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Girlfriend Application
EVEN iF YOU HAVE A BOYFRiEND OR GIRLFRiEND- REPOST THiS! SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THiS BACK TO YOU IN YOUR INBOX! 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5.Phone Number: 6. Location: 7. Height: 8.Hair (color and style): 9.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would u take a nap with me? 16.Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 18.Would you dance with me? 19
"Paralyzed" Before I could ever let you go, Gonna beg until I drive you mad and say something you could understand I'm a statue baby, Knock me out Oh how these moments fade away, you say you never loved me We say things we didn't mean to say I take it back, I take it all back now You mean more to me than you'll ever know You're my man and I think it's a shame That we get along this way I'm just a statue try to knock me out Paralyzed by the same old antics Back and forth like some walking spastic How could a fistfight be romantic? Thinking back now will you ever feel the same
If You
"Hospital" This feeling never leaves you alone You pull the trigger on your own You're hiding in your safe place Hiding with your eyes shut tightly all the way to the hospital Now will you ever rest your head You end up feeling mostly dead Pretending you're the last one Hiding with your eyes shut tight on the way to the hospital Before I cross my heart and hope to die at all Take off my mask and leave the lies to the liars It never used to hurt before it isn't funny anymore Feeling so alone Funny how you wish some way that you'll die at the hospital You're quiet on the car ride home, you're waiting for your head to explode You're hiding in your safe place Hiding with your eyes shut tightly all the way to the hospital Will you look them in the face Could you look me in the face Three cheers you fooled them all Come on now hip hip hooray
Happy New Year
Im still trying to learn the words to aud lyne scyne before the advent of the New Year, Hoping that this year I might actually stay awake when the ball drops or the bottle of wine is opened whichever comes first. maybe this coming year I will be able to actually keep my resolutions, They being THAT I WILL MAKE NO RESOLUTIONS. Seems simple enough. Maybe I will find that that New Years resolution is Easy to keep. Im almost relieved that 2007 is nearly over, I look forward to 2008, hoping that it might prove to be a much better year. Even though 2007 wasn't all that bad.Anyway I wish all of you on FUBAR a wonderful New Year!!!
I Have No $$$ For A Mumm So I Put This Here!!....its A Must Read!!....maybe The Funniest Shit Ever!!....
FUNNY SHIT!!.... WHEN GIRLS DON'T PUT OUT This was written by a's pretty damn smart. (Girls -- Have a sense of humor!) One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me." I said, "WHAT??!! What was that?!" So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear... "You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man." She responded to my puzzled look by saying, "Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?" Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep. The very next day I opted to take the day off of work to spend time with her. We went out to a nice lunch and then went shopping at a big, big unnamed department store. I walked around with her while she tried on several different ver
2008 Survey
This is an in-depth 2007 survey!! BE HONEST 1-Did you kiss anyone? ~~>yes 2-Did you date anyone? ~~> yep 3-Are you going to kiss someone when the ball drops? ~~> nope 4-Did you lose any friends? ~~> yep...turned out to be a fake friend so no real loss there 5-Did you gain any friends? ~~> yep 6-Did you do something new? ~~> sure 7-Did anyone important to you die? ~~> no 8-Did you change? ~~> I like to think so (for the better) 9-Are you happy with the year over all? ~~> had it's ups and downs but it was alright 10-Whats the best thing that happen to you ~~> *shrug* 11-Did you fall in or out of love? ~~> no... 12-Are you happy the years almost over? ~~> yes 13-Are you going to change something about yourself next year? ~~> keep going with what I've been doing 14-Do you think 2008 will be a better year then 2007? ~~> I think so 15-Did you lose your virginity in 2007? ~~> haha ummm no 16-How many things did you screw up in
American United
one day in september not too long ago things were calm no way to know it was no matter then seconds life as we know it would change the terrorist dirty actions is what we had to blame many dear loved ones perished when taken by surprised as heartless men of terror came thru our own blue skies destroyed so much ,so many but it didnt break our faith thi country stands united thats what makes america great in god we trust is our motto and this shall ever be america built on god that's what keep america FREE
Romantic Text Messages
Romantic Text Messages * Let these words not only touch your eyes, let them travel through your soul, and let them rest in your heart as you rest in mine…I love you. * You're still the one… * Words alone will never be able to express the depth of my love for you. * In case you didn't know, I'll be loving you always and forever!! * Just when I thought it couldn't get better, you prove me wrong! I love you! * Falling in love with you was the easiest thing I've done in my life. * Hand in hand and heart to heart my love for you shall never part. * Even though we are apart, my love you will never part. * I'll love the sun for days, the moon for nights, and YOU for forever. * Loving you makes my heart explode with happiness. * Rains fall, winds blow, the sun shines... it all comes naturally, just like loving you. * Simply said... I love you... * Being with you is like having every single one of my wish
My Nsfw
well i have about 100 pics i want to put up on my profile but i promised i would wait till i saved enough fubucks to buy my own ticker. so i guess this is a hint if you want to donate a few bucks to the cause it would be great. i really want to buy this myself so whatever you can spare will help a poor southern girl out. i feel bad asking which why i dont want one person to just buy me a ticker but the more you give the sooner i can get my goal ! yours cassie
Cicada And Clover
I am small and my hands are far away... I can't keep up on the trail that winds its way to the dock, you are running, running. I trip over roots, and my knees are bleeding. Dirt speckled streams of red flow down my bare legs You are running still, you never look back. I am alone in the dirt, cicada whine pitching my head into summer's oblivious heat. There is nothing to do but pick stones from my wounds. I trace circles around the drops of me on the soil. You don't come back. The sun descends and I rise, aching limbs quivering. I pick purple clover blooms and suck out the nectar. I find my own way to the water's edge. You aren't there, but I see your footprints. They lead into the lake, and disappear…
You brew your morning coffee while I scan the TV space, my commentary is just enough - contempt across your face, the dream you had of where we’d be got lost in daily grind, you feel the pressure of the future… the things that tie and bind. These last few years are wearing you - I can see it in your eyes, my little quirks you once found cute - you cannot exorcise, the day-to-day of living with me has become a draining chore, I have no doubt you love me… but I don’t think you like me anymore. Your impatience is so prevalent with every breath and sigh, I feel it when you cut me off - you know you can’t deny, you work so hard to hide the truth but it’s time to call your bluff for I know you know that even love... sometimes ain’t enough. I feel the struggle of mind and heart - you do not want to leave, but my habits drive you to the edge - feeling so naïve, I sense you’re getting tired and don’t know what you’re staying for, I
I Called The Suicide Hotline Tonight
So I called the suicide hotline tonight.. I got a call answering center in Pakistan... I told them that I was feeling suicidal... They got all excited and asked me if I could drive a truck. LMFAO!
Just testing out stuff.. :) MySpace Codes & MySpace Layouts
Thanks To The Family
just want to say thanks to everyone in the family who bombed me so that i could recieve my free 3 month vip my first and time. i just want to send many thanks to those who hel ped and especially to the ones that went went beyond the duty thank you everyone you're all the best i love you all sweet&sassy (patty)
Soldier's Christmas Poem
A Soldier's Christmas 'Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, In a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give, And had to see just who in this home did live. I looked all about, a strange sight I did see, No tinsel, No Presents, Not even a tree. No stocking by the mantle, just boots full of sand. On the wall hung pictures, of a distant land. With Medals and Badges, Awards of all kinds, A sober thought, came to mind. For this house was different, it was dark and dreary, I found the home of a Soldier, Once I could see clearly. The Soldier lay sleeping, silent, alone, Curled up on the floor, In his one bedroom home. The face was so gentle, The room in such disorder, Not how I pictured, A United States Soldier. Was this the hero of whom I'd just read? Curled up on a poncho, The floor for a bed? I realized the families that I saw this night, Owed their lives to these
Sleeping Giant Having A Bipolar Nightmare
On Dec. 8, 1941 . In the wardroom of the IJN Nagato , The flag officers were toasting them self for the sucessful attack on Pearl Harbor. All but one, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. It is said that he sat quietly, with a troubled look on his face. An adjutant noticed the admiral's troubled look, He leaned over and ask , " Why are you so troubled, Admiral? Everything went perfectly to plan, except missing the Aircraft Carriers" Admiral Yamamoto slowly raised his gaze from his cup, Looked at his Adjutant, Then slowly scan the room. The room went quiet. Then Admiral Yamamoto spoke. In a voice , soft, but at the same time filled the room. "I fear that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." No could believe those words. In the following months the Japanesse military rolled on , Defeat was impossible. Many forgot those words. But we know how PROPHETIC those words were. 9-11-01, We were attacked, Many more were killed and wounded
Dirty Stinkin' Grind
From the Mailbox: “Dear Bartender, I’ve read your blogs I’ve always wondered, is bartending as exciting and fun as it seems? Does it pay well? If so, how do I get a job?” Dan Yes Dan, it is as fun and exciting as it seems. A world where peppy bouncy party girls burst out of their tank-tops like a microwave popcorn accident and where time flies faster than a clock on the Concorde -- but there is a flip side. Bartending is also a dirty stinking grind. It takes a certain type of person to be a bartender. The question is, Dan, are you the right person? There will be adjustments you know; a turbulent transformation of lifestyle and world view. For instance, when you are a bartender your social life is the bar. You go out to bars when you’re not working. Your friends and acquaintances are primarily other bartenders, waitresses, and ever-boozers. And you all become this enormous, deranged, dysfunctional family: Your co-workers are alcoholics; your customers are alcoholics; your l
Its Occured To Me....
That I should likely be more paranoid of those who are paranoid of me.LoL I mean to a degree I am used to the normal baiting and hooking that most people do with me in attempts to either pull one over on me or get the upper hand.But when its done in a way that I realize what is being done and what the angle its kinda pointless. At that point Im clued in to the other person and thus put up my guard simply because if there is some reason a person doesnt trust me or thinks Im up to something then its very likely that they themselves are.Granted Im not gonna lie--90% of my life I usually have an agenda and I rarely care what or who gets in my way as long as in the end I am happy--Blame my fathers encouraging my Daddy's Girl mentality, thus inducing the self serving nature I tend to have. Granted, however, in some situations I really dont have agendas and do feel remorse or at the very least sympathy for people who dont deserve the nasty shit that happens to them.Yet it is usually that sym
Trust My Love
You can trust my love for you, It will always pull you through. If you need a friend I'll be there, To show you how much I care. Your love makes me whole, I feel it deep in my soul. With our hearts together, We'll have love forever. I'll reach out my hand, When I can't understand. My eyes will open to your heart, I'll find the missing part, Then I will comfort your pain, And stop the pouring rain. I'll stand strong when you're weak, I'll hold the answers that you seek. I'll be the second half of one, I'll love you when each day is done.
Back To The Dr.
My appt for the cardiologist was rescheduled for today, and not surprisingly they didn't find a damn thing, but remember these are navy doctors. They did another EKG and they did an ultrasound on me which was pretty cool. They didn't do the stress echo on me, why I don't know. I am going to see if I can get a third opinion and have the stress echo taken, and let this be the deciding factor.
The Echoes Of Eternity
"What we do in life echoes in eternity" -Maximus(Russell Crowe)Gladiator If you died today what would your echoes of eternity say? I am not sure what mine would say and that disturbs me. I know this much; I have caused pain to strangers, friends, family, loved ones and myself. I know I have allowed the facts to get in the way of my dreams. I know I have chosen to be good when great was an option. I know that I have accepted the trappings of mediocrity. I also know that that puts me on par with just about everybody else. So what does that say about me? About you? About us? Fortunately when I was given the gift of today, along with that gift, also comes the opportunity to change. Because of that I can make the exceptional choices that I have failed to make in the past. I can change all the things I once knew and make the difference we are all destined to make. The chance to dare to be great is still in our grasp. If we are alive are echoes do not
I'm In Love
When the road is long, You walk with me. When I need to belong It's you that I see. When I need a hug, You're always there, And I feel safe and snug, I know you care. You are my sunshine, On the darkest day. Your love is mine, Today and everyday. When I have a secret, It's you that I tell. I'll never regret, I'll never fail. Loving you is easy, And something I'll always do. Honey I'll always be, In love with you
Numb - Disturbed
"Numb" Bleeding now I'm Crying out I'm Falling down and I'm Feeling nothing like Laughing now I'm Stopping now I'm Reaching out and I'm Feeling nothing Yeah, you have created a rift within me Now there have been several complications That have left me feeling nothing I might say, you were wrong to take it from me Left me feeling nothing Crawling now I'm Beaten down I'm Tortured now and I'm Feeling nothing like Hunting now I'm Stalking now I'm Reaching out and I'm Killing nothing I can feel you ripping and tearing Feeding and growing inside of me I want this, more than you know I need this, give it back to me
Ok so we got to see our oldest son Michael for 15 minutes on Christmas Eve Day cuz I guess my Grandmother had some other things to do...but do we believe that? HELL NO! She just didn't wanna come over so that we could see Michael but we did. I mean this Christmas was not the best Christmas in the world but at least we got to see Michael that's all we care about. I finally got a scrapbook & some scrapbook stuff from my roommate, I was so excited now I can make a scrapbook of my 2 kids & my husband & I...actually I am already starting to work on it & I think that I will take it to work tomorrow but we will see just depends on what kind of mood I am in tomorrow morning. I also got some socks, candy, clothes, a pair of shoes, 3 bath sets, money, & I think that's it. Skyler got all kinds of clothes & some stuffed animals. Stephen got a poker set, clothes, shoes, candy, & I think that's it. Well I guess that I should be going so I can get to bed so I can get some sleep for work in the
My Precious Friend
I search through the treasures inside my heart. You're standing with the key to a precious part, Saved for the friendship between you and I. We have a special friendship we can't deny. Your friendship is one that I adore, One that will last a lifetime and more. Just an ordinary friendship will never compare, To the memories that special friends share. You are there when my dreams are flying high, And you're there when all I can do is cry. Your friendship's carried in my heart everyday, Then it can never be too far away. I'm here to comfort you or laugh with you, And I'll understand whatever you're going through. The miracle of our friendship goes both ways, It will last between us all of our days
That James guy who I posted a blog about not even a month and a half ago has made a new profile and is again in contact with me. I blocked this new profile he created, but it pisses me off that he can't get the hint that I want NOTHING to do with him. I'm sorry if he doesn't like the fact that I don't appreciate it when someone harasses me over not being able to view my private pix and trying to do whatever it takes to make me feel bad for it. Get over yourself hun, there are easier ways to view naked/half naked girls without harassing real life ones. Google works wonders.
Birthday Wishes
To my Daughter :) babygirlrain@ fubar I love you! Mom
Happy New Year '2008'
Enjoy Your Hot Chocolate A group of graduates, well established in their careers, were talking at a reunion and decided to go visit their old university professor, now retired. During their visit, the conversation turned to complaints about stress in their work and lives. Offering his guests hot chocolate, the professor went into the kitchen and returned with a large pot of hot chocolate and an assortment of cups - porcelain, glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite - telling them to help themselves to the hot chocolate. When they all had a cup of hot chocolate in hand, the professor said: "Notice that all the nice looking, expensive cups were taken, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress. The cup that you're drinking from adds nothing to the quality of the hot chocolate. In most cases it is just more expensiv
The Window Tiger And Lazy Promise Of Relaxation (darwinian Concepts Of Behavior)
The day I let my head rest To not let my pen smoke me To not let it light me up and drag me down to an ash To not let the words haunt me To not fall into that place that feels like madness…that bleeds red and is mine to heal with every letter written To not lament the lover I no longer have or the Home I can no longer find To not smell the way the earth is reborn in every breeze and pray I had its power to be a child again To not take note of a clear perfect blue afternoon sky and know it is always perfect…it just often get's clouded by the season To not allow my personal season's to cloud me again To not stare into the full moon with its bright ring in the thick crystallized atmosphere of the December sky and think of the magic To not notice the faint pink glow of that planet so far away that night trailing far behind the sight of our lunar child and realize our place in this universe To not dream of the beaches of Mexico or the rustle of the small Ita
Bear Hugz
Bear Hugs If you like I can give you A big bear hug. It will make you feel snug As a bug in a rug. As soon as A bear hug Comes your way, Find yourself A good friend, And give It Away!
I Run A Adult Conference Where We Chat And Cam
I would like to let others join the conferences just add bigballs_a_hangin on to your yahoo messenger. I will invite you to conference when I have them. Oh ladys lots of men and few women usually show up here, so you will have fun.
Looking 4 Him
Who Needs Microsoft?
After 3 calls to xbox/Microsoft, probably over 2 hours on the phone, and no luck I decided to head to my business partner's house and we would try and figure out the issue. it took us 10 minutes to look at what we had tried and what went wrong before we had my son's xbox live account working on the 360. Unbelievable that Microsoft could not help, even after sending it up 2 levels. Don't ask what we did... I'm not sure why it worked lol. All I know is my son is so happy now... and getting him to bed is not going to happen anytime soon lol.
My Computer Took A Dump On Me!!
Hey Ladies!! Sorry I havent been around, but my stupid ass piece of shiznit computer went down on me. Now I gotta wait on my friend to fix it.. Damn Im bored...someone save me!! Hope you all enjoyed your christmas...If I dont talk to y'all. Have a Happy New Year!!
Don't Be Shy
LONGEST GIRL SURVEY EVER -don't be shy, fill it all out- 1. You're a girl, right? correct 2. Have you kissed any one on your top list? one 4. Do you enjoy drama? hell no 5. Are you a girly girl? i can be. 6. Who was the last person you hugged? Linz my buddy 7. Small or large purses? medium. 8. Are you short? yup 9. Do you like someone? yessireee 10. What would you do if someone smacked your butt? depends on who it is.. if i knew them and didn't like them i'd probably beat the shit out of them... but if it was sumone i liked and was being funny i wouldn't care 11. Do you care if your socks are dirty? yes. 12. Do you think you’re conceited? sometimes 13. Do you dress up on Halloween? yes its my favorite holiday 14. Are you double jointed? nope 15. Where is the weirdest place you have slept? not sure 16. Has anyone touched/smacked your butt in the past 72 hours? touched? lol the chiropractor 17. Is there any type of
Sweetest Goodbyes
Sweetest Goodbye The feelings they share but dare not speak Needing one to make the other complete But yet duty calls and he must go away Leaving her heart empty with things she cannot say He leaves on the plane with her face on his mind She prays to God above to help with the hard times They both will experience at night when they go to bed Thinking of all the things they had left unsaid Being hit by insurgents he struggles just to breathe Thinking of the day he can pack his things to leave Hoping to hit American soil once again before he dies But still 6 months left to go; he lays down and cries Meanwhile he's on her mind constantly every day Waiting at her house hoping he'll phone her way But 2 weeks not a word has passed through her ears Silently in her mind she begins to live her own fears Finally though he calls with good news for her soul After 15 months over there and his body taking it's toll He's coming back to patch the gaping hole in her heart
Bomb Her !!!!!
HEY EVERYONE!!!!! My ticker is for my girlfriend not me so plzzzzz bomb her.
Uk Arms Sales To 'respectable' Iraq
UK arms sales to 'respectable' Iraq In light of the subsequent history of Iraq, it seems almost unthinkable that 30 years ago Britain sold millions of pounds of military equipment to the country's Baathist government. Saddam Hussein (left) took power from Gen al-Bakr (centre) in 1979 Foreign Office papers, just released by the National Archives in London, show that defence sales to Iraq in 1976 amounted to an estimated £70m. At this time, Saddam Hussein was the de facto leader of Iraq - taking on a more prominent role than the ageing president, Gen Ahmad Hassan al-Bakr - before formally taking power in 1979. The documents show that, in 1976 and 1977, a variety of equipment was sold to Iraq, including 20 Cymbeline mortar-locating radar - at a cost of £11m - combat support boats, and £7.4m of weapons effects simulators. Big contracts for Dennis fire fighting-vehicles and fuel tankers were also secured. And incredibly, Iraq paid Britain £500,000 to train Ira
Tense Pakistan Set To Bury Bhutto
Tense Pakistan set to bury Bhutto The body of the assassinated former Pakistani PM, Benazir Bhutto, has been flown to her home village in Sindh for burial amid fears of further violence. President Pervez Musharraf appealed for calm after she was killed at a rally in Rawalpindi on Thursday, but deadly riots later erupted in several cities. At least 11 deaths were reported as her angry supporters took to the streets. The killing was condemned worldwide, with the UN Security Council describing it as a reprehensible act of terrorism. US officials called for the parliamentary election scheduled for 8 January to go ahead as planned, but correspondents say the assassination has raised a huge question mark over the poll. International reaction Ms Bhutto's political rival and fellow former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, reacted to news of her death by announcing that his party, the Muslim League, would boycott the vote. "I demand that Musharraf quit power,
Voodoo Girl
Voodoo Girl a poem by Tim Burton Her skin is white cloth, and she's all sewn apart and she has many colored pins sticking out of her heart. She has many different zombies who are deeply in her trance. She even has a zombie who was originally from France. But she knows she has a curse on her, a curse she cannot win. For if someone gets too close to her, the pins stick farther in.
~my Love For Mymaster,,,,~
i'm going to love You forever There isn't a doubt in my mind, because all of the love that i feel in my heart is the "will last forever" kind. i'm going to love You always, not "maybe," i know it's true. From the time W/we first kissed, i knew in my heart my forever love would be You. Your lovingly devoted slavegirl myMaster, tallyssinae[R]
After four failed biopsy's we finnaly have an answer. My mom was diagnoised with cancer today. They gave her to options for treatment centers 1)Boston or 2)Manhatten..So my time here on fubar will be cut majorly as I prepare to help her in recovery..Ur prayers are appreciated and support is greatly accepted..
a heart is as big as a person wants it to be but to have 1 and use it is dangerious if you dont use it right knowing this think about what you want and put your heart into it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Highlanders Proposal To Onehotpebbles
I will buy you a dozen roses for you but only give you 11 the last one will be hidden in our bedroom. We will go out to dinner and take a nice walk together hand in hand and kiss each other under the stars as we get home i will carry you upstairs to our room where i will give you the last rose and inside of it will sit a ring as you take it out i will remove it from your hand get on my knees take your hand look you in the eyes and say "if you take this ring I promie to always love you and cherish you for the eternity that we will be together. We will be with each other thru thick and thin but always come up on top there will be nothing we would not be able to conquer. So will you please be my immortal wife. Byw she so totally accepts....
Whos Crushing On Me?
I want to thank who ever is crushing on me.I will find out who you are lol.
Pic Comments
August Rush
I've just seen August Rush. It was absolutely fabulous! I was bawling like a baby by the time it got to the end. Purely and truly magical! A give it an 11 without any hesitation, five stars or whatever the best possible rating is. If you're not prepared to have your heart touched deeply, don't watch this movie.
