tred and why aren't I in bed?) After not working last week besides on day- this week is crazy. My next check is going to suck. Oh well. Hopefully my tax refunds will come in soon. I hope I hope. Anyways... my birthday is in 8 days. Buy me pretty stuff.
Not as easy as you might think. Now copy or forward, change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Send it to all your friends including the person that sent it to you: 1. Where is your cell phone? pocket 2. Where is your significant other? who 3. Your hair? blondish 4. Your mother? rockin 5. Your father? sick :( 6. Your favorite thing? Alannah 7. Your dream last night? uhhh 8. Your dream/goal? happiness 9. Room you're in? chilly 10. Your fear? unknown 11. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 12. Where were you last night? home 13. What you're not? naked 14. Muffins? yum 15. Wish list items??? gimme 16. Where you grew up? jersey 17. The last thing you did? ate 18. What you are wearing? sexy 19. Your TV? TLC 20. Your pet? none 21. Your computer? LAPPY! 22. Your life? good 23. Your mood? content 24. Missing someone? yes 25. Your car? expensive 26. Something you're not wearing? bra 27. Your summer? hot 28.
Walking down this empty road, Reaching out for the grasp of your hand. Reality hits me like a lighting bolt, As I stand there alone in the rain. I slip and fall onto my knees, The rain cascading down my face. Too weak to try and get back up, Hope has lost its taste. My breathing gets rough, My heartbeat so loud. Ringing through my ears, Like the voice of millions in a crowd. A bright light slowly approaches, What could it be? It's blinding my sight, Getting closer and closer to me. My whole life flashed before my eyes, As the car approaches my face. I can feel my heart stop beating, My life has lost its pace. The white light blinds my eyes All I can hear is the sound of the car. My life shattered into a million pieces, Like that of my shattered star.
So I haven't written in a while. Oh well- anyone who really cares whats going on in my life knows whats going on in my life. Been to the ER twice in less than a week for myself. Severe pain and such. First ER just said bladder infection and to see my doc. Last night after seeing my doctor in the morning I go back to the ER near my house and they check my gallbladder. I get to talk to my doctor again tomorrow. Mousie girl gets her two month shots too.. TWO MONTHS! Heh, Friday was the first trip to the ER and I was at work in Mt. Vernon. My friend Jeremy drove all the way there to come get me. I either have the best friends, or the stupidest. Dad was in for a visit this weekend too. It was okay. Dad was dad. Ok... got a cranky baby. Gotta go.
Whatever. Nobody reads these anyway. I'm sick and tired of life beating the shit out of me. Don't see the point anymore. If it weren't for my kids I'd just walk out.
ok..., so i'm not a parent..., never will be. Happy to have it that way... That aside..., if i ever did have kids, i STILL will never understand why the f**k people put pictures of their children on their profiles or in their gallery..., yes, yes parents..., i understand that your on kids are the most special people in the world (to you), but goddamn! this is a f**king bar people..., would you take your kids to the local bar????? If you would, you don't deserve to be parents.....
Today I did a photo shoot with Rich for Christmas gifts for some of the family. Thought it would be a nice thing to do. I know that I'm not going to like the photos.....I never like photos taken of myself...I have a couple weeks until their done to get them checked out. This one dude that I've been talking with for a while, he keeps going on about how I'm pretty and shit and I keep telling him, I'm fat and he doesn't believe me. So finally, I sent him a pic of myself to where I wasn't hiding at much. He kind of laughed and stopped talking to me....Ouch... that hurt....
Dante Culpepper has gotten fat. That is all.
"Don't be overcome with evil, yet overcome evil with good" I was watching one of my fave movies "Man On Fire" with Denzel Washington and this Bible verse was used. I like it, and it's quite fitting. So easy to give in to evil.... So easy to let it eat away.
A few days ago, I joined a work out joint called Curves. Been curious about it and so far I'm liking it. My legs are hella sore though...ha ha ha.. I changed my sleeping schedule on my days off so that I'll be working out there early in the mornings. Instead of sleeping in on my days off, I wake up at 8am, work out for at least 45-60 mins, do whatever else and maybe take a nap in the day. Just 3 days a week there. Not bad. Went out with Shirley, Rich's grandma, took her to her doctors appointment. Her heart rate is still kinda off but she's doing good. They have her carrying around some heart rate monitor for two days to get an idea how her heart rate goes. Will be returning back to the doctor on Monday....that's my birthday!! Yesterday, I went out with Kari for a bit. It's been a while since we've hung out. Grabbed some food at Wendy's, grabbed some coffee at Peets Coffee and Tea that I introduced her to a ways back, then we went to the tattoo parlor to set up a appointment for
I can't believe I'm still awake. I guess it's just because of my mind running wild with someone running through it. At least he's handsome! lol
More often than not, when someone is telling me a story all I can think about is that I can't wait for them to finish so that I can tell my own story that's not only better, but also more directly involves me.
PDOGG@ fubar
You are The Fool The Fool is the card of infinite possibilities. The bag on the staff indicates that he has all he need to do or be anything he wants, he has only to stop and unpack. He is on his way to a brand new beginning. But the card carries a little bark of warning as well. Stop daydreaming and fantasising and watch your step, lest you fall and end up looking the fool. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
I love when days start out great and then turn into a big huge pile of shit. It just makes things so much better.   If I'm bitchy....I'm sorry. Of course if you deserve my bitchiness, I'm not sorry. Just don't pusht it. I'll probably just MuMM so I can bitch all I want.
wow the amount of purple blings to hit the bling shop lately. it kills me i don't have any, but alas I have grown up choices to make lol If anyone knows me at all they know I loooove purple. End of rant. bang bang
1. Keep trying.  2. Exercise gratitude.  3. Challenge and change your dialogue.  4. Be nice to yourself.  5. Let those ideals go. 6. Celebrate your accomplishments. 7. Be mindful of what you say to those around you.  8. Take a walk. 9. Get excited.  10. Remember you’re doing okay.
♥ Its hard to find someone whom you truly love, much less to find someone who loves you as much.. When the chance comes, dont ever let go...
Yep A Rant!
so im sitting here tonight bored as hell, no money and feeling a little like im an outcast. i have no money and no gas in my car! the girls i have dated recently all seem to have one thing in common, they want to work on their lives first! then they date someone else, what the fuck is that! fucking games! some good news, i had an interview today to be a dealer at a casino, if they call, monday i start 5 weeks of school, then make about 18 an hour when i graduate. why cant i just get someone that wants the same things i do?
Yep Am Mr Lonely
maded my choice and now haveto live with the face the life is goint to be a bit lonely so am just going to keep to my sel and maybe never ever do anything again
Yep... Another One
A Few Questions My footsteps are hollow echoes off building walls Why bother going home? There’s nobody there. Whistling at shadows, wanting conversation. What’s the point in sleeping? I’ll only wake up. Once home, I plan for tomorrow’s workday. Again. What am I working for? I’m not getting anywhere.
Yep A Note
As I lay down to bed I can sense that u are near U have grasped my darkness with your light Never giving up on what u hold so dear You fill my tears with laughter; You bring calmness to my heart I would never have imagined that one day Our lives would drift apart. Shaun A.J. McLean
Yep.. Another Canuck !
Just wanted to say a big hello to y'all. Yep I'm a canuck, from the great white north eh. lol. I'm 42 yrs old, mom to 2 great boys, who keep my life busy all the time. I work full time, 12 hr shifts, 4 on and then 4 off which is great! Christmas is coming pretty fast, and I still have to do my shopping, but its nothing different, I'm always out doing my shopping late. I think its important to be thankful for what you have in your life, and not what is gone, or what you cant have. I am thankful for a fantastic family and great friends.. and thankful I have you, Jase. You make me laugh, smile and tingle every single day! Love ya. I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend. Take care and cya. Ciao !
Yep Another One
What else should I be All apologies What else could I say Everyone is gay What else could I write I don't have the right What else should I be All apologies In the sun In the sun I feel as one In the sun In the sun I'm married Buried I wish I was like you Easily amused Find my nest of salt Everything is my fault I'll take all the blame Aqua seafoam shame Sunburn with freezeburn Choking on the ashes of her enemy In the sun In the sun I feel as one In the sun In the sun Married, Maried, Maried! Buried! Yeah yeah yeah yeah All in all is all we are [x20]
Yep, Another Short One!
I'm off to Madison shortly for a bellydancing workshop! Probably won't be home until late. But I'll be online tomorrow, trying to catch up, lol! Have a fantastic Saturday, everyone! Much love and warm hugs for one and all! Blessings for all my friends, all over the world! You are loved and appreciated so very much. Later! Muahz!
Yep Another Fucking Contest Show Me Love
contast start's oct 26 at 6pm some me some bomb the fuck out of my pic here's the link
Yep Another One!
RAVEN/DEVI...: block me you aint got nothing worth looking at any way ->RAVEN/DEVI...: dont get all homo on me ill block u, im just an asshole tis all good RAVEN/DEVI...: and by the way i just saw ur pic and thought you looked like a nice guy.....was i wrong
Yep, Another One
tweete56 (respect received is respect given!!)@ fubar He rated my main picture a 9!
Yep, Another 1
triplebtizzle@ fubar Rated me a 9
Yep A Brand New Auction And I'm Up For Bids Again Weeeehooooooo
so i am moving yet again... this time i am moving to tampa florida. i know i move alot it seems, but this time im moving into a house i will be taking care of for my mother, so i will have a little more freedom than i have right now... wish me luck yall.
Yep...another One..
i have another amazing friend that's up for auction!!     now quit sittin here doin nothin and go bid on him!!
Yep A Few More Then Im Done Sharing My Soul With You People!
Unwanted (this one was for Jason, i doubt he ever knew)   You don’t look at me the same way anymore We don’t share the laughs and good times like we used to Silently suffering, neither one wanting to admit what is wrong Damage done, seems repaired, but often I’m left wondering. That look… That soft touch… The gentle words… Aren’t for me anymore. Wasting our time, trying to fix this mess Should have left it alone, and gone our separate ways. What’s done is done, and now we can’t turn back time. I had only hoped that one day it would be the same. Your smile… Your kisses… The shine in your eye… All for another now, I know this is true. She’s what you have always wanted in a girl. Perfectly pretty, smart, funny, and sexy. Something I have never been. Why are you wasting our time telling me I am the one? I love you, baby… You’re the only one I want… I’m so glad we are together&he
Yep. Another Lyrics Blog.
Simon and Garfunkel- I am a Rock   A winter's dayIn a deep and dark December;I am alone,Gazing from my window to the streets belowOn a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow.I am a rock,I am an island.I've built walls,A fortress deep and mighty,That none may penetrate.I have no need of friendship; friendship causes pain.It's laughter and it's loving I disdain.I am a rock,I am an island.Don't talk of love,Well, I've heard the word before.It's sleeping in my memory.I won't disturb the slumber of feelings that have died.If I never loved I never would have cried.I am a rock,I am an island.I have my booksAnd my poetry to protect me;I am shielded in my armor,Hiding in my room, safe within my womb.I touch no one and no one touches me.I am a rock,I am an island.And a rock feels no pain;And an island never cries. Is My Boyfriend..and He Is Perfect For Me
Yep, I said it, beer is my boyfriend. I am sure that its some other person's boyfriend or girlfriend somewhere else. But Yuengling specifically is my boyfriend, and natty ice is my little thing on the side that gives me quickies, we have lots of fun. Although I have to say we mostly we just hang out at random friends houses. I have lots of fun with my Yuengling (bud light) though, i think that is why he is my main man. We are very social, and hang out a lot at different bars with different people. He is just so crisp and refreshing, and I can never get enough, of him. I kiss them both about 100 times a night, when at the bar, or at a friends. I know that may seem like a lot, but he doesnt mind, as long as I swallow afterwards. This is why I love my beer. They dont have to trust me, really they just dont care. They dont care if i sleep with other people, in fact they encourage it. They will never leave me, and I see them almost every night, and they dont think i am too clingy if i want
Yep...been Awhile...
Hi Fubarians...fubarbanites? Funan the fubarian? whatever. Anyways It's been ages and I'll briefly some up the past 3 or so months for you in lightning speed. 1. I'm still in school working to get my degree in graphic design I have 6 more courses to go. 2. Back to working at the zoo. I do guest services now as well as all their graphic design work. Hey, it's a job *shrugs* 3. I met an amazing girl, her name is Jackie and we've been together close to 4 months now. I've never been happier. She's lovely, beautiful, and just all around amazing. Her parents love me, her friends love me, and they all think her ex boyfriend was (is) a douche bag! GO ME! :D That's pretty much it I shall update more. So how the hell have you been? :)
Yep,check The Power Of The Rottie!!!! The King Of Dogs
Yep, Did That Too
The future is still Unlimited What once Had Occurred Continues holding You back The heart and soul Of a lion Somehow remains Timid Taking steps forward Just to fall On your past Avoiding the obvious You need to Unpack It never appears over Until you close The lid Watching to witness What you may do Once you can Let go of What you did
Yep Did It Again Today
I took off a bunch of new friends I had accept add requests of today. And of course, it was for the same damn reason as always. Someone on my FRIENDS list is marking stuff in my private folders nsfw. People truly suck. The good ones are hard to find.
