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Emotionally Raped
emotionally raped i am alone i have no place to call my home no one to help becoming comfortably numb everything changes from bad to worse emotionally raped
Try This... Im Rated An X
this is so fun:
Things Slow Down, Friends Trimmed.
How's it everyone? I have noticed a great Slow Down here recently. It seems everyone is keeping in touch less. More things to do, better things to do. Summer fun, Football, etc. I too have not been on here much recently. The new has worn off I suppose. I posted a bunch of vacation pics recently. Only about 6 people took the time to rate even a few of them let alone all, yet I get messages from all over to "Rate my new pics." Well tit for tat I waited to see if they noticed mine having been posted and nope so I deceded to cut loose a few "friends" cause all they really are on here are point whores. All take no Give, see ya' later. For those on my family group no worries of course, you would have to screw up so major to be droped. No chances there. Anyone else thinking of wantting to be my friend should be willing to stay in touch.
Our Dinner Together
i've been cooking all day. i've lost myself in anticipation. dicing each vegetable thinking exactly how it will look as it passes your sensuous lips, seeing the movement of the smooth lines of your jaw as you chew. making sure the steamed clams are moist enough i'm unable to stop myself from thinking about other juices, mine and yours. i'm going to prepare every sip and morsel myself. but i've hired a waiter to serve us. so that we can concentrate on our enjoyment. i've given just as much attention to the placement of things around the room. candles where they'll light enough but also not light other spots. treats for all our senses placed at convenient locations all through the house. chocolates and other tastes, silks and velvets to touch, soft and approachable visual images, incense and scented oils, and music. how many hours have i spent selecting music? lilting string concertos, sultry saxophone solos, occasional island steel drum pieces, all linked so that i merely need to hit st
Let You Down
Let You Down Lyrics
Wasted Moments
one tear, streaming down my face, warm these wasted moments that seen to cause me harm missing the sweetness in your eyes the tenderness of your touch the warmth of your arms Slow down, I'm wanting too much a friendship that turns to love Hearts growing old together the partnership of a dove Our love lifting us higher one tear, streaming down my face, warm wasted moments when ur not here
she walked to the bridge only to think of life and whats going on thats makes her upset. see lives going underneither her under her life. She only wanted to see the whole world and how beautiful it is. Plus to clear her mind out, just like when she was in austin. just watching the water flow cause its free and people knew where she was at. well when she was on that bridge she thought to her self "what should I do in this situation I'm in?" well as she sat on the bridge thinking. and see the wonderful people passing by in their cars and trucks or what ever their in. Often People would stop and stare but not say nothing. But for her, she thought of what they would say in their minds: "will she jump?" "whats wrong with her?" "just another kid out in the street, stupid kid?" "why dont you end it?". she dones'nt want to be suicidal at all. she just need a place to sit, and just think. its not beacause she wanted to kill her self, but to think and just block everything in her mind. And just
Dark Of Night
In the dark of night, He came to her. The raging beast, He could not control. He needed the love she retain within, To give light to his soul. Once he touched her, He began to warm. He traced her silouette, Making her desire grow. She ran her hands through her hair. Telling him she wanted more. From behind he embraced her. Pulling his body next to her's. His head bent down to touch her neck. His warm moist lips gazing her, As she tremble inside. He open his mouth, And his fangs came out, As he slowly started to bite her. The blood trickled down, She felt the flow, As she became one with him. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved
The Lust
Lust... the very demon that lingers in us all Concealed inside the mask of our flesh I lust, you lust, and they lust Do not deny it, embrace it love It consumes the soul, burning a hellish inferno It flows... flowing... flowing... drop less I confess, I lust for you and now I am ever chained down Unable to shatter free from this bondage Oh god, how I much I dream of desiring you! Your flesh, your texture and warmth only feeds my appetite from starvation Your lips are the forbidden fruit from god, come and let me taste it Let me enjoy the spenders that you hold Come forth, let our tongues have sex, come closer... closer... closer Unveil the fabric that binds you, show me true splendor of you Open the path to the riches and fertile Hear not the interruptions; speak nothing but only the moan of pain and pleasure Moan all you want, it pleases me to hear it The night is long and young, who’s to stop our bond The pleasurable rush flows The blood-like feel coursing and oozi
Sometimes I'm Stupid...
Sometimes I let the words slip past my lips before they hit my brain and sometimes I know I cause you pain. All these things they tear me up inside because the thought of losing you would make me die. I love you in every way and every day. I just want to do everything to make you happy. Anything for you to prove to you that I am what I say. Just a fool in love with a girl so sexy. I don't deserve someone that makes me so happy but I'll plead to the stars for just one more day... To love you like I really should.
Fun Fun Fun
Forever Lyrics
Fate And Destiny
It has been awhile, but I have returned to my blogs. The dust has settled, the pain has leveled out and I've met lots of really cool people on fubar, so guess you could say I've been somewhat distracted and hadn't needed to go to my blog-writing for the catharsis I was feeling I'd be needing. As for where I left off, I touched base on the history of how I ended up on fubar and the fateful end with said ex-boyfriend who is a very popular DJ on here. I believe in fate and destiny and things happening for a reason and all of that kind of stuff. People come and go in our lives sometimes for a short time and maybe we'd like for them to stay around a bit longer, but perhaps they fulfill a purpose and need in our lives that we can't see at the time, but after they are gone, we realize that it's for the better that they are not in our lives anymore, but they did touch us for a short time, and it was for some reason that they came into our life in the first place. That's the way that I cho
Smile An Everlasting Smile
Hey Guys....Pls Have Patience Until The Gif Show Up.....Its Informative.... So Smile And Make Other Smiling
Do You Know What Microsoft Vista Stands For
Jena 6
I need to get my feelings on this out. I'm sure you have all heard about the Jena 6. the 6 black boys thata were originally accused of attempted murder. Bullshit? yes. racist? definately. there is far too much happening here to just turn a blind eye to it. don't get me wrong yes the 6 black boys should be punished for the beating. but comeon attempted murder? had the media not picked this up these boys would be spending a large portion of their lives in prison. this is distressing because of the fact that one of the black students was jumped at a party by several white students. the white kids got off scott free, not even a slap on the wrist. how is this fair? how is this not racist?
Funny'll Say That
I sent everyone that helped me in my contest a gift...if I missed you, please let me know...Its hard to remember everyone because there was so many of all are great, watch for my blast!!! I want a screenshot of it if all rock, it was so nice to see so many of my friends show up to help me out...I &hearts you all!!!!!!!! Hugs and kisses to all of you!!!
God Bless America- From Baldie7s Stash
HATS OFF TO CHARLIE DANIELS....AT LEAST HE HAS THE COURAGE TO SPEAK HIS MIND!!! I don't know how everybody else feels about it, but to me I think Hispanic people in this country, legally or illegally, made a huge public relations mistake with their recent demonstrations. I don't blame anybody in the world for wanting to come to the United States of America, as it is a truly wonderful place. But when the first thing you do when you set foot on American soil is illegal it is flat out wrong and I don't care how many lala land left heads come out of the woodwork and start trying to give me sensitivity lessons. I don't need sensitivity lessons, in fact I don't have any-thing against Mexicans! I just have something against criminals and anybody who comes into this country illegally is a criminal and if you don't believe it try coming into America from a foreign country without a passport and see how far you get. What disturbs me about the demonstrations is that it's tanta
Wtf Fubar
ok so they fixed my block now my pics are fucked up lol
Lustful I ....ii....iii......complete
Longing lips, lustful eyes, I hear you softly moan, as I caress your thighs, teeth upon my neck, gentle stroke of tongue, you try to move your arms, but the bonds are tied to strong, you're moving to the pleasure, living in ecstasy, your only coherent though, is of being filled by me, you try to draw me in, with cries of pure dis pair, but my intent is unrelenting, with fingers sliding higher. . . I move my hand up your inner thigh, higher than higher yet till i hear her moan my name, she arches her back and makes her breasts and nipples. thrust out so hard and firm, nipples as hard as diamonds, wanted to be sucked and chewed which i gladly do, she moans, again and begs me to touch her wetness, i kiss her hard as i slide, a finger easyly into her. tongue against tongue like savages we suck and bite. eachothers mouths, she reaches down and takes my hand and pushes it hard against, her wetness and my fingers disappear into her like a wonderful
Well, I'm on my first date in a long time. So long in fact, I'd be embarrassed to say. I can't believe it, because I'm usually not the type to be, but I'm a little nervous. I mean I'm in social situations all the time with my work, but I feel like a HS kid lol. Wish me luck (not so much that I get lucky; it's not my style anyway). Pete
LAdies come and check out my homie for life "Qbert" ladies he'll treats you like a Queen I promise!! Dark shadow show him some love and repost this.
The Autumn Of Our Malcontent
OK, I KNOW autumn doesn't officially start until tomorrow the twenty-third, but I will likely not be around here tomorrow or Monday. I'll miss you. We're really starting to feel it up here . . . I had forgotten today was Minot's annual homecoming parade (for some reason, I don't remember too many -- actually, any -- radio and television ads blathering about it like they've done in previous years), and due to the road construction going on in northern Minot the parade had to be rerouted because it normally starts at Bishop Ryan High School which is currently blocked off from Broadway (or US-83, our main north-south artery through Minot). The parade route was partly redirected up the street which crosses the one we live on. I wondered why some people were setting up lawn chairs next to the bridge at about ten a.m. when I saw the yellow caution tape strung between a NO PARKING sign next to our house and a telephone pole. No problem, even though people driving down our street who note
Tonys Lust
Your body entices me Says it wants me I read your movements And fallow along My hands trace the lines Fingers drag along the V Muscles tighten Breathing heavy My lust grows As you do too I know u want it I make my move You fallow me Pants down Mouth open Orgasm soon to cum I long to hear you moan I crave to pleasure you Your hands on my body Your warmth satisfies my lust All that’s left to want Is simply your love
My House - From Baldie7s Stash
Recently large demonstrations have taken place across the country protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration. Certain people are angry that the US might protect its own borders, might make it harder to sneak into this country and, once here, to stay indefinitely. Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these protests. Let's say I break into your house. Let's say that when you discover me in your house, you insist that I leave. But I say, "I've made all the beds and washed the dishes and did the laundry and swept the floors. I've done all the things you don't like to do. I'm hard-working and honest (except for when I broke into your house). According to the protesters: You are Required to let me stay in your house You are Required to add me to your family's insurance plan You are Required to Educate my kids You are Required to Provide other benefits to me & to my family (my husband wil
Please Kill Me....
my job has this nasty tendancy of getting in the way of my personal life. For the past couple months I have been working roughly 50-60 hours per week, depending on the week. Needless to say this is putting a cramp on what I do in my free time. I have no life :( but on the up side I am more then glad to see the pay check.
Babygirl Is Pre-reserved For Someone Else So.....
Help me choose a new profile name! I'm at a total loss here so ANY input would be GREAT!
A Marines Fight- From Baldie7s Stash
FRIENDS ARE BORN, NOT MADE This is a poem being sent from a Marine to his Dad. For those who take the time to read it, you'll see a letter from him to his Dad at the bottom. It makes you truly thankful for not only the Marines, but ALL of our troops. THE MARINE We all came together, Both young and old To fight for our freedom, To stand and be bold. In the midst of all evil, We stand our ground, And we protect our country From all terror around. Peace and not war, Is what some people say. But I'll give my life, So you can live the American way. I give you the right To talk of your peace. To stand in your groups, and protest in our streets. But still I fight on, I don't bitch, I don't whine. I'm just one of the people Who is doing your time. I'm harder than nails, Stronger than any machine. I'm the immortal soldier, I'm a U.S. MARINE! So stand in my shoes, And leave from your home. Fight for the people who hate you, With the protests
Update(please Read And Share Me)(expired)
So like it's 2189 to 409 and yes i am the under dogg well come see me anytime... SO BOMBS AWAY...
Um Yeah!
Yesterday it rained. It was wonderful. Hasn't rained here in a while kinda needed it. A lot has gone on with my life. Whether it be good or bad. Yet I'm sitting here. Thinking about me, my significant other, my son. I can't see my future. I have no idea where tomorrow is/will take me. 99.9% of the time that's fuckin scary. I don't know for sure if I want more children. I'm so indecisive. Thinking/Hoping/Wishing to someday getting married. FUCK IF I KNOW. The thought of marriage is starting to freak me out. I've seen soo many horror stories when it comes to marriage. Haven't seen to many happy fairy tale stories. But the thought of maybe someday I'll get married....Still lingers. Sometimes I wish I had the balls to tell people fuck off. I'm too much of a jackass figure no one will listen to me. Sometimes I'm happy where I'm at. Most the time... I just want to kick myself in the ass.
I Need Help Please
I have been looking for the song House of the risen sun played on a bass sax I had it once and lost it does anyone knows who does it on sax
Since We Destroyed Iraq, Hell, Lets Destroy Iran Iran President Ahmadinejad rips U.S. By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer 2 hours, 28 minutes ago A day before flying to New York to speak directly to the American people, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad struck a confrontational tone Saturday with a parade of fighter jets and missiles and tough warnings for the United States to stay out of the Mideast. Three new domestically manufactured warplanes streaked over the capital during the parade marking the 27th anniversary of the Iraqi invasion of Iran, which sparked a 1980-88 war that killed hundreds of thousands of people. The parade also featured the Ghadr missile, which has a range of 1,120 miles, capable of reaching Israel. Some of the missile trucks were painted with the slogans "Down with the U.S." and "Down with Israel." The parade also featured unmanned aerial surveillance drones, torpedoes, and tanks. Tensions are high between Washingto
Just Stopping By
.•*¨)¸.•*¨) (¸.•♥(¸.•´ ♥.•´¸¸.•¨♥¯`• `*.♥¸.*♥♥ Just stopping in to wish you a great weekend! *.¸♥.*´¸.•´ ¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨) (¸.•♥(¸.•´ ♥.•´¸¸.•¨♥¯`• `*.♥¸.*♥♥ ____♥♥♥_____♥♥♥___ __♥_____♥_♥_____♥__ __♥______♥______♥__ ___♥___HUGS ___♥___ _____♥_______♥_____ _______♥___♥_______ _________♥_________ *.¸♥.*´¸.•´ ¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨) (¸.•♥(¸.•´ ♥.•´¸¸.•¨♥¯`• ♥¸.*♥♥ ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•` * ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) You are special to me!!!!¸.•´♥ (¸.•´) ♥ღ♥.•:*A SPECIAL PLACE*:•.♥ღ♥ (¸.•´♥¸¸.•¨¯) ♥.•:*JUST FOR YA MY SWEET FRIEND*♥.•: ♥.•:*I have a special place*:•.♥ ♥.•:*deep within my heart;*:•.♥ ♥.•:*It's not very big*:•.b
Coksuckers Bitch
I went to the beach because the surf report said they were knees waves, and when I got there, it was as flat as a lake. now i feel like stabbing and punching you in the face. yeah you. fuck face.
Once Upon A Broken Heart...
Once Upon A Broken Heart (Beu Sisters) Once upon a broken heart I was walking alone in the dark Looking for a way to start again What I wouldn't give for a friend There was no love in my life There was no light in my eyes All the tears that I had cried and cried Seemed like they'd never end And I never believed fairy tales came true But now I know that they really do Now that I found you, now that I'm here with you Just look at the sunshine, and you Showed me a world That I'd never seen I woke up and fell into this dream Happily ever after just took time Once upon this broken heart of mine Long ago and far away I could never dream of the day That your love would come my way and stay And sweep me away and I Never believed fairy tales came true But now I know that they really do Now that I found you, now that I'm here with you Just look at the sunshine, and you Showed me a world That I'd never seen I woke up and fell into this dream Happily eve
Its dreary as hell out and its days like today that i miss mikey. Sharon for that matter too. I want a tattoo so bad i can taste it and they were the best EVER. Blah! :(
The Way I Feel Now....
♥ Skylar ♥ Sky's the limit ♥ Thats my jam baby :D
My Sign
The Lion July 23 to August 22 Traditional Leo Traits Generous and warmhearted Creative and enthusiastic Broad-minded and expansive Faithful and loving On the dark side.... Pompous and patronizing Bossy and interfering Dogmatic and intolerant Leo! About Your Sign... The Leo type is the most dominant, spontaneously creative and extrovert of all the zodiacal characters. In grandeur of manner, splendor of bearing and magnanimity of personality, they are the monarch's among humans as the lion is king of beasts. They are ambitious, courageous, dominant, strong willed, positive, independent, self-confident there is no such a word as doubt in their vocabularies, and they are self-controlled. Born leaders, either in support of, or in revolt against, the status quo. They are at their most effective when in a position of command, their personal magnetism and innate courtesy of mind bringing out the best of loyalty from subordinates. They are uncomplicated, knowing exactl
Do You Think This Is True About Me????
VICTORIAVVisionaryIInfluentialCChattyTTwistedOOddRRandyIInventiveAAmazingGet Your Own Name Acronym
An Elephants Memory
An elephants memory As you well know, I don't usually like these heartwarming fuzzy animal stories, but this one is truly interesting...* *In 1986, a Mike Membre was on holiday in Kenya ( In the Laikipia Region, which is where Taygen and I were last month) after graduating from Northwestern University.** On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air. The elephant seemed distressed, so Membre approached it very carefully. He got down on one knee and inspected the elephant's foot and found a large piece of burnt wood deeply embedded in it. As carefully and as gently as he could, Membre worked the wood out with his hunting knife, after which the elephant gingerly put down its foot. The elephant turned to face the man, and with a rather cu
Fubar Players
MySpace Comments & MySpace Layouts
Having a dream is what keeps you alive. Overcoming the challenges make life worth living.-- Mary Tyler Moore Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.-- Carl Jung I’m not going to die because I failed as someone else. I’m going to succeed as myself. -- Margaret Cho The important work of moving the world forward does not wait to be done by perfect men. -- George Eliot
Love And Life
Love and Life Sometimes in our relentless effort to find the person we love, we fail to recognize and appreciate the people who love us. We miss out on so many beautiful things simply because we allow ourselves to be enslaved by our own selfish concerns. Go for the man of deeds and not for the man of words, for you will find rewarding happiness, not with the man you love but with the man who loves you more. The best lovers are those capable of loving from a distance far enough to allow the person to grow but ever too far to feel the love within your being. To let go of someone doesn't mean you have to stop loving, it only means that you allow that person to find his own happiness without expecting him to come back. Letting go is not just setting the other person free, but is also setting yourself free from all the bitterness, hatred, and anger that you keep in your heart. Do not let the bitterness take away your strength and weaken your faith, and
You Are Old When.....
"OLD" IS WHEN ... Your sweetie says, "Let's go upstairs and make love," and you answer, "Pick one; I can't do both!" "OLD" IS WHEN ... Your friends compliment you on your new alligator shoes and you're barefoot. "OLD" IS WHEN ... A sexy babe catches your fancy and your pacemaker opens the garage door. "OLD" IS WHEN ... Going braless pulls all the wrinkles out of your face. "OLD" IS WHEN ... You don't care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don't have to go along. "OLD" IS WHEN ... You are cautioned to slow down by the doctor instead of by the police. "OLD" IS WHEN ... "Getting a little action" means you don't need to take any fiber today "OLD" IS WHEN ... "Getting lucky" means you find your car in the parking lot. "OLD" IS WHEN ... An "all nighter" means not getting up to use the bathroom. "OLD" IS WHEN ... You are not sure these are jokes .
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Almost A Pimp
Only 24,000 away from pimp status. Please help.....All rates will be returned. Thanks friends.
Pens Sign Lease To New Arena.
Thursday, September 20, 2007 Penguins sign lease for new $290 million stadium Associated Press PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Penguins signed a lease Thursday, committing the NHL team to its yet-to-be built $290 million arena until 2040. The lease terms were in accordance with a March memorandum between the team and government officials, Gov. Ed Rendell said Thursday. The city-Allegheny County Sports and Exhibition Authority committed Wednesday to construction financing, and the deal should close in the first week of October, Rendell said. The Penguins expect to open the arena in the 2010-11 season. "This financing will provide the funds the arena needed," the governor said. "These actions, plus the action of the Legislature last July in approving the state's gaming and economic development fund, assures that the funding is in place and that we are going to be playing hockey in Pittsburgh for the next 25 years." Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato called the arr
Good Eveing
its satureday im going dancing who all can dance here
A Beautiful Poem- From Baldie7s Stash
Take a minute to read the poem "Slow Dance" below, written by a teenage cancer patient with very little time left on earth. Slow Dance This is a poem written by a teenager with cancer. She wants to see how many people get her poem. It is quite the poem. Please pass it on. This poem was written by a terminally ill young girl in a New York Hospital. It! was sent by a medical doctor - Make sure to read what is in the closing statement AFTER THE POEM. SLOW DANCE Have you ever watched kids On a merry-go-round? Or listened to the rain Slapping on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight? Or gazed at the sun into the fading night? You better slow down. Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. Do you run through each day On the fly? When you ask How are you? Do you hear the reply? When the day is done! Do you lie in your bed With the next hundred chores Running through your head? You'd better slow down Don't dance so fas
Oklahoma Takes A Stand On Illegals
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Oklahoma Takes a Stand on Illegals Well, it passed! Oklahoma is no longer OK for Illegal Aliens........ It seems that at least one state has decided to take matters into it's own hands, since the Federal Government keeps dragging it's feet on this Illegal alien stuff and even reversing popular opinion on how to handle it. BRAVO OKLAHOMA! (Too bad all politicians don't have the 'guts' to do this) Every State needs to do this!!!! Oklahoma's Governor Brad Henry has signed a sweeping immigration Reform bill: House Bill 1804, that its sponsor believes will go a long way in dealing with the illegal alien problem in the state. House Bill 1804 was passed by overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate of the Oklahoma Legislature. The measure's sponsor, State Representative Randy Terrill, says the bill has four main topical areas: it deals with identity theft; it terminates publ
Moving To Texas
hello to all my friends and C&T Stash Club family well i am sure that you have been wondering what my life has been up to my family is planning to move to texas lol my hubby is taking a job there and i couldn't be more excited about it lol i can't wait to leave Arkansas but i will always return home to check on my family i hope to be back online soon just had to leave you with some love from Carla C&T Stash Club-Seejaykaygee--
Well school is OVER for me...I just graduated ...what a year it was. Senior year went by FAST! My classes were all easy because I did all my hard classes during my underclassmen years. My best class wasn't a class ..HA it was a study hall...It was the only class I ever looked forward too during the day...but its wasn't the study was who was in the study hall... When I first laid Eyes on HIM I really liked HIM. I've had HIM in another study hall my Junior year but it was a silent study hall...I hate SILENT CLASSES!!!! But I didn't have a good place to sit during day I asked HIM if I could sit with HIM. HE said yes...YAY!!! After that I sat right next to HIM everyday at lunch. We started to be really good friends...(I still LIKED HIM!!) our teacher could NOT get us apart... EVER ...HE was always in trouble for something in that class...even if HE didn't do anything HAHAHAHA!!!...HE always knows how to make me laugh... THEN after middle
What Does It Mean?
