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Amitola Nidawi Needs Something Right Now
Amitola Nidawi NEEDS YOUR HELP!!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 70,457 points = Fuberlord. Go help her out, all love is returned. Here's her link below, hit it hard. Amitola Nidawi :{FuWife to Dj_MEKO}:@ fubar REPOST PLZ. THANKS IN ADVANCE. pimpout has been brought to you by: CANADIAN - NO MORE MR. NICE GUY!!!!@ fubar
Happy New Year
I just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you before I head out for a party for the night. 36d hugs, Ms. Cleavage
Please Help My Awesome Friend Make It To Fu-king!!!
Would you please come show my awesome friend some of that mad fu-love and level him up to Fu-King...He will definately return all the love when he has time...Thank you to everyone that helps him!!! ~*Mike S*~ ~Taken by MzMic~@ fubar
Happy Happy New Year
Well old year 2007 did die :( with a lot of good memories good and bad times :D a year I made lot of friends here on Fubar, you guys did make me laugh, made me both sad and happy and I did enjoy every moment in every way. Some real friends going to read this and I love you for being real 2008 did come, young year, new one with a lot of hope and I am happy that I am going to spend it with all of you. May god be on our side to show us real path of love, tolerance and trust. Hope all of you find real happiness, and you that did find that happiness keep in mind one thing "Love is like a fire, if you don't feed it with heat and warm love it will die, so don't let it happen other way" Well it is enough from me for now and I wish you very happy night with funny safe celebration LOVE YOU ALL Dino
Happy New Year 2008 From The Staff Of After Hours
FROM THE MANAGEMENT AND STAFF AT ☆{{{{FuBaЯ's Afte® Hours™}}}}☆ TO YOUR FAMILY HERE AND AT HOME WE WISH YOU THE BEST FOR THE YEAR 2008 AND ALL THE YEARS AHEAD.WE WOULD LOVE YOU TO BRING IN THE NEW YEARS WITH US AT ☆{{{{FuBaЯ's Afte® Hours™}}}}☆ TO JOIN THE PARTY JUST CLICK THE BANNER HERE... A BIG THANX FROM THE MANAGEMENT AND STAFF AT ☆{{{{FuBaЯ's Afte® Hours™}}}}☆ OWNER: Ben DoveЯ™@ fubar MANAGERS: ~Dj Mystik~ ۞ FuBaЯ's Afte® Hours™DJ ۞SyberMile's_Assistant_PIMP**@ fubar SyberMile ~ DJ Donkey Punch 4 AfterHours ♥Freeky's Fu Fiance♥@ fubar ASST MANAGERS: ღAsH.WeeE™{SmokeyBearsFuFiance&R/LGirl} ☆FuBaЯsAfte®HoursASST.MGR☆@ fubar ♥DjSweets♥ FuBaЯ's Afte® Hours™@ fubar OUR MAIN SPONSOR: ۞DREW۞Main Sponor of Fubars After
The Master
A confused sub came before a wise Master who adored her. She felt that to submit to him would mean she would open her heart to unbearable pain should he ever leave her. She hungered for him and needed him, but was ready to walk away in panic. The gentle Master knelt her before him and started a tale of love and devotion. As she looked up at him his arms began to widen and open like a large tree stretches its branches to the sky. At that moment the Master appeared rooted to the floor and his impressive size towered above her like a giant tree. Then he began to speak... I'm here for you... now and always no matter how far time and space takes us... Whether you walk away from me today or you stay and serve me I will not turn from you. I am as patient as time itself; I will take not from you unless you give freely and completely of yourself, but I give unto you regardless-- for my love is unconditional... Like the olive tree that can both feed you and shade you, I am there seemingly et
Tnt's Ditry Thoughts
Come to the HOTTEST LOUNGE on FUBAR , You won't be Disappointed . It's where the Fun Begins & The Good Stuff never Ends
The Death Of My Hero, My Best Friend, My Dad
Otto B. Hall, age 73 of Mt. Vernon died unexpectedly early Tuesday, December 25, 2007 at home. He was born on September 2, 1934 in Banner, Kentucky to the late Oliver and Goldie (Curtis) Hall. While living the majority of his life on SR 657 in Centerburg and for the past 15 years he had been a resident of Mt. Vernon. Before retiring Otto had worked over 29 years in various capacities with the Galena Brick Yard in Galena; retiring as a tow motor operator. A member of United Baptist Church and Centerburg Conservation Club, he enjoyed the outdoors and hunting, especially for deer, squirrel and rabbit. He always put the needs of his family and others before his own. Most proud of his wife, family, and country side homestead. He will be remembered for his caring and compassionate ways. Survived by his wife of 48 years: Barbara (Grove) Hall, whom he married June 9, 1959 in Banner, Kentucky, Daughters: Margaret Davis of Centerburg, Judy Hall (fiancé Josh Jones) of Mt. Vernon, Sisters
On this last day of 2007 like many others I am making my resolution. This coming year will be different. Not cause I’m swearing off alcohol, woman, or any one of my many other vices. No I am not worried about joining a gym and getting into better shape. My resolution is simple… this year I am making sure that I am number 1 in my life. Nothing and no one will derail me from my goals, dreams, or hopes. I have come to see that as of right now my past will not be part of my future any more then the foundation of getting older and hopefully wiser. This season I have more or less kept to myself. If you have heard from me then that’s because I felt you needed to know I’ll be around. If you haven’t then either I think you know I’ll be there or I really could care less about you. Whether you’re reading this or not, in your heart you know which applies. The way I view many things has changed. With my emotions I have to become a bit more heartless. Throughout the years I have
True Friends
True friends what are they. True friends are the ones that are always there for you in when you just need someone to talk to They are there for you when something server has happened like lossing a loved one and when you can not deal with that pain If you loss a family member or a really close friend that has passed on to the next world True friends are there to pull you out of the misery of lossing loved ones True friends are by you side to help and to comfort you in time of need True friends fill in a void that is left after you loss someone To me thats the meaning of a true friend someone who's there for you though thick and thin and can never put it into all the words none to man and women ~ Scorpio 2007 ~
The Island
San jabar, the place with no disgrace No pain across anyone's face No judging upon the race This is a beautiful place An island of the sea For many lovers like maybe you and me Where we can all be free An live and just be A place of freedom you see Diseases and wars are no more What is all this violence for? So much in this world we all have in store This place has a cure For everything that everyone has A sickness a condition, the pain that hurts Is all of a sudden gone, many people say Not many people have answers not even today Mysterical place, where the water is blue The food is pure and true Soo much to do If only i could be here with you The tree's that sway Mountains that simply take my breath away A scenery on display It is a shame in time i have to go away Tear in my eye As me and maybe someone special say good bye Moments and events that happen i began to cry Some day some time i will visit again In my soul and in my heart I know f
Dying Of Lonliness!
have you ever felt like the whole world is against you and you are all alone? that is how i feel right now. nobody cares, everyone plays with your head and your heart, like it's some game. can anyone just be honest? is it possible to be smothered by lonliness? i think so, even in a room of a bunch of people i feel like i am all by myself in a world that has rejected me. I doubt if anyone who reads this actually cares but i am one of those people that just has to write when i feel at my lowest. and i tonight as 2007 comes to an end, so does my feelings that it can't get any worse... hopefully i am proven right and it only gets better as this next year begins
Merry New Year!
imikimi - Customize Your World
Our Troops
SHORT AND TO THE POINT! Cindy Sheenan asked President Bush, "Why did my son have to die in Iraq?" Another mother asked President Kennedy, "Why did my son have to die in Viet Nam? Another mother asked President Truman. "Why did my son have to die in Korea?" Another mother asked President F.D. Truman, "Why did my son have to die at Iwo Jima?" Another mother asked President W. Wilson, "Why did my son have to die on the battlefield of France?" Yet another mother asked President Lincoln, "Why did my son have to die at Gettysburg?" And yet another mother asked President George Washington, "Why did my son have to die near Valley Forge?" Long, long ago a mother asked, "Heavenly Father, why did my Son have to die on a cross outside of Jerusalem?" The answers to all these are similar - "So that others may have life and dwell in Peace, Happiness and Freedom." IF YOU DO NOT STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THEM!!!!
My Story Pt 2
The Oracle: Well, come on. I ain't gonna bite ya. Come around here, and let me have a look at ya. My goodness, look at you! You turned out all right, didn't you? How do you feel? Neo: I, uh... The Oracle: I know you're not sleeping. We'll get to that. Why don't you come and have a sit this time? Neo: Maybe I'll stand. The Oracle: Well, suit yourself. Neo: I felt like sitting. The Oracle: I know. So. Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. Neo: You're not human, are you? The Oracle: Well it's tough to get any more obvious than that. Neo: If I had to guess, I'd say you're a program from the machine world. So is he. The Oracle: So far, so good. Neo: But if that's true, that can mean you are a part of this system, another kind of control. The Oracle: Keep going. Neo: I suppose the most obvious question is, how can I trust you? The Oracle: Bingo! It is a pickle, no doubt about it. The bad news is there's no way if you can really know whether I'm here to help you or not. So
Happy New Years From Pink- Angel
Service Announcment
This is a public service announcement from your local State police officers and Shadowpw Please Don't Drink and Drive PARK AND PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Pics
May You All Have
TO all my friends and family, I wish you and your family all the best this coming year. May it be blessed with many wonderful things as you all are so deserving of it. Please have a safe one. WwW.SparkleTags.Com
Is It Over?
Happy New Year
just wanna drop by and wish everybody a happy and safe new year.. i had fun on here for the few months i was on this past year.. and looking forward towards a alot more this coming year.. ill more pics soon and hopefully a salute... and more friends always looking for new friends... well be safe and have fun Tim
The One
the one thing that piss me when you have a fight with your friends friends, and the true friend or the one that say there you true friend stop talking to you because of the fight and stop talking to you because there friend lives closer to them then you do and they dont want to have to choose the friend they want to side with so there not going to talk to you since your fightting but if you just stop to think about it when you stop talking to one and keep talking to the other friend your really choosing sides. but when you choose side and the person your not taking sides with, and they cant talk to the other people that you hang with because your not talking so they dont because two of your friends arent talking, the other ones dont talk to that person so you dont get mad at them. so really your just get every one not talking so you need to thing about what your doing when you do this. and after reading this if your one of my friends and think what i just said pointed towards yo
Happy New Year
hope everyone has a great but safe hew year.. gator
The Tie's That Bind
You meet me at the door in a short black mini skirt and a white blouse With the button's open 3 down Exposing your sexy cleavage.As I enter I grab you by the hair Kissing you hard and wantingly.You kiss back and we kiss as i push my way in and close the door behind me. We break our kiss I look and tell you I want you and I take your hand and tell you you are mine. I blind fold you and lead you to the bedroom your heart racing wildly.Pounding in fear and wonderment. I take your hand an you feel the tie go around it then the other I tie you in the middle of the room standing. I begin to undress you slowly. Your shirt then your skirt there you are exposed to my every want I begin to touch you kissing you biting you you feel my teeth on your nipples hard pain shot throw you then pleasure as a suck on the large erect nipples of your's. I push you to your knee's and you hear my zipper go down You feel the head of my hardness rub your lip's you reach out for it but I g
30k To Godfather
Help Kenny "the concert man" to Godfather!! Only 30,000 to go!!! kenny the concert man@ fubar
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Indian legislation’s on the desk of a do right congressman And he don’t know much about the issues so he picks up the phone And asks the advice of the senator out in indian country A darling of the energy companies ripping off What’s left of the reservation I learned the safety rule I don’t know who to thank Don’t stand between the reservation And the corporate bank They’re sending federal tanks It isn’t nice but it’s reality Bury my heart at wounded knee I said deep in the earth Won’t you cover me with pretty lies Bury my heart at wounded knee We got these energy companies Who want to take the land And we got churches by the dozens Trying to guide our hands And turn our mother earth Over to pollution war and greed No no Bury my heart at wounded knee Bury my heart at wounded knee I said deep in the earth Bury my heart at wounded knee Won’t you cover me with pretty lies Bury my heart at wounded knee Bury my heart
Wicked Times
MCL TO THOSE WHO KNOW .HAPPY NEW YEAR. FELIZ ANO NUEVO PARA TODO MIS AMIGOS WHO HABLA ESPANOL. ICH WUENSCHE DIR EIN FROHES NUES JAHR FER ALLES MIEN FREUNDS EN DEUSTCH. may all that you desire come to pass in the new year. may all old mistakes be vanquished and any new ones you make are a lot of fun. may you're old enimes become your new reason to giggle at their deaths... what? you thought i was going to say new friends? get real! bury your enimies and hail your friends. clear old debts. make new friends make new booty calls and lovers. learn new moves. make new years YOUR year!!!
New Year
We approach the end of a year *phew*.. another approaches... May we find peace in this one.. Blessed are those who walk with friends.. I hope I am yours to the end... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
My New Year Agenda For Queen Contest
Auld Lang Syne
Financial Slavery
W/we all have O/our fetishes from the extreme to the just plain weird. I have to admit that I have more fetishes than most, but the one thing that has never intrigued me in the slightest is financial slavery. It makes no sense to me to fork over hard-earned cash to Someone you hardly know, have never met in person, and probably will never know in person. I can't say I've never bought a gift for a Mistress I've met online. However, if You have received a gift from me, its because You've touched my soul in some special way and not because I've felt obligated to shower You with gifts. I suppose there's a practical reason for my feelings on financial slavery. I think about my future and belonging to that one special Lady and, when that time comes, I want to be able to give Her everything Her heart desires. W/we all have a dream of what W/we want O/our lives to be and, for Her, I want that dream to be a reality. I know some slaves get off on handing their money over to online Dommes.
New Year 2008
I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year. Remember, get a designated driver if you go anywhere and stay safe if you do go anywhere. Tonight is a night for celebrating to ring in the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!
Here I am again, Overwhelming feelings A thousand miles away From your ocean home Part of me is near Thoughts of what we were invade The miles that stand between We can't separate Your all I hoped you'd become Sister I see you Dancing on the stage Of memory * * * Complimentary "Sister" Ringtone! * * * Download The Nixons Ringtones Sister I miss you Fleeting visits pass Still they satisfy Reminders of the next Overshadow goodbye Our flames burn as one Sister I see you Dancing on the stage Of memory Sister I miss you All I am begins with you Thoughts of hope understood Half of me breathes in you Thoughts of love remain true [these lyrics are found on] Here we are again saying goodbye Still we fall asleep underneath the same sky You're all I knew you'd become Sister I see you Dancing on the stage Of memory Sister I miss you Entwined, you and I Our souls speak from across the miles Intertwi
My New Years Res
Have more sex! lol All that needs to be said!!!
How To Decide Who You Will Marry
HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? (written by kids) You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming. -- Alan, age 10 No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with. -- Kristen, age 10 WHAT IS THE RIGHT AGE TO GET MARRIED? Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then. -- Camille, age 10 No age is good to get married at. You got to be a fool to get married. -- Freddie, age 6 (very wise for his age) HOW CAN A STRANGER TE LL IF TWO PEOPLE ARE MARRIED? You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids. -- Derrick, age 8 WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR MOM AND DAD HAVE IN COMMON? Both don't want any more kids. -- Lori, age 8 WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE DO ON A DATE? Dates are for having
Happy New Year Everyone!
Sexy New Years Comments & Graphics Much love 2 all my friends, luv u all! May this new year bring you good health, love & happiness. ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~Fu-GF 2 "Firemanm88" ~*DSC*~@ fubar
Hey Guys
Happy New Year! Hope this year is a good one for you all!
The Shower
As we sit and you sip some wine. I lean in to whisper in your ear. I tell you to come with me. I place a blindfold on your eye's and lead you up the stair's slowly.once at the top of the stair's i take you in my arm's and kiss you slowly yet passionately. I take the Blindfold off and you See we are in the bathroom I kiss you and slowly slide my hand's down to the bottom of your shirt and begin to slide it up you raise your arm's and allow me to take it off. Then i turn you around and begin to rub your shoulder's leaning in and kissing the back of your neck. You feel me unhook your bra, slowly running my hands to your breast i slip my hand under the material feeling you take a deep breath as i caress your breast pausing to roll your nipples between my thumb's an forefinger's. Then letting your Bra fall to the bathroom floor. As I Drop the bra to the floor I Begin to unsnap your Jeans slowly you here the zipper oping i bring my hands to either side of your Jeans and slow
Join The Best Damn Bomber Family On Fubar
Come Join the Fu-Bombers !!! Want to meet some new friends and family? Have you ever thought about joining a bombing family? Since joining the FU-Bombers, I have leveled key values of fam. I have also become very close with some of family members. We are a huge online family and are there to help each other. We are always looking for new family members. Please come check out the FU-Bombers family and read the blog on our main page. If you are interested in joining, send a friend request and be one with the best bombing family around. Here is the link to the family website. What is bombing? Comment bombing means leaving as many comments as you can on a picture. The comments do not have to make sense. Most of our bombers just hit random letters on their keyboards and hit enter. The most effective bombing is done when you just hit a few keys and hit submit and do this until you are out of comments. Click The Picture For Link To Main Page Of the Fu-Bomber Family
48 Chrysler Windsor
yeah.. I'm a classic junkie, and well on the look out for brake drums for a 48 Chrysler Windsor.. it's all this car needs, and no it's not mine but trying to find some for a friend , if anyone comes across some please please let me know I will show you much much love !!!
Hate Isn't A Family Value At All!
My 16 year old cousin is dating a nazi skinhead. He's extremely racist and extremely proud of being that way too. Those are the skinheads that I was referring to. I fear for her life every single day. She could end up dead or in prison for the rest of her life. Her father and step mother kicked her out of the house. Her mother and step father disowned her. The step dad put the nazi skinhead loser boyfriend in a choke hold. She is living over at both of grandma's houses. They let her do whatever she wants. My family doesn't know what to do. I think that I'm going to go have a nice long talk with her. I'm having two girls that I use to dance with who are former skinheads come with me to help me talk to my cousin. I'm also going to have a few friends of mine that police officers talk to my cousin as well. Someone has to do something. Hate isn't a family value. 99.99% of nazi skinheads are violent. No offense to anyone. I hate to break it to you. You could be charged as an accessory when y
Michigan Reflections
Please note, this was sent to me by a friend.. it is truly hilarious to me - probably won't be to you. That's because i was raised as a yooper! Are you aware that Jeff Foxworthy is now picking on Michigan? Read on. (pretty funny and acurate) 1. If you consider it a sport to gather your food by drilling through 18 inches of ice and sitting there all day hoping that the food will swim by, you might live in Michigan. 2. If you're proud that your region makes the national news 96 nights each year because Pellston is the coldest spot in the nation, you might live in Michigan. 3. If your local Dairy Queen is closed from November through March, you might live in Michigan. 4. If you instinctively walk like a penguin for five months out of the year, you might live in Michigan! 5. If someone in a store offers you assistance, and they don't work there, you might live in Michigan. 6. If your dad's suntan stops at a line curving around the middle of his forehead, (or a
2008: New Hopes For A New Year
2007 was a hard year. I don't mean that just as a personal note. Almost everyone I know had an unusually rough time this past year. there are a few reasons for this that I won't go into; it doesn't do anyone any good to place blame. Instead, I'd just like to focus about the coming year and my hopes that it will be a good one. As for myself, I'm finally starting to feel settled here in Louisiana. The old saying that hindsight is 20/20 is so true and, maybe, if I'd known then what I know now, I might not have moved to Louisiana at all. Do I regret it though? Absolutely not. There are 2 reasons I don't regret coming here: 1. I have always felt something drawing me here and I still feel that pull. I know some of you might be rolling your eyes at this and that's your right, but I can't deny what I feel in my own soul. I've always suspected that this feeling comes from one person; that I'm supposed to be here for one special soul. 2. That brings me to the second reason I don't regr
Please help my friend out she is the greatest. just click the link below
My Contest Helppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i entered a contest for a 30 day blast a 1 year vip a happy hour and a ticker pack. only problem is i need to get 140000 comments in 16 weeks and i cant do that alone. i need help lol. all i am asking is for a few of my friends and a few of there friend and a few of there friends. lol and so on. just a few comments a day will help. 40-50 comments would be nice 100 would be great even 10 would work. not saying you have to just asking if you would try. would love to have this work for me. i will in return make you a morph or a pic either one. and if you have a contest going i will help you as well. click the link below to go to the picture thanks for the help. Mike
Amber Alert
Kidnapper Gilberto Martinez Hispanic Male Martinez kidnapped his two girls Ameryca Martinez 6 yr old Hispanic female and Olevia "Livie" Martinez 2 yr old Hispanic female at 1 o'clock this morning from their mother's home by gunpoint. Ameryca has many medical issuses kidney failure, high blood pressure issues, and requires lots of medications. Martinez is driving a 2006 Black Ford F150 Extended Cab Truck Lisence Plate # 26LXC4 If you see them please contact the police.
