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The baby had complicatons through the night. His blood sugar dropped and he in now in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They have inserted an IV and a feeding tube. This is a very stressful time for Mom and me. Its 40 minute travel each way and mom is to be released tomorrow.. I dont want her health to fail but hope the Dr will find a way to keep her in the hospital so she doesnt have to travel back and forth. He is a fighter and will pull through this just fine. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.. I will keep everyone updated!!
So, I went to the hospital around midnight. Got a tetanus shot and they prescribed me some kick butt expensive antibiotic. They think I have cat scratch fever. The swelling has progressed from my finger straight down to like half the top of my hand. It looks so pink and gross. I'm supposed to watch and make sure I don't get rabies. Oh joys. Oh joys.
Hey all, how go's it, broken down James here and wanted to let you know hwo my life is going. First and Foremost, i am now officially a Utilikilt Sales Rep ( ) if you would like more info or have any ?'s, let me know offline (IE: dont ask in a comment here or on my profile, i dont mind promoting Utilikilts, but kind of a waste in that manner. Since i last blogged, i have moved again because the Mgt would not allow my Roomie Partner and close friend Duncan on the lease we were expecting to put on due to an issue that he had with them a few years ago. and since we ARE a family, this would and could not let this happen. (plus he is a really kool person ) we then had to find a new place in about 3 weeks. we are now in Mesa. I also got a new Tattoo by a REALLY good artist that shall remain nameless for the time being. ( Check out my Photo's) This was a cover up and if anybody that knows me in "real life" (has met me and seen me and my tattoo's) knows w
Let's see. I am now living with my master! No other man will ever touch me! I am desired by many but he owns me. He came to Ohio to help us move. My daughter drove most of the way in our Conestoga Chrysler. We brought 3 dogs and part of our lives. Cait is now in New York and be home for Christmas. I am looking for a job and have some good prospects. I am glad to have left Ohio behind. I am staying in contact with my friends and making new ones. I love being with master. I am exploring my sexuality and making up for lost time. I have new toys and I love to play. I have learned so much more about myself. I always loved sex but now it is on fire. He desires me and we spend a lot of time playing.
Update On Babii Joseph Budget
As of November 26, 2008. Current total out of pocket expense I paid for baby: $1,176.31 Current total out of pocket expense Thom paid for baby: $327.00 (includes bus trip to visit baby) Current total medical charged amount of baby (includes mommy's hospital stuff): $34,302.46 *** - This is the amount of medical I would have had to pay, if not for insurance. Approximate value of gifts to baby from friends, family, etc: $475.00 Total expense for baby, not including amount paid by insurance: $1,978.31 Total charges for baby, including medical: $35,843.77 Total expense for baby, including medical: $11,987.65 (keep in mind, insurance has contract for prices, HMO, so they paid less than actual charges. Approximately less than 1/3 of actual charges) So, while non-insurance contributions from myself and others only totaled $1,978.31, had I not had insurance, the total would have been $35,843.77 since I, as an individual, do not have contracts with the doctors on how much I
Ok folks i just got a very sad email about Lorraine ( cali rain) She is now in critical condition and in a coma. Her mother is trying to get her into a specialized hospital because without the specialties of the drs she will probably not make it so PLEASE ALL OF YOU need to pray for my very dear friend. Cali Rain~YdaFnot's sunshine~@ fubar I will update you more as i get it Wishful Thinking@ fubar
So Ray Jay and I are back together and happy =] We want our family to work. This has been an amazing week. I love him to bits.
Updated 2/9 Looking For People With Auto 11's?? Look In Here!!
HERE AREA FEW FRIENDS THAT HAVE AUTO 11'S ON SO GO CK THEM OUT AND RATE,RATE,RATE:))YAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Here is a list of some friends with AUTO 11'S on go hit them hard!!!! :)) no fan no add~*tinkergirl101*~ owner of Bratt~@ fubar Jude has AUTO 11'S on friends hit her up! !!! ♥Hey Jude♥Asst. Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties♥Shadow Leveler♥@ fubar TEXAS HELLCAT has AUTO 11'S on friends hit her up! !!! TEXAS HELLCAT PLEASE RERATE MY PAGE TY!!@ fubar TY MY FRIENDS ~BRATT~ ♥~BRATT~♥Fu Married to *TJATTHEROCK* &FuOwn Daddy@ fubar ♥~BRATT~♥@ fubar
So I'm having my phone, internet and cable shut off because I can't afford the bundle anymore. If anyone needs to reach me my new cell # is 231-414-5657.......oh wait. Nobody ever reads these. lol Oh well for my imaginary friends you can still get ahold of me.
Update On The Huggable, Lovable, Kissable One Lol
Well I went and saw the infectious disease doctor this morning, referred by my bone specialist, he is recommending that the bone specialist doctor take out all the hardware in my arm, said that the hardware can get infected and cause the bone to get infected as well. Really glad its coming out, hurts like crazy. I go tomorrow morning to the hospital to have an IV ran into my right arm/chest for 6 weeks to run strong antibiotics into my body, since my broken arm keeps getting infected over and over, I'm telling you, this is my 1st broken bone, and it's taking forever to get back to normal, but I think seeing this infectious disease doctor will get me on the road to recovery. Of course today I ask am I gonna be knocked out for the IV lol (hate those things) I have small veins and have to make sure they use the smallest gauge possible, she said it feels like a bee sting and will numb it as good as she can. Please keep me in ur thoughts and prayers that all goes well and that I recover qui
dr appointment tomato at 9.
Got the MRI images and report earlier. I have a slight disk bulge between C4 and C5. The syrinx is at the bottom of the scan, not sure exactly what, but I think I'm gonna wind up getting another MRI. This time I'm gonna have them give me something that way I won't twitch. lol.. But I will add more when I find out..
Updated Pimp Out...12.13.08
Bully Thanx To SexyBlueEyedBella (Cherie') Want to know what we are all about??? Dangerous Curves Mission Statement It is the main goal and focus of this group to bring together a group of friends, that can confide, lean on, and trust each other to be there for support, confidence, and guidance... Although there are other groups that claim to be all girl but headed by a male, our group is solely women and is based on your average woman's needs. We are coming together as mothers, full time employees, housewives, single, married, and by all means confident and sexy in individual ways. Sound like something your interested in being a part of? Give us a try and contact any of the 4 founders for details on a membership to the group. Founders Carrie Flirt Paula SexxxyBluEyedBella
Update On Dad
The tests showed he did not have a heart attack yesterday. That is the good news. Tomorrow he will have a heart cath to check for blockage. Something caused the pain and the sudden high blood pressure. Hopefully tomorrow we will know the answer. I spent most of the day sitting in his hospital room. I just couldn't leave. I know he will be fine. I know I can stop being so worried. But I still get chocked up when I talk about it.. and when I hugged him and left I did again. TY for the prayers.
Thank you all for all your thoughts and prayers for Christopher,we believe in miracles they happen every second...Please keep Christopher in your thoughts and prayers,he is going thru a treatment now... I should be back online after dec 13th... Peace to all
Up Date On Hubbie Condition
Okay just this past monday he had another heart attack while I was at class, when i came home he was comen out the door, thought he was going to check mail but instead came to car clasping his chest,,, speed to hospital where they chopper lift him to the Heart hosptal again, Massive heartattack,, double bypass emergency surgrey done, They said this happen cause not taken meds that which VA refused to fill and we have no money for.. Just one med alone is over $500.00. Well now they will be transfering him Friday to Omaha VA hosptial. So I been between here at home and Heart hosptial,, there food sucks that for sure. But when they take him to Omaha then not sure how I am going to get there to visit, thats like a 3 hr drive and not much money for gas right now that i need to save for school, We will figure out something that for sure. If anything changes I will let you know. Oh the puppies are getting fat and sassy that for sure, lots of messes on floor just glad its wood floors. Bu
Well, if you read my last blog, you knew that I was having a hard time with feelings for someone that didn't seem to have enough time. Well, as the days change, I at least found out his true colors. He is a liar and I really should have listened to my gut in the first place. I am much happier now that I do not have that doubt hanging over me. I hope that they are happy together. I hope the karma bug bites him twice as hard. Maybe that is the wrong way to be around Christmas time, however, right now, I just can't send any "good will" his way. I am however, extremely glad I saw his true colors before it was too late. At least, I partially got out of having my heart broken, again. Good riddance to you. It is a damn shame, because you not only lost someone that cared deeply about you, but, you lost a damn good friend too.
**update**lyrics (current Work) The Void Within
**This is not the finished product, but more of a rough draft of the finished product. Place jugdment as you see fit. After all, every writer has gotten help from others. :) ** The Void Within written by Cy-Blood A veteran of sorrow, Visions of no tomrrow Just a shell of a man, No emotion, No devotion, Sitting alone in his empty room The void within (killing him slowly) The void within x2 (killing him coldly) The void within A fallen angel beaten Broken and mistreated, Now a mortal woman. Crucified Her faith denied Hanging alone on her threads of life The void within (killing her slowly) The void within x2 (killing her coldly) The void within Falling slowly (falling slowly) Into oblivion (into oblivion) Fates strings intertwined These two shall not be denied A love that is real, A love that is true A love that will bring the heavens crashing down This man, This angel, W
Alrighty then, since I don't write much just naming it an update, if I write more, I will individualize them.. Been gone from here a long time, couldn't believe when I looked at when I joined it has been over 2 years, holy friggen smokes (batman) life is strange, but since we are strange we really fit in.. and I thank all those who have stopped by just for a quick rating or comment.. Blessed BE you all.. Snugs
ok well my docs are stupid.they wanted to do emergency surgery the other night and today decided to do more test.ughhhh anyway my brother is kicking me out his house so i have to go back to mine i still have no power water or gas but at least i will have a roof over my head.however i wont have internet so i wont be on for a long time.i will miss you all
Update....mad Tatter's Is Going Out!
Hey, everyone..have an update on tonight............................ Saturday, December 13, 2008 we will be out at 40 Ounces of Freedom to hear my cousin's band play. We'll be there around 9 or so, and we'll have our Gift Certificates with us if you want to purchase one! So, come out to hear the band and remember.....Always have a designated driver!....................................... It's my cousin, Alan Ricci's band. (Yes, this is my first time seeing them.) The bar is in Jonesville. There is no cover charge. Hope to see you tonight!! Mad Tatter
Updated - Dec 17th-whats Runnin Thru My Mind Right Now
lots of things go thru my mind. which i mainly keep bottled up inside. and i do talk to a few people and let them in on some things. trust to me is something earned. but also if i think i can trust you. i trust you with all my might. and things that have happened to me in the past. well if i start getting weird feelings can make me kinda paranoid, that the trust i have given so easily, might bite me in the ass. theres a many reasons why i feel or get this feeling. and i feel the need to let some of them out. lets see i lost both my parents by the time i was 16. many horrible things happened leading up to those events. but i will elaborate on those another day. after my father passed, i was told to live with my half sister who was 20 years older than me. which was hard. she was shelterd and naive. and i was independent and street smart. ended up she wanted me gone, and things went really sour with me and her. well when she got custody of me, she made her children and i mov
Just a little update for everyone. I am almost 4 months clean and sober. I am loving life and feeling so good. Yes there are days that are up and down but that will come with all this. The days are getting easier as the time goes by, but like I said before it is a day at a time process and that is how I will be living things these days. I am proud of myself that I did what I needed to do for me. xoxoxoxo
An Update....
and this is why i think she's the perfect girl: Tiffany Cable: No its me Tiffany Cable: I just decided we're getting drunk together ray cooper: huh wtf? ray cooper: i would like that Tiffany Cable: I'm paying for my drink though and I want one like what paige wanted last night. ray cooper: why i mean what happened why the change of heart?
Update On Pregnancy
Well I was having such a great nap today....which was cut short by a phone call i really didnt care to have. The doctors have called us in this thursday for an ultrasound...while finding out what the baby is is very exciting this visit is either going to change my life forever or keep it the same. Turns out the blood work i had done recently has come up positive for down syndrome. We go thursday to veryify if the baby has it or not. I dont know what to think everything is still a blurr right its not registering in my head. its odd how one phone call can change everything. Things in life seemed to be first...then dan gets layed off and thats a blow to the gut....but this...well it just tops it off. Hopefully everything is going to be ok. reguardless if the baby has it or not we are still planning on keeping him/her. I realize this is going to be hard...but dismissing the problem would be even harder and completely devestating to me. Therefore im tieing the pieces o
An Update & Some Surgery
Hey everybody, Its been a long time since I've been here and I'm sure you're dying to know why! (HAH! jk) Well, in the past ummmm... 7 months, I've finally admitted my feelings for someone who I had been friends with for years. We're happily together and planning our future. :) Next, for those of you who didnt know, I've had some back problems since 2006 when I got rear-ended in a car accident. My condition deteriorated slowly until about 5 months ago. I got to the point where I was barely able to walk, couldn't bend, couldn't dress myself, or even put on my own shoes. As you could imagine, it made me miserable. I quickly went back to my Orthopaedic who told me that there was nothing he could do for me and surgery was not an option. I then sought out a chiropractor, some more physical therapy, and an acupuncturist. These temporary fixes did next to nothing to ease the pain. Finally, I was told I could be a candidate for surgery and I was told to seek a neurosurgeon. It has now been
So I went to my primary doctor this morning and she thinks I have internal bleeding =( My iron/hemiglobin is that of a cancer patient. Its supposed to be 12-15 and I'm down at 8. So, I am off work 2 more days, and then Monday I get to go have a *coughs*colonoscopy*coughs* Hopefully they can figure out wtf is wrong with me. You can't imagine how tired I am. Showering this morning took a lot of work, and forget about playing with my kids. Saturday is my extended family's big Christmas shindig before my brother heads back to the army, and I'll be the one laying on the couch like a lump of coal.
[updated] Bush Shoe Incident In Iraq {cnn}
[Updated] Bush Shoe Incident in Iraq {CNN}
Update Akamrs. T In A Auction In A Few Days! On The 23th Till The 28th!
Update Again...
Well I had the *whispers* colonoscopy...Well that was all kinds of fun =| Everything looked normal, which is good but...they still dont know whats wrong with i'm still tired and weak, but i get to go to work tomorrow. Yay. Going to have a CT scan later this week so we can know more about my back...I'm a complete wreck lol..Someone come fix me k?
Update On Christopher
Update on Christopher!!! They moved him from Tacoma General Hospital to Good Sam's Rehab Hospital.Starting Wed they start Spiritual Therapy as well as Physical Therapy. If they plug up his Tach tube. He can speak and speak well... I know the Miracle has begun, I felt in a few weeks ago.. Just wanted to keep you posted, Have a Totally Awesome Christmas,Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts,My son has a long road ahead of him but It paved with love from all of you I sure Am Now.. Thank you Annamarie
So, I dont know what all went down exactly, but CarX never towed my car. The state police did when they found it at 9 o clock last night. So now we have to pay for my car to get towed twice, on top of the repair cost. At least we know where my car is now. But seriously wtf?
Most of you know I organize and carry out a christmas donation/fundraiser drive every year. This year was no exception. Saturday night I hosted a christmas events in the street outside my store complete with horse and buggys, a 16 foot christmas tree, a childen's choir singing christmas carols and a couple raffles to raise some money. I "adopted" out 32 kids from my angel tree, raised 800 dollars for Bikers Against Child Abuse and collected almost 500 pounds of food for the food bank. In addition I doled out clothing, food and toys to 12 needy families from donations I received, I dressed as Santa Claus and delivered presents to 16 kids today and today I participated in a Christmas program at the convalescent center with a local merchant. This evening I took a bike and the remaining boys toys I had and went to visit a local cancer patient. 6 years old. His parents tell me he gets worse by the day but the doctors are pretty hopeful he will pull through. But everyone knows there
Update On My Neighber Who Has Cancer
My neighber got her bone marrow transplant on the 23rd of Dec. i talked to her doughter and she said her mom is doing really good she is going to be in the hosp for a while if the bone marrow transplant works and if it does work once her ammune system billds back up the docs said she can move into a trayler close to the hosp. once that happens she will be there for six months and then she will be able to come home if all goes right! Although once she does come home my mom says things will never be the same for her she wont go outside much because she will be to scared of catching a cold....but i cant blame her there the smallest cold could kill her but even once she has been better for a few years she will never be the person she once was she use to be so happy and outgoing she was always one to come around and say hello or stop by and hang out or even come by to pick the weeds out of my parents yard. the smallest things could make her laugh....i know this because i could always make
Update 2
Hey Everyone! I am just giving everyone an update on me. Well as you can see from my pictures I am having a great time and living life sober. I am loving it as well. Dec 23, 2008 was 4 months clean for me and it was a hard 4 months, but like they say this is not gonna be an easy task but hell I am ready to kick it in the ass. Hope everyone is having a blast as much as I am. Thanks again to all my friends and family who have supported me through this. It means a lot. xoxoxoxo
Updates On Pbr Tour And Prca..and The Dates Ill Be Riding
first rodeo fer me this year will be on the enterprise tour jan 17th 2009 in spokane wa for the pbr then jan 24th in augusta ga then jan 30-31st in bryan texas the discovery tour feb 20-21 in kalamazoo il then march 28th in palestine texas the last 3 dates being the discovery tour the first date being enterprise tour which im enter in on jan 17th ill also be riding the extreme tour too the dates will be marc h22 houston rodeo n livestock show april 4-5 luaghlin nv june 18th cody wyoming yellow stone extreme bulls aug 30th kitsap county extreme bulls in bremeton w sept 5th in ellensburg wa that just a few as im still putting my schedule togehter. i got 3 new sponsers now reliv which is a sports medice distributor and my sponsers double ss saddles in minnesota who have been with me for 2 years now ther is gona be an autogaph siginin in minnnesota in feburary either the 7th of feb or in januarary not sure yet. yall stay posted as i will have an update soon anyone who wou
Update After Surgery :)
Surgery went well, very sore from this one, worst pain with any of them, but the doctor is very happy with the outcome, everything has changed now, he took the metal out, fused the bone together, and there is no metal at all now, he said the 2 screws were holding it very well, I'm very happy, because I know I'm on the road to recovery for sure now. Tysm for all ur thoughts and prayers, I appreciate it so much, have a wonderful day everyone, much love xox
07/01/09 Update
Greetings all, As things go, I am progressing slowly, my pain is getting worse, but I guess that's all with time. My foot is now casted, I have a cast on, and I hate every minute of it. My foot is still bruising, that's normal I guess, my foot hurts all the time, my knee is killing me, it hurts, I can't sleep at night because of it, I can't even lay it flat. So in essence yes I am broken. This just sucks, I have to admit that I am broken, that never happens. The past few days have been really rough, trying to avoid things that might hurt, or place a greater strain on things already hurting. A hot bath usually does the trick, I don't even feel like stayin in to enjoy it after I'm done. I guess it all just sucks. I can't sleep, I have been up since 0300 at least more like 0230. I can't sleep, I toss and I turn I can't get comfortable, I can't get anything. I guess we all get broken, and I am broken. I just need a decent and caring woman here to take care of me, and make m
Update From Accident
So i have been suffering these migraines as the doctor called it today. As well as still 33 days after the accident i stillhave post concussion. WTF?? I know, my thoughts also! So went in today because the pain is damn near becoming intolerable. Plus there is a lump on my head that is growing in size. So i found out that is called something like a hemotoba (i think) thats what the dr. said. Says it should judt go away. But when i asked him why it was getting larger, he had no answers. Again..WTF? So overall, my symptoms are worsening, i was referred to a specialist, and was informed it has already cost almost 7,000 to repair my unfinished car at this point! Blue book is at like 12,000! Why aven't they totaled it? Thought it was suppose to be like 65% car value? Am i wrong on that? So anywho i will wait and see what this specialist says. My dr. said they wont lance the lump b/c of the likelyness of it not being able to clot and my losing to much blood. So what the hell exactly are t
Class is starting to pick up next week so ya'll won't hear much from me, BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!, I pretty much passed my screening this week so i'm in there. I seriously thought my 6 tattoos would've been a problem but they weren't. I should know where I will be going sometime this month. I'am hoping to get stationed in the 6th recruiting district (Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Louisiana), it's pretty much my 1st choice. My 2nd choice is the 9th district (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, Missouri, and Iowa). 3rd choice will be the 8th district (Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico).
Update On My Grandfather
As Most Of You Probably Know My Grandfather Was In The Hospital For 5 1/2 Weeks As His Heart And Kidneys and Liver Were Failing Well By Surprise The Doctors Told The Family He Would Not Live And HE oNLY had 2 Days To Live Well He Sure Fooled Us All And Got Better He Was Released Today As A Fact And Is Now Living With My Auntie.
Update On Ct Scan
Well the newest update. Where to start is the main question. Well I got the CT scan done and it came back normal for what they were lookin for. But it came back that I had a 3cm big somethin or another in my ovary. So I went to the gyno on Thursday and he gave me some antibiotics and wants me to come back in in 2 weeks when the results from my pap smeer come back. He said if I do have a cyst he will put me on Chlomed, prolly spelled that wrong, to get rid of the cyst. Which is ok by me. This doc is cool and he is a people person, I'd hope considerin the fact that he play's w/my vagina. lol On another note. I was up all night on Tuesday night throwin up and I had diahria, so I went to the doc and he said that I have Intestinal Pneumonia. Yay for me. Blah. So he took me outta work for the rest of the week, which I can't afford. I have 3 day's comin on my next check. That's only 21 hours when I should have 80 hours. Not good, but some how or another I will make it through it. I got great
The cancer was found in both lungs. A biopsy was done on one of them, the results will be available in about 2 weeks according to the Dr. The Dr. said that he will be safer at home than at the hospital (he was becoming confused and going downhill quick). He is home now and will be there for the next couple weeks until treatments begin. We are trying to take everything day by day, and the past two days have been great.. Thanks to my friends on here for asking and showing support - you all know who you are :)
Update Roster
=== '*Lord Wolf* Founder~ Kingdom of Rogue's & Rogue Wolf Levelers.' wrote the following at '2009-01-13 09:39:57'.. > > > > > > > > > > > We are > > The Kingdom of Rogue's/Rogue Wolf Levelers > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
3/26/09 Update In The Weight Loss
1/19Ok all i want to thank you all for the motivation to help me and all the subjection to help me it has worked alot. I also have been ina work out program and i have been walking like a mile a day everyday. I also have cut out like almost all the the soda and i have been eating smaller portions when i eat at anytime. I weighted my self the other day and i seen that i am down 6 pounds form the last time that i was weighted at the start of our weight loss which we started on 1/12/09. i will keep you all updated and i will post a new pic with my next pic date. Please keep the good comments coming and the motivation to help us keep going. I would like to say a special ty to honey,rain, and simply for doing this and supporting we are all weight loss buddies show them support too ty. 1/27ok i want to say that i am very thankful for having friends and family that have helped me out with this weight loss in the past week i have tones my legs and arms up and i have lost another 2 pounds so
Update!! Missing Girl Found And Is Home Safe
WESTON -- A 14 year old girl, who has been missing from Lewis County since January 12, has been found, according to family members and the West Virginia State Police. Kelsee Grogg turned herself in to police in Turtle Creek, Pa. around 3:00 Tuesday morning. Family members picked her up in the community near Pittsburgh and brought her home. Grogg is in good condition and is happy to be home, relatives say. She told relatives, she does not know why she left and that it was a spur of the moment decision. Grogg hopped rides and made a few stops before ending up in Turtle Creek. She was not headed there on purpose, but just ended up there, say family members. Grogg left Lewis County from the Jane Lew Truck Stop on January 12. She was seen the next day at a truck stop in Brookville, Pa. Family members worked with authorities and businesses to find her. The family members say they would like to thank everyone who helped in the search. THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIEN
09' Update
I like how in some places in the states, weather is different toward person to person. such as in other locations fourty degrees can be t-shirt weather. Not much for now but I felt a weired obligation to post a more recent blog.
Update 1/22
Well, today we were told an answer to a the question we needed to hear "How long?" I suppose there is no good answer and no matter what they tell you it's a crapshoot and can be off by a year or two (longer) or sometimes a few months earlier. Our answer was "about a year". 365 fucking days! Of course they are going to do a bone scan because of lingering back pain. There is a great possibility the cancer has spread into the bones. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The brain, lungs and adrenal gland is not enough? A healthy man who walked 2 miles a day after breaking his hip less than a year ago. I dont understand. I dont know why I am giving strangers updates on my dad, I guess it's an outlet for me. Please bear with me.
Update On Chris,awesome News
I spoke with Chris today,He has more movement in his left leg...Miracles are happening every moment
Update On "request For Prayers"
A warrant for his arrest was issued on Fri 1/23/09 Thank you everyone for your love and prayers. You all mean so much to me! Your kindness and friendship has helped me be strong for my daughter to help her get through this dark time.