Yep. Done.
Fuck you. Yeah, you. You too.   There are so many people on this fucking site going around saying shit behind my back, and to "friends" who don't say a word about it to me, or in any way to stand up for me. I don't need any so-called friends like that. If anyone wants to spread or believe that I molest my daughter, or tried to set up Sam (MsMojito) to rape her, fine - be my guest - I see my daughter every weekend, unlike 95% of the so-called Dads these days, and am an AWESOME dad. Sam talks to me just about every other day, and will definitely straighten out the sick fucking fat bald jealous jobless fuck (yea, YOU Van) that started this, because he was jealous that she'd sleep with him, then run outside (cuz she had to hide from him that she was calling a guy, she wasn't "allowed" to) and call me afterwards... She and I spoke on the phone, from the minute we woke up (on cam, sleeping) till the minute we went to sleep (still on cam), for many months... funny, you'd think if I was t
Yep Even More Words Of Wisedom
It is easy for the good person to do good deeds, but for the evil one it is difficult to do good deeds. It is easy for the evil person to do bad deeds, but it is difficult for the good one to do bad deeds.
Yep Fill It Out Please!
Promise me you will not put ur phone number down unless your going to send this in private 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fav Color: 4. Are you a virgin? 5. Are we friends? 6. Do you have a crush on me? 7. Would you kiss me?...with tongue? 8. How freaky will you get ? 9. Would you enjoy it? 10. Would you ever ask me out? 11. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 12. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 13. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 14.Would you walk on the beach with me? 15. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 16. Do you/have you talk shit about me? 17. Do you think I'm a good person? 18. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)? 19. Do you think I'm hot? 20. If you could change anything about me? 21.would you marry me? 22.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? 23. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? 24. What do you rate me
Yep Heres Some More :d
  "Those Eyes"To look in those eyesthrills me to my coremakes me sighand want for moreGazing through that windowto the soul deep withinI pray to the heavensthat its counted no sinYou're deep in my heartas I am in yoursso deeply ensconcedthrough all open doorsMy mind is filledwith thy heavenly charmsas I pine and achefor you in my armsWith every fiberand every thoughttruly, madly, deeplyI am caughtI Love Youso much     K
Yep, I Finally Got One.
I wanted to see what all the buzz was about here and I can see why. There are some pretty kewl stuff around here. I'm still "popping the cherry" so to speak. Other than that my life consists of getting on the net and trying to find some old and possibly new friends. Yes, I do have dreams, but they'll never exist as long as I sit around and not do anything. I recently went to a concert featuring 7 bands: Incubus 30 Seconds to Mars Sparta Jack's Mannequin Rise Against A Change of Pace She Wants Revenge and unbelievably more! ...Yea and I couldn't take in that much either. Some were good, some I never heard. (To be honest the sampler a local band was giving out sounded better than some I heard there.) Anyways other than that I'm not doing much just listenin to some tunes. I'm more the Alternative Rock/Metal/Industrial/Electronica/Trance/Big Band/Swing/possibly everything in between type of guy. If I was put into a category using only one word or phrase, it'd mo
Yep I Am
On Average, You Would Sell Out For $790,244 At What Price Would You Sell Out?
Yep, I'm Normal
You Are 70% Normal Otherwise known as the normal amount of normal You're like most people most of the time But you've got those quirks that make you endearing You're unique, yes... but not frighteningly so! How Normal Are You?
Yep Im In A New One...
Yep! I Passed It On..
Yep! I passed it on... I'm sorry, but after hearing they want to sing OUR National Anthem in Spanish - enough is enough! Nowhere did they sing it in Italian, Japanese, Polish, Irish (Celtic), German, Portuguese, Greek, French, or any other language because of immigration. It was written by Francis Scott Key and should be sung word for word the way it was written. The news broadcasts even gave the translation - not even close. Sorry if this offends anyone, but this is MY COUNTRY IF IT IS YOUR COUNTRY, SPEAK UP! I am not against immigration - just come through like everyone else. Get a sponsor; have a place to lay your head; have a job; pay your taxes; live by the rules; and LEARN THE LANGUAGE as all other immigrants have in the past and GOD BLESS AMERICA! PART OF THE PROBLEM Think about this: If you don't want to forward this for fear of offending someone, YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM! Will we still be the Country of cho
Yep I Joined
Hello to Everyone!!! I would just like to let all of you know that I am now a BeautiControl Independant Consultant. What is BeautiControl you might ask? Well it is a revolutionary skin care line that has changed my skin forever. For the longest time I suffered from acne, acne scarring, and of course, THE RED!!! Who wants to go out into the world with these foreign things all over their faces. I went to the dermatologist, I tried Proactive Solution, I tried all natual products. I have wasted hundreds of dollars with results that i just didn't get. That is until I found BeautiControl. They have 4 skin care lines. And the thing that was most fasinating to me was that it wasn't about combination skin, it wasn't about oily skin, it was about the age that your skin was acting. Their state of the art products made by award winning professionals have been changing the way skin looks and feels and have nearly turned back the hands of time for over 25 years. With that in mi
Yep I Passed It On.
Im sorry, but after hearing they want to sing OUR National Anthem in Spanish - enough is enough! Nowhere did they sing it in Italian, Japanese, Polish, Irish (Celtic), German, Portuguese, Greek, French, or any other language because of immigration. It was written by Francis Scott Key and should be sung word for word the way it was written. The news broadcasts even gave the translation - not even close. Sorry if this offends anyone, but this is MY COUNTRY IF IT IS YOUR COUNTRY, SPEAK UP! I am not against immigration - just come through like everyone else. Get a sponsor; have a place to lay your head; have a job; pay your taxes; live by the rules; and LEARN THE LANGUAGE as all other immigrants have in the past and GOD BLESS AMERICA! PART OF THE PROBLEM Think about this: If you don't want to forward this for fear of offending someone, YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM! Will we still be the Country of choice and still be America if we cont
Yep I'm Going To Do It :)
Thanks to a good friend of mine I'v deceided to change my name :) I'm no longer Bitter Beauty but Love Dove now. Thank you my friend for helping me smile *hugs*
Yep I Suck At Slang
Your Slanguage Profile British Slang: 25% Canadian Slang: 25% New England Slang: 25% Aussie Slang: 0% Prison Slang: 0% Southern Slang: 0% What Slanguage Do You Speak?
Yep Its True
I have fell in love with someone on here ;) heh heh
Yep It's More Questions
1. Do you like cheese? I Love cheesy pickup lines 2. Have you ever smoked heroin? I am currently smoking heroin - wana join? 3. Do you own a bike? No but hey I could go buy one and put it outside with the front end in the air and then next time I am drunk I'll go out and pretend that I am ET flying home. 4. What did you do tonight? Well last night I masturbated a bit too often 5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? No but I am sure he probably does 6. What do you think of hot dogs? I think it's false advertising because I am pretty sure they are not actually made of dog. 7. What's your favorite Christmas song? AS if I even like Christmas 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Well depends on if he gets off for me or not 9. Can you do push ups? Yep and the girls look damn good when I do - more cleavage is always a good thing 10. Is your bathroom clean? Was right up until I went and got dirty in the shower 11. What's your favori
Yep, I'm A Bit Green...
I honor of Earth Day coming up, just wanted to get a few things out there that may interesting to those of you who give a shit about this place we all call home... * Meat production (especially mass-produced): Can take seven or more pounds of grain to produce one pound of beef and livestock consumes 70% of America's grain. If you alone gave up beef once every seven days, you could save the 840 gallons of water it takes to produce a single serving. * If everyone in the US reduced the amount of junk mail he/she receives every week, 100 million trees would be spared each year. (, click "for consumers", "telemarketing", "unsolicited mail..." will show you how! ) * Install faucet aerators and high-efficiency showerheads and in year's time you'll save bet. 1,000 and 8,000 gallons of water. * keep track of your thermostat!! Adjust it down 2 degrees in winter and up 2 degrees in summer and you'll keep nearly 880 pounds of carbon dioxide from warming the earth. * The a
Yep Its Friday The 13th ,,oh Dear :o)
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
*yep, It's Happened Again!*
Well my husband told me on the 9th of April that I was pregnant again, and I told him he was crazy.. Why? Because it took us 5 1/2 years to get pregnant with Serenity our 4 month old daughter, so getting pregnant again so soon was furthest from my mind.. Well on the 13th my montly was 2 days late, so I went and got a home preg. test, and guess what? Positive!! I went yesterday, the 16th to have it confirmed in a doctor's office & well I'm prego again!! Oh and the best news (being sarcastic) is that this new baby is due on Dec. 16th, 2007 which is the same day my now 4 month old will be turning 1 year old, the same day!!! Crazy crazy is all I have to say.. But it's a blessing eaither way, my husband wants a boy, so hopefully he'll get his wish this time around.. Plus the kids can grow up together and be close to each other being that they will be so close in age..
Yep I'd Fuck You Alright! Raw And Nasty.
yep i'd fuck you alright! raw and nasty. There is at least one person on your Cherry TAP list that wants to fuck the hell out of you. So lets play the Fuck or Pass! game. The rules are simple... if you want to fuck the person who posts this, send them a message saying "Yep, I'd Fuck you." SCARED? lol this SHIT's funny YOU HAVE TO RE-POST THIS!! and see who replies. There is at least one person on your Cherry Tap list that wants to do u so!!! Repost this as "Fuck or Pass" Don't be a bitch and not re-post it
Yep, I Posted This As A Bulletin Too :)
Ok...So for those of you who missed the bulletin or didn't read the blog...Heath and I split up, I had to move back "home" to my Gramma's and I don't have internet there right now. I'm at my friend April's house right now :) I'll get back with everyone and re-vamp my profile when I can. Right now her computer is having issues, lol, so this is the best I can do for the time being. I WAS going to delete this profile, but I spent way too much time on this one to just let it go, lol. Hope everyone is doing well, and hopefully it won't be too much longer before I can be online again on a regular basis. Lots of love and hugs to everyone :)
Yep, It's Friday, Lol!
Crazy day, crazy week, crazy year!! No clients on tap for the day, so I've been hanging out here at home! Always have stuff to catch up on around here. Dakota decided his dreads were too much trouble!! Yeah, they were - too much trouble for me, lol! So his hair is VERY short again. When he is old enough to care about things like spending quality time with his hair, lol, then he can try that again, lmao!! My friend Andrea and her boyfriend Jason (aka the vocalist for the Thrash band I saw last week) are getting married tomorrow! Guess I'll be going to the wedding - they will kill me if I don't, lol!! Should be fun! I need to run a few errands and run to LaCrosse to pick up a new prescription for Kota! Have a wonderful Friday and a kick-ass weekend, my friends! Much love and warm hugs, everyone! Blessings, all over the place and for everyone!! Later! Muah!
Yep, It's Tuesday, Lol!
Good morning/good afternoon, everyone! The high was supposed to be 66 today - oops, it was 70 when I took the guys to school, lol. Got thunderstorms on tap for today! How I love thunderstorms!!!!! I get to hang around home for a little bit longer this morning. All my clients are late this afternoon, which means I won't be getting home until 7 or 7:30p.m. I'm not overly fond of late days, but I do what I have to! How I love belly dancing!! Good thing - we start practicing twice a week starting this week. Practice will be at one of the advanced students home on Thursday evening. Those of us that went to the workshop and learned that rather complicated choreography are going to do that dance at Butterfest in June, lol! I may be online a little less and practicing a whole lot more!! The veil dance we are learning is rather complicated, as well. As I said - practice, practice, practice!! I spent a good deal of my extra time yesterday, lol, Journaling and meditating. Yep, it is h
Yep, I'm A 3
Got another today! I've almost got 1-10 woo! ksfemale4f2play
Yep Im A Genius...
So as I sit here on this Glorious of days,pondering how I might uselessy waste another beautiful day-off online.It hit me as I stare blankly outside.I have a great view of my screen porch which my daughter left the door open to.Over the past few days with the door open it has attracted many small creatures.All of which range up and down the food chain.Numerous types of Flies and other bugs and then we have my friends the LIZARDS!I have seen four or five of them today trying to catch the bugs.Some are more capable than others on thier hunts.Hence survival of the fittest.So ofcourse I can only sit here for so long without lending a hand.So I walk out on my porch and swat a few flies down,not to kill just mame them.Know comes the fun of watching the lizards feed.I have gotten one to eat so far and it was everything I thought it would be.GLORIOUS!!
Yep Im Blonde But Not This Bad !!! Lol
1. She spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice box because it said "concentrate". 2. She put lipstick on her forehead because she wanted to make up her mind. 3. She got stabbed in a shoot-out. 4. She told me to meet her at the corner of "WALK" and "DON'T WALK". 5. She thought TuPac Shakur was a Jewish holiday. 6. She tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order. 7. She sent me a fax with a stamp on it. 8. She tried to drown a fish. 9. She thought a quarterback was a refund. 10. She got locked in a grocery store and starved to death. 11. If you gave her a penny for intelligence, you'd get change back. 12. They had to burn the school down to get her out of third grade. 13. Under "education" on her job application, she put "Hooked On Phonics." 14. She tripped over a cordless phone. 15. She took a ruler to bed to see how long she slept. 16. At the bottom of the application where it says "sign here".. she put "Sagittarius." 17.