Goodbye 2007
2007 has been and up and down year for me. I'm glad it's almost over and I'm hoping for a much better year in 2008. Here's wishing you all a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year.
Happy New Year
Hi all! I think I have sent around 250 comments today! But since I will off and on for the rest of the night, I am afraid I might miss some of you! So, I take this time to wish EACH and EVERYONE of you the Happiest and MOST PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR POSSIBLE! Happy 2008! Manly
Rest In Peace My Brother And Friend
To show his page some love and or support click the image link below. Guy is my name@ fubar
Insult To Injury
I thought ten thousand swords must have leaped from their scabbards to avenge even a look that threatened her with insult. But the age of chivalry is gone. - Edmund Burke
2008- The Year Of The Phoenix
2007 was a year of incredible change for me. Many of these changes weren’t good (illness, death, financial challenges). My divorce was finalized but my transition from “Mrs. to Ms.” was rocky at best. Everyone told me to not get involved with anyone during the first year. “Just take that time and re-discover yourself.” Since I had spent so many years contemplating divorce, I was sure that I was ready to move on. Within months, I dove into several tumultuous relationships with men who were all wrong for me (to include two drug addicts and one raging alcoholic). Once I rid my life of them, I moved onto a long-distance on-line relationship (another continent). For months, I waited for him to move to the states (it still hasn’t happened). Despite loving him deeply, I just couldn’t let myself trust him. I dug a little deeper and it was revealed to that he was saying all the same things to at least two other women that I know of. While I was struggling with this, I met another man who st
Man Of Th E House
A husband had just finished reading the book, 'MAN OF THE HOUSE' He stormed into the kitchen and walked directly up to his wife. Pointing a finger in her face, he said, "From now on, I want you to know that I am the man of this house, and my word is law! I want you to prepare me a gourmet meal tonight, and when I'm finished eating my meal, I expect a sumptuous dessert afterward. Then, after dinner, you are going to draw me my bath so I can relax. And when I'm finished with my bath, guess who's going to dress me and comb my hair?" His wife replied, "funeral director would be my guess!"
Contract For 2008
2008 CONTRACT ----- After serious & cautious consideration. .... your contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2008! It was a very hard decision to make. So try not to screw it up!!! My Wish for You in 2008 May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet of $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips! May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires ! May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy. May the problems you had forget your home address! In simple words ........ May 2008 be the best year of your life! (so far)
Hey Everyone!
Well its been like ages since i posted a blog. But since it is New Years Eve, the last day of 2007, i thought Id say alittle something. My year was pretty good, but I had my up and downs too. My childern are also growing up way to fast, another year to they get older. Which i wish they would stay little the rest of there lives but i guess that will never happen, lol. I hope the next year will be much better and my life go on. Happy New Year Everyone. I hope the year 2008 is much better for my husband and I. So my New Year wishes are to have a better relationship with my husband and be a family. Hope your Year 2008 is the best too!
What Have I... Ix
A darker shade of black told me that there was no fear, no god, no kings. He told me there was no pain. There was only the edge of the razor. Held gently Poised carefully so as not to penetrate. A deeper side of blue told me there was no spirit there was no body there was no after there was no one. She said to hold the eye shut. So as to not let any vulgar foreign mind fall in. A deeper failing of red told me the sun was not on fire. But that I was. A phantom flame that ingulfed all it touched. Destroyed all that it loved. Ash to dust. Fall like snow petals. From the empty rose of the world. There was something there. Only nothing. On the edge of forgetting. On the cusp of nowhere. Only you.
These are Randy's (SON) best friends who all died here in Sierra Vista August 2007. We love you and miss you all.
Fucking Kids
Kidnapper Gilberto Martinez Hispanic Male Martinez kidnapped his two girls Ameryca Martinez 6 yr old Hispanic female and Olevia "Livie" Martinez 2 yr old Hispanic female at 1 o'clock this morning from their mother's home by gunpoint. Ameryca has many medical issuses kidney failure, high blood pressure issues, and requires lots of medications. Martinez is driving a 2006 Black Ford F150 Extended Cab Truck Lisence Plate # 26LXC4 If you see them please contact the police.
What A Kiss Means!
What a kiss means. Share please *Kiss on the stomach-----"lets have sex" *Kiss on the Forehead ----"Forever you will be mine" *Kiss on the Ear ---"I'm horny" *Kiss on the Cheek ---"We're friends" *Kiss on the Hand ---"I adore you" *Kiss on the Neck ---"We belong together" *Kiss on the Shoulder ---"I want you" *Kiss on the Lips ---"I love you" OR "I want you" What the gesture means... *Holding Hands ---"We can learn to love each other" *Slap on the Butt ---"That's mine" *Playing with the Ear ---"I can't live without you" *Holding on tight ---"Don't let go" *Looking into each other's Eyes ---"Don't leave me" *Playing with Hair on Head ---"Tell me you love me" *Arms around the Waist ---"I love you too much to let go" *Laughing while Kissing ---"I am completely Comfortable with you" --Advice-- * Don't ask for a kiss, take one. *If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love. --Requirements-- *Post this again after reading!! O
I am a big flirt. I am not trying to pick someone up online or for that matter in person. I tend to say what comes to mind don't give a fuck how it may sound to someone not involved in the conversation. If does happen, ya better be single and not in a relationship. Cuz ya think you know what bitch is...think again. If I give your guy a compliment doesn't mean I want to fuck him... (yes there are sometimes when ya do say they are fuckable and off to fantasy land but it doesn't mean anything else)If at anytime someone says please stop, then ok fine..Like I said I am not after anyone else's guy. I know there are those out there who make it a game to see if they can get your guy. I am not one of them. If I talk about sex with you doesn't mean I am gonna hookup with ya either. I talk about everything.
This Is What We Need To Do
The Climb
My muscles strained against my bronzed skin as I pressed my fingers deep in the crack of rock that would provide me security to move ahead. The roughness of the rock pulled hard at my skin. I applied finger pressure, pulling hard towards my weight from the rock. I took my first foothold and I was now climbing. Carefully I searched the rock above me for even the most miniscule indent where I could place my fingers. A rope dangled downward from my waist, controlled by my best friend as he watched every move I made. The ledge I was climbing had been climbed many times before by me and others. I reached up and slid my fingertips into a small pocket on the rock and pulled myself upright. Another step to the top of this massive ledge was taken. I reached behind me and dipped my hand deep into the pouch of powder all climbers carried to keep the moisture from theiur fingers. They relied on dryness for a firm and secure grip as they climbed. I could feel the sweat rapidly buildin
Good Bye Mi Love
After 10 years of bing with the love of mi life, She was killed. this is so heard for me and Iam tring to take it day by day. You never know just what you have until it's gone. She was everything to me I cant breath without her. All I can do now is cry. I wish it was me. But I know that she would want me to go on. But how can I when I feel so lost. I cant breath without her. Why did she had to leave me alone in this world? R.I.P. Lisa. I love you!
Bada Bing's New Year's Bash Tonight With Dj Bounty And Queeny!!! Be There
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The Campfire
The day had ended and it was time to relax. I grabbed some kindling and placed it in the fire pit. I then reached for three pieces of wood, that would be the main fire and stood them on end. I made sure they stood over the kindling as I prepared to light the night's campfire. The day had been warm and humid, each of us sweating by just walking. We had spent most of the time in the near by river, keeping our bodies cool from the sweltering heat. I pulled out a match and struck it, watching as it sparked to life. The small blaze engulfing the end of it, I watched as I carefully lowered it to the kindling.. I slid the match into the kindling, watching as the smaller pieces started to catch fire. Larger and larger the fire became as a small breeze fanned it gently. I soon heard the crackling of the wood I had placed over the kindling as it was slowly catching on fire. I watched as little sparks bounced up from the fire and disappeared, like the lights of a lightning bug on a wa
My New Year !!
I just wanted to wish all the best for a healthy and happy 2008 !! The bestof love always !!and I hope to get more friends on here !!
First let me wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year and may all your hopes, dreams, wishes and desires be fulfilled in this the new year of 2008. I would also like to take a few moments to thank all of those who have stood by me in what was a very difficult year for me....Guys I love you, respect you and value your friendship above all. I like all of you ams hoping that this year will be a much better year with lots of new ventures and adventures and I hope many many happy days ahead for each and every one of you.......... So all that remains to say is........ HAPPY NEW YEAR
No One Cared
He walked quietly down the street, bent over from operations he had suffered through trying to fix damage done to him in combat, as he honorably served his country. A growl came from his empty stomach, having not had anything to eat for over a day. People passing him by stared at him as if he was an alien, someone that did not belong amongst them. The damage to his left leg made it painful for him to walk just one step but he kept on. He refused to give in to his pain and discomfort, hoping that one day something would happen. He clutched to his hope of good fortune, like a scavenger guarding his last morsel, with each breath he took. His caloused hands with wrangeld fingers were covered by a glove with no fingers. The palms of the gloves had been worn out when he had found them rummaging through a garbage dumpster. He had a path that he followed every day, looking for scraps of food, clothing, or anything he could use for comfort. His jacket was the tattered and faded remnant
Happy? New Year.....
so do tell, whats so happy about it? ok maybe im jumping to conclusions saying that 2008 will be just as bad or worse then 2007 was...but it always seems to turn out that way...the only thing in 2008 that i see that will be better then the past years is that retard bush will finally be out of office and we will have the chance to vote in a president with a brain and an IQ higer then a retarted 3rd grader...but with more then half the population of the US being Brain dead sheep i can only imgen how bad out next pres will be...anyways i dont forsee anything good or special about 2008 so whats so happy about it?
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My Last Walk
It was a sun filled day, accompanied by a soft summer breeze that blew through the mountain valley. I had awakened early that morning for some reason. I looked at the clock on the stand by my bed and the time was just after six. The sun was already sucking the early morning dew from nature's bed. I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and gazed at the reflection that came back to me. The weary wrinkles that covered my face told of the years that my body had outlasted. The silver gray beard was a sign of my aging that I had long ago accepted. Life had been hard on me and yet I had no complaints at all. I never thought of the past as what could have been nor did I look into the future and hope for what would be. I had retired years ago but had not slowed down any at all. Sitting idle was not something that I could handle as I kept myself busy around the house. I had prided myself in that house that had been passed to me through the family. I pondered for a minute wondering
In The Night
I heard the startling crashing sound as it shattered the silence of the night. The heavy mangling of metal as two objects collided in the dark. I wondered what had happened as I lifted my tired body from my chair and walked across the floor. Opening the curtains I peered out into the night, looking as far as my eyes could see. I could only imagine as the sound came to an abrupt stop just as fast as it had broken the silence. I was just about ready for bed but something, deep inside of me, a pure gut feeling, told me that I should wait. Seeing nothing outside I turned and walked back to my chair and flipped through the channels on the television. I was not watching anything in particular as now I was wondering what it was that had startled me. Seconds later the scanner on the near by coffee table sprang to life. I listened as the night dispatcher alerted the fire department and emergency medical crew to respond. I was fully alert now, sitting on the edge of my chair, lis
I Cried
I watched in silence as he struggled down the street. The gloves on his hands were worn and thick calluses had formed where the bare skin met the ground. On his back he carried a metal framed backpack loaded down ith more then he should be able to carry. His arms were now his legs as he swung his body back and forth, using the stubs of his once strong legs as a support. I could see the lines etched over his hardened skin on his face. A large scar ran down the side of his neck. I wondered what kept him going each day as his life had to be harsh. A car suddenly drove past him on the side walk, sending a shower of muddy water over him like he ws not there. I started towards him to lend him a helping hand but he did not wait as he just looked blankly after the car and shook his head. Once again he was moving along the sidewalk, people staring and pointing as he passed them by. I could feel a pain in my heart for this man. I could tell of the pride he had buried deep inside h
Leaving Love... Downraters...
This nice guy rated me a 1 Brockly@ fubar and this one also keoki@ fubar
Hiding Behind A Lie
In the dark of the night on a desolate mountain road, the car was traveling along. Having had more then enough to drink I gripped the steering wheel even harder, imagining it would help me to control the vehicle better. I knew in my my heart I was in no condition to drive and yet my mind told me that I could make it home safely. My best friend sat in the passenger seat, idly looking out into the darkness. Neither of us could wait to get back to the comforts of our own homes and loved ones that waited there. We had just safely dropped off another one of our friends a few minutes ago at his home. Along the winding mountain road I drove, happy that limited vehicles were out driving at this time of night. Closer and closer we came to the end of our trip when suddenly fear filled me. I had a flat on a mountain road, fighting to keep control of the vehicle, fearing that we would go off the road and crash, dying in a horrendous and violent death. I was rapidly losing control of th
My Friends
A Nighttime Dream
I could feel the cold of the steel as the knife was pulled across my neck. The oozing blood from the deep gash send rivulets of warmth running don over my chest. I closed my eyes in fear, knowing that I was feeling my life slowly slipping away from me as I laid there. I knew not who had done this and yet I sensed a closeness to them. As I slowly took each breath I heard the gurgling sound in my throat. I knew the wound had been cut deep and it was matter of time before I would succumb to my calling. My only hope now was that I would not lay there and be made to suffer, praying the end would come quickly. Seconds ticked slowly by, listening to them as my heartbeat grew fainter. I closed my eyes tightly as a light appeared there in front of me. I watched as a door opened and light beams flowed through. Suddenly a man appeared, standing in the doorway, staring straight me as I laid there. I could not move any longer, transfixed as if held by some unseen force. I watched
Natural Selection
Natural Selection Moonlight spills upon this valley, this forest of undying life, A true revision of natures raw form, within this evolving strife, Shadowy leaves drift content and free, solemnly reflecting the warm gaze of the moon, Sliding gracefully between numerous dark branches, darkness rides atop the wind in this forestry dune, Whispers glide wistfully along wind driven lips, passed from a maze of the undergrowth's twisted storm, Giant oaks twisted with arcane knowledge, radiate effervescent warnings of two in human form, Hundreds of exotic shadows turn slowly toward the two, razor thorns appear encircling their bodies like saws, Dimly glowing red, the moss illuminates the dark forest's floor. Shadowy limbs twist into mangled claws. Boots step cautiously along the soft ground, The forest radiating a dark warning for them to see, "This the spot we're clearing on the contract?" Eyes flicker over paperwork a shadowy head nods to agree, H
To All My Friends
A Heroes Fate
I watched as he struggled to get from his bed to the wheelchair that had become his means of transportation. Slowly the surgery was healing and therapy would provide him the chance to have as normal a life as possible. No sadness did he show for the harsh reality that was brought to him to bare. He had never and would never ask why him or regret what he had done that had put him in danger. Many men before him had served their country, facing even greater sacrifices then he had. Finally in his seat, the stump ends of his legs barely hanging over the edge, he turned and rolled towards the door. A nurse stepped aside as he opened the door and rolled into the hallway. Entering the hallway the early morning sun cast its warm brightness all over him and he smiled. The smile was not from happiness but of comfort that he had been able to see another day. When he laid in the middle of the battlefield in pain he had wondered if he would make it. He could still see the grim look of the
Seven Reasons Why Not To Get Drunk
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Specter Of Ruin
Specter of Ruin Burning with vivid intensity, a illusion unfolds within realities morbid calls, A specter of pure energy pulsating in the middle of this ruined cities walls, Frigid air seizes twisted wreckage, liquid silhouettes form unaffected by the cold, Embracing the side of a vibrant violet petal, its aura radiating chaos both new and old, Peace was once associated with the specter, amongst the fogs of surrounding war, Standing, as some thought, as a last bastion of humanities hope, part of some mystical door, A crack of lightening pierces the air, shadows are swept across demise down below, Visions paint on reality, images unfold . . . ill attempt by humans targeted like doe, Sparks of steel clap the air, the ground shakes violently through a hand that curls and lays still, Sadness pours across hopeless expressions as the party of three trudges across the decadent hill, Razor edged wind slices into callused wrinkles, frozen tears imprison cold blac
Happy New Year Everybody At Fubar
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The Firefighters's Angel
The nights stillness was shattered as the alarm sounded. My heart raced as it did with each time the alarm sounded. People were running here and there, gathering their equipment and reporting to their vehicles. The bay doors were already open and we pulled out into the street , accompanied by the emergency lights and sirens. We turned the corner and headed south on Main Street of this quiet little town. I closed my eyes and said a quick silent prayer, asking that everyone be kept safe on this night. We had been lucky having not seen a death from fire for a long spell. I looked out the windshield and could see the red glow against the dark sky, knowing the fire was not far away. Our small convoy of vehicles responding, lit up the night with their lights flashing, warning anyone out driving that we were responding to an emergency. We turned a corner and there in front of us was a large house, engulfed in flames. The truck screeched to a stop and we all jumped out. No comma
New Years
I just wanted to wish everyone a Safe and Happy New Year's....
The Hunt
The cool autumn wind was tugging gently at our skin as we walked. The old railway bed, that we followed, wound its way quietly along the side of the mountain, making a good path for many hikers. I was thankful that this time of the year the people were gone, feeling a lot safer knowing there were not as many people in the woods as in other seasons. I could see thin layers of ice on the puddles from yesterdays rain. The ground crunched under my weight as the frosts had hardened it. I watched the ground for any sign of big game that may have crossed or followed the trail. The sun was still low in the morning sky, filtering down through leaves that were already wearing their autumn colors. In the distance I could hear the roar of the mighty river that followed the old tracks, both parts of the history of the area. My gun laid cradled across my arms, the barrel aimed harmlessly at the ground. My ears paid attention to every sound that was around, filtering out the ones that were meaning
The Invisible Ingredient: My Christmas On Food Stamps
The Invisible Ingredient: My Christmas on Food Stamps Here at the end of 2007, after nearly two years of focusing on ministering to people in the Entertainment Industry, it seemed appropriate to look back and consider how I got from there to here. I'd like to share some of my thoughts with you. I can honestly say I have never been more fulfilled in my life. My wife and I are happier than we've ever been, apart from the financial uncertainty of the moment. We have two beautiful children. My three year old son is almost potty trained- Yea! He just has a few accidents now and then. Our precocious daughter is 20 months old, going on 12 years old! She already has a love for new clothes and pretty shoes! For the moment we do have a roof over our heads, although it is pretty frightening every first and fifteenth of the month when the mortgage payments come due. Not to mention the other bills related to being available to help people. I'll mention more about this later. A while back
Blink The suns eyes shine brightly, unable to blink, Or some would say thats what we think... Wind slides whistfully over a scar, expectant eyes peer quietly above, Children amuse themselves cheerfully along the street, one trips tearing a glove, "Darkness is coming" a mouth voices the words drifting through the stagnant air, Nightmares flicker within the suns eye, twisting the sphere into a lucent flare, Sound stops and looks up, hundreds of dark spheres gaze ahead, insanity itself comes into sight, Shrieks of terror pierce through reality, the world closes its jaws locking all life in fright, Peace shatters into vicious growls, the reels of terror fueled by screams begin their pull, Shredded innocence splatters a horrified expression, tears reflect a figure smashed onto its skull, Shadows slide over newly appointed corpses, the wet patter of life embraces the ground, Hundreds of dark strands splinter the earth, death riding atop their waves of sound, Pleas are s
Come And Join
Hey all you Rock/Metal fans come join my lounge and I will rate fan and add you all, plus you get to sit and chat listening to some great music, So dont be a stranger and come on in
N.y.e. (my Middle Name)
I wont see any of you all until next year - so be good! :) As for ME ...
