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The Return Of The Monkey Man!!!!!
Ok so now that the fiasco with Phoenixxx Radio and the removal of me as a co-owner is over, I have returned. What happened was possibly best for the station.... By the way, anyone know what happened? Their lounge here is gone and their +chat room on the site seems to be dead.... Good thing removing me was for the best huh? Anyway, I am back on.... what is it this time.... Fubar? Seems like the perfect name LOL. Hopefully this time the name sticks. When I joined is was Lost Cherry. Then one day it was Cherry Tap. Now it is Fubar.... Is that some kind of play on where it's members where during the name change LOL. Anyway, I am back on and am toying with the idea of possibly starting my OWN station. No co-owners, fully funded by me, so no one can remove me as an owner for the betterment of the station (Again if it was for the better, please someone tell me where they are now). Love peace and chicken grease, The Evil Monkey King
Jerks At The Holidays
Happy Holidays to all!!! I do question why is it that the people you care the most about choose this time of year to show there ass? Is it just my twisted life that some how invites every conceivable scrooge there is on the planet to show up this time of year? These people seem normal and rational all year long but as soon as it gets close to the Turkeys day the Holiday Jerks seem to come out of the wood work and the scary part is they are those nearest and dearest to you... Can one cancel on the Holidays and not look like the jerk because you seem to be the only sane one left?
Which One Are You?
Those who Know, And Know That They don't know, is wise: Follow him Those who know, and don't know that they know; he is sleep; wake him Those who know, and don't know that they don't know, is a fool, shun him Which One Are You?
Jingle Bell Cock? Copy & Paste..Funny as hell!
Thank You Train :d
hey everyone!! i hope you guys had a great thanksgiving! well...those who celebrate anyways :D my boss gave me the whole weekend off!! woo hoo! my paychecks gonna suck, but oh well...i need to get a bunch of house work done. so here is a train of people i would love to thank for helping me get second place in kristan smiths 3rd contest. i ended up winning 100,000 fu-bucks. you guys seriously rock! and there are a few of you who have helped me in every contest ive been know who you are :) i love you guys so much. im very thankful for the connections ive made this year on fubar. i couldnt ask for better friends :D ladies first (of course!) guys go show these great girls some lovin for me!! they are wonderful people. :) Kristan Smith - Contest over. Results tomorrow.@ fubar I Google Myself Regularly..... There has to be someone out there for me somewhere, right?@ fubar Jersey ~ Wife of Anodyne ~ Member of W.I.S.E.U.K.F and Promoter~@ fubar Shan Shan
Be Strong
when you are down and numb you are stuck in weakness when you are down and numb you feel like your whole world ended when you are down and numb you feel like giving up STOP!!! And take a look back You were a strong person then So Stand up and Get back on that horse and ride Ride back to the path of Strength Be Strong your heart is telling you BE STRONG Become stronger than you were Become that person you were once was Dont ever give up hope always look up and say that everything is going to be alright Everything will be alright if you Stay Strong Be Strong =)
Hi how is everyone just fort i try writing a blog lol were to start well im joe 32 from Durham England got 4 kids just on here making new friends bye for now Joe
Bomb Me Please!!!
Your Perfect Heart
No one has the perfect body No one has the perfect eyes no one has the perfect hair No one has the perfect skin But there is one thing that is perfect inside of you which is your heart Your heart is perfect Your heart is beautiful Your heart is your soul Your heart is your mind Hear your heart tell you what things you should do and what things you shouldnt do Your heart is the beautiful thing in you within you Keep your heart away from evil and negativity Always think positive everyday and your heart will have the perfect rhythum People without perfect hearts are people with black hearts People with perfect hearts have hearts of gold Remember this though No one is perfect but your heart is =)
Lost I don’t know if you’re pushing me away or pulling me closer I don’t know where I stand I don’t know what you want from me Or if you care at all Your words lash out and hurt Then lovingly draw me in I don’t know what you want from me Do you want this to end Don’t turn tables Or place this on me Just come out and tell me What it is you want I can’t read minds I don’t know where I stand Are you pushing me away Or are you going to finally let me in
More Poetry
The first time we met I knew right away My heart would remember That moment that day The first time we laughed It was easy to see Id found something special My very own "we" The first time we touched There wasn't a doubt That this was what falling in love was about I knew from the first And how did I know It's really quite simple My heart told me so I Love You
Sunshine (1999)
Well, I have to love a movie in which two characters fall in love while practicing a Schubert Fantasy :) Ralph Fiennes plays, in this movie written and generally put together by Istvan Szabo, three roles (Ivan, before that Ivan's father Adam, before that, Ivan's grandfather Ignatz) - in three generations of Jews in Hungary, spanning about 1880-1970, or so. (Not too many other actors or actresses here whose names I recognized- save William Hurt and a few others - but very fine throughout, acting included, and if I thought I knew where it was going, I did not.) Edit: 1999 film, not 2001, apparently. Whoops.
Contest Start
im going to start the contest at midnight central time, 10 pm pacific, and 1 am eastern. all entrants should have a link to thier pic in thier inbox. good luck everyone and have fun! remember the 1st three people to make it to 500 rates win.
ok i enjoy making pics for friends and family, so if you like any of the 1's ive made and the pic you want it with and ill do my best to get it too you
You find that you're a little uncomfortable with someone close but you aren't sure exactly why. It may be that there's something they aren't telling you, so try to sit down for a long chat soon. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are you not telling me???
How To Deal With Telemarketers
- If they want to loan you money, tell them you just filed for bankruptcy and you could sure use some money. - If they start out with, "How are you today?" say, "I'm so glad you asked, because no one these days seems to care, and I have all these problems; my arthritis is acting up, my eyelashes are sore, my dog just died..." - If they say they're John Doe from XYZ Company, ask them to spell their name. Then ask them to spell the company name. Then ask them where it is located, how long it has been in business, how many people work there, how they got into this line of work, are they married?, kids?, etc. Continue asking them personal questions or questions about their company for as long as necessary. - Cry out in surprise,"Judy! Is that you? Oh my God! Judy, how have you been?" Hopefully, this will give Judy a few brief moments of terror as she tries to figure out where she could know you from. - Say "No", over and over. Be sure to vary the sound of each one, and keep a r
35 Years
A man and a friend are playing golf one day at their local golf course. One of the guys is about to chip onto the green when he sees a long funeral procession on the road next to the course. He stops in mid-swing, takes off his golf cap, closes his eyes and bows in prayer. His friend says, "Wow, that is the most thoughtful and touching thing I have ever seen. You truly are a kind man." The man then replies, "Yeah, well we were married 35 years."
If You're Reading This ~ Tim Mcgraw
Lost Missing is my emotion to dare life. Wandering lost upon endless dream that echo about like wind dancing upon life without care. Lost be my mind within darkness. I surrender nothing back to no one for my heart and soul is lost within the darken abyss of shadows. Do not look for me in… The streets or stores for I will not be there. Do not look for me in…. In the house you think I dwell within, because I will not be found there. To find me… One must become lost as I to be within the darkness of shadows. Lost will I always be. Caring not of love or life is my fate now and forever. I shall walk always among the darkness with the shadows of nothing. Lost is where I want to be, forever dwelling with shadow of darkness. ©2007 Firestar
Could Noah Build His Ark Today?
If Noah had lived in the United States today the story may have gone something like this: And the Lord spoke to Noah and said, "In one year, I am going to make it rain and cover the whole earth with water until all flesh is destroyed. But I want you to save the righteous people and two of every kind of living thing on earth. Therefore, I am commanding you to build an Ark." In a flash of lightning, God delivered the specifications for an Ark. In fear and trembling, Noah took the plans and agreed to build the ark. "Remember," said the Lord, "you must complete the Ark and bring everything aboard in one year." Exactly one year later, fierce storm clouds covered the earth and all the seas of the earth went into a tumult. The Lord saw that Noah was sitting in his front yard weeping. "Noah!" He shouted. "Where is the Ark?" "Lord, please forgive me," cried Noah. "I did my best, but there were big problems. "First, I had to get a permit for construction, and your plans did not me
i just watched shoot em up. and i love that movie. you should definitely check it out. oh and while you´re at it go and see hot rod as well. cause that movie is fucking a.
Truly Amazing!!!!!!
Hello Ladies
How You Sneeze Reveals Your Personality
How You Sneeze Reveals Your Personality How you sneeze--a delicate little achoo that barely makes a sound or an explosive blast that brings the neighbors running to see if you're okay--reveals the deepest secrets of your personality. That's what behavior expert Patti Wood, MA, CSP claims. In a "she-got-paid-to-do-this?" type study, Wood analyzed the different ways people sneeze and then classified the sneezes into four personality types based on the DISC Model of Behavior. Actually, she did get paid to do it--by Benadryl Allergy medicine. And this is the result of that research. Identify your sneeze below and then read about the personality type that matches it. THE SENSITIVE SNEEZER The Sneeze: One small sneeze and it's over. You're so polite, you turn your head away. The Personality: You are warm and friendly and like a relaxed pace. The most important thing in your life is your relationships with others. You will work to avoid conflict and get along--even if that mean
Turkey Enchiladas
Let The Count Down Begin
Get this at
About Me
alright here i go again, i don't know if anyone ever read profile w/e name: cal age:24 location let see i don't know let me get back to you on this one likes: hot babes tattoos dislikes cheaters down rater drama . food: ham burger cheese burger hot dogs drink: water milk juice and soda once in a while zodiac sign : Scorpio I"m here for friends only . drama haters down raters not welcome here . if you don't understand look in my profile. if you still don't understand then ********** off cause i don't have time to explain it to you. and don't want to. I"M 5"7 140ibs black hair average I"M the oldest in the family. oh yea always happy to chat on here or on instant messenger. oh yea friend requeast no blank friend request. instant messenger yes i have it wanna chat just ask me alright. i'll be glad to talk to you. if you got a cam that's even better just kidding.
Turkey Tacos
Winner Takes All
kk im havin my own contest.10 hottest guyz on comment bombin.the one with the most rates that should make it eazy for u.the winner will get 1 day soon as i get 10 guyz then i will let u know when it will start.if your interested then send me a downratin or u will b kicked out the contest.ty gl to all who enter :) ~Dre@meR~ as if u didnt know (b) (d)
Save The Bronco, Free Loco Fundraiser Part 1
As many know recently I got screwed ove recently when trying to take bronco in to have alarm finished. (if you don't read here- I just found out today that the tow company who had towed car away when it got impounded are trying to sell it in dec now. Im offering to sell my computer that is a pretty decent p4 with HT, good video, nice hdd, dvd writer, awesome light up case. probly valued around 1200$ easy for how nice it is. wanting to let it for for at least 400$. I also have several notebook hdds, memory chips (ddr), and a 3000$ server that ill let go for 1500$. Im trying to raise money to pay the impound fees, fines, towein fees. and keep myself out of jail. so if you want some info on any of these items please message me up. :) LETS SAVE MY BRONCO!!! and keep me from going to jail. Loco
I cannot control how I am perceived. I can only control how I am presented. You cannot become a leader until you have learned to follow.
Santa Needs Help!
Santa is really loaded down this year with his shopping and having to pay extra money for gas. (Yes Santa drives to buy those expensive toys kiddos) So just give Santa a comment on this blog only if you are truly naughty. Remember he sees everything lol. Merry Christmas, Santa Claus P.S. See really loaded with shopping that he forgot to say that he needed help with his lists lol.
Getting To Know Me (repost From Icanburs, Xmas Edition)
Welcome to the Christmas edition of getting to know your friends. Okay, here's what you're supposed to do, and try not to be a SCROOGE!!! Just repost this bulletin. But first, change all the answers so that they apply to you. 'Tis the Season to be NICE! 1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Pretty red and gold wrapping paper 2. Real tree or artificial? both 3. When do you put up the tree? my siter's birthday, Dec 17th 4. When do you take the tree down? New Year's Day 5. Do you like eggnog? no 6. Favorite gift received as a child? Barbie Camper 7. Do you have a nativity scene? yes 8. Hardest person to buy for? Hubs, he has everything 9. Easiest person to buy for? My Mom, she s happy with everything 10. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? 11. Mail or email Christmas cards? mail, it's more personal 12. Favorite Christmas Movie? white Christmas 13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Shopping? last 2 wks before xmas 14. Have you ever recy
Check It Out!!
My Wife
hey all my fu friends please help my wife beat me she needs points. rate all her photo's for me she is ~onetruelovepjl_dal2007~
The Story Behind The Song Surrealism.
One day I was walking down the road and I asked God. How can I show desy how I truly feel for her. He responded to me saying. Create something for her that is truly beautiful in a way that is truly unique. I said. God all I know that is unique to me is music. Then all of a sudden this song came into my mind as if God himself showed it to me. It took me a month and a half to make the song Surrealism. I went to sleep the night that song came into my mind and I heard it in my sleep. How its energy just ebbed and swayed and mixed with each other in a rhythm that I had never used before. I knew It would be a challenge. When I was creating the song, God guided my mind and my fingers to creating it. I was creating something that truly spoke my soul. I had to listen intently on what God was telling me. When I messed up God told that isn't right try this here and this here and this here...thats it keep going you are getting there. I am proud of you. When I was finished
Bring Me Some Mistletoe
Bring Me Some Mistletoe I can not understate this: I am stunned … I am staggering … My blood has been drawn … The result of a high speed collision: Yet I walk freely. Ah … the taste of blood. What has happened? I can breathe again … Am alive … I am alive. But where am I? Am I a clown or a cowboy in this a rodeo? I have been lassoed and captured, Gagged by her beauty and talent … Mesmerized by her primal, anthromorphic nature And celestial magnetism. I am astounded … She has completely arrested me … I am captive and captivated. I am so very stunned … As never before. Where am I? She amazes me: Never has anyone so swiftly done to me What she does so very well. She empowers. Her moves electrify me, Penetrate me, Reaching depths inside me … Like no one else has. She touches me with passionate synchronicity, Throughout the tender pathways within my heart, As she weaves and integrates her essence into my core Of being and existence. I am willingly a
How To Understand Women
How to Understand Women 1. She is always ahead of your lies or games. 2. Never think you are going out smart her. 3. Always surrender to her will. 4. Always hand over you paychecks before she holds her hand out for it or ask for it. 5. Never cheat on her, because she got the whore number already. 6. Never think sweet talk will get her into you bed. 7. Never laugh at her crying to sad a movie, even it’s for the dumb of reason to cry too. 8. Never ask her for more. 9. When that time of month….sleep on the floor and act like sleeping dog. 10. Tapping her fingers or foot….run for the flower store fast. 11. Never forget you first date, firs kiss…oh hell the first time you made love to her, because she will never let you forget you forgot it. 12. Beg forgiveness upon each morning as you rise from bed, even if you never done anything. 13. Always thank for being with you. 14. Never ever let your cell phone be out of her reach. 15. Never demand or ask for sex when she is not i
Images Of A Future Hell
Everytime I look out of my window The skies seem to be getting darker And the scarecrows are losing their power The fear that the crows had once felt From the scarecrows is almost gone As their crimson tears fall to the ground In clotted pools of blood The worms do indeed bathe And lash out at the ones Who would try to eat them It is getting harder to tell now Just who is eating who For the countless bodies lie scattered across the land Of both birds and worms alike The clouds are not parting As fire rains down from above Smashing the cities into ashs And turning this world into A world of fire and brimstone There is not a soul left to see Not a soul left to give a helping hand Glowing red are his eyes He who laughs so sadistically His voice echos throughout the world For not an ear to hear He who is so proud of what he has done That in order for him to find true happiness He would kill everyone in sight And turn all that was once good and just in our world
Knowing It's Real.
Michelle, Writing you poetry is one thing that I like to do. It’s just one way to show that I love you. I put into words what I think, and how I feel. You read what I write knowing it’s for real. Sometimes it’s crude, simple poetry that I write. Sometimes my poems are really out of sight. No matter what form my poetry might take You always know that it is never fake. It comes from the heart, and it’s full of feeling. Sometimes I hope that it leave’s you reeling. I hope that I can put into words exactly how I feel. So when you read what I write you know that it’s for real. All my love, Michael
screeching weasel "Every Night" I'm not feeling human anymore Half connected all the time Each night I document the things I've done The pointless points I've made for stupid reasons Every night I'm always the same You're pounding on my brain Tonight and every night I lie down clenching up my teeth Trying to fall asleep I've sat and smoked a billion cigarettes And wished to hell that you were here My stained and calloused fingers hold a pen Scratching apologies to you too late too little Every night I pay off my debts Trust me I don't forget Tonight and every night I will analyze everything And make myself count the ways I fucked up today
Please Help
Stop It!
1916 By: Motorhead 16 years old when I went the war, To fight for a land fit for heroes, God on my side, and a gun in my hand, Chasing my days down to zero, And I marched and I fought and I bled and I died, And I never did get any older, But I knew at the time that a year in the line, was a long enough life for a soldier, We all volunteered, and we wrote down our names, And we added two years to our ages, Eager for life and ahead of the game, Ready for history's pages, And we brawled and we fought and we whored 'til we stood, Ten thousand shoulder to shoulder, A thirst for the Hun, we were food for the gun, And that's what you are when you're soldiers, I heard my friend cry, and he sank to his knees, Coughing blood as he screamed for his mother, And I fell by his side, and that's how we died, Clinging like kids to each other, And I lay in the mud and the guts and the blood, And I wept as his body grew colder, And I called for my mother and she never came, T
Re: Ron Paul: Smear Attempts Reflect "frightened" Establishment
RE: Ron Paul: Smear Attempts Reflect "Frightened" Establishment ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 23 Nov 2007, 06:02 Ron Paul: Smear Attempts Reflect "Frightened," "Insecure" Establishment Speaking about recent smear attempts on behalf of people like Glenn Beck, David Horowitz and Bill O'Reilly to link Ron Paul supporters with violence and Islamic terrorists, the Congressman himself said that the attacks were symptomatic of a frightened and insecure establishment who are dumbfounded that people are turning away from authoritarianism and embracing freedom.
The Day After Thanksgiving
Well I hope evryone had a good thanksgiving.If you ask me I dont want to look at any food for awhile. Have a nice day.
Not Sure
I sleep,limbs wide and welcoming resting in a birds nest of dark hair a wellspring of life lies sleeping : her bold hand whispers close, and closer still closing on my sex grace and purity hungry,she tastes : I twitch sliding, gently sucking kiss scent of sex I awaken lightly our eyes meet she thinks she will make me hers she thinks she will make me hers quicking, thrusting - no I will make her mine think I moan for me my sweet as my seed spills into her greedy mouth I tremble in virginal bliss she sits up,smiles,winks.... and swallows : finis.
Good Night my dear friends!!! Have sweet and sexy dreams tonight. :D
My Vocation
My Vocation I play with light Its my job, pushing pixels around, ordering them into new and varied patterns of color and light. I play with energy on a daily basis and I know it like a lover knows his partner's soft curves. I am intimate with light color and energy I am made of light, photons rushing to their appointed destinations. Shining Glowing Giving hope and Life You have made me bright Brighter than the sun Will my mere mortal flesh be able to contain what you have given me? Will it sear and burn as it fills me overflows and overwhelms me? I shine Gloriously In your love for me You create within me a sound The sound of light hitting water or the sound of light as it passes thru pure crystal A tiny note at first that doesnt stop But gains momentum and lowers in pitch vibrating the photons of my soul Fast as a tachyon relentless as light persistent as gravity You have given me the light and sound of love
Ga.dome National Anthem Loved It :')
Angel Theres an angel... One made of snow With a heart of fire and a mind of steel Wings of flame Beauty incarnate; makes the senses reel Angel of mine forever and a day Gathered in our wings laughing as we play Sun glistening off our silver skin This is where our love begins The clouds our bed the sky our roof High in our playground but not cold or aloof Chasing the sun then the moon Forever flying, morning comes, always too soon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Re: Why Ron Paul Needs Our Donations Now
RE: Why Ron Paul Needs Our Donations NOW ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 23 Nov 2007, 10:57 Why Ron Paul Needs Our Donations NOW: Plea for Immediate Funds Sparks New Donation Drive A new donation drive has been scheduled for Ron Paul's presidential campaign for a week today, Friday 30th of November, in response to a plea from the campaign's Headquarters for funds they can spend before the early primaries.