Yep, I'm Annoyed
Ok, someone please explain something to me... generally when you break up with someone, it's because you don't want to be with them anymore.. correct? well then why da hell, after i broke up with my ex bf, and after he started dating my ex-best friend, is he callin me on the regular... ?!?!?! not only that, but i think he's afraid of his gf! lol this ignant(not ignorant, but ignant) fool called me from HER phone and wanted me to come get him.... I SO AIN'T GETTIN UP IN THAT SHIT!! NOPE!! I have NO USE For a guy who has no goals, no strive or anything in life.. yea he just got out of prison, and talked allllllll the shit while he was in there, when he got out... he started actin like a 17 year old with no damn sense.. why would I want someon like that? I'll be the first to admit i like to party.. but it's NOT a priority.. for him it is.... NO THANKS.... and now he's callin me cuz his ignant ass is gettin sick of his gf? SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!! BITCH PLEASE!!
Yep, I'm A Nudist
I encourage everyone to go skinny dipping, sleep naked, sun in the nude, play sports or just relax in the nude! You weren't made to wear clothing unless you need protection from the elements. It makes no sense to wear wet, uncomfortable swimwear! Try it, you'll understand and appreciate how good you feel in your bare skin! What do you really have to be ashamed of? NOTHING!
Yep, I Lost My Mind...
I'm becoming a comment bomber, lol. The mumms are being overran by idiots and I can't take it right now. I'm going to mumms posted by friends and thats it. So if anyone gets bored, I'm at this contest right now... Eventually a contest will be won by someone without a bombing family behind them :D But it'll be awhile since we actually TALK instead of just type random letters. And we don't cheat with blaster programs. It's actually kinda fun. If you don't want to help, that's fine. Just letting people know where I am just in case :D
Yep I Did It Again!!!!
I wasnt going to try this again especially without a bombing family behind me. If it takes me a while so be it, but I am going to try it cuz I love giving away all those 11's to you all! My giveaway for 1 month VIP/7 day blast. Needs 27,000 comments. Any help would be appreciated. Just Click the pic. My daughter is also in the same giveaway. Please help her out too if you would plz. Any help would be appreciated. Just click the pic. My giveaway for the million dollar mansion. Needs 40,000 comments. Rates count also ... 1 rate = 5 comments. I am having to start this one over as both times fubar crashed my comments were reset on my pic. Ty all who helped me before. Is a new pic up now. Any help would be appreciated. Just click on the pic.
Yep.. I Knew It
You Are a Bad Girl You are 30% Good and 70% Bad You're a total bad girl, from your wild hair to tattooed toes. But you're too badass to even care if you're labeled "bad"! Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?
Yep I Did It.....
Yep I Push Buttons ;^) ;^)
How Do Men See You?Men See You As PlayfulMen want a challenge and you are the perfect playmate You know how to push men's buttons and attract a wide range of guys You enjoy living and loving - it's one of your most attractive qualities Men are often consumed with desire for you, and you love that! How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Yep It Sucked
Ok so this week has sucked actually. To many stresses and no release for any of them. Anyone have any advise for me?
Yep It Is Getting Closer To My Birthday
Just a little reminder that my birthday is on Thursday August 30 and I am turning 25 years old and I will update all my profiles on line so there are some I don't either remember lol.. But any how stop by and wish me a Happy Birthday on Thursday on August 30 or give me a gift or give me any thing lol.. Well things here are ok and doing ok.. I am kind of excited for my birthday that is coming up.. I hope you all have a really good day :D.. Virgo24
Yep! I Passed It On.
Yep! I passed it on... I'm sorry, but after hearing they want to sing OUR National Anthem in Spanish ... enough is Too much! NEVER did they sing it in Italian, Japanese, Polish, Irish-Celtic, German, Portuguese, Greek, French, or any other language because of immigration.?? It was written by Francis Scott Key and should be sung word for word the way it was written? . The news broadcasts gave a translation that's NOT even?close. Sorry if this offends anyone . but this is my country. Let me make this perfectly clear! THIS IS MY COUNTRY! And, because I make this statement DOES NOT mean I'm against immigration!!! YOU ARE WELCOME HERE IN MY COUNTRY. Welcome to come through like everyone else has. Get a sponsor!?? Get a place to lay your head! Get a job! Live by OUR rules! Pay YOUR taxes! And LEARN? THE LANGUAGE LIKE ALL OTHER IMMIGRANTS HAVE IN THE PAST!!! AND PLEASE DON'T DEMAND THAT WE HAND OVER OUR LIFETIME S
Yep I'm Evil
You Are 68% Evil You are very evil. And you're too evil to care. Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot. How Evil Are You?
Yep Its About Time
Ok so this will be my very first Blog entry on here so bare with me. Today hmm yes today its been one of those days.Got up at 5:30 am yuck. Got to work had a pretty good morning laughed cut up ya know, what I do at ughhh someone had to go and mess up my wonderful morning.Yep you know it that one rude crude person that trys to make things just as bad for the person that he encounters as he is unhappy.I proceed towards his table with caution because he looks like hes about to pop a vein get to the table and I proceed to tell him my name as in instructed to do with all people. He stops me and says I will not need to know your name I will only be here long enough to eat.Im like ok Sir if your ready to order in ready..he rudley gives me his order and tells me to hurry it up that hes not having a very good im like k sir I will get it to you as fast as I can.....ya know Kill em with kindness right.....So I get him his food with in less that 5 mins which i
Yep, I'm Back
I don't care anymore about being deleted so i said fuck it and i'm back.
Yep I Did It Again!
Yep i went and did it again, I posted another new vid tonight! Shooter jennings tune It Ain't Easy please check it out and comment!
Yep I'd Fuck You
There is at least one person on your FUBAR list that wants to fuck the hell out of you. So lets play the Fuck or Pass! game. The rules are simple... if you want to fuck the person who posts this, send them a message saying "Yep, I'd Fuck you." SCARED? lol this sH!T's funny YOU HAVE TO RE-POST THIS!!
Yep I Joined An Auction 8-p
I have NO idea why I did it.. but I did LOL So here is the link if anyone wants it. My White Tee
i 'm stoned in my white tee.. yep in my white tee.. now i have to go pee pee..
Yep I Slept Thru It...part 2
Here is part 2 of my pimp out again..another list of fabulous people who i am lucky to consider my friends..Please rate fan and add them...think of the time it will save you finding decent people on Fubar !!! and dont forget Part One of this pimpout as well ...if you dont see it on the stickies i will have copies of it in my blog. ÐÄÑGÈ®™~Çlµb F.Á.R~Dylon's Divas~@ fubar ~Sweet & Innocent~ *Proud Member of Club F.A.R.*@ fubar Tigerprincess~Club FAR ~ Lounge Area51 Owner ~I.B.I.C~The Tiger's Den Lounge~@ fubar Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Promoter / Sisters4Life ~ FuOwned by BBW Goddess@ fubar }|{~Elizabeth~}|{~*~Club F.A.R.~*~@ fubar ~*BikΞЯLdy ЯydΞs AlonΞ ®™*~@ fubar ✞CHAINS 301™✞@ fubar Day Dreamer ~~*Club* F.A.R*Member*~~@ fubar Jer@ fubar }|{~Elizabeth~}|{~*~Club F.A.R.~*~
Yep I Slept Thru It Part 1
Yup...due to time differences..I slept through God Mothering !! But a week ago I was over a million points, I have some fantastic friends who spent literally hours on my page and I'm so grateful !! I need to do a massive pimpout for all these people that spent alot of time doing this...just to put a smile on my face, again lets me justify my time on Fubar is well spent, with such fabulous people..Thankyou all so much.xoxox This is in no particular order..and I am bound to have missed someone, please just know I appreciate you all so much...and for those of your that dont have these people on your them..add them...rate them a drink....cos if you dont, your the ones missing out !!! ~!~ BobbyT645~!~◊~!~PROUD DIRTY SOUTH CREW◊-ĦÈĦßÈR õҒ Ŧ.M.Ä.Ғ@ fubar DSC~*~ Î ß ÎÇ ~*~ßaÞa ßïñg~*~ R/L Fiancé to ßobbÿ@ fubar Boricua God~Daddy * Owner & Founder of Club F.A.R.@ fubar Tsisquo'ga ♥ Native American Queen &#
Yep I'm Aggervated!
Thia aint like my normal bolgs because I'm a lil pissed off. But First of off I want to say thank you to all the assholes jerks and players, guys that think your gods gift to women, you make me feel better about myself. so thank you and yet fuck you!! I write alot of blogs that tend to be negative in nature about myself. I often think I'm not a very attractive person not just in looks but in attitude. And truth be know i'm not, But as I said guy like those mentioned above make me feel good about myself. I may not be the kind of guy that alot of woman are attracted too but I aint the scum at the bottom of the pond and let me explain why. Recently a very dear friend of mine had feeling for this guy only to find out he wasn't who his fubar profile said he was and well, he was just a fucking asshole. and I don't understand why some guy like him can do this. You think because your good looking and woman find you attractive you can just toy with their emotions. To him and all th
Yep Im In A Auction Wooooot Lol
Yep, I'm Up For Auction Again!
Yep I Got One Too
Yep... I Caved... I'm In A Contest
well... not yet... but I will be starting Saturday Morning. So I'm Pre-Promoting! 8P Below is the blog with the rules... but the actual contest won't be open until Saturday, October 4th in the morning. I'm traveling on biz this weekend... so won't be able to get on as much to raise awareness. Please keep me in mind. I really don't want to finish last :P
Yep It Is Time For Another Auction
Yep...i Did It Again...
New Auction (Please make sure you rate the pic and show the hostess some love while you're there) Here Is What I Am Offering... **#1 Friend for 1 month **Add to family for 1 month **200 pics rated 11s each week for 1 month during HH **All other pics rated 10s during HH **All stash rated during HH **SFW Salute **Random gifts daily **Daily comments **Keep sh*t faced daily **Will rate 100 pics 11s and 200 stash of a friend of your choosing during HH **Permanent pimpout blog and a pimpout bulletin **Owned by in my name **Your link on my page for month Just click on the pic below and place your bid...
Yep, I Entered Another One...please Come Bid!!!
Yep.. I'm Doing It Too:d
If you were to introduce me to someone, what would you say? This should be fun. Pass this along and see what YOU get back.
Yep, I'm In Another One...please Come Place Your Bid!!!
Come And Bid On CrazyMama She Is In A Auction Look What She is Offering !!!!!!!!!!! This Bully Was Brought U By: (repost of original by ' ♥ღHeart§OfLoveღ♥{The Pegasus Project}{Fu-Angel}' on '2009-02-02 09:26:54')
Yep, I Am A Dork... I Wanna Be A Gelfing!!!
Yep I'm A Jerk
As I've said before I'm an asshole.... I don't always think before I do things, in this case I was just stupid. I never thought what happened would happen, but it did and there isn't anything I can do about it except for what I have already done. I should never have put them up in the first place, but I took them all down so now nothing can ever happen again cause they don't exsist. I'm sorry I hurt you that was never my intention, I love you more than anything and I hate knowing you are mad at me but I understand why you are, I would probably feel the sameway. I dunno... I'm just a dumbass and a jerk so maybe I really am better off alone....
Yep..its Me
Was at my youngest boys game today.  During almost the end of it..went over to see what my oldest was doing.  He was playing with 3 older girls..and 2 boys his age.  He was on 3rd base..gonna steal home.. anyways..he got almost home..this boy stands right on the run line..and blocked he ran out and around him.  As he got near homeplate..someone threw the soft ball in.. it fell..and bounced up and hit him in the arm.  Few asked him if he was ok..while this kid who was blocking him was saying he was out..etc.  Luke..the one boy said.. u dont get out unless you are holding the ball and get him out. I told the kid.. that you cant stand in someones path and block them either.  The boy got mad i could tell..and took off.  Anyways.. I went back to watch my youngest.  within 10minutes.. I hear this kid..being a dick. I didn't know it was him til later.  All I heard was.. "I dont want him on my team.. he cant play worth a crap..etc.  Couple people told him to be nice.  He said.. well I
Yep I'm Fat Deal With It!
Okay, so sitting here thinking I wish I had a way to speak to young girls all over the country about them and their weight.  To let them know that yes being heavy is a health risk, but not relationship suicide as many people consider it.  I have even heart parents drill it into their childrens heads that because they are even 5 lbs over what the parent considers normal, that they will not get a boyfriend, be the "cheerleader" or ever find a husband.  My own father used to tell me shit like that!  People need to stop downing women AND men too about their weight.  Why do we make fun of a man with boobs, but still it's okay for women, man or woman they are both made up of excess body fat!  I personally am proud to say man boobs are sexy as fuck to me, I love sucking on my man's as much as I love suckin on my girlfriends!  The fact is there truly is someone out there for every shape size and color of person.  We as humans need to stop bashing each other by our race, color, creed, weight, b
Yep I Am
I am happy. That is all.