Out With The Old And In With The New :)
Well, that's it. It's over. *waves to 2007* Bye bye ya bastard, don't let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out. Hello 2008. You better treat me a damn sight better than the last one did. LOL. Okay now that that's out of my system... ;) So that's it everyone. Another year has come and gone and having spent a great deal of time looking back over the past 12 months, I honestly can say I'm not going to miss this one too terribly much. Not much happened for me at all this year. Same crappy job...still up to my former hairline in debt and no closer to being a writer than I was in 1997. Still, my kids are healthy, my son especially is developing well and even started walking this year finally. And me, well the only thing I think I really accomplished the last 12 months was to get off my lazy duff, get in the gym and start taking a much greater interest in my health. And at least there I can say I've accomplished something. I'm probably in better shape and look better phy
You Killed My Love
I remember back to those very words You said you spoke with true love to me Telling me of all I meant to you For eternity you wanted to be with me I hear them only in my memories As the days have slowly passed us by I sit in lonliness wondering now What happened to that love and why Tears fill my eyes this day Falling like a shower from above Pain replaces the joy in my heart From you as you have killed my love An emptiness I am feeling deep inside Wounds rip at my precious heart Tears fall from my swollen eyes As I watch in silence as we drift apart I fight with all my courage I have To keep the love we once knew But I can not save it by myself no more I will need the some help from you I see you turn away from me now I know the end is near this day I watch as you walk away from me My heart crushed, I fill with dismay I only asked to be loved by you Feeling the warmth your heart But instead you have broken mine As this day I watch you depart I long once aga
Last Blog
Well unless I come home early this is the last blog for 2007. A good friend and I agreed that if we see the other one getting negative we are to send cyber slaps in 2008. We are both tired of the negativeness that we showed this year. I made a lot of awesome friends this last year and I love ya all. You far outweigh the negative things that happened. Some of you know more than others... I'm sorry I was such a pain. :) Just make sure that in 2008 if I get in friendships with people that make me miserable ya kick my a$$ and then tell me to tell them to F off! You know thats so hard for me lol. Again.. be safe and smart about what you do tonight! Happy New Year! Tommorrow is a new beginning. :)
What If
What if there was no sunshine To warm us each day What if there was no water In which children could play What if there were no trees To give us our shade when we are hot What if there were no lessons That through life we would be taught What if there were no clouds In the skies high above What if there was no other person To whom you could love What if there was no food Which we could all eat What if there were no laws Making it unsafe to walk our streets What if there was no laughter Everyone would be so sad What if there were no feelings No expressions of thoughts you had What is there were no flowers Blossoms that smell so sweet What if there were no kind words spoken When another person you meet What if there was no nature Mountains, lakes and rivers to see What if there were no soldiers Fighting wars to keep us free What if there was no answer heard WHen you call out for help one day What if there was kindness Given out in a very special way Would
Trendy Shit Thats Stupid!
I'm a bitch Girls. Girls who are proud to call themselves 'Bitches' are not bitches. They are stupid twats that try hard to be bitches. Real bitches are the girls who have attitude because they are hot and get away with it. Girls that try to classify themselves as 'bitches' are under the impression that if they label themselves this way, it will mean they will instantly become popular and hot. The same way men wear basketball jerseys around the house in the hope that they will instantly become the next Michael Jordan while watching Miami Vice. 69 Yes, 69 was funny when I was 16 years old but has since become FAR too overused. Sex sells, and idiots are buying It's on clothing, wallets, fucking anything you can imagine. When I saw a bratty 12 year old girls sporting a coat that says 69 thats where I draw the line. I was playing with transformers up until can she possibly know what 69 means? She cant.fuck marketing. Plus 69ing sucks........w
Valued Memories
No more night time whispers No more love filled morning kiss No more hugs of needed support These are things that we will miss No more glowing smile No more words of kindness said No more encouragement will be given No more of your knowledge to me fed These are all things that made you special The memories of you that I have inside How you touched my heart so deeply How you opened my eyes so wide I carry this emptiness in my heart Not allowing it to fill with pain I only open it for those who care Sharing the valued memories that remain I hear the lonely notes that are played The sharp report of rifles fire this day In your final rest your body is laid In my heart precious memories this will stay I watch as the nations flag is folded In remembrance of you that to us is gave Of one who gave unselfishly hen asked Protecting loved ones, you stood so brave No tears will I shed for you Dealing with this great loss in my own way Be assured that all you gave to me
I have come to the conclusion recently, that forever does not exist. There is the here and now, nothing more, nothing less. To plan "forever" is Craziness. I enjoy this moment I can't promise to enjoy Forever, I will have bad moments, bad days, situations will arise that I do not enjoy. So Right here, right now, i am happy. There is no such thing as forever. That's my conclusion, and personal opinion. Heri, Hodie, Semper SDMF Jamie
They Gave To Me
I close my eyes to the evening sun My memories I now travel through Seeing all the history of my past Many are passing now in review I can see the heritage that I live The grief many of them came to bare The pain that they learned to withstand Knowing none other them did care A tear forms in my eye now As distant sounds I can now hear I listen intently to the message Of the pains they were made to bare I see the visions of my ancestors Reaching out to me as there I stand Opening their hearts from above Where in pride they all now stand I feel a warmth now enter me As day becomes that of night I understand the hardships they fought I can see their losses in their plight My heart opens widely for them Feeling they slip inside of me Letting me know that their sacrifices Are what have helped to keep me free The sounds now are fading I open my eyes in the night time air Looking to the heavens I now embrace Their home that is now up there I walk away in darkened
I Did This Last Year So Again This Year
this year was to be understated eventful ..... but i did acheive a few of my goals so not a complete waste of time .. i ve had a share of good times out with my girls and friends having babies and things but im glad 2007 is over my plans for 2008 are completing my nvqs and plenty of travelling heading towards the states with possible views to stay .. but that is to be seen wether it happens on;y time will tell !! i lost ( not in the death way) a very good friend this year which was harsh but i gained many more ... well good luck to you all and heres to another year ... love ya all HAPPY NEW YEAR xx luci xx
The Changes
A touch of frost on waving leaves Against them a cool breeze does blow Trees in color paint the hills Gardens emptied of food that did grow A chill fills the house as I rise Telling me of the seasons change Later now the sun awakens each morn Morning light outlines the mountain range The smell of a wood fire filters in The cozy warmth it will soon bring These are all signs of the season’s change All these and many other things I watch the streets as the day passes Tourists come here from everywhere The beauty of this time of year With these strangers we proudly share Animals bustle looking for food Storing it for the winter ahead The animals ready for the coming cold As summer coats are slowly shed Gardens have been cleaned of their food Ample wares through the winter we will need Blessings given as we bow our heads The emptiness in our stomach we will feed The years end approaches us soon Another year will silently slide by I think of all the seasons I have w
The Banshee
Off in the distance I hear it Clamoring along its way Coming to take the unknowing On a fateful trip this very day I hear the screech of the all mighty The banshee rides once again Death has knocked upon a door Unknowing they paused to let it in It has taken a dear loved one Pain fills them with sorrow this day They fought with all their might To drive that horrid banshee away They can see the cold blackness The hooded cloak it now wears From the arms of the loved ones The body of another it now tears I know not who the banshee On this night came to find I awake in total darkness now A coldness fills my mind I know now it was not a dream That filled my head last night It was for me that the banshee came As I had lost my life’s last fight On this ride I now go with peace It carries my heart and soul The wheels of the carriage of death On my final journey I now roll © Tall Mountain Dreamer October 10, 2007
Help Them To Level Up Please
Real Love
A gentle touch falls against your skin A warm breath you feel fall upon you A tingling deep down in your soul These are the things that have drawn you A hand slides along your smooth skin A tender kiss falls against your lips The hand against your thigh now rests Until upward you feel it slowly slip You yearn for this loving touch this day A soul you have found to give yourself too Your body responds to all the sensations You know the love between you is so true A moistness you feel as it seeps From the depth of your body where it hid The fears of making love for the first time Quickly from your whirling mine are rid Rid of all clothing you willingly accept The touching of this lover where you lay A look up into their eyes you now see Feelings they have for you in a special way Your body responds to this moment You open yourself wide for their touch A warm and gentle erotic caress you feel Having longed for this so very much A building of excitement and pressure
Happy New Years To U All
Happy New Year
Happy New Year to all my freinds here. Hope the new year brings you lots of joy and happiness and any BS or bad Karma from 2007 be washed away. It is the time of new beginnings. Take full advantageof it. Life is short! Take care my freinds and I'll see you next year! :)
One Way Ticket
I was flown to a distant land My feet cushioned by the hot sand A battle waged that I could not see People struggled to be set free My country’s calling I came to serve To have our freedoms others deserve Into my flesh a bullet now rips Pain fills me as I clench my lips I see my blood as it now flows The pool of red around me grows I hear screams from others hurt Heroes injured scattered in the dirt A darkness over me falls this day My precious life is swiftly taken away Back at home my family does wait Wondering what will be my very fate I remember that kiss at the door I longed now for that and more I look down from heaven above Watching over the ones I love I see the pain each of them feel This is war, this makes it real A one way ticket was given to me To stand with soldiers for our country Now I lay my head down on a heroes bed Amongst others like me who are now dead One thing in common we all did get From our country’s shores a one way ticket © Tal
New Years Eve!!
Well. I'm not sure what we're doing for New years, but I do know I have a fifth of rum, and a Fifth of Evan Williams... So Even if nobody shows up tonight, it should be an interesting time! I'm excited. I haven't drank hard achohol in quite a while. Probably over four months. So I will definately have to take it slow.. ..... Hahahaha. Right. SO I hope all of you have a memorable New Years. Remember to ring in the New years in style... Or atleast intoxicated!
ok i just read a mum about should stupid ppl be aloud to breed. well ijust have to say someting on that subject. yes stupid ppl get on my last nerve but so do ppl who judge. take it from someone who has been judged as being stupid a few times because i'm blonde and have a high voice and i tend to ignore asshole's who think that about me. well i think it's just funnier than hell to slam them know it alls and just show them who is the stupid one . and this from a women when she went to collage had a 3.5 gpa and not a 4.0 only because i went to class hungover to often and lol i can't stop judging others by yourself. so next time you want to know if stupid ppl should be aloud to breed. use a condom next time you have sex and you will have your answer . thank's from sweet little me
I am currently trying to collect lips and tongue ring pics, so if you want to contribute, let me know. Lips pics: Just lips. No half face pics. Tongue licking is a plus. Tongue ring pics: These I want full face pics, with your tongue out, (obv). I have no intention of spanking off to these. It's just a weird obsession. They will be kept in a private folder, not sure yet who gets to see. Thanks to anyone who contributes!
Happy, Happy . . .
Happy New Year
I wish that I had time to leave a comment on everyones page....but I'm slower than a snail on I WISH EACH AND EVERYONE OF MY FRIENDS.... ..A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.
Not Sure If Its Love I'm Looking For But I Want To Have Lots Of Fun While Trying To Find It, Anyone Intrested?
Wishing You..
To all my friends and family, may the old year go out with a BANG and the New Year bring you many blessings and new beginnings! Be safe and have fun!
Message From A Friend...
Wanting to wish you a Happy New Year, Here's hoping this one is full of good cheer, Hoping for the best in life and love for you, May your joys be many and your sorrows few. It works for me too! Happy New Year FU-barians! XOXOX me
Good Freind In Need
a dear freind of mine is in a comment and ratin contest seeing how this is her very first contest i am really tryin to help her i use all my comments on her on a daily basis and it still remains a close race she is a very caring person and would do anything for anyone within reason... if you have the heart please click the pic below and shower her with luv if you go into bomb plzzz remember to rate her thank you have a safe and happy new year and god bless everyone thanks again
2008 Fubar King Contest
Click my Picture to my photo to my contest as the next 2008 fubar King
The Walk In The Wood's (for Some 1 Special)
We were taking a walk it was summer time. Shorts and tank top's we our attire we held hands and laughed . I would glance at your sweating body getting turned on more and more watching your breast raise and fall with each breath. When out of no where it began to rain. we looked for shelter but I grab your wrist I say have you ever been kissed in the rain. I don't wait for an answer as I began to kiss you. The rain is having its effect its a little cold after the long hot walk your nipples are getting hard and excite me even more in the lonely woods I slowly remove your shirt and begin to slowly kiss my way to your breast taking my time with each nipple slowly and tormentingly biting and pinching them teasingly with teeth and fingers they grow more erect as i do this you begin to pull my shirt off. You grab my hair and pull me to my feet you take your t shirt and tie my hands and say its my time. You begin to run your nails down my chest hard enough to leave your marks and let me
Stopped Here
Packing & Whats Lost...
A helluva lot. They were busy when they were destroying my home. Ive lost way more than what I originally listed. It can be replaced, in time (a whole lotta time) but the thought of someone going through all my things, my children's things just sickens me. Half my clothes and shoes are gone. I'm a little thrifty, but I acquired a lot of very nice shoes and clothes while I was married. They took the ones that cost the most obviously. They pried open my antique trunk (duh lift the latch it opens without being busted open tards) and stole my camcorder, my old digital cam, and my CHECKS! And there sat my old ID, so I'm hoping they go nuts and start writing bad checks everywhere (account was closed as soon as I found out), my only hope of them getting caught. I was a retail manager for many years before I moved to merchandising, so I know all about security tapes and prosecuting people who do this kind of stuff, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I never will expec
I am leavin the KOW and Spirit Warrior Levelers. I do appologize for any inconvience this poses on anyone and do appreciate the help I have been given by everyone there. A lot of people are leavin due to drama and stuff bein said about them and I will not be dragged into it. This is the reason I am leavin. My name has been changed and my morph has been deleted from my pics. Thank you all for your support in levelin me up and everything you have given to me and done for me. I wish the best for those that have stayed. Good luck in levelin and in all you do! Blessed Be!
2008 King Contest
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I Do But I Don't
Does anybody ever feel this way?? It's crazy how you can give your heart to someone, and in an instant they are gone. Then time goes by and they come back in your life. Your heart still loves them but your mind is reminding you about the past. And you get confused. You feel one thing but at the same time you feel something else. I see where he is coming from. Friends are great and all I want is a friendship. I think its hard for me just to see that because I remember the past and I want to go back to that. I just have to remember the past is the past and you have to enjoy what you had but move on. I know its confusing and trust me I am confused. ♥ "I Do But I Don't" Tim McGraw You always come back when I'm at my weakest When I'm fool enough to let you in Sayin' how this time around is different Asking if I want to try again I do, but I don't I want to, but I won't I am but I ain't I could but I just can't It feels right but it's wrong And I've hurt
Happy New Year
Happy New Year's to all my family and friends I hope everyone has a fun and safe evening....
An Adventure....
Every challenge is an opportunity in disguise, Every grief a memory of past joy. Every hunger’s a signal that we’re still alive And each new path’s an adventure to explore.
New Lounge!
For some reason the Hippo Radio lounge got deleted!! We are not sure why & one of the Fubar staff tried to find out... but sadly it seems it went :P Soooooooooooooo,..... we created a new one!!!! If you were a member of the old lounge.... come on over & join the new one here is the link Hippo Radio Lounge Link Hope to see you all there!!
i shut myself away a long time ago took the heart out of the show there was no humor in me just a devil you couldnt see i was raised in hell leaving a crumpled shell i chose nothing over pain letting my soul drain i was nothing i am something i was a demon now im human i dont know whatll happen between us i dont know if well ever be more but theres one thing i dont store i cant hide my feelings or lust i thank you for that my friend because in the end i never thought id feel again
Parcells Fires Mueller, To Meet With Cameron Tuesday
Parcells fires Mueller, to meet with Cameron Tuesday news services Updated: December 31, 2007, 12:34 PM ET DAVIE, Fla. -- Bill Parcells' shakeup of the Miami Dolphins began Monday with the firing of general manager Randy Mueller. Assistant director of player personnel Mike Baugh and college scouting coordinator Rick Thompson also departed. Also at risk of being fired was coach Cam Cameron, who said he would discuss his future with Parcells this week. On Sunday, the Dolphins became only the eighth team to finish 1-15. Parcells began work Thursday as executive vice president of football operations. Mueller was the Dolphins' general manager for three seasons but was in charge of personnel decisions only since coach Nick Saban left a year ago. Mueller received mixed reviews for his moves in 2007, which included the acquisition of free-agent linebacker Joey Porter and the selection of receiver Ted Ginn Jr. and quarterback John Beck in the dra
I Am Going To Be Off For Awhile...
Ok I wont be on for now so all that want to contact me on here leave me some love. I will be doing a special opps mission for a few weeks an I should be safe. So just leave me comment's, emails, or anything like that. So have a Happy new year and good time... Love Slim Shady
A Lil Something About Me
Not Going Out Tonight? - Then Close The Door
Together As One
biggest rave of the year and im going...alone hhahaha its supposed to be bringing people together ironically it came a ti8me when togetherness is just in the past
You Think You Got Problems
The testimony that I'm about to give is about my Mom. I have my own but my mom's is truly God's grace and how he shows how he can work in our lives. In the past three years my Mom has had several serious injuries and illnesses. My mom has always been in a deep walk with God all her life and has been a very spiritual woman. I can’t tell you how many times she has read the Bible through. She attended Bible study on a regular bases and had one on one meetings with our pastor to help her try to understand what God was trying to tell us. I tell you this not to impress you but to try to give you an understanding what she is like. The following is what has happened in the past 3 years. In June of2005 she was at a local store and tripped and fell, resulting in a broken hip. Was taken to the hospital and in 4 weeks was able to leave. But with the hip she could not return to her home and had to give up her car. I moved her in some senior apartments down where I live here in Murrayvill
I missed my heart by less than an inch. I made my parents and the nurses flinch. Could it be so wrong to want to die? Instead I'm living the biggest of lies. The wounds are still fresh and red. I pray tonight that I'll be dead, That God won't stop me from my wish. That I'll feel the razors deepest kiss. With all these thoughts inside my mind, I'm losing all track of time. Everything blurs deep blues and blacks, Taking me through a movie of my past. Watching the smiles fade from my face, As I slowly watch myself fall from grace. This once so perfect child life, Was driven to the ugly side of a knife. Tell me is suicide the ultimate sin? Will I go to hell for death's win? Life isn't a battle in which you fight. You either get it wrong or get it right. I'm so sick and tired of the lies. But hypocrisy is in my disguise. So forgive this suicide if you dare. The bullet went in despite your care.
Happy New Year
Thanks for such a great time here in Fubar Guys. Happy New Year to all of you. Please be safe out there, and I'll see you next year. MUAHS!!!
Mikey The Tiger Does't Like Frogz
Just some random stupidness I do when I'm bored...
Differences 'tween A Fuckin' Genuine Redneck And A Jeff Foxworthy Type By Willy
Differences 'Tween a Fuckin' Genuine Redneck and a Jeff Foxworthy Type By Willy Willys cynical thought for the fucking day; This was posted, on dizzay! There is a little of both in us ALL! These kinds of Raps, the fuckin' old meaning no hip hop, at one time, were popular! I remember, in '72 or so, a comic warming up the crowd, before the band I don't remember who, where, or what but this is, roughly a line from, his take on differences "Between Real Hippies and a Mail Order, puters filled a 2 car garage, Hippy!" He said, "Both wear tie died T-shirts but real hippies make their own and wear the dye on their hands for weeks, a Mail Order Hippy buys them, on unshrinkable guaranteed not to fade T-shirts!" I, almost, pissed my fuckin' pants! Looking down on the ink on my hands! I thought, I'll make up a bunch and sell them, no fuckin' problem! Shit I had, still may have, a bunch of them, never sold one! Guess which one I was... Differences 'Tween a Fuckin' Genuine Redneck and a Jef
Happy New Years!!
