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Part 2 Hahaha
Part 2
ok who works online and who do u work for if you dont mind me asking?
Part 3............
that horrible squeak styrofoam coolers make when they're in your back floorboard. that may be the single most annoying noise in history. although i hear air-raid sirens were kinda shitty....... people who use a public restroom but don't flush the toilet. this is especially harsh after you've dropped a deuce. i know bathrooms are really dirty places, just use your foot to flush like i do. nobody wants to get splash-up of your pee......... for a race that always bitches and complains about intolerance and racism, black people are awfully intolerant. the worst is they can be that way with their own people just because their skin is too dark, or even worse......too light. and don't EVEN get me started about how they feel about homosexuals....... people who don't know what the fast lane is for. if someone comes up behind you, kindly move over into the other lane as soon as you safely can. even if you're going over the speed limit, be nice and get the f**k outta the way. and if you
Party Hardy
Im throwing me a party at the holiday inn grab some girlies and some henney let this party begin ill be throwing down my dollaz thats the start of my sin by the end of the the night ill make the room spin we're playing a game where everyone wins when we're done with the henny and we bring in the gin we've got more girls then fat bastards got chins the party starts bumpin when we pick up the twins they start jumping in when im rolling my rims they all wanna see m cuz i got fat stacks of cash all my homeboys wanna get at me they know i got ass when they wanna blaze up they know i got grass they know i got so much, i always got a stash lets make it a pool party and start it with a splash a party so good it spreads like a rash got the bitches and the boose what more do we need sittin by the pool blazing up an 8th of weed baddest party ever where the devil plants his seed when it comes to the hunnies im always in the lead turn it into a game whos clothes come off at the f
Party Woman Elf'n
Party Woman Elf'n .. Click Here!
The Party Is Over.
I lost you in the mourning when the snow fell in the world i lost you in the cold between these shades of our illusions i found an empire of love and pain with in this kiss-this kiss goodbye for i will never forget your face behind the window of this parting train. I asked the moon to bring you back into my arms i called the wind to guide your ways i bagged the earth to hold you tight keep you from harm i send you kisses in my dreams for i know he had our time i close the door the party is over. Imposing our love through all the years we had to face now i am on my own passing through these fields of memories all these visions of my temple dreams i saacrifice my everything for i will never forget your face behind the window of this parting train. I asked the moon to bring you back into my arms i called the wind to guide your ways i bagged the earth to hold you tight keep you from harm i send you kissess in my dreams for i know he had our time i
Party Thursday Come One Come All
party Thursday come one come all ps: tell all the hot ones to come two (: oh yea
Party Tomorrow Nite!!!!
i'm going for the first time to a bar i'm nervous ans exicted i'm going in a couple of weeks cause my friend ashley gets paid then. i'm so happy i'm going with my friend and my wonderful boyfriend. it's going to be great.
The Party I Went To Was Insane!
I went to a party this past weekend and got soooo trashed and ended up having sex with 3 guys and 2 girls. Lets just say I love cum and I really love pussy juice. God I need more,I'm getting horny about thinking about it. Time for me to take care of buisness with my vibrator.UUUUHHHHH!!!!
The Part I Play
The part I play Current mood: frustrated I have loved more deeply than most will ever know. For that love I have gone to the depth of hell where some will never go. I have fought. Ihave cried. I have bleed. And I have Died. My heart is broken and I fear it will never fully mend. Still i put on a smile and continue to pretend. No matter what in my heart she will always stay. In the sad story of life this is the part i must play.©
Good morning. Today the place I work holds its christmas party.. I think it is a great thing for all the residents at the apt complex, where I work at. we have pork roast, ham, beans, salads, potatos, rolls, well you get the picture. It is SO SO nice to see a big corperation still give freely to the residents. With out them there would be no complex. just so you know we serve enough meals for 800 families. merry christmas be back on friday
Party Time In The Playpen
Fubar has a new rockin club The PlayPen Please come and say hello and show us some love and listen to our awsome DJ's. Dj Iroc, Dj Tinks, DJ, Chasitiy, DJ Hellfire, DJ Double Trouble to name a few. A Lounge with no Drama where all are Welcome Looking for staff as well some come on in and join our every growing family :D
Part 2
Part 1
The avatar, the moonbeam, the wind, dust and debris. The whole 9 yards. The orange glow of the sky meant trouble. The red dust swimming in the plains. I could see it from my vantage point. But I could not get a good reading. My locator was busted, the solar flares wreaking havoc on it. If I could only get a visual, I could nail it. The earth trembled under my feet. With each movement I knew the army was approaching. Here I was on this freakin planet with it's sulphur stench of Dante's best prose, and I was stuck! But - all was not lost. I was alive and breathing. So there was still hope. Hope springs eternal. Right? My butt may be eternally on this planet. Rayne had abandoned me long ago. She took off chasing her one big problem. The bounty hunter who hogarted her personal belonging. Tough call for her, I was having way too much fun for her to leave this behind.
I went to a church dinner tonight and we had volunteer preteens as servers, it was pretty fun. Especially since I shocked the one at my table with my food requests, Lmao. Well it's not like it's my fault if I hate jam on pork and the only way I was gonna get plain pork was ask for a diabetic menu, rofl rofl. The poor little guy just looked at me with a face I'D HAVE LOVED TO HAVE A CAMERA FOR,too freaking funny!!! his eyes popped way out and he went " youuuu????" and then 10 minutes later,I told him I wanted water with no ice ( not to shock the little fellow, I don't really drink with ice all the time,depends on my mood and how cold I am on that day ) . I refused to eat any apple pie cause it had cinnamon in it,and as you all guys know,I can't even stand the smell of that thing.The other options were brownies ( YUUUCKK ) and mint jello dessert ( YUUUUCKK AGAIN ). But leaving my food geekiness aside, it WAS fun,I got to enjoy a christmas cool show,I helped in the kitchen
Part 1
They entered the bedroom holding hands, both of their palms wet with sweat. They were nervous......excited and giddy with anticipation. They stopped next to the bed, turning to face one another. She looked up into his eyes, feeling the excitement she felt the first time she had seen him. He felt the butterflies in his belly as he looked down upon the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on. He placed his hands on her waist and bent his head down to kiss her ever so soft lips. She responded by placing her arms around his neck, pulling herself towards him, darting her tongue into his mouth, searching for his tongue, wanting this moment to be more than special. As their bodies molded themselves into one, he slowly unbuttoned her blouse, letting it fall from her shoulders to the floor, She felt his warm hands on her bare flesh, almost trembling at the electric shock it brought to her nerve endings. He ran his hands down her sides, feeling the curve of her body, his hands
The Party Was Great!
It is Saturday morning, almost afternoon. I started to write this earlier but then had a chance to talk to Martin so I stopped. Last night was my office party and I have to say that it was a blast! We were the first to show up. he first hour was for drinks, then dinner after that. Everyone started slowly trickling in. It was set up beautifully and the food and wine was sooo good! We laughed and joked with everyone all night. It was a really good time. We ended up getting home around midnight. I am so happy that it went well. It made my season just not having to deal with the usual bullshit that I have to at these parties. My Dad ave a speech last night and his speech was about Peter and how much he does for the company and does stuff he isn't even required to do. He just gets what ever job done that needs to be done. Told everyone that it seems to go unnoticed with the things Peter does and no one pays attention to all that Peter does there at the company and he just w
Get your asses in Club Karizma it's off the hook and only gonna get better with the more of you that head in!
Partygals Mission Statement
"Helping Women Become Successful Nationwide" is the Party Gals mission statement. We truly believe that we can help women not only put the spark of intimacy back into their relationships, but also help them become successful in all areas of their lives. Party Gals will provide the training and the tools to help women establish and build a successful business of their own. Financially, we help women make as much as they want or need to make. Today, when safe sex is such an issue, Party Gals has the experience and knowledge to help women make smart choices. We've modernized the adult pleasure industry by removing the image of a 'sticky floors novelty shop' and converted it into a comfortable, private, and entertaining search for intimate, exotic, erotic products at our Romance Parties and on our distributor websites. Party Gals eliminates the 'plain brown package' and offers beautifully designed products that showcase the wide variety of high-quality romance merchandise w
Party This Weekend
Hello everyone just wanted to inform anyone and everyone who is in the mt.morris surrounding area that there will be a great xmash bash up at down the north on mt. morris rd just west of saginaw rd. Gene the dj is awesome and the bartender makes some hellacious drinks. so come on out and have a great time celebrting the holidays.
Party # 1
Christmas party 1 the 15th was the Christmas party for my main job Gold River Dist. Was held at the Ashland springs Inn. ( formaly known as the Marc Antony). Was kick in the Pants!!!!!!!!! all three Beer and wine ya can drink ( duh I work for a beer dist lol) Prime rib, salmon, chicken, kick ass sides, shrimp cocktail all you can eat......... won couple bottles of Italian chianti worth 50 bucks each. Afterwards some of us Walked down to the Black sheep and then i had a couple Irish car bombs and a Guiness milk shake. This coming friday is Christmas party 2 with my Fire Dept!!!!!!!! at the same place lol
Christmas party hosted by Will in on December 22nd at 6pm P.S.T or 9pm E.S.T!!! whats included: 1. HOTTIES on cam 2. Best Christmas Profile gets a 3 Day BLAST 3. Christmas Trival for fubucks 4. Everyones favorite music 5. Dancing and drinking Click on the banner to enter the lounge!!! .xo Freak Killah ox. (repost of original by '.xo Freak Killah ox. FU - Wifey to wicked killah & RL - Fiancee'' on '2007-12-18 12:01:43') (repost of original by 'Will~~~~~ coOwner of Nasty Habit~~~~~~Wicked Storm Crew~~~~~enforcer for Magikal Seductions}}}}}} &h' on '2007-12-18 12:04:02')
Part 1
It’s a peaceful scene, a bright summers morning, early. An elderly mans out walking his dog in the woodland. A lively golden Labrador, it bounds about up ahead of the man. It runs off close to the river side, and starts barking loudly out of the sight of the owner. ‘OK boy what you got’ says the old man cheerily He begins to walk over to where the dog is, still barking away. He reaches down and strokes the dogs head as he reaches it, then looks over the edge into the river. He reels back in horror as he says the naked body slumped face down next to the river bank, half submerged in the water…. The noise of the phone ringing wakes Steve, a puzzled look on his faces and he half asleep tries to work out what's going on. He reaches over trying to switch of the alarm before he realises that it wasn't the alarm making the noise, and he's not actually in his bedroom. Fallen asleep on the sofa again, living room littered with empty cans, a half eaten kebab still sits on the floor next to
The Party Is Finally Over
Daym my first big corporate comapany party and I gotta tell ya some people at work can act a fool (daym glad I got it on tape lol) It was a blast but kinda suck cuz we could not call it a Christmas Party due to some employees do not celebrate Christmas, what a bunch of crock but hey ya can't discriminate, but my opion(sp) if ya don't celebrate it don't go why make everyone else suffer. But hell I had a great time and will post pics soon on happy hour. Humm that question sounds like a good mumm, gotta do that when I am a little bit more sober I got hammered with the rest of them!!!!!!!
Part 1
One day I came home from work. My wife was there in the living room looking at me very mischievously. She told me to go sit on the couch, and then started to pull out a notebook. I knew that the note book was my secret diary that i kept under the bed. Of which i write all my deepest and darkest desires. She started to read off passages with a soft sensual tone. ..." As i reached down beside the bed and pull out a dagger." she read to me while biting her lip. I could tell she was getting aroused by just the simple thought of it. "moving it slowly and softly across her soft skin". She stops, and asks why I have never talked about this certain fantasy of mine. She the continues to read..."I push a lil hard as i watch the first drop of blood rise to the skin. I watch as she shudders and wander if its out of arousal or disgust. Then she puts the book down. Stands up and walks over to me and puts a blind fold on me and leads me into the bed room. She pushes me on the bed and smothers me i
Part Of Me
If I could never see your face again, Or reach out to touch you, If I could never again feel your warmth Against me in the night, Something would be missing in me. If, one day, you weren’t by my side, Together in comfortable silence, If your hand didn’t reach out to hold mine As we sat side by side, Part of me wouldn’t be there either. The minutes and the hours and the days Have molded our hearts into one, And I have found contentment and Satisfaction within your love. We belong together.
1000 1000 Part 4
1000 times 1000 cries 1000 rhymes 1000 crimes i have 1000 minds 1000 thoughts each have 1000 foughts 1000 more fights 1000 more lonely nights 1000 notes 1000 words 1000 hopes 1000 dreams 1000 nightmares 1000 dares i need 1000 lifes for 1000 wifes 1000 songs 1000 ways things can go wrong 1000 yesterdays 1000 tomorrows 1000 sorrows 1000 gravesends 1000 ends
Part 2 Of Wtf? What Is This Drama Central?
->~~SugarSpi...: grow up and get a damn life! ~~SugarSpi...: nobody asked u to butt in but seriously how does it feel to support our name ~~SugarSpi...: u made yoursef my prob when u came calling my friend a backstabber over shit painter told you ->~~SugarSpi...: Sorry but my dog is in labor and she is more important than your drama bull! Get a life I have been signed out! So deal with your own problems! ~~SugarSpi...: u on now was a lot more but it fell off. all this time I was logged off trying to get my dog to relax and have her puppies! What a crazy group of people these are!
Part Of The Journey
Party Invitations
Well 2008 is finally here and Pimpdaddy is preparing his list for all his pretend faux players. To all the pretend players that sent me their information and was able to get their names on the invitation list, be looking for that golden ticket to arrive in the mail soon. For all those that didn't make the list for this years party, don't fret, just find yourself a player with the golden ticket and you can come with them. If you can't find a player already on the list, then send pimpdaddy your information so you won't miss out on next years event. You can always goto and there you can learn how to get ya name on the list for future parties.
Part 3 Of Snow Storm
Part 1 Military Pimp Out
We will keep this short, since we are limited on space with this being such a huge pimp out! We would like to thank all that participated in this pimp out. We have so much gratitude and undying respect for all military. While we were gathering all the information need to do this, we made some new friends and heard some incredible stories. Which only strengthen our pride and respect for all people who have chosen to enlist in the military, past or present. Words can not express our admiration and gratitude towards all of you. You are truly our heroes! Please see the slide show at the bottom of this bulletin to see the salutes some fumember did for the military! Jarrod@ fubar ohsnap_ugotdaaids @ fubarLost in the Sauce@ fubarbucnasty@ fubarfifield@ fubarcrazy180
Part2 Military Pimp Out
>@ fubarHardrockman@ fubarMARINEMP1992®SECURITY@CHARMED VISIONS@ fubarCaseyMP - Support The Troops!!@ fubar449838@ fubarhunter@ fubarThe Stutter@ fubarjust@ fubarDusty S*U*P*@ fubarPFC Johnson@ fubar
Part3 Military Pimp Out
@ fubarGone Fishing@ fubar91b4h@ fubarGOD of DARKNESS... FU-Fiance to Tiffany 'Lil-T Pawns Bitches! Fu-Daughter To Huzo73... The kille@ fubarSeven3Lee@ fubarVal@ fubaridrmofs7 ßouncer @ ÇLÜß ØΧΥGΕN@ fubarlover4fun4u~co-owner/head enforcer of Witches Brew/RL B/F to Dj Lil Devil Angel~@ fubargiveussome2@ fubarRoughneckMP
Part 4 Military Pimp Out
>@ fubardesert_chief@ fubarJ/user.php?u=522392&friend=522392" target="_blank">@ fubar☯Maddog☯Head of Security @TCS lounge☯RL Hubby to MiLF™ ☆Good Twin ☆@ fubarspec4gijoe@ fubarMetal Ron@ fubarmedic4fun@ fubaroldcdawg62@ fubarMarineMech@ fubarJoshMP5@ fubar
Party For Two
Shania TwainParty For Two (Pop Version) - Featuring Mark McGrathMusic Video Codes By Music
Part 7 Golden Tickets....
DONT FORGET The Weekend SPECIAL For every 100 you get 25 more.... Started Friday@10 Fubar TIme And Ends on Sunday @ 10 Fubar Time..Get your Tickets. Hope Everyone Is Having a GREAT Weekend....The Oompa Loompa Ladies are still Going at it.. If you havent Received your Golden Tickets be watching for them....And Dont forget to watch for The Lollipop Lady....LOL...Enjoy Your time with us as we will as well.. Here are some more FUN LOVING People WRESTLING IS THE BOMB!@ fubar $ 5,000.00 ((10)) Tickets Freak of the Irish~Evil Bitch~G.M. of Greeter/Enforcer/Lounge Toy of Lilith's Lair~@ fubar $ 20,000.00 ((40)) Tickets Bought By Tonya"Moody Brat" 30,000.00 ((60)) Tickets Infamous Pitbull ~ The Psi Sanguin~ Fire_Pixis Real Life Fiance~@ fubar $ 20,000.00 ((40)) Tickets ~KyttieKat~Owned by sexymedic4u ~Vampyress of Darkened Love of LDCF@ fubar $ 4,000.00 ((08)) Ticket
Part 2... Just Ranting On.
7:27am Why is it always the same? I wore my heart on my sleeve, because of some dumbass guy I ended up liking. I didn't like him hardcore, but I liked him nonetheless. He is different than other guys. The way he hurt me was with his honesty. Even though he hurt me that way, I didn't show it. There are way more important things to worry about. Now what is it that happened? Most of you don't know that I was sort of into this one guy. His name will not be mentioned here. He showed genuine interest as did I, considering neither of us was looking to be in a relationship. I didn't know how to define my feelings towards him, so I always referred to him as my crush. I know crushes are what they are and usually don't go anywhere further than that, but I didn't know how to define what I'd felt. I know I liked this guy. He won me over with his charm, his personality, and his presence. He used to call everyday, and the funny thing was that he would always ask for permission
Part 1
between the hop skip and a beat...who knows whats going to happen long as everyone remains happy...we shall contuine to laugh at his dance and mock the people not sure if i should love this yet...but i sure as hell know that i think i like it...:D nothings worse than to doubt what you have and have what you doubt but to know that you dont doubt a single thing and as long as your the one that hes thinking of when he rest his head at night and hes the only guy you think about..well im not sure what you would call that but i know it involves being least in that part of life..and right now its the part i like the most...and i hope it stays that way for a while
Party 2
Part 1
this is highly dirty... im workin get faneties out of my head and this works for me...if you do not like reading ur porn please stop now... and be kind this is my deflowering piece of work of this kind... and i dont have a penis i ws just assuming how it feels................... I watched her in the shower. She rinses the soap from her body the water drips from her perfect breasts she gently rinses her pussy, she moans in pleasure. Taking her free hand and teases her nipple. Raising the water she works her self in to in state of ecstasy, I love watching her orgasm. She stops breathing, holding her breath to intensify the sensations sending her over the top. I want to taste her but I will let her have her own time knowing it will work to my benefit later. She comes out of the bathroom just they way I like her. Naked and clean, lily’s long reddish brown hair dried and straiten. covering part of her left breast. “May I make you breakfast, my lord” lily asked leaning into me so I could
Part Two. Home Again After Surgery And Useful References.
Part Two. Home again after Surgery. A rather perplexing time and the start of a learning curve. From May 2006 to Jan 2007 Once home I had a meal, a glass of red wine and pain killers then slept for England and stayed flat on my back mostly for about five days as it felt like my brain was sitting on a bed of rocks every time I moved around. I had been told that the CSF would replenish itself quickly and movement hastened its refilling, as far as I could make out from the Internet. I still had headaches and took painkillers for three weeks. As they gave me weird dreams I plucked up the courage at the end of May, well after the sutures had been removed by the District Nurse, to apply a blend of Essential Oils. I was dubious about this at first but as the skin had knitted fully I decided it would cause no ill-effects. Fortunately it killed the pain. I had great discomfort over a small dented area on the forehead which was presumably caused by the skin being taut over the inde
Part Four
i breath a long but soft sigh, hopeing strongly to myself that i'll be able to enjoy Master soon...time seems to drag on and on forever untill suddenly i feel a big strong pair of hands begin to caress my breasts..pinch my nipples..i moan softly and arch myself a bit...the one caressing me however remains silent. He (and am pretty sure the one touching me is a he) slowly trails a finger down my stomach to my now dripping wet slit...he teases my clit and i arch more...i feel his other hand cover my mouth in a silent command to remain quiet. i nod and try my best to obey and be silent, however his hand remains on my mouth. he suddenly slides a finger deep inside me without warning...i squeeze my eyes tight and slightly bite my lower lip. he begins to finger me slowly and i arch myself more. he takes his hand off my mouth and harshly pushes me back down. i nod and remain still...i swear i hear him laugh softly but i say nothing...suddenly i feel a second finger slide in me as he begins t
Part Five
i wake up to feeling Master caressing my body..."good morning my sweet pet" he says deeply. i yawn and turn over and smile at him, my thoughts still swimming of the previous night "good morning my Master, this one will have Master's breakfast ready very soon" He nods but takes a hold of my wrist and rolls over on his back and pulls me on top of him. "but first.." he says with a grin.."i'm having my way with my pet"..i nod "of course my Master, as you wish" i smile and reply softly he must have gotten up earlier and grabbed some toys from the dungeon because quickly he rolls me over and binds my wrists with a black cord sitting on the bedstand. i smile up at him and await what he does next...he pulls me up onto my knees and whispers softly "Master is taking pet's ass this morning..." i begin to reply but he puts the ball gag back in my mouth..."and if pet makes any noise, or cums without permission she will be spanked. i nod silently and lower my head...he takes my legs and binds them
Part Six
i wake up to hearing soft voices from the other room...i yawn and stretch a bit trying to doze back off a bit before Master comes to wake me. i sigh realizing i cant. 'Master must have our evening company over already" i think to myself i start to sit up and realize Master has been watching me and most likely heard my thoughts to myself. he simply smiles and me and stands. "rest well pet"? i nod "yes my Master, this one thanks Master for allowing her to rest" he nods and stands slowly walking over to me "you are right pet" he grins knowing i know he read my thoughts "we do have company over this evening" i nod and smile again.."how shall this one dress Master"? he grins "as you are pet" i blink and gaze at him "well..almost as you are" he reaches forward and places a thin collar with a loop on it below the one that he placed on me when he claimed me as his. "there perfect" he says smiling "the others in the living room are wanting to meet you pet..i have told them all about you and wh
Part 2
i guess i constantly keep thinking it....and im hoping that its just not words...i hope that im not being to forward and i believe that the meaning behind these words are geuine...they are for me and they mean very much to me this whole having your peorid shit is a bitch...and i yea it is what it is a chick thing... and i should just shut up and not contuine this blog but i want to write something...and i feel so stupid for everything i want to say..but i cant seem to keep preoccupied long enough to not think but .......god...eventually ill come out and say it in fustreation***.....BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
so i turn 20 wednesday n im not sure what i wanna ideas?
Part 83 (oh No)
Please don't give up now (Oh no) Don't run away (No-no) Just a matter of time you could be mine You have me now You had me then Signals you send Make me wonder like so Things i think i should know Again these signs you show What do i do? I don't want to loose you So precious to me Thoughts, how can this be? Are you slipping away? Do you have something to tell me today? Again i'm waiting for you The offer is on the table Potential that could be so stable Can luck swing my way? Could it happen today? Options appear like so Yet i don't want you to go I wonder if you even know What can i do? To win over you I feel you want to go So afraid to let me know What did i do? For you not to feel so true Do you want to tell me at all? To be at the top and about to fall I see soo many faces Often traveling to several places An i usually think of you What else is their to do Tell me how you feel What is on your mind? I'm about to let you know H
Part 84 (the Illusion)
I hate to do this But you treat me like i dont exist To not call you It is a test so true Please call and come through I'm waiting here for you Am i the one you want to persue For my soul to change To not care and love you would be strange Will you call at all? Am i about to hit the wall? Life is so sad Thinking of relationships i could have had Every person and everyone Is in my heart and in my soul Emotions and thoughts take a toll To speak from the heart I hate the fact we live 50 miles apart Seeing you would be a great start If only this could come true Still waiting for you Love and hate Destiny and fate Which one can you create? This is out of my control Sitting here in a saddened state You are the fish and i am the bait I'm sure soo many people can relate
Part 2
8. GUESS WHAT'S NEXT: Unpredictability during SEX can make the experience even more INTENSE! LADIES: while in MISSIONARY position, have him TEASE u by mixing up HIS movements: slipping it in just a little, going in halfway, and thrusting deeply, in RANDOM ORDER. For EXAMPLE: guys, try 2 short strokes followed by 1 long one OR try 3 slow deep ones in a row followed by 2 quick teases...BE UNPREDICTABLE! 9. SHOW OFF: The thought of getting caught in the act and how it excites you! Since most of us might not be brave enough to sneak off with our partner in a bar bathroom, try this instead: Do the DEED in front of a window, with the lights off. Ladies Stand up against the window, facing out, and have HIM take you from behind! YOU will get such a RUSH from the POSSIBILITY of being watched! 10. BLOW HOT AIR: No matter what position you're in, you can intensify the experience by gently "blowing hot air" on each other's skin. You are already experiencing pleasure in your genital area, but
Parts Of Me Application
First Name: Age: Gender: Location: What have your thoughts been thus far upon what you have seen?: Why do you believe you want to look at the material in question?: Are you willing to rate?: Are you willing to leave at less one comment?: From what you have already seen is it possible that you will be greedy and ask to see more then what is posted?: Do you have such material on your page?: If you already do have such material on your page please go on, if not please stop now. Are you willing to open your material up for me to look at rate and leave a comment(s)?: This brings us to the end of the questions, please read over your answers and remember they are what will be use to judge you on whether or not can see the material in question.
ever time i party i wake up still jrunk and a man on my arm this cant be good. but fuckit at least i get lad
Part Of Me Is Lost
Part of me is lost. I don't know who am I anymore. The true friend have came and gone. Either move on with there own lifes or I just lost contact. I wanted so much more and yet I have nothing to show. Time to revalulate my life and start living it for myself and fuck what everyone else thinks. Today is a new day, so if you dont like me or who I am. Stay the fuck out of my way because i'm tired of getting used and goodbye sweet, kind hearted Krystine and say hello to the bitch known as Skky. Now for those who are not users, abusers, lyin piece of shit and judgement pricks if you think you have what it takes to get to know me "the new me" hit me up. Or if you are one of the people I am talking about and want a second chance be prepared to have to work at it and trust me be willing to go through a lot of pain.. I'm not just doing this for all those who have used me but those who think they can get away thru life using others for personal gain. So here I am, trying to make this wor
Part 1
Held high above a fire left to choke, dancing on billowing clouds of smoke. My own human race looks down upon me! No wait I look down upon them! In a world of falsified dreams and fake reality, I am forced to become less like Him. A belief which I have always carried has been ripped from my hands not dead but still buried. Held high above a fire left to choke, dancing on billowing clouds of smoke. I have become what they molded me to be, another robot of their humanity. We are like cookie dough sweet and innocent, until the baker cuts us and bakes us for Pain's children. So is this what we will one day call fantasy just wait and see what will come to be. Held high above a fire left to choke, dancing on billowing clouds of smoke. Freedom, liberty, adversity, all found in speech. The tender heart so far out of reach. This is my dream this is my time so hear me now, who are you to try and hold me down? I will sla
Part 2 The Pre-qual
Immortality beckons unto me, but I was born into sin how can this be? For I know the wages of sin to be death, and aimlessly I wander it's well trodden path. I've heard the voice of my eternal Father, He's called me home to longer wander. Reestablish my faith, hold strong to belief. Rescue a generation and be it's relief. Persecute me as I try to save you. Mixed up views of reality showing through. What have I done so terribly wrong that could make me deserve this suffering of long? And now pain overcomes my soul as I cry. I only want to know one thing from any of you, why? Reestablish my faith, hold strong to belief. Rescue a generation and be it's relief. Why would you do this to one of your own? I am just trying to share the truth I have known. I do this for all who are lost and alone, I hold a secret who's time it is to be shown. Will you stand be my side and help me overcome adversity? For the burden seems to
Party People Wanted
myspace is too kiddy and i need to meet drinkers smokers and night owls
Participation Rules For Fire & Ice
1). Lately, it has come to the attention of management that several members of the FIRE AND ICE family have been derelict in their duties as levelers. 2). We cannot continue to provide the same excellant service in leveling people as we have done in the past without the continued support of ALL our family members. 3). Therefore it is, with the deepest regret, we must enact the following rules: A). All family members will be monitored by the management as to their involvement with FIRE & ICE leveling. B). If, during a period of 2 weeks, we see that you have not participated in any leveling activity you will receive a written warning, by the Head Enforcer, in your Fubar account mail box. C). If, after a week of your first warning, we still do not see any participation by you, you will receive a second warning from the Vice-President of FIRE AND ICE. D). Finally, if after your third warning, we still do not see any participation by you, you will
Part 1 Auction Results!
