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Things that I wish I knew earlier  Things that I've learned in real life.  Things people really need to talk about more: --------------------------------------------------------- Everyone has rolls when they bend over. Everyone. Lets just get this out of the way right off the bat. In the last few months, I've had over 30 women ranging from rail thin to extra large naked in my bed and I would routinely ask them to hug their knees. You wont believe this... ALL OF THEM HAD TUMMY ROLLS. Not one was exempt. Even my super fabulous professional model 6 foot tall and some amazing Katie had rolls. The stomach pictures turned into some of my favorite images from the project... so quit thinking they're bad, and try accepting (dare I say embracing?) yours! When people say "you're gorgeous", believe them. I tend not to, and it's a cryin' shame. When people genuinely compliment you, it's because they really see it. Try to not dismiss their perspective as wrong and assume that you know bet
Reposting: Never Forget The Reasons You Fell In Love!!!
*Married or not you should take a moment & read this...“When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I’ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes.Suddenly I didn’t know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calmly. She didn’t seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why?I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn’t talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn’t love her anymore. I just pitied her!With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company. She glanced a
Reporters Introduction
I've been around it and through it, the cyclical ebb and flow of a life.Sent Exile Postcards (title of my novel)  back to America when I expatriated for the first time and will again a week from Thanksgiving.Belize this time. I am confident that I will find what I need there because I don't want anything more than a roof over my head and easy access to my favorite sea, the Caribbean.I have a book to finish. I am easily entertained. I believe in karma, reincarnation and higher consciousness. I have joy to spread, stories to tell,new things to explore. I am part jester part scribe.I am also a foreign war corespondent, covering the shadow government here as it manifests in unspeakable cruelty and breaks bones and spirits. High functioning sociopaths and psychopaths who have positioned themselves to lord over the workingman, woman and child. Trying to devolve back to a world of bigotry and fear mongering. An Oligarchy of slave traders that some day will implode from the pressure of their i
Rep. Paul Gillmor Was Investigating 9/11, Bin Laden Trades
Ohio Congressman Dies,,-6898382,00.html Wednesday September 5, 2007 5:31 PM WASHINGTON (AP) - Ohio Rep. Paul Gillmor was found dead in his apartment Wednesday, a Republican leadership aide said. The aide said the body of the 68-year-old Republican was found by staff members who went to his apartment after he failed to show up for work. There was no immediate word on the cause of his death. Gillmor's office did not respond to a reporter's call. Gillmor, who represented Ohio's 5th District in the Bowling Green area of the state, was first elected to Congress in 1988. The aide spoke on condition of anonymity pending an official announcement. ============================================================== 9/11, bin Laden trades MASSIVE WALL STREET PUT OPTIONS SIGNAL UPCOMING TERROR ATTACK Post by Admin Tuesday, September 4, 2007 $4.5 billion options bet on cat
Rep. Paul Gillmor Murdered;article=113480;show_parent=1 From: Gee Temp Sent: Sep 9, 2007 4:06 AM To: Subject: Rep. Paul Gillmor murdered Congressman Gillmor was a member of the House Committee on Financial Services and the ranking minority member of the House Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit. He was found dead in his apartment. Rep. Gillmor uncovered historically large banking and stock scandals which will crush the U.S. economy later this month and the money-power apparently killed him for what he found. On-scene investigator tells "The Hal Turner Show" there is clear evidence of foul play and intense pressure on locals to keep quiet about the facts of the murder. As most readers of this web site know, within the past two weeks there have been extremely unusual OPTIONS CONTRACTS offered for sale on more than $6 BILLION of stock being traded on certain stock markets. The people offering those options are allegedly bett
Reppin Mac Town
I spit lyrics like nobodies buisness if you fuck with me ill make you my prisoner slingin shotties, bats, gats and knives fuckin bitches, sluts, ho's and wives im spittin these lyrics from a place called mac-town the place where all big pimps lay they mac down all the pimps here are lyrically gifted when we freestyle all spirits are lifted in mac town everybodys good at something wether its ballin, rappin or its bumpin mac towns where all the shit goes down iller and more hardcore then any other town we gotta day life and a seperate night life you fuck with us and we'll fuck your wife big city rappers you betta get ready we're comin to town and shits bout to get heavy Im comin to town with a nine on my hip one wrong move and ill empty my clip all us pimps are down to ride you fucked up if your not on our side you fuck up be murdered in cold blood ill steal your wallet and buy some more bud we hot box, light up as we drive by see the enemy and let the bullets fly
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Represent Yourself
Im a people watcher, a huge human nature buff, so I do take the time to read profiles. Be sure that what you write represents a literal concept of how you wish to be percieved. If your profile says "Careful, Im a bitch"...please dont come chase me down and insinuate that "I'm" unsociable because I didnt say hi when I visited your page. I simply took your took your word for it, and moved along.
Representing Lol
Another chic from Jersey posted this elsewhere and there is so much truth in it, I felt it needed to be here also. "Yeah, Im from NJ. I curse a lot. I say "dude" and I say it often. I never had school on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. I sure as hell don't pump my own gas. I know what real pizza tastes like, and I know that a bagel is much more than a fuckin' roll with a hole in the middle. I judge people by what exit they get off the parkway. I can navigate a circle--with attitude. All good nights must end at a diner--preferably with cheese fries. It's a sub, not a hoagie or, worse yet, a hero, and I wash it down with soda, not pop. Two words... "mother fucker." I don't go to the beach, I go down the shore. And boardwalk brawls are just a part of the atmosphere. Yes, I drink cawfee. I know that 65mph really means 80. I've always lived within 10 minutes of a mall. When someone cuts me off, they get the horn AND the finger. And they accept it. I am from New Jersey, and I fuckin love it.
Reprt Card
post this as "Sexy Report Card" and see what people say! Its actually pretty fun!! F- = YOUR SO ####### UGLY THAT ITS NOT FUNNY F = I HEARD UGLY IS CONTAGIOUS DON'T TALK TO ME! D = YOUR PARENTS MUST BE HATED C- = You're just someone I don't want to talk to, okay? C = You're okay looking, but u need work... C+ = You're just average B- = Your kinda cute and ur cool i guess B = You're cute. And you're a pretty interesting person. B+ = Pretty damn attractive. A- = You're extremely attractive, and you're awesome. I would love to have you in my room with no one home :-). A = DAMN YOUR SEXXXEY!! A+ = Gorgeous ... I want you to be mine : ) A++ = I 'D hit it A+++=ID DROP MY CLOTHES IN 3 SECONDS 4 U
Represent Your Side
ok i dont know how to do all the pretty graphics but im starting a contest..its north vs south vs east vs west....i need 1 person from each thats a total of 4 ppl... the gift will be a big pimpin gift of your choice (maybe the mansion if i have enough but no promises) contest starts as soon as i get my 4 ppl.. it will run for 1 week from the start date.. also when inquiring pls let me know what side you are representing..thanks rules are must have a salute to enter. body thats is new may bomb your contest or you will be deleted must live on the side you are representing and tell me what state 4.and you have to rate and fan the host
Reprinted Without Permission
This is something that I came across today while, of all things, waiting to get a haircut (this is an article from ESPN the Mag). Now I'll be the first person to admit to rolling my eyes when I'm flipping through the tv and seeing money-vangelists like Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn and the lot. I'm still in a very weird place regarding my own faith and how much of it I could still contain after my experiences and knowing what is happening in the Third World. But reading this, I don't know. You can just hear alot of truth in what this guy says. I think we can all agree that at least minimally, its a touching fable that coincidentally happened. Enjoy. 'I'm proof that hope is never lost' by Josh Hamilton "To let you know how far I've come, let me tell you where I've been. Not that long ago, there were nights I went to sleep in strange places praying I wouldn't wake up. After another night of bad decisions, I'd lie down with my heart speeding inside my chest like it was abou
Repression repressed for all these years so much anger but lost all fears does anything matter in this life? remember those days where smiles fixed all? wouldnt it be good if people stayed true late night thoughts drift around nothing to feel but the icy cold one day tomorrow will hold the solution - KW
Re: Professional Modeling Photoshoot!
Well the photoshoot that I had on thursday night DID NOT quite turn out how I expected. First the Photographer was a nudist. Obviously, I have no problem with nudity, though it was kind of funny that he drove from where I live all the way to King Of Prussia NAKED! Once there, I believe he spent a full 15 minutes on just photos of me. The rest of the time there...was spent sucking his that it went from soft to hard, countless times. I believe that lasted a little over an hour. Then baby oil was used for photos of a handjob. The reason I was not expecting half of what happened to happen is because he was toting himself as a PROFESSIONAL. So far, I have not recieved copies of the photo which was also part of the original agreement. This was a paid photoshoot..but what I had to do was not equal to the payment that I normally would recieve for such an erotic shoot. I am still waiting to see if he adds any of the shots to his portfolio page as well as see if he
Re: 911 Press For Truth
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Pamela's Protest Date: 06 Sep 2007, 17:12 911 Press for Truth----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: Greyson® Date: Sep 6, 2007 5:06 PM911 Press for Truth (info)
Re: Pro-democracy Means Anti-fascism By Cindy Sheehan
RE: Pro-Democracy means Anti-Fascism by Cindy Sheehan ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: The Real Cindy Sheehan Date: 27 Sep 2007, 23:20 Pro-Democracy means Anti-FascismCindy Sheehan "The world is watching the people of Burma take to the streets to demand their freedom, and the American people stand in solidarity with these brave individuals," George Bush Watching the pro-democracy marches in Burma both inspires and sickens me. I am inspired by seeing thousands of red-robed monks leading the demonstrations and sickened by the violence they are being met with by the military. Seeing the images of the monks and others being beaten reminds me of the Democratic Convention in 1968 where Chicago police beat the living daylights out of demonstrators who were there to try and force the party to come closer to the budding anti-war movement. It didn’t work. Instead of wonderful-pro-peace candidate, George McGovern, the party nominated Johnson’s VP, Hubert H
Re: Prof: Human Race Will "split Into Two Different Species"
RE: Prof: Human Race Will "split into two different species" ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Alex Jones Date: 26 Oct 2007, 08:51 Professor Predicts Human Race Will "split into two different species" An evolutionary theorist from the London School of Economics has caused controversy by suggesting that the human race will reach its physical peak by the year 3000 and will then split into two different species, one perfect elite race and one regressed race of small ugly goblin like creatures.
Re: Priests Jailed For Protesting Fort Huachuca Torture Traini
RE: Priests Jailed for Protesting Fort Huachuca Torture Traini ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Ma Justice Date: 27 Oct 2007, 07:59 Priests Jailed for Protesting Fort Huachuca Torture Training By Bill Quigley t r u t h o u t | Report Wednesday 24 October 2007 Louis Vitale, 75, a Franciscan priest, and Steve Kelly, 58, a Jesuit priest, were sentenced to five months each in federal prison for attempting to deliver a letter opposing the teaching of torture at Fort Huachuca in Arizona. Both priests were taken directly into jail from the courtroom after sentencing. Fort Huachuca is the headquarters of military intelligence in the US and the place where military and civilian interrogators are taught how to extract information from prisoners. The priests attempted to deliver their letter to Maj. Gen. Barbara Fast, commander of Fort Huachuca. Fast was previously the head of all military intelligence in Iraq during the atrocities of Abu Ghraib.
Re: Prisonplanet Uses Zionist Propaganda Against Police..
RE: PRISONPLANET USES ZIONIST PROPAGANDA AGAINST POLICE.. ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Prothink Date: 04 Dec 2007, 17:59 This is the type of crap I keep telling people to watch out for. The Alex Jones camp wants to demonize police and make the truth movement enemies of the government. First off before I explain what I mean let me say that I am explicitly opposed to tasering but with that said let me explain how this zionist tactic is being used by prisonplanet.garbageIn this article they demonize police officers for tazing a man drunk. They dont say too much in the article because it is just videos but the impression you are supposed to have is that these cops are evil and we should be against their actions. Why else would they post this? When you watch this video it is completely obvious that the cops didn't do anything out of line or against the law (using a taser is still legal even though it should be banned). This officer originally was very
Reprint Of Forum Response I Posted Today
Funny thing about all this FEMA Detention camp conspiracy stuff.... 1) The department of homeland security in and of itself does not have the authority to take or hold prisoners. The DHS agency is merely a umbrella office to coordinate information between various agencies of the US Justice Department, Intelligence Agencies and the Military. 2) In a martial law situation, the military has full authority to shoot first, and forget about asking questions. It takes more personnel to guard people than it does to bury them. Speaking from the viewpoint as ex-army, let me explain the very simple facts of life concerning martial law. a) person or persons caught breaking curfew, shoot to kill b) looters, shoot to kill c) violators of any emergency measure put in place for the duration of martial law, shoot to kill. Simple, effective, and economical... bullets cost less than prison guards. 3) Seems awful funny that the pictures used to prove the existence of these camps are o
Re: Professor: Big Money Behind Global Warming Propaganda
RE: Professor: Big Money Behind Global Warming Propaganda ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 11 Mar 2008, 13:59 Professor: Big Money Behind Global Warming Propaganda A retired physics professor became the latest public figure to debunk the myth of a "consensus" behind man-made global warming when he slammed big money interests for pushing climate change propaganda that was at odds with real science in a speech yesterday.
Re: Professor Calls For "google Type" Brain Chip Implants
RE: Professor Calls For "Google Type" Brain Chip Implants ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 14 Apr 2008, 20:57 Professor Calls For "Google Type" Brain Chip Implants A New York Professor has advocated the idea of Google type brain implant chips that would "improve human memory", an idea which mirrors already active projects funded by the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. http://infowars. net/articles/april2008/140408Chip. htm
Re: Premier League's Player And Manager Of The Year Award
RE: Premier League's Player and Manager of the Year Award ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 15 Apr 2008, 08:31 Walter Smith and Carlos Cuellar both revealed their intention to stay at Rangers for the long term after picking up an awards double for the Ibrox club.Cuellar landed the Clydesdale Bank Premier League's Player of the Season award, while Smith picked up the managerial accolade.Before collecting their prizes on Monday night, both vowed to prolong their spells at the club amid a remarkable season with Rangers chasing four trophies.The CIS Insurance Cup winners defend a four-point lead in the SPL at Celtic Park tonight and have Scottish Cup and UEFA Cup semi-finals in the following games.Centre-back Cuellar, 26, who signed from Osasuna last summer, said: "I have a contract for three years. I want to stay at Rangers for life."I always liked the idea of playing in a big league with other big players but now I'm very happy her
Re: Preussen Munster 0 Rangers 1
RE: Preussen Munster 0 Rangers 1 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 14 Jul 2008, 16:20 PREUSSEN: Buchholz, Talarek, Ozkara, Capretti, Wassey, Loose, Lauretta, Sowislo, Kara, Ornatelli, Wissing.Subs: Joswig, Remmert, Wassey, Erzen, Backalorz, Dede, Scherping, Ivicevic, Pufal, Melzer.RANGERS: Alexander; Whittaker, Dailly, Weir, Papac; Beasley, Thomson, Adam, McCulloch; Darcheville, Miller.Subs: Robinson, Broadfoot, Fleck, Furman, Novo, Cousin, Webster, Boyd.Referee: Cetin Sevinc.................................................
reprobate \REP-ruh-bayt\, noun, adjective: 1. a very wicked, unprincipled person; scoundrel adjective: 1. very wicked; unprincipled verb: 1. to disapprove; condemn, censure noun: 1. a person predestined to damnation, rejected by God adjective: 1. rejected by God; damned verb: 1. to reject from salvation; predestine to eternal punishment
Reproduction Iwc Watches Mandarin Chinese Based Conventional Giant
iwc spitfire watches around the back with the clear showcase of the industrys 24 timezones of the time, power supply management along with security, Backed up with 18 carat weight yellow gold turning bezel, it watch involve both strong and classy appeal. A good watch at the top of adventure, a great athletic awareness, tough, hardy and style, labeling Rolex Women's 18ct Vessel-Control.This classy ladies watch is very designe for all adventurous type women through soaring sportsperson spirit and also the strong portuguese chronograph watches consists of most popular brand names in neuro-scientific watchhaving.We provide the actual high quality associated with watches over the internet which help you get the right watch you are always looking for.Don't get worried the quality,you can easily give you a sizeable discount if you happen to the person in our webpage.Some people may possibly fear that your replica watchew perhaps have the bad high quality ,in fact,a l
Reproduction Patek Philippe Watches Can Be Precise Clones Of The First Swiss Devices
indissoluble bond by means of celebrities. It was a common popular online application to see highly successful people wear patek philippe vintage watches marriage ceremony a variety of recreation, no matter private or neo-advertisement campaigns. It appears the relationship in between celebrities and additionally famous manufacturer watches is becoming more and more short.Tracing the of babes wearing celebrated watchesIn 1851, Twin Victoria bought a Patek Philippe enameled surface watch, furnished with gemstones, and with a world of golf handle create with 13 gems inlaid through 18 Okay gold, that may be extremely important. This may be the initial record relating to celebrities bearing well-renowned patek philippe gondolo watches. At that time, babes always invested in famous designer watches with their individual money, not having other romantic relationship except buyers or sellers.With the growth and development of society, the connection between stars and clearly-recog
Re: Psycho Guys Who Think They're Your Boyfriend
Ok , DAVE from MONROE. .....if I wanna put a picture of MY titties up on the net, I'm gonna put a pic of my titties up on the fuckin net, YOU especially have no say about whom i show my titties to and it probably doesn't need to be said that I'll show them to everybody I want to show them to, thanx. Oh yeah, you're not my boyfriend. ok. hopefully with all your "super duper internet" spyin on me, you'll manage to catch this blog, please let me know when you have by NOT calling me again! thanx!
Reps Slam “arrogant” Tsa For “stonewalling” Congress
Transport Committee says it cannot carry out oversight duties when “Maginot Line” agency is on a “path of non-transparency”Steve WatsonInfowars.comNov 30, 2012   House members, gathered at a hearing Thursday to discuss the role of the TSA in airport security screening, directed stern words toward the agency after it followed through on a pledge to boycott the meeting and declare itself outside of the jurisdiction of Congress. Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, John Mica, described TSA head John Pistole’s decision to ignore an invitation to the hearing as “very sad.” “Sadly the TSA Administrator is stonewalling this committee and refuses to work with us, and that’s part of the problem with this agency,” Mica said. “He and other agency officials are protecting one the biggest government bureaucracies, which has grown now to more than 66,000 employees.” “Unfortunately, as this mush
Reptiliana - Immortal Ego No. Seven
The lady behind Reptiliana lives in Ohio and does life coaching and stuff like that, she has a lot of information on how the draco constellation and other weird stuff happened many moons ago, the artist who did this one is called Rod Smith and lives in New Zealand, hes no relation to Stu but is good mates with him, due to us not being able to get hold of him we may have to redo Reptiliana so we are still thinking about it Creating Reptiliana, and what it took to put her together
Reptiliana - Regeneration Of A New Nation
The Uprising The Dogon people have lived on the Bandiagra Plateau, about 300 miles south of Timbuktu, Mali since approximately 200 BCE. The Dogon tribe believes Sirius to be the home of their Gods the Nommos, a race of reptilian beings. an amphibious race of space entities who come from the star system Sirius, 8.7 light years from our Sun. In 1946, French anthropologist Marcel Griaule was initiated into the ancient Dogon religion. Central to it's belief it that Sirius, the Dog Star, has an invisible companion star, many times denser then Earth, that travels in an elliptical orbit around S Irius? once every 50 years. The existence of this companion, an enormously dense, 'white dwarf' known as Sirius B, was first suspected by astronomers only in the 1830s and then first seen through a telescope in 1862. SOME HERSTORY SERPENTS IN THE GNOSTIC TEXTS: As long as humanity has kept records of its existence, legends of a serpent race have persisted. These myths tell of a mysterious
Reptiliana - Concept 2 Rough Draft
I love Stu Smith, and i cant wait to see the rest of what you do
Reptiliana - Finished Version
Shedding your skin It's falling to pieces Feeling within Body is cold Cold to the bone Bestial sin You're trying to keep it Feeling within Spirit is old Let me in It can never happen Biting me with a poisionous mouth A venomous shout Tear me apart Chewing the gristle Chewing it up Spitting me out Reptile
Reptile (guess What Album I'm Listening To)
she spread herself wide open to let the insects in she leaves a trail of honey to show me where she's been she has the blood of reptile just underneath her skin seeds from a thousand others drip down from within oh my beautiful liar oh my precious whore my disease my infection I am so impure devils speak of the ways in which she'll manifest angels bleed from the tainted touch of my caress need to contaminate to alleviate this loneliness I now know the depths I reach are limitless oh my beautiful liar oh my precious whore my disease my infection I am so impure
There’s such a thing as rep-tism... You know what I’m talking about. People who are otherwise very open minded, yet don’t think reptiles can be good pets. People who think that the only appropriate pets have fur. Why can they not see the value of reptiles as well? Why couldn’t I derive just as much unconditional love from my gecko, my alligator, my frog? Who’s to say that pets with scales can’t be just as rewarding to own as a cat or dog? And who are the rept-ists to judge those who DO form lifelong relationships with their bearded dragons and their iguanas? We’re talking about rational people here. People who would never accept other isms in their life. People who would balk at racism or sexism, yet they look down their noses at people who happen to have pets that differ from theirs. I just find this unacceptable and I want it to stop. Right now. That’s it. lol Good.
Rep The Rev
James Owen Sullivan, the drummer for the Huntington Beach rock band Avenged Sevenfold, died Monday, Orange County authorities said.Sullivan, 28, of Huntington Beach, also performed as a backup vocalist for the group of trained multi-instrumental musicians with classical influences, which formed in 1999. “The cause of death is still under investigation,” said Deputy Coroner Mitchell Sigal. “An autopsy has been scheduled.” Sullivan was discovered "unresponsive" in his Huntington Beach home at 11 a.m., authorities said. News of the musician's death prompted many messages of condolence on the band’s Internet fan sites.The group, which blended melodic hard rock with the emotional drive of hard-core punk, was named Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2006. Sullivan was its hard-driving drum master."It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan," read a statement on the grou
Reptiles & Amphibians - Fish - Invertebrates
Reptiles and Amphibians Crocodiles A bask Frogs An army Toads A knot Turtles A bale, nest Snakes, vipers A nest   Fish Fish in general A draft, nest, school, shoal (some authors claim that the common "school" is a corruption of shoal, and therefore incorrect) Bass A shoal Herring An army Sharks A shiver Trout A hover   Invertebrates Ants A colony Bees A grist, hive, swarm Caterpillars An army Clams A bed Cockroaches An intrusion Flies A business Gnats A cloud, horde Grasshoppers A cloud
Reptilian Desire
I know what you want, I know what the snake needs, magically there is a caution sign when the dugout bleeds. Finding out wasn't so tough, I would surrender for dedicated love. Here it is, I don't wanna tie you down, I want you to look beyond and accept the clown.   I will take the good with the bad, to have a chance to be there for you whether u r happy or sad. I know the demon dwelling, is uncontrolable when it feels  the need to start swelling.   In this girl filled world wide and full, I would like to be your lady shoveling and not dropping the bull. Only one wish before it becomes anywhere near real, just let me gently mount when you want someone to fill.   We have the heat to start the fire, now we just need to quench your reptilian desire.
Republicans Lose Control Of Congress!!
Well for the first time in 12 years the Democrats are back in power.. Who all thinks that's good and who all thinks that's bad and who all doesn't give a damn cause we're gonna get blown up eventually anyway lol. I'm actually happy the republicans are no longer in control of the house n senate.. i think it is sad that they wanted to stop research on stem cells. Poor Michael J Fox. What are they thinking ? REally? I mean it's not like we are destroying a life or anything. Let's see another issue i think we could all agree on is Bush's failed policies in Iraq. It's getting worse over there and there's not really anything we can do about it. The cops they trained are just going to turn into terrrorists anyway. And As far as building a fence on the mexican border... I think it's a good idea but it might be to late. The govvernment speculates that a nuclear weapon of some sort has already been smuggled into the u s. So how is a fence going to stop that? I think we sho
The Republic
They came to these shores with a single purpose Freedom from monarchy and The Church To live their own lives in peace and quiet Only to find others already living here So they went about setting up a government And taking what did not belong to them When the King wanted his taxes They rebelled and went the path of independence Checks and balances and a representative government With a constitution where no king ruled the republic
genius refers to the individual who knows its skin, and how its skin affects the outside air. effects. Cause is how much the air affects the skin in its limited timeframe. Time can only be as long as the mind senses it. so sleep speeds through the senseless mind. and words. powerful in audience ears, fall silent while read only in One's head. opposites. i guess leer jowls. bunt coffee tinge tang grandson. Talking stacks of cash clash hahahaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaaxaaaxaaxxxxxaaaaa/
Republic Of Texas
Please note that Texas is the only state with a legal right to secede from the Union (please refer to the Texas-American Annexation Treaty of 1848). We Texans love y'all, but we'll have to take action if Kerry wins president over Bush. We'll miss you too. Texas has given all those complainers plenty of time to get used to the results. After seeing the whiners along the campaign route, the folks from Texas are considering taking matters into our their hands. Here is our solution: #1: Let John Kerry become President of the United States. (all 49 states.) #2: George W. Bush becomes the President of the Republic Of Texas. So what does Texas have to do to survive as a Republic? 1. NASA is just south of Houston, Texas. (we will control the space industry.) 2. We refine over 85% of the gasoline in the United States. 3. Defense Industry. (we have over 65% of it) The term "Don't mess with Texas," will take on a whole new meaning. 4. Oil - we can supply all the oil that the
Republicans Block Bill On U.s. Attorneys
Republicans Block Bill on U.S. Attorneys 16 Feb 2007 Senate Republicans blocked a bill Thursday that would curb the Justice Department's power to fire and replace federal prosecutors. Democrats had sought to give the courts a role in the appointments of U.S. attorneys, to GOP opposition. Democrats used the occasion to complain anew about the firings of at least seven prosecutors, some [all] without cause, under a little-known provision of the Patriot Act.,,-6418467,00.html
Republican Or Democrat You Will Get A Kick Out Of This One..