I jus wanted to take this time to wish all of my Friends and Family here on Fubar..A Happy New Year !! Party hardy !! Tc n peace xo
My Last Pimpout Of 07....happy New Year
LOOKING BACK So Iam sitting looking at the beginning of a new year...And what i have done in the past year on fubar. First off yes iam celebrating being on here 1 year today, and in that year i have met some of the most amazing ppl i could ever imagine knowing. So to say thanks and name a few i will begin with Dj Jazzy, an amazing friend, wouldnt have been able to make it thru some of the hardest times without him..Dj madman another great friend...Dj Flawless which i know some don't like for whatever reasons i don't care he is an amazing person and friend stuck by me thru some of the craziest times and some of the hardest but either way was always there...Tigg another amazin person that was and still is there for me...Wild Horse always at my beck and call when i needed stuff done...Stevens spoiled me rotten, and another awesome friend....Dj Culprit didnt get to really know him but damn was he there when needed....Dj troublesum the best girl anyone could ask for, i love that chick!...
Old Firm Match Postponed By Spl
Old Firm match postponed by SPL O'Donnell played for Celtic between 1994 and 1999 Wednesday's Old Firm match has been postponed as a mark of respect following the death of Motherwell captain Phil O'Donnell. O'Donnell died after collapsing during Saturday's match against Dundee United. The Scottish Premier League decided to postpone the game following a request by O'Donnell's former club Celtic. SPL secretary Iain Blair said: "These are never easy decisions. But we recognise that as a former player, Phil was part of Celtic's extended family." Interview: Former Motherwell manager Tommy McLean Media conference: Rangers manager Walter Smith Media conference: Celtic manager Gordon Strachan Interview: SPL secretary Iain Blair Blair said Celtic requested for the game to be postponed on Monday morning. "After consultation with Rangers we agreed to postpone the Old Firm fixture on 2 January," he added. A date has yet to be set for the game to be played.
Summary Of The Past Year On My Computer
SUMMARY OF THE PAST YEAR ON MY COMPUTER I must send my thanks to whoever sent me the one about rat poop in the glue on envelopes because I now use a wet towel on every envelope that needs sealing. Also, now I scrub the top of every can I open for the same reason. I no longer have any savings because I gave it to a sick girl (Penny Brown) who is about to die in the hospital for the 1,387,258th time. I no longer have any money at all, but that will change once I receive the $15,000 that Bill Gates/Microsoft and AOL are sending me for participating in their special e-mail program. I no longer worry about my soul because I have 363,214 angels looking out for me, and St. Theresa's novena has granted my every wish. I no longer eat KFC because their chickens are actually horrible mutant freaks with no eyes or feathers. I no longer use cancer-causing deodorants even though I smell like a water buffalo on a hot day. I have learned that my prayers only get answered i
The Closing Of A Year
Tonight, brings to a close 2007 and with it alot of things in my life are changing. My very best friend of the last 11 years has turned out to be the biggest disappointment of my life. I do for him and do for him and in 2008 I'm done WITH him. Gentlemen...start your engines...It's open season on yours truely. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
" During The Night Of Sunday Morning
Tb Vs Atlanta- Tbs First Kor For Touchdown. Must See
Happy New Year
Be Safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ronnie Milsap- Stranger In My House
Things U Don't Need To Know!
What kind of lover are you? BarbaricYou have a wild, fierce, and strong animal-like nature behind your lovemaking and that makes you very passionate. When you find the "one" you can give your whole heart to, you give that and then some! It's true that most people say there's no love behind that much fire but that's quite the opposite. You love who you're with and have no problem slamming them down on the sheets and showing them the time of their life! For this, your lover will respond back with the same animal nature and that will show you how much they love you back! For you, it's rough all the way and always very heated and intense!!!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Happy New Year
i almost think it would be easier to hear something so horrible to me that it just makes me numb or sad at first and then allows me to become so i angry i cant care as much oh god i hate this why cant i just be the way i used to be... heartless ..i would give a shitload to be that way again
New Year's Smooch
C'mon, gimme a New Year's smooch!
Visualization is one of the most important qualities needed to perform magick. Visualization and meditation enhance concentration. These 3 things are all necessary skills to posses in Witchcraft and are what we use to strengthen our personal power. Visualization can change negative thoughts into positive ones, make goals into reality, and bring about great clarity of mind. These are the REAL powers of a Witch. These are the skills we use when we encounter problems in daily life. How we strengthen our mind and body to enable ourselves to perform powerful rituals, and yes, even the occasional spell or two. When a Witch performs a spell or ritual, it always has a clear intent. How effective do you think one would be if we couldn't CLEARLY visualize the purpose of it in our head? Not 'wish' for something or 'imagine it', but actually SEE perfect detail. We visualize the result of our intent as we want it to be, and because we know how to visualize we can see it crystal clear. Vis
Happy New Year
I just wanted to wish everyone a great new year
Feeling A Lil Country Tonight
Andre Rieu And Ice Skating
Yule Lore (December 21st) Yule, (pronounced EWE-elle) is when the dark half of the year relinquishes to the light half. Starting the next morning at sunrise, the sun climbs just a little higher and stays a little longer in the sky each day. Known as Solstice Night, or the longest night of the year, much celebration was to be had as the ancestors awaited the rebirth of the Oak King, the Sun King, the Giver of Life that warmed the frozen Earth and made her to bear forth from seeds protected through the fall and winter in her womb. Bonfires were lit in the fields, and crops and trees were "wassailed" with toasts of spiced cider. Children were escorted from house to house with gifts of clove spiked apples and oranges which were laid in baskets of evergreen boughs and wheat stalks dusted with flour. The apples and oranges represented the sun, the boughs were symbolic of immortality, the wheat stalks portrayed the harvest, and the flour was accomplishment of triumph, light, and life.
Just A Cool Pic ;)
On The Air Come Join Me
Yep! My New Theme Music-lol
My Bday Was Alright I Guess..
My birthday was yesterday i turn 22. it went alright went to my parents and ate supper, then went to the stor to get a movie then some junk food. the bitch that cashed us out made me feel so out of place cuss i was with angel and well she started sayin shit to him about his ex and i just feel so out of place sercly wanted to crawl in to a dark hole and hide. She was saying shit about his ex and about how sobable they fucked he was geting so pist and told her to shut up cuss she was disrepecting me. but she kept it up. i wanted to sercly punch the cunt in her face. But other then that it was alright. went home that night watched a movie and past out around 11:30 after it was over with.
I Ask For Guidance And Help
I offer you my heart, Lord God, and I trust you. Don't make me ashamed or let enemies defeat me. Don't disappoint any of your worshipers, but disappoint all deceitgul liars. Show me your paths and teach me to follow; guide me by your truth and instruct me. You keep me safe, and I always trust you. Please, Lord, remember, you have always been patient and kind. Forget each wrong I did when I was young. SHow how truly kind you are and remember me. You are honest and merciful, and you teach sinners how to follow your path. You lead humble people to do what is right and to stay on your path. In everything you do, you re kind and faithful to everyone who keeps our agreement with you. I always look to you, becasue you recuse me from every trap. I am lonely and troubled. SHow that you care and have pity on me. My awful worries keep growing. Rescue me from sadness. See my trouble and misery and forgive my sins. Look at all my enemies! See
Loving For The Woman Only
>>> WYOMING COWBOY >>> >>>>On a Transatlantic flight, a plane passes through a severe storm. The >>>>turbulence is awful, and things go from bad to worse when suddenly, one >>>>wing is struck by lightning. One woman really loses it. >>>> >>>>Screaming, she stands up in the front of the plane. "I'm too young to >>>>die," she wails. Then she yells, "Well, if I'm going to die, I want my >>>>last minutes on earth to be memorable! Is there anyone on this plane >>>>who can make me feel like a WOMAN?" >>>> >>>>For a moment there is silence. Everyone has forgotten his own peril. >>>>They all stare, eyes riveted, at the desperate woman in the front of the plane. >>>> >>>>Then a Cowboy from Wyoming stands up in the rear of the plane. He is >>>>handsome, well built, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He starts to >>>>walk slowly up the aisle, unbuttoning his shirt, one button at a time. >>>> >>>>No one moves. He removes his shirt. Mu
Theme For The Coming Year
It's funny how a song can just grab me because it's inspirational or reflects my life at the moment. Welcome to the planet Welcome to existence Everyone's here Everyone's here Everybody's watching you now Everybody waits for you now What happens next? [Chorus:] I dare you to move I dare you to move I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor I dare you to move I dare you to move Like today never happened Today never happened before Welcome to the fallout Welcome to resistance The tension is here Between who you are and who you could be Between how it is and how it should be [Chorus] Maybe redemption has stories to tell maybe forgiveness is right where you fell Where can you run to escape from yourself? Where you gonna go? Where you gonna go? Salvation is here REL
mwahahahah...I guess the only support forthcoming is going to be from me, so ioncestuous though it seems...Yayy Tony, you rock dude, I just know that you can do it so go go go I am 100% behind you all the way, and when you manage it I am going to give you a huge tongue kiss!
Just Thoughts...................................
Well I must say 2007 was a very trying year with alot of hardships and trials but also full of wonderful memories too......One memory is when I joined CherryTap on May 14th, now its called FUBAR......I have made some great friends and I do appreciate all the kind comments on my profile, and pictures and just to kindess yall have shown me...I have also found out that we come here to have fun and relax .............and alot of times we have BS and too much DRAMA..........Life is too short to have negative feelings and this is the who knows what is real anymore.........All I know is the jealousy that some ppl have because I visit a friends page is just ridiculous......and because of that BS I lost a good friend......But dont worry that wont make me leave FUBAR.....I just decided if I have too I just block the ppl that calls me any problems...........Anyways thankyou for all your friendships and your continued support.....May you all have a very Happy New Year.........
New Years' Resolutions...
I have none. Everytime I make one I break it...well I break them all. I think one of them needs to be that I wont be gullible. But I will be. I just kno myself too well. I believe the wrong people and wont give the good ones a chance. Mostly because I am scared to. I am re-establishing relationships now. I think we need to be slow on those. See what happens. Not rush into it like I have in the past. I have discovered alot here lately about certain ones. Some good some bad...some it just took alot for me to actually see to believe. All in all...2008 I have a feeling will be a much more bumpy ride than my other past years I have had. I can just sense it. I can feel it beyond the norm. Well...what can I life is always a bumpy ride. Maybe I can actually find peace like I have been wanting. Maybe I can actually find the love I need. The life I have been waiting for. I can only hope! Happy New Years' Ya All!
Why Ppl Gotta Get Mad About Pics?
okay, so I had some nsfw pics up..and now I have a boyfriend....we i took them down not because I have a boyfriend but because I was trying to be someone that I wasn' now, I told someone that i was talking about that i have a boyfriend now and they take me off their! some way to show that they even liked talking to you in the first place I guess...I don't care anymore...I probably won't be on here anymore much longer...drama drama drama...oh well, if u are my friend you will not delete me from your friends just because i recently got a new boyfriend and I took my nsfw pics down...anyways, Happy New Year
New Unfinished Poem
Darkness Overcomes us as hearts flow together Lovers embrace lips parted As we hold one another Sweetness that is you feels my life with meaning I lose control of myself my sences wildly screeming
New Years Resolutions...
I have none. Everytime I make one I break it...well I break them all. I think one of them needs to be that I wont be gullible. But I will be. I just kno myself too well. I believe the wrong people and wont give the good ones a chance. Mostly because I am scared to. I am re-establishing relationships now. I think we need to be slow on those. See what happens. Not rush into it like I have in the past. I have discovered alot here lately about certain ones. Some good some bad...some it just took alot for me to actually see to believe. All in all...2008 I have a feeling will be a much more bumpy ride than my other past years I have had. I can just sense it. I can feel it beyond the norm. Well...what can I life is always a bumpy ride. Maybe I can actually find peace like I have been wanting. Maybe I can actually find the love I need. The life I have been waiting for. I can only hope! Happy New Years' Ya All!
Bucs Mma Fight Of The Week- Ufc 79: Nemesis. Chuck "iceman" Liddell Vs Wanderlei "axe Murderer" Silva
Enjoy all. Most anticipated match of 07 Online Videos by
Look To This Day
Look to this day, For it is life, The very life of life. In its brief course lie all The realities and verities of existence, The bliss of growth, The splendor of action, The glory of power--- For yesterday is but a dream, And tomorrow is only a vision, But today, well lived, Makes every yesterday, a dream of happiness, And every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day. Sanskrit proverb by Kalidasa Indian poet and playwright, Fifth century, A.D.
Words to live by when you seem to have nothing !) Every person you meet may seem better off but you have no clue what’s wrong on the inside of him or her or around him or her so treat him or her like family even if they wrong you. 2) What you do have in life is precious and should be loved no matter what even when the world has you against the wall love what you have in your life for you may never have it again. 3) If you seem unable to escape the darkness that surrounds you embrace it and use it to your advantage for in times of strife you can use it to help others with their problems. 4) Time on this rock is very short don’t waste it with what ifs do what you can and do it in love hold what you can and hold it in love and know out there your making a difference even if you cant see it you are. 5) You may think the world hates you but in truth its fear any one who has ever said I hate you means to say I fear you but wont admit it to themselves. 6) Know when to back
Since I Know A Lot Don't Read Bulletins :d
Could you please go rate this most wonderful friend of mine.. he'd like to hit PimP and I've rated everything of his I can all ready :/ BONE**I Ride a Harley not a Barstool**(FU) HUSBAND 2 BKR BABE777@ fubar If you let me know you did I'll buy you a fu-gift. *hugz* ahead of time because I know my friends rock like that!! ~FunkyMunky~♥~ Oh and he's real easy on the eyes ;)
Blah Blah New Year Blah Blah
Yep.. its getting to be about that time.. No resolutions for me, I always ALWAYS break them. Goin to my grandma's house for black eyed peas and cornbread tomorrow. So yeah basically if youre reading this, Happy new year!
Still Alone
well this offically makes the second year in a row im single, this fucking sucks, you try to be a nice guy and its true you always finsish last, well im tired of being a nice guy, i think im just gonna be an asswhole from now on, cause aint nothing getting me anywhere else, it seems people cant accept me for who i am, so im not even gonna try anymore, i just gonna be a royal fucking dick to everyone,later
So for those of you on here who have been wondering where i have been i figured i'd drop a quick update to close out two dub seven. Brandy is still here hence why i haven't been in the mumms or even online too much. I got myself an xbox 360 and halo 3 which is mega-tits sweeeeeeet. Thirdly i broke my wrist and potentially my hand yesterday which makes typing fucking difficult. Anyhoot i hope all of you have a safe and happy new year and get fucked up and have fun tonight. Happy New Year! And if you have xbox and want to play online hit me up with your gamertag.
Please Read Before Requesting To Be A Bad Girl
Yes I Have Said It Before And Will Say It Again..This Is NOT A Group..But Due To Some Problems With Other "Groups"...If You Are In A Group PLEASE MAKE SURE You Are Allowed To Join Sarge's Bad Girls Before You Request To Be Added As A Bad Girl..Thanks In Advance Sgt. Raider (Promoter For Sarge's Bad Girls)
How I Am About Sex:
How are you about sex? (with pics)created with You scored as Passionate/wetYou are a passionate lover. You go with what feels good. Your passion might cause you get wet often even outside of sex but you channel your passion to where you can please your partner. You either have a lot of lust or you just love your partner truely. You can't keep you hands of them and they wouldn't have it any other way. Please rate and comment and tell me what quiz this is when you do! Passionate/wet 90%Exciting/Exotic 70%Hot/hard 60%Shy/Sweet 55%Awkward/New 35%Soft/slow 35%
Happy New Year, Dear Friends!
Almost made this a This and That blog, lol! Dakota, my 13 year old grandson, is really getting into music these days and all the different bands. I have been totally immersed in several bands of late: Disturbed, Buckcherry, and occasional DragonForce. Right now, I'm getting a cram course in Godsmack!! I have learned all the words to Serenity and Voodoo. I think Voodoo is one of may favorites, for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is - I can belly dance to it!! I've worked up a really nifty choreographed bellydance routine to the bloody song, now that I've heard it about 500 times, lol. Too bad my dance instructor makes us use Middle Eastern music only for solos. I have been sick the last 6 days - nasty viral thing! It's amazing how much I can sleep when I don't feel well - that's probably a good thing. I am slowly starting to feel more like myself again. Because of this, I am staying in again tonite! It's been years since I've been out on New Year's Eve - I even got
My Friends Wedding Celebrations
Weddings WHITES: Send out invitations. MEXICANS: Send out maps. WHITES: Receive their invitations 3 months in advance. MEXICANS: Find out about the wedding 1 week before. WHITES: Have seven BridesMaids.. MEXICANS: Have seven Padrinos. WHITES: RSVP their invitation. MEXICANS: Show up with three car loads. WHITES: Go to the wedding AND the reception. MEXICANS: Just go to the reception. WHITES: Have elegant food. MEXICANS: Have arroz, frijoles and birria. WHITES: Order the cake from a bakery. MEXICANS: Have their cake done by la señora down the street. WHITES: Eat the food and cake. MEXICANS: Eat the food and cake....... AND take some home para mañana WHITES: At the reception, they drink wine MEXICANS: At the reception, they drink Coors, Budweiser. Bud Light Bud Ice, Corona, Tecate, Pacifico, Casadores, Patron, Presidente, Jose Cuervo Gusano's, Reposado, etc........ WHITES: Relatives get drunk and pass ou
Please Read Before Requesting To Be A Bad Girl
Due To Some Problems With Other "Groups"...If You Are In A Group PLEASE MAKE SURE You Are Allowed To Join Sarge's Bad Girls Before You Request To Be Added As A Bad Girl..Thanks In Advance Sgt. Raider (Promoter For Sarge's Bad Girls)
My Attn Seeker
I got a thing for a attn seeking whore!LOL.. please go to his page..and check out his blogs..stash! show him lots of love!
Just something ii wrote last night I love you with all my heart; I long for you when we're apart; I wish I could wipe away all your tears; Look you in your eyes and somehow take away all your fears; I wish I could also take away your pain; Love you in such a way that you will know you have everything to gain; I want to take you in my arms and hold you ever tight; Show you that you're the one I love with all my might; I know in my heart you're the best; There is no comparison to the rest; Being with you makes my heart sing; I believe together we could do anything; I'm ever consumed by your presence; It only takes your essence; The chemistry between us is on fire; My love for you will never tire.
Help Yhese People Get Fubuck Rich For The New Year!!
all Of These Great People Are In A Fubucks Give Away Please Stop By And Rate And Comment All you Can! Click Here :D *Paralyzer* ~Bald Punk~ ~LilMsMaria~ CCA~ Mistress Angels 12~LoNg Cool WoMaN iN a BlAcK dRess~ ~ROX~ NoLe Mi TaNgErE ~Metal Baby~ ~Ancient1~ Choose who You Want To Help!! "BOMBS AWAY" AND
Not With A Whimper But A Bang
I do not like the idea that Martha from my perspective lets herself be taken advantage of by her own family or seen as a “soft touch” and it slipped last night. All I said when Martha and her sister Mary were downstairs working on one of her day care projects was that Martha could have asked me to help her instead of leaving me upstairs with Jeffrey. I didn’t think I yelled, I didn’t think I stomped off, but five minutes later I’m at the refrigerator and Martha’s stormed up the stairs and sulks on the couch. “You want to whine about helping me, so help!” I don’t know what to say or do sometimes that my wife will either not take offense to or jump down my throat for having an opinion she doesn’t agree with. The last few nights have actually been excellent ones after getting over the flu bug going around Minot! I found it hard to believe I actually liked the new version of “Hairspray” but when I felt Martha almost daring me to watch it (of course, this is not quid pro quo regardi
Show Some Love Please
Another friend to pimp out! Please add her shes good peoples! Clicky
Protect Me From Enemies
Fight my enemies, Lord! Attack my attackers! Sheild me and help me. Aim your spear at eveyone who hunts me down, but promise to save me. let all who want to kill me be dissapointed and disgraced. Chase away and confuse al lwho plan to harm me. Send your angel after them and let them be like straw in the wind. Make them run in the dark on a slippery wind. as your angel chases them. I did them no harm, but they hid a net to trap me, and they dug a deep pit to catch and kill me. Surprise them with disater! Trap them in their own nets and let them fall and rot in the pits they have dug. Liars accuse me of crimes I know nothing about. They repay evil for good, and I feel all alone. When they were sick, I wore sackcloth and went without food. I truly prayed for THEM, as I would for a friend or a relative. I was i nsorrow and mourned, as I would for my mother. I have stumbled, and worthless liars I don't even know surround me and sneer. W
For Those Who Care To Read...
