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Sinbad And His Allusions Of Grandeur, Maybe
After or even during an Indian meal tonight we discovered that Hindus eat meat. I always thought they were vegetarian but it seems there are both within the religion, meat and veggie eater. I am not sure if that is correct as a young boy in Goa, a Hindu from Bangladesh informed me of much in respect of this religion. Another gentleman there pointed out that the young boy was slightly deranged and to ask him why they burned the dead bodies. Well I never did ask and the older gentleman never did tell me and as I have no urgent desire to know I did not enquire. The young boy in question, Sinbad, was a talker and last time I saw him he insulted me. Yes, he asked me whether I had children and I told him that I did not because it was not meant to be. He looked at me and said that everyone would say I was not a good woman if I could not have children. Well that hurt and I did try to argue that I was a good woman. He just kept re-iterating that having no children was not good. I wen
Art Is A Beautiful Lie That Makes Us Question The Truth.
Rhythmic colors flow on to my plain white existence. My small white square of the world to tell them what my whole life is about. the cold concrete walls and floors of the bear room seems an ironic place to complete this. The brush is part of me, as if attached to my hand, the colors are peices of my soul. So many memories drowned away in colors and symphony. Mozart soothes me as his beautiful music flows around me. He inspires me, I begin. Dipping the brush into my blood and making my pain known, spreading my tears across this cold white surface expressing my sorrow. No skin because you all look right through me, hair like fire that rages across my face. Love that burns deep within me that is long past. The colors seem to come off and dance to the exquisite melodies that fill this cold and darkened room. It almost chills my soul to think that so much can not be understood from my work. All these people see are lines upon my canvas hanging in a gallery because it is considered
For Those With Love And Prayers!
Well, the colonoscopy is done. Now its another waiting game until Feb.6, 2008. I have been dealing with pain since before Dec.17,2007. So far 2 pregnancy test, a by annual exam, 8 vials of blood work, 2 x-rays, 3 sonograms, 1 cat scan, and a stool sample drop off and so far nothing. The Dr. did remove a polyp today and is sending it out for a biopsy to make sure its not cancerous. In the mist of all this going on I happen to do a breast exam on my right breast last night due to being uncomfortable and it seeming real sensitive. I have felt a lump. So I'm a little emotional,and as far as the Dr.'s still coming up empty handed is frustrating. The fact that I have never had sensitivity with my breast at all for me is a new can of worms.. I have stretch marks from my pregnancy over a year ago. When you push down on them they are very sensitive and feel almost like a beaded necklace. They are on my stomach and my breast. I have had the Dr. today tell me I should go to a dermatologist. Now
Tuesday Addendum, Lol!
I survived the oral surgery. Good thing I have a high pain tolerance - Sweet Mother! This hurts like hell and I can't open my mouth enough to take the pain pills yet. WTF!? All in good time, I guess. For those who sent me positive energy, thank you. I felt it rolling in like a wave - it was beautiful to experience! Thank you so very much, dear friends! I will try to catch up on a few comments, but then I will be gone until tomorrow sometime. Much love, warm hugs, and blessings, one and all! Have a truly magical night! Later! Muahz!
does anyone know what fubar actually means? lol.. its a funny website name.
Re: Scientific Study Finds Fluoride Horror Stories Factual
RE: Scientific Study Finds Fluoride Horror Stories Factual ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 15 Jan 2008, 22:56 Scientific Study Finds Fluoride Horror Stories Factual The establishment media will have to find a new tactic with which to ridicule those who oppose the fluoridation of water after a major new Scientific American report concluded that "Scientific attitudes toward fluoridation may be starting to shift" as new evidence emerges of the poison's link to disorders affecting teeth, bones, the brain and the thyroid gland, as well as lowering IQ.
And It Took Me How Long To Realize This?
And that's how it goes. *sips his coffee* Now, before anyone makes any assumptions or what have you, this is not a sob story, or similar to it. It's actually what I have learned, and of course, this is where I put my thoughts down. Generally, it's a disclaimer, so if anyone is thinking it's a DeGrassi Jr. High thing, it's not. *laughs* More like an amusing kind of thing. I learned something. Anycrap... Over the course of a few weeks, I had some issues I had to sort out, and this past weekend was to me, a revelation of sorts. I started to (Figuratively) connect the dots, and realized what I have gone through. It was just a matter of time, before I woke up. But that of course, explains why Sis snapped at me alot. It's wasn't to be a bitch, she was trying to get out of that timid state I was in. It also explains the mood swings, as well as the blue periods and being stumped on what to do at times. I can finally put it to rest. Or on the backburner at least. I expla
Every person has something that fills his or her heart with purpose. Some it is as simple as buying movies to fill the ultimate collection, or model trains, or even video games. For me it is playing music. Lately my heart hurts with the lack of it. The strings turning black with oxidation, dust settles on the fret board; with silence its only sound. This is my bass guitar. This is my ally, in plight and in joys, cold with uselessness weeks at a time. I wish and dream in the thoughts of music. Melodies and riffs accompany my every emotion and thought. Though this is clich, I have no canvas as to paint. For this is my melancholy. With a few friends, I had a band-aid to mask this dilemma. Now it is no longer the case, as with much of our lives, a page has turned. So fond of the sweet taste of those memories, it stings the very palette I aim to satisfy, if thoughts drift to then. Sometimes I just sit and stare at my bass, or my lyrics and a song by the band cold, runs th
Redneck Punk
Alright so i need to vent cause i couldn't beat the shit out of this dude. i babysit my sisters daughters everyday after they get out of school til she gets home from work. i always pick up at the bus stop cause i am a cool uncle like that. well today i went to wait for em and had my mind opn other things cause i usally put my cig out in my ashtray while i wait for em and just threw it out of my window and on to the street. a few minutes pass and i notice this dude walking toward my car from across the street holdin a plastic bag and napkin, i rolled down my window as he got closer and he finally stops and picks up my cig butt. he says"drop something" and i reply"sorry" and he says "my dogs eat these and get sick" and i again say"i'm sorry". now instead of just shuttin his fuckin mouth this dude wants to get smart, he says"u got an ashtray in that mother fucker" and i says a little louder"yeah man, i said i was fuckin sorry" and with that he rolls his eyes like a fuckin 10 year old gir
The Day the Penis asked for a Raise: I the Penis, hereby request a raise in the salary for the following reasons: I do physical labor. I work at great depths. I plunge head first into everything I do. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. I work in a damp environment. I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation. I work in high temperatures. My work exposes me to contagious diseases. Sincerely P. Niss The Response: Dear P. Niss, After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have have raised. The administration rejects your request for the following reasons: You do not work 8 hours straight You fall asleep after brief work periods You do not always follow the orders of the management team You do not stay in your designated are and are often seen visiting other locations. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of your
March 14th
You know the drill. Every 14th of February you get the chance to display your fondness for a significant other by showering her with gifts, flowers, dinner, shows and any other baubles that women find romantic. Every Valentines day you rack your brains for that one special, unique gift that will show your wife or girlfriend that you really do care for them more than any other. Now ladies, I'll let you in on a little secret; guys really don't enjoy this that much. Sure seeing that smile on your face when we get it right is priceless, but that smile is the result of weeks of blood, sweat and consideration. Another secret; guys feel left out. That's right, there's no special holiday for the ladies to show their appreciation for the men in their life. Men as a whole are either too proud or too embarrassed to admit it. Which is why a new holiday has been created. March 14th is now officially "Steak and Blowjob Day". Simple, effective and self explanatory, this holiday has been created
I Love Snow Lmao Must Read
I love snow! Something like this comes around every winter - I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face. Enjoy December 8 - 6:00 PM It started to snow. The first snow of the season and the wife and I took our cocktails and sat for hours by the window watching the huge soft flakes drift down from heaven. It looked like a Grandma Moses Print. So romantic we felt like newlyweds again. I love snow! December 9 We woke to a beautiful blanket of crystal white snow covering every inch of the landscape. What a fantastic sight! Can there be a more lovely place in the whole world? Moving here was the best idea I've ever had! Shoveled for the first time in years and felt like a boy again. I did both our driveway and the sidewalks. This afternoon the snowplow came along and covered up the sidewalks and closed in the driveway, so I got to shovel again. What a perfe c t life! December 12 The sun has melted all our lovely snow.
The Main Cast Of Characters I Am Using For My First Book Series
Characters to be usesd in the "The Ledgend of the Knights of the Round" book series The Kinghts and those tied to them: Marcus St.Clair-A moore whos family moved to Britana When the Romans were still in power Rose St.Clair-Marcus's Wide eyed Little sister. She is in training to become a lady of the court Tirstan Ross-Marcus's Best friend and 2nd in Command of his Legandary Knights he is skilled in the use of almoset every bladed weapon Aires F. McCaine-a Scott born with Vicking parents Aries as been a knight for many years he calls the rest of the knights Young Pups Anglues Lockheart-not much is known about this night trainded the ways of assasation and is extreamy deadly with the dual Daggers he carries Brock-Another Scott Skilled in the use of Bunt weapons he has a bit of a temper but is the most feared fighter 2nd only to Marcus Raven Dawn-One of the 2 female memebers of the kights When she has a bow in her hand many tremble..and she has a wonderful sining v
Ode To A Back Stabbing Bitch
XHMH2 Plays Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Industrial, Punk, Gothic.
Is It Me?
Hey Fubar... Wow life sure does have it's ups and downs... I'm looking for a special someone to fill my lonely time... I signned on to Fubar in hopes to make new friends and I'm still looking for those but maybe this isn't the place to find that Special someone? I was talking with this guy and he's AWESOME except miles of earth seperates us from going any further... Why can't life be easy an send me a soulmate? Anyone have the same thoughts or advice on what I'm doing wrong? Please if you don't have anything nice to say then just move on and leave me alone, I can take advice but if you think I'm ugly or shouldn't be on here, GO AWAY...
Not Sure
skootter@ fubar
Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize
There is an old saying that I hear a lot anymore- "keep your eyes on the prize." It was meant to be a heartening message to all that no matter how bad life gets, its important to keep ones objective or goal in perspective, which gives you the ability to rise above the crap of life and continue down your pathway with your prize firmly within sights. However, it would seem that there are too many people who take this to heart and go above and beyond it to where they focus on the prize to the exclusion of all else. While I am a firm believer in choosing my own path and walking it, choosing my own goals and shooting for them, rarely if ever will I choose something that needs to blind me to all else. Responsibilities need to be met, bills still need to be paid, people still need their friends and other such obligations come first. No matter how important a goal or "prize" is, I can not allow it to eclipse the everyday responsibilities that I need to deal with. Yet there are many peopl
can i get a little help from my over 800 friends... i have been in this giveaway since before x-mas...i do have a life outside of the site.. i'm amom of five kids... i really need help getting it done.. thank you to my friends who have helped....we got 31500 comments ...we need the rest by April 11th... click pic
Delicious Pot Roast Nachos
* each 8 inch tortillas cut into quarters and fried * 2 cups leftover pot roast (rough chopped) * 1 cup chili aioli (see below) * 1 cup peppers, sliced and sauted * 1 cup yellow onion, sliced and sauted * 3 cups shredded cheddar or mixed cheese * For the Chili Aioli: * 1 jalapeo, seeded and diced * 1 Serrano chili, diced * 1 tsp. red pepper flakes * 1 tsp. minced garlic * 1/4 cup lemon juice * 1/2 cup mayonnaise * 1-2 Tbsp. canola oil * Sugar, to taste * Salt and pepper, to taste Directions 1. Lay tortillas flat on a baking sheet 2. spoon 1 tablespoon of chili aioli on each chip 3. divide the peppers and onions on all the chips 4. divide the pot roast on all the chips 5. divide the cheese on all the chips 6. broil until cheese is melted (about 5 minutes) 7. top with salsa and green onions and serve 8. For the Chili Aioli: 9. In a food processor, combine the jalape
Just One Please....
Please click on this picture and just rate it a 10. It will take you all of what? Five seconds? You CAN bid on me, too, if you'd like of course! :D Would really appreciate the pic rate tho! Thanks!
Devilishly Delicious Scallops
* 4T. butter * 1t. chopped chives * 1/2t. parsley * 1/8t. tarragon * 1/16t. garlic salt * 1/16t. black pepper * 1t. lemon juice * 1/4t salt * 2lbs. scallops * 1/2c. bread crumbs * 3T melted butter Directions 1. Soften 4T. butter and mix with herbs and spices 2. In shallow buttered pan,put scallops on the bottom. 3. Top with herb butter and then breadcrumbs. 4. Pour melted butter over all. 5. Bake in preheated 500 degree oven for 5 mins
Delicious Beef Sukiyaki
* 20 slices of beef......... gently rolled * 2 sticks leek chopped * 2 tbsp spring onions chopped * 2 tbsp coriander chopped * 300g Chinese white cabbage (Cut into bite pieces) * 2 pieces of Tofu (choose the tofu that you like and cut to pieces) * 1 packet Shitake Mushrooms * 1 packet Japanese Glass noodles * 2 eggs beaten * Sauce: * 3 cups water * 1 cup soy sauce * 1 cup mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine) * 3 tbsp sake (Japanese cooking rice wine) * 2 tbsp sugar Directions 1. Cut all the ingredients accordingly and cleansed with water. 2. Combine all sauce's ingredients and bring to boil. 3. Add in the white cabbage and chopped leeks. 4. Now the steamboat is ready. 5. Start enjoying the dish! 6. *The beaten eggs are for you to dip in after dipping the beef slices into the soup.
Can You Help Me Please
This will take 10 seconds of your life... and thats if you are on dial up! /¤t=DSC00970.jpg" target="_blank">" border="0" /> All you gotta do is rate this pic! Please help!!! The pix are resetting now so if you rated last week, PLEASE rate again!
Delicious Low-fat Lasagna
* 1 cup onion, chopped * 1 cup green bell pepper, chopped * 1 1/4 lb. ground turkey * 2 teaspoons dried Italian seasoning * One 28 oz. can diced tomatoes * One 15 oz. can tomato sauce * 15 oz. cottage cheese or ricotta cheese * 8 oz. shredded low-fat mozzarella cheese, plus 2 oz. to sprinkle on top * One 10 oz. package chopped frozen spinach, thawed and drained * One 24 oz. package of ready-to-bake lasagna noodles (use only 16 noodles) * Salt and pepper, to taste * Optional: One pinch of nutmeg Directions 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. 2. Spray a skillet with nonstick cooking spray and heat until hot over high heat. 3. Add the chopped onion and green bell pepper and cook for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. 4. Add the ground turkey and saut until browned and cooked through, about 5 minutes. Stir frequently. 5. Add the Italian seasoning, diced tomatoes (with the juice from the can) and the tomato sauc
Own My Sis
My sis evil vixen is in the same auction and let me tell you she is one lil firecracker. So if you want to have your very own Evil vixen bid on her. Her current bid is at 110k as well. Come ppl let show a hot lil vixen some love [ photo: 1053231192 ]
Love In The Night
I saw the vision there standing A beautiful woman I could see Was this my lover that I longed for Finally coming into my world to me The long strands of her silken hair From her face I brush away I see the sparkle that lights up her eyes She looks at me in a very special way My hand traces along her soft cheek The smoothness sends chills throughout me The lover I had longed for for so long Stood there, her beauty for me to see I opened my arms wide for her She came to me without a spoken word Laying her head against my chest The sounds of my hearts love she heard A gentle kiss we now enter this night The brush of her lips against mine so light The passion that fueled us was unspoken My mind filled with arousal this night She took my hand in hers as we stood Slowly to the bed she leads me in silence Tonight our love will be released together Without a word we let it commence Naked our bodies together now lay Entering my lover we become one at last Together we
Bid On Me
Im in an auction and nows your chance to own Don Jaun the currtent bid is 110k lets see who wants to own me more Here is the link so have at me ppl [ photo: 2427680119 ]
My Good Friend Ken Wrote This For Me..
I wrote this poem to show my apperciation for you always remembering me. Thanks Ken When the sky turns gray Only A friend can Make you smile It doesn't matter If your a million miles away Or standing beside me Your forever my friend When things get tough And You can't go on Remember I'm right here Pulling for you If you need a sign Look towards the sun It's me shining on you If it's late at night Look at the stars The sparkle is from my eyes To you Why would I do all this for you Simpley put Your my friend to the end Thanks baby Ken
"Black" Hey... oooh... Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay Were laid spread out before me as her body once did. All five horizons revolved around her soul As the earth to the sun Now the air I tasted and breathed has taken a turn Ooh, and all I taught her was everything Ooh, I know she gave me all that she wore And now my bitter hands chafe beneath the clouds Of what was everything. Oh, the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything... I take a walk outside I'm surrounded by some kids at play I can feel their laughter, so why do I sear? Oh, and twisted thoughts that spin round my head I'm spinning, oh, I'm spinning How quick the sun can drop away And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass Of what was everything? All the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything... All the love gone bad turned my world to black Tattooed all I see, all that I am, all I'll be... yeah... Uh huh... uh huh... ooh... I know s
If I Close My Eyes Forever
Baby, I get so scared inside and I don't really understand Is it love that's on my mind or is it fantasy? Heaven is in the palm of my hand and it's waiting here for you What am I supposed to do with a childhood tragedy? If I close my eyes forever, will it all remain unchanged? If I close my eyes forever, will it all remain the same? Sometimes it's hard to hold on, so hard to hold on to my dreams It isn't always what it seems when you're face to face with me You're like a dagger, and stick me in the heart And taste the blood from my blade And when we sleep, would you shelter me in your warm and darkend grave? If I close my eyes forever, will it all remain unchanged? If I close my eyes forever, will it all remain the same? Will you ever take me? No I just can't take the pain Would you ever trust me? No I'll never feel the same I know I've been so hard on you; I know I've told you lies If I could have just one more wish, I'd wipe the cobwebs from my eyes If I
Friends Vs. Best Friends
Friends VS Bestfriends 1.FRIENDS: Never ask for anything to eat or drink. BEST FRIENDS: Help themselves and are the reason why you aint got any food in your fridge. 2.FRIENDS: Calls your parents by Mr. and Mrs. BEST FRIENDS: Calls your parents DAD and MOM 3.FRIENDS: Would bail you out of jail. BEST FRIENDS: Would be sitting right next to you sayin "DAMN! We f*ucked up!" 4.FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry. BEST FRIENDS: Won't tell everyone else you cried...just laugh about it with you in private when your not down anymore. 5.FRIENDS: Ask you to write down your number. BEST FRIENDS: Have you on speed dial. 6.FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. BEST FRIENDS: Lose your s*hit and tell you, "My's a tissue."..OR KEEP IT AND DON'T GIVE IT BACK....LOL 7.FRIENDS: Know a few things about you. BEST FRIENDS: Could write a VERY embarrassing biography on your life story... 8.FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that is what t
Swingers Convention
Would You Do This To Me???
[ ] Push me into a wall and kiss me? [ ] Come To My House To Do Nothing But Chill? [ ] Slap Me? [ ] Slap me if i asked you to? [ ] Kiss Me? [ ] Let Me Kiss You? [ ] Watch A Movie With Me? [ ] Take Me Out To Dinner? [ ] Take A Shower With Me? [ ] Take Me Home For The Night? [ ] Let Me Sleep In Your Bed? [ ] Let Me Sleep In Your Bed (With You)? [ ] Take Me Anywhere With You? [ ] Repost This For Me To Answer Your Questions? [ ] Lock Me In Your room And Take Advantage Of Me? [ ] Let me lock you in your room and Take Advantage of you? [ ] Let Me Make You Breakfast? [ ] Make me breakfast? [ ] Tickle Me? [ ] Let Me Tickle You? [ ] Stick Up For Me if I Was Being Put Down? [ ] Instant Message Me? [ ] Greet Me In Public? [ ] Hang Out With Me? [ ] Let Me Hold Your waist from behind while we are out? [ ] Bring Me Around Your Friends? Do You... [ ] Miss Me? [ ]Think I'm Sexy? [ ] think im cute? [ ] Think I'm Hot? [ ] Think I'm Ok? [ ] Think I'm Ugly? [ ] Want To
In Our Hearts... In Memory Of Kerry Noonan(my Father)
In Our Hearts We thought of you with love today. But that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday. And the days before that too. We think of you in silence. We often speak your name. Now all we have are memories. And your picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake. With which we'll never part. God has you in his keeping. We have you in our hearts.
Goodbye Everyone
Just a couple quick lines to say goodbye to everyone! For all of u that have gotten to know me, you know why im leaving....u have all been awesome. Thanks to the ones that have let me perv on you!!! I loved every minute of it! To the special ones (you know who u are)i will keep u near! Take care to all of you and enjoy it can be shorter than what u think....xoxo, Laura
Destined To Fall
Destined to fall by Kari What is it about me that noone likes? why is it that I am always the one all alone? why is it that everyone else has the perfect other? why is it i cant find my own? Why cant people see who I really am? maybe they do and just dont care. Why cant people see the things i see? maybe they do but they dont see anyone there. When will it be my turn to be happy? If it is in the cards at all. When will it be my turn to find love? or am I even destined to fall? I look and see others getting what I need. the love, the passion, someone who cares. Then i see how others look at me. with nothing but a blank stare. Then i start to wonder...what is it about me? Or is it even me at all? When will it be my turn to find love? or am I even destined to fall?
Loser (Lyrics by Arnold) (Music Roberts, Arnold & Harrell) Breathe in right away, nothing seems to fill this place I need this every time, take your lies get off my case Some day I will find, a love that flows Through me like this This will fall away, this will fall away You're getting closer, to pushing me Off of life's little edge Cause I'm a loser and sooner or later You know I'll be dead You're getting closer, you're holding the Rope and I'm taking the fall Cause I'm a loser, I'm a loser, yeah This is getting old, I can't break these Chains that I hold My body's growing cold, there's nothin Left of this mind or my soul Addiction needs a pacifier, the buzz of This poison is taking me higher This will fall away, this will fall away You're getting closer, to pushing me Off of life's little edge Cause I'm a loser and sooner or later You know I'll be dead You're getting closer, you're holding the rope and I'm taking the fall Cause I'm a loser, I'm
Elwood is my cat, he wandered up to the ranch office one day, he had been in a fight I guess. He was tore up from the floor up so to speak. Now I am not a cat person. Ok I dont like cats much at all, but Elwood kinda got to me. So off to the vet we go. Big $$. Then I had to get a litter box for him and a food and water bowl. Food, treats, toys. Oh and then since he comes to work with me a carrier and another litter box, food, treats, toys for the office...yes I am a pushover. THEN, he got off into the woods here at the ranch and ended up wrapped in an old piece of brab wire fence. Vet bill , lol.. THEN I found this neat little thing. . If you have a cat, you have to get one of these. Without going into it, I love it , and he got used to it right off. He watches tv, likes Andy Griffith, Beverly Hillbillies. and John Wayne movies. He has me whipped for sure. But he has grown on me. And all these hairy legged cowboys have to pet him everytime they come in.