A little boy goes to his dad and asks, "What is Politics?"Dad says, "Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I am the head of the family, so call me The President. Your mother is the administrator of the money, so we call her the Government. We are here to take care of your needs, so we will call you the People. The nanny, we will consider her the Working Class. And your baby brother, we will call him the Future.Now think about that and see if it makes sense." So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what Dad has said.Later that night,! he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him.He finds that the baby has severely soiled his diaper.So the little boy goes to his parent's room and finds his mother asleep. Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny's room. Finding the door locked,he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny. He gives up and goes back to bed.The next morning, the little boy say's to his father, "Dad, I think
Reputation And Character
The circumstances amid which you live determine your reputation; The truth you believe determines your character. Reputation is what you are supposed to be; Character is what you are. Reputation is the photograph; Character is what you really are. Reputation comes over one from without; Character grows up from within. Reputation is what you have when you come to a new community; Character is what you have when you go away. Reputation is learned in an hour; Character does not come to light for a year. Reputation is made in a moment; Character grows like the oak. A single newspaper report gives you your reputation; A life of toil gives you your character. Reputation makes you rich or poor; Character makes you happy or makes you miserable. Reputation is what men say about you on your tombstone; Character is what angels say about you before the throne of God. -- William Hershey Davis --
The Republican Creed
I was Stumbling around the net and found The Republican Creed by Jim Mooney.  It's a pretty good read.Here's an extract: I am a Republican.  I made myself from thin air.  I owe America Nothing.  Not taxes.  Not service. Not loyalty.  nothing.  The nation should be  glad to have me.   For do I not manipulate the symbols of wealth for the greater good of myself and my friends?  Where there is exorbitant interest and fees, there am !.  Where a company fires a thousand men to bloat my stock, there am I. Where a nation bends to global bankers and starves its folk, there am I.  Where an HMO kills or an insurer cheats, there am I.  Where pollution fills the air, there am I. ( Well, not quite  there, for my lungs fill with country club air.  Let others bear my poison. Especially if they are the wicked poor. )It's a bit longer than this one paragraph, so be sure to check it out...tag: politics, republicans, rights, liberties-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-Ave Satanas!Join me at Fubar.comGet
A guy in our office bought two packets of biscuits in for the office to share, and another gur who's kinda new and who I don't know that well said "Ah, two packets, one for James, and one for everyone else." I felt that was a bit hurtful.
Republican Call Girls
glumbert - Republican Call Girls
Republicans Are A Mistake Gingrich: Skipping black forum a mistake 35 minutes ago Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Tuesday that top tier Republican presidential candidates are making a mistake by skipping a forum focused on issues of importance to black voters. Gingrich, in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America," urged the leading candidates to reconsider their decision not to participate in a forum on Thursday at Baltimore's Morgan State University to be moderated by talk show host Tavis Smiley and aired by PBS. "I'm puzzled by their decision. I can't speak for them. I think it's a mistake. I wish they would change their minds — they still have a few days — and I wish they would in fact go to the debate Thursday night," said Gingrich, who is considering entering the race for the GOP nomination. The top four candidates in the GOP race — former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, Arizo
Rep Ur City Gurls Or Guys
The Republic
Let me make something clear, the United States is not now, nor ever has been, a democracy. It is a Republic, which means we have a representative form of government. In a democracy, everyone votes on everything. Granted there is a council and court system, but they are just there to enforce the choices of the people. Now then, I find it strangely funny that some of the most educated and enlightened men in history chose a republic for our country rather than a true democracy. Granted, a democracy would have been difficult in the first 200 years of our existence, if not impossible. Of course that brings us to another part of our government that needs explaining, the Republic of the United States of America. The states came together to form a federation of states, hence the term the 'federal government.' The implications of this part of our government are simple, in essence, no federal law can be enacted which interferes with the rights of the state. It also means, cont
The Republican Fisherman
The Republican Fisherman A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am." The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, "You're in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above a ground elevation of 2346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude." She rolled her eyes and said, "You must be a Republican." "I am," replied the man. "How did you know?" "Well," answered the balloonist, "everything you told me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to do with your information, and I'm still lost. Frankly, you've not been much help to me." The man smiled and responded, "You must be a Democrat." "I am," replied the balloonist. "How did you know?" "Well," said the man, "you don't know w
Republican Or Demorat?
I was traveling between Phoenix and Ajo the other day south of Gila Bend when a tire blew out. Checking my spare, I found that it too, was flat. My only option was to flag down a passing motorist and get a ride to the next town. The first vehicle to stop was an old man in a van. He yelled out the window, "Need a lift?" "Yes, I sure do," I replied. "You a Republican or Democrat," asked the old man. "Republican," I replied. "Well, you can just go to fly a kite," yelled the old man as he sped off. Another guy stopped, rolled down the window, and asked me the same question. Again, I gave the same answer, "Republican." The driver gave me the finger and drove off. I though it over and decided that maybe I should change my strategy, since this area seemed to be overly political and there appeared to be few Republicans. The next car to stop was a red convertible driven by a beautiful blonde. She smiled seductively and asked if I was a Republican or Democrat. "D
Republican Or Democrat
was traveling down the road the other day south of Benton when a tire blew out. Checking my spare, I found that it too was flat. My only option was to flag down a passing motorist and get a ride to the next town. The first vehicle to stop was an old man in a van. He yelled out the window, 'Need a lift?' 'Yes, I sure do,' I replied. 'You a Republican or Democrat, asked the old man. 'Republican,' I replied. 'Well, you can just go to Hell,' yelled the old man as he sped off. Another guy stopped, rolled down the window, and asked me the same question Again, I gave the same answer, 'Republican.' The driver gave me the finger and drove off. I thought it over and decided that maybe I should change my strategy, since this area seemed to be overly political and there appeared to be few Republicans. The next car to stop was a red convertible driven by a beautiful blonde. She smiled seductively and asked if I was a Republican or Democrat. 'Democrat!', I shouted
The Republic Of The Philippines
Manuel Roxas became the first president of the Republic of the Philippines when independence was granted, as scheduled, on July 4, 1946. In Mar., 1947, the Philippines and the United States signed a military assistance pact (since renewed) and the Philippines gave the United States a 99-year lease on designated military, naval, and air bases (a later agreement reduced the period to 25 years beginning 1967). The sudden death of President Roxas in Apr., 1948, elevated the vice president, Elpidio Quirino, to the presidency, and in a bitterly contested election in Nov., 1949, Quirino defeated José Laurel to win a four-year term of his own. The enormous task of reconstructing the war-torn country was complicated by the activities in central Luzon of the Communist-dominated Hukbalahap guerrillas (Huks), who resorted to terror and violence in their efforts to achieve land reform and gain political power. They were largely brought under control (1954) after a vigorous attack launched by the
Reputation Rebuild
Reputation rebuild If you once committed a serious social error (or are simply rumored to have done so), don’t panic. Your reputation can be repaired. Even the most tarnished pot can be polished to a sheen once more! In order to make others forget your faux pas, it’s important to become even more helpful and enthusiastic than usual. Go out of your way for others for a while. Whatever you did (or are rumored to have done) that offended your social circle, it’s important to make amends. Believe it or not, people WILL forgive and forget! But be more careful in the future!
Republicans Are Idiots
It amazes me how many dumb people are here in the US. My Republican buddies can't seem to see any collusion between the big oil companies and our current president, whose family made their money, and continues to make money, in big oil. It's called "fox watching the hen house". And you moron Republicans keep acting like there is nothing you can do about rising gas prices. This is a monopoly, you fucking idiots. This is how business works. You get people dependant, then you work with your competition to price fix, then you blame the high prices on something else. If you have an accomplice that is supposed to regulate, all the better. How the fuck do you think Enron happened? Dick Chaney and Kenneth Lay met during closed door energy policy discussions. Lay then flew out to meet soon-to-be Gov. Schwartzenpecker. And all of a sudden we have energy problems with high prices, while the regulators (Cheney and Maria Schrivers wife) get financially wealthy. And you idiots watch Fox News thinkin
Mccain muss zu Präsidenten für den U.S_ 0bama} Gewählt werden Er ist ein Image des Antichristen, und wenn hes gewählt zu Präsidenten "Geburt nation-teiliger zwei kurz gefolgt durch seinen Mord entsteht, so zu den sieben Jahren der Hölle gebracht zur Welt durch den Gott führend!
Republicans Hijacked 9/11: Keith Olbermann Special Comment 9/11/2008
Republicans Hijacked 9/11: Keith Olbermann Special Comment 9/11/2008 AMEN
The Republicans...
Hey ya'll! i am neither a democrat nor a republican, but look at what the republican's have done over the past 8 years! we were in a $13 TRILLION budget surplus when Clinton left office. now, we are almost double that in deficit! how is this possible? As soon as he took office, we went to war with Afghanistan. That war was warranted, but hiding Osama bin-Laden in Texas wasn't! The second thing he did was to go over to Iraq searching for WMD*'s. We never found them, but we did find Saddam Hussein. What does he have to do with anything? he planned to assassinate Bush Sr. BTW, we still haven't found any WMD's. I personally am tired of Republicans in office. lets see what a democrat can do. tell me what you think. *Weapons of Mass Destruction
Republican/democrat Facts
I have a question.The first 7 years Bush was in office gas was cheap and the economy was good.Then the people wanted a change.They voted in a democratic congess and the gas went up to Over $4.00,the economy is about to fail. So now the question - Do people really think by putting a man with NO KNOWLEDGE OF RUNNING A COUNTRY into office things will get better?
Republican Paper Endorses Obama
The Chicago Tribune, a right leaning paper, who has never endorsed a Democrat in it's 151 year history yesterday endorsed Obama. T Their statement was to the point. They said that they could not support McCain due primarily to his choice of Palin as VP. They said, He has sacrificed the security of the United States for the short-term benefit of attracting the far right in his quest for the presidency. They further stated that by brining to the political arena a woman who was clearly not qualified for the position, nor for the potential of having to take over as president, he has sacrificed his sense of obligation to the country for his own gain. As a result we (the Chicago Trib.) can not endorse him. They then went on to endorse Obama and to talk about Obama’s plans, etc. None of which is very important compared to the opening paragraph. On another note Colin Powell today also endorsed Obama. Powell and McCain have been very close friends for years. He added his doubts
Republicans, They Fight Dirty!!!
Hinckley to be released You might recall that John Hinckley was a seriously deranged young man who shot President Reagan in the early 1980s. Hinckley was absolutely obsessed with movie star Jodie Foster, extremely jealous, and in his twisted mind, loved Jodie Foster to the point that to make himself well known to her, he attempted to assassinate President Reagan. There is speculation Hinckley may soon be released as having been rehabilitated. Consequently, you may appreciate the following letter from John McCain that the staff at the mental 20facility, treating Hinckley, reports to have intercepted this past weekend: To: John Hinckley From: John McCain My wife and I wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how pleased we are with the great strides you are making in your recovery. In our fine country's new spirit of understanding and forgiveness, we want you to know there is a bilateral consensus of compassion and forgiveness throughout. My wife Cindy and I want you to
Republicans!! To The Polls!!
Demorats! The Messiah already won the election, so just should stay home and watch the Victory Party in Chicago!! Each election cycle since Klinton I have been amazed at the intelligence and lack there of, of 50% of America… Lib's, its not your vault!! Your kindergarten teacher, then your grade school teacher, then Jr High then H.S. and for some of ya even college professors let you know how mean and nasty Republicans are… I mean come on, you have been brain washed for years!!! Yet here in Michigan we have the Union Robots… My dad was a Democrat and worked in the plant, and my grand daddy, and I do and we all vote Democrat because Republicans are mean and evil…. Same brain wash, same effect… Yet the lucky thing is most of the brain dead actually stay home and do not vote…. Thank God!! Now if they would just teach economics in high school we could save this nation… I still love the other brainwashing I have seen in my life… In
Well now that the election is over and the Republican party is shell shocked,Many have to be wondering How could this have happened ? I for one say the fall from grace was hard earned and well deserved ,In my humble opinion the luke warm support for McCain by the Party ( not the voters but higher ups in the Party ) and defections of prominent Republicans to Obama is it any wonder we hold any seats at all ? The party failed to counter at every turn the fact that the last 8 yrs of "Failed Policies" were not Bush's or the Republicans alone,that plenty of Democrats had to vote for them as well,Something they did real well During Bush's re-election.There would have been no need to try and distance McCain from Bush if they had even tried to help John Mccain. I believe it was a calculated risk by the Republicans to allow this election go to the Democrats rather then support the Maverick and the backlash has been many defeats in State elections The party known as the party for th
Republican For A Reason
Republican President
A Democrat asked me if we will see another Republican President? I can NEVER give up hope... Democrats ALWAYS do their best in expanding their voting base by using tax dollars to buy supporters... If you are one of the people with your hands out expecting government money - who you going to vote for?? The person who says he will give you more or the person who says he is taking it away???? Democrats gave illegal aliens drivers licenses so they could vote illegally.... Why? To steal elections.... Also they are bankrupting our health system with free health care AND getting on our social security rolls... Social security is going broke because Democrats change the rules that ANYONE can draw from the government.... To buy more voters... You watch -- now they are going to make all the illegal aliens "legal" so they can buy more voters.... They are forcing the welfare rolls to expand on a state by state basis... Why? To buy more voters.... Democra
Republican Moms For Marijuana: 'time To Legalize Is Now'
BOULDER, Colo. — As a Republican mother committed to legalizing marijuana, political life can be lonely. But while many in my party whisper about the Drug War's insanity, we should shout it from the rooftop: the time to legalize is now. Calling for a new approach doesn't make me a pothead. In fact, while I freely admit to having previously smoked marijuana -- as do more than 95 million other Americans, including our last three presidents -- I choose not to be an active marijuana user today. While opponents may argue that legalization is all about a bunch of twentysomethings wanting to get high, the debate deserves a more respectful and truthful analysis. Take medical marijuana. On July 20, Colorado's Health Board voted down a proposal that would have effectively shuttered the medical marijuana dispensaries serving as crucial sources of legal marijuana across the state. As a result, courageous patients, including AIDS survivor Damien LaGoy, will not have to take to dangerous st
The Republicans Now Make The Toriesat Their Worse Seemachingly Inclusive..
  Thursday, 30 July 2009   As we gloomily maintain the deathbed vigil for a Government whose end cannot come soon enough, it is the opposite end of the life-cycle that fixates US politics. Fittingly enough, on the eve of the nine-month anniversary of Barack Obama's election, America obsesses about the President's birth, and specifically his birthplace. The gestation period for any conspiracy theory is far longer than that for human infants, of course, or even elephants. It tends, in fact, to be endless. It is 45 years since JFK was murdered, 40 since the first moon walk, and almost eight since the Twin Towers fell, and while the various notions (second gunman, studio mock-up, Mossad plot) were conceived almost immediately after those events, they have yet to deliver anything more substantial than lovingly nurtured insanity. That rag-tag coalition of shock jocks, publicity hungry attorneys, the credulous and simple-minded, plain nutters and above all frustrated racists collect
So I was talking to Johnny on the phone earlier and he said I do not get many rates on my autos because I have the notorious reputation for being a cunt,,I know it shouldnt.but it othered me...those that talk to me know I hae a nice side..but wtf..NOTORIOUS???? He informed me that I am far mor known than I realize..and not in a good way *sigh* I need to be nicer
Those from the far right who criticize President Obama for anything and everything are using the BIG LIE technique espoused by Adolf hitler in his book Mein Kampf and  recently utilized by George W. Bush and carl rove, and the Republican Leaders Hitler Wrote in chapter 10 of Mein Kampf: “In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”Hitler’s primary rules were: 1. Never allow the public to cool off 2.nev
Republican Leaders Tiptoe Around The Smear Campaign Against Obama's Faith And Citizenship.
Source: By William Saletan Posted Monday, Feb. 14, 2011, at 8:23 AM ET The party that was supposed to stand up to President Obama can't even stand up to its own fringe. Six months ago on Meet the Press, NBC's David Gregory asked Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell about a survey in which 31 percent of Republicans said President Obama was a Muslim. McConnell demurred: "I think the faith that most Americans are questioning is the president's faith in the government to generate jobs." Gregory persisted: "As a leader of the country, Sir—as one of the most powerful Republicans in the country—do you think you have an obligation to say to [31] percent of Republicans in the country … who believe the president of the United States is a Muslim, 'That's misinformation'?" The best McConnell would do was this: "The president says he's a Christian. I take him at his word." Reviewing the exchange in Slate, my colleague John Dick
Republicans Launch A Theocratic Christian Assault On The Constitution
At the start of the 112th Congress, every legislator was sworn in using the standard oath proclaiming the members will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Each state has their own oath of office that includes supporting and defending the Constitution as well as the particular state’s constitution. In many states, every civil servant, whether a firefighter, school teacher, or police officer takes the state’s oath of office including the clause regarding supporting and defending the U.S. Constitution. Since the new Congress has been in session, it appears that every single Republican in the House and Senate has broken their promise to uphold and defend the Constitution and it may be time to initiate a full-scale, across-the-board impeachment proceeding to evict the promise-breakers in the Republican Party. The first Amendment’s Establishment Clause says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohi
Republican Sen. Dan Hall: "they Ruined Our Neighborhoods With Integration And Segregation" (repost)
Republican Jesus (repost)
“Looking for Mr. Theocracy”  or  “How I Learn ed to Stop Thinking for Myself and Just Trust Republican Jesus.” When I was a kid, I was taught that the Pilgrims fled to the New World to escape religious persecution.  Somewhere in there, I learned that we don’t have a national religion and people were free to practice whatever religion they wanted.  That was kind of it as far as religion went in my history classes and overall education.  Sure, Jews were mentioned in the context of the Holocaust but more as a race than a religion.   I did, however, attend Synagogue for a few years as an adolescent.  I viewed it more as learning my heritage as opposed to actively worshipping.  Even then, I was not inclined towards belief.  Probably because my parents were more interested in making sure I was curious about stuff instead of learning any particular dogma, religion was, for me, just something that other people did.  It would be many years before I u
Republicanism As Religion (repost)
The Dish covered the remarkable web essay of Mike Lofgren, but I didn't comment myself because it so closely follows my own argument in "The Conservative Soul" and on this blog, that it felt somewhat superfluous. But I want to draw attention to the crux of the piece, because if we are to understand how the right became so unmoored from prudence, moderation and tradition and became so infatuated with recklessness, extremism and revolution, we need to understand how it happened. It is, of course, as my shrink never fails to point out, multi-determined. But here is Lofgren's attempt at a Rosebud: How did the whole toxic stew of GOP beliefs - economic royalism, militarism and culture wars cum fundamentalism - come completely to displace an erstwhile civilized Eisenhower Republicanism? It is my view that the rise of politicized religious fundamentalism (which is a subset of the decline of rational problem solving in America) may have been the key ingredient of the takeove
Republicans Battle Over Undecided Voters In Iowa
With time running short, Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich battled Thursday to win over a pivotal crop of undecided conservative voters. Of all the candidates, only Mitt Romney seemed to largely escape attack as he worked to win a state that long seemed out of reach until this week."Don't settle for what's not good enough to save the country," the newly ascendant Santorum implored Iowans at city hall in Coralville, canada goose outleturging voters to put conservative principles above everything else and suggesting that his rivals, and specifically Ron Paul, lacked them. For the first time, though, the former Pennsylvania senator became a target."When he talks about fiscal conservatism, every now and then it leaves me scratching my head because he was a prolific earmarker," Perry, the Texas governor, said of Santorum as the day began, referring to special spending projects members of Congress seek. "He loaded up his bill with Pennsylvania por
The Republican Alphabet (repost)
Most people don’t know this, but in addition to a remedial civics class, Michelle Bachmann also taught a remedial English course. She started with the basics: A is for Anti-Christ. See B & O. B is for Barack – Isn’t that an “exotic” name for a President? George, Ronald and Sarah are far more American sounding. C is for Christ, who informs all of my decisions, including the ones where I discriminate against the poor and sick. Just like He would! D is for Death panels and they’re coming to unplug Grandma! E is for Electoral campaign finance reform. AHAHAHAHAAHH! Just kidding! The letter E is brought to you by, well, I don’t really have to tell you that anymore, do I? F is for Fascism!!! BE READY TO VIOLENTLY FIGHT THE FASCIST LIBERAL GOVERNMENT AT ANY TIME!!! Nothing bad ever happens when you live your life by this doctrine. If it does, it’s an isolated incident (see I). G is for God, Guns & Guts. Everything a population needs
Republican Claims Of "biggest Tax Increase In History" Is A Lie
WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans are calling it "Taxmageddon," the big tax increase awaiting nearly every American family at the end of the year, when a long list of tax cuts are scheduled to expire unless Congress acts. It would be, GOP leaders in Congress say again and again, "the largest tax increase in American history." Except it wouldn't be, not when you take into account population growth, rising wages, and most importantly, the size of the U.S. economy. When those factors are taken into account, the largest tax increases were those imposed to help pay for World War II — back when the U.S. raised additional revenue to pay for wars instead of simply borrowing. Nevertheless, it is an exaggeration that has proved too tempting for top Republican leaders in Congress: — "Any sudden tax hike would hurt our economy, so this fall — before the election — the House of Representatives will vote to stop the largest tax increase in American history," House Speak
Republicans And Democrats
I didn't write this, but I agree with it! ...................Which side of the fence?If you ever wondered which side of the fence you sit on, this is a great test!If a Republican doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one.If a Democrat doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.If a Republican is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat.If a Democrat is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned or regulated for everyone.If a Republican is homosexual, he leads his life.If a Democrat is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.If a Republican is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.If a Democrat is down and out, he wonders who is going to take care of him.If a Republican doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels.if a Democrat doesn't like a talk show host, he demands that he/she be taken off the air.If a Republican is a non-believer, he doesn't go to church.If a Democrat is a non-believer, he wants any mention of God and religion silenced.If a Republican need
Reputed Web Hosting Provider
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Reputed Domain Search India Company
The selection of the domain name is not so easy. We register domain name which is keyword originally. A domain name should be relevant and should be identical for your products as well as the services. Thus the domain registration India is not important but mandatory to do. Purchasing a domain name means you own that particular keyword on web with the extension. It helps you to get your targeted customers search for that particular keyword on the search engine of any browser. There are some tips one should follow before domain registration India. A domain name should be easy to spell and pronounce. Your targeted customers should not feel alien while typing it on the on the browser. It has been surveyed that customers do avoid those keywords to type which are difficult to spell. The next tip one should follow is the extension. While choosing the extension, everybody tries to own .com. It is a myth that when a person search for any particular website, he or she first go for the .com exte
Republicans Are Idoits
White men that think trampling on others is proof they are better That their God gives them permission That their God prefers THEM Because God is a white man apparently So is God just a sadist? Does God create Women, Black people, Asian, Hispanic, Disabled, Gay, or Poor people just so he can STEP ON THEM???? Everyone here knows I am an Atheist and think the whole idea of GOD is not only STUPID but IRRESPONSIBLE PROOF! These white men SAY they love life & fight to force women to bear children that one day they will happy to offer up in a fucking war to protect their finacial interests...why don't they spend so much fucking energy saving the lives of people HERE & NOW! I'll tell you why they don't...they are like the IDIOTS that flew planes into the World Trade Center on September the 11th...they are soooooo fucking sure that GOD wants them to do this ridiculous thing that they end up up killing more people than they save. If there IS a God...IT would be very sad if IT had any e
Republican Governors Decide Against Setting Up Obamacare Insurance Markets
Republican governors decide against setting up ObamaCare insurance markets Published November 16, 2012 Several Republican governors, in what could be their last symbolic stand against ObamaCare, announced Friday that they will not set up a state-based marketplace for selling health insurance.  A total of 20 states have now decided not to implement their own exchanges -- which could also mean increased costs for the federal government. The governors of Wisconsin and Ohio joined Texas Gov. Rick Perry and others in confirming that they will not establish so-called "health insurance exchanges," which are set to launch in January 2014. Under the federal health care overhaul, these exchanges will act as virtual markets where people and small businesses can shop for private coverage in a regulated environment. Many will also be eligible for government subsidies.  The governors' move does not stop those exchanges from being implemented. Rather, it kic
Republicans Wimp Out, Fail To Oppose Democrat Plan To Tax Wealth Producers
Kurt NimmoInfowars.comNovember 19, 2012 Congress is currently in discussions with the Obama administration about enacting a new round of taxes to pay for profligate government spending. The increase will fall on the “rich,” defined by the government as anybody who earns more than $250,000 a year. House Speaker John Boehner’s “top earners” category does not include the financial elite. Photo: Gage Skidmore. Democrats are all for taxing the so-called rich, while Republicans favor going after entitlements in order to confront the so-called “fiscal cliff.” Republicans, however, have agreed to not “explicitly reject the suggestion they accept a Senate-passed bill that would allow tax rates to rise on top earners,” in other words the last remaining producers of wealth in the United States. An aide to House Speaker John Boehner said in December GOP bosses will accept an increase in taxes on “top earners” in exchange for agr
Republic Of Ireland In The World Cup. Obrien Could Have Stayed With His Hometown Leeds United Squad But, Following A Se
VANCOUVER -- The Vancouver Whitecaps strong back line became more crowded Wednesday. The Caps acquired centre back Andy OBrien, after he obtained his release from Leeds United of the English League Championship and effectively became a free agent. Other terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Vancouver completed a coup in the acquisition of a player that has more than 300 games of English Premier League experience, has logged nearly 500 appearances altogether in England and has represented the Republic of Ireland in the World Cup. OBrien could have stayed with his hometown Leeds United squad but, following a second stint that spanned two seasons, he decided to explore Major League Soccer instead. "I was a kid when I was at Leeds United and I went off to play elsewhere and then came back to Leeds," said OBrien, 33. "It was a big decision, but I wanted to make sure that everything was right in the decision to come over to Vancouver." He decided to sign after touring the
Rep Your Area
HEY JUST ADDED A WORLD MAP TO MY PAGE ALL MY FRIENDS SHOULD COME BY AND REP YOUR AREA Click here to make your own world live visitor map!