It's come to the point with all that is going on in my life, I have seen either people have pushed me away or I have pushed them! Fact of the matter is I am upset, but I have no right to make it about you! To many of you, because of the pain and depression I have slipped into, I have messed up my friendships with you. For that, I am wholeheartedly sorry, and I understand if our friendship, much like my heart, is dead! Thus, I am also gonna go into exile! I think some soul searching is in order, and this being once known as an angel needs to find himself once again! I know I am not the same as I was nor will I ever be, but there's gotta be something better than what I am now! So to those I hurt, I am sorry! I wish I can go back and undo any damage, and if you don't want to work on repairing in the future, there's nothing I can do to change your mind...I will just wish you all the best!
Please Comment/ Rate?i Am In 2 Contest
I am in 2 contests at this time can you please stop by and rate/comment as many as you can??I am greatfull and love will be returned!!Muahzzzzzz to all my fubar friends!! CCA
I will never forget the days we once had The days when you were everything to me My mind used to tell me we'd be together forever But now I realize that was all a big dream The feelings I have for you will never go I wish I could take back that one regretful day The day when I willingly let you slide from my arms Never did I think of the astonishing pain of regrets That I would once have to live through The sight of you in someone else's arms Makes my heart shatter into a million pieces I sometimes wonder if you still think of me Or if to you, I'm just a face in the crowd I wish so very much that one day we can have it all back But for now, I'll sit here silently Remembering all the memories we once shared Everyday my love grows much stronger Hoping that one day you will feel the same And put back the pieces of my broken heart.
Heart And Soul
Heart and soul Heart and Soul I saw you again today, and my feelings, I can't control. The feelings that I have for you, fill up my heart and soul. Every word you speak to me, I treasure deep inside, and I feel my love grow stronger, a love I no longer can hide. Every little touch you give, makes my heart beat out of control, and no one knows these feelings, except my heart and soul.
A Naughty Poem
A NAUGHTY POEM A Naughty Little Poem She whispered 'will it hurt me? ' 'Of course not' answered he 'It's a very simple process, You can rely on me.' She said 'I'm very frightened, I've not had this before. My friend has had it five times And said it can be sore.' It was growing rather painful Tears formed in her eyes It was hurting quite a bit now It must have been a size. 'Calm yourself' he whispered 'His face filled with a grin 'Try and open wider So I can get it in.' 'It's coming now' he whispered 'I know' she cried in bliss Feeling it deep within her now She said 'I am glad I'm having this.' And with a final effort She gave a frightened shout He gripped it in anguish And quickly pulled it out. She lay back quite contended Sighed and gave a smile She said 'I'm glad I came now You made it worth my while.' Now if you read this carefully The dentist you will find Is not what you imagined It's just your dirty mind! !
12-31-07 42nd Entry
Don't really have much to tell as of this point. I have my 5th weigh in either this week or next then there is only 1 more to go. Sure has been a long wait. I'm pretty sure I've gained some weight back again. Not surprising with the holidays and trying to quit smoking again. Yea, smoking, the bane of my life 2nd to the weight. I'm very frustrated again with not being able to get completely off the smokes. I'm so bored all the time now all I want to do is eat and smoke. Makes me wonder what is going to happen after the surgery. Will I stay this same way? Or will I actually get out of the house and start leading a "normal" life. I'm scared that I won't and all the hell I've been putting myself through is going to be wasted. *sighs* Obviously today is not a good day emotionally for me. I pawsativly HATE new years. Eventually though, I'm not gonna be able to stay a hermit because....... I meet someone a few weeks ago (online) and he actually asked if he could be
Don't tell me you love me if you are not sincere For a lie that strong can ruin my life and bring on a new fear. Fear to be loved, fear to love ever again It can cause my fragile heart to break, tear and bend. Think of all in life that will be missed because of one small broken promise So, when I put all of my trust deep within you Please don't tell me you love me, unless you truly do.
New Year O8
A Dream Come True
A DREAM COME TRUE Feelings that once were hidden Are now expressed to you. Days that once were stormy Are now the brightest blue. Times that once were lonely Are now filled with pleasure. All that once was mine alone Are now things we both treasure. Nights that once were cold Are now comforting and warm. Fears that once were very real Are now gone with the storm. A heart that once was broken Can now finally mend. A person once alone in life Can now call you a friend. Dreams that once were longed for Are now all coming true. The love I once thought was gone I have now and forever in you
For Blazed At After Hours
i will pray for you while your in trainingMySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes
New Years Eve
Happy new year everyone, Be happy be safe.
God Is In Control
You people may be strong and brag about your sins, but God can be trusted day after day. YOu plan brutal crimes, and your lying words cut like a sharp razor. You would rather do evil than good, and tell lies than speak the truth. You love to say cruel things, and words are a trap. God will destory you forever! He will grab you and drag you from your homes, You will be uprooted and left to die. When good people see this fearsome sight, they will laugh and say, "Just look at them now! Instead of trusting God. they trusted their wealth and their cruelty." But I am like an olive tree growing in God's house, and I can count on his love forever and ever. I will always thank God fo what he has done; I will praise his good name when his people meet.
I used to dream of eyes so blue And loving arms to hold me. I used to dream of heroic heroins And how gracious they would be. I used to dream of how I wouldn’t settle For anything less than best. I used to dream of how she would majestically Lay all fears to rest. I used to dream of fairy tales, How wondrous would they be I used to dream of story books All patterned after me. I used to dream of a lot of things, But the moment I met you, I immediately stopped dreaming, Because all of my dreams came true.
I Don't Know
Tammie@ fubar
Miss Tubbies Saying "i Want"
Betrayed By A Friend
Listen, God, to my prayer! Don't reject my request. Please listen and help me. My thoughts are troubled, and I keep groaning becasue my loud enemies shout and attack. They treat me terribly and hold angry grudges. My heart is racing fast, and I am afraid of dying. I am trembling and fear, completly terrified. I wish I had wings like adove, so I could fly far away and be at peace. I would go and live in some distant desert. I would quickly find shelter from howling winds and raging storms. Confuse my enemies, Lord! Upset their plans. Cruelty and violence are all I see in the city, and they are like guards on patrol day and night. The city is full of trouble, evil, and corruption. Troublmakers and liars freely roam the streets. My enemies are not the ones who sneer and make fun. I could put up with that or even hide from them. But it was my closet friendm the one i trusted most. We enjoyed being together, and we went with others to your
8 Qualities For A Perfect Husband
Brave Intelegent Gentle Polite Energetic Nutty Industrious Sensitive If all else fails, Well... read the CAPITAL letters ONLY!!!
Only God Knows Why :(
Only God Knows Why by Kid Rock I've been sittin' here Tryin' to find myself I get behind myself I need to rewind myself Lookin' for the payback Listen for the playback They say that every man bleeds just like me And I feel like number one Yet I'm last in line I watch my youngest son And it helps to pass the time I take too many pills It helps to ease the pain I made a couple of dollar bills still I feel the same Everybody knows my name They say it way out loud A lot of folks fuck with me It's hard to hang out in crowds I guess that's the price you pay To be some big shot like I am Outstretched hands and one night stands Still I can't find love And when your walls come tumbling down I will always be around And when your walls come tumbling down I will always be around People don't know bout the things I say and do They don't understand about the shit that I've been through It's been so long since I've been home I've been gone, I've been gone far way too lo
Another Wiccan Site Here On Fubar!!!
Wiccans of the World Unite@ fubar
Sick Of It
once a man told me its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. he must not have loved. the pain of lost love is worse than any. it actually has the ability to kill.
The no virgin, freak in the bed, dominant in relationships, sexxi, always wants the last word, someone loves them right now, caring, easy to talk to, everything you ever wanted, easy to please, smart, intelectual, the one and only...
The Most Important Blog You May Ever Read!!
How You Became A Commodity The Creation Of Constructive Trusts And the Solution Copyright 1997 By Ed McCabe With many thanks to Howard Griswold The 14th Amendment to the Constitution created a secondary class of citizens so the slaves could become federal citizens and be "freed." The only problem today, is that most people have been duped into giving up their Sovereignty to become second class federal citizens. In America we are born American Nationals, and do not become federal citizens unless we legally are duped into swearing allegiance to the federal state. Trouble is, nobody tells us this, because New World Order society planners want to enslave us to the federal debt we did not create, and make us pay and pay because they maneuvered the United States into bankruptcy in the 1930's. We have been sold into economic slavery. Not just "we," but specifically your own personal body has been sold without anyone telling you. There are many definitions of The United States.
I can't help but laugh whenever I read about some guy who came to the club expecting a whorehouse. Guys, I go to the club to get fucked. Now, I know you do too, so why is that you AREN'T getting lucky? The Reel One club is just that. A great place to meet people in a pleasant social environment, get to know them, and deciding whether or not to get more intimately involved. I know I speak for most of the ladies when I itemize things that will NOT get your johnson drained: You are NOT Don Juan, so don't try to impress me that you are. Be yourself, first, foremost, and actual. REAL turns me on, not the size of your willie! Don't go to the club expecting to get screwed. You might, but it's not going to be a guaranteed sure thing. You actually have to let someone get to know you, get turned on by you, and then invite you. Whipping your dick out in someone's face might just get it bit! Or worse, laughed at! Opening lines should NOT start with, "Wanna go get a room
True love is when you shed a tear and still want him!!! It's when he ignored you and you still love him. It's when he loves another but you still smile and say "I'm happy for you" but all you do is cry...
When A Girl...
Whe na girl bumps into your arm while walking she wants you to hold her hand. When she wants a hug she will just stand there. When you break her heart, she still feels it when you walk into each other 3 years later. When a girl is quiet, millions of things are going through her mind. When a girl is not arguing she is thinking DEEPLY! When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around. When a girl anwers "I'm Fine" after a few seconds, she is not fine! When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are so wondiful. When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers FOREVER! When a girl says "she can't live without you, she has made up her mind... you are her future. When a girl says "I miss you" no one in the worl can miss you more than that. When a girl is mean to you after a break-up, she wants you back, but she is scared she'll get hurt and knows you're gone!!!
~happy New Year Fubar~
Happy New Year
Happy New Year, everyone! I'm going out and having funness in tonight after all. :-p
Happy New Year!!!
I Would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! I will be working so I will not have time to send all of you each something. So I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year!!! LOVE ~B~
Ok On New Years Eve Are You Drinking Beer Or Liquor So Are You Having A Wild Beer Keg Party With Family-n-Friends Or Are You Having A Really Nice Elegant Liquor Drink Party With Friends-n-Family Vs.
Happy New Yrs Eve
Just wanting to wish everyone a happy New Year! How are you all gonna celebrate? I barely drink much so we won't be doing that. We are gonna go out skiing. I think we will take the boys.. be there first time.. woo hoo!
Three Dead Bodies
Three Dead Bodies Three dead bodies turn up at the mortuary, all with very big smiles on their faces. The coroner calls the police to tell them what has happened. "First body: Frenchman, 60, died of heart failure whilst making love to his mistress. Hence the enormous smile, Inspector", says the Coroner. Put your ad here! "Second body: "Scotsman, 25, won a thousand pounds on the lottery, spent it all on whiskey. Died of alcohol poisoning, hence the smile. "The Inspector asked, "What of the third body?" "Ah," says the coroner, "this is the most unusual one. Billy-Bob the redneck from Arkansas, 30, struck by lightning." "Why is he smiling then?" inquires the Inspector. "Thought he was having his picture taken."
Top 10 New Year's Resolutions
Happy New Year's Day to all my fans, friends and family! Hope 2008 is a great year for you! Much luv to you! Linda Top 10 New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep [ Rate This Joke! ] (Added: 29-Dec-2005 Rating: 2.67 Votes: 6 ) 10. Read less. 9. I want to gain weight. Put on at least 30 pounds. 8. Stop exercising. Waste of time. 7. Watch more TV. I've been missing some good stuff. 6. Procrastinate more. 5. Drink. Drink some more. 4. Start being superstitious. 3. Spend more time at work. 2. Stop bringing lunch from home: I should eat out more. 1. Take up a new habit: maybe smoking!
New Years Eve Happy Hour
I am sponsoring a Happy Hour this evening at 8:00P PST. Stop by for a drink and leave me some New Year Cheer.
Morphs For The Ka-tet
Ok, folken, I've decided that, for the new year, I'll make the members of the tet a free morph no questions asked. You pick your pics and I'll do the work. Just let me know which ones you want and I'll take care of the rest. If anyone else is looking for a morph, I'd be willing to make it for you but it will have to be first come, first serve and my Ka-tet comes first regardless. Long days and pleasant nights to all, Dinh Raven Lonewolf. The Dark Tower Tet Contents
New Year
Well, supposedly at 12:01 AM on 1 January, everyone starts out with a clean slate. There are parts of me that like to think that, but I know that too often, everyone carries over everything that you did the previous year. So, I say, let's start over clean on the 1st. Let's all try to be better to each other. Let's all quit being buttholes. Let's all delete our accounts and start over as FNGs. Let's all go out, find some clean new hobby to keep us occupied. Let's all remember those things that drove us nuts last year, and forgive those who transgressed us. Let's all go up to someone we usually don't talk to, and tell them that they are welcome in our lives. Now, time for reflection on the past year in my life. A few events stick out in my mind. I worked 3 jobs, 1 full time, two part times. I was Active Duty all year, and worked part time cleaning offices at work after duty hours, and also did Moonbounces on the weekend. It kept me busy, but k
Good Ridence 2007!!!
Its been a rough year for some a great one for others, Me personally im glad the shit is DONE SON! 2008 is in full blaze Step Up Yuh GAME!!!! Leaving all the drama behind, moving on to bigger and better things. Life is A bitch and Baby Gyul Learned how to fuck her REAL HARD!!! Im doing it, and to all that stood by me through it all I LOVE YOU TIL THE DAY I DIE!!! My new Peeps, thnx for keeping it real and showing me that the world aint so bad after all. You all know who you are. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! kayKay-{FLY LYK WE!}
So Are You Getting Drunk On New Years Ok My Fubar Friends Are You Getting Drunk Tonight Or Are You Playing That Sober Role Oh I Can’t Drink Because I Don’t Know When To Stop I Just Finish Rehab LoL Ha Ha He-He ! $ PRICELESS $ Buried at
Invitation Requests
Well the emails are pouring in for requests to get an invitation for the annual West VA Pimp N Ho Ball party coming up March 1st 2008. Today is the deadline to get ya name on the mailing list if you area wanting an invitation be mailed out to you for West Va's wildest and craziest party of the year. Pimpdaddy would also like to wish everyone a happy and safe New Years tonight. Please don't be a dumbass and drink and drive. If you get caught driving drunk, you deserve it...plain and simple.
New Years
Hope all my friends on FUBAR have a very good New Years.
Come On In And Bite The Bullet
Happy New Year To All Of My Friends...
PROFILESANTA.COM Well friends,another year has come and is almost gone.I hope you all have a very HAPPY NEW YEARS celebration and if you drink please be safe and don't drive,if not for your sake then for someone Else's!There are too many accidents that could have been avoided because someone thinks that they have not had too much to drink and they get behind the wheel.EVEN ONE DRINK IS TOO MANY!!!PLEASE think of your fellow man/woman before getting behind the wheel. I ponder on the things of this pass year and some I wish I could change but most I am very happy to have the memories.I don't make new years resolutions because I don't believe in them for one thing and even if I did I could never keep one so why make it lol..I love all of you and wish for you nothing but love,happiness,peace and prosperity in the up coming year. I have my daughter and her boyfriend coming over tonight so I won't be back online this evening but I did want to wi
Lounge Time. There is the link for the NEW and IMPROVED Stinkeye Radio Lounge. We would love for you all to join us for the New Year. 2008 will mark 3 years of us spinnin the great hits that you know and love. You ask us to play anything and we will do it. No matter what it is. From 1950's to now. Our motto is: YOU NAME IT, WE PLAY IT! So come on over and join us.
Who's Gonna Fight For Me?
Save me, God! Protect me from my enemy attacks! Keep me safe from brutal people who want to kill me. Merciless enemies, Lord, are hiding and plotting, hoping to kill me. I have not hurt them in any way at all. But they are ready to attack. Do something! Help me! Look at what's happening. Lord God All-Powerful, you are the God of Israel. Punish the other nations and don't pity those terrible and rebellious people. My enemies return at evening, growling like dogs roaming the city. They curse and thei rwords cut like swords, as they say to themselves, "No one can hear us!" You, Lord, laugh at them and sneer at the nations. You are my mighty fortress, and I depend on you. You love me and will let me see my enemies defeated. Don't kill them, or everyone may forget! Just use your mighty power to make them tremble and fall. You are a shield for your people. My enemies are liars! So let them be trapped by thier boastful lies. Get angry and d
With All My Love & Gratitude...xoxoxo
******************************************** I just want to thank each & every one of dear family & friends...for making 2007 such a wonderful year for me. You are all so loving & giving...and I so appreciate you! Thanks again for being there when I needed support & understanding...& for always bringing a smile to my face....& especially my heart! I'm so looking forward to spending 2008 with you...God bless you always! Much love & hugs...Loey
Life's Greatest Secret
Life's Greatest Secret I don't know anyone who doesn't want a life filled with love. In order for this to happen, the effort must start within us. Rather than waiting for the other people to provide the love we desire, we must be a vision and the source of love. We must tap into our own loving-kindness in order to set an example for others to follow suit. It has been said that "the shortest distance between two points is an intention". This is certinaly true with regard to a life filled with love. The starting point or foundation of a life filled with love is the desire and commitment to be a source of love. Our attitude, choices, acts of kindness, and willingness to be the first to reach out will take us toward this goal. The next time you find yourself frustrated at the lack of love in the world, try an experiment. Forget about the world and other people for a few minutes, instead, look into your own heart. Can you become a source of greater love? Can you think loving thoughts o
Happy New Year
Happy New Year, folks :D Jonathan Coulton-Resolutions
Happy New Year !!
More Sexy Comments & Graphics
What Handgun Fits You Best?created with You scored as Glock 20Glock 20. This handgun fires 15 10mm Auto rounds. It is the one semiautomatic service pistol that ever stood up to the hammering of the commanding 10mm Auto cartridge in long term sustained shooting. The Glock 20 delivers accuracy and maximum durability while controlling recoil. It is "10mm power in full size format." Glock 20 100%Desert Eagle 100%1911 83%Beretta 92FS 67%Glock 19 50%
Wedding In Aftershock 8pm Est
Happy New Year
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~ Compassion Of Soldiers ~
soldiers helping children this collage shows another side of the soldiers. a side of compassion and love. a break from the firefight we are used to seeing
Last Day Of 2007
It is the last day of 2007. I am ready for The New Year and my resolution is to look back at 2007 and make sure 2008 is even better than 2007. So here is it Leo's last Horoscope for 2007. Monday, December 31, 2007 Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22) You must be careful, for your desire for pleasure may outweigh your need to be responsible. Fortunately, you can probably make it through this time without getting into too much trouble. Unfortunately, you might not be able to enter your anticipated garden of delight. Patience is crucial; if you can wait, you will likely get what you want. Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!!!