WHO GOTS WHO? Round 1 I want to say Thank You to all those that participated in my first Auction! I think it went very well. There were some great bids and some happy campers. I have friends that received a happy hour, 6 month V.I.P., all kinds of blasts including a 30 day and lots and lots of fubucks! we go... Sassy Redhead"OWNED by COZMIK DEBRIS"@ fubar is now owned by... Cozmik Debris@ fubar AND Domking123 Owned By Pita Bunny . ***Member of the Confedrate Family***@ fubar is now owned by... onesxybrat.."Fu owner of """"Domking123"""(READ PROFILE..B4 ADDING A@ fubar AND (o )( o)MunkeeFu -- ^sins^ SLAVE(o )(o )@ fubar is not owned by... ^sin^-@ fubar AND The Lonely Heart ~FU BOMBERS~ *Fu Owned by *skullcrushed* ~fu wifey to FIREGOBLIN85@ fubar is owned by... skullcrushed **fu owned by "null" and "the lonely heart"@ fubar MORE TO COME! Will work on the next round! While I am doing that you can go rate/fan/add my fr
Party Girl And The Weekend
I'm not your average girl. I like things extreme. I WANT AND LOVE BEING FORCED, and TRAPPED. I LOVE PAIN. Only way in my panties is by forcing. If you want this pussy then rape it. Remember you can't rape the willing and if you get the chance to force it then I want it. For those of you who enjoyed my discussion on my dream stalker. My body was a little tooooo busy and my mind to cloudy to visit with the dream stalker. By the way guys, Friday night I put on the little bitty bitty mini skirt your picked, along with the spandix top, thigh high tights - white and black zebra stripped, matching thong, knee high fetish boots. I wasn't there long when I felt the first fuzziness hit. I tried fight it off but the drink was already gone and liquid e and what ever else was already in me. I knew then someone wasn't going to take no for an answer. I love guys who'll do anything they have to use and abuse my body. As I fought to keep my head straight, my friend Mark decide I needed
Parting With Love
Parting With Love Hiding within your heart I find myself Hidden within your memories I live Thoughts of lost love still burning The fire growing slowly into infatuation The taste of my lips slowly fills your mouth Feeling my arms wrapped around you, You close your eyes… Remembering how things were supposed to be, A tear escapes your eye, With a smile on your face and love in your heart You let go of my hand, As we slowly part… Even from the start I loved you! No matter what we went through, I loved you! Remember this always, Today and throughout time I was always yours and… You will forever be mine~ By: John Cornell
Part 1
Part 2
Here's the link to my page to make it easier to get to: Thanks to everyone in advance who participates!
Part Of An Article Written About Circumcision
...the baby let out a piercing scream - his reaction to having his foreskin pinched and crushed as the doctor attached a clamp to his tiny penis. The infant's shriek intensified when the doctor inserted an instrument between the foreskin and the head of the penis, tearing them apart. Then the baby started shaking his head back and forth - the only part of his body he could move - when the doctor used another clamp to (lengthwise) crush the foreskin, which he then cut. This made the foreskin opening large enough to insert a circumcision instrument designed to prevent the head of the penis from being severed during the surgery. During the last stage of the operation, the doctor crushed the foreskin against the circumcision instrument, and then, finally, amputated it. By that time, the baby was limp, exhausted, spent. To see part of a baby's penis being cut off - without anesthesia - was shocking. Even more shocking was the doctor's comment, barely audible under the piercing screams of th
Party In Greeley Co!!!
Hey everybody in Greeley! I'm coming to see you!!! I'll be at the 8th Avenue Arcade this Saturday night :-) I'm taking my girlie Jayden with me, and it's her Very First live event. So come out and show your support!!! We'll be there at 7pm, and we'll be signing my DVDs-Jayden stars in MistysXXXgirls Bring Your Own Bitch Volume 5-and we'll be taking FULL NUDE polaroids with you guys. I hope to see you there!!!
Partygirlz Aren't Always What They Seem.
Party Girl Tansy Peschel 1-6-08 You know who I am I have many friends, We get babysitters, And go out on the town. I may catch your eye, Smile, flirt and giggle as you walk by. I may even dance with you out on the floor. Most likely though I am out there with my girls… or by myself. I am having fun. I will laugh too loud, I will drink too much. I will make you feel Like you are the best. Look at my smile. Is it real? Or am I thinking, Why am I here? I watch my friends Dance with you on the floor, And yet I know just an hour before… They kissed their man at the door. I shake my head And wonder why one is not enough. I watch you come towards me, Pick up lines flowing forth. Really, haven't I heard that before? Yes, sometimes I feel beautiful. I like my tattoo as well. I know what I am looking for. And you know what to say. Every man I talk to, knows the words as well. Would you just listen? You would know those lines Are ju
Part 1
Was thinking about this last night so decided to do it. Basically gonna write events of my life I can remember that made me who I am, so here goes. As a kid I never really spoke to anyone much, pretty much because the only talk in the house was arguments. My dad hated my brother, my brother hated my dad, not a very good mix. So basically I'd be holed up in my room the silent witness to all the shouting. I kinda think that's why I'm a good listener nowadays. I also think this is why I'm more happy to talk when I'm talked to first, 'cause when no one speaks to each other directly per say it's hard to grow into the habit. And I think that'll do for now until I can think of some other things. Thanks for reading.
Party Time!!
It's Friday!! You know what that means.... yep, it is party time!!! Me and the girls are heading out tonight to have fun and paint the town red!!! You will probably catch us up at the Upper Deck or at Cody's !!!! Give us a holla if you see us!!! :)
Part Of The Process
Feeling Stuck When we feel stuck in our lives it’s important to take stock of what is going on and find out if there is something we are doing or not doing that is keeping us stuck. Sometimes the situation is out of our control, and we need to look within to find the patience required to wait with equanimity until things move forward again. Many times, though, we can find the source of our stagnation in our own hearts and minds. Sometimes we are clinging to old ideas about reality and we need to make adjustments that will bring us back in tune with life, so we can flow again. Sometimes we find that fear of change is what’s keeping us stuck, and we can resolve to find ways of facing that fear. If introspection does not provide the answers we need, it can sometimes be helpful to ask those around you if they notice anything obvious that you might not be able to see. Remember to ask someone whom you can trust to be kind and sensitive as well as honest. Try to let go of your resist
Part Three-the Myth Of Corporate Taxes
The new Fair Tax plan will also do away with corporate taxes. Some people find this objectional. These people also believe that corporations don't pay enough taxes. The economic education of americans is so woefully inadequate that many of us actually think we pay less as individuals when taxes are transfered to a business or a corporation. Guess what? Those corporations are't paying taxes. WE ARE!!!! There is only one group in this country that actually pays taxes. US!!! Businesses and corporations merely collect the taxes and pass them on to the govt. Taxes are paid from wages and, in this country, only individuals earn wages. Let us say a business makes 20 mil a year. About 18 mil is paid out in labor and taxes. Now let us say the govt. comes along with a 5% increase in corporate taxes. What could possibly happen? 1) They could pay the taxes out of their 2 mil profit. (if this happens then the shareholders get a smaller dividend check. That means the shareh
Part 1-3 Of Ron Paul's Speech At The Conservative Political Action Conference On Thursday, February 7, 2008
Part Of The Family
THIS WAS MADE BY THE LEADER OF OUR BOMB SQUAD TAMSTER92 VERY GOOD JOB THANK YOU (repost of original by '=tamster92574~HEAD OF GIT-R-DONE REBEL BOMB SQUAD~`' on '2008-02-24 12:25:24')
Stranger Things Could Happen The night has finally come, after waiting for what seemed like a life time of penance, my dreams were about to be realized. Dreams might be too weak a word, let us go with fantasies. Wishing for someone who could do for my darkest desires , was like wishing for the earth to tilt another direction. At least that is what it seemed like to me, years of giving but never receiving. Giving others fantasies that they will never forget, but when would it be my turn? Or was I strange, was I one thats desires were too complicated and too taboo? Guys, well, they were scared of me.Subsequently, I had decided that I would never find the one who would venture to control me, in any way. Life's mysteries were weighing down on me, never finding what I need or receiving my share of fulfillment. I had made a pact with myself, starting tonight I would act demure and sweet. Several times in my life I had tried that same thing, it never worked, only brought me aggravation.
Party Like A Rockstar
come on now come on now come on now you know you make me wanna... Big Easy Idol Karaoke Contest- Sponsored by Jekyll & Hyde Liquor Tonight - Wednesday February 27th 9pm-1am Drink Specials All Night Include $1 Drafts $2 - Mixed Drinks $6 - Bud Light Pitchers $6 Jekyll & Hyde Monster Bombs Prizes for best and worst singer, group, impersonator, and outfit include free bar tabs, Yankees & Mets Opening Day Tickets and More now wait a minute.... Big Easy Monthly Zodiac Party - Sponsored by Coors Light This Friday - February 29th 10pm-4am Last chance to celebrate your birthday month for all of you born in January or February with discounted drink specials all night, free giveaways, Tickets and of course another visit from the now infamous Coors Light Girls. (infamous you ask? yes click here to see why)Not born in January or February? Well, we still have some fun stuff planned for everyone else as well, and afterall your Birthday month is coming up soon, so be sure
Part Of Your World
Part 1 And A Half?
From behind I feel you move closer, anticipation races through my viens quicker than the wine could ever do. You lean over and remove my hand from the wine glass and turn me to face you. As you take your hands and move them up to my face, you whisper 'kiss me'. I dont know what took me over, your eyes or your lips as they spoke to me, iI did as you asked. Anyone in the bar would have thought you my lover already from the way you kissed me. Not an over indulgence, tongue raping kiss, but rather a soft, sensual, knowing kiss. As you broke away from the kiss, I realized that I didnt even know your name. To my amazement, I realized that I had just kissed a perfect stranger, in front of a group of perfect strangers. But rather than embarrassment, all I could feel was arousal. My lips felt swollen with need, not to mention the rest of my body's reaction. All else was forgotten as you took my hand to lead me onto the tiny dance floor. Of course, normally I would never let a stranger go a
Party Time
Party Time Drink Up Almost The Weekend
Party & Burn!
HAPPY HOUR IN HELL WITH... Today, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29th @ 8 PM FU TIME! Can you take the heat? RATE A THON FOR FUBUCKS! SAVE YOUR 11's! $15,000 for 100 11's $10,000 for 100 10's Private message when you are finished so you can get your bloody fu money! BROUGHT TO YOU BY: THE BEAST... AND THE HARLOT.... Get your player at
Party At My House Tonight....
let's break out the.... and.....
Party Time
come check out club fantasia click the link below we partying like no other
Part 1
why is it someone can be upset for the content in a private file marked nsfw? also how can folks be upset when on there own page are the same type pics........ a little hippicridical
Party Weekend!!!!!
PARTY Tonight!!! Well tonight is the night I FINALLY get to get the last three months under my belt and behind me. My ANNUAL St. Patty's Day party. Yes it is a week early, but I will be on my trip with some GF"S next weekend. Hope u all have a great weekend this weekend, and a wonderful EVENTFUL party weekend next weekend.
**party Full Of Prizes!!**
Click banner to visit lounge! DJ EVIL is CELEBRATING her 1 YEAR WRR ANNIVERSARY!!! Join us Tuesday, March 11 from 10:00pm until 2:00am EST for a huge party!! JAM PACKED with music, laughs, fun, and PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES!! Random drawings for fubux and logo prizes. Also, bring in a friend - when they say "(your name) invited me to WRR" both of you receive 500 fubux each! THE PARTY IS ON WORLD ROCK RADIO
Party Time
Party In Hell
Party in Hell They are throwing a party in Hell tonight, And for some reason I have an invite, So with nothing better for me to do, I travel down through the gates of doom. The band is playing an old rock tune, The place is filled with a smoky gloom, A succubus greats me at the door, Leading me seductively across the floor. I spin away from the demon and grin, It's time for the real party to begin, The imps in Hell now join the fun, As Beelzebub pours drinks for everyone. Devils dance as the goblins drink beer, I soon realize that I have nothing to fear, I take the time to have a toke, Forgetting about sin and going for broke. Sex, drugs, I do them all, Drowning my life in alcohol, Indulging more and more, 'til it's all a blur, Eyes getting droopy and words are slurred. Slowly now I slip down to the floor, The pleasure now pain, I cant take any more, Knowing now that as I fell, Eternity I have now earned in Hell. Around me now the party still goes
Part One
Dark angels wings once broken Raise to fly again Up from within the ashes A broken soul wont mend A tainted heart lost in darkness Reach to find something there Severed soul cut clean Lead by dispare Into the nothing Wondering in darkness Undead hand takes hold and leads me away
Part Two
As i wander across the black sands lead by my new companion we stop and look back on where we have been a road lies behind us built on shatterd trusts and a broken heart i let go of the skellital shade as he just noddes and turnes away to leave me to fend for myself in this new dark existence a broken angel to find his way home.
Part Three
Second chances lay in the sands Next to my broken heart My heart matches my wings And im left in despare I thought i was ok But i blinked now noones here I immagend her in a dream Or atlest now thats how it seems I cant even immagin her face I guess its in that hollow place It lays in the sands next to my chance Now we have eternity to dance So i look and smile but it kills me inside I try to look happy but its only a lie I just turn away and start to walk And it shatters my soul till I can barely talk But i get out 3 words befor i walk my lonely road I love you is all that was said It didnt come out that way but thats all it was and a broken angel walked so long that he just dissapeard He struggled to failure.
Part One...
The story so far... Helen & Phil met each other in an internet forum and built a strong bond. Until today they had never met. Phil is from England & American-born Helen lives in the Californian wine region. Phil has flown around the world to see if their friendship and feelings for each other can develop to a higher level. He has booked a suite in a secluded country hotel. They enjoy a romantic dinner. They talk, they laugh, she shares her deepest dreams and he shares his. The connection between them intensifies... We pick up the story at the end of the meal.... Outside, it was a warm sultry night. Helen and Phil sipped their coffees, gazing into each others eyes, unaware that everyone else has left the hotel restaurant. Both were already thinking of what lay ahead. Phil took Helen by the hand. They made their way slowly back to their four-poster suite, her resting her head on his shoulder as they walked. Inside the room, softly flickering candles bathed the room in a warm
Party In The Den.....woot
WE ARE GONNA SET THE DEN ON FIRE! BACK WITH A VENGENCE AND THE BALLZZ ! ! TO ROCK YOUR WALLZZ ! ! So come on by and have a drink and relax with us! Click Here To Enter Lounge! Music Provided By Snake Bite Radio Check Us Out !
Part Two
Later that night.... Helen gently awoke in the middle of the night, her head resting on Phil's chest as it slowly rose and fell with his breathing. A lamp at one end of the room and a few almost burnt out flickering candles provided a break from the darkness. She got off of the bed and wandered towards the full length mirror. She stood admiring her naked form in it's reflection. She noticed with mock indignation the red marks on her neck where Phil had been biting her earlier and remembered how amazing their first ever lovemaking had been, so tender and passionate at the same time. She felt a growing arousal from within. She circled the redness on her neck with her slender fingers, then allowed them to snake down her chest. As one hand cupped a pert breast and massaged it gently, the other lightly brushed her soft downy pubic area. Suddenly, she was alerted by the sound of a single throat-clearing cough, and turned to see a bleary-eyed Phil grinning back at her. She continued
Part Three
The next morning... The late morning sun poured through the bedroom window of the hotel, illuminating the scene. Phil and Helen were laying naked on the bed in each other arms. As Phil stirred, he gave her a gentle squeeze to awaken her. Helen awoke to find Phil smiling broadly at her, and as she remembered the previous night's events she grinned sheepishly too. He leaned forward and kissed her passionately, awakening them both even more, particularly the yearnings from within. But before they could do any more a knock on the door startled them, and through a fit of giggles Phil managed to call out to housekeeping to come back later. Helen suggested they go for a nice romantic picnic at the beach as it was such a glorious day. Phil smiled approvingly at the idea. They enjoyed another lingering kiss before getting dressed and heading off in the car to buy some food. After leaving the store, Phil drove the hire car in the direction of the coast, the long straight road surprisingly
Part Four
A little bit later... The beach was still deserted, the sky turning hazy. A lightly cooling breeze over her face awoke Helen from her gentle slumber in Phil's arms. She eased herself up, careful not to disturb him. He remained asleep, a contented look on his face. She smiled as she noticed the bulge in his shorts and hoped he was dreaming about her. As Helen pondered his state of arousal, she felt herself becoming turned on too and instinctively her hand reached down between her legs. She pressed her fingers firmly against the outside of her knickers, feeling the moistness, murmuring softly as the pressure she applied started to build her pleasure. She pushed the crotch of her knickers to one side and allowed her fingers to caress the lips. Groaning a little more loudly, her middle finger slowly stroked her clitoris in a circular motion. Phil stirred and opened his eyes. He looked at her and smiled, his expression indicating his approval that she should carry on. Helen decided
Party Time!!!
I partied HARD at 13Pure in Colorado Springs last weekend!!! Do you want a peek LOL?!? I would LOVE to share it with you!!! Check out the little video I made, and the pics we took that night. The girls and I had tons of fun LOL!!! If you're in my area, you HAVE to come out and party with us next time :-)
Parts 4 Sale
My name is Ben. I started this company with the intent to give you what you want on your car or truck at a decent price.We have a full custom shop.We also offer custom body work and painting. Suspension lifts,lowering kits,body kits, body lift, shackle reversal kits, and straight axle a full line of accessories. So if you want to get a price on something, give me a call.
Part 1
I start of by lightly kissin' your neck with a little trace of my tounge,as i am kissin' your neck my hands are softly rubbin' and massagin' your breasts and nipples. I slowly start kissin' my way down your neck, until i reach your upper chest in the middle right above your breasts, i light push both breasts together and kiss my way up both of your breasts until I am in the middle of your breasts, I start to kiss, lick, suck and nibble on your right breast and nipple as my right hand is still massagin' and lightly pinchin' your left breast and nipple. I bring my left hand close to your breast as i start to play with your righ breast and nipple and i start to kiss and lick my way over to your left breast as i am still massaging it and lightly pinchin' your nipple. As I take your left nipple in to my mouth, my right hand works it was down your stomach to your mid section and starts to lightly rub and massage your mid section right above your mound. As my left hand is still massagin
Part 2
I start to kiss down the right side of your pussy ever so close, but not close enough and start to kiss and suck hard on your right inner thigh as my right hand is so ever lightly rubbin' your pussy lips....... Lightly run my fingers over your pussy lips and just so ever lightly flick my tounge across your clit.. Just enough to tease you and make you want more... I slide myself back to the ankle of your left leg and start kissin' and lightly lickin' my way up your calf, your knee, your thigh until i reach your left inner thigh again.. I lightly lick and kiss your pussy lips and ever so gentle lick and kiss your clit, and slide myself back down and start kissin' and lickin' my way up your right leg. Lightly nibblin' and kissin' and lickin' your calf, the sides and under your right knee, your thigh, until I reach your inner thigh again.. This time I run my tounge ever so softly from the bottom of your pussy all the way up to your clit and so ever lightly lick and suck on your
Part 3
This part might seem like a repeat and a repeat of the same thing over and over again, but yet it's sorta what i would do as well!! You go to sit up and forget that you are handcuffed to the headboard, you so bad wanted to play with yourself to make you cum, but you can't cause you foregot that you were handcuffed.. Did i also forget to mention that you have your feet tied down as well, as you lay on the bed handcuffed and legs tied down spread eagle. I start to lightly nibble and suck on your clit & start to pinch your nipples. As I am lookin' up into your eyes lookin' at you and watchin' your reactions. I start to suck harder on your clit and bring one hand down to finger your pussy, you can feel my fingers up against your g-spot. I see the look into your eyes that you are feeling great and are about to cum. So I start to suck harder and nibble harder and rubbin' my finger harder and faster on your g-spot.. I can feel you tighten up and i can see the look in your eyes
Party All Weekend Long
Ya'll come party wit us all weekend long at the most jumpin joint in Tupelo,MS. BOGARTS in the RAMADA. If i don't c ya there it's because u can't get in tha door.
The Party
Hey guys, Sorry I was a little tied up last week. Well, more like cuffed, and gagged. Through in the fact that I was on a forced kandi flip the entire time. I didn't get any sleep the entire time but the dream stalker made many many visits. Now that is amazing to be all cuffed up, 2 guys raping my little drug body, and my mind teasing and instigating a dream. Walking is still difficult because my legs were chained out so far for so long. Lets don't forget my, jaw, ass, pussy is sore for the constant abuse. Fuck my jaw seems like its broke or torn or something. Luv U Tara
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
This is Kenny, Mrkaramel, slimlover604, love2give604,somegoodgoodlovin604 KENLOC out of Dayton, OHIO Come Check Me out At: and ---------------------------------------------------------------------- And the wait iz over it's finally here 'The New Rok - Da' - Spot' with songs now at: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- My Queen Purpose has a Poetry Spot called Vibez & Visionz Go check her out At: ANd Also or ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Cuz Tim Woodz has a sopt on here with hot ass beats and recording time (schedrule only) (No walk-ins at this point).........Che
Party In Arlington, Tx. April 19th, 2008!! Be There!!