Rep Your State!
I have opened a new picture folder called possible vacation spots. I have 6 months to figure out where I want to go. So, REPRESENT your state and let me know why I should go there. (Just because your there doesn't help From the comments these will be decreased to top 10, then top 5, top 2 down to #1. Click the link below for folder of states. PLEASE REPOST! Thanks!
Request For Raise In Salary
The Management I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons. I do physical labour. I work at great depths. I plunge head first into everything I do. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. I work in a damp environment. I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation. I work in high temperatures. My work exposes me to contagious diseases. Sincerely, Penis THE RESPONSE Dear Penis After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons You do not work 8 straight hours. You fall asleep after brief work periods. You do not always follow orders of the management team. You do not stay in your designated area and are often seen visiting otherlocations. You do not take initiative. You need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of your shift. You don't always observe n
Im taking requests of pics...tell me what kind of pic you would like to see me in and ill see what can be done.
A Request
I was just wondering if anyone out there could do a sign for me? It could be on a notepad or anything visible and then take a pic of you with it. If I get a few of them, I'll make a folder. It's a plus if it looks sexy, but not nessasary. I'm just curious to see if it'll fly. I can't really offer a prize, but if I like yours, I'll rate your profile and all of your pics 10. RL
The Request
Request For A Raise
Request for a Raise I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: I do physical labor. I work at great depths. I plunge head first into everything I do. I do not get weekends off or public holidays. I work in a damp environment. I don't get paid overtime. I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation. I work in high temperatures. My work exposes me to contagious diseases. Dear Penis, After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons: You do not work 8 hours straight. You fall asleep on the job after brief work periods. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. You do not stay in your allocated position, and often visit other areas. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of your shift. You don't always observe n
Request A Raise!
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: 1. I do physical labor. 2. I work at great depths. 3. I plunge head first into everything I do. 4. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. 5. I work in a damp environment. 6. I work in a dark area that has poor ventilation. 7. I work in high temperatures. 8. My work exposes me to diseases. Dear Penis, After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the management denies your request for the following reasons: 1. You do not work 8 hours straight. 2. You work in short spurts and fall asleep after each brief work period. 3. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. 4. You do not stay in your designated area, and are often seen visiting other locations. 5. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. 6. You leave the workplace
Request For Honest Op's
Hey All, I know you Tappers are all going to be honest here. Aren't you? The new contest to see who can have the most innocent looking photo begins Monday. Now if anyone has any suggestions on what exactly they would like to see for innocence I would really like for you to share those. This is a twist to the world of tapping but, we all know that innocence is not all white and lace. So sling me some post back on this before I get to innocent and end up in a wedding gown of the proverbial virginal white. Thank Ya All and Your All Just So Sweet and Kind. XxOo Blessings Be TT
A Request From Aeliyah's Father!!!
Today is Saturday the 23rd of December!!! I had just spoken to Aeliyah's father!!! He is sooo gratful that you all have stopped for a moment to show and pay your respects to myself and falcon69. He understands now that his daughter's pic is the main pic of everyone's profile. His request is to please remove the candle light picture of her and put up your own of your choice now. You may keep the pic in your profile as a memory of paying your respects or you may go ahead and remove all together. We all request that though you do keep us all in Aeliyah's family in your thoughts and in your prayers. Remember to always kiss your kids everyday, all day if you have to. If you don't have kids kiss those who mean ALOT to you!!! Thank you so ever much to you all!!! You all are truly amazing people and you will always be remembered!!! Kim aka booshine and Andrew aka Falcon69 Most important Aeliyah's Father!!
Required Reading...
We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till the morning. Also, when we tell you you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/ cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong. We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Push us down on the couch and make a move once in a while. We like that aggressiveness about you and we like the unexpected. When we know you're really happy, it makes us happy too. Don't be mad when we hold the
im thinking of taking some new NSFW pics tonite, are there any requests out there? i need a few ideas
Request Radio
in Club Bewitched All Request Radio. Brand new DJ Chaos will be on the decks in 10 minutes. and meeeeeee DJ Rach is hitting them at 2pm est....come in, give us your requests, and we'll get them on air for you this is a new lounge, and still growing, so if you like what you see, please let all you friends know by posting bulletins and blogs for us.
Requires Filling Tight Holes...
needing a MAN to touch me in the right spot..halla back atcha girl...
Any HOTTIE that would like 2 B on my HOTTIES' list just ask me-(aka freinds list)- and I will continue 2 search and ask!
A Request From My Sweet Reflection
The Requiem
She stared out of her dust covered window, into the garden. It once lived, she mused silently. It lived till he had died, now it is nothing but a garden of stone and thorns, a place where nothing grew anymore, nothing thrived there of beauty. He had been stolen from her, before she could ever realize how much was being taken for granted. He was her love, the only one that had walked the earth. Now, weathered and wrinkled, her only comfort was a painted picture. The painting had came from him, the one he was working in the orchard on that sad, sad day. Her painter, so talented, so young,now gone. On that day, she regretted not looking for him. She figured that he fell asleep amongst the apples and the sweet grass that he loved so. The sun blazed its circle in the sky, followed by the sun's wife, the pale faced moon and then again the morning, happy and wondrous once again. She awoke alone, frustrated that he could stay out so long and not come home. She dressed cursing him under her b
Request For A Dear Friend
OK. Here's the deal. One of my best friends in the world, Brandi, is getting married in real life this Sat (2-24-07). Her little sister Samantha, who is her maid of honor, was admitted into the hospital yesterday for having multiple seizures. Since being admitted she has now had over 40 seizures and the doctors have yet to find out what is causing it, much less stop it. We have had to cancel parts of the wedding already. I don't care what faith or relegion you are. I am asking for your prayers. Please pray and send healing energies to this family in their time of need. I will be doing everything I can, but I am only one. Please help. If you repost this, it would be very much appreciated. If you choose to make it sticky (I would but have no credit card) I will be amazed. Thank you all for your time! Khali13
Requiem From The Darkness - 100 Stories - Op
Requiem From The Darkness - 100 Stories - Ed
A Request
I've been asked to put this on here by a close friend of mine to try and raise peoples awareness of Cystic fibrosis (C F). C F is a genetic disease that is past from parents to child, i wont bore you with the science stuff but this means you cant catch it off anyone who has it, so we are safe to be around lol. What CF does is it affects the lungs and digestive system causing the sufferer to have a reduced lung capacity therefore finding exercise difficult and an inability to maintain a healthy body weight, not bad for a woman but a pain in the ass for a man i can tell you.There is a large amount of medication and treatment to be taken on a regular basis to help with day to day health. Due to havin a bad chest we are prone to chest infections which mean hospital stays for treatment or if your trained you can do it at home these usually take the form of antibiotics given via injections. Outlook on life for people with CF has improved greatly over the years considering it was virtuall
Requiem In the remote distance, a requiem, the faint murmur of bagpipes, floating inevitably on the thinnest breeze of sorrowful death. Beware of dangerous disillusions, and be not deceived or frightened by the imperceptible sensation of being acknowledged as a soul of contentment. Celebrate your life with a heart of wisdom, respect, transparent hopes, and fantasy wishes. Memories of surrendered love may fracture and break in unfathomable pain. Yet, inevitably, feelings of love, fragile as they may be, endure isolationism and thoughts of surrender. While gentle tenderness, unselfish, and inspiring love dance silently along the periphery of time. (c) copyright KG. 2007
Request To Approve Comment
Want one? Go to Susan has posted a new comment about you on MySpace! Although your privacy settings allow comments to be automatically posted, the following comment contains an embedded object. Embedded objects may generate popup ads, read cookie information, or perform other functions outside the scope of acceptable use. Please click the link below to approve or deny this comment. Susan's Comment:
Take my hand when my eyes weep. Hold me gently in your arms. Play in my hair, as I sleep. Dazzle me with all your charm. Provide me time and space. Listen closely when I speak. Secure in your life my place. Support me the times I'm weak. Cherish our time together. Dread any time we're apart. Mean when you say forever. Let my absence gnaw your heart. And let all my joys be yours. Let my sorrows be as well. And share relationship chores. Mind your ego, lest it swell. And I beg you never fight. Let us walk our time in peace. With a kiss for every night, Let our passions never cease. But above all these my dove, Swear always that you'll be true. For's not you I ask these of - They're my promises to you.
Requiem For A Monster The Va Tech Shooting
In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre, I sincerely hope that one single, burning, indisputable fact remains at the forefront of any and all discussions: This atrocity was the responsibility of one individual, one person who decided -- for whatever reason -- that this life was no longer tolerable and chose to leave it, and -- damn him to hell -- to take over 30 others with him. This deed was not committed by a weapon, a political movement, or some failing of society. It was not carried out by a video game, a rap song, or pornography. This was, ultimately, the fault of exactly one man -- and we can't punish him for it, as he has already chosen to enact the ultimate sanction upon himself. To deny this monster the full credit for his heinous deeds is to deny his free choice to carry it out, and to diminish the responsibility that lies at his feet, and his feet alone. Keep that in mind when the inevitable occurs, and people start using his slaughtering rampage to argue
Requiem For The Pheonix
I'm new to CT... and decided to blog here to share some of my new lyrics (I'm a singer/songwriter in a band called Pheonix Rising). We're working very hard on our forthcoming EP, "Aurora", and these are my lyrics from one of the songs, "Requiem for the Pheonix", the anthemic rock duet that gave us our name (seven minutes long, for all you folks who like a good epic). To listen, click on one of these two links: (slow connection | fast connection) to open a streaming version in your media player. This is a preliminary cut; we're in the process of polishing it up and re-recording vocals for the EP. Would love thoughts/comments! Requiem for the Pheonix Through the fire and the fury I have fought my way to you And it is here I leave my ransom As I bid my past adieu No more waiting, no more watching Wond'ring how this all will end Like a phoenix rising from the ashes I will live to fight again. My soul is weak and weary From wandering the earth O'er the years that I hav
This is my first... and depending on reaction...maybe my last entry. It was requested that I post some of my poetry. Please rate and comment...thank you. I hope you enjoy.
Requim Of This Relationship
hello is how it all started from there we should have just parted never thinking it would go the distance that it really did it was the little things that got me roped in so I could not see now it's done and behind me a requim of this relationship so after all that is said nothing will ever come around again longing for what we once shared but all thats left is here in this song hey it starts up a session shouldn't we have learned our lesson guess not we'll try it again knowing that this couldn't work you say things like how was your day wishing that you'd go away I answer thats all I can do knowing ill be falling for you (chorus) so now I guess that were done over before weve begun still waiting for this moment to last ending every thing so fast we've moved on the seasons have changed and all these feelings are rearranged we'll never share what we once could maybe we just never should so oh oh oh oooooohooohe oh
In the gloom of the morn I sit silently screaming Wretched woe in my soul devoid of all meaning Who has cast this lot and diminished my senses No succor to settle my mind It remains neither sober nor kind You have left in the night without ever perceiving The sunlight that was yours or in laughter believing Never touched silken rose, nor embrace receiving No lover to make your heart yearn Only touches you couldn’t return She is blood of my blood Her pain I can not fathom Can not comfort with riddle or rhyme Her rainbows have become dirty and gray Naught words naught thought from one patriarchal Will cause a smiles bloom or misty eyed sparkle Like a child of the moon she walks alone in this fray Bright flowers will not heartbreak erase Maybe time, maybe time…will efface
A Request For Prayers And A Favor
I just want to ask everyone who reads this topray for my mother. Last week she was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer. It is terminal and they don't think she'll have more than a year or so. Shes 47. I am not going to preach about not smoking because it's not my place. I've sucked down a bit of smoke myself between fighting fires and the occasional good cigar. All I ask is for any smokers and fire eaters get your blood tests done every few years just incase. If they do find something, maybe you'll be lucky enough to have caught it early.
Re Quick Marrages
if you dont have comunication,and trust you dont have anything,most people have had bad ex relationships and unfotunely they bring it into the new relationship and causes alot of anger and this is not good but it happens alot.alot of marrages end up in divorce because of money,miss trust,lack of comunication,rushed into marrage
Requiem - Robert Louis Stevenson
Under the wide and starry sky, Dig the grave and let me lie. Glad did I live and gladly die, And I laid me down with a will. This be the verse you grave for me: Here he lies where he longed to be; Home is the sailor, home from sea, And the hunter home from the hill.
A Requested Poem
Kimberly's poem. MD Johnson July 2007 Soon the urge will over take you, sweetheart To take me, your friend Into your arms and never let me go. Soon the urge will inundate you To caress my longing form With the tenderness of your soul. Soon the urge will wash you To feel my fireworks Exploding deep within your well of existence; For you have found I am the form of your lifelong exigency, I am the craving of your mortal ardor, I am your entire embodied answer, You have hunted your whole life for. Come and drink of life's most loving pond, Reflecting the craving in your middle that is me; Do with this willing man what you desire most, For only with the fulfilling of your personal dreams Will we find our heavenly contract Which the angels labeled 'us'.
Request For Pictures
I'd just like to know if anyone has a request for any type of picture I should take next. Stop by and let me know.TY
A Request..
Don't recommend mums, blogs, stashes, pictures, anything like that to me... I won't look at it and it only annoys the hell out of me. If it's something you REALLLLLY want me to see then personally send me a message. Send me a shout.. whatever. Next person to recommend something to me is coming off my list. K? K. XOXO
A Request:
Hi my sexy fubar friends!!!!! I need help!!!!!!! I want to be a godfather or in my case godmother and it is taking me forever!!!!! Please help me I would be so grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!!! *hugs and kisses* And if I can help you let me know please!!!!! And if someone could repost this or make a sticky it would make my day!!!!!! Ty all for being wonderful friends!!!! Love, Marissa Simply Me :)@ fubar
Re: Quest For Freedom By Elaine Brown(forward Please)
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: lorie Date: 30 Sep 2007, 18:08 ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: The Patriot PartyDate: 30 Sep 2007, 06:02 PM03:30 - Quest for Freedom By Elaine BrownQuest for Freedom By Elaine BrownWhere do we stand today in our country in the matter of freedom? Do we even know what freedom is today? The founders of our country knew, but it took them a couple of years to realize it.After escaping from Britain and the rules of the king, it took those brave pilgrims some time to fully realize and be able to appreciate the fact that they had no one to whom to answer, save their own conscience and common law (common sense). What joy to know this kind of liberty, which they had never before experienced. They could now conduct themselves as freely as they wished, as long as they honored their contracts and did no harm to another. This is the total of common law; this is the law by which the people, the sovereigns, of
Re: Question Of The Night For 10/01/07
OK...fucking an armpit...that is interesting! That is the weirdest I have gotten with this question. I tried to coax some girl for a FMF because I kno someone who wouldnt mind that...LOL...but she got cold feet. How do you kno if you would like it if you dont try it? Oh well! :) Thanks all for your answers! I still wanna kno how someone got my e-mail addy...LOL Now here is mine: Gangbang, DP and Bukkake. We shall see if any of these ever happen...LOL and of course if they do you will kno! ;) Keep your eyes open for 10/02/07 Question of the Night and its gonna be all about me! WOOHOO! I need to be made to feel wait for the question and give me your feedback. I will post it after I do my blog... BOLO! ^..^
Re: Question Of The Night For 10/02/07
Thanks to all that can indeed make a girl who is down feel special! :) I will have another question posted here after midnite! :) Are you ready? BOLO ^..^
A Request For A Prayer For Our Servicemen
I received this as a request to send a prayer for our servicemen who are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Subject: Fw: Would You Send This On, Please. Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 18:28:28 -0500 Amen.. I wouldn’t dream of breaking THIS chain… Pray on, Prayers!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whether we are for this war or not, we should all support the men and women over there with our prayers... Would You Send This, Please. We have a long list of good friends whose husbands are deploying to Iraq next month. One of the wives sent me this. We feel compelled to send it on. Your prayers are deeply appreciated. These guys deserve our love, our hugs and most powerfully, our prayers. Prayer Request: I understand that life in Iraq is very difficult to bear right now. Our troops need our prayers for strength, endurance and safety. Send this on after a short prayer; please don't break it:
A little boy wanted $100.00 very badly and prayed for weeks, but nothing happened. Then he decided to write God a letter requesting the $100.00. When The postal authorities received the letter to God,USA, they decided to send it to the President. The president was so amused that he instructed his secretary to send the little boy a $5.00 bill. The president thought this would appear to be a lot of money to a little boy. The little boy was delighted with the $5.00 bill and sat down to write a thank-you note to God, which read: Dear God: Thank you very much for sending the money. However, I noticed that for some reason you sent it through Washington, DC., and those thieves deducted $95.00 in taxes. Just thought you should know!
Request Song Tag
A Request From Me To You !!!!!
Hello Everyone, As you can tell I am leaving Fubar. My question is this.This may be wierd as hell but it took me some time and yes even work to get to the level of 20 pushing 21.I would hate too see all of that go down the tubes with a click of a button.So here is an offer.If there is anyone out there that would like to take this account over at a level 20 please let me know.I would aquire your email address to do so.I can't leave mine open like that for it to be seen.I will tell you the password after I change it over so that you can change it on your own on your end when you get it.It will also come with all the fu-bucks of 444,403..I will delete all that is mine first. I have met many friends on here and thank each and everyone here for what they have done to improve my life..I don't know if I will get any requests for this or not but if it does come to more than even I expect please know I am sorry if you don't get it.. I really don't expect anyone will want it.It is just an
Request To Santa
Dear Santa, I haven’t written to you in a while. Well, years actually. It’s not because I didn’t think about you but I thought you’d be busy with all the children in the world. As an adult, I didn’t want to bother you.... Oh and by the way, thank you for the doll when I was five. It was just what I wanted. Anyway, lately I’ve been feeling a little neglected. I know you’re busy and I know you probably don’t think adults need you as much, but, well, Santa, I do. For a long time now, there has been something that I really want. Something important enough that I’ve finally sat down and decided to write my Christmas letter to you. I hope you can get this. It’s not a doll. It’s not a bike. Nothing your elves can probably help you with. No, Santa, what I want is special. Here goes... Santa, I want a lover. A hot, sensual lover who will make love to me all night long, never get tired and be concerned about my pleasure first and his second. I know this is an unusual request, so I’m pre
Requiem For A Guitar God
Requiem for a guitar god: remembering Dimebag Darrell Abbott This is an article I did for work and mentioned on my TV segment, in memory of the late Dimebag Darrell Abbott, the revolutionary guitarist from Pantera: Requiem for a guitar god: remembering Dimebag Darrell Abbott ( Also, check out the previous blog I wrote after learning of Dime's murder. Again, thoughts, prayers and condolences to the Abbott family, to Pantera, and to the millions of fans whose lives Dime's music and friendship touched. Perhaps the ache I've been feeling for the past few days is exactly how my parents felt when John Lennon was slain or when Elvis died. Rarely have I been as directly affected by a person's passing as last Friday, when I got word about the untimely, cruel and tragic death of the revolutionary guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott from the Texas-based heavy metal band Pantera. He was senselessly shot and killed during a performance last week. I've
am looking for a partner am in uk 38 compter litrate check my pics add me rate me lets get t onxxxxxx
Requested Raise
Raise Request...this is funny Body: I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: I do physical labor. I work at great depths. I plunge headfirst into everything I do. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. I work in a damp environment. I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation. I work in high temperatures. My work exposes me to contagious diseases. Sincerely, P. Niss The Response: Dear Penis: After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons: You do not work 8 hours straight. You fall asleep after brief work periods. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. You do not stay in your designated area and are often seen visiting other locations. You do not take initiative-you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of your shift.
can you shoutbox me with blahblah like whatever shit like safd8uishd80f7sdf if you want? because i want something bumped out of the way.
Request Booty Bangs On
Help Jessi get on the radio by requesting "Booty Bangs! Now you can instantly request Jessi on Power 106 directly from your cell phone! Simply text "booty bangs" to 69106 (my106) and Power 106 will instantly get your request!
Requirements For Joining The Family
Family rules for joining the spirit levelers! >Don't join this family because you are in a contest >You cannot enter any contest for 30 day's after joining because of previous scheduled events. > You can't belong to any other bombing family can not be disrespectful to any family member ,treat them as you would want to be treated > You "MUST" have a salute and be a level 5 or higher,Be respectful to all other members,help all members when they are in contest or give aways,when you reach about 20.000 we will put you in a leveling pimp out so that everyone will come and blow your page up and level you fast!We are a "DRAMA FREE" family anyone found causing Drama will be removed at once "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" we will not put up with it!We ask that you repost our bulletins and check the home page daily for new blog postings,we are a bombing family as well so when asked to help out with some comments in a contest or give away please do so!So if you would like to join go to Spirit Levele
Request Your Songs
Click the pic, to make a request. Fubar is taking nearly 12 hrs to inform of comments..
I added a new picture folder, "My Library". Some of these books I will have read, some not. If you would like to know about any of them, please, let me know and I will write up a review for you :-) If I haven't read it yet, then I will ASAP and then write a review :-) Thanks again for showing this great interest and hope to get some recommendations soon :-):-) I might start bugging some of you in friend mumms when I am being indecisive :-)
A Requiem For A Scream.
You got to believe in something, why not believe in me? Those words were my “quit” message in IRC. They hold special meaning for me. I 1st heard that song back in early 90 or so. The military drums, which sounds like marching. The Whistles, oh the Whistles. The voice saying “you got to believe in something, why not believe in me….?” “Believe in something…believe in me”. When this track was played….all the house children would hit the floor, me included. Lot’s of shade thrown. Dish and tell. I really enjoyed ( not to confused with happiness) those times. Dancing like a utter fool the whole night. Sweating,legs hurting, head throbbing but I cared not. I was having fun, leaving my ills at the door. I felt part of something. ------------------------------ I spoke to a friend who’s on Fubar today. She asked me how I’m doing. I was straight up with her. I told her…lousy. We talked for a bit and I brought up the fact that I live in the past. It’s all I have. She
Requirements For Valentine Pimpouts!
MyHotComments MyHotComments Rate all pics of this account and we will Feature you out on the pimpout!
A Request
A Request I ask of you, Give to me the fulfillment of this dream, This long awaited moment, So that when I lie on my final bed To rest my ancient bones, I can remember well the love we shared, The dreams we wove, And know my life was good.
Requested -votre Secrete (posted In German & French) For English -must Email Me For A Copy ! :-)
*GERMAN: Ich bevorzuge, mit mir anzufangen, zurück auf das Bett ich würde halten Ihre Beine auf hoh und breit so Sie zu legen, könnten dann auf Ihren Knieen auf dem Boden und dem Anfang erhalten, die Ihre Zunge um mein dichtes Arschloch in einer langsamen Kreisbewegung laufen,. dann Sie würden langsam bis zu meinem Muschirecht auf die Mitte trennend meine Muschislippen mit Ihrer heißen Zunge und starkem Deutsch Händen bewegen. Dann Saugen stoßend jede Lippe in Ihren heißen Mund - Anfang langsam Ihre lange Zunge die tief ist innerhalb mich, meine heiße nasse Muschi. Lecken alle um innerhalb mich und vergewissernd sich, dass jeder Teil von meinem Körper mit Gier und Bewunderung von Ihrem Körper über meinem gezittert hat. Sie würden langsam und sanft zuerst wegschnellt Ihre Zunge hin und her um meinen clit, würde dann Ihre Lippen daüber stellen und würde es hart in Ihren heißen nassen Mund saugen. Als Sie meinen Esel gehalten haben, den Sie die Spitze von Ihrer Zunge über meinem clit
Request Line
Please Leave Your Requests Thank You, Staff At Club Supa Nova
ok....I have had requests for pics....thats fine, that doesnt bother me.....however, I do, or would like to have pics for my fan that to much to ask?? LOL Anyway, I need your opinion........not that many people read my blogs anymore, but here it goes..... I have had two requests, well was from a guy, so it doesnt count, for more cock pics....more over.....some money cum shots..... what do you think? should I take some, or is it just to tacky??
Requirements For Any Woman I'd Date
Ok I'll admit this could get a little long since there are a couple of things I have to insist on in a woman. Some things are a must or I'll walk on by. The other things are more of preferences and you can call me a pig if you want but we all have them I'm just willing to admit it. I'll start with the easy stuff first, the things I must insist on. For starters, anyone I date must be a woman :P!!!! But being more serious, Honesty is must. I'm not saying each and every little thing, I'm not going to freak out over something stupid but the major stuff I want honesty. I'm tired of crap like oh dinner was great but I need to tell you something, I have a bf. Yeah my response is going to be do you need to borrow my cell phone because you need to call for a ride. Something else I have to insist on is kinda taking it slow and easy. I'm not saying date for 10 years before I propose, that'd be nuts. But don't propose to me after 2 weeks and expect me to give you a serious answer. I'
I rarely get add requests from out of the blue. Let's face it. Most guys don't, unless there are NSFW pics or other enticements involved. But on the rare occasion that i do receive one, i'd rather it not be from someone without a salute or just wanting points. I received one this morning with the message "please rate add comment thanks". I went to her page to check her out and she had a mind boggling total of two(2) pics of herself. Granted, one was a salute, but she had 190 pics uploaded. It just seems to me that it would be fruitless to accept the request. This person would never interact with me. I don't know. Maybe i'm cranky again this morning. Venting seems to help. Have a great morning and day all.
