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why do i gotta fuck up and say the wrong words? anyway, shes pissed at me now babe if ya see this, im sorry
Well its another Sunday alone, my Boyfriend is at work, then won't be here tonight. I am trying on how to enjoy time alone. But I sure do miss him :( Oh well.....
this site's gettin old folks..not sure how much longer I'm on here...drop me a line if you'd like to stay in touch with me and I'll give you my other contact info...
Rants for the day...... 1. beggars for VIP\'s, blasts, happy hours....... ladies you dont ask random guys to do that, let ur bf\'s/hubbies spend money on you.......... single ladies, blow someone or cook em dinner and maybe they will get some incentive to buy you something. 2. its raining, something i dont normally mind, but today its kinda got me in a mood. 3. more beggars...... guys quit angling to see a lil T&A on this site..... the reason these bitches beg is cuz they know you will do anything to see a lil T&A........ quite frankly guys , check out and sign up, its free.......... and you get a HELL of a lot more outta it than a lil titty or ass here and there 4. contests = beggars........ I remember the way contests used to be, you actually did it on your own merit....... in case you havent noticed theres a theme here...... fuckin beggars :| 5. nsfw = ugh, where do i begin....... good idea to have a community police itself, but good lord..... it
i'm soooo fuckin agravated! i mean i know some people are afraid of love but come on! you dont have to crush someone when they are at their most vulnerable point.....
Ok so this is gonna be a sorta long one cuz i need to vent...lmao....So here goes....I don't understand why dudes (and chicas too i'm sure) can't be HONEST about themselves...I mean come on...WTF...Why do they lie to you or feed you some line of bullshit if that isn't the way they feel....Oh wait...maybe it's because they just want in your pants or maybe they did feel like that at some point put decided it was ok to talk to 50 other girls or guys at the same time and tell them the same thing....THAT SHIT PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF...I mean's some advice... 1) DON'T BE A FUCKIN' PLAYA..if you have no intentions of actually meeting the dude/chica that you're talking to then tell them that...don't give them a line of bullshit so they'll keep talking to you in case one of your other bitches decides to drop you!! 2)DON'T PLAY are for high school teenagers for god's an adult and act like one...seriously!! 3)DON'T PLAY GAMES WITH BITCHES THAT KNOW HOW T
Ok.. so school is out and i am done with finals.. thank god.. WTF is wrong with my teachers.. 1) my english teacher posted the wrong damn grade for me... 2)my environmental science teacher said he posted it.. but it is not showing up on my transcript or my final grades 3) my education technology teacher hasn't even finished grading assignments that were turned in like 1.5 weeks ago... 4) my adviser won't get back in touch with me so i can get my fall schedule done... so more than likely i won't be able to get into classes i want/need... UGH
its 1 in the morning and i'm staring at the ceiling. someone shoot me in the face so i can go to sleep. :[
i'm about to go frickin crazy. I kno life isn't always fair but why does it always feel like an up hill battle. See i'm in the military and i have yet to go to AIT. My job right now is Air Traffic Controller, nice but not what i want. What i want is to be a helicopter mech. my recruiter told me if i take this job he would keep looking into the mechanic training for openings. but every time i call him to see if anythings happened he never answers and if i do get ahold of him he uasually says he hasn't checked yet. What the hell, i don't want to get stuck in a job i hate, but if he doesn't find a space soon i have no choice. It's so frustarating cuz all i can do is annoy the hell out of him by calling him and nothing else.ugh
nothing i do is right only wrong feelings of worthlessness surround me A river of tears fall within my mind depression caresses my soul like a shark with its prey silently stalking ready to attack make it stop i yell but noone is listening I am unimportant not worth being around boring] with nothing to say why do i even exsist? I hate feeling like this I just want it all to end someone anyone make it quit quiet the voices end the nightmares just stop
i'm so confused! i don't know what to do. i just want everything to end! it's too much for me to handle. please, everything is too confusing and too much. HELP!!!!
i just read a blog that pissed me off. i'm on an anarchist website, where you can blog and talk to other anarchits and what not. some idiot just posted a blog saying he is forming his own malitia and some of them have guns and some of them don't, but they do as much damage as they can without getting caught! it pisses me off cause it's people like him that give the rest of us anarchists a bad rap. and it's people like him that make everyone associate anarchy with chaos and destruction! all MOST anarchists want is complete freedom. and to be able to live their life the way they see fit without any influence from the government. yes we hold protests, but if you actually go to one of our protests we are actually really peacful protestors. i've been to a peta protest type thing and them fuckers get violent! we aren't like that. the person who wrote this blog just seems to be angry. i don't think he even know's what true anarchy is. i have a feeling he's one of them people that here the wor
Should NOT of dranken that much last night! half a bottle of black berry brandy! work called me in today to work back at our food place cuz APPARENTLLYY im the ONLY person that works back there with there food handlers card, go figure....soo everyone else had to take the test to get it while i worked back is fuckin lucky they have me! i swear that store would go to shit with out me! no clue how they managed befor i was higered.
Had a bad day... again... ready to rip someones head off of their shoulders... after stabbing them in the throat with something sharp... between work.. and then a friend snapping at me because i asked him a question.. i am in a BAD mood
Exes r exes 4 a reason, but when u have kids with them and have to see them on a sux!! Especially when they do whatever they can to piss u off!
My grandma used to tell me I shouldn't marry my husband because he was black. I used to be called all kinds of crap because I'm Mexican. I'm told I'm immoral because I like men and women. When is this going to stop? Seriously, I cannot write enough about this....Some people shy away from black men and women because they are afraid..If someone is a little different, they get made fun of. I have a friend who was born with facial deformities...She is one of the nicest people I have ever met, but she gets made fun of....You won't even stop to see what someone is like before you say crap like that?? I just met someone who said they won't talk to "Queers or Transvestites" because he thinks it's immoral. But it's not immoral to be so judgemental or to hate people because of who they are? Or it's not immoral to call people QUEERS?? Ugh....Will this ever stop? Because I feel like it's just getting worse...And how much worse is it going to get?? Something to think about, people...
My brain is fried from the weeks earlier entertainment of substances I won't name. I haven't even touched my Xbox since...Monday? I actually resorted to calling up the person I absolutely HATE playing with last night just so I could get some time in on it, but I changed my mind after he spoke some World of Warcraft nonsense at me and I decided to just read Hellblazer until I fell asleep. What an exciting life I lead, huh? Anyways time to go play "house wife" and begin cleaning up whatever mess my husband left this morning & feeding my daughter some lunch. Have a super fan-fucking-tastic Friday kids.
I am not a mean spirited person and I refuse to change my values or beliefs for ANYONE. I don't think anyone should give up theirs either. I don't like being called disrespectful. I will never post any names on here as I think that is just wrong and really none of your business. If I have an issue with someone it will always be between me and that person. I may ask for opinions, but I will never say who exactly I am talking about. It is not me to spread rumors, I dealt with that in high school and it is not fun. I will talk to just about anybody as long as they respect me. I am interesting in getting to know new people and yes I am crushing on someone and it is frustrating because I don't know what to say to him. He is the only person that I withhold from. I really don't know why. I keep saying the wrong thing. I tend to laugh or blab on and on when I get nervous and those are major turn offs. I have come a long way since I first got on Fubar. I am talking more freely as I get more acq
look at this jackass that decided to request me! what a prick (ps... i loves muh drill)
Ugh, just jotting down my anguish over my schedule for tomorrow. It is going to be an extremely long day. I've got to be up about 330am, I guess I can push 4. Be to my store at 6, unload a warehouse truck, change at the store, then head to the District office which is about 30min away during NON rush hour and be there for a 9-5 meeting and hopefully be home by 7pm. Rush hour there and back.. YAY me. With any luck, I will not get stuck in rush hour traffic at the tunnel more than an hour either way, but since it is Friday tomorrow and with the expected weather conditions, it is doubtful. Heading home, the tunnel back up is generally 5 miles.. Yesterday. I was at the District office for an up coming project meeting from 9-12, then after I got back to the store.. ended up having a distict wide phone conference for 2 hrs. Good I hope to get much R&R this weekend since I am off, but I doubt it, since I am sure I will be going in to work on Sat for a couple of hours to handle
Alright, so it's been one of those days. Nothing has gone right, I'm getting over pneumonia, bronchitis and a sinus infection. I feel like My head is going to cave in. And I just want a guy that will prove to me that they all aren't the same. All I seem to find are the abusive, controlling bastards. I'm sorry fuckers but you're not going to get that chance and satisfaction again. So grow up, move on and find another weakling because you're not getting this chick again. I've grown up, gotten a back bone & know WHAT I WANT. If you can't handle that then ask yourself, are you really a man? REAL MEN (not only wear pink LOL *inside joke*) SUPPORT THEIR WOMEN. So support me, love me & cherish me or move the fuck over and let someone else in that will...
i have discovered that there is indeed life before 8 am, and it isn't pretty ugh!
I'm so fucking sick of immature douchebags in the mumms...and fuckers just egg them on...they aren't funny, or interesting in the least but for some god damn reason people just kiss their asses. all they are is highly fucking annoying!!! im gonna start deleting you moron ass kissers too...its old...the game is played out...and its douchebags that have ruined the mumms...not the point whores.
Ugh, didn't think work ever end today. I didn't talk much to anyone today. A couple workers asked if I was alright, yeah..I just didn't feel like talking. Had my mind on a bunch of other stuff and I didn't feel like joining in their conversations about the "hot" chicks at work that they all drool over about. I hate it when I'm working with a bunch of people and they're going on about this girl, or that girl or what's so hot about this chick...and I'm just sitting there feeling like a ugly duckling. I didn't get home until a hour after I got off work. I had some errands to do. I realized that I forgot my coffee mug at work so I had to go back and get that before someone would steal it, if they would of. I got this nice stainless steel coffee mug for perfect attendance this quarter. Every quarter, we get some type of nice gift if you have perfect attendance that quarter. If you have perfect attendance for a year, they give you like a gift card of 100 bucks or whatever...and dep
Well this is my first blog on fubar. I'm ok..just a lil upset. hope all gets better for me. I'm watching the dallas and tampa bay game..and i'm waiting for the jags to come on. anyhoo...i guess i'm done. peace
Two weeks and one day since this damn back injury... I thought I was doing all great today with no meds, then BOOM the spasms started :( WTF am I gonna do with no medical? I am almost out of the prescriptions and cant even see my dr until at least the 8th :( WAAAAAA :(
here i sit bored at work, i hate my life my boss is a jerk. i think im going out of my mind. my girl is the only solace i find. i think i need a new hobby... so you can find me in the lobby... if you feel the same as me... tip your head back and squeal with glee... if you dont like what i say... fuck you very much and dont be gay
I don't get it...I don't know what I'm doin wrong...I just can't seem to lose weight. *Cries and smacks buddah body* I made a doctors appointment today....I go in on Monday....Check up on my meditation....maybe get some help on how to lose weight and ask about some other things. Today was just blah....fuckin contact or my stupid eye has been bothering the hell out of me... Okay, yeah...weak.....Im off to bed to dream of dreams....
Why is it that when you do something nice for someone and they thank you for that..but when they see that you did something nice for someone else, in which they think was better...they freak out? Meaning...Okay, so I got this new animation program. A few of them infact. So I been playing around with them, trying to get used to how it works. I've made several, which are ok...just beginners work..... I've made one for someone and they said they liked it and thanked me for it. But when they saw that I had made another one for someone else, where I played with more animation, they got mad. Well SORRY that I didn't do that great of a job on something that I'm still learning.... It's like a slap in the face...makes me feel like what I did for them, what I thought was nice, was just a piece of crap..... Ugh.....
Sometimes bitter people really need to find better things to do. I've been a member on another site for years (about 4-5). I've had my share of haters on here and I've dealt with them on MY profile. I've never been one to feel the need to hide behind a fake profile to attack someone on that site. I figure whatever I have to say to you...I'll say as me. So with that being said. There are some people on that site who think they are so cool. They attack and rip on anyone for no reason really. Just because they feel the need to. They've done it before and it's okay for them. Granted with that comes some ass kissers who are like yay!! Get them! Rip on them! And believe anything these people say even when there is no proof to what they claim. The one is just beyond bitter. She's a big girl which hey nothing wrong with that cause lord knows I ain't skinny. So she's one of the main ones who rips on people and has recently. So on a message board someone decided to rip o
ya know...everytime i post anything questionable in mumms my comment gets deleted and then i get the loving message from a bouncer that "you can't post that stuff in mumms" but day after day i see people posting shit way worse than anything ive ever posted and nothing! am i being bouncer stalked or what???
so today was a crappy day. not only am i seriously behind in bills on top of it all i got laid off today. i kinda saw it comin, but it don't make it any easier. so here i am once again gonna claim unemployment but for a lot longer this time. im afriad i won't be able to find a good enough job and be forced to move outta state. ugh i dunno what to do. if i can't party this month for my b-day ima be sooo pissed. i have it planned for the weekend of the 30th, cuz my bday falls on a tue. so i dunno. im outtie. ttfn
So. I've been fat all my life. Runs in the family. We're ALL fat. Well. I woke up this morning and decided that it's time I broke that chain, so I am. No more soda for me. No more sugar. I know I will never be skinny. That's not me. But I wanna be healthy. So I'm going for it. Wish me luck.
have you ever hated someone so much all u wanna do is punch them in the face? cuz thats how i feel right now and i don't know what to do bout it. i consider myself a decent person and even christian. but having these feelings toward this person isn't very christian of me. i have no clue why its so hard to forgive this person. i guess its cuz they put my family through hell and then some and every fuckin time i give them the benifit of the doubt they go fuck up once again. well NO MORE!!!! im fuckin done. there is only so much i can take and thats it. if i have to spend time with this person i guarentee i'll punch them in the face. it sux cuz they're close to some people i love deeply and i can't stand to even hear their voice. omg i dunno what to do no more. i give up. i can't do this no more. the latest will definitly tear this family apart. its sad cuz ppl don't care. they just wanna be selfish and do what ever the hell they want to do. so i really hope ur gonna be happy.
Dammit, I keep losing my blogs! I can't find The Snow (whole) blog, and its gettin on my fuckin nerves. Where is Goatse to help me out??! :(
Ok..SO I will not throw my personal political views into this..but I am gettin pissed and wondering if I should call my daughters school and have a talk with the teacher. Yesterday Obama was here in daughters teacher took the class outside to see Airforce One...because we are very close to the AF base that he landed at. So after tellin me that she says Ms. T says he is the best president ever and we can have an Obama friday where everyone can wear a t-shirt supporting him. Sooo...I am pissed. They cant discuss religion in school...well politics should be no fucking different...she is pushing her views on my kid. I just dont feel it is right...she should keep her opinions to herself and teach the kids...that is her job. So when I call the do I go about callin her out on this?
ok so my oldest was promised to be taken outside by someone today n yet another promise was broken so now imma have to do it so she isnt heartbroken i promised the other half i wouldnt bug about him being on world of warcraft but its starting again the ignorment of his kids over the fuckin game ok thats enough rant for today
I am starting to think...that no one really wants a good person in life. Everyone says they want someone who treats them right and loves them back...but I really don't think people do. If you do why would you go back and let someone have another chance who has hurt you. I just really dont get it. Even friendship say you want someone to care for you and love you...but when they express their concern u flip out on them ...I just dont get it...maybe i should turn into a bitch and not give a shit about anyone or anything and maybe i will find a good man to do anything for me!!!!
Ugh... now my daughter comes home and is singing like 5 religious songs...I asked her where she learned them...she said at school...he teacher taught them to the class for African American history month. OK ...AGAIN I have an issue with this. Why can she not teach Black history without involving religion? I do not think religion i appropriate in school..if I wanted it to be she would be in a Christian/Catholic school. Just frustrating..this teacher seems to be pushin the kids to her beliefs...first this? WTF *end rant*
Why is it.. that i used to NEVER break out... and suddenly.. i break out constantly...never washed my face with anythign but water either... but only on ONE cheek.. but they are bad!! and it is hell to cover the blemishes! AGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i just bought some face wash to see if i can make it stop.... blarg
don't cha just love stupid people. lol k im done.. speaking my mind for now. lol Muah!!
ugh..#1 mom got in a car accident today...... and i get to deal with the irrational fallout from it YET AGAIN   ugh...#2 people need to grow up and act like adults I was recently deleted from a friend's page because i had a differing opinion even though i gave that opinio with the utmost respect to hers. apparently she had to go quietly delete me instead of just saying "hey I don't like your opinion and so im choosing to no longer associate myself with you" She would have gotten my respect for that. Not that she cares about my respect, but obviously she had none for me in the first place.   I give respect to evryone on this site even if they have a differing opinion than mine. Its becoming more and more clear to me that respect given is NOT respect earned. almost everyone is looking for yesmen...... I AM NOT A YES MAN...... I will tell you what I think and if you dont like it tough crap! I am who I am , and I am not changing for anyone, just to "get along" It makes me sick to t
well tomorrow is my 28th birthday and i'm getting so much closer to being 30 its not even funny!! Soooooooooo bummed out!
i hate dirty old men. you look like my grandfather and tell me you wanna cum all over my face and tits. that's fucking disgusting. then tell me i'm the half naked bitch well fuck you just cause i'm half naked doesn't mean you can talk to me like that. i'm a human not a blow up doll. and no where on here do you see naked pics so if anything i'm a tease but only on here cause i feel the only one that should see me naked is my guy. i hope your dick rots off.....
Almost 6am and I have not slept yet. I have taken 4 tylenol pm and a few muscle relaxers but for some reason just can't sleep....and now im shivering....i may be dying...someone please hold a fu-neral for me
I just want him to come home...he's in FL for another week..he's got no phone right now, so he has to call me..and it kills me to to talk to him for a half hour tonight. But he's not ready, he doesn't want to be with me..maybe one day..but I don't know...only time will tell. UGH. Why is life like this?
ughhh.... can the make the family wait this long? it should be a crime... 4 days later we still don't know the cause of death, and still can't get into her apartment. it's driving me crazy!!!! the end.
Well obviously no one will read this but, blog comments have been turned off because my bartab is being blown up w/ comments to misfits blog...that is all.  
I couldn't get much sleep last night. I think I fell asleep sometime after midnight. Had stuff on my mind. Woke up around 3am, way before my alarm went off. Heard Rich come home and he was making some noise down stairs. I tried to call back asleep, but my mind kept traveling. Ya know how you can sometimes cry yourself to sleep, I think I woke up crying. That's only happened a few times. I thought about some things that could make me smile, but then I think of other things that goes with that thought and just makes me sad again. Heard Tigger in the bathroom scratching at the litter box. I don't know why he can't just cover up his shit. He doesn't even touch the damn litter but he's gotta wipe his paws on something...I yelled at him a few times to have him stop..he finally stopped and ran down stairs. Then I smelled his dookie and said "Fuck, now I'm up" Came downstairs and Rich said "Wow you're up early, Did I wake up?" I said..Yeah, sorta, but it's okay. I've had stuff on my mind. I'
Anyone feel like following me around all day and smacking me every time I try to stuff my fat face? Seriously....I was more than happy to sit in the pool w/ the kids today because I'd be weightless for a little while and my kids already call me fat mom so I wasn't afraid of them seeing me in my suit. I was almost in tears this morning because my eating has gotten out of hand...Yet, I still stocked up on crappy ass foods at the store earlier....I think my metabolism is defective...
So yeah, my iron is down at 4 again...More iron infusions are on my future...*crosses fingers* let's hope they admit me tomorrow so I can get a little vacation. I can barely get off my couch =(
I'm at the airport..I should have been half way to Ohio..but NOOOOOOO. I'm delayed until 8:50. They said at the desk that it was because of the crew. Not weather related. =/ Somehow that doesn't make me feel any better. That's all I need..a sleepy crew on a plane.   Anyway, instead of being in Missouri at about 10am...I won't be there until around 3:30. Blah. What a day. I could have slept a few hours. Do airports have places to charge laptops? lol.
Anyone know this annoying Woo chick? Seriously, she just runs around here whining all the time. Someone should really give her a beatdown.