An Update On My Friend Tracie
I did get to speak with Tracie for the first time last night. She was still in I.C.T. and is having a stint put in this morning to defer some heart blockage. Thank you all again. I have been a basket case since Friday; still can't fu like normal, just need some time.
Update On My Mother
Update on my mother I was with her from friday through monday she was having hallucinations its from the heart attack she had . . she now has a stint in her heart and is doing better . . we have 2 more surgeries to go through. Her curotted arteries in her neck is blocked one 90% the other 70 % They are operating on the 90% tomorrow. Then after she recovers and it heals they will be operating again. I`m ok . . thanks for all the love and concern . . I`m hanging in there . . .
Update From Cindragon!
As all of you are aware, I am spending less time online, mostly due to my illness, and have asked for volunteers to be an additional team captain. While several of you have offered to help in any way that you can, and I do appreciate that, only one member has stepped forward to offer to serve as a team captain. Please stop by to show him lots of love, he deserves it, and is REALLY close to leveling as well! Our very own Resident Wizard, and my best friend forever, Jim aka Merlyn!!! MERLYN....ClubMystic@ fubar Don't know why I did not ask him anyway, we speak almost daily, and probably knows almost as much as I do what is going on!
Update On Cinderella
Update on Cinderella Cinderella is now 95 years old. After a fulfilling life with the now dead prince,she happily sits upon her rocking chair,watching the world go by from her front porch,with a cat named Bob for companionship. One sunny afternoon,out of nowhere,appeared the fairy godmother. Cinderella said,'Fairy Godmother,what are you doing here after all these years'? The fairy godmother replied,'Cinderella,you have lived an exemplary life since I last saw you. Is there anything for which your heart still yearns?' Cinderella was taken aback,overjoyed,and after some thoughtful consideration,she uttered her first wish: 'The prince was wonderful,but not much of an investor. I'm living hand to mouth on my disability checks, and I wish I were wealthy beyond comprehension. Instantly- her rocking chair turned into solid gold. Cinderella said, 'Ooh,thank you,Fairy Godmother' The fairy godmother replied, 'It is the least that I can do.What do you
Update To "project Peanut"
Okay, I haven't updated the baby budget thing in a while, so I think it's time I did.† As you can see from the title of the blog, I've officially named this little pet project of mine "Project Peanut".† With that being said, let's get down to business.Out of Pocket:Carol: $1,616.55Thom: $427.00Others: $675.00Total: $2,718.55Medical Billed: $34,302.46 (of which $479.30 was paid by Carol [included in amounts above], rest paid by insurance) Category Total Book $1.98 Bed $8.43 Food $23.30 Dishes $38.36 Bath $75.73 Medicine $83.18 Other $92.87 Cash $100.00 Travel $136.00 Uncategorized $160.37 Diapers $167.08 Clothes $176.36
Updated Change Of Command
Lots of crap from todays earlier decision,Shayla + Susan will take over as interim working co's TLC will have to work with them.With Silverado Hospital Bound,an myself feeling like I will be next.Time Shayla steps up to the plate.She was the first I asked as a co.We been friends a long time.This Family was Founded for her in mind,I am her Mentor,even though very lapsed at that role of that.I didn't want to involve susan with added Stress with her Major Health concerns,an with the onset of this miserable flu as well I worry for her.Susan desirers a leadership as well .Please show Shayla an Susan Respect an loyalty.There 2 beautiful kindhearted friends.Please prey for silverado,my longest fubar friend.many come an go from my friends list,these 3 are a cut above.I feel I was infected on purpose to kill me off.By an inconciderate selfish bastard.please bare with this set back ty Lord Wolf
ok everyone i know i havnt been on in a really long time but we're still asking for prayers, dad is still really sick he has the tumor on his lung and it has shrunk some but he has to go through 20 days of brain radiation, today he had to go to the dr cause he's coughing so bad the poor man cant stand up. he has a cat scan monday to decide how much of a dose to give him and we go from there he went back to work the 18th but has been taken back out for the radiation treatment. so please keep prayin for him. thanks xoxoxoxo -jenn b p.s. i lost 28pounds!!!!
Well, for the three of you that read yesterday's blog, we must have done something right! The surgery went well, and he'll be coming home tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who helped in whatever way they could.
Update: New Material
the new material is coming great. This offers me the challenge of broadening my musical scope in neoclassical. Thus far, I have done etudes, inventions, 1 sonatina and 1 cadenza...hence, I have wrote two original solos---Essence and Paganini (a cadenza). My material is small, due to the fact I have had many set-backs---of which is mostly my fault, and I have paid the price for it. In contrast, I was recently told that this is a good start for someone wanting to hit into neoclassical (one has to understand that there is much more to classical than the blues and or jazz, or whichever)...I write this to let everyone know that the new solo/s I am working on is coming great--or so I hope. Yngva
Ok Well I will say here how I think it is great to have friends you can really talk to here... but dont be mad if it takes me a bit to get back to you I rally do have a life other then fubar.... I am currently in the process of finishing my divorce so that I can up and move from this state to where my heart lays.... for those of you who really know me you know my plans any one else if your interested ask...
Update 2/8/09
Hey all, I know I haven't really put up an update recently so I thought I would add one. My first set still goes up on March 9 and I have another going up on April 11. Right now it is basically a big waiting game for me. I am trying to get to know as many people as possible and make friends before my sets go up. Other than that there isn't a whole lot to do as far as getting in. As soon as my pics are posted on the site on March 9 I will have more informative updates hopefully! Other than that I am working a lot, always planning my next shoot and looking for some paid work modeling if possible. So if you know anyone who is legit, needs models and will pay then I'm so in! haha I am also trying to relocate to the Ft. Worth area or possibly somewhere on the beach in FL. but I am still trying to get my thoughts together on all of that. I'm mainly looking for jobs at pools as a manager, swim coach, swim lesson instructor, things like that but I am also about to start taking cla
Update: Essence And Other Material
As noted, Essence is now once again out of music log and being re-arragned, as with a flamenco being worked on...another etude, ETUDE OPUS 2, is also in works---June is the expected date, so pushing to get everything completed...all this, I hope will be good enough for the Demo project. Yngva
Updated New List
Hi all just wanted to update the newest list here. There hasn't been many new ones in the past few months Mostly holiday trains, personal leveling trains etc but I've added the few I have found floating around here. I've had one problem that's really been getting to me. Please do not add me to any personal leveling trains without me asking to. I've been being added to trains that's only purpose is to level one specific person. To me this is not a train, if I want to go and help that person I will all by myself to begin with. One time I was added and wasn't even the persons friend to begin with. If I wish to be on a train then I will do the required work and ask to be put on it. Just because I run this blog don't mean I want to be added to every one that goes by. This is a list of all the new trains I've gotten since the last main list was updated. If you haven't already joined them please come hop aboard :) New Train By aGEM4life Dr Seuss Train
Well, I am pressing on with my resolution of reading. So far, so good. Had a lot of free time on my hands so reading seems like a really good thing to do. Got some more books to add to my list of what I have read so far this year. -A Child Called It-Dave Pelzer -A Cold Heart-Jonathan Kellerman -The Innocent Man-John Grisham -Of Mice & Men-John Steinbeck -A Patch of Blue-Elizabeth Kata
Updates N Shit
Have to stay relatively local until my divorce is final. I'm only on the net in the mornings and working nights right now so If I don't get back to you right away I will. Just wanted to let ya'll know what was going on! xoxox Kat
Update Big Brother's New Target: Tracking Firearms
Friday, January 23, 2009 U.S. Representative Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) recently sponsored H.R. 45, also known as "Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act." The bill is, at its core and as its name implies, a licensing and registration scheme. big brotherThe measure calls for all handgun owners to submit to the federal government an application that shall include, among many other things: a photo; an address; a thumbprint; a completed, written firearm safety test; private mental health records; and a fee. And those are only some of the requirements to be licensed! The bill would further require the attorney general to establish a database of every handgun sale, transfer, and owner's address in America. Moreover, the bill would make it illegal to own or possess a "qualifying firearm" -- defined as "any handgun; or any semiautomatic firearm that can accept any detachable ammunition feeding deviceÖ" [emphasis added] without one of the proposed licenses. Additi
Update On My Parents
This is probably the hardest blog I've ever written thus far, but with so many wonderful friends sending well wishes and the fact that I don't want to miss anyone who has sent them, I felt it needed to be done. As many of you know, my mother was taken on Monday, by ambulance, to the hospital. Her heart rate was over 300, her BP 275/180 and she couldn't breathe. After spending time with her both yesterday and today, and speaking with two of her doctors, I have some updated information. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about 12 years ago. After going through the required regimen of treatments and a radical mastectomy of one of her breasts, it went into remission for almost 7 years. Then about 4 years ago, the drs discovered that the breast cancer had metastasized to several areas of bone. Once again, she went through treatment and they declared she was once again in remission. After speaking with her oncologist today, they have discovered tumors on a few of her organs and
Update: Spectrum9
Spectrum9 Debut CD is coming ...Sign the mailing list at so you'll know when it is done. If you want to download midnight jams and other music contortions I make that never make it to a song, I post them free on my website They're always cool.
Update To Last Blog
i have now went and had all my tests run which i still have endometriosis but i now also have thyroid problems which they said to take my results to the family dr and he can decide if i need to be put on meds for that . although i havent had much time to get to him just yet because now i have one hell of a cold thats kicking my ass .. i am so tired of being sick all time .. i really feel ok some days but other days it takes all i have to just get up and get my son to the bus stop daily but i still have to get it done so far i havent had no periods which i am liking , so hopefully the pills is doing what they are meant to do so when i go back for my checkup i won't have no more surgeries thank god . i have had my fair share of surgeries the past few yrs and if u know anything about me at all you will know what im talkin about there also .now all i need to do is try to kick this cold in the ass which isn't working too well at the moment i guess my immune system is down or something b
My neighbour has been fighting cancer since sep. of 08 well i was informed that so far the bone marrow transplant has worked she was suppose to come home this sat but we were just informed today that she wont be coming home until beginning of march or the end of march
Updates On Ash
hey this is sammie im updating everyone on ash's progress. ash had surgery this morning she is doing ok a little druged up they strected the muscles n tendits in her knee then did a skin graf from the hip to put on her sore. her leg is in a splint so she cant bend her knee know unfortantly they r not letting her come home as planned. they r making her stay to 5 to 7 days if not longer, until the splint comes off they r not even letting her out of bed right now so her leg can heal faster she misses everybody if u know her number or want her number call her or leave message on here or get ahold of me if u want her number to talk to her. she is bored out of her mind. and she could use some cheering up so show her some love, lets show how much we miss her and we want her home. if u wanna know more get ahold of me or call her or leave a message on here since i check this daily for her. i will updated this more when she knows more n updates me of whats going on.
Update On My Mother
Yesterday afternoon they were going to do her back surgery she has several fractures in her back they will use a specail concrete to fuse her back , She wanst able to have the surgery yesrday because her bp and heart rate were to high . Please keep my mother in your thought and prayers, Thank you , Aweet Southern Angel aka cheryl
Update On My Granny
For those of you who know me well already, and know what I have had going on in my personal life, there is now a bit of improvement! Things went very well with the procedure for my Granny. Within hours of them completing the procedure, just due to the increased circulation, her cheeks were rosy & pink, her skin was more warm, and she was looking better. She's lost that gray-tone from a lack of oxygen, now. Currently, she is now home & on bed rest for several days, so my personal stress meter is settling down some!! There is other BIG NEWS going on in my life at this time, you'll have to keep an eye out for another post to let you know what is going on!!!
I have recently said I was putting the flamenco up within a day or so---true, the flamenco, for the most part is complete, however, I will hold off until I have completed the new etude...I have said around June, however, every musician will agree that you cant put a date on material being worked on. I am at current holding off playing at events until the Flamenco and etude are both completed together---thus adding to my list of material. I am however, still playing at recitals...
Updates On My 13 Year Old Daughter! (lots Of People Have Been Asking)
To refresh your memory the old blog link is on here about my daughter Kaitlin. She was assaulted at a party back in Nov. 2008 and we switched her schools. Check out her pic on there too! THEN you'll see how much she has changed in the pic on here! :) that she is in public school she is getting straight As! The teacher that taught math and science at the old school was holding her back from getting them. He did NOT know how to teach. EVERYTHING had to be done HIS WAY or it was wrong! SO...I'm very happy that she has straight As now. Her behavior has been good. She has all new friends (except for 2 old ones from the other school). She even has quite a few boyfriends. She still has pain from the assault. HORRIBLE back and chest pain from the kicks. She is my best friend. I love her to death. Hell she even went to the Avenged Sevenfold concert with me! JUST me and her! :) (You can see pics in my Avenged Sevenfold p
court went decent, my lawyer got a lot taken care of and we got an extension on the remaining nonsense until may which means im stuck in tennessee until may 21st and that sucks sooo bad. i have to tell my po anytime i want to leave the state for anything which is inconvenient considering my job is 80% travel to shows. i'm currently in NoLa (thanks to the lord) i got my boss to tell the po i had a job that required me to be here for 3 days so i can spend some time with the people i love and miss the most. its been great so far ive hardly slept because i know it will soon be over and ill be back off to tennessee and sad again. ive been so inspired since arriving. ive already painted kiki's wall with souls and tress and have been working on this great stencil that i want to put up on this ran down building on rampart but it may or may not turn out right lol. we took a tourist day earlier and rode on the carriage and went to have tea at the old brothel tea house and bought wacky souveniers
So whats new... Well, Alannah's walking. And of course getting in to anything and everything! She's acting a lot older than she really is... unfortunately this means through fits when she gets told no. She's wants to feed herself at all times- too bad she hasnt quite mastered the art of using a spoon yet! Other then that she's getting big. Waving bye bye, high fiving, blowing kisses. Work is work. It makes me tired. I'm still single. That still sucks. Anyways, it's almost my bed time!
3/3/09 - Update
My Gram Is Anemic, has low potassium, & has an absess in her stomach. She is getting blood Transfusions tonight and operated on tomorrow. They will be removing the absess and taking a part of her colon to test it. They are also going to attach a colostomy bag temporarily until she's all better and then reverse it after everything is done. Please pray that everything goes well tomorrow and that she'll be home soon. Mwahzzzz, Kitty
Update On Babii Peanut's Stuff And "project Peanut"
Okay, I FINALLY paid off Joey's crib. It'll be delivered and built either this week or next week. Also, Joey is 6 months old today!!!! WooHoo!!! Generation Next Collection Color: Cinnamon (as shown): Capturing the classic appeal of sleigh bed styling, the Generation Next crib has a drop-gate front that allows easy access to your baby. The crib converts into a toddler bed and then into a full-size adult bed with the addition of adult rails. Generation Next, the ideal choice for your family, is an entire collection of fine furniture that is designed to last for generations. In addition to the crib, I also ordered his high chair which will be delivered sometime after March 6th. It's a Foundations Transition High Chair: Okay, here's the latest update to "Project Peanut". Out of Pocket: Carol$2,469.29Thom$427.00Others$675.00Total$3,571.29 Medical Billed: $34,302.46 (of which $479.30 was paid by Carol [included in amounts above], rest paid by insura
Update On Mom
She had her back surgery yesterday and is doing well .
Well I went last week to start testing to donate a kidney to my mom. Unfortunately I was informed today that i was not going to be able to do it.. I am pretty devistated right now.. I was really wanting to help my mom out.. I only wish that things would have been different but unfortunately they werent.. I guess now we have to find somebody else or wait for somebody to pass away that is a match.. I hope that something good happens some time soon.. Well I love all my true fubar friends who have been there for me when i have needed U and I just wanted to let U all know.. Thanks for being there for me..
3/4/09 - Update On My Gram
my gram had her surgery. She had an infection in her colon & had a foot of it removed. She is in the ICU in Critical condition. She has a colostomy bag, wires & tubes everywhere and a catheter. She will be in the hospital for 8-10 days & then she will go to the nursing home for rehabiltation. The colostomy bag will be reversed after she is all better and the catheter will be removed then also. Plz pray for her. They say it will take about 12 wks for her to get all better. Kitty needs love Mwahzzzzzz
3/6/09 - Update On Gram
She has improved a lil bit. Her blood pressure is a lil better. She can move her arms a lil, and she can hear better than yesterday. Hopefully she'll keep improving and she'll be able to come home soon. Plz keep her in your prayers. Mwahzzzzzz, Kitty
Hmmm, let's see what's new in the world of Karma. Well I'm still on a diet Lost a whole 4 pounds! (sarcasm) So I'm at 162. Just so you know I'm doing a version of Medifast, which sounds gross but it's actually a healthy diet. 5-6 meals a day. I think it probably works better if you don't cheat I'm still trying to find a job since I don't think I'll be going back to dancing anytime soon although I might be getting a break with writing for a magazine so crossing my fingers. Nothing full time but on a submission basis. And I really want to write and film a movie, something quirky and indy. Other than that not much except my hair changed colors again and I'm still not caught up on all my interviews. So what's new with you?
Update On Comment Issue
...update: nope, apparently I've lost comment priveliges. I can't even delete my own comments. :/ Reason: "Please see our Terms of Service. You were asked to not post nsfw comments. The status was also nsfw. Come back in a week." O.o I think the status in question was: "I'm so famous it's developed an event horizon that sucks itself off." Um. Guess fubar doesn't understand black holes? And what nsfw comments. I still don't see what nsfw comments I've made. I've deliberately not posted anything involving breasts (except ASCII - I was specifically told "no html images", as in actual pictures) since I got bitched at. :|
Update On Medical Condition
I am still stuck in the old health care system instead of the new one invisioned by Hilary and Obama. Finally found a primary doctor and got an appointment for the 30th of March to get an exam - at which time I can be directed to other speicalists as directed. I have governmental insurance now which is not worth the paper it was written on so must deal with co-payments and little or no discounts for prescriptions. But slowing moving through the paperwork to improve that situation and making calls to these machines that are supposed to be informative. Meanwhile suffering no pain or panic about the all this. But the prescriptions now being used make me more sleepy then what I should be, so less online time for me. Again I really want to thank those of you who have provided me support and advice. This was posted on 3-6-09
*updated* Spring Fu-bling Auction!!!
Update On Last Update
My great nephew he is doing well through God's will and all the prayers I'm asking this week on Wednesday March 11th please say a little prayer for him he is having his 2nd heart surgery. Thank You
3/9/08 - Update On Gram
She had a better night last night then she has had. Waiting for test results back to see if they should move her to another hospital or not. Plz keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Mwahzzz Kitty
Update On My Gram
My gram is dieing. She is full of cancer & its in its advanced stages. She's not comming out of this. I am going to miss her soooooo much. But she will always be in my heart. She lived a long life and gotsee many things. They will be taking the ventalator off after my aunt has gotten to say goodbye andshe will be here tomorrow afternoon. Plz pray for our family. Kitty
Update On Fire...
So I went out with my friend April last night and we drove by where the house used to was still burning. I took more pix, but it was 11pm so they're dark, and I haven't gotten them off the phone and onto the computer yet. The fire inspector said yesterday that he thinks it was indeed arson, but they can't tell for sure until it quits burning and they can go investigate. I guess it's going to burn for a few days before it's totally out. Anyone who happens to read this and has no clue what I'm talking about...go read this blog... and there's an update in the comments there as well. Thanks again for everyones concern. I love you all!
16 Up Dating Online Service
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. A free dating site. You can sign-up and contact other members absolutely free of charge. ... Online dating service with more than 3 million members. ... Senior FriendFinder is a personals network of 16 different sites that caters to all ... ... aerospace engineer signed up for, an online dating service that ... on 02/16/2009, -0/ 2Don
Update On My Gram!!!!!
Well She's in a private room now. Her blood pressure is good and she's breathing great on her own. She is right full of stage 4 cancer though, it started in Her colon and now its every where. I just wish we could have gotten her to go to the doctors a couple of years ago or so. But she's too stubborn & wouldn't go . Plz keep prayin.
Update About Cinn
she is out of her casts and is now fighting to be walking agen i know she is in a lot pain she being grinding her teeth with each step she makes i know she up around in no time she not letting this keep her down you learn a lot about some one when they are to overcome dont put her down and out yet i know she be dancing agen soon maybe be back and be a model agen the beauty is still there pale but not faded she always looked beautiful to me cuz i see into her soul which is more beautiful than what yo see on the surface the strength she shows is the testament of the beauty she is sporting under her skin she never forget her friends and her friends never forget her
Update On Gram!
She is more alert now and talking a lot more. My grandfather asked her today if she had any pain anywhere and this is what she said "No but my ass hurts" lmao. She has a sore on her tailbone . I'm going to call & talk to her soon. if the kids will be quiet enough for me to hear something lol. But thats the update!
Update One Th Demon's Loves
well as some may know i came here seeking any of the four who had loved a kappa dragon werewolf or hindu demon(it bugs me not knowing it's name but i don't so deal with it)while here i found out my previous ex had lied to me and re-met my spouse during my vampiristic life as well as meeting my lover from my dragonic life as for details none more will be saidbut if you read this and remember or have reoccuring dreams about being with one the three others please drop me a message or a shout mind you you will have to have memories that are close to mine or you won't hear back from me in any form after that
Update On Jak
sorry this isnt all fancy flashy or anything...but I and my family want to thank all those who have kept us in their thoughts and prayers during this troubling time in our everyone knows this is a long road to recovery for us but with our faith and everything we realize things will get mother was very stubborn to the point where one time she said i could fall of the face of the planet and no one would care...yet with all our friends who knew her obviously this is one time where i think she would be grateful to be proven wrong... on a personal note, i wish the best for everyone and hope that as a precaution, if you dont have life insurance coverage to somehow get some...i only wished my coverage at my work would have covered my mother to avoid the added stress we have at the moment... once again thank you all for being supportive of us in our time of need...
I've decided to pull my blogs from myspace and continue them here in fubar. These blogs are my own diary, so be prepared for funny shit, silly shit, serious shit, and just plain old shit. After each blog, I try to leave a little nugget of wisdom, if only because I'm a dick, and like to think I know everything. Here's the first of many. If you enjoy them, please feel free to comment. "Old Friends, Long Gone." So, I'm sitting here, looking for all of the friends I had in school, and I realize that I'm actually looking for ANY of the friends I had in school. Old girlfriends moved away, got married, changed their names. Old guy friends are hiding behind some bullshit names like "Big Poppa" or "(insert whatever letter their first name starts with)-dog". Fuck, man, I can't find anyone. Now, some people would say that it's sad that I don't have any old friends. I think it's sadder that THEY think all of the people they hung out with in high school were their friends. Some
Update On Dream Dancer
I got word from Donna's neice that she will probably be able to return home Thursday if all goes as planned. Thank You all so much for your prayers and support.
Update In My Life...
My phone is back on and I'm staying on a friend's couch for now. My laptop still hasn't been fixed, so no internet unless here at work or at the library. For those who have my number, feel free to call/text if you like. I miss you all! Marc
Just in case anyone is wondering I haven't been feeling well, have been busy lately in real life and will get to everything when I have a chance to. Thanks everyone for your understanding.
Alright kids, heres the skinny. Just a quick update because I'm fucking beat. Last night while messing around with Babys First Steps we stumbled across a catchy beat on the keys and a few riffs to go along with it. woo, now I get to make a friggin' vocal track. EPIC. Song Name: All Day. In Production: YES. Keep it sexy. From: THE RUCKUS. (vocalist) haha. Love, Tony.
Update On Scorpioqueen61
This is just a quick update from the last blog. I called and put my name on a waiting list for a transitional living place. It's a place with case management and all that jazz with the ability to live there up to a year and is income based. I have to call weekly to let them know I am interested and they said it could be up to 6 weeks before they call me for a phone interview and the one on one. I put my name on this when I first came back from Germany, did the phone interview and had the one on one scheduled, but I chickened out plus had no way to get to the interview Now I have a way. Am I scared? Hell YES!
So about a week ago we went for a conference with one of the doctors in Neurology from the hospital in regards to the EEG test that my son had. According to the test it is confirmed that my son is having small brain seizures that are lasting from 1-2 seconds. Although they aren't lasting very long it's still enough to raise a concern. They have now started him on a medication, but I probably won't see any major improvements for a least a month. This will give us time to raise the dosage based on height, weight, etc. This is all the information I have for now, but would appreciate any prayers you can toss his way, and I will keep my peeps that care updated.
