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6 Sure Ways To Reduce Crime In Your Local Neighborhood Simply Through Observation
6 sure ways to reduce local crime in your communities by observatation to spot the Not! BY Eric T             A SURE 6 WAYS WAYS TO SPOT "TWEEKERS" LIVING IN YOUR COMMUNITY meth users a.k.a TWEEKERS
Sure-fire Cure For Hiccups
grab your tongue with thumb & index or middle finger  - press and pull on your tongue as hard as you can tolerate and inhale - hold your breath as long as you can while doing this - if you hiccup while doing this, keep a hold of your tongue and inhale again - hiccups should be gone by then
Sure Do Got A Purdy Mouth
Friend: she sure doesnt have a purdy mouth Me: lmfao now im looking at her mouth!
Sure To Follow My Recommendations
html You want Steve Smith Womens Jersey to also make sure you get MMA shorts because you want the short material to wick the sweat from your skin quickly. It will help your fighting a lot if you make sure you choose shorts that let your sweat evaporate quickly as this option helps you have dry and light shorts in your fights. Look to get great shorts that are made of polyester and steer away from cotton shorts. The flexibility of your shorts will make sure that you can kick your opponent without any Cam Newton Womens Jersey trouble. If your shorts are too tight or too loose they could stop you from making a critical kick or could get in your way as you move. You want to be feeling good when you fight and not worrying about your shorts so make sure you check the flexibility of the material. The seams on your fight shorts will also have a big impact on how long your shorts will last so make sure that you consider this option too. Split seams are the best and come Authentic
Surf Junkies
OK I know that alot of you are on the internet alot so shouldn't you be earning something for being on in your spare time?? I know that it is not alot but every little bit helps. Go to this link to learn more. Thanks!
Surfing Life
It's funny how the universe moves in waves very similar to the ocean. When you're in the water your first sense of a wave is barely perceivable, a slight tug of the undertow and a simple swell. Then you can look out and watch it gain momentum not sure of where it will break. As it builds and moves closer you can start to make out where it will crest, when it does you finally see witch way it will go and how long it will last. At the moment the wave reaches you the choice is either catch it or get tumbled .What ever you do you're not in the same place you were no matter how hard you try. In the same way the energy of the universe changes things. At first you barley notice it a simple thought or feeling tugging at you from the back of your mind. As time moves on you can see and feel where the change is coming from. When this energy crests you get your first look at its potential to alter your life and the directions it can take you. And just like a wave you either catch it or get tumbled
Surfing Underwater
I keep hearing From the other side Another form of truth Like feeling indestructible But knowing I can be broken Living without fear Though I can still Be scared Wanting my space And craving you Were here Longing to hear Forever Needing that warmth But when it is spoken You remind me Of Judas It all is the same Your view of reality And what is Driving you mad Getting real happy Then Remembering sad
I don't understand why 99.9% of people on here list surfing as one of their interests but they have never even floated on a board once much less caught a wave or even watch competitions on TV. I actually ride so I would like to talk to others that do to. I doubt anyone says "wow I should talk to that person, they seem cool because they surf." No, it just ends up in an awkward chat because they have to justify why they put that on their page. It always goes like this: "I was planning on learning this summer." Idiot, the better waves are in the winter. I'm not even going to get started on MotoX...
Surfing On My Cell
surfing the web on my phone is a pain in the ass!, lol..but at least I can do some things I've been working on some designs with my sure to let me know what u think! kisses
Surfin A Monday Evening: The Day I Find My Balance
Well, it is now almost 11:00 pm on a Monday night. Our bodies need food, we are ravenous after a spontaneous surf session at good 'ol Santa Monica. After checking my MySpace and finding no messages I decided to fight that slightly rejected feeling that a MySpace check resulting in little activity seems to give me, by blogging my awesome evening. The surfboards weren’t due back until Monday night, today. After an excruciatingly horrendous ordeal in Malibu last Saturday, I decided to make up for it with a quick trip to the beach Monday afternoon. I begged my boss, who let me leave work at 4:00 pm. I dashed home, threw on my bikini, had boards in the car in 5 seconds, grabbed my standard issue bag o' beach provisions, still packed from Saturday’s excursion and in about twenty minutes flat, we were off. Luckily, there was smooth sailing pretty much the whole way there. Going the other direction however, it was bumper to bumper gridlock from all the worker bees released from their dai
Surf's Up
Didn't see PotC 3 after all, but split from the group to see Surf's Up. This had received a negative review in the local Ithaca Times but... ah, I had to... Like the reviewer, whose reviews I do very often agree with... I didn't think who the famous voice actors were was anywhere as important as how well they did or didn't do their work (I think they did, though), and didn't know who the surfing stars providing some of the commentary were either. Unlike the reviewer, I was laughing, smiling, refreshed, and just very, very glad I saw this. Also saw an old friend I'd been meaning to get back in touch with, bought a few music items, and felt the evening very well spent.
Surfing With A Tidal Wave??
Now this, is adventure........or crazy!
Surfing On Fubar
I like to surf around fubar and look at the pictures that people put in their folders. I like it most of the time I should say because so many screw it up as they try to be creative or express sentiment. On a site like fubar, few people are interested in seeing young children. Sorry to tell you but this is not a family site. Nice pictures of people that get morphed to animals and heaven only knows what else are lame. People want to see you not someone's feeble attempt at computer graphics. You may have had a tough day or feel real cool but flipping off the guy taking your picture is juvenile, not cool. If you want to show contempt for someone, grow a pair and send them a note saying exactly what you find wrong with them. To me nsfw occurs when language is crude or abusive or different body parts are exposed in public. Being a little sexy is not nsfw in spite of those who want this to be a family web site. Too bad that fubar won't grow up.
Surfing Fubar
I like to surf around fubar and look at the pictures that people put in their folders. I like it most of the time I should say because so many screw it up as they try to be creative or express sentiment. On a site like fubar, few people are interested in seeing young children. Sorry to tell you but this is not a family site. Nice pictures of people that get morphed to animals and heaven only knows what else are lame. People want to see you not someone's feeble attempt at computer graphics. You may have had a tough day or feel real cool but flipping off the guy taking your picture is juvenile, not cool. If you want to show contempt for someone, grow a pair and send them a note saying exactly what you find wrong with them. To me nsfw occurs when language is crude or abusive or different body parts are exposed in public. Being a little sexy is not nsfw in spite of those who want this to be a family web site. Too bad that fubar won't grow up.
Surfside Fruity-seafood Kabobs
INGREDIENTS: * 1 lb shark * 1 lb shrimp large, peeled deveined * 1 lb scallops ocean * 1 pineapple fresh peeled cored * 4 bananas, firm, peeled * 2 peaches peeled seeded * 4 lemons or limes quartered * 12 strawberries large capped * 2 apples cored quartered PREPARATION: Cut fruits & shark into chunks that will fit well on a kabob-skewer. Thread alternating pieces of fruit, shark, scallops, & shrimp onto the skewers & grill over coals until shrimp is done. serves 4
Surfin U.s.a.
Free Video Hosting
Surf's Up
Movie Reviews Surf’s Up 2007 Nene Rate: 10 Genres: Action/Adventure and Comedy Running Time: 1 hr. 25 min. Release Date: June 8th, 2007 (wide) MPAA Rating: PG for mild language and some rude humor. Distributors: Sony Pictures Releasing, Sony Pictures Releasing International U.S. Box Office: $58,867,694 Cody is a teenage penguin who wants to be a champion surfer. When he was a baby, he met a champion surfer named Big Z. Big Z became Cody’s idol. One day a talent scout came to Cody’s town looking for surfers for a contest. Cody goes to Hawaii for a big surf contest. The animation is great and I always like how these stories have morals. And for some reason many of these animated stories involve a child who has been orphaned by one of his parents as with Bambi, Dumbo, Finding Nemo, and many other movies. Cody’s father died when he was young so it is only natural that he would seek out a father figure like Big Z. Cody is a very relatable character. He is a bit of a br
Surfacing By Slipknot
Surfacing by Slipknot Running out of ways to run I cannot see I cannot be Over and Over and under my skin All this attention is doing me in Fuck it all Fuck this world Fuck everything that u stand for Dont belong dont exist Dont ever judge me Picking through the parts exposed Taking shape taking shag Over and over and under my skin All this momentom is doing me in You got my love livin In ure own hate Dripping hole man hard step no fate Show you nuthin but I aint holdin back Every damn word i say Is a sneak attack When i get my hands on you Aint a fuckin thing u can do Get this cause you Are never gonna get me I a
Surface Desire Is Only The Tip Of The Iceburg.
The root of desire Most of the things you think you desire are only shallow substitutes for what you truly would like to have. Learn to look past each immediate, superficial wish to uncover the real, profound and fulfilling desire beyond it. There's no sense spending your time, effort and resources in pursuit of things that are not even what you genuinely desire. Look instead at the root of each desire and put your energy into what you truly wish to bring about in your life. The things you crave may satisfy you momentarily, yet they cannot fulfill your deepest desires. By giving in to your cravings, you're actually pushing yourself further and further away from what you truly wish to have. Choose to raise your expectations. Instead of merely chasing pleasures that quickly fade, work on creating joys that do not end. Instead of diversions that just amuse you, create experiences that wholly fulfill you. There's no need to settle for substitutes when an authentically meaningful
Surfer On Acid
Category: Shot Glass Type: Shot Glass 1 part(s) Jagermeister 1 part(s) Malibu Coconut Rum 1 part(s) Pineapple Juice Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass.
Surfing Broken Head, Australia
Nice, -- Surfing Broken Head, Australia from Geoff Charters on Vimeo. The producer says, Shot this first light for a corporate job. No surf and grey skies for a week then the day I got up early - nice glassy 3 to 4 footers came rolling around the point with blue skies. Shot with a polarizer on the EX1. Used twixtor to slow down some segments
I'm bored.. so I'm gonna post about something I LOVE...SURFING!!!! and before people start going "you grew up in az how did you surf..the sand?!?!" haha funny not. I started surfing at 7 here in Oregon, PC/Otter Rock/Gleneden were my stomping grounds (literally I acted like a dinosaur) and I totally fell in love with it. My uncle put me on a board and just pushed me into a wave. I didn't really SURF surf until I was about 12 years old. I had been into surfing in a big way, Rob Machado & Kelly Slater were my heros, female surfers were starting to hit it big & I was falling in love with Andy Irons. I went to Ventura Surf School in Ventura, CA with my cousin the summer my niece was born. Coolest experience of my life considering the year or so before I'd been taught more technique by my uncle & this really hot guy haha I caught my first wave when I was 10 (random skipage I know) but I paddled out when I was 12, waited my turn at Surfers Point & caught a 4ft wave (which was BIG cuz I w
Surfs Easy To Use Html Tutorial
SURFS EASY TO USE HTML TUTORIAL I will make this as easy as i can for you. Its not rocket science. So dont feel overwelmed. It takes a bit more time. And effort. But looks brilliant, vibrant, and professional. I write these codes daily. So they're second nature to me. THIS CODE CHANGES COLOR: Colors i know and found that work: red green lime orange yellow violet deeppink grape pink brown white silver maroon Can also add any colors from any html color chart. Can "Google" HTML color chart. To find others. THIS CODE CHANGES SIZE: For estimate size of 4... about double size of normal font. Can use any number. larger the number, bigger font gets. 10 is extremely large. Normally, when leaving comments on pages, i will use size 4. THIS CODE CHANGES FONT: I love the georgia font. :-P Fonts can be found in your computer. Just search fonts in your windows search panel. SPECIAL CHARACTERS: REFER TO THIS SITE (I have and recommend bookma
Riding the tide, Coasting along the shoals with trepidation, Ever navigating these waters we call life, With the greatest of care, An ounce of fear and hesitation, Yet, once rife with the swell, This rippling undulation, It lays bare my courage, My soul borne with adulation, So carry me well, Oh crest and barrel, Allow me to soar, Upon your glassy surface, As high resounds your sweet, And crashing carol
Surface Area Required To Power The World With Renewable/sustainable Energy
Surface Of Betelgeuse
Surface, Tablette De Microsoft, Va Vendre Pour 499 $
Surface, l'ordinateur tablette de Microsoft, aura un prix de départ de 499 $ et sortira le 26 Octobre, a indiqué la compagnie. C'est le même prix que Apple Inc iPad, la tablette android 4.0 la plus populaire, mais le modèle de base a deux fois plus de mémoire de stockage Surface: 32 gigaoctets. De plus l'écran est un peu plus grand. La particularité de la surface, une couverture qui sert à la fois d'un clavier, vous coûtera 100 $ de plus, a indiqué la compagnie mardi. Il y aura un modèle plus avancé de 699 $ qui permettra de doubler la mémoire, 64 giga-octets, et comprend la couverture. Lancement de surface est un geste inhabituel pour Microsoft, qui se vend normalement logiciels pour les fabricants d'ordinateurs plutôt que de fabriquer lui-même. Coïncide également avec le lancement de Windows 8, une version du système d'exploitation qui est conçu pour mieux fonctionner sur les ordinateurs à écran tactile et les tablettes. Microsoft va vendre la tablette dans ses magasins
Surface De Frapper L'amérique Du Nord En Février
San Francisco - Microsoft a annoncé mardi que son entreprise orientée vers Windows 8 Surface achat tablette tactile Pro fera ses débuts aux États-Unis et au Canada en Février avec un prix de départ élevé de 899 $. Microsoft a également déclaré que le consommateur axé version de Surface publié à la fin l'année dernière ici sera bientôt disponible dans 13 nouveaux marchés à travers le monde. Le Pro Surface sera disponible le 9 Février dans les magasins Microsoft aux États-Unis et au Canada, à la boutique en ligne de Microsoft et au Staples et Best Buy et d'autres détaillants. La réponse à la surface a été passionnant de voir, a déclaré le directeur général de Microsoft Surface Panos Panay. Nous sommes ravis de poursuivre notre croissance la famille surface." Redmond, Washington basé sur Microsoft décrit Pro surface présente comme "la puissance et les performances d'un ordinateur portable dans un paquet de comprimés." Comprimés Pro, qui dit l'origine, Microsoft serait publié
Long ago, I learned that the world is a place of layered wonders beyond counting. Most people unconsciously blind themselves to the true nature of existence, because they fear knowing that this world is a place of mystery and meaning...most times anyways. It's easier to live in a world that's all surfaces and shallow, that means nothing and demands nothing of you. Because I love this world (I sometimes loathe it as well), I am by nature somewhat optimistic and of great humor. An old friend and mentor once told me that buoyancy is one of my better qualities. However, as though to warn that excess buoyancy might lead to carelessness, he also reminded me that shit , too, floats lol. But on my worst days, which seem to steadily increase as I get older, and of which this is one, I can get down so low that the bottom seems to be where I belong and I don't even want to look for a way up or out. I suppose that surrender to sadness is a sin, though my current sadness is not a black depression
Surf's Up!
wooooo hoooooooo!!!!!!
Surface Tablet Pc Shanghai International Studies University Sandoval
More than 700 log forwarding capacity of our students will be considered in terms of Renren home a high degree of concern . " Turning to the first call for Surface Tablet PC purchase intent , the Shanghai International Studies University School Student Federation ( hereinafter referred to as " School Federation " ) Chairman Wang Fan classmates laments. According to Wang Fan introduced in the Chinese district procurement rules before the announcement, Microsoft Surface education for the global launch promotions news spread like wildfire in the Shanghai International Studies University , causing the majority of students in lively discussion Android 4.2 Tablet PC Because this is our first time such a large school ACSF to purchase consumer electronic products , so the beginning of some hesitation , but a reliable guarantee for the brand based on Microsoft and the students enthusiastic voice , we finally decided to make this attempt . " After carefully to find out about Windows
Surgery Date
hey all, i will be signing off for a while. i am having my boob surgery on friday the 29th as you can see from my profile countdown clock. i will be offline for about a week. looking foward to reading some nice comments and emails when i return. wish me luck!
A mechanic was removing a cylinder head from the motor of a Harley motorcycle when he spotted a well-known heart surgeon in his shop. The surgeon was there, waiting for the service manager to come and take a look at his bike. The mechanic shouted across the garage, "Hey, Doc, can I ask you a question?" The surgeon a bit surprised, walked over to the mechanic working on the motorcycle. The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, "So Doc, look at this engine. I open its heart, take valves out, fix 'em, put 'em back in, and when I finish, it works just like new. So how come I get such a small salary and you get the really big bucks, when you and I are doing basically the same work?" The surgeon paused, smiled and leaned over, and whispered to the mechanic... "Try doing it with the engine running."
I just dropped Sasha off at the vets to be fixed. I won't be able to do a thing until after 11 when I know she's alright.
Well, it is almost 4 in the morning on Monday, October 16, 2006. My uncle's surgery is in 5 hours. SOOOO, it is time for some sleep. Thank you all again for your prayers. Good night!
Well my sister is currently in surgery. They are working on removing her tumor, they said it's bonine when they filled out the paper work. So it's going to be about four to six hours before this is all done. We are sitting in the hotel room waiting for abit instead of staying at the hospital. We've been there sense 0800 and left about 1100. She did pass out once but that wasn't do to the surgery, I think it was the no eating part. More updates to come. Love Stace
On november 7th I go under the knife... I am getting 3 herniated disc in my neck fixed. For all who didn't know i have been living in some severe pain for the last 2 months and I have had enough. Not too happy about the scar that I will have on the front of my neck but I just cannot take it any more. It is a 4 to 5 hour surgery (my poor wife) with a 3 to 5 month recovery (my poor friends on Lost Cherry). I will let everyone know how it went when I can but I will be in the hospital for 24hours, then taking it easy for a couple of days then I will do what I can. With any surgery there are risks... but they are very minimal in this case. But just on the off chance something does go wrong, I just want you, all of my friends here to know that my life was richer having met you and getting to know all of you. I had a great life and I have very few regrets (most of them had to do with a certain x-wife that no longer lives in this country). I am sure nothing will go wrong and you all will
I probably won't be on here much for the next week or so, I am going in tomorrow for surgery. Not looking forward to it but it is something that needs to be done. I'll miss everyone and I'll see ya all when I start to recover. Hugs and kisses!!
Surgery Recovery
Well I had my surgery yesterday and things went well for the most part. I'm in alot of pain and they have me in an abdominal binder. I get to take a shower tomorrow..YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH and will get to see the incision and take this binder off for a little bit anyways. I can't drive or lift anything for at least a week. I go back and see my doctor Next Friday. But I am headed back to my bed now for a little bit.
Surghey Says! Ala Lindy.
1. What is in the back seat of your car right now? Let's's messier than usual. Umbrella, a baseball jersey, CDs, roll of paper towels, raw almonds, flip flops...that may be it. 2. What was the last thing you threw up? Thanksgiving dinner. 3. What's your favorite curse word? Fucktard. 3. Menthol or regular cigarettes? Regular. 4. What is your favorite episode of Friends? The one where Monica & Tom Selleck break up. Stupid bitch. No one puts Magnum in a corner! 5. Does anyone have any blackmail on you? Probably. There goes my bid for the senate. 6. If you could marry any celebrity today who would it be? Bono, every time. 7. Have you been to a strip club? Club, no. But I've seen the Chippendales. 8. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? No. 9. Are you wearing socks right now? Yes. 10. What was the last thing you had to drink? Diet Orange Soda. Nectar of the gods. 11. What are you wearing right now?
The Surgery
well i have two days left be fore the big day and im really nervous and scared but i know that i will be a changed person and this is for the best im excited so just wanting to thank everyone who has stood by me so far and those that will continue to stand by me through the rest thanks for being a good friend and i will post progress pics through out my journey
so yea, tomorrow's my big day....i get to have back surgery. leave me love, messages, shouts, comments, whatever u wish. thanks.
so yesterday i had my knee surgery.. lasted 4.5 hrs.. sucked! im in a whole heap of pain today but im dealling..
Surgery Yesterday
hey everyone. i just want to tell ya that i had surgery yesterday on my right knee. i'm doing ok but still really sore. anyways just wanted to share with you guys. take care
here we go....."a very sexually active 40-something walks into a plastic surgeons office. she explains that she like sex and would like her pussy lips reduced since they are well fucked and flappy. she embareassingly tells the doctor, " i dont want anyone to know about this can you promise me your utmost discretion?" the doctor says that " NO ONE will know". so after the procedure she awakes and finds three roses placed next to her on the bed. she very angrily asked the doctor, "i thought you said no one would know, where did these come from"? the doctor said" calm down miss, no one knows, the first one is from me, my wife had the same operation done several months ago, she said that it had hurt, the second was from the nurse, after watching the procedure for the fisrt time she felt for you, " "and the third" she said?", arms crossed, " well the third was from a burn patient upstairs to say thanks for the new EARS."
I had surgery on Thrusday and they gave me 3 ccs of Morphine, 4 ccs of Tramadol, 4 ccs of Perkaset, 6 ccs of Valume, and 1000 milligrams of Darveset. Tell me if that ain't a cuncostuion or what? Surgery went well. I went in to surgery at 8:30 am and got out and home at 2:30pm. It took over an hour for my pain level to come down and Jess is havein to watch me kinda careful because they said that if my blood pleasure gets too high that I would have to go to the hospital right away so that I could get treated. My knee is nicely swollen and very sore. I have a pretty picture on my thigh. Its a christmas tree and it has my doctors intialts and the doctor that put me to sleep and it also has writen on it FIX THIS BUSTED KNEE. It so turns out that instead of just havin one tear in my meniscus I had two. one on the inside and one on the out side. I had a Double wammy. I havent had any pain killers since thursday and that was only what they gave me at the surgica
Surgery To Stunt Girl's Growth Sparks Debate
By LINDSEY TANNER, AP CHICAGO (Jan. 4) - In a case fraught with ethical questions, the parents of a severely mentally and physically disabled child have stunted her growth to keep their little "pillow angel" a manageable and more portable size. The bedridden 9-year-old girl had her uterus and breast tissue removed at a Seattle hospital and received large doses of hormones to halt her growth. She is now 4-foot-5; her parents say she would otherwise probably reach a normal 5-foot-6. The case has captured attention nationwide and abroad via the Internet, with some decrying the parents' actions as perverse and akin to eugenics. Some ethicists question the parents' claim that the drastic treatment will benefit their daughter and allow them to continue caring for her at home. University of Pennsylvania ethicist Art Caplan said the case is troubling and reflects "slippery slope" thinking among parents who believe "the way to deal with my kid with permanent behavioral problems is t
Surgery And Hubbys
I have been in pain for over a year now with my overies.I had every test done possible to find out why and and everything medically possible done.Nothing has helped.My doctors told me today I will be having a hysterectomy done on the 24th of this month.I am not scarred and look forward to not being in pain anymore.Now my hubby this is what bothers me about him.He found out and instead of coming to me to talk with me about it he went on his ct account and did a blog a mum and everything.This hurt my feelings alot because it makes me feel like if he has something bothering him he cant talk to me.