You kno im tired tired of all the jerks,fakers,liars, know-it-all's etc... Well ive been in a bit of realtionships and they all dont work out ive seen em all the bad, the jerks, the sensative ones. the know-it alls, the jealous ones and lets just say im tired of it all and im about to give up on guys.Better for me ive tried my hardest i swear i have ive been the sweetest person i can be in a realtionship and nothing seems to work i always just get hurt and im sick and tired of it.Some are just jerks who dont give me a chance to prove myself just because I might be pretty doesnt mean im stupid and arrogant or a hoe just b/c im kinda rich doesnt mean im stuck up heartless and dont know how to work for shit. Some guys are just there and they don't tell me their feelings about things and all of a sudden they blow up about stuff thats not even my fault i'm not a damn mind reader how was I supposed to know?. Also im tired of trying to be put in a category like rich and snobby or beaut
i wanna punch my ex wife in the face     /end
the bulit in wifi on my laptop seems to have fried, and of course that has to happen during the hottest week of this summer here.  this room with the desktop gets uncomfortably hot by noon and stays that way forever so until i can get a wireless card this weekend, i won't be around that much.  probably just try to log in here early and unload my 11s. keep misfit pinky purble!
sheepselmatts: Hi sexy  :)->sheepselmatts: hey hey goes? sheepselmatts: goes good how bout you? ->sheepselmatts: eehhh...I'm alive n kickn sheepselmatts: behaving yourself are you lol->sheepselmatts: Yes, I am sheepselmatts: well whats the fun in that ?? LOL ->sheepselmatts: um....I'm engaged to a man who's in jail right now...Where's the fun in THAT?! sheepselmatts: thats no fun at all sheepselmatts: what do you do for fun then?? ->sheepselmatts: nope ->sheepselmatts: I don't....I'm a loyal woman sheepselmatts: thats cool sheepselmatts: still crazy sexy though  :P->sheepselmatts: thanks sheepselmatts: just too bad you are so well behaved  :P->sheepselmatts: too bad for you, yeah sheepselmatts: right
i got a call for an interview with an insurance company on monday...of course its business attire interview so now i gotta go buy a friggin suit i may never wear again...last time i had to wear one was to dads funeral and i wore all but the jacket because i hate suits...blah
Corey and I broke up this morning. Im nauseous and have the worst headache I've had in a long time. I have a job interview at noon and I don't even know how to pull myself together for it. 
Ugh and damn do I feel like screaming!! I went to a bbq at my grandma's for her 78th birthday and had to deal with all the relatives. I told my mom that I needed to go out to her house and get some of my warm clothes, she is like you will have to call me because they are all under the stairs, wtf, I had the shit neatly packed in the closet plus all my shit hanging up. Just sitting here wondering if she can strike me harder? Then my aunt was talking about tattoos and aids, and my uncle was like well if she gets aids, the state will just continue to take care of her. He can literally fuck off! My family has no clue what the hell I go through because they are too busy telling me what I can do, rather then asking why I can't do it. I went to a NA meeting tonight, was going to get my 6 year coin, and just going in there took EVERY THING I had.... I was thankful my daughter went with me, cuz the anxiety and the nerves were seriously about to start a panic attack! UGH!!! Needless to say they
Dear bloogy,   work sucked like always i dont know why i dont just quite! i hate it there and i only work one day im back in the dorm trying to study but not really cause i keep wrighting blogs. it's suck cause im poor like POOR and i dont know what todo i think im going to donate plasma on friday for some cash. im looking for another job too.   love,   ruthie
Honestly, what the fuck? Is there are not one single solitary fucking person on this website that is not all about bullshit and getting their fucking ego's stroked? Just one fucking person that isn't full of shit...that would be fucking lovely in all honesty...but I won't hold my breath at this rate.  SOMEONE FUCKING SURPRISE ME!
Ok, so I have been jumping over hurdles to land in holes. I did find my groove behind a bar again, so I am happy for that !  It was way too long since I made a mean ass margerita ( my signature) !!!  So why is it that I feel like I want my cake and eat it too? I love to sling liquor, be around people, and have fun at work... I am just having an issue... Why is it when I get hit on I wanna reach across the bar and knock some fool's head off??? Yes, I appreciate a compliment. Yes, I am tired of being alone. And honestly, there has been a time where I thought, damn he is cute... then he said something about dinner and I was thinking, 'wtf??? hell no !!! Oops too bad, wish ya would not have done that...' Hard part is trying to figure out if I should just be straight up and say, you don't have a chance in hell, now where is my tip for waiting on you for hours while you been staring and drooling?.... Or going with it and backpeddling my way out of it later just too make sure I get a fat tip
grrrrrr...... why is it that people work so hard at making you fall in love with them and then fuck your world up...... a year of my life gone to an asshole.....   why cant you just be honnest and straight forward... i told you all my expectations, where i wanted to go what i wanted to do and so on over a year ago... then you move thousands of miles away, promising visits and to move here and such, just to keep me wrapped around your finger but FUCK THAT.. i'm done its over and there is no chance of it ever going back. you had my heart and threw it in dirt. i'm over it all your broken promises and plans. i;'m not to be put last after all your club meetings and working on your cars hanging out with friends... i cant even get 10 mins of your time just to talk about whats going on..... this is my good bye... i'm gone its over P.S FUCK YOU!!!!  
I have not been online much lately.  Not even on fb very much really.  Here's why.  I found out today that I have carpal tunnel in both wrists.  I was referred to one of the top orthapedic hand surgeons in the country.  Lucky for me he is here in St. Louis.  I will call to make an appointment this week.  My hands have been swollen and painful nonstop for over 2 weeks now.  I am on naprosyn now to see if it helps the swelling.  So far, not working yet.  I also have wrist braces to wear to bed.  Hopefully this will give me some relief and I will actually be able to sleep! Will update more when I know more.
One I blocked one idiot who keeps asking the same shit over and over speaking of which would it kill you guys to be original gotta make yourself stand out saying im sexy as f*ck dont do it for me either some of the lines you guys use are lame yes im moody. And blowing me off too is a major no no for me its my biggest pet peeve. I just cant stand players too i smell them a mile away. Im still being harrass by that hacker loser get over i didnt fall for your game im not stupid by any means! get a freakin life!!!!!
DJSDmok3y69...: hey wanna enter a tata salute contest if creative you might win a boomerang plus i will give you 5 million fubucks once salute is received To DJSmok3y69...: Nice people have given me boomerangs just because I'm awesome. I don't have to prostitute myself for them   Okay...this new chat system makes C&P weird..
why some morphs should never be made   Lil SpunkyTexan Fuowned by Nicholas Fu protected by Shadow FuStalked By Amethyst Wyne@ fubar
Welp i had my surgery 3 weeks ago. go for my follow up tomorrow. in a few weeks i have my scope to see if i have tumors in my bladder.. hopeing not. would kinda suck. someone asked me a question a few days ago that kinda terrified me... they asked if i was going to beable to have kids.. i stopped dead in my tracks... i don't know what my chances are now... and that scares me.. i REALLY want kids..   blarg
Major surgery tomorrow afternoon. Ugh! I don't mind the surgery because I'll have anesthesia and I'll be HAPPY, but when I wake up...grr. Morphine! I'm going to try to leave the hospital the day after surgery because it's $1,100 / day and I don't want to have to work 4 jobs all winter just to make up the costs. My husband will be taking care of me at home and one of my daughters will spend weekends here as much as possible....I hate having people take care of me. Four months is total recovery time so I'm thinking I'll be Fubar Hoaring for awhile. I'm planning on being back at work in 3 weeks so I suppose my recovery time will be a little longer in the long run...but, don't work / don't eat !!!!!  
Are there no gentlemen anymore? What happened to treating women with respect, not calling her sexy, hot, ect in the first mail? I get so fed up with the shit that men send me. It's disrespectful. Seriously, a decent man will have no problem finding a good woman. If all you can ask is do I like anal, your stupid ass will be blocked. Yeah I get you want to get laid, OK? You're a man. I'm not the kind of woman you want. These are not the droids you are looking for. Move along.
Im tired... Whos with me????
After a few weeks of levelling, I finally levelled yesterday.  Now that THAT'S happened, I don't have the urgency to  even remotely attempt to start to level.  I'll still be on here, but not at the pace I was going at these last couple weeks.  I'm sure though, I'll get a wild hair up my ass and really start getting points, but for now I'm mentally beat lol
Ugh... I am so damn bored. I am sittin here in this house all by my lonesome. Still I'm bored as hell. Hoping to be moving from Valdosta up by Macon soon. I stumbled across this site by accident. I'm just looking for friends maybe more. Anyways, I'll add more later... 
This is enough to make me feel like shit.    I have it on my profile that I won't accept friend requests from people without a salute. Doesn't matter who it is.   What do I get? A request from someone with no salute. What does it say????   "I can't buy you bling, but I'd make a great friend".     Denying that made me feel like shit. Like I'm only here for the bling =/
Hey Guy who is a total douchebag and still texts me every day after I was a cunt to you and then started ignoring you, Knock that shit the fucking fuck off. I have no interest in you anymore. You are a lying, worthless son of a fuck. Please....just throw yourself into oncoming traffic. Thanks, Me
My life has changed immensely over the past 6 months. So much so that I feel like my head is spinning. I don't know where I'm going or why I'm going there. I just keep moving along as if I'm on some predetermined track from which there is no escape.   Funny that I use that word "escape". Like I'm in prison or something. It often feels like it as of late.   I think I want out of this relationship.   What relationship, you say? Well...that's a long, sordid tale. Suffice it to say that I met him, fell madly in love with him, and now I can barely look at him without wanting to punch his fucking face in.   When a relationship begins, it's hard to find fault with the person you're attaching yourself to. Maybe they're putting their best foot forward. Maybe you just want it so bad that you don't notice their faults. Maybe,,,just don't WANT to notice their faults. Perhaps you are so in love with the idea of that person and of being in love that nothing else registers until i
Well not looking forward to having to baby sit tomorrow. Really need to have something fun to do. I just wish that I could see my boo ugh well got to go
soo i starting to find out that every time i touch someone or try to ever get close to i do something dumm and i dont mean to do it it the way i am i guess sometime i wish i could change who am and be someone diffent another day the world work in diffent way u just have to play ur cards rite and play the game the rite way cuase some how in the end youll winn sooner or later but not for mee i never winn am that one that always lose and am abad loser someone told me to go for what i really want i went for it and i blow it that mee am soo dumm some time i never listen to plp and when i do i get my self into trouble i guess am just one big fuck up that mee stephanie lynn remember me as that for now on the fuck up
Ok so this has absolutely nothing to do with Fubar, but I need to vent some how. So here goes..... First off I am sick and tired of people always mistaking my kindness for weakness. It happens every single day it seems. I am sick and tired of being the only one on myside of things. I have absolutely no one in my life that gives two shits about how I feel and it is getting really fucking old. I mean even my kids are self centered and only care about themselves most of the time unless I completely break down and they see me upset. It shouldn't come to that quite honestly. I do everything in my power to make my family comfortable, and have everything they need cause that is the kind of person that I am. Today was a breaking point for me though. I had to take and make a descion between paying my water bill or paying a plumber to fix a plumbing issue that caused the water to get turned off, for the second time in a week I might add, because the first plumber fucked it all up. I shouldn't h
Ugh 5 Am!
Well its 5 am and im up and at it again... Having to work another 12 hours. I'm fucking drained man! My body hurts! I need a good massage! I slept good last night! Got a good 8 hours sleep. Finally! I went and bought some Tylenol PM's. Ive had such a hard time sleeping the last month or so. The house is coming along! Finally. Everything seams to be going well for me ;). Okie so i better go jump in the shower and get the kiddos up and dressed and then head to work! Ill see you all tonight. Maybe tomorrow depending on how drained i am when i get home.. Much love to all my friends!! JEN!
Ugh! Annoying!
i keep getting oodles of spam garbage crappy email to my job. the most popular one is this one: Make your pen!s bigger! Um, last i checked i didn't have one! GRRRR!!!! Crappy email spammer people bastards.
Ugh! At Head Trauma!
So my son being the 9 year old Daredevil he is fell yesterday on the porch and hit his head on the corner of a metal desk that's out there. He freaks at the site of blood. Especially if it's coming outta his head. So I'm not thinking too much about it when he comes in flippin out about his head bleeding...until...I realize it's different cryin then his "I want sympathy cry" and I see his hand covering his head with blood all over the back of his shirt, in his hair and a pool of it (no lie) in his hand. I'm EXTREMELY lucky that my dad was here. He has Wednesdays off and had finished golfing early. I don't know how he did it but that man was calmer then I EVER would have been. When he moved the hair and I saw the deep deep cut. I started to cry but held it in so my son wouldn't know how bad it was and I looked away. It was one of those I want to cry, puke and have a panic attack at the same time kind of moments. My dad kept my son calm...which in these cases is hard to do. Most kids fl
Ugh Anger.
/start rant Ok so in my Media for Children class, we have a presentation [or two] each session where we present a book from a specific genre.  On top of this my teacher assigned group presentation of the same genre studies we already covered in the class. [anyone else find that completely pointless?] So, part of the assignment was to write a one page reflection of how you felt about the assignment, what you gained, etc.  Well, I decided to pull the honesty card and wrote exactly how I felt. Basically, I said I didn't understand why we needed to do presentation over genres we already covered and could clearly understand when we could be using that time to work on numerous other assignments for the class. I also said how doing the group presentation I did not learn anything more than I already knew. So, when the teacher was handing back our evaluations of the presentation she handed me mine and said she needed to talk to me after class.  I look at my score and she only gave me 5/15 po
Ugh. Boys.
So, my best friend Julia claims to be in love with this kid named Chad. And this boy uses her for sex and rides to wherever he needs to go. And she just lets him do it. And I don't understand why, even though I know they've been through alot. And I haven't been very supportive of her, but she's really fucking up. Not to say that I never fuck up, because I do, but that's beyond the point. I just don't know what she see's in him. He's worthless. Has no job, no money, no car. Get's thrown in jail alot and people have to bail him out. He fucks girls behind Julia's back, but she's so blind to that fact, that she refuses to believe it even though she accuses him of it. I just think she likes to hear him say that he isn't fucking other girls. It makes her feel more secure. But it's so not true. Gah. Guys these days. What happened to all the good ones?
Ugh, Bad
so I'm going to start with the good stuff. Went on a date last night. gasp... "dating someone in Roanoke" you say. Aye. Nothing serious, in fact I may try to date a couple other guys too, just keeping things real light and fun. So far, this guy is so sweet though. Couple of things I'm unsure about, but at least I've found such a sweet loving guy already. Its nice to have the attention. But yes, for self-unexplained but perhaps more obvious reasons, once you know me, I had gotten a cramp in my neck during this date. Was just a little sore at first, but then by the time I was home and was going to bed, it hurt so bad I was just about in tears. Once I laid down it got worse. Couldnt sleep, just writhe in pain and cry. So eventually my dad met me nearby and took me to the hospital. Seems I had gotten a severe muscle spasm. So now I'm on valium and a pain reliever. Slept like a rock when I went back to my dad's place, but all my muscles are hurting a bit still, just not in th
Ugh.. Can't Get Enough Of These.. Yes.. I Need A Life!! :)
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Ugh Cant Function Right
trying to kick this friggin sinus issue hard time breathing at times caughing sneezing runny nose UGH... driving me nuts tried sleeping it out this morning tried streaming it out in the shower today nothing is working at this point going to have to rely on some massive doses of meds now...
Ugh! Connectivity Issues!
I apologize ya'll! My internet went down a few hours ago and I am in and out everytime I can catch a wireless signal from a neighbor strong enough to support the fu. UGH! As soon as I am back up and running strong I will get the auction updated. If you see me on and shout me and don't get a response it may be my hunny just making sure no ones offers are buried and such. I will be pimpin' ya hardcore as soon as I am back up and runnin'! I got tons of people thanked this morning but wasn't near done sending out Thank Yous by any means so if you haven't heard from me I apologize. It's taking like 2 minutes to load a page right now and I want to throw my lappy through the window! lol. I'll be back as soon as I can. xoxo PebblesinAZ
Ugh, Car Accident
Today as I was driving with hubby, this moron decided to make a left turn. The person in front of me hit the breaks, as well as Doug (the hubby), but the person behind didn't, sending her minivan straight into my bumper. And..."hello, Mrs Face, meet Mr Dashboard". For a second I thought my teef fell out, which could've made me some serious bux if I was a hooker. But I counted, and they were all there. Just some skin off my elbow, and a weird bruise. Doug somehow shoved his nail into his face, creating a deep cut that was bleeding kinda profusely. But he just wiped it off with a used Taco Bell napkin, sure it will heal well. The lady that was in the front started crying from shock, and I had to comfort her (no, I did NOT bash her head in). Turns out she missed her daughter's bday somethin. Later on it turned out that she got a guitar for her daughter since she wants to take lessons. It so happened that Doug is a guitar teacher. So out of the whole ordeal Doug got a new studen
Ugh Clingy
Why, when I try to be nice to people and do something to cheer them up, does it always backfire? This is what happened when I took that friend out Saturday night. In one of our many conversations, it had come up that all he does is work & go home & drink - I don't care who you are - that isn't healthy. A couple of mutual friends were concerned about it. So, at first, when he asked if I wanted to hang out & watch movies, I had said ok. Then, the I got the idea of going to hear a friend DJ at a local club and asked him if he wanted to go. I figured it would be good for him to get out of the house. Even though it was all innocent, he apparently got the wrong signal - and has been all clingy. I don't do clingy at all! Doesn't matter if it's a friendship or relationship - if it's clingy - it's out! He has gotten all of these ideas in his head that I am going to dump the guy I'm seeing now, for him. That's not happening. I think part of the problem is that this guy is lonely - he's been
confusion has set at a point in my life where i wish thigs were so very different. im tired of feeling that i was put on this earth to be a slave to someone. I wan respect, love, romance! Little things that are so very easy to do are just so damn hard for some ppl. I have always been the strong one....and now i feel myself slipping away with out something to grab ahold of. I am the bubbly, outgoing, fun one, that everyone loves to be around and right now i just want to crawl in a hole so no one can see me. this is very hard for me to put up here and no its not a cry for help im just venting some pent up anger, frustrations, and heartache. i know there are some major decisions that need to be made in my life and im not sure as how to approach it. I see so many happy ppl around me and i put on the greatest happy face but the truth is im dying inside and at this point theres nothing to really save me! I have alot to think about and will keep u posted on what happens.
Ugh Feel So Awful
Okay I have barely eaten today and I can feel the effects of it...Its like I have been on SLUG Mode all Day!!! I just feel like Crap, like someone has drained the life out of me. So when i went to Walmart i tested my blood pressure it was just borderline at 140/95 but then i tested my sugar at my moms it was 121 that is high considering i haven't eatin'd think it would be LOW if anything. My feet is Twice the size as they should be because They are swollen..I went to the doctor hopping they would put me on lasix (fluid pills) for it like my last doctor did..But did they? NO...HE just told me i needed to lose weight! i'm like Yeah but Doc, its hard to excersise in flip flops because I can not put my EXTRA WIDEWIDTH MEN'S Tennis Shoe on my FAT FEET!!! Also when i went to the doc. (a month ago) My blood pressure was really high 199/120 or something like that but since this is the first time i went to the doc. with my blood pressure high they dont want to medicate
Ugh Feel Like Shit
If I seem to ignore ya'll tonight its just my head is pounding...I was running threw the house today to catch the phone ,triped on Koda ( my lil puppy ) and slamed my head on the tial floor .I went to the hospital and recived 5 stiches in my freekin head ...Damn i hate weekends lol Higs and kisses my Kodas
Ugh Feel Like Shit
If I seem to ignore ya'll tonight its just my head is pounding...I was running threw the house today to catch the phone ,triped on Koda ( my lil puppy ) and slamed my head on the tial floor .I went to the hospital and recived 5 stiches in my freekin head ...Damn i hate weekends lol Hugs and kisses my Kodas
Ugh, Fuck You!
You piss me the fuck off. I dont even know why i waste my fucking time. I mean, you like everybody but me. What is so horrible about me that you cant like? I just dont even know. What the fuck ever. But as much as i say this, ill probably still talk to you and pretend that you actually care just to make myself feel better. I guess my heart is just a game to you. I dont know why im surprised, everyone treats it like this.
Ugh, Friggin Bored.
I have no clue where Ruby ran off to. I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee today and I'm still tired. Whatcha'll doin?
Ugh Fucking Asshole
Uuugh I just want to strangle my ex!!!! I texted him again today when he would be getting the rest of the stuff out of the old aparement cause when I went there early in the morning, was still a mess. He told me to get off his back about getting in there to clean. I told him he had to get his shit out by tuesday night..did he? No.... Did he come back last night to finish? No.... He went on telling me how he only had two days to pack up when that's total bullshit because he knew beforehand that he had to be out of there. He was too fucking busy being with his gf and his friends....He goes to his friends house at least one or two times a day to hang out and do his nerd shit..when he could of started bringing stuff over there..but no..he's the fucking last minute man. Now I'm getting real pissed and worried because he's taking forever to get that stuff out and that's leaving me less time to clean. why is he being such a fucking lazy asshole? I so fucking hate him... Felica cal
Ugh Grrr
I don't know if its the skins that some people use or the change in profile page formatting or what the deal is but they totally are not displaying right for me. First, there's this empty black box covering up that first area where a person talks about themselves. Annoying but not so terrible. Then when I try to leave a comment the actual text field and submit button and not in the same area of the screen as the graphics that describe them. Highly annoying. I'll have to check later and see if it does better with a different browser.
Ughghghghh... Drama!
