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Random Thought For The Day..
Lip rings- I think they look better off to the side than in the middle. I think they look good in the middle too, just not as good. That's just me though. I guess I'm not a big fan of semytry.
25 Random Questions
1. Where will you be in a hour? Still at work 2. Who will be your next kiss? Will have to wait and see. 3. Is there something purple within 10 feet of you? Does the desktop bkgd on my monitor count? 4. Are you wearing socks right now? no 5. When was the last time you went out of state? July 6. Have you been to the movies in the last 7 days? no 7. What was the last thing you had to drink? Diet Pepsi 8. What are you wearing right now? blue blouse and black skirt 9. What was your last purchase? candy bar 10. What's the last thing you wrote down? a computer name 11. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Persia 12. Have you been to the silly site Never heard of it 13. Have you ever owned a fish tank? yes 14. What's the last time you watched a hockey game? When I was in college 15. What is in your pocket right now? I don't have any pockets 16. If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you be? Scotland
25 Random
1. Where will you be in a hour? 2. Who will be your next kiss? 3. Is there something purple within 10 feet of you? 4. Are you wearing socks right now? 5. When was the last time you went out of state? 6. Have you been to the movies in the last 7 days? 7. What was the last thing you had to drink? 8. What are you wearing right now? 9. What was your last purchase? 10. What's the last thing you wrote down? 11. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? 12. Have you been to the silly site 13. Have you ever owned a fish tank? 14. What's the last time you watched a hockey game? 15. What is in your pocket right now? 16. If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you be? 17. What friend has the kinkiest piercing(s)? 18. One thing you hate about yourself? 19. What's your favorite soup? 20. Do you miss anyone? 21. Last play you saw? 22. What are your plans for the day? 23. Ever
Random Quote
A wise man once told me..... "Knowledge is useless if the vessel is not fortified" It meant a lot to me when I first heard it and I never forgot it, so I'm sharing it with you! Once you figure out what it means, you'll have an even better perspective on MANY things... you don't wanna just scratch the surface... yanno??
Random Thoughts
He was only 18 when he stepped off the plane into the sand... Just out of high school... No longer a child, not yet a man... Walking down the path that he chose... Was suppose to be his way out of the ghetto... But we all know how that goes... He's as much a prisoner now as he ever was... Fears of drive-bys replaced by IEDs and enemy snipers... In an environment as ripe with violence as the world he left behind... When he signed his life away on the dotted line... And gave away his innocent mind to be molded into a soldier... So he could fight the "Axis of Evil" and track down those mythical weapons of mass destruction... But the destruction of his mind and his sanity are seen as just a compromise of the times... And he's expected to just suck it up and be man... But the man who planned the course of action is still sitting in an office... Waiting for his limo to arrive so he can glad hand the people of a country so torn... By the images on the news that they change the
Random Talk
So I've been having a crappy week and the weekend isn't any better. It drives me nuts cuz it's like I can't have guy friends, without my other guy friends getting mad. Why do men have to be so jealous? I can flat out tell them I'm not interested in dating them, and they still get all pissy with me if I even so much go fishing with a group of people and there's even just ONE guy there. I'm sick and tired of men being stupid assholes around here where I live. I've finally put my foot down and said once they piss me off I'm done with them for good and that's how it's been going down. One guy called me a good for nothing whore saying I cheated on him...I mean seriosly, you can cheat on friends?? Even if he were a boyfriend, I've done NOTHING to cheat on him with. These guys just need to get over their jealous shit. I do have a boyfriend, and as much as they will hate it, they can deal with it or just screw off. I deserve much better friends than them. Anyway, to change subject, I got my 4
Random Thought!
The true measure of a man is when you are faced with a situation in which another person's life, or character is placed into your hands.. and you can either choose to accept it, and help that person without hessitation or conformaty. And help that person become more than they could have ever imagined. Or deny it, and choose to let that person fall by the waste side and slip into the blackness which will become their life, and that person will become bitter and selfish. Thats what I believe makes a man. That is all...... Thank you!
Random Thoughts...
I am finding life is one big series of conundrums. You make decisions, have questions, and provide answers, it is all part of the pathway of understanding but what do we need to understand? My guess is it is not the world we need to understand but rather ourselves. When you have a clear understanding of yourself, you tend to understand the people and things around you. You sympathize with them and when you sympathize, you have a connection of understanding. The question I have is, where are we headed and what is the point of all this? It is as if I am on a rollercoaster ride and I only have two questions. How the hell did I get on this thing and when is going to end? I would like to think that there is more to all this, something more than love and war, something more than random thoughts and random coincidences or are we just a bunch of balls colliding with each other. With no direction or path, no beginning or end? I seek clarity, clarity to understand the process. Is it sim
Random Impromptu Poetry.
Random crap written on the spur of a moment. If it makes no sense that's why. Yay for random on the spot impromptu poetry. All that surrounds me corrodes with tears I cry. Like a thousand years that pass us by We live, we breath, we die. We are jaded by all that we have done. Living our life, with no where to run Even with this common wall we put up to chance the fight. We aren't winning, instead we fall there's no one to help our plight. And all that weathers, that tears and age and all we hold to, are memories that fade. We cling to every semeblence of the norm but in reality we're waiting out the storm. To far, to far we fall. No one left to hear our call.
Random Offerings
Subject: Urine Test I received this email. It is an interesting take and I never thought about it in such a way. Urine Tests~ Like a lot of folks in this state I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test, with which I have no problem. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them?? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do on the other hand have a problem with helping someone sitting on their ass. Could you imagine how much money the government would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? Please pass this along if you agree or simply Delete if you don't. Hope you all will pass it along,
If your doctor said you were pregnant, what would you do? "FUCK!" Do you trust all of your friends? anyone who fits into the category "friends" is trusted. Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love? probably. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? yeah but fate only takes you so far. Name two things you would NOT tolerate in a relationship: lying (outright or omission) and cheating. Which one of your friends do you think would make the best doctor? uhmmm i have no idea. When was the last time you snuck out? in highschool Are you afraid of falling in love? the falling in love is always great..its the BEING in love and falling deeper that scares me. Is there someone who pops into your mind at random times? yep, a few. Would you stop talking to your friends because you hooked up with a new person? no way! NEVER again! (had a bf who didnt like my friends) When was the last time you flew in a plane? umm l
Randy The Rooster
This farmer has about 200 hens, but no rooster and he wants chicks. So, he goes down the road to the next farmer and asks if he has a rooster. The other farmer says, "Yeah, I've got this great rooster, named Randy; he'll service every chicken you've got. No problem." Well, Randy the rooster is a lot of money, but the farmer decides he'd be worth it. So, he buys Randy. The farmer takes Randy home and sets him down in the barnyard, giving the rooster a pep talk... "Randy, I want you to pace yourself now. You've got a lot of chickens to service here and you cost me a lot of money and I'll need you to do a good job. So, take your time and have some fun," the farmer said with a chuckle. Randy seemed to understand, so the farmer points towards the hen house and Randy took off like a shot ~WHAM~ He nails every hen on there THREE or FOUR times and the farmer is just shocked. Randy runs out of the hen house and sees a flock of geese down by the lake ~WHAM~ He gets all the
SOMETHING TO OFFEND EVERYONE What is a Yankee? The same as a quickie, but a guy can do it alone. What is the difference between a Harley and a Hoover? The position of the dirt bag. Why is divorce so expensive? Because it's worth it. What's the fluid capacity of Monica Lewinsky's mouth? One US leader. What do you see when the Pillsbury Dough Boy bends over? Doughnuts. Why is air a lot like sex? Because it's no big deal unless you're not getting any. What do you call a smart blonde? A golden retriever. What do attorneys use for birth control? Their personalities. What's the difference between a girlfriend and wife? 45 lbs. What's the difference between a boyfriend and husband? 45 minutes. What makes men chase women they have no intention of marrying? The same urge that makes dogs chase cars they have no intention of driving. A brunette, a blonde, and a redhead are all in third grade. Who has the biggest boobs? The blonde, because she's
Random Known & Unknown Facts About Me...
1. I wear my heart on my sleeve and when sum1 has it they have my whole world that am trying to trust them not to shatter... but has happened to me least twice in my life now sooo guess am use to it by now. 2. I may have a tough exterior at times but underneath is the softest of all hearts & bellies... I can be real fragile to say the least and you may not even be expecting that from me. 3 When I am at my quietest my mind is racing with thoughts... sometimes this is not good for you. 4. I live on my own in a home not far from my parents for now that I closed on back in October. I am sooo happy to be an adult and have a mortgage finally!! 5. Greece would be a place that'd I take a trip to right now. Get away for a month and off this continent away from stupid heartache. Go sailing & let hot greek guys hit on me. Smash a few plates on the floor while saying "Opah!!" & getting smashed myself off of some great Ouzo ;) 6. My younger sister passed away when she was 13. She h
Hey everyone this is my first Blog on here,yesterday i went into work and quite my job!!! which is totally out of character for me i had just had enough of it and don't really need it as im going back to University.I have saved up enough to keep me going ontop of my student load so fuck it lol have met someone really cool, they make me laugh and smile,she will probably read this sometime so if she does Hi sexy lol xxxx It's great to be able to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about going to work and beeing able to do what everyone else is doing when they are abck home for uni, which is go out and have a good time and get pissed, chill out in the sun and play footy and chill out in thepark with ya friends
Random Survey
Answer the questions below 1. What color is your underwear right now? Black thongs 2. What are you listening to right now? J hoilday- BED 3. what are the last 2 digits in your phone number? 84 4. What was the last thing you ate? crackers 5. If you were a crayon what color would you be? purple 6. How is the weather right now? sunny not to hot 7. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? my sister 8. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes, smile and lips 9. Favorite type of Food? italian 10. Do you drink? yes 11. Do you smoke? occasionally 12. Ever get so drunk you dont remember? yup 13.What color are your eyes?green, blue, grey u choose 15. Do you wear contacts? no 16. Single? yes 17. Favorite Month? october( B-day) and get to dress up 18. Ever cried for no reason? yeah 19. Last Movie you watched? the departed 20. Favorite day of the week? friday 21. Are you too shy to ask someone out? no not if im feeling him 22. Hugs or Kisses? both 2
75 Random Questions
75 Random Questions: Random Do you have any pets?Yes What color shirt are you wearing?Dark Blue Name three things that are physically close to you:a Dvd, cell phone,my Pink pen What is the last book you read?Kick-The life and times of Michael Hutchence Are you or were you a good student?Not really What's your favorite sport?Now,Football Do you enjoy sleeping late?um,CHYEAH! What's the weather like right now?Hot as hell Who tells the best jokes?Dane FUCKING Cook!!!!! What was the last thing you dreamed about?Don't remember Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?Yes,many times Do you believe in karma?YES Do you believe in luck?Yes Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?Scrambled Do you collect anything? If so, what?Anything INXS,Angels Are you proud of yourself?Yes Are you reliable?Yes Have you ever given money to a bum?Y
below are a few quotes from a few of the books ive read "It is even better to act quickly and err than to hesitate until the time of action is past" "It is ironical that in an age when we have prided ourselves on our progess in the intelligent care and teaching of our children we have at the same time put them at the mercy of new and most terrible weapons of destruction" "Go into emptiness,strike voids,bypass what he defends,hit him where he does not expect you" "It is easy to be brave behind a castle wall" "All ambitions are lawful except those which climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind" "goodness without wisdom always accomplishes evil" "the brave man inattentive to his duty is worth little more to his country than the coward who deserts her in the hour of danger"
Random Memories
Random Memories By: MHG a.k.a.Proud mary "Hi Baby….i missed you today." he greeted. "I missed you too…." she replied,trying not to sound so into him.. but her hands were shaking…he always had this effect on her and he was too oblivious about it. "Have I told you that I love you today?" He asked…as he would always. "No you havent told me that yet today." she replied excitedly, like a high school girl.. its amazing how this frequent question can still bring butterflies in her stomach. "I am IN love with you…" he instantly replied it was a routine...this sweet exchange of conversation. "Awwww…nice!I love you too." was her heartfelt reply.... The emotions were so raw, so compact and so strong, her heart was pounding, the longing was so intense it was driving her insane, she was so glad He couldnt see the tears that started streaming down her cheeks ..thank God she didnt turn her cam on. "I love you more.." he quickly added. Silently she pra
Random Writing.....i Was Bored...
As I sit here alone, he wanders in my thoughts. A rememberance of a love that I found. Wanting him near, wanting him close, closing my eyes, feeling his touch, his caress, his arms strong, safe, and comforting, holding me close..never to let me go. Does he know how I feel, should I tell him or just let it go? He holds my heart in the palm of his hand, does he know? Would he keep it under lock and key, or simply stomp on it and walk away? If he only knew how I felt...would he be scared and run away or stay and break down the walls that around my heart? I want his heart, I want it all, a life, a best friend, a love that will last. I want to hold his heart in the palm of my hand just as he does mine, safe, secure, under lock and key. Will he ever believe in me? A promise to love him forever, to never let him go, just one chance to make him mine forever. As I sit here alone he still wanders in my thoughts, and in my thoughts is where he will be. A rememberance of a love that I found. Only
Random Survey Say's (moved Blog)
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Mel (Just Mel) Christine Anderson- Guthrie Birthday: Feb 24th Birthplace: Bremerton Wa. Current Location: Earth Eye Color: Green Hair Color: umm this month/ irish red and black streaked Height: 5'4- ish Right Handed or Left Handed: ambidextrious- Righty primarily Your Heritage: Alaskan native norwegian italian romani irish The Shoes You Wore Today: Sketchers Your Weakness: Starbucks- a place right behind my ear Your Fears: Flying in big planes- Bridges, falling through street grates,elevators- fire ants Your Perfect Pizza: Hawaiian Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Moving home to seattle Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: lol Thoughts First Waking Up: fuck (not in the good sense haha) Your Best Physical Feature: my eyes Your Bedtime: anytime in the wee hours of the morning Your Most Missed Memory: what? Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi MacDonalds or Burger King: neither Single or Group Dates: single Lipton Ice
50 Random Questions
1.Are you smiling? Yes...Stupid people amuse me :D 2. Have you ever kissed anyone named Josh? Yes.. 3. What is irritating you now? Lots of things actually.. 4. When did you last eat pizza? Hmmm...About a month ago... 5. Have you ever been camping? Yes and it sucked ass :) 6. Ever had a near death experiance? Ummmm .... Yes alot actually..I should be dead already.. 7. Are you any good at poker? Poker is ghey :) 8. What do you want? A 3 legged puppy? 9. Are you tired? Yes of these fkin stupid questions :) 10. Do you like anyone? Yes... 11. Can you play the piano? No... 12. Do you ever throw up? If i get drunk enough LMAO! 13. Do you pee in public? Always..I like to squat behind trees..ROFL! 14. Do you enjoy piercings and tattoos? Fuk yeah .. they turn me on ... 15. Taco Bell or McDonald's? Subway? 16. Last thing you said?? Fuck off.. 17. What are you wearing? NOTHING!!!! =x 18. How many abercrombie shirts do you own? 3 lmao.. 19. Are
Random Thought For The Day..
66 Just 3 away from 69. It means you lick each other's belly buttons. lol Maybe it could be the mormon 69.
Random Questions Your Friends Need To Know
**IMPORTANT QUESTIONS**1. Do you have any pets?Yes2. Do you believe in karma?oh Yes3. Any tattoos are piercing?Yes4. Who do you know tells the best jokes?Dane Cook,yes I know him5. Have you ever given money to a bum?Yes6. In your opinion, what has been the best invention?Tivo7. What is the dumbest invention?Chia pets8. Is your room messy?a little9. What is the worst injury you ever had?Multiple injuries-car wreck10. What movie do you know all the lines to?The Rock11. What is the last movie you saw?Transformers12. How many times a month do you go to the movies?a couple usually13. What is your favorite animal?cheetah14. What color are your bed sheets?white silk15. Is your hair naturally straight or curly?pretty straight16. What is the video game that you kick ass at?I love pinball actually17. If you could punch one person who would it be?Mmmmm can't say here18. Do you watch cartoons?no19. Do you like Starbucks—or do you think it's just overpriced?I love it20. What is your favorite smell?
Random Facts!
A shrimp's heart is in its head. The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language. Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over a million descendants. Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times. If the government has no knowledge of aliens, then why does Title 14,Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented on July 16 1969, make it illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles? In every episod e of Seinfeld there is a Superman somewhere A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why. 23% of all photocopier faults world-wide are caused by people sitting on them and photocopying their butts. Most lipstick contains fish scales. Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different. If you sneeze t
As the sun rises in the east, the dawn seems so radiant and tepid that I couldn't help myself pondering upon the things I have complete in my life-time and the things I haven't finish yet. Alas, the censured intuitions I had been holding within myself upon those things and people I have past by through out the years of my existence. As I amble through my front door into the forest's midst. I can cognizance of the birds chanting their enchanting morning songs through out the forest and I can also behold the creatures of the forest are all about. The chipmunks with their little ones are gathering food for the winter. The squirrels are gamboling around the banks of the steam at the edge of the forest. The rabbits are shaping their new homes for winter while the foxes are just washing themselves. How this day is so grand and lovely to be in the forest next to nature's finest inhabitants and it's splendid to be live with these wonderful creatures. As I thought that to myself and as I start
I have been finding myself nore and more disallusioned with the whole points rank race on here. I am doome spending noney on blast to have people who really dont give 2 hoots to rate me etc.. to be deleted when i am not here to listen to their every perverted shout and or fu mail. So I am here to officially surrender my redneck crown. Delete me if you will.. i know the good ones will stay. Ad for my recent hit and miss interactions via the web. I can only say sorry and let you knwo it has been due to a lack of motivation to deal with all the fu crap. I have 3 kids and a rocky marriage to deal with.. a house and yard full of chores. Dr apptns. cub scouts.. pta... church , yes you heard me church, and a whole slew of other things to keep me occupied. On another note.. i am going to try to take this blogging thing a bit more seriously.. no more silly posts.. if i have nothing to say.. i wont be posting. PART 2.. new blog My weekend has been draining. i spent close to 6 hours,,
Random Idea...
Here's a random idea I had that of course Baby Jesus will never entertain. Mostly everyone knows that top level is 25 and it's Godfather, but I got to thinking. Why not make it so that once you reach a certain level, you can write your own title in there? Instead of just being the same as everyone else so to speak. And besides, is it really logical to have women as Godfathers too? No, not at all... I thought you'd see it my way! >;)~
Random Musing
Live for the moment, because you're not guaranteed another one.
Random Thought For The Day..
I wouldn't give you the time of day either!! I'd just say " Bedtime. " lol.
Random Writings
Ok, I wrote these around 4am while at the hospital with my grandmother. Not sure how to put the order of it, so I'll just jot it here. Humans, insects and animals Peachy flowers, white clouds & beach sands So many things that are phenomenal Beautiful creations from God's hands Each day is a brand new start To let go of grudges, and what once was We reach deep into our hearts Accepting the here & now and what is to come God has a plan No matter what we want it to be For every woman, child and man That only He can see When the time is right We will be hit with the Holy Spirit's rays Our souls will take flight And we'll sit beside God for the rest of our days
Random Writings
Ok, I wrote these around 4am while at the hospital with my grandmother. Not sure how to put the order of it, so I'll just jot it here. Humans, insects and animals Peachy flowers, white clouds & beach sands So many things that are phenomenal Beautiful creations from God's hands Each day is a brand new start To let go of grudges, and what once was We reach deep into our hearts Accepting the here & now and what is to come God has a plan No matter what we want it to be For every woman, child and man That only He can see When the time is right We will be hit with the Holy Spirit's rays Our souls will take flight And we'll sit beside God for the rest of our days
1. I’ll respond with something random about you 2. I’ll challenge you to try something 3. I’ll pick a color that I associate with you 4. I’ll tell you something I like about you 5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you 6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of 7. I’ll ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you 8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours. Yes, people, the blog police will get you unless you do (hence the rubber hoses)
Random Page Visits
Sory if I offended anyone by visiting your page. When I was on a few pages I just randomly checked out some of thier friends.
Random Thoughts
Why did you have to touch me that way, And whisper those things in my ear, Why couldn't it have lasted just one more day, I wanted you so bad, did I make that clear, Do you miss me now in any little way, Think back on my lips and my smile, Did you want it to last just one more day, Or was it ok to last that little while, So many things I would like to know, Break into your head and drink, Open up for me and just let it flow, Give me all the thoughts that you think, It drove me crazy then, and drives me crazy now, You were so complicated in every way, I wonder who, when, why, most important how, In my mind I go back to those days, Thinking of your hands on me, It fills me with a familiar heat, With my back pushed against the door, And now....Your so far from me. I can feel you still on my skin, but not like its supposed to be!
Random Poetry
Broken Heart There's a hole in your heart you can not fill, There's a pain throughout your body you can not heal. Your mind, it runs, in a million different ways, Scattered, torn thoughts, throughout your brain. In this world you feel you're all alone, No one to talk to, no where to go. You feel it's your fault that they are gone, You wish you could change what exactly went on. You confide in someone whom you think cares, But they ignore you and act like you're not even there. You try to overcome these emotions, but nothing seems to work, Every time you think about it, the tears well up and hurt. You begin to deal with the pain quite well, Just when your heart starts to heal, you begin those thoughts, And return to Hell. You realize there is nothing you can do, You must wait, despite the pain, your dreams you must pursue. Your life can not be put on hold because of these tears, Sooner or later, you'll look back and wonder, "Where are the years?" The
Random Things
Love...when you love someone you can tell but when your IN love everyone else can tell. Ok so theres this thing called retarded-ness well me and my girls we gone PRO! Love is giving someone the power to break your heart but trusting them not to. Save a horse ride a cowboy. We're all the same color when you turn out the light. The truth is you dont know what is going to happen tomorrow. life is a crazy ride, and nothin is guaranteed. -Eminem Live everyday to the fullest!
I would always think if i wrote something and got it out, things would get better. But somehow its not this time. Its starting to frusterate me. What else can i do to block out this depression? Somedays are easier then others......I hate sensitive today. I read a letter from my ex husband, it made me cry. I listen to 3 songs on my page, it made me cry, i saw my brother it made me cry...( im sooooo kidding on that last one.) I don't want to feel this weight of depression. It cramps me in a box, with wall i cannot break. Im tired of people who are so FAKE it makes me sick stand in my way. Its so hard to break these chains that the world has seem to put on me....I cannot even begin to think about.......well....anyways......uhm, .......go with me on this one.... Have you just sat somewhere, not really secluded, but away from everyone? I have my perfect spot. I live right on the river in my town, and of course the river is empty. I sit on the bank in between two
Random Thoughts Flowing Through My Mind
I love when you touch me,hold me and kiss me. I have this feeling inside which is a magnificent feeling that nobody but myself feels inside my body that i have for you. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ written by Raina aka kinky lil sex kitten *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Random Thoughts
I wish people had the ability to say what they feel, and feel what they say. I can't stand ignorance. I've found that a slow, passionate kiss is far more appealing and arousing than just about anything that usually follows it. I have done things I'm not proud of, and yet I regret nothing. I have come in second where I wanted so badly to be first. I believe nothing is impossible, only improbable. I believe love is the greatest achievement of all, but remember that love comes in many forms. I give more than I receive to people that don't deserve it, and not enough to people that do, but that's going to change. I think laughter is real magic, but most of all I am just like you...searching for something...I'm tired of being used and treated badly by people who don't deserve me. No excuses
humm what to say what to say, i post blogs almost all the time on my other sight, any whoot..... hummm jsut board, and sad, i dont know why, well i do i jsut hate feeling like this im sick, and tired, of being sick, and tired lol...... life is such a bitch i swear one moment ur happy, and in love, and the nexts ur depressed, and alone argh, ill get over it, jsut gotta move on some way or another, ogh well who cares any ways, its jsut one lill crush, and girlfriend, wich i can get another...... sometimes i hate falling cuase i kinda fall fast, and hard, not all the time jsut depends on what the person is, and personality, and eyes, anf yadda yadda but she really cough my eye, and i do care for her...... hum at least we still friends, i miss her argh....... humm jsut rambling on getting it all out...... ppl can suck sometimes thinkign they are ur freinds,a nd then ripp u off GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR go through alot of friends now a days humm thats life i guess
Random Bitching
Ok, how do I feel tonight? Well, I feel like doing some random fucking nsfw bitching. You may think it's funny/ not funny I don't give a fuck. Believe it or not, I didn't want to see your cock I wanted to see your face. I know that you didn't understand this and that's why you have five pictures of your face and two whole albums dedicated to different angles of your cock. It also validates my suspicion that you were lying when you told me sex wasn't the most important thing in a relationship. Next.. if you realize I don't respond when you keep shouting at me, stop shouting at me, it's obvious I'm talking to someone else. It IS possible. Pick another girl on your friends list to stalk. Next.. (I got some serious rage) Stop asking women if size matters. It matters enough that there are no women with you. Read the fucking sign and get a clue. Next.. (wow) Don't tell me you want to be my friend, yet ask for a nsfw pic without reading my poetry. Words don't compare to action
Random Again
Random Thoughts On Life
I wrote this awhile ago, but I guess I neglected to put in on this website lol. A concept was put to me that left me perplexed. After two nights of deep thought and some insomnia, my mind has come up with the following conclusion... To become well rounded, fully functional individuals once must start with changes beginning on ones inward state of mind. What does this mean? One must find happiness within oneself. A complex notation, I concur for it was not readily understandable to me at first. Just stay with me here for a moment as I break this down as such, which can be easily understood... I think it can be agreed upon that one cannot become fully functional unless they have achieved a happy state of mind. Yes? Simply put, the biggest step to be made is to become truly happy. I find that one cannot be truly happy with life, unless they first become truly happy with ones self. How can one go about this incredible task? I have come up with this: Fir
Random Thing
You are not going to be my first, my last, or my only. I've loved before, I will love again, but if I love you now what else matters? I'm not perfect. You arent either, and the two of us will never be perfect. But, if I can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and admits to being human and making mistakes, hold on to me and give me the most you can. I am not going to quote poetry, I am not thinking about you every moment, but I will give you a part of me that I know you could break. Dont hurt me,dont change me, dont expect more than I can give. Dont analyze. Smile when I makes you happy, yell when I makes you mad, and miss me when I'm not there. Love is hard when there is love to be had.
Random Words I Like
You are someone who tries thier best to look forward to a new day...and yet you find yourself being buried further into the darkness. when all you wanted is to be embraced by the light...may you find your peace with in yourself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Love is always bestowed as a gift. Freely, Wellingly, and without expectations.we dont love to be loved,We love to love. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ my bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love is a deep;The more i give to thee the more i have, For both are infinite. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If i go away what would still remain of me? The ghost within your eyes? The whisper in your sighs? you see....Believe and im always there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You will never know true happiness until you have truely loved. And you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost it.
Random Thought
you know whats hard? being the right guy not possible everything you do something will go wrong something will bug her something will push her away and there is nothing you can do to change it you can try you can make yourself different but in the end it doesnt work in the end you just end up failing i want to be that guy who doesnt i want to be the guy who wakes up tyo take care of the baby who takes the kids to the park to play ball does the dishes laundry cooks cleans and does everything so my girl can be happy and relax when she gots home from work or school or something if she decides if she wants to be a stay at home mom all the better for her she is happy and thats all that matters to me i want to be the guy that shows her love unconditionally i just dont know if she wants to be with me all i know is that i like her and want to show her the world and a side of guys that she has never seen bc the guys before me have all been asses i dont know maybe soon she
Random Question's From The Heart!
Is it wrong for wanting the person you fell in love with to respect you? Is it wrong for wanting them to love you back equally? Was it wright to stay for so long when it went all wrong? Was it wrong for trying so hard for so long? Is it wrong to walk away when nothing has changed and your a little scared? Is it wrong to start standing up for yourself and your kids? Is it wrong to start being strong for yourself and your kids? IS IT WRONG TO TRY AND BE HAPPY NOW?