The "surge"
I find myself incredibly stressed about the "deciders" national address coming up on Wednesday. 20,000 more troops? What is that all about? Did the American citizenry not speak in November? Does the man listen to anyone but his pet monkey? 1,350 days since Mission Accomplished. 3,014 American sons, daughters, fathers, mothers dead.
Well guys I found out yesterday I am going to have to go under the knife!!! My breast Cancer has returned!!! This time is worse than last..but I am trying to stay hopeful of the outcome!!! It will be rough concidering I have breast implants that will have to be removed before anything can be done!!! Once again I ask you to keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I fight this battle once again!!! And for all of you who have not had a breast examination,.Men and women alike please do so..early detection is the best treatment!!! love you all Chele
The "surge" In Iraq Is Merely A Tactic To Buy Time While War With Iran And Syria Can Be Orchestrated.
Surge and Mirrors: What Bush Really Said By Paul Craig Roberts 12 Jan 2007 ...Bush says, "We will disrupt the attacks on our forces. We will interrupt the flow of support from Iran and Syria. And we will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq." In those words, Bush states perfectly clearly that victory in Iraq requires US forces to attack Iran and Syria. Moreover, Bush says, "We are also taking other steps to bolster the security of Iraq and protect American interests in the Middle East. I recently ordered the deployment of an additional carrier strike group to the region." What do two US aircraft carrier attack groups in the Persian Gulf have to do with a guerilla ground war in Iraq? The "surge" in Iraq is merely a tactic to buy time while war with Iran and Syria can be orchestrated.
Surgery Fo Me
Well today i foound out that i am getting hip replacement. I dont know when but i am sure it will be soon. So i am falling apart so they are going to fix me. so this all i am going to say but i will let you all know when it all happens.
I went into the hopsital Monday night thanks to EMS. I was having pain in my lower left back. I knew what it was because I had had this pain before, but not this bad. Turns out that I had three medium kidney stones this time. Two on the left and one on the right. I was being pumped full of saline IV to try and flush them out. It was not working. Wednesday morning I was visited by my doctor. He told me that I had two options: Go home and try to pass them on my own or have surgery and have them removed. He said by what he saw in the x-ray, there was no way of passing them normally. So I had my first operation to have the stones removed. They could not get the breathing tube down my throat so they put it in my right nostril. That hurt like hell. I was under when they did the operation. I will save you all the details. I will just say this: I now have a stent in right now. If you don't know what that is, messsage me and I will tell you. I got back Thursday afternoon. I am still feeling pai
UPDATE! so i had the surgery and it went well! BUT i fell on thursday last week and i busted the stitched and retore things that were fixed to they have to go back in 2 more times! woohoo.. but theres the latest on my soldier news
Surge In Carbon Levels Raises Fears Of Runaway Warming
Surge in carbon levels raises fears of runaway warming 19 Jan 2007 Carbon dioxide is accumulating in the atmosphere much faster than scientists expected, raising fears that humankind may have less time to tackle climate change than previously thought.,,1994071,00.html
I am having my stent removed on the 31st. I am so relieved. I just hope it doesn't hurt or bleed too much..
To all my friends and fans(lol)I am having surgery tomorrow,Feb.2 on my shoulder,as if im not in enough pain already.Anyway those of you who know where I live please feel free to stop in and visit with me.Now I will have free time to figure this site out,so far it's pretty cool!I really like to know how people get all these graphics done on here.They are awesome!Anyway,I need to go and pace some more,so I will see you all later!!Nothing to eat or drink after I must get my fixes in now!
Surgery Recovery
My surgery went well on Friday,never do I want to experience this again...The pain right now is way too much to bare,I'll take child birth anyday over this.I will be back on as soon as Im feeling better(hopefully soon).In the meantime you all have a great weekend and enjoy the superbowl..Stay Safe!!Love,Bonnie
woke up this morning with the phone ringing.the doctor had a cancellation and I could see him at nine to have a cyst removed from behind my ear. so off I go and half an hour later the cyst is removed and the bad news is I may lose one of my piercings in my ear , will find out more when its healed
due to minor surgery on my ear i had to retire one of my lobe piercings now only have 3 in one lobe
Surgery Date Is Set...
My surgery has now been scheduled March 9th... they are moving the nerve in my elbow so that it runs under my bicep and forearm along the vein people normally have their blood drawn from. While apparently this is typically considered "major surgery" because they are messing with a nerve, the doc has done nothing but re-assure me the risks are minimal. Basically just an hour - hour and a half surgery. so... yeah.. there it is.
Surgery Went Alright
I got my tubes tied today,I'm sore, but otherwise ok. I will be missing my cam show tomorrow but will let you know if I do anything else before next friday. Talk toyou later!! Gina
Surgery Went Good
Hi everyone, well had surgery on the 13th of Feb ...They had to go in and try to fix the damaged nerve in my left elbow so they tore out some tissue in between the two bones cause they couldn't get the two bones to stop rubbing on the damaged nerve so they thought they'd make room with taking out the tissue in there to see if it would help.. Because they couldn't get the nerve to extend any to take it out from in between the two bones... Well went and got the stitches out last week they said it looks good but my elbow part is still numb not sure if its supose to be like that or not he said he'll see me in another month to see if the healing is still going good or not... But still in some pain and wondering if its supose to be like this but i can't seeh im untill next month now... So might get ahold of my family dr and go see him and see what he says he's a good dr and will see me and give me good advice i've been with him since 99 ... Anyways thought i'd give everyone a update as why i
Surgery Of Implament
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Surgery Update
My Brain Surgery has finally been scheduled after 9 months. It is scheduled for the 29th of March and I'll be back in Texas for recovery. Jim
Surgery Went
Surgery went well on Wednesday, but I have been having a bad time with healing. I have been in so much pain. The glue they put on instead of stitches came off and it's not healing right. I'm going to go see the doctor tomorrow and see if he can stitch it closed or something. Hope everyone has an awesome week!
Surgery Is Done...
Home from the hospital.. OLD MOM IS EXHAUSTED! But everything went very well. Took alittle longer than expected, but she is now resting well.. Back to the hospital tomarrow, doctor thought probably she will be already going home tomarrow.. then, my week will really begin. But my baby is fine and that is what counts.. Thanks for the prayers. I love you all.. and how come i can't take that damn happy new year off.. this page.. it just won't come.. any suggestions???
Surgery Went Well........
My surgery (to remove my gallbladder) went well the other day, but i am still in alot of pain. I wish i knew the other day what i know today and i would have never had it done! I would have let death take over. I dought that after all i have been through yesterday that i am going to go through with my 2nd surgery ! I am praying that i will be better before tomorrow cause i cant handle this pain much longer expectly with these kids. Its really hard trying to explain to a 5 year and 8 year old why they cant touch you.
Surgery? When Ralph first noticed that his penis was growing larger and staying erect longer, he was delighted, as was his wife. But after several weeks, his penis had grown to nearly twenty inches. Ralph became quite concerned. He was having problems dressing, and even walking. So he and his wife went to see a prominent urologist. After an initial examination, the doctor explained to the couple that, though rare, Ralph's condition could be fixed through corrective surgery. "How long will Ralph be on crutches?" the wife asked anxiously. "Crutches? Why would he need crutches?" responded the surprised doctor. "Well," said the wife coldly, "you're gonna lengthen his legs, aren't you? Life is what you make of it... kinda like Play-Doh
Five Surgeons are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on. The first surgeon says, "I like to see accountants on my operating table, because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered." The second responds, "Yeah, but you should try electricians! Everything inside them is color coded." The third surgeon says, "No, I really think librarians are the best; everything inside them is in alphabetical order." The fourth surgeon chimes in: "You know, I like construction workers...those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over." But the fifth surgeon shut them all up when he observed: "You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, no spine and the head and the ass are interchangeable."
So because of the type of cyst I have they are going to do the surgery.I found out at my pre op appt. that it is not only fluid filled but aslo has solid mass.So they're gonna go in and take it out and do a biopsy.I'm scared as shit!The Dr said she would do everything in her power to leave some healthy tissue behind so that I can still produce hormones(I had an eptopic prgnancy where they removed my tube ,but I can't remember if my other ovary was involved,I'm praying not)And then I got the idea running through my head that if the cyst comes back as malignant it's all not really gonna matter anyhow.I really don't want to have to have all my reproductive organs removed and go on hormones.There is going to be a 6 to 8 week recovery time and I'm at loss as to whos gonna help me with my son,We only have my siter and brother inlaw out here and they both work and I'd hate for my Husband to have to use all of his sick and vacation time up to stay home and take care of the both of us.Just so m
i had surgery today on my ulnar nerve they said it was a sucess! If i am slow getting to your messages please forgive me i am on som really great drugs lol and typing 1 handed!!! MUAH!!! ~sheli~
Surgery Scheduled.
Well looks like my other blog was deleted.. hmmm.. gues biopsy results are NSFW? lmaoo who knows. Anyway, talked to the surgan and surgery is scheduled to have the polyps removed on May 15th. He does not want to do a total hysterectomy because after looking at my labs and biopsy, hes confident that he can get it all. The pre cancer cells (uterine cancer, for those that missed my other blog) are currently localized to one area only. and he believes this could actually help the heavy menstral bleeding and cramping, not make it worse. but, there's always that slight chance that cancer is lingering under the tissue, so he will biopy what he takes and some healthy tissue around it, just to make sure. i'll get the results of that on my post surgery check up. hugs all, thanks for the support. ~brat
well guys have the surgery scheduled now and talked to the surgeon and we ahve come to a descision that if for some reason the tumor they are taking out comes back as malignant then he is going to wake me up and we are going to talk about removing the breast that it is coming out of. this is the best thing for me, and for my girls. it is also better on the body. so any prayers you guys can pray for me will be appreciated very much. i know that i will survive either way because i am just too damn stubborn to let anything happen to me that i dont want to happen. lol thats the southern thang coming out now lol. thanks guys and i mean this from the bottom of my heart.
Surgery Sucks
i've come to the sucks balls....i feel so damn helpless cuz i can't do anything and i hafta rely on everyone else to do it for me and thats not easy for me to do....its not easy for me to just stop and do NOTHING...and if you know me well enough you'll know this is true. I hate not being able to work and havin to put all of this on everyone but what am i sposed to do....if i do what i'm normally doin at this time i'll be back in the hospital then EVERYONES gonna be tryin to find me to kick my ass cuz i over did it...but if i do NOTHING then i'm drivin everyone insane and bitchin so its a losing situation...damn catch 22's lol oh well life shall go on...thus ending another chapter of my soap opera of a life....tune in next
Ok so some of you know about my heart problem. I found out i will need surgery July 13th, which i am scared about i admit. I went through it before, and its not serious, but im still scared and i have a really bad feeling about it =( Sorry yall just had to get that off my mind, its been bugging me for a while now V_V *sigh*
Surgery And Kurt Cobain
just thought i would let anyone who cares i might be out of pocket for a while...and if i do not ever show back up then you all know it did not go well... i miss the 90s i dont care how much stupid shit came out then but i am glad i was a teenager for them because everything sux now.. i miss the 90s mainly i miss the friends my youth getting stoned no worries...myso called life... doc martins walking everywhere we went...lots of the music playing super nintendo to white zombie...sneaking out.. getting into clubs.. the movies that came out then,,,hours at dennys on coffee.. the shows and concerts getting dropped off at the mall to make fun of evryone and getting kicked out because i had to climb that huge copper armadillo..stealing concert shirts... smoking on the roof... jumping off the roof swimming... jumping off anything climbing up high shit cuz someone dared me to running doen a country road naked because someone dared me too... the 4 hour make out sessions... always havin
Well guys like I said in another blog, this is gonna be a long year. I found out today that I need back surgery from that car accident last year, but I will not let this get me down. I have my faith and I have my God and most of all I have you my true friends and family by my side. I will keep you posted on the date of this. Gotta luv the suspenseful wait of the hospital to call you with the date. Anyway much luv peeps.
Five surgeons are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on. The first surgeon says, "I like to see accountants on my operating table, because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered." The second responds, "Yeah, but you should try electricians! Everything inside them is colour coded." The third surgeon says, "No, I really think librarians are the best; everything inside them is in alphabetical order." The fourth surgeon chimes in: "You know, I like construction workers those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over at the end, and when the job takes longer than you said it would." But the fifth surgeon shut them all up when he observed: "You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There are no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains and no spine, and the head and the ass are interchangeable."
Surgery Tomorrow Morning
at 7.30 am will be gone 7 to 10 days keep me in your prayers thoughts I will miss you all having my bladder removed see you all soon love you al very very much
Surgery Was A Success
Well went to the Doctor today and got the tube yanked out, I think the nurse yanked it so hard she stretched me a couple of inches, so the good news, I am now a solid 5 inches!!! LOL, and the doc said everything looked good, I will continue to peepee blood for a couple of weeks, but i can it??? Anyway, it's better then having a bag strapped to you all the time, and having to empty it....Thank you ALL so much for keeping me in your prayers, and keeping my site alive! It's been a long ten days!!! Vampire Jack
I won't be around friday. Tories having her ear surgery. Keep her in your thoughts. Its a nice day out. I am gonna move my bedroom around .....I need to put my air conditioner in. I cannot sleep when it is hot! Todays song goes out to Torie!!! SHe loves this song
Had eye surgery about a month ago...blind in my left eye, partial vision in my right. Going for surgery on my right eye today...either it will correct or I'll be in need of a dog...wish me luck!
Well...I met with the surgeon yesterday. It turns out that the surgery is more complicated than i thought. The surgery date is set for june 27th. Apparently, they need to go in thru my stomach. This means that they have to move my intestines and stomach out of the way, by one surgeon, and then the spine surgeon comes in and puts in a device made from dead peoples bones and screws. The removes the damaged disc and then put the device in its place and attaches it to the surrounding vertebre. Fun addition to all of this, they cannot give me a sufficent amount of pain medicine to relieve the pain because they make people constipated. And because they are pushing and poking around with my guts, they have to make sure that there is no blockage and that everything is working correctly. Oh yeah...the best part....(for smokers only i'm sure) but i have to quit smoking asap (which i set the date for monday) because your bones are porous breathing bones that need oxygen to be he
Surgery Again!!
.. Well as of today disc L4 and L5 have burst and I have seroma fluid in my back again. So I will be gone for hopefully only a week to get surgery and heal. Pray I do not have the same 3 month off and on hospital stay I had last time. Also pray I do not get any infections and surgery goes well. Thank you friends and God Bless. ~Sandra
Surgery Delayed For Up To 8 Weeks, Yay!
So I saw my surgeon and he wants me to try physical therapy and pain management(narcotics & steroid injections) for at least 8 weeks before doing surgery again. Yay! Yet if Percocets don't cover pain and I can barely move, I am going to get a second opinion or go to the Emergency Room in hopes of them doing it like last time. I would like to heal without surgery but I went a year with that promise last time and it was depressing agony. I am afraid of it being the case again. I also don't want to end up in the ER every few days for stronger narcotics and be labeled an addict again. *sighs* Please Lord let this therapy and management work this time around! Or just let me have surgery done and get it over with. Love you all. ~Sandra
Surgery Again...
Monday I went to my Dr. appointment for my open wound and it was infected. They admitted me back into the hospital and I had surgery Tuesday to have a wound vac inserted. I am in pain! I will have this vac approx. 3-4 weeks. I will be logged in but in the bed, so I am not ignoring u. Hugs and Peace xoxo
Surgery Is Set
So... finally a date for surgery is set for July 10th.They didn't even really try to get me scheduled any sooner.At least they agreed to keep me set up in pain meds for the time being. So for now I'll only be in the hospital over night but at least this will finally come t o an end even tho I have another 3 weeks of pure hell to go thru. Thank you all for your support and positive thoughts. Jezebel Tempting
im so up set my monroe piercing is rejecting from my lip and its extremely painful hardcore so monday i go in for surgery to have it cut out because on the inside of my lip it has completely healed over that back of my bar so i can't take it out!!! and all this happened within the last 3 days its insane and hurts really bad : (.
Had the surgery done today went well docs said i was a trooper and recovering nicely thanks for all the thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery
Surgery Thursday
ok most you know i went to the hospital sunday snd was told i broke my thumb....well apparantly its worse then that...there is a ligament that goes from your hand to your thumb snd i ripped it completely off the bone so they are going in to fix it thurs morn.
Hello to all my CT Friends. If you've rated me, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to give back the love. I had surgery on Friday and have been recovering...offline as it were. Show me some love cos you feel sorry for me LOL!
Well it looms closer. I am going to have surgery on the 10th and be gone till the 16th. Gee, I hope Im missed!
My surgery is tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. Can't sleep. And don't you know my blast runs out the day after....:(
Surgery Update
Well it has been two weeks since my surgery to have my gall bladder removed. And I am still having alot of pain. I spent part of the day in the hospital. I had ultrasound and blood work done only to find out they have no idea where or what is causing the pain. Sometimes it feels like my skin is on fire. Hurts to just touch it. So Tomorrow I call my doctor back for another appointment. hopefully they find the reason before to long cause we finally sold our house and have to be out of it 1 month from today. Well just wanted to let ya know what is going on and give ya an update. I hope to have better news this week. love ya all Laree
Surgery Went Good
well has all of u know i had my arm surgery...they put me to sleep...took an hour and a half for both surgeries on my left arm...spent hour in home now and they gave me pain killers but there not strong enough,but i'll make it...i'm so sore ...arm hurt's pretty bad.i got staples and stiches but not sure how many..wish me luck on a good speedy recovery..also i want to thank my family for being there with me u all...also wolud like to thank amy , frank,and fred for being so concerned about me ...i love you all...ya'll mean alot to me.thanks alot frank for all the prayers..thanks to all 3 of you for being the best friends a girl could ask for...i appreciate my family and friends. will keep u updated of changes
Well people has you know I have had surgery.I am now home and sicker than a dog.I haven't been able to keep anything down but water.The pain medicine makes me sleep only but doesn't touch the pain.I have to go back to the doctor thursday but until then no lifting what so ever.I do want to thank all my true friends for caring about me during this period in my life.
As u can c by my profile I'm a dialysis pt. I had to hv my left kidney removed in August 02 due to it being so weighed 8# (your kidney is suppose to b the size of your fist)..on August 6th I will b going to see a surgeon about having my rt kidney removed cuz they have done cat skans/MRI's of my abdomen/pelvic area and they estimate it to weigh between 8-12#....I'm very nervous. I hv met alot of great friends on fubar...I want to thank Fireman7CT for inviting me. I hv been online with him approx 3-4 yrs. He is a great guy. I'm just asking you all to keep me in your prayers.
Subject: Surgeons Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who makes the Best patients to operate on. The first surgeon, from New York, says, 'I like to see accountants on my operating table, because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered.' The second, from Chicago, responds, 'Yeah, but you should try electricians! Everything inside them is color coded.' The third surgeon, from Dallas, says, 'No, I really think librarians are the best, everything inside them is in alphabetical order.' The fourth surgeon, from Los Angeles chimes in: 'You know, I Like construction workers...those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over.' But the fifth surgeon, from Washington , DC shut them all up when he observed: 'You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to Operate on. There's no guts, no heart, , no brains and no spine, and the head and the butt are interchangeable.
Surgery Update!!!
Friday August 10th @ 10:30am I go for pretesting Tuesday August 14th @ 8am I go for my surgery. First time I can remember go'n to the hospital and I'm not very fond of needles so I'm gonna be freak'n out bigtime. Wish me luck & please show me ur support, I'm gonna need it :P Johnny Thomas III
Surgery Date......
I went to OSU on Monday, August 6th and seen the urologist. The nurse called today while I was at my dialysis treatment and left a message that my surgery to have this diseased kidney (which the dr. says weighs approx. 15#) is scheduled for Thursday, August 16th. I will be in the hospital approx. 7-10 days. Please keep me in your prayers. P.S. It sure would be nice to level up before I have to go on Wednesday evening. I will be sure and return all the love shown to me.
So, my doctors have nearly zeroed in on the reason why I'm in pain a lot of the time, and I may be getting major surgery within the next few months. I've never had surgery, so I have no idea what to expect and I'm a little scared. I have an upcoming appointment to discuss the option of surgery this month. I'll know more then. If anyone has ever had surgery, your input would be greatly appreciated. :)
I am having surgery tomorrow. Everyone please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!!! Thanks Sheli
Surgery Update
Hey everybody, Well Surgery went as planned and even thow there was a few complications I'm home and do'n well. Tuesday the 14th @ 7:30 am I went into the hospital for hernia surgery. I got preped and surgery start'd round 10am. I was released and was able to go home shortly after 5:30 pm. While n surgery they found pesticides n my system which reacted with the Anastetics which end'd up paralizeng me for a few hrs. I'm home and walk'n round (slowly) yes i'm n pain but the drugs r help'n now n then. Thank you all for showing ur support it really helped Thank you all, Johnny Thomas
Surgery's Done - What's Next!
YES!!! I had the surgery done on Monday morning and it went off without complication. As of now, I am having difficulty keeping my balance and my hand-eye coordination is a little messed up. I also have headaches and nausea from time to time, but I think that's moreso the chemotherapy that I had early Tuesday morning. So for those who wondered and/or worried, I am still here and doing OK! So what's next?: I will have a few more chemo treatments and maybe a gamma needle implantation to completely kill whatever is left after the surgery. I knew this was not gonna be an easy road for me, but I chose to fight instead of do nothing and let it consume me. I have a lot of people backing me up here, and I personally thank each and every one of you. If not for your love and support, this angel may not be fighting as hard as he is! So for now, I continue to stick it out and fight to the end! Rush Videos | Music Video | Columbus Lofts
Hey Everyone I know that I havent been on much lately and I know some of you are worried But I am ok and I am having Surgry Wed and I wont be on much then either but I just wanted everyone to know that I am ok and I will talk to you all soon. Best wishes to all Heather
For those of you who didn't know.. I had surgery on my ovaries this morning. Had cysts all over em=painful.. yuk. anyway, thanks guys for the love.. you are the best. it means alot & thanks to the emails from those who did know.. u rock.. xx
I will be gone sometime in the near future I'm going to Morgantown, WV to have surgery to fix my pressure sores. I do not have the exact date yet but once I do I will leave more information.