F.U.B.A.R. What does it mean? It did mean, F&%$ked up beyond all Recognition. What does it mean to you? Fantasy. Under. Bar, and, Restaurant? Fun. until. bar. and. Rest. Add your meaning here.
Guys Like You
She's beautiful on the outside But after all the abuse she's Left bruised and hurt on the inside All the stuff running threw her head Am I fat? What if im not pretty enough? Does he really like me? Or is he using me? See its easy to think that Growing up Being the ugly duckling that's all she has ever know But now shes something so Much more than that Come on what makes you think She would really let a guy like you Have a shot Let alone the time of day
Don't Know Why
dont know why why i care or why you mean so much to me all i wanted to be was your everything is that a crime dont know what i was thinking cause i wasnt thinking at all my heart took over i said i dont believe in love but the truth is i love you but love is blind and so am i maybe one day i wont be so childish maybe one day ill get it right the first time around and maybe just maybe i wont have to feel the way i do
I Can't
I cant Take back What I have done Or where I have been I cant change my past With all the Heart aches And little mistakes I cant Change the Way I am But Frankly my dear that's not up to you Its not your right To judge me Over my past Its done and over with Just like Its not my right To judge you over yours And people change All I can ask you to do is Accept me For who I am now Just as ill Accept you For the person Who you are today
Every Now And Then
hey babe.. how have you been yea i know its been a long long time i dont think about you like i use to but every once in a while when im having a bad day or just to pass the time the thought of you crosses my mind and i cant help but ask my self if we ever could have made things work and over come that shallow mean less grave we were heading in i think about how you use to make me laugh how you were so worth waiting to talk to i think about how you would listen to all my problems but then as i start to smile recalling all the good times a tear starts to run down my cheek as i think about how you promised to always be there and how you would never do me any wrong but why did you change you stopped talking to me you even met someone new! it hurts so bad to talk to you but at the same time it kills me when we dont talk
Back Stabber
hate the way you treat me like im some object and when your done with me you toss me to the side to bad you do that to everyone and they are just waking up yea you never thought people would find out how two-faced you are did you but the truth is my dear your not to good at cleaning up your mess you leave tracks a mile long and whats that ahhh you dont like me wait is that because i know i dont have to take your shit and i have "REAL" friends you say you have realized who your true friends are well so have i and you sure in the hell are not one of them im tired of all the bull shittin drama im tired of the back stabbing cut troat 2-faced lies and all your childish games to be quite frank with you your nothing in my eyes your worthless
Naughty Application
BE BRAVE AND SEND IT BACK TO ME 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7.Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 19. Where would u like my cum to go? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Can I use you as a booty call? 23. Do you like foreplay? 24. What is foreplay to you? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
The Way You Are
you say im insane and im starting to believe your right no one and i mean no one would let them selfs be put through as much crap as you put me through i dont even know why i try when i already know im setting my self up for the let down you say your not like other guys and as hard as i try to believe that tacky line you prove me wrong again again again and again and for about two seconds i foreget about how many times you lost my trust how many times you left me hanging how many times you filled my head up with lies how many times i would sit and cry about you you say you think about me and what we use to be and how you wish you still had a chance with me but as soon as you get your shot you toss me to the side well im done im not coming back like before
Earth Stands Still
its here today it landed there from another world its missions clear to stop us all to cease the hate if we dont stop killing we'll seal our fate a nervous twitch one man's mistake a shot is fired the night it breaks the metal man bringer of doom destroying all it sees eternal tomb the metal man a savior warning us all that its the cure violence curing violence violence
Thank You Dj Gr3mlin
->DJ GR3MLI...: yes ...please do DJ GR3MLI...: I APPRECIATE ALL THE RATES CAN I ADD YOU TO MY FAMILY? DJ GR3MLI...: HONEY U ARE BEAUTIFUL ->DJ GR3MLI...: all of your pics and stashes....not to mention you're a very sexy lady...i wished that i looked half as good as you do so my man would look at me more often instead of other women. DJ GR3MLI...: THANK YOU FOR THE RATES
Poem From Highschool
Ok so I found all my stuff I had uploaded. If your looking for a place to store your writings online is a great place. They will store your writings under a pen name and they also allow you to read other peoples writings and even review them. I put most of my stuff up there thankfully b/c I lost everything when my hard drive crashed. Anyways, here is one of the poems I wrote in highschool. -Broken- I've broken down Lost all inspiration I'm losing my will to live So as I die this is my last chance To protect my soul from caving in I'm a lost ship Seeking protection Searching for a heart to take me in A battered warrior Home from the war Wishing to return to this world again But alas I can't until my heart is fixed Repaired from doing battle with her She tore it open, shredded its love And took with her my last strand of hope
Say Goodbye
Target Saturday
I'm so sorry this is later than normal, I have some personal stuff that I have to take care of today and tomorrow. Mandxx
I Have Fallen
Your lips speak soft sweetness Your touch a cool caress I am lost in your magic My heart beats within your chest I think of you each morning And dream of you each night I think of your arms being around me And cannot express my delight Never have I fallen But I am quickly on my way You hold a heart in your hands That has never before been given away
Say A Prayer For Me!!!
I woke up Thursday morning and I was SO sick. I went to work just like always and passed out at work. They rushed me to the hospital and found that my apendix had ruptured. I had emergency surgery and just got home today. I am SOOOO sick ...please pray for me@!! Love Ya'kll
I Miss
my black hair... being a size 4 my piercings and my hat.... one day i will get it all back...
Michelle Needs Help To Level
Michelle (*Love Me Hate Me At Least I'm Real* )@ fubar Please try and show her some love. She needs help to level and she will return the love. Thanks, Tracy YOU GUYS ROCK!
A mother and father take their 6-year old son to a nude beach. As the boy walks along the sand, he notices that many of the women have boobs bigger than his mother's, so he goes back to ask her why. She tells her son, "The bigger they are, the sillier the lady is." The boy, pleased with the answer, goes to play in the ocean but returns to tell his mother that many of the men have larger things than his dad does.? She replies, "The bigger they are, the dumber the man is." Again satisfied with her answer, the boy goes back to the ocean to play. Shortly thereafter, the boy returns and promptly tells his mother, "Daddy is talking to the silliest lady on the beach, and the longer he talks, the dumber he gets!"
Dear Ma and Pa, I am well. Hope you are. Tell Brother Walt and Brother Elmer the Marine Corps beats working for old man Minch by a mile. Tell them to join up quick before all of the places are filled. I was restless at first because you got to stay in bed till nearly 6 A.M. but I am getting so I like to sleep late. Tell Walt and Elmer all you do before breakfast is smooth your cot, and shine some things. No hogs to slop, feed to pitch, mash to mix, wood to split, fire to lay. Practically nothing. Men got to shave but it is not so bad,there's warm water. Breakfast is strong on trimmings like fruit juice, cereal, eggs, bacon, etc., but kind of weak on chops, potatoes, ham, steak, fried eggplant, pie and other regular food, But tell Walt and Elmer you can always sit by the two city boys that live on coffee. Their food plus yours holds you till noon when you get fed again It's no wonder these city boys can't walk much. We go on 'route marches,' which the platoon sergeant says ar
Still Out Here
Yes I'm still out here. Havnt been on here in a LONG time. Keep in touch ok :}
Another Time, Another Place
Unending LoveIn another time and in another place we have crossed each others path. How far back it go's we may never know, but you were there and somehow I found you.Sometimes early in life, and sometimes rather late.Yet it seems that in each life it was you I had to find to be complete once again.I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times. In life after life, in age after age, forever.My spellbound heart has made and remade the necklace of songs, that you take as a gift, wear round your neck in your many forms.In life after life, in age after age, forever.Whenever I hear old chronicles of love, it's age old pain,It's ancient tale of being apart or together.As I stare on and on into the past, in the end you emerge, clad in the light of a star, piercing the darkness of time.You become an image of what is remembered forever.You and I have floated here on the stream that springs from the fountain.At the heart of time, love of one for another.We have played along side
Im In A Contest, Please Vote For Me
This Is Right
* This fits really well right now* If I could have just one wish I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck the warmth of your lips on my cheek the touch of your fingers on my skin and the feel of your heart beating with mine Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you
Don't Understand
I don't Understand why people get so mad, when you try to help them in explaining, that you do not get any points for ripped pictures, why does it have to be about knocking some1 down for helping, when you ask for help in the first place, especailly when we are Family, we all need to stop and think about things before saying them and realize we are all here to help 1 another
Have you ever found a friend That makes your heart glow Someone who is wonderful You feel honored to know. Someone to laugh with perhaps even to cry Someone whom you love Someone who is comfortable to be around Someone who just seems to understand. Someone that you think of day and night Someone you pray for as you go to bed Someone who shows up when needed Thoughts of them are always on your mind. Someone who shares with you all your ups and downs Someone who comes when called Someone who shares your smiles and frowns Surely you must know, God planted that seed These seeds God has planted here on earth Were planted deeply in our friends They cannot be measured by earth's worth Only by God's values placed here from the start Value those friendships, honor their decisions Respect their feelings and not make demands Never try to change their dreams to your own Hold their love tightly in your hands Refrain from angry if you don't talk to them each day
Haluski A.k.a. "cabbage And Noodles"
Ingredients (use vegan versions): 1 cabbage 1 lb. of noodles 1/2 to 3/4 cups of vegan margarine (Earth Balance! Woo!) salt & pepper Directions: This is a very simple version of an Eastern European dish that is also very popular around Pittsburgh. My family simply called it "Cabbage & Noodles" most of the time for obvious reasons. Cut cabbage in half and cut out the core. Cut each half into long, thin-ish strips. Put cabbage strips in a large pot along with the margarine over medium heat. Use 1/2 to 3/4 cups margarine (1 to 1 1/2 sticks) depending on how big your cabbage is. Let the cabbage and margarine simmer until cabbage is wilted and yellow. While cabbage is simmering, boil your pound of noodles (I like using colored rotini, but just about any noodle will do.) When both cabbage and noodles are done, drain the noodles and mix them with the cabbage. Stir. Add as much salt and pepper as you desire. This is obviously not the healthiest di
Easy Vegan Wheat Bread
Ingredients (use vegan versions): 2 1/2 cups warm water 3 cups whole wheat flour 2 tablespoon of yeast (or two packets) 1/2 cup molasses 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1/4 cup soy milk 3 to 4 cups unbleached white flour 1 teaspoon salt Directions: This is super easy to make. Most of the time is spent letting the dough rise and bake. You don't spend much time in the kitchen...I SWEAR! Mix water, yeast and 1 tablespoon of the molasses together in a large bowl. Pour in the 3 cups of wheat flour and mix well. Cover the bowl with a towel and place in a dry place. Let it sit for a minimum of 20 minutes, up to a day! Fit it into YOUR schedule. Pour in the rest of the molasses, oil, soy milk and salt. Mix together. Begin adding white flour, a 1/2 cup at a time. After the third cup, it begins to get pretty dense. I begin kneading the vegan bread in the bowl and it is still a bit sticky, so I'll add another 1/2 to 1 cup of flour as I knead the vegan
Random Prose
It's not that I'm dreaming (I am) It's not that I'm wishing (I can) It's not that I miss you (as such) It's not that I need you (too Much) It's not that I want you (I do) It's not that I love you (I could) I want to share a kiss, stay like this, feel like this, pray like this, touch like this, ache like this, please like this, take like this, breathe like this, give like this, need like this, live like this. I want to lose myself in you, sink into your skin, draw you in, clutch at your breast, pass your test, but do you frighten me? Nay. I'm scared to death that you'll be my downfall, my final breath, so don't let me discover your beauty within, just stop me, just end it, before love can begin.
Chipotle Black Bean Enchiladas
Ingredients (use vegan versions): 12 corn tortillas 2 cup enchilada sauce 1 cup cheeze sauce 4 cup black beans 3 chipotle peppers canned in adobo sauce 1/2 cup chopped onion 1/2 cup chopped green pepper 1/2 cup water Directions: This is an easy enchilada recipe I came up with today. My friend really liked it, so I will share. Place black beans (rinse first if using canned), chipotle peppers (can use more if you like it HOT!), onion, pepper, and water in a large skillet. Heat over medium low heat, mashing beans and chipotle peppers to break them up, for about 15 minutes. Add a bit more water if you need to, it should have the constancy of refried beans but be more chunky. While the filling is being made, heat up the enchilada sauce. I make my own (tomato sauce, water, garlic powder, cumin, chili powder to taste). Pour about half of this in the bottom of a 9 by 13 or so pan to cover the bottom. Also prepare your cheeze if you are u
Thank you to all those who wished me a happy birthday.. weather it be a day early or a day late.
35 Calorie Muffins
Easy, cheap, fat free, and super low calorie. Ingredients (use vegan versions): 1 cup flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 cup sugar free applesauce 1/2 cup sugar substitute, to taste 1/2 cup water Directions: Spray 12 cup muffin tin and preheat oven to 350. Mix flour, soda, cinnamon and salt together. Add applesauce, sugar substitute and water, mix until just blended. Bake at 400 for 10-15 minutes or until tops have lightly browned. You could make these with soymilk and diced apples and nuts mixed in, but it will alter the calorie content (which is approximate). I have also made these with half a mashed banana instead of applesauce, but again, that alters the calories. Serves: 12 Preparation time: 10 minutes Help others find this recipe for 35 Calorie Muffins:
Need Help
how can you up load a video taken by your web cam not to sure how plz help thanks alot theresa
Cum Help :p Bomb her! I'll thank you later. XOX
Cum Check Us Out
hey every one cum chck our lounge lotsof fun and excitment.|=10632you will like its atmosphere see you there Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Lovers Night
Lovers Night by Jeff VerStraete A special dinner, That's what he set out to do. To show her how special she was, To show her his love was true. A candle light dinner, He made for them to eat. Looking deep into her eyes, Their souls did meet. After they ate dinner, To the couch they did retire. Curled up together with a movie, And the sweet glow of a fire. So relaxed and content, A feeling of heavenly bliss. On the back of her neck, He placed a sweet soft kiss. It sent a shiver down her spine, And she turned and held him tight. Whispering softly in his ear, Make love to me all night. He said I'll be right back, As he got up off the couch. Into his bedroom he went, Then pulled out a pouch. He pulled out rose pedals, And laid them all over the bed. Hundreds of rose pedals, White, yellow, pink and red. Around the room, Candle after candle he did light. Making a soft glow in the room, That flicked in the night. He went to the couch, And took her by t
Great Mood
but wtf am I gonan do with this great mood on a saturday boy I fricking bored
Baby Floates
CAN YOUR BABY SWIM??? This is amazing.You may need to COPY & PASTE...
It's The Weekend....i'm So Happy!
Hey Guys...what is everyone up to on this FAB weekend? It is absolutely beautiful here in central MO. The sun's shinnin', a nice breeze blowing, seems more like a warm day in spring, rather than the first day of fall. Yeah...yesterday was the last day of summer...I'm bumbed! I love summer, and although I know we'll have some more nice weather, I also know that the cold stuff will be headed this way soon, and that I don't like. I'm REALLY enjoying my weekend so far. I got to sleep in...although wasn't up that late, considering the phone woke me about 9:30...but there is a BIG difference between getting up when you want to, vs. getting up because you have to...regardless of the time. I've tried to get a few things done, as well as be a bit lazy. lol I did get my vacume run, and my hair washed, and have spent some time hangin' out here. Earlier I heard a loud noise comin'...could tell it was some sort of military ran outside to have a look at what was going ov
How Does It Feel To Want
Long time ago, i had fallen in love so many times and yet got hurt by 2 ladies, i learnedt hat love on the net can work yes but yet it may not.....for once in my life happiness is a flighting thing it can stay for ever or the next it can just fly away and not be back at all or come back later to rough you up again. "Like a kid in a toy store eyes gaping wide at allthe things he would love to have" with a response from his parents who cant afford anything... "How does it feel to want?" sometimes i justwanna hide in myself lock myself in and not get involved, for the fear of hurt is there and i dont wanna deal with it, but how would i make friends? i have to fight that fear..which i do every weekend almost and get to know people. ive gone hrough almost every dating site andhere to meet someone to make connections and meet just good friends too and i have! they know who they are and i love them for their friendships....they have helped conquer that fear so many ways. No
This Site Is Getting Boring
anyone agree its losing its fun
Kristian && I are at a wierd point right now....we're together but we're not if it makes any sense. We want to be together but we lost our footing && we're having trouble getting it back right now. Maybe we'll figure it out maybe not....either way I care about him.
Big Fan
i was at the store today an this thing i guess was a women came up to me an said your that funny dude on fubar so being the nice guy that i am i pulled out a pin an paper singed it an took a pic of me with my arm around her kissed her kids an said have a nice day
Next Happy Hour If We Can
Michelle (*Love Me Hate Me At Least I'm Real* )@ fubar 12,000 to level.
My New Lounge
Chat Room
Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!
Come Help Me Keep First Place
come help me keep first place an thanks to all who r helping already
Check It Out
Sad News
I have some very sad and depressing news. My man James who I've been with since August, who is in jail in Milauwkee Wisconsin. I have to wait for him to get out in two years. That's gonna suck. It's very hard especially when he violates his probabtion! I hope he learns. But I still love him and will wait for him! Then off to go moving to Wisconsin to be w/ him forever after the two years he is out! Very sad right now.
Internet Relationships
Sometimes I wonder why I much as I love meeting, chatting, sharing with seems that using this as a medium for that just causes pain. So many misunderstandings, words taken the wrong way, assumptions being made....makes it hard to not just throw this PC away and give up. I keep saying to myself, take a break...yet I continue to log on day by day for my fix, and find that it takes more and more of my soul away. I have thought that to harden my heart would be the answer, brush it off....but I can't, my heart just breaks a little more each time I do, I can't be anything but who I am. I guess that is one of the things learned along life's journey, as hard as it may be to take. So I ask those who take the time to read this, whether a friend already or soon to be, understand that my intentions are good, never to hurt or be cruel, and let me know if I have said something that has caused you pain, so that I might be able to apologize and rectify that situation. M
Plan For This Weekend
First thing this morning I am helping my husband replace an old faucet in our kitchen... hate the old one and it leaks. Then he and I will be cleaning the house... with both of us working so much over the past several months there is just entirely way too much clutter in the house and we will tossing things out and cleaning things up too. And then we will be renting a video tonight and lay in bed and watch it till we fall asleep. Tomorrow we will be gathered around our TV with chips, dip, drinks to watch the Seahawks play the Bengals at Qwest Field at 1 PM on FOX. I sure hope we win since we lost to the Cardinals last week in a heart breaker game. OK... let's crawl under the sink and replace that old faucet.
New Pix Plus.....
It has always been my desire and passion (though I know alot of ya wont agree w/me on it but I dont care what ya think or say about it)to go into the pornogphy business....Well I may be a bigger girl but I have also have been told by many that I have GREAT potenial and Iam what the marketing world of porn is looking for...Well my big break will be coming next month when I will have a table set up here in Detroit at the "Sex and more show"...I jus did up some new pix for the cover of my up and coming dvd that Iam hoping to promote while at the sex and more show....if things go well then Ill be heading to the sex and more shows in both LA and Vegas in the next few months....I ask that ya dont look down at me for what Iam doing being that this has been a lifelong dream of mine (ever since I was a teenager)...I remember as a teen coming home from school and popping my dad's porn movies in and sayin to myself that one day I wanna do that....My dad always told me NOT to do this stuff but Iam
Smile Costs Nothing...
A Smile Costs Nothing... A smile costs nothing, but gives much. It enriches those who receive, without making poorer, those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it, and none is so poor but that he can be made rich by it. A smile creates happiness in the home, fosters good will in busniness, and is the countersign of friendship. It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and it is nature's best antidote for trouble. Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen. For it is something that is of no value to anyone, until it is given away. Some people are too tired to give you a smile. Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so mcuh as he who has no more to give.
About Me
Random InquiriesWhat's your nickname?:None Middle initial?:D Name three thoughts at this exact moment:Sleep love and missing someone The last thing you said to a friend:i wanna be the death of u not the smoking Name the number one thing you regularly drink:Soda What were the last two movies you rented?:Cant remeber Your favorite movie?:Walk to remeber Any fears?:Dieing alone Current worry:Rent Current hate:Fake people Your favorite place to be:Not in vegas How did you feel about today?:Its good Do you own slippers?:Yep What shirt are you wearing?:nONE Favorite color(s)?:Teal What did you fear was going to get you at night when you were a child?:Growing up Current craving?: Sex Superman, Spiderman or Batman?:Superman Best bed sheets as a child:V tron Worst injury you've ever had?: Breaking leg Who is your loudest friend?:cant remeber Does someone have a crush on you?:Yes I do Ever wish on a shooting star?:Yep Favorite candy?:Hershey's What did you have for lunch today?:Nothing yet Your
The Letter
Berlin, 1945. The destruction from WWII has been terrible and famine is rampant in the city. A pretty, young female is approached by a blind man holding a cane, whoasks if she would mind delivering a letter for him. Happy to do the poor fellow a good turn, she takes the letter and starts off but happens to turn around, only to see the "blind" man scurrying away, his cane and glasses discarded. Naturally becoming suspicious, she summons the police and sends them to the address the man had given her. There they make a gruesome discovery - a processing plant has been harvesting and selling human human meat to the sttarving citizens! And the letter our heroine had been asked to deliver? It contained but a single sentence: "This is the last one I am sending you today."