The Words
Time has it's ways For all the things it displays The game of life Hurts like a blade of a knife Souls walking down the street Having names, having lives Eyes can tell stories of living and the dead Blood and sweat, tend to be clear with some red Pain inside, like you have died Like all the things you have done To all the angry and evil it's like you lied The world, the land the sand Is all lost to the covered skies Green and blue these colors Can be feelings or a description of you Moods, the waves the wind that howls in the dark You see the light is gone with out the spark The lord, the savior , the creator, the man behind this earth The death that walks is like the shadow that always stalks Our god is the one when the end of the world happens, he talks The sins the anger that lives and is created by man kind The bible, the holy water and the churches are rarely used No wonder all these young people are so confused Abused, incorrect are one's that thi
Valentine Contest Please Help Me Win
hey everyone i am in a valentine contest please help me win all u have 2 do is go to this ladys page than go to fupal and buy me a heart or hearts lol they cost 500 fubar bucks enter the dollar amount and in the comment box put grumpybear1230 or i will not get them so please remember to put that in the comment box i really would like to win so thank u to anyone who will help me Thanx, Kitty xoxo
I Want
Sometimes I want loving caresses, Warm, gentle hands gliding over my skin, Pulling, evoking, drawing out desire, Easing me into my heat. Moist kisses and humming, Soothing lips and cooing, Gentle words and probing tongue, Whispering desire to me. Hot breath bathing my skin, Fluttering fingers stirring my longing. Gentle touch and loving words, Moving passion over me. Strength descending into me, Stroking smooth and deep, Holding tight for dear delight, Gentle bonding of two souls. To make love with all joy, To know desire soft and pure, To fall asleep in loving arms, And float in sated bliss. * * * * * * * Though sometimes, oft times, in deep night, What I crave is to fuck, To feel wanton desire boil within, To let crimson blood run hot. Skin against skin, wet with passion, Lips entwined with hard craving, Building to carnal crest, Falling back, extending ecstasy. Desire, passion, hunger, greed, Melding, combining, driving higher, Lust in
A Very Merry Christmas And Happy New Year - No. 1 Pimp Site   Well, I could go on and on with all sorts of excuses, like the rush of Christmas hitting me, having to work, prepare food for company, and make arrangements for trips, to my computer giving me fits, and just not enough time all around, in general.  But there is no excuse...I didn't make it here before the event to wish you all a VERY ... - No. 1 Pimp Site   But, I suppose, regardless of the time, I did finally make it, so I'm saying that it's better late than never.   I hope you were able to share some wonderful times, and memories, with family and friends over the Christmas season.   This time of year can always be bittersweet, enjoying all that goes with the celebration, yet missing, and longing for those who are no longer with us to celebrate the miracle that happend and was born unto us in Bethlehem.   This was our first Christmas without my Dad, so naturally, we too felt the longing in our hearts for someone tha
Pink Orchid
pink orchid of love fragrant flower so rare of desire's full bloom nestled in that glade below your mossy rise my tongue, a hummingbird hungry for passions nectar hovering above you, wanting to drink so deep, and long till my thirst is quenched my hungry heart is filled but for a short blissful time then hungry again, takes wing to drink deeply of you again sweet pink orchid of desire
Your Master Is Home
It's been too long, home at last home at last I brush back your hair and gaze down at you Quietly watching you curled safe in our bed nuzzling your neck, softly I whisper in your ear. My sweet loving pet, your Master is home you lay deep in slumber wrapped in my robe, peacefully dreaming of pleasures shared A smile like a wolf's flickers over my lips I sit next to you feeling your warm flesh I slowly expose your silken skin to my touch. I wet My finger in My mouth to write my name between the mounds of your full ripe breasts, warm letters spell out my love upon your skin, I blow gently over them, My breath cooling. . . soft tingling breeze, like mint on the tongue. smiling, wriggling deeper into your dreams, you quietly sigh and part your legs for me, I watch over you in the flickering candlelight, like a wolf watching over his sleeping mate My sweet loving pet, your Master is home
My First Contest
i entered a tattoo contest today, its my first contest ever, i dont really expect to win, but it would be cool to get real close so please help me by bombing the hell out of my tat!
Is It Over Already?
wow...Christmas came and went by so fast this year. We had a wonderful Christmas. My kids got way too much stuff~! But they are happy and that is all that matters to me. I have debated on saying anything about my last few days but I might as well....besides I need all the prayers I can get now. I found a lump in my breast and had all the tests and the results came back today not good....cancer cells are present. So I go tomorrow to see a surgeon to schedule surgery to remove the lump. It actually isn't all bad....the lump I feel is a cyst but within the cyst is a cancerous cell. SO if the cyst hadn't come up I would never have found the cancer this early. I have faith I will be fine. I will make it through this and the cancer will not be in my body after the surgery is done~! Please friends, keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I will update when I can. I promise I will update~! I just need a few days to collect my thoughts and get better. Thanks to all who have show
What Does She See?
This song was written and performed by a good friend of mine, I was listening to it again tonight and it got me thinking. You guys should never question what we see, because you will never see yourselves as we see you. There is a special something within everyone of you that makes us love you the way we do. Don't sell yourselves short each one of you is a remarkable man and loved dearly by someone.
A Thought
Like a flash of light, a thought crosses my mind, and my heart skips a breaths grow short with each thought. as my heart begins to flutter, another thought comes to mind. Its strange still, because the thoughts seem to be so much more then just that. Its as if they are memmories of what is yet to come. but yet how can I have a memmory of the unknown. Does this mean the threads of the tapisrt of fate are already chosen for me. Or is it something more. Could it be something as devine as my unconciouns mind showing me a glimps of what could be from the path I have chosen
Body: I just entered kendle in the Great American Photo Contest. The baby with most votes this month wins $2,500 (that could be a nice amount to put away now for college!!). Please do me a big favor and click on this referid=EmailFriends&p=273374&x=.jpg and vote for kendle. It takes a minute. I really appreciate it, and so does kendle . Thanks in advance. Sincerely, kira wurster p.s. Tell your friends to tell their friends!
Rotatrix Friends
Rotatrix Friends NetworkGet Paid To $ocialize at the #1 $ocial Network! Social Networking meets Home BusinessMonetize Your WebsiteJust add a small piece of code to your Website or Get more FAN to your Siteand never be cheated again by Click Fraud !Start Your Business FREETired of working for the man, Now you can STOP
Bored #2
For all my life I wonder what it is to live and have fun I wonder what it is to find someone to love and care for I wonder what it is to have good,true friends For all my life, I want to be accepted for who I am Well now I can learn to live and have fun I can and did find someone to live and care for I have some good,true friends And I have been accepted for who I am by some and one person in mind
S.T.R.E.N.G.T.H.~ the quality or state of being strong : capacity for exertion or endurance H.O.P.E~ to cherish a desire with anticipation ~~ There are many times in our lives when we make decisions that at the time you may not realize what the outcome shall be. Times we feel hurt, mistrusted or misloved but may not exactly be the case. When we join this journey called life we have goals, dreams and hopes for the future. If you keep your mind focused on those things and build yourself up you grow strong in knowing WHO you are and WHAT you are about. YOU are the one who determines the end outcome of your life. How is it then that someone who was so strong and confident can and did allow someone else break that? You live your life for pleasing others because that makes you happy (that is who you are) YOU are the care-giver the lover. You know early on in life what your calling is. You are determined to make all your goals and dreams come true. You work hard to make sure it d
Here I Stand
here I stand before you, my wounds open and bleeding, how do you see me now. broken and beaten, bareing the scars from my mistakes. Standing alone in the shadows of what once was my life. day by day, one step at a time I find the strength to go on. Searching for a light in all the darkness that I have come to know so well. So quick to judge what you dont understand. but here I stand non the less in spite of all your hate. And I still shine brighter then any light ever could. So how do you see me now
Walk With Me
Walk with me, the path of life, to explore every bend of the road Enjoy with me the beauty of life, along its wonderful way Find comfort with me, in each other's arms, when grief crosses our path Find strength with me, in each other's strength, when despair lies in wait Laugh with me, a single true laugh, to enlighten another's distress Cry with me, a single true tear, to understand true happiness Cherish with me, the wonders of life, as they need to be preserved Rejoice with me, in the mysteries, of what is yet to be Find peace with me, in each other's souls, when the world has gone insane Find love with me, in each other's hearts, until this life has been fulfilled And when the path comes to an end I hope we can say from within We've known the beauty of true love, our love came from within
Seduce Me
Tickle my thoughts with your brazen tongue tantalization unleashed Whisper wonder in subtle motions communicate all you can’t speak Touch my temptation with playful suggestions enticement alluring Venture advancement with delights of indulgence coax this good girl to her knees
Martinis... One isnt enough and 8 are too many.
For You
The music of your affection surrounds the air I breathe The wonder of your passion My soul will never leave Within my heart it glides As we dance the dance of love These moments with you I could never have too many of Your kiss to me tonight Soft as an angels wing Came out through my lips In this verse I sing I know your out there waiting I hear your voice away so far And the beauty of your words The distance cannot mar Our bond it only strengthens And as the nights go by I feel your arms around me As I gaze up to the sky The smile upon my lips It will surely never die
I See Dumb People
1. Recently, when I went to McDonald's I saw on the menu that you could have an order of 6, 9 or 12 Chicken McNuggets. I asked for a half dozen nuggets. "We don't have half dozen nuggets," said the teenager at the counter. "You don't?" I replied. "We only have six, nine, or twelve," was the reply. "So I can't order a half dozen nuggets, but I can order six?" "That's right." So I shook my head and ordered six McNuggets 2. I was checking out at the local Wal-Mart with just a few items and the lady behind me put her things on the belt close to mine. I picked up one of those "dividers" that they keep by the cash register and placed it between our things so they wouldn't get mixed. After the girl had scanned all of my items, she picked up the "divider", looking it all over for the bar code so she could scan it. Not finding the bar code she said to me, "Do you know how much this is?" I said to her "I've changed my mind, I don't think I'll buy that today." She said "OK," and
The Return Lines Can Be Quite Long!
Thursday evening and I am alone in my house with my cat. She is asleep on my bed where she is at all times. I have spent most of my day taking back gifts that didn't fit my kids or the style wasn't right. I had good success at returning or exchanging things. I still have one more pair of pants to return and then I will be done. I figure I will do that tomorrow or maybe if it isn't too late, I can do that tonight? Peter and the boys will be home tomorrow around noon. They have been at the cabin. He has taken 10 days off of work to just relax. I am sure he needs it. Hopefully the weather isn't too bad this weekend and he can take the kids up to the snow. Although...they are in the snow right now. Peter called me today and said it is snowing pretty heavy at the cabin. That makes me wish that I had gone with them!!! I love the snow. Or more so the snow and then warming up by the fire with some hot chocolate! I have spent some time today putting away some of the dec
Giving You My Heart Forever
don't ask me how it could be sometimes it's hard to believe that in my lifetime i could find that someone who can make me complete you are the air that i breathe i'd surely die if you leave 'cause i have never felt this way ' bout any girl like i feel for you so this is what i'm gonna do i'm giving you my heart forever every beat of my heart says it's true i know we'll always be together forever you lovin' me - me lovin' you and i'm giving you my heart to you you are so special to me your love is all that i need and i'm gonna spend the rest of my life loving you faithfully this love i feel is so strong with you my heart's found a home 'cause no one in this world could ever love me so tenderly so you can best believe i'm giving you my heart forever every beat of my heart says it's true my love for you won't fade no never you lovin' me - me lovin' you and i'm giving you my heart to you and when i'm holding you close to me i know all of my dreams
Dressing Room Fun - Slide Show
Friends Friends what are they? Are they someone that be by your side? Are they someone who will help you when your down or cheer you up? Are they someone who will help you in a fight? Are they someone who will congradulate you on something good? Yea they will if they are true good friends.
I was a cat in a past life. HAHAHA REL
I am a victim of this place. A culprit in this crime. I've progressed this drama of mine. I suffer from addiction, and deeply rooted affliction to man of a different time. Would he? Could he? Should he, be mine? It's a dream unfilled, a touch never felt. An emotion never expressed, a hand never dealt. It's the beginning of a heartache and the journey of a lifetime. Would he? Could he? Should he, be mine? He's the knight in my fairy tale, the villain in my dream. The heroin in my movie, as silly as it seems. He's the one I never had, even in our prime. Would he? Could he? Should he, be mine?
Unsure, For Sure!
If you have ever heard the song *Stay* by Sugarland, then you may understand why I am unsure for sure. I love him soooo much but it is so hard sharing someone. I am like 3rd or 4th on his list, yet other times I am number 1. I am sooo confused!!! When he is around I doubt nothing, yet when I am not with him, I wonder so much.. who else is he with?? I wish i could find someone that I was number 1 with. It seems for all my relationships, but one, I have never been number 1. Always after some other female. I do not know why I put myself through this. I do not look for these guys, they seem to find me... WHY!!!!!!!???????? SOME DAY I will learn to stop trusting so easily and be cynical more often. OH WELL!!!
my net keeps crashing so i sorry if it seems like i'm ignoring you. I'm not.
A Special Relationship To Be..
When two hearts connect in such a level to where nothing seems to be able to stand in their way. Trials and tribulations may come and go it just makes their love blossom and grow. Thorns and thistles may try to crop up,but the love and tenderness will put a quick stop. Heart to heart they beat as one a lifetimeof joy and peace between all sprinkled with tons of love,laughter yes some tears and understanding by both make it thru all or any misunderstandings they may indure and even the bad days taht come around,but no matter what who or what is said by anyone if you can offer such a love then heck im all ofr it for ever and eternity for there "Can Only Be One". One love that is true and everlasting and that my dear friend is the best love of all... This is written to my One and Only Love The Highlander whom ill love with all my heart for the days and years and eternity to come...
Does It End?
ya so after a year of not seeing my husband cause he ran off on me, he has the nerve.....after doing some unforgivable things, which believe it or not does NOT include cheating...tells me hes a changed man and wants to work it out. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!! like i am goin to go back to that, theres NO WAY! i have no love for him anymore, I cant, not after everything. ya i know some things are better left in the past, and i can get over it, but i never forget. just call me horton lol i swear. anywho, i am better than that. I am loved, and have moved every way. i cant wait til the divorce. now that i know how to find him, its only a matter of time now
Too Late
It's too late to say I'm sorry It's too late to apologize It's too late to say your sorry It's too late, I will not cry It's too late, I will not worry. It's too late, Maybe someother time. . When you Tell me that you need me then you go and cut me down. Tell me that you really want me, then you never come around. It's too late to say that you love me, too late that you need me. Too late to say that your sorry. Heart is torn. I will not worry. . (It's too late). I will no cry. (It's too late). I will not lie. When I'm gone you will not miss me. When I'm gone you'll wonder why. . When the other comes around, make you feel on solid ground. When he's gone you realize that I'm the one and only guy It's too late to say that you love me, too late to say that you need me Too late to say that your sorry. Soul is black, I will not worry. . (It's too late), I will not cry (It's too late), I will not lie. (
Contempt Absolution
Contemplating suicide Ultimate genicide Throwing ones life away Cannot fight another day Why has this life been handed to me I fight and fight but cannot break free HE will not give you more than you can take But I feel, that I will, That I shall break I trusted you I believed in you I felt everything that you said was true just like they say trust no one today not even yourself hide your feelings, keep soul at bay Why has this life been handed to me I fight and I fight and I cannot break free There's not much so much more I can take I feel, I will, I shall, I'll break Do not pitty me I've let this to be I trusted you, willed to you And this I receive Past lives that are not mine are held over me Sins of others are washed away EVERYDAY Mine are rebirthed everytime EVERYDAY Those are theirs They are not my shoes One day you will not confuse You will see this, That what you c
Imagine Me
Imagine ME..... Imagine me Loving what I see when the mirror looks at me cause I, I imagine me In a place of no insecurities And I'm finally happy cause I imagine me Letting go of all of the ones who hurt me Cause they never did deserve me Can you imagine me? Saying no to thoughts that try to control me Remembering all you told me can you imagine me? And healed from what my daddy did And I wanna live and not read that page again Imagine me, being free, trusting you totally finally I can... Imagine me I admit it was hard to see You being in love with someone like me But finally I can... Imagine me Being strong And not letting people break me down You won't get that joy this time around Can you imagine me? In a world where nobody has to live afraid Because of your love fears gone away Can you imagine me? Letting go of my past And glad I have another chance And my heart will dance 'Cause I don't have to read that page again
Did You Get What You Wanted?
Well this year i had a pretty good year. Did i get everything i wanted?...Yup, and than some. Here's what i got: A laptop A metallica hoodie $50 for a domain A night out at east side marios Did you get what you wanted? What did you get? share it here :-)
You have fantastic hands You rubbed my back today That small touch Aroused me beyond words Thank god you were behind me You couldn’t see my nipples get hard Or that look of pure ecstasy As you moved lower on my back Bet you it would shock you to know I dreamt of fucking you While I slept last night Thought about that while you were rubbing my back I ask you to do it a little harder Squeeze a little tighter Oh god~ to the right Uhh that feels so good Yeah, you have great hands I’ll give you that But will you respond to mine? Do you take as well as you give? I start at you shoulders Poor baby, you’re tense I lean forward and push my breasts into your back Why the fuck should I play fair I feel your breathing change I ask you if it feels good Am I hurting you? All you do is grunt I’ll slide my hands down your back Not a rub, but a caress Can you handle that? Glad for that big shirt you’re wearing now, aren’t you? If only my dream from last
Low Rater With Nothing To Do
This person rated my profile a "4", so I returned the 'favor.' Then she leaves me the comment below: Some people need more productive hobbies!
New Slide Show 12-25-07
Missing You
Wondering if your thinking of me right now. Thinking the same thoughts. Staring at the same clouds. Missing me like I do you. Afraid of never hearing my voice again. Afraid that in my dreams is where I'll only be able to see you. Every once in a while, I'll see you in the distance. Wanting to run to you, hold you, kiss you. Tell you how much I miss you. Tell you that I'm so sorry, I LOVE YOU so much. Begging you never to leave me again. Sitting here fighting back tears. Faded memories coming back like yesterday. My GOD what I wouldn't give to just hold you ONE time. For just one smile. To hear you say, everything will be alright. If you were here with me right now. I'd give my everything to make sure you never left again. Never shed a tear, never have another worry, or fear. A million words cannot express my feelings this moment. I can only say. I miss you more and more everyday. Love you Angel. Cassandra L. Morning Dew My Mother.
Porn Direction On Christmas/nipples
so my cousin and i have my entire family convinced that im a porno director ...which isnt all wrong because i have filmed quite a few of my friends but it was just funny.... today i took my car to get the oil changed and used my skateboard to get home it was fun but my nipples have been hard all day and really sensative all day and i kept brushing my hand against them and getting all bothered it was pretty funny
The Mask
Ever just want to get away? Run away and never think about the place or event that made you want to leave? You fight and you fight and you fight til' you can't swing anymore. Your finally at your last breath and you concede. You just can't resist anymore. Your submission is all that is acceptable. For just one moment you want peace. Your so worn down that you accept what you know is wrong. Your fed the lies, swallow them whole. Your view of truth is so warped, that you can't see what is real before you. Your so far gone, so alone, so deep within the hole that you've dug for yourself. You realize that no one is there to save you. No one has come to your aid. There's no one there. No one can save you. You've pushed them all away. Concentrate, go within to regain that strength you once had. That drive, that desire, that burning passion that once overflowed from you. Break free. Don't let them win. Show them that you are not a fool. Show them that your not wea
Time And Time Again
I wanted so badly somebody other than me Staring back at me but you were gone I wanted to see you walking backwards And get the sensation of you coming home I wanted to see you walking away from me Without the sensation of you leaving me alone Time and time again Time and time again Time and time again I cant please myself I wanted the ocean to cover over me I wanna sink slowly without getting wet Maybe someday, I wont be so lonely And Ill walk on water every chance I get Time and time again Time and time again Time and time again I cant please myself So when are you coming home, sweet angel? You leaving me alone? all alone? Well if Im drowning darling, youll come down this way on your own I wish I was traveling on a freeway Beneath this graveyard western sky Im gonna set fire to this city And out into the desert were gonna ride Time and time again Time and time again Time and time again I cant please myself I cant please myself I cant plea
Wreaths Across America
There's a sacred place near here. It's a place where warriors are remembered. They are immortalized with an eastern redbud tree. This tree was chosen because it blooms beautiful bright pink flowers in late March to early April. The same time that the war in Iraq began. There are 363 trees on the walk at the moment. Each tree is dedicated to a fallen soldier. A granite marker with rank and name stand in front. Some trees give you a sense of who the soldier was in life. I'm always amazed at the things you find at the base of the trees. Books, toy cars, flags, beer bottles, soda cans, pictures, name it and there's a chance it's there. Sadly however some soldiers don't have family nearby. Their trees are much more simple. Two American flags, a small bouquet of silk flowers and the marker are all they have. It's a very sad thing to see. On December 15th, 2007 however every tree got a little taste of Christmas when 363 wreaths were laid in conjunction with the Wreaths Across Amer
Since Not Many Read These Anyway
I'm tired. I'm tired of being alone even with others in the house. I'm tired of hurting all the time. I'm tired of the damn buzzing in my ears. I'm tired of wanting a hug from someone other then my boys. I'm tired of having to be the "tough" one. I'm tired of not having someone to hold me and just let me cry. I'm tired of taking care of everyone else. I'm tired of not being able to work. I'm tired of not being able to give my room mate/landlord/best friend more money then I can now. I guess I'm just tired of it all and if my body wasn't in such bad shape, I would just start walking and never stop. Just get lost and never feel like I am putting someone out or sponging off them.
Get Over It!
You stepped aside so they could fulfill their dream and let yours slip away. Get over it. Knowing that the truth faced you everyday. When they made it. Your forgotten. As if you were never there. Get over it. It's never too late to take up that chase again. If its something that you TRULY desire, or its something that you TRULY LOVED. That chase is not out of your reach. If you don't... GET OVER IT. Remember the glow that they had when they made their dream a reality. Remember the exhilaration, the energy that you had when it was your turn. It's never too late. Never past your prime. Make it happen. If not.... GET OVER IT!!
Wedding Bells!!!!!
I made a big step in my relationship with my girlfriend of a little over two years. Christmas day I proposed to her on bended knee. She accepted without hesitation. It made me a very happy guy!! We've been together for two years and I hope it will be a long happy life together.
The Christmas Dinner
Sorry... I have been so busy that I did not have time to tell what happened the other night at the Christmas party. I wore a long black slinky gown that had a very long slit along the left side which goes to about half thigh at the highest point of the slit. Like I said ... the plan was to wear thigh high stockings to the dinner partly to tease my husband knowing that there would be men who would notice the slit and the stockings. He loves it when I do things like this to tease him (and others). While eating dinner I removed a pair of panties from my purse that I had planted in there before leaving home. I intentionally DID NOT wear panties (or a bra) under the gown. At a point about half way through the dinner I reached under the table and opened my purse. I removed the panties from my purse and while my husband was speaking to the woman sitting to his left at the table I reached under the table, panties in hand, and reached for his hand and he felt the panty material a
Tasting Me
You look at it wondering where to start first you taste it licking your lips in satisfaction your tongue moans with precisions up and down slowly with care you play with it remembering all the places to go to drive me crazy you bite it so softly knowing when to let go sucking the juices as I get wetter and wetter and wetter... I want to scream but breath escapes me I want to say your name but I can't concentrate I want to tell you how you make me feel when you're tasting me but all I can do is wiggle around in ecstacy wanting more pant heavily in the middle of pleasure and smile... then you ask me to show you what to do to please me but you know exactly what to do...