It all started out with (Deb) Blueroses ~Blueroses~ you just never know@ fubar and (Barb) Tulsa's Angel Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Promoter / Sisters4Life ~@ fubar talking about needing a girls night out. Ha! It didn't take much to convince us that even tho we're in different states, we ARE going to do this! Calling all girls needing a night out! Saturday, April 19th, 2008 in Arlington, Texas! !!! UPDATE !!! While this is going to be a girls' night out and the girls will congregate together, we are inviting all Fubarians, all guys and gals! THIS WILL BE STAG... WE ARE NOT HOOKING UP .. .NO PERVS ALLOWED, but boys, you ARE invited! Let Tulsa's Angel or Blueroses know and we will be sure you are on the blogs and bulletins! APRIL 19, 2008 ALL OF FUBAR COWBOYS IN ARLINGTON TEXAS BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!! Cowboys plays country and hip hop. The best part is they serve liquor! Surely if you check out all who are go
Partick Thistle 0-2 Rangers
Partick Thistle 0-2 Rangers By Colin Moffat Novo opened the scoring for Rangers at Firhill Rangers set up a Scottish Cup semi-final meeting with St Johnstone with a replay win at Firhill. Nacho Novo slid in to fire the visitors ahead and Chris Burke added a close range header before half time. Partick Thistle squandered a great early chance when Marc Twaddle failed to find an empty net from 20 yards out. Jags midfielder Simon Donnelly missed a penalty then hit the crossbar, while Rangers also missed from the spot - Jonny Tuffey saving from Daniel Cousin. Left-back Steven Smith started his first game in 16 months and was one of seven changes in the Rangers line-up. However, Walter Smith's side was still packed with top flight experience, although they had to work hard against determined opponents. Despite the dreadful condition of the pitch, both sides endeavoured to pass the ball on the deck and there were early chances at either end. A ne
Part3 Of 3
A Part Of Me
You sing a song for feeling right And you sing a song just knowing it's right You write songs when everything's a mess You sing a song to get it off your chest You hate to brand what you're doing anyway You close your eyes when you sing to yourself Being what you are does not make a change You sing a song for setting things straight Chorus On and on, it's wonderful But isn't there something missing On and on, wherever you go There's always someone listening Verse 2 You sing a song for being in love You sing the song that made it to the tops Never get wise on music, so just let it go You sing a song if it makes you grow Chorus But on and on, it's wonderful But isn't there something missing On and on, wherever you go There's always someone listening On and on, it's wonderful But isn't there something missing On and on, wherever you go There's always someone listening You sing a song for m
A Part Of My Family History
I WENT LOOKING FOR SOME OF MY FAMILY HISTORY ON MY MOTHER'S SIDE, HER FATHER WAS HALF INDIAN AND THIS IS WHAT I FOUND. IT'S HARD GETTING ALL THE FACTS FROM FAMILY. Mahican. The name means "wolf." This tribe is not to be confused with the Mohegan of Connecticut (q. v.), though the names are mere varieties of the same word. Also called: Akochakanen, meaning "Those who speak a strange tongue." (Iroquois name.) Canoe Indians, so called by Whites. Hikanagi or Nhikana, Shawnee name. Loups, so called by the French. Orunges, given by Chauvignerie (1736), in Schoolcraft (1851-57, vol. 3, p. 554). River Indians, Dutch name. Uragees, given by Colden, 1747. Connections. The Mahican belonged to the Algonquian linguistic family, and spoke an r-dialect, their closest connections being with the southern New England Indians to the east. Location. On both banks of the upper Hudson from Catskill Creek to Lake Champlain and eastward to include the valley of the Housatonic. (See also Connect
Part Three - My Theme - Thx Leah
Passion Somebody somewhere In the heat of the night Looking pretty dangerous Running out of patience Tonight in the city You won’t find any pity Hearts are being twisted Another lover cheated, cheated In the bars and the cafes, passion In the streets and the alleys, passion A lot of pretending, passion Everybody searching, passion Once in love you’re never out of danger One hot night spent with a stranger All you wanted was somebody to hold on to yeah Passion, passion Passion, passion New york, moscow, passion Hong kong, tokyo, passion Paris and bangkok, passion A lotta people ain’t got, passion Hear it in the radio, passion Read it in the papers, passion Hear it in the churches, passion See it in the school yards, passion Once in love you’re never out of danger One hot night spent with a stranger All you wanted was somebody to hold on to yeah Once in love you’re never out of danger One hot night spent with a stranger All you wanted was
Part 1
Did you know that life ends after one love? That one that got away and all. I've been stuck here in my parent's basement thinking about the arguements I've had since, the relationships and the years wasted. Word to the wise, you will not like me. I am not a nice person, and the closer I get to that day, the worse for wear I am. It was New Years. A party, one that I'm not entirely sure I was supposed to be at. It was in the middle of east central Illinois cornfields, a raucus gathering of adolescent rebellion. There's something of curious particular note. Is a cornfield or a bean field still a corn or bean field in the middle of winter? We were off in the distance, 2 in the a.m. a blazing fire reaching towards the clouded night sky. I remember the sky well, and wanting the moon to scratch it's way through. I was alone, as I had been for many years prior. It changed that night. I won't use the word angel, damn cliche, but this oasis of our cold little desert caught my eye, as I
Part 2
And this is where I tell you about a dream I had while unconscious. I don't though. Ever since I can remember, I have not dreamt one thing. It's like a endless cycle; I go to sleep, I wake up in what seems like an instant, I throw on my pants, tie my shoes, light up a smooth menthol Kool. I didn't even realize I had been unconscious when I woke in the back of Jazz's car. It was a four door piece of shit that both of us had driven to Hell and back. Jazz and Ms. Oasis were sitting in the front seat. My head, for some reason was resting on another girl's shoulder. I remember first checking for drool. That would have been embarrasing. You awake Mal? I groaned something that might have formed a yes, and reached into my pocket. The weight of my body falling on top of my cigarettes had crushed the pack. Many were broken, but I managed to fish out just a badly bent one. I lost my fuckin' lighter. I groaned. Jazz chuckled for a minute and threw his back at me. I dragged deep, looking out
Part 3
And thus it began. We are now at the meat and potatoes of the story, the heart, if you will. This is where all the good stuff happens, and people reading will refuse to blink. Before we begin though, let me thoroughly explain this. All throughout highschool, people thought I was a drug addict. I refuse the very thought, it was just that I didn’t get much sleep regualarly, and my eyes were normally bloodshot, that being said, we may continue. We spoke of all manor of things. She noted the silver cross that hung from my neck, and asked if I was Christian. I dually noted that I despised the thought of God or anything cruel enough to let being continue existing (see where the reference to not smoking pot comes in handy?). The cross had once belonged to my grandfather, and it now belonged to me. I told her that it was probably my most prized possession, and how even though I tried incredibly hard, I couldn’t remember his face. We talked about my family, my car, we talked alot about me. I
The Part Of Me No One Sees....
The Part of You That No One Sees You are compassionate, caring, and soothing. You like other people to depend on you... In fact, you don't feel right unless you are helping someone out. Underneath it all, you feel the burden of everyone's problems. Without your guidance, you fear that many people's worlds would fall apart. You like to feel in charge, even if it brings you a lot of stress. What's the Part of You That No One Sees?
The Party Is About To Begin In Less Than A Day In Half! The Dream Team Doing Big ! Happy Hour!
Hosted By: PhatMan Entertainment ~ P.M.E. When: Sunday May 04, 2008 at 9:00 PMWhere: 5 Seasons 830 Guilford AveBaltimore, MD 21220United StatesDescription:PhatMan Entertainment ~ P.M.E. Click Here To View Event
Part One Of My Story
chris malloy is no ordinary man...he's a cop his first week on the job, malloy was making his way to kenosha for his work when he drove upon a body in the middle of the road. curious, malloy examined the dead body, not knowing someone was approaching him from behind. man what could have done this? as he turned a ghostly looking man lunged at him, looking to eat his brains but malloy kicked the man in the gut and then backed up, drawing his gun as he fired on the man who tried to attack him. the bullets hit him, but he didn't drop, which bothered malloy dammit die u fucker, he shouted as he placed a shot in the man's skull. as he checked the man, he saw the body he was examining crawling toward him. reaching for his knife, he sliced the undead woman in the throat, then fired a singel shot into her brain, killing her instantly. reloading his .45, he searched the alley for any survivors as he made his way down the alley, he saw the door to the restaurant swing open, and a you
Part 2 Of Jerry Springer On Fubar Mumm
TRAILERGIRL hey why u yelling at my hubby??? ME "yelling at your husband"? First of all, who the hell are you & I didn't realize I was in a 7th grade chat room TRAILERGIRL uhmm what is ur obsession with the 7th grade..i happen to be 26 fukin years old here bud ME well, u & ur husband are acting like childish 7th graders that create drama by trying to get into everyone else's business. Try acting like a 26 year old & no one will accuse you of being a 7th grader TRAILERGIRL i am acting like a 26 yr old when my best friend comes to me saying that there is a guy on her fubar who is trying to get her to fuck him i start to have a mild attitude problem ME I'm sorry if you think you are acting like a 26 year old, but you are not. I'm not sure your IQ or how far you made it in school, or if you were in the special ed program. Last I checked, SHE is an adult & can make her own decisions. If she wants to fuck me that is HER decision, NOT you or your "husbands". If she is men
lats all get drunk and hve fun
Partial List Of Eternal Truths....
1. This is it! 2. There are no hidden meanings. 3. You can't get there from here, and besides there's no place else to go. 3. Nothing lasts! 4. There is no way of getting all you want. 5. You can't have anything unless you let go of it. 6. You only get to keep what you give away. 7.There is no particular reason why you lost out on some things. 8.The world is not necessarily just. Being good often does not pay off and there is no compensation for misfortune. 9. You have a responsibility to do your best nonetheless. 10. It is a random universe to which we bring meaning. 11. You don't really control anything. 12. You can't make anyone love you. 13. No one is any stronger or any weaker than anyone else. 14. Everyone is, in his own way, vulnerable. 15. There are no great men/women. 16. If you have a hero, look again; you have diminished yourself in some way. 17. All of you is worth something, if you will only own it.
Part Three (abuse)
Party @ Sunset Cafe 051208 (by Dj Bandit)
SunSet Café Wants To Welcome You Out To Party With Us Live DJ’s All Day Long Come Out and Join The Party At Bulletin Made By ÐJ-ßäñdít™-§üñsêt Çåfê-Øwñ ßý ÐixiëMåmí@ fubar (repost of original by 'ÐJ-ßäñdít™-§üñsêt Çåfê-Øwñ ßý ÐixiëMåmí' on '2008-05-11 13:35:16') (repost of original by '~RescueDiva~Owner of ~Sunset Cafe ~Owner of DJ Meko~Member of ~Friendship Circle~Lollipop Girlz~' on '2008-05-11 13:36:33') (repost of original by 'Dj DREAM KING STATION MANAGER@SUNSETCAFE' on '2008-05-11 13:40:31')
Part 1
You entered: christopher jacob rikli There are 21 letters in your name. Those 21 letters total to 112 There are 7 vowels and 14 consonants in your name. What your first name means:Shakespearean Male 'King Richard III' Christopher Urswick, a priest. 'The Taming of the Shrew' Christopher Sly, a tinker. Latin Male With Christ inside. Greek Male From the Greek word meaning carrier of Christ, Famous bearer: St Christopher, patron Saint of travellers, is believed to have carried the Christ-child across a river. English Male He who holds Christ in his heart. Famous Bearers: actors Christopher Plummer and Christopher Walken; explorer Christopher Columbus. Your number is: 4 The characteristics of #4 are: A foundation, order, service, struggle against limits, steady growth. The expression or destiny for #4: Order, service, and management are the cornerstones of the number 4 Expression. Your destiny is to express wonderful organization skills with your ever practical,
Part 2
17 January 1981 Your date of conception was on or about 26 April 1980 which was a Saturday. You were born on a Saturday under the astrological sign Capricorn. Your Life path number is 1. Your fortune cookie reads: A member of your family will soon do something that will make you proud. Life Path Compatibility: You are most compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 1, 5 & 7. You should get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 3 & 9. You may or may not get along well with those with the Life Path number 8. You are least compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 2, 4, 6, 11 & 22. The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2444621.5. The golden number for 1981 is 6. The epact number for 1981 is 24. The year 1981 was not a leap year. Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 2/16/1980 and ending 2/4/1981. You were born in the Chinese year of the Monkey. Your Native American Zodiac sign is Goose; your plant is Bramble. You
Part 3
The Life Path is the sum of the birth date. This number represents who you are at birth and the native traits that you will carry with you through life. The most important number that will be discussed here is your Life Path number. The Life Path describes the nature of this journey through life. The Life Path number is established from the date of birth. First, add the Month, day, and year together to arrive at a total. Next, reduce this four digit number to a single digit. Example: If a person was born on October 23, 1972 (10-23-1972*), add the month 10 to the day 23 plus the the year 1972 arriving at a total of 2005. Then add the digits in 2005 arriving at the Life Path number 7. The "master numbers, " 11, 22, and 33, have been incorporated within the corresponding single digit number readings. See addition comments about master numbers. If you choose to consider the master numbers, you can stop reducing the compound numbers when you arrive at the master numbers, 11
Part Of Your World
Part #2 Of The Bullshit(enters The Fake Profile)
Isnt this amazing check this shit out the fake ass profile comes to my page and rates me a 10 and fans me before she fans anyone else! so i fronted up the lying ass fake! screens of the convo and of her page. enjoy folks!! tell me would you look at this page and believe this person? Here is the link imma ho@ fubar you will see me asking for any sort of proof including what lounge i was supposed to be talking shit in but she avoided that question completely! hmmmmmmmm makes you wonder huh. so what do ya'll think huh ? not willing to give any proof other than she claims to have seen me in "Some" lounge! such bullshit !
Part 4 Of ?
Well today was a day in the record books....The CPS did their job for one thing, and shocked us all. They actually decided to keep the kids away from their mother, my stupid dope head step daughter...good decision. The Child Protective Services decided that the children needed to stay where they are for the next month AT LEAST, which means the baby, 3 month old Jacob will stay with Nikki's mom and the 3 year old will be living with her father. He isn't my number one choice as a guardian for her (I am of course, I have taken care of her for over 1.5 of her 3 yrs), but he is better than the alternative, which would be Nikki getting her back. Little Grace is traumatized right now, she saw a stabbing and her mother being beaten, the last thing she needs is to be in her mother's care...and I am using the word "mother" very lightly considering she has never been much of one to either of her children. What has upset me the most today is that after all I have done for Nikki, she comple
i luv 2 party with my homiez but is it right 2 party almost all time or sumtimez i dunno but tx partys do have sum avantage of it with few or lotta ppl goin even id u stay night with ur homiez so therefore i cant complain about it i luv party with my homiez
Part 1 Biggest Pimpout Ever!!
To anyone living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area: Tonight is party time at City Streets! Come out to party for Reesie's 26th birthday bash! City Streets 4th & Commerce Sundance Square Fort Worth, TX 76102
Part 1 Of 3
Part 1 ..drama
time to preach on ya'll now, its not bitching, it's not complaining, it's just the truth in my eyes.......don't like it, or if it's too much for your brains to comprehend, DON'T READ IT!! ........i bust balls! it's fun, but i can also take critisism from people too. it's all apart of life if you got the nuts to post stupid material then you should strap in for the repercussions. point blank. some people like to call it drama because you try to post a serious topic, and get nowhere with it. then you got the people who starts some nonsence or, just down on themself and you have to take your pain out on others because your life sucks so bad and you don't want nobody to know that your life sucks, but you have to put an internet front on for someone. shoot i don't front! you see me on here busting balls, occasionally getting serious, this is how i do it in real life. i put no front on for nobody. i don't have time for that. so, lets break this DRAMA thing down one time. drama is "a
The Party Info
aight all this is my goin away party. it will b starting at 12pm and will continue through that nite its an all ages till bout 4 or 5pm then if u have kids i would ask u to take them home bekuz the tru party will b starting. its goin to b a potluck also i will b havin the hot dogs and hamburgers if u want something else bring it. im goin to try to get 2 kegs but i dont think thats goin to happen so contact me if u would like to help out on that. if u dont have my number its 253-722-3510 can reach me anytime for anything. o and if u plan on drinking bring a tent kuz no one is drivin home drunk i dont care how good of a driver u r. i will b takin keys once u come n unless u have a dd or r not drinking. if u want to come and dont know my address message me or call me and ill give it to u
Party It Up
so my best friend raeonna is having a kegger for her sweet 16 on saturday. we have everything we need to set the mood for the luoi theme. tiki tourches, hola outfits, lays, personalized huggies,a dj, 3 kegs and lots of other drinks. her mom definatly loves us this year!!! rae is super excited and i can't wait to see how she reacts to being drunk lol. the most alcohol she has ever had is thanksgiving day wine!!!
Part 1 Team Pimpout Club Far
Part 2 Club Far Team Pimpout
WHATS UP FU'S! YOU WANTED PART 2 OF THIS SEXY TEAM WELL HERE YA GO! GO SPANK THEIR PAGES WITH MAD LOVE TODAY! FAN..ADD..RATE.. MAD LOVE TO CLUB F.A.R!!!!! CLUB F.A.R.**CLUB F.A.R.**CLUB F.A.R.**CLUB F.A.R.**CLUB F.A.R.**CLUB F.A.R. "Frozen Trinket" Fu-Married to Bound by Faith & Club F.A.R. Member@ fubar A??el4? ????????@TheJungle&Club420(club far)@ fubar neca717 Greeter of FU-Luv bomb squad member of club F.A.R.
Party/bbq 2008/06/14
Contact me if u wanna come.....Food, drinking, and movies most likly
Party Monday! Join Us!
Happy Hour Rate a Thon Folder OPEN! Rate for Bucks. C Folder and PM When done! BLING FOR A SFW SALUTE! Bling my bootay and I'll show love back and make you a Salute :) Jet Bling for a Family Add to see Goodies! SPANK ME HARD ALL DAY LONG! Remember you can still go love my Pink Banana too! And the JET BLING is still up for Auction! Will Close after my Happy Hour ends! So bid FUBUCKS to get your own Jet Bling and lots and lots of points! Pink and Pebbs Party! Happy Hours Monday @ 11am and 12pm FU Time! We love to share...SO...give Pink 50 11's and Pebbs 50 11's! Spank the rest of their stuff with 10's! If you haven't already Fan, Add and RATE, RATE, RATE them! Spoil these ladies with Bling and get lots of love back! 11 am Fu Time... *Pink0828*~*~Owned By Bleuskyhere $$$ & keith67~*~Sarge's Bad Girl~*~@ fubar Noon Fu Time... ~PebblesinAZ~@ fubar She's My Nanner Bananer and I'm her Funky Monkey! A very Special Thanks to our Super
Part Of Chapter One Of My Book.... What Do You Think?
A piece of my life. (chapter 1 incomplete) 3 am: Oh gosh is he awake again. It seems like I just put him to sleep. Well I better get up before his crying wakes up his sister. (after rocking the infant back to sleep and feeding him lays back down in bed) Geez how did I possibly get here. I'm 20 with two kids (2 1/2, Sara and 9mo. Logan) barely not living on the streets. Although my life has been a lot worse before. I had so much potential and very high values. I didn't grow up poor or in this life style, but some how I got here... Aw.. Yes I remember it now. It seems like it was a life time ago. I was 12 and the world was mine for the taking. I was very innocent and well mannered. However it was time for the hormones to kick in. Bobby socks and sun dresses weren't going to impress my peers. So I traded them in for baggy jeans and form fitting shirts. Now we were cool. We were in the lime light. The loudest and the rowdiest. Obsessed with flirting and
Part 2...more Information On Gypsies
again the information is taken from wikipedia. the link can b found on the previous post Historical persecution The first and one of the most enduring persecutions against the Roma people was the enslaving of the Roma who arrived on the territory of the historical Romanian states of Wallachia and Moldavia, which lasted from the 14th century until the second half of the 19th century. Legislation decreed that all the Roma living in these states, as well as any others who would immigrate there, were slaves. The arrival of some branches of the Roma people in Western Europe in the 15th century was precipitated by the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans. Although the Roma themselves were refugees from the conflicts in southeastern Europe, they were mistaken by the local population in the West, because of their foreign appearance, as part of the Ottoman invasion (the German Reichstags at Landau and Freiburg in 1496-1498 declared the Roma as spies of the Turks). In Western Europe, this res
Part 2! Still Not Finished!
The first major American punk album to debut was the Smiths’ Horses, which was released in November 1975. This seemed to be the break-through year for American punk. Not only did the Smiths release their first album that year, but also the inaugural issue of 'Punk' appeared that December. In the beginning of 1976, Robert Hell left the Heartbreakers to form legendary punk group the Voidoids; who were called “one of the most harshly uncomprimising bands on the scene.” Just a few months later the Ramones’ debut self-titled album had dropped, which contained the hits: “Blitzkrieg Pop”, “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”, and “53rd & 3rd”. These string of events were some of the most detrimental times for American punk. Not to mention, that around this time the term punk was being used to refer to the New York scene in general; and not just the sound. The New York punk bands represented a huge variety of influences. Besides the Ramones, bands included in this statement were the Heartbreakers, th
Party All Weekend!!!!!
Going to party all weekend at the upperdeck!!! will have more pics of my wild and crazy self
if we dont party then we would stress out and never be happy so keep partying
Having a party 2nite anyone wanna come hit me up
Part 2 I Am
Part 1 Of My Life
i was born june 10 1979, 12:23 am. when i was born i was 9lbs 1oz. when i was born i had a twin that was born with me he was born healthy and i was born unhealthy 3 days after we we're born his heart just stop i was put in a a crib that had plastic wrap around forgot what it was called because i had fluids back up in my lungs i pretty much fought for my i grew as a baby i never could walk with out help of a brace i cried and cried as a baby the Dr. never knew why until we went to another dr. and the dr pretty my said i had flase joint and bones and my left leg was 45 drgees off and as i grew my left tiba bowed out like a bow making me the older i got they kept making me new braces for my left leg, but as i grew older the more depressed i got because people will point and laugh at me walk up kick my left leg just to see me fall or something doesn't matter what i did in school or out side of school i got pick on all the the age of 6 i had my first surgery, they
Part Two
My eyes open and find myself looking up, both eyes flex from side to side but I do not see anything. There is no light there are no stars in the sky and no clouds floating by. Underneath me is no grass or sand, the ground feels hard and sharp like an animal with spikes. The air is still and there is no breeze to ease the pressure that sits around you. Not a single plant or tree is in view, it is just nothing. Maybe this is other side of the world, the side that no one sees, and the side that no one talks about. A wall feels as though it is blocking the communication between him and me. His thoughts seem to be lost somewhere and I cannot track them, but I think he still senses me. I somehow sense the sexual behavior that he communicates across, but nothing more. It flows gently around me and the power is intense, my body is beginning to get hot and the power within me is building fast which I find unable to control. Breathing is becoming erratic unable to control, feelings from with
Part Three
The sensations deep inside are beginning to fade, quietness is settling and my body is coming back down. What had just occurred was beyond my wildest dreams, nothing could have prepared me for the quest that I was set out to do. The tree that was covered in gold leaves seems to be covered in green leaves as well, I sit up and watch as gold turns green and the fruit ripens turning from red to green. The hill that stood alone is now surrounded by woodland and forest; tall trees high above the world look down and give shelter to birds and animals. It was an amazing feeling watching the world grow before your eyes, watching flowers grow from deep beneath the ground. I turn round and see the first man lying beside me, his body still as he sleeps not knowing the events that are occurring around him, he looks as peaceful as he sleeps under the apple tree. We are the first human life on this world, the first to breath and see the wonders that surround us, but now we must bring new life the tim
Part Four
She is now full and lies still in my arms, I feel her sensing my joy and love, which makes her settle. Placing her down, I go and sit once again under the tree with the first man sat beside me. We sit together entwined under the tree and I start to get those feelings that surfaced all that time ago, the electric surge that pulsates through my body has he touches me, his hands are still soft as I remember them, his breath still smoothes me when he breaths softly on my skin. The pure desires that ache inside clam to get out, to be released into his body and flowing gently like a calming sea. My eyes shut has I feel his fingertips touching me, caressing me making my body spin and my heart pump madly. I feel my body shiver and then a short sharp shock powers through me at high speed. While I think back, I look to the first-born and remember the creation that we made together. The journey will soon begin for the first-born and it will be time for me to summons the power of nature so
Part 2
The ladies seemed rattled by my anger, and the talk stopped and we all went back to work. I had just started to be able to focus on my work again when Judy came walking over to my computer. Judy is a very pretty lady, about 5’3” long brown hair and a very full figure. Some would call her fat; I say she is pleasingly plump. Anyway, she was just standing there smiling at me, and I said, “Yes?” Her smile got bigger and she showed me the ruler she had in her hand. She told me the other ladies had elected her to test things out. I got pissed off. I stood up, grabbed her hand and led her to the ladies room. When we got into the ladies room, I leaned against the vanity and told her to go ahead. She said she couldn’t measure it while I had my pants on, I said, “Fine”, and pulled them down around my ankles. She looked at me for a few seconds and said, “Get it hard!” I started to stroke and rub myself until I was good and hard. Having her watch me do this was so exciting that I felt hard
Part 1
Pack your bags as and off you go to Christchurch, New Zelaand my friend. I was fortunate to have lived there for (3) glorious years. That place was the land of milk and honey or dare I say, the land of kiwi fruit and sheep (giza kiwi- that is NZ slang for "holy cow"). Our trip finds us arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA angelgirl. Our motto - HAVE SUTICASE, WILL TRAVEL (lol). Dont forget the passorts and visas. Finally, you get there and the lines at the airport are horendous. You finally get your ticket and you are on the plane at last. Strap yourself in you and about 200 other passengers are UP, UP, and AWAY (oh yeah, did I happen to mention the ride will take just a mere (23) hrs to get there ouch.....arghhh) LOL. Its (10) hours down and just (13) hours to go. Oh the butt is so sore. FINALLY, its touch down, (23) hrs gone and its party time. You have landed in Christchurch , New Zealand. Dont forget, you crossed the international date line so add (24) hrs- today is actuall
Part 2
Would you have rather taken a vacation to somewhere like Columbus, Ohio (i didnt think so). Another day slowly winds down. One down and one to go. Oh yeah, did I happen to mention that the air is so crisp that you breathe like you have never breathed before. The water is so clear that you can see right thru the dang ice cubes. Where on earth can you ever see that ? (btw, I have lots of postcards of NZ, I will have to share with you some time my friend). Day four. It is off once again. This time it is out to Akaroa (pronounced....AK-A-ROW-AH). Picture in your mind my friend, the French Quarter of New Orleans. That is what Akaroa is like my friend. Another quant seaside village full of bakeries, sovenier shops, resteraunts, cafes, and night clubs. The best part, it sits right next to the ocean. Walk down main street (oh yeah, no one drives there, it is a pedestrian only town). Enjoy yourself taking in all the sights, the different shops and bakeries and such. As you walk, there are merch
Partying Goofy Style On The Fu
Friends Helping Friends Level The Rules: 1. Stop by our Hostess, GoofyLady's page and rate her DISNEY folder... (Disney Folder)
Part 2
You and I go over the end of the bed and I plunge deep into you you moan at first and then you yell, "Ahhh", (Then moan again), "mmm go deeper, faster, harder!" The lioness in you likes the long strokes, in and out demanding more A roar comes in your throat, from deep down within your soul Our hunger really never subsides, it just becomes subdued for awhile It always comes back hungerier than it was before You give what I ask, I give what you ask too. You are so close, but I don't want this feeling to end. Pushing harder, with each push you moan and arch your back you beg, "Hold me down tightly, Don't let go of me!" Harder and faster I Moan... moan... groan... "oh yeah this is what I need! I scream, "Harder!", and you obey. You grab a pillow of the bed to muffle your screams as we come closer to releasing hot waves of lust and passion us both, then you Scream, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!, Ummmmmmmmm!"I push you onto the bed and roll you over as I lay down on top of you Our hearts beat sw
Part 1
My hunger unsated Liking my lips nervously Pacing about the room My thoughts return to you As I see you come through the door Tired from a long days work and school too and all the other stresses My throat is so tight words try to come forth When they do, it is but a whipser, "I want" My eyes meet yours and you know what I mean You can tell by the uneasiness I portray Pupils dilated, my breathing is ragged The words, "I want", are all I can sayI watch you undress from your side of the room My heart races watching you expose your flesh I pace, like a caged lion about the room Watching my prey, while preparing for our coupling A coupling like no other we had before We make the rules todayI move in close to you without touching Whisper in your ear what I want today No negotiation, no deviation from my plan Today I am in a mood, not for sweet innocent sex But for the kind of sex the lion in me demands and so are you Deliberate, fulfilling, passionate, forceful, and com
Party All Day Long
we had party that made me crazy running here and there.. before even it begun i'm already drowning w/bubbly water.. i made the dinner for 15 people including 5 kids Salmon & i made it the way Timmy tips.. [so Timmy everyone luvs that thanx to ya] i made Aubergine Parmigiana a Greek salad vegetables quiche i made cheese and macaroni casserole & tofu dogs for kids while im cooking i drank lots of red & white wine as soon it started im not myself anymore hahahahaha somehow i inhibit other people body:D and i still manages to swam for half ah hour before i pass out so thats my Saturday all right.. so yesterday.. i went to church ya i know somehow i need some face to face talk to him coz somehow i have some thing to ask him.. but the minute were out everyone is so swearing so i add some swear to that too hahahahahaha i took my sister out for breakfast watch movie.. we watched MUMMY 3 nice though Rachel Weiz is no longer there.. then i went shopping coz i felt horrible ag
Party Naked With Sexylicious
Here she is getting it out for the lads
Party Pad
Part 1
Cyber911 Emergency Definition Photo of someone sitting in front of a computer monitor These are the most frequently asked questions we receive about cyberstalking and/or harassment. We have more extensive information about cyberstalking and cyberharassment, as well as one-to-one help and a self-help interactive guide and tutorial. There are different ways to define cyberstalking One way to define it is to see how the Law defines it (check out our legal discussion of cyberstalking laws and offline stalking laws). We would like to begin, however, by defining "Cyberstalking" from the point of view of the target's (victim's) experience. When identifying cyberstalking "in the field" , particularly when considering whether to report it to any kind of legal authority, the following features or combinations of features can be considered to characterize a true stalking situation: * Malice * Premeditation * Repetition * Distress * Obsession * Vende
Part 2
State Computer Harassment or "Cyberstalking" Laws Law enforcement agencies have estimated that electronic communications are a factor in from 20 percent to 40 percent of all stalking cases. Forty-five states now have laws that explicitly include electronic forms of communication within stalking or harassment laws. State laws that do not include specific references to electronic communication may still apply to those who threaten or harass others online, but specific language can make the laws easier to enforce. Two reports from the U.S. Department of Justice provide detailed information on cyberstalking: Stalking and Domestic Violence: Report to Congress (May 2001) and Cyberstalking: A New Challenge for Law Enforcement and Industry (Aug. 1999). Other related NCSL resources: Enacted Cyberbullying Legislation and Address Confidentiality Programs for Domestic Violence. Last update: December 19, 2007 STATE CITE Alabama Ala. Code § 13A-11-8 Alaska Alask
Part 2 Dj Kool
RULES! NO DRAMA!!!Must Have A Default Picture.No Link Dropping.No Promoting Other Lounges.No Harassing Anyone.HAVE FUN!!
