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Playing With The Queen Of Spades
"And when Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she arose and destroyed all the seed royal." Boy, 2 Kings 11 starts out with a bang -- our venue's changed to the kingdom of Judah, particularly its capital Jerusalem. After Ahaziah was buried according to 2 Kings 9:28 "in the sepulchre with his fathers [ancestors]", which his mother would have definitely seen so this is occurring in conjunction with the beginning of Jehu's reign in Israel. One thing about Athaliah, the daughter of King Ahab of Israel and widow of King Jehoram of Judah; she certainly wasted no time declaring herself queen of Judah -- the only female in either Israel or Judah to reign in her own right -- and made sure there wasn't any possibility of an uprising against her. The "seed royal" would be anyone in the line of succession; but one person did get saved from her massacre. The problem Judah's leadership seems to have had with Athaliah wasn't her gender but her religious views which inevita
Players Secrets.
The player's secret The secret to keeping your ex-girlfriend interested in "scheduled" weekend getaways with you is to continuously please her with unforgettable sex. One way to be an incomparable lover is to be original and exciting through oral sex. The other way is to have an ultimate signature move. Unfortunately, most men think that the only way to gratify a woman is through sexual intercourse alone. The Player knows that pleasing a woman fully involves a package deal, including passionate foreplay and compassionate oral sex. Up the ante of your sexual reputation and indulge in the benefits. The main course All men like to believe that they're the kings of the bedroom-ring by trying all kinds of sexual positions. But when it comes time for oral sex, some men avoid performing it while others view it as a chore. This is where The Player gets an upper hand over the competition. Because men don't value the power of good oral sex, they pay little attention to detail and fall s
Play Me A Love Song
Play Me A Love Song Play me a love song. Play so I can sing along. Play so I can feel it in my heart. So it’s in my head when we’re apart. Play me a love song. Play so I can dance along. Play so that the music makes me move. So that I have nothing to lose. Play me a love song. Play so I can cry along. Play so that my heart is made to bleed. So that I realise what I need. Play me a love song. Play so I can laugh along. Play so that when I’m happy I smile. So I can be content for a while. Play me a love song. Play so I can love wrong. Play so I can learn from my mistakes. So I can let sadness go to waste. Play me a love song. Play so we can be strong. Play so it reminds me of you. So that there will always be memories true. Play me a love song. Play so I can dance along. Play so I can sing along. Play me a love song.
Playing A Game
Playful Boy
His hand ran up my skirt as he pushed me back up against the wall, kissing me so forcefully as if turning butter, roughly but not to fast. He ripped my blouse off grinning as he pulled me closer to him, rubbing my chest and back, he grabs my ass squeezing my cheeks, then suddenly lifting me onto the bed. I unbuckled his pants as he laid me down on the bed. He began to kiss down my chest then my stomach and around my inner thigh. He pulled my panties off with his teeth taking lips into his mouth, i can feel his tongue licking the inside of my pussy , i can see him looking at me with that hungry grin on his faces as he gently bits the clit, my back arches as the feeling of his playfulness sends chills up my back, in a rush of adrenaline i pushed him on his back and pulled his pants and underwear off, bitting him from his leg to his thigh and then I began to lick his sex from the bottom to the top gently bitting and sucking on the head, and taking it all into me up and down, around and ar
Playing On Fubar
So I have had this account for some time now and have not really done anything with it. Added some music today. Will try to do more later. I was hoping to put a shout out to some of you I don't really know. It has been nice chatting with some of you, however briefly. There are some serious nice people on here. Some serious pervs too. Not that this is always a bad thing. They can be entertaining. Anyway, hello to everyone! Hope life is treating you well, and if not, let me know. I will send you some kisses! Rebecca
Playing Away
Playing Away by ThrobbingMan© It had been a long day; endless meetings with contractors, solicitors, architects, planning-officers, it seemed my secretary had arranged meetings with anyone who wanted to talk to me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job and the salary that goes with it, but getting this new factory built had been a huge pain in the ass. All I wanted was to get back home and spend some time with my wife and kids; but that wasn’t going to happen just yet, there were three more days of meetings and site visits to endure before I could go home. I could imagine Sharon, my indispensable but cruel PA, arranging my schedule with a kind of perverted glee, but eventually even she must have felt a twinge of sympathy for me; at last, the endless meetings ended and I headed off to the hotel Sharon had booked for me. It was nothing special, identical to countless others I had stayed in, but I didn’t care. All that mattered was that my room had a shower and a bed, which I intended
Play Thing
How sweet it is to be used and abused by the very person you love i had my whole world in my arms today and you had your sex toy We made love in the shower again today i had not been there more then 30 mins before i was stripped of my clothes and felt up and down kissed over and over held onto so longingly This time you were determined to make me cum and i did and my arm nearly fell off for you you shivered all over your breathing was quick and loud you pressed yourself against me and i dug my nails into your shoulders we were together we hugged and you made a joke about thanking you for your services Friends arent supposed to do these things are they? We wrapped the towels around us and sat on your bed you played Zelda for a while soon your dad would be home i got up to get dressed something must have awoken you you must have looked at my body because you pulled me down and pushed me onto your bed and climbed on top kissing me so widely your tongue slidin
The Playmate...
Well, Since I need to get back into my writing, What type of writing shall I do.. Hmmm.. Well, Halloween is falling upon us so I guess I shall write a ghost story for you all.. I hope you enjoy it as much as do and Pleasant Dreams.. Dave just moved to a new town with his parents as they settled into their new apartment. Dave looked out to the window when he noticed a boy about his age playing in the joint back yard. He walks out there to find the boy playing with a paper air plane. He appeared to be Dave's age.. 8 or 9 years old. Short brown hair, deep blue eyes, and wearing a denim blue jumper outfit. It was dirty and rugged but Dave didnt care. Dave approached the boy as he wore a smile on his face. The other turned and saw Dave as he was making his way towards. The child smiled as well as he stopped all that he was doing. Soon they both started to talk and introduce each other. The other boy's name was name Billy.. And soon Billy and dave quickly became friends.. Dave would ru
Playing Cinderella
as I sit here listening to Chuck Wick's Song "Stealing Cinderella" I'm reminded of the hardest thing I've ever had to go though, and will one day have to try to do again. I once tried to steal cinderella, the eleanor i have written about, and let me tell you the hardest thing you will ever go through in your life is to be looked at by the judgemental eyes of a father when you are trying to ask permission to marry his daughter. Most fathers wouldn't have been as judgemental as hers was. No matter how good of a person I was inside, I left his house feeling small and insignifigant. Yes, he gave his permission, but relunctently I found out later because the family secretly knew that it would never last and they halfheartedly gave their blessing and support. On the way from work today i was listening to another song that reminded me of the ex, I'm not sure what it was called but some of the words were: In the eyes of the world you may be just another girl, but in my eyes you are the w
Play List #1
Playful Tiger Mask Child
This timid tiger loves to play! Price: 2.99
Playing A Gig On Friday
Im playing a gig on bass guitar with a band on friday, its thursday morning now and i havent yet heard most of the songs i will be playing tomorrow, i dont understand why im so calm about it, i should be nervous but im not..Yet. I will probably post some pictures from the gig on this site, thats one of the good things about photograps of bands, you cant tell by looking at the photos how badly out of tune they are or that they dont actually know how to play their own songs, in that way photographs lie to you.
Play Time
Touch the Darkness @
The Players Game
You played his game, Your heart he won, He had you fooled, Before the game begun. He played your mind, Tricked you into thinking he cared, And now you sit silently, Wishing he was there. Because he took over your heart, And placed emotions into your soul, And now you have to deal with the fact He never loved you at all.
Playing With Fire
Playing with Fire They love the smell of gasoline. They love the smell of sulfur. They love to watch the fire, as it burns the object that they desire. They love to watch the firemen, as they try to put out the flames. They love to hang around to see what damage it will bring. They never stop to think before they start a fire, "What happens if someone does get hurt, or happens to expire." If you haven't already guessed, what kind of monster this person is, please continue reading and I'll tell you who it is. An arsonist is someone, who just doesn't give a damn!!!!
Playing With Fire
I try to make my poems rhyme. I wrote this for the five firefighters that where killed in california because of the arsonist. Playing with Fire They love the smell of gasoline. They love the smell of sulfur. They love to watch the fire, as it burns the object that they desire. They love to watch the firemen, as they try to put out the flames. They love to hang around to see what damage it will bring. They never stop to think, before they start a fire, "What happens if someone does get hurt, or happens to expire. If you haven't already guessed, what kind of monster this person is, please continue reading and i'll tell you who it is. An Arsonist is someone, who just doesn't give a damn!
Playboy Club-click On Pic
Play Pong..
Play Doh And Other Feel Good Things
Play Doh and other feel good things Feel good post of the month: Ann Aguirre's Thursday Thirteen. I haven't heard truer words in a while. And even the simplest of tools can be an outlet for beautiful creativity. New! Check out my review Blog: Book Love | WriYe: 105,358/100,000 | WC October: 2,915| | Subs: 85/50 | Accepts: 4 | Rejects: 74 |
Playing Bunco......
For years now, a group of my friends and I have been getting together once a month to play "Bunco", a friendly dice game. We are all close to the same age and it is really just an excuse to get together, socialize and have some fun with "the girls." One particular evening proved to be a very pleasurable time for myself and my friend Kelly. We are both married and have been good friends for a long time. Several years ago when our children were much younger, the "Bunco Club" was an excuse to get away from our families for an evening. Each of the Bunco Club members would take turns hosting the monthly gathering and come up with different prizes and other fun activities. Husbands and children of the hostess would disappear for the evening so we could talk about anything and everything. Somewhere along the line, we began watching x-rated videos at our Bunco parties. I'm not even sure how that practice got started, but we would watch them, laugh at the poor acting and make comparisons
girls play at sex to find love guys play at love to find sex?
Playing With Fire
Me and my ex have been over for months and yet i still find myself wanting to be with her and see the kids.It's not really her though its i miss my kids.When you raise a kid for more than a year,even if it isn't yours they kinda grow on ya.When they refer to you as their other daddy.You have to fulfill the part. With her i still feel the hate of what she did but when shes mad or upset i find myself being kind to her again.She tries to hide it from me but i know her more than she knows herself.I know that what she did to me was wrong.I don't know if I would ever forgive and forget.Yet when I see her fustraition with things and shes having a hard time.I cant help but to offer myself to help out. In away I wish we could rekindle things and I could just tell her play times over come home.Then on the other hand i still want to look her in the eye and tell her to go fuck herself. I know what most people would say but try to factor in i miss the kids. I know im a smuck......but i just don
Player Alarm
BEWARE!!!!! Attention Women on Fubar the following user is a Player and has two Accounts.... Guys if you think you aint finding a nice Girl on here its because of Guys like him, so tell him what you think of him. SHOW HIM SOME 'Special' LOVE Very erotic male, Free to good home. Is house broken ,And knows how to use is (Tung).....@ fubar **DRAVEN**@ fubar
Playing Head Games
Why do people play headgames all the time especially while dating? I have always gone by the saying," Do unto other's as you would like them to do unto you." Or "honesty is the best policy." I do not understand the need to "string someone along," when I am sure that you would not like it yourself. The dating scene would be so much easier and life would be so much easier if people would just treat other people with respect. I do not know about other people, but I can handle rejection a whole lot easier if I am just told up front of someone's opinion rather than it drag on and made to fell like a nuisence. Does anyone else feel this way??
Play With Me- Icp
Every year it's more of us and all we do is fill the box You might play with me at first, a couple days, a week at tops Just like your Atomic Supersonic Retro Plasma Car We will all get tossed inside just like the piece of shit we are I will be your fantasy imaginary special friend I can fill you, I relate, with you no need to talk to them But instead you toss me in the box, leave me to rott away Hoping you'll pick me again someday...hey, hey Why don't you come play with me and take me to the other side (take me to the other side) Lost under Ann Raggedy it's lonley when your locked in side (It can be so lonley) I will sit and listen to your bibble babble jibber talk But when you go in tonight you'll leave me out here on the walk You'll ignore your little friend or trade me for something instead Please come get your doggie, don't let him chew off my fucking head All your mom and daddy do is work and fight, that's all they do! I can understand the way you feel because
Playful Mind
mind is wandering, heart is pacing. what direction do i come from first? should i kiss you gently on the lips run my hand along your thighs? or do i shoot for gold and fondle your jewels? suck on your ear playfully and grin, or do i just strip you completely? and just take you all in? hands in places.... we know they shouldn't be totally straight faces, with weak hunger in our eyes going through the motions hitting every needing spot blah blah blah...... don't think i can finish it
Playing With You - Ice In Your Body
Playgirl Man Of The Year
Playing Second Fiddle...
do you ever think i get sick of always being second best? of bending down, laying low and taking it in the ass? (ok, truth being, i love it in the ass...but NOT when you're trying to make me just another hooker in your parade) what's so wrong with always wanting to be your number one? instead i find myself trying to fight a battle that should already be done. so FUCK...whatever...who gives a's not like i should care... i'm just another fuck in line, but with pink and purple hair ;)
...Stay... ...So we can play... ...All day... ...And all night... ...Please don't fight... ...My love center's so tight... ...Aching for you... ...Let's try something new... ...I'll keep on my shoes... ...Crawl on hands and knees... ...Twist you up in the sheets... ...Leave you no breath, just a wheeze... ...You must... ...Trust... ...In this lust... ...Let's make our own show... ...Get the camera, a video... ...Don't hold back, let it all go... ...Suck on my heels... ...Make me squeal... ...Devour me as if I'm your last meal... ...Baby... ...Tell me... ...What you need... ...Wanna bite at my lips?... ...Want me to crack the whip?... ...How bout my juices, want a sip?... ...Lemme give you a tip... ...Lay your tongue softly on my clit... ...Wiggle it just a little bit... ...Feel my back arch?... ...My mouth's dry and parched... ...Soon the explosions start... ...Makes my insides burn... ...Next it's your turn... ...Think you can handle me?... ...Oh t
The Player And The Married Woman...
This supposed to be a single Site for people to make Friends, Dating and possible relationship... All this place has done to my friend was breaking her's heart, not once but twice by the same 'Rebel Redneck Yankee'. Oh, he thinks he is so smooth and the Lady that he loves now is still in a very unhappy marriage. Funny thing is the compliments were exact what he said to my friend, but we can't prove it cause she killed one account cause he was acting very strange to her, why? She didn't know the first time, second time he accusers her of making him have guilt trips about him coming up to Alaska to meet her the first. She really didn't ask him to come up here like she wouldn't, she didn't know him any better than a Tom, Dick or Harry or Michael Myers 'Halloween'. Oh, at first he talks like a Gentleman does until 2 weeks into August he just starts acting odder and odder. Then a Family situation pops up beyond anyones control, what I think as time got closer he just didn't w
A Players Gonna Play
The days past so fast with the ticking of the clock driving me insane plays tricks on the brain with every beat of my heart, a constant pain left empty; everything went down the drain it was all lies; just a game It all happened so fast knowing the good times could never last but when they were good it was a blast till we got around others and you made me feel like an outcast and couldnt leave old shit in the past Putting me down to bring you up thought you were gonna play me but whos the one left standing there lookin like a chump? you thought i would say "how high" when you said jump? Who turned out to be the bitch that got dumped? Thought you were a player and while dissin me you looked cool trying to play me for the fool You may lie amongst the shed but you aint the sharpest tool. you cant play a playa im the Don in this shit it aint no game im the one showin glory and fame!
Playing The Fool
You gave me your heart, I'm sorry I tore it apart. You gave me your soul, I'm sorry I did not have the same goal. You loved me deeply, I'm sorry I took it all cheaply. You wanted it to work, I'm sorry I passed it off as a quirk. You wanted me for life, I'm sorry I did not want to be your wife. You did not want it to fail, I'm sorry I just wanted to bail. You were so blue, I'm sorry I do not love you. An Original by Ms. Fay Osayo Rodrigues ~~Your Wildest Dream~~
Playin' Around
I'm editing some old pics today. Usually I just throw them on here for people to see, but I wanted to how some people the original. This is an old house across a field from my parents. They looked at me like I was crazy last week when I started taking pics of it. Before After
Playlist For The Month Of September 2007.
Playlist For The Week Of August 28, 2007 - September 4, 2007.: Acheron - Tribute To The Devil's Music Carcass - Reek Of Putrfaction Carnivore - Retaliation Deicide - Serpents Of The Light Entombed - Hollowman EP Funerus - Festering Earth Grave - Into The Grave Gwar - Scumdogs Of The Universe Kiss - Kiss Immolation - Dawn Of Possession Macabre - Dahmer Megadeth - Youthanasia Mercyful Fate - Melissa Mercyful Fate - Don't Break The Oath Morbid Angel - Abominations Of Desolation Morpheus Descends - Ritual Of Infinity Possessed - Seven Churches Slayer - Hell Awaits Suffocation - Human Waste EP Testament - The Legacy Venom - Welcome To Hell Playlist For The Week Of September 4, 2007 - September 11, 2007.: Altar - In The Name Of The Father Beherit - Drawing Down The Moon Burial - Enlightened With Pain Cannibal Corpse - Tomb Of The Mutilated Cenotaph - The Gloomy Reflections Of Our Hidden Sorrows Dark Throne - Transilvanian Hunger Deceased - The 13 Frightened Sou
Playlist For The Month Of October 2007.
Playlist For The Two Weeks Of September 25, 2007 - October 9, 2007.: Anatomy - Twisting Depths Of Horror EP Atrophy - Socialized Hate Atrophy - Violent By Nature Behemoth - The Apostasy Benediction - The Dreams You Dread Burial - Enlightened With Pain Carcass - Tools Of The Trade EP Carcass - The Heartwork EP Carnage - Dark Recollections Ceremony - The Days Before The Death Demo Dark Faith - Terrains Vagues Destroyer 666 - Cold Steel...For An Iron Age Deicide - Once Upon The Cross Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - Thrash Zone Echoes Of Eternity - The Forgotten Goddess Estuary - The Craft Of Contradiction Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine Fight - War Of Words From Blood And Burning - Demo 2007 Funerus - Festering Earth Goatwhore - Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun Grave - As Rapture Comes Hallows Eve - Monument Incantation - Mortal Throne Of Nazarene Incantation - The Forsaken Mourning Of Angelic Anguish EP Incantation - Primordial Domination Kiss - Kiss Kiss - Asyl
Playlist For The Month Of November 2007.
Playlist For The Week Of October 30, 2007 - November 6, 2007.: Benediction - Subconscious Terror Cancer - To The Gory End Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion Deceased - Luck Of The Corpse Deicide - Legion Deicide - Serpents Of The Light Deicide - The Stench Of Redemption Echoes Of Eternity - The Forgotten Goddess Evildead - Annihilation Of Civilization Exodus - Tempo Of The Damned Flotsam And Jetsam - When The Storm Comes Down From Blood And Burning - 2007 Demo Immolation - Dawn Of Possession Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying Megadeth - Cryptic Writings Megadeth - The World Needs A Hero Monstrosity - Imperial Doom Nocturnus - The Key Obituary - Slowly We Rot Possessed - Seven Churches Pungent Stench - Been Caught Buttering Repulsion - Horrified Skid Row - Slave To The Grind Slaughter (US) - Stick It To Ya Tearabyte - Embrace Oblivion Tearabyte - Gloom Factory Testament - The Legacy Testament - The New Order Testament - Souls Of Black Unleashed - Victory
Play Me
Playing With Heartstrings
It's becoming more evident Much more obvious to me I thought much more of you Than you ever thought of me Was this my biggest mistake Letting myself think you cared Was I just your marionette With heartstrings open and bared With me left here still thinking What was false, what was true So puzzling and so complex I’m left to await another clue On my heartstings you played Each left with a loving memory Yet I still have those questions Do you ever think about me I’m wondering why all the intrigue Now why all of this mystery Why am I left here hanging Your the one that holds the key.
Playing With The Queen Of Hearts
...Stay... ...So we can play... ...All day... ...And all night... ...Please don't fight... ...My love center's so tight... ...Aching for you... ...Let's try something new... ...I'll keep on my shoes... ...Crawl on hands and knees... ...Twist you up in the sheets... ...Leave you no breath, just a wheeze... ...You must... ...Trust... ...In this lust... ...Let's make our own show... ...Get the camera, a video... ...Don't hold back, let it all go... ...Suck on my heels... ...Make me squeal... ...Devour me as if I'm your last meal... ...Baby... ...Tell me... ...What you need... ...Wanna bite at my lips?... ...Want me to crack the whip?... ...How bout my juices, want a sip?... ...Lemme give you a tip... ...Lay your tongue softly on my clit... ...Wiggle it just a little bit... ...Feel my back arch?... ...My mouth's dry and parched... ...Soon the explosions start... ...Makes my insides burn... ...Next it's your turn... ...Think you can handle me?... ...Oh t
Playing Games
Why do people feel the need to play games in a relationship? Why waste the time on childish crap? If you know you want the person, you love the person, then why waste time? Why test to see just how much they love you? That should already be known. And if it's not then it needs to be talked about. Not tested. No more games. Isn't there a time when you think you should be too old for that crap? I know I do. Just when you feel yourself getting caught up in it, there should be an alarm that goes off telling you to stop. Not to continue. Enough with the games. We all have our self-doubt from time to time, but there comes a point when you should just shut the fuck up and accept that the person wants you for what ever qualities they see in you. Especially if you see them on a personal constant basis when others aren't around. When you feel you can let your guard down and be completely yourself. Yes, some will still stick around for "comfort" reasons, but if you're being honest
Player For Band Songs
does ne1 know where i get 1?