Random Thoughts..not Lookin 4 Approval Fuck U If U Dont Approve
its almost 5 am and i have alot on my mind so ill put them here and perhaps make some conclusions along the way. i always seem to fall for the wrong men the ones who later hurt me on a level i didnt think man could hurt its fellow man (or in this case woman) yet they do and once again im left with another mistake made and another situation i could have avoided had i just thought before acting. what is it about me that leads me to fall for scrubs? lowlife men who only think about themselves and never anyone else? why do i always blame myself for the actions of others, i seem to think im supposed to be able to foresee problems in my own life not just the lives of others yet i never do and i get blindsided each and every time. people think that because im tall and because i defend others that im beyond hurt..if that were true then this would indeed be a perfect world. i get so sick and tired of being there for everyone else and yet when i need a shoulder or an ear the peopl
Random Thoughts
I think that it would be so cool if the FUBAR site allowed users to purchase more rates either 10s or 11s that way during a happy hour more rates could be given out, as for me I always try to return the rates, drinks, comments of everyone that stops by my page and sometimes I run out of 11s before I can show the appreciation of those who care enough to stop by and check out my page. I tried to post this in a bulletin but only had one friend repost which is kind of sad since I have 1400 people on my friend’s list but very rarely does anyone repost anything I post or when I ask for help for other friends there are only a select few who are my true friends that actually re-post bulletins or help other friends out. But anyways here is the reasoning behind why I believe it would be a good idea to allow the members of FUBAR to purchase more rates either with their FUBAR bucks or have it like a happy hour, ticker, blast; reasons 1. Help support the site and keep it going. 2. This would make
Random, Paranoied, Schezophrenic, Insanity
Paranoia instigating no hold on it's propagating! The downfall of my sanity, or has been heredetary. Actually that has nothing to do with what I have to always live with. I am here, I am there, I am everywhere! Who said that? I don't know, but I can't seem to find me. I have looked, I have ran, I have walked, and I have crawled. But always I seem to stumble and fall. Paranoia Schzophrinia, are you still able to follow this insacious oblivous rambling? If so than maybe you too have succumbed to the will of insanity. If that may be than maybe you too can sing along with me. La la dee la la doo. Who the hell are you? Are you ghost of Christmas past? No! you're crazy just like me so let us do the Demon Dance! Dance in fire, dance on ice. We'll dance on the backs of demons tonight! I can fly, I can fly. No I can't, I'm going to die. This will not happen, this can not be. Surely you will come and save me? Or will you too jump with glee.
Random Facts About Me ...
Some random facts about me: * Of all the senses, SCENT is most important to me. I LOVE the smell of things {ok, SOME things! LOL} I absolutely LOVE ths smell of garden roses, a fresh baked pie, a man/woman who smells nice, etc etc. SCENT is important to me. * I was born a Cali girl and ended up a Southern Bell. But I have lived all over the USA and even outside the US in England. * I'm not short ... I'm vertically challenged! * I HATE being broke! * I LOVE to shop! but before you pass judgement, it's usually always for other people. I love to make the people I love happy! * I'm the most genuine, kind, and giving person there is. But I'm also bossy, bitchy, and anti-social at times too. * I LOVE shoes!!! * I love flowers! Most all flowers. I love gardens too.. and gardening. I've seen some of the most amazing gardens..from victorian to zen/asian gardens. Each one with its own distinct beauty. I love making wherever I live my own beautiful garden! * I
Random Bullshit
Alrighty, well, recently, things have been kinda BLEH... nothing major exciting... same stuff different day ya know?? Last night I couldn't sleep.... My stomach hurt... stupid milk... but anyways, i was up pretty late, just thinking about random little things.... like, I miss attention... ya know, when you're dating someone, or with someone, and they give you all this attention? like, the world evolves around you? I miss that... I miss the emotional AND physical attention. And i'm not talking about sex. Jesus, sex is easy to get... I'm a chick... it's like, sex practically falls in my lap... I'm talking about cute things, like, ROMANCE, and LOVE... Things I'm convinced don't exist... Its what makes me miss Lindon... not so much HIM per se, as the relationship itself... Him I can do without... I miss the affection. I miss knowing I'm loved... I miss knowing someone was thinking of me. ANd not just in sexual ways... cuz god knows I've got a million and a half pervs wanting to fuck me
Randomness, Pokemon, Weird Noises And Shiny Things
I was bored. Lemme alone, mmkay? -I'm totally scared of hitting a butterfly with my car. If I did, I would probably cry. -I like to pretend I'm very ditzy, but I'm really not. -I really do love shiny things. -I detest sexism, chauvinism, racism, bigotry, and homophobism. -I'm stronger then a 6' 200+ lb man I work with. -I want to learn how to pole dance for no reason other then I think it would be a great way to work out. That and it would make an interesting introduction. -I'm insanely high-strung and easily startled. -I totally love HardNox. I want to see them live someday. -I have a really hot ass. -I actually like some country. -I really want a cat, so I can torture it with a laser. -I think I have a light-magnet in my eyes, because I always end up shining lights in my eyes. -Chocolate is my crack. -I like making weird noises at 3 am when I'm downstacking a pallet at work. -I detest it when people use poor grammar and spelling online, ye
Random Shyt...
life's been busy, my kids back in school, summers over, the trees are starting to turn colors, winters comin' quick, things happen that make you stop and think about life real life, people you meet, friends you make, things you see and do every day, its all about choices the choices you make define the person you are, fubar is fun you can be whatever you want to be,, nobody knows but you,,, BUT... is it really you??? you can say anything you want to whoever you want, you can pretend because nobody sees and knows the "real" you but,, is that being true to yourself??? you may have alot of "friends", but can you truly say they are friends?? do you really know them on that level?? do you really care what happens to them in real life?? do they really care about your real life?? or are they just numbers on a web site that add up to you being "popular" it sucks when you think you know someone and they turn out to be a different person when you pu
Random Condom Facts
There are approximately 100 million acts of sexual intercourse each day. The sperm count of an average American male compared to thirty years ago is down thirty percent. An adult esophagus can range from 10 to 14 inches in length and is one inch in diameter. Men sweat more than women. This is because women can better regulate the amount of water they lose. The average amount of time spent kissing for a person in a lifetime is 20,160 minutes. The average adult has approximately six pounds of skin. Infants spend more time dreaming than adults do. In one day, adult lungs move about 10,000 liters of air. The condom made originally of linen was invented in the early 1500's. Casanova, the womanizer, used linen condoms. Sex burns about 70-120 calories for a 130 pound woman, and 77 to 155 calories for a 170 pound man every hour. Impotence is grounds for divorce in 26 U.S. states. There are approximately 45 billion fat cells in an average adult. Kissing can a
Random Info
Starting Time: 11:08pm Name: Aurelia Shoe size: 8.5 Height: 5'3 What are you wearing? Green mini dress Favorite Number: 7 Favorite Drink: "Ocean Water" from SONIC Favorite Month: October Favorite Breakfast: "All-Star Special" @ Waffle House **Have You Ever** Broken a bone: Knuckles and tailbone Been in a police car: No Been on a boat? Yesssir Swam in the ocean and surfed?: Swam not surfed. Fallen asleep in school: Pfft! Still do Cried when someone died: No brainer **Ever Had** Chicken pox: 8 times! Sore throat: Right now, yes Stitches: Thank God, no Broken nose: Nope **Do You** Like cake? Yesss! Like school? I love school! **Questions** Who was the last person you danced with? Shaun **Who** Who did you last yell at: My poor doggy :( **Questions** What are you listening to right now? tv in the background. **Today did you** 1. Talk to someone you like? No. Been sick. 2. Get sick? See above.
Random Thought
Last night while I was at work I had a random thought and *gasp* wait for it...... IT WASNT ABOUT SEX!!! :) Anyway, a few years ago I was very active in church. I was even a Sunday school teacher. *waits for the laughing to stop* Well, I began to have doubts and questions and thought what better person to ask then my pastor. When I approached him with my questions he looks me dead in the eyes and tells me I'm going to Hell becuase I questioning the bible and God. Well of course this pisses me off and I quit church and no longer believe in God. The random thought I had last night was this, I find it easier to tell people I don't believe in God then when I was active in church and believed. Any clues or insight as to why this is?
Random Funnies
I was sitting in the park the other day, wondering why frisbees get bigger and bigger as they come towards you....and then it hit me. #1 pickup line of all time: "Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you? I heard about this guy who broke into a lion's den at the zoo and got mauled. People were talking about how there should have been better defences put up to prevent people getting into the cage. A friend of mine suggested setting up some kind of deterrent.. For example, putting some sort of fierce animal in the cage, which would attack anybody who climbed in.... If my calculations are correct, and I think they are, SLINKY + ESCULATOR = EVERLASTING FUN Online dating...the rule: "Attractive, single, mentally stable: choose two" I had my portable CD player, and took it in the bathroom with me while I went to pee. And the second I whipped my penis out, the theme song to 'Rocky' started playing. I've never felt more manly than in that moment. In a perfect world..
Random Updates
A few things: My cousin is 7 weeks pregnant. Her first baby. Congrats girl. I am working all the time. That is why I have no time to leave comments on friends' profiles. In fact I have to work the entire weekend until Tuesday night. I found the wedding dress of my dreams yesterday at David's Bridal. I must get with my mom to see this dress. I know she will absolutely love it. Sorry I can't post the dress. My fiance would see it and not be surprised. Bad luck. One of my friends is waiting for her second baby to be born. I hope I don't miss it, but I might because of work. Congrats to you Rachel. I know you feel bad right now and can't wait to get him out. lol. I am very much in love with my fiance. We have been living together 5 months now. Wow. Finally getting used to that. Wonder if marriage is going to be any different. Hmmm. Maybe/maybe not. Time for bed now folks. Muahhh. Have a great day.
69 Random Questions I Was Asked
Here goes these 69 QUESTIONS 1. Initials: A.R.F. 2. Name someone with the same birthday as you: david 3. Favorite fruit? cherry 4. For or against same sex marriage? for it we should all do what makes us happy 5. Are you allergic to anything? avocados and bees 6. Are you bisexual? i broke up with my girlfriend and started sticking with guys 7. Have you ever slept in someone elses clothes? many times 8. How many U.S states have you been to? oh wow.... several 9. How many of the U.S states have you lived in? 2 10. Have you ever lived outside the U.S? nope, not really 11. Name something physical you like about yourself? my hands 12. Somethnig non-physical you like about yourself? my attitude 13. Do you have any pets? i am the proud owner of a dogs bottom 14. What is your dream car? 65 jag 15. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? rome 16. Are you bipolar? no that i know of, ??? im confused about this one
Random Trip
Just another day, another dollar. Everything is happening just like it has yesterday. Its almost time, the next stop is the one. I try not to look to eagre as the doors open. The crowd enters the car, and there she is: gorgeous as always. Her brown hair hangs down to her soulders, begging me to pull it; her breasts strain against the fabric of her shirt, begging for realease. She's wearing a short skirt today, the hint of her ass cheeks poking past the hem from my point of view. I want her so badly, and I decide: today is the day. I stand up, moving behind her, grabbing a rung as the train jerks into motion. I use the excuse of the sudden start to lean against her, breathing in the scent of her perfume. My eyes glance down, following the curve of her breast as it disappears down her blouse, the fabric covering up the globes of my desire. I close my eyes and imagine running my hands over your breasts, circling your nipples with my fingers, pulling them as we breathe deeply in the night.
So anyway, i went to sleep at like 10 last night... i was up at like 1am friday morning :p , what a way to kill your own friday night, lol.. i meant to go back to sleep but ended up talkin to people on here... tonight i have to go out though, whether tyr likes it or not, he had his 21st this week and i'll be damned if we're going to stay in all weekend after that... well unless it's all in the bedroom, which it obviously isn't since i'm sitting here typing this lol... so anyway, that's my weekend so far... lol... how's yours??? Sin
Random Thought
I hate my ex.. Iwanna movbe to Hell, Michigan and be mayor. Just so next time he tells me to go to hell for *GASP!* making him follow court orders I can say "GO? Ive been there done that & run it now bitch" bwahah! Ok no really my thought for the day is me + 3 cups of cappuchino= comic relief for all Whee! I'm a bit hyper.. hit me up if you wanna chat I will be her epretty mcuh all day MWAH!
Randy Bachman: Prairie Town
ok well welcome to my Random rantings & thoughts ... What should I type here? I don't know I want to brag about my grandkids!!! Yeah that is what I will start with well wait first I will tell you I have 4 grandbabies well that isn't right either 3 grandbabies & one big girl She is 7, She is the apple of my eye, & the other 3 are babies yet one is 1 and the other two are twins & are only 1 1/2 months old. Ok that I need to stop or I will gush about these kids way too long... next My intrests are animals,Bikes I have a great man in my life He is the love of my life. speaking of animals I have two cats Both look like Maine Coons Right now they are playing together in the laundry basket They are father & Daughter.That is so cool you don't usually have a father & daughter play together But I do ... But I have a way with animals just ask anyone that knows me & they will tell you so... Just look at the guys I have dated...LOL just teasing sweetheart...Although you are an animal in bed..
Anything illogical you say is irrelevant to me. My mind is my own church. REL
A Random Yahoo Convo.....
I had a "Fuck Love" image as my current yahoo messenger avatar and this one dude whos been on my yahoo for like 3 yrs now randomly pops up every now and then to speak to me whether it¡¦s commenting on my avatar or just to say hi ..well this time it was an interesting one.... him (9/21/2007 8:06:13 PM): love is gay him (9/21/2007 8:06:15 PM): it dont exsist thikkkness (9/21/2007 8:06:23 PM): i agree him (9/21/2007 8:06:24 PM): endorphins in the brain...making you think its love thikkkness (9/21/2007 8:06:30 PM): lol him (9/21/2007 8:06:35 PM): its just a deep lost and the need of SOMEONE THERE him (9/21/2007 8:06:40 PM): nothing more him (9/21/2007 8:06:50 PM): how the hell are ya? :D thikkkness (9/21/2007 8:07:00 PM): lol fine now! :D him (9/21/2007 8:07:06 PM): :P him (9/21/2007 8:07:08 PM): whats new him (9/21/2007 8:07:11 PM): watcha been up to? thikkkness (9/21/2007 8:07:17 PM): work thikkkness (9/21/2007 8:07:18 PM): kids thikkkness (9/21/2007 8:07:20 PM): thats i
Random Prose
It's not that I'm dreaming (I am) It's not that I'm wishing (I can) It's not that I miss you (as such) It's not that I need you (too Much) It's not that I want you (I do) It's not that I love you (I could) I want to share a kiss, stay like this, feel like this, pray like this, touch like this, ache like this, please like this, take like this, breathe like this, give like this, need like this, live like this. I want to lose myself in you, sink into your skin, draw you in, clutch at your breast, pass your test, but do you frighten me? Nay. I'm scared to death that you'll be my downfall, my final breath, so don't let me discover your beauty within, just stop me, just end it, before love can begin.
What song has captured your mind lately? What TV show do you catch regularly? What book really has lately engaged you? What movie do you find yourself re-watching? Has someone in your life become a new and surprising friend? Is there a book/film/piece of music from your childhood you still have? What is something that is over-rated lately? What is the best kept secret in music you NEED to share? What comfort food has been important to you of late? What place is your hiding place? Do you collect anything? If so what? What is a weekly ritual for you? What beverage is a daily consumable for you? What store or shop do you frequent the most? Are you a creature of habit? What is your favorite animal? Who is your favorite actress/actor? Are you obsessed with pink?
What is your Zodiac Sign? What makes you feel like a kid again? What is your weakness? What candle scent is your favorite? What is your nationality? What kind of music do you dislike most? What sport do you dislike most? What is your favorite drink? Are you a good kisser? Can you cook? Do you go out with your friends often? What was your favorite toy as a kid? Whats your favorite movie? Last time you were in trouble? Whats your favorite sports team? What kind of phone do you have? Have you ever been to a strip club? Whats in your CD player? Are your toenails painted? What was your 1st alcoholic beverage? Do you have a crush on anyone? Have you ever been on an airplane? Whats in your shower? Do you have an Ipod? Mac or PC? Are you getting along with your parents? Do you wear jewelery? First thing you think when you wake up? Have you ever gone scuba diving? Whats on your feet right now? Whats your dream car? When is the last t
Ok so I'm still new to this stuff and I wanted to try out the blog section lol. So I think it is SO funny how guess low self esteem people will announce EVERYTHING they are doing...I think its hilarious, it makes me feel like changing my status to...going to wipe my ass after I take a shit..... ahhh how relieving that is....I feel better now :) Thanks for checkin' out my first blog. xoxo
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A Random 'spam'
this made me shudder..... sanchristo...: hi, i am 30 m from germany. i get turned on, when i am wearing button down shirts, rubber pants or my selfmade plastic wear. i wanna show my fetishism to other people
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Random Mornin Thoughts
Hey all... after a good 12 hours sleep or so, during which i think i only woke up once (thank god, i'd been sleeping in 2-3 hour intervals for two days) i figured i'd actually come say hi :p again thanks to all of you that had the respect to stay out of my family shit :p and to ghost for the vip /hugs for those that don't know, my birthday is coming up this friday YAY :p i should have more pics up this week once i'm sure everything is truly set with albums and i can get my family ones reuploaded :p anyhow, i'll be in and out most of the day so feel free to stop by and say hi ;) all of the friend albums that were up are still up and unlocked, so take a look if you're one of the ones that was afraid to do so yesterday (yes, i was on a rampage, lol) i'm gonna be reorganizing soon to condense albums so there's not such a long string of them, things like the blue sin, body parts, et cetera that are mixed sfw and nsfw will be put together in a mixed album so i can create fi
if any of my family wants to have fubar id's made or want wanted posters and pics blended together or want anything done to your pics please send me a private message with what you would like to have and ill make for you, if i cant make it ill let you know and we can decide on something else. hope to hear from you all :D
Random? Acts Of Stupidity
This will prolly be an on running thing I keep adding too beings shit seems to happen all the time. I'll just start with the more recent. I figure two things might come out of this. First someone might get a laugh. Second someone might realize they are a dumbass and might become aware of what they are doing in public. HA! SUV Driver Ya know a good buddy said to the effect that "people lose IQ points when they drive an SUV" and I always agreed. And here's further proof. I went yesterday (10/04/07) to K-mart for some good ole toothpaste. Should have been a very easy trip. Well as I'm progressing through the parking lot I've got some broad driving a Lincoln Navigator coming at me. (shared throughway) I moved further to the right, near as I could to the parked cars. Which wasn't good enough for this fucking cunt. She still had to swerve around me, and I think she was trying to bitch me out but I couldn't tell, I was hypnotized by the rolls of chins slapping up and down.
Random Musings - Mark Mcmorris Inspired
Roses bloom in endless blood-red petals Like lovers blush and twice as real Bluer then early dawn Dawn on the new beginning Changing with ticking beats of musical time The loudest noise in the world Roaring waves cry out innocence Washing away mans black unseen sin on the sand That keeps returning changing Seasons change Fall to Winter The colors turn bright white like looking into a flashlight Blinding into springs riot The riot of emotions blooming within My heart that is still in love with the land Which comes to life each season Light dawns murky on the chilled petals Warming them to dawn open themselves Red-pink new and fresh The lips of my land Bloom in the Spring and Fall To remind me of my lover land
Random Jim Thoughts ...placed Upon Paper
When the Doors of Perception are cleansed ...things will appear how they truly are... I hope you go out smiling like a child under the cool remnant of a dream ... The Angel man finally claimed his benevolent soul Ophelia leave sun and silk ..chlorine dream ..the mans stifled witness We are reaching for death on the end of a candle .. We're trying for something that's already found us ... They are waiting to take us into the severed garden you know how pale and un'wantin and thrill full comes death at a strange hour ..unannounced ,unplanned for .. Like a scary over friendly guest you've brought to bed Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as ravens claws No more money no more fancy dress this other kingdom seems by far the best until it's other jaw reveals incest and lose obedience to a vegetable lie ...I will not go....but for a fest of friends to the giant end
Random Q&a
5 Things you can do with a brick: 1. Paperweight 2. Doorstop 3. Bookend 4. "pet" brick (hey, people do it with rocks) 5. Knock someone the hell out lol I want to learn how to: play guitar If you had to be stranded on a desert island with an infamous criminal (dead or alive) who would it be? Martha Stewart (haha) Barney the purple dinosaur vs a velociraptor... who would win? Barney of course... he'd annoy the poor raptor to death with his singing! How do you throw away a garbage can? In our neighbourhood? Leave it outside for a little while, someone will take it lol If President Bush was a type of food, what food would he be? Is syrup of ipecac a food? Favorite kind of apples: Macintosh Christmas is: an excuse for stores to change their decor Random "me" fact: I sing at random moments, even in public lol Current job: caregiver to an autistic child Kinky things you like: Handcuffs, biting, hair pulling, spanking... (yeah I'm a bit of a freak) Things I find lovely: fl
its cold. i dig it. *nod* mostly cuz im ensconsced in my new hoodie. sometimes the squealing of the guinea pig makes me wonder if guinea pig tastes like chicken. my first edition hard cover copy of my favorite out of print book arrived today. *does a lil dance* i made pizza for dinner. from scratch. a regular cheese for the kidlets and a white pizza with fresh herbs n artichoke for moms n i. good sauce. literally. i heart baseball. its keeping me occupied as lovely background music as i accomplish all sorts of other important things i dont feel like going into cuz lets face it who cares. holy run-on sentence batman. *yawn* on that note... go sox! ciao
Random Thoughts For Today
I could usually write an entire autobiography in a blog but my mind is devoted mostly to developing my actual book so I'll just give some highlights. -my passport arrived today, for which I am very happy -I saw the movie Bones today; it wasn't that bad but the ending kind of annoyed me. It was the kind of ending that you get at the end of The Cave or Wrong Turn. Then again, look who's judging. -speaking of judging I also saw Idiocracy recently. Mike Judge is the most powerful guy in showbiz. -don't eat garlic pizza, it will make your mouth feel warm for the entire day. Wow, really gripping stuff, huh? Goodnight.
Random Ass Raping
->-Rich-: why do you not answer me? i have it in my vast powers to give you that which you seek... ->-Rich-: your rectum will be so prolapsed, you can shit a Rancor and not even know it ->-Rich-: i have a friend, also a Jedi Master, who can give you that which you seek.... ->-Rich-: if you have Ewoks or Jawas, we can strike a deal ->-Rich-: or did you hear that i have a really big lightsaber? ->-Rich-: is it the Force that attracts you to me? ->-Rich-: who are you? ->-Rich-: ? Rich-: ahhhhh i think my stupendous Force powers rendered this poor soul voiceless... or else he's desperately trying to come up with an Ewok...
Randy's Hunting
Randy's hunting at the farm Hoping Steph's his good luck charm. Wanting to just shoot a buck Crossed his fingers, wished for luck. Randy went to climb a tree Got all the way up and then had to pee. Climbed back down to start his flow... And what did appear but a really big doe. He had to pee, but he wanted that doe So he cut it short in middle of the flow. He aimed his gun, got ready to shoot when all of a sudden he had to toot. He couldn't hold it, that stinky ole fart And let it go, it ripped like a dart. The doe looks up and wrinkled her nose And Randy looked down as he wet his clothes. The doe just laughed and took off in the trees And Randy got mad and finished his pee. Then packed up his gun and got in his truck And decided he'd forget about killing a buck.
Random Writing.
First sight aftermath where everything comes crashing home. Eight weeks without a whisper turns a glance into a devastating blow. All of your oaths race back to mind. My heart cracks all over again. Am I that easy to live without? Does nothing remind me of you when you're running trails around town? I wish your fatal mistakes would crash home in your mind before you ever made them. Every pause to amend your story sends me through corridors of hell. ------------------------------------
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Random Rants #1
I posted this is a bulletin but I so had to fucking put it in a blog too, just so I could save it forever and ever lol.... Okay so me and Rachel aka T~Cup are having a strange ass coversation about the pope and nuns....she is going to be a lesbian porn star nun and I'm gonna be the pope...I just want the big fucking hat lol....but anyways more into the coversation the pope was like what in his 80's when he kicked the bucket and from what I understand you have to be a male and a virgin to be the pope...How IN THE HELL can you be fucking 80 years old and stil lbe a virgin??? I don't fucking understand that shit I mean fuck I love sex it's great it;s awesome but god damnit randy how the hell can you live 80 years and not get some fucking pussy??? Not even the fucking virgin mary was a fucking virgin she fucked GOD and had the oh so loveable Jesus Christ. The virgin mary was a fucking slut, she got knocked up and cheated on Joseph with god. It's all rather entertaining when you sit and
Random Thoughts!!
So I have been seperated now 2 years waiting to get a divorce and have recently started dating. Can I tell you that it SUCKS!!! I don't even know what I am looking for in a guy, I don't even know what my likes are for that matter. I get asked that all the time lately and frankly I DONT KNOW!! I couldn't get any sleep last night over this, so I got up and made a list of things that I "think" I am looking for in a guy and seriously I don't think there is a man with all those qualities out there. So what do I do....lower my standards and settle or just keep looking. Mind you I am 33 years old!!!NOt getting any younger. Chance of finding someone after 35 is probably pretty slim. I dunno....what do I do!! Accept the fact that I will be alone the rest of my life and get over it and not even date or plunge on and keep on dating .....GOD!!!Help me!!!!lmao.Any advice would be appreciated at this point. I have never dated until now SADLY!!! What id dating. If i go out to dinner on Saturday with
Random Musings
I don’t have anything to write about today but I don’t feel like not writing. I’m in a typing limbo. I’m really far behind in television watching, but I did catch an episode of “Kid Nation” the other day (DVR’s can be handy, yeah?). What a scary show. I wonder what other things they can make kids do? I always say that there’s nothing I want for my birthday — why do I always forget that I really want all of the “The Simpsons” and “Futurama” DVD’s? Speaking of “Futurama,” did that show ever make it back on the air? I heard it was supposed to be on a different network. That was about a year ago. Now I’m getting tired of Sirius satellite radio. Everytime I turn on the Punk channel it’s the Dropkick Murphy’s. Every time. I’ve got nothing against them, but every time? I end up spending more time over in 1st Wave (new wave) or the 80’s channels. Every once in a while I’ll tap the 70’s channel to see what’s up. It brings up a lot of memories, though. I may have mentione
75 Random Questions
Take this survey or other MySpace Surveys at 75 Random Questions: Random Random Do you have any pets?yes i have 4mth puppy called buster , cat called Jack n Bunni called clyde What color shirt are you wearing?Black Name three things that are physically close to you:mouse,chap stick n cuppa tea What is the last book you read?J.R.R Tolkien - Children of Hurin Are you or were you a good student?No What's your favorite sport?Rugby Do you enjoy sleeping late?Depends on how tired i am What's the weather like right now?Gloomy Who tells the best jokes?erm a comedian? What was the last thing you dreamed about?dont remember my dreams much Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?Dont drive n Cant drive Do you believe in karma?Yes Do you believe in luck?No Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?Either but i do love Scrambled best Do you collect anything? If so, what?Teddy bears :P Are you proud of yourself?yes Are you reliable?yes Ha
Randy Couture Steps Down From Ufc. The Whole Story
With little interest at age 44 of fighting anyone other than the man regarded as the best mixed martial artist in the world, UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture announced his retirement Thursday. Couture, a five-time champion and UFC Hall of Famer, had hoped to land a bout with Fedor Emelianenko, the top-rated fighter in the Yahoo! Sports MMA poll of the world's best fighters. But when reports surfaced Wednesday that Emelianenko had spurned the UFC to sign with the Russian-based M-1 Mix Fight organization, Couture opted to retire. The story was broken by Brian Knapp of The Fight Network, which has a business relationship with Couture. "I'm tired of swimming upstream at this stage with the management of the UFC," Couture told Knapp. "It only makes sense at this point in my career to fight Fedor Emelianenko, and since he’s now signed with another organization, I feel like it's time to resign and focus on my other endeavors." Couture's retirement stunned the MMA world, bu
Random Darkness
Random Darkness I've cried so many tears, Half of them fell without reason. Seemingly out of spite cause at the moment, It was not tear season. And Im trying to face them, Yet I'm think I'm still running away. Trying to hide them, Yet they force themsleves out anyway. If I cant face and can't run, Can I ever defeat it? Can I ever stop running, Stop running from the darkness that chases with no reason? 9/07/2007
Random Kisses
i miss the feel of random kisses, brushes of hands over unnoticed bared skin: the automatic giving of ones self. flashes of anger and upset cause storms in your eyes; they lighten and smile when they drift towards me: love to watch your face. the way your eyes look at me makes me melt, boil. without your presence, i am fine, perfectly fine. it's not as if i cannot exist without you, and yet: that is all; existence. alone i am asleep, everything is lesser, like a dream composed of watercolors: with you, i live. the way your eyes look at me makes me melt, boil. life is better like this.
Randy's Retirement
So for the second time, Randy Couture has retired, and unlike the last time, it has nothing to with age or his ability to compete, because he's proven to everyone that he is that GOOD. This time its all because of Fedor ducking Randy, choosing to go to a much smaller and lamer M-1 organization instead of step into the UFC and fight the only person who poses a threat to his status as the best. Fedor knows Randy wants to fight him, and instead of step up and go for it he chooses to wait it out until Randy isn't on such a roll and is a few years older, and possibly not able to fight him. No matter though, Randy showed everyone that he is a true competitor and that he is the MAN. So until he comes out of retirement again, or even if he never does, the final image of him in the ring will always be a champion, which is completely fitting.