My Grandson
While I was in Louisiana for the Christmas holidays my grandson needed to change his clothes, I was busy packing my things to come home .I told him just change your clothes I won't look. He said to me "Mamaw all girls have eyes in the back of your heads will you please close them also". I laughed so hard it was so funny an I told him I will not look an if it would him feel better I would close the eyes in the back of my head an the front also lol ......
World On Fire Lyrics
World On Fire - Lyrics Hearts are worn in these dark ages You're not alone in this story's pages Night has fallen amongst the living and the dying And I try to hold it in, yeah I try to hold it in [Chorus] The world's on fire and It's more than I can handle I'll tap into the water (I try to pull my ship) I try to bring more More than I can handle (Bring it to the table) Bring what I am able I watch the heavens and I find a calling Something I can do to change this moment Stay close to me while the sky is falling Don't wanna be left alone, don't wanna be alone [Chorus] Hearts break, hearts mend Love still hurts Visions clash, planes crash Still there's talk of Saving souls, still the cold Is closing in on us We part the veil on our killer sun Stray from the straight line on this short run The more we take, the less we become A fortune of one that means less for some [Chorus X2]
To All On My Friends List,
to all my friends, here on fubar, not too sure if this is the place to post this, but oh well, lol i am having problems, with my internet, so unfortunatly, i can not send each and every one of you a happy new years pic, so in this case this goes out to all of you, happy new year, and i hope all your wishes come true for the new year be safe, enjoy, and becarefull. your friend raven, (ghostrider58)
Every Woman Should Take Some Form Of Self Defense
The world can be a dangerous place. I was at dinner in Philadelphia with a friend. We finished up around 10 P.M. My friend used the valet, but I parked in a indoor garage. She offered me a ride but I passed because it was only a block and a half walk and she was on a one way street going the opposite direction from my garage. As I was walking down the street I felt like someone was walking behind me. I looked on the window of a shop across the street and saw the reflection of someone walking quickly behind me. I stayed calm but picked up the pace of my walk (not that I can walk that fast in heels with my short legs). Before I knew it, someone grabbed me from behind. Luckily I was able to react quickly without thinking. I scraped the back of my heel against his shin, slammed the back of my head into his nose and filled him over my shoulder. He landed flat on his butt in a seated position in front of me. I reared back and hit with a roundhouse kick to the temple and he crumpled t
This Is Crazy.....
You meet guys on here,you start talking ,then all a sudden your not suppose to be having any other friends but them and they get pissed when they find out you do have a life and other friends.But I have yet seen a guy drop his friends so why the hell should I do it ? I can see if I am in a relationship (actaully together) with the guy and he gets upset cuz I talk to other guys but if we are just friends he has no reason to be upset or pissed. What people don't understand some of us do have a life ,I have three daughters so if I do not answer you right away its because I am attending to them ,so do not get pissed or catch a attitude with me because I will get one with u in return, delete you and block you.I'm not with anyone so I can talk to who I want and when I want.
Thoughts For Tonight...
well, here i am sitting here scared half to death again... waiting for tomorrow. I hate this shit and am about to go crazy. Why can't the doctor's have all their shit straight and just make me feel better? I know that things take time, but i am one of the world's worst at patience so there. I am supposed to go to the breast clinic tomorrow (friday, dec 28). I've never had a mammogram or any of that shit, and people are telling me that i am too young, but i really don't think so. I have heard of people younger than me not making it out of breast cancer... if i have it. if i don't have breast cancer, wtf is causing this lump and pain? i am sick to death of waiting for this or that, being in pain and just not caring wtf happens anymore...
A Salute??
Who Is Willing To Make A Salute That Says Sarge's Bad Girl ? Can Either Be SFW Or NSFW ..Your Choice..Also You Do Not Need To Make One..But It Would Be Appreciated If You Did..Thank You In Advance Sgt. Raider (Promoter Of Sarge's Bad Girls)
Pay It Forward/share Yours
Free Dinner last night I was very tired last night and I decided to go to McD's and just get a burger/fries. Bad for me I know, but it is what it is, lol! When I got to the cashier to pay he told me that the person in the car in front of me paid for my dinner and said Merry Christmas, pay it forward! How unexpected and always fun. I have done this over the years and enjoyed suprising folks here and there, and not just at Christmas time, but year round when the urge hits me. But I have never been the reciprocant. It made me smile and brightened up a otherwise stressful and challenging day for me. So pay it forward folks today with anything... a compliment, buy someone coffee or a meal, they don't have to know its from you either. Be creative, be simple. If your coworker next to you loves herbal teas, place a box of herbal teas on their desk, things like that! You would be suprised at how that can really make someone's day or impact them deeply. If you have done a pa
The Memory Box
I am the soul_Protector and my dutie is to protect souls....and The Memory Box is a place where you can place a comment of ppl you wanna remember who you have lost as in our life time we have lost ppl we loved and cherrished (family, friends, pets) it dont matter this is a place where you can find comfort and safe in the knowledge that Soul_protector is watching over them for you. You can leave any kind blog comment which suits you in reminding you of the ones you cherrish..... So pick up a quill and pull a chair and be seated....and write away...this is the house of many so you are safe The_Soul_protector It So Difficult To Understand?
I even came to the point of having to block a friend,A FRIEND ON FUBAR for keeping on talking sex to me, after I repeatedly told him I did not appreciate it. Now,you guys and gals are all my friends or you probably wouldn't care to read this page of mine,and who ever of you knows me well enough also knows I am pretty religious, to say the least. That guy knew that as well, so whatever posessed him into talking to me like that,was totally insane!!!!!!!!!! gees,I wonder why it is so hard for some people to understand I only believe in sex within wedlock and conversing about it is certainly not a top priority of mine. All this is so ridiculous,sorry,had to let it out, somehow, you have a great night everyone! love ya all.
A Blonde's Year In Review
January Took new scarf back to store because it was too tight. February Fired from pharmacy job for failing to print labels..... Helllloooo!!!.......bottles won't fit in printer!!! March Got really excited.....finished jigsaw puzzle in 6 months..... box said "2-4 years!" April Trapped on escalator for hours....power went out!!! May Tried to make Kool-Aid.....wrong instructions....8 cups of water won't fit into those little packets!!! June Tried to go water skiing.......couldn't find a lake with a slope. July Lost breast stroke swimming competition.....learned later, the other swimmers cheated, they used their arms!!! August Got locked out of my car in rain storm..... car swamped because convertible top was open. September The capital of the state of California is "C".....isn't it??? October Hate M & M'
Archangel. As I walk amongst this battlefield Of a most senseless war I’ve ever seen In my natural life on this gloomy winters Day with the ground scarred and battered by The machines of war and destruction. As I walk amongst this battlefield Listening to the sounds of mortal men dying a most Brutal and painful deaths, some die a painless death In this a most senseless of all wars of which I have Ever seen while living on this forsaken planet, and It sickens me to see the muddy ground I Walk upon stained with the blood of the mortal men Who die for their country and honour. As I walk on this wasted battlefield I listen to the sounds f grenades being thrown Over the front line and exploding in the man made trenches. As I walk on this wasted battlefield I listen to the sound of grenade’s being thrown Over the front line and exploding in the man Made trenches and the blast of these grenade’s that take more Lives, I now hear the sounds of men screaming in
Tiny Little Poet
A poet's words are but a lovely song of love and life. The slightest glimpse within a soul. With but a stroke of ink and pen they cause a heart to flutter or slay the mighty dragon beneath a midnight sky. But as you read the words which gather on this page, I wonder what to do now that the words have gone away. There are no more princes, no roads paved in gold. Just a tiny little poet with a slightly broken heart. The sound of pen to paper no longer can I hear The soul fills with torment The heart floods with fear With hands gripped tightly on snow white paper The tiny little poet struggles with the coming day. Nixy
Contest Comments
im in a contest and i need your comments lots of them smooches!!!
To The Ladies
Subject: From State police-please read-use*77 I knew about the red light on cars, but not the *77. It was about 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and Lauren was driving to visit a friend. An UNMARKED police car pulled up behind her and put his lights on. Lauren's parents have always told her never to pull over for an unmarked car on the side of the road, but rather to wait until they get to a gas station, etc. Lauren had actually listened to her parents advice, and promptly called *77 on her cell phone to tell the police dispatcher that she would not pull over right away. She proceeded to tell the dispatcher that there was an unmarked police car with a flashing red light on his rooftop behind her. The dispatcher checked to see if there were police cars where she was and there weren't, and he told her to keep driving, remain calm and that he had back up already on the way. Ten minutes later 4 cop cars surrounded her and the unmarked car behind her. One policeman
sometimes i wonder if im just wasting my life away . it feels like everytime i go out on the road now it a battle. i try not to let it get to me but at times. i fight with traffic both 4 wheelers and truckers . they can be real p***s most of the time. dispatchers , shipper&receivers border gaurds, , brokers . all can be pricks at times . buti love my job and i hope i can save up and start y own buz soon so i can have a so call life
Night Creatures
Night Creatures These creatures of the night Walk the path of unrest under the cover Of the full moon and bring with them The haunting stench of the death which Rises with the cold chill of the rising fog Which the darkness of the land Walking with the creature of the night. These creatures of the night Start to gather and so they wreak havoc on A small Saxon village which is rich In living, breathing flesh to feast upon Which these creatures of the which then Start to advance their attack upon the sleeping Saxon village which in the state of the confusion The startled villagers are fleeing from their Homes into the surrounding darkness of the forest Where they meet their brutal deaths of the most Bloody demise of savage razor toothed, Razor clawed creatures of the night. These creatures of the night Which wreaked their brutal carnage Of a bloody nature by the cover Of the full moon, soon Start to scatter like the plague before The break of the twilight
Movie Review: "shrek The Third" (2007)
Plot: Shrek and crew need to find a new king for and stop Prince Charming from taking over Far Far Away. Likes: More of buddy film for adults.; Animation is as good as the first two films. Dislikes: Has fewer cultural references.; A short film that runs at too quick of a pace. Rated PG for some crude humor, suggestive content and swashbuckling action. Out of four stars, I give this film three stars. It is more of an adult film that is only 92 minutes long.
Horehound Herb Winter Cold Help
The name horehound is derived from "Horus", the Egyptian god of sky and light. Ancient herbalists prescribed it for fevers and malaria and as an antidote for snakebites, rabid dog bites and ingested poison. Horehound was traditionally carried in sachets as a protection against sorcery. When mixed with ash leaves and placed in a bowl of water, horehound is supposed to release healing vibrations and should be placed in a room with a sick person. When drunk as a tea, the herb will promote mental acumen and clarity. A native of Europe, but now naturalized throughout North and South America, horehound is a hardy perennial of the mint family — with its telltale square stem — and, like most mints, can become invasive if not controlled. The herb can be started from seed or cuttings in the early spring. The seed should be sown just below the surface and cuttings should have about a one-foot spacing. Rings of small white flowers will appear from June to September in the second year of growth,
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Drama Here At Work
So, here we are getting warned about this strange old homeless guy who was trying to get into our secure office. Next thing I know, I'm out smoking and there are 3 police cars in the tunnel. He was getting arrested and resisting. We stayed until it was all done and the cars pulled away. The old man stuck his tongue out at us all and laughed.
My Loneliness! Is It Really??!
Ok ... this is something I was thinking about and just needed to write down. It started out as an observation of my life and went on into a rambling life story. It's quite long and if you make it to the end I applaud you!! If you don't make it to the end I fully understand. I didn't edit it I left it just as it came out of me so hopefully it's understandable. MOHAWK RIDGE I used to think I went there because I wanted to be alone Later I found I went there because I am alone. Merritt Malloy Anyone who knows me or has spoken to me at any length knows that I love the ship life. I will most likely glorify it until the day I die, but as with everything in life it is not all good. I have recently come to the realization that I am lonely. Is this a true soul searing loneliness? That I'm not too sure about right now. I feel fine, I go through a regular range of emotions and most of the time I am a happy woman. As a matter of fact in spite of this little epipha
Fackin Rocks
COME JOIN US !!! QUEEN AKASHA & MASTER LESTAT WELCOMES YOU TO VAMPIRIC RETREAT!!COME ROCK THE FUCK OUT WITH US!!CLICK PICS BELOW TO ENTER!! Come see what evil is afraid of at VAMPIRIC RETREAT!!!! WE HAVE COOKIES!!! (repost of original by 'MåstérLêstãt*Akasha'sMaster*DarkRealmOwner*VampiricDeathRadioOwner*C/o VampiricRetreat' on '2007-12-27 16:41:29') (repost of original by 'DJ~§wèèt ßåbýTåzzý69~Đĵ ŠħïBBÝ FU Ŵĩ₣ē-RL GF(DJ@VampiricDeathRad' on '2007-12-27 16:43:47') (repost of original by 'Queen Akasha**GM/DJ&Masters Slave** @ Dark Realm&Owner of Vampiric Retreat&VampiricDeathRadio' on '2007-12-27 16:51:00')
Bound & Collared - New Meaning
What made her stay in the marriage? Was it the children? Was it the vows, or worse, guilt? Whatever it was, it trapped her in a life that both gave her joy in children but also chained her to the post. =============================================== Although she wanted to be His and He put forth small gestures to show that He wanted her... this was something she accepted yet left her restless; more alone than ever. Every night she waited for just a little more; a tug of the collar, a demand that denoted His ownership. It was evident though, that this wouln't happen. He hid in the darkness, knew her moves, yet stayed away. She, alit to Him, watching; in her mind, pacing. Her need to be closer made her suspicious, jealous, sad... She felt He knew this, yet still held away. He had His reasons. Reasons she struggled to accept because deep down, she knew, He was probably right. What then did the future hold? Did He really extend the collar that bound her to Him or h
System Failure
Our end is my new beginning. No longer afraid of my future. I grasp at the chance to spread my wings. Desperate to move forward and move on. You can no longer disavow my existence. There was love in the beginning. There still is love... But I love myself more. REL
Just A Shout Out To My Fubarian Friends
Just a quick note to say hello to all my fubarian friends, It's been a bit since I've graced you all with my presence hehe, yea I know some of you are just overly delighted, don't worry, the new year is upon us and perhaps my sarcasm will just get better, woot woot . Seriously hoped each and every one of you had a fantastic holiday. Love your fucastic friend Tequla Sunrise xxxxxxxxxx
A Poem: By Pacey (inspired By Women Scorned)
Today I spent a bit of time talking with my buddy Jason and browsing other people's blogs. After reading several poems, I noticed none of them talked about things I care about or understand. I decided it was high time I put pen to paper...or finger to key...and do what I do best: be sick. The Player Girl you're so ugly But boy am I drunk I couldn't help but notice A little junk in your trunk I'll buy you a drink If it helps me to score But if it doesn't You owe me $6, you whore Then I'll stalk you all night Well, you and 4 other chicks And I hope 1 out of 5 girls Will show me her tits The DJ's playing the last song The club's going to close I'll have to make my move pronto If I plan on not calling her tomorrow To the bar I do stumble And some words I mumble As I begin to spit game I accidentally spit in her eye, wow I'm so lame "Your ass is amazing Your tits are the bomb I'd l
I Need Comments
im in a contest and i need your comments lots of them please!!! KISSES to all who help!!
A little boy asked his mother, "Why are you crying?" "Because I'm a woman," she told him. "I don't understand," he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, "And you never will." Later the little boy asked his father, "Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?" "All women cry for no reason," was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry. Finally he put prayed to God who would surely know the answer. When God responded he asked, "God, why do women cry so easily?" God said: "When I made the woman she had to be to be made special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children. I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when
I'm Alive.
Just thought I would let everyone know I'm still alive and will be back at school, and to the site, January 11th. See you soon.
My Life Story
Suddenly my mind races with thoughts and ideas, Then with a pen and a pad they magically appear. To construct the inner most parts of me, To what we know as poetry. My lifes most deepest secrets, On paper for people to read but keep it. But still you are entertained, By my lost my sruggles my joy my pain. You see my weakness my strength my flaws, My ideas of peace and conflicts with the laws. You suddenly relate to my character understand my thoughts, Understand why i slowed my pace down to a walk. Entertain by my struggles and cried during my joy, Heres the rest of my life.........Enjoy!
I Need Comments...
comment me on this pic so i can win 400,000 of them..
My Heart Speaks
These Go To 11
"It's very special, because, as you can see --the numbers all go to 11. Right across the board. Eleven...11... And most amps go up to 10? Exactly. Does that mean it's louder? Is it any louder? Well, it's one louder, isn't it? It's not 10. You see, most blokes are going to be playing at 10 -- you're on 10 on your guitar, where can you go from there? Where? I don't know. Nowhere! Exactly! What we do, if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do? You put it up to 11. Eleven. Exactly. One louder." --Nigel Tufnel explaining his amplifier in "This is Spinal Tap"
Forbidden Fondness
Forbidden Fondness Sometimes I see thee there All sweet and innocent in that lovely short Black dress just standing the kitchen doorway Gazing down at me sitting in front of you. I’m sitting here and gazing up at you wondering Why you could ever fall for me, Then I ‘m aForbidden fondnesslso thinking how I fell for you Mein Rosenrot , but only to find that a physical force that Keeps us apart like the darkness of the night That drives the sun away from the sky and our eyes. After a while gazing up to you I slowly get up and slowly walk up you And whisper sweet words of my fondness for you Mein Rosenrot in your ear, only to find my whispered Words are being drowned out by a loud car horn Which signals that we are going to be? Torn away from each other. I now sit and gaze at you walking out the door with a Single tear rolling down your cheek as you look back at me Gazing at you with a single tear travelling down my cheek, Then in a blink of an eye you
Help Her Win Her Her First Contest Plz
Could you all PLEASE help one of the sweetest people on here win her first contest? I know everyone says the sweetest person on here but I am so very serious she is. This lady has done nothing but shown love to people and never asks for anything in return....She is trying to win a 3 month VIP and has to do it in 2 weeks and she only needs 25,000....Now I know I have lots of friends on my list so if you could please just even give her 10 comments that would help so much!!! Click the link DONT BE SCARED
Stop Stopper Queen List Add On! Start On The 30th At 7pm
Don't Drive Stupid
So I have always had this fear of driving since my kids were born. Now its gotten worse. There are so many bad drivers out there. There are so many people that don't think when they are driving. For example, I was taking my kids home from their friend's and this truck just pulls out and cuts me off! I was going straight, so obviously i had the right of way. They even had a stop sign. I guess they were in a hurry or just didn't care. These are the kind of drivers that make me mad. Even worse are the ones that speed. I guess they get some kind of thrill from it? I don't understand why people have to race each other either. Is it for the competition? For example, in front of my work last week there was a bad accident. It was a Mercedes and a motorcycle. They thought they could beat each other. Well the man on the motorcycle died almost instantly(went through the windows of the car) I don't know what happened to the other driver. The worst kind of bad drivers are the ones that d
Dj Earth Rockin After Shock Click Below To Come Join The Fun
Had To Post So This Site Would Post My Blogs~
A gentle word like a spark of light, Illuminates my soul And as each sound goes deeper, It's YOU that makes me whole There is no corner, no dark place, YOUR LOVE cannot fill And if the world starts causing waves, It's your devotion that makes them still And yes you always speak to me, In sweet honesty and truth Your caring heart keeps out the rain, Your Love, the ultimate roof So thank you my Love for being there, For supporting me, until I get it right, For you are my heart, my soul, my life!
Love is the most beautiful discovery of all, One that is meant to be shared by two
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Dont We All??
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Funny Bouncer
Some of the funny stuff the bouncer has had me type. WTF SH1T UR2 ME W8
Wishful Thinking....
my friend posted this on here's to wishful thinking b/c there's never a guy who would do all least not for long... Don't care if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now.... I dont care if you are a guy or a woman or Michael Jackson.....just read this, it will make a difference..... When she stares at your mouth [ Kiss her ] When she pushes you or hits you like a dumb ass cuz she thinks shes stronger than you [ Grab her and dont let go ] When she starts cursing at you tryin to act all tuff [ Kiss her and tell her you love her ] When she's quiet [ Ask her whats wrong ] When she ignores you [ Give her your attention ] When she pulls away [ Pull her back ] When you see her at her worst [ Tell her she's beautiful ] When you see her start crying [Just hold her and dont say a word ] When you see her walking [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ] When she'
Im Sorry...what?
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The Beach
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Its Not Heaven
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Life is easy Life is hard Life is confusing until you die Life is one Life is twice Life is three times before you die Life is give to you once enjoy it
School Photos
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Kids Are Silly
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Sorority Barbie
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Pregnancy At 30 Weeks
Your pregnancy: 30 weeks How your baby's growing: Your baby's about 15.7 inches long now, and she weighs almost 3 pounds (like a head of cabbage). A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds her, but that volume will decrease as she gets bigger and takes up more room in your uterus. Her eyesight continues to develop, though it's not very keen; even after she's born, she'll keep her eyes closed for a good part of the day. When she does open them, she'll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision — which means she can only make out objects a few inches from her face. (Normal adult vision is 20/20.)
Airbags Work...
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Lost Love.....
Iv'e heard it said it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all...It makes me wonder if the the person who made that statement loved with all they had.....for my self i know what it is like to love with all i have , and then loose it, the hardest part isnt the healling, but rather putting the pieces of your life back to's like a jigsaw puzzel and each piece represents a piece of your life...for most of us putting the puzzle together we put the frame together first, then you fill in the picture, as each piece is put into place, so does our lives. it paits a story of who we are....but unlike the puzzle, filling in the pieces is not easy, and some times a few are missing, those are the ones that count the most,,,with out them we are not whole. but just an outer shell of what we truley are...loosing a true love does more to us than just hurts us, it leaves us empty, like the frame of the picture a mear shell...
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I just got married yesterday!!! I just wanted to let everyone know....wish me the best!!!
Sorry Friends In W Virginia...mwuah
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Mexican Ghost Story
Mexican Ghost Story This is a true story. It happened in Texas, and even though it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, it's absolutely true: This guy was on the side of the road hitch hiking on a very dark and stormy night. The night was cold and wet and no cars went by. The storm was so strong; he could hardly see a few feet ahead of him. Suddenly, he saw a car coming towards him and stop. The guy, without thinking about it, got in the car, closed the door, and only then realized that there was nobody behind the wheel! The car starts going again, very slowly. The guy looks at the road and sees a curve coming his way. Scared, he starts to pray and begs for his life. Just before the car hits the curve, a hand appears through the window and turns the wheel. The guy, paralyzed in terror, watched how the hand appeared each time the car approached a curve. Gathering his strength, he gets out of the car and runs all the way to the nearest town. Wet and in sh
Christmas And Such
so yeah its a few days after christmas. i find it odd how ppl try to act way nicer and crap around the holidays then when theyre over ppl go back to being the same lol. i got some good stuff this yr, then again i usually do, but thats besides the point. i got 2 digital cameras (need to return 1), alot of clothes, jadior perfume, clothes, jewlery, money, gift certificates, purses, a living dead doll, movies, a table, new bedding, and a bunch of other crap. blah also now that the holidays are over, i need to look for a new job...i hate job hunting, oh well. for some reason my rodents dont do to well at my dads house, they were very healthy and such when i lived in stockton then since i moved back to my dad, 2 of my rats have died and another 1 recently went blind in 1 eye. damn im bored, anywho yeah.
Funny Letter
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The Love
In my mind I know he's true The love I get is all I need, It's true to be real and it's real to be true. In my body I feel his soul and know I belong I belong to someone who treats me like an angel and loves me for me. The Love we have and we share is special enough and we get all the TLC we need by just sweet love and the tender that we need. I love him like a fat boy loves cake!!!