I crave the taste of your mindnumbing lips pressed tightly against my own, while we are making out my hands eagerly roam. Your body is my playground, a land of endless joy, your divine breasts deserve to be my 2nd favorite toy. Your exqisite derrier, is fun to play play with like putty in my hands. I would kill, or destroy most anyone or any thing for the chance. I want to eat you, like tomorrow will never come, I am not going to stop till your way more than done. 5 hours later your sexually exausted, yhen its time to play making love to you my girl, all the live long day. after the bone, we get on the phone to see if our friends are home. We call over she, we call over he, we play naked twister to get on our sexual bond. Time has come for coors light, maybe gonna spark the flames tonight. Quarters can be fun to play, the losers have to strip something away. You and he, she and me then we switch to she and he, and you with me, then we watch you and she making us all very happ
Playpen Good Music Were I Chill
Playpen Auction!!!
Play Pen Auction
Playing Guild Wars
Do you play Guild Wars the best online game there is.
My question is why does a man tell a wowman they love them but still feel the need to talk and send gifts to ex girl friends.Im really confused on this one please let me know your comment alot of friends ask me this so i thought i would ask you.
Playboy Magazine
want to be on the cover of playboy magazine or other famous magazines.. hit me up.. i just loaded a program to make these shoot me an e-mail
Playpen Staff Applications Only
To apply,simply leave a comment stating what the winning bidder will receive once he/she has won you. ***PLEASE NOTE*** If you cannot leave a comment it is because we are either not accepting applications yet,or because we have enough people signed up. This is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!! Once the 25 people have signed up,I will once again disable comments on the blong and the applications will be closed. I will leave the blog available to be viewed by anyone so you can see who is offering what and to see who you would like to bid on. ******YOU HAVE TO BE ON MY FRIENDS LIST IN ORDER TO POST!!! IF IT SAYS YOU CANT POST THEN IM NOT ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST AND YOU HAVE TO ADD ME!!!!!******
Playpen Auction Rules
***PlayPen Lounge-Wide Auction*** Application Requirements Must have a minimum of one (1) salute Must be active in lounge at least one (1) week Must be at least a level 10 (Friend of Fubar) Or a previously submitted salute Application fee is 2,000 FuBucks How this auction will work: Since this is a Lounge Wide event, Play Pen staff/owners are NOT liable for non-payment by non-staff members. PlayPen Lounge can ONLY guarantee payment from PlayPen staff members. PlayPen members who do not follow through with their obligation will be ejected/banned from the lounge, therefore preventing them from participating in any future PlayPen events. If a member who is not PlayPen staff is auctioned and cannot fulfill his/her promised end of the deal he/she is responsible for reimbursement to the winning bidder. If reimbursement is not made, the member will be banned, no questions asked. Anyone can vote on anyone being auctioned. You DO NOT have to be staff to be auctioned off
Playpen Auction
Players/ Do They Really Exist?
I have been approached by female and males concerning this issue and since I have been,I thought I would give my two cents worth. I am striving on little to no sleep but here it goes. No Philosophy here this morning. What is the Definition of players:It has many ways of explaining this but I think this one fits for what I am talking. (Player (game), a participant in a game.) In order to play this game one must know the game.A person cannot be played unless he/she allows it. I don't like games and will not participate in them. If someone feels they need to play someone who says they are not the one being played them self. I don't need to hear well he has played many women on here or I hope he doesn't play you like he has done the others or I hope he doesn't hurt you,which all of these have the same meaning. I am here to find friends,to communicate,to search and maybe find something I was not looking for. I don't know how to play anyone,but I do know when I am being pla
I was upset yesterday for the Seahawks losing their game against the Packers ... what a storm. Oh well... there is always next year and then I have the Arena Football League season to look forward to in March now anyway. But, both of my teams won today that I was cheering for. LOL... both Manning and Romo had their feet pulled out from under them by playing an under dog team. I love it. Maybe next year Romo... but that is 2 years in a row you choke in the playoffs in the last minute of the game. I hope now that the Chargers pull the rug out from under Brady and pack them away. I am sick of hearing about the Patriots. Blow them over Chargers!!!!
Play Time - My B-day!!
Darkness surrounds and penetrates. Thoughts on fire, the soul vibrates. With cascading scarlet images, the demon wakes. The night, so still, chilled, the light no longer spilled onto the streets and alleys traversed as predator for prey. Stifled desire grows, now knows no bounds, found caged no more and free to slay. The rage, the hunger, no longer hidden, out from under as twinkle and color traces the way to sating play. Quiet, brisk, not a sound, stealthy, hunting, ravenous bloodlust will strike down. Behind so quiet, coiled tight to strike, approaching prey oblivious to impending oblivions sway. A smile grows, a heart soars, the rush uproarious and here to stay. Attack attack, bones crack, crimson splats as screaming fades quickly away. The body spent, the chalice of such wanton destruction in sultry sanguine pools lay, broken and bloody, a simple small price to pay. Hunger abated, soul sated, heart fated, rejoicing in death to yet again play another day. T
Play Your Game
Want one? Go to
Playing Wii Improves Surgeons Skills
Report: Surgeons Perform Better After Playing Wii By Chris Kohler EmailJanuary 17, 2008 | 1:35:45 PMCategories: Education Revo_2Surgeons perform better after warming up with Wii, says a recent study -- and that study's authors are now planning to develop surgery training software for Wii. Two surgeons at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona have found that an hour of playing Wii's motion-controlled games improves surgical residents' score on a virtual surgery training tool by 48 percent. But not just any game will do. Researchers Kanav Kahol and Marshall Smith found that games like Marble Mania, which requires precise, almost imperceptible movements of the wrist to navigate a marble through tricky mazes, work the best. For now, anyway: The pair is at work designing a Wii game "that will accurately simulate surgical procedures." They believe that it will be especially useful for training surgeons in developing countries, because of Wii's low $250 price
For those of you who have known me for a while, you know that I was in sort of a relationship on here. It was brought on by a very bad tragedy and Candyce and I had become very close because of it. Then things got a little heated and we never broke out of the tail spin. because of the situation I broke everything off. It was a very hard decision to make but I thought at the time it was the right one. Now I find out ALL OF IT WAS A LIE!!! Brandy (who I was friends with) had supposedly died in a car crash after a fight with her boy friend. Her sister and I became very close. Well, none of it was real. As far as I know Brandy and Candyce are the same person! Brandy had never met with the guy she was supposedly seeing, she never took a trip out there, all of it a lie. I read enough on here and see women all the time talking about players, and games being played but this has got to be the most horrible thing a woman can do. My heart was torn by all of this and now a third tim
Playing Catch Up
well for about the last 10 days the school server has been down. They were in the process of installing a new server, but the old one crashed before they could make the transfer. It could have been worse. They might not have had the new servers almost installed. Anyway. The last few days we were doing everything by e-mail. So I was able to catch up. (or so I thought). Well the regular class webpage is now up. But now the teachers are going nuts trying to get their stuff back on, and make adjustments for the lost time. Well of the assignments already up was the assignments that were being done by e-mail. They have to be resubmitted, no biggy right?? Well there were changes so I have to redo them. Well make corrections anyway. Plus download all the corrections to the class schedule, and get the new stuff done. So I might be logged in, but I won't be doing much here. Please bear with me. When I get a little time I will try to get on here, don't feel that I am ignoring
god im so sick of players its not we go again someone telling me they wanna be with me and me seeing shit on their pages that tell me bout to flip soon
Play Sonic!
Play Lunar Control
Playgirl Tag
Playing Well With Other...
im old enough to know better let's put it that way {lol}.........
Playing Tag
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1)I use the little period button too much when I write, but I like it!........ 2)I like to chew my gum really loud 3)I fucking hate the sound the ice maker on the refrigerator makes, makes me cringe 4)I have a serious problem with lights being on when noone is in the room. Turn off the fucking lights when you leave the room! 5)I hate my cigar ashes to be thrown away before I'm done smoking. I like keeping them all together. 6)I like to bury my finished cigar in the ground when I'm done. Kinda like returning it to it's beginnings 7)I don't like being touched when I'm sleeping. 8)Fact: I believe in Adam&Eve
Playing Tag.....
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I say “Dude” or “WTF” way too much. 2. I chew gum all the time. 3. I would rather listen to music from the 80’s or 90’s instead of what is playing on the radio now. 4. I met Gwen Stefani last May, she is not as pretty in person as you would think, and way too SKINNY!!!! 5. When going on vacation I have always chosen to go back to Las Vegas instead of going somewhere new. 6. I am addicted to Michael Kors shoes – 4 ½ inch heels or higher. 7. I get pissed off at all the slow ass drivers. If you’re gonna drive slow, get the fuck out of my way!!!! 8. I give my kids way too much, but I can’t help it. 9. I have gotten 4 tatto
02-16-08 (play?)
February 16, 2008 Sup? Rock on! M u s i c: It's been known to tame the savage beast, Or heal a broken heart. It's a mood altering as drugs And as relaxing as a nights sleep. It's great to make love TO ... (wait ... I'll just have to take your word on that) It really doesn't matter the type Be it: Rock And ALL the different directions the that classification leads you ... -or- Funk
Playing With Girls
He said tell her to take it like you. So I made her. She said her ass hurt bad the next day. He said I looked beautiful licking her ass. She tasted so sweet. He watched as my mouth devoured her. She bit my nipples and he smiled at the pain I can take. He watched as we were joined by his favorite toy. I disciplined her like only a Mistress could. He loved when we kissed after tasting each other. I love that I own her like he owns me. She's mine. I'm his. I do what ever he wants me to do. I'm his dirty girl slave. I'm his prettiest one. None are as disciplined as me or as beautiful. I do my job. I don't complain or question. I loved her so he could see. I loved her like he loves me. With my pain I show him my love. When I made her pretty big white ass red with my hands she knew my love for her as he knows my love for him. I'm his pretties slave. He is my One, My Master, My Heart. I loved her for me but I loved her for him as well. He loves when I play with girls.
Play This it will help me out. all you have ot do is play till you hit 75 pop. than if you dont like it than you can stop. but please help me out.
Played Out
Well I know my last two mumms where very shocking. In this one I will tone it down a few. I feel the word *NOOB* is so fucking lame and played out. I also think asshat is played out..Lets step it up in these mumms folks. Enough with these lame mumm comments ya Bunch of fucking Noobs..OOOps I said it.
Playpen Lounge Invites
Anyone got one? I'll rate and fan ya! post me ya invite - cheers :)
Funny how men these days on the internet will basically be players. why cant they be real? if your online to make friends great, or online to find a date, fine? or even get ur rocks off, fine. just be honest about it. lies lies lies. I've said it before, and say it again. the internet has become the new age, going to the bar to pick up people, one nite stand thing. screw this im heading back to the bar, maybe normal people started going back there
Once again I get fooled by people who claim to be my friends and yet use me just long enough to get themselves in a better place. The one thing that I have always asked was for people to be honest with me and never lie to me about anything and yet they still wanna play with my emotions because they know how deep I care for somebody and then they think it's damn joke by turning around and hurting me. Is there anybody left in this damn world that is real and not just out to break people that care for them ? I'm sick of being hurt and used by people who get off of doing that not only to me but to everybody else that is like me. If you only knew the damage that you do when you do these things to me and others you wouldn't dare keep doing it to me and others. Just keep this in mind that every time you play with somebody's emotions you slice an inch deeper into their skin and their skin is only so tough and can only take so many cuts before it rips apart and bleeds nonstop. Th
2008 Playboy Bunny Calendar
Played Like A Fool!
ok here goes my first blog on Fubar....... I'm not big on meeting guys off the net nor do I ever take them serious. This time I thought what the hell this guy approached me January 13th of this year that was a king, beautiful, wonderful and all the "too good to be true scenario's" if you will. So I figured why not try it. We spoke daily, we texted throughout the day when we weren't talking, we emailed and we talked on the phone in the evenings. Everything was like a dream come true with him. He said all the perfect things to me, made me feel like a princess, told me all about his life and what he wanted and I just felt "WOWed". After a long day at night time we would just sit and talk about how our days went and how much we missed each other and so on.... Yeah here it comes......when he would call, it was always an unavailable number so I figured after having this on going relationship with him or whatever you want to call it, I thought I could ask why his calls were blocked es
Play Weak When You Are Strong.
Empower them fully and let go of the reigns, see if they drive you wild or just drive you insane. Dont loose that grasp you have and your unique intuit, or you might just find yourself falling into a half hearted relationship. Let them know you, and not your false chip, the one you carry like a cargo bearing ship. Give them all you have and just sit back and see, they will repell it or embrace it depending on their needs. If they need you not, you will soon know, as you watch their feelings for others begin to stretch and grow. What they dont need you now? You know how that can be, you seen that very clearly once before and this is the same it seems. They will still try to hold you near and dont anger yourself at that, because you are so good and noone will let go of that, or maybe you pushed your way into an awful spot, where you may have hurt them and revenge is in their plot. Maybe you do mean something to them, but just not what you want, cant hold that against as they have done n
Play...hmmmmm...think About It This Way
Play If there's something that confounds you, play with it. Experiment with different options and approaches, without any expectation or agenda other than satisfying your curiosity. Playing is a superb way to learn and improve. Consider how very many things children learn in their first years of life, and how much of that time they spend playing. Being overly serious and rigid can bring your creativity to a standstill. Relax, and give yourself permission to play. Those tasks you enjoy most are the tasks at which you're most effective. Approach your work with a playful sense of delight, and enjoy the experience of improved performance. Allow yourself the special joy of being curious and playful. Even in the most complicated challenges, there's room for fun. Play, and be an enthusiastic lifetime learner. Play, and create delightful new value in your world. -- Ralph Marston
Playboy Bunnies
We are currently looking for PlayBoy Bunnies for THE PLAYBOY CLUB LOUNGE! You will be apart of the lounge and be staff. You will greet people as they come. You will be auctioned off to members who decide to bid for you. If you would like to be a PLAYBOY BUNNY! Just leave a comment! I will give you even more details.
Play List.
Hello everyone. I added a play list here . Take a listen and tell me what you think. If you don't like a song skip it but I would like to her your thought. :) Thanks. Stephanie
“PLAYER” We all know at least one the player is the one that says all the right things The one that makes you feel special The one that makes you feel, you Are the only one for them the player knows all your weak points, what makes you most vulnerable, what makes your heart bleed the player strings you along And when the time comes When you do or say something The player doesn’t like That’s when the player Slams the door in your face No second chances, no understanding Only a lesson in trust, honesty, A feeling of hate, self blame A heart broken, no way to mend You don’t have to heed my warning Of these vicious players, but I Hope you will heed this warning before a player has the chance to destroy your life with their empty Promises Tammy aka Stoney
Players And Broken Promises
A friend of mine posted this: Im sure everyone been thru a breakup or know that LOVE that you try so HARD to holdon to thru thick and thin but,although you try to deny it in the back of your mind you know that it wont work.its like you put your all into it but the other person isnt doing or making an effort to do the same like you taking 3 steps Forward,.and there taking 2 steps Back. i know i feel your pain and im tired Games and Drama Where the Real gurls at? these days True love is Hard to find and they say Loves blind but give me a Sign and i Promise if your Worth my time ill show you Love at firstsight its NOT blind and i keep my word and Promises all you got to do is show me your Different im tired the Typical girl you can have Beauty but do you have Brains??you can have Money and Fame but do you have Happiness?tell me How many ppl can you TRUST with your Life in there hands?im Deep with the pen and thoughts so unique god bless
1. 01 - Artificial Intelligence Live In Gainsville (1998-05-01) 2. 01 - Bedlam (2001-11) 3. 01 - Chapter One (1997-05) 4. 01 - Grayarea - Global DJ Broadcast (2003-05-26) 5. 01 - Grayarea - Live On Kiss 100 (2002-11-08) 6. 01 - Hybrid - Burning Man 2004 (2004-09-02) Part 1 7. 01 - Hybrid - DJ Set At Chill Out Club Romania (2006-03-18) Part 1 8. 01 - Hybrid - DJ Set At Cubik DC (2004-08-27) Part 1 9. 01 - Hybrid - DJ Set At Friction Intimate Lot 33 Canberra (2004-03-05) Part 1 10. 01 - Hybrid - DJ Set At Liquified Atlanta (2004-08-28) Part 1 11. 01 - Hybrid - DJ Set At Two Tribes Melbourne (2004-03-07) Part 1 12. 01 - Hybrid - DJ Set on Frisky Radio (2006-12-05) Part 1 13. 01 - Hybrid - February 2005 DJ Set At Buzz (2005-02-25) Part 1 14. 01 - Hybrid - Kiss 100FM World's Greatest DJs (2004-01-17) 15. 01 - Hybrid - Proton Radio Mix 2 Part 1 (2003-12-05) 16. 01 - Hybrid - Thump Radio Mix on Alice 97.3 3 (2003-12-06) 17. 01 - J. Scott G. - Dirtier Little Slut (2006-09-14) P
Playgirl Me (thanks Learning2fly!)
Playboy In The Philippines Soon...
Good Morning… I sit here laughing out loud in the presence of no one except my cup of coffee and the computer screen and dooly think I have lost it… It is all because of this story I heard… and then verified it to be true. Laughed some more picturing it happening in my head and think…gosh you can’t make this sort of thing up. When a 72-year-old Levis, Quebec, woman cleared her walk with a snow blower in December, sending some of the snow onto the adjacent property, the 43-year-old neighbor grabbed his blower and sent it back, and the two spent about 10 minutes blowing snow on each other before they stopped. (They "faced each other," "engines roaring," wrote the Canadian Press.) The neighbor then allegedly punched the woman (and her husband, who had come to help her) and was charged with assault. [Edmonton Sun-CP, 12-5-07] Sometimes the nicest people turn into Jagga-Basturds. Don’t ask… a couple we go out with all the time for some reason, seems to always end up calling me that name onc
Playing Games 4-29-06
The day starts off bad and stressful Do some work for two hours And still not happy with it Meet up with you later We play an innocent game That soon turns into not so innocent We walk down the hall Into the door I start low And then get pulled to your lips You kiss me hard but amazingly Is there anything youre not good at? You move your mouth to my neck Sending shivers down my back You must have felt it since your hands were there Sit down and I jump on your lap We arent alone Someone came in We wait in silence till once again we are alone Then our fun continues You tell me to jump you I say no I cant right now You tell me you want me so bad right now And still I cant jump you right now So you tell me that if I didnt sit on your lap You would pin me to the wall I have my doubts Sure enough you stand up and pin me to the wall Grabbing my face with both hand and kissing me hard You have no idea how much I love that Kissing me and pulling my pants down slowl
Playoff Action
WOW!! What a start to the playoffs. San Jose loses first game to Calgary Dallas shuts out the Defending Stanley Cup champs Wild lost Rangers beat the Devils Gonna be a Hell of a playoff season. I AM IN HEAVEN!!!!! Of course the Wings were strong against the Predators.
For the future refs: migraines and playing with yourself REALLY do not go together. And I've learned the hard way :( Now my head is throbbing
Playboy Bunny Comment
"..Oh my.. ?YOU WERE VOTED ONE OF THE SEXIEST PEOPLE ON FUBAR....WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN HIT, YOU MUST SEND THIS PLAYBOY BUNNY TO ALL THE SEXY PEOPLE YOU KNOW INCLUDING THE PERSON THAT SEND IT TO YOU... ___$$$$$$$___________$$$$$$$ _____$$$$$$$$_______$$$$$$$$ ______$$$$$$$$$_____$$$$$$$ ________$$$$$$$$____$$$$$$$ _________$$$$$$$$$__$$$$$$ ____________$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _______________$$$$$$$$$ __________$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _______$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$$ ______$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ______$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _______$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ___________$$$$$$$$$$$$$ __________$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1-3-YOUR UGLY 4-6-YOUR FINE 6-8-YOUR HOTT 8-10-YOU ARE Freakin SEXXXXXXYYYYYYY
I guess I'm retarded, but I can't seem to find the add to your playlist thingy by the song titles...