Pregnant Blonde
The other day my neighbor, who is blonde, came running up to me in the driveway just jumping for joy! She said, "I have some really great news!" I said, "Great. Tell me why you're so happy." She stopped jumping and, breathing heavily from all the jumping up and down, told me that she was pregnant! I knew that she had been trying for a while so I told her, "That's great! I couldn't be happier for you!" Then she said, "There's more." I asked, "What do you mean 'more'?" She said, "Well, we are not having just one baby. We are going to have TWINS!" Amazed at how she could know so soon after getting pregnant, I asked her how she knew. She said.... "Well, that was the easy part. I went to Wal-Mart and they actually had a home pregnancy kit in a TWIN-pack. Both tests came out positive!"
I Miss You
If you see me "Check you out" sometimes, I try to go to everyone's page who are on my friends list when I see you updating stash or pics, etc- just to make sure I have rated your page and fanned you. I am not being creepy & spying LOL :P
We Won
Our high school football team beat their opponents last night 35 - 0 ... And of course I did as I promised by flirting with my husband in the bleachers. I squeezed the inside of his thigh, sucked on his ear lobe and a couple of times squeezed lightly on his crotch and felt him get hard. What a night after the game... I woke up at 11 am today ... he wore me out from what seemed like hours of extremely stimulating physical activities. What he can do with his tongue is dangerous.
The Boyfriend's Death
A pair of youngsters are out for a romantic drive, when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. The boy decides to hike for help, leaving the girl behind with the car. Hearing a radio report that a crazed madman is on the loose, she locks the doors and crouches down in her seat, so as not to be seen. As time passes and her lover does not return, she begins to worry. Things only get creepier when she hears a hideous scraping sound on the roof of the car. This continues until she is nearly in hysterics. Fortunately, a police car drives up and recues her. The officer who escorts her from the car warns her not to turn around. Of course, she does - and sees her boyfriend's body hanging upside-down from a tree, his throat cut and his fingernails scraping across the car roof as he sways in the wind.
Lustful Eyes Part Iii
i hear that moan that i know so well, she moans please baby deeper, as i do just that, she sees my cock it throbing and hard she takes it in her hands, stroking it mmmm yes this is what lust is what passion is, i finger her more deeply now and i feel her grinding into my hand and she moans so, loud , she is at her limit , she needs my cock she can stand it no longer and turns, me on my back and holding my cock in both her hands she works me in that warm heavenly, silky glorious pussy, mmmmm so tight and hot , what a feeling can there be anything better?, i think not, so she works me in inch by inch savoring my hardness then starts to ride me, like she has done so many times before , i pull on those rock hard nipple as she arches her, back and start to fuck me harder and deeper moaning and wimpering as i take her nipple in my mouth and start to chew, she grinds down on me as i thrust up into her and we fuck like animals till we are both spent, she smiles a
Jena, Louisiana: The True Story By Stacey M. Chapman, A Resident Of Jena
Friday, September 21, 2007 Jena, Louisiana: the True Story This was written by Stacey M. Chapman, a resident of Jena. Population 3500, Jena is located northeast of Alexandria, Louisiana, and is the seat of LaSalle Parish. It's some 50 miles west of Natchez, Mississippi, where I grew up. I'm not even sure how to start this post... . I decided that it was time that there was a dose of the facts. Once upon a time, a school assembly was held to discuss dress codes at Jena High School. An assembly was held for the boys, and one for the girls, as the dress codes do have some differences. As a joke during the boys' assembly, a black boy, who is known to always joke around, asked the principal, "Can we sit under the tree?" There are no boundaries as to where anyone can or cannot sit at the school. That tree was a twig when I went there. It grows right smack in the middle of the school square. Kids tend to congregate in areas with their friends. Kids congregate under the tree, on the
Off The Deep End??
Most my friends think i'm nuts!! but this is something i've wanted to do for a few years. i'm not happy with the way i look especially with age and the weight loss ive been doing recently. so i heard about this site to get me started on the 3 things i want done to me i joined this late last nyte. Goal 1 is fuller firmer breast.....heh and a slight increase. that with my tummy tuck and a lil lipo...need to earn like 12k for all of it maybe one day....
I smile but no one sees it Inside of me I die bit by bit I cry but no one cares Why must I shed these tears I laugh but no one hears me For all they do is disagree That I have no future in this life So I should end my life with a knife Why not for I have nothing else to do For when I'm down and feeling blue I sit by the fire and think what must be done For what I do I won't have fun So please when someone is smiling or laughing Or if someone is angry or crying Notice them for you might be able to save their lives Hopefully they might be able to survive Because people need a little bit of attention now and then So remember that what goes around come around time and time again
I'm afraid to close my eyes at night My breath slows down and my throat goes tight Why must I be scared all the time Sometimes I feel like I 'm just a mime I can't get away from them all my dreams are like an endless fall Please someone wake me up right now I scream out in pain when I say ow My nightmares follow me wherever I go And that was so long ago I need to get out of this hell that I'm in When those wicked things see my pain they grin I know now that I can't wake up ever from this nightmare And that just makes me want to shed a tear The nightmare that I'm living in Is the real life that I must begin
Cute Name
Cute NameYour Cute Name isLoversnookieGet Your Cute Name at
Stupid People
Never argue with a stupid person...they bring you down to their level...then defeat you with experience!
Bday Weekend Alone
Spending my 21st Bday Weekend alone.... I really wish i could just forget my DOB cause then it wouldnt hurt soo much... but eh.... Life goes on... even when u want it to end...
I must go to my secret place Where each flower has a face Where no one can follow you And nothing is taboo For things there are so innocent Cause everything there is good and descent Time has no meaning there And things pop out of thin air I wish theworld could be more like this place Where no one can judge you of your race This place that I am talking about Please don't be the one to doubt My fantasy is this perfect world So let this world be unfurled That maybe others will learn to see And think more just like me
A Lying Wanna Be Man!!!!!!!
Bio Kinc (springfield,mo.)
BIO KINC!!!!!! It is the easy way to make money for sure I have been doing it for sometime now so enjoy the bio kinc today and tell them that Cynthis Boyet ( boy-yet) sent you! I am done a study and got $2,000.00 In springfiled,MO
Top Reasons Why Guys Can't Get A Date
There are lots of reasons why guys can't get a date. Make a list of the things that you don't like about yourself, it'll probably be different from the things I'll list, but here are some suggestions that may be going through your mind: out of style clothes bad teeth wear glasses overweight or out of shape afraid of women shy not funny Of course, this list could go on and on since you know what you don't like about yourself better than what you do like about yourself. And we're not going to create that list. Whatever you like about yourself is probably a few of the reasons why you can't get a date. Now that you've taken some time to think about yourself, let's move on to changing what we can change. You'll be surprised that once you identify the things that you can change how easy it is to set up a plan of action and begin making the changes that will help you get dates. Getting your teeth fixed starts with some basic
Care Bear Name
Not So Care Bear NameYour Not So Care Bear Name isProcrastinator BearGet Your Not So Care Bear Name at
My heart skips a beat when I talk to you I smile whenever I think about you People stare but I don't care Their all jealous because they can't compare You make me feel like I am flying When you're around i never feel like crying Life is much more lively with love around Love was lost in my heart but now it is found Hearing your voice was more than perfect I felt that you could protect And my life was to be with you But for now I must bid u adieu For tonight I dream of you again
England Beat Samoa 44-22
England (23) 44 Tries: Corry (2), Sackey (2) Cons: Wilkinson (3) Pens: Wilkinson (4) Drops: Wilkinson (2) Samoa (12) 22 Tries: Polu Pens: Crichton (5) Cons: Lemi England held off an inspired Samoan fightback to earn a 44-22 victory in an absorbing World Cup clash in Nantes. Brian Ashton's men romped to a 23-6 lead after half an hour following a quick-fire try from Martin Corry and a further score from wing Paul Sackey. Jonny Wilkinson chipped in with the boot but Samoa's Loki Crichton edged his side back to 23-12 at the break. A Junior Polu try gave England a scare but Wilkinson's boot, and late scores from Corry and Sackey, saved the day. The bonus-point win took England into joint second in Pool A with Tonga, who lost 30-25 to group winners South Africa. England face Tonga in their last group game in Paris on 28 September in what will be a winner-takes-all clash for the second qualification place. Wilkinson's 24 points made him only the third pl
To love is to be happy And to be happy is to love And to grasp both is pure ecstacy Only some will get both People who desire it the most Won't get it as easily And their hearts shall be ripped to pieces But people who don't desire it Will get it thrown at them And they wil be the ones ripping hearts So just hope you have one than none Cause with neither we're not whole
The Sexest Thing To Do After-sex!!! (18 And Up)
THE SEXEST THING TO DO AFTER SEX!!!! It's a head-scratcher. Having sex puts men to sleep but wakes women up. So while you're craving a little postcoital closeness with your man, he's zoned out in front of Saturday Night Live reruns or catching some zzz's. Why? Unfortunately, the cocktail of sex hormones released after both women and men climax can have the opposite effect on our postsex wish list. "Studies show that following intercourse, the male brain often goes into a rest state -- he feels drained and tired -- while the woman's brain is stimulated and intensely desires bonding," explains Michael Gurian, therapist and author of What Could He Be Thinking: How a Man's Mind Really Works. Fear not, though. We've overcome those biological obstacles and identified afterplay pleasers that will satisfy you both. Some are designed to short-circuit his snooze reflex and electrify his bod; others indulge his just-shagged daze while feeding your need for intimacy. Read on to discover the
People say I dream to much But I can't stop dreaming about your touch When I dream I dream of you Everything that I say is not untrue I just want to see your face And feel your embrace My love is unconditional towards you When we talk I want to look at you You are the one that I want Please don't hurt or taunt For that would break my heart You won't have to worry about me being a tart Because you are the one I long for For now I won't say anymore Except I love you and adore you
The Tummy Ache
Two young boys were hiking through the forest one day and decided to stop and have a drink from a small stream they came upon. They were badly frightened by a snake nest that lay by the water and ran home. A year later, one of the boys had to be hospitalized. Plagued by stomach cramps, he complained of constant hunger and was unable to gain weight. The doctor pumped his stomach and found a fully grown snake coiled inside!
The Hottest Sex Tips On The Planet! ( 18 And Up)
The Hottest Sex Tips on the Planet Stretch Out Foreplay Always rushing through the arousal stages of sex is a shagging shame. "In many cultures, seduction begins long before a couple gets to the bedroom," says Amy Sueyoshi, Ph.D., assistant professor of human sexuality and ethnic studies at San Francisco State University. "The mere knowledge that a sexual encounter is about to happen can be a huge turn-on." So take a cue from Korean women: "Before the sex act even begins, our readers will blindfold their boyfriends with scarves and then tantalize them by slowly dragging silk over their bodies from head to toe, lingering extra long around his pelvis area," says Kyung-Hae Yoon, editor of Cosmo in Korea. Kick this move up a notch by sliding the silk back and forth under his testicles while he's standing, and he'll be seeing stars. Extending the amount of fun you have before actual intercourse makes sex feel more like an all-night party than a flash in the pan, which is exactly why In
Funny Poem
What is that foul beast I see Standing right before me It has glittering yellow eyes She acts happy but that is just a diguise She comes closer and I back away I'm afraid that I can't stay For fear that I won't survive When the demon comes alive She licks her lips in anticipation All she is full of is frustration I can feel my heart pounding inside my chest Her unleashed is like opening a hornets nest Why must she always come after me I must hurry up and flee She is smiling ready to attack Please I don't want to become her snack The creature that I'm talking about Is that of a demon cat who won't die out
How To Give Oral Sex!
Guys and Girls you will like this :) Girls on the bottom there is how to give guys great oral sex :) HOW TO GIVE GOOD ORAL SEX TO WOMEN "Whenever you touch a woman's pussy, make sure your finger is wet. You can lick it or moisten it with juices from inside her. Be sure, by all means, to wet it before you touch her clit because it doesn't have any juices of it's own and it's extremely sensitive. Your finger will stick to it if it's dry and that hurts. But you don't want to touch her clit anyway. You have to work up to that. Before she becomes aroused, her clit is too delicate to be handled. Approach her pussy slowly. Women, even more so than men, love to be teased. The inner part of her thigh is her most tender spot. Lick it, kiss it, make designs on it with the tip of your tongue. Come dangerously close to her pussy, then float away. Make her anticipate it. Now lick the crease where her leg joins her pussy. Nuzzle your face into her bush. Brush your lips over her
What is that in the darkness Why is it laughing and pointing at me It's moving closer to me And I can't get away from it I can see it now but it's foggy i scream but nothing happens It laughs harder and louder as it gets closer Why must fate mock me this way I see plain and clear now And it hurts me on the inside Why must she do this to me Can't she tell it makes me cry Why must she despise me so The thing that hurts me the most Is that she is my own true self
The Spider In The Hairdo
Back when girls wore beehive hairdos, one girl was famous for having the highest beehive of all the girls in her high school. Because it took so long to create, she just never took it down to wash or comb it and instead put copious amounts of hairspray in it so it would stay put. One day while she was sitting in class, blood began to trickle down her forehead. She was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. At some point a spider had laid eggs in her hair and the baby spiders that hatched had begun eating her brain!
About Me
Q1) Name Nathan Q2) D.O.B 9-13-1978 Q3) Birthplace Chicago Q4) Current location Vegas Q5) Height 5'8 Q6) Eye Color Blue Q7) Hair Color Brown Q8) Right or Left Hnaded Right Q9) Zodiac Sign Virgo Q10) Piercing None Q11) Single/in love/crush on Single Q12) Fear Being alone Q13) Weakness Love Q14) Best Physical Feature Eyes Q15) Overused Phrase on IM lol Q16) Bedtime It varies Q17) Most missed Memory My childhood Q18) Have you ever been in love If you call it that Q19) Ever broken a heart Yep Q20) Have you cheated Nope Q21) Last person you talked to Michele Q22) Do you love # 1 on your list This is for fubar not myspace lol Q23) What do you like most about yourself My heart Q24) Who's your best friend Dont have 1 Q25) Did you like this myspace survey No I dont this is for fubar
Does Love Ever Die?
Does love ever die? Don't know if it does but I know for me it never does. As those of you know that actually read the about me part of a profile I state that I am divorced. But that isn't true as of yet. Right now I am going through a divorce and when I created my profile I had given up on things. But now that time has progressed I have felt that strong desire to hold on and fight. I don't know if that is the thing to do but I can't seem to help myself. It has been such a painful experience that it is hard not to give up. I had to fight for my daughter, so that I could just see her. Her mother felt that she could walk away from me with her and I wouldn't say a thing. Well boy was she wrong. I ended up having to take her to court. Things weren't perfect in our marriage but they weren't bad by any sense. We didn't fight, hardly ever. But maybe that was the problem. But no point in stressing over that. I don't want to give up, want to fight for us. Not just for my heart but for Gabby. Sh
Could Use Some Help
Hey everyone I could really use some help leveling up. I will return any love I receive.
How Long Can I Survive?
How long could I go with out food? The rule of thumb is 60 days; presently the world record is 123 days. How long could I go without water? The rule of thumb is 3 days give or take depending on the environment; the world record is 13 days. How long could I go without air? The generally accepted maximum time is 6 minutes, can be extended if the body core temperature is lowered; a verified case in Alaska a child lived after being immersed under ice for 38 minutes. How long can I go without hope? Ask a POW or a Holocaust survivor, the survival rate is zero.
South Africa Beat Tonga 30-25
South Africa (7) 30 Tries: Pienaar (2), Smith, Skinstad Cons: Pretorius, Montgomery Pens: Steyn, Montgomery Tonga (3) 25 Tries: Pulu, Hufanga, Vaki Pens: Hola (2) Cons: Hola (2) South Africa were made to bring on the cavalry to muscle past a fired-up Tonga in the World Cup Pool A game in Lens. The group leaders had made 11 changes for the match but trailed 7-10 in the second half before calling up five first-choicers to mount a renaissance. The Springboks surged 27-10 clear but brave Tonga fought back with two quick tries to set up a thrilling finish. South Africa clung to their lead in a desperate last 10 minutes but the bonus-point win sealed the group. The Springboks, who have yet to face the USA in their final pool match, will probably face Wales in Marseille on 7 October in their quarter-final. Tonga's last game is against England in Paris on 28 September in what will be a winner-takes-all clash for the second qualification place from Pool A if En
Hey Im Bored
Hey im so bored...its saturday no plans yet...its killin me! lol. anyways hit me up people!!!
1) Single, Taken, Naked, or Flirty? single 2) Are you happy with that? yes and no 3) Would you still kiss your ex? Ummm No 4) Have you ever had your heart broken? yep 5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok? Nah 7) Have you ever talked about marriage with another person? yes a few times 8) Do you want kids? extra helping of kids for me please 9) How Many? 2 more plz 10.) Would you consider adoption? yes 11) If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you? Yes they better lol 12) Do you want someone you can't have? nope 13) Have you fallen in love? Yes I have 14) Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries? yeah 15) Do you believe that you can change for someone? Tried for 6 years 16.) Is it a good day? yes so far 17) Have you ever broken a heart before? yep 18) Does your ex still have feelings for you? wouldnt care 20) Do you believe in long distance relationships?
It Is Saturday
Why does it have to always be about money? there are more things better then money and objects. still i wish i was rich so i could buy some things like a new car or tv or gardn hose. when i do the kids next door will wish they has kept commetns by themeselfs.
Thoughts of a sad soul Current mood: sad Category: Romance and Relationships Is it better to have to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all? This is a question for the ages. What is the definition of love? I dont believe there is a definition. I believe that it is a feeling of the heart and not of the mind. Love is a feeling that encompasses your body which you can feel thoughout your soul. I also dont believe it has anything to do with your mind because there is no logic to love, nor should it be something you even have to think about. Back to the question at hand. To lose something you love is probly one of the hardest things in life to deal with, from my experiences anyway. It effects your whole life, every aspect, every feeling, and every decission. It definitly takes some time some time to get over, more so when you cant understand the reason for the lose. If youve never had that feeling of lose, than in my opinon youve never truly loved. To have never loved
Just Wanted To Tell More About Me And Hope For The Best
Good evening everyone, My name is David....I am 24 years old and currently living at my parents house in Springfield, Ohio... I am a single male age 24 and feel like I am too darn old...I have red hair, blueish/green eyes that sometimes change to babyblue...I am 6'2 and about 190lbs with a medium build...I have 3 tats One is on my left hand which is Big-D Short for David and back back in the day I used to be a baller...My second tat is on my right arm its a cross made from bones with a skull in the middle...and my last tat is on my back and its a octupus smoking a joint...Yeah its werid for a guy to have a tat of an octupus but it was different not to many people have something like this... I have no children of my own yet but wish for a few someday, that is if I meet a woman who is willing to take that chance with me once again...I have been single for a little over 3 years now and I am starting to get very lonly and feel like I a going to die alone and I am not wanting that to
Get Your Asses In Here And Listen Too The 1 And Only Narly Beast Of Fubar
For You Again
There are no words to express what I feel for you. There are no songs as beautiful, as the music that fills my soul when I hear your voice. There are no roses as lovely as your smile. Nothing moves me like you do. There are no days brighter than the days I spend with you. You're my light in the darkness... And there could never be words strong enough to express my love for you.
The Last Call
One of the Ball brothers, of the canning jar empire, had a paralyzing fear of being buried alive. He went as far as having a telephone installed in the tomb so he could call out if he should ever find himself in this predicament. A few days after he died, the family began to grow concerned after repeated attempts to reach his wife proved unsuccessful. They call the house but found that the phone line was continuously busy, so they decided to go over and make sure that everything was ok. Upon entering the home, they found her dead on the floor, clutching the phone with a look of sheer terror frozen on her face. At her funeral, the family discovered that the phone inside the crypt where her husband was buried was off the hook.
Never Say You'll Leave
Never say you're going to leave leave me with tears in my eyes And leave my heart torn in two. Never say you'll leave my side Cause I'll just run and hide. From all those lonely feelings inside. Never say your love for me will die cause I just may as well cry. for my love for you will never die Just say you'll never say... GOOD- BYE!!! Written By: Crazy
A Soldiers Reply
Man took a flight, he was finally coming home, Feeling more relieved than any man has known, He spent so long, in a place that most fear, And when that plane landed down came a tear, Plane door opens still in uniform he stands, Nervous and confused, about stepping back on home land, He follows the others, checking each face for grief, But all that he noticed was the faces had relief, He steps off the plane and people were there, The Soldier astonished could do nothing but stare, They greeted him with open arms, a hug, and a sign, That said thank you soldier, your life for mine, Soldier walks still in uniform, down the street, He passes a man walking, he looks down to his feet, The man looks to him and stops him in his place, Only the Soldier and him, the man spits in his face, Soldier again with a tear, he asks only why, The man returns with an answer, a brutal reply, I do not respect you for the things that you've done, Soldier just listens as the man cuts h
Tell me a story of love long and true, Of two people; just like me and you. Tell me a tale of a love lost in time, Of a time far away, when you used to be mine. Tell me of the time when we used to share, A time in this world when you used to care. Show me the way your heart used to feel, When you had nobody, and so much time to kill. Give me the strings, around my heart they were tied, Lay them in your hands, where my heart broke and died. Sing me a song of how much love doth cost, Sing of a love so strong, yet still lost. Speak of a time when my heart did not bind, My love to my pain jumbled up in my mind. Give me a reason for my heart not to cry, For my life not to end, and my soul not to die. I need all the answers for these haunting questions, Of ‘how’ and ‘why’ I must learn this one lesson. Forgive me now, for asking so much, A selfish plea of freedom and such. All this guilt and insanity for the love that I lack, For the lengths I will go just to get my life
Joyful Love
I loved you so very long ago For very many years I've still never forgotten The taste that is your tears I've dreamed so many times Of your perfect face, your smile Once you said you loved me Once you said you hated me So strange is the human emotion of love You can hate someone and still be eased by their presence A hate that satisfies you to your bitter core That makes you fear your confused longings I never want to see you again Although that would grant me a lifetime of joy I could not bear to see you happy Unless your joy is due to me
Make Her Our Next Godmother!