Catch Me On Yuwie!
I just joined please come check me out at and sign up, it's just like myspace and fubar, but much more fun!
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Fubar is the first place where I have been able to meet people from another country. Meeting Marina has been a most exhilerating experience. Thank goodness she knows English very well because my Dutch is not so good......actually, just about non-existent, except for the few words that she's taught me. :D She's one heck of a wonderful lady and friend. Visit her page and get to know her. ♥HOT Marina♥Lust goddess♥lover to Gary *2nd Alarm Hottie* ♥ Club F.A.R♥@ fubar
Life Or Factory Made? My Ideal Mate!
OK... I am going to write now. Despite what some of you may think, I don't climb over a mound of women in the morning to get to my morning beer. It plays out more like me making oatmeal for my son while desperately trying to find socks for him that actually match. My life is quite normal...sorry to disappoint. I don't usually have a free moment to myself until my kid sacks out and then I usually start entertaining you fuckers. But yeah, a little something is missing from my life here and there... and a woman's touch wouldn't hurt. So if I were to make my perfect woman... this is what I would really do. Appearance: You look at my page and you assume that I am all about big fake tits and shit. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't kick a girl like that out of bed for eating crackers. But, ideal? I might surprise you. The first thing I look for in a girl is cuteness and shit. This is more about how she carries herself than how she looks. I fall for the Reese Witherspo
If I Was Your Girlfriend -prince
If I was your girlfriend Would U remember 2 tell me all the things U forgot When I was your man? Hey, when I was your man If I was your best friend Would U let me take care of U and do all the things That only a best friend can Only best friends can If I was your girlfriend If I was your girlfriend If I was your girlfriend Would U let me dress U I mean, help U pick out your clothes Before we go out Not that you're helpless But sometimes, sometimes Those are the things that bein' in love's about If I was your one and only friend Would U run 2 me if somebody hurt U Even if that somebody was me? Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be Please If I was your girlfriend If I was your girlfriend Would U let me wash your hair Could I make U breakfast sometime Or then, could we just hang out, I mean Could we go 2 a movie and cry together Cuz 2 me baby that would be so fine If I was your girlfriend Baby can I dress U I
oh baldy darling sweetie pie! you are rateiong do nice you piece of pooh!kisses..fanny face!
You Keep Peeking At Me
you keep peeking at me you dirty old must love me! hearts and flowers..little birdies chirping! i love you tooo you rat bastard!
The Perfect Girl
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because i'm sleepy, but because i want to be closer to you... *i'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than inside your bedroom or in an expensive resturant... *i'm the girl who says,"ok, but you owe me..." jokingly not because i actually want something, but because it means i get to spend more time with you... *i'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and i will have fun because it means i am spending time with you... *i'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when i find someone i like i want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms... *i'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... *i'm the girl who once i let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. & even if we spend time apart, i'm the girl who never forgets you.. *i'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss.. *i'm the girl who you can talk to you about anything.
I'm Tired
I'm Tired of people hating me I'm Tired of people making fun of me I'm Tired of not having a girlfriend I'm Tired of giving respect and not giving it back In all, I'm tired of being me
Time To Go To Work
well vacation is over time to go back to work.headed to broken arrow ok. to load for san jose cala.i hope you all have a great holiday and be happy.enjoy the snow talk soon
I think I'm ready to communicate with some people now.
So What Is Love?
So What is love? Is love when you hold hands with out a thought. Is love the comfort and feel of someone beside you as you sleep, and miss if not there? Is love when you without a reason think of the other person and don't know why? Is it a kiss in the rain? Does it comfort you when you need it, and love you when you want it? When your old and gray if the man with an arthritic hand in pain still wants to hold his dear brides hand to show he cares, even after so many year being together? When you look into the others eyes and you see nothing but love back, Is that love? When after years of being together a gentle kiss on the neck and a whisper in your ear still gets your heart beating harder, is that love? When after work you race home to share with your baby, cause you missed them, is that love? If you rather give up your time, because you want to be with them, is that love? If you can be shown another person who is attractive, and yet all you say is that is nice hun, but
Favorite Quotes
Please do add your's here too!!! Here I sit broken hearted tried to shit but only farted LSW (latrine stall wall) I am not a crook Richard Milhous Nixon regarding watergate I am not crooked. & That depends on what "is" means. William Jefferson Clinton, the Paula Jones Sexual Harrassment Accusations That depends on what the word "sex" means. Wild Willie C. regarding the M. L. sex scandal I just gotta... but I can't find my magnifying glass and tweezers! Me
Yes/no Game
Over 18? yes Kissed someone on your top friends? yes Danced in front of your mirror naked? no Ever told a lie? yes Tripped on mushrooms yes Been arrested? YES Kissed a picture? YES Fallen asleep at work/school? no Held an actual snake? yes Ran a red light? YES Been suspended from school? YES Totaled your car/motorbike in an accident? no Sang karaoke? yes Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? YES Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? yes Caught a snowflake on your tongue? YES Kissed in the rain? YES Sang in the shower? YES Sat on a roof top? YES Thought about your past with regret? YES Been pushed in the pool with your clothes on? no Broken a bone? yes Shaved your head? no Blacked out from drinking? yes Had a gym membership? yes Been in a band? no Shot a gun? YES Liked someone with nobody else knowing about it? YES Played strip poker? no Donate
Paralyzer....finger Eleven Rocks
Finger Eleven - ParalyzerAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Happy Holidays
I hope everyone on Fubar is having a wonderful Holiday Season :)
Miss Popular Contest
I'm going to Host a Miss Popular contest. The first to get to 25,000 comments will win a choice between a 1 month VIP or a 7 day blast. i need 15-20 ladies who want to enter to private message me telling me they want to enter. I will rip a pic into a folder with all those who are in the contest. When I have all 15-20 the contest will start. I hope to hear from all you beautiful ladies out there.
I'm Sick Of It...
2007 In Womens Clothing And Thick Makeup
in other words, its dragging... So christmas is over and New year is nearly here. What the hell do you do in the bit in between? For me, this year, is going by so slowly since Christmas. I cant complain i guess, at least im still alive. As my old mum would say "there are people in the graveyard who would gladly swop places with you". I doubt it tho, they are dead after all... I suppose I could wax lyrical about the prospects that lie ahead in 2008 or wonder which way my life will go but, to be brutally honest, I just cant be arsed. I think I've had my excitement and happiness for the year. Which makes we want 2008 to come round even sooner so I can get a top-up.
Bachelor Pad Pizza (melissa's Creation)
Ok for all of you who are like me and love shortcuts, but you want full flavor at home on some rainy day... I do not like my pizza on a soggy crust yuck... so I've devised a way to have fresh hot cheesy pizza in a flash with a crispy crust and here's how I do it..... Ingredients are per serving: 1 English muffin, cut in half 1/4 cup shredded cheese of choice (packaged shredded) 2 Tablespoons Canned or Jarred Spaghetti sauce or marinara sauce 1/2 teaspoon garlic pieces (jarred garlic) garlic powder or garlic salt 4 Tablespoons any "topping" (optional) This is so easy and so addictive. toast your muffin pieces in the toaster. When they are almost done, melt the cheese in a microwave safe cup on high for no more then 45 seconds, keep an eye on it. You can drain off the oil from the cheese when it's melted by spinning it around a fork, letting the oil drain into the cup, and discard the oil. When the muffins are toasted and crispy, you put 1 Tablespoon of red sauce on
God must have known there would be times we'd need a word of cheer, someone to praise a triumph or to brush away a tear. He must have known we'd need to share the joy of "little things", in order to appreciate the happiness life brings. I think He knew our troubled hearts would sometimes throb with pain, from the trials of life's misfortunes and the goals we can't attain. He knew we'd need the comfort of an understanding heart, someone to give us strength and courage to make a fresh new start. He knew we'd need companionship unselfish...lasting...true, and so God answered the heart's great need with a beloved YOU! Have A Blessed Day May God Bless You And Those You Love Each Day
What Do You Mean 'not Everyone Likes Me'?
The happy ending to a miserable interaction... first he calls me stuck up because I wouldn't give him my phone number, then he gives me his number claiming I 'wouldn't have the balls to call'. Then, upon hearing that he hadn't bullied me into talking to him on the phone I earned this... pierced1: nevermind your just another indiana whore anyway ill delete you and you can go to hell ->pierced1: cool beans, I'm not a whore either btw pierced1: i hope you you get aids slut nigger fucker Apparently I'm moving up... GO TEAM ME!!!
Face To Face
There'll come a day When you'll walk out of my dreams Face to face Like I'm imagining How can I be sure That you're the one I'm waiting for Will you be....... Unmistakable?
I am so happy I could just smile all day!
Who Cares?
Take a man and put him alone, Put him twelve thousand miles from home. Empty his heart of all but blood, Make him live in sand, in mud. This is the life I have to live, This the soul to God I give. You have your parties and drink your beer, While young men are dying over here. Plant your signs on the White House lawn;"Lets get out of Iraq" Use your signs and have your fun, Then refuse to use a gun. There's nothing else for you to do, Then I'm supposed to die for you? There is one thing that you should know; And that's where I think you should go! I'm already here and it's too late. I've traded all my love for all this hate. I'll hate you till the day I die. You made me hear my buddy cry. I saw his leg and his blood shed, Then I heard them say, "This one's dead". It was a large price for him to pay, To let you live another day. He had the guts to fight and die, To keep the freedom you live by. By his dying, your life he buys, But who cares if a Soldier dies!
Perfect Moment
PERFECT MOMENT This is my moment This is my perfect moment with you This is what God meant This is my perfect moment with you I wish I could freeze this space in time The way that I feel for you inside This is my moment This is my perfect moment with you Tell me you love me when you leave You're more than a shadow, that's what I believe You take me to places I never thought I'd see Minute by minute you're the world to me I wish I could frame the look in your eyes The way that I feel for you inside This is my moment This is my perfect moment with you And if tomorrow brings a lonely day Here and now I know I haven't lived in vain I'll cry my tears in the rain And if love never comes again I can always say I've been To paradise skies in your eyes, eyes, eyes Tell me you love me the moment you leave You're more than a shadow, I've got to believe I wish I could keep you all of my life The way that I feel for you inside This is my moment This is my
Be Yourself
❤ ¢½ ❤ The world will wind you up into a tight little ball if you let it. Don't let it. Relax and enjoy the ever-changing flow of being alive. There's no point in working yourself into a frenzy about anything. The more uptight you are, the more mistakes you make. Relax, stop taking everything so seriously, and you'll find that you're vastly more effective. Live with passion and purpose while letting go of the tension and anxiety. Relax and enjoy every moment as it comes, and you'll be giving the world your very best!
Pass On This Angel...
You MUST pass this angel on to at least 3 people within the hour of receiving this email. After you do, make a wish. If you have passed it on, your wish will come true and love will come your way shortly. You're... My friend, My companion, Through good times and bad, My friend, My buddy, Through happy and sad, Beside me you stand, Beside me you walk, You're there to listen, You're there to talk, With happiness, With smiles, With pain and tears, I know you'll be there, throughout the years! You are all good friends to mEe and I am grateful to you. Send this to all your good friends online to show them you are friends. If you get this back from: 1 person - you are lonely 2 people - you have a couple friends, but not many 3 people - you have a few friends... 4 people - you have some friends... 5 people - you have several friends!! 6 people - you have many friends!! 7 people - you are SOOOO loved!!!
Please Read
Hey everyone..if ya get a chance please go check out my fiance's videos of him playing the guitar..he plays heavy metal..(if ya like that kind of stuff) hes really very sure to rate and comment them if you would please thanks so much much love ~cin Here's the link to my page..hes the first one on my friends list
i'm going crazy being lonely. i want a girl that is real.i'm tired of all the games.
Merry Christmas To All!
Just wanted to say a belated Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!
Being Single.... Not Fun
I look at my Cousins and my Siblings, ALL of which have someone they are married to, gonna get married to, or are in a serious Relationship, and it just hurts so much. They all have someone, and me?? I sit alone... I watch them, and I wish that I could have someone at my side, Someone I could hold onto, someone I can Protect, Someone that I can whisper into their Ear how Much I love them and how they mean everything in the world to me. I just feel so Damn Lonely and I hate this Feeling... I just want someone I can call my own.
Burning For You
Home in the valley Home in the city Home isn't pretty Ain't no home for me Home in the darkness Home on the highway Home isn't my way Home will never be Burn out the day Burn out the night I can't see no reason to put up a fight I'm living for giving the devil his due And I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you Time is the essence Time is the season Time ain't no reason Got no time to slow Time everlasting Time to play besides Time ain't on my side Time I'll never know Burn out the day Burn out the night I'm not the one to tell you what's wrong or what's right I've seen signs of what (freezing their eyes) went through Well I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you Burn out the day Burn out the night I can't see no reason to put up a fight I'm living for giving the devil his due And I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you ------
Butt Scan
Now here's a guy that has managed to keep me in stitches for as long as I've known him. Be that as it has only been a few years, I feel sometimes that I've known him for a lifetime. He's a wonderful photographer as well as a friend. A lot of his work is posted on his page so if you would, please go and visit him. You won't be sorry that you did. Timmy - Fu Friend of Humanity@ fubar
Ultra Block
How can I thank you? For the short time that I've known you, you've been there when I needed an ear to bend. You've been there to listen to my stupid jokes and even laughed at them. :D Although, I'll never know why, but you have. I thank you for being there these past few months and hopefully into the New Year. Anyone reading this, would you please visit this sweet lady and drop a bunch of love on her for me? She deserves it. :D "PEE-JAY= LT. FOR 2ND ALARM HOTTIES ,CLUB FAR & SISTERHOOD@ fubar
Desktop Tower Defense
I Ran Into This, Thought I Run It Again
Sometimes TV's Good I wrote a little something in my *BLOG (*See below) I know from my self-proclaimed title "Hippy" that it may conjure up images of smelly pot smoker to some, while others may be put in mind of a political activist or a 'tree hugger' or peace lover to others ... The latter of those images is indeed where I fall if one wants to categorize me & my personal platform. I've no hidden agenda, I'm honestly a man who is creative and enjoys expressing himself in a creative manner ... I've since childhood also liked when people smile & feel great if I help put one on a face. I admit to my closet point whoring here at fubar. As most creative people I know - its more to see that my creations are seen & appreciated my others. Its an unexplained desire to 'show case' my work, although its not worthy of any big spotlight ... its nice when I can just send it to you. Maybe giving you a smile. My caring nature is more important (to me) if I really could send t
Work Early
Since sitting at home nervous as piss is not going to help me out one iota I have decided to go to work early. I figure i can do this then stop off at the bank after work sometime and then do the necessary stuff that has to be done then i am off to the post office and calling my uncle to get the info.I think I have his number on file so i just have to call him tomorrow and get the address and then send him the mail the money then and there. It is just a matter of time and patience. The rest is up to time work and patience. Once i get the initial bills taken care of a am clear and once this month and the next are done and over with i can breathe a sigh of relieve an just concentrate on work, getting to meet up groups, searching for Mis Right or close enough or just some woman who wants to fuck....or perhaps all of the above when it come to the searching for "her"
hi my name is kc i am a 29 year old mother of 2 young men. i am very single and like to go out and have a really good time. i have a friend that is on here and she told me it was fun so im trying it out so bare with me while i fix the stuff and add pictures i have plenty of them. muah
Profile Section: About Me
Over the past few weeks, with Cappy's Flight occurring, along with the regular friend adds, I have added quite a few new friends. To those of you who fit this category, if you already haven't, please take a few minutes to read the "About Me" section on my profile! I have never, nor will I ever, accept friends for the points alone. Once you read that section, you will have a better understanding of me. My long standing friends do know about me and I would hope they would tell you that those words ring totally true. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!
My Fu-years Resolution
Anthropology And The "other"
It is nearly impossible to study another culture without imposing your own cultures values in your conclusions. In the beginning of the discipline of anthropology, the focus was on classification, hierarchies and types. Other peoples could be classified on a scale of how close they were to us. If they were/are similar to us we call/ed them civilized but if they are different, living a less materialistic life, closer to nature, we call/ed them barbaric or savage. The "white man" has had power over anthropology, language, and other things, and these allow him to feel superior while at the same time make others feel inferior. "He" who speaks for others on their behalf, really he has ulterior motives, and subconscious influences. In white society everything is classified, and when you are born, you are born into this classification and have to find your correct place within it and then act accordingly. The term "native" can have a negative or a positive connotation,
A New Job!!
A new job!! Current mood: thankful Category: Jobs, Work, Careers OMG!!!! I just got a phone call (ok not JUST) but I was hired to work for an insurance company (dont worry I wont be SELLING insurance). But It is a 8-5 job m-f with weekends off!!! I am soooo happy!!! Just had to share my news with my fubar friends!! I start on the 2nd!! Guess I have to put in my notice at the store I am sure my boss will be upset. Hugs and kisses to all hope you all have a safe and happy new year!!
Monster Truck Trails
Not Here
Tomorrow is my last day of work for this year. The day after I will leave for England. I will stay there for some weeks and won't be much on Fubar. But be sure I will be back. Of course: don't expect prompt reactions of me. Wishing you all a great New Year's Eve and for 2008: maybe some wishes can come true...
Merging Souls
Indulge @ In pure blue he becomes my will,my mind, Hot upsurging streams of passion flows Bali Island red, As his lips caress my ear and whisper's white nape's neck, And we are statued in this moment of white aura perfection, Urgent finger's soft touch tie my soul with silk ribbon, As the shy moons velvet kiss casts shadows licks, This memory etched on two hearts that make one beat, An eternal committment, never to see love's death face, Or writhe on sorrow's cold agony alter, Screaming despair's throaty cries, Nor become the bleached bones of love's carcass, Crystal tears form like diamond drops of happiness, And fill the holy grail chalice with future's promise.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
In a world of her own because I'm goneI often wondered why she sang that song After me there were a few suiters But I think they were met through the computerRegardless of that it really didn't matterDeep down I know that her heart was shattered Denial is her enemy and it keeps her downShe still misses her knight that was around She pushed him away with adolescent behaviorYet blames him for all that couldn't be capturedIn his defense he could not copeConstantly being jerked like soap on a ropeIn fits of internal rage she can't let goInside her heart cries out silent and slowShe lies to get his attentionAnd she creates false stories to belittle him He rose above all that because he remained humbleKnowing in the end she would take a great stumbleAll it takes is for her to come to termsThat the behavior she displays will cause he to continually burn
Worrying Over My Car And Oher Things
Once i send the money to my uncle i will have a new car. I have a car. I also need to pay the phone company for my phone but that can wait for now. For now I need to get all my money together send the money to uncle and then wait. I am in no great hurry to get into my car. I just want all this over with so i can relax and work on my next series of problems (all about money it seems) But anyways. I have a car now and I have money plus the money in the bank. I am now worried beyond belief. I have to pay my phone bill. I have to may my friend back what i owe her and on top of that i have mounting bills to worry about.
New Years
I am so excited about our new years eve pajama is so going to be a blast...I think we are going to have a good crowd and hey we are gonna have a lot of alcohol..what more could we want...get out the truth or dare jenga..we are ready to play!!
Fiona Apple, Elvis Costello - "i Want You"
From Now On All New Pics Will Be Uploaded To This Page Sarge's Bad Girls all profile links will be on both profiles and in a blog on both pages as well
For Dave & Knightskitty And Thier Sons
Never Know
Never know ~Tony Martinez We may talk everyday But even with all the words You will never know You may get to know me Just as I may get to know you Even if you knew all my emotions You will never know One day I may be able to hold your face in my hands Even with the tears streaming down my face You will never know
Health Update
Well the Doc called today to let me know the results of all the biopsy tests on my removed parts......Im free and clear of any and all cancer. Yee Haw...wish I could have a drink and celebrate but know a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you to my friends for all they're support and prayers and to my special someone thank you for being there for me thru this you are truly an amazing man. Luv to All of You HOLLY
Please check out my music at - please give comments on my designs on here as well, anyone need a website? cheers!!!! matt
Another Help Me Ladies!
Another friend of mine I forced to join. He thinks fubar is crap. Show him some love and prove him wrong PLEASE!!!! clicky!
Down In The Dark - Nirvana
I Can (phoenix)
I can’t imagine what I’ve done to have someone like you. I haven’t always been as nice as I could. And sometimes I can hurt people more then I thought I ever would. You look past all my flaws, To see just who I am. You never judge a thing I do. Your personality seems flawless, and I see now. That’s just you. You took your time and found out, All the things I am. Without restriction you opened my eyes. Showed me I can be loved, No matter what I believe. You never leave for long, Always at my side. I’ve never known a soul like you, Not in all my life. I know not where this road may lead, My heart is in your hands. You take the breath from my mouth, With every word you’ve said. If I never hold your hands, Or see my eyes in yours. I hope you know I cherish, What we do h
Where Is The Justise
Why is it that females and kids have to prove that they are not sluts to get a conviction against the lowest of the low who rape and sexually assult them, and only 2 in 10 result in court procedings..? where's the fuckin justice.......... Louise.
Not The Smallest Things
Born once or twice into a volnurable cavity. The next i'll be aborted and amuse this whole habitat of snakes and sin. Admire me in my desolation for golden streams of leaking breasts to feed off and adorn wil one day come. My bouquet of germs will compete against this hold fast steady tide. Obidience will break and we will gain our right to speak. Free-swimming goddess of albino canvas skin. Catharsis and feminine who rules the empty page. Leave freckles where the angels kiss, and disregard the vein. For what was goliath guilty of? A monsterous made distraction. Burn him with the gypsys because goblins deserve to die. Discipline. Rarely seen in use, but needed to advance our holy souls. This tightened chest craves air flow. Amorality is what. Not good nor evil comes of what we wish we didnt know. Home. A place where instruments are everyones desire. Vocal paradise.. at last, we sing as Gods creations. Hallucinations. Or just instinct. Maybe only truth. But his love, we're all deserving
The Reason
Nascar 2007 Memorable Moments
The end of an era for Dale Jr.: The battle between Montoya and Harvick: Busch Bro almost tags a #20 pit crew guy....
Thursday, December 27, 2007 Not A Leader!