My Heart
My Heart My heart your heart Electrons bring us together but still apart I watch your face on the screen Smiling and laughing, just at me My senses reel Incredible you make me feel My dreams at night are filled with you Aches and longings for the time when We can be one not two Just to sit next to thee and see your face To hold thy hand and create a private space To tell you of my love that I have for thee The passion and flame also that will make us free I hunger for you and your scent Yearning to hear your laughter as we lay spent My sensual Princess of snow and ice Kiss me with those lips of fire and spice Touch my body with thy eager hands Caress me slowly; your fingertips a glowing brand Feel the strength in my arms Know the power that will cause no harm Look deep into my eyes See the depths of blue night skies You hold my soul in thy thrall Master, Lover, Friend To You I would be all
Halcyon I Adore thee gentle lady With all my heart, soul might and majik; with thee I am new. Family I have none, friends I have few. People I know and care for little or none. You with me; wilt we become one? Kingfisher Bird of grace… Halcyon days come again when I look upon thy face. Creator of All look upon us we two your children of light Let our love burn long and bright. Smooth our path as we walk towards you. Carry with us thy light and thy song; carry it to the many and the few. Fisher Of Kings, Mother who calms the storm and the sea. Halcyon legend hear my plea!
Elven Eyes
Elven Eyes Elven eyes dancing with firelight Smiling softly with delight elven passion carries us far Wrapped in each embrace 'neath the stars The Lady shining down blessing our play Granting us stamina as we lay Lord and Lady joined forever as we become one from two Moving slow with heat and fire My Elven Queen My Hearts true desire Dance with me Lady with the Elvish Eyes Forever and a day till time passes and this reality dies
Help Me..........please
hello all, could you please go to the link below and go vote for my pit puppy........her name was cocoa, I entered her in a best pet contest, and the winner is based on votes.....feel free to pass the link on to your friends.........She passed away just a few days ago, but she was one of my best pets.... Muahzzzzz Jackie
I Am Light
I Am Light I am as filled with light, clear and unadorned my beauty is there for all to see those who have eyes The light that fills me comes from the Mother of all things and that light is called love and I love you We have been looking for forever and a day what we had lost the last time around can you still feel me? I am like energized Born anew the day I found you Again... Like the light that is in me also fills you When I hear your voice it is like that earth stopping on its axis feeling. The earth tilted the other way summer became winter the sun fell the stars blazed the moon smiled When you smiled at me again...
Why must we be alone when others are around .. The hole in my heart getting bigger by the day..they say the holidays are the worst..they are so very sons are gone I am alone..I put around in my house alone..wishing for friends..knowing there are none...wanting a family...knowing I had one...hope is lost...nights are long...pretty soon...with luck I will be gone....
Cosmic Code Tv Show
11/23/2007 Dear readers: With the New Dragon’s Head (luck/expansion) moving fast into the sign of Aquarius (New Age/Television) my project “The Prophet” is rapidly moving forward. Our first meeting today with Michael and Jon went really well indeed and those two movie producers have a lot of experience on the set. I explained exactly what I wanted to accomplish and how to serve and entertain the audience in studio and on location. Both men are very perceptive and totally believed in the uniqueness of the show and its success. We shared a tremendous amount of ideas and investigated all angles of production and I am very confident to have this movie “in the can” by February 2008. Many TV network will be interested especially the Sci-Fi and the Discovery channel. Note that much of the “supernatural” reality shows you are watching nowadays are about psychic phenomenon or talking to the dead thus I can certainly state that there is a serious limitation in choice. There is also
Be My World
Be My World If this was a perfect world I would make a place, for you and me and all that we love. A quiet place, filled with light. A place you could be all that you are. A home thats happy. Where you know theres a heart next to yours beating in time together. The center of our lives. Where we can stretch forth and move in any direction. To sample all this place has to offer. A place we can share who we are. Without fear Without pain Reality says; "But it isn't.." So here is my Heart Shaped by fire. Forged in the cold tears of my life. Tempered by my faith. Its not perfect either but its a warm place filled with light. Its my home and Im happy here. All that I love is here. It is my center. Be my World.
I am looking for a lover unlike any other with a wild imagination leaving me in darkest fascination it must go beyond simple attraction there must be passion and satisfaction I'll need your complete attention and your body - not to mention strong and willing with no resistance spontoneity and persistence you must be free and have no shame I'll do waht you ask without disdain enter into me where all is benighted new open your eyes to me and see there is nothing I will not do... Finis.
Excerpt From: Behind Closed Doors Copywritten: 2007 By: Mairi Mackay
This is an excerpt from my latest novel. Behind Closed Doors Copywritten 2007 By: Mairi MacKay (Based On a True Story) Names have been changed to protect the guilty. Dedication: To All the men (and women) I have loved and have yet to love, without you this story could not have been told. The pleasure was not all yours, your pleasure was my pleasure too. And to my anonymous friend from England, without your inspiration I would never have realized such a service served the public good or that there were so many lonely and unhappy people out there. FOREWARD It was back in early 2005 when this idea was floated. I had just been screwed over by the local store where I worked and was without work or income. The Land of the Free doesn’t exactly mean Free at all, no income equals starvation and destitution, so I was in despair. Living out of town limits work opportunities and having no form
Laughter Is The Best Medicine...
2 The One I Love
you came 2 me when i was down and made me smile and took away my frown youve made me a better man you even showed me real love like no one else can you came from heaven to rescue me cause without you i was like a ship lost at sea "tbc"
Life's Too Short Not To Use Good Napkins
How many times have children embarrassed the adult? Keep reading. My mother taught me to read when I was four years old (her first mistake). One day, I was in the bathroom and noticed one of the cabinet doors was ajar. I read the box in the cabinet. I then asked my mother why she was keeping 'napkins' in the bathroom. Didn't they belong in the kitchen? Not wanting to burden me with unnecessary facts, she told me that those were for "special occasions" (her second mistake). Now fast forward a few months....It's Thanksgiving Day, and my folks are leaving to pick up my uncle and his wife for dinner. Mom had assignments for all of us while they were gone. Mine was to set the table. When they returned, my uncle came in first and immediately burst into laughter. Next came his wife who gasped, then began giggling. Next came my father, who roared with laughter. Then came Mom, who almost died of embarrassment when she saw each place setting
The Death Of My Friend
I found out my friend was murder on thanksgiving ,He was a friend for years,Please keep us in your prays tonight,R.I.P my friend till we meet again,Watch over me.He will be deeply missed thank you everyone. Crystandchuck4us
My Week
Well I came in from Fort Bragg, here before I do another 18 months in Iraq, to see my love, Ray. Its been incredable. You ever miss someone so much? We been together 4 years, through thick and thin, and I am dreading being away from him. I love him so much. I am thankful for this week for being able to see him. I love you babe!
WHY DO PEOPLE COMMIT SUICIDE? WHY DO PEOPLE CUT THEMSELVES? WHY DO GIRLS BECOME ENEREXIC AND BELIMIC? WHY DO KIDS BRING GUNS TO SCHOOL? WHY DO KIDS GET DEPRESSED... SO THEY START USING MED, AND ABUSING THEM? WHY DO GIRLS NEED TO ACT LIKE SLUTS TO IMPRESS GUYS? IN THE BILL OF RIGHTS, IT SAYS WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEACH! SO WHY ARE WE SO AFRAID TO SPEAK UP FOR OURSELVES? I KNOW WHY!!! CLIQUES "GANSTAS", PREPS, NERDS, GOTHS, EMOS, SCENE/HARDCORE KIDS", PUMKS... AND THATS NOT EVEN HALP OF THEM! SOCIETY IN GENERAL. we life in a world if your not skinny, not beautiful, not sexy, not straight...your tortured, abused, and humiliated. We say that we are all equal but, there is still racism, sexism, and people judging others based on there religion, color, size, heritage, ect. I AM SICK OF IT! Stereotypes, and everything else. I want to live in a good place, without suicide, rape, murder, and JUDGEMENT! I WANT TO STOP THE MADNESS. IF I ONLY REACHED TO 1 OR 2 PEOPLE THATS FINE. AT LEAST MY CONCIENC
Thanksgiving Aftermath
Happy day after Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! Well, I did it again as I am sure all of you did. Vowed not to over eat, over indulge in the vino, and what did I do anyway! I ate way to much. Drank way to much wine and now I feel like a rock is sitting in my tummy and it won't go away! Well, the food was great and the wine did flow but most important I had my family with me intact and that was a blessing all by itself. I am thankful for having good friends, great kids and a wonderful loving husband. So many people can't claim these things and that is sad. I wish everyone happiness daily and keep in mind that there is always light at the end of that long dark tunnel. Just keep your chin up and move on, its there I promise. I know I found my rainbow and never will I lose sight of it again. I know now to hold on tight and nurture it and tend it as if it was a matter of life and death because well it is sort of. Again, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and have a great day after too.
Rabbi Love Advice
No matter what Moshe did in bed, his wife never achieved an orgasm. Since a Jewish wife is entitled to sexual pleasure, they decide to consult their Rabbi. The Rabbi listens to their story, strokes his beard and makes the following suggestion, "Hire a strapping young man. While the two of you are making love, have the young man wave a towel over you. That will help the wife fantasize and should bring on an orgasm." They go home and follow the Rabbi's advice. They hire a handsome young man and he waves a towel over them as they make love. It doesn't help and the wife is still unsatisfied. Perplexed, they go back to the Rabbi. "Okay," he says to the husband, "Try it Reversed. Have the young man make love to your wife and you wave the towel over them." They go home and hire the same strapping young man. The young man gets into bed with the wife and the husband waves the towel. The wife soon has an enormous, room-shaking, screaming orgasm. The husband smiles, looks at
Guys Will U Do This For Me
D0 THIZ DONT BE SCARED! [] Push me into a wall and kiss me? [] Come To My House To Do Nothing But Chill? [] Slap Me? [] Slap me if i asked you to? [] Kiss Me? [] Let Me Kiss You? [] Watch A Movie With Me? [] Take Me Out To Dinner? [] Take A Shower With Me? []Be Shy Around Me? []Care if i was shy around you? [] Take Me Home For The Night? [] Let Me Sleep In Your Bed? [] Take Me Anywhere With You [] Repost This For Me To Answer Your Questions? [] Lock Me In Your room And Take Advantage Of Me : 9 [] Let me lock you in your room and Take Advantage of you? : 9 [] Let Me Make You Breakfast? [] Make me breakfast? [] Tickle Me? [] Let Me Tickle You? [] Stick Up For Me Uf I Was Being Put Down? [] Instant Message Me? [] Greet Me In Public? [] Hang Out With Me? [] Hold my waist from behind while we are out? [] Bring Me Around Your Friends? [] Fall in love with me [] Like me [] Love me Do You... []
I am learning day by day that beauty is not just what you look like, it comes from within. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I use to be so upset because of my weight and I have gotten to a point, I am so happy to be me. If I get judged by my weight, they are going to miss out on a very good person I love to meet and get to know new friends. You can't judge a book by it's cover. You will never know what you might miss out on.
What's Your Bedroom Personality?
You have an Honest Bedroom Personality! You know what you want in bed and are very communicative about it with your partner. If they are doing something you don't like, you just tell them and move on. You have incredible sex because you are so honest with yourself and your partner about what you want. 'What's your Bedroom Personality?' at
Looking To See Who's In My Area
I am checking to see who lives close to my area on fubar. If you live close to me send me a shout on my shout box.
Godfather List 11/23/07 Updated
~H?t~Cherry~Lici?us~?~Club~F.A.R.~?~25,000 to go ORANGEBANANAS™107,000 to go ?????~&~???&Y?191,000 to go " Archangel "the "Brat Prince"291,000 to go Vittoria Segreta Club F.A.R310,000 to go Rachelicious MUST FAN ME BEFORE ADDING! *Demon House Diva & Member of L.O.L levelers*350,000 to go Aussie_Goddess™406,000 to go *♥SÚLŦRY™♥*ÇÈõ õҒ Ŧ.M.Ä.Ғ. Co Owner Razzles Night Club427,000 to go ♥HOT Marina♥Lust goddess♥ *GF to Gary* ♥member to Club F.A.R♥560,000 to go †ĞǾŦĦĬС ŖŎŞĔ†
Prayers For Allyssa>>dear Lord.
keep this little angel in your mist and help her if she is lost ,let someone find her , is she is sick heal her , what ever her need or her ffamilies need cover them in thy Grace and abundant love. Amen!!!Oh Lord hear me as I do ask In Jesus name Amen!!!!
Yay Yay... Something New For Your Bitch Ass!
Sup everyone? Guess what, I got me a new piercing WOOT WOOT! Yeah, I gots my tongue pierced bitches lol! Anyways, later!
Frustrations peeking, anxiety creeping,crying weeping in need for sleeping. Cant bring myself to relax,get halfway there and sanity steps out. Do I deserve it,can I afford it. So much to do,so much to prepare, not sure if I'm here or there. Not feeling needed words not heeded. Thoughts go unspoken, promises broken. For fear of rejection in my own reflection. Trying to help but none for myself. I see a future it's bright,from a pessimist told my optimisms bold. Fear for my soul, losing emotional control A home a heart a love I hope,from my past it looks like nope. Going crazy,feeling lazy,future hazy. Can I get there when I dont know where? Can I be here and not feel near? Not knowing where I'm going,or what my future is showing. Is there love and laughter,happily ever after. Alone or lonely, am I my one and only? Tired of being sorry,sad, made to be mad. Don't want the pain,the guilt I've gained,it's driving me insane. I feel at fault when I'm not for all. My life g
We Need Girlfriends
Yea.. Awesome Internet show it just got bought by CBS yea. they are gonna bomb but watch what i have in my stash. its a hilarious show
Blocked Scott 'sinlessfury' #1075104
After receiving the following message: "i bet u can suck some good dick" I blocked: Scott 'sinlessfury'
Some Movie News (witch Montain Final Destination4)
just a movie news blog tonight first the bad i saw today on theres yet another remake on the way. this time there going be remaking witch montain not only that its going to star THE ROCK and no im not joking Final Destination 4 is being made According to, Final Destination 4 has got the green light from New Line Cinema. The film, which may be shot in 3-D, will be the sequel to Final Destination 3 and a continuation of the series. That's about all that is known at this point. The move is not much of a surprise since the third installment made over $113 million worldwide at the box office. i like there making a final destination 4 but wtf a witch montain remake with the rock lol. anyway all have a good weekend
Trying To Get My Sis A V.i.p
I love my sis heaps & if anyone cud possibly buy her a VIP i will hand over 50,000 fubucks or more if i have it,i will also rate every pic u have & bomb any pic/s u like many many many times i just really wud like to get her a VIP if i cud i wud in a heart beat~LOVE YA SIS And if u can't then @ least go leave her sum luv & be nice shes taken,sorry guys ~ஐ~*Sugar@spice*~ஐ~ Member of the WTC~~ஐ~@ fubar
Reba Sings To Elizabeth (i Love This Show And Song, Perfect For Any Parent)
Song Of The Day 11/23/07
stevie b "party your body"
I Thought
i thought you were the ONE!!i thought me you you were meant to be o thought that i could be the only one i thought my world was going so clean i thought of you as my drug and i was at a fean so much addicted to you but you neglected me i thought you cared but i was just another girl in your fucked up world i thought that oyu loved me but you only hurt me i thought that thing could be perfect again but i was wrong
To Say C'ya To A Solider Leaving For Iran
Slient Tears
silent tears fall down my cheeks leaving strains as i hide to weep ill be fine i say to myself i gave him is finial last chance i plea to me i listened everytime to the falseness i always believed the comforting words i smiled my fake smile and pretended to be all right but deep down i know it will never be the same i know i cant go back why would he cause me to much pain he cut though my gate that was so long locked he lead me to tht light i thought he was the one but then he killed me like all others before my eyes sting from crying my throat hoarse from weeping mt heart aches from torture but there is no more
He's Very Charming...don't Ya Think?
Choppers request to me: "I can only imagine, when you sing how beautiful it must be. You really do have a beautiful smile. Any time you would like to learn to ride a Harley, and get out my way hit me up. Mine is a chopper, but it is easy to ride." (Nice Chopper...very nice!)
Cancelling My Account
There are too many jerks here This site sucks and im sorry I had Squirt talk me into joining What a waste of time with almost no real people here Too many losers and obnoxious people with no class...
My Friends And Family
just to let all my friends and family know im here but not very fast (dial up) 4 now im moving dec. 1st and will have better internet but i miss you all and im really doing much better now.. thank you to all my friends who were there 4 me during all the hard times love you all....oxoxoxoxo
Im Just Being Stupid
Why they calling it Black Friday today. lol my first thought was like damn. aint that mean. but now i know.. im just being stupid all dont hate
Bs From The Asses At Mcgraws
you know we been going to the same bar for around a year, even became friends with the owner and manager., bout 7 months ago they brought in a drink called a uv popcicle, sells for 2.50, and 3.50,, you can buy a full bottle of uv hwere at our liquor stores for 11, or go to wichita and get them for 8. now all of a sudden they want to up the price of this drink to 7.50,, what the fuck. we know there getting ready to remodel and all but shit dont fuck the ones that are paying ur bill damn. they tried to tell me they py 11 dollars a bottle, wich there full of shit. they prolly get it for half of that. and i thought they were friends,, friends dont lie to friends and try to make them feel like they were the ones in the wrong.. bs. well i tell you what im done with mcgraws in hutchinson.. they officially blow serious ass
Breathe Lightly
Double Bladed Skull Weapon
The ultimate weapon for any warrior! Price: 9.99
My Christmas List 2007
i want for christmas this year... 1. Chris Merry Christmas!
Original Poem Written By Me Today.
The Sudden Death of my heart He came in with a vengence to take control, He came in with a vengence to take my soul. This two-faced devil with innocent eyes, Lips sweet like honey that speak nothing but lies. The hell that he wrought has left me cold and hollow, He walked out of my life but my heart wants to follow. He took all of my faith left me with nothing to believe, If there is ever another taker i will always fear he will leave. His torture is mental at night he haunts my dreams, He replays every memory leaving me to rip at the seams. His spirit lingers amongst these walls i still feel his embrace, I'm stuck inside this chaos and i just want to leave this place. But there is nowhere for me to go for here is where my spirit did part, When he came in with a vengence and caused the sudden death of my heart. By: Sheena aka mamacita preciosa '07
The Sisterhood Lounge Is Open
Almost Done.
Well, I have 6 weeks of school left before I head out to my externship. I am going to be going to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I'll be working at a resort down there called Bolongo Bay. I can't wait.
How To See My Pics
you have to comment all of my fuckbuddies dray pics unless ure already on my fam list then dont worry about it and my gf gallery is off limits dont even ask with that said of the fulfull the requirement u can see my pics
Kayla "The Tele~Ho" Yes I really am a phone sex operator!@ fubar Please help her to level!