Ok folks, this awesome woman is only 1,260,000 from becoming the next Godmother! There are several HH's coming up...If we all work together we can make this happen! I've seen it done many of times...And she deserves this very much. So come on you guys...I know I have some kickass friends that can help me do this! Show her the love she deserves!!! Christie@ fubar
The Vanishing Hitchhiker
Twomen were driving down the highway one night when they saw a lovely young girl standing by the side of the road shivering. They stopped to offer her a ride and lend her an overcoat. She thanked them and showed them the way to her house. After dropping her off, the men discovered they had forgotten to take back the overcoat. Wanting to make sure the girl was ok and get the coat back, the men stopped by the girls house the following morning. Her mother answered the door and informed the men that her daughter had died in a car accident years ago and took them to her gravesite as proof. Theer, neatly folded lay the overcoat from the night before.
Son's Bad Wreck
my son (15) had a bycicle acdt. the other night where he was comming back from a friend's house down a pretty steep hill pretty fast as alway's then a cat yes a cat ran out in front of him and then he hit the cat then caused him to flip off his bike from one driveway to the next, skiding his left arm pretty bad to where it looks as if he has a bad burn from his elbow to his wrist on the top part. and then trying to stop hiself with the other hand caused a big gouge on his palm of his hand. he got a cut and knot on his head, his elbow, his knee & sholder as well. took him to the dr. the next day gave x-rays then found out he had a fracture on the right arm the one he tried to stop hiself with.then went to the hospital to get a arm brace.they are also treating his other arm (the skid) as if it was a burn. now we wait to go see a was scarry for me and for him as well he was shaken up pretty bad and in so much pain. god sure has watched over him cause it could have been worse
The Awakening
The Awakening A time comes in your life when you finally get it. When in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks, and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out - ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying or struggling to hold on. And, like a child quieting down after a blind tantrum, your sobs begin to subside, you shudder once or twice, you blink back your tears, and through a mantle of wet lashes you begin to look at the world through new eyes. This is your awakening. You realize that it's time to stop hoping and waiting for something to change or for happiness, safety and security to come galloping over the next horizon. You come to terms with the fact that there is no Prince Charming and / or Cinderella. And you realize in the real world there aren't always fairy tale endings (or beginnings for that matter), and that any guarantee of "happily ever after" must begin with YOU; and in the process, a sense of serenity is borne of acceptance. You awak
Love Is...
Love is being happy for the other person when they are happy being sad for the person when they are sad being together in good times Love is the source of strength Love is being honest with yourself at all times being honest with the other person at all times telling, listening, respecting the truth, and never pretending Love is the source of reality Love is an understanding that is so complete that you feel as if you are a part of the other person accepting the other person just the way they are and not trying to change them to be something else Love is the source of unity Love is the freedom to pursue your own desires while sharing your experiences with the other person the growth of one individual alongside of and together with the growth of another indvidual Love is the source of success Love is the excitement of palnning things together the excitement of doing things
hey to all my friends i have just created a new lounge and i want you guys to check it out its called dark ones please stop by and check it out
Tell Me !!!!
Before I say goodbye tell me, oh please tell me What happened to this thing we had no longer do we have it no longer do you want it Before I say goodbye tell me what happened between us? Why did it have to end this way? Could it have been different, if we had tried just a little harder? Before I say goodbye tell me if what we had was real or was it just an illusion? An illusion that I had fabricated? Or did we both fabricate this dream that has ended? Before I say goodbye tell me you don't love me tell me that I don't love you I'm not sure anymore... Tell me, tell me it was never meant to be
The Concerned Mother
A man and wife were driving late one night when a woman who appeared to be injured flagged down their car. She claimed she had been in a car accident and her baby, who was still alive, was trapped in the car. The man told her to wait with his wife and he'd see what he could do. He got to the car and found a couple, obviously dead in the front seat and a baby crying in a car seat. He cut the baby loose and returned to his own car. When he got there, the woman was gone. he asked his wife where the woman had gone and she replied that she'd followed him to the scene of the wreck shortly after he left. He left the baby with his wife and went back to the car to find her. When he got there he realized the woman who'd flagged him down lay dead in the front seat.
The Caress
soft yet firm lips curvy yet solid hips intense yet dreamy gentle yet rough forced yet free chilling yet steamed hot yet icey skin wet yet dry sweat streaks and screams plays and rests and creases in the seams and in between her breasts love along with all sorts of things caressed smooth yet glimmering eyes quiet yet loud noises dim yet bright tender yet strong firm yet faint distant yet near tight yet loose grips constant yet yielding dips intense yet dreamy streaks and screams smooth yet glimmering lips, eyes, and skin senses and explorations tastes and flavors new discoveries and constant pleasures love in pleasant motion blessed wavy yet straight hair uneasy yet sturdy care mild yet extreme calm yet restless placid yet feisty odd yet familiar
Block List
my block list is fix an pretty much everyone that was on it is off lets see why they cry about now
Lifes Role
In this world we lose we win On this earth still with sin There are the healthy there are those ill There are lots of hungry stomachs to fill There are people very kind In many places you will find Those who will kill those who will steal What happens in this universe is sometimes unreal Days going slow days going fast There is a future we have had a past From the first day till the last All our roles in life are precast. Written By: Crazy bitch
Will I Ever?
Will I ever see you again? You were just a shadow in the corner a dust caught in the wind I never knew you and I never will, if I never see you again. Please explain to me how this happened again Nothing happened, nothing will happen All you did was catch my eye brush my hand smile That smile kept me there till I could stay no longer and now I'm asking you Will I ever see you again? All you were was a person in the crowd A flower in a field Yet you caught my attention and now I'm asking myself Will I ever see you again?
From The Pan Into The Fire
ok so ive had it with this town completely,not only have i had my bass,my glasses,my journal,and my mp3 player stolen but today i lost my bus pass and i am being garnisheed 344 a month now,im screwed!gonna save enough to leave town and then im outta here.ill keep peeps posted on where i go
I Hate This Place
Well everyone i was living in Va . I was dating a navy guy he deployed and when he returned he was not the same person . It was just more than i wanted to handle i did not need another child to raise so i ended it and and i moved in with friend well that was nice but some strong feeling started coming out and i ended moving to ga and he moved to md we still talk and sucj but it is not same you get so use to be with someone for like 7 months and now were so far apart . im tryin to get back in school and become to become a RN and then maybe do some more school after that . im livin with my parents greta people there are but it is small town and i choose not to hang out with people i use to when i lived here before i made some bad choices when i was here last some im not proud of but all i can do now is move forward and im tryin but i so wnat to move back to va all my friends are there or in general area so we will see what happens i will try to get it updated . wow woohoo my first blog
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OK everyone, this is a new friend PITAPEG she is new to the FU!! come show her all the luv that my FU-friends, fans and family are famous for!! Pitapeg@ fubar
The Drive
I’m going on a sex drive Turn the key Rev the engine Let’s go for a ride Got that look in your eye that your Burning inside And I want it Gotta have that drive How fast are we going Gotta keep that beat Moving on the streets I’m not going to stop now The desires on fire As we’re going 65 No one else around But the call of the wild I’m going on a sex drive Turn that key Rev me up again And let’s go for a ride
No More Drama
if you want drama, go to another place. i will NOT tolerate drama while i am sober or drunk.
My Mom
Heres Picture of my mother I have been on fubar less time than she has and shes on a lower level than I am. SHOW HER SOME LOVE
Saturday .....
I'm bored! Anyone up to anything good today? I want story!!!
Please Help My Friend
Sleepy Cream
Sleepy cream I see you laying there, dreaming of things Moaning and slowly grinding your hips. Having fun in those little secret worlds you keep. Wondering who you are having fun with? It’s fine with me, sitting here watching you dream. I love the smile on your face. Every now and then you even let out a little scream. I laugh knowing it’s not from pain. You nipples are erect, I can smell your juice. It’s getting me hard as a rock. Sure I could go over and make a move. But it’s more fun watching you get off. My eyes open wide, your hand moves slowly down. Begins rubbing your pussy while you grind. I sit here careful not to make a sound. God babe you are looking so fine. You moan a little louder, arch you back just a bit. Beginning to tighten you thighs. Next thing I know, I’m rubbing my dick. Watching you have such a good time. Your hands moving fast, your body is shaking. You gasp! My mouth begins to water, for this cream you are making, So Fast!
September 22, 2007
Unfortunately, this is all too familiar to me. The part where it says that others may not even notice and are just going about their business. It's funny how there are 4 people who live in my house, and still it seems that I'm the only one home. September 22,2007 Your emotional nature may get the better of you at some point today, but others may not even notice! They all seem a little robotic -- which may be part of the problem -- and are just going about their business.
My Sweetest Revenge...(update To My Last Blog)
As most of you may have read in my last blog I was a victim of identity theft by my ex-g/f, she walked away with valuable information, as well as 300 dollars cash that i lent her...well i find out that she did indeed try to get a loan worth about 3 grand, but i was able to track down the loaning office before the loan was processed, i was able to halt it in time. After my meeting with the loan office, i went to her job and found out she hadn't been to work in almost a week, i spoke with her boss and he informed me that she wrote her an email telling him that she's been going through some personal issues and she should be back in work the following week....this is after numerous of my phone calls were unanswered, i went to her place, no one answers, i did everything i could to try to keep the situation as civil as possible, but she chose to do the opposite. I find out she gets back with her ex, but tries to hide form me, i dont know why, if thats what she wants, im not gonna stop her. I
Who...what...why...when? I am...back in Bama once again. I knew that I was planning on coming back here this weekend to visit my children but was definitely planning on making my trip back to GA on Sunday afternoon. All of that changed Wednesday night... It started out as a wonderful day...just like all the rest that I'd had since being there. Gary came home for lunch...we talked for quite a while as we always did at lunch...carried Duke outside to play before he left going back to work. He left and I got Duke and went out in the garage to tidy up things a bit. He and his friends had been trying to teach me how to play darts so I figured that I'd practice during the course of the afternoon and that we would probably play that night. So...I practiced all afternoon. My shoulder was aching by the time he got in but I felt that I was ready to play. Robert & Joy came over and the night started. We had a really great time too. I was holding my own, I'm proud to say! I finally went in around 10 t
Fire Dancer
Fire dancer The wind is calm. The sky is clear. It wont be long. before the darkness gets here. Gathering the wood. Piling it high. I see that look. Excitement in your eyes. The mood is set. Everyone is in place. The only thing left. Is to start the flame. The drums begin. Wine is passed. A few take hits. Everyone laughs. The amber’s fly high. Into the stars. With the passing of time. I watch you start. Swinging your hips. Slowly left to right. A naughty grin. Waiting for the others to decide. The drums rhythm increased. Clothing falls. With your freedom released. I stand in awe. Watching you dance. So seductively. Has me in a trance. God you look like a dream. Your body shines. Your silhouette glows. From the fire so bright. It's one hell of a show. The night goes on. One by one they leave. But you don’t stop. Dancing for me. The last one leaves. We are alone. Your finally tired and resting. At the fire and coals. S
Big State Festival
So me and my best friend are going to the big state festival in October. It should be interesting. Two days of country music stars. You can't take alcohol inside (which is fucked up) so we're just going to get a cooler, put it in the car, and fill the fucker with ice. haha. Though we're also hoping to make friends with some of the people who are bringing RV's, that should make things interesting. The thing I'm interested to see is how we do (my friend and I). We've been friends for about 6 years now, but we've never hung out like that. We may end up getting on each others nerves by the time the weekend is done. Hope not.
Look A Like Contest
Fuck You! ;)
Fuck You! ;) I recognize the evil look in your eyes. The way you are ripping me apart with your thoughts. There is no way I’d turn my back right now if you were holding a knife. But what’s really fucked up, that right now you look so fucking hot! Yes I know just like a man. Secretly though, your thinking it too. Angry sex has it’s advantages, the way our bodies slam. Taking what we want, taking it until we are through. That’s it baby tear my fucking shirt off! Ripping your panties in half, licking your pussy hard. Fingering you deep, hitting that certain spot. Your nails digging in my back, has me growing large. Pinning your legs wide apart. Tongue fucking you now deep. Finally your creaming starts. Sucking hard I feed! Drinking the last drop. One long lick up your open spread. Your wanting me on top. Not before you suck my head. Grabbing My hard Dick tight! Rolling your tongue around. You grin then lightly bite. Suck the whole thing down. Grabbi
Wrote For Me To Cheer Up On A Bad Day
here i worte this i hope it gets your blood folwing As soon as u walk in the door, I begin to kiss you. Then I lead you upstairs to my room kissing you and rubbing your dick the whole way. Today is your day! We get to my room and I push you on the bed. I quickly take off my shirt and reveal my hot pink bra, then I get on top of you and I begin to kiss you aggressively. My tongue's in your mouth playing with yours. You try to be in control but your not and you like it that way. I start to kiss your neck as my hands undo your pants and I get to touch your dick making it even harder. My touch on your neck feels great but not as wonderful as the feeling of my hand all over your dick. However, my hand leaves as it pulls up your shirt and I kiss every inch of your adorable tummy multiple times getting lower and lower as I go. You do not know where the next kiss will be and it keeps you guessing and feels amazing. I stop for a while to kiss you just along the tan line area. I no you want
Nothings The Same!
Nothing's The Same Lost again and all alone Lost again for I should have known So many storms, so many times I've died Another goodbye Crash and burn, refuse to learn Your only friend inside the scars that never mend This trip inside the dark The neverending rain Kill the past, nothings the same All the faces that I once knew now are all gone Days turn into years, rolling on So many storms, so many times I've died Another goodbye Crash and burn, refuse to learn Your only friend inside the scars that never mend This trip inside the dark The neverending rain Kill the past, nothings the same Crash and burn, refuse to learn Your only friend inside the scars that never mend This trip inside the dark The neverending rain Kill the past, nothings the same
Silence Shouts Out This Melody
Often upon The twilight's yawn Of misty midnight's passing Above the clouds Of ghostly shrouds Whose shadows Want for casting I lay awake at memory's gate Yet hesitate surrender As whispered wisps Of promised bliss Entice my heart to enter And alas, again, I'm drawn within But half against My wantings Seduced in debt's Unrecovered bets Well worth their Weight in hauntings Where the candle's Light yet burns as bright As the fire it Once ignited And unenchanted The shadows dance Unwelcomed, Uninvited In this heartless creation It is hard to understand Why some souls choose to wander Forgetting Yet I am lost without wandering My love is a ghost Ancient with wisdom Vital with tears Not able to move on Unable to let go It's hard to remember a love You don't recognize in this life Yet the memory is without thought Agony without knowledge This love is without mercy Passing through eternity Life to the next Forever
Help Me Out
Ok, so how about sending some love my way. I promise to return the favor!
Rambling Stone
Once walked only to be What just seems to be real Though just thoughts that Ramble with words to ones self. Take heed to the rose her beauty Is not match to her wisdom for just Her thoughts I could not match Are carved in stone beneath her... Just the site of her eyes that peirce This darkened soul that once held The devils door sealing only fire That once raced through this heart... From freedom is released as new light Is scattered across this opened plain Do you not see her this bright Wonderful flame her heart once noticed.. Can the only cast a flame which was Ment for me to wipe away this darkness That has shredded my soul. From years past just to open heavens gates Above her halo and let me breathe in the pains Of only my truest broken heart. I have seen her once in a dream She walks with such grace..... Her halo is of the purest goodness she Keeps hidden under a robe of beauty.. Though I another demon only wanting To
Another Loser
ok here we go again...If you read a profile I clearly state that I will NOT do the Yahoo thing. If I say no I am sorry but is that really a reason to call me names? Geez...get over it already....sorry guys..just letting the ones that think its ok to try and harrass me into doing something I don't want to, know that they can't!..LOL Hugs and Kisses Like always...MUAH
Just My Thoughts
Like a prison cell Iron clad and empty Set in isolation bound by ill feeling I feel trapped and alone My heart burns full of desire Quenched Condemned by loneliness I sink into shadows out of reach I find myself in an everlasting battle Searching For the one to free my heart My sights are set on a lifelong crusade But victory is an empty promise The hunger The longing The desire No longer help my flight Only serve to endeavor My thoughts In deeper confusion The caring The wishing The feeling All fall on deaf ears I will fight for my hearts survival With every ounce of Strength remaining But I can see the end As clear as light The end of the tunnel My strength drains quickly I cannot fight Loneliness overcomes my heart Destiny has set the final piece of the puzzle My heart shall wander alone Forever without you to hold By: The CrimsonCrow
Every time I walk into a room. I can feel your presence, before I even see you. Since my heart begins to race, and the palm of my hands break out in a cold sweat. I tremble at the thought of being close to you. As an unseen force draws us together. I am able to see the different flecks of color. Hidden in the depths of your eyes. I can feel the anticipation of what might be between us. As we move ever closer. When suddenly I realize it's not really you I see. Only your reflection. Is in the mirror staring back at me. I turn frantically searching the room. Trying to find you in the crowd. As I turn back towards the looking glass. I see you standing their with your arms out stretched. Beckoning me forward, my hand connects with the cool surface of your impression. Our fingers touching, without any warmth. Recognizing that we are so close, yet miles apart all in the same instant. I become over whelmed with despair. While everything inside me rages. For me to break the glass. That keeps us
Somewhere - Someone
This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it everyday. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. YOU mean the world to someone. 7. YOU are SPECIAL and UNIQUE. 8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 10. When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look. 11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. So... If you are a loving friend, send this to everyone, including the one that sent it to you. If you
What Do U Think Abt My Poem
You killed my heart i have hade it broken soo many times and i thought that you would repair it but you made it worse just get out of my life and leave me alone I haTe yoU=[
The Fool
i was a fool if ever i thought i could have you if ever i hoped to keep you i was a fool if i thought you would want me for myself i was a fool if ever i tried to love you if ever i hoped you would want me if ever i tried to see you maybe im a fool because i still wish for us two i still think about you i still hope to find you i am a fool because i still think about you i still want to see you i still want to be near you im such a fool because im still in love with you i still adore you i was a fool if ever i thought i could have you if ever i thought you would have me i was a fool
Child Abuse
Child abuse we must stop, child abuse cannot go on. We must love them and keep them safe, shelter them from the storm. we must dry there tears and make them feel loved and wanted. We must not hit or hurt them. They are the future child abuse must stop. It breaks my heart causes the tears to fall everytime a child's been beaten. Love your children and hold them close, they will repay when they get older. Child abuse must stop. Hug your children keep them in your heart, that is what we are suppose to do. Tell them you love them all the time. We must not shake them make them hurt, we must have patience for they are young and do not know. They need some comfort when the tears fall wipe them away. let them know that you care. Child abuse must stop, it cannot go on. We bring them into this world we must not end there lives so soon. They are the future so let's keep them safe. For life is too short. Child abuse it breaks my heart, to know that our children
Tis Sad
'Tis sad to hear how young love has died to know that, alone, someone has cried. but memories are ours to keep. To live them again, in our sleep.-
Another Vid Blog
The First Time
His breath restores me, Sun glistening off his back, confirms the love I see. When with me, I am complete. Sweat beaded foreheads, from a union so deep. Heaving chest Can't deny the uncontrollable sensation that pours from his soul's request. Paralyzed by his passion, Eternal nurishment I ingest. For the first time, this wonderful feeling my body can't protest.
I Am Made Of Scars
STONE SOUR LYRICS "Made Of Scars" This one came from looking This one opened twice These two seem as smooth as silk, flush against my eyes This one needed stitches and This one came from rings This one isn't even there, but I feel it more because you don't care Yeah, Cut right into me Yeah, Cause I am Made Of Scars Yes I am made of scars This one had it coming This one found a vein This one was an accident, but never gave me pain This one was my fathers and This one you can't see This one had me scared to death, But I guess I should be glad I'm not dead!! Yeah, Cut right into me Yeah, I am made of scars Yes, I am made of scars God, Don't you believe the hype? And I will find a way Everything you are I will betray Oh, I swear that I will find a way Everything you are's inside me This one was the first one This one had a vice This one here I like to rub on dark and stormy nights This one was the last one, I don't remember how But I remember
Angel's In The Night
Angel's in the night shadow's on the wall, dry your tears little one mommy and daddy had to go away. Angel's in the night will guide you and keep you safe, you are not alone. Dry your tears little one. Angel's in the night will help ease the pain, don't be scared little one. you are safe. Angel's in the night shadow's on the wall dry your tears little one mommy and daddy were taken away, they can no longer hurt you little one. Angel's in the night shadow's on the wall mommy and daddy had to go away, but you are not alone. Angel's in the night will guide you little one and keep you safe. Angel's in the night don't be afraid dry your tears little one you will get a new mommy and daddy, don't blame yourself little one Angel's in the night shadow's on the wall dry your tears little one.
Today Is A Very Sad Day For Nintendo Fans All Aroudn Teh World
Locked Door
god what a feeling trembling as you look me in the eye 'lock the door' it's a command god please i want this so badly touch me, more oh god please i'm going crazy insanity making me delirious feeling your tongue, oh yes your hot tongue ignoring my thoughts pressing closer, harder, no more words now but i feel you pulling, you wanting hesitant but direct please i want this i need this waiting has never paid off so damn well oh god!
Female Compassion
A man was lying on a blanket at the beach. He had no arms or legs. Three women were walking past and felt sorry for the poor man. The first woman said " Have you ever had a hug" The man said "No", so she gave him a hug and walked on. The second woman said "Have you ever had a kiss". The man said "No",so she gave him a kiss and walked on. The third woman walked over to him, knelt down and whispered in his ear, >>Have you ever been F****d? The fellow looked up in amazement and said "No" The woman smiled and said "You will be when the tide comes in."
Results. . .