Hey everyone. I know im not the blogging type of guy but i thought id give it a shot. Well as some of u may know i was released from jail in May of 2008 an i have been out for just about a year. It has had its ups an downs but for the most part things are still looking up. Im not working cause i got laid off back in November of 2008 but from all bad things comes something good. I have talked alot about going to school an doing something with my life well i finally did it. On Tuesday April 7th i start college classes an Globe University for IT. For all of those who dont know what IT is it Information Tech. Ill be going to school full time for about 18 months. Once im finished with that im going to start my other major which will be Video Game Programming an Design. Its part of the IT feild so i would have as many classes to take but thats ok with me. Im really looking forward to starting school its the first thing i have done cause i wanted to for me not for anyone else. On a diff
Update Texax: Louis Conradt Jr
Breaking News: Conradt had child porn The story of Louis Conradt Jr. and why he killed himself just became far more clear. The media has certainly spun enough "theories" as to why Conradt shot himself. Some in the media blamed us, some in the media blamed Dateline NBC, some in the media blamed the police who conducted the search warrant in Texas. Of course, none in the media actually did much of an investigation. Had they done so, they would have discovered something that renders all the idiotic conjecture we've had to deal with moot... Louis Conradt had a large child pornography collection. Louis Conradt didn't shoot himself because he solicited an underage male decoy, he shot himself because he knew his secret life of pedophilia and child pornography was about to catch up with him. While none in the media seemed to care to dig for it, NBC news has uncovered the forensics report of the material found on Conradt's computer after his suicide. The result? Child pornography. At the
Updated Update
Updated update...... I just got back from the UGM orientation. Was told that it could be anywhere from 2 weeks upto 6 months. Also there you are not able to work until you are in phase 3, which is 6-9 mths. During the 1st two phases you have classes and chores and church. blah † Second thing, my mom just came in my room and was like does Rudi want you back in Germany, if he does I will pay for a ticket but if you have to come back after 3 months you cant come to this house. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know what the fuck to do :(
Well i have been away from this site a long time.. To be honest a really long time.. lol.. † In that time i did quit my work at D-Link support in the†northern†of sweden and moved back to denmark to work at a small hosting center (Well employes wise small company), but that did't work out so did just spend some time on getting a new job. And monday i did start my new job at HP INK Printer support in the middle of sweden, and i am looking forward to this... hoping it will be a good place to work. but that is that for now... :)†
Update To "project Peanut"
Joey is now just over 7 months old.† (7 months, 10 days)Here's the latest update to "Project Peanut".† I have surprisingly kept up quite well with this project.† I originally thought I'd slack off after a couple of months, but I haven't!† Yay me!!!!Out of Pocket: Carol: $3,280.33 Thom: $610.00 Others: $675.00 Total: $4,565.33 Medical Billed: $34,302.46(of which $479.30 was paid by Carol [included in amounts above], restpaid by insurance)
Update 4/15/09
Well, I made it to Dahlonega, GA on Sunday. Set up camp, looked around a bit & called it a night. About 12:30 am it started raining & didn't stop till Tuesday:(. Slept in the truck the last 2 nights! Mother nature ain't gonna rain on me!!! Anyways the rain cleared tuesday afternoon. Got kinda cold last night, down to 45. Wish I had a snugglebuddy here to keep me warm!!! Any takers??? Heeheehee. Apply at the campground in Dahlonega... Found a little Gold yesterday. A couple small nuggets, couple pickers, and a bunch of flakes. At least I found some!!! Made this trip worthwhile. So that being said, I'll close this update by saying that I miss you all and will be back on tomorrow. I'll try to come to the library in the afternoon to hopefully catch some of you online. This place closes at 5pm est so hope to talk to you all soon!!! Much luv, kisses, hugs, and nibbles to all! Jeff
The Updated Heavy Metal Story..
† THE NEW HEAVY METAL STORY BY DEE AND SON.. † † one day as I was walking down the street I stepped in a PUDDLE OF MUDD. Low and behold my shoes got STAINED.. As I was walking along I met a strange manHe seemed a little DISTURBED he kept shouting at pigeons. Sayin DIE PIGEON DIE he seem to have been on some kind of DOPE. I swear he must of gottonSTONED in the TEMPLE with PILOTS. He smiled at me and his teeth were full of METALLICA>† I think he was a little AC/DC he was in a PSYCHOTIC HOMICIDAL DISMEMBERMENT or something.† I started chatting with the poor WEEZER and he said man my SOUL can FLY.† He sure was some kind of DIVINE HERESY let me tell you.† I asked him were he was from and his name. He replied my name is PINK FLOYD, and i am from a small town called OZZY.† I continued the conversation with him but he kept pointing and said look at the GORGUTS.† As I continued to chat with him a chick said hey my name is OUR LADY OF PEICE. I seem to notice that some kind of TOOL in her han
Update 4/17/04
just wqnted to let you all know you haven't been forgotten. been a hell of a busy week. started with deliveries in the bay area and off to so-cal to pic up. then out to houston to deliver this morning. picked up a couple crates in houston and now heading to tulsa for monday pick up before heading back to cali. spending the night in the loves truck stop just south of dallas tonite. weather has been miserable all week. wind and rain. snow in arizona bd thunder storms and tornado warnings here. will try soon to send some love to you all. maybe later this weekend i will get a room and be able to do more. until then take care and god bless you all..big cali hugs..marty
Update #3 On Mom
† I heard from my dad tonight,( he left a voice †msg, i didn't hear the phone ring :-P ) and found out the surgery went well and that my mom only had to have a Quadruple not Quintuple bypass and valves replaced. she is doing well will be in recovery until the 24th.† Please still keep her in your thoughts for a safe and good recovery.. † †
Update On Playboy Party
So hard to come up with $1,000 in less than a week! So I spoke with the exec. director of the charity and he was grateful for my support of our troops so he's making a deal with me and he's also allowing me to make a down payment, as there were only 14 tickets left when we talked so I need to secure one now. I'm trying to get my back healed so I can work before the event to raise the money for flight and hotel...oh and maybe food! If you want to donate you can go here Charm Your Karma and click on the About link in the top right corner. Let me stress that donating is not directly contributed to the event, but to me to get to the event. For those who don't know, my trip to the Playboy Mansion is for a good cause...I know, I bar, gourmet buffet,, live dj and beautiful half naked women BUT they have parties there all the time, this one is special because it's supporting wounded soldiers. My plan is to network with the wealthy philanthropists in attendance in order to secur
Updates And Members! Read!!!
OK!† NOW we're down to 33 members.† I hope everyone in the group can help each other out and show love.† It's not that hard!† Leave comments, help them level, bling, etc. I have updated the leveling blogs and put the page links under everyone names that needs leveled and you have to copy and paste their links!† I will continue to do Member of the week and post auto 11s.† Those should be checked everyday!† The links in the roster blog have not been fixed.† I just posted that everyone in the group is in the family section.† Just r/f/a them from there. ALSO!† I'm in need of someone that is online more often that can help me out with the group.† JDHUNT (my man) isn't online as much as I would like.† You can be a co-owner.† HIT ME UP!† JD is set to move here to Omaha, NE with me.† He will be here on the 28th.† I won't be on much for a few days til I get him settled.† I'm NOT LEAVING FUBAR!† FUBAR is where my friends are!† :)† SO...just be patient.† I'm also sick right now with some horr
† † Ok this feels kinda odd doing something like this over here.† Myspace has turned into just one big cermersal advertizing a ton of different stuff that we each got going on more so then crazy fun friend updates on whats going down over the weekend.Well this one is a bit important.† My buddy Joe Dirt has a son age 16 whos right now in the ICU losing his two year battle with cancer.††† He can't move anything from his neck down.† Something got to his spine.† I don't know much more then that.† He was fine and just got baptized and two hours later was unable to move any part of his body but his head.I'm going to come out and just say it..... †Joe's Son is on Myspace and he wrote his own blog.† It's set to private or I would link you all to his blog.† In his blog he said hes not ready to die.. He doesn't want to die.† That its not his time yet.† He was meant to play football.† He's pretty much one of the stars of his schools football team.. Even being sic
It seems like we are removing a lot of members from the family. And yes we are. Members that have been removed were not active in love week or helping bomb. †Even though our family is getting smaller a small active group can be MIGHTER than a large inactive group.†A special THANKS to all of you that have remained faithful by being active. HUGGS to you all. As of today founder and co-founder have decided this is no longer a family. We don't act like a family and no1 is rating club or members and if we delete more inactive members there would only b like 5 or 6 people. No1 is payin attention 2 leader status's and now we have hosts bein sent harsh messages. So from now on we've done away w/ the rules. We r still keeping page since†high rank but no longer will†anything b required. †No longer will any1 b comin on the page 2 do rates everyday. This was a very very hard decision 4 us but we believe it is 4 the best due 2 circumstances. TY 2 those that were very active and faithful 2 th
Update 4/24/09
Got down to Woodstock, GA & stayed for 3 days. Missed seeing Michele (my owner). She was offline so I had no way of contacting her to let her know I was there. Dodged a tornado Monday night. Twisted off some tree tops a mile & a half up the road!!! So, with no reason to stay there, I rolled down to Savannah, GA and spent a week hangin with beach48gal. What an incredible woman she is. No, nothing happened, I slept on the couch!!! Remember, I'm†the consumate†gentleman, and she is absolutely a lady!!! So, I'm gonna go up to N.C. before the $$$ runs out & I'm on the street...think I'm just delaying the inevitable.... Wish me luck all!!! I'll hollar from N.C. soon. Much Luv To All!!! Kisses & Hugs & Nibbles!!! Jeff
Update In My Life..
well, it's been over a year since i've blogged, so here the end of February, i SEVERELY sprained my ankle (pics in my default) and just 3 days prior to that, i had ANOTHER injection in my lower back. † as for the weather, it's been hot, cold, rainin, snowin...i don't think Mama Nature can make up her friggin mind lol
An Update?
could this be an update?† I am taking a few minutes to say hey to all my fu family and friends!!† seems like I am always on the move around here.† Spring is here and the yard needs to be 'prettied' up with flowers and stuff.....Relay is right around the corner so I am out and about raising money for the American Cancer Society.....not to mention my son's class field trip to the zoo yesterday. (of which I am hurting all over my body this morning....all that walking up and down stairs and hills with 20 kindergarden kids in tow.....whew!!)† I am also working out at the gym to lose weight (3-4 days a week) and I also visited with a plastic surgeon last week to discuss some reconstructive surgery on my breast.† I had to go have some blood work to check my hormone hubby is NOT happy!!† and we won't even talk about having a 15 year old daughter....SO you see, I am busy!!† I do pop in and out of FuLand when I have a few minutes.....Sorry I haven't said anything to you lately......
Update On Me....
so umm i'm back sorta.. got my own apartment...going to art school, work, and i'm doing great..staying busy and living my great life..partyin of but i'm back sorta...gonna check my shit and stuff on pics..well if i ever level or get a vip..still dont wanna buy cheap..well now i got bills of my not spending money on here..yea a no † new pics: † †
Okay, its been forever since I was on Fubar. I have 3 kids now. My daughter is 13, my oldest son is 4 and my youngest son is 6 months old. He was born on Halloween. I now work taking care of a paralized guy at night. The great thing about that is that I can take my baby with me. And I get plenty of time to do things like update my fubar! :) Scott and I are still engaged. Hoping to get married soon. Other than that..I am the same.
Update On The Cullens
Well i've been away from the fu for some time now. And I figure theres a need for an update on me... Well when I first started on this site I never know i'd meet the man of my dreams. Shit what am I saying I never thought i'd meet the man of my dreams (That Bartender aka Jacques)ONLINE! let alone fubar lol. But I did and I couldnt be any more happy. I've made some really great friends on this site people that in due time I plan to meet in real life. One of my closet friends on this site is Fo0ly aka Tee shes more then a friend shes like a sister to me. We talk about everything from men to kids to imagine if's lol. She is by far the greatest person on this site, she doesnt put up with BS so dont try and bring that to her door lol. She has Fu Ninja Skills lol. Hmm gosh I cant believe that tomorrow i'll be 23 in October it will be 2 years I have been on this site crazyyyyy and I made Oracle before I jumped the fubar ship. Now im back and I really wanna make Angel.. so hint hint if u wa
Update On Rob & I...
I wrote a blog about my fiance Rob *& I about a month ago now. Here's the update. I received a call from Rob today. He's working, back home, getting back to church, and best of all still loves and wants me! Talk about shocking. I always said I would be here waiting on him and if I was to get with someone else Rob would be the one I choose. I love this man so much and even after all this I can only hope and keep praying that we can make it. I hope that in time we can work through anything if we can make it through this.
Update On Lil Old Me
well as im sure you cann tell its been almost 2 years maybe more since ive been here so heres a little update of my life.I'm 21 now il be 22 in october i still live ith my family i really cant afford a house on my own.i work as a production controller in larbert for a private enginerring company. it has been a ridiculously long time since ive had a sexual partner or a bf lol so poor me. i still drive my fiat punto so honk if ur horny pretty much still the same little me horny and happy nothing has changed there.anyway gimme a shout sometime and buy me a drink love ya x
Updaet On Whats Going On
Well Im still in Texas for another 3 weeks. Looking for an apartment. Its very expensive here. The apartment have a lot of extras, swimming pools, work out room, rec rooms, washer dryers, dish washers....ect. My granddaughters mother left her here in Texas with us she doesn't want to be a mother she never did. Shes making threats that I will be arrested for kidnapping for bring Reanne back to Texas and threats to my son for domestic violence when she flipped and started throwing rocks at him and the breaking the windows out in his mobile home. The cops came and took her to a shelter then her mom and sister drove from Michigan to Texas to get her. I really thought a lot of her until she told me I would never see Reanne again. I miss my daughter very much shes still in Michigan, cant wait to see her. Shes been having issues with a boyfriend, girls you know how that goes, but I think shes doing ok with it. Well thats about it for now. I really miss everyone Im not on m
I had to go to get an MRI yesterday & THE BLOOD CLOTS IN MY BRAIN†ARE 100% COMPLETELY† GONE!
Updated Registered Offender Lists what they did were they live, who they are then question why they are aloud near you your family and still roam free.....
Update For All Our Fans
An Update
Okay, so I know it's been awhile since I've posted a blog. There's been a lot going on and I just haven't had the time to sit down and sort it†all out. Where to start? So many things in the last 6 months, better start where I left off in the last blog.So a quick recap. Steve's daughter was molested, chili-mo went to jail, chili-mo sat around changing his mind on whether or not he was guilty. While this was going on, Steve was offered an under the table job by a co-worker who has his own security company. Now I don't like this guy at all! He hasn't paid Steve for previous work he's done and this time wasn't any different. However, this time involves Steve's brother John and almost $3,000 dollars worth of services between Steve and his brother. NEITHER OF THEM HAVE BEEN PAID A DIME!!!! I'm still pissed and would love to harvest the retarded cousin of gomer pile's kidneys to sell on the black market! Now a friend of mine is dating the douche bag and I'm sure that unless she reads this blo
I know that I may not be well liked by posting this, but I wanted to get the chance to put it 'out there' before the rumors and all the bullshit even started since it has already been ticking, and it's only a matter of time before it explodes. Trik and I have decided that it was in our best interest to split up.† Him & I are still friends, and no one did wrong.† We still love each other, nothing has changed except for the "title".† I still care about him and will still take up for him when those 'haters' wanna bash him, in any way, shape, or form.† He is, and will always be my best friend.† It really isn't anyone's business on why this decision was made.† And I'm not going to go into details.† And no, it's not because I was in the wrong or any reason before you jarheads even begin to think about that.† Anthony, I know that you most likely don't approve of me posting this blog, and I'm sorry that you don't.† You & I both know how people twist shit around, and I don't even want it to s
Update #1
Update! Current mood:Loved and Motivated!Category: Life I know I haven't written a blog on myspace in so long just been working on organizing my life.† I have been through some major changes and all for the best!† Well as many as you have seen husband and I are no longer together.† We both came to a mutual decision and called it quits on January 17.† It was a difficult decision to make but to be honest I was no longer happy.† I was very grateful that the most amazing guy ever stepped in and offered me a place to stay.† It was weird rooming with someone other then my family or husband but I was taking a chance and figured what the heck.† Well that chance paid off and about a month later we became and couple.† We went to Disney with his family and it was soooooo much fun.† We had a little bump while in Disney but when we came back home we worked things out and are so much stronger now.† I have never been this happy in my life.† He has been my rock through everything and I thank God
Update On Me
so last weekend i went to cedar point ohio with Janelle and her husband Jeff. the coolest amusement park EVER! we had so much fun! camped and we rode so many rollar coasters. she had me havign my eyes open at the end of the first day and by the second day i was allll for sitting up front. i was totally on top of the earth and away from everything and i lvoed it! she is one of the coolest ppl around! jeff and i actually talked and idk "bonded" maybe a little which was cool cause the last time i seen him he was actually rather mean to me and i thought it was going to bring this trip down but it didnt, it made it better! BUT of course there IS a downfall. not the rain, not the rides breaking down, and def not running outta money BUT i developed my first migraine ever. and it wouldnt have been harmful IF it wouldnt have lasted til early this morning. i ended up having to have a catscan done to make sure there wasnt anything seriously wrong...yes i know bring on the jokes...and i was put on
Just a reminder, I am still utterly depressed and alone and Look, i know theres got to be plenty of psychos on here whod enjoy killing someone without having to worry bout getting in trouble. Let me know, I am here, and if someone else kills me I have no worrys about the spirirtual cost of commiting suicide so its win-win, right? so yeah just get in touch already!
Update On My Bash!
† Copy and Paste this link if you need help finding it!! †
Update May 26th
Hey everyone, I just wanted to give people some updates on what has been going on with me.. Well, as of yesterday I finished my last 2 Hypobarics treatments yay!! Its where I went and layed in this machine and it went down in sea level and my ears popped and it filled my sores with 100% oxygen and took all the bad crap out of it.. I had to do 20 treatments of them and ur in this machine for 90 minutes.. and there was only the 1 time i over heated in there and sweated so bad and got really light headed and a fever and really pale and my eyes started to go in the back of my head that they had to take me out after 70 mins otherwise i have lasted the rest of the time.. The sore on left knee is healed quite a bit ,but its still there its just small.. Then the one on my right knee is†getting smaller its just pretty good sized still so they do that dressing changed 2 times a day.. Then the one on my right thigh is still very big it has only gotten smaller by like a half an inch or so and its
Thank you to all who called, noted and came by. I promise I am fine. We are NOT breaking up -- REALLY. I am not falling apart either -- I am just an angry mess part of the time. Don't worry though, with the rapid changes in weather during this time of the year the odds of me cheering back up are like spring showers - one minute here at full strength, another in a slight drizzle and even a few during the brightest hottest part of the day; in otherwords - ever changing. Yes, that means I can be quite moody.Below is an explaination/evaluation of things as I see them in order. Please note I do NOT put any of the blame on Paul, as he is only down here because of Will's encouragement. Will was the one who wanted this change, pushed for it and basically caused it to come to this point. He understands my accessment of this and why I am in this current state.We'll come out on the other side of this and see where life takes us. That which does not kill me, just leaves me more obligations to deal
Updates On Numbers And Friends
Humanitarian Effortspost date:2007-07-20 22:50:21I'm never going to do as much as I'd like to. I'm never going to take away the pain. Its an impossible task. But maybe, if I give one moment of surcease, that will be the moment that somebody will look back on and hold on to. So this is the story of 666. Some people are sensative to it. I used to be. I'm not anymore. I fully acknowledge the forces of emptiness and their need to feed. Its not scary, its just part of life. I had it in my power today to take that number out of a person's life. It cost me a bit of my own money, but who am I to step back from an easy fix? People want so much to be in control. How can you be in control if you can't identify the enemy? How soothing is it to find a mere number to fear? I fear for my friend. My very best friend. Doctors don't know whats wrong with her. There is no number to cower from. There's only pathology and testing. I'm sure an excellent mathmatician would be able to boil down all the pr
#6 Update
Mares dad is doing better and is home, though they have to keep pumping his lungs to keep fluid out.† PLease continue to keep him and the family in prayers. † AP
Update Time Again ........june 2009
I've been on preoccupied a lot over the last week or so due to a lot of behind the scenes stuff with the band of right now the vocal tracks have been laid on most of the cd , with 5 songs awaiting my bass tracks .....looks like Visionary's return will be slated for June 19th , 2009 .....thanks to our good friends Frank and Diablo at Macs .....this is going to serve as our warm up show for the battle of the bands we are entered in June 28th ....ok guys and gals ....this one's for the big bag of marbles , so time for me to kick this into high gear here in short looks like over the next month I will be breaking my back until these shows are over and in the books as history .....then the real full blown official return show will happen again at Macs more than likely in the month of August ....I don't want to give too much away but I can tell you I have been in talks with a long time very close friend in another band about having a split night .....Visionary and his band (
Update On My Fuwhore Status
Most of you that read these know that i'm totally not down with being a fuwhore. or at least i wasn't. i was done with it after my last account got locked. However.... i'm planning on going back to work as a cam girl, and if that's the case, it's easiest for me to work on making friends here that may potentially "hire" me later. So, sin the anti-fu-whore will be begging for friends, posting nsfw pictures (topless for friends, full nude for family, possibly unlocking the full nudes temporarily from time to time). Sin will still not be taking any shit from the assholes. if you can't respect me as a person, i don't need to deal with you. i'm doing this for financial reasons, and i don't expect some of you to understand. i'm not a real life whore, i don't cam for free, i'm still loyal to my boyfriend and happy in my relationship. if you cannot accept my choice, please feel free to remove me from friends. if you can accept it, you'll still get my fuck you blogs when i'm feeling pissy and
Update ... Sexy Legs Contest
Score .. . Me ... 245† no 2 girl is 209 But I want to blow this competition out of the water ... need more votes because the contest goes until the 14th ... † please vote for my legs in thigh high stockings in a contest on Fubar as the sexiest legs... YOU WILL NEED TO REQUEST TO BE FRIENDS OF CANDY SHOP †in order to have access to the picture here >>>> † † 36d hugs, Ms. Cleavage † †
Update On Va
After all the run around that we have gotten in the past two years, finally something is going to be done. We had a second opinion appointment in San Diego today. We spent the entire day down there reviewing all of his medical records and getting their recommendations as to what they feel needs to be done to help resolve all the issues with my husband's knees and left elbow. Their recommendation after sending him to Xray to get films on both knees and elbow are as follows: ***The elbow diagnosis is ulnar neuropathy (ulnar nerve needs moved). This recommendation to have surgery needs to be done as soon as possible. ***The left knee needs to have a scope done to clean out the bone spurs that have re-occurred to minimize further damage to the miniscus and prolong having to require a complete knee replacement at this time. ***No longer going to keep adding narcotics to therapy as a "preventative option" to surgery. With all that being said, the specialist that we were originally seei
Update ... Sexy Legs Contest
me - 281 her - 221 † please vote for my legs in thigh high stockings in a contest on Fubar as the sexiest legs... YOU WILL NEED TO REQUEST TO BE FRIENDS OF CANDY SHOP† in order to have access to the picture here >>>> † the pic is NSFW
No kitty :( † † oh, and give witchie fubucks or else!!!! † † she's in my family...and most of yours too :p
Not sure if I'm doing this right so bare with me, I'm Jessica, Gwyn's daughter...just thought I would put an update here about her...she is doing ok, well you know as good as can be expected. I've let her know about all the text messages to her phone from different people, I have no idea who ya'll are but really appreciate all prayers for her. The doctors do not think it's bad. She just really over did herself and this is stress related. They do not think she will have any sort of long term or permanant damage, she is just gonna have to take it easy. I will be checking in here daily for her, so I will try and update this as much as possible. Again thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for her.