Player Sunset Cafe
Playboy Bunny
YOU WERE VOTED ONE OF THE SEXIEST PEOPLE ON FUBAR....WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN HIT, YOU MUST SEND THIS PLAYBOY BUNNY TO ALL THE SEXY PEOPLE YOU KNOW INCLUDING THE PERSON THAT SEND IT TO YOU... ___$$$$$$$___________$$$$$$$ _____$$$$$$$$_______$$$$$$$$ ______$$$$$$$$$_____$$$$$$$ ________$$$$$$$$____$$$$$$$ _________$$$$$$$$$__$$$$$$ ____________$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _______________$$$$$$$$$ __________$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _______$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$$ ______$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ______$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _______$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ___________$$$$$$$$$$$$$ __________$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1-3-YOUR UGLY 4-6-YOUR FINE 6-8-YOUR HOTT 8-10-YOU ARE Freakin SEXXXXXXYYYYYYY
Playing The Victim...
I seem to do it so well. Whaa, fucking whaa, should be my middle name! Woe is me, poor poor soul. If you only knew how sick of it I really am. For the longest time I thought that I really had no control over how I feel or what is done to me inadvertently or not. It was never my fault. Y'know, sometimes it really isn't but I have to take some ownership in the fact that I'm the only one that controls me and for fucks sake, I'm done doing nothing about it! I'm sick of crying and I'm tired of feeling as if I have no ability to make my own decisions. So today, I am. I'm going to do what I want to do when I want to do it and without anyones permission but my own. No longer being the victim, the childlike adult who lays like a doormat and takes whatever crap get wiped on me. Maybe it's the small victories I'm making with "project pretty ass :)" Yes, no longer am I walking around like a circa 1970's pimp daddy, and I've actually gone up in weight with lifting for
Playgrounds are the scene of many of our most favored childhood memories. What makes a playground dream significant is who accompanies you and what age you are in the dream. It is not uncommon to have a playground dream where the dreamer is the only child among adults or the only adult among children. These dreams usually indicate that there is a disparity between how you are acting in the world and what a more appropriate disposition would be. You may need to either lighten up or take yourself more seriously, depending on some of the distinct images in the dream. Equally important in the playground dream is the presence of particular friends or family members. This is especially true if they have passed away in waking life but participate in the dream as living characters (see dead people as live characters). Dreams of this nature are often pointing towards incomplete relationships that are either repeating themselves in waking life or need resolution. A 44-year-old woman reports
Playing A Smal Part In A Large World
Let me start this blog with a story ...PLEASE ENDULGE ME, for i must set the stage... i joined the army in 1987... My first real assignment was to an ADA unit...{AIR DEFENSE ARTILLARY}//my MOS {JOB} was a communications specialist... a month after being assigned to this unit parts of the batallion were assigned to a field excercise that was to last for 45...IN THE FIELD... we loaded up the equipment on rail heads bound for a small town called Caliente Nevada my first night of guard duty watching the equipment i was BLOWN AWAY by the view i had seen... i never seen a shooting star b4 in my life..that night looking up in the sky at that very moment in that very second in time i beheld so many shooting stars i was left breathless...never b4 and never since have i seen such a wonder of celestrial beauty... the next day we drove out to the town of rachel, there the main HQ was set up... and between rachel and a town called tonopa we were spread out , setting up a grid
Playboy's Playmate Of The Year Kara Monaco Uncensored Pt.1
Girl on Girl Action
Playboy's Playmate Of The Year Kara Monaco Uncensored Pt.2
Playing Soldier
I just wanted everyone to know if you dont see me on here after the sixth is because i will be some where in camp dodge, Iowa. I'll be there until the end of the month. I'm going to need shots for this one. I mean there isn't a bar for 150 away from that base. This is really going to suck. Wish me luck lol.
Playgirl's Real Man Of The Month For The July/august Issue Is......
ME. I sent some pics to PLAYGIRL and they put them in their magazine. I will be the REAL MAN OF THE MONTH (as opposed to Fake Man of the Month)in the July/August issue, on sale June 2nd. I hope this leads to some sort of exposure, for my music and a potentioal modeling carre that is. ANd yes.....I am 100% NEKKID. I might post some of those pics on this site soon...check back with me. Peace Brent
A Player
Play Dough (home Made)
Homemade Play Dough 1 cup all-purpose flour 1/2 cup salt 1 cup water 1 tsp cream of tartar 1 tbls vegetable oil a few drops of food coloring Mix together: flour, salt, water, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, and food coloring in a pan. Heat over medium heat for 3-5 minutes. Store in an airtight container or in locking plastic bags.
Play On….
Play On... by LateNiteFantasy© So I write to an empty sky. where horizons, shifting south, repair to memories' regret, and regret's recall of yesteryears. where went the miles, all marched beyond the pale, no pale horse ridden, no pale rider a threat, no pale blade beheld, no pale foe unmet.. where raged the peace, of whispered content, where soared the phoenix, on fated karma bent, all feeling, shamed, hidden. yet still to vent.. taste the wind, and see the skirl, of drones and chaunters raising all from a slumber pillowed on steel. frozen, frozen in time , without all trace, without all life, within the dead, the still, becalmed. where set we down, in history's play. where found we, the time, to lose the way. the path, the tao, the course of arrows lost from flight, the rage of blades denied their fight.. and still.soft pipes, lament in my soul, in sounds I feel, and felt ever of old... and still I can see, that s
Player Character
NFL Character. Goodell has some policies in the works to penalize teams for recruiting players with off the field character issues simply because being a player in the NFL is to be a role model, even without trying to be a role model and a level attractiveness to children and teens. Character Matters to the parents and guardians of children whom idolize NFL players/Athletes. This is an issue that has become more important over the years and I think it has to be put in a better light. Even if a player does have a problem, a program like Adam "Pacman" Jones is on concerning his contract and behavior should also be a positive example to children to show that, even with a checkered past people can improve and turn their life around for the better, but to be in a strict program must also call for positive support by teammates, the Franchise and the public, and that skeptics while a "Necessary EVIL" are still only human, as is the player in question, that player must be properly nurt
mariee sioux songs
Playing House
PLAYING HOUSE A little girl and a little boy were at day care one day. The girl approaches the boy and says, "Hey Stevie, wanna play house?" He says, "Sure! What do you want me to do?" The girl replies, "I want you to communicate." He says to her, "That word is too big. I have no idea what it means." The little girl smirks and says, "Perfect. You can be the husband."
Playing Daddy....
Chris had to work tonight, So, I got stuck with the kids. She at least had her brother come and pick up the baby and watch her so that I wouldn't be so stressed out.HA! Me stress!?!?!?! Why would anyone think that I would be stressed??? With her gone tonight, and it being just the two boys and myself, I decided to clean up the house a little bit. Well, a little bit has turned into a major undertaking and I am pissed about what I have been finding.Ya know, weve all heard the jokes about bachelors being filthy, but the majority of women that I have met and/or dealt with in my life have had SOME degree of domestic ability.Why oh why did I have to hook up with somebody that barely knows how to use a broom, much less, what a trash can is for.I may be exaggerating a bit on this, but I doubt it, but she could make the worst bachelor look like a neat freak.OK, enough about that, I went to see my counselor today. Boy! Did I ever unload on him. I even requested that he sign Chris and me up for c
Playing Tagg
You’ve Been Tagged Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I have insomnia 2. I am often too hard on myself 3. I am a lesbian trapped in a mans body - lol 4. I have 2 beautiful Daughters 5. I am often lonely even with people around. 6. I attempt to write poetry and short stories but usually feel that they are not very good. 7. I am usually horny as hell but attempt to act with the upmost respect 8. I'm liking this town better the the last one I stayed in 9. I have strong feeling for someone yet dont think I even know what love is anymore 10. I have major trust issues Sunsetlovera, stargazer, Becca, Dreaming is believing, SmartAss Te
Playboy 55th Annv Playmate
Hey girl and guys! I need your help I am in the running for the 55th Annv playmate, but I need bunny votes all four of them, they have picked the first two winners, but their is still time to vote! You can vote as much as you want and here is the link, so please vote everyday and make my bunny dreams come true! also check out my channel! Rock on and Im on Send this Tx girl to the Playboy Manison! Much love and I will have a dirty! BRENTNEY
Playmate Auction!
Playboy Mommy
TORI AMOS LYRICS "Playboy Mommy" In my platforms I hit the floor Fell face down Didn't help my brain out Then the baby came Before I found The magic how To keep her happy I never was the fantasy Of what you want Wanted me to be Don't judge me so harsh little girl So You got a playboy mommy But when you tell em my name And you want to cross that Bridge all on your own Little girl they'll do you no harm Cause they know Your playboy mommy But when you tell em my name From here to Birminghman I got a few friends I never was there Was there when it counts I get my way You're so like me You seemed ashamed Ashamed that I was A good friend of American soldiers I'll say it loud here by your grave Those angels can't Ever take my place Somewhere where the orchids grow I can't find those church bells That played when you died Played Gloria Talkin bout Hosanah Don't judge me so harsh little girl You got a playboy mommy Come home But when you tell the
Playing With Our Lives
Playing with our lives as if they did not matter, those murderous storks! What else can we expect when we have rejected King Log? 3-17-03
Playmate/pimp Application
Playlist Thingy
You take the top 10 most played songs on your iPod or similar device (or just pick 10 songs you listen to a really really lot). Post the first line of the lyrics to each in your blog. Sit back in smug satisfaction, knowing you have the best taste in music ever (this is a crucial step). Then your friends do their part: in the comments section, try to identify what songs the lyrics come from. Oh, and Googling is cheating! And so is looking at my other blogs. So here's my top 10: 1) When you're going down on me In between the sheets All the sounds you make With every breath you take (metal- addicted saving abel) 2) Your friends they stand around they watch you crumble As you falter down to the ground (SBS-far behind by candlebox) 3) Beauty over wisdom to fit in with this time ( 4) Another night gone and I know there will be another way I'm leading myself to be free in this eternal goodbye 5) but I know as they hammered those nails into your beautiful hands 6) If
Playlist > Mahala>love Songs?pagan!
Players Online ?? Wtf
July 27, 2008 @ 1:54 am #71 of 71 Damn this has gotten crazy !! Let Me Explain !! To the serious players I like rating your photos Ect.. And I love all the types of lounges what ever the mood !!! I don't think you are a Player(hooch) if you talk trash or send fun pics. to each other.. I just call it fun (NOT A PLAYER).. If they are willing to show it I am going to Look !! We are all animals ?? Everyone is here to meet people. HELL if I really want to play I would have a VICTIM with me not typing on this laptop..!!! I just think this is fun.. By the way if two people live close and they hook up for a night or forever, They may have met online Hell you can meet anywhere !!! SO all you can do here is Talk Trash.. IF YOU ARE PLAYING YOU WILL HAVE THEM IN BED !!!
Playboy Fantasy Party
New Party! R/F/A All members in the party (if you come across someone alresdy on your friends list send them a profile comment saying playboy fantasy party) Once you have added everyone please send a private message to both Summer and Tracy Thank you. Owner Summer~Uk~Leveler~Brit~Bomber~4~Sarges~Badgirls ~Stalker~Of~Alex~Fu~Owned~By~Tracy~@ fubar Owner ****TrAcY mEmBeR oF fuBaR uK wOrLd cRuIsE ******MeMbEr Of ThE bOoZe CrUiSe**@ fubar Co-Owner nath&ellie
The Playgirls Club
Play Me.
Playing Card Test
What Your Playing Cards Tell About Your Future Right now you are focused on your internal emotions, including a bit of pain and suffering. Your emotions are currently tied to changes in your home. You may be receiving a visitor soon or changing your address. Your closest friends bring you high social status. You run with a popular, wealthy, attractive crowd. The near future will involve an important message. This message will arrive via a letter, email, package, or gift. Beware of some very bad news. This may mean the loss of someone close - or the loss of a close relationship. The Playing Card Test
The Playgurl Penthouse Needs You!
Well's time we do something just for US! Now's your chance to join me & my friends in the "Playgurl Penthouse." Here are the rules to join: ***Rate my Playgurl Penthouse folder either 10s or 11s ***R/F/A all those on this list that aren't already on your friend's list noting "Playgurl Penthouse Resident!" in your request. Anyone who has been added and doesn't R/F you back, please report to me and they will be removed from this list. We're here to help each other out, so be a team player. ***If the person is already on your list, post a comment to them saying "Playgurl Penthouse!" ***When you are done rating everyone, reply to Thru_a_diff_i noting that you are done and include a link to the sexy pic of you that you wish to use for your Playgurl Penthouse Tag. Tags will be made by me and may t
Playing On The Table
Playing on a Table I am in a sheer dress and black lace pantyhose playing on an end table thinking of you. I got a hole in my pantyhose. Makes me mad when I do that. OH WELL!!! Makes it easier to get to my pierced wet pussy. I couldn't help but show you my 40ddd titties, round ass, sexy feet and legs. CUM on into the hot and wild side. Check out my videos, 'Playing with my toy at the park" and "Double CUM Toy Fun". I have 16 videos. Make sure you check out my contest page so you can get a video and photo set just for you. XOXO Love XOXO Exotic Flame -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame
Playgurl Penthouse Needs You
Well's time we do something just for US! Now's your chance to join me & my friends in the "Playgurl Penthouse." Click on the Bunny Knocker for the Penthouse, and you'll be on your way to your own residency at the "Playgurl Penthouse!"
Playlist 8/9/08...lyrics
#1 Pain - Three Days Grace Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all You're sick of feeling numb You're not the only one I'll take you by the hand And I'll show you a world that you can understand This life is filled with hurt When happiness doesn't work Trust me and take my hand When the lights go out you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Anger and agony Are better than misery Trust me I've got a plan When the lights go off you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing Ra
Playboy Fantasy Club
New Party! R/F/A All members in the party (if you come across someone alresdy on your friends list send them a profile comment saying playboy fantasy party) Once you have added everyone please send a private message to both Summer and Tracy Thank you. Owner Summer~Uk~Leveler~Brit~Bomber~4~Sarges~Badgirls ~Fu~Owned~By~Tracy~@ fubar Owner ****TrAcY mEmBeR oF fuBaR uK wOrLd cRuIsE ******MeMbEr Of ThE bOoZe CrUiSe**@ fubar Co-Owner nath&ellie@
Playing Games, My Way.
Oh man! I know. I'm an ass for not leaving anything. But on the run again. This time of year we are all over the place. I have a hard time sitting still! Hah! It must be the gypsy blood in me. Well, I will try to check in when I can. I'll be on the road for the next few weeks! Where?? I have no idea! Well, sad to say I won't be going to Arizona. I miss my girls terribly though. They will always be in my thoughts. My EX must have put some tracking device on me. He just knows when I am close to the state. Groan! Well. Let's play tag! TAG! You're it! I got a better game... hide and seek! Ha ha! Guess who is hiding???
heyyy anyone who wants to chat hit me up on my Y! or check out my site i am looking for someone to play with online with cam, cam2cam, phone, maybe more *wink*
Playas In Your Own Family
what do you feel when you feel deceived does it hurt. no it hurts more when you feel your best friend has just deceived you when someone who you trusted so has deceived you it feels so evil am i wrong i feel revenge i want to get even or at least i want to strike a blow i want them to hurt too how do i make it hurt hurt as much as i feel hurt want to strike hard and ask does that hurt you cannot described how much it hurts inside to have your inner circle strike a blow deep in your heart yes it hurts deep so much i feel like vomit
The Play I Ahve Been Working On
Playing For Keeps
So Mur Lafferty's awesometastic novel Playing for Keeps officially got released today. Everyone should go go buy it right now, or else God will hate you and kittens will die. For those who'd like to know more, Playing for Keeps is a really fun twist on superhero stories. The superheroes of Seventh City are, well, jerks, and the villains aren't much better. Add to the mix a whole bunch of people who all have their own cool (but kinda useless for fighting crime) superpowers, like the ability to summon an elevator at will or change the color of paint on the walls, and you get a really interesting and fun story. Anyway, I highly recommend the novel, and Mur Lafferty is also a certified geek goddess. Go buy it! Buy it now! All the cool kids are doing it! Buy one for a friend!
Playing Daddy's Girl
I stand there, looking at the mirror, I realize just how nervous I am to meet you. I retouch my makeup and lipstick one last time. I stare at my body, like it wasn’t mine, almost not recognizing the woman in front of me. Her long dark hair, pulled up in the front but flowing down her back, leads to a loose deep red V-neck silk blouse that flows over her chest and down her stomach. The top of her breasts were clearly visible, her hard nipples pulling the material of her shirt. The blouse falls lightly over a black leather skirt that ends quite a few inches above her knees. As I stare at my clone in the mirror, I can see the tips of the black stockings at the edge of the skirt and my eyes travel downward to a pair of 3 inch high heels. I look at her face, the lipstick matching the shirt, the eyes showing the inside of my soul saying how much I want to go through with this. It’s hard to imagine a thirty two year old woman trying to look like a twenty two year old, but I made the transform
Playing Me?!
i think of you all the time, worried sick that you'll play me, you tell me you love me, but you make little effort to try and stay with me. i feel so alone sleeping alone, and smelling you my pillow, its like flying a plain only doing it solo, it was like when i made you breakfast in bed all you said was kudos. i can still remember your kiss on my lips, and the feeling you gave me in my heart, i only wonder do you feel the same?, do you get all choke up when you hear my voice after a hard day? you are so amazing to me, and i love you fucking much, and if you are playing me, i have only this to say, GOOD LUCK TRYING TO FIND SOME ELSE LIKE ME!
The Play
Reaching for reality from the parts we’ve played We stand facing one another in the drenching rain It drains away the painted faces and taped on costumes Nothing but nakedness & beauty in truth remain The stifling weight removed I’ll never dream that play again
Play With Me
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Playmate Bio
1.FAVORITE COLOR: pink & black 2.FAVORITE FUBAR GIFT: HH 3.HOME LOUNGE-FORBIDDEN OR CB69: forbidden 4.LARGEST TIP RECIEVED WHILE ON CAMS: 100k 5.MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT ON CAM IN LOUNGE: when 1 guy told me i was too ugly 2 b on cam to get off 6.LAMEST LINE A GUY HAS TRIED TO USE W/ YOU: i think i love you (we talked for 3 hours lol) 7.ONE THING THAT MAKES YOU SMILE WHILE ON CAM: when the ppl n the lounge tell me how pretty i am 8.CLOSEST(FRIENDSHIP WISE) FELLOW PLAYMATE: wishful_desires 9.WHAT YOU LOVE BEST ABOUT BEING A PLAYMATE: the fact that i've always been called ugly & being a playmate and knowing guys think i'm hot makes me feel better about myself 10.HOW OFTEN YOU'RE ON FUBAR: everyday unless something stops me 11.FAVORITE CELLBLOCK69 RADIO DJ: DJ BOOBS 12.ANGEL OR ANGEL IN DISGUISE? angle in disguise 13.DO YOU PREFER FUBAR MAIL OR SHOUTBOX: mail 14.IF THERE WAS ONE PERSON IN STAFF YOU COULD MEET, WHO WOULD IT BE AND W
Wow why are some men completely stupid my friend for 11 yrs made me feel like a fucking door handle he told me he wanted to be with me again so I gave him another chance and he played me and two other women then got pissed when it all came back at him and now he wont talk to me and says that me and the others can go fuck are selvs wtf kinda of shit is that lmfao he starts it then runs screaming like a baby.
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The Play Party
She darted around the kitchen finishing up the horderves. She had everything almost ready. It was about time for her to prepare herself. This was the first time that they had hosted a play party. They had been part of the local group for almost a year, but it wasn't until they got their new house, complete with a custom basement dungeon that they felt the time was right to host a party. The knot gnawing at the pit of her stomach increased exponentially each moment that passed. She would be the hostess for the first time, so all eyes would be on her. As such, she was sure that her Master had something in mind. She did not know what it was, but that uncertainty added to the rapidly expanding knot in her gut. From behind, his strong arms wrapped around her waist. Instinctively, she leaned back into the warmth and comfort of his embrace. She closed her eyes and let his presence overwhelm her. It soothed the knot in her gut. "It smells delectable, little one." "Thank you, Master
Playing With New Camera
The Playa
He'll meet you and sweep you off of your feet He's nice and he's funny, so cute and so sweet Surprisingly, he likes the same things as you He does all the things that you love to do He's the perfect guy, the one of your dreams -You belong together, or so it seems! He looks in your eyes, and plays with your hair He tells you that he'll always be there His touch is so soft, his hold is so tight, His words are so soothing, his kiss is just right! You ditch all your friends for your new obsession You don't realize your future is full of depression You think that you love him, you give him your heart Little do you know that he'll tear it apart You do what he wants, you know its not good You told him slow down, and you think he understood You let it slide by, he's just having fun You'll learn to like it as time goes on! He's taken your heart, and locked it away And you see him with a different girl the next day You cry and you grieve, but then you forgive, He won't do it
Players Den
Hey was sup come check out the Players Den We Got The Best Tunes You Could Ever Wont To Listen To
Players Den
We Are Looking For Staff At The Players Den Look For Me Our Butterfly Our crazy our skulls
Players Den
Come In To The Players Den And Jam With Us
Players Den
Hey come check us out please give us a shoot
Players Den
hey get in to players den and have a blast with us
Playboy's Hugh Hefner, Girlfriend Call It Quits
Hefner and Holly Madison, one of E!'s "The Girls Next Door," are no longer dating. Hefner said he's been "down in the dumps" about the split. The 28-year-old model-actress stars in the reality series with Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt as one of the 82-year-old publisher's girlfriends who live with Hefner in the Playboy Mansion. "If Holly says it's over, I guess it's over," Hefner said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "She's still here in the house. Until a few days ago, we were still sharing the same bed." Hefner was surprised to hear Madison discussing their breakup, but acknowledged he knew a split was imminent after he told Madison that they would never wed or have children. In a video posted on Tuesday, Madison said she's no longer with Hefner. She also said she is "still filming stuff together" with Wilkinson and Marquardt. Hefner said Madison learned the pair would never have children or get married six months ago, adding: "The fact that she was
Players Den
Come See Me In The Players Den Im The Only One In There So I Am Geting Bored
Players Den
hey ever one come check out the players den
Players Den Now Wont Staff
Come See Me In The Players Den And Listen To Some Tunez
The Player & The Game...