One Dark Night
It was a dark & very cold night. The moon was full & bright, illuminating the sky as it snowed heavily.As He walked down the snow covered dirt road toward the small cottage at the end of it, He saw a light coming from it. As He neared the cottage He see's a small form curled up in the window. Hearing someone knocking on her door she looks out the window & see's a large form on her doorstep. Rising from her spot. she walks to the door & opems it to see a very handsome man. As she looks Him over, she notices He must be a foot taller than her 5ft 4in frame. Inviting Him in, out of the cold , she watches as He shakes the snow from His light brown hair. Looking up at Him she makes eye contact with a pair of beautiful brown eyes. Taking His coat from Him as He takes it off, she hangs it on a hook by the door."Have a seat at the table Sir, I'll fetch You a cup of coffee to warm You up". He watches her as she looks Him over. Captivated by her disheveled appearence, He
Afternoon Delight
David stood in the doorway of His bedroom... His 6ft 180lb frame seeming large in the small doorway. His blue eyes sparkleing as they come to rest on His play toy Michelle lying on His bed.David stands there eyes raking over Michelle's slender 5'3" frame...her long raven black hair cascading down her back to her perfect round ass.Slowly He walks over to her..she looks up in surprise not expecting to see Him in the middle of the afternoon.Looking down at His girl... as He commands her to climb off the bed & crawl over to where He's standing. Michelle slowly climbs down off the bed onto all fours.. crawling slowly over to her Master .Comeing to a stop at His feet she looks up at Him with her bright green eyes waiting for His next order.Grinning down at His girl... David unzips His pants letting His thick member spring forth.He takes it in His hand .. taps it on Michelle's full pouty lips a few times as He commands her to take it into her mouth till He orders her to stop.Michelle
From My Seester
Something you should know about My Sister Lyrics Title: Reba McEntire - My Sister lyrics Artist: Reba McEntire Visitors: 1903 visitors have hited My Sister Lyrics since Feb 12, 2007. Print: Reba McEntire - My Sister Lyrics print version (Roxie Dean/Bonnie Baker/Amy Dalley) Hey girl it's me i just called to tell you hi Call me when you get this Haven't talked lately so hard to find the time Give the boys a big kiss Tell them that I miss them By the way I miss you too I was thinking just today About how we used to play Barbie dolls and make-up Tea parties dress up I remember how we'd fight We made up and laughed all night Wish we were kids again My sister my friend Oh yeah before I forget I met someone I think I really like him I was wondering if I'm jumping the gun By going out on a limb And invite him home for Christmas To meet the family Seem like just yesterday You brought home old what's his name He had been drinking What were you think
The "rubenesque" Woman
What makes a woman Rubenesque? Quite frankly, beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes. And today, when most people think of an attractive woman in the fashion sense, they usually imagine a slim-hipped waif with hollow cheeks, narrow shoulders, and a rather unremarkable bustline. This is what commerce has brainwashed modern society into believing is the ideal woman. It is a lie, propagated by marketing forces and fashion designers who use the obsession with a slender female form as a means to earn millions of dollars selling weight-loss products and other health routines. But some of us know better. There is another female form that has been idealized for centuries. She is the familiar hourglass or pear-shaped woman of wide hips, an ample bust, plump cheeks, soft-full lips, and a generally healthy profile of alluring curves and crevasses. She is the Rubenesque Woman. Elegant. Cultured. Educated and Beautiful. In fact, the very word "rubenesque" originates f
A Night Of Passion
Bethany giggled as she pulled into Amanda's driveway, picking up her best friend so they could make him smile. They had both adored Shane since they had met him, and treasured his friendship above most others. Shane had been going through a hard time recently and they wanted a way to make him smile, to show him that all his kind words were appreciated. On the drive to the firehouse they talked and giggled in excitement, nudging each other as their conspiracy grew between them. As they pull up outside the firehouse Bethany bursts into giggles and pulls out her cell phone, grabbing Amanda's hand for support. "Hello." He says quickly into his cell, Bethany almost whimpers at the sound of his voice. "Hey Shane, its Beth i was wondering if Amanda and i could drop by?" She smiles, with a sneaky wink at Amanda. "Umm im at the firehouse babe, im pulling a double." "I know honey you told me already, i have a surprise for you." She simpers softly. "Oh a surprise, well sure come on
I would appreciate my friends and family, especially new people on my friends list, please rate all my stash and pics, not just a few but all of them, like you would like them in return. THank you. Have a good weekend.
The Outhouse
The Outhouse... Ma was in the kitchen fiddling around when she hollers out.... "Pa! You need to go out and fix the outhouse!" Pa replies, "There ain't nuthin wrong with the outhouse." Ma yells back, "Yes there is, now git out there and fix it." So......Pa mosies out to the outhouse, looks around and yells back, "Ma! There ain't nuthin wrong with the outhouse! " Ma replies, "Stick yur head in the hole!" Pa yells back, "I ain't stickin my head in that hole!" Ma says, "Ya have to stick yur head in the hole to see what to fix." So with that, Pa sticks his head in the hole, looks around and yells back, "Ma! There ain't nuthin wrong with this outhouse!" Ma hollers back, "Now take your head out of the hole!" Pa proceeds to pull his head out of the hole, then starts yelling, "Ma! Help! My beard is stuck in the cracks in the toilet seat!" To which Ma replies, "Hurt's, don't it ?!"
Really Bored
so im sittin here bored.any suggwstions what to do.its freezing outside and theres nothin to do!watching the news and laughing at the dumb butts that actually take this black friday way to
Come On We Can Do This!!!
i know if we work together and bomb the heck out of this she can win!!!!
Looking at my hero/idol's drawings on hands It inspired me to do a small story/poem. It's called "Hands" Hands can create wonderful and beautiful things Hands can destroy,create evil and maim Hands can speak words when your mouth cannot Hands can be cold when your body is hot Hands can be sensual Hands can be sexual Hands can heal Hands can calm when Hands can feel Hands can bleed Hands can be tied up and Hands can be freed Hands can invite Hands can shove Hands can wave in the air Hands can be put together in prayer Hands can share Hands can be put together to care
Handfasting, An Explanation:
Handfasting is the Wiccan word for the marriage ceremony. The difference between a handfasting and the Christian wedding ceremony, is this. In the Christian Ceremony, couples are joined "till death do us part", even if they find out later on that they aren't meant for one another later on. The Wiccan handfasting joins a couple "for as long as love shall last". When the couple wishes to part, be it for lack of love, or if they outgrow tolerance for Handfasting, an explanation:one another, they are free to part their ways. NOTE: This ceremony should be done in a decorated turf. Decoration for this ceremony.. There should be a TON of flowers everywhere. This ceremony is usually performed during the waxing of the moon. Rings are traditionally used and should be upon the altar, a wand is used as well. Candles should be placed not only on the altar but around the room. Usually in the RW an incense burner is usually also presence, You can probably construct one using steaming cups, etc...
Help Blaze Level Please
blaze1005b visit me @ shattered edge raido.....join and tell them i sent ya....@ fubar
Wiccan Handfasting Ceremony
Wiccan Handfasting Ceremony Priestess speaks: Welcome, friends, as we gather to celebrate the marriage of Bride and Groom. Divine One, I ask thee to bless this couple, their love, and their marriage as long as they shall live in love together. May they each enjoy a healthy life filled with joy, love, stability and fertility. Turns to the East: Blessed be by the element of air. May you be blessed with communication, intellectual growth, and wisdom. Turns to the South: Blessed be by the element of fire. May you be blessed with harmony, vitality, creativity, and passion. Turns to the West: Blessed be by the element of water. May you be blessed with friendship, intuition, caring, understanding, and love. Turns to the North: Blessed be by the element of earth. May you be blessed with tenderness, happiness, compassion, and sensuality. Faces all: In all the eons, the long slow climb of evolution has no greater culmination than the union o
How I Feel
You know, I wonder if they'll laugh when I am dead Why am I fighting to live, if I'm just living to fight Why am I trying to see, when there ain't nothing in sight Why am I trying to give, when no one gives me a try Why am I dying to live, if I'm just living to die a look inside my mind
I May Be Getting A Hystrectomy Soon But Im Not Dead> Yeah>> Diana
was a freeky thing happened to me but I survived it, and did a few things ive never done before. I also researhed hystrectomy,s . and ask /g friends in here ; ty all. Ask a mans, view 2.. Ty .. I had a ruptured cyst , ovarian, almost bleed away ;was very cold and lost most my blood supply . not quite enough to need a transfusion thou..i was driving to a hospital to get help. Im ok now , healing, im gripy , yeah and on narcotics for pain. Im raging hormanal freek right now. But ill calm down and be fine . next 2 wks ill go get sonagrams and date for hystrectomy and then do this heal and be BETTER than ever..Wow ty my friends , you seem to of helped me when my B/ f in fubar, seemed to of freeked out on me couldnt give nme any answer???. Im Sure all will all be just fine, soon.I do have 2 personalities im a gemini , sign of a twin .. yup..
Pet Peeves On And Off Fubar
1. People that send you an add request and then never talk to you. 2. Bad drivers 3. People that either rate your profile or one pic and that's it....Never say hi or your rating, does nothing for me. 4. Women that use their nsfw pics or other pics to prostitute themselves for blasts, fuBucks, happy hours, or whatever else they may want. 5. People that always want you to be there for them, but never have time for you. 6. People that upload 500 pics and only two or three of them are actually pics of them. 7. People that upload a ton of pics and have every single folder marked for friends only. Come on, at least give us a few pics so we know what you look like. 8. When you rate a bunch of pics for someone and they can't take the time to return the favor. 9. When the shoutbox doesn't work. 10. When my browser crashes. 11. People on messengers that think they have to message you every single time they sign on and have nothing to say.
Isn't He Lucky?
If the devil on my shoulder were in the room right now my exboyfriend would be undergoing major changes. He's log into myspace tomorrow to find he's a 16 yr old chic who's into hot lesbian sex with stinky 97 yr old grannies who don't bath. He'd learn that he's a gay guy who learned to love hot man on man action while he was in jail for raping his cat. He'd find out that he's in this country illegally and is looking for an older woman who doesn't mind the fact that he has sex with his dog to marry until he because legal. He'll give her mind blowing sex and make it worth her while and all it will cost her in the end is half her fortune and a world of heartache. He would be saying how sorry he is for everything he ever did to hurt me and owning up to it all being his fault. If the devil on my shoulder were in the room right now he'd be becoming all the things he hates. He'd learn that he really isn't that hot and that the sex wasn't really mind blowing. He'd find out that he really wasn'
Woohoo A Fu Wedding!!!
Youre invited to the Fu-Wedding between; DJ~Stoner DJ~Pure Hate NomaD click any pic to get to the wedding, no one leaves sober...woop woop..
screeching weasel "The Science Of Myth" If you've ever question beliefs that you hold you're not alone But you oughtta realize that every myth is a metaphor in the case of Christianity and Judaism there exist the belief that spiritual matters are enslaved to history The Buddhists believe that the functional aspects override the myth while other religions use the literal core to build foundations with See half the world sees the myth as fact while it's seen as a lie by the other half and the simple truth is that it's none of that and Somehow we get by without ever learning Science and religion are not mutually exclusive In fact for better understanding we take the facts of science and apply them And if both factors keep evolving then we continue getting information but closing off possibilities makes it hard to see the bigger picture Consider the case of the women whose faith helped her make it through when she was raped and cut up left for dead in a t
If We Had Sex..fill Out Please!
If We Had Sex..... don't be scared. you never know who really wants to do you! (Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out). 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you let me pull your hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you from 1 - 10? 16. Would you want me to go fast or slow? 17. Where would you want it? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you mind if i licked you? 20. Would you Fuck me today? 21. Would you Fuck me tomorrow?
Men, Women... Why Do We Need Either Of Them... Just Shit On All Of Them Eh...
What the fuck is peoples problems... Like i understand if you just want to fuck but come on guys i thought i actually had a guy that fucking was honest... but no.... FUCK NO... i accidently grabbed his phone and read one of his out box. And guess what... He was talking to Fucking yellow belly asking her if she would like to fuck... What the hell... When you say you love someone you don't do any of that shit... HOLLY CRAP... He live's with me he eats me food that i get he reads my phone to see if im doing anything... You want to talk about fucking stupid... god i hate guys... they are so fucked up. I thought i found a man for once... FUCK...
Rant About Guys
heres what i hate.... you come onto a site to make friends and all that fun stuff then all these guys comeon and message you asking you if they can fuck you, I find that extremely sexist in the sense of all guys really want is a sexy girl and her body.... not her mind... just their pussys and their tits. One thing that really frustrates me is when they ask you is if you want their cocks in you, and how you want it........ I CANT FUCKING STAND IT.......HELLO WE ARE PEOPLE TOO YOU KNOW....WERE NOT HERE FOR JUST SEX... IF YOU WANT THAT JUST GO ON THE STREET AND LOOK FOR A FUCKING PROSTITUTE..... I really dont care how I come across to people.... I am me.... Thats all i care about i dont see myself as ugly i dont see myself as pretty i see me as me! Guys need to just stop thinking with their fucking cocks and sexizing ( I dont know if thats a word or not... but i dont care it is in this blog so shut the fuck up) girls the way they do...... just because we have pussies and tits doesnt mean
Waiting For You
sitting on the stairs looking up to the sky im waiting for you you stroll past me once again that look in your eye i smile you shy away like a flower in the night i wait for you to bloom even more tell me what you feel i might posses the love you wait for a long kiss from my lips blows to you unaware how i really feel i know you care or you wouldnt smile alone on the stairs waiting patiently waiting for you
Baby Boy
My New Loung
ok ppl. i have a new lounge and need members to join it. also i need input on how dj thingy works and how to get music and make this a successful lounge. please help. here is the link for the lounge. just copy and past it into browser.
Fubar E-mail
If you haven't read about changes to FUBar e-mail, you'll want to (then you'll see why your e-mail from before November 9-- if you joined before then and had any-- is no longer there.)
Morph Pi
Friends List
Im going to delete from my list now If you havent spoken to me since being added I dont feel bad about deleting you...
Aurora Borealis, The Northern Lights.
Hacker Alert!~
If some person called KURT CHAPMAN adds u, don't accept it, because its a hacker!! Tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds them u get them on your list he'll figure out Your ID computer address, so copy and paste this message cause if he hacks their email he hacks your mail too!!!
I just want to say I would like people that are on my friends list take the time to get to know me before they judge me or accuse me of something I didn't do, I'd definetly would like to have friends who like me for me, :D
Perception Vs. Reality
Problems are caused when there is an incongruence between perception and reality. Competing contrast within yourself and your personalities causes increased misjudged perception. With so many people in this world living multiple lives depending on what personality suits them that particular day or hour, it is certainly no wonder there is so much angst and anger amongst us. It seems to me that if you're doing something that you're only proud to do in certain company, than you probably ought not be doing it. I have more to say on this subject, but I'm a little aggravated right now and that's not the best emotion for me to write from. I will wait until my thoughts are better gathered and complete this later.
Like A Dream
Here I sit, thinking only of you Wondering what is to become of us Understanding all you have been through Hoping to slowly gain your trust My heart aches for you, and also I yearn I want to understand you In hopes that I will learn Your unique and special qualities amaze me Your smile Your mind Your voice and its beautiful sound Your eyes Your hair Your ability to cheer me up When you see that I am down My feelings for you go beyond that of words And at first it didn't seem real But that just taught me a lesson In doubting what I feel It seems I dreamed you into life And the reason for my stare The bluest sky The deepest sea Don't even compare You're so very special in every single way And thoughts of you Run through my head Every hour of the day I hope that you will understand Just how I feel about you I want to be your guiding hand For all that you go through
I Love The Way You Look At Me
I love the way you look at me, Your eyes so bright and blue. I love the way you kiss me, Your lips so soft and smooth. I love the way you make me so happy, And the ways you show you care. I love the way you say, "I Love You," And the way you're always there. I love the way you touch me, Always sending chills down my spine. I love that you are with me, And glad that you are mine.
Your Life Is In Your Hands!
These are the lyrics to the song Make Yourself, the title track of Incubus' album....Make Yourself. I have heard this song about a trillion times since it came out in 99'. Up until early this last year I had never understood the true relevance, and power of this song. It is hard for me to admit that. As i think about it, I wonder how I had seemingly been blind to what this message has to offer to anyone who reads it. There are too many people in the United States letting other people make life altering choices for them, your life belongs to you......MAKE IT!!!! If I hadn't made me I would've been made somehow if I hadn't assembled myself I'd have fallen apart by now If I hadn't made me I'd be more inclined to bow powers that be, would have swallowed me up but that's more than I can allow If you let them make you they'll make you paper mache at a distance you're strong until the wind comes then you crumble and blow away If you let them fuck you ther
Friends In Need And Not Pimp Out - Real Life
Dear friends and family, Prayers needs right away We have a real close friend Michelle, who’s daughter Alyssa a 2yr old beautiful little angel was severely burnt in a house fire The baby was trapped in her bedroom when a volunteer firefighter found her She was found lying on a bed in a smoke-filled room, "badly burned, but still breathing.” What we know right now is that it does not look good for Alyssa she is so badly burnt Please I ask of you to keep Alyssa her mommy and the rest of her family in your prayers Click here to go to the Charleston Daily News Artical
Save The Drama For Ur Mama
sweetlady / ARCHANGEL Family please sign my guest book@ fubar Ok I have something to say here, people need to grow up on here on fubar, this is an adult site, not a kiddie site, telling me she saw a blog about me saying I used her pictures, shit I have my own pictures to use, I have nothing to hide, I am proud of who I am, if they do not like you for you, they can go fuck themselves. I am not here for fucking drama, so leave me the fuck alone & keep my name out of ur mouth when u don't know me. Please I strongly advise I have better shit to do then use someone's else pictures since I got my own, I am sorry to say but people need to grow up on here and get a life, I'm 26 and she's 40 something, shit I have better shit to do, Sorry to say. I have a life so I got my own pictures to use on fubar, I'm not here to impress no one but myself. I am ME and PROUD TO BE ME, DON'T LIKE ME FOR ME, I SUGGEST YOU BLOCK ME! YOU DON'T LIKE THE TRUTH OF WHAT I HAVE TO SAY, THE TRUTH HURTS DON'T IT? S
I Have Had It
I got back from my trip to Mi at 330 Thanksgiving morning. It was a Very Long and lonely drive. Almost 14 hrs., I just wanted to wish all my FUBAR friends a late, but, happy Thanksgiving. I could hardly wait to get back here to see everyone.
Thanksgiving Theatrics
Um. I made turkey. But first I violated the turkey. Pictures:
School Prayer
NEW School prayer : Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks. They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible. To quote the Good Book makes me liable. We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen, And the 'unwed daddy,' our Senior King. It's 'inappropriate' to teach right from wrong, We're taught that such 'judgments' do not belong. We can get our condoms and birth cont
This Is Real Life.....
Dear friends and family, Prayers needs right away We have a real close friend Michelle, who’s daughter Alyssa a 2yr old beautiful little angel was severely burnt in a house fire The baby was trapped in her bedroom when a volunteer firefighter found her She was found lying on a bed in a smoke-filled room, "badly burned, but still breathing.” What we know right now is that it does not look good for Alyssa she is so badly burnt Please I ask of you to keep Alyssa her mommy and the rest of her family in your prayers Click here to go to the Charleston Daily News Artical
Finding The Dream
Dear friends and family, Prayers needs right away We have a real close friend Michelle, who’s daughter Alyssa a 2yr old beautiful little angel was severely burnt in a house fire The baby was trapped in her bedroom when a volunteer firefighter found her She was found lying on a bed in a smoke-filled room, "badly burned, but still breathing.” What we know right now is that it does not look good for Alyssa she is so badly burnt Please I ask of you to keep Alyssa her mommy and the rest of her family in your prayers Click here to go to the Charleston Daily News Artical
Your Prayers Are Needed
Dear friends and family, Prayers needs right away We have a real close friend Michelle, who’s daughter Alyssa a 2yr old beautiful little angel was severely burnt in a house fire The baby was trapped in her bedroom when a volunteer firefighter found her She was found lying on a bed in a smoke-filled room, "badly burned, but still breathing.” What we know right now is that it does not look good for Alyssa she is so badly burnt Please I ask of you to keep Alyssa her mommy and the rest of her family in your prayers Click here to go to the Charleston Daily News Artical
Funny Quotes From:
Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don’t have film. Boycott shampoo! Demand the REAL poo! If you choke a smurf, what color does it turn? Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard disk? What happens if you get scared half to death twice? Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery. I poured Spot remover on my dog. Now he’s gone. I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out. For Sale: Parachute. Only used once, never opened, small stain. OK, so what’s the speed of dark? Corduroy pillows: They’re making headlines! Black holes are where God divided by zero. All those who believe in psychokinesis raise my hand. Excuses are like asses everyone’s got em and they all stink. I tried sniffing Coke once, but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose. An apple a day keeps the doctor away… so does having no medical insurance. Death is life’s way of telling you you’ve been fired. What we c
Your Opinions Please
I had to add some info to my profile because I am too sweet for my own good and dont realize stuff till its almost too late. Let me know if this says the right things. Your input would be greatly appreciated!! Well it seems I need to add some info to this. I am on here to make friends. I AM NOT HERE TO GET NAKED FOR ANYONE!!!! I'm not here to meet someone and help them get their rocks off. Don't let the illusion that follows a BBW fool you. I am not desperate for a piece of ass. I am in no big rush to get laid. I am looking for something real. When the time is right, I will find the one that I deserve and that deserves me. So for those of you that want to know me just for me, I thank you!!
hey fubar playa`s holla @ your boy if your bored text or call me @ 216-799-3300 one krazy~j~bird
What A Mess....