Request For Help
Are you close too leveling and would like some help? We would like too help you get too the next level. Are you close too leveling and would like some help? We would like too help you get too the next level. Do you have 15K or less to level, have 50 pictures and over 20 stash? We do ask that you fan and rate anyone that helps you level up. Please leave a profile comment with the amount needed too level and we will help you. We will not rate any ripped pictures or NSFW as no points are awarded for rating those. We will do the best we can. Contact Mama Wolf, or Lady Wolf during the day, and any of my family during the night
Request My Music On The Wawl
Call 91.5 The WAWL at 423-697-4406 and request April Showers, Springtime Baby, or Branle by Jack Aikens if you live outside of the listening range you can go to to listen live if that doesn't work just try Thanks Guys, I appreciate it alot.
Request For Prayers...
here we go again..... my aunt was rushed to a hospital in Sioux City yesterday with extreme back pain and pain in the arms.... apparently she had a heart attack. This morning they went up thru the main artery to check out her heart and it turns out that she has severe blockage, and not the kind that can be fixed with the stints that my uncle Denny had put in last year. They say she needs a quad- bypass surgery .... for those of you who remember, my uncle Jim has a 5-bypass just a few years back... and he is now passed on- which was devastating to me. This... is .... well she is my second mom. I'm praying to ask God to hold her and give her strength thru all this.... those open heart surgeries are ....ugh. very painful and very invassive. Not to mention your entire lifestyle has to change after. My aunt, like much of my family, is a smoker. One thing she is going to have to give up now, no matter how much she enjoys it. This is the third surgery in a year for her..... she had galbla
Requim For The Masses
Requiem For The Masses - The Association
Requested By Oral Candy Lips Of An Angel By Hinder
Lips Of An Angel - Hinder Lips Of An Angel - Hinder i've changed my mind about imeem its fucking awesome.. Honey why you calling me so late It's kinda hard to talk right now Honey why you crying is everything okay I gotta whisper cause I can't be too loud Well, my girl's in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on It's really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet Coming from the lips of an angel Hearing those words it makes me weak And I never wanna say goodbye But girl you make it hard to be faithful With the lips of an angel It's funny that you're calling me tonight And yes I dreamt of you too And does he know you're talking to me Will it start a fight No I don't think she has a clue Well my girl's in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on It's really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet Coming from the lips of an angel Hearing those
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Requiem By Robert Louis Stevenson
Requiem Under the wide and starry sky, Dig the grave and let me lie. Glad did I live and gladly die, And I laid me down with a will. This be the verse you grave for me: Here he lies where he longed to be; Home is the sailor, home from the sea, And the hunter home from the hill. Robert Louis Stevenson
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A Request
A Request I ask of you, Give to me the fulfillment of this dream, This long awaited moment, So that when I lie on my final bed To rest my ancient bones, I can remember well the love we shared The dreams we wove, And know my life was good.
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play a veriaty of music
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Mr L's Tavern Bio: Friends, WELCOME to Mr.L's Tavern! Mr.L's Tavern is a conservative internet radio talk show broadcasting on Chimpsy Radio. The host, Mr.L, is a native New Yorker who talks politics, news, film, social issues, life and many, many other topics ALL with a no holds barred conservative view point. All from the Mr.L's Tavern has the ambience and intimacy of a New York Tavern. Mr.L speaks to you as if you are the only one in the place just around the time of "last call". Mr.L has been dubbed "the sexiest voice in radio" by his female listeners and his delivery on certain issues is passionate and at times intense. Mr.L holds two undergraduate degrees and is a entertainment industry refugee. Other Mr.L Tavern sites: Enjoy! To Subscribe on iTunes Cut and Paste This Link In You Address Bar: Cory's Cor
Re: 2 Questions For Atheists
"requiem For The Sea"
“Requiem For The Sea” The Grand Banks are empty ,the Cod are no more Old doreys now rot on the shore. Could our forefathers see, what we’ve done to the sea Well I’m sure that they’d turn in their graves… Because the sea and man, they were lovers once She’s knew we’d just take what we’d need But that was long ago, she had no way to know That the almighty dollar brings greed With long lines and draggers, we plundered and stole The lifeblood that ran through her soul And now she lies empty, her children are gone The rooms in her mansion are still Yet the sea and man, they were lovers once She’s knew we’d just take what we’d need But that was long ago, she had no way to know That the almighty dollar brings greed What once was so plenty, in times gone before Now gives of her bounty no more Our nets come up empty, the harvest is done Her waters have turned to her tears But the sea and man, they were lovers once She’s knew we’d just take what we’d need That
A Request From A Fellow Leveler
DJ Sissy has asked if we can help out a friend of hers....He needs 203k to level...he has 267 pics and 11 stash..if we all hit him up we can get him closer Ðrågðñm姆êr@ fubar and we should all stop by hit up DJ Sissy...she is alittle under 1 million to disciple! Ɖј♥§î$$ý ** Øwñè® ºƒ ߺdý §hºT$**/Fµ-Êñgågèd ² Ðj-ß ß Gåmßíñí//ƒµb宧 Fîñè§T lèvè@ fubar anyone else need help? let me know!!! I just gave DJ Superman my 11's...Hes down to 56k to Godfathering!!! COME ON LETS GET HIM THERE BEFORE THE NEW YEAR!!!!!! DJ Superman ~Head DJ @ Fantasy Radio~FU Commited 2 Superfaireepop*@ fubar
Request From Starshine
StarShine has asked if we can help her BF...He is 70k away from leveling and has 214 pics...Lets hit him up! art r/l boyfriend to heather@ fubar Ok only 7 ppl replied to my last blog about who still wants to help ppl level and be notified about ppl in need of help leveling so it will be those 7 ppl that I will continue to send shouts about leveling and those 7 ppl that I will be excepting help request from for other ppl, I always have and always will help out my friends though :o) ....I did note about the realistic goals for us and agree, So unless the person has over 200 pics and under atleast 85k I wont be blogging them
Request From Warlock
warlock has requested if we can help out his fu-wife...She does have alot to go to level but whatever we can do is always a big help! BlueEyes~~Picky Lil Dream catcher. (Fumarried to Warlock)@ fubar
Request For Prayers
My daughter and I volunteered our time to help train young horses for the last few months. Yesterday, the MFB@STARD that owns the place molested my baby girl -- she is 10. I spent the whole night with her with the police and the hospital getting evidence to put this F*CK!NG SLIME BEHIND BARS I want to kill him but I know that my baby girl needs me. Her father died in 2000 so I am all she has left. My baby is a straight A student, peer-to-peer counselor with students at school, in music, karate, and wants to be a vet someday. She IS our merry sunshine! The resilience of this child is incredible. Please pray for her quick recovery and that she will be able to trust and love as she grows. I thank all my friends on here and here at home along with all my wonderful family for all the love and support they have given us. TY for your prayers. Peace Love and Hugs C~
Requiem For A Lost Soul...
He speaks as if no one is listening Knowing what they'll say He lives each day like his last Giving of himself till it hurts He moves through like a shadow Never knowing which way to turn He's lost inside his world He loves deeply Doubts every step he takes He questions his own motives Hates his own mistakes He thinks he's undeserving What others say is irrelevant He seeks validation Never gonna be satisfied He says he'll never be good enough Won't believe what you say He can't say what he feels So, He writes it all down instead He wonders to himself often Will my work even matter when I'm gone?
Request For Prayers/good Vibes/good Energy On Monday
Hi All! After we've all had the opportunity to enjoy the game/commercials tonight, I've got a prayer request for y'all. My father is going in for (hopefully) minor surgery on Monday. He'll be coming home Tuesday at the latest. I'd really appreciate having all the good prayers and positive energy we can get (it certainly can't hurt!). Thank you all so much- and don't forget to enjoy the game! LOL!
Request For Starshine's Son
Please Pray for peaceful dreams for my Angel StarShine's Son as well. He had an accident some time ago and his sleep is tormented with nightmare's about it. So please pray for his peaceful sleep, this is one I have been keeping in my own thoughts and prayers for some time now, and we really could use some more thoughts, prayers and healing energies directed to this precious Child as well to aid him in getting the sleep he needs and deserves. All my Love and best wishes for you and your Son my Angel. Sincerely; Nathaniel
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Requset From A Veteran
Well sitting here in front of my computer yesterday , I was thinking about all my lost friends from wars and conflicts and it had me thinking how was I so lucky to be here today instead of them. I also was thinking how my life has been since my time as a serviceman has changed , from a hard charging , take on prisoners type to one who has seen things that should never have been seen and lived to tell about them, and relive times when I was scared so bad I operated on pure fear for my life just to make it to the next day. These things all Veterans live with everyday, and you can never tell what they might be thinking when they are staring out into space, reliving something that should be forgotten but will never be till they die. Some Veterans never come back from that place in their minds and those are the real casualties of war. I know of one veteran who has to be medicated for the rest of his life and can never be "normal" if there is such a thing as normal. Every veteran carries
A Requiem For A Hummingbird
A Requiem for a Hummingbird The wind whispers…no more, through the willows… The ocean, oh so ever calm… This sky once boasted its magnificence…is now inexcusable…even to thou who art blind… What is there to joy…while resting beneath a tree that bares no fruit? Have we not taken for granted…everything, including a grain of sand? The flowers in this garden have wilted… The sun shines…but the warmth is never felt… The shadows are cold, and the ground has been hardened as if it were old potter’s clay… Why this ruin, where beauty once ruled? What god has allowed his heaven to die? Oh for this atrocity…a hummingbird cries! Henri
A Request!
May I have your attention please? Just wanted to ask everyone I know to make my little brother feel welcome around'll find him in my family as Dr. J thanks. that is all.
Requirements To Be A Faba Member
#1 Rate, Fan, Add ALL family members #2 read/repost FABA bulletins #3 show minimum MOD love as often as you can #4 nominate members who show you FABA love #5 get 10 nominations each month to remaine a FABA member #6 NO DRAMA #7 HAVE FUN   (FABA will only have 50 members at a time were a family not a social club LOL) i will add you to a list once we hit 50 members and once a member leaves or is removed i will check to see in order if u still wish to become a FABA member at that time)
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Make your request here, and i will find & play what is requested, if you want a shout out leave a note and i will, remember no country music will be played as soon as i get 3 hrs of music i'll have a request day & maybe some bling awards So let me know what you want to hear METAL THE WAY IS SUPPOSE TO BE PLAYED WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY-FRIDAY 5-8 PM EST
Thought this was hilarious so im posting it in this blog.   My daughter's requirements for me to have a boyfriend. 1)Has to have a job! 2)keep the job because how else is he going to spoil her! 3)Spoil her 3 1/2)has to be a cowboy...lmao 4)was has to be cute to her specificatons now its he can be cute to me but has to have horse's 5) through 7) dont remember..   My son's requirements... 1)I can not have one!!!   LMAO!!!!      
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Request For Help... Any Will Be Welcome!
Originally posted Wednesday, February 24, 2010 on Myspace Bringing the Boys and their Ma Home!!! Current mood:  hopeful Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes This is wierd... But very Real... This pumpkin was made by my Godson Michael, Halloween of 2009 when staying with me. My name is Audrey 'Audi' Graham.  I am a friend, confidant, or network connection for some of you.  I need help bringing my four godkids, ages 6, 7, 10 and 21 and their mother Cheyenne back home to Grants Pass, OR.  They are coming from Vesta, MN. They are leaving a mentally and physically abusive situation.  Hense this message and my need for secrecy.  Please!  If you can help at all, let me know.  The trip will be coming on or after March 4th, 2010. I need to drive to MN to make sure Chey and the kids get out safely; this is a family thing that maybe you can understand.  If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know :) We are in need of cash (i'll be happy to provide reciepts) for fuel and f
Requisite Cooking Supplies For The Extraordinary Outside
Cookery inaccurate Revere Ware Cookware quite a dispute and as much you may poverty a few cooking supplies that are specifically prefab for outside cookery. These utensils pauperization to be sturdy and hardier than those you use wrong your domicile as they present be exposed to alfresco elements in element to possible unstoppered combustion and of instruction, beingness toted around with another outside wheel.Pots and SkilletsPerhaps the primo physical for your preparation supplies in regards to pots and skillets is cast metal or aluminum. Forge metal is superfine over an susceptible shine, is quite comic and the matter stewed in it commonly turns out major. Aluminum is someone over an undecided burning as stressed as you hump Revere Ware Cookware framework or framework to set it downwardly on, such like a burner on a stove.A bandage trammel Dutch oven should be the prime of any cookery supplies you purchase for cookery in the majuscule outdoors. It is varied and you can prepare virtu
A Request
If you have blocked me, please stay out of my fucking smumms!  Thank you, dumb ass holes!
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Requires When Buying For Daughter's Wedding Day
Believing that buying is produced simpler on-line, you would be the mother from the Bride to be, wedding dresses excited about searching your incredibly greatest in your daughter's unique day. There are pitfalls when buying mother of bride dresses online. If it is genuinely a total period dress, Cheap Evening Dresses a dress or even a three item match caution requires for being used when buying for the daughter's wedding day. Size You understand they have your dimension in inventory hurriedly you choose it may be the wonderful outfit, cheap wedding dresses appears good within the display rushing towards cart you spot your order. Your outfit is delivered,cautiously you get rid of it from your box anticipating it is heading for being the wonderful fit. Cheap Quinceanera Dresses You attempt it on, 'have you gained several pounds?' you request yourself. Not necessarily depending within the custom an outfit can operate scaled-down as well as occasionally bigger then the real size. Cheap Qu
Requires When Buying For Daughter's Wedding Day
Believing that buying is produced simpler on-line, you would be the mother from the Bride to be, wedding dresses excited about searching your incredibly greatest in your daughter's unique day. There are pitfalls when buying mother of bride dresses online. If it is genuinely a total period dress, Cheap Evening Dresses a dress or even a three item match caution requires for being used when buying for the daughter's wedding day. Size You understand they have your dimension in inventory hurriedly you choose it may be the wonderful outfit, cheap wedding dresses appears good within the display rushing towards cart you spot your order. Your outfit is delivered,cautiously you get rid of it from your box anticipating it is heading for being the wonderful fit. Cheap Quinceanera Dresses You attempt it on, 'have you gained several pounds?' you request yourself. Not necessarily depending within the custom an outfit can operate scaled-down as well as occasionally bigger then the real size. Cheap Qu
Requesting A Mercenary
bierj28@ fubar
REQUESTS So I was thinking, if I ask you for something, I really need to be OK with you saying "No." Because if its not OK for you to say "No," then its not a request, it’s a demand. And who am I to demand anything of you?
The Requirement Associated With Efficient Packers And Movers Bangalore
While you may shift the house from destination for a yet another as well as one particular city to another, a new after that do-it-yourself selection looks like it's alluring in addition to money-saving. Nevertheless this might offer you a lot of troubles and difficulties. You'll need to pack factors. You'll need to organize transportation autos. You'll need to weight household merchandise on top of going autos. On landing at the brand-new residence you will definitely have to un-load points. You will undoubtedly have to unpack in addition to when this repositions these people at the brand-new house. Most functions related to home switching are incredibly uninteresting and wearying. The treatment through packaging associated with objects at the provide residence in order to unpacking associated with products at the brand-new house will be tough ample to generate people amazingly weary in addition to difficult. Consequently it is crucial in order to make it possible for a great knowled
If you are seriously interested in reading my book and have read the first 5 ch.'s then  I am taking  requests if you want to read more then  message me and I will send you the next ch.
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Hey Ya'll! I fuckered up and was tryin to change the settings on my Family only album, and deleted it. lol for those of you that know me, another blonde moment in the life of a colorblind blond... anywho, so i re uploaded them, rate them, comment on them, rip then, do what you will, at the end of the week im settin them to private again... maybe. lol Thanks! ~Krys
Re-rating Of Pics
ha last week someone rated one of my pics at a 3 which as we all know is just low but i've just logged on to find in my alert box that she re-rated that photo from a 3 to a 9... like that makes any difference at all... hello it's still lower than 10 LOL
Re: Rating My Pictures
Sorry everyone for my pictures being erased for some strange reason, so if I fanned you or made you a friend once my pics are replaced please rate them again, thank you. Patrick
Re: Rangers 2 Vfb Stuttgart 1 Pics
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 19 Sep 2007, 14:34 Rangers have made a dream start to their Champions League campaign with a fantastic come-from-behind win - and it's all thanks to Alan Hutton.The young full-back, who was a hero for Scotland in Paris a week ago, was the catalyst for a wonderful victory in front of a packed Ibrox.He set up a great equaliser, finished with superb style by Charlie Adam, and then won a penalty following more magnificent pressure which was expertly finished by Jean-Claude Darcheville.The Light Blues had fallen behind to Suttgart 10 minutes into the second half of an engrossing contest.Mario Gomez struck with the slightest of touches after the Rangers defence failed to clear Sami Khedira's ball into the box.The goal had come while skipper Barry Ferguson was off the field receiving treatment for a head injury and it could have stopped Gers in their tracks but they responded in the best possible fashionTh
Re: Radio Show Wants Ron Paul Supporters Dead
RE: Radio Show wants Ron Paul supporters dead ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: KisaMogwai Date: 27 Sep 2007, 07:59 heh.. i'd love it if they tracked me down....can you imagine? i'd have a bloody blonde scalp hangin' on my wall... and you wouldn't have to hear a stupid bottle job on the radio anymore:) apparently if you believe in the constitution you're a 'moron'...thanx 9/11 Sponsored by the US GovernmentDate: Sep 27, 2007 2:46 AMEmail these assholes tell them how you feel about Ron Paul.Lee Asshole : Idiot melaniemorgan@abc-sf.comFrom: KrisDate: Sep 26, 2007 7:28 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: DavidReedyDate: Sep 26, 2007 11:16 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: liberty_activist Date: Sep 26, 2007 10:55 PM Lee Rodgers is apparently a talk radio show host on KSFO in the Bay Area. I've never heard of him, but Daily Paul reader lsutigersrule writes
Re: Rangers 0 Barcelona 0
RE: Rangers 0 Barcelona 0 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 23 Oct 2007, 14:46 Rangers have produced a magnificent display of grit and determination to grind out a goalless draw against Catalan giants Barcelona at Ibrox tonight.Having taken six points out of their opening two league games against Stuttgart and Lyon it was important for Walter Smith's side to take at least a point on home soil and they did so against one of the best teams in the world.The Light Blues have a proud defensive record at present, especially in Europe, and the backline of Hutton, Cuellar, Weir and Papac were tested to the limit by the Catalonian superstars.As expected Frank Rijkaard's team enjoyed the bulk of possession in an entertaining first-half but they failed to beat keeper Allan McGregor.The closest either side came to breaking the deadlock came on 15 minutes when Ronaldinho was fouled by Charlie Adam 30 yards from goal and the Brazilian's dippin
Re-rating Pics
Re-rate Pics
okay if you have rated any of your friends pics you r now able to rate them once a week so revisit some friends and re rate there pics you can help there rating so just keep everyone in mind and happy holidays to all!!!
Re: Rand Paul Worried Vote Stealing May Hinder Ron Paul Campaign
RE: Rand Paul Worried Vote Stealing May Hinder Ron Paul Campaign ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 17 Dec 2007, 19:39 Rand Paul Worried Vote Stealing May Hinder Ron Paul Campaign Dr. Rand Paul – son of Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul says he is worried that corruption and vote stealing may hinder his father's push to win the GOP nomination during the early primaries next year.
Re: Rangers 2 Dundee Utd 0
RE: Rangers 2 Dundee Utd 0 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 05 Jan 2008, 17:52 Goals from Steven Naismith and Barry Ferguson secured three points for Rangers and put Walter Smith's side top of the SPL for the first time since September 23.Smith stuck with the starting eleven that had earned three points at Easter Road last week after an impressive display in Edinburgh.Despite the quality on show in that match and United coming off the back of a 4-1 over Hearts it was a slow start to the game.After a well observed minute's applause in memory of Phil O'Donnell it was a subdued beginning to the first half with both the teams and the crowd struggling to make any early impact.If anything it was United who made the better of the early possession. Noel Hunt forced a corner in the sixth minute but Barry Robson's delivery was poor and his second attempt was well cleared by Davie Weir. It was just the wake up call that Rangers needed thou
Re: Rangers 4-0 St Mirren - Yaaaaaaaaasssss :d
RE: Rangers 4-0 St Mirren - YAAAAAAAAASSSSS :D ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: RFCno1Scotty Date: 26 Jan 2008, 20:43 Tell all the Tims you know :)That we're top of the league n their nowe're top of the leaguewe're top of the leaguewe're top of the league n their no :)_________________________________Jean-Claude Darcheville put on a master class in forward play when he inspired Rangers to a comfortable win that consolidates their lead at the top of the SPL.The power and pace of Daniel Cousin may have gone but the speed and invention of Darcheville was entirely prevalent at Ibrox.Ally McCoist had predicted that The Rocket was ready to explode and he was proved right on this performance.He was at the heart of everything Rangers did as they won easily with goals from Chris Burke, Kris Boyd and a double from Stevie Whittaker.St Mirren were first to pose a real threat when they came close to catching Rangers out in nine minutes.Ian Maxwell found space on
Re: Rangers 0 Panathinaikos 0
RE: Rangers 0 Panathinaikos 0 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 14 Feb 2008, 01:45 RANGERS: McGregor; Papac, Weir, Cuellar, Boradfoot; Adam, Hemdani, Ferguson, Davis, Novo; McCullochSubs: Alexander, Dailly, Burke, Boyd, Naismith, Faye, CousinPANATHINAIKOS: Galinovic, De Mattos, Morris, Goumas, Sapingidis, Karagounis, Tziolis, Simao, Vintra, N'Doye, NilssonSubs: Malrz, Ninis, Gonzalez, Papadopoulos, Postiga, Seric, IvanschitzAttendance 45203Man of the Match: Carlos Cuellar
Re: Rangers 4 Gretna 2 Pics
RE: Rangers 4 Gretna 2 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 24 Feb 2008, 20:34 GoalsCousinNaismithBurkeBoydDeucharDeucharRangers: McGregor, Broadfoot, Weir, Cuellar, Whittaker, Burke, Davis, Ferguson, Naismith, Cousin (Boyd 60), Darcheville (Novo 60).Subs not used: Alexander, Dailly, Faye, Furman, Fleck.Gretna: Fleming, Barr, Naughton, Hall, Meynell, Murray (Wilkinson 69), Skelton, Deverdics (Baldacchino 77), McGill, Kissock (Buscher 69), Deuchar.Subs not used: Krysiak, Makinwa, Eklund, Griffiths.Walter Smiths Granddaughter is mascot on his 60th BirthdayHappy 60th Birthday Walter Smith---Range
Re: Rangers 3 Aberdeen 1
RE: Rangers 3 Aberdeen 1 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 01 Mar 2008, 19:14 Rangers made it eleven wins on the bounce with a gritty, battling display against Aberdeen at Ibrox.A goal from Aberdeen's Steve Lovell stunned the home support after only 27 minutes but a fantastic equaliser from Christian Dailly was to prove pivotal.A Charlie Adam header minutes after the interval was a relief but Kris Boyd made sure of the win on 82 minutes when he saw his penalty saved by Derek Soutar but rattled home the rebound in his usual styleIt wasn't the prettiest of wins for Walter Smith's troops but with Celtic beating Hibs 2-0 at Easter Road the result was all that mattered.Queen's 'Another One Bites The Dust' was the perfect song to play after the final whistle!The gaffer originally made just one change to his line-up following his side's fantastic 4-0 win over Hearts at Tynecastle with Chris Burke replacing Steven Naismith.But he was for
Re: Rangers 2 Werder Bremen 0
RE: Rangers 2 Werder Bremen 0 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 06 Mar 2008, 22:37 Rangers are just 90 minutes from reaching the last eight of a European competition for the first time in 15 years after a captivating 2-0 win over Werder Bremen at Ibrox.Goals from Daniel Cousin and Steven Davis either side of half-time leave Walter Smith's men in a wonderful position after the first leg of their last-16 tie with the Germans.Semi-finalists in this competition themselves last season, Bremen travelled to Scotland as many people's favourites to progress to the quarter-finals.But their hopes of doing that hang by a thread after one of the greatest continental performances by the Light Blues in recent years.Daniel Cousin's rocket seconds before the interval gave Gers a narrow lead - but only thanks to a monumental blunder by away goalkeeper Tim Wiese.And although he was fault again when Steven Davis rammed in a second after the break, t
Re: Rangers 1 Hibernian 0
RE: Rangers 1 Hibernian 0 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 09 Mar 2008, 18:52 Rangers will face Partick Thistle in the quarter-finals of the Scottish Cup after a tense 1-0 home win over Hibernian.Chris Burke's counter before the break made the difference but the game will be remembered more for the second-half sending off of sub Nacho Novo.The Spanish forward was dismissed for making a two-footed challenge on Thierry Gathuessi nine minutes from the end.Frantic scenes followed, with manager Walter Smith then sent to the stand for arguing with opposite number Mixu Paatelainen in the Hibs technical area.Smith's men held on to their narrow lead, despite being a man down, and will now take on Thistle in the last eight a week on Wednesday.This win marked Gers' 20th match in succession without defeat and for that statistic at least, the hosts will be pleased with the final outcome.With games coming thick and fast just now, manager Smit
Re: Rangers 2 Hibernian 1
RE: Rangers 2 Hibernian 1 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 22 Mar 2008, 19:41 Rangers made it a dozen SPL wins in a row to set themselves up perfectly for next Saturday's Old Firm showdown.It was not a vintage performance but Rangers had more than enough in their locker to see off Hibs who barely posed a threat.The Easter Road strikeforce of Steven Fletcher and Colin Nish came into the game on the back of good press but neither of them got a sniff.Jean-Claude Darcheville and Nacho Novo showed them the way with two good strikes which deservedly gave Rangers the win which gives them the advantage they wanted going into the Celtic game.Dean Shiels did score for Hibs with two minutes remaining, but it was little more than a consolation.Having under-performed against Partick Thistle during the week, it was no surprise that Walter Smith shook up the side.Barry Ferguson, Davie Weir, Sasa Papac, Lee McCulloch and Jean-Claude Darcheville
Re: Rangers 1 Celtic 0
RE: Rangers 1 Celtic 0 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 29 Mar 2008, 16:56 Rangers moved six points clear in the race to the SPL title as they notched a record fourth successive win over Celtic without conceding a goal.Kevin Thomson made the difference with first goal for the club on the stroke of half-time to give his side a great advantage just nine games from the championship's climax.Gary Caldwell and Georgios Samaras had taunted Gers prior to the game, with one saying Celts were the better team and the other vowing to score at Ibrox.After responding with a dignified silence, the Light Blues did their talking on the pitch to make it five matches without defeat against their Old Firm rivals.With a game in hand over their closest challengers, Walter Smith's men are now clear favourites to win their 52nd title at the end of the season.Rangers went into this fixture off the back of 12 consecutive league wins and as a result, Smi
Re: Rangers 0 Fiorentina 0
RE: Rangers 0 Fiorentina 0 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 24 Apr 2008, 22:33 Rangers hopes of making the UEFA Cup final are alive and well after a makeshift side held Fiorentina to a 0-0 home draw in the first leg of their semi-final.Deprived of nine first-teamers, Walter Smith knew his men would be hard pushed to take any sort of advantage with them to Italy for the return game next week.But the side he put out turned in a spirited performance to give themselves a good chance of going on to meet either Bayern Munich or Zenit in Manchester next month.Gers have only taken on a Serie A outfit on their own patch and won once, but that victory came just last season.There are still a number of players in the squad who were involved in that 3-2 triumph at Livorno and that will give the Ibrox outfit confidence at the Stadio Artemio Franchi.With so many players unavailable through injury and suspension, Smith's team was a relatively s
This guy can't make up his mind. First he rated me as a 7 then came back a while later and changed it to an 8. biggred@ fubar
Re: Rangers 1 Motherwell 0
RE: Rangers 1 Motherwell 0 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 07 May 2008, 22:37 Barry Ferguson scored one of the most crucial goals of his career as Rangers dug out the win they simply had to achieve on a super-charged night at Ibrox.In one of the noisiest nights at the stadium for a long time Ferguson's touch of class was what mattered.Davie Weir flicked on Steven Davis's corner and from a really acute angle, Ferguson found the top right corner with a superb finish 17 minutes from the end.You could sense the tension lift out of the air as the Light Blues cut Celtic's lead to four points.Now they march on to Saturday's match with Dundee United knowing the same must happen again.Dick Advocaat watched it all from the stand, sitting beside David Murray, and if he learned one thing it is that this Rangers side will not give up.It was inevitable that Walter Smith would make changes given the astonishing schedule of matches Rangers are
Re: Rangers 3 Dundee Utd 1
RE: Rangers 3 Dundee Utd 1 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 10 May 2008, 15:40 Nacho Novo was the inspiration with two terrific goals and an incredible display of passion and energy as Rangers got the victory they wanted.If ever a man put on a display that screamed "pick me for Manchester" it was Novo, whose commitment was incredible.He even had a considerable part in the third goal which made sure of the win after United had made the final portion of the match a little nervous.He will have to wait and see if he is selected for the UEFA Cup Final but on this evidence he is a certainty.This was only Novo's eighth start in the SPL this season but he showed what a tremendous predator he can be with two terrific goals inside 17 minutes.The first one came after just six minutes when the little Spaniard won a free kick 30 yards out on the left side of the United box when Mark Kerr sent him tumbling to the turf.With the United defender
Re-rate Your Friends Again!