I got in for surgery tomorrow, or whatever you want to call it. I'm REALLY not looking forward to it. One of the drugs they're going to be giving me is apperantly a lot like adrenalin and will make me jittery and shit. I'm not so sure about that one. And the numbing shots, not really looking forward to that one either. I know that I need to have it done, but I don't want to. I wish everything was still ok and this had never happened... But it did, so I have to deal with it and tough it out. I'm going to try and start looking for jobs this weekend so that I can get out of the house and meet a new group of people. Hopefully that will go well and I'll actually get something this time, instead of a letter in the mail saying, "thanks but no thanks". lol Wish me luck you guys. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes and all that good stuff. I'll be off my feet for the rest of the day tomorrow, but Thursday they say I can do whatever I want. So if anybody wants to hangout or come see me, you
Tomorrow I'm having surgery so I may be gone for a few days. I'm getting my tubes tied. Get More at
I just wanted to let everyone kno that my surgery went great...Thank You All for the Prayers. I have some more bad husband of 29 yrs passed away on Sept 1. We put him to rest yesterday. Please continue to keep me in your prayers. My puter is down right now but I'll hopeull be back up and running in a couple of weeks. I greatly miss all of my friends/family here and I'm looking really forward to getting back online. Again...THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH for all the prayers/thoughts sent to me. I won't forget any one of you...Much love/hugs..."Indian Princess"...Roxann
hey there to all my friends, first i want to wish everyone a happy friday, next i want to tell my friends that i will be going in the hospital for surgery on the 19th, god willing everything will go along fine.iwill checkign messges from time to time up till the day of surgery. and i will try and answer all that write to me. please don't be discouraged if i don't get back to u right away. as at this time i have alot on my plater. next iwant to thank one gal especailly lizzy, couldn't do it with out you hun.thank u for being there. and iwant to thank the rest of my friends alos you are a great bunch and i cherrish each and everyone of you'still then wish me gods speed and thanks for being there, lyle
Surgery Went Fine!!
just thought that I would let you all know that my surgery went fine, I got sick & put back in the hospital for another 3 days but I am home & doing good, still taking it easy for a few weeks!! don't want to go back to the hospital!! thanks for all your support & warm wishes!! take care my friends!! love, Angel Baby BBW
well good morning all, here is wishing you all a bright sunny day today. well to bring everyone up to speed surgery is tommorrow,, yey, never thought that i would hear myself saying that. but im so happy the day is here. the past three months have been pure hell for me, the late nights, the endles hrs of sleep..the pain and agony that i have had to endure.why u may ask? all because of my blader shuting off. and hopefully tommorrows surgery will cure that or at least give me some relief. but in any case wish me luck. and to all my firnds and fans out there. i love you all. and may god watch over you all. havea great day gang, and a great week.
5 Surgeons
5 Surgeons Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who makes the Best > patients to operate on. > > The first surgeon, from New York , says, "I like to see accountants on > My operating table, because when you open them up, everything > inside is > Numbered" > > The second, from Chicago , responds, "Yeah, but you should try > Electricians! Everything inside them is color coded." > > The third surgeon, from Dallas , says, "No, I really think librarians > Are t he best, everything inside them is in alphabetical order." > > The fourth surgeon, from Los Angeles chimes in: "You know, I Like > Construction ose guys always understand when you have > a few > Parts left over." > > But the fifth surgeon, from Washington , DC shut them all up when he > Observed: "You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to Operate > on. > There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains and no spine, and the > Head and the butt are interchangeable
I will most likely not be on till sat., for those of you who have my number you can txt or call me, but from 6am till about 4pm I will be unable to do much. it is all exploratory and Hubby aint happy I didnt tell him sooner as I am sure most of you are going to be, but I just didnt want to freak any one out its just to make sure all is good. for you that know what a GI is that is what I am going in for upper and lower, not to happy, if you want more info I will give and I also will leave a blog on how things when and what was found. ~cope~
Ok all, I had my surgery on Thursday... get this I only had one person call to check on me, out of at least 15 who swore they cared... guess i should be used to it... just wanted to update everyone and let them know im still alive... hurtin pretty bad, which im not sure is normal, but im still breathing so i guess that counts for something... probably wont be on again for a couple of days... but thanks to those of you that had me in your thoughts...
well good mornign everyone, i want to wish everyone a great week. as some of you know i have been waiting on surgery. as of 15 days to go and i will have my surgery that will hopefully set my life right again. since june my life has been in termoil, cause of the medical problem that i have encountered.but i still try and be up beat, about the whole thing. im not much of a complainer, never have been.i will keep everyone informed as the time draws near.just keep me in your prayers, and know that you are the greatest friends a guy could ever ask for. your prayers and support mean alot to me. thank u all again. and my love to all of you's have a super week, and stay safe. lyle
well good moring friends, well today is finally the big day, surgery is this morning. as most of you know, i have had an on going problem for about the past 5 months.hopefully todays surgery will take care of that problem. to all my close friends out there, i say thank you for being there. and you know hwo you are. and escailly two great ladies who i couldn't have done this with out thier support. thank you both for being there and gving me teh courage to handle this trying time.toeveryone that are my friends and fans, i love you all and god bless each of you's
just givin yall a short update. the surgery went well on friday and i came home yesterday. im not sittin up alot right now cuz well it hurts too bad lol. i am on fer a cpl of short periods of time. generally if im online im in diablos den with friends. if ya wanna catch me there then see my lounges fer the link. anyway just thought id let yall know what all was happenin. i will try to send an update every so often. hugz to all!!
hey everyone, just an update on sugery, surgery was yesterday,and its still to early to tell how good it was or wasn't. so we shall see just what there is too it, i will kepp everyone informed. love to everyone lyle
Surgery Tomorrow
Once hubby gets home today I will probably not be online but maybe a little tomorrow morning unless he gets on his computer. I need to clean up the downstairs computer and defrag it today so won't be here that much this morning until that is done. I won't be back from the hospital until Thursday or Friday. If you could say a few prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery I would appreciate it. Love you all. Those of you with cingular phones will be able to call me if you want hospital number just contact me.
Hey everyone! I just want to lat everyone know i am having surgery. I dont have to dates yet but when I do i well post it. I'm getting the gassbobypass done. SO wish me lucky on it. And i well keep everone update. Thank Ashley (angel baby)
Ok so here we go.....on Dec 3rd i will be going in for knee surgery....hopefully this will correct all the dam pain i have in my knee!!!! I hate hospitals !!!!!! So my dad might be coming down to be with me for a couple of days but we will have to see....So please keep me in ur prayers come Dec 3rd.... Dom
Well I got the date for my hip replacement, it is JAN 16th.....of next yr, that is around the corner....I am excited and yet scared! But no more pain....which I cant wait for!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!
Surgery Tuesday!!
Hi all... going in for surgery on Tuesday and will be away from the comp for a couple days.. Please show me love on my 1st contest while I'm out!! Make sure you add/rate/fan the host! Thank you all in advance!! Love the cupcake!!!
Well I found out last night some very bad news. I have gallstones. I dont know how or why! all I know is tht I have surgery scheduled for tomorrow to get my gallbladder removed... I'm scared to death! I dont know what to do! HELP!
Surgery Went Fine
All went fine with Dad's eye surgery. Amazing how quick it is, though I felt like I sat there forever waiting lol. Took him home. Have to take him back for a followup tommorrow, but all seems fine.
Going to have my gall bladder removed on Monday, Dec the 10th. Hope it will give me time to catch up with everyone here. PD
I am not sure how many of you are afraid of needles or of being put to sleep, but I have a great fear of both. In the morning, I am having some major dental surgery done and I am scared. Just asking my friends to please say a prayer for me. I may just be being a big baby, but I am scared and need all the thoughts and prayers I can get. Thank you, love to all!
Surgery Update
Well I met with the pre op ppl yesterday. Surgery has been moved up from 12-24-07 to 12-20-07. Still going to miss Christmas. But I guess life is more important aye? I wont be online for quite a while afterwards so I want everyone to have a wonderful Holiday and enjoy your family, friends and loved ones. Just know that I will be thinking of all of you. If anything changes I'll post another update. LUV YA ALL HOLLY
All friends, family and fans. On Wednesday December 19 I will be having surgery. I will be away from Fubar for a little while, depending on how I am feeling during my recovery. I just want each and everyone of you to know how special you are to me. I have met alot of wonderful people on here. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Hugs, Christine
Surgery Comming Up
Well as many of you know I have been having problems with pre-cancerous cells on my cervix for over 2 years now. I went to the Dr today and I am having a hysterectomy with in the next few weeks probably on the 18th, I will keep you all informed when, when I know for sure. I am looking forward to the end of two years of worry!!
So, what with me posting about my surgery on Tuesday in my status, I figured I should blog an explanation. In a nutshell: Recently they found pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. The cells have progressed to the point where they need to be removed, so Tuesday I'm headed to the hospital for what's called a LEEP procedure. Basically what will happen is that my ob-gyn will take a hot metal wire and scrape off the bad cells from my cervix so that they can't progress any further and cause cancer. Fortunately my ob-gyn is one of the few that will give me la-la juice before the procedure, so I won't feel this (very painful) procedure taking place. So that's why I'm having surgery. It's a minor surgery, at least in terms of what actually happens, but a major surgery regarding my life. AND the kicker is...I CANT HAVE SEX AFTER. For a good long time. I'm going to die of pent up sexual frustration. I just keep reminding myself that it could have been much worse. They could have not fou
Surgery Update
Ok, as most of you who know me know, I have been fighting a bad back for a long time. Today I got my 4th Surgery date. It will be on March 5th, so please keep me in your thoughts that day. I am expected to have about a 1 week stay in the hospital. BUT WILL Have my laptop with me, so I can get online :) Anyhoo, there is the BIG NEWS! YAY ME! *Eyeroll* ~~BW
to let all my friends know, not sure how much i will be on in the next couple of days i am haveing surgery again in the morning. the last few days have been hectic around here. all comments and rating i will return the favor as soon as possible please be patient with me. thanks love ya all!!!
Hey peeps...I haven't been on today...Just wanted to give yall an had surgery today so I'm still a bit loopy....hahaha.....I had my rotator cuff repaired, some bone shaved down, and an unfused bone fragment in my left shoulder removed.... So now I'm waiting for the block to wear off so I can regain feeling in my left kinda crazy actually:P I can wiggle my fingers on my left hand finally and the pins n needles feeling is oh so I'll holla at you peeps later...Peace...
Well, Big Joe had his surgery and made it through. So far, so good. Still have our fingers crossed... You never know with the after effects from brain surgery... Thanks to all for all the prayers for Big Joe :)
Surgery Tomorrow!
Hey peoples; I am off to surgery tomorrow morning, just wanted to keep an update and let you all know. I won't be on line for alittle while, almost a month, all depends on how fast I heal from the surgery. I wish you all well, and keep in your thoughts and prayers. Cheers and by for now! Alley!
Surgeon Visit Today And The Results!!
OK!! I DO NOT need surgery, this , and I am healing on my own. I will be doing PT for 4 weeks, 3 times a week for neck exercises to get my strength back in the neck and open up the pinched nerve. He is taking me off the nerve meds. and I have needed no pain meds for 3 days now. So my prognosis is a good one. Thank you to all my wonderful friends for your support and advice thru this scary, and painful time for me. I am also off all restrictions so I am hitting the gym tomorrow as well. Hope u all have a wonderful week. I know I will.
Surgery Date Has Been Is Official
Okay this is for all that don’t know about what is going on with me. I am going to have open heart surgery on February 26, 2008 at 6:00am. They are going to be going in to repair a bad valve that I have had since birth, it’s just got bad enough now that I can not postpone the surgery. It’s going to be at UT. I will have to be in the hospital for about a week then out of work for about another three. I’m keeping a positive attitude…if not I will be scared and worried and make myself sick….I will be okay.
I just want to let my friends know that I will be getting my surgery On February 8th so I may be off the computer for a few days around that time. Have an awesome day! Love Ya!
A very sexually active woman tells her plastic surgeon that she wants her vagina lips reduced in size because they were flapping in the breeze. Out of embarrassment she insisted that the surgery be kept a secret and the surgeon agreed. Awakening from the anesthesia after the surgery she found three roses carefully placed beside her on the bed. Outraged, she immediately calls in the doctor. "I thought I asked you not to tell anyone about my operation!" The surgeon told her he had carried out her wish for confidentiality and that the first rose was from him: "I felt sad because you went through this all by yourself." The second rose is from my nurse. She assisted me in the surgery and empathized because she had had the same procedure done some time ago." And what about the third rose?"she asked. "Oh, that rose it's from a man upstairs in the burn unit. He wanted to thank you for his new ears."
To all my fubar friends, HOpe all is well with you guys. I had my surgery yesterday and I"m doing ok. I"m not up to posting comments yet but want to thank you for all your good wishes and comments. Have a great weekend!
Surgery On February 11, 2008
Tomorrow morning at 9am, in 12.5 hours, yours trully will be entering the main hospital in Portland Oregon, OHSU, to have surgery. I\'ve kind of kept it quiet because I can almost guarantee after almost 2 years of no success in any way of stoping the 247 hella pain that leaves me either passed out 3 times a week or BLACKED OUT for as little as 15 minutes up to 3 hours at least 3 times every 2 weeks.
hey yall.. just wanted to let yas know that im havein another surgery on my back on the 2oth in austin..ill be there about a week if everything goes well, then ill be back in killeen. im not sure about how soon ill be goin back to work but you know ill let ya know!! loves to all....
It's been nearly three weeks since I shattered my right wrist. Tomorrow I'm having surgery to screw a metal plate into the palm side to hold the bones together. They aren't staying where the ER Doc set them initially, they're getting worse every day and aren't healing. I'm told I will definitely have some loss of range of motion, but just how much remains to be seen.
well today i had my surgury and they took out thr plate in my arm after almost nine years of constant pain. i pray its over and that i didnt loose the use of my hand which is a good possibility. but i hope not. lol
I will be going in for open-heart surgery on the 19 th of feb. at 5:30 am. surgery starts at 7:30 am . at lutheran hosp. in fort wayne In. I will be there for about 5 days , Dogsoldier1840 will be updating my page for me at that time as he finds out anything. Thank you all for your love an prayers, Love Motherwolf1840
Surgery In Jan
I just wanted 2 stop by and say hello 2 all my friends. I am conitnuing 2 heal from my surgery in Jan. I am able 2 go out 4 alittle while and go on computer 2 ck out my sites and clear emails. I need 2 limit my time, walking on ice 4 instance, is painful. Even tho i am in a cast at this time, i can only walk until i tire out. March 4th, i get this cast off. Then i get in2 an Aircast and therapy. 4 now, i just wanted 2 say hello and wish u all a great day!
Surgery In Jan
I just wanted 2 stop by and say hello 2 all my friends. I am conitnuing 2 heal from my surgery in Jan. I am able 2 go out 4 alittle while and go on computer 2 ck out my sites and clear emails. I need 2 limit my time, walking on ice 4 instance, is painful. Even tho i am in a cast at this time, i can only walk until i tire out. March 4th, i get this cast off. Then i get in2 an Aircast and therapy. 4 now, i just wanted 2 say hello and wish u all a great day!
Surgery Part 2
I had the surgery Friday on my shattered wrist. It took 90 mins to screw a titanium plate into the palm side. I'm told it required two incisions and several stitches. So my scar collection grows... A 6 inch incision on the inside of my arm (great I'll look like a failed suicide) and a somewhat shorter one on the outside of my arm. Good thing there's not a vain bone in my body. The pain was pretty great the first 48 hours, so since I live alone I stayed with my folks for two nights, and let them take care of me. Don't know what I'd do without them! I'm back at home now with my three fur babies, and we are all glad of that! The swelling is pretty bad still in spite of constant icing cuz I'M A SWELLER!
Surgery Update
I'm out of Surgery, everthing went well. I'm resting and very tired.. wanting to go home soon. Thank you all for your prayers and keeping me in your thoughts. Love you all Motherwolf1840.
As I open my eyes and see you standing before me I begin to realize that you are all i can see Everything in the distance is all one blurry and such Except your smiling face saying your love me so much You wrap your arms around me with a gentle kiss to my face holding me with all you have i feel the love as it escapes As we begin to break the hug I see the tears role down your face knowing that I will be okay now And that time has now been displaced As I drift back off to sleep Still holding hands with you Thanking God that you are with me After all that we have been through After all is said and done and I am able to be at home Knowing that you will take care of me And never will you roam. Thank you for all that you do and the love that you give Your love is what makes me whole Together forever we will live.
Surgery Update!!!
My surgery went well now I am at home recovering and healing. Thank you all for everything. Much Love to you all. Always, BBD
a little more than a day till surgery. (my breast reduction) I'm so excited and so scared all at once. I'm going to be more comfortable, and in a lot less pain, but its going to be a big change. I think it will be a great change though. I'm finishing up my last bit of homework, then tomorrow I'll go drop it off on campus and leave to go home. I cant wait to not have to think about school for 10 whole days!
ah yes my uterus is now fixed lol and christ it fucking hurt and dr. ibuprofin does not make it all better you fuckers
I found out the other day I have to go in for surgery on my left hand on the 18th and possibly be down for about 2 weeks , but I know me I will heal very quickly and be ready to go bk to work
Surgery Canceled For Now
o.k... went to the doctor today and he said that my condition has changed/ got worse and that he wants more test before he does any surgery. when i first went in it was for pain down the left leg and both legs are numb up to the no surgery for the time being. I want to thank all my friends for being there for me I apperciate u!!! I think i will have to have surgery at sometime down the road though.
Surgery Tomorrow
I did have surgery this past Tuesday , everything is well I am sore and a bit stiff over all of this , but I am operational . I was up and about as of Wednesday , so to speak .
Surgery Day
Hello Friends, Fans, and Family.. I might not be on as much for a few days or not at all. I'm having surgery on Wednesday, March 26, to have my gallbladder removed (it's full of rocks)lol. and a umbilical hernia repair. Yeah, lucky me, I get a couple weeks off work. I would have rather had a nice tropical vacation with one of the hot fu's of my choice but you know how it is, we don't always get what we want. I'm going to be fine, I'll miss chatting with my friends though. Don't let the place fall apart while I'm napping, I know how fast things change if anything good happens while I'm sleeping don't forget to message me about it and don't forget to keep me up on all the good stuff that is going on in fuland. Take care and behave yourselves. Don't anyone get deleted for being bad. No flashing, streaking, NSFW'ing in improper places! (unless I get a copy). Love you all... Amy
The surgery for the repair on the nerves and carpal tunnel went well . I go and get the stitches out tomorrow afternoon . Then I will find out if they are gointo do anything on the right side
Surgery Upcoming
Well Joey will be going back to the hospital on the 16th for more surgery. We are not sure as yet what the extent of the surgery will be, but looks like another toe from the left foot (that makes 3 off that foot) and part of the bone from one of the ones he already had taken off. Pray that the dr will be able to get all the infection this time. Until we get all the infection out of the bones he will just keep having to go back again and again. Right now he is on 3 different kinds of antibiotics. 2 IV and one by mouth. He has to be hooked up the the IV 3 times a day so has had to learn to do at least one a day himself because of my work schedule. His sugar levels have been very good and all the "normal" signs of infection have not been there and this is why we have not known prior to this that things were getting so bad again. The dr was even surprised to find more infection cause of this. More updates forthcoming as we get more information.
Surgery Follow-up
Just got in from my follow up visit from my Saturday surgery. Well, Saturday night after the surgery, I got extremely sick and started running a high temperature. This lasted all day yesterday and was no better this morning. Basically to the point that I couldn't move without being in tears from the pain. Of course I should have gone to the emergency room when it first started, but me being the stubborn jackass that I am, I didn't. Anyway, the wonderful doctor tells me today that the incision is infected. That he probably should have waited another week or so to perform the surgery until I was completely fever free. Well golly is a great time to figure this out. Now I sit here with an IV running in my leg. It will be there for at least two weeks and I get to give myself antibiotics in it twice daily. A home health nurse will come in twice a week while the IV is in to check the site and change whatever needs to be changed. Damn I love me some doctors. So I think
Surgery #7
Well i had the most Wonderful weekend of my life so far after my Man and Master came down to see me. He was everything i could have imagined and more. His smile alone makes my day better and well all i can say say is He+me+floor and toys=Wooohoooo. Talk about not being able to walk or talk for like 24 hours. Thanks to Him i was able to look positively at my surgery Tuesday. It went really well and they were able to get everything done without much trouble. Still had the breathing and blood pressure issues but not so bad this time. Didn't have to stay overnight. The pain isn't too bad and though i still have one more surgery to go i know in my heart of hearts that it will finally be done and will go great. Just last night i found out that my Man gets to be with me for that week too. So not only do i have Him to look forward to, i know that He will be here to take care of me and as He put it..."To baby me" ~giggles~ He's a sweetheart and i couldn't ask for a better One in my life. At lea
Surgery Still Upcoming
well Joey has not had surgery as yet... Its now set for next Wednesdy the 23rd. He has had his pre-op already so I'm fairly sure it will be a go this time. He's again suffering from the gout as well so has been in a lot of pain for the past week. Hopefully this flare up will go away quickly as the dr has prescribed another gout med for him to take to try and help. He's also given him new pain pills to try to see if maybe he can get at least enough relief to be able to sleep a bit. Please keep praying. Love to all. Jodi
The Surgery
Ok, so here it is... For all you who know what is going on(and those of you that may not) it has come down to doctor has decided and i have agreed, that with all the problems i have been having these last few months, that a hysterectomy is the last and only step/option left... Figured out and got the date and time and it's all official now...(didn't get the date i wanted-but oh well) Monday May 12th is the date, at a god awful 7:30am surgical time, at Fountain Valley Hospital. I am told i will be in hospital for 1 week, so i will not be online for a while...during that week at least and maybe 2... To all my friends who have been here with me and for me thru this, i cant thank you enough!! Your love and support have kept me grounded and with out "too" much fear..LOL Big Huggles and Sweet Kisses i send out to you all!!! I know it is still 2 weeks away, but i will tell you all now that i will definately miss talking with you while i'm gone.. Oh, and i hope som
Surgery For Me Tom4-25-08
To all my Friends I will be having Surgery tom morning 4-24-08. So I wont be on that much for a few days but feel free to leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Hugs and Kisses Shannon
Surgery (by Pet)
Well many of you may remember that my master posted a mumm about the gallblsdder. He was wanting to know personal stories to help me feel better. The few that posted did help a little. To make a long story short I no longer have a gallbladder. Here is how it went. Last Thursday I went to the Dr. They told me it sounded like my gallbladder. No surprise. I had already started researching the pains I was having. They set up an appointment to have a sonogram that Friday. The sonogram went quick. They told me that I probably wouldn't know anything until Monday. Well I called the house and checked messages while I was out just in case. After a few times of hearing no messages I decided I robbly wont hear anything until Monday. I was wrong. We stopped in the house to take care of a couple of things. Still no message. Well we had to leave again. We got back in close to 6. After we had left the house the Dr. called saying I needed to call them back. Office was closed so I had to wait till Mon
OK so most of you know ,but not all of you know this ,but I am goin into the hospital tomorrow morning at 6 am central time an i'm having surgery on my right heal due to an open sore thats infected because of a bone spur.. I will be having surgery on it at 7:30 am.. I will be lettin people know how I am doing an they will more then likely post it on here as a comment how i'm doing so please keep checking back.. I should be back on Friday or Saturday.. I will miss all of you guys while i'm gone ,but I will be back soon... Love Always, Ash
Six surgeons were sitting at a conference discussing their favourite patients when the first stated that he especially enjoyed operating on poets and artists because... "When I cut them open, they are filled with beautiful colours and the operating room is bathed in their light." "No No!" said the second surgeon, "I prefer operating on accountants. Inside them, everything is neat and orderly and all the parts are numbered." "Nah," said the third surgeon, "librarians are by far the best. Everything inside them is ordered alphabetically." The fourth responds: "Fellas, you should try electricians! Everything inside them is colour coded!" The fifth intercedes: "Personally, I prefer engineers. They always understand when you have a few parts left over at the end." "You're all wrong," said the sixth surgeon, "The best are lawyers. No guts, no spine, no fact, they only have two parts - their mouths and their rears, and both of those are interchangeable!"