Yep.... Just About Right
You Are 60% Boyish and 40% Girlish You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch. Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes. You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them. You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be. How Boyish or Girlish Are You? That's about me..... :P
Yep Just Another One
When WAS the last time you were exquisitely teased... touched and touching and fully pleased. Undressed so tantalyzingly slow but sure... without hesitation, made to wait for full satisfaction all of softly devoured with unblinking eyes 'heat' most evident, touch pure fire floating cross your skin. When WAS the last time you were taken the passion so intense the very world rocked willing forced in giving all you stepped... but couldn't fall. The flow higher and higher still til all that remained was the breath within begging..."AGAIN...".
Yep...just Read...
Ok, first blog post - like anyone gives a shit. Anyway lets start the boring ass story and get it over with, shall we? I've been away from the internet and computers for about a year and a half. Guess you could consider it a self appointed sabbatical after a long period of burnout from seeing way too many computers and screens over several years. It's one of those hazards when you work in information technology for several years, start your own business and eventually can do all the work at home without getting out of the boxers. You are literally at work 24/7 and eventually you go batty and start talking alot to ones self. So one day I just shut off the internet, closed down the business and went back into the wild and crazy world of working for the man. Seems to suit me well and it pays the bills. It is what it is. But I got the itch recently. Maybe on top of my 'regular' job I could get back into that computer work again too. Make twice as much money. How could this b
17000 !! Yep 17k
Contest has Begun! Rate/Comment at will. Click the pic of me bellow to vote on me - Aussie73. Still getting to know people here after being away for a year or so, so I need all the help I can get!!! Happy New Year!! RULES :: No Time Limit, First 10 People to reach 17K comments win This is a comment bombing contest, comments count as 1 point and rates count as 3 points Self bombing is allowed and encouraged Absolutely NO DRAMA Anyone caught cheating using blasters or scripts will be immediately disqualified
Yep Lmao
There are 14 letters in your name. Those 14 letters total to 70 There are 6 vowels and 8 consonants in your name. Your number is: 7{this a good number} The characteristics of ..7 are: Analysis, understanding, knowledge, awareness, studious, meditating.{that is i} The expression or destiny for ..7: Thought, analysis, introspection, and seclusiveness are all characteristics of the expression number 7. The hallmark of the number 7 is a good mind, and especially good at searching out and finding the truth. You are so very capable of analyzing, judging and discriminating, that very little ever escapes your observation and deep understanding. You are the type of person that can really get involved in a search for wisdom or hidden truths, often becoming an authority on whatever it is your are focusing on. This can easily be of a technical or scientific nature, or it may be religious or occult, it matters very little, you pursue knowledge with the same sort of vigor. You can make a
Yep More Pics And Another Announcement
Earlier today, I upload several new pics in a few different albums: 5 new pics in my photography album 1 new pic in my older pics album 6 new pics in my Misc album 3 new pics in my original art album This time it's 11 new pics in my original art album
Yep Me Again
So here I sit again, another night of guard duty here in IRAQ. Yet another way to protect the freedom of those around us. Lets see I aint been in the mood to deal with stupid ppl lately. I mean im sick, tired of hearing all the whining about who is going on mission on who is staying back. Im mean come on grow the fuck up. You signed the dotted line and you knew what you were coming to do. But you still have those select few shitheads who want to bitch, like the fuckers that sit home and do nothing while Im here with my guys protecting the everyday freedoms. Shit half of you will probably never read this, and to those that do. I could care less about what stupidity you have in your mind that you think I would care to read about. If I wanted to listen to your shit, Id just sqeeze your neck. So save the writers cramp and the lil brains you have. And dont bother me with pity comments. Fuck Off...
Yep! My New Theme Music-lol
Yep More Poetry By Me
MY DREAM Sunset comes Day ends Chains clink Rope bites Skin burns Caresses light Hair pulled Eyes tear Paddle stings Cries escape Kisses gentle Flesh hot Backside red Mind reels Bonds removed Body satisfied THE MASK The mask I wore hid who I was My innocence belied what lay beneath You chose not to see what was really there The words you screamed tore me to the core The mask you wore hid you from me My trust in you was crushed under heavy lies Your innocence made me believe it was a sin The words I said cut you very deep The mask feel away revealing my true self My life I reclaimed from you in heart ache You refused to see what I had become The words I whispered freed me from you The mask lays shatter on the floor My love for you will never survive Your emtpy promises will fall on deaf ears The words you cry won't break this heart again UNTITLED Start with hand Slow gentle glide Shoulder so smooth Past breast with ha
Yep, More Music And Dedications!
Yep, just updating my music list: In one of those moods tonight, please forgive me. Some of these are for, well, you know who you are. Others are know who you are too. The rest are for no one in particular. And they are in no particular order: ~ Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love ~ ~ Force MD - Tender Love ~ (ol' skool) ~ Billie Myers - Kiss the Rain ~ ~ Def Leppard - Have You Ever Needed Some So Bad ~ ~ Sophie B Hawkins - Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover ~ Incubus - Wish You Were Here ~ ~ Dresdon Dolls - Coin Operated Boy ~ ~ Liz Phair - Why Can't I? ~ Usher - You Got It Bad ~ ~ Romeo Void - Never Say Never ~ (page out of my mother's book) ~ Tina Turner - Better Be Good To Be ~ ~ Tine Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It ~ ~ Akon - Lonely ~ ~ Aly & AJ - The Potential Break Up Song ~ ~ Daughtry - Over You ~ ~ Fort Minor - Where'd You Go ~ ~ Gnarls Barkley - Crazy ~ ~ Kelis - Caught Out There ~ ~ Mase - Tell Me What YOu Want ~ ~ Beyonce - Irreplaceabl
Yep More Poetry
How does one kill off the pain and supersede depression. Finally coming to grips that the dirt is the final destination. I've come to terms and have the final solution. Rid ourselves of these tyrants that are known as clergy. We shall secularize and thus doing so reach secularity. If one wishes not to be secular then follow like sheep. For when they finally perform a massacre greater than Jones town I shall not weep. You all can sit there staring at your symbols being moon'stricken. When they die and go nowhere who'll be laughing thene? See what I'm trying to say is avoid these mostres cre'. Practice your belief at your home you don't need they're hypocrisy.
Yep, New Blog
Ok by now you are grabbing the nearest thing that can inflict major damage or even death and aiming it at me or yourself because the dude who just won't stop making entries in his prior blogs has another one. Ok, you may be thinking what is this one about, it has music so I guess that means that has something to do w/ it and than it says reflection. Well, I was listening to a song a few seconds ago that made me go back to when I first heard it and remember all the stuff that went down at the time of it. So I thought, maybe I would create a blog that I would post the song and than tell what was happening to me at this time. I thought maybe I could just use the beamers rants blog but since I like to organize I said "nah, another blog is better." Now I am not sure how often this one well be updated but it well probably go along w/ the why the I update the writtings blog. Another thing, does anyone hate me putting music in my blogs? If so I can stop, I just think it gives you alit
Yep Not For Minors
I slide my fingers deep inside your body starts to shake the eroctic excstasy makes me high your pleasure is mine to make thoughts of being inside you sends my hopes a soar i think you have no clue how i want to make you scream for more my tongue slowly caresses your body search for your warm and delicious spot my thoughts seem so naughty my tempature is risen cause i feel so damn hot my cock slides between your lips while i am making you so wet you slowly start to arch up your hips and we both beging to sweat you suddenly scream my name my heart fills with joy your life will never be the same because now you don't need a toy written by william p.
Yep New Levels, No Longer Stuck On Godfather
fubar Levels: Levels, Points, and Unlocks: Levels Points Unlock... 0 Freshmeat 0 Up to 50 photos 1 Newfu 250 Being known as Meat =) 2 Fu-ling 500 Set your own online status 3 Grasshopper 1,000 Vote on a MUMM 4 Chill Fu 2,000 Post HTML comments 5 Fu-Fighter 4,000 Create your own MUMMs 6 Twisted Fu 6,500 Rip a photo 7 Wasted Fu 9,000 Up to 70 photos 8 Psycho 14,000 Up to 750 profile ratings 9 Freak 25,000 Up to 6000 friends 10 Friend of fubar 35,000 Create your own lounge 11 Barfly 50,000 Up to 110 photos 12 Regular 75,000 Up to 10,000 friends 13 Bad Fu 100,000 Up to 140 photos 14 Minion 135,000 Up to 25 family members 15 Idol 170,000 Up to 5 MUMMs a day 16 Fu-gee 210,000 Up to 175 photos 17 Pimp 250,000 Up to 1000 photo ratings 18 Assassin 300,000 Up to 1000 profile ratings 19 Ninja 350,000 Up to 225 photos 20 Rock Star 425,000 Bolded nickname 21 Fuberlord 750,000 Up to 1500 profile ratings 22 Henchman 1,500,000 Up to 500 bulletins 23 Insider 2,250,000 Up to 2
Yep On Friday At 11pm Eastern Time It's Over
Who ever has the highest bid on both of the fu blings get's them when they want them. So hurry get your bids in now ,hurry before there gone!! Have a great night much love to all :)
I'm so excited :)))) I have a job interview tomorrow!!!!! :)))
I am in Texas and this computer is slow as hell, so I am not even going to try to respond to all of the messages I have gotten until I am home, but I want to say thank you to all of you and I Can't wait to talk to you again when I'm home. Also I can't get around to rating and commenting on all of your new pics yet because the computer is from the stone-age, hehe, but I promise I will get to it as soon as I am home.
gonna go get my lip epierced 2mw after work. i miss it and feel naked without it. and i dont like the scar there either.
Which Type of Boyfriend/Girlfriend Is Right For You? The Artistic and Confident Type!You need a partner who quietly draws the real you out. Your partner must understand that you are very self-satisfied; therefore you might not always be the best communicator. You need someone that loves to have fun, but also has the capability of concentrating on a great classic film. A creative and confident prospective is what you need. Stay far far away from the needy ones!Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
Yep Pink Is On The War Path Again This Morning
NOW... Welcome to the Dirty Survey. Are you daring enough to answer this for this person? Rules: Answer this for the person who sent u this and then repost it for yourself! my answers 1. Would you have sex with me? Answer:yes as long as u could last i can 2. What positions would u want to b in? Answer: LOVE THEM ALL 3. Would u suck/LICK me ? Answer: HELL YES 4. Would u sex me hard? Answer: HOW EVER U WANTED IT 5. Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? Answer: maby yes maby no it depends 6. Give me a naked pic? do you whant one? I HAVE SOME 7. Would u do me in the shower? Answer: yes 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up to the bed and then do me? Answer:ok if it gives you plesure than sure 9. Would u have 3-some with me? Answer:If it will please you YES 10. What about me makes u want to hav sex with me? Answer: looks personality 11. Would u talk dirty to me while we sexed? Answer: yes if you like it 12. W
one light, one mind flashing in the dark blinded by silence of a thousand broken hearts "for cryin out loud" she screamed unto me a free for all fuck 'em all "you are your own sight" Yeah. My pay check sucked. I'm not a happy chicky no more.
Yeppers, It's True
It's been 9 months since I have gotten any sex play whatsoever. I haven't even gotten any head... sucks, huh? Oh well, I guess I'm just waiting to find that certain one... Who knows? I might find her soon!
The Mirror It sits untouched in the cold, hidden, isolated room. My chair and fireless fireplace join it in the space where my thoughts and feelings loom. Here lies my retreat, sanctuary, my deepest self found here. All mine: memories, ideas, and the cherished pain I hold so dear. I can sit in the chair and wallow in my loneliness and isolation As I stare at the lifeless fireplace and dwell on my present situation. The mirror sits unable to be touched by anyone--even me. I avoid looking into it out of fear, understanding, or acceptance of what I might see. My mirror is one of cracked self-indulgence in my view. I injure myself by pleasing myself--doing the things I do. Stepping out of the room into the light of reality you'll see. The visualized mirror in my mind: in life is simply me. I am merely a reflection of everything and everyone. I am empty--don't bother looking for form, because I have none. Tell me something beautiful, so that I may make it my own, Then re
Yepp Time To Prunne That List Yet Again
ah well seeing i am not one that just adds for the sake of adding and not to worried about levels i have decided to prine members added that i never hear from or contact if ya wanna be prunned from list just say so .tooo easy fixed just say da word here in comment K yeah just my aussie way ok see if i give a bugger if ya get ya nose outta joint !!!!
What do you do when them haterz come hating? what do you do when someone spits in your face. shakem off, and wipe it off, and keep on moving foward!! YEP
Yep Sounds Like Me Lol
Mikki -- [adjective]:Like in nature to a human dildo 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Yep Still Pregnant 8-26-07
Yep, She Is In Another Auction!!!
