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Why I Haven't Been Around....
Hey guys and girls.. I doubt many of you will read this.. but I just wanted to share why I haven't been around much lately.. either here or on yahoo. As some of you may know.. last Saturday I lost the baby. Its been a really difficult time for us, especially me this is the third that I've lost. I don't want anyone's sympathy I don't want ya know.. people to feel sorry for us.. what I want is just understanding. What I want is a break.. so here is what I'm asking.. for some respect and some just ya know.. time to heal. I know that most of you are used to me being here.. when you need me, but right now i can't be and I'm sorry. I hope you all understand that. I love you guys and I just wanted you to know everything is ok. I just need some time to myself right now.
Why Is The American Government Lying To Us??
© 2002 Perimeter Clearance Coalition Perimeter Clearance Strategy to Realize a Smart Border for the 21st Century CNATCA is the conduit for corridor growth. We promote and develop Trade, Tourism, Training,Technology, and Transportation (5T's). The CNATCA is mobilizing the corridors' assets and resources to spark: Photobucket The Central North American Trade Corridor extends from Alaska and the Port of Churchill in Canada through the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia, then through North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma panhandle, and Texas in the USA and south to Mexico City " He advocated the introduction of a common North American currency (encompassing Mexico, the United States and Canada) and thought that this longer-term issue should be debated in the same way as the short-term currency appreciation issue is now being discussed"this is a direct qoute from a canadian parliament meeting if the canadian governmen
Why Is This?
Okay, I understand I made the choice of not being with the father of my kids! Shit #1 I left when he wasn't home & left a dear John letter. I am fine with that we are not together! I love him for giving me my son, but I am not in love with him #2 I threw his sorry ass down the stairs after he tried to kick me in my belly when I was 3 weeks pregnant! I dare him to darken my doorstep! I will throw him down a bigger set of stairs. #3 he is around, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life with him & his drama! What kills me is that my kids aren't babies anymore & they ask questions! They want to see their father in the bright white light, but they don't realize that it's me! I am the 1 who fixes the boo boo's, the 1 who is up when they are sick, I am the 1 who is here 24/7/365. But, I am just the mean mom who grounds them for being bad, or yells at them for fighting, or whatever I do I am the "BAD GUY"! DADDY #1: Things are starting to change, my son is 10 & sees thing for him
Why Is It?
Now why is it when ever you ask one person one thing you get an explanation from some one else? Dosen't that seam a bit on the irritating side? To me at least it dose. Guess it's a fact of life huh.
Why Is That
so when you spark up a feeling for someone and they make all the big deal saying that they don't wanna get hurt and feel like I might be the one to hurt them... then they are the one to hurt you... wierd hmmmm, i give up,....
Why I Don't Believe In God
I heard the truth about you And it really doesnt read at all Like the whipping stick you raised me with A scared woman in a private hell Hushed voice like electric bells Strange talk about edgar casey And the long lame walk of the dark 70s Strange talk about edgar casey And the long lame walk of the dark 70s I heard the truth about you, yeah you Mama they woke me up I was deep in an idiot sleep I was just eight years old Heard big words with a horrible sound Whyd they have to call my school Tell me my mother had a nervous breakdown I wish I believed like you do, yeah you In the myth of a merciful god In the myth of a heaven and hell I hear the voices you hear sometimes Sometimes it gets so much I feel like letting go Sometimes it gets so hard I feel like letting it go Sometimes it gets so goddamn hard I feel like letting it all go Letting it all go, letting it all go Letting it all go, letting it all go I ran away and went looking for you Back to cu
Why I Fired My Secretary
Why I Fired My Secretary I woke up early, feeling depressed because it was my birthday, and I thought, "I'm another year older," but decided to make the best of it. So I showered and shaved, knowing when I went down to breakfast my wife would greet me with a big kiss and say, "Happy birthday, dear." All smiles, I went in to breakfast, and there sat my wife, reading her newspaper, as usual. She didn't say one word. So I got myself a cup of coffee, made some toast and thought to myself, "Oh well, she forgot. The kids will be down in a few minutes, smiling and happy, and they will sing 'Happy Birthday' and have a nice gift for me." There I sat, enjoying my coffee, and I waited. Finally, the kids came running into the kitchen, yelling, "Give me a slice of toast! I'm late! Where is my coat? I'm going to miss the bus!" Feeling more depressed than ever, I left for the office. When I walked into the office, my secretary greeted me with a great big smile and a cheerful "Hap
Why Is It....
that i am not pretty? can anyone tell me is it my face? or is it just my weight? why is it that man that are old enough to be my father think i am pretty but the guys my age thinks i am ugly. i have a feeling i know why this is it is because the older men look at the inside the younger only look on what is on the outside. is that fair to me? i am a sweet person, a loving person, i would give the world to someone if i could. why are men so shollow? i just wish that i could find a nice guy that did not care what i look like on the outside. but no i cant oh well my life sucks so i might as well get over it and move on. i think that i am going to crawl back into my shell and never come out again and not talk to anyone any more that way i will never get hurt again. i will be in my own little world and no one can hurt me there. not that to many people would care anyway if i did that. oh well
Why I Had To Stop Playing
below is a video of when i played college hockey.I loved playing so much but after this injury i was told i could never skate again.This was a very traumatic injury that i still have to take pain medication for.
Why I'm Single
I'm often asked why I'm single. Honestly I do not know the answer to this. I get all the time that I am sexy, gorgeous, attractive or whatnot, yet all the men I do get interested in, only see me as a friend. Is it cuz I'm not a "bad girl" in public? Is it cuz I'm not the average blond hair, blue eyed girl? Is it cuz I have children? I'm not necessarily sure. It hurts to know that someone I may be interested in doesn't see me as anything more, but I'm content with a friendship and being there for them, hopefully when they need me. Most people do not realize that the thing they may be looking for is right in front of them and they bypass it cuz they are afraid of change and trying something new. I'll still be here tho...
Why Is It...
Why is it that guys say one thing and then does another? It really irritates the hell outta me. I am a person that says I will do this or that, and I do it...If I don't do something I say I will it is because I or someone else is dying, and that is the only reason I don't do something I say I will do....I really think guys get a kick out of the shit......Well I am not talking about EVERY guy..I mean there are good ones out there, but there are a hell of a lot of bad one also...I have had my share of bad lol and yea I have had my share of good......I have also had amazing, once........I am looking for that amazing again......Hmmmmmmmm I wonder if amazing is still around? Who knows, but I am gonna look for it lol......I am a person that puts the person I am with in the number 1 position in my life, so I expect it from the person I am with also...I don't think that is asking much..........Now before anyone gets thier feathers ruffled I am not talking about anyone in don't
Why I Have The Most Amazing Boyfriend Ever....
So, today Adam and I went to the mall. We got his mother some stuff for Mother's Day. And then he bought me the cutest purse ever!! And then took me out to an awesome lunch! And it was just an awesome freaking day!! And, it's only 230! lol SO, yeah.... Adam is so awesome.... ya know, every single year, since I have become a mother, Dennis has found some way to ruin my mother's day.... yelling at me, starting some fight, bitching at me, what have you.... And one year HIM AND HIS GOD FORSAKEN CUNT OF A MOTHER KIDNAPPED MY FUCKING DAUGHTER!!! So that year I didn't even get to see my baby for Mother's day... And yet, here I am... now, with a man who goes out of his way to do so many things for me, and is so sweet and loving and caring... WE have our moment we annoy one another, but as much as we're around each other, that's to be expected... There are these days I miss those "Family times" I had with Dennis and the girls... but then, I have days like this, and I realize, after
Why I Made My Cherry Page ... Its In Memory Of Toasty.
Why I Am Not In A Relationship
People always ask me why I am single all the time so I decided to create a blog and tell u. Now this is not to offend anyone at all, but most men are assholes. Yeah sure they are sweet as can be when u start off then they turn into everything that they said they wouldnt. Since I split up with my sons father I have dated 2 people. One of which was needy and jealous of the time that I spent with my son. The other, I dated for 3 months then finally slept with him then **POOF** gone. I refuse to put my heart on the line and get hurt again. My son will never see me go through that. I need to know that something is real before I put my heart into it. So I have gotten to the point that all I need in life at the moment is my son and my career. Other than that I am done with the relationship thing for a long long time
Why Is It
why is it...when you want something you cant ever find it but the instant you dont need or want it anymore there it is all around. Its like cats ask em in your lap and they dont want to be there but ignore them and you cant beat em off with a stick. Any thoughts I why this is? PLease if you do leave em as comments...THX Hope you continue to enjoy my random thoughts. :D
Why I Changed Some Things
Some people my notice I changed somethings on my page. Namely most of my pix only I can see and that all my NSFW pix are gone. Well somethings have changed in my life. I made some huge mistakes and lost someone very dear to me so I decided to take off what caused problems although it's too late. I will not be on much because of my situation. I apologize to anyone that this affects. Maybe one day I won't be the way I am and won't have these issues. Thank you for all the support and love. I will miss you all and one person in particular very very much. Goodbye for now my friends and the love I wasn't smart enough to keep.
Why It’s Important To Get A Good Night’s Sleep
“And after the uproar [in Ephesus over Christians ‘undercutting’ the sales of the goddess Diana in Ephesus from chapter nineteen] was ceased, Paul called unto him the disciples, and embraced them, and departed for to go into Macedonia.” Chapter twenty of Acts opens with Paul leaving the city that had been his base of operations for the last three years and proceeding to the very province of Macedonia where he’d received a vision to go some years earlier (in chapter sixteen) instead of Asia. We’re not told about what happened there save verse two’s “given them much exhortation” before Paul headed under the Holy Spirit’s direction to Greece and stayed for three months. Wherever in Greece (the geographic region conforming roughly to the modern-day nation) he was, it didn’t take as long for Jews opposed to this, by their standards, backslidden believer in Jesus as the Messiah who must be killed to purge the evil from among us, to prepare a trap for him as he was ready to sail into S
Why I Have The Most Amazing Friends, Ever
This was left on my profile, by my best friend... listen to it, read the lyrics... I cried.... broke down crying listening to this... it's unreal how lucky i am to have the friends i have... Chastine, you are a god-sent. I love you so much, You are one of the few people who have been there for me through thick and thin, and I love you for that!! Song lyrics | Rise Above This lyrics
Why I Don't Want To Be A Superhero
because getting hit by a car is painful. so... yesterday afternoon. walking out of target in visalia we realized we (me, sissy and her boys) were actually parked in the next lane over. so as we were helping the boys over the dividing flowers, the little one took off running. right out in front of a truck. by the time I reached him all I could do was wrap myself around him and get hit. Then there was some screaming some ambulances and a night in the ER going through x-rays and CT scans and blood work and all that stuff. Little One is ok. He has a hurt foot but nothing broken and I hear this morning he is up and playing the best he can. That kid is tough. I seemed to have lucked out as well. The doctor was sure I had a broken rib or two but apparently I am just very bruised and banged up. I hurt very very bad, and my whole body is in need of pain relief. I even managed to avoid a concussion but my head sure hurts like one. Thanks you for everyone who called to check on me. news
Why Is It So Hard To Understand?
I don't see why people can't grasp the concept of independent women? Don't get me wrong, its very thoughtful defending a lady's honor. Its refreshing to see chivalry still alive. Yet, its not every womens dream for a man to come to their rescue. Perhaps its from being a young single mother. I knew I had to be strong when I looked into those innocent little eyes for the first time. I brought this tiny life into the world, one that would be shaped by my every move. I just don't want or need to depend on a man. I am very well capable of standing up for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love being held and cuddled but I just don't need someone shutting me away trying to protect me from the world. I know its a cold harsh place.
Why I Have Beengone
Well as most of you know I have been sick on and off since last May. I have had pnemonia twice last year and bronchitis several times. Well I went to a new Dr. yesterday to get a fresh out look on all this. I was diagnosed with COPD. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a lung disease in which the lungs are damaged, making it hard to breathe. In COPD, the airways—the tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs—are partly obstructed, making it difficult to get air in and out. COPD develops slowly, and it may be many years before you notice symptoms like feeling short of breath. Most of the time, COPD is diagnosed in middle-aged or older people. COPD is a major cause of death and illness, and it is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States and throughout the world. There is no cure for COPD. The damage to your airways and lungs cannot be reversed, but there are things you can do to feel better and slow the damage. He basically told me if
Why I Write
Why I Write by LateNiteFantasy© From fitting words together to somehow make a link; I seek not fame nor fortune but rather to make others think about things differently. Though money would be nice for these words I write ~ without it I still scribe, sometimes through the night, about things differently. If for nothing else at all than to set the words free ~ to tell another tale about things differently.
Why I Eventually Gave Up On Heavy Drinking...
I had been out drinking PLENTY of times before. After all... I was 17, right? A co-worker/good friend and I left the drive-in theatre where we worked shortly after midnight, and headed to beautiful downtown Albany, Georgia for a li'l fun. Oh, yeah... we had a quart of vodka, too... didn't want to arrive at the clubs sober! My buddy assured me that he knew some bouncers who could get our ugly, under-aged asses in some places... I trusted him back then. We first stopped at a strip joint, but it seemed his "connection" wasn't on duty that night. Oh, well... didn't really want to see un-restrained, wildly-bouncing boobs, anyway (sure!). On to the next "sure thing"... same story at that place, too... hmmmmmmmmmmm. At least the vodka bottle was trust-worthy... and I was spending a lot of time with it at this point! All that running around in circles caused us to work up a bit of an appetite, so we went to the downtown Waffle House- hangout for the wired, weird, social and sexual des
Why Is Life So Cruel?
We try to live our life to the fullest regardless to what one other does. Whether we know how much it hurts one or the other one or not, we still make our stand looking at one another and yelling and say things that is hateful and mean to one another. Showing no letting up whether it makes one cry or even rips the heart out of the other. One is at fault and the other is feels like that the world is falling around them, not know what is going to happen from day to day. Just knowing what you u say come out of your mouth stabs like a dagger to a person heart and hurts like hell, makes it feeling u are killing me regardless to what you think; if you don’t know if it is hurting me or not. The dagger you use might as well of killed me because it feels like I have died.
Why Im Not Around..
Hello All.. I just want to inform everyone that my computer monitor has gone out.I am popping n and out occasionally as I am borrowing my parents lap top. I will be back to chat and play as soon as my monitor is fixed. If you know my cell you are welcome to call me to chat other wise I will chat with you all soon.. xoxo, April
Why It Costs So Much To Eat Out
why it cost so much to eat out some of the reasons i like most people out in the world work in some form of food industry.i work at a pizza place everybody has heard of that i will not mention the name but i hear alot of complaints that things are to expensive well this is some of the reasons and it dont just apply to my job. just so u know i am a assistant manager at my work and i know what i am saying is part of the reason food costs so much and keeps going up.first u have some people that want stricter food handeling rules thats fine but it costs money to train the staff to the naw rules and the required suppies for the rules and guss where that cost to us goes.second every time minmum wage goes up the bussines has to charge more for its product and u gussed it u pay for it.third gass prices up this high and still climing we have to pay more to get the product to make for u and the cost gets split between the customer and the bussines.forth pertains to the pizza trade when u call
Why I Rock
Some idiot was fucking with my best friend/sister in law... and this is what i sent him.... Well, to begin this, You don't know me. But, when Alisha calls me crying, I can and will step in. And this is me stepping in. How dare you talk to Alisha like that? You not only have no right, but you also have no room to talk. For one, You dear, are fucking ugly. I told Alisha that from day one. Two, you can not spell, nor can you complete an entire sentence with proper grammar. It's disgusting how uneducated you are. I have no idea if you graduated college, dropped out of high school, or blew your teachers to make it through school, but I do know you not only are an uneducated idiot, but you have some serious psychological issues. I mean, realistically, Alisha is really busy. She hardly has time for me, and I assure you I am far more important than you. And to go our of your way to say things you know will hurt her, only shows you have a low self-esteem and enjoy hurting other peo
Why Is It?
Why is it when you don't agree with someone or bring up their slutiness, you get called a "hater?" I just merely, pointing out the facts :)
Why Is It? Question For The Guys...
Why is it I get a shit load of compliments from men. Especially those local to me...and they make it seem that they want to meet to get to kno each other then when I step up to the plate and say well we should meet soon how about tomorrow or something to sho that I am willing to meet them, they are like...uh well I cant, uh well I am taken, uh well I dont have a car, uh well....uh well why are you hinting to me you want to meet to see what happens AND saying I am all these words like sexy, beautiful??? Your not honest about your status...especially when I talked to someone for an hour! They said damn wish I could meet you...ok...well then lets meet...uh I cant...well why cant you...uh i dont have a way and i am married. OMG! Then fuk off! I am sick of men who do that shit. OK yea I like the compliments thats fine....but dont use the phrase "we should meet" or anything close to it. Your leading me on. And its bullshit. Yep...I am venting lmao...but its true just tired of the
Why I've Been Mia!
1st off let me say this is a personal blog. Yes I need to talk and get my mind off this! Well about 2 years ago my older son's dad wanted more time with our son. So back to court we went. Now things got really crazy to the point the Ref wanted the child removed from my home. Why??? IDK but, I think it had to do with my real mother. Guess lying about my life and doing me wrong wasn't enough. Since I stopped contact and pushed her out of our lifes she goes n helps my son's dad. I know some may not believe me. But, trust me I could show u the court order and you'd look really stuck and dumb founded. The evaluation is WAY WORSE. But, I can not do this cause I was talking to the news media and trying to get help EVERYWHERE. Since it involves a child they won't touch it. So in the end I have NO choice but, to settle with our son going to live with his father. O the big kick is if his father n GF break up I'm good enough to raise him in my care again. Its really scarey my friend on here
Why I Hate Drunk Bitches
i hate drunk bitches that think the superwomen when they drnk. IM really not a viloent person BUT OMG I love to fight and where i come from if I can get a drop ILL GETA PINT! JUST because I love to fish hunt 4 wheel and talk about classic cars DONT MAKE ME A BUTCH LESBO!! but u cant tell these drunk bitches..AT fab 4 fam reunion and these STRANGERS NOT FAM taking shit i cant do nothing but walk it off and remebre they are drunk but that no excuse to be an ass matter fact makes it even worse when they try to humilate me infrount of My FAMILY like that and teh asshole tat brought them dont have the decenty or respect for me to keep his hos in line.. NOW i got the fam eeping me prisoner in the rv in order to keep da peace THAT ALL good they ill all be asleep and tht when IL get them HOS> IM cut they hair and nair that shit kojak bald see whos the butch lesbo then. IM missing out on all the fun cause of them and it not FAIR> and I liable to go ahead and MESSE My
Why Is
Why is the hardest path the simplest And the simplest path the hardest Why are people who are rich are poor And people who are poor are rich Why is there no where to hide in a world of darkness Why do we do the things we do Why do we chose the paths that we take Why do we not learn from our mistakes Why do we fall and never try to get up Why do we live but never live Why do we see but never see Why do we love but never get loved Why do we feel so alone in a world of so many people Why is no longer in a world of no more
Why Is Polyamory Considered Such A Bad Thing?
So I was blasted today by a small-minded idividual for not only having been in polyamorous relationships, but for allowing my husband to have girlfriends. Why does everyone assume that I am insecure and have no self-esteem? Why is it wrong if we are happy? Do I really need to explain this in full for all of those who just don't understand it?? I think first I need to define polyamory since there is already a misunderstanding in the answers. Polygamy is the practice of multiple marriages. In countries that don't recognize plural marriage, such as the U.S., polygamy is usually "spiritual" in nature and therefore each marriage may be recognized by a religious body, but not the State. The most common form of polygamy is polygyny, where one many is married to multiple women. Less common is polyandry where one woman is married to multiple men. Polygamy is not illegal since there is no State recognized marriages, which would be bigamy, and there is a difference between polyga
Why I Am Not Allowed Around Other People... Lol
sweetdee: i forgot to mark my mum nsfw and holy cow people start to jump u ->sweetdee: that is what it means sweetdee: if thats what it means im sorry ->sweetdee: SO are you done yelling at me.. after I was nice to you ->sweetdee: Yes beautiful woman sweetdee: u said i think it is a tranny ->sweetdee: Because I wanted him to know he was dating a beautiful woman sweetdee: why would u say u dateing that on the mum ->sweetdee: no.. that is not it sweetdee: some one saidit means transvestite ->sweetdee: Im serious a tranny is a very beautiful person.. sweetdee: what mea a ugly perso, never heard that ->sweetdee: a tranny is a very beautiful person sweetdee: what thefuck is a tranny ->sweetdee: huh sweetdee: u the on whohad t be rude on my b agessole cunt ->sweetdee: ok your point.. see here is the difference I am not fucking you so I do not care about you.. maybe you should learn that trick MORON sweetdee: your sweetdee: u have no room to talk i have to say not at all pre
Why Isn't One Pussy Good Enough?
I fucking can't stand man why is it that guys just cant stick to one pussy? it makes me really tonite I just found out my so called "best friend" slept with the guy I really liked around here...and I was really diggin him but oh well..guess Im not good enough..I mean hes not my man but more like fwb type thing..and I think she wanted to test the waters herself cuz I would tell her everything about what me and him have done..well she sure is up with these friends man..ugh fuck it..a man doesnt see a good woman even though shes right there in front of his face..oh well his fingers do just fine
Why, I Ask Myself
Why, I ask myself, do I remain so quiet when I'm so lonely? Is this who I thought I was 'ere I dreamt myself awake? 1-25-03
Why I Love The X...
I realised tonight how much I LOVE the X... why do I love the X... we're a bunch of friendly fuckers who take the piss out of each other but love each other in a strange way... Tonight I went to see my friend DJ at a lounge called The Basement... I call my friend my wittle wabbit for personal reasons and said I cannot wait for my wabbit... anyway... this kid was on sams (I saw him on cam too) and he looked about as old enough to have the intelligence to be able to thread a needle to knit himself his very own cock warmer anyway... said child went on the mic and was babbling a load of stuff and he mentioned the lounge name... the basement.... which came out as masterbasement... I asked him... was that the basement or masterbatement that you said... straight away I was booted and banned... How emo do you want to be? should I have given him a razor blade, paper and a crayon to write a poem about how much the world hates him in his own blood?? Should I have given h
Why Is It So Hard?
.... to get a cup of coffee made right? I went to DD this morning and ordered a Hazelnut coffee with cream & sugar. They got the cream & sugar but forgot the hazelnut!!! :(
Why I Been Gone
Well my dumbass sister took back that guy she said was abusing her n taking her money. sat round feeling sorry fer herself, then chose him over her family. after all that went on n the bad things she said bout him. but shesssssssssss in luv, n thats all that matters she says. so i'm tired of taking up fer someone stupid enough to take him back. i barely got any rest fer 2 days cause of how worrired i was bout it all. but now dont matter one damn bit to me. she made her bed now she has to lie in it. i was turned round so bad n pissed off, but after a good nites rest i see it all so clearly now. shes one of those people who like being a victim, pooor ole leah. n i'm sick of it. worriered too how its affecting mom n dad. but we all agreed to leave her alone n let things be. hope shes happy with herself. so like i promised my folks i anit going over there, n getting into no fight or shoot him. he ant worth it. i've got my temper in check now, n see how things really r. so i promise all
Why Is It Love Is Never Enough?
why is it you always love someone who doesnt love you back, why is it that they always seem to give other ppl second chance's at breaking their heart but they dont give you a chance to show them what real love could be like? why do ppl fall for ppl that they cant have , are we just proned at getting our hearts broken ? men says that the nice guys always finishs last well the same goes for the nice girl ... im still in love with my ex .. and i would do anything to let him go to move on.. to find someone that i can love and that loves me back .. as well as respect me and doesnt lie to me to get what he wants.. ive givin my heart away to many times to the same guy just to be let down.. i realize it is my own damn fault .. but im done , im over it! i really think im just done with men period .. one woman is never enough for a man .. he constently is always looking .. i know i sound bitter but if ppl knew half the shit i jave went through they would understand why!!!
Why I Like Butterflies
Why Is Love So Damn Painful
Why is love so damn painful Is it the feet trampling all over me Or is it the stiletto heels diggin in my heart Either way I can't figure it out, How can people fall in love with no emotional attachment Is it the money the other one has or is it they think they're in love As they do this they lose the one who truely loves them, Love is more then physical It's the emotional want, need & nerturing It's the unsaid bond that is created It's the ability to read & know your partner, I love you doesn't mean what it use to Now its just a line But the few true romantics out there really mean it So with all of this said "I Love You!"
Why Is It...?
I love tits and ass and general nakedness as much as the next person, but here's something I really don't get. Why is it that there are so many people (both men and women, and certainly not all, but it seems much more prevalent among women) that have no issues with posting the most provocative photos of themselves, then get all pissy if you rate it, comment on it, or even look at it...and heaven forbid if you dare to ask to see the ones that they're NOT showing to everyone. Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't make the mistake of asking to see some random woman's private photos only to be made to look foolish for asking. Quite the contrary, I generally have enough respect, both for others and myself, to get to know someone a little before taking that so-called next step. I'm also not a big supporter of the "she was asking for it..." defense either. But c'mon folks. If you DO post suggestive photos and someone DOES ask to see your private ones, is it really necessary to fly into a r
Why I Hate The Army!!
I am in the army national guard.. i am an iraqi combat veteran. i was happy to serve. those mother fuckers screw everything up though!! they messed up my pay for 3 months now, so i'm totally broke and borrowing money off of my dad. they messed up my school funding.. my FTA, my EAP, AND my GI BILL!! all three... totally screwed. and when i ask, over and over.. what's wrong with my stuff, i get the run around!! the guy in charge of my pay said he "doesn't know what's wrong" with my pay! i hate those stupid fools.. actual, working, fighting army people are cool, but any REMF, POG ass is a stupid, brainless retard that can't get a job in the real world. and they are sucking up your tax money- not doing anything! i will be so happy the day i get out! people think that "the troops" are getting "support," and the government is passing new bills "to support us".. screw that, they use us.. i don't see any actual help, when i need support. never have.
Why I Hate The Mumms.
I just had a friend's mumm deleted, and I'm sure they'll take her priveledges away, because she asked the fucktard Mummers to go to her pics, and pic the best tattoo that she's done, to submit to a magazine. That is the link to the tattoo she did on me, so if you want to see her work, click on that, then go look at the others. But the Fucktard Possee got it deleted, saying she's self promoting her shop. They've done this before. But I see tattoo artists all the time on here putting out their work. She's proud of her art, and she should be. I don't flag the people who post their sketchings, or their paintings. So she wanted people to go to her page. Big fucking deal! She didn't ask that you rate them all. Hell, she just asked for a comment on which tattoo people liked best. She sure as hell isn't going to level from that. This is why I quit going to Mumm's in the first place. The whiny ass babys who cry about everything, and get their clever remarks in, and
Why Is It We Do This To Ourselves
when is someone good enough... you give your life to someone ... your there for them no matter what .... you stood up for them against everyone ... you put up with all the hurtful things they say to you.... you deal with the pain when they tell you that your not good enough... you struggle when they say they don't care you locked yourself away inside and gave them forgiveness every time they raise there hand to you .... you made yourself believe them every time they said sorry i wont do it again even if you know it wasn't true threw all your pain and suffering you still stayed by there side and still forgave them .... what the hell gives them the right to tell you its all your fault and why do we believe it is even when we know better ... why even after they tell you they don't care and they don't love you and that u made them unhappy for so long ... does it still hurt ... why is it at
Why I Love My Friends. Lol.
I'm on the phone with Stina who's having a really bad day... The best thing she said is: "I swear I crucified Jesus Christ in my former life." hahahahahahah! i've never laughed so hard in my life!!!!!
Why I'm Not Happy For My B-day!
This is the reason why I am not happy with my b-day is because on the 13th of August my daughter of only 2 weeks died because her mother didn't want to take care of her and I was at work! I blame myself for not being there and making sure that everything was ok. I was at work but I still should have made sure that the child was ok! That is why my b-day is not a happy one this year! I'm hoping that someone can change my mind but so far that hasn't happened! Anyways there you go! If you would like you can always message me or send a comment!
Why Is Orgasim A 6 Letter Word?
Because its easier to spell then ohmygodyesohshitohmygodbabyyesgodpleaseohfuckyes. pass this to all the freaks you know
Why Is It.....?
Why is it when you are looking for a nice guy they never show up? I think of myself as a nice lady, but I am more than what you see on the screen. I always get asked about my chest or if I want to get off. WTF? Are there no nice guys around?