Surgery May 9th
Hey everyone. Just sitting here today trying to take it easy. I go in tomorrow for pre op for my surgery friday. I will find out which kinda surgery I will be having then. I can't wait to get this finally over with. Was watching the race last night and was enjoying seeing Dale Jr leading going into the last 4 laps and then you get that bitch ass Kyle Busch running into him. Man I got pissed off as hell. I could not believe what I saw. After the race Kyle made out like it was no big deal. Funny to me the same thing happened to him during the NationWide race and he went after the driver Steven Wallace after the race in the pits. Guess it just shows where the character of a man is. Dale Jr was dejected and sounded more than pissed off after the race. You could see him biting his tonuge after the race trying to not cuss on the TV. It may not be the next race but I bet that number 18 car is gonna get a lil pay back eventually on the track. I bet next race he wins he will get more shit th
The Surgery Explanation Blog...
OK. So, I have been off air and away from fubar for all of 8 days. There may be some questions about what I endured. So, here's what happened. Tuesday and Wednesday - Prep days. Meaning, my bowels needed to be flushed out. On Tuesday, I did fine drinking about 3000mL of some nasty liquids. But Wednesday, they wanted me to do 4500mL. I knew my limit. The second option was a nasal tube to put this stuff down my throat. So, I went that route. That worked. The PICC line was not as bad as I had believed it would be. Thursday was the day of surgery. Do I remember most of that day? No. I do remember being nervous in the pre-op holding area. That's all I can recall. Surprisingly, I don't recall doing it, but I did talk to Mikey that afternoon about 3.5 hours post surgery. That should tell you how much better than expected it was. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday went by with a blur. I spent much of Friday in the morphine fog. Saturday, Stacie (mommynutt) and Teresa(Karney) came and saw
The Surgery
As many of you know I went into surgery this past friday and I got out today. (Sunday). Sandy and I went to Pitt Memorial in Greenville NC at 5:30 am friday morning. I was in pre-op within a hour or so and in surgery by around 7 30 am I can best guess. I remeber being in pre-op and having the entire surgery team stopping by and different times to discuss what was gonna be done. For those that forgot I was having C6-7 in my neck fused. They took the disc out and put in a piece of bone and fused it all together . I now have C4-7 fused in my neck. So anyway I meet the entire surgical team and they give me a pre shot. That is the last thing I remeber till I got to my room after the surgery. I remeber a couple things from the recovery room. Like seeing my mother and Sandy but then I dont remeber anything. The first real thoughts I can remeber was being in my room I would be in for the next few days. Sandy says the doc came and saw her after I was out of surgery. He told her they had to give
Surgery / Slowing Down/ Re-evaluating
I will find out this morning if I have to have surgery on my right arm , they say I have carpal tunnel and nerve damage in it as well. I know me better than most I will be back in operation by the next day. I think in a manner I am in a since in my opinion an Iron Man . The reason I say this is because I am almost to the point of being Invincible (lol). But I will say this I need to slow down or I will burn out badly . I am one not to be around if that happens . I am in the middle of a special project that I am trying to get re-started .
This will be the only subject in this blog but I appreciate u takin the time 2 read it... Bout 8 years ago I woke up with a killer pain in my back. This pain progressively got worse over the years & has got'n 2 the point where I can no longer lay down 2 sleep. That's right for the last... 5 years I have had 2 sleep in a chair sittin up. I have finely got'n so fed up that I have been actively pursuein treatment. CT scan; Bone scan; MRI; & X-ray after X-ray they have determined that I have an auto-fusion of t-10 & 11 & the facet joint between t-11 & 12 is arthritic. Acupuncture; facet injections... only help with the pain but I still can't lay down... After spendin 4 hours at the doctor's yesterday they found that I have the onset of scoliosis... I am scheduled 4 surgery on the May 29th & will be in the hospital 2 days & home 4 bout 2 more b/4 I have 2 go back 2 work (I can't afford 2 take too much time off) So 2 my friends & family here on fu... when u don't C me 4 a few day
Howdy y'all! Hope you all are doing well. This is just another little peep into what is going on with me. Tomorrow morning I go for bloodwork then I will be having some surgery done at 4:00pm. My leg has once again gotten infected and the doctors are going to try and do some cutting and cleaning to prevent the infection from getting into my bone again. Also from all of the infection in the area, there is another area on my leg that has become infected. It has caused a cyst type thing to come up and they are going to have to cut into my leg about 2 inches deep to try to get this taken care of to also try to stop the infection. I am somewhat discouraged by all of this because I really thought I was on my way to recovery. However, my body can't seem to fight off infection of any kind and I am immuned to all the antibiotics. And to think....this is all because of an allergic reaction to a tattoo. As much as I love ink, I wish I had never gotten that first drop put into my body. All of
Surgery Was A Success!!!
At last!!! Surgery went well!! My little man came through with flying colors!! Recovery took the longest. He had a little bit of a rough time there, but now, all is well. Today was his first day back to school. That seems to have gone well too. He's not happy about the restrictions that he has, but as of this Saturday, he gets the green light to do what he wants. I sure hope this is the end of his mysterious abdominal pain he was having. Time will tell I guess. I want to thank everyone for the kind words and support they have shown me. A special thanks to Red and Rick. You guys have been wonderful. I couldn't ask for better friends than you guys. I'll keep you updated on the recovery process, til then, thanks to all and take care.
I will be having surgery tomorrow(wednesday)Its only day surgery,not to bad,I have a tumor on my knee and will be in the hospital from 11:00 am to 5:00pm, I will be on line tomorrow morning for a little while but after that I am really not sure when I will be back on!!
5 Surgeons
Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on. The first surgeon, from New York, says, "I like to see accountants on my operating table because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered." The second, from Chicago, responds, "Yeah, but you should try electricians! Everything inside them is color coded." The third surgeon, from Dallas, says, "No, I really think librarians are the best, everything inside them is in alphabetical order" The fourth surgeon, from Los Angeles chimes in: "You know, I like construction workers. .. Those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over." But the fifth surgeon, from Washington, DC shut them all up when he observed: "You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains and no spine, and the head and the ass are interchangeable.
hi all snuck my laptop into the hospital. had to have emergency bck surgery. Will be back soon! I hope all you are doing well. leave me comments or something. Let me here from all of you! Hugs n love
Surgery Update
I went to the dr. for all my results the other day. Yes I do have endometriosis and there is some scaring on my uterus as a result of this. I also have a slight infection from the surgery but that is clearing up, I have been taking the meds they gave me and I am feeling a big better. I don't have to wait a month to swim; those nurses were indeed liars, just like I said they were! The doctor wants to wait to see if the zapping of the endometriosis helps relieve my symptoms before we get into anything more invasive. He wants to see me in a month, and see how my period is. If I am still having the same problems we will look into treatment options, the most likely being hormones and I don't really want that at this young of an age. But really it's a wait and see kind of game. Oh and here is list of things they found in my vagina, a sock, wrist watch (silver tone), a license plate (Michigan State), an albatross, four leaf clover, a ladle, and the Dead Sea scrolls. The doctor said he w
I'm going to be getting Gastric Bypass Surgery. First I have to get test done to make sure I will be okay for it and also I have to get blood work done to see if I have Cushings Syndrome. I am really looking forward to finally getting rid of this weight. This surgery is manily for health reasons not to look good 'cause I know I look good with or without the surgery. If you don't know what Gastric Bypass Surgery is or Cushings Syndrome is here are the deffintions. Gastric Bypass Surgery: "Gastric bypass surgery makes the stomach smaller and allows food to bypass part of the small intestine. You will feel full more quickly than when your stomach was its original size, which reduces the amount of food you eat and thus the calories consumed. Bypassing part of the intestine also results in fewer calories being absorbed. This leads to weight loss." - Cushings Disease: "Cushing's syndrome is a rare disorder that deve
Surgery... Part 2
July 18th @ 1PM I will be going back up to Christiana for consultation about my Gastric Bypass Surgery. I already went to Chistiana for a seminar to learn about Gastric Bypass and the pro's and the con's that Gastric Bypass surgery will have. Now It's time to find out what other doctor's I will need to go see to make sure I am 100% A Okay for this surgery. :)
The Surge Is Not Working
am feeling no one has time for me anymore the struggle is genuine the feelings i cant pretend it seems my real true love has forsaken me when do you feel abandon seems to be losing control every aspect of my lyfe then i cant express myself no one to understand i have lost it, creativity is gone
I had my surgery this morning. It went well. I had to be in there at 8 am. I was taken back to the OR at 915 and was out of there (apparently) about 10. I woke up around 11. I was home by 1230 ish. Pain meds every 4 hours. Sleep in between. Yawn.
It's very long, so if you dont read it i'll understand. I don't really like to share my real life too often, but i have to get this outta my head and on paper. Maybe hearing you guys will help me out. I got back from the doctors an hour ago, and have been thinking. For the 5 people who read my blogs, they know that i had a surgery canceled for July 17,2008. Too dangerous they said. So i'll just have to live with the everyday pain, and be high all the time. I didn't like this option, so i went for a second opinion last Friday. Today i'm told by a different surgeon that they can do it, with little risk of paralysis. But the scar will be my entire back and i'll be laid up for almost 2 months. The doctor says my first doctor was being lazy and relying on new medicines. (Lasers and such). He'd do it old school, messy but effective. I have no problem with the scar. Chicks dig scars. I have no problem being in bed for 2 months. Hell, little price to pay instead of being in pain yo
Surgery Coming Near August 5 2008
In less then a few days my life is going to some what change I am hoping to God he makes me well again this has been the longest 4 months of my life of sickness and I just want a successful surgery and have no more worries. I have such wonderful 4 beautiful children to see grow and see my one day grand children. I have had such a wonderful life of experiences of traveling the world and learning my ancestory. I love to be me and I love to write sing draw do wild and wonderful photography. I enjoy seeing people smile. I love to see the ocean as it crashes in. I love to see when the world is arising from the sun and sun comes down to an end daily. I love to just smell a rose and dance in the rain and say here I am and Scream I am alive! This is just the kind of person I am. Judge me if you may but I know the people who do know me never had to judge me and they gave me a chance at being their friend and talk to me and learn about me. Shower your life with smiles never lead to a frown of s
Surgery Update
Ok I have always been an open, honest person. I can only be me so that is what you are going to get with this update. July 31- I arrived at the hospital accompanied by my dearest friend in the world at 6 am. Signed in and was called back rather quickly. Finished the remaining prep and paperwork. My fiancee arrived just moments before they whisked me back to surgery..(he had a bit of trouble because of the downpour of rain and thankfully was not hurt). I only remember going down the hall and entering room where the surgery was to be done. They moved me from the gurney to the operating table and I was asleep soon after. I woke up in the recovery room, asked for pain medication and went right back to sleep. I arrived in my room. My fiancee, best friend, mom and my best friend's husband were there as well as nurses getting me settled. I honestly felt surrounded by love. Found out that they were able to do the hysterectomy as planned. It was only a partial, so no lifelong meds :)
I am not going to be on much i will be on yahoo if you need me i am going to have to have surgrey as soon as i can get the money i got a Hernia lifting something i will check in all the time but can not devote myself to it when i am in pain so i am off for now DJPhilburg360
Surgery Today
Vitamin de is having surgery today. It would be nice it you would send her get well comments, get well gifts, or just a personal E-Mail hoping she will be well and home again soon. Let's show our newest member what a close knit, wonderful, and caring group that we are. Thank you so much. Hoakie
For those of you who saw the last blog on the subject, my girl's surgery went well yesterday, and as of last night, she was doing fine and was very comfortable (ie doped up) and back on the ward. Needless to say, I am experiencing a profound sense of relief. Thanks for the kind thoughts.
Looks like my injury has taken a turn for the worse. It felt like it was getting better until I hit a pot hole while running. They think there's a possibility that my knee hasn't healed properly and that it may actually be still broken. I'm going to have an x-ray and/or an mri done soon. They have hinted at surgery and even a possible knee replacement. That is a little extreme, though. I will keep all of you updated.
Just a quick update to let everyone know that the surgery went well and Mom is back in ICU
On Nov. 13th I will be going in for surgery. Nothing huge but big enough for me. I won't be on for a while after that unless I find the energy to sit here for a second or two. I will be in the hospital up to a week. I know I haven't been on much in the last 3 months. I miss you all to:( Im gonna try and get back on here as much as I can so hope to catch you then. Leave me love send me priv. msg's. Just don't think I have forgot about you guys!! Love ya's.... Kathy
I officially have surgery tomorrow at 1230 tommorow. I should probably be home on the 13th. I'll post when I get home, unless I die. 13
Surgery Tomorrow
Surgery On Right Leg Is on Nov 14, 2008 Letting You all know that the surgery on my leg will take place tomorrow. I am scheduled to arrive at 0630 and surgery to get underway around 0730. The proceedure is expected to take about 90 minutes to perform and will consist of placing titianium plates and screws around my fibula. There is also a chance that grafted bone will need to be added but that will not be known until the surgery is underway.. This is now being done on an inpatient basis, so I will remain at Madigan Amry Medical Center for at least one night. I am asking that you keep me in your prayers for a complete recovery so that I can get back out there to perform. Also, this morning there was a death in my family so keep that close to you as well. Thank you for all of your support and prayers. Angel Butler "American Angel" CMA 2007
Well the time has come for yet another dreaded surgery so i figured id let my friends know whats up. As some may know Febuary 07 i had a bone fusion and bone graph to my right ankle and have spent the last 9months recovering. Its been an up and down healing process and in the end the doctors felt in was unsucessful. After several cat scans they realized i had formed what was called a non-union...basically my bones healed just not together and during this time ive also formed tumors im guessing from the lack of blow flow, nerve damage or whatever from the previous 3 surgery's ive had..whatever. So tomorrow morning i go back in for another bone fusion, skin graph and removal of these ridiculous tumors in my leg...i know sounds disgusting. My last surgery in Febuary i was suppose to go home the next day but ended up spending 4 days due to some complications with my heart stopping and then not being able to bring my blood pressure up. Anyway this surgery is a tad more complicated then the
So in the midst of the internal bleeding my doctors figured out that i have lumbar spinal defect and will need surgery and may not be able to walk in 5 years =( will you all still love me when im in a wheelchair?
Surgery Decembebr 22, 2008
As you all might know Mindy had surgery today to relieve swelling from her brain..she had some minor complications but seems to be holding her own in recovery right now...there is no news yet weather it was successful or not...but she did make it thrhough and should be out of recovery very soon....thank you all on her behalf for the concern and care and love from all of you...she needs it!!!
"surgical Steel."
“Surgical Steel.” This patient was dying, his heart cold and hurt When you furnished your skills, and bent to your work With a firm seated thought, you determined to heal Armed with only resolve and your surgical steel Your meaning was honest, your intent was so true And with the steadiest hand you went and cut through Flesh hard like stone, a wall that just wouldn’t yield Was no match at all for your surgical steel The bone was the same but it parted as well Under your training, your skill, and your spell Now the heart lay before you, to patch and to seal When kissed by the blade of your surgical steel But this one was tricky, yes, this patient’s heart So beaten and damaged, somewhat torn apart Yet you carried on, and you sealed the deal With your magic wand made from surgical steel Now the heart beats warm, indeed red hot All the wounds of the past repaired and forgot The scars of deception, exchanged for the real Shown the way, by your surgical steel
Ello Fu Family, Well tomorrow im going to be going into surgery -sigh- more scars to add to my flawed dorkalicious body. I think im replacing my wants of tattoos with multiple sizes of scars, weird huh? lol. The past few days my arm has been hurting and I had no idea why so i went to see my doctor. Come to find out one of the titanium plates in my neck has come loose and shifted. For those of you that dont know me nor my past, I was in a rollover and broke my neck. It all happened in 2004 and was paralyzed for 5 months of that year, now almost 5 years later it bites me in the ass lol. I should be home in a week or maybe even less if all goes great but knowing me some BS might happen, just my luck right haha. Please dont feel sorry for me because this type of thing will be part of my life till I die and im ok with that, its part of life. Not everything is rainbows and butterflys, just gotta smile and hope for the best in the end. I hope everyone has a great week while im gone. Love a
Surgery No Nos!!!
Things You DON'T Want to Hear During Surgery "Better save that. We'll need it for the autopsy." "Someone call the janitor - we're going to need a mop." "Accept this sacrifice, O Great Lord of Darkness" "Bo! Bo! Come back with that! Bad Dog!" "Wait a minute. If this is his spleen, then what's that?" "Hand me that...uh...that uh.....thingie." "Oh no! I just lost my Rolex." "Oops!" "Hey, has anyone ever survived 500ml of this stuff before?" "Damn, there go the lights again...." "Ya know, there's big money in kidneys. Hell, the guy's got two of them." "What do you mean you want a divorce?" "Everybody stand back! I lost my contact lens!" "Could you stop that thing from beating; it's throwing my concentration off." "What's this doing here?" "I hate it when they're missing stuff in here." "That's cool! Now can you make his leg twitch?!" "Well folks, this will be an experiment for all of us." "Sterile, shcmeril. The floor's clean, ri
I just found out about an hour ago that I will be having to have surgery . The surgery date is scheduled for February 3, at 8am . I know it will slow me down a bit, but I know me I will be up and running hopefully by that evening . This is another obstacle I will overcome and get on with my normal business . I am one who doesn't take long to heal , I know they say about 4-6 weeks for recovery but I know me . The least amount of time I am down the better I am on getting back to where I need to be .
iam going to have surgery feb 29th on my left hand as some of you no from my past blog on the subject as far as i know there is a good chance 80% so there a 20% percent chance i may have permanent chance of damage to my nerve
I have a week from Tuesday, till my surgery. The problem I have is the fact that me getting there is no problem, the problem is getting home afterwards. But I know how most people try and set things up. As stated in the blog before this one , this will be another obstacle to either go around or go through . I do have the support of my family and friends through all of this . I am glad I have kept myself in pretty good shape for face this. And I also know my body and how long it will take me to heal . Certain people have already been saying that I will not be listening to the doctor , and rush back to work after it is all over. I will take the month off and thoroughly recuperate.
March 14th Hoping and praying this is the last. A little nervous and scared and praying for no complications.
Surgery Update.
Well I had the surgery today. It went well. There was no complications. I don't know all the details on it because I haven't got to talk to my doctor yet. When he talked to Rusty after my surgery when I was still knocked out, he said that there was more Polyps than just the one. But once again, I wont know exactly what it is or how it went until I talk to the doc. I want to thank you all for prayin for me and thinkin of me! I love ya'll
Will not be here for the next week or so.. i am havin surgry and will take me a bit to get back on my feet.. hugs n kisses to those that care
Hi everyone sorry i haven't been online that much i am trying to work as much as i can i'm getting ready to go in for another surgery on mar. 16,2009. Hoping to be back to everyone later. Love all my exotic angels and friends i have met on fubar.mauhhhhhh
Surgery Update
Hey all.. I had surgery Friday @ 11 am.....There were 4 hernias that the surgeon found in my abdominal cavity .....he repaired them using plastic mesh and approximately 100 staples. I am up moving BARELY! Sleeping a lot with the pain meds. I just wanted to let everyone know! *HUGS * Melinda
Surgery Tomorrow!
[If you're a newcomer to the wonderful world of **Miss Tyler**, please read "Bad News From The Doctor - 2/17/2009" blog.  That will explain the backstory!] Well, the LEEP surgery is tomorrow. It came really damn fast... and Ian and I have been fighting like fucking cats and dogs cuz he's been depressed.  I don't get it.  He's been sitting on his ass at home, while I've been working all week [BOGO at a kids shoe store.. it's been busy as hell, plus new dm came in for his first visit]  and still going to class, then seeing him!  Ugh, hopefully he'll be better tomorrow when I go relax in his bed to recover. The entire drive home, I was talking to Whitney.  Telling her how bad I felt about fighting with Ian, how frustrated I've been, how much I miss her and need her.....  There's such a void in my heart.  I miss her so much.  I wish she was here.... every fucking day... I wish she was still here.  She knows all of it... but I just like talking to her.  I love you, sweet girl.    Well.