So now that I'm semi-functional, heres my recount of meeting Ms Licks, or Alix: we met at a local bar at 8 30 pm She looks just like the pics :P and right away I felt totally comfortable talking to her, even tho we are on the opposite ends of the political spectrum; butt we had a blast yapping away. It was hard not to stare at her boobs, but I was trying to be classy and shit like that. Then a lot of drinking ensued, along with a mild confrontation with a gangsta from Florida (yes, apparently Tampa has a heavy gang problem-they are called the Creeps: white guys from Chicago burbs pretending to be black guys from the ghetto)and involuntarily meeting new friends that tried to get us more drunkered. Then we did some dancing, where the groping ensued. We ended the night at 3am, and took pics in a parking lot. I am a shy person, so Alix thought I wasn't into her at first. Clarification: I am totally gonna molest her next time we meet.
Part One
To dwell on the past choices we have made and wonder at their results is a good way to bring yourself to indecision. The same goes for over-analyzing current choices and how they will affect the future. We live in a beautiful, chaotic world. If you have ever heard me talk about the concept of infinity and infinate results, then you will understand a little of what I mean by that. Accept the chaos for what it is. The chaos does not stop by analyzation and the chaos gets worse by over-analyzation. Make the choices that you feel are best for you in the now and let the future, the chaotic future , take the form it desires.
Hi my name is shana. I love to party with my friends and sometimes my family espically my sisters. I am married and my husband likes to have fun too. I have 4 girls ages range between 12 and 3, so i have my hands pretty full. I hope to make friends on here and have some fun.
Party Ppl
hey folks this page rocks much better than the other pages i have tryed but i am new and still finding my way as a fulltime dj and and body piecer i am not good with this type of thing but working on it later
Part One Of Family
Part 2 Rap Of Life(blacken The Soul)
you cant rise a growen man..i tell my mom..iam olny one left..out 5 childern my sister still alive but she dont give shit about me.all i can do is be so anybody that show u love without asking for sumthing..but u dont get something from nothing. iwas just duck hunting not giving a fuk was my motto.until i handle my daughter in my arme made me. want to enjoy life as i held her little hand in my i have son but daddy not around i pay child support..but is that the cycle i came from now. i not like my father and god rest hime cause he dead spet before my brith day that was the worst day.i really cant enjoy my brith day never told him i loved him..even ho he did things for till my moms told me when he how i rise a child i tell no lie and show them the truth form my heart..sorry son i cant be apart of ur life ur moms think like iam here pops..nawh i dont beat on women and stll live in the same house.i dont do anything to women i want done to my daughter
Saturday night was an awesome FISHNET & HEELS PARTY with all those SEXY LADIES LOOKING so HOT in their Fishnet & Heels. It was a VERY EROTIC ATMOSPHERE and it was a great party that you miss. The Ladies was so SEXY dancing on the stage and in the dance areas that the EROTICISM was filling the HOUSE. There will be a Meet and greet Here in Tulsa. Just for couples and single Females, Check out the web page at: Http//
Part 1
this isnt goin to make sence to no one so just stop here. its more like a notation inside a diary. beings there isnt a setting for private only im only writing what makes sence to me. just to get this stuff out of my head.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ darkness still upon us the moon has settled in the sky. soon to leave for the dawn of sun shall rise. wee hours in the morn one can hear nothing but silence still trying to awaken from the nights slumber. driving down the road pitch black as coal out. slight chill in the air only for when the sun rises it warms mother earth. paths cross in this journey, some rocky and bumpy, some smooth like fresh paving. hustling for the fresh odors in the air that encase the nose in pleasantry. reds, purples, pinks, blues oranges start to fill the sky as the dawn awakens itself for all to see. moon is gone now the sun takes over as if a 2nd wind waves over us. swarms come and go as fast as possible. where do they go what are
Partying With Bob
For all you people out there, once again, BOB is KID ROCK!! Yes, I am feeling quite quixotic (like our little mood smilies) about Bob these days. When I close my eyes to sleep at night, I think of Bob. Wouldn't it be grand if dreams really came true? But what the HEY! If I am dreamin' then I might as well dream of us sipping some good whiskey, chasin' it with a little Coca Cola, me battin' my pretty blue yes, him winkin' his sexylicios little wink, and then doing a little lickin' to wrap up the night...RIGHT? So, if you happen to read my blogs and actually KNOW KID ROCK, then would you please tell him I am still waitin' for HIM to show up for a family BBQ and some beer? It is an open invitation!! ANYTIME!! and you don't HAVE to do anything but show up, dammit! Listen, I'm here to tell you one thing...Well, Kid said it best, but I don't jest... YOU AIN'T NEVER MET A MOTHER FUCKER QUITE LIKE ME!!! SO...on with the party, so I can get to the lickin' part!! **wink
Party Sep.27th
We are planning another FUBAR party on September 27th, Saturday !!! Come on out and get your groove on with us at WEEKENDS PARIDISE BAR & GRILL, at Bayview Marina in Rowlett. Everyone always has a blast, and no matter what music you like, there is something for everyone! Pool, rock music, dance, country (next door) and great food and booze to boot! Lol (We will probably hang out a bit on Friday the 26th as well, same place… If you can handle a double! lol) ~~~ WEEKENDS is at Bayview Marina and is conveniently located just 15 minutes east of Dallas with easy access from Interstate 30. South of I-30 at Dalrock Road. Weekends 600 Cooke Drive, Suite 300 Bayview Marina Rowlett, TX 75088 972-475-6438 Google the address for directions!!!
We are having our yearly HALLOWEEN PARTY on Nov.1 . We live around Charlottsville if you would like to know more just send us a message, and if you sound safe lol we can tell you all about it.
Part Two
He let her drop her legs to the floor and began kissing her again, this time more softly, more slowly, savoring every inch of her tongue and lips. He unbuttoned her dress with the tantalizing slowness only displayed by someone who has just cum and wants to torture his partner. He kissed her neck, cupped her breasts in the black lace slip. She ran her fingers through his hair and breathed his smell. He brought her tits together and buried his face in them. He finished unbuttoning her dress and slid it to the floor. He slowly worked the straps of the slip off of her shoulders, first one, baring one breast, sucking the nipple to painful hardness while he removed the other strap, exposed the other breast, teased the other nipple. Both bare, he held them together high to take both hard, pink nips into his mouth at once. He knew if he kept this up she could cum, so he stopped and watched her breathe heavily. He led her to the couch where he sat her down, helped her off with her boo
Party Was Good, But Boring
So my husband's Aunt and Uncle had their 50th year anniversary. Overall, it was boring, but kinda nice. I didn't really know anyone, so I tried to strike up conversations with people. It was fun trying to see how everyone was related and such. I was particularly interested in the guests of honor. They got married in 1958!! I got to look through their wedding photos.. omg it was like out of a movie! It was so unreal looking! Everyone looked fab!
any fubar members in the lake havasu area i'm having a party at chuy's in the back, all who live in havasu that are on fubar, please attend....if you can make it message me please so i can get a head count
Part 1
Ok well I moved to Tennessee to help my mom's new boyfriend. I came to raise his 13 yo grandson. So when I got here he seemed really great. And I was totally in awe of what a really nice and great guy my mom had finally found. So anyways her boyfriend Hires me to do his web design for his company and work in his office. He writes up a contract and we both sign it. 1500$ a month for a year. Not bad. And for taking care of his grandson He'd pay the apartment and I'd pay for the bills. So I'm getting a great deal right? Wrong. On July 2nd His Grandson ran away. I had to call the police because I tried to find him and couldn't. So the police pick him up and bring him back to the house. The police officer asked The grandson why he was running away and the grandson said " I dont want to do 10,000 write offs" Which I dont believe in physical abuse or any type of physical punishment. So I'd make him do write off's. A write off is basically like "I will not kick or hit girls because its
Part 2 Just More Shit I Wanna Get Out...
One more fucking thing when will it be my turn to be happy... everyone else has shitty relationships that work for years wheres mine?... I'm tired of always being the responsible adult in this household i'm tired of TELLING THIRTY YEAR OLD WOMEN WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AN BAD... OR HOW TO RAISE THEIR KIDS OR TO TAKE RESPONSIBLITY FOR THEIR PETS i'm ONLY 22 FOR CRYING OUT FUCKEN LOUD...i never really had a damn normal childhood always taking care of my niece cause why? AGAIN her fully grown mother was out doing other shit instead of taking care of her own DAUGHTER I RAISED THE GIRL AS IF SHE WERE MINE an what for... when she started drinking an doing other shit I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT FUCKING TRIED STOPPING HER AN TELLING HER IT WAS BAD an all i got was i'm not her dad i'm not even her parent.... i'm just tired of all the stress i get from family my family....i want to leave but i have no place to go. whats the point now i'm alone depressed thinking like i always
Part One
Diary of a Murderess I collapsed on to the couch. Sinking into it's warmth, I wish I could just melt into the comfort of the worn fibers. Hum, a day in the life of a couch- at least I'd get a lot of ass. Damn, today was a long, hard day. I'm too tired to even kick off my shoes which feel like they've gained 20 pounds after this long ass day. Fuck it- the only energy I'm expending right now is to lift this tumbler full of Patron to my mouth. No, the alcohol isn't an escape mechanism. I'm not running from my problems- hell I don't have any problems. "Not any more you don't you crazy bitch" The voice in my head sneered. I always imagined this voice as some leather clad vixen, who looked a lot like me- with long wispy hair, high cheek bones, and a piercing glare. The only difference was the wardrobe- she obviously had a higher line of credit. She sulked around in my mind until she could find an inopportune time to bud into my thoughts. She just loved to criticize every ac
Party Time
I put all of my weekend party songs on the top of my playlist! This is going to be a weekend of some craziness! Hell yeah! Much needed! Be sure to check out my playlist! Peace and Love JezzyGee
Part 2
If you see yourself in my family list NOW - you're good to go. End of discussion.
Part Ii
Starting where the other leaves Off...... Wow I loved our conversations, a lil of everything, politics, family, likes, dislikes, daily events, sex, hopes, and dreams. We both started to talk about a bond we felt forming, nervous and giddy. Just an amazingly intelligent woman with eyes that “could steam clean carpets” (you really need to watch ‘Love stinks’, to get that joke). Well hours turn to days and before you know it the first date is upon us. You wanna talk about nerves??!! Well dinner was interesting then we ended up watching some DVD’s and she passed out on my shoulder, that was nice. I covered her up and went to bed. A few hours later I was joined, things happened, (no I am NOT going into detail!!)and I thought it was the beginning of something awesome……there I go thinking again. The situation went from emails, texts and phone calls EVERY day to one text every 3-4 days, needless to say I was concerned. I finally stood firm and asked some pointed questions. The answ
Part Of What Needs To Be Said
Everyone hopes and prays for love and when they find it they do all they can to keep it. They ask for a love that is strong and true as well as everlasting. I have found such a love but the last few weeks have been rough. Either because of things that I have said and done, like staying on the computer too late or just being an asshole. Or because there are women who dont get the point that i want nothing to do with them other than to be their friend. Well I might end up losing the one I love most if I cant find a way to straighten things out. I thought about deleting my fubar but have changed my mind for several reasons. One- because i know that the love of my life loves posting comments and well i love reading her comments. and two- my friends and fu-family have asked and begged me to stay. I will say this though- THINGS ARE GOING TO BE MUCH MUCH DIFFERENT!!! I am not taking any more shit from anyone and i am not being nearly as nice as i have been. If I offend you then im sorry. I am
Party Wif Ur Clothes Off, Woo Hoo!!!
You need a reason to party? We found one. THE BOSS IS LEAVIN, WOO HOO!!! FYRE~N~ICE LOUNGE is gonna send Diva off to her King with a BOOM!!! Tuesday 21st of Oct at 9:00pm EST COME ON IN AND CELEBRATE WITH US, JUST CLICK ON ANY PIC TO ENTER. GREAT GIVAWAYS! COME GET U SOME!
Part 2 Of The Haunted Mansion
Why does the Winchester Mystery House have stairs leading nowhere? by Molly Edmonds Print Email Cite Feedback Share Digg This Yahoo! Buzz StumbleUpon Reddit Cite This!Close Please copy/paste the following text to properly cite this How Stuff Works article: Edmonds, Molly. "Why does the Winchester Mystery House have stairs leading nowhere?." 07 April 2008. /> 18 October 2008.Inside this Article Why does the Winchester Mystery House have stairs leading nowhere? Constructing the Stairs and Doors to Nowhere Visiting the Winchester Mystery House Lots More Information See all Afterlife articles Science Videos More Science Videos » Constructing the Stairs and Doors to Nowhere ­Mrs. Winchester served as her own architect, but it's possible that some ghosts had a hand in designing the house as well. Each night, Mrs. Winchester would retreat to her séance room and receive inst
Part 3 Of The Haunted Mansion
Why does the Winchester Mystery House have stairs leading nowhere? by Molly Edmonds Print Email Cite Feedback Share Digg This Yahoo! Buzz StumbleUpon Reddit Cite This!Close Please copy/paste the following text to properly cite this How Stuff Works article: Edmonds, Molly. "Why does the Winchester Mystery House have stairs leading nowhere?." 07 April 2008. /> 18 October 2008.Inside this Article Why does the Winchester Mystery House have stairs leading nowhere? Constructing the Stairs and Doors to Nowhere Visiting the Winchester Mystery House Lots More Information See all Afterlife articles Science Videos More Science Videos » Visiting the Winchester Mystery House ­Mrs. Winchester died in her sleep in 1922, and the house was sold to a group of investors who wanted to create a tourist attraction. To this day, it's hard to know exactly how many rooms are in the house, be
The Party Is Over
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE PARTY'S OVER By Linda Monk The Crash of 2008, which is now wiping out trillions of dollars of our people's wealth, is, like the Crash of 1929, likely to mark the end of one era and the onset of another. The new era will see a more sober and much diminished America. The "Omnipower" and "Indispensable Nation" we heard about in all the hubris and braggadocio following our Cold War victory is history. Seizing on the crisis, the left says we are witnessing the failure of market economics, a failure of conservatism. This is nonsense. What we are witnessing is the collapse of Gordon Gecko ("Greed Is Good!") capitalism. What we are witnessing is what happens to a prodigal nation that ignores history, and forgets and abandons the philosophy and principles that made it great. A true conservat
Party..or Not To Party
I turn 24 tomorrow, and want to have a good time, but im working thursday. I think I'll pop open some Dom & see what my buddies plans are. Ya..
Parting Out A Car
I am parting out a 1991 chevy lummina erou sport. If you or you know someone that needs apart for one let me know
Party Doll
Party Time
Part One
"That's it. Lick my clit for me like that." I grabbed the back of his dark chocolate bald head and started grind my wetness into his face. His dark massive hands grappled my mahogony thigh and held it open for his assault. His muscular smoky body glistened against the crisp white sheets. He was angled on his side, pushing his whole tongue and face into me. The pleasure was just so very exquisite. His girlfriend, a thick light skinned Creole girl, was curled up on her side, licking his balls, heavy with cum, as she stroked his thick purple shaft. Pale fingers against the dark penis looked so very erotic to me. I reached to my right and grabbed her long auburn hair. "You need to suck him into the back of your throat." On my cue, she started to take him into her mouth. "Suck him! Now!" I pushed her head down on him, making her gag against him. What a picture we made, almost a triangle, tangled on the bed together. He moaned with pleasure,his lips firmly wrapped around my clitoris. T
Party Time
Its almost Party Time again... For all of you sexy girls in Wichita Falls that means you dont have much to pick from... A bunch of us are going to Outskirts on saturday nite... So you might as well come dance and party with us... hope to see all pf you there...
Part 8 Of "once Upon A Time" *read 1-7*
There is no other He would cross the miles for There is no other Who makes his heart soar There is no other Who instills such passion There is no other Who brings this joy beyond comprehension There is no other For whom he would traverse time and demensions There is no other Who is worth more to him than the Heavens There is no other And he will be with her even if it takes forever For there is no other
Part Of Theproblem
Find more videos like this on Team Sarah
The Parting Kiss
Humid seal of soft affections, Tenderest pledge of future bliss, Dearest tie of young connections, Love's first snowdrop, virgin kiss! Speaking silence, dumb confession, Passion's birth, and infant's play, Dove-like fondness, chaste concession, Glowing dawn of future day! Sorrowing joy, Adieu's last action, (Lingering lips must now disjoin), What words can ever speak affection So thrilling and sincere as thine! - Robert Burns
11/7 Part 3
Part Three
She stripped down to her tank top and leather pants. She pulled her long red hair out of the pony tail and let it fall on to her shoulders. She had the come hither look to her eyes she knew the type of women this guy goes for. She had the innocent look that he liked in a woman. The sweat dripping down it was so hot for it being night there. Her skin glistened in the light of the atmosphere. She finally approached him. Slid her hands across his back to get his attention, He jolted back at her he was caught off guard. He looked her up and down he really liked what he saw. As he escorted her out of the bar, she knew this would be the ample time to take him down. She wasn’t expecting his guards to go with. She should have counted on this but forgot with all her desires, wants, and needs. In the confusion of what was going on she regained her composer. Nawar had the upper hand. McKayla couldn’t admit he did as she felt his grip get tighter around her arm. She was at a loss she wasn’
So tomorrow I'm going to a coworker's Bday party. One Russian in a group of 30+ Polish people? Wish me luck plz :( But she is awesome, and I would hate to ditch her just because out countrymen hate each other.
Part Dos
Part dos Taking her breath away with his words. She yearns for what she knows he can do to her body. Dropping her bags and coat in the floor, she quickly starts the process. Slowly walking to him to be granted approval, a simple gesture of his hand she slowly turns around. Hear the sound of the leather cracking as he rises from his chair. Her eyes closed tight waiting for his touch. Feeling the heat from his body as he moves closer to her, steady swiftness of his hands one wraps around her throat and the other hand wraps around her body pulling her into his heaving chest. A long lap of his tongue stretches from the bottom of her neck to the lobe of her ear. Hot breaths whisper in her ear, “I’ve been waiting for you”. No other words were spoken as he led her to the center of the room. With the flicker of a single candle to light the way, she never opened her eyes. For this is a walk she can do from memory alone. Reaching the bed that awaited for them she knew what to do. Sit
Party In Las Vegas
hello my friends my husband and i are wondering who would like to come to las vegas to party fubar style we have been looking into hotel packagesand shows and dinners if you want to know more email us thank you
Part One: To Be Continued (feel Free To Keep It Going)
Misty, yes it was her real name, looked at herself in the mirror. At 19 she was all woman. She was brunette with highlights and blue eyed She had soft, perky d cup breasts and pink nipples about the size of silver dollars. Her hips were not narrow, they were slightly wide giving her an hourglass figure, however not so pronounced. Her butt was plump, probably her own favorite part of her own body. It was round and stuck out. She loved her ass. She liked to look in the mirror at her profile figure and rub her nipples and spank herself. All in all she wasn’t skinny and she wasn’t fat. She was healthy. She had a slight bulge to her tummy. She didn’t have a gut just a little tummy. Misty was proud that she wasn’t skinny. She liked her slightly fat but and wide hips. After all, thy matched her breasts. Basically she wore a size 10 dress, that is if she ever wore a dress. As she looked at herself she remembered her first sexual experience with a guy. She had begun masturbating at 13, b
Part 1
A dream/nightmare I just had. Monday, Nov 17th, 2008 The past week has been a particularly trying one for me emotionally and has also been filled with a massive amount of stress and worry over some pending career meetings that are just around the corner and which could very well be life changing. This what my horoscope for Virgo said today: You are often the person that your friends and colleagues go to when they need a critical eye to assess a situation. Today, however, you are the one in need of the reality check. The problem is that you cannot rely on others right now, for they could inadvertently pull you off track even further. Delay an important decision for a day or two if at all possible. Once your analytical skills return you will know what to do next. So, after 3 days with practically no sleep whatsoever, I finally crashed hard on the couch just before noon today. And then I had a dream. No, more like a “dreamscape.” Never in my life have I ever experienced
Part 2
Part 2 I walked for sometime down that road until I came to a strange looking building off to my right. I say “strange” because this building seemed very out of place on a country road where one expects only to see farm houses. Indeed, this building looked rather like a modern 3 story block type building in which one would expect to find lawyers offices and doctor’s offices. Also strange were the vehicles parked out front of it in the parking lot. There were all manner of vehicles there from the last 60 years. There were classic cars and trucks, vans, you name it. Everything from a muscle Trans Am to a 56 Chevy. But what is weird is that all of them were heavily rusted, some with cracked windshields, flat tires, and all of them with weeds and tall grass grown up around the tires. So in I walked and found myself standing in the waiting room of a medical clinic. On all of the chairs in the waiting area there were people in all types of distress. One guy had no right arm and was
Part 3
Part 3 I do not remember leaving or going out the door or ever looking back but somehow I once again find myself on that dusty dirt farm road walking. Just walking… After what seems like a long time I come upon a very large house. So large it in fact looks like a resort. Kind of like a mansion surrounded by huge green oak trees. Without anyone telling me anything I know inside myself it is the home of the man who picked me up at the hotel and drove me out here. The man I felt uneasy about and whose car I had stepped out of miles back. Not wanting to spend the night outdoors I walked up to the mansion and stepped in through the front door. I heard the voices of people in the distance but saw no one. Suddenly the guy who had given me the ride looks down a long hall that led from the kitchen to the front door and shouts out, “Glad you came, you can crash on the couch in the living room.” So, I go into the living room and set my bag down. I then set off wandering the halls o
Part 4
Part 4 Leaving the patio I went back to the living room where I put on a pair of shorts and removed my shoes and socks in preparation for a sleep on the couch. Just before I was to lie down I felt like a smoke and so I walked down the long narrow hall that led to the front door. When I got to the door a strange looking thin man I had never seen before suddenly appeared and asked me for a cigarette. I gave him one and then stepped outside and smoked mine. Strange, but it was like he had disappeared into thin air because one minute he was beside me and the next he was gone. After I finished my smoke I opened the door and stepped back into the hallway of the house. Now it all gets REALLY bizarre. I had taken several steps down the hallway when all of a sudden I felt blinding pain in my feet and heard loud crunching noises each time I put my bare feet down of the floor. To my utter horror I say that the entire hallway was littered with rotting garbage and TONS of shards of broken
Part Time Job
I took a part time job as a cashier. what a mistake!!! People If you go to the grocery store and put shit on the bottom of your basket please put it in the basket so we do not have to bend over backwards to get the shit.Also if your capable and you see that the cashier's line if so fucking long..Bag the shit your self. please dont have the Omg i am not bagging that cause well they dont pay me enough. That gets old you fucking assholes. Just help somone out and bag the shit!!! Ok Im done. :)
Parts One - Twelve
Wandered here to mesmerize stayed here to scrutinize layed here to buglarize our souls from our own eyes like a damn cheapshot waiting for daylight when we'll raise arms and fight until a thousand midnights go by my train of thought Fears have been stirred as our dream are brutally massacred now our lives, blurred as our speech is slurred because our eyes are bloodshot feeling like a hired gun and I'm trying to outrun the blast from a shotgun on top of my train of thought Entering this sleep, hypnotic the world around me, chaotic why is life considered exotic when everyone here is psychotic? thinking as an afterthought the only thing left is doubt are we all supposed to fade-out? because someone sold out? are our minds that distraught? As my emotions swung to my slain dreams, I clung the pain stung and screams unsung can't be heard from a blindspot realizing, shock seeing your own cellblock like a movie from Hitchcock floating through my train o
Part 2 Of Repost
vid from "and then there was" at the Paradox in Baltimore Huge Fall Massive rave this is the outside tent they had Kill The Noise: It was so fuckin cold out there
Party In Jamaica
The Party
You are driving along a winding dirt road. Reaching into your pocket you pull out a piece of paper and study the directions while trying not to drive off the road. Dust is everywhere blows in through the vent and fills your nostrils. You sneeze. You think, “This party better be worth this 45 minute drive into the middle of nowhere along this goddamn dirt road.” Finally, in the distance you see the house. The bumps go away as dirt turns into asphalt. As you get closer it seems to get bigger and you realize this is a huge mansion. Loud music and flashing lights come from a large window upstairs. You see people, drinks in hand standing on a balcony. Their laughter carries over the music. You park at the end of the long row of cars parked up the street. As you walk up to the front door you see people coming out in costumes. You knew this was a Halloween party but you didn’t think every one was going to be coming in costume. You could go as a cowboy if you had a hat to go with your wes
Party Time :)
Stop & Smell the Roses for a change. Life is Grand - So Don't Worry , Be Happy & Never Stop Smiling :)
I have always hated parties. For some reason being around total strangers I have nothing in common with, drinking just to feel more "relaxed" and able to talk to people I can't relate to and that I won't ever see again, and generally mope around pointless among little cliques of people is not my cup of tea. My idea of ultimate fun is traveling... recently coworker/friend, her friend, and I have started taking random road trips to Michigan, Wisconsin, or just around IL. It has been such a high for me-I can truly say that I much prefer that over a smoke filled room filled with idiots.