Whispers In The Wind
Your whispers are gentle echoes that sway ardent winds of harmony and in the symphony of life each word is wrapped in rhapsody. We travel separate roads of life gather flowers along the way and share the music of their fragrance. We exist between two winds, I here under a pale moon you, the other end of somewhere. Sometimes when wind blows through trees I pause to listen and in its passing I hear the tenderness of your voice that fills the spectrum of my soul. You are the chime of warm rain, the moon that glows through the trees and within the luster of evening your aura fills the scene. I hear the whispers of the wind see the stars shine in the sky, but I hold the sunrise in my pocket. Dance with me within the wind, then just let me love you.
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This Touched My Heart
Yesterday I had a very touching mail from a guy called Satyr, who felt really bad cos he couldnt do any rating during Stevens Happy Hour, but he send a song he sung and said the next one he would dedicate to steven which is down below and it truely touched my heart The guy is only 485 points from levelling up, so if you could send him some fu love and show what he did was awesome I would appreciate it Thanks Dave Satyr~Daddy and Fu-Hubby to ♥Wet Dreams♥@ fubar
26 Ways To Make A Woman Smile
26 Ways To Make A Girl Smile 1.Tell her she is beautiful 2.Hold her hand at any moment . . . even if its just for a second. 3. Hug her from behind 4. Leave her voice messages to wake up to. 5. When she is upset, hold her tight and tell her how much she means to you. 6. Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most. 7. If you're talking to another girl, when your done talking, walk over and hug her and kiss her....let her know she's yours and they aren't. 8. Write her notes or call her just to say "hi" 9. Introduce her to your friends . . . as your girlfriend. 10. Play with her hair. 11. Pick her up (she loves it) 12. Get upset if another guy touches her and she doesn't like it 13. Make her laugh 14. Let her fall asleep in your arms. 15. If she's mad at you, kiss her. 16. If you care about her, then (we all know this is a challenge) TELL HER 17. Every guy should give their girl 3 things: a stuffed animal (she'll hug it
Me At Airshow. 1st One Coming Off The Little Bird Oh-6.
First helicopter ride. First one off... Me at airshow. 1st one coming off the little bird OH-6.Add to My Profile | More Videos
Is This True Guys?
things most females don't know --Guys hate sluts even though they have sex with them! --"Hey, are you busy?" or "Are you doing something?" ~ two phrases guys open with to stop from stammering on the phone. --Before they call, guys try to plan out a little about what they're gonna say so there aren't awkward pauses, but once he's on the phone he forgets it all and makes it up as he goes. --Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. --Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. --Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're, goin for the lether-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method. --A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. --Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved. --Don't talk about your guy friends to your boyfriend. --Guys get jealous easily. --Guys are more emotional than they'd like people to think. --Giving a guy a h
Freedom Ride
The roar of its mighty engine Settling down upon its seat Gripping the handlebars so gently Chromed pegs will hold my feet A twist of the throttle I now give My bike surges to life this day The wind pulling at me as I roll along Free on the highway I stay I see the blacktop pass beneath me Broken white lines become a blur The sun beating down from the heavens I listen to the engines steady purr I feel the heat of the day as I ride Other bikers surround me as I go The freedom of the road we travel Only they will be able to know I am cooled by the wind as I travel Enjoying natures beauty as I ride The joy of being one with nature now Fulfills me deep down inside People wave as we pass them by Little towns e now travel through Winding along a mountain rode we ride No life worries, we enjoy the view A twist of the throttle I give for more power The chromed engine gives it to me As if it knows the pleasure I feel Riding long and hard and being free One day there
Don't Quit..
When things go wrong as they sometimes will; When the road you're trudging seems all uphill; When the funds are low, and the debts are high; And you want to smile, but you have to sigh; When care is pressing you down a bit Rest if you must, but don't you quit. Success is failure turned inside out; The silver tint of the clouds of doubt; And you can never tell how close you are; It may be near when it seems afar. So, stick to the fight when you're hardest hit - It's when things go wrong that you mustn't quit.
Cusody Battle
well i went to court today and i have lost the battle for my kids.i feel like i have let my kids down. the kids live with my ex`s sister and her hubby.i could have hurt my ex when she told the judge she wanted the kids to stay with her sister cause i wont let her see them. she forgot to tell the judge i wont let her see the kids cause of her crack addiction problem.i been fighting 3 years for my kids. ever feel you fight for some thing for so long and you just give up? i just feel it is time for me to give up, is that wrong of me or should i try to be the best father i can? sorry it may sound blunt but i`m still trying to let it all sink in what happened today mike
What Woman Should Know About Men
things most females don't know --Guys hate sluts even though they have sex with them! --"Hey, are you busy?" or "Are you doing something?" ~ two phrases guys open with to stop from stammering on the phone. --Before they call, guys try to plan out a little about what they're gonna say so there aren't awkward pauses, but once he's on the phone he forgets it all and makes it up as he goes. --Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. --Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. --Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're, goin for the lether-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method. --A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. --Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved. --Don't talk about your guy friends to your boyfriend. --Guys get jealous easily. --Guys are more emotional than they'd like people to think. --Giving a guy a h
Well, recently things have been going quite well for me, as a whole. Specifically, because of Adam... I never knew you could feel this way about someone. Its so much more than love. He is like, a missing part of me. If that makes sense... it's like, so long I've looked for and wanted something... and it's always been the same stupid shit... and always involved some drama... But, since Adam and I have gotten together, everything in my world seems perfect. I am unable to really explain it. It seems like everything is just as it's supposed to be. He truly makes me happy. The things he says to me, and things he does for me, he is amazing. He means the world to me. For once in my life, I'm thinking of someone else's feelings other than my own. I'm worried about his feelings and thoughts. I want to know that he is as happy as me. This is an amazing thing... i've never been so happy. I am so in love with him... Well, I know everyone gets sick of hearing about Adam all the time...
Where Do I Go From Here?
i dont know witch was scarier the giving of myself and watching it be rejected knowing it always would be or taking my life back of walking away from something i know is bad for me of giving up a battle that i just cant win of now having to face a futcher that i don't know where i even WANT it to lead do i want to fall in love again sometime in the distant futcher? do i wish to concentrate souly on myself reach for the dreams i put away in the name of love? are those dreams even real to me anymore? i know my first steps i need to take after I finish wrestling my life back 1 i need to figure out who i am now i know who the core evlyn is but falling in love made me grow in a few ways i never could have believed and the hurt of that love not working made me realize things about myself i had never looked at some good some bad and ill have to sort those all out and see where they fit 2 i need to learn to trust myself and others again 3 figure out what i want now 4 learn to accept that i de
My First Moon Shine Many To Follow
= '`InSaNe HiPpIe`co owner of the kingdom of wolves' spewed forth the following at '2008-01-15 12:38:02'.. > > "here lets drink the trashy ass trouble maker's away" == 'Cherian -Wolves of Wiccan Society Bomber' spewed forth the following at '2008-01-15 12:25:43'.. > > "Thank You" == '♥Wk gl hl♥' spewed forth the following at '2008-01-15 15:24:52'.. > >
Ok All Here Goes
I'm fine and kicking and my hand hurts but eh...nuthing new. Normally i try to hit up all my friends an family with a comment every moring...but i gotta put a hold on that...I got something i gotta finish and then get it up on the blogs....if anyone knows any military person on this sight plz let me know...right now i got about 100 pics done with 70 left to go and i gotta get them up and done by the end of this month if possible. So huggs an love to all and know that i aint forgotten ya i just got work to get ya.
All My Friends Are Gone, They Died...
Thumbing through the pages of my fantasies Pushing all the mercy down, down, down I wanna see you try to take a swing at me Come on, gonna put you on the ground, ground, ground Why are you trying to make fun of me? You think it's funny? What the fuck you think it's doing to me? You take your turn lashing out at me I want you crying with your dirty ass in front of me All of my hate cannot be found I will not be drowned by your thoughtless scheming So you can try to tear me down Beat me to the ground I will see you screaming Thumbing through the pages of my fantasies I'm above you, smiling at you, drown, drown, drown I wanna kill and rape you the way you raped me And I'll pull the trigger And you're down, down, down Why are you trying to make fun of me? You think it's funny? What the fuck you think it's doing to me? You take your turn lashing out at me I want you crying with your dirty ass in front of me All of my hate cannot be f
Ripping Pictures
Ok, I seriously DO NOT mind having stuff ripped, otherwise i would block rips. But ya know, if you liked it enough to rip it, at least rate it first, that's common courtesy. I get sick of people coming to my profile, ripping pictures, and not even bothering to rate them.
Im Back!
For those who do know me, and know me well, you all know that i have been gone now for some time. with this being the slow season in my job, i let the internet and cable go, because money hasn't been all that great.. but guess what!? IM BACK!!!! Also... The baby is almost here! My wife started having her contractions today.... Now just waiting for her to POP THE CORK and spit the girl out!.. lol... so yes.. im excited... Im about to be a full time daddy... i can't wait.. so... *holds up a beer to all*.. CHEERS! ---nik aka dj Redd
Woo Hoo Everyone
we just got back our net , for how long who knows, its been a heck of a journey, we missed everyone while we were not on ....... we love yall
Rep Your State!
I have opened a new picture folder called possible vacation spots. I have 6 months to figure out where I want to go. So, REPRESENT your state and let me know why I should go there. (Just because your there doesn't help From the comments these will be decreased to top 10, then top 5, top 2 down to #1. Click the link below for folder of states. PLEASE REPOST! Thanks!
Rules Of The Contest I Am In
here's the rules to the contest i am in THE LINK TO THE HOST OF THE CONTEST'S PROFILE IS AT THE END OF THIS BLOG ,THIS IS NOT MY CONTEST ,I AM IN IT NOT HOSTING IT . I'm gonna be running a Fu Buck & Big Pimping Giveaway Contest. Contest will start on Fri Jan - 18th at noon (est)/ 9 am (pst). Running the contest til Sun Jan -27th noon (est)/ 9am (pst). All pics entered must be sfw. If u want into the contest. I need you to private message me the link to the pic that u want entered into it. Don't send it in the shout box please. That way i don't miss your link. My only request is that to qualify for the top 3 prises. I'm asking that the pic to have 10,000 comments minimum to qualify. Everyone that enters the contest will get an Entry Prise no matter what. If there becomes any questions during contest I want to be notified of them 1ST. Don't take them to other contestants . That way there will be no added drama amongst others. I truly look forward to seeing everyone 1 ST PLACE P
Bid On Me
I Wanna Make You Cry
How long has it been? How long have you held it in? An' how long will you wait, Before you let somebody take your breath away again? I wanna be the one who turns you on, Makes love till the lonely's gone. Be the man you dreamed of all your life. I swear I'll make it last until, Tears of joy come pourin' from your eyes. I wanna make you cry. Tell me what to do, And I'll do what you want me to. 'Cause darlin' I believe, That I have fallen hopelessly and helplessy for you. I wanna be the one who turns you on, Makes love till the lonely's gone. Be the man you dreamed of all your life. I swear I'll make it last until, Tears of joy come pourin' from your eyes. I wanna make you cry. I swear I'll make it last until, Tears of joy come pourin' from your eyes. I wanna make you cry. I wanna make you cry. Jeff bates
Nice Girls Like It Naughty
Nice girls always like it naughty :) Come check out my site
Little Latin Doll
hey sweetie i missed u i guess love u much I SO miss the doll.......
Woo Hoo
I got all moved on Saturday and i'm settling in quite nicely. I was so nervous cuz the town is so small, but it's not bugging me at all. Everyone I have met is so nice and my man is wonderful. I couldn't be happier! BTW I miss all the luving from everyone...Show me some! LOL Have a great week! BIG HUGS, Jackie
Gone... Outta Here
Alright I'm outta here, for good. Too much bullshit and no enough benefit these days. If you need alternate contact methods for those of you that consider me to be a friend, send me a private message I'll get it to you before I delete this profile tonight.
There Should Be No But In Love
well this has been an interesting last while of self reflection its done me a world of good. i have come to a lot realizations about myself and why i keep letting my ex play me. I think i have finally figured out why i had such a hard time letting him go and why he had such a hard time letting me go even though he didn't really want me. the first part is to do with me and a strength that wasn't tempered bye reality so instead got twisted into a flaw. I am the kind of person who tends to give of myself fully without reservation and once i love i do so unconditionally to me there is NO but in love this is usually a positive personality trait but you add into the mix robbie and you have a recipe for an extended tour of hell... for the both of us. because put simply he has some serious issues somehow in life his view of himself got so twisted and distorted that the only thing he can see is the monster in waiting every mistake every flaw every weakness magnified to monstrous proportions all
Can You Helpe Me Out Again???
No Title... Will Get To It Later
The door was ajar. Putrid smells leading to the attic. Filling the senses with fear and loathing. The never ending dripping from the attic door, or the minute hand on a clock, so steady.. slow pattern beating on the eardrums. His hand reached up for the doorhandle, only to find himself stopping, a quick look around. No one around. Fear thumping in his chest. He stands there, hand extended, pulls on the knob. Slowly opens the door, creaking old house. The smell was getting worse, so rancid. It brought tears to his eyes. Afraid to illuminate the room, he uses his candle... sowly steps over the creaky boards towards where the smell is the strongest. Ages of smells hitting him at once. There in the darkest of corners, is a box, leaned, upright. about six feet tall. Ages old, maybe even centuries. "If i go over and open it, what will happen?" was the thought Sean was having. The smell was getting so unbearable, he just didn;t know what to do, so sean quickly reach
Houseboy Duties And Requirements:
Houseboy duties and requirements: Duties: Cleaning Cooking Running errands Taking care of My needs, what ever that may be. requirements: Must like pain! Must like chastity and or denial! Must be very submissive! Must be willing to do ANYTHING I say! Must never whine! Must have your own income! Must have a car & license! Must be available at least 1 day a week! Must be lifestyle oriented! Must be local! Fill this out honestly and completely if you wish to be considered for servitude to Twisted Goddess, send it to Me in a private message. Name: Age: Weight & Height: Bust size (girls) / Penis size (boys): Eye & Hair Color: Which are you Submissive / Slave: Location: Orientation: Email address: Marital status: Able to travel: Education level: Employment: Income level: Skills/talents: Able to tribute (gifts / money) Mistress time is precious, if you want My attention you have to be able to tribute Me for it:
My Last Day
Reminder: I'm On Livejournal!
I just wanted to remind any interested parties that I consolidated all of my various blogs over on LiveJournal. Please join me there if you feel the urge! Tanya's blog on LiveJournal I hope that if you are interested in my thoughts, you'll check it out!
Contest To Bomb
Are u interested in becoming a Bomber for Wolves of Wiccan Society?I desire Bombers Bad. A Comment Bomber Continuously Drops comments on a Contestants Picture.Simular to commenting there picture in there photo album.Except instead of saying awesome,Kool etc u type gibberish.jjuyt,utyuyu,tyutyutyu,gggj,over an over same photo atleast 150x's.Depending on your Levels a Royal Elite Bomber drops 400-500 Daily an they can earn many Morph's of choice.All first issued morphs are usually Wolves.Also can earn Rate Morphs such as Pirates,Skulls,Super Hero Charactors etc.If enterested add Wolves of Wiccan Society, after your nick name an I will send u the Link to Bomb. .Comment Bombing is also a great way to Level up.Hope to see you Blessed Be Lord Wolf Founder ~Wolves of Wiccan Society. I'm Seeking Bombers for BLACKICE27,Options Will Reward with 11's an Provide Morph of Choice for a Great Finish.I will also Offer Fu Bucks for Bombers.300 Comments 8,000,400 Comments 10,000 Fu Bucks Daily.F
A Simple Word
Trust. A simple word. A strong word. It's simple enough to spell. Yet it has a deeper meaning. How can trust be rebuilt? Someone hurts you. Do you move along or get all bent out of shape and feel like the world has crashed down around you? Do you move along at a snails pace and feel your heart being macerated from within? Or do you pick up the pieces and move along? Looking for all the right answers. Looking for that one shiney thing that will make all the blocks fit into the right holes? Or do you expect something that shows that your lack of trust was wrong? Do you need time to mull things over? Do you think and say hurtful things that can never be taken back? Do you expect proof? Life isn't easy. It's a crap shoot. If you have trusted that person before, do you not look into the past and see the good in that person? Will you ever wonder "What if I was wrong?" for the rest of your life? Every day, we are faced with decisions. And it isn't every day that we
Im laying in our bed extremely excited watching you undress before me as your day has ended and the release of stress can be exonerated. I have always been aroused by your smooth soft skin, your long flowing hair, your thighs and ass, ooohhh I love to hold them tight pulling you on me. The touch of your skin, the kiss of your lips I adore. You glance over your shoulder and notice the sheets are lifted off the bed, You smile as if to taunt me slightly (as if needed to be taunted) and you turn your head back away from me. Slowly you turn towards me and walk to me, climbing onto the bed and crawling towards me with intent and determination; never glancing away from my eyes you approach hungry. Pulling the sheets away exposing my hard cock you smile and straddled me; you are wet with anticipation and I slide in easily. You begin gently moving forward and back stroking my dick with your tight body. Your hair gently glides up and down my chest. Mmmmm, you feel soooo damn good riding me! For
I Prefer Our Strawberry Blonde
Sunday afternoon Martha and I went out so she could get her bangs trimmed at Mastercuts in Dakota Square. Martha has one particular stylist she likes to have work on her hair and wanted to get in as soon as possible. I asked to go with her because I wanted to visit the Waldenbooks and B. Dalton stores closing in the mall to make way for the two-story Barnes & Noble to open in March. Hey, everything in B. Dalton was 50% off and everything in Waldenbooks 40% off; its just really strange to see a bookstore with empty shelves. She came with me because I remarked I could use a trim myself and got one for just $12.95. I usually dont go to a salon myself, and even paying a barber ten bucks per haircut seems a little daunting to me; where I grew up in Crescent City, Florida, theres a barber wholl give you a straight haircut for three dollars. (That is not a misprint.) I never noticed his business declining actually, it improved enough that sometimes Id go in and it was standing r
Coming Soon
March 20th - April 7th, 2008
State Of Mind....
ohhhhh my life, I tell ya. If I dont write it out I'll flip out. So my mother calls me yesterday and she is balling her eyes out because she misses me, that in itself makes me feel like a huge steaming shit, so Im going to go see her after I get out of work. She is so over worked, overstressed and just tired in general. I love my mother, I would do anything for her but I feel bad. I feel like I am not enough of a daughter for her. My mother and I have not always been the best of frineds or even gotten along all that well. After my father died, i thoguht that we would get closer, have a stronger bond and yes that has happened but in some cases I feel like I am not doing enough for her. Im not around enough, I dont call enough and Im just to busy with everything that I have going on in my life and I know that this is not the case. Why do I constantly tell myself that im not good enough? Not good enough for my friends, my job, for any kind of relationship with a guy and im not a good
Being Single
So, as you might have guessed from the title, i am single. My best guy friend who i had feelings for but was always too immature for me has begun dating someone else. I find myself a little jealous despite myself. There was a time when he wanted me, but being in the army, we never had the time to establish anything. Now i hear from him less and less. I suppose there is nothing to do but move on.
Just Hanging Out On Fubar
Brave warriors in suits of armor yellow and black, Answering a call for help without question they go on the attack. Mounting their powerful steeds of gleaming gold and red, Of their fears and worries nothing is said. They race to the battle, an unforgiving demon to slay, Until the task is complete not one will stray. Working to exhaustion as their chest's pound, Into the lair of the beast, insane as it may sound. To snatch a person from death is the goal and greatest reward, It's what all the preparation and self sacrifice is geared toward. They love their country and all their neighbors the same, It's a vocation that provides little financial profit or gain. Their mission is simple the American dream to defend, A life to save, a home to protect, to this they will tend. JDK
Friends Vs Biker Friends.....
FRIENDS: Never ask for food BIKER FRIENDS: Are the reason you have no food. FRIENDS: Will say "hello" BIKER FRIENDS: Will give you a big hug and a kiss. FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs. BIKER FRIENDS: Call your parents mom and dad. FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry. BIKER FRIENDS: Cry with you. FRIENDS: Will eat at your dinner table and leave BIKER FRIENDS: Will spend hours there, talking, laughing and just being together FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. BIKER FRIENDS: Keep your stuff so long they forget it's yours. FRIENDS: know a few things about you. BIKER FRIENDS: Could write a book with direct quotes from you. FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that's what the crowd is doing. BIKER FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds' ass that left you. FRIENDS: Would knock on your door. BIKER FRIENDS: Walk right in and say, "I'm home!" FRIENDS: Are for a while. BIKER FRIENDS: Are for life.
Eh Why Not
1. Three days from now, will you be a in relationship? Are I not in enough relationships now dammit? 2. What color are your eyes? Oh they are this lovely brownish color, lol 3. What does your second text say? You always have a choice its the outcome that we have to live with lol 4. How do you think your latest ex feels about you? Hell, dont remember when the last time I even had an official ex was 5. Do you like what you see in the mirror? Well, now that is gonna depend on what I am looking at huh 6. What are you listening to right now? The boy bitch about shoveling 7. What were you doing 46 seconds ago? Arguing with the boy about shoveling 8. What are your plans for this weekend? Not sure that I have plans 9. Who are your best friends? Well, look at my pics and you will see them 10. How's your room looking? Covered in laundry waiting to be washed at the moment 11. Get asked anything ridiculous lately? Every damn day of my life 12. What
I am alone. Alone here and alone in the world. Alone in my heart and alone in my mind. Alone everywhere, all the time, for as long I can remember. Alone with family, alone with friends, alone in a room full of people. Alone when I wake up, alone through each awful day, alone when I finally meet the blackness. I am alone in my horror. I don't want to be alone. I have never wanted to be alone. I fucking hate it. I hate that I have no one to talk to, I hate that I have no one to call, I hate that I have no one to hold my hand, hug me, tell me everything is going to be all right. I hate that I have no one to share my hopes and my dreams with, I hate that I no longer have any hopes or dreams, I hate that I have no one to tell me to hold on, that I can find them or myself again. I hate that when I scream, scream bloody murder, that I am screaming into emptyness. I hate that there is no one to hear my screams and that there is no one to help me learn how to stop screaming. I hate that what I
01-15-08 (tues Train #2)
(train music to scoll to) Whats a Tuesday Train? This weeks Train:
Phony People
seems to me that people r not as genuin as they seem. lies, and deception r all that is on their minds. tired of that. how many of us would like to know that chivalry isn't dead amoung all of us, men and women alike. courtousy to others and respect is of the utmost quality. not being fake. how do u feel about this? i enjoy having fun like everyone else but should be truthful about it, and real. let me know what u think. thanks.