Update 6/9/09
Hi everyone, things went well for my mom last night and today. Blood pressure is all fine, anxiety is being handled and all the test have come back with good results. Happy to report if all goes well tonight she will be home tomorrow. YEPPIE†
Updated Simplified Nsfw Access
My Naughty Pix Folder Includes Orginal Pix of Me and Pix of Me Doing Naughty Things with My Hubby.† No†false pix of naked women etc.† Im gping to simplify this for everyone that wants access. †It is real simple .. $10 Bling pack gets you in for a week $20 Bling pack gets you 3 weeks $50 Bling pack gets you 6 weeks$100 Bling pack gets you 6 months An auto 11 or cherry bomb also gets you a monthVIP renewal will get you access for the duration of the VIP1 month vip = 1 month access3 month vip = 3 months accessand so on a 3 day blast gets you in for a weeka 7 day blast gets you 3 weeksa 30 day blast gets you 6 weeksA happy hour gets you in for 6 monthsNew Pix Added Weekly And Include The Following: Topless Pix Lingerie~ I love Fredrick Of Hollywood Body Shots Blow Job And Much More I am posting Instructions For Each Level of Access and What It takes following this orginal Blog Entry. Thanks For Looking Kisses Eve † †
Update On My Life Again
UPDATE ON MY INTIMATE SURROUNDINGS: Now on to reality...Will...Things have taken yet ANOTHER turn...Paul informed†us this week that rather then following through with the remainder of the application here with Will, he is going to move over by their other friend alone. He wants to be in a part of town 'where things are going on' more 'happenin' or whatnot...He’s going to end up by the summit.I have to admit, I laughed in his face when he made this comment/excuse. This man has NEVER lived in this city. He has NO CLUE that Houston isn't like many other major cities. We do not have any one particular 'central business district' where things happen all the time. People live alllllll over the place because there are tons of smaller 'regions' of town where certain things are more of the focus, but you can find something to do on any given weekend in any assorted areas of the city.Basically he's running after the ever elusive golden ring and chasing after some idyllic albeit vague drea
Update On The Update
UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: † After reading what I just wrote, I have made a choice. It is time for Paul to go. I have already packed all his shit and put it by the door. † I called WillBurr and asked if he would mind me creating major chaos in his friendship. He pretty much feels the whole thing is a wipe now, so he gave his consent. Inside I think is very glad at this moment to be in a Ds relationship with a Domme who is not the least bit scared to take control of a situation. † So here is my plan. He comes home and sees the stuff. I say, “Sit down so we can talk.” Then I go on to explain what I really don’t like about him and what makes him a worthless waste of oxygen. It’ll be a verbal equivalent of THE LETTER. † That is if he doesn’t just take a look at his shit and start hauling it downstairs. † I haven’t felt this good about tossing someone out since I got to toss my exBF out of my rent house on his birthday!! † Truly wicked, M
6/10/09 Update
Hello everyone!!!! Thanks so much for all the love and support!!! OMGosh I had no idea...but yeah then again I did...thank you all so very much for all your prayers and love!!! My main thang to say and to my daughter Jessica who did so much to keep everyone informed about me...which she did not have to do, but knowing how much everyone here means to me she did...she belongs to a website and would want me to do the same for her so ..let's all hope that day never comes, I may tell some of her secrets...lmao....trying to find some humor in all this sadness.... This has been really hard on my family if I'm like a bad penny I keep showing up...I'm to mean for anything really bad to happen to me...without the support of my family and all of† ya'll ... I suppose this would of been extremely hard on me and not sure if things would have been such a great turn out... so I thank you all so very much and love each and everyone of you who prayed and hoped for me and my family ... you
Updates On Mother
My mother had a stroke Sunday† luckly she was already in the hospital, she had under gone knee replacement surgery in both knees! They have her in Icu now b/c she can't talk, or use the right side of her body, or even swallow it goes back into her lungs. Doctors say we should see improvement alil everyday but it will be a very very long road to recovery for her! I thank you for all the nice messages everyone sent to me and kind comments! I'll update this as I get updates on her!
Updating Sunday...june 14th
will b updating everyone on sunday the 14th of june...he is coming home much to tell...nightmare right out of hell....
Just found out this morning that my brother only has 24 to 48 hours left.† His lungs are giving up and the respirator is not able to do what it needs to do.† Going to hospital to see him and find out what the doctors and nurses have to say.† Keep him in your prayers.
for those who are interested to know....not braggin, just info :) married life is wonderful! we are so happy together and i feel so at peace:) nova just got new job so no more driving 100 miles a day for work. i am loving the new nursing unit i am on. all our boys are together for the month and gettin on wonderfully. plans now are looking to purchase a house. † cant wait for the honeymoon in mexico in july. i have never felt so content :)
An Update!!!!
For those you you that actually took the time to look at my friends mumm, thank you. And for my friends that don't know ALL of what is going on with my life I am going to give a small amount of back story. I broke up with my bf after an almost 2 yr relationship recently. We tried talking and being friends but that didn't go so well. He was talking to me on YIM, here and myspace so I blocked him every where. And in some places several times. Well last night I was having some fun and I here him call me a name from outside. I walk outside and see our truck driving away. I call the cops. Today I am working for my friends and he calls and asks if it is ok to drop off the last of my things that he has. After we had a decent talk he tells me to change my passwords. APPARENTLY he figured out my password and has been checking my email, myspace and fubar. I am not sure how often or when this has been happening. He even went as far as to create a fake fubar account so he could still look at m
Update On Transportation Issue
Ok!† Update on my ongoing transportation issues. † 1. Made a call the business that I'm looking to get a car from. I asked them to contact the credit company with what I gave them so far.† As of this evening the credit company ok'd my application. Now, I need to wait for the Dept of Welfare to process paperwork for my special allowance for a car. 2. The car I was borrowing conveniently broke today after I got home from work.† *To tell you the truth I think someone took a hammer to it to make it break.† But that is only my opinion* 3. In order to get to work, I need to take the 2 buses to work, walk the rest of the way to the building and hope I get my 2 afternoon buses home. † I'll try to update if i'm not too tired.† l8r!
While I have been away a lot has happened.† I have moved and am now working. My daughter turned 18 and has decided to live with her Uncle.† I am waiting for her to Graduate from High School. My son turned 16 and is looking at driving soon.† He is enjoying his summer at the pool swimming and training for this seasons meets. Things with me have been going OK.† For the ones that I have been in touch with, I thank you for being here for me and supporting me in this time when I have needed you. If anybody needs to get a hold of you please contact my number one family member and he will try to let you know what is happeing with me.† I speak with him almost every day. I am wishing that you all have a wonderful rest of the summer and please stay safe.† Please take care of yourselves and of the families. God Bless! Tia!
Update On The Interview
I just spoke with the Recruiter. The DM† I interviewed with was on vacation all last week and has not yet discussed her decisions with the COO.
Just a quick update on the psych eval that I had to take today for the transitional place. I went in this morning and met with the doc, we talked for about 10 minutes then he had me do a 370 questions on this Mississipi scale test. Was all true and false.... The doc popped his head in and told me he was going to lunch to just shut the door when I was done and schedule a follow up with him at the front desk. When I went up there and the receptionist told me that he didnt have another appt available till July 13th, I just about had a breakdown (in my mind). I explained to her the situation and how dire it is that I get in sooner, she said she seen some cancellations but couldn't remove them at the moment and she would call me this afternoon. Well when she called, she got me in TOMORROW!! I told her she rocked! So hopefully he has went over the testing because I need him to fax the report over.... I am scared he is gonna tell me I am in a major depression :( The questions really hit me on
I have not been on here for a long time, and a lot of things have been going since I was on here last. My wife and I are filing for divorce, and I have met someone new that I am going to marry after the divorce is final. Her name is Dayna and her nickname on here is Dayna Nicholson, and she is a great woman. I am really looking forward to our wedding day. I am also no longer going to be deployed to Iraq with my unit in the army, instead I am getting out of the army on a medical discharge, most likely a medical retirement. I will also try to write more blogs from now.
Updates N Stuffz. [7.1.09]
I'm writing this out for my friends who have been wondering whats going on with my health and new apartment and such. Forgive me if parts don't sound right or aren't in order - sleep deprivation does that to a person. HEALTH STUFFZ: Cough is about 70% gone, and I'm seeing a pulminologist in a few weeks, to find out why I've been sick for so long, and why nothing seems to get rid of the wheezing. Yes, that's a little scary, and I would be quitting smoking (with Chantix) if the doc agreed to write the script, but... he won't yet - because... I'm on day 12 without sleep. No, I'm not kidding. They started the prednisone (100mg a day) Father's Day night. Since then, I haven't slept more than a few minutes without waking up wide awake, only to have to lay another hour to try to fall asleep again, to being on the verge, and poof, wide awake again. As soon as my body starts falling asleep, for some reason, I stop breathing. Not congested, not blocked airway, my brain just do
Update On Mother
Hey everyone just wanted to give you an update on my mother in case you was wondering how she is doing. She went to a home to do rehab about two weeks ago, she's doing so well that she gets to come home next Wednesday. She still needs alot of therapy mostly on her speech but she can get around by herself now with a walker and us keeping close by if she gets tired or gets wabbly! So that's good news She's improved so much since My last update. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, I know I did.† Kisses friends
Update......Still haven't had any Coke.. 43 days into this and I have lost 26 pounds and my man boobs seem to be shrinking I have done 680 miles on the exercise bike.. 1782 miles to go before I reach Misfits house. Wonders if she'll feed me!573 miles to go to watch Vixen walk naked in the woods.1667 miles to the Bunny Ranch in Nevada to save Cubby from his sins.
Update: Hmmmm
Alot of you have been wondering has been up with me and why Ive been gone for so long.† Ive been currently working on some music with different bands and recording tracks for them.† My primary band Red War Memorial's cd is officially finished.† CD Release date is still unknown.† Things at work have finall picked back up some.† So that helps with getting bills paid on time.†† † † Another thing, the way I see it, no one deserves me as your love, husband, boyfriend, or whatever I may be (close friends I adore). I trust no woman.† you can thank a certain someone for screwing it up for good. I win and you lose deal with it.† Now, if I decide to start again, and that special someone tells me the truth upfront and holds NO secrets, then maybe. this person whomever she may be, needs to prove herself to me. Ive proved myself over and over again. Quite frankly Im through with proving myself to anyone. Im not here to impress anyone. Im just me.† screw me over just once and you're gone from my
Ok so I have a temporary fix for my internets. I ended up having to buy sooo much more than I anticipated for the apartment so I'm a little strapped on funds right now. But I'm still alive and stuff. I missed some of you lovely people. Kinda sucks that some of you didn't even seem to notice my absense.
.updates On Contest
Revised @ 2:28 am (pst)† Sat 7-18-09 † ((((†† SPECIAL NOTICE† )))) Due to my changing Senrence's Pic during the contest, she lost all her points for that pic.†† Therefore since this happened right after I made the Current Standings Blog I shall Add her score from that calculation along with her score here in Round Two.†† ** So if she has 4 -- she really has 73 ---- and so on !! NOTE: Contest Will End every Wed at Noon pst with the next one beginning shortly afterwards.. unless otherwise advised: Therefore plan ahead. † ††† The Winners and Finalists from Rounds 1 - 2 and 3† advances to The Finalists Contest following Round 3.†††† (1st - 2nd and 3rd places will advance to the finals from each round.) †† † The Fourth Contest will consist of the 3 winners and the 6 finalists from rounds 1 - 2 and 3.†† And each Model may present up to 3 pix! ††††† So far Besides Fu-Bux I am planning on giving the Winner a One Month VIP!† (or sumpin of equal value in Bling)† We shall see:† But I will
An Update
I just though I would update everyone on what is going on in my life at the moment. I find it slightly funny that I feel the need to blog amout such mundane things, but as I know that people will ask, here it is. I've been in the hospital for the past couple of days and as it turns out those really bad stomach/side pains I was having last week were being caused by a kidney infection. But now I'm back home and tired as hell, so I'm going to crash out. † ~V. V.~
Update On Life
I guess some or all of you are wondering what the hell is up with me lately? I can’t say I blame you. Life has been Crazy over the past few years. I did the whole going off to fight for your country thing and that was a good learning experience. I moved back to Fargo, North Dakota for a couple of reasons. First so I could finish my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Secondly, I had thought that maybe this is where I could do some good and possibly become a roll model. Lastly I like it here, it’s peaceful. I have been really sick lately.† I have a cyst on my pancreas and they think that it may be cancerous. For the first time in my life I realize how precious that life is. I just wanted to say i am sorry to those that I have offended pissed off and letdown. I realize for the first time I am human and I don’t have to be all things to all people. You all know that I am usually the First person that you all call on but I am a little amazed that when I need some one to be th
An Update On The Update
The DR is redid the biopsy and took it to the lab personally. I did find out that is NOT CANCER. I am not† out of the woods yet. I have to have surgury on the 31st but there expecting a full recoverory.
There will be a New Up-Date soon. Keep checking the site out. Let your thoughts about the site be known† on the guest book. chat with you guys later. Acid love, Toxik Poison
When corpses were illegally unearthed from burial plots in Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, bones from different bodies were indiscriminately heaped together in a back portion of the property, making it now "beyond possible" to make out who is who, investigators said Tuesday. "This is not as if someone was dug up and gently placed in a location," Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said. "That did not occur. Things are scattered, co-mingled, different sizes, all of the above." Since the FBI began the laborious task last week of searching an area that stretches four city blocks for above-ground human remains, agents recovered more than 200 bones or bone fragments. And more bones -- as well as indications that more than 300 bodies were displaced -- are expected to be discovered in an area cordoned off as a crime scene at the cemetery where the ground is suspiciously elevated. Investigators were tipped that they may find additional mass graves involving commingled bones within those mounds, sourc
Update On Chica
Hey everyone, I am so so sorry I haven't been able to be on lately. As the ones of you who are close to me already know my laptop completely crashed.. I moved out of my apartment back in with the 'rents bc of personal issues. I am now working full time and overtime to get myself a new car and a place of my own all while taking care of the baby and helping raise my siblings. I miss you guys all so much and I get on and check my stuff whenever possible. I have a new man in my life. His name is Danny but everyone calls him Boda. He is awesome. We've been seeing each other for almost a month now. I have made some new friends out here as well. I was WAY depressed because I was so far away from my family and friends that I'd known forever but I'm doing MUCH better now. I will continue to check in and let you guys know what is up. Just ask me anything you guys wanna know and I'll be sure to answer! Please don't forget about me. I am doing the best I can! † WITH ALL MY HEART Ashley Nichole
well here it is time again to blog whats new and improved in my life since last i got itchy to type ... Harley is still here in NC .. we got our house in AZ and will be moving asap ... He is getting used to the kids loll ( they tend to drive him nuts) Hes gone from a one child daddy to a 4 child daddy with alot of variations and new scenarios .... can be kinda daunting but he plugs on and sticks with us ... I love this man and am so excited to get moved and start the next journey for U/us.† I am still learning each day ... i have always been submissive in my nature but havent ever been able to exercise that part of me in any true way ... just played alot with it i am a slave and am so happy with that ... but im still learning .. im stubborn and headstrong ... but He loves that bout me so i am truely blessed and humbled by His love... our family is evolving† but we are all stressed and ready to get on with AZ ... OMG WE HAVE A HOME -- OUR HOME YAY WOO HOO YEEE HAWWW ... yes yes i
Update On My Heart!
Well everyone I called my doctor today an I will be have a TEE done which is a camera going down my throat, I will be knocked out for it thank god but I am not prepared for will be next month not sure on the date will let you know when the letter comes in the mail...
so deni might be able to get me a job with her company..i should hear back today † its winn/dixie BTW
After three weeks of evidence collection by the Cook County Sheriff's Office investigators at the scandal-plagued Burr Oak cemetery, officials say the number of bones recovered has zoomed fivefold since their last report. Spokesman Steve Patterson said over 900 bones have now been collected in the two primary crime scenes, and it is believed that number will exceed 1,000 by day's end on Friday. "It's definitely bolstering the criminal case," said Patterson, who notes that what appears to be a man-made mound in the secondary crime scene has yielded, as he put it, "lots of bones." That mound, he said, is about 4 to 5 feet higher than the rest of the cemetery. "Bones at the surface, bones underground... You use a shovel, you get bones. You use a backhoe, you get even more bones," Patterson said. "Even we're being surprised by the volume in crime scene two." The secondary crime scene, approximately 10 by 20 yards, was established in the south-central portion of the cemetery
Updated Wish List
Ok so update of birthday wish list - please feel free to comment (nice of course!) † (1) HAPPY HOUR (or 3 of you are feeling generous!) † (2) HUGE BLING PACK † (3) AUTO 11 † (4) CHERRY BOMB † (5) SMALL BLING PACK † (6) VIP RENEWAL (1 6 OR 12 MONTH)(ANY APPRECIATED) † (7) SHIT FACED NESS (from 7-9-9 to 9-9-9) † I WOULD LIKE TO LEVEL TO ORACLE FOR CHRISTMAS :)xxxxxx † † (and i dont think im being too greedy after all I shall be 41) :D
well i had an interview at metro pcs(cell company)†the other day and ive pretty much got the job i just have to wait til friday to know when i start... † the reason i have to wait is because there is a girl there that has an interview with a bank tomorrow and depending on her interview thats when i know when to start....if she doesnt get hired at the bank they are going to make her a manager at one of the phone stores and im gonna start right away...if she does get hired they will have to hire a manager first because i guess he cant hire another clerk until a manager is hired...he said he would have hired me as a manager if he could but corporate wouldnt approve of someone being hired as a manager that hasnt sold cell phones before...sooooo † yay
Update my sed rate is in the 70's...normal is 20 and under...(that is the amount of inflammation in the body) My kidneys are acting up again potassium is low..and My T-cell count is in the gutter There is the update...bad day....but as usual this too shall pass they upped my morphine ;) Me and my lil man just had a very nice lunch together...I am gonna cry when he starts school next week. † Kitchen is done except I am waiting on the mounting brackets for my on to the next phase of the remodel. I miss Johnny I want sanity † † † †
The Update Whats New On The Fight For A Cause
Update On My Weather Today
OK lets see where do I even begin with this???† I am still all pathetic and single, but I think I have come to terms with the fact that I should just live my life to the fullest and not worry about being with a man who more then likely would treat me like shit. That is all I have ever found. I think I am attracted to the assholes who do nothing but treat me like shit and beat me.† So I have put my foot down and I am not going to settle for anything but the best.† With saying that I am sure I will be one of those old ladies home alone with all my cats and wearing my mumu's around the house.† Ok I am going to just shut up now because I know no one wants to read this stupid shit anyways. Once I lose all the weight I am trying to then maybe Mr. Right will come into my life. Thats one thing about living in SC. Guys dont look twice at girls with meat on our bones. If you arent a Barbie then you might as well just start collecting the cats and the mumu's.† Im totally annoyed right now.
Update On Co-founder
Dear Members, As we know Joanna went in for surgery on Tuesday August 25, she was released on friday. Due to complications she went to the Emergency Room and was there for 7 hours on Saturday. She is resting comfortably as the writting of this at her moms home and will update me as things go on. She misses everyone and thanks all for your kind prayers. † Thanks, Dave Founder
(This idea stolen from Papi, just so you know) I haven't been on as much, as some of you may or may not have noticed. I started working and although it's not 40 hours a week, it's a job none-the-less and takes time out of my day. I also have 3 extra people living in my house now (so the total is now 6) so cleaning up after and cooking for 6 people is very time consuming. (They don't do much around here, which pisses me off, grrrrr). On top of that we're packing up and will be hopefully moving soon. Oh, and my mom is going in for surgery soon, so I've been trying to do more to help her out too. Between all of that, which I'm sure doesn't seem like a lot, but it is, I just don't have a lot of free time anymore. I do get on when I have time, and I try to keep up with everyone that I can. It seems that I have lost touch with some very important to me and for that, I'm sorry. I don't mean it and I hope that I'll be able to catch back up soon. If you would like to stay in touch with me o
Well I have been home now from the nursing home since last November, I seem to be doing ok now that I am at home. I have had one surgery since I have been home it seems to have worked I hope. My hip still bothers me sometimes. I think its because I keep picking up the neighbor kids. I figure why not I am outside she is outside, plus she like to sit on my lap and play with my cell phone and go for a ride on my power chair. Her parents don't seem to mind. They are outside too. I go back to the docotr for my hip next month, was suppose to be this month but I had to call an cancel. Something came up. I thought I was gunna be starting work up again this summer but I guess not( I was watching little boy before my accident). His mom is no longer the manager of the apartments where I live. She decided it was time to move on in the company. I know where she is moving to I could always go visit him. I am now receiving SSI, so that is gunna help out me and mom. I now have a laptop, so that helps.
Update On Nsfw
A photo is deemed NSFW if it is: Explicitly sexual in nature (suggestive) and includes real photos, cartoon drawings, and all styles of animations Overtly tasteless Slandering to any person or ethnicity Contains exposed body parts and no face (chest, etc. for both men and women) In addition to the above criteria, if a photo is a primary photo, it will be flagged as NSFW if it also contains a suggestive body part without the member's face in the photo. If you have a borderline photo that is not considered NSFW and it was marked as such, there's a chance someone who has ripped that photo is using it as a Primary Photo. Remember: The Bouncers will be MORE STRICT with those used as Primary Photos. Accounts will be terminated for abusing the adult content policy. This includes your Home page, Bulletins, Comments, MUMMs, Stash, Blasts, Spotlight, and Blogs.fubar will not dispute photos that they have marked NSFW as it is at their own discretion.
I thought I'd been through a lot of shit with my friends, but nothing the likes of this.† Those of you who read this should know that my bff Zoey is writing this blog on my behalf. I asked her to.† There are two pics in my pictures of my exroommate Ben, who our family invited into our home and our trusted family circle.† I will never know why but one night he just decided to take our lives and rip us apart with ONE phone call..... ..†.. You see, Ben wasn't man enough to fight his own fight maturely.† Zoey was talking to Ben calmly about a matter and Ben lunged at Zoey.† I thought he might try to hurt her, so I defended her.† She broke it up before any kind of a fight broke out, but Ben decided he would do everything he could to hurt us.† He called the cops on me and had me arrested, and I have been in jail for almost 5 weeks now. .... ..†.. careful about who you allow into your haven from the world....your home.† You can think you know someone, but they can turn on you
So I have some good news. My mom can finally eat soup! lol yeah its not much but its something. She is getting a little energy back. She starts the IV treatments on monday. She also has to get tested for TB (I dunno why). Not much else new. She is still weak and tired most of the time...but its been a good couple of days. She has been able to get out of the house now. She has done a little shopping and tried some light yard work. Keep us in your prayers still plz. Everyday is another step and I hope things keep looking up.
An Update On My Monday...
So, to add to the already crappy start - a recap and late morning update: Flat tire Vehicular manslaughter of a squirrel (thanks to Mr. Adorable, I've moved beyond the grief for this one) Office ceiling leaking Office ceiling now caving in and plaster periodically showering my desk and files Choked on my bubble gum Lost the rest of my bubble gum Burned my finger while lighting my candle Empty soap dispenser in the bathroom (huge pet peeve) Out of paper towels as well in the bathroom. Toilet paper roll was placed on the holder incorrectly (it must go OVER not under) Ink pen leaked on my hands Used half of the soap I just filled to clean my ink stained hands Spent the first 20 minutes talking to a lady about her schizophrenic son who is in jail for beating up his doctor. Spen the last 10 mintues talking to same lady about the conversations her son has with her when she is not there. *Positive note - first Monday that has not begun with an unwanted penis encounter; howe
Updates And News
Hey guys we have a lot of news for the group since last week to fill you guys in on. But before I go into that I'd like to thank everyone that went by our member Mary's page and showed her some support and love through the difficult passing of her father last week. I definetly appreciate everyone doing that and coming together as a group and showing her support. First news of the day the group has a new Co-Leader and her name is Tera Loves Ebou. She's 2nd in command of the entire group so if you have any questions and I'm not around or you don't have my text to ask me questions just hit her up for information and she will help you as best as she can or will relay the info to me and I'll give her the info to give to you. If anyone else would like to be a Co-Leader just hit me up and let me know,I need all the help I can get because I'm busy working,making cards and rating the new members and TRYING to rate the current members as well as finding targets for the group to rate blogs to ma
Update-clinically Psychotic
******Last Update****** † Mom was discharged from the hospital today, came home to me and the hospice nurse has been to see her and the rest of my family.† She is resting relatively well, but is now on morphine and another laundry list of meds.† The nurse seemed to think she has 2 weeks or less left.† When we visited with her yesterday, she told us the drs said there is no hope and she said it as though she has accepted that.† I have made peace with this and have told her I love her and that it is ok for her to leave this earth and join her brother, parents and the rest of her relatives in heaven.† She is solely my responsibility during the day and my brother, although sleeping at my house still has to go to work for now.† You all have been wonderful in your support of both my mother and me and I thank you profusely for all of your words of comfort.†I will try to be on occasionally while she sleeps to tell all of you personally, but can't promise how much that will happen. May God bl
Update To Trust No One
i thought I'd been through a lot of shit with my friends, but nothing the likes of this.† Those of you who read this should know that my bff Zoey is writing this blog on my behalf. I asked her to.† There are two pics in my pictures of my exroommate Ben, who our family invited into our home and our trusted family circle.† I will never know why but one night he just decided to take our lives and rip us apart with ONE phone call..... ..†.. You see, Ben wasn't man enough to fight his own fight maturely.† Zoey was talking to Ben calmly about a matter and Ben lunged at Zoey.† I thought he might try to hurt her, so I defended her.† She broke it up before any kind of a fight broke out, but Ben decided he would do everything he could to hurt us.† He called the cops on me and had me arrested, and I have been in jail for almost 5 weeks now. .... ..†.. careful about who you allow into your haven from the world....your home.† You can think you know someone, but they can turn on you
Okay so it's been a while since I have been on fubar. I've missed alot on here, but alot has been happening for me as well. I recently got engaged :) and mine and my fiance's wedding date is April 23, 2011. Very excited! I'm also planning on going to college in January. My mother had neck surgery, alot of deaths has happened with in the past year and I got a new dog. So alot has happened, but I summed it up and it seems alot less then what truley happened. That's an update for ya'll.