My Fu-Fiance called off the Fu-Wedding b/c he thought I wasn't communicating with the powers that be planning the Fu-Wedding.... and then I wake up yesterday afternoon to the manager at Blue Orion putting me on suspension because I didn't have SAMS working just yet (and I had been trying for 8 weeks to get someone to get the darn program working for me). Dang, drama! (Remembering... this is only Fu-World and not the real life!) I get enough of it by the callers I receive calling in for crisis situations in at my real life work... and all this drama occuring yesterday (and/or finding out about it yesterday anyways) just slightly before heading off to my work didn't sit well for me. I wasn't in a good frame of mind for my real life job and I felt horrible for it. I should have called in sick instead of not being completely there in the moment for work, but it just wasn't that easy to shake off -- Fu World or not. I am a sensitive person... which is what makes me so good at
Ughhh Parents...
why is it.. that when everything in ur life goes to shit... and right when things start to look like they*re turning around, your parents come in and fuck it all up again? me for instence.. couple weeks ago.. yeah.. worst point in my life.. bar-abso-fucking-lutely-NONE and yeah.. it seriously sucked... but then one teeny tiny little thing made me feel just the slightest bit better... then what happens? my parents jump in and basically start bitchin that i can*t afford to fuck my new job up and what if this and what if that and i*m SOOOO fucking SICK of listening to their constant bullshit. like today... i had an absolute top notch amazing day. went in to work.. even though my manager has a fuckin colony of bees shoved up her ass because i*m switching off foodbar and going to bussing because i*m sorry.. i can*t live off foodbar salary.. my day is still fine... work is crap but still day is fine.. time to go home. mom is there, i get in the car, we don8t even get out of the parki
Ever have days when you just feel like crying? Today would be one of them days for me. It seems like nothing can ever go right or at least the way it normally does. You expect something to happen on a certain day and it doesn't 2 weeks in a row it gets rather irritating. It wouldn't be a big deal but it's money I need to buy stuff for my kids! So yeah it drives me insane! That and well I am just kinda bummed out today for some reason so that makes things worse. I just need a vacation or at the very least a weekend away from everything. That might help a weekend to just relax and veg out and not have to worry about anyone or anything other then what I will do next or well not do. A few cold drinks would help too! A night of drunken forgetfullness usually helps me. It doesn't happen often but right now that would be nice. Now if only I had something here to drink! lol Oh well I am sure things will look better after a good nights sleep.
today is a terrible day i just found out my 4 yr old had a seziure and i have no car to get to the hospital to be with him he was at my moms and it took him 5-8 mins to come out of it and now im scared that hes going to have them for the rest of his life and i dont know what to do i know it runs in the family ive never had one but other peoiple in my family kinda freaking about it cause its one of my kids what am i gonna do?
Well I have never done one of these, and I want to see if it helps my frustration to get it all down here...So here goes nothing... Tonight I am so frustrated I don't really know what to do. And it's strange because I had a great day and all of the sudden it just hit me like a ton of bricks. When will I ever get what I feel that I deserve?? I mean, I am in my opinion a very nice guy and treat everyone with respect. Why can't I ever get anything to go right for me? I guess this is all stemming from a couple instances in the last couple days. There are a few people I talk to online all of the time. We chat and flirt and you know, the usual. Then I think things are going great and am like yeah finally, I am gonna have a things go my way. Yeah right! Why do I ever get my hopes up? The people that I think all is going good and then they act like they don't want to talk anymore, like it's a burden on them....I haven't changed me or the way I treat them. But something has cha
Things are not going as I had hoped. There was a lead on a possible 2nd job, but that fell through. I need to do something soon, but I can't even get a job at a local gas station because of my "availability". ughhhhhhhh Just when I am getting a handle on things...sort of...yet SOMETHING else comes up...freakin city of toledo sucks ass. I need to sell my house and GTFO of this f*n place. Anywhere but here. Anywhere but my life would be nice too. off on a tangent again...oh well. This is the only place I can get things out...even if no one reads this...that's cool...gets it out of my least most of it. The other stuff I can't say on here even tho I wish I could. that's my bitch session for today cyazzzzzzzzz
god I feel like shit. I didn't party or anything this week i woke up at like 4 in the mornin totally covered with sweat this morning! so much sweat that my fucking blankets and sheet were absolutely COVERED with it. i had a bad dream someone was chasing me and he didn't have a face! no matter how much i ran he was right behind me! it was so fucked up i didn't know what to do and I couldn't wake up for some reason so when I finally did wake up i got so sick that i puked in the bathroom. I'm still feeling nauseous and scared my heart is still beating a mile a minute and I don't know how i'm gonna function at work today... god i feel bad :(
I got a paper cute and now I can't type for shit with this band-aid on. the end
Just the thought of having to walk to the subway station in the cold this morning makes me want to cry. . . .
Ughhh Wtf...
Men in the clubs creep me the fuck out...seriously!!! Why is it that the oldest, slimest, ugliest men have the most confidence in approaching women? I'm guessing it's because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain? Another thing...why do they wait to approach until you're in a group of 2 of less? As soon as there's 3 you're left alone....and no you can't by me a drink, no I don't want to dance with you and hell fuckin no I won't go home with you!!! I just needed to vent a little so don't mind me :) Another thing on the same topic...why is it men don't understand when you say "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND" to me that means back the fuck off...I don't need to hear "what's your man got to do with me" or "ya man ain't got nothing on me", or any other lame line that sounds like that. If you can't respect that I'm in L-O-V-E then delete me and die slowly. k thanx
Ughhh Grrr Oreh54yuhst
am soooooo freaking sick of not having enough crap to keep my mind busy!!!!!!! Being bored staring at the walls seriously is enough to drive me insane! I feel idle all the time. I seriously need something to do with my time. That is the only reason I get online, it stimulates my mind in more ways then TV does or the walls of this house! I need an escape, a realse!!!!! I hate having so much blank spots in my schedule. People like to call me lazy but thats because there is nothing to do. I am actually a very motivated person. I hate sitting around doing nothing. I hate staring at the pc screen for hours because there is nothing else to do. I get bored soooo easily with things that I seriously need another person to keep me on task or I get bored with it fast! There are times where I wish I was still at Dom's place with him. Atleast there I could turn on the TV and go about the house cleaning everything in site. Atleast there I could sit and watch the fish tanks and mak
Well this will most likely be a major ranting blog due to some idiotic teenie-boppers I work with. Thanks to a couple of teenie-boppers I work with I am now off work for 3 weeks due to a back injury caused by them. The two wouldn't help pull a cart that weighs approx. 300+ pounds and I ended up straining my back so bad that the ER had me off for a week but I went to the doctor's today and he took me off work for another two weeks. Plus he put me on physical therapy for 3-4 weeks to help my back. I know if something don't get done with the two problem children at work there will end up being two unexplained accidents at work when I get back. Also the manager that was on duty that night needs something done about him cause he didn't do shit about what happened with me he just blew me off and laughed about it. He also will soon end up as an explained accident. Due to my injury there are alot of people at work that are highly pissed off because of the way shit was handled and because I got
200. My name is: Kathryn 199. I was born on: March 19 198. I am a: Very lucky person 197. My eye color is: Grey 195. My shoe size is: 6 1/2 194. My ring size is: Not sure. 193. My favorite color is: Purple, black, and green. 192. My height is: 5'2 191. I'm allergic to: Penniclin 190. I live in: A very adorable house 189. The last book I read: Dry 188. My bed time is: Depends on the night. 187. First Screen name?: Don't remember. 179. My favorite Holiday is: Halloween 178. The perfect kiss is: Completely random. 177. The last three CD's I have listened to are: Incubus - Light Grenades and burnt ones. 176. Last song that made me cry was: "What Sarah Said" 172. My most treasured possession(s): Tiffany necklace, my crowns. 170. What did you do yesterday? Watched movies, played games, and did a science expierment (aka.. mixed together random foods and froze it) with the kids. 167. My skin's reaction to the sun is (tan/burn): Normally
feeling pretty bad this morning my arthrtis is killing me feeling pretty low and down think i'll go back to bed maybe after i have had a few more hours sleep and check my email i will feel better sure hope so
do you ever get the feeling of being utterly and completely alone? of being in a room filled with people yet you are the only one there? giving your all... your everything... yet feeling that it's all for nothing? the smallest and stupidest thing sent me into tears a few minutes ago... and i have no idea why. i wish more than anything in the world right now that i could have just one person walk up behind me and wrap their arms around me and hold me close and tell me that everything is going to be alright and that they are here for me..... i do it for everyone else.... am i not good enough to get it done to me? i'm here to comfort and console.... to soothe and relax... but yet when i needed that the most... nobody was here for me to give me that shoulder to cry on... that chest to cling to... those arms to feel safe in. am i so unspecial? i suppose i am... it's the way my life has always been... why should i expect anything different? so now.... i sit here and i cry... and i wrap my a
Okay so this is my daily blog.... Im tired and have gotten no sleep in 38 hours.. so Im going to take a nap..... I might be back .. dunt know... Oh yah and I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND :P
Ughhhhhhhh Men
Ughh Lol
Who wants to call in dead , um I mean sick for me today? lol oh dang , I can't call in, ugh!!!!! lol. But, I so do NOT want to go anywhere today! The good thing, for me at least, is I'll have a week off coming up, yay yay! lol. Well, that's all for now, coffee anyone? :D
Ughhh I Hate It When...
people lie to me!!! Do not ask me out on a date, say you are single and expect me not to check it out. And yes I deleted him from my friends list and sent him a piece of my mind. (someone from myspace)
Ughhh Boy's
i feel like shit.. my head's still pounding and my stomach is all upset... i feel like i'm hungover but i've not had a beer in a few days cause i'm so fucking broke... oh well
Error: you've reached the daily photo comments limit for your user level. UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! And well im in this contest and well i'd really appreciate all the help my friends and family can come up with. I return all comments with luv.
So I've been not feeling all that well the last couple of days and I'm sitting here trying to do this and feel like I'm trying to break a fever or something......I'm sweating like crazy and getting hot and cold.......I'll be on as much as I can but I think I'm going to go lay down for a little while and see if it helps....I wish I could be doing as much as normal on here right now but I really feel like ass! Sorry guys! I'll be on as much as I can! Love you all! Mama
damnit roomie is SUPER horny so she asks my man over LOL!! maybe w/all the pain im in ill let them just play but damnt Nick will want me to join in ughhhhh someones goin to be rubbin my back lmao back later maybe even new pix will follow
Wow, life's been going a bit nutty lately. Sorry I haven't been on a lot lately. As most of you know I'm a manager of an apartment complex. Well we finally have all but one filled or promised to lease. Yeah! However it hasn't been easy. We let one tenant go, she was on the lease, but her boy friend wasn't. He got abusive and she left. He didn't pay rent for 2 months and during that time we noticed a lot of drug traffic. We kicked them out and holy shit balls it was a MESS. So we've been cleaning and fixing it so the new tenant can move in. We had to rip out one of the door frames and place a new one in along with a ton of other shit. I'm not really close to being done with it, maybe by the end of the week. The other day I got a wild hair up my ass to move my cedar chests home from storage. My grandfather made them and they were getting pretty bad being in the heat, that meant moving the entire storage unit around. Well since we did that, we moved my friends washer and dryer home and
I played hooky today from work. I decided to try to help out some of my friends on here. I have some really great friends that have gone out of their way to help me and so I really wanted to return the favor. Rest assured I will get around to everyone. I will rate your stash and pics as quickly as I can. If I miss anyone please let me know. I am only level 11 so I run out of rating credits picture comment credits fast. It really bites. But know I care about you all and I will get to you. **HUGZ**
Well for those of you who has actually taken the time to get to know me know that both of my parents are deceased. They both passed away in October. My dad died October 7th, 1995. A gun shot, self inflicted. He was bipolar, as well as me and one of my sons. He couldn't take it anymore. My mother had had a brain aneurysm a year prior and he was taking care of her, which wasn't easy. She was EVERYTHING to him and it literally killed him. He died of a broken heart. At first the only way I remembered the day was because his birthday is December 7th, so when the 7th came around.....I went down. Now I remember for other reasons. My mom was in great health except for what the aneurysm did. She was in a wheel chair, gained weight, had NO short term memory at all! But with the aid of the home I put her in, she was fine. Then cancer hit. The home did routine physical exams including chest x-rays. We found out on my birthday that she had cancer of the lung. So I went out and made arrangeme
Ugh, Holy Hell.
That's what i feel like after being stuck in a car for two days straight driving to and from shows to see little bro. then to go to some lame ass haunted house shit on saturday in which i had to crawl and shit. i spent all day in bed yesterday and i woke up even more sore today. lol. i'm typing hunched over. i look funny. =]
headache is getting worse. Gonna go crash on the couch awhile. I feel crappy
meltedhotwax@ fubar She juss rated my main picture a 9.
Ugh- Here It Comes Again!!!!!
k- well- at the moment im a bit pout of it do if u van read my fuking typos then a blue ribbon goes to u ,mfrs.. newho 'bout me- I got drunk and fuckedsisters brother-in-law last weeekend!! =0) dont hate-- it had been a while!! mj
AllianceMedia@ fubar He rated my main picture a 5...HATER!!
the worst part about deleting my profile is the fact that i cant find my friends in the search engine to add them back ughhhhhhhhhhhhh
Ughhh Another 1
Alfred1977@ fubar He rated me a 1!!
i fucking caught strep throat ughhhhhhhhhhh
I am really frustrated, every-time i go to look at my comments on my main page, it freezes up the whole computer . Now i have a Imac. Is it the page or my stupid I mac ..Help !?!?!?!?
Ughh !!
Well i figured iw ould start a blog on ME** Who better right !! Well life these past few months have sucked. I have really BAD asthma and i get to the point where i ned 911 and cant breathe. I had a really bad attack 2 yrs ago that landed me in a COMA for 4 days.. ( Wicked sucked ) I apparently died for 3 min and i dont remember anything, besides starting to lose my vision and loss of hearing. Well i made it thru all that, and for the last month my asthma has been bothering me. Last night actually i was almost rushed to the ER. I had the EMTs at my house basically until I felt fine. I decided to stay home from work today soo I am relaxing and feeling a lil better.. : )
Well, so this isn't fun. I feel like hell, probably look about as bad and it's hard to type, yet just thought I'd come on and let my friends know I probably won't be on today. I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I'm going back to bed and hopefully I'll be better later. I want someone to take care of me, is that really bad???? :P I do it for everyone else. Ah well, here's to feeling better. Love you guys!!!! Leave me some love please to cheer me up!!!! I'll return it to ya!!!! Thanks to all who helped me with points yesterday!!!! :)
Uhh.... I feel like shit. Note to self: Don't drink 6 shots of Patron after 2 Coronas, and 2 Macho Margaritas!
ok im having major problems with my yahoo accounts and i think my ex is behind it plz tell me what i should do about it cuz im not calling his dumb ass to ask what he changes my passwords to cuz he'll think i want his abusive ass back and the truth is i want him dead!!!! plz hdelp leave comments and stuff for me to know what to do thanks guys loves ya and have a great week or whatever lol umm yeah peace out cub scout(s)...
Ugh! Help Me!!
My sophomore year I had a crush on a friend of mine. Well, I still had a crush on him into my junior year, his senior year. I never told him how he felt because he never seemed interested in my like that. Not to mention he was telling me about having a crush on another chick. He left and I never really thought anymore about him. Then out of nowhere he IMs me tonight and starts chatting with me like we were best friends. I haven't talked to him in ages. AND then he tells me that he has moved back to NC and is working in a nearby town. Now all of a sudden all of those "crush" feelings are coming back. UGH! I don't know if I should tell him or just forget about it. I leave NC in less than 5 months, so what's the point? UGH!! I don't know what to do!!! :( HELP ME!!!
Ughhh The Nerv
the nerv of some ppl...what just cuz ur a "man" n u what "balls" means u can ask a female what size her boobs i think not...most girls will take affn to that its disrespectful towards her exc when u DONT know her...yea yea yea i have heard all the lines tryin 2 butter u up tryin to get a "sneak" "peek" well guys guess what...thats NOT me yea i may show cleavage but thats about as far as it goes 4 some of u...some of the REALLY special ppl see more or has seen that doesnt mean ask u will get chewed out!! so plz do me a fav dont think just cuz u have "balls" means u can use them n ask me about my boobs its disrespectful!! oh yea n read my page 2 has more info thanks
Yay, traffic school!
i hate the stupid cunt at the bank i go to! she put my money in my savings account. and i had been using my card! so i was at like-290 and 60 of that was just from overdraft fucking fees!!!!! I'm going to go to tell that bitch off then never going to that bank again! I knew i should just go and see that nice man near my house even if tehre is never any parking and i have to walk. STUPID MOTHER FUCKING CUNT! I'm so angry!
Ughhhhhhhhh.. Leave Me Alone!
Ok.. so time for a new blog. Lately I've decided I'm fed up with the pervs on this site. Like for real if you leave me a message asking me for my yahoo.. fucking forget it you're blocked. Either that or I'll let some of my guy friends have fun with your lil perv ases and well.. ;) you'll be embarrassed as an end result.. I can promise you. I've also decided to change my shout box to family only. At least I know there people won't say to me hey heres my yahoo.. I promise you if you give me your yahoo in my sb you will regret asking me. NO I'M NOT A CAM WHORE I'M SURE THERES OTHERS ON THIS SITE WHO ARE.. DON'T EXPECT ME TO WATCH YOU PULL OUT YOUR LIL TINY THING YOU CALL A DICK TO WATCH YOU GET OFF.. the thought of it nauseates me. Don't leave me comments saying "lets have hot sex" yeah fuck you if you do you're gone. If you can't read.... I have a boyfriend.. get over yourself I'm tired of getting that shit. Also, finally if you have a dick name or reference to your "s
Ughhhhh.. Sorry... Did I Gets You In The Eye?
ferris wheel at darien lake theme park... brand new, unused yet, porto-potty... back of 89 ranger, her bent over truckbox... hatchback of 87 escort... fun.. back of 78 volare wagon... alley behind bar, her against wall... front seat of 84 F150... walk in cooler at work... her bent over the hood of 84 ranger on interstate... in many bathrooms with family downstairs or next room... my ex-fiance and i did it in the bathroom stall at a bar.. and i felt her up under the table... same bar.. and the list goes on and on and on and on... god... i was a slut.. i miss the days when sex was fun...don't you?
Im kind of freakin out. I get my first and 2nd tattoo today. I reallllly dont want to puss out. Tim the tattoo guy is going to get a nice view of my ass which makes me more uncomfortable. God im freaking out haha
Just wanna let ya all know that... I have to take a healthy crap..
I just got a reminder call from my OBGYN about my check up appointment. I've never met her before, but she sounds like a nazi robot. Sweet, can't wait to get probed.
I wouldnt know where to start. it would be so nice when i call out for some levl help that my friends would come help me out some. But No i think thats asking for to much. So i do it myself and to hell with everyone else. dont come asking me to help any of you ! THIS DOESNT INCLUDE THE ONES WHO HAS DONE THEIR BEST TO HELP ME A LITTLE.
It's a shame that you have to call a funeral home to find out that a friend of yours has passed away. I did that today and it is just now starting to hit me hard. he blew his brains out last Friday and they are burying him tomorrow at 2pm. He would rather die than go to jail and do his time. I'm not sure about all the details but all I know is that he killed himself in his mother's house just up the street from me. Why didn't he just go to jail and do his time instead of taking his life? He was a good person. This whole thing makes me so damn mad!!!
Ughhhh, Lets Show Her
SMOOCHIEBANDIT@ fubar Ok so this childish girl comes on my page saying I am a fat ass and a poser and that I disrespect soldiers cause I did pics for my husband of me in his blouse and with a flag material. She was saying she was in the miliary and was going to get my hubby in trouble for me doing so. So when I went to her page she is a student and going through a divorce and looking for a woman. So I am the poser when you are pretending to be a soldier. I did nothing to this girl and and never spoken to her before. I am sorry I truly respect this country and all who fight for it. Lets show her how we feel about liars and people who act liek that toward our soldiers and their families. love to you all..