Thursday, December 27, 2007 Not A Leader! 12.20.2007 I slept late today. That is not like me. But then again to say I "slept" which is what I said, that was incorrect. In and out of consciousness would be more accurate. This past week I have had wild dreams/nightmares. Mostly of a personal nature. As Eminem's lyric to a song that once touched me, "my insecurities could eat me alive." I found it odd that he would admit such a thing but the reason why I love his own songs are because he is so honest with his lyrics. The fact that he is against the Federal/Bush Co. government, I think he and I could have been real friends. (if you have not listened to the "Mosh" video on my main page I strongly suggest you do so now) I did not get out of my bunk this morning because I was finally rested. I jumped out because I thought cell inspections were going on. Every early morning I save my milk from breakfast. Which means it becomes "Evil Contraband." I do this so th
Im Coming Home
Another day of victory, wait its not quite over... Long legs have been chopped in half, walking bull-legged over moons of glass. Streets of passion long for the prints of my beat up shoes... Amuse this tired human, I am coming, bleeding booze. The leaves hold life, Im jealous, instant envy flows within... Take me as this no1 cuz i'll never know a friend... a friend.. a friend. Stilts that carry heartless chests... bandaged from the bruises of the sins they now possess. I am ok, I am ok, Im not ok.. but I am. Another day of victory, wait.. almost.. its nearing end... My stomachs tossed and turned, im bent in agony again. A quest has been abandoned... the wings ripped from the bone... An ashtray full of sorrow only I and Satan own.. I own.. I own. A breath that leaves welts on the skin, belts that rape the lifeless... Im soaking in my own filth once again... Once again. I am ok... I am ok... Im not ok.. But I am. -Anna
Adore The Lies
The cold dragon of emtiness slides and slithers thru my bones. In and out of all my hopes and devours all my want. Slaps me with its tail to awaken me and all a sudden its a picture perfect memory. Stale and unwanted like death. It stalks me and will until then. A boiling lake of fire I swim thru. Am I affraid to get burnt again? The cells that make my being are now disinegrating into him. I cant last. It always comes home. A place where evil rides steadily on white sheep, eating all my feild of everything I know. The corneas been slaped with a hand of suffor. Put the lid back on, i'm not yet ready to empty or enfold. Haunt me tonight, my transparent friend and decide whether im needing as much as you did. Dont no more. The creature of untrusting decades.. a mark left on the smile. Broken and secluded from all feel. Resist this feel good notice. Kill me again... Im ready. -Anna
Nirvana- Lithium
Re: The Great Ron Paul Flyer Bomb - Jan 5th (video) DOWNLOAD THE FLYER HERE - RE: The Great Ron Paul Flyer Bomb - Jan 5th (video) Body: From: Ron Paul Revolution Radio Date: Dec 27, 2007 12:24 PM
Thursday Opie And Anthony Links: Enjoy Worst-of, O&a Return Live Next Week, Jim Norton Live On New Years, New Videos Online
The Opie and Anthony Show is taking a little holiday break, but wouldn't you know it? We can't go THAT long without posting a few updates and keeping you folks entertained...because quite frankly, our lives are damn boring. Sooo, here goes. Thanks to the hard work of the behind-the-scenes crew on the O&A Show, there's a whole mess of Worst-Of shows, which are really the BEST material we could showcase for you while we're off. Want To Hear it? GET XM NOW! O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Check Out 'Patrice Oneal at The Rest Area'!) If you don't have any New Years plans, you have a few options: See JIM NORTON LIVE on New Years Eve - Tickets On Sale: Spend New Year's Eve with the one and only Jim Norton from the Opie and Anthony Show as he takes the stage at North Fork Theater at Westbury!GET TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Our new pal Chris Rock is going to be doing a New Years show at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN (Click for Tickets!!) And if you need visual stimulation RIGHT NOW, check out
Mirrored Mind
Different carriers. Same perspectives. Iron souls pour on velvet graves. Masquerades. Raves. Caved in a shell. Oxygen masks for make-up. Eyes that cant cry. Pills to feel real. All is 1 and all is bright. Scandals, deals for savage kings, breastfed off of silver. Blank stares in sheets of silence, cold wind behind the walls. Bringing forth demons of thought into public. Sucking their lifeless lips. Behold this new creation. Sandy streets with no end... murajes of murder n dick. Bliss. Semon needed frequently to give the meaning life. Horny pigs with false intentions scatter out their seeds. Indulge in these fairy tales, then take it up the ass for me. Brilliant genious master-minds.. our kinds, our enemies. No1 seing the picture to this. No1 deserves to breath. Weed. Cocaine. Is it all the same.? Paying to get high. Severed wings with beastly grins and sadened angels eye. Common theives predicting futures. Religious parties drying the ear. Spirit means nothing, yet hell still exists, p
New Joke
A woman was shopping at her local supermarket where she selected 2 litres of low fat milk, a carton of eggs, 2 litres of orange juice, a head of lettuce, half a dozen tomatoes, a 500g jar of coffee and a 250g pack of bacon. As she was unloading her items on the conveyor belt to check out, a drunk standing behind her watched as she placed the items in front of the cashier. While the cashier was ringing up her purchases, the drunk calmly stated," You must be single." The woman was a bit startled by this proclamation, but she was intrigued by the derelict's intuition, since she was indeed single. She looked at her six items on the belt and saw nothing particularly unusual about her selections that could have tipped off the drunk to her marital status. Curiosity getting the better of her, she said, "Well, you know what, you're absolutely correct. But how on earth did you know that?" The drunk replied, "Cos you're ugly."
The Truth Is Dangerous
Wake the fuck up from this hopeless nightmare. Another tear n2 patience and sanity. Deliberatly cursed with a poison spoon. Sworn to try but cant accept this fate. Rudely insulting. Bring forth this contract so i can burn it to ashes and swallow the words n smoke. Pull on my rope to tighten the welts. A thousand feathers shed from my nerves. How do u fly with a lung of sorrow? The salt that floods the wounds are chewing fast. My knees are bleeding. My thoughts are dangerous. Collapse n2 a coma. Dont fondle me unless im soaked in sympathy. Debate my fears. You dont know shit. Tell me what I need to fix because your hoping i'll believe this bullshit speech that u breed onto a weak decision. Imposters! Devils mistress licks the fire. Fuck me n my innocense. I thought i've always been alone but evil has accompanyd my entire life. Life. A lie. Santuary is too far to call out to. Strung out by the energy of bribery. Tranquilized by the nurturing of opiates. Thank you dirty pill. I feel so c
Friends always seem to make you happy when you are down. Friends make you feel good when they are around. I'm glad I have a lot of people that I can call friends, Because without them this world would be something I wouldn't want to be around. For all of you who think you have friends here's a little tip. To know and have a friend means: To open your heart and expand your mind, because a friend will be there when you need them, and when you don't. They won't pull any punches when it comes to the truth of what you are doing. They will let you know when you are acting stupid. They will let you cry and not say a word or put you in check when you need it the most. A friend is someone you can count on when it seems the world is coming to an end, but will be there when you make accomplishment and cheer you on. With that being said I have a couple questions for you.... Do you have a real friend? Are you a real friend to someone? Before you answer, sit back and really
Because Of Jealous Fuckers
because of jealous fucks i have decided to bring my pictures to private and only family can see them and do not ask if you can be in my family if i feel you are family worthy i will add you when i feel like it... i know it sounds like im being a bitch but this is wut happends when fuckers piss me off and get jealous and report pictures because they are jealous
A Great Big Thank You!
With the help of these wonderful friends (and strangers), I won the contest I entered- 60,000 in less than 6 weeks!! All these people rawk (many of them using ALL their comments on me) so please take a moment to visit their page and leave them love. A SPECIAL thank you to The Spankers Club who really kicked ass with this contest. ** I know I am leaving out many people and for that I am truely sorry. I tried keeping up with who left comments but it got hectic after awhile.** The Spankers Club sassy Paralyzer Abby Anubis Muma_e 'Gail' 'eldoROBo' '†HÈ ßÚLL¥'
When? Im Already There
Bathe in this pit of crystal tears. Feel on demand, like sharp glass tacs. Pouring.. Steaming... Adrenaline forrests. Phobia pickets the simpleton. Yet is this such simpleton really the loone? Fools dance on fire and truth burns the same. How can one speak as to judge one a string, to another thin theory of loss. Decompose generations of jokes and flags. My comrade now worn to the bone. Blood of the blue.. tainted thirst for the words.. Second guessing is never correct. Are we all just bored to be born again? Or will someday the apology breathe? All artificial in marching stampedes... Go forth and choose what you see without eyes. -Anna
Re: Did Bhutto Know Of Mossad 9/11 Black Ops Before Her Death
RE: Did Bhutto Know Of Mossad 9/11 Black Ops Before Her Death ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Mary Date: 27 Dec 2007, 19:30 ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: Tom Heneghan Intelligence BriefingDate: Dec 27, 2007 1:20 PM. . .VIEW IMAGES AND PICS AT: HENEGHAN'S EXPLOSIVE INTELLIGENCE BRIEFINGSInternational Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL -- reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the controlled MSM cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.*** A REMINDER: Homosexual gays and lesbians who are "IN-THE-CLOSET" are a MAJOR threat to National Security being vulnerable to blackmail and extortion by self-serving, hostile entities against the safety, security, sovereignty and best interests of the American People.BACK BREAKING NEWSAs We Continue to
Angel Wings
Angel Wings I feel your touch, your feathered wings, Your close embrace, my heart it sings, Guardian angel feel my tears, Hold my hand and ease my fears Watching, helping keep me safe, Waiting in your special place
All Fans Will Have Access To Pats Game
By RACHEL COHEN, AP Sports Writer Wed Dec 26, 10:52 PM ET NEW YORK - After weeks of insisting they wouldn't cave in, NFL officials did just that Wednesday. Now all of America can see the Patriots' shot at history. Saturday night's game between New England and the New York Giants on the NFL Network, which is available in fewer than 40 percent of the nation's homes with TVs, will be simulcast on CBS and NBC. The Patriots could become the first NFL team to go 16-0 in the regular season. "We have taken this extraordinary step because it is in the best interest of our fans," commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement after the league announced it was reversing course. "What we have seen for the past year is a very strong consumer demand for NFL Network. We appreciate CBS and NBC delivering the NFL Network telecast on Saturday night to the broad audience that deserves to see this potentially historic game. Our commitment to the NFL Network is stronger than ever."
Just Another Mind Booger
Post-christmas Shopping
Last night my wife, two younger kids and myself went to Wal-Mart to cash in some gift cards. My son got three "Cars" movie car toys. My youngest daughter got an raincoat outfit and three underwear-socks-shoes sets for her new Cabbage Patch doll. My wife got a "People" magazine and the Shrek triology dvd pack. I got dinner at Taco Bell.
Giants Ticket Holders Selling Pat's Tickets Lol
Giants ticket holders selling chance to see Brady, Patriots go 16-0 Associated Press Updated: December 25, 2007, 12:27 PM ET EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The chance to watch the Giants try to mar the Patriots perfect season isn't drawing many Big Blue fans to the stadium this Saturday. Many New York Giants fans are selling their tickets to the game to New England Patriots fans who want to see quarterback Tom Brady and his teammates go for a 16-0 record in their final regular-season game. Internet auction sites that allow customers to buy and sell sports tickets have seen a surge in ticket sales for the game by Giants fans, The Star-Ledger of Newark reported for Tuesday's newspapers. "It looks like it's on pace to be one of our top 25 events for all time. It's definitely one of our hot sellers," Joellen Ferrer, a spokesman for Internet auction site StubHub, which specializes in tickets for events, told the newspaper. "Although it's meaningless to the Giants,
Still In Shock
I just had to put this somewhere because it shows me just how much he truly loves me and how completely amazing he really is. For Christmas, Donnie got me an absolutely gorgeous diamond cross necklace and diamond and sapphire ring. My mom said there was a story behind the ring, but Donnie would have to tell me....he couldn't tell me to my face, he had to do it over messenger, so here is the convo. I'm still shocked, and finally realizing that he really does love me. Donnie: so I never did tell you about that ring and what led up to it Me: no you didn't lol Donnie: Well here is the deal. I was going to ask you to marry me. I talked to Jelly, and your mom. your mom thought it was a great Idea and without hesitation Jelly flat out said no Me: omg are you serious? did jelly tell you why? Donnie: I told jelly that I would not do it because she was not ready, she had a look of horror on her face and I could tell she was very uncomfortable with the idea Me: wow, i think
Why Woman Cry
A little boy asked his mother, 'Why are you crying?' 'Because I'm a woman,' she told him. 'I don't understand,' he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, 'And you never will.' Later the little boy asked his father, 'Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?' 'All women cry for no reason,' was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry. Finally he put in a call to God. When God got on the phone, he asked, 'God, why do women cry so easily?' God said: 'When I made the woman she had to be special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children. I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue with out complaining. I gave her the sensitivity to love
An Overview
When most people hear the word magic. The image come to mind of Harry potter or a old woman bent over a boiling pot. While I have not had a cauldron for many years. It is not as most imagine it. This blog is for those that are curious. If a different view of main stream religion is upsetting to you stop reading now. The term magik transcends religious boundaries. The various religions around the world have there miracles. Is this not magik? I was groomed to be a preacher of the baptist faith. I quickly began to question the rules and law that were attached to it. Mostly because it was preaching one thing and the preacher were using the text to control the masses. I saw the same thing is other mainstream religions. Catholic, Hindu, Muslims and so forth keep saying that they are right and everyone else was wrong. Even Wicca preaches a hierarchy. In magik and spirituality it not about hierarchy wrong or right. I about improving yourself to being whole and complete. Th
Relationship Help
why oh why do i put up with all the crap i get from women. i think i become to much of a nice guy and settle with what i have instead of trying to find someone that is more of what im looking for. the few people i know that would probably be ideal for me im not really attracted to. i love to be around them as friends but anything after that i dont see it ever happening. so instead i hook up with random girls that are dumb as shit, dont understand anything that is important to me, and are lousy in bed. im just tired of marginal girls that are no where close to me as a person and arent really cute. i really do want to be with some rather cute sexy women. i want some 8s and 9s in my life instead of 3-5. i know im attractive to a degree but i guess there is just something about me that the women i want see as a turn-off and i dont know what that is. hell just the other night a bunch of people that i dont know all told me that i look like a straight up pot head. i havent touched
My Account!!!
Someone has eresased my profile. How can someone do that Any Clues!!!!
Ok So This Really Pisses Me Off
Dear Alcohol
Dear Alcohol, First & foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around at the holidays, hidden inside chocolates, as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings. However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences: Phone calls: While I agree with you that communication is important, I question the suggestion that any conversation of substance or necessity takes place after 2 a.m. Why would you make me call those ex-girlfriends when I know for a fact they do not want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal, but why do you suggest that I eat a taco with fire sauce, along with a big Italian meatball and some stale bbq
People And Cars
What is it about automobiles that sucks the intelligence right out of people the moment that they turn the key?
Friend Ii
A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift. A friend is someone to treasure. For friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives with Beauty, Joy and Grace and makes the world we live in a better and happier place. YOU ARE MY FRIEND AND I AM HONORED! ~from flanman~
A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. A friend is a living treasure, and if you have one, you have one of the most valuable gifts in life. A friend is the one who will always be beside you, through all the laughter, and through each and every tear. A friend is the one thing you can always rely on; the someone you can always open up to; the one wonderful person who always believes in you in a way that no one else seems to. A friend is a sanctuary. A friend is a smile. A friend is a hand that is always holding yours, no matter where you are, no matter how close or far apart you may be. A friend is someone who is always there and will always--always--care. A friend is a feeling of forever in the heart. A friend is the one door that is always open. Thank you for being my friend. ~another from flanman~
For Hot Ladies Only! =)
I will tribute another cutie soon, I will do it live on my webcam. Let me know if you want to watch, just send me a message with your Yahoo Messenger ID. Otherwise, check my galleries! :) - Some skin for friends album (must be FRIEND over 18) - Shots Gallery album (must be FRIEND over 18) - Made for Me album (must be FRIEND over 18) - Tribute album (must be FRIEND over 18) Kisses Nice Boy PS: Comments on my pictures and videos are also welcome :) Below, you can see what to expect:
A Simple Thank You
"Into the dim lit, bare walls of my world, You entered, bringing light and life to me, The vivid colors, painted with a swirl Of wit and charm, of personality, With tender care, you added comfort, warmth, And images that line the now bright walls. I look upon them fondly, bringing forth A thankfulness that you walk in these halls With me; our friendship has become a part Of my world now; it has its special place, Within my being, life, and in my heart, Your name hangs right beside your smiling face. Rememb'ring just how drab these walls had been, I have to thank you for the light, my friend." - Anonymous This was sent to me from Flanman. Go check him out if you like this, he seems to have a great collection!
The Sexybitch Lounge
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Sent To Me, Now Shared With You
Love is Stronger than Walls "Don't be fooled by me. Don't be fooled by the face I wear. For I wear a thousand masks, masks that I am afraid to take off and none of them are me. Pretending is an art that's second nature with me, but don't be fooled. For God's sake don't be fooled. I give the impression that I am secure, that all is sunny and unruffled with me, within as well as without, that confidence is my name and coolness my game; that the waters are calm and I am in command, and that I need no one. But don't believe me, please. My surface may seem smooth, but my surface is my mask, ever-varying and ever-concealing 'Neath this lies no complacence. Beneath dwells the real me in confusion, in fear, and aloneness. But I hide this. I don't want anybody to know. I panic at the thought of my weakness and fear of being exposed. That is why I frantically create a mask to hide behind; a nonchalant, sophisticated facade, to help me pretend, to shield me from the glance that knows.
Where Are The Girls?
Hello I’m the guy that everybody thinks I’m the life of the party I tell the jokes and laughing with everyone else but inside I feel I’ am alone I have no one to hold when I go home at night all I do is sit at home and wonder if I’m good enough for any girl all the girls I have dated have all left me and when I go to the local bar none of the girls notice I’m alive it’s as if I don’t exist. Why is love so hard to find this day and age every girl that I know, I have asked out and I get the same response from them all I would rather be just friends are the scared? I don’t know
My Son
Thank Jesus my son was able to sign out of the hospital for Christmas Dinner...Knowing he would have to return the next day...He is now back in his hospital bed or his other home as we refer to it...His doctor came in this morning and told him he is dieing...She said that they can not wait any longer to remove his kidneys as they are doing more bad then good for him...Arrangements are now being made to transfer him from Fresno To San Fransisco....They will first start his dialisis and then shut down his kidneys and remove them....We are asking all to pray that Jesus guide the doctors and hold my son as to keep him safe....Please sticky this 4 me....KNIGHTSKITTY
I Finally Met Chris Jericho!!
Meeting CHRIS was AWESOME!! He was SOOOO SWEET!! It would have BROKEN MY HEART if he was a JERK like some of them are!!The signing was from 12-2 and we got to Books A Million around 10AM. We went in and got in line at 10:30. I saw him coming toward the store out of the front windows and started saying "ITS HIM!! ITS HIM!!". He came in and did an interview with one of the news stations and then started signing books. I yelled up to him, "CHRIS I LOVE YOU!" and he turned around and smiled, and said something back. I don't even remember, LOL, I was on cloud 9. When it was my turn to go up and get my book signed I was so nervous I was shaking. He was SOOO SWEET and I fell more in LOVE with him. He gave me a BIG HUG, and told me, "Don't be nervous." The people at the signing said that he would only sign the book and one other item. I had my book, a JERICHO wrestler, and I brought 3 pictures to give him and 2 for me. The ones I had made didn't print right. On the 3 pictures I
Another Wolfie rant. There's this little thing I like to use called sarcasm. It appears that many of you do not know what it is, so I will post the definition for you. sar·casm (sär'kāz'əm) n. 1. A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound. 2. A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule. 3. The use of sarcasm. See Synonyms at wit I use sarcasm often and am really tired of the endless parade of morons who can't detect it's use. 90% of my mumms are sarcastic. If you do not have a firm grasp of this concept, please do not bother to vote or comment. Finally, if you do not appreciate or enjoy sarcasm, feel free to delete me from your friends list. Chances are you're a hayseed with big breasts and I added you for points only. Thank you, and good day
Herman Brood And His Wild Romance
A single touch of her soft skin Fingers gently falling through her silken hair The scent of her laying next to me These are things a lover can share A light soft kiss upon my lips falls A warm embrace encircles me I kind word whispered to me as I lay My love now flows endless and free The first taste of this lover I now enjoy My mind swirls with love filled thought Her finger tracing along my arm so slow Chills of pleasure to my body are brought One lool into her deep eyes I can see The sould that has taken my breath away Passing my love from my soul to thee I take her in my arms this very night No more searching for perfect love will there be I have found the one that can fill that void The lover that sets my heart's bindings free Our bodies slide together now as we lay Her warm nectar I feel as we become one Knowing that a giant step has been made The releasing our love nectar soon is done Another soft kiss on the lips of my lover Our eyes close as into a slee
Fire Fighter's Blessing
A sharp shrill breaks the silence A bustle of sound fills the quet space People race now in response To help someone in danger they now race Trucks come alive as keys are turned Crew members load as fast as can be Equipment done up as they depart Unknowing of what lay ahead to see Roar of the siren is heard in the night Another alarm has sounded this day This is the life of those brave people that serve As brave firemen each and every day Smoke is seen billowing skyward A house ablaze the try now to save Giving of themselves with fearless devotion Each one stands so proud and brave A scream is heard from a window above A small child is seen standing there Fire raging all around them as fear grips A brave fire fighter races to get there Another life is saved because of their deed A family pulled from danger and loss they respond when ever they are needed Never concerned with their own life's cost Back at the station the trucks are parked Another fire they have f
Another Hero Lost
A sharp bone chilling scream pierces the night It warns of a soul in harm's way I have heard these sounds fill the air Imbedding the sounds in my memories each day A cold chill I feel along my spine I can see the pain wretched face looking at me Blood pools around them on the ground From their pain let them be free My stomach churns as the injury I see Both legs missing from a body so strong Seeing brave men serving their country with pride Torn from loving comfort for so long I look down into their eyes open wide Wishing there as something comforting to say No words came from my lips this night As on this battlefield another injured hero lay He closed his eyes and I heard these words As he softly whispered them to me "Dear Lord take my body to rest now Let me lay with others that gave for us to be free I am not a hero, nor do I ask for praise I serve my country with honor and pride Knowing that one day this may be my end I accept you now with arms opened wide N
A Life
A kind word A gentle kiss A soft touch A trip to bliss A caring hug A warm embrace A hand to hold A stroke of your face A warm smile A sparkle in the eye A comforting feeling A dried tear when you cry A burning desire A fuelling need A wild orgasm A flood of love's seed A good night kiss A dream love does fill A good nights rest A morning breaks still A warming sun A light summer rain A clasp of a lover's hand A couple you will remain A sudden feeling A pain tears so deep An emptiness fills A tear falls as you weep A lover gone A saddening thought A single breath A calling of death is brought A hand to hold once again A warm embrace A place of comfort A heavenly place This is life That many know Besure to live it Before you go (C)Tall Mountain Dreamer, June 4, 2007
Running The Gamut From A To Bee
So our big celebration was Christmas Eve, when in reverse order we opened our presents, had our turkey dinner, went to church. Christmas Day Martha had to be at church by eight in the morning to practice because the Bellievers, the bell choir she’s in, was playing music that morning. She went with our nephew Patrick and his sister Josceline while Mary, Breanna, and I got Sarah and Jeffrey ready to be there for the nine o’clock service. Martha had written me down to be the lector that morning (because I like doing it and they needed someone), but I was in no condition to read with my raspy voice so Pastor Janet got to do it instead. Nor was I in a condition to sing, though I did try to mime it. Sarah was not wanting to sit still in that service either, so this time Mary took her down to the nursery for most of the service (which she could still hear through our church’s speaker system) and we went home until early afternoon after the service was over. It’s not as though there was
Cam Girl Profile: Silvia
This crimson-haired (Ok, so she colored it Blue recently, but when she actually did the interview her hair was REDCanadian hottie goes by the name Silvia, and you may have seen her in a number of FOUNDRY CAMS videos, including this one where she's practically naked, as well as our FOUNDRY CAMS tribute to the soldiers and a few more. Silvia was sent her interview questions a WHILE ago, but because of the holidays (and quite frankly, waiting to ger her own video online), we got a little backed up, but we're finally posting her answers, and you're going to love this gal... CLICK THAT BRIGHT RED HEAD OF HAIR TO READ THE INTERVIEW When you're done getting all fluffed up, head over to FOUNDRY CAMS and CHAT WITH SILVIA LIVE!