Random Lyrics
if you don't know who sings this, you suck Every finger in the room is pointing at me I wanna spit in their faces Then I get afraid of what that could bring I got a bowling ball in my stomach I got a desert in my mouth Figures that my courage would choose to sell our now I've been looking for a savior in these dirty streets looking for a savior beneath these dirty sheets I've been raising up my hands Drive another nail in Just what God needs One more victim Why do we Crucify ourselves Every day I crucify myself Nothing I do is good enough for you Crucify myself Every day And my heart is sick of being in chains Got a kick for a dog Beggin' for Love I gotta have my suffering So that I can have my cross I know a cat named Easter He says will you ever learn You're just an empty cage girl If you kill the bird I've been looking for a savior in these dirty streets looking for a savior beneath these dirty sheets I've been raising up my hands Drive anoth
Random Note To Self.
Starting next year they can come to me. I'm gonna have to let these little fuckers know I'm getting to old to chase people around. *BLAH!*
Random Ha Ha
POSSIBLY THE VERY BEST CHICKEN JOKE EVER A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. The chicken is leaning against the headboard smoking a cigarette, with a satisfied smile on its face. The egg, looking a bit pissed off, grabs the sheet, rolls over, and says, "Well, I guess we finally answered THAT question. If anyone needs it explained - read it a second time
Random Facts About Me
Random Thoughts 2
what is more important, making points or making real friends? ive lost more then i have gained, but still i am rich with friends and love, then why do i feel so bad and lonely when we make mistakes is sorry really enough? is a brief encounter of love and happiness better then a long period of unhappiness and confusion? beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sometimes its best to hide the beholder why do some poeple think nudity is offensive, nudity is beautiful, if nudity offends you then shower in your bathing suit, stop being prudes and have sex with the nlights on its not a sin if im wearing panties on my head and if you have to ask, they probly arent yours just a few thoughts,,,lol
Random Questions....
JUS A LIL MORE BOUT ME..... Current mood: tired Category: Life odd questions......... Body: 1. First thing you do in the shower? MAKE SURE THAT SHIT IS WARM 2. What color is your favorite hoodie? GREY 3. Do you like coffee? SI BUDDY 4. How are you feeling RIGHT now? TIRED AS FUCK AND DRAINED A POWER 5.Crush's name? MORE THAN JUST A CRUSH BABY 6. Do you say aim or a-i-m? ???whats the difference??? 7. What are you? DEPENDS......WHOS TALKIN? 8. Could you eat your favorite food everyday for a month and not get sick of it? DEFF 9. What are you craving? SLEEP 10. What comes to mind when I say cabbage? YUCK 11. Have you ever counted to 1,000? HAHAHA....NOPE 12. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? BOTH....I TEASE THE CREAM 13. Do you use smileys? USUALLY 15. Have you ever met a celebrity? OH YES!!!! MANY 16. Do you like cottage cheese? ITS COO 17. What's the last song you had stuck in your head? I THINK IM
Random Thoughts
It has been a while since I have written anything. Some things have been building up and I just thought I'd share. As many of you know I am single. I have been for over a year and a half now. Many ask why. Well, probably because I have yet to find a woman who is serious about who or what she wants. I also have a hard time finding women who have self-respect or a sense of commitment/ dignity. Many here get caught up in the attention of this site. Albeit negative attention, they are so without it in their physical life that they are sucked into it here. In my opinion, this is a sign of weakness. A lack of self-confidence or control. So many times I get messages from people who claim to be interested. Naturally I think, " Yeah, ok. Let's see how much." It seems to never fail that these people always get sucked into the black hole that is this site. Soon others will show interest in them and they begin to eat it up becoming arrogant and greedy. Always thinking the grass is greener. I u
Random Thoughts
I could do without the bands U2 and Coldplay I like a nice glass of wine. White socks should only be worn with sneakers, or boots that hide them and never with shorts unless they don't come over the top of your sneakers. Why has USA turned into the Law and Order channel? Yes I will still be mowing my lawn in my bathing suit top when I'm 70, people will have to deal with it. Carbon Dioxide levels are up 35% since 1990. Nichole Ritchie finally looks healthy. The movie Jack Ass 2 made me want to throw up. Today is October 23rd and I'm still picking tomotes off my vines. Why are work ID badge photos and DL photos so unbecoming? My manager is gong to be so pissed at me for doing what he told me not to do but an area manager told me to do it... guess who won! My head hurts Why will there be a total of 7 Saw movies when the guy has been "dead" 3 times already. I love the smell of Downy I want to play Warcraft now
Random Thoughs And Babblings
There is this guy in my life who is really special to me. The problem is, I'm not the only female in his life. His best friend who also happens to be his ex girlfriend is a constant in his life. Thats not the problem though! The problem is her and I didnt start off on very good terms. I want to get along with her because she is such a big part of his life. I dont want him stressing because her and I can't stand the thought of each other. His happiness is most important to me. I want to be part of his life for a long time, but I'm afraid if her and I don't come to terms with each other thats not going to happen. He doesnt want us to meet each other because he's afraid that it will be a conflict. But at the same time I dont see how we are supposed to both be a part of his life if we cant get along! We just spent 2 wonderful weeks with each other and things were awesome while he was here. He got along with my kids like he had been around them their entire lives. They miss h
Random Shit
just felt like sayin whats on my mind and i really dont give a shit what anyone has to say in reaction . if you get offended ohwell, if you find some sort or relation to it good 4 u press on. latly i have felt like alot of what people say and do is based on acts of false intention , personal gain in mind even if at a distance. maybe its just me, who knows who cares! i am human i am an opportunist . if i c it i take it by whatever means necessary, as long as its the better more progressive decision .then u got fake ass individuals who c u movin up or doin somthin and all the sudden your someone to have interest in . fuck it its all good tho jump on if u start 2 pull me back im kickin ur ass on down the road, kick rocks! bottom line dont decide to have interest in a person for any other reason then u just have interest and want to actually know em. and dont worry about whats to be gained just let shit happen! if youve actually read all that, good shit, hope you might have gotten somthin
Random Rants #2
Okay so I feel like randomly ranting some more as I just got done reading my last rant. I don't know what I am going to rant about this time but it will probably come randomly like most of the shit that pops into my head. I've came to realize there are really some stupid disgusting nasty perverts everywhere. Was talking to my friend Steven earlier on yahoo and his dad gets on and starts hitting on me. Trying to get me to show him my tits and shit. I'm just sitting there like okay buddy what the fuck? You are old enough to be my dad do you honestly fucking think I am gonna be like the rest of the skankass bitches and show you my tits. HAHA NO! Sorry but I have more respect in myself than to do that shit. Hense another reason why I refuse to put nude pictures of myself plastered on the internet. It disgusts me. I don't see the point in putting yourself out there, showing RANDOM fucking people your goodies. When alot of the time either the person posts the shit no one wants to fucking
Okay so here is the news from BelleCompton...great sunset looked beautiful and bright orange! Behind trees that are gold and red right now made that sunset look awesome...and me with no camera. Profile still looks plain..will update later! So technically under construction! Stop by later!!
Random Shit On My Mind
Well here is some of the stuff that I think. I think that if you lose your trust for someone they can never get it back. If you love them and they hurt you they will hurt you again. I think that you shouldn't come to work when your sick and can't breathe it makes for a very long day. I'm so tired of 21 year old girls thinking that they are the shit. Granted there are some out there who really do have their shit together at that age. But!!! I stress the but! there are many many things that you couldn't possibly know about life. SO.... don't hate on the older women who try and tell you what's up. I'm tired of this one chick in particular. She is pretty fuckin annoying. She's just barely 21 and she still uses little kid lines that my son would use on his girlfriend. After you become legal you really need to consider acting more like an adult and less like a 10 year old. I think it's chicks like that, that make the rest of us look like a bunch of fuckin idiots. Ok tha
You Are a Witch (or Warlock) You are deviously brilliant and a perfect manipulator. You somehow always end up getting what you want - without anyone knowing you're working behind the scenes. Crafty and cunning, you can work your way out of any jam. And it's easy for you to get people to do what you want, whether you're working for good or evil. Your greatest power: Mind control Your greatest weakness: Making people your puppets You play well with: GhostsWhat Kind of Monster Are You?
40 Random Questions
1. Have you ever been searched by the cops? yes 2. Do you have any weird sleeping habits? not that i can think of 3. Whens the last time you swam in a lake? lake? umm never 4. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone? either depends on the day 5. Where is the Wizard of Oz? emerald city 6. Do you consider yourself creative? nope im a total poser :D 7. Do you think O.J. killed his wife? yep i sure do 9. Do you stay friends with people that fuck you over? i try not to fuck anyone over 10. Do you know how to play poker? when im not drunk 11. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight? yes 12. What's your favorite commercial? Bow chicka wowow... 13. What type of food do you eat the most? Pizza and I love it. 14.When was the last time you had a lot of fun? Every day is an adventure. and i have lots of fun everyday 15. Have you ever had a Choco Taco? Yes. 16. Who Do You Think Is Better, The Boston Red Sox or the New York Y
Random Survey
1. Do you still have pictures of you & your ex? didnt take pics together, but I have pics of her 2. Who's the last person you had a sleepover with? who knows how long ago that was 3. Do you swear often? Yes 4. Are you crushing? YES!!! 5. When was the last time you cried? Last night 6. Do you use lyrics to express how you feel? I do a lot 7. Are you ashamed of your past? Yes 8. Where does your grandma live? Indiana 9. Anyone close to you ever died? Yes 10. Who's always there for you unconditionally? My best friends mom 11. What is your favorite TV show? idk 12. What was the last song you downloaded? Don't wanna miss a thing by aerosmith 13. Who was the last person you yelled at? ummmmm 14. What was the last compliment you recieved? That I am a sweetheart 15. Do you have a laptop? Not yet 16. Are you going on vacation in the summer? lol prob not 17. Do you ride roller coasters? Haven't yet but I want to 18. When was the last time you saw your best friend? at her wedding
Well, I've been working doubles at work all weekend and I worked this morning. What made it bad is the fact that I'm sick and I have to work a double tomorrow before I get a full day off Wednesday. Thank god. I might be getting a new tattoo either today or Wednesday. Can't tell anyone what it is. I want it to be a surprise.
Random Thoughts
why does the thought of an online bar bring me joy? Why because I can drink virtually unlike real life. Being Diabetic means no more alcohol. though I break that 2 days a year. (R.I.P. Darrell). Really that is not the purpose of me writing a blog. I do it every where. Though lately the writer in me has gone to sleep unlike me. I think if I could make myself want to do more then maybe I would have a better go of things. Also my environment doesn't allow for that. I cant change it at the moment. I am glad I have restarted my Native American Studies. My Great Grandmothers would be proud. I am an a 8th Cherokee and 8th Blackfoot. I am know to the tribes as WindDancer. I love the feel of the wind, and am at peace with my brother Wind. I am not a tree hugger fanatic, nor a vegan as such I am a Druid and Studying to be a shaman. I don't try to convert people to my beliefs because to each their own and what is good for me is not necessarily good for anyone else. I should but a
Random Little Things
1. On a hot night, lick the salt off each other's sweaty bodies. 2. Take a steamy shower together...but with the lights out. 3. Stay silent all through the action and just listen to your breathing. 4. Make missionary sex more passionate by wrapping your feet around his lower legs and ankles and pulling up toward him as he thrusts downward. 5. "Spooning has a tame rep, but it's incredibly hot: I can get really deep, play with my girl's breasts and feel her backside buck against my hips. It's total-body pleasure." 6. Sit on his lap totally naked...except for boots. Cowboy boots, stiletto boots, motorcycle boots, whatever -- they're so powerful and sexy. 7. The perfect oral-sex technique: Pretend his hard-on is an ice cream cone that's melting quickly. You have to keep licking at different angles, swirling the melting drops upward and putting your entire mouth around the scoop on top. 8. Hold his arms over his head during woman-on-top and nibble the skin betwee
Random Crap
Setting a Sexy Stage "Most men are visually oriented. You might consider leaving some lights on and asking him to watch while you're performing oral sex or having intercourse or even when you're getting ready to go to bed with him. If you feel self-conscious about your body, do this semiclothed — wear one of his shirts completely unbuttoned; men love it when women borrow their clothes." —Lou Paget, creator of the Sexuality Seminars, a Beverly Hills-based company that offers educational seminars on how to make love Oral Supersex Lessons "If you want to get your guy off orally, first spend some time stimulating his body from the navel to the knees with your hair. It feels great! Then, focus your warm breath and kisses on the head of his penis and the part that's just beneath. For most men, the sensation is the same as if you had the entire penis in your mouth. Also, make hand play an active part of oral sex — lightly caress his testicles and stroke the shaft of his penis. T
mah neck is killin me. dun ask me why couldnt tell ya cuz i dunno. isnt that a nifty plethora of non-information? go me! so its effin halloween. uhm yeah. kids have early release today which is good and bad all at the same time. i lost my favorite scrunchie! meh! or monkey stole it. *raises eyebrow* so la la...dun dun dun gots stuffs to do. i made coffee today. burnt beans in a cup baby! i havent had coffee in... crap i dunno... since i gave up caffeine...but today was just one of those I HAVE TO HAVE IT days... so whateva i do what i want. and its good to boot! enjoy your halloween! dun let your kids eat the strawberry meth poprocks and uhm have a good one! ciao.
Random Thoughts
Just a few random thoughts..not really a rant or anything why can't I attract a single woman.. all I seem to be drawing to me is married ones should I impale my left cheek on something just to give myself a matching dimple to the right side what's a better name for a firstborn son.. Lando Calrissian or Gaius Julius Caesar is hearing your "too sweet, caring and nice for me" the most polite way to get blown off from the friends speech Neil Diamond could quite possibly be the best halloween costume I've never had to buy anything special for I want candy but not candy corn nor peeps Brownies sound good too That cloud looks like a penis figures I can't find the camera Today was a boring day even with walking around town doing job hunting stuff Tomorrow isn't shaping up to be much better I wonder what I'm doing tonight Which Neil diamond song should I be singing tonight while dressed up Eggs sound good too since I haven't had any food since someti
Random Thought
time went by quickly, leaving nothing but scrapes of the past... i stand alone bruised and battered, with my head held high looking at the heavens thinking i need to survive, and move forward
Random Love Quotes
SLEEPING 1. When do you usually go? between 11-1 2. Describe the bed you sleep in! Queen and it's insanely comfortable 3. Just for tonight, who do you want sleeping with you? no one 4. How often do you change your sheets? every 2 weeks 5. Currently, is your bed made? no HANDBAGS 1. Describe the bag you`re using at this moment! none 2. Are you obsessed with brand names? no 3. What kind of bag would you love to have? none 4. Your favorite handbag material? (Leather, nylon, cotton, etc)! leather 5. What is the most you spent on a bag? like $20 HAIR STRAIGHTENERS 1. What brand straightener do you use? Not sure 2. How often do you straighten your hair? Pretty much every day 3. Have you ever tried a CHI straightener? no 4. Tell us about one bad incident you had with a straightener! nothing really 5. How long does it take you to transform your hair from frizzy to paper straight? Mine just gets a little wavy, so it takes about one minute to straighten in the mornings. Y
Random My Relationship Sucks Whininess
im sittin here trying to figure out some shit bout my life. I ordered divorce paperwork saturday which is a huge step for me. So why after all the shit am i finding it hard to let go of 10 years? Things have been rough for years and i mean ROUGH. really didnt think it would be so hurtful to let it go buh bye... apparently i was wrong. im questioning if you can rebuild something thats so far destroyed it looks like rubble simple because you want to. I dont even know why i want to at this point. Am i seriously that glutton for punishment , am I just that stubborn , or is it that somewhere somehow (defies logic trust me on this) I actually do love the man. I guess the real question is am i really willing to take the chance of being crushed again to find out if its possible??? having to look inside yourself & question everything u felt or thought u felt for the last decade sucks. like i'd rather someone just shoot me in the head sucks. Oooon the plus side of life I started my new jo
Random Thoughts 1
i have been pondering things lately things that make me wonder what if. what if a elephant and a goat had babys would we have a gophant or a elepat if a porcupine and a beaver would it be a bepine or a porcer(porker) if ya took a bull dog and a dragon would it be a dull or a bragon if a t-rex and a dragon got together would it be a dragisorus or or a tryagon what would it be like if planes had to use turnsignals and the skys had speed bumps
Random Acts
How many of us practice.... Buried at You hear this phrase quite often, how often do you practice it??? Here are some links to people who need help in some giveaways and such, maybe practice today for a little while :) You must fan add and rate the host to comment She needs 95,000 comments total for a 30 day blast 95,000 comments total for a 30 day blast
love basically sux. i'm tired of being single :(
Random Thought
No matter what people say.. call me a whore.. i am far from it.. i have never once cheated on my husband ever.. and it will be like that.. i may say i luv ya but i luv all my friends thats just me.. my best friend i have met here i love to death he been there for me.. he would do anything for me and as i would for him.. doesnt give someone a reason to call me a slut.. i flirt but does it go beyond that nope.. I love my hubby.. nough said
Random Bursts Of Photo Rates
Over the last week I keep getting random, and unpredictable bursts of people rating my default photo. I have tried to figure out why all of a sudden 6 or 8 people will decide to rate it within a few minutes of each other, but can't. It doesn't seem to correspond to any activity on my part. What ever is causing it to happen, I hope it never stops. It's always a nifty surprise to login, and find a bunch of rates, and even better the number of people whop have commented on how much they did the tat. I always check them out, just to see who was rating me, and it's a pretty diverse crowd. All I can really say, is Thank You.
Random Funny :)
Two women were out for a Saturday stroll. One had a Doberman and the other, a Chihuahua. As they walked down the street, the one with the Doberman said to her friend, "Let's go over to that bar for a drink." The lady with the Chihuahua said, "We can't go in there. We've got dogs with us." The one with the Doberman said, "Just watch, and do as I do." They walked over to the bar and the one with the Doberman put on a pair of dark glasses and started to walk in. The bouncer at the door said, "Sorry, lady, no pets allowed." The woman with the Doberman said, "You don'tunderstand. This is my seeing-eye dog." The bouncer said, "A Doberman?" The woman said, "Yes, they're using them now. They're very good." The bouncer said, "OK, come on in." The lady with the Chihuahua thought that convincing him that a Chihuahua was a seeing-eye dog may be a bit more difficult, but thought, "What the heck," so she put on her dark glasses and started to walk in. Once again the bounc
Random Quotes
"Tears sting My Eyes, cuz your leaving. Tears sting My Eyes Cuz I never stoped you. Tears sting My Eyes Cuz I know your gone Forever." By: Me Jan/26th/2006 "Friends Come And Friends Go Life Goes On Even If You Feel Alone Just Remember That Really Thier Still There Cuz As Long As You Remember Them, Thier Never Going To Leave You." By: Me Feb 18 2006 "My reality is shattering my heart is broken, how could he do this, how could he be so crul. He told me that he loved me but I found out it was never true, how could someone that I loved ever be so crule?" By: Me March 2006 "Life Can Bring You Happiness and Love, But then it rips it away. Thats Why I Turn My Back To It All And Wait For It To Fade Away" ~By: Me Aug 31st/2005 "You Told Me That You Loved Me, But It Was All A Lie. Now My Heart Is Broken And All I Want To Do Is Die."~By Me Sept 12th/2005 "Look at the people around you in them could be yo
Just my mind and heart is full tonight. So many thoughts and feelings that I'm tired but restless. So i sit here once again writing out those thoughts and feelings dear to me,instead of sharing them. So here go's nothing. Most of you won't get this. Laughter and tears rolling through like storms. Lust and hate fill the air. Kisses and touch rush over like waves. Pains and sadness rip at the soul . Time runs away like the tide. Souls cross and cross again. Screams and dreams mix again. Lost and found become one. Safe and danger blur into one. Outside becomes inside. Through it all a soul remains.
Random Factoids That I Find Interesting
* A shrimp's heart is in its head. * The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language. * Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over a million descendants. * Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your Ear by 700 times. * If the government has no knowledge of aliens, then why does Title 14,Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented on July 16 1969, Make it illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials Or their vehicles? * In every episode of Seinfeld there is a Superman somewhere. * A duck' s quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why. * 23% of all photocopier faults world-wide are caused by people sitting On them and photocopying their butts. * Most lipstick contains fish scales. * Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different. * If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib. If you try to supp
Random Survey
1. The phone rings. What is your ring tone?.. a funk song - came on my phone 2. Did you go anywhere yesterday?..yeah. to work!!! where else on a Wed? 3. Who was the last person you shared beds with? little ones 4. Favorite drink? dr pepper (and add rum if i'm not driving!) 5. Does the person you like know that you like them?..yes - i'm not a private person 6. Last time you talked to your mom?.. few days ago as she's 1600 miles away at the mo (in NJ) 7. Where are you right now? the kitchen.. 8. If you HAD to kiss the last person you kissed, would you?..yes 9. Favorite gadget in the kitchen?..the blender!! 10. Favorite pie?.. pecan 11. How is your hair?..nappy lmfao 12. Where's the last place you walked to? son's room 13. Last time you had a sleepover?..... years ago 14. Latest you stayed up in the past week?.. midnight 15. What are you doing?..this survey 16. Have you been in a car accident?...2 (i wasn't driving) 17. W
Random Survey From Myspace
1. What is the status of you and the last person you held hands with? um, they're still my kids 2. What's bothering you right now? dennis, as always 3. Favorite memory from this weekend? got to talk to andrew for a while 4. Wallpaper on your computers desktop? the girls 5. Background on your cell phone? andrew's pic 6. What do you want in your life right now? to be away from dennis, be with andrew, and to be happy 7: Listening to? jack off jill 8. Do you think you will be in a relationship a couple months from now? i sure hope so 10. Drinking? water 11. What's your favorite thing to have on your bed? the girls.... ooorrr andrew if i could :D 12. If you could change something in your life, what would it be? be far far away from dennis 13. What do you wear to bed? nothing, if i can get away w/ it 14. Do you remember your dreams? quite ofte yes 15. Who will you sleep with tomorrow? tomorrow??? probably the girls 16. Have you ever bee
Nothing much has happened today. i'm really bored aand craving waffles. yeah dumb post. BLOW ME
So i just got back from this random farm.holy dogs n cats lol so cute,and u kno me i had to play with all of em! so right now im watching well as studying him. who wants to go to castle dracula with me,if u go on tour u can spend the night in there. OMG I WANNA GO!!!! i only need 715 in euro. which is aboot 1000$ here,not bad really cuz u get to go to all of the places in the book. fun fun sexy time!
Random Questions
1. How old will you be in 10 months? 23. 2. Do you think you'll be married by then? yep getting married in december 3. What do you look forward to most in the next two months? getting married & getting a job 4. Who was the last person you called? um my mom 5. Who was the last person to call you? mom 6. Who was the last person to text you? jessica 7. Sex, sex, sex, sex? yes 8. What were you doing at midnight last night? I was watching tv and eating chips 9. Parents separated/together? Seperated. 10. Last time you saw your dad? when i was ten 11. What happened at 10:00 am? i was sleeping 12. How many states have you visited? 10 14. Do you prefer shoes, socks, or bare feet? bare feet 15. Are you a social person? no 16. What was the last thing you ate? fudge 17. Favorite ice cream? Cookie dough. 18. What is your favorite dessert? brownies!! 19. What kind of jelly do you like on your peanut butter sandwich? im allergic
Random Jokes
Random jokes One day my housework-challenged husband decided to wash his sweat- shirt. Seconds after he stepped into the laundry room, he shouted to me, "What setting do I use on the washing machine?" "It depends," I replied. "What does it say on your shirt?" He yelled back, " University of Oklahoma " And they say blondes are dumb... ------------------------------------------------------------------- A couple is lying in bed. The man says, "I am going to make you the happiest woman in the world." The woman replies, "I'll miss you..." ---------------------------------------------- "It's just too hot to wear clothes today," Jack says as he stepped out of the shower, "honey, what do you think the neighbors would think if I mowed the lawn like this?" "Probably that I married you for your money," she replied. ---------------------------------------------- Q: What do you call an intelligent, good looking, sensitive man? A: A rumor ------------------------------------------
Random Questions
1. Have the cops ever searched you? yes 2. Do you have any weird sleeping habits? I sleep with earplugs, my hair in a ponytail and with a pillow between my knees 3. When was the last time you've been swimming in a lake? Actually swimming? It's been awhile 4. Would you rather sleep with someone, or alone? With someone especially this time of the year 5. What’s hurting you right now? My hip and my heart 6. Who was your favorite boy band from the past? didnt get into boy bands 7. Do you think OJ killed his wife? yes 8.Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears? Christina 9. Do you stay friends with your ex's? most of them, yes 10. Do you know how to play poker? yes 11. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight? No 12. What's your favorite commercial? no clue, 13. What type of food do you eat the most? pizza 14. When was the last time you had a lot of fun? I always have fun with my kids, but personally? With my friends all the time 15
Random Thought
you know, i realize something recently, time wanders forwards and backwards and sideways and upside down... and the more we hold onto things the more we lose them, friends, wealth, power, life... it seems to me that my friends both breathing and the ones that have gone, are hard to hold onto sometimes, not that i of all people am obsessive or clingy, but in watching this world, and these things around me, i see that perhaps i have undervalued the friends around me. i know that sometimes i have been so wrapped up in saving one of my pet projects (some of you know who you are) that i forgot that others of you may have needed just a friend and not a savior. for that i apologize to you all. and for those of you that have been there forever, thanks. (oddly maudlin even for me) having said this. im still the same evil bastard. but i understand the value of loyalty and friends over "toys", or maybe i have randomly just lost my fucking mind.. although i doubt that, im coming unhinged
Random Sex Facts...
Another mass message brought to you special people I call friends...Just a few quick facts I thought you oughtta know people ;)) ~BJ *Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world. It is 10 times more effective than valium! *For every 'normal' webpage, there are five porn pages. *Sex is biochemically no different from eating large quantities of chocolate. (I'd rather have sex) *A man's beard grows fastest when he anticipates sex. (something to wipe the juices off in I guess... omg did I just say that .....) *Male bats have the highest rate of homosexuality of any mammal. (Well that's different) *The average shelf-life of a latex condom is about two years. (Boys, some of you really shouldn't buy large quantities...;)) ) MUAH ;)) *"Formicophilia" is the fetish for having small insects crawl on your genitals. Gross!! (whiskey tango foxtrot the FUCK over is THIS?!?!? freaks....) *"Ithyphallophobia" is a morbid fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis. ( DAMNIT...