I've found that some of my friends pages don't show that I rated them. I rated them again. So far, about 2/3 of them can be re-rated again. Woohoo! :D
Re-rate Every Person Every Week? Are They Nuts?
See this blog from babyjesus... Now, really, I think it's more interesting spending time interacting with other people than clicking silly buttons that say the same thing OVER and OVER again. I believe that anyone that really believes that "this new way is more fun and gives everyone a reason to show their friends more love, more often" instead of actually interacting with their friends should have their head examined for a serious case of 301.82. I'm starting to put together my own social networking site on; I don't know if I'll ever use it seriously, right now I'm just trying to see how it works because it might be good for an organization I used to webmaster for. But if the "big" social networking sites keep pushing themselves downhill like this, a lot of people are going to wind up creating their own sites at ning!
Re- Rating Once Again
Hi , Well I guess the powers that be don't want us to use are 11's up by rating pics . They would rather have us re rate profiles . I guess when the site went down last night we lost all the re rating we had done . This really sucks . Hope everyone is doing well . Have a great day and a even better week . Tom
Ok, I dunno what's up with this re-rate stuff, but if yer kind enough ta re-rate me, I'll return the favor. Same deal with fan/add.Bear with me, lol, y'all know by now I'm a burnout. :P
Re: Rangers 0 Fbk Kaunas 0
RE: Rangers 0 FBK Kaunas 0 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 30 Jul 2008, 22:55 ..........................................
Re: Rangers Prepare For Fbk Kaunas
RE: Rangers prepare for FBK Kaunas ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 29 Jul 2008, 17:18 ................................Kaunas..........
Re: Rangers 2 Hearts
RE: Rangers 2 Hearts 0 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 16 Aug 2008, 17:59 Rangers maintained their 100 per cent SPL record this season with a commanding victory over Hearts at Ibrox Stadium.Despite the 2-0 scoreline this was a one-sided contest with Walter Smith's side cruising to victory and Allan McGregor rarely troubled throughout the 90 minutes.Lafferty and Boyd were the goal heroes for the Gers but it was new signing Mendes that stole the show with an excellent debut.His performance was as you would expect; tidy, inventive and also full of graft.Indeed, the Portuguese international, who has been handed the no. 4 jersey, was at the heart of Rangers' early attacks.On 6 minutes the hard-working Lafferty cut inside from the left flank but his right-foot shot from 20 yards was off target. This however, was a sign of what was to come.Boyd then had a chance to open the scoring minutes later.Mendes chipped the ball forward and Vel
Re: Radio Free Oklahoma On Now Until 8pm Cst @
RE: Radio Free OKlahoma on now until 8pm CST @ ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Erin Date: 17 Aug 2008, 01:03 Radio Free OklahomaWebsite: http://reddirtreport. comCall-in Number: (512) 646-1984Time: Saturdays, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm CST Chris Emery is a film writer, director, producer living in Oklahoma City. He is currently working on his fifth documentary film which is a feature length project covering the Oklahoma City Bombing case. His interest in the truth movement was spawned several years ago as he discovered a consistent pattern of lies and deception contained in the U.S. Governments 'official accounts' of the shootout at Ruby Ridge, WTC - '93, the WACO massacre, the OKC bombing, the downing of TWA Flight 800 and the 9/11 fiasco.Chris has given several presentations around the U.S. regarding the documented links between the OKC bombing, 9/11 and other domestic and foreign false flag terrorist attacks. Holland Van den Nieuwenhoff has join
Re: Rage Guitarist Speaks Out On Government Sponsored Terror
RE: Rage Guitarist Speaks Out On Government Sponsored Terror ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 04 Sep 2008, 19:17 Rage Guitarist: Government Sponsored Terror "Embedded in the DNA" Of American Politics Tom Morello, guitarist with rock protest band Rage Against the Machine, spoke out against false flag terrorism on the same day an impromptu performance by the band was shut down by police outside the RNC. http://www. infowars. net/articles/September2008/040908Morello. htm
Re: Rangers 2 Kilmarnock 1
RE: Rangers 2 Kilmarnock 1 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 13 Sep 2008, 17:41 Kris Boyd scored twice at Ibrox as Rangers come from behind to go clear at the top of the SPL by beating Kilmarnock 2-1GoalsBoyd 58 (pen)Boyd 62 Wright 9Red Cards Papac 90Attendance 50019 Rangers: McGregor; Broadfoot, Bougherra, Weir, Papac; Davis, Mendes, Edu, Beasley; Miller, Boyd.Subs: Alexander, Darcheville, Novo, Adam, Aaron, McMillan, Fleck.Kilmarnock: Combe; Fowler, Ford, Wright, Hay; Bryson, Taouil, Pascali, Skelton; Invincible, Fernandez.Subs: Rascle, Lilley, Hammill, Flannigan, Sammon, Nolan, Simmonds.Referee Calum Murray........................................
Re: Rangers 2 Motherwell 1
RE: Rangers 2 Motherwell 1 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 21 Sep 2008, 18:05 Rangers maintained their 100% home record in the SPL to preserve their lead at the top of the table with a good 2-1 win over Motherwell.Second-half goals from Steven Davis and Nacho Novo defeated a stubborn Motherwell side that threatened to take something from the game on a number of occasions.The success keeps Gers' excellent start to the domestic campaign going and this was their fifth win in six league games.It also extended the team's unbeaten run at Ibrox to 21 games in all competitions, with the last loss there coming against Lyon last December.Walter Smith sprung a surprise when he named his team by dropping Allan McGregor, who was at fault for Kilmarnock's goal last week, to the bench.Neil Alexander started in the regular keeper's place, with Kevin Thomson and Christian Dailly also coming into the teamOn a bright afternoon, Rangers started we
Re-rate My Contest Picture
I have been through 4 pages an still not done, however I'd be grateful if ya'll were to rerate me as well.. I'll finish up with ya'll when I get more time...   *Much love from your friend Jaime*
Re Rated
Why in the fuck would I give a shit if you re rated me? If you felt compelled to do so, just do it and be on your way. No need to tell me that you re rated me. I am not going to feel obligated to reciprocate. If you are on my friends list and do this, then you are a fucking retard.
Re: Recently Deleted Blog
You may have noticed my recent blog post is gone. Or, more likely, you never gave a shit in the first place. HOWEVER, I am posting a formal retraction. My (ex)husband posesses nothing if not the most upstanding of character, and I am a scum sucking puss sack. Happy now?
Re-realization.. Sleep
sleeping alone sucks.. ive known that for a long time though. its wierd when your a kid really little you know it sucks and then you become a big kid and it doesnt suck and then when you become an adult and start sleeping next to someone and then.. it goes away again and thats when you remember how sheisy it is .. you get used to it again ....being all alone ... and then you sleep with someone again ... not in the perv way but just next to someone ... its comfy ... someone warm ... a heart beating next to you someone to snuggle with it ... im not saying always sleep next to someone being alone has its perks too but it gets so lonely after a while mehh ... i used to argue with my friend chris about it he always said he didnt want to be attatched he wanted to be free at least for now ... and i always yeah freedoms nice ... but sooner or later it gets lonely ... id ask him too... hey chris doesnt it get lonely .... coming home ... to an empty bed? .. he couldnt even argue it a silly lit
(rere) Needs Lots Of Comments She Is In The Best Chest Contest
(Rere) I'm in a contest for best Breast can you comment as many times as you can on my picture please here is the link Lots of comments needed on my pic. thanks thank you seejaykaygee
Re: Reopen The 9/11 Investigation Petition (please Repost)
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Legalize Freedom Date: 16 Sep 2007, 18:40 Even if you're lazy you can at least sign a petition. Even keyboard patriots do that...----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: Lets Become One>>>The UCS Movement.....Date: Sep 16, 2007 7:04 PMIts a petition to reopen the 911 investigation....Don't YOU want to know the TRUTH....Don't just say-Thats a good Idea....Go there..Sign it..and lets get it done....Roger......Here it is........................I've Started A Petion To Reopen The InvestigationInto The Events of 9/11 So that CLOSURE and TRUTH may be Brought to the People of OUR Country.!!...So if You could please take the time to sign it at... You...Roger
Re: Re: Friends, Please Do Not Let Up!
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: § Lori § Date: 18 Sep 2007, 21:25 ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: BlaineDate: Sep 18, 2007 11:16 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: DeniseDate: September 19, 2007 12:15 AMBody: From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA Tuesday 18SEP07 4 p.m. EDT A few more hours of phoning today ... You are creating more doubts ... Make this radioactive FRIENDS, PLEASE DO NOT LET UP!Call the Senate switchboard at:202-224-3121The momentum is with us. We started the day with only 4 Senators committed to vote NO on the DREAM Act Amnesty. As I write this, the list is up to 18. Your calls are making a big difference. Our Capitol Hill Team called many of these offices this morning and couldn't get a commitment to oppose this amnesty. But by this afternoon after being flooded by your calls, many of them were calling US
Re: Repost
RE: REPOST ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Mary Date: 14 Oct 2007, 21:50 ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: BillDate: Oct 14, 2007 11:44 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: BlaineDate: Oct 14, 2007 11:40 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: Mark Brady (Brady)Date: Oct 15, 2007 12:38 AMThanks to: President Ron Paul (supporter)----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: President Ron Paul (supporter)Date: Oct 15, 2007 12:33 AMMAKE THE PLEDGE!"I will donate $1,000 but only if 10,000 other people will do the same."
Re: Republican Governator Hands Cal. Kids To Homosexuals
RE: REPUBLICAN GOVERNATOR HANDS CAL. KIDS TO HOMOSEXUALS ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Blaine Date: 16 Oct 2007, 13:49 Posted by: "" lolministries2002 Tue Oct 16, 2007 10:45 am (PST) CHRISTIAN RESISTER: It is time to Wake Up, to Speak Up, & to Stand Up for what is Right!!!!!!!! REPUBLICAN GOVERNATOR HANDS CAL. KIDS TO HOMOSEXUALS by Alan Stang October 16, 2007 Personally, I do not want to know what goes on in the ladies’ room. I do know that ladies rise from the table and leave together for the ladies’ so they can talk without embarrassment about how handsome, how charming and how utterly brilliant we men are, but I don’t want to know any more. Even worse than knowing any more, far worse, would be going with them into th
Re: Re-post, Please Read & Help This Child's Dream Come True, Ty
----------------- ----------------- From: Doug Date: 20 Oct 2007, 15:44 ----------------- -----------------From: JAMES AND DADDYDate: Oct 20, 2007 5:12 PMplease forward this bulletin on to your friends and tell them about me. you can get the code for the banner by hitting reply. Thank you so muchjames
Re: Reader Alert! Forced Evacuate Reports On La Indymedia
RE: Reader Alert! Forced Evacuate Reports on LA INDYMEDIA ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: alex Date: 24 Oct 2007, 01:46 Guys, keep your eyes peeled on this fire story! Four fires were started at the same time. FEMA is moving in to help just a week after announcing that they have set up a force ready to take on a wide variety of natural and man made disasters. Chertoff is plastered all over our TV sets ready to be the savior. We just got done with Topoff 4, a fear based exercise that tests federal response through Emergency declarations and succession of government. Monitor the Guard's treatment of people during this event. It is our job as indymedia reporters, and readers. In a crisis, the indymedia world needs to set aside differences and work as a team. Here in Portland, I'm am about to launch a "DAY AFTER" preparation group in Portland. Let me know if you have some ideas. The following is one of the latest MAINSTREAM reports on the fire and it
Re: Re: A Word To Those Wishing To Donate Money To Causes...
Re: Re: A word to those wishing to donate money to causes... ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: BECK911TRUTH Date: November 04, 2007 11:53 PM Body: ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: nierika Date: November 04, 2007 11:44 PM Body: Please be advised that unless the organization you are donating money to is associated with or registered as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, you really do not know where or how the funds are being used. Anyone can set up a PayPal or Chip-in under the guise of collecting funds for Joe Blow and the MoFo's helping Albino Guinea Pigs. They do not have to keep a bookkeeping legder, give you a receipt or answer your questions about the use of funds. You get a PayPal receipt that says 'PAID TO THE THE ACCOUNT OF MANNY SWINDLER' instead of 'PAID TO THE WASHINGTON MUTUAL ACCOUNT IN CARE OF THE SAVE THE ALBINO GUINEA PIGS TRUST FOUNDATION' Whereas a Non-profit organization registered as 501 (c) 3 has state to
Re: Re Grassroots Getdown W/sovereign Curtis On Rpr Radio On Now
RE: RE Grassroots Getdown w/Sovereign Curtis on RPR Radio on Now ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Erin - Ron Paul 08' Date: 06 Jan 2008, 02:05 RE: Grassroots Getdown w/Sovereign Curtis on RPR Radio on Now!----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: Ron Paul Revolution RadioDate: Jan 5, 2008 6:03 PMFrom: Free.Revolutioni.stDate: Jan 5, 2008 5:45 PMI'm calling it the Grassroots Get-Down! It is all about the people in the grassroots campaign (the REAL campaign) and what has or has not been working for them. Also, I'm looking for funny/humorous stories about your grassroots adventures. It is a Ron Paul People's Party and starts TONIGHT @ 9pm EST. Please tune in ( and call in with your stories. The numbers to call in are (877) 646-2008 or if you have free long distance (cell phone users) save us a dime (we're running on a tight budget, I'm unpaid) use (512) 646-2008Sovereign Curtis, the Free.Revolutioni.stListen live at -htt
Re: Re: Would All 6.5 Billion Of Us Fit In The State Of Texas ?
RE: Re: Would All 6.5 Billion of Us Fit in the State of Texas ? ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Chrissay ♥ Ron Paul Date: 07 Feb 2008, 02:53 Good one Pan ManDate: Feb 7, 2008 3:21 AMFrom Feb 24th has calculated that the world's population will hit 6.5 billion this Saturday. While I think this statistic is irrelevant to daily life, I found the terminology used in the article quite biased: A population milestone is about to be set on this jam-packed planet. On Saturday, Feb. 25, at 7:16 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, the population here on this good Earth is projected to hit 6.5 billion people.Here is the famous monument (The Georgia Guidestone(s) that reflects the Malthusian Doctrine of Population Control that is espoused by and the driving force behind the New World Order morons like David Rockefeller of the CFR/Bilderbergs above. It is their stated ambition to create a Paradise on Earth for the Elite by "thinning th
Re: Recent Pics
RE: Recent Pics ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 11 Feb 2008, 00:50 Rangers 2 Falkirk 0Brahim HemdaniWalter Smith Manager of the Month for JanuarySteven Smith on the road to full fitness
Re: Rethinking Conservatism W/matt And Erin On Now
RE: Rethinking Conservatism w/Matt and Erin on now ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Erin Date: 11 Feb 2008, 00:06 Call in 512.646.2008 and 877.646.2008 listen at
Re: Republicans To Save Hillary With Obama Scandal?
RE: Republicans To Save Hillary With Obama Scandal? ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 04 Jun 2008, 12:08 Republicans To Save Hillary With Obama Scandal? Republicans are preparing to save Hillary Clinton's doomed bid for the Democratic nomination and answer the question of why she has refused to concede a losing race, with the release today of a shocking video tape featuring Michelle Obama going off on a racist rant, but others maintain the rumor is nothing more than a hoax. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/june2008/060408_obama_scandal. htm
Re: Report: U.s. Gave Green Light For Taliban Prison Attack
RE: Report: U.S. Gave Green Light For Taliban Prison Attack ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 16 Jun 2008, 23:54 Report: U.S. Gave Green Light For Taliban Prison Attack Reports out of the Middle East indicate that U.S. forces gave the green light for the Taliban to attack a government prison in Kandahar this past Friday and stood idly by while Taliban fighters violently freed more than 1000 inmates. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/june2008/061608_green_light. htm
Re: Reagan's "apology": Weak, Perfunctory & Disingenuous
RE: Reagan's "Apology": Weak, Perfunctory & Disingenuous ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 17 Jun 2008, 14:34 Reagan's "Apology": Weak, Perfunctory & Disingenuous Radio talk show host Michael Reagan's weak, perfunctory and disingenuous "apology" to Mark Dice for encouraging the activist be murdered for sending 9/11 truth material to U.S. troops only further necessitates the case for legal action to be taken in order to end the spiraling cycle of Neo-Con intimidation and smear. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/june2008/061708_weak_apology. htm
Re: Reporter Detailscovert Funding Of Terrorists In Iran
RE: Reporter DetailsCovert Funding Of Terrorists In Iran ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 30 Jun 2008, 21:44 Reporter Details Congressionally Approved Covert Funding Of Terrorists In Iran Award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh has detailed a move by the Bush administration, with Congressional backing, which represents a "major escalation" in covert military operations aimed at destabilizing the Iranian leadership. http://www. infowars. net/articles/june2008/300608Iran_Covert. htm
Re: Recent Pics
RE: Recent Pics ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 24 Aug 2008, 23:53 ............Aberdeen 1 Rangers 1..........................................
Rerelease Of Unkle's Psyence Fiction Limited Edition Shirts Too!
Brand New UNKLE "Psyence Fiction" Bundle With Exclusives This week at we're highlighting the much-loved, 1998 cult classic "Psyence Fiction" UNKLE album. With music by Shadow and guest vocalists including Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Richard Ashcroft of the Verve, the project is considered by many to be one of the top albums of the '90s; and to celebrate, we're unleashing an exclusive bundle no fan is going to want to miss. For starters, there's the new "Psyence Fiction Deluxe Edition" expanded album download, featuring several hard-to-find remixes and bonus tracks, as well as the advance snippet "Sneak Preview" mix. In addition, as part of the bundle, customers will receive a never-before-released "Handmade" CD of two of Shadow's infamous UNKLE in-store performances, live from New York and Austin, including a lengthy interview segment. Lastly, integrating our new "Classic UNKLE Tee" range, an exclusive design ONLY available as part of the bundle. It's been years
Re: Rip Paul Raven...ministry Bassist :(
RE: RIP Paul Raven...Ministry Bassist :( ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: KisaMogwai Date: 21 Oct 2007, 17:46 thanx for posting DJ DETONATOR (f.k.a. Thermal Detonator)Date: Oct 21, 2007 8:07 PMSaturday, October 20, 2007 - The 13th Planet family is saddened to confirm the devastating news of the sudden and unexpected death of Ministry's bassist, Paul Raven. Raven was working with French recording artists Treponem Pal on their new collaboration with Ted Parsons (ex-Prong/ex-Killing Joke/Jesu) and members of The Young Gods in a small village on the French/Swiss border. Initial reports indicate Raven's passing was the result of a heart attack.Our thoughts and prayers go out to Raven's family and friends around the world. His love of life, artistic creations and joyful laughter touched and moved all of us deeply. The loss of this extraordinary artist, unique individual and loyal friend will be felt by many. The impact of his talents will be remembered
Re: Rigged Gitmo Trials Prove 9/11 Official Story Wrong
RE: Rigged Gitmo Trials Prove 9/11 Official Story Wrong ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 22 Feb 2008, 15:51 Rigged Gitmo Trials Prove 9/11 Official Story Wrong Four prosecutors In the Guantánamo Bay case assert that the trials are rigged and that convictions are already assured despite the fact that there is scant evidence to link Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his cohorts with 9/11, proving that the official story is a fable and the real perpetrators are being protected.
Re: Riots
RE: Riots ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Leeann™ Date: 18 May 2008, 12:37 To say no Gers fans were involved would be plain stupid, however I find this significant, esp since I've heard a few English people say we've ruined their reputation and chances of holding events in the future. I met Sheffield Wednesday fans that daylolMeh, Follow Follow..
Re: Riots Part 2
RE: Riots part 2 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Leeann™ Date: 18 May 2008, 15:58 ..
Re: Rice: Bush Administration Was Clear About Iraq War
RE: Rice: Bush administration was clear about Iraq war ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: jerm: rant in j-minor Date: 29 May 2008, 12:11 Rice: Bush administration was clear about Iraq war By MATTHEW LEE, Associated Press Writer 24 minutes ago Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Thursday rejected allegations from a former White House spokesman who says the Bush administration misled the American public into going to war with Iraq.Rice would not comment specifically on charges made by ex-press secretary Scott McClellan in a new book, but said President Bush was honest and forthright about the reasons for the war. She also said she remained convinced that toppling Saddam Hussein was right and necessary."The president was very clear about the reasons for going to war," she told reporters at a news conference with Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in Stockholm where she is attending an international conference on Iraq.Chief among those reasons was
Re: Rice Formalized Missile Defense Policy At Bilderberg
RE: Rice Formalized Missile Defense Policy At Bilderberg ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 12 Jun 2008, 06:35 Rice Formalized Missile Defense Policy At Bilderberg U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice moved the U.S. missile defense shield agenda a step forward during her attendance at the Bilderberg meeting last week, during which she formalized plans to sign a treaty on installing a U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic with Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/june2008/061208_missile_defense. htm
Re: Ron Paul On The O’reilly Factor (video)
Dandelion SaladBill keeps repeating the inaccurate statement that Iran wants “to blow Israel off the map”. Propaganda being repeated over and over is why most people believe this to be true when it’s not. I also take exception to Bill’s conclusion saying this was a “lively debate”; Ron Paul rarely finished a sentence before Bill cut him off. ~ LoRon Paul on The O’Reilly Factor (video)
Re: Ron Paul Wins Debate In Another Landslide
RE: Ron Paul Wins Debate In Another Landslide ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Steve Watson Date: 11 Oct 2007, 10:59 Congressman comes out on top despite being given least time, least questions and despite CNBC pulling its poll half way through Ron Paul won another debate by a landslide this week despite efforts on the part of the mainstream media to limit the Congressman's exposure and to force Rudy Giuliani down the necks of viewers.