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~ A Bond Between Heroes ~
Iraqi Children and American Combat Infantrymen bonding....A bond formed in the human spirit with an honest unbias compassion and acceptance.. serving as an example to our children of what a Hero does and the truth of the compassion of the American Combat Infantryman
"why The Fuck"
I'm tired of it all these days have jus gotten really hard how is life goes on with families living pay check to pay check Im tired of a world were we get two check behind and the debt builds high lifes hard school stuff I pull my head up high some ask me with the town we're in "Why the Fuck" do I try cuz I see a life better and the hardships are there to let you know your living ya Im hateing life but I'm moving Foward and thats "Why the Fuck" why... "Why the Fuck" I try Lifes tuffs learn from it hold close to you whats dear lock out the fear hold yuor head up and try thats "Why the Fuck" why...
So I'm going to delete everyone on my friends list who doesn't have a Salute because my sons father has gone completely crazy, and I can't trust anyone, even if I've spoken to you hundreds of times. Sorry. Besides, you should have a salute anyway, right? xoxo, Stephanie.
New Years Booze!!!
In light of the fact that I would love to be a bartender with dyed Blue hair, a half sleeve of sexy tattoos on my right arm (That compliments the 8 piercings that I already have) and call myself "Starlight".......I thought I would share with you all some fantastic New Years Booze recipes: "Skaal" everyone (And tell me how they turned out :) ) Name Pure Drunk Ingredients 1 oz. Jack Daniels 2 oz. Jim Beam 1/2 oz. 5 O'Clock Vodka 1 1/2 oz. Dry Gin 1 oz. Jagermeister Sprite (to taste) Instructions: Pour Liquor into blender and mix. Pour Sprite into blender and mix again. Pour into glass, put in three straws and drink through said straws....slowly Name Porn Star Ingredients 0.5 oz. Raspberry SourPuss 0.25 oz. Melon Liquer 0.25 oz. Blue Curaco Instructions This is a shooter served best shaken on ice. Shoot and enjoy. Name Pink Panocha Ingredients 1 part Bacardi Limon 1 part Watermelon Schnapps 1/2 part sweet and sour splash of soda Instructions Shake w
Hippo Radio Wants YOU! Yes YOU!!... Do you like music?... love to entertain people? Then We WANT YOU!! Hippo Radio is a small internet based radio station, based in Scotland in the UK, It was set up to give a disabled woman do something creative with her time as she is mostly housebound It is run by her daughter & her daughters partner, where we try to make it a fun & stress free place to work & have fun! We play any genre of music from hard rock to soul, jazz to pop... anything goes! We also like to play the unknown's... who we call our featured artists...& we have some pretty good ones too The Hippo herself is pretty fond of Ron Rutherford... & the S K Wirl likes Fred Guggenerger both of whom can be heard on Hippo Radio! The Hippo & SK Wirl... are the main owners of Hippo.. in otherwords they pay for us to play -lol- If you think you could be a Dj with us to help us expand & give the listeners a little sunshine in their lives then email us at webmaster@hipp
A New Year
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The Lost Ones
i am sitting here listening to some of my cds i have missed you Waylon and Chris no more will you grace us whith new songs please sing your song sweet music man
Reflections Current mood: rejuvenated Category: Life Well this has been one long and crazy year. So much has happened. I left my boyfriend, moved into a new house and met the man of my dreams. If you had asked me this time last year where do I think I would be in a year, this is not where I thought I would be. I am glad I have made those choices to better my life. If I had not I would have never met either Brian or Beth. They are two of the greatest people to come into my life. And its been great being able to reconnect with my old friends and actually be able to hang out with them again. I couldn't do that before. No one wanted to be around me earlier this year, for certin reasons. I want to say thank you all my friend and family who supported me when I was going through that rough time. I am happy with the decision that I made. I have now moved on to much better things. Brian treats me VERY well, as well as the kids. They are getting closer to him. I just feel so
Birthday Insainity
pushed and pulled love and hate it is what it is is it fate another year older a little colder left alone like a broken dream I look down thee stream of my life and wonder why I have to feel this pain is so sureal hope for the future but can't look past all the pain that has smacked my ass another year done turned by the sun I wish I had it in me just to run alas I cannot I am not built like that I can't leave behind the little my mind I know THAT feeling all to well thinkn of it makes my eyes swell I wonder if one day things will be different then this hell I prey for strength but feel very weak not dead yet, and I know I can walk this street I allways have never broken but I look to something to call a token.... fucked up inside and out... have no doubt this cats a trip without a whip more passion then most but I'll never boast its not within its not my style I will never stop walking that mile....
Sex Sign
Aries You are so full of energy, you constantly attract hotties, and you are always the dominant one in the sack. It is very easy for you approach people because you have so much confidence and you are very forward about your feelings.You are very likely to have lots of sexual partners, (sometimes all at once), and be the most sexually experienced of any of your friends.Sex matches: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius 'What is your Sexual Zodiac?' at
~ Female Chase Suspect Rams Police Car ~
A woman led police on a car chase in Hawthorne , south of LA. The chase ended when she swung around and hit a police car head-on.
The Atheist And The Marine
THE ATHEIST AND THE MARINE ( this doesn't get any better) A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the courses had a professor who was a vowed atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, 'God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes.' The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, 'Here I am God. I'm still waiting.' It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his Chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him; knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor eventually came
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Hello Everyone
ive got a place for u all to visit please just check it out for me this is a great place to be and we definitely need good ppl
Blow Job
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Happy Newyear To All!
Looking back on the months gone by, As a new year starts and an old one ends, We contemplate what brought us joy, And we think of our loved ones and our friends. Recalling all the happy times, Remembering how they enriched our lives We reflect upon who really counts, As the fresh and bright new year arrives. And when I ponder those who do, I immediately think of you. Thanks for being one of the reasons I'll have a Happy New Year! Love Kerry
Do You Really Mean It When You Say You
to go through the shit i have had to go through in the last few months? I've been told, yes, i know what your going through, or yeah i know.... blah blah wtfever... Let me get this off my chest before i just spontaniously combust... Well, I left my husband of 5 years, bj, this past august, yest just a few months ago. moved back with my parents in north carolina. that right there is hard too, but better than living with bj. then one night after a particularly big fight over the phone with bj, mom and i went to the local watering hole for a few drinks and man bashing... low and behold i meet a man, craig. i had been catching up with old friends and making new ones and fall completely head over heels in love with craig. a few weeks into it, he makes up all this shit saying he doesn't believe i'm being honest in our relationship, so i drop just about everyone... till i find out 2 months later he had been sleeping with his ex the whole time. well, she lives in myrtle beach, s
Wierd Ear
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No Drama Zone
I cant stand the drama on this site, some ppl take things to seriously. I once thought this place was fun and great I have met some wonderful friends on here that i would help in a heartbeat if they asked me. I'm not sure i can stay here much longer if this drama keeps up people making remarks about my husband ( Hey i will be first to say he has said some things to people that i dont agree with but who hasnt ) I will not stand by and have someone talk bad about husband. I can only take so much until i snap. So to all my family friends & fans I wish you all this new year please dont drink and drive! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Happy New Year!!!!
Happy New Year everyone. It has been a rather rough year for me, well not the entire year, just the last several months because of my boys. They have put me and my husband through a lot with school and getting into trouble. It is fixable so I will not worry about it too much. They just need to be put back on the right track. I started this fubar thing back in February of this year when it was Cherrytap. It seemed like once they changed the name, some of the fun left with the name. I had to change my entire profile and start all over again because of a psycho but it was for the better. Having a 100 friends vs 3,500 friends is much nicer. The most important thing that this site has brought to me is......Martin. We have a very special relationship and hopefully some day we will meet, it is inevitable. Whether it be in this life or the afterlife. I have also met some other special people as well and have become close friends with them. Kim, Melissa, Jade, and Bart to n
Everyone Here
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bloggs real or bots?
New Year~~ New Start~~~
Smile and the world will smile with you!~ I wanted to remind myself! I Am woman Hear me roar! Also reminding myself! Today is New Years Eve, I am not making no promises to myself, I am reminding Myself that life is always ups and downs! That there are no promises and there can never be a sure thing! I have been thru some really bad things this past year, But I am still alive! All the games all the hurt all those promises I was given are gone! Today I am moving forward this next year is for me! No one and nothing is ever going to hurt me again! I am in control and if someone or something comes at me with a promise or a game , dont bother ! I am the guardian of my life and will not let this crap enter my life again! I wish all My dear friends a Very Happy New Year! Thank You for being that a friend! For all the ones that have been my Support and given me love I wish you the best for you because you deserve it more than anyone you deserve happiness!
Happy New Years All..!!
Hope you all have a Happy new year, And may all your new years dreams come true.
123107 Dilbert
I Am So Happy
These last few days has been the happiest of my life. I met this wonderful woman. She fills me with love. She is the love of my life, that I do not doubt. I love each minute with her, and can't ever get enough. Like an addict she is my drug. As I look at my life now and then, I can see how lucky I am. She fills my dreams and makes me feel complete, I never want another. Thank you and I Love you Babygirl.
Happy New Year From Me !!
WELL, I just wanted to wish all my friends and Fans here at FUBAR a Happy New Year !! Free at Anyone care to join me?
Fake Pics
Ok, im not talking about the fake titties and whatnot. I'm talking about how you say your bob smith from anytown u.s. and you got a pic of say.....brett favre. Are you that ugly? Are you ashamed of your looks? It would be all good if you idolize brett favre, but it is hard to do when you think the green bay packers are a gay men review and not the pro football team brett is the QB for! And this goes for the women( who do it more than men)too. And you expect me to rate your pic and profiles truthfully. Then you get all pissy when I rate you a 3 cause your not Britney Spears(like you profile leads us to believe) and your the exact opposite. Whaaaaa......I'm fucking ugly but i've got my REAL pic up and i'm not telling you i'm Vin Diesel of such. Maybe I'm just secure in the fact that I'm me and not anyone else! Anywho----for all the "10"'s ive deserve it! To the rest......I will only rate the real pam anderson a 10 and the rest......I think you get it!
Have had people showing up on the list of people I viewed... only to have them disappear later.
Thinking Out Loud .. Something I Do Alot
Just thinking... No matter how tough and strong you think you are, there is something or someone that brings you to your senses. My day started normal for the most part today, then something strange happened. I sudden wave of sadness came over me. I was thinking of a time I had spent with someone I cared for very much and still do to this day. It was a happy time that I wish I could have back, but sadly never will. I don't know why this thought creeped into my head, but it was there, nagging me. Soon after the sadness was the would, could and should have with a dash of self hate. I had realized what happened, it was my conscious (or God take your pick) teaching me a lesson. The lesson is be mindful to those who seem to be selfish, but instead are merely passionate. Tough love doesn't work
Wo0t Goodtimes
Attention!!Dj Goodtimes Is on air! ohh yeah come in and show him some love So click the pics and come in and say hi!! Today!
Seeing The Country
one thing i found out about truck driving is u and can see the country..and me alway alone.would be nice to have a nice female to ride with me
Love And Pain
"I LOVE YOU". Those three little words that originally molded me into the man I thought I wanted to be, have become nothing more than a constant verbal reminder that words are only as true as the person using them. For years I've wished, prayed and hoped that one day I would be able to experience this feeling that for so long seemed to be the emotion that to so many, made life worth living. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED...unfortunately. I realized that love, much like anything else worth having, has it's side effects. Two of these hidden by-products are PAIN and TRUST. These two are synonymous with LOVE. I've done so much with so little for so long that I could practically do anything with nothing...except LOVE. I always had faith. I always believed that anything was possible...until now. Obviously this is one of those "She ripped my heart out of my chest with her cold hands and broke it into tiny little pieces so I'll never trust another woman again for as long as I live!" blogs,
Body Paint Contest
[ photo: 1956749619 ]
Inner Thoughts
The kindest most generous behavior we can choose is taking responsibility for ourselves, for what we think,feel,want,and need. The most beneficial act we can perform is to be true to ourselves,and let others take responsibility for themselves. Our best is good enough....It may be better than we think. Even our failures may turn out to be important learning experiences that lead directly to-and are necessary for an upcomming success. Feel the fear, then let it go....Jump in and do it-whatever it is. If our instincts and path have led us there, it's exactly where we need to be! I will participate in life to the best of my ability....Regardless of the outcome...that makes me a winner! It is easy to be negative about our past mistakes and unhappiness. But it's much more healing to look at ourselves and our past in the light of experience, acceptance,and growth. Our past is a series of lessons that advance us to higher levels of living and loving. The relationships we entered,
Body Pain Contest
u=1069468&i=1956749619" target=_blank> Please Help me win this contest, need as many comments as possible before midnight tonight, PST.
Love The Asains....
Why it's important to understand English I had a bunch of Canadian dollars I needed to exchange, so I went to the currency exchange window at the local bank. I stood in the short line. Just one lady in front of me. . .an Asian lady who was trying to exchange yen for dollars and she was a little irritated. She asked the teller, "Why it change?? Yesterday, I get two hunat dolla fo yen. Today I get hunat eighty?? Why it change?" The teller shrugged his shoulders and said, "Fluctuations." The Asian lady says, "Fluc you white people, too!"
New Years Eve Opie And Anthony Links: Jim Norton Live On Long Island, Chris Rock At Msg, New Podcasts Online, New Boobs On Ratemywow, New Videos Onlin
Happy ALMOST New Year, boys and girls! It's December 31st, 2007, and you know what that means, dontcha? Thaaat's right! Tonight around 11pm, Dick Clark is going to be mumbling something semi-intelligible as the big crystal ball drops in Times Square. Should be some fun video, don't you think? If you don't have any New Years plans, you have a few options: See JIM NORTON LIVE on New Years Eve - Tickets On Sale: Spend New Year's Eve with the one and only Jim Norton from the Opie and Anthony Show as he takes the stage at North Fork Theater at Westbury!GET TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Our new pal Chris Rock is going to be doing a New Years show at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN (Click for Tickets!!) NEW BOOBS ON RATEMYWOW: Thanks again to our west coast buddies Yoshi and Brandon Iron, who is promoting Sperm Cocktail and Cover My Face, we have a new WOW photo of Smeagol..., err...Leigh Malvo (Ladies, get YOUR pics in TODAY, but remember: No WOW in Photo = Not Getting On Site): RateMyWoW: Leig
You Don’t See Me
I see you staring at me, but you never truly see. why I love you, oh, so much, when you're so out of touch. Feelings that we could have shared, you flung behind without a care. It seems so hard to let you go, and the process is so slow. I don't know whether I should stay, and waste another day away. I do know, though, that all this pain, will soon drive me insane. You don't feel me loving you, and you just can't seem to get a clue. You don't see me cry inside, and in you I know I can't confide. Yet still I find that you are blind, to things meant to be kind. You know nothing of my fears, and are unaware of all my tears. I know I really can't deny, things I feel as I look you in the eye. So who will help me make it though? Who will tell me what to do? How come every time I see your face, for me there's never any space? Maybe someday you'll see me differently, so until then, I'll be waiting silently.
2007.. And Looking Ahead
I'm determined to make 2008 a positive year. 2007 was pretty crappy. I think with 2007 I started off on such a low after Carrie's games that I just never got back on my feet. I felt lost from the beginning.. lost and confused. The trouble was that I continued the trend throughout the year. I was distracted from work and from life itself. Towards the end I found a best friend, one that was a real life best friend, I thought. How that story ends is something yet to be seen. While there were so many failures in 2007, adversity makes a person grow stronger if they face it and learn from it. So what can I change in 2008? Well at times I think being more cautious in trusting people would be a start, I don't think it will happen. That's just who I am.. I believe in people. And I forgive. But maybe what I can do is take those things that happen, deal with them better and then put them aside. I worry too much about fixing things. But one cannot fix things when it takes 2 to fix
More Than Passion
More Than Passion Silently she awakes and gazes upon him there. She sees him sleeping peacefully and longs to hold him near. She reaches out her trembling hand to gently touch his face. Remembering short hours ago, sharing love's embrace. He stirs just then and spies her tender. loving stare. Then places his hand over hers, stunned at the extent of her care. Their eyes never leave each other as she caresses his soft skin. She smiles at him slightly as she moves closer to him. He takes her in his arms placing a kiss upon her cheek. She turns her head slowly, his lips for her to seek. A subtle moan escapes her as his hand explores anew. Passions kiss intensifies as their rhythmic dance ensues. He proclaims his love for her as he kisses her wanting neck. She moves her hands over him finally to rest upon his chest. Feeling her velvet secret engulf him again and again, And feels her building climax escaping from her then. She arches back, catches his eyes adoring their al
I've Heard You Call
I've heard you call I've seen you fall A million times. So full of pain I've seen it rain just like the tears that fall from your eyes. I've seen the fear you try hide. In that tide of broken dreams let's mend the seams that have come undone. So you can fly you wont need to sigh or say goodbye, cause I'll be here to chase away your fears. You can dry your tears. I've heard you call and I've seen you fall Don't be sad and don't feel bad we all fall sometimes get up and start again. The race has just begun. Here comes the sun. I've heard you call I've seen you fall. So dry your tears no need to fear, for i am here I've heard you call I'll pick you up when you fall. So spread your wings I've heard you call I've seen you fall Don't be sad don't feel bad, we all fall sometimes. I've heard you call I've seen you fall, but i am here to pick you up when you fall. Wipe away the tears no need to fear I am here I've heard you call.
Even Today Finds Me Being Alone
Sitting on the floor next to your crib, Getting lost in the darkness and the rhythm or your breathing. I sit and reflect on the past year from everything that has been done to even all that has been said, I watch over you with an uncertainty about what lies ahead. The New Year is fast approaching the hours and now minutes counting down, The ball will be dropping soon downtown. With one more minute for the New year to arrive, I should be up and feeling alive. The house is empty not even a sound, Wishing he thought more of us and wanted to be around. You'd Think I would be used to his absence, With all the days he isn't here the relationship gets more and more tense. Day after day and night after night I with drawl into myself even more, I wish he could see it is our daughter and him that I adore. My heart breaks with every word not spoken, Our relationship continues to get torn and become broken. The tears that pierce my eyes reminds me of all the pain inside, I a
Let's Do It People!!
This is my best friend in the world. She never ask for anything and is always there for her friends. She is very close to leveling,,go love her up and bring her New Year in the right way!! :D ¢¾ஐ¢¾{Kimber}¢¾ஐ¢¾@ fubar Have a Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe and enjoy your night!! xoxoxo
New Years Superstitions
New Years Superstitions Empty pockets or empty cupboards on New Years Eve portend a year of poverty If the first person to cross the threshold of a house after midnight on New Years is a dark-haird man and he carries a shovel full of coal, then a year of good luck will follow. Its bad luck to let a fire go out on New Year's Eve. You could ensure yourself good fortune by draining the last dregs from a bottle of drink on New Years! The Weather: If the wind blows from the south, there will be fine weather and prosperous times in the year ahead. If it comes from the north, it will be a year of bad weather. The wind blowing from the east brings famine and calamities. If the wind blows from the west, the year will witness plentiful supplies of milk and fish but will also see the death of a very important person. If there's no wind at all, a joyful and prosperous year may be expected by all. Loud Noise: Make as much noise as possible at midnight to scare away evil spirits.