I've finally decided to stop being a chicken and get a tattoo....I am getting a butterfly on my upper arm and a lily on my lower back with my son's name tattooed with it.....can't wait now actually!!!
I Can't Wait
I cant wait. Tomorrow night cant come fast enough. i will be on a plane, to tennessee, to see the love of my life for the first time. i am more excited than anything...but i am sooooo nervous too....what if im not exactly what she wanted. what if we get together, and idk, something just isnt right....but i am not thinking about thinkin about how when i finally have her in my arms, holding her, and staring into those gorgeous eyes of hers, how everything will be perfect. i have so many thoughts going thru my head its crazy. i dont even know where to start thinking. i cant wait for everything to just fall into place. lemme just say this.... baby, i cant wait to spend the next 5 days with you! i love you so much! RideOrDie4LyF!!!!
Music Video:PAIN (by Three Days Grace)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
Just Another Day
sam sat in his living room..there was not a thing on tv but action movies and soap operas which bored him to tears. he led a life of boredom, losin most his friends to getting married, or moving to other locations, he had no family left cept a few who didnt bother to call, write, or even visit. he had nothing to lose or gain, just another day in his boring life in hell. The loneliness crept into his life like so much mold on bathroom was killing him tho he fought it off like so much mud. Suicide was out of the questiuon he didnt believe in that, not because he was religious. oh hell no...he chuckled to himself but why waste a perfectly good human like him? he stood up from his recliner and went into his kitchen finding a beer he bought last night in the fridge he popped the top and drank some hoping to catch a buzz, but nadas happened..."figures" he said quietly to himself....he strode back to his room turned the tv onm his fave channel an d flopped on the bed...took anoth
Thanks For All The Votes
I was nominated for Georgia veteran Wrestler of the year and they have a pole up to see who is going to be the winner its been open nearly a week and when I went to bed lastnight I was down by six votes and when i woke up this morning Im up by like 15 so I want to thank everyone who has voted for me over the last few days and lets keep it going until they shut the pole down.... You can vote once a day until then .... Daniel Gunner
Ugh, Friggin Bored.
I have no clue where Ruby ran off to. I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee today and I'm still tired. Whatcha'll doin?
Thursday ... Superstitions?
H A P P Y ~ T H U R S D A Y Visit Hello blog-curious folks I start with a countdown above: As to open my small topic - O P E N - for discussion ... - t r a d i t i o n s - Yesterday I ask about resolution and found that not many of my friends make them or as most do:- break them - How about those traditions (family or otherwise) On New Year's Eve? Growing up, I remember my neighbor were big on letting off fireworks, My oldest sister husbands family went hunting. Another neighborhood family would throw A big family cover dish "Football get together" that had hordes of folks in and out all day. When I married Pete & Trisha's mom, their tradition was to: Take some money outside and hide it, then go back out after midnight and recover it. This was to symbolize "Bringing Money into the home productively" It also had stipulations: Hide it and cant find it - Meant you'd make money but loose it
Ryan's Song Pt 2
And I'm one number shy of sixteen if you'd turn around you'd see.. I cried for you today And I didn't wanna tell you So I cut your name deep inside my veins. I craved your voice deep in my mind and memorizes your touch on my skin. When I breathe in, you suffocate me. I'd stay with you forever if you let me. (chorus) And I'm on number shy of sixteen If you'd turn around you'd see You're the one I'm needing You're the reason I'm bleeding I want you by my side I can feel my heart breaking I'm dying, It's like I'm dying inside And you're the cure To the disease you gave me. You're the pillow I hold on to at night You're the last thought I think Before I drift to sleep. You're the comfort in my sheets You're the one invading my dreams. You're the one... (Chorus) You're the one who knows me When I don’t even know myself You're the Notebook romance Everyone longs for You are the one You're the one I'm missing And all I can do is wait for you
Ill only be gone a short while maybey a week please show me some love while im gone and ill return the favor whenn i get back please repost while im gone each repost is worth 100 fubucks when i return only good for friends so add me if im not to earn the 100 fubuck prizes
To All My Friends Please Read This
TO all my friends MY fubar page isnt workin if u would like to stay intouch add please ADD me yahoo or msn messenger @ or I am looking forward to hearing from u all HAPPY NEW YEARS PLEASE REPLY BY ADDING ME till my fubar works again thank u all
Less Then 33k
please help me level
Need Help
I was wondering if someone could give me some ideas of what kinda pictures i could look up i have ran out of ideas and i would be thankful for those who could help me ... thank u michelle
Stuff For Today....
Well xbox/microsoft still has no clue on why David's xbox live account will not work on his new 360. I called again and they said they have sent it to a level 3 engineer. With Microsoft it could be a good thing if that means they are the better people.. though my experience with them so far suggests a level 3 means they never got past third grade. Meanwhile David is upset and asking me to call them every 10 minutes lol. Pluto is relatively calm today... chewing up his big bone he got for Christmas. I wish I could get him a supply to last a year, not one day. I have decided its best to put some distance between myself and the person who was my best friend. While some of you are quite protective of me and voice opinions rather strongly, this was something where we both had issues and the blame I think falls on both of us. As one friend put it its a good idea for me to cleanse myself emotionally for the New Year lol. I hope someday we will be friends again. Its hard to walk
Are You A Democrat, Republican Or Texan?
Are you a Democrat, Republican or Texan? Are you a Democrat, Republican or Texan? Here is a little test That will help you decide. The answer can be found by posing the Following question: You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small Children. Suddenly, an Islamic Terrorist with a huge knife comes Around the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, praises Allah, Raises the knife, and charges at you. You are carrying a Glock cal 40, And you are an expert shot. You have mere seconds before he reaches You and your family. What do you do? . Democrat's Answer: Well, that's not enough information to answer the question! Does the man look poor! Or oppressed? Have I ever done anything to him that would inspire him to attack? Could we run away? What does my wife think?
My Kids
There are days I love them to death and others I just wish I was alone!
Hot Or Not
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Some of the coolest people on fubar I know: LÊGG§0810 ĦÈĦßÈR ÖҒ Ŧ.M.Ä.Ғ..... ~Club F.A.R.~On the C@ndle Train!~Stilet@ fubar ~*RedKandy*~S*U*P*~Club F.A.R.~2nd Alarm Hotties Member~The Sisterhood~@ fubar Tuff...."Merry Christmas" ~Stiletto Girl~...@ fubar bbG - It`s New Year`s Baby!!!@ fubar ~ Chickie Momma 2nd Co-Manager of Fusista's and Fubrotha's~@ fubar ♥♥♥♥ ♥§è×ý ßåbý ßlµè Êýè$ ™© PROUD Member of the Confederate Bomber@ fubar Majically Delicious MILF....CEO OF FUSISTA'S BOMBING & LEVELING CREW Hostess for Fubars 1st Worl@ fubar TiSmOm05~SqUaD~LeAdEr@SpIrIt~~LeVeLeRs
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The Asylum's Most Notorious.
An extensive list of the bands that Mistress Lolita allows to perform for the inhabitants of the Asylum: +12 Stones +3 Days grace +69 Eyes +A Kiss Could Be Deadly +Aaliyah +ABBA +Ace of Base +Aerosmith +AFI +Aimee Allen +Alanis Morissette +Alice Cooper +Allstars +Amy Stephens +And One +Ani DiFranco +Annihilator +Ayria +Ayumi Hamasaki +Barenaked Ladies +Bauhaus +Beach Boys +Bif Naked +Biohazard +Bjork +Black Sabbath +Blackmore's Night +Bleach (A grouping a various artists from the Bleach soundtrack) +Blondie +Blutengel +BoA +Bon Jovi +Cannibal Corpse +Cellar Dweller (One of my favorites) +Chevelle +Chic +Children of Bodem +Christina Aguilera +Ciara +CKY +Cocteau Twins +Code 64 +Collide +Combichrist +Corinne Bailey Rae +Counting Crows +Cradle of Filth +Creature Feature +Cruxshadows +Cyndi lauper +Danko Jones +David Bowie +Del Amitri +Depeche Mode +D'espairs Ray +Dethklok +Diana Ross +Dimmu Borgir +Dio +Disturbed +Do As Infi
Pic Rateing.....
Come And Get Me!
SO yeah after my girlfriend being a stupid bitch, my exhusband stating his undying love for me again and trying to stop our divorce from being finalized again, along with what I was dealing with concerning various other relationships I am involved in and destroying apparently Ive decided to take a break!! WOOT!! Being submissive to people hasnt gotten me what I both need and want so Im going to put my damn ass in neutral and see what happens. Im just gonna chill and let those who want me around bring me back around and quit trying to prove to people that I desire their presence in my life.Which this is a massively insanely hard thing to do because I normally beg and plead my case and turn utterly pathetic in the attempts to find my salvations and securities. But for some apparent reason I am thinking that action wont get me any reactions so Im letting what will be.Every part of me is screaming for them to take me back but I also know tightening around my throat has gotten tighter the l
Just Whining And Complaining
I'm just venting, whining, complaining today. I hate that I'm going to be alone on New Year's. I'm gonna be the "7th" wheel so to speak amongst 3 other couples who are having a party at my best friend's house. I appreciate the invite, but I know I'm going to be sitting there absolutely miserable while they are all lovey dovey on each other (cause thats how they all are, because they have great relationships like that). I know I shouldnt feel envious and jealous of the fact that they have this type of relationship with each other (all 3 couples do), but its so hard when I've delt with the shit end of things for so long, and now I'm off on my own and still alone like I was for so long anyway. That's what really gets to me I guess. Wishing that a good man would come along and sweep me off my feet and treat me right instead of the way I had become accustomed to being treated. Someone who wants me for me,my personality and the awesome, giving, loving , caring, passionate and kind individu
Life's Greatest Secret
Life's Greatest Secret I don't know anyone who doesn't want a life filled with love. In order for this to happen, the effort must start within us. Rather than waiting for the other people to provide the love we desire, we must be a vision and the source of love. We must tap into our own loving-kindness in order to set an example for others to follow suit. It has been said that "the shortest distance between two points is an intention". This is certinaly true with regard to a life filled with love. The starting point or foundation of a life filled with love is the desire and commitment to be a source of love. Our attitude, choices, acts of kindness, and willingness to be the first to reach out will take us toward this goal. The next time you find yourself frustrated at the lack of love in the world, try an experiment. Forget about the world and other people for a few minutes, instead, look into your own heart. Can you become a source of greater love? Can you think loving thoughts o
Ok we all have our strange things. I guess mine is my that condiment should never touch my bread. Dont worry, I am not a spaz about food on my plate touching. What's yours?
~go Against The Flow~
It's great to see someone that is able to glean the positive out of all of life's experiences and adventures whether they be good or not so good. It's difficult for all of us to release or let go of something good in the hopes of something better...and then to let go of that something better for the's a evolution we must all strive for. Some are content with the good....some with the better....but then there are those that push for the best and even if it is not attained there can be no shame in the attempt. It is better to have tried and failed then to have never tried at all. My observation it that most people have been conditioned(that means someone or some system has taught them) to believe they should "coast" through life as much as possible-avoid "pressure situations" and gravitate toward circumstances where no one is demanding anything from them. But contrary to popular belief we need pressure to feel excited and passionate about life. Real life examples
To Love Or Not To Love
Is it better to have love and lost then to not love at all? The question I would ask some of you is this. Is it better to have loved someone than to have never loved at all? Some of you would say no and some would say yes. My philosophy on this subject is simple. Yes it is. I know some have been hurt and hurt very badly. I also know that this hurt has caused them to close their hearts to love again. This is such a mistake. This hurt we have all experienced in our lives. It is just life's lessons to us. It teaches us to never make those mistakes that we made in past loves but shows us that love does exist. I know that for some of you the experiences that you have had have been in some ways devastating. Please don't give up on love. By giving up, and closing your hearts, you are passing up those chances at the best experiences life has to offer you. Although at times this seems difficult we need to still be guarded but not shut off. We all have special gifts and special qualities to o
La*la, Hard2handle & The P*ssy Soldier
Get More at This is to LaLa, Hard2Handle & that p*ssy soldier "OhYouGotDaAIDS"...You lesbian b*tches just play the guys on here & make fools out of them. It is plain to see your into woman. However, some of these guys are so hard up from never getting any they wag around behind you with there tongues dragging. It is sad to think that in the middle of all the fine courageous men & woman fighting for us there are p*ssys like "OhYouGotDaAIDs". He is more woman than La*La & Hard2handle combined. Playing the "lil woman games" from a war zone...copy..paste..."oh look at what she said!" He is a d*mn disgrace to the uniform & to all men & woman that wear it. As far as those two lesbos I just have to laugh. They post something nasty on your page, run away & block you. Can you say W-U-S???? Guys, and girls, I thank each and every single one of you for protecting me, my country and my freedom. But, for goodness sakes save your money. What do you
How Do U Not Kill A Friendship
1 be honest with urself and ur friends 2 be there thru the thick and thin cause it may be needed when u need them 3 B ur self and allow them to b them selves 4 b kind and much will be seen
Creepy Stuff
The Burger King The Snuggle bear Barney the Dinosaur Bratz dolls Clowns & clown dolls Boston Terriers John Carradine Waitstaff at restaurants that are extremely excited to service you Models who are way too skinny Carrot Top Tony Sinclair (Tangueray)
As Of Now
oh well, here we go, I am hoping that putting this out there for any and all to see is going to help me with that oh so important constituent of any weight loss programme....INCENTIVE I shall post my starting weight, and most important to me, waist measurement, then see if my monthly updates will show any improvement. What on Earth is a geezer as old as the hills bothering about this for? I hear you asking yourselves, nonplussed looks abounding..... Well, it just FEELS skin over my stomach feels stretched as tight as a drumskin, I feel as if I am lugging a sack of spuds round my middle and third but by no means unimportant, I DO STILL CARE about what I look like! SO, as of today, Thursday 27th December 2007 I weigh 13 stone 10 lbs (192lbs) and my waist measures 46" My aim is to withiin 6 months lose a minimum of 30lbs in weight, and hopefully 10" off the waist. Target weight = 11 stones 8 lbs Target waist = 36" Any and all messages of support will be more
The New Year
The new year is upon us, this year will soon be gone, memories will be all that's left. Although it has been a struggle, and many tears have been shed, my heart was broken into a million little pieces a mother's night mare, it hasnt been the same. So hoping this new year will be alot better. And the tears that i cry wont be of pain but of happiness. A fresh start and a new beginning. The new year is upon us this year will soon be gone. So to you my friends may all your dreams come true may you find love and happiness. May this new year bring lots of joy, and best wishes to you all. The new year is upon us there will be new doors opening the old ones will soon be closed. So start this new year with a smile on your face, leave the sadness behind although it is never easy. There will be new memories to build but never forget the memories you have built this year the happy ones. Best wishes to you all this new year. I love you all my friends.
Patriots Aiming For Nfl Record
Patriots aiming for NFL record 19th straight regular-season win By Howard Ulman AP Sports Writer - 12/24/2007 FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Here’s another Patriots milestone to think about. The team that seems ready to set a record for most records set in one year can break the NFL mark of 18 straight regular-season wins on Saturday night. All it has to do is beat the New York Giants to complete an unbeaten season. The first team to win 18 in a row? Yep, the Patriots, 2003-04 variety. Coach Bill Belichick, a student of football history who downplays his team’s place in it, doesn’t care about either of those 18-game streaks. At least not now. “I hope we can go on a one game-winning streak,” he said Monday. “Just get ready, have a good week and be able to win on Saturday. ... There is maybe a time to reflect on that, but right now is not it.” So he’s not focusing on the NFL single-season records New England already has set: most touchdowns scored, most wins to start a season, or mo
A Pretty Face
a pretty face what good is it really ? does it mean you will never be unhappy or never have your heart broke by someone ? does it mean you will never love someone who will love back? no it does not it doesn't mean your perfect no one is . it doesn't guarantee happiness or love or you will live happily ever after no one is no matter who you are. life never guarantee's anything to anyone. so what does a pretty face get you ? it makes you miss trustful ( of men )because you never really no if like you because of the person you are or because you have a pretty face or will say just anything to get you in bed ? and it's not just the men some women are just as bad thay don't want you as a friend because of there own incurity's are afrade you will still there husband or boyfriend . a pretty face is nothing special because life deals us all from the same deck we all have our own problem we have to deal with . so no matter who you are or what you look like we all have our cross's to bare . no
Cum Bite The Bullet With Harley
I Love U
i do love u.. an i do think ur the one.. we have had our time apart lately.. an i have needed u so many times.. but i stepped back to let u go.. an i have seen u hurt for a love.. an i have been there when it feel apart.. an it just shows me how i could never ask for a better relationship with some one.. we can tell one another any thing. no matter how bad it is.. haha an we can hurt and feel together.. u r my bestest friend.. an i miss u all the time.. an when we get our time to hang out.. i have a blast and hold that close to my heart.. i have never felt this in love before.. i have never done this before.. an i know i asked y not me?? an u told me its cause u dont want to loose me as ur friend. cause its is great to have what we do have.. :) an no matter if im gone i still love u.. i still need u.. an im better cause u are there and u touch my heart and soul.. from day one of meeting u.. u woke me up and brought so much to me.. an i can never repay u for al lu have done.. an i try
Witchcraft, Wicca And Paganism- Faq's
Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism Frequently Asked Questions Q. Are Wicca and Witchcraft the same thing? A. Some say yes, and some say no. I suppose the only way to navigate this question safely is to point out what some may consider the main differences. In general, Wiccans feel free to review different belief systems, such as Celtic, Norse, Essene, Gnosis, or Shamanism, and then blend together any points that "feel" right into their own personal path. Pure Witchcraft on the other hand, may focus a little more tightly on using Magick and ritual to work with the elemental and spiritual forces in nature. Regardless, I feel the differences are slight in that Wicca and Witchcraft both work to achieve balance and harmony within nature and self. Personally, I follow a predominately Celtic Witch/Tantric path. As time passes, I find myself increasingly drawing upon the wisdom and beliefs of other spiritual paths as my knowledge and understanding of them increases. So, when asked I'll
How Evil Are You?
You Are 26% Evil A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well. In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil. How Evil Are You?
Sarge's Bad Girl Rules
Sarge's Bad Girl Rules This Is What You Need To Do To Be Added To Sarge's Bad Girls 1.Have A Salute Pic 2.Fan,Rate & Add Me (When Sending A Friend Request... Let Me Know You Want To Be Added To Sarge's Bad Girls 3.Read & Rate All Bad Girls Blogs 4.Fan,Rate & Add Others In The Pimpout 5.Just Help Me & Others In The Pimpout By Rating Stash,Blogs & Pics 6.Always Fan Rate All New Bad Girls 7.Repost All Bulletins About Sarge's Bad Girls
Well I see there is a rash of downraters again lol...I mean hell I was a 2 for a minute, then re-rated me a 1 lol... michaeltri@ fubar In case anyone wants to show him some love lmao
Sarge's Bad Girls
THE BADDEST GIRLS YOU'LL EVER WANT TO MEET..FAN RATE & ADD THEM..TRUST ME IT WILL BE WORTH IT.. To Join Sarge's Bad Girls First You Need To Read This Link Then R/F/A Everyone On This List. Ecuadorian Goddess(ON TEMP LEAVE)BAD DDTulsa's AngelRaidersBabe¢¾ Brown Eyed Girl ¢¾~Blueroses~Devils Advocate**BooBooKittyFuk** MuRdAMoMs Cuddle Goddess♥ Summer ♥pepsikola420 Meagan(ON TEMP LEAVE) ÐJ ÞîñkýÞµñk Áñgî AMber420Nicole
If You Haven't Heard
FarAway And the journey started with a song, a great ballad from yesterday. The pilgrims plight, is and endless flight, to the land called Faraway On the journey he saw shades of night, and he passed through skies of gray. But, he stayed forthright, as he searched for light, and the land called Faraway. On the journey he made countless friends, and avoided countless enemies. And he prayed each night, that he'd earn the right, to the land called Faraway. Though, he longed for glory, his body grew old and fray. A soul long lost, is the dreamers cost, in the land called Faraway. He lay down in a green meadow, for he knew his time was nigh. He relived each scene, of his minds sweet dreams, to the land of Faraway. And though each breath was labored, each heartbeat found the truth. And he saw that life, was both joy and strife, in the land called Faraway. And as the darkness took my, hopes were bright and happy. For im one, with the setting s
Distant Sounds
Distant sounds can be beautiful and frustrating. In dreaming, they may just be rounding out the scene in the suconscious. For example, dreams of beaches or boats may include requisite sounds effects such as waves, fog horns, or birds. Sometimes, distant sounds can create a foreboding feeling as well. Some sounds, such as thunder or shouting, may be frustrating because they appear without an apparent source in the dream. These sounds can be alluring and cause you to search, or create a warning that circumstances are changing. Sometimes, you may feel that the sounds are a distinctive message you should be able to understand. These sounds are sometimes just for us, other characters in the dream may not be hearing them or responding to them at all. Sometimes, the message is clear to others, but obscure to us. In waking, you may be feeling a disparity between others about a situation they feel is dangerous that you have assurance about or vice versa. You may also perceive others as more
Being a passenger in a plane This dream can be mundane or remarkable, since some people are ambivalent toward flying while many others hold an irrational fear of flying. In America, it is a well- known fact among football fans that announcer John Madden never flies-he travels around the country by bus. Many people share his aversion, even those who dream of flying. In this case, it is an attempt by one part of the psyche to quell perceived irrationality in another part. Dreams about flying as a passenger may hold a great sense of adventure for the dreamer. This can be due to the journey, the speed, or the destinations available through air travel. Also, it may be due to potential dangers, such as hijacking, which the dreamer may heroically overcome. Piloting a plane Dreams about flying in a plane as the pilot vary tremendously. Is the dreamer a competent person either in sleep or waking? This may indicate a sense of control over circumstances. Does the plane crash? This
Money can be lost, gained, or spent in dreaming. Dreams about money are often really about power, control, and competency. Consequently, the larger perspective of who is interacting with you around money and what your role in the transaction is are important features of the dream. Many people who dream about money are controlled by it-the desire for it, the lack of it, or the inability to control themselves with it. This last category is seen most clearly in money dreams experienced by people who re drowning in debt. If you gain money in a dream, note from whom and under what circumstances. This may be a dream about blessing. The gain of money in this instance is more a gain of emotional power and renewal through a completed relationship that no longer depletes the soul. You may see yourself as having great wealth to dole out to others. This is often a symbol of needing to convey blessing onto others. The true need is rarely financial, but a need to help others. Losing money
My Dick Is Sooo Hard Right Now...
Would you come play with me? and what would you wanna do?
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Go Figure!
Some power that be deemed one of my photos NSFW. It was a sign that read "Tattooes make me horny." In my opinion, an innocuous statement. To be on the safe side, I've deleted the picture, and transferred other possibly NSFW photos to a new album titled "Pics that may be considered NSFW." Namaste
Interested In Becomming An Official Wicked Dollz Model????