Hmmm.... random cool quotes for you fine people out there.... Enjoy! Before you kill somebody, make absolutely sure he isn't well connected. - Kurt Vonnegut, "Slaughterhouse Five" Frisbeetarianism is the philosophy that when you die, your soul goes up on a roof and gets stuck. - George Carlin Maybe this world is another planet's Hell. - Aldous Huxley Capital punishment turns the state into a murderer. But imprisonment turns the state into a gay dungeon-master. - Emo Philips The planet is fine, the people are fucked. - George Carlin Let's Ban Humans. They All Suck Anyway. - Unknown A cop stopped me for speeding. He said, "Why were you going so fast?" I said, "See this thing my foot is on? It's called an accelerator. When you push down on it, it sends more gas to the engine. The whole car just takes right off. And see this thing? This steers it." - Stephen Wright Paranoids are people too; they have their own problems. It's easy to critize, but if everybody h
Random Trivia
There are 1,943 names listed in the closing credits of The Matrix Reloaded. A recent study found that one in 300 births in the U.S. occurs in a vehicle. Americans spend more at strip clubs than at Broadway productions, regional theater productions and classical orchestra performances combined. The youngest Pope was 11 years old. At age 14, actor Tom Cruise enrolled in seminary school to become a priest. He dropped out at age 15. Clocks made before 1687 had only one hand—an hour hand. The average person walks 100,000 miles by the time they reach the age of 85. Sixty-nine percent of Swedish women have participated in a threesome. Eighty percent of American men say they would marry the same woman if they had it to do all over again. Fifty percent of women say they would marry the same man. There are more than 40,000 characters in Chinese script. America once issued a five-cent bill. In 1221, Genghis Khan killed 1,748,000 people at Nishapur in one hour. To
Random Thought
my life is cursed with sadness and loneliness...i sit and ponder my tortured soul and cry why always me ,what have i done so wrong... as i look inward i slowly die more everyday as the empty sadness eats at my soul...seems the more i love, the more i lose....i think my soul is forever cursed to be in darkness .. only bright spot in my heart and soul is my childern... they always bring brightness and laughter to me... i love u with all that i am my darlins ok i thinks thats enough random thougts for one night
Random Vlog
Random Quotes
Like the measles, love is most dangerous when it comes late in life. Lord Byron The best time to make friends is before you need them. Ethel Barrymore The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Walt Disney
Random Thoughts
Random Thoughts Random thoughts Twisted knots Wayward glances Taking chances Memories mine Mental shrine Unspoken secrets Without regrets Passions flame Lovers game Emotions flowing Hopes growing Arms reaching Hands teaching A.Boudreaux 2007
Random Stuff
I am finished moving into my new house. It is down the road from where I used to live. About a mile in fact. It is a two story with upstairs balcony and downstairs porch. It was constructed sometime in the 1920's. It features 1700 square feet of heated living space and two acres of wooded land. There is hardly anything around for that it is in a very rural area. My Great Danes are asleep and I am downloading some music. I have been busting my ass all week through moving furniture, painting, pressure washing and still maintaining a private school campus. My back hurts and it is quite cold outside. I am still looking forward to rain, massive amounts of rain, actually. This is due to the fact that my area of the far North Georgia mountains are in a level four drought. I use well water and it is down to only about 12 feet with the backup being 6. I got my new fix-up. I got my fix-up yesterday. It is a 1977 Ford F-150 Custom with a 300ci I-6 4.9L engine with four wheel drive and four
Random Convo
Z: What are you eating? Q: Gummy bears and Teddy grahms in milk Z: Yea that sounds healthy Q: What. Gummybears have no fat and its 2% milk Z: What kinda fuckin dinner is that anyway Q: I dont know. I just wanted to eat Bears today Z: Thats not normal Q: No whats not normal is i just thought of how cool it'd be to take a bite outta fucking Grizzlies Z: Why not a Koala Q: Those arent bears hun. their marsupials
Random Story
well it all started when i was in da worm n i found a cord that was buggin me so i pulled it n then the next thing i remember is havin some stupid guy ina whit coat who hit me i was like OH no u didnt so i did was evveryone eles would ahve done n kicked him. then when i was 5 i wanted a tonka truck (its a brand of toys 4 ppl who r lower n dont know wat it is) n wat did i get thats rite a MUTHER FUKIN BARBIE DOLL DO I LOOOK LIKE I NEED MORE PRESSURE TO B LIKE EVERYONE ELES ? so sant didnt get me that i m still hurtin over that but the next thing was when i was 11 n some guy took my bike i was so not happy n had to say fuk u to da person sitin bhind u as u read this. ok now im 21 its 12.29am or pm wat ever its fukin late im bored outa my brain n darran has this to say so here he goes psycopathic RYDAS( wen i die show no pitty send my sould to a juggalo city dig my grave six feet deep... says: u is a funny 1 coze u is buggin every 1 and its funny wen u bugg ppl coze they get piss
Random Lmao
SOULJA MAN CO-FOUNDER OF M3mOrY AdDiCts FU HUBBY TO ~SWEET SEXY LATINA~'s Home Page View my profile comments 247 photos (out of 2,500) · Add/Edit photos · Edit my profile · View my public profile · Edit my skins My Status: Online Stuffing my face Stepped away Trying to work Passed out Hung-over Sick Customize Back Buzz: 40% -- buzzed.. fubar User ID: 1076460 Level: Minion (14) [?] Minion --> Idol 2,682 Points to go! Rating: 10.4 (287) [?] Profile Views: 500 Points: 167,318 [?] fuBucks: 7,718 Gender: M, 21 Location: El Paso, TX Referrals: 20 sent, 1 joined 11's left today: 100
hey all well another thanksgiving went by again had turkey ham well just say had the hole nine yards as always had a good time everything like that but the one thing that was miss was that i had no girlfriend :( again never had brought one up there yet i was hoping to do it this year.but that had never happen. i know i know that i shouldn't be going about this stuff but i just needed to get it off of my mind. But anyways i hope you all have a good one and i will talk at you later on peace out and love in Popa
A Random Funny.
saturday myself, my sister, and my bff went shopping. after we were done i noticed a vending machine that had ice cream, and even though it was freezing, i wanted one. so .... the damn thing refused to give me the one i wanted. it was so funny though because i felt like i was on boiling points. every time we hit the button to give us the money back the damn machine would keep 15 cents. i wonder if that was a tip just for using the stupid machine. lol
Joel Billy - And So It Goes In every heart there is a room A sanctuary safe and strong To heal the wounds from lovers past Until a new one comes along I spoke to you in cautious tones You answered me with no pretense And still i feel i said too much My silence is my self defense And every time i've held a rose It seems i only felt the thorns And so it goes, and so it goes And so will you soon i suppose But if my silence made you leave Then that would be my worst mistake So i will share this room with you And you can have this heart to break And this is why my eyes are closed It's just as well for all i've seen And so it goes, and so it goes And you're the only one who knows So i would choose to be with you That's if the choice were mine to make But you can make decisions too And you can have this heart to break And so it goes, and so it goes And you're the only one who knows
Random Poetry
morbid beauty loving family church religion was it worth it all these years i was taught it all at wal-mart 24 hours, florescent lights, white lights what ever happened to drive ins radicalism and liberals two lane roads now I see a butterfly in the zoo locked in a cage with a scratched window staring each day at blank faces and white washed brick walls fluttering slowly lost in a world of sticks leaves broken off a home land destroyed my little butterfly do you see what religious government has done? of course not brainwashed hypnotized is this the end the last straw the final line preach on
In a fit of anger and hate Swingin at invisible enemies What are these thoughts and why do I have these Staring thru years of tears My haze of rage There are no remedies for my disease No cure or reprieve From the pain or cover from the storm The deathwish I have The tragedy of being born Grudges being sworn A heart that’s torn Blood on my hands like gripping thorns Demons and devils with horns Internets with porns Honor that never existed Words that are twisted Faces presented to me that lie Tears you make cry Why oh why do I try When it's revenge I want to endulge Thoughts and words I dont want to divulge Peace that’s broken up like cracks in the floor War is what’s in store For those who try to hurt and destroy For those who plot and scheme I bust up plans and monkey wrench things Im the monster under your bed you fear When you think im gone and don’t believe Im right here to steal your breath before you breathe Ill walk thru the door before you l
Random Information
-I don't like diamonds. I never have-I think they are too colorless and pale. I prefer rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and opals. -I am obsessed with men's stomach. I love flat or ripped stomachs, especially when they have tattoos. -I detest intentional poor grammar. -I play pokemon still, and I'm damn good at it. -I love Zelda. I can play that game for hours on end. -I prefer lesbian porn and hentai to "regular" hetero porn because in general, pornos piss me off. I need a dialogue a bit more advanced than a teenage boy's wet dream. Consistency would be nice too. -I flirt. I like flirting with other men because I enjoy leading men along and then crushing their dreams when I mention my fiance. I'm probably a bad person. -I don't understand how people can take the internet seriously. I don't take myself seriously, especially online, so why should I take someone else seriously? It amazes me when people get offended over something someone says online, especially when the
Randomness Going Through Me Today
You ever had those days...where no matter how much you try your mind just won't shut down? That's me today. a million thoughts about valid points of thought and even some I even think are pointless. So yeah i am just gonna play this by ear and post it. if you want to read it and get something out of it good job..if you read it and think it's stupid then props to you too.... First off, my stance or position on fubar. This is just me being honest so bare with me. I think there are quite a few good people on fubar. But for that handful of people you find a mass of shallow, baseless people who act like this is high school. I am on here to make some friends. I don't care if I ever make godfather. I don't care if I am ever a VIP. I could care less if I never make it past the level I am in. I am not in fubar for the popularity. If I have one person or a handful who like me and think I am great then it's all good. I don't mind if all of fubar doesn't think I am great. If I contribute some
So yeah, today was pretty good. *waits for shock to pass* ........................................... ........................................... I know, it's been a while, lol. I'm really not sure why it was a good day but during my lunch break I just ... got happy. My class after that went well, I learned I don't have to go back unless I just feel like it :D. Work went well... just, nothing really terrible happened (not after Calculus anyway :P) Anyway, I just felt it was important to put a good blog in here. Have a great day and a better tomorrow! xoxo
Random Facts
According to the Kinsey Institute, the biggest erect penis on record measures 13 inches. The smallest tops off at 1 3/4 inches. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Caramoja tribe of northern Uganda tie a weight on the end of their penises to elongate them--sometimes to such a degree that the men literally have to knot them up--while the Mambas of New Hebrides wrap theirs in yards and yards of cloth, making them look up to 17 inches long. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The most common fantasy is oral sex. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8% of us have regular anal sex. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 60% of men and 54% of women have had a 1-night stand. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Women buy 4 out of every 10
why do we use light? By: Drew Miller(sonic) why do we use light? is it cause it reminds us of something specile, or something we are atached to? mybe its be cuse we want to seethe beuty of all things around us. i for one use light for all the above. love to me is like a fire , keep it burning and there is light. like a light bulb, cut the power,the fule and its lights out. but if you return power , add a log and stir the coals the light comes back bright and strong. when i need light, i look to the stars and see all the light i need. whene i see a girl with a bright smile, i see the stars light here on earth and think how many people see things the way i do? to sit by a fireand see candle lights in the distence coming to join my light. as they get near, i see star that have lost there light. the ones with lightask me to relight what light has been lost. i tell them they must put out there lights and return to town in witch they came. all do as i ask as the stars rest b
Man, I fell asleep like right after I got off work today. It was a nice rest from the hell we call life. It's amazing how some people can seem so great and turn into your worst nightmare in the blink of an eye. Just makes me wonder who really are my friends? Xmas is coming up and I'm not really getting anybody anything, cuz they don't deserve it. The year is also coming to an end and I've been somewhat reflecting back on it and have realized, I waisted prolly the whole beginning half of 2007, not to mention a lot of gas, lol. But I'm glad I went through it, cuz honestly I really learned the difference between love and lust and what I DON'T want in a relationship. So yea I have finally opened my eye's and am seeing how stupid I was and have a totally different outlook on life now. I have been at the bottom for quite some time now but it seems like I'm starting to pull my self up out of this hole, things are looking up for good ol' Chaotik in 2008. Wish me luck few friends I have on here
Random Musings By Scrawny Pale Guy
How many fucking 11's do I have to dish out before I actually get a rate back? I gave out 300 11's and I got 3 10's back,1 fan and 1 friend request. I found an old disc of pictures on it and found some old pics of me and my friend Ded Mike.The best part was finally finding that pic of me wearing the Godzilla suit. The beer bong in the Fubar gift shop only gets you 10% buzzed. The Jameson gets you 50% buzzed. Ok, I really got nothing to blog abaout.
Random Thought
Sometimes people care more than they show, sometimes people pretend to care more than they do. Sometimes things aren't always what they seem, sometimes things are exactly what they seem. Sometimes we love people that don't deserve our love, and sometimes we don't love those who do. Sometimes we wish things were different, sometimes things will never change. Sometimes you lose good friends you wish you hadn't, sometimes you meet new friends you never expected. Sometimes you wish you were a different person, sometimes you do things to change yourself. Sometimes you want to love but are too scared, sometimes your fears get in the way of something wonderful. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly, sometimes things are all too predictable. Sometimes you should listen to what your heart says, sometimes you should listen to your intuition. Sometimes you lose people you love, sometimes you get hurt. Sometimes you believe you can do anything, sometimes you feel like a failure. Sometimes you pick
Random Thoughts Enter My Mind ...
1 . Morality is doing what is right . No matter what you are told . Religion is doing what your told . No matter what is right . 2 . If you are an idiot . Please practice safe sex ! 3 . Don't blame your obesity on a dysfunctional thyroid . That just makes you look Fat and Retarded . 4 . SEX backwards ... XES .... means 666 in roman numerals . You should just call it fucking like I do . 5 . Christianity has Pagan DNA . ..... 6 . I've seen the your church . Ive seen the steeple . I've went inside and met all the people . Think I'll teach my children about God myself . 7 . Stupidity is a fatal disease . I'm 2 seconds from killing your dumbass . 8 . Save the trees , Wipe your ass on a beaver . 9 . As soon as I learn to fly . I'm shitting on the first bird I see . 10 . If your incapable of intelligent thought . Your not allowed an opinion . 11 . Your right men....... I should be in the kitchen .......................with all the sharp abjects=o) 12 . Wh
Random Question
if u where a tree wat kind would u b?
Random Acts Of Kindness
I just wanted to say I just watched Evan Almighty. The idea of the movie was that Evan was to build and ARK. At the end of the movie he askes GOD why.... How can one person change the world.? God said " ARK< Acts of Random Kindness. So, my daddy passed away. I almost lost my mom. My brother died at 18. I am wanting to spread something positive here. We all need to do little random acts of kindness and it comes full circle on you . I can promise that. Holding the door for someone, just a smile, a comment , sending flowers to someone who doesnt usually get them . Anything can be a random act of kindness and no one even needs to know you did it. But it will come back around. When it comes your time for a much needed act of kindness from a stranger, you shall have it. Remember we need to all love eachother. LIFE IS SHORT. We only have today. Lets Love, and have fun. Even on a bad day. We can change how we are reacting to it and can change the way we think and helping others is a go
Random Thought
There comes a time tween life and death when man stops to catch his breathe he looks up to the heavens and asks "why do we question out lot" god looks down and replies "why not"
Random Poem
The pain inside of me, Grows more everyday. The feeling of 'love'... Emotion's course... Is taking it's own way. I cant help this feeling that I have. I cant help but to feel... And I feel it, really bad. I'm sick of the stomach pains. Knowing there's a chance... We'll never be together... But the feeling will always last. I know, deep deep inside, That I love her with all my heart. But does the feeling, That I feel... Is she feeling it too? Does she know that I do truly love her? Does she know I wont hurt her? Will she understand, That I want to be there... Holding her in bed? I want to touch her warm sweet face, And hear the words "I love you" That would make me smile... And my heart would melt so quick. So the days will past, Get old they will... But I'll still be here waiting... For the day she she's me here, Her's for the taking. So please, dont make me wait, Much longer than I've already had. Even though I'll always be here... My heart is beating
1. If your doctor told you TODAY you're pregnant what would you say? I would freak out 2. Do you trust all of your friends? Some 3. Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love? Depends on the state 4. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Of course 5. Can you make a dollar in change right now? Yea 6. Which one of your friends do you think would make the best doctor? not quite sure lol 7. Are you afraid of falling in love? Duh lol 8 is gone 9. Is there someone who pops into your mind at random times? always. 10. Whats your most favorite scar? On my knee from when i flipped a bike lol 11. When was the last time you flew in a plane? May 2002 12. What did the last text message you sent say? I sent danny a text 13. What features do you find most attractive in the preferred sex? Eyes & attitude 14. Fill in the blank. I love: my family. 15. What is a goal you would like to accomplish in the near future? Go Older Blog Of Mine From Another Site
Just sayin...I need to really get my shit together Just sayin...I just beat up this sunkist orange soda like it was my job Just sayin...I really should be working Just sayin...I regret some recent events and decisions I've made Just sayin...I should abstain from sex Just sayin...I shouldn't abstain from sex am I crazy!!! Just sayin...I hate wearing the same damn work uniform everyday Just sayin...I like wearing the same damn work uniform because I don't have to decide what to wear the next day! Just sayin...I'm running out of things to say Just sayin...I've just thought of some more things... Just sayin...I like my car...a lot! Just sayin...its cool...its gray...sporty, quick, handles nice.... Just sayin...I like wearing my Air Force 1's to work Just sayin...everyone laughs at me when I do Just sayin...they are dirty tho...because I've been too lazy to clean the mofos Just sayin...........I gotta pee... later
20 Random Things From Me.
I love to watch fires in the fireplace. It's relaxing, makes me drowsy. I'd like to parachute at least once in my lifetime. Lilacs are one of my favorite fragrant flowers, but my all time favorite flower is the wild violet. My favorite holiday meal is Prime Rib..with creamy horseradish sauce. I used to miss my old Toyota Tercel wagon, but now I think I miss my old Datsun 310 more. I don't vote as often as I's because I intensely dislike most of the candidates from either side. And I strongly support term limits. Hear that Senator Byrd...
I'm not the type to get my heart broken, I'm not the type to get upset and cry, because I never leave my heart open... It never hurts me to say good bye, Relationships don't get deep to me, Never got the whole in love thing... Deep inside me tears I'll drowned... This time was different, felt like I was just a victim, You cut me like a knife when you walked out of my life, Now I'm in this condition, and I've got all of the syptoms of a girl with a broken heart... But no matter what you'll never see me cry.....
Everytime I talk to my mom either over the phone or in person, I always start to get all teary eyed, not because I'm sad or anything but because I'm all happy. She makes me laugh and miss everything from the past, good and bad. She's the greatest person in the world rather she annoys the shit out of me or making me fall over in pain laughing. But last night before going to sleep I decided to give her a ring because I know she doesn't sleep till like 3 am anyway, and she was having her own personal party with the dog so I decided to go over and dance around with her. We were listening to some folklore music from Nicaragua and we couldn't stop laughing and then I cooked some for her and we talked about my vacations in Nicaragua and her living in Nicaragua with her friends, and it makes me miss it so bad =/. I wanna go back to Nicaragua. I wanna jump in the lakes, hang out at the beach, because I actually like the beach there and just think about all the good times. The only thin
Random Survey..thanks Phatso! Hahaha That Sounded Wrong
1. What is a question that people always ask you? "Would you like to see my cock?" 2. What is the 6th text in your inbox? "Yay for Biscuits!" 3. Whats the last thing you said to someone & to who? "Okie and it was my boss" 5. Name something you have to do tomorrow: I don't havvve to do anything. But I will. housework. 6. Have you ever called 911? Oh yeah (fucking squirrels) and once ,by accident, on my cell phone 9. What CD is currently in your CD player? My friend's CD (he's Da Bomb yo No lie) 10. Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk? Chocoholic Milk 11. Has anyone told you a secret this week? People Trust me way too yes many secrets...many headaches 12. When was the last time you had Starbucks? Yesterday 13. Can you whistle? Yes? can I sing whistle (you know the super purdy kind) no 14. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos? Yeah I'll be mostly covered in 5 years (Tattoo Wise) 15. Do you get along better with bo
yea im bored and so im gonna write some random shit. monkeys throw poop at each other.
Random Poetry...
We, Sin born, groveling fools Crawl on fours like dogs [Shame] And take our place upon The alter of the Beloved [Weakness] As animals, we claw at the gilded ceiling Until our nails bleed [Pity] Lemmings, the white robed clergyman’s sermon Echoes distantly…criminal [Liar] With forked tongues, We lick the feet of the Omnipotent, the All-Knowing [Deceit] And turn around and kiss the hand Of the Dark Prince…the Beast [Hypocrisy] Shed a tear, For thy name, too, is Man.
Random Thought For The Day
When one calls customer service for any company, does one really expect to get helped the way they want? That's one to ponder......
Random As Hell
Do you drink milk?: yes...sometimes... Do you prefer apple or orange juice?: depends on my mood...if its banana orange juice than it wins lol How many clocks are in your house?: 2...but there are comps and cable boxes and microwaves with the time on them How often do you check your email?: ehhh not often enough What's the most you've ever won on a scratcher?: like 5 bucks What's the nearest food to you right now?: i dunno..its all inthe kitchen Do you know what a plecostamous is?: some sorta algae fishy Have you ever watched a sunrise rise over the ocean?: umm nope...seen the sun set over the ocean tho How many messages are in your inbox/outbox on your phone?: 48 in each Do you prefer wooden or mechanical pencils?: mechanical What's on your feet right now?: absolutely feets are naked! Do you have one best friend, or a lotta good friends?: i have 1 best friend of each sex and then a few good friends as well and then a t
Random 130a Thoughts
Wow... its 130 in the morning. I should be cleaning right now. I need to clean my bedroom, bbuutt, i guess i will in a bit. I have to wake up at 10... and i need to be in bed by 3. thats 7 hours of sleep more than i've gotten recently. Although, i'm not complaining by any means. I've gotten to spend a lot of awesome time talking to and being with Adam, so it's worth it to me. He is so amazing. He makes me so happy. I dunno. I can't really put into words what is going through my mind. Right now, I'm just, confused. About a lot of things. Andrew. I am questioning truly if I even loved him. Or if, I just, loved the idea of being in love and having someone to love me. Because, I wasn't happy with him. Everyday I was upset with him, or something he was doing (or NOT doing...) I spent more time pissed off... I kept trying to change who he was... the drinking... the drugs... the video games, everything. The person he was... wasn't what I wanted. I loved the fact that we had so much in
see this crawling down my spine, it touches the core , i fall down , the lights fade around me. i have no room for my soul to breath , i m faceless in a crowd of conformaty , i can t seem to get past the night , i feel no pain or joy or hope or sadness only content for a life that i feel is not complete.
Randy And I Are Moving!
Hey all, Just wanted to let you know that Randy (Big Rock) and I are in the process of moving into a 4 bedroom house. 2008 is already looking up! And yes, a possible house warming gathering! There may be e-mail address changes as well, but we will keep everybody updated! So if we become MIA for a while, please understand that we are BUSY! Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to all of you! Korissa
Random 2
So, hanging out with Lina after work, because you know we get tired and hungry after a long days of a slow rush because the restaurant sucks. So we go to eat at this hot dog place by my house and I freak out slightly because I see the car of this guy friend's who won't leave me alone. And we get to talking random crap. So I bring up this memory when we were hanging out at Barnes and Nobles because we enjoy reading, and the conversation at the cashier follows: Lina: -points at men's magazine but I didn't notice- That guy is so hot! Me: -thinks Lina is pointing at time magazine who had Vladimir Putin on the cover- He's okay looking, but it'd be cool to hang out with him, he's the president of Russia, I love Russians ^-^ Lina: No freaking way, he's a president? -she's still looking at the men's magazine- Me: Yeah, most than half of Russia loves him, he even has this camp thingie of followers -insert more random facts I know about so- Lina: I would love to marry him and have h
Whats your name spelt backwards?: einnoc What did you do last night?: talk to my boy on the phone, talked to the moms' and went to bed The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?: pictures of myself and a song Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?: unfortunately yes..i'm weird like that Last time you swam in a pool?: gosh, years ago What are you wearing?: baby blue pj pants and a tank top How many cars have you owned?: actually none Type of music you dislike most?: opera Are you registered to vote?: yeppers Do you have cable?: yeppers What kind of computer do you use?: mac Ever made a prank phone call?: yep You like anyone right now?: yes i do Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?: sky diving of course Furthest place you ever traveled?: MN What's your favorite comic strip?: i have 2...Family Circus and Peanuts(yep old school) Do u know all the words to the national anthem?: yep Shower, mornin
Random Things About Me...
1. I hate idiot drivers 2. Im addicted to video games 3. I have huge issues with US sending money to all other countries while we have War Vets homeless 4. I can eat Ranch on just about anything 5. I can take road trips and just drive for hours and not care about getting anywhere 6. I average 5 hours sleep a day 7. I'm a nerd lol 8. I'm a freak 9. I have issues with people acting stupid 10. I love lamp (lol I had too) I'll add more later
Tomorrow will mark 4 years since my brother passed away from cancer. I miss him it seems like more and more everyday. Everything i think about what he is missing from mine and his two children's lifes. What'd i would give to have you back on this earth with us!! i miss you and love you aug 11, 1973-jan 7, 2004
1. Are you dating the last person you kissed? Now, hmmmm, exactly how are we defining dating? 2. What are you like when you're drunk? Much nicer than I want to be, hehehe 3. Who did you copy this from and what do you think of them? I got it from Kelli and hmmm, I am trying not to mention that she has an ass that most women would kill for - didn't work real well did it? 4. Who was the last person you shared a bed with? I guess that would be Jason 5. Do you talk to yourself? Well someone has to set me straight don't they? 6. Do you drink milk straight from the carton? I try not to, but dammit sometimes the urge takes over and I do, oh don't hate me but I do 7. Who knows a secret or two about you? I have no secrets to know really 9. Do you delete people off of myspace? All the damn time 10. Who was the last person to say i love you to you? Marlena 11. When is the last time you had butterflies? Never had butterflies but it does sound a lil weird to me
Random Thoughts Of A Tainted Heart
I’m a dick! No, this is not the famous introduction of a favorite grunting comedian that comes to my mind. I’m just simply a dick. I’ve misled, used, hurt feelings, slept around while single, and showed no feeling, or compassion for many a woman. I cover my actions in the name of honesty. I’ve never cheated and so I’m in the right. Right? But what made me this way? Why do I not trust? Why can’t I find love? To answer this simply is to say “I DON’T KNOW!” I’m no expert on love. I don’t know its entirety. However, I can tell you of what I want, past experiences, and who I am so you may better be the judge of it. Here is a little history on me. I got married at the age of 18. I was faithful, loving, providing to the best of my ability. I am serving in the USAF and at the time was only an Airman First Class. My son was born of that marriage and his name is Riley. At the writing of this he is 3 years old. The marriage was rocky from the start. She was very childish an
Random Curves
Her eyes told a story, betrayal and longing. Lucid dreams stolen and beauty passion steams refullfilled belonging two paths entertwined His eyes lovingly hold hers. Beauty trasnformed by a newfound love, consumed by passion and stilled by the quiet heartbeat of ten thousand comfortable silences. Her slender frame his arms. How can the act of her casually brushing herself against his side ignite wanton lust need more powerful than naked acts undulating desire. Where does it say that confronting your fears creates no choice but to face them and recover in what ever way you can or fuck everything and run for the hills. All the lines in his face told a sad story of lost love and cold fear. A smile on his lips bespoke of the carefree desire of hope.
Random Thought For Today..
Of all the things you've ever wanted to be.. Why is just being yourself always the hardest?
i don't know what makes me tick on a daily basis, i don't know what mkaes me happy, i don't know what i'm good at, i don't know what i have to offer the human race. I can only state that im 27 and am stuck in a rut in my life. I only know that i need to get on the ball and find myself. I have no friends that live near me, the have all move on to bigger and better things. I also wondeirng what i have to offer a women, i know i ahve a good heart and a good head on my shoulder, but i aslo seem to fuck up in the end. There are many things i do wrong , but i do some right things along the way as well. these are just random thought of mine, so look into them as you wish. I don't have anyone to really vent to these day, so i bottle up everything that is throw my way and sometimes i don't know what to do with them. Well good day to everyone
im on a Fubar auction come bid on me.. XO ~LH~
Random Stuff ..
probli not of any interest 2 anyone lol bt i likes it =D x Are You .. 1. A Cuddler? yup 2. A morning person?: PAH ! 3. Are you a perfectionist?: sumtimes .. can b pretty lazy tho lol 4. An only child?: no (N) big bro & sis
Random Rant
Ok, first of all, for the guys that can't read: I AM HAPPILY TAKEN! I do not want to see your penis, I do not want to talk to you on any messenger, I do not want to talk dirty to you on here, and I do not want you at all, sexually! If you want to be friends and nothing more, that's fine. If you do not understand any of the above, please leave my page and kindly go fuck yourself. Thank you. :) Now, for the guys that still won't quit after I tell them all of that: If you feel that you have to go and down rate my page and pictures just because I do not want you, please read the last 2 sentences of the previous paragraph. As for my "friends" on here. I have asked a couple of times for help and yet still the same 5 people help me all of the time. If you are on my friends list, I expect you to help me if I need it, and I would do the same for you. Anyone that has ever helped me knows that I have done the same for them. If you can't do that simple favor for me, expect to be taken off of
Random Thoughts
when I look into your eyes your soul is open to me I lay in the warmth of you soft caresses on my skin warm breath on my neck I quietly pray for more you don't want to move forward just stay in the same spot Am I not good enough to claim? I know I'm the right one for you How can we share such a strong connection and not move to the next step? When I fall, I fall hard fast and furious I lay in the warmth of you soft caresses on my skin you cup my face in your hands your lips touch mine and hunger, fire, emotions explode how can you kiss me so passionately and not feel something for me? I will give you more time but how long, I don't know I lay in the warmth of you warm breath on my skin enveloped in your strong arms the smell of you lingers I'll keep you in my dreams
10 Random Facts About Me
This is for you, Layna. You better feel special. 1. Falling in love scares me more than anything. I try not to do it but sometimes I can't help it. 2. I hate wearing clothes. I'm usually in my boxers when I'm home. 3. I don't have one night stands. Most of my buddies think I'm crazy for this. 4. When I was in grade 9.. in gym class.. I got a boner once when we had this co-ed running thing on fridays. Girls were hot, okay?!?!?! 5. I'm a kissing and cuddling whore. 6. I have way too much fun when I play rock band. It's seriously retarded lol. 7. I'm afraid of heights. People don't believe me 'cause I rock climb and shit. I seriously shake when I go on roller coasters and sometimes I have to close my eyes when I'm too high. Yeah, you can make fun of me now. 8. When I was a kid, I almost joined a gang. That's funny if you know me now.. but I didn't used to be like this. 9. My best friend and I used to make forts. We're both in our 20s. I'm still a ki
Random Thoughts
This is every though and emotion that ran through my brain in less than a minute. it occured not 5 minutes ago Kill Maim Love Destroy Cuddle Break Smash Care Want Need Anger Sadness Fear Walls Hide Spill Slash Rip Hurt Mend Help Me Broken Down Lonely Empty Lost Alone No one Nowhere Nothing Numb Drink Kill Crumble Fall apart Tingles Burns Hurts
Random Drama
Well, today, I planned to go hang out w/ Adam after he got off work, and the girls were wanting to see him and hang out with him... so we planned to take them to the play place and just hang out and what not... well his cousin had come into town (and he had just told me earlier in the day that he didn't feel like goin' out with him...) Well, sure enough, right after Adam got off work, plans changed... and I wasn't so mad about him changing the plans, as I was mad because it let the girls down.... and Lexi was seriously CRYING over it... I mean, seriously... do you have any idea how that made me feel?!?!? I mean, i felt soo bad... she was crying and kept saying "adams house" cuz, well, thats what lexi says... and then tash pops off saying that he didn't wanna hang out with them. And like, I'm GLAD he got to spend time w/ his cousin, cuz I KNOW he hadn't gotten to see him, but adam KNEW he was coming to town, and KNEW he wanted to hang out, then made plans with me and the girls anyways,
Random Survey Dealy
1. If you had to delete one person off of your top friends, who would it be? probably stonie cuz he keeps deleting me 2. Your ex is on the side of the road, on fire. What do you do? depends if my kids are with him, stop and rescue them, then laugh my ass off... if the girls are not with him.... drive back and forth laughing my ass off 3. Your best friend tells you she is pregnant. What is your reaction? HOLY SHIT!!!! get the coat hanger!!! quick!!! thats if it was today.... 4. Name one thing no one can ever take away from you? my asshole 5. When is the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face? this morning; dennis 6. What is the last thing you spent money on? yeah, gas 7. Who is the most attractive female in your Fubar friends? Chastine, DUH 8. What is the last thing you ate that had onions in it? dunno 9. Do you think you gained or lost weight this past month? all the bedroom exercise i get, totally lost 11. If you had to sleep with one o
Random Shouts Turned Into Thoughts
Sometimes just shouting or im'ing with someone. Can create a awsome thought to blog about. In this case it was talking about are you single with someone. Slowly just bits and pieces came out, and the talk of why your single ect was brought up. And during our little talk i had a thought. What is the key to Love or Loving someone. Well its actually two pieces. 1. Complete Trust of your partner in everything, that they will always try to treat you right, that they will always worry about your feelings, and finally that they believe you above all others. 2. Communication this is probably the hardest thing in any realtionship. Tring to find a way to talk, and talk effectivly even when emotions are high. Most couples break down because of a failure in this, when they forget communication was what brought them together. I am no expert on Love, and am no expert on communication. My only advice to everyone is remember the two above things must be present for Love to grow and be s
Random Ratings
Ok .. so I get bored a lot on fubar. So I do that "BORED" thing and random rate. I rated everyone for a while but the truth is that even when rating the gals on here ... they are way harsh if they think you look better than they do. So I started rating just the men. On an average night there are a little over 55,000 people on here... I am sure the majority are women. However why is it that when you do that random rating shit ... it keeps bringing you back to the same 6 pics over and over. If I didnt' rate them the first time a second look isn't going to change my mind. I was just wondering if it was just me?