Surgery Imminent
It SHOULDN'T be that much of an issue, though the recuperation may WELL continue to make me scarce 'round here.  :(
Surgery Vs. Longevity
As we all know, surgery is tough pill to swallow. But it's tough to have a possible outcome of a healthier life, and not risk it. But then again it's 6 hour procedure. I've already had 4 reconstructive surgeries, so you can imagine my hesitance. The feild of bone degeneration and nerve repair are way behind. How much should I bet on the best doctors in the feild, when sorely lackin in these breakthroughs.The odds are 35% chance for a 15% to 40% improvement. But with my medical background I'm averaging 15% complete failure, and same on mortality. Let me know what ya think cuz I don't know what to do.
june 5th im having surgery for my inner ear problem.. hope im not away too long but itd be nice to get some love before i go ! love all my friends so ill miss ya while im gone.. c ya soon!
Surgery Part 2 And More Bad News
My botched surgery on April 3rd is rescheduled for tomorrow at 8 am.  I am nervous as hell. Adding to that.... There was another victim of the horrific accident that took Chonni and her daughter, Hollie.  Chonni was a little over 3 months pregnant with a son.  She was going to announce her pregnancy on her birthday.  Dale told me today and I completely broke down.  They were going to name him Thomas for Chonni's father who passed away 2 years ago due to cancer.  Maria, Chonni's mother, is not taking anything well.  She is in a nursing home and it is looking very bad.  Dale is absolutely distrought that he will have to bury his wife and his eldest daughter, and possibly his mother-in-law.  Dale was the son Maria never had.  When Chonni got pregnant with Hollie at the age of 18 [and still in high school], Dale manned up and got two jobs to support him, Chonni, and Hollie.  They were so crazy in love even still.  My heart breaks so much for him.  Once again... prayers for Dale, Maria,
Surgery This Morning June 18th :(
Well its very early on June 18th like 2 in the morning and I can not sleep what so ever... I am having surgery this morning at like 11 am and they are goin to do a flap graft to close the sore thats on my thigh.. I have been told this is a pretty routine surgery so I dont have much to worry about except for if it gets infected after it then that is a huge deal and a big worry ,but i'm not tryin to worry myself to death and worry and stress myself out unless it happens.. Cuz if i stress myself out it will cause me not to heal as well and as fast as I should.. But after today I will be here for about another month if not a little longer.. After this surgery I will have to lay on my left side or my stomach for a good 3 weeks straight to keep all pressure off my right leg so theres very little chance of it getting infected.. Then after the 3rd week the doctor said that he will let me start to sit up a little bit.. Then after the 4th week then he will let me sit up again ,but he wants to ma
Surgery Went Ok
Hey all, I just wanted to finally let everyone know that surgery went ok.. It was 5 1/2 hours long and it was an alright surgery... After I got really sick and I was throwing up after a few hours.. I slept all night and then all the next day due to being sick and not feeling well... They ended up doing an "L" skin graft to get everything healed up.. Then tomorrow they are goin to do more surgery and they are going to go in and just debride it out.. I am not that worried about going in and just cleaning it out ,but i'm still a little worried about it.. So, keep me in your prayers still please.... Thanjks! ~Ash~
Surgery Today Went Ok June 22 Was Surgery!
so every1 knows my surgery was today again... They did the one on Thursday that was an *L* skin flap graft... then on Friday he came in to check it out and decided he didnt like the looks of it.. so he went in today for an hour and a half and dibreeded it and cleaned it out.. and then he took the bad parts of the graft that didnt take and pulled them off and took skin from my thigh again and moved it to the back of my thigh and left a few spots open for dressing changes so it will drain and heal so it will drain and heal like it is suppose to do now and I have to stay off it as much as I can so i'm on complete bedrest and i have to lay on my sides and back... Then they have me on oral pain meds 3 times a day.. and IV ones 2 times a day... Then I can take .04 cc's of dalated every hour to an hour and a half due to pain..Then I can have up to 2 vicodines every 4 to 6 hours for pain and I always pop 2 in to relieve it more.. Then before the dressing changes I take the .04 cc's of the dala
Surgery For June 22nd Went Ok Revised
 so every1 knows my surgery was today again... They did the one on Thursday that was an *L* skin flap graft... then on Friday he came in to check it out and decided he didnt like the looks of it.. so he went in today for an hour and a half and dibreeded it and cleaned it out.. and then he took the bad parts of the graft that didnt take and pulled them off and took skin from my thigh again and moved it to the back of my thigh and heal like it is suppose to do now and  i'm on complete bedrest But I do not have to stay off it i just need to limit the time I am on my leg and putting pressure on that spot to let it heal up.. Then they have me on oral pain meds 3 times a day.. and IV ones 2 times a day... Then I can take .04 cc's of dalated every hour to an hour and a half due to pain.. Then I can have up to 2 vicodines every 4 to 6 hours for pain and I always pop 2 in to relieve it more.. Then before the doctors come in to take the dressings off and look at it I take the .04 cc's of the da
Surgeon Talk
Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on. The first surgeon, from New York , says, "I like to see accountants on my operating table, because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered." The second, from Chicago , responds, "Yeah, but you should try electricians! Everything inside them is color coded." The third surgeon, from Dallas , says, "No, I really think librarians are the best, everything inside them is in alphabetical order." The fourth surgeon, from Los Angeles chimes in: "You know, I like construction workers..... those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over." But the fifth surgeon, from Toronto, Canada shut them all up when he bserved: "You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains and no spine, and the head and the ass are interchangeable."
A surgeon went to check on his blonde patient after an operation. She was awake, so he examined her. "You'll be fine," he said. She asked, "How long will it be before I am able to have a normal sex life again doctor?"
Hi there everyone. I hope everyone is doing great. I wish i could asay the same. I just have surgery on the 13 of august. and it is really starting to suck. I can't get a decent amount of sleep. I have been up every 3 hours. that is why i'm on right now. And the pain killers they prescribed me are not really working. The take the edge off but it still really hurts, so, i have to call my doctor when they open up and see if they can do anything. It really hurts to move. On top of it i am the only one here. Oh well. i'll manage. Hopefully it gets better soon. I have to go back to work tuesday and my kids come home Saturday. And i start school on the 20th. I can't wait.
Surgery Went Well!!!!
For those of you that know and those who don't I am having surgery tomorrow on my right hip. The doctor is taking out the screws and fusing it together. My sacrim moves and it is not suppose to. As for those who are wondering why I am having it done. I am in a lot of pain when I lay down. Now I am facing the fact that it hurts when I am up in my electric wheel chair. I hope this surgery will help my pain. For those of you that will be praying for me tomorrow I thank you for that now. This accident as taken its tole on me but I am still fighting even as I am home from the nursing home. I may never be the same again but I have my life and I am sooooooooooooo Thankful for that. I Thank God, my family, and my friends who have been there for me through out this whole process with out them I might have given up. I can not forget the little guy I was watching Edin. I had his picture in my room at the hospital, rehab, and nursing home. I missed him so much. His mom has said I can start watchin
I get to go in for surgery tomorrow morning. yay... Im so tired of my hand hurting that it makes me happy but at the same time I wish I had someone home to take care of me... haha selfish I know. But oh well. :) It's how it is. So if I disappear for a while I'll be back when the drugs wear off fully.
Well everyone who knows me, knows that I had to have a hystorectomy because of cancer on the 12th. I went in to have it done and everything went well with the initial surgery. I got out of recovery and into my room and was doing fine. My doctor came by to check on me about 2 that afternoon and she noticed that i was pale, listless and that nothing was coming throught the cathedar. Most of this I'm gonna tell you now I only know from what was told to me. I was out of it because I was slowly dying. I was in and out of consiousness and wasn't responsive and the doctor was getting really worried. They changed the cathedar and still couldn't get anything so they rushed me into surgery again. I was in surgery the second time for over 5 hours. When the doctor came out she informed my mother that I had slipped one of my initial stiches and was bleeding internally. I had lost so much blood that they had to give me 4 pints. I had 3 insisions from the scope to try and find where I was bleeding
I think my stress level and irritation level will sky rocket if that ends up happening. I have another cyst again. I'm on medication to see if that will help but if it doesn't work, I get sliced open. Yay!!!! Not. Not to mention, whatever is causing my side pain isn't looking good. Still haven't seen a doc for that and I don't know that I want to after seeing my gyno yesterday. It doesnt sound good at all and she's just as baffled but it's been narrowed down to 4 possibilities because the symptoms are so oddballed. Guess I wont know till I get my x-rays and shit done. Anything else want to happen this year? We're only a month and a half in, and I don't appreciate my level of patience being tested this early... -Mz. Iowa
Surgery For The Third Time On Right Hand
Surgery Date
Well on 4/29 I will have carpal tunnel surgery for my right hand.  After 6-8 weeks I will be scheduling the surgery for my left hand.
Surgery Outcome!
Surgery was a success!  (so far)  The two procedures lasted a total of about 7.5 hours from start to finish.  The had to go in on her right side (underarm) move the heart and lung out of the way and remove 5 discs from her spine.  (They had begun to fuse together with the progression of the Scoliosis rendering her spine 'not flexible' for the second procedure)  That procedure lasted about 1.5 hours.  The rest of the surgery was to go in through her back, realign her spine using pins, rods, and screws (from what was told to me) to reduce the curvature of 80+% to around 20-25%.  The whole surgery was a true success.  She was sent to recovery where my sister and brother-in-law were able to go in and see her when they woke her up.  She was saying she felt 'sore' but that was it.. and then complained she was hungry :)   She is currently in PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) where she was expected to be for about 48-72 hours, however, based on her responses to everything from the surgery t
first a thank you i just had surgery where a herniated disk was removed from my neck and they did a fusion on the rest. thank you all who knew this for your prayers, flowers, and cards.  It makes it so much easier having friends when something scary is happening in your life. I have three other hernias but with God's help and your prayers those will not need the surgery.  I am still in a lot of pain, but again, having friends seems to make that a smaller deal.  i am grateful for you my friends
Surgery went pretty good. Pain pills are almost too strong, they make me sleep, pleh! Still semi struggling getting around but I went from crutches to my cane. Stairs and driving especially suck! I am hoping when this all heals I will get around alot better!! I hate being cooped up and afternoon tv sucks balls!! I am staying at a friends doing laundry tonight hence being online...............
I get my other knee scoped next week... fun fun fun... I had the other one done at the end of July and the only thing it really helped with is the obnoxious painful grinding, now its bone on bone... hopefully it will help this other one from buckling up and locking....
Surgery went alright I suppose. I woke up when that damn anesthesia tube was down my throat :( While in the recovery room I know they pumped me full of something then dilaudid, then two pills. Finally it took the edge off a little....   I cant totally concentrate right now so I am gonna go lay down .
Surgery reminds Reminds me of my body My body that carries me around   I have long not taken it for granted But it reminds me even more acutely   That I only have this body once  
Surgery Woes
So, I had surgery 'down there' last month. I tell people I had a sex change operation. It was actually a really common surgery for women my age.....The big 'H' I've had some issues since then and while I was out of town on Wednesday I had to go to one of those walk in clinics because I was in a lot of pain. The random doctor I saw was furious that this is my second infection since my surgery 6 weeks ago. He thinks the surgeon nicked my bowel and that's why I'm in pain and infected and miserable. He took some samples to culture for a few days.... My test results will be in on Monday and that'll tell if I have a staph infection or a nicked bowl. He checked me for heart issues and gave me his personal cell phone number and told me to call him anytime this weekend if I'm having trouble. He is concerned I could get septic and have a heart attack. Ack! I didn't know that could happen. I'm glad I went to see him. I'm REALLY full of crap! Ha....but wondering too - will I have to have surger
Surgery Update
I had surgery on Friday to fix a complication caused by my diabetes and I have to say I not feeling as bad as I thought I would be at this pint. I’m healing nicely and been getting good rest.  Walking slowly but able to stand for a while and sit for a bit as well. Making sure that I try to do anything to tear up my stitches.   So now that this is done and out of the way now all I have to do is heal and get ready for my next surgery, which will be on March 15 for my right eye (I have cataracts) and soon after that would be my left eye.
I had surgery on my right eye on Tuesday. Three weeks after having surgery done to fix a complicating caused by my diabetes (which is healing nicely, but still healing from) and two week from having surgery on my left eye.   I am doing well at the moment. Was a long tuesday morning but once we got into surgery the day went fast, By the time the day was done, majority of it was a blur, but I was home and safe, resting and done.   I will know more on Wednesday how it all went so will be starting to recover from that and start getting ready for the next one.   I like to thank all that have giving me support by messages, calling me (especially on the day of surgery), and those driving me back and forth to/from all the surgeries.   Since I had this one done, I do know what it will be like in two weeks and will be more prepare for the surgery on March 29.
I had surgery on Friday for Carpal tunnel on both hands.. sorry if im slow at getting back with u all. im still in alot of pain but i have not forgot about u.. i should feel alot better in a week or so,,please dont think im ignoring u.. love Megan
        I'm writing this for the few people on here that might give a damn about me and not just points on this site.. I spent years desiding if I wanted to have Oral surgery for my over and under cross bite. I had braces for 3 years when I was younger to try to fix the issue and my Ortho said the only way to fix it was surgery. At the time my parents insurance diden't cover it. They considered it cosmetic surgery... But now times have changed and I have developed other problems with it such as not being able to sleep, chewing food, always biting my tongue, lip,cheek ect. So my dentist has strongly suggested this to me for a few years and now I think I am finally ready to have a normal looking face and be able to breath and sleep well.. I am just waiting for my dentist to make the referal sence I desided this today then I will make my First appt. This will be to deside if the surgeon thinks its as bad as my dentist feels it is. And if its bad enough for my insurance for it to be consid
Surgery On July 17. The 2010 Nl Mvp Had A
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Surgery (monday ~ July 15)
Well Hello there ... obviously you were curious enough to want to find out what is going on or maybe you just like a bit of blood and gore. hee hee :p  Either way this is the story. A few years ago I was told I had loss of cartilage and an arthritic spur in my right foot. The doc told me I could have surgery and I would walk without pain, but I wouldn't dance again. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! So I spent the next 4 years walking, dancing, and NOT WEARING HEELS (except to dance or on really special occasions) and now I'm worse and better all at the same time. It got to the point that I would have to take my shoes off every chance I got (and that's not many with quick changes and all) and even had a few teary moments on stage (NOT COOL ~ but always done with a smile). Soooo now the verdict is ..... I have Hallux Limitus, Arthritis, and Bunions on and in both big toes. Basically it means I can't bend my big toes upwards (ever tried to walk without flexing your toes?), because I have extra
On Tuesday I am getting an Electrostimulator enplanted. This is a battery pack sending electicity to a nerve in my neck to stop pain in my hand. I lost my index finger a few years ago, and I still have pain in it even tho I had the nerves removed from it. The procedure is very painfull and I want to get fucked up. I need this surgery but I am not looking forward to it. After I wont be able to do what I was able to do before has far as lifting. This sucks I am young and shouldn't have any restictions. The way I lost my finger was by a lawn mower. I was useing a 48" scag "walk behind" mower. The safties were off and when you disengaged the blades it stalled. To get it started you had to pull the pull start 999999999 times and hoped it started. So I left it on to empty the clipens bag. When I went to put it on my hand sliped and went into the belt and pully, which would have been stoped if it was disengaged and my hand wouldn't have went into the pully if the guard plate was on it. The p
Hello Family & Friends... I am writin' this to to let You know Monday Sept 30th 2013 im havin' surgery...this is gonna be My 3rd back surgery...Dr told Me if I didn't have it it would do permentant damage (paralize) Me...Well I didn't hesitate on singin' the papers...He also told Me this time He's gonna be goin' be goin' in My side to do the surgery...which is suppose to be better on Me...He will know more on how much He will have to do when He get's in there concernin' My rods in My back...I hope He don't have to do anything with far as I know right now I will be in the Hospital anywhere from 3-5 days...than Home...once I get Home I hope to get back on My laptop as soon as I able to leave maybe a quick status update to let You all know how I'm doin'...there are a few Family/Friends that will know as there gonna be and gettin' the info on Me...if You want to ask them I'm sure they'd let You know...they are... mornin82  ... auggiedog  ... unicorn42359 ... SoftTail ... slick74
I'll be having surgery on the 13th of November which requires a 5-7 day stay & 6-8 weeks of recovery so I'll be on a fu vacaction then & don't know how much I'll be able to do when I get back. Lotsa love to my friends & family & I'll miss you all while I'm gone.
Suriving The Hurricane
hello it very windy here. at 8 am the wind was blowing so bad that i coundt see out of the window. i sick of rain. and wind. it still pretty windy out there but dont let it fool you. flood warnings are in fect till 4pm tomorrow. sorry if this blog is a little running all over the place. i am living on little sleep. my hysband and i went for a drive at 3 am to see how our daughter was. we sent her to grand mas house because ther she be safer then my own house. i live a couple blocks from the bay at sea level. the roof is still standing but we lost a lot of shingles. i will keep you updated. i going to get some sleep.
Surivor Or More?v
new poem.. Survivor or More? Black eye taken for my brotherAbusive fatherFamily rejectionI am, I AM!Right brainHolistic, prosodic, intuitiveExpressive, intelligentParents don’t understandPlease understand!Leaving homeWho really cares?Treasures by the side of the road Modeling, I am pretty.Bartending, I hold my own.Dirty martiniDishwater blondeLoving laceRaincoat and high heelsWanting moreLeaving himTaking sonOnly $2000Hand me downsMismatched dishesDate rapeNo one really caresTreasures on the side of the road Italian manSolidLeft-brainAnalytic, Verbal, Logical.Honest first dinnerSecuritySafetySafe.Material needsNeeding to be neededTwo more kidsDo I really care?Treasures on the side of the road Crooked eyebrowImpish smileSensitive neckI moanElla FitzgeraldMerlotVodka/CranberryVodka/GrapefruitBeautyAll define me.Trouble follows,Life evolves,Tarot, searching.Simplify,Simplify! More than survive!A girl my lordIn a flatbed fordSlowing down to take a look at me.I should really care!
Sur Juillet 1, Nous Donne Une Seconde Vie
juin 21 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Sur Juillet dernier 1 seconde de plus, Montres de poche , par décision de la rotation de la Terre International et entretien d'un système de référence (IERS), basée à Paris, l'organisation qui étudie la rotation de la Terre et les systèmes internationaux de référence, tel que publié par le site Ainsi, il cherche à répondre à la nécessité de synchroniser le Temps Universel Coordonné (UTC), basé sur un réseau de horloges atomiques extrêmement précises, le mouvement de rotation de la Terre autour de son axe. La "seconde intercalaire" soi-disant se produisent la nuit, à 1,59 Juillet 1. Le changement aura une incidence sur les signaux horaires et de la diffusion, entre autres, les médias-radio, la télévision et l'Internet. L'idée de "réglage de l'aiguille" des horloges atomiques pour s'adapter au format UTC artificielle lorsque les irrégularités de la rotation de la terre est née dans les années 70,
Annnouncement Over the last week or so, I've found myself in a less than pleasant humor *for those of you who mistake my use of the word, in this instance, "humor" means mood or general feeling*. I realize that I may have said things, both here and other places, that upset, angered, offended, or otherwise made people wonder if something was wrong. Well, this is my commentary on that. First, let me say that this is NOT a plea for understanding, pity, forgiveness, etc., because I really, at this moment, couldn't give a shite less. O.K.? Those of you who were NOT so afflicted, my sincerest congratulations... You're either tougher than I thought you might have been, or more understanding that sometimes individuals have what I like to call "times of EXTREME surliness." Of course, if you WERE afflicted, or affected, and have gotten over it, wonderful! If you're still harboring feelings of ill will, dislike, and/or grudgedness, then, once again, I couldn't give a shite l
Surley Government Sadists
EvanescenceGood Enough Music Video Codes By Music Back in the day, when humiliation was something I put up with so that my children could eat - you used to have to take paper vouchers to the post office so that the window clerk could give you back monopoly like money - for food. Food Stamps, Food Currency. Anything but a discrete card that comes to you in the mail and is recharged monthly. No, I used to have to catch the bus from my trailer with my two adorable children, who had a mother that happened to be very good at being friendly to people in a business setting - and yet had the misfortune to not be totally necessary to a company who was in the middle of a recessionary crisis. So off to the post office we went. Bundled up snug in the winter, on to the bus, down to the local post office where the most incredibly rude old man did his very best to make sure that I knew what a pain in the ass it was for him to take my voucher and give me the means to buy so
Sur L'emirates Stadium, Arsenal Très Facile à Réaliser Milieu Gérer Maillot De Foo
Sur l'Emirates Stadium, Arsenal très facile à réaliser Milieu gérer maillot de foot , et il fait comme un milieu de terrain défensif Abou Diaby est tombé un cadre cosy et qu'il voulait seulement se terrait dans un journal proche des cercles arc, en attendant thé siffler un anneau puis femme au foyer et enfants brûlant à l'intérieur. Mais ce n'est vraiment rapport à Arsenal de la vie et de la mort 1 Football Shirt jeu, il est vraiment indépendamment du fait qu'ils sont après une fois de plus l'ignominie d'hirondelle "tout est vanité" quatre jeu de mot, tout le monde à la bataille, tous doivent participer à l'agression, tous doivent œuvrer pour que champion de la lueur d'espoir. Comme «patron» à l'intérieur de la 2e moitié de Arsène Wenger indépendamment de la chanson sera remplacé par Abou Diaby maillot de foot 2013, permettent à l'air d'avoir un impact défense de Liverpool, mais c'était 81 minutes semble un peu tard.
Surowce Chemiczne
surowce chemiczne
Surprise Entry Coming Up!!
I will not disclose what this particular entry will comprise of, but you shall enjoy it I woulld think... My dear reader, keep your eye glued on my entries and your mind ready for some interesting reading. It shall be available in no more then a few weeks, tops!!