Well now, come sit with me and allow me 2 explain. Did the Player give me a decision 2 enter the Game? Hell No, the Player made that decision for Me, then allowed other Players 2 enter with Me Stripping away all that should be while teaching me their Rules along the way Now that I'am able to Play within all their misguided ways, The Players who remain no longer want 2 Play Along Side Me For they believe the Devil lives inside of Me Excuse the Fuck out of Me----You created what now lives inside of Me, The Players decided to misguide with all of their lies,, never realizing just what's ahead which lies before them, for the Game they played which destroyed what should of been yet now they point blame & say the Devil's inside of Me, Please allow Me,, Fuck all the Players & the Game they Play If Your not Real to the Rules of My Game, then just stay the Fuck away as you'll never be on the League I Play I have my own Game
Once again I get fooled by people who claim to be my friends and yet use me just long enough to get themselves in a better place. The one thing that I have always asked was for people to be honest with me and never lie to me about anything and yet they still wanna play with my emotions because they know how deep I care for somebody and then they think it's damn joke by turning around and hurting me. Is there anybody left in this damn world that is real and not just out to break people that care for them ? I'm sick of being hurt and used by people who get off of doing that not only to me but to everybody else that is like me. If you only knew the damage that you do when you do these things to me and others you wouldn't dare keep doing it to me and others. Just keep this in mind that every time you play with somebody's emotions you slice an inch deeper into their skin and their skin is only so tough and can only take so many cuts before it rips apart and bleeds nonstop. Th
Play Suicide
*You are the rain on my parade.You are the pin in my balloon.To think I always trusted you,  you never gave me reason to.Today's the day I say goodbye.Today's the drug you'll never try.You never seek after I hide.Now we play suicide.You were the knife stuck in my back.You were the knot tied in the noose.Always the match to light my fuse,never the one I'd hate to lose.Today's the day I start to live.Today's the day you won't forgive.You never seek after I hide.Now we play suicide.*
Playing In The Tree-update 69
Playing in the Tree As I walked through the park I found this tree I just had to climb. But I was wearing a blue dress. OH WELL!!!!! I let the wind blow up my dress as I climbed up the tree. I show my round ass, sexy feet, luscious thighs, and wet pussy. Even though there was two main roads that go right by where I was. If you have an idea that you would like to see me do, email it to me. I will try my best to get it up for you. Some ideas that will be coming is Baby oil, 69, tittie fucking, vacuum, and baking in an apron. XOXO Love XOXO Exotic Flame -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame
The Play Party
She darted around the kitchen finishing up the horderves. She had everything almost ready. It was about time for her to prepare herself. This was the first time that they had hosted a play party. They had been part of the local group for almost a year, but it wasn't until they got their new house, complete with a custom basement dungeon that they felt the time was right to host a party. The knot gnawing at the pit of her stomach increased exponentially each moment that passed. She would be the hostess for the first time, so all eyes would be on her. As such, she was sure that her Master had something in mind. She did not know what it was, but that uncertainty added to the rapidly expanding knot in her gut. From behind, his strong arms wrapped around her waist. Instinctively, she leaned back into the warmth and comfort of his embrace. She closed her eyes and let his presence overwhelm her. It soothed the knot in her gut. "It smells delectable, little one." "Thank you, Master
Playpen Auction Bully Test
Playing Around
It is my two year fubar anniversary and I have my first auto 11's bling. Please rate me and I return all love. All you have to do is P.M. me!!! ~ Cherokeelady~ ~Proud Member Of The Confederate Bomber Family@ fubar
Holding you In my arms so tight Kissing your lips It feels so right With each passionate kiss My heart grows warm The energy building Its beginning to swarm Making your body quiver With each tender touch Makes my heart pound I love you this much Feeling the curves Your sweet body makes Making love to you all night If that’s what it takes Kissing your neck And biting your lip I sense juices flowing Let me take a sip Nibbling on your nipple Your breast I kiss round I hear a slight moan Such a beautiful sound Letting my tongue Slide down your belly so tight Lay back and relax Your in for a long night Licking your clit So soft and sweet You taste so delicious A midnight treat Gently massaging Your moist juicy lips I can tell you are enjoying The way your moving your hips Lashing my tongue out Like a rattlesnake I will make you climax No matter how long it might take I lick that little button First left then right Your arching
Playing Emo...
today sucks...I'm pretty sure tomorrow is going to suck too... Why do people feel the need to tell me to "think positive"?
~play With Me~
You've just orgasmed together,you're lying satiated, panting, sweating,you feel so close,as one,you turn to your partner and say those three little words ....? ? ? Play with me .. Make it as loving, romantic, funny, dirty, wicked as you like. (Which three little words would you say????? )
Playstation 2 & Games
hey all i'm selling my ps2 and the games for it and someone that's know about it since sunday night and they haven't let me know if they want it yet...should i wait on them or try to find someone else?...shout me or leave me comments! by the way the system is $50 and the games are $10
Play My Game...
Hi...My name is... Wanna play with me? I have lots of toys Tons of masks... You can be whatever you want in here I have smiley ones, scary ones Silly clowns, sad puppies Take your time and see... We can play all the time if you want I've worn these masks so long I can't feel Help me play my games... Show me what real tears feel like Can I taste yours? You make me smile I like the way you play Serious is no fun... I like to play so much more Hee Hee...silly face Play dirty face with me Hope you don't get scared... Nothing in my place can hurt you We can be anything we want in here Nevermind the taste... Just a little blood Sweet red copper Is that a smile or a shadow? Come on...U know you wanna laugh Laugh me some tears...
Play And Pain
Pain was not the right word. Promise. Promise fit much better. It was a promise for something more. It was a promise for something fine and exquisite. It held the promise for pleasure and passion. These were his thoughts as the long black and grey straps struck across his lower back again—raising welts above and beyond those there before—her slight laughter at his deep almost concussive moan filling the room. She'd walked around him and the click of her heels on the wooden floor almost reverberated up through his spine in excitement. Her fingers moved carelessly over his chest through the tuft of curly hair, stroked his skin, and teased his nipples focusing on the silver rings through each. She moved close enough to him that even the barest of breath from her supple lips caused his shortly trimmed beard to gently sway. She planted one very long and deep kiss upon him, tongue burying into his mouth, probing as if pressing herself into his being but before he could react she
Playing With Joe Bouchard From Blue Oyster Cult
October 7, 2008 Friday night was fantastic! We had a great set as the Rob Carlton Band, though as expected we have some self criticism to do, and to revise our set before we play out again. It was all great, and the soundman at the Sherman, Glenn, was exceptional. Thank you. Joe Bouchard & co. were a really great band, and mixed their own material in with several songs that Joe used to perform with Blue Oyster Cult. Some of the early material was a wonderful surprise to me, as a long longtime BOC fan. I had the honor of jumping up onstage with Joe and the band for a kickass rendition of Back Door Man (Doors) and sharing the mic with his drummer, Jimmy (an awesome drummer) and we ended the show with an all out jam including both bands. It was also an honor to talk several times over the course of the night afterward with Joe about BOC, Sabbath, John Lee Hooker and many other subjects at the after party. Very cool and talented man. A lot of people that I hoped and ex
Playing For Change
Although 15 minutes long, a must watch: Very beautiful, inspirational and hopeful for our world. You can watch it better full-screen by clicking the sort of X-ish icon near the right end of the menu bar under the video. Well worth your time and hope you can pass it on.
I find it hilarious that though my profile specifically states I'm in a relationship, and reading the actual information states that I want nothing to do with the horny idiots on the site, douchebags who refuse to read keep making vulgar passes at me. Read my lips: I. AM. NOT. INTERESTED. STOP. FUCKING. ASKING. GO. DIE. IN. A. CAR. FIRE. Thank you, that is all. Happy Holidays. Also, for the people who AREN'T worthless cuntfucks, I'll be on XBox Live most of tonight. Feel free to add me: GoddessOfVoid66
Played But Not Forgotten
why do ppl both men and women have to feel that they have to lie cheat and or play ppl??? i was just with a girl and i fell in love with her and wanted to give her a better life.. but her ex just couldnt let his slave go ... cuz she said that she has nowhere to go and had to stay with him.. well she says to me that she doenst want to be with him but loves him and that he has her heart...well i can understand her still loving him cuz they do have a cute lil girl together.. but i had to go pick her up and i brought her back to where i'm staying ... she could have had it good here and i was detemind to give her a good life.. but not even an half hour after i droped her off she called everything off with me.. and y.. she couldnt give me a good reason.. but now suddenely she is trying to hurt me by saying that she slept with him and shit like that.. now i heard that shit so many times that it doesnt faze me no more.. but she did hurt me bad and did me wrong...and yes i still am in love wi
Playing Poker The Right Way! : In Depth
Last time we left off we had finished the generalities of the game in short. Heres a few quick steps in certain general situations: 1) Watch the average pop size! This will help you decide and judge when you have a pocket hand that could be great or turn to crap in a heartbeat. An Ace/6 is great if everyone is betting dollars and cents and the flop is only one ace. Its crap when ppl are betting 10's of dollars and the flop is only one Ace........anything can happen from then on, remember a pair of aces is only so good. 2) I'm not fisished!!! As my own rule, I dont raise on the Turn card......your cards could be the best, so why jepordize the other player not betting. On the other hand you could have one more shot on the River....why waist money on somethat might not happen. NOW GO WIN!.......and have fun.
Player Codes
This Blog has different type of players from different sites. Choose one ya might like if ya wanna sample just unmute the player and it will play1Club.FM : 93.1 The Beat (Miami)1Club.FM : Vybe Radio 107.1FM Channel1Club.FM : Breakbeat Mix-Sets
Playing For Change: Song Around The World "stand By Me"
Playlist I Made On
What do you think I am? Do you think I'm something to play with? You say to me that you love life You always find a way to kill life Rejected by so many You think you can turn to me I won't be toyed with this time No games for this little Tinker Toy I think I'll disappear now...
Play On Words
Was just talking to a friend on yahoo that said this to me: I have a homophone pet peeve I was like what is that a homo on the phone? I was baffled....
Player Baby Come Back
Spending all my nights, all my money going out on the town Doing anything just to get you off of my mind But when the morning comes, Im right back where I started again Trying to forget you is just a waste of time Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, you can blame it all on me I was wrong, and I just cant live without you All day long, wearing a mask of false bravado Trying to keep up the smile that hides a tear But as the sun goes down, I get that empty feeling again How I wish to God that you were here Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, you can blame it all on me I was wrong, and I just cant live without you Now that I put it all together Give me the chance to make you see Have you used up all the love in your heart Nothing left for me, aint there nothing left for me Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There wa
Playing The Hand That Was Dealt
do you believe in fate? destiny? i do i think we were all put here for a reason and the people that come in and out of our lives are put there by divine intervention to leave their mark on our lives. i have been fortunate enough to have some great people who have come into my life and great great people leave my life. even though sometimes i seem a little jaded but thats just the mask i wear at the time. when my husband said he was not happy and wanted to leave my mind went racing. what did i do to deserve this? what did i do that would make him want to leave. but sometimes i look at it and think it was meant to be. we both enriched each others lives. he actually taught me that i was worthy of being loved and most of all being a mother when i thought that to be impossible. its been so long since i posted last and thats because all the crazy things in my life that keep me from putting my feelings down as much as i would like to. i find this to be a great release and hopfully a
Play Time In The Asylum (revised)
Running through the stark white halls of the Asylum, the sickly sweet scent of blood clanged to the air. Stumbling across the blood-splattered door jams while hearing the sorrowful screams of pain and agony. Upon entering the corridor, droplets of blood scattered on the white tiled floors. As we played through-out the hallways slipping and sliding amongst the bloody floors falling to the ground becoming covered in blood from head to toe. Upon getting up from our bloody slip-n-slide, we turn our attention to a door down another hallway. Looking upon the door on a closer inspection the door appeared to be moving in a wave like motion.  Peering at one another trying to decide if we should touch the door or open it to find out what is going to appear on the other side. Finally a choice comes up with an approving answer with our minds. We opened the door widely taking a glance we come to find that it led us to an unknown place that doesn’t even seem natural. Before us is a world of no
Playing Tag
You’ve Been Tagged Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am divorced. 2. got 3 boys they are almost grown 3. I date younger guys since my divorce 4. I am a scorpio 5. The places ive only traveled was California. Ky, Indiana, Michigan, Mexico 6. I have 3 sisters and 3 nieces and 3 nephews 7. I have a 1996 thunderbird 8. My favorite color is Purple 9. I like doing scrapbooking 10. I have meet some nice people on here that I can say are my true friends I tag Mary, Kim, Angela, Barney , Jayde
Playing Tag
You’ve Been Tagged Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I've been divorced for 7 years 2. The farthest west I have ever driven is Cleveland Ohio 3. I can be shy 4. I want to go to Scotland and Ireland some day 5. I like to sew my own faire stuff (except bodices) 6. I'd prefer a Chevy (truck), but love my Nissan 7. I love the colors purple and black 8. I love to drive 9. I only really get a Mass accent when drunk or pissed off (sometimes NY too lol) 10. I love my friends as family I tag Ganieda, Rhiannon, Diamond, Carrie, Emily
Playin' For The World--stand By Me
Playin Wit The Cam
Playing Some Of My Songs Live On Video.
Laying in bed, snuggled up in Your arms as W/we sleep peacefully. Slowly, i start to awake. Rubbing my hands along Your chest, feeling Your hair tickling the flesh between my fingers. Carefully, so as not to awaken You, i reach into the nightstand and get out a cock ring. Letting my hands slide along Your body, trailing down to Your cock, slipping the ring onto it. Continuing my exploration of Your sleeping body, i slowly move Your arms into position and cuff them to the corners of the bed. As the snap of the cuffs click into place, You awaken, asking "what are you doing?" Grinning, i reply "having fun with my Master" Shaking Your arms, You demand i release You NOW. To which i reply, "Yes, my Master" Getting the key from the nightstand and inserting it into the cuffs, releasing You. Suddenly, You grab my right wrist, pulling it to the left side of the bed, cuffing it. Copying with my left wrist to the right side of the back, forcing me to lay on my belly. All of a sudden, i feel one
i was once a child and would fall for the games i was once a child but now i am not the same all the lies i hear anymore get me to laugh no longer will i fall for the words that get taken back lies are lies and i see through them all just try to make me fall for one you can't and neither can they for i am now a woman that will never again get played
Playlist Updates (like Any1 Cares, Lol)
Hello my friends, It's that time again! Sitting here for the last few hours surfing the job sites, and rockin' out to some music. So I decided to add some music to my profile playlist to reflect my mood for the day, and to let you all know some of the sh*t I been listening to this morning. Its an interesting mix of alt rock, R&B, and rap. But that's just me, an interesting and unique person! So, check out the first dozen or so songs and you can rock out w/ me! LoL Peace Out my Friends! JessyKah
Playful Pet
He came home to find her standing before him in a short black skirt, sheer white blouse, black stockings and black high heels. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, as he could clearly see her dark, taut nipples pressing against the thin fabric of her blouse. He wondered if she was wearing any panties. Her cheeks were flushed. He looked at her and smiled, saying "What have you been up to My dear?" She grinned, a Cheshire cat grin, and took his hand gently in hers. She slid their joined hands up her leg and he could feel her bare skin just above the lacy tops of her thigh high stockings. She kept pressing his hand higher. Suddenly he felt that she did indeed have a scrap of cloth covering her, though such a small amount of material should hardly be called panties. The fabric was wet with her liquid heat. He stifled a small groan as he slipped his fingers beneath the material and felt the vibrator gently humming, buried deep in her cunt. And his eyes widen a bit as he realized she
Playing For Keeps
When the sun was swallowed by the Harvest moon, We knew that it was going to end all too soon. But with your arms around my waist -- cheek against mine, I knew that memory would survive against our greatest demon: time. The wind had us strewn along the horizon, our toes in the sand, And a tear fell from my eye when you gripped tighter onto my hand; I could feel the blood pulsing through your shattering veins, As we tried desperately to hold onto our haggard remains. With a sparkle in your eye, you told me it was time to go, And in your most fragile voice, you promised: "Just so you know, This isn't the end of us, we can make it through anything; I'm playing for keeps." -- [You left me dangling like a puppet on a string.] I raced against the clock, hoping it might bring you back home, Shame on me -- I always knew I was better off alone. The butterflies in my stomach burnt and crashed, turned to ash, And in the bottom of my heart, they writhe and gnash -- Wingless, as
Playing For Change: Song Around The World "stand By Me"
Playlist On Wheels..
"play Dead"
A moth into a butterfly And a lie Into the sweetest truth I'm so afraid of life I try To call your name but I'm Silenced by the fear of dying in your heart once again I see the seasons changing And in the heart of this autumn I fall With the leaves from the trees I play dead To hide my heart Until the world gone dark fades away I cry Like God cries the rain And I'm just one step away from the end of today I see the reasons changing And in the warmth of the past I crawl Scorched by the shame I play dead To hide my heart Until the world gone dark fades away I stay dead Until you veil my scars and say goodbye to fate Before it's too late
Playing With Fire
I sat with you on that last silver night, thinking that it was so cruel of God to allow the only flaw in that crisp evening to be the menacing glances flowing like currents through the water from your eyes to mine. I thought I would surely die from one more jolt of malice. But through my time-tested armor you rocked me at my core. Your disgust was tangible and it would be a few years before I sent that current back to you, the one who owned it, the one who deserved it. But oh, what damage was done before I could accept your failings as yours and not my own.
Play Time~
  They are to meet each other for the first time and she's nervous. She wonders if she will be able to please him as he wishes. She dreams about how to serve him, how to please him.They are face to face for the first time...she stands before him dressed in a short skirt, thigh highs, heels and a skimpy shirt that partially reveals the creamy fullness of her breast. He commands her to remove her clothes slowly as he watches and examines his new sub. She reaches around and unzips her skirt feeling the heat in her body start to rise as she thinks of what this is going to lead up to. Her body starting to tremble as the zipper moves it's way down and she slides it off and steps out of it.She places her hands on the bottom of the shirt and raises it up over her breast, he watches as he sees them starting to come into view...her nipples already getting hard from the combination of the air against her breast and the passions and desires that are welling up inside her. He reaches out and t
Play Daddy For Me
  I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and my Dad has always treated me like a Princess.  I'm the only girl out of 4 and Daddy always said I was his favorite. Daddy said I was special and that’s why he spoiled me.  Daddy never gave any of my brothers a bath but he gave me one anytime Mommy wasn't home and he always took me on special overnight trips but left my brothers at home.  One day my Daddy caught me in my room masturbating.  Oh Daddy I can't help it!  It just feels so good Daddy.  Don’t worry daddy, I won’t let anyone else play with my pussy…only my Daddy.  I made that promise to my daddy when I was 7 and until I turned 18 and moved away to college I kept that promise and my daddy was the only person to fuck suck and lick my pussy for 10 yrs.  My first week of school I was still missing my daddy and spent lots of time in my dorm masturbating,  while the other girls were out getting drunk and fucked by pretty frat boys.  I found myself gravitating
Play A Sick Track In Your Mind And U Get To Be In My Realm Of Existence
*Suspend memorizing logical monograms..imbed sentimental disclosure thats eating thru your routine..shovel shit to bury the diffrence between dislikes .. .digging out of cured caskets .eject poralisis...regurgitate dirt and lurk..drone apprehend and mutate half dead gaskets splitting around reshaped spines..rough worn tension inserts with no escape.. paired with broken nails.....finding hope in corners.. provoke stressed pellicle soaked as he comprehends the descent portrait failing..Nailing the post into the ferminted foundation..rebar.. spaced far.... filled out defensive to keep legit..stall survalience.. distributed evenly alongside the wall spraying..laying still, beleiving ..releaving pressure as heart pound..hazing wound bleeding onto the ground..scaling agriculture only to fall victim to hovering vulture ..splitting chest cavities to ingest vitals that rupture when punctured by inconclusive abuse, steady at smothering the insecuritys that wisper machedy..split heads
Play With Me?