Random Questions 1. Could you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Hmmmm. prob not. 2. Have you ever seen a live bat? nah. 3. Is there anyone you hate? nah. 4. Are you hot? hell yeah bitchez! 5. Do you like the color orange? sometimes, lol. 6. Do you find it in your heart to forgive? Depends on the situation and the person... 7. Would you rather not drink alcohol or not sleep? Not drink Alcohol. 8. Have you ever seen a real redneck? lol Yes 9. Do tattoos and piercings excite you? Tattoos yes...piercings, yes. 10. What's your favorite season? spring. 11. Do you care if people talk smack about you? fuck them. 12. What age do you want to get married? i was 23. 15. Are you in a good mood? Yeah 16. Everything happens for a reason, right? True 17. Would you rather skydive or bungee jump? Neither. o.o 18.Do you like snakes? They're awesome...would I own one? No. 19. Where is one place that yo
Been sick for four weeks. 1 week I was in the hospital.. new meds..... total 360 with these meds and my life.. in all serious i want to kinda give up and die. I wake up shaking like a addict with this new insulin.. my body is being forced into shock. My hands are swollen and it hurts. migrane 24-7. A werid sickening depression has overcome me. Ive talked to the dr he says its part of it. sure me thinking of death 3/4's of my day. ah well. going to bed with any luck my soul will be consumed as I sleep and i wont be such a burden on anyone anymore
10 Random Things
10 Ransom Things about me I have been tagged to do here it goes. 1. I love the night sky......stars, the moon and winter nights make for the best skys. Even now as an adult (on occasion), I find myself laying on my trampoline after my kidos have gone to bed, just so I can watch the stars. 2.For some reason I have had alot of epipanies lately. Im not sure what up with that and all of the dreams that I can remember have been very much about my life, right now. Like senerios where I should have said something and didnt or what I wanna say and havent. Then I have this overwelming feeling of what then becomes a realization. 3. I think I have blocked memories out of mind. There are alot of things that I dont remember about High School.....I hated everything about it, just because of the bad memories that I do remember. 4. I always wanted to be a criminal attorney when I grew up........never thought I would be doing what Im doing now as a profession but I lov
Random Facts About Me
Everything on my desk has be in a certain order im obsessed with blankets i only buy black shoes i only own plain colored t shirts i still have everything anyone has ever given me i am a pack rat i have more ties than i do clothes (i never wear ties tho) i take my american flag down every night and fold it to military regulation my favorite color is baby blue my favorite season is fall i have to have a fan on me while i sleep i am a workaholic i am a recoverying drug addict the things that have made me who i am today i have told no one i have a photographic memory i can not sleep unless im holding someone or something my favorite poem is 'footprints in the sand' i go insane when im not listening to music i belive eyes are the key to the soul i hate having my shades up for some reason i clean my whole house daily i am a neat freak at times everything in my house has a specific spot it has to be in i need to learn something everyday i love learning about common kn
Random Thoughts Of Fubar
I have been on fubar less than a year.I have made some good friends but no where near what my friends list totals not no where near what my Family list totals. I have to many non friends on my friends list. Which that will be changing soon. I have to many on my family list that are not even friendly some of them will be removed soon as well. That is all for today will add more another time. Thanks to any who read this. Anna
Random Things
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1, I love the color red, it's my fav color! 2, I love animals and enjoy 2 take care of them also. 3, I love nature and almost all it has 2 offer! 4, I am a clean freak, everything has 2 be organized! 5, my favorite flowers are Tullips, roses, lavander and magnolia's. 6, I am not Religous 7, I like 2 give my self kisses in the 8, I have a bff who has been my bff since age 2 9, strawberry milk shakes are my favorite drink. 10, would love to visit Alaska some day.
10 Random Things About Me
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. My favorite color is blue 2. My favorite car is the 1967 Ford Shelby GT from the movie gone in 60 secs 3. I am totally a final fantasy junkie have played and beaten almost ev1 except 12(haven't beaten 12 as of yet) 4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TIM HORTONS COFFEE!!!!(can't function without it) 5. I love hockey and watch all the Toronto Maple leafs games.(you'd be surprised about how much I know about hockey) 6. I'm a very loyal woman who stands up for what she believes in. 7. I did an anti-racism play for schools and teachers conferences when I was in elementary school. Even went to a camp for it, and I was one of t
Random Inof About Me
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. thanx "whatsherface" #1 I love chocolate just not dark chocolate. #2 I don't put ice in my pop. #3 I can touch my tongue to my nose. #4 I still buy my clothes from the kids department. #5 Baking makes me really relaxed. #6 I could eat breakfast food and ice cream for every meal and be happy. #7 I love kids and babysit some of the most amazing ones ever! #8 I love to travel and have been to Peru, Honduras and Mexico. #9 I am a proud aunt. #10 When I go into a toy store I push all of the buttons that say, "push here" and walk away like I have no idea why everything is making noise or moving.
Random Facts
Ok well i got tagged and I have to write 10 weird facts about myself so ehre it goes... 1. I'm short..only 5'2 lol 2. I bite my nails all the time 3. I'm obsessed w/ The Little Mermaid 4. I dance in my underwear everymorning be4 I get dressed 5. I eat applesauce through a straw 6. I listen to Good Charlotte every time I take a shower. 7. I have a hot and loyal boyfriend 8. My dream is to be a mother and wife 9. My favorite color is Pink 10. And last but not least I'm a street racer
Random Poem I Found
Every step I take Brings me farther into the dark Every breath I take Kills me that much more All the hope I have left Is nearly torn to shreads Yet here I sit all calm and relaxed Yet in so much pain I take on their problems And ignore all of mine Letting me last just one more day With all that's on my mind I'm amazed I made it this far Every chance I had to be saved I pushed them all away Why can't I let you close to me? Why does it bother me so?
so ive been working alot i think today is my 1st day off in like 17 or 18 days of working in a row counting sat and suns lol... anyways i havent been on that much lately... but im pretty bored today so im sure i will be on alot!!
10 Random Things
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. born in oklahoma 2. raised in oklahoma 3. have three step sisters 4. have two biological siblings 5. have three nieces, and seven step nieces, one step nephew, two great step nephews 6. 14 aunts/uncles PLUS their spouses = MANY cousins 7. i have two children of my own 8. one grandparent still living (my dads mom) 9. i live with my husband, kids, and my mother inlaw. 10. i have four cats
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.My worst fear(besides being alone) is asphyxiation, whether it be from drowning or strangulation. 2.I have a Freckle on my right ass cheek. 3.My left boob is bigger than my right. 4.I just want to be a mommy and wife that makes art when I grow up. 5.I love to sing. I have recorded some songs myself, poor quality but I wouldn't mind singing more or being in a band. 6.I hate my stepdad even though he has taken me as his own since i was 3 because of my deadbeat biological father, 7.I am afraid of love so i find little things ands make them big so it won't hurt when the love fades. 8.I really want to be pregnant right now. 9
Random Verse
I would crawl through ten thousand hells for just one taste of your lips slick with desire because I know that the heat of you shimmers with my name
Random Facts About Me
So here's how it works: Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I have 5 different kinds of toothpaste and choose every day another. 2. I have been having the same weird nightmare for 5 years now. I have it at least 3 times a week 3. When im nervous i bite my nails. 4. When people making spelling errors I have to correct it. 5. I can put on a suit with tie with my eyes closed. 6. I remember the smallest details in a movie.Example: one of the guy in the orkestar in the movie Titanic was wearing a digital watch. 7. I learned how to drive when i was 10. 8. I speak 5 different langauges. 9. My breakfast is a cup of coffee, 1 apple and 1 orange. 10. I have never broken a bone in
Random Facts About Me...
So here's how it works: Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I have OCD with my how I have my makeup, purse, and dresser set up, lol. Its weird, LOL. 2. My purse, shoes, socks, panties, and bra have to match what I am wearing, at all times, LOL. 3. I have a festish for guys in the United States Military! 4. I am bisexual, but have not been with a woman since 2003 :( 5. I talk, and text my fuhubby Craig for hours everyday on the phone. 6. I have my nipples pierced, and I love them. 7. I do not have any tattoos. 8. I can shop everyday if I could! 9. I change my mind all the time about whether I want to become a mommy or not. 10. I hate when people have t
10 Random Things About Me
1- I'm left handed but bowl right handed 2- I am the middle child 3- Also a Army Brat 4- I hate peas 5- I snore 6- I'm only 4'10 7- I'm very impatient 8- I have a bad temper 9- I do not drink 10-I am a great cook
Random Stuff
this isnt a chain or some other you need to do blog type deal just a group of random facts about me that i felt like putting down i have lived in: rochester NY, bellflower ca, long beach ca, lakewood ca, huntington beach ca, costa mesa ca, fountain valley ca, oklahoma city ok, longmont co, puerto escondido mexico, cabo san lucas mexico, ensanada mexico i have been married once i have been a passenger in 18 car accidents and a driver in 5 (only one that was my fault was a 5mph one lol all the others ppl seem to hit me) i do drink and when given a choice i always pick single malt scotch my fav color is deep midnight blue my fav ice cream is chocolate when i was young i partied like a rock star lol (meaning i have done or tried a lot of drugs in the past) i have driven a car in excess of 180 mph i was at one point a profesional bodyboarder and was ranked 18th overall in the U.S. in 1987 i have ridden waves in excess of 20 feet i have performed in band
10 Random Things
Since my best bud Neptunes Human tagged me with this I'll give it a shot ..... Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1) When I was about 2 or 3 yrs old I got a hold of some bad milk & ever since then I Hate milk. 2) my favorite past time is going to the casinos here . 3) Im taking 6 prescription meds a day , high blood pressure, high cholesterol & low potassium. 4 ) I hate washing the dishes & cleaning up the kitchen - I'd rather clean out the bathroom . 5 ) I love going to Traders Village in Grand Prairie , Tx - its a huge outdoor flea market. 6 ) My oldest son is a seargent in the United States Army. 7 ) I have 5 grandkids :)
Random Thoughts
So like I got to thinking about some stuff this past week and there are a few things I wanna talk about. Isn't it funny how people change when they are around different people? I mean I have a few friends that have gotten into relationships recently and they have totally dropped off the face of the earth. I mean its not hard to respond to a text message or an im or a message on freaking Myspace!!! Apparently for some people it is tho. Who knows. Anyways, I guess I am getting to the point that I am getting sick and tired of my friends completely dropping me when someone new enters their life. Sure I can understand yall might be busy but come on.. How hard is it to send a simple message asking how I'm doing? YOU GUYS FREAKING SUCK!!! With one of my friends, I thought you of all people wouldnt drop me since you call me your SIS. But no... I send you a text message and what is the reply i get back? "Who is this?" How messed up is that. I guess I should be lu
Random Shit Part 2
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. earl grey tea is awesome. 2. music is like oxygen for me. 3. i´m clumsy as fuck. shit like frontflips with my bike, falling in the shower happens to me all the time. 4. i quote way too many movies. 5. i think britney spears is the definition of rock and roll. ooh and white trash. 6. i´m hung-over. 7. one of my nicknames is the name of the mascot of the 2006 soccer world championship. 8. i had my first operation when i was 3 weeks old. i had a hernia. 9. i drink my coffee black with no sugar. 10. my cell phone is 5 years old and its my sisters old one since this shit is spreading like herpes. blah tag you´re it fu
Random Ten Things Blog
Once you get tagged you have to do the samething.Write 10 random things about your self and then let 5 of your friends know. The best part is,NO TAG BACKS!! 1. My friends say I have way too much talent to not apply myself at somethings, like music and playing pool, etc. 2. I am very outspoken, often to the point of getting myself in trouble in the workplace and with authority. Hey, it's not my fault they would rather change facts than fix the faults. 3. I believe I am destined to die alone 4. My worst fears are drowning and heights, though I taunt my fears at every chance. 5. My father was murdered by Kentucky police officers. It was then covered up by state police who investigated less than 24 hours. 6. I am manic bi-polar. I have severe highs and I harness them to get work done on my house and cars. 7. I consider my fu-friends to be real friends, hey, we have been there for each other, sometimes when real life friends weren't!!! Some of you have my phone/text #
10 Random Ooh Ahhs!
Instructions... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1~ "I have a thing for things" such as lamps, butterflies, candles, food, books, photos, music and jewelry. 2~ I love odd numbers because I'm odd. The only exception is 8 seeing as it's a number that symbolizes eternity. 3~ I dance in public for no reason at all. 4~ I make funny faces just because I can. My favorite is when I am faking being gangsta. 5~ I get sick to my stomach when I'm around somebody with negative energy, sometimes resulting in my having to puke. Even upon seeing a picture of somebody with negative energy I have such a reaction. 6~ I love gems. I have a thing for hematite, amethysts, aquamarine and turquoise
10 Random Facts About Me
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I enjoy reading 2. I am learning the saw and the tenor banjo - fits my environment 3. I take naps for the simple pleasure of it 4. I really do not care at all about any sports....makes a fine guy to have around, cause i aint the one who'll be spending his sunday afternoons watching some sporting event 5. I like puzzles, but I like em best when i can share the fun of doing them with someone else. 6. Animals LOVE me....probably more than I love them, yet I have no pets, but I do have a few deer that visit the yard from time to time, and they are perfectly happy with allowing me to converse with them, while they graze. 7. I wish I
Random Poem
This love for you ive never known at all. My hate and dispair has overthrown me. Do you promise to catch me if i fall? Or will you let me crash and leave me be? The answer to my question, i must find. You said you loved me, is this true? You have a heart, so warm, gentile and kind. They say love is blind, but i can see you! You say that you love me, tell me you care. I would really like to know how you feel. And if i look for you, will you be there? Just tell me, are these feelings for you real? Or are these feelings for you just loveless? Tell me that you love me, and that i shoulsd know this!
10 Random Things About Me
1 - I am an insane Met fan. 2 - I have an extreme type A personality. 3 - I love my husband beyond reason. 4 - I suffer panic attacks. 5 - I am more insecure than I come across. 6 - I want to live in Italy for a year. 7 - I love being a housewife. 8 - I am a Republican and proud of it. 9 - I am a Christian and am proud of that more. 10 - Once I am your friend you have me for life no matter what.
Random Things
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Have fun! 1. I used to attend weekly gambler's anonymous meetings and I don't even gamble! 2. My un organization is totally organized 3. I always loose my keys 4. I have what I call "lucy" moments 5. Apple Martini's with sugar on the rim are my favorite! 6. All my ex's love me! 7. Rainy days= Jammie Days 8. Fettuccine Alfredo is my favorite meal 9. I am a dancing queen 10. Telemarketers always ask if my "mommy" is home because my voice sounds so young! Passing the torch to: Kevin Pepsi Justa Baby girl Brad Cubby Tag, you're it!!! :)
Random Things
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Have fun! 1.I eat ketchup on just about anything 2.I wont shower at someones house if thier tub is dirty 3.I drink coke for breakfast, lunch and dinner 4.I dont like my feet being touched by anyone but me 5.My sheets HAVE to be tucked in at the end of the bed 6.I love the smell of the burning cane fields by my house 7.I used to bite my nails my whole life then one day woke up and stopped 8.I hate not showering every day 9.I dont like when someone else burps or farts, It grosses me out 10.Im a very random weird person Passing the torch to: Blu Ador DJ 911 J-Mack Fire Shadow
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Have fun! 1.I eat A1 on just about anything 2.I wont potty in any other house but mine 3.I drink hot tea 4.I have a foot phonbea 5.My sheets HAVE to be tucked in at the end of the bed 6.I like the smell of Veggies but I dont like the taste 7.I still suck my thumb when I ma stressed 8.I hate not showering every day 9.I am Bossy.....I know thats hard to believe 10.I like to solve everyones elses problems.... Passing the torch to: Shea Boston BeatDown 2Big4You EMSTECH G Insanity Jenn K
10 Random Things
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.hates to be ignored 2.likes to dance naked in the shower 3. sweet and loving 4. had sex for the 1st time at age 14 5. spends most of the day wet 6. scuba diver 7. needs hot sex 3 times a day 8. loves to be kiss on the chest 9. got a 900 dollar speeding ticket 10. slept with a hot femal college professor
Random Poem
i wrote this on the back of my accounting notes the other day, i dont remember doing it, i could have sworn i was paying attention in class.. guess i was wrong lol he has found his way acrossed the miles, into her dreams in the nights and into her thoughts in the days. she tries to think of him not but it seems the more she tries the more she does. the questions remains is he for real or is he another failed attempt? all she can do is wait it out test the waters, and see what happens in the end.
10 Random Facts About Me.
Ok this is cause Daisy did some shit or another over here in the over there.So here it goes 10 random facts about me. 1. I hate Strawberries the taste or smell of them makes me sick. 2. When I take my socks off before bed I smell them. 3. I don't like the collar touched on my t shirts. 4. I fart a lot no matter what I eat I gotta FART. 5. I still ask my moms permission before I drink a beer. 6. I had my leg shattered when I was 14 riding my bike. 7. I smell everything I'm a sniffer. 8. My shirts have to hang a certain way in the closet. 9. I can wear a pair of jeans for a whole month. 10. go fuck yourself I could only think of 9. What the hell did you expect a fucken book on my life.
Random Bollox
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.I am more random than a random thing 2.Fake people annoy me 3.I hate shit stirrers and confidence tricksters 4.I love all my true friends 5. I love surprising people :D 6...Those animated spotlight pics REALLY annoy me 7..Would you like an ice cream? 8.. I have trouble finding shoes to fit properly (kinda hard with a 70% titanium foot and no ankle lol) 9...I forgot if you wanted an ice cream? 10..What was that? I TAG Lisa Emsie Ashley Julia MJ
10 Random Things About Me... I've been tagged, usually I don't do these things much..but..what the heck, I said I'd at least fill out 10;) Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. Nobody every guesses my middle name. 2. I like to be nekked around the house in good weather. 3. I am a vinyl junkie (albums...ya know old 33's?..not vinyl like I wear plastic chaps and face 4. I used to have red-rat snake (Damian..he was a smart-cool lil' guy), he ran away when I was having to shack at my pop's place for a brief spell whilst separated from my ex. 5. I had two emperor scorpions (Sinbad & Mean Mr. Meat)...sigh..they both perished -- does anybody know where to find 'pet bo
Random Thought
Well i'm at home on the computer, chillin and listening to music and my dog just stunk up my room LOL. I'm doin better than i was i'm working on job apps and going to get school sceduales (i know its spelled wrong. you wanna say somthin? I understand because i'm a writer lol) quiting smoking hasn't been successful but i hope to soon. I'm getting nearer to start up finishing my short story titled 'THE LAST NIGHT BEFORE COLLEGE' its a horror slash thiriller. i've got bills up the ying yang i need to pay.
10 Random Facts About Me
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. My eyes change color - Blue, Green, to Gray 2. I can't touch raw hamburg... yuck! *gags me* 3. I am a neat freak 4. I can't get into a wrinkled bed - 5. I fall for people to quickly 6. I am ultra sensitive 7. I love to chase rainbows =D 8. I am truly a dork... lol but an extremely intelligent one 9. I love to be humored 10. I love surprises... People I'd like to tag: "NYNGWIFEY" "Alfa Male" "Dawn Marie" "The Stutter" "Northy"
10 Random Facts About Me
1. I graduated a year early from highschool to enlist in the Marines. 2. I collect Faeries. 3. My favorite color is purple. 4. I love Gregorian Chant...I find it very relaxing. 5. I used to bite my nails. 6. I love to sing. 7. I have always wanted to visit Ireland. 8. I am a published poet. 9. I cry over sad movies..that's right, I'm a sap, lol! 10. I was named after one of my mother's best friends.
Random Facts # 2
i still sleep with a stuffed animal im obsessed with scented candles i love kool-aid the only pop i will drink is mountain dew i cook food constantly but hardly eat what i make im a nature freak i meditate im a firm believer in karma i want to change the world and make it a better place i have devoted my life to helping kids i have lost the love of my life i have lost my own child i love hoodies i am extremely shy in person im a water freak a hygene freak i hate doctors with a passion i dont wear a shirt in the summer at all i have only had sex 1 time (5 years ago) i visit my daughters grave weekly along with my ex fiancee to let them know i still love them i dont partake in half of national holidays only thing i fear is falling inlove i am my biggest critic i have a bunch of crosses in my room but im not religeous i cant leave a job undone i think the rain is the most relaxing sound i hate not being able to be independant i think dark haired woman look bette
Random Terms
Arbitrator'-bi-tray-ter..: A cook that leaves Arby's to work at McDonald's. Avoidable ..uh-voy'-duh-buhl..: What a bullfighter tries to do. Baloney ..buh-lo'-nee..: Where some hemlines fall. Bernadette ..burn'-a-det..: The act of torching a mortgage. Burglarize ..bur'-gler-ize..: What a crook sees with. Counterfeiters ..kown-ter-fit-ers..: Workers who put together kitchen cabinets. Eclipse ..e-klips'..: What an English barber does for a living. Eyedropper ..i'-drop-ur..: A clumsy ophthalmologist. Heroes ..hee'-rhos..: What a guy in a boat does. Left Bank ..left' bangk'..: What the robber did when his bag was full of loot. Misty ..mis'-tee..: How golfers create divots. Paradox ..par'-uh-doks..: Two physicians. Parasites ..par'-uh-sites..: What you see from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Pharmacist'-uh-sist..: A helper on the farm. Polarize ..po'-lur-ize..: What penguins see with.
so you say im just a friend and thats all ill be...ill find the one that will be right for me...together well be happy, but not as friends but lovers... every time i try harder it doesn't do any good...they just throw me out like day old food...that feeling of aloneness tears my heart..which some people will never know... the truth is im alone....single...and unhappy...and theres not much people can say or do to change that...but bring me down more...when it comes down to it...there is no thing in this world called friends.. just people acting to give a shit and speak words they do not back therefore people are not worth my time in explaining my life...its pointless to describe someone the things ive been through when they themselves do not have my trust friends are not important to is what matters...they are the only ones that have a chance in guidance in life...since they seem to know me more than anyone yet they have no inclination of the things that go on in
Random Page Comment......#1
Just thought i would molestyour page with a commentIt's Sunday once againLet the bullshit start beginSince you got this commentthen you must be my friendI only wonder are we friends 'til the end?Like Sundays friends come and goBut like a true friend i willnever show you the doorI am the killer of drama whoresand the lover of calamitybut since you got this commenti will leave you to your serenityYea i am boredSo i wrote thisSUE ME lmao
Random Thoughts & Premeditated Screamfest Grab A Drink And Let It Go
She was so kind and so fun to be around. When the news of her suicide, and how her youngest daughter heard a gunshot...the held the dead mother's body, it broke my heart for all 4 of her girls, 2 new grandchildren, and one on the way. She appeared so strong and her husband a stern but friendly man, were talking about divorce. He intimidated her. He said he'd get custody of the girls-- and in one desparate moment, she'd had enough of his rage. I have known that feeling too, but her precious smiles, goofy humor, and genuine love for her friends and family was not enough to keep her from shooting herself in the head. When a person is told they are useless, and all sorts of threats are made, all one can think of is: "Oh my God! what are we going to ? how will the girls and I survive?" I'm sure she believed that she wasn't beautiful, And I don't know what if she thought of anything except that gaping hole of desperation. Since he told her she was nothing, I'm pretty sure that
Why is it that we never seem to find what we are looking for? Is it because we are looking for something that is not real or unobtainable? Or do we always seem to make bad choices? I wish I knew. Why is that people as say everything is fine or great when you ask them how they are? Am I the only one who is not always fine or great? And if so, can someone please tell me your secret? Is it too much to want the man who cant live without you? Will love you forever? Wants to cry when you cry or at least gives a crap to why you are crying in the first place. IS he really out there? Or does it always fade away after time? Ok these are my ramblings for now. Just a few thoughts I had. Kisses to you all!!
Fart! lol.