Surprise Lunch
Surprise Lunch Lunch packed for work ALways somethign sexual But today was different As I found nothign btu a note from Lover Nothing sexual, nothign much just go to the sidewalk deli Our fave place Wait there until I arrive Ten minutes pass and nothign Nervous yet excited Then the limo with lover comes and speeds me away Where are we going Surprises are surprises for a reason Myu body quivers excitedly Knowing somethring truly special will unfold Cabin in Cook's Forest Way deep in the woods As limo speeds away Lover takes my hand leading me inside Cold wine and lit candles Porpourri and massage oils STrip and lay down But touching nothign including yourself From behind lover drizzles chocolate Strategically dropped on ym manly places Totaly nude and exposed Her Sex already dripping wiht love nectar Her tongue poised to tease and to please totally My nipples and manhood so rock hard I felt faint Then her oral dance of desire began
Surprise Package Cookies
1 C. butter (no substitutes), softened 1 C. sugar 1/2 C. packed brown sugar 2 eggs 1 t. vanilla extract 3 C. all-purpose flour 1 t. baking powder 1/2 t. salt 65 mint Andes candies In a mixing bowl, cream butter and sugars. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat in vanilla. Combine the flour, baking powder and salt; gradually add to creamed mixture. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours or until easy to handle. With floured hands, shape a tablespoonful of dough around 42 candies, forming rectangular cookies. Place 2 in. apart on greased baking sheets. Bake at 375° for 10-12 minutes or until edges are golden brown. Remove to wire racks to cool. In a micro-wave or saucepan, melt the remaining candies; drizzle over cookies. Yield: 3-1/2 dozen.
Surprise ( She Wakes Her Lover With A Surprise )
Copyright © 2003, Black}i{Velvet A soft murmur sounds in the room as the figure on the bed shifts slightly, the sheet she had draped over her body earlier slipping to expose a delicate shoulder, gleaming softly in the moonlight. Arms lift above her head as she stretches slowly, a smile spreading over her lips as memories from earlier in the night flood her mind. Turning onto her side, her eyes roam over the large form spread out beside her, a look of lust darkening her features as her eyes skim lower, breath catching slightly as she spies the outline of his groin against the sheet. Tentatively lifting a hand towards his body, she slides a finger along one silk covered thigh, gliding higher to slip along his cock, gasping softly and snapping her hand back to her own body as she feels him twitch beneath her hand. Quickly lifting her gaze to his face, her eyes seek his, breathing a sigh of relief as she notes they are still closed, lashes resting softly against his hard cheeks.
Surprise Surprise..
Coming back home from work was a bitch. The traffic was horrendous and on top of that I was assigned to do research for the company I was interning for. Talk about heavy duty work ! What amazes me is the amount of patience my employers have for the interns. It kinda motivated me to represent ! LOL Well life has taken a turn for the best and I'm pretty confident that things are taking a turn for the greatest... I was kind of surprised to be assigned to do analytical@analysis work especially for a company as big as theirs. Award winning to boot. (I'm flattered beyond belief) lol Neways, I gotta skeedaddle... Shall keep ya'all updated on my future adventures :D Mwuaks!
Surprise Visit - Erotica
The phone rang, interrupting my thoughts, and I answered it feeling a bit dazed. “I need to fuck you” I heard Max’s masculine voice tell me, it sounded as though he’d been thinking about this for a while. My body reacted and I could feel the heat as what he said turned me on. Before I could respond he spoke again, ordering me to go into my bedroom and strip completely. He then commanded me to go into my nightstand and get out the largest vibrating cock that I owned. I reached down and rubbed some massage oil onto my pussy, it heated up quickly as I touched my slit preparing it for what he would ask next. He told me to bend over and insert that cock into me all at once, not to tease or linger while sliding it in. I let out a small gasp as I felt the force of it pushing into my tight muscles, causing sweet juices to gush onto my hand and down my leg. With it fully inserted into me he told me to turn it on and then squeeze tight to keep it deep inside of me. He ordered me to caref
A Surprising Secret To A Long Life: Stay In School
By GINA KOLATA Published: January 3, 2007 James Smith, a health economist at the RAND Corporation, has heard a variety of hypotheses about what it takes to live a long life — money, lack of stress, a loving family, lots of friends. But he has been a skeptic. Yes, he says, it is clear that on average some groups in every society live longer than others. The rich live longer than the poor, whites live longer than blacks in the United States. Longevity, in general, is not evenly distributed in the population. But what, he asks, is cause and what is effect? And how can they be disentangled? He is venturing, of course, into one of the prevailing mysteries of aging, the persistent differences seen in the life spans of large groups. In every country, there is an average life span for the nation as a whole and there are average life spans for different subsets, based on race, geography, education and even churchgoing. But the questions for researchers like Dr. Smith are why? And what rea
Surprised Me !
You scored as A Sicko. You are a SICK FUCK!! You would do almost anything to get off. You know how to be wild, try new stuff and let loose and be crazy. You are at the top of the Horny/Sexual ladder, a very coveted paosition by many. People call you Sick, but those are the ones that think it but don't have the balls to do it. You will be an exploding sex partner, if they can handle it.... Rock On.A Sicko90%Very Kinky90%Average50%A WUSS !!0%How sexual are youcreated with
Surprised By Comments And Attention
I just want to say thank-you to everyone. I am blown away by the attention I have received since signing up tiday. It is so unbelievable the number of people who have seen this site. My fiance and I were a bit hesitant about my signing up but it might work out for the best. Again thanks for everyone who has left the kind messages. I promise to answer them all. Kisses and hugs Joanie and Lizelle
The Surprise At Home
He was a very happy man. A good job. He had a great looking wife. Life could not be better. Forgetting to take some papers with him to work this morning, he thought that he would be surprising his wife by stopping by the house at lunchtime. But, when he arrived, she was not home. Damn, he thought. There went the opportunity for a lunch time quickie! But, such was life. As he searched through the bedroom tables for the work that he had forgotten, he heard the front door open. Ah, this he knew would be his wife, returning home, maybe after a shopping trip. He would have that opportunity after all! He hid, quietly in the closet, and waited for her to come into the bedroom, as was her habit, to put her shoes away. The closet was dark, and he left the door open a crack, so that all he could see was a part of the room containing the bed. She always sat there, on the edge to remove her shoes. He could already see her great legs, in a skirt, raising slowly to take her shoes off one at a time
Surprising People
Thought for the day. — Thursday, January 25, 2007 The less people think of you, the more easily they are impressed by you. Basicly, all you need to do to impresss someone is excede their expectations. If someone they think is smart says something somewhat intelligent, it's no big deal. But if someone stupid says something somewhat intelligent, then they are far more surprised, and more likly to be impressed. It's nice to look young. And it's fun to go around looking " ate-up " and then say somewhat intelligent things, or sometimes to help people or correct people. This person who they suspect least to even be as smart or helpfull as or anything as them, is the one helping them out, or making them look stupid. Sometimes to impress people, it's easier if you don't look " your best ".
Surprising Night [pull Your Pants Down And Read The Night Away Here]
After finding out that her checked luggage had been misrouted and then dropping her enormous bag on her foot, Maia decided to splurge on a taxi. Waiting on the bus in the driving rain might just do her in. Of course she hadn't realized that all of New York's eight million inhabitants would be standing in line for a cab at the same time. Desperate to get home, curl up in bed, and sulk over lacking the nerve to proposition the luscious man sitting next to her on the plane, she tried calling a car service. But none were willing to pick her up for a measly mile and a half ride when they could make more money off someone else. As Maia closed her phone, tears filled her eyes. She wiped them away quickly. It had been a truly sucky day, but that was no excuse for crying in the airport. What the fuck's wrong with me? She took a deep breath. She'd just have to get soaked. But when she turned to head toward the bus stop, she ran straight into a man's hard chest. Her bag crashed to the
The sound of the door opening woke her. Emily felt the bed next to her and found it empty? "Gram?" He must have stayed downstairs at the reception longer than he'd expected to. "Get on your hands and knees." Icy fear slithered down her spine. That wasn't Gram's voice. "What's going on here?" "Do as I said unless you want to be punished." Fear dissipated as she recognized the voice. It was Kell, Gram's friend. The one she'd told Gram she'd love to fuck. When they'd realized he'd also come to New York for another friend's wedding, they'd joked about asking him to join them, but what would Gram say about her fucking him on her own. "You've got less than ten seconds to obey before I start spanking your disobedient ass." The thought of a spanking made her pussy clench, but his commanding tone made her scramble to obey. She pulled her nightgown up to her waist, exposing her nakedness. "Ah, the little slut doesn't wear panties to bed. I could have guessed" Cream
Go figure I posted a mumm called Popularity...East coast vs West Coast just to see where most of the members of Cherry Tap resided. Now to me there was nothing offensive about the question, but apparently to someone else it was as i got a message from the CT staff saying that my mumm has been removed from the site. My apologies to anyone I offended, I was just curious where most of the CT'ers where, is there more people from the east or the west-there was nothing nasty or racist about it, infact its plain and general. I have seen alot worse crap posted and alot worse bashers attacking others for their opinions.... cheeky
Why I fired my secretary Last week was my birthday and I didn't feel very well waking up on that morning. I went downstairs for breakfast hoping my wife would be pleasant and say, "Happy Birthday!", and possibly have a small present for me. As it turned out, she barely said good morning, let alone "Happy Birthday." I thought... Well, that's marriage for you, but the kids... They will remember. My kids came bounding down stairs to breakfast and didn't say a word. So when I left for the office, I felt pretty low and somewhat despondent. As I walked into my office, my secretary Jane said, "Good Morning Boss, and by the way Happy Birthday!" It felt a little better that at least someone had remembered. I worked until one o'clock, when Jane knocked on my door and said, "You know, it's such a beautiful day outside, and it is your Birthday, what do you say we go out to lunch, just you and me." I said, "Thanks, Jane, that's the greatest thing I've heard all day.
Surprise Surprise
It's late and we've had a wonderful time at the club. The drinks have lowered our inhibitions and we are being very affectionate just before closing. We've spent the night mingling with your old friends and making some new ones. You've noticed me chatting it up with a couple of really cute guys you haven't see before and are happy that I am getting along. When we leave we invite a couple of your friends and one of the cute guys to come back to your place for a nightcap. We spend the ride in the backseat fondling and kissing each other and make no effort to hide the fact that things are going to get very hot when we get home. The cute guy is watching all this with a sly smile and nods in approval sitting next to us. We arrive and soon the group of us is laughing and sharing a few last drinks together in your parlor. A little while later everyone is gone except for us and the cute stranger. I notice you've been checking him out when you've had the chance and ask you if you like what
Surprise, Surprise!
I'm flattered and pleased! I'm so much fun to party with, apparently, Kayla, one of last weeks party group, has decided we are going out again this weekend!! Oh, happy day, lol! I will try to be a bit more moderate this time, lmao!! I'm sure Sarah and Kayla will take good care of me!
The Surprise
Long days have passed since the last time I had laid my eyes upon you. Ok, so maybe it had only been a few hours since you departed. Sitting all alone in the barren and empty room allowed my mind to wander further. Laying on the bed with the TV as my only solace from eternal boredom, I decided that since I couldn?t for the life of me stop thinking about you, I would do something special for you. Just as I started to concentrate on what I could do for you one of those stupid commercials for the FTD flower company came on and the brainstorm that followed cause the proverbial light bulb to go off and then explode with ideas. A frantic note was written down and left on the table as I fled the place in a hurry. Out to my car I ran as fast as I could. I jumped up and slid across the hood and deftly landed on the other side in a Dukes of Hazard style move. There was no need for it, but it was more then fun. A full speed trip to the mall pumped even more adrenaline into my system causing m
My NSFW's have returned for your viewing pleasure... Enjoy
Surprising Feel-great Foods
Surprising Feel-Great Foods Popcorn Boost your mood the most by air-popping. Using low-fat microwave varieties will work too. Skip the butter, or at least keep it to a drizzle. Popcorn is also one of the best convenience store snacks; it is easy to find a bag with no trans fat and little or no saturated fat. It boosts your energy and is even better for your mood if you add a protein nibble (handful of almonds, string cheese) to go with it. Try this: Shake four to five ounces of finely chopped bittersweet chocolate into your bag of microwave popcorn while it’s still hot. Add a half-cup of sliced almonds for a feel-great treat. Pork Keep it lean, including roasts, pork chops and pulled pork for barbecue sandwiches. Pork is bursting with B vitamins to fight stress. Plus you get a healthy dose of the neurotransmitter choline, which fuels your brain power. A 2006 study from the federal Human Nutrition Research Center at Tufts University in Boston links adequate cholin
Surprise (erotic Story)
This is the first story I am going to share, it's been a while since I wrote a story, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.... SURPRISE Rough day at work as usual, different situations to solve and try to please everybody, can’t wait to hit the 5 O’clock and get into my car, turn on my radio, loud….. Smoke my cigarette and grab my cell phone to call my beautiful slave who is waiting at home. Finally the 5 O’clock, I go quickly to clock out of the office, say good bye to my coworkers and as if I was taken on rollerblades got into my car…. Out of the parking lot, on my way to the arms of my girl… the traffic is heavy, at that hour is always the same deal, everybody is getting out of their jobs, everybody rushing to get to their final destinations…. There, I was, stuck in traffic, taking my shoes off! “aaaahhh that feels so damn good!” I grabbed my cell and speed dial my home number… 3 rings and I hear the sweet voice of my girl “Hello” “Hi baby” I replied…. I coul
Surprised? So Am I...
You know, life is funny. Just when you think it's finally hit rock bottom... You bounce! Met someone, not off here, who I'm clicking with. Chemistry, communication, compromise. I'm feeling oddly happy about this. We've spent some time together. Made dinner together last night and had a great time. More to follow. It's true that it does jump out at you, all the sudden-like. Still, not holding my breath, as I'm no treat to be around sometimes, but we'll see. For now, though, I'm happily not interested in looking for more than the Universe has seen fit to provide me. JimmyJuice "Fresh squeezed, daily"
Surprises In Store In The Next Couple Weeks
within the next three weeks i plan on changing the way i look, dress, and im changing my attitude. no more letting people tease me and walking all over me i have had it with so called friends that pretend to be my friends i dont care what people fucking think of me i care about what i look like and what my real friends see of me i plan on a more casual look a look that i can be happy about for all my fake friends that pretend to like me until you walk over me go fuck yourself i know who my true friends are and some of my real friends are right here on cherrytap and you know who you are and i really love my true friends alot and i thank them from the bottom of my heart for all the advice and support
Surprising Him At The Office
She stepped into the dimly lit room, the only light coming from the glowing monitor of His computer. She knew where she would find Him, in that high backed chair, fingers playing across the keyboard, oblivious to her approach. She paused only briefly before reaching for the chair and slowly spinning Him to face her. She stood before Him in the indigo satin nightie she had chosen for this night. Her skin lightly scented with ginger and lilies. Her long hair shadowed half of her face from His view, but He sensed the coy smile that played across her lips as she whispered into the darkness, are you sure this is really what you want? All she could here in that frozen in time moment was the soft hum coming from the computer, until His sharp intake of breath broke the spell. He reached up with one hand, grasping the back of her neck and pulling her swiftly down toward His eager lips, forcing her to accept His probing tongue as He kissed her with a passion that they had both long since forgot
Surprising Sunday!
Not surprisingly so, another installment of Peter Britt's "Thought For The Day" This one is a little dark, but it is one of my favorites. It in some way, illustrates a part of myself so sharing it is appropriate. And it is how I'm feeling today. lol Hope you enjoy :) Peter A thought for the day from: Peter Britt "With a hand, does she reach inside me and pull the blackest heart from the darkness. With lucid emerald eyes, she shows me the fire ablaze within her. A vision requite in desire, she ensures I see. Given unto fear the alternative she makes known, to burn eternally. A choice she offers me, submit to my destiny or perish. What hideous fortune befalls me, he who surveys the flesh, his own domain. I revel in passion again, this day." ©1998 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
Read this through before you think "how can this be?" Subject: Surprise!!! NOW LEARN THE TRUTH.....YOU WILL BE SURPRISED! How EnronWorked the President! This is an interesting bit of information that you don't hear much about. 1. Enron's chairman did meet with the president and the vice president in the Oval Office. 2. Enron gave $420,000 to the president's party over three years. 3. It donated $100,000 to the president's inauguration festivities. 4. The Enron chairman stayed at the White House 11 times. 5. The corporation had access to the administration at its highest level and even enlisted the Commerce and State Departments to grease deals for it. 6. The taxpayer-supported Export-Import Bank subsidized Enron for more than $600 million in just one transaction. Scandalous!! (Look below) BUT...the president under whom all this happened WASN'T George W. Bush. SURPRISE!! It was President Bill Clinton! Pass this on so the whole Countr
Surprise Surprise.... Good Morning
Good Morning…I have not written in a while and seems like when someone stops something that is meaningful in their life they seem to stop everything…with that said no I am not on the verge of nervous a breakdown or looking for the nearest bridge to take a leap off of either…I am just ho-hum. Ho-hum, what is ho-hum? Hmmm seems like there should be music with those words. However there is none to be found…My take on ho-hum is this: It’s a state of mind where things mean something but do not perk ones interest because the mind is preoccupied. Now there is something to that. What I do not know…right now I should be quoting a great leader or someone who everyone looks up to…but if I give one name or another then I am installing belief that everyone thinks as I do and admires or looks up to whom I do. But, we are all different in body mind and spirit, and different is good. I was asked to join a group in Boomers. I always join when asked but somehow just look and more times then not do not
Life in the Marine Corps generally sucked, especially when it came to women. I don't know what the official ratio is between men and women in the MC, but I would guess it was 100 men to every wookie. When you did run into an opportunity to bang one of these fine specimens of hoe, you had to figure out how many of your friends had banged her as well. Needless to say, I stayed away from the wm's (sexual harassment charges were also common.) So, when my neighbor, we'll call him "Frank", invites me to Charleston to hook up with these two freaky chics, I jumped at the chance. The drive from Beaufort to Charleston is a boring one, so we supplement by downing beers. After an hour or so, we get to the mall to meet the ladies. Frank spots the car that they are driving and goes over while I piss in the near empty parking lot. I walk over to the car and notice that there is only one freak in the car. Frank then tells me that the other freak couldn't make it. Fuck. Now I'm a third wheel.
It's amazing what can happen out of nowhere when you're expecting nothing. Sometimes it's best just to live life and see what happens. Maybe you'll fall into something great.
He had been very clear in his instructions. She was to be naked, on all fours at the end of the bed. As requested she had everything laid out within close reach. She fingered her clit as required, not touching the toys. That was also a requirement. As her fingers deftly manipulated the sensitive area she knocked the end of the small barbell in her hood directly on her clit. She was getting wet with the action and the anticipation of what was to come. As she felt the starting of her orgasm she pulled back a little. She had no way of knowing how much longer he would be and was trying to extend the pleasure. She slowly slid her fingers inside her instantly finding and tickling her g spot gently. She hears the door open and heard breathing behind her. She didn't turn around; instead she started thrusting her fingers in and out of her dripping cunt. "Enjoying you?" Master asked softly. "Mmm hmm," Tara whimpered. "Can I ask you something?" He asked, "I don't want you to turn around
Had a surprise last weekend... One of the tanks I had filled with water and was cycling to get ready for some Angelfish suddenly had baby fish appear in it. I have no idea what kind they are or where they came from. I suspect they maybe baby Buenos Aires babies because I "seeded" the tank with water from a tank that had those in them. The eggs must have been in the gravel I vacuumed while transferring the water. Then I had a snail appear in an established tank that has never had anything but the fish that I originally put in several months ago. That one is a real mystery to me. Although I have nearly 20 different species of fish, I have been concentrating on Angelfish. Perhaps I should call my hobby "Immaculate Conception Fishery."
Mike: Neil, it is very rare you interest me, but today you have. Why do you keep coming in here, carrying a cake, and saying surprise? Neil: It's my birthday. Mike: Now you knew that anyway, and we don't care, so where's the surprise? (Summer Holiday)
Surplus - La Consommation Par La Terreur - A Fair Tourner
Surplus - La Consommation par la Terreur - A FAIR TOURNER
Surprise At The Top Of The Stairs (story)
Surprise At The Top Of The Stairs by Raindear816© (Sweet Lil Wicked One) As you walk into this beautiful, old antebellum home, I welcome you with a warm embrace. Giving a tender kiss on your cheek just before your ear, I whisper, "there is a surprise upstairs in the second door on the left." You smile wanting to inquire further, but I press my soft, full lips to yours, giving you a passionate, yet tender kiss. I wink at you, shake my finger side to side as if to say, "Uh, Uh, Uh, ...just go upstairs." You make full eye contact with me and read me from within. Excitement stirs inside of you as you make your way up the winding staircase. You feel your heart beating faster as the blood pumps through your veins, stimulating your manhood. You reach the top of the stair case, with your heart pounding and your pants beginning to get a little uncomfortable due to the lack of room for the obvious excitement you are feeling. Walking down the hall, a lovely scent of peaches
Surprise Balloon
Surprising Love-life Boosters
Surprising love-life boosters By Margot Carmichael Lester Sure, you can buy some sexy lingerie or a bottle of nice champagne to rev up your love life with that person who's giving you butterflies. Or you could mix it up a little and try something new. Something different. Something utterly unexpected. Introducing some variety into your relationship could kick up the romance in very exciting ways. Here are some innovative ideas to consider: 1. Engage in some petting: No, not that kind! “Pets can be an important stabilizer in love relationships,” says Terri Orbuch, the Detroit-based “Love Doctor.” In fact, a study from SUNY Buffalo found that pet-owning daters have closer relationships, bounce back more quickly after stressful arguments and are more satisfied than those who don’t own pets. “The unconditional love of pets rubs off on couples,” she says. 2. Heat it up: Cooking together is a feast for all your senses says Marnie Carmichael, founder of Spring Valley, OH-based
~ Surprize While Planting A Ied ~ :)
Go ahead plant one of the IED's you son of a bitches we have something for your sorry ass :) Predator Drops 500 lbs Bomb on Insurgents One of the ways we've come up with to limit the number of IED attacks is to monitor our most heavily traveled areas using Predators. They are very quiet and fly high enough so that they can't be heard or seen. And because they don't have a pilot, they can fly over 24 hours at a time. In this video, a Predator comes upon 3 insurgents planting an IED. It then contacts a nearby F-16 who then drops a 500 lb bomb on them. BTW, the person controlling the Predator is 8000 miles away at Nellis AFB in Nevada. Clear demonstration of the power of a reliable network.
If you guys can get me under 400,000 to go to level i will open the private album for the weekend. have fun.