Anyone wanna play scrabble? make a username and find me ;)
Playing For Change
Playing With Myself On Cam
yeah fuckin right, I dont even have a cam   I'm bored, my cheekbone twiches, and my house looks like a tribe of gypsies was living here. Furghhhh
Player Blog Test
Testing testing
Time to turn the page,to re-arange the stage,at your given pace, in this day and age, onlyyou know what to create.Forget about the past,its already happend, moments may not last,treasure what you have,it gos so fast.If a mistake was made,step out of the sun, and walk in the shade, tomorowis another day, see what happens when you press play.
Playlist Quiz Time
Today's playlist quiz! I know I promised this MONTHS ago, but I get distracted easily!! Anyhow, this time I gave you the first letters of every word in the title and the band name -- SO DON'T FORGET TO GUESS ON BOTH!!   Have a great time. The name of this playlist - "Music To Thump Yer Ass To"   Y_ L_ [I n_ a D_ W_] by P_ F_ Will some cold woman in this desert landMake me feel like a real man?Take this rock and roll refugee B_ B_ by  L_ S_ Well, she's shakin' that thing (Bam-ba-Lam) Boy, she makes me sing (Bam-ba-Lam)   W_ P_ by The A_ B_ I don't know why, I let that mean woman make me a fool   R_ C_ by M_ PULL UP YOUR PANTSSTEP OUT, TAKE A CHANCE   H_ M_ by S_ H_ Tight pants and lipstick She's riding on razor's edge She holds her own against the boys Cuts through the crowd just like a wedge   E_ W_ Yo_ by B_ S_ You crave attention--you can never say "no"Throw your affections anyway t
Playgrounds   Playgrounds are the scene of many of our most favored childhood memories. What makes a playground dream significant is who accompanies you and what age you are in the dream. It is not uncommon to have a playground dream where the dreamer is the only child among adults or the only adult among children. These dreams usually indicate that there is a disparity between how you are acting in the world and what a more appropriate disposition would be. You may need to either lighten up or take yourself more seriously, depending on some of the distinct images in the dream. Equally important in the playground dream is the presence of particular friends or family members. This is especially true if they have passed away in waking life but participate in the dream as living characters (see dead people as live characters). Dreams of this nature are often pointing towards incomplete relationships that are either repeating themselves in waking life or need resolution. A 44-year-old
I'd ride you with all the enthusiasm a man one third my age would ride a tricycle. That is to say that for the price of matching tattoos, 20 shots of tequila, and a pair of ruined lives, I'd be willing to give you my last name.Sign the dotted line, sing the stupid dance, and I'll see you in appeals.... where the hell is my slinky?Slinky is true love.Truer than beauty. Truer than chastity and fidelity.See, the slinky can only go so far before it gets bent out of shape, or just recoils to your palm.It works just as well for yoyos- but when was the last time a slinky clocked you in the forehead or eye with hard wood and noteable velocity?Either one can lose their spring, their usefulness, their zest... That's why we discard them.Then we move on to bigger better toys, with more running parts, shining led's and buzzersor we settle for the first one that works.Will you always love me so truly?Will I?Love is a fair mirage, rose petals when you're expecting smooth cheek skin.Tepid summer rain
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Play Roulette Online
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Playing With Fire Lyrics
[Intro]So you've got so many diamonds,You wear all the finest clothes,And your grill is shining,As you're driving down the streets of gold,[Hook:]But you can't blame me if I set this stage on fire[Verse 1]Mama always told me I was crazy,My hoes say I'm amazing,But I don't listen to a lady,But the bitch say I'm hot,And I say no bitch I'm blazing, like what the fuck do you expect, I'm motherfucking cajunI feel caged in my mind, it's like my flow doing time, I goes crazy inside,but when it comes out it's fine, like wine, wait, watch, seeI get better with time like a watch osh-be-gosh-poshSpice husband couldn't kick it like I kick it bitch I kicks cereal like a land and I sticks it.whatever she asks me, after she licks it.that's too explicit, but why you listening,(sniff) I smell smoke, is somethin sizzling?that's a pussy, so hey pussy play with pussy or play pussy.[Hook][Verse 2]They say you're nobody 'til somebody kills youwell where I'm from you're nobody 'til you kill somebody.An
Plays That Pay Nfl Winning Picks
PLAYS THAT PAY is made up of three experienced gamblers with more than 20 years in the game and has developed a proven, collaborative system to deliver consistent winning results for our members. PLAYS THAT PAY was built on honesty and integrity. We are committed to providing world-class customer service via phone and e-mail and want to work with you to develop long term, winning relationships. We have significant experience in this industry and know 80% long term accuracy is not realistic. Plays that pay values your time……More details Please check out PLAYS THAT PAY
Playing On Fubar Again
Sung to 'Stealer's Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You'   Well I don't know why I logged in tonight,I got the feeling that something ain't right,I'm so scared that I may fall off my chair,Just saw a guy, wearing Glad bag under wear,Juggalos to the left of me,DJs to the right, here I am,Playing on fubar again.Yes I'm playing on fubar again,And I'm wondering, what is MFKN,It's so hard to keep this smile from my face,SO much to perv, yeah, I'm all over the place,Juggalos to the left of me, DJs to the right,Here I am, playing on fubar again.Well you started as a nubie,And you're proud that you're a self made man(or woman),When you feel disgusted, friends will come & check you out,Profile rate you 10s and say,Please don't de-e-e-lete.... Please don't de-e-e-lete.....Trying to make some sense of it all,But I can see that it makes no sense at all,Is it cool to go to sleep on the floor,'Cause I don't think that I can take anymoreJuggalos to the left of me, DJs to the right,Here I am, playin
Playful Busty Teen Girl Cupping Boobies
Hot 18 ears old girls
Playing With Lesbian Slave
Hot 18 ears old girls Jurassic Cock, Real Ex Girlfriends, Pimp... Young teens hook up with dirty old men Girls give deepthroat blowjob Incredible horny slut taking the cock deeper Face fucked with a hard cock and penetrated Giant cock start the war Stripper pole mommy honey west Real ex-girlfriends A lot more sexual than the college coeds
Playing With Huge Dildos
Real Live Farm Sex! Jurassic Cock, Real Ex Girlfriends, Pimp... Hollywood VIPs Bare All! Hot 18 ears old girls Real Live Farm Sex! 100% Real Milf Submissions Real Live Farm Sex! Cheating gfs - everything 100% real! Hollywoo
Playing With Myself
ok, those little pictures that move when you tilt your head...   wtf are they called??
Playing With Myself
ok, no, lies. Suckas     Why are the mumms dead? And why are weird ass people hoggin up all the good blogs? WHY??!
Play The Part.
Center the stage. Find a face to face. Twitch a forced breath to draw guts. A rebel at the back wall pricks my sight… focus found, receives, distributes and falls to the floor in front of the mirror. Feature cause of drop, only 100% sure. Snap back to an empty auditorium. The mirror has been turned around. Naked winds rip outside. Didn’t I tell you? You’ve been trying to reach me? Sorry, I have been avoiding you. I lied to get to the truth. And you lapped up my words. I thought the rotten stench would surface quicker than you. Everything is fucked now. The show has been cancelled. Satisfied with failure.
Playing The Fool - Or Am I???!!!!
Matt and Trey had their way with my funny bone last night - yes, another stellar episode of Southpark; Dancing With Smurfs. Now in Act Four of Peer Gynt I read - "Playing the fool is a sign of youth!" Or is it... I suppose it depends on what foolish act it is you engage in. Fourteen years ago it was November of 1995, time for celebrations, time for a complete and utter lack of city sponsored Thanksgiving decorations and right on to the main event of consumer driven expenditures in businesses both large and small (always good for a city) - CHRISTMAS TIME!! So there I was, 20 weeks pregnant with a very precious life inside me and a very precious six year old beside me; my not yet born youngest daughter, and my amazing youngest son. The older children were working, though I had urged them not to add to the burden of their teenage years and schooling with working too. I worked more than enough hours to give them the material goods they may have wanted - but all my children have always
Play Time
I  love to  play  show  and tell  you tell me  and  you'll  show  you all you want  baby   but  then  i  want  some thing  in return  a  bling  or  blast   for my ass
Players Dork Family
Playing Make Believe
I have been trying to keep a positive outlook on life.  Smiling as much as I can, telling everyone that everything is fine, when it isn't.  And although I am getting better at it (which scares me) it's still lying.  It's still pretend.  Sure, people think I am in a better place and are somewhat more chatty than usual.  But what if the usual is once in every three months to begin with? That would mean the "more than usual" is once every two months....  But then everything seems even worse than before.  Cause you're hurting inside and falling apart...but they don't know.  And unless you suddenly disappear or suddenly behave eratically...they wouldn't even think to ask how you you REALLY are.Even better is when nobody actually hangs out with you in person.  When you have to buy your friends drinks to get them to hang out with you don't have to drink alone, which you fear would lead to your own end.When you are so down into a downward spiral.... how do you get out of it
  Almost nailed it two weeks ago :). Got one pick wrong. Revised:     Round 1, AFC: NYJ @ CIN, BAL @ NE. NYJ and NE win.   Round 2, AFC: NYJ @ IND, NE @ SD. NE and IND win.   Round 3, AFC: NE @ IND. NE wins.       Round 1, NFC: PHI @ DAL, GB @ ARI. DAL and ARI win.   Round 2, NFC: DAL @ NO, ARI @ MIN. MIN and NO win.   Round 3, NFC: MIN @ NO, NO wins.     Superbowl: NE @ NO, NO wins.   If I have an upset pick, it'll be BAL beats NE.
been thinking of my man all day at work i cant wait til he get s home from work to show him now much he was missed i change into something sexy as i lay in the bed waiting for him to get home I'm so worked up that i start to play with myself playing with my Breast making them perky as i reach in my night stand an take out my bullet start rubbing outside of my lace panties get me worked up where the pantie come off an break out my toy an start working it in my wet pussy just the feeling form the Dill entering my pussy i let out a sigh as i cum enough to get the dillo all the way in as I'm playing an moan my man comes into the bedroom i was playing so much i didn't even here him come home he standing in the door frame watching me play seeing me get all worked up as work the dillo fast an fast in my pussy as i let  moan so loudly that he take over play-in for me so i can grab the bed sheet  he works if faster an faster as i cum all over his fingers he stops an looks at me i grab him throw
A hungry soul for a passion so deep a slender body for an eye to keep Mounds steep with a curvey barrier sweet haven south on the carrier Soft yet firm rump on the straight away tender eyes for color unknown today Short radient hair whisping in the breeze the color of brown like that of the bare trees Hands rough yet delicate with sturdy fingers auroma bold and intoxicating in the air it lingers Soft wanting lips waiting for something  special to smother a playing mind awaiting its cover A thirsty soul wants to come and play a toned body shines at it lays Rocky chest fuzzy with a heart that beats a mind with games never to cheat Bold yet glistlening demon stick on lower deck awaiting a hot moist cove
Playing On Cam With Friends (please Leave Me A Comment)
Playing on cam with mt friends having some fun Having a orgasm on open cam I really reached a orgasm that night A teaser striptease doing a striptease for my friends I'm a easygirl every male wants to see a close up of my pussy so here it is LOL, enjoy In bed with Teddy, would you trade place? If the response to this blog is good, I'll post a few more xoxoxo    
Playmates 1953-1960
PLAYBOY PLAYMATES 1953-2008 1953 Marylin Monroe 1954 Arline Hunter Jackie Rainbow Madeline Castle 1955 Bettie Page Marilyn Waltz Eve Meyer Janet Pilgrim Pat Lawler Anne Fleming
Playmates 1961-1970
Elaine Paul 1961 Connie Cooper Barbara Ann Lawford Christa Speck Lynn Karrol 1962 Pamela Ann Gordon Laura Young Jan Roberts June Cochran 1963 Judi Monterey Adrienne Moreau Sharon Cintron
Playmates 1971-1980
1971 Liv Lindeland Cynthia Hall Chris Cranston Janice Pennington Lieko English Cathy Rowland Crystal Smith Karen Christy 1972 P.J. Lansing Ellen Michaels Vicki Peters Debb
Playmates 1981-1990
  1981 Karen Price Vicki Lasseter Kymberly Herrin Lorraine Michaels Gina Goldberg Cathy Larmouth Heidi Sorenson Debbie Boostrom Susan Smith Kelly Tough Shannon Tweed Patricia Farinelli
Playmates 1991-2000
  1991 Stacy Leigh Arthur Cristy Thom Julie Clarke Christina Leardini Carrie Jean Yazel Saskia Linssen Wendy Kaye Corinna Harney Samantha Dorman Cheryl Bachman Tonja Christensen Wendi Hamilton
Playmates 2000-2008
2001 Irina Voronina Lauren Hill Miriam Gonzalez Katie Lohmann Crista Nicole Heather Spytek Kimbereley Stanfield Jennifer Walcott Dalene Kurtis Stephanie Heinrich Lindsey Vuolo
A Playaz Game (mine Is Betta)
A Playaz Game (Mine is Betta)I'm sittin on stacks, I'm rollin high.Gettin that paper while you gettin high.I know you see me bitch so just ride on by.Keep watchin me do what I do.I'ma smoke on by you.I gotta stack full of that green in my right hand.Bitch you know how I do it out here in "da Land."I'm sittin on stacks, I'm rollin high.Gettin that paper while you gettin high.I know you see me bitch so just ride on by.I gotta stay on that grind, it's an everyday struggle.Workin two jobs just to keep up with my hustle.Nothing about me is just plain ordinary.'Cuz the game that I got is extraordinary.You think you know the kind of life I live.Poor little sap you ain't even got a dolla to give.You got no job, four kids, and now one on the way.Maybe I'll feel a little bit sorry for you one day.I'm sittin on stacks, I'm rollin high.Gettin that paper while you gettin high.I know you see me bitch so just ride on by.Everywhere I turn all I see is these haters.I'm gettin that money!Boy what you th
Playground Personality Did Me Good :)
You Were a Loner You may have had a few friends on the playground, but you never felt like you really fit in. And while this was not the greatest when you were little, it's served you well as an adult. You have learned to be independent - both in your thoughts and your actions. Not fitting in is now your strength. You defy labels, and you are completely original. What's Your Playground Personality? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
Does anyone on here play WOW??? Or Little Big Planet on PS3
Players Cheaters Men And Women
Here we go again What is it with egostistical women and men Why you wanna put yourself in pain Why do you decide to cheat that day When we dont accept your apologies Thats when you start talkin shyt about me Im like what the f*ck is wrong with them Im not involved with that shyt sorry My parts  are precious to me If you decide to share keep doin what your doin Your actions will catch up one day  
Playground Days
As we grow up, things change. We get taller, we get wiser, and we get older, plain and simple. But with the years also comes more responsibility, stress, and reality. It's inevitable. Often times I think about the past, more specifically, my playground days. Back when I was a kid, and the world didn't extend past the chain link fence that bordered the playground of my elementary school. Back when our only concerns were what was for lunch, if we could buy ice-cream or not, and what time we had to be in from recess. Things were easy; simple. When you were friends with someone because you got along, not because they had money or they were popular. When you fought over who got to sit by who in class and who had the coolest pencil toppers. When everyone was innocent, naive, and equal. Before the people you know became people you knew, then people you used to know. When pocket change meant you were rich, and you always shared it with your best friend. When you thought the world would end if
Playing In The Park
Fire burned in my veins asI felt your fingers slide into my panties,Your mouth on mine mufflingthe sound of my moans,As I felt your fingers penetrateme,My hand began massaging your cockthrough your jeans,I wanted you so bad, To feel you sliding into mefor the first time, And just when I thought I couldnot handle anymore you had meon the edge,Ecstasy overtook me and I wastrembling there,You removed your fingers I lookedat you with seduction in my eyesas I took your hand and brought itto my lips,Sucking each finger clean of myjuices,I loved the way you moaned as I asked youif you would let your cock outto play,And you made me beg you,Willingly I pleaded to taste of yourcock and drink of your juices,I felt your fingers tangling in my hairas I took you into my parted lips,I heard your words telling me "Suck ItBaby, Suck it "And I complied so willingly as I deepthroated you,There in the park in broad daylight I once again took you over the edge asyour hot, sweet cum filled my lips,I looked
Play Gay Right: A Now & Then Courtship Circa 1984
PLAY RIGHT: a now & then courtship circa 1984 NOW Jim Dalglish THEN 1984: Robert "Wesley" Miller
The Playoffs
November 5, 2010SIERRA LEAGUE YOUTH FOOTBALLsemi-final playoff gameFernley v. LassenNumber one ranked Fernley Vaqueros took the field against the fourth ranked Lassen Grizzlies.  Do or die, the winner goes to the championship game, the loser goes home.  I sat in the announcer booth and called the game - I was a last minute substitution.  Trying hard not to be partisan, avoiding the urge to argue with the refs over the public address system, keeping it clean - I had never done this before.End of the first half, no score.  This was not going to be an easy win.  As Coach Johnny says, "You think you've been working hard, but there's always another team that's working harder."Midway through the third quarter, Lassen scored on a punt return.  6 to 0 and it was the fist time that Fernley had trailed in a game all season.  Coach Harris told the team, "When you get knocked down, you have to get back up and fight."  In the fourth quarter, the Vaqueros rallied.  Two breakaway touchdown
[playing In Traffic]
In lieu of doing something productive today...I napped.And watched the entirety of Gundam 0083, and about half of season 2 for the Kids in the Hall.We can see I'm a highly motivated and functional member of society.Hey at least I didn't drink any today...*goes to get a glass of scotch*WHAT!?I also ate a whole sleave of Milano double chocolate cookies.Add that to the ribeye the size of my headand I probably breached 4k calories today.Mom calls that seasonal effective disorder.I call it life deffective disorder.... life back there would be different.I can't say "better"but different.I remember how... big the world is in a small town.Two hours from anything.I wonder if my folks would give me any breathing room whatsoever...Ugh...Here I am talking about moving back when all I wanted was OUT.Desert.Flat.Open.No more green and rolling.Another adventure.... but this...I can help people.I can carve a little life for myself.And I can get some distance from my bad memories and boogeymen...right?
Play Time For Babygirl
I lay in bed completely naked. Slowly rubbing baby oil all over my body, paying special attention to my tits and my pussy. I begin to pull and tease my nipples, my other hand finds my swollen, tender clit, I feel myself slowly pinching and rubbing my clit. As the fever builds, I stop and tie my tits as tight as I can get them. They change to a deep purple. Next, I clip clothes pins on each nipple as I continue to tease my clit, taking my other hand and fingering my pussy and my ass with two fingers. Sensation building, I slip a third finger in my tight little ass.My fingers find my mouth, gagging myself, imagining it's your hard cock in my throat. While I am gagging, my clit massage gets faster and faster, my desire to cum getting stronger with each passing moment, finally exploding over the edge, I can no longer keep myself from cumming. I spank my clit several times as the pain is replaced with the pleasure of the moment, I slip three fingers into Daddy's cunt. With my other hand, I
Playlist Help For A Friend
fu-friend SexyKitten (5702018) needs help with her playlist and can't get it to work; I have no clue about this. Anyone want to send information to her (or to me and I'll pass it along to her) on how these things work? (Better to send to her directly so as to start a communication as to what the problem is, etc.) (reposted from a bulletin :))   Edit: problem solved Eric
Playground Asylum Opening N Hiring Realible Staff N Dj. No Drama Of Any Kind Welcome Tht Will Result In A Ban.
(d) Hey there all.Playground Asylum are recruiting staff n djs atm so if you want any spot sb me for info. Are you interested in games n music or just wanna hang out n talk or listening to tunes or having a laugh thn come & join The PGA Asylum. (sa)"" & join the fun!! We will be waiting for you to come n have fun n make friends with us!!! :@This longue is new and were trying to build up a fun and sweet longue for gamers, music and movie lovers. DRAMA of any kind will result in a ban without ANY warning we dont tolerate incompetent people making drama were sick of all drama on fu theres enough off tht crap allready. we are here for likeminded people for music, games n movies, any sexy attcks etc will result in a warning and not following warning will result in ban.We created longue to have fun not another damn hit n fck me or hit and marrie me longue, if thts what yourlooking for thn go any other longue we dont want tht crap in here. We want mature n nor
Played Out
I'm really getting sick of being nice and helping people out only to get screwed over in the end. Well congrats! I'm done. Screw over someone else! 
Players ...
I'm always amused at how quickly a guy will tell you, "he loves you". Its often followed by a series of "I don't want to hurt you", "I did not mean to hurt you", and " I hope we can still be friends".Guys, whats going on?  If you like a girl, leave it at that.  Love is a genuine feeling which is losing its impact because you take advantage of it ..
You got what you wanted I gave it freely Then you turned around And killed me so sweetly Over what? Something stupid. You lied and played me Every time you say "hi" there was a smirk on your face What can I say? What can I do? To makes this one  act like a fool yes, I bought it lock, stock and barrel I guess I had it coming I don't understand why You played me like a fiddle So this is goodbye.........