Re: Ron Paul Defying The Odds
RE: Ron Paul Defying the Odds ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Freedom to Date: 11 Oct 2007, 11:15 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul continues to defy the odds and the media produced polls demonstrating support based on issues and ideas. The cult of Ron Paul is truly a cult of individuals emanating from all walks of life. Still mostly Republican, Paul’s base of supporters includes many Independents and a growing number of Democrats.Ron Paul has muscled his way just barely making it into the top tier of candidates by drawing large crowds at rallies across the country and raising 5 million in the third quarter. That number is five times what Mike Huckabee raised and leaves Paul with almost a couple million in cash above what John McCain has. While the GOP frontrunner Rudy Giuliani has 16 million in cash, Ron Paul has 5.3 million on hand. Still far behind Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, Paul’s campaign must be encouraged by the succ
Re: Ron Paul News
RE: RON PAUL NEWS ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: juan Date: 19 Oct 2007, 12:00 Date: Oct 19, 2007 2:48 PM Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? ] Subject: Hey Body: On October 15, 2007, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) introduced the American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007 (H.R. 3835). This important piece of legislation would reverse many of the Constitutional abuses that have occurred over the past six years.In the name of the "war on terror," the Bush Administration and Congress have repeatedly abandoned Constitutional principles at the expense of civil liberties and human rights. If we allow this to continue, we may end up living in a nation that reflects the worst nightmare of our Founders. They designed the Constitution specifically to protect our rights against a tyrannical government. Even in times of crisis, we must be true to their vision.That's why I just visited the American Freedom Campaign and took action by sending an e-mail urging my U.S representat
Re: Ron Paul's Presidential Odds Drastically Slashed
RE: Ron Paul's Presidential Odds Drastically Slashed ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 31 Oct 2007, 07:01 Ron Paul's Presidential Odds Drastically Slashed Britain's biggest bookmaker William Hill has drastically slashed Ron Paul's odds of becoming president from 66/1 to just 12/1, putting him on course to go head to head with Rudolph Giuliani for the Republican nomination, which will be decided in early September 2008.
Re: Ron Paul On Course To Raise Millions In One Day
RE: Ron Paul On Course To Raise Millions In One Day ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Steve Watson Date: 05 Nov 2007, 10:29 Presidential candidate Ron Paul is set to raise millions of dollars today via an unaffiliated online grassroots donation drive which has already seen 18,000 people commit to giving the Paul campaign at least $100.
Re: Ron Paul Betting Heats Up Across The Globe
RE: Ron Paul Betting Heats Up Across the Globe ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: GOOGLE RON PAUL Date: 12 Nov 2007, 10:26 Ron Paul Betting Heats Up Across the Globe Gambling 911 | November 11, 2007 Jagajeet Chiba It's not just Americans be tting on Republican candidate Ron Paul to become the next US President. Europeans have been putting their money towards this possibility as well. Case in point, only a few weeks ago Ireland's largest online bookmaker, listed the fiery Texas long time Congressman with 8/1 odds of being named the GOP. On November 10, he came in with 5/1 odds. Only Mitt Romney (with 9/4 odds) and Rudy Giuliani (11/10 odds) are listed higher. Romney would pay $9 for every $4 bet while Giuliani would pay out $11 for every $10 bet. "Ron Paul has officially surpassed John McCain among Republicans where oddsmakers are concerned, even around the world," announced Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor of See Payton O'B
Re: Ron Paul Constitutional Grassroots Fire 'out Of Control'
RE: Ron Paul Constitutional Grassroots Fire 'Out Of Control' ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Mary Date: 12 Nov 2007, 14:54 ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: BlaineDate: Nov 12, 2007 2:48 PMPosted by: "Ed Ward, MD" Mon Nov 12, 2007 8:59 am (PST) Ron Paul Constitutional Grassroots Fire "Out of Control". 5 Million a Quarter Erupts into 5 Million in a Week. NCEL Support Needed Now." does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.." - Samuel AdamsA few Ron Paul volunteers started what they called a "money bomb" to assist contributions on particular days. The first and second 'bomb days' were small, but they did manage to assist significant funds in the early stages of the campaign. The third money bomb blew everyone away with almost 4 million dollars in 24 hours . In combination with Ron Paul's smal
Re: Ron Paul's "fringe Views" Are Supported By The Majority
RE: Ron Paul's "Fringe Views" Are Supported By The Majority ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 14 Nov 2007, 06:26 Ron Paul's "Fringe Views" Are Supported By The Majority of Americans The ad hominem slur with which political science major Stuart Baimel entitles his recent Stanford Daily hit piece, Ron Paul is insane, and the cacophony of errors which subsequently dominate the essay, just goes to show how much academia is rigged towards grooming compliant plebs for the establishment and not really about educating anyone.
Re: Ron Paul Wins Nationwide Zogby Blind Poll
RE: Ron Paul Wins Nationwide Zogby Blind Poll ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 19 Nov 2007, 12:13 Ron Paul Wins Nationwide Zogby Blind Poll A new nationwide Zogby telephone poll reveals that a sizeable majority of Americans are looking to vote for a candidate who protects liberty, wants to shrink government and immediately withdraw troops from Iraq - all traits common to Texas Congressman Ron Paul.
Re: Ron Paul: Smear Attempts Reflect "frightened" Establishment
RE: Ron Paul: Smear Attempts Reflect "Frightened" Establishment ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 23 Nov 2007, 06:02 Ron Paul: Smear Attempts Reflect "Frightened," "Insecure" Establishment Speaking about recent smear attempts on behalf of people like Glenn Beck, David Horowitz and Bill O'Reilly to link Ron Paul supporters with violence and Islamic terrorists, the Congressman himself said that the attacks were symptomatic of a frightened and insecure establishment who are dumbfounded that people are turning away from authoritarianism and embracing freedom.
Re: Ron Paul Supporters, Please Add My Other Profile
RE: Ron Paul Supporters, please add my other profile ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Erin Date: 03 Dec 2007, 22:37 I have a separate profile that i use to post alot more Ron Paul related information. If you would like to add me, click on the link
Re: Ron Paul Slams Global Warming "fearmongering"
RE: Ron Paul Slams Global Warming "Fearmongering" ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 06 Dec 2007, 19:46 Ron Paul Slams Global Warming "Fearmongering" Congressman Ron Paul, who many would argue has remained somewhat neutral on the issue of global warming thus far, slammed alarmist predictions of the earth's decline as "fearmongering" and encouraged contrarian thinking on the issue during an interview with popular Internet TV broadcast G4.
Re: Ron Paul Warns Middle Class Being Wiped Out In Final Debate
RE: Ron Paul Warns Middle Class Being Wiped Out In Final Debate ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 13 Dec 2007, 14:27 Ron Paul Warns Middle Class Being "Wiped Out" In Final Debate In the final Republican debate before the 2008 primaries, Congressman Ron Paul slammed the destruction of the dollar, warning that inflation was wiping out the middle class, while also pointing out that Americans did not need to reduce their standard of living so long as a foreign policy of funding a ballooning empire was changed.
Re: Ron Paul Blimp Flys!
RE: Ron Paul Blimp Flys! ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Steve Watson Date: 14 Dec 2007, 18:41 The Ron Paul Blimp launched this morning over the skies of Elizabeth City, North Carolina and at current time of writing is on its way to Chester, South Carolina where it will make its first stop.
Re: Ron Paul Smashes Record With $6 Million Plus Haul
RE: Ron Paul Smashes Record With $6 Million Plus Haul ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 17 Dec 2007, 13:43 Ron Paul Smashes Record With $6 Million Plus Haul Ron Paul has smashed the all-time record for political donations on one day, beating John Kerry's previous effort as he hauled in over $6 million dollars during a 24-hour period that coincided with the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. The true figure could even tally up to near $7 million once all donations have been fully processed.
Re: Rockefellers "joked" About Controlling The World
RE: Rockefellers "Joked" About Controlling The World ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 18 Dec 2007, 19:09 Rockefellers "Joked" About Controlling The World The elitist Rockefeller sons would sometimes "joke" about which parts of the world they would each control according to biographer Peter Collier, carving the world up into different thiefdoms. Collier's admission that there was "something really behind the joke" is an understatement considering the revelations of the late Aaron Russo about what Nicholas Rockefeller told him.
Re: Ron Paul Racist Propaganda Exposed
RE: Ron Paul Racist Propaganda Exposed ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 21 Dec 2007, 13:38 Ron Paul Racist Propaganda Exposed Peddlers of American Nazi Party leader Bill White's ridiculous claim that Ron Paul is a white supremacist have unwittingly exposed themselves as Israeli propagandists, after a keen-eyed Mike Rivero over at spotted the icon for "Megaphone," an Israeli government supported PR front, on one of their screenshots.
Re: Ron Paul Air Corps Set To Soar Over American Cities
RE: Ron Paul Air Corps Set To Soar Over American Cities ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 03 Jan 2008, 15:43 Ron Paul Air Corps Set To Soar Over American Cities Ron Paul supporters are being urged to take the revolution to the air as funding is sought for a squadron of 50 flights to take to the skies before the end of January, dragging behind them gigantic 90 by 30 feet banners promoting the Congressman's presidential campaign.
Re: Ron Paul's 10% In Iowa Shocks Establishment Media
RE: Ron Paul's 10% In Iowa Shocks Establishment Media ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 04 Jan 2008, 13:38 Ron Paul's 10% In Iowa Shocks Establishment Media Ron Paul's double digit support in Iowa has shocked establishment media figures who have long derided the Congressman as an insignificant candidate with just 2 or 3 per cent of the vote. Even Fox News' own talking heads now agree that Paul should not be excluded from the upcoming presidential forum as campaign momentum builds.
Re: Ron Paul: Fox News Is "beyond A Joke"
RE: Ron Paul: Fox News Is "Beyond A Joke" ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 04 Jan 2008, 23:32 Ron Paul: Fox News Is "Beyond A Joke" Speaking to The Alex Jones Show today, presidential candidate Ron Paul commented on the controversy surrounding his exclusion from a Fox News January 6th presidential forum by encouraging supporters to keep up the pressure on the network to reverse their decision and slamming the network's claim of being fair and balanced as "beyond a joke".
Re: Ron Paul Hit Piece Scrapes The Barrel Of Yellow Journalism
RE: Ron Paul Hit Piece Scrapes The Barrel Of Yellow Journalism ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 08 Jan 2008, 22:46 Vicious Ron Paul Hit Piece Scrapes The Barrel Of Yellow Journalism Another hack journalist intent on making a name for himself in the establishment media peanut gallery is the latest to spuriously attack presidential candidate Ron Paul, making completely baseless claims that the Congressman is a racist and a white supremacist sympathizer, going as far as comparing Dr. Paul to Charles Manson.
Re: Ron Paul Votes Not Counted In New Hampshire District
RE: Ron Paul Votes Not Counted In New Hampshire District ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 09 Jan 2008, 14:16 Ron Paul Votes Not Counted In New Hampshire District Major allegations of vote fraud in New Hampshire are circulating after Hillary Clinton reversed a mammoth pre-polling deficit to defeat Barack Obama with the aid of Diebold electronic voting machines, while confirmed votes for Ron Paul in the Sutton district were not even counted.
Re: Ron Paul Revolution Needs To Reunite
RE: Ron Paul Revolution Needs To Reunite ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 14 Jan 2008, 13:57 ......Untitled document·......Ron Paul Revolution Needs To ReuniteThe last two weeks have thrown up a number of divisive controversies that have been exploited by the establishment to slow the momentum of the Ron Paul Revolution. Now is the time to sweep these issues aside and concentrate on reinvigorating the movement to restore peace, liberty and prosperity in our time. p> ....
Re: Ron Paul Supporters Hope To Deliver A Knockout
RE: Ron Paul Supporters Hope To Deliver A Knockout ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 14 Jan 2008, 22:57 Ron Paul Supporters Hope To Deliver A Knockout A new grassroots campaign in support of Ron Paul's presidential bid is seeking to raise funds in order to place an advertisement on boxer Roy Jones Jr. during an upcoming fight.
Re: Ron Paul 'homophobic' Newsletter Claim Is Actually True
RE: Ron Paul 'Homophobic' Newsletter Claim Is Actually True ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 15 Jan 2008, 13:52 Ron Paul 'Homophobic' Newsletter Claim Is Actually True Amidst the smear, distortion and guilt by association attack pattern employed in the recent New Republic hit piece on Congressman Ron Paul, one claim attributed to the presidential candidate and scorned as homophobic actually turns out to be true - the fact that some gay men actually want HIV and call themselves "bug-chasers".
Re: Ron Paul Shunned In Blatantly Unfair Msnbc Debate
RE: Ron Paul Shunned In Blatantly Unfair MSNBC Debate ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 25 Jan 2008, 13:50 Ron Paul Shunned In Blatantly Unfair MSNBC Debate According to those that recorded the time afforded to each Republican candidate during last night's MSNBC debate in Florida, Congressman Ron Paul was again given the least coverage, being allowed to talk for less than a third of the time and receiving less than half the questions compared with Mitt Romney.
Re: Ron Paul Cheated Again During Cnn "debate"
RE: Ron Paul Cheated Again During CNN "Debate" ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 31 Jan 2008, 16:55 Ron Paul Cheated Again During CNN "Debate" Ron Paul was cheated for the umpteenth time last night, this time by CNN, as the corporate media once again engaged in mass public deception by advertising their spectacle as a "debate" when in fact it was nothing more than a staged punch and judy show.
Re: Ron Paul Cheated Again During Cnn "debate"
RE: Ron Paul Cheated Again During CNN "Debate" ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 31 Jan 2008, 16:55 Ron Paul Cheated Again During CNN "Debate" Ron Paul was cheated for the umpteenth time last night, this time by CNN, as the corporate media once again engaged in mass public deception by advertising their spectacle as a "debate" when in fact it was nothing more than a staged punch and judy show.
Re: *** Ron Paul On Cspan Now ***
RE: *** Ron Paul on CSPAN now *** ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: We Are Change NYC Date: 03 Feb 2008, 02:30 ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: MAX FAN (LSU/Ron Paul/Cowboys/NASCAR)Date: Feb 2, 2008 2:07 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: Flo4RonPaulDate: Feb 2, 2008 6:01 PMPaul on nowREGISTER TO VOTESTOP THE NATIONAL I.D.STOP THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION!TOM CRYER - LAWYER WHO BEAT THE IRS (Watch all 4 Videos)
Re: Ron Paul Delegates Unite! (now We Fight To Win!!!)
RE: Ron Paul Delegates Unite! (Now we fight to Win!!!) ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Aaron Russo's America: Freedom To Fascism Date: 06 Feb 2008, 16:11 ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: SUPPORT RON PAUL 2008 !Date: Feb 6, 2008 7:58 AMSPREAD FAR AND WIDE!Stratocaster Punks 4 Ron Paul Roots Run Deep (Ron Paul 2008) eKlipSe RE: They're called PREFERENTIAL primaries for a reason!!Lisa(RON PAUL-08)red room recording Dani ♥'s Ron Paul ( youWe the People Support Ron PaulRE: They're called ;PREFERENTIAL primaries for a reason
Re: Ron Paul Calls For March On Washington Dc
RE: Ron Paul Calls For March On Washington DC ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 12 Feb 2008, 13:59 Ron Paul Calls For March On Washington DC Congressman Ron Paul has called on his supporters to organize a march on Washington DC, admitting that such a move would be "risky" but impossible for the media to ignore and could have a big impact on the eve of the Republican convention.
Re: Ron Paul Endorses Murray Sabrin!!! (repost)
RE: Ron Paul Endorses Murray Sabrin!!! (Repost) ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Aaron Russo's America: Freedom To Fascism Date: 17 Feb 2008, 00:47 Expanding the Ron Paul Revolution into the US Senate! Body: ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------Thanks: Murray SabrinDate: Feb 16, 2008 3:25 PMFrom: J. Douglas Fisher, Volunteer CoordinatorSabrin for Senate '08Subject: The vital importance of success of Murray's Campaign.Folks, While Murray is out barnstorming New Jersey today, I am at the office here at 30 Montgomery Street, in Jersey City and decided to take a moment to explain the necessity of a successful Murray Sabrin Campaign..Behind me several of the grass roots volunteers from the Ron Paul movement are working the phones encouraging movement supporters to get on board and help Dr. Sabrin. As many of you already know, Ron Paul has officially endorsed Murray, his friend of 25 years, for his bid for the United States Senate seat curr
Re: Ron Paul Trouncing Neo-con Rival In Race For Congress
RE: Ron Paul Trouncing Neo-Con Rival In Race For Congress ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 26 Feb 2008, 20:54 Ron Paul Trouncing Neo-Con Rival In Race For Congressional Seat Ron Paul's Neo-Con rival Chris Peden has resorted to putting out fake poll numbers in a crass attempt to offset the fact that Paul is trouncing him in the race for Texas' District 14 Congressional seat.
Re: Ron Paul: Bernanke Deliberately Destroying Dollar
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 27 Feb 2008, 23:24 Ron Paul: Bernanke Deliberately Destroying Dollar Congressman Ron Paul slammed Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke during a House Financial Services Committee meeting today for following a policy of deliberately destroying the dollar and wiping out the American middle class.
Re: Ron Paul Hammers Neo-con Rival To Retain Congressional Seat
RE: Ron Paul Hammers Neo-Con Rival To Retain Congressional Seat ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 05 Mar 2008, 13:55 Ron Paul Hammers Neo-Con Rival To Retain Congressional Seat Ron Paul comprehensively defeated main rival Chris Peden last night to retain his Congressional seat and display a metaphorical middle finger to Neo-Con attack dogs who had attempted to deceive the public into doubting the Congressman's chances by making out it was a close-fought race.
Re: Rogers: Fed Has "given Up" On The Dollar
RE: Rogers: Fed Has "Given Up" On The Dollar ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 19 Mar 2008, 17:46 Rogers: Fed Has "Given Up" On The Dollar Expert investor Jim Rogers has slammed the Federal Reserve for destroying the dollar in order to rescue Wall Street, calling it "outrageous" that Ben Bernanke used $230 billion of taxpayers money to bail out Bear Stearns and other banks last week, and urged people to shift their assets completely out of dollars because the Fed had "given up" on the greenback. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/march2008/031908_given_up. htm
Re: Ron Paul: Nevada Gop Tried To Exclude Us
RE: Ron Paul: Nevada GOP Tried To Exclude Us ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 29 Apr 2008, 18:39 Ron Paul: Nevada GOP Tried To Exclude Us During an appearance on CNN's American Morning, Congressman Ron Paul responded to this past weekend's bizarre incident in which the Nevada GOP walked out on its own convention in an apparent attempt to stop Ron Paul delegates from voting. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/april2008/042908_nevada_gop. htm
Re: Ron Paul: Obama Presidency Will Not Bring Change
RE: Ron Paul: Obama Presidency Will Not Bring Change ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 21 May 2008, 17:23 Ron Paul: Obama Presidency Will Not Bring Change Presidential candidate, Congressman and now New York Times Bestseller Ron Paul appeared on the Alex Jones show this week to discuss a plethora of issues including the lack of choice and opportunity for real change offered by the three remaining candidates. http://infowars. net/articles/may2008/210508Paul. htm
Well my good friend Ashley is likely moving back into the house, her and her man are having issues she says she can deal with no longer and asked if she could crash here till she found somewhere to live, I told her, no.. you can live here till you find somewhere to land.. She has been a very good friend since i met her, at the time her boyfriend stayed here and she eventually moved in later and when it came time for me to send him on his way due to his worthlessness.. I was sad she couldnt stay. she is a good roomy, probably the best one I ever had minus my great friend Craig which was my roomy in Knoxville for a long time and we really knew how to throwdown back then lemme tell ya! I welcome Ashley back, but for some reason.. I see "Party People"!! Lol let the good times begin all over again..
Re: Ron Paul: “some Big Events Are About To Occur”
RE: Ron Paul: “Some Big Events Are About To Occur” ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 17 Jul 2008, 20:40 Ron Paul: “Some Big Events Are About To Occur” Texas Congressman Ron Paul has warned the House that he is “convinced the time is now upon us that some Big Events are about to occur.” that will cause liberty to go “into deep hibernation”. http://www. infowars. net/articles/july2008/170708Paul. htm
Re: Ron Paul Fears Staged Iran Pretext Could Bring Draft
RE: Ron Paul Fears Staged Iran Pretext Could Bring Draft ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 05 Aug 2008, 18:02 Ron Paul Fears Staged Iran Pretext Could Bring National Draft Congressman Ron Paul fears that a staged incident exploited as a pretext to attack Iran may be the precursor to a national draft, as he responded to Sy Hersh’s astounding report that Dick Cheney proposed faking a Gulf of Tonkin style incident by killing Americans in the Straits of Hormuz and blaming it on Iran. http://www. prisonplanet. com/ron-paul-fears-staged-iran-pretext-could-bring-national-draft. html
Re: Royal Mail Honors Eugenicist & Nazi Sympathizer
RE: Royal Mail Honors Eugenicist & Nazi Sympathizer ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 12 Sep 2008, 12:58 Royal Mail Honors Eugenicist & Nazi Sympathizer Royal Mail is set to honor Marie Stopes, a feminist who opened the first birth control clinic in Britain in 1921 as well as being Nazi sympathizer and a eugenicist who advocated that non-whites and the poor be sterilized, by adopting her image for a new set of stamps. http://www. prisonplanet. com/royal-mail-honors-eugenicist-nazi-sympathizer. html
Re: Ron Paul: Bailout Will Destroy Dollar, World Economy
RE: Ron Paul: Bailout Will Destroy Dollar, World Economy ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 29 Sep 2008, 18:58 Ron Paul: Bailout Will Destroy Dollar, World Economy As a vote nears on the $700 billion dollar plus bailout bill, Congressman Ron Paul took to the House floor this morning to warn that the passage of the legislation will destroy the dollar and the world economy.http://www. prisonplanet. com/ron-paul-bailout-will-destroy-dollar-world-economy. html
Re: Rudy Giuliani: Friend Of Israel
RE: RUDY GIULIANI: FRIEND OF ISRAEL ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: WWW. PROTHINK .ORG Date: 16 Oct 2007, 13:49 And traitor to USA! Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert: “I Have Found No Better Friend Of Jerusalem In America Than Rudy Giuliani.”(Timothy Williams, “Jerusalem Mayor Weighs In For Giuliani,” The Associated Press, 2/17/00) Mort Zuckerman: Giuliani “Lends His Very Powerful Voice In … Backing Israel’s Right To Exist …” (“Pandora,” The [London] Independent, 6/24/98) JTA: “One Of Israel’s Most Vocal Supporters In The United States…” (Ron Kampeas, “As Candidates Enter 2008 Race, They Begin Courting Jewish Support,” Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 1/24/07) STANDING WITH ISRAEL Rudy Giuliani In 1964: “Certainly All Of Us Have A Stake In The Protection Of Our Firmest Ally In The Middle East [Israel] …” (Rudy Giuliani, “Ars Politica,” Manhattan [College] Quadrangle, 10/22/64) Following Gruesome Terrorist At
Re: Rudy's 9/11 Failures Of Leadership Exposed By Fire Figh
RE: Rudy's 9/11 Failures of Leadership Exposed by Fire Figh ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: bobby Date: 19 Oct 2007, 23:16 thanksBoston 9/11 Truth.............................. Rudy's 9/11 Failures of Leadership Exposed by Fire Fighters You Tube Giuliani Bungled Preparation in Years After 1993 Attack on Trade Center.Critical failures by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani before, during and after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, raise serious questions about his ability to be commander-in-chief.In this thirteen minute documentary, fire fighters, fire officers and family members give dramatic testimony about Giuliani's leadership failures. Their dramatic stories tell how Giuliani failed to provide the FDNY with radios that worked, which led to the deaths of 121 fire fighters inside the World Trade Center's North Tower because they were unable to hear orders to evacuate.Fire fighters also point to Giuliani's poor judgment in p
Re: Russian Military Chief Calls America "evil"
RE: Russian Military Chief Calls America "Evil" ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 13 Nov 2007, 06:57 Russian Military Chief Calls America "Evil" Russia's top military chief has dubbed America "evil" while cautioning that the "insidious" U.S. missile defense shield weapons system has nothing to do with countering Iran and is aimed squarely at Moscow, as tensions continue to heat between the two superpowers.