Random ?s
1. do you ever turn your cell phone off? god no! 2. do you like more than one person right now? i like a lot of people right now... 3. if you could push one person off a cliff who would it be? Guess.... just... GUess 4. who was your last text from? asshole 6. would you rather have glasses or braces? glasses... totally... 7. have you ever been in love? Yes... :D 8. what is the most played song on your itunes? well, while in my car with my cd player.... i listen to... Noose... A LOT... 9. what's the last movie you watched and what did you think of it? ooohh.. Vacancy? It was... ok... i guess 10. do you know anyone who has cancer? actually,... yes 12. what is the last thing you touched, other than your computer? my nipples... those rings are just so... yeah 13. how many hours of sleep did you get last night? ooohh probably 6 or so 14. do you play guitar hero? OMFG i SOOOO can play it now... it's kinda fun 15. do you have justin timberlake mu
Random Stuff
Supprising QuestionsTAKE THIS SURVEY! Take this survey 1. Do you know anyone in prison at the present moment? yes 2. Have you ever logged onto a boyfriend/girlfriends myspace? no 3. When is the last time you ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? some time last year 4. Do you have a desk in your room? no 5. Have you ever gotten naked at a party? no 6. Whats the weirdest thing you have smoked? haven't smoked anything weird 7. Are you named after one of your parents/grandparents? no 8. Can you walk a straight line when you are sober? sometimes 9. Do you throw up gang signs? no 10. Have you ever broken a rib? no 11. Would you rather be a girl or a guy? most times, a guy--- quicker showers, can pee just about anywhere, easier for many things. 12. Who is the most spoiled person you know? lol...ummm.........rather not rule on this one... 13. Would you rather have a million dollars or true love? the money. i can work on the other thing on my own. 14. Have you ever had sex on t
Nine Ways To Win My Heart 1. Have an intelligent debate with me. 2. Listen. Really listen. 3. Feed me. 4. Love my children. 5. Own a dog. 6. Accept my faults. 7. Be open to ANYTHING. 8. Be honest, loyal, and patient 9. Tell me you are a Red Dwarf fan. Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die 1. Be the most infamous manslut in history. 2. Achieve something beautiful. 3. Find "The One". 4. Go to New Zealand. 5. Go to Amsterdam. 6. Kiss Jerri Ryan. 7. Invent something useful. 8. Own a large house. Seven Ways To Annoy Me 1. Show up,be human. 2. Wake me up. 3. Be self-righteous 4. thrive in apathy and ignorance 5. Be a hypocrite. 6. Steal from me. 7. Be crule to animals. Six Things I Believe In 1. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. 2. < > ^v ^v l r a b gets you unlimited lives on Contra. 3. Women are crazy. 4. The shit never distributes evenly after it hits the fan. 5. It does not matter if the glass is half empty or half full,just
Random Thouights From A Fool
Do you know what that picture is above my blubbering nonsense? Sure, its a picture you need to click on and vote, but to me, its even more than that. Before that pic, I was a Fubar Ninja. Sure, I met some people, but would mostly vote on Mumms, rate some pics, and talk to the same few people that I met. Mind you, that was not a horrible existance. But because of PebblesinAZ, that pic has broadened my horizons. Her contest forced me to go out, and start asking for people to look at my picture, and rate it. I hate the fact that I'm begging, but I like the fact that each night, I send out between 100 and 200 links or messages, and the results are pretty much meaningless. Sure, I get some votes, but to be honest, I get about a 15% return. and about a 2% return of messsages from people telling me I'm a point whore. Thats ironic, because I get no points from this. But every night, I meet 3 or 4 people who actually like to chat in the shout boxes. That makes it all worth it. I
Random Thoughts From My Head
Well, today has so far not been too bad. Been running around most of the morning... which sucks... cuz i hate running around! Other than that, well... nothing exciting has been happening... til tonight!!! Yay!!! Adam and I are taking the girls to Build-A-Bear tonight... and thats gonna be awesome... Chastine is coming with us... so we'll all be hanging out at the mall... it'll be pretty nifty. Sooo... i cant wait until he gets off work... yay!!! lol anywho... chastine is coming over to hang out so i'm wrapping this up....
why not, right...ten random facts about me 1. My sisters wanted to name me Betty. 2. I can eat an entire plum with my lips closed. 3. I went through 13 years of Catholic school. 4. I could see the hospital where I was born from the back porch of the house where I grew up. 5. My first and middle name, when defined together, mean true image of sorrow. 6. I have very agile toes. 7. I still have my wisdom teeth. (running out of stuff) 8. I caught the chicken pox when I was 18. 9. Confident women mesmerize me. 10. My eye sight SUCKS.
Random Thoughts...
Just had some random thoughts in my head and thought that I would get them out. I can't really talk to anyone about the thoughts that I have, because they are merely thoughts as I am merely a female. lol. It's funny how I can be going down the road and have all kinds of random thoughts, but I get here to post in a blog and can't think of anything that I had going on. I know a lot of it's got something to do with what's going on. Which as usual, there's a lot going on. I don't like the way I look. I don't like the way I feel. I'm not liking a whole lot lately. There are things that I use to like, but not liking a whole lot anymore now. I'm not sure why. I don't feel happy. I know that I should. I have 2 loving children and a boyfriend. Not sure what's missing? I guess I'm just sick of this life, not that you care. I'm not the only with whom these feelings I share. I question what's wrong with me? Why am I not happy? Is it because I'm still bitter about some things? Is it because I think
So...really not much to update yall about... moved into our own lil studio apartment in good ol' Allentown, finally have a place of our own :) Just a lil start up place to save up money so we can get a 2bdrm when or after the baby gets here. he just got a job at the car wash and cant wait for landscaping season to start happy for him he loves doin that and hes gonna get some decent cash for the landscaping job, so to make money till then..... Anyway....we're having our small ceremony in July and then having the big blow out with friends and family next Spring i date set yet just a general timeframe. We're happy together and that's good. I'm just hormonal and well, thats all i can say. I'm at my sisters right now in Jersey hangin out for a few days cuz i needed to clear my head...pregnancy stress is gonna drive me up the wall...we didn't have mins on the cell but he put minutes on it and we started talkin about what was bothering me
Random Tuesday Thoughts
Well, today has been a prety not so eventful day so far. I miss my baby girls, and am gonna go get them from day care here pretty soon. Tash stats t ball pretty soon, so tonight we're going to go pick up the stuff she needs for tball. I'm getting her a pink glove and pink helmet and pink bat. Her team colors are like pink, and animal print. Like Zebra and Tiger print, or something like that. So it will be cute as hell. Other than that... nothing new or exciting. Blah.
Random Bullshit
Well, I'm stressed as shit. Big fucking shock. I need to sleep more... or, more soundly if nothing else. I woke up a lot last night... and recently just haven't slept well for one reason or another. I don't feel well. I've been sick, a lot... and it just seems like so much bullshit is going on in my life. I'm just, sick of people's bullshit. I want to get away for a few days... i really freaking need to. Just me, alone, and some peace and quiet... will i get it? Probably not...
Random Ranting
I was sitting around today thinking about something to write about. I was flipping through the channels on television and just got angry after a while. There are so many things and people in this world that just completely fucking suck and I hope you the reader are ready for alot of random anger based on all the shit I had to see on the TV that annoyed me. ================================================== American Idol What is it now, the 10th season? (if I get corrected I will stab you in the leg) Why is this show on? It has to be the stupidest thing to come to TV since that one stupid show that lasted literally an espisode before it was cancelled. Aren’t most of the people who won American Idol complete failures? Have you ever been to a party or literally anywhere in the world and heard someone utter “Have you heard the new Ruben Studdard album?!” My first instinct would be to beat the hell out of them like Nelson beat up Martin on The Simpsons. And what about Fantasi
Randy Pausch's "last Lecture"
"If you live properly, the dreams will come to you." REL
10 Random Things...
1. I prefer to wash dishes the old fashioned way as opposed to using a dishwasher. To me, the dishwasher just doesn't get them clean; I do use it on occasion for the sanitation properties of the heat. 2. I dread mating socks...uggghh 3. I have a natural knack for fixing things. 4. I once locked my keys in my car & broke in to it with it's antenna & a shoelace :)... 5. Nature moves me. 6. I rarely drink, but when I do, I favor dark beer or straight up girly stuff... 7. I could honestly live without a long as I have any of the following: Good music, A good book, or a pen/pencil & paper for writing or sketching. 8. I'm a whiz at Boggle & Tetris. 9. I'm a shy extrovert. 10. My dogs are truly my best friends :)
Random Ramblings
one day the world in which you live will crash down and bury you in the rubble . that is when you have to stand up and be strong no matter what others say and dust your self off because there will always be one someone out there who adores you or looks up to you for strength . they in turn will give you the strength to be strong enough for the battle not hang your head in shame and cower away stand ,be seen, hold your head like that of a god. and continue to walk the path meant for you. it is then you will find that the broken rubble isnt a sign of weakness but a sign that you are stronger than you thought because you arose from it to stand proudly and fight again
Randomness.... If That A Word Lol
just a few thoughts i have had... How come life just sucks? How come the earth is round? Why dont i look more mexican? lol okay just messin, those thoughts really arnt in my head. Im just bored... so i decided to post a completly random and pointless blog on here. Ya i know dumb but hey it happens. lol Holla!
Randy Pausch Reprising His &last Lecture&
Please check out this video
Random Sex Tips From Angi...the Saga Continues...
SCROLL DOWN FOR IMPORTANT INFO!! BELIEVE IN JESUS!!! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA For those of you falling for it the first time...lesson learned: Don't believe everything you read. For those of you falling for it again...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Silly you!
Random Thoughts And Ideas I Live By.
First off, these are all coming off the top of my head and I'm more then sure some have roots in everything from eastern philosophy to popular culture. I'm not attempting to to do anything other then scribble my mind at this point in time. If you want to steal this feel free, I don't really care. Never stop asking questions Play devil's advocate helping someone is never a waste of time Never walk with a glass cane (if you know what that means I have a huge respect for you, and ask me if you want to know) too much of anything can be an addiction, with the exceptions of learning, and true love Organized religion is a bad thing Faith can be a wonderful or horrible thing Faith used to justify hatred is not faith Clark Gable is a pimp Judging others is only judging yourself Be true to who you are and don't sacrifice to fit in Find what you love If you are stopped on your journey there is always another way if you are not willing to let it stop you k
Random Whining.... Lmao!!!
Its amazing the things that go on in this website. In the past I have taken somethings seriously. I have also learned that a majority of the "shit" that goes on here is nothing more than people acting like asses to fullfill their own ego's in life. They seem to think that they NEED this site to be a person, a friend and or more. This site is on the INTERNET!!! That should be enough said, however, I have known a number of people that take this site toooooooooo serious. Way TOOOOOOO Serious! I have in the past taken this site a little serious and I can admit it. Now, anymore, its my release from my real life. My own personal dramas. Most people on here are doing the same thing, getting a release from their everyday lives. Some live on here... I know I am signed on a majority of the day, but in the past month or so, I have not spent that much time actually looking at my home page. Or anyone elses pages for that matter. If I am logged on, its because my internet AUTOMATICALLY
Random Thoughts
Random Quotes For 3-14-08
It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. --Hans Selye Optimists make the best of it when they get the worst of it. --Unknown Life is a quarry, out of which we are to mold and chisel and complete a character. --Goethe
Random Quotes For 3-16-08
Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training. --Anna Freud They do not love who do not show their love. --William Shakespeare We must constantly build dykes of courage to hold back the flood of fear. --Martin Luther King, Jr.
Random Facts About Me
Here are some random facts about me. These are all subject to change. I work outside for the most part, but I generally avoid being outside Nirvana is my favorite band, I have at least 8 different versions of "Smells like Teen Spirit" I despise movies like Airplane, Another Teen Movie, and the such. I like my comedy clever, with some thought behind it. I worked in a pet shop, and ever since then, have no real interests in having a pet. As an ironic twist of fate, my wife is an animal lover, and I have a zoo. I am very fidgety. I love watching people. I have a sixth sense around them, and can read them really quickly. The previous still doesn't stop me from making poor decisions about people, because if they're interesting, I'm sucked in. If I wouldn't die of a heart attack, I would eat hot dogs and pizza for every meal. I only listen to Van Halen songs with David Lee Roth singing. I love true creime, and non fiction. I read fiction, but the older I get, the more I avoi
Random Words Of Irritation
If I said I woke up in the morning, never hating you, it wasn't true; I lied. You made me lose my breath, I lost my way, heart dropped in the dirt and it'll never be shiny or new deaf to the words I've needed to hear you say, that is why I hate you. There was something in his eyes, and something in his voice that said: this is all you get -- direction without a choice.
Random Thoughts
Here are some random thoughts going in my head at the moment:Where is this global warming? I just want local warming at this point.Being bald feels good, better then I expected.People in Cleveland, from Cleveland having on Yankees gear, not because they support the team, but just because it is cool. Ask those guys to name 5 players other then Jeter or A-Rod on the team.At least you can talk football with Steeler’s fans, they know their football. You ever try talking to a New England football fan, they really know nothing. Well they know stuff from the last 10 years. Now Red Sox fans, they know their baseball. I do one day want to see the Chicago Cubs win a World Series, just so I can quit feeling bad for that one fan with the headphones.I hate St. Patrick's day, people pretending they are "Irish" for the day. Try having Irish blood 365 days a year. Then try not blowing up every ten seconds.Sometimes being in charge means being alone.If your back is against the wall, maybe it is time to
Random Thing I Wrote
i know that im awake but yet the touch of a single object does no justice i am numb numb to the touch my head is still but yet i can not concentrate sitting alone in a cold, dark room seems like the place to be i can see light but i just cannot seem to reach outside there is sunlight and bright blue skies if only i could reach but until then ill sit here til the earth turns dark and grey
Random Happy Thought For Today.
Well..several.'re cool. You know who you are. YAY flaming modification. Second...gah I will be so glad when I can quit actually working in this place and just run it via wireless. school...happens soon...right..fucking..on. Fourth..I gained another pound! Yay on my way back to 130!!!!! Fifth...there is no fifth..I'd LOVE a fifth of something.
I've been thinking a lot...and that's a dangerous road for me to tread. Mostly, I think about money. Money is NOT a fun subject for me, since I don't have any. I wonder sometimes if working at a job I like instead of what brings home money is the answer. I worry about what I'm going to have as I get older...I'll be 24 in three months as of yesterday...and I think about where I'm at and wonder how the hell I got here. I have a tendency to want SO badly for attention, and find myself increasingly jealous of others. I've stopped trying to be a pleaser...I've stopped trying to be what others want from me, but often revert back to keep the peace. I've recently learned things about my family that make me NOT want to see them this weekend. I just want to stand in the middle of the room and scream out for everyone to drop their fucking act and just be THEMSELVES, for chrissake. I'm pretty pissed off about the talking behind my back, and I wish sometimes that I could say the
Random Questions
Odd, random and slightly twisted questionsWhat kind of label do you fit into?: My OwnWhat kind of scent do you wear?: DependsWhat shampoo do you use?: Suave right nowWhat do you do for the enviroment?: Umm...recycle?Do you recycle?: Didn't I JUST say that?How many times do you shower in a week?: 2x a DAY!How many days in a row do you wear the same bra?: Maybe 2How many times a day do you apply deodorant??: Only need to onceHow many days in a row do you wear your socks?: I like sandalsTake this survey - Odd, random and slightly twisted questionsMyspace Surveys
Random Shit
Random shit that has happened within the last 2 hours. I'm eating a mystery popsicle. I don't know what the flavor is..but I dig it's ok. My snake fell off of his branch..into his water..and if he wasn't the idiot that fell in. I had some chick pull the "stay away from my man" bit on me for a I changed into my new tank top/girl boxers combo..and it rocks. YAY pink! I found a pic of my twin brother and myself and my son that I'd never seen before..was cool I watched SouthPark in Spanish...Cartman sounded like Cheech Marin. You're excited..I can feel it.
Random Facts
The purpose of this little game is to list 10 random and/or unusual facts about yourself,then you tag 5 people on your friends list and have them do the same thing. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Ok here goes........ 1. I collect lighthouses all different shapes and sizes. 2. I would love to time travel. 3. My favorite christmas decoration is snowmen. 4. I have a quick temper. 5. I consider loyalty the most important quality in a friend. 6. Autumn is my favorite season. 7. Unlike most women, I hate shopping for shoes. 8. I believe in the "conspiracy theory" of JFK's death. 9.I would love to see Alaska someday. 10. I wish I were taller sometimes. Ok the people to be tagged are Chuck, little Italian, Dave,n1kgm, and crow.
Random Thoughts
Random Thoughts
is he telling the i stick around and listen to his lies because i like wat he is saying OR do i run for shelter before the shit blows up in my face??? i just dont know GRAWR am i really losing him or has he already gone??? maybe he is still here for the ride or maybe just wating for a good time? god damn it my back hurts WAHHH stupid tail bone holly shit i am HELLA bored am i pushing them away because i want them close OR do i really not care god why wont he call!!! i want to talk to him DAMN IT TO HELL why cant i stop thinking about him am i really that crazy? WOOHOO i get to go to my sisters this weekend GO ME!!! my niece and nephew and sister all weekend with nothing i mean NOTHING to do but sit on my fat ass with my sister and watch TV and cry like the emo loser i am YEHAW!!! i wish i knew wat was bothering me and y so i could talk myself out of it! or try anyways why am i thinking about so much shit, why does it feel like my heart is splitt
50 Random Robin Facts
1. Do you like blue cheese? no way 2. Have you ever smoked heroin? duh 3. Do you own a gun? yes 4. What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic? Cherry and vanilla 5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? no... why would i??? its not a test 6. What do you think of hot dogs? ewwwwiiiieeee 7. Favorite Christmas song? none 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? water 9. Can you do push ups? HA! 10. What do you order at starbucks? mocha latte 11. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? none 12. Favorite hobby? taking pictures 13. How do you eat your eggs? scrambles 14. Do you have A.D.D.? No 15. What's one trait that you hate about yourself? My fat belly 16. Middle name? Nicole 17. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment.. no sex for 5 weeks wtf is he thinking and why the hell does this gay shit happen to me 18. Name 3 things you bought yesterday: nothing 19. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink water, DP
Random Thoughts...
More random thoughts Category: Life I noticed something the other day when ripping into my box of cookies.The serving size for this particular type of cookie was 1 cookie. What the fuck? One cookie? Who in hell eats just one cookie? One bag, maybe. But one single little cookie? Gimme a fucking break. Another one I saw a few days ago is they are actually putting nutrition information on bottled water. Huh? Can you guess what all the values were? Take your time on this, I'll wait...........IT WAS ZERO!!!!!!!! zero carbs, zero sugar, zero calories, zero vitamin A, B,C,B12, zinc, iron, riboflavin everything. Why is this neccesary? It's just fuckin' water. I'm waiting for nutrition values to be posted on bottles of booze soon. Actually, I believe beer already has it. How fucking dumb is that? "Hey Manny, you want a beer?" "No thanks, I'm watching my carbs." Dumb Dumb Dumb Another thing I really, truly love is the new expanded rating system for movies. It's no longer good enough to ju
~~~random Thoughts~~~
As I sit alone in the dark, hearing nothing but the sound of my beating heart, I close me eyes in hopes of forgetting........forgetting everything and anything I possibly can. Not any one thing in particular, but all that brings me to this place. A place of solitude and deafening silence that confines me. Feelings of shackles and chains to an impervious situation. Though I always seem to escape these bonds, if only for a little while, it is never long lasting. I run and run and run at times, sometimes it seems for miles and miles.....getting absolutely nowhere, but out of time and fighting for every breath I can. What can free me of such a prison?!? Sometimes the worst prison seems to be my own own heart. ~~~Misty~~~
Random Quote Kushism
Once u expect pain going 2 come with even like some1..u can heal much faster from pain And when u love expect time 2 heal ur self Life is based on what my mind lets me and what my heart willing 2 do
A Random Joke
a man forgot to zip up his pants, a lady tells him "your garaged is open" and he asks "did you see my mustang?" She happily replies "no i saw a mini cooper with two flat tires!!!"
Random Thoughts
Sitting besides you, taking you in. Holding you at night in my arms. Watching you peacefully sleep next to me in our bed. Touching your silk like skin and watching you react to my hand. Gliding my fingers across your breasts and watching your nipples get stimulated. Running my hand over your butt and down your leg, grazing your sex, hearing you moan. Holding your hands back as I kiss your sweet lips, passionately, pinching one nipple. My other hand leaves yours and raps around your throat, squeezing to show you who is in control. You grasping at the precious air, stimulated beyond words... These are some of the things that are running through my head right now...more to cum...
Random Agrees
random agreement with Dawn about the nosey ass drama whores @ work.. that is all!
43 Random Questions
1. If I look in your glove box, what will I find? i dunno my husband is kinda a neat freak so prolly not much 2. What jewelry are you wearing? wedding ring , mothers ring , hockey mom necklace 3.What is something your friends make fun of you for? does the song Mrs. Robinson mean anything to you? if it does you know what I mean 4. When was the last time you saw the second person on your list? few weeks ago dangit i miss her 5. What is in your pocket right now? um well nothing 6. Where was your default picture taken? im sure it was taken in the car with my cell 7. A guy hits on you by saying: "how do you like your eggs in the morning" you say? aww how sweet! dont worry my husband knows exactly how i like them thanks for asking though :) 8. Do you know anyone that is in jail? yep 9. What was for breakfast this morning? what the heck is breakfast??? 10. Something irritating about your living situation: every
Random Quote From Pplz
You've got to be conscious of racism, period. And it's still there. We don't deal with it as often as my grandparents did. My grandparents grew up in South Carolina, so they experienced the heart of that." On if America is ready for a Black president in 2008: "I just think there's people that might not be ready for an African-American president. It'll be an issue, believe it or not."
Random Quotes From Me
IF u turely hate some u hd 2 luv it frist. NEVER hold something so long inside u it stop u from living.the more u die inside is an early grave. NEVER give urself 2 some1 who dont even know u exist. Sometimes the best luv is the 1 u never see always feel and dont know the 1 who luv u. Race is never the iusse a-holes comes in all colors.
50 Random Questions... I Know, I Know... Another
1. How tall are you barefoot? 5'9" 2. Have you ever smoked heroin? ummm... NO... good heavens, what a question... 3. Do you own a gun? Yep, several, actually 4. Rehab? only PT for injuries. 5. Do you get nervous before "meeting the parents"? if anyone says that they don't, they're lying or kidding themselves... 6. What do you think of your friends? that I'm amazed they keep me around ;) 7. What's your favorite Christmas song? "O' Holy Night" 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Coffee... 9. Do you do push-ups? yep 10. Have you ever done ecstacy? nope, I've been ecstatic before though, does that count? 11. Are you vegitarian? no 12. Do you like painkillers? only when I'm in severe pain... 13. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex? Is there such a thing? If so, where does one find said same? 14. Do you own a knife? yep 15. Do you have A.D.D.?
Random Slurvey
Do you know anyone named Chris? Several What's the closest blue thing to you? Lighter What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Welcoming Sean home from work. If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you? Probably. But I can't so what's the point of wishing I could. Just have to make the best of things. Do you wear big sunglasses? Sure Do you like Journey? I did in the 80's & early 90's.. Now, not so much. Although a couple songs are very significant to me. Do you cook to music? I like music any time. Does the future make you more nervous or excited? A little of both. Have you kissed somebody in the last 2 weeks? Daily What are you doing in 2009? Making our life better I hope.. Continuing to better myself.. Being a decent human being, a good parent and a fabulous girlfriend! How many different things did you drink today? 1 Why did your parents give you the name you have? My grandfather's middle
Random Things
Tell me. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Every one has something, something that keeps them tethered to this earth. So what is it for you? Is it the warm kiss of the sun on your face, the sound of a new born baby crying, or the rush of seeing some one you love. What would you do if it was all taken away? In an instant it was all turned up side down. That rush is gone; it has been taken away and is never coming back. What then? Do you know, will any one ever know? Who are you when it’s gone? Are we any thing more than just flesh bound to this world? A world that we are lead to believe that dreams come true and if you really want some thing bad enough its yours. When in all reality it’s a prison that we are forced to live in. If there was a way to end it, to make it all stop would you do it?
Random Thoughts
Ya know I was sitting here thinking, No matter how dangerous that sounds, But I was reflecting on Past and present drama, Of courese there isn't realy any with me present but I still see it all over FUBAR. It occured to me there is one big way to stop the drama across the board. The solution is simple, See I deleted my old account to PROVE there is more going on in my life than to rack up points and crawl to the top. The solution to stop 99% of Drama is to simply disable levels ya know the Newbie to screw me over levels, The levels therefore have a trickle effect, Disable Levels and Bombing goes away, Bombing goes away no need to cheat, no need to cheat does away with fake friends, do away with fake friends do away with 99% of the drama. Now the 1 % left are liars, Thieves and just plain loosers some of them taking their child support checks or welfare money to get their VIP's or throw contest they cant afford. DRAMA FREE is Just that DRAMA FREE, That is when you see DRAMA
Random Thoughts 4/4/08
I am finding life is one big series of conundrums. You make decisions, have questions, and provide answers, it is all part of the pathway of understanding but what do we need to understand? My guess is it is not the world we need to understand but rather ourselves. When you have a clear understanding of yourself, you tend to understand the people and things around you. You sympathize with them and when you sympathize, you have a connection of understanding. The question I have is, where are we headed and what is the point of all this? It is as if I am on a rollercoaster ride and I only have two questions. How the hell did I get on this thing and when is going to end? I would like to think that there is more to all this, something more than love and war, something more than random thoughts and random coincidences or are we just a bunch of bouncing balls colliding into each other. With no direction or path, no beginning or end? I seek clarity, clarity to understand the process.
7 Random Things About Me
Ok this could be fun, if people are willing to way of comments! Ok here goes I wanna know 7 random things about you that I don't already know, and to make this fair, I will post 7 random things about me that not all of you know! 1. I am easily guilted (I know not a word)in to doing things. 2. I am ambidextrous. 3. I can still put my feet over my head :) kinkay! 4. I prefer baths to showers. ewww gross huh? 5. I am really shy. (you think I am lying lol NO I am shy) 6. I quit drinking alcohol because I was starting to do really bad stuff when drunk, such as go around asking total strangers the size of their penis. 7. My feelings are very easily hurt!
Random Question Crap
Kind of random Lasts What was the last thing you ate? Fried Bologna Sammich What was the last thing you said? Singing this song, does tha count What was the last song you heard? The song im listening too What was the last TV show you watched? CSI What was the last movie you saw? American Gangster What was the last thing that made you cry? Life What was the last thing that made you laugh? My neice Who was the last person to call you? My sister Who was the last person to text you? Chris What was the last restaurant you ate at? I was at Chuck E. Cheese today What was the last thing you bought? Gas What was the last shop you were in? HEB I think Which friend did you last see? today I saw, Neelie, Erin, and Stephanie all at once. Where was your last holiday to? to my house,, what like im going to actually do anything..
Random Quote From Pplz&wtf News Clip
The Republican messiah Ronal Reagan’s opinion of George W. Bush (The Reagan Diaries published by Harper Collins): 'A moment I've been dreading. George brought his n'er-do-well son around this morning and asked me to find the kid a job. Not the political one who lives in Florida; the one who hangs around here all the time looking shiftless. This so-called kid is already almost 40 and has never had a real job. Maybe I'll call Kinsley over at The New Republic and see if they'll hire him as a contributing editor or something. That looks like easy work. “ Marilyn Monroe had a sex tape that was sold for $1.5 million. The other tape is in the nasty hands of the FBI. Lauren Hutton has a line of make up and she explained to a woman what shade she wasn’t while in South Africa: "This is Oprah dark. You are not Oprah dark." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^>>>that a fu*K up quote..damn.lmbao
Random Thoughts
its funny how you swear you will not fall for anyone becuase you have been done wrong or been hurt and beatin and broken to the point you swear you will never let anyone get close or too close again. then one day out of no where you are opening up to someone and actually catching yourself thinking about this person more and more then you watch a movie that really isnt a love movie but you watch and you realize that the way that a person in the movie says she feels about another person in the movie is just the way you feel about this person and that you find yourself opening up to him and wanting to see where things between you can go and then on top of all that you took a step out of your comfort zone and gave him your number all the whil wondering would he really call and if he does will this be something special or is he the type that will play you all over again everyone you have let get very close has told you to follow your heart and so this time you do and now you find yourself d
~random Quotes~
Random Thoughtz...
Itz been an interesting day 2 say the least.Last nite I wuz n such a gud mood,flyin high.24 hrz later,I'm not depressed,but...introspective I guess.Itz weird how one minute u think ur on solid ground and the next minute ur head iz spinning cuz ur so unsure of thingz u cud have sworn were real.Thatz life I guess.Without the lowz,the highz wouldnt b near az sweet.But I'll tell u what:we've got 2 learn 2 b kinder 2 each other.There's an old saying that sumtimes u have 2 b cruel 2 b kind and I'm starting 2 believe that iz very true.Why string sum1 along or lie 2 b "nice" if they r only going 2 end up hurt n the long run?I've come 2 the conclusion that I will take all flattery and promises with a grain of salt.I'm on my own-thatz how I wuz wired,thatz how itz meant 2 b.Happily ever after aint 4 everybody;and this die-hard romantic will have 2 stay rooted n reality.It bitez,but at least I know it'z real.Peace...
Random Thoughts
I'v found it is often an error to attribute traits generaly to a gender. for example many men will say that females have no emotional control and(sometimes true sometimes false). as a general rule Big rule *** words mean nothing actions and deeds are the only measure of anyone,, all men use the exact same words Id say about 60 to 70 % of us are lieing, thats unfortunate for those few of us with personal ethics and honor/// my wolfs name was loki, he died last May after a full life of 16 years. I'll miss him forever>>> well thats my two cents worth, always keep in mind that reality is dictated by the observer and that observation changes reality. the strongest mind directs the course
I feel like I have bugs in my ears. They hurt so bad. agh! my throat feels like I smoked all day and night. I might be getting sick. I woke up and my whole body was hurting. Everytime I sat up, my abs, felt torn for some reason. My back feels like I am going to have another "cycle" but that better not happen. Ms. Bonnie told me to make earplugs and wear them. That has really helped with the noise level, but not with the pain. It almost feels like I have an ear infection, but I know it's just the pain from my tooth traveling up my jaw to my ears. I'm SO ready to go to the dentist. I have decided not to go to rec or law library to just stay in here. I can't afford to get in trouble in here. It's really not worth it. I'm just trying to get out of here. I cried last night. I am really scared I'm going to be here for a really long time. Ms. Bonnie made me feel a lil better. So did Twila. I had a dream about Joyce and Wade last night. I guess that is a sign I'm fawking u
Random Book Fact
I heard today that the average American is a voracious reader...digesting 6 books a year and a total of over 400 in a lifetime (somehow that doesn't add up). Wow. Not to brag or anything, but, I've read 6 books in the last 3 weeks. Guess I am not average.