Interested In Becoming A Wicked Doll??  "Not your average generic doll, We are the Wicked Dollz!"   Wicked Dollz is based out of the DFW, TX area. And the models are from ALL over the world!!! To be a part of the Wicked Dollz family and represent us with pride.   VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure your local laws allow you to pose nude before applying. Must be 18 years of age or older to apply. We are looking for women sizes 0-26, with the Wicked Dollz look! Must have Piercings & Tattoos (Not a requirement PREFFERED, but not a requirement)Wicked Dollz That We're looking for... CREATIVE.....SteamPunk, Goth, Freak, Rockabilly, Punk, Retro, Juggalettes especially if is their way of life not just a look!!! If you think we have described you then feel free to apply! IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE THE WICKED DOLLZ LOOK AND ATTITUDE APPLY!!!!!!!! At the moment we are not able to pay the model, although in the future we hope that we can and we will be doing so. There is A LOT in store for Wicked Do
This Year Has Come And Gone
This year has come and gone, Like a plane it flew out if sight, yet there's memories that can't be forgot, memories i wished i could just forget. Although not all the memories are bad, some i will treasure forever. Like the new friends i have made, the laughter and the tears. the hopes and the dreams, never will be forgot. Although this year has come and gone, and the new year will soon be here, and i will have to say goodbye, but no not forever. I have shed alot of tears this year, but hope next year i wont have to cry. if i do cry i hope it is because i am happy. This year has come and gone and like a plane it flew away. I am not sure if i understand why this year flew by so fast or why it was such a struggle but i made it through and now i am ready to face the new year with love in my heart, and lots of wishes for you my friends. This year has come and gone, but a new year will soon be here. Best wishes for you my friends. I love you all so very much
Countdown's Most Shocking Moments
WEEK 51 The Source Wall stands as a barrier between the galaxy and the Source, an object that’s basically heaven. When the good Monitor rolls up to it at the edge of the universe to ask why things are going crazy all over the place, the Wall tells him the Great Disaster is coming. When the Monitor asks the Wall what the answer to the Great Disaster may be, it’s shocking to find out Ray Palmer, aka the Atom, is the solution! Ray’s been missing since the end of Identity Crisis, so finding the miniscule hero should be quite the adventure. WEEK 45 Talk about a guy who’s come a long way. Captain Atom finally takes on the identity he was always meant to. Way back in 1991’s Armageddon 2001 event, DC heroes faced a villain from a dark future where they discovered that a ruthless superhero-turned-world-conqueror would appear in their timeline soon. Subtle clues hinted that Captain Atom would be the one responsible. At the last minute, Monarch’s identity was revealed as Hank Hal
I Am Beer
Take the Drink Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz
She buys a new dress for the party, She always looks good in red. Turns around in front of the mirror And disappears inside of her head. She wonders if he'll even remember, She asked him in a casual way. Just incase he didn't want to go with her, In that event she knew just what she would say. She thought of maybe asking a girlfriend, Even though she only has one or two. She's always done much better with boys anyway, So who needs girlfriends? Pacing nervous across the floor of her bedroom, Gripping tight the phone in her hand. Fighting back the rush of emotions, And dreaming of just having a man. [Chorus] It's a long walk, and the music is loud. She sees an old friend, As she walks through the crowd. Puts on her best smile, But underneath she's a broken girl. But It's a long walk, and the music is loud. She sees an old friend, As she walks through the crowd. Puts on her best smile, But she will always be a broken girl. She struggles w
Update On Knee
Well its been 52 days since my surgery and my therapist is extremely pleased with my progress. My goal is to be able to bend my knee the same as my left knee which is 140 degrees. Today on my own I was able to bend my knee 130 degrees. Last Wednesday when I had therapy with help from the therapist I was able to bend my knee to 116 degrees laying on my stomach and today without help was able to do that on my own :). Hopefully that means only a few weeks more therapy left
I Can Still Feel You
Even though were far apart, i know your still there, and even though im falling faster, i can count on you to be there. i dont wanna get hurt, but i dont wanna lose it all. i just wanna be with yew, and ill give all i can. 1000 miles seperate us, but we're still going strong, i think i could imagine you all day long. if i just think of how we could be, ill get through the day, and you could set me free.
New Year
The year has come and gone, left behind many tears alot of heartache. Things now in the past. I start this New Year with lots of new hopes new dreams, and hopefully a brand new start. I have left the tears behind in hopes that this new year i can cry only tears of joy. I left behind alot of pain in hopes that this new year i can start out fresh. And maybe this new year will be better. This year has come and gone a New Year is upon us now so i wish the best for all of you in hopes that all your dreams will come true. Maybe this new year we will cross each other's path and give that hug we have been wanting to give. This year has come and gone and now a New Year is upon us, i hope that we will always be friends through this new year. This year has left behind the pain and the many tears that i cried, the hopes that this new year will bring nothing but joy. I wish you all the best this new year. I love you all thank you for getting me through this year.
well i am 20!! but i have been down for a while now im still griving over my cousin i miss her very much i went and seen her oldest son and took some pics and when i got home i lost it i cried i cried on my birthday and x-mas day because that was casey b-day to. i feel lost anymore i dont know what to do i have no one to really talk to anymore wtf??? i feel like im going crazy
What is everyone up to today? Its snowing here ... again! Fairly quiet day at work. I think everyone took the weelk off. So, whatcha doin'?
**custom Skins**
I am offering Custom Skins for people on fubar I am asking 5000 fubux for each complete skin which includes background, banner, and divider. If you'd like to take a peek at my work, you may visit: **Please Note: I work for World Rock Radio and will not build lounges or skins for any other radio station or entity thereof.** Click banner to enter lounge
Leveling Help?
hey i need less then 43k to level plz help me get there! thanks sarah
Lost Soul
She sits and crys not knowing where too go . the only thing she's worthy of is the fear of being alone. she sit's on a bridge waiting for the train. she doesent know what too do her faith is driving her insane. she wants too live and just go back home but its like he's controlling her and she doesent know. he's telling her too stay and wait for the train. he's telling her too jump. and dont hesitate. shes trying not too listen trying not too hear. but suddenly she sees the train and its coming near. she wants too move but he Say's no she wants too scream. like theres nowhere too go. as the trains lights hit her eyes.
End Of 2007
So it's that time of year to get the REAL party started. I'm probably just going to stay home and watch the ball drop. I don't really do much for New Year's anymore. I kind of grew out of the partying with people thing just for a big huge ball to drop. But hey, it could be different this year. =) We'll have to see! Well I do hope ya'll have a great New Year and have fun!
THIS IS MY CONTEST THIS IS WHAT IM GOING TO WIN IF I WIN Evonne & TisMom05 need 140,000 comments to win a 1-Year VIP, a Happy Hour, a 30-Day Blast AND a Ticker Pack!SO COME ON THIS SHOW THEM WHO IS THE BOMB!pleas help out HELP OUT PLEASE !!!!!
The Painter
I was a dull portrait of life Reduced by emptiness Dismantled by a rusted knife And darkened by absence of happiness Till you came for me to change Brought a paint and sturdy brush Filled me with colors beautifully arranged With ease I know you're not in a rush Colored my skies with cold blue Scattered green across my grassy farm You were an artist which I loved so true Makes me feel away from any harm My days when they were dark and dim Summoned a glittering yellow ray Gliding across my face was your beam Of warm light that leads me to your way When I laid down for me to rest Sprinkled pieces of shimmering white Of stars that never twinkled to its best Then your vivid face makes everything alright As I rose with a motionless twilight morning You flew above and spread a violet atmosphere I sat down and thought you were a perfect being That made my life almost complete with you near In a valley I stood and gaze the colorless sundown Then
Blacken's Void Heart
It all ends the same, every guy disapates, It's all one big game. For a week or two they are true, but after that, it all goes flat. Distancing themselves, it all starts slow, little by little, it continues to grow. No more textes, no more calls, no hellos, no more, that's all. Played like a fool, thinking only of their man tool. My heart a hallow black void they just used me as a sex toy. I am tired of this shit, I cant take another hit. I cant take no more, being left all alone. Another glass heart shattered apart. Pieces fall to the floor, Time to close another door. Why do I let them in? It only hurts, makes me feel like dirt. time and time again. They all just bring pain.
Hope For The Parted
Heart fit to burst, I breathe in and out, I look to the heavens, Part my lips and I shout, "Why did you do this?", "Why show me hope?", I fall to my knees, Wondering how I will cope, I cover my eyes, Hide the tears that I cry, The anger is building, I scream 'Why! Why! Why!'? And there in the shadows, A sun beam breaks through, I raise up my head, And there before me; is you That smile on your face, That gleam in your eye, I stand to my feet, I at least have to try, The breeze dries my tears, A calmness now grows, On my heart which is heavy, But will heal as time goes, We may never know why, We loose those we love, But at least keep a hope, That they're at peace up above, And soon you will realise, That all things that pass, Must happen for reason, For destiny to last, It may not be easy, You'll forever ask why, But to survive it is better, Than to give up or die.
Deceptive Mind
My heart beats for the last time, I close my eyes, I begin to cry. His soft touch no longer mine, since I have discovered his deceptive mind. He never cared for just me, turns out there were three. Who knows if there is more than that, he think he's a player, he's all that.
If You...
I look at you longingly and it starts at my toes, Onwards and upwards it grows and it grows, Flushes my skin a rosy red, All the way up to the top of my head, I try not to let you see how you do what you do, I sit there wondering if I do it to you, If you feel how I feel when I look at your eyes, If you miss me so badly when we say our goodbyes. If you think of me often the hours we're apart, If you imagine just holding me your head on my heart. If you lie there at night alone in your bed, Holding your pillow wishing it was me instead, If you wake in the morning and I'm there in your mind, Like I was last night before sleep made you blind. If you sit here like I am dreaming up words to explain, How I make you feel because I'm the one to blame, For filling you up from your head to your toes, With a love so completely where it stops no one knows. If I wish you would call to just hear your voice, If right there beside you's where I'd be had I a choice. The answer to ev
Screaming Frustration
My head it is screaming what my heart wants to say, I think my eyes defy me, They give the game away. My lips just won't say it, Won't admit that you're right Because admitting defeat Is like loosing the fight. And as much as I want it, As bad as I crave, The feelings I hold here, Go with me to the grave. I speak lies to deceive you, You see right through me, I ask you to leave now, And leave my heart be. I'm frustrated at myself, In what I'm trying to say, I don't want to loose you, But I can't walk away. And I know when we meet, The end would be near, For you are the reason, I now shed this tear. With you I can't be, You're close yet so far, But know that I'll love you, Wherever you are.
New Virus
wvhelgeson: Someone by the name of Mark Gensis Gallardo(rubylegend) wants to add you to their list. Don't accept it. It's a virus. Tell everybody on your list because if somebody on your list adds them you will get it too. This is a hard drive killer and a horrible virus. Please pass this on to everyone on your list. We have to find out who is using this account. Sorry for the incovience. Right click on your group name of your buddy list and click Send message to all. Copy and paste. This is serious
Sexual Feelings
Rainy days and cold nights, These are days I need you to hold me tight in your arms, Hold me close and keep me warm, Tell me I'm your good luck charm, Look me in my eyes and tell me I'm the one for you , Tell me I'm your every wish come true, Lay me down very gently, Then make love to me essentially, Caress my body from head to toe not missing a spot, Lets play around like connect the dots, Lets make each other hot till our body heat rise like a rollercoaster ride, Take my body on a journey that never ends, It always seems to just begin, Make me climax like i never done before, Do what you want to my body its all yours, Rub me, suck me, kiss me, tease me do what ever you want to my body as long as its pleasing
Seasons will come and go, The leaves will softly fall, The sun will be shining, Through the clouds after all. The oceans are wild, As the wind blows on through, Portraying great moments, Like my passion for you. Frost covered fields, With baby blooms anew, Like the renewal of hope, In the love for me and you. The heat of the sun, As we lie in the grass, Dries up the fears, Of mistakes in our past. Down fall the leaves once more, Old colours soon to be new, A total renewal, A new hope with you.
I stare in the mirror I hate what I see I despise the reflection Staring back at me The eyes there are cold Not a spark of life within Too many moments lived Consumed inside with sin No escaping memories They stab at my soul A constant torment Of once being whole I lash out in hatred It shatters so good My fist now in tatters Release in the blood I look at the reflection A tear is released I'm still the same person No less of a beast
Forgotten Child
I scream and you don't hear me, It's like you just don't care, That I am right beside you, But you act like I'm not there. I grab your hand you recoil, As if burned from the touch, And walk away so quickly, And I hate you so much. I smile at you for nothing, You question it with spite, No alterior motives here, Yet I'm crushed inside despite. I laugh out loud with siblings, You silence me with threats, That I'll be sent to bed alone, Laugh again I would regret. I tried SO hard to please you, Never was quite enough, Forgotten child - so easy, All I wanted was your love.
Hi everyone this is just a little note to let you all know that Tom won't be on here for awhile. Tom asked me to keep this account up and running so I'm going to try. Tom is going to need lots of love from everyone for the next few months if anyone wants more info just leave a message on here and I'll help you out as much as I can. Thank you for your time, Nikci
Week 19
- Dragging Trickster’s bloody carcass through the desert (hey kids, comics!), Piper continues to talk to his dead friend in a cathartic manner until he starts to hear Trickster talk back to him. Then he starts to worry he’s got heatstroke. We’d be worried too. - On Earth-51 (apparently the Earth where everything is cool and nothing goes wrong), Bob and his crew use holograms to hide from being spotted by the public, but are eerily not attacked by the other Monitors who are supposed to have a bead on them by now. Oh, and they don’t find Ray Palmer yet. - On Paradise Island, it is revealed to Granny Goodness that Holly and Harley took off, and she’s pretty ticked about the whole thing. In the cave where the girls are hidden, they come across the true Amazonian Queen Hippolyta. After she helps the pair kill a big hunting dog sent after the girls, the Queen convinces the pair to return to Granny/Athena with the head of the beast, claiming they went on a hunt for a morale booster. How
Week 20
- Despite being a satellite who transformed into a mountain and then a spaceship, Brother Eye has somehow avoided detection from the government, superheroes and magicians. And now he’s headed to Blüdhaven. - Speaking of which, Karate Kid can’t seem to punch his way out of the basement of the Command-D bunker, despite a nice attempt by fellow Legionnaire Una to do so using their Legion flight rings. Of course, in the course of trying the pair get a little closer, prompting Buddy Blank’s grandson to wonder aloud if they’re more than friends. Before the question can be definitely answered, Brother Eye lands and the place starts a’ shakin’! - In the wilds of the Bleed, Bob explains to his crew that Ray Palmer must be hidden on the parallel Earth protected by the Monitor they just faced, as that Monitor spoke of knowing what Palmer was up to. - On Apokolips, Jimmy crawls from a fire pit thanks to his powers giving him a protective turtle shell just in time to save his hide. After s
Week 21
- It’s a week of long-lost plotlines in Countdown-land, but before we check in with the 70 percent of our cast who have nothing to do with Superman-Prime, it’s time to check in with last week’s shocking cliffhanger! The result of Deadshot’s shooting of Trickster? Well, he’s dead. Like dead dead. And despite Piper’s attempts at reviving him with everything from electroshock to anti-gay humor, the green-hooded guy is now rolling solo. Oh yeah, and now their electric manacle is going to self-destruct in 24 hours. Happy birthday! - Back on Apokolips, Desaad giggles over Trickster’s fate and then gets into a semantic debate with Granny Goodness over who loves getting pushed around by Darkseid more. The pair agree to disagree as Desaad thinks causing the Great Disaster is best, while Granny’s content to dress up like Athena all day. Us? We think Apokoliptic sous chef would be a pretty dope gig. - On Paradise Island, Holly and Harley play hooky from the Amazon’s obstacle course in order
Week 22
- Adrift in space, Mary Marvel awakens to find she’s not dead yet! It appears that Eclipso zapped the pair out of the way just in time to save them from the fate of the dozens of dead Dominators strewn about the asteroid field. How to repay such kindness, Mary? How about by denying Eclipso’s plan to insidiously take over Apokolips from within before stealing her black diamond? Sure! - Back in the dramatically named Fire Pits of Apokolips, Jimmy is taking quite a lashing now that his overlords have figured out they can torture him all day so long as they don’t try to kill him. Suddenly, along comes Mr. Miracle—Apokolips’ most famous escape artist. Still mourning the death of his wife Big Barda, Miracle is losing hope until a pep talk from Jimmy inspires him to toss our favorite redhead into the air and towards a particularly flamey-looking fire pit. What luck! - In the Fifth Dimension (which so nicely noted by means of caption is NOT part of the multiverse), Mr. Mxyzptlk returns
Please If You Could
The Path To Peace. - Who I Am
Great Spirit did not put us here to fight each other, and stopping hate is not a part time job or a hobby for me. The words below are also a link to a page describing other principles that those who seek peace may find helpful. Relationships Always treat every person from the tiniest child to the oldest elder with respect. Give special respect to elders, parents, teachers, and community leaders. Avoid hurting others physically, mentally and emotionally by words and actions. Respect the privacy of others. Never intrude on a person's quiet moment or personal space. Never walk between or interrupt people who are talking. Speak in a soft voice, especially when you are in the presence of elders, strangers or others to whom special respect is due. Never speak about others in a negative way, whether they are presen
Week 23
- Somewhere within the rapidly crumbling Source Wall (barrier between realities and graveyard of the New Gods), Superman-Prime has Mr. Mxyzptlk trussed up on a makeshift torture rack. See, the kid who would be Superman thinks that the tricky imp can help him find his ideal Earth, but so far all Prime’s accomplished is scary the living bejesus out of Annataz Arataz—the fish-netted sorceress of Earth-3 who he’s also captured. After describing his own sordid history, Prime again demands that he get his way only to learn that he hasn’t really grown up, just bigger with all the solar energy he’s absorbed. When Mxy laughs (and vomits!) in the face of more torture, Prime commands Annataz to cut out his heart. Say it ain’t so! - In deep space, Mary Marvel pouts while Eclipso tries to tell her it’s a good thing to go along with Darkseid for their own ends. When Mary starts to warm to her position, the asteroid they’re standing on EXPLODES thanks to… - A fleet of Dominators flying by on th
A Triple Fu-wedding!!!!