Why I Am Tired Of America. (don't Read If You Offend Easily)
I'm tired of all the b.s, materialism, famous people fascination and over done exposure, the tremendous lack of culture (as much as they try to make it seem otherwise), the hate, the borders with our neighboring countries, the no respect for its own history, land and government..but even the government itself.. democracy and its lie that it is better than any other form of government. I am tired of many of the people and their mentality that they are better than every other country on this earth, that we can make everything possible yet when it comes time to help many complain and say "why do we have to take care of them" yadda yadda. The image that America is so powerful and the hate that has been brought unto this country because of all of this. I can go on but to be honest, just the continuous thought of pessimism gives me a headache and a deep form of disgust that leaves an after taste of waste on my tongue. I try to live my life in a civilized and "i will treat you as you treat
Why I Love Him So
well u know that matt and i are together and well we had huge fight this morning about my fubar and well it was not good and well we had fight bout it ..well matt is the love of my life and well i wont have fubar much longer and well i love his kids and they will be my kids when i get hom in texas or oklahoma were ever we land ......i love u baby so much and u are the love of my life and i want to spend the rest of my life with u and our kids and i want u to be the dad to my kids and the love of my life and my love and my best friend i just want my life with u and our kids ..... matthew blake i love you with everybeat of my heart and i want to marry u as soon as we can ..u are my sun when i wake up and my moon when i go to bed ..u r what get me up in the mornin and when i go to bed i love u so much
Why I Will Be Away
hey everyone, Andre` here just letting you know that from the time i hit post and exit out of this page until october first i will be away. i assure you that even if it says i am on i am not i stay permenantly logged in. i will be taking my state exam for the police acadamy on the 24th so i will be studying until then and therfore will not have time to be online. plz show me some love and support. i will see you all in october. and for those of you who support me and love on me while i am gone i thank you and it will be returned when i get back. until then this is your friend Andre` bidding you farewell.
Why I Don't Cyber
Because EVERY MAN (none are different as I learned last night) will cyber but when you say no to giving them your phone number they delete you from their yahoo and want nothing to do with you...At least I was good for something right *ROFLMAO*
Why Is It?
Why is it? People will have kids and then not want to take care of them. Why is it? People go to the movies and talk loud durring the whole movie. Why is it? People can ge the most greedy of all other creatures on the planet. Why is it? We teach our kids to share but we will not. ( Sugar, flour, milk ect ect) Why is it? People Drink and get drunk and then want to blame everyone eles for them being drunk. You know I could do this all day long, But I won't I will stop for now. Hope your not the people I have talked about and if you are. :P~`~ That is all I have for you then. Have fun be safe and be well AND PLAY NICE DAMIT!! LOL
The Why I Feel Like I Do
if feel like the way i do is because my father has throat cancer...but will be fine...i wonder y nobody wants to talk 2 me it pisses me off when i talk 2 someone then they stop talkin 2 me i just wish ppl would let me know if i did something wrong or they just dont want to fuckin talk 2 me so i say fuck em all and if i piss u off ohhh fuckin well i can be a nice guy or a real fuckin asshole...if u get to know me u might really like me
Why I'm Trippin
The boys dad leaves for boot camp this week. He is off is antidepressants and trying to cope which means he is babbling endlesslys about everything, we are not together as a couple but we have known each other pretty much our whole lives and since we share parental responsibilities he tends to once in a while still lean on me for moral support, Bless HIS heart, however I am dealing with two houses that i have to condense into one little one, taking the boys fulltime which is a joy but I know alot of extra time and work which is ok but a lil scary when your used to having dad just around the corner if u need him in a pinch. my job which has been alot busier than usual and this is kinda my first real day off from having to do any work in a couple of weeks, the aftermath of kicking the BF to the curb which has left me so shell shocked I will probably become a hermit with my kids for an indefinite period. Blah blah blah,.... Like I said Im just trippin, some days are like that. I know
Why I Block
The irony of this blog is that the people who will get the most out of it will never be able to read it -- because they're blocked. Just like everyone else on this site, I am bound by paragraph 7 in the Terms of Service. A link to that can be found at the bottom of (literally) every page that loads in Fubar. Instead of providing a link to it from here, I am going to quote that paragraph: Member Disputes. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Members., Inc. reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other Members. This applies to everyone. This paragraph is what keeps me from playing referee whenever two of you decide to get into some petty squabble. This is why bouncers seemingly won't do anything about a "stalker" except tell you how to use your privacy settings. This is also the golden key that allows bouncers to block you when you are being a tool. No, you cannot block bouncers. However, if we
Why Is It That People Always Want What They Dont Have?
Why is it people always want what they don't have? When they do have it then they don't want it or it isn't good enough for them. I am sick of people thinking that others need to conform to fit their expectations. Either accept people as they are or find a way to deal with themselves... Stop trying to change everyone else we are great just the way we are. if you dont like it then dont talk to me i am done dealing with ignorance
Why? (i'm Alive)
My only redemption My only salvation The one thing I treasure most You cannot take it away I'm no slave to your whims You cannot take this from me You've labled me insane Branded me a fool For this I shall make the greatest sacrifice Always an outcast Unloved by those I chose Why am I even trying? You'll never know what I truly am I am the shadow I fly away with the light No matter how hard you try I will return Now and forevermore I'm alive despite all you do You will never break me...
Why Is It?
Why is it some days i have come to hat life so easily as the days i love to be in it? How is it possible to go from laughin and cutting up and having fun to holding back the tears and fighting back a loneliness and depression that threatens to consume your whole being? Is this how life was meant to be? A contant roller coster of emotions and battles and memories to keep? What is it about the need to be truely close to comeone? To have that connection you know most people will never come close to having with another person. In truth we all know that we dont actually need someone to be that close but we want it. Even when we lie to ourselves that we dont. Its human nature. What is it that makes us doubt ourselves so much? Even in the simplest things sometimes. I ask these questions to myself often as im sure so many of us do. I use to be so sure of myself. So straight forward in my beliefs, so strong. I wonder if allowing myself these questinos often has helped in my down
Why Is It All So Confusing?
So, why do we, as people, deliberately do things we know is going to hurt ourselves and others? And why do we prolong the pain? Shouldn't we know it is best to avoid such things, or to at least stop them as soon as we realize its happening? or are we just prone to self destruction? We all know the old saying, "misery loves company," but shouldn't happiness love company too? I know, I for one, would LOVE to find love and happiness, and would just as much, Love and be happy to share that. Yet even I have a tendency to do exactly the opposite of what I know is the better path. Leaving myself alone, lonely and tired... I wish I could say I have given it all I've got, but you all know I am not really a "liar." I might omit things once in a while, which goes along with the deliberate task of self destruction. I know the things I SHOULD! do...But I rarely put forth the effort, it's like I lack any drive or stimulus. I try to say, "Oh, I would do all that, if I was happy and had love" an
Why I Am Single Still
i am sill single bacause i cant trust men, no offense to all you so called "good guys" out there but i will give you all just a little taste of the hell that i went through not that long ago i was too be married this Aug to the love of my life on his two weeks leave and yes ppl he is in iraq and i was faitful to him the whole time....well less then two months b4 the weeding he tells me he never loved me but the thing is he lead me on seeing how the day b4 he experssed his "undying love" to me and then a week later i find out that he has a new gf...i thought that was a bit fucked up but oh well what can i do huh deep in my heart i will always love him but i dont want to be with him ever again for the pain that he caused me.. so here i am at the presant time afried to love and to trust...i know that one day i will be able to trust but as of right now i cant...i am in the procees of forgiving him for the pain he caused me and i know that even when i do forgive him i will still be
Why Im Votin Fer John Mccain
hell, i tell you what - i like that John McCain fella, that som bitch is a tru american hero. You know i betcha if John McCain smoked.. he'd smoke Marlboro's or maybe Winstons... somethin American.. now what would that Barack guy smoke, Newports or sometin like that? Probably while he listens to that rap music. John McCain knows whats important... not education.. not the economy - guns! I mean.. i didnt need no education, whys America need it? Who needs an education when you got a rifle. Anyone who thinks he's some smart guy, ya just shoot the bastard... not so smart now are ya? Hell YA!, John McCain is a red-blooded American.. thats why he picked that hot ass V.P. - i mean.. if I were pickin myself a runnin mate, i sure as shit know id rather that Palin chick over that Joe Bidden guy. That Sarah Palin chick is welcome to come on over to my trailer anytime, we'll drink some budweiser..maybe watch some dukes of hazard reruns then maybe later ill show her my rifle.. if ya know what
Why? I Don't Get It
I've noticed a lot of the women in here have a pic flipping the finger what is up with that? I know the V thing..I watch female football and most are gay or bi..which dont bother me in the least but the finger stuff I dont get let me know thanks
Why I Blocked My 'owner" Lostangel
> > > > > My Shoutbox > > > > > > > > > > ->Lostangel-...: I AM GOING THRU ALOT. REPSECT THAT OR I'LL DISCONTINUE THIS OWNERSHIP SHIT > > > > > Lostangel-...: so what ur deal > > > > > Lostangel-...: we just got back togher > > > > > ->Lostangel-...: IVE BEEN SICK AND MY FRIEND WAS FUCKIN DYING!!!!!! QUIT BEING SO DAMN PISHY. YOU'RE NOT GETTING A UDIE PIX CUZ YOU HAVE A G/F THAT U LIED AND SAID U BROKE UP WITH. BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!! > > > > > Lostangel-...: u never let my know > > > > > Lostangel-...: k sry > > > > > ->Lostangel-...: JESUS!!! I HAVE BEEN THRU ALOT!!!!!!! I JUST HAD MY 1ST INFUSION TODAY AND NOT FEELING WELL. YOU ARE NOT GONNA GET VERY FAR PUSHING ME. I SAID YOU'D GET AND YOU WILL. OKAY!!! GOD. MY FRIEND ALMOST DIED AND IM SICK, TOO. SO BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > > > > > Lostangel-...: it friday where my pic HE KEEPS ON INSISTING ON A NUDIE AND I SAID "NO"!!!!! PROVCATIVE DOESNT MEAN NAKED!!!!! AND HE'S ALWAYS HARRSING ME ABOUT WHY AI
Why Is Everything Falling Apart?
this is my question in general right now. basically it took approx. 2 days for everything in my life to fall apart at the same time. it's rather sad really, yet somehow i'm able to smile and carry on anyway. so basically how this started is: wednesday night of last week my mom and her boyfriend came to pick me up from school as usual. and as always he was rambling on and on about things he's already told me and things NOBODY cares about (not even him i don't think)and i just got so sick of it that i snapped. i told him to shut his fucking mouth and stop being so goddamn arrogant for once and listen to what other people in the vehicle had to say. and this started some kind of avalanche type senario apparently because the rest of the night consisted of nothing but constant arguing. then my mother proceeds to tell me that if my attitude doesn't improve that i'm out of her house. i'm like fucking great my mother hates me now. fine. so i called my sister. as i was packing things my mo
Why In Comparison To This, Today's Hip Hop Sucks...this Is Rap Music!
Why It Is So Cool To Be A Woman
We can get rid of leg hair without pretending that we do a lot of cycling/swimming or any other sport that would require aerodynamic legs. We absently hum tunes from musicals without anyone being suspect of our sexuality. When we buy a vibrator it is glamorous. When men buy a blow up doll it's pathetic. Should we wake up looking like something the cat dragged in, we can fix it with cosmetics. We can have partners that are years younger than us without being called dirty old perverts. We can scare male bosses with mysterious gynecological disorder excuses. Systems support men always return our calls, and are nice to us when we blow up our computers. We know that Tetris is the computer game to end all games. We got off the Titanic first. Our boyfriend's clothes make us look elfin and gorgeous. They look like complete dorks in our clothes. We have total control over our eyebrows. We can be groupies. Male groupies are stalkers. It's cool to b
Why Is It?
People on here like any other site amuse me why is it they say they are leaving BUT put i'll be back? why go in the first place? Have you ever wondered? is it a seeking attention caper or just an insecure thing wanting pitty? For the life of me i cant work it out. i can understand some ppls reasonings but ive seen it on one persons profile more than once now so it seems to be a regular thing for them.Maybe its a ploy to have a feel sorry for me moment who
Why It's Important To Remember The Laws Of Physics
Why Is Obama Hiding His Birth Certificate?
What's Obama hiding from us? Posted: October 17, 2008 1:00 am Eastern © 2008 I read in yesterday's edition of WorldNetDaily that a second lawsuit has been filed demanding Barack Obama produce evidence that he is a natural-born U.S. citizen in the form of certified copies of birth documents. When I first heard that the birth certificate Obama had posted on his website was suspected of being a forgery, I didn't give it much credence. I mean, who in their right mind would try and pull off something like running for president of the United States on forged documents? It's ridiculous. Surely he didn't live all his life in this country without ever having to produce birth records! I mean, it's ridiculous. Everybody has a birth certificate. Even me (although my original is too heavy to carry, being chiseled into a rock slab). A birth certificate is the easiest and quickest (although not the only) form of identification to establish citizenship in order to get a passport.
Why I Wont Vote For Obama
Senator Barack Obama is a Democrat currently serving Illinois and has served in the Senate from 2005-Present. He has shown that he is a smooth operator to say the least. And I believe, that, some credit has to go to the company he has been with, over the years. What has he learned from his associations? And, how much of what he has learned, is he employing, into his campaign? 1. Obama started out early in his campaign attacking big business. Apparently Obama does not know that Big Businesses does not pay taxes. They simply raise their prices. And who is it that get the short end of the stick? That's right! The same ones Obama is claiming, he wants to help. If you have a good job, now with all of the works; that is, health insurance, dental care, disability insurance, life insurance and pension you are doing well. But not for long. Not under the Obama Plan to attack Big Business so he can pay for all of his social programs. If you are working for a company like the one I described
Why I'm A Beleaver In The Swinger Lifestyle
This is my first blog not even sure if this is what a blog is.But just want to share my thoughts.I was smokin a blunt one day of some bomb kush and watching the nature channel the were talking about animals that mate for I'm sitting there stoned out of my mind and i wondered if the male animal of the spiecies that mate for life well i wonder if he tell his bytch that he's going to get some food and then goes out and fucks another bytch?ok if he doesn't thats cool he was made to truely be monogamos.So if thats the case when us as human cheat does this prove that we are not truely ment to be monogamous?Thats why i truely bleave if you find the perfect partner that the swinger lifestyle is perfect, because in my eyes sex and love are to different things.Yes of coarse you love ur girl or wife but the act of sex is physical.i could seperate loving someone and watchin them gettting thier brains fucked out .why not if you truely love someone wouldn't you want them to be happy and lif
Why I Can't Vote For Obama!!!
I do hope each of you take time to read this article. This is truly a Christian's response to Why I Can't Vote for Obama. Some good points each of us could use as we consider our next president. This article is from Huntley Brown - he is a fabulous concert pianist, man of God and is a black man. I appreciate so much his reasoning for not voting for Obama. I would like to see this article published or spread out via Email to as many as possible. It's good stuff! Why I Can't Vote For Obama By Huntley Brown Dear Friends, A few months ago I was asked for my perspective on Obama, I sent out an email with a few points. With the election just around the corner I decided to complete my perspective. Those of you on my e-list have seen some of this before but it's worth repeating... First I must say whoever wins the election will have my prayer
Why I Have No Salute
Since I have been asked a few times I feel I should post the answer here..its a lot easier my pics are about 2 years old..I don't have any newer ones since then.. the reason being I had a very bad experience with a stalker. One that ended up with her (yes it was an older lady) in jail and me..well I ended up trapped in my car in a ditch after she ran me off the road. Needless to say this left me in not the greatest condition.. going to spare everyone all of the details but I'm in a wheel chair now and have other things wrong with me. I am uncomfortable with how I look right now.. I haven't had my picture taken for anything but the stalker's trial since the accident. I know everyone will say its ok and all that but the bottom line is I'm still not okw ith it all. I'm going to therapy and dealing with it the best way I can. Until I'm ok with it all no "new" pics of me will be put up if that upsets anyone then oh well that's how it everyone else who does understand, t
Why I Love The Internet (and Why I Hate It)
I love the Internet because it shows how truly creative the world is. For the longest time (pretty much forever) all we could see of the world (as far as reading goes) was what other people wanted us to see. We now live in the world where we have many diverse opinions. Blogs, forums, and digital cameras! I love that. I hate the Internet because and flaming and e-thugging. Feel like a big person because you said PWND STFU? Oh puleaze. I love the Internet because there is an endless supply of things that amuse me. LOL cats and de Motivational posters top my list. I hate the Internet because it can destroy your life. You act stupid, get drunk and loosy goosy, them BAM! Your naked ass is seen from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. I have read stories about people losing the job of a lifetime just because they had some stupid crap on their social networking page. Watch what you do and what you post. I love the Internet because it is easy to make new friends, find future spouses, find old
Why I'm Here
WHY I'M HERE I'm here so you don't have to be I'm here cause you don't wanna be I'm here because I wanna be, I asked to I'm here to do my part, for these people, this country, for my brothers and sisters I'm here so hopefully your kids and mine won't ever have to see or be involved with war I'm here so you can see their 1st steps, hear their 1st words, be there for that ballgame and 1st day of school, that b-day, Christmas etc. I'm here to serve my country and defend its freedoms and liberties I'm here so you can protest and be disrespectful I'm here for those who have come before me, paid the ultimate sacrifice and for those who are to come I'm here for those who can't I'm here cause I feel an obligation deep inside me that if I am able to serve I should and will til I can't I'm here for the families who have lost loved ones in wars and conflicts I'm here for those 18 and 19 year old early 20's men and women you consider kids who are far from home protecting you willingl
Why I Wont Vote For Obama
Sen. Obama seems like a nice enough person, but so many things just don't add up to his making a good President of the United States. Here are a few reasons I cannot support him and maybe you will feel the same way(?). 1. It is mathematically impossible for 95% of Americans to receive the tax break that Sen. Obama keeps touting. Currently, 95% of Americans do not pay federal income taxes. Only 62% of Americans pay federal income taxes. So, if 95% of Americans are to receive some sort of “tax break,” that actually means upwards of 35% of Americans will receive a hand out, not an actual tax break. And, who will foot that “bill?” Americans that actually have to pay taxes—like you and me. 2. Sen. Obama’s tax increases are only supposed to affect the rich, which he has referred to as those making over $250,000 a year. Those of you making $250,000 annually, ask yourselves if you feel rich. Even if you don’t feel rich you may be considered rich because this number keeps coming down. Sen
Why Is It??
Why is it that some people who find love, handle it with such carelessness? Some people search for love all their lives. When it is found, why put it down and forget about it, only to realize how much it meant when it is gone? When you find love, hold on to it, celebrate its feelings, drown in them every day, be consumed by them...
Why I Voted And Many Of You Should've Voted For Nader In The Past, Present, Or Future
Why Is It.....
we spend so much time trying to find love. Why is it falling in love is so easy to do yet holding on is so hard. Why is it when love ends it's always one sided. The one who ends it moves on so quick, as if you meant nothing. While the heartbroken wish not to ever know pain like love again. Why didn't I try harder to understand. Why did we hurt each other so. Why can't we be that again. I know we wont I know we can't. Still holding on to all these feelings for you. Not knowing how to just let them go. Tried dating nothing works. They're simply not you. Can't seem to get that complete feeling, that feeling of utter happiness I had with you. No one compares to you. I know I need to move on forget the past. It's just so hard to only be friends with you. I write this not for you or for people to understand why it is I'm having a hard time finding someone. I write it for me, I write it in hope of finding closer to something I never wanted to loose. I love you
Why I Stuck With It......
I know it has been a few years since me and Jon broke up. Well I have been thinking a lot about what I went through. Especially the last 6 or so months of the marriage. I knew a lot of the time when he would go out and cheat on me. Part of me did so well to block it out that I would second guess myself and completely throw the thought out of my mind. That happened for a while. I played the "happy housewife" for a long time. The one thing that gave away that he was cheating was that he would come home and immediately make love to me. That happened every time. I kept all negative emotions out of it and I just let him do what he wanted because there was that thought in the back of my mind that said "Maybe one of the times that he comes home and makes love to you he will snap out of his little funk and stay with you and not hurt you anymore". I am the type of person that will stick with something that I believe in and keep believing even when evidence is stacked against the whole situation
Why Is It
why is it tht when you have a bad day nothing seems to go right and nothing happens to brighten that day up
Why ? I Gotta Know Why ?
Enrique Iglesias - Away
Why I Can Not Get Any Help
you know it is really bad on here again i have been a member on fubar for some time now and i have just under 700 friends and over 800 fans am i have been trying to level now for some time why can't i get any help i am about to say fu to fubar it seems like everytime someone some one eles needs help they send me the link now i need it and no one is around wow some friends i have. i belong to some fun lounges that they say we consider you as family but when you are family they are suppose to help and i get none wow some family. is it that i am not giving anything away is that why i can not get any help ? i wll return all ratings that you do. thank you all who did help the little that you did .
Why I Think This.
I'm In My Very First Auction Ever. I See All These People Go And Check My Auction Pic Out But None Of Them Make A Bid. What Is It About Me That Nobody Wants To Bid On Me. This Auction I'm In Isn't Called "The Sexiest People In Auction Contest". IT'S NOT A DATING CONTEST, NOR IS IT A "AUCTION, BID, OWN, SLEEP WITH THE OWNER CONTEST. I Mean Heck I Know I'm Not Hot Like A Super Model Nor Do I Have The Body Of A Porn Star But I Have One Of The Biggest Hearts ever And I'm A Very Good Friend.
Why I Forward Jokes
A man and his dog were walking along a road. The man was enjoying the scenery, when it suddenly occurred to him that he was dead. He remembered dying, and that the dog walking beside him had been dead for years. He wondered where the road was leading them. After a while, they came to a high, white stone wall along one side of the road. It looked like fine marble. At the top of a long hill, it was broken by a tall arch that glowed in the sunlight. When he was standing before it he saw a magnificent gate in the arch that looked like mother-of-pearl, and the street that led to the gate looked like pure gold. He and the dog walked toward the gate, and as he got closer, he saw a man at a desk to one side. When he was close enough, he called out, 'Excuse me, where are we? 'This is Heaven, sir,' the man answered. 'Wow! Would you happen to have some water?' the man asked. 'Of course, sir. Come right in, and I'll have some ice water brought right up.' The man gestured, and the gate
Why I Haven't Been Around!
Hey ya'll it's been a long gosh dang time! I met a great man that I moved in with in January and we've been doing great. Well, here's the bad new's in Aug I started having some crazy symptoms. I went to a doctor that diagnosed me with a UTI and put me on antibiotics. By Oct 30th things went bad and I ended up in the ER in Elko, NV. They gave me a cat scan and diagnosed me with a Tumor in my vaginal area and sent me to a oncologist in Utah. There I found out by biopsy I have squamous (sp) carcinoma cancer and need surgery/radiation/chemo. I have an appt in Idaho on Dec 3rd to go forward with the above treatment. I don't mean to put you all off, but of course my health comes first and foremost. All I ask for is prayers and love at this point. Thank you all for your love and friendship! Please add my bf my #1 guy on my friends list as he's my rock and needs more inspiration than I do...He's my strength and with your help I will get better .... Much love to you all, Jackie
Why I'm Pissed About Work
> two aides got sent home from work right before last round...which means there was only 4 aides to cover the whole building well I was on 300 and i went to help the only aide left on 100 hall which is normally a 3 aide hall do her last round, every patient on that hall was shitty and wet, they hadn't done anything the whole night, by the time we got done with her last round it was 15 till ten, my hall hadn't been touched in forever, the other two aides were just standing there knowing there was still patients to be checked and cleaned and they were just fucking standing there i had to end up doing my hall by myself, and they just walked out at 10
Why I Am Better Than Others In All Aspects
syke...not really...sometimes What makes me appreciate myself? Those who know me well know that I am not vain. Actually, I don't even like the way I look, not a bit. This is NOT a pity party, or an invitation for anyone to tell me how hot I am. So dont even think about it. Compliments really don't mean much to someone who doesnt see the reason for a compliment. So plz don't bother, it really wouldnt stroke my ego, and wouldn't do anything for you. I do however enjoy myself for...not being someone dumb. When I see someone stupid, I instantly think how awful it would have been to be like that. To have a tiny little walnut shaped imitation of a brain; to have my little faux world filled with silly worries; to depend on opinions of others more than on my own opinion. ALtho mostly those people don't realize that they are dumb, but still...I would hate not to be me.
Why Is It
cars run out of gas..... relationships run out of love.... hearts get broken.... eyes have tears fall..... time will hurt.... love will pass.... hearts will mend.... lies will always be told.... promises will always get broken.... why is it everytime something good starts something bad comes with it???? why is it everyone is saying they love me when they really mean they hate me???? why is it that i'm blind to the truth?????
Why Is It So Hard??
Please tell me why love is so hard, when its should be something that come so simple, I just want someone to spend my life with, to share my days with, I don't want pain and heartache which it seems that is all I have got in my life and I am tired of it.. I want to love a man for who he is, not what he has, or has to offer me, Just giving him my whole heart and love him unconditionally. I want him to be the one I wake to in the mornings make some sweet love, before getting ready for work. Have some coffee or Coco with before we are both off to work,And be the one I cant stopping thinking about all day. And when we come home as I am making dinner we are sharing the events of the day the good and the bad, He comes up behind me and kisses my neck while Iam cooking, We have dinner together then enjoy a nice shower together and we sit and relax to a movie,Or take a walk together under the stars on a clear evening. And as it nears bedtime we share our souls once more, An
Why I Hate The Holidays
Ok so for all who are wondering why I dont like the holidays....Here is why...I had one of my son's pass away Jan. 6th of pretty much right after this time of year is really rough for me......So bear with me and my bitchiness please.....
Why Is The Question? What Is Your Answer?
1.Why are we afraid of one another? 2.Why do we fight with those that can help us? 3.How much does it cost to forgive? 4.What can heal the union between the sexes? 5.Is there really a way to make those millions legally. 6.Can we become the individuals we trully want to be? 7.Is it fact or fiction that religion is the answer? 8.Is God alive? 9.Can the Rich become Poor? 10.Which is more important money or happiness? My Personal Questions!!!!! 1.Why am I not popular? 2.Why is Fubar ignoring my questions? 3.Is there a way to become the most influential promoter? 4.Am I a Fubar addict? 5.Am I a point whore? 4.Is there a future for me in fubar? 5.Can I make a living from Fubar seriously?
Why I Decided To Come Back
I left in August 2007 due to drama and bullshit. I met one guy offline from this site who, to this day became one of my closest friends. The other guy I met, is a total douchebag who played me and told me lies. I was sick and tired of the point whores and the stalkers. So I canceled my VIP and left. The reason I came back is because... despite all the BS and the point whores looking for online popularity, it was a pretty decent site. Back then I wanted to be liked and to be one of those people who was popular online like everyone else. Now, I don't give a shit about online popularity I'm just here to make friends. I signed back up today and already had to decline a few friend requests because they wanted to add me to their 7 billion friends and they probably would never talk to me. I'm back on fubar, but my attitude towards this site has changed dramatically. Also, I'm steering clear of the MuMM section, that was my downfall last time.. I'll read them but I wont reply or post
Why Is There More Bad News Then Good?
Good Morning, I have said this before, but it still drives me nuts. What makes news and what doesn’t? I will give you a test which of these stories made headline front page news on MSN home page. 1 Woman convicted of smuggling monkey into U.S. 2 Mexico gang killings more than double 3 'Keyboard for Blondes' includes 'Oops!' key 4 Murder cases on the rise 5 Romance & credit scores 6 Latest Medical Breakthroughs for 2008 1 & 2 ?? 3 & 4 ?? 5 & 6 ?? All of the above ?? All But One ?? Give up…? I will tell you shortly, however let’s look at the first one. Why on earth would anyone want a Monkey? How about number two…Doesn’t anyone want to know about another countries gangs I would think not unless they can’t get into a gang in this country…Oh I know MSN is world wide and not just in the U S…However gangland killings on the front page…what is this Chicago in the Moonshine legacy… Ok looking at three, aren’t there enough Blonde jokes already? I mean Blondes need to s
Why I Love You!!!
WHY I LOVE YOU!!! The day I first saw you was the day that my fate was set.Little did I know I had found my soul. Pain was constant till that day lies and broken promises these were the things I had known. You confessed to me the pain in your heart felt for so long; Pains so a like in so many ways. No promises did you make no lies did you tell all you did was care enough to be a friend. Then like a bomb falling from the skies you reached in and held my soul. The warmth that engulf me was like nothing else ever had I felt. You did not say I love you right away, not speaking it to soon. Waiting til the day it flowed out like water spilling over a water fall; flowing like a breeze through the willows. My knight you have brought me things I never thought I would get you have loved me without expecting anything. THAT'S WHY I LOVE YOU!!!!
Why I Wear A Poppy
A child saw my poppy once, she asked me what its for, Red's my favorite color sir, the only one that I adore, It's through my room you see, even the blanket on my bed, So I looked deep into her eyes, then this is what I said, I wear a Poppy for the soldiers, who died in every war, To honor their courage given, so democracy would restore, For the world over to live free, sleeping safe at night, By laying down their lives, if it meant we won the fight, The poppy stands for fallen soldiers, those living and below, Who rest in peace in many graves, where these poppies grow, We wear a poppy to remember them, so the memory will remain, Of every soldier who fought, so we never see world war again, We wear a poppy to honor those, who have given up their life, To protect all that we love, and save this world from strife, By banding together with all, their comrades from everywhere, So we would have a world today, that we all could share, I wear this poppy to honor, e
Why Is It That....
when you think you know someone, it turns out you have no clue who they really are? i dont get why people are so fake. i hate fake ass people. dont you agree?
Why Is It So Bad To Want To Give Oral Sex...
Kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling can feel good anywhere on the genitals of both men and women. The pressure (light, firm, and in between), speed (fast, slow, or changing), and the type of motion used can be varied endlessly to produce different sensations. In both practices, the warm, moist feeling of the mouth and the tongue on the genitals can be very erotic. Some enjoy a teasing, stop-start approach, while others prefer a more steady type of stimulation. So my question is why is ti so bad, when I want to give oral? Women don't want it or what?
Why If Any Should Life Be So Difficult Mean Is Easy And It Comes Natural To Me...
When sex sells in today's society why should life be difficult I see the world as a big mixing bowl and i hate everybody equally unless you piss me off then i will just rip your head off and piss down your throught that is life and i live this crazy mixed up world, love it or leave it i always say..... if your in the military you really know what i mean...
Why Is It That Only Whites Can Be Racist?
[IF you get offended I'm sorry but i thought this was soo true.] Proud To Be White Someone Finally Said It.... But How Many Are Actually Paying Attention To This? There are Afrifan Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, ....And then there are just Americans. You Pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You call me "White Boy" "Cracker" "Honkey" "Whitey" "Caveman" ...And that's OK. But when i call you "Nigger" "Kike" "Towelhead" "Sand-Nigger" "Camel Jockey" "Beaner" "Gook" or "Chink" ...You call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the gettos the most dangerous place to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Hispanic History Month. You hve Martin Luther King Day. You have Asian History Month. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi. You have Yom Hashoah. You have Kawanza. You h
Why I Don't Add 40+ Y/o Men
So I get asked quite often why I don't add men that are over 40. I have two reasons why. So since I'm bored at work I'll share my two reasons. 1. In high school you have the horny teenage boys being perverts. On fubar I've come to realize its the men over 40 that are the horny perverts. Most of the over 40 men that leave me comments, friend requests, messages all say something perverted. Where as the under 40 do not. Maybe some day I'll post some proof of this. 2. Its one thing to say perverted things towards me when your in my age range. But when your in my mothers age range and beyond. Its gross. I don't want to hear about what some guy that's old enough to be my parent wants to do to me. Your not turning me on..your just making my stomach turn. Go fuck your friends daughter and see how much he likes the fact that you fucked his kid. Keep in mind that the ONLY ways I'll add you as a friend if your over 40 is because a) A friend of mine told you to send me an add and you sta
Why I Didn't R/f/a You!
I have had this on my profile, but nobody obviously reads that, so I thought I would try this as well. Ok so here it is... I don't RATE/FAN/ADD if you are smoking, showing use or promoting illegal drugs, throwing up gang signs or anything gang related, flipping off the camera, have multiple people in the photos, have children in your photos & most of all if you don't have a photo of YOURSELF. You have seen mine, please have the same consideration for me. If you are old enough to be my grandfather, I am not here for your perving pleasure, please move on.   I don't need to explain my reasons for this, nor defend myself, just accept it & please move on. No reason to get pissed & leave me ridiculous, childish shouts & messages. You will at that point only be blocked & added to a "special" folder. If I happen to miss your RATE/FAN/ADD to me, it was clearly an oversight not intended to ignore you or piss you off. There are just days that are simply too much to keep up with & others it is
Why I Am Not Talking To Friends
i am so very stressed out something i do not need everyone seems to be causing me stress there are a few that are not but the rest seem to even if they do not know they are i have stopped texting a lot of people due to the stress levels i am having i wouldn't be so worried about the stress if i was not with child..but i am but i am worried about the child's health so i am just staying away from people... i love my friends and family but the stress i am receiving from them is just causing me a lot of pains that i should not be having this early in the pregnancy i am sorry to those that i ignore...but till my stress is down i just can't talk till i am for sure that i will not have as much stress as i have been having i am not here i have not been online a lot due to the stress stress is not good for me or this unborn child right now so if i do not respond to you don't be mad just understand that i have had a lot to deal with and i am trying to bring my stress level dow
Why Is It??
Why is it so hard to keep a promise?? I won't say any names or what the promise was that was broken, but I will say it hurts for that promise to be broken!!!! I think that if a person promises not to do something ever again then that person should stay to his/her word. This person knows how it makes me feel when this is done but yet continues to do this act. Am I over reacting? NO, I don't think I am. Am I being childish, NO I am not. Not only is the act still being done but the act of lieing too. I am at the end of my rope with this and don't know what to do, I am sick of it. I guess I can do the same act but what for? That doesn't make it right, you know the saying, "Two wrongs don't make a right"! I really don't have anyone that I can go to with this and talk about it so that is why I am venting here. Thanks for lending your ears to who ever reads this.
Why Is Love So Cruel
I sit here with a pain in my heart wondering why is love so cruel, you spend your whole life searching for true love and find nothing but heartaches then one day out of the blue you find something true and genuine and u feel thru ur whole body but alas you realize its a love you will never have So tell me why is love sooo cruel
Why I Am Leaving
I don't find this site exciting anymore. I am going to be deleting my account on Saturday the 24 of January. If you still want to talk to me or keep in touch, I still have my myspace page. Look me up. Its Its been fun, but this sight just isn't for me anymore.
Why I Am No Longer Apart Of The Burlesque Troupe...
So everyone keeps asking what happened with me and the burlesque troupe and I have wanted to address this for quite a few days now, but the fact is I haven’t had the emotional energy to do so until now. I am really hurt over this and I feel betrayed by people that are who I considered to be my friends. I guess I am going to tackle this in three organized sections first being why I am upset and what I put into being with the troupe. Second being why Heather decided to let me go and the third I will post the email of which I sent to Heather via myspace after all of this happened to which there has been no reply. First of all I have offered up a lot of myself to this troupe monetarily for my costume and supplies, time for my expertise in coding and marketing as well as my organizational skills. There have been times in the past of which I have been very flakey but it was really a goal of mine this year to do more and to dedicate more of myself to other causes, this being one of t
Why In The Hell
why in the hell do women feel that they have to play people in order to get what they want. is it not enough to be honest with people and be straight forward especially when the guy is willing to give them any and everything they have?
Why I'm Single
I wrote this about a year ago - and I've been asked recently a lot while I was single - so I thought I would through it up here for reading purposes... (and yes - i wrote this haha) I keep seeing these blogs with "This is the guy I want" or "This is the guy I am" crap. So I made up my own - this is what I want, and this is why i'm single. I want a girl that has time for me because she needs to see me, not one that needs to make time for me because she feels like she ought to. I want a girl that looks forward to hearing from me and thinks about me often, not one that only thinks about me when she hears from me. I want a girl that says I want to be with him, instead a girl that asks me why I'm single. I want a girl that knows something is bothering me and asks what's wrong, instead of a girl that asks if something is bothering me. I want a girl that can't wait for me to meet her family, not one that dreads the day when I do. I want a girl that's my soul mate, not just a girlfriend
Why I Love My Fu-owner!! Omg!
THIS IS WHERE THE PARTYS AT 2 NIGHT!! Please stop in and hang out with some of the best people here on fubar :) ***CLICK THE BANNER*** This would be the best move you could ever make on what are you waiting for? ***CLICK THE PICTURE*** When you go in the lounge be sure to JOIN and when you do please tell them that TEXAS HELLCAT sent you!! Shes an amazing friend of mine and the more people she can get to join the better chance at winning an AUTO 11 bling she has!! Heres her link to go love on her sexy ass!! TEXAS HELLCAT PL
Why I Haven't Been Online....
Sorry all my Fu-friends! I got home from work last night and my internet was down....its still down this morning so I'm sending this message from my computer at work before I clock in for the day....I hope to have it working this evening, but if not....just give me a day or two to figure out whats going on and get it fixed...I WILL get back to everyone...PROMISE!!!!
Why Is It?
Why is it so hard to come up with 500 dollars to buy a car. So I can get a job and to get my kids on the weekends. If you can help let me know please. Thank you for your time.
Why Is It This Reminds Me Of Rev?
Why Italians Can't Be Paramedics
WHY ITALIANS CAN'T BE PARAMEDICS Luigi and Salvatore are out in the woods hunting when suddenly Salvatore grabs his chest and falls to the ground. He doesn't seem to be breathing; his eyes are rolled back in his head. Luigi whips out his cell phone and calls 911. He gasps to the operator, "I think Salvatore is dead. What should I do?" The operator, in a calm soothing voice says, “Just take it easy and follow my instructions. First, let's make sure he's dead." There is a silence... and then a shot is heard. Luigi's voice comes back on the line, "Okay, now what?"
Why I Forward Jokes
This explains why I forward jokes. A man and his dog were walking along a road. The man was enjoying the scenery, when it suddenly occurred to him that he was dead. He remembered dying, and that the dog walking beside him had been dead for years. He wondered where the road was leading them. After a while, they came to a high, white stone wall along one side of the road. It looked like fine marble. At the top of a long hill, it was broken by a tall arch that glowed in the sunlight. When he was standing before it he saw a magnificent gate in the arch that looked like mother-of-pearl, and the street that led to the gate looked like pure gold. He and the dog walked toward the gate, and as he got closer, he saw a man at a desk to one side. When he was close enough, he called out, 'Excuse me, where are we?' 'This is Heaven, sir,' the man answered. 'Wow! Would you happen to have some water?' the man asked. 'Of course, sir. Come right in, and I'll have some ice water brou
Why I Fired My Secretary
Why Is It, In Every Heart I See, There Are Cracks?
It would be 27 years today my mother and father would have been married. It was 14 days to their 16th anniversary my father passed to a massive heart attack. I am currently 38 wks 3 days into my pregnancy, only 11 days away from Mia's expected enterance into the world. I am sitting at home, alone, on my bed typing this. Today is suppose to be a day you spend with the people you love, who you care about. Today, is the day I know the truth and am accepting it openly. I know there are guys out there who would love to spend today with me but honestly, I just don't feel it. Somehow, somewhere, the love I used to feel and have felt in the past is gone. I can remember the last Valentine's Day I had the pleasure of spending with someone, it was with my daughter's father. I enjoyed it tremendously but this morning when I thought of it, a single tear fell from my right eye and I was finished. I have come to realize that I cannot and will not allow a guy make me feel less that I am
Why I Think 90 Percent Of Woman Are The Same
haha iam sure some people are going to hate to hear the truth but you no what who cares even since i change my sn i got block 2 times by people who rather act like little girls then grown woman i did meant that about 90 percent of woman and if you really want to know why ill let you no here some of the list now before hand all people are different yes this is true however in some of this list i have seen many of them doing some of these on the list ok lets start 1. if you are married you don't go flirting around saying ur single that is not only fucked up but also so how lil respect you have for your partner don't lead other people on then spread rumors 3. if you are not interested in the person your talking to have the balls enough to say your not interested in them so they wont think they have a chance with you 4. don't just act all sweet and nice to someone so you can get something out of them in the end 5. flirting is ok i guess just becareful not
Why I Dance
Why I Have To Be Away For A Minute Ty 2 A True Friend Confidence
    ***Your Prayers Are Truly Needed*** This is my Friend Deb! She is one of the most Amazing, Caring,Loving , Woman i know on Fubar! I am Honored to have been able to meet her on here! She has a heart of gold and is always looking out for me and helping me and many others out in many ways! & This woman NEVER ask for anything in return! Deb has gone through so Much In Life! And has been through many of lifes hardships and has pulled through them amazingly! She is a very Strong Woman!At the young age of 32 She was terribly beat by two men with a baseball bat! This Pain that One night has Continued on to this day! She got severe brain trauma which led to a build up of fluid which requires a shunt to be put in every year! Debs Daughter gave me this information as she knows i'm close to her mom and wanted me to know what was going on and that Deb will be going into surgery very soon and is in a lot of pain right now. This from her Daughter Tasha......... "i dont know how she get
Why I Think Im Going Crazy
Why I think im going crazy I was perfectly normal….about to go out and meet friends….evening time and feeling fine. Then suddenly my brain activity slowed down; I felt it slip away. I turned the lights off in my room and turned the music volume absurdly loud, locking myself into my room. I lay down on my bed, quietly observing myself do so (from where?). I lay with my eyes open for a while, feeling the vibrations of the bass seeping into the mattress below me – my senses turned acute. I got an image – a second dimension opened up as I let my eyes close (did they close?). I’m lying on the bed; the phone by my side. It is 45 minutes later and someone is calling me. Its nadya. I answer the phone after letting it ring three times (perhaps I could have let it ring forever). “Hello?” “Hi dawn!” “Who is this?” “This is nadya you fool!” “Nadya? I know you nadya.” “You know me?” “Yes. I know a lot about you. I was
Why I've Not Been Myself
So...this blog I'm not even sure if I should write it...i held off so long but I am just tired of acting happy....something that is so easy to do specially to my friends online. I'm gonna make it short because after finally releasing this ..i mean my offline friends know, and family but It was suggested to me by a family member that I should just write from my heart this way some of you I am close to will realize why I am a acting strange for awhile....And now that i found out my cousin told some of my online friends..i figured it's time i at least wrote a little something. I'm drained from past things...I'm okay from it, i'll never understand it...I am not going to try to understand it anymore I've just sort of been accepting things, trying to be smarter and I guess trying to be the one to be strong... My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after Christmas. It just happend all so fast. I had a close bond with my mom and spiratually still do and always wi
Why I Dont Have Trust In Men!!!!!
I am just not sure where to start. If I was to start in the beging I will be here all day> so I will start with my x. We have been apart now for going on 2 years. We where to have parted as just friends. We tryed marrage consouling, but the 1st one went sour. I went there under the inpreshion that we where to work things out. At least that what he had told me. But it didnt turn out that way at all. But way befor that , he had been comeing around to see me and we would talk. He would call me to talk also. But any way. HE had told me so very much about things that we where to do to try to work things out. I put my hope and faith into belive him. But all the while he was playing on my feelings.Well just the other day he tells my son that he cares about me and cares what happens to me. Well if that where to be so true , THAN WHY, WHY DID HE LEAVE????? So that is why I cant have any trust in men.I still to this day love him with all my heart. I am a very forgiveing woman. Why I dont know?
Why It So Hard To Get Over You
why it so hard to get over you knowing you not the right person for me knowing that you drink way to much knowing you are verbal abuse knowing you hate the world and the peoples in it why it so hard to get over you all you want me for take care your drinking habit you try bring me down with you you stole from me you lied to me you cheat on me why it so hard to get over you it because i really thought you was the one i had true feeling for you i gave you my heart knowing you not worth my heart so i ask my self why it so hard to get over you
Why I Am Single
I was asked this question the other night and I didn't know what to say. I mean no one has ever asked me that before. I mean I've always been asked are you single and of course that is a yes or no answer but why are you single. I really don't know why I am single maybe I'm not picking the right guys or I just haven't found the right one. Maybe I don't want to get hurt again or maybe I'm just not lovable enough. I really don't know why I'm single and at this point I really don't care anymore. I used to but what for all it does is make me loose sleep and make me think I am doing something wrong.
Why I Don't Rank Friends...
Most everyone on here knows that you can rank your friends in order. Basically it's for you to keep people you talk to the most on the top of your friend lists so that they show up first. It's, at least for me, NOT to be intended to mean so and so is a better friend than the another. Long time ago, I started placing people on my 'Top Friends' list because I had so many people but only regularly talked to a few. OMFG, I would catch such f*cking grief about it. "Why's Snay-nay-nay ranked higher than me? And other stupid questions like that. Oh, and the 'Family' list too..."How come I'm not in your family?" Anyways, last November, I eliminated the Family list and took everyone off the Top Friends list. I shortsightedly thought my problem was solved. Fast forward a couple months, I'm being asked recently to rank friends on here. I'm not doing it. So instead of explaining it 15 different times, I'm just explaining once on here as to why I don't rank friends. I have dozens of fr
Why It Is Imperative To Have A Life Of Your Own
Relationships are meant to last a life time, but unfortunately, sometimes they don't. Of a truth, relationships are meant to last a life time, but unfortunately, sometimes they don’t. For one reason or another, a relationship may break-up. It is better when this happens at the formative stages (dating), because at this stage deep commitments may not have been made nor real intimacy built. However, at any stage a relationship suffers breakage; someone suffers emotional pains and torture. But your life must continue. This is very important. I have someone who almost lost her mind because she was jilted, the man that promised to marry her, woke up one afternoon and called off the engagement. And she saw it to mean the end of the world. It took psychiatric doctors to restore her to normalcy. That was absolutely unnecessary...
Why I Wouldn't Be Answer To My Mumm...
Okay so the question was would you rather your husband/wife be with one specific or a bunch of different people, IF you two agreed to swing during your marriage. This is something I've thought about my entire life, knowing I have a super healthy sex drive. IF me AND my Husband had that agreement I would want my other love and his other lover to love us enough to respect us and stay with only us. Yes keep it in the circle. Why? First, diseases easier to keep up on testing if you don't have to go through 20 or 30 different people if/when you pop up with something. Second, whether or not I am there with my Husband or him with me I'd want the lovers to be able to come and go as they please. And yes his lover and my lover would be allowed to hook up too so it'd be a great deal. But, most of all I'd be happy knowing that she cared for him as much as I did. I'd even allow the others to live with us. But, that's been through an entire life of thinking and a lot of maturity that I'v
Why I Need You To Pound Me Like A Porn Star
Contrary to popular belief, women do not want to be romanced in bed. Romance me BEFORE bed. By the time you get me naked, all romantic shit needs to disa-fucking-ppear. The bedroom is not the place that men need to be gentle with their women. Men have been psychologically trained for years to be gentle with women: their emotions, their feelings, their pride, etc. Men are subconsciously conditioned to handle women with a tender touch. So why is it different in the bedroom? Why do women, who need to be handled with so much care outside of the bedroom want to be roughed up inside of the bedroom? Because I wants you to be a MAN. I need you to step up and show me who is in charge. My emotions and feelings and pride may be gentle, but my body are not. Women have evolved to a point that we have the same (if not more) responsibilities as men. We work a full week, we deal with shit from our bosses, we diffuse problems with clients, we stress over bills, yet on top of that we bathe the ki
Why I Try
So this is my second go around on this thing. hopefully I will have no more roadblocks along the way. I want to say thanks to all the old friends who took me back and a thanks to all the new sucke..I mean friends just kidding im an awesome guy, just ask me! okay so I look forward to all the wonderful insights you all provide me with and the great conversations and laughs, and if I can send some your way then I have done my job for the day at least. Thats why I try. luvs and hugs, Ghostbear
Why Irc Is Amusing
Yes, it's that time of... the... uh... whatever again. That seemed like such a strong opening line at "Yes", but weakened significantly by "of", I feel. A shame. Anyway, it's time I pasted a conversation from the weird and wonderful world of IRC. Names are not retained, primarily because the other participant might use fubar and bitchslap me into next year. Since I go to 7 IRC networks, I will also not specifically name the network this took place on. On connecting this morning, I get the following message... Her: Are you busy? ...which is an odd opener. Naturally, I respond with... Me: No, that's why I'm on IRC. At this point I have a vague hope that this may develop into a conversation of interest. Boy, was I wrong. Her: I'm a bad girl. I need a man to punish me. ...HELLO? SAY WHAT? Me: GO TO YOUR ROOM! - How was that? Her (apparently oblivious): I like literate men. I want to do very naughty things with one. And then he can punish me. ... M
Why I Don't Want Kids...ever.
I get a lot of people tell me that I will want kids someday. That I'm young and I may not want kids now, but someday that maternal instinct will kick in. I hate those people. I know I'm young. I'm 21. But I know beyond all doubt that I will never have kids... 1.) I really don't like them. They are gross, loud, annoying, and they don't listen. I can't even babysit my niece and nephew. 2.) I like being an Aunt. I can see me niece and nephew, spoil them, love them, and the best part: I can give them back. 3.) I will graduate college in 2 years and plan on getting a career. 4.) I like my life the way it is. 5.) Were I to even consider kids, I would want to wait until I am financially stable enough to support them. And by my standards, I would never make that kind of money. 6.) I really don't want to be responsible for another life. 7.) This isn't a reason per se, but I don't feel that it is my duty as a woman to have children. Nor do I feel that a woman needs k
Why Is It???
Why is it the voice of the people is silent... What fox news sells..we buy it.... We vote for american idols in mass.. Presidential elections we pass... Scores from sundays game..we got em Senators voting records..careless about em.. Wake up people and see whats at stake... To restore our true freedoms we must abolishthe central bank!!!!! TruthSquad © 2008
Why I'm Stupid
So, a couple days ago I decided to apply to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online to get my BS (well it's about bleeping time) in Interactive Media Design (web design). While filling out the application form, I was stumped when I got to the question asking which program I was enrolling in.(ending a sentence with a preposition ... tsk tsk) See, all of the literature I had seen up to that time had called the program 'Web Design & Media', but that wasn't on the list. I decided to wait and call the next day (yesterday ... Friday, that's important) to ask about it. Upon calling, the rep from the school told me that Web Design & Media was called Interactive Media Design on the application form (no explanation) and then proceeded to walk me (figuratively speaking) through the rest of the form (wasn't that nice of him?). He then handed me off to two other people to fill out all manner of other forms (mostly financial aid) for roughly the next three hours (without a cigarette, no less). The la
Why I Voted Dumbocrat
Whyi Am Not Inclined To Like Guys In The Armed Forces
I have a good reason. Let me see, start with John and the few months of chatting and two visits and many letters to him, I don't hear from him for a year. Then surprise he decided to start a chat again once. Then after a couple of texts back and forth and then again silence. Thn a few months later a text meant for his friend sent to me, that hurts. There is also Ben and two years of chat and my really trying to meet him he then starts to ignore me. Then Chris, he says he wants a relationship and then ignore me for month, then again texting me a while ago and then I am nice and then I am ignored from him. I forgot a marine from sevveral years ago, I forget his name but we chatted for awhile and then silence after a few months of chatting and never heard from him sense.
Why Is It...
So why is it that everytime I'm finally getting over something stupid something else happens?! So my little brother Levi called social services on my parents because when they grounded him they took his dvd player and some of his other things. Most of the time he would bitch and bitch but this time he calls it in and say that they abuse him!!!!???? He said they they dont feed him and that my step dad physically abuses him?!? im sitting here thinkg what the hell is wrong with this kid. Our parents have been nothing but kind to the kid and he does this!! AND THIS IS THE FITH TIME!!! every other time they found out he as just crying wolf and looking for attention.... but they got a new social worker. I'M PISSED!!! I was walking to work the other day and one of my neighbors told me she hoped that my parents went to prison and thatwe need to go to hell!!!??? WHAT THE FUCK!!! now there are cops watching me and my parents and my house has been raided.... twice... this is gay. I'm about to blo
Why I've Been Mia
This is just for those of you who talk to me regularily since those of you who dont wont really have noticed. anywho Ive appeared to be online a lot more than usual lately but  havent been responding to people. truth is..I've been pretty sick for awhile and though Ive been great for quite a bit I did hit a rough patch again and after pretending everything was good I just couldnt anymore  and just wasnt feeling up to chatting much, Im doing much better now though so no worries everythings gonna be alright trust me your girls not goin no where. thanks for the love that many of you have shown and to my daddy for always bein there for support n making sure im doing what i need to be even if its tellin me to go to bed n not talkin to me at night so i can get the rest i need(it makes me pissy when you do but it really is what i need sometimes)  n  a special thanks to kev..somehow u always know when i need to be checked in on always worryin about me even when you dont really know whats goin o
Why I Am Like This
  I have had a few conversations on this topic recently. Usually it is someone happily pointing out my flaws. As much as I enjoy these conversations, they need to stop. It isn’t that I mind being told what is wrong with me; it is because you do not take responsibility for your part in it.    I strive for perfection and am disappointed when I do not reach it not because I have high expectations of myself, but because you do. I have to be perfect, I have to be right all the time because that is what is expected of me. Too many people delight in every mistake I make, or love to point out the one time I was wrong.  Most people can slip up, make a mistake or fail at a task and it is no big deal. We never mention it again. I make plenty of mistakes, but I have to fix them. I can crash and burn, and still be expected to win the race.    People can outright offend me, and it is no big deal. Treat me like crap, hurt my feelings and no one cares. Yet I have to watch what I do or say a
Why I Carry A Gun
Why I Carry a Gun My old grandpa said to me son,' there comes a time in every man's life when he stops bustin' knuckles and starts bustin'  caps and usually it's when he becomes too old to take an ass whoopin'. I  don't carry a gun to kill people. I  carry a gun to keep from being killed. I  don't carry a gun to scare people. I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place. I  don't carry a gun because I'm paranoid. I carry a gun because there are real threats in the world. I don't carry a gun because I'm evil. I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world. I don't carry a gun because I hate the government. I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of government. I don't carry a gun because I'm angry. I carry a gun so that I don't have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for  failing to be prepared. I don't carry a gun because I want to shoot someone. I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my
Why I Have Been Gone So Long The Real Truth!
i left fubar cuz i had a lot of bad shit happen to me i lost all my money i'am still broke.when i lost my money it caused a great deal of depression.i was in rehab trying recover and will im still a little numb. let's see what else happend oo i got robbed my computer and everything nearly got stolen.i lost my jobs so now i'am just trying to get back on my feet.i have been fighting with the government it's like they don't give a shit who they hurt.i had the flu for 2 good thing came out of all this horrible shit is my neice had her baby!baby boy name mason the most amazing thing i have ever seen i love that baby! gives me a reason for living cuz i was at serious point in my life where i was nearly going to kill myself.will thats basicliy all..thanks for staying my friends for those who stayed.
Why Is It
that women pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to look "good" when its whats on the inside that counds
Why I Haven't......
I haven't been rating the pics if people haven't had auto 11's on because I wasn't getting any points for it so I contacted support (A very good friend that works in support!) told me that I will eventually get the points so I will be getting to all yours soon that don't have 11's on thank you for being patient with me! :D
"why I Think Your Beautiful"
To the girl whose beauty is present in all seasons I tell you why you are beautiful, here are the reasons: Your beauty extends into the heavens, it goes on forever and never lessens. Even when the clouds heighten you are here and the world brightens. You are like a fruit that constantly ripens your beauty continues to grow no mater what happens. My fondness for you constantly deepens because every time I see you my heart starts to weaken. You make everything else appear hollow where ever you are loveliness is sure to follow. You shine so bright you cast your own shadow a beauty that others would love to borrow. But try as they might your beauty they will never catch because something like you they could never match. Your beauty seems to increase with every breathe it tests the limits my imagination can stretch. It makes me question if what I am seeing is real I only know it is true by the way that I feel. Your beauty is so vast it can't be concealed there is no hiding it y
Why I Lost My Glo-balls...
On April 20th, I made a MuMM to break from all the "Should I get high?" MuMMs that were being posted. I made a MuMM that was actually a POLL asking about unemployment. Though I DIDN'T make it NSFW (I'm not use to choosing that option), my MuMM/poll DID draw some intelligent comments and such. So now, as I wait for my glo-balls to get off probation, I click on yet ANOTHER MuMM/poll and wish it was mine.... *tears*
Why Is This???
What happens with the person I trust most..When absolute trust, is somewhat of a ghost?What happens when life falls down around you?And theres really nothing I can do...Sometimes I dont really even know what my words meanI seem to just get lost in the daily sceneWhat if everything I thought was realI can no longer even seem to feel?Right now im a complete messDay by day, i feel less and lessI dont even know what im doing anymore.I guess it true what they say, Lifes a whore.Everyone gets fucked in the end...I have so much hurt that I cant mend.At the moment I feel so lost in life..Im caught up in a cluster of strife.I feel like my soul is dyingMore than ever I find myself randomly crying.I know my hearts desire..But everything is burning in an endless fire.So where do things go from here?Im so caught up in an unknown fear.
Why I Left
I used to dj & Be DJ Manager for the lounge on here called $$The Dogghouse$$. On April 28th of thisyear, I found out that the lounge owner, DJLuckyDogg, was a registered sex offender.  I have major issues with any form of child abuse/molestation, regardless of how recent it is or not.   Here is part of the conversation between me and him, which happened on the same night (which happened after he had all head staff in a conference where he told everyone about it):   Oscar (4/28/2009 10:39:10 PM): I have a question, it's about something you said in the conference. Lucky (4/28/2009 10:39:15 PM): yes? Oscar (4/28/2009 10:39:48 PM): you said that it happened in 1999, but yet you said you were 21 when it happened. Lucky (4/28/2009 10:40:14 PM): i was 22 Lucky (4/28/2009 10:40:25 PM): an i went to court in ** Lucky (4/28/2009 10:40:33 PM): it happened in ** Oscar (4/28/2009 10:41:24 PM): you were born in **** right? Lucky (4/28/2009 10:41:28 PM):** Lucky (4/28/2009 10:41:42 PM): **
Why Is It....
Why is it that we are afraid to tell people how we truly feel?  I mean is it really that scary to say I want to be with you?  Are we afraid that we will lose the friendship?  Or are we afraid to deal with the awkwardness that may ensue if the other person doesn't feel the same?  Why do we have to make things so complicated?  Are we cowards because of past heart aches leaving us bitter?