Re: Rumors Of Gold's Demise Greatly Exaggerated
RE: Rumors Of Gold's Demise Greatly Exaggerated ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 19 Mar 2008, 23:12 Rumors Of Gold's Demise Greatly Exaggerated Gold's six percent fall and its biggest decline since mid-2006 today has some investors worried that the precious metal's meteoric rise could be about to turn south, allied to a report that predicts a gold crash down to just $600 an ounce. However, rumors of gold's demise have been greatly exaggerated. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/march2008/031908_golds_demise. htm
Re: Rumsfeld On Tape: Terror Attack Could Restore Neo-con Agenda
RE: Rumsfeld On Tape: Terror Attack Could Restore Neo-Con Agenda ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 16 May 2008, 12:54 Rumsfeld On Tape: Terror Attack Could Restore Neo-Con Agenda Shocking excerpts of confidential recordings recently released under the Freedom of Information Act feature former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld talking with top military analysts about how a flagging Neo-Con political agenda could be successfully restored with the aid of another terrorist attack on America. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/may2008/051608_rumsfeld_tape. htm
Re: Russian Cameraman: Cnn Aired Misleading Footage
RE: Russian Cameraman: CNN Aired Misleading Footage ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 12 Aug 2008, 11:35 Russian Cameraman: CNN Aired Misleading Footage The Russian cameraman charged that CNN had used his footage of Georgian forces attacking Russian civilians in Tskhinvali, the provincial capital of South Ossetia, but then claimed it showed Russians attacking Georgians in the Georgian town of Gori. http://www. prisonplanet. com/russian-cameraman-cnn-aired-misleading-footage. html
Re: Russian General Says Georgia May Commit False Flag Terror
RE: Russian General Says Georgia May Commit False Flag Terror ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 18 Aug 2008, 16:49 Russian General Says Georgia May Commit False Flag Terror Attacks Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn warns that Georgia may be planning to commit false flag terror attacks by using mercenaries dressed in Russian uniforms, as Russia moved to guard sensitive infrastructure against terrorist attacks. http://www. prisonplanet. com/russian-general-says-georgia-may-commit-false-flag-terror-attacks. html
Re: Run On The Bank? Americans Could Lose Their Deposits
RE: Run On The Bank? Americans Could Lose Their Deposits ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 16 Sep 2008, 12:21 Run On The Bank? Americans Could Lose Their Deposits You know things are bad when Yahoo. com, the most trafficked website in the world and usually a purveyor of mindless celebrity gossip, cooking tips and dating advice, features a top story about how Americans could lose their bank deposits following the collapse of Lehman Brothers. http://www. prisonplanet. com/run-on-the-bank-americans-could-lose-their-deposits. html
Re: Russian "infowar" Analyst Says U.s. Will Break Apart
RE: Russian "Infowar" Analyst Says U.S. Will Break Apart ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 25 Nov 2008, 18:02 Russian "Infowar" Analyst Says U.S. Will Break Apart A renowned Russian political analyst has repeated a prediction he made ten years ago that the economic and political turmoil in the U.S. will lead the country to collapse and divide into separate parts. http://www. infowars. net/articles/november2008/251108Panarin. htm
"Rerun" When the night finds me alone, I sometimes hope I'll see Someone who will share my space, someone to be with me But only my old pillow, lays beside me here. My mind it plays old reruns, I wish that you were here. Cause you are in those reruns, with credits for your name I've seen this show a thousand times, it always stays the same You play your part and break my heart, it all seems so in vain. But at least inside this rerun, you're with me once again. And me I was a co-star, we worked it side my side. I wish I could rewrite the script cause in my mind I've tried. But the plot it just won't bend, no matter how I try. It's hard to watch this rerun, there's something in my eye. Cause you are in those reruns, with credits for your name I've seen this show a thousand times, it always stays the same You play your part and break my heart, it all seems so in vain. But at least inside this rerun, you're with me once again. If I truly had my way, you know I'd
Re: San Jose Police To Use Crowd Control Sound Wave Weapons
RE: San Jose Police To Use Crowd Control Sound Wave Weapons ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 27 Feb 2008, 23:30 San Jose Police To Use Crowd Control Sound Wave Weapons San Jose police are to begin using high tech sound wave weapons that are designed to disperse crowds by firing concentrated beams of sound at 150 decibels, causing intense pain and possible deafness.
Re: Sarah Palin Supports New 9/11 Investigation
RE: Sarah Palin Supports New 9/11 Investigation ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 28 Oct 2008, 13:53 Sarah Palin Supports New 9/11 Investigation John McCain’s presidential running mate Sarah Palin, much to the bewilderment of the 9/11 truth community, seemingly expressed support for a new investigation into the terrorist attacks during a rally in Ohio last week. http://www. prisonplanet. com/sarah-palin-supports-new-911-investigation. html
Congratulations! Your happy hour was a great success: lots of people gave lots of love. You collected 1,206,228 bonus points as Happy Hour sponsor. Cheers! 234 members leveled up during your happy hour: hockeyguy0304 'Fu-Fighter' (5) Dani 'Newfu' (1) Scintillating 'Psycho' (8) ~Special K~ 'Pimp' (17) NWhunter 'Freak' (9) spin_ad86 'Twisted Fu' (6) jb 'Newfu' (1) Skellum 'Fu-gee' (16) Scooby 'Bad Fu' (13) Raven 'Fu-Fighter' (5) monkeydance 'Freak' (9) talon25 'Newfu' (1) Sandra34Dee 'Bad Fu' (13) WWL2STAY 'Friend of fubar' (10) Latin mobster 'Fu-ling' (2) ;-) 'Twisted Fu' (6) There's no better time to say " I Love You" than when your inside her. 'Chill Fu' (4) Tee 'Fu-ling' (2) kenzi 'Newfu' (1) kingdaddypops 'Newfu' (1) lizzle900 'Grasshopper' (3) All4u 'Psycho' (8) Stonegoal 'Psycho' (8) steelerbabe07 'Barfly' (11) Debbied 'Psycho' (8) Dilligaf 'Fu-ling
Rescue Me
The skies are dark, filled with disgrace As it pours over me its washing rains The chill crawls and trembles That’s all that I remember So much regret and full of pain It slices through like a razor blade Every night I die in my sleep When I wake it all repeats The steel is deep and feeling cold It penetrates my every bone It slices through my every hope I’m supposed to die, but I won’t Please don’t let me go Come Closer and Rescue Me Tell me it was all Make-Believe To wipe my tears and take me home The answer is in your eyes So beautiful they pierce the skies The truth is in your kiss As light as the dew in the mist I need the sun to replace the moon And air to fill up this balloon Come closer and Rescue Me I no longer want to repeat Please don’t let me fall Come Closer and Rescue Me Tell me it was all Make-Believe To take me away from it all Come Closer, Come Closer Rescue Me
Rescue Many Horses In The Netherlands Nov_06
The Rescue
The Rescue Hillary Clinton was out jogging one morning along the parkway when she tripped, fell over the bridge railing and landed in the creek below. Before the Secret Service guys could get to her, 3 kids who were fishing pulled her out of the water. She was so grateful she offered the kids whatever they wanted. The first kid said, "I want to go to Disneyland." Hillary said, "No problem, I'll take you there on my special Senator's airplane." The second kid said, "I want a new pair of Nike Air Jordan's." Hillary said, "I'll get them for you and even have Michael sign them!!" The third kid said, "I want a motorized wheelchair with a built in TV and stereo headset!" Hillary was a little perplexed by this and said, "But you don't look like you're handicapped." The kid said, "I will be after my dad finds out I saved your ass from drowning."
Rescue Rangers
Rescuing Hug
I saw this and was just taken back. Something special like this should be shared i guess its why it was made into a graphic. MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts MADE BY: Katrina@ CherryTAP
Rescue Music Video Code By Uncle Kracker :
Music Video:RESCUE (by Uncle Kracker)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
I had been riding down highway 40 in Tennessee when the back wheel of my motorcycle developed a nasty wobble. I pulled off to the side, under an overpass as the last of the air left the tire. Taking off my helmet and gloves, I swore softly to myself. It was going to rain any minute, and with the amount of semi and bus traffic, I knew I'd be soaked through in no time if I didn't get out of there. I stuck out my thumb, planning to hitch into the next town and get some help. After about 20 minutes, I was starting to get worried. Standing by the road soaking wet was not going to help my attitude Just as I looked down from the sky a car slowed as it passed me, and pulled over to the side. I grabbed my helmet and ran up to the passenger door - That's when I saw her face. I've been with some pretty girls before, but I was dumbstruck. Pretty just didn’t cover it. I looked into her eyes, and nearly forgot what I was there for. She asked me where I was going and I barely got out
Rescued Hearts
Taking care of rescue dogs Is something I do best. I know because I've done it, And I've surely passed the test. The dogs I've bathed, the food I've fed, The vacuuming I've done, And all to watch a frightened soul Sit dreaming in the sun. My own dogs I've neglected, But I tell them everyday That I love and cherish each of them Though a new dog's come to stay. I know they understand this, For in their eyes I see The love that I have given them Come shining back at me. Some people think I'm crazy, Some others think I'm great. But very few can understand What really is at stake. If I can love and help a dog To find a better way, My own life is much richer, I look forward to each day. So now you know my secret, It's there for all to see, The love I give, the life I save, I do it all for me.
3 Rescue Workers Killed At Utah Mine
HUNTINGTON, Utah - The search for six miners missing deep underground was abruptly halted after a second cave-in killed three rescue workers and injured at least six others who were trying to tunnel through rubble to reach them. It was a devastating turn for the families of the six men trapped in the Aug. 6 collapse at the Crandall Canyon mine and for the relatives of those trying to rescue them. It's not known if the six are alive. All rescue workers were evacuated from the mine Thursday evening and work underground was stopped. Asked if the search would be suspended, "that's something to be determined," said Rich Kulczewski, a U.S. Department of Labor spokesman. The cave-in at 6:39 p.m. was caused by a mountain bump in which pressure can force chunks of coal from walls of the mine with great force. Seismologists say such a bump caused the Aug. 6 cave-in that trapped the six men more than 3 miles inside the central Utah mine. That led to the frenetic effort by rescuers to di
Rescuing The Rescuer
Some people seem called to help others, often from very early on in their childhoods, responding to the needs of family members, strangers, or animals with a selflessness that is impressive. Often, these people appear to have very few needs of their own, and the focus of their lives is on rescuing, helping, and healing others. While there are a few people who are truly able to sustain this completely giving lifestyle, the vast majority has needs that lie beneath the surface, unmet and often unseen. In these cases, their motivation to help others may be an extension of a deep desire to heal a wounded part of themselves that is starving for the kind of love and attention they dole out to those around them on a daily basis. For any number of reasons, they are unable to give themselves the love they need and so they give it to others. This does not mean that they are not meant to be helping others, but it does mean that they would do well to turn some of that helping energy with! in. On
Rescue Me..
Rescue Me Love as a wish spoken so deep, A small angel-she softly weeps No love to have-no love to keep, Is there no one out there waiting for me? Alone I stand-only God to see, A heart in pain-please rescue me No praise is written or shown to be, How will I ever break free? Chains that bind-my soul to flee, Time has shown no mercy for me Trapped in the darkness I find in heed, Where is the worth I try to be? Love as a dream-endless I seek, Emotions on high as the tallest of peaks Heartbeats only to wake as they speak, How do I turn on the light that makes me so weak? Break down the walls surrounding me, Dear God I kneel to plea Let love bring in the peace to feel-to see, Why will no one rescue me?
In dreams of rescuing, you are either doing the rescuing or are in need of being rescued. If you are doing the rescuing, you likely see yourself as a hero, shepherd, parent, or mentor to others. Who the others are, what you rescue the others from, and by what means often reveal how you see yourself within a particular network of relationships. If you are the one being rescued, it is likely that you are overwhelmed or feeling incompetent in an important area of your waking life. The consequences of failure could be catastrophic. If your rescuer is someone known to you in waking life, it may be worth seeking his or her advice concerning particular struggles you are facing. Is the rescue something that was expected, and so did not carry very much anxiety? Was the rescue an against-all-odds type of mission? Did it fail or succeed?
Re: Scientists Create Machine That Knows What You Are Thinking
RE: Scientists create machine that knows what you are thinking ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Erin Date: 05 Jan 2008, 00:39 Scientists create machine that knows what you are thinkingBy FIONA MACRAELast updated at 14:52pm on 3rd January 2008Scientists have developed a machine which is capable of reading our mind and revealing our most private thoughts. American researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, found that, with the aid of a sophisticated scanner and computer programme, they were able to determine how the brain lights up when thinking about different subjects. Using an advanced form of MRI scanner, they analysed how the brain reacted to ten drawings of tools and buildings. They then used a computer programme to work out whether a person was thinking about a tool or a building. The researchers' analysis was found to be 97 per cent accurate but they went on to show that they could distinguish between two similar objects, such a
Re: Scientific Study Finds Fluoride Horror Stories Factual
RE: Scientific Study Finds Fluoride Horror Stories Factual ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 15 Jan 2008, 22:56 Scientific Study Finds Fluoride Horror Stories Factual The establishment media will have to find a new tactic with which to ridicule those who oppose the fluoridation of water after a major new Scientific American report concluded that "Scientific attitudes toward fluoridation may be starting to shift" as new evidence emerges of the poison's link to disorders affecting teeth, bones, the brain and the thyroid gland, as well as lowering IQ.
The Rescue
Every night I wait. In the darkness,for his shadow is running late. For my true love is my internal fate. I hear the footsteps from afar Galloping on the chosen star. Will he hear my cries? As he silently flies, Into paradise's doors My love for him forever pours. As Always, Sapphire aka Valarie A Laboy © July 19th 2006
This is the site I do rescue work for. Check it out if you like. BEWARE...some of this is GRAPHIC.
The Rescue
The Rescue Here comes your knight charging fast across the land, Seeking to save his fair lady's hand, Mounted there on his noble young steed, Urging it onward, gathering more speed. His steed is as black as the blackest night, Except for its' forehead, a star blazing white, Power and grace flows under the knight, To rescue his lady, and make all things right. Not stopping though around him the storm does rage, His eyes all a glow with a bright red haze, Drawing the fury of the storm into him, Knowing that to his lady he must win. Racing right up to the castle's walls, As the arrows around him begin to fall, Up the wall he now does climb, Thoughts of his lady filling his mind. Around him now the arrows still shower, He continues to draw on the storms awsome power, An arrow strikes hard but he ignores the pain, Thoughts of his lady are keeping him substained. Higher now, soon he is over the top, The enemy falls back, unable to stop, The rage inside i
The Rescue
Here comes your knight charging fast across the land, Seeking to save his fair lady's hand, Mounted there on his noble young steed, Urging it onward, gathering more speed. His steed is as black as the blackest night, Except for its' forehead, a star blazing white, Power and grace flows under the knight, To rescue his lady, and make all things right. Not stopping though around him the storm does rage, His eyes all a glow with a bright red haze, Drawing the fury of the storm into him, Knowing that to his lady he must win. Racing right up to the castle's walls, As the arrows around him begin to fall, Up the wall he now does climb, Thoughts of his lady filling his mind. Around him now the arrows still shower, He continues to draw on the storms awsome power, An arrow strikes hard but he ignores the pain, Thoughts of his lady are keeping him substained. Higher now, soon he is over the top, The enemy falls back, unable to stop, The rage inside is sweeping him a
I stayed out late last night But nothing I could drink * Could help me drink you off my mind Everywhere I looked, (oooh) I saw your face * And I wonder, and I wonder If there still might be A little space in your heart for me 'Cause I'm so cold, I'm so alone And I miss you, babe So won't you come to my rescue Shake this pain from my soul And take this fool back in your heart baby I'll go crazy if you don't 'Cause I'm a mess here without you Ain't no pill for this pain So please, please come to my rescue baby Make it right away I was a fool to leave Leave behind everything that meant everything to me Every day and night (mmm) my heart pays the price * And I'm out here, stranded out here On this lonely road, I'm so lost won't you lead me home I need you back, need one more chance And I miss you, babe So won't you come to my rescue Shake this pain from my soul And take this fool back in your heart baby I'll go crazy if you don't 'Cause I'm a mess here wit
~ Rescue Me ~
Rescue Diver
Rescue Diver
I completed my rescue diver training this past weekend. The first step was finishing the pre-reqs. This involved taking Emergency First Responder. Its the American Heart Association class, and teaches, primary care, CPR, Oxygen use, and secondary assesment. Then we started the pool portion of the Rescue Diver Class. We had classroom sessions that involved five knowledge reviews covering different ermegency situations that occur while diving. Then in the pool we covered different rescues, and how to handle the situations covered in the book. The finale was a 50 question test. My open waters were at Chatfield Reservoir through A1 Scuba. I was suprised at the water temp, which was a balmy 65 degrees. My buddy was a 6' 2" police deputy, but there were 5 of us and we rotated being victims. The biggest challenge was searching for the missing diver in zero vis. The missing diver had silted up the water so bad that I was barely able to see the compass on my wrist. Plus there w
Re: Schalke 1 Rangers 0
RE: Schalke 1 Rangers 0 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 19 Jul 2008, 18:30 Rangers tour of Holland and Germany came to a disappointing conclusion as they slumped to a 1-0 defeat in Gelsenkirchen against Schalke 04.The Bundesliga outfit dictated proceedings throughout in front of a crowd of 28,350 at the Veltins Arena.And after they went in front through Mladen Krstajic, they never looked back as they inflicted a psychological blow to their Scottish opponents ahead of the new season.Gers now have just two friendly matches in which to fine-tune before their home Champions League qualifier, most likely against FBK Kaunas, on July 30.After three low-tempo performances in their week away, Walter Smith will be keen for his men to up the pace in the days ahead.Schalke were the better side in the first half and they were seldom troubled by a Rangers team lacking a cutting edge up front.The hosts' first chance came through Fabian Ernst
Re: Scientist Predicts Ice Age Within 10 Years
RE: Scientist Predicts Ice Age Within 10 Years ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 19 Aug 2008, 20:22 Scientist Predicts Ice Age Within 10 Years As evidence builds of the earth entering a dramatic cooling trend, another scientist has gone public with his conviction that we are about to enter a new ice age, rendering warnings about global warming fraudulent and irrelevant. http://www. prisonplanet. com/scientist-predicts-ice-age-within-10-years. html
Re: Scientists: “unusual Magnetic Forces” Caused Wtc Collaps
RE: Scientists: “Unusual Magnetic Forces” Caused WTC Collapse ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 11 Sep 2008, 20:15 Scientists: “Unusual Magnetic Forces” Caused Twin Towers Collapse One article consisting of five short paragraphs in the London Independent informs us that on this seventh anniversary of 9/11 all the remaining unanswered questions about the collapse of the World Trade Center towers can be “explained away”. http://www. prisonplanet. com/scientists-unusual-magnetic-forces-caused-twin-towers-collapse. html
Rescue Me
And yes, I know it's hard. To be torn apart. To see your heart in pieces, falling to the floor. To see the light shining from the door. To need to get away. But you don't know what to say. Because through pain and hurt, you love them. And yes I know it hurts. To be treated like you're dirt. That's how you treated me. Darling, can't you see? That you caused me the same pain. As she is causing you. How could you be so vein? To not see what you do. I love you so much, but you're soundlessly hurt. There a hole in your heart, bleeding through your shirt. It would be rude to say it makes me laugh. So I won't say, I'll just think it on your behalf. I love you still, more each day. But now my love, there's no more to say. Tears of painI'm crying inside myself Waiting to be loved by you My heart is beating to the S.O.S. signal Wanting you to come carry me away in your arms Screaming out to be rescued Secured in your comfort Protected from all harms I feel like my heart is bleeding inside Don't
Rescue Pet's Christmas Poem
A Rescue Pet's Christmas Poem 'Tis the night before Christmas and all through the town, Every shelter is full - we are lost but not found, Our numbers are hung on our kennels so bare, We hope every minute that someone will care, They'll come to adopt us and give us the call, "Come here, Max and Sparkie - come fetch your new ball!!" But now we sit here and think of the days We were treated so fondly - we had cute, baby ways. Now we're no longer young and we're no longer new. So out the back door we were thrown like the trash, They reacted so quickly - why were they so rash? We "jump on the children"; "don't come when they call"; We "bark when they leave us"; climb over the wall. We should have been neutered, we should have been spayed, Now we suffer the consequence of the errors THEY made. If only they'd trained us, if only we knew, We'd have done what they asked us and worshiped them, too. We were left in the backyard, or worse - left to roam, Now we're tired and
A Rescue Dog's Christmas Poem
Tis the night before Christmas and all through the town, every shelter is full – we are lost, but not found, Our numbers are hung on our kennels so bare, we hope every minute that someone will care, They'll come to adopt us and give us the call, "Come here, Max and Sparkie - come fetch your new ball!! But now we sit here and think of the days.. we were treated so fondly - we had cute, baby ways, Once we were little, then we grew and we grew now we're no longer young and we're no longer new. So out the back door we were thrown like the trash, they reacted so quickly – why were they so rash? We "jump on the children:, "don't come when they call", we "bark when they leave us", climb over the wall. We should have been neutered, we should have been spayed, now we suffer the consequence of the errors THEY made. If only they'd trained us, if only we knew... we'd have done what they asked us and worshipped them, too. We were left in the backyard, or
Rescue This Damsel In Distress
ღJuicyFruit69(Bi)OwnersMagicღMzBelleღOwnsBuckeyeBabe/SilentLizard/DarthTater@ fubar
RESCUE suffocate i dont have anything no one save me suffocate i don't feel anything will you know when i'm gone?   Save your tears for someone else don't waste your breath   these mirrors reflect nothing I'm so ashames   suffocate I don't have anything no one save me suffocate I don't feel anything will you know when I'm gone?   everything is going wrong its all my fault   forgive me keep me in your heart never let go   suffocate i don't have anything no one save me suffocate i don't feel anything will you know when I'm gone?
Rescue Might Be Closing :(
As a lot of you know I am very involved with animal rescue especially when it comes to Rottweilers. The Rescue that I volunteer with is in trouble...I just got this email today...needless to say once you read it you will probably understand that my mood is not gonna be all that great. Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2009, 9:56 AM We can pay almost all the blls for last month except rockets bill which is $2300. His bill was very unexpected. It adds to the pressure of keeping NCrr open. If we don't come up with ways to make money and get our dogs out of boarding we will have to shut down. I don't know how else to say it.  I have tried sending many Fundraising ideas to the group with little response or none at all. The stress is unbearable and I am at a loss. Doesn't anyone have kids who have friends who would help with a dog car wash. Anyone in girl scouts not scouts that need to earn badges.  We need someone to do a newsletter. I don't know how much money we lo
Rescue Mission
And so it begins... The objective: Contain a baby squirrel that has an injured thigh. She comes and eats at my house every morning, and she has licked the wound clear down to the muscle. I am going to take her to the vet. The tools: One shoestring, One plastic Batman grappling hook toy, One bird cage with the top halfway unhinged - lying on its side, peanut butter and nuts spread inside and towards the back. The plan: Once the objective - forever kown as P.M.S. (Project Mangled Squirrel) - enters the inviting opening of the cage for her daily nutrition, I shall pull the shoe string, thus causing the cage lid to close. I will be laying on the kitchen floor - for as long as it takes (hopefully no more than an hour) - with the door slightly ajar. P.M.S. enters the cage, contentedly munches, I pull the string, the cage door swings shut,
Rescuing   In dreams of rescuing, you are either doing the rescuing or are in need of being rescued. If you are doing the rescuing, you likely see yourself as a hero, shepherd, parent, or mentor to others. Who the others are, what you rescue the others from, and by what means often reveal how you see yourself within a particular network of relationships. If you are the one being rescued, it is likely that you are overwhelmed or feeling incompetent in an important area of your waking life. The consequences of failure could be catastrophic. If your rescuer is someone known to you in waking life, it may be worth seeking his or her advice concerning particular struggles you are facing. Is the rescue something that was expected, and so did not carry very much anxiety? Was the rescue an against-all-odds type of mission? Did it fail or succeed?
Rescue Me...
Rescue Team
BEIJING - After almost two decades on the Chinese mainland, Taiwan businessman Lee Rie-ho owns a well-known tea group that runs more than 1,000 outlets across the country. Mark Ingram Jersey . However, his Ten Fu Group still only holds around 3 percent of the total mainland market. The market here is amazingly large, says Lee, 75. Related readings:  Wen: wish to visit Taiwan still very strong  Taiwan will be orphaned without ECFA  Buy Taiwan stocks with cross-Straits ties  Mainland vessel escorts Taiwan fishing boat back Five cups of tea for each of the 1.3 billion population (on the mainland) could consume a whole years production in Taiwan. Before the Chinese New Year on February 14, 2010, Lee was among a group of Taiwan business people who met with President Hu Jintao on his inspection tour of Fujian Province, a major destination of Taiwan investments. Besides conveying festival greetings, President Hu called the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA), an economic pact unde
Rescue Me!!
Protect me in your armsI want your tender charmsI´m a lonely, i´m blueI need you, your love true.Rescue meRescue meTake my heartTake your loveAnd ev´ry partI´m a lonely and i´m blueI need you and your love true.Rescue meRescue meProtect me in your armsI want your tender charmsI´m a lonely, babyRescue meRescue me
Reservoir Dogs
You scored as Mr White. You are Mr White. A guy who's cool beyond words, you won't take shit from NO ONE & you always win the argument.Mr White88%Joe Cabot83%Mr Blonde79%Mr Brown75%Mr Orange75%Mr Pink67%Nice Guy Eddie58%Mr Blue42%Which "Reservoir dog" are you?created with
Resentment Is Poisonous
Decide to forgive For resentment is negative Resentment is poisonous Resentment diminishes and devours the self. Be the first to forgive To smile and take the first step And you will see happiness bloom On the face of your human brother or sister Be always the first Do not wait for others to forgive For by forgiving You become the master of fate The fashioner of life A doer of miracles To forgive is the highest most beautiful form of love In return you will receive untold peace and happiness Poem by Robert Muller “He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself” ~Chinese Proverb .
Paul Revere & the Raiders - Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)Music Code provided by Song2Play.Com
anyway, im tired of being who i am so im beginning a like 6 month personal makeover...i'll leave updates and pix on here so ppl can comment on them and encourage me to get resexified...
Ok, so research for my paper...blah blah, lead me to this. Which then led me to change the topic of my paper to better fit my research! Ahh, it's all something to live, learn and then laugh about? haha Top ten reasons men lie! Oh so true! hehe 1) To get sex. Ain't this the damn truth. If women were more up front about who they are sexually there wouldn't need to be lying to get sex. If women said, "3rd date, lets do it." Men wouldn't have to lie about how hot she looks, how sweet she is, blah blah, to get the booty. Men will always be constrained to submerge his true personality and adjust his opinions in the hopes of getting a lil sex. 2) They love to. (They don't believe anything is wrong with it) Well, if women stopped letting them lie this wouldn't be an issue. And usually it is a previous relationship/woman that teaches the man it is okay to lie so he carries it on to the next relationship, not realizing the initial relationship ended because he lied. 3
Research On A Song I Thought I Made Up
* FAIRIES LOVE SONG -Anonymous Why should I sit and sigh Broo and bracken, broo and bracken Why should I sit and sigh All alone and weary When I see the plover rising Or the curlew wheeling It's then I'll court my mortal lover Back to me is stealing When the moon begins her waning I sit by the water Where a man born of the sunlight Loved the Faerie's daughter Oh, but there is something wanting O but I am weary Coming blithe, now bonny treads he O'er the knolls to cheer me
doing research on how you get high rattings on ct from photos,does the higher rates go to some who shows the most,or prettyness???