So my father called yesterday...3 times before I picked up the phone. Ofcourse he said he knew that I heard him call, and that I shouldn't be an asshole and pick it up. insert *eye roll* here I've told him that Doug and I are gonna sell our place and go travel for a work program to Europe ,Asia, and Middle East for a year to 2 years (until we run out of moneys). He knows that we are pretty stocked about it that and we never miss the opportunity to travel in general. We are staying for free in several places, including Moscow, where we are gonna spend a coupla months, so money is not much of an issue. After me telling my plan, he flipped, saying Russia is really unsafe to go to, and that the whole decision is highly immature and smells like failure. I told him to mind his own business, and that I didnt ask for his advice. He said that I am always making poor decisions. I said that they are not as bad as marrying two gold digging whores in a row. blah blah blah. Thats why
Ughhhh Winter
I am so sick of snow already. We had 13 inches yesterday and we are getting another 4 now.. I want to get out and do stuff but Master doesnt like to go out in this and I have to work 12 hr days starting monday so I wont have much time with him. I guess tomorrow we are going to have an intense session.. some paddling and bondage and hot oil play.. Im looking forward to it.. I need the stress relief
Ugh! Here I Am Again........
nothin worse than working all alone all night while being sick. My throat feels like someone stabbed it, and I think I have a fever. Pity me! ;p only 5 more hours to go...*shudder
I am ungodly tired, and have to go to work at 1030...UGHHH!!!! GAWD< WHY???!!!! NOOOO!! WHY ME?! I didn't get enough sleep today because I was too busy making stupid mumms and hittin on hawt mens, and now I"m totally payin for it :( last night I passed out with one arrival left; good thing I woke up about 3 minutes before he walked in, but the whole time checkin in, I was worried that I had drool on my face.../ I hate late arrivals.
My boyfriend is driving me batty...really, it's not his fault but, UGHH!!!! I thought him loosing his job at our former employer would be good for our relationship...instead, it's making it worse. He's doing everything he possibly can to find employment, with no success. It's driving him crazy and depressing him, making him "on edge". I don't feel like I can say anything or do anything without him being snide or questioning me and our relationship isn't usually like that. I've had to call him on being an asshole once in almost two years, in the last week I've had to call him on it 4 times! UGH! He's really bad today...his first unemployment check was half of what it should have been and he can't get through to the office by phone....and I'm feeling the wrath. He just bit my head off (not literally) and shortly after I said, "Well, alrighty then" and sighed...he apologized, "I'm sorry baby I didn't mean to snap" Poor guy...poor everyone out of work... This suck
If anyone knows of a free anti virus that i can put on my computer please send me a message and let me know...The one I had was out of date and I'm trying to find something that I can depend on.
  I have just went through the worst week in my life so to speak .  My cellphone crashed yesterday it literally bit the dust, and trust me it was the worst time considering I need the phone for both personal and business purposes.  My worst problem was resetting everything I finally got everything reset, it took me awhile. That was the easy part the hard part is making sure I have everything set right .  
Ughhh So Annoying
ok so i have a new pet peeve.. not really new but its been like rediculous lately. I swear i hear " What do you do for fun?" like 80 times a day! that is sooo anoying. first of all im not one for small talk. I just dont like it, and second of all how the hell are you supposed to answer that question anyways? so for all of you 18 million people who ask me this daily.... I dont!!! I have 2 children and a goddaughter and a grown ass man (RJ) that i take care of daily. I am a stay at home mom and thats exactly what i do.. stay at home lmao and im perfectly happy with that... Fubar is my fun hence why im in the top 10. anyways end of rant lmao. xoxo--- NeaNea
So I'm sittin here alone at work; usually I'm fine, but once something spooks me, my mind just goes haywire.   We had to kick out this creepy ass gypsy with 4 kids today, so I'm PARANOID about the bitch comin back at night.   Also, I went to the bathrrom twice tonight, and both times someone walked into the mens bathroom next to mine. No one EVER goes there at night, and I havent heard them come out. Sooo...I'm a lil freaked out right now .I hate this shit, so just spending time with my fave fubees on here. I wish they could come out of the comp and keep me company here :( UGHHH!
Ugh How Dumb
So I've been thinking lately that I wanted to make bread from scratch. So I look up bread recipes on Well. first off theres about 5 bagillion different types of bread, making it almost impossible to find a basic bread recipe. So then I find one for amish bread. Great. Should be somewhat basic. So I start reading the recipe, and it calls for a bread machine to rise the dough. A BREAD MACHINE. FOR AMISH BREAD. Seriously? Lame.
“I dreamed of you last night” He said..... He caused such visions in my head Was it a rendezvous on the beach or a torrid tango on satin sheets? Did we dance in silver moonlight? Was it a quickie or did it last all night? Did we couple in golden candle glow? What did we do in that dream? I just had to know Did he take me like a lion across his big cherry desk? Did he unbutton my silk blouse or tear off my red dress? Did my lacey confections soon surrender to his hands did I make him more than happy to be a strong, virile man? Did he slip off sheer stockings and kiss each painted toe? What was his erotic dream? I was dying to know Did he kiss me so deep it made me breathless and hot? Did he rip off my panties Did the earth shake or not? Did we indulge our fantasies? from the a's to the z's Did we finally do it ALL? Were my legs wrapped around him as he pushed me against the wall? Did he burn me alive until I gave him all I’ve got? All he told me was “I dreamed o
i been on seroquel for the last 3 days now, and i feel like a freaking zombie. so tired and just not on the ball at all. my head feels as if my brain is trying to crawl out through my ear. my temper is short short short too. grrrr.
ya know.. its bad enough that my skin is evil on my legs and upper arms... but when it starts being evil in areas that are hard to hide (like forearms) or in areas that make me have take off my jewelry... that really pisses me off.. GRRRRRR btw.. i have ezema and MANY things cause it to flare up including water from the shower {the clorine and other additives}, soap, heat, pollen, etc etc etc... my legs are scarred up and i am getting scars all over my arms now.. plus today my hand was burning so i moved the ring that i wear on my right hand.. the first one the hubby ever gave me... and suddenly had fluid going down my finger... stupid blister things burst.. so now i have to NOT have my ring on.. it hasn't come off that finger in almost 9 years.... except to be cleaned and what not i think my fingers hurt the worst even though my legs are burning pretty bad too...
                                                       Iwant...                                                                            Someone who will love me for me,faults and all... Someone who can't fall asleep without being his last call... Someone who wants to be my last goodnight and my first hello... Someone who will hold my hand and not let go... Someone who... means it when he says i will leave you never... Someone who looks into my eyes and sees his forever....
I want... Someone who will love me for me,faults and all... Someone who can't fall asleep without being his last call... Someone who wants to be my last goodnight and my first hello... Someone who will hold my hand and not let go... Someone who... means it when he says i will leave you never... Someone who looks into my eyes and sees his forever......
I've seen as of late alot of dumb shit happeneing. I don't know what's worse the clique fights (don't get me wrong my prego ass damn near pisses itself over it) or watching worthless ppl beg for handouts and then say screw u wen the time comes you need help. I've seen MANY bend over backward to help alot of these ppl on here and my question is simply this:   DO YOU TRUELY HELP EVERY1 WHEN YOU SAY YOU DO OR IS IT JUST FOR SHOW AND YOU ARE AS SELFISH AS THE NEXT?   I'd really like some feedback. I'm now to the point if someone wants help, I'm going to start charging their ass! Am I wrong for such a thought?   Oh, and another thing I think I'll address... FRIENDS.... I have almost 500 of you ppl on my list and I'll be damned if any of you (a SMALL select shall remain nameless but you know who you are that talk to me) drop by and say hello anymore. It's almost as if you forgot who helped you get where most of you are! (and if you look at my blings, you see its ME!) Get off your ass a
 I GIVE UP!!! FOR ONCE I WANNA BE THE GIRL THATS HARD TO WALK AWAY FROM... Im always behind the scenes...never the always the friend...never the girl...damn..    
So I'm sick...AGAIN. I'm sooooo tired of this shit. Seems like every other week I'm getting sick. Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat, and today my glands are swollen to the size of golf balls and my throat is raw. I currently have a mix of: -Emergen-c -Oxy -Dayquil -Doxycycline and -Herbal remedy in me...   I refuse to be sick for christmas, this is bullshit. the people who keep bitching about what *I'M* doing wrong all the time...friendship is a two way street. You expect ME to call always, ME to email always, ME to be sitting in front of my computer 24/7 and if I don't then it's world war 3...if you're not available or if you have something pressing going on in your life it's fine for you to disappear for any length of time. You need to understand that I have a life, I have people who count on me, and I have a set schedule that I adhere to every week. Time differences make a huge difference as well. Especially, say, a 15 hour time difference. When you're a
Where isssss everyone???
I watch people out here beg constantly....beg for bling....beg for likes....beg for crushes lol....all I ask for is a little honesty....maybe I even beg for games....a straight answer like what I would readily give if a friend thought something inportant enough to ask....but then again this is only fubar....should I expect any reality out
Ugh I Need A Vacation
I have just pretty much just worked an 18 day stretch...I need a vacation really really bad...where should I go if I decide to break off...i dont even know...any suggestions
Ugh! I Hate Ex's!!!!!!
So out of the blue my ex is around attempting to cause me shit. I get a msg from her telling me that once i return to the states i better watch out for myself. Funny i thought that she had grown up alittle bit and that she had moved past shit and being a child, I guess not, I guess once a spoiled bratt always a spoiled bratt!!! GRRR!!! And because Daddy has Hells Angels friends blah blah blah. I dislike pointless and Empty Threats.
Ugh!! Ii Wanna Niice Guy!!!!!!
You might agree with it, but when it actually happens 99% of girls dont realize it 'til it is too late and that guy who did it is so frustrated that he has moved on to someone who will take notice. From a guys point of view: We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till the morning. Also, when we tell you you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong. We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence.
Ugh, I Hate It
I really don't like my life right now. I feel like it's falling apart. I miss him and I shouldn't. I don't even know how I feel about anything anymore. I can't put anything into words and it sucks. What comes down to is, I knew better.
Ugh. In A Mood
So I'm just in a mood. I just wanted to say. If you're on my friends list or fan list. you better start talking to me or at least make an effort to. because I'm going to start deleting people that i don't talk to. And yeah. so hmm i'm really bored and what not. but yeah ok just thought i would share that with everyone. Ciao
Ugh..i Hate The Pain...
Pain stuffed inside of me Can't let anyone near me Can't let anyone see the real me Can't let anyone even hug me All this pain that's held in me Why can't anyone see the real me Why can't anyone help me Why can't someone just hold me All this pain that's eating me Can't let go of the pain in me Can't get this pain from me Can't get this pain out of me When will the pain stop hurting me Why can't I just feel me Why can't I just be me Why can't someone take this pain from me i seriously just feel like im drowning in it right now..i cant get up...i cant get out....its just attacking me...i can release it...but only for a moment..i can make it not so bad...but it doesnt last long..but i can only do that so many times b4 it hits the end...i only have so much room to work with...i just cant get out from under....i hate this..i really can something hurt this bad?
Ugh I Effin Hate Cmail!!!!!!!!!
I've been trying for the past ten minutes to open ONE FREAKING MESSAGE.
Ugh! I Want It!
Ugh It's Fucking Hot.
and my boss won't fix the a/c.
Ugh, I Hate Being Sick
well kids, sorry i havnt been around. kindney stones suck. and i mean stones, not stone. im on number 4 at the moment. i hope to be back to my usual self in a day or 2. much love the milfman
Ugh Idiots!
Okay, let me get this straight.. and listen up.. I am sick of everyone (meaning the perverted men here) asking me if I have a girlfriend. Just because my profile says I am bisexual.. (Which I am and very proud of the fact) doesn't mean I am strictly into women.. Being BI means you like BOTH.. Not ONE. I am into men AND women. And what does my sexuality have to do with just talking to me? I have an idea... Trying talking to me as a PERSON.. and not as a piece of meat!!! So STOP ASKING ME!!
Ugh I Hate When I Think
I found out this morning that my ex fiance cheating on his wife... who he cheated on me with. And im sitting here, listening to the song i listened to over and over and over after we broke up, and im reading the letters he sent me during basic and ait and im wondering if i would have been in er spot right now, if he hadnt fessed up and old me, would i be his wife and getting cheated on? reading his letters over they say how much he loves me, how much he misses me, how much he cant wait to marry me.... im 20 years old... i would have been a 20 year old wife of a cheating soldier.... only reason i agreed to him going into the army was because he wanted a future with me.... he even says in the letters hes doing this for our future.... i have a million thoughts in my head that i cant seem to put together.... a year with kc was throwing away as simple as a 30 second "i cant do this" phone call. i know, i should get over him... but when you are sitting in the kitchen putting toge
Ugh, I Guess...
just about every chick on here smokes. Fuggin ridiculous. Whats the point of inhaling poisonous hot gas? Needless, mindless self destruction. The sign of a weak mind. Low rent and trashy. DIE on the next puff.
Ugh! Im In A Contest
> > > I'm in a contest to win a 30 Day V.I.P. > I need all the comments you can spare. Don't forget to rate! Come help me > win. You know you love me. > > Click the pic > > > Also make sure that you Fan/Rate/Add the awesome host. Mr. Mark Murderous. > > >
Ugh! I'm A Moron!
so. me and my bff just drove an hour to see a band play. some of our friends. yeah. the show was yesterday. Laugh and i will kill you. p.s. johnnie walker red is going to be my friend toniit.
Ugh I Can't Deal
i love RPGs but i DETEST doing the walkthrough part of it. i mean that's what my sister is for. so here i am staring at the Nintendo DS wondering if I want to turn Castlevania back on and rewalk all of the stupid castle to see what the hell it was that i missed.... I'm much happier when it comes to killing and/or destroying bosses. *sighs*
Ugh!!! I Just Don't Know Anymore!
It seems as though everyone gets a piece of you except me! I'm always here for you to talk to, to share with, to support you, to love you, and to listen to you! You call me at 2am because you can't sleep and I sit up to talk to you! you get upset and I'm here to calm you, and when you feel down I'm here to cheer you up! Never once have I judged you! BUT where are you when I need you??????? You ask me to have faith in you and I keep faith in you. You ask me to open my heart to you and I do. You ask for my support and I give it to you! I ask you if you love me and you say you do with all of your heart. I ask you to come to me, which is all I have ever asked from you, and you say "SOON"! You tell me that I'm your world, your heart and without me you might as well die! You've spent so much time planning out a life with me yet your not even here to have it!!!! IDK how much longer I can hold out! I'm not even sure I want to anymore!
Ugh I Should Have Know
Julian Lennon I Should Have Know Lyrics: If I could say to you and you could say to me, love is not enough, to keep our devotion, 'cos time and time again, you've disappeared and then, you've come home to me and played my emotions. And I, I should have know before, that you would break my heart and I'm trapped in this lonely room, because you broke my heart, I should have known right from the start. You showed me how to laugh, [ Find more Lyrics at ] you showed me how to cry, I gave you everything, my love and devotion. You tore my life apart, you killed my inner heart, you raped every part of me, you raped my emotions. And I, I should have know before, that you would break my heart and I'm trapped in this lonely room, because you broke my heart, I should have known right from the start. And I, I should have know before, that you would break my heart and I'm trapped in this lonely room, because you broke my heart, I should
Ugh.. I Can't Decide If I Like This
You look so righteous as you preach so fluent. We all die the same. Call this happy?... that's just stupid. But i aim to make fate the only way. I can live and i can love myself. So ballet around the earth make a million friends turn it in to one lengthy prayer. You're on your knees and you can't fall or sin. And I'll say to you.... Can I be the only way? can i be the only way? (Chorus not wrote yet)
Ugh... Indeed
Just another day of sitting around waiting for something to happen.  This is getting old fast.
Ugh. I Can't Be This Way
I really hope you and him aren't trying to see if things could work out between you two. Blah...he's too good for you.   That is all
Ugh I Hate This Shit
I hate this. Numerous head injuries, strokes, and now possible fibromyalgia are fucking with my memory entirely too much. Apparently 2 people ended up on my block list that I don't remember putting there, and after my most recent MuMM, I now look like a hypocrite. Fuck it...I'm done for a while. If you're on my list and see this (yeah right, like anyone reads these), and want to stay in touch, let me know. Won't Let Me Paste It!
So read it yourselves   Why make guns designed for kids? Are THEY licensed? To whom? I get the whole 'oh, it was an accident' aspect but WHY would you teach your 5 yr old to use a rifle? Why buy it for him???? Does a 5 yr old NEED hunting skillz? Why? Don't you fucking feed your kids that they need to go out get food themselves?   I'm lost for words.
Ugh. Just 8
ummm where do i start oh yes im in a bad mood for some reason and i feel like ranting so if you disagree or if i Offend you...Oh well life a bitch and people move on.1. im sick of these skinny bitchez running around in ugg boots and shorts or skirts with sweaters or hoodies dumb bitches are tards and prob. road the short bus..its 30 damn degrees outside put some freakin clothes on and go play in traffic...hookers 2.someone i know recently made a comment that guys who are out with there girlfriends tip better cuz they want them....bullshit...first of all if im with a guy he better tip well regardless if the server is a man or a woman...second bitch you stink and that attitude stinks even worse,not everyone wants ur balls so quit being fool of urself... and why we are on this topic lets discuss....3. when couples go out to eat and dont say a thing to each other the whole time they are eating...what kinda date is this ... i will never not have something to say...and if im pissed
Ugh. Just... Ugh.
It's almost that time... the time I came home from a place I never want to be again.   Came home to my now ex to whom I was once engaged.   I was willing to give her my life.  I gave her my first born and on the day of 1 December of last year she stole my baby from me and broke my heart.  No... shattered it.  I never lied to her.  I never treated her badly.  I walked two hours in cold rain just to buy something that the store down the street didn't have in stock.  And she paid me back by running away with my unborn first child and put him up for adoption in another state without identifying me as the father.   Now... 20 days from the one year mark of the day she left me, I'm in emotional agony all over again.  I hurt worse now I think than I did when I realized she wasn't coming back.  And it's not because I lost her.  I'm better off without someone like her.  But it marks a year of knowing that someone else is raising my son, the one thing that brought me joy just to think about d
Ugh Long Ass Day.
Roar. Whata fucking day seriously ♥ Before i even get into my ranting im gonna do the icon of the day. ♥ Seriously ♥ Okay so my mom and i had a fight. Its fine im over it. My face hurts though. She hit me outta anger. I didnt hit her back, i never do. Ill live. She was just mad from her treatments and stuff. I hate work. Its on my last nerve seriously. My brother droped my niece off here. It ruined my plans for the night. But i love her, and she comes first. Always. ♥ And when those days come, ill start over. Untill then fucking fuck. ♥ Ugh i have a 10 hours shift tommorrow then i come home for an hour and go back for 8. Im gonna be sore, and really cranky. Then same thing on sunday. And monday. Then im off on tuesday. But ive gotta work at my uncles resturant cause he needs some extra help. Then i work forever hours and i pretty much just want to cry. Thats what i was going threw yesterday ♥ Explaintions for me neve
Ugh Lame
i have a headache :( and every single sound right now is amplified by 100 right now light hurts my eyes, guh, i really hope i'm not getting a migraine :( because that would suck. i think imma lay down though with a cold cloth over my eyes ~_~ it always helps...
Ugh Late
it's almost 1am....i have to be up in 6 hours and i haven't taken my shower yet. i'll be back on tomorrow lol if i'm coherent enough. Jenn
Ugh Lungs
Well today has been a fucking blast.... For the past couple of days I have been haveing back and chest pains that I thought it was caused by me sleeping wrong. Well it wasn't. Get this shit, I went to the hospital after work this morning since I was getting sick of the pain, mind you that it wasn't very painful but a dull throbbing pain tends to irk me. So I went in and was seen at once. I'm thinking wow I don't have to wait, must be dead, Ehhhh WRONG!!! I was rushed in to go strip and wear that funky gown and lay on a bed to get an EKG done first. I'm thinking hmmm maybe my symptoms are alittle more serious then I thought. after that I was put bat in the Cardiac room and hooked up to an EKG, Pulse monitor, IV, and a blood presure machine. Now I'm worried. Then they get me to do an Chest x-ray, about 6 of them. (yes I'll be glowing in the dark for awhile) After that I sat bored out of my mind watching some old guy get staples removed from his head after he had brain surgery, which I t
Ugh Losers! Lol.
Let me clarify something for those too ignorant to understand... If you come to my page and are a JERK or leave RUDE, IMMATURE little comments YOU WILL BE BLOCKED! It's quite simple. I have no tolerance for stupidity and ignorance! ZERO! ZIP! NONE! I am being called a "drama queen" for doing so? I THINK NOT! If I were a drama queen I would be replying to all your retarded little shout messages and profile comments. INSTEAD, CLICK, BLOCK! Simple as that. I am very selective with whom I keep company! I don't need, nor want friends that don't know what it means to be a friend. If you visit my page and leave drama, you will be blocked! Simple as that! Now, who is the drama queen?
Ugh... Laptops.....
Just a little info~ Last wednesday morning i logged onto my laptop and had checked Fubar and Myspace.. And then all hell BROKE loose on me. My laptop somehow got a bug/virus of some kind to the point where I couldn't even do a System Restore on it or a Virus Scan. So, took it down that afternoon to BestBuy and it's now being fixed.. Basically in a nutshell.. The HD has to be reformatted.. yeah yeah I know ppl have been saying " Ohh I can do that for You" ... Granted I do trust my IT friends... but when I paid $300 for a 3 yr. extended warranty if ANYTHING were to go wrong with my laptop... I'm going to take advantage of that!!! So, as i wait for my laptop to get fixed and all that.. I'm on my roommates computer for the time being.. From what i was told @ BestBuy .. the tech said it can take from 2-6 wks depending on what exactally is wrong with it.   So please bare with me.. Those you have my cell already can text me... I do go onto yahoo mess. vie my cell. BUT i'm not always on
Ugh, Mondays!!!