> The B*tch Your Mom Warned You About!!! She is up for Auction and deserves an AMAZING OWNER! (click her picture to take you there) Come check out the benefits you will receive and put down a BID that beats the current offer!
Yep She Did Kiss My A$$ Yo
so yeah it happend Even though people said all through our relationship that she wouldn't visit, she would care about me, and we wouldn't last. I even had someone tell me that she would never show up cuz she said that she would visit several times. Anyways... SO Jessa showed up Thursday. I think at first it was a little wow and woah at first for both of us. It took only about an hour and a half to truelly show that it was ok and we where comfortable around each other (incase you where wondering she kissed me lol). We did something that is new for me, we connected emotionally and whole heartedly. To say the least about the first day it was pretty awesome. Friday I actually cooked for her and it didn't kill her. Yeah I know right impressive right. Well we spent alot of the day talking and just getting to know a little more about each other. We also watched a movie and went to the stupid army xmas party (for like 45 mins but hey we went). Saturday she left but she had to
Yep, This Is Me!
You scored as Hot. You are Hot, you scream and are wild, people love doing anything sexual with you.Hot81%Exciting69%Violent69%Wet56%Soft44%Shy25%Awkward13%Sweet13%What is your sexual style?created with
Yep This Is Why I Hate People
I am supposed friends with people and all they do is fucking lie and tapdance. It is amazing how twofaced people are. Look Im not hard to get along with. My actual "real" friends would agree. If you tell me something and then dont want to do it later...just tell me....dont fucking lie to me about it. I am referring to 2 people here..and if you are thinking it is you that I am talking more than likely is. Just teaches me to give the one person the benefit of the doubt as far as the rumors.... I don't believe rumors for the most part...but actions definitely clear up the words of other ppl. I expect an apology that i will never recieve....and if i don't a certain person can burn in hell for all i care. I haven't been this crushed by a persons actions in years ~DJ V
Yep This Is Me!!!!
I got this Sexy Comment from!
Yep This Is The Begining!!!! *this Is My Real Life Dont Start Shit*
Well where the fuck to start... my life... ha.. what a fucking crazy damn story begins and ends i suppose with the use of illicit drugs... alcohol and the abuse of ones body. born as a bastard child to a Mormon father and a 16 yr old skeeze bag drug addict. what a fucking way to start right?? born pre-disposed to all sorts of drug dependencies and medical shit. hey lets fucking have a child born with addiction to SPEED.. what a fucking thought they had. also of course born with rheumatoid arthritis, the classic ADHD, scolisosis.. and hell got a predisposition to diabetes.. which im sure the drinking does not help at all. my life started as a fuckup. .. moved on got adopted at the Ripe age of 3 months.. wow i was an old fucker now wasn’t i... well cheers to me to fall into the hands of a very caring, overbearing, crazy mother, whom i do somehow love dearly for instilling values but hate incessantly for making me so damn vengeful towards the human fucking race and all the control tha
Yep This Is Me!!!!
MyHotComments :: HotFreeLayouts
Yep.. That's How I Speak
What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)Mid AtlanticAlso known as a "Philadelphia accent" but also heard in south Jersey, Baltimore, and thereabouts.Click Here to Take This QuizBrought to you by quizzes and personality tests.
Yep Thats Messed Up
Why you shouldn't flirt The wife got a terrible headache and told her husband to go to the party alone. He, being a devoted husband, protested, but she argued and said she was going to take some aspirin and go to bed and there was no need for his good time to be spoiled by her not going. So he took his costume and away he went. The wife, after sleeping soundly for about an hour, woke without pain, and as it was still early, decided to go to the party. As her husband didn't know what her costume was, she thought she would have some fun by watching her husband to see how he acted when she was not with him. So she joined the party and soon spotted her husband in his costume, cavorting around on the dance floor, dancing with every nice 'chick' he could and copping a little feel here and a little kiss there. His wife went up to him and being a rather seductive babe herself, he left his new partner high and dry and devoted his time to her. She let him go as far as he wished, natur
Yep...this Says It
Fuel- Wasted Time Say it to my face Look me in the eyes And say what you have to say You know we can't erase These words before they bind And turn the final page Ah, here comes alone again Coz everything's broken everything's vacant everything's wasted time again Sentiments, hopeless Innocence, jaded everything's wasted time again And so we leave this stage And all our best written lines and all the acts we played so, say you want to leave and say we'd never have the way we always hope and we'd cry And say hello to alone again Coz everything's broken everything's vacant everything's wasted time again Sentiments, hopeless Innocence, jaded everything's wasted time again Someday we might find (someday we will find) some sacred place in time (yeah, in time) but until then all we'll share our dreams we left behind
Yep That Kind Of Mood Again!
Come lay with me on satin sheets littered with petals of rose, so sweet. Take me in with lust filled eyes devour the passion thats between us. Through wetted lips and teasing tongue pleasures of flesh we have begun. With tender touch fingers explore, bodies enchanted while hands adore. At last united once two, now one what has started cannot be undone. Until the hunger has been fulfilled and rapid pulse finally is stilled. As bodies glisten of faintest sweat while held in passion soaked and wet. Now quiet slumber shall not compare to dreams of fantasies next to share....
Yep, That's Right
So lately I haven't been able to get a hold of my girl, not answering the phone and what not... now I find out she's blocked me on some messengers and obviously I'm quite torn apart by this as we are or should I say "were" engaged. If this turns out to be a big miss understanding that would be great but if not then I swear to NEVER love again. Hope everyone who reads this gets a kick out of it.
Yep, This Really Happened.
rgc = redneck gas station clerk. Big fat redheaded ginger bitch me = me rgc - that a tattew on yer arm???? me - yes rgc - wut is it? is that some differnt language or somethin??? me - yes, it's Tibetan rgc - well dus it mean somethin or wut? me - yes rgc - well wut's it stand fer???? me - It says 'I like swimming' rgc - you lahke swimmin? fer real? me - yes, I like swimming rgc - well you must lahke swimmin a lot if you got that tattewd on yer arm me - yes, I do. I like swimming. A lot.
Yep - This Is Me
Payday Cash Advance Online
Yep, That Thing Called Writing, Again!
call it anxiety or call it apprehensionthe way it suddenly hammers methis heartbroken realization thatsomehow i have managed to failthen add some gaucherie to the pileand now toss in a bare bone or twoof flailed flesh and while youre at ithow about a lethal dose of artful neglect…engineered recipe for disasterwell call it what you want to call itbecause tonight it doesnt matterand it no longer seems that i carei mean after allwhy is there an echo in hereit isnt as if you cant hear meor is it more because we are selfishby nature that we just dont hearor maybe listening really is in the earand has nothing to do with the heartor is the obvious truth justtoo hollow to swallow anywayand am i really all alone in here.
Yep, Using The Crush Again
This time around, she found me, and we get along so well I can't believe it. That said, I will apologize for what I posted earlier. My last girlfriend was pulling a Transformer and never had the chance to tell me about it. The situation was more than meets the eye. I'm still not going to say her name because I don't want anyone going to her page and slamming her. She's going through enough already, and I told her that fubar is the LAST place you need to be if you're hurting that much. Some things are outside our control, but we can still choose what we do. It's what you do when life hands you your a$$ that makes you who you are. You have to focus on the things you love and just try to keep moving forward. Update: Easy come, easy go. She and I wanted the same thing, but for different reasons. Those reasons are making me think twice already.
Yep Valentines Day Sucks
Why???? Cause its a commercial holiday. My belief, why should one day be set aside for your special someone when you should be doing Valentines everyday? I mean, why should I take extra time out for a holiday to say "I love You" when I should be doing so everyday. Why should the stores reap out on my love for someone one day a year? Im lost, I really think its a silly holiday! What makes it worse, all of us single lonely people feel even worse. So again i ask, why should I spend money on someone one day a year, or be extra loving one day a year when i should do it every day? Do we really need a day to remind us heart broke lonely people that hey im alone????
Yep Went To See My Aunt Before She Pased Then Afther That Whole Lot More
yep well met my gf and i loved it just wished she could have stay even thought she isnt back here yet i miss my gf marsha yep ist sucks why is it when something is going well something bad has to follow it well afther the 2 weeks were up she had to go home i was pretty sad then when mom and dad said we were going to sc that maded me even more misabe sc not my favorite place to go or to live and personaly i would hate liveing their for me it would be point less to want to live their i hate the heat and family sucks not like their all that thrill or inresting anyway saw my aunt she look like she was on her way out sooner then i thought any ways other that afther the fight me and my dad got in to and my lovely and wonderful gf hearing it all yea i would say i went to the doctors and she said no more geting angry or geting upset or geting stressed out or i could end up incapastated so yep as you see am trying to be less angry so no more aguring for me thats if want to
~*~yep, We Are Smokin'~*~
We are so good RawkStar bought us again!!! He is that good too so please go by visit our FuOwner he is the most awesome person and has a great page! Show him some Mad Luv!!! =^ЯÄWƘƧ†☆Я^=Danielles & Fu Owns DJ Rain & DJ LuAngel@ fubar If you would like to be our Next Fu-Owner click on the pic below and go to our current auction. WE WILL DECIDE HOW TO SPLIT WINNING BID. YOU MAY BID MORE THAN ONCE. ALL WINNING BIDS MUST BE PAID BEFORE EXCHANGE OF OWNERSHIP!!! YOU WILL ONLY OWN US FOR 2 WEEKS. EVERYTHING IS KEPT SFW . THIS IS OPEN TO MEN & WOMAN BOTH !!! DJ Rain & DJ LuAngel (The 2 fu's for 1 special) W.Y.K.D Storm Radio
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Yep We Are Getting Older
Old Age, I decided, is a gift I am now, probably for the first time in my life, the person I have always wanted to be. Oh, not my body! I sometime despair over my body, the wrinkles, the baggyeyes, and the sagging butt. And often I am taken ab ack by that old person that lives in my mirror (who looks like my mother/father!), but I don't agonize over those things for long.. I would never trade my amazing friends, my wonderful life, my loving family for less gray hair or a flatter belly. As I've aged, I've become more kind to myself, and lesscritical of myself. I've become my own friend. I don't chide myself for eating that extra cookie, or for not making my bed, or for buying that silly cement gecko that I didn't need, but looks so avante garde on my patio. I am entitled to a treat, to be messy, to be extravagant. I have seen too many dear friends leave this world too soon; before they understood the great freedom that comes with aging. Whose business is it if I choose
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Yep! Yet Another Contest
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bored bored bored
Yep You Like Them
Ok so time to bitch about the girls who dont give blow jobs. First of all, cmon on gals, ya know deep down you really want to, hehehe. Were you, my friends, aware that there are gals out there who still refuse to give a blow job? Yeah blew my mind too! Apparently the gals I know just arent that damn uptight, imagine that!! Alright, let me start again by saying this is all me, no one else just me, that I think, what I believe, etc. Now, I have to place here that yes I am guilty of not being able to perform at times due to jaw issues. Yeah as yall know I had my jaw fractured/broken working at the bar and it makes it hard to open my mouth very wide anymore. But, I do what I can when I can . . . And enjoy it too dammit. So, now back to the gals who are just too fucking closed minded to entertain the idea of a cock in their mouth. What exactly is the problem? Cleanliness? Ok so if you are worried about him being clean, do it in the fucking shower. Wash him yourself. Geez, most men
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Ok, if you had a choice, would you buy another jet ski or a motorcycle? I know its sorta of an easy decision to make, but, I might as well get your opinion about it :) Thats really all I have for now. What about you? EMAIL me, Comment me, TALK TO ME!!!!!! Whats going on in your life? Email me at T
Yep ...40 Years Ago Today
yep ...40 years ago today..In monterey California...june 18th 1967 Jimi Hendrix plays ..last gig after the who" what a time then ..hendrix becomes legend after monterey pop festival.. and now he's hall of Fame... gone ..not forgotten..Hendrix Well check it out ..Jimi Rocked then!! and changeed the whole view in Music, rock wow! time where did it go..yep..those were the days in hair Sanfransico...1967...Flash Back "wild thing" hendrix burns guitar..
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I got this Sexy Comment from!
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so yeah i guess me and cliff are through hung out with this one dude seth last night which is funny as hell to me because he is a bald white boy like my seth.... and my seth oh my god he is just something else lately we just fu*king laugh the hole time on the phone and joke and tease each other and he called me "an all american woman" and that he wished i was there with him and he missed me and aww that little shit has to be all cute and fun to talk to when he is NOT HERE ass clown hahahahahhahah so i have mushies and cant wait to eat them i am offically out of my house and heathe keeps bothering me but i keep telling her we are done and today i told her to forget my name well thats what it lead to ...... justyn is coming soon lol he is going to have so much fun out here i think he can become happy with being himself out here at least a little more kendra having to share a room with him might not be as happy but she'll be fine and then me and seth are going to kill each other stayin
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fifth element is one o the best movies. fo sho. mia jonavich is freakin hot. um. shit really sucks these days i might add. yeah...really sucks. i think im gonna spontaneously combust if somethin doesnt happen. guess i should say...if i dont DO somethin. cause this shit just aint crackin. *le sigh* shit is whack. wiggity wiggity whack. BLAMMo. and im not even drunk. FAIL.