Why Im Online
hi guys im a married man in canton ill im a father of 3 and we have olot going on in life .im hopeing that things will gey better before long i was hurt and have not been able to work for at least the past 2 years i went from sixty thousand year to nothin do to some things i dont wont to get in to .lets just say disability has to payback evrything since august of 07 to the day the judge sees it they have made my suffer for a long time it my turn my kids deserve it my wife and i .im not sure what blog is i thought it was something this if not sorry please tell me what it is
Why Is It
i've been a member of this site since the project was only about six months old. how come these newbs are able to level past godfather within only their first six months of joining? do they stay up all night on tweek and never put the laptop down or what? go to bed you fools? go outside and get a life!
Why Im Depressed Lately... Or Part Of It
I have worked this 'job' since 2000, yes, 2000 I got hired in the produce dept. my first ever job, and it pretty much took good care of me as time went on.. I went to college in 2001-04, and then in '05 went to a full time position in a store I knew the manager well of.    Make a lonnng story short, in '06 Is when I got promoted to a manager and worked (head on) with the essentials of the dept. I had to work on some self fullfilling strengths including leadership. Holding the guys respeonsible etc. for my plans. In other words, carrying out necessary task in an orderly manner. Often, because of my babyface or youthful look, I got no respect from my guys. So this year, in my 2nd store as a manager, (having been moved) closer to home, I got dropped down a level (took a pay cut) and it felt like tears wanting to shed my usual tough guy-self. It was my life. It was the very reason I had a roof over my head, nice car. But no, I gotta give up the car and start hitting the check book closer,
Why I Procrastinate
Why I'm Here
Just because I'm a man and I have a penis, that does't mean that it rules everything I do!!! If I send you a friend request or a drink, and let you know you're beautiful or gorgeous, that's what I meant. I'm a grown ass man, if I thought you had a nice rack, I'd tell you that, if I thought you had a nice ass, I'd tell you that too!!! I'm more interested in the look in your eyes than what's between your thighs! I live in Las Vegas, there are tits and ass around every corner, so don't insult me or, more importantly yourself, by telling me you'll show me naked pictures for something... If I wanted that I'd be at the Rhino or Crazy Horse II! I'm here to get know some people I'd normally wouldn't get a chance to know.  So, if I tell you you're Beautiful, you are!!! That's the outside, take a chance and let me get to know the inside, 'cause a piece of ass lasts a couple of hours, a friendship lasts a lifetime... Holla Back.... 
Why Is It?
  Spread the Stupidity Only in America drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.
Why Is It That Most Of The Women's Pictures On Here Are Sleezy/
I have noticed for a long time now that 90% of the women on here have very sleezy to down right display images. I personally feel that women on here do not need to exploit themselves to get attention. I am well aware that this is a social network designed and creadted for adults. I am perfectly ok with the ones that have their flirtatious to sexual pictures in a private album of which members of this site by the owners choosing can view the photos. I however believe that a woman's breasts and pussy should not be spead from here to kindom come just to get men to talk to her. Even if the woman is not easy she is labeling herself that way for posting images like that. So to all you breast showing pussy spreading whores, make your fucking pictures private. Also do not bash me simply because I do not have any pictures of a sexual nature for all to veiw. I am proud of the fact that I do not need to reveal my body on this site or any other site to get to know people. I am not prude and am
Why I Am Difficult To Love
like waters troubled continue to be disturbed even after the dead are dropped ununder the surface so also I may shake even in the most secure arms You may conclude reaching out therefore you cannot reach me but somewhere inside you do.   Months ago I ended years unable to speak my truth And to note feel pain I stopped speaking. Any silence does not mean I do not want to talk to you I do, but for that moment I cannot. With your patience I will and do. Because someone hurt me for doing so There are moments when I may not know What to say to you. Know it is not you but someone else Who is now me...
Why Is It
why is it win you go to women's house at 2 aclock in the morning they allways asumma your wanting sex win all you want is to go out and have fun or stay in an talk
Why Ive Been Away
Ok i was  in a relationship  for about 1 year  and it went sour ... she  cheated on me when i was in  county lockup  .. so ya  i ditched her.. but im back and  i will keep  up on this since  i  have  my life   to run now  not some  sucubus  slut ...thx ev1 for keeping me on there lists it is greatly aprecciated!
Why I Am The Way I Am
Someone once told me that I have no idea how they felt. They were suffering from an injury to their coccyx and sacrum, and were suffering, I'm sure, very badly. But it pissed me off that they just assume I have no idea. And I've heard that a lot on here. Or people act like what I go through isn't a big deal. So I wanted to let you guys know why I get so upset, or why I have bad days and ask for your support At age 8 I started having back pains. My mother took me to the doctor who said I had slight scoliosis. I had to sleep on the floor until the flare-ups subsided. No studies or x-rays were ever done until my 20's. I then developed torticollis at 15 from carrying a heavy 50lb backpack around. Torticollis is when your neck spasms and makes it so you can't turn your head and it ends up being in an awkward position. I got over my neck issue and then ended up having no problems for the rest of high school. I was rambunctious, I threw my friends around, carried my friends, gave piggy back
Why It Is Every Politician Do Not Went To Tell The Truth
       Politicians in Illinois can not tell the truth as to where the money has been going. They say the state is saw far in the red not even raising taxes will help get the state in the green. Why is that? Here is something that they do not want the people to know about on where the money has gone do to the fact they had a part in it as well. Two former governors as well as state representatives have used the office they held to make money off from the people they represent. The people that the state of Illinois elected into office are so crept that they can no longer tell the truth in fear that they to will be removed from office like the former governor. These state representatives want the people in the southern part of the state to think that it is all Chicago felt that there is no money, do to the fact it takes so much money to keep it going. These representatives what the people in the south to think that if it was not for Chicago and the Chicago Machine that there would be more
Why Is It
How is it that someone can say they love you, but yet not speak to you for weeks at a time.... And why is it that someone will show very strong emotions one day and then act like they dont know you the next?
Why Is It So Hard To Fine A Girl Friend
why  is it hard to fine a girlfriend to fine a girl friend that i can be with
Why Ipod Owners Shouldn't Upgrade To Os 3.0
As is often the case, it all comes down to speed. While the benefits of upgrading your current iPhone to OS 3.0 are clear and virtually irrefutable, the path for the iPod touch isn't so obvious. First of all, you have to pay $10 and second, recent tests indicate that this update could slow the iPod Touch down.
Why I Fired My Secretary
Why I   fired my Secretary.    Last week was my birthday and I didn't feel very well waking up on that morning..    I went downstairs for breakfast   hoping my wife would be pleasant and say,   'Happy Birthday!',   and possibly have a small present for me.    As it turned out,   she barely said good morning,   let alone   ' Happy Birthday.'    I thought....    Well, that's marriage for you,   but the kids.....   They will remember.    My kids came bounding down stairs to breakfast and didn't say a word..   So when I left for the office,   I felt pretty low   and somewhat despondent.    As I walked into my office,   my secretary Jane said,   'Good Morning Boss,   and by the way   Happy Birthday ! '   It felt a little better   that at least someone had remembered.    I worked until one o'clock ,   when Jane knocked on my door   and said, 'You know,   It's such a beautiful day outside,   and it is your Birthday,   what do you say we go out to lunch,   just you and me..'   I said, 'Thanks,
Why I Hurt
This is for one special person on here that I hope someday finds me here and reads this, she knows who she is... For what it's worth... I'm an ass For what it's worth... I'm lost without out you but I can't bring myself to ask for your forgiveness. For what it's worth... I hope you find happiness For what it's worth... I'm sorry For what it's worth... I will always love you
Why I Hate Golf
I have a friend, Bobby, who is an avid golfer. Because I play hockey, he felt that I would naturally take to the sport because of similar mechanics to the game. So, at his encouragement, I gave it a try. I spent a couple thousand buying the best clubs, bag, time at the driving range, ect. I began to get fairly good and competative. One morning I went out to play 18, but I just wasn't feeling my best. I decided to call it a day after just 9 holes. I headed home to find another car parked out in front of my house. Sneaking in, I crept throughthe downstairs to hear two people upstairs. I crept upstairs and down teh hall to my bedroom where the door was cracked. I peeked in and  on my bed, Bobby was screwing my girlfriend! I was pissed! I burst through the door like a wild man!. Surprised, Bobby had no fight so I grabbed him by the man hood and drug him out the door, down the stairs and through th kitchen into the garage. There, I stuck his johnson in a vise and squeezed it real tight, Cry
Why I Carry A Gun:
 My old grandpa said to me son,' there comes a time in every mans life when he stops bustin' knuckles and starts bustin' caps and usually it's When he becomes too old to take an ass whoopin', I don't carry a gun to kill people. I carry a gun to keep from being killed. I don't carry a gun to scare people. I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place. I don't carry a gun because I'm paranoid. I carry a gun because there are real threats in the world. I don't carry a gun because I'm evil. I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world. I don't carry a gun because I hate the government. I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of government. I don't carry a gun because I'm angry. I carry a gun so that I don't have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared. I don't carry a gun because I want to shoot someone. I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed, and not on a sidewalk somewhere t
Why Is This Happening To Me?
Why am I wasting my time on this one sided love?He doesn't want me, he doesn't need me.It appears he never will.So why is this time so different?Why am I unable to cope?Nothing about this is making any sense.My heart feels so gutted, like a wounded animal.I can't seem to get a grip on my own reality anymore.The "why" is driving me crazy.I have no one I can talk to.I have no friends.It still hurts so damn much.More than it ever has.More than I'm used to.The dumbest things set off my tears.A sunset, a beautiful view, the ocean, fireworks.Only he knows why.I am so afraid to be alone right now.The pain is overwhelming.It's flooding my heart.
Why I Will Be Mia
There are a few reasons why I will be missing pretty soon here. (and yes I am waiting until I gift that HH, as I always keep my word) First of all the crazy bitch that is my sister has gone COMPLETELY off her rocker. To the point she spit on me and broke my necklace (that I can not replace because it was sent from Bahrain). Now yes, after she spit on me, I wiped her spit up and I slapped her with it. I also came about 3 inches from putting her head into my knee. Later, she decided to slam my laptop on the floor, breaking it. Oh then she hit me with a broom. After that, I picked her up, put her in her room, and told her she pulled this shit again and I would beat her like a man. I know I am a LOT stronger than she is, both physically and mentally, and I know where to stop. But I will not live in an environment that is violent, and I will send her ass to jail, and make calls to CPS to keep her son away from this shit. I trained horses for 10 years, and I kick boxed. She knows full
Why I Had To Change Hotels
Last week I checked into my hotel in Atlanta and was a bit lonely. I thought, I'll call one of those girls you see advertised in phone books like escorts and such. I picked up the phone book and found an ad for a girl calling herself Erogonique, a lovely girl, bending over in the photo.  She had all the right curves in all the right places, beautiful long wavy hair, long graceful legs..... well, you get the picture! I figured, what the heck, give her a call. 'Hello,' the woman says.......... God, she sounded sexy. Afraid I would los
Why Is It....
Why is it that even when we know what is best for us, we sometimes pick the wrong thing to do?  Why do we not take our own advice?  
Why I Don't Really Miss Dating...
I don't really miss being misled or lied to in order to get stuff from me. I don't really miss having my heart beat upon by women who really could care less who I am or how I really feel. I don't miss having a relationship go great only to find out later that the love and passion were blinding me to what they are truly like. I don't miss having someone decide what is best for me without discussing it with me. I don't miss having to act like I don't have health issues and other problems just to get a woman to pay attention to me. I don't miss being expected to be someone I am not.
Why I Like To Be Naughty
When I was about 13 years old - I was standing in a group of kids in a dark auditorium watching a show put on by the boy scouts.A person walked through the crowd in front of me.Naturally – I stepped back a little to get out of his way and bumped into the person behind me.A hand touched my butt.I turned around and noticed it was a girl I had a crush on standing behind me.I just smiled at her and turned to watch the show.Another person moved and once again I stepped back a little.This time I got a whole hand on my butt.Once again – I turned and smiled at her.She smiled back.I waited a little and for no reason took a step back again.Again the hand touched my butt.This time I didn’t move back right away and the hand stayed on my butt till I did.I waited a bit and stepped back a bit and two hands touched my butt.I just stayed there and so did the hands.Then they started to move across my butt.I just stood there.The hands explored a little more and then I got a good squeeze.I naturally turne
Why Is It That Men Think There Kids Will Remember Them
Why Is 666 Considered To Be The Devil's Number?
  Answer Because people are superstitious     Answer The Number of the Beast is described in the Book of Revelation In the Greek manuscripts, the Number is rendered in Greek numerical form or sometimes literally as "six hundred and sixty-six. Scholars such as Dr. Ellen Aitken have speculated that the reference to this passage was a way of speaking in code about then contemporary figures about whom it would have been politically dangerous to criticize openly. Many scholars believe that 666 refers to a Roman Emperor such as Nero (whose name, written in Aramaic, was valued at 666, using the Hebrew numerology of gematria, a manner of speaking against the emperor without the Roman authorities knowing).   Answer Certainly, the number is believed to refer in code to a Roman emperor or some other enemy. Thus, it is politically and not divinely inspired. However, some early manuscripts give the number of the beast as 616. Either way, it can't really be called the "devil's nu
Why I'm Not On Alot Anymore.
Well, school started two weeks ago and i have five classes to take and a part-tome job I have to go to four to five days a week, seven to eight hours a day. So, as you can see, I will be very busy until around Thanksgiving perhaps haha. I'll try to reply to anyone and anything whenever I get soem free time. I have been missingyou all and will miss you still. I am very sorry about this, but it's life, right? Take care!
Why I've Been Gone
This last week has been rather interesting. I left Fubar for a few days to get some things straight between some friends of mine who are not on Fubar. For the last 10 years or so, people come to me with their problems and when they actually listen to me, ive actually helped quite a few people with their problems. Seeing how they are not on Fu, and i'm not mentioning names, I'd like to educate some of you about long distance relationships. Ive seen a lot of MUMMs about LD's, and the fact that ive been in a million of them(not really but i lost count after 5 or so.) doesnt make me an expert but It makes me knowledge-able of the situations at hand. TRUST is a major issue. If you dont trust the person, get the fuck out of the relationship. INTIMACY is another major issue. Be sweet with one another. Write poetry. Be clever. Send random sweet text messages, even while they are at work. They will appreciate it. APPRECIATION is actually the major downfall of 90% of the long distance relat
Why I Ghavent Been Around
Ok so fine you all know i joke around but when im serious im heres why i havent been around lately....basically called middle of the night last tuesday...ex wife attempted suicide...and no not fuicide...ran up there got my sons whom we share joint custody with...did all the necessary legal their stuff and now they will live with me i will be on and off as i need to get my family affairs in order...much love to ya all                                                               Gallo                                           
Why I Aint Been On Fubar
if you miss chatting with me you can find me on facebook just look for donna fisher. i look forward to adding you :) xx how is everyone ??good i hope
Why I Am Banned From Costco
  So anyway, was down at the local CostCo the other day to pick up a bag of dog chow for Nikki The Wonder Dog, when this elderly lady in line behind me asks, “Do you have a dog?” Well, what did she think I had, an elephant?  But instead of being snarky, I decided to be flippant.  “No, I’ve been putting some weight on lately, and decided to go back on the Purina diet,” I replied. “The Purina diet?  I’ve never heard of that one”. “Sure,”  I said.  “You keep your pockets stuffed with Purina Dog Chow.  Whenever you feel the urge to eat, you pull a couple of nuggets out and crunch on them.  It’s nutritionally complete, and very filling.  Last time I was on it, I lost nearly 50 pounds before I woke up one day in the ICU with tubes coming out of nearly every orifice.” She gasped.  “Did the dog food poison you?” “No ma’am,” I replied politely.  “I stepped off the curb to snif
Why Im So Strong
this morning i cry i look at his bugging eyes. they are poppin out alot today. he hasnt had his medicine. he asked me for hardboiled eggs, i always make him whatever he wants thought this mornings request raised an eyebrow. he didnt like his eggs , cuz they had no salt. but i cant give him salt. he asks me for some money for his jog a thon as i walk him to the school yard. but he cant be in a jog a thon. he looks forward to trick or treating to, but not me. every year we end up carrying him the last few blocks. he tries but he tires so easy. i give him what i can of a life. but its not a normal life. and i forget sometimes. i get so wrapped up in all the life i pretend i can live. i get distracted by the drama i create. i allow boys to take love and energy form me. even when they dont appreciate or deserve it. i am saddened by the loss of friends and lovers. and i let work bother me. i allow those trivial things to bother me.all the while my son dies. all the while my son watches
Why I Was Away
Left my house wednesday morning on the way to have lunch with my son at his I was walkin to the car I started feeling a little bit of pain in my stomach. By 2:30 I could barely stand up and was admitted into the hospital. My Colon exploded...for lack of a better, more medical term.  Diverticulitus was the start of it.   Anyway....had emergency surgery wednesday. Hung out in the hospital til today. Got two open wounds in my gut.  Gotta shit thru my stomach for a couple months...then go back to the hospital and have all the wounds sown back up. Fun Fun Fun    
Why I Shouldnt Join The Nsa
Why shouldn't I work for the N.S.A.? That's a tough one, but I'll take a shot. Say I'm working at N.S.A. Somebody puts a code on my desk, something nobody else can break. Maybe I take a shot at it and maybe I break it. And I'm real happy with myself, 'cause I did my job well. But maybe that code was the location of some rebel army in North Africa or the Middle East. Once they have that location, they bomb the village where the rebels were hiding and fifteen hundred people I never met, never had no problem with, get killed. Now the politicians are sayin', "Oh, send in the Marines to secure the area" 'cause they don't give a shit. It won't be their kid over there, gettin' shot. Just like it wasn't them when their number got called, 'cause they were pullin' a tour in the National Guard. It'll be some kid from Southie takin' shrapnel in the ass. And he comes back to find that the plant he used to work at got exported to the country he just got back from. And the guy who put the shrapnel in
Why I Won't Stay "down" On Myself For Too Long...
I guess I'm feelin' a bit bloggy, so I'll write one. I was sittin' here on one of my unexpected days off (gotta love the job market, eh?), starting to feel a bit down, pessimistic about my life and all that. Why I'm not at the "place" I expected to be at my age, why I find myself associating with the same deadbeats and ne'er-do-wells I have been since college. And then it hit me. There are so many people I know that have it sooooo much worse than I do (and sadly, most of their problems are self-imposed), that I have to count my blessings. Hell, I have a friend who has so many health issues, it's hard to figure out which medication she has to take this hour. Have another friend who just ended a 9 year relationship over a man she met on the 'net', and just realized all the sweet and passionate things that guy was doing and saying to her, he was basically copying and pasting to other chicks with substantially larger breasts than her. I have a friend who is trying to kick a binge-drinkin
Why Is It So Hard To Find Someone I Sexually Connect With?
I hate that...  I mean I fucked this 40 year old last night who had no idea how to ride cock.  She kept just grinding on it.  I'm not small by no means, so she could've taken my cock upto head and back down all the way to the balls.  She was great at oral sex, but once we got to the point where she rode me cock it got bad.  Not to mention I had to do ALL the work leading upto when she asked if I wanted to goto the bedroom.  I had to make EVERY move which took like an hour, so by that point I was already pissed off and frustrated. Also I don't get why women these days try to connect sex to a romatic relationship  first these days.  To have a romantic relationship I must have a good friendship and sexual relationship (friendship being first).  
Why I Will Not Unite Behind Obama!
Respect the Office? Yes.Respect the Man in the Office? No, I am sorry to say.I have noted that many elected officials, both Democrats and Republicans, called upon America to unite behind Obama.Well, I want to make it clear to all who will listen that I AM NOTuniting behind Obama !I will respect the Office which he holds, and I will acknowledge his abilities as an orator and wordsmith and pray for him, BUT that is it.I have begun today to see what I can do to make sure that he is a one-term President !Why am I doing this ?It is because:- I do not share Obama's vision or value system for America ;- I do not share his Abortion beliefs;- I do not share his radical Marxist's concept of re-distributing wealth;- I do not share his stated views on raising taxes on those who make $150,000+ (the ceiling has been changed three times since August);- I do not share his view that America is Arrogant;- I do not share his view that America is not a Christian Nation;- I do not share his view that t
Why Im Not Always Online
i have some people on my friends list that have gotten quite upset at me for not always being online ...well apart from having 6 kids ....only 5 living at home now...a granddaughter, all of who are my life and i totally adore i also have some health issues i am dealing with too.....i have listed them below so my true friends can understand ...please dont be allarmed by it all i am on all the right medication and have regular checks to keep me going not looking for sympathy either just understanding.....   fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia is widespread pain in the muscles and soft tissues above and below the waist and on both sides of the body. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome—a set of symptoms that happen together but do not have a known cause. In this syndrome, the nervous system (nerves, spinal cord, and brain) is not able to control what it feels, so ordinary feelings from your muscles, joints, and soft tissues are experienced as pain. People with fibromyalgia feel pain and/or
Why Is It?
My husband works at this company and they basically as he calls them are a mickey mouse corportation. They get million dollar contracts to print advertizing for stores, billboards, you name it. And when a contract goes sour due to the lack of the managers, or supervisors paying attention to whats being printed, or cut or dye cut. What do they do but blame the employees and right them up or suspend them.  Never accepting the fact they are just as much at fault. Any how hubby managed to get my oldest boy into the shop to work,  phewwwwwwwwwwww what a relief. He's been there now just a tad over 3 mths, the supervisors and shop forman are amazed how well he is doing and just about knows all the machines. Now come to learn, he will be laid off by this friday, and they want to hire new people to take their spot. And why????? so those cheap ass holes dont have to hire them full time.  This is stupid,  they are finally getting a head of the game on getting jobs out and the people  lik
Why Is Everyone So F&*kin Miserable This Holiday Season?...
…hey everyone, how is your holiday seasons going? I just want to say something ( like usual) why does it seem like everyone is just so blah this holiday season?…is it : - The Economy ? - The Government ? - Employment ? ( under or not) - Lack of interest ? - Have the holidays lost their meaning? I ask these things because all I see, not just around here with all of the begging and whining in statuses and complaining about this and that, but it’s just about everywhere you look, the decorations aren’t so fine tuned, the holiday parties at the jobs aren’t what they were even last year it seems, travel is down… So what is it? I’m the one usually known for being a grinch. And I seem festive. That’s not a good sign. Today I actually cut someone because for the past week, all that I am seeing in my shoutbox from them is complaining about their VIP running out and no one has renewed it… Really? … I couldn’t take it any more.
Why I Hate Sites Like Sometimes
So many posts go "Today, I was sleeping with my best friend's bf when she caught us. I now no longer have a best friend or a partner. FML."   How about we write it like this instead:   "Today, I was being a stupid skank, got caught, and then got what I deserved. FML."   I mean seriously so many of the stories are "Today, I and then . FML."   Seriously? Some of them I understand completely, fucked up shit happens sometimes that isn't your fault or that your average person wouldn't have forseen (getting laid off the same day your dog dies, for example), but so many stories on there are "well no shit Sherlock" moments.   Anyway, off to lunch... eventually... I think lol. Still waiting for my friend. He's a great guy and one of my best friends but Jesus his sense of time is the worst on the planet.
Why Isn't My Bar Feed In The Middle Of My Page Anymore?
*****FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG*****   There have been a few people asking about the change in the power homepage.  Yes, we added the bulletins back to the middle of the page by popular demand.  If you do not like this change, you can turn off the bulletins in your profile settings or switch to the NORMAL homepage style.  You can customize it however you want by going into your "settings" on the MY drop down menu.  If you need help with this, ask a bouncer under the HELP linK.
Why It Is Good To Be Single
I suppose I could simply make a list of the reason it is good to be single but that would do it no justice. I know that there are those out there who do not like being single and feel some sort of pressure from others or society as a whole because they are single and "time is running out."   I do not find peer pressure to influence me or my decision which makes it even easier not have a "significant other" to pressure me. Friends you can shrug them off a significant other is more difficult to do so.   My days are very busy, very full with little time to myself. I enjoy getting up in the morning and knowing that I have a sort of list of things to accomplish that day and if something does not get finished I just add it to the list for tomorrow. On that list is never "text my significant other" because if I don't my significant other will think it slipped my mind. Don't you think there is something wrong these days with texting? Those are brief and often thoughtless messages almost as
Why Is It
Why is it that some of the younger women on fubar want to point me to private porn sites? I had to block someone tonight
Why I'm Not A Mummer ...
Can someone please explain to me the attraction of the mumms? Maybe I'm just more comfortable in the blog environment because of its relative civility. But I can't just help think that the mumms are a cross between "Lord of the Flies" and "The Waterboy" ** Ketch's impersonation of a mumm below ** Help me make up my mind: Do these jeans make my ass look fat? Yay = A japanese whaling ship is following you Nay = Supermodel -------------------------------- #1LinkinParkFan - You effin' fat whore. Why are you here mumming instead of on the treadmill???? HamFisted2010 - THIS ISN'T A MUMM!!! I'M HAVING YOUR GLOBALS REMOVED!!!! (whatever those are) JoJo - I went shopping yesterday. BlastUinFace - Hey, check out MY ass in my NSFWs!! Cornholeya - sup ladies?? CrystalTemptress - what did you buy JoJo? SteamTrainLuvin - EFF YOU PIGGY!!!! WHERE'S MY CONCH SHELL????? BlastUinFace - Who likes my ass? JoJo - I bought yams. SouljaBoy9inches - This mumm
Why I Love The South!
Why i love the SOUTH! 1. That farm boy you see at the gas station did more work before breakfast than you do all week at the gym.2. It's called a "gravel road." No matter how slow you drive, you're going to get dust on your Lincoln Navigator. Drive it or get it out of the way!3. The red dirt -- it's called clay. Red clay. If you like the color, don't wash your car for a couple weeks -- it'll be permanent.4. We all started hunting and fishing when we were seven years old. Yeah, we saw that Bambi movie, too. We got over it.5. Go ahead and bring your $600 Orvis fly rod. Don't cry to us if a flathead breaks it off at the handle We have a name for those little 13-inch trout you fish for: bait.6. Pull your pants up! You look like an idiot.7. If that cell phone rings while a bunch of mallards are making their final approach, we will shoot it. You might want to ensure it's not up to your ear at the time.8. No, there's no "Vegetarian Special" on the menu. Order steak. Order it rare. Or, yo
Why I Have Been Gone, Or Just Disappeared.
As most of my friends I thought I had knew I was Type 1 Diabetes.(I am pose to take an insulin shot everyday) The reason I have not been here is because I was in a car accident. I wasnt takin care of myself properly and I had been feeling bad and letting somethings in life bother me. Well when you dont take your medicine and you have all this stress in life on you this is what happens. Early symptoms of hypoglycemia may include: Confusion Dizziness Feeling shaky Hunger Headaches Irritability Pounding heart; racing pulse Pale skin Sweating Trembling Weakness Anxiety Without treatment, more severe hypoglycemia symptoms may develop, including: Headache Feeling irritable Poor coordination Poor concentration Numbness in mouth and tongue Passing out Nightmares or bad dreams Coma And I had been having a few of these, So I was going to go into doctor, I should not have been driving at all. I passed out and hit this man,Thank god we are both ok and Emm
Why? Its A Old!
Heather hey do you have yahoo? 5:09pmGreg i never use it 5:09pmHeather ah 5:10pmHeather have some pics for you to see 5:11pmGreg of? 5:12pmHeather I totally found out who "Jaymee" really is...the pics she said were of her are really of her niece Brittnee I go onto her younger nieces page (nikki) and she had them all over of her and her sister brittnee (That jaymee said was her) 5:15pmGreg I really dont care anymore, and if this is the only thing you want to talk about.. 5:16pmHeather um ok...just thought it would give you piece of mind sorry 5:16pmGreg it was over a year ago ffs 5:17pmHeather ffs? 5:17pmGreg for fucks sake 5:17pmHeather um...ok sorry 5:18pmGreg shes a crazy lying cunt, we know this... 5:18pmHeather yeah.. just messed up she was sending pics of someone under age...but its all good anyway 5:22pmGreg so you say that your friend tyson and her got married... and he never sent you any pics? 5:25pmHeather He was deployed for a year. She said
Why I Am Taking A Break.....
Those who know me know that I have been through HELL and back 3 times this past year. I have been hurt and I have smiled and all of it all over again.  I have decided that I need to fix me and mine and F*ck the world if I need to but for so many years it has been about everyone else not me. I was beatin and abused, lied to and cheated on for 10 years and Im not even 30 yet. My Ex Husband is in jail and deserves to stay there. I took that opportunity to fix myself and my children. In order to do that I need to leave Fu alone for a while. I have so MANY MANY friends on here who have my heart and I hope theirs as well. They know how to get me if they need me but Fu needs to wait. For the first time in a long time I AM FIRST!!!! In 2 months I move to Phoenix. Thats a new life for me. Erase the past and begin to sketch my future, Those that I need will still be there and those I dont need can keep it movin. I love my friends and fam and those who have stolen my heart and friendship TH
Why Is It So Hard To Find A Goddamn Job???
i live in jacksonville flordia and this shit is just ridiculous! i mean damn ive been looknig for a job for like 8 months and still havnt found one! maybe i should just go back to fucking school. but apperently that wouldnt really help either exceot that i would get money while i go..... so what happens when i cant get a damn job after that. back to where i motherfucking started. how the hell is a person suppose to live and take care of themselves in this damn supposed "deppression". its like if you dont know somebody then your never gonna get anywhere. and right now all my friends dont have jobs either. so wtf am i suppose to do?? ok well if anybody knows of anything other then taking my fucking clothes off for money then please let me kno. im really needing it.