Good morning? Bah Humbug lol... every wake up on a Monday morning wishing it was a Saturday morning and the weekend has just begun. Well today has to be the ultimate moment of weakness... yes, I said weakness, not geekness...Oh yeah I got up today, forced myself to climb out of bed. Went into the kitchen and something didn't seem right. I thought I'm gonna be late, let me call. WOW, did someone forget to tell me today is Martin Luther King day? OH and I am off? 3 day weekends are great! Back to bed I went hehehehe but it's still and UGH, MONDAY. Make the best of it, it will be over soon! And Tuesday is one step closer to Friday, hehe!!
Ugh Men Frustrate Me
Well, I have been seeing this guy for almost 3 months well the past month that we have been together things have completely changed. He got two jobs and yet have no time for me anymore. At first he made sure he always had time for me now we don't do shit. He don't call me anymore or anything. I am so stress lately I don't even know what to do. Should I try and make this work or just give up and leave him because I can't sit around wondering if were still okay or whatever =[
Ugh Men!!!!!!!
I am so sick of ppl that are supposed to love me crap on me. Everything is a double standard around here and I am sick of it! And the sad thing is that I have confronted him and he tries to tell me I am just being jealous! No I am not! He acts all stupid in front of women right in front of me... especially pretty skinny ones. EXAMPLE: We went to a New Kids on The Block concert on October 11th. The New Kids have a song out now called Single. Well he was yelling through the crowd of mostly women, "Ladies, I'm single" over and over again. So I just walked away from him. When I found him he was in a corner pouting...When I went over to him he got all peed off and told me that I needed to chill out and stop being so jealous. I told him that I wasn't jealous that if he wanted to be "single" then so be it because I was a big girl and could go and enjoy the concert all by myself. Well that scene drug on for about 3 days afterwards. SO now we have planned to go out to a club to go d
Ugh! My Life!
Ok so my life really sucks in my opinion. Do you realize how hard it is to meet a nice guy!?!?! I have taken the advice of friends and not tried to meet a boyfriend online (i.e. personals sites) and tried to focus on meeting a local man in person. Not having any luck. Anyone out there ... here is a question I have for you ... Where does a single mom go to find a nice man????
Ugh Norton .. One More Time And I'm Kicking Your Ass Lol
This is bugging me to death.. I took pics of my friend lana.. at the pnh party. Well.. I want to see the pics but the friggin lighting was so very very bad.. I used to know how to do everything on photoshop then I switched to that mickeysoft photo program .. u know cuz its preset for lazy. lmao and now I lost all my filters and settings.. and blab blah.. the same with pagemaker.. Now I have to buy some silly book to refresh my memory on basic commands.. I seem to remember the advanced ones for some odd reason. hahah Oh yeah.. I do miss it when I had a norton suite that didn't invade my sanity. Everytime I'd install a game or program.. Norton would complain or whine.. or just crash my friggin pc.. lmao Where's the luv baby? (thinking outloud don't anser) So , One weekend.. one of my bestest friends in the world emailed me.. she lives in Belgium.. She's a nerd / model.. I wish she were single.. so we could have nerdy kids that watched st
Ugh Nothing Worse Then A Liar
This girl Redneck Fantasy has been telling everyone on this site that she had a baby when in all reality she has not!!! she was never even pregnent!!! She has even went as far as to post pictures of babies on her page that aren't hers, Please don't give in to her lies, all she is looking for is gifts & points, 1 of my good friends has already bought her a vip. She is truely a sick person so please let everyone kno. Here are some of the pics she has been posting this is NOT her baby!!! As you can see the real mother is in the background of one of these pictures. Redneck Fantasy claims she had a little boy ?? hmmmm then why is there a pic of a baby girl on her page ?? AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST HERE IS HER PROFILE LINK: Redneck Fantasy & my new owner is dust me pink@ fubar CAME FROM A BULLETIN. She automatically blocked me when I went to her page. Must have something to hide huh?
Ugh... Not Again...
You know, late last year, my bud's father died, and his only living brother was arrested at the funeral... for molesting his kids... Well.... another one of my closest childhood friends... told me back in 1996, that his dad had left his mom, for a younger woman..He was gone about a year, and then came home to his wife. I thought they just made up, etc etc.. I had to look at the sex offenders registry the other day. The school sent papers home of a new child rapist moving into town.. This is the 4th time this school year.. Anyway.. there it was... This friend's father's face.. First time I've seen it on the site, as well... His offense was in 1996, and he served 1 year in jail for it.. He DID leave for a younger woman, that is true... she was 11 years old..     WTF is wrong with my old friends??
Ugh..or Something Like It
I sit here on a nice peaceful day off and for no apparent reason I am in a pissed off mood. I constantly hear from everyone around me how horrible their lives are or how unhappy they are with everything. I am quite frankly tired of it all. I try to be a happy person but when I hear nothing but complaints from so many it gets trying. I got yelled at by a really close friend because I never call him to see if he's okay so he deduced that must not care about him. I believe that friendship is a two way street and he doesn't call me EVER. I am the type of person that doesn't want to impose on others so I don't constantly call friends, especially if they don't take the time to call me. If you don't call me but expect me to call you constantly to "reach out" then prepare to be disappointed. Maybe it makes me a bad friend, maybe it makes me a bad person and maybe I just don't care anymore. If your life and everything in it sucks as horribly as you continually say it does then do something to c
Ugh Ppffffffttttttttttt Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.................
damn I need to vent or cry or something, but, not gonna do it here! lol
Ugh!! Pissing Me Off!
It's starting to seriously piss me off not being able to put HTML in our blogs!! No more videos or little flash toys, NADDA! Yet people can still post them in Mumms?! I smell bullshit! *Kicks the piss out of Fu*
Ugh, Religion
There are wars over God...well religion, whatever. Are there wars over satan? If not, why is he such a bad guy then? He didnt get kicked out of heaven he left! It was god afterall that made the apple, AND the snake...and the trees to produce the apple and the blah blah blah I know I know the devil coaxed whatsherface to eat that apple (damn bitch cus now I have to suffer too!) yet if they were made in Gods creation.....   Dammit!
Ugh...really? sideboob picture got flagged as offensive....apparently being bent over a car and half your ass showing is way more family friendly....whatever...fuckin' fighting the urge to delete.
Ugh Someone Shoot Me
Being tossed around like ragdoll isn't fun A big secret and a big fight is where it begun It's not my fault it happend so why am I the pawn? Why can't you just let a new day dawn? I don't want to hurt you nor her I just want a happy future If only I could be on my own And not have to be your drone You play me all the time I have a voice I'm not a mime It hurts to know that you don't care You only take me out when you have time to spare What you're doin to my mind isn't fair You don't care what you do to me, and I can see Ugh someone shoot me...
Ugh Some People...
->ghostrider...: hahaha omg ->ghostrider...: you just dont say shit like that to a woman ghostrider...: with you weight problem u should feel lucky that someone wants to stick a tounge in your pussy ghostrider...: and why is that ->ghostrider...: uncalled for ghostrider...: i would love to stick my tounge inside your pussy Shoutbox convo I just had...Gotta love the people on here...
Ugh Some More
Ok so yeah I'm working yet again!!!! Gotta love my life so wtf is new with that one. I have a guy stop by my work right and yeah its him and me and no one else ya think something might happen soooooooooo not wtf is wrong with me?? Honestly I have no clue no necking absolutely nothing he just drops dinner off gee thanksssssssssssssssssssss Hello I'm alone at work and yes there are places to get comfy at work do you think something would happen I kinda hoped it would hell he offered to bring me dinner I was thinking ok dinner hmmmm you gotta use imagination where i was thinking and yeah i got the lets not ruin the friendship speach well jeapers creapers it's been 3 freaken years almost hello i don't care i need to get laid seriously before im old and grey and by the looks of it im not gonna hook up with any one that knows me and i can't freaken meet a guy to save my ass so yeah life pretty much sucks
Ugh So Pissed....sound Off Ppl!
OK let's see where to begin!!! As many of you on here know I am married. I live in Vegas...Party City! My husband works at a Casino here. We got into this huge argurment b/c I wnated to go out tonight for the Halloween Parties on The Strip! All his ass wanted to do is get to work. I asked him to take off tonight so we could go out b/c he is off on Sundays and Mondays so there is usually nothing going on on those nites. He refused. I am starting to think he is not wanting me to be around the guys he works with. Everytime I say something about going to the casino he works at he blows up and we usually end up in a big ass argument.... Now he is on my ass b/c I am hurt really bad b/c of our accident..... UGH I can't fucking win!!!!
Ugh Sunday
Ugh..someone Please Bid...or I'll Die Of Xox
you can just click on the pic above..and place a bid...thanks xoxo
Ugh, Sunburnt!
Ok, today was my OFFICIAL first day in the field. What a bore! But, the money is OK, I suppose. I'm so sunburnt it ain't funny. From this day on, I'm gonna bust my ass to get where I want.
Ugh Snakes!!!
Ugh I hate snakes. I'm scared of them so much I would more then likely have a heart attack if one crawled on me. Yeah I know I'm a wuss. Today I went over here to my in law's to get something to drink. We live right next door to them. Well, my husband comes over not too long later and asked if I seen the snake on our front porch. I said no and asked what kind it was. He said it was a rattle snake and it was up underneath the rocking chair. Apparently his cat had found it and stared it down that is what made him notice it. Well, by the time he got back over there it had already crawled off. I went back to our house watching my step this time. We finished watching our movie and I decided to come back over here to talk to my father in law. I walked down the steps and notice my husband's cat watching something. Sure enough it was the snake. So I yelled for my husband and he came outside. Normally we wouldn't kill one but, our nephews and niece play outside and we didn't want them getti
Ugh... Stolen From Forbiddenninja / Lewis
Under each question, answer it, then go to urbandictionary. com and put the VERY FIRST definition that comes up. 1) Whats your name? Erika 1. Erika 1351 up, 110 down love ithate it Possibly one of the sexiest girls on the face of the earth. They are so much fun to be around, But, a downside is that they are too fine for you. Usually not skanks or hoes have tons of friends and are in middle class families. Has friends that will destroy people that want to harm her. Gets hit on a lot by guys isn't stuck up or a bitch, although they tend to have a bitchy friend or two. Dude, you see Erika today? Man, she was fine as hell! Ha!she is but a girl that fine is outta your league.... *gigglesn0rtz* ------------------------------------------------- 2) Whats your age? 35 35 1 thumb down love ithate it Means (male) masturbation. Propably due the following joke: Two men walk into a toilet. While man #1 starts pissing, man #2 starts counting numbers aloud. 1, 2, 3,
Ughs (rant About My Mom)
There is nary a person who can make my blood boil faster than my mom. I love her to death, but she manages to always say something to make me wanna stab myself with a spork.   She is a scientific genius, and with that comes a VAST amount of crazyness. She is the most spacy and socially inept person I know, and it drives me crazy. Last year, I have met a woman at my hotel, which was stayin with her family for several months, and we started talking once in a while. Once I was griping about my mom, and this lady said that she is like a female version of her husband. He is super smart, has a great job, pays all bills on time, but is a COMPLETE space cadet when it comes to social life. Well, recently, he was diagnosted with some very rare mild form of autism, which happens in 1/100000000 or somethin like that. I would LOVE to get my mom tested, but...good luck with that,lol.  I said that to her, and she said that there is no such thing as autism, and that its not scientificaly genetically
Ugh Seriously Guys!!
No time to make this all fancy....PLEASE.. I am asking a huge favor.. If you have NSFW pics in your DEFAULT.. PLEASE DELETE ME or PLEASE DON'T RATE MY PICS.. (as I return all rates)I HAVE KIDS RUNNING AROUND ME AT ALL TIMES.. AND IT ROYALLY P*SSES ME OFF TO CLICK TO RETURN RATES AND WAMMMMMM.. I HAVE A D*CK ON MY SCREEN..*I don't care if you have them, but please put them in a folder so I know where they are.. for the sake of my children..IF YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND THIS OR DON'T CARE.. THEN YET YOU HAVE ANOTHER REASON TO DELETE ME
Ugh So Bored!
so bored with my current situation!Same ole same ole. I cant live like this. HELP!!
Ugh . The Birthday Blahs'
Ive come down with a case of the birthday blahs.. im gonna lay down for a lil while . try to get my stomach to stop being its own roller coaster . and my head to stop playin those Damn drums .. Adore you all and hope youre all having a wonderful day Xoxoxoxoxo Wen :)
Ugh The Day That Neverended
This was by all means a Monday from hell .. not gonna go into full details .. just glad its over . i just came on to say I hope you all had a better day than I .. ill be on for a lil while tomorrow morningish .. then have an appt to go to around 12:30ish ( have to be there for 2) .. well enuf blabbing im goin to bed . Nite all .. ! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX Wen :)
Ugh Tomorrow.
we're having consultants in for the rest of week. found out they have nothing to do with the office people so I guess I'll just sit at my desk and mess with my red stapler. Have a good one guys!
Ugh The Drama Of My Ex
Ugh That Would Hurt
so limber
Ugh That Would Hurt
soo limber
Ugh That Would Hurt
too limber
Ugh That Would Hurt
Ugh Ugh, Am Sick ~sniff~
So again i am sorry for being pretty much non existant on here...i have got the flu and am not very healhy right now. I just wanted to let everyonw know that they everyone rocks. lol. ok well im gonna go now cyas later! Tara
Ugh Ugh Ugh
Is it wrong to hate your parents?   Ok maybe hate is a strong word.   But I'm really just sick of the way they treat me and my family!   It's to the point where I don't even pick up the phone anymore, I only respond to emails cause I don't wanna hear their voice!   All they do is set off my chest pains and raise my blood pressure!!   I'm so mad right now I can't even get the words out about how mad I am!
Ugh Viruses Suck Ass
Im gonna be offline for a few days to or possibly less if i get this fixed, I have a major problem with spyware on my computer at the moment and havent been able to fix it so until its fix I dont want to take the change of being online and making it worse......... have a good week everyone :) Ill be back as soon as I can.
Ugh- Venting- Single Life
IM SO SICK OF BEING SINGLE... is there any decent guys out there?? Seriously... i must be attracted to fucking assholes. lol i just want to have a cuddle buddy and be loved i hate this single shit.. Blah.. And I dont want any wierdos either... or any guy over 25.. lol
Ugh. Whata Day.
Woke up. Went to walmart. Hung out with tanya. Dealt with my brothers. Got my puppy. Went to cedarville. Now im just sitting here waiting. So yeah that was my boring ass day. I did get a baby. And shes beautiful. I posted a picture you should all go see. Shes the most gorgeous puppy, i've ever seen.
Ugh Where Did It Go?
GRRR Where did the LONG blog I just typed go? make it come back..ok... guess i will retype later... sorry guys shower time
Ugh Wow
wow so im new to this...hi :) i have no idea what im doing so if u do happen to read this and you did something and i didnt return it? sorry in advance cuz i dont know how yet haha.
Linkin Park - Runaway Graffiti decorations Underneath a sky of dust A constant wave of tension On top of broken trust The lessons that you taught me I learned were never true Now I find myself in question [they point the finger at me again] Guilty by association [you point the finger at me again] I wanna run away Never say goodbye I wanna know the truth Instead of wondering why I wanna know the answers No more lies I wanna shut the door And open up my mind Paper bags and angry voices Under a sky of dust Another wave of tension Has more than filled me up All my talk of taking action These words were never true Now I find myself in question [they point the finger at me again] Guilty by association [you point the finger at me again] I wanna run away Never say goodbye I wanna know the truth Instead of wondering why I wanna know the answers No more lies I wanna shut the door And open up my mind I gonna run away And never say goodbye... I go
Ugh... Walmart
so mom and i went to walmart tonight not expecting to be there allll night long..... well we were.... we joined the long line after finishing getting what we needed and they decide that the registers went down and after standing there for another 15 minutes while they walkie each other they finally decide to send us to good 'ol electronics.... so they cram everyone in there and if you werent standing up there in line then you didnt know what was going on. so we stand there for another half hour and the lady on the other register drops the guy's milk ALL OVER and then our lady drops moms ID and credit card in it .... all the while trying to get them to come over and clean it up and the lady walks by and goes "I'll get to it later" YAY WALMART..... so then we are walking past this other manager on the way out ... cuz we had to walk ALL THE WAY BACK THROUGH .... cuz they are going remodeling in the MIDDLE of the store. and we ask the lady why the FOUR of them have to set up one display of
Ugh! Whats Happeneing For Me At The Moment!
Well all the past couple days have sucked bad for me. Two nights ago on Wednesday night, I was carried out of my house on a backboard/ I fell down 25 steps of stairs in my home. I was paralyzed for about 3 hours after it happened but luckily got my feeling back in my legs. Last night, I spent another night in the ER. The pain going from my tailbone that I broke all the way up to the base of my skull in my spine. After going to the doctor again today and the doctor looking at all my X-rays again, I find out that I have 4 broken ribs and the rest on my right side are bruised badly with hairline fractures. Also, fractured my hip which cannot be casted because of where it is so will need to do some physical therapy on top of it all. And because of my Lupus, it is going to take a whole lot longer for me to heal than others would. GREAT HUH! NOT! Anyways, my tailbone is broken, my hip fractured, 4 broke ribs and hairline fractures amongst a lot of bruising, eventua
Ugh...will It Get Better?
well, here I am sitting at the computer feeling a little better each day. Today's complaint is just having the shakes. I must back up and and start with chemo last Thursday. It took over 5 hours at the office but I have one chemo under my belt now....only 15 more to go~! Friday I had to go back for a growth factor shot. the growth factor shot is a shot to help your bone marrow make more white blood cells that the chemo kills. You need white blood cells to fend off any infections. After that, Friday was a lazy nauseaus day and then Saturday......I slept all day~! Even with 5 teenage girls and my 5 year old son...I took my nausea med and slept the day away. My daughter's bday was this weekend and she had a sleep over....I don't remember much but no one got hurt and nothing got broken in the house....that is good~ I did find out after the fact that the noise I heard was the girls "skiing" down the stairs on pillows and blankets....again I say no one got hurt and nothing got broken
Ugh! Wtf Man
cowboync: fuck u bitch if i'm a douche...u wouldn't catch me in ur twat if i'm a douche...u smelly bitch. ->cowboync: lol yes i am and you're a douche that doesnt take no for an answer cowboync: well fu cuse me dam...RAGGIN TIME! GOOD BYE ->cowboync: i'm not one of these little bitches running around letting everyone see my naked body. if you have a fucking issue w me refusing to do you an NSFW salute on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS then feel free to downrate me and block me. harassing me and making comments like that is how you DONT get an NSFW salute cowboync: ur in an exotic room and u won't make me an nsfw salute? cowboync: would u make me a free nsfw salute plz? Obviously it's from my sb, so you know how to read it. What the hell is wrong w some people? Why is it that they can't take no for an answer, and when you get tired of trying to work it out rationally instead of blocking them, you're a whore or your pussy stinks? Where's the logic in that? I'm gonna go rant on IM, but th
Ugh Why Again
...ugh What To Even Put Here
Everybody has their up days and down days. I'm still trying to decide what mine are anymore. I got to thinking on my drive in from Austin today that it would have been nice to have a girlfriend to go visit on my way home(even though I wanted to get home) and not for anything more than just having someone that I'm close to that I could hang out with. I have tons of contacts, but the people I consider friends are really more of advisees: I don't hang out with them, I've never had a drink with them, they don't even know where I live. Even this weekend at a convention full of people with one common interest and I couldn't say anything other than thanks when I would take someone's picture. Need me to find a solution to a problem, I can do that; Need me to sell myself and my technical skills to a client and become billable, I can do that; go out randomly and meet people and actually have something to talk about: that's a big negative ghostwriter. Over the past year to 18 months my life has
Ugh- Yucky!
Allergies suck. I have been sick for days now it seems. Sneezing, sniffles, coughing, watering eyes, and recently my nose has been bleeding like hell. I just get so much sinus pressure that when I blow my nose sometimes it starts bleeding. How crazy is that? Yucky. So anti-histamines, decongestants, zyrtec, etc. On and on. Hey lets just de-pollinate, de-mold, and make the world hypoallergenic and Me friendly… What do you say? But instead I live almost by the Daniel Boone National Forest. Would have loved to have gone four-wheeling today, but was really sick last night, and then today laid in bed on and off til abt 4pm. Figured if I felt this bad inside, then I didn’t need to venture out. Well off to bed… yes it is early but they got to get up for clinicals at 4am. And for me that seems to come really early. Well night night, and sweet dreams!!