Research Sites
(Originally Posted on April 9, 2006)In case anybody wants to check out what I am researching, I will post it here.  I will list what I am studying (including the site (if applicable)), then later on edit the post to include new research sites.  I will post a new blog entry for my thoughts on each site. The first site is:  Wiki: Satan.
Researchers Tested Pot, Lsd On Army Volunteers
Researchers tested pot, LSD on Army volunteers By Richard Willing, USA TODAY Army doctors gave soldier volunteers synthetic marijuana, LSD and two dozen other psychoactive drugs during experiments aimed at developing chemical weapons that could incapacitate enemy soldiers, a psychiatrist who performed the research says in a new memoir. The program, which ran at the Army's Edgewood, Md., arsenal from 1955 until about 1972, concluded that counterculture staples such as acid and pot were either too unpredictable or too mellow to be useful as weapons, psychiatrist James Ketchum said in an interview. The program did yield one hallucinogenic weapon: softball-size artillery rounds that were filled with powdered quinuclidinyl benzilate or BZ, a deliriant of the belladonnoid family that had placed some research subjects in a sleeplike state and left them impaired for days. Ketchum says the BZ bombs were stockpiled at an Army arsenal in Arkansas but never deployed. They were
Researchers In Utah To Focus On Healing Power Of Stem Cells
Researchers in Utah to Focus on Healing Power of Stem Cells Ed Yeates Reporting British scientists announced this week they have successfully grown parts of a human heart from stem cells. Utah researchers are on the brink of yet another stem cell project here in Salt Lake. Five Utah hospitals and a lab at the University of Utah have become partners to see if stem cells can repair a failing heart. The healing powers of stem cells are the focus of research across the country including here in Utah. "This is like Star Wars medicine. It's incredibly exciting, and it's also incredibly humbling," said Dr. James Long at LDS Hospital. If clinical trials are approved for Salt Lake's Veterans Hospital, stem cells pulled from bone marrow or discarded umbilical cords will be screened and processed. For the trial itself, stem cells from bone marrow will be injected back into the patient's failing heart. Doctors James Long at LDS Hospital, Linda Kelley at the University of Utah Ce
A Research Paper On The Motivations, Subculture And Methodology Of Surfers. Interesting!
"Good to the last Drop": Understanding surfers' motivations. Dr. Steven L. Butts, Senior Lecturer University of Plymouth Seale-Hayne Faculty Department of Land Use and Rural Management Newton Abbot Devon TQ12 6NQ UK Telephone (01626) 325640 Fax (01626) 325657 e-mail - Key Words: Surfing, motivation, ethnography Abstract This paper considers the motivations and requirements for obtaining membership into the surfing subculture, and demonstrates the added value an ethnographic and participatory approach can provide to the improved understanding of the sociology of sport and sport-related subcultures. In this paper it is suggested that if surfing is to be understood as a sociological phenomenon not only must the subculture and its motivations be understood, but the activity itself. A discussion and analysis of the determinants involved in becoming part of the surfing subculture is
ok tomarrow two American Reservists are being tried at courts martial for cowardness in the face of the enemy for refusing to fight if found guilty they could be imprisioned for life or executed
Research Shows
That is you have sex more then 3 times a week it is good for your body. With men if they have too much sex it will up the risk of having cancer. I am glad I am a woman that means I get to play with all of my toys and still have fun. Hmmm... maybe that is why I sell them too. To have all the fun without having a man around.
Re: Severely Injured Marine Needs Ur Prayers
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: US NAVY WWII MEMORIAL SITE Date: Aug 24, 2007 4:25 PM Severely Injured Marine Needs Ur PrayersJeremiah Here is the story that I had just finished writing when you & I started talking last night. Mary Hello EveryoneThis week, I want to do something that we've never done before. Today I received a message from our group member Barbara, or some know her as her MySpace profile name of, Sought Out 7. In her message, she shared with me that her son Jeremiah had been injured again in Iraq. Jeremiah was our honored Marine of the week, back in July of this year and in this story, it shared how he had been injured in Iraq prior, in July 2005. I added a message to the bottom of that story from back in July of this year, to bring it to the top of our message board, so it can be easily found again. 'A price for freedom'Back in 2006, Jeremiah said five of the original 13 in his squad were either killed or wounded so severely that t
Researcher: Excuse me madam, I'm conducting a survey. Woman: Yes, what is it about? Researcher: We are asking people what they think about sex on the television... Woman: Very uncomfortable, I would imagine!
Re: Sept 15 Protest Washinton Dc
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Pamela's Protest Date: 08 Sep 2007, 07:33 SEPT 15 protest WASHINTON DC----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: Jerry (Help us Obi - Ron Paul!)Date: Sep 8, 2007 7:27 AMFrom: piratizedDate: Sep 8, 2007 10:20 AMFrom: DuncanDate: Sep 7, 2007 1:16 PMStop The Deletions5My Hate Speech2Truth NetworkS sad_but_true64Do Not Give Up Hope USAGuinea: The 1930's Smut PeddlerDate: Sep 7, 2007 12:30 PMBE THERE!!!******Don't sit home on this day! Not this day AT LEAST!******September 15 — Mass March in Washington DC!
Re: Sept 15 Rally In Wash, Dc (videos)
RE: Sept 15 Rally in Wash, DC (videos) ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Pamela's Protest Date: 15 Sep 2007, 18:06 Sept 15 Rally in Wash, DC (videos)----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: RichDate: Sep 15, 2007 6:03 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: LoDate: Sep 15, 2007 6:01 PM Dandelion SaladCode Pink’s Medea Benjamin: Bring the Troops Home! + Brian Becker: The People Will Mobilize! (videos)Cindy Sheehan: We Have Had Enough! + War Protesters vs. Capitol Police + Rev. Lennox Yearwood: War Is Obsolete! (videos)
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Re: Seven Retards Return For War On Terror Show Trial
RE: Seven Retards Return For War On Terror Show Trial ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Alex Jones Date: 03 Oct 2007, 17:37 Seven Retards Return For War On Terror Show Trial The prosecution's argument that "seven men plotted to bring down the U.S. government by poisoning saltshakers and bombing landmark buildings" in the trial of the "Liberty City Seven" underscores the ludicrous pretense of the "war on terror" and the callous obedience with which the media unquestionably report this farce.
Reserve Enlistment
After talking with the recruiter today I am in for the rate of CE I get to go to an "A" School which is the primary schooling you get in a rate. Since I was prior enlisted no boot camp. Funny thing is I was enlisted before. But once again they need all my records that I already gave. Like HS diploma, birth certificate, SS card...? I get a 20k bonus after my 3 month school. Cool thing is I get my active duty pay and my BAQ VHA(Naval pay for housing and food). If the tax is 44% looking at 11.2k. If I was nuclear like the MEPS center offered(no thanks) It would be 60K. If I wanted to I could volunteer to go overseas. The group/rate I am now is called the SeaBees. When a base or camp is built the Seabees do it. I'd just have to requal on my .45 not a big deal. Getting 300 a month for not doing much than training is nice. The A school is like college times 10 7am-4pm M-F for 13 weeks. My first A school when I was active was 19 weeks. Difference is now I'm not an 18 year
Reserve Your Seat Space Flights Up For Sale
Considering space travel on one of Virgin Galactic's new ships? The sales pitch goes like this: The first hour will be relatively painless, a graceful ascent in a spaceship attached to a mother ship. Once the vessels reach 50,000 feet, the ship containing you, five more tourists and two pilots will detach and fall for a moment. Then, the thrusters will propel it up for 90 seconds, traveling three times the speed of sound. All of the spacecraft's fuel will burn away, leaving its tanks empty. The G-forces on your body will push your blood toward your feet. It is hoped that you won't black out, but if you do, you'll come to when you're at zero gravity. Once above the undefined line that delineates Earth from space, your craft will arch to a height of 360,000 feet for about four minutes. You will be weightless and have stunning views of Earth's curvature, 1,000 miles in any direction. And then gravity will beckon the vessel down to Earth, the human bodies within it feeling pressure six tim
Resent Somebody
The moment you begin to resent a person,you become their slave. They control your dreams, absorbs your digestion, robs you of your peice of mind and good will, and takes away the pleasure of your work. They ruin your religion and nulify your prayers. They destroy your freedom of mind and hound you where ever you go. There is no way to escape the person you resent. They are with you when you are awake. They invade your privcy when you sleep. They are close beside when you eat, when you drive your car and when you are on the job. You can never have effiency nor happiness. They Influence even the tone of your voice. They require you to take medicine for indigestion, headaches and loss of energy. He even steals your last moment of consciousness before you sleep. So, if you want to be a slave, harbour your resentments!
Research Paper
here is my most resent research paper. sorry about the format here, made some changes to get it on the blog. please let me know what you think. DO IT YOURSELF HOME FUNERALS The do it yourself home funerals are on the rise as seen on PBS and MSNBC, plus many other articles written about it. The funeral service professional should take note of this because home funerals are growing in popularity and are legal in all but five states. What is a home funeral? Reminiscent of earlier times, the family bathes and dresses the body (there is no embalming.) The casket is either purchased or built by the family. They will conduct the visitation and funeral service themselves and will transport the body to the cemetery or crematory. It should be noted that in these “earlier times”, families did what they had to do because the services of a funeral home weren't always available. There are several reasons why families choose home funerals. Often, the f
Resetted Your Pics 12-4-07
Somehow when the system went down today, more than just your shoutbox and bar tab were reset. It seems that even though your picture ratings have stayed the same and NOT reset, ALL of the people who have rated your pictures are able to re-rate them, and you get full credit for the second rate. That means that you can also re-rate ANY picture that you had rated prior to the reset this morning... So go back and re-rate your friends, and maybe they will do the same... EVERYBODY WINS!!!!! -- We ALL get credit for the rates we receive, as well as the rates we give SO MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE!!!!!! ~~~~~DRAGONBOI~~~~
Reserve Duty......
Well everyone. I have to go away to do my annual active duty training. For those who did not know, I am a reservist in the Coast Guard. I used to be active duty but a few years back, went into the reserve.I will try to answer or check my e-mail when I can bit for those who have Yahoo IM, let me know, I have Yahoo IM through my cellphone. I will be home before the holidays but I hope everyone will be ok and yes,I hope to keep in touch with each and everyone of you if you wish..... let me know how we might keep in touch, either through e-mail, Yahoo IM , or if you know or feel comfortable with me, we can exchange numbers or info..... let me know. Hugs to all of you and take care! Pete
Reset Our Profile
Hi all..they reset our profile for some unknown reason and we were at level 21 and were reset to 1.. no body knows why, maybe a glitch.. but all our rateings went poof.. IF you folks get a chance to RE-RATE our photos we would really be greatfull... Paul & Sondra
Reset Reasons
From Scrapper's Blog ( "Contrary to popular belief, you will NOT get reset if you and your spouse share a computer. The rumors are can't believe everything you hear!" (read further, there.) (You may also want to have a look at other blog posts - another reason for reset, if memory serves, includes use of a photo not your own as your profile photo if you are in the top 100 (scores or members, not clear on that- I'm not, anyway.))
Researchers Make Nano-scale Dna Research Tool
The tool may one day help scientists probe the activity of genes and proteins in a single cell, opening the door to a new realm of genetic research. By Reuters InformationWeek January 10, 2008 11:25 PM CHICAGO - U.S. researchers have made a very small research tool that may one day help scientists probe the activity of genes and proteins in a single cell, they said Thursday, opening the door to a new realm of genetic research. The tool is designed to do the work of current gene chip systems used to examine thousands of genes at the same time for mutations or to uncover clues to disease. But it is made on the nano-scale -- which involves objects tens of thousands of times smaller than the width of a human hair. "We have made little chips that are like the gene chips but instead of being lab scale they are molecular scale," said Stuart Lindsay, a physics professor and researcher at Arizona State University's Biodesign Institute. "They have the potential to be
You ever want to hit the reset button on your life like can a video game? I feel like that right now. I just want to reset my life and start over again. Clean slate and all that. I mean hell I've got enough screwed up skeletons in my closet right now that it's damn near busting at the seems. I've got enough crap running through my head that I don't want to deal with anymore but every day I wake up and get to deal with even more. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life now. I thought I knew but the way things are looking I just might as well let those dreams die out and find some new ones. Hells bells and rocket really sucks sometimes.
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resentment i resent more than my life, my family or my friends i resent my decisions, my path, my thoughts and my dead ends but i brought these things upon myself.... dont respect the physical or even my health why try anymore, cause it worked out for my father why do i still try, like why do i even bother is there more in store, or have i reached my zenith did i max out on this life, just livin through my penis??? is this life really as lame as it seems and is this my destiny or is it more than it seems??? is there more to this shit than i have started to notice or am i like a plague, destroying shit like a locus please...someone let me know if u do understand this shit i've been through but how could i expect u to know what it is i was ready to die, but how would that look to these kids??? is this the doors?? like is it the end??? or am i just depressed and in need of a friend??? there's so many questions, i dont know all the answers but i cant afford my bills.
Re: See New Documentary Footage About Bill Hicks The 26th In Nyc
RE: See new documentary footage about Bill Hicks the 26th in NYC Bill Hicks - Bully Of The World - video powered by Metacafe RE: See new documentary footage about Bill Hicks the 26th in NYC ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: jerm: rant in j-minor Date: 11 Feb 2008, 05:01 R.I.P. Bill HicksDecember 16, 1961 - February 26, 1994 - THANX MUCH: LUCHIADate: Feb 10, 2008 10:32 PMBill Hicks was a groundbreaking, thought provoking comedian who died from pancreatic cancer at the tender age of 32. The New Yorker magazine described him as "A renegade comic genius in a class all his own." Rolling Stone named him "Hot Comic of the Year" and several comedians including Brett Butler, Dennis Miller and Richard Pryor admired his unrelenting passion. To commemorate the 14th year of his passing, Gotham Comedy Club is proud to present In The Spirit of Bill: A Tribute To Bill Hicks. Produced by New York City comedienne Luchia, with the Bl
The Research Behind Swinging
Research Some subjective scientific research into swinging has been conducted in the United States since the late 1960s. One study, based on an Internet questionnaire addressed to visitors of lifestyle-related sites, found swingers are happier in their relationships as compared to the norm.[1] * 60% of swingers said that swinging improved their relationship; 1.7% said swinging made their relationship less happy. Approximately 50% of those who rated their relationship "very happy" before becoming swingers maintained their relationship had become even happier. * 90% of those with less happy relationships said swinging improved them. * Almost 70% of swingers claimed to have no problem with controlling jealousy; approximately 25% admitted "I have difficulty controlling jealousy when swinging" as "somewhat true", while 6% said this was "yes, very much" true. * Swingers rate themselves happier ("very happy": 59% of swingers compared to 32% of non-swingers) and their
Re: Secret Service Stand Down At Obama Event Raises Suspicions
RE: Secret Service Stand Down At Obama Event Raises Suspicions ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 22 Feb 2008, 22:33 Secret Service Stand Down At Obama Event Raises Suspicions Dozens of police officers have voiced concern over a security stand down order issued by federal officials at Barack Obama's rally in Dallas yesterday afternoon.
Re: Secret Doj Memo Says Fourth Amendment Has "no Application"
RE: Secret DOJ Memo Says Fourth Amendment Has "No Application" ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 03 Apr 2008, 19:16 Secret DOJ Memo Says Fourth Amendment Has "No Application" After 9/11 The American Civil Liberties Union has uncovered details pertaining to a secret Justice Department memo from October 2001 that reveals the Bush administration effectively suspended the Fourth Amendment where domestic counter terrorism operations are concerned. http://infowars. net/articles/april2008/030408Memo. htm
Re: Secret Security Pact Will Ensure Permanent Iraq Occupation
RE: Secret Security Pact Will Ensure Permanent Iraq Occupation ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 05 Jun 2008, 10:27 Secret Security Pact Will Ensure Permanent Iraq Occupation Details of the secretive U.S.-Iraqi security pact, leaked to the media in the past few days, confirm an agenda that many critics of the Iraq war have been shouting from the rooftops for years. http://infowars. net/articles/june2008/050608Iraq. htm
Re: Secret Bilderberg Agenda To Microchip Americans
RE: Secret Bilderberg Agenda To Microchip Americans ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 10 Jun 2008, 13:42 Secret Bilderberg Agenda To Microchip Americans Sources from inside the 2008 Bilderberg meeting have leaked the details of what elitists were discussing in Chantilly Virginia last week and the talking points were ominous - a plan to microchip Americans under the pretext of fighting terrorist groups which will be identified as blonde haired, blue eyed westerners. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/june2008/061008_secret_agenda. htm
Re: Secret Plan To Kill Internet By 2012 Leaked?
RE: Secret Plan To Kill Internet By 2012 Leaked? ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 11 Jun 2008, 14:47 Secret Plan To Kill Internet By 2012 Leaked? ISP's have resolved to restrict the Internet to a TV-like subscription model where users will be forced to pay to visit selected corporate websites by 2012, while others will be blocked, according to a leaked report. Despite some people dismissing the story as a hoax, the wider plan to kill the traditional Internet and replace it with a regulated and controlled Internet 2 is manifestly provable. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/june2008/061108_kill_internet. htm
Resentments, Regrets, Resolve
I'm trying to figure out what it was I clung to all those years... what kept me going deeper and deeper into the emotional sink hole of our relationship? I thought you were what I was going to lose if "I" failed at our marriage! I'm SO sickened by how blind and ignorant I was all of those years... all of those moments I spent in the agony of my own personal hell, crying, hurting; for your foolishness! I didn't lose you because I never knew you... I lost me...I gave up my entire identity to conceed to you and your bullshit ways which I was SO brainwashed by you to believe were better than everyone else... especially my ignorant, backwards, never fucking good enough for your standards family and friends! I can almost taste the vomit in my mouth as I choke on the disgust and shame I feel for treating everyone that loved and cared about me like they were lower than me... lower than us, for all those years! Fuck you for making me want to "be better" than what I came from! What and who I cam
Researcher Says Bigfoot Just A Rubber Gorilla Suit
Turns out Bigfoot was just a rubber suit. Two researchers on a quest to prove the existence of Bigfoot say that the carcass encased in a block of ice — handed over to them for an undisclosed sum by two men who claimed to have found it — was slowly thawed out, and discovered to be a rubber gorilla outfit. The revelation comes just days after a much ballyhooed news conference was held in California to proclaim that the remains of the creature found in the North Georgia mountains was the legendary man-ape. Steve Kulls, executive director of and host of Squatchdetective Radio, says in a posting on a Web site run by Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi that as the "evidence" was thawed, the claim began to unravel as a giant hoax. First, the hair sample was burned and "melted into a ball uncharacteristic of hair," Kulls said in the posting. The thawing process was sped up and the exposed head was found to be "unusually hollow in one small section." An hour of thawing lat
Resentment = Drained Value
Ease your burdens Don't make life's difficulties even more difficult by filling your mind with resentment. Instead, ease your burdens by choosing to be truly thankful for them. If you feel resentment starting to take hold, stop and consider this. There's nothing to be gained by bringing yourself down over what has already happened. Use the occasion to remember all the things for which you can be thankful. Rise to the challenge of seeing the positive aspects that are surely there within any troubling situation. Holding on to resentment will drain valuable energy away from you. Gratitude, on the other hand, can fill you with fresh, new positive energy. Choose to see the value in your situation. Choose to look forward with confidence instead of looking backward with resentment. Right now, there is much for which to be thankful. Focus on the positive possibilities, and find real joy in steadily bringing them to life. -- Ralph Marston
Researching Turns Out To Be Monkey Business
I often pick on research agencies and researchers alike due to their studies…Some prove to be totally insane, off the track and I wonder what they really, really want to find out. Most I believe just want to be seen testing something or trying to find out something that really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. Well here we go again, Researchers at Plymouth University in England, with a small Arts Council grant, could not quite test whether an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters could produce the works of Shakespeare, but did see what six Sulawesi crested macaque monkeys would write with a computer over a four-week period. According to a report in The Guardian, the apes produced about five pages of text between them, mostly consisting of the letter S. According to Professor Geoff Cox, the monkeys spent a lot of time sitting on the keyboard. Duh!!!! Ya Think??? Ya think perhaps the damned monkey sat on the “S” Key? Ok…enough monkey business… it snowed h
ok i know EVERYbody says it happens to them but ive been told by bouncers its an accident the engineers do ok so tell me why did it happen to me and i whine in my status about it and it happens again like all of u i spend hard earned money on here and being the single mother of 2 kids that says alot so they repay me by reseting my photo views .... haha myspace doesnt charge and they can manage to not loose our comments and friends and stuff so why does they site who is paid by us to be here doing things why cant they manage to fix that and if its by accident why did it happen after i bitched ..yeah rite ... doubt ill be spending money here anymore until i see that they have actually stopped resetting my photo views went from 600 to 86 to 16 in one nite THANKS FU GOOD LOOKING OUT
Research Reveals Cannabinoids Show Promise
By DR. STACEY M. KERR, M.D. FOR THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Published: Sunday, August 9, 2009 at 3:00 a.m. Last Modified: Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 6:48 p.m. Sue was dying of cancer. She was thin, her skin was gray, and she hadn’t eaten much in several days. Offered a medication to relieve some of her symptoms, she reluctantly accepted. Within five minutes of taking this medication, she again had color in her cheeks, was laughing with friends and asking for a fruit smoothie. It was the first of several she would request that day and her grateful husband was only too glad to oblige. What was this miracle drug? What many call marijuana, pot, or weed, the medical community calls cannabis. Cannabis contains approximately 70 different active ingredients called cannabinoids, only a few of which are psychoactive. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most well-known psychoactive cannabinoid, and due to years of breeding, THC currently accounts for up to 25 percent of the tot
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Researchers Finds Hidden Sensory System In The Skin.
And that's why I love amateur porn.No one there to fake it.Nobody worried about the shot.Just goodold fashionedall americanfun. All the best things are immediately nationalistic.Meat.A big red slab of corn-fed cow.What people don't realise is that local grass fed cattle have a funky complexity instead of that sterile lab shipped and altogether flavorless by comparison bovine. Baseball.The best thing to watch on television.And that's why its only on during the spring through october.Life itself would shut down if we had the time to walk to a ballpark every dayor pile one more hoagy bun with fried onions and a whole kielbasaI'm more of a Brat or red-hot kinda guybut you get the point.Probably because one grampa was southernthe other was about a quarter german. Who cares. American (?)NachoCheesecomes in that big round army surplus cylinder for a reason.Velveeta's too cnotinental, gimme the lil yellow square with the bristley black moustache any day.That man's gonna shut down my arteri
Research Centres In India
Research Center Place Atomic Energy Commission Bombay Bhabha Atomic Research Center Trombay (Bombay) Electronics Corporation of India Hyderabad High Altitude Research Laboratory Gulmarg (Kashmir) Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Durgapur (West Bengal) Central Mining Research Institution Dhanbad (Bihar) Indian Rare Earths, Ltd., Alwaye Radio Astronomy Center Ootacamund Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Calcutta Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Bombay Tata Memorial Center Bombay Uranium Corporation of India Jaduguda(Bihar)     -- 
Resettlement Services For Safe Move In Hyderabad
For the more comfortable life people search the new home where they live happily with all comforts of life. They get very excited after finding the new home but the annoying work of resettlement makes them sad as they get confuse in between the puzzling work of shifting. They don’t know the perfect technique to complete the entire resettlement process swiftly and safely. If you are going to move towards the new destination along with the goods then you can take help of packing and moving companies. These companies are assisting fruitfully with their preeminent relocation services. They provide you one of the best solutions for all types of relocation situations such as commercial and residential relocation. The packing and moving companies have expert workers who finish the entire process proficiently without mistake. The employees of these agencies have complete knowledge of resettlement task. While completing the work they never do mistakes because they know that their mistake
Researchers Issue Definition -- And Name Change -- For Pandas
A mental illness that strikes young children suddenly may be caused by a range of factors, including infections, according to a new report. The paper, published in the journal Pediatrics & Therapeutics, reflects a consensus statement on a condition called Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections -- mulberry bags or PANDAS. More recently, research suggests something -- a mulberry sale n infection, immune-system problem or environmental exposure -- can indeed trigger a stunningly fast onset of OCD. The new paper, led by scientists at the National Institutes of Health, broadens the definition of the illness to describe sudden-onset OCD in children no matter what the cause. Thus, the authors suggest calling the broader condition PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome). The paper lists five criteria that must be met to diagnose a child and suggests how doctors should proceed with such cases. Many questions about PANS remain,
Research Of Life Science And Technology Shoes, Is Closely Related To Health
Shoes are essential necessities of life.It can not only improve one's taste, more closely with our health.From the flats of comfortable and simple to high heels and fashion, the footwear industry in the constantly changing the height of the heel.But new research shows, negative shoe more beneficial to human health.Shoes are the modern human life indispensable supplies.Ancient cloud: a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.If there is no shoes, I can't imagine.If mentioned shoes science, people first thought must be sports shoes.Although in 1960, the Ethiopia horse marathon athlete Abebe barefoot won the world champion, but as the development of science and technology, barefoot immortal age has gone for ever.Modern competitive sports, sport shoes boots, equipment.Manufacturers of sports shoes development also is not inferior to the arms race, is at the capital, gamble at high stakes, a pair of shoes cost can be high and tens of thousands of dollars.Sports shoes science d

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