For Better, For Worse
Many’s the time I fell in love, feeling excited in heaven above, but only did I experience, a feeling innocent, still young, never truly, never strong, So, have I been searching, sometimes less, sometimes in vain, a feeling clear and bright, a dream so true, to my delight, But for my urge, did I not find, with sadness and confusion, a love I knew, deep in my heart, was more than just illusion, To my surprise, did I not mind, to wait for someone, as you so kind, and also did my hopes not fade, nor did I ever stop to seek, at daytime, even through the mist I peer, loosing anything I did not fear, Precious my time with you would be, through coldness and through heat, seeing you my heart does skip a beat, so for you, will I do promise, Should you ever fall, languish in restless fire, so deep your pain and toil, every minute, when you do call, for you I care, through all the despair, Many’s the time I fell in love, feeling excited in heaven above,
Drama Queen Esq
DRAMA QUEEN ESQ There is a woman (and I use that word loosely) who is the queen of fubar drama. My 4 year old daughter was playing on my pc and I was not logged on to fubar at all. While I was playing on my 360 and my kid was on my computer the psycho above claims I created numerous fake accounts and shouted her and left nasty comments on her page. I must have been doing this through some sort of osmoses. Yes at one point in time she was on my family list and I have even talked to her on yahoo. Now for someone (her) who doesn't show private pics (she is not that type of person) why would she send me pics of her T and A and crotch without my asking to see them? She claims I am on an ego trip...well if I am such an ass why in hell does she have like 10 pics and morphs that I have made for her on her page still? Normally if someone has pissed me off to the point that she has written blogs calling me a bully, I would remove all things made for me from my page...would
Erotic Needs Help
If she gets 20000 first, she wins a VIP!!
Today On World Rock Radio
Click banner to enter lounge 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at jrmoose75
i want to wish you all a happy new year now. due to the time difference by the time you start celibrating ..i will probally be passed out sleeping. it sucks being 6 hours everyone have a safe nite
Kitty Update
A few weeks ago, I posted about how one of our cats was gone for a while and came back near death.Well, we've been giving her her medicine, feeding her canned food (with some dry between meals), and letting her rest.She's doing MUCH better now.  She has walked into and out of her little hidey-hole we made for her.  She jumps up on the bed.  She walks over to us, rubbing against us to pet her.  And she even meows for her food.It's a little harder to giver her her medicine, but it's worth it to have her healthy again.  I am so glad we didn't have her put to sleep.  Be sure to visit my websiteJohn U. Seed's Seeds of Utopia
I’m drowning in my pain, Each day brings sadness and rain. Rain pouring down and slowly covering me Should I give up and give in Should I fight and try to win Where should I go from here The only option I see is down Down into the depths of darkness There is no light where I reside My one choice is to hide Hide from the pain, the trouble, the love I am lying here in the crimson blood It pours on from me slice after slice I crave the pain to know that I still live Still breathe, still….live I put on a smile and everyone believes I am happy I have finally healed and come out of this depression But they were wrong I don’t dwell among the living or dead I am trapped in the darkness that no one understands Fake smiles and enormous pain are all I know
Happy New Year!
You all know the picture of the masks of comedy and tragedy. And they fit what I've been thinking about. Trying to decide what I wanted to write about on this last day of the year. The Greeks had it right more than 2,000 years ago, when characters in the plays presented in the amphitheaters would wear masks similar to these to clue an audience. Can you imagine a scene like that? Greeks sitting outside on a summer evening on stone benches ringed around a hill, staring down at a character entering the stage, a couple of thousand years ago. It's mind-boggling. When I just searched Google for images of these masks, 53,900 entries resulted. Actually, I was surprised....I had expected even more than that. The images are well-known across the globe. And no wonder, they illustrate two basic sides of human nature, which is also well known across the globe. Human nature as we know it and as the Greeks knew it .....hasn't changed all that much in two thousand years. The same lies, reversals,
2007, A Review Of Juicy's Year
A look back on a long hard year 2007. Well. The only thing that comes to mind the eve of a new year is thank god 2007 is over. This year has been so hard on me. I’ve shed tears of joy, sorry, pain, and happiness, lost quite a few people that I loved, made new friendships and strengthened bonds with current friends, and learned quite a few lessons. So sit back, put your feet up cus this blog is going to be a LONG one :D enjoy. JANUARY: started bartending on Friday nights. A major thing happened this month that I just don’t feel like discussing, but those of you who know, know. Those of you who don’t, don’t ask cus I wont tell. FEBRUARY: turned 25. Was waiting for my quarter life crisis, but thankfully it didn’t happen. Also, I started therapy, which wasn’t all bad. Oh did I mention that Jeremy and I became engaged on FEBRUARY 9, 2007….cus we did :D lol MARCH: Where the year went down hill. But before I say the negative, I’ll go with the good :D my friend Sara had her first
Yes I Write A Little
Love, compassion, honesty A simple soul made just for me Are you out there, are you searching too? I need a lover, best friend, someone true We see the same moon every night Yet I sit here alone with no one to hold me tight I promise to be your everything, your perfect twin soul A simple girl, a simple heart Needing you, and a fresh start The world tore me up, people lied I got bruised, stepped on, I cried I have gathered all the pieces of my heart, all but one is left to make my heart complete I need you, your heartbeat When my world fell apart Everything stopped for me The rest of the world continued I needed to be set free The love I lost was a powerful fuel For it wasn’t him I was fighting It was with myself that duel God sent me an angel, who makes my life worth priceless, Yet something in me needs more I am searching for another soul to love us both as a whole The hurt has subsided; my prayers answered all but one I am thankful for that I have, but my que
Last Night
I have written over a situation that has been going on with my friend.It all started with a comment war game we played one evening.The entry was called A little game played yesterday. I know it is New Years Eve and I have already posted one entry this morning. Last night these games or drama some call it came to a head.Peoples feelings got hurt.I don't believe it is to any fault of mine.I have said this to many times since it all started that we were just friends.I have not hidden that I think he is very attractive and that I am attracted to older men. Since this person could not verbally attack me on my site because of the settings I have on my profile,she chose to do it on his.Out of haste I responded back and then tried my best to smooth all of this over. I have never in my life seen such hatred and disrespect as I see it here on Fubar. This bares to be repeated once again. If you are not married to him or have a off line relationship with this person it isn't a relationsh
My Insomniac
My wife seemingly has become more isolated from me, not entirely sure why, it seems things we once enjoyed doing now are no longer interesting. Our Children seem to be the binding that holds us together, we have good and bad days like all other normal relationships, but in this sense it feels increasingly more and more empty. I hope with this upcoming child we are expecting, the emptiness will fade along with the other bad times we had experienced in the past.
The Real Blue Men
Last Day Of 2007
The last day of 2007 I woke up this morning going over the past year. I was thinking about things I have done good and bad. Things I could have done better, should have done better and then I stopped. These are things of the past and tomorrow is a new beginning. If we live in the past we don't live in the now. We don't experience the "miracle of the moment". We never know what the future is going to bring so don't dwell on that. The past is over and done so don't dwell on that either. Just love the ones who are close to you and let them know everyday how much they mean. and as a friend of mine has told me.... Today is the last day of 2007 and I just wanted to wish u a Happy New Years! I hope that u have a happy and successful year. Tomorrow is the begining, so no matter what you have planned or end up doing tonight just know that everything is possible and u can make it no matter the odds. Just believe in yourself and trust in the ones who luv u!
Just How Long Never say "I love you" if you don't really care" Never talk about feelings if they arent really there Never hold my hand if your gona break my heart Never say you're going to... if you never plan to start. Never look in my eyes if all you do is Lie Never say "Hello" When what you really mean is "Good-bye" If you really mean forever... You really would have tried. Never say forever... Cuz forever made me cry
Can They
Sticky & Sweet
My Angel
Thats Your Problem
Yeah Me
I Believe
My Amazing Fucking Boyfriend
Ok, sooooo like last night, wwwwooooww.... OK, so of course i love the guy to death anyways, he is so fucking amazing... and I love to to death... bbbuuttt on top of that... there are times like, last night... aaannnddd, i can not express the soreness i feel today... ccuuuzzz we had sex... aaaalllloootttt.... like, the first time was over and hour straight.... seriously, no stopping, over an hour... and then the second time was like... about half an hour or more, and then wwoooww... the things that boy can do with his mouth, and wwooowww... so we spent, like 4 or 5 hours, jjuusst playing in bed :D I have never in my life, yyeeaahhh, soooo, um. yeah... sooo ok, other than that... he is amazing, and i love him, and i've spent like all weekend with him and i'll blog more later i love you baby! mwah!
60 Seconds Lost
Time To Clean House Again
How Filipinos Celebrate New Year's Eve
On December 31, New Year's Eve ("Bisperas ng Bagong Taon"), Filipino families gather for the Media Noche or midnight meal – a feast that is also supposed to symbolize their hopes for a prosperous New Year. In spite of the yearly ban on firecrackers, many Filipinos in the Philippines still see these as the traditional means to greet the New Year. The loud noises and sounds of merrymaking are not only meant to celebrate the coming of the New Year but are also supposed to drive away bad spirits. Safer methods of merrymaking include banging on pots and pans and blowing on car horns. Folk beliefs also include encouraging children to jump at the stroke of midnight so that they would grow up tall, displaying circular fruit and wearing clothes with dots and other circular designs to symbolize money, eating twelve grapes at 12 midnight for good luck in the twelve months of the year, and opening windows and doors during the first day of the New Year to let in the good luck.
Santa's Response To Letters He Received
Responses Santa Would Like To Send (when he's having a REALLY bad day) Dear Santa, I wud like a kool toy space ranjur fer Xmas. Iv ben a gud boy all yeer. yer Frend, BiLLy Dear Billy, Nice spelling. You're on your way to a career in lawn care. How about I send you a friggin' book so you can learn to read and write? I'm giving your older brother the space ranger. At least HE can spell! Santa ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _ Dear Santa, I have been a good girl all year, and the only thing I ask for is peace and joy in the world for everybody! Love, Sarah Dear Sarah, Your parents smoked pot when they had you, didn't they? Santa ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _ Dear Santa, I don't know if you can do this, but for Christmas, I'd like for my mommy and daddy to get back together. Please see what you can do. Love, Teddy Dear Teddy, Look, your dad's banging the babysitter like a screen door
Second Or Last
im tired of coming in second im tired of coming in last maybe one day ill meet someone whos not an ass a person who will understand why i get mad if you blow me off someone who will be there when i need them the most or maybe im just better off
Happy New Year!
A mini celebration to start the New Year off. We still have some time to go before midnight. But wanted to share this cute mini video for those who will miss my mumm, so to my lovely fubar friends - SO here's a toast to you! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Dec 31
December 31, 2007 Quote of the Day "It is the heart always that sees before the head can see." – Thomas Carlyle
I Am...
I am a DAUGHTER, a SISTER, a GRAND-DAUGHTER, a NIECE, a COUSIN, a FRIEND, a LOVER, I am a PARTNER, a STUDENT, a COWORKER, a STUDENT. A YOUNG GIRL and A GROWN WOMAN. I am CONFIDENT and SCARED, TERRIFIED and EXCITED. I am LOVING and CARING and THOUGHTFUL and HOPEFUL. I am SICK and TIRED. I am SHY and FRIENDLY and CAREFUL and CARELESS. I am BROKEN and WHOLE. I am MISUNDERSTOOD, MISGUIDED, and MISLEAD. I am HARD WORKING and DETERMINED but a little SCARED ON THE INSIDE. I wish on stars and smile on the outside, while I am DYING ON THE INSIDE. I LISTEN to others who WON'T listen to me. I walk on eggshells, and I WALK ON FIRE. I believe in PASSION, yet question TRUE LOVE. I love you and I push you away. I want YOU NEAR but NOT SO CLOSE. I am EVERYTHING and NOTHING all at once...and all I ever wanted was YOU to LOVE ME.
Short Of My Goal
i wanted to have 5k fans by the new year... im so far behind i shouldnt have even blogged it lol cmon.. FAN ME! xxoo
HAPPY NEW YEAR 'YALL!!! MySpace Comments & MySpace Backgrounds
Here N Now
Well it is interesting do people live in the real world or in this cyber world that we love to be in I am not knocking it and I spend a huge amount of time online but is it ruining our our normal lives? Sometimes I wonder and others I think no it isnt We all have a life away from the computer that doesnt involve work well I do anyway Been on fubar about a month now and am really enjoying it lots of new people to chat to and nice to know that there are people out there in the big wide world that are like me and are also open to new things lol
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
DR. PHIL : ' The problem we have here is that this chicken won't realize that he must first deal with the problem on 'THIS' side of the road before it goes after the problem on the 'OTHER SIDE' of the road. What we need to do is help him realize how stupid he's acting by not taking on his 'CURRENT' problems before adding 'NEW' problems .' OPRAH: ' Well, I understand that the chicken is having problems, which is why he wants to cross this road so bad. So instead of having the chicken learn from his mistakes and take falls, which is a part of life, I'm going to give this chicken a car so that he can just drive across the road and not live his life like the rest of the chickens. ' GEORGE W. BUSH: ' We don't really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of the road, or not. The chicken is either against us, or for us. There is no middle ground here. ' COLIN POWELL: ' Now to the left of t
Wow! Amazing
I noticed that nearly every hour is covered for Happy Hour today! People must be feeling exceptionally generous, or they all just got their year-end bonuses :p. That means half-price Gifts all day! Woo Hoo!!!
Ww2 N Iraq
SOME OF YOU MAY NOT BE OLD ENOUGH TO REMEMBER THAT NEARLY EVERY FAMILY IN AMERICA WAS GROSSLY AFFECTED BY WW II. MOST OF YOU MAY NOT REMEMBER THE RATIONING OF MEAT, SHOES, BUTTER, GASOLINE, AND SUGAR. NO TIRES FOR OUR AUTOMOBILES, AND A SPEED LIMIT OF 35 MILES AN HOUR ON THE ROAD, NOT TO MENTION, NO NEW AUTOMOBILES. READ THIS AND THINK ABOUT HOW WE WOULD REACT TO BEING TAKEN OVER BY FOREIGNERS IN 2008 or 2009. This is an EXCELLENT essay; well thought out and presented by Raymond S. Kraft, a writer living in Northern California who has studied the Middle Eastern culture and religion. Historical Significance Sixty-three years ago, Nazi Germany had overrun almost all of Europe and hammered England to the verge of bankruptcy and defeat. The Nazis had sunk more than 400 British ships in their convoys between England and America taking food and war materials. At that time the US was in an isolationist, pacifist mood, and most Americans wanted nothing to do with the Eu
Cancer Is Gone
So teh cancer is gone!!! I am don ewith CHemo!!! This was the best Christmas present I could have asked for !!!! What a great way to start the new year!!!WOOHOO!! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers that were sent out...I appreciate them an know that they kept me going! Much Love, Tiffany
Please Help Me Out
I accidently rated her pic a 2 and then chantged it to a 10 but she blocked me! It was an accident, I am not a downrater. Please mail her, I feel so bad. :(
The Best Thing Or The Right Thing
Men,boys, Pervs
I think its funny when guys come on here trying to hit on girls in fact i find it to be pathetic.. You see hi sweetie your so sexy or hot or lets meet i'll show you a good time, nice boobs,ass OH baby ect....Guys you really think thats a turn on ,maybe to a porn star but I even doubt that and girls what do you think that wants to make you give those guys your number maybe I'm old fashioned but I don't any girl is going to jump in bed with you cause you tell her she's sexy or has nice boobs. What ever happen to being a gentleman and wooing the lady of your dreams......feel free to comment
New Years Eve Entry & Prayer
Whew! Holidays galore! Whether you celebrated Hanukkah, Eid ul-Fitr, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or your own special holiday, December usually is a whirlwind of activity! And then comes the New Year! With the old year behind us we are perched at the edge of a brand spanking new set of the standard 12 months. We can start 2002 or 2008 fresh and sparkling! That is the very sentiment that inspires people to make New Year’s Resolutions. What is a resolution and how did New Year’s Resolutions come about? The dictionary says that making New Year’s Resolutions is “setting goals for the New Year.” As to where or how they originated, we only know that resolutions were already recorded by the Babylonians as far back as four thousand years ago! The New Year is a great time to look at the changes we would like to make in our lives and how to accomplish them. A resolution is like a promise to our selves to improve our lives and to make the New Year a better one for our selves and others. Even thou
About Him
General Wants
I want my own a home in the country, with access to a lake or river I want a boat, so I can fish I want one day a week that I can dedicate to fishing, though I would be happy if I could have more than one. I want a truck I want a camper, for I love to camp I want a car, so when I travel to a city, I can be comfortable when seeking some place to park I want a large kitchen, for I thoroughly enjoy cooking I want a garden, so I may grow herbs, flowers, veggies, and roses I want a dock on my water front property I want a wife to share it all with
So I told Matt...aka The Freak, that I would marry him in 5 years if someone hasn't taken one for the team and married me before then... Please...I BEG YOU...SOMEONE TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM!!!
Because She Would Ask Me Why I Loved Her
If questioning would make us wise No eyes would ever gaze in eyes; If all our tale were told in speech No mouths would wander each to each. Were spirits free from mortal mesh And love not bound in hearts of flesh No aching breasts would yearn to meet And find their ecstasy complete. For who is there that lives and knows The secret powers by which he grows? Were knowledge all, what were our need To thrill and faint and sweetly bleed? Then seek not, sweet, the 'If' and 'Why' I love you now until I die. For I must love because I live And life in me is what you give.
Got Your Wykd Tykt Yet?
HAVE YOU HEARD ??? WYKD Lounge is holding a tykt contest!You have chances to win a Ticker and there are even daily drawings to win a slot during Prime time to have your favorite songs played on WYKD RADIO CLICK THE WYKD TYKT BELOW FOR DETAILS.(Do Not send orders to Rain or me.)Ordering is done through Wicked Storm WYKD Homepage!
Your Addiction
YOUR ADDICTION is a new club that has gone through several changes over the last few days but IS DEFINATELY ON THE RISE! With changes in background, players, some staff, the place just keeps getting better. YOUR ADDICTION's owner is DJ CHAN formerly of Club Karizma. Some ill wishers have tried to fuck with the new club but DJ CHAN has it under control with the help of some good friends. If your looking for some good tunes and good times check out YOUR ADDICTION but don't confuse with club addiction, DIFFERENT OWNER - BETTER ATTITUDE!
No Longer Would He Lie...
No Longer Would He Lie... The way they talked about him. Looked at him. They acted like they knew him. But no one did, no one ever would. He hid himself well, almost too well that he was losing who he was. He acted crazy, happy and just plain weird, making everyone laugh... He didn’t even care if it was at him. He would laugh too but it was always fake. Every time he laughed he died a little more inside, and the more he was dying the more he would hide it. It was a circle, an endless circle that consumed his life. He no longer slept, he no longer ate and when he did he threw it up. He tried not to cut, so he hit himself instead, this way he would never be lying when they asked him "You haven’t been cutting, have you?" It was all a lie, his whole life. And with so many lies its hard to see the truth, the truth that keeps him awake at night, the truth that makes him insane. He no longer wanted to lie but his life was a lie so he picked up a small paper and
Happy New Year!
I wish you all a HAPPY and Prosperous NEW YEAR!
well im here on fubar looking for all sorts of things. Not sure i can narrow them down. but im up to new freinds and anything else i can get. so please dont be afriad hit me up you all have a happy new year
Show Some Love!!
hey there all!! my bff is in a contest. Stop by and leave her a comment or two!! thanks
It's Party Time At The Ace Cafe Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont Miss It!!! We Gonna have One Hell Of A New Years Eve Party!!!!!!!!!! With Awesome Dj's Aswel As Awesome People!!!!!!! The Best Music You Could Ever Want!!!!!!!!
Funeral Processions In The South
During a funeral procession every vehicle , private or commercial , even 18 wheelers pull over to the side of the road out of respect. The police officers that block the intersections stand with their hand over their heart. Southern hospitality should be extended even to those who can not say "thank you."