U Give Love A Bad Name
great song Shot through the heart and your to blame You give love a bad name I play my part and you play your game You give Love a Bad Name
Ugliest Man Contest
may be the ugliest here
In dreams, your body image can be a topic of concern personally or among the other dream characters. Only occasionally do these concerns accurately reflect actual physical attributes. More often, dreams of this nature may indicate paranoia about what others think of you. The central interpretive question is whether you conclude your own ugliness or whether others impose it on you.If you conclude your own ugliness, is this due to a particular change, such as being pregnant? In pregnancy, you may dream that you are being considered overweight by yourself or others. Other changes that may influence your body image include a shift in physical or moral behavior, such as smoking, drinking, using drugs, becoming sexually active, or participating in sexual experiences you once considered taboo. This dream is worth serious consideration as how we feel about our bodies is often a significant part of how we feel about ourselves overall as a person. If you are having recurring dreams of pers
The Ugliest Drug Marketing Scheme Ever
IT IS SCARY FOR ALL OF US WHO HAVE CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN. The Ugliest Drug Marketing Scheme Ever SEND THIS TO AS MANY PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS AND PEOPLE WHO KNOW PARENTS AS YOU CAN. Children's Meth Checked this on Snopes. It is true. A very scary thing is going on in the schools right. There is a type of crystal meth going around that looks like strawberry pop rocks... It smells like strawberry also and it is being handed out to kids in school yards in AR. I'm sure it will make its way around the country. Kids are ingesting this thinking it is candy and being rushed off to the ER in dire condition. It also comes in chocolate, peanut butter, cola, cherry, grape and orange. < /SPAN>It looks just like pop rocks. Please instruct children to not accept candy that looks like this even from a friend and to take any that they may have to a teacher, principal, etc. Pass this around it could save some family
Ugliest Drug Marketing Scheme
Children's Meth Checked this on Snopes. It is true. A very scary thing is going on in the schools right. Th ere is a type of crystal meth going around that looks like strawberry pop rocks. It smells like strawberry also and it is being handed out to kids in school yards in AR. I'm sure it will make its way around the country. Kids are ingesting this thinking it is candy and being rushed off to the ER in dire condition. It also comes in chocolate, peanut butter, cola, cherry, grape and orange. It looks just like pop rocks. Please instruct children to not accept candy that looks like this even from a friend and to take any that they may have to a teache r , principal, etc. Pass this around it could save some family a lot of heartache! They call it strawberry meth or strawberry quick. Special Agent Todd V. Coleman U.S. D epartment of Homeland Security U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Direc
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Ugliest Couple
Ugliest Couple 2
Ugliest Hooker In Town!
Ugliest Hooker In Town! A trucker who has been out on the road for three weeks stops into a brothel outside Vegas. He walks straight up to the Madam, drops down $500 and says, "I want your ugliest woman and a bologna sandwich!!!" The Madam is astonished. "But sir, for that kind of money you could have one of my finest ladies and a three-course meal." The trucker replies, "Listen sweetheart, I ain't horny, I'm homesick
In dreams, your body image can be a topic of concern personally or among the other dream characters. Only occasionally do these concerns accurately reflect actual physical attributes. More often, dreams of this nature may indicate paranoia about what others think of you. The central interpretive question is whether you conclude your own ugliness or whether others impose it on you.If you conclude your own ugliness, is this due to a particular change, such as being pregnant? In pregnancy, you may dream that you are being considered overweight by yourself or others. Other changes that may influence your body image include a shift in physical or moral behavior, such as smoking, drinking, using drugs, becoming sexually active, or participating in sexual experiences you once considered taboo. This dream is worth serious consideration as how we feel about our bodies is often a significant part of how we feel about ourselves overall as a person. If you are having recurring dreams of person
Ugliness   In dreams, your body image can be a topic of concern personally or among the other dream characters. Only occasionally do these concerns accurately reflect actual physical attributes. More often, dreams of this nature may indicate paranoia about what others think of you. The central interpretive question is whether you conclude your own ugliness or whether others impose it on you.If you conclude your own ugliness, is this due to a particular change, such as being pregnant? In pregnancy, you may dream that you are being considered overweight by yourself or others. Other changes that may influence your body image include a shift in physical or moral behavior, such as smoking, drinking, using drugs, becoming sexually active, or participating in sexual experiences you once considered taboo. This dream is worth serious consideration as how we feel about our bodies is often a significant part of how we feel about ourselves overall as a person. If you are having recurring dream
Ugly Men Who Have To Know The Are Ugly
Why is it that men who know they are not attractive, still continue to dress bad. I go to school with a guy who was not blessed but he continues to wear really small tight shorts and sweaters. He has to know how goofy he looks and that people are laughing at him. But I still don't understand why he wants to look goofier than he already does.
Ugly Art Doll T-shirts Are Now Available.
Ugly Art Doll t-shirts are now available.Info on the shirts can be found here on my website. on my website,to see size info and also what the smaller shirts look like.I also made some DIY Mini dresses with my shirts. The T-shirts are 13.00 each and shipping is free,and the dresses are 20.00.
Everyone in the apartment complex I lived in knew who Ugly was. Ugly was the resident tomcat. Ugly loved three things in this world: fighting, eating garbage, and, shall we say, love. The combination of these things combined with a life spent outside had their effect on Ugly. To start with, he had only one eye, and where the other should have been, there was a hole. He was also missing his ear on the same side. His left foot appeared to have been badly broken at one time and had healed at an unnatural angle, making him look like he was always turning the corner. Ugly would have been a dark gray tabby, striped type, except for the sores covering his head, neck, and even his shoulders. Every time someone saw Ugly there was the same reaction. "That's one UGLY cat!!!" All the children were warned not to touch him, the adults threw rocks at him, hosed him down, squirted him when he tried to come in their homes, or shut his paws in the door when he would not leave. Ugly alway
two things that really annoy me 1-Girls who post pictures and every single one of them have captions like "Oh I'm so ugly" or some shit like that. 2- Girls who need to cover their heads with paper bags and who weigh 500lbs who have captions like "Damn I'm sexy" Lets be honest now ladies, you cant all be beauty queens.
The Ugly Lady
Ugly woman A very ugly woman walks into Walmart with her two kids. The Wal-Mart Greeter, asks "Are they twins"? The ugly woman says "No, he's 9 and she's 7. "Why? Do you think they really look alike?" "No", replies the greeter, "I just couldn't believe you got laid twice"!
Does it annoy anyone else when they have tons of pictures of them selfs and in every caption under the image they say things like "eww" "vommit" "I'm ugly" if you REALLY thought you were that ugly... and showed it in the picture... why would you post it over and over? I mean... I don't think I look great. But Jesus. When they post pictures and then caption is saying they are gross they are just going for attention. Arg. I'm in a bad mood. That might be why I am writing this. But it annoys the life out of me. If you think you look bad in the picture either don't post it or shut the fuck up about it. Yarrr
Have you ever just felt ugly and not just once in awhile I mean all the time. You take pics and none look right you look like a fat ugly person who shouldnt even be alowed out in public. Well thats the way I feel 24/7. I hate looking in the mirror and having my pic taking thats why I dont have many face pics because I hate my face.It took Krissie weeks to get me to take a pic with her and if I had my way I would have deleted it, Yes I did upload it but I hate every pic I have up and poeple can say well if you didnt like it you wouldnt upload it for all to see. Well let me tell you I hate every pic I have up that shows my face but they are all I have so yes I out them up so poeple can see what I really look like. I am very hard on myself but in this world today looks mean everything. No matter what I will always look like this and I dont have to like the way I look , I have been this way my whole life no matter what poeple say I will always think this I hate myself.I wish 1 day I would
Ugly Or Cute
truth im i ugly or cute dont lie i know what i am so please help me
Ugly Which Is Me
They all think I'm ugly "You don't want to be like her !" Poor child no boyfriends she may never be anything So I pretend not to care but I do I didn't choose to be born with these looks this face this body But everything in the world has a purpose And I know my purpose Its greater than anything the pretty ones can image Greater than the pretty ones purpose My mind reaches around the world and out to the universe The pretty ones mind only goes to what to wear on the next date My feelings are easily moved to anyone or anything other than myself While its difficult for the pretty ones to worry about anyone but herself Yes, I am what the pretty ones call ugly But the pretty ones are what I call incomplete
An Ugly Thing, But Sometimes Necessary
War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. John Stuart Mill
Ok so I'm ugly, boring, and a bitch, and your point!!!! I'm not a young thing anymore. You should have seen me 3yrs ago when I really looked like shit. I look a whole lot better now then I did a year ago. No I dont have and new pics cause I feel that I still look like shit! Even when I was 18yrs old I felt that I looked like shit and I had a figure that a female would die for.
she can no longer tell you all of her lies, the truth of her pain is decieved with one look into her eyes. under the cover of darkness,she is reduced to nothing,body shaking,with her crys. begging,pleading,demanding God to let her please die. as acidic tears scream down her face, and blade in hand,she'll make her own fate. not able to take one more day in this hellacious place. her world,has become,surrounded by the lies the pain the hate. she does not want you sympathy,for your tears she does not ache for all her whoes and sorrow,by her own hand she did create. tis now her time,to leave us behind, not debate. cry for her?please dont.but miss her in all days. and learn from her mistakes,do not follow in her ways do not forget the laughs you shared or all the good times that you had. she'll live forever in your heart, thought from this world she must now part. she pushed away the help they offered,forced them all away.
The Ugly Man
A very good-looking man walks into a singles bar, gets a drink and has a seat. During the course of the evening he tries to chat up every single woman who walks into the bar, without any luck. Suddenly a really ugly man, and I mean R-E-A-L-L-Y ugly man, walks into the bar. He sits at the bar, and within seconds he is surrounded by women. Very soon he walks out of the bar with the two of the most beautiful women in the place. Disheartened by all this, the good-looking man asks the bartender, "Excuse me, but that really ugly man just came in here and left with those two stunning women. What's his secret? He's as ugly as sin and I'm everything a girl could want, but I haven't been able to connect all night. What's going on?" "Well," said the bartender, "I don't know how he does it, but he does the same thing every night. He walks in, orders a drink, and just sits there licking his eyebrows."
The Ugly Girl
The Ugly Girl She insisted she wasn't hungry, said she already ate So on the table sat, her still empty plate She kept running, from the ugly girl inside her head She couldn't make her leave, though relentlessly she tried The ugly girl inside her head, the one that wouldn't die The days she lay, powerless in bed Too weak to move, only strong enough to breathe She lay screaming, desperately inside her mind She couldn't make her leave, she couldn't make her die This ugly girl that lived inside her head Finally she fell, broken to her knees, Desperately she cried, just love me please She stared up with biug hopeless eyes, All that was left of the girl he knew, She tried so hard to make him love her He scowled and left, their love, no more, She cried please stay, I'm better than before, He didn't turn as he told her the girl he loved, was no more, Her hatred of what she was, Of the ugly girl that lived inside her head, Destroyed the girl he loved, And she caused the man
The Ugly Face Of Racism
The Ugly Face of Racism A white woman, about 51 years old, was seated next to a black man on an airplane. Obviously disturbed by this, she called the air hostess. "Madam, what is the matter?" the hostess asked. "You obviously do not see it," she responded. "You placed me next to a black man. I do not agree to sit next to someone from such a repugnant group. Give me an alternative seat." "Be calm please," the hostess replied. "Almost all the places on this flight are taken. I will go to see if another place is available." The Hostess went away and then came back a few minutes later. "Madam, just as I thought, there are no other available seats in the economy class. I spoke to the captain and he informed me that there is also no seat in the business class. All the same, we still have one place in the first class." Before the woman could say anything, the hostess continued, "It is not usual for our company to permit someone fr
The Ugly Duckling & Other Miseries
Maybe it is time for me to just lay it straight and just be true about who exactly I am and what type of a person I used to be and have become. I used to be sinful. I used to be greedy. I used to be self-centered. I used to lie to make myself look better. I used to be the one that got picked on at school. I used to be the one that no one really noticed. I used to be the one that only only warm hearted people knew. I used to be the one that could careless about relationships. I used to let myself become walked on. I used to let myself become someone elses puppet. I used to think of myself high and mighty. I used to be the one to rat. I used to not care... Yet, I lived a good life. My mother and father were well in what they were doing, what they did, brought home money and hope. Together. Such a typical family. I would see on TV. Movies. The kids who had to go through divorce. Who had to live the bad life and become strong from the hurt and pain. pfft. No way, not me. I was the
Ugly Pictures
Okay, I'm going to sound like a real bitch in this entry...but, fuck it, here goes. Some people take UGLY pictures and use them as their defaults. Why? Now, I KNOW I'm not Miss America (FAAAAR from it) and I have days where I look bad. And I also get that some ladies prefer not to wear makeup, or do their hair, or conceal their under eye circles...or put on some goddammned lipgloss...but PLEASE! If you have a friend with an ugly default, please tell them, or comment on a better picture. Or, I dont know, hijack their computer and delete all their washed out complextion pictures! And while we're on the subject...Poses. Look, sometimes looking the camera FACE ON is not a good angle for you. Sometimes tilting your head to the side and tucking your chin back EVER so slightly would do your face justice. Sometimes posing too much is a bad thing. Maybe I took modeling classes and know too much about angles and face shapes. Maybe most of the population hasnt. Maybe you all
An Ugly Man
An ugly man walks into his local pub with a big grin on his face. "What are you so happy about?" asks the barman. "Well, I'll tell you," replies the ugly man. "You know, I live by the railroad tracks. Well, on my way home last night, I noticed a young woman tied to the tracks, like in the films. I of course, went and cut her free and took her back to my place. Anyway, to make a long story short, I scored big time! We made love all night, all over the house. We did everything, me on top, sometimes her on top, every position imaginable!" "Fantastic!" exclaimed the bartender. "You lucky bastard! Was she pretty?" "I dunno . ... ...... I never found her head!"
Ugly And Unpopular
damn i have been on here 2 months i must be the ugliest and most unpopular guy on here i cant even get one cherry blast lmao oh well i'll just keep my friends and fans they are what matters most anyway
It's not the best Of neighborhoods But why throw her out In this weather Just because she's Old, ugly and white. Probably cost Too much To maintain In the style To which she was accustomed. Now brutishly Tossed out, She's probably Broke as well. No doubt replaced By a young pretty thing With complexion Clear and clean And if that's not all To tell, One that's cheap and Tawdry as well. So there she sits On the curb Waiting For the end. Will someone Pick her up And use her as she's Been used before. Or will she be Tossed aside On the heap Of waste Like so much Fodder For society's mill. Some will say This is the fate To which she was born Nature designed her To be nothing but a vessel Scorned and kept away from prying eyes Always serving her master and his needs to the very end. The society's unkind to a water closet.
'ugly Betty'
I will be playing a parent/relative on 'Ugly Betty' tommorow in Pasadena, we are filming at Westminister Presbyterian. Today went ok on 'Prom Night', let's just say I got my exercise. I am wearing a teal green top and jeans and my pink backpack. --------- Ugly Betty - Tuesday Ah, a boring and LONG fuckin day. lol. But, I did catch a glimpse of America Ferrera, and she is SO short! Adorable, though. We filmed it in a little school in South Pasadena, in a little auditorium. I don't know what episode I will be on, but I will let you know if anything is thrown my way. I was near Mark Indelicato and from the sounds of it, it's sad that he is gay already and only 14, but he is really a sweet kid, and he is a good actor for his age, bless his heart.
Which type of ugly are you? You are decently ugly - your just ugly, nothing special about you, people dont have problems with you and can talk to you without thinking about how ugly you are, because you really arent that ugly!Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
I listen for the voices but hear only the endless buzzing of a thousand flies feasting upon the forgotten decomposing corpse that resides in the rocking chair, in the corner. The poison in my veins comfort my motherless addiction. Shaking in my skin. Fear infested follicles of my hair alive, writhing, seducing itself. Convulsing fingers spilling forth the commanding powers of my illness. Dipping, dripping, tangled, mangled it's all star-spangled. My eyes seeing the birth, after-birth spinal cord serpent bone fragments protrude, intrude my brain. Pretty shell casings cover my feet I'm in so deep the rope has snapped. I'm slipping, slipping there is no gripping my lips are dripping rose petals of love to caress your anxiety. You look to me my smiling skull all you see. Your anger, fear and frustration having burned the flesh from my bones years ago. You share no compassion for me. I am your skeleton hanging in your dirty closet. Wearing the soiled
The Ugly Truth Part One
Any more than two shakes after you are done peeing is considered masturbation. Al Gore is as much of a scientist as L Ron Hubbard was a religious prophet. Professional wrestling proves there are many closeted homosexuals in the south. MC Rove should have shown Laurie David and Sheryl Crow his pimp hand. I would like to hear Rosie O'Donnell sing the "Oscar Mayer" song. Is Geraldo Rivera Fox News' senor correspondent? Are the ads during Red Eye for cool and hip night owls, or for Greg's mom? When I get into a moral quandary, I ask myself; What would Todd Marinovich do? Maybe the second amendment is okay... but really it was for muzzle loading black powder weapons. Allow everyone to have those, ban everything else. You might get one shot off, but the reload time will allow people to do something about that. I guess Don Imus and Anna Nicole Smith really are not very important after all. Dr Phil also blames video games for his baldness.
I listen for the voices but hear only the endless buzzing of a thousand flies feasting upon the forgotten decomposing corpse that resides in the rocking chair, in the corner. The poison in my veins comfort my motherless addiction. Shaking in my skin. Fear infested follicles of my hair alive, writhing, seducing itself. Convulsing fingers spilling forth the commanding powers of my illness. Dipping, dripping, tangled, mangled it's all star-spangled. My eyes seeing the birth, after-birth spinal cord serpent bone fragments protrude, intrude my brain. Pretty shell casings cover my feet I'm in so deep the rope has snapped. I'm slipping, slipping there is no gripping my lips are dripping rose petals of love to caress your anxiety. You look to me my smiling skull all you see. Your anger, fear and frustration having burned the flesh from my bones years ago. You share no compassion for me. I am your skeleton hanging in your dirty closet. Wearing the soiled
Ugly Why am i so ugly, Why am i a freak, No wonder i aint got no friends, Who'd wanna be with a geek. Relationships are all shit, Ill never get it right, Ill just sit here and live in fear, Every day and night. Browsing through the profiles, Shall i message now, But i cant press send, on message friend, Im 2 scared the'll right back ugly cow. So i sit and wonder why, God made such an abomination, Monsters in the closet, THats no hallucination They based the story on me, The ugliest bitch on earth, No wonder i have got no friends, I was just born fucked up at birth.
The Ugly Duckling
The Ugly Duckling Once there was a girl, she was born to a loving mother. She was different from all the other people. In her little village fish was worshiped. But she liked the earth. All the people thought she was crazy because she didn't like the things they liked. Her mother also began to say, you are crazy little girl, be like them or they will hurt you. And the little girl tried to like fish, but she couldn't hide her love for the earth. So the people hurt her, even her loving mother became hostile. They all wanted her to go away, from the town, because she didn't like the things they liked. She fled the town, and tried to find someone just like her. But people would like different things. The girl loved all life. And she couldn't choose just one thing to like best and even after she found worshipers of the earth they would not like her and make her one of their own because she liked other things just as much. Finally after a long and diff
Ugly Whores.
ugly bitches that are so jealous of me that they rate me a 1 when they know im not even rateable because i have the body of a fucking goddess and the face of a fucking angel.if your one of those bitches.fuck off and get over yourselves.
Ugly People (holio)
The number of people who are rating profiles and pictures low seems to be growing. It seems to me that they are probably teens who have lied about their age to get on this site and think their antics are cute. Like most guys, I know I'm not something that keeps women awake at night but I do tend to go along with the way things are. On this site almost everyone rates a 10 and maybe 11 in extreme circumstances. When someone gets a rating under 10 and surely below 5, you know the rater is being an assh**e. Today I got a 4 from a woman (supposedly) named Holio. I returned the favor and gave her a 1 but my point here is to let others know that this is how I plan to handle this in the future. Give a lower rating than the one received when I can tell it's one of these ugly things. I'd also suggest that those who are in my list of friends and fans that we share when these ratings are given so we can bomb that person with our disgust in much the same way we give our love during co
Ugly Girl
Ugly Girl When I saw you at the grocery store you were sharing a shopping cart with her and I couldn't turn and run away I didn't know what to say you introduced us for the first time and I had to look her in the eye but you could not imagine my surprise can't you see you're leaving me for an ugly girl does she talk about politics and all the stuff that used to make me sick does she smoke cigars and stay up late oh she's so great does she tell you what you want to hear and I bet that she can grow a beard I'd feel better thinking you were queer it's not fair I can't compare to an ugly girl ha ha ha the jokes on me I feel jealous and I feel mean is she so nice that it makes up for her face there's no way do you have to keep your eyes closed do you have to keep the lights down low oh I bet you wish you had a blindfold can't you see you're leaving me for an ugly girl
Ugly One
this ugly piece of shit is going around down rating every one she can rate....ill give family acsees to anyone who rates her a 1 and gives her some dirty weeds, plus ill rate at least 30 of your pics...of course i always rate 10s
The Ugly Bus
Ugly Bus A bus carrying only ugly people crashes into an oncoming truck, and everyone inside dies. They then get to meet their maker, and because of the grief they have experienced; He decides to grant them one wish each, before they enter Paradise. They're all lined up, and God asks the first one what the wish is. "I want to be gorgeous," and so God snaps His fingers, and it is done. The second one in line hears this and says "I want to be gorgeous too." Another snap of His fingers and the wish is granted. This goes on for a while but when God is halfway down the line, the last guy in line starts laughing. When there are only ten people left, this guy is rolling on the floor, laughing. Finally, God reaches this guy and asks him what his wish will be. The guy calms down and says: " Make 'em all ugly again."