How To Make A Women Happy
How to Make a Woman Happy It's not difficult to Make a woman happy. A man only needs to be: 1. a friend 2. a companion 3. a lover 4. a brother 5. a father 6. a master 7. a chef 8. an electrician 9. a carpenter 10. a plumber 11. a mechanic 12. a decorator 13. a stylist 14. a sexologist 15. a gynecologist 16. a psychologist 17. a pest exterminator 18. a psychiatrist 19. a healer 20. a good listener 21. an organizer 22. a good father 23. very clean 24. sympathetic 25. athletic 26. warm 27. attentive 28. gallant 29. intelligent 30. funny 31. creative 32. tender 33. strong 34. understanding 35. tolerant 36. prudent 37. ambitious 38. capable 39. courageous 40. dete
Fake Profiles
George Carlin's New Rules For 2008
GEORGE CARLIN'S NEW RULES FOR 2008 Body: New Rule: No more gift registries. You know, it used to be just for weddings. Now it's for babies and new homes and graduations from rehab. Picking out the stuff you want and having other people buy it for you isn't gift giving, it's the white people version of looting. New Rule: Stop giving me that pop-up ad for! There's a reason you didn't want to talk to those people for 25 years. It's because you didn't particularly like them! Besides, I already know what the captain of the football team is doing these days --- he's mowing my lawn! New Rule: Don't eat anything that's served to you through a window, unless you're a seagull. People are acting all shocked that a human finger was found in a bowl of Wendy's chili. Hey, it cost less than a dollar! What did you expect it to contain? Lobster? New Rule: If you need to shave and you still collect baseball cards, you're a dope. If you're a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your
Everyone should visit and check out Pouncing on Acceptance on Fubar. hopefully you can just click tht link. Just do it. See if you can get 20 people to be there at one time... I dare you.
Should I Block...
OK - I'm a ho - I admit it. Now I say live and let live - I don't ask you to be like me but expect you to respect (ha ha) my views on life. There's a couple of people who hassle me about my standards. Apart from the fact that I have non I find it clutters up my shout box. So should I block these people or should I allow them the freedom to shout me? Comments appreciated. Erica x
The Star Of Bethlehem By Wayne Jackson
The Star of Bethlehem January 15, 2008 by Wayne Jackson The nature of the star of Bethlehem is an intriguing topic. Study this issue with us as we look at various theories. The Gospel of Matthew records the following intriguing words. Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, Wise-men from the east came to Jerusalem, saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we saw his star in the east, and are come to worship him (Matthew 2:1-2). When Herod the Great, the vicious ruling king, heard of this inquiry, he was intensely disturbed. He gathered together leading Hebrew dignitaries and inquired as to precisely where the Christ child had been born. Basing their information on a prophecy in the book of Micah, the scholars replied that the baby was to be born in Bethlehem of Judea. Herod then consulted with the Wise-men (Greek, Magi) as to the time when the star appeared. The Greek historian Herodotus states that the Ma
Hospital Stay
For those of you that didn't know...I had my first hospital stay last Thursday. I had kidney stones again. Not just one, but five. It hurt like hell. I was really sick. I was supposed to have surgery on Friday, but luckily didn't have to. I was released and told to take it easy, with basically no activity. Can't even drive. So I'm off work until Monday. Feeling better, but the pain meds make me extremely loopy. I sleep a lot. Thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes though. All business related requests will be handled soon, but that's why I haven't been reachable. Jen
Untitled Slender beams of radiance enter this darkened prison as I kneel, always silent, always alone, frozen here, waiting. Tortured forms wrought in panes of glass loom as dust dances in the air, forming an image in my mind, rending my darkened soul. Realization dawning on my face. I raise my head, now defying this uncaring light.
Lost Angel
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untitled what have you done to me? a smothering indistinctness of darkness as memories darken. once we savored paradise, untainted and wide-eyed, but your thirst soured. a dark pool of memory - tears follow rain, follow darkness, love burnt to ashes. in a torrent of bitterness, i reject you.
Ultrathin Macbook
Apple Launches 13-Inch Ultralight MacBook Air Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:43PM EST See Comments (2) Steve Jobs took the stage to kick off the annual Macworld Expo today. As usual, he brought with him a crushing amount of buzz and a pile of new product announcements. Here's what we'll be seeing from Apple, starting today! MacBook Air As widely expected, Apple is launching an ultra-thin notebook called the MacBook Air. At 0.76" thick at its widest point, the three-pound Air has a wedgelike shape that tapers down to 0.16" thick at the front base. LED backlighting on its 13.3-inch screen, multi-touch trackpad (which offers some nifty features like rotating photos, all in the touchpad), and a backlit keyboard. Specs are decent: 1.6 or 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (on a cleverly shrunken socket), 2GB of RAM, and an 80GB hard drive (or 64GB SSD option). No optical drive (of course), and just one USB port. It'll set you back $1,799, which is on the inexpensive side for ultralight notebooks wit
Night Ritual
Night Ritual Around, all around, the shadows gather. My dread grows as the Dark One's touch falls against my naked soul. It crushes me, and darkly my essence drips to the broken ground. In my madness I cry out while Death's shadow surrounds me. Now alone, my blood falls upon uncaring eyes. This is my salvation
Bid On Me
.. BaBii's AuCtiOn January 15th to January 22nd Here is your chance to OWN the one you want!!! RULES 1. You may bid on anyone you like even on yourself. 2. Your bid has to be HIGHER then the previous one. 3. IF you have SERIOUS ISSUES with anyone that bids (IF THEY ARE STALKING YOU) please inform me and i will romove them from the auction. 4. NO rude comments. 5. You may bid with Fubucks, Tickers, Blasts, ViC's or Happy Hours. 6. Tickers, Blasts, ViC's and Happy Hours are above ANY fubuck bids. 7. All the proceeds go to the person being auctioned. 8. I am NOT responsible if some one renegs! 9. I am Only in this for the points! 10. At the end of the auction the HIGHEST bidder will WIN/TAKE OWNERSHIP of the person for 1 month. What Do You Get From The Person You Own??? -All Pics Rated -All Stash Rated -A Salute Pic From Them With Your Name On it -A Mumm Done About You -A Bully About How Great You Are and The Link To Your Page in it -Comments Daily F
Guitar Hero3
my hubby and I have a 360 too but gh3 on wii only......peace
True Fan Of Bbws
If you are a bbw feel free to leeve me a friend request, I am a true fan and lover of all bwws
What the fuck is everyone's problem... It's a fucking game and this is just a fucking website. chill the fuck out...
2 Snsational Ladies Need Mad Commenting Love
Hey everyone, I hope your week is going well. My sisters need mad commenting love if you all dont mind. They still need collectively 6K-7K comments a day on their pic or more to wrap up the contest... I know if we all come together as a team, we can get this done. JUST CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW TO GO STRAIGHT TO COMMENTING
Please Get Me One
valentines is close want to buy me a gift buy a vip...
I'm stoked. I got a hefty Christmas bonus, most of which went to pay off my car. I got an unexpected property tax return, it went to the same place. I made my regular payment yesterday and guess what my remaining balance is. You'll never guess I'll just tell you. $364!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! I sooooo can't wait to get that car paid off! And I was sooooo excited about it that I had to tell everyone so :P
Prayer Meetin'
Bubba goes to the revival and listens to the preacher. After a while, the preacher asks anyone with needs to come forward and be prayed over. Bubba gets in line. When it's his turn the preacher says, "Bubba, what you want me to pray about?" Bubba says, "Preacher, I need you to pray for my hearing." So the preacher licks his index finger and put it in Bubba's ear and put his other hand on top Bubba's head and commences to pray loudly. After a few minutes, he removes his hands and says, "Bubba, how's your hearing now?" Bubba says, "I don't know, Preacher. It ain't until next Wednesday!"
Trying To Upload A Gif File
I am Trying to upload a GIF file but when i upload it it doesn't work. Can anyone tell me how to make it work to show all pics like you see on fubar? Thank you. Lucy
Ich Bin Eine Gott.
oh fuck. a moment of clarity. forgot who the fuck i was for a second. i'm not that weak. but i am this spiteful. fuck 'em. fuck 'em all. sure, i have nothing to hold onto. nothing to cling do as i drown in this sea of assholes, but that's why. that is the reason for everything. to spite them. to hurt them as much as they hurt me. sure, a part of me wants to give up, as much as the next man. but ... my god. how could i be so fucking weak and retarded and fucking silly? i'm pathetic. but now... now it's time to set the world on fire. Time to burn them alive. The change is coming. I feel it. Now is my time. They're not worth this. No one who leaves is. If they're that fucking gladhanded, fuck 'em. If they only want to be around through the good days, then they don't deserve the bad days. the days i need them. i don't need them, though. i don't need anyone. i'm all i have. i'm all i need. Fuck Them. Up the ass with a big rubber dick. They're not worth the fucking time of day. How c
Christopher Columbus Brought Syphilis To Europe From The New World
CHICAGO (Reuters) - New genetic evidence supports the theory that Christopher Columbus brought syphilis to Europe from the New World, U.S. researchers said Monday, reviving a centuries-old debate about the origins of the disease. They said a genetic analysis of the syphilis family tree reveals that its closest relative was a South American cousin that causes yaws, an infection caused by a sub-species of the same bacteria. "Some people think it is a really ancient disease that our earliest human ancestors would have had. Other people think it came from the New World," said Kristin Harper, an evolutionary biologist at Emory University in Atlanta. "What we found is that syphilis or a progenitor came from the New World to the Old World and this happened pretty recently in human history," said Harper, whose study appears in journal Public Library of Science Neglected Tropical Diseases. She said the study lends credence to the "Columbian theory," which links the first recorded
Not Much To Report..... here is some poetic entertainment...enjoy and leave me some love around this place i call my fubar page!! Your heart is a puzzle It's pieces scattered on the floor I watch you as you struggle Nothing seems to fit together anymore Give me your broken heart I'll earn it piece by piece And restore this work of art I just need you to believe I'll fit them back together Until your heart is complete And cherish it forever Your faith is all I need But if you choose to keep it When my work is done This one request I submit In gentlemanly fashion If it's given to another This choice I will respect Just don't give it to a miser For this I can attest You will end up where you started Your heart a shattered mess And once again be broken hearted Full of burden and distress
Love Our Staff
_Lounge Profile_ Enchanted_Realm@ fubar _Owner_ Wakko+MIDNIGHTTRIPPER(CHERISH)ENGAGED 4 REAL BACK OFF... DJ@DIRTY DIAMOND RADIO@ fubar _Co-Owners_ Dj PIXI~Co Owner Of Enchanted Realm DJ@Dirty Diamond Raido~I/R/L love Dj Ironmans BabyGril~ CHF@ fubar DJ Ironman AKA The Wiked Child/Dirty Diamond Radio/Co Owner Enchanted Relam/Pixi's Wiked child/D@ fubar _Lounge Managers_ **MIDNIGHTRIPPER-MANAGER OF ENCHANTED REALM(FU-WIFEY AND SOON 2B REAL WIFE 2 *DJ WAKKO **@ fubar LEIF~MANAGER OF THE ENCHANTED REALM~@ fubar ~Slippery MANAGER ENCHANTED REALM ~W.I.S.E.UK~ SAMI"S STALKER ~@ fubar _Dragons_(Encforcers)_ _Wenches_(Bartender)_ _Changlings_(Promoters)_ cutegrl4u **Enchanted Realm**@ fubar SeXxY~*~LoRi~*~EnChAnTeD rEaLm PrOmOtEr~*~@ fubar _Nombs_(Greeters)_ Yanny GoGo ~Greeter @ Enchanted Realm~@ fubar _Pervers_
I've Dreamed Of Loving You
I've dreamed of loving you for many years, Loving you each day and night, each hour, Loving till you flow into my tears, And I into the garden where you flower. Of course I must be me, as you are you, But just as bushes planted side by side So intertwine one cannot tell they're two, We will through love and time be unified. So have I dreamed, though we have been apart So long that I of life with you despaired, Holding wounded hope within my heart That through these frozen years it might be spared. The world is a redaction of the dream. Our greatest pain deep longings shall redeem.
In Your Eyes
love I get so lost, sometimes days pass and this emptiness fills my heart when I want to run away I drive off in my car but whichever way I go I come back to the place you are all my instincts, they return and the grand facade, so soon will burn without a noise, without my pride I reach out from the inside in your eyes the light the heat in your eyes I am complete in your eyes I see the doorway to a thousand churches in your eyes the resolution of all the fruitless searches in your eyes I see the light and the heat in your eyes oh, I want to be that complete I want to touch the light the heat I see in your eyes love, I don't like to see so much pain so much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away I get so tired of working so hard for our survival I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive and all my instincts, they return and the grand facade, so soon will burn without a noise, without my pride I reach o
Living Life
Well things have settled down and life is so much better. Though there are still some things I would like to change I know it will only take time. I have a wonderful woman in my life and though we live together we don't have alto of time to spend with each other. With me working and her doing her school stuff and at the time I work it makes it hard. But in time things will get better and we will find away to have more time with each other. Everyday I miss her and everyday I love waking up next to her and going to sleep with her at night. I love having the kids here and feeling like a family. We have made our Friday nights a family night and though this last Friday didn't go as well as I hoped cause of all the pain I was in from cleaning the house and everything. My back was hurting really bad. Hopefully this coming Friday will be alto better. I really love my life now that my and the most wonderful woman in my life who I screwed up once with has given me a second chance. I still make m
Lounge Invites!
Im Back!!! Lol
Ok so here it is! i want to thank all of my friends family just anyone who has been there for me anytime with in these last ten years! some how i lost myself i dont know how or what happend. most of u know what happend and if u dont know worries im fine! i just want to thank everyone that has stood by me and helped me through my tough time. these last few days have been a roller coaster of emotions for me main thing i was cryen all freakin day and night dont know y just was. i think it was like a break through or somethen lol but today is a different day! im looking at things a lot different then i have in a long time i have nothing to cry for and everything to b happy about. my kids and i are all safe and happy! so the main reason i wanted to write this is i know i have worried a lot of ppl over these years months days whatever our particular situation is. i want to thank everyone so very much for never given up on me and letting me know i am a strong ass woman that dont need to take
I'm Going For Surgery
I'm going for surgery early tomorrow morning and I will be in the hospital for a couple of days. Have a great hump day and a thirsty Thursday! Leave some love and think about me. Much Love, Nancy
2 more days!
As you probably know by now Hippie is having a hemorage because you were bombing my contest. Because of his childish behavior I am leaving the KOW. Thank you for your help you provided in the past two days. Jimmy
Why Is It Ok For Men And Not Women?
Update On Bryson's Head
Well I finally looked at it more closely last night. I haven't been able to before because I didn't think I could stomach it. I'm a nervous wreck from it. And he knows it. He teases me and went outside and sat on the very desk he fell off of and hit his head on, looked at me with a big grin and asked, "Mom does this scare you?". Yeah real funny. He runs in the hallway, "mom am I scaring you yet?" I know most of you, if not all of you are laughing right now. But, you didn't see the gaping hole I saw. I'm not exaggerating. Wish I was. Anyways, it's healing PERFECT!! It turned out that it wasn't a straight line cut, it's jagged but...the skin healed back closed perfectly. No wrinkles in it at all. He's down to just a band aid and it hasn't even been a week yet! He was able to get it wet last night and he layed in the bathtub for awhile after saying "mom I can finally do this again" and stuck the back of his head under water. He's a water kid so it almost killed him to not be able to pla
I Had To Walk Away
I had to walk away, I couldnt stay. I tried to win the race, but it was all a waist. For just alittle while, i thought i could smile. I thought i could keep from crying but you just kept on lying. I had to say goodbye and I had to walk away, I just couldnt stay. What i would give for just one more glance, for just one more chance, to say I love you my son. You caused the pain, and now i cant break the chains, as it begins to rain. This war inside my head, keeps getting bigger. I had to walk away, I just couldn't stay I cant erase this place that we shared, the place that we use to care. A knife rips at my heart, cause you tore me all apart. I had to walk away, hope you understand. I had to say goodbye, even though it made you cry. I will always wonder why, you thought you had to lie, and make mommy cry. I had to walk away, but still I love you my son.
***You're an Expert Kisser*** You're a kissing pro, but it's all about quality and not quantity You've perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone's socks off And you're adaptable, giving each partner what they crave When it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettable What Kind of Kisser Are You?
Fingers Crossed Please
Well... here goes nothing... I have had this on my mind for a while now and nothing has happened yet. I am going to the doctor on Thursday for a pregnancy test. I haven't had my visitor since before Thanksgiving. I took a test a few weeks ago and it was negative, BUT I still have yet to get anything. AND I have been dizzy, really tired, getting headaches, and my skin has been breaking out like crazy. SO.. with my two best friends yelling at me I am off to the doctor on Thursday for a real test and not one of those OTC tests. SO.. keep your fingers crossed for me! This is something I have been wanting and hoping for! If the test is negative... I will be really sad and worried that something else is wrong!
I dont wanna go to work today... anyone wanna go for me???
Punany Dream
punany or "punani" was used in India -- its in the Kama Sutra -- to describe the female sex organ sweet & tastful pussy by Jessica Holter, a.k.a. Ghetto Girl Blue, Founder of the Punany Poets
What Is Child Abuse?
PHYSICAL ABUSE:Any non-accidental physical injury caused by the child's caretaker. Does not necessarily include the intent to injure; may be the result of over discipline or inappropriate punishment. SEXUAL ABUSE: Any contacts or interactions between a child and an adult in which the child is being used for sexual stimulation of the perpetrator or another person. EMOTIONAL ABUSE: Blaming.belittling or rejecting a child; treating siblings unequally; persistant lack of concern by caretaker for child's welfare. NEGLECT: Inattention to basic needs of a child such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care and supervision. Tends to be the chronic
Torchwood - Series 2 World Premiere Wednesday 16th January On Bbc Two
The high-octane second season will take the Torchwood team through dare-devil action, temptation, heartache, and a life changing event. Ever since Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) disappeared in the Season One finale, the Torchwood team - Gwen (Eve Myles), Owen (Burn Gorman), Toshiko (Naoko Mori), and Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd) - has had to cope without him. It's clear that, strong as they've become, there is no replacement for their mysterious Captain. Thankfully, slick Captain Jack returns in time to battle a rogue Time Agent, the charismatic-but-psychopathic Captain John Hart, played by James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville). From the moment these two Time Agents come face-to-face, it's apparent they have a history - but with Gwen's life in danger, and cluster bombs scattered across the city, whose side is Jack on? The second season also features guest appearances from Alan Dale (Ugly Betty, The O.C.), Richard Briers (Hamlet, Monarch of the Glen), Ruth
Why We Fight It
there are certain things in life that you cant control but we try so hard to keep everything in line but somehow it always falls matter what we do or how much we cant live without that person,it just doesnt work out the way you want it to.and you have to learn to accept it for what it is and move on.even though you think you cant but you can.believe that you can do anything if you put your heart into will be fine.
You're Whorable!
You have been considered a "Whorable" friend. Once you have been tagged, you have to tag your friends that you think are "Whorable" (including the one who sent it to You) and let them know they are a Whore and you love them for it!!! if you recieve: ----------------- 1 - 3 ( You suck ) 4 - 6 ( You're a celebrity ) 7 - 12 ( You're a straight up F*cking Whore!!!!) And we love you for it!!! Click the above image to rate / rip / comment! Copy the code below and post to your friends You have been considered a "Whorable" friend. Once you have been tagged, you have to tag your friends that you think are "Whorable" (including the one who sent it to You) and let them know they are a Whore and you love them for it!!!if you recieve:-----------------1 - 3 ( You suck )4 - 6 ( You're a celebrity )7 - 12 ( You're a straight up F*cking Whore!!!!) And we love it!!!Click the above image to rate / rip / comment!
Can't Stop The Rain
Cant stop the rain, that makes the rivers flow, Cant make mountains flat, to make it easier to climb, cant make the words ryhme. Can't stop the tears or chase away your fears. couldnt stop you from lying, you kept me crying, now i only feel like dying. I fall to the floor, i am so torn. there is a war inside my head, wish i were dead. I say goodbye, why couldnt you have tried, instead of lied. I want to hide. Cant stop the rain, that causes the pain, cant break the chains, that causes the strain. i dropped to the floor, as i close the door. Is it to late, do i sit here and wait, or is this my fate. Can't stop the rain cant make my grey skies blue, if only i knew. how could i have been so blind if only to find. What it is I was looking for, the rain is still falling and i can still hear you calling. I thought i was strong, how could i have been so wrong. can't stop the rain that makes the river flow. Can't stop the rain.
New Me
Why is having sex doggie style like driving on ice???? give up??? lol because one little slip and you will fuck up sombodies rearend!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol love that lol hope ya think it is as funny as i do have a great day
So You Want To Own Me Huh?
Well here's what I'm offering- Auction starts monday January 21st at 7am EST so keep an eye out for updates! This contest is being held by- DevilGirl~Fat Sonny's Wifey~@ fubar and hosted by- ~FAT SONNY~AH CRAP FU OWNED BY ALICE (GOD HELP ME!!!!!!)@ fubar Go show them some love they both rock hard :)
A Little Bit More About Me
Guess I should write a little bit about me for those of you who want to know. And also for those of you who don't want to know as well - tough titties, i'm doing it anyway lol OK, born and raised in Hampshire in the UK. Typical kid I reckon - got into lots of trouble, built dens in the woods that surrounded the estate I lived on, never came back home on time and was constantly being grounded by my parents (now I come to think about it, I was grounded indefinately about 3 times..... how does that one work out? lol) My parents split up when I was 9 and, as every kid does, I blamed myself for the divorce. The usual stuff - if only I'd of come back on time, if only I hadn't spent all my pocket money on sweets, that kinda thing. Went off the rails a bit at school after that but was still a generally good kid (I'd like to think anyway lol) Me and my older sis were living with my mum and saw my dad at the weekend. Usually down the pub. That lasted for about 4 years. Then the shitties
Perfect Person
Sorry i am not a perfect person, that i dont live up to your expectation's, i can only be me and if me is not who you like. Well i am sorry that i am not what you want me to be.
this was just way too sick for me to let go. wanted to make sure everyone could see this and make their own judgment....