Why I'll Never Win Fubar
Yeah I know it's an extension of my About Me...I don't care. I suck at Fubar cuz: - I don't do simpering idjit - Hell I don't even do nice most days - I don't give a flying proverbial about points, levels, cliques, or games - I haven't had a lobotomy - I'm unable to ignore multiple contradictory lies and give the attention demanded - I can't check in my morality when I login - I like wit, intellect, honour and integrity - I can't pretend someone's hot when they look like the backside of a mule...that's been hit by a bus - I can't fake bullshit to make people feel sorry for me - I have REALLY MEAN FRIENDS - My ability to be nice to someone isn't influenced by their ability to bling me - My idea of sophistication is NOT putting a paper napkin under my Moonpie - I couldn't care less what size your cock is, particularly as you've apparently mistaken 'having a big cock' with 'being a big dick' - I don't use my unhappiness as an excuse to hurt or manipulate others - I'm not u
Why I Will Always
I will always treat fubar as a game I will flirt, with all shapes, colors and sizes of women. I will engage in fuownership, if you don't like it (fu)! I will write mumms and blogs, just to make others laugh, and forget their problems. I will use Yiddish and Hebrew in my writing. I will supply a glossary or the meanings when I use them I will not hide my Jewishness,  if you don't like it get off of my page! I will not engage in drama on fubar, life is too short!
Why I Don't Go To The Gym...
This is dedicated to everyone who ever attempted to get into a regular workout routine Dear Diary,For my birthday this year, my husband purchased a week of personal training at the local health club.Although I am still in great shape since being a high school football cheerleader 43 years ago, I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and give it a try.I called the club and made my reservations with a personal trainer named Christo, who identified himself as a 26-year-old aerobics instructor and model for athletic clothing and swim wear.Friends seemed pleased with my enthusiasm to get started! The club encouraged me to keep a diary to chart my progress.________________________________MONDAY:Started my day at 6:00 a.m. Tough to get out of bed, but found it was well worth it when I arrived at the health club to find Christo waiting for me. He is something of a Greek god-- with blond hair, dancing eyes, and a dazzling white smile.  Woo Hoo!!Christo gave me a tour and showed me t
Why I Carry A Gun
  Why I Carry a Gun My old grandpa said to me 'Son, there comes a time in every man's life when=  he stops bustin' knuckles and starts bustin' caps and usually it's when he becomes too old to take an ass whoopin.' I don't carry a gun to kill people. I carry a gun to keep from being killed. I  don't carry a gun to scare people. I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place. I  don't carry a gun because I'm paranoid. I carry a gun because there are real threats in the world.. I don't carry a gun because I'm evil. I carry a gun  because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world. I don't carry a gun because I hate the government. I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of government.. I don't carry a gun because I'm angry. I carry a gun so that I don't have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared. I don't carry a gun because I want to shoot someone. I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age
Why Is It Always Me
Why is it always me!   Why is it always me The one that is never good enough And the huge disappointment to all Sitting here in this chair alone I wonder when I will fall   Why is it always me The one who picks up others lose ends And tying their lives together With no one to take care of me All this seams so unbearable, so hard to weather   Why is it always me The one who dreams of her final days And counts down till she can begin again The chance for the rebirth of her soul Is again her ultimate sin   Why is it always me The one who fights for her own destruction And never seen for her true good Truth, honesty, passion, all a double edged sword Rising her to the ultimate height then stabbing her below where she first stood   Why is it always me The one so use to the let downs And being told she is the main problem She is so use feelings, guilt, and pain So why does she not understand them   Why is it always me The one fighting for her change And beli
Why Is It That
Why is it that some people think with the head without the brain instead of the head that has one?
Why I'm Never Around These Days
it freaking sucks.. I've lost internet.. and its nearly impossible for me to get on here any more.. and I hate loosing touch *sigh* do you feel my pain? Yeah.. so my life is in a real rough spot right now.. facing homelessness and stuff..  but hopefully it won't go that bad
Why I Love You
It's the way you hold me and all my pain disappears. It's the way you kiss me and I have no more tears. When I look into your eyes, And I know there will never be any lies, It's the way your eyes capture my heart, And I hope we will never part. It's the way you smell the way you do. The way you listen when I know you don't want to. The way you make me smile whenever I think of your name. Now I know I have you, I will never be the same. I love you for everything you do and everything you say. My feelings for you quadruple every single day. I love you with all my heart And I hope we will never part. I LOVE YOU, always and forever And I will never leave you... ever.
Why I Love You
I look at you and find I cannot breatheYour beauty always takes by breath awayAnd when you smile my heart will skip a beatAnd I will feel a  warmth till end of dayYour laughter makes me want to sing out loudAnd dance the dance of one who knows no strifeAnd shout out words so every one will knowHow love from you would so complete my lifeI watch you move and I become entrancedYour grace is such a delight to  beholdIt’s like I’m in a magic place and timeA place I want to stay if truth be toldAnd then there are the things harder to seeThe kindness  I detect  in your blue eyesThe way you always try to do what’s rightThe strength that when required will ariseIt took some time for me to clearly seeThese gifts that came to you from God aboveHow could I not have given you my heartYou are the one that I will  always  love 
Why Inbreeding Is Bad
moorederick: hi me: hi moorederick13: asl me: I have all three. Thanks moorederick13: asl me: Again, I have all three. Thanks moorederick13: age sex locason me: I know what asl means. I'm telling you I have all three of them and thanks for asking moorederick13: hi me: Bye
Why Is He Ignoring Me
Me and my boyfriend broke up a month and a half ago.  Since then I have not heard from him at all.  I have tried to text him to see how he is doing and he ignores me.  I have never begged him to take me back, nothing like that, just hi how are you doing that sort of thing.  He told his mother what a great girl I am yet I am being ignored??  Anyone have some insight so I can understand this because I do not get it at all.  He broke up with me telling me he needed to fix himself that he has a lot of issues.  And he felt unhappy and if he was unhappy he can't make anyone else happy.  That was the reason of the break up.
Why Is It
Why is it that if I put up a default photo of some pretty woman with cleavage showing, it is reported right away, but if a woman has her own photo with cleavage showing, it may take weeks to be reported?
Why Is The So Many Cowboys On Fubar
This for all you cowboys and poser like them. Just because you got COWBOY in your name doesnt make you one.  Why cant you be yourself? Is it becasue you cant let the real person out.  All you posers think i am cowboy let me ride you. well the village had a more real cowboy than you. Get a life and try to be yourself. for the real cowboys and cowgirls more power to you. you all got my respect, but for the posers take a flying leap off my fu$* stick and get a life. I am tired of seeing perverted faggots like you. so if you think your a real cowboy or girl ask the real ones first.
Why I Came Back
Well, I am back. The reason? Missed talking with Shay. But, I am still open to reconnecting with my old friends. But, you have to prove you care that I left. Come find me. Tell me you enjoyed having me as a friend. That's why I came here originally. For friends.
[why Is Cnn On?]
and why the FUCK are we talking about Katrina again?Makes me think back to a couple jobs where all day news stations were the only permissable programming. Usually foxand my single act of defiance was flipping to is the "serves me right"too much caffeine. I'm pretty sure today is going to be on the same bent.TodayLedeux's mask. Maybe a matinee.Big emphasis.I should really call someone about COBRAand I should really ....ohI should really apply for unemploymentbut I was thinking about booty.SoHi Nu is $80Nu is $50HUGE Gundam is 80.Yeah... that's $210 for 3 kits.But ... they're really fucking bomb kits.We'll see what mental state I am after I finish my Zeta C+Anyone for some Gianna porn and more coffee?I think the main reason I'm not inclined to leave my house is ...uhohI'd need to shaveand probably get the stank off.That's a lot more work than moving 10 feet to my recliner and playing Fallout 3.
Why Is It That The People With The Smallest Minds Always Have The Biggest Mouths?
Dear Dumb Bitch Why is it that the people with the smallest minds always have the biggest mouths? And the fattest asses. Bend over bitch. This speech will fuck you. Not that you aren't the community bicycle already. But then againYou must have a very large brain, to hold so much ignorance. I can see your point on some of the things you are saying,but i still think you are full of shit, If you're going say something that stupid you could at least fake a stroke. Sure i could go with the You don't know who/what your dealing with approach like you do, but you should already fully know and consider this.I see that you set this time aside to humiliate yourself, and I have sat back and had to hear about it enough.I would like to insult you but with your intelligence you wouldn't get offended, and I used to think that you were a gibbering idiot. Now, I have a much lower opinion of you.I don't know what your problem is, but I bet what ever it is it's hard for you to pronounce and might
Why I Love The Rennaisance Festival.(not Written By Me, But Definitely Describes Me)
To some, we are odd. Dressed in "costumes", speaking with bad accents, and eating food on a stick. We are the freaks and the geeks. We are drama club, chess club, and d&d players. We are too fat, too thin, too smart, and too socially awkward, until we walk through the gates. At Ren Faires/Fests all over the country, we shine. History majors are not scoffed; World of Warcrafters are not jeered. The more you know, the better. Memorized the complete works of Shakespeare? We celebrate  you. Willing to swallow swords, walk on glass, or attempt other feats of weird, ridiculous, or gross? You are our idols. Play the bag pipes, the pan flute, the ocarina? You are our rock stars. Even better, you talk to us, take pictures with us, and honestly appreciate us. You were once just like us, and you don;t forget it. For that we love you even more. The Ren Fest is the one place where you can be without feeling different. Everyone was a geek, a nerd, a dweeb once. Everyone around was once picked on, or
Why I Didn't Buy You A Drink
I saw this today and thought I would share it. It is the best story I have ever read I think. This man is one like no other. Ladies REALLY pay attention to this story. From Craigslist Salt Lake City 01/12/10:Craigslist: Why I DIDN’T buy you a drink.Here we go again. – m4w – 22 (Downtown)Date: 2010-01-12, 11:55AM MSTReply To This PostSo a couple of weeks ago a put up a post regarding the etiquette of intersexual drink-buying at bars. Lo and behold, this past weekend a friend of mine got burned at the tav by falling for the exact trap that my post warned against. Accordingly, I felt compelled to repost for the benefit of all the beautiful women in Salt Lake who don’t want to scroll all the way down to find the original post. This may be redundant, but I cannot in good conscience let this phenomenon go overlooked. So here it is again: Why I didn’t Buy You a Drink.You: Cute girl at the bar.Me: The guy you chatted with while waiting for our drinks.The Topic: W
Why Is It Always Me!
I wish i knew why it's always me that gets my feelings always hurt. I lost 2 friends today who i really deeply loved until and so i thought i could tell them how i feel and try to get them to understand. Through out my life i was physically & emotionally abused by my real father who lives in the UK now and has always. These 2 friends knew i was having a hard time when i met them and neither of them even cared about me or my feelings or even tried to comfort me anyway they could. They both left me on myself really emotionally sad and feeling not loved at all. I have always been there for my friends but why cant they be there for me? .  It's not easy at all infact you'll be pretty damn lucky if you can get over the abuse because i know i can't and it's haunted me ever since it's happened. After i told these 2 friends my exact feelings about them they blew their pipe off and ripped me up for telling them. I already had a feeling about these 2 ex friends and today they confirmed it for me
Why I Am Divorced...
Why I'm divorced . . .    Last week was my birthday and I didn't feel very well waking up on that morning..  I went downstairs for breakfast  hoping my wife would be pleasant and say,  'Happy Birthday!',  and possibly have a small present for me.    As it turned out,  she barely said good morning,  let alone  ' Happy Birthday.'    I thought....    Well, that's marriage for you,  but the kids....  They will remember.    My kids came bounding down stairs to breakfast  and didn't say a word..  So when I left for the office,  I felt pretty low and somewhat despondent.    As I walked into my office,  my secretary Jane said,  'Good Morning Boss, and by the way  Happy Birthday ! '    It felt a little better  that at least someone had remembered.    I worked until one o'clock ,  when Jane knocked on my door  and said, 'You know,  It's such a beautiful day outside,  and it is your Birthday,  what do you say we go out to lunch,  just you and me..'  I said,
Why Is It That....
(Well being that this is my first blog on here and honestly very few people will even read this, I will do my best to keep it short.)   Several times in my life I have often wondered why it is, that until someone is missing in your life, whether it be from them just not being a part of it, or from illness/injury that no one truly cares? That person just exists sometimes, until they are gone, it is like a realization that "Oh Shit" I lost someone important, especially when someone dies. It irritates me to no end, when your at a funeral and you listen to all these people who where never there for the person crying and all like "I miss them, they were so great, why did this happen" ect ect ect. this applies applies to non death related  as well! Seriously if you really gave a shit why didn't you say something then? why didn't you remind that person how much they meant to you. Why does it take them being gone and you losing out for someone to get a clue about what they meant... Too ofte
Why Is It...?
Why is it that... - ...people run hoarbling and keep their profiles friends-only? - ...people beg for help but don't help you? - ...I have 11 points and can only shitface 10 people? - ...people want to vote for someone with "family values" but elect a goober who says he was hiking, but was actually with his mistress in Argentina? - ...people are anti-abortion, until their daughter gets pregnant? - ...people complain about being overweight while eating a large bag of chips and watching "reality" shows? - ...people believe "reality" shows? - ...peepel posts public stuff with mispelled werds and grammar misteaks and complain when you correct them right? - ...I really don't care anymore about "reaching across the aisle"? -'s such a bad thing to elect a witch to public office? - ...I feel like burning an elephant? Okay... That's all - feel free to add your own.... And go comment on the previous blog entry, please... Rock on! Shawn Additions: Why is it that... - ...peop
Why I'm Cleaning Up My Family Members/group On Fubar Please Read If You Care!
Ok, There are 3 groups on each of our pages, Fans, Friends and Family.... Fans..... these are people we all probably have from when we first started fu/cherry tap/lost cherry or whatever it might have been when we joined they gave us points and now it's needed once you start getting higher up in the levels... so these are probably at best casual acquaintance's and or people who ran past our profile...   Friends....again this is how some of us become actual friends where we interact on an every now and then type of scenario  and then there is Family   Family..... people you can count on to help you level if needed, people you talk to more than just when they want something from you, someone you can trust if they say they are going to do something the DO IT, and in my case my family is people I chat with or atleast trade daily rates and or status comments with....  NOT trying to be a bitch but I kind of feel like if I'm not good enough to be in your family then maybe you don't nee
Why Is Nobody Consoling Me
About my status, how it seems to be backwards and what do I need a tucking faser A. No one cares B. No one cares
Why I'm Up At Odd Hours
There are some person who are called "night owls" or nocturnal person or night person. This could be due to the their circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm tells most animals and human being to wake in the morning and sleep at night. But there are exceptions to these like the owl who have a night rhythm instead of day rhythm. This is why nocturnal humans are also called "night owls" . There are some people whose internal clock runs on a night rhythm. This does not mean though that they have a sleep disorder or an illness. This is just their natural rhythm and even if they haven't slept their internal clock will tell their bodies to wake up once night falls and they are also more alert and active at night. They are also more hungry at night rather than in daytime and most of their sleeping and eating schedules are exactly opposite compared to that of the day person. Some nocturnal people believe that there is something wrong with them so they try to conform to daytime society. The try to
Why Is It.....
Why is it that if u start once talkin dirty to someone, after that they can never seem to hold a decent conversation without getting all nasty with it... And just when u think dam I'm actually gonna have a real conversation and u ask "So what are you getting into today" you get a reply that reads "On my way to work but i had to cum first" really? seriously? Sorry for singling out this one conversation (if ur reading this and know who u are) believe me u weren't the first one today just the "straw that broke the camel's back" so to speak....   So here it is... my vow.... for every one that i know and all the new people i will meet......... until u prove to me that u can hold a decent conversation there will be no dirty talk from me PERIOD!!! I got out of the swingers lifestyle because I felt like a pussy not a person... please don't make me have to leave FUBAR as well....   And that's all I have to say about that!!!   Good'day
Why I Wear My Poppy
The Poppy The red field or corn poppy is an annual plant that, preceding the First World War, grew in fairly modest numbers on the edges of grain fields all across Europe.  It was considered by many to be an insignificant weed of little importance.  Each bloom produces many tiny black seeds which are widely dispersed by the wind.  The seeds are remarkably resilient and can survive for many years. The custom of wearing a poppy to honour the dead stems from a curious regular occurrence on the fields of battle in Flanders and France during the First World War. That war produced destruction at such a level as the world had never seen.  Modern automatic weapons and particularly artillery shells leveled towns and villages and tore up fields and wooded areas into twisted, grotesque scenes of murdered nature.  Often the wet weather conspired to form vast fields of mud pummeled into a liquid ooze that many soldiers simply fell into and drowned in.  It is difficult to imagine how anything cou
Why Is It Hard Get People In Lounge Any More
well if i cant get any one to hang out in my lounges then i may close ever thing up i cant keep all this lounges open if im only hang out in ever one by myseft ty bye for the nite maybe back,p.s.s i remember the first time i join here it seem like u could not stop people joining lounge on here  but this yr seem none join lounges much any more 
Why I Prefer A Dog…
Why I really prefer a dog……………….. We’ve all had trouble with our animals, but I don’t think anyone can top this one:   Calling in sick to work makes me uncomfortable. No matter how legitimate my excuse, I always get the feeling that my boss thinks I’m lying.   On one recent occasion, I had a valid reason but lied anyway, because the truth was just too darned humiliating. I simply mentioned that I had sustained a head injury, and I hoped I would feel up to coming in the next day. By then, I reasoned, I could think up a doozy to explain the bandage on the top of my head. The accident occurred mainly because I had given in to my wife’s wishes to adopt a cute little kitty. Initially, the new acquisition was no problem. Then one morning, I was taking my shower after breakfast when I heard my wife, Deb, call out to me from the kitchen. ‘Honey! The garbage disposal is dead again. Please come reset it.&rsquo
Why Is My Account Blocked And My Name A Bunch Of Numbers!
**FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG**     It seems there are some users who are not playing straight with you about the facts. fubar is for fun but there is also a business side. We do not like to delete or ban good users. Our good users will attest to it. If you are a person who is not playing straight or who has spent over 400 bucks and isn't willing to verify they are who they are, then don't be butthurt or make excuses about this. You are the problem. Clear up your account and quit whining to your friends. If you are a rincarnate, you will be deleted. The following are the reasons you will see people in numbers or banned.  1. They have chargebacks, disputes or are contesting services they have received and used. (They stole from us)  Often times these people hustle people to log in and spend money on them and then whatever friendship they have goes south. The person who spent the money charges back and the account holder who hustled the money plays dumb and tells fubar we are t
Why I Love Omega Speedmaster ?
Omega seamaster watches is one of the most eminent and popular watches in the world.  NASA chosed the Speedmaster, after rigorous torture tests of several different watches, to be the standard issue watch for all astronauts in both the Gemini and Apollo space missions.  A Speedmaster was on the wrist of Neil Armstrong during the 1969 walk on the Moon.  The astronauts of Apollo XIII literally owe their lives to a Speedmaster which helped them with course corrections when an explosion rendered their on board instruments inoperative.  Clearly the “Moon Watch” is steeped in history and tradition, and a worthy addition to any watch enthusiasts collection. Beginning with the case of the omega seamaster watches Professional, the stainless steel case has a blend of finishes applied – satin-finished sides, polished beveled edges. The way the bezel angles outward as it rises from the case is quite stunning.  The case is an ample 42mm in diameter, and is water resistant down to
Why I Should Not Have Wine And Fu .... Besides The Pic Uploads
To odie: odie likes you +235 points! lowered your standards huh  odie: lol say what To odie: lol odie: what gives  To odie: uhmmm nothing ... I should probably lay off wine on mondays odie: lol thought i did something wrong To odie: nooooooooooooo i was attempting to be a smart ass odie: lol bring it hun odie: lmao no worries To odie: errrr done To odie: and you are not the odie on my friends list are you .... dies laughing at least i didnt ask him if he wanted to see my tits 
Why I Should Not Have Wine And Fu .... Besides The Pic Uploads (2nd Attempt)
  To odie: odie likes you +235 points! lowered your standards huh  odie: lol say what To odie: lol odie: what gives  To odie: uhmmm nothing ... I should probably lay off wine on mondays odie: lol thought i did something wrong To odie: nooooooooooooo i was attempting to be a smart ass odie: lol bring it hun odie: lmao no worries To odie: errrr done To odie: and you are not the odie on my friends list are you .... dies laughing at least i didnt ask him if he wanted to see my tits 
Why Is The Zenith Defy Classic Chrono Aero?
    The word “Zenith Defy Classic Chrono Aero” in different brand names is clearly overused – reliable Google the word and you’ll find references from eyelashes and radio-controlled cars to rock bands. But the Zenith Xtreme watch truly is sovereign in the horological realm. Let’s reliable say that during the course of your day, you found yourself free-diving at 1000 meters sunk, and that you had to get to the depthless, engage in a harrowing headlong chase, precisely measure the time within a few seconds when you have to slip past any changing guards, get knocked around in a fist fight (you won) and suddenly show up at a black-tie festive a few hours later – and you didn’t have time to change your wristwatch. Yes, you are reasonably James Bond, and Q decided that, on behalf of make you a watch from the top, he would reliable bring you the Zenith Defy Classic Chrono Aero. Your Defy Xtreme was intelligent to handle total the punishment an ecu
Why I Have Not Been On Lately
Hello all thought I would give you a heads up on what is going on in my life right now!!! I was assaulted by my boyfriend and had to leave home fast and get myself a apartment to stay safe in!!!!  Then stupid me was drowning my sorrows in booze and got picked up for a i need to get my life straightened out right now b4 the fu!!!!  I so miss all of you and much love to you all  and hopefully i will be back soon and on my feet and be a much stronger person w/all of this!!!!
Why I Suck At Email...ect...
So recently I just lost someone I was very close to when I was younger. I've known one of my friends since we were 12 and her mom was my second mom in life. She scolded me, loved me, yelled at me, hugged know like a mom. At her memorial service me and 3 friends from high school stood around and talked of days gone by...things we'd done...stuff Mom would've yelled at us for so it was funny to us.   I look around and every single child in the room has a cell phone out typing away. Now don't get me wrong I text my ass off but at this I thought it would be rude so I shut my phone off. (It was a viewing not the funeral but still) I look at my friends and went...remember when we had to "write" notes out? They began to laugh and on my 2 hour drive home I begin thinking how horrible I was at answering said letters.   Now I have the Internet and it can be sent in a waiting....and I STILL suck at answering "letters".  I think it's because I never know what to reply to p
Why Is The Dina Known As The "slave Flower?"
The reason, in the north, that the dina is called the slave flower has been lost in antiquity. One story is that an ancient Ubar of Ar, capturing the daughter of a fleeing, defeated enemy in a field of dinas there enslaved her, stripping her by the sword, ravishing her and putting chains upon her. As he chained her collar to his stirrup, he is said to have looked about the field, and then named her 'Dina.' But perhaps the dina is spoken of as the slave flower merely because, in the north, it is, though delicate and beautiful, a reasonably common, unimportant flower; it is also easily plucked, being defenseless, and can be easily crushed, overwhelmed and, if one wishes, discarded. ~Slave Girl of Gor~p 62~
Why Is It...
That the top women ask for so much bling and crap, and they get it? I mean yeah most are hot but they won't show you shit until you pay for it.
Why I'm Glad Anne Rice Stopped
Why I'm Glad Anne Rice Stopped Horror movies have always been a favorite of mine. While it has in fact been quite a while since any of them have scared me, I still think they are the greatest thing cinema has popped out as far as a date movie. Nothing beats having a woman jump onto your lap while your laughing your ass off at a man who was just been killed with a toilet seat. As you can tell, it leaves something to be desired in the intellectual field, yet it has everything else I could want in a night out. Whiskey, women, and unrealistic amounts of blood flowing from minor wounds. Yet despite my love of this genera, I must complain about one facet of it. The vampire movie. In the beginning the vampire held a new fascination for us. It was something that seemed unbeatable and irresistible. Now though a vampire is not an immortal bloodsucker from hell. Now, thanks largely to people like Ann Rice, the vampire is just a human who happens to have an odd taste in liquids.
Why Is It People See Fit To Deceive And Hurt?
So just recently I was cheated on for a 8th time. Her excuse was just like all the others, I can't be with a soldier and college student. I feel it's shallow and somewhat selfish for one to expect anyone to give up what makes them happy because one partner feels that all free time should revolve around them. All I want is someone who can accept me for who I am and what I do. It shouldn't be this hard to find one decent female, should it? It seems that we now live in a society where people almost have come to expect to be used and cheated on, or hurt in another way. I for one, refuse to settle into a relationship with the knowledge that I'm more than likely going to be used and cheated on. People need to start treating others with respect, respecting what they do, and take pride in the fact that they're with someone who does what makes them happy. If one's spouse is working and going to school to better themselves and possibly their relationship in the long run, be supportive, don't go
Why Is It??
Minnesota sucks so bad in the guy department, i need to find me a good southern boy that was brought up with good manners and knows how to treat a lady....  really thinking that the men in minnesota only has a few hopefully maybe ill find one of those hidden few on here from my are you really out there?
Why Is It
Why is it the voice of the people is silent... What fox news sells..we buy it.... We vote for american idols in mass.. Presidential elections we pass... Scores from sundays game..we got em Senators voting records..careless about em.. Wake up people and see whats at stake... To restore our true freedoms we must abolishthe central bank!!!!! thevoice   © 2008
Why Is It
Why Invite Yourself If You Can't Be Congenial
congeniality ... there's a word. so much of our lives we want just to be surrounded by people that fit into this category... those who do not fit the mold we mostl likely have them put into other categories that aren't pleasent to hear.... such as they are the small people holding us back/down and it's so easy to put people off by doing just that so I'll share with you like two people that will read this what I had happened last night and what it was that made it suck I'd been moving equipment for the better part of the day, and was already tired from a long drive when my phone rings and it's the woman I am getting a divorce from...I didn't answer.... the first three but she'd be calling until she got me... I answered the call and proceeded to have my head chewed off for even being out to work... I know it's silly but it's what I've lived with... I've been a personal little bitch but have grown a set of late and that's not sitting well with her...well I'll spare you the details becaus
Why I Believe - The Short Version.
First, let me say that this story alone.. as I mention later.. is not by any means the only reason.. it's one story of many. Second.  I was an atheist - or I suppose you could say agnostic - until the age of 25.. it was around then that some very strange things began happening.  I remember the day that I officially decided there was no God.. and gave up being agnostic.. and decided I was simply an atheist, I was at a concert for one of my favorite bands "Christian Death"... at the time I wore a st. christopher medal necklace - I called it my catholic detector.  During the song "sick of love" I decided it was stupid even debating the subject of God anymore.. there clearly wasn't one .. and I ripped the necklace from my neck and threw it on the floor of the bar. -- this was just before the month when things began happening... anyway... It had been a very strange month.. lots of bizarre things had been happening. I had always told myself, that if there really was some sort of highe
Why I Love You
You give to me hopeAnd help me to copeWhen life pulls me downYou bring me aroundYou teach me to careAnd help me to shareYou make me honestWith kindness the bestFrom you I learned loveWith grace from aboveIt's for you I liveAnd I want to giveYou are the reasonThat fills each seasonWhen I hear love I think of youYou are my world and best friend tooI love you because you are so kind, thoughtful and caringI love you because you are so pleasant, lovely and sharingI love you just because you are you andYou made me the man I amThank you      
Why I Oppose Mandatory Drug Testing For Those On Welfare.
"Seventy percent (70%) of all illicit drug users... are employed" Are we testing the people of Japan or did we drug test the people of Haiti, do we test those effected by hurricane's or other natural disasters? No, yet we spent and continue to spend billions helping those who need(ed) the help. Being on welfare does not make one a drug abuser, as a matter of fact "Seventy percent (70%) of all illicit drug users, ages 18-49, are employed full-time."[1] There are a lot of misconceptions about those on welfare, with 70% of all illicit drug users being full time employed that leaves 30% that has to be divided between those who are not working, not working full time, drawing unemployment, on welfare or whatever. That means that the other 30% of users are not entirely just welfare cases. The public view of those on welfare is way off base and although the test tend to reflect on average a good result there are many, many cases where the results were incorrect. To make a long story short
Why I've Been Gone So Much
Here is a little update on why I haven't been around much. I took a job with a company that I worked with for a short time and have been staying in a hotel in Bristol, VA. I am working 7 days a week and have been here at the hotel almost 2 weeks. I work from midnight until I finish my deliveries. Normally back to my room a little after 9am. I haven't had a day off in over 3 weeks. Since I have been here my father has ben in the hospital and I lost my grandmother(last grand parent) so it's been really hard being away. The pay is great and I make a little more staying here rather than driving down each night plus it saves 4 hours travel time round trip so that helps a little. Miss everyone so much, Feel free to text me or yahoo me if you have that info. If I don't answer right away I amon the road or sleeping but willas soon as I can. If you don't have it, your not special! LOL, just kidding, just ask me for it. Leave me love so I know who cares enough to read this. LOL :P   Wally
Why Is The Most Wasteful Government Agency Not Part Of The Deficit Discussion? (repost)
Republicans ignore incompetence, bloat and corruption at the Pentagon by David Morris In all the talk about the federal deficit, why is the single largest culprit left out of the conversation? Why is the one part of government that best epitomizes everything conservatives say they hate about government—- waste, incompetence, and corruption—all but exempt from conservative criticism? Of course, I’m talking about the Pentagon. Any serious battle plan to reduce the deficit must take on the Pentagon. In 2011 military spending accounted for more than 58 percent of all federal discretionary spending and even more if the interest on the federal debt that is related to military spending were added. In the last ten years we have spent more than $7.6 trillion on military and homeland security according to the National Priorities Project. In the last decade military spending has soared from $300 billion to $700 billion. When debt ceilings and deficits seem to b
Why Is Making A Band Salute Important?