Effin' Rant
The following is an old blog from a bad day at my old job. Enjoy: First off... my name is Dustin... not fucking 'Justin'! Nor is it 'Buster' or even 'Sylvester' for them fucking hearing impared people! My name is Dustin... with a 'D'. "Ok Justin with a 'D'." What the fuck is wrong with these people? Another thing... when I ask you for your phone number starting with the fucking area code, don't tell me a 7 digit number and follow up with the fucking zip code! And... when you tell me your number... fucking do it right! If the 7 digit portion (because that's the only part the fucktards understand) is 555-1234... don't fucking read it off, "55-51-23-4" You shouldn't be able to own a fucking phone! Another thing... if your account number reads as following: 01234 123456-01 ... don't read it off in fucking 2 numbers! Read the first 5, fucking follow up with the next 3... and the next three... then there's the dash 01! If you're not getting sound on your tv... try ta
Atheists And Holidays
Atheists and Holidays.... Have you heard about this case? Great answer from the judge! In Florida, an atheist became incensed over the preparation of Easter and Passover holidays. He decided to contact his lawyer about the discrimination inflicted on atheists by the constant celebrations afforded to Christians and Jews with all their holidays while atheists had no holiday to celebrate. The case was brought before a judge. After listening to the long passionate presentation by the lawyer, the Judge banged his gavel and declared, 'Case dismissed!' The lawyer immediately stood and objected to the ruling and said, 'Your honor, how can you possibly dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter and many other observances. Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah...yet my client and all other atheists have no such holiday!' The judge leaned forward in his chair and simply said, 'Obviously your client is too confused to even know about, much less celebrate his own
Sooooo The Opposite Of Graceful!
So, yesterday my boys and I decided to tackle the spring cleaning in the winter job and switch rooms so they would have more space. We took apart their beds, my bed, washed all the sheets and blankets, cleaned out everything and everywhere and made a bunch of bags for donations. By this time I was tired! So, while trying to put their beds back together I managed to trip over the frame I was screwing into the headboard and did this 180 swirly, turn, lutz into the frame itself landing my big ol booty on my arm. BACKWARDS! I thought for sure it was broken immediately. OMG, IT HURT and I was wailing like a BANSHEE! I sat there are tangled in this mess for a few minutes bawling my eyes out and realized it hurt more when I shook and that I had to get up. So I got to the couch and figured we better head for the hospital. I had shooting pains up and down my arm and it hurt so bad it was making me want to vomit. So we drive all the way there, and 3 ambulances are unloading
Goodbye 2007
- For those whom I just met this year... I'm glad I met you guys!!! Your existence somehow changed my life... - For those whose friendship never fade... our friendship will be a stuff of legend... - For those whom I've hurt and whatever ways...I'm sorry... - For those who used to be my fiends but for some reasons just can't stay, thanks for becoming a part of my life... THANK YOU for touching my life in ways you may never have knwon. My happiness and wealth are not in material things, but in knowing that i'm blessed with a life that has brought me people whose lives have graced mine and whose lives I can only hope to have touched. I thank God for his priceless blessings - friends like YOU.. WISHING YOU ALL A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! (",) _dYaNiKa_
New Football Photos
were the 07-08 champs.
Thank You Everyone
Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes and the fubar presents.. I had an awesome fucking birthday the best ever!Except the busted lip my son gave me lol.. You guys are the best! I got a new camera for christmas but have yet to figure out how to get the pictures off my camera.. As soon as I do there will be more NSFW pictures hehe!!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful New years!
Float Away With Me
Little Pieces
2007 Mistressless....
Yes fans... totally shocked.... Not for the lack of trying mind you!! Seems each lovely lass that says she will grant me my wish lives 5+ hrs away.... The Anaconda is big, just not that big... Where are those Michigan girls who want to know the ecstasy of love making mixed with good humor?? I will hope that a year from now, my blog reads far different... PLEASE remember this day the drunks start early… Best you actually stay at home and party, and keep off the roads…. I have too work today and will be very cautious driving both ways… ( not that working in a prison full of mental patients isn’t already hazardous…) May God bless each of you for being my friend and I wish I could hug and kiss each of you at midnight… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Shine On
Why Me What I Do
If I Asked You
Happy New Year To All On My Page
More images on More images on More images on Hello all Iam on for a bit it is New Years Eve 9:50am est. Iam sending out this blog today now because I will be to drunk to send one out later LMAO I hope everyone is safe and has a kick ass New Year To all my friend fans and family I love you all and hope we stay friends for life To my FU wifey and GF I love you and thanks for being there for me and Badgirl you also have been there for me so i can bitch at someone and talk to your a great friend. To all my other friend Dallas Angle, Butterfly (coffee comment anyone) 1969 who hates to see me lose at contest (and yes Iam in another one) Sweet Ginger who has also been there for me and all my other friends who I have gotten to met and talk to on here stay safe and have a happy new year hugs drunkenmoney aka mike
Ode To You
"Ode to You" For all of those special souls that have earned a place in my heart...THIS IS FOR YOU! I put our connection into words. Happy New Year! ************************************************* My back arches, shoulder blades spread & my empty hole closes tightly around your absence. My neck writhes at the meer memory of your touch. Hot on my skin, electric pulses burn your name into my flesh. You are here. My chest opens and my arms extend to find you....hundreds, thousands of miles away...but I do....find you. You're etched into my heart. I love you all! Copywritten 2008
Never Fade
Whatever you fully experience, you never need to leave behind. Whatever you worry about losing, you never did have to begin with. Without change, life would not exist. With every change is the opportunity to become more fully alive. The days and weeks and years come to an end. And yet it is always now. The artifacts and remnants that you associate with the good times will fade and rust and decay, eventually to disappear. Yet the goodness and joy of the authentic experiences will grow ever stronger. There is no reason to be sad about the fact that time has passed. There is every reason to find joy in the real treasures that you will always retain from that time. Learn to quickly let go of the meaningless, superficial things that will soon be gone anyway. Invest your spirit and your experience in the timeless values that you know will never fade. -- Ralph Marston
Live Life One Day At A Time.
Finish each day and be done with it. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well. --Ralph Waldo Emerson Two of the most useless phrases in the English language are "what if" and "if only." We waste so much time and energy thinking about what we might have done and wishing we had acted or reacted differently. We imagine how things might have turned out "if only . . ." All of us make mistakes. To go back and wonder and wish about our yesterdays prevents us from living fully today. Each day is a fresh chance; a new beginning. We can only squeeze what we can out of the moment and let the drops fall where they may. Some will evaporate and some will form rainbows. Can I forget about yesterday and start a fresh new day?
17 Church Bulletin Board Bloopers
17. Evening Massage - 6PM 16. The Ladies Bible Study will be held Thursday morning at 10. All ladies are invited to lunch in the Fellowship Hall after the B.S. is done. 15. Scouts are saving aluminum cans, bottles, and other items to be recycled. Proceeds will be used to cripple children. 14. The Pastor would appreciate it if the ladies of the congregation would lend him their electric girdles for the pancake breakfast next Sunday morning. 13. Low self-esteem Support Group will meet Thursday from 7 to 8 pm. Please use back door. 12. Ushers will eat late comers. 11. Weight Watchers will meet at 7 p.m. Please use large double door at the side entrance. 10. Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our church and community. 9. The eighth-graders will be presenting Shakespeare's Hamlet in the church basement on Friday at 7 p.m. The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy. 8. The choir invites any member of the c
Happy New Year!
I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2008! Stay healthy and be happy whatever it may bring! ( and don't forget me, lol) Much love Annie
Will Trade 11s For A Happy Hour
i got 96 11s for whoever buys me a happy hour for my birthday today
How To Make The World A Better Place. Step 1.
Okay for those of you who don't know I've been on this site since I was in high school and since then I've changed a bit. When I was just a boy I was fat, or rotond. I was teased in school outside of school pretty much constant crap. Well no more of that shit. I lost a little weight and found a girl who for the first time ever thought that nice guys were hot (SCORE!). Two months and a lot of sex later and I'm skinny as hell, energy out the ying yang, all that stuff. She said to me that if I looked as good as I do now since birth I would have been an ass hole and I agree. So ladies who can't find a guy who's not a complete dick, find yourself a nice fat kid and fuck the skinny out of him. ^_^ spread the love.
Um... What?
Yeah. I don't even know what to think. Tonight is... I dunno. I'm not in a bad mood... I'm just... huh? Seriously... I don't really know what's going on. No... no... I'm completely 100% sober. What's that? Well... I don't really know what I'm talking about. Yes, I'm fine. No, I didn't hit my head. What kinda dumb question is that? Voices? I don't hear any voices. What the fuck are you on? You're scarin' me. No, seriously... you need to get on some meds. Oh... you were just asking a question. What? Um... really now... what's with the twenty questions? Dammit... I'm confused. Anyway... what are you doing later?
I Need A Hit...
Gawd... why am I doing this to myself? Withdrawls... I'm going through freakin' withdrawls! This abstenence is self-inflicted. I think it's a good idea apparently. I disagree with myself. A full day without it. Just one time... that's all I want. I don't understand how people are strong enough to resist the temptation. Why? Why do people torture themselves this way? They treat themselves to this lovely thing that makes them feel so good... then they take it away from themselves!! Some people have it forced from them. That would hurt even more I think. The one thing you love. The one thing you crave on a daily basis. I think I got the shakes. Oh my gawd!! I'm falling apart! Just one more! One more wouldn't hurt, would it? Man... what I wouldn't do for a pepsi right now...
Moving On!
Moving On this is a great time to let go of the past and start a new my life has been full of sadness for the last 6 years so i am going to let it go and begin a new life let the pain go away and find a new happiness.. if You know me at all You know what i have been through today i begin a new life... finding new love in my life...thank You to all who have helped me...i love You all...XOXOX
Tell Me Please
hello can any one help me with this set of antique dumbbells i acquired them about 10 years back i know they are old but i was wondering if anyone could give me a round about age of the them's? also any kinda price range? i am looking at selling them soon in the pic's i have included you can clearly see the company name of AR&sons also N-2, 6LB, and a serial looks like #RD1915.0 any help would be so great thank you.
... Come Know Me As God.
That's what I used to do at work. I play God. Oh, shit... did I just offend some people? Whatever. Suck it up. There was a certain point during my old job that customers treated me like I'm a God of some sort. Here's a scenario: Customer: "My cable's not working. All it says is 'One Moment Please, This Channel Should Be Available Shortly'. Is something going on in my area, sir?" God: "Have you checked the connections on the back of your cable box and television? Customer: "Um... no." God: "Could you do that for me, please?" Customer: "Okay. One sec." ***1 minute, 27 seconds later*** Customer: "Alright, I'm back. It's still not working." God: "Okay, there's a serial number on either the back or the bottom of the box. It start's with the letters 'X-X'. I just need the last 3 digits please." Customer: "Okay. One sec." ***1 minute, 14 seconds later*** Customer: "Where on the box?" God: "Either on the back or on the bot
Happy New Year Let Me Start Mine Off Right By Winning This Contest
Iam in another contest please help me out I thank you ahead of time and Have a Happy new Year
Happy New Years
High Much
haha..i enjoyed when you were drunk and high the other day and decided to talk to me online...dorkmunch. you were so fucked up you said you were giving me another silly silly stupid are never gonna knock on my door and you know it...and i don`t love junkies! have a great day!
Gearing Up For My Big Night!
All the old 'juices' seem to be flowing again as I sit here going over the events of tonight in my mind. Am I solid on the songs? Do I have all my clothes laid out? I make a mental note to call my drummer to find out when we should meet at his house to load up our vehicles and move the equipment to the gig. It's been 7 years since I've played music on New Years's been even longer since I've had a real New Years Eve kiss. Will I break the 'drout' tonight? I am dressing up tonight in my Texas Tuxedo (black of course), White Tux shirt, Cowboy boots, belt and my old black stetson all of which is coming out of retirement for the first time in 7 years as well. I look back to 2001 when after being seriously burnt out my band Showdown broke up and I decided to take a break from music and (to ensure that I'd get away from it) I sold every stitch of music gear that I had down to the last cord. I think what it would be like if I had never quit playing back then. Would I even stil
Save A Life
The present wasnt mine but I helped deliver the present to others. In Fire/Ems terms the saturday before Christmas we had a CODE SAVE!!. for those not familier with the term this means we brought a dead person back to life!!!!!!!!! We had her sitting up in her driveway in the snow NOT believing she had a heart attack, and that we just shocked her back to life!!!!!!!!!!. This friends and neighbors is extremly rare!!!!!!!! yes after a few shocks, a grand worth of drugs and cpr we have woke them up but..........when that happens its a slow pulse barely breathing unconcious get their ass to the hospital alive not sitting up in the driveway saying "what theF&^K". So the best christmas present you can give? people give them back their family member for christmas..........
Been Feeling Sort Of Bent
There are moments in time when I feel I need something more to this living than just the common physical of it. I have in the past visited places known as meat rooms in which one can be suspended for a duration of time without the fear of bleeding out. I can only describe the feeling as freeing. I ache for that now, the release of the pent up emotions I now harbour within myself. I gave up that vice and many others when I married and became a father of seven boys. I can't imagine life without them but I still remember the freedom I had before. I miss it.
Love Ya
Love ya.. One day a womans husband died, and on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of their bedroom, the wife was struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't anymore. No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, no more "just one minute." Sometimes, what we care about the most gets all used up and goes away, never to return before we can say good-bye, say "I love you." So while we have it . it's best we love it and care for it and fix it when it's broken ... .. and heal it when it's sick.. This is true for marriage ... and old cars .. and children with bad report cards and dogs with bad hips and aging parents and grandparents. We keep them because they are worth it, because we are worth it. Some things we keep -- like a best friend who moved away or a classmate we grew up with. There are just some things that make us happy, no matter what. Life is important, like people we know who are special. and s
Happy New Year Everyone...
Not got time to go through all my friends and fans to say happy new year to all as dont get much time online these days, lol. So, hope you don't mind me wishing you all everything you desire for 2008 this way. Happy New Year Comments Happy New year Evenrybody and I hope you get all you desire for 2008, and if it's me, you know where I am lol :P Be well Angel of Sin
My boss asked be today if coming in at 930 would be too early. I'm curious as to what she would have said if I said yes... heh. She asked because she had to call to let me know when they got done with their first store so I could meet up with them at in Springfield to go to the last two. Since I'm not supposed to work longer than 8 hours, it really wasn't a good idea for me to do all three stores. I guess in the end it worked out because Brad and Jen apparently are having car problems (and yet again they call Cindy to ask me for a ride... *shakes her head) and someone else had to go pay a bill today. At least there is a rental car at the office for us. What's kinda funny is when Cindy called they had less than an hour left of that store. I'm thinking that by the time my group makes it to the other store it could be half done. That would be lovely. Oh wait- nevermind. This is the huge ass store. Bah. Humbug. What was even funnier is since I was asleep when Cindy called I just h
Nicknames. Everyone needs one. I give them to everyone. Since I know so many people with the same name. People I work with get special ones. People in other areas get crazy ones. I think it's fun For Me it just helps to keep people seperated. I've found at work people have picked up on it. Started useing it on the person. I, Myself have several for work. One even made it on My nametag for My cubicle. Which is funny. The other ones I dont think would go over to good for most people there. Since they dont have a clue as to what they would mean. Because most haven't been out in the real world long enough. They all lived that sheltered childhood.
New Year’s Resolution
“I shall be the same Leo I had been” it may sound kind of stubborn/funny but not unusual……..”Happy New Year everybody”
I was wondering if anyone else sets goals? Either for the day, the week, month or year? I set them for several diffrent catagories. I have them for work. Personal goals. For My Business/Hobby. All sorts of things. Some I can reach. Some I dont. But, everyday I am trying to complete them. Some days I add to them. But, I never take them away. I think it makes life more interesting if you have something to shoot for. Most I write down. It's like having that carrot dangling out there.
Happy New Years
Tonight will be a most special night for me..:) I will be bringing in this new year with the man I love. He is very special to me and I hope he will become a very permanent part of my life! For all of my dearest friends I really would like to thank you all for being here for me through my hardest days and for sharing all of my happy days too. No this isn't someone new in my life...i have known him for some time and I am enjoying the best part of all in the newest stages of love and if I happen to be absent alot or not here enough I am so not sorry!!! My life is going in a very positive direction and that is something awesome!!! I will do my best to keep up with all of you...again if I fail..well you can e-spank me LOL Ok all of you be safe tonight and do have a wonderful time bringing in the new year...and's a kiss for your new year!!! hope you won @ the you can buy me coffee soon!!! LOL many hugs n such... Alana
For Hot Ladies Only! =)
I will tribute another cutie soon, I will do it live on my webcam. Let me know if you want to watch, just send me a message with your Yahoo Messenger ID. Otherwise, check my galleries! :) - Some skin for friends album (must be FRIEND over 18) - Shots Gallery album (must be FRIEND over 18) - Made for Me album (must be FRIEND over 18) - Tribute album (must be FRIEND over 18) Kisses Nice Boy PS: Comments on my pictures and videos are also welcome :) Below, you can see what to expect:
Cult Of Personality...
Ok, as I mentioned yesterday, The Patriots are good, they're undefeated, blah blah blah!!! Now it's time to boast about MY team for a while. The Washington Redskins just earned a playoff spot by taking the Dallas Cowboys to the cleaners on Sunday. Yeah, I know what your're thinking "The Cowboys had nothing to gain by even showing up right?" Bulls***!!! The Cowboys looked like crap for the last couple of games and had every reason to go into DC and try to get something going again. Not to mention, they had some very reachable team records they could have set. Instead, they wound up setting an all time team low for rushing yards (1 yard hehe) and now, may have to deal with the Skins again in 2 weeks, and still looking like crap. Don't get me wrong, Dallas is a good team that just so happened to have thier worst game of the season when they could have used a pick-me-up game. As one might expect, I don't get to brag about my beloved Skins too often. They showed alot of person
Devine Madness. 2
Ears now hear the silence. Shimmering vibrations, Overwhelming. Such a void. Sweet the scent, not of the mind: But softly emanating from the ruffles buoyed. Upon a treasured pillow You bequeathed the smiles of love. A shadow, Parting the minds of madness, entering the garden cloyed. Twisted frames hold mellow peaks, If you seek, Is only then, you'll find The step by step to madness Is the step, by step, divine. By GoldenRaven thank you for the inspiration
31 Dec 2007
Dear Alexa, Here is your single's love horoscope for Monday, December 31: Dear old friends and sweet new connections alike are smiled upon by your personal stars right now. You've got a rare beauty, and the future's as bright as you make it. Are you ready to celebrate?
31 Dec 2007
and i am cooking duck today...umm i wonder how to do this here Dear Alexa, Here is your AstroSlam for Monday, December 31: If you're not vegan, pretend you are for one day. Tell everyone you're a vegan now, and wrinkle your nose at their food choices. Remind people what they're eating used to have a name. You'll make many friends.
sometimes when you are down and out someone special walks into your life to help you through and other times you push everyone out of your life to find yourself and become a better person and all you find is pain and despair so as i walk my life all alone i will smile and enjoy all i have been given sometimes it is hard to find your road so i have to take it slow not to destroy my passions and desires there is someone for everyone i think i have alreay had the love of my life but should i be alone for the rest of my life instead of setting here waiting for someone special to sweep me off my feet i am going to find my true calling....hugs
Today's Quote When you are reluctant to change, think of the beauty of autumn.
Divine Madness
Now be the dawn of another setting sun, The scorn, like waves, roll quietly. A hush, Picturesque pastels consume the mind discreetly. Fondling their way into the secluded catacombs of memories Driving all facets of coherent thoughts Sideways, Masked as thoughts of sanity. Beset by the falling darkness, Light breaks through the shadows, Sparkling against the sky, Dancing in the leaves of prevalence When Through the mist of twilight, Thrusts a naked thought. Dwelling within the times abound; Nigh the strength to hold is taught Shallow shades, crawling against the stained memories, Held deep in shadows cold. Eyes see not the crimson light, Through visions of solemn flickering flame bold. Pressed in shimmering halos From whence truth and lies became Yesterdays And the years become entwined. Occasions when we did not have the lust For subtle wine to blame.
To You??
HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL OF FUBAR!!!! have a fun!! be safe Anubis :)
Goals For The New Year.
1. Continue searching for Ms. Right (or close enough). 2. Get another tattoo. 3. Try Body Suspension 4. Go to more meetup group meetings. 5. work on the dedication program more.
Adding All The Hotties
To all the 2nd Alarm Hotties, I think I have got you all added rated and fanned. But if i missed ya let me know, I try to get everyone but with all the new hotties being added, i might miss a few.. Thanks all , Shannon 2nd ALARM HOTTIE MEMBER

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