My Inspiration
Everything I'd say to you today dad if you were still here would probably go nothing like I imagine it would. I know, you'd call me up early to let me know you expect something "big" for Father's Day.. You were never shy about that... Your b-day too.. always "I want something big!" Remember the time we brought over a huge box... like refrigerator size and each time you unwrapped it there was a smaller box in it until you finally got to your new watch? I got ya that time with you and your "something big".... And then there was you always griping at me because I would stop by after work every day and since I had held my pee all day (too busy to go) would walk right in to your bathroom and you would bitch at me cuz I was using water and why couldn't I go before I left the office. Wasting water...geez.. tightwad.. Or how you would cover your face with your hankerchief when I drove into your driveway in my beat up old chevy with the shocks worn out and pretended you were choki
So, I Know This Guy. . .
So, last night I rode the bus to go into town for a couple of beers. I ride the bus, a lot. Mostly to work and to go drinking in town (don't drink and drive). Anyway, for about 14 years, I've seen this guy on the bus, periodically. We've never exchanged names, but we sort of chat when we see each other. He's older than me, by prob'ly 20 years or so. Vietnam vet. Lived in San Fran in the 60s. Says he hung out with Jefferson Airplane and partied with the Doors when they were coming up. Pretty interesting guy. Anyway, I've watched this guy as his health has deteriorated. . . He says that he started having seizures and has been on medication for a few years, now. Just been sort of downhill as time has gone on. Last night, I saw him on the bus, like I said. I mentioned that it was later in the evening than I would usually see him. He said that, as of January 1, 2008, the rent in his apartment was raised high enough that his income and his disability benefit would no longer co
When Will The Pain Go Away
When will the pain go away, when will the tears stop falling, I can still here you calling. I miss you so much. When will the pain go away, wish you could stay. My heart aches. as i watch you break. couldnt shake the feelings inside. My son I love you. I only wanted to see you shine, didnt see the signs. i feel so alone if i had only known. I cant mend, I know this is the end. I wanted to see you smile, through lifes trials, but was it all worthwhile. When will the Pain go away, you went astray. I wish upon a star, but now you are so far. I loved you from the start, we will never be apart. it was so hard and now i am so scarred. When will the pain go away. I did my best now you must do the rest. I just wish i knew, when the pain when the pain would go away. And when i could break the chains that cause all the pain, wish i didnt feel so in vain. When will the pain go away. I love you my son.
Oh Hai! I Figured It Out (**this Is A Persia Approved Blog**)
In the wee hours before dawn this morning I had a revelation!!!! We all know Britney Spears has lost her everloving mind, but I figured out why. Britney went from being a Pop Princess idolized by pre-pubescent girls to being Stalker-fodder to Gender confused teenaged boys (For those who don't know what I mean, go to YouTube and look up Chris Crocker) That would be enough to push anyone over the edge!
7 Facts About Me 1. I hate shopping ... I like to go in the store , get what I need and get out.. The time that it takes to find a parking space is painful because I don't plan to be in there long.. 2. I love to talk. have always been told I talk alot.. It used to bother me, now I know it's just because I have alot to say... duh 3. I am pursing my dream of writing a book.. I love to read because it takes me away to places I'll never go in real life.. Physically and emotionally 4. I lost my real mother when I was 3 yrs old , to an anuerysm.(she was 30 yrs old and left 9 children behind) But was raised by my Father's sister who I couldn't love more.. She's my MOM! 5. I do not like drama.. I live my life to be happy and to make as many folks happy with me.. 6. I love the sun!!! I like being dark and laying out by the pool, reading a good book, drinking a cold one just about raps up all of my vices into one happy time. 7. I value you my friendships as my girls
Sinking lower Almost as far as I can go Swimming in a lake of Depression Rejection And Shame's putrid liquid embodiment My head beneath the surface Flailing and gasping for the smallest breath It draws me down The lower I go The more it stings It hurts more than ever before Can't take a breath I'm already choking it in It's thicker, darker stronger than it was It burns me from the inside It rapes me of my dignity My pride My self worth I have almost nothing left No more fight to give My arm is extended But there is no help My eyes have swelled with Tears I can't see Can't help myself My heart slows My mind falters My body gives way I keep sinking
Last Beat
With a beat of my heart you were there. Guiding me, Loving me, making me yours. With a blink of an eye you were gone. Leaving me broken, helpless and shattered. With a thump of my heart there you were again. Promising love, shelter, training, and forgiveness. Like a drug you are addicting. I now close my eyes forever. There will be no more heart beating. You and Me can never be. Said Juliet to her Romeo.
Ca To Co Wtf
as i sit here and wonder cause the time is coming near for me to move to colorado i just want to know how somebody like me who lives a cali life and has it tatted on them is going to addapt to out there and how there going to addapt to me besides IRAQ i never lived outside of SOUTHERN CALI all i know is im fucked cause im going to get stario typed like a motha fucker but fuck it as i listen to TUPAC better days thats all i can do is think about better days well watch out colorado cause here comes a CALI boy so there eather going to LOVE ME OR HATE ME ps let me know what you all think am i screwed or do i have a chance
My Karaoke Style
Your Karaoke Theme Song is "I'm Too Sexy" You're a total goof ball and a bit of a nut job. You don't take yourself seriously at all. And while you may not be the greatest singer, you're the first to volunteer for karaoke. You have a wild and unpredictable sense of humor that always gets people cracking up. Irreverent and rebellious, your humor knows no bounds or limits. You enjoy shocking people. You might also sing: "Like a Virgin," "Ice Ice Baby," and "Hey Ya!" Stay away from people who sing: "Sweet Home Alabama" What's Your Karaoke Theme Song?
Who Would Have Thought...
After my many heart breaks, lost loves, loves that lie, loves that hide who they really are... I figured I would have learned my lesson. I thought to myself, after this last one, some of you know who he is, I would seal up my heart, not let anyone in, and never... I mean NEVER talk to him again. I blocked off communication lines on here, and other places. For some reason, I opened them back up. Figured, no big deal... I can handle this, I can just open them back up and see what happens. I don't want to be with him. I don't want that heart ache again. I figured, its been a while, I could probably be his friend. It was very comforting to talk to him in the past... I never expected the rush of emotion that would come from chatting on here with him. Although, I stand by what I have said and decided, I gave him a chance to explain. I wasn't expecting the truth. I am not sure anymore what the truth is. He did explain some things, but whether or not its the truth by definition o
Questions That Haunt Me
Can you cry under water? ________________________________ How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? ________________________________ Why do you have to "put your two cents in"... but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to? ________________________________ Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity? ________________________________ Why does a round pizza come in a square box? ________________________________ What disease did cured ham actually have? ________________________________ How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage? ________________________________ Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours? ___________________________
Ok Enough Of This Shit
KOW i am leaving the family because of lord wolf harrassing me. Thank you for your help in bombing jimmy the past 2 days. i really appreciated it. Deanna i wish you the best with the kingdom and you will always be considered my friend but i want this man out of my life, for once and all. hugs to all dee
The International Rules Of Manhood
The International Rules of Manhood 1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2: It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Uma Thurman starts unbuttoning her blouse. (c) After wrecking your boss' car. (d) One hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds into "The Crying Game". (e) When she is using her teeth. 3: Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4: Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. 5: If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6: Moaning about the brand of free beer in a buddy's fridge is forbidden. However complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable. 7: No man shall ever be required to buy a birthday present for another man. In fact, even remembering your buddy's birthday is strictly optional. At
Flu Time
New Year has blessed me with The Flu .. get the Flu Shot its well worth it .. So much to do and catch up ...Any big plans for Valentines Day yet ?? 29 Days and counting to my birthday :)
The Best !!
Sick of working in a dead end job? Make some real money from the comfort of your own home and tell your boss to shove it! For more information visit:
Hey Family
I'm considering leaving the family.My reasons for this is 1. some if not most have found new sites to be on 2. i tried the site and cant seem to understand it and i'm not liking it 3. this family doesn't act like they care anymore 1. no love being shown 2.people not on as much as before 4. i'm tired of trying to get close to people and then poof their gone I understand we all have lives to live but we should have a little condsideration for the people we asked to be family and say hi at least once a week.Ihave some friends on here who show more love than the family. so if it comes to me leaving i wish the family all the best and hope that you all can come back together like we once were. i also want to thank you all for helping me through all the hard times
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Love Hurts
why does love have to hurt so even when its right to go leaving behind all things that were right the good times, the bad that made us fight loving someone new with your whole heart who in his mind felt it was better to part to give you time to make things right with the one who only wanted to fight Who loved you so much he lied to say he did not the one you think is oh so hot the one who makes your heart go a flutter the one who makes you feel like melting butter the one who loved you so much that he set you free to be everything you can be to find someone closer to be your man to find someone who would love you all that they can how do you stop the pain in your heart because he said we have to part when all that's there is the love for him in a situation like this you can't win
Law Firms
What Is A Pre-paid Legal Plan?
January=Bad Ass -Fun to be with. -Loves to try new things. -Boy/girls LOVE you. -You are very hott. -Secretive. -Difficult to fathom and to be understood. -Quiet unless excited or tensed. -Takes pride in oneself. -Easily consoled. -Honest. -Concerned about people's feelings. -Tactful. -Friendly. -Approachable. -Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. -Moody and easily hurt. -Witty and sparkly. -Spazzy at times. -Vengeful. -Forgiving but never forgets. -Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. -Loves to be loved. -Easily hurt but takes long to recover. -Repost this in the next 5 mins and your reputation will boost someway in the next 12 days ★FEBRUARY = PORNSTAR -Abstract thoughts. -Outgoing. -Loves reality and abstract. -Intelligent and clever. -Changing personality. -Attractive. -Fun to be around. -Sexiest out of everyone. -A real speed demon. -Has more than one best friend. -Able to cheer anyone up and make them laugh. -Amazing smil
Can't Let Go
You know it is kinda amusing how some people can't let go. They write blogs about how others can't grow up and send their little minions over to spy.. and now looks like the head honcho is lonely again and all in other people's business.. although for the life of me, I cannot understand why he continues to come to my page considering how much i can't stand him and know he is a slimy pervert, but I guess stupidity holds no boundaries. No matter how much he insists that he is over this, he has been caught on candid camera. BUSTED! He has even stooped so low as to stalk my husband Satan as well.. BUSTED! He has also stalked the following people: Chica Mr. Piffington Bitchwhisperer Preston Nyck 404 harmful if swallowed Jaykob Gryfon Rudeboy Flying High Solo so there ya have it.. I guess the proof is in the pudding. LADIES BEWARE... this man is a pervert and a stalker.
New! From Halo Guitars In 2008
Whats Happening In 2008 w/ HALO The questions from everyone have been... What new guitars are releasing at NAMM in January? We are having the "Official" release of the following guitar models. -MORBUS -SQUID -XSI (ten string guitar) -HEAVY METAL COMICS COLLECTOR SERIES -FILM COLLECTOR SERIES (SAW, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT) -DEVOUR (bass guitar) -667 (Joe Fraulob Signature Model) -INVERTED -DS-7 (David Shankle Signature Model) -FANG (Monster Signature Model) -MAD MOUNT GUITAR WALL HANGERS Are we moving the company? Yes, Halo Guitars is relocating in early 2008 to Houston, Texas. We are very excited about this move, and we have been welcomed with open arms by the city of Houston, Texas. We will update you when we have the new facility up and going so that you can stop on by and see the new showroom and USA Custom Shop. What else does Halo have up its sleave for 2008? We will be dabbling in some new ideas including the following; NASCAR, NHRA, MONSTER TRUCK RACIN
Level Me For My Birthday
COME LUV ME@ fubar
I'm Up For Auction Again :o
Once again this Red hot Goddess is up for Auction. Fat Sony and Devilgirl are holding a auction beginning on the 21st and running till the 28th ... Place bets have fun be the first to win a Goddess!! She has a lot up for bids who knows she may even throw in some extras if the bids get high enough :) This one is on fire and it may be a battle so get your bid in while you can Good luck!!!! Some rules before placing bids You must have a salute in order to bid Biddings starts out at 5,000 fubucks Entries have the right to refuse offers DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO PAY yes this is all in fun but if you bid please pay up!!! Please watch for new Blogs and Bulletins for links and the opening date so you can get your bets placed Get this widget |
So You Wanna Become A Halo Gal?
WANT TO BE A HALO GAL! We are putting together a great network of Halo Gals that love MUSIC and modeling and we know you have the style and attitude we are looking for! Halo Gals are about promoting the Halo Guitars brand of products and combining the best of music and modeling. What does it involve to be a Halo Gal? Wear Halo Clothing at your local concerts, tell bands about Halo Guitars and get them hooked up with an endorsement deal, be a part of Halo Guitars photo shoots and tradeshows, and best of all, the girl who does the most for Halo Guitars will get to have their own page on and even be on some Halo Clothing designs! What to do next? Send 5 or more photos along with the questionnaire answers below to We will be in contact with you soon after! 1.What is your name (or name you would want to be referred to)? 2.What is your contact info (with address & phone number)? 3.When is your bday? 4.What is your sho
Let Level Nicci
First Day Of School
Ok ... so for those that know me .. I have 2 kids .. a 4 yr old girl and a 10 month old son. Jordyn, the girl, will be starting Kindergarten in the fall for the '08/'09 school year. I can't help myself but feel somewhat sad. It seems like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time. I can't hardly believe just how fast time has gone, and it hardly seems fair. Maybe I more nervous for myself about this part of letting go. I don't think she's going to be the one with seperation anxiety...I will be. When I was pregnant with her I was scared of being a horrible parent, but I think every parent goes through that. Now, I can't imagine my life without her. It's amazing how much she has taught ME, and continues to do so every day. One of the greatest things about having children .... you get to relive your childhood all over again and have fun doing it. I knew the day would come that I would have to allow her to gain some independance and that I wouldn't be able t
Please Come & Vote
I put my son Ayden in a cute baby contest. Please vote for him everyday for the next month. He needs over 100 votes to win. Copy and paste this link and vote for that picture or do a search for his other pictures and vote for your favorite one. You can also send this link to people you know too. THANKS!!!! And remember to vote everyday.
Rivers Questionable For Afc Title Game
Rivers questionable for AFC title game By BERNIE WILSON, AP Sports Writer Mon Jan 14, 9:33 PM ET SAN DIEGO - The euphoria of the San Diego Chargers' stunning win against the defending Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts was replaced by reality Monday. While two-time NFL rushing champion LaDainian Tomlinson said he should be able to play in Sunday's AFC championship game, the Chargers know quarterback Philip Rivers will be gimpy with a sprained right knee if he's able to play against the undefeated New England Patriots. Rivers was listed as questionable. He injured his medial collateral ligament when he landed awkwardly after completing a 56-yard screen pass to Darren Sproles for a touchdown on the final play of the third quarter in Sunday's 28-24 upset of the Colts. Coach Norv Turner compared Rivers' situation with that of tight end Antonio Gates. Gates dislocated his left big toe in a wild-card win over Tennessee, sat out practice all week and then pla Questions... do you know when the one you love is the one? ...what does it take for you to see it? ...why do we get odd feelings in our stomachs? ...can we give our faith to that person? ...will they give you theirs? ...if I were bleeding will they lick my cuts? ...will they cut me, if I ask them to? ...would they let me do the same? you believe one person can save you? it possible to save another? ...can we really let go of the past? I able to trust again? ...will I be hurt if I do? you have faith in me? ...will you wait? ...when will I understand all this? ...did you hear that? you know what that was? ...that was my soul, leaving my body... goes to join yours... ...I know the answer to all my questions... ...her... ...need...
R.i.p. Little Brother
Jason Doss "Squints" Barrett, 21, of Westminster, SC died June 22, 2007 in Seneca, SC. He was born in Columbia, SC. His occupation was Landscaping. He is survived by his Mother Patricia Doss John and Step-Father Jens John of Bluffton, SC , Father Michael Larry Barrett of Wallace, NC, brothers Michael James Barrett and wife Courtney of Bossier City, La., Bradley Eugene Barrett of Clemson and Zach Mitchell of Westminster, Paternal Grandparents Gene & Joy Barrett of Richlands, NC. His maternal grandparents, James & Nellie Doss precede his death. Funeral Services will be 4 PM, Sunday, June 24, 2007 at Calvary Church of God. The family will receive friends from 2 to 4 at the church prior to the service. The family request memorials be made to the Youth Center, Calvary Church of God, 10102 Long Creek Hwy., Westminster. To start this off, im not completly done with my thoughts on my brother passing away this is just some of the first wave of emotions. ..:namespace prefix = o ns
Comment And Vote For Me Plzz!
Yo i jus started a battle on it is my first time and i really want to win so plzz comment and vote for me thankx, much LOVE!
Come On Over
Not A Good Night.
I am just so numb today. Last night took a lot out of me. When I picked up Anthony from school, I asked him why he cut school Friday. Of course he lied and said he was at school. I also asked him why he thought it was okay to grow pot in his room. Yes, you read that right. I went into his room to look for my make-up case and I felt one of his cabinets and it was covered with a blanket and warm. I opened up and there was a light shining on a pot. I told him that he was grounded, no phone and no friends to come over. Peter came home and I asked him where the kids computer was so he started looking for it. He asked Anthony where it was and he said it was in Christopher's room some where. So to make a ling story short, after calling Chris and him not knowing where it is, Anthony comes up with some bullshit story about a guy coming in and stealing it. I know and Peter know that is not what happened. Either he sold it to buy alcohol and drugs or one of his so called friends s
Poems For Men And Woman
Womans Poem: Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man, who's not a creep, One who's handsome, smart and strong. One who loves to listen long, One who thinks befo re he speaks, One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I pray he's gainfully employed, When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed. Pulls out my chair and opens my door, Massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind, Knows what to answer to "how big is my behind?" I pray that this man will love me to no end, And always be my very best friend. MAN'S POEM I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge tits who owns a liquor store and a golf course. This doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit!
Why Are We Censoring Non-vulgar Words?
I had to rename a photo album because it had the word "cock" in it. A cock is a rooster, preacher boy. And a bitch is a female dog. Check your dictionary and educate yourself before you censor something. One more thing, that pic I have of the fake drug "Fukitol"...not everyone pronounces that as a vulgar word. The phonetics in some other countries (and this site is worldwide) is different. Is America getting so uptight that we'll eventually stone a guy for saying "jew" or "mexican" too loud? And let's have a hand for the lawyers who made this BS possible. Unfortunately the hand I'd give them only has one finger up. Guess which one.
Rates Have Reset!
Hey guys! Rates have reset since this contest has started, so if you could take just 30 seconds of your time and go back and re-rate it, I will love you forever! Ok, so I'll love you forever anyway... If you haven't rated it yet, will you pop in and do it? It's hard to pick just one too, so rate as many as you like. There are LOTS of sexy mummers in that folder!
I Have A Job Interview @ 2 Today :-d
Hi Folks, Well, I'm not sure how many folks will see this, or even *if* anyone will see this before my interview, but I have my first interview today at 2 PM EST. I am psyched. This is a good company that does work in the same NASA facility I have been working at my whole career. Wish me luck folks ;-)
Vampira, R.i.p.
LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Maila Nurmi, whose "Vampira" TV persona pioneered the spooky-yet-sexy Goth aesthetic, has died, coroner's officials said. She was 85. Nurmi died Thursday afternoon at her Hollywood home, Los Angeles County coroner's Lt. Fred Corral said. The cause of death has not been determined, Corral said. Nurmi created her Vampira character -- reminiscent of Charles Addams' spooky New Yorker cartoons -- to host horror movie broadcasts on KABC TV in Los Angeles in 1954. With darkly mascaraed eyes and blood-red lipstick, Nurmi appeared each week in her revealing black dress and slinky fishnets to introduce such films as "Revenge of the Zombies" and "Devil Bat's Daughter." "The Vampira Show" was canceled after about a year, but Nurmi remained a cult figure among B-movie buffs and is thought to have inspired the vampish Morticia Addams on "The Addams Family," which premiered about 10 years later. But Nurmi's cultural resonance did not translate into long-
Quacker Gets A Pimp Out! Go To That Profile and Give Quacker as much FU LOVINS as you can Muster! He even told me that the person that gives him the most love will be granted permission to view his Naughty Naughty Pics! So Come One and All and Luv Up The Quacker!!!!
Own Me?
Rate all pics 11's during happy hours Leave comments on mostly all pics Add to family for a month Leave Daily profile Comments for a month Rate all Stash Added to my Top 3 friends Will Give yahoo ID Buy them random Fu-gifts 1 SFW Salute If the bid includes a VIP or Happy Hour.. you will get this also... ----------PIMP YOU OUT IN MY BLOG ----------Pimped out on my Profile for 1 Month ----------"Owned by" Salute (SFW) ----------I will think of some more to come up with probably!!
Love Is In The Air Lol
A Love As This To love with the spirit, To love with the soul, A love as this, The ultimate goal. To love with the heart, To love with the mind, A love as this, The purest kind. To love each other, To love completely, a love as this, Giveth so freely. To love in life, To love in death, A love as this, With all our breath. blh 1/08 As I Whisper Your Name I listen to the wind And I hear your voice I feel the sun on my face And I feel the warmth of your touch You are everywhere around me You told me you were only a whisper away And as I whisper your name I feel you... your presence Your love of the earth Your beautiful light The simplicity of your honesty All these things I see In all the miraculous world around me And when I look deep within myself I know that when I am sad You feel it and you are there, somehow, To comfort me... I feel your tenderness Reaching out to me from wherever you are In a poem I read In a song I
K.o.w Bombers
With You
Happy thoughts of me and you, flooding through my brain. Every last word you said, repeats itself again and again. All the world just fades away, whenever you are near. The sound of your calming voice, is all that I can hear. Hand in hand we walk along, lost in lover's bliss. Waiting for the perfect time, to steal that special kiss. Time catches up with us, and I want to cry. I don't want to let you go, I can't say goodbye.
355 Pounds Now !!!
down to 355 was 385 so thats 30pounds ??? along way to go till 300 till not giving up love you all takecare :)...