So is everyone sick of my relationship drama yet? Alright, well last night I talked to the boyfriend on the phone until 4 am. I'm exhausted and completely numb today. We're going to work things out. I had a very big indiscretion on wednesday that he now knows about and will pretty much bite me in the ass for quite some time, but he understands the circumstances around what happened...its just hard for him knowing what I did....So anyways...Yeah, in a relationship again....I'm trying to be less immature about the whole situation...and when he gets back from Florida tomorrow we're meeting for dinner and a long talk...
Update To Trust No One/ My Case
I thought I'd been through a lot of shit with my friends, but nothing the likes of this.† Those of you who read this should know that my bff Zoey is writing this blog on my behalf. I asked her to.† There are two pics in my pictures of my exroommate Ben, who our family invited into our home and our trusted family circle.† I will never know why but one night he just decided to take our lives and rip us apart with ONE phone call..... ..†.. You see, Ben wasn't man enough to fight his own fight maturely.† Zoey was talking to Ben calmly about a matter and Ben lunged at Zoey.† I thought he might try to hurt her, so I defended her.† She broke it up before any kind of a fight broke out, but Ben decided he would do everything he could to hurt us.† He called the cops on me and had me arrested, and I have been in jail for almost 5 weeks now. .... ..†.. careful about who you allow into your haven from the world....your home.† You can think you know someone, but they can turn on you
Here's what's going on lately...skip it if you don't care I've been kicking ass at work. The bosses all rave about me, the customers love me, the other employees love me...and they are trying to force me to accept a promotion or 3. The managers want me to apply for management, which would be cool but...I'll come back to that in a minute. I got a new apartment with my sister and her best's decent. Not great, but it'll do. Bad thing is it's a one year lease, so I'm stuck here in Peoria for a year. I'm already wanting out of here, but I'll manage. Who want's to come meet me? ;) I've got a real life again, finally, after a year of having none. I guess money and entertainment go hand in hand. I keep busy, very busy. I haven't had the net in 2 weeks and I haven't missed it. But...with all the money I have I gotta spend it on something so....I got it turned on. I†got cable installed and decided "what the hell? upgrade EVERYTHING!!" So now I have subscription channels I'll never
Update :(
Well all it is that time again. After going to the hospital last night I now know that in the next month I wil be going back under the knife to have a pacemaker put in. FOr those of you who have stood my me thank you all so much I love you all
Update 10-28-09
Well I was in that room again and did not want to be when we got a phone call........† Saying MY Aunt Donna has 6 months or less to live :(.....† She has fought all she could but with the spine cancer they just cant do anymore so they are gonna make her as comfortable as they can......... I had the frickin pleasure of calling my brother Bryan.....† I told him and was crying.....† It sucked A$$.......† I just dont see why there has to be fricken cancer in this world...... Hugs Kristina I need all the prayers and warm thoughts and HUGS to make it thru this plz and thank you........
Updates On My Progress
As you have read in my past blogs i am recording my journey into the BDSM Lifestyle with my Master. As the weeks have come and past he has shared alot of his wisdom and guidance with me, helping me to become his slut/slave. The transformation has been beyond my wildest dreams of becoming everything to him. I love to please him sexually as he has done for me. He has taken me from being this innocent girl to a slut who knows what she wants and is not afraid to show it. This is just the beginning of the many things we have yet to discover and i cant wait to to live up to my potential.
Update !!!!!
so last time i wrote anything about my case i said they still had no contact with the victem guess what mother fucker is still in arizona and this time they made contact with him † however to play in my favor they uncover some dirt on this guy † and the fact i dont no if i can use this on him but he has 33,000$ for child supprt he had made no trys to pay off † on top of that he made a big sceen when he went to the cable compeny they had to call the cops on him † so iam hopeing that would be some what to get him and let the people in the court room know iam not a flight risk † yeah granted i can be a lose cannon at times † but only when provoke i dont deserve this specially when i was defending my self and i did not even touch the fucker † my next court date is in dec 17 † and before then my lawyer is asking me to see 2 doctors for rule 11 † they want to know if iam mentelly stable enuff to go to trail my lawyer think its a good ideal for to buy some more time to work
Update On Health
†We got a update today. the rest of my heart looks good. The† pulmonary artery we are going to watch it and if and when it gets worse then what it is we will make the decision on surgery or not. But things are ok the leak is not so bad where, I need something done right now. Other then that. I was told no more stress. So we will see how things go in the nexted few months But i will have check up for the nexted 2 to 4 months keeping a eye on this issue. Ty for being there all. Muahs Camo
Updated My Profile
The subject says it all. Read my profile and go from there.
Update!!!!!!!!!!! We Found Him
We found my ex husband staying in a church in phoenix..he was able to contact his mother this morning! :)† His Dad is on his way from LA to Az to reunite with him!† Thank You So Much For Ur Thoughts and Prayers!† And To God Be The Glory! Love Always, Kitti and fam!
First off I want to say Thank You for all my friends on here who have been praying for my future mother in law Ann and for all the kind words you all have expressed to me. I'd still like to ask you all to continue praying. Her hospice nurses told us today things are progressively gettin worse. Her bp and oxygen level are startin to drop and she's getting more and more unresponsive. They are giving her anywhere between now and 2 weeks to pass. So please just pray for strength for everyone to get through this! Thanks
Update!! Woohoooo!!
Ok, so apparently I'm needing to fill you all in on my date with my ex husband. It went great! We had dinner and talked, then went back to my house and sat and talked some more. It was 3am before we realized the time! And only then because my roommate came home from work and told us! Well....we ended up spending the entire weekend together! We talked about everything. About our dating, marriage and subsequent divorce. We caught up on the last 11 years. We have decided, together, to start dating again. But this time, we are going to just take it one day at a time. The old flame has never been completely extinquished, and the thought of re-igniting it thrills me to no end! He was and always will be the love of my life. So, wish me luck in this endeavor. † yanno, actually, I don't think I will need luck wished on me. This feels too right. :)
I Christianggs admit that I went overboard, and the passion of the game took over. I joined a turf which shall remain nameless, and was caught in the cross fire. I now understand that the war was not against me, but against the person that I was with. I decided to stay along the side of my boss, but for incidents inside my mob he back stabbed me and took actions against me. I flee from his reach, and that’s how I ended up a free agent. Since I belonged to a turf that was in troubles, I ask the boss in DDR Mafia Family Turf to spear me and to go after my boss. This backfire and I ended up being the target of the crossfire. I took every measure to protect myself, and reached out for the Mafias out there in the world. I found I have support, and although they intervene for me it was not enough. Today I meet the request from KASPER to take down my sing that she was abusive to her power, and the hostility stopped. I reach out to her and we came to an agreement. Her turf is not goi
hit the gym later than usual today. 3 to 4 seems ok. cant do it on days i work tho cuz of the time crunch but at least the gym was mostly empty. workout went good. feeling strong. nowhere near what i was but broke the hundred pound plateau on tricep extensions. that was a small victory... † p.s. im up 4 pounds bitchezzzzzz
Update On My Life Since Hurricane Ike
†† Since I was in here last there has been a lot going on in my life.† I did not loose my apartment after Ike.† I did manage to finally get some help after loosing my job after the storm.† Pamela and I both managed to make it through that period.† We got into a new apartment and I found another job to get the bills paid.† 2008 ended up going ok even though I was not able to really spend anytime on fubar because of how my life was going.† I worked and I worked, that was all my life was about.† †† 2009 was a pretty good year at the beginning.† The first four or five months went pretty well and then everything fell apart.† Pamela lost her job.† Both of our computers went down.† And life in general just sucked.† We kept going through it all and tried to be as positive about it all as we could keep ourselves.† She managed to find another job and I ended up getting a better job than I had.† Not having a computer was hard on both of us.† We had to run to a library to check e-mail and normall
Update On Me.....
HELLO EVERYONE WHO READS THIS... I just wanted to update everything that has gone on since I was on here last, It has been a long time. I had computer troubles, I had to get a new laptop then I had to send it in to be fixed, ironic isin't it? lol I also was homeless during the summer until my ex husbands cousin took me and my family in, but we live on a fixed income and they abused our kindness. By that I mean we offered to help pay a portion of their bills while we stayed there, and we enede up giving them all of our money, and not being able to have our money for our own expenses. Once we finally found a place to live, they decided they would keep my livingroom furniture which came to over $3000.00 worth and they sold it, WITHOUT my permission. They were only supposed to hold on to my livingroom furniture for me until I could pick it up from their home. The home I am in now, is in the country and has four bedrooms, and 36 acres of is very nice here. I was not able to be on
Well, it seems I've been getting really busy lately. There's several reasons for this. But I feel bad cause I have so many wonderful friends on the fu and I hate to think I'm ignoring you all. First off there's my schooling. I've made my switch of majors and while I absolutely adore my classes, the work is starting to pile up. Which means I'm spending more time studying and less time on the net in general. Which in itself is a good thing. I just wish I could rmember what I study lol. Let's see.. what classes am I taking.. Basics of Social Research, Resource Management for Individuals and Families, Living the Creative Life (which is a bs class if I ever knew one), Understanding Food and Lab (where the lab is a freaking work load in itself), and because I needed 1 freaking unit I'm taking a Dance Aerobics class. Which is in the top 3 of classes I actually enjoy the most. Weird how that works. But I will say one thing about the Aerobics class, it kicks my ass and in a way, I'm glad to b
Went to the doctor today. Good news is I don't have prostate cancer but I do have a prostate infection, a torn muscle in my back and a hernia which I will need an operation to repair. No wonder I feel like crap
Update On Contest -3/06/10
Update On The Medical Stuff
so 3 weeks ago I went to my GYN... and she did a cervical cancer test on me. Yesterday, it came back as a negative. Thank god.... now the problem is that we don't know what is wrong... I went through a full round of blood work today (seriously... 4 vials? wtf is that shit... not little vials either.. BIG ONES...) had cultures done of my vajayjay... and also had 2 freaking ultrasounds... oh and urine test for hormones and stuff... i dunno... lol anyway.. I was watching the lady who was doing my ultrasounds.. and at one point she made a face and was looking at the screen... she kinda startled me when she said "have you been having pain?" i was like yeah.... and she asked "where.." i said left side....and she said hmm... she was looking at my left ovary.... but didn't tell me anything... I go BACK to the doctor on the 7th... hopefully it was nothing... i am a littttttle worried though
Updated Blog It Lol!
WOW! Where to even begin... a lot has happened since the last time i was on teh Foo! For those of you wo did not know , i bought a house! WOOT WOOT! I love it! Its amazing.(i really never thought i would own one lol) I finished up last years drifting season taking second in the advance class.I lost by 1 point out of 100 can you believe it!!! But i lost to a great friend who had earned it so i guess its cool haha! After the end of the drift season last year i sold my car... :( The drifting was a blast but i need to take a few years off from it to work on some otherthings. One of those other things i am working on is music. After not playing with any regularity for the last 5 or so years i decided to pick up my guitar and play... i ended up writing almost a full album which i am in the process of putting the finishing touches on. I formed a band as well ( abunch of drifta friends ,go figure lol) and we really click great.Each one of them brings something great to the table and makes o
Update About Medical Condition Please Read!!!
Well I have been doing chemo for cancer for the past few months and I found out today that they are stopping chemo due to the fact that the cancer is spreading. They also informed me that I have a max of 1 year left to live. I thank God that I have lived thus far!!
I won't be on again until about 4:30 this evening. But I went to the doctor and I have a sinus infection. I'm on moxatag and nasonex. I can't work tomorrow and I'll be staying at my Mom's tonight. † † Talk to you all later.
Update To The Blog About The New Site Changes...
This is what Easter Weekend 2010 on will be remembered for more than anything else. Feel free to post your comments here regarding the changes, as I do not filter them. With that, I am also making some updates as to the previous communication blog I posted: I turned everything back on. It’s functionality and use will be limited by me personally, but that’s just my own personal preference. For those of you who use Face book ( I don’t) I guess it will be easier to use. I do have a myspace for free and open discussion as well, just do a search for username JohnnyDevil if you feel you cannot communicate here freely or have something else you wish to say. The thing in the earlier blog about “not replying to non bling messages.” That was in regards to the 713 furonas clogging up my inbox. Since that stopped , I will go back to using that system as well for communication. It will still be slow, so I hope no one gets offended if instead of a day or
Update: The Address Boob Gets Political.
Yesterday, I mentioned the Address Boob.† Today I must mention with great sadness that the Address Boob will not be updated. See it all started when a manager came up to me and asked if I had any menial tasks that the intern could do.† Figuring that Bill Clinton already proved that you can get in big trouble for that, I figured I would assign some actual work;† updating the Address Boob.† Now I wasn't saying the Address Boob was something that I wanted to own all the time, I just thought it needed a little stroking, but when it got back to the director that I was using the intern to do that, then I had to write a justification.† Which really, I agree with the director, its not my job, I was just trying to do a bit of clean up, and give out some boring work to the intern.† The manager that brought it up to me told me if I brought it to my manager then perhaps it could get done, though I was like, if I take it to him, it now becomes a large issue that I am going to have to spend my tim
Update 04/14/2010
April 14th update; Bearing in mind my last entry, I'm off sick due to stress & harassment etc . . . . . Today, there was another hand delivery of TWO more letters from work!! Yet again trying to set up a grievence meeting WHILE I'M OFF SICK!!!! Looks like I'm back on the sleeping tablets tonight :( I phoned my lawyer & emailed the letters to him, now I just have to calm down again . . . easier said than done, but I can still laugh about it, the old git's dug himself an even bigger hole now, TWO counts of harassment while I'm off sick, watch those zero's go on the end of my compo HA HA!
By way of an update from my previous blog; † I've known I would be making this drive for several days now and today I drove down to see Pete. †Not Pete the fireman but Pueblo Pete. † Pueblo Pete was expecting me and invited me inside. †Just inside the front door, are you sitting down? †Just inside the door was Dream Dachsund. †Not "A" dachsund. †Not "another similar" wiener dog but the same motherfucking shape shifting wiener dog from the other night. †I greeted him as a friend. Didn't even bat an eyelash when a Buddhist monk walked in and sat on the couch across from me in full on gold flowing robes. †It's been quite a day. Previous blog. Wiener Goats. So someone's left their wiener dog in my bedroom and more specifically it seems, my closet. And I'm pissed. Pissed so bad in fact i consider beating the dog cause I don't know how long it's been in my bedroom but I'm positive it's been so long he had to have dropped a dooky somewhere. I never did find said dooky and like
Update On Me
Wow, it's been exactly a month, well a day shy, that I've logged onto this site. Odd how I used to spend so much time on here but now I haven't had much interest at all. Doesn't mean I'm getting rid of my account...just hop in whenever. † Life's been pretty good. Still in the process of getting divorced, it's unbelievable. I texted my ex a couple weeks ago asking him, AGAIN, when he will be able to pay for his share of the divorce...he told me in two weeks...which is this week now. I told him..well I hope so cause I was in the process of getting him served. I will be texting him again in a few days to see if he'll have the money, if not...He has till the end of this month, or he WILL be served. I'm fucking tired of waiting and all of his bullshit. I found out that he's been paying for his gf's rent, when she's still living with family, over doing his car payments and saving money for the divorce. That pissed me off. Dumbass still doesn't have his dad is still the co sig
Update May 9 2010.
May 9 2010...(Happy Mothers Day) † its been a while since the last entry. Things are about too change, once again. I leave tomarrow,heading back out. Will be pretty busy with work and getting settled in, so not going too be around Fu for a time. I want too thank you all for your kindness and support through the tough times, its time like those that you true friends come too the surfice. Ive had some good times here in the recent past and have met even more wonderfull people here, thanks too all the Fam and Staff at the Corner Pocket, if you havnt been in and met the cool people there go to it!. you wont be sad ya did. thank you all for the fun and the air time..i do so love to DJ and doing it with a group like you all is a joy compareable to none. you ALL have made life so much more bearable when the crap got too thick to breath..and again I thank you, all of you both Fam and Friends. sometime people come to fubar not knowing what too expect, I know I did....but i leave , for this sh
Update On My Grandma
Well my grandmother fell and broke BOTH femurs (you know the hardest bone in your body-thigh bones). Initially they didnt want to do surgery. Too risky-she willl be 80 on monday, is skin and bones. like 5'7 and maybe 78lbs. so no immune system & she has no muscle/fat on her. they couldnt even get enough blood out of her to check her sugars. † so they decided to try the surgery rather than just let her die. they ended up putting 80 pins into her legs. but the docs said if an infection doesnt kill her, the healing just may. if she heals. so now we sit and wait. † I guess the hardest part is I never had a good relationship with her. she was always quite mean and cruel throuh my entire life. she is old school german-cold hearted and almost totally emotionless. so the guilt has been eating me. I did go and pretty much force her in the most gentle way to see me. so I could tell her that I DO love her and that I hope she is able to recover from her injuries. And if there was anything I co
Updated Chat Functionality Today! Here's A Preview..
We're updating the styling and functionality of the existing Chat box in the top center of every page. † Here's how it'll look: † † The biggest changes are new chat messages will show up at the bottom of the box, instead of the top. Also, the text area to reply to someone to be rite below their name after clicking on the 'reply' icon/link next to the message. † We're also adding a larger 'pop out' version of the Chat area. You'll be able to pop-out your chat box, and close the rest of your fubar windows (if you want) that way you can chat with your homies from the office without The Man holding you down. Here's how that page will look: † We're planning to turn this on in a few hours, probably around 1 or 2PM PST. Thoughts and feedback are welcomed! Cheers, † -mike
Update 1
For those of you who do know me, I have a son who is my whole life. The poor lil thing has gone so much in his one year of life. To make a long story short, I was in a bad situation (I also have a heart condition), was under a lot of stress and the doctors believe he had 2 strokes in utero. He in deaf in left ear, no teeth on left side and drgs left limbs... let alone can't stand up on his own. He has gone for mri's and ct's. He has been tested for cp, autism,epilepsy and brain damage (which I already knew)... as of july 7th I will be bringing him to UVA Medical Center for more tests. More than likely wil be there for a few days. For Those who care, I will have updates... xoxo
Updated Editor
I know a lot of people don't like the editor. Actually, it would really help if you let me know what it is you don't like! At any rate, yesterday, I updated the editor code, fixed the spellchecker and rearranged the controls a bit, just to try to make it more pleasant for you - that's right! you! - to use. Do you still hate it, don't hesitate to tell me why. Thanks, and good night.
Update On My Friend...
My dear friend Kim Evans who fell over a waterfall in Sandy Utah on the 26th's body was found today††I'm glad to see that she was found, It hurts still, but some sense of closure. THank you all for the thoughts and prayers on the matter.†
Updated Bible
I spent some time updating the Bible. I know more about javascript now than I ever did before. I know the "common" user will really really see the advanced version of the Bible; if you're an admin you can edit the Bible entries and add more of them, something that will mostly be helpful to Scrapper. But since it'll make life easier for him, he'll be able to make life easier for you. Let me know if you have any trouble with the Bible at all. Tina.
The Update Is There Is No Update
It's been a hell of a week.† We were puting in a new system in Monday after hours, a big project, lots of consultants and vendors.† So I got in to work at 8 am, and things were not going well.† I went home about 6 am and crashed for 3.5 hours, then got up and went back into work.† Tuesday, which I guess was yesterday (the day's have lost meaning) I worked till 4, then went home for a couple hours so the TV guy could mount the big screen to the wall, and then was back to work at 6.† I stayed until 3 today and then crashed for another 3.5 hours.† I dont want to sleep too much so I can sleep tonight. With all the work, no real update on PNG, no word about lunch from her yet this week, but I am serious about leaving the ball in her court.† Though today, she did come in to my office and ask if I was alright.† I told her about how much work I have done and how much sleep I haven't got, and she asked if I wanted any more caffine.† I said I was fine, I had to get out of there though, my cat w
Hey † Just came back from Docs... Kidney function has risen slightly ... not as fast or as high as he would like to have seen but it has gone up (y) I am going back to lab tomorrow and will be monitored for the next Month at least closely One thing I got totally wrong on last visit was I understood that my kidney function was at 60 % ...wrong I had lost 60% and was operation at 39%. I am kind of glad I did not know that earlier. Without a doubt emergecy dropped the ball and should have known this and NEVER had let me go home with that kind of loss but I guess screaming and yelling about this is not going to help me.The other thing I was told is to suffer this kind of kidney failure after an infection and or stones is not normal and highly unusual this was and is significant kidney failure. I can already tell I am going to have a fight with my doctor making him understand I had been complaining about pain and discomfort in that exact kidney area for a very long time and that I s
******updated Blog About What My Life Is******
"You have no idea" is a phrase I hear a lot from people who think they know what I go through on a daily basis, or think that their problems are worse than mine. I NEVER knock anyone's feelings, and I feel awful and hurt when bad things happen to people I care about, but there are people out there who will argue constantly that what they're going through is worse than what you're going through. No matter how nice I try to be about it, it never seems to I'm just going to rant about it here. † In the last 4 years: I have been diagnosed with... -Fibromyalgia which is a disease that causes full body muscle aches almost constantly. It literally translates to "weak muscles"...and the heart is a muscle too so eventually it will weaken as well. It causes a lot of other issues like weight gain and loss, insomnia, a "foggy" feeling called "fibro fog", and a muriad of other issues. Here's some info on it: † Fibromyalgia affects predominantly women (over 80% of those affected are
Update Bitching
ok so like, i put seven fucking years into this relationship, seems to be for nothing, because as we were suposed to get married all the sudden he is confused and dont know what he wants, well should had thought of that years ago and not waisting my fucking time, and broke my sons heart, who just decided, since we were getting married he would want to call this fucker daddy, something he hasnt ever really done with anyone, so im here in florida, taking care of a close and dear friend that is dying from cancer, trying to put my life back together, and get back used to being alone, which i was for years before stupid head, because of spermdoner, to begin with. anyway, so i dont know anyone around here yet, even though i been here six months i havent really got the chance to even learn much of the area, being out here in the national forrest taking care of my friend, who has gone downhill so fast make your head spin, its a really tough situation, but looking at my life i have been through
Staff Expectations ††††† For starters, we do not use a DJ system in Granny's Panties Lounge and we don't use cams. If those are the types of jobs you are looking for sorry we wasted your time. If you do not have a fubar approved salute please get one if you want to be lounge staff. †The EMOTES in the lounge are not intended to replace talking to people, if you are to lazy to type the words then maybe this is not the lounge for you. We don't mind them being used but not as a replacement language, please don't abuse or over use them.All staff and regular members of the lounge will get fubucks bonus each week for each new member who joins due to their invite, just don't over invite or we risk getting a bad reputation. If the lounge gets paid for being an active lounge that week those of you who are staff will get a portion of that as well. The lounge rules, shown as 'Guidelines' inside the lounge, apply to staff as well as visitors an
Update # 534,564,914
so i just found out today my brother is headingto iraq in the next few days for i dunno how long.. † apparently my temper and anger issues warrant a trip to a shrink...apparently they think its a problem when you punch a hole in a door and hit a locker hard enough it folds inwards...wierdos † oh and i need some letters from people it would be nice † † tits up everyone
Updated How To Get A Morph
How to get a Professional Quality morph? Rate 250,11's during Happy Hour or 500,10's.Cherry Bomb a high capacity folder.Doing this usually will get 1-3 morphs. Cherry Bomb or Boomy Bling 5-10.Family add where Boomy's are unleashed atleast 3 x's a week.1-3 weekly.Last Option 1 million Fubucks,an there non refundable,if I choose to refuse doing the morph the fubucks are mine to keep just for lack of cooperation or disrespect.
Spent some time at the hospital with Mom today.Not much change.They do have some other people that go to the same Dialysis center with the SAME infection.Makes me furious!!!! The ICU nurses were total bitches and I had to show my cunty side.My mother enjoyed it lol She is kinda twisted....... lol Gotta love her. I truly appreciate all the thoughts,positive vibes and prayers.They do mean a lot to me. † huge hugs and lots of love Kit
Update On Me
Ive been a slacker on this one I know, oops, not like anyone reads blogs anyways. So update on me. I'm currently in the army on an Air Force base. Just got dropped from a Navy school on this base.† Now I'm waiting on a new MOS. Dissapointed but I still have my Army career and 7 years til I hit 20 is not that long. † Personal note. Dating a wonderful woman. We are in the new phase, so still learning about each other, but I love every second of it. I got really lucky this time, I can feel it. Things are turning around in my love life. I look forward to what the future holds. † Got my first car yesterday, a 1997†Ford Mercury Grand Marquis.†Very excited, and quite comfortable driving for a guy who hasnt driven in a year, only had his liscense for two, never owned a car and is a nervous driver. Hoping to take a road trip soon with my new baby. I feel 16 again. †Other then that just staying out of trouble and living life.