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I've decided to tell her how I feel.
Yep, You're Tough
Kind of wondering what goes through some women's minds as they go through life constantly complaining that "good guys" never ask them out, or that claim "guys only want 1 thing". Give me a break...I'm a nice guy and it just means that women who say those things don't really want a nice guy, they want a "sugar daddy" or someone who's a fool that they can convince to pay all their bills and ask for sex as infrequently as possible. I've never thought I was much to look at, never considered myself a "great catch" because of my looks, but rather it was my sense of humor, loyalty and intelligence that made me appealing. This week I found out that a woman from my past who always used to complain that she couldn't find a nice guy or meet Mr. Right died of an surprise and I'm actually not that heart broken other than I'm sad to see her life end so short and so empty. At one point in my life I loved her deeply and told her so. She always told me I was a good friend, but
Yep Your Bad A Reply To My Ex
To all them men who have their priorities straight your the men whom i wanna congratulate we need more men out there like you keep doing what you do and im hoping you will teach others too but for all those ones who talk nothing but dreams your gonna find yourself by yourself if you know what i mean im sure you once had one of them good girls by your side but you decided to lose them all for your pride one day you will understand what you have done but by then that perfect girl has already moved on and you could have lived them dreams you talked about too but now she lives her life with nothing but doubt for you you could have arrived on time and stuck to your word but you chose to dissapoint her and act all absurb for every tear my friends watched roll down my face you should have been there to catch them, but that wasnt the case my friends shouldnt be the ones watching me in pain as im quietly crying giving you that "last chance" aga
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hey yall i hate lame ass mafuckas, so dont even try to talk to me if u aint on no real shit. yep thats all i gotta say tho really... holl
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Yep, You Guessed It.
1. When was the last time you shaved your legs? 2 days ago. 2. What were you doing this morning at 8? Still sleeping. 3. What were you doing 15 minutes ago? Watching Monk. 4. What are you wearing right now? Jammy pants and a tank top. 5. Are you mad at anyone right now? Nah. they're not worth wasting my time over. 6. The last two people to say they loved you? Sean and my daughter. 7. Kissed someone in the last 24 hrs? Yep we pass out kisses like crazy around here. 8. Are you happy with your living arrangements? Love who I live with, not where we live. 9. Last thing received in the mail? A bill 10. Do you have any famous relatives? My stepfather is distantly related to Brooke Shields. 11. Have you ever had sex in a public place? Yes 12. Have you ever been searched by the cops? I had my vehicle searched crossing the border from Mexico back into the US. It was a rental... Apparantly that means you're smuggling people in your trunk. lmao. 13. How is your
Yep.. You Guessed It!
Have you ever had mono? nope. The last place you were (besides now)? 7-11 What was the last gift you received? Sean just brought me Panera for lunch! Numma How many times a day do you drop your cell phone? N/A Are you still crushing on your ex .. like even a little bit? no. not even a tiny bit Last food you ate? Eating broccoli & cheddar soup with fresh french baguette now. First thing you notice about the opposite sex? Face/eyes/smile first. One of your favorite songs? pretty much anything by nfg The school you attend? N/A Your cell phone provider? N/A Favorite store that's usually in a mall? Hot topic, 20 below... cinnabon. The longest job you had? I've been a hard working mother for 13 years. What do you smell like? Vanilla. The last time you cried was because why, and when? I swallowed something I shouldn't have.. It made my eyes cry. In your opinion, do long distance relationships work
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And xoxo to all that Canadian Beef on Fubu :)
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Ten people got laid off at work yesterday. Pretty cold I think, after telling them a few moments before the end of the day. I feel bad for them. Business is going slow again...blah, seems like it's always slow at this time of year. I had a mini meeting with my head supervisor and he was saying that it's going to get a lot slower and not too sure how work will be in a few days. It could either mean, they will lay off more people, they will shut things down for a while or whatever....I dunno. i hope that they dont' shut down work for a while because I don't have much PTO and I'm saving it for vacation next year. Last year or two years ago,I forget...they closed off work for 2 weeks. That sucked. I heard one of my coworkers talking that another place laid off 150 people and my dad worked there. So I gave him a call and he still has his job there. That's good. Anyways..blah blah....I guess I'll see how work is tomorrow.....and rats, I was gonna try to take monday off too ha ha
Yep, You Really Should
This isn't the typical bully. I'm not going to ask you to rate a pic for a contest or to send bux to someone. I'm not even going to ask you to bling this person or rate all their pics/stash. Although if you decide to do that, well that's cool too. I'm simply a guy that is really cool and definitely easy on the eyes. So drop by his page and make a new friend. Fan him, add him and if you want to rate him as well that's cool too. Take a minute to say hi. Get to know him. Chances are in the end you'll realize it was worth getting to know him as a friend. So that's it as long as you're looking for people who are real and aren't going to BS you or beg for things from you and so on. Paul@ fubar So that's it. No asking you to rate pics or level someone. No asking you to bling someone or crush them or anything along those lines. Just saying hey here's someone you should get to know. And if you're wondering by looking at his pic..."is he a musician?" Well check out his p
Yep, Yet Again, More Writing...
yeahyou heard meopen wideaccepttake a chunkof bittersweetgo onsink your teeth inwork those jawsfor realthis timebite yes biteuntil all heldheaven or hellbursts freeto coat your lipswith all that is me    water nectar syrup              spirit spit semen                        bourbon blood bile                                  acid lava loveI'm your applein the garden of edenso bite baby bitebecomea part of metonight
                        Sorry hun, but, unlike you - i'm not the doorknob where everyone gets a turn...[♥][♥][♥]                              i'm more like a casino, where only the   lucky ones
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Just came back from Texas last week, visited some Family and Friends...So did not want to leave...Indiana weather sux azz & there seems to be more chances for employment there, than this G*d forsaken town!! Just saying :) Xoxoxo luv to all Cheri~o
Yer Creepy Realatives
Guess what, you know that creepy uncle of yers, that wants to hugg wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much? He called n he's on his way to see you! N he's bringing his big ole wife, the one that wears the moomoo all the time n flip flops. Well anit much flip left in em, more like flat flops.Think thier smartass son will be with him, the scrawny white boy who thinks he's black. Tries to talk street n sounds stupid doing it n wears his hat crooked n such ignorant shit. Thier freaky ass daughter prolly driving, the one who still dresses goth, n plunders thourgh yer medicine cabinet when she visits. Shes the one who knows when everyone goes to the dr, n comes over complianing she has such a bad headache or backache, bumming some pills. Then there is thier shittyaas 4 year old smartalec boy who whine n yells n gets his way. You remember, he plunders thourgh yer house, n his parents dont do a damn thing, except say oooooh yer gonna get a time out! whoopty freaky do, that anit ever made a kid behave. Think
Yer Hobbies
Its dawned on me , i dont know what a lot of u like to do in yer spare time. I been taking up writing again, why i write so many blogs, as practice. Actualy bout to finsh a short story n if u'd like to read it n give me yer opion let me know.That n leatherworking n knifemaking too. Something to keep me occupied when i have spare momments. Been having to do more construction to help pay the bills since lots of folks cant afford to have gunsmith work done.Everybodys broke n thats all there is too it.Gas n grocies cost soooooooo much n paying the bills , everyone ends up broke. Like my grandpa use to say anit got 2 nickles to rub toghter. But what kinda hobbies do yall have. Interests too, things u do in yer spare time?Hope io get lots of feedback on this one.
Yerrrr Out!
LEVEL 4, BITCHES.....That is all
I can't sleep. And the puppy's gonna be up soon probably right when i fall asleep. Haha. But yeah. UGH! < 3
I put a voice comment thing on my page so you should leave me one. Anyway that lil shit pissed all over tonight lol. Ive changed my shirt 3 times. And i ended up hurting my wrist, badly, i think its like injured or something cause when i move it, it like is purple and dont like to move. Oops. Stupid wall lmao. Ugh what was i doing?
Yes, well, kinda, maybe, ummm, no? I could, should, maybe would, but... you know? It's just, well there isn't really a reason, it's more that... Yeah, but, ummm... well, you know? I would, but... Well, I won't lie to you, it's like this, well, in a way it is, it's sorta... Ok, yes, well, kinda, maybe, no?
I would like to thank all my cool ass new friends 4 all yr rateings,much LOVE, ya boy made it NEW CHERRY, " Whats wit it "!
i love you sooooo much !! ->-- q:)->-
I am really 45. I will be 46 in a few months. All these pics were taken this year.
I am retarded haha ♥. My finger hurts i jamed it in the damn door! Grr. But i am officially done my christmas shopping :P Now all i have to do is wrap the shit. Not on my list of favorite things to do. I got new batteries for my camera, but im to lazy to take pictures! Cause we'll i need a shower, i look like shit from work. Rawr i cant wait for tommorrow ♥
Liz 'freakyfriendlyliz" is my daughter she is on cherrytap.Check her out.
OK im a big steelers fan and yes yes i know we had a shity season but , i still stand behind my team . todays win tops the season for me and even though we will not return to the suped bowl im still a proud fan and pray for the return of our coach !!!
.GiRlS OnLy. Awsome Test YoBasicsNAME:Anna AGE:18 HEIGHT:5'5" WEIGHT:no comment LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED:Right BEST PHYSICAL FEATURE:Eyes HAIR COLOR:Dark Blonde EYE COLOR:Blue ETHNICITY:White British SIBLINGS:1 Older Brother FEMALE OR MALE:Female SIBLINGS:Already asked that BODY TYPE:Slim FAVORITESCANDY:Chocolate M&M's FOOD:Pizza BAND:Avenged Sevenfold SONG:At the moment its Move Along - All American Rejects MOVIE:Freaky Friday COLOR:Blue CHANNEL:Ftn....CRYSTAL MAZE OMFGH!!! SPORT:Athletics BEST FRIEND:Sarah STORE:Primark FLOWER:Red Rose DESSERT:Chocolate cake or ice cream BOOK:Harry Potter MAGAZINE:Kerrang CARTOON:Simpsons FIRST THOUGHTS WHEN HEARING..DIRTY:Bastard HOT:Cold BLACK:
damn i love this shit...
Sometime in the next two months I get to go to one of those really nice restaurants. I finally get to use one of my gorgeous dresses that just sit in my closet with unhappy faces on them! which one?
Courtesy of
yay! i get to go to lunch with my dad!! hooray! i love my dad...he's pretty much the best. and it's been like...10 days since i've seen him. and i'm lunch is fucking wonderful. yay yay yay!
just did my taxes and I'm getting the most back ever going the the coast the 18th then LV the 20th nothing else
*does happy booty dance* my salute was approved :D FINALLY..too bad it's a sucky pic lol
149 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
YES YES, I think of you, each moment of the day, not a second passes by, where thoughts of you don't come my way. YES, I want you, I'm not ashamed to say, the hunger never ceases, nor does it ever stray. YES, I need you, in ways I can't describe, forever in my life, through eternity by my side. YES, I miss you, as each second slips by, this pain is easily shown, with the tears that flow from my eyes. YES, I have you, and I thank the Lord above, He gave a gift to cherish, when He sent me your love. YES, I love you, more then words can show, for I feel it in my soul, and forever it shall grow. Author: Trudy L.
Luke 24:48-49 You are witnesses of these things. I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high." ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Wouldn’t it have been exciting to eavesdrop on Jesus as He called these rugged fishermen? We would observe them immediately dropping their nets, giving up everything—leaving family and livelihood, ALL—to follow the One Who is the ultimate Fisher of men. My mind is drawn to a probing question— would I have gone? Would I have been willing to sacrifice all? But what an honor to be called by the Son of God and Son of man. Well, He’s still calling people today to do the very same thing. You and I have been called to be fishers of men, but we have the opportunity to do that in a very distinctive way! Today we are casting nets around the globe to draw people to Jesus. It’s hard to imagine we have a net that big, but through your willing
My body was stagnant, tired of yearning. My heart was shut away, fearing more damage. My mind was numb, not wanting to function. My eyes were closed, afraid to see the truth. My hands were cold, from lack of another's warmth. My ears grew deaf, for no one whispered to them. My lips became dry, because the kisses disappeared. My soul withered and empty, from lost passion. One word opened my ears to a whisper so strong. One word regained my sight, and I could see a future. One word filled my body so that it ached once again. One word warmed my hands as they explored my flesh. One word stirred my mind, filling it with anticipation. One word tore down the walls that encased my heart. One word wet my lips with kisses of tomorrow. One word engorged my soul with overwhelming desire. One Word....."Yes" Nancy 2/10/07
yes my boy james is coming home soon and i am throwing a bachlors party and then we are goignto hawaii for his wedding hell i cnat wait till the day comes i get married there hell this is goignto be a once in a life time chance to go there before i go in the army i cant wait fo rthat either i am stoked about that
- RICKEY's Sexy Acronym - Ris for...RavishingIis for...IntriguingCis for...CuddlyKis for...KinkyEis for...EnticingYis for...Yummy The Sexy Acronym Generator at
will have pix on here soon of me meeting "Kat Von D" ;)
So im new on this page and i hope i get to meet lots of friends. Im usually on my 360 page but i will give this page some time.
dear my baby: there are a million reasons why you aren't ever going to get my nudes.. and you just added another reason to my list. love, me. pssss. I'm shaking so bad, I can barely write... I hate you. Why do guys fall for girls that are so fucking trashy? I'm shaking so bad. I feel like I'm going to vomit.