Whatever It Takes- Lifehouse
A strangled smile fell from your face It kills me that I hurt you this way The worst part is that I didn't even know Now there's a million reasons for you to go But if you can find a reason to stay I'll do whatever it takes To turn this around I know what's at stake I know that I've let you down And if you give me a chance Believe that I can change I'll keep us together whatever it takes She said "If we're gonna make this work You gotta let me inside even though it hurts Don't hide the broken parts that I need to see" She said "Like it or not it's the way it's gotta be You gotta love yourself if you can ever love me" I'll do whatever it takes To turn this around I know what's at stake I know that I've let you down And if you give me a chance And give me a break I'll keep us together, I know you deserve much better But remember the time I told you the way that I felt That I'd be lost without you and never find myself Let's hold onto each other above eve
Does Mitt Romney Fight Zombies ?
ever notice that Mitt Romney looks lke Ash from Army of Darkness ?
Away From Me. Puddle Of Mudd
Yeah- -Lies- Look at me now just sitting here by myself and I Think you found someone else Now I'm gonna have to find a way to put the bottle down and Why can't you see That I'm drowning in a pool of misery I'm always afraid that you'll go Away From Me I'm always afraid that you're lost in Somebody I'm always afraid that you'll go Away From Me I'm always afraid that you're lost So here I am I don't wanna be by myself and I Think you're fucking someone else Now I'm gonna have to find a way to take the knife out of my back and How could you leave me Stranded in a closet full of bull I'm always afraid that you'll go Away From Me I'm always afraid that you're lost in Somebody I'm always afraid that you'll go Away From Me I'm always afraid that you're lost Maybe you could let me stay Maybe just for one more day You could help me stay the same Maybe things won't ever change Maybe we could taste the rain You could push me out the way Now I sit here by
Update On My Niece
I talked to my brother-in-law earlier and Kylie is doing well today, so far no seizures today. Thank you to all who have been praying and thank you for your continued prayers, please continue to pray and have your friends/family pray as well. We still don't know why she's been having them, and are praying they can find out soon, we're also praying that the medicine continues to work this time and not have to raise the dose again or change medicine again. I have two photos of her in a folder if you have not seen them yet feel free to check them out, one is from my daughter's birthday the other is from this past Sunday of her at the hospital. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your prayers for my darling niece.
Good Girls/ Bad Boys
Ok this topic I see more and more. So here is my theory and experience as to why good girls find bad boys. I am not saying I am a goody goody, but I am a good girl. Why do I always draw myself to the tough guy image. Well it's simple. I can be prim and proper the majority of the time. But when in a relationship with the tough bad boy it allows me to experience other things I never would have with a nice guy. Now when nice guys always say we finish last. That isn't true. It's the nice guys that allows woman to walk all over them are the ones that finish last. You can be a nice guy withought being a wussy. A woman likes a man that can stand up for themselfs, be passionate, daring. No one is saying change who you are, just if you want aa good girl, I am telling you what we attract towards. Now, when yall say a woman passes a good guy for a bad boy in the class of a asshole, that isn't true. We don't look for someone to beat us, but look for someone that will take us out of the good girl
Seven Degrees Of A Blonde
Seven Degrees of a Blonde FIRST DEGREE A married couple were asleep when the phone rang at 2in the morning. The wife (undoubtedly blonde), picked up the phone, listened a moment and said, "How should I know, that's 200 miles from here!" and hung up. The husband said, "Who was that?" The wife said, "I don't know, some woman wanting to know if the coast is clear." SECOND DEGREE Two blondes are walking down the street. One notices a compact on the sidewalk and leans down to pick it up. She opens it, looks in the mirror and says, "Hmm, this person looks familiar." The second blonde says, "Here, let me see!" So the first blonde hands her the compact. The second one looks in the mirror and says, "You dummy, it's me!" THIRD DEGREE A blonde suspects her boyfriend of cheating on her, so she goes out and buys a gun. She goes to his apartment unexpectedly and when she opens the door she finds him in the arms of a redhead. Well, the blonde is rea
Heres You Three More Haters To Look Out For! And to think i'd help u? u r all sorry ass trashy trouble makers and hatters stay the hell off my pages u trashy ass losers
My Happy Hour Today!
I (Tulsas Angel) am hosting a happy hour today at 11 AM Fubar time which is 1 PM Central and 2 PM Eastern. Be sure to stop by and rape my page! (meaning rate the hell out of it) Also, if you want to OWN me, then click on this picture to bid on me: If you don't want to or can't bid right now, please just click the above pic to just rate it a 10 or 11 for me. I'd REALLY appreciate it! Thanks all! Do enjoy the happy hour! Also, do check out the sticky bulletin in which ^Sin^ offers fubucks for rates:
Why Is Life So Cruel?
We try to live our life to the fullest regardless to what one other does. Whether we know how much it hurts one or the other one or not, we still make our stand looking at one another and yelling and say things that is hateful and mean to one another. Showing no letting up whether it makes one cry or even rips the heart out of the other. One is at fault and the other is feels like that the world is falling around them, not know what is going to happen from day to day. Just knowing what you u say come out of your mouth stabs like a dagger to a person heart and hurts like hell, makes it feeling u are killing me regardless to what you think; if you dont know if it is hurting me or not. The dagger you use might as well of killed me because it feels like I have died.
Girls At Clubs/parties
Lately I've noticed that at a party or club finding girls to simply dance with is no easy task. When girls show up with their friends they just dance with them and when I try to talk to them they just ignore me. Others have been cool and we enjoyed ourselves on the dancefloor, but those are usually girls who are alone when I approach them, rarely a pair of girls. Maybe it's a girl thing, but I can't imagine going through the trouble to look nice, go to a club and dance with the friend I came with all night. In the words of my friend "you get carried by 10 girls before dancing with 1"
Moving To Cali
I'll be offline for a few weeks. Moving away from Florida and going to Cali. Lived in the SF area once a few years back, but I'm going to SD, find me a beach bum and sit back and relax on the beach. Things haven't been what I wanted here, the man I want doesn't want me, and I'm just not happy here. Thought about moving to Miami, but...Nahh...Cali sounds better. I'm movin' on. ~Ciao~
New Song I Wrote ( Dear Death, )
Dear death, I can feel you coming The end is drawing near for me Bringing a desperate feeling God fearing, when you come for me I know its you thats knocking Consuming fear, please set me free Is there a danger that you dont know? Is there a God that loves your soul? Now youve seen the sun go down, Will you believe in mercy now? Ive been fearing your coming The sun is setting down on me Feeding the desperate feeling Of when the gate will shut on me I can hear your knocking A dark black robe Im going to see Ive been screaming out your name Asking alone for one more day Every attempt is all the same To you my death is now a game At last youre finally approaching The sun has gone away from me Leaving nothing for feelings And now the door has slammed on me There is nothing but knocking The daily grind for you I see If theres a heaven than take me now I pray theres a God that loves our souls I have believed in nothing else The questions, a
Why Do We Fight?
Why is that when we talk that it comes to a fight? What do I do to deserve to deserve the hurtful pain of you and me fighting? It seems that you look at me as a fool. It seems you dont understand how that makes me feel. I know it hurts me bad to fight but u dont see what its doing to person we are. Why cant we just stop all the bickering and anguish we are doing?
Biker Bar A blind man wanders into an all girls biker bar by mistake. He finds his way to a bar stool and orders some coffee. After sitting there for a while, he yells to the waiter, 'Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?' The bar immediately falls absolutely silent. In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says, 'Before you tell that joke, sir, I think it's only fair, since you are blind, that you should know five things: 1. The bartender is a blonde girl with a baseball bat. 2. The bouncer is a blonde girl. 3. I'm a 6 foot tall, 175 lb. Blonde with a black belt in karate. 4. The woman sitting next to me is blonde and a professional weightlifter. 5. The lady to your right is blonde and a professional wrestler. Now, think about it seriously, Mister. Do you still wanna tell that joke?' The blind ma n thinks for a second, shakes his head, and mutters, 'No...not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times.'
Feelings Recently
Losing Control Daily. Getting Harder Not To Cut Myself Wide Open With My Dull Blade. Going To Snap Soon. Yes I'll Regret It For Years To Come. Just Can't Take All The Stress. It's Annoying. Calling For Help Would Work. Only Problem Is ... I'm Too Ashamed To Ask For It. Afraid He'll Be Mad. A Part Of Me Knows He Won't Be. He Would Try To Help. I'm Being An Embarassed Coward I Guess.
Do U Know Me Fill This Out
So You Think You Know Me... (2 Points) My name: (4 Points) My last name: (4 Points) Who am I in love with: (1 Points) Where did we meet: (6 Points) Take a stab at my middle name: (1 Points) Where do I work: (3 Point) What am I afraid of: (2 Points) Do I smoke : (3 Points) Do I drink: (3 points) Do you think Im a virgin: (1 Point) Do I have any siblings: (2 Points) How many: (2 Points) What's one of my favorite things to do: (1 Point) How many piercings do I have: (4 Points) How many tattoos do I have: (3 Points) What's my favorite type of music: (4 Points) Am I shy or outgoing: (3 Points) Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: (2 Points) Whats my favorite color: (3 Points) Name something I hate: (4 Points) Name a talent I have: (4 Points) Whats my phone number: (4 Points) What kind of sneakers do I wear: (4 Points) Do I have any pets: (2 Points) Who am I dating/likeing right now: (5 Points) How long have I been dating them: (5 points) How tall am I: (5 Point
Eyes Contest - Results
I was on the edge of my seat in those last 30 minutes...out of NO where Mystery took the lead...I had a lot of fun doing this..& will be doing another here soon. Thank you to those who took part!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all had some fun yourselves ^____^
To Whom It May Concern
Ok, i know its the lowest form of wit, but i love it. I do tend to be sarcastic a lot, however, what annoys me is that some people just dont get it. And the internet makes it worse, as you cant hear the way its said which you really need if you are being sarcastic. I mean i posted a sarcastic mumm with the title BBW (as there had been loads of threads on them that day. I asked if people thought normal sized people were hot or not, but people jsut didn't get it and thought I was having a dig at BBW's, which i wasn't at all. Seriously though, all of the mumm's ive posted have been jsut for comedy value really, but i seems people take them all so seriously. maybe its just me, and nobody gets my sense of humour
A Baby's Hug(awesome Story)
A Baby's Hug We were the only family with children in the restaurant. I sat Erik in a high chair and noticed everyone was quietly sitting and talking. Suddenly, Erik squealed with glee and said, 'Hi.' He pounded his fat baby hands on the high chair tray. His eyes were crinkled in laughter and his mouth was bared in a toothless grin, as he wriggled and giggled with merriment. I looked around and saw the source of his merriment. It was a man whose pants were baggy with a zipper at half-mast and his toes poked out of would-be shoes. His shirt was dirty and his hair was uncombed and unwashed. His whiskers were too short to be called a beard and his nose was so varicose it looked like a road map. We were too far from him to smell, but I was sure he smelled. His hands waved and flapped on loose wrists. 'Hi there, baby; hi there, big boy. I see ya, buster,' the man said to Erik. My husband and I exchanged looks, 'What do we do?' Erik continued to laugh and answer, 'Hi.' Everyone in
I Am Up For Bid
Ok I am in a auction, and if you wanna bid on me go check it out!!!! You know ya wanna have me grace my presence everyday for a month, so check it out below is the link directly to my pic. Love ya all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ;&hearts crickett
Want A Salute From Me Then Do This
Look my friends in a giveaway for a hh so help us bomb him the one with the most comments will get a NSFW salute from me with ur name and a big pimpin gift 2ND with the highest comments on his page will get a SFW saulte from me with ur name on it and 5000 fubucks so lets go lets she who can do this i got like 5000 friends yall help loves!!!! Mail me when ur done with how many comments u posted thanks Ok im sure That EVERYONE knows im in a giveaway for a happy hour. The last few days seems like it has been at a standstill. Plz help me out here im at 18,000 comments so far and i need 46,600 so im almost halfway there!!! If you would like to help me out or jump back in just click the picture of the star below and it will take u right to the picture i need bombed. Tell your friends as well plz and repost this if you could!!! All the help is greatly appreciated and after my contest is over with i will help anyone who has helped me!!! I do not go back on my word and i always return the
Day 9
This is my 9th day of dieting, I just finished a 20 minute cardio workout, I am Hot and sweaty. BUT I lost a inch in my hips and waist YAY, no idea if I lost weight my scale batteries died. Could be a good thing. Well I am off to take a shower.
Fast Tortellini Alfredo
1. 1/2 cup PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Spread 2. 1 cup milk 3. 1/4 cup KRAFT 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese 4. 2 (9 ounce) packages refrigerated three cheese tortellini, cooked, drained 5. 2 cups frozen peas 6. 1 1/2 (6 ounce) packages OSCAR MAYER 96% Fat Free Smoked Ham, chopped 2. Cooking Directions 1. Mix cream cheese spread, milk and Parmesan cheese in large saucepan. Gently stir in tortellini and peas; cover. 2. Cook on medium-low heat 5 min., stirring occasionally. 3. Stir in ham; cook an additional 3 to 5 min. or until heated through, stirring occasionally. Yield: 6 servings
Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo
1. 6 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves - cut into cubes 2. 6 tablespoons butter, divided 3. 4 cloves garlic, minced, divided 4. 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning 5. 1 pound fettuccini pasta 6. 1 onion, diced 7. 1 (8 ounce) package sliced mushrooms 8. 1/3 cup all-purpose flour 9. 1 tablespoon salt 10. 3/4 teaspoon ground white pepper 11. 3 cups milk 12. 1 cup half-and-half 13. 3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese 14. 8 ounces shredded Colby-Monterey Jack cheese 15. 3 roma (plum) tomatoes, diced 16. 1/2 cup sour cream Nutrition Info Per Serving * Calories: 685 kcal * Carbohydrates: 57 g * Dietary Fiber: 3 g * Fat: 31 g * Protein: 44 g * Sugars: 8 g About: Nutrition Info [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] Powered by: ESHA Nutrient Database [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] 2. Cooking Directions 1. In a large skillet over medium heat combine chicken, 2 tablespoons bu
Make Me Yours For A Month
Want me come buy me...I would be yours for a month to rate pix, post comments and what not... ♥ Diddles
Fettuccine Alfredo With Asparagus
1. 1 pound asparagus 2. 3/4 pound fettuccine 3. 4 tablespoons butter, cut into pieces 4. 1 cup heavy cream 5. 1 pinch grated nutmeg 6. 3/4 teaspoon salt 7. 1/8 teaspoon fresh-ground black pepper 8. 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese, plus more for serving Nutrition Info Per Serving * Calories: 696 kcal * Carbohydrates: 69 g * Dietary Fiber: 5 g * Fat: 39 g * Protein: 20 g * Sugars: 7 g About: Nutrition Info [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] Powered by: ESHA Nutrient Database [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] 2. Cooking Directions 1. Snap the tough ends off the asparagus and discard them. Cut the asparagus spears into 1-inch pieces. In a large pot of boiling, salted water, cook the fettuccine until almost done, about 8 minutes. Add the asparagus; cook until it and the pasta are just done, about 4 minutes longer. 2. Drain the pasta and asparagus. Toss with the butter, cream, nutmeg, sal
Dont Like It? Piss Off
what is going on with people coming on here and leaving comments and shouts begging for 10 ratings and to be fanned? WHY? if i wanted to be bugged by beggars i would go into the city, any city, and get harassed by the thousands of vagrants that would undoubtedly bug the living shit out of me while i was trying to walk around. is status in this place really that important that people have to come around and find people to bother so that they can be ranked by the "fu" world? get out of the house people, theres a whole world out there beyond that front door, a world waiting for you to come into it so that it can rip off your head and shit down your neck because you dont know how to handle yourself in the real fuckin world. but the fu says im a 10.65, fuck you, your a 3 at best, a 4 if you show your tits.
Inane Mental Spews Brought About By Sleep Deprevation
I was online last night and chatting with a friend about,well, pretty much anything. I mentioned how I was living down south for a bit and tried to describe the area the best I could. Lot's of hardworking,salt of the earth types.And conversely some people who fit the Larry the Cable guy stereotypes. I mentioned that some (not all) of the homes were a bit on the rundown side and old. And the fact that alot of them had a newer RV or camper next to them. The response? ? If you live in the middle of nowhere, why do you need an RV? Aren't you already essentially camping? --------- Yesterday I went to the local dollar store. It's run and I assumed owned by some people of south asian extraction. Read either Pakistani or Indian. Anyways, I'm looking to get some lightbulbs and some other assorted crap. The proprietors felt the need to follow me around the store the whole damn time. I mean, the whole time. It got to the point where I stopped, opened up my wallet and took out s
Ground Beef And Sausage In Red Beans And Rice
1. 6 cups uncooked white rice 2. 1 pound kielbasa sausage 3. 1 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper 4. 2 pounds lean ground beef 5. 1/4 onion, minced 6. 2 (15 ounce) cans kidney beans, drained 7. 1 (15 ounce) can pinto beans, drained 8. 1 (15 ounce) can pork and beans Nutrition Info Per Serving * Calories: 623 kcal * Carbohydrates: 78 g * Dietary Fiber: 7 g * Fat: 21 g * Protein: 25 g * Sugars: 3 g About: Nutrition Info [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] Powered by: ESHA Nutrient Database [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] 2. Cooking Directions 1. Prepare the rice in a large pot according to package directions. 2. Cut the kielbasa into 1-inch chunks and quarter the chunks. Place in a large skillet over medium-high heat for about 5 to 10 minutes, or until lightly browned. Season with cayenne pepper to taste. Transfer this to the pot with the rice, reserving the grease in the skillet. 3
Today On World Rock Radio
Click banner to enter lounge 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at jrmoose75
Would You
Y = Yes N = No M = Maybe Would You? [_] Come To My House To Do Nothing But Chill? [_] Slap Me? [_] Kiss Me? [_] Let Me Kiss You? [_] Watch A Movie With Me? [_] Take Me Out To Dinner? [_] Take A Shower With Me? [_] Take Me Home For The Night? [_] Let Me Sleep In Your Bed? [_] Repost This For Me To Answer Your Questions? [_] Lock Me In Your room And Take Advantage Of Me? [_] Let Me Make You Breakfast? [_] Tickle Me? [_] Let Me Tickle You? [_] Stick Up For Me Uf I Was Being Put Down? [_] Instant Message Me? [_] Greet Me In Public? [_] Hang Out With Me? [_] Bring Me Around Your Friends? Do You... [_] Think I'm Cute? [_] Want To Kiss Me? [_] Want To Cuddle With Me? [_] Want To Hook Up With Me? Am I... [_] Smart? [_] Cute? [_] Funny? [_] Cool? [_] Loveable? [_] Adorable? [_] Great To Be With? [_] Attractive? [_] Mean? Have You Ever... [_] Thought About Hooking Up With Me? [_] Found Yourself Wanting A Ki
The Thang About
Hi, I am just a guy who wants to put this out there and see what others thank. I was raised on and around Harleys for most of my life I helped my old man build two basket cases. I was riding and driving Harleys at a very young age, I remember the smell of the oil that leaked on the carpet in our apartment when I was like 3 yrs old. This blog is not about me Likeing or loving Harleys this is about Why can people like and drive something other a Harley and still get the same respect from other Riders....I do not ride a Harley and I have never owned a Harley, I have owned and rode Hondas and Suzuki's every since I bought my first bike at the age of 16. I am now 36 and still have not wanted or felt the need to buy or ride a Harley but this does not make me less of a biker then someone who rides an HD, I am the who will wave at and respect any and all riders no matter what they are on. So if you see me on the rode and the back of my Suzuki Voluisa 800 you will know and understand I am a
Vote For Me
10:41 AM - Pete for President I feel in this election year the candidates for the most part suck so i am going to through my hate into the political arena. Brief Bio. I am more in touch with the Average american citizen than those that post there commercials. How you might ask well i will point out the opvious ones. A. I am poor just like most americans. B. I have Multiple Divorces like Most Americans C. I am in Debt like most americans D. I wake up and Salute the flag, cherish my family and can carryon a conversation with most americans E. I shop at walmart like most americans. F. I Drink cheap Beer and Wine, Buy cheap cigarettes, Only fish eggs i use are for fishing not for eating. I have the Answers to alot of the problems that are currently on capitol hill. A reform welfare, make a healthcare plan that actually works, take care of the military, just to name a few. Let me know if i got your vote and maybe we can make a differen
I Am Strange
I feel that me strange why? i dont know i live in my country but feel strange why? i dont know ? i live between my faliy but feel me strange why? i dont know /. i meet my frined but feel strange ? i feel that my heart is strange in me? my soul want to leave to another place to search about its soul frined ? if one woman know my soul please i invite her to help me
This Guy Is A Fuckin Loser
i TOLD him that i am involved and the fucker still had the nerve to talk shit about my fucking primary picture so show this motherfucker so FU HATE since he is a real fucking FU FAERIE
Sex App
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s) ? 4. Do you think i'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Three sum? 19. Anal yes/no? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Do you like fore play? 23. What is fore play to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you fill this out and send to me in a privet message and i'll do the same for you....
Sex App
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s) ? 4. Do you think i'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Three sum? 19. Anal yes/no? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Do you like fore play? 23. What is fore play to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you fill this out and send to me in a privet message and i'll do the same for you....
Just A Girl
I sit here and write, just wondering... what is to come. I am just Me, Not perfect... but then again you already knew that... you love me for who I am and also for who I am not... I have no desire to be perfect, one because i dont have to be and for 2 neither you or i would want me to try to be... because in the end that wouldnt be me ... that would be the girl someone else wanted me to be... I am just a girl... the girl I want to be... and real the girl that you want to be with...