Random Jokes Funny And Not Funny
Oval Office Monica Lweinski came into Bill Clintons office. Bill got up and closed the door. He walked over to Monica, dropped his pants, pointed to his dick and said, "How do you like my clock"? Monica said, "What are you talking about, thats not a clock". Bill answered, "Well then, put two hands and a face on it!" DUI During the big DUI Dragnet, a Highway Patrolman waited outside a popular local bar, hoping for a bust. At closing time as everyone came out, he spotted his potential quarry. The man was so obviously inebriated that he could barely walk. He stumbled around the parking lot for a few minutes looking fo his car. After trying his keys on five others, he finally found his own vehicle. He sat in the car a good ten minutes as the other patrons left. He turned his lights on, then off, wipers on then off. He started to pull forward into the grass then stopped. Finally when he was the last car, he pulled out onto the road and started to drive away.
Random Thinking #1
I have been kinda down as of late. Down, because it seems no matter how much effort, care, and trust I put into my romantic interests, nothing seems to pan out. I have had 2 (well 3) romantic interests as of late. the first one was a 21 yr old was fun for about a week, but you remember how it was like when you were that age...relationships end as soon as they! The other 2 are friends I have. The second one...well that won't happen...oh we are good friends but im about as sexually appealing to her as a house cat. The last one is a bit more complex. we are great friends, and we had some history of romance in the distant past. She's different now. She still sees me as a dear dear friend and thinks I'm attractive...but she doesnt want me like that anymore, if she did, she would have done somthing about it by now. Its too bad really, becasue honestly, I could see myself spending the rest of my life with her. Im thankful and greatful we are sitll friends (even tho
I've sat here few times wondering how things would be if maybe I wouldn't have chosen the path that I Have. Wondering where I would be, what I would be doing, who I would be with, and how I managed to get there. Question is, I would probably be wondering the same questions, no matter which path in life I decided to take. Why? Because life is uncertain. You can't chose how things are going to turn out, just live life everyday as if it were your last. Being married is great. Having that special someone in your life that you know will love you unconditionally and not have to worry about them going out sleeping with random guys is the best. I couldn't be more happier with choosing Jess as my wife. Yes, I've sat here from time to time, thinking back, to previous gf's, and how I've been treated by them, and been cheated on by them, and thanking them... yes, thanking them for waking me up, and letting me walk away, down the road to find Jess. I'm tired of those people, who act
*Kissing is healthy *Bananas are good for cramps *It's good to cry *Chicken soup actually makes you feel better *94% of boys would love if you sent them flowers *Only apply mascara to your top lashes *Its actually true boys DO insult you if they like you *89% of guys want YOU to make the first move *Chocolate will make you feel better *Most boys think it is cute when you say the wrong thing *a good friend never judges! *boys arent worth the tears! *we all love suprises
7 Random Things About Me
Ok this could be fun, if people are willing to way of comments! Ok here goes I wanna know 7 random things about you that I don't already know, and to make this fair, I will post 7 random things about me that not all of you know! 7 things about me 1. I was an air force brat who lived all over the US growing up 2. I went to 3 different high schools finally graduated in MT. 3. I was in the USN, got out because I was pregnant with my daughter. 4. Have a college degree in Admin to Justice which I screwed up because I married the dopeman and got a felony. 5. I divorced him when he went to prison, and have been clean from the hard core dope for almost 5 years. 6. I met my boyfriend online and have been to Germany twice this past year to stay with him 3 months at a time. 7. Right now I feel really hopeless and negative about my life. ==================== Let me know 7 things about you And I got this idea from Whoremaster...
Random Thoughts.
you know when you do something wrong, and you know it's wrong but you do it anyways?, than after like 30 sec you are like"what the fuck did i just do?" yeah.. bad thing.. i need to quit that. and cigarettes are bad. really bad.
Randomness #1
Nothing was Neither land nor sea, Nor cool waves. Earth was not, Sky was not, But a gaping void And no grass.
Random Thoughts
Why is it that some women will not realize that sometimes what u give up is the best thing for you? Yet they r still on the search for greener pastures and what they THINK they r missing.There is no proverbial MR. RIGHT. There is only Mr. Right for me which is obtained through compromise,communication,intimacy and sheer determination. Some women expect to find their "dream man" who will do EVERTYTHING for them and they will live happily ever after. But remember: everything changes! Women always complain that men change and they don't realize they change themselves and normally men respond to those changes. So before u accuse your man of not being romantic anymore; try to look at what you might have changed to affect that( I did say try, cause it's not easy).Life is not constant. There are many curves and pitfalls in life and adjustments have to be made aka compromise. Women need to remember that men need as much as women do. We just try to conform to society's stereotypes of bein
Random Info
I love the beach but I hate sand and saltwater. In 2005 I went to London 10 times. I hate beets and Brussels sprouts. I love Belgian waffles (I only eat them when I'm in Belgium) but I hate waffles. I push people away. Its hard for me to trust. I don't eat candy or chocolate except on occasion. I like the stop and go of rush hour traffic. I like the smell of things baking. I don't like flowers as a gift because they die. But I love gardening. My name was supposed to be Amber. I used to make my own clothes (my grandmom taught me how to sew. she was a seamstress for strippers) I hate the color brown. I love wagamama's. I love ramen noodles. I love fruit. My right eye twitches sometimes because of my allergies. I'm allergic to smoke due to my very sensitive sinuses. My fingernails are long naturally. I've never been to a tanning salon. I buy clothes for comfort and could care less about the brand. I wear black socks. I believe in karma. I have a soulmate. I have a
Random Thoughts
It is hard to understand how a cemetery raised its burial cost and blamed it on the cost of living. It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end to end, someone would be stupid enough to try and pass them. Laughing stock - cattle with a sense of humor. You can't have everything, where would you put it? Latest survey shows that 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the world's population. If the shoe fits, get another one just like it. Eat right. Stay fit. Die anyway. The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those who got there first. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat drinking beer all day. Flashlight: A case for holding dead batteries. Shin: A device for finding furniture in the dark. As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in public schools. A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well. It was recently discovered that research
Random Taylorness
5'1" - 106 lbs. natural blonde hair - blue eyes. from pa... incomparible to any woman you have ever known before. _________________________________________________ 1. Water gets me more hyper than alcohol. 2. I make up my own words, like crazianity. I call it Taylorology - the study of Taylor. 3. I hate the phone. Like with all my being. 4. I'm commitment phobic and I do not believe in love anymore but almost always end up having a boyfriend. 5. I have a Tommy Hilfiger OBSESSION 6. I will honestly say that for the most part, I have the worst taste in movies. 7. I don't highlight or dye my hair. It is what it is. 8. I love to dance...especially on stage ;) And I can shake my ass to almost any song lol... 9. I should really be in my own comedy T.V. Show. 10. I am a fantastic flirt...unless I like the guy...then I completely ignore him (however, this is often case-sensitive as I am able to talk to anyone and I am very real) 11. I only take 1
Random Info Part 2!
I'm a Gemini. I'm Shrewd. I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (triangle cut). I get into phases where I will read a book a day (two on a weekend day). I read junky romance novels, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and chick lit. I always prefer the book instead of the movie. I help others when I can. I read my horoscope every day. I can't wear gold at all. I can't wear much jewelry for long periods of time. I have sensitive skin. I've only had a hang over once. If I want something I get it for myself or I do without. I'm sensitive. I love girl scout cookie samoa ice cream. I love johnny depp (especially in crybaby). I sew. I like scratch tickets. I'm sarcastic. I play jokes on people. I love sun showers (but not golden showers). I collect bath and body works lotions and body sprays. I listen to my music loud. I sing along to songs and I don't care if you like it or not. I like karaoke. I love flip flops. I love boots. I love pajama/lounge pants and tank
Random Advice
When i was a child, i talked like a child, thought like a child, and reasoned like a child. When i became a man, i put childish things behind me. Do not love with words, but with actions, and in truth. A bad habit is first a caller, then a guest, and at last a Master. Hatred is like an acid, it can do more damage to the container in which it is stored than to the objecton on which it is poured. No man is free if he fears death.
Random Aggravation
That's cool Act like I don't know what's goin on That's cool Keep actin like you don't understand the lyrics of my song You're so fake And you always hate Talkin shit behind backs Bitch you need to get slapped Keep runnin your mouth Your existence sucks the life outta me like a fuckin drought I'm tired of bein Involved in your lil mind games But I'm sittin here guessin that you thought I'd stay tame Well here you were wrong As you have been all long Tell me one thing Act another Bitch take that shit back to your mother Kiss my ass You're nothin but trash Why don't you open your mind Notice that there isn't much time For you to be a ungrateful person But each time you open your mouth Your situation worsens And you wonder why people don't like you And you wonder why people don't care It's the site of you they can no longer bear Grow up Shut up Quit puttin your two cents in I really don't think you have a right to speak Until you've done some livin'
A Random Memory :d
So I was sitting here being bored out of my mind, Thinking about my Baby turning 2 in sept. when a memory of when she was born popped into my head and I thought I would share it. :) My Memphiss was born Sept. of 2006 at 7:30 pm. The labor was short and sweet(well as sweet as labor can be :s) My family was in the waiting room of course. Well shortly after I had her, and they had cleaned her up a little (mind you they had NOT bathed her yet) and wrapped her in a blanket, My brother and his wife came in and of course they wanted to see their new niece. I handed my daughter to my big brother, and he went and sat on the couch, while I talked to the Dr. and my BF. All of a sudden I heard a something that sounded like someone smelling something, then right after that I heard a gagging sound :s I turned and saw my brother gagging and looking kinda sheepish.....I was like "did you just sniff my baby?" and he kinda smiles and says "I was looking for the new baby smell" I about died of laughte
Random Thoughts...........
I had wrote something similar to this awhile back but it seems that i have removed it from everywhere . So i am just gonna try my best to remember what i had wrote lol. Tell people how you really feel about them whether it is good or bad. They will look up to you for being honest. When you tell someone that you love them look them in the eyes and sincerely mean it. Don`t say it because you know that is what they want to hear. Say it because you FEEL it. When a girl says "NO" she means it and leave it at that. Do not bring it back up within the next 48 hrs. Trust me. Do not put things off for tomorrow that can be done today. Tomorrow is not a given. So do it today. Smile,even when you don`t want to. Someone somewhere is falling in love with your smile. Late at night when you can`t sleep and you think no one cares. Your wrong. Someone somewhere is laying there thinking about you. Take the time to talk to someone when they want to talk. You never know what they are t
Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About!TAKE THIS SURVEY! Take this survey Have your parents ever caught you drinking? My parents drink with me :P Do you love the last boy/girl you were talking to? yes :D Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? yes What were you doing 30 minutes ago? wasting my life with surveys :)) Honestly, who was the last person to tell you that they love you? Ryan Last restaurant you went to? The one I work at :/ Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Me mom Did you have an exciting last weekend? Blah no Have you ever crawled through a window? yep lotsa fun What do you spend most of your money on? rent Where were you at 1AM sunday morning? watching adult swim Ever kissed someone over 30? yes Is there a secret you've never told your parents? yes Do you like yourself? nope :) Have you ever dyed your hair? yeah Are you wearing a necklace? nope Who is someone you wish you could fix things with? gah...... Is there anything in you
Random Thoughts...
I had wrote something similar to this awhile back but it seems that i have removed it from everywhere . So i am just gonna try my best to remember what i had wrote lol. Tell people how you really feel about them whether it is good or bad. They will look up to you for being honest. When you tell someone that you love them look them in the eyes and sincerely mean it. Don`t say it because you know that is what they want to hear. Say it because you FEEL it. When a girl says "NO" she means it and leave it at that. Do not bring it back up within the next 48 hrs. Trust me. Do not put things off for tomorrow that can be done today. Tomorrow is not a given. So do it today. Smile,even when you don`t want to. Someone somewhere is falling in love with your smile. Late at night when you can`t sleep and you think no one cares. Your wrong. Someone somewhere is laying there thinking about you. Take the time to talk to someone when they want to talk. You never know what they are th
Random Thoughts
Hello thought I'd let you all into the strangness that is my brain. I will peridically post whatever odd thoughts cross my brain. Feel free to comment and give me your opinion. Lets see todays strange thought is...have you ever just sat at the mall and watched the teen-agers socialize I dont know about you but doing that makes me fear for the future of society. There you go the random thought for today hope you liked it. If not maybe you'll like next times. Thx
Well you guys/girls prolly wanan get to know me better. I'm kind of new to this whole thing, So I thought writing a neat little blog will start a few things. Okay, well my name is Matt, I'm a loveable guy that loves to cuddle on cold days, or go for a walk on the warmer days. I'm usually pretty Forward 'bout my feeling and who i am. Sometimes i'm not depeneding whom i'm talking too. Yes, I am looking for a chick to be round, and no. I'm not really looking for someone that lives 7~greater hours away. Way to many Bad happening with things like that. I'm pretty affectionate, and love doing thing to the girl that becomes my gf, like small things, like kissing the back of her neck while cuddling on a couch watching a movie, or giving foot massages after she had a long day. (I'm good at that) I'm also a Truthfuly person, so if you want to know something 'bout me, either PM a question, or send me a invite on MSN or Yahoo and you can ask anything you trully want to know.
The Random Thoughts Of An Absurd Fool
i just started typing some arbitrary thoughts its gonna be an on going descent into stupidity so let me know when you think im off the reservation yo i didnt spell check though hell your lucky i put punctuation in it Q i am still trying to decide whether i truly love my self and am seeking true happiness and my total freedom. or i totally hate myself and dont really care about anything therefore perceive total freedom and have attained total happiness. or is it that i truly love myself so that i dont care about anything and therefore i have achieved perceived total happiness? i honestly believe that i am chasing my proverbial tail in this effort to find meaning in meaningless things both things physical and psychological. and yet i am helpless to ignore this train of thought. one would be hard pressed to call it a train of logic. in the end only opinions can be presented in any seriousness. i offer no answers only more questions. you are about to witness the ravi
Random Information About Me
That children no matter the age should respect,obey and honor their parents. If help is needed around the house, yard etc, you should just help without being asked to. I do not believe that once a cheater always a cheater, people change if they really want to.( I am living proof of that). I do not believe in abotions 100%. But i do believe they are okay in some cases( rape, if mother can die, baby completely deformed and im not talking about handicaped). I do believe in co-sleeping with children. (I plan to co-sleep when i have kids). I do believe that it is 100% okay and normal for a mother to breast feed in public. But if people around you arent confertable then i believe the mother should cover up with a blanket. I do believe that breastfeeding is 100% you choice. If someone who chooses not to breastfeed they shouldnt be talked down to because of it. I do believe that breastfeed babies end up being more happy and healthier. I believe that animals sh
things swirl around in life tends to never stop.. only to see things pass by in a instant as as you make you're way through life. not knowing what the next turn may bring.. can be good can be bad but that there is the mystery in life.. some have plans and dreams.. we work hard to fullfill them.. sometimes get side tracked.. so at times we have to try to slow everything down and distance ourselves.. and look and take acount of what we have.. see what we ar worth.. take and put our priorities in order of what we hold the closest.. what emotion can explain the moment as the momets change. but we msut be fluid and go with what is given and what is taken from us.. and look an each new day as a new challenge that if faced can lead to rewards or dissapointment.. but in each is a lesson if you look and take acount.. ask for advice.. be honest of what is not going right.. no one is perfect though we strive for it.. some how I do not believe there is a single perfect person everyone has a flaw
I'm just sitting here in bed w my laptop. I got onto fubar and decided that I was gonna write a blog. About what you ask? I dunno was just gonna ramble a lot...LOL. I have had so many things on my mind today. Its like there are 10 diffrent things going on in my brain at once. I'm really not sure how to get my thoughts to shut off long enough for me to fall asleep. I know that I need to get some sleep in order to make it to work on time. I lay down and close my eyes and all I have laying there in the dark is my thoughts. It sucks...there are times I wonder if I have insomnia or something. My sleep patterns are terrible. I am constantly tired no matter how much or how little sleep I get. Oh now I hear my dog out in the livingroom doing his "I'm dreaming" barks...LOL. Makes me laugh a lil. I hear the damn birds out side chirping away. Ok, I'm gonna try this sleep thing one more time. Thanks for listening to my thoughts. You have been a great audience. xoxo
Random Spouts. From Me
Just as brilliant as the motions of your body, The lies in your eyes, followed by the betrayals of your touch move me, did you honestly think i would just sit and wait, and watch as the romance unfolds Hellbent to discover, all this loss in a sudden collasps , a sudden intercourse to destroy our most valuable things, our Hearts, our Eyes our souls together as one, just to break down , as if some accident had accured, or incident of massive proportions. If i could just indicate, with the slightest pinpoint scare, the skin would rip and tare from the bones, that hold our true beauty, inside of a dull, deep, and empty shell, like a noose around the neck of an innocent man, a shot heard round the world, the second our lips touch, and to pull me closer instead of pushing me away was the biggest flaw of it all, i know you have bullets for breath, to blow me away with every word, fill my lungs with the waters of relief, and leave me on life support, to hold my head high, and hold your head ou
Randomness That Means Nothing
i looked up at the moon tonight, realized its the one you see, wonder if when you see it, u think of me, feelings flood my mind, don't know what to do, everything in life is based on what you choose, i wish i could go back in time, make all well, but its too late, the past is past and things have changed, my friends are here, they mean everything, i realize right now my friends are my life, the ones who stand by me, no matter what i do, ignore them, hate them, anything, the few people like that in your life you have to keep, I've forgotten that and not been true, but every choice i made caused that, maybe every now and then in life you need a break to realize that, what i realize now is everything in my life was true and i neglected all that matters, and i mean everything in the past few weeks I've been away, i neglected everyone here and did everyone wrong, i deserve nothing from anyone, the one person i loved i hurt the most and thank god she's still a part of my life, i lied to all
50 Random Things
50 Odd ThingsTAKE THIS SURVEY! Take this survey 1. Do you like blue cheese? yes 2. Have you ever smoked heroin? not yet 3. Do you own a gun? Not Yet 4. What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic? fuck me...Watermelon, i believe 5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? yeah, cuz its usually serious why im there 6. What do you think of hot dogs? They might be forbidden food to me, soon 7. Favorite Christmas song? ghey 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Good coffee, if given the chance 9. Can you do push ups? WHY woudl i want to? 10. Why do you post surveys? bored, and i like insight 11. What is your favorite piece of jewelry? A Claddagh Ring 12. Favorite hobby? Poetry 13. Are your toes painted? No 14. Do you have A.D.D.? Wanna go ride bikes? 15. What is one trait that you hate about yourself? I...have a severe ability to see the horrid aspects of people 16. Middle name? Robert 17. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment Love, Anxiety,
Random Stuff
Birds of a feather flock together and crap on your car. A penny saved is a government oversight. The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right time, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. If you can smile when things go wrong , you have someone in mind to blame. The sole purpose of a child's middle name is so he can tell when he's really in trouble. Did you ever notice, when you put the 2 words 'The' and 'IRS' together it spells 'Theirs.' The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for. Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not me, I want people to know 'why' I look this way. I've traveled a long way and some of the roads weren't paved. When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to youth, think of Algebra. You know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks. Ah, being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable. First you forget
Random Convo
thrumyeyes07: Its more of trying to find myself. I've gone to therapy since I was like... 6 Joshiswild: oh... Joshiswild: i found myself at a young age Joshiswild: basically been the same dude since like age 13 thrumyeyes07: I've been the same hannah... But there are always things to learn about myself. thrumyeyes07: Always ways to be more comfortable. thrumyeyes07: I lost some weight about a year ago thrumyeyes07: And felt really comfortable thrumyeyes07: or more comfortable than I ahve in the past thrumyeyes07: and then I gained it back thrumyeyes07: And I realized-- all happiness I thought I had about myself... Was a lie. thrumyeyes07: So I'm starting to lose weight again thrumyeyes07: But this time-- I plan to do it so that I'm happy with Hannah... Not just Hannah's weightloss
Random Quotes From Me.
Everything is nothing if looked at more closely. We beg for that which we can never have. What we have, we give away. There is one place you can touch in a woman that will drive her absolutely mad...her heart. Sweet words turn to bitterness on the end of the tongue...something that can never be swallowed. The one thing that always eludes you tends to be the only thing you've ever wanted.
Random Blog Number 2!
Another blog of randomness from me. As always with these, the mp3 player is on shuffle tonight...Starting out with Nickelback "If Everyone Cared". This song is so appropriate for my life right now. Seriously, if you are gonna care about somebody, WHY put them second to EVERYTHING? I can understand being second to some things but every other thing in life? No. It just doesn't work. If I'm in a relationship or friendship with you I expect that everyone and everything else is secondary except for children. That I understand being at the top. Natasha Bedingfield - Single now in the ears. I'm single...and I don't mind or care anymore. I know I keep saying this but someone has become such a major influence on my life, that I'd rather be where I am than go back to what has caused me such pain recently. This whole week or so has been hellacious. I'm just tired of the bad stuff in my life. Can't let the negatives get to me no more. So, it's going to thunderstorm again tonight. Oh joy. I h
Random Bulletin
What's the last thing you put in your mouth?: Dude, that is not a good question to ask :D lol Have you ever kissed anyone named Matt?: yes actually What does your last text say? i love you What was the last song you listened to? we don't have to look back now by puddle of mudd Where was your default picture taken?: at somewhere? Who is the last person you rode in a car with under the age of 20?: my kids When will be your next kiss? in a few mintues When was last time you walked further than a block?: today Where’s your favourite place to be?: In Adam's arms Is there someone you want to date?: um, yes, but i'm marrying him, so it doesn't count Who is your last missed call from? Alisha How late did you stay up last night and why?: 3, adam works nights now :( Who is the last person to call you beautiful? Adam Who was the last person to text you? James If you could move somewhere else, would you?: Hell yeah, anywhere
Random Memory
So years back, somewhere around the age of 21, I know I was at least 21 because I was wasted. I had been out with some friends by a random college; we had been drinking and having a good time. Well on the walk back to the car, how I managed to stay upright is beyond me, there were some guys hanging out on a porch. Me being me I of course flashed them. Well one of them noticed the tattoo on my right breast and called me over. He had a French accent so of course I went over to investigate him further, and as I had thought he was HOT! He asked me about the tattoo, it's a grateful dead bear and under it, it says "Bonnie". So he asked me the name of my other breast I told him it had no name, so he named it Pomp La Mouse, I guess that means grapefruit in French or at least that's what he told me. So that was pretty much it, my friends wanted to get going so we traded numbers, I never expected to actually hear from this guy. A few days later I get a call from someone wit
Random Thought
Roses are redViolets are blueIt's only homewhen you are here too. ©dutch2lips 06/06/08
Random Survey
9 lasts 1. cigarette: never 2. beverage: wild cherry diet pepsi 3. kiss: i can't think back that far 4. hug: my mom 5. movie seen: I watched Just Friends on comedy central last night 6. cd played: haha. CD? what's that? 7. song listened to: Closer by Ne-Yo 8. bubble bath: a longggg time ago 9. time you cried: a few days ago 8 have you evers 1. dated one of your best friends: no 2. skinny dipped: more like chunky dunked. and no. 3. kissed somebody and regretted it: not really. but i sure didn't like it. 4. fallen in love: never 5. lost someone you loved: yes. :( 6. been depressed: ha, yes. 7. been drunk and threw up: hahaha. yes... 8. ran away: a few times. 7 states you've been to: NC SC GA FL VA WV MD 6 things you've done today 1. Got out of bed 2. talked to my mom on the phone 3. got a text message at 6:40am. GRR. 5. got on fubar 6. ate some pizza thingies 5 favorite things in no order 1. holding hands 2. dancing 3. shoes 4. music
Randum Thoughts.
Hello I decided to post my first blog here. I sometimes blog alot but sometimes I make no real sense. I just like to type things off the top of my head just to clear my mind. Things have been so crazy here lately in my life. My past likes to come bight me in my ass. I can't seem to get away from it. I hate some of the stupid mistakes I have made but what was done is done. I can take it back and I can't change anything. I hate it when people like to continuesly judge me for what I had done. I am so tired of saying "I'm Sorry" to the same people over and over again about the same subjects. It's like they don't hear a damn thing I am saying to them. Well if you decided to continue to judge me for my mistaked I have said over and over again that I was sorry about them just piss off. I refuse to continue to talk about it. Nobody is purfact. Everybodies shit stinks. And I refuse to be judged like I am the most wrongest person on the face of the earth. That is just one of my many issue
Random Yim Quotes.
I ♥ Randomness!!! Random YIM conversations that made me giggle. *some of the names have been changed* you don't have to find them funny but I do. Jerks! OhAndi!: i know you're busy, but i just wanted to say Hi.. You're Amazing...You have such a huge cock.. and that I hope your day is going good! The King: my penis and ur boobs match The King: both big ---- OhAndi!: i dont have a headache today.... The King: masturbation session went well i suppose ---- OhAndi!: how long does it take to fry babies GnomeLova: depends GnomeLova: if you have a commerical deep fryer OhAndi!: do you use veggie oil? or what? GnomeLova: no GnomeLova: lard GnomeLova: better tasting GnomeLova: i think i might sell it GnomeLova: to like GnomeLova: burger king GnomeLova: they'd make a killing off of babies OhAndi!: off the grill babies.. mmm i would order that ----- markavel: i won 50,000 on lotto OhAndi!: thats kickass markavel: iam just kiddin markavel: i aint tha
Random Facts About Me!
-- the girl you think i am is no where near the girl i actually am -- i love to doodle. usually i doodle peace signs, mushrooms, flowers, and anything thats remotely trippy looking -- i love music -- i tend to be friends with more guys than girls -- my family & friends are VERY important to me -- i want to work with children someday -- i love the food network -- i like to cook -- i love to laugh & laugh easily -- i laugh in awkward situations -- pink is my favorite color followed by bright blue, yellow, and orange -- my favorite zoo animals are elephants -- i love to meet new people -- i tend to come off as an idiot but im really quite smart. -- jam bands = ♥ -- i love the Beatles, the Doors, the grateful dead, phish, keller williams, moe, p groove, sts9, panic, umphreys mcgee, && pretty much any jam band. -- i wish i was alive during the 60s -- i love who i am. & im comfortable in my skin -- i enjoy reading. a lot. -- my favorite summer activity include su
Random Thoughts And Rhyme Or Reason
I found this shampoo at work and wondered why I just had to have it. It's because it smells like wild flowers and I realised that the smell brought back a memory. I remember running through wild flowers in my lil sundress when I was a kid. I remember the sun warm on my face, remember it like it was yesterday. Then I realised I wanted that shampoo because everytime I smelled that scent it made me feel happy. I remember my dad liked wild flowers too. I remember him holding my hand and watching me run through the tall grass. I remember him waiting til the very last minute to cut the grass with the tractor cause he hated to cut the wild flowers. Of course my mom would be complaining about it getting too tall, lol. I really wish my kids could grow up where we did. We had full range of the woods near our house. I remember this lil brook in the woods I always went to watch the minnows and tadpoles. I'd get filthy and mom would go crazy and ask why I couldn't stay clean instead of playing wi
Random Thoughts
this is not directed at anyone here... I'm distressed over the way one of my family members is being treated by another person. so here it is Being a parent is a 24 hour a day commitment. The ultimate commitment, if you will. I believe the problem w/ young parents today is they haven't fully realized this. They feel that children will heal wounded relationships, and hold close the two people involved, they that brought a child into the world. The world is full of grief, heartache, and pain. What one must do, is determine themselves to make it better, by starting with themselves. Don't roll your eyes when someone utters kind words to you, and don't lash out when you feel you've been wronged. Bitterness and hatred will only destroy you from the inside, aging you beyond your years. Learn to forgive. Learn to try to forget, as hard as that may be. Learn that there are THOSE who do love you, regardless of your actions, and regardless of poor choices you may
Random Info Tag
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to let them know that they've been tagged, and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I collect things: coins, sports cards, GPK, stamps, shot glasses, magnets from states ive been too 2. I would love to have a family some day. 3. I was in a serious car accident when I was 11 years old, and had a sever concussion and 35 stiches around my left eye. 4. I skipped 2nd grade 5. I am related to President Abraham Lincoln 6. I am religious and find strength in The Lord 7. I do not drink except for blue moons lol 8. I only got the opportunity to know one of my grandparents, Dad's mom. 9. Global Warming concerns me and makes me wonder what we are leaving for the coming generations. 10. I love to laugh and only enjoy two things
10 Random Things
Instructions......(I was tagged by Crazy Cracker) Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.I make a popping sound when I walk.The ligaments in my right leg are to long and snap back when I walk,thus making a loud popping sound that anyone walking beside me can hear. 2.I dance in the shower. 3.When I was 18 I had dog scratch fever.The doctor had to go get a book to look up what I had.My dog scratched me when I was feeding her,she opened my skin and the gunk under her nail infected me.I have yet to have cat scratch fever thank god. 4.I have almost died 6 times.Many times I was a few hours from it. 5.I always wanted to be an actress. 6.I have to have so
Instructions...... (I was tagged by clowny) Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1) My biggest fear are frogs, yet I have one tattooed on my lower back. 2) I have broken 12 bones in my body, my left elbow twice in the same year.(Guess that qualifies me as clutsy?) 3) I have monkey toes and can pick up a penny off of a tile floor with them. 4) I like to put ranch dressing in my mashed potatoes. 5) Like the person that tagged me, I am, also, anal retentive about spelling errors. I have the habit of correcting them. 6) From the age of 12 to the age of 16, I volunteered at a zoo, where I have bitten numerous times by different animals. 7) In my Junior year of hig
Random Bs
I have to go on a little rant here..cause im kinda pissed off..... You know i deal with ALOT of assholes on this me..that little block button is almost worn out...from the rude remarks nasty inuendo's .disgusting things men say...that wouldnt even think about saying it to your they hike up balls and think they have something hideing behind a damn computer screen....fucking cowards,,..the shoutbox holds a lot of visually stimulated preverted fucks on this site...and i dont have 1 nsfw photo of myself on here...allthough i do have one of a fake pic that some idit decided to rate nsfw ....for what? i have no clue it isnt showing a thing ...after what ive seen on here it doesnt even hold a candle..... And now A mumm i have posted has been removed due to nsfw content..or so called..but i still have not figured out what was nsfw about it..all i was asking was for someone to refer me to a site that translates kanji.for free.....give me a fucking break..m
Randomness To The 74th Degree
1. Do you have any pets? Many. Seven to be exact. 2. What color shirt are you wearing? Brown. 3. Name three things that are physically close to you: Phone, cigarettes, water bottle. 4. What is the last book you read? Just Listen - Sarah Dessen 5. Are you or were you a good student? I was. Then I got into college, and completely bombed. 6. What's your favorite sport? Ice hockey owns my soul. 7. Do you enjoy sleeping late? Not really. Unless I really need it. 8. What's the weather like right now? Clear skies, cool. 9. Who tells the best jokes? Comedian wise? I dunno. I got lots of favorites. 10. What was the last thing you dreamed about? I don't remember my dreams. 11. Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed? Yes. Been driving for 4 years. No wrecks yet ::knocks on wood::. 12. Do you believe in karma? Yes. What goes around definitely comes around and bites you in the ass. Speaking from first hand experience here. 13. Do you believe in lu
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This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, b/c it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.