Part 2 A Challenge For All Families (get This One To Second Place)
Parting Is Sweet Sorrow
to all merry christmas happy new years i dont know if or when i will be back so my prayers and blessings are with u all BLESSED BE Diane
Part Time Job For Anyone
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A Parting Shot At Women’s Rights
Undermining women’s reproductive rights and access to health care has been a pervasive theme of the outgoing administration. On his first full day in office, President Bush imposed the “global gag rule,” which prohibits taxpayer dollars from going to international family-planning groups that perform abortions using their own funds or that advocate for safe abortion laws. So it was unsurprising, but still dismaying, that the secretary of health and human services, Michael Leavitt, chose to extend that dismal record at the last minute with yet another awful regulation. A parting gift to the far right, the new regulation aims to hinder women’s access to abortion, contraceptives and the information necessary to make decisions about their own health. What makes it worse is that the policy is wrapped up in a phony claim to safeguard religious freedom. The law has long allowed doctors and nurses to refuse to participate in an abortion. Mr. Leavitt’s changes elevate the so-called right
Partyyyy 4 Blings*auto 11 On*
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ***STARTING A NEW PIC RATE A THON *AS OF 01-04-09 TILL ????? TO SAY THANK TO MY FRIENDS. I AM RUNNING ANOTHER AUTO 11, SO MANY HAVE LEVELED ON ME THEY WANT ME TO DO IT AGAIN LOL **RATE ATHON WITH BLINGs N FUBUCKS GIVE AWAY** I HAVE HAD LOTS DO IT 4 & 5 TIMES LOL & AND GET BLINGS EACH TIME WHILE THEY LEVEL UP..LOL **RATE ATHON WITH BLINGs N FUBUCKS GIVE AWAY** get 35 points for each rate, and 57 points during Happy Hours. Have fun rating and hope a lot of you level up Happy Hour 11's from VIP's will count 108 and not 57 *JUST A example...600 rates takes about 30 minutes and @ 57 points each, thats 32,400 easy points and matching fubucks,,, what a deal. **Rate Athon with Give Away BLINGS till????:)** SEXYGIRLBLONDE,FAN/RATE B4 ADD,TY *SEXYGIRLBLONDE*#17*GODFATHER*1st,Oracle* FAN/RATE B4 ADD,TY*@ fubar Viva Las VegasBy ZZ TopBest Video Codes
Party This Weekend
hey everyone having a bday party this weekend in nc and if u on my friends list and in nc let know if u wanna attend it will be in the country and will bonfire and it is bring your on beer party lmao
Part Of Roosters Auto Bully
Part 2..20below
Party Pooper!!!
Since Sherry won't do a proper rick roll....
Part Two
She had never been with a man that took his time with her like this. She feel back against him and felt his erect cock between her legs. She regained her balance and reached down to press it up to her pussy. He caressed her breast and pulled her closer as she worked his cock around wanting to feel him inside her. "Not yet", he whispered to her as one hand moved down to meet hers. A fire of Passion was ablaze inside both of them as she leaned forward to turn off the water. He wanted to enter her then but knew that time would come soon enough. She eased back onto him as she bent down and just the tip entered. Both of them grabbed for the walls as passion went ablaze. He pulled back and handed her a towel. This was going to be a night for both and one that neither would ever forget. She took the towel and wrapped it around her. Stepping out of the shower, she handed him another. She turned and started to dry him off. Starting at his feet and working her way up wi
Part 2
Once He knew that the chloroform had taken effect, the stranger laid Khatra down on the ground so that he could dispose of her keys and her cell phone. “Sorry lovely but can’t let you keep this cell phone it might be equipped with a GPS and my Master doesn’t want anybody to be able to find you.” He said with a chuckle as he tossed Khatra’s keys and phone into the car and then locked it up. Once he was satisfied with the way things looked he gently picked up the sleeping woman and carried her off toward his waiting van. As he walked toward the van the fog which had been slowly rolling in started to thicken and rise as though it was concealing his actions. He opened the side door of his van the moment he reached it and laid Khatra inside. Quickly he went to work untying her hands. He rolled her over onto an air mattress then he raised her hands above her head and secured them to an eye hook that had been attached to the floor of the van. Once he knew that her hands were secure he mov
Part 3
He stopped at the gate so that the security guard could let him in after he showed his identification, once he got through the security he headed toward the hanger where the jet was being kept. “Finally you’re late, did you have any problems obtaining Master’s prize?” “No, everything went as planned; she was late arriving at the destination.” “Well, hurry up and get her on board the plane so we can take off before it gets any later.” “As you command Victoria,” He opened the side doors of the van and quickly cut the bonds that held Khatra in place. After checking to see if she was still breathing because of the chloroform he carried her on board the plane. He laid Khatra down on the long couch and left plane. His job was complete. Now it was up to Victoria to get Khatra ready to be presented to Dragos. Victoria left the sleeping woman long enough to gather a few things and then instructing the pilot to start the engines and prepare for take off. When Victoria returns to K
Part 2
My letter to him this morning There are some things I need to say and if I don't say them now I never will. There were other options that could have happened with us before you cheated on me. You could have gone ahead and found a place of your own or even just told me you were going to rather then asking, even though I asked you to give this family more time. We moved too fast and stepping back and starting from an earlier point in a "relationship" was an option. I had not realized how much stress my family really was putting on you. I'm also still very hurt that all last week you flat would not talk to me, you told me it was work stuff or nothing, and all the time you were already planning on leaving me in pieces. I knew you meeting her was not a good thing for me, but I TRUSTED you, and that is something you will never get back from me. I will try and be a friend to you, but you know as well as I do that's not going to be an easy task. There's a part of me that even says "
Part 4
Victoria, smiled as she finished preparing Khatra for her meeting with Dragos. “Soon you will start your new life and your old life will fade into memory.” Victoria whispered into Khatra’s ear as she tied a velvet choker around her throat. The fog that had been clouding Khatra’s mind slowly started to lift. “Where am I, why have you done this to me, why have I been taken against my will?” “Where you are is someplace where nobody will ever find your or even think to look for you. As for why this has happened to you I can not answer. The only one who can answer that question is the man who will soon be your Master.” The landing gear of the plane started to lower so Victoria grabbed Khatra by the arm and forced her into a seat, and then bulked Khatra into her seat before taking a seat next to her. “Your questions may be answered soon, but then again they might not it will depend on the mood that Master is in, if he answers them or not. My advice would be for you to be a good girl and
Party With Us
1-28-09 Part Ii
Everyday you can see Changes in her hair and smile I can wait a million days While her smile goes away Sometimes i feel dizzy By the slices in her hands Secrets in her lipstick mouth Shiny on her again Shiny on her again Capture her smile and then that's all You won't know her so it's okay Funny how things change Funny how things change
Part 5
Mean while back at the baseball diamond Dean arrived hoping that Khatra had waited for him since he was running late. When he spotted her car a smile crept across his face. “Good she did wait. I know she is going to be pissed that I am running so late.” He said aloud as he parked beside her car. Dean put his car in park and stepped out; he didn’t see Khatra in her car so he looked around for the woman he loved. When he didn’t see her any where he started to get worried, so he walked around to her car and saw that her phone, purse and keys were all inside. Seeing this Dean s started to panic. “Khatra!!!! Where are you?” He yelled at the top of his lungs. When he didn’t get a reply Dean immediately picked up his cell phone and called the police. “911 please state your emergency.” The operator said “My fiancé is missing. Please send a sheriff’s officer to 3205 s Cederdale.” “I have an officer in route to your location please stay on the phone until they arrive. Can you give
Part 1
1-28-2009 Wednesday morning began as any other excpet the undercurrent of excitement rippling under my skin. I was, in fact, almost sure it was visible there just beneath the surface as the hour of my departure drew near. Going to Texas is always an adventure for me. I worked until 1 and travled south to Tallahassee to pick up my rental before heading west. The drive is long but easy; it's freedom from work, from the responsibility of parenthood, from is almost another life completely. The panhandle was cloudy....warm still and wet. Alabama began to cool me off. Mississippi brought the night. Louisiana held her mystery, and Texas, as odd and death filled as it is, has become a part of me. Recognizing the roads, the towns, the landmarks creates a stirring in my soul much like the one that comes from making my way back to my childhood home. I arrived in the wee hours to the guesthouse on Mangum Rd....lights from the prison (Polunsky) visible from my car's spot in
Part 2
the kid. richard. what a card. richard has been on death row for six years. he's 23...24 in april. you do the math. he's a baby, really....has a baby face and all, but he is an old soul. don't let his age fool you because he is actually wiser than his short years would let on and not because he's been totally socially isolated for so many years--you'd think that would have the opposite effect yet he is witty, sarcastic, very funny...this place hasn't handicapped him in that way. after my visit with robert, i return to the car for another roll of quarters ( you can only take so much in at a time) then i run back in trying to make it rhrough the check-in process in time to have my full 2 hour visit with richard a.k.a. dick a.k.a. psycho a.k.a. robin (inside joke). He makes it out. He's all smiles as usual. He's had some problems with his attorneys. Basically, they fucked him. Dick is a really intelligent guy. He has studied his case thoroughly and he has valuable opinio
Partylite Shows
I am a consultant looking for people that are interested in booking shows. and if you are to far away from me you can still order. Just let me know. We have alot of great specials going on this month. You don't want to miss out. Email me today and find out more. I look forward to talking with you.
Part 2
Party In Texas - See Tulsa's Angel Or Blueroses If You Want To Come
Join The Party! March 20th and March 21st! Fu Party in Rowlett, Texas! You get TWO clubs for the price of one! Weekends for those wanting to rock the night away, AND The Crazy Horse Saloon for those who want to two-step! Price? There is NO cover charge! We had a blast the last two parties we had! Check out party pics below and on many of our pages. Let Tulsa's Angel or Blueroses know if you will be able to attend! Those Attending This Affair: Debbie ~Blueroses~ Barbara from Tulsa ღTulsa's Angelღ Amber Sexy Green Eyes ~ Shari ¢¾Brown Eyed Girl ¢¾ ¢â Beth From Ohio: ♥ ÐJ ÇÚÐÐLÊ GØÐÐʧ§ ♥ Dale *Phantom* Terrie weldingangel Terry
Its been two months since we've talked don't miss out next weekis the big day you either find someone new or be alone forever. If you miss this you will regret it. YOU can miss what you never had.
3.8.09 Part 2 (includes Me Getting Rid Of My Myspace Acct)
As I stated earlier. I had made a lot of decisions and simplifying things. Well one of those things I am simplifying is getting rid of my 19,000+ friend myspace acct. I dont want to just delete it, so if you interested in taking it off my hands, simply send an offer to my shoutbox r inbox. ==================================================== In other news.... Club Twiss had to close last night. The owner thought her computer was fucked up but come to find out it was just her music player. Unfortunately she had closed Twiss before realizing this. If you were coming to Twiss her new lounge is called Suga Drips.
The #$%^@#$% Party Never Ends!!!!
Time to keep the party going all night../ Youve got to be a savage to hang with the best of em'
if you want to party with this new member. and learn to really have fun. add me
Part 2
I am only here for a time and I don't want my life to ever be a waste so I go on forward with my destiny which is to fulfill thy command. I would never stand in someone's way even if they were in the wrong side of town. I would never mislead or lie to someone even if it meant for me to be hurt. I would never act or try to be something that I am not because I am me and am here for a purpose. If you are reading this that means you must have read part one and part two means am still alive and writing. I am not perfect because no one is and the only person to walk the earth that was, he was crucified. What that means is when the time or the moment of truth comes people will show their true colors. Judas betrayed him after Jesus welcomes him with open arms. He ate from the same food, from the same wine, from the same blood yet he found it on his heart to sell him for money. This is the symbol that most people use and care about in life. Money is the root of all evil and yes we need it howev
The Party Part I
I arrived home just after work on a Tuesday evening. Brian was sitting on the couch and as I walked in the door he rose just like he was trained to do. I took a moment to consume the image before me. He was there wearing a black t shirt that hugged his chest showing off his form. How many times have I dragged my fingers over that chest? My gaze drops lower now to his very neatly tailored brown pants. He sees my gaze drop and smiles at me. After visually consuming his bulge I twirl my finger and he rotates a half turn. It always brings me pleasure to see him from the back. Brian was an athlete in high school and college. While his body wasn’t chiseled like it was when I first met him I am always taken in by it. The tactile joy of running my finger over that sinewy body always brings a smile to my face. When Brian and I first met we were both students at University of Illinois. By some stroke of fate we had been dorm floor mates. At the time I was a young woman of 22. Br
Part One
once there was a fair maiden in a kingdom by the sea she was of rare beauty and her hand was sought by many but what one did not know was that if upon capture of her hand the capturer would have to embark upon a mystical journey that would take him far from her side and thru perilous lands full of danger and dark magic. at the end of said journey if he proved his worth he would inherit her heart body and soul and forever live in peaceful bliss............ do you wish to hear more?
Hey Everyone,How about having a get together with some friends with no obligation and having me over to show some of the great new products party lite has to offer.....April is a great month for both guests with awesome sales and for the hostess you get to double your credit.....Check out my attached flyer and let me know if you are interested. Please know that you don't have to have a party in your home you can also do a book party which is the same as me hosting it minus the goodies and fun.....Guest Offers: Specials: hold on if April isn't good for you how about may.....Check out these great hostess specials for May.....Hostess Specials: but the guest specials aren't ready yet.....Would anyone be interested in either hosting a book party or a home party? April is the
Part I I Say
IT's been too long too long I say We all are moving whether it's backwards or forward we are moving! STILL. Stay STILL. Feed me the pill. I watch everyone moving forward and a lot more fading further and quicker. It was real all along. Still. Stay STILL. Your moment is gone. Will you catch another one? We can't say but it's been too long too long I say
Ginna:This is a report on a very pleasant, but disconcerting, set of experiences which I have been through. As you know, I cannot get it published in any of the respectable journals, but perhaps you will enjoy it. Even though it is out of your field of aeronautics, I know that with your various private interests that you will be able to take deep pleasure from this incident. I also know that you have been among my few defenders as I struggle with this envy-attack from my department head.There is much agreement among the experts that our brains are the most important, influential organs of our sex life. You have heard that said, and you are seeing it in action right now as you fill in all the assumptions and presuppositions needed to make sense of my writing. You know, too, how your brain picks and chooses from old experiences to fill in gaps in new information. [This is awfully basic, I know, but I hope that you won't mind my thinking out loud as I write this. I just have to get it dow
Part 2
Wordlessly, we embraced, and I felt the joy of her molding herself to me. I kissed her, and her lips parted readily, softly accepting me. My right hand was on her breast, as I held her around the waist with my left. She purred as I began to caress her, enjoying the moment in which I would find her perfect rhythm and guide her into complete readiness for my entry.And then she drew away!"Richard, I'm not ready for this." She paused. "I have too many responsibilities at home. I have to go now! But I do find the thought very sweet... very appealing.""What are we going to do about this then?" I posed the question to her, since she so clearly wanted to go further. She reflected quietly for a minute in my arms, while I looked into her eyes."What time will you be in bed tonight?" She stayed in my arms, rising on her toes so that she could whisper this, letting her warmth surround my restrained erection. I told her when I usually went to bed, and when I did that, she drew away and was off in a
Part 3
Ginna: As I continue the story, I'm enjoying imagining the look on your face as you follow these surprising events! The conversation was conducted by candlelight. The room had an old-fashioned hurricane lantern, and as soon as Toni had gently knocked and I had let her in, she had lit it. She wanted the lights out since her father sometimes took a swing around the halls late at night, and the room had an old-fashioned frosted glass transom over the door. For the same reason, our conversation was almost whispered. From outside, we could hear the fading sounds of party-goers drinking in the streets, and the mournful farewell of a distant ship's horn... sounds that told me I was not in the Midwest anymore. It was beautiful, the way that our thoughts swirled back and forth, even as our bodies prepared for each other. When the inevitable moment came, when words failed us, that is, we rose and undressed each other without false modesty.Ginna, this determined woman looked like she was made for
Part 4
His eyes riveted to the pleasant valley that opened up before him; he looked without any show of shyness. I saw his tongue dart to wet his lips. Lisa slowly attended to his cup, with sensual care. "Sugar?" The word took on new meaning. "Yes!... er, yes." Derek fought for his composure. "Ready to cream?" I thought that he would leap out of the chair at that moment, but instead he crossed his legs tightly, and held on to the arms of the chair. He managed a strangled approval. Lisa poured the thick, rich stuff out carefully, yet spilled a bit of it. "Oh!" she almost-whispered, and she touched a finger to it, and then licked the sweet stickiness off. She blushed. "That's really not very good manners, is it, but it's good to have every drop enjoyed." Derek shifted uneasily in his chair. Lisa stood before him for a moment, absent-mindedly pressing her skirt down her thighs. Her hands moved as though to touch him, but did not cross the barrier. "Oh... I am so absent-minded lately, I have some
Part One~
I'm sitting in my car, nursing a super-size diet soda and eating carrot sticks when I see her walk out of the main entrance of the mall. She's in the dappled shadows of the fancy lattice portico for the first thirty feet or so, delaying my efforts to evaluate her suitability. As last she breaks out into the late morning sunlight of this cloudless July Saturday. Decades of serious girl watching allow me to size her up quickly through the heavily tinted windows of my nondescript sedan. She's the best candidate I've seen in the last hour. I like the way she moves as she steps down off the curb and heads out into the vast expanse of the crowded parking lot. Her walk is brisk and efficient, but still sexy. She's a looker too, with a pretty face, long blonde hair and large, but shapely breasts under her Ricky Martin t-shirt. Her tight, low cut jeans reveal that she's a little fuller in the hips than I prefer, but then again, my idea of the perfect woman is kind of on the slim side. I guess h
Part Two~
I'm not forgetting Melinda though. I will her to an orgasm that comes in waves for the next three to four minutes that it takes me to get off. She's got a death grip on the desktop and it's only my mental instructions that keep her screams down to a level that won't bring the cops. Finally, the moment arrives. As I come, I remember to keep up the Charm. This would be a bad time for her to see me as I really am. The feeling of release is magnificent. I'll be a little sore tomorrow myself. As I feel the first of my spurts leave my body, I give Melinda one last huge wave of pleasure that builds to such a peak that it finally knocks her unconscious. I've learned with experience how to do this without endangering her mind. She slowly collapses across the desk, out like a light as I groan and fill my condom. At last, I pull out of her and head for the bathroom to dispose of the latex-encased mess. A minute later, I easily lift her limp body up off of the desk and place her on her side in the
Part Three~
My mom worked the swing shift, so I could usually get away with driving the girls right into the garage in the evening. I wasn't taking her to my house this time, though. After getting the high sign from Greg, I checked to make sure that the coast was clear and took her inside his folks place. We had a two-hour window before they were due home. I led Jill up the stairs to Greg's bedroom, as nervous as if this was my first time. The thought of getting naked with a girl while someone else was watching was nerve wracking. I carefully guided our blindfolded conquest-to-be down the hall and into his bedroom. I noted that Greg had actually taken the time to clean the place up for once. Greg was standing in the corner, doing his best to remain silent, per my instructions. "Okay Jill, I'm going to take your clothes off now," I told her. Boy, was I smooth back then! "Oh, I feel so naughty," she giggled, actually blushing under her blindfold. I turned her to face Greg and slowly pulled her bagg
Part Four~
"I was only calling you to let you know that he'd been here. There's nothing to his wild little story that I need to know about, is there?" I thought furiously. I may be painfully awkward face-to-face, but I'm quite good over the phone. "Only that his girlfriend dumped him for me. I guess he just doesn't want to believe that she'd leave him of her own will. Of course she dumped me right away and went on to the next guy," I lamented. "I remember going through that kind of thing back when I was your age," he said with another laugh. "Well, I sent him packing. I don't think I'm going to bother with a report on this one," he said. "I really appreciate that, sir," I told him. "Greg's going through a pretty rough time emotionally right now and the last thing he needs is legal trouble. I'll see if I can talk some sense into him." "You do that, Son. Thanks for being so cooperative," he said and hung up. Jeez, Greg must have been pretty angry with me. That was it; my talent was now strictly for
Part Five~
It was time. With an effort that would be similar to purposely pissing in my pants, I let her go. My grip had been so light that she didn't even feel it. I was committed now. For the first time in my life, I was alone with a girl without the crutch of my Charm. Suddenly, I was scared. The artificial confidence provided by my special talent was gone. Now I was just a shy, awkward eighteen-year-old kid. What was I expected to do? In the last five months since I had had intercourse for the first time, I had performed every one-on-one sex act I had ever heard of, and a quite few that I had dreamed up myself. The girls had loved every last one of them. A Charmed girl is a happy girl! The problem was that I hadn't ever had to work to please a woman before. What if Jill didn't like having sex with me? "Jim? Are you all right?" she asked, concern in her voice. I decided that honesty was the best policy. "Uh, I'm sorry, Jill. It's j... j... just that, um, I d... d... don't know if, uh..." I was
Part Six~
"No, I think I'm going to go through with this. You can't really know until you've gathered the complete experience." I liked her attitude. Jill slowly but surely sat back, and in one smooth movement, impaled herself on my manhood. She gasped and then started slowly moving up and down. Whether it was because of the sensation of her tight rectum squeezing and caressing me, or the ability to concentrate on what she was doing without having to control it, this was probably the most erotic thing I had ever experienced. I slowly began to rise and fall to meet her strokes. We went on like this for a couple of minutes without saying anything. She gradually picked up the pace to where she was moving pretty quickly, if not actually bouncing on me. "Jeez, Jim, this really isn't bad, but I just need something more." Without a word, I reached down to her crotch and positioned my right hand so that her lips were lightly rubbing the back of it as she went up and down. Steadily, I moved in to where
Part Seven~
I also vowed that it would be the kind of sex that I wanted. None of this sensitive, make the girl feel warm and fuzzy kind of thing I'd done with Jill. I was going to get what I wanted and screw whether they enjoyed it or not! When I went off to college it exploded into a full blown sexual frenzy. I went on a sex binge that would have astounded Larry Flint. My wagon had been replaced by one of those custom vans that had been popular back in the seventies. It had mirrored windows, a bed, a raised roof and best of all, privacy. It was perfect for my purposes. I quickly worked out the technique that I use to this day, picking up lone women in the parking lot. I didn't bother with motel rooms or conversation or any of that stuff, though. I just stripped them naked in the van, then laid them down on the bed and had my way with them. When I wasn't studying or sleeping in the dorm, I was boffing one girl or another in my van. Previous intercourse was my only prerequisite for them. Somehow
Part Eight~
Even though she can't read my mind the way I'm reading hers, she does a remarkable job. Her knowing fingers seem to know just what to do and where they're needed the most. Lisa's got real strength in her hands, too, probing out stiff muscles and working deep to get the knots out. If she ever decided to give up writing romance novels for a living, she could make a fortune at massage!She has me roll over onto my back and works her way up the front of me. My manhood is as stiff as I've ever seen it and I nearly come when she gives it a quick rubdown with her well-oiled fingers.When she's done, I feel a mixture of emotions that I would never have imagined could coexist. Her knowing hands have so relaxed me that I'm tempted to fall asleep, yet they have also raised my state of arousal to a fever pitch.Lisa lies down at my side and gives me a look that tells me all I need to know."Please," she murmurs.It's only after I'm poised between her legs, my manhood at her gate to heaven, do I realize
Part Nine~
"Sally, I think maybe our talents are merging or something. I can't explain it, but it seems like our ideals of each other's appearance are becoming permanent."Sally is one confused camper. She reaches up and runs her fingers across my pate. I can tell that she's feeling god-like hair. My fingers join hers up there. I still felt bald. I look over at the mirrored wall at the edge of the Food Court. Yup, still rat-faced, but Sally's reflection is Lisa. Our bodies haven't changed; we're just seeing our ideals in each other."Bill, never mind how this is happening – is this a good thing or bad thing?""You tell me, Sally. Which me would you rather look at?" I realize with a start that I'm thinking about how this will affect us in the long term. Long term?I can see that she's as conflicted as I am. I can read Sally's emotions on Lisa's face quite easily. Me? I want to be a sensitive human being and put all of those prejudices about people's looks behind me, but if I answer myself honest
CUM CHECK OUT TWO FREE PARTYLINES,218 936 1411,OR 610 404 3150!