Why.. Jason Aldean
It's 3 AM and I finally say I'm sorry for acting that way I didn't really mean to make you cry Oh baby, sometimes I wonder why CHORUS Does it always have to come down To you leaving Before I'll say "I love you" Why do I always use the words That cut the deepest When I know how much it hurts you Oh baby why, do I do that to you I know I'd never let you walk away So why do I push you 'til you break And why are you always on theverge of good-bye Before I'll show you how I really feel inside CHORUS Does it always have to come down To you leaving Before I'll say "I love you" Why do I always use the words That cut the deepest When I know how much it hurts you Oh baby why, do I do that to you Why do I always use the words that cut the deepest When I know how much it hurts you Oh baby why, do I do that to you Why do I do that to you
I Am Not Wonderful
I am not wonderful, but I can do wonderful things when I am with you!" --Source Unknown
I Am Legend
Saturday, I went and saw the latest and greatest from Will S And I was expecting somemith. I had seen the original, Omega Man, and was curious as to what they could do with today's film technology. Apparantly, the title I Am Boring was already taken, because they did very little to make itmore appealing to me. In fact, I would venture to say, that the original was more entertaining. For starters, Will Smith is not believeable as a scientist. He was the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. He may be for a younger audience, but not to me. He isn't horrible, but he's not exactly Denzel Washington when it comes to acting. The basic premise of the movie that a cure for cancer is found, but it ends up having horrible side effects. 90% of the population is killed, and 90% of them are Darkwatchers, or something like that. Will Smith insists that it is up to him to cure the human race. But in doing so, he's the only one left in New York. So basically its a movie about him filling his time a
Anger Management Works Lol
When you occasionally have a really bad day... And you just need to take it out on someone... Don't take it out on someone you know... Take it out on someone you don't know! I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I'd forgotten to make. I dialed what I thought was Emily's number. A man answered saying, "Hello?" I politely said, "This is Matt. May I please speak with Emily?" Suddenly, a manic voice yelled out in my ear, "There's no Emily here... Get the right fucking number!"... and the phone was slammed down on me. I couldn't believe that anyone could be so rude!!! When I tracked down Emily's correct number to call her, I found that I had accidentally transposed the last two digits. After hanging up with her, I decided to call the wrong number again... When the same guy answered the phone, I yelled, "You're an asshole!"... and hung up. I wrote his number down with the word "Asshole" next to it and put it in my desk drawer. Every couple of week
Well i have theses so called friends, that when i really needed them, are never there go figure!!! But when they want to talk or want something they expect you to be right there and pay attention...And they expect you to forgive them over and over, damn people need to grow the f--- up..I could of been dead by now, they never would have cared.. Hum friends or not......
Here are the rules to the game.. REPLY SO ONLY I SEE IT AND REPOST SO OTHERS CAN FILL OUT! 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you pull my hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you, 1 - 10? 16. Would you want fast or slow? 17. Where would you wanna "do it"? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet? 20. Would you mind if i liked you? 21. Do you like me? 22. Would you call me the next day? 23. Would you
Don't Touch Me
what a day I had yesterday~ but we have aplan for treatment so that is what matters.....I seen 3 drs yesterday and all 3 plus an assistant had to exam my breasts. I was poked, prodded, pulled, pinched, squeezed, and tickled to the point I was ready to yell DON'T TOUCH ME~!!!! But after all the exams we have a plan. I will begin chemo soon. I will be on chemo for 4 months (16 treatments) and then have surgery and then radiation. All of these plans are on GO as soon as we get some final test results back. I will have an echocardiogram for a heart murmur one dr heard and also another core biopsy to get more tissue for the tests. Hopefully next week I will begin chemo to kill any cancer cells and to shrink the tumor so we can do surgery this summer sometime. My weekend was easy and quiet. We didn't go anywhere and no one came over. Just me and the kids...Jeff had to work. I got plenty of rest I needed. I feel ready to go with chemo. Please keep me in your thoughts and pray
Pic Rate
Roof! Roof!
So I figured I should be able to re-roof my house for about $500. A lot cheaper than hiring a contractor to do it. I know it will be a lot of work, but it needs to be done and I'm kinda broke right now. Well as soon as I get the roof and the bathroom done, I can finally sell the damn thing and get something I can afford.
This Is Nuts Lol
Still working things out here, trying to figure what goes with what.. From what I can tell, its like my space times 10 lol.. If I dont answer you, dont assume the worst.. I prolly just havent figured out how to yet hehe..
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*** STOP BY AND REQUEST YOUR FAVORITE SONGS** WE PLAY EVERYTHING*** (repost of original by '♥LL♥♫The 3rd Naked DJ♪♫♪'' on '2008-01-15 07:05:22') (repost of original by 'Puppet' on '2008-01-15 07:08:01')
My Laptop And My Weekend
crashed. got a new hard drive and nothing... sucks so much. even at firedog they coudln't fix it so they are sending it out to the manufacturer.. :( boohhooo i miss my laptop, not to mention that i'm going to start going bacvk to school the 22nd so it's going to suck to not have the laptop handy (lol handy) my desktop is in shambles really. can't even get onto it w/ using safe mode, which is a bitch in the ass but what can i do. this desktop isn't going back for repairs anytime soon lol so computer problems sucks, i've been dealing since i don't have school for right now but i'm going to be suffering if i don't have it back by next week. :( but on the bright side this semester should be good, i got all the classes i actually wanted and got friday off... yeah amazing lol and i'm in the mood for chinese food.... but it's kinda still breakfast. :P i'll wait until lunch. About this weekend. it's been crazy. but this weekend was tame, but still wild. i ended up making out
My Queen
.... My grandmother passed away yesterday morning...of cancer! It had only been a few weeks that we found out and since then it has been down hill at 100 miles an hour! The meaning of this blog is so that i can state what an amazing woman she was! When I was a little girl i couldn't wait for fridays to come because i knew i was going to my princess castle... It was my hide away from the foolishness of the mean cruel world! We laughed and loved one another with out disturbance from anything! With her Bright blue eyes and soft voice she spoke about the world and life lessons.We ate food, did each others hair, and layed on the couch with blankets watching movies. Her jolly belly laugh filled the room and you couldn't help but laugh when she did! She spoke with emotion through her eyes and her heart! At 11 years old I buried my father and her in turn buried her son... this tragic event brought us even closer! We loved harder and laughed louder all the time crying inside. The f
Re: Ron Paul 'homophobic' Newsletter Claim Is Actually True
RE: Ron Paul 'Homophobic' Newsletter Claim Is Actually True ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 15 Jan 2008, 13:52 Ron Paul 'Homophobic' Newsletter Claim Is Actually True Amidst the smear, distortion and guilt by association attack pattern employed in the recent New Republic hit piece on Congressman Ron Paul, one claim attributed to the presidential candidate and scorned as homophobic actually turns out to be true - the fact that some gay men actually want HIV and call themselves "bug-chasers".
Help Me
hi there im in a contest and i am behind in it so plz help me win it go to medic~CAYAB on my family and go to his pics and then go to CAYAB Staff Contest and rate and comment my pic plz if you can repost my bulli it will mean alot to me thank you and have a great day peace love and happyness love kitty
Restlessness seeps through these veins this day with a vengeance The need for change entangling my thoughts Movement hampered by things the soul can not explain Wandering eased pain left unhealed Roots require looks to what use to be Haunting memories of things you can not see Moving pictures with disturbing messages Fields of questions with hidden meanings Questions....... so many questions Nixy
A World Of Glass
As I stand within this world of glass my eyes wide with the horror before me. My thoughts becoming twisted forms of illusions you chose to create. Dreams no longer are comforting but condemning forms of self-abuse. Love no longer bringing pleasure but an endless source of pain. Hope as if a forgotten novel lay tossed aside in a darkened corner. All I know and once found comfort in vanishing without a trace. When all is lost what is it there is left to see? When I no longer can stand inside your twisted version of what should be. Will you still refuse to see within you is me and with in me there is you? Will you cast me out and stand aside laughing while I begin to bleed? Or will you embrace this our reality and allow again your heart to be free. Nixy
Auto Accident
Recently my husband (Tony), my 2 daughters (Sierra & Peyton), and I were involved in a auto accident which occurred on 1/8/08. The other driver was at fault & was cited for "failure to yield on left turn". The accident happened so fast that we could not avoid it. Due to the accident our vechile has took a total loss in value. It is only driveable during the day as it has took damage to the front end affecting the...headlights, has no heat, the frame (bent), and it is missing the front passenger side fender. The accident has really hurt us not only physically, but emotionally as well. It has also been draining on us w/ money. We have been under alot of stress dealing w/ the Insurance company and everything else in regards to kids, school, housework, bills, etc., that we barely have time for ourselves to rest. We ask everyone to please be patient with us while we try to feel better and recooperate from our injuries. Thanks, Shelly
It's A Cryen Shame
Thunder only happens when it's raining... Players only love you when they're playing..." Fubar has deleted or reset a lot of people lately. Im OK with that. Ive been urging Fubar to look more closely at the referrals. If you cheat, you need to be reset. That being said, some of the TOP members (both top members and top scores) have a LOT of referrals that appear to be questionable. I hope Fubar isnt giving a pass to those that spend a lot of cash money on this site. I happen to spend a lot of money here, and I expect that EVERYONE is held to the same standards regardless of how many Happy Hours he or she buys. The TOP score leader (SEXYGIRLBLONDE) has hundreds of referrals that appear to be fake. 801 at last count. She used to be on my friends list (she blocked me recently) and I have no personal issue with this person but she has PAGE AFTER PAGE of referrals that are oddly similar. CHECK IT OUT Each account has ONLY ONE pic. All the pics are of unusually
The "Proof of the Pudding" and the reason the party's name is "tax and spend" RATS. This morning on ABC news it was announced that the DemoRATic houses have approved a bill to raise the cost of fuel .40 cents a gallon MORE over the next five years. This is above all other price increases that will occorr in the next five years. Once that happens with federal taxes you know the red states will raise the pump price too. The state has to get their cut of the pie. They have found a new way to gouge the public. WHY? Because there has NOT been a majority of the citizens of this country screaming at them. Since there isn't an outcry that can be heard across the planet they will continue to tap this new source of money so they can give it to illegal aliens and anyone else that loves the Freebies at working people's expense. Why? To build their voting machine and screw you John Q. Public. The population has to tell those in office they will not vote for them if they don't stop. That
Momma tasha won me at the auction for one month, Nows the time to add/fan/rate the lovely momma tasha if you dont have her on your friends list I want to pimp her out and show her how much she means to me take the time to get to know momma tasha she is really sweet she a really good friend, will help you when you need it Thanks to everyone who bid on me, I really appreciate it! GO SHOW MOMMA TASHA LOTS OF FUBAR LOVE
Hi I Am The 1 N Only Bikerbabe
just wana say hi 2 every1 hope u all have a gr8 2008 tc all xxxxxxxx
Im Sorry
Its all dark nights And all cold sweats And thinking of All my regrets I lay alone Im wide awake Kicking myself For my mistakes In total silence I twist and turn My body at ease Yet my mind burns Restless as always An itching in my skin Its storming outside And its storming within My eyelids are heavy But yet open wide Deep in my conscious Is where my demons hide Frustration sets in Feeling like I want to scream Its these night terrors That no longer let me dream
9 Days Left, Need 50,000 Comments For A Happy Hour, Please Help. Ty
Just click on the pic below & bombs away lol If anyone knows of a bomber family who will help out, please let me know thanks :D
30 For The Day? People Need To Wake Up..
Yeah I'm stubborn, when the cause is right. This one is..for those who haven't feast ur eyes on this one...and don't worry, it's not defamation bc I really don't speaks for itself...repost to share, sticky to well..I is what it is... Click to see it.. The truth that wont go away bought to you by: Johnnydevil@ fubar
What Is The Sisterhood? A Note From The Owner
The Sisterhood is a family that I've created for women only. We are not a bombing family nor a Leveling family. I do however post a pinkout (pimpout) on Fridays but they are not a requirement; if you're sitting around bored looking for something to do, they are a great way to show your sisters love; again they are not a requirement. The only requirements I have are listed in the rules. I created The Sisterhood so that the women of Fubar have a place to come to where they can feel safe from the extremely rude and often vulgar sexual advances from the some of the men of Fubar (not all). A place where you can talk about anything to any one of the sisters and not feel judged because the chances are that one of us has been there and even perhaps are going through it now right along with you. I hope this helps. Sister Love, SuperStarrPrincess Owner The Sisterhood Join The Sisterhood!!
About CAER ARIANRHOD The project/band: In spring 2005 Michele thought about starting a viking/black metal band, so he searched for other musicians finding none. He gave up until fall of 2006 when he started working on some riffs and lyrics written during the years and use them for my project; this time he decided to work alone until the time were right to find other players. The 5th November 2006 at Amon Amarth gig in Milan he was talking with some guys about my project and this was when him meet me. I said: "Hey, I'm a drummer and I'd like to join the project". After the gig we talked a lot. He said: "I was really lucky to met him 'cause we have the same ideas and also a great rhythmic feeling." In spring 2007 we officially started rehearsing and gathering stuff. In summer we came in touch with Alessandra who found our contacts on Vision Divine forum; she proved to be a good guitar player and to have. To begin rehearsals we decided to cover up our favourite bands which, of cou
Life Deviness...laughter.....
To the pain which will never end.......:)~ You don't know Jack Schitt For some time many of us have wondered just who is Jack Schitt? We find ourselves at a loss when someone says " You don't know Jack Schitt!" Well, thanks to my genealogy efforts, you can now respond in an intellectual way. Jack Schitt is the only son of Awe Schitt. Awe Schitt, the fertilizer magnate, married O. Schitt, the owner of Needeep N. Schitt, Inc. They had one son, Jack. In turn, Jack Schitt married Noe Schitt. The deeply religious couple produced six children; Holie Schitt, Giva Schitt, Fulla Schitt, Bull Schitt, And the twins Deap Schitt and Dip Schitt. Against her parents' objections Deap Schitt married Dumb Schitt, a high school drop out. After 15 years of marriage, Jack and Noe Schitt divorced. Noe Schitt married Ted Sherlock, and, because her children lived with them, she wanted to keep her previous name. She was then known as Noe Schitt Sherlock. Meanwhile, Dip
Back From Vegas
Got back from 3 days in sin city yesterday. Believe it or not I was down there for classes, not for the nudie shows,topless bars, whore houses, or the casinos lol. Okay I did play the slots a little. Classes were intense like Basic Training but with better food. I did get a chance to have a few Drinks @ Coyote ugly at the New York New York casino. Have downloaded pics from casino row and CU!! hope everyone is having a good day!!!
Tic Toc
You took everything, I held dear to my heart. Now theres nothing left, I just fall apart. Cold empty feeling hatred burns inside. Your with me every waking moment No where safe to hide. Trapped inside this nightmare unable to awake. Hurting me so deeply, its more than I can take. No one I can turn to for no one feels this pain. Shutting down completely slowly going insane. Wishing I could take back the things you took from me. Unlock the chains that bind me longing to be set free. You got what you wanted im cold almost dead Pictures of you haunt me nightmares fill my head. I sit here feeling numb in the cold and lonely place. You took away my dreams reality I must face. Nothings pure anymore ..............................Tainted
Come Rock Out With Me In Charmed Visions
DJ Wiccanlove is live and taking all your requests.Stop in and visit with her. Click on the image
A Cynical Willyism For The Fuckin' Day 1/15/08;
We all love to spend money for buying new clothes, but never realize that the best times we enjoyed without fuckin' clothes
Come Out And Help "read This"
Well we can always use extra people to help set up the show, it is a nonpaying job other then you get tickets. but it is fun and easy stuff to do stuff like "hanging banners, painting cars, tie downs in the stands or could even be to help set up a truck" and they buy us lunch and normaly take us out to lunch one of the 3 days in the blue thunder truck. some funny stuff going down the road watching everyone get out the way. if you do help it don't have to be all three days you can just pick a day other then saturday because thats just a recheck everything day but if thats all you can help with thats cool we can always use more people. again if you want to help set up with me and some of my guys and girls call this number ---->(954) 448-1266 leave me a message with your number, best time to call and shirt size so i can get you one of my shirts "Total Controlled Racing" or "Dave's Customs". we should start setting up on jan. 31st and will be done sat. feb. 2nd in time for the pit party.
I need to redo my bathroom. I am thinking about getting one of those bathtub liner and surround systems installed. I don't know if its better to have it done professionally or to do it myself. The hard part seems to be tracking down some place that sells the system in order for me to do it myself. Also, thinking of building my own vanity too, that way I can have one that fits the space, not just the size that is available. I know I can get the floor tiles at Grossman's for less than Home Depot or Lowe's. Anyone got any bathroom remodeling stories to share?
Come On And Bid Please
wanna fu own me? click the link and rate fan add hostess then pleace ur bid or at least rate my pic please and ty
Just A Note: Fyi!
Just a quick note to let you know I will be "out of the Fubar loop" for at least 24 hours, maybe a bit longer. I am having oral surgery done this morning - rather extensive oral surgery, lol. I was told I will probably have to relearn how to talk coherently, but I'm not worried. With this out of the way, I am told I will probably feel much better than I have in the recent past. Yay!!!!! Have a fantastic Tuesday, dear friends! Much love and warm hugs for everyone! Blessings, one and all, all over the world. You are loved and appreciated more than you know! Later! Muahz!
When Silence Cries
lyrics by Trail Of Tears ---------------------------------------- When Silence Cries... When silence cries... is it what I feel? - or is it what you really long to be? Depression grows again, to you I pledge my guilt Deserted fields I strole - there is no relief The bleeding night, surrounds you like a darkened veil - The echoes wake my sleeping thoughts The distant voice... it cries again - I realise it's not a dream, like a journey in solitude Ignore what I once did say When silence cries... The pleasant feeling of something dying (she said) - Upon the innocent it will rise once again A tear I spill, in silence - Punish the word of wisdom that I once gave When silence cries... A passage of dreams - A passage of dreams and memories Tiny little screams - Feeble yet reveiled Fading now is my Oblivion
Throwing Away The Day
lyrics by Sadus --------------------------------------------- Throwing Away The Day Staring at the Walls around me Pale and dismal life I'll leave A Time of Emptiness That surrounds me Waiting just for Life to be Seclusion into the Mind Involuntary Refuge A Period in Time I'll wait The carving out of Life Left in Solitude Wise enough to See It will Change Time won't help me While I'm Waiting Tired of Living This way I'm Feeling Delaying Await Depression Fills me Descending Feeling Lapse of Meaning Throw it Away Throwing it all Way Throw it Away Throwing away the Day Wasting my Life Waiting for others to get with the Plan Taking their Time I can't wait forever for this I won't Stand Time after Time Leaving us dormant and rotting away Waste of the Day Until we take Hold and Break Free we'll Pay Time won't help me While I'm Waiting and Throwing Away the Day Throw it Away Throwing it all Way Throw it Away Throwing away the Day Mourning T
A Close Friend
he was such a good kid. sweet and kept to himself. now hes gone, way too soon. scott, i miss your face. rest easy. my thoughts are with your family Scott HasbrouckREST IN PEACE January 18th will now be a memorial show for our good friend, Scott.It will be held at The Internet Cafe in Red Bank, NJ.Be there at 6PM or come when you can, we'll be there all night.I am dropping all the bands except Throw the Heat, The Riverwinds and True Quam. There may be an edition to the set, I will announce that when I have confirmation. Belafonte will also be there but it has not yet been decided if, and in what fashion they will perform.All proceeds will go directly to Scott's family.Please tell as many people to come to this very important event, if not to enjoy a night of music, then to honor a dedicated friend and musician.Repost this as many times as possible.Please be safe out there,
Finally, after taking about 1/2 of a year off from lifting weights,,,I can now start hitting them again. I had surgery in october on my rotator cuff,and 3 tendons in which one of them was just about completely ripped off the bone. After going to physical therapy,,etc,,,the dr said I am approx 6 months ahead of schedule and that I am good to go. Although I cant go real heavy for a while,,I am excited to get back at it :)
If For Just Alittle While
If just for alittle while I could give you a hug, would you push me away, and not want me to stay. If just for alittle while I could wipe away your tears and chase away all your fears, would you let me, or walk away and not let me see, and just throw away the key. If just for alittle while i could walk a mile, through all of life's trials, to be with you to spend one day would you walk away. If for just alittle while i could make you smile through the miles, would it be worthwhile. If for just alittle while i could let you know that i care, would you be there. If for just alittle while could you love me, or would you just flee. If for just alittle while, i could take you back, would take me back, or just break my heart some more i close the door, and fall to the floor. If for just alittle while. wish i had one more chance, if only for alittle while
Godsend Lyrics
Lyrics by Godsend ------------------------------------------------- With The Wind Comes The Rain Darkness, depression A wind of thought flows through my mind With it comes aggression Peace I cannot find I try to control my feelings I burst out crying My life is peeling I wish that I was dying Darkness, depression A wind of thought flows through my mind With it comes aggression Peace I cannot find With the wind comes the rain With the wind comes the rain With the wind comes the rain With the wind comes the rain...
My Goddess Needs Your Vote
sexiest hair copy/paste this link
Let Me Know "monster Jam"
hey all you local friends. if you would like monster jam tickets let me know. "limited number of tickets available" the show is feb. 2nd it starts at 5:30 and the party in the pits start at or around 2:00. just message me with how many and a phone number that i can call to let you know where i will be so you can get the tickets from me. and depending on what time you get there and what time the drivers get there i know all of them and can get you by them to meet them and get pictures. dave
Lets Make Him The Next Godfather????
It's time to get BobbyT645 to Godfather!! ~!~ BobbyT645~!~ĦĦR Ғ Ŧ.M..Ғ. ~!~@ fubar Add, Fan, Rate Clud F.A.R., Dirty South Crew, LOL, T.M.A.F. This is your next Godfather Let's Get him there! He's Always been there for you! Always!! ~!~ BobbyT645~!~ĦĦR Ғ Ŧ.M..Ғ. ~!~@ fubar This Pimpout brought to you by your friends and family!!
Omg!!! Come Look At This!
Come and take a look at this.. It's SO much fun and you will meet some really cool people.. I know I have.. IMVU - The World's Greatest 3D Chat This is my homepage.. My Room.. My duddies on there! and a few pics of me and my friends.. or just click here
All You Sports Loving Hotties!!
Trying to get a bunch of hot pics of ya'll supporting your teams. If you have any pics with any kind of sprts logos(Anything any college teams, pro teams, ESPEACIALLY ufc pride!!)..hats, necklaces, shirts, jerseys, really want to get freaky Write Go "INSERT YOU TEAM" on your chest, Thatd Be hot!! haha...Either send em to me ( or the easy way put em on yours and ill rip it. I know other guys are doing the same thing...but i dont care.
So-called Friends
Why do people you consider friends do a complete about-face for no apparent reason? They claim to have feelings for you then suddenly stop talking, won't even take a message from you or give you any kind of explanation as to why. It hurts and pisses me off at the same time. It adds stress, when I don't really need more. Between work and school I barely have time to breathe. Anyone have ways of dealing with similar situation?
That Was A Little Weird
So, Mr. Dave and I went out yesterday to go look at an apartment. One of the first things the property manager asked was if we were married. It was a little strange, but not unsettling. Yeah...that was a little weird.