Most people came to fubar because we are different than any place on the internet. Since day one we pride ourselves on REAL people behind the profiles. Let's face it, any old man or lady can pretend to be a young hottie and that is kind of gross. The salute is your drivers license on fubar. It proves you are real. It also humanizes your band.  The salute is not very hard to do. This is the official How to make a salute link HGK was the first band to listen to me about salutes. They made this salute and did a video broadcast and a member liked them so much she tattooed their band name on her arm.    Mr And Mrs Sinfully Shadow@ fubar She tatted their band name on her arm. Now thats love!   This is an example of how salutes can work towards your advantage. Hard 2 Handle Im Not Mean Im Real@ fubar Hard2Handle is our top legend on the site. This means she has the most fans. She has been hottest user before and held that title for over a year
Why I Rhyme
I was choppin' it up with this young cat Mario at work today. Mario is a cool young mexican cat that I work with. He's always asking me to freestyle for him and listen to him rap. So today, I freestyled for him about whatever was going on at work and he did the same. After going back and forth in a lil cypher, he looked at me and asked me, "Why do you rhyme???" He said, "I mean, you're probably never gonna get signed. You're never gonna get famous. Even though you're probably one of the best freestylers out, the world will probably never know your name or that you are as good as you are." Without even thinking about it, I smiled at him and replied, "You do!!!"
Why I Love Mom....
Mom and Dad were watching TV when Mom said, "I'm tired, and it's getting late.  I think I'll go to bed."  She went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for the next days lunches.  Rinsed out the popcorn bowls, took meat out of the freezer for supper the following evening, checked the cereal box levels, filled the sugar container, put spoons and bowls on the table and started the coffee pot for brewing the next morning.   She then put some wet clothes in the dryer, put a load of clothes into the wash, ironed a shirt and secured a loose button.  She picked up the game pieces left on the table and put the telephone book back into the drawer.  She watered the plants, emptied a wastebasket and hung up a towel to dry.  She yawned and stretched and headed for the bedroom.  She stopped by the desk and wrote a note to the teacher, counted out some cash for the field trip, and pulled a textbook out from hiding under the chair.  She signed a birthday card for a friend, addressed and stamped the en
Why I Hate My Life
I hate being fat, I hate being unemployed, I hate being poor, I hate being broke, I hate being lonely, I hate having to rely on my parents. When I look in the mirror after I get out of the show I am disgusted by the fat woman I see. I never wanted to be this big ever, it's no wonder why I'm single a guy would have to be blind to want anything to do with me. I am always crying, I can't be mad at anyone except for Lauren, no one else put me in the situation I'm in except myself. I want to be happy again, that seems completely impossible. I'm stuck on my weight loss, I'm on a plateau and my weight goes up it hasn't gone back down in a long time. I have no one in my family going on walks with me or being supportive to help me with my weight loss. I get comments on Facebook from other family members congratulating me on my weight loss, that's the only support I have.
Why I've Been Mia
Simply put; I'm in love. I'm in love with the most wonderful man I've even known. "We found love in a hopeless place"; litterally. Who knew two people could shine brightly enough through all the darkness, shadiness, and bullshit that's found on this site? Who knew two people could sort through the lies, the deciet, and the hatred that fills so many people around here and find each other? He's my world. Life has never been better. We've spent time all over the country together already. We spent a wonderful time in St. Louis and at a Cardinals game so it's kind of nice they won the World Series the year we went to see them :) And OMG NYC is wonderful! lol I'm not around much, but theres a couple of you I do miss and need to get in touch with :P The next year will be very busy for us; some of you know why and others will find out later :P So even though I'm not around much, keep looking for updates here ;)   Oh, and our wonderful pumpkins we carved for Halloween; Adam's first pump
Why Is Our Government Covering Up The Excistance Of Space Aliens?
 If you look at this video ypu will see that hundreds of government workers have stated that there are space aliens. And what people don't understand is that even the President of the US is denied access to this information. JFK was the first President to request this information. He was denied this information and weels later he was killed. Jimmy Carter also requested the information, but was also denied access. I know for sure that they are hiding something. And whatever it is, we have a right to know. And I hope that more videos like this one will be made in the future. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Why I Block Or Get So Mad   this is a short list.   this is why i take it so personal when people joke about trans, this is why i block people who bash me over and over, this is why i fear. i refuse to hide who i am and for that i made myself a target.   i have some wonderful friends and family here, but i also have the most virulent enemies. im not whining or being thin skinned. i am just opening up a little.   on nov 20 we will celebrate the lives of those that had there's  taken. they to chose to live out and proud. but even though some see the comments as jokes or nothing serious, the jokes tend to escalate and become hate, and hate becomes anger, and anger causes people to hurt others for being themselves.     i hope you understand
Why I Am Not Allowed In Walmart Anymore
I was at WalMart buying a bag of Purina dog chow for my dog , in the check-out line when a woman behind me asked if I had a dog. Why else would I be buying dog chow, RIGHT ??? So on impulse I told her that no, I didn't have a dog, I was starting the Purina Diet again, and that I probably shouldn't, because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in intensive care, with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a Perfect Diet and all you do is load your pockets with Purina Nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story.) Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care, because the dog food poisoned me. I told her no, I stepped off a curb to sniff a poodle's butt and a car hit me. I thought the guy
Why I Like To Kill Peoples Buzz's
11:33am reply  sunset: i dont even know you 11:34am more To  sunset: i'm spending my ability points on you! and i'm not asking for any form of payment 11:35am reply  sunset: not me lol 11:35am reply  sunset: my friend 11:35am reply  sunset: and to buzz kill is bad 11:35am reply  sunset: it takes your drinks and lowers your points 11:35am reply  sunset:  11:35am reply  sunset: bites you 
Why I Hate My Life...
"I'm going in for the kill, I'm doing it for the thrill, I'm hoping you'll understand, it's out of my hands......" La Roux   I'm 28 and the life I have, as much as I hate it and have for a while is going to overtake a drastic change.  Currently I am residing with my boyfriend, which I will continue to use that term loosely with him as I feel in my heart that it's over and as been for a while now I just didn't want to see it, I wasn't ready.  Sadly he does not think so and has done a number of things to further trap me and keep me from leaving.  I feel so isolated from people it's ridiculous, he won't allow friends, he always manages to run everyone off that has ever been real with me.  Maybe that's because he knew they wouldn't let me lie to myself when it came to forgiving him evertime he did something mean or insensitive, always telling myself he didn't mean it, so it doesn't mean anything.  Such an understatement.  It wasn't til about a year ago that I realized he is verbally abus
Why Is Life And Love So Hard To Have Together?
 I have been trying to date now for sometime now! I keep finding problems! Why is that no one can except someone for who they are? Why do most poeple have to make others change to be with them? A few of my friends did this whole online dating thing talked me into it, but I keep having the same problem over and over. My profile is all true, yes I will admit I have left somethings out. I feel if you put everything out there then you have nothing to learn about. I guess what I am saying is I am so sick of being single. I am so sick of hugging a pillow every night! I try to talk to the few friends I do have and they don't seem to understand! I have been though so much in my life but the only thing that I can't seem do is find someone to be with!
Why I Feel Like I Feel !
the last time i was treated out to a good place, it was for mothers day before the last one, my son took me to dinner then to a small Casino 14 minutes ago · Comment · Like · View ERL Leuallen 13 minutes ago next state over from us, just small ways over the bridge from us. ERL Leuallen 3 minutes ago that`s sad, when my son took me out to a nicer place then any date has asked me to go out to """ that`s sad """" well i ain`t really been asked out since then ether """
Why I Like Going To The Movies Or My Private Little Hollywood
Now I have been asked why I go to the Movies and paying the money associated with it instead of waiting for it to trickle down to the delivery systems of DVD and Streaming sources. This will be a small attempt of trying to explain to those that ask that. Well... First of all it's a way for me to escape the monotony of crapitude that seems to happen on a daily basis. It does seem like a whole lot of dung has started to pile up lately but I notice that when I'm at the movies, it all seems better for the short time that I'm there. No stresses from work, no stresases from not being able to be more sociable, just the celluloid stories and a Large Soft Drink (with Free Refill) and sometimes a Popcorn if I could afford it. Movies at the theater has been and always will be something that I just like to experience. Second, it used to be a social outlet for me, friends would get together and see the late showing at the neighborhood budget house and afterwards we'd be all jazzed up on the movie a
Why Is It....
Why is it...or so it seems...that the ones you show the most love you the least in return...seem to find you're on top at first, the one they spoil, the one they can't get enough of...they drool over you, can't get enough of you, until the next set of tits comes along?   And speaking of that...what's with these hating bitches out here with their Fuck You attitudes...obsessed with their middle finger...with the words "I'm Not Interested" on their pages? LOL...such teases...and the guys who fall for them...spoil them, worship them, while these biotches give nothing in return...ridiculous to me, how they post pics with their tits up in the camera, falling out of their tiny black bras, or pushed up to their chins...and the guys here respond (as these bitches want them to do)...and they get shot down lol...   Yes I know, I'm a bit of a tease, as is any woman out here who posts pics of herself for men to enjoy lol...but there's such thing as a good tease and a
Why I'm Starting To Hate Online Dating
I don't understand why men have to RUSH. I only meet them twice and they're trying to get me to kiss them or push for sex. I don't have sex with strangers. Just because I have nudes does NOT mean I have sex with every guy I meet. I don't even kiss until the third date, and being pushy and demanding will NOT get you a third date.   I also notice men think since I'm disabled I'm desperate. Um no. I do have standards. I also know within two dates if I'm attracted physically. I have a decent body, I look OK.    Learn to take rejection in stride. I can NOT fake attraction. It's just impossible. I don't care how much money you have, how nice you are, ect. If the chemistry isn't there, it's never going to be.   Online dating is essentially a blind date. I'm starting to think I need to do singles events. Where I can see a man face to face and talk. Online dating removes the most important element.
Why Is The "one" As Important As The "many
THIS IS A DIATRIBE I WROTE ON FACE BOOK,,,A LITTLE BACK GROUND,,,A LITTLE OVER A YEAR EALIER,,,MY EX AN I HAD OUR LAST ARGUMENT RESULTING IN MY ATTEMPED SUICIDE,,,A MONTH IN A MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY,,AND THE EVENTUAL MY BEING SENT TA SW COLORADO,,,,MY SISTER TOOK ME IN WHEN I HAD NO WHERE TA GO,,,THES ARE THE THOUGHTS OF A MAN THAT WONDERED WHY WITH ALL THE BAD THINGS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD,,,WHY DID THE GREAT SPIRIT SEE ME WHEN MY HEART CRYED,,   Morning Tirade March 17th Well now where do I begin?????      Woke up this morning feelin down,,6 days till divorce court where I’m fighting to salvage a little equity from 40 years of my life. Havin been offerd my tools and a few personal  things while My soon to be ex-wife ( the love of my Life and always will be) gets the 7 remaining acres of land, (sold the other 80 acres to get the money ta build a new house) a new  $100,000 house and every thing else on it. 40 years of my life and work  reduced ta “HIT THE ROAD  JACK&rdq
Why I Do What I Do
I chose to become an ER nurse because I thought it would be a job where I would never get bored. The energy, excitement, teamwork and the goal to save lives and the knowledge needed to do this is what continues to drive my daily passion for Emergency nursing. Whether I am the trauma room nurse or taking care of patients suffering from chronic illnesses, whether I am helping alleviate someone's pain from a broken bone or cut hand, whether I am sitting and talking with someone who does not feel safe to himself or to others around him, I desire to pour out comfort and compassion to those around me. I want to be a calming voice in the time of chaos and uncertainty. In the ER I never see the same thing that I saw the day before. Each patient is unique and the knowledge needed to assess every new patient is something that I know I will learn better through time and experience. Some days are harder than others for me to care for my patients but this is my greatest challenge to c
Why I'm Always Sick N In Pain
ok for those who don't know aout me.I have chronic pancreatitis had it for 6 yrs now.I i live on pain pills n is in pain 24/7 some days are better than others.My insides feel like they are on fire n i can't eat or drink anything for a week so i'm in the hospital alot.When my pancreas acts up i'm diabetic usually don't find out until its to late n i'm in the hospital.Because of the paancreatitis it caused me to have hypercalcium which means calcium was being taken out of my bones n put in my blood,b/c of that it caused me to have osteoporosis on top of that i have arthritis in my spine,hips n pelvic i also have scoliosis.SEE I TOLD YA I HAVE MY OWN SO STORY LOLOL I'm always sighned in but not always here if i don't answer you right away i will get to you when i can xoxoxoxoxox
Why I Dont Talk Much
Bc every time i talk to a girl as a friend they brag how long they been with there Boy friends and its very annoying to me.   + I dont talk much in person only threw texts.
Why Is It We Always Fall For Our Best Friends?
Why is it we always fall for our best friends? Is it because we know we can trust them? Is it because we know them so well? Is it because of the way they know exactly whats going on in our heads? Or is it because they are there any day, anytime, anywhere without the promise of kisses, intimate touches or whispered sentiments of love? I think we love them because they are there when there is nothing in it for them except for that little glimmer of hope that maybe someday there will be!
Why I Did It....
This blog today is in case anyone out there was curious about me and why I posted these pictures of myself.... Really I have several reasons, and they fulfill several needs.... The main reason I took these pictures was because during the past 8 years I had lost my sex drive due to family tragedies, huge amounts of stress, and my husband's drinking, and I didn't know if I would ever get it back....then one day about 4 months ago I was playing a game on my phone that had a chatting feature. I was having an innocent conversation with a man that I was playing a game with when he began flirting with me....It was like a switch got turned on inside me and bam! I got my sex drive back full force....I was overjoyed that my body still worked! Honestly I had not felt the least bit sexy in years....You know the old saying you never appreciate what you have until you've lost? Well I appreciate it now! I made these pictures as an expression of my sexual reawakening and to help me feel sexy again.
Why Im Married
Why I'm Divorced Last week was my birthday and I didn't feel very well waking up on that morning. I went downstairs for breakfast hoping my husband would be pleasant and say, 'Happy Birthday!', and possibly have a small present for me. As it turned out, he barely said good morning, let alone ' Happy Birthday..' I thought....well, that's marriage for you, but the kids..... they will remember. My kids came bouncing down stairs to breakfast and didn't say a word. So when I left for the office I felt pretty low and somewhat despondent. As I walked into my office, my handsome boss Rick, said, 'Good morning, lady, and by the way Happy Birthday!' It felt a little better that at least someone had remembered. I worked until one o'clock, when Rick knocked on my door and said, 'You know, It's such a beautiful day outside, and it is your birthday, what do you say we go out to lunch, just you and me.' I said, 'Thanks, Rick, that's the greatest thing I've heard all day. Let's go!' We
Why Is It Always Me?
so i really dont get this but whatever. why is it always me that has to deal with people who love her and then wants to go out with her? because right now. im torn between- the bestfriend,the cowboy,the rocker and the lover. so... like yea... this shit sucks ass because they are all really nice and all really love them. and if i chose the best friend i well lost the lover and if chose the cowboy il lose the rocker and bestfriend and i chose the rocker i lose the cow boy and the best friend and if i chose the lover il lose the best friend, the cowboy, and the rocker... so like WHAT THE FUUUUUUBAR!
Why Is It That We Don't Always
"Why is it that we don't always recognize the moment love begins, but we always recognize the moment it ends?"
Why I’m Not A Smartphone User (i’m An Ipod User)
Why I’m not a Smartphone User (I’m an iPod user) I have a confession.  I don’t own a smartphone. I’ve been a mobile developer for 7 years having started on feature phones, prior to the release of the first iPhone, to the current day smartphone.  Yet I never made the leap to own one.  As a mobile developer on smartphones, how do I justify not owning one? Ultimately, I have come to realize that it just doesn’t appeal to me enough and looking around I realize I’m not alone. A recent article on TechCrunch summarized the market share of feature phones vs. smartphones. Smartphones global market share is only 27%, North America at 63%, and Europe is 51%. Other regions are in the teens. Why hasn’t the rest of the world joined in? I can’t speak for others but I can tell you why haven’t I joined. A big factor to this remains to be the cost of most smartphones and necessary data plans. Carriers and manufacturers play a big par
Why I'm A Twilight Fan
Some people have asked me how I could be a fan of a vampire series if I'm a Christian. Well here is why- Christian supporters of the Twilight series point to the fact that several of the characters hold to Christian faith. Edward's father, Carlisle Cullen, was not only raised by a pastor, but was one himself. The book discusses how his faith actually made him rise above the nature of a vampire to become a doctor and save people. He strives to hold onto a little bit of humanity, and he passed that onto the members of his family.   The discussion of what happens after we die is a central theme to the books, though it is only discussed outright later in the series. While Carlisle believes that there is an afterlife, and that possibly vampires aren't damned, Edward is more skeptical. He believes that they will be punished for what they are, and he does not want that to happen to Bella. It is his questions that makes him confront Bella's cavalier attitude about losing her soul. The theme
Why I'm Feeling Sad
I'm feeling sad because....... I saw a perfect wedding on tv and I know that i'll never be married and have a family.  I will grow old alone with no one by my side. Nothing in my life seems to be working the way i want. I can't control myself from falling inlove with someone. I guess getting older this week just brings out the depressing things of my life. I wished i've never remembered my birthday.
Why I'm Not Like Everyone Else
WHY I'M NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE I admit in some ways i am like everyone else but in alot of ways i'm not so that is why i take offense to people telling me i'm just like everyone else when i'm not really like anyone else.  I like to see my self as unique because even exgirlfriends have said they havn't found a guy like me before and they dought they ever will again they were upset it just didn't work or they would of been with me for aslong as they could. I'm not one to boste about myself since there is always alot of things i wont tell people straight away or at all because there are some things i'd rather forget like half the women i've gone out with i'd rather not remember for my own reasons.   WHY I CAN BE SEEN AS LIKE OTHER PEOPLE? WELL MEN  I can be perverted at times but find me a man who can't it's something we do but i'mnot as perverted as others i've seen. I don't try get every woman i talk too to get naked, i don't try to talk dirty to everyone i talk too, I don't go on
Why I Can't Do To Much On Fubar
K so to get this out of the way, the big reason why I can't purchase much bling or anything is because I don't have a credit card anymore nor I can't use PayPal. Reason why is because of my ex short story I got her a credit card so she could pay her bills and school loans etc etc. but instead she went way over the limit and now I'm stuck paying this loan and now they suspended me from purchasing any credit card or PayPal I have money I have my own house, I own a small business yes I'm young to own one but whatever so that's no issue. It sucks I can't do much because if I could believe me I would buy tons instead of always asking, but when I do purchase credits I normally bling friends or family that do help and u already know who u are. So the only way I get credits if I borrow a credit card which is a pain so that's my story on why I can't do much. Not trying to make u all fell bad or anything ppl asked why I can't do much so I made this. But thank you all who helped
Why I Dont Do Christmas
Not because I'm rude, hate parties or kids. It's because I know it is a pagan creation, not  based on any truth, mainly profitable for corporate retailers. And they're already ballin' outa control. But I do love giving and showing love. I just dont need to believe in a magical dude in a red suit or play simon says once a year to prove it. The World Book Encyclopedia describes Jesus Christ as "certainly one of the most unfluential people who ever lived." And great men have proved it by  what they did during life. So why do we prefer to measure Jesus by his birth instead? Throughout Christendom, most people can recount the events surrounding his birth. How many recall and strive to apply his superlative teaching as found in the Sermon on the Mount? The Enciclopedia Hispánica likewise notes: “The date of December 25 for the celebration of Christmas is not the result of a strict chronological anniversary but, rather, of the Christianization of the festivals of the winter so
Why Isn't Something Different??
Thought I might give you some simmering time. Simmering time is good for everyone. Stewing in your own juices, sounds interesting in itself. I have been finding and fixing. One more reason I would like to find someone I could trust. Love isn't just love and care, trust is a simple request. If you can't trust your soulmate, who the hell are you suppose to trust.  If I place my heart in someones reach, I would like to think that he trusts me. I wouldn't run or use him in any way. I would like to have money but I want to earn that money, not steal or gamble. I want a safe and secure relationship. Just kinda like I hope heaven is; I want to walk on clouds. I do not mean carried across the through the door way. I wouldn't wish that burden on my worse enemy. Just incase you didn't know, I might screw up sometimes. I would like to ask that you can just look past the screw ups, because its not meant to happen. I look past the mistakes of many. I really do hope that as adults, we all can do t
Why Is It Guys Send Drinks To Obviously Straight Men?
I will post questions I ponder while I visit FU. This one has to be the most anoying - any answers?
Why I Love To Push Hugs And Want You To Help.
I am a pusher of drugs and I try to spread joy with them. I haven' t always been like this. I was a "touch me not" person. Then a few weeks ago my feelings were hurt. It doesn't matter who, how, or why. I was goint to do my usual runaway from the problem. I collected a few numbers from friends and was really serious about leaving fubar. Now you may not think that is a big deal, and frankly I didn't think so either. But suddenly fu-friends started telling me that I shouldn't leave --they didn't ask what was going on or any of that nosey crap, they just told me I should not let people that aren't involved in my real life chace me away. They started sending me hugs and little messages about how much they liked me and what a nice person they thought I was. Let me tell you this, I was overwhelmed. and I started to rethink a lot of things. That night a very good family friend for many years died unexpectedly. While I was comforting her greiving family I realized that a hug, be i
Why Is It
Why I Hate Barack Hussein Obama
Why Is This???
Every day I feel myself Slipping farther and farther away. No one seem’s to notice or care Why is this??? I try so fuckin hard to keep my head above water, and scream for help. But no one seems to wanna listen. Why the fuck is this? I am some one! But to other I am a no one. I am a piece of shit. That the world can do without. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be! Cause the way I’m looking at it, The world does not need Another piece of shit To add to a wasted list. WHY IS THIS??? So this is how I feel I outta make myself invisible for ever Who the fuck would care?? From what i can tell NOT A FUCKING PERSON
Why Is It So Hard To Find Love?
I'm in need of a bit of help. I'd like to ask all the couples on Fubar about true love. How many couples are currently having a great love life? How many has found true love within their partner's eyes? Well, I myself am in search of true love. I've found someone & yet praying to God that she could be my true love.
Why Is Boston 'terrorism' But Not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson And Columbine?
Can an act of violence be called 'terrorism' if the motive is unknown? Two very disparate commentators, Ali Abunimah and Alan Dershowitz, both raised serious questions over the weekend about a claim that has been made over and over about the bombing of the Boston Marathon: namely, that this was an act of terrorism. Dershowitz was on BBC Radio on Saturday and, citing the lack of knowledge about motive, said (at the 3:15 mark): "It's not even clear under the federal terrorist statutes that it qualifies as an act of terrorism." Abunimah wrote a superb analysis of whether the bombing fits the US government's definition of "terrorism", noting that "absolutely no evidence has emerged that the Boston bombing suspects acted 'in furtherance of political or social objectives'" or that their alleged act was 'intended to influence or instigate a course of action that furthers a political or social goal.'" Even a former CIA Deputy Director, Phillip Mudd, said on Fox News on Sunday that at this po
Why Isn't New Orleans Mother's Day Parade Shooting A 'national Tragedy'?
Th e media seems to forget about New Orleans and any place that the middle class can't easily relate to. By David Dennis On 3 September 2005 – less than a week after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast – I began to understand that America cared little about what was happening in New Orleans. I was an undergraduate at Davidson College in North Carolina at the time, worried out of my mind because my family in Mississippi was still without electricity and friends and family in New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast were still missing. The images of families stranded on rooftops were trickling in via news outlets, but it was obvious that the response from the government would be slow. But it really hit me on 3 September. I was driving around and noticed all the American flags at half-mast. Because Supreme court chief justice William Rehnquist died. At the time, the Gulf Coast death toll was rumored to be in the thousands with nobody knowing for sure. But flags
Why I Am Not A Feminist.
A reply to a conversation I had with a feminist.I will be the first to not lump all of one group of people into a definition, but the fact of the matter is that feminist theory is built upon the hated of men. 'Patriarchy' theory is the core tenet of feminism, which states that men are in control and act in a manner to further the interests of other men via the subjugation of women. Feminists claim 'we don't hate men, we hate the 'patriarchy'!' Except that ALL men, by virtue of being born male, are members of the patriarchy. Feminists then try to claim that the 'patriarchy' hurts men too, even though it makes no sense that the it would hurt men if it's goal is to further the interests of men... But my favorite part is that a study was done that showed that nearly 100% of the time, women thought and acted in a manner that benefitted other women, while at least 75% of the time, men thought and acted in a manner that benefitted... wait for it... WOMEN! Since the dawn of time, society has h
Why I Feel Sad ?
i`m living in island of cyprus! most people just want me for one night stand ! they fin my body very sexy and still they want just for the night!  i need only 5 min before i get in disko club and 15 woman came to ask me if im available ! most people will feel really happy why i dont fill good ?  i feel like candy when the tast gone they going also :) i dont know what to say :)
Why Is It ?
why is it when u say something to someone the whole dam worlds knows? Not only is it that one person u think u can trust but its also when u talk to family they still will go n tell all. if i wanted the world to know i would tell the dam world! what u think do u think the people should do? should they keep their mouth closed ? 
Why Is Kerala Opt As The Top Romantic Honeymoon Gateway
Kerala the state in South India is a wonder in itself. Known to the world as God’s Own Country, this beautiful and gorgeous state of South India is world renowned for its pleasant atmosphere, emerald green beauty, sightseeing places, Ayurveda, culture, heritage, beaches, backwaters, wildlife and so on and so forth. The state is quite popular among national as well as international tourists and honeymoon couples. There are several reasons that couples choose Kerala for a romantic honeymoon and from the many reasons few of them are highlighted as below. To Know More Just Click Away…. • Kerala is home to natural wonders. It has one of the unique treasures of nature known to the world as backwater. Backwaters are the backbone of Kerala and most of the couples choose backwater as their honeymoon destination as they get to enjoy romantic time in privacy slowing sailing on a traditional luxury houseboat.
Why Industrial Trucks Are Important For Your Mining Business
The mining industry is a demanding line of business to work in which means that a mining business owner or mining site manager will need to find the right industrial trucks specifically designed for mining sites. If you are trying to find a good source of industrial trucks for your specifications it is advisable to visit a dealership known for truck sales Western Australia. Here you might be able to get information on the right spare parts Australia supplier as well in case you need service truck repairs in the future.   A truck sales Western Australia dealership could also be a good place to inquire regarding training for your mining equipment drivers. This could cover various mining vehicles including water trucks. It is important that your drivers get adequate training to avoid mining site accidents that could harm both driver and vehicle. You may also have to inquire if the truck dealership serves as a        spare parts Australia hub for the trucks and other mining vehicles used
Why I've Been Mia Lately 09-09-13
So,   Some of you may have (or may not have) noticed that this last few weeks (or months really) I have not been around much. Probably none of you really cares or probably more accurately no one really noticed, but there are a number of reasons for this, for those who are interested.   I'm currently enrolled in a 10 week (once a week) course that will not end, until late October, so, there's that.Some (probably most) of you know that I'm a mother of three children, the oldest of which, has Right Hemi-Paretic Cerebral Palsy. What this means is that his intellect is NOT affected, his body however, is. He has right-sided weakness that runs the length of his body, and he also has a leg length discrepancy on that side (one leg is shorter than the other). He will have this for the rest of this life, and requires a lot of therapy sessions, special bracing and casting, and several neurological appointments to check on his brain functioning and make sure that he's not at risk for seizures a
Why I Have Been Away So Much Of Late
Ok, i haven't done this in a while, but here is an update. After many different kinds of scans in the last 6 to 12 months (MRI's, ct's, x rays etc),... it has been found that i have degeneration at disc c6 level. Not only does this date back, as far as i have found documented so far, to 2008, but because of this, i am now developing further complications, such as scoliosis, bulging disc & compressed nerve. I refuse to go back & see the surgeon that did my spinal fusion because he had read my results & reports, he would never have put the fusion where he did (to add to that he has permanently paralyzed the right hand side of my larynx, to the point have so far had an implant put in & a further procedure to open the narrowing vocal chord so my GP agrees with me on this) & have therefore been referred to a neurosurgeon from the Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne. Unfortunately he has closed his books for the rest of this year to public patients so has referred me to his colleagues at the Alfre
Why I Am Here, Why Im Unknown
our jobs as humans is to learn and grow from each other through sharing, communication, experiences, and human interaction.   i set up this page to screen those people that are merely interacting based on looks, appearance, or general location.  to find out whos real, and whos not? that being said my main profile has some images that people do not understand, they are missing out on a great human and person who just might open your eyes of perception and change the way you think or act, im all about changing the world, one person at a  time.  so this will be a prescreening page, interact with me here and enjoy me for me, you get on my profile, which is a priveledge and a blessing, im very good to my people and a uniqque, sweet funny blast of life.  i can also be a little silly here aand have some fun saving the worls, some of my friends are here and know its me, join the minion, let me be your hero, or just save me from this utter existance.  i know about abuse, and depression.  i also
Why Isn’t It Ever Enough?