Ugly Ole Me
alright for those who think i would look better with short hair i dont fucking think so here is my ugly ass with short hair.. god i was fucking ugly as hell
Ugly Bush!
Odessa,Texas 1948! He was destined for greatness,and couldn't wait! As for a motive, that up for debate! Long star,yeah...he's packin' the heat and rubbin' elbows with the social elite, who took notice of a world at his feet! the big drill,and the C.I.A. mr richard nixon paved the way for this this damn dog to have his way! V.P. underBonzo Reagan, then the prez of this oce great nation! 91, his first invation! Oh....the good ol' days I miss... Now get us out of this,this hierrachal abyss! Kissing Middle Eastern ass-White pride, black gold and gas- just a profiter on your foraign soil! OPERATION/BLOOD FOR OIL! He passed the buck on his # 1, now we are all fucked by the bastards son! theres nowhere to hide! no where o run! 3 cheers for the underachiever- once a drunk, and now abeliever! All hail, the great deceiver! First term we saw mass corruption- 2 wars to boost production and its all done for your protecion!? C,est La Vie to french ralations and to N.A.T.O.'s limmita
Ugly Babies???!!!
I was at a church regional conference yesterday and my husband and I found ourselves sitting behind a young family with only one baby. The baby was in the crib being nestled by mommy from time to time,so we didn't think too much about it and kept on listening to the conference. After quite a while we turned back,not meaning to even look or anything,in fact,we were actually trying to scan the room hoping to see the bishop, since we needed an appointment with our surprise the baby was now in the arms of beautiful mommy and.....AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH it was the ugliest baby I ever ever saw!!!!!!! no kidding,who ever knows me on fubar,also knows I love babies and , for as much as an "downrater" as I am, I never rate babies or children less than 10 on here :s I whispered to him in surprise and....more of a surprise that baby was looking me straight in the eyes :o hopefully that did not take 10 yrs off of my life ,oh my goooodddddnneeeeessssssssss that should take away my ba
Ugly Dream
so i woke up at 6:30 today (with my alarm set for 10) i think as a result of wearing the nicotine patch to bed... anyway another side effect is having weird dreams. so for 2 hours i dreamed i was falling asleep, or at least trying to, and my heart was pounding really bad so i was trying to get up to get my heart medicine, but i couldn't move (cause i was asleep) and i dreamed i was trying to wake myself up by slapping myself in the face, only i couldn't feel it, and that's when i knew i was in a dream. then this ghost waitress starts coming across the room to me in clips like in scary movies whispering "i'm coming..." and i knew i was dreaming so i tried to wrench myself awake and it finally worked just before she got to me. i woke up with a fairly normal heartbeat and grinding my teeth.
Ugly Or????????
Am I ugly ????????????? Body: POST THIS AND SEE HOW MANY MESSAGES U GET..... (1) ugly (2) O.K. (3) cute (4) hot (5) sexy (6) Fine (7) BANGGGIINN!!! (8) I would kiss you (9) I want to have kids (10) Wanna go out? Seriously. Tell me in my inbox, post me a bulletin or comment..i wanna truthful. It is for fun~
Ugly Sad..
It saddens me when you come across someone that makes you say... dammmmnnn.. they're realllllllllly fkkin ugly.. you try not to judge even though you wanna throw up when you see them.. so you give them a chance.. and and then you're like..well I'm sure they're a good person inside.. and then you find out just this once.. you were wrong.. they are just ugly. inside and out how sad.
!!!ugly Bitches!!!!
people.STOP telling ugly mother fuckers they are hot.stop telling fat bitches they are sexy.if some dude has a beer gut like myself,and you dont like it.let that mother fucker know.Call a crackhead a crackhead and a bitch a bitch.stop being a kiss ass.i fyuo get a one for being a cock be it.its a web site.and if your offended by this.suck a cock with aids....youre probably ugly..or wich case you shouldnt be parading your ass aound on the god damn internet...ya know.ive seen some nasty shit on here.i cant take this shit anymore...some of you bitches are butt ugly.face it.people cant get that drunk.
Ugly Men
Ugly Men 2
Ugly Men 3
Ugly Men 4
Ugly Men 5
Ugly Men 6
Ugly Women
The Ugly Frog...
THE UGLY FROG..... > An older lady was somewhat lonely and decided she > needed a pet to keep her > company. So, off to the pet shop she went. She > searched and searched. None > of the pets seemed to catch her interest, except > this ugly frog. As she > walked by the jar he was in, she looked and he > winked at her. > >> He whispered, "I'M SO LONELY, TOO. BUY ME AND TAKE > ME HOME WITH. YOU WON'T > EVER BE SORRY." >> > The old lady figured, what the heck! She hadn't > found anything else. So, > she bought the frog. She placed him in the car, on > the front seat beside > her. >> > As she was slowly driving down the road, the frog > whispered to her "KISS ME > AND YOU WON'T BE SORRY." >> > So! The old lady figured, WHAT THE HECK, and kissed > the frog. > > > IMMEDIATELY the frog turned into an absolutely > gorgeous, sexy, young, > handsome prince. > > THE PRINCE THEN RETURNED THE OLD LADY'S KISS. > > SUDDENLY THE OL
Ugly Fat Sluts Think They Sexy!!!!
ga greeneyes #3 ugly fat slut tapdance
She feels ugly today. It's not the kind of ugly that can be fixed by some coverup here, some mascara there. Caffeine won't fix it up and alcohol won't tone it down. It's the kind of ugly that comes from looking in the mirror and realizing that she's turned into a whore. The exhaustion lines by her eyes, the bitterness in her stare and the hardness in her heart are all telltale signs. She's not literally a whore. You won't find her at red lights, you'll rarely see her in a short skirt, and you may be surprised just how conservative she really is. But underneath it all, you will realize that she is a professional at selling out. Her price is never monetary; it is almost strictly emotional. There is no joy left in sex, no such thing as love. She is a sell-out; she is a whore; she is alone. There is no joy left in sex; there is no joy left at all. The ecstacy probably doesn't help, but she doesn't care. She just can't seem to shake the cravings or curb the addiction.
Ugly Naked Fat Chicks?
I'm curious here if I'm a total bitch. There was a huge fat chick in lingerie with "MILF" as her display name on MySpace. I got in some kind of mood and sent her a nasty message about throwing up and deleting her so I didn't have to subject myself to it. Most of my friends laughed hysterically, other people said that I'm no one to judge what people post because I'm not perfect. I know I'm not perfect but I don't weigh like 400 pounds. What do you think, do you want to see big fat chicks as equally naked as me?
Wrote this, and did the "art" awhile ago.
Ugly The Cat
Everyone in the apartment complex I lived in knew who Ugly was. Ugly was the resident tomcat. Ugly loved three things in this world: fighting, eating garbage, and, shall we say, love. The combination of these things combined with a life spent outside had their effect on Ugly. To start with, he had only one eye and where the other should have been was a hole. He was also missing his ear on the same side, his left foot appeared to have been badly broken at one time, and had healed at an unnatural angle, making him look like he was always turning the corner. Ugly would have been a dark gray tabby, striped type, except for the sores covering his head, neck, and even his shoulders Every time someone saw Ugly there was the same reaction. "That's one UGLY cat!!!" All the children were warned not to touch him, the adults threw rocks at him, hosed him down, squirted him when he tried to come in their homes, or shut his paws in the door when he would not leav
Ugly/ Gorgeous / Jealousy?
Today I was at the library and I checked out a few things, but as I was browsing the shelves I was approached by a woman I did not not... This woman stared at me for a moment and then spoke... "Honey you have a gorgeous face but your body is ugly" Now, heres my issue and the reason behind my typing this blog. I have tits that are fairly large, 48 c nothing to write home about. I have a 25 1/2 inch waist line, again no big deal, and 51 inch hips. Yeah I have a huge ass so what?! Anyway, today I wore a yellow sleeveless top and brown pants, the outfit, leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to my figure. Did this give this woman any right to say that? I don't think so. For a big lady I personally think I'm damned attractive and she's jealous. As I left the library I found myself wishing I would have quoted the poet laureate Maya Angelou. You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust,
Ugly Bishes 101
MAN I GOT THIS FROM MY LIL CUZOS PAGE THIS DUDE A TRIP... HE ONLY LIKE 15 YEARS OLD HE NEEDS HIS AZZ SPANKED... BUT THIS IS TRUE LMFAO!!!!! where do i start......... most ugly bitches want what they cant have so they bug the shit out of you...... most ugly bitches..... follow around the cute girls...... so when you wanna kik it wit that cute girl the ugly bitch want too tag along....... ugly bitches are hella nosie..... be all up in a niggas buisness ugly bitches whine too much..... BITCH IF I DNT CALL YOU THAN THAT MEANS I DONT WANT TOO TALK TOO YO UGLY ASS!!!!! STUPID BITCH!!!! about 60% of the ugly bitches in america have no hair....... nd sum females arent ugly its there personality thats ugly like ghetto bitches........ they ugly stompin around wal-mart nd shit yellin....... drawing attention too herself knowing damn well she look hella nasty bcuz she got on pajama pants a tank top nd flip flops wit ashy toes......
Ugly Haters
My Peeps, Go check out this UGLY ASS MOONDOG looking ass chick named VIX, this trick here look like the bottom of a turd and has the nerve to downrate. I've seen things on animal planet that look better than her before she go to church. Just one more thing, you don't have an apple bottom, that shit is APPLE SAUCE!!!, You fukkin wit the rite one you bearrilla looking BITCH!
= Ugly Truth =
ok, i have to admit some things, as i've no way to deny the truth, no matter how badly i do not want to. i have relationship issues, and i've not been quiet about it. yeah, i post my love and adoration for nyssa, as well as make a lot of less then flattering comments about her and post photos of our moments together...i raise hell when i am hurt, and i cry a lot about how unfair i've been treated, and i can't live with what truths I have really done, against her, against nyssa, the woman i claim to love and adore.. we are in a tight spot, and i've not supported the family, at all, in the year we have been together. we have had issues due to this, and i have basically been living on my 27 yr old girl friends back. can't imagine why she would allow it, and it's something i never mention when ranting about our troubles. so there's that... since we have flown the coup in phoenix, and are living in my dad's house, it has gotten so much worse, and not so much for me, but for nyss
Ugly On The Inside & Out Sometimes Doesnt Matter To Me
Ugly on the inside, ugly on the outside or just plain UGLY? I have talked to a few men that I thought were drop dead gorgeous. Most of us are immediately attracted to a good looking person...simple human nature. But once we get to know that person a little we find they are very unattractive on the inside. For me this negates the attraction to the outside almost immediately. On the other hand, I have talked to a few who were not as attractive on the outside, but once I got to know them and saw how attractive they were on the inside, I found them irresistible. I love to get to know someone and have the attraction just makes the sex completely hot. To know that when the lights are off and you still are REALLY attracted to your partner makes the orgasm that much sweeter. Occasionally, I find a person who is unattractive on the outside AND the inside as well. I recently talked to a man who just was not what what I would call attractive at all. I chatted with him a bit an
Ugly, Ugly Rant!!!
This may or may not win me any friends but this has me torqued to no end. As most of ya'll know I've been on the hunt for a new job for awhile now. I ran into a few things that have REALLY got me real heated. This is is regards to four interviews I've had recently for local employers. I'll post the job listings below: REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE/SKILL SET Ø Production of short shelf-life products in a DSD operation. Ø Food Manufacturing A MUST Ø Union and non-union working environment working closely with Human Resources on labor-related issues and exposures to collective bargaining agreements and wage analysis. Ø Operating with relevant regulatory requirements, e.g., FDA, OSHA, EPA, USDA, EEOC, etc. Ø Quality Control and Costs Systems Ø Strong verbal and written communication skills. Ø Ability to lead and motivate others Ø 4 year undergraduate degree – emphasis in Manufacturing Management, Industrial Engineering, or related field.
Have you ever woke up screaming? Have you ever woke alone? When the walls around you won't stop laughing Where do you go? Sweat seeps in your eyes at night And you realize That no one understands you at all Well I was bound to have a nervous breakdown Should've seen it coming from miles away So I packed my bags and started running My brains been shaking since yesterday But there's only so far that you can run boy There's only so far to leave your problems behind 'cause when the problem's yourself you start thinking No matter how far You'll never leave it behind No one uderstands me at all Now I'm still here with still no clue Of who I am or show I'm supposed to be I know it to you it sounds funny You've got it worked out like it's a fuckin' disease Started asking myself do I fit in? Where I belong Could this really be me? Been feeling downright ugly Tell me is this the way it's supposed to be? So what's the difference? You're doing fine The clock keeps ticki
The Ugly Truth
          This is gonna be ugly people..Been up most of the night watching T.V..And I started wondering what Is wrong with our country our world even..Every commercial had a woman no bigger then a size 6 promoting some crazy makeup or weight lose product like it was the end all be all to be this one size or look this one way..I couldnt understand what made it so important to be such a "Barbie Doll".. When the average size for women in america is 14..Is that really wrong Is that really to big for mainstream america to handle.. In Africa the bigger the woman is the higher her social status is yet here the bigger the woman the lower she becomes.. Have Men truly become that shallow and only see a size not a person..My grandfathers would be cussin was out if they saw how most of us treat these very smart and beautiful women because they didnt fit into social norms..I have to say that men have to start steppin up and actin like what we are..Men..I see alot of men on here with st
I am feeling so very bad right about now. Idk why.I just been feeling like an ugly duckling lately. Feeling unimportant. I take full responsibility for these feelings, they are my own. There is nothing anyone can say or to do to change this but me. Just super sad right now....We all cannot be at our top game all the time. One of these days I will feel like I matter again. That day just has not gotten here yet.....Maybe I just need a good girly kinda cry....Or maybe it is as simple as just getting some... Who knows? Time to go grab some kleenex....
The Ugly Futh
            Hell Yeah!! People I'm back. It's time for your healthy dose of some ugly truth. What better a topic to throw some ugly on then this wondiferous place so many of us spend so much of our time in. Yes Fu-Land I’m talkin about you and these wonderful subjects deemed fu's which more then half of us should just be called hypocritical fools.       You may ask why? Ohh why such the beef with Fu-Land? It's simple really..I cant stand any place that reminds me of HighSchool..Where a Bunch of Lonely Skank-a-Dillas and holier then thou wife jackin man whores become hypocritical jackasses and are able to dictate what was once a fun place. You don’t like homosexuals, interracial relationships, bisexuals, that’s fine your entitled to your opinion but go bitch about peoples god given freedoms on some redneck retard blog site with others that share your views don’t come up in a public place and make it hell for others..       I'm a product of an interracial marr
Ugly Betty Cancelled
Just seen this on the BBC website : "Award-winning TV comedy Ugly Betty has been axed in the US after four series, TV network ABC has announced. The show, starring America Ferrera as a style-challenged woman working at a New York fashion magazine, was a critical success when it began in 2006. But the show has struggled recently, with ratings in the US falling from an average 8.1m to 5.3m viewers between the third and fourth series." I can only say that I'm gutted.  Man, I loved that show.
The Ugly Side Of Family
I think it's no surprise to anyone that families fuction in a uniquely dysfunctional way, and that there are ugly secrets behind every seemingly functional family. Mine is no different. In the recent past (last year or so), my sister has continued a downward spiral into drug abuse and psychotic behavior. When it really started to get the worst, she decided that she would go and get pregnant because she needed someone who loved her.  She got pregnant while on drugs (enough to kill an elephant at that) and miscarried several times. She finally got pregnant the last time, and it stuck. Instead of deciding to quit taking the drugs, or get some kind of help, she continued on, business as usual, getting high.  She landed herself in jail (again) while she was 3 months pregnant. She then admitted to the drugs use of cocaine, oxycontin, xanax, and aderall, daily, mind you. She had it in her head that everyone wanted her to have an abortion and that she wouldn't be able to hold the pregnancy a
Ugly People
I know ugly people need love to, but damn these people need to just stop. This one person I see in my bartab constantly kind of looks like a butch Punky Brewster. She be making fun of people all the time but she ain't all that either. I think she need to hush her wh*re mouth and be looking in the mirror before she be talking trash about people. I ain't be playing either. Ugly people don't need to be hatin'. Haters ain't be making me famous they be makin' me popular. Don't be hatin'!!!
dirtyd: wats in the private folder 2:17pm Suga Lips: The meaning of the word private: confined to or intended only for the persons immediately concerned; confidential. personal and not publicly expressed. 2:18pm Suga Lips: In simpler terms: none of your damn business. 2:20pm dirtyd: ohhh wow lol ok then just askin geez no wonder god made u soo fuckin ugly 2:20pm Suga Lips: If I'm ugly, why do you want to see my private photos? 2:21pm dirtyd: i didnt ask to see them get ur facts striaght i simply said wat was in it 2:21pm dirtyd: an i was bein nice too 2:21pm Suga Lips: If I don't want to see something, I don't ask what something is. dirtyd: well srry geez didnt mean to bother ya was just wonderin
Ugly Or Not???
I'm confused by the mixture of comments that I get from various people, both in real life and on here... So, am I ugly or not? If I am, explain what's wrong with me? I'd prefer if people with a neutral mindset towards me answered this. People who I've had arguments with in the past, please avoid this post as your comments will NOT be approved. Thanks!
Ugly Bitchy Skank
brskillet: i would love your help now lol 2:34pm Suga Lips: I'll pass. 2:35pm brskillet: awww why 2:36pm Suga Lips: Because I get real sex from a real person. Some dude jerking off on the other side of the computer, doesn't interest me. 2:37pm brskillet: i was talking bout for real damn no reason to be a bitch 2:37pm brskillet: you really aint good looking enough to have an atitude 3:08pm Suga Lips: profile says I'm a bitch, maybe you should read. Kind of funny how when I turn you down, all of a sudden I'm not good looking enough to have an attitude. But damn, when you wanted your dick played with I was good looking enough. Loser. 3:09pm brskillet: skank 3:10pm Suga Lips: Umm a skank is someone that sleeps with tons of guys. I sure as hell not fucking you. 3:10pm brskillet: no a skank is an overall ugly bitch, and yep thats you there honey 3:11pm Suga Lips: But you wanted to f
The Ugly Truth
 I will tell everyone the ugly truth about a certain subject I try to avoid telling. I have a hard time telling people about my skin condition for fear of being called ugly names ,but I have decided it's best to keep things in the open about myself. I have the skin condition psoriasis. There I said it. I started getting it shortly after moving to Northern Nevada in June 2004. I also have arthritis. It happened in 2002 as a matter of fact 9 yrs ago this month . I was startled by a co-worker and slammed my right middle finger in the car door and broke it . The ER doctor did nothing so now I have a crooked right middle finger that I avoid taking pictures of my right hand. I suppose I'm tell everyone this, because I'm tired of holding it back. It may help someone else to get treatment for the same problem I have. 
it is so hidious u cant even look upon it.  drowned in the darkness of its own pit. it cant not live, for it only takes your breath. lives off everything, only bringin death.  sinks you in deeper until your lost within. sees right through you, knows your deepest sin. darken and cold, all it knows is pain. never trusting it, cause theres nothing to gain. its best left where ever it lies. it cant feel anything, it dont even cry. so keep it away from u, leave it in that dark den. may seem beautiful, but its more ugly within. 
Ugly On The Inside
What's the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside
An Ugly Duckling Kinda Story - Fingers Crossed :p
  WARNING: UGLY FEET PHOTO AT THE END  So I saw the doc yesterday and I had the really insane idea that I would be going back into regular shoes again. NOT!! Oh well. I can be extremely thankful that everything seems to be progressing well and at quite a rapid pace (as these things go).  WHAT'S BEEN GOING ON: I had the surgery on the 15th of July (as you most likely know) and I had huge worries about the i.v. insertion. I'm quite needle phobic when it comes to the kind that have to stay inside for any amount of time and when it comes to those ass shots ... I just plain don't like them. When faced with even the thought of having blood drawn or in this case having an i.v. inserted I'm overtaken by anxiety/panic attacks and you might mistake me for a 3 y.o. child when you see the tears and shaking. They helped me tremendously by applying a numbing cream and putting me under before inserting the needle.  Well I got through the surgery with flying colors and my first thought on waking
U Gonna Fail???
Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the muscles. As we >>> grow older, it's important to keep mentally alert. If you don't use it, >>> you lose it! Below is a very private way to gauge your loss or non-loss >>> of intelligence. >>> Take the test presented here to determine if you're losing it or not. >>> The spaces below are so you don't see the answers until you've made your >>> answer. >>> >>> >>> OK, relax, clear your mind and begin. >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> 1. What do you put in a toaster? >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> Answer: "bread." If you said "toast," give up now and do something else. >>> Try not to hurt yourself. If you said, bread, go to Question 2. >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> 2. Say "silk" five times. Now spell "silk." What do cows drink? >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> Answer: Cows drink water. If you said "milk," don't >
U Gonna Love Me When Im Gone
U Got To Watch This
I listen to Preston and Steve's podcast everyday. They are on Wmmr 93.3 out of Philly PA. They crack me up and this is just a little taste of them. If you want to hear more go to or Thanks a bunch
U Gotta
Okay u all gotta come and help me in the cutest couple contest! Me and my hunnys in it so u gotta come vote f me PPLLLEEEEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Just click on the link below~! TY
U Gotta Check This Out
MyDBatteriesVibrate@ CherryTAP Looky Looky
U Got Ballz??
OK lets find out who has the BALLS to say they like you repost this to find out! Reply with a number to the following options. (yes you can pick more than one): 1-I used to like you 2-I used to love you 3-I dont like you 4-I have a HUGE crush on you 5-I'm in love with you 6-I think im still in love with you and i shouldn't be... 7-I really want to talk to you and get to know you and hopefully something will happen... 8-I'm with someone else but for some reason i still have feelings for you 9- I want to marry you 10- I want to do you 11- I want to makeout with you again 12- I want to makeout with you for the 1st time 13- I want a relationship with you 14- I want to hold your hand 15- I'm not a lez but you'rE HOT 16- I'm scared of liking you 17- I have a gf/bf but i like you... 18- I love you but its starting to fade away 19- I love you 20- I don't really know you but i'd bang you 21- Your annoying because you never answer questions 22- i like you alot 23- i think i'm falling in LOV
U Gotta Read Thiz!!! (lol)
One day, man walked up to his son and said, "son, i am a very wealthy and powerful man. I can buy you anything you want. Now being your highschool graduation day, i am giving you this offer of anything you want. Money is no thing to me. Tell me anything you want and I will get it for you." The son replied without hesitation and said, "I want 1, 000 green golf balls." The father, obviously bewildered asked the son why, and his son did not answer him. The father however, gave him the 1, 000 green golf balls he had asked for. 4 years later, The son had graduated from college and the father once again made him an offer. "Son, i am very wealthy, and i am very powerful. Money doesnt mean a thing to me. Once again, tell me anything in the world that you want and ill get it for you. The son once again asked for 1, 000 green golf balls. The man had grown very angry by this time, but loved his son so much that he gave him the 1, 000 green golf balls. The two men separated and after 5 years, the
U Got It Bad
Doesn't everyone have a favorite Usher song? What's your's? This one's my favorite... "U Got It Bad" Oh, no, no, no, no, no... When you feel it in your body You found somebody who makes you change your ways Like hanging with your crew Said you act like you're ready But you don't really know And everything in your past - you wanna let it go I've been there, done it, fucked around After all that - this is what I found Nobody wants to be alone If you're touched by the words in this song Then baby... U got, u got it bad When you're on the phone Hang up and you call right back U got, u got it bad If you miss a day without your friend Your whole life's off track You know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house You don't wanna have fun It's all you think about U got it bad when you're out with someone But you keep on thinkin' bout somebody else U got it bad When you say that you love 'em And you really know Everything t
U Got It Bad
Oh, no, no, no, no, no... When you feel it in your body You found somebody who makes you change your ways Like hanging with your crew Said you act like youre ready But you dont really know And everything in your past - you wanna let it go Ive been there, done it, humped around After all that - this is what I found Nobody wants to be alone If youre touched by the words in this song Then baby... U got it, u got it bad When youre on the phone Hang up and you call right back U got it, u got it bad If you miss a day without your friend Your whole lifes off track You know you got it bad when youre stuck in the house You dont wanna have fun Its all you think about U got it bad when youre out with someone But you keep on thinkin bout somebody else U got it bad When you say that you love em And you really know Everything that used to matter, dont matter no more Like my money, all my cars (you can have it all back) Flowers, cards and candy (I do it just caus
U Got Me 10-03-07
U got me wantin Wantin to feel u Wantin to feel ur touch Wantin to feel ur love Just wantin so bad that it u got me cravin Cravin to feel u Cravin to feel ur touch Cravin to feel ur love Just cravin so bad that it leaves me yearnin Yearnin to feel u Yearnin to feelur touch And yearnin 4 ur love!
U Got What It Takes
U Got To Tear It Down To Rebuild It Stronger
U Got Me!!
why is it that when people see u tryin to do right, they do everything they can to make your successes their successes, spell check, but it's funny how a mothafucka will try and take credit for your hard work and the everything u put into it, then on top of that the bitch think i owe em, like he makes my shit happen or something, crazy huh?????
U Got What It Takes?
ARE YOU SEXY ENOUGH?? COME FIND OUT ONLY LORD SKULL KNOWS IF YOu CAN BE AN "ANGEL" DO YOU DARE ASK HIM ? CLICK THE PIC TO YOUR DESTINY.... THE INFAMOUS "LORD SKULL" LORD SKULL™ ~ :@ ENFORCER@ SKULL CRUSHER RADIO ~ HEAD OF SKULLS ANGELS ~ APPLY WITH IN ~@ fubar (repost of original by 'ღGothiqueTemptationღ Owner-DSG&D- RaWღBeautifully Morbid GM ღ' on '2008-04-05 10:53:24') (repost of original by 'LORD SKULL™ ~ :@ ENFORCER@ SKULL CRUSHER RADIO ~ HEAD OF SKULLS ANGELS ~ APPLY WITH IN ~' on '2008-04-05 10:55:52') (repost of original by '~☆TŧTëë ☆~' on '2008-04-05 10:57:40') (repost of original by 'LORD SKULL™ ~ :@ ENFORCER@ SKULL CRUSHER RADIO ~ HEAD OF SKULLS ANGELS ~ APPLY WITH IN ~' on '2008-04-08 22:19:32')
U Got
u got sex appeal, style,,,,, intelligence, class,, da face, da body and u kno what i got?....the wrong damn number my bad
U Got What It Takes
U Got It Bad By Usher
Oh, no, no, no, no, no... When you feel it in your body You found somebody who makes you change your ways Like hanging with your crew Said you act like you're ready But you don't really know And everything in your past - you wanna let it go I've been there, done it, fucked around After all that - this is what I found Nobody wants to be alone If you're touched by the words in this song Then baby... U got, u got it bad When you're on the phone Hang up and you call right back U got, u got it bad If you miss a day without your friend Your whole life's off track You know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house You don't wanna have fun It's all you think about U got it bad when you're out with someone But you keep on thinkin' bout somebody else U got it bad When you say that you love 'em And you really know Everything that used to matter, don't matter no more Like my money, all my cars (You can have it all back) Flowers, cards and candy (I do it just cause I'm...) Said I'm fortunate to
U Gotta Listen To This
U Gotta Poem By Yours Truely
when life kicks ya in the butt ya gotta take a deep breath n say so what. When the odds are against ya and the mountains are high u gotta shrug it off n give it a try. When the sky is dark not a soul in sight gotta keep searchin for the light. When songs of praises fall on deaf ear gotta pull em close so they can hear. When u try but it never goes right gotta keep up with the fight. Live laugh love n stand so strong take that to heart n youll never go wrong
U30gt Peas A Quad-core Tablet Evaluation Experience
  CUBE U30GT tablet android Peas a quad-core and quad-core peas 2 compared retains Rockchip RK3188 quad-core processor, the screen resolution from 1920x1200 (Quad peas 2) is reduced to 1280x800 resolution, while reducing the memory from 2GB to 1GB, the official website will also be four nuclear peas a play called "Cock wire peas." Of course, also joked behind CUBE price of this product's recognition. In addition, in four core peas a body, but also some bright spots, Bluetooth expansion capabilities, comprehensive interface feature, LED fill light, light sensor and magnesium alloy roll cage, etc., and we did not talk much, together into this CUBE U30GT on quad-core peas 1 evaluation, a one to interpret the characteristics of its fuselage. It is equipped with Rockchip RK3188, 28nm process technology coupled with the peak frequency of 1.8GHz, tablet cinesi but I believe the ability to run sub-terms, Rockchip RK3188 definitely not lost on like Nvidia Tegra 3, Samsung Exynos 4412 equivale
U Guys
u guys have my back and u tell me whats good cause im an innocent girl messin with boys from the hood u guys tell me ur problems and u listen to mine u talk me thru the situations when the new boy crosses the line u guys act like my bests when hes not around but once his face shows u kick me to the ground he was ur homie first, that i understand but before he was ur homie he was my man u guys act like he doesnt know that we kick it all the time apparently that nite bein my friend was a crime there was more tension between you guys and me everything was cool with us, u guys just didnt open ur eyes to see i tried to get u guys to listen and look me in the eye understand what i was saying and why i was about to cry just be happy that they caught me crying and sitting all alone cause what i coulda done that nite...well u already know dont be like the bitches yall love to hate and put up a front and be actin all fake hes the one who told me to call on u g
U Guys Are Validating Me Wonderfully-but Something Is Very Wrong
so - put up my pic -the one from the back cover of 'jewish pirate'---i did it like 2 days ago---my bar tab--i counted at least 12 ratings of '10;--but the pic itself--well--it says rating 10(3)===what the other 9+ who made me feel better by looking at me--where are their votes. this is such a bad time to have a pro0blem in admin--sorry but thank all oxxxoxo
U Guys Are Fags...
this is to everyone on here that has some fake ass pics up that they know damn well make them look better than reality....why perpetrate and try to be something that ur not??? people need to get comfortable in their own skin and act like they have some sense of self worth...i understand that some people do it cuz they are overly concerned about putting pics up because they dont wanna be cyber-stalked or whatever but what's the worst that will happen??? some douche bag is gonna jerk off to ur pic?? u should just see it as a the internet, do u walk around outside like a arab chick with ur face covered all the time??? cuz "the real world" is where the real threat is.....they can follow u home...all they can do on here is send u some fake threats that they more than likely couldnt even come close to acting upon....get over urselves and get more secure....act like a damn adult....if ur offended by this...let me know...i'll write back, it'll be fun....
U Guys Rock!!!!!
I just want to give a big thank you to THE ZODIAK BOMBERS and every one else that have been comment bombing the contest im in,it goes for 10 days so its only day one. I joined late and with all the hard work you guys are doing you moved me into second place,keep bombing away i will be giving out random FUBUCKS every day to different bombers..once again you guys Rock and a big thank you!!!!!!!!!! Please click the picture and rate and comment as mush as you can
Hey, I'm not really a big fan of this site yet but I'm checking it out because I like to try new things. Not much here, I usually hang out on Y!Messenger or MySpace. Occasionally I'll throw a blog on Yahoo!360 but that's about it. I have my own website, feel free to check it out. It's not what you think it is and I really need to update it. LOL! Well, tootles! Website: htttp:// ~HL~Vamp~
yep ok so im bored an need someone to talk to... i also have the hiccups an they wont go away i have had them for like a hour.... my throat hurts an i want them to go away... o yeah did i mention im extremely bored..... welp i am an grrrrr someone talk to me PLEASE :(
Uh..LOL. come on guys..(not those that have already taken the time) I dont know the meaning of bored at this point..:P Chat with me here..:) click th epic an dchat with me and sexy girl Cherrypiex..:)
U Had Me And U Lost Me
How should I start it off You must have thought me soft Like it was all good to move on and cross me off We never shared secrets We wasn't fucking raw Helped you when you were down and now you got the fucking gawl We used to be so tight We was each others life You was my husband and no doubt I was your fucking wife Did anything you ever asked of Eve You turned out to be a devil nigga I couldn't believe Sneaking numbers out my phone Calling bitches on the cell What the hell! Clunky bitches one on the scale I'm like a dime over line You can't calculate my status And you fucking with these bitches like my ass wasn't the fattest Like I didn't dress the baddest Any time we surface Must have been insecure Niggas made you nervous And I guess it was your purpose to lock me in But you fucked up Your lucks out But then again
U Had To Be Thair !
to all my friend's and fam. im having a blast should have many good pic.s for the gear head foulks out thair . stay tuned for the opener event pic's........woo hoo got to RACE
U Have Just Been
showin sum luv !! Hey, guess what! YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKED! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> F.U.C.K Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll F.U.C.K fore
U Have To Love It!
U Have 2 Love Them!
U Have 2 Love It
U Have To Read This One And Help!!!!
U Have Been Warned Lol
Just so u know...if i deleted u i'm sorry. And the same still goes. I came here to meet people not get points. So if u wanna be my friend and get to know me great if u dont don't add me please
U Have Got To Stop!!!!!
U Have 2 Watch It!!!!!! Its Soo Funny
its El Sapo by La Sombra
U Have Been Naughty Sexy_fatass_beast...
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
U Have A Beautiful Lady!
i am happy because i have a wonderful fubar wife, shes nme is debbie she make me happy!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!! +new blog, coming soon
U Have Been Tagged
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. My 10 1. I HATE PEOPLE THAT HAVE NO CLUE ON LIFE AND TRY TO MAKE YOU LOOK STUPID ALONG WITH THEM 2. I LOVE TO GO FOR WALKS ON THE BEACH AND ON THE CANAL 3. I LOVE TO GO DANCING!! AND GET MY GROOVE ON!! 4. I AM A VERY WILD PERSON WHEN I WANT TO BE 5. I LOVE TO ROLLER BLADE 6. I LOVE MY FAMILY EVEN WHEN THEY GET ME MAD 8. I AM VERY OUT SPOKEN AT TIMES 9. I LOVE TO SLEEP IN THE BUFF 10. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE BLOW THINGS OUT OF CONTEXT!!!! I am tagging these 4 people: Thundstorm freak, CHUCK, UNLUCKY, NOT HOMER
U Have To See This!!!
Please stop by and rate, fan, add these two wonderful men, they are always there when I need them, they truly define "friendship", so go spank them hard, tell them Jen sent ya! Much love xoxoxox DirtyXBeast [D.S.C.]-[Guilty Pleasures' Manager]-[Jen's Dirty Pet Perv]-@ fubar & PONYBOY1966~~ FNDR & PRES. OF THE INDEPENDENT FAMILY~~OWNER OF PATTIE~~@ fubar This pimpout brought to you by the one and only..... ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~*DSC* Fu Owner of ~Kiwichi~ & ~*Ghost*~@ fubar
U Have 2 Fish In Order 2 Find The Sea
THEY lie cause u can fall in love over the internet.(omg) I was not thinking about it.IT happens in a blink of an eye.Or in this case the typing of the keys on the pc board. Look the computer help the process faster in dating or just plain booty(for thoses who know about online bootycall..lmbao) Life what u make it they say never give up on anyone who worth the fighting for. U take a risk actin a fool for love. IM not saying use fubar as a dating site.But half of the time people are here having a goodtime some are blind.(some are just plain tards..lookng for nsfw photos) I have been hurt and hurt others and forgive those i can.Cause a better day is coming no matter how the weekend looks. BEcareful like anything u do in dating pays the price cause it still real life. Just like if u was 2 got out on the town.
U Have Nothing Better To Do!
Joe Cartoon - Stone FliesSee more like this on
U Have Dreams????
U Have Been Tagged
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1: I THINK IM UGLY AS FUCK 2: I LOVE MY EYES 3: IM VERY SENSITIVE 4: I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY DOGGIE 5: IM TO NICE SOMETIMES SO PEOPLE WALK ALL OVER ME 6: IM A JUGGALETTE DEAL WITH IT 7: I LOVE TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH AND SMILE 8: I HAVE A THING FOR NICE TEETH IF U HAVE FUCKED UP TEETH IM NEVER GONNA GET WITH YOU 9: IM SCARED OF BEING ALONE (LIKE AS IN SINGLE) 10: I GROW MY HAIR OUR FOR LOCKS OF LOVE (IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THAT IS IT IS FOR CANCER PATIENTS 18 AND UNDER AND IT MAKES THEM A WIG FROM YOUR HAIR) I TAG: 1: PIMP DADDY 2: HOT AND FLUFFY 3: SKATE 4 LIFE
U Have To See This
U Have To Hear This click the link a watch !!!
Uh, Blasts?
My facination with people buying attention is about unlimited. From what I've seen, there are more females than males with blasts. This seems odd to me. Some of the girls I have talked to ( in person or on the phone ) say they get tons of attention in person. They are actually sick of guys making comments to them trying to get into their pants. They say stuff like " Do these guys think they make me feel special by offering me their dick? I get offered dick all day long!! Grow up. " I think it's easier for a woman to get attention on here than a man anyway. And they seem to be the one's buying the most blasts. Yah, so that's confusing. Sometimes it seems like they are spending their husband's money while he is in iraq, and buying blasts, and vip's. Whatever makes you happy though I guess. I say I guess a lot, mostly to let people know I'm not really sure about much. I think a lot, but most of the time I don't really know for sure. It's all a bunch of guesses. I'm not into making concre
it was a long couple of nights but i finally get to sleep in my own bed tonight ♥
How INSaNe are you? 41% Quirky - You are only insane very rarely and when you do go insane it is hilarious. 'How Insane are You?' at
U Heeft Een Nieuwe Moncler Outlet
Dit alles: de moncler jassen  koperen vingers opgetild en spannen om de hemel, de nivellering van de inschrijving bepaald door geslacht, de emancipatie van vrouwen die hen de dapperheid te hoge ambities bogen en ook om te weigeren gepest toelaat, laat me duizelig van plaatsvervangende plezier.. Als een WCH Tennant vereist een kort werk kunnen ze automatisch worden uitgegeven een ontruiming te zien, zij gedateerd 4 weken vooraf opgave is er huur achterstand op het terrein. Zijn niet deze laarzen betekende Australian??? Dus meteen na veel onderzoek kwam ik erachter wie heeft ugg laarzen te koop deze bedrijven rippen ons af. Misschien wel de meest opmerkelijke uitzondering ugg boots outlet riverhead ny is Dan Uggla. Hij was zo moedig vechten, de algemene vijand ',,, s allemaal WangFengErTao. De Raptor Resource onderneming ugg bont laarzen voor mannen is het opgezet voor extra dan de gebruikelijke periode van dertig dagen met een persoonlijke vissenbroedplaats in Decorah digica
Uhf - A Cinema Classic   Enjoy!!!
Uh Football 2007 Champs Bcs
By Stephen Tsai HawaiiWarriorBeat.Com Editor Hawai'i slotback Ryan Grice-Mullins lunges for the end zone, taking Washington safety Mesphin Forrester with him to complete a 5-yard touchdown reception that broke a 28-28 tie with 44 seconds left. BRUCE ASATO | The Honolulu Advertiser Only a post-game celebration could contain Jason Rivers, foreground, and Colt Brennan, who combined for four touchdowns. JOAQUIN SIOPACK | The Honolulu Advertiser Quarterback Colt Brennan meets the press while fans celebrate on the Aloha Stadium turf following the victory over Washington. JOAQUIN SIOPACK | The Honolulu Advertiser "These guys are so special. They play for each other." COLT BRENNAN | University of Hawai'i quarterback "Me being a senior, I wanted to do something special." JASON RIVERS | University of Hawai'i wide receiver RELATED NEWS FROM THE WEB Latest headlines by topic: • Sports
I"m starting to get sick and I dont' like it... I get my other shot (the left side) on Tuesday and if I'm sick, they will postpone it... DAMN.... took forever to get this appt.. don't want it postponed......anyone got any home remedies to cure a sinus infection before it starts? lol
wtf am i doing? this just seems like a lot of effort.
note to self: don't eat watermelon naked...the juices run down, and there is no one around to lick it all up....
ok so what is the point of living without love. I can tell you there isnt one so yeah fuck it all fuck this world fuck EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE I'M OUT
I gotta repost this from my previous profile... Since I'm inspired by a recent 3rd grade level mumm that belongs on a short bus. Is there a fuckin reason why someone who moved here in her teens writes better English than some adult men and women who were BORN in this country?? I mean, American education is not that bad, so wtf?? Short bus?
could they play a gayer show right after the superbowl? i think not. this is almost as bad as a cheeply made teen movie. [the former 'dawson leary' murdering 'sinners' for religious purposes? gag me with a .50 cal.]

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