Updates On My Wreck
10-8-10 Hey everyone! I wanted 2 let yall know what is going on! I was in a car wreck yesterday 10-7-10! This guy ran a red light & hit me so hard it tore the tire & axle from the transmission on my car! I had 2 cars in front of me..they went through our green light & I followed! I got about 50 feet from where I was going about 10 miles per hour at this point..this guy comes from my right going about 35-45 miles per hour & hits me in the front passenger side full force! He did not even try 2 slow down! After he hit the front he bounced off & hit the back passenger door! The air bags deployed when he hit the front passenger side! There where 2 cops behind me that saw everything thank God! I was driving, my mans mom was in the front passenger side, my baby girl was in the back passenger side & my mans oldest was in the back driver side! We all got taken 2 the hospital by ambulance! My lil girl is ok..she just was more scared hen anything! My mans mom is ok..she is just a lil banged up
Update: Really With Seth And Amy - Season 36 : Ep 1
Update On Me
So... i have been working for a small boat company who has three boats that need a USCG inspection before they can go to work. Lots of rust to treat and many things to update or replace/repair. it will be a few months before the first boat is ready...† I got my phone bill and there is something wrong with my internet. was barely on the internet for the month of september, as you may have noticed, and am being charged $179 overage not to mention my phone is†malfunctioning†to the point where the phone will just dial someones # or send pics...The touch screen will suddenly stall..and later catch up and all the times the screen is touched will suddenly activate, opening my contacts list, applying changes to cantact info, dialing the # or sending emials and multimedia to the I am working, happy and things are going good...† my birthday is on the 26th fyi... i have a girlfriend... we get along epically!!† kids are having issues in school, one son got suspen
Update On My Spinal Surgery
Back in April I posted a blog informing everyone of the surgery on my spine that I was gonna have. I had the surgery and it went well. However, the results haven't been as positive as the doctor was hoping. I am still severe pain with every movement. They have now sent me to a pain doctor. He did some testing and found that I have nerve damage around my spine.†So for now I am having to take strong pain medication to try to control the pain level. This is basically how my life is going to be from now on. There isn't anything else that can be done at this time. I just wanted to update everyone on the situation. I don't get online much anymore. I really miss talking with everyone. Hopefully soon things will work out to where maybe I can be back online like I was before. Thanks everyone for all the concern you have showed me on here, on my yahoo, and by calling me.
Update On My Cousins
one of the last blogs i posted on here was about my cousins getting shot at the angels game. † my cousin jose is doing fine. † on the other hand, carlos died due to post-surgery complications in late May this year. † his funeral was the first i'd ever been too. the marines were there to do the full on ceremony he deserved. i never cried more than any other day of my life.† † Carlos, i don't believe in heaven or hell but dammit i hope you're in peace and happiness now † i miss you and think about you everyday. † love you. RIP primo mio
An Update...
It's weird being away from this site for too long... There's alot I missed, alot I'm glad I missed, and alot I just plum forgot... That being said, I don't think I ever want to stop being a member here. I continue to meet cool new people under the radar, and even those that the general public would consider my "enemies"... For those that love the gossip, I didn't leave for any one reason... I mean, I did a few consecutive years on here through some drama and still stuck around. And I'm not one to blame what happens in my real life, but I have had to take care of some things lately. But after taking a hiatus from here, I kinda like the fact of just being a part-time mummer/point-hoar. For those that truly miss me, I'm active on FB alot thanks to my mobile app. Plus, if you didn't know, there's a "secret" MuMMers group on FB...ask any mummer how to join (y) Thanks for reading, and God bless...
Up Date About My Knee
Well I get my MRI until next month on the 11th but the doc is thinking I riped my MCL and somethings between the knee. It sucks trying to go to school still. Its taking a lot out of me and each night it seems to get more fucked up...this blows
Update: Missing Teens From Ridgecrest
Reno police find girls that 18-year-old Californian allegedly brought her †Reno police found the 12- and 13-year-old girls at the Kietzke Lane Walmart at around midnight on Tuesday. "They called us because they were cold and hungry," Reno Police Department Sgt. Chris Lang said. †The girls are being held at the Jan Evans Juvenile Detention Center as runaways and to check on their welfare, police said. Meanwhile, Reno police arrested Blake Holmes, 18, of Ridgecrest, Calif., on four counts of sexual assault on a minor younger than 14 three counts of lewdness with a minor. His bail was set at $110,000. Police said he formed a relationship with the girls over the Internet and then brought them to the Reno area in a stolen vehicle.†
A Update To Why I Have Been In Hospital So Much
some of you talk to me ore then others so already† know whats going on with me. i recently spent some time in hospital. i was in there from nov 23rd to dec 12th. i went thinking i was having anxiety. i couldnt breath proper i was getting dizzy alot. everything was becoming a huge effort for me, even something as simple as pushing my wheelchair. † when i got to emergency room i had a heart rate of 123bpm. so they are monitoring me and my heart rate goes up to 162bpm. at this point even breathing was difficult and felt like took all my energy to do. major suckage i can tell you it blows to go though.† so they admitted me to hospital.† turns out i have a condition called Atrial Fibrillation. wich is not often seen in anyone not elderly. on p,us side though i do not have any of the things that make it way worse. i dont smoke. no† hiper-tention(high blood pressure). i dont drink alcohol. an im not 80 and have no heart disease. † † i'm o
So I havent been on here in forever... Lets see whats is the latest update, my son is 3 months now... I work my ass off... and in debt up to my eye balls lol... I cant believe its 2011 i will be turning 21 in 3 months! Took a whole week off from work gonna be wasted lol
Update On The Doctor
Went to the doctor for the test results this morning. I didnt get bad news but yet the news wasnt good either. I guess I will still have to see an oncologist to determine what they will do with this mass. Its been determined PRE cancerous. Not sure what all that means but I know I have to see an oncologist to determine my next steps. So More waiting. I will keep you all updated on what goes on as each step of my testing and results come in. I love you all my fu friends and family for being there and supporting me...
Well 2011 a new year with a new life. I have a new baby boy his name is Jake he was born Dec30,2010. So now that make 3 beautiful boys i have and i love each and everyone of them to pieces. I'm a single mommy still haven't found my Mr Right just a lot of WRONGS lol. But im OK with being single right now, not in any rush to get committed to someone with a new baby in my life. But i do know now its goin to be a little harder to get a guy to understand my life with 3 kids, men aren't really programmed anymore to be OK with a woman that has kids. In my life my kids are number one and men don't seem to realize it they want to compete with my kids to be my center of attention. I want to find someone who is okay with an already made family and ok with my past. Someone who is passionate and sincere about family. Someone who will not look at my kids with hate cause they aren't his but not someone who tries to take charge of my kids like im doin something wrong with my children. I raise my kids
Update On Kelly!
Last washout surgery was tonight . When they did this washout they found no infection in the muscles, skin or the tissue. However, I have to assume the infection in the bone is still there..but since no infection anywhere else it pretty much means it is now dormant. With 3-6 months of anti biotics via IV it should pretty much assure that this is going to remain dormant.Since there was no infection, pus or drainage they were able to put on some kind of biolayered graph that is suppose to get sucked into the arm and grow or attach to the arm and then as long as it takes..which he said with an exposed bone sometimes they do and others they do not...then they would be able to do a skin graph and cover that up.She has probably at the most 4-5 days more in the hospital at which time they will check to see if this graph is taking.I find it amazing that 24 hrs after they removed her teeth the infection is gone...Makes me believe that the infection was coming from the infected teeth and once re
Update. Not Drama, Just Facts. [updated With Picture]
I've had severe lung and stomach problems going on 4 years now. Doctors up here (PA) can't find anything wrong. I have an appointment with the First Responders Clinic in NYC in April. They want to rule out Mesothelioma, and a few other diseases that many of us who worked at Ground Zero are dying from, and have died from. I don't know for sure what the outcome will be, but I will update when I do. I don't want sympathy, nor do I want pity. I volunteered with the Red Cross to help my friends and fellow citizens, and that was a risk I was willing to take. At least I know that if I don't make it much longer, my children and family will be well taken care of, and never have to want for anything again. That's it. Nothing more to see here. Move along. :) † † †
Updated Link
The link for the auction is now:† † Please check it out!! XOXO
Update 4/17/11
Well I came back to PA today after spending another week in Columbus with my family. As of when I left this morning, Kyle is completely off the sedative drip and is on Methadone and Valium that they are injecting straight into his feeding tube (stomach absorbs more than IV) he opened his eyes a few times but there is no recognition or anything really, it's like the old saying, the lights are on but no one is home, at least for now... They were able to get his brain pressure stabilized enough that they pulled the drain into his brain out last night.† He's been off and on the vent to help him breathe thru his tracheotomy. The social worker got ahold of my sister in law yesterday and informed her they want to move him to another facility, that OSU is too costly, yet it's where he needs to be, with the best docs, surgeons and nurses caring for him. So at this point we don't know if it really is the cost or if they don't have any hopes of him recovering from this, we are told they want him
Update 4/26
Well as of yesterday Kyle is back in the ICU, to add to his injuries he now has pneumonia, sepsis, his brain swelling is increasing, and renal production is slowing down.† They aren't giving us much hope at this point. He's not responding to stimuli at all now. I'm just asking for prayers, this has consumed my mom, I had to take her to the doctors today and have her medicated, I honestly don't know how much more I can take before I crack. But thank you to the few that have been checking on me, you have no idea how much it's appreciated.
Update- Good/bad, Amended
Some of you know life has been somewhat of a roller coaster for me this past 6 months-year - †from getting divorced and the circumstances surrounding that, to moving to another state, family stuff, being hurt at work back in Dec and the most recent below. First the good update, the bad then the thank you. My shoulder(s) are slowly getting better after 4 months, many Drs visits, pain meds, a month and a half off of work, physical therapy and a huge injection in my right shoulder , hooray! Progress is still very slow. Still have good days and bad days but the pain is decreased, although not by too much. I should have better range of motion and less pain. Still taking meds to sleep and never seem to sleep well enough. I haven’t had as much shooting pain down my arms though, which seems to be a good sign. Physical therapy is going okay, it seems. Makes me tired and sore but my strength has shown some improvement. Just still a little afraid they’re going to take me off restri
So... As you may have noticed, I am back after a couple months of fubreak. †On the off chance that anyone's curious about my life while I was gone, here's the cliff's notes update. † In January, I was in the hospital getting some large kidney stones removed via surgery. †One of them popped out of the incision they made in my kidney, and is floating around in my body somewhere - they say it won't cause any problems there. †We'll see. †I still have one large enough not to pass on its own; they're keeping an eye on it and if it causes more issues it'll have to come out the same way. †The biggest issue about the whole thing is that I lost my contract at GM - apparently my being in the hospital was inconvenient for them. † I spend much of my time on Facebook playing Island Paradise and Zoo World. †I've finally regained some of the energy that I've been missing the last couple of years and am attempting to clean the house while I'm home. My kids were tested for the gifted and talented p
Updates In The Works For Fubar: Indie Bands, Referral System And Levels.
We've been working on some big changes for fubar! First up, we're going to be adding support for Band Profiles. We're focusing on small / local / indie bands and will allow them to upload their music and keep in touch with their fans. Part of this will also be a daily contest where we can all vote on our favorite new music, and we'll be sending cash to the Peoples Favorite band each day. We'll also be doing a monthly contest and sending the best band $10,000! We're hoping to have this live on the site in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned! † Next up is simplifying the referral process. I want to do better rewards for people who invite their friends and for those who's friends are actually online. To make this happen I'm going to simplify the referral process so (hopefully) there's less confusion. In the near future the only people who will show up in your referral list will be those who you've invited via email. We'll also update all the home pages to show you whenever your referrals are
Updated About Me
Well apparently a couple years ago I started a blog on here and I just now realized it lol. Figured I should update about me seems how I'm not 18 anymore and a lot has changed. * I'm now 20 and living with my husband of 9 months. We have been together a total of 2.5 years and we have a beautiful little girl together. * My daughter's name is Vanessa. As of the day I write this she is 7 months. She's my world, I really wouldn't know what to do without her. * I'm attending college to become an accountant. I started not long after I graduated but when I had my baby girl it got put on hold for a while. †††††††††††††††††††††††††††† - a lot of people tell me that I ruined my life by having a kid. I really don't think so. Yes there are a few things that†I wish I could do now (like go on a random road trip without having to pack a million things) but I would, and have, traded all that for her. And I think I got the best end of the deal. * I'm pretty excited to turn 21, even though I've bee
Updated Radio Show Info And Stuff! :)
Radio show Edition 003 uploaded and ready for listening or download. Here's an update that will make listening to the show a lot easier. You can go to my Tune In Radio page and bookmark it. It adds the shows to its system. It takes some hours for it to show up on their site after I upload it to mine. So I'll give links to make it easier for you: INSTANT LISTENING or DOWNLOAD: TUNE IN RADIO PAGE: (The also have an app for your phone so you can listen on the go) Official site: Twitter @eakradio Thank you everyone for the support and bands if you want your music on the show, send it to: -Raven *Since 2005, Raven Eggs and Kegs Radio Show has been worldwide and on normal FCC Radio. Myself and my show have paid its dues and has established a respective following worldwide without kissing ass and STILL going strong!*
Updates On Voter Suppression 2012 (repost)
Rachel Maddow has on Melissa Harris-Perry to discuss GOP Voter Suppression. Perry, as usual, is on point. From USA Today: Our view: Republican ID laws smack of vote suppression To many Republicans, it is an article of faith that minimalist government works best. Except, that is, when Republicans want to impose tighter rules for their political benefit. A case in point is the flurry of states —six so far this year— rushing to pass laws requiring voters to bring government-issued photo IDs to polling places. All have Republican governors and GOP-controlled legislatures. Supporters say this is necessary to prevent voter fraud. But the operative question is: Why, at a time of economic distress and state budget shortfalls, is this such a priority? The answer has less to do with prevention than with suppression. In theory, there isn’t anything wrong with requiring photo IDs to vote, just as they are required to drive, board a plane or cash a check. The Co
Updated Master Task
She pulled into the parking lot fourty-five minutes early, "better to be early then late" she thought, Kate look for her compact the one she always carried with her in her purse, she looked at her make-up.she thought she looked small and that a man could brake her in half. God she didnt know the person looking back at her. Could she really be do this"†Could she going on a date with someone she never met in person? Her best friend Amanda knows him...that† seamed to calm her down, "god, Kate!!!! Chill!!, its okay its not like you never been to this club'", she looked at the sign, it normaly made her feel relaxed just to see it ADEARA, but She hasnt been to the club in a long, long time. She thought back to when the last time she was at the club, tears started to form in the corner†of her eyes. She wiped away the tears from her green eyes. This time it will be differnt, it not the same person! She glaced down at the clock in her car, "oh shit" i'm late!! its now past 6 p.m. how can that
Sorry I haven't posted a blog in a while. My only source of internet is my phone and it will not allow me to do some things like play on† fubar much. But those of you on facebook can find me there. Things have been really hectic the past few months. David has been really sick and been seeing all those doctors> We did find out that they can't do anything about his foot because he will never be able to use it again at all if they do surgery to fix the bones in it. We also discovered that he was born with some of the bones in his feet missing. He also had an endoscopy done last month and it came back ok,but they are still going to keep an eye on him and see what is keeping his stomach irritated so badly. My stepdad is in the first stages of alzheimers and has been undergoing a lot of different eye tests to see if he might have glaucoma as well. I found out right after thanksgiving that I am diabetic, and they won't do anything about the scar tissue in my stomach that keeps giving me troub
Updates And Other Fun Facts
Well, I finally did leave that small town and all my skeletons and ghosts that haunted me no longer do. I got the fresh start that I wanted a needed. And I finally did find that person, the one that I so desperately searched for, but he came along, when I wasn't searching. He came along on an idle Tuesday in the middle of Janurary. No, it wasn't love at first sight, and yes we have our problems, but I love him. He makes me feel like a better person, he makes me happy and for the first time in my life, I dont give a shit what the rest of the world thinks about him or me for that matter. They can all kiss my big white ass for all I care. I'm trying out this new approach on life called "Fukitol". If you don't like me, Fukit. If you don't like my fiance, Fukit. If you don't like the way I do things, the choices I make, the way I live my life, or any variation of the proceeding, Fukit. Fukitol. † This is my life, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can kin
Update I Hope
I can't remember if I told you that David was having an endoscopy done on june 8. It came back normal, but the past week he has been sick and we have been in the ER 3 times. Tonight they did a cat scan on his stomach and found that he has swollen lymph nodes in his stomach. He goes back to his GI dr on august 8. Also next week july 27 he goes to his lung dr. I will update that one soon as i can. † † ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† lots of love to you all, †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† rebelrsoe32
Update 7/25/2011
First, let me say once again how utterly amazed I am by all the love and concern my family and friends have shown me throughout this ordeal. †I am completely overwhelmed and wish to express my heartfelt and sincere gratitude to each and every one of you. †You have all played a role in my recovery process and from the bottom of my heart I thank you. Now, I have been home for 5 days, so I thought maybe it would be a good time for a little update on my progress. †It is mind-boggling that so many other "ailments" can be fixed by getting your back, back, so to speak. †Things that would mean very little to you in your normal day-to-day life have literally astounded me over these past few days. †For instance, I can now cross my legs. †I haven't been able to do that for years. †I could always reach down and grab my ankle and pull it up over my knee, but now I can just cross my legs... sure makes changing socks easier. I can pick a dime up off the floor now, without having to squat or bend my
Update Number 1
July 25, 2011 Well, got back to my apartment yesterday after having been gone for a little over a week. †For those of you that know me you know I had a doctor appointment. †I went and found out that I have a pre-op appointment on September 2, 2011. †I am not quite sure when my surgery is going to be but to be honest I am a little scared. †Yes I have had numerous surgeries in the past but I am afraid because this is a major surgery †I just wish the pain would go away. †I hate the fact that I have to wait over a month just for my pre-op appointment and the fact that they don't even know when surgery will be yet. † The day before my actual surgery I will be admitted into the hospital. †They will place a catheder through my back into my kidney. †The day of surgery they will put me to sleep, put a larger tube in my back, go in with a scope. †break up all the kidney stones and scoop them out. †and test them to see why i am producing mass quantities of stones. WISH ME LUCK
Update: New Camming/im Policy
I have two preponderant purposes for being on line (1) To find nice women and couples that like to c2c naked and enjoy masturbation. And (2) Blogging, which I do on tumblr.†In regard to the 1st, I'm always respectful and understand it takes everyone a while to get comfortable so that it's just enjoyable and nice for everyone; and I'm reasonably patient and understanding in that regard. Personally,†I keep it on line - see my "About Me" profile tab, can't afford pro cam girls and would rather not do that sort of thing anyway; but so it's clear, my intention is not to "hook up" nor do this for remuneration.† Now occasionally, I have allowed people - that really dig this sort of thing or those that are curious to just watch. Unfortunately, 9 times out of 10 they were a guy or very occassionally women that lack self confidence in how they look. Consequently - I have to see you on cam and you have to prove you're real and who you say you are before I will add you to my IM list. Th
Update 08/13/2011
We are going to call this installment "When the going gets tough," because there is an aspect to this recovery process I was never warned about by any of my doctors nor anticipated on my own.... WITHDRAWAL ...† When the severity of my back problems was fully diagnosed on June 6th, my primary care physician put me on some pretty serious pain meds at that point, then came the first visit with the neurosurgeon and even more serious meds, then the surgery and the morphine/dilaudid/percodan/dyazapam cocktails 4 times a day.†For more than 8 weeks, I was pumping my body as full of narcotics as any junkie, and after the surgery, for the next 4 weeks, well lets just say that's a month of my life that I will never get back... So Thursday last, I decided it was time to crawl out from under the blanket of drug induced stupor and assess where I really was as far as healing is concerned... oh sure, I was doing my rehab walks as ordered and my stretches and standing exercises, and have even lost 42
Guess it's time to update this sh*t... Shoulder isn't doing any better, in fact, the problem has seemingly spread to my lower back as well. I go to see the Dr (#8 I think) in a couple of days. I'm sick of it...I'd give anything to be better, to be able to feel normal again. I hate being in pain, the headaches when I haven't taken my medicine, the drugged up feeling sometimes that makes it feel like I'm drunk. Even now the pain brings me to the brink of tears. I just don't know what to do anymore. All of the pain, pinches, stabbing...shoot even breathing, laughing, and sneezing are painful at times.† † This Dr is going to refer me to another specialist so I can be re-re-(however many it is)-re evaluated. More physical therapy, drugs, shots, and who knows what else are in the future. Excuse me if I all of a sudden disappear or if I'm logged in but don't answer. It's difficult to sit or stand for too long. I have trouble sleeping and sometimes if I get at all comfy I doze off by accide
Update On Myself......woohoo Lol
Well as I noted on my last blog, I do suffer from nerve damage around my spinal cord. Unfortunately when a piece of my spine moved out of place it was actually pinching my spinal cord almost in half & this was not detected for over a year. I do live in constant severe pain all day everyday! I'm on several medications for the pain, the damaged nerves, & the not sleeping. I'm not able to work due to my medical condition. I am a single mother of 2 boys. It has been told to me that in a few years I could end up in a wheel chair. I do my best to handle one day at a time. I try to make the best out of my life. I do everything I can for my kids whether the pain is severe or not at the time. My kids come first!!!!! I would like to level up. I've been on this level for quite some now.† † I am offering FuBucks to whoever can give me an auto11 or a cherry bomb. If you are interested plz SB or Message me. † Thanks & have a great day!
Updates On Porky
Porky didn't need stitches. We have to give him shots twice a day for 10 days, pain meds for 3 days, and another oral med for I think 5 days.† † Most pet birds don't survive cat bites, Porky only has a 25 percent chance of surviving. It's been 1 day so far, and he looks good. He's eating, but he refused the food at the vet's office. He gets fruit blend along with Vita-Mix food. Picky SOB.
Update: Bring It!!
So I started my own webpage last week, included a blog and am working on eventually turning it into my resume. If you want to check it Added some theme stuff and working on it more and more, comments here would be appreciated. †
Updates From The Altercation With The Animal Shelter
Well, as you should know if you pay ANY attention, I did get my dog back. I also had myself a slight altercation (just verbal) with the idiots who run the animal shelter in Jefferson Parish, as I would not allow them to alter my dog. I, being the kind of person that presses issues until they are resolved, contacted the local parish president, and the district attorney's office to file a complaint. I explained the situation to her, as well as the conditions as they exist in the neighborhood. Out here, well, we have crime. Kids and burglars will release animals from yards on purpose, steal, or poison them just to be able to break in the house later. This is a recurring problem, and those of us who take the precautions to be able to recover our animals if those things happen are the ones that get punished by the Parish's laws. Long story short, the Parish's attorney has advised the parish to include specific provisions to account for these issues in the event our dogs are purposefully
Update To Eyes...
† Ok looking good with contestants... Going to start Tonight 14 Sept at 6 PM cst.... I will keep it open for at least a week...I will update here an give 24hr notice before closing voting... Remember Commenting is unlimited!!! you must promote urself (obviously)... Photos will be open to no worries about your friends being able to vote... New friend request are always welcome though :P. best of luck ladies!!! † check back here or SB me if you have any questions!!