David has been very good at making a mess so far. Yesterday he dropped a can of soda on the living room floor and it exploded. Soda everywhere. Today getting into the car he does it again.. soda went all over the inside of my car. Now they shouldn't explode so easily.. but I wish he wouldn't drop them lol.
Update 11 /23
Ok Had the surgery Monday and at home recouping now all should be fine thanks for all the Love it ment alot My new look ~Ancient1~ xxx SoberBy StaindBest Video Codes
Fyredragn & Youngsoldier Hh Luv!!
These two guys bought me the Happy Hour I sponsored a few hours ago... please... go show them some luv!!! They are really great guys!! THANKS YOU TWO FOR BUYING ME THIS HAPPY HOUR FOR ME!! YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST!!! THEIR NAMES WERE TOO LONG TO PUT UP A FULL THANKS TOO.. SO HERE IS MY THANKS... THESE GUYS JUST LEFT IRAQ FROM A LONG TOUR... SHOW THEM THE LOVE THEY DESERVE!! youngsoldier917*****CLUB F.A.R*****.@ fubar FyreDragn**-=*Member of L.O.L levelers*=- & ~~CLUB F.A.R MEMBER~~**@ fubar GO SHOW THEM SOME LUV PLEASE!!! *~AngL~*
History About Tim
I hope everyone has had a nice Thanksgiving didn't eat too much, i sure did! But since i am bored and not sure what i was gonna do i thought i tell you the story about a guy name Tim. I was borned on Setember 24,1962, I born in Kansas City,Missouri, at St Lukes Hospital on the Country Club Plaza. I reside to this date in Overland Park,Kansas. I live to this date with my parents, now some of you that end up reading this blog are probably wondering, "Why is a guy like him still living with his parents?" Well! thats a very long story,some of you might know the story and some don't but i will try it again. I just never really wanted too move out on my own, i guess i am just too scared to find out what is really going on out in the real world, I hate to admit to being wrong. My finances over the years were never the greatest from the time i got out of High School to this date, My pay on all my jobs that i have done were not all that great, which i didn't really have any job experience all m
Penis Poem
Penis Poem -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My nookie days are over, My pilot light is out, What used to be my sex appeal, Is now my water spout. Time was when, on its own accord, From my trousers it would spring, But now I've got a full-time job, To find the blasted thing. It used to be embarrassing, The way it would behave, For every single morning, It would stand and watch me shave. Now as old age approaches, It sure gives me the blues, To see it hang its little head, And watch me tie my shoes!
Double Sided
A painted face with a fake smile,though tears not an oppition,just programed to be numb, everyone is lonly here too No sleep, opp's dont cry boo-who No anger, no saddness, no reaction Think of things that make you wonder Find emotions burried in the depth of your mind Hidden in the shell, free to reek Hell Burning lines of fantisy and lust Have you ever seen the demon looking back in you Being all your dreams, all your nightmares Knowing your weakness, Knowing your strangth Your Best Friend, Your Worst eniemy The flawless barbies make insecority the disorder Food becomes bland, water tastes like salt and Habbitts become Addictions The glassy blue waves comfert those wanting attention, hidden in the depths of sea lay ragging fury, (this is what I see looking back at me)
"what Came Before He Shot Her"
2006 novel by Elizabeth George. The usual cast of characters of her Scotland Yard novels (Thomas Lynley, Barbara Havers, Winston Nkata...) make but the briefest appearance in it- well, one "usual" character (the "Her" of the title) and one other do make a somewhat longer appearance. Only somewhat. This novel is the story of the lives of two brothers and a sister (the oldest about fifteen, the main character, Joel, twelve) after their grandmother receives- very happily- the news that she's being deported from the UK to Jamaica- and decides to leave the three grandchildren with their unsuspecting aunt- and how the dreams of two of them slowly grow (... and what happens then... unfortunately.) Saddening enough but intended to be (I expect) because sympathetic enough, very well done as I expect from this author, very worth reading especially if one already likes the series itself of course.
From: Someone To: Someone
i am so glad to be with u. u make me feel like a person again. i havent felt like this in almost a yr. ur so good to me. i hope this never ends. to be honest im startin to get a little scared. everytime i get attached to a guy it never turns out pretty, but i'm willin to see this thru as far as it will go. i luv u baby!!!
Sorry i havent been online much internet...i've moved...will b back soon....
Your Prayers Are Needed
Dear friends and family, Prayers needs right away We have a real close friend Michelle, who’s daughter Alyssa a 2yr old beautiful little angel was severely burnt in a house fire The baby was trapped in her bedroom when a volunteer firefighter found her She was found lying on a bed in a smoke-filled room, "badly burned, but still breathing.” What we know right now is that it does not look good for Alyssa she is so badly burnt Please I ask of you to keep Alyssa her mommy and the rest of her family in your prayers
Im Back!
Hey hey, ive been offline for quite some time and im sorry that i havent kept in touch its been a rather rough 6 months. but im back and hope to talk to yas soon. luv...Kitty
Take Time
"for You My Love"
here's another i wrote long ago .................................................... 'For you my love' For you my love,i send this to; This message my love,must get through. I send this with,a hug and a kiss; To have you near me,i surely miss. Even though,we are miles apart; I still do feel you,in my heart. For every night,i go to bed; I have these thoughts,go through my head. So even though,you are not in sight; Do you hear me say? I LOVE YOU, AND GOODNIGHT....
Comment To Show Your Support!
Dear friends and family, Prayers needs right away We have a real close friend Michelle, who’s daughter Alyssa a 2yr old beautiful little angel was severely burnt in a house fire The baby was trapped in her bedroom when a volunteer firefighter found her She was found lying on a bed in a smoke-filled room, "badly burned, but still breathing.” What we know right now is that it does not look good for Alyssa she is so badly burnt Please I ask of you to keep Alyssa her mommy and the rest of her family in your prayers Click here to go to the Charleston Daily News Artical
Had Been Having Rating Trouble :)
For awhile was rating people's photos but it wasn't contributing to the "average rating" displayed on the photo page. This seems to have changed (he remarks without much reason) Italians, O'rly?
At this point i got him on yahoo, where he proceeded to show me his COCK, and sp read his ass ->FairyPrint...: on yahoo...add me....and you BETTER do something nasty to yourself on cam ->FairyPrint...: lady_of_dark_magic nestore750...: ok so you wanan see me or not? nestore750...: ok so you wanan see me or not? ->FairyPrint...: Nice....not at all. Ive done stranger. IVE fucked a tree before nestore750...: afraid? nestore750...: smak my ass with YOUR lightsaber and make dress like an ewok ->FairyPrint...: Smack your ass with my lightsaber, and make you dress like an ewok?...SAY IT!....say you want me to do that, in detailed form nestore750...: penis? no penis, pussy but i'd like that you smack my ass ->FairyPrint...: see my "meat"? I dont have a penis. But i require you to do for me, before i do for you. nestore750...: hey my princess smack my ass nestore750...: i need to see your meat where can you see me sodomize myself? ->FairyPri
This is my first of probably many blogs! I just wanted to say that I'm really new to this site, and if it weren't for Meggy I wouldn't be here at all! In my blogs, you will get a small glimps into my life. I will warn you all now, it gets a bit confusing! Well, Later!
For Alyssa, Michelle & Her Family
Dear friends and family, Prayers needs right away We have a real close friend Michelle, who’s daughter Alyssa a 2yr old beautiful little angel was severely burnt in a house fire The baby was trapped in her bedroom when a volunteer firefighter found her She was found lying on a bed in a smoke-filled room, "badly burned, but still breathing.” What we know right now is that it does not look good for Alyssa she is so badly burnt Please I ask of you to keep Alyssa her mommy and the rest of her family in your prayers Click here to go to the Charleston Daily News Artical
Free Ringtones
Hey does anyone know a site that I can get some free ringtones for my cellphone that is safe?? My friend has the mario bros. song and I soooooo want it for my phone!
Moving On.
Well.... Thanksgiving is once again come an gone for yet another year. Through all the stress, drama, joy, tears, cooking, food, shopping, annoyances, and so many other emotions tied in with holidays... In the end it really means nothing because people have to hang onto holidays so that they can get by with only seeing family members at that point in time because in this day and age we live in now, people are more concerned with only themselves instead of the ties that bind our hearts.... Family... Its a sad thing to see but it really was inevitable due to the nature and the time that we live in. For now everyone is taking a collective breath, the calm before the storm has only begun, the biggest holiday is only 32 days away and everyone will scurry around spending insane amounts of money on presents that people really do not need because a majority of people have truly forgotten what the spirit of christmas is and instead try to buy there childrens, spouses, family members, frien
Dear friends and family, Prayers needs right away We have a real close friend Michelle, who’s daughter Alyssa a 2yr old beautiful little angel was severely burnt in a house fire The baby was trapped in her bedroom when a volunteer firefighter found her She was found lying on a bed in a smoke-filled room, "badly burned, but still breathing.” What we know right now is that it does not look good for Alyssa she is so badly burnt Please I ask of you to keep Alyssa her mommy and the rest of her family in your prayers Click here to go to the Charleston Daily News Artical
The Name Mary, Maria
The Name: MARY © Georgios C Paraskevopoulos Mary is the usual English form of the Latinized name Maria of the New Testament Greek name Maria or Mariam (the spellings are interchangeable), which were from the Hebrew name Miriam. The meaning is not known for certain, but there are several theories including "sea of bitterness", "rebelliousness", and "wished for child". However it was most likely originally an Egyptian name perhaps derived in part from 'mry' "beloved" or 'mr' "love". My opinion of this name - probably correct (Not accepted by Theologists) Since the name Maria is used after Greek language became a global language it could be a Greek name and not a Hebrew name. Ma+Rhea 'Μα Ρέα' Ma=mother, Rhea=flow (ancient Greek). Rhea is identified with mother goddess Cybele from Asia Minor and is also known as Rhea Cybele and Magna Mater ("great mother"). Rhea is depicted between two lions or on a chariot pulled by lions. WHY MaRhea and not Miriam?
My Birthday
I just want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes!!!! You all really made my day, THANK YOU XOXOXOX Jessica
If A Man Wants You...
IF A MAN WANTS YOU If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why w
Am I A Romantic
You Are A Romantic You life your life like a fairy tale... or at least you try to. Living for magical moments, you believe there's only one true love for you. Love is the most important thing in your life, and you don't take it for granted. Your perfect match loves to be in love as much as you do! Are You Romantic or Realistic?
Week 11 Browns Blog
My Candy Kisses
Your Kissing Grade: A You are truly an amazing kisser. Your kisses are extraordinarily mind blowing. Whether you're naturally a good kisser or not, you've taken the time learn how to be the best kisser possible. Anyone would be lucky to get a kiss from you! How Do Your Kisses Rate?
Speading The Joy
to all the big girls and boys
Already today was black Friday, so I know we got some crazy shopping stories today! Lets hear them!
Worlds Fall Apart
The days have become hard. Much of my independence before life with man has returned. Days wade in and out like the lapping of waves to the shore. How quickly my first two months has passed. Some nights I lie in bed, cold, empty, alone and it feels like it has been forever since he laid here beside me. How quickly life is altered and how quickly the winds of change shift. With it all, I myself am changing too. Once a blooming rose, but with each heartache a petal has been removed. One by one they have all fallen, until there was nothing left of me at all. I lived most of my life as the girl with her walls built high, now after all is said and done...I am the wall. Impenetrable. Some of us are born for greatness and sadly some of us are not. I think what I was born for was pain. It has taken all that was my life and swallowed it whole I really feel that i as a person, just truly am no more. I have grown so cold, uncaring, and lifeless. I live now for one thing, for one g
What Personalit Do I Have
You Have A Type A Personality You are hyper, energetic, and always on the mood You tend to succeed at everything you attempt And if you don't succeed at first, you quickly climb your way to the top! You could be called a workaholic, but you also make time for fun As long as it's high energy and competitive, you're interested You have the perfect personality for business and athletic success Do You Have a Type A Personality?
Freakin Fairy Tale's
So I saw Enchanted the other night and it was a great movie. It was happy ever after but in a different direction. As I am watching it thinking that life it just not like that. relationships are not perfect. Of course I always hope for the happily ever after but how real is that. Is there happily ever after in real life? Some days I start to doubt. I guess life is not what I want it to be. I would love to get married settle down and know that every night I have someone to wrap their arms around me and kiss me goodnight. Someone to bounce ideas off of and to say what do you think so that all decisions are not up to me. I am not looking for a new dad for Alexus cause she has a dad and she loves him more than life it's self he is a wonderful father. Grr fairy tales they just lie to children but yet I want my daughter to believe in happily ever after but I want her to know that sometimes it just doesnt happen either. "Be strong. Remember not everything has a happy ending, and en
Omg I'm So Excited...
as most know a few weeks ago joined M.F.I. well im 273$ away from half way point o getting my new boobies I can't believe how many friends i've gained along the way. any help greatly appriciated and rewarded .....just registering lets ownersknow i am promoting the site .......and any help will be rewarded with pics and videos too hot for fubar! so click my link help a girl out Create The Perfect Girl at!
My Heart
Your Heart Is Red You're a passionate lover - you always have a huge fire in your heart. Too bad it's hard for you to be passionate about just one person! Your flirting style: Outgoing and sexy Your lucky first date: Drinks and dancing Your dream lover: Is both stable and intense What you bring to relationships: Honesty What Color Heart Do You Have?
When I'm 100, If I Lean A Little ... Let Me!
The family wheeled Grandma out on the lawn, in her wheelchair, where the activities for her 100th birthday were taking place. Grandma couldn't speak very well, but she could write notes when she needed to communicate. After a short time out on the lawn, Grandma started leaning off to the right, so some family members grabbed her, straightened her up, and stuffed pillows on her right side. A short time later, she started leaning off to her left, so again the family grabbed her and stuffed pillows on her left side. Soon she started leaning forward, so the family members again grabbed her, then tied a pillowcase around her waist to hold her up. A nephew who arrived late came up to Grandma and said, 'Hi, Grandma, you're looking good! How are they treating you?' Grandma took out her little notepad and slowly wrote a note to the nephew. . . . . . . . . 'They won't let me fart.'
Led Zepplin 4 Lyrics
Black Dog (Jones/Page/Plant) Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove. Oh, oh, child, way you shake that thing, gonna make you burn, gonna make you sting. Hey, hey, baby, when you walk that way, watch your honey drip, can't keep away. *Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah, ah, ah. Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah, ah, ah. I gotta roll, can't stand still, got a flame in my heart, can't get my fill. Eyes that shine burning red, dreams of you all through my head. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. Hey, baby, oh, baby, pretty baby, Tell me won't you you do me now. Didn't take too long 'fore I found out, what people mean my down and out. Spent my money, took my car, started telling her friends she wants to be a star. I don't know but I been told, a big-legged woman ain't got no soul. * Chorus All I ask for when I pray, steady rollin' woman gonna come my way. Need a woman gonna hold my hand, won't tell me no lies, make me a hap
Metallica One Lyrics
Metallica - One Lyrics I can't remember anything Can't tell if this is true or dream Deep down inside I feel to scream This terrible silence stops with me Now that the war is through with me I'm waking up, I cannot see That there's not much left of me Nothing is real but pain now Hold my breath as I wish for death Oh please God, wake me Back in the womb it's much too real In pumps life that I must feel But can't look forward to reveal Look to the time when I'll live Fed through the tube that sticks in me Just like a wartime novelty Tied to machines that make me be Cut this life off from me Hold my breath as I wish for death Oh please God, wake me Now the world is gone I'm just one Oh God help me Hold my breath as I wish for death Oh please God, help me Darkness Imprisoning me All that I see Absolute horror I cannot live I cannot die Trapped in myself Body my holding cell Landmine has taken my sight Taken my speech Taken my hearing T
Myspaace And Yahoo this is my myspace page also my yahoo id is
Well after all the stress n pain I DID IT I made the 4 hour trip ( which was 6 hours due to the snow) and went to my interview today for the * response managament* I GOT IT !! I was doudting myself but pulled it off *WHEW* thanks for the support WLLGETRICH! You were my rock and MAN DID I CLIMB! i thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Push. Sending out all my love to U. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO I DID IT!! Look Out big city tiny boxer has Landed with 2 feet FIRMLY planted on the ground !
Metallica Unforgiven Lyrics
Metallica - The Unforgiven Lyrics New blood joins this earth And quickly he's subdued Through constant pained disgrace The young boy learns their rules With time the child draws in This whipping boy done wrong Deprived of all his thoughts The young man struggles on and on he's known A vow unto his own That never from this day His will they'll take away What I've felt What I've known Never shined through in what I've shown Never be Never see Won't see what might have been What I've felt What I've known Never shined through in what I've shown Never free Never me So I dub thee unforgiven they dedicate their lives, to ruining all of his He tries to please them all This bitter man he is Throughout his life the same He's battled constantly This fight he cannot win A tired man they see no longer cares The old man then prepares To die regretfully That old man here is me What I've felt What I've known Never shined through in what I've shown Never
Fu Girlfriend
i need a fubar girlfriend any takers
If A Child
Food For Thought
Thanksgiving: A Native American View by Jacqueline Keeler I celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. This may surprise those people who wonder what Native Americans think of this official U.S. celebration of the survival of early arrivals in a European invasion that culminated in the death of 10 to 30 million native people. Thanksgiving to me has never been about Pilgrims. When I was six, my mother, a woman of the Dineh nation, told my sister and me not to sing "Land of the Pilgrim's pride" in "America the Beautiful." Our people, she said, had been here much longer and taken much better care of the land. We were to sing "Land of the Indian's pride" instead. I was proud to sing the new lyrics in school, but I sang softly. It was enough for me to know the difference. At six, I felt I had learned something very important. As a child of a Native American family, you are part of a very select group of survivors, and I learned that my family possessed some "inside" knowledge
Mexican Viagra
Warning - Do Not Order Mexican Viagra ! Important Bulletin Many men are buying 'black market' Viagra pills from Mexican mail-order drug stores. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that several of these pharmacies are mixing the Viagra with ground up Mexican Jumping Beans. The results can be horrible. Here is what you get when you combine Viagra with Mexican Jumping Beans. (Scroll down...) .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Pass this on. Too funny, to not share a laugh
If If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise: If you can dream -- and not make dreams your master; If you can think -- and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two imposters just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools; If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss; If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve
Here Is A Thought!
Ok, if I get one more shout about how I swell someone's dick up, I swear, I am going to go insane.... Like, do you think if I get something like that from you, I am going to respond back? NO. Go look @ at a fucking porno or something!! But, don't tell me, because I don't care to know....
Rate My Poem
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What Happens When Men Beleave What Thay Read
The husband had just finished reading a new book: "YOU CAN BE THE MAN Of YOUR HOUSE." He stormed into the kitchen and walked directly up to his wife. Pointing a finger in her face, he said sternly, "From now on, YOU need to know that I AM the MAN of this house, and my word is law! You will prepare me a gourmet meal tonight, and when I'm finished eating my meal, you will serve me a sumptuous dessert afterward. Then, after dinner, you are going to go upstairs with me, and we will have the sex that I want. After that, you are going to draw me my bath so I can relax. You will wash my back and towel me dry and bring me my robe. Then you will massage my feet and hands. Then after that's done, guess who's going to dress me and comb my hair?" His wife replied, "The f*cking funeral director would be my guess."