I heard you're a player,so let's play a game....let's sweet talk,let's play fight.let's talk 24/7,let's tell each other g'morningand g'night.everyday,let's take walks together,let's give each other nicknames,let's go on dates,let's talk on the phone all nite longggg,let's hold, kiss and hugand whoever is the first to fall in love....LOSES!!! ~unknown
Play City Gangs On Netlog
I convince all Fubartenders to play City Gangs, a gang-fight game layed on Netlog.
Play The Role ©
Ever dated a woman with wild fetishes? Have you ever had a woman teach you things you didn’t know you had no clue of?  Well hell I’ve been with my girlfriend Ashley for two and a half years. I, as a man, had never considered new sexual activities to be an option with my no- nonsense, straight face girlfriend. She is a stringent lawyer working for one of the biggest law firms in the city and she has always been no-nonsense in the bedroom as well. She likes what she likes and she makes it crystal clear. It threw me off when she came home from work and told me she wanted to show me something that she never had the guts to show anyone before. I had no idea of what it was until she came out of the shower and put on another work suit from the closet. With her button up jacket and her office skirt on she sat me down on the bed and told me I was a falsely convicted felon on trial and that she had to save my life before I was put into prison for a term of life. She then asked that I
Played Down
Kitzbuhel, Austria (Sports Network) - Second-seeded Austrian crowd favorite Jurgen Melzer was among Tuesdays first-round winners at the clay-court Austrian Open, a final French Open tune-up. John Kuhn Jersey . The highest-remaining Kitzbuhel seed Melzer mauled Portuguese Frederico Gil 6-3, 6-0 on Day 3. Melzers second-round opponent will be dangerous Argentine Agustin Calleri. Kitzbuhel lost its top seed when Russian star Nikolay Davydenko pulled out here with a foot injury. Melzer was the 2005 runner-up to Davydenko when this event was held in St. Poelten. Three seeds suffered opening-round setbacks on Tuesday, as Spaniard Oscar Hernandez humbled fourth-seeded Frenchman Fabrice Santoro 6-2, 6-3, Argentine qualifier Juan Ignacio Chela upended sixth-seeded Frenchman Marc Gicquel 5-7, 6-3, 6-0 and French lucky-loser Julien Benneteau bounced eighth-seeded Israeli Dudi Sela 7-5, 6-1. A second-round upset came when Spaniard Guillermo Garcia-Lopez ousted fifth- seeded Argentine Martin Vassal
Player1 $$$$$ player1 turfed different turfs off and on. got the gloves on  12/20/2011 even with missing 2 log ins. Was nothing to do but wait for energy to build till level 10 and couldnt afford weapons for mob until level 10 . Once was able to try the hl the new changes with 95% house cut can about so hunting wasnt even paying the healing costs. 30 day end stats health 1000 energy 100 stam 29 cash 729mil cf 71.73m mafia rateing 19 mob 74 missions 791 bountys 10 death 1 fights lost 115 fights won 139.
Playing And Forgot The Kids At Church....... Sexual Play
"Spread your legs." He said in a deep dark whisper.She smiled and parted her thighs so that the cool air hit her bare cunt lips. . .they were already damp with arousal. He looked her in the eye as his hand slid under her skirt and let his fingers brush against her lips."Mmm nice and sloppy already." He grinned.She nodded and wiggled her ass against the chair so her lips rubbed his finger tips harder. "All sloppy for you." She bit her lip and grinned innocently, her eyes flashing an evil glint as she pushed forward so his fingers parted her cunt and let her juices begin to drip down her ass crack. "Very sloppy for you." "Mmm." He purred. "Such a good slut for me huh?"She nodded and wiggled again and enjoyed the feeling of cum dripping out of her wet pussy. She loved being sloppy wet for him, knowing her cunt was his, that her pussy was waiting for his big cock to stuff it full and fuck her hard. She wanted to
Play For Pleasure - 666
First base try to kiss, now don't you miss. Second base.... feel your way, third base on top you lay. To some fourth is a sin, bare down and enter in. Push only with the purest power, all from five minutes in an hour. The balls are in play for only two, if you game is fair, I want you. A field goal could even the score, for one or the other on the bed or the floor. Refreshments are easy to find, need to show some heart and be kind. The teams consist on one each, and one learns that the other can teach. Found out the end ain't the best, in the end you say goodbye after you get dressed. No matter the time, play for pleasure, riches can't amount to love and that is the real treasure.
Playing The Ranking Game And The Top 10.
Let me begin by saying that I am no way trying to offend, hurt, anger or embarass anyone by writing this blog.  I'm writing this to let you know about my experience playing the ranking game this past week in fubar.  I woke up this morning #5 ranked in fubar and #7 top chick of the week. Let me tell you how I got here.  FYI: Top ranks are posted on Thursdays for those that dont if playing the ranking game your week starts thursday and ends the next wed night at midnight fu time.  You have 3 ranks....(Someone please correct me if I'm wrong) your fubar daily rank on your home page is basically point many points you received in the past 24 hours. The ranking that shows up on your profile under your name is rate many people rated your profile in the past 24 hours. So, with that being play the ranking game you arent necessarily going for points but profile rates. When a user runs a famp or a god mode everyone in their family gets the rates that
Play It Again Sam
I'm glad that Samuel L Jackson finds his iPhone so useful, or maybe just the endorsement fees.  I do think the commercial needs a little more realism. I dont have a problem believing he plays golf, or that he has a date night.  I don't believe he mixes up how many ounces are in a cup.  What I have trouble believing is that he has to make his date soup.  Soup does seem to be a common theme in these commercials.  He's Samuel L Jackson!  If he needs to make soup for his dates, how do all the guys in the rest of the world keep up?  Nah what I see it is more like this:   Sam:  Hey, thanks for coming over Date:  Not a problem Mr Jackson Sam:  now why dont you run out and get me some tacos, then when you get back, take your clothes off Date:  Sure thing Sam, I mean, Mr Jacoson Date: *swoons*  (thinks) I hope he's free next week.  
working on my profile each day and today i added a playlist and will be adding more songs i like...and also i think ill be staying for a while this that i am gettin the hang of things here now...stop by and love me and ill do the same for patient with me...still kinda new at this and took me 5 to 10 mins to figure out how to put a playlist in my have a nice sunday
Player, Con And Well You Have To Click To See The Rest..
This is what alot have been waiting for - A Player, con, scammer and a Gem Girl reincarnation? the link below to read the story.. Click here & then link in stash!... Gotta be careful out there kids... ....peace.
Player King.
Somewhere there's a mess.A mashup of not to be trusted, and runty cum stains.Tail flagged. Prostrate, and provacative to disgust.Have a turn. Every last one of you.Just shut the fuck up about it while men are working.I don't remember where I wasor how long I had been there,but the moment had a smell tied to ithot sweat and warm urine.I'd be the man I wanted to be.Getting cut, ignored, placated, humored.Patronized.Still the scariest stranger in the room.Lighthearted smile.Can-do attitude.All the while counting the footsteps.Noting the gap between chin and throat.Some...less than others.I always knew.I did exactly what you wanted me to.Now you're just moving the pieces after I resigned.That was the only way to win.Just stop playing.You fault me for being an artificialunfeelingmeasuredlover.poet.murder in the making.But how does it feel to be something you deny?When I look in the mirror, I see an angry man with rusty nails plowing through his stomach.I see dark. Purple shadows of hauntin
Playstation 3
Gran Turismo 5's Corvette 60th Anniversary Tournament, in which every driver races in a Corvette, was held last week (exclusive to Playstation 3 users) and j-m-d_77 (the author of this blog under his Playstation 3 username), one of the masters of the legendary sports car, came out on top, defeating long-time nemesis Piratdigital in the finals. For Xbox users, a similar tournament was organized to oppose it rather than compliment it: the Dodge Viper tournament, in which every driver races in a Dodge Viper. justin83 won the tournament, defeating crystalclear123 in the finals. 
Play Rummy Online For Free And Cash
As the internet has become the world, most of the things can be availed and used online without any hectic and even with more pleasure and excitement and the number of options available is unlimited.  Today, we are reaching to nowhere to have fun and excitement except internet. The online world offering a lot for fun like online gaming, movies and even shopping. Rummy is one of the favorite games of card game lovers with superb fun and excitement. The number of variants is also a factor which has increased the popularity of the game over the decades.  People are now loving it more on online as the rummy game became easy to play from anywhere!. If you are a card game lover and want to know where you can play rummy online for free? This is the perfect place to know what to look in an online rummy portal. Lot of online rummy portals is offering a wide variety of rummy games including Indian rummy.  Play cards rummy is always fun when played in safe and secure environment.  To
The Player Always Ends Up Played.
The player always ends up played. When you attempt to play the one who actually cares about you, you're actually playing yourself. It's true that sex is good, but there won't ever be a feeling like making love with the one you love and care about the most. 
Players "had A Lot Of Good Discussions About Where Our Priorities Are." The Players Have Been Meeting In Chicago, Where Three Days Of Meetings
CHICAGO -- NHL players say they are getting a better grasp on the issues at hand as the union braces for negotiations with owners on a new collective bargaining agreement. Thurman Thomas Jersey . For the 53 players in attendance, Tuesday was an educational day. They broke off into three groups to study the issues and share their ideas as they try to hammer out a strategy before formal talks begin. Washington Capitals right wing Troy Brouwer says the players "had a lot of good discussions about where our priorities are." The players have been meeting in Chicago, where three days of meetings are scheduled to wrap up on Wednesday. The union is expected to then announce which players will serve on the negotiating committee. The current CBA, that ended the yearlong lockout in July 2005, expires on Sept. 15. Steve Johnson Womens Jersey . Charles Crawford and another Massachusetts man are now accusing Donald Fitzpatrick, who died in 2005, of abusing them in the early 1990s. The statute of lim
Play At All. "well Get To Lay Eyes
The Blue Jays are taking a chance on Vladimir Guerrero, but thats no guarantee the former MVP will ever pull on a Toronto uniform. Josh Sitton Jersey . That was the message from Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos, who tried to downplay signing Guerrero to a minor league contract Thursday. "This isnt someone right now that were prepared to say is going to be up in Toronto," Anthopoulos said on a conference call. "I have no idea how hes going to look, how hes going to perform, how hes going to play." The 37-year-old Dominican, who will start an extended spring training program in Dunedin, Fla., hit .290 with 13 home runs and 63 RBIs in 145 games with the Baltimore Orioles last season. If Guerrero eventually cracks Torontos lineup, the six-foot-three, 235-pound designated hitter could bring some power to the Jays. If he doesnt, Anthopoulos can walk away from what is essentially a low-risk signing worth a pro-rated US$1.3 million with no timeline for a callup, no out clauses, no guarant
Playing The Game!
Playing The Game   This one I will make it short and right to the point! This kid came groom Boston, Mass. and that is just where it all started. He was right, out, of the hood! yes, the real deal. Some how he mess up. They told him, to leave, or else. So,he did, just that! He had said shootings was all the time day and night! He was dealing drugs and they wanted he to vacate or he will have issues he can't handle. He said that it is getting bad,real bad. He was tired, of the stinky,shit, going, on! When the moon, goes down, he, better not, be found! Yo, We, all know, just, what, that means! he was just sick of that sh--.! He said he was so, glad to be, in Burlington, Vermont. Knowing things are, laid, back and very quiet. Yes, he was in the mix of true reality.He did not believe how people could be so, pleasant. He was asking people, what he had to do, next? Many people was wondering about him because of the way he was dress. He was dress like in the hood! That did not, get well like
Players Jelena Dokic Of Australia
LAKE FOREST, Ill. Julio Jones Camo Jersey . -- Chicago Bears receiver Johnny Knox remains on the physically unable to perform list and will miss the entire season because of a back injury. He had a deadline Tuesday to return to practice from the list. That didnt happen. Knox sustained a gruesome back injury against Seattle last season and needed surgery to stabilize a vertebra. He has 133 receptions for 2,214 yards in three seasons and has been a contributor on special teams with 55 kickoff returns for 1,506 yards. Julio Jones Authentic Jersey . The South Bend Tribune reported on Monday that Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick will hold a news conference Tuesday to announce the deal with Brey. William Moore Womens Jersey . The Jays halted the five-game skid by topping the New York Yankees, 10-7, on Sunday in the finale of a three-game set. Rajai Davis drove in five runs and made a superb defensive play, as Toronto avoided the sweep.
Play On The Eighth Pitch
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Tampa Bays offence has sputtered at times this season. Anthony Munoz Jersey . For some reason, though, the Rays havent had any problems figuring out All-Star Matt Harrison. Evan Longoria homered twice, Tampa Bay roughed up Harrison and the Rays beat the Texas Rangers 8-4 Wednesday night to snap a four-game losing streak. The Rays are the lowest-scoring team in the American League and have lost four 1-0 games since Aug. 5 -- including one Tuesday night. But Tampa Bay found its stride against Harrison, who was coming off one of the best starts of his career. "Our hitters have a decent history against him," Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon said. "I think its one of those things where our guys see him pretty well. And perhaps he doesnt see them that well." Harrison (15-8) allowed seven runs and 12 hits in 5 1-3 innings. The Rays have scored 14 runs with 26 hits in two starts against Harrison, who was looking to tie for the league lead in wins. "We knew we had to jump out fa
Playoffs Would Be To Finish Ahead
MINNEAPOLIS -- The Phoenix Coyotes have reached heights theyve never seen before going back to their days in hockey-mad Canada, let alone their new era in the desert. Roger Craig Womens Jersey . The Minnesota Wild have sunk to a depth that has become all too familiar in the "State of Hockey." Taylor Pyatt scored two goals and Mike Smith made 23 saves to help the Phoenix Coyotes clinch the first division championship in franchise history with a 4-1 victory over the Minnesota Wild on Saturday night. Mikkel Boedker and Radim Vrbata also scored and Michal Rozsival added two assists for the Coyotes (42-27-13), who won the final five games of the regular season to leapfrog Los Angeles and San Jose for the Pacific Division title. The Coyotes had never won a division dating back to their inception as the Winnipeg Jets in 1979-80. "For the first one in franchise history its obviously significant," coach Dave Tippett said. "I really give the players a ton of credit. They worked hard, sometimes n
Played A Lot (of) Inside (receiver
Sergei Kostitsyn has signed a two-year, $6 million deal with the Nashville Predators, avoiding arbitration. Julio Jones Camo Jersey . The 25-year-old winger recorded 17 goals and 43 points in 75 games for the Predators last season. In 10 post-season games, Kostitsyn notched a goal and an assist in 10 games. The former seventh-round draft pick has spent the past two seasons in Nashville after he was traded from the Montreal Canadiens. In 307 NHL games, Kostitsyn has 64 goals and 161 assists. Matt Ryan Limited Jersey . He was 52. The Russian Hockey Federation said Krutov died Wednesday. It did not give a cause of death, but the ITAR-Tass news agency said he had been taken to a hospital several days earlier for stomach bleeding. Justin Blalock Jersey . The slumping Flames were officially eliminated from the post-season race Saturday as they dropped a 3-2 decision in overtime to the Vancouver Canucks. .Y. -- The Buffalo Bills officially p
Play. Haas Capped A Brilliant Weekend By Leaving His Tee Shot On The Par-3 No. 16 Within Two Feet. He Tapped
Barclay Goodrow and Brendan Miller did the heavy lifting for the Brampton Battalion on Sunday. 49er Super bowl Jersey . Goodrow scored a pair of goals and Miller had the eventual power-play winner late in the second period as Brampton doubled the Sudbury Wolves 4-2 in Ontario Hockey League play. The win snapped a four-game winless streak for the Battalion. "Huge win for us, especially when its against a division rival," said Goodrow. "We have a pretty good rivalry with those guys." Ray Huether opened the scoring for Sudbury with 56 seconds remaining in the first period, taking a Nicholas Baptiste pass in the slot and beating Matej Machovsky with a quick shot. Brampton tied things up just 34 seconds later when Nick Paul sent Goodrow in on a breakaway and slid a backhand shot five hole on Taylor Dupuis. Goodrow put the Battalion in front at 2:58 of the middle stanza, firing a snapshot past Dupuis as he streaked down the wing. Sudbury tied it at the 7:36 mark when Brody Silk picked up his
Playing With Boys
Sneaking looks at her across the table Then flashing your smile at the one you claim to Love A game for you Like a cat with a string, two hearts dangle there for you to play with Two fragile hearts Two souls willing to give you everything Two silly girls One who is all that you’ll ever need and one who needs all you’ll never give   Strong and confident in her coveted place at your side She stands against the storm of the other’s interference She is a hero, a savior And she refuses to give you up that easily You belong to her and her alone   While there she stands, the ghost from your past She simply wants the chance she never had with you She believes herself entitled Yet she has no idea what pain this will bring And she seems not to care   Back and forth you lie with each, lie to each Begging forgiveness for something you said you hadn’t done Calling her crazy for thinking you could ever betray her Even as she watched you betray her You
Players Are Players And I Believe In Freedom In Football
"There is no agreement. It is unfair and I don't believe in anything like that," he said. "If Everton want to sign any of our players for the right amount of money we will consider it."Martinez has long tipped James McCarthy for a move to a top club while Callum McManaman was on Everton's books before being released as a teenager. cheap soccer jerseys Shaun Maloney and Arouna Kone are also expected to attract interest from Premier League clubs while four out-of-contract players, including Antolin Alcaraz, have already confirmed they will leave Wigan and are available on free transfers.And Whelan accepts that some of the FA Cup-winning players will want to return to the top flight as soon as possible. "We have to face every single thing that relegation presents us," he added. "It is normally the case certain players want to play in the Premier League and I can't blame them for that."Players sign contracts but sometimes one or two want to leave and it is difficult to stop th
Playoff Berths Thursday With
LETHBRIDGE, Alta. -- South Koreas Ji-Sun Kim made history at the womens world curling championship by making the playoffs for the first time in her countrys history. South Korea and Swedens Margaretha Sigfriddson were the first countries to claim playoff berths Thursday with 8-3 records. The remaining two playoff berths and a possible tie-breaker scenario were to be determined in the final round-robin draw. Canadas Heather Nedohin and Switzerlands Miriam Ott had the inside track on the remaining two berths at 7-3, but Allison Pottinger of the U.S. was still in contention for a tiebreaker at 6-4. South Korean women have appeared in four world championships and their debut was in 2005. Kim is skipping her country a third time. After going 3-8 in 2009 and 2-9 last year, she and her teammates took a monumental step forward in international curling. "First time. Very exciting. Unbelievable," Kim said. "Its very difficult to make playoffs. Korea sees we are a team and now is very
4 Play
What are different kinds of four play that you enjoy
Play All The Time. And Im Not One To
MILAN, Italy -- Alessandro Nesta says he will leave AC Milan at the end of the season and is considering a move to Major League Soccer in the United States. The 36-year-old Nesta, who has spent 10 years at Milan, will play his last game for the club at home against Novara on Sunday. "This was my last season with Milan," Nesta said Thursday at a news conference. "Ive evaluated everything and the high pace of the Italian league, the Champions League and the Italian Cup means that I cant play all the time. And Im not one to sit and wait on the bench. "I would very happily go to the United States, it would be a good experience. It wouldnt be bad to cross the ocean. But until I have signed, Im not going to say anything. But there are not other good and important opportunities." Nesta helped Milan to two Serie A titles and two Champions League trophies. The defender also won the World Cup with Italy in 2006. He spent nine seasons with Lazio, and also won the league with the Rome
Plays Sunday In An Afc East Showdown With Th
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Rex Ryan says New York Jets running back-kick returner Joe McKnight will be a "game-time decision" on whether he plays Sunday in an AFC East showdown with the New England Patriots. McKnight is questionable with a sprained left ankle suffered in last weeks win over Indianapolis. He did not practice Friday, but told reporters Thursday: "Im playing. For first place, Im in there." Cornerback Antonio Cromartie will return kickoffs if McKnight cant play. Center Nick Mangold (right ankle) is also listed as questionable, as is wide receiver Clyde Gates (left shoulder), but Mangold is expected to play. Nose tackles Sione Pouha (back) and Kenrick Ellis (left knee), running back Bilal Powell (separated right shoulder) and safety Eric Smith (knee) are all doubtful and will likely not play. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale . -- Steve Blake will miss the Los Angeles Lakers game against San Antonio on Tuesday with a minor abdominal strain, leaving the club without its top two
The Players Club Cam Rules Pls Read And Comment That You Fully Understand Tyou!
PLAYERS CLUB LOUNGE CAM RULES No Children under the age of 18 - This does include infants & newborns.   No Pornographic Material - (i.e. Special Adult Film on T.V.) - This does not include T.V. shows within appropriate Televison Content Rating System (TV [Y] - TV [14]). No Sexual InnuendoNo Sexual Intercourse (of any form) No Sexual Play (ie. foreplay, etc...) As long as the lounge is {(NSFW)} a Lounges Cam can show any part of the body provided it does not violate the above rules. Men & Women Can Sit Nakkied On Cams Thats IT! Nothen More Nothen Less! Lounge Has To Be LOCKED DOWN!