  JACK'S CHRiSTMAS PARTYJack wakes up with a huge hangover after attending his company's ChristmasParty.He didn't even remember how he got home from the Party...As bad as he was feeling, he wondered if he did something wrong.Jack Had to force himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he saw is acouple ofaspirins next to a glass of water on the side table. And, Next to them, asingle red rose!Jack sits up and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and Pressed. Helooks aroundthe room and sees that it is in perfect order, Spotlessly clean. So is the restof the house.He takes the aspirins, Cringes when he sees a huge black eye staring back athim in the Bathroom mirror.Then he notices a note hanging on the corner of the mirror written in Red withlittle heartson it and a kiss mark from his wife in lipstick:'Honey, breakfast is on the stove, I left early to get groceries to Makeyou your favorite dinner tonight.I love you, darling! Love, Jillian. 'He stumbles to the kitchen and sure
      What the fuck is goin on world!? Its ya boy King aka Blaze, this is my first time ever even seeing and honestly this shit is FIRE!!! I mean i dont got the hang of a god damn thing here yet but this is about to be my new ish!!! I see all these cool, fun, beautiful people and i just cant wait to see who the are and wut theyre personalitites are like. I really hope there arent an haterz on this site cuz haterz suck!! But anyway im here to have some fun and get the party started so holla at me if u feel the same if so hit me up and say YES!! like me snd ill know u down lets go world lol l8tr youll be hearing alot more from me.
Part Of The Pain I Am Going Through
ok all it is time for the truth once again.i sit here torn up inside because my heart is telling me to say the words to someone.but i can't do it seems no matter what i always get hurt in the i have always said i am heart is being torn up inside now.i wish the gods would give me a break just once in my sit here torn up i can feel myself just wanting to scream.WHY GODS WHY ME?why is my heart always so torn up for the truth for all of you now that i am done saying all of heart is torn because of 4 different women.i will not say any names but they know who they are lives not far away from me but i can't tell her how i feel even though we have been together a few times seems as if i will keep my feelings to myself now,as i can't deal with love is hurting me way to i will keep sitting here listening to the same words over and over again from the two songs. song one is by creed called six feet fr
~*party Boy Is Up For Auction*~
Party Hard
home from Louies, got third in the pool tournament a little shit faced but still partying, with friends cum on over  andgrab a drink and some fun
Part Of A Song Im Workin On...
Part I - When Tomorrow Comes – Waiting
My heart is heavy, and has been all day long, Because I clearly see you have so far to go. It is almost as difficult for lovers to meet As for the morning and the evening stars. So as I turn gray at my temples, And you still brush long thick tresses, I wait for you to clearly tell me that
Part Ii – When Tomorrow Comes – Dreaming
The man within my head urges The man within my heart to drink ten cups. Ten cups to perhaps dull the pain Ten cups to perhaps replace it with drunkenness. ...But what ten cups could make me as drunk    As I ever am with your love in my heart? You came to me last night in a dream, I know this because awake or asleep I am lost and always thinking of you.
Part Iii - When Tomorrow Comes - New Beginnings
Wake up, the day begins And with it the sun will rise as my love Causing light to fill my eyes And blind me.  And as the day goes on The sun will grow larger and  hotter And with it my blind love will swell As my heart does.
Party Like It's 1994
Fifteen years ago … Mark 5:35-43         May 20Changes and growth G[raduation] + 5     9405.20 Ignoring what they said, Jesus told the synagogue ruler, “Don’t be afraid, just believe.”  36 When Jairus was told to not be afraid concerning his daughter, Jesus did not mean don’t be concerned.  You have to look at the second part of what he said – “just believe.”  For something as incredible as this, belief was as much as Jairus could have – belief in man’s role in God’s plan, belief in His will being done, and belief in feelings of personal grief. It grieves me that sometimes we are more concerned about not losing than we are about winning.  In education, this is translated into more concern about people not failing than we are about them succeeding.  It’s hard for me to feel like I’ve done my best when I am teaching “down” to right where people are instead of working up.  [This is followed by
Party Night Part 1
  Its Party Time!!! As I think as I look into the mirror as I am getting ready for work. I can see the glow covering my face in anticipation of the evening to come, because I know that this evening we will be having a few friends coming over to watch the game . Only they don’t know they wont be watching the game very much     As I look up I see you coming into the bathroom, you come up to me wrap your arms around me and murmur good morning as you kiss my neck.  I can feel your semi hard cock through the thin material of your pj bottoms so I move my ass against your cock To make him get hard for me because I love the feel of your hard cock against my ass.   Than I think oh the hell with it I’m going to be late for work so lets make the most of it I turn around in your arms and kiss you deeply as I trail my kiss to your check and down your neck slowly down to your chest and even lower the lower I go you look down and Say hoarsely baby do you know what your startin
COME PARTY AT SUICIDE RADIO AND CHAT AKA: THE KARNY  THE DJ'S Mizury Luvs Company Monday - Mizury (8 cen -??) D-Mented Tuesday - Remy (8 cen -??)Raq-Attack Wednesday - Raq (8 cen -??) Bloody Thursday - Tha Roka (8 cen -??) White Collar Powa Hour Friday - Omadeus (8 cen -??)Krazy Keezy Suck Fest Saturday - Keezy of D.A. (8 cen-??)Area 52 Sunday - Lord Zero (8 cen -??) SUICIDE RADIO HAS TAKEN OVER THE NET, WE R CURRENTLY WORKING ON A SCHEDULEDJ BLEU & DJ HATCHET CURRENTLY DJ DURING THE DAY & LATE HOURS!!FEEL FREE TO CLICK THE PIC TO COME KICK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Part One
ok so no one will ever understand women and no one will ever understand men. ok cool we get it but check this out.. guys if this has happen to you leave a comment about it and ladies if you can answer this please pleasse do.... i always thought that women liked assholes. but its more then that..see I am an asshole but in a different way.. i wouldnt be an asshole to a lady i liked or I was with. I wouldnt be mean to her for no reason and I deff wouldnt ever hit her. but what the thing is that most women are attracted to bad ass guys or buff guys with hot bodies that feel they never need to wear a shirt. and most of those guys end up being the one that is mean to them all the time or hit them or cheat on them. I dont get it. when are the women in the world gonna change the reasons they pick a guy. no i dont have a buff body and yea i wear a shirt and yea i dont look that bad ass, but I can make you laugh no matter how shitty your day is, I am the most romantic guy you will ever meet, I w
Part One~
The touch of something soft and light brushing across her stomach and ribs brought her out of sleep slowly, then suddenly brought her jarringly awake as Elyndria realized she could not move her hands to brush away the itch. Her eyes flew open to blackness and as she started to scream, she realized her eyes and mouth were covered as well. She was bound spread eagled on a fur or blanket of some kind, and the air was warm around her as she lay there in naked splendor. How? What? Who? Were just some of the questions that ran through her mind as she fought to drive off panic. Shaking her head rapidly back and forth, she sought to dislodge the bindings, but her efforts were to no avail.Suddenly, there was a soft whisper by her left ear. "There's no use struggling, my pretty bird, you are well and truly caught. I've been admiring you from afar while you were so haughty and cold, disdaining those around you as if they weren't worthy of your notice. A few gold in the right hands, and now you ar
Part Two~
Elyndria awoke to the sound of a soft giggle, and the twitching of her left foot. There was the hint of a light touch, almost imagined along the sole of foot, then teasingly brushing across each of her toes in turn. She tried to jerk her toes away from the touch, but the caresses continued no what way she moved or twisted her foot. Then the touches began to move... lightly up her foot and then slowly and tantalizingly up along her left leg. There was another restrained giggle as a second series of touches moved up along her right leg. Sometimes in concert, sometimes in discord with the first, the continued their slow advance up along her skin.Her mind worked feverishly to try and figure out what was happening to her. A cold pit formed in the hollow of her stomach as she realized it was feathers that were caressing her skin. Somehow whoever had captured her had found out her fear and dread of being tickled, something her brothers had done to her without remorse whenever they wanted to t
Part Three~
She could remember when she longed for the gag to be removed, the thrill she had felt when the kitten worked at the strings and she thought she might be rid of it. Now that it was gone, Elyndria was more frightened that she would unconsciously make a sound or moan and be punished for it. Her captor had left no doubt in her mind that he would not stand for disobedience and restrained as she was, she had little choice but to submit to his demands. Still, she often found herself now licking her lips, or running her tongue across her teeth, savoring the sensations she had been denied before. There fact the gag had been removed gave her hope that other of her restraints would be removed, and then her chance would come to escape.She thought she heard movement off to her left and strained to listen for any sign of someone there. She started to call out a hello, but caught herself just as her lips formed the word, remembering her command to remain silent unless spoken too. The silence surround
Party Next Weekend 5/6/2009, San Diego Hard Rock Hotel
So.... I have a very very special guest coming into town next weekend. I am very excited about her visit to my city. I am planning on doing alot of really cool stuff while she is in town to keep her busy and to make her fall madly in love.... with San Diego!! So; something else I have been tossing around in my noggin is throwing some parties, social gatherings with a mild twist to them. I dont really know that many people in San Diego to invite so I thought I would throw this out there for some feedback. If you are in San Diego, you are part of a couple, you are between the ages of 22 and 38 and would like to attend a party I am throwing; could you respond here on the comments section of this page? or send me a private message? Im working on headcount so that we can go VIP to a club at the Hard Rock or elsewhere for free and to know what size room to get there at the hotel. Thank you for your time and attention to this because im super excited about the feedback and making this happ
Part One: The Stage
I pulled my coat on and checked my purse for my car keys. Things were just winding down at the office, and the girls were all getting ready to go for the night."Good night Laura," I smiled at the girl in the cubicle next to mine. "Good night Angel," she waved back. I was just heading for the door when I heard a loud crash in the break room.I rushed toward the noise and stopped short in the doorway of the break room, where Laura and a couple of the other girls were already standing. We were all mesmerized, barely able to believe what we saw.Shawna, the 20-year-old brunette who had just started at the office, was picking herself up off the floor. Her nylons were ripped, one knobby knee poking through. Her skirt was ripped all the way to her right hip, and her white silk shirt was only half tucked in, two missing buttons revealing a lacy white bra.Standing above her, fire burning in her eyes, was Diane, the boss's secretary. Always business-like and keeping the other girls in line, she wa
Part Two: The Collar
It took over a week for her to email me:Richard has filed papers. I have nowhere to go. Please help.I emailed back a meeting time and place, this time at a Barnes & Noble in my home city. I agreed to meet, but made no other promises. I arrived well in advance of her, taking a seat in the coffee shop window where I could scan the parking lot. I almost did not spot her. Despite the early-June Florida heat, she was wearing a long-sleeved heavy cotton blouse. I expected this, but was still mildly disappointed.I greeted her near the door. A flurry of emotion played across her face upon seeing me; hatred, desire, love, fear...all within seconds."Coffee?" I asked.She nodded, and we went to the counter to place our orders. When hers arrived at the counter she began to reach for it with her right hand. As she did so, the blouse, which was slightly too short for her, rode up her arm, exposing three or so inches above her wrist; three inches now alive and solid with beautiful color and design. Th
Part 9-11
Part 9 On the island, the servants went about their duties and they had prepared Thomas’ body for transport to Jade.  After making sure that everything was ready for the body to be transported, they went about preparing Khatra’s chambers. They put red satin sheets on the bed, and prepared all of the items that would be needed to bind her once she was brought into the mansion. Each of the servants remembered what they went through when they were first brought to serve their Master even thought they all knew that none of them would ever know him the way this new arrival would. As Lotus Flower placed the finally pillows onto the bed she smiled for she knew  who the new arrival, ‘You will make our Master whole once again Khatra, I know your soul and you were meant to be here with him and make him whole once again. I have seen the life returning to him as he knows that you are nearing us. Your soul will know that this is where you belong once you see Master and have bee
Part 12
Part 12 The sun was at its highest point in the afternoon sky when the limousine arrived at the mansion. Once the driver stopped the car, he moved to open the passenger door so Victoria and Khatra could exit the limousine. Khatra’s eyes grew wide when she saw the mansion; it appeared to be a castle instead of a mansion. “What is this place?” she asked in a shaky voice.                 “This lovely is your new home. Come little one,” Victoria took hold of Khatra’s arm and led her into the mansion. As they approached the main doors they seemed to open by themselves, after they walked through Khatra saw two men dressed in tuxedos had opened the large double doors for them. Victoria nodded to the two men as they walked through the doors.  Without saying a word the men closed the doors behind the two women. Victoria led Khatra toward the grand staircase; she had little trouble guiding the young woman because Khatra was over whelmed by everything she s
Part 1
The Cronicle of Caine   The First Times   I dream of the first timesthe longest memory I speak of the first timesthe oldest FatherI sing of the first time and the dawn of Darkness   In Nod, where the light of Paradise lit up the night skyand the tears of our parents wet the groundEach of us, in our way, set about to liveand take our sustenance from the landAnd I, first-borne Caine, I, with sharp things,planted the dark seeds, wet them in the earthtended them, watched them growAnd Abel, second-borne Abeltended the animalsaided their bloody birthsfed them, watched them growI loved him, my BrotherHe was the brightestThe sweetestThe strongestHe was the first partof all my joy.Then one dayour Father said to us,Caine, Abelto him above you must make a sacrifice--a gift of the first partof all that you haveAnd I, first-borne Caine, igathered the tender shootsthe brightest fruitsthe sweetest grass And Abel, second-borne, Abelslaughtered the youngestthe strongest, the sweetest of his an
Part 1
Emotions lapp at my feet, surgeing to and fro to an unfathomable current.  A tide of colors rush against my feet to splash up into the air billowing around the room like a miriad rainbow on a summer day when it starts to drizzle.  It is beyond beautiful to watch, and yet all I want to do is scream at the top of my lungs in sheer terror.  Emotions laid to rest a long time ago.  Life was so much safer when they laid dormant in the depths of my soul.  Dead inside, but no pain or betrayals, just the fun that life is, the boundless unending array of troubles my mind could conjour with no worry of any complications.  And here I find myself in a place I never expected to be again.  Emotions, ever the sneaky bastards can't be fettered one at a time, its often all or nothing.  They come up to shackle and bind me in ways I  can't handle.  There embrace a soft silken touch, the merest brush against my skin can bring shivers of extasy, pleasure or pain.  They taunt and laugh at me, threatening wit
Part 1
heres a list of crap that makes no sense to me:   Soy Meat - If vegetarians want to eat meat, then just do IT ALREADY!!! Veganisim - If you think the raising of cattle for slaughter is bad for the environment, do your part, and EAT THE FRIGGIN LIVESTOCK!!! Grilled Chicken At KFC - Its called KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN FOR A REASON!!! Edible Underwear - I know what comes out of that hole, and i sure don't want it in MY mouth. Non Alcoholic Beer - Barley ferments, fermentation makes alcohol, so keep it natural LEAVE IT ALONE!!! Fish at Mc Donalds - YOUR FISH SUCKS!!! STICK TO CRAPPY BURGERS!!!! Triple shots of any liquor - At this point, just drink from the bottle, its easier.  Making a minivan into a truck - Just, WHY? The time and effort that goes into making it legal, just buy a junk truck. Its quicker and more efficient, and sell the friggin MINIVAN!!!!! Dual Exhausts on anything with less than 8 cylinders or more than 2 - YOURE A RETARD!!! YOUR CAR SOUNDS LIKE A PEICE OF GARBA
Partay At My House! *dances*
So, moms partay is tomorrow and I'm excited! We're grilling up steak, chicken, hotdogs, hamburgers...I made potato salad gonna make the relish dish in the morning.... Picking up the keg tomorrow afternoon...good times *grin* I remember Majik commenting in one of my blogs around xmas....he stated that I would work through things...of course he stated it way more elequently then that ...but ya, that's what I got... He's right, I did, and much much MUCH stronger....all that "self reflection" "resenting my friends" shit ....well, I worked through it. Now, I'm throwing a kegger. NO, I'm not going to drink any of it! *sticks out tongue* ♥ PoStaL
Part 13
Part 13   Even though Dragos longed to take his very spirited pet, he knew that it was too soon for him to drink of her blood. Dragos left Khatra’s chamber with a heavy heart.  He would not allow himself to return to collect Elisabeth for dinner for his hunger for Khatra was so very strong instead Dragos strolled around the mansion for a long while calming his inner beast and trying to no avail to push Khatra’s image from his mind. “I have no time for these thoughts tonight; I must focus on what needs to be done.” He scolded himself as he approached Elisabeth’s chambers. His knock was soft as to not straddle Elisabeth. “Enter my Lord.” Her soft voice rang out. Upon entering the chambers his breath caught in his throat. Elisabeth knelt at the foot of her bed wearing her diamond studded collar and a sheer blood read tunic.  “Do I please you my Lord?” Her eyes down cast with her head held high and back straight.                 &l
Part 2
INSERT ANY TEXT HERE   Part2 It's Hump Day finished work early,I stop by you're place to suprise you.As I walk in I hear you Moaning saying Oh Yes give it to me Baby.Peaking around the bed room door I see you laying on the bed legs wide Youre favorite Toy rubbing youre swollen clit.I undress stroking my cock hard Before entering the room.I say do you want me to take over & fill you up.Surprised You see my hard cock & say Oh Yes I want that too.You turn over get on all four Spreading youre ass cheeks for me saying I want you in Here & my Toy in my Pussy Master.I pick up some lube from the night stand Lube youre back side Then slowly push My hard cock head in mmmmmmmmmmm Oh Yes It feels so good Fill me up you say.Slowly I push in till my balls are agaist youre ass cheeks.Reaching around you I slide youre vibrator into youre wet pussy slowly untill its all the way in then turn it on High speed .MMMMM Oh yes youcry out now fuck me hard.I grab youre hair As I start pounding you The vibrator
Parts Of The One
Ants And Bees, A MetaphorWhen we see ants and bees out in the world, we often see just one, but this belies the reality of their situation. More than any other species, ants and bees function as parts of a whole. They cannot and do not survive as individuals; they survive as members of a group, and the group’s survival is the implicit goal of each individual’s life. There is no concept of life outside the group, so even to use the word individual is somewhat misleading. Often, humans, on the other hand, strongly value individuality and often negatively associate ants and bees with a lack of independence. And yet, if we look closer at these amazing creatures, we can learn valuable lessons about how much we can achieve when we band together with others to work for a higher purpose.Most ants and bees have highly specified roles within their communities, some of which are biologically dictated, and they work within the confines of their roles without complaint, never wishing to
Part 1
The Hunter: Path of Atonement The growling is heard from the alley way, as two boys run through it, looking behind them as they run, their faces filled with the fear of death. One of them holding their arm as drops of blood fall to the dirty street. Under normal nights, the figure watching them would enjoy the fear, even revel in it. The figure sighs and watches the figures …this isn't any night though, he has a mission and a person to draw out. "Damnable sire....wish she would use me for more than this simple task…could be feeding right now" the figure grumbles, following the two boys as they run, making sure to stay visible enough for them to know where he is...and to make sure his target knows as well. Picking up speed as he jumps from the top of one building to the next, keeping his hunger in check, knowing if all goes well he will feed plenty tonight after this little adventure. He jumps from another building to the next, grinning as he senses the presence of anot
Party And Bullshit
[Intro]Black Walt told me,If you want a bonafide bangerYou gotta start with a hard ass kick and snare, YeahAdd some dope ass music around it and a hard emceeAnd you got it, HaEvery night seem like we celebratin birthdays (Ohhhh)Cause rappin on planet earth paysSmellin like Ver-sace or is it Versace?You got me sloppy from poppin these Oxy'sAnd shot's of Saki, copyAll you ladies in here, I am sharing woodI just wanna lay between you and ram square intoCause when it comes to woman, Your man Aaron's goodI done been inside of more woman than planned parenthoodI got more bottles than new born babies for you porn ladiesI want you to drink up 'till you horn crazy and rape meTill I'm lazy and achyWant to get shady and tape me?Okay baby, Let's say we tape me inflating your tracheI'm just partying, I ain't lettin the tools spitI ain't tryna have you haterz layin below the pool pit40 acres and a mule sit in my garage with a cool kitEat, Drink and be merry, mane and miss me...With all that bullshit
Part 1 Of The First Story
I have been having this reoccuring dream for the past few months.  Where I am sleeping in my bed and this stranger comes up to my bed and watches me.  During my dream I can see what this stranger is doing.  He begins to pull back the sheets and he stares at my naked body.  I begin to roll to my side so all he sees is my back.  For now the sheets just cover me from the waist down.  The mysterious stranger begins to lean onto my bed and out streching his hand.  I begin to feel his hand glide up my back and gently rub my lower back and side.  But I still lay there still and motionless believing I was alone.  The stranger begins to climb into my bed.  At this time my stranger starts to rub my back and slides his hand around my waitst.  I can feel his hands circling my breast.  I begin to roll over onto my back.  I was beginning to want more.  As I start to stir in my sleep, I help my mysterious stranger with arousing me.  I reached for his other hand and placed it upon my thigh.  I could f
Party What?
 Woman who is passed around the party for sex purposes = Party Favor      Party Pooper = The male version of the same thing     How wrong is this?
Party For Our Members August 26th
Part One
Slowly, methodically, he stepped out from the old weathered Audi, casually looked at most of them, intentionally holding eye contact with a few. Finished, he stepped to car's trunk, opened it, and began removing the equipment required for the task he was about to undertake. Knowing full well that multiple broken bones, spilled blood, or even death were possible repurcussions for mistakes, he examined everything slowly, minutely, tightening here, lubricating there. Satisfied he had missed nothing, the trunk was closed, and the process of gearing up began.........and they watched.....IS THAT HIM....I RECOGNIZE THE CAR.....SHIT.....ITS HIM..ITS HIM..ITS HIM!       Watching from outside himself, his minds eye saw a full picnic/rest area. Over there a group of IRON RIDERS, and there...a smattering of LOS COMPADRES, and "rubs" seemingly everywhere else. All the built in grills were ablaze...steaks, fajitas, burgers, and dogs..the smells rode the slight breeze...and his stomach rumbled...remo
Part Two
     He turned his back on them all and walked away....towards high ground. He carried in his hands the largest pieces of the tools of the trade, everything else necessary had been either stuffed into his headgear, or placed on his body strategically, each offering protection to the most vulnerable areas of his body. God forbid that anything should go wrong, but the better part of valor said to plan for the of "THEM" could conceiveably get in the far that hadn't occured, but... All about the rest area people were moving, taking food and beverages with them.  THEY WANTED TO SEE....THEY WANTED TO WATCH IT HAPPEN!!!!!  Nowhere was a single one of them thinking it could be them. Having finally reached the top of the hill, he turned and looked back the way he had come, the numbers rolling thru his head, distances...speeds...points of entry and exit, trying to anticipate it all....feeling his body beginning to ramp itself up. Slowing his pulse with deep deliberate brea
Part Three
   GOOGLE THIS DEAR READER, terminal velocity..its an interesting little thing to keep in attention now ! The man at the top of the hill was older than most of THEM, some by a little, others by a lot. He wasnt crazy, his mind was sharper than most would give him credit for ,in spite of what he was about to do.THANK YOU GOD FOR PROTECTING ME HERE, FOR ALLOWING ME TO COMPLETE THIS AND RETURN UNSCATHED.....AMEN.....and so it began.  It is a big hill the man was at the top of....I know..Ive been there before, A BIG BIG HIGHLY DANGEROUS a matter of fact people have lost their lives on the very same slope. Ive seen the cross before..ON a downward slope of ten lose around 520ft of elevation in a mile, therefore gravity has its its magic....BUT.. the man that has just started down said slope  already knows and planned ahead...the gear isnt what you have been thinking.............