So my big plans for last night didn't pan out at all. I didn't have a single drink, I was home by 10:30pm, and in bed by midnight, alone. I am worthless. No wonder no one wants me. It Is
Just to let everyone know, I have stepped down as head DJ for Magnum Radio-I did it because of a few things-but mainly I did it for my dad-he has gotten himself into a financial bind and now i have to work full time-he has been upset with me because I spend way too much time on here-and I've always said that family comes FIRST-no matter what-I have been dealing with alot of BS at home for awhile-which has been hard on me emotionally-ya'll are my friends and I didnt want to piss anyone off or hurt anyone-cause I would never EVER intentionally do that-and the fact of the matter is, I don't know if im going to keep my net (for the time being) because all that its doing is causing problems-ive been upset over my decision to leave Magnum-Ive agonized over it for a while now-but it had to be done-and now to address the other issue-yes, I dj at another lounge-I was made Head DJ there-but I don't know how long I will be doing that either because of whats going on at home-and I want to apologiz
Music Time
I am downloading music I know there are many of ya that like freestyle music from 80's early 90's so name me ur favorite song or songs from freestyle Tess
October Poems... OCTOBERLo, sweetened with the summer light,The full juiced apple, waxing over-mellowDrops in a silent autumn night.MERRY AUTUMN DAYS‘Tis pleasant on a fine spring mornTo see the buds expand,.‘Tis pleasant in the summer timeTo see the fruitful land;‘Tis pleasant on a winter’s nightTo sit around the blaze,But what are joys like these, my boys,To merry autumn days!We hail the merry Autumn days,When leaves are turning red;Because they’re far more beautifulThan anyone has said,We hail the merry harvest time,The gayest of the year;The time of rich and bounteous crops,Rejoicing and good cheer.AUTUMNI love the fitful gust that shakesThe casement all the day,And from the glossy elm-tree takesThe faded leaves away,Twirling them by the window paneWith thousand others down the lane.I love to see the cottage smokeCurl upward through the trees,The pigeons nestled round the coteNovember days like these;The cock upon the woodland crowing,The mill sails on the heath a-going.AN AUTUMN
Getting Bored On Here
for the past few weeks it seems that things are slowing down on here..not sure why i have some many frineds.. and i have not leveled up in a while but who cares about leveling any ways.. i would really like to have friends that i can count on to talk to.. just not sure if this site is worth it with all the bouncer on here now.. it was never like this with lost cherry or cherry tap.. now fubar has bouncer.. and if you are signed in .. why do i need to put a code in to be on my friends page checking out their new pics?? what the deal behind that shit??? sounds more fucked up than anything here lately.. oh well just some shit off my mind here lately.. later ash
Route 666
Hell train's LP Route 666 is a monster rocker album!....You like heavy,you like loud,you like rockin out in general then these dudes are for you!.....I'm givin em 10 outta 10,just plain awsome!
Daily Horoscope: Libra For September 22,2007
You are in a forgiving mood, but even if everyone is on their best behavior you'll still manage to enjoy the good energy. It's a great day to settle an old feud or begin a relationship all over again.
Come And Get Your Groove On!!!
OLDIES NIGHT!!! They said that it would never happen, well they were wrong!!! The management at the Hancock and Bull has decided to hire a DJ to rock the house with oldies. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they went and brought in the craziest person in the world to DJ that night. ME!!!! That's right! Al Dawg, the pimp of the decade, the thug of the century, has decided to go ahead and bring back memories that will have people laughing and crying. If you're looking for that bullshit crap like they used to play at the Whazzupp, then keep looking elsewhere. I will play oldies, and it will be oldies for everyone. The Hancock and Bull has a very diverse crowd, so they had to get a pimp with very diverse tastes to get the job done. So go ahead and dust off your platforms, break out that old pair of parachute pants and that thriller jacket and head on down to the Hancock and Bull. If I don't have what you like, write it down on the note pad at my booth, and I'll get for you the next time.
...or Nothing.
Sometimes you wonder if you did the right thing. Words said, time spent, this is about a woman obviously. See, as a guy, I’m not the most confident person you’ll meet. Far from it. I get jealous. I get worried. I get angry. I run the full gamut of emotions. I’m not the kind of guy that just ‘whatevers’ a person. I don’t have it in me. So when I get interested in a girl I try. However, I haven’t been interested in a girl in a long time… till she came. Something about her, I don’t know… she was different. She made me feel something. I had passion again… she challenged me, was as smart as me… she was amazing. So amazing that felt compelled to draw her. We spent hours on the phone. It wasn’t a physical attraction (she is extremely attractive though)… it was a mental one as these long distance romances tend to be. However my insecurities hit me. Can I support a long distance relationship? Could I make her smile from miles away? Then we started fighting. Half my fault half hers… I
Cherie Aka Witchesbrew
My Son Kurt Aka Oak . Got To know a member here , back in june , whom is in oops Special forces . My Son was asked to do a Special Task ,To read a blog the member wrote , and to do a bulliten which kurt did . With The Understanding i might not be comin back. Which Weighed very heavy on my son's shoulders and many tears as a young man .Which kurt hadn't cried since his brother passed in 3/14/97. I always tell Friends & Family C'ya never Bye , kurt asked me to create a lounge And That Lounge Is Death BBG Special Forces Its A lounge to chat and their are 5 videos 1 of which is Saigon 3 are IRAQ their good days and bad . We are Friendly and Our Arms are Open with Welcome .Please Stop and Say Hi Ty Cherie aka Witchesbrew imikimi - Customize Your World
My tears are flowing for you As my mind wonders and heart beats My body is nothing without you And as the wetness of my cheek are beginning to dry And my thoughts weaken and try to forget I feel like nothing without you The beats within my chest were real Something that no one will ever steal When there is nothing without you But as I try to forget you more and more My body grows weaker and begins to wear Mind floats rises to react I know I'm nothing without you..
This One
Is it possible That someone like you Could complete me? You're the only one I want The only one I think about The only one I truly love You've treated me wrong sometime As I've done the same But everyone makes mistakes And your not one of mine Be with me for the rest of time I'll give you my heart And you give me your mind
Okay. I'm going to try a new blog. I really do believe I missed my calling as a philosopher or humanitarian. Either that or I was too lazy. :) Anyways, I'm going to try and post some quotes and thoughts in this blog. I will also leave it open for all to see. Post your thoughts, if you like. I just hope that maybe seeing this will brighten someones day. Learn from your mistakes and have no regrets. - Me (That is my motto) Recently found this one and ♥s it. :)
"a Reason A Season And A Lifetime"© By Brain A. "drew" Chalker.
People always come into you life for a reason, a season and a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed outwardly or inwardly. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, or to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or even spiritually. They may seem like a Godsend to you, and they are. They are there for a reason, you need them to be. Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die, Sometimes they just walk away. Sometimes they act up or out and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and it is now time to move on. When people come into your life for a SEASON, it is because
I Am Soooooo Done With Dating For A While!
Man women are so crazy it isn't funny. I had it I need a time out! I am officially putting myself on the bench. I am just going to hang out with the guys watch football and drink beer and not worry about women for a while. Man I just need a break from the drama and the BS. Yes folks I am on the bench for an unspecified amount of time.
New Neighbors
My new neighbors are moving in today. They look kind of scary. I wonder how long it will take my kids to run them off? lol!
11 Signs That Your Crazy For Someone
~THIS IS SO TRUE~ *Giggles* 11 signs that your crazy for someone ELEVEN: You laugh at they're stupid jokes TEN: You feel shy whenever they're around. NINE: You smile when you hear their voice. EIGHT: When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you, you just see him/her. SIX: They're all you think about. FIVE: You realize you're always smiling when you're looking at them. FOUR: You would do anything for them, just to see them. THREE: While reading this, there was one person on your mind this whole time. TWO: You were so busy thinking about that person, you didnt notice number seven was missing ONE: You just scrolled up to check & are now silently laughing at yourself.
Life Has A Way Of Just Working!!!
Had to make a big decision yesterday. Stay here for my childhood friends bday or go out of town for the weekend with someone.. I stayed. And although I was a little bit upset a first, life has a funny way of just throwing amazing shit into your lap right when you need it the most! I was rewarded with something so beyond amazing. *As I stood in the crowed of many faces that seemed the same, I saw you, standing there, seeing me. You were the last person I expected to see last night, after what happened yesterday afternoon, I was not sure when I even wanted to see you again. And there you were. Standing there, seeing me. I honestly think that for that 15 seconds, when I noticed that you had found me, had drivin up here, and found where I was, and was standing there, looking at me the way you were, was the best 15 fucking seconds of my entire life. thank you j.r. for making me realize so many things that had been pushed away for so long, thank you.* The funny thing is i
Connor IS IN A $2500 PHOTO CONTEST THIS MONTH AND NEEDS YOUR VOTE! Dear friends and family, I just entered Connor in the Great American Photo Contest. The baby photo with the most votes this month wins $2,500 (that could be a nice amount to put away now for college!!). Please do me a big favor and CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VOTE FOR Connor. I really appreciate it, and so does Connor. Thank you, Jacquie
Fanning & Rating ... Updated
In my old CT blog I had written the following: "I've seen posts that say if someone fans you, you should fan them back. In good conscience I can't fan someone who has nothing stashed. If I fan someone I want to have a good reason to come back to their page. I want to find jokes, vids, surveys, and/or lots of art. Those whom I fan are very special and have worked very hard to earn it." Additionally I will amend this to say, that they have to have stash and pics that I *like*. Other ways to earn a fanning from me are to be a good and loyal friend, to consistently rate my stuff, or to make significant verifiable community contributions here on fubar or in rl. There are probably other ways as well but... Basically it means you have won my admiration, so if I'm your fan you can count on it actually meaning something. If you are my fan and the only reason you are is in the hopes that I will fan you back, I do understand if you unfan me. Profiles I definitely do not fan an
The Artistic Pervert
I thought this was pretty funny the way everything comes together lol.
Summertime In Australia Written By Bruce
Summer in Australia is from 12/1/ to 2/28/ or if it's an leap year 2/29/ every year and by this time of the year the magpies which i featured in my Spring blog have officially stopped protecting their nests and they don't swoop that much during summertime because summer is a time i feel comfortable walking under the trees to get to places and don't have to worry about my head getting pecked by swooping magpies and also by this time daylight savings still continues then we have sports like the Australian Tennis Open in Melbourne for 2 weeks and a series of International and Domestic Cricket Matches so for example there's Test matches which go for 5 days total but it can be won in shorter time every now and then and an example of a test cricket match is Australia vs New Zealand etc but it depends on who fly into Australia for the series at the time and lots of people go to the beach during summertime and also there's jelly fish which can sting you at the beach so be ca
Apples & Grapes (men/women)
Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they sometimes take the apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy. The apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree. Now Men.... Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it's up to women to stomp the sttuffing out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.
The Ultimate Truths
Whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock. To err is human, to forgive is not a COMPANY policy. The road to success…….. is always under construction. Alcohol doesn't solve any problems, but if you think again, neither does milk. In order to get a loan, you first need to prove that you don't need it. All the desirable things in life are either illegal, expensive or fattening. Since light travels faster than sound, people appear brighter before you hear them speak. Everyone has a scheme of getting rich….. which never works. If at first you don't succeed…. Destroy all evidence that you ever tried. You can never determine which side of the bread to butter. If it falls down, it will always land on the buttered side. Anything dropped on the floor will roll over to the most inaccessible corner. 42.7% of all statistics is made on the spot. As soon as you mention something…… if it is good, it is taken…. If it is bad, it happens. He who h
Aesop's Fable Updated *lol*
One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey. He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement he quieted down. A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up. As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off! Life is goi
Wishing I Could Do Or Say More But.
There are no words to say and yet I feel a need ,to say something before it is to late . What are the right Words to say > I dont know ,but wish I did. I wish I could ease the pain, that you feel .I wish God would say to my heart, words of comfort to share with you . He is listening to my prayers. but nothing is coming thru to my heart, to ease your troubles now. I want you to know its ok to fear, or what ever it is you feel . God is close to you and he always will be . Lean on him nd try to just know in thy heart; He does love you so . Hugs ,hugs as so many do love you here ,to but we know we must let go now cause our Lord is thy father who is calling soon. and we depart and so do you but we know it isnt forever, cause it will be eternal life that we receive when we go home to be with thee. Now it is hard for me to lose but I will be ok ,so will you ; God loves us and knows it isn,t forever we will see each other one day again . Its Gods promise. Amen!! hugs diana
This Is A Favor For A Fu-frend, So Please Don't Think I'm A Slut, Lol
EMAIL Responses, please! 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Do you like anal pleasures? 26. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
have a nice one...
In my mind I see your face I long to feel your strong embrace Holding me so very tight I dream about you day and night The passion burns so very strong But it has been so very long My body still burns for you And there is nothing I can do So I lock my lust away Hoping there will come a day When we will meet again Then I can release what is within.
Words Women Use (so True, So True!)
FINE This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. FIVE MINUTES If she is getting dressed this is half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given 5 more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. NOTHING This is the calm before the storm. This means "something" and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with "Nothing" usually end in "Fine". GO AHEAD This is a dare, not permission. Don't do it. LOUD SIGH This is not actually a word, but it is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over "Nothing". THAT'S OKAY This is one of the most dangerous statements that a woman can make to a man. "That's Okay" means that she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake. THANKS A woman is t
9-22-07 Lol
You are in a forgiving mood, but even if everyone is on their best behavior you'll still manage to enjoy the good energy. It's a great day to settle an old feud or begin a relationship all over again. ----------------------------------------------------- Damn, hell yeah for good times. Disputes I don't have the want to deal with. Kisses!!! ROFLMAO!!!
When we touch, my head spins I need to feel you deep within My tide rises, I feel so wet I'll cum for you but, oh not yet Let it build and you will see Just how wet I can be When I reach the sweet release A smile will be upon my face Knowing that I will again Feel the quiver deep within As you move inside me It's just the way I want it to be Thrusting slowly, then so fast Oh, how I want this to last I'll cum for you of that be sure I only hope I can endure The ecstasy, wanting more Never knowing what's in store An addiction oh so sweet Until again when we meet And get to play between the sheets.
A titillating game of cat and mouse As we both become aroused Evoking what we have within A passion that has no end An attraction that cannot be ignored Fueled by flaming desire With each touch we fly higher Fumbling toward ecstasy Living out our fantasies
what the fuck!??!?!?!?!?!!? i know i have seen salutes done by people with just their damned computer screen! why the fuck can't i do the same fucking thing????? oh hells no. i have to write out mine. what the hell? salutes are fucking stupid to begin with. if i wasn't an actual person, would i have so many nsfw pics of my fat ass plastered all over this place???? I think not! not to mention, i have a whole album devoted to family-outside of the internet, i might add, my real family. and my actual pets. hell, i only created an album for shit i like this fucking week! my JTHM album! if this fucking salute doesn't go through, i guess i'll just fucking stay at freak level for eternity. fuck it. who gives a shit? i have more interesting site memberships elsewhere any fuckin' way!
Chinese Proverbs (too Funny!)
CHINESE PROVERBS *LOL* *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who run in front of car get tired. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who run behind car get exhausted. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man with one chopstick go hungry. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who scratch ass should not bite fingernails. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who eat many prunes get good run for money. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Baseball is wrong: man with four balls cannot walk. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Panties not best thing on earth! But next to best thing on earth. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Wife who put husband in dog house soon find him in cat house. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who fight with wife all day get no piece at night. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* It take many nails to build crib, but one screw to
Sooner or later the thirst will win My desperate need to drink you in Having all of you inside No longer will I have to hide My hunger for the taste of you Extreme passion born of need Feeling as though I've been freed From the desire I've hidden so long A craving that burns so strong Aware you are the only one For whom this thirst has begun.
I Won!!!!!!
I won!!! Thank you all for helping you all rock!!!!! I can't name all who helped me win, but I know who you all are and you are all great!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for taking the time out to help me!!!!!!! I ♥ you all!!!
Skinny Poppa??
Doctors told Poppa to lose some weight for health issues.... Hmmmm dont they know I'm "BIGPOPPA" im not sure if being skinny I can still call myself Bigpoppa..LOL DIETING SUCKSSSSSSS!!!!!!
Valentine's Day With Jesus
Valentine’s Day With Jesus Jesus does not send perfume To linger in the air Instead He sends salvation sweet To show how much He cares. He doesn’t bring me candy hearts In boxes of delight Instead He always lets me know I’m precious in His sight. He doesn’t send out pretty cards Trimmed in shades of red Instead He gave His life for me His precious blood was shed. He doesn’t hand out fancy gifts Like we would send to mother Instead He sends a message clear To always love each other. He doesn’t give me teddy bears That whimper, “please be mine” Instead He gave His heart to me I wear it all the time. He doesn’t give me roses, pink For all the world to see Instead He gave eternal life That’s good enough for me! ~ Marilyn Ferguson ~
Every time I touch myself I think of you and no one else My hands turn into yours Soon I begin to soar Flying toward ecstasy Imagining you are there with me Like lightning strikes in the sky My body becomes electrified Heat pulsing deep inside My body begins to writhe Vibrating like thunder in the air Releasing my need, pretending you are there
Hi There
please help my friend win .... just click the pic
The Dash
The Dash by Linda Ellis I read of a reverend who stood to speak at the funeral of a friend. He referred to the dates on her tombstone from the beginning... to the end. He noted that first came the date of her birth and spoke of the following datewith tears. But he said what mattered most of all was the dash between those years. For that dash represents all the time that she spent alive on earth. And now only those who loved her know what that little line is worth. For it matters not how much we own; the cars...the house... the cash. What matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash. So think about this long and hard. Are there things you'd like to change? For you never know how much time is left. You could be at dash mid-range. If we could just slow down enough to consider what's true and real and always try to understand the way other people feel. And be less quick to anger and show appreciation more and love the people in our liv
Well...I tried to call for a tee time and the dang course is having a tournament...why on a Saturday is beyond me, but what can you do? So...looks like I am here for the day..LMAO So show me some luv and and lets have a Sexy Fubar Saturday! Hugs and kisses
Men Like Him
MAY GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF OUR SOLDIERS!!! Here is the e-mail: Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes. He stays up for days on end. You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. ! He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He walks the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. You complain about how hot it is. He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off h
Sometimes when I cry if you look into my eyes you will come to realize that they are the gateway to my soul they will tell you everything that you want to know. If you search my soul you shall know and begin to understand as my friend that by your side I will stand and when you're down, I'll give you a hand. But if you ever have a doubt while we're apart just remember to look into my heart. If you look into my heart you will see just exactly what you mean to me and you will come to understand that there are some things that I can't say so easily. M.G.C.H. (~CARELESS WHISPERS~)
Please Help
Good Morning Blessings
If you are a recipient of a blessing, keep the blessing working by being the source of blessing to other people. This morning when I awoke And saw the sun above, I softly said, "Good morning, Lord, Bless everyone I love" Right away I thought of you and said a loving prayer, that He would bless you specially, and keep you free from care. I thought of all the happiness a day could hold in store, I wished it all for you because no one deserves it more. I felt so warm and good inside, my heart was all aglow. I know God heard my prayers for you, He hears them all, you know.
Holding To One I Luv Yet Is Fading So >poem Of Courage To >
tierny and pain fill everything . But hold fast to a love that last > know in thy heart and body and soul, it,s not the end just a road , to travel from to a new place with in there of. God knows and sences too all The grief and pain thru which you must feel ; and he is trying to comfort you till . But as we all must know in our hearts , that God gives greatest love of all. He sends us a way to pass thru death , to eternal life and love , we can only have it if we truly have a unshakebale faith thru Our Lord; each , every day . walk in Faith now my friend , and know one day Ill be there .As we all have a journey to take ,and as we do believe in a strong faith , Our God does sit and wait, till he is ready, to answer us, when he will make the dession to bring us home into his heaven and bless all ; for that we are and for what we have done ; thru him, we now will reside and have eternal home and love. If Our Lord finds us worthy of > Hugs Hugs all diana
You Need To Know
Daddy's Poem
DADDY'S POEM Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees a dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them was searching, a man wh
Calling All Bombers, Levelers& Friends
my friend really needs ur help hes trying for a VIP and is falling behind could u be kind enough to help him out he will gladly return the love
Love makes a sound that is deaf to the ears, but when heard by the heart it is as though a symphony appears. Love can see things that are blind to the eye, but when seen by the heart the colors fill the sky. Love says so much without saying a word. If your heart isn’t listening then love will not be heard. Love has a vision that sees past what we see. If your heart isn’t looking then love will not be seen. There may come a time when your heart won’t hear or see. To feel love and to feel loved are entirely two different things. To feel love is what you brought......To feel loved is what they bring. Falling in love can bring you such joy. Falling out of love can create such sorrow. Try hard to live and love for today, because it might not be there tomorrow. Author Unknown
Pimpin Mahself! Woohooo! Lol
Not To Fear.
Fear. It's just a four letter word...and more often than not, we let that four letter word control our very lives. Fear of animals, fear of insects, heights, and other various things. What is the point of fearing anything? The only thing you should be fearing is God. He has the power to take you when he wants you. All other things in this world are not worth fearing. God taught me to be humble and fearful of Him, but in that aspect when I realized what God's Wrath meant it changed my whole aspect on fear. Death, insects, injury, pain, pain of loss, sickness or anything along those lines fail to frighten me anymore because I know that if God wanted to take me all He would have to do is just whisper the command and I am taken. Don't live your life as a coward. Courage isn't strength in the abscence of fear, Its willing yourself to have that strength when fear is crippling you. Don't Let It! Let God be your strength and your comfort! With His help, you can overcome
Love, Lust, Marriage
LOVE - When your eyes meet across a crowded room. LUST - When your tongues meet across a crowded room. MARRIAGE - When you try to lose your spouse in a crowded room. LOVE - When intercourse is called "making love." LUST - When intercourse is called "screwing." MARRIAGE - When intercourse is a town in Pennsylvania. LOVE - When you argue over how many children to have. LUST - When you argue over who gets the wet spot. MARRIAGE - When you argue over whose idea it was to have kids. LOVE - When you share everything you own. LUST - When you steal everything they own. MARRIAGE - When the bank owns everything. LOVE - When it doesn't matter if you don't climax. LUST - When the relationship is over if you don't climax. MARRIAGE - When....uh....what's a climax? LOVE - When you phone each other just to say, "Hi." LUST - When you phone each other to pick a hotel room. MARRIAGE - When you p
Levelling Of Course
Yes I am very aware that I can level up from 10 to 11 and very soon to 12. I also know that I need to submit a salute in order to do this. But I'm just here to hang out and virtually socialize in between taking study breaks. I'll probably send in a photo eventually when the opportunity arises.