Random, Unprotected, Indiscriminant Sex
So anyone whose read my profile knows I'm celibate..and anyone whose read my blogs knows i was a whore of Babylonian proportions. Its taken me some time to figure out why. My handy dandy textbook would say being sexually abused plays a part, and it was an effort to recreate the trauma but to exert some manner of control this time. Maybe..but really, for was really a matter of self hate and not valuing myself. My body, wasn't precious, or special, and i wasn't precious or special. There was something about me, deep in me that i didn't accept and pretty much hated. I didn't feel worthy of protecting myself, or respecting myself. If I had, I would have acted in another way. i was lucky..super lucky. No STDs, no pregnancies, but while i escaped paying the price physically, mentally and emotionally, in a lot of ways, i paid and am still paying. Which is why I rarely call someone a whore or a slut...the whole glass house thing aside, sometimes all that sex and "loose"
Random Odd Thoughts
We all know what pedofile mean. It refers to someone of age messin with someone under the legal age of consent. But is there a term referring to people of legal age messin with someone else of legal age but thats wayyyyyyy older? im mean like a 20 yr old that likes 50+ yr old people. Or in several cases a 20 something yr old messin with a 80 + yr old person. Im sure there has to be a real term for it other then gold digger. hhmm...:-? If for some reason u were out someplace pickin cherries off a tree and there was a branch with 2 cherries on it... and when u picked one it suddenly grew back, would u keep pickin that one or pick em both just to see if they both grew back? is it just me or is the name "babygirl" a little too over used and most the people that use it dont really deserve the name anyhows? yes my mind is full of useless odd questions like these. Isnt it a good thing u cant read my mind? lol
Hold My Heart In My Hands Reach Out To You Please Grab It I Give It To You The One Thing I Have Been Holding So Dear But Please Take Care I Have No Fear Your Love Is The One That Brought Me Here author unknown Alone and unfeeling Current mood: artistic Category: Romance and Relationships Out underneath a blanket of stars The moon light washes over you you glow along the tree line As you step slowly into the forest And you are alone for the first time Silently you walk Passing through Deepening You become lost amongst yourself Are you not where you want to be Away from home and society You're not alone For the moon watches down on you with kindness Lighting your way Showing you the dangers that you're unaware of You echo upon yourself Asking the same question As asked before Inhale deep Hold it all inside Remember what if feels like When you find yourself short of breath And running from the answer You've always wanted to k
Random Stupidity On The Net
breembreem: omg ur awesome...u started shit with me....and im gonna finish it...remember this all started with me pressin the wrong number....u obviously have no life creatin mumms and shit about me....i have that much of an impact on hopefully u realized what a loser u are...and dont worry im not gonna touch u or ur pussy ass comment about guns...thats so fuckin lame..."guns" haha.....ur face is just gonna be all over the net rememberd for nothin better than 2 girls 1 cup shit....enjoy ur pathetic life sweety ->breembreem: And keep in mind, this is the internet, you can't touch me... you can't really hurt me, you can't do anything besides "cyber fuck" with me, and that is just pathetic... so, have fun... hopefully this gives you some kind of inner peace, because you aren't the only lonely little fucker who has gotten mad at me and tried to screw with me... it's sad you're getting that worked up that you have to cyber threaten me... I will give you my address if you have the b
Random Stupidity On The Net2
Yeah, so this guy who downrates me because he is mad I won't flash him, continues on to threaten me... yeah seriously... he is taking my pictures and going to post them around the internet... something about the 2 girls one cup thingy (you alll know what i'm talking about) sooo yeah he is that pathetic he is running off, and then blocks me, seriously... how fucking pathetic can you get? Stop on by and show him some love.... And I took screen prints to prove I didn't actually make this psychopath up... So, yyeeaaahhh, I hate internet threats... the best the guy can do is post pictures of me... and make people I don't even know think i'm some crazy psycho slut or something.... Um, I care?? Guy can't do anything real to me, because he's a loser who hides behind his computer... it's fucking pathetic... Not that this will be the first time this has happened, or the last, but blogging it always makes it more fun... Love you all!!!
What is your favorite word? fuck or cunt What is your least favorite word? the N word What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? guitars, tits, Jager What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally? teh dumbness of some people What sound or noise do you love? breaking glass and someone moaning my name What sound or noise do you hate? the noise from the Grudge What is your favorite curse word? fuck or cunt What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? fluff girl (Y) What profession would you not like to do? daycare If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Yes, you can come in! lmaooooooooooo
To: Laura From: Randy Sewell Have you ever thought, of how love would be If you took a chance and hooked up with me to look in my eyes, and see how i feel to know in your heart, Our love is for real to never have questions, fulfilling your dreams each one that we conguer, is simple, so it seems to know that i,m there, to hold you at night My arms wrapped around you, i'm holding you tight and when we would kiss how sweet it would be the taste of your lips, would mesmerize me i'd show you i love you each and every day But first you must let me, so what do you say
Random Thoughts
Pay no attention to the man behind the iron curtain he is only there for your protection Please co-operate with the search procedure it is only there for your protection Please go to school, for without your co-operation we cannot indoctrinate you into a crumbling society based on mediocrity please spend your money on useless items that will only line the pockets of the ultra rich Please don't think for yourself we have already provided your thoughts pre-bottled Please remember there are no heroes anymore, and average citizens combining their forces have never and will never change the system Please keep inside the lines, outside the lines is chaos and you cannot control chaos Please watch the movies and listen to the songs pumped out like opiates to keep you death dumb and blind to the world around you Please do not remember the past for you will see our current mistakes Thank you for your co=operation. Without it we could not continue to exist in a societ
Random Things About Me
75 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME: 1. I've always lived in CT 2. I'm an only child 3. I have a sarcastic sense of humor 4. I'm very honest and say how I feel 5. I'm going to be 30 in a year and that kinda scares me lol 6. I love the change of seasons 7. I'd love to drive cross country one day 8. Sometimes I worry too much 9. I smoke cigs 10. I'm 1/2 French, Irish, and English 11. I like cats better then dogs 12. I'm very intuitive 13. I'm observant 14. I love being in the woods and hiking 15. I've totaled two cars 16. I drive a silver 2004 Honda Civic 17. I love wearing heels 18. I'm only 5'1" 19. I have two tattoos 20. I have no piercings 21. My favorite store is New York and Company 22. I'm very down to earth 23. I love to kiss 24. I believe in karma 25. I've only been to one wedding 26. I went to a catholic high school 27. I can be a bitch, but only when provoked 28. I've never been ma
Random Pimpout
Frayed Knot ™@ fubar go help her level :D shes hot and has lots of cleavage pics...
Random Bucks
Ok listen up lol I am extremly bored and have nothing to do. It's very rare i get like this, so i'm going around picking just random people giving a random ammount of fubucks away. If you're one of those random people i hit up and you're reading this...that's why. No need to ponder why i gave u ca$h
Random 2
Love means the warmth of the sun, the aroma of a rose, the breeze of the sea, but as you can see it never means the same for anyone. Love acquires its true meaning by experiencing it for the first time because only then can you define it. Love, The key that unlocks the bars of impossibility Real love is feeling like being a part of that person's life almost isn't enough. It's more like a feeling that you would live in the same skin with them if you could and share every thought, heart beat, and emotion as one. I wait for you, anxious to see your face. I stand and watch, looking for the first sign of your arrival. I finally see you, I take a second look to make sure you're really there. My pulse races and I crack a smile, this is what I've been waiting for. You begin to approach, you say, "Sorry, I'm late." I say, "No problem." But I think to myself, 'I'd have waited forever.' You'll not forget the day you wed
Random Survey
What is in the back seat of your car right now? Two Georgia Bulldawg flags and a combat lifesaver bag from when I was in the Army! Name 3 people who made you smile today? Emily, Chris, and Mike What were you doing at 8 am this morning? Passed out! What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Nada Favorite board game? Monopoly Have you ever been to a strip club? Yep What is the last thing you said aloud? what the hell! What is the best ice cream flavor? cherry vanilla What was the last thing you had to drink? water What are you wearing right now? shorts What was the last thing you ate? chicken Have you bought any new clothing items this week? nope When was the last time you ran? Thursday at work What's the last sporting event you watched? X Games If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Ireland Who is the last person you sent a comment on myspace? Chris Ever go camping? Yeah, did especially for 8 years
Random Thoughts...
Life...It sucks...No matter how hard I try to stay away from people, they find me.. Im my whole life I dated like one desent dude... And now everyone telling me that im so hot and blah blah blah... I heard that so many times it just gets old, but no only that but seems like every guy wants me for one reason... I have talked to so many random people in the past month...I cant keep them all straight... And they all, or most of them want to meet me... Bull shit!!! Im tired of being used... I want to be with someone who appreciates me.. Someone who doesnt do drugs and stuff...But its so hard to find a guy who is not into drugs... Oh well, I guess I will just have to keep looking...
Randomness At Work
my LAST call of the night was this guy wanting a room so... i am booking it and he is all chatty so i am laughing at him while putting in his information and what not... he says "yalls casino has lots of pretty people working there... are you one of the pretty people" at which point i am rolling my eyes and say "nope i am not" he goes "oh well you have a GREAT phone voice and.." and then i say "Ok sir i have your conf. number.. would you like that?" i realllly didn't want to hear the rest of that sentence... last time someone said that... the rest of the sentence was "you should work in phone sex" i was like OMFG
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around Any change, any loss, does not make us victims. Others can shake you, surprise you, disappoint you, but they can't prevent you from acting, from taking the situation you're presented with and moving on. No matter where you are in life, no matter what your situation, you can always do something. You always have a choice. There comes a time in your life when you realize that if you stand still, you will remain at this point forever. You realize that if you fall and stay down, life will pass you by. Life's circumstances are not always what you might wish them to be. Rather than wondering about or questioning the direction your life has taken, accept the fact that there is a path before you now Walk your path one step at a time. Keep your head up. Keep your belief in yourself and wal
Random Thoughts Of Randomness
You are a china shop, And I am the bull. -REL
Random Thought
Free Flowing Thoughts, Like A Monsoon Through A Desert So Many Thoughts At Once, It's Hard To Pin Just One Down and Write It I Start Thinking About You, All The Wants and What If's Play Through My Mind Not Wanting To Be A Sucker, Just Wanting To Be A Lucky Mother Fucker I've Been Played One Too Many Times, I Just Want To Believe In Your Words But My Head Makes Me Want Other-Wise, My Heart Tells Me Other-Wise As Well I Love You, Make No Mistake About That Bonnie 'n Clyde, My Ride Or Die Chick
Are you proud of who you are?? I am surprisingly because of you. Can you look at your life and say your happy?? Cause I can and I thank you for that too! Did you think you would ruin me?? Well you ain't even got a clue!! Did you think I would wait forever?? That was something the old me would do. Do you live for the pain??? Cause you know I do too. When you come to your senses where will you be??? Alone and miserable ha ha you know that's true! Are you proud of what you have done?? I'm proud of where I am you should be too. After all isn't this how you wanted it?? Now you face the reality of what you do. Do you like it?? Does it make you happy??? Does it hurt you?? Do you feel alone?? Do you feel regret??? Good cause you know what I do too!!
Random Rant Pt 1
so i dont get why whenever ppl post a mumm other ppl feel that they must take it upon themselves to be completely retarded and totally ignorant i HATE stupid people like that (you little fuckers know who you are) they should all be drug out in to the street and tortured until they pass out then thrown to a den of rabid squirrels (yes squirrels are evil little fuckers) and torn to tiny pieces then the pieces should be mailed to the parents of such assholes as a warning not to produce more ignorance into the world FUCK ALL YOU BASTARDS
50 Random Things
1. Do you like blue cheese? yes 2. Have you ever smoked heroin? not yet 3. Do you own a gun? Not Yet 4. What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic? fuck me...Watermelon, i believe 5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? yeah, cuz its usually serious why im there 6. What do you think of hot dogs? They might be forbidden food to me, soon 7. Favorite Christmas song? ghey 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Good coffee, if given the chance 9. Can you do push ups? WHY woudl i want to? 10. Why do you post surveys? bored, and i like insight 11. What is your favorite piece of jewelry? A Claddagh Ring 12. Favorite hobby? Poetry 13. Are your toes painted? No 14. Do you have A.D.D.? Wanna go ride bikes? 15. What is one trait that you hate about yourself? I...have a severe ability to see the horrid aspects of people 16. Middle name? Robert 17. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment Love, Anxiety, Marriage 18. Na
Random Bull Ramblings
ok so my mind would not SHUT THE FUCK UP! so i typed what it was saying if you dont like it i dont care if you do yay for you its almost 5 am and i should be asleep not here but i can t sleep when my head is like this kisses from beyond when no one else cares days filled with complete darkness hope totally lost not caring any more love dies and fades away tear streaking down an already dead heart nothing matters any more nothing light nothing dark
Random Quotes Of The Less Known!!!
“Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit.” – “Called or not called, the god will be there.” "The entire universe is but one vast symbol of God." — Thomas Carlysle “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” — Antoine de Saint- Exupery "Although its light is wide and great, the Moon is reflected in a puddle one inch wide. The whole Moon and the entire sky is reflected in one dew drop on the grass." — Dogen “When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” — Margaret Drabble “Even a small star shines in the darkness” — Finnish Proverb for more quotes like this go here
Random Thought
So I'm doing the whole commenting thing on two blogs right now. One is title "friends" and the other is "fantasies." Somehow, this made me realize how often these two subject areas overlap for me. I'm not entirely sure what this says about me, but I thought I'd share anyway.
*WARNING..THIS IS RANDOM SO IT WILL JUMP* for one i'm looking at a picture of me right before I went out with my x..who is HUGE dick head..and I'm going "damn I'm could he have treated me like that..hmm" If you didn't guess I'm looking at pictures and then thinking of awesome things like how much I love Atreuy..they kick ass just going through my old memories kicks so much ass I'm way excited to see my "brohan" today..we're best friends but more like siblings so thats what we do fo sho. .. I start school in a month, I'm going to be going into ROTC next semester and I'm thinking things will work out greatly .. I'm blessed out the butt and I don't deserve what I have, there are people who have so much less and need so much more..and time is just getting gayer. I'm turning 20 on Friday my uncles illness seems to be at a stand-still for a little bit at least. October iscoming way too quickly, I'm scared of my friends deploying (well more of them) .. people who
Random 62507
if i could say at random my mind wouldnt block it'd spam them all over my b-mail that's brain mail 4 laymales trite tonite hakuna matta no flow in my bravada crtics wince nor convinced that i have a rhyme scheme but this dream of redheads in whipped cream curvy and busty laidback not fussy or sisters in afros str8 hair or cornrows in tattoos and piercings pierce the sound barrier from screaming my full name til out of breath 6 syllables cuz i'm def or deaf as in i cannot hear but i feel how she curves her rear right there, right here right now Van Halen-like eruptions of love juice so much i she's need a towel i think i got to far into a dream state imagine what John Lennon would think? but it's not two virgins like on the cover...ewww ONO! but we'd b funky like a monkey a Dusty Rhodes promo or takin u to space mountain like Ric Flair Kurtis Blow girl, wave yer legs in the air like u dont care fly and spread like an eagle so i can lic
Random Facts About Me
I thought that I would post a few random facts about me here. Let people get to know me a little better. 1: I'm 25 and live in the land of liquid sunshine 2: I'm the oldest of 5, yes that's 5, children 3: My ethnic background is almost half native american and the rest is Irish, German, and Scottish. 4: Even though I'm almost half native I still glow in the dark. 5: I'm a natural red head 6: I have a 6 year old son 7: My two brothers are not only adopted but black. 8: I have gotten into physical fights defending my brothers. 9: I am a military brat. I was born in Virginia on a military base. I have lived in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, California, Michigan, Oregon, Washington,New Hampshire, and Germany. 10:I come from a hugely military family. Both of my parents are Marines, as are my grandfather, my uncle and my younger brother. 11: I am hopelessly addicted to Pepsi. I'm trying to get better lol 12: I play multiple musical instruments. 13
Random Thoughts Of A Girl!
do you ever regret something you did in your past? Do you every miss that certain someone? That someone who you thought would never change your life but a couple years down the line you wonder what if? You never thought of that person til now. You have dreams of them and you cannot figure out why? Pretty much the person you regret losing....The person you totally screwed up with by saying "it's over" and never looking back? Wishing you had one more chance to make everything ok...Just to talk to that person or hearing their voice...The person you were so use to talk too every single day...Reading the emails they sent you over and over again and just crying...That person you'd give anything for just to talk to hear their voice, their laugh, to hear them say i love you just one more time. I don't regret alot of things but this is one of them. I can't get him out of my head. No matter what i do. I even dream about him. For about a straight week now. For what reason? I have no idea.
Random Facts
Women The average British woman spends two years of her life gazing in the mirror. Women are estimated to buy 80per cent of everything sold. The average size of women's breasts in Britain has increased from a 34B in the 1950s to a 36C. Food Britons eat 97 per cent of the world's baked beans The average British person will, in the course of a lifetime, eat 550 chickens and other poultry, 36 pigs, 36 sheep and eight cows. There are more than 1,000 chemicals in coffee. 27 of these were tested on rodents; 19 were carcinogenic. More than 90 per cent of kebab shop sales are made after pub closing hours. Science Humans share 35 per cent of their DNA with daffodils. Two per cent of the electricity used by a lightbulb is converted into light - the rest into heat. A penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building would only sting a pedestrian at ground level. History Hitler was on the short-list for the 1938 Nobel Peace pr
What is on your bed right now? my sister hahaha When was the last time you threw up? mmmmcouple days ago What's your favorite word or phrase? fuckoff haha Name 3 people who made you smile today? Ina,Darko,H What were you doing at 8 am this morning? sleeping What were you doing 30 minutes ago? haha secret :P What is your favorite holiday? haaaaah going to san diego Have you ever been to another country? yep What is the last thing you said aloud? shit haha What is the best ice cream flavor? banananananana What was the last thing you had to drink? cocacola What are you wearing right now? underwear :P What was the last thing you ate? chocolate Have you bought any new clothing items this week? tons ahaha When was the last time you ran? today What's the last sporting event you watched? olympics If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? oceanside :P Who is the last person you sent a comment/message on myspace?
Random Chicanory
Lately, I've actually felt better, so I've been working on a project. My wife found an old bed frame, so we've been painting it for the boy, so he can get rid of his bunk beds. It wasn't in the best shape, but we sanded it down some, and primered it, and then the quest for a color. We decided on a metallic purple. Actually he did. I was all for it, my wife didn't like it, but it's his bed, so why not. I told her he could always repaint it if he didnt like it. I have the bed 3/4 of the way painted, and it looks great. It feels good to be semi productive, and actually be able to do something around the house. My greed has screwed me. This fine, long holiday weekend, I'm stuck working. I tend bar Saturday, which will be good. It's a huge wedding, so the tip potential is good. Here's hoping it is anyway. Sunday, I agreed to help a friend DJ. No, I will not become DJ13. I am basically helping him set up, being his gofer during the wedding, and helping him tear down. I
There comes a time when you have to stand up and shout. This is me damn it! I look the way I look, I think the way I think, feel the way I feel, love the way I love! I AM a whole complex package. Take me...or leave me? Accept me-or walk away. Don't try to make me feel less of a person, just because I don't fit your idea of who I should be and dont try to change me to fit your mold. If I need change, I alone will make that decision. When you are strong enough to love yourself 100%,good and bad-you will be amazed at the opportunities that life presents you... You can't walk alone. Many have given the illusion,but none have really truly walked alone. Man is not made that way. So I have seen that there are others that can and will walk your way.. I am me. In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is auththentically mine, because I ALONE chose it- I own everything about me: my body,my feelings,my mouth,my voice, all of my acti
Random Men
Ok so this may seem alittle crazy but i have always had this urge to walk up to a super sexy guy wether it be in a club or just out and just start kissing him and whisper in his ear...(i wanna fuk you) and see what happens. I think its hott, but in reality there are so many stds and diseases out there.IF I DID THAT TO YOU WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Lets hope i wouldnt get rejected
Random Acts Of Awesome!
I was having trouble with my car today. the thingy (technical term if you didn't know) that triggers the break lights when you hit the brakes was stuck in the on position. This drained my battery. I was 2 hours late to work and I had no idea when I was going to get it fixed. I ran into one of the the maintenance guys and asked them if he could just disconnect the battery so it would die again. I gave him my key and went to help the poor girl left at the desk alone all morning. 5 hours later, one of the guys ( didn't even know his name, it's Jaun) came in gave me keys and said Your car is fixed. He wouldn't take money and barely even let me say thank you before he ran out of the lobby. All I can say is... Awesome!
@ Random
It was at random that we met, A chance that not many get. When I heard the "Uh Oh", How was I to know! That you would turn out to be my special friend, Someone who could be there, Until the end. No matter how I feel or what I do, I know, in my heart, That I can count on you. I've never seen you, Heard you, or touched you. Those kind of chances are very few. To meet someone from far away, Never knowing if they're here to stay, Not knowing if what they say is true, Of what they're doing and telling you. So far away, but yet so near, The "not knowing" is the fear. Is it truth, or is it lies? Will a heart grow, or will it die? Either way, the bonds of Friendship's strings are tied. One's needs are met, Some with regret. Some with hope, Some with pain. But still, the answer is plain. The emptiness may be filled, A life may start to rebuild. A heart may be broken, Or made to mend; All because of that "Random Friend".
10 Random Things About Me
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am not over-fond of almost all people. 2. I am obsessive compulsive. 3. I HATE doing dishes. 4. I LOVE storms. 5. I used to be a secretary. 6. I love forensic shows. 7. I love an artist and think "modern" art is "crap"... 8. I am an EXCELLENT speller and typist (HA Steph!) 9. I think I'll never be truly happy. 10. I think Steph has too many pets... hmmmm tag who will be it?! idk Most people don't read my blogs lol
Random Writings From Ariel
Disillusions Disillusions continuously form my reality. Hope remains dwindling at a rate of speed I may never catch. Fate plays with my reality and makes my whole life a joke that everyone finds amusing but me. I begin to envy those who don’t have to worry, They seem so happy, so healthy, sane. I cannot cry for tears ~ will not form Pity no longer carries enough of my pain It’s useless to imagine my life different for why would fate give me anything really worth hoping for, my disillusions, my reality continuously create my life and keep my sanity ruling my mind, Exhausting my fight for the life that I long to get and maybe…just maybe will never have. Xx Ariel Purely wanting you I started feeling a jealousy When we got off the phone, Which is something, that I never do. But I am beginning to feel this longing To be a part of you. I am jealous of your bed Because it’s with you when you sleep Get’s to hear you breathing and your heart
Random Fact About Me
i'm a little OCD. but not like totally out there. seriously, the things i'm OCD about are weird. like for example, my CD collection is in alphabetical/chronological order. it has to be or it bothers me. DVD's alphabetical as well. also, it unnerves that i have 304 friends on here. i have to have either a number ending in "5" or "0". swear to god. i don't know, just how i am. yeah i'm weird but ya know what? so is everyone else. fuck you! hahahahahahaha
Random Thoughts From The Mind
My thoughts. Hmm, where to begin? I've got so many thoughts, I'm not sure where to start. I could start with life. I could start with art, love, creativity, life, friends, relationships, my personality. There are so many places I could begin or end with. I might even work backwards and start at the end. Who knows? I might possibly start in Brazil, while I'm sitting in Wisconsin. Or start on an invisible island, that everyone can see. Maybe I can start with what a blind man sees and what a deaf woman hears. Or what a mute child says and what colors a dog may see. The possibilities are endless, but which one should I start with? The beginning or the end? The said or the unsaid? The seen or unseen? The heard or unheard? How long have i been in this storm? So overwhelmed by the ocean's shapeless form. The water is getting harder to tread with these waves crashing over my head. As I sit here, watching the countless faces of people I only know by name or don't know at all, they laugh, they c
Random Poetry
"Passion's Arrow" A curious arrow Spirals through a chaotic forest; Grazing the surface of a few, But piercing the heart of a deer. As it travels through Coming to rest inside a doe. The forceful arrow Almost seems to calm; for a moment; Until the intense anguish begins to blind the victims. The wide-eyed deer and whimsical doe, Find each other through the arrow’s connection, The tracks of their lives, forever crossed. The once intense arrow Has lost its power when it started to be overcome. The deer and the doe – cured; When the arrow began to fade. But they will always be connected, The scars of an arrow can never be abandoned.
Random Thoughts About Her
You came to me with an undeniable, undying love. You made me feel that we were an unstoppable pair, and able to take on the world or whatever it threw at us, but things change and now that wont ever happen.. From the 1st time we talked on here, to our 1st phone conversation, to the 1st time we met face to face, I loved you with everything in my body, mind and soul. Then almost a year ago everything changed in a matter of minutes. I had so many plans for us for when I got there, they all vanished, my whole life meant nothing, I was wrecked. The things I had working when I was there last fall meant nothing. As I said my whole life meant nothing. I still think about you daily, pretty much every second of the day passes and your on my mind, I still don't know why your mind changed about us. At the time I was shocked at everything that was going on. I had and still have many questions to "why", but I know I will never get an answer to them. You said you needed time to think b
The Most Fun Personality Test I heard about this personality test in a conference I was in recently. Apparently, it is 98% accurate to the enormously long tests that Fortune 500 companies give their new hires. Here is how it works: Choose One of these Shapes: Square, Rectangle, Circle, Triangle, or Squiggle. You should choose the one that immediately appeals to you. I'm talking 5 seconds here...Don't overanalyze. Go ahead and give yourself a first favorite and runner-up. One Last Thing - Don't Look at the Definitions Before You Choose..That is CHEATING!:) Square - A Square is somebody who feels most comfortable with a stable environment and clear directions on what to do. She is conservative and likes things that are regular and orderly. If given a task she will work on it until it is finished, even if it is repetitious, cumbersome and lonely. Rectangle - A Rectangle also likes structure and regularity. But she will more establish it with organization, meetings, committe
Random Thoughts
I cant sleep I cant eat. I think about the one all the dam time. We were soulmates, lovers, best friends. All I do is think about all the special times we had together. Why did he have to hurt me so much? I have never loved anyone as much as I love this one. I have taken him for granted tho, and I think its too late. But I still wonder why all this bad stuff is happening. I am lost and confused.

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