Part 3
So after my body settled down and I wasn't shaking so bad my new friend helped me out of the swing and on to the huge bed.He walked to the mini frige in the room and grabbed a water and brought it to me. I drank it quickly cause my mouth was soo dry from all the recent activity. I sat up on the bed and looked at this beautiful man and started to get wet again because of the wicked wicked thoughts that were going through my head. so I stood up and touched him on his arms and turned him around torwads the bed and pushed him down on to it. Then I crawled up the bed and found handcuffs on the top two posts. I grabbed his hand and locked it into place and did the same with his other one along with his legs which I tied with the scarf that was there.This man was now at my mercy to do what I pleased to, this thought made my pussy wetter and my nipples hard. I stood on the bed over him completly naked looking down at him and I seen that his cock was also getting hard with the thought.I decided
Part 4
I was awaken by soft kisses that were being planted across my eyes and face. I opened my eyes to see my new friend smiling down at me, his eyes still smoky gray with desire. I move to get up from the bed and he pulled me back down and kissed me hard and very passionatly. I got up again and walked towards my clothes when in a quick movement he was behind me with his arms wrapped around my hips, pressing me close to his body, I could feel his cock growing against my ass. I groaned as he whispered into my ear "Where do you think you are going?" all I could do was moan as his cock was full and hard against me.He opened the door to the sauna room and walked me inside and over to the bench. He bent me over and I put one of my knees onto the bench. His hands softly rubbed down my back to my ass and then in between my legs to my already hot wet pussy.His fingers teased my lips and probed for my hole. His other hand was caressing my back, his fingers found what they were looking for and he slid
Part 5
After the steamy sauna we decided that we could use a cool off. I was so weak in the knees this was the most sex I have ever had in my whole life, I turned to look at my dark stranger. He laid his hand upon my back and it sent shivers up my back and I could feel the heat start burning again. I could not believe that after all we have done tonight I still craved this man inside me. We slid our bodies into the water of the hot tub that was in the room. I laid my head back and was starting to relax when I felt my lovers foot caress my leg. I opened my eyes and looked into his grey smoldering eyes, then he looked down and so did I and I seen that my breasts were sitting above the water and the nipples were so hard from the chill of the room, or it was from the way that he was staring at them hungrily.He moved in front of me and took his tounge and flicked my nipple ring and captured it in his teeth, he pulled on it and I moaned in pleasure. He tugged and then released it and moved to my ot
Part Duece Master/slave
I also recognize that, as happens with language, the terms slave and M/s have been absorbed wholesale into the broader kink community and are often used with little or no understanding of or regard for the current or older meanings of those words. I think this happens from ignorance, not an intent to co-opt or redefine terms, but it certainly adds to the confusion when people think the term “slave” has any meaning they want it to have. From oral history I have heard in various parts of the leather community, the term “slave” used to be used far less frequently than it is today. A dominant woman who is now in her 70s, who has been active in kink since the early ‘60s, told me once, "It used to be that a slave was someone’s slave. They were property. People don’t often mean it that way anymore.” So rather than thinking that the M/s community has taken its word “slave” o
Part 4 Master/slave
This is not the profile of a doormat or an irresponsible twit. People who think slaves are those things do not grasp what a slave is or what a slave does in an M/s relationship.   
Part 5 Master/slave
Can People Really Do This Stuff? Lenora: "I believe that i understand the concept of being completely owned by someone, but i'm not sure how much i really believe it works...and I feel... that when you are describing your meanings for the word slave as opposed to submissive that you are describing a fairly unrealistic thing." [Sidenote: Lenora is referring here to my essay regarding the differences between a slave and a submissive. See A Slave is Not a Submissive.] If you simply don't think it's possible to live in a committed state of obedience to a partner, I refer you to certain styles of traditional marriages the world over to see how "one person calling the shots" can work out in practice. It is interesting to observe that the elements of the Christian Right in this country promoting wifely submission to the husband - and those who live that way - are following M/s precepts in all but the chattel concept. However -
Part Omg Is This 7 ? Master/slave
"From the people i have talked to who have attempted this type of relationship..." I wonder, when you say this, if by “this type” of relationship you mean a chattel property one such as I described at the start of this post, with those same hallmark characteristics. "...I haven't heard of anything with a shelf life of over 5 years." People don’t do M/s relationships because they guarantee longevity. No relationship can guarantee longevity. I think all the relationships we have are subject to ordinary human emotional issues, and social/cultural forces we are all influenced by. I know of M/s relationships which cover the gamut from an abortive few-months long attempt, to those which have lasted 20 and more years. I suspect the breakdown of “how many relationships last for how long” follows a pretty typical curve that is common in our country: most couple-relationships reach dissolution in decreas
Part 8 Master / Slave
People who come wired this way often find the M/s lifestyle a compatible fit for their needs. Those who are not wired this way, do not.      this is the most powerful part i think .. thanks for your patience and i really just posted this for my reference and learning...
A Part Of Me Missing
Missing the routine ofwork getting up get readyin morning doing the routinefeels like a empty space orsome part of me missingwhen Iam not workinggets me depressed sometimesI feel alone other timeslike searching for somethingthat not their with outthat my life it feels like emptyspace or a lost soultrying to find the job whatnot there or it is thereIam to blind to see itthere must be some hopefor me life not this bador have I reached the pointof no return
Part Four...the End
  He had prepared, planned, and it was time to do the dance, to literally lay his life down and stare his own mortality in the eye. 16 lbs of polished aluminum street luge, 7 ft long, 16in. wide, and only 2 inches above the roadway...this is OUR MANS mode of transport, capable of speeds in excess of 85 miles an hour on this road. Not a one of "THEM" at the picnic ground could comprehend a ride like blatantly dangerous. Ever done 'crunches' for your stomach? Now do one, and hold it as you rip down a mile and 3 tenths of glass smooth asphalt, hold it as gravity begins to pull 176 lbs of man and luge downward at ever increasing velocities. Hold it thru corners as your body is pinned against the steering grips at your hips, hold it while blasting past steel guardrails and rocks bigger than a semi truck. Hold it as you try to spot entry spots and braking points, all the while knowing one error could allow 'them'.. THE see your body flung across the roadway
The Party Mum
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Party Must Haves
When you are hosting a party, wedding or showers we all know that you would probably have food and beverages of some sort, depending on the type of party. You may have some decorations and music to go along with the theme of your event! However many people tend to forget a must have for a party: party favors. While you invite your guest to come over and enjoy what you have prepared it is proper etiquette to have a "thank you" gift for your guest. Your guest will very appreciative of your special gift, luckily you don't have to go all over the world to search for the perfect favors. You can just head to Party City and find all sorts of neat favors that both you and guest will love!
Part Of Life
 Life is  what it is  you  have  highs  and lows. although  I  have  regrets on things I have  done  people  I have  hurt.  I  would  take  back  what i have  done if I could. The person I am reffering  to knows  what  it is i am talking about. Just  know  my feelings  are  genuine  search  your lost  soul  and  you will see what i am saying  is  right. sending  you  best  wishes on everything  you  so
Party Poker
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Party Time
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Part 2....same Author!
Party Favors
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Part Of A Story That I Came Up With.
When I first got there, all I could see was death and decay. Darkness surrounded the area, and the smell of rotting flesh flooded my sense of smell. Nevertheless, there he was standing atop a mound of bodies, the man that started it all. His hair was silver as the moonlight with skin as white as snow and an expression so emotionless. He’s known as the God of Death, he brought destruction everywhere he went. Killing people, ranging from adults to even infants, nothing could stop him. This man has been alive since 1905, he was born a vampire. No one could understand how pure blooded vampires were conceived, but here he was alive and pure blooded. I stood there quietly watching the man; blood staining his white button up shirt as he held his katana out in my direction.
Party Party Party Party
I could bartely sleep waiting for our party to start the next night.  Me and Sam cleaned up the place and my friend went out and bought a bunch of new toys for us girls to play with after they lose their virginity, I just know we are going to have a huge orgy afterwards. Anyway......the time finally arrived and the four girls from our posse showed up wearing barely anything at all, that was a good sign that party was going to be awesome, the two guys showed up and my friend took them to his study until it was time to fuck!!!!! Then the virgins arrived, I was a lil disappointed when only 10 of them showed up, really only 9 from the orginal group but one of them brought her step-sister with her.....anyway it didn't matter if we only had 10 girls it was still going to be a fuck fest!!!!!  We poured drinks for the girls and we chatted a bit to ease their nerves, since it was sam's and my party, we got to choose the 3 girls we wanted, we took sue and also her step sister sara, then megan
11/17/09 Part 2
Full Frontal Nerdity: The condition or act of engaging in acts of extreme nerdhood. Nerdboner: An event, activity, object, idea, movie, comic book, TV show, theory or anything else creating nerd obsession to a moderate to high degree Dildork: A dork with the personality of a dildo
Part Of Me
Perhaps a part of me understands what that corpse minus the cross taped on my hospital bed means? Along with the act of someone wrapping me like a mummy means? Perhaps I left rather suddenly this past Friday from Cooper because this part of me felt a threat? Same part of me that took over on August of 2008 to avoid a head on collission. No innocense there. Self preservation alone was the motive, where as, I would do it to protect those that are innocent. The passive driver facing me made the mistake of making a left turn while I was going straight on a green light. We'd all be dead if Mike did not take over. Mike did it for self and for no one else. I'm not Mike but it is getting very hard to define myself as an individual. Happy Thanksgiving. Norio  
Part #2 The Friend That Could Have Been But Never Was
. The comment in the first part of this blog was Sares first comment to me so what better way to end this blog then to show her last comment to me its almost like she knew she was going to die... now again here was a lady i did not know at all yet to her i was her ange with this comment she wote "I love you my friend try not To think of me as gone but rememebr me as i am...this lady was 48 years old and after her death i found very muched loved by all she came in contact with, she was a persone who had almost 2000 friends on her tagged account and i thought yah ok shes like me after the rates and points, but hell you could have knocked me over with a feather when i found out this lady cared about each and evry one of those people on her friends list to the point she could tell you thier names and everything about them that was on there profiles, but the biggiest shock was yet to come... By now i had to find out about this lady so i contacted her top 10 friends and t
Party Tonight
For all those in the Addison, Tx area. We are having a post thanksgiving party. All are welcome. The Address is 4820 Westgrove # 702 Addison, Tx 75001 you can google map directions. Please feel free to pass this on to all your friends in the area. 
Part One
There are things that only the mind can grant a release from. Those things are prisons which it has created. Like any construct of the imagination, they can be as real as the mind wishes them to be. Regardless, only the keeper of one’s mind may hold the key to unlocking the cell doors.   Each drop tapping upon the roof created a hypnotic effect upon the man who sat in his chair looking out into the dreary night. He had seen many of these nights. Most of them were spent in quiet contemplation. He was, for the most part, bored with the life he had. He had no release from them. He felt trapped behind a cell door of his own creation. In his mind, the man was someone different, or should be. He had watched his life crumble around him until the pieces were far too tiny to pick up. He had no vaccum cleaners to suck them all from the floor, or a magic wand to wave and hope that the fickle hand of Fate put them back together the way they were before. He had lost the only thing in his
Part Two
“Do you think he will know?” The woman asked Luciano after Angelo fell asleep. “He is intelligent enough to figure it out with the right clues. I gave him one already. But as long as he remains focused, where I want him, his mind will not drift.” “You were really going to make me service him?” “You wouldn’t have enjoyed it?” “Of course I would have enjoyed it, but that is not point.” “No, it is not. Yes, I was really offering you to him. As far as he is concerned, I am the master of everything. That is important. Though it is, largely a lie, he must understand that, for any lie to have credibility, it must be as true as reality. All he knows, at this point, is truth. He must learn to see lies and the only way for that to happen is to lie himself.” “How long have we been doing this?” she asked. “Centuries.” “In all that time, you have never been honest. Why should I believ
Part Three
A cool mist clung to the blades of grass on Luciano’s lawn like children seeking the succor of their mother’s caress as the car pulled up along the circular drive to his palatial home. The house was long and flat, ringed with simple columns as a Roman estate might. White stone composed its walls. Like the Pantheon in the city of his birth, there was a single rotunda in the center of the home, also ringed with columns, that rose slightly from the rest of the house. The car came to a stop before a porch with a high pitched roof. Among the rest of the house’s architecture, the roof, with its shingles stood largely out of place. The rear doors opened. The woman, Luciano’s companion for the night and all of his many centuries, stepped out. The rain had stopped. She held the door open for him while he floated from the car. Both he and she walked to the front door of his house. The door opened. Standing there was an older gentleman. His balding head and proper stance
Part 1
Part One Of Our New Years Eve
We went to a movie.  Saw "It's Complicated" with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep ... I have never laughed so hard at a romantic comedy in my life.  It was really a funny movie.  Very situational.  The woman a few rows behind us was hysterical. I highly recommend it to everyone ... I would give it 2 thumbs up.
Part Two Of Our New Years Eve
After the movie we went to our hometown Applebees and I order the 7 ounce sirloin steak covered with mushroom and garlic sauce.  I had a side of the baked potatoe with everything on it also a side of steamed broccolli.  The steak was a little too rare for me so I had them recook it ... When the dinner was complete I was completely full ... what a meal.
Part One "monsters Do"
january 7 2010   i am reading a book on the fold out bed at my parents house in the cold mountains of northern california, i am by my...self....i am sober.....slighty intoxicated on good beer but no speed....i am....clean....i miss her....the crystal mistress...the sting of her tears running up my nose....the feeling like my heart will explode and i will die....the relief she can bring   it is the middle of the night...i son sleeps beside me...but i am alone...only the sound of him inhaling and exhaling oxygen into his lounges.....i remind myself that i love him....that i have some idea what love feels like....but it is a lie...he might as well be a vampire...or one of the monsters i hold court with in my dark mind...and everything is so dark...and so i say to him in his sleep "Cameron...your Father is a Monster" knowing his sleeping mind already understands me and agrees comforts me somehow...and tears run down my face but i only smile because i know know the l
Party Olympics
Ok, so I've had some recovery time after this weekend. I was so exhausted last night, I had a friend over and fell asleep. Anywho, I've been trying to motivate myself to write this blog even though it won't be very long.  Friday night after working all night. I had to pick up a trip at a bar downtown. I pull up to Intermission and wait. Five guys come out carrying one guy toward my cab.. I already know this won't end well for me.   They put him in the back. He doesn't speak English. Luckily I speak Spanish, but he wasn't understandable in ANY language. I tell him if he needs to puke to get it in the trash can. This was a waste of breath.   I didn't make it to the end of the block before *blahgahjg;agak* "FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Puked all up in my cab. I was so pissed! *Blaghaghaghagahga!* "FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm just trying to hurry up and get him to his street. His shitbag friends just threw him in my cab and left him to die and me to clean up after it. I was continuously trying to g
Part Of The List By Ne-yo
Style of your hair,shape of your eyes and your nose,the way you stareAs if you see, right through to my soul,It's your left hand and the waythat it's not quite as big as your right,the way you stand in the mirrorbefore we go out at night,Our quiet time,your beautiful mind,They're a part of the list.Things that I miss.Things like your funny little laugh,the way you smile or the way we kiss.What I noticed is this:I come up withsomething new, every single timethat I sit and reminisce.The way you sweet smelllingers when you leave a room,(you leave a room)Stories you tell as we layin bed all afternoon.(all afternoon)I dreamed you now every nightin my mind is where we meet.(my mind is where we meet)and when I'm awakestaring at pictures of you asleep.Touching your face,invading you space.They're a part of the list.Things that I miss.Things like your funny little laugh,the way you smile or the way we kiss.What I noticed is this:I come up withsomething new, every single timethat I sit and remin
Party People _ Nelly Fergie
Part 2
That are wrong. her friends want her to leave me and want to kick my ass but im not only hurting herw im hurting her 2 year old daughter and i better man up before someone mans me up for hurtin my 2 girls
Part Two He Is Going Away On A Heart Is Totally Breaking Right Now
I Love you. Three most strongest words i know. My heart is yours for life i won't forget you i want to be with you and build a future with you..... Don't forget that. Your in my heart and thoughts constantly im yours baby yours and only yours im not going anywhere all i want is to make you happy and be wi th you... I can't wait to be together with you. I hope you come down to live with me when i get home from deployment.. I know its a long way out but i really want a home with you.
Part 1 Of A Story I'm Writing...
The hotel was very comfortable, Angel thinks, as she sits with her laptop at the desk. The writer's workshop was turning out to be a great asset, teaching her many things she would need for writing her book. In the meantime, she enjoyed her freelance newspaper and magazine articles and the time they offered her to gain experience and an audience. She works on her next article for a while, then checks her e-mail. A new message pops up in her chat window. "Hey there," types her e-friend Victor. "Hi yourself," Angel types back, a smile spreading quickly across her face. "When were you going to tell me you were coming to Chicago?" he asks. "Oh, by the way, I'm in Chicago " she replies. He smiles at the thought of the lovely writer he'd met in an online chat room being so close to him, his body reacting favorably to her proximity as well. "Want me to show you around?" he types, hoping she wasn't too busy. Vic was a handsome sight himself - sta
Part 1. A Long Night Ahead
*The beautiful Mistress enters her quiet home with grace. Her long flowingblack dress tracing the floor. Raven black hair falling slightly into her face. Green eyes pierce through all in the way. Her soft pink lips form into a slightsmirk as she hears the faint screams of her new captive**In the dark the tall young man screams through his gag. Sweat falls from hisbrow. The air smells musty almost like a forgotten cave. The metal that Keeps Him in place is as cold as death. His breathing becomes heavy. Fear sweeps Over him.**From the far end of the house the clicking sound of her high heels fill the room. As she gets closer to her new pet she can smell his fear. Her blood beginsto boil. The excitement is intoxicating. She stops to enter her room. Slipping into her proper attire. A woman like herself wouldn't dare be caught out of Character for her favorite activities. She slides her body out of her dress while grabbing her long leather whip and laying it neatly on her bed. As the scream
Part 2 Just The Beginning
*As the dark mistress walks over to the table on the other side of the room She lightsfour candles putting a light glow over the room. The light dances over the walls to what seems to be a forgotten melody. The misteress takes one candle out of its holderWalking over to her struggling victim. She pulls the flame close to his face. His darkeyes glow at the burning flame..the sweat falling from his forehead gleams like a diamond sky. The baroness smiles wickedly holding back a chuckle she says to him "Whats the matter? Scared of a little fire?..Well dont worry my pet. I wont burn you.Not yet anyway..If you are good..this will only hurt a little" The young mans eyeswiden with fear as he mumbles under his gag.**The demonic goddess pulls a lever next to her feet..The mans chains loosen as she pushes him backward. His chains spread his arms and legs as he is hanging in the air.Running her nails over his thighs she pulls out her knife..Sliding it up his shorts..Slicing them off his body..then
Part 3. Let The Game Begin
*As graceful as a swan the Mistress walks around to the front of him..places the ballgag over his mouth once more..tying it tightly. She wraps her arms around his back..pulling him close to her she licks her lips as she sinks her gleeming white teeth into hisneck..letting them break the skin she bites down harder..letting the blood fall into hermouth..and down his neck..Finally she releases him from her embrass she lets out with a deep unknown hunger.."I want to play a game..."**The man's cheeks still soaked with tears his body trembles with anger. Though the mistress keeps on pushing his spirit only gets stronger. Waiting for the right moment to strike He swears to himself Revenge will be sweet..and it will be tasted tonight**As the Baroness walks toward the table she speaks to the man like a tiger to her prey.."The rules of this game are simple, pet. Only one of us can win and I promise the other will be broken. I have spent my life being in control. Lets put my strength to the test.
Part 1
My thoughts I promised would stay hidden,But there is nothing that I can no longer do.They are no longer just in my head,The thought of you now runs in my body to. The idea of your lips running gently over mine,Warms my core and eases into my veins.I see your hands sliding down my body to thier goal,As waves of you pound through my brain.   As I lay you down and your mouth slowly parts,One last kiss before the rest of my dream begins.My hands now are moving,as they now thier task.They slide your silk awayTo reveal what you have hidden.   I slowly ease down my lips touch you all on my journey,The sweet taste of your skin reminds,a dream you no longer are.My hands move and begin to part your legs,I lick my lips because from me heaven is no longer far.   My hand reaches you first slowly caressing the lips,As my lips inch across your belly,my fingers sense your aroused.My mouth closes near,longing and wanting to taste you.I kiss and lick your thighs,your time has come now.   My mo
[part Epic, Part Case Study]
So I was brainstorming and free-forming this dreamscape I had a few nights ago about this divine representative of another planet.I remember she breathed methane, and wore an ellaborately carved device and ceremonial clothing so she could visit far off planets and scare the ever living crap out of them. She always arrived as a harbinger. Someone that kinda ... closes down doomed planets. But as I recalled that structure, I was reminded of Childhood's end, and decided to take a step to the side What would Heinliein do? I knew she was beautiful, powerful, holy, but from a profane world of wrathful gods and fertility rites. So of course the alien descendant of mankind in an impossibly harsh environment would one day fuck the bio engineered over-sanitized protagonist of the elite terran descendants. And no.I didn't see Avatar. *sigh* And no.Avatar didn't do it first. This is an act of inquisition, not romance or conception."this thing's vaguely like me, maybe I can relate..."Some
Part 1 In The Girl Friday Series... Players: Girl Friday, The Boss
Girl Friday reports for her new job, meets the Boss     Dear Sir,   I want to thank you for the opportunity to take employment with your company. It is my desire to be a valued asset for the team. I must admit I was unsure of what it would be like to work under your supervision but I find it to be both exciting and satisfying. The interview process was unlike any I have underwent and I find that your hands on approach to training to be quite refreshing if not breathtaking. I feel it will not take me long to learn the fundamentals of the job. With you looking on and directing me the entire way ensures mutual satisfaction and a job well done.   Thank you again, Girl Friday         first day on the job... I was not anticipating this. I am still surprised to have been accepted into your employment. It seemed like business as usual. Meeting the new Boss, discussing office policies and going over my skills all seemed to be like most pre-employment screenings
Part 2 In The Girl Friday Series... Players: Girl Friday, The Boss
Girl Friday spends the day researching at the Bosses request and anticipates practical application     A little nervous, I arrived at the office unsure of what my day would reveal. The Boss was there busy on the computer and did little more than nod at me and returned his attentions to what he was doing. I smiled and nodded before quickly putting my things away and going to my desk. There I found a large manila envelope with forms and employee handbook. I took them and opened my desk drawers to find a place to put there for further inspection and noticed beneath it there was a legal sized envelope also addressed to me. I opened it thinking it would be something else from human resources but instead found my itinerary.Girl Friday,I was looking through our training information on your new uniform addition, and realized we needed a bit of updated information. I have two websites that I've found that talk about the subject. I'd like for you to read both articles, and also find at least
A Part Of Me, (truth Not Fiction)
I'm no doctor, I am not going to sit here and tell you 'hey this is you'. I will tell you, this is me. For better or worse. It's something I struggle with constantly, but it is something I'm working on. It's a slow process and a lot of people with AvPD and social phobias such as this, do not deal well with people as a whole. I am not entirely sure why I'm posting this but maybe, for those that actually want to get to know me a little better... it'll help you understand a bit about who I am. People with AvPD often consider themselves to be socially inept or personally unappealing, and avoid social interaction for fear of being ridiculed, humiliated, rejected, or disliked. AvPD is usually first noticed in early adulthood, and is associated with perceived or actual rejection by parents or peers during childhood. People with AvPD are preoccupied with their own shortcomings and form relationships with others only if they believe they will not be rejected. Loss and rejection are s
Part 3 In The Girl Friday Series... Players: Girl Friday, The Boss
Girl Friday experiences practical application with the Boss's assistance I arrived a little early today and sat in my car mentally preparing myself. It is not that I dislike or even dread the job but more this overwhelming since of loss of control when I am near the Boss. One more deep breath and I exit the car to walk confidently to the office door. A quick straightening of my skirt and I go in. I am greeted by the sounds of the copy machine printing and paper being shuffled but do not see the Boss in the general area. He must be in his office, I think to myself as I walk to my desk. Again there is an envelope on my desk. It is sealed with the words 'come to my office with your uniform additions and this unopened'. Without haste I take the envelope and my little box to his office. Knocking on the door frame I wait for him to motion to me to enter. At his gesture I cross the distance to his desk and stand there. He was busy going over some papers and after signing off on
The Party
This was written for me by a FUBAR friend. I wear a short skirt and a tight tank top w/ no bra to a party your having. You cant help but notice my panties when I bend over, or how hard my nipples are as the day cools into night. When we talk its flirty and I'm always smiling at you, touching your arm or chest. You catch me by myself in the kitchen mixing a drink, you walk up to me and i start to say something to you but your hand is already between my legs rubbing my clit nice and hard. I'm shocked and dont say anythiing and you can feel the moisture through my panties. You push them aside and slide a finger inside of me, then another rubbing my clit with your thumb you tell me I should stop teasing you with my pussy or you'll take it. You tell me to take off my panties and I do, and you take them from me and walk away leaving me excited and wet and forcing me to spend the rest of the night pantyless.  Everyone's had too much to drink and we're given places to sleep. I get a guest bed
Party Cat! :p
Part 4 In The Girl Friday Series...players: Girl Friday, The Boss, Mr. Jones
Girl Friday goes on a field trip.   The Boss sat in his chair behind the desk, thinking. Girl Friday was due back from her assignment any minute, and he was anxious to discuss a few things with her. He opened the drawer to his desk, checked the contents, and nodded to himself. Everything was ready. Now if only he had read her correctly... He was still amazed that the fates had brought her to work for the Firm - employees like Girl Friday didn't come along every day.As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. "Enter". The door opened, and in stepped Girl Friday. Her hair was down around her shoulders, she was wearing a thin dress buttoned down the front, leather boots, leather belt, and a huge smile. In her arms she carried a large box. He found himself smiling back at her, very pleased to have her alone in his office again."Hello Boss," she said, "I'm back." "So I see." he replied. "I must say, you look lovely" And she did. The Boss was not the type to hand
Party The Entire Weekend
going camping and partying the entire weekend catch everyone on monday text me if u got my number
A Part Of Me Is Gone
I feel like a part of me has been yanked out of my body, since my mother passed away. I don't even know who I am anymore when I look into the mirror. They say one day it will past, I don't call anyone anymore, I rarely even speak to anyone, unless its Craig or on the internet. Sometimes, I feel like I am just waiting for the man upstairs to call my my number. But thats just me.   Sher
Party Preparation Is Couturier The Wait
Tho' barbecuing is the representative way most of us ready outside, cookery with a consumer is gaining in popularity. Revere Ware Cookware though the preserved heat method takes substantially mortal than your commodity greyness grill, cooks say that the identifying sensation of party cooking is advantageously couturier the inactivity.Carriage cookery is a gathering of cookery where the baccy from oxidation flora prepares your foods. Heated petrified director chips, much as mesquit, hickory and oak are placed in a smoker, which not only prepare the matter, but also add a unique tang from apiece flora type. The representative flora consumer has a move shoot assembly, which allows the emotionality and breathing to give finished the Revere Ware Cookware being precooked. In carriage cooking, substance never comes in communicate with an actualised combustion as it does with achromatic with a coach allows for a object potentiality of tang opportunities. The type of unmerciful woods chips you
Part 3 I Am Not Evolved From A Monkey How Is That For Being Lazy!!! Hey It's Sunday !!!