Im Not Going To Help Bomb Others
why dont any one wanna to rate and comment on my pics or my stash? Well let tell you something right now.... starting as of 12/12/07 i will no longer help other people to bomb cause i'm tired of asking other people to rate and comment on my pics and stash. if you want me to help you bomb then it going to cost you some Fu-Bucks for me to even help you... i say if you want me to help you bomb you in a will cost you 5,000 fubucks for an hour of bombing and for two hours it will be 10,000 Fu-bucks. so for this but im tired of be shit on and not rateing and comments on my pics and stash. it not very hard to go and rate and make comment on them. so this takes affective today 12/12/07 SORRY FOR IF THIS HAS ANY PROBLEMS ON YOU ON THIS ReNeGaDe
Copy, Fill Out And Paste Your Answers To Me :)
01] I _____ Jade. 02] Jade is _____. 03] If I were alone in a room with Jade, I would _____. 04] I think Jade should _____. 05] Jade needs _____. 06] I want to _____Jade 07] Someday Jade will ___. 08] Jade reminds me of _____. 09] Without Jade _____. 10] My memories of Jade are _____. 11] Jade can be _____. 12] The Worst thing about Jade is _____. 13] The best thing about Jade is _____. 14] I am _____ with Jade. 15] One thing i would like to know about Jade is _____. 16] Jade should go and _____. 17] Jade _____ me.
To All My Friends Pls Read
Hi to ya all I just wanne let ya know that end of this week I will get my profile down. Don't like to do that butt it's because I'm never online,will miss alot of ya my friends butt it is not ok to be never online and that I get message why do ya not send me something it's that I'm to busy to be online so now ya know it all that I will get my profile down and of this week. Love ya'll and hope all will be good for ya in the rest of ya live and ya never know maybe I see ya again someday gone miss ya'll TC Vinny
Please Copy And Paste Just For A Bit Fun Thank You
01] I _____ Kerry. 02] Kerry is _____. 03] If I were alone in a room with Kerry, I would _____. 04] I think Kerry should _____. 05] Kerry needs _____. 06] I want to _____Kerry 07] Someday Kerry will ___. 08] Kerry reminds me of _____. 09] Without Kerry _____. 10] My memories of Kerry are _____. 11] Kerry can be _____. 12] The Worst thing about Kerry is _____. 13] The best thing about Kerry is _____. 14] I am _____ with Kerry. 15] One thing i would like to know about Kerry is _____. 16] Kerry should go and _____. 17] Kerry _____ me.
There is one person on here that I can truly honestly say I hate. I always see her saying something about how she wants nothing to do with the drama yet everytime I hear about drama, she has something to do with it. She was once on my friends list but I deleted her due to the fact that she was constantly posting bulletins about points this or rate that. Now when I look at her page she is anti rating and supporting fubar for whatever the case may be. Seriously, what made me write this was when I took a glance at her status a couple of minutes ago she was doggin the spotlight winner out because of the way she looks. I guess nobody told her that she has quite the resemblance of a guy, just short of an adams apple. She isn't the only person that I have deleted and probably wont be the last but im sick of the materialistic shit that people come here for. If you cant pay for your own : blast,vip or what have you, then you dont fuckin need it and quit beggin and showing the goods to ge
The Eagles - New Kid In Town
Touch Me....
Touch Me.... A single finger trailing along my spine A nibble on the side of my neck Fingers dancing on my inner thighs Touch Me.... A gentle kiss on my lower back Your hand wrapped tight in my hair Your tongue exploring Touch Me.... My nipples twirling between your thumb and forefinger Your breath blowing soft against my clit An escape as you bring me to climax Touch Me....
Wtf Were They Thinking?
Yesterday I get a call that they canceled school because some lil S.O.Bs decided to spray paint on the outside of the high school that "STUDENTS WILL DIE TODAY" So, I called work and gave them a heads-up that we might be busy, aof course by the time I got there at 9, there were various versions going around. The police were all over the school all day...and what the lil punks failed to realize is that the security cameras that they THOUGHT didn't work---DID work, and the cops have the tapes and are looking for them. These kids might think it was funny to get a day off of school that way, but it wasn't funny it was downright stupid. And apparently they don't remember what had happened to a kid in jefferson who just wanted to get his music out there--he didn't threaten anyone--he just wanted to be a rapper and had put cds on the cars in the parking lot--that one went to jail cuz they said he was promoting violence! Well, the ones responsible for the graffiti on the high s
Green Piggies And Ufo's Are In The News Today..
U.F.O. sightings are in the news again. The town of STEPHENVILLE, Texas apparently a farming community is all abuzz with talk of UFO sightings. Now on the same front page one could also see little green pigs. Isnt piggies a word? Well it should be. Doesnt the little song we all have heard once or a million times and hopefully sung by our mothers or fathers: This little piggy went to market and this little piggy you know, I do not have to go on because sooner or later I was going to have to say WEE, WEE, WEE all the way home and I am just a bit old to have to say that. The mental ward would be calling my name for sure. Oh yeah GOOD MORNING to you and yours or just you and well you. So Green Piggies ok Pigs and sightings of UFOS what do they have in common? Well they were both at one time today on the front page of msns web site. Other then that really, most honestly nothing! So do you think that UFOS are circling the world and abductions are just waiting to happen and some goo
October.. Thats Me??? You Tell Me!
OCTOBER = PERFECT -Trustworthy and loyal. -Very passionate. -Wild alot of the time. -Great kisser. -can be a silly dork not knowin anything. -Knows how to have fun. -Super sexy. -can be a great friend. -loves to eat anything good out there. -has alot of responsibility. -Everyone is drawn towards your inner and outer beauty. -great smile. -cares about friends. -Playful, but secretive. -gets alot of attention. -can sometimes be too bossy. -very stubborn at moments. -can be a lil bit too much hiper& crazy. -emotional and temperamental sometimes. -Meets new people easily and very social in a group. -Fearless and independent. -Can hold their own. -Stands out in a crowd. -Essentially very smart.
Friends? Fans? Lmao! Right!
Check this out! So, Ive been here for over 3 years now. The other day, I'm watching in the "My Bar Tab". Im seeing all this activity of flashing 11's & cherry bombs going off. SO, I wait,... ...For the commotion to settle down. It goes on for most the day on into the night. So I wait. So, I put in my status,... I wanted to see just 5 people on my page. I wait. 1 person showed up. I looked at my list, it says I have 10,141 friends. I Laugh! So I look at Fans. There are 10,200 I laugh some more. Then I see how many Im fans of. its 10,347 I have the regular good old fashioned 11s that come w/a vip. Though Im just one of many who are in this position. So,... WTF?!?!?!?! Just saying. I sure I'm speak for many of us here.
Tuesday Opie And Anthony Links: Rock Scream Tuesday, 80's New Wave Tuesday, Paltalk Cameras Are Live, O&a Podcasts, Win Ca$h With Cherry Darts!!
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (New Episodes Added Every Week!) It's Rock Scream Tuesday and 80's New Wave Tuesday on the Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, so check out some Jim Gillette, grab a hot beverage, warm up those vocal cords, call up the show (new number: 877-212-OandA), and do your best Kajagoogoo impression (you know... cuz of the 80's thing). Remember, if you want to see any of the in-studio goodness, breakfast and booger-eating, just turn on your PALTALK and go to the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room. Of course, you might want to check out the Ladies Of PALTALK, who spend their mornings showering, sleeping nude, getting dressed, having the morning sex, or having a morning dump (scratch that last one). Stay tuned to the Opie and Anthony Show THURSDAY, because we'll be chatting with Andrew Morton, author of Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography
My Little Ray T
A friend who comes over my house always checks his profile on another site and I saw my first boyfriend that I had when I was 16 and decided to join to see who else was on there. Well I messaged Jay to say how happy I was to see him and his family so happy and I commented on a pic of his little brother Ray at Rays wedding. I didnt know then again I no longer lived in Meriden and to get the record journal in Hamden you would have more luck finding out who really killed JFK and why they did it. When Jay replied he told me Ray died 4 months after his wedding in Feb of 2003. Needless to say I am gutted and all I want to do is cry. The 1st time I went to Jay's house I met Ray as I already knew their older brother Al. When I was leaving to go home Ray was asleep on the couch but he woke up and before I left he ran to me hugged me and called me his sister. I loved that little 13 year old boy with everything I had. I loved and love all the Tremblay's. Ray was a smaller 13 year old and I am 5
Nsfw Pics
OK I took down the actual nude pics of me. Not that anyone gives a damn but I figured I'd let whoever reads this know.
So You Want To Level Up, Eh?
My name is kins, and I am the best of giving out advice to people on the fubar. Your desire to level up and get more pointz is a common one, and there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of levelling up. Below are ten easy steps to levelling up. Use them wisely! 1. Make friends! It sounds simple, and it is! Pick a person at random, from off of those moving people at the top, and on their profile page, click "add to friends". This sends a request to people to be on their friends list. People like flattery, so try including a comment about their profile in your request, such as "I see you like the music of Paul Simon. I too like the music of Paul Simon, will you be my friend?" The good part is, you don't even have to like the music of Paul Simon, this is just a lie. Not everyone will accept the request, but lots will. 2. Have lots of photos. More photos means more rates means more pointz. Also, if you wear less clothes in the photos, men will look
Just Venting...
Am I the only one who thinks its rude when you enter a lounge and the greeters refuse to acknowledge your presence? I understand the nature of the internet and that people are sometimes away from their keyboards but when you enter a lounge and say hello and the greeters are talking to everyone else and blatantly ignoring you its RUDE!!! I've not only had this done to me on a number of occasions at a lounge I'm considering unsubscribing to for that very reason but I've also been in other lounges and seen it happen to other people. All I can say is that if you're going to be a greeter in a lounge, don't destroy the lounge by not doing what you're there to do! You need to treat everyone the same, not pick and choose who you will or will not speak to! All that does is give the lounge a bad reputation!
Cooter Bid For Some Very Old Butt
I just have to love/hate this old dear, she does make me laugh with her attempts to recapture her youth....... (for the joke, read the bottom) and yes, this is a real bulletin the old git made. SEXYGIRLBLONDES 1st time, and maybe last, to be auctioned off Sample some sweet southern charm, SexyGirlBlonde style Click on my pic, and have fun bidding Im offerring 1.A VOICE MESSAGE TRANSFERED TO YOU WHERE I SAY YOUR NAME 2.A SONG I SING FROM ONE OF MY CD'S TRANFERED TO YOU. 3. 10 SFW PHONE CALLS AT THE TIMES YOU WANT THEM 4. YOUR NAME ON MIND FOR A MONTH 5.I WILL RATE YOUR PIC'S WITH MY 100 11'S FOR A WEEK 6.PIMP YOU OUT IN MY BLOG 7. 1 NFW SALUTE..... 8. ADD TO YAHOO MESSENGER 9. YOUR PIC RIPPED TO MY DEFAULT WITH A NICE CAPTION ADDED min bid is 100000 fu bucks auction starts JAN. 11TH and end JAN. 18TH (repost of original by '*Phantom*' on '2008-01-11 18:41:20') (repost of original by '*SEXYGIRLBLONDE*#26*GODFATHER*1st,Oracle* FAN
Are There Any Honest People Left?
Why is it that some people find the need to be full of and fill everyone around them full of Bullshit????? Can anyone explain this to me? I try to be very honest and forthcoming about anything and everything about myself when I meet people, whether in real life or online. I have NO need to be dishonest about anything. And It just PISSES me off to NO end when people try to bullshit me.....If you can't be honest with me, go the hell away......I could give a shit about you.....Don't play me for in the end, I will boot ur ass to the curb with yesterday's trash. If you want to be my friend, cowboy up...Here I am.....I will be honest and loyal to you and will do my best to be a TRUE friend.... Just wondered if someone could explain to me why people are full of bullshit...and to prove to me that there are honest people left in this world.
Good Morning All Know i am back, i think i should resume my daily pimping off hotties. If you know anyone, suggest them to me. Lets spread the love y'all :P Music Video: Big Pimpin by (Jay-Z) Music Video Code by Video Code Zone
Special Friends Thru My Life
The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you. ~John E. Southard
Why do grown ass ppl feel the need to start drama.... once its over shouldnt it be left at that... I SERIOULSY HATE DUMB BITCHEZ.....
7,833 To Level!!!
If ur my friend help me get to the next level and I'll help u out as much as I can. Thanks all!7,833 to level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Life With Depression
Depression hurts deep to the soul Depression kills you from within It can turn you as cold as ice And make you as black as death Depression is all around us Isn't there the slightest glimpse Of ever finding an escape from the hurt That is know as Life with this disease? It eats you up alive From within your very eyes Crawling its way threw to the top From the very recess of our own minds When is there a second or minute That it does not affect you in your life This all consuming disease that can kill Know more commonly as Depression.....
No Subject
This is one of the kindest things I've ever experienced. I have no way to know who sent it, but there is a beautiful soul working in the dead letter office of the US postal service. Our 14 year old dog, Abbey, died last month. The day after she died, my 4 year old daughter Meredith was crying and talking about how much she missed Abbey. She asked if we could write a letter to God so that when Abbey got to heaven, God would recognize her. I told her that I thought we could, so she dictated these words: Dear God, Will you please take care of my dog? She died yesterday and is with you in heaven. I miss her very much. I am happy that you let me have her as my dog even though she got sick. I hope you will play with her. She likes to play with balls and to swim. I am sending a picture of her so when you see her. You will know that she is my dog. I really miss her. Love, Meredith. We put the letter in an envelope with a picture of Abbey and Meredith and addressed i
How can you say the shit you do And treat me like Im trash Easily thrown away Even after all we've been through The world comes first No love for me Sometimes I wonder Am I just cursed Nights I cant sleep Days Im in a haze Wondering what I did wrong To cause your brutal ways I finally get my life together And what do I get in return The love from my life ripped away And my heart turns black and burns Now I am numb And my hearts turned to ice Nothing else can be done For the burn to subside And I walk the world like a zombie No future and no past Feelings and warmth I use to behold Have long ago come and passed This is my life all because of one One so called human A heart dead and useless A human I thought once was a true man
The Leader Of The Pack
The Leader of the Pack by.BlueWolf The leader of the pack, Strong and true He holds his alpha head high, Knowing another night is almost through He lies beneath the moon, Stares up at the sky His dedication will always remain true. Looking through his eyes, One sees loneliness, A soleness that no one understands, But all accepts In my eyes, he stands alone He is simply Gods perfection Yet, people still wander in his direction. He pounces on the ice, He slams at his reflection, Why, when such beauty stands? To be alone is what he desires, However, to be understood is what it requires Let him be the King To lead his own ring The leader of the pack, Has surely earned his pride, Let him relax, and enjoy his ride. ~~PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT THIS POEM~~
Can't Sleep, The Clowns Will Eat Me
It takes a few moments of insanity for things to finally become clear. All these emotions and confusions mixed together convincing myself that this is how I feel. Its been easy to hurt, to angst, to believe in a love even though it has hurt. Its easier to hold onto something that cant be than to accept something that could. Its easier to latch onto something that wont last then to cling to something that could. What am I doing? I try to ignore what I know. I know who its not, I suspect who it is, but I wont know for sure just yet. And I don't think I want to. No matter how much you may want it, it may not want you back. And you could ruin what already is.
The 1st 10 Years
The 1st 10 Years by DJ Muzik-AL This was my first set after by long battle with drugs and depression. This mix was for an all night house party which even now gets talked about! For the full tracklist please visit This is one of my most memorable sets and this sample is a 30min cut from the full 95min house mix.
Just Wonderin'
Aight folkz this is a repost. I got this from someone else *LOL* Answer the questions as honest as possible plz! Thank U Very Much! Ready Set Go0o0o0o0o... 1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Favorite position: 4. Do you think I'm cute? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8.Would you take a shower with me? 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 14.Condom or skin? 15.Have sex on the first date? 16.Would you kiss me during sex? 17.Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Would you use me as a booty call? 19.Can I use you as a booty call? 20.Can we take pictures of the act? 21.How long would we have sex? 22.Would you tell your friends about me? 29.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
The Things That My Brain Vomits
Not Enough You say you love me You want to make love to me You love being inside me You hold me And kiss me. You say you love me You dont trust me You dont believe Or believe in me. You say you love me And you make love to me You say we should see other people While the sheets are still warm I can still smell you I can still feel your hands On my skin I can still feel you inside me And I can still taste you. You want to see someone else Because I am not enough for you Not pretty enough Not smart enough Not lover enough Just not enough. I am just me And it is not enough You say you love me You have never felt this way for anyone. But you are already thinking Of somebody else And you are waiting till you can crawl out of bed So you can call her. Your replacement for me, Is already in mind. And she is a million miles away You can't hold her You can't feel her Or taste her. I am right here Loving you blindly, stupidly Feeling a way that I nev
Video Games You'll Never Play.
Remember when it was okay for a video game to not have convex volumetric fog rendering and bilinear interpolated textures to be fun? Since when did it become acceptable for 30% of your system's resources to be devoted to rendering shadows, atmospheric scattering, ambient light effects, and all this other superfluous bullshit that game coders keep adding to their engines so they can win some imaginary pissing contest? Nobody cares about graphics if the game plays like dog shit. I'm bored to tears with first person shooters. Changing the theme from one time period to another isn't enough anymore, assholes. Did someone beat you to the punch on that killer WWII shooter you were making? Don't worry, just take the same concept, change a few textures, and call it Battlefield Vietnam. We won't notice. Hell, why not Battlefield Korea? So I've decided to make a few video game ideas of my own. Games you haven't seen before, and probably won't see in the near future: 1. Guess Who Forg
Is this normal? I'm not sure I've felt like this before. I mean sure I've gone through the whole he's so cute... Ohh My God! What do I say? You know how your mind is in a million places at once... And then that certain somebody walks in and all the doubts, worries, and complications that were spinning around in your head are totally lost. This isn't right... Or fair... This isn't the girl that I've known for so long... Come on you ask anyone that knows her... And they will flat out tell you... She's harsh... Mean... Ruthless... And that's coming from friends... She's that girl that has been in fist fights with random guys since back before anyone can remember... Well at least that's what all her friends say... To the guys she's that girl that can't handle commitment... That girl that's with any guy just for the attention... All the girlfriends and best friends say that she's that hopeless soul that isn't capable of being loved because she flat out don't know what it is herself.. I
Maple Syrup What The Hell!!??
Okay here's something i've been waiting for years for someone to explain to me. I want to know the origins of maple syrup. I know who really cares right? Well there is some things I just need to have explained to me. I want to know who decides one day to just pop a tap in a tree just to see what the goo is gonna taste like?? I mean you've got to be pretty damn hungry to go around makin' trees leak just to get yourself a taste. Okay lets just go on that assumption that you just have nothing better to do, I'm bored i think i'll go for a walk in the woods and taste some tree sap. If this is how syrup started, I feel sorry for the poor bastard that tapped a pine tree cause damn, that shit is just gross. Even if you were lucky enought to tap a maple first shot, that is still nasty. What is your going on in your mind to think "Wow this is pretty fucking gross... hmmmm maybe if i boil it for a bit I can eat it on a waffle." WTF!!!??
I swear it's almost surreal. Like everything is fake and you're the only one that is desperately holding onto what's real, true and honest. You've become the one that is backed into a corner and being attacked because you'd rather tell the Truth than to cover someone else's cowardly mistakes. So what happens when you lose sight of what you started out wanting for some foolish reason? What happens the day you realize that you have become so sidetracked for your original goals and dreams it makes you sick? I have to admit I'm stronger that what I thought I was. I never thought in my life that I would be able to stand up to a guy that I really liked, for the simple fear of never getting to talk to them again. I overcame that fear many times this summer, and although I don't speak to the people I originally liked so much, I'm a proud person because they didn't get the chance to walk all over me. I have to say this summer has taught me a lot. I never thought I would be strong enough to ove
How Not To Dispose Of A Christmas Tree
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German man threw himself out of an apartment window along with a Christmas tree during a late-night attempt to dispose of his festive decorations. The man fell 22 feet after he lost his balance throwing the tree onto the street Saturday, police in the western city of Moenchengladbach said. The tree did not break the victim's fall. "There's a TV advert showing people having fun throwing their old Christmas trees out the window," said police spokesman Willy Thevessen Monday. "But you're not supposed to jump with them." The man was taken to hospital in critical condition with severe head injuries after witnesses saw him fall. (Reporting by Erik Kirschbaum; Editing by Giles Elgood) Reuters 2008 All rights reserved
~*~the Book Of My Life~*~
No matter how the story of love, life and school may go.. When you throw in the term "High School" everything changes. I've always been considered as the writer, or that girl "thats determinded to get her point across" no matter which way you look at it i've always tried to get through to people through my writing. I'd rather sit down and write a book about my life then look you in the eyes and just say it. It's not always easy being a highschool student, and holding a job, and then on top of all of that, all the other random aspects of life are thrown upon you. So who do you want to be in the 'book of my life'? Theres the girl that can't make up her mind who she really loves, or the guy who wants to love and be with every girl he talks to. Maybe the girl who will stay with that man through whatever he does, or the girl thats the biggest flight risk of all cause you can't get to know her no matter what.. Up until recently, I didnt think that anyone paid any attention.. I guess I was wr
Check It Out
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND OR HUSBAND OR WIFE - REPOST THIS! LET THE FUN BEGIN........ 1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Favorite position: 4. Do you think I'm cute? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8.Would you take a shower with me? 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 14.Condom or skin? 15.Have sex on the first date? 16.Would you kiss me during sex? 17.Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Would you use me as a booty call? 19.Can I use you as a booty call? 20.Can we take pictures of the act? 21.How long would we have sex? 22.Would you tell your friends about me? 29.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THIS BACK TO YOU! TITLE IT-Naughty Appli
~*~foolish Girl..~*~
Marilyn Monroe Once Said, " A Wise Girl Kisses But Doesn't Love, Listens But Doesn't Believe, And Leaves Before She Is Left" So Why Is It I Always Love But Fear For The Kisses, I Believe But Never Listen, And End Up Being Left Because I'm Never Strong Enough To Leave? I Guess I'll Always Be The Foolish Girl Because Of That
~*~writings ~and~ Ramblings~*~
- Alone - You can't ever win Changing in your skin Like a bloody chameleon You will hide within you immortal fakeness I'm not who you want me to be ..Fake.. ..Stupid.. But most of all not you.. I may not live up to your standards Or be your picture perfect version of normal ..Wake the hell up.. Life is a brief joke played on human kind ..Stop Pretending.. ..Your Not.. ..And Never Will Be.. Look into my broken eyes And you will see A shattered heart standing once again alone ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ -Hate- I may be your dictionary definition of a whore But you're the one who left Closed the door If your love was true You would have stayed Within this world broken and frayed Within a degree of happiness, Or on a level of lies You left me with this razor That will forever control my life.. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ -You- Names and anger fill my
~*~it's Been Fun..~*~
I guess you could say I'm driving myself insane.. I guess you could say that I have been so freaking fake to myself above all since I moved.. I've changed so much and I don't even like who I've become anymore.. Have you ever had a moment where you say could've would've should've?? It seems as if I'm saying that a lot anymore.. Like almost I've lost sight on what I want and what I need.. GOD!! I just want to SCREAM!! I have felt like such an outcast down here, I'm afraid to tell anyone the truth anymore.. GOD WHY IS IT SO HARD!! I'm tippie-toeing around anymore afraid to face the truth! So Here It Goes, If I Hurt Anyone.. Then I guess it's your choice to hold that against me.. But Just A Warning.. I Don't CARE ANYMORE!! At Least For Once In A Long While.. I'm Facing The TRUTH! To EVERYONE (who has met me, talked to me, or thinks they know me) - I Have never in my life been to a place like this, BECAUSE Where I grew up my friends, had my back, no matter what.. I HATE FAKE PEOP
Soul Like The Vastest Sea
Soul Like The Vastest Sea Your soul is like the vastest sea And mine a darting fish: I lose myself within your love; I live within your heart. I breathe your love: it is my air, My element, my world. I know no other ambiance; I have no other dream. I know there is outside your love A world of rocks and sand; And I could live there, too, but oh! How poor and thin each breath! How rich my world, how beautiful, Alive within your love, Each moment filled with dancing light Refracted through your eyes!