Questions I Asked God
I asked God why I wasn't rich. He showed me a man with the wealth of a thousand kings, who was lonely, and had no one to share it with. I asked God why I wasn't beautiful. He showed me a woman more beautiful than any other, who was ugly because of her vanity. I asked God why He'd allowed me to become old. He showed me a boy of 16, who lay dead at the scene of a car accident. I asked God why I didn't have a bigger house. He showed me a family of six, who had just been evicted from their tiny shack,and were forced, to live on the street. I asked God why I had to work. He showed me a man, who couldn't find a decent job, because he'd never learned to read. I asked God why I wasn't more popular. He showed me a socialite with a thousand friends, who all left the moment the money and parties were no longer there. I asked God why I wasn't smarter. He showed me a natural born genius, serving life in prison for making ill use of his know
The Secret Behind The Number 11
The Secret behind the number 11 Pretty Chilling - read to the bottom. Try it out. If you are a sceptical person - still read on as it's actually very interesting!! This is actually really freaky!! (Mainly the end part, but read it all first) 1) New York City has 11 letters 2) Afghanistan has 11 letters. 3) Ramsin Yuseb has 11 letters. (The terrorist who threatened to destroy the Twin Towers in 1993) 4) George W Bush has 11 letters. This could be a mere coincidence, but this gets interesting: 1) New York is the 11th state. 2) The first plane crashing against the Twin Towers was flight number 11. 3) Flight 11 was carrying 92 passengers. 9 + 2 = 11 4) Flight 77 which also hit Twin Towers, was carrying 65 passengers. 6 + 5 = 11 5) The tragedy was on September 11, or 9/11 as it is now known. 9 + 1+ 1 =11 6) The date is equal to the US emergency services telephone number 911. Sheer coincidence..? Read on and make up your own mind: 1) The total number of
Fj Cruiser!!
Well after much thought, I desided it's me time. I just got me a new Toyota FJ Cruiser, VOODOO BLUE. This toy rocks, Check it out now because before long he will under go a massive change. It's a Toyota thang!!
Fall Carlisle A few of us in the chatroom including yours truly are going. So far about 10 people all across the US are joining us. We are staying here, theres still rooms if your interested. I`d book now!
Can You Sleep When The Wind Blows?
Can You Sleep When The Wind Blows? Years ago, a farmer owned land along the Atlantic seacoast. He constantly advertised for hired hands. Most people were reluctant to work on farms along the Atlantic. They dreaded the awful storms that raged across the Atlantic, wreaking havoc on the buildings and crops. As the farmer interviewed applicants for the job, he received a steady stream of refusals. Finally, a short, thin man, well past middle age, approached the farmer. "Are you a good farm hand?" the farmer asked him. "Well, I can sleep when the wind blows," answered the little man. Although zzled by this answer, the farmer, desperate for help, hired him. The little man worked well around the farm, busy from dawn to dusk, and the farmer felt satisfied with the man's work. Then one night the wind howled loudly in from offshore. Jumping out of bed, the farmer grabbed a lantern and rushed next door to the hired hand's sleeping quarters. He shook the little man and yelled, "Get
No Child Healthcare = All Children Left Behind Bush: Kids' health care will get vetoed Bush: Kids' health care will get vetoed By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer 31 minutes ago President Bush again called Democrats "irresponsible" on Saturday for pushing an expansion he opposes to a children's health insurance program. "Democrats in Congress have decided to pass a bill they know will be vetoed," Bush said of the measure that draws significant bipartisan support, repeating in his weekly radio address an accusation he made earlier in the week. "Members of Congress are risking health coverage for poor children purely to make a political point." At issue is the Children's Health Insurance Program, a state-federal program that subsidizes health coverage for low-income people, mostly children, in families that earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to afford private coverage. It expires Sept. 30. A bipartisan group of lawmakers announce
CARMONEY COLTS 3-6 LARNE COLTS The colts travelled to 3 mile water for this match and stated very slowly indeed .Goalkeeper dylan mcrandal and the defence of thomas mcdowell,odhran kemp,jordan weir ,thomas spence and robert watson witheld all the early carmoney pressure .Then a long ball from robert watson found reece mcginley who found jamie magill to fire home.But back came carmoney to grab an equaliser and then go 2-1 ahead.But darren tenant got it back to 2-2 before half time.The colts started the 2nd half sluggish to but a stephen gordon pass to david hunter found tennant to put the colts 3-2 up.Then david christie played in jamie millar and he put the ball through to reece mcginley to fire home.But carmoney brought it back to 4-3 .Then a johhny mccurdy pass up the wing to jamie magill found reece mcginley who fired the ball over the keepers head to make it 5-3 .And then craig bailie hit the 6th with a thunderous left foot drive that left the keeper stranded for a hard fought w
What Real Love Is Like
Love never sees eye to eye, there is no such thing as perfect love, true love hurts and all your do is cry, sometimes you feel you have had enough. When you love someone or something, you have to let it go eventually, without cause so it may seem, love is measured in the hottest degree. When I look at love it seems so cleche, same thing in each relationship, just in a completely different way, someone will say the wrong thing and the other will flip. Some say they can never love again, they say their heart has been broke, usually its the women, they hate it when true love is spoke. Look at love from every direction, dont try to be someone else, know when to show affection, and most of all be yourself.
Just P. U. S. H.
A man was sleeping one night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with light, and God appeared. The Lord told the man he had work for him to do, and showed him a large rock in front of his cabin. The Lord explained that the man was to push against the rock with all his might... So, this the man did, day after day. For many years he toiled from sunup to sundown, his shoulders set squarely against the cold, massive surface of the unmoving rock, pushing with all his might! Each night the man returned to his cabin sore and worn out, feeling that his whole day had been spent in vain. Since the man was showing discouragement, the adversary (Satan) decided to enter the picture by placing thoughts into the weary mind: (He will do it every time)! "You have been pushing against that rock for a long time and it hasn't moved." Thus, he gave the man the impression that the task was impossible and that he was a failure. These thoughts discouraged and disheartened the man. Satan
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Gm :)
GM fubar family i just woke up so i need some time to clear my head hehe have a great Saturday :) xoxo
50 Life Lessons To Share With You
1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good. 2. When in doubt, just take the next small step. 3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. 4. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does. 5. Pay off your credit cards every month. 6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree. 7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone. 8. It's OK to get angry with God. He can take it. 9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck. 10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. 11. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present. 12. It's OK to let your children see you cry. 13. Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about. 14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it. 15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks. 16. Life is too short for long pity parties. Get busy living, or get busy dying. 17.
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One Step At A Time Anything Can Be
Every little step counts A staircase composed of very small steps can reach just as high as a staircase made of large steps, and the climb is much more manageable. Every little step counts. Doing just a little is infinitely more rewarding than doing nothing. And just a little can quickly lead to just a little more. Five minutes a day adds up to two and a half hours a month, and thirty hours over the course of a year. If you spend those five minutes each day making minor improvements, they can steadily bring about major accomplishments. Offer one small gesture of kindness each day and multiply it over the course of a lifetime. You'll find your world filled with rich, rewarding and genuine relationships. Every little step counts, because the little steps are usually the ones that actually get taken. There's virtually no risk, and yet the rewards, over time, can be enormous. What one little step would make life better for you this very day? Get in the habit of taking small pos
Letter From An Irish Mother
Dear Son, Just a few lines to let you know I'm still alive. I'm writing this slowly because I know you can't read fast. You wont know the house when you get home, 'cos we've moved. Your Father has a lovely new job with 700 men under him - he cuts grass at the cemetery. There was a washing machine at the new house, but it's not working too good. Last week I put in 12 shirts, pulled the chain and I haven't seen them since. Your sister, Colleen had a baby this morning, but I haven't found out if it's a boy or girl, so I don't know if you're an uncle or aunt. Your Uncle Mick drowned last week in a vat of Whisky at the Dublin Distillery. His mates tried to save him, but he fought them off bravely. He was cremated and it took four days to put the fire out. I saw the doctor last week and your Father went with me. Doc put a glass tube in my mouth and told me not to talk for five minuets. Your Father wanted to buy it from him. It only rained twice this week, first for four days t
History Of The Pow Flag
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: US NAVY WWII MEMORIAL SITE Date: Sep 22, 2007 3:42 AM History of the POW FLAG ~ Thanks Frank----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: Frank/Lonewolf Date: Sep 21, 2007 8:31 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: HONOR our FALLEN ©Date: Sep 21, 2007 7:41 PMNational League ofPOW/MIA FamiliesPOW/MIA FlagIn 1971, Mrs. Michael Hoff, an MIA wife and member of the National League of Families, recognized the need for the symbol of our POW/MIAs. Prompted by an article in the Jacksonville, Florida Times-Union, Mrs. Hoff contacted the Norman Rivkees, Vice President of Annin & Company which had made a banner for the newest member of the United Nations, the People's Republic of China, as a part of their policy to provide flags to all United Nations members states. Mrs Hoff found Mr. Rivkees very sympathetic to the POW/MIA issue, and he along with Annin's advertising agency, designed a flag to
My Website
If you want to see my revealing videos and photos, I've uploaded a ton of videos to my FREE profile. Go Here ( www.Sexxtalk.Com ) For My Nude Videos And Photos. Sign up for FREE, then look up my handle Mistress-ST. Let me know once you sign up and I will send you the password to see my nasty videos.
Amazing! (amen, Amen!)
Louise Redden, a poorly dressed lady with a look of defeat on her face, walked into a grocery store. She approached the owner of the store in a most humble manner and asked if he would let her charge a few groceries. She softly explained that her husband was very ill and unable to work, they had seven children and they needed food. John Longhouse, the grocer, scoffed at her and requested that she leave his store at once. Visualizing the family needs, she said: "Please, sir! I will bring you the money just as soon as I can." John told her he could not give her credit, since she did not have a charge account at his store. Standing beside the counter was a customer who overheard the conversation between the two. The customer walked forward and told the grocer that he would stand good for whatever she needed for her family. The grocer said in a very reluctant voice, "Do you have a grocery list?" Louise replied, "Yes sir." "O.K" he said, "put your groc
Sept 22 Daily
September 22, 2007 Quote of the Day "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face." – Elanor Roosevelt
The Keg
A couple had just moved into a small castle they had recently purchased and were excitedly searching all the nooks and crannies. In a large underground room, they discovered many empty barrels that had been tapped years ago and one still appeared to be full. They immediately tapped it and found that it contained a delicious brandy. They drank the hundred-year-old brew and even served it to their guests at parties. Months later, after the barrel had run dry, they tried to lift it and noticed that it was still too heavy to be empty. Curious as to what could be making the barrel so heavy, they cut it up only to make the grizzly discovery of a shriveled corpse curled up in the barrel!
Today On World Rock Radio
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Hey All! Where, What And Why!
Hey guys/gals/anyone in between :p Just realized it's been a short while since i posted about ... well... what i post lol... Updates are done usually twice a day at this point and can be found in my news stash... they're also done whenever i upload a set of pics because the multi upload doesn't show up in the bar tab... basically, if you don't wanna go through everything but it's been a couple days since you've been here, just check my news stash and you'll see what you've missed ;) Some things are still locked... yes yes i know... these are FAMILY only... they're locked because i said so... and no, dont bother asking me to be in my family or to unlock them. if you like poetry at all, or erotic writing... SFW poetry is all posted in my Dunno stash... NSFW erotic writing is posted in my Ramblings blog. If you can't see NSFW pictures in my albums... go to "edit my profile" scroll to the bottom and on the right hand side you'll see an option to see NSFW content and certif
T-bone Steaks, Yellow Roses & Friendship
I walked into the grocery store not particularly interested in buying groceries. I wasn't hungry. The pain of losing my husband of 7 years was still too raw. And this grocery store held so many sweet memories. He often came with me and almost every time he'd pretend to go off and look for something special. I knew what he was up to I'd always spot him walking down the aisle with the three yellow roses in his hands. He knew I loved yellow roses. With a heart filled with grief, I only wanted to buy my few items and leave, but even grocery shopping was different since he had passed on. Shopping for one took time, a little more thought than it had for two. Standing by the meat, I searched for the perfect small steak and remembered how he had loved his steak. Suddenly a woman came beside me. She was blonde, slim and lovely in a soft green pantsuit. I watched as she picked up a large package of T-bones, dropped them in her basket... Hesitated, and then put them back. She turne
Fubar Bible , Refer To For Help , And If It Doesn't Help, Good Luck Gettin Any In The So Called Support Lounge Lmao
Dirty Tree
A construction site boss was interviewing men for a job, when along came Murphy. The boss thought, "I'm not hiring that lazy Mick..." so he decided to set a test for Murphy hoping he wouldn't be able to answer the questions, and he'd be able to refuse him the job without getting into an argument. The first question was, Without using numbers, represent the number 9. Murphy says, "Dats easy" and proceeds to draw three trees. The boss says, "What the hell is that?" Murphy says "Tree 'n tree n' tree makes nine". Fair enough, says the boss. Second question, same rules, but represent 99. Murphy stares into space for a while, then makes a smudge on each tree. "Der ya go sir" he says. The boss scratches his head and says, "How on earth do you get that to represent 99?" Murphy says, "each tree's dirty now! So it's dirty tree, n' dirty tree n' dirty tree, dats 99." The boss is getting worried he's going to have to hire him, so he says, "All right, question three. Same rules again, b
God At A Party?
A girl went to a party and she ended up staying longer than planned, and had to walk home alone. She wasn't afraid because it was a small town and she lived only a few blocks away. As she walked along under the tall elm trees, Diane asked God to keep her safe from harm and danger. When she reached the alley, which was a short cut to her house, she decided to take it. However, halfway down the alley she noticed a man standing at the end as though he were waiting for her. She became uneasy and began to pray, asking for God's protection. Instantly a comforting feeling of quietness and security wrapped round her, she felt as though someone was walking with her. When she reached the end of the alley, she walked right past the man and arrived home safely. The following day, she read in the newspaper that a young girl had been raped in the same alley just twenty minutes after she had been there. Feeling overwhelmed by this tragedy and the fact that it could have been h
Train Journey
An Irishman, an Englishman and a beautiful girl are riding together in a train, with the beautiful girl in the middle.The train goes through a tunnel and it gets completely dark. Suddenly there is a kissing sound and then a slap! The train comes out of the tunnel. The woman and the Irishman are sitting there looking perplexed. The Englishman is bent over holding his face which is red from an apparent slap. The Englishman is thinking "Damn it, that Mick must have tried to kiss the girl, she thought it was me and slapped me." The girl is thinking, "That Englishman must have moved to kiss me, and kissed the Irishman instead and got slapped." The Irishman is thinking, "If this train goes through another tunnel, I could make another kissing sound and slap that Englishman again!!
True American Humor
It is time to change from REDNECK humor to TRUE AMERICAN Humor! Only it isn't seen as HUMOR, but the correct way to LIVE YOUR LIFE! You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: It never occurred to you to be offended by the phrase, "One nation, under God." You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You've never protested about seeing the 10 Commandments posted in public places. You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You still say "Christmas" instead of "Winter Festival." You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You bow your head when someone prays. You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You stand and place your hand over your heart when they play the National Anthem. You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You treat Viet Nam vets with great respect, and always have. You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You've never burned an American flag. You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You know what you believe and you aren't afraid to say so, no matter who is listening. You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You respect your e
Such True Words...
Thanks to my special friend for reminding me about the SIMPLE THINGS.... You can hear this song on my home page, but here are the words.... "Simple Things" [Verse 1:] How Do You Explain This Funny Feeling Deep Inside Makes Me Smile When I'm Lonely - Comforts Me When I'm Sad (How Do You) Explain This Sweet Sweet Smile On My Face That Just Keeps (Getting Better) With Each Passing Day For So (Long) I Didn't (Know) I Was Searching In All The Wrong Places [Chorus:] (Thinking If I) Spent More Money Than I Could (If I) Worked Harder Than I Should Always Having Friends To Feel Good (I'd Be Happier) Loosing My Breath In The Hustle Just Stressin' Over Nuthin' Forgetting The Real Joys That Lie - In The Simple Things [Verse 2:] How Do You Explain When There?S More Month @ The End (Of The Money) Your Situations Tells (You To Worry) But You See The Flowers In Bloom (How Do You) Explain The Soft Caress On Your Face That Tells You It?Ll Get Better With Eac
Things I've Learned From Noah's Ark
Everything I need to know about life, I learned from Noah's Ark: One: Don't miss the boat. Two: Remember that we are all in the same boat. Three: Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark. Four: Stay fit. When you're 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big. Five: Don't listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done. Six: Build your future on high ground. Seven: For safety's sake, travel in pairs. Eight: Speed isn't always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs. Nine: When you're stressed, float a while. Ten: Remember, the **Ark** was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals. Eleven: No matter the storm, when you are with God, there's always a rainbow waiting.
Texan In Ireland
A Texan walks into a pub in Ireland and clears his voice to the crowd of drinkers. He says, "I hear you Irish are a bunch of hard drinkers. I'll give $500 American dollars to anybody in here who can drink 10 pints of Guinness back-to-back." The room is quiet, and no one takes up the Texan's offer. One man even leaves. Thirty minutes later the same gentleman who left shows back up and taps the Texan on the shoulder. "Is your bet still good?" asks the Irishman. The Texan says yes and asks the bartender to line up 10 pints of Guinness. Immediately the Irishman tears into all 10 of the pint glasses, drinking them all back-to-back. The other pub patrons cheer as the Texan sits in amazement. The Texan gives the Irishman the $500 and says, "If ya don't mind me askin', where did you go for that 30 minutes you were gone?" The Irishman replies, "Oh... I had to go to the pub down the street to see if I could do it first."
Dealdotcom - You Gotta See This To Believe It
Dealdotcom - You gotta see this to believe it In life, you usually find out about something good when it's too late -- like getting the skinny on a huge golf club sale that ended yesterday. Or, being handed a Denny's 50% off coupon when you just ate there like two hours ago. I know, sometimes life sucks. Well, this time... YOU will be the one who is laughing, *if* you go check this out before word gets out. Everyone will be talking about this new site next week. You'll see. Right now, this is by invitation-only and closed to the public. There is no cost to join and the profit potential is really big. Whatever you do, do NOT sit on this. The sooner you check this out, the better your potential to make some nice passive income , every month. dealdotcom internet marketing internet marketing products best deals internet marketing deals online marketing online marketing products online marketing deals
A man stumbles up to the only other patron in a bar and asks if he could buy him a drink. "Why of course," comes the reply. The first man then asks: "Where are you from?" "I'm from Ireland," replies the second man. The first man responds: "You don't say, I'm from Ireland too! Let's have another round to Ireland." "Of Course," replies the second man. Curious, the first man then asks: "Where in Ireland are you from?" "Dublin," comes the reply. "I can't believe it," says the first man. "I'm from Dublin too! Let's have another drink to Dublin." "Of course," replies the second man. Curiosity again strikes and the first man asks: "What school did you go to?" "Saint Mary's," replies the second man. "I graduated in '65." "This is unbelievable!," the first man says. "I went to Saint Mary's and I graduated in '65, too!" About that time in comes one of the regulars and sits down at the bar. "What's been going on?," he asks the bartender. "Nothing much," replies the ba
Wow! What A Wake Up Call
Dear God: Why didn't you save the school children at: Bath, Michigan 1927 Houston, TX 1959 Moses Lake, Washington 2/2/96 Bethel, Alaska 2/19/97 Pearl, Mississippi 10/1/97 West Paducah, Kentucky 12/1/97 Stamp, Arkansas 12/15/97 Jonesboro, Arkansas 3/24/98 Edinboro, Pennsylvania 4/24/98 Fayetteville, Tennessee 5/19/98 Springfield, Oregon 5/21/98 Richmond, Virginia 6/15/98 Littleton, Colorado 4/20/99 Taber, Alberta , Canada 5/28/99 Conyers, Georgia 5/20/99 Deming, New Mexico 11/19/99 Fort Gibson, Oklahoma 12/6/99 Santee, California 3/ 5/01 El Cajon, California 3/22/01 and Blacksburg , Virginia 4/16/07? Sincerely, Concerned Student ----------------------------------------------------- Reply: Dear Concerned Student: I am not allowed in schools. Sincerely, God ---------------------------------------------------------- How did this get started?... ----------------- Let's see, I think it started when Madeline Murray O'Hare complaine
So just an update, my blood test confirms it I am indeed pregnant and I couldnt be happier!
Stalker Beware
I made a huge mistake w/ a judge of character his log in name is s.fla.paulmen... he threatened my life. Don't assume or be naive like me and think just because people are nice to you on here that they are normal and not psycho... very scary and always have your guard up. He also goes by phantom!
One Flaw In Women
By the time the Lord made woman, He was into his sixth day of working overtime... An angel appeared and said, "Why are you spending so much time on this one?" And the Lord answered, "Have you seen my spec sheet on her? She has to be completely washable, but not plastic, have over 200 movable parts, all replaceable and able to run on diet coke and leftovers, have a lap that can hold 4 children at one time, have a kiss that can cure anything from a scraped knee to a broken heart, and she will do everything with only 2 hands." The angel was astounded at the requirements. "Only 2 hands!? Now way! And thats just on the standard model? That's too much work for 1 day. Wait until tomorrow to finish." "But I won't," the Lord protested. "I am so close to finishing this creation that is so close to my own heart. She already heals herself when she is sick AND can work 18hour days." The angel moved closer and touched the woman. "But you have made her so soft, Lord."