Nov. 23, 2007
This blog staes my best friend/ co-workers word of the day. Today is Nov 23 2007 and the W.O.T.D. is: SAUSAGE WALLET....rememeber friends SAUSAGE WALLET
Good News!!
well i had to break down and get a new computer,couldnt stand not havin i get to stick around and bug you guys somemore!!!
Song 2
Band : Blur Song & Lyrics : Blur I got my head checked By a jumbo jet It wasn't easy But nothing is No [chorus] Woo-hoo When I feel heavy-metal And I'm pins and I'm needles Well, I lie and I'm easy All the time but I am never sure Why I need you Pleased to meet you I got my head down When I was young It's not my problem It's not my problem [chorus] Woo-hoo When I feel heavy-metal And I'm pins and I'm needles Well, I lie and I'm easy All the time but I am never sure Why I need you Pleased to meet you Yeah yeah Yeah yeah Yeah yeah Oh yeah
Downrater @sshole
Cisco Kid@ fubar He will downrate your stash as a thumbs down so becareful, he's a downrater.
No Idea What I'm Talking About
To take over a galaxy you need the man power of one planet or one b f g , to take over a planet you need the power of a small nation ,to take over a government you need the brain capacity of Brain from--Pinky and the Brain AND a lot of dumb people that well do what ever you tell them to do or a lot of fucking money , but to take control of you self you need a lot more then all of these things you need self control or telekinesis so you can do some really fucking cool things but it would help if you had both .
Men Are Like
1. Men are like .......Laxatives .... They irritate the shit out of you. 2. Men are like .......Bananas ..... ...The older they get, the less firm they are. 3. Men are like ........Weather ....... Nothing can be done to change them. 4. Men are like .......Blenders .... ....You need one, but you're not quite sure why. 5. Men are like ...... Chocolate Bars ,,Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips. 6. Men are like ......Commercials ..... You can't believe a word they say. 7. Men are like .......Department Stores .... Their clothes are always 1/2 off. 8. Men are like .......Government Bonds .... They take soooooooo long to mature. 9. Men are like ......Mascara ..... They usually run at the first sign of emotion. 10. Men are like ......Popcorn .... They satisfy you, but only for a little while. 11. Men are like ..... Snowstorms .... You never know when they're coming, how many inches you'll get or how long it will last. 12. Men are like .......Lava Lamps .. Fun to
Employee And Guest General Rulz.... And Other Info
EMPLOYEES & GUESTS 1. Please, NO DRAMA….. 2. No racism (of any kind) 3. No talking about illegal drugs or paraphernalia related to them. 4. No arguing or fighting of any kind in the lounge. (We can’t control what happens outside of the lounge, but just remember, there is an ignore button or block button.) 5. No sexually explicit graphic conversations or implications PLEASE. 6. DO NOT disrespect any lounge member or lounge staff. 7. NO spamming the room with junk GENERAL EMPLOYEE RULES 1. YOU MUST HAVE YAHOO MESSENGER INSTALLED, and YOU MUST HAVE MICROSOFT WORD and EXCEL INSTALLED. 2. PLEASE stay in the lounge during your scheduled shift. If for some reason you are unable to be in the lounge during part of your shift, please let the DJ on AIR know. 3. PLEASE MAKE ACTIVE EFFORT to greet EVERY guest, members or non-members that come into the lounge. We no longer have greeters positions due to EVERYONE is considered a greeter 4. Try to engage people in conversation, if
Mlb Pitcher Dies
MLB PITCHER JOE KENNEDY PASSES AWAY   TAMPA, Fla. -- Major league pitcher Joe Kennedy died early Friday morning, a Hillsborough County sheriff's official said. He was 28. Kennedy passed out at home and was brought to a hospital, Hillsborough County sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Carter said. She had no further details. Kennedy's agent, Damon Lapa, told that Kennedy died while at home with family in Florida. He did not return phone calls and an e-mail from The Associated Press. "We were terribly shocked," Blue Jays president Paul Godfrey said. "From what we understand he was in Bradenton ... to be the best man at a wedding today." Godfrey said he didn't have any particulars on the cause of death. "When a 28-year-old man dies it's terrible," he said. The left-hander was 43-61 in seven major league seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays, Colorado Rockies, Oakland Athletics, Arizona Diamondbacks and Toronto Blue Jays. Kennedy compiled a 43-61 record with a 4.79 ERA,
Just Started Here
So, how did I end up here? Word of mouth, and just stumbled into the place one day, and BLAMMO!!!! That's how I made it here. So, what do I do now? Nothing yet, I'm just checking out and then I'll see what goes on from here. It's kind of weird, I always told myself I'd never do stuff, like this, but curiosity gets the best of me. Well, let's see what happens from here. And anyone checking my profile, "Hi!"
Bartender Job And Rulz
BARTENDER JOB DESCRIPTION // RULES 1. ALWAYS ask if guests or members would like a drink. 2. Please serve the ROUND OF DRINKS bought by people in the lounge 3. You MUST ask every 5-8 minutes if anyone would like a refill or a fresh drink. 4. Play around and have fun, but PLEASE watch for drink requests. 5. PLEASE respond to a drink request IN CAPS with the name of the drink and the person it is to. EXAMPLES: a. SHOTGUN…. A SHOT OF 151 FOR YOU b. SLIDES A SOCO W/ CHERRIES DOWN THE BAR TO MIZZ B
Promoter Job And Rulz
PROMOTER JOB DESCRIPTION // RULES 1. PROMOTERS do not have a set schedule. In order to be a promoter for us, all we ask is that you complete the following tasks at least 5 days a week. a. POST and REPOST LOUNGE bulletins, 5 total per day. b. POST and REPOST VIP bulletins, 5 total per day. c. POST and REPOST HOMEPAGE bulletins, 5 total per day. d. COMMENT using the DROPPER, 20 total per day. e. Shout Box the RADIO LINK, 20 total per day. 2. DO NOT “poach” or “recruit” from other lounges.
With Death Upon Me.....
As I sit here alone with death upon me, Thinking to myself what day will it be. I think to myself, what would life be here without me? A happier place, smiling faces, and sunny skies. What is life with me here now? Cold, lonely, dark, with frowns everywhere. Life to me use to be bright and cheerful, Now only bitter and cold. Alone with only shadows Parked on the surfaces of fate. Fate has brought me here, to watch the death consume me, Ignored, blown off, not cared for or loved. My days here are numbered, The frowns turn to smiles of joy. Still sitting here alone with death upon me Still wondering what day it will be. I apologize if this offends anyone but right now this is how I feel...with everything that is going on in my real life and the people in it...a solomn feeling is what I have. :-(
Enforcer Job & Rulz
ENFORCER/BOUNCER JOB DESCRIPTION // RULES BEFORE BANNING, YOU MUST TYPE: “*****NAME***** YOU are banned and will have to contact UPPER MANAGEMENT for a meeting to get un-banned” then you click the ban button) (Any of the things listed above are to be deleted by clicking the delete button at the end of the comment) 1. Oversee all activates of the bar 2. WATCH the lounge at all times during scheduled shift (if you cannot be in the lounge during your whole shift, PLEASE make sure there is another person with mod rights in the lounge) 3. The ONLY persons that can ban ANY staff are OWNERS AND MANAGERS. 4. If its real busy in the lounge, please help the bartenders 5. If you cannot make your scheduled shift, please contact management. 6. If anyone is banned, a message stating who was banned and what the reason for the ban needs to be IM’d to management as soon as it happens. IF POSSIBLE, please include a screenshot or copy the conversation. 7. If you abuse your mod rights, your mod
A Thank You From A Literary Artist...
A word by itself could be, and most often is... in a world of it's own, out in the left field, a new kid on the block, or.... just singular. For insatance...(I love saying that, I feel like i'm wearing the "Professors" jacket.) the word "Thank" all by it's little lonsome just doesn't do the job. It's like haviving a Peanut Butter sandwich, or calling just Bat Man. Even look in Webster's book of "I told you so", every descriptive sentence has some other form of constanents and vowels well aranged post "Thank." So, by now you are asking yourself, self.... what could the second word be? If Shakespeare were to be on the Carson show my literary guess would be that he would have apropiatelly plugged...Thou or Thy, but being in the 21'st century we will go with the ever so popular "You" Here we have it, my goal.... "Thank You" two words that fit so eloquintly together. Two peas in a pod, Frick and Frack....I could go on for days, but I shant. This Is my "Thank You" to someone who had compl
Get Ready Set Go
the fight is on
Come Join Me In Charmed Visions
DJ Wiccanlove is live and taking all your requests.Stop in and visit with her. Click on the image
"politically Direct"
You've heard of being politically correct (nothing to do with politics really) and the show "Politically Incorrect" which steps on the former's toes based on views expressed, mine on the other hand is simply "direct", and not meant to sway anyones opinion, influence anyone in any way. It is merely some observations, how they can be viewed differently by people, yet when certain things are compared, makes you wonder why you believe what you do. I consider all sides, weigh the arguments and come to my own beliefs. I do not mean to offend or have any problem with any race, gender, religion, political party, educational level, sexual orientation or anything else. Just look at this and consider your own views and why you choose them. Is it because you were brought up believing something because you were told or taught to, went along with the crowd, or made your own decisions? The last is my own way. As I said I base opinions on people, and the way they behave, not because of their co
Wonder If .........
wondering if i.... matter to the one i should.... should love the one i do..... should care about other feelings.... what if..... what if i dont.... what if i do..... what if i cant help but to.... is that why i walk around with my heart breaking.... is that why i cant say what i want too.... is that why i feel less then i person should... is this why i cry alot... is this why i hurt alot... is this the way ill be forever..... wonder if it matters that i feel like this.. wonder if it matter that i care like this... wonder if it will make me or break me in time.... maybe i do care to much... maybe i do love to much... maybe i do love to hard.... maybe just maybe i am more then what people see.. and enough of what they want to see... i may not be a size 5.. i may not be a 20-something... i may not be perfect.... but i love who i do.. even if its not returned i care about those who i care about... even if they hate me and want to hurt
Peace Begins In The Home And In The Heart
Peace is not something you fight for With bombs and missles that kill, Nor can it be won in a "battle of words" Man fashions by scheming and skill... For men who are greedy and warlike, Whose avarice for power cannot cease, can never contribute in helping To bring this world nearer to peace... For in seeking PEACE for ALL PEOPLE There is only one place to begin And that is in each HOME and HEART- For the FORTRESS of PEACE is WITHIN! Written By: Helen Steiner Rice
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If Ya Ever Had Kids
Ladies And Respect
I am here to apologize for the entire male race. All of the lovely ladies whom come to this paly and are treated badly I am sorry. I am sorry that men are horrible and immature. I am sorry that they cant understand your feeling and that your desires are greater than your crotch. So forgive all men for me...If you cant then message me and I will make you smile and forget those jerks.
Tool Concert
I am going to a Tool concert tonight, the first big concert I have been to since I was about 10 yrs old, and that was Reba, so I am very excited.
Am I Wrong?
Ok so I have been in Cambridge for about a month. Things are going really well for Steve and I. He asked me to marry him and I said yes. I recently got a job and will start on Monday. We have plans to move into his mother's old house once she moves to Florida. The only problem is Steven's older brother Sean. He is 31 years old and is unemployed. He spends anywhere from 12-16 hours a day on Steven's computer using the internet that Steven pays for, playing world of warcraft. He doesnt contribute anything into the house hold what so ever and hasnt had a job in almost 4 years. He constantly keeps saying that he is getting a job, yet never moves from the computer chair. Despite having two jobs practically handed to him(all he had to do was go in and fill out an application and the manager said he would hire Sean) Steven's brother never went. Steven has told him that he needs to get a job and Sean agrees but yet he is still jobless. Sean is also a pathalogical liar and causes all the dr
Just Felt Like Going Off...
This is totally insane I want the G spot Lounge back to the way it was I miss everybody that was there. Its not the same anymore and it sucks. I hope tik reads this and sees that this lounge was a good thing. I posted and reposted bullentins to build that lounge as well as everybody else. I bought rounds of drinks for everybody just like other people did. I found alot of new friendships and I do not want to loose them. Sam thanks so much for what you do sweetie playing over 30 hrs for that lounge has to be alot of work. Even if most of it was auto. Thanks for being the best damn faithful person to that Lounge. If it was not for you in that Lounge I would be here bored all the time.
***state Police Warning****
***STATE POLICE WARNING**** Oct 29, 2007 10:25 PM Please read this.....I hope that all of my Friends Post this and help keep our myspace friends safe.State police warning for online: Please read this "very carefully"..then send it out to all the people online that you know. Something like this is nothing to be taken casually; this is something you DO want to pay attention to. *****If a person with the screen-name of imahustlababay or ineedatipdrill or contacts you, do not reply. DO NOT talk to this person; do not answer any of his/her instant messages or e-mail. Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the death of 56 women (so far) contacted through the Internet. Please send this to all the women on your buddy list and ask them to pass this on, as well.This screen-name was seen on Yahoo, AOL, AIM, and Excite so far. This is not a joke! Please send this to men too...just in case! Send to everyone you know!Ladies, this is
Can't Stand It...
I can't wait 4 the day when he's finally out of office. I think he is the dumbest president & has made the worst decisions & is only there by chance, not by our choice. So stepdad got this calendar 4 his b-day about quotes & other stupid ish Bush's done. I scanned some of em n if u get a chance take a look @ em! lol I love that the calendar's countin down tha days till he's outta office! The world will be a betta place! Peace!
A Lesson In How To Get Blocked...
REY: i want to cum on your cute face SuperGir's Reply: ->REY: YOU ARE A FUCKING PIG!!!!!
Things Change
time to let go to droppp it and move on thing arent as they used to be ovbiouly dont try to hold on or things will be gone maybe what we thought we had was wrong yes we've known eachother a long while whenever i see you i will smile but things aren't the same they wont be not now or ever again
Just thought I would add it here.. in case you did not see it in your IM.. Closure... I feel better Alyxia Uesugi: i just wanted to let you know, that was very cowardice of you.. I spoke with mel... and she never spoke with tina nor was she ever "mad" at you. You are a real pussy and a sorry excuse for a man. oh and you were never my "fix" dude you couldn't even keep it up! you can take the movies i brought and shove them up your ass!! you might like it. sad really fucking sad.. that you treat me like shit over some assumption and a fucking london broil. you know if you wanted to just have sex i probably would not have come back after the last time you couldn't perform. but you know i thought you were a good person.. seems my sister was right ... you are an asshole and not worth the time. I have moved on and am very happy with a man that CAN perform and has the sense enough to talk to me and if he is upset... tell me whats on his mind... grow the fuck up asshole.. oh and just for th
The Man
watching this handsome person smile back at me i get so nervous and shy and its easy to see holding his hand and kissing him is the best with him on my mind i find it easy to rest i slowly drift away with my eyes closed and nothing to say i think of him holding me tight then eventually slip away i think of us being together and alone with no interuptions and turning off the phone the music on low the surroundings are dark looking into his eyes and seeing that specail spark he pulls me closer and leads the way drifting through the night into next day
If Yu Got Time
if some of us have a little spare time yu can help this awesome friend tto win a one month VIP thx for him
Here We Go Again
it looks like the ppl who do put up stoopid pix will nay my mumm lol thankfully i so dont have to rate them-but im sure theres more ppl who DONT WANNA SEE STOOPID FLOWERS or moonsLMAO-ok carry on losers
Hey all I am not sure what to do anymore. I went to see my kids for Thanksgiving and find my wife and her roommate sleeping in the same bed but I was sorta expecting that but her excuse was that some friends from knoxville tn were down and they were sleeping in the living room some why couldnt she sleep in the girls bedroom. and then some comments that i heard didnt make things any better. so what should i do, i still love my wife with all my heart.
Man Fuck This Shit
Today I Am In Love
Today is the day that I feel like I am on air, because I am in love for the first time in a long time. I am in a bad situation and want out but I also have feelings for someone that I have grown close too. He knows who he is. we have known eachother for almost a year now and that during that time we have fallen for eachother. But there is one thing, he is married to someone else. So I am waiting Patiently for him. I love him and i always will
Naughty Application
1.Your Name: Chris 1. 2.Age: *ahem* old. 3.Favorite position: on the floor, dead like... 4. Do you think I'm cute? as a button, you know... a cute button. 5. Would you have sex with me? if you played your cards right. 6. lights on or off? wrapped in christmas lights. 7. Would you have to be drunk? i wouldn't have to no, but just to make it more challenging. 8.Would you take a shower with me? not with the christmas lights on. 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? maybe. a gentleman never tells, so i guess i can say yes. 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? i'd stay for a week or so, but just until i got my shit together. 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? only with stuffed animals. 14.Condom or skin? leather. 15.Have sex on the first date? fuck yeah, i'm grown. 16.Would you kiss me during sex? on the veranda. 17.Do you think I would be good in bed? you'd be better on the floor. 18. Would you use me as a booty call? i would
Ubiee Earthmail - A Genius Second Generation Antispam Tool
UBIEE EARTH MAIL - A GENIUS SECOND GENERATION TOOL The Miracle makes Miracles! We are surprised, astonished and amazed. We made it. 751 members in five days. Total members 751 Founders 32 Lifetime 164 Yearly 539 Monthly 16 Target: 95 days left Be with us from the beginning. Click the flag and Join. Make use of my position and get our privileges. Join here and take a direct first position under me. IT IS FREE Georgios UBIEE Advisor
Snoop Dogg - Vato (animated Video / Full)
Holly Dolly
Gummie Bear Techno
Timon & Pumba-stand By Me
Teen Pregnancy
November 23, 2:31 PM I have been through this over and over. I got pregnant the first time I had sex. I was 17 years old. One guy, one time. The fact that you have the audacity to post something so hateful about people you have never met only shows us your character. Just because a girl gets pregnant doesn't make her a slut. There are plenty of girls out there that don't get pregnant yet are doing much worse things to themselves and their family. I never understood why so many people find it their duty to judge others. All I can say is only god can judge me. In the bible (if you ever read it that is) it says "I the lord will forgive whom I will forgive but of you it is required to forgive all men" A little humility goes a long way. Stop focusing on others lives and start thinking what you can fix in your own. And as for me, I'm going to live my life the best way I know how and that is raising my family and making sure they are happy, not making sure you are happy. I was reply
To Be Or Not To Be In The Dom/sub Lifestile
ya know i've sat in many chatrooms over the years and listened to all the misconceptions that people have about what a true Dom/sub relationship is....not only do i practice the lifestyle online but i do it as well in r/l with my wife....a true Dom/Domne is one that protects their sub...takes care of their desires to be treated submissive...not to treat with them as doormats and order them to do things that the sub does not wish to do...a true Dom/Domne talks with the sub and sets limits on how far the sub is willing to go...and does not cross those limits....yes a sub may serve their Master/Mistress but should not be forced to be a complete slave that is not allowed to have a thought of their own...myself i love a submissive that is a brat...both my r/l and online subs are total brats and love to keep me on my toes and i wouldn't have them any other way...i love them both to death and would do anything for either of case your wondering yes my online sub is different from my
Show Ur Love 4 Our Troops
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: LeJeune Date: Nov 22, 2007 6:03 AM ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: steveDate: Nov 22, 2007 2:19 AMFrom: nikki booDate: Nov 19, 2007 2:14 PM-----------------From: ღWeezie da bossღDate: Nov 19, 2007 12:30 PMYou stay up for 16 hours.He stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes days or weeks without running water.You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists.You complain about how hot it is.He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take
A Tearjerker I Know But The Request At The End Is A Precious Gift To The Men And Women Serving Our Country!