8...surprising Turn-ons For Men
Ask a group of guys what turns them on about a woman, and you'll sometimes get the predictable answers: full lips, full bosom, full booty. These are a few quick-and-dirty biological imperatives that will turn many a man's head. But a lot of women fulfill those requirements already. So what makes certain women boy magnets, and leaves others spending Saturday nights watching Saturday Night Live skits? As always, men are more complicated than a lot of people give them credit for, and when it comes to turn-ons, the masculine gender has plenty of surprises up their metaphorical sleeve. Here, some of the ways to effectively rev the masculine engine: 1. Standing Tall Don't get me wrong: it's not that we want a woman who can balance a beer tray on her head. It's what good posture says about her. A woman who stands tall typically a) dresses well, b) exercises often, and c) is confident about her body and what it's good for. And if she's proud of her figure no matter what shape or si
So I am on my computer and hit the history because I needed to get back to a site -- I find this site - and to my surprise I notice that my fiance is a member. Eric 'Sober_Irishman' Wonner - I was rather surprised to see that he was trolling for women here. Well lets just say that I am less than pleased but two can play at the same game. With the only difference that unlike him I don't have "the gift that keeps on giving" so ladies if you want to know about it - let me know I will gladly share my story. Gentleman I am a professional, fun loving, carefree female with no strings. I live in Grand Island NY and anywhere in the Buffalo area works for me. Looking forward to getting to know you.
Surprise Day Off
What's both a good and bad simultaneously? Not indulging in the drinking of lots of champagne with my friends because I "have to work tomorrow", waking up at 6:30, driving my ass to work, only to be called while in the parking lot to be told "you don't have to work today, there aren't any surgeries scheduled". Someone was "supposed" to call me YESTERDAY to inform me of such, but it didn't happen. I guess I'll look at it on the bright side, as in, yes it sucks that I had to wake up early, but I have the rest of the day off. What to do...what to do?
The Surprise Visit
Wow what a great day i thought to myself, So i figured i'd go out for a walk. I was going to the club after so i got dressed in my low cut red metallic tank top, black mini leather skirt, with matching jacket :along with my red satin bra and matching thong, with fish net stockings and spiked heels, I put on after my walk. While walking along I came to this quiet park with not many people in it. I noticed this couple laying on a blanket near a bush with a little privacy to it. The couple was kissing passionately as he was carressing her breats, and her hand gliding up and down his thigh. I was becoming arroused with just watching them and wishing i was with my man and doing these things with him, while watching them without them knowing it, I imagined being with my man, and started to slip my hand down into my top, pinching my nipples and rubbing them in between my fingers. Picturing my mans lips kissing and licking my breast i found myself moaning with pleasure and very qu
A Surprise.
i was thinking of surprising one of my besties with tickets to bon jovi and daughtry. bon jovi i can deal with because i've seen them before and i like them lots, but i know she wants to see daughtry bad, as does her father. i don't know. we'll see what i have left tomorrow but i'm sure i can do it. :D now i'm gonna torture her and not tell her til tomorrow.
Surprise Ending
Giving Up wine... I was walking down the street when I was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless woman who asked me for a couple of dollars for dinner. I took out my wallet, got out ten dollars and asked, 'If I give you this money, will you buy wine with it instead of dinner? 'No, I had to stop drinking years ago', the homeless woman told me. 'Will you use it to go shopping instead of buying food?' I asked. 'No, I don't waste time shopping,' the homeless woman said. 'I need to spend all my time trying to stay alive.' 'Will you spend this on a nail salon instead of food?' I asked. 'Are you NUTS !' replied the homeless woman. ' I haven't had my nails done in 20 years!' 'Well,' I said, 'I'm not going to give you the money. Instead, I'm going to take you out for dinner with my husband and me tonight.' The homeless woman was shocked. 'Won't your husband be furious with you for doing that? I know I'm dirty, and I probably smell pretty disgusting.' I said
Surpressing The Creative Urge...
I find it kinda funny that were people actually given the gift of imagination, and yet not a lot of them use it. Have you ever had the ability to just look at something, and alter what it really is in your mind to make it into something better. Have millions of ideas about one particular thing, but no outlet or way to turn your ideas into reality. It sucks. I hate not being able to let out any of my ideas or having the means to be able to. Well either way, I say that if any of you have any ideas, please feel free to give advice.
A Surprise For My Husband
I am trying and going to I hope I can do this along with me trying to move next June and I am going to try to surprise my fiance and my husband with the wedding of our dreams or at least something like it. I can't wait to see if I can do this for me and him cause we want to make this offical to everyone. In our hearts we are married no paperwork can ever change that no matter what. So I am hopeing I can do this for him next Christmas cause it would be the very first Christmas we will be face to face to spend together and that means so much to me, him and our daughter. I hope I can make all this work out. Thanks everyone for reading this and letting me share this with ya'll. Love Ya'll
life is just full of all kinds of surprises.....
Surprise Balloons
Ya know, sometimes, it's worth paying for that extra packaging that tells you exactly what you're getting! :P
Well guys and gals, friends and fans...The Momma Rox has a surprise for ya...... Momma is moving to leave out tomorrow so if I'm not on for a while its I be back on as soon as I can, now i want y'all to know I love ya and that it may be a while but I'll be checking in and I'll know who's been naughty and nice...and who gonna get their heads taken off. Now y'all take care of each other. Master4slave you are to watch over daddy Tyger and Mz. Maggie okies? Ruth I know you'll take care of anything important just like Queen B will. Geepers I'm gonna miss y'all while I'm gone.
u know how to find out if ur bf/ fiance has spys watching u post a bulletin of bull shit and see how long it takes them to respond well then u will have ur answer about alot of things but im glad i got mine before i did say i do so to that person that was a spy rat what ever thank you so much u really helped me out alot
I answer the phone, it's you! You have something for me, but no matter how much I pry, you refuse with a smile in your voice. "Just come over", you insist. Curious, but a bit agitated, I knock on your door. You open up with a sly grin on your face and invite me inside. As you give me a warm hug, you slip a black satin scarf around my neck. "Ok, what gives?" I ask, but you move to cover my eyes with it, and tie it snugly behind my head. "You're lucky that I trust you." You lead me further into your apartment. When I ask what's going on, you ask me to please not say a word, or I'll break the spell. "Spell, huh? Ok, I'm game". We stop, and you move away for a moment. I hear a lighter click, then the smell of burning candle. I suddenly feel you behind me, stroking my back as you gently guide me to...somewhere. You turn me around and sit me down on what feels sort of like a recliner. "Comfortable?" you ask. "Yes, I guess. Do I still need to be quiet?" "Jus
You Are: 80% Dog, 20% Cat You and dogs definitely have a lot in common. You're both goofy, happy, and content with the small things in life. However, you're definitely not as needy as the average dog. You need your down time occasionally. Are You More Cat or Dog?
Surprising Friendships!! Most Are Now Even Closer...
not really--and that is a shame. When someone/anyone can finally say with absolute certainty that they are no longer surprised by the result (which is obviously the inevitable one) when it comes to certain situations. What is even worse is when the person finally just says "what the fuck is the point?" and throws their arms up--waves the white flag--says fuck all; which ever statement you feel fits best. Normally I am known for my long winded rants filled with anger and rage and all sorts of wonderful delicious tidbits of juicy ill-temperament. But, like so many before me--I too have finally come to the point where I can officially say "WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT?" (for those of you reading this who actually care to know what exactly I'm giving up can either make some sort of educated guess based on my other blogs...or you can just ask...but I will drop a clue--it does NOT have to do with the 50% of the worlds population who are sporting muscles below the waist that are ca
Surprise, Surprise
whaddaya know Im breatin again
Surprise Buttsecks?
"An unexpected event will soon make your life more exciting"
The Surprise
It had been a long, hard day at work. Driving home I was tired beyond belief. I was looking forward to getting home and spending time with my wife before going to bed. Upon reaching the house I noticed that the house was really quiet. “Honey where are you”, I called out. “I am in the kitchen” she replied. Turning the corner into the kitchen my jaw dropped to the floor as I saw her standing nude in front of the stove cooking. Turning to look at me she lifts her eyebrows in a seductive way and with a devilish grin tells me “I have a bath ran for you. So go relax in the bath while I finish up here.” After a long soak in the bath I went back into the dining room to see two plates on the table and her sitting down waiting for me. She pats the seat beside her and tells me to sit down. After sitting down I can no longer hold back my curiosity and ask “Honey where are the kids?” She tells me they were staying over with a friend for the night. After eating a great dinner and never being able
It was starting out to be a great evening. The kids were all at overnights and it was all about adult fun. I said that I was about to slip off into the shower and asked you if you wanted to join me? You had replied, not at this time and you were going to run somewhere quick. So, I gave you a kiss and headed off into the shower. I started to take off my clothes in front of the mirror watching my every move. I love watching myself in the mirror as I seductively take off all my clothes. When I was done I climbed into the shower and started my water. As I waited for the water to get nice and hot I was rubbing my hands up and down my body. My hands went from my thighs up into the crease between my legs, up farther around my belly button, and up until they were coupling my breasts firmly. I then noticed the water was warm enough, and started the shower streaming down on my naked body. I just stood there and let the water fall down on my glistening wet body taking it all in. I started
Made for me by SeXy_ViXeN. Haha. I love this girl. :-)
Bartering sex for goods or services not that unusual Study: College students willing to trade favors or gifts for sex Contractor says he gets come-ons from female clients Expert: Person with more resources (wealth) is seen as more attractive By Michelle Goodman (LifeWire) -- While she was studying in Brazil during college, the one thing Stephanie Gerson longed to do before leaving was spend time in the thick of the Amazon rain forest. Unfortunately, she couldn't find a tour that would take her past the forest's edge. Survey at college finds 27 percent of men and 14 percent of women willing to trade favors or gifts for sex. So, when a college-aged busboy at a resort she was visiting began flirting with her, she asked him if he thought a tourist could survive alone in the jungle. "He laughed and told me I was nuts," says Gerson, 27, who works part-time in online marketing for a chocolate company in San Francisco. Then he told her that he'd grown up in
Surprisely Tasty
ever since hurricane gustav, and the southern Louisiana coastline area having a mandatory evacuation there has been a curfew of 8pm. none of the stores in the area have had milk till yesterday and none of them had meat on the shelves. in order to give my chirrens some meat i took them to popeyes yesterday, since they finally opened for business and its better than mcdonalds or taco bell. today for lunch i had to improvise with stuff i bought off the shelves at the grocery store. i got some tuna and canned chicken for meats...its all i could do. so i threw a couple cans of chicken in some alfredo sauce and to my surprise its not bad... i expected it to be barely edible but its tasty. just wanted to share this with us in hurricane country for when you have to get creative about what to eat when there is a shortage of meats and dairy products on the shelves
Why is it I always wake up to some new surprise? Lately I been feeling like I can't do anything right... Someone that I have been talking to and actually respect alot has made me feel somewhat deleted from their life... I have no clue what I did... I always defended them... and no matter what I will always respect them....
I was sound asleep last Sunday night when my dog started barking and wouldn't stop. After screaming at her from bed for a few minutes, I decided to get up (assuming that the cat was taunting her from outside her kennel). As I walked through the kitchen, I noticed an elderly lady standing in the middle of my living room!! (yes i forgot to lock the door) I, still half asleep, said, "How the hell can I help you?" She said, "someone is chasing me, someone is chasing me!" So I screamed, "Well lock the goddamned door then!" I then called 911 (and put on some pants before the officer arrived). As it turns out, there was most likely no one chasing her, poor old thing had some kind of dementia and was out wondering around.... So I guess the moral of the story is lock your door if you don't feel like helping out an old lady in the middle of the night... and yes, I've been checking the door before bed every night since.
Surprise Added Bonus
Surpise !
Surprised, Shocked And Completely Confused.
My bf and I are just about to reach our 1 year anniversary in March, and I have been happier with him than I have been with the 2 exes of mine COMBINED. He is my best friend. I know all the intimate details of his life, well most of them. And he knows everything I've been through too, at least all the major details. There have been a few major people/events in my life with a lot of little filler stuff in between. Many things I don't remember, except on occasion when I'm stoned or with old friends do I remember the fluffy little details of my past. It's probably better that most things in the past stay RIGHT the past. I am going through trauma therapy right now to deal with those old demons so that my bf and I can move forward with a HEALTHY version of me. I'm also seeing doctors for my chronic pain issues and trying to better my physical well-being as well. After spending a wonderful Valentine's Day evening on the town with some drinks with friends and karaoke, and sleeping
Surprise Pet Door Visitor
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Surprise Me!
I'm not what you think I am with your superficial glasses on Take them off look closer you'll see fire but you'll see clearly Show me new paths to walk down, be the man I ache for, stand strong Be creative, teach me something new, lead dont follow, I bore easily I dont need roses or weak words, I dont want to chain you down I want only to feed my hunger, so reality doesnt kill my flame Go, stay its of no matter to me, just be a man for me not a clown Time is precious dont waste mine, leave me crazy wanting you, drive me mad, make being in your arms the only time this fucked up world seems sane....  
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The Surprise Chaper 16
The Surprise   The week went by quickly, and Liz and I had grown a lot closer.  I still tried to avoid Bella the best I could, but it wasn’t an easy task.  I met Liz at her classroom door at lunch and we walked to the cafeteria together.  We sat at a table by ourselves.  Alice glared over at us, shaking her head.  She got up from the table and approached us. “Do you think it’s a good idea for you guys to parade around together only a week after you broke up with Bella Edward?” she spat. “She’s not here Alice relax” I said. As if on cue Bella entered the cafeteria.  She looked towards us and her face went redder than I had ever seen it go before.  Before we had any time to react Bella had Liz by the throat and flung her to the ground. “You stupid bitch! This is your entire fault! You did this! I'm going to rip you apart!" Bella screamed and jumped on Liz.  She leaned down and whispered something in her ear with such venom and hate;
The Surprise
                   My Master left me a note saying that he had something for me and to be waiting for him when he gets home. I had no idea what it was and was so excited to find out that I went throw the whole day in a haze cleaning and making the house ready for when my Master got home. I was waiting in the chair he told me to be in wearing just my robe like he told me waiting.                 “Slave I hope you are ready, I am coming in but you better close your eyes.”                       Giggling I close my eyes and here him come in the room. I felt him stand over me and then he tugged me out of the chair and before I know it I was turned around and made to lean down. I then felt rope on my arms and legs; I tried to move and noticed I was tied to the chair. I went to open my eyes but felt my Masters hand go over my thought and know I had better keep my eyes closed.                 “Now pet we are going to have some fun and you are going to love it.”    
9 Surprising Symptoms Of Stress
When was the last time you went through a period of stress? Can you remember the way your body reacted? Chances are you didn't feel quite like yourself. Health experts say that stress can come with some pretty surprising symptoms-from forgetfulness to nausea to skin rashes. Is your body sending you an S.O.S. that you shouldn't ignore? Read on to find out if stress is taking a toll on you-and what you can do to reverse the effects. 1. Tweaked MusclesThe pain in your neck that you attributed to long hours at the computer could actually be a symptom of stress. "Stress definitely affects our musculoskeletal system, resulting in tight, contracting muscles and/or spasms in muscles," explains Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, MS, PT, a psychologist and physical therapist in Wexford, Pennsylvania, and author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness. "It gets us ready for fight-or-flight, although unlike our cavewomen ancestors, we don't actually need our bodies to react l
Surprizes, Wtf????
Wow, I come here rarely and just this weekend spent more time. Hooked up with an admirer. After commenting about one of Hypnotiqs pics, she got mad????? I commented again in explanation and she went from secret admirer, to blocker. LMAO! She looks good, but that is no excuse for playing "High & Mighty." Is this a role-playing fantasy site? Pretend you are something you are not? Or if she is like that, then I can see why she is here rather than dealing in real time with real people. LOL! It doesn't matter, I only know what you want me to know about any of you. I like to see someone's views, and if that scares you, just play the game. You can make up anything you want. I don't care if you feel you are a classy lady, ALL women are classy depending on the situation. I don't care if you are the Queen of England,  or a waitress at IHOP; unless you are a Nun, there are times when even the classy get primordial and want that rush of endorphins that come with ecstacy. So I won't find out he
...bend over.Been a scooch busy this weekend moving my crazy granny aroundand watching really crap movies on cable.on the upshotuhuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuhThe other day I was playing Fallout 3.I shot a ghoul (feral radiation infected zombie) and looted his corpse and found a teddy bear on his corpseI thought to myselfwhy would a hissing, snarling, dried out inhuman husk ....I teared up a little.It was bad enough blowing megaton straight to hell for a fist full of dollars and a snifter of brandy.This...was this just survival?I pulled the trigger.I splattered his face and dirty, pointy teeth all over the wallreloadedcrouched downand picked his meager rags of all valuablesonly to discover he only had the one...The bear would've barely covered the cost of the shotgun shell. Commodities and sentiment have no place in the wastes. Carry food, carry water, carry chems, carry armor, carry guns, carry bulletscarry a knife when (not if) you have none of the others.I picked it up and took it home, picked
The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
A Surprising Watch From Corum, A Surprising To The World
Relatively, Corum Golden Bridge_replica Corum watches_corum replica watches is a small company, with annual revenues of about US$100 million, about the same size as Blancpain and Vacheron Constantin. But Corum enjoys a strong level of recognition, even amongst average consumers, thanks to its characteristic products. The company has enjoyed a string of successful timepieces, most notably the Corum Bubble, which was a huge hit several years ago till it popped (sorry, couldn¡¯t resist that pun). But because of that ¨C a string of disparate hits rather than a single collection ¨C Corum doesn¡¯t quite possess a well-defined brand identity. A brief glance at its products, which are not too many since the company is only 50 years old, indicates the brand¡¯s success with avant-garde designs like the Golden Book and Rolls-Royce which were unique for their era. That range of disparate products continues today, the Bubble is so far removed from the Corum Golden Bridge or Admiral¡¯s Cup that it
HELLO ALL U FULANDERS.. For  those of  you  who personally know me this may seem all things you already know.. But for tose of you who are  HATERZ  of me and like to critizize people WAKE  UP this is what you so rightfully wanted..   I am a  29 year old female .. I  have alot of  personal real life issues that i  try not to bring to fubar  but it happens at times..I  am  a REAL person with  REAL  feeling just like all of you.. I came to fubar over a year ago on a old acct  that  was closed up I came here  to socialize with  new people and  REAL  people and to play  on fubar as most of you do with lounges and the games and things of that sort.. NOT  bcause i want  your man in r/l or fu life .. I am  real life married some of you know who that is if not then look a little bit you will find him.. I have a heart of gold  I would give the shirt off my back if i could  to help anyone even my enemies.. I'm no super model  I  dont have NSFW's nor will I .. I am a REAL  person just here to h
7 Surprising Things You're Not Supposed To Know About Sunscreen And Sunlight Exposure (repost)
Mike AdamsNatural News Ask somebody about sunscreen and you're likely to receive an earful of disinformation from a person who has been repeatedly misinformed by health authorities and the mainstream media. Almost nothing you hear about sunscreen from traditional media channels is accurate. So here's a quick guide to the 7 most important things you need to know about sunscreen, sunlight and vitamin D: #1) The FDA refuses to allow natural sunscreen ingredients to be used in sunblock / sunscreen products It's true: If you create a truly natural sunscreen product using exotic botanicals with powerful sunscreen properties, you will never be able to market it as a "sunscreen" product. That's because the FDA decides what can be used as sunscreen and what can't, regardless of what really works in the real world. And there are really only two natural ingredients the FDA has allowed to be sold as sunscreen: Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Any other non-chemical sunscreen ingred
                As I was getting my stiuff ready for work the next day I felt fingers in my hair. I freeze thinking that the person was going to pull my hair but instead they started to scratch my head with there nails and then slowly pull my head back and kiss me hard. He then tugged me slowly back to the bed, as he did he tugged at my shirt and stopped kissing me to take my shirt off making him lose his grip on my hair. When my shirt came off I tugged his shirt off as well purring when I see his sexy chest. He turned me to get at my bra strap and when he unhucked it I let it slide down. When I turned around and looked at him he was staring at my chest.                 “I hate who made those damn things. It hides natures treshers from everyone. I just wish younever had to wear them or I could just kill the person who made them.”                 He then pulled me to the bed and laid me down on the bed andstarted to kiss down my neck to my chest to nipples finally. He slow
Surpassing The Norm
      The sounds on gunfire all around. violence and drugs infected his town. With his head held high, he conquers without fear. Friends fallen, dreams shattered over the years. A boy really, forced to be a man. Walking alone, holding the earth in his hand. The sweat beads pour down his face, he can taste his own blood. Still he see’s the rainbow, following the flood. His views of the world, despite all that has occurred. Are beautiful, innocent, sweet and pure. An artist in the most, realistic form. A builder, a dreamer, surpassing the norm. A person who takes it all, comes back for more. Soaking it all in, opening new doors. Truly inspiring, to say the least. Nothing rough about him, I see beyond the beast. Powerful by far, yet warm and kind. Are just a few words that, come to mind. When I think of him, and the lives he‘s going to touch. I'm filled with hope, simply can’t say enough.
The Surprise Seminar ©
I was on a business trip in New York City during a seminar for my company’s new campaign for adolescent drug addiction prevention. The state of New York sponsored it since the issue seemed to spreading a bit faster there. My wife assured before I left that she’ll call me every hour on the hour. Three hours passed and still no call. I already figured she was thinking I’d be drinking and partying with the guys and engaging in wild activities. That wasn’t really my fashion because I always pass out pissy drunk from only a few shots. All of my friends happen to be experts in liquor intake and that wasn’t me. The night after the kick-off of the three day seminar I was pooped but the guys forced me to go to the strip club with them and assured me it would only be a few drinks involved and nothing too strong. I agreed and went along. Surprisingly the night stayed calm and I had only consumed one beer. I was confident I wouldn’t get into any trouble that nig
The Surprising As Won The Final
DALLAS -- Shawn Marion scored 24 points, Eddy Curry added 11 one day after he was claimed off waivers, and the Dallas Mavericks beat the Charlotte Bobcats 99-82 on Friday night in the final preseason game for both teams. Peyton Manning Womens Jersey . Marion scored 10 of his 24 points in the second quarter to help the Mavericks pull ahead 61-43 at halftime. O.J. Mayo had 13 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists for the Mavericks, who finished 4-4 in the preseason. Byron Mullens, Charlottes leading scorer in the preseason, had 16 points and 19 rebounds. Gerald Henderson scored 17 points for the Bobcats, who shot just 30 per cent from the floor. The Mavericks claimed Curry off waivers Thursday after San Antonio cut him and he was in the starting lineup a day after being picked up. The 7-footer had seven rebounds and was 4 of 8 shooting, including a nifty layup to finish a break early in the third. Currys addition comes at a time when Dallas frontcourt is short-handed because of injuries.