Daddy's Empty Chair
DADDY'S EMPTY CHAIR A man's daughter had asked the local minister to come and pray with her father. When the minister arrived, he found the man lying in bed with his head propped up on two pillows. An empty chair sat beside his bed. The minister assumed that the old fellow had been informed of his visit. "I guess you were expecting me," he said. 'No, who are you?" said the father. The minister told him his name and then remarked, "I saw the empty chair and I figured you knew I was going to show up." "Oh yeah, the chair," said the bedridden man. "Would you mind closing the door?" Puzzled, the minister shut the door. "I have never told anyone this, not even my daughter," said the man. "But all of my life I have never known how to pray. At church I used to hear the pastor talk about prayer, but it went right over my head." I abandoned any attempt at prayer," , the old man continued, " until one day four years ago, my best friend said to me, "Johnny, prayer
Licking The Envelope
A woman licked an envelope in a local post office and cut her tongue. After several days, the spot where she'd been cut began to swell. Feeling nervous, she went to see a doctor. The doctor cut open the swelled area and out climbed a cockroach - there had been cockroach eggs on the envelope she had licked!!
The Heart
THE HEART "Tomorrow morning," the surgeon began, "I'll open up your heart..." "You'll find Jesus there," the boy interrupted The surgeon looked up, annoyed , "I'll cut your heart open," he continued,"to see how much damage has been done .." "But when you open up my heart, you'll find Jesus in there," said the boy. The surgeon looked to the parents, who sat quietly. "When I see how much damage has been done, I'll sew your heart and chest back up, and I'll plan what to do next." "But you'll find Jesus in my heart. The Bible says He lives there. The hymns all say He lives there. You'll find Him in my heart." The surgeon had had enough. "I'll tell you what I'll find in your heart. I'll find damaged muscle, low blood supply, and weakened vessels. And I'll find out if I can make you well." "You'll find Jesus there too. He lives there " The surgeon left. The surgeon sat in his office, recording his notes from the surgery, "...damaged aorta, damaged pulmonary vei
Back At Home Base For Supplies
Hey all my Fubarian Friends:) I'm on here for an hour or two...because we're getting supplies then back off to the mountains. I've got a friend looking after my fubar account while I'm not here. He's a pretty cool guy...his name is Mike No he doesn't belong to Fubar. So please be nice to him...:P So please rate/fan/add me to your friends list I'm just a lonely Soldier out here in the Dust Bowl of Hell!!!!!! well I'm off to go check my emails and write a letter home to my MOM!!! Thank You ...roamnhands...AKA Dave Taylor SGT I LOVE ALL MY FUBARIAN FRIENDS HERE and HOPE TO MAKE MORE FRIENDS!!!!!oxoxoxoxoxoxox
A Body In The Bed
A man and his wife were vacationing in Las Vegas. Soon after arriving in their room, they discovered it was filled with the most overpowering stench they had ever smelled. They called the front desk to complain and headed for the casinos for some late-night gambling while the problem was taken care of. When they returned to their room, the stench was replaced with the strong smell of chemical cleaners and deodorizers. Satisfied tha the hotel had properly cleaned their room, the couple went to bed, but were awakened a short time later by the same overpowering smell - this time stronger than before. Now irritated, the husband called the hotel's manager and demanded that they be moved to a new room. While his wife packed up their belongings, the man ripped the sheets off the bed, as that all seemed to be where the smell was originating. There, stuffed in a hole cut in the mattress, lay the body of a well-dressed man, slowly decomposing. The couple was given a complimentary suite immediate
I Just
popped my hip....and I think I broke it lolz.....*sigh* does anyone have use for a broken down old man?
Life Tidbits (cute...)
ROMANCE MATHEMATICS Smart man + smart woman = romance Smart man + dumb woman = affair Dumb man + smart woman = marriage Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy ______________________________ OFFICE ARITHMETIC Smart boss + smart employee = profit Smart boss + dumb employee = production Dumb boss + smart employee = promotion Dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime _____________________________ SHOPPING MATH A man will pay $20 for a $10 item he needs. A woman will pay $10 for a $20 item that she doesn't need. _____________________________ GENERAL EQUATIONS & STATISTICS A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband. A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. _____________________________ HAPPINESS To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woma
How To Make A Woman/man Happy
It's not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be: 1. a friend 2. a companion 3. a lover 4. a brother 5. a father 6. a master 7. a chef 8. an electrician 9. a carpenter 10. a plumber 11. a mechanic 12. a decorator 13. a stylist 14. a sexologist 15. a gynaecologist 16. a psychologist 17. a pest exterminator 18. a psychiatrist 19. a healer 20. a good listener 21. an organizer 22. a good father 23. very clean 24. sympathetic 25. athletic 26. warm 27. attentive 28. gallant 29. intelligent 30. funny 31. creative 32. tender 33. strong 34. understanding 35. tolerant 36. prudent 37. ambitious 38. capable 39. courageous 40. determined 41. true 42. dependable 43. passionate 44. compassionate WITHOUT FORGETTING TO: 45. give her compliments regularly 46. love shopping 47. be honest 48. be very rich 49. not stress her out 50. not look at other girls AND AT THE SAME TIME, YOU MUST ALSO: 51. give her lots of attention, but
Bride & Seek
During a young couple's wedding reception, the drunken guests decided to play a game of hide and seek. It was decided that the grrom was "it" and would have to find his hiding guests. After finding everyone but his new bride, the man became concerned. His concern now switched to anger when he began to believe that his wife was purposely trying not to be found. Wanting to teach her a lesson, he, along with the other partgoers left the reception. As the hours turned into days and days into weeks with no sign of the bride, the groom came to the conclusion that she had second thoughts about the wedding and had run away. A few years later, a cleaning lady was dusting off an old trunk in the attic of the building where the reception had taken place and, out of curiosity, decided to open it. Inside the trunk was the rotted body of the missing bride who'd become locked in the trunk she'd hid in. Whether she'd suffocated or starved was unknown, but her face was frozen in a scream.
Love Will Keep Us Alive By The Scorpions
Love Will Keep Us Alive Lyrics I really see the truth in those words :) and i hope one day i will find someone who is willing to share that with me.
A Random Yahoo Convo.....
I had a "Fuck Love" image as my current yahoo messenger avatar and this one dude whos been on my yahoo for like 3 yrs now randomly pops up every now and then to speak to me whether it¡¦s commenting on my avatar or just to say hi ..well this time it was an interesting one.... him (9/21/2007 8:06:13 PM): love is gay him (9/21/2007 8:06:15 PM): it dont exsist thikkkness (9/21/2007 8:06:23 PM): i agree him (9/21/2007 8:06:24 PM): endorphins in the brain...making you think its love thikkkness (9/21/2007 8:06:30 PM): lol him (9/21/2007 8:06:35 PM): its just a deep lost and the need of SOMEONE THERE him (9/21/2007 8:06:40 PM): nothing more him (9/21/2007 8:06:50 PM): how the hell are ya? :D thikkkness (9/21/2007 8:07:00 PM): lol fine now! :D him (9/21/2007 8:07:06 PM): :P him (9/21/2007 8:07:08 PM): whats new him (9/21/2007 8:07:11 PM): watcha been up to? thikkkness (9/21/2007 8:07:17 PM): work thikkkness (9/21/2007 8:07:18 PM): kids thikkkness (9/21/2007 8:07:20 PM): thats i
Happy Bunny
-losers- -love- -revenge- -sucks-
Moving To Indy
Im just letting everyone know that im not going to be on here much till i get moved...Im moving back to Indiana so I have a whole house to pack and move but ill be on here time to time checking in talk to yall soon.....Love all are great
Today is Kathi's wedding. I am so excited about it. I can't wait to see her up there getting married. The kids are excited. I just hope that Kaden will walk down the isle and not run. He is only three so really how much do I expect. I just wish I had that special someone to bring with me and stuff, but oh well. I guess it can't hurt to be single either. I can't believe the day if finally here. I am so happy for Kathi. Her and Justin have been togeather FOREVER!!! Its about time they finally take the plunge. I know I am going to ball my head off. She is one of my favorite cousins and I feel so honored that she asked all three of my kids to be in the wedding. I wish her nothing but the best of luck in her marrige and stuff.
Lol I Luv This
from snappy :) When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you. How do I set a laser printer to stun? This isn't an office. It's Hell with fluorescent lighting. I pretend to work. They pretend to pay me. I can see your point, but I still think you're full of shit. I have plenty of talent and vision. I just don't give a fuck. How about "never"? Is "never" good for you? Ahhh, I see the fuck-up fairy has visited us again. Who lit the fuse on your tampon? I'm already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth. The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist. Can I trade this job for what's behind door #2? Who me?? I just wander from room to room. Yes, I am an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial. Chaos, panic, and disorder-yep, my work here is done. Sarcasm is just one more service we offer. Does your train of thought have a caboose? Whatever kind of look you were going for, you missed.
Please Come And Help When You Can
He is way behind in the contest please lets try to help him catch up it ends on the 24th. Thank you
Lmost There!
I have less than 3000 comments to go....come on people lets finish this up!!!! Come leave some comments for me!!! Click on the pic, and leave some comments!!!
Missing Yous All X
hey everyone ... im so sorry i havent been around lately i have no end of trouble with my internet think i might personally go and masacre the whole virgin media comapny with my bare hands .... when i get it back i will making it up to you all .. missing ya all like crazy please dont forget about me loves ya take care of all of yous and keep me posted what ya up to cos i have so much cathcing up xxxx
Come Join Us!
A friend just started a new lounge, an haven't got many members so why not come join us fer some kick ass 80's tunes... Here is the link! And thanks in advance fer those who join.
Good Saturday Morning, Everyone!
Good morning/good afternoon, one and all! I am up and ready for work! Yep, I have a client to treat this morning at 10 a.m. Just the one, but this treatment takes 2 hours!! Then I'll be home again. I have a past life companion and dear friend who is going through a difficult time. I am trying to keep this a little confidential for his sake, so I will not be mentioning names, etc. He has a form of blood/bone cancer - multiple myeloma - that he is fighting tooth and nail. He needed surgery yesterday. He could use all the positive energy, healing energy, prayer, whatever positive vibes you can send right now! I have been sending energy to him many times a day for weeks now, helping as best I can - and he says it does help! But he could use as much as he can get for the next week or so. Anyone willing to help out, I will be most grateful, and so will he. He is a very dear man! As an update, he came through surgery well, but has another procedure to endure before his treatments start
I'm deleting my account. Ive met quit a few really nice people here and i will still have my messanger, but I am a married women and being here is starting to cause problems in my marrage. I am sorry but I have to take care of my real life before the net. so to all have a great life and to those who i hold dear you will see me around.
Rent Story
I just added a new true story to my site about a landlord who is fucking his new young tenant. Pretty hot stuff. Amber's First Apartment Her landlord is thinking with his dick.
Booty Call Agreement
THE BOOTY CALL AGREEMENT This pre-booty call agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is entered into on the __ day of ____, 20__, by __________, between ___________ and ____________. THIS AGREEMENT SHALL COVER THE FOLLOWING RULES AND PRINCIPLES: 1. No sleeping over-unless it is very good and we need to repeat it in the morning. 2. No meeting in public except for dinner or drinks before the events of the evening. 3. No calls before 9 PM-we don't have shit to talk about. 4. None of that "lovemaking" shit-only mind-blowing sex allowed. 5. No emotional discussions - Example: Where are we heading with this Do you love me? The answer is no, so don't ask. 6. No plans made in advance - that is why you are called the "backup," unless you are from out-of-town, then it's only a one-time advance arrangement. 7. All gifts accepted - money is always good. 8. No baby talk - however, dirty talk is encouraged. 9. No asking for comparisons with
Alright i have kept alot of things to myself lately. Instead of sayin anything. Well considering everything. I have to say what is on my mind at this present time. Cause if not its going to drive me insane. One. If you are my friend dont sit there and talk about shit that you know would make me sit there and wonder. Everyone who knows me, knows that i was in a bad relationship years ago and it was hard for me to let someone close. Well now that i have. and everyone knows that. Dont sit there and tell me things to make me wonder about things. I perfectly happy. Or dont sit there and compare my relationship to yours. If your not happy with yours thats ur problem but dont try to make me not happy with mine. because all its doing is driving me nuts. two. i have always said i would be there for friends and this and that. but there comes a time when u need to realize that someone else has a problem and maybe you should listen to them and try to help them. Like i have always helped. I
Love Means
Love Means by Bunny Love means trusting yourself with someone who has seen you at your worst and loves you anyway. It means teasing each other and laughing at inside jokes nobody but only the two of you understands. It means feeling safe enough to talk about anything and having patience to work out disagreements. It means counting on someone who sympathisizes when you had a bad day, worries about you when you're gone and always welcomes you with open arms no matter what.
Need Some Help A Contest
Arms Embracing The Sea>>poem For Donald
When Im resting on a beach, thinking of the sea. All is calm as waves, roll up toward me. I sit a long time,then I do walk , as the day drifts on and I wonder some. Sea gulls fly by and I see a blue sky. How I think God made all , and set it for my eyes , to see and to know all , Is beatiful to be hold. This world is a great wonder , fresh sea air to smell and breath, My God ,i feel now is nearer to me. The see is vast and streached across to another place . where I can,t go. but some day I know , Ill not be here to see the sea, and re-live any of my thoughts. As God is calling me home . But today I have wandered by the sea , and can live on thru My Christ, he saved me . for you Donald , hugs diana ty my dear friend.
Tell Me A Story About You..heres Me
THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT ME.. THEN ITS YOUR TURN.. a long time ago when husband drank.. he was seeing someone and left me for that woman.. was sperated for 2 years.. got back together.. went thru a lot.. kids were small.. but i cleaned houses and did a lot of that.. then got a job fine jewerely.. worked up to being a manager.. husband kept drinking so after many years and too much stress i told him i couldnt take both .. job and him drinking so left it.. and about a month after he stopped drinking and hasnt drank since.. and we are still together .. and doing great.. after 35 years..WE ARE GOING STRONG.. NOT EVERYONE CAN WORK THINGS OUT AND FORGIVE AND FORGET.. BUT I DID AND WORKED FOR ME.. WE GOT MARRIED SO YOUNG.. AND HUSBAND NEVER HAD A GF BEFORE ME.. SO WAS A GROWING THING.. FOR US BOTH.. SO WHATS YOUR STORY??
Miss U
Miss u by Bunny (for Dave) I miss your warm embrace I miss your touch I miss your kiss I miss making love with you.
Mental People
I came to realize a lot of people of the female sex are mental. And super doper judgmental. I did not say do not be an ass wipe and report this like my mumm cause I am stating my opinion. And it is just the internet who cares what I say none of you know me anyways. Some women are similiar to a pack fo wolves fighting over a carcass to consume. It gets old having people look at me and label me or judge me. That is a bit childish. If ya get to know me I could be a really loyal and amazing friend. Kills me how people will look at me and claim I am "goth" or whatever they want to label me as. They also get protective if you are friends with someone they like. That is annoying. Once people start doing that shit I just ignore them and not really their friends anymore. Life is too short to infer with mental patients. It just kills me how you can be friends with someone and once you figure out their motives for being your friend you just want to knock their fucking teeth out, all becau
About Me
Well I guess I should tell you a little about me & what I am doing... well I am just so excited!!! & I just Can't Hide it Da da da da ... (Oops off on a tangent there sorry)...LOL ok Back on Track (I think)(OUCH that hurts me head to think...LOL Oops there I go again... Back on track...I have the awsome Chance to babysit my 2 Grandbabies this week end... (One night down One more to go) No It was not bad at all... They slept for 5 &6 HOURS DURING THE NIGHT!!!!!I didn't BUT They did...I am also working on a family tree for my Husband...Tonight would have been a good time to work on it but Noooooooo I had to stay on here all night...Stupid... as you can tell I don't use my time very wisely huh? Oh well There is always Later... Or so they say... But That is not true none of us know when Our Time is up so there might not be later... Oh yeah I am just being Morbid again... But It is true... Just got a call(8:24AM) yeah it is still early from My son Saying "MOM Can we come up?"...I asked why
why must our closest pass why must the ones we love turn on us why is the the world full of stupid people why cant i stay out of trouble why cant people just leave the past in the past why cant i just look to the future and see brighter days ahead why must people cheat on the ones they love why cant i find a women to love me for who i am ILL TELL YOU WHY CAUSE THIS WORLD IS A FUCKED UP PLACE AND ITS GOING TO SHIT FASTER THEN ANYBODY COULD EVER IMAGINE AND IT HAS TAKEN ITS TOLL ON ME IN THE WORST WAY AND IM SICK OF IT ALL SO I SAY FUCK IT GIVE UP ON TRYING TO MAKE ANYBODY HAPPY I SAY FUCK IT ALL AND IF YOU AINT MY FRIEND THEN FUCK YOU
Help A Friend Out
click this pic to help me win my first blast or vip! Kisses!
Jason Coley Needs Your Help Please Call Nextel
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Jason Coley Date: Sep 22, 2007 5:15 AM all fansnascar told me again yesterday that it's between me and john snyder for singing the national anthem at AMS on oct. 28 they said if i didn't get nextel i would have the bush. please let them know we want the nextel. either way i hope i will be on national tv for all of you! missongwriter found the number and made this awesome banner .. please repost to all your friendsGod bless,jc
Seventh Day Cd Contest
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Seventh Day Date: Sep 22, 2007 3:16 AM OCTOBER Contest The winner will receive 3 Seventh Day CDs, Summer Jam, Living in Stereo and Good vs Evil, and also an autograph backstage pass, so please send me an E-mail to on this is for the CD contest. I will draw 1 E-mail from the entries sent back to me and the winner will be notified at the last day of the contest 10/1/07. On the return E-mail just put “CD contest” in the subject line.. The photo will be posted on my welcome page of the website for 30 days
Because You Cant Get Off
I want to fly away. Just drift aimlessly to no where or is it everywhere. Feel the wind on my face instead of these tears. Life always seems to get harder, more complicated as the days go by. I thought growin up gets you the right to freedom. But it feels like it gives you the right to NOTHING. my head is pounding , my vision is blurry, my skin is hot , my mind is stuck on auto and i go thru day by day. I wonder if I will ever get off this roller coaster ride. Its not really hell but close to it. I want to vomit. But i know that wont fix anything. I wish I had a spine, yes a back bone. then maybe I wouldnt let so many people walk on me or is it my to big and kind heart that I trust with to many. I feel trapped inside this woman. I dont even know who she is anymore. Why wont she let me out . what is she afraid of ? maybe its just a broken heart that will never heal, maybe she doesnt want it to heal maybe she doenst want to leave this place because she knows happiness can never stay. you
Credit Card Fraud
Be sure to read Scene 3 . Quite interesting! SCENE 1. This is a new one. People sure stay busy trying to cheat us, don't they? A friend went to the local gym and placed his belongings in the locker. After the workout and a shower, he came out, saw the locker open, and thought to himself, "Funny, I thought I locked the locker. Hmm, "He dressed and just flipped the wallet to make sure all was in order. Everything looked okay - all cards were in place. A few weeks later his credit card bill came - a whooping bill of $14,000! He called the credit card company and started yelling at them, saying that he did not make the transactions. Customer care personnel verified that there was no mistake in the system and asked if his card had been stolen. "No," he said, but then took out his wallet, pulled out the credit card, and yep - you guessed it - a switch had been made. An expired similar credit card from the same bank was in the wallet. The thief broke into his locker
who has seen the new halloween movie by rob zombie
Child Abuse I Hate It
Daddy It Hurts! This Is a true story and If you don't pass this on you don't have a soul!!! My name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Chariles bar I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He fin
Do You?
Do you know how you make me feel when you look at me like that? do you realize how your words shape my day do you feel the way my body trembles when you get close to me do you know how you take my breath away with just a kiss... the distance may be great but it will not last forever and then my life will really begin i am happiest when i can take care of you when i know the little things i do are appreciated and done simply out of love i look forwarding to greating my day with a smile just because i woke up in your arms to carry our child would be the greatest gift you could give me with only giving me your name coming close to help me raise my son into the man i know he can be all because of you and the influence you are over him I have never wanted or needed anyone so much in my life with your arms wrapped around me i know i am safe and that i have someone to hold on too someone strong enough to protect me from myself and push me when i get too comfortable and
Send Saturday Love Please
Dial Up
Hey Y'all I just wanted to let everyone know that I have internet at home now but unfortunately, its dial up sigh. Fubar doesnt seem to like dial up. So if you say hi to me and I dont respond right away, dont hate me lol I always get it the next time I try and sign on. I hope 'all remember who I am sheesh lol huggles and stuff Bren TrollDoll
Diablo's Den, It's The Place To Be! C'mon In And Join Our Family! :d
All Summed Up
Our professor asked us to write something about our seatmate, luckily my best friend is my seatmate and this is what she wrote about me: "Ram (as we call her) is sugar & spice & everthin' nice...She walked with neither grace nor with a trace of poise, she would purposely stride across the room without a qualm without a second glance without a tinge of inhibition. It was one of her favorite things to make people believe that she did not give a damn, that she was calloused and indifferent and aloof and detached. She did things her way. She loved to laugh especially and embarrassingly out loud and to make goofy faces and amusing noises. This was one of her favorite things to make us realize that there are people in this world who are capable of enjoying life amid its utter unkindness and frailty. She was indeed someone, if at the right time and right company, who would make you crack a smile even the faintest and almost indistinct one. Eating, sleeping, procrastinating were her trade
September 22, 2007
Your hopes for the future are sharper than ever now and you might be able to push forward a little bit to move toward achieving at least one big goal. It's not a time of profound change for you, though.
September 22, 2007
Your hopes for the future are sharper than ever now and you might be able to push forward a little bit to move toward achieving at least one big goal. It's not a time of profound change for you, though.
A Good Friend
But Most Of All, Remember: A Good Friend Is Like A Good Bra: Hard to Find, Supportive, Comfortable, And Always Close To Your Heart! :)
Games For When We Are Older
GAMES FOR WHEN WE ARE OLDER 1. Sag, you're It. 2. Hide and go pee.. 3. 20 questions shouted into your good ear. 4. Kick the bucket 5. Red Rover, Red Rover, the nurse says Bend Over. 6. Musical recliners. 7. Simon says something incoherent. 8. Pin the Toupee on the bald guy
Signs Of Menopause:
SIGNS OF MENOPAUSE: 1. You sell your home heating system at a yard sale. 2. You have to write post-it notes with your kids' names on them. 3. You change your underwear after a sneeze.