A tearjerker I know but the request at the end is a precious gift to the men and women serving our country! WIFE'S REQUEST I was sitting alone in one of those loud, casual steak houses that you find all over the country. You know the type--a bucket of peanuts on every table, shells littering the floor, and a bunch of perky college kids racing around with long neck beers and sizzling platters. Taking a sip of my iced tea, I studied the crowd over the rim of my glass. My gaze lingered on a group enjoying their meal. They wore no uniform to identify their branch of service, but they were definitely 'military:' clean shaven, cropped haircut, and that 'squared away' look that comes with pride. Smiling sadly, I glanced across my table to the empty seat where my husband usually sat. It had only been a few months since we sat in this very booth, talking about his upcoming deployment to the Middle East . That was when he made me promise to get a sitter for the kids, come Ba
***state Police Warning***
***STATE POLICE WARNING**** Oct 29, 2007 10:25 PM Please read this.....I hope that all of my Friends Post this and help keep our myspace friends safe.State police warning for online: Please read this "very carefully"..then send it out to all the people online that you know. Something like this is nothing to be taken casually; this is something you DO want to pay attention to. *****If a person with the screen-name of imahustlababay or ineedatipdrill or contacts you, do not reply. DO NOT talk to this person; do not answer any of his/her instant messages or e-mail. Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the death of 56 women (so far) contacted through the Internet. Please send this to all the women on your buddy list and ask them to pass this on, as well.This screen-name was seen on Yahoo, AOL, AIM, and Excite so far. This is not a joke! Please send this to men too...just in case! Send to everyone you know!Ladies, this is
If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you; and share with you its beauty, On the days you're feeling blue. If I could build a mountain you could call your very own; A place to find serenity, A place to be alone. If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the sea, But all these things I'm finding are impossible for me. I cannot build a mountain or catch a rainbow fair, But let me be what I know best, A friend who's always there. A friend is like a flower, a rose to be exact, Or maybe like a brand new gate that never comes unlatched. A friend is like an owl, both beautiful and wise. Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost, whose spirit never dies. A friend is like a heart that goes strong until the end. Where would we be in this world if we didn't have a friend. Every night, someone thinks about you before they go to sleep. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. The only reason someone would ever hate you is because they want
Horoscope For The Day, Always Blog Them, Especially If There Good Lol
Your good energy makes it all the more important for you to deal with the basics of your current work or hobby situation. You can put yourself on much firmer ground, simply by making small changes.
Watch Her Tears
Watching her eyes, a little boy asked his mother, 'Why are you crying?' 'Because I'm a woman,' she told him... 'I don't understand,' he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, 'And you never will.' Later the little boy asked his father, 'Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?' 'All women cry for no reason,' was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry. Finally he put in a call to God. When God got on the phone, he asked, 'God, why do women cry so easily?' God said 'When I made the woman she had to be special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children. I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue without complaining. I gave her the sensitiv
Failure To Recognize
There seems to be an epidemic going around with men that I call FAILURE TO RECOGNIZE. I am new to fubar and some other sites where I have profiles but one thing has become clear to me quite quickly is the way I have been perceived and treated by men. Some men start off behaving like gentlemen and seem to take a real interest in getting to know me but for the most part I get contacted and the first question will be, "how are you". That's cool. The second question will be, "will you ride my cock?" or something along those lines. That's not cool. This is far from a turn on to me. I think it's deplorable the way most men on these sites view women. Where is the respect? I'm not a church girl by any means. Nobody can say or do anything I haven't heard before but what has happened to getting to know somebody before you ask them such personal questions? I am not saying that the men are all at fault here. No way. I see the profiles of these nasty looking women with all their tits h
well now its black friday and thanksgiving is officially over...thank god...there is just too much hassle making a thanksgiving dinner...spending hours cooking and less than an hour eating...makes ya wonder if its worth all the time and i understand why after ten years my father wanted a break from preparing thanksgiving dinner for 20 of us...just doing it for myself, wife, and son was enough to tire me to give dad props though for doing it year after year
If You Ever Need A Smile....
> The light shall set you free! > > > > Why God made pets > > > They help out around the house... > > > > > They protect our children .. > > > > They look out for the smaller ones .. > > > > They show us how to relax > > > > They "converse" with each other > > > > They help you when you're down > > > > They are great at decorating for the Holidays > > > > They have "great" expectations > > > > They are Patriotic > > > > They are happy to "test" the water ... > >
Skins And Backgrounds.
I didnt realize how over used one particular skin or background on Fubar was until I really started working hard Rating, fanning and adding other Fu's. What background am I talking about?? Its the damn pink furry handcuffs! I know you have seen it! Its like on every other females page.. lol I know its cute and they are trying to say they are kinky and everything but DAMN! How about chrome plated handcuffs or something different. lol Just poking a little fun at the "standard" kinky female background.
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio For Nov 23rd
You need to make sure that your people are free to roam. It might tug at your heart to see them walk away, but your faith that they'll return is self-fulfilling. Take a deep breath and let them go!
Enjoy The's All Good!
Watch Her Tears
Watching her eyes, a little boy asked his mother, 'Why are you crying?' 'Because I'm a woman,' she told him... 'I don't understand,' he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, 'And you never will.' Later the little boy asked his father, 'Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?' 'All women cry for no reason,' was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry. Finally he put in a call to God. When God got on the phone, he asked, 'God, why do women cry so easily?' God said 'When I made the woman she had to be special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children. I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue without complaining. I gave her the sensitiv
A New Lounge
well im workin on a few touchup on my lounge i just created today andi just wanted to get the word out and around so if ya want drop in and check it out and like i said its a work in progress so i hope you like it and maby you can offer me some ideas that would help me out anyways the lounge is called BOUNTY HUNTERS CLUB so check it out
Welcome To The Strippers Club
Please Be Help Full
lpease help out my freinds in eny way ucan there new to fubar thanx guys the canadian g Tipicklemail@ fubar
Animal Joke
Animal Jokes A little rabbit is happily running through the forest when he stumbles Upon a giraffe rolling a joint. The rabbit looks at her and says, “Giraffe my friend, why do you do this? Come with me running through the forest, you’ll see, you’ll feel so much better!” The giraffe looks at him, looks at the joint, tosses it and goes off running with the rabbit. Then they come across an elephant doing coke, so the rabbit again says, “Elephant my friend, why do you do this? Think about your health. Come running with us through the pretty forest, you’ll see, you’ll feel so good!” The elephant looks at them, looks at his razor, mirror and all, then tosses them and starts running with the rabbit and giraffe. The three animals then come across a lion about to shoot up... “Lion my friend, why do you do this? Think about your health! Come running with us through the sunny forest, you will feel so good!” The lion looks at him, puts down his needle, and starts to be
Redneck Chick
Ok How Much Is Too Much And When Will The Jealousy End
Please Help Thanx
lpease help out my freinds in eny way ucan there new to fubar thanx guys the canadian g wigs@ fubar
Death Breath!
I love this band,they have out 2 albums......Let it Stink an Stinking up the Night released in 06 an 07......These dudes fuggin rock!....You should check em out!.....Much love,muahs an thanks!......Peace out dudes an dudettes!
Settling Down
Well I've think i have giving myself time to think things Over figured it was time for me to Start thinking of Settling Down and Start thinking of a serious realtionship.I've been with my Ex for 9 yrs and we have been apart for bout 5 or 6 months. Last time i have giving myself 1 yr to find a new special someone. and she lasted 9 yrs and 3 wonderful children.kinda hard to put into words exactly what im tring to say and feeling..Not sure if this makes any sence.
Angel Or Rebel?
The Dirty Batards
Don't Mess With Me
Hahaha to the status I just put up. Do you honestly think me a gamerchick thinks videogames suck.. bahaha I dont. I just want to be a lil shit today! Sooo neener neener did it work?? huh huh! WEEEEEEEEEEEE! You know I love videogames!
Bad Ass
Cross The Line
Here We Go
Please Be Treat Good
lpease help out my freinds in eny way ucan there new to fubar thanx guys the canadian g dartgirl67@ fubar
Naughty Survey (thanks Ange)
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS. DON'T BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND OR HUSBAND OR WIFE - REPOST THIS! LET THE FUN BEGIN........ 1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Favorite position: 4. Do you think I'm cute? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8.Would you take a shower with me? 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 14.Condom or skin? 15.Have sex on the first date? 16.Would you kiss me during sex? 17.Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Would you use me as a booty call? 19.Can I use you as a booty call? 20.Can we take pictures of the act? 21.How long would we have sex? 22.Would you tell your friends about me? 29.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEN
Cold Nights
the cool summer breeze disappears another cold winter is coming the chill fills my spine tingling for every snowflake a child is born for every snowflake a love is lost life springs from the ashes of whats left the ground frozen solid hushes in the night the trees lay still lifeless as these cold nights pass by the warmth of me has left gone forever only cold nights
Communicating In
Communicating in cyber-world can literally become addictive, His date kept her cell phone sitting on her leg throughout dinner. Every few minutes she'd glance down and type a few strokes. "I told her it was annoying me. She even apologized. But she kept right on texting," said David Cano, 23, a Fresno State chemistry major. On another occasion the same girl wanted to know the state of their relationship, so she text-messaged him "what are we?" questions 19 times in one night. "That's being hooked on texting. Not hooked on me," he said. "When I talked to her on the phone, conversations lasted two minutes." Cano may be right in calling it "hooked." Professor Tamyra Pierce recently completed a study that found texting and other cyber-communications -- such as, a social networking site -- can be addictive for teens and college students. Pierce, an associate professor of communications and journalism at California State Uni
Redneck Women
Born And Raised
Wild Redneck
What Men Wish Women Knew About Men
1. If you think you are fat, you probably are. Do not ask us. We refuse to answer. 2. Learn to work the toilet seat. If it's up, Put it down. 3. Do not cut your hair. Ever. Long hair is always more attractive than short hair. One of the big reasons guys fear getting married is that married women always cut their hair, and by then, you are stuck with her. 4. Birthdays, Valentines, and Anniversaries are not quests to see if we can find the perfect present yet again! 5. If you ask a question you don't want an answer to, expect an answer you do not want to hear. 6. Sometimes, we are not thinking about you. Live with it. 7. Do not ask us what we are thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as navel lint, the shotgun formation and monster trucks. 8. Sunday = sports. It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 9. Shopping is not a sport, and no, we are never going to think of it that way. 10. When we have to
Happy Black Friday!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with an abundance of things to be grateful for! I know I have much for which to be grateful, especially all the friends I have here at Fubar. Oldest daughter Jennifer was here for the day. She did well, didn't let her 7 year old self pop out - she dissociates to her 7 year old or teenaged self when necessary! She is actually 36 years old and the mother of the grandsons I am legal guardian for. She is on her way home to rehab as we speak! Today is a red letter day for Taylor, my 16 year old son. The band he is in, Requiem, is opening for the weekend at The Warehouse in LaCrosse! This is their first official "gig". I will play limo for the budding rockstar and his girlfriend, lol. I'm also hauling some amps, etc. So I'll be there nice and early - yeah, I'm with the band, lmao!! They are scheduled to start playing at 6:10 p.m. - such an odd time! Hopefully, Damian and Dakota, who are transporting Mom back to rehab, will be back in time
Hell Yeah
Real Women
Holidays Are Coming.
Just reposting the link to my web store. Good to get some shopping done, without the hassle of the stores.
Six Pack
"1" For English
Saddle Up
Oh Well
Country Ass
Blog Number 1
The alarm clocks roars at 5:00 am in the morning. As I swing my left arm to kill the sound of a truck backing up I use my right arm to throw the eiderdown over my head to make sure I do not lose any of the precious heat under the blanket. As I lay motionless under the blanket I considered what are the consequences for not getting out of bed. Will I lose my job, get suspended without pay, or most likely just a slap on the wrist and then told to get back to work. This morning, just like every other morning, I do not risk the chance of not receiving a pay check, I get out of bed, put on my dress clothes, eat a bowl of cold cereal, and walk briskly to my truck to go to the place I learned to hate in the past couple of years, my job. I realize there are few that wake up every morning excited to get their day started, but the problem I run into is that I dread the fact I need to get it started. The moment I place my right foot on the brown mat that lays on the white tile at the ent
Wolfman47 Left This On My Page, I Liked It So Im Sharing It With All Of You :)
True Love True love is a sacred flame That burns eternally, And none can dim its special glow Or change its destiny. True love speaks in tender tones And hears with gentle ear, True love gives with open heart And true love conquers fear. True love makes no harsh demands It neither rules nor binds, And true love holds with gentle hands The hearts that it entwines.
Newbie! I'm new to this entire site so I dont exactly know what I'm doing or how to "better" myself on here, but my friend Will is trying to help me out. If you have any ideas for me, let me know! Ummmm I guess I'm on here to meet new people and to get over my obsessions with myspace and facebook by creating a NEW obsession. Plus Will said he was gonna be a DJ and that's just gonna be interesting lol! (love you!) Anyways...add me if you wanna be friends and leave me lots of comments cuz I always comment back!
Leave Me Your Sexy Ass Voice Lmao
Men An Sex
some guy only think with there other head an not the one god gave them that they call a brain why is that? some guys r just flat out sluts why is that? some guys can be called men whores why is that ? most guys r just pigs an only want one thing why is that? ladys could u please help me with this i would like a few answers . ty
Men Beware
Police are warning all men who frequent clubs, parties and local pubs, to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from any woman. Many females use a date rape drug on the market called "Beer" to target unsuspecting men. The drug is generally found in liquid form and is now available almost anywhere. It comes in bottles, in cans, from taps, and in large "kegs." Beer is used by female sexual predators at parties and bars to persuade their male victims to go home and have sex with them. Typically, a woman needs only to persuade a guy to consume a few units of Beer and then simply ask him home for no-strings-attached sex. Men are rendered helpless against this approach. After several beers, men will often succumb to desires to perform sexual acts on horrific-looking women to whom they would never normally be attracted. After drinking Beer, men often awaken with only hazy memories of exactly what happened to them the night before, often with just a vague feeling that
Coming Home
this soldier is finally on hisway home after serving 15months in iraq. due to be home side very soon. Tomorrow
Yesterday's dead, Tomorrow's unborn, So there's nothing to fear And nothing to mourn, For all that is past And all that has been Can never return To be lived once again- And what lies ahead Or the things that will be Are still in GOD'S HANDS So it is not up to me To live in the future That is God's great unknown, For the past and the present God claims for His own, So all I need do Is live for TODAY And trust God to show me THE TRUTH and THE WAY- For it's only the memory Of things that have been And expecting tomorrow To bring trouble again That fills my today, Which God wants to bless, With uncertain fears And borrowed distress- For all I need live for Is this one little minute, For life's HERE and NOW and ETERNITY'S in it. Written By: Helen Steiner Rice
In The End
I sit in the pit of dispair, does anyone really care? Broken and beaten down, I sit here bleeding. Physically and emotionally drained Do I go on? So tired of trying to please everyone, and in return to only get threats, lies and betrayal. Tonight, my heart lays tattered and torn, beyond all hope of repair. Is there any reason for me to care? The child I brought into this world, has even turned his back on me. Whether thru the faults of me and my own, or due to outside forces - my so called "family" is neither here nor there. He has been forever lost to me. As I sit here totally alone, debating whether I should live or die. IS THERE ANYTHING, ANY REASON TO LIVE AND CARRY ON? I have helped countless people, both monetarily and emotionally. Will anyone be here for me? Where are they now That I AM THE ONE IN NEED OF THEIR HELP?????? They are sitting in their homes safe and warm, Oblivious to all the pain, suffering and hurt i am enduring. So in the end, DOES ANYO
Why Women Cry!
Ok so i stole this from a bulletin, Im a bulletin thief lol but i know not everyone reads bulletins and a handful reads the blogs so im going to post it here and repost it when i can....Hope you enjoy this cause this is so true.. Watch her eyes A little boy asked his mother, 'Why are you crying?' 'Because I'm a woman,' she told him... 'I don't understand,' he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, 'And you never will.' Later the little boy asked his father, 'Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?' 'All women cry for no reason,' was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry. Finally he put in a call to God. When God got on the phone, he asked, 'God, why do women cry so easily?' God said 'When I made the woman she had to be special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejec
Things To Ponder
#1...Can you cry under water? #2...How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? #3...Since bread is square, then why is sandwich meat round? #4...Why do you have to "put your two cents in"...but it's only a penny for your thoughts?" Where's that extra penny going to? #5...Why does a round pizza come in a square box? #6...How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage? #7...Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours? #8...Why are you IN a movie, but you're ON TV? #9...Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground? #10...Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They're going to see you naked anyway. #11...If a 911 operator has a heart attack, whom does he/she call? #12...Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?
Love You To Death
In her place one hundred candles burning as salty sweat drips from her breast her hips move and I can feel what they're saying, swaying They say the beast inside of me's gonna get ya, get ya,get... Black lipstick stains her class of red wine I am your servant, may I light your cigarette? Those lips smooth, yeah I can feel what you're saying, praying They say the beast inside of me's gonna get ya, get ya, get... I beg to serve, your wish is my law Now close those eyes and let me love you to death Shall I prove I mean what i'm saying, begging I say the beast inside of me's gonna get ya, get ya, get.. Let me love you too Let me love you to death Hey am I good enough for you? Hey am i good enough for you? Am I? Am I? Am I good enough for you?
Would You Fuck Me??
If We Had Sex....GAME. don't be scared. you never know who really wants to do you! (Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out). 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you let me pull your hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you from 1 - 10? 16. Would you want me to go fast or slow? 17. Where would you want it? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you mind if i licked you? 20. Would you Fuck me today? 21. Would you Fuck me tomorro
Worst Questions For A Man 2 B Asked
1. What are you thinking about? 2. Do you love me? 3. Do I look fat? 4. Do you think she is prettier than me? 5. What would you do if I died? What makes these questions so difficult is that every one is guaranteed to explode into a major argument if the man answers incorrectly (i.e.,tells thetruth). Therefore, as a public service, each question is analyzed below, with possible responses. __________________________________________________ __ Question # 1: What are you thinking about? The proper answer to this, of course, is: "I'm sorry if I've been pensive, dear. I was just reflecting on what a warm, wonderful, thoughtful, caring, intelligent woman you are, and how lucky I am to have met you." This response obviously bears no resemblance to the true answer, which most likely is one of the following: a. Baseball. b. Football. c. How fat you are. d. How much prettier she is than you. e. How I would spend the insurance money if you
Another Poem Received From A Friend
To lay a kiss on your lips, so gentle and delicate is like picking the drops of dew off the petals of a rose. I hold you close and feel safe, sheltered in from the rain, from the storms that grow and surround me. I take your hand and look into your eyes and see a heart made of gold and soul so pure. You see you are an angel, an angel to me. I could not help but fall madly in love with you, the one who stole my heart. I’m glad you did because I could never find one such as you... Some one who makes each day the best, each laugh the longest, each tear the saddest, and a life, my life, worthwhile.
Today's Horrorscope
Your good energy makes it all the more important for you to deal with the basics of your current work or hobby situation. You can put yourself on much firmer ground, simply by making small changes. =============================== I have almost NO good energy right now. They changed the train fare and now I can't afford to get home til a week from Monday. I don't know what to do at this exact moment...
Why College Students Like Thanksgiving Break
WHY COLLEGE STUDENTS LIKE THANKSGIVING BREAK * You know that your turkey is a Butterball rather than a Grade E yet semi-edible fur ball. * Your mother will not be serving your mashed potatoes and stuffing with an ice cream scooper. * Pumpkin pie is a great alternative to green jello. * After your eighth glass of cider, your emergency dash to the bathroom will not be delayed by having to line the seat with toilet paper. * Clean underwear, comfortable bed, access to a car, bedroom larger than a 12x14 cell...Even if it is for only four days. * To eat your meals, the only trek you'll have to make is from the couch to the kitchen, rather than the dorm to the dining hall in below freezing weather. * Instead of listening to "When I first started teaching here..." you can be entertained by "When your mother was your age..." and "during the Depression we weren't lucky enough to have Brussels sprouts. Hell, all we could afford was the sprout!" * You can eat your cor
"i'm Not Racist, But..."