  My heart breaks every time you hang up My heart skips a beat every time I see your name Every whisper of your voice gives me chills My knees weaken in your presence Every time you look at me I melt Even in my darkest times you still come like a light Shining in my world making each day better There are some days I don’t want to continue on But you are there pulling me up again So can someone tell me why love is never enough?
Why I'm Pissed 8 Reasons
1.) My points the last 2 days are like this All of your points are currently boosted by an extra 0% Bang up to more people to reach 125% consecutive bonus!!   2.) Lost 13 freeking crushes and they wont say why   3.) lost over 100 friends   4.) Have a bunch of my pics of me and not me ripped or just stolen and fubar wont do shit about it   5.) I rate and like everyone day and night and for what? Nothing   6.) All these assholes that want rates and likes but wont rate and like back   7.) People keep commenting on my comment never doing anything back   8.) B*tches keep asking for drinks but wont do shit
Why Justify?
Some people annoy me. I had to quit my job today due to the risks that were involved with my health... I have chronic asthma and a really bad lower back. With the work I was having to do PLUS the cold, it just wasnt good. So, I picked up a side job selling Avon and Mark. (both online and IRL) until I can get myself into another part time job. Yet SOME people seem to feel the need to have me justify my fucking actions. Why? Shouldnt my reason be enough? I am not the type of person to up and quit a job. I LIKED my job, but my health wasnt worth it. Simple.
Why Just Tell Me Why !!
I just wanna know WHY??? Why do men play games?? If ur feelin a female & start catchin feelings wats wrong wit that?? R u putting up a wall cus uve been hurt b4 or wat?? Damn cant u just b real with us just ONCE would ya!! Why u gotta play mind games with us all the time?? WHY DAMN IT!!! I try 2 b true 2 this guy like I always am 2 a man & I find out some scandalous info on him. ONCE AGAIN I GET PLAYED LIKE SPADES & GET SET 4 REAL! He has lied 2 me about a girl he had a sexual realtionship with in the past, talking 2 his ex girlfriend in his hometown that he just left & moved here (not the same girl), & he tried 2 holla @ my friend!! WTF IS HE TRYIN 2 DO MAKE A BITCH SNAP & F*** HIM UP OR WAT??? Then hes saying NO I aint tried 2 holla @ her & I dont want nothing 2 do with my ex we just talk on the phone, & he supposedly aint doin ?? with the girl!! BITCH PLZ I AINT BOO BOO THE FOOL. I TRY NOT 2 GET CAUGHT UP BUT 2 B HONEST I DID CATCH SUM FEELINGS (DIDNT WANT 2 B I DID). HE DENIES EVER
Why Judge People??
Wow, I am amazed at how intelligent some people really are, they have nothing better to do then to sit and judge people they dont even freaking know. You are nothing else but a pathetic loser if you base someones intelligence solely on their looks.. since when does your outside have any association with your inside or your brain? This is wrong in so many ways that I can not even believe that I am bringing this up but unfortunately the world is much worse than I thought.... so it pretty much forced me to. Maybe the world is more stupid then what I thought or maybe I was never surrounded by such people until I explored all sort of different people that otherwise I would have not even known they existed. Sometimes, I decide to go to that persons profile to see what they are all about and 99.9% of the time.. you are able to tell that they come from a very different life style then I do, totally differently brought up than I was. I don't sit and judge people, that is left to
Why- Jason Aldean
It's 3 AM and I finally say I'm sorry for acting that way I didn't really mean to make you cry Oh baby, sometimes I wonder why CHORUS Does it always have to come down To you leaving Before I'll say "I love you" Why do I always use the words That cut the deepest When I know how much it hurts you Oh baby why, do I do that to you I know I'd never let you walk away So why do I push you 'til you break And why are you always on theverge of good-bye Before I'll show you how I really feel inside CHORUS Does it always have to come down To you leaving Before I'll say "I love you" Why do I always use the words That cut the deepest When I know how much it hurts you Oh baby why, do I do that to you Why do I always use the words that cut the deepest When I know how much it hurts you Oh baby why, do I do that to you Why do I do that to you
Why Joe Wins
you see, its like this: no matter what happens something will work out in my favor. i shouldn't be here. for lack of a better way to put it, i've used two continues already. most people dont even get one. apparently im here for a reason. a reason that has only recently become clear to me. i wont go into details, but im supposed teach people the way. like qui-gon or yoda. green jedi. yeah, anyway. theres something else that lets me win, also. it involves things that are of a classaified nature. maybe a story for another time. laters
Why.. Jason Aldean
It's 3 AM and I finally say I'm sorry for acting that way I didn't really mean to make you cry Oh baby, sometimes I wonder why CHORUS Does it always have to come down To you leaving Before I'll say "I love you" Why do I always use the words That cut the deepest When I know how much it hurts you Oh baby why, do I do that to you I know I'd never let you walk away So why do I push you 'til you break And why are you always on theverge of good-bye Before I'll show you how I really feel inside CHORUS Does it always have to come down To you leaving Before I'll say "I love you" Why do I always use the words That cut the deepest When I know how much it hurts you Oh baby why, do I do that to you Why do I always use the words that cut the deepest When I know how much it hurts you Oh baby why, do I do that to you Why do I do that to you
Why Judge Before Knowing?
As the old saying goes....don't judge a book by its cover. For some reason, apparently some of my friends have the wrong idea of me. I ask about becomeing a Dragon Princess and next thing I know....I don't hear from them for awhile. As for my Dragon Princesses folder, it is marked NSFW for some of the pics. But if you look at the pics they are not pornographic or nasty. They are pics I ask if I can post. And I see them as very attractive and why not show the beauty when it is there? Nothing for noting, but if you didn't want people to see them you wouldn't have posted them. All I am doing is puting out more exposer for others to see. And comments I have added to these pics in thier profile are not nasty and perverted as MOST of the other comments I have seen posted. My comments are fun and sometimes witty....but hardly offensive. So please don't judge me by my albums untill you know what they are about. Thank-You Dragon Lord
Why Judges Drink...
These are from a book called "Disorder in the American Courts", and are things people actually said in court, word for word , taken down and now published by court reporters who had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking place. _____________________________________ ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active? WITNESS: No, I just lie there. ______________________________________ ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact? WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks. ______________________________________ ATTORNEY: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all? WITNESS: Yes. ATTORNEY: And in what ways does it affect your memory? WITNESS: I forget. ATTORNEY: You forget? Can you give us an example of something you forgot? _____________________________________ ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that morning? WITNESS: He said, 'Where am I, Cathy?' ATTORNEY: And why did that upset you?
Why Jerry Yang Of Yahoo Is Stepping Down; In His Own Words.
Stepping down Posted November 18th, 2008 at 9:09 am by Jerry Yang, CEO & Chief Yahoo Number of Comments 16 Comments / Filed in: Trends & News As you’ve no doubt already read, I’ve decided that I will step down from my role as Chief Executive Officer after my successor has been selected. Ever since founding Yahoo! with David Filo 13 years ago, I’ve been passionate about this company, its brand, its employees, and the millions of people around the world who consider it their online home. That’s why I accepted the Board’s request to become CEO in June 2007, taking on the challenge of transforming Yahoo! at a time when the industry was evolving quickly and we needed to rethink and restructure our business. And despite the tough external environment that we face, I truly believe we’ve made tangible progress in bringing our strategic vision to life. Most significantly, we’ve rewired our entire network to create a Yahoo! that has opened its doors to outside publishers and devel
Why Jesus Is Better Than Santa Claus
Why Jesus is better than Santa Claus Santa lives at the North Pole ... JESUS is everywhere. Santa rides in a sleigh ... JESUS rides on the wind and walks on the water. Santa comes but once a year ... JESUS is an ever present help. Santa fills your stockings with goodies ... JESUS supplies all your needs. Santa comes down your chimney uninvited ... JESUS stands at your door and knocks, and then enters your heart when invited. You have to wait in line to see Santa ... JESUS is as close as the mention of His name. Santa lets you sit on his lap ... JESUS lets you rest in His arms. Santa doesn't know your name, all he can say is "Hi little boy or girl, what's your name?" ... JESUS knew our name before we were born... Not only does He know our name, He knows our address too. He knows our history and future and He even knows how many hairs are on our heads. Santa has a belly like a bowl full of jelly ... JESUS has a heart full of love All Santa can offer is HO HO
Why Jesus Is Better Than Santa Claus
Santa lives at the North Pole ... JESUS is everywhere. Santa rides in a sleigh ... JESUS rides on the wind and walks on the water. Santa comes but once a year ... JESUS is an ever present help. Santa fills your stockings with goodies ... JESUS supplies all your needs. Santa comes down your chimney uninvited ... JESUS stands at your door and knocks, and then enters your heart when invited. You have to wait in line to see Santa ... JESUS is as close as the mention of His name. Santa lets you sit on his lap ... JESUS lets you rest in His arms. Santa doesn't know your name, all he can say is "Hi little boy or girl, what's your name?" ... JESUS knew our name before we were born... Not only does He know our name, He knows our address too. He knows our history and future and He even knows how many hairs are on our heads. Santa has a belly like a bowl full of jelly ... JESUS has a heart full of love All Santa can offer is HO HO HO ... JESUS offers he
Why.....just Why.......
Why do people get off on hurting peoples feelings? I mean what in the fuck has this world come to....I ask myself is their REAL..Does real exist?..I know there is atleast one person who is real, me......I care about peoples feelings. I hate to see people cry...But Fubar, is a cruel CRUEL place. I sure hope some of these people don't act like they do in the real world. I am always gonna be ME even if its on some stupid shallow site like this. There just is no heart on here....its shallow and shady as  FUCK.............
Why Jesus Is Better Than Santa Claus
Santa lives at the North Pole ...JESUS is everywhere.Santa rides in a sleigh ...JESUS rides on the wind and walks on the water.Santa comes but once a year ...JESUS is an ever present help.Santa fills your stockings with goodies ...JESUS supplies all your needs.Santa comes down your chimney uninvited ...JESUS stands at your door and knocks, and then enters your heart wheninvited.You have to wait in line to see Santa ...JESUS is as close as the mention of His name.Santa lets you sit on his lap ...JESUS lets you rest in His arms.Santa doesn't know your name, all he can say is "Hi little boy or girl,what's your name?" ...JESUS knew our name before we did. Not only does He know our name, He knowsour address too. He knows our history and future and He even knows how manyhairs are on our heads.Santa has a belly like a bowl full of jelly ...JESUS has a heart full of love.All Santa can offer is HO HO HO ...JESUS offers health, help and hope.Santa says "You better not cry" ...JESUS says "Cast al
Why Judge Others?
I hate when people judge others just by what they wear.  Just because they wear clothes that bother you, it doesnt mean that thay are that kind of person on the inside.  I used to dress gothic and it doesnt mean that I was a witch.  If they dress in a tube top and a minnie skirt it doesnt mean that they are sluts. I was always judged by what I wear and felt bad about myself, mostly through high school.  I didnt make many friends because of the clothes I wore and still wear.  Jeans and a regular shirt.  What is wrong with that?   I refuse to wear clothes that I really like because people will judge me.  The clothes that I really want to wear are nice looking but I cant wear them because I dont want to looked at the wrong way.  Wearing hip huggers and spaghetti strap shirts will make many men think I want a booty call but thats not why I would wear those kinds of clothes, I just want to feel good about myself,  thats all.  People are so mean when they judge, why not get to know a person
Why Jesus Was And Is A Liberal
Evans Liberal PoliticsAugust 5, 2012 The Best in Liberal Christian Newsand US Politics Why Jesus Was and Is a Liberal Evans Liberal Politics, August 5, 2012, by Paul Evans (seawolf1957) -- This is an elaboration on a version on the same theme found in Headlines on Evans Liberal Politics. We don't want to proselytize anyone, but.... Everyone has his or her own personal relationship with the God they worship, and some people take most of their ideas out of the Old Testament, believing in an angry, judgmental God. But the God I see, who sent his only Son to die a martyr and savior for all of us, is far more, to me, to be seen in the life Jesus led here on earth. I won't go into much detail, but first, let's see what I have about this in our Headlines: Did Jesus Live a "Liberal" Sort of Life? The "Jesus is a Liberal" website teaches that: "... the historical, Biblically documented teachings of Jesus Christ clearly show that Jesus is a Liberal. His philosophy, based in compassion, e
Why Jesus Isn't Coming
It's government and their patriots. America is ROME and nothing changed. Give a zombie green paper, squaw beads, cow chips and they will Heil George, Adolf, Caesar, Ramses, Kermit the Frog! The founders were White Mafia and today's fancypants, chimp hairdo, con-semen are just the progression of criminal empires, traveling gypsy cults of med/law/entertainment/education-cult worship/indoctrination. Austin is a Crime City as are all capitols and every town and city has their crime collusion dictating the rules at gunpoint and exposing these things and discusssing the Fraud of imaginary lines called nation or state imposed in terroristic activity by costumed thugs, why they MURDERED the love of my life in January making all their heirs targets before I shed this vessel of flesh. Scared ass cowardly gov-fembitches still won't repeat to Reap Heat and do Me on a "T" with ABC123 ( Already Been Crucified One Man Two Sticks Three Nails)_ Just another day on P-ssy Planet at the 50 star tri-col
Why Kids Should Not Be Allowed In Spencer Gifts.
Being "The Best Dad' in the World (according to my 6 and 8 year old sons when I am about to buy them something or go somewhere they want to go), my sons and I venture to local Malls quite a bit for shopping. Let me define "shopping" as it exists for me. We spend about 2 hours walking around the Mall looking at things that I can't afford to buy for myself while stopping at pretty much every "kid" related store to get something for each of them. I don't spoil them with buying them everything...but I've learned a secret if you buy them something (it could be something for a Quarter) at each place you go they never complain. So by the end of the shopping, I've spent probably $5.00 on each of them...but they have two bags full of stuff. They don't care. Also, I finally realized what the Hell "Dollar Stores" were for...Divorced Dads. I love those places. I can go in and buy a friggin' Spatula for a $1.00 and the kids can get crap too. Anyway back to the Mall. We've been in every st
Why Kids Shouldn't Drive High Performance Vehicles
Why Kisses On Sms ?
If u read,u owe me a HUG, if u delete,u Owe me a kiss, if u save,u owe me a DATE, if u return txt msg 2 me, u OWE me All, bt if u ignore, U r MINe! So wat will U do? What is Kiss? Kiss is an upper preparation for lower invasion, that will lead to further penetation,in fast acceleration that will build the next generation. The fluffy cloud may kiss the sky, the rose may kiss the butterfly, the morning due may kiss the grass but you my friend may kiss my lips!!
Why Keeping Summoned Beings As Pets Is A Bad Idea
They may be cute and cuddly when they're little, but they tend to grow. Fast. To something large. You can't flush your overgrown summoned pet down the toilet and no pound will take one. (Trust me on this one. ) Unless you spay or neuter them, they will breed, quickly. Good luck trying to find a vet that will spay or neuter one... The feeding costs are astronomical. New Age shops are very expensive. Oh, sorry, I meant "astrological". An exotic summoned pet is very difficult to feed. Museums start suspecting your interests in ancient cultures rather quickly. Getting them used to gourmet food is a bad idea: there aren't that many virgins around, you see! Cats sitting on the chest of a sleeping child sucking their life-force out may be a myth. With summoned pets, it isn't. No insurance will cover it if your summoned pet bites your guests. They may even eat your guests while you pop into the kitchen for tea. When they nibble your toes on Sunday morning, it does
Why Keep Them
I need a few answers to a few things that puzzle me about joining a group. I understand you want people to fan, rate profile and befriend them. OK that is understandable. My question is when that is the only time you ever hear from people and that is over 90 percent of the people in the group, why must you keep them???? If they never rate you again, send you a comment at least once a week or so, or even yell hi to you once in a while, what the hell use is it having them clutter up your friend's list?? I have rated many people in the group and not even a thank you. All I ever see in the bar tab or in bulletins are whines about rating me, fanning me, comment me! If people would do the same for others as they want, they would not have to beg and whine for that stuff. Everyone has become so dang rank crazy they don't care who they step on, or who has helped them all along, not for points but because of friendship (gee people remember that word??) There used to be a lot of lau
Why Kitten Has Claws
>bigbear: Please feel free to find one of the numerous skanks on this site to type your retarded babbling at ok? I have a headache and your stupidity is making my eye twitch. bigbear: nope just messing dam ->bigbear: not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you? bigbear: u cuming here lol bigbear: i try to be ->bigbear: aren't you clever bigbear: here pussy pussy lol
Why Karaoke Is Better Than Sex
Why Karaoke Is Better Than Sex With karaoke, you're always sure you can find someone worse than you are. You don't feel obligated to buy someone dinner for singing karaoke with you. When you sing karaoke, it's OK to have multiple partners. It's OK to sing karaoke with your sister. With karaoke, you never have to be sorry about forgetting your lines. It's OK to drink too much and sing karaoke. With karaoke, no one will complain about the size of your microphone. It's OK to sing karaoke in front of your neighbors. You'll never feel uncomfo
Why Life Is So Precious
life is precious to us that some times it takes just a littel thing lia baby being born to wake us up and realize that life is to short on this planet .yes i took my female husky haveing puppies to make me realize that life is really precious and dear to me.i love life and all it has to offer me.i know i wrote some things i shouldnt have and i plan to wrecktify that.i just love watching puppies being born it is so nice to see littel ones come in to this world .will my granddoughter was born at 5 am this moring just found out the doughter just called to let us know i think its so cool .
Why Love Stinks
You search your whole life for the right person. Mr or Miss right as they call them. Then you finally meet someone amazing wonderful who you have alot of fun with. Just about the time you start thinking you have finally found in my case mr right something happens and you lose that person. Its all enough to make you want to completely give up. Makes you think you are never good enough for anyone. Like you deserve to be alone I know thats how I am feeling right now. I lost my mr right and he could care less right now that im hurting. So if my mr right doesnt care why bother finding another mr right? This hurt and pain has to stop. Im tired of crying myself to sleep every night because im not good enough for him and I dont make or keep him happy. I've not only spent my whole life looking for mr right but also trying to figure out why everyone says love stinks. Well, its clear to me they got that all wrong love doesnt stink. IT FING SUCKS!!
Why Laugh?
Why laugh? Last night i had a dream. The dream was set on a stage And the stage was set in a theatre. The theatre was grand and proper Lush tapesteries hung on the wall The seats were all of a plush red Silk cords tethered the waiting crowd Wanting to see the play The play of a thousand souls The play of ten thousand smiles The play of a millon frowns The crowds was ushered in They took their seats The lights dimmed The curtain was drawn The stage lights rose And there I was Bound and naked Broken and disheveled Eyes swollen shut From fists of rage Blood free flowing from my nose From the broken cartelage. Scratches and deep cuts From nails and knifes alike. The crowd gasped Then one broke into laughter Which spread to another And another in succession Quickly like wildfire Until everyone was in a roar. THen I fell over And the laughing subsided Until one person shed a tear And that tear hit another Causing her to cry. The entire theatre wept
Why Love?
Why? LOVE We all have loved and lost at one time just listen to me for a min. You love someone when all you want is that person you cant get them out of your head you give up everything and I mean everything to be with them all you want is to be loved in return. Trust me I know I would give up my world to have it all back!!! You know you love them when you see all the little things and yes I am going to get crazy for a min but you will understand little things like when she paints her nails or changes her hair the way she holds your hand lightly moves her finger over yours looks into your eyes you see things on her like a bump scrape or cut she get hurt and all you do is want to tke the pain you all know it the truth some of you are even thinking of your ex while reading this so I say WHY LOVE ITS WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND AND IF WE HAD MORE OF IT WE WOULD NOT BE AT WAR WE WOULD NOT HATE WE WOULD JUST LOVE ONE ANOTHER SO I WILL SAY IT ONE LAST TIME BEFOR I GO TO BED WHEN 2 PE
Why Lies Can Be Bad
Jenny was so happy about the house they had found. For once in her life it was on the right side of town. She unpacked her things with such great ease. As she watched her new curtains blow in the breeze. How wonderful it was to have her own room. School would be starting; she'd have friends over soon. There'd be sleep-overs, and parties; she was so happy It's just the way she wanted her life to be. On the first day of school, everything went great. She made new friends and even got a date! She thought, "I want to be popular and I'm going to be, Because I just got a date with the star of the team!" To be known in this school you had to have a clout, And dating this guy would sure help her out. There was only one problem stopping her fate. Her parents had said she was too young to date. "Well, I just won't tell them the entire truth. They won't know the difference; what's there to lose?" Jenny asked to stay with her friends that night
Why Love Hurts
Explination: I've been feeling really emotional today, and just feel like venting. So I don't know where it will go, but I kinda feel like writing poetry. Take it as you like. There is nothing as painful or as confusing as telling a friend that I'm in love and it hurts. -Why they ask, if it is love, does it hurt. Because I love him, and I know he loves me, but he does not listen to what I need. -What I need they question me? Yes, what I need, the emotional stuff, the petty stuff. He gets mad, and thinks I'm asking for sex. -Sex? They ponder? Yes, the horizontal swing, erotic limbo, except you replace cha cha cha with Oh oh OH! -Oh! They reply. That is what he is thinking, but that is not what I am wanting. Oh the things I want, I didn't think they were much. Even now I do not know how to ask for more. -Ask for more? Yes, more, I want more. I want love and emotion, to be wanted and needed, cuddled and kissed. Is that too much to ask for? -No. Then why is it too much for
~~~ ** Why Lie ** ~~~
so i ran three blocks in a lampblack, humid night to get her gyros, 3.46 plus tax, don't you worry about paying me back. she ran three blocks to give a pale, slouchy man his beatup wallet he accidentally left behind, and came back with yet another crumpled phone number; laughed like she was surprised, her cheeks flushed from running. i told her i think i've found a muse, she thought i said i once worked for the news, offered to bring me home; it's been violent lately, but i walked instead, as always, singing everybody daylight, feeling like a ghost with a ghostvoice, wondering how many poems she's lived in.
Why Life Is Easier For Men
Why Life Is Easier For Men 1. Your ass is never a factor in a job interview. 2. Your orgasms are real. Always. 3. Your last name stays put. 4. The garage is all yours. 5. Nobody secretly wonders if you swallow. 6. Chocolate is just another snack. 7. You can be President. 8. You can wear a white shirt to a water park. 9. Foreplay is optional. 10. You never feel compelled to stop a friend from getting laid. 11. Car mechanics tell you the truth. 12. You don't give a rat's ass if someone notices your new haircut. 13. The world is your urinal. 14. Hot wax never comes near your pubic area. 15. You never have to drive to another gas station because this one's just too icky. 16. You don't have to schedule sex, vacations, wearing that new outfit,etc. around your reproductive system. 17. Same work. . .more pay. 18. Wrinkles add character. 19. You don't have to leave the room to make emergency crotch adjustments. 20. Wedding dress $200
Why Lois Lane Didn't Know Clark Kent Was Superman!
Sure everybody wants Superman. I mean why not. He’s tall, good looking, intelligent, and can leap tall building in a single bound! Why wouldn’t Lois want Superman? Yet no one notices Clark Kent. Yeah he is tall and intelligent He is also clumsy and can’t act right when he is around. And yet he is Superman. Lois like so many other women could never see the potential Superman in mild mannered Clark Kent. They are so very busy looking at what a guy does, what he drives, who he associates with; that they miss the real deal. Clark is every woman’s best male friend. The guy that she can call in the middle of the night for anything. He is the first one to notice a new outfit or hair cut. Because he is the one that has you memorized. He looked at you for years. Wiped your tears. Even talked long into the night about your fears. Women like Lois are so obsessed with what they think they should have they miss what they already do. Why search the world over for someone who doesn’t exist
Why ????(ladie's Please Read)
About 4 weeks ago i was running late from work trying to get home before 12 midnight. As i was walking down the street watching this guy waving his hand up and down talk to this girl and the closer i got the more i heard him calling her a bitch-hoe-slut-and so on. He was really mad !! she just sat there------------------ laughing!!!! She does not see the signs. THIS GUY IS TROUBLE!!!! Ladie's please If a guy Disrespect you --leave!!!! If a guy put his hands on you --leave If he does not care about himself would he care about YOU. Don't have a baby with guy that hits you (think about your child) Don't let him Disrespect,belttle or overshadow you ps I seen the girl on the bus today- she had a black eye!!!!!sad sad sad
Why Less Than 100 This Should Get A 10
This free weekly e-mail newsletter will provide you with the latest drivers, trial software, service packs, and other downloads from the Microsoft Download Center. Your first issue should arrive in the next week. In your weekly mailing you will find: • New downloads published each week in Download Center categories such as Windows, Office and Home Applications, and Games and DirectX. • Featured downloads for specific products and technologies. Visit the Subscription Center to manage your Microsoft communications subscriptions. To view and edit the information you have given us and to manage your contact preferences, visit the Profile Center. Top of pageTop of page
Why??? Let Me Explain
Hello my dear sweet friends, family and fans. I have taken down a few pictures, my garden album, and my handcuffed album. WHY? For those who already know me, its all to do with my marriage and how things have been in that relationship for some time now. Finally, I think my husband has heard me, and listened. He is changing jobs, and going to be home a lot more. Im so excited i could just die right here where I sit. Course If I did, wouldnt be no point to him being home more..haha! Its been a hard few years, Im hopeful we can get to know each other again and enjoy our lives as they unfold before us. So...just bear with me on this one. Know I wont be here as often as I use to be...OR AT LEAST I HOPE NOT :) I will from time to time check in to see whats going on with all of you. I wont however be here everyday like I have been. I also wont be taking new pics for this site, and if things work out for my husband and myself, Ill be coming back to delete my profile...IF NOT..ILL B
Why Liberals Hate The American Soldier
I first posted this blog on another site on November 29, 2006. Disclaimer: I use the word soldier to describe military members of all branches of service. I intend no disrespect toward the members of other branches. I chose “soldier” because that is a more recognizable term to civilians. Being a retired Air Force member my preference would have been to use “Airman”, but most people wouldn’t recognize that as meaning all services. I also use “he” in reference to both genders. Again, no disrespect is intended toward females in our military or their contributions. While I list facts in this article the conclusions are my opinion. “If a young fella has an option of having a decent career or joining the army to fight in Iraq, you can bet your life that he would not be in Iraq.” – Charles Rangel, November 26, 2006 After hearing these latest comments from Charles Rangel, a prominent Democrat and soon-to-be Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, I can’t ignore this topic any lo
Why Life Sucks Sometimes!
Studied long and hard all week for an exam and you got your test results back and you failed and you was like.......DAAAAMN! Ladies...when you see a fine a** nigga at a party...lookin' good from head to toe...he starts to walk over to dance with you and then he smiles with a f***ed up grill...all you can do is shake ya head, look the other way and say....."DAAAAAAAAAMN!" You set your alarm clock, but instead of having it set for the AM time you had it set for the PM time, and you oversleep and missed you class and be like......DAMNNNN! Fellas its like when you're at a jumpin' ass party or club and you see this bad ass braud. Fat ass nice hair du and everything, but when she turns around and you see her ugly ass face you be like.........damn! You get always new messages and friend requests on myspace and facebook, but just of old and horny guys or fat and ugly chicks, and you be like.DAMN! Ladies, what about when you waiting on yo man to call on v
Why Lie
MySpace Codes & MySpace Layouts
Why Live
I don't think I'd want to live, For what is existence without emotion What is life without feeling passion The Harder Faster Stronger, the better.
Why Little Johnny Can't Read
Remember reading all the jokes about 'Little Johnny'? You know, the kid that the teachers are afraid to call on for answers in the class, for fear of what he might say... Well, finally a photo of 'Little Johnny' has surfaced. See if you can find him in the picture! The theme of this picture was, 'Make a funny face'! I knew you’d be able to find him!!! & more.