" />
Week 24
- Along to Earth-15 comes the man in black. Fresh from an Oan prison and recent “Sinestro Corps War” issues of Green Lantern, the litigiously legitimate Superman Prime is on a warpath throughout the multiverse. See, the overzealous teenager’s mind in the body of the greatest hero ever is looking for his own perfect Earth—one where he’s Superman and everything fits in continuity. Of course, when General Zod is taking up the big red cape, the only logical solution is to kill everybody, which Prime most often does by flying people into orbit and then letting them burn up on re-entry. Keen! - Back in Blüdhaven, the Desaad-controlled Firestorm seems to have a major beef with the ailing Karate Kid, which gives the watching Darkseid the perfect segue into asking Mary Marvel to be his sorceress. She not only says no, she grows some kind of a backbone and zaps ol’ stoneface. - In someplace called “Elsewhere,” Kyle and Donna have tense, terse words about Jason’s status and why Kyle’s actin
Week 25
- Down in the depths of what was once Blüdhaven, Karate Kid uncovers a secret bunker! Don’t ask how he knew it was there, because the kid ain’t sure! And he has no time to figure out as the entire crew is soon beset by Blüdhaven’s sworn protectors—the Atomic Knights! The team’s only option? Blow off or get blown away. - Over hill and dale, Deadshot is flying a copter after Trickster and Piper. And while his missile systems are enough to knock the pair’s Hummer clean off the road, he’s no match for their clever “let’s trip the assassin with our manacles” maneuvers. A few homophobic comments later, and the odd couple is back on the run. - What’s Jimmy Olsen thinking? Well, he’s thinking “What was I thinking?” and it’s a good thought too, as he’s been abandoned on Apokolips. Lucky for our boy, the whips of the slave drivers seem to hurt them worse than Jimmy thanks to his quick-response superpowers. - Elsewhere in the land of Darkseid, the stone-faced god himself is inspecting hi
Sexual Feelings
Sexual Feelings Rainy days and cold nights, These are days I need you to hold me tight in your arms, Hold me close and keep me warm, Tell me I'm your good luck charm, Look me in my eyes and tell me I'm the one for you , Tell me I'm your every wish come true, Lay me down very gently, Then make love to me essentially, Caress my body from head to toe not missing a spot, Lets play around like connect the dots, Lets make each other hot till our body heat rise like a rollercoaster ride, Take my body on a journey that never ends, It always seems to just begin, Make me climax like i never done before, Do what you want to my body its all yours, Rub me, suck me, kiss me, tease me do what ever you want to my body as long as its pleasing
the clothes burnt off my body standing htere with my skin a smoke looking back over my shoulder to see the path just walked, to smell the burning flesh peeling from my bones, the journey has been taken through hellfire and brimstone the smell cannot be mistaken the grit in the eyes, the body tense with the pain you have sweated blood and tears whilst walking through hellfire and brimstone to look deep within your heart to pick apart your soul to think and think again till you fall to your knees praying to a god that has turned his back on you so all that is left is the long hard walk to the morning star through the hellfire and brimstone to reach the star and havehim look at you, for him to actually be disgusted with you what does that say about your life, you look back through the memorys as they come, you see all the things he see;s you stop you look he looks back smiles and roars with laughter whilst you stop within the hellfire and brimstone slowl
kk this is a once in a lifetime pay attention cuz i might not do this again.i have 99 11s to give away.the catch is u have to leave me pic comments before i give them out.1st come 1st serve.but u have to make sure my status sayz "11s to give away."otherwise i wont know & if u tell me u have then i will b dont think i lets have fun wit this yall ~Dre@meR~ as if u didnt know
Vampyre Wiccan Flyght 2/09
Week 27
- Roaming the radioactive terrain that was once Blüdhaven, Buddy Blank pilots a crew of hazmat-suit-wearing adventurers including Karate Kid, Una and…Blank’s grandson?!?!? Seriously, gramps, that’s some child endangerment right there. And it doesn’t help that evil New God Darkseid seems to have taken an interest in the trip and the boy. - Back on Earth-8, Donna and company are stuck between a rock and a hard place…or should that be between an armored, nuclear-powered madman with an army of supervillains and a mask-wearing overlord whose backup includes a chubby guy with an octopus head? ANYWAY, things are looking grim until Jason Todd turns the tables on Havok’s men by slicing one across the ribs with his signature knife. Too bad for the gang that Todd only took this step to prove to Monarch he’s worthy of being drafted into the supervillain army! - At the Daily Planet, Jimmy Olsen considers Forager’s offer in a storage closet, when he makes the hasty decision to chip in on the i
Week 28
- It’s Foraging time, suckas! Just in from a big Boom Tube in the sky, the armored bug lady known as Forager is digging through the dirt of Metropolis on a hunt for Jimmy Olsen. And she finds him, still stinking and confused from his recent trip to the sewers beneath Cadmus labs. - Meanwhile in Podunk-ville, Rhode Island, the new Suicide Squad jumps out the back of its 1988 Astro Van ready to pick up Piper, Trickster and Double Down. Luckily for our auspicious odd couple, Trickster noticed the team while they were putting change in the meter and whipped up a crazy invisibility cloak while Deadshot shot Double Down into a pile of playing cards. Rather than continue to smartly run from such obviously deadly adversaries, Trickster lights upon the brilliant plan of following the Squad in an attempt to find out where the kidnapped villains are being taken. - At the Norad storage mountain, Brother Eye gets a bit overzealous in his zapping, but thanks to the timely intervention of Budd
New Year Is Is What To
The New coming... What to do? Well everyone makes these silly New Years Resolutions... But do you keep them.? Most of us do not... Why we are humans, creatures of habits... So giving your self more pressure like trying to keep a resolution, is just gonna screw you up royally. So before you get out that note_pad and starting writing down... Your New Year's prayer's & wishes... Think of this.... DE_Clutter your life... Yes we all have ton's of junk, what do I mean by junk, well lets see. We have broken cd players, vcr's (remember those) old computer monitors a few keypads, several mouse pads, (why some of us even have a broken or real crappy Cassette tape player)... The list goes on, then there's the Exercise bikes, and the buy it on TV, for the today only price of $19.95...pieces of junk, that just clutter up our closets, basements, storage rooms, etc. (I know this BECAUSE I Made a Good Living throwing out other peoples JUNK). So instead of A New's Years EV
Poem I Just Received
This is a Poem that someone that I just received : You've been my golden best friend Now with post-demise at hand Can't go to you for consolation Cause we're off limits during this transition This grief overwhelms me It burns in my stomach And I can't stop bumping into things I thought we'd be simple together I thought we'd be happy together Thought we'd be limitless together I thought we'd be precious together But I was sadly mistaken You've been my soul mate and mentor I remembered you the moment I met you With you I knew god's face was handsome With you I suffered an expansion This loss is numbing me It pierces my chest And I can't stop dropping everything I thought we'd be sexy together Thought we'd be evolving together I thought we'd have children together I thought we'd be family together But I was sadly mistaken If I had a bill for all the philosophies I shared If I had a penny for all the possibilities I presented If I had a dime for every hand th
Week 29
- Peril! It looks as though Donna, Bob and the gang have landed on a new Earth (that’s Earth-8 to you!) only to be subdued by said planet’s greatest villains—Lord Havok and the Extremists! While there’s certainly something to be said about these vile freaks, for now know that Havok and company plan to torture and destroy the globetrotting crew for information. - Somewhere in time, the cruel Monitor who killed Duela Dent and now leads the entire Monitor race arms up with a rad-looking laser rifle. - Back in Metropolis, Jimmy Olsen is down in the sewers of Metropolis, where he’s both reformed his physical being and is half naked! Lucky for our pal, the members of the Newsboy Legion were on the lookout for him, having figured out that he was Mister Action all along. How that led them to the sewer…we got nothing. - Mutant sharks, mutant shmarks. Some quick swimming and the bloody death of one of her less successful Amazons in training leads Holly Robinson to get safely to shore on
"You can't brag that you're humble...and be humble." Terry McEwen
Week 30
- Buddy Blank has led Karate Kid and Una to a linkup with the satellite we all thought was destroyed—Brother Eye! And while the giant evil eye confirmed that the OMAC virus caused the Kid’s sickness, more info wasn’t forthcoming as Brother Eye started talking about the Great Disaster. - Isn’t it always the way these things go? You try to hold an all-costume wedding at your former Rhode Island secret base in a cave, and a bunch of supervillains show up to ruin the party. If only someone would have warned you in advance about an impending attack! Regardless, Piper and Trickster get mixed up in the all-out superhero/supervillain throwdown, barely dodging a bomb sent by the Joker before stealing a car outside the former base of the Justice League. The only problem? There was another supervillain in that car already who seems to want control of the situation. Yeah, it’s not really their week. - After his mega-bloated self snaps the straps holding him to the Cadmus examination table, J
Two Of My Family Needs Bombed-plz
showin my love to friends-- -
Week 31
- Being hardcore, the villains of Earth-3 lay a pretty fair smackdown on the Challengers. During the course of their initial tussle, Bob teleports out of the fray, Jason gets slapped around by a dude named Owlman, and Ultraman reveals that what was thought to be the Crime Syndicate of America is now called the Crime Society of America. In fact, that Society has grown so big that when Donna and company regroup, they’re assaulted by a raft of mirror versions of heroes from Hawkgirl and Black Canary. Luckily, our heroes are saved from another ass-whipping by the timely intervention of Earth-3’s heroic Jokester. - Over in Metropolis, Holly writes a letter to Catwoman outlining how she’s gone “undercover” in Athena’s growing army, which is training on Paradise Island (isn’t Hippolyta all alone there now?). Too bad that timely missive never made it out of the shelter doors, as it was ripped up by an Athenian secretary. Seriously, Holly, you couldn’t have found a mailbox in the City of To
Week 32
- Oh, Klarion! What a lovable, backstabbing scamp you are! One week you’re professing to help Mary Marvel, the next week you’re trapping her in a bubble, and just when we think you’ve gone good again, you try to steal all her powers. Too bad for you she’s up on her badass zapping ability with the help of a friendly murderous voice in her ear. Now you’ll never get to wear that black skirt! - After being zipped away in a blue sedan that can drive on the ceiling, Jimmy Olsen is brought to the heart of Cadmus Labs. But for those of you waiting for Director Mickey Cannon to explain what the heck’s going on, you’ll have to wait another week because he’s got a super-secret meeting with Dubbilex and Jimmy’s too busy ogling Sterling Roquette anyway. - Piper and Trickster are crafty like the Beastie Boys. Even after the Flash takes away their tricky supervillain toys, they still manage to escape thanks to Piper’s musical skills on the touchtone phone. After reaching out and touching the Mu
Week 33
- So Wally West seems to have calmed down between issues, and tells Piper and Trickster to stop acting so scared. I mean, jeez, he just picked them up and ran at top speed to the grave of the young Flash, whose murder they’ve been connected to. What were they worried about? The crybabies. Flash removes the chips that Deathstroke planted in their brains and decides to take the information about Deathstroke’s plan seriously. With the help of Zatanna, the trio teleports away. - Back in the “Palmerverse,” Donna Troy is being kidnapped by the evil, bug-like witch Queen Belthera. Her spell over “Bob” breaks, but neither he, nor Jason Todd or Dr. Choi are able to save her. Enter Kyle Rayner. - The hero bursts onto the scene and fishes Donna out of the black hole she was being sucked into. He then informs the group that Ray Palmer is no longer in the “Palmerverse.” He is now in the multiverse. - Mary Marvel, after traveling to Chung Ling Soo Square, China, finds herself in an unbreaka
Week 34
- Piper and Trickster are hanging by a thread…or actually a weed…as Poison Ivy has trussed them up on a Gotham skyscraper for Batman to find. When the Dark Knight does just that, the pair fall into the waiting arms of the recently returned Flash Wally West, and he’s none too happy about the death of his cousin Bart. - Jimmy’s making a stop at the Steelworks, home of John Henry Irons and his niece Natasha (also appearing this week in Infinity Inc. #1, natch!). Dr. Irons hooks the Jimster up to some crazy holographic thought machine to see if he can get to the heart of Olsen’s powers. - Wally drags his hapless Rogues to the grave of Bart Allen in hopes of coercing a confession from the pair, but the bumbling duo cry “Innocence!” - In the Palmerverse, Donna and Jason are taking it on the chin as Queen Belthera is throwing a spectacular zapping party at their expense. At the last minute, our heroes break free just in time to bum-rush the Insect Queen as she has the Monitor open a
Week 35
- The queen of the bug people has Donna and Jason all trussed up when she also reveals that Atom has also been captured and due to his diminutive size, he gets made into a bug himself! Sick! - At the Zatarra ancestral home Shadowcrest, Zatanna is done effing around with Mary Marvel. When Mary (egged on by an absent Eclipso) tries to blast the crap out of Z with some magic lightning, the sorceress uses a mirror to bounce the bolt back, turning Mary into plain old Mary and removing her from Shadowcrest forever. - On the Justice League’s satellite HQ, Jimmy Olsen awakens with a killer hangover. Oh wait, that’s no hangover! The JLA has just been handing him his ass for hours! When they decided he has no powers to speak of (which Jimmy says won’t manifest because they weren’t actually trying to kill him), Jimmy blows town—taking Clark Kent’s secret with him, apparently. - It’s self-esteem time! Holly Robinson gets gussied up in battle armor of an Amazonian nature, and it appears he
Week 36
- Oh golly, gee willakers! Donna, Jason and company are having a tough time with the swarm of evil insect dudes crawling all over them with their insidious electric powers. Good thing Bob the Monitor has a plan. Oh wait…no he doesn’t! Yup, it looks like they’re pretty mush screwed. - You know what really sucks? When a psychopathic, plant-controlling femme fatale wraps you up in some itchy vines and tries to coerce you to explain yourself through use of her pheromone-enhanced powers. Good thing for Trickster, Piper isn’t affected by Ivy’s wily charms (she’s got the wrong tackle to catch that fish, as it were). Better thing for Piper that Trickster comes up with a plan on the fly—namely leading Ivy to believe that they’re in league with whatever shadowy partner she’s been waiting on in the greenhouse. - Apparently, Mary Marvel is like Travolta in “Phenomenon.” She already knows how to read dozens of hidden magical languages and has a pretty high aptitude for spell-making. Unfortuna
My Wonderfully Amazing Boyfriend
So, yeah... I guess i'm still on this Adam trip. I probably will be for quite some time... He is so amazing. Just the things he says to me, and the way he says them. And, god... the feeling i get when he kisses me. Wow. Like, i'm convinced he's the most perfect and amazing man I've ever known. I mean, god, i know I sound SO insanely stupid at times, but I have never felt this way about a man before... in my entire life... I mean, god, I've been through more men than underwear... ok, maybe not literally... actually, not literally at all... but you get the damn point!!! And yet, still, somehow, Adam means so much more to me. I can't explain it, except to say, I know I love him... SO very much. He's the only human alive I will wake up for at 5 in the damn morning... just to sit and chat... just so i can hear his voice... I can't imagine going on morning with out hearing his voice... cept on weekends when i can sleep in and hear it when i wake up :) I've never wanted to be with someone so
No Longer Safe In My Own Home...i'm Leaving!
Christmas started off with a bang! Christmas Eve our family eats out then opens gifts. Before we could even get out of the car my youngest started getting sick; she puked all over me, the car. She puked in the lobby of the restaurant. We tried to make it through dinner but she was tired & felt bad so I left my dinner & drink then went home. I certainly didn't want to ruin anyone else's dinner. We spent Christmas day @ the Children's Hospital having my infant cathed & suctioned. Her lungs were full of fluid from a upper respiratory viral infection. It was one of the most horrible things I've ever had top endure-her wanting me to help her and me having to restrain her. I was so happy when they let us go home. We missed Xmas dinner with our family. We were so tired we just all went to bed. I saved the best for last. The day after Christmas I went home & when i walked in noticed my back doors unlocked. Someone busted out my kitchen window, came in and stole all my jewel
Week 37
- Oracle gives Karate Kid the whirl in a big CAT-scanny machine and the results are…inconclusive! If what’s wrong with Karate Kid is actually a disease, it’s totally unidentifiable by modern science (and at this point, Una starts whispering about a Great Disaster…spooky!). But there is a chance that some unseen, unconfirmed weirdo named General Elias Orr can help cure the Kid. - Somewhere outside Gotham City, Zatanna and Mary Marvel pop up in front of Shadowcrest, the ancestral home of the Zatara family. Z takes Mary on a tour of the insides of the house including ghost doormen, mummy security guards and a giant library where Mary is automatically drawn to a case of magical artifacts. “It must be wonderful to have such power at your command,” Mary…marvels while leaning in over the case. And you can probably guess where this is going. - Down and dirty in the Nanoverse (we’re not exactly sure what the difference between this and the microverse is, but whatev), the Atom and crew co
Week 38
- Welcome to crazy town, people! For some reason, the technology of the world has started to go mad, forcing superteams from the JLA to the Freedom Fighters into action, saving off-course planes and accidentally fired missiles. - Out in the ocean, a crazy electrical storm thingy is brewing right by Zatanna’s ocean liner performance space. With a SHOOOOM we learn that it’s just the Slig of the Deep Six (dreaded lackeys of Apokolips) getting tossed up on deck from the depths below. He starts to change the folks on the boat into crazy sea critters in an effort to “escape death,” but when he tries to turn Mary Marvel’s costume into a low-cut number, things get a little dicey. - Meanwhile back in Metropolis, Oracle reveals that the crazy computer malfunctions going off everywhere are a direct result of tampering by the Calculator—a nerdy villain version of herself. He’s trying to nab Oracle’s files on all the superheroes and their true identities. In the midst of this, he shuts down
Another rainy /snow day , atleast according to The Weather Channel , but I tend to find kind of unreliable lately. I think the double dose of sleep aids did the trick last night , cause I don't remember passing out , no thoughts , just sleep. There was alot of things that were on my mind the last few days that made it difficult to sleep. The future being one of them , the past being another. I can't do nothing about the past , that has been set already due to my past actions but I still sometimes think what if like what if I didn't say what I said or act the way I acted ? The future cannot be seen but I can take steps now to make a future that could be close to what I want.
i am going to take a few minutes and just to the people that love me i love them also i want ot let a special person know that i really love them and that with what ever goes on the second of january i am always going to be here for her it doesnt matter if i am in a diffrent town or i am in a diffrent counrty cause she just doesnt understand how much i do love and care for her
Lyrics To Metallica's Nothing Else Matters
So close no matter how far Couldnt be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I dont just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know But I know So close no matter how far Couldnt be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know But I know Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I dont just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they say Never cared for games they play Never cared for what they do Never care
I can't sleep. I've taken the usual dose of sleep aids. But I can't shut off my mind. Just when I get to the part when I'm between waking and dreaming , my heart kicks in on overdrive and I'm up.My mind if filled with thoughts of should have and whatnot. Maybe upping the dose would help. I'm not sure. My illness ,that could either be a cold or the flu ,it's under debate, hasn't been helping with my sleep either. The worse part is that I catch myself staring at the ceiling , looking at nothing , just staring off into space as if I'm expecting a cartoon avnil to just land on my head and knock me the fuck out. Maybe upping the dosage will help.
Where I Have Been Lately
well ive not been around lately...ended up back at the hospital for about a week..then got snowed isnt going to cooperate in the next few days either...hope all had a wonderful safe this New Years Eve if i dont get to talk to you before hand!!
New Grandpa
This will be a x-mas i wont forget. This year my gf's oldest son came over. He brought with him a new coffee maker for us and a granddaughter. We also met his fiance Amber. I had no idea whatsoever! The adorable lil girl is 23 months old. A question i was asked numerous time was how did we not know that we were grandparents? Not so easy to answer. But i will do my best. This is how it happened to the best of my knowledge. Alexis and his gf Amber were together once before (obviously). When they broke up and went their separate ways, she was pregnant with his child but did not know. She got into a relationship with this fellow named Doug. It was when she was with him that she found out that she was pregnant. She assumed it was Dougs child. Things happened between her and Doug. Basic "he said she said" crap. They broke up in the end. 6 Months ago is when Alexis stepped back into the picture. And met his daughter. There was a paternity test done Because Doug and his family was trying to ta
I'm sitting here contemplating on past events. Things that were done and said , somethings disagreeble ,somethings said in haste and even somethings said while the mind is fueled by chaos and alcohol. I 'm sure we have all done this from time to time. Was the words true? , at the time I'm sure it was. I'm sure that things that I have said in my past were just as true as to the time and situation that I was going through. Maybe the message could have been not as harsh , but again , things said in the middle of a chaotic situation. Do I regret it. Not really.Can't take back what was said or done and there is no point in dwelling on it. Now is the time that I put my past in a box , lick my wounds and slap on a Band-Aid
First Of Many
I just recently came over from Myspace ,where I blogged alot , like since 2006 ,everyday. But Myspace got a little too much for me there and dating was such a drag , so I decieded to start posting info about upcoming movies of interest here. And also some of my personal stuff. I think I'll just copy and paste stuff from there to here starting from this monday.
Should I..
So I been dating this really great guy Chase that I been best friends with for a year now & I'm totally happy with him...but...theres this other guy that I'm into and I really want to be with him. I dont know what to do, I dont want to hurt either of them.
A Daughter's Of Sorrow
A Daughter's Sorrow How sad it is that I shall no longer feel your touch. No longer will I feel the warmth of your hugs. Your kisses placed gently upon my cheek. Your hands braiding my long curly hair. Oh, for so many years I have wept. If only once I could call you and hear your reply. You are my reminder that life should never be taken for granted. You are my reminder that above all else life should be cherished. As I pressed my lips upon the red rouged cheek; I knew that it was not you. Your spirit was no longer in your body. Your body was never cold to my touch. Your eyes were always open when I called you. Your love will always be eternal. For, until I depart, I will always remember you
Kids? I Give You One Of My Idols, The Incomparable George Carlin
I am your worst nightmare. I am a BAD american. I am George Carlin. I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some mid level governmental functionary be it Democratic or Republican! I'm in touch with my feelings and I like it that way, damn it! I think that owning a gun doesn't make you a killer it makes you a smart American. I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized,and does not entitle you to anything. I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, try to do it in English. I think fireworks should be legal on the 4th of July. I think being a student doesn't give you any more enlightment than working at Blockbuster. In fact, if your parents are footing the bill to put your pansy ass through 4 years plus,of college,you haven't begun to be enlightened. I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God when and where they want to. My heroes are John Wayne,Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, and whoever cancelled Jerry Springer.
Santa Baby! :(
So apparently i wuz on the naughty list! Santa promised me a new cpu 4 Christmas but i didnt get it...awww...Well,i guess i wasnt all that bad cuz itz really just the big man's time-out list and ill get my much needed present n January.! Ping yas l8r! xox
December Update
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone . . . How was everyone Christmas . . . ? Sorry I haven't been on-line much . . . but since I was on Holiday for a week now . . . and with work driving me crazy before then . . . As I mentioned to some of my friends . . . in messenger and fubar . . . that we went to Big Bear California earlier this month . . . and now I finally posted some of those pictures . . . Here are a few of those pictures . . . Also . . . I dressed up as Santa Lee for the children of the Preschool/Daycare my son goes to . . . for after school program. For many of you . . . you were on-line . . . you were able to watch me transform into Santa Lee . . . from the coloring of my hair . . . to the dawning of the robes . . . etc. I tried taking video and pictures . . . but that was difficult. Plus, I needed an extra pair of hands . . . but my volunteer was a no show . . . she was to busy with the Christmas/Birthday party. Attached are
Are You Brave Enough..?
PLEASE REPOST THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN........ COPY & PASTE AND REPOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9. Would you trust me to pick up during the act? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would
Rules, Bylaws, And Terminology Of The Tet
Ka - Roughly speaking, it means "fate" or "destiny." As Roland is wont to say, "Ka is a wheel." In a less proper sense, ka can also be a destination; a place to which one must go. Ka-tet - A group of individuals bound together to serve a common goal (or ka). Each member of a ka-tet is like a puzzle, appearing to be a mystery on his or her own, but when together, creating a picture, or at least part of one. It may take a great many ka-tets to finish one picture. Members of a ka-tet are capable of sharing their thoughts, or khef. Some say that a ka-tet can only be broken by death or treachery. Others, including Cort, believe such a binding can never be broken because death and treachery are also spokes on the wheel of ka. Khef - Has many meanings Water, Birth, Life-Force, Soul and spirit. generally it's said meaning the Ability to control your Spiritual power. this Khef is divided into 8 grades... upon Level 7 or 8 a person can completely detach his soul from his body. that no matt
Roster Of The Ka-tet Of Forty And Five
Ka-tet of Forty and Five Home of the Ka-tet of Forty and Five Ðïñ]-[§ Ðïñ]-[~Raven Lonewolf ♥ Phoenix Evenstar~Ka-tet of Forty and Five~Owner - Dark Tower~ Ðïñ]-[ *Phoenix Evenstar* ~Raven's babygirl~ *Ka-tet of 45* Co - owner Dark Tower LoungeGµñ§£îñgê® lyoness1 - £øµñgê¤Ðïñ]-[~Ka-tet of Forty and Five obi.hayve~Gµñ§£îñgê®~£ø®ê¤Ðïñ]-[~Ka-tet of Forty and Five Gµñ§£îñgꮧ Gµñ§£îñgê® ColeTuner Belthazor~Ka-tet of Forty and Five~ þ®êñ´][`ìçë§ ♦ Fire Blade -- FU-BF To crazyangel ♦ Manager/Enforcer for Oblivion♦K45 £ost ÍnŤheÐark♦£DCF♦K-45♦Warrior For The Clan Lupin♦ Sent West
Just Stay
Just Stay A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. 'Your son is here,' she said to the old man. She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes opened. Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man's limp ones, squeezing a message of love and encouragement. The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed.All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lighted ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words of love and strength. Occasionally, the nurse suggested that the Marine move away and rest awhile. He refused. Whenever the nurse came into the ward, the Marine was oblivious of her and of the night noises of the hospital - the clanking of the oxygen tank, the laughter of the night staff members exchanging greetings,
I Nned Fubux So Im Earning Them Come See What I Got!!!
I hope you are too... so with that i give ytou this! i make fubar id's for fubux and they are all custom and no two are alike unless you order on like someone elses! they will only cost you 15k 7,500 thats is and you get this small peice of me and if you want a glitter 1 they cost 30k 15k those are really exclusive!!! here are some examples if you want one send the money and i will get right your order to you as soon as i can!!! i also make blinkys And i make these for 40k 20k !!! Oh and last but not least! Just for this time i will put you in my hot like phyre folder if you buy one... if you havent seen it go check it out i usally on put friends in there and its getting really popular so if you want your pic in there buy an id and thats your spot!!! when you order tell me what you want and give me a general description of your interests like flowers dragons pooh... and tell me what you want i need my money up front so PAY WHAT YOU OWE! and i
Just Curious Bear...
So there's a "friend" I had and he seemed to just walk out of my life overnight and that was it. I am starting to think that I am doing something wrong to push friends away and of course he talks to me when I hunt him down on here and he SWEARS that he's pushing everyone away but it sure is funny how he thinks I'm stupid enough to really think he aint talking to none of his other friends. I ain't blind. Now what really upsets me about this whole thing is that his other "friends" could give a fuck less about HIM as a's all about them all the time...can we say conceited...but when a REAL friend comes into his life and wants to be there for HIM and be his rock and his support system, he pushes that person away so fast. I just don't understand what I have done wrong...I miss my friend. He knows alot about me and I could use him for once right now as I go through this hard's just sad to think that he would rather be on Fubar talking to his fake friends here who don't g
A Hard Seven
standing in an alley god and the devil besides me rolling some dice no money invovled just the prize of my eternal soul, whats the money on a lucky hard seven or the damned snake eyes, will fate shine on me whilst i play for my life or will the devil and god himself shake hands and load the dice is it worth the gamble or do i step up, before the dice or thrown, my life is flashing brfore my eyes, to see what i deem as mistakes and fuck ups again to see and ponder things been done, will they allow me to repent my sins or will i burn in a lake of fire hands shaking fast sweat dripping from my palm, i throw my hands forward and watch as the dice land, they roll they bounce they shake off the wall, time stands still whilst my eyes focus on the dice, they look up at me and show me a ?

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