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The Plaza In Orange County
The hub of my small universe I sit beside where flocks of sheep once drank Where ladies planted flowers long ago And tended stubby palm trees now so tall My mother pushed my pram here and I thank The stubborn who had sense enough to know Our Plaza really is the best of us The homeless sleep here next to me and I Can think of no splashier ending than To dive into the fountain if I can If it gets warm enough before I die This is where we say goodbye to it all This is the place for all the rest of us I remember life and brush back a tear Would it be better if I just forgot? The Sterling Silver rose still blooms right here Just as I wrote of it so long ago I did not expect to be understood Yet I was and it blooms inside of me I lost it all then got it back again Right here in this place through lines scratched in pain Like cuts in the thickening hide of me
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Plces To Go//tings2do.
So I decided to start a list, and cross them off as I go.. Places to go. .Bed bath & Beyond .Applebees .Texas .North Carolina .Hooters Things to do. .Ride a bull (mechanical or real) .Go to college .Party for a week straight .Buy an international mxt or rxt .Teach my dog agility ...To be continued...
Please Get This Across America And The World
PLEASE GET THIS ACROSS AMERICA AND THE WORLD: STOP KILLING OUR CHILDREN Current mood: concerned PLEASE GET THIS ACROSS AMERICA AND THE WORLD: STOP KILLING OUR CHILDREN People (everyone) need to be aware of what is going on in our streets. Our children are dying everyday. A child , could be yours, could be mine will die today. I can promise you that it will be more than one or two of our us that will go to our own childs funeral on any given day. It is a shame that there isn't much about these kinds of problems being done and that there isn't more that we (the parents and community) can do about this. If the drugs aren't killing our children then gangs arand all the violence will. To all you parents out there: watch your children and keep them safe. Know where they are, who they are with, and what they are doing at all times. If us parents don't watch out for our children who will. I can tell you who will be. The person selling them the drugs, selling our own children g
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please please commentI am pouring my heart and soul out here in my poetry and no one is saying nothing ... please leave some comments I would apreciate the feedback.
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this is the first time that i have entered a site like this and would love to have a female help me out... i am so completely lost on here. if you would you can add me to yahoo. would love to chat more with ya. not sure if i can post my yahoo add here but it is the same as my screen name on here.
Please Add Yourself To My Buddymap Thank You Xoxox
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hey first of all i just want to thank you all for the love ive recieved from everyone and thanks for the addz n all. second of all im only here for friendz nothing more, i have a man who im very loyal to and love very much. it kool if you want to be friend but pleaze dont think any thing more.. you all can hit me up at aztecgirl003@yahoo .com or please dont act like a pervert and request for a cam because i dont have one. dont plan on getting. for those who have been respectful to me i appriaciate it very much i will return the favor. im extremely bad at leaving comments. but for those who know me i will eventually return the favor. and do love ya all for all the luv and respect ive been recieving.. thanks again ~Loca~
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Hi Ya'll! I want to get something straight and put it out on the table. I am on this site to have fun and meet cool people. I have meet some awesome people and not so nice people. But I am NOT looking for a boyfriend or a relationship ( because they are useless really ) and I have no vacancies on any of my phone sex, cam to cam or fuck buddies lists so please don't ask me to cam or for phone sex. I'm a single mom with a full time job and a house to run and my own social outside LC.. so please be cool and just be my friend! =)~ HOWEVER.. if you would like to EXCHANGE photos or videos then I am game.. I do have more pics and am always willing to take more! =)~ Love you all and thanks for the love! KISSES!
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hey all i want to thank all the ones checking out my profile and all i see some of you are trying to chat with me i have dial up and boyyyyyyyyyyyyy this computer can be slowwwwwwwwwwwwww i am trying to get back with you all so if i don't answer right away you know why sooooooooo keep showing the love its much appreciated muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Please Do Not Read This If You Do Not Want To Be Burdoned This Is For The Best Of Friends Only
from the deepest darkest corners of my mind I feel as if something is gone. I void or hole an emptieness which has no origin I feel as if I am a fool and can not recover from my many mistakes where does it end when will I be satisfied and happy within my world this is a scarry and unknowing place when I am happy i see sun and shining lights these things are gone I see only a darkness which has no end why I must have been evil in a past life I must have killed someone or hurt them out of anger to have everyday be a huge challange where is my guardian where is my protector when will they come to save me from my own mind and spirit I want to live the rest of my years in happiness and it seems to be an impossible feat should I disapate into the nothingness or should I move forward to see if my lifes hardships have not been in vien maybe life would be easier if I was alone I do not want to burdon anyone with my troubled mind I crave atention and love from someone yet have
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Dear Cherry Readers!!! Hey all in a contest!! Please come by and vote!! I think I losing!!! But need some votes please!!! I am in the BBW Contest!! There is the link... Please do it for me!!! Thanks.. Jeannie
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All Of The Poetry In My Blog Is That Of My Own & Is Actually Copywritten....Please Do Not Steal My Work And Claim It As Your Own.....Thank You It's Appreciated.
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Please Pray For These Two Families
Keep these two families in your thoughts and prayers please!! Amanda was a senior at Wilcox Co. High School set to graduate in May. Her doctor's thought she had a sinus infection, but when went to sleep Saturday night..she didnt wake up. Her funeral is set at 11 a.m. tomorrow. Clay is also a student at Wilcox High. He was thrown from his truck late Sunday night. His speaker box came loose and hit in the back of the head. There's a hole in the back of his head and he's not respond to anything or anybody right now. This county has been hit pretty hard in the past couple of years with news like this and this is a close community around here so it's effecting all of us. ******IF IT'S NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK, PLEASE KEEP THESE FAMILIES IN YOUR PRAYERS!!******
Pleasures Of Laundry 18 +
Pleasures Of Laundry - video powered by Metacafe
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I haven't been on here much in the past few days, but I'll check in tommorrow to read any comments.. WIIfo my wife just told me that she doesn't love me any more and that she loves a good for nothing bum thats idea of work is standing on a corner with A CAN bumming money..
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I have been writing these poems since I was like 14 and they are my prized possessions!I put them on here b/c I thought some of you would enjoy them!Please don't copy or plagerize my poems!Most of them are copyrighted,so,don't steal my shit!Enjoy your reading!Thanx!
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It is a ribbon for cervical cancer. Please rate it and leave a comment
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Y = Yes, N = No, M= Maybe. Fill this in for me and/or repost for others to answer for you. Would/will you? [_] come to my house to do nothing at all but chill? [_] fight me? [_] fuck me? [_] kiss me? [_] let me kiss you? [_] watch a movie with me? [_] go out to dinner with me? [_] let me drive you somewhere? [_] take a shower with me? [_] drink with me? [_] take me home for the night? [_] let me sleep in your bed? [_] Sing car karaoke w/ me? [_] re-post this for me to answer your questions? [_] hold my hand? [_] let me make you breakfast? [_] help me with homework? [_] tickle me? [_] let me tickle you? [_] instant message me? [_] greet me in public? [_] hang out with me? [_] bring me around your friends? [_] be down with me no matter what? [_] go to prom with me? D0 Y0U... [_] think im cute? [_] think im serious? [_] think im a good person [_] think im conceided?
Please Let Me Know?
Okay as most of you know I am going to Japan for 5 weeks, I plan to blog the whole time there, BUT should I keep it in my regular blog, or Create a new one. The reason I ask, is that my job takes me all over the place, and I am thinking of creating a blog for my travels.... Okay well please let me know, and I'll make a desision tuesday night before I leave!!!!!! Also if you could, please think of a name if you would like to see it in a seperate blog....I'm thinking: MY TRAVELS ....generic I know but hey that's why I am posing the question! -Fred "PHREDDIE" Jr.
Please Help And You Might Be Rewarded.
Check out my pics and comment. if you notice i have a spot designated for my biggest fans but i ran out of picture space. So comment and help get my cherry level up to 10.
Please Remember To Do
Just a reminder, we are only a 18 an over site now, if you come across users who are not you need to contact support, we all need to do our part, so please remember this, they are kids we are adults......... *Tif*@ LostCherry
Please Read!
OK, if you're on my list, you should have read my profile. If you didnt read it, thats your problem. Don't come bitching to me about "thats false advertising" having a private folder and not having nudes in them. If you read my damn profile, you would know that me having nudes in my pics is very very very unlikely. And if you're sending me friend requests just because you think I have nudes, then you're a damn loser. Oh, and by the way, just because you show what you got does not mean "it's only fair to see what I got." Thats bullshit. I don't knock people for having nude pics up, to each their own, but don't think because you have nudes up that I can see that I owe you a damn thing. I DON'T! If you dont like it, please, delete yourself off of my friends list, or quit bitching. Thanks a bunch!
Please Help. (very Important)
href=''>*i L0v3 Ma B3sTfri3nD D@ntiTo B3rry MuCh!*Date: Sep 20, 2006 12:22 PMPLEASE add this profile HELP FIND TRENTON DUCKETT and spread the word.This page was done to help try & find 2-year-old Trenton Duckett...if you have any information about him, please don't hesitate to call 1-800-CALL-FBI. Trenton is 2 years old & has been missing from his house in Leesburg, FL for about 2 weeks now. If you happen to see him ANYWHERE in the United States (whether it's Florida, New York, California, etc.) PLEASE call 1-800-CALL-FBI. I'm sure you'll see his story on the news & in newspapers, his dad has been putting flyers up everywhere trying to find him & it's not working. Look for the flyers to see more information on Trenton & another picture. Trenton was last seen wearing jean shorts, no shoes, & no shirt. PLEASE HELP US FIND HIM!Copy and Paste the link below to see it live on the Amber Alert's website:http://w
Please Visit My Free Adult Chat Forum
There are SO many absolutely stunning women on LC, and I would be so thrilled if you came by my ADULT FORUM SITE and checked it out. There are lots of men who would love to talk to you. Granted, it's no way near as cool as LC, but it's still a place to meet people and be nice and naughty :D So please, feel free to drop by and check it out, and if you feel compelled to do so, please, take a moment to sign up. You can set up your own gallery and blog and start off posting in the forums right away. Post whatever you'd like, either pics of yourself, of others, random porn, whatever! or simply post a discussion subject. Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be of some fun. So please, stop on by :) **kisses and hugs** **Oh, and of course, you men can feel free to stop by as well, after all, the more, the merrier I always say
Please Visit My Free Adult Chat Forum
There are SO many absolutely stunning women on LC, and I would be so thrilled if you came by my ADULT FORUM SITE and checked it out. There are lots of men who would love to talk to you. Granted, it's no way near as cool as LC, but it's still a place to meet people and be nice and naughty :D click the pic :) So please, feel free to drop by and check it out, and if you feel compelled to do so, please, take a moment to sign up. You can set up your own gallery and blog and start off posting in the forums right away. Post whatever you'd like, either pics of yourself, of others, random porn, whatever! or simply post a discussion subject. Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be of some fun. So please, stop on by :) **kisses and hugs** **Oh, and of course, hehe you men can feel free to stop by as well, after all, the more, the merrier I always say
Please Help Me Out....
I have over 700 friends and I have only 750 votes in my contest..... Please show me some support!! Please go vote for me... I need ratings AND comments... not sure yet how the voting will be.....Thanks to all my friends!! Much Love!! Harleygal
Please Send Me Wishes
Hi all...I went to the doctor today for a normal check up. Ha Ha what a joke. My doctor found a lump in my breast. I have to have it looked at and I am scared to death. I was wondering if all my friends and fans could just keep me in there thoughts. I sure would be grateful. Well I am off to take a nap. lol Hope you all have a great day. Kisses Kadee
A Pleasant End To A Long Day
A Pleasant End to A Long Day by MrsA © A Pleasant End to a Long Day By Mrs. A I plan the evening making everything right Sex is on the agenda - knockin’ boots all night Entering the room he sees a curvy silhouette Candle light flickers - my pussy gets wet Behind my back I hold the stereo remote I hit play then touch the little man in the boat Licking my fingers, I saunter his way This, A pleasant end to a very long day. Without a word I reach out for his hand Escort him to a chair - just like I planned Moving to the music as his senses arouse I crawl towards him, like a panther- not a mouse As my face comes up between his knees I tug on his zipper- Then I say "Please" He removes his pants- I unbutton his shirt With him back in his chair, I whisper "This won't hurt" Covering his face with my warm breasts I slide down slowly till I see his chest Placing his cock between my tits Stroking and licking - I hear "Aaah That’s It!" As I play, I l
Please Read
Invisible Children, Inc. changes culture, policy, and lives through collisions of poverty and power. The Mission is the ultimate goal of Invisible Children—the resources, skills, and funds that hit the ground in Uganda, providing healthcare, safety, employment, and education. Invisible Children, Inc. believes that changing the lives of people in the underprivileged areas is just as important as changing lives in the western world. The only way change can come in Uganda, and other places in need, is to educate and empower the rest of the world to do something. One of the darkest things about Africa is the rest of the world’s ignorance towards it. If you believe in what we’re doing, join us. We are unlike many other nonprofits: We take your donation, make it larger by plugging it into our programs in the United States, and send the greater amount to Uganda. Please visit the “Programs” page of our website for more information on the Invisible Children Bracelet Campaign and the Educa
Please Check It Out
my home page if u like the back around u may rip it or nay thing on my page and us it please re post this hugs Jill (repost of original by 'Rainbowhoney1971' on '2006-09-26 18:00:15') (repost of original by 'T-Bone' on '2006-09-26 18:01:11')
Please Don't Bully Me
Picked and prodded my whole life I don't even want to die Started young when I was a kid I dont know what I even did Lack of cool Lack of stud Filled with a whole heart I knew jesus was watching from above Walking silently to and from school These bullies knew I would try and walk past They throw me down to the glass Feeling small inside I just wanted to hide Knowing life cant always be like this I went to high school with the same kids It was a constant punch and push I wish my daddy had taught me more than being a lush When life passes me by Because I always wanted to hide Where is my life going on what they call a great ride Backed into a corner With many laughing the bullies last chance is now I know someone is going down I pull out a gun I look him in the eye Shoot myself I just died He thought he was dead BUt now he knows Killing him would not be the tragic blow Many more in a world of pain I hope one day the bullies see their actions are only
Please Vote For Me
im in the sexiest man with long hair contest. i have several views in my profile. and several votes. come by and check me out and please leave a vote for my pic. just click on the pic below to get to the site to vote for me. thanks again all thanks moparman1124
You fill my heart with your innocent light And just for that I'll not stop to fight. I hope you could understand. So please don't tell me that you are alone Cause then I show you how much you are wrong. You just have to give your hand. So please don't tell me No, don't tell me. Please don't tell me, that I'm wrong. There beyond your way You can hear me say Just don't go away! Don't go away. There behind the truth Of everything I do, I can't forget you! Cause I love you. In the book of my life I found your name And there I learn that life is not a game Or easy like a dance. I wait for you in the road of forever Hoping we could make a future together I just want one more chance. So please don't tell me No, don't tell me. Please don't tell me, that you're alone. By Mistic Angel Some song letter I wrote. Portuguese is so much easyer.:p
Please Please
me and the wife are in a contest please stop by and rate us and comment please please come obn we can win
Please Vote For Me
[ photo: 3837691481 ]
9 Pleasure Triggers Of A Man !!
1 . The Outside of His Lower Lip The male mouth is an obvious moan zone. But zeroing in on that slope between his outside lower lip and chin will bring ultraintense bliss to his kisser. 2. The Front of His Neck Women tend to pay oral attention to the sides of his neck between his ear and his collar - but it turns out they're missing the major stimulation spot: just below his Adam's apple. 3. His Nipples You know that your nipples are a carnal command center. Yet experts found your guy's headlights might be even more sensitive, since most men aren't used to having these sexy switches lavished with attention. 4. The Dip Under His Ankle Halfway between his heel and ankle bone is a fingertip-size pressure point that we've learned has enormous passion potential 5. His Perineum Most men are shy about guiding you to this patch of skin just past his family jewels. But beneath it is his prostate gland -- an organ with major orgasmic power 6. His Shaft Any nooky n
Please Add Urself To My Map
i would like to know where all my friends come from for those of you who have alreay added urselves thank you Laura
Please Pray
I would like to ask all of my friends to please keep my brother in their prayers,I got a phone call last night that made my heart sigh.It seems that my older brother has contracted hepatitis c and is going to have to go through chemo for the next year.I know right now what your thinking,but your wrong he seems to think he contracted it from sharing a tooter with someone who has it,he is clean now as I am too,you might think a little meth or dope is no big deal but this just shows different,I've lost so much family since 97 that this is just heartbreaking!I'm praying that the chemo will help. Thank you 4ever me and a few others that were there lastnight when I found out.You all mean alot to me!
Please Do This For Me!
vote for my tat.
Please Watch All The Way Through, This Guy Is Scarily Bi-polar
More Funny Videos at GOYK.COM
Please Read.
Okay so hey. This saturday Oct. 7th 2006 @ the cumberland county fairgrounds in millville/Vineland new jersey there is going to be an awesome event. Its going to have motorcycle and classic car show, with food, games and all kindsa neat shit. Its called, flying colors for god in country. We are supporting all Armed forces. The time is 12:00 Noon till 6pm. Admission: $10.00 or 1 unwraped toy and 4 canned/boxed goods. If you want more details. Contact. [[Alicia Renee]] [[Alicia Renee]]@ LostCherry And yes i will be attending :) so you get a chance to meet me if you come and show support. Thanks.
Please Please Help
IF YOU DIDNT VOTE FOR ME CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME OUT,,THIS IS MY FIRST TIME IN A CONTEST,,IF YOU WOULDNT MINE PLEASE RE BLOG THIS TO YOUR'S AND HELP ME OUT,I WILL PAY EVERYONE BACK THAT HELPS ME OUT I PROIMSE,THE NEW PPL I JUST ADDED I WILL GET TO YOUR PICTURES AND RATE THEM,,SOMETIME THIS WEEKEND,, THANK HUGS N KISSES DORIS The eight ladies listed below all need your votes! You may leave as many comments as you wish for anyone. That's right, unlimited. The 1st place winner will be the pic with the MOST number of comments. Be smart, voting once for everyone will get you and them nowhere. 2nd place goes to the highest number of ratings. The value of the rating doesn't matter...1, 4, 10...whatever. So...what are you waiting for? Go vote now! Pics are listed in the order they entered. HOSTED BY: Stixxx@ LostCherry Please repost this to help all these sexy ladies out! Thank you!
take a look at my pics. and comment them.
Please Vote
Please Vote
Hey guys i have enter another BBW contest and i would like to get some votes from my friends please I try to vote on my friends that enter contest so please return the favor here is the link if you want to vote
Please (Dedicated To: A Man That Makes Me Feel Like A Real Princess) Missing you every hour on the hour Praying that I can keep my sanity I wish that I could tell you what I'm feeling When I'm talking to you...I lose all my control and power Tall,dark,handsome....those are pluses but it's your heart and intelligence that turn me on smile that sexy smile The Desire burning within is strong I want to caress my fingers across your's such a longing the desire inside tells me that I want to be yours my dreams,thoughts,heart,and soul are filled with you I've Fallen hard.... So I give to you....... All that I can,the words of love and dedication......... If we ever have the chance,please be my man....because I'm your woman
Pleasure Promises
Pleasure promises, promises… Through furled bud and new green leaf, Through banked brook and sun-warmed stone, Through star-rise in violet skies. Through feast set forth with savored care, Through flame refracted wine and fragrant rose, Through silvered bowl on mirrored wood, Pleasure makes its pledge to lips and eyes. Pleasure promises, but pleasure lies. But let a long-sought glance cross yours, Carrying the look of love, intent Like sun through lens, to burn; Let knowledge leap the circuits held apart By frozen doubt, and overload the heart: To shock delicious shudder from the flesh, That felt dawns past, and now new dawns to come; And let the fused energy ignite All senses promised-to in vain, Then pleasure promises, and does not lie again.
Pleasing...goes Both Ways? 10/11/2002
please keep in mind that this was written back in 2002 when i had a Mistress that i was S/switching with and before i wrote my realization, which is also posted here. as submissives it is our desire to please our Dominants to keep them happy. but is there not both give and take in a relationship? aren't the submissive's needs and desires just as important? to keep the relationship healthy, isn't it the Dominant's responsibility to keep their submissive happy as well? i have heard several of my submissive friends complain they aren't getting their needs and desires met and asking for advise on how to approach it with their Dominants. i would appreciate any answers or advice anyone can give me. i will willingly pass it on to those who can benifit from it. i found the above question posted in the forum of a BDSM chat room. below, please find my responce. as a true or natural S/switch (call this M/my coming out of the broom closet), I/i feel that it is the Dom/mes responsibility t
Please Read
Hey everyone i need ur help to move up so i can put more pics on here please comment and rate my pics i would be very greatfull
Please Help Us Out
Ok I made a site that I posted in a bulletin and so far it's got 41 visits. Pretty good at least I think so but here's what I would like for you to do for me. I would like you to either a) put the site in one of your blogs or in your profile so your friends can check it out also or b) if you have a site take one of the help us out banners and link it to the site. Now you don't have to do this if you don't want to but it would be greatly appreciated if you did.Here's the address to the site. Thanks for your time everyone. Love you all. ~AJ~
Please Come Vote For This Cutie
my friend has her child entered in the cutest baby contest please come vote for him.just click on the pic below thanks alot everyone
Please Please Please!!!
to everyone on my list..Please do NOT send me something in my SHOUTBOX asking me to vote for you. I vote for the pic I like the best. I DO have my own opinion! Thank you very much, and have a nice day! PEACE
Please Show Me Love
I need lots of love please give me some
Please Dont Say You Love Me
Please don't say you love me I have heard those words before Those words have lost their meaning Just caring says much more I am not looking for a lover I would rather have a friend Being friends is a place to start Because true friendship never ends If in time it becomes much more It was really meant to be But if in time we are still just friends We will be happy you will see
Pleasure Of It
the old rumors about women who had their tongues peirced and gave oral were the best that they had,had..well to me oral is good no matter what=lol..however since i have started peircing mr.happy(3 now)the immense pleasure that is derived from both is by far the best sex yet.although it is extreme for some if not most it is worth the mild disconfort during the healing process.