OLD IS WHEN: 1. Going bra-less pulls all the wrinkles out of your face. 2. You don't care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don't have to go along. 3. Getting a little action means I don't need fiber today. 4. Getting lucky means you find your car in the parking lot. 5. An all-nighter means not getting up to pee!
Thoughts For A Slow Week:
THOUGHTS FOR A SLOW WEEK: Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press 'Ctr Alt Delete' and start all over? Just remember, if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off. If raising children was going to be easy, it never would have started with something called labor! Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever.
And Always Close To Your Heart! :)
And Always Close To Your Heart! :) ================= Ponderisms: I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes. Garden Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant. The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement. Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway. In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal. How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire? Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here and drink whatever comes out?" Who was the first person to say, "See that chicken there? I'm gonna eat the next thing that comes outta its butt." If Jimmy cracks corn and no one ca
Sexy Poem
- SARA's Sexy Acronym - Sis for...SeductiveAis for...AppetizingRis for...RisqueAis for...Appetizing The Sexy Acronym Generator at
The Content Of The Blog
Since a very long time ago, people have searched for the meaning of love. But even the great philosophers, with their profound definitions, could not fully touch its true essence. In a survey of 4-8 year olds, kids share their views on love. But what do little kids know about love? Read on and be surprised that despite their young and innocent minds, kids already have a simple but deep grasp of that four-letter word. "Love is that first feeling you feel before all the bad stuff gets in the way." "When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love." "When someone loves you, the way she says your name is different. You know that your name is safe in her mouth." "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other." "Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of y
Goddess Of The Night
I am more mysterious, Than the darkest night. Deeper than the ocean bottom. Warmer than the bright sunlight. More beautiful than a rose in bloom. I have a love that over flows. Wisdom of the great initiator. More strength than a warrior. More to give than you could ever fathom. I want to hold you for one night. I want to give you pure enchantment. Dance a dance into time without end, Bringing you back to me again. Tell me that you love me more, Than anyone you have ever adored. Say you will never let me go, You will always keep me to love and hold. Dee Parenti© All Rights Reserved
I Just Got Hit By A Hater.
I haven't done a blog before. I hope I'm doing this right. I just got hit by a hater. This guy rated my foto a 3. You should see HIS foto! He has a lot of nerve. See for yourself (unless you don't want him to notice you and give YOU a low rating also): (You can now see his foto which I ripped into my foto folder called "Rated me very low".) I visited this guy's profile and foto and found several comments from others that he hated on. This guy isn't just hating on guys either. Several comments about low rates come from women as well. One woman who he rated low STILL gave him a 10 because she doesn't believe in giving low ratings!!! Amazing!!! What is the best way to deal with a hater on fubar? (Above was originally posted 2007 Sep 22.) (Updating on 2007 Nov 17.) That guys profile seems to be dormant. I'm guessing it may have been a fake profile. It turns out that the same number of pointz are awarded regardless of what t
Laws Of Attraction
More Comments @ like attracts like, positive attracts positive... integrity minded people.. attract integrity minded people.... thats what im here for... sending out all the best of energy to all those who recognise it ;)
You Know You Want To.......
My friend, clowny, is in a contest for a 1 month VIP, 1 blast, and 1 ticker and needs help. He is a great friend. Please go give him a helping hand because I'm positive that he would do the same for you. I've provided Stephie's Rules for her Last Man/Woman Standing contest and clowny's pic link below. Rules... * everyone bombing has to be a friend * entry pics must be Safe for Work * must have at least 15 entrants * no late entries accepted * going to take entries for one week * contest will run one day per entrant (15 entrants, will run 15 days) * comments worth one point but rates with 10 points * every day the person in last place will be eliminated. Just click the pic! To all my friends and family(and stalkers), I love you all.....**kisses*(they're evil ones at that), ~EvilSteph &trade~
Bot Old List ~ Page 2 Of 3
Best Of British To find out more about the group then please click here to go to the blog :D You are to rate, fan and add everyone on page 1 first then move on to this page :D 101 madredhead Brits on Tour@ fubar 102 The English Gent . {B*O*T}@ fubar 103 peterm*~Brits on Tour~*@ fubar 104 jake brits on tour@ fubar 105 scarywaltzer, Brits On Tour@ fubar 106 lil_lady_vamp(BRITS ON TOUR)@ fubar 107 tocky ~brits on tour~@ fubar 108 Mittac ***BRITS ON TOUR & NAUGHTY NORTHERNERS***@ fubar 109 ClassyFever 2nd Manager DHR(Perv Crew Butt Slapper) aka DJ Shadow B.O.T.
It's That Time Again!!
Couldn't Sleep
Swing low, sweet chariot Comin' for to carry me home Swing low, sweet chariot Comin' for to carry me home I looked over Jordan and what did I see Comin' for to carry me home A band of angels comin' after me Comin' for to carry me home Swing low, sweet chariot Comin' for to carry me home
New Album
Hey everyone, I just created a new album that I want to fill with pictures of the men and women serving our country, If you have a picture you would like included please send me a link to it and I will rip it. I would love to have Their name or something about them as well. Thank you
Love And Hope
Im unsure how this works, so bare with me guys... but please show some love and have my good friend in your prayers. This is one very genuine lady, who has hit some very painfull times .. lets get her page filled with love, for her return. Cal
Great North Run 2007
The 2007 BUPA Great North Run will take place on Sunday 30th September. The world's biggest half marathon, the BUPA Great North Run, celebrated its 26th anniversary in 2006 and is a point-to-point course that starts in Newcastle and finishes in South Shields. Celebrities from the worlds of sport, television and film will be lining up alongside thousands of other runners as they take on the challenge of running this year's Great North Run. After firing the starter's pistol in 2006, England manager Steve McClaren signed up to do the Great North Run in 2007. He said the sight of thousands of people streaming past him when he started the race last year was awesome and he was looking forward to having a go himself. There are also plenty of faces from television including Countdown presenter Carol Vorderman, Emmerdale stars including Jeff Hordley, Tony Audenshaw, Nicola Wheeler and Chris Chitell, Green Wing star Steve Mangan, Dean Lennox Kelly, from Shameless, and presenter
Anything illogical you say is irrelevant to me. My mind is my own church. REL
Hurts So Good
Ugh, I was such a good girl this morning.  I woke at midnight (that was the bad girl part, I keep really weird hours)... after straightening up around here I went to the gym at about 6:30 a.m.  Oh, the pain in My abs feels so good, I just hate it when you start working out so often that you don't get that feeling any more.  I want it.  I like it when it hurts to stretch or laugh from working out so hard.
My Friends Need Help
ANARCHY SKULL §AÐI§TI© LIGHT help my good and close friends get thier happy hours they need 50000 comments
List Of All Kow That Need Bombed
come help us out and my bombers .. i am very proud of u all .. if anyone would like to join us come show me what u have at these contests ... much love and peace
Contest That Need Bombed
her ends the 28th mine ends 22 at midnight
EMAIL Responses, please! 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Do you like anal pleasures? 26. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
Gone For The Weekend
Going to Idaho for the weekend for a Medival Reenactment which means I'll be without the computer for a couple of days lol. I look forward to the expirence though, it's the first time I've ever done anything like this lol. We'll be camping overnight there, another thing I've never really done before....Closest I've been to camping was sleeping in a tent in the backyard when I was younger lol. Hopefully it's not going to be too cold for me lol. *remembers to bring a coat* On another note, changed lots of stuff, layout, friends order (although it's not that big of a rearrangement lol). can tell I've been bored LOL. Heading off to bed for now so I can be up earlier than usual lol. Laters all! *waves*
Just Something Off My Head!!
A new place a new start!! Where no one knows you , what a great start to a weekend. As I packed up my bags and box's. I couldn't help but wonder where this new start would lead me. Would I find fun and friends or nothing but trouble,and if trouble would it be the good kind or the bad kind. I couldn't tell. As I walked through the halls of my new home, I could tell that the walls would have a lot to say if they could. Because this old house just had the feeling of stories and a lot of lives. So as I opened the door to the room that would be my dinning room, I couldn't help but wonder if the stories i heard in town were true. This room was huge,it could have easily been a dance room . I laugh as my thoughts filled with women in low cut dress and high heels dancing for the rich men of this sleepy little town. Just as I thought of a vale redhead dancing for her meal, I got the chill that I had got the first day I was brought here. I remembered that chill that day when i saw this house,with
France Beat Ireland 25-3
France (12) 25 Tries: Clerc (2) Pens: Elissalde (5) Ireland (3) 3 Drop-goal: O'Gara The boot of Jean-Baptiste Elissalde and two tries from Vincent Clerc gave hosts France the win they needed to keep their World Cup hopes alive. Elissalde kicked five penalties before Clerc, the man who broke Irish hearts in the Six Nations, grabbed his brace. Ireland will now probably have to score four tries and beat Argentina by more than seven points in their final match to reach the quarter-finals. Given their form in the tournament so far, the odds are on Eddie O'Sullivan's men boarding an early flight home. That would be a huge disappointment for Ireland, who had envisaged a quarter-final place at least before the tournament but have failed to rediscover the Six Nations form which raised expectations. They won their opening two matches in France but were well below par and their failure to secure a bonus point for scoring four or more tries in the victory against
Come On!wcn me>oooojoeoooo
How To Becum An "oriental Lick Master"
Just Too Much...crap.
I cant sleep dammit and I'm posting a blog lol Took a few sleeping pills.I just feel...Off. tonight... Frankly my personality in the Mumm's for example is just not me anymore. And my attitude there is starting to annoy me. OK some of the shit I say can be funny as long as you have a sense of humor. I look back and I felt you know at times I can be a real complete Jackass unintentionally. OK I'm venting and I had a bad day. Don't we all? I hate my job but what can anyone do about it? Most of the guys and gals here are adults... I should not have to make someone Else's mind what to eat , Go to the bar or not....Coke or Pepsi... You would think some bouncer might make a rule suggestion page for the 20th time a mumm is started . Really Your old enough to make up your own mind.. on some of these. Some it is just me...venting..OK I'm in real crappy mood and I'm very sorry if it came off wrong. Online I'm not really a open person...bleeding heart much online...and the re
Down Fu Too
williesgirl914@ fubar LOOK WHAT SHE WROTE... Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 01:12:34 -0700 From: Size: 5 KB To: Reply-To: oh now you have some fuckin manners?? ur still a piece of shit in my eyes i really dont care about making new friends im just here for the ones i already have. i dont need all these other fuckin people! its just a rating its not like it means anything! i rate the ones i like high and if they dont apeal to me then they are low you rated me low you see me thats your opinion! i am entitled to mine!
It Is Getting Close...
to october 8th -sighs- that will make 3 years to the day that my very very very very close friend Dan passed away. he was a little more then a friend, but it never went anywhere. i cant belive its been 3 years, i still cant believe it happened. i keep thinkin that i will wake up one day, and ill get online, and there he will be...bitching at someone in a chatroom but im not getting into any sappy, emo, depressed moments about this now, i still have a week or two before it starts to kick in that the time of year is actually here.. but i wrote this almost 3 years ago after he died.. I'd go back If I was given a wish, Just one, Only one wish. Which I could wish anything, Anything in the whole world. I'd wish to go back, Back to that day, The day thoughts raced through your head, The day you wanted to leave us all. Yes, that day. I'd go back, Just to see you, Just to talk to you, Just to show you how much I care. I'd go back I'd go back to let y
Another Shameless Plug!
Giggling..yep yet another shameless plug for me...just want to make sure if youre online you know I am here.>LOL Kisses and Hugs to you if you read this..:) MUAH By the way, if you haven't left a voice message...umm..why not?..:P LMAO
Emo The Core!
Just look at me now.. look on the inside, passed the fake smiles, passed the fake laughs, look how cold, dark, and alone i really am. and once you finally see.. can you honestly say you'll fix me? I've gone through more than i've asked or wanted, i've been let down higher time than i can count. i've shed enough tears to form an ocean. just make me smile... and mean it. I've heard the same lies more then wanted. i've seen then same shit over and over. i live in deja vu. i've tried to hold my head high, but i get knocked out everytime. i'm back on the floor, where i always start, stay, and end up at. I've gone through more than ive asked or wanted, i've been let down high times than i can count, i've shed enough tears to form an ocean just make me smile.. and mean it. A little peice of my heart dies everyday, pretty soon, there will be nothing left.. .. do you think.. you have enough time!? soooo uhh yeah, thats it, tell me what you think, i wrote
Are You There?
It Just Busted Out..
.. and i kept going!... hold my head whipe my tears tuck me in before i go to bed kiss me goodnight tell me you'll stay be there when i wake don't runaway carress my face hold me tight tell me it's ok while the tears flow tonight make me smile tell me you care always be there because thats all i need go figure
Words Words Words
so, i dont know, i just sat down with pen and paper and wrote this.. it is different from what i usually write, just a little... meaning in the style i wrote it.. .. but it just flowed, so i stuck with it My world is cold and dark. I can't seem to find the light. Nothing ever matters anymore. They always walk out of my life. Promises to stay forever. It's all false in the end. You won't be able to change me, So just stop trying. I'll be this fucked up, Until the day I die. Everyone wants to know why. Can you honestly say it matters? They'll never understand. They haven't been through what I have. Most don't care, But they say they do. You won't be able to change me, So just stop trying. I'll be this fucked up, Until the day I die. I'm taken for granted. Ive been used and abused. I give my heart to 'the one' And when I get it back, It's damaged beyond repair. You won't be able to change me, So just stop trying. I'll be this fucked up,
Just A Lil Sumthin.....
" It's You "Never ending daysLong restless nightsFeeling you close in my heartKnowing your love I cannot fight" It's You "Distance between usNot much communication at allIn need to hear your voiceForever praying for a phone call" It's You "With your shirt on my bodyStill smelling of your scentCrying because you're away from meHolding onto the wonderful times we've spent" It's You "Saddened by what's happenedThe drama we've created for one anotherSacrificing my life tremendouslyJust because your like no other" IT"S YOU " done by white queen
hit me up every body
Tired And Ready For The New Baby! (ramblings Of A Mom)
i'm so freakin tired right now. for those who don't know or don't know me, i'm pregnant. very pregnant ( try almost 9 months pregnant. and i'm on bedrest, which sucks balls. and it's a little hard to be on bedrest when you have two kids ( my angel are 2 1/2 and 4). i'm always chasing them and on top of that, my daughter( the eldest of the two) is in speech therapy so that takes a big chunk of my time. thanks to a very special man in my life, i'm not having to go at this alone, though its not the man you're all thinking of. sadly, the father of my children is an asshole from hell and isn't there for them. i don't even think he cares, which is fine b/c i feel like my head's gonna explode everytime i have to hear him speak and tell me bullshit lies about how he's got more important things to do besides pay his childsupport and visit his kids. and the saddest part of all is, it's mostly his fault that my poor little girl even has to go to speech therapy. she took mine and his divorce ha
Lyrics I Wrote, No Name Yet
I've been abused countless times, My wounds are open, Getting infected. Then you come along, And try to play Doctor. These things you really need to know, I just gotta get them out... So here I go.. I need more then bandaids. I need more then super glue. My wounds are internal. So save your love. I can't be fixed. I know you just mean good, And try to help, You want to fix me, You want to love me, Make me perfect, So I can breath right. Hold my insides, So I won't cry tonight. These things you really need to know, I just gotta get them out... So here I go.. I need more then bandaids. I need more then super glue. My wounds are internal. So save your love. I can't be fixed. I cry tears of blood, From all the pain inside. I fight my fears, So I can hold my head high. And you walk in my life, Ready with needle and thread. These things you really need to know, I just gotta get them out... So here I go.. I need more then bandaids. I nee
David Lambert Nominated 4 Eia Male Horizon Artist 2007
Just to let all ya'll know David has been nominated for the EIA Male Horizon Artist 2007 Award. The performance will be voted on during the EIA American Star Search Fall Festival held in Nashville on 19 and 20 October. Thanks are extended to all of David's friends here for all of your support. All the best! David... HES IN MY FAMILY AND FANS OF PLEASE ADD THIS AWESOME COUNTRY ARTIST
Tyrone asked his work buddy, Robert, one morning, "Man, why you always so damn happy when you come to work every day?" Robert replied, "That's because I make love to my wife every morning before work." Amazed, Tyrone asked him how he gets his wife to make love to him every morning. "That's easy," Robert said. "I just tell her this little poem that I made up. She loves it! It goes like this: Blond hair, blond hair, eyes so blue. I love waking up and making love to you!" Tyrone said, "Man, you white guys are so damn sentimental." But he decided it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. So he spent the rest of the day thinking of a poem for his wife. The next day Tyrone showed up to work just beat to hell; bruise eyes, broken nose, fat lip, the works!!! Robert asked, "Man, what happened to you?!" Tyrone said, "I don't know, man. I went home and tried your advice. I just told her a poem." Well, what poem did you tell her? Tyrone said: "Fat ass, Fat ass, eyes like a fro
You can't feel da pain I feel right now. My pain is real, And so are my tearz. My heart is bein lied too. You don't understand I realy wanted to try. But thingz got [screwed] up. & Now you're gone. Im not sure when I'll see you again. But I wish you could of held me till da very end. My heart has been tricked. & after all dem timez before. I can't believe I didn't notice before I hit da floor. I really did care, Even sometimez I didn't show tho. But you was and are alwayz on mind. & Im sorry we couldn't giv it a go. I alwayz fall for da wrong guy, and I did it again. & just got screwed over.
Metroseksual...the Name Says Enough
so this guy posted a mumm about picking up college girls when he's 47 and i was just fucking with him in comments and he got all butthurt and this began... This was a photo comment he left me: Okay dude, so you're 22 years old and you're 225 pounds and 45% body fat Fuckin slob. I thnk you need to go to my page and learn how to be a man. I'm more than TWICE your age and I have a resting heart rate sub 50 bpm and 12% body fat. How do you feel about that? so i replied: right, thats why i have a smoking hot girlfriend and you're posting mumms about whether or not to try to scam on college chicks him: Okay fat boy. Let's see your waist line size right now. me: size 38 gaymo and i'm 5'10. don't be mad cause i get hotties and you have to post mumms about trying to get anything you possibly can. just enter the twilight of your life gracefully there chief. him: Great book: YOU ON A DIET, Frank Oz. Good read. See if you can overcome bad genetics and fix yourself. then he block
Sons Of The Stage
The beat breaks down so we pick it up The floor shakes down but it's not enough The beam is up and the kids are high I've seen them move and it blows my eyes The floor's an ocean and this wave is breaking Your head is gone and your body's shaking There is nothing you can do because there is no solution You gotta get down to the noise and confusion The sound goes round and we start to climb The lips curl up and it kills my line The beat is steal and the scene is sown I see her eyes and her eyes are blown The floor's an ocean and this wave is breaking Your head is gone and your body's shaking There is nothing you can do because there is no solution You gotta get down to the noise and confusion Out of our minds on the stage "There is nothing you can do because there is no solution You gotta get down to the noise and confusion" 'Sons Of The Stage' written by Tony Ogden and Gordon King
Jus Wow
man this month has been wow dat all i can say i hope the months and years get better as they come and go and i hope yall get better 2 have fun with life take her easy and if shes easy take her twice
Join Us
What I Get I Guess...
Well daggone...I have a glass of wine and 6 Buttery Nipples...ummm....that's a shot for those of you who just dropped your jaw thinking I was more than a freak of nature. :P But the point of this blog is I just posted some new pics and before I could go through and remark all of my photos and album, I had a private message pop up that said it was from who that could be????? 8-P To whomever, whether friend or not, marked my photo NSFW for me...why thank you for looking out for me and the rest of the ADULTS on this site but I was well aware that my "boob" pic or buttery nipples, whatever you would like to call them at this point (maybe I should have just one more shot...lmao) were NSFW and was well on my way but the SECOND I hit send, I had that message. Kind of made me feel as low as I've been all night. Was only trying to feel better by doing something different...haven't been naughty in a while but felt the need. It's over. Thank you for your attention! xo
I Wanna Be A Rock Star
I Need Opinions!!!
If you haven't already, please go check my pics. Question: Do I look better with blonde or black hair? Please message, comment, or say something in the SB and let me know!! Love ya!!
Yet Another Circus Of Inequality
I read the latest news. I've been following the "Jena 6" story for a couple of weeks now. I understand the events that transpired and the tensions that seem to pervade this small town. I have sympathy for the young men at the heart of this fiasco, however I refuse to label this the way the media has.I refuse to label it a story of Judicial inequality, and the Protests around it,(the largest the south has seen since the 60's) as a Civil rights movement. What it really is, for all parties involved is an opportunistic side show. Frankly its a mockery and publicity stunt. Why? Let's roll back time shall we to earlier this year and focus briefly on the Duke Lacrosse Team. Five or six white boys ( affluent) who supposed gang raped a Black female stripper. The Media, and by large the American Culture, had already sentenced these boys. Even some Faculty members were convinced they were guilty. No sit-ins or Civil rights protest in their favor No Reverend's Sharpton or Jackson to
The Right Way To Do Something On Here
Ok i got a question fer all yall, maybe tell me what i done wrong.Isit bad manners towards you women fer a guy to ask to be yer friend on the first conversation yall have? Should a man just wait until he recieves a invite, or ask the woman outright, can i add u, What i am trying to say what is the proper etiquit on doing that?Is it rude to just ask a woman outright or wait till latter n have that person know n trust you more? honestly i didnt think it would be this hard, just see someones profile, comment and rate thier pics, nask to be friends. I did that tonite n i might of insulted this person, I didnt say nothing out of the ordinary n had a nice conversation till i asked if i could add here, n she wasnt happy bout that. Anyway maybe i crossed some line in askin her like that. Been on here a year n still learning how the game is played i guess.....
Something Strange Happend To Me In Mums Tonight>
fseanb2 , i went to a mum of this person pg.and didnt rate it ,and this person shouted to me , he seems strange kept getting me to go to their page ,to rate and read blogs , so i went but then in shout box bizarre thingsn this person kept shouting everytim ei placed comment under a blog.
This geek chick realizes she really wants a special someone! :( I wants my squishy to keep me warm at night! (Yes, a Finding Nemo reference.)

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