Every time I hear someone say the phrase "I'm not racist, but..." it's followed by something extremely racist and/or bigoted. Why do people say this? To cover their ass and make it look like they're not the budding neo-nazis that they really are? They say it as if they're so enlightened and open-minded that it's impossible for them to say anything offensive to anyone. It's almost as if they think it doesn't matter how racist they really are, they're off the hook if they prefix every prejudiced and ignorant remark with "I'm not racist." What's with racism anyway? I'm sick and tired of hearing people bitch about not having enough jobs, welfare, wax paper, dog food, whatever. It's nobody's fault but your own. If you don't have a job and you can't get laid and you smell like cheese, it's your own damn fault, not the fault of some race X that's coming into the US and stealing all of our jobs. I love it how bigots use the "stealing our jobs" card when they're mulling over ways in which t
What Dreams Are Made Of...
Around the Pyre, a circle of thirteen, Throughout these woods, ecstatic screams. I look deeply into your eyes, I smell your hair, caress your thighs. Now we'll make love by fire light, A blaze so high it lights the night. Long fingernails dug in my skin, Yourself so wet invites me in. Our lust increased feeds desire, As we combust, yeah we on fire. I feel you shake so deep inside, Oh scream my name and hold me tight...
go touch him in that special way.... ->FairyPrint...: and, pray tell, WHY, and how you would ever be able to do that?.... sinlessfur...: nope but i can possibly make ur life a living hell...we will se how it goes ... ->sinlessfur...: Would you dress up like an ewok and let me salp your nuts with my lightsaber? sinlessfur...: darn...thought i would get, i have worn lingerie while i fucked my ex girl in the ass... ->FairyPrint...: i just said how old i was, im asking you...what secret to tell do YOU have? sinlessfur...: what is the most perverted thing u have ever done? u shock the way, how old were u when u and ur folks fucked ->FairyPrint...: s, what shocking secret to tell, do you have? ->FairyPrint...: it wasnt just one person at the same time, it was BOTH my parents. I woke up when i was 14 to my mom holding me down while my dad pile drived into me.... sinlessfur...: i have things that will shock u ...bu
New Contest Help
new contest needs help. please help with what you can
"in Him We Live, And Move, And Have Our Being"
We walk in a world that is strange and unknown And in the midst of the crowd we still feel alone, We question our purpose, our part and our place In this vast land of mystery suspended in space, We probe and explore and try hard to explain The tumult of thoughts that our minds entertain... But all of our probings and complex explanations Of man's inner feelings and fears and frustrations Still leave us engulfed in the "MYSTERY of LIFE" With all of its struggles and suffering and strife, Unable to fathom what tomorrow will bring- But there is one truth to which we can cling, For while LIFE'S a MYSTERY man can't understand The "GREAT GIVER of LIFE" is holding our hand And safe in HIS care there is no need for seeing For" IN HIM WE LIVE and MOVE and HAVE OUR BEING." Written By: Helen Steiner Rice
The 12 Days Of Thanksgiving
THE 12 DAYS OF THANKSGIVING On the First Day..... We give thanks for the fresh turkey feast and its hot trimmings. On the Second Day..... We bless the cold turkey sandwiches, sloshy cranberry sauce, and hard rolls. On the Third Day..... We praise the turkey pie and vintage mixed veggies. On the Fourth Day..... We thank the pilgrims for not serving bison that first time, or we'd be celebrating Thanksgiving until April. On the Fifth Day..... We gobble up cubed bird casserole and pray for a glimpse of a naked turkey carcass. On the Sixth Day..... We show gratitude (sort of) to the creative cook who slings cashews at the turkey and calls it Oriental. On the Seventh Day..... We forgive our forefathers and pass the turkey-nugget pizza. On the Eighth Day..... The word ''vegetarian'' keeps popping into our heads. On the Ninth Day..... We check our hair to make sure we're not beginning to sprout feathers. On the Tenth Day..... We hope t
Other Ways To Use The Thanksgiving Turkey
OTHER WAYS TO USE THE THANKSGIVING TURKEY * As a blunt object to fend off your pesky cousins with. * As a projectile to throw at the TV after Kathie Lee says, "Aren't they a wonderful band!" for the 25th time. * As a hood ornament. * As a disguise so your ugly Aunt Harriet can't kiss you and say, "How much you've grown!" * As a football for the after-meal game. * One word... bowling! * Fill it with whip cream - watch the fun. * An unexplored cavern for the new Barbie. * A visual aid to explain to children where babies come from. * Bury in the yard; for future midnight snacks. * If you're flying home, take the carcass as a carry-on. See what it looks like in the X-ray machine. Better yet, put it in a pet carrier and asked the flight attendant for some chicken feed. * As yet another object to drop from the top of the dorm to test the range of the splatter upon impact. * As a gift/bribe for a professor. * As a Christmas gift (avoid the holiday 10 Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't
Thanksgiving...Top 10 Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't 10. "Just reach in and grab the giblets." 9. "Whew...that's one terrific spread!" 8. "I am in the mood for a little dark meat!" 7. "Tying the legs together will keep the inside moist." 6. "Talk about a HUGE breast!" 5. "And he forces his way into the end zone!" 4. "She's 5000 Lbs. fully inflated & it takes 15 men to hold her down." 3. "It's cool whip time!" 2. "If I don't unbutton my pants, I am going to burst!" 1. "It must be broken 'cause when I push on the tip, nothing squirts out."
I'm Through Smiling
The next person who tells me "You're never fully dressed without a smile" gets my foot up their ass.. I don't smile anymore.. I'm through smiling. I AM NEVER GOING TO SMILE EVER AGAIN. People who tell me to smile are put on my shit-list permanently. I read the phrase "smile, it'll make someone's day brighter" the other day. Why the hell would I want to make someone's day brighter? Why should I waste any of my valuable time being an asshole when I can flip someone off, kick a dog or litter instead? The only reason to ever smile is to mock someone. For example, when someone trips and falls; I laugh my ass off because that's some good shit. There's nothing more satisfying than making someone feel bad about themselves. Of course, there's always a group of pussies that run up and say "are you okay? Are you hurt?" Go to hell you insincere pieces of shit. I've never tripped in my life, ever, but if I did I'd expect people to laugh at me for being a dumbass. Of course, I'd go aro
Where Have You Been
I learned to dive not to long ago, and i was in croatia, and did all my dives in the crystal clear blue of the adriatic sea. I am planning a trip to norway when the summer comes around to go diving up there. Where have you been and what recommendations does anyone have for diving in europe??
Fuck The Whales.
I just have one question about whales: who cares? All I ever hear are people pissing and moaning about saving the whales. Why save the whales? Screw them, what have they done for me? How would you like to go to the beach one day and read a sign that says "Sorry, all out of water." Not likely? Think again. Here's a little fact about whales that not many people know: Whales are drinking all our water and eating our sailors. When they're not busy ravaging the high seas, they're getting beached and rotting to death out of spite so nobody can enjoy the beach. Then there are the people who say whales are smart. If whales are so smart, then how come they still haven't learned to breathe under water like everything else that lives in the ocean? They've only had 40-million years to do it and they still don't have their shit together. And now researchers are saying that they've found gay whales. Duh. Is it too much to ask for a whale to save me for a change? When is the last time
Its Open
hey the lounge is open im there come join me if you cant find it shout me i will send you a invite
God Knows Best
Our Father knows what's best for us, so why should we complain- We always want the sunshine, But he knows there must be rain- We love the sound of laughter And the merriment of cheer, But our hearts would lose their tenderness If we never shed a tear... Our Father tests us often with suffering and with sorrow, He tests us, not to punish us, But to help us meet TOMORROW... For growing trees are strengthened When they withstand the storm, And the sharp cut of the chisel Gives the marble grace and form... God never hurts us needlessly, And he never wastes our pain, For every loss He sends to us Is followed by rich gain... And when we count the blessings That God has so freely sent, We will find no cause for murmuring And no time to lament... For our Father loves His children, And to Him all things are plain, So He never sends us PLEASURE When the SOUL'S DEEP NEED IS PAIN... So whenever we are troubled, And when everything goes wrong, It is God working in us
I Wanna Rock!
SOOO I did a new playlist for music on my page... I threw in some Xmas tunes in that have meaning to me...and kept some of the old, 1 or 2 of them, and got some new tunes that I love & some awesome memories. Im going to add from time to time..I hope you like them, get abck to me & tell me what you think ;) Luv Sherry
Need An Answer
I have one question What is love really? Does anybody know, before I start? Is it trust? Is it friendship? Is it lust? What is love really? Does anybody know? Is it compatibilty? Is it affection? Is it availability? What is love really? Does anybody know? Is it partnership? Is it responsibility? Is it just zip zip? What is love really? Does anybody know? Please tell me the answer What is love really? Does anybody know, before I start?
Whew~home Safe
well, I was a crazy this morning. Granted I did not go out at 4:30 like I had planned but I went out none the less. I decided to just get up whenever I got up and go out shopping. There wasn't anything major I wanted or needed this year. Plus with money being tight this year....but anyway, I left the kids here and went over to Garden Ridge and Wal-Mart. We started putting up our decorations and tree last night....well, the tree was big enough for the other house...not this house. It really looks like a Charlie Brown tree in here. So I went mainly looking for a nice 7 ft tree. Geesh~! have you went out and priced trees lately?? The cheapest one I saw was over $100. (just a little out of my price range) But while out I did pick up some things for my daughter and some flowers and berries for an arrangement for the dining room table. I am home safe and sound away from all the crazed shoppers of the world. Now I know I am a homebody~! I feel so safe here so here is where I will st
Could I Ask For More?????
A while back I had told myself that I was done with the whole relationship thing. I was just going out and partying and having a good time being single. But then one night while I was visiting some friends I met the most wonderful man. Neither one of us wanted anything more than a friend, and we both made that very clear. As the weeks went by we continued to run into each other and spend time together, I just couldn't help but look at him in a different way. He is the most kind, loving, cuddly, and handsome man I have ever met. He treats me like I have never been treated before. I can't get enough of him when he is here, and I miss him terribly when he is gone. I honestly don't think that I could ask for more out of a man that truely loves me!!!!!!
Coldest crushing waves hottest sun on summer days i'd take it all for you fiercest windstorm storms rage in the worst form endure it all to meet your gaze walk the distance that divides us now and whisper i love you's til no more breath comes out loves not worth if if you can't sacrifice and loves not worth it if it only brings tears to your eyes
Look At This Homo
->Psychowolf...: Nice...your wishes will now come true! sinlessfur...: OK! Ive got herpes, and some day, i want to be a woman. Oh, and my chihuahua has a bigger penis than i do. At least thats what my last boyfriend said. ->Psychowolf...: Fag; Youre one step away from the prize being revealed. NOW, tell me one big secret you havent told anyone else before, and The woman, AND that asshole will be yours. sinlessfur...: My God! "Dress me like an ewok and slap my balls with your lightsaber!" That asshole has got me all hard! ->Psychowolf...: ill let you sit here and watch me type; ill even pull my saber out of my sheath. All you gotta do is say it. Here, ill show you a website. ->Psychowolf...: I am Jedi; and am using the force. Unless you stop asking people to see their tits, and to look at your cock, you will NEVER get laid. The force is weak in you. NOW, repeat after me.... ->Psychowolf...: Come on, say it, for real. I have this Hot ass wo
Tap Out Or Nap Out!
This phrase is used by fighters. Tapout: you tap when you can't take anymore. Nap out: you pass out because you are either too stupid or stubborn to tap. Don't let my size fool you. I am an aggressor. If you don't move voluntarily, I shall do it for you. Pretty simple yes? No one loves getting down and dirty as much as I do! I assure you that my size is no deterrent. According to ISCF, I currently fall into the Welterweight division, Yet I am just 5'1". I LOVE that about me! Maneuvering and manipulating a body......sweat, blood, open flesh wounds, the determined hiss your mouth makes as you both give and get during "striking".......taking body shots, giving body shots, the Guillotine, the rear naked choke @ medium pressure can make your opponent "nap out" in about 5 second. The triangle choke @ strong pressure in about 3.75 seconds and of course, the highly dangerous and illegal (in most rings) the Crucifix (AKA the Neck Crank) which renders your opponent helpless and immobil
Thank You My Friend
When troubles come your soul to try, You love the friend who just stands by. Perhaps there's nothing she can do, The thing is strictly up to you. For there are troubles all your own, And paths the soul must tread alone. Times when love can't smooth the road, Nor friendship lift the heavy load. But just to feel you have a friend, Who will stand by until the end. Whose sympathy through all endures, Whose warm handclasp is always yours. It helps somehow to pull you through, Although there's nothing she can do. And so with fervent heart we cry, God Bless the friend who just stands by.
Ensign: Word Hunger
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 23 November 2007 I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! If it's like most such fourth Thursdays of November that we've celebrated, we ate more than we probably should have and those of us who didn't have to work enjoyed the company of our family and friends. One certainly gets one's physical hunger satisfied for a while and either works or sleeps it off afterwards; even my son Jeffrey, who's still on formula at just over four and a half months (so he couldn't eat turkey or any of the other stuff), got to have a great time on his first Thanksgiving. For the last few weeks my church bulletin has misprinted its Cause of the Month -- basically a designated opportunity to offer above and beyond our regular offering for
♥for Andy¢¾
Don't Mess With My Family!!!!!
I know that many members left KOW when Deanna left as she was the main reason many of us were there in the first place....since I was only a member of SOW I too left when she left.... Love does indeed do strange things to people if this is seen as a betrayal instead of the show of support it was for our one of hers has begun his own "tribe" and the jerk co-owner has decided he has the right to interfere.....He Doesn't,but apparently that won't stop him....please don't let the maliscious ramblings of an idiot keep you from becoming part of a small but caring family built in the manner our friend Deanna founded her platoon...she is a wonderful,caring person who gave us respect,treated us with dignity,and gave us reasonable,practical rules to if you unafraid of lunacy...come join the Mystic Warriors Tribe.
You put a darkness in my soul that lives within me everyday, from here until eternity. I have rage, hurt, anger, pain, mistrust, and thrist for revenge. As much as I hurt I want you to hurt more. Everything you took from me, I want to take from you and then more. Vegence will be mine. Vegence and wrath will rain on you and all around you. I release myself from all who care for me, I release myself from all that i love. Hatred has turned my heart cold and black. Never again will I let anyone in nor will anyone come close. Run, run, far away from me for I am tainted! This was my feelings 6 months ago. I told Kyla to leave me alone, get away from me,I told her that I didnt love her or her kids anymore,I wanted her to hurt,so she wouldnt be here to be burdened with my pain. I even told her I hated her just to get her to leave. But, she told me that she loved me more and would never leave me. I never believed anyone before until her and she made me believe because she never le
hope everone had a good daY
Been a while since I posted; just wanted to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope yours was blessed and safe, especially those serving us in harm's way!
New Member
the tribe welcomes new member Ruth Honey Angel of the Global Bomber Family. With this the tribe enters a kinship with Global and will help with any needs that they request. this is a great family and a great step foward for the Mystic Warrior's Tribe Ruth 'Honey~Angel*Global Bomber Family...GreenTeam Leader*member Mystic Warrior Tribe*' Woolsey
~please Vote 4 Me~
Oky Kids Here Comes Santa
thats right I'm on my own
Salute Pic?
Would the new primary pic be clear enough for a salute with a salute added to it?
New Photo's Added !!
Happy Friday !!! I have added some new photo's to my 'grandaughter, family, allsorts' albums and i have had 2 new mods made for me so they are in my 'mods made for me' album. Please stop by and show lots of love. Thank you kindly and have an awesome weekend. Love'n'hugz Lin xx
Two Words.....
A word by itself could be, and most often is... in a world of it's own, out in the left field, a new kid on the block, or.... just singular. For insatance...(I love saying that, I feel like i'm wearing the "Professors" jacket.) the word "Thank" all by it's little lonsome just doesn't do the job. It's like haveing a Peanut Butter sandwich, or calling just Bat Man. Even look in Webster's book of "I told you so", every descriptive sentence has some other form of constanents and vowels well aranged post "Thank." So, by now you are asking yourself, self.... what could the second word be? If Shakespeare were to be on the Carson show my literary guess would be that he would have apropiatelly plugged...Thou or Thy, but being in the 21'st century we will go with the ever so popular "You" Here we have it, my goal.... "Thank You" two words that fit so eloquintly together. Two peas in a pod, Frick and Frack....I could go on for days, but I shant. This Is my "Thank You" to someone who had c
Fu-wife Update takers so far on a Fu wife...TG and CDs are welcome as my Fu wife! So come on lets try again!
My Bitter Soul ....
Have you ever walked in my shoes, have you ever carried my burden ... then dont judge me until you know me. I mean really know me. I cry like you, I've been shit on probably worse than you. So what life dealt a shitty hand, dont live for that moment. Live for the ones that bring you joy. Live for the ones that make you want more. In everyones life, they've had bad things happen, otherwise the phrase "bad things happen to good people" woould never exist. But, for every negative in you life there is at least one positive. For ever wrong that someone has done to you, there Mr. or Mrs. Right waiting patiently in the wings to help you ease the pain. We can't live our lives, waiting for the next fuck up. If we do, not matter what good comes your way, you'll find a way to fuck it, before it happens to you and sometimes that's not the case. Again, I'm not a religiou person, but I do believe that fate places special people in our lives for a reason. You may wonder sometimes what's wr
A Great Day
Today is the day after Thanksgving. And i woke up to the sweetest sound.... the voice of the guy i love.... The day could not have started better..... I'm enjoying my day at work.... Hope everyone has a good day
One Flaw In A Woman
One Flaw In Women By the time the Lord made woman, He was into his sixth day of working overtime. An angel appeared and said, "Why are you spending so much time on this one?" And the Lord answered, "Have you seen my spec sheet on her? She has to be completely washable, but not plastic, have over 200 movable parts, all replaceable and able to run on diet coke and leftovers, have a lap that can hold four children at one time, have a kiss that can cure anything from a scraped knee to a broken heart -and she will do everything with only two hands." The angel was astounded at the requirements. "Only two hands!? No way! And that's just on the standard model? That's too much work for one day. Wait until tomorrow to finish." "But I won't," the Lord protested. "I am so close to finishing this creation that is so close to my own heart. She already heals herself when she is sick AND can work 18 hour days." The angel moved closer and touched the woman "But you have
Aglow with perspiration Sweat trickling to the ground, Your body shines with all the light My heart for you it pounds. The pillars hold you upon the sphere Eyes searching mesmerized yet calm, Your gifts they flow like torrid rains Out onto me all for one. Waiting searching hoping To hear your voice again, I reach for you I yield to you In you I must remain. Words will bend and turn and break Yet our friendship in us becomes, A long-lasting story of intimate glory One word among many more and none. Reaching out and finding faith Beyond our minds are numb, Asking for a way to heal Finding you I come. I’ve searched I’ve prayed For a friend as bright as you, Your soul it shines above them all And in me I am new.
Am having problems taking a suitable salute pic. One that would get Fubar approval (yea right!!!!) A new cam is NOT an option at the moment. Any suggestions? Hmmmmmmm?
Sad Day
a little bit ago a kitten that we found and was nursing back to health has died im so so sad lil will has not gotten the concept of death and he is looking for her..((cries)))
Your Son Is Here
Your Son Is Here >> >>A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. >>"Your son is here," she said to the old man. >> >>She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes >>opened. >> >>Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw >>the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. >>He reached out his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers >>around the old man's limp ones, squeezing a message of love and >>encouragement. >> >>The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed. >>All through the night the young Marine sat there in the >>poorly lighted ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words >>of love and strength. Occasionally, the nurse suggested that >>the Marine move away and rest awhile. >> >>He refused. Whenever the nurse came into the ward, the Marine was >>oblivious of her and of the night noises of the hospital - the >>clanking of the oxygen tank
Feet Goddesses
Looking for women that love to show off their feet and have them worshiped. To become a Foot Goddess please just tell me in a comment. Thank you. ~General Rabbit~
Dream/Awake Your blood drips from my lips Color of ancient wine. Magnitudes uncertain I’m blending into you. My vamp you take me into your lair Dissolve the bonds of flesh. I’ll take you there each night for day As light will guide my way. Suck you in you’re sweet as honey Nectar on my tongue. Into you I enter Now we’ve become one. Trust me, love me, spite no more Something’s on your mind. My Kitten, you’re master calls to you Come to me my love. I’ll work my charms, you work your magic Sentiments aside. Take you now and evermore You’re mine, My vampiric one....