I lost the last one soooooooo I am trying again!! Please vote for my eyes ...I will love you forever!! Smooch! Rate and comment my pic!
Please Help!!!!!!
 I am in need of some MAJOR help. My friend who is keeping my dog for me is movin nect week and can't take my dog with her. I have a place for my dog here but i'm not able to go get my dog right now...(don't have the funds) it will only take 200 dollars for gas there and back. if ANYONE is able to help in anyway please let me know....thank u SOOOOO much and while ur at it, would u please go vote for him in the favorite pet would mean so much to me....    
please look at my only guy friend's profile and add him if youd like he just got home from iraq im trying to help him meet on here
Please Let This Work!!!
So, I found a hotel that is 10xs closer to the concert (THANK YOU GODDESS!!!) now all I have to do is cancel my reservation with the hotel from hell and get one with this other...let us all pray! So, I got to meet the big cheese of the company I work for and he comes up to me and says well hello yada yada yada so, what do you think we need to do to improve this store or your experience working, Im like I think you need to put more camaras in the store because people are stealing but, we have no proof....well that hit him right in the wallet...he was like you think so, I was like yes, because its not only costing the store money and its costing the product manufacture money which is really bad business....he stands there looking at me like I have handed a million dollars he was like really well we will definety have to check into that.....looks at my manager and says that is a good idea...looks at me how long have you been here...I was like since Feb sir...he looks at mana
Please Tell Me What You Think Of This One Before I Send It To Her
Please Read !!!....whats Going On With Me
Hi everyone.....this is the only way for me to do this and let yall know at one time. I may not be on here everyday but I sure do try to get here at least once a day. If I dont leave you a comment with anything else but a picturein it, just know that I am thinking about you and cherish our friendship. I have alot of health problems that keep me from being able to do what I want to do and also that keep me from being able to do what I use to do a few years ago. Trust me it pisses me off that I cant do the things I use to do :-( The reason why most of the time I dont leave a comment where I actually type something out to you is because for one my eyesight isnt that great at all now. I have a hard time seeing even when I wear my glasses. The other reason is because my right wrist is still screwed up badly from the fall I took off from a char almost 2 months ago. It hurts to bend the wrist let alone try to use it to type with. The fingers still have no feeling in them but yet the
Please Help Me Out!!
Hey! If you haven't already, you should check out myYearbook has a ton of features that other sites don't have, like flirting and bullying and lockers we can use to share files with each other and all our friends. Plus, if we each invite a few people, we get a free t-shirt or thong! Make sure you click my link (or copy and paste the url!!!) Please help out!!! Its to get a free shirt!! Please I need lots of help thanks ( so I get credit for you. :) Jeannie
Touch me, deliver me from my flesh. Taste of me and feed me that desire. That you have been so coldly kept. Make me into your form, bend me and reshape. lay me before your hungry eyes, and all my lust is yours to take. I want only your mouth hot against my skin the feel of your touch, and this is how it begins. I bend to your will, and want only to please. so I kiss you slowly, as I fall to my knees. Let me taste you, and know you with blind eyes, to show you the want of my body, and love hidden deep inside. Bend me, lay me, Anything you want. Press me against the table, hold me against your front. Whatever you desire, I give it with open arms. and kiss away the nightmares. and seek solice from the charms. You are my magic, kept secret in this night, and till we both lay broken, given up of lovers fight. I want to be spent, and given totally to you. and in the morning to church, we'll be forgiven for what we do.
Please Convince Me That My New Phone Is Better>>>
NEW PHONE: Device features WorldClass-capable phone (tri-band: 850, 1800 and 1900 MHz) Bluetooth®* Internal and external displays VGA Camera (640 x 480 pixel) Up to 500 contacts in the phone book Self-portrait mode using external display Enhanced operator customization, including menu icons and ordering Vibrating alert FM radio Auto redial Speed dial and one-touch dial Pre-loaded game T9® predictive text input Embedded games Message indicator Speakerphone SMS and MMS capable Caller ID Pictures Picture Messaging Calendar Calculator Currency converter Alarm Themes Download Fun™ MegaTones® HiFi Ringers® Voices & Sounds CallerTunes® Wallpapers Games Business card sending Calendar Imbedded games Keypad lock 24 Poly ringtones Included services Caller ID Customer Care Voicemail with message-waiting indicators Call waiting and call hold Conference calling Emergency calls Optional services Picture Messaging Text messaging Instant messagin
Please, Prove Me Wrong
one of the lowest points in my life was realizing that there is no such thing as love. it's like when your parents tell you that you're old enough to know that santa isn't real. it crushes you to know that something you've been waiting on, something that you've believed in for so long suddenly just isn't real. now all i hope for is someone to come along and prove me wrong.
Please Help
ive joinded quite a few of these sites... and i have to say that this one is the coolest..., but also the hardest to control.... im not from USA im from just outside london UK... i do try to edit it, with no joy..... its kinda frustrating
Please Rate
please rate
Please Look
Please , I Don't Understand!!
Okay, I dont know about you; but I am sick and tired of all these women showing for their goods. Do you think that the men won't like you if you aren't dressed. I am sorry!The guys that talk to you women are just wanting a piece of ass. Cover yourselves up alittle more and let the men work to see you naked. Always keep them guessing. Thank you , just sharing my thoughts. Peace and Blessed Be
Please Read
Hey all, I just wanted too let everyone know as of today im going too start removing people who have never left me a comment or a ratin or even looked at my page so do me a favor if you wanna remain on my list and want the favor returned reply too this so I know you have looked and I have your support or else your gone bye, Will
Please I Beseech Thee
click and vote!!
Please Just Fuck Off!!
Pleasure And Pain
Pleasure and Pain Our Great union Always Intense and powerful But Adventure and taboo Cry out for more Pounding her sex mercilessly form behind ANimal screams of pleasure radiating through our love nest Somethign new erupting from her core Spank me good baby, I've been a bad girl A firm but light spank on her soft tush My midnight motion grows in savagery luightly rakign my nails across her back and tush Love's sword hits deep Harder Stud hard Spank my Ass Good Union gowes into overdrive As my spankign gets HARDER and more insistent Soon our monas are primal and savage Take me ravage me, Make me your Toy Grabbing lover's hair savagely pounding her Sex Still WIld animals in heat Our bodies vcovered in sexual sweat As My Dom side erupts SO does Love's swords hidden nectar Toy joins me in orgasmi bliss Still savagely taking her River of love nectar flows form us both As we collapse itno a mass of sexual flesh Master and Toy Our relati
Please Pray For Him!
A very close friend of mine for 10 years needs our prayers. Her son was born at 24 weeks, and is fighting for his life. He is a fighter true and true like his momma, but we need all the prayers we can get.... Jaiden Patrick
Please God...
Courtesy of
Please Rate Or Comment This Blog. It Shouldn't Be No Problem For Ladies:-)
Women do you wish that guys could get pregnant and why? please give this blog any rate that you may wish. please don't diss us guys very bad :-)
Please Help Me Friends...i Need All Of Your Help....
I have come to the conclusion that the year of 2006 is really a bad year for me and many that I love. Let me start off by tell you all that the year started off wonderful. I started a new job with Citi Financial and then my hubby and sister Hayley had their birthday together that I had made sure that the both of them enjoyed deeply. I spent over 3000 dollars to make this so. Then after the third month with Citi, the accounts that I had set up for my job ended up becoming another’s accounts. I quite my job to go and work for my hubby’s job that set me up with an Account Manager that was from Night mare on elm street, then as I took in a wonderful girl that was accused for something that she didn’t do. The triad that accused this innocent girl of something she didn’t do got her thrown in jail. From that point on, my whole entire life went upside down. My sister ended up moving with these guys to Washington and then she abandoned her daughter and two sons. Now take note, this is t
Please Read All Of This
KNKow what here's the way I see it. People are bitching because others don't read their bullitens and saying I'm gonna delete friends and crap like that. Come on people WTF??? This whole site is supposed to be fun, supposed to be about helping people out. As far as the bullitens are concerned unless it has naked pics or something to do with sex in the subject line most skip right over it. for instance I have sent out several bullitens asking for help leveling up onlyu about 7 of the people oin my friends list of 324 hae helped out, am I pissed nope not at all. should have put something to do with sex in the subject line I guess LOL. Anyway a little off subject, quit your bitching I mean damn does it really do any good anyway to bitch in a bulliten that won't get read??? Much like this blog, most won;t read it and I'll just be typing for the fun of it. Oh Well least I found something constructive to do LMAO. Also to the friends that help me out I love you guys!!!!!!!! to the on
Please Read
Today another woman died and not on a foreign field and not with a rifle strapped to her back, and not with a large defense of tanks rumbling and rolling behind her. She died without CNN covering her war. She died without talk of intelligent bombs and strategic targets The target was simply her face, her back her pregnant belly. The target was her precious flesh that was once composed like music in her mother’s body and sung in the anthem of birth. The target was this life that had lived its own dear wildness, had been loved and not loved, had danced and not danced. A life like yours or mine that had stumbled up from a beginning and had learned to walk and had learned to read. and had learned to sing. Another woman died today. not far from where you live; Just there, next door where the tall light falls across the pavement. Just there, a few steps away where you’ve often heard shouting, Another woman died today. She w
Please Stop Child Abuse
Help Fight Child Abuse !!!!! my name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Chariles bar. I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work. He slaps and hits me And yells at me more, I finally get free And run to the door Hes already locked i
Please Read Harmful To Small Children And Pets Repost
This is worth reading: Harmful to babies, pets and small children!! IMPORTANT I recently had a neighbor who had to have their 5-year old German Shepherd dog put down due to liver failure. The dog was completely healthy until a few weeks ago, so they had a necropsy done to see what the cause was. The liver levels were unbelievable, as if the dog had ingested poison of some kind. The dog is kept inside, and when he's outside, someone's with him, so the idea of him getting into something unknown was hard to believe. My neighbor started going through all the items in the house. When he got to the Swiffer Wetjet, he noticed, in very tiny print, a warning which stated ""may be harmful to small children and animals."" He called the company to ask what the contents of the cleaning agent are and was astounded to find out that antifreeze is one of the ingredients. Actually he was told it's a compound which is one molecule away from antifreeze.Therefore,
Please Fill In The Blanks
Please fill in the blanks You make me _______. You should _______. Someday I will ______. You = ________. If I saw you now I'd __________. I would build a _______ just for you. I would get your name tattooed on my __________. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. We could __________ under the stars. My love for you is like that of ____________. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.) REPOST THIS WITH DEAR ______ (YOUR NAME) AND HAVE PEOPLE MESSAGE YOU FILLING IN THE BLANK
Please Fill Tis Out For Me.
1. Where did we meet?: 2. Take a stab at my middle name: 3. How long have you known me?: 4. When is the last time we saw each other?: 5. whats your screen name? 6. whats your email address? 7. When you first saw me what was your impression?: 8. My age?: 9. Do you know when my birthday is? 10. Have you ever been jealous of me?: 11. Do you remember one of the 1st things I said to you?: 12. What's my favorite type of music?: 13. What is the best feature about me?: 14. Am I shy or outgoing??: 15. Would you say I am funny or sarcastic?: 16. Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?: 17. Would you consider me a friend, an acquaintance, or a good friend?: 18. Have you ever seen me cry?: 19. If there were one good nickname for me what would it be?: 20. If I had broccoli stuck in my teeth would you tell me?: 21. Do I drink and/or do drugs? 22. What is my worst fear? 23. Would you kiss me?: 24. What would you do if I told you I liked you?: 25. Ever have a crush on me?:
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Please Repost!!
One of LC family members lost a firefighter brother today..They were working a wreck and an 18 wheeler did not slow down. It hit 4 of them 3 will be ok but one died..please send your wishes to our family member captMCFD....please pass the word to all of our FF friends and family...he really needs the support right now... God bless them. Firefighter's Prayer Oh Lord, please help this firefighter To be skillful and brave. Please let me never falter When there are lives to save. Be with my fellow firefighters And ride with us each run, From the moment we "suit-up" Until the job is done. Be with me as I guide a child Through the dark and smokey haze Give me strength and courage As I fight the deadly blaze Lord, I put my safety in Your hands, But in the chaos and the strife, Help me act with selfless courage God, just let me save a life. capt MCFDblueeyedsouthernangels big bad wolf @ LostCherry
Please Read!!!
Hey this is for mainly my friends from the Tri-State area...Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Most know that I do charity work for a local non profit organization out of Cinci. Next month, on the 10th of November, the 6th anual Dance for the Heart of It, dinner and dance is being held at The Syndicate. This is a great time to get dressed up and have a wonderful time!!! The money goes for a great cause and includes dinner, drinks, live entertainment by Soul Pocket, and auctions!!! For more information please check out the web site at, or you can click the link on my web page. If you are not able to come at least check out the upcoming events...something may interest you. Thanks so much!!!........Echo From the site... This is the 6th Anniversary of Aubrey's death and we appreciate everyone holding a special place in their hearts for this date. We want to make this night a celebration of Aubrey's life so thank you so much for keeping this date special. It's time
A Plea
I do my best to please everyone From being a friend to being a son Living the way I think is right Sometimes depressed,sometimes bright Always believing life is fun Even if I felt I could run and run Deep breathing, meditation yes tried then all But in trying to walk I take a fall Looking to the Horizon but no one there To full of themselves,or they don't care Computer isn't the answer though I try A regular friend don't make me cry Mal 10/06
please don't go please do stay let us share one more day wish we could hold each other one more time seeing each other sigh wish you was not gone wish you could say yes i know i tried to do my best how do i go on how can i not falter with out you in my life i see my end so clear
Please Help!!
for a needy family in my area if ya got a spare dollar and feel like helping out some really great people before they lose everything please feel free to send it to DONATION PO BOX 701 STERLINGTON, LA 71280 It would go for a great cause and you will get a reciept so that its tax deductible Thanx Vix (Please everyone REPOST)
Please Help My Radio Get More Listeners
Space Radio
Please Respond Back To Me And I'll Do The Same
1.Your Full Name: 2. Age: 3. Single or Taken: 4. Favorite Movie: 5. Favorite Song: 6. Favorite Band/Artist: 7. Dirty or Clean: 8. Tattoos and/or Piercings: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Do we know each other outside of myspace? 2. Whats your philosophy on life? 3. Would you have my back in a fight? 4. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest? 5. What is your favorite memory of us? 6. Would you give me a kidney? 7. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you: 8. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 9. Can we get together and make a cake? 10. Have you heard any rumors of me lately? 11. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me? 12. Do you think I'm a good person? 13. Would you drive across country with me? 14. Do you think I'm attractive? 15. If you could change anything about me, would you? 16. What do you wear to sleep? 17. Would you come over for no r
Please Excuse My Leave Of Absense
As some of you know, I've gone and stayed with my mom. I moved out here because she's dying. Cancer. No one in my family knows. Growing up, I didn't really know her. She left me and my dad, got into drugs, walked the streets. They never divorced, my dad loved her dearly. But a few years ago he couldn't take not knowing where she was and split. I havn't seen him since. Phone calls sometimes, letters thats it. I went and lived with my cousin because it was a stable environment. Got into modeling for her, but realized models are ugly people, they are cold and heartless. So wrapped up in looking good. Makeup can make anyone look pretty, look at my pictures. I don't dress like that all the time. I'm just a regular girl. I'm just saying this because, well, if I'm not around that much, now you know.
Please Help Out
please help my train take off
Please Read Disclaimer
Yes, there really is a disclaimer. First off this is a religious rant type blog. If that bothers you please leave. Understand I do not influence anyone to read what is ahead; it is opinion and should be treated as such. Secondly, I am not here to attempt to convert the blindly faithful to the cause of science. I do not want anyone of faith to have doubt because they read what I had to say, if you feel this might be you, please close the blog now. Thirdly, this is not an attempt to unite the scientific types abroad, as I do not conform to a strictly science view anyway. I am not seeking to validate anyone who believes anything I do; I am simply seeking conversation, not a following. Lastly, if this offends you by the end, well, I did warn ya. I'm not going to be ignorant about anything within and I am not going to bash anything if I can help it. This is how I view things, not the fact that is guaranteed true. Whoo, wasn't that a trip. I was tempted to end the blog here. Let
Please Dont Read If You Are In Love
> > > > > WARNING!! WARNING!! > > Now This Is Your Last Opportunity ... > Are You Sure You Want To Read This? > The Best Gift That I ever received Was tied with your heartstrings For it included a part of you For Yesterday, for today And for all the thousand Hopeful tomorrows that We will share I Love You
Please Make A Donation If You Can...
my friend art had a great idea for how i can get some of the money for my gastric bypass surgery. i have to come up with roughly $500-$800 dollars for my surgery in the next few weeks and art thought to come up with a club where people could donate $1 towards it. i'd really, really appreciate any and all help that anyone could/would offer. and thanks in advance!!!click the link below to go to my paypal account if you'd like to help me out. anything will help at this point, trust me!!!¤cy_code=USD&lc=US&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF&charset=UTF%2d8
Please Help Find Becky $100,000 Reward
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: NEVER FORGET Date: Oct 23, 2006 10:43 PM NEVER FORGET A VERY SPECIAL PLACE YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS MUST VISIT
Please Read My Blogs. You'll Love Them.
I am going to be posting some emails thatwere sent to me by my friends. I got some laughs from them so I wanted to share them with everyone here too. Ya'll are more than welcome to look, laugh, comment and share with others.
Please Welcome Him... Give Him Some Pointers Too If U Can
Hey have a friend that joined the lc please help him with some easy pointers to help him get the site better hehe i am helping him at the moment. but im sure a warm welcom would keep him coming to the lc... ty for the people that lend the time an friendship! ~jen cumgetsum@ LostCherry
Please Remember Me
Please remember me when your lonely or sad remember how I wiped away the tears and made that little twinkle come back in your eyes touching your soul deep with in making you feel all those feelings you thought were lost.Please remember all those smile and giggles we share all those crazy little things that make you who you are ...And me the person that I am the one that made a place deep in your heart even though your leaving me ... Im just a few steps away and will be here if you decide to return...Please remember I hold you near Smiles Sweetness
Please Folks..........
Please Give Her Some Luvin!!!
Please Keep It Goin!!
This is a repost from the bulletins. Before the crash I had put out a post about having a special weekend for Ray and Cindy, as most will know its touch or go whether Ray will survive. After todays tests Cindy is a little more hopeful. So I thought it would be a moving tribute to them all that for the weekend as many as possible displayed the CF ribbon as our display pictures. These can be ripped from here HOT SEXY BBW @ LostCherry froggiefucker @ LostCherry crazydave @ LostCherry (repost of original by 'crazydave' on '2006-10-26 12:50:49') (repost of original by 'SEXYBIBBW WITH THE GOOD PUDDIN' on '2006-10-26 13:06:45') (repost of original by 'crazydave' on '2006-10-26 13:24:41') (repost of original by 'SapphireSkies' on '2006-10-26 13:50:01') (repost of original by 'crazydave' on '2006-10-26 15:34:25') (repost of original by '~*BrattyBytch*~' on '2006-10-26 15:37:50') (repost of original by 'Lady Shannon ~ BITCH FAMILY' on '2006-10-26 15:47:08') (
Please go into my pics default folder and get the purple ribbon and please wear it.
Pleasurization -- A Lover's Lust
Boy I'm tired of moanin for you all night wishin you where here to touch, kiss, squeeze, please my body all you want. You always tell me you want me, tell me you'll do everything in your power to please me. Well baby I'm tellin you right now, I need you. I close my eyes and whisper your name over and over again visualizin you standin over me leanin down kissin me tenderly. Baby your all that I need in my life right here with me. If only I could be with you just for the night, we would make everlasting love all through the night . Our breath's singin passion's love song. We'll be breathing this song all night long. I'm writing this lover's lust on paper for you; but it's nothin but the runnin and wildin of my imagination. Wanting and feinin for your everlasting pleasurization.

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