Since we already know wat the results are all winners will be given there winnings by the 24th.... had a couple please o please extend it so I did.... so get ya rates while ya can before then xoxoxoxoxoox
For me things are still crazy as anything right now. † I have had to deal with 3 deaths in a month, and 2 more deaths with people from work. †My Papaw had a mini stroke yesterday, with the loss of my G'ma. †If he makes through the holidays it will be a blessing. † † No, I still do not have interwebz at the house. †Things are still topsy turvy but I am around, if you can't find me here .. I am on FB, and google+
Updatedb.c. Man Accused Of Being Serial Killer
A 21-year-old man who was already charged in the slaying of a 15-year-old girl has now been charged in the deaths of three additional women, say RCMP in Prince George, B.C. Cody Legebokoff was charged in late 2010 with first-degree murder in the death of Loren Donn Leslie, 15, whose body was found on a remote logging road just off Highway 27 near Vanderhoof,Longchamp Outlet B.C., last November. On Monday, police announced Legebokoff is now facing three new counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Jill Stacey Stuchenko, Cynthia Frances Maas and Natasha Lynn Montgomery following a 10-month investigation. Legebokoff is being held at the Prince George Regional Correctional Centre. At a news conference in Prince George, attended by members of the media and representatives from local First Nations communities, police said they believe Legebokoff acted alone. Police said the investigation was "far from over," as investigators are looking for witnesses and additional victims. It's
It looks as though they found cancer. Next Thursday I go in for in patient surgery to have the rest removed. †It is very scary for me because they also have to remove lymph nodes and this basically leaves us unaware of the extent of the cancer. I will try to keep all my close friends updated. Sending lots of love to all of you and ty all for caring :) Much Love, Sue
Updated Salute Guidelines
† A note about salutes for NEW users: There has been a change regarding the criteria for people who are submitting their first salute.† Here are the guidelines: The salute must be HANDWRITTEN in ONE color only The salute must contain the following information: Your Sreen name Your Member Number The Words “Fubar.Com No Hats or Sunglasses Face Must Be Clearly Visible Your Url -(Example, ID #22) The Salute Should Be Clear Enough To Read NO PHOTOSHOPPING…..PERIOD Must Be Held By Two Hands Nudes or exposed photos are NOT acceptable If you already have an approved salute, the following will be allowed The following items WILL be allowed in the photo as part of the verification: Your Member Number The Words “Fubar.Com No Hats – Face Must Be Clearly Visible Your Url -(Example, ID #22) The Salute Should Be Clear Enough To Read NO PHOTOSHOPPING…..PERIOD A fubar/LostCh
Things are at a stand still, fighting to stay out of the hospital each day.. My blood pressure is very low and we get it slightly up one day then back down again :( Hopefully next week will go better.. on a good note my hair is coming back slowly, I hav a few stubs but it looks like the new hair is blonde hmmm... I will be back stronger then ever and take this place by storm.
Updated Look
It took a lot of time last night but I finally rearranged this place to how I like it and to how I think will be more user friendly. Instead of having to search through blog post you just have to look at the menu and you will see the title of your favorite erotic story and their chapters (if they have any that is). As for the blog part of Erotica I will be using it mostly for writers rants, updates, and the sharing of ideas. It will be a little look into the madness that is my writing process hehe. Oh and another big change is going to be my update rate aside from what is posted in the blog I will be uploading a new chapter, or a new story (depending on how my muse moves me) every month so no longer waiting forever and a day to find out what is happening to your favorite characters. So please check out at Erotica all the new stuff and I would love to hear some feedback on it (^_^)
Update 2012
Yeah forget my rant I don't care what you rate me. †If you visited my profile that is more then enough to me. †I appreciate that alone. †I'm a little more mature since my last blog. †Forget the ten and eleven bs I don't care. †I looked at that and was like yeeah whatever haha!!! †I have so much going on beyond here this is the least of my worries right now. †Don't be opposed to meeting people over here though. †Best and worst thing that ever happened to me. †YOu know who you are and I miss you very much. †I pray for you every night I hope all is well. †Peace! †
Update 7-greek Parties Delay Bailout Talks Despite Eu Threats
ATHENS, Feb 7 (Reuters) - marc jacobs Greek political parties delayed yet again on Tuesday making the tough choice of accepting painful reforms in return for a new international bailout to avoid a chaotic default, seemingly deaf to EU warnings that the euro zone can live without Athens. This is to allow time for complex legal procedures involved in a bond swap deal - under which the value of private investors' holdings of Greek debt will be cut radically in value - so Athens can get rescue funds before March 20 when it has to meet heavy debt repayments or suffer a chaotic default- marc jacobs bags . After days of negotiations, officials said sticking points on cutting the minimum wage and scrapping holiday bonuses appeared to have been largely resolved but the level of cuts on top-up, supplementary pensions still remained. "I wouldn't mind paying for the next two years if I knew austerity would take us somewhere," said 32-year-old Leto Papadopoulou. "But this crisis seems endless.
Update On David And Waldo
†found out today that the VGS(veterans support group) is going to help david and his dog waldo, this is great news . it is amazing what can be accomplished in such a short amount of time when people ban together for a cause. they will be providing shelter and a place for waldo to run and play and help david get a job so he can support himself and waldo, they will also see to his medical needs amd get waldo vetted, which hasn't been done in a long time i am sure. things like this make me realize why i do what i do , it makes it all worth while, just being able to help save animals and people in need leaves me feeling pretty good and keeps me motivated to keep on keeping on. what a great group of people i have met through my page! i am proud to know all of them. it gives me renewed belief in many people would have just looked the other way due to their own lifes problems and not given a second thought to a homeless man and his dog. after all, they have become almost a staple on
Update On David
i found out today that davids liver issue's have gotten worse since going to the vet house. he is hopefully going to see a DR tomorrow, one of the volunteers has been making phone calls and seeing if he can be seen ASAP. †if he is seen chances are he will be admitted, so now we are faced with trying to find someone to take waldo while david is being fixed up. i have complete faith in finding someone who will foster for a little while as waldo is quite the ladies man †lol, he took to one of the volunteers when we moved him out from under the bridge, he is a great dog. still have people wanting to send stuff for them which is awsome i think. for those who have been following the story here or on the page thank you for caring enough to want to know whats going on . anyone who wants to follow it on face book here is the link so you can do so †thanks for reading†
Update On David And Waldo
i am sorry to report that what we had all feared would happen has ! david has taken off. he left the home where he was staying and no one has heard from him since he left. it is very sad that this has happened . but , some people who have been on the streets for so long cannot cope with society. unfortunately david is one of those people. all we can do is wait and see if he contacts one of us in the future. we will be leaving the page up even though it is not active, that way if one of us does hear from him we can post it on the page. this is a very sad thing but it does happen, more so than not from what i am told. davids health is not good and he will die if he doesnt keep up with his medication. †those of you who are religious we ask that you keep him and waldo in your prayers for their safety. † †thanks for reading and caring† † jp
So far... possibly great. Needs tunes but I am working on it still. This going to be a satisfying ride.
The past month has been like a rollercoaster; up down and all around... after momma had gotten worse last month, the hospice nurse saud that her brain swelling was the cause of her slurred speech inability to walk, and confusion, momma agreed to start her steroids again which has helped her so much. She still has some confusion but is able to walk and speak†better. She had stopped driving at my brothers request, but wednesday decided to start again..I spoke to her hospice nurse yesterday and hopefully they will take her keys once and for all. She also started a new diet this week, a detoxification kind of thing; no meat, sugar caffeine etc. it includes lots of juices and vitamins... when I yold the nurse about it she was upsety, said that it wasnt good for momma to be doing it as she needs proteins and other things to stay healthy.. momma thinks the diet will cure her cancer.† Momma hs also decided there is conspiracy going on around her; she says that Bill (neighbor that drives us)†
Update On Life
---UPDATE--- 6/14/2012 -- 5:43amI know I've been gone for a long while, but I can officially say I've never been better! Rumors are indeed true, that things really do get worse before they get better. I'm here to say now, NEVER let go of your dreams and true friends. Your dreams and friends will go wherever you go. Through the worst of places to insure support. My dreams have landed me with 4 business licenses. Tattoo's, Bikes, Paints and Graphics. Took me less than a year I might add! I've only been gone around 9 - 10 months. Still a long time, could have been done sooner. Which it kinda was... Like 6 months. I guess I've been wrapped up. But 9 - 10 months... Figured I would update you peeps like I said I would. So there it is and I'll do my best to keep all my friends updated! I'll post project pics and everything up as soon as I can!
Yellow means happy, right? lol. It's just bright and †I'm very happy so you all will have to deal with it ;) † A few days ago I wrote a blog about my birthday. I kind of went off about how I felt like I was a horrible Mother for not being able to just get my son braces. I was VERY stressed about trying to come up with $600 for a down payment.† Where to start....I went to work today at my normal time. My boss saw that I busted my ass and let me leave early. I called the dentist and they said I could set up an account with them and add money whenever I had it to count for the down payment. I only had $40, and seeing as how that was all I had the day before pay day...I was kind of let down but happy. It was a small start, but it was something. MONTHS ago I had to pay $478 to get him xrays and molds before his braces. That was to be paid upfront and THEN sent to insurance. It had been so long that I didn't think the insurance would cover it.† When I got to the dentist the receptionist
On June 7th I went seen my Shirk and I was there for 1 1/2 talking to her about stuff going in life now and what happen in my past.Well In last 2 weeks I been having keep mood rate dairy from 1 to 10.1 for been in great mood and 10 for wanting kill myself since I started the the rating is not looking and I have put on the danger list with my Shirk and my family has watch me make sure I don't snap.It hurts when ur husband has tell ur friends and family that his wife is dangerous and came go off the deep end anytime.I been dealing with problem since I was little girl when I was 7 years old I try kill self by using a jump rope,so I walk over to a tree and climbed up tied the jump rope then I put around my neck then I made my mom was looking and I push off the tree limb.I miss judge distance of trying hanging myself cause my feet was 2 feet from the ground the rope started cutting into my neck and choking me I decide I wasn't able don't I swing my leg over to tree and pull myself up and wa
Updated Test Results
As of today, I've lost 59 pounds mostly through diet and calorie counting. I had follow up blood work done (original done in November) today and received the results a little bit ago: † Lipid Panel from November 2011 ComponentYour resultStandard rangeUnits CHOLESTEROL 196
Update For Thursday 6/28
Krystyn remains in critical but stable condition. Doctors are cautiously optimistic that she might be able to be moved to an intermediate care ward by the end of the weekend. She is still mostly sedated to help keep her relaxed and still. Long term prognosis is also cautious optimism at this point, with Long being the key word. The physical symptoms from her concussion seem to be disappearing, but she is sedated, so its hard to tell whether the improvement is based on actual health or the meds. She hasn't been lucid enough yet to truly talk to, see what she remembers, or if there are any non-obvious issues (headaches, light sensitivity, balance). With some of her injuries, balance is probably way down the line. It is certainly going to be a baby step recovery.†At some point in the future, we probably will have her transferred to a hospital closer to our parents, but that won't happen until the docs are satisfied that the move will not aggrivate her current injuries.† I would love to
I won't be on here long, but I feel like I should do a little update. If any of you have watched the news, yes it's made THAT kind of news, you know that a huge storm went through my area.† Here is the link to the evening news:: We were out of power for about two days. That meant no air....and yes, we had around 100 degree weather. It sucked so bad. Getting ice and gasoline was impossible. Put it to you this way, if you wanted had better have enough to wait about 30 minutes or longer to get it. And if you needed ice, you were shit out of luck. My boyfriend and I waited for 30 minutes to get some. We ended up snagging 7 bags. †We were told that it was coming from three different stores that didn't have power. We THOUGHT it was coming in a big truck, nope. They brought the ice in a compact car's trunk. It was gone in as little as 2 minutes. It was really
Update And Stuffs On Me Cause Hugh Asked Me To Do It!
HAI! Just letting everyone know I am alive and happier than EVER! I am dating a wonderful guy that makes me look like a midget :) football season is here for my kiddo.Signed my nephew up to play on his team,so my hands are full! Practice for 2-3 hrs a week etc etc etc. Pain in my back sucks, but my guy helps me sleep :) My computer is a brat grrrr I have been too busy to be online. If only the app for here was better! If you want to reach me message me on fb. I am on there with my phone a lot..too much sometimes. I miss a lot of you! It is crazyyyyyyyyyy how happy I am. When you get away from negative people that is what happens. Cory is full of the negative,but we are staying civil for Peyton. Woot for divorces though! † Much love and stuffs Kit Kat Kathy Katherine or whatever you call me
Just thought I'd make an update on the weight. As of today's DEP meeting, I am at 177lbs and 18% body fat. Still room to improve, but it's pretty satisfying to me.
Update September 2012
So as some of you know, I was out of work from April :( †in July I took on a venture selling senior supplement insurance, invested a lot of money in certifications, E & O insurance, business supplies; only to be led on, to wasting more in fuel costs etc. †So I was miserable with this venture and contacted an old collegue just to see how she was doing, she started an agency almost 10 yrs ago and was in need of an assistant to help her with her business and grow it more. †I started working for her last week, she is paying me 25% more than my last job and that is just a base..she is going to sweeten the pot with bonuses (got 3 bonuses today Coach, B. Makowsky & Kooba). †I am stoked, timing was everything...although I must commute 17 miles which takes 45-55 minutes :/ †I work out of her home and can wear lounge clothes..woot woot! †Saves on make up and dress clothes :) †I will dress business when we have enrollment meetings..I am excited about this new venture with an old friend whom I res
(last week) so i told my friend Shane about the girl and he gave me some tips on how to find out wether or not she was single without asking her. After testing it out my co-workers were calling bull shit on what he said. They thought dispite the fact she had a ring, she was single.(cut to today) I came to work today and kept thinking about it, so at lunch i went to the market and asked her co-worker because she had the afternoon shift. Her co-worker said she had been dating this guy for 2 WEEKS!! Two weeks too late. Oh well
† Been a long time since i have made a blog I know.....I have been very busy. I wanna say thanks to all of my friends on here for their love and support and prayers especially for David(my 17 yr old).....He is doing ok for now is in the first 9 weeks and report cards come out next week....he is doing well at school....he didn't do the bread baking this year because of what happened with the state fair last year on getting his awards....but he is becoming quiet the cook though...very proud of him....the woman over his IEP at school thinks he has a good chance to graduate with his class of 2014.....and if his tremors get worse before then and we have to pull him out of school and get him on the treatments for it then she said she will find a way to help us so that he can still get his diploma....she really loves David to pieces and tries to look out for him as much as she can....his teachers are working with him as well....they normally read his tests off to him because t
Update To The Halloween Auction, Please Read
OK everyone first of all I would like to thank all who are either up for bids or who have placed bids in the Halloween Auction, none of this is possible without your support and participation! Next I would like to say that there have been several absolutely outstanding bids as well as many many worthy bids LOL!! Four people have already accepted bids and are no longer available to bid on and I am sure there will be many more to come, that being said I am sure some of you have noticed that I keep adding folks to the auction! Since I keep getting asked by y'all for entry here is the FINAL word: I will accept entries until this Friday, that is October the 19th and if you don't get me what you will offer and which of your pics you would like used in your auction photo then you will NOT be allowed entry and there will be NO exceptions so if I have told you it's too late or you wanna get involved with this LAST chance for my free to enter auction then please contact me soon!! I've made over
Well I have gotten the news that I wont be going to the Philippines. Received that this past Friday when I walked into the airport to get my ticket and it wasn't there. That left me really bummed and very agitated. But on another note because of the issue, my brother has agreed to let me come up to where he lives so I have a place to live so I do not have to sleep on the streets. Hopefully this all works for the best. Just a few days left til I'll be in Ohio
So today I got the call I have been dreading for couple months now. †Boss told me the floors are now permanently combined. We have been combined on and off the past 3 months anyways. †I was hoping by some miracle we would pick up..and they would† keep both floors going. † Anyways, †everyone keeps there job..but with all the extra people.. we will not get all our hours we usually get. I have been getting on call every least 8 to 16hrs . † Luckily the other secretary from my floor is going to another unit so that will be one less person to share hours with. † With the floors combined..we have alot of patients up on my floor. † So more stress. †Well anyways I guess i can be thankful that i still have a job. I guess now that the news isout i can stop dreading it so much..and just learn to live with it.
hubby got back to work and found out that our insurance company took on themselves to cancel our policy...ATS was going to make the insurance payments until hubby got back to work...they are working on getting it straightened the meantime i have to cancel my dr appointment for nov 14 with my dr and my eye appointment on the 8th...hopefully i can find another insurance company to cover me so i can start getting treated for these gallstones....i feel so icky...not sleeping much due to the pain either which sucks too....still no real internet soon as we can get things under control here i will have internet again... † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †love you all, † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †vampy38
Life has been busy...crazy busy..but awesome...I know I'm an awful fu-friend anymore but thought I'd come back to check in with you all and to let you know...I'm pregnant! Only 6 I'm due mid July...Anyone that has me on FB should keep it hush-hush...our other kids don't know yet... † How have you all been? Anything I should know?
Updates And Prayer Request
† My family is in need of lots of prayers once again...I have an aunt that is in the hospital in vanderbilt. She has been there since the weekend. She had an anuerism(hope i spelled that right lol). They went in and cleaned it or whatever the procedure is that they do for them...they put her on a ventilator and tried to take it off her on monday but had to put it back on her as soon as they took it off...yesterday they put one of those trachea things in her and put her in a drug induced coma for a while to keep her from knocking the wires loose....then today they said that she has somehow gotten please pray for us all.... † † David is losing his medicaid at the end of jan and that is going to hurt us big cross /blue shield refused to pay his medical bills when he first †started going to the doctors in 2009....(wasn't preexisting)....well nothing he was being treated for anyway or diagnosed with already....please pray for him that we can get him on some typ
12-15-12 Update
Many of you have noticed I have't been around for a few months, well things in my life have turned upside down. My husband of 17 years left me and has filed for divorce, my court date is Feburary 25th. I haven't had any access to internet until just† recently and wanted my friends to know I havent forgotten you guys just been going through stuff. † Love you guys and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Updates And Such
Well, I finally have some good news :) † Some of you know my Mom has been ill for a while now. Well today they scheduled her surgery. She gets the tumor taken out Monday :) :) My Mom will be back to normal fairly soon.
Update For Fu's Sexiest
Hi everyone, I wanna do a new layout to my page and instead of having folders with catagories I want each girl to have her own folder but I need help from everyone. Please msg me if you are featured so we can decide how we can do this, and everyone else keep the rates and submissions a commin :) xoxoxoxoxo shelly†
Update I've Decided To Come Back To Fubar.
I like alternative music just to name a few bands and songs: Cold - Remedy Three Days Grace - Riot, Break Metallica - Nothing Else Matters Steven Mary Three - Cumbersome Pa Pa Roach - Scars Montly Crue - Wild Side, Doctor Feel Good that's all that i can think of off the top of my head. I'm in college going to Everest University through a subdivision online. My major is in Computer Information Science. I have two more terms to go before getting my Associates Degree, I can't wait. I work at Cracker Barrell as a Grill Cook. I'm making this profile to socialize and meet new people. I like to sketch and express myself through visual writting, meaning well, if you read some of the things I have written. You'd feel the surroundings if you closed your eye's. My passion is in pure creativety I like using my hands and building things, I also like using my head with complex problem solving. My goal for a career is to get into Animated Graphic's and Design. I want to be able to sketch or m
Updated Points For Rating, Commenting, And Some Special Ability Bling!
Hey folks, † We're about to launch some changes that we've been thinking about for a long time. We feel like the old school behavior of rating and commenting on peoples profiles and photos has been forgotten and based on the feedback from a lot of long-time members.. we're not the only ones. † To help this we've decided to make some changes to the point rewards for rating profiles and photos and leaving profile and photo comments. Because of these changes we've also had to adjust some special ability bling items so they retained the same (or more in certain cases!) value. † Here's what we're starting with over the next 15-20 minutes, and we'll probably adjust these over time based on everyones feedback: † * doubled the base point value for giving and receiving 11 ratings to profile and photos. * _drastically_ increased the base point value for giving and receiving non-11 ratings of profile and photos... * _majorly_ increased points for receiving and giving profile and photo c
Updated Points For Rating, Commenting, And Some Special Ability Bling! (baby Jesus New Blog)
CLICK HERE for Baby J's blog profile. † Hey folks, We're about to launch some changes that we've been thinking about for a long time. We feel like the old school behavior of rating and commenting on peoples profiles and photos has been forgotten and based on the feedback from a lot of long-time members.. we're not the only ones. † To help this we've decided to make some changes to the point rewards for rating profiles and photos and leaving profile and photo comments. Because of these changes we've also had to adjust some special ability bling items so they retained the same (or more in certain cases!) value. † Here's what we're starting with over the next 15-20 minutes, and we'll probably adjust these over time based on everyones feedback: * doubled the base point value for giving and receiving 11 ratings to profile and photos. * _drastically_ increased the base point value for giving and receiving non-11 ratings of profile and photos... * _majorly_ increased points for rece
†David is in need of lots of prayers.....he has to have an endoscopy on thursday and then on friday he has to have a mammogram and ultrasound on his left breast.....we found a lump there the other day and i took him to the dr on friday ......she checked him out and all and wants to make sure it's not cancerous..... † † † My cousin that got ran over has been out of icu for about 3 weeks now...they are doing surgeries and stuff on him one at a time.....but he is recovering pretty good so far..... † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † vampy38(glenda)
†David's stomach does have some sort of irritation in it but the dr thinks maybe it is from some of his meds...his regular dr changed the only one that hasn't been changed so maybe that will help....(i hope).....the lump in his breast is only pea size but they are reccomending to his regular dr to keep a watch on it....and he has this thing where his chest muscles on one side haven't fully developed....the dr gave it a long weird name lol.....i cannot pronounce it or spell it so sorry folks ......thanks for all of your prayers you all.... † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †vampy38 † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † (glenda)
A Update On My Blog From Yesterday..n I Am Really Pissed Off :(
Gm Fu..This site is really gettin to be horrible with all the bullshit that folks r doing to me n others ..Just y I ask..I have helped so many of my friends n family n folks I dont even no.. I do ask for few credits or bling cause its only right n if u cant I totally understand..I found out from alot of folks yesterday in my shout box (n Please dont be afraid of the bullies ..leave ur message on my blog)..That I am chasing ponies for 65-1000 credits.. pretty sad I would say..If I gave u my link to my flippin page or go ask BJ he would tell u I pay for my shit..Get this just because I am friends with someone that isnt liked by that person I get blocked by her /him friends also ..This isnt funny at all..n I have my faults also with a few on here that I have liked n can say I am no ANGEL...I want to run from FUBAR but my good friends n family r here..Y cant folks respect each other n not listen to bullshit folks spread on this site ..Its a shame folks sit behind a computer..I wonder if I
Headed home from the hospital tmw. Had a big time heart attack. Hospitals suck!
Okay so 3 days ago I had an episode in front of my 7 year old daughter. My Depression has gotten pretty fuckin dire lately I'm suffering from alot of stress cuz of this. My †Bi polar has become unbearable and I have no clue what to do. I'm feeling like I need help, but the help I need will require medication. Currently I'm self medicating with Pot just to cope with all of this. My Daughter knows I'm sick †and I will have to eventually have to tell †Viking. I'm blogging this cuz I'm lost epicaly and I don't know where to start with getting better. This whole Hysterectomy thing is weighing on my mind and my body desperately wants another child. I know that it's more than likely my fault I cannot have another child and it's killed a small part of Me, People say oh get over it, I simply just can't. No one knows what's happened other than my little Girl and She's trying to help Me keep happy. I don't know if She knows or has the slightest clue on how Her Mummy is. But She's a sm
Update On Me!!
Today has been an excellent day. I almost couldn't be happier. Why you ask? Well.... † 1. I got my therapy appointment moved up. I start the day after tomorrow. 2. I went to the cardiologist, only to ask a question. He rechecked my levels and said I was fine. I don't go back to him for 2 months!! 3. I can go back to one of my jobs Friday. On light work. 4. I only owe $50 more bucks on my oldest son's braces. † I did ask if it was too soon to move everything up and skip appointments.....the doctor said, "No. That means you're healing just fine and at a faster rate." † I'm so proud!!! † Love you all!!!!
Update Time I Guess Huh
well my stepdad recovered from the stroke he had mother's day...was a close call though...he got out of the nursing home last wednesday afternoon.....David had foot surgery on friday and is doing fine....then on monday one of my cousins died so please pray for my family....tomorrow is the wake and saturday is the funeral.....her daddy found her in the yard monday morning after he came back from the store.... † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † love you all, † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †vampy
† Hello Friends, I was thinking, there are so many ppl following my progess & helping out, that it would be way easier to update like this rather than sending 10 thousand messages LOL So background for those just coming in... I was in an auto accident March 31st of last year. The driver was texting and ran us into the back of a work truck, on my side only, cause he swurved into oncoming traffic trying to avoid the truck, but failed. I had just had knee surgery so my legs were propped up on the dash. When we impacted I was thrown forward, crunched up into the windshield then violently thrown back. I WAS wearing my seatbelt.†
Update On The Fire And My Old Neighbor
This is really messed up..he came from a wonderful family and then he does this to his own wife and kids..WTF †
Soooo, as you've hopefully noticed I haven't been on here in a little over a month. I tried to post a blog earlier about the reason I've been gone, but I couldn't do it from my phone. Since it's been so long, I'm not exactly sure what all I need to say.... Here† goes nothing. The last time I was really on here everything was doing better. That changed. My health is fine. I actually went to my doctor and found out that my heart is doing better. I did find out that I'll have to take my medicine for the rest of my life. I don't really mind though. They don't have any major side makes me sleepy and another makes me bruise easy. Those I can handle. As for the real reason I've not been stepdad decided to tell me that he didn't have to "put up with me" anymore. Seriously....I'm not sure what I did that was so bad, lol. Well, I guess that he didn't like me telling him that I didn't appreciate him getting rid of my Mom's things while I was gone at work. He said t
I just realized I needed to update this so here we go:I had emergency surgery this past winter where they removed a blockage the size of a golf ball. Apparently that is what was causing my pain and digestive issues. Why it took so long and so many tests to find I will never know! A golf ball seems pretty effin big to me!!!! Since then I have felt MUCH better. I can eat again and gained back a bunch of weight I had lost. I'm no longer "mostly ill" adn "mostly in bed". I'm actually looking for work and living my life again!!! I don't have health insurance so I haven't been to a doctor in quite a while so I don't know specifically whats going on as far as scleroderma goes- but I don't care cause for the most part I feel better than I have in ages!!!
shoulder healing well now, stiffness gone from a lot of it so i can now sleep on that side , when i do sleep lol, physio going well but still not allowed to lift grrrrrrrrrrr i know it has to be so but they should try living alone n not lifting its almost impossible a lot of the time, but i do my best, we thought i had damaged the pin but it had just settled so thats also good news, bad news is i now have kidney stones rofl, i swear im droppin to bits but if i can smile i can get through it like i get through everything else, but i have to say its been hard doing it alone, i think i have missed having someone in my life so much these past few weeks more than before and i need a hug dammit but i guess one from youngest son will have to do.