My Heart In You....
My Heart In You In your heart you bind me And cut me to the bone. In your pain you spite me My life feels utterly done. Knife cuts deep and drain my life Blood lust is frenzied within you. Writhing on the floor alone My heart is all that you knew. Laid bare my soul it found you Sucked me in you did. None other shall ever own it I’ll forever keep it hid. Nights and days without your touch Pure agony for me now I now not what I can ever do To bring you back around. Cloaked and guarded your boys they hide you Keep you from your man. I’d gladly kneel before your out stretched hand and Bring forth my eyes your gaze. I’m but one man, loves chosen one For you to walk next to in life. To stand beside to hold forever I give you my love, my life. Deeply cut but not undone My love knows forgiveness and faith Your heart I won and want to come Be near you forever no pain.
The Rooster
Gary the farmer was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young layer hens, called "pullets" and Eight or ten roosters, whose job was to fertilize the eggs. The Farmer kept records and any rooster that didn't perform went into The soup pot and was replaced. That took an awful lot of his time so he bought a set Of tiny bells and attached them to his roosters. Each Bell had a different tone so Gary could tell from a distance, which Rooster was performing. Now he could sit on the porch and fill out An efficiency report simply by listening to the bells. The farmer's Favorite rooster was old Butch, and a very fine Specimen he was, too. But on this particular morning Gary noticed old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all! Gary went to investigate. The other roosters were Chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing. The pullets, hearing The roosters coming, would run for cover But to Farmer Gary's Amazement, Butch had his bell in his beak, so it c
This Is A New Contest Starting Today At 3 P.m.mountain Pacific Time And 6 P.m. Eastern
Kiss Of Death
Drink Name: Kiss of Death Category: Shot Glass Type: Shot Glass Ingredients: 1 part(s) Tequila 1 part(s) Jack Daniel's Whiskey 1 part(s) Dark Rum Directions: Pour into a 2 oz shot glass, equal parts of each drink...and then start pounding them back. You'll be on the floor in no time! This is my favorite shooter in which I get on a regular basis!
A Special Gift!
This is from my very special friend Susie aka MZ.PONIEGIRLSUE: Thank You! Much love always!
If Your Going Threw Hell !!!!!
what boobs do you want?guys onlycreated with You scored as smallno pic for you. small 33%big 0%average. 0%huge, beauties. 0%
i have fubucks up for grabs. 2,000 if you rate every pic in my saying album. all 63 and i will send you 2,000 fubucks
Silhoutte In My Dreams
Two Of My Poems That Fit Me Right Now In Ways......
These poems were written like 6 years ago. But they are in many ways how I am feeling right now. “Walls” These walls need to come down If we are to ever be together, the source must be found I could see the pain in your eyes Feeling the anguish dealing with different lies I feel a little helpless and not sure in what to do All I know is to be your friend and do my best to help you I have been in the same shoes before Getting hurt and just wanting to shut the door This answer isn’t always best We shouldn’t separate ourselves from all the rest There are those to be away from and others to not Sometimes with such pain we miss out on what we’ve got These walls need to be brought down If we don’t we tend to push away some of the good that we have found I care for you so much I give you my hand in friendship’s touch These walls must fall down Please don’t pass something good that may not always be around “Dark Mirror” I look into the mirror and se
Sure Your Right
Sure Your Right Heart broken is what I am. I can't help it .why you do the things you do. Can't you see were close to a break up, And I already felt it. Tell me why ,the pain inside my heart. Just made me cry . what's the truth? Forget the lies you say you that your right! So that only means that I'm wrong Jesus Rivera Calderon Copyright ©2007 Jesus , Rivera Calderon
A Message From Kare {owner}
Hello Everyone, Just wanted to say a few things, and don't worry, it's alllll goooood!!! When I created Virgo's I had no idea the response I would be getting from my fellow Virgo's, it's been unbelievable!! Everyday I'm in the lounge, someone comes in that just so happens to be a Virgo and the name caught their eye. It makes me very happy that I have had such a positive response from everyone on Fubar. Although it is not a requirement to be born in September, it sure is nice to see so many that are. I chose the name because for one, I am a Virgo, and for two, I couldn't think of a better Just thought it sounded like any other bar, like Joe's Tavern, or Billy Bob's. I wanted something different and I think I picked the right one. Thank You one and all for making Virgo's your home here on Fubar, I'm glad that you feel that you have one here, and that you find Virgo's to be that place. All the members make Virgo's a great place to kick back and be yerself, no n
Must Be Doing Something Right,....
Billy CurringtonMust Be Doin' Somethin' RightMusic Video Codes By Music GOD I JUST LOVE THIS SONG AND THE BEACH..LOL.. ( COWGIRL HUGS )
Thinking Of You
THINKING OF YOU Wanting to travel, the inner workings of your intelect. Then see what comes about. And a man such as i. Has stuck in my eye a vision. A vision of a rose, that's about to sprout. Sprout with joy and all that is known to be... As I open my arms when you come to me... I know a queen when one is seen and that would be you At the pinnacle of what the most highest meant for you to be from the Start The queen to rule the dominion of my heart. Jesus , Rivera Calderon Copyright ©2007 Jesus , Rivera Calderon
Go check out my newly revamped blog at
Kiss The Night
Kiss the night Feel the pain Kill the sun Make love to the moon Breath in the darkness Drown the light Raining tears of blood Echoes of the damned Die in the distance Fear is rising on wings of black Silent as death Thundering into your mind Your soul freezes as the fire dies Kiss the night And from the ashes I rise Copyright2002 Jeff Hargis This poem is actually about getting up when you fall on your face in life
A New Beginning
A new beginning, and new doors opening. For the dreams i have had, and the tears i have cried it is time to let go of the things i cannot change and cange the things i can. A new beginning, stepping forward towards the new doors that have opened. It seems that there was no end to the pain, no end to the tears, but now i know that life isnt always turn out the way it should, you must take challanges and know that it is the pain that makes you stronger. A new beginning, new stepping stones to a whole new life for me. A new beginning although things will never be the same i know that i must move on. A new beginning, new memories to build. A new beginning new dreams. Time to let go of the way things use to be. A new beginning, new tears will be shed, but knowing that i have you my friends, I know i can make it through anything that life brings my way. A new beginning.
Can We Help? By Pimping Her Out
That Dearded Phone Call In The Middle Of The Night
Do you what the scariest thing in the world is..... Being woke up at 530 in the morning by a phone call from your 17 yr old daughter screaming and crying to tell you she has been in a car accident. It doesn't matter how strong a person you are or how many times you have prepared your self for that, it still shakes you to your core. That is what I woke up to this morning. My Daughter Cherry and her Uncle Mike and a few friends decided to go shopping on Black Friday (this morning). After making the rounds at a few stores my daughter and another friend decided they had had enough and where on there way home coming down the interstate. This lady in a hurry to get to the next store cut them off after cutting in and out of traffic down the interstate. Then because the girls try to get out of her way and into the lane she wanted she cut them off and slammed on her breaks. The girls try to avoid her but ended up hitting her and doing a 360 and just missed being hit by a semi. Both g
That Was... Yes Nasty
well this is getting funnier every second! yesterday, i woke up early to go to classes, like everyday but uh oh i heard the moanings sounds comming from my cousin's room yes, he many times stays with his gf there (reminds me of the mountain of things i had to wash already in the kitchen, cause they cook and don't wash at least a plate) and with my bad luck, a job office called me just when the sounds were going worse like a porn movie omg i had to open the window and talk with half body outside cause i didn't want the person on the phone hear that that reminds me that i need an appartment for me ASAP UGH!
The Wizards Pipe
In a cat's eye chrystal ball We swim in the ocean And play in the rain Fearies are dangerous Love is deadly Fireflies are the nightlights of the world Whispering willows Sprites dance in the meadows Softly singing the songs of old Winged dragons Golden hued sunsets The stars tell the stories of life Moonlight on the water Candles in the wind Your eyes twinkle with the waves The sun rises A ne day begins And the wizard's pipe burns away the fog of dreams Copyright 2005 Jeff Hargis
A Promise To You
A PROMISE TO YOU You are wonderful to me, I'm glad you are my friend. Hopefully forever, Until the end. You make me feel special With all that you do It makes me feel so lucky, Every time I'm around you. You are there for me, Through good and bad. It makes me happy, Like I could never be sad. I just want to thank you, For everything you do. I promise someday, I'll do the same for you. FRIENDS ARE LIKE ANGELS Our friends are like angels, Who brighten our days, In all kinds of wonderful, Magical ways. Their thoughtfulness comes, As a gift from above, And we feel we are surrounded, By warm, caring love. Like upside-down rainbows, Their smiles bring the sun, And they fill ho-hum moments, With laughter and fun. Friends are like angels, Without any wings, Blessing our lives, With the most precious things. SOMEONE THERE FOR YOU Someone you can believe in; Someone who is there for you, Reminding you to have faith in yo
La La La....
babysitting at a friend's house so i thought i'd sneak on and say hello to everyone. i did black friday this morning with my sister. i've been awake since 3 and have napped twice already lol. good sales though, no drama.think i'll do it again next year! :D
Reneck And Turkey
A game warden was driving down the road when he came upon a Redneck carrying a wild turkey under his arm. He stopped and asked him, "Where did you get that turkey?" The Redneck replied, "What turkey?" The game warden said, "That turkey you're carrying under your arm." The Redneck looks down and said, "Well, lookee here, a turkey done roosted under my arm!" The game warden said, "Now look, you know turkey season is closed,so what ever you do to that turkey, I'm going to do to you. If you break his leg, I'm gonna break your leg. If you break his wing, I'll break your arm. Whatever you do to him, I'll do to you. So, what are you gonna do with him?"......... The Redneck said, "I guess I'll just kiss his ass and let him go!"
Have a great weekend friends and family and think of me all alone here all weekend drinkin alone too,,,wishing i had company ,,,preferably my friend Blazer mmmmmmmmm oh yeah :) heheh
Life is a peach rotting in the refuse Of society's failure The rain washes away The last remains Of the days greatest moments Filled with the tears Of those left to suffer Those who died this day are the lucky ones For those left to endure another day Must accept the stench of the rotting peach Copyright 2003 Jeff Hargis
Never Giving Up
I made through the toughest part of my life and i know there will be more to come. I am not afraid to fight the fight, and i am not afraid to give it all I have. I am never Giving up. I made it this far i will continue to move on no matter what the price is or how difficult things may become, I am never giving up. Though the road was long and sometimes very painful i made it. I could never have done it without you my friends. I know i havent always been there, but i did the best i could to make you smile to make you laugh. But in the end you were always there. I am very thankful and will till the day i die. I am never giving up and it was my friend that helped me to never give up, it was you my friend that made me move forward to never give up hope. I am not afraid to cry, to give my best, to be a friend, but most of all i am never giving up. Thank you my friends for never turning your back on me,and being there for me. I am never giving up. I love you al
Sports In Vegas
Yesterday we had four football games, and being in Vegas, the place to watch them in the sports books. The screens are huge and you have people from all over the country rooting for their favorite team. I watched the Packers/Lions game at Cesears, the Cowboys/Jets game at Ballys and the Colts/Falcons and USC/Arizona St game at the Excalibur and Mandalay Bay. I like Cesears the best, but all of them are very similar. Large rooms with lots of big screens and comfy chairs. As far the foodie in me. Mesa Grill at Cesaers is still one of my favorite places to eat in this town. Had lunch there yesterday and dinner last night at the Border Grill at Mandalay Bay. Another place we ate at this trip was a sandwich shop between Ballys and Paris. Its getting to be time to catch the flight back home. It was a great trip and I'm sure I'll be back next year. But its back to reality..
Il faut etre toujours ivre, tout est la; c'est l'unique question. Pour ne pas sentir l'horrible fardeau du temps qui brise vos apaules et vous penche vers la terre, il faut vous enivrer sans treve. Mais de quoi? De vin, de poesie, ou de vertu à votre guise, mais enivrez-vous! Et si quelquefois, sur les marches d'un palais, sur l'herbe verte d'un fosse, vous vous reveillez, l'ivresse déja diminuee ou disparue, demandez au vent, a la vague, a l'etoile, a l'oiseau, a l'horloge; a tout ce qui fuit, a tout ce qui gemit, a tout ce qui roule, a tout ce qui chante, a tout ce qui parle, demandez quelle heure il est. Et le vent, la vague, l'etoile, l'oiseau, l'horloge, vous repondront, il est l'heure de s'enivrer ; pour ne pas etre les esclaves martyrises du temps, enivrez-vous, enivrez-vous sans cesse de vin, de poesie, de vertu, à votre guise. Charles Baudelaire
Oh Dial Up Stinks
Dial up can only be compared to standing at the checkout lane at walmart with more the 10 items and having that 11th item (dial up) don't qualify me to get to my car faster then that person buying one razer and a can of coke, I can however keep counting my stuff hoping that I have miscounted, what the hell right I have time!!! anyway I'm glad to be back I have missed you all most you have offered warm welcomes and "how are yeahs" and that is just enough for me to listion to a busy signal or that dial tone just before you hear do dah do doodddoododo zang zang zzzzzzz buzzzzz... Peace to you all, and cyber hug a bouncer they deserve your respect they work hard.... hope to talk to you all soon.
Back At Timbercreek In Louisburg, Ks Tonight!
Hey all, That's band RiverGard is back at Timbercreek Bar & Grill tonight (November 23rd) from 8pm to midnight. There's no cover charge, only great LIVE MUSIC, dancing, Great food, and just GOOD FUN! Come on out tonight and enjoy some great live music in a really NICE venue with plenty of dancing, drinking and FUN! As always, mention that you heard about us on Fubar to recieve a FREE personally autographed 8 1/2 x 11 color photograph of the band (supplies limited).
Blues and reds with yellows now and then popping out. Nothing but the sound of wind constantly around me. So much distance from the blurry ground, everything has become so strange looking. The passing wind sounds the same as it did when I was a child swinging on those long chain swings at the local park. That rush against your ears with every swing, harder and harder you push your legs until you feel that scary feeling of weightlessness when the chains become loose in your hands. That split second that you would wish could last forever without the fear of falling , till gravity grabs you and whips you back the other way. I guide myself through the clouds in total silence except the sound of my heart thumping in my chest along with the wind. Passing through the tops of clouds like something soft but not there. I was afraid to go this high but I couldn't resist. The same feeling you get standing on the very edge of a high cliff, right to the edge as close as possible. That fifty/fif
For The Sisterhood
As big sister I am always here for you all! I would just want to emphasize some of the rules of THE SISTERHOOD We need to know that we are not a CLUB we are a FAMILY and the words THE SISTERHOOD need to be in out title not just the word SISTERHOOD. No Drama allowed and along with that we always need to respect our sisters so always think about what you say or do before its done.. Please make sure that you have fanned, rated and added all the sisters it doesnt mean u have to add them to your family tho it would be nice cuz they are your sisters. All members must be active in some way or another. Member Pinkouts are a great way to show Love! Non-ACTIVE members can and will be deleted from the family and I sure would hate to see that The LOUNGE is open every nite from 7 to 11 eastern standard time. We know not all of us can be there every nite but it sure would be sweet to see more coming into the lounge. Please remember that I love you all and would love to get to
there are angels among us that no one ever pays attention too. they come in all shapes and sizes. they come when u need them most. and sometimes they are your friends. so pay attention to the people that are there for you. you probly call them your true friends. those are the people who are special. ones that will do anything for you at any moment and time. have a great day! just a thought to think about.
Sheep Are Not Very Graceful
Another short story...I call it, "sheep are not very graceful" I awake to a soft, monotonous buzz that was as a string of beads being pulled through a handkerchief between my index finger and thumb.. The powerfully bright glow of my digital alarm clock with it's oversized stupid numbers actually brought a twinge of pain to a place behind my eyes. I laid awake remembering or realizing the sound I heard was not really part of a dream I was just having. I noticed a faint light on the wall in the next room. Not a bright light but what may be described as another shade of the darkness. A glow with a slight flicker like toy army soldiers passing between a lit match and my eyes. I quietly arose to follow that sound and the light into the next room which I know as my living room. I slowly stepped to the archway separating the kitchen and the room I presently occupy peeking around the corner. With my heart thumping and half awake self, I came upon all of my cats... all fo
New Jersey is cold today. I don't like it. Still no wireless for my laptop. No clue why. The wireless light on the router is on, and I tried reseting it. Not a big deal just frustrating. Thanksgiving was good. Good food as always and my family is great. Got to see my cousin's two year old... she's grown so much since last time I saw her (at her first birthday party!) Talked to my aunts and grandmother about coming out to visit before the baby's born too. Don't know if they'll be able to do it, but they have plenty of time to try to plan it. And as always I'm kinda lonely. Bleh. Thats been on my mind a lot the past few days... and I'm going to stop that right there because I don't feel like bringing it all out here. I guess that's all. I just woke up and I'm bored already. Some one entertain me! XOXO
Our Goal
Ok I'd like to point out that my favorite thing in life...right now is going with my sister & our friends & debate. I've done this like seriously..three or four weekends (well last night doesn't count as a weekend) and we debate about things that matter i.e. health care system/government/the war & military...just things that actually effect every single one of us :). Last night it was debating on the war & me joining the military, so yeah I was kinda in the "hot seat" the entire night. But that's cool because I think it helped my sister learn more on my standpoint & why I'm joining...which she thought was cuz of some guy..I'm like "nope this is for me". So now time for some background info on this. I was engaged last year..planning the wedding & everything is going great, except for being called a whore/bitch/slut/fucking asshole all of these things by my now ex-fiance...well I called it off, he broke up with me I thank GOD he did. Mainly cuz he cheated and is an asshole. So NOW
Cry-faith Hill
If I had just one tear Running down your cheek Maybe I could cope Maybe I'd get some sleep If I had just one moment at your exspense Maybe all my misery Would be well spent...yeaaaa Could you cry a little Lie just a little Pretend that your feeling a little more pain I gave now I'm wanting Something in return So cry just a little for me If your love could be caged, honey, I would hold the key And conceal it underneath the pile of lies you handed me And you'd hunt and those lies They'd be all you'd ever find And that'd be all you'd have to know For me to be fine And you'd cry a little Die just a little And baby I would feel just a little less pain I gave now I'm wanting Something in return So cry just a little for me Give it up baby I hear your goodbye Nothin's gonna save me I see it in your eyes Some kind of heartache Darlin give it a try I don't want pity I just want what is mine Yeah.. Could you cry a little
I Love Sexy Hot
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Back To The Coast
Well my plans have changed yet again but this time its cause my husband is back so i will not be staying in gloster like i had planned My aunt is now going to have to go stay with my uncle till a time when i can deal with the thought of being near the man i love but whom hates me I just feel that if i stay here in gloster that i will not do well and that i will sink into depression due to the fact of knowing my husband is near and i cant be with him so i have decided to go to the coast an just go back to work there and take care of my mother I will tell you all i love my husband and he and i have both said things to each other that were mean when we were angry I do regret alot of the things i have said but he has deserve some of it for what he has done to me had i done some of the things he has done to me he wouldnt have dealt with it well anyways everyone i will not be online for awhile i love you all if anyone needs me just call my cell loves Ya LP
A New Approach
this is from yesterday. i just didn't get a chance to "record" i do have to admit it was rather original... David: heay ..but doesn't mean you and i canget really get married ->David: sorry we R already Fu-Married David: wanna get fu married to me ric is the one who responded (lol) we hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!!!
Chris Jericho Returns To Wwe Raw!!
Below Sixth

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