I'm so glad they show who rates you what now, so much easier to thank the downraters.
To all my Family and Friends on CT, A few days ago i posted a bulletin talking about how i got my girls cricket team together and we needed another three more girls on our team.... well... Just to let you know our twelve girls have found another two girls for our MMU Girls Cricket Team. Now just need another one. However the good news is, we can start indoor practice and if we can prove we can do it MMU our university will provide us with all the equipment and all the teams clothing. Im really looking forward to practisin and getting the whole team going, hopefully with some practice we will be able to beat the other apprantely "boys" cricket team. Wish us luck in finding the last girl for our team. Will keep you posted on it all. Thanks for reading. All my love, Angel x
still pissed but anyways... Summary of the weekend: i did almost nothing, i was rebuilding computers and only that. bought a new super microwave (yes, i felt lost the last week without one lol) went to the optic shop to choose my new glasses, and got a nerdy ones and will be ready for tuesday or wednesday got a new hyper mini mouse that i'll take a pic and show later lol it's so cool! new hdd for my computer that ended up to be a ram problem (don't ask, but i can tell you more than one would feel lost with what happened to me) the other computer has an amd sempron with an asrock motherboard got pissed but well, i am not feeling like talking about it still have fun and tell me if you're compatible with me: CLICK HERE (yes, i'm gemini)
I got a shoot for one of my clients. Finally...she was such a brat when it came right down to it. The photographer is pretty awesome so I'm doubly excited for what this means for her.
Better Graphics Top Codes Dark Images HOT Comments Click to Get Some People say, If you look like that, why are you so nasty, and perverted in your writing? I write in the horror genre. I enjoy seeing people squirm in there seats while being scared to death. I thrive off of human fear. It's like a drug, addictive and fun to do. I write to please you, the public. To entice your desires of fear and make the hair stand on the back of your neck. In do time, when i am comfy with you all, i will post a short story series, don't mind my typos though, for every human has errors.
i do want to do naughty girl things 2 u and 4 u :P
You scored as Eyes full of Pain, People tend to overlook you, which makes you feel less worthy of their attentions. You sometimes wish you could just disapear from the world around you. You have been hurt very badly in the past and you just wish that someone would understand you, and what their cruelty is doing to you.Eyes full of Pain92% Mysterious67% Passion50% Diamond Eyes25% What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with
Something finally went right! They called me in this morning and gave me the CNA job that I interviewed for in the critical care unit at our hospital!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such a huge thing for a CNA .......soo big~ grins The new apartment will be ready to move into by the first of next month~ This proves sometimes a little change is needed ~ smiles
Tonight its time to go out and just let things go...Its tequila time...And its time to just let things go and who cares...Right? Lonestar - SmileJon's Video Feed -
I'm In Love...'nuff Said! ...Thank You CT!
I love her. It is overpowering when she is near, more when she is not.
Yes, I am wonderfully fond of women dressed in undresses, stockings bunched around ankles and legs tossed high high high into the glorious sky, skating on the glassed-over eyes of my moment of tiny death. Yes, I am slave to the slathering flesh, shaved nicely and neatly and rising like a skinballoon, belly above me and breasts breaking over the sides, wide smile smoldering - yes, she is flush, feathered, frothing, unfolded, unfettered and yes, to the ceiling, the floor, the walls, the windows, the door - this cage can't contain us as everything rattles, now rumbles - she screams, I am screaming and yes! © All rights reserved
Happy Birthday to me tomorrow. Ive got to go to a college tomorrow as well. wish me luck?
This blog is just random thoughts going through my head..... Damn, I have way too much work to get caught up on. I cant seem to get motivated today to do it though. Not like me to be like that. I git the Harley out and my sonis here on leave and I just want to leave the office and go out and play!!! But I am waiting for a delivery and I have to be here until it gets here. everyone else is out of the office, so it is just me in here....bored! I finally got to speak with Candyce, so my day is a lot better now but I am still bored just sitting here waiting for the UPS guy. Oh well...... Thanks for listening
One of my articles got picked up by a online news paper here in San Antonio! If you want to read it you can go to Then click on opinion/editor. It will drop down and click on 'my opinion'. The article titled 'Police abuses not something to be ignored'. I'm excited because this is something I've been wanting to do since I was 10 years old. It's kind of a serious article but I think it's good.
goin to see hinder and papa roach!!!!!!!!!!!be back soon!!
my book is now available for purchase at in the supernatural section.this book lists my time ghosthunting bosque bello cemetary,fernandina,florida.its real and graphic.check it out.makes a great christmas gift.thanks,to-wit.
The tropical night embraces Sticky sweet and lingering Native insects circle swirling Whirring in the breeze Leaning on the rail His scent weighs heavy Rising from his shoulders Natural and so male His naked chest rises Heaving with each breath Pierced protruding nipples glint Winking with the moonlight His eyes squint serious Peering toward the distance Change is in the air Seeping from the seams In silence our connection deepens Guarding against the world We two standing together This moment must be the test He turns to me My bare feet planted firm He takes my waist And my arm Something’s happening I feel it too It lies behind his eyes Travels to his tongue He crouches to one knee Right there before me My mind’s puzzled The obvious it denies My own breath is stifled I feel a tear in my eye He fingers my skirt Playing with the hem A devious smile flashes And then he digs in His tongue explores
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I will be gone for the next 10 days. See you all when I get back. No sense in saying more. Noone really reads these anyway. I am spending the week at my boyfriends. See ya all when I get back. {{{hugs}}}
i'm wasted. lol and i just thought i'd write myself a blog before i go to bed. i'm in such a great mood right now, it's not even funny. and i'm loving it :) anyways i'm in a very flirty kinda mood. and i would love for some people to flirt with me, so i can flirt back. lol. jk, all. im fittin' ta go to bed right now. so sleep sweet, i know i'll be writting another blog sometime. lo because soemtimes i just feel like it. so...whatever. lol sleep sweet y'all. love ya's! *xoxox* Miranda
Last night i held you in my arms, and as you slept i watched you sleep, You looked so angelic in the night light i nearly cried, i did let the tears fall for they were for you, no nothings is wrong my love, its just tears of love i have for you i whispered quietly, you smiled as if you knew. I prayed every that this dream would come true, it had, is why iamk with you Yes, iam happy, and yes iam deep love with you, and t o not have you at my side is too much to bare. yes it is silly for i do know you wouldnt leave me, but is how i am, i loe you with all my heart abd joy, with every beat of my heart and every inch of my life..Hell i could say without you i woul just give up and die! for you are everything to me, life love happiness everything that is good and wonderful thats what you are.
yes slow warm breath on the back of his neck........ soft wet lips on the inside of his thigh.......... gentle but firm fingertips pulling at his skin.................. skin on skin..........warm and soft moving together ........then stopping a light moan...and a gasp..... of pleasure......... her tongue teases him...... licking him....tasting him fingers grasping the sheets.......... muscles tighten............ she slows.................. stopping briefly to prolong the moment...... then again.......slowly her tongue...............
How are women and tornadoes alike? They both moan like hell when they come, and take the house when they leave.
Yes 2
Wife : "I dreamt they were auctioning off dicks. The big ones went for ten dollars and the thick ones went for twenty dollars." Husband : "How about the ones like mine?" Wife : "Those they gave away." Husband : "I had a dream too...I dreamt they were auctioning off cunts. The pretty ones went for a thousand dollars, and the little tight ones went for two thousand." Wife : "And how much for the ones like mine?" Husband : "That's where they held the auction."
It is 4 days, 10 hours, 32 minutes and 40 seconds until Saturday, February 14, 2009 at 9:50:00 AM (Baltimore time) That is all.
I am tired and feeling nervous because dealing with people who have baggage and stress in their lives they tend to snap at you and so what happens is they take it out on me and that is sometimes called drama. So I have to get away from this drama and baggage and stress that some fubar friends might be under or otherwise they snap at me. lol
Pedro El Loco: you are right Pedro El Loco: i am wrong Meg: wow Meg: i might have to go touch myself now     That is all. :D
Yes I am sick again yes I have a new last name Yes I will call you out in a lie even if you are my friend..simple fix..unfriend me or do not fucking lie Just answers to things I have been asked often lately
My mind says no, but my heart says yes, somehow i cant stop thinking about you how did i get in this mess It's been a while, I thought id forget, But i feel you in every kiss, that arent from your lips. My mind says no, but my heart says yes, the distance pulls my heart right out of my chest It's never felt so good to not have so much. I miss the imprint of your head on my pillow, Im reaching out to feel your touch, so when you see me, just remember what we have, and what comes next.
it feels like poison, my feelings and my behavior has, my desire has formed a lethal toxin in my body and my mind Dear Diary, i feel like the pinnacle of hatred and loss   love is the most dangerous thing that there is....maybe she has taught me a new weapon, she helped in my corrupt intentions and aided me in my insanity my thirst for the dark truths which i know are going to eat me from the inside out...i will not do gods work Dear Diary, she is proof, she is just the reflection of myself, that is what you must forget   there are others...... other what yes thats right look at all the world is  look at your dying planet look at all the ghosts lets get back to exterminating angels lets get back  i cant remember  i am uncertain of  what is the subject matter I AM HOOD MOOD and the forest whispers my name
I created it, but I don't know if I'm ready to write in it just yet.  The stories keep coming to me, They're gonna eat me if I don't write them down soon I think. Hrm.
Yes, Rep. Andrews that letter to the Feds removed the guilt off of you and Mr. Yurick completely. Debbie, I never said or made any comments that Mr. Yurick lied or is a liar. Intresting to note the IRS "your name just popped up" and suddenly they're shy of how much to me? It was the NJ Mental Health Advocate office employee that named you Senator Andrews. As I looked at that time of these property price inflation and no one buying that talk of this Bail Out was headed past two trillion. Third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eigth. Norio  
Have I ever told youthat if I sit really still and silent,sometimes. I like to thinkI can hear your heart beatingin time with mine?Have I ever told youthat when I watch you speak to methrough lines and cords,and bytes and ram,I imagineyour voice,whispering into my ear?Have I ever told youthat I wait out each dayin anticipation,wantingonly an hour or two,just a second in space and time,to feel close to you?Have I ever told youthat there has been times,when I ached for you,ached for you so badly,that the emotions overwhelmed me..and so I sat and cried?Have I ever told youthat sometimes,I will reach out,touching your nameon this cold screen before me,wishingI could reach inand pull you to me?Have I ever told youthat after the first time I heardthe sound of your voice,thousands of miles away,I sat up all night,turning the conversation over and overin my mind,examining it,like some newly discovered species of flower?Have I ever told youthat I would give everything up,just for one nightto be
how YOU doin???
Yes ..
         Some people Are Sweet At first ..Always a time for you at first        Serious At first but why do some people change after you"LEARN  TO LOVE THEM SO MUCH! " maybe all romantic moments only happen at first ..but NEVER sad but its difinitely TRUE!...
Its true I havent been around much lately, got real life to worry about. Maybe one day I will be able t spend more time here, but for now I'm happy in my real life and am doing what I can to make it the best it can be
"Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics. You are all stardust. You couldn’t be here if stars hadn’t exploded. Because the elements, the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, all the things that matter for evolution weren’t created at the beginning of time. They were created in the nuclear furnaces of stars. And the only way they could get into your body is if the stars were kind enough to explode. So forget Jesus. The stars died so you could be here today."
I'm in! I just heard from one of the producers of the film I read for yesterday. They want me in their film. Although I read the part of the young, drunk, spoiled rich girl (Lyndsey Lohan was my motivation), they see me as playing the part of a producer, director, or agent in the film. I submitted to read for the agent but the audition was different than explained. Basically they handed most of us the same 'side' and had us read in pairs or groups, depending on the side. Five directors (and producers) sat in on each reading and took notes for their individual projects. Now, THAT'S how it should be done in Hollywood. Make us drive (or bus) it to downtown, pay for parking, and audition once but get submitted to 5 film projects. I'm extatic.