Why Lie? Why Cant People Tell The Truth?
i feel like i open myself up to these kinds of people maybe, its like i put a sign up and say "hey im easy, im gullable, take ur best shot"....or something to that effect. I recently found some stuff out about the person i cared a lot about. It was very unexpected....never would i have guessed it. I feel more numb today than anything...i found out about it last night..needless to say i spent the night crying, and pissed and shocked, and angry, and crying my fucking eyes out. Im glad i didnt see him last night...because im not sure what i would have done or said to him...i really dont knows...i had some plans...but ive woken up today...after finally being able to pass out...and i feel numb to everything right now...i feel more able to think i can go ahead and try to take care of the problem...i wont go in to detail just yet...but i fucked up pretty bad, i screwed myself over...and now i dont know how to fix it....oh well. im stuck with the problem for awhile so i ne
Why Lt Is A Basketball Country
See the weather? LOL
Why Life Is So Short So Appreciate It While Its Here..
In the wake of the young Heath Ledger.. 23, died Oct. 31, 1993, from a drug overdose outside of the Viper Room in Los Angeles. River was a promising young star who made his mark in Stand By Me. Brandon Lee, 28, died March 31, 1993, after accidentally being shot on the set of "The Crow" in Wilmington, N.C. The son of a legend, Bruce Lee, he was also a rising young star who played the lead role in The Crow. Four weeks before his death, Cobain attempted suicide in Italy, leaving him in a temporary coma, widely reported in the media at the time. Kurt Cobain's body was discovered on April 8, 1994 by electrician Gary Smith, who was to install a burglar alarm in the residence. It is likely he killed himself on April 5. Heroin and valium both were found in his blood. The shotgun blast destroyed his head to the point where he was not recognizable; the body was identified from fingerprints. Cobain was 27. Actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on Tuesday
Why Dont Have To Like Me
what lieing on here going to do for me not a damn thing. iam telling the truth..but it sucks cause it makes you a loner..even my moms to my ex's say i should hold alot what i say back im like no..iam let you have it. so what think i do to stranger i rip you apart yeah we judge hello how many of yall vein people have butterface friends(Lmbao) im use to bullsh8t and smell it from my dsl(cable connection for yall prevs..smh) please stop saying im handsome im normal human with thoughts of a sane madamn cause my ideas are so crazy even they make sense. you want to know my flaw i give a damn for those who dont care what they say. trust me if youre give a damn broke..that means youre too broken to care..move on. i dont know what to make of fubar sometimes this site truning into an adult porn site? and why in the hell you want youre photos private let's see some are kids and some are..? im stop adding people with dum really dumazs name(ex.anything that would sound like a stripper nam
Why Lawyers Suck
not only are they leeches to society they're stupid. last year i was in a motorcycle accident. a 72 year old man decides to stop at a stop sign, look both ways, and proceed to move across the road while i was right there with no stop sign giving me the right of way. so i lay the bike down, get knocked out for about 15 minutes, wake up with emt's looking over me, and i break my shoulder blade, and crack a rib. after all is said and done my lawyer tells me that my insurance company may claim subrogation rights for monies they paid but really shouldn't have (the accident wasn't my fault). now HIP want me to pay out $5800 from the monies i got as a settlement...and it wasn't that much. the fucker told me this may happen. then when they contact him he ignores them. i have no intention of paying them a red cent. it wasn't my fault. ASSHOLES....ALL OF THEM.
Why Love
Why Love by Me While staring into the soul of a beauty Trying to learn what you see Wondering why; just why me Holding in your hands a gentle Dove Like a sign from above Yet not knowing if its love With charm of their devilish eyes You weaken knowing what they imply Like Celestial bodies coalescing in the sky
Why Lie At All?
I have ran across too many beautiful people that just lie about whatever, like its a contest or something. Then to their surprise, as oon as they walk off people immediately say he or she is lieing out they (uknow!) So why keep it up? Life is not that serious that you have to make up stuff to make yourself look better. If you need that much attention,and you already look good, become a rapper. then you can lie all day and get paid for it.
Why Lie?
Ok ladies I am a very str8 up person who respects any woman ... big or small... but when you cant be honest about who you are then if you gonna lie to me about that . Then who knows what else you gonna lie to me about . I was talking to this girl in temple .. her name beauty08 .... Take a min an check her out ... ok ... but you look at her pics an she is absolutlely gorgeous and she tells me that it is her ... so you fall for the voice the pics because that is wht you think .... So she got a cam phone an i asked her to send me a pic an she was a big girl... don't get me wrong ... i like a big girl if she has a good personality but neways the point is ... she totally lied to me about whohe was ... So how can you even start a relationship with someone like that when she liying already
Why Love Matters And Marriage Is An Option
you will not be as good looking to 20 somethings in about 20 years. how about 40? your dating pool is constantly shrinking. you will gain weight in places you don't want to. you will grow hair in places you don't want either. you will think the things you like are still cool and younger people will look at you funny. you will start to reflect more than look forward to things. you will get sick and/or possibly need surgery and mommy or daddy may not be able to take off of work to take care of you. people will die that you spent time with thus shrinking your social circle. you will get stuck in your ways. if you have children, they will grow up one day. if you don't, talking to a bunch of animals by yourself is not cool after 40... it's pretty weird. you will need to share secrets that you can't even tell your best friend. sex, even if you don't want having an ugly car, but it's reliable. last but not least... someone will think you're cool til the day one of you
Why Lie
Okay so why is it that when someone is scared of you they feel the need to lie to you. Why is it that people just cant be fucking honest with each other anymore.... is it really that fucking hard to do?? I dont think so and thats probably why I intimadate people. What do ya'll think????
Why Love
why bother with love? all that happens in the end is pain and suffering so why bother letting your hopes build why bother letting your heart open to others when it gets crushed and ripped? the world would be far better off with out love. with a newfound pain comes a cold and bitter heart one that shall stay cold and bitter for ever more the heart can only take so much so keeping it cold is the best way to ensure no pain. we take each step one at a time and try to live for others try to love and help and share our lives but in the end the esult is always the same no matter how long you know that person you feel the pain you feel the suffering in the end was it really worth it? i used to think so but no more im done caring im done with love im done worrying about life. if my life were to end today oh well so be it i dont care one way or the other any more.
Why Lie
Ok so here is what I wanna know. Why is it that ppl think they need to lie just to be friends with others cause honestly all it does is tick me off so that is what i wanna know. Pls let me know why u think ppl lie.
Why Latinos Can't Be Terrorists......................
1. 8:45am is too early for us to be up. 2. We are always late, we would have missed all 4 flights. 3. Pretty people on the plane distract us. 4. We would talk loudly and bring attention to ourselves. 5. With food and drinks on the plane, we would forget why we're there. 6. We talk with our hands, therefore we would have to put our weapons down. 7. We would ALL want to fly the plane. 8. We would argue and start a fight in the plane. 9. We can't keep a secret, we would have told everyone a week before doing it. AND MY FAVORITE..... 10. We would have put our country's flag on the windshield. ARE YOU A LATINO? HOW CAN YOU TELL FOR SURE? 1) If you have ever been hit by a 'Chancla' 2) If you grew up scared by something called 'El Cuco' 3) If others tell you to stop screaming when you are 'really just talking' 4) If you light a candle to Virgin Mary on the night before your big test. 5) If you use your chin to point something out. 6) If you constantly refer to cereal as 'co
Why Love Hurts
Why Love Hurts Seeing the one you love in pain Physcially or Mentally And can't do nothing Someone you love leaves with no reaseon And rejects all you do to show Your the one for them Someone you love do you wrongTreat you like the floorThinking your supposed to be walked on Showing so much love,And your still invisible Nothing you feel  will ever be a thought Give all your love and they give there's To someone else But claim your the one they love The thoughtsThe smell The yells The love they give The essance The presenceOf missed love Why love hurts
Why Look All Over For A Hot Slut To Date When You Have Our Dating Site!
Why Look All Over For A Hot Blonde To Date When You Have Our Dating Site!
Why Look All Over For A Hot Redhead To Date When You Have Our Dating Site!
Why Look All Over For A Hot Asian Babe To Date When You Have Our Dating Site!
Why Look All Over For A Hot Brunette To Date When You Have Our Dating Site!
Why Live If You Can Die
Why walk if you can run? Why cry if you can have fun Why race if you can fly? Why live if you can die? There is no point, I’ve made up my mind One smart thing I did was leave you behind But a question remains, and that is-why… Why live if you can die? Why wake up if you can sleep? Why stay happy if you can weep? Why keep smiling if you can cry? Why live if you can die? My mind is empty, my mind is clear I still can breathe and see and hear But the question stays and remains on high- "Why live if you can die?" Why talk if you can scream? Why let go if you can redeem? Why follow if you can defy? Why live if you can die? Life is pointless, so it seems Who knows what life even means? So why live? Why even try? Why live if you can die? Why breathe if you can stop? Why stay standing if you can drop? Why live, I ask you, why? Why live if you can die? By Dodge McClain
Why "liberal" And "hypocrite" Are Synonymous.
"To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them" ~ George Mason.Mr. Mason was on to something. Whether the disarmament reveals itself through weaponry, or knowledge, the people are increasingly become slaves to the hypocritical machine known as "Political correctness". Have you read "1984" by Orwell? If you aren't equipped with the words, then you can't think the thoughts.My disdain for the Liberal party is no secret to those I associate with. I have arrived at my opinion through experience in serving my country, working relentlessly to provide shelter and protection for my family and of course, by patiently listening to liberals through the expression of free speech.To sum it up for you, I believe that the majority of individuals that the liberal party is comprised of, is the primordial ooze that leaks from Americas wounds.Let us take a look at a few key points:Liberals demand separation of church and state. Yet vehemently attack the church when i
Why Lie When You Get More With The Truth
ok so i dont get why these guys got to run some lines they know are bull shit...come on just tell the truth...if you only on here to find someone to hook up with come right out and say it....if you are married and fucking around on your spouse let everyone....liers are the worst things ever....i would rather be beat the lied to
Why Lie?
Lying...I know that Fubar is a fantasy game, a social network, a place where you can be anything you want to be, but guys and gals...lying right out of the gate is just flat out WRONG! Take me for instance...everyone who comes across my page, knows I'm married; knows I'm a huge FLIRT;and knows that my marriage is not exactly happy. When I talk to guys and gals on fubar, I'm honest with them. I tell them, "yes...I'm married, yes, I live with my in laws and my husband and stepson, no, I am not currently working." My cards are all out on the table, and there isn't any room for wondering if I'm being honest or not. If you want to lie about your actual whereabouts, fine, your actual age, fine, your employment status, fine...but don't lie about your relationship status.  Me, and everyone would appreciate that you are at least honest on that subject. Why lie about that anyways? Do you really want to hook up with someone badly enough that you will lie to them and tell them you are single? W
Why Me God Why Me???
Kay so heres the great part of my day now.. i go and cook sweet and sour boneless ribs.. and homestyle mushroom flavored rice... with baby dill carrots.. this was all for supper.. i mean like me and 3 kids plus a plate for my sister when she gets off work... like this sux.. i made this meal , call the kids for din din.. then.. they come in say it smells sooooo good.. then eat two bites and then go back outside?.. am i a bad uncle for not really giving 2 hoots about them right now? should i tell them that if they dont come back in and empty their plates that i will not be giving them applecrisp for dessert?? i dont know.. i think i am having troubles with kids.. i need be be calm .. stopp... take a deep breath.. count to 3 and ... HJKWHJWHJHJWKHJKHWWJWJKLJWJ:KLWJ:KLEJWKJEWKJKL SCREAMM like at the top of my lungs for being a dipshit.. like i am trying here.. god damn it.. i hate kids right now but i so want one or six of my own.. is there help for me in this world???
Why Must I Have To Deal With So Much?!
Ok, I understand my life can't be perfect! But why the hell must I live such a hard life?! Seems like every time things are going well, I suddenly trip and mess up, and end up back where I was before...being a depressed girl with no reason to live! I get so many compliments, hearing how beautiful and special I am...but I don't feel it...I don't see it! All I see is a sad, lonely, ugly, fat-ass girl with no purpose in life! I mean, what's so special about me?! What the hell do others see in me that I don't?! I really don't see anything special about me. After all the abuse, bullying, and teasing in my life, I really can't see myself as someone keeps making me feel like maybe they're right, that maybe I'm not worth it! And I just can't get those thoughts outta my head! Why must I have to go through this?! Geez, I hate my life!
Why Me And Pookie Have Been M.i.a
apparently some carzy, fat, stalker cunt thought it would be humorous to send me a nasty little virus via email. 415 of 'em! ERGH! i hope she gets raped by monkeys! so, long story short, i've spent the better part of this past week downloading all the programs i need again, etc. also, me and pookie are in the process of FINALLY moving off of the shitty street we've been living on for the last year and a 1/2. we'll still be in the ghetto, but out of crackville, USA. in the meantime, please keep hitting us up with all the comments and messages. we're still checking LC whenever possible, and are trying to get back with ppl when we can. talk to you all later -juan
Why Men Lie???
1. insecurity 2. lack of equipment below 3. the lie is the image of the life they want 4. because they cant help it, it comes second nature.
Why Me?
Where am I? Who are these people? Mom! Is that you, Mom? Where am I? Why is she crying? I’m okay Mom, really. What happened to me? Last thing I remember was.... I can’t remember anything! Wait! I do remember something! The car. I wasn’t drinking! Who was? Must have been him, the guy that hit me. What happened to him? Why can’t I talk? What are they saying? Why can’t I hear? I can’t move. I have to get up. Mom, why did this happen? She’s crying. Don’t cry, Mom. Dad. Where’s Dad? There he is with.... with.... her! I never meant to hurt her. She doesn’t deserve to see me like this. She doesn’t deserve any pain. They’re all crying now, even Dad! Don’t cry. What is the doctor doing? He’s shutting my eye lids. No Mom! Tell him to stop! I didn’t mean to hurt you. Why did this happen now? Why me? Why me? Oh Lord, why me?
Why Mommy Left Us!
Why Men Sleep With Women Then Pull Away
Why Men Sleep With Women Then Pull Away Current mood: sleepy Category: Romance and Relationships Dear Friends, This time I'm responding to an email I got from a woman who recently bought my ebook. I think you'll "feel her pain" and see why I wanted to respond to her. She's going through that dreaded situation I've seen lots of women deal with where she was dating a guy and became "physical" with him, but then he quickly pulled away. Want to know what's going on with a man in this situation and what he's thinking? And what to do about it? Keep reading... >>>> Question From A Reader Hi Christian I've just bought your book....I'm from Thailand and I appreciated your book so much. Unfortunately, I read the lesson about Thinking in Time Frames where you taught how to let a man wait for sex... but I've already made that mistake and had sex with him. I want a more serious relationship and I told him afterwards, but as you told me he would, he
Why Men Leave After The "honeymoon" Is Over
Why Men Leave After The "Honeymoon" Is Over Current mood: awake Category: Writing and Poetry I'm about to tell you something about love that tons of men are going to be angry at me for telling you... I'll be "letting the cat out of the bag" with what lots of men REALLY think and feel when it comes to lasting love and relationships. And why they're so often afraid of them, or just bad at being in one. But let me ask you first- Have you ever been in love? I'm not talking about the "obsessive- psycho-can't-stop-calling-him-jealous-of- his-girlfriend-think-you're-getting-married- and-he-barely-knows-your-name love. Sorry, you're on your own There's a term for this - a "bunny-boiler" like in that movie Fatal Attraction. No, that's NOT the love I'm talking about. I'm talking about the kind of love where you and a man connect and feel for each other on such a deep level that it's shared in all kinds of generous and intense ways. And d
Why Mommy Likes Disney Land
Why Muslims Hate The World
Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim terrorists are so quick to commit suicide. Let's see now. . No Jesus No Christmas No television No cheerleaders No baseball No football No hockey No golf No tailgate parties No Wal-Mart No Home Depot No pork BBQ No hot dogs No burgers No chocolate chip cookies No lobster No shellfish, or even frozen fish sticks No gumbo No jambalaya No Beer Rags for clothes and towels for hats. Constant wailing from the guy next-door because he's sick and there are no doctors. Constant wailing from the guy in the tower. More than one wife. You can't shave. Your wives can't shave. You can't shower to wash off the smell of donkey cooked over burning camel dung. The women have to wear baggy dresses and veils at all times. Your bride is picked by someone else. She smells just like your donkey. But your donkey has a better disposition. Then they tell you that when you die it all gets better! I mean, really, is there a mystery h
Why Make Me Say It Again?
So, I am struggling with the strong desire to have an "ASS" Hall of Fame in my blog complete with pictures and commentary. Kinda like one of those maps that points out Dennys and Holiday Day Inns, it would point out the various ass stops here at LC. But, my inner bitch struggles with the anti-drama queen who would rather NOT field all the questions, bitching, whining and complaining that would quickly ensue. Needless to say, we are back on my favorite topic on here. The Ass of the Day is the guy who actually comments on the private pictures disclaimer spewing all kinds of "respect" for my privacy. No sooner do I read that comment then a private message appears requesting access to the private folder. Now, as if that isn't silly enough; here is the part I love... When you actually get annoyed with me and say, "why do you post them online if you don't want anyone to see them". Why must me not wanting to share them with you, Mr. Stranger, be reason for a philsophical debate. S
Why Men Shouldnt Dress Our Babies..funny!!!
*from a posted bulletin here at lc*
Why Me?
I have been sick all week......and to top it off, Saturday was my set wedding date. Will I be sad? Probably not. But I will sit, and think...and get pissed off. I have too much going on for me to let myself get upset and sad and depressed. It will cross my mind, yes. I spent 3 years with him and spent most of it planning our future. But in the end, he's done too much bullshit for me to care. So......Saturday will probably be a short fuse day so if I seem snappy or short, atleast you know why. I have more anger then anything else, but I won't be sitting here crying over spilled milk either. My life has went if only that sad fuck would give me my dress back.
Why M&m's Are Wiccan
* MM = Merry Meet * Round shape for wheel of the year, cycle of seasons * Skins are different colors, but the inside is the same chocolate, because we are all related. * Associations with the colors: o Red = South o Green = West o Dark Brown = North o Yellow = East o Orange = For the Solar God o Light Brown = For the Earth Mother (Copper Woman) o Blue = Sky Father * Rotate the M & M: o M = 13th letter of alphabet, and there are 13 witches in a coven o 3 = Triple Goddess, three phases of moon o W = Witchcraft, Wiccan o E = Enlightenment, Enchantment of chocolate * "Melt in your mouth, not in your hand"--God/dess's love must be experienced directly to appreciate. Also, God/dess will take care of you. * Sweetness to remind us of how sweet the love of the God and Goddess is!
Why Me?
Just wanted to say sorry for not doing my usual postings, yeah I'm a slacker. I spent the morning in the ER only to find out I didn't have a stroke afterall, just have Bell's Palsy. Yippie. Happy Monday to me! So, enjoy my smiling pics here on LC ...hard telling when you'll see another one :( Thanks for reading and keep me in your thoughts and prayers. ~~Kim
Why Mommy?
written by babygurllovessweetie Mommy today I saw someone hits their child. Why mommy? Why would someone hit their child? Mommy today on TV they showed people being bombed. Why mommy? Why would someone kill another? Mommy today on the radio there was a store being robbed with guns. Why mommy? Why would someone shoot others for things they wanted? Mommy: I dont know why someone would hit their child. That is called a war,which is started over things like land or money. Because people have become selfish,and cannot see other peoples' feelings.
Why Men Are Just Happier People
What do you expect from such simple creatures!? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be president. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO T-shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station because this one's just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character Wedding dress - $5000; tux rental - $100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood, ALL the time. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. You can open all your own jars. You get extra credit for the slightest act of
Why Me
Why is it the good are alway's the ones who gets the wort of things. Please explain..
Why Men Like Oral........
Non conclusive studies have shown the following reason's men like oral sex: 12% Like the feeling 8% Like the domination 80% Like the fucking silence
Why Most Professions Are Dirty
The Doctor because he says, "Take off your clothes." The Dentist because he says, "Open wide." The hairdresser because he says, "Do you want it teased or blown?" The Milkman because he says, "Do you want it in front or in back?" The Interior Decorator because he says, "Once you have it all in, you'll love it." The Banker because he says, "If you take it out too soon, you'll lose interest." The Police Officer because he says, "Spread 'em." The Mailman because he always delivers his package. The Pilot because he takes off fast and then slows down. The Hunter because he always goes deep in the bush, shoots twice and always eats what he shoots.
Why Me
As those that know me know I drive a truck. I own my truck and now while i was relaxin talk to my peeps on line and playin on LC, somebody backed into my truck. Sorry to those I suddenly left hangin but it was kinda sudden to rouse me out of my sleeper......Ya'll have a good day now ya'hear
Why M&m's Are Wiccan
MM = Merry Meet Round shape for wheel of the year, cycle of seasons Skins are different colors, but the inside is the same chocolate, because we are all related. Associations with the colors: Red = South Green = West Dark Brown = North Yellow = East Orange = For the Solar God Light Brown = For the Earth Mother (Copper Woman) Blue = Sky Father Rotate the M & M: M = 13th letter of alphabet, and there are 13 witches in a coven 3 = Triple Goddess, three phases of moon W = Witchcraft, Wiccan E = Enlightenment, Enchantment of chocolate "Melt in your mouth, not in your hand"--God/dess's love must be experienced directly to appreciate. Also, God/dess will take care of you. Sweetness to remind us of how sweet the love of the God and Goddess is!
Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Women
Why motorcycles are better than women: Your motorcycle doesn't get upset when you forget it's birthday. You don't have to talk to your motorcycle after you ride it. You can choke your motorcycle. Your motorcycle doesn't get mad when you ignore it for a month or so. Motorcycles don't get jealous if you come home with grease under your fingernails. Motorcycles don't snore. Your motorcycle won't wake you up at 3:00 AM and ask you if you love it. Your motorcycle won't leave you for another rider. You don't have to pay child support / alimony to an ex-motorcycle. If you say bad things to your Motorcycles, you don't have to apologize before you can ride it again. If your Motorcycle doesn't look good, you can paint it or get better parts. If your Motorcycle goes flat, you can fix it. If your Motorcycle is misaligned, you don't have to discuss politics to correct it. If your Motorcycle is too loose, you can tighten it. If your Motorcycle is too soft, you can ge
Why Me, Why Now? ( Song) A Work In Progress If You Will...
I was thinking back on my life... and this is what came back... it does have a musical accumpaniment... Just got to write it all down lol.. like I said it's a work in progress... not that good if you ask me... but yeah... these past two years have been the hardest on me.. Why me Why now Why all these things I can't have These things I know are wrong I know I can't have them at all Why me Why now I don't want much Not that much at all Just a little family far away Far from all I've every known a little piece of happiness Is that so much to ask for at all Why me Why now Why this man I know I can not have He's so good So good to me He's got the love of his family So why me Why now Don't just give me alittle taste And then take it all away It's so nice To just be held To know you're wanted Just to know your're needed So why me Why now I seemed so close to everything I've always wanted I push to hard To say hello smile hun, it'll be okay
Why Me
yesterday i lost the love of my life and i have no idea why i feel like i want to curl up in a ball and die if anybody can help me please i would very much like it
Why My Change Of Life Blog Was Typed
My ex boyfriend will be home on a specific date in November, We have been corresponding quite a bit lately and deciding on getting back together. He helped raise my daughter and loves her dearly. I am so confused because he wants me back, I want him back, but I feel like there is sometihng missing, maybe some piece that was lost over time, I am not a quitter and i dont want to lose anything we have to rekindle. I guess one more chance is worth telling if this can ever be fixed or not. he is like a ring of fire for me, sooo hot he is! I have not been with anyone since last october and he was the last one..................SO.......needless to say, I need some time with him, so I may not be on much lmfao in the first week of November.....Ok, enough said........I am going to finish getting my costume stuff all organized. I am going to be a sexy french maid :)
Why Moms Don't Give Dolls To Boys
Why Me
i love having all you guys for my good friends but why am i always talking on the shout out box and i can't get any body to talk to me i am always lonely and alot of times i am depressed i love to talk and somw times i talk to alot of you and the next time alot of you have forgotten about me and i am the one that is nice ane just the sweetest women to all of you i hope you all won't forget me please don't forget me it hurts some times LOVE brenda i am right now depressed no i am not doing fine
Why Me?
Why do I always end up Hurt somehow or another..Wether its from a friend or from someone I love...Is there something so fucking wrong with me?..FUCK..i hate this..I feel sick to my stomach. -Ash
Why Men Aren't Allowed To Write Dear Abby
Dear Abby, I've never written to you before, but I really need your advice on what could be a crucial decision. I've suspected for some time now that my wife has been cheating on me. The usual signs... phone rings but if I answer, the caller hangs up. My wife has been going out with the girls a lot recently although when I ask their names she always says, "Just some friends from work, you don't know them." I always stay awake to look out for her taxi coming home, but she always walks down the drive. Although I can hear a car driving off, as if she has gotten out of the car round the corner. Why? Maybe she wasn't in a taxi? I once picked her cell phone up just to see what time it was and she went berserk and screamed that I should never touch her phone again and why was I checking up on her. Anyway, I have never approached the subject with my wife. I think deep down I just didn't want to know the truth, but last night she went out again and I decided to really check on he
Why Me
thing arent always what they seem with you i come and i listen but always get mad what have i done why u act like this u sleep away cause you insecure i sleep and i dream i wake up and your not there what has become of us is this the way things are going to be why me why me i hope you realize you have hurt me im empty inside thanks to you why me why me
Why Me??
This totally sucks... my sister just called and told me our mom passed.. This past year and a half.. ive dealt w/too much death.. Today my mom (aunt) died.. she has gone thru the past 6 1/2 years battling cancer.. today was the day the Lord decided to call her home. Last year in Feb. my brother died.. then the next mth my dad (uncle) died of cancer... then 6 mths later my step dad died of cancer... Whats up w/that??? im tired of people dying that I know
Why Most Professions Are Dirty
Why Most Professions Are Dirty The Doctor because he says, "Take off your clothes." The Dentist because he says, "Open wide." The hairdresser because he says, "Do you want it teased or blown?" The Milkman because he says, "Do you want it in front or in back?" The Interior Decorator because he says, "Once you have it all in, you'll love it." The Banker because he says, "If you take it out too soon, you'll lose interest." The Police Officer because he says, "Spread 'em." The Mailman because he always delivers his package. The Pilot because he takes off fast and then slows down. The Hunter because he always goes deep in the bush, shoots twice and always eats what he shoots
Why Married People Don't Have Sex
Body: Dear Wife, During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of once every ten days. The following is a list of why I did not succeed more often: 54 times the sheets were clean 17 times it was too late 49 times you were too tired 20 times it was too hot 15 times you pretended to be sleep 22 times you had a headache 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby 16 times you said you were too sore 12 times it was the wrong time of the month 19 times you had to get up early 9 times you said weren't in the mood 7 times you were sunburned 6 times you were watching the late show 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo 3 times you said the neighbors would hear us 9 times you said your mother would hear us Of the 36 times I did succeed, the activity was not satisfactory because: 6 times you just laid there 8 times you reminded me there's a crack in the ceiling 4 times you told me to hurry
Why My Marriage Is Failing
I think I know why my marriage is failing. We got married when she was young and we should have waited. Also because I'm a loser. I have never benn able to enjoy anything good for a long time. I thought things were fine but then I had a fight with cancer and I won. But I have been at home cause of being on ssi and watching the kids and taking care of the house. I can't stop crying cause of how I feel about her. I have never loved someone as much as I do her. I've had 3 kids with an x and 2 with my wife and I love them all. I want us to be together cause I love her and cause the kids deserve to have their parents together. I know we can take care of them apart but it will never be a family unless we are all together. I'm scared of loosing my family. I don't want to loose that or my wife that I love more then life itself. I would die for her if it meant she could live. I don't want her to meet someone else I couldn't handle that if she did.I would would hurt forever unless we
Why Men Cheat. A Cherrytap Exclusive
Why Men Cheat Abridged for time In my first installment of this series “Why women cheat- the unabridged version” women every where had a comment to write about the men. Some women thought that most of the reason why they did what they did do was simply because the man had done something that ruined them to commitment on various levels. Now to me, that is a cop out, I think if you’re gonna do something on this level, you do it without regards to what someone else did. You do it because you want to. But as I researched into why men cheated, I found something odd. The main reason why men cheat is because, (insert drum roll) life at home isn’t right. Whoa, doesn’t seem like a major breakthrough in psychology is it? Well, I didn’t either. Lets look at it from the (my) Man’s perspective. Ok, what would you do if everyday you come home to an argument? The wise man would find a way to not argue. Some men like to argue, but that’s another story entirely. Lets say our man is wise (hush la
Why Men Can't Win
If you put a woman on a pedestal and try to protect her from the rat race, you're a male chauvinist. If you stay home and do the housework, you're a pansy. If you work too hard, there is never any time for her. If you don't work enough, you're a good-for-nothing bum. If she has a boring repetitive job with low pay, this is exploitation. If you have a boring repetitive job with low pay, you should get off your ass and find something better. If you get a promotion ahead of her, that is favoritism/sexism/and probably other ism's too. If she gets a promotion ahead of you, it's equal opportunity. If you mention how nice she looks, it's sexual harassment. If you keep quiet, it's male indifference. If you cry, you're a wimp. If you don't, you're an insensitive bastard. If you make a decision without consulting her, you're a chauvinist. If she makes a decision without consulting you, she's a liberated woman. If you ask her to do something she doesn't enjoy, that's domina

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