Surprise, Surprise!!
I wanted to log in earlier but the puzzle was calling. My daughter was asleep and I sat on the side she usually does. I discovered that the pieces I had been connecting together went above, below and each side of the goth fairy that my daughter had been working on. Plus my son was talking with some of his friends online. I have to do some other things today. Its not at all that I don't want to be online. I just might not have alot of extra time. The kids are still not helping out like I wanted them to. Surprise, surprise!! When I am washing clothes and washing dishes I might be able to sneak some time in. My daughter works till 10pm and my son left for his friends house. So I have the day to myself and I am gonna spend it cleaning. Course that is what I usually do when I have extra time. I can admit that I am that boring. Hey, you know what?? It is just fine with me. When there isn't alot that has do be done or I don't have people coming to see me or such, I clean the house, clothes
Surprise Shirt You Met
Whether or not you function in professional, substantial school or school sports marketing and advertising and promotions, one of the major targets is to boost attendance. For those who have no followers while in the stands, almost everything else suffers. Admission revenues decline; concession stand cash flow is decreased, and sponsors lose curiosity. The query has constantly been: How do I enhance staff spirit and attendance in the way that will not break my financial institution? Inflatables get the job done.Sports activities Tunnels - Very popular with high school and university sports activities advertising and marketing departments, sports activities tunnels are an fascinating addition to football, hockey, soccer, basketball or every other sport. Crew members burst by way of Maillot Espagne the tunnel and onto the area, court or ice (typically via a cloud of fog) as onlookers leap to their feet in support. It truly is an exhilarating strategy to commence any game since sports tu
Surprise Your Loved Ones With Gifts In Usa
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by Sheila Blair Lay your head back lover, Relax your troubled mind, Let me fill your world with peace, Leave the past behind. Fill the night with pleasure, Sweet, erotic bliss, Movement of both place and time, Suspended with a kiss. Lift your heart to soar above, Gaze into my eyes, The single sound to reach our ears, Love's releasing sighs. Entwined as one, A single cord, We'll surrender in the night, Staying here forever, In the moon's caressing light.
I await in my room. The room has been made dark and cool. The only sound is the quiet hum of the air conditioner. I have commanded,will she obey? Even with being in control,my breath quickens when I hear the light rapping on the door. I open the door, revealing the woman that has hunted my dreams and inflamed my passion. I allow her into my world. She is now my prey. I breathe her in as she slowly passes into our playroom beyond. My eyes are not slow to react,and ravage her curves as she glides to a stop in the middle of the room. As earlier informed, she was to wear simple,yet accessible clothing. There is to be no eye contact. I slowly walk up behind her,having yet to make eye contact. She quivers slightly as I close in,getting ever closer. Feeling my body heat right behind her,she anticipates the first of what she knows will be many touches. Again I breathe her in,capturing her scent. I slowly remove the hair from her shoulders,to reveal a small decoration,a butterfly. The perfect p
Surrender I have seen the deepest parts of your heart I have seen the moments that tear you apart I know life has not been easy Let me take you and show you what maybe pleasin Take my hand Hold your breath Your life is about to rest Can you feel my warm touch The touch that has put you in heavens clutch Can you feel the love shoot through my hand This is where the pain will end THis is the spot in your life You will find the time is right Hold my hand and do not fight Yes we met a moment ago You looked in my eyes and knew it was time to go The pain you were once feeling Now it is mine and you will find this more appealing Your eyes are bright and you are shining Loneliness can kill the best in evening and the morning You found me at the park You said hi and I was sparked True love does not have to hurt THe loneliness you felt I felt it too Lets live a life of happiness Enjoy the blue water and islands Lets walk our dog and have passionate nights This
Surrender,part Ii©
I have to admit,being in control thrills me. To have the power but more important,the trust,to be given the control. I sit back and watch my prey recover from her first of many thrills I have in store for her. As her breath returns to normal,I instruct her not to move. I stand from the chair and I watch as she visibly stiffens. I ignore her as I walk over to the "goody" bag. The goody bag is where I keep all my playthings. I withdraw a Returning to the room,i kneel down next to her. I place my hand on her back as the base of her neck to feel her damp,cool skin. I begin to slowly rub her back with my finger nails,which I have left just long enough to scratch and tickle. Trailing my fingers along her spine,down to my favorite part of the female body. On the lower back,on each side of the spine,there are two dimples. They are just above her hind cheeks. As with most women,these are very sensitive when treated properly. Being a student of anatomy,I studied
Surrender Part Iii©
One thing I really pride myself on is getting to know my playthings. If you are lucky enough to be choosen,I will learn you too. I will want to know what turns you on,what drives you wild,and what makes you wet with just a monents thought. If you become my play toy I will keep you turned on by doing the things you love,the way I like them. As she knelt before me with my hardness along her tounge,she began making little moans. She had tasted me before. I ran myself along her tounge,back and forth,getting myself nice and wet. She looked so beautiful kneeling before me wanting to please me. I ask her if she is ready to taste my entire length. She knows not to speak and nods her head slowly running my cock along her chin and back into her mouth. I tangle my hands into her hair and start to rock my hips forward. With every move she takes me deeper into her. She likes to take all of me because she knows its what I like. I can feel the back of her throat as I start to make love to her m
Come with me my love and see what I have prepared A room of burning vanilla candles and fresh cut rose’s scent Walk thru the door into my arms In them you need fear no harm My deep voice changes to soft whispers Telling your delicate ears words that releases your fears My eyes look deep into your crystal star eyes Revealing what my heart and soul desire Our embrace past being a hug It is beginning to release our love Precious, fragile, a masterpiece Gently I lay you down on satin sheets Softly and tenderly my lips meet yours Lips sweet and moist like fresh cherries Each kiss more passionate as the sweetness grows My tongue tracing slowly, sliding thru finding yours Performing a ballet to music our whispers now make Sounds of passion like two violins softly playing together Our ballet of embraces and kisses becoming so passionate Music leading our bodies
Surrender Part Iv©
It may not seem "manly",but oh how I love to cuddle. There is little better than caressing my playtoy as we finish our first rounds of pleasure. I love gazing into her eyes knowing that it was I that cause that fire that burns there. I allow her to caress my body as well. Her finger nails trace patterns of her choosing along my chest,across my stomach,and down my thighs. I feel myself begin to stir. I pull myself up on the bed and lean back against the headboard,drawing my knees up to my chest. I have my lover join me by sitting between my legs,laying back against me. I love the feel of any part of her against my skin. She presses herself back into me and reaches her arms up and behind her and runs her fingers through my hair. I lightly touch her arms tracing her outline. With her arms behind my head she has willing exposed herslf to my touch. I drag my finger nails along her side and am rewarded by her giggle. I wanted to lighten the mood a bit. I run my hand across her belly
Surrender Part V©
For me there is no greater feeling than her willing mouth upon me. Most men will always say that they love a woman to go down on them. I don't. If I feel she is not into what she is doing,it will bring me no pleasure. I want my lover to be as passionate about bring me pleasure as I am about giving to her. There is no hiding when someone is enjoying what they do. I see it in her eyes,the twinkle thats there. I find eye contact to be one of the most intimate acts two lovers can share. There is an unspoken bond shared,an understanding that what is about to happen is for the pleasure of the other. Her eyes dance as she looks up at me. My eyes show her approval. I love the shine I see there. She looks so beautiful,so exquiste with her lips against my skin,my hardness buried with in her mouth. She holds me there so I can feel the heat of her throat. Her tongue lazes along my underside feeling my pulse quicken from her lack of movement. My wish,my desire would be to take hol
Surrender to my every whim Fulfill desires from deep within As you kneel down at my feet You are obliged without retreat I mold my little mound of clay Position you in every way Submission is my mortal muse Your pleasure mine for me to use Trusting me you drop your guard Tormenting you makes me grow hard Head forced down my boot to kiss By giving way your will dismissed The degredations you recieve To prove a love most can't concieve No one knows what you endure Our story harsh but feelings pure IMspidey/M.M. 9/06 Copyright © 200
soothe the ache that gnaws at me wrap me warm in that tender place tame the beast that howls inside bond close to you by healing grace whole and smiling I'm alive again sweet surrender to my lover's call she stops my endless litany of doubt her nimble tongue pushed deep warmly filling up my hungry mouth while fingers soft, stroke my loins rising ready to meet our needs sweet surrender to hunger's call silken flesh slides lithely over me quiet strength that in love's service she pins me gasping to our bed legs round my head, she rocks till we tumble locked together sweet surrender to passion's call
His touch warms my body, the passion in his kiss releases all my fears, His voice speaks to my soul and puts me at ease. I resist but only find that I must submit, to the one who speaks to my soul, hears my thoughts and caresses my heart. I tell myself to resist, but with in his touch I can only surrender, my body, my heart and my soul. I convince myself that I don't need him, but I know that I belong to him, I have no choice, am his, to leave would to be lost. For his touch warms me his voice soothes me and his kiss surrounds me. I swim within his passion and know this is where I belong.
Upon the solitary gallows I'll make my stand This last act of defiance with a noose in my hand There'll be no tears Gone is the passion, honesty and hope I'll chase away the lies with the snap of a rope Call it what you will Call it a fool's blunder I only know one thing in this moment, I shall.... Surrender She thinks I don't know But I saw her with my eyes On this day, I came home early and betrayal was my surprise I let the flowers fall from my hand they hit the floor He pounds her again and again and she keeps screaming for more I can still hear them The lust burning in my ears I've never tasted her fire never in 15 years Her explosion is coming as he drives her passionate thunder her body soaked in desire the only choice is..... Surrender I guess they'll find me later I'm sure they'll cut me down pour me in a 6 foot hole and go back for another round You could say I had options for there are a thousands parts
Surrounded And Alone
Nerd Geek Guidette Slut Whore Bitch Chink Moron Loser Judgment...People judge people because they don't understand them. All acts of evil are based on fear. Since people fear that which they do not understand, they judge, stereotype, ridicule and isolate all that is unfamiliar to them. That's wrong. That's hurtful. That's ignorant. All of us were made differently, but some of us were made so differently that it feels like nobody can comprehend who we are. How can you be both smart and beautiful? How can you wear clothes that draw attention to yourself? How can you be friends with people who wear leather? How can you be friends with sorority and fraternity people? How can you be friends with creative people? How can you be friends with professionals? What do you do when you're friends with them all? What if every aspect of them is a reflection of you? We aren't alone, we just haven't found each other. Little pieces of other
surrender to your kisses to your hugs to your love of me surrending i offer no resistance my defenses have crumbled my world has shattered my heart swells so my life has just begun my time is here i surrender to you
Surrounded By Angels…
TheUnLoved has Returned…. Surrounded by Angels…. Guiding him to his Destiny…. TheUnLoved has Never Felt So Loved….
Surround Me
They say no man's an island but I tend to disagree. I guess they never seen my island. And where is lies at sea. I'm lost inside my memory. I'm still in disbelief. If I could paint a picture for you this is what you'd see.... I'm down on my knees beggin you to rescue me... please stop me.... surround me... surround A wounded man sounds desperate when he's lost all his belief... Can you look into my eyes and say you won't betray me... Where running out of time.. how precious time can be... Im counting all the moments of the times you could have helped me.. I'm down on my knees beggin you to rescue me... please stop me.... surround me... surround me... I'm down on my knees beggin you to rescue me... please stop me.... surround me... surround me... ~scott st
His touch warms my body, the passion in his kiss releases all my fears, His voice speaks to my soul and puts me at ease. I resist but only find that I must submit, to the one who speaks to my soul, hears my thoughts and caresses my heart. I tell myself to resist, but with in his touch I can only surrender, my body, my heart and my soul. I convince myself that I don't need him, but I know that I belong to him, I have no choice, am his, to leave would to be lost. For his touch warms me his voice soothes me and his kiss surrounds me. I swim within his passion and know this is where I belong.
Surrender Lay your head back lover, Relax your troubled mind, Let me fill your world with peace, Leave the past behind. Fill the night with pleasure, Sweet, erotic bliss, Movement of both place and time, Suspended with a kiss. Lift your heart to soar above, Gaze into my eyes, The single sound to reach our ears, Love's releasing sighs. Entwined as one, A single cord, We'll surrender in the night, Staying here forever, In the moon's caressing light.
Surrendering Baby
I let myself be held in your arms, something so new. After a minute or two I was addicted, I held on for dear life to you. I laid my head on your shoulder, wrapped my arms around you so tight, (of course, the feeling to run, I had to fight) In a sense, I didn't ever want to let go, I didn't want to be alone, I was feeling so low. I held on to you, you held me so lovingly, so gently. I wanted to weep, wrecklessly cry in your arms, let my poisoned tears fall onto your body of charm. But I didn't, I just held on, looked at us, our surroundings, then smiled, at the sound of two hearts loudly pounding.
The Surrender
The painted sky has drug me down Under these blankets of solitude This is where you come to me In my dreams.... Your hands so strong Able to crush me if you choose Yet in the space of a breath they turn tender Caressing me Exploring every inch of my body Exposed in the candelight Tracing my bare breast with your fingertips Your warm breath on my cheek The sweat from your skin This must be real... I melt into liquid satin You weave your silky web of love Entraping us I find myself lost in your gaze Colors swirling around me.. ...I awake And I weep for you.
Surreal Life
If you told me last summer that I'd meet a man who's stolen my heart and taken my hand I'd tell you you're crazy and that I'm no fool But I saw that man And tried to keep cool He was handsome and funny And perfect for me I couldn't resist him And neither could he More than a year's passed Since we met that first day And he gave my life color in this world filled with grey No words could explain the love that I feel for it dwells in my heart and makes life surreal
Surrender To Darkness
Pain, it's the obstacle to which we can never defend, No one can help us, be they family or friend, Pain is the tormentor that pulled us towards that ledge, It’s all their fault, they pushed us over the edge, It was too late when we fell down, Through the sky onto the black charred ground, Can you feel how much we hate and despise, Let us tear, pull and rip out our eyes, You see this is humanities ideal, To tell each other how much hurt we feel, This is how it should be for all time, When we are chasing sanity from our minds, How we would cut our skin and let flow our black blood, Knowing that we would be washing the agony away for good, To be gone from the world that teases us so inside of a coffin of silk and gold, To be remembered fondly even when our bodies are cold, They caused us to cry tears of utter nothingness, They forgot to be our guide when we wandered the wilderness, Can you see how we’re drowning in our sin? Let us scratch and peel aw
Surrendering My Heart To Kill Your Soul
Hiding underneath the broken promises, the working of a dream, a miracle in the darkness, a broken heart to redeem, to cherish the love of a broken heart, to vanish in between the blood on your hands, I’ve worn you forever, and I’ve warned you of this, that my love would be forever, but you chose to resist my grasp, staring into the eye of forever, there’s no more to accomplish, I drove my soul into you, but your soul could not compete, I’ve worn you forever, and I’ve warned you of this, that my love would be forever, but you chose to resist my grasp, there’s nothing left to let go of, there is nothing left to ignore, I’m surrendering my heart to kill your soul
Surrey B.c. Teen Beaten To Death....sad I Know All The Peeps Involved Inocent And Guilty Ones
I THINK THEY SHOULD BOTH GET LIFE...BUT WE KNOW IT WON'T HAPPEN :( Teen beaten to death, jury hears Matthew Martins, 16, cornered near escalator bottom at SkyTrain Station Glenda Luymes, The Province Published: Thursday, March 15, 2007 SURREY - Sixteen-year-old Matthew Martins' life ended violently when he was cornered and beaten at the bottom of an escalator in a Surrey SkyTrain station, a jury in the trial of Robert Forslund and Katherine Quinn heard yesterday. Forslund threw the small teen into a Plexiglas wall beside the stopped escalator before stomping on his head 13 times and slashing his throat with a broken beer bottle, Crown counsel Wendy Dawson told the first day of the couple's trial for second-degree murder. Dawson said Martins had encountered the couple earlier that night, when Quinn jumped on his back to steal the cross he wore around his neck. Hours later, police found the cross in Forslund's possession. As Dawson made her opening remarks to the jury,
Surrender To Me
Fly with me to parts unknown Explore the depths of passion Only two can truly share Meld our minds, our bodies As we quench the thirst, the hunger The passion rising swiftly Like a child's frustration Building to a frenzy Urging for surrender Surrender to me your heart Surrender to me the passion At your inner core I will hold you close Your passion twisting Swirling between us Until it surrenders to me In a union of minds and bodies
The fiery night sky, I look up then say why, why did you go away? I knew one day id pay. All the mistakes that i make, they come from your sake. The desert is so hot, then cold. Why did you leave me out to mold. The stars in the desert night sky, are so phenomenal, why can i ask why did i not need the love, send pictures from all above. Twinkle, twinkle, look at the star, far, far away, like a zooming car. Like the prickle of a cactus I start off like a mactus. Now do i say why when i look into the sky. I see a diamond in the sand Forever
A Surreal Life
In this twilight time when all is slightly unclear have you ever wanted to pursue the ones you loved only to find they were not real? The questions tumble out while you wander through this land searching for something that had never been there? Your cries, your tears all met with sounds of jeers looking for support only seeing the vacant faces. It's a mad mad world you cry out in anguish and you're only the court jester sent here to mock and to inflame. With one swing with one call your days are up your time is numbered How did you know you'd fail at this? when all was supposedly alright is there any use to beg for your life? A trumpet charges silence reigns feeling the slightest breeze through your hair close your eyes, ready for the final blow? In the next second you open your eyes to brilliance to a new land, a new place the place of purity, the place of light. Where your heart is it never left you were the one who had. © 2007 Kath
Surrender To New Experiences
The rustle of crumpling leaves broke the silence of the woods. It was a cold day in New Hampshire, and crisp air filled Victoria’s lungs with each breath she took. The sun was low in the sky, its weak autumn rays straining vainly to warm her face through the bare-branched trees whose summer foliage lay strewn at her feet. It was a beautiful day for a walk, but Victoria's mind paid scant attention to the trail beneath her feet or the wonders of nature surrounding her. Her thoughts were focused on the path she had chosen to reach this point, a path that would soon bring her to a place where she would relinquish her very right to choose. "What am I doing here?" she asked herself as she fought the urge to turn and run in the direction from which she had come. It hadn’t been long since Victoria had thought her life was perfect. After graduating from college, she had worked her way up the corporate ladder and had met the man of her dreams whom she was sure she would marry. Paul was ri
lay your head back lover, relax your troubled mind, let me fill your world with peace, leave the past behind. fill the night with pleasure, sweet, erotic bliss, movement of both places and time, suspended with a kiss. lift your hear to soar above, gaze into my eyes, the single sound to reach our ears, love's releasing sighs. entwined as one, a single cord, we'll surrender in the night, staying here forever, in the moon's cressing light.
The Surrogate
The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Smith kissed his wife goodbye and said, "Well, I'm off now. The man should be here soon." Half an hour later, just by chance, a door-to-door baby photographer happened to ring the doorbell, hoping to make a sale. "Good morning, Ma'am", he said, "I've come to..." "Oh, no need to explain," Mrs. Smith cut in, embarrassed, "I've been expecting you." "Have you really?" said the photographer. "Well, that's good. Did you know babies are my specialty?" "Well that's what my husband and I had hoped. Please come in and have a seat". After a moment she asked, blushing, "Well, where do we start?" "Leave everything to me. I usually try two in the bathtub, one on the couch, and perhaps a couple on the bed. And sometimes the living room floor is fun. You can really spread out there." "Bathtub, living room floor? No wonder it didn't work out for
The Surreal Love
Entangled thoughts placed on wings of doves in distant skies Fly calmly across seventh heaven sliding between silky clouds Safely float through spectrums of lights and thunderous storms Simultaneously flutter underneath gorgeous multicolor rainbows Divine raptures of love drifting toward lustful mighty oceans High tides of desire submerge awful melancholic obsessions Dive under placative waters relieving deep pungent emotions Seek pearls of craver in oder to string beadings of satisfactions Flames of love glow as strong desire burns Sparkles of heat smother into gentle breeze Melting discrete feelings that glorify thoughts Entwine two hearts by connecting both halves Winds of love blow through simple lives Twirling around embracing new romance Feelings of wonder dazzling inside hearts Gardens of happiness blossom within souls...
Upon the solitary gallows I'll make my stand This last act of defiance with a noose in my hand There'll be no tears Gone is the passion, honesty and hope I'll chase away the lies with the snap of a rope Call it what you will Call it a fool's blunder I only know one thing in this moment, I shall.... Surrender She thinks I don't know But I saw her with my eyes On this day, I came home early and betrayal was my surprise I let the flowers fall from my hand they hit the floor He pounds her again and again and she keeps screaming for more I can still hear them The lust burning in my ears I've never tasted her fire never in 15 years Her explosion is coming as he drives her passionate thunder her body soaked in desire the only choice is..... Surrender I guess they'll find me later I'm sure they'll cut me down pour me in a 6 foot hole and go back for another round You could say I had options for there are a thousands parts to play but my
Drink my friend from my distress Take from me this shattered soul There is no will to see the dawn No earthly reason to live on Wrap me in your arms of death Lead me to your darken shores There is no fear or no regret Your kiss is truth My trust in you is now complete Eyes do flutter Pulse grows slow Peace at last from all Ive known Nixy
lay your head back lover, relax your troubled mind, let me fill your world with peace, leave the past behind. fill the night with pleasure, sweet, erotic bliss, movement of both places and time, suspended with a kiss. lift your hear to soar above, gaze into my eyes, the single sound to reach our ears, love's releasing sighs. entwined as one, a single cord, we'll surrender in the night, staying here forever, in the moon's cressing light.
Surrender By SLAYER (C) 6/18/07 Trust Me with your heart. Place it in My hands, To crush or caress. Trust that I will not hurt you. Give it to Me because you desire Me to possess it, Not because it is My will. Trust Me with your mind. Place it in My hands, also, To destroy or reshape. Trust Me to mold it according to your needs Not simply to suit My own purposes. Trust Me with your body. It too, place in My hands. Mine, to batter or protect. Trust Me to keep you safe And to provide for you that which is needed to ensure your happiness. Trust Me with your very soul. Place it in My hands, as well. Lay it bare before Me, vulnerable to My will. Trust that I will guide you safely through the darkness protecting your interests at all times, regardless of My desires. Above all, trust Me with your complete and total surrender. Trust that I will honor and cherish your submission to Me. Trust that I will not abuse this gift That you so lovingly give to M

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