Updated Fubar App For Iphone And Android Available Now!
We recently released an updated fubar app for both iPhones and Android. We have fixed many of the bugs that you have complained about. Please download the updated versions and give us feedback.† If you experience any problems, please send me a message explaining what happened.† iPhone App!† Android App†
Update On Recent Activity On Here
this is just a update on what someone blogged me about being a fake all i can say is wtf ever. i have been on this site 5 years fubar can check that this is not a stolen page or anything it was made at this ip address. fyi when people are in a coma like i was icu 3 months 6 months hospital stay †appearance does change. that was 4 years ago hell i dont even look the same as pics taken last month. †true it is my fault for not updating my pics but to be honest with you how many people on here keep their stuff updated. i know plenty that have changed in appearance and have not updated their stuff, its a personal decision if they wish to do that. and just a fyi im not going anywhere im still going to be here and still will be playing things will be updated like i said in the last blog i made as i feel like it. to me it seems like the person who had me blogged by this person is a bit upset cause im happy and engaged r/l. †the person who blogged it hell who knows he has no life but to come on
All is going well, seeing specialist tomorrow for latest scans but its looking like im all fixed, still have some tenderness and a little pain but im not allowed to lift and erm i have been lol, well i live alone so who else is gonna do it?mind you the test will be can i beat a cake mixture with that arm, we shall see......
Update On Teeth Getting Fixed.
On Friday the 13th I had my second mouth surgery. †They completed 2 1/2 root canals and an extraction. †Now all I have left to do is 4 fillings and then my crowns. I want to thank everyone who has helped encourage me and those that have been able to donate to help. †Many of you have chosen to donate away from my official donation site which is just fine. I still need to get around $12,000 to finish everything. †I am positive that I can do that as I have gotten this far already. Again if you would like to help, here is the site you can do it at: † Thank you again, † Sammy
Up Dan Conroy For Another Game-winning Kick
TEMPE, Ariz. -- Michigan State laboured on offence throughout the first half, unable to get anything going on the ground, in the air, anywhere. For a team that had lost five games by a combined 13 points during the regular season, it was starting to feel familiar. The Spartans changed their luck by turning to brutally effective running back LeVeon Bell in the second half, setting up Dan Conroy for another game-winning kick in a bowl game. Bell ran for 145 yards and a fourth-quarter touchdown, Conroy kicked a 47-yard field goal with 1:01 left and Michigan State rallied to beat Texas Christian 17-16 in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl on Saturday night. "With so many close games and losing like we did during the season, to have one go our way was definitely sweet," Conroy said. It wasnt always pretty for the Spartans. Michigan State (7-6) managed 76 yards of offence during the first two quarters as TCU bottled up Bell. The 237-pound junior started to wear down the Horned Frogs in
Update #2
Today Keldorans fever has broke he's back to 99.something yay down from 105, vet called he's still hangin in there;) Thank the Gods.I have last load of blood laundry in .Im happy to say my house that once was a bloody horror Is now hopefully blood free and not a stain remains; TY peroxide makers only took 3 huge containers and two entire containers of cleaner to disinfect everything and its out of†all towels,blankets, ice bags, carpet ,furniture, rugs, and off all surfaces including high walls from head shakes!Today Aries and LilFoot, yupp they have new names !!!!!!!! Will both start training! NO there is†NO bad breed only human error, neglect ,abuse and ignorance!And when it comes to animals that I know in my heart are too awesome with great potential, U don't look away and give up!Lets NOT forget my dog dealt the first growl and bite and he is NOT a pit, he just picked the wrong guy to fight with.I have picked up two pits, that both ran waggin tails, jumped right in, licked me and we
Things are happening...some good some bad. Be back when i can.
Hello Family & Friends I thought I'd update You on how I'm doin' since Surgery on Oct. 07th 2013.... † Well so far it's a SUCCESS...YEAH.... I've gotten feelin' back in My feet that I haven had in over 6 years...and that alone is a success...We weren't even lookin' for that's a plus...also the shootin' pain I had thet would contuious shoot down My legs have gone away on one side...( He only did the decompression on the one side) He said if it worked on this side than in 3-6 †months He'll do the other side...(Great just what I really want to do is go thru this again in 3-6 months)...But He had to do so much on the left side that He didn't think it would be good to go ahead and do the depression on that side right I guess in 3-6 months I will be goin' under another surgery to get the other side done... † Well I do have to say this surgery was a lot better than the other 2 I've gone thru...He went in thru My left side...I was in My room maybe 2 hours and they we
Long time no chat! I cant believe I have not been here since January but Im back. I'm still on my internet grind working toward making my web site a successful web based business. Show me some love and visit and become a member free. Facebook is integrated for your convenience but not required if you don't want it to be. I still do radio, I still offer free music downloads but the site has grown big time over the years and for sure since the last time I was here and now includes a lil something for everyone. C-ya there :)
Hey y'all! It's been forever since I've been on here to write a blog. I'll be 31 on the 14th of December and I've been single for a year. My ex broke up with me last year on my birthday. Fucker! Anyways I'm on my second year of college. Never thought I would ever go to college but I did it! I'm getting my associates in applied science and I'll be a medical assistant. So that's pretty much my life right now.
I have a few game cameras around my house that i maintain. I check the batteries and go through the videos once a month. The videos are only 15 seconds each and the ones i concentrate on are the night ones, looking for vandals. I was watching one and i noticed a dark shadow moving behind a hazelnut bush i have, the constant target of some little evil thing. I had to take that video, run it through some special software I use, slowed it down, speed it up, pulled out my reading glasses and got up close to the screen. The lighting isn't the greatest even though I have Malibu lights in the back yard, but it was enough. I looked and it was that kid I mentioned who apologized to me. He apparently was the one doing it. Tis the season of giving forgiveness, Merry Christmas!
Tom is my boyfriend. I love him and I do not want to lose him. I will choose him if forced to choose between friendships or the man who holds my heart. You don't have to like this but you will respect it or I will cease any and all communication with you immediately, no matter how long we have known one another. If you care about me and my happiness you will respect my decision. My friends mean a lot to me and I know most of you will be happy for me and I appreciate that! I do hope we can continue on as such and laugh whenever possible.
Up-down Sideways
as I look inside my mind I feel that I'm increasingly blind The darkness and depression have rumbled my soul as I fall into the deepest hole forever falling never to end my heart is calling for a friend. Loneliness is a mirror with no reflection a frame with no picture the one and the same spiraling downward will the wings lets me fly or I will fall until I die.slowly feeling returns to my mind a glimmer of light and no longer I am blind.
Updo Hairstyles
Updos are for your formal events. I love hair and I love updos even more. There are so many different styles out there whether you're looking at upcurls, downcurls or just traditional there's an updo out there for just about any occasion you can think of. You can always visit my main site to get a little more information and access to other photos that may work with your event.††† ††† ††† ††† Hair updos is all about arrangement of hair and not allowing the hair to just hang on it's own. Arranging hair updos is an art and something that I feel that you definitely have to be passionate about. If a special event is just around the corner and you're thinking about getting hair updos done for you and a party of people that you're working with then I would definitely recommend that you look into the different types of hair stylists that are out there than have a passion for doing hair updos.††† ††† ††† ††† Updo hairstyles have been around since the 1940's. Some people still love the vintage
Up... Down...
Up... Down... Inside... Outside... Crazy.. Love... Resentment... Trust... Control... Lost... Walls... Falling... Ending... Beginning... Spinning... Laughing... Crying... Excitement... Trying... Done... †
More creaks and sparks, and the density of the room increases with a single breath. A stong exhale could ruin it all. But as always with the heat, rendering the hinges on the door between us useless and a gust blows the door open, I catch sight of you, I gasp, the sharp draw sends the walls around us into oblivion, you and I left, and suddenly I couldnt stay angry , and couldnt ask my question. The love I have for you fiiling my chest and I can only stand the thought of letting you go. I dont know if you will walk away,but it doesnt matter, your gift to me proof, blistering away every thing else except us. Your head bowed, I feel a tug at my core, and my feet leave the ground, my thoughts quelled as I am lifted higher, and watch your arms open...
Up Early
Up Early Today I am really up early today , i heard the birds start singing , the felt light of the sun come through my window , and the bitter cold of the morning transand my space. It was so peaceful and till i heard the others wake. Some people are so loud they just have no idea how loud they are. Yelling from room to room , the neightbours must hate us lol .. I bet thier thinking gosg darn i wish they wouldn't be so lound we are trying to sleep up here. or maybe that's putting it too politely thier thinking shut Bleep up already .. Yeah that's probably much more likely .. Or in spanish†Otra cosa, es muy fuerte. No es, "la maldita boca" sino, "la puta boca" u algo por el estilo.Cause our poor neighbours are spanish. So they probably think in spanish too at least part of the time . † Well anyway i'm up early today , i'm doing some volunteering with a group of mine , and were going †to make a difference today .I'ts really good to give back not because your told to , but because you
Up For Nething
i may not show a lot of skin in my pix but that doesnt mean that im a goody-two shoes!!!!! Im far from it and "up for nething"!!!!
Up For Fun
I am recently widowed and looking for some new friends I am fun loving and me rate me become my friend and i'll get you back!
Up For Some Finger Painting??
Passionate, sensual, and devine, Soft touching of fingertips, Finger painting my body. Join by stroking tender lips. The bare skin heats up, Building passion with no rush. Taking time to concentrate, Your lips are now your brush. Slow passionate sweeping strokes, Fingers and lips trace every spot. Teasing touches here and there, Heat rising with passions hot. Almost breathless neath your lips, Your body I gently squeeze. Turn to you with my wet brush, With my lips I begin to tease. I liberally stroke each curve, Pausing to share a tender kiss. As we both continue painting, In passionate and sensual bliss. soon enough.......
Up For Grabs
Check it out ladies....I am trying to help out a friend find a new friend so here goes.....male looking for a new friend to go have a drink with's in my photo's under Q go check it out. He is all yours. You are welcome to contact him through his page here on Fubar, only stipulation must be in the Cleveland area.
Up For A Challenge ?
OK in 30 minutes we are having a bomb off. There will be first place prize, and a personalized bombing Tag Award, Givin to the strongest bomber over the course of the hour. Other prizes may be givin during the course of the bomb off. Who is up for the challenge ? For This Bomb Off We Will be bombing Pixie! It Will start in 30 minutes. It will be 1 hour long to show your bombing Skills!!! Prizes will be awarded to the strongest bomber !! Who is in ?? Here is the contest Link ...
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
Up For Sale Again!
Bid on me on own me for a month! Clicky and rate please!!!!!
Up For Auction.
> AUCTION AUCTION AUCTION! Chevy D is up for Auction. Bidding Starts at 5000 fubux. COME ON LADIES CHECK THOSE FUBUX AND POCKET BOOKS! Come own this very sexy FUBARIAN.. Come quickly before he's gone.. Anything goes in the auction. All Fubar Items accepted and fubar cash items overshadow any fubux bid. Come soon before he's gone. AUCTION HOST: (repost of original by 'The Fu-Milf Queenô - *SBG Bombers* Owned by: Dave' on '2008-01-22 11:39:53')
Up For Auction Once Again Wanna Own Me
Up For Auction
Hey whats up fubar friends. i am up for auction on ~ Dungeon Master MustangDos~Husband to Troubleina~@ fubar stop by and check him out, and feel free to bid your little hearts out. lol. thanks. here is the link to my pic. :-D HAVE A GOOD EVENING ALL!!:-D
Up For Auction Y'all
Up For Bid!
Bid on me!!!! I will do all the below plus I will rate all pics 11's during hh, put owned by in my name for a month buy you random gifts and keep you 100% drunk for a month...
Up For Auction..
10 min phone convo 2 times a week for a mth but NO PHONE SEX ill add u to my yahoo so we can talk whenever u want to i will rate all ur pics for a mth pimp u out once a week for a mth crush u for a mth put "owned by (your name here) in my name click on the pic to vote for me!!!
Up For Auction
Yup you guessed I was asked to be in another auction by wildcat so everyone get in there and bid on me. Bids start at 200K. So click on the pic and it will take you right to the auction. Auction Sponsored by: ۞WŐ£–«ńŦ۞ģ÷W—»R ÷Ғ Ŧ.M.ń.Ғ.WŐ£–«ńŦ ŦRńŐ—,Rń–Ő÷ — £÷ŕ—G»@ fubar
Up For Grabs Again!
Mmm Dont ya wanna own me? C'mon show me how bad!
Up For Auction Again
I have joined up for another auction ..hehehe.. it ends on the 22th all bidders are held responsible for their bid .. Thanks to all that bid good luck Please show the Host some love while there here's the link
Up For Auction
come on people i can be all yours for a long time just stop and bid on me in this auction I am offering a lot if you want to own a soldier then you'll do it. lol
Up For Auction
Ok, I am up for auction.. for the first time. Am i worth anything? We will see! Heres the link to my page... or pic where you can place a bid. you can copy/paste it and put up in top ..if you know how!
Up For Auction
I am up for auction.. for the first time. Not sure how to do this all..but here is the womans page who is holding the auction. U will find me in her pictures.. in the auction folder. just click on her pic.. and go from there. ēDREWē@ fubar or heres a direct link to my pic am i worth anything I wonder? Doubt it
Up For Auction...
I AM UP FOR AUCTION..ONE MORE DAY.. TILL FRIDAY!!..GO BID NOW!!! WINNER WILL RECIEVE.... Owned by __________ (1 month) personal salute (SFW) as my default pic (1 month) added as #1 top friend (1 month) 1 profile comment daily (1 month) made my crush (1 month) daily drinks (1 month) link in about me (1 month) added to my family (1 month) name in my status bar entire time im online (1 week) daily texts (1 week) rate of all pics $20,000 fu-bucks added to my yahoo messenger If you wish to bid on me here is the link!!!
Up For Auction Again
hey everyone i'm up for auction again :D come show me some love and support.
Up For Auction Again...
I had so much fun the first time around I decided to do it again. Click on the picture above to bid on me.
Up For Bids
I'm in an auction that runs from March 21st through April 4,2008. Here is the link to bid on me: Just click on the link and bid...PLEASE :D Love ya all!
Up For Sale Again!
Yep, that's right, I'm up for Auction again! Just click the pic to bid on me!
Up For Auction
Holy shit.. i'm in my first auction!! If you wanna own me... GO BID!! *licks and stuff* LOL
Up For Auction
I'm up for auction for the very first time. Stop by and check it out. Just click on the picture below to place a bid. Auction ends 4/6/08. HERE IS WHAT THAT GIRL IS OFFERING..... ~FU-owned in my name for the time that you own me ~Rate entire stash during happy hour over the course of the time that you own me. ~Pimpout of you in my blog as long as I'm/You're on Fubar. ~Pimpout of you in bulletins once a week for the time you own me. ~Add you to my family for the time that you own me. ~Rate your photo's 11's daily until all rated if bid contains VIP. ~At least 2 profile comments per week from me. ~SFW salute ~Link to your profile in the about me section of my page ~Yahoo screen name Here is the normal link as I've had some complaints about the pic link not working. [ photo: 2468005301 ] or copy and paste this link in your browser:
Up For Bidding Again.
I am on the Auction Block again. Here is what I offer: OWNED BY _____ IN NAME FOR 1 MO TOP FRIEND FOR 1 MO TOP FAMILY FOR 1 MO RATE ALL PICS 11 DURING HH TILL DONE RATE ALL STASH DURING HH 2 SFW PERSONAL SALUTE 1 NSFW PERSONAL SALUTE WEEKLY PIMPOUT IN BLOG/BULLETIN PIMPOUT ON PAGE FOR 1 MO 1 DRINK PER DAY DAILY COMMENT ADD TO YIM 1 PHONE CALL If you would like to Bid please click the link below Thanks for showing some Luv!! I am already a VIP for the next few months, So I don't need a VIP. If i get a 7 day day blast i will add 2 20 minute phone calls and 2 15 minutes cam sessions. If i Get a 30 day blast I will add 4 20 minute phone calls 4 30 minute Cam sessions, Make a personal Video as well just for you.
Up For Auction
I am up for the auction .... own me for a month. i will offer the following OK, for the winning bidder... > Lets see those bids! Thank you! > > -All Pics Rated > > -All Stash Rated > > -My undivided attention and comments daily > > -A link to you on my page and a write up about how awesome you are. > > -Join my family list and be 1st in my top friends > > - Add onto my screen name your tag, whatever you want, just make it reasonable, ty.
Up For Auction Again
One of these days im gonna learn to just SAY Well heres yet another chance for you to OWN ME for a month. Check it out and make a bid....lov ya guys
Up For Auction Again!! Look What I'm Offering!
Win me in GoddessWildCherry's fu-auction!!! Who's gonna be my new fu-owner? I'm up for Bid!!! So, for those of you who may want to own me for a month, here is what my owner will get: 1) 500 pix rated 11's during HH 2) Rate all stash during HH (Up to 400) 3) Added as #1 friend for the month 4) Gift 3-day blast 5) 2 personalized tags 6) A hug a day for the month 7) 1 "big pimping" gift a week (or 1 bling) 8) Your name added to mine for the month 9) 1 phone call (USA only) at your convenience 10) Add your page link to mine !AUCTION OPEN! Just click the pic to bid! This auction brought to you by GoddessWildCherry. Plz stop and show her love ~GoddessWildCherry~ Owned by Johnny ~Member of the Spankers Club~@ fubar
Up For Bids
go to this link to start your bids!!! much love to all!
Up For Auction
[ photo: 3784432308 ] Im up for auction come bid and own me for a month REPOST IN BULLY FOR ME PLZ THANKS
Up For Me............
Up For Auction
Up For Auction Again... 5 Days Left
Go bid.... you never know how much the offer might change.. lol
Up For Auction Again (what A Wh_re) :p
Up For Auction
angelunderitall- Rate 11, fan, add if I haven't Owned by in name for month Add to family for month Spot in top friends Rate all pics during HH 500 11's during HH throughout the month At least 3 blings throughout month (if bid includes VIP and/or Bling package)
Up For Auction!!!!!!
The auction is now open! To place your bid please F/R/A the hostess. The starting bid will be 30k. There are a lot of great offers up for sale so make sure you get in on this action before itís over this auction will be open until May 28. Plus whichever entry gets the most pic rates will win 75k so donít forget to rate the person you want to win! Here are the entries
Up For Auction
come rate and bid on me
Up For Auction
> I decided to host an auction first time on my new account!!! I will promote heavily but you need to as well! I am not responsible for anyone not paying or fulfilling their offer but I will post anyone who fails to follow through in a blog and bulletin! NO drama will be tolerated!! And I will NOT unblock someone so they can bid been there done that NOT worth it! you can post their bid in their place as long as you include their link! Guys and Girls are both welcome this time around! Auction will run until 10pm central Thursday May 29th get your bids in now!!! The Girls ~*TinkerbellMN84*~ IRRESISTABLE COMPLCATION _Sweet_Thing_ Mysticfairy Mrs. Bubbles *AngelDawnKris* ~BABS~
Up For Bid In Auction
Guess what I'm up for bid in an auction heres the link bid on me
Up For Auction End The 12th
This is my First time Being in A Auction so Come Bid on ME ... Will So Made Fu_Love to ya! Ok Come one Guys & Gals. I Can't wait to see who my New owners is going to be. Auction will end in 2 weeks from What I was told today for the Boss Razor! So Come BID on ME and Get yourself a lil-vixen!
Up For Auction!!!!!
Hey guys i'm up for auction, plz stop by and bid...> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
Up For Auction Again!
Up For Auction
go bid on me and please rate all pics
Up For Auction.....
> Want to own your very own Phoenix? Click the pic below to place your bids! If for some reason you do not wish to own me, please at least rate the pic! I am offering: *Owned For 1 Month *Shout Out On Page *Shout Out Bulletin *Rate All Pics & Stash During HH *Gift Daily For 1 Month *7 day Blast *SFW Salute *Add To Family & Top Friends *2 custom made pics by me ***If Price is right may add more*** > This will be a Fu-Bucks & Cash Auction: Bidding will be done with fubucks. Purchased items can be added to the bid to gain a higher total of fubucks. The conversion of purchased items to fubucks is as follows: 4 TICKERS ($20) = 200,000 FUBUCKS BLING PACK ($12) = 120,000 FUBUCKS 1 DAY BLAST ($7.50) = 75,000 FUBUCKS 3 DAY BLAST ($12) = 120,000 FUBUCKS 7 DAY BLAST ($20) = 200,000 FUBUCKS 30 DAY BLAST ($50) = 500,000 FUBUCKS HAPPY HOUR ($100) = 1,000,000 FUBUCKS 1 MONTH VIP ($20) = 200,000 FUBUCKS 3 MONTH VIP ($50) = 500,000 FUBUCKS 6 MONTH V
Up For Auction...check It Out!
Im up for my first Auction...Im just testing the waters...trying to get points to level up and see what the fuss is about. Help me out! Click the Pic to go to Auction! Im offering alot to whomever Bids the highest. UPDATED Incentives WOMEN ONLY! Please! The more you offer, the more incentives. More may be added depending on the bids received. * Put 'Fu Owned By' with my name for a month (first auction,no one has ever 'owned' me) * #1 in Family for a month * #1 in Friends for a month * Made Crush for a month * Rate all pics during HH * Comment all pics during HH * Daily Comments from Me * Pimp out on my page * Link to owners page * Pic of owner on page * Pimp out in Blog * Pimp out in Bulletins * Name in Status * SFW phone call 15 mins min * Yahoo messenger Name (always signed in) * AIM name (always signed in) * One webcam chat 15 mins min * Up to 5 SFW personal Salutes * Possible Zombie Nation Creation * All Stash rated during HH * One Big
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
Look who is up for auction Yes ! Twaune The Godfather is up for auction ! Click the auction pic below to place your bid Also plz rate my auction pic =D Pimpout is brought to you by: Twaune The Godfather
Up For Auction! :d
Hey all! :D I am currently up for auction! :D Check it out! :D Look who else is up for auction!! :D
Up For Fubar Auction
☮Kevin☮ imikimi - Customize Your World *ATTENTION ALL FUBAR MEMBERS* Iím up for FUBAR Auction Come place your bids today!! Click the link below to place bids! Happy Country Girl~~Shadow Leveler~~{{Fu-Owned by Gary}}@ fubar
Up For Auction
I'm in an auction. Wanna own me for a month? Click on the link and bid, bid, bid. :D Auction ends July 19th.
Up For Auction Again
Hey Guess whos up for auction again. Also the person with the most rates wins a prize, please help me by rating as much as possible. (repost of original by 'King Blaze~Deliza Fu-Fiance~O.G. to the Pu$$ycat Pimps~BFF to *Pretty*Brown*Eyez*~Elektra's Punk' on '2008-09-26 14:47:55') (repost of original by '"INFARRED"~~DIRTY SOUTH CREW 4 LIFE~~~OWNER OF DOWNTOWN BOMBERS~~' on '2008-09-26 20:28:38') (repost of original by '$Dj' BABY BOY${D.S.C}Pimp of the Pu$$cat Playmates Owned by ~ CynzDreams ~' on '2008-09-26 20:32:51') (repost of original by 'King Blaze~Deliza Fu-Fiance~O.G. to the Pu$$ycat Pimps~BFF to *Pretty*Brown*Eyez*~Elektra's Punk' on '2008-09-26 20:50:29') (repost of original by 'Last of a Dyin Breed*Pimp Godde$$ of the Pu$$yCat PlayMates~G/F to ELEKTRA~PLEASE READ PROFILE!' on '2008-09-26 20:59:52')

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