I received a message from someone yesterday saying that I am not being specific enough on this blog. I wrote back and told him I can operate a wheelbarrow and everything else is instinct and intuition.  Those of you that follow my thinking, and I have a huge amount of sympathy for you and don't think there is a cure for that, understand the point I was trying to make to this man.  We are talking about issues and facts that are sitting right in front of our face.  So I am not going to bore you with the scientific theories about evolution.  I am going to point out that science has discovered a species called dinosaurs and that the Bible, the Koran and most other religious texts say nothing about them.  Not particularly scientific but true. As we talked about yesterday, it is clear there is some order to the universe.  As a friend pointed out this morning in a message, if the moon and its orbit was off just a fraction things would be as romantic as they are when we stand on the beach wi
Part 4 I Am Not Evolved From A Monkey Cause I Can't Climb Trees Very Well
One of the great mysteries of the universe is how in the midst of swirling seas during the formation of the Earth, millions of years after the Big Bang, one tiny single celled life form, swimming aimlessly in that early ocean could evolve into every species of life form we have on this planet an especially lead us to people who drink huge amounts of alcoholic beverages and wave lighters around at concerts but that is exactly what scientist tell us happened as life evolved on the Earth.  If there is a force behind the creation of the universe and us, it seems they would have thought to maybe intervene in the massive alcohol part of our development. The only thing I can assume is to do an intervention like that would have violated some unknown law of the universe regarding humans.  Sound silly?  Maybe.  It is clear however that we somehow seem to have universal laws that guide us in our existence here as well as those principles of physics and such that control the universe and this is a
Partly A Quote And Stuff Of My Own I Mixed In
A sound soul, dwells within a sound mind and a sound body... as it has always been.  Only the reckless will ever completely rid themselves of fear.  The fear of disapproval can make one strive to be a good person.  Likewise, the fear of being powerless gives one the motivation to seek out the power that lies in  knowledge.  Fear is the driving force and the creator of order, because of this the amount of fear that exists in the world, far exceeds the amount of actual danger that is present.  At all times, there is an access of fear fluid in every human being.  Because of this, does God assemble people that are capable and talented, people that are driven to seek the power of knowledge to challenge this fear?   If so, by seeking knowledge,  are we following the will of the Almighty God?  But, if such a God as this does exist, is he not guilty of asking of us, very much and offering very little help in return?  We may  be left alone to take care of ourselves; and in light of that, should
Part 5 I Am Not Evolved From A Monkey Cause I Can't Climb Trees Very Well
Up to this point, for those who have not been following this blog, in our search for clues about who and what we are and why we are floating around the universe on this hunk of rock through space, we know we are under certain laws of the universe like gravity that keeps us from floating off past the moon and beyond, we have to eat and seem to need some sleep every now.  If you are a man you spend most of your life trying to find a way to get that huge testosterone run that starts at about age 12 under control and if you are a woman, you spend most of your life trying to get men to understand that the testosterone run is not the most important thing in life.  So we can say with a fair amount of certainty that whoever created the big bang and then those laws that govern both the physical nature of the universe and our own needs and desires really screwed things up.  I am sorry I just would have done things a little differently had I been running this mess. I picture the Creator as a bein
Part 5a In The Girl Friday Series...players: The Boss, Girl Friday And ?
Whats in the box?   From Part 4…"The horses." she answered, her face flushing. "Yes, Girl Friday, the horses. I've always had a love of horses, and I have quite a few. Horses are so strong, sleek and powerful, and yet they submit to their master, giving him control over their strength, just as the mare was submitting to her stallion."He turned the box toward her, and opened the lid, exposing the contents...----------------------------------------Girl Friday looked into the box, but only saw what looked like black leather covering the rest of the contents.The Boss turned the box away from her, and then reached in and pulled something out.  As he held it up, she could see that it *was* made of black leather, it looked like a body suit of some kind, with ruffs of dark fur or hair at the wrists and ankles.The Boss said "I had this made just for you, I hope that it fits.""Just for me?  Boss, what exactly is it?He replied "It's a body suit made of a special material, like
Come one and come all party like a rock star.............
When you realize mistakes youv made  have made life a little more difficult to bare then neccassary. So the only thing to do is instead of prolonging your mistakes which makes it worse just suck it up and take responsibilty for your actions because of your own stupidity. Realization of this has  helped me become a better person and more thoughtful in my choices
Part Umm...yeah....something To Lol @.
Part II of alot ( I might just keep using them forever..ha). Not what you think I'm's take a break from the drama, point whoring, bling whoring, usery and perving for a second ok?...I'm sure we all need some lolz for sure at this my work station took a total crapola on me today, I spent a few giggling at these and I'm sure you all will as well...just follow the wavey hand.. Click here for lolz.. See feel better?...good glad and you're welcome..thx.. Have a Tipsy Tuesday!...peace.
The Party's Here @ Phat Girlz Lounge
Part Hero/part Villain
If I can just be honest with myself I'm afraid of what comes next this silence is deafening but I hope you hear me now I hope you choke on every word and feel sorry for yourself the way I always have   How did we ever let it get this far? When did it all get so hard? We know that we both were wrong I've known you for so long but everything I knew is gone I don't even know who you are anymore   Tell me how it feels to be so cold To be so empty and hollow It must be so easy to be you I hope you find a way  to be ok with who you are 'cause that's the closest that you'll ever get to finding love   How did we ever let it get this far When did it all get so hard we know that we both were wrong I've known you for so long But everything I knew is gone I don't even know who you are anymore   anymore   I don't know who you are, no
Part 4 Of Rambles In My I Feel About Myself
Today is Monday 2011/09/04   OTEP "BLOOD PIGS" "Blood Pig"I'm sorryI'm uglyall that I amand I can never live upI'm failingI'm angryafraid of the waysthey pretend to be usit's fucked upI'm differentwords remainmy only escapeart savesall of meevolvingand now you're walking away!!!I'm so afraidand now you're walking awayI'm so ashamedand now you're walking away!![voodoo spell:]Berrate unshat'ecat my mistakewas trusting youblood pigswith creating my fatewith poetryand sufferingI cannibalizedevery ounce of my painI'm still afraideverydaythese greedy worms- they devour my plaguesI'm not your slaveI'm conqueringyou see me riseand now you're walking away!!!I'm not ashamed!and now you're walking away!I'm not afraid!and now you're walking away!! you can't hurt me anymoreyou can't hurt me anymorefed from the wound fromwhich we were bledvomiting filth inour soft cave headschewing on tissue,tendon and fatdestroying the thingsthey do not understand!tyrant.betrayer.parasite.traitor!!
Party In My Sheets -- 18
Your out on your own, I don't like being alone. Do not worry tonight, my party will make everything alright. With all this and more, tonight you'll score. I am getting so close to you, I feel ya growing thru and thru. You say trick or treat, I'm hungry so let me eat. Drive me down to my knees, please baby please. With a party in my sheets, it sure as hell heats..
Party In Columbus
Attention: For anyone who is in or near Columbus Ohio, I got a few friends who is throwing a Late Memorial Day BBQ. Now I was asked to have a more people to join. There is swimming, drinking and SMOKE if interested. If you want to attent, shout box or leave me a message and I will give you more details. If you want you can BYOB (bring your own beer), but its not nessecery. Hope everyone has a great day and hope to hear from you soon :)
Part 2
a few months ago i started talking to this random person lets just call them (sweet) lol! the only reason i even started talking to this person is because i was invited by them to fumafia, things where going good we talked almost everyday mostly about there kid or my kids or what ever.   well up til a few days ago i stopped talking to this person due to a comment that they made, ( and yes they knew i am married and yes my hubby knew all bout it ) (and i did tell this person to watch what they say to me well anyway) my hubby got piss and went off on this person, now i was really hurt,thinking that this so called friend was  never  my friend and i cried due to the fact i was played like a mofoin fool, i learned my lesson (the hard way)   my point being is this don't think that  anybody on here is your real friend(s) there not unless you have known them before joining. now im not judging but im saying is to be careful , and im a GEMINI and we do attend  to leap with out looking o
Part Two Of What I Am Doing Here
a couple of months after I got to the shelter I finally saw the VA rep for homeless veterans and found out that my 29 days of service in the USAf qualified me for federa VA I registered with the VA and last monday the 8th had my medical intake now having the VA take care of my medical needs insted of the Adult medicine clinic at Harborview medical center..easier to keep track of my medical records....Also this past week finished filling out forms for my SSI?D application...since the state of Washington DSHS has said I am disabled due to multiple body par5s...those include my left ankel(rigid foot/arthritis), hernia (left side), slipped disck(L6), micro TIA So now will have to wait and see what SSA has to say about all of that... The past few weeks have been sleeping outside in the park has been quite nice. Started doing that with a lady who I thought was my friend and potential room mate but turned out she has some mental issues as well as the medical issue
Party On A Monday Afternoon !!!
everybody get down with the party !!!!
Part 2
I looked at her funny and laughed “There is not darkness around me, only the joy. I hold no ill will toward anybody.”                 The other girls all made a purchase from the woman  while I continued to walk around and look at the other exhibits, as I walked around my eyes kept darting back to the statue and wondering what it would have been like to have been seduced by the demon.  As I stood there near the other statues waiting for the girls to finish up, my mind started to drift to another time, a time when demons roamed the earth freely, under the cover of darkness, and seduced women, and had half human half demon children. I could see it clearly it was as if I were standing there watching a woman getting raped by a horde of demons, and as she screamed for help the men from her village turned and walked away. I heard one man say, if we give them one virgin a year they leave the others alone and our village prospers for the next year. I was lost in this waking dream
Party Dresses For Trendy Engagements
Inconsiderate males frequently complain that ladies take too lengthy to organize for any evening out. However that's the situation. The men only need wear a suit, as the women need to do their head of hair, apply their makeup and find the correct dress. One reason women sometimes struggle if this involves the gown is they aren't sure what's expected of these. When attending a social event, for example, there's frequently an outfit code. Let's take the time to examine them. Black Tie A black tie affair is easily the most formal supper party. Males are required to put on tuxes, while women can pick between cocktail dresses, formal gowns or lengthy dresses. You will find also whitened tie matters, that are just like formal. The only real difference would be that the males put on whitened bowties rather than black ones.For this case, the mldress are perfect choice for you to pick up what you like. Creative Black Tie An innovative black tie invite gives visitors a choice of dres
Part 1 Of 4 Neveahs Secret
The day was odd as usual the heat  not a normal temp   the sun not in its usual place  the animals making a fuss. The day  seemed a bit off  as the Oddball Princess walked the streets looking around all the human s not as normal as usual . Neveah  looks around and she  sighs “ hmm  it’s a bit odd today  not really usually odd unless I make it odd and this is not my doing “ she said and gets out her video camera and films  the town  and its people  as well looking back at the Empire  the house of Solomon. She  films  for about half an hour to an hour then  shuts her video camera off . Nevie  then walks  to the local store and buys her  some stuff for her  adventure to her Eriveah alone . Once loaded up she walks out and starts to walk .Neveah  Walks while listening to music as she walks she notices  different animals then before and takes a picture of them  all as she keeps walking . After an hour or so she sits down  and drinks a little blood from her  bottle . She si
Part 2 Of 4
Emmett laughs “ yeah I thought   that is what you wanted to do and well I see you are an animal saver yet again” he grins at her and pulls her into a hug “ yes I always am  and  I killed five of those animal abusers today” she said and hugs him back tightly. “you mean Poachers were here in our town  wow   they had better not show there face here again” he said . “ Emmett  they know the law  yet they do it  one of these days they will  catch a werewolf who will slaughter them  just for the hell of it” She said looking at Emmett. As she  smiles. Emmett laughs and  shook his head and kisses her cheek “you are an oddball Nevie you know that” he chuckles and swims under water and around “ the water is warm  its usually cold” he said “ I heated it up because  I was freezing ”she said . “ oh ok now I see why  it feels nice” he said . As they both  relax in the  pond  the animals sleep as Nevie worr
Part Time Blues.
Second place. First best. Stale whiskey on an empty suitcase. Hardpacked, agonized scramble in my pocket.   Couldn't tell you the truth. The facts. Is.   I'm no good. Not without a half empty cup or a bottle of pills to prop me.   Can't feel the impulse the flavor the syntax   of.   You. Me. Think its a good idea?
Part 1
What it breaks down to is this in a nutshell, either you believe or you don't. Some that do believe do so with a unswerving loyalty that can at times border on hysteria, which is about the same feeling that those who don't believe feel about how they believe. The difference is people that don't believe by and large do not feel the need to beat you over the head with their beliefs, while people on the opposite side of the coin feel it is there mission in life to "save" you. I don't have a problem with anyone believing in their own beliefs, what I do have a problem with is people pushing their views on me. That seems to be the prime objective for most organized religions out there. They feel as though it is there one and only goal in life, this need to convert me to there way of thinking. We don't do that. When is the last time an atheist knocked on your door, peddling his viewpoint, trying to convert you? You say your rights are being trampled on by atheists wanting to t
Part 1
What it breaks down to is this in a nutshell, either you believe or you don't. Some that do believe do so with a unswerving loyalty that can at times border on hysteria, which is about the same feeling that those who don't believe feel about how they believe. The difference is people that don't believe by and large do not feel the need to beat you over the head with their beliefs, while people on the opposite side of the coin feel it is there mission in life to "save" you. I don't have a problem with anyone believing in their own beliefs, what I do have a problem with is people pushing their views on me. That seems to be the prime objective for most organized religions out there. They feel as though it is there one and only goal in life, this need to convert me to there way of thinking. We don't do that. When is the last time an atheist knocked on your door, peddling his viewpoint, trying to convert you? You say your rights are being trampled on by atheists wanting to tak
Party Like A Rock Star Theme Party!!!!!!
Party Like a Rock Star Theme Party!!!!!! April 28th 2012 @ Missy's Crib 9:00 pm  You're Invited to Dress up like your favorite Rock Star/ Movie Star , Costume is required.It's B.Y.O.B. ,  Please remember to R.S.V.P.  for more information: email or Text me 314-632-6185
Part 3 Dragon Totem
The Majestic Dragon Totem possesses the following virtues: Leadership, magical prowess, vitality, mastery, insight, divine illumination, protection from outside evil forces from all directions, grounded energy, fulfillment of potential, inspiration, longevity, personal happiness, greatly increased riches, infinite wisdom, luminous beauty, majesty, indomitable spirit and strength, invisibility, power of transformation and metaphysical knowledge. Dragon Pearls and Stones are said to impart their particular magical virtues to their owner. Dragon Pearls are characteristic of its host; they possess all the magnificent characteristics that may be seen in the Dragon itself; the magical and supernatural perspective of the Dragon is contained within the pearl waiting for a suitable owner to bestow its inner magic to. One who possesses a Dragon Pearl or Stone is indeed a unique and fortunate individual. For century’s shamans, priestesses, wizards, witches, spiritualists and practitioners
Part One
Went to Asylum today in Sac, meet a lot down to earth people. I wish I could of stay longer to dance and everything. I was just happy that my boyfriend took me. Since part of me has always been into that type of stuff once before joining on fubar and stuff like that. Nice to have someone at least be open to the idea of new things. Music was good, shockingly my boyfriend even like it. The drinks were good. I even had a woman I met there let me taste her drink. 'something mother fucker' tasty as shit. Came home, it was weird because normally in my past with exs. They have always been more Dom than anything with me so I always been Sub that can do twisted shit. It was just shocking from him being the type of guy i see him right now. Doing those things and making me call him Master would be shocking though he wanted to try. Sadly, he got sick in the middle of shit. Sadly it was my fault for getting him sick. so much for sex eh? lol at least I have some pot and a drink premad
Part 1
My life started out simple, I was the son of parents from a middle class family, we were far from rich, but we had a good living. I grew up the youngest of four kids, my brother Kris was the oldest was five years older than me. He was your average bookworm, always had his nose stuck in a book or working on his schoolwork. Then there was Stacy, my oldest sister, she was four years older than me. She was like most blondes, had the drop dead looks that would make traffic come to a stand still on the interstate, but had the smarts of a deer in the headlights of a oncoming car. Next, is my sister Ariel she had the looks and brains of my brother and sister put together. She was the real deal, with the looks that would drop your jaw and the smarts to blow your mind. Even though she was only a year and a half older than me she taught me everything i learned as a child. We lived out in the country roughly seven miles from Turtle Creek in Cali. Every summer my brother, sisters, and I would all
Part 2
I remember this one summer when i was eleven. We were leaving to go to Suki Bay, we always left in late May after school let out, it was a warm, muggy day with clouds scattered across the sky like specks of paint on a blank canvas. We all packed up the old station wagon that my parents have had since the dark ages it feels like. My mom so was a petite woman with shoulder length blonde hair, mesmerizing sky blue eyes, and a smile that would not just light up the room, but banish any shadow to a dark corner of another room. She loaded up my duffle bag into the rear of the car and yelled toward the house, "Stacy, Psymon, Ariel, and Kris is that all of your stuff." "We need to hurry Aunt Melissa is supposed to meet us for lunch at Brickyard," she bark, knowing we still had the long drive, "we going to be late." Kris got in the front seat with mom and my sisters sat in the middle, but being the rowdy kid I was i sat in the back with the bags so i would have plenty of room to lay down or do
Part 3
I woke up just as the the high whispy were just being licked from the horizon by the rays of the intense flashes of gold and burnt orange of the rising sun. I sat in the bay window and watched it rush out over the bay like it was being fished from the depth of the ocean like a prized pearl from an oyster. I had the the window open and could hear the sounds of life stirring around the bay, and the smell of the fresh salt air rolling off the waves that crashed against the sea wall forty feet below me. Making my way down stairs I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I pulled out the apple juice and the cream cheese, the spun around to grab a bagel. I smothered the bagel in cream cheese, and then licked the knife as to not to waste the smooth spread in the sink washing it. Aunt Melissa walked in, "What are you doing up this early," as become a custom of mine for the last four weeks to not get up before the crack of noon. "I dunno why i woke up this early Aunt Mel," I repli
Party Like A Rock Star!!!
If this is really bright, I do apologize. My laptop is screwed up and I can at least read this color as I type. :P   What constitutes a party? I'm being serious. Is it simply not having your children around and sitting around your boyfriend's house watching television or playing Madden a party? I mean we don't really go out and when we do, we go to eat at Applebee's.  I mean they do serve alcohol and people are laughing and having a good time. That's a party, right?   The reason I bring this up and ask what a party really is, is because I was accused of "partying" on Friday nights.  I have busted my ass to do what I have to do to take care of my chilren. I have worried non-stop about how I'm going to pay for braces for my oldest. Which I've managed to do ALONE while working 2 jobs, both totalling ONE part time job. Their "father" on the other hand has done nothing but buy himself a used car and a new laptop. Ugh, I shouldn't really have to talk about that, It's not really any of yo
Party Tonight With Me In Pimp's Boom Boom Room!!!!!!!! 11pm Eastern - 1am Eastern!!!!!!
Tonight come and party with me in Pimp's Boom Boom Room! I will be doing my DJ Show "Ariel's Underwater Jam" for the first time from 11pm to 1AM Eastern time! Please join me with your song requests and come jam with the rest of the fam!  Free drinks and LIVE Entertainment! We need 12 NEW LOUNGE MEMBERS TONIGHT TO REACH 400 MEMBERS AND IT'S MY UNDERSTANDING THE 400TH PERSON TO JOIN TONIGHT WILL GET A SPECIAL GIFT!!!!
Part 2
Today is bad, i miss you so so much. You know how i am about keeping everything on the inside and im trying so hard to be strong for your brothers and i am so glad there is a part of you here to love but i want you here too.momma still loves you baby boy
Particular With Your Bed? I Am. Dave Compares Me To This Story.
The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian AndersenIllustrated by Edmund Dulac There was once a prince, and he wanted a princess, but then she must be a real Princess. He travelled right around the world to find one, but there was always something wrong. There were plenty of princesses, but whether they were real princesses he had great difficulty in discovering; there was always something which was not quite right about them. So at last he had come home again, and he was very sad because he wanted a real princess so badly.   One evening there was a terrible storm; it thundered and lightninged and the rain poured down in torrents; indeed it was a fearful night. In the middle of the storm somebody knocked at the town gate, and the old King himself sent to open it. It was a princess who stood outside, but she was in a terrible state from the rain and the storm. The water streamed out of her hair and her clothes; it ran in at the top of her shoes and out at the heel, but she sai
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Party your ass off.... I say so    bY Christine                   
A Parte L'aspetto
Che è vicino al Galaxy Tab 2 huawei honor scheda tecnica , il D2 Huawei Ascend è dotato di un potente processore quad-core che è con clock a 1,5 GHz, ma non è sicuro se il System On Chip (SoC) utilizzato nel dispositivo è prodotto da Huawei se stessi perché non hanno ancora rivelato che, anche se è molto probabile che stanno usando il proprio hardware come sono nel business della produzione di hardware. Tuttavia, le specifiche sono interessanti. Il dispositivo è dotato di una fotocamera da 13 megapixel sul retro, mentre un fronte di fronte fotocamera da 1.3 megapixel farà un buon lavoro a conversazioni video. Sul fronte della batteria, una batteria 3000 mAh fornirà la potenza per un utilizzo giornata. Essendo un portatile di fascia alta, il dispositivo sarà disponibile con Android 4,1 Jelly Bean, fuori dalla scatola. Il D2 Huawei Ascend è previsto per il lancio in Cina, a un certo momento nel 2013, ma non c'è nessuna parola che si tratti sarà lanciato sui mercati esteri o
Partir En Vacances: Ipad Ou Ordinateur Portable?
Si vous avez à la fois un ordinateur portable et un iPad, tablette windows 8 , ce qui devrait vous prendre avec vous quand vous le parer pour passer des vacances avec votre famille, ou aller à la plage pour une pause dans le blues en hiver? Cela dépend principalement de ce que vous faites - et pas - l'intention de l'utiliser pour, bien sûr. Certaines de ces différences - et les avantages et les inconvénients associés - sont fonction du matériel. Certains sont de l'interface utilisateur (UI) et de l'expérience utilisateur (UE) tel que défini par le système d'exploitation, et dans la plupart des applications disponibles pour l'appareil. Voici quelques comparaisons génériques, suivies par mes pensées basées sur la comparaison de mon Apple iPad 2 contre mon portable Lenovo ThinkPad X120e, deux appareils qui ont un écran de taille semblable. Logiciel Il ya bazillions d'applications pour l'iPad, sans beaucoup - mais cela n'est utile que si ceux que vous voulez sont là. Il ya un
Part 1 - What I Have Been Up To In 2012 - Domestic Violence Voices
It is amazing how our page is continuing to grow day by day. By the time 2012 finally transitions to 2013, we shall be seeing our little page grow to 1200. The goal for 2013, is to reach 2013. Is it a doable goal -- yes it is... with 365 days and an average of 3 folks joining each day now, it should be easy-peasy; hopefully, too, that we might be able to grow beyond that with the following year yielding to us a higher rate per day. We'll see. I'm not sweating it. It isn't necessarily the numbers I am after because it is the heart of you that I am after, advocating for each of you towards sharing your voice, telling your stories (whether it was you directly affected or if you, as a family/friend member were indirectly affected). We all have a story. It is by reaching out through sharing our voice, we hope to change the direction of at least one other person who might be out there suffering the effects of domestic violence. During 2012... we have grown too...We gathered together to put t
Part 1
Week 1, Monday Kind of weird for me to be writing a diary, but since Justin says it’s part of his experiment, I guess there is no helping it. Justin. He’s my younger brother. He came to me for help with his science project regarding hypnosis. I guess he had trouble finding people who were willing to help given that school just started, so here I am. While apprehensive initially, after some pleading and explanations on his part, I agreed to help him out. It seems he wanted to test whether, with the help of hypnosis, a person’s learning could be enhanced. Just before he left, he passed me the book I’m writing this in, asking me to write a diary on my observations as well as feelings throughout the experiment. Stressing that the diary will be confidential and nobody will be reading it including him, the main purpose of the diary will be to help me with the summary I need to give him at the end of everything for his reference. So... Let me introduce myself. I’m Jennifer Adams, or Jen
Week 1, Saturday Yesterday, I had the third session with Justin. I was looking forward to the session so much that I lay on the couch waiting for him to come home. I guess he knew it too because when he opened the door, he was smiling and immediately took out a shiny pendant. He sung the pendent in front of my eyes, telling me to focus my attention onto the pendent. Lights reflecting off the pendent, making it beautiful and enthralling and I was drawn to it. Almost immediately, without any further prompting from Justin, my eyes felt heavy and tired, making me feel like closing them. He must have noticed how I feel and said straight away that I don’t need any permission, that I can close my eyes if I wanted to. And I did, feeling grateful for it. That was the last thing I remember, then I heard his voice said “1& awake”. Once I woke up, I felt so good and refreshed, so full of energy. I love this feeling of being hypnotized, it feels so beautiful. I do sorta wonder
Part 3
Week 3, Wednesday For our session today, just before we started, Justin told me that we had tried all possible methods that he knows to hypnotize me. From this session onwards, I don’t need any pendants, spirals or other things for me to get into a trance. He said I already knew how to get into the trance on my own. He suggested that from now on, we should shift our sessions from the living room to my bedroom. I agreed readily, in my mind, I was hoping for the session to start as soon as possible, so I could experience the wonderful feeling of being in a hypnotized trance. We proceeded to my bedroom which I used to with Isabel, before she went to ESU. Once we were in the room, Justin told me to lie on Isabel’s bed, and said once I lay on the bed, I’ll find myself falling into a deep hypnotic sleep. The moment I touched the bed, I feel myself falling into a hypnotic trance just like what Justin said. I found myself closing my eyes and going into a deep trance. Till

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