Yes...a Cynicism
Cynics regarded everybody as equally corrupt... Idealists regarded everybody as equally corrupt, except themselves. Robert Anton Wilson
Yes Another One....
please help me out and comment bomb this pic
Yes, Another Rant
What is it when people call that thry don't leave messages? Am I the only one that finds that odd? It's not only friends either, sales folk, random telemarketing calls, work folk. If you're going to call you should leave a message. If it's not important enough for a message.....why call??!! I guess I'm offcially getting old. The little things seem to bug more now than ever. Like useless, hollow conversation....I can't stand small talk. People that seem to think throwing pity parties for themselves qualifies as a career, People that are content to sit and drift. Yep....getting old, where's my damm
Yes And No
Rule #1: You can only say Yes or No! Rule #2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks! Q: Kissed someone on your top friends or family, (even on the cheek counts)? A: Q: Have you seen someone on your CT naked? A: Q: Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? A: Q: Been arrested? A: Q: Kissed someone you didn't like? A: Q: Slept in until 5 PM? A: Q: Held a snake? A: Q: Been suspended from school? A: Q: Been fired from a job? A: Q: Sang karaoke A: Q: Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? A: Q: Laughed until you started crying? A: Q: Caught a snowflake on your tongue? A: Q: Kissed in the rain? A: Q: Sang in the shower? A: Q: Sat on a roof top? A: Q: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? A: Q: Broken a bone? A: Q: Shaved your head? A: Q: Played a prank on someone? A: Q: Felt like killing someone? A: Q: Made a girlfriend
Yes, Apparently You Are.
Do you ever find yourself hoping that what you know to be true will turn out not to be true? If even for a moment? The Thin Mints say that you are retarded.
Yes, A Victim Of Those Notorious Gas Tank Explosions
On July 16, 1981, Harry Chapin died in an automobile accident when his Ford Pinto was rear ended by a tractor trailer truck on the Long Island Expressway. An autopsy showed that he had suffered a heart attack, but it could not be determined whether that occurred before or after the collision. He had been on his way to perform in a concert in Eisenhower Park in Nassau County. Although Chapin was a notoriously poor driver, Supermarkets General, the owner of the truck, paid $12 million to his widow in the ensuing litigation. Chapin was only 38 years old. Chapin was interred in the Huntington Rural Cemetery, Huntington, New York. His epitaph is taken from his song "I Wonder What Would Happen to this World." It is: Oh if a man tried To take his time on Earth And prove before he died What one man's life could be worth I wonder what would happen to this world
Yes A Big Big Update On Me
Well it is night time and I am really bad sick.. I am coughing really bad and my head is really hurting badly.. I don't know what to do but I did took something for it and I am kind sleepy so I am going to make it quick I am going to check my eamil and do some other things on the net but won't be on long at all.. SOrry but I will try to be on and be in a better mood.. Well good luck you all on happy hour.. Comment on my pictures if haven't yet and rate me if you did thank you very much.. HOpe you all have a really good day.. virgo24
Yes Another Poem What Can I Say I Like Poems Lol
I write poetry to praise and glorify Christ, Jesus. So my works of art are acts of worship, not people pleasers. Understand one truth... Satan will stop at nothing to deceive us. But we have a God that promised to never leave us... I Stand behind My lord, I don’t try to lead him I don't spit rhymes, People I bleed'em I lived what i write, ask those that know me. It's more then just words, it's my TESTIMONY! So I walk what I talk, and no longer do what I did. I am free, no longer doing that spiritual bid! The bind has been broken, I am no longer bound. i was once lost, but now i am found! Warrior of God, believe me when I tell ya. Ready and willing to kick in the gates of hell, brah! For I have accepted my spiritual authority... Therefore demonic forces know not to bother me. Yet, far from perfection, so yeah I fall to sin. But I have a God that, that continually rescues me from the quick sand i jump in! Thought a righteous man falls 7 times, so shall he rise! And
Yes Again
Where can I go to hide myself? Who can I go to besides myself? Can I confide in anyone but myself? Or is it just me all by myself? I've spent some time by myself. To try to better understand myself. I had to go and lose myself. Only to truly find myself. I can rely solely on myself. And never have to question myself. I use to carry the burdon myself. No longer will I blame myself.
Yes Another Horoscope Kick Ass!!!
VIRGO - The Perfectionist Dominant in relationships. Conservative. Al ways wants the last word. Argumentative. Worries. Very smart. Dislikes noise and chaos Eager. Hardworking. Loyal. Beautiful. Easy to talk to. Hard to please. Harsh. Practical and very fussy. Often shy. Pessimistic. SCORPIO - The Intense One Very energetic. Intelligent. Can be jealous and/or possessive. Hardworking. Great kisser. Can become obsessive or secretive. Holds grudges. Attractive. Determined. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Romantic. Can be self-centered at times. Passionate and Emotional. LIBRA - The Harmonizer Nice to everyone they meet. Can't make up their mind. Have own unique appeal. Creative, energetic, and very social. Hates to be alone. Peaceful, generous. Very loving and beautiful. Flirtatious. Give in too easily. Procrastinators. Very gullible. . ARIES - TheDaredevil Energetic. Adventurous and spontaneous. Confident and enthusiastic. Fun.
Yes Alleheluia God Is The Light >
Thank you My friend Don. Yes I do know God shed,s light and Im being strong . Just a bit teary eyed is is all. Ive tried so hard to stay smiling and well adjusted and to survive ; With God here with me im doing this each day ,one day at a time. But Im only me and a human . makes errs sometimes . But I know God ,s forgiveness is always and forever if I do fall, I knowing this get back up and with His love and guidence and I do keep go on . He is my rock now .. Thank you O Lord My God .
Yes A Thousand Times Yes
debbie:My ask for u: YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES!! God Bless U! Come on, share my life our lifes :-)
Yes And No Game
THE RULES ARE AS FOLLOWS: THE YES OR NO GAME 1. You can only say Yes or No! 2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks! 3. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING BESIDES YES OR NO!!! 4. Repost this as the Yes/ No Game! Over 18? - yes Kissed someone on your top friends? - yes Danced in front of your mirror naked? - yes Ever told a lie? - yes Tripped on mushrooms? - no Done Ecstasy? - no Been arrested? - no Kissed a picture? - yes Fallen asleep at work/school? - Yes Held an actual snake? - yes Ran a red light? - yes Been suspended from school? - no Totaled your car/motorbike in an accident?- yes Been fired from a job? - no Sang karaoke? - no Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? - Yes Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?- yes! Caught a snowflake on your tongue? - Yes Kissed in the rain?- yes Sang in the shower? - Yes Sat on a roof top? - Yes Thought about your past with regret? - Yes Broken a bone? - no Sha
Yes, Another Short One!
I am off to work! At least my day will be a bit shorter than I'd planned - my 6 p.m. has postponed due to the next round of snow this evening, lol! It is -13 degrees here, this morning! That is just a bit chillier than I like, but it's not my choice, now is it!! For those in a mood to petition the Powers That Be, I am having a difficult time finding a dentist willing to take my rather crappy insurance. And I need to see a dentist badly! I will also need to make payments for I imagine the co-pay will be pretty bad for what I need done. Prayer will be greatly appreciated - to bolster my own humble prayers! Have a beautiful Thursday, dear friends! Much love and warm hugs for one and all! Blessings for all my friends/family/fans, scattered all over the world! You are all loved and appreciated, each and everyone, just for who you are! Later! Muahz!
Yes Again Lol
I'm in another auction once again OWN ME for a MONTH!!! here is the link! Here's what you get from me read on: ^^^if you are interested click the smaller link above^^^
Yes Another By Me
from childhood hour i have not been as others were i have not seen as others saw i could not bring my passion from a common spring from the same source i have not taken my sorrows i could not awaken my heart to joy at the same tone and all i loved i have loved i loved alone then in my childhood i'm the dawn of most storms life was drawn from every depth of good and the mystery which binds me still from the torrent of the fountain from the red cliff of the mountain from the sun that surrounds me rolled in its autumn tent of gold from the lighting in the sky as it passed me flying by from the thunder and storm the clouds that took the form when the rest of the heavens was blue of a demon in my view.
Yes Another Chance
Here's Another Chance To Own Me Do You Want To Own Me?? Here Is Another Chance
Yes A Man Wrote This
You should know....Thanks Steff : ) If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he treat you any differ
Yes, Another One
Yes Again...another Auction!
Well here it is...check out The Sluts auction! come bid on me! even if you dont want to bid...could you please just rate the pic? thank you! click the pic!
Yes Another Profile On An Old Site
                      Get This!
Yes!!! Another Pic Miss Fiona Made For Me!
MAN i am so loved! and so greatful! The beautiful and talented MISS FIONA made another beautiful tage for me! i loves ya sissy! thank you for spoiling me as you do hun!
Yes A Late Nite Rant!
Okay so yea I sit her wide awake and it about 3:30am where I am at. If you must read then know I really dont give a shit whether you have a problem with what I say on my profile. I can't sleep so in return I have decided to talk about some shit that has been bothering me a lot lately. For starters: People need to stop asking me stupid questions that could easily be answered if you just read my freakin profile. come on how hard is it. I write there not only to give you all a good idea of what kind of person I am but also to stop wasting my time answering stupid questions. wanna get to know me look there first. I tend to update it on a regular bases. As for the ones who do read my profile, asking me why I am a certain way or why do I choose to have such a lifestyle all I have to say to you is what does it matter to you what I do and with whom I do it with. I am who I am and I am not shy to express myself in whatever way I choose to. DO NOT......I repeat DO NOT ask me to see my NSFW p
Yes Boy And Girls She Is On Air!
Yes! Books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was in HEAVEN today! went to the book fair at the church right down the street and they had loads of books!!!!!!! I was like a kid in a candy store!like a dog in a room full of declawed cats! I was there for a couple of hours and man was it kool! found an anne rice book( qween of the damned) i had been keeping my eye open for that one! i am nutty over books!:) would give up tv before i gave up reading.can thank my mama for that! we did not have tv growing up,so i read..and read..and am addicted now! i dont need drugs! i got my books!i would love to some day build my own home..well design it..and build a library! have every wall shelves from top to bottem! then i would have a fire place built and on winter nights i could ether lay in front of it and read or lay on the sofa.would have a sofa and an arm over head lights just lamps!and old beautiful statues! yep,when the wind is howling and the snow is coming down thick and fast,there would be nothing like curling up under a bl
Yes Baby Smother Me !!!!
Yes! Before You Die!!!
Cancel your credit card before you die..........(hilarious!)A lady died this past January, and Citibank billed her for February and March for their annual service charges on her credit card, and added late fees and interest on the monthly charge. The balance had been $0.00 when she died, but now somewhere around $60.00. A family member placed a call to Citibank.Here is the exchange :Family Member:   'I am calling to tell you she died back in January.'Citibank :  'The account was never closed and the late fees and charges still apply.'Family Member  : 'Maybe, you should turn it over to collections.'Citibank : 'Since it is two months past due, it already has been.'Family Member : So, what will they do when they find out she is dead?'Citibank : 'Either report her account to frauds division or report her to the credit bureau, maybe both!'Family Member : 'Do you think God will be mad at her?'  Citibank: 'Excuse me?'Family Member : 'Did you just get what I was telling you - the part about he
Yes? Come In... I've Been Waiting For You..
I brush my hands over my plaid skirt.. as I walk up and knock on the door.. As i look down to my little ankle socks and tennis shoes.. I hear.. him answer.. Yes? I don't answer.. i just look up again.. and run my fingers thru my hair.. I did it this time.. I knew I was in for it... and suddenly the door opens... Come in he says.. I've been waiting for you... I walk in.. I can feel his cold gaze on my back as I sit in one of the chairs in front of his desk.. I watch as he walks around his desk into his large overstuffed leather chair.. He doesn't say a word.. just thumbs thru the file on his desk.. I figure I have to say something... plead my case... please Sir... I can explain... it didn't happen like you heard it.. They ganged up on me... I was just trying to defend myself... All of the other girls don't like me much here... he just held up his hand.. signaling for me to be quiet.. I stopped talking.. feeling the tears start in my eyes... he looks up at me.. and pushes the tissue box
Yes Chiropractic
That right... i may have a job in windward with a chiropriactic office.. i love it high scale cliental... about time if now i still have a chance to be working for the Atlanta Falonces chiropractic.. Guns N' Roses Lyrics Guns N' Roses Music CodesMusic Codes by
Yes Chicago !!!!!!
Music Video Codes By Music
Yes Come Bid On Me
Hey Friends and Fans, Come Bid On This Awesome Sweet Girl...The Auction Runs From The 17th-25th Of Jun. Come On And Click The Picture Below To See All That She Has To Offer. (repost of original by 'King of Kings' on '2008-06-16 20:13:46')
Yes Daddy!
Debbie flounced into the room, wearing a red tartan skirt, voluptuous breasts pressing against her white shirt, legs clad in white stockings and feet in thick-soled Mary Jane sandals. Tossing her ponytail, she smiled at the man with the shaved head in the recliner in front of her. "Daddy, I'm ready for school," she said in her best little-girl voice. "How do I look?" Jim looked up from his newspaper and raked his "daughter's" form with his eyes. Debbie's pussy grew damp as his eyes darkened with lust. "My baby girl looks a bit slutty for Daddy's taste," he said sternly. "You're so naughty. That's the third time I've had to talk to you about your attire this week, isn't it?" She rubbed her thighs together, putting pressure on her clit, which began to throb with the sternness of his voice. It hungered. She hungered. "Yes, Daddy," Debbie said, her eyes downcast. "I'm sorry. I just like having the boys look at me. And sometimes they touch me, and it feels so good." Jim fo

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