I Was Removed From The Family
I have been sick and in the hospital for the past 3 weeks. I'm still very sick and dont spend much time online.I also have a very young son to take care of.along with family drama to deal with. I was told I would be removed from the family due to not bombing. I wrote sleezy back and let him know what was going on. and he went ahead and removed me. I think it's a bunch of bs. I know some of you are able to be on here everyday bombing. but i have a life outside the internet. when i have the time to bomb I do what I can. I had alot of fun doing it,took my mind off things. but if im going to be removed because things in my life took a turn for the worse and i was unable to spend the time online. then this isnt a family at all, its a bunch of selfish assholes. I'm happy to be removed from the fubombers cause this family SUCKS!
~*~just Thinkin'~*~
This Is My New One Ya'll.. Its Kinda A Free Verse, Lemmie Know Whatcha Think... ?~*~Kiss~*~? By: Katie Ann Shut your mouth and let me be, I just want a chance. Why I feel the way I do, Its not that easy to explain. ~&~ Simple feelings turn so hard I shut my mouth and wait .. .. ..Nothing Happens.. Nobody really understands, The things I did with him. A modern day Romeo, ..Handsome.. ..Charming.. ..Oh So Very Fake.. ~&~ You will fall in love, You will fall hard. Straight down to hell, Where it all begins. ~&~ First I loved, Then my love turned to hate. A hate I didn't want. And suddenly something happened. ~&~ I started to fade, Back into that nothing I once was. Before the one kiss that changed my life, After that kiss.. ..My one bit of happiness.. The only moment I realized Why.. Why.. I never did anything, Or had anything done. Saving mysel
Time There are a lot of sayings about time. If you think about them and what they are supposed to mean, time can fly, stand still, get away from you, catch up with you and most of all heal all wounds. Most of us spend our day under the pressure of time, having to be somewhere or do something at a certain time, We as a society have taught ourselves that time is precious and not to be wasted. We hear it from when we are small, stop wasting time or we dont have time for that. There are also points in life were we are in need to take our time. How many times have you heard the phrase there will be plenty of time for that later or good things come to those that wait only to find out that there isnt ever enough time. My favorite saying would have to be time is precious, because it truly is. As I get older I find myself thinking about things that seem like they happened yesterday, when in fact it has been many years. I think about the past a lot, this comes from havi
Cupid by BlueWolf Alone upon his perch Little Cupid searched around His arrow tightly drawn Its target now he found And here I walk in motion A victim of his game A sudden flow of love For this girl I cannot name Connected by this magic That neither could deny Hidden forces now at work That gave us wings on which to fly I was shy upon approach As I always seem to be Driven by a force With the eye you could not see It was true as this As in a fairy tale When she smiled back at me I knew I would prevail She agreed to sit with me Over a milkshake we would chat Several hours had it passed And together yet we sat To part with you that night Was such a dreadful pain I think we both knew Right here we should remain But as I lay in bed Right before my heart lay still She called me up to talk And gave me a chill We talked all night We laughed and played A connection like this For so long I've prayed I anticipate with joy
Remember These Poor Souls? So Few Do
Bid On Me!
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Just Somethign I Came Up With
(a work of fiction) you know i used to think i was somebody that could be trusted , someone that i could count on . but the other day i caught myself trying to bribe me . now i wonder if i can really trust me . i wonder if i didnt have a secret ajenda all along , some secret plan to sabotage me . i cant pass a mirror without noticing that im looking at me . I mean i used to think iw as someone that i could count on , now im not so sure . one of my friends told me " dont take it so hard , we've always known you were a scumbag " so i had to go to court a while back . i was caught "manipulating" myself in a adult theater . The judge looked at me and said " son, youve got a problem , i suggest you seek professional help " . so i asked if he could reccomend a hooker . he said he "didnt do that type of thing " ..... his secretary does all his scheduling . So it worked out for me , im gettign the family discount . Hey , hey , hey . I know what your thinking , but it isnt incest if you
If You Had Me Alone...
what is love really i swear you know i love my hubby but does he really love me i know i might have a proublem and push him away thats always been a issuse i had cuz every guy i date leave me so i push now so i know its coming but what ever i dont mean to hurt him i love him but who cares no one i want to cuddle with him and more but on a brake so ya oh well i wish he would just hug me and shit he dont want to oh well i give up i love him but he dont want to notice me any more when he ready i will be waiting oh well if you wish apound a star it be having my hubby back i know no one will be ok and read and have the balls to answer it but oh well i love him i want him happy oh well he dont really want me happy when you are in love you would do any thing for them
Auctioned Off
Well I'm bein auctioned how bad you want me follow the link to place your I'm all yours...
Need Help Leveling
i need ur help in leveling up please rate fan and add
The Hunger......
The Hunger......... In the dark where the moon beams break through, Is eye's staring back at you. The blood is smeared upon your hands, As it drips in a puddle where you stand. The thirst drives within you, As the hunger controls what you do. The sweet smells linger in the air, come closer my Dear, If you dare.... Linda Bowers 1-15-2008
If You Were Single
Answer this for the person who posted this send it back to them in a PRIVATE message and then repost it for yourself! 1. Would you have sex with me? Answer: 2. What positions would u want to b in? Answer: 3. Would u suck/lick me ? Answer: 4. Would u sex me hard? Answer: 5. Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? Answer: 6. Would u let me pull your hair while i did you? Answer: 7. Would u do me in the shower? Answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up to the bed and then do me? Answer: 9. Would u have 3-some with me? Answer: 10. What about me makes u want to have sex with me? Answer: 11. Would u talk dirty to me while we sexed? Answer: 12. Where would you do me? Answer: 13. Would u do me in front of people? Answer: 14. Would u do me again and again? Answer: 15. Would u do me in the rain? Answer: 16. Would u mind if we did it like a porn star? Answer: 17. Would u have phone sex with me? Answer: 18. Would u c
Thoughts On Dating
I recently had a chance to do some thinking about the whole "dating" process, and I've come up with some perplexing questions on this matter.... What is the "correct" way to initiate dating? Obviously there is no one "perfect" way to begin, but there should at least be some general rules or a few guidelines to help with the process. In the old days, a young man would ask permission to "court" a girl, and he would state his intentions right up front. But today's women are much more liberated, and it's acceptable for them to be in relationships for reasons other than just marriage.... So it's obvious that in today's society.... yesterday's rules, no longer apply. Which brings us to the question, "Now what do we do"?.... Each woman has their own idea of how they want to be romanced.... For some it's wine and roses,.. For others it's the "confident caveman" approach where the guy takes charge and sweeps them off their feet..... Some women like to be treated as friends first, to let them g
Mean Ass Guy
this guy came on the other day talking stuff about my pic and he said im a ho just like every other girl on fu. I forgot to block him and he started in on me again tonight. :( Ten afer he said wa he did he blocked me. Heres his link Satan@ fubar
Our Troops
You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. __________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. _________________________ You complain about how
Bid On Me!!!!!!
.. BaBii's AuCtiOn January 15th to January 22nd Here is your chance to OWN the one you want!!! RULES 1. You may bid on anyone you like even on yourself. 2. Your bid has to be HIGHER then the previous one. 3. IF you have SERIOUS ISSUES with anyone that bids (IF THEY ARE STALKING YOU) please inform me and i will romove them from the auction. 4. NO rude comments. 5. You may bid with Fubucks, Tickers, Blasts, ViC's or Happy Hours. 6. Tickers, Blasts, ViC's and Happy Hours are above ANY fubuck bids. 7. All the proceeds go to the person being auctioned. 8. I am NOT responsible if some one renegs! 9. I am Only in this for the points! 10. At the end of the auction the HIGHEST bidder will WIN/TAKE OWNERSHIP of the person for 1 month. What Do You Get From The Person You Own??? -All Pics Rated -All Stash Rated -A Salute Pic From Them With Your Name On it -A Mumm Done About You -A Bully About How Great You Are and The Link To Your Page in it -Comments Daily
Phone Call A New Poem
"Phone Call" It's amazing the differance a phone call can make, and how much it causes your lifestyle to change. This time it's a guy and he wanted to say " I really like you, can we go on a date?" You knew he was cute and he seemed real nice, so you agreed to go out friday night. The relationship goes well and he asks for a bride, it started with a phone call and now your his wife. It's amazing the differance that phone call has made, you couldn't be happier and you life's going great, you've gotten real comfortable, you want nothing to change, but when you least expected it the telephone rang. This time it's the doctor he's calling with news to congratulate you cause your eating for two. A tear starts to form and your jaw hits the floor, you'r husband is happier than hes ever been before. But you don't have much money, it's not that you're poor, But your husband knows he needs to make more. So while he's looking for jobs and you're picking out names, yet agian you
This Is My Life!
Have u ever wondered as time goes what all has happened in your life have u ever thought of all the good things and all the bad that u been through.Do u think everyone has a purpose in life are we here for reason.Well i have asked myself all of those questions lately.I am 30 years old and when i look back i see a fucked up life.Every since i was a little kid i can remeber life bein so hard i can remembe rmy parents not having any money,i can remeber not having nice clothes i can remebe rbein made fun of in school for things like that.I know my parents did the best they could u know i love them both greatly for what they been through and they did do the best they could for us it wasnt easy time.i can remeber bein so young and my sister dying i was with her when they took her to the hospital i can remeber looking at her when we was driving to the hospital.she laid there so quite like nothing was wrong but they was she had pnemonia thats what the doctors said anyways.And what so fucked u
Beautiful Kiss Flows On My Lips
Beautiful kiss flows on my lips wet, warm sensuality ageless. Smooth, silky passion permeates consciousness, and understanding. There is no one else, it is us. Excited bodies under fingertips, a crescendo of desire molests, masking thought, creates ecstasy and rapture demanding satisfaction consummated by thrusts. Clothes ripping, while still standing Tearing, grabbing, licking, smelling two singular bodies intertwined, unending, insatiable, yearning, devouring, blind Senses of images and beauty forever branded. Soft cries, unyielding silence expanding, Exploding with vivid sweetness, telling. Living, breathing, life giving, ascending, Thru a myriad of thoughts, to blow the mind, The body, the soul, two spirits landed.
Entrapment Hopelessly bound unfettered by the chains of love's grip - greatest gift, fate's cruelest curse. Wherefore do I weep at knowing the joy, the warmth, at feeling the peace, the fire. Wherefore do I weep unable to complete , to be, unknown the kiss, the flames. Wherefore do I weep at loving not living seeing not touching breathing not sharing holding not loving? All, because I, The Fool, am no more?
If You Want Me.. Bid On Me
Hey everyone I am being auctioned off. If you want me, now is your chance to have me.. Go to this link and leave a comment of what you are bidding. If you win, I am all yours!!! here's the link...
Loving Memory
She lived a hard life being a single mother and losing all 3 kids from camping trips, to skiing trips and her youngest son Issac was premature. My aunt Carol was a mid-wife who cared to help anyone who needed her time and her company.. These last few weeks I have struggle and gave up my own time with friends and loved ones, To carry out her last wishes. Just to have someone close to her heart. She will be truly missed in my eyes as well as my heart.. love always Melissa Jade
You Are Like The Diamond
You Are Like The Diamond You are like the diamond You glimmer and glow And shine so brightly Some, like me, draw close To feel your warmth, your heat Only to find none You are like the diamond You are bright and strong But you have no warmth, or love It's a terrible game To play with people's hearts Like mine You are like the diamond You will last longer than most But you will have no love No warmth to back up that bright light So what kind of life will it be? Besides long? Will you regret it someday? Regret being so much like the diamond Regret being so cold And look for me A find me gone? Can I ever leave? No, I can never leave you I am drawn to this cold light This false sense of warmth you give I keep wishing and hoping That someday, you will give warmth But, this will never be Diamonds last forever
Hey Yall Im For Sell Come Buy Me
Fade To Black
Fade to Black Metallica Life it seems, will fade away Drifting further every day Getting lost within myself Nothing matters no one else I have lost the will to live Simply nothing more to give There is nothing more for me Need the end to set me free Things are not what they used to be Missing one inside of me Deathly lost, this can't be real Cannot stand this hell I feel Emptiness is filing me To the point of agony Growing darkness taking dawn I was me, but now He's gone No one but me can save myself, but it's too late Now I can't think, think why I should even try Yesterday seems as though it never existed Death Greets me warm, now I will just say good-bye
Abc Game Winners Updated 03-21-08
ABC Game---The Daily Winners Letter A Winner - LilMsMaria - she wins 1000 fubucks and the blue ribbon! Show her some mad luv and stop by the contest pix and see her winning entry! LilMsMaria~ Wicked Storm Crew~&~The Sisterhood~Rider of the Love Machine~@ fubar )o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o( Letter B Winner - Sweet Mel - she wins 1000 fubucks and the daily blue ribbon! Go by and tell her congrats and then stop off and see her winning entry. Ya can't beat the classics. :) ^Sweet Mel ~Official Greeter Club F.A.R ~Sisterhood~SgtRaider's Bad Girl^@ fubar )o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o( Letter C Winner - "da Irish Princess" - she took the 1000 fubucks, the cake, and braggin' rights to letter C!! Go by and tell her congrats and then stop off and see her winning entry. :) ~~♥~~(☆ rh rꧧ☆)~~♥~~Wk torm~W..K. ~~♥~~@ fubar )o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o( Letter D Winner - "DJ" - she took the 1000 fubucks, She had the right rec
ARG!! I swear i save and save and save and people keep bustin out with these six million dollar bids on the spotlight..I can't even tell you how long I've been saving money for that damn spotlight! I don't get how all these people have so much money. I think i need to start selling myself or showing my good pix to get money and points. Shoot I don't even get as many rates as I use to since me and Ryan have got together. That is a whole other lame story! LAME!! ARGGGGGG....Tell me what ya think! Do i need to join on the ban wagon?? Should i take my Pictures down so people will stop hating on me for having a bf? Fa La La I love GEORGIA football!! Oh and anyone who doesn't know i went and saw monster trucks saturday! It was NEAT! Never been my thing but my ma surprised Ryan with I went! It was dope! Those things get SICK air! muahahaha! I'm done ranting hope everyone is having a GREAT night! LUV ya guys!
My Chat Room
I Wish I Was With Her Right Now
NOOO!!!! You opened it! .Tomorrow will be the best day of your life, IF you repost this within 2 minutes with the heading: (pick 1) ☺ I miss my baby ☺ In love ☺ Rough Sex ☺ I wear thongs ☺ Call me sexii ☺ Baby am I doing too much? ☺ I smoke weed ☺ Ask me out already!! ☺ I'm Single :) ☺ I wish i was with her right NOW ☺ I wish i was with him right NOW ☺ HARDER HARDER.mmmm that's how i like it ☺ I wanna love him but i just cant ☺ I wish she would realize how much i [LOVE] her ☺ I wish he would realize how much i [LOVE] him ☺ STIFFLERS MOM ☺I wanna be with him ☺ Hey faggot ☺ my ex is ugly ☺ I'm back with my ex ☺ My ex is an ass ☺ I wanna ask her out!! ☺ I'm breaking up with him/her ☺ I'm pregnant ☺ I'm trying to decide ☺Kinky Sex..mmmm my favorite
Opening Up Long Lost Feelings........
I have just recently decided to start the process of Opening Up and showing more of my inner self to people. On here and in real life. That means that I go against my norm of just showing people superfical pieces of me mixed with a little fantasy to slurry the mix so no one knows the wiser. I have also taken it upon myself to try and help guide some of my friends on here in areas that I see they need direction and also in them opening up as well. This has ruffled some feathers, caused hurt or upset feelings with the ones that do not understand that my intentions are honorable and for their benefit. I have seen my visits from some go down, others remove their "crush", and still others move me down on their friends list. No worries, I'm still standing and will still be their friend no matter what. If the truth hurts, then maybe they should take a look inside, why did it hurt? we become defensive when we do not like to hear something or wish to change it. I welcome comments and advice goo
Victim Advocacy
Life isn't perfect -- it never really is. A man lost his wife tonight who he had been married to for 14 years, dated for 10, and known each other as children growing up. I have been on many victim bereavement calls after the death of a person. They all take you back in a certain way. This one bothered me more than per usual because, although the paramedics had already come and gone by the time that I had arrived, the woman's eyes were still opened. I guess I am just used to paramedics in the past closing the eyes of the deceased before I arrive -- and when I had found my own husband dead, his eyes were already closed (but my husband had also often talked with his eyes closed - a habit of his for some reason). Currently at work, working on advocacy in another realm tonight; however, the vision of the woman still remains engrained upon my mind. I am sure that it will for quite some time. Throughout life there are things that approach the way we feel about life and treasure l
Ashes Five Finger Death Punch You don't understand me And you probably never will!! I got a tendency to self destruct And a soft spot, for the filth!! A hair trigger temperament A switchblade, for a tongue!! I'm a walking 1 man genocide With a black belt, in corrupt!! EVERYTHING I TOUCH TURNS TO ASHES!! ..FALLS AWAY!! ..IT FALLS AWAY!? EVERYTHING I TOUCH TURNS TO ASHES!!??!! ..SLIPS RIGHT THROUGH MY HANDS!!??!! ..Love me!? ..Hate me!?! Isolate me, everyday that I'm alive!! Strait up mentally unstable!! YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIKE MY LIFE!! I'm a jinx, a curse; ..Some say, "THE WORST!!!" I'm a savage, rabid beast!! I've been called so many FUCKING things.It doesn't affect me in the least!! I've stolen, lied, been crucified!! But I don't regret a thing!! I'm an egocentric, masochistWith a sadist's point of bleak!! EVERYTHING I TOUCH TURNS TO ASHES!! FALLS AWAY!! ..IT FALLS AWAY!!??!! EVERYTHING I TOUCH TURNS TO ASHES!!??!! ..IT SLIPS RIGHT THROUGH MY H
Beefy Beef Chili
1. 2 pounds ground beef 2. 1 large onion, chopped 3. 2 (16 ounce) cans chili beans, drained 4. 1 (64 fluid ounce) bottle tomato juice 5. 1 (40 ounce) can prepared beef stew 6. 1 tablespoon chili powder, or to taste 7. salt and pepper to taste Nutrition Info Per Serving * Calories: 273 kcal * Carbohydrates: 23 g * Dietary Fiber: 4 g * Fat: 12 g * Protein: 19 g * Sugars: 7 g About: Nutrition Info [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] Powered by: ESHA Nutrient Database [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] 2. Cooking Directions 1. In a 6 quart stock pot over medium-high heat, brown the ground beef with the onion until no longer pink. Drain grease from the pan, and stir in the chili beans, tomato juice, and beef stew. Season with chili powder, salt, and pepper to taste. Cook over medium heat until simmering. Serve hot. Yield: 14 servings
Beef And Parmesan Pasta
1. 1 1/2 pounds lean ground beef 2. 1 (14 ounce) can beef broth 3. 1 (14.5 ounce) can Italian-style diced tomatoes 4. 2 cups uncooked farfalle (bow tie) pasta 5. 2 cups sliced zucchini, (1/4 inch thick) 6. 3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese, divided Nutrition Info Per Serving * Calories: 343 kcal * Carbohydrates: 13 g * Dietary Fiber: 1 g * Fat: 18 g * Protein: 30 g * Sugars: 3 g About: Nutrition Info [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] Powered by: ESHA Nutrient Database [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] 2. Cooking Directions 1. In a large skillet over medium/high heat, brown the ground beef until no longer pink, breaking up into 3/4 inch pieces. Remove beef with a slotted spoon to a bowl. Pour off the drippings. 2. Return the skillet to the heat and add the beef broth, tomatoes, and pasta. Stir to coat all of the pasta. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to medium. 3. Cook, uncovered, for 15
Ground Beef Stroganoff
1. 1 pound ground beef 2. 1/2 cup chopped onion 3. 1 (4.5 ounce) can mushrooms, drained 4. 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 5. 1/2 teaspoon mustard powder 6. 1/2 cup sour cream 7. 1/2 cup mayonnaise 8. 1/2 cup beef broth 9. 1 (16 ounce) package wide egg noodles Nutrition Info Per Serving * Calories: 1057 kcal * Carbohydrates: 85 g * Dietary Fiber: 4 g * Fat: 63 g * Protein: 37 g * Sugars: 4 g About: Nutrition Info [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] Powered by: ESHA Nutrient Database [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] 2. Cooking Directions 1. Break up ground meat into a large skillet, and add onion, mushrooms, garlic powder, and mustard powder. Cook and stir over medium heat until the meat is browned and onion is tender. Drain off excess fat. 2. In a small bowl, combine sour cream, mayonnaise, and beef broth. Stir into beef mixture, and cook over low heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not s
Asian Crock Pot
1. 5 teaspoons soy sauce 2. 1 (16 ounce) package frozen Asian veggies 3. 3 tablespoons peanut butter 4. 1 pound chicken breast strips 5. 2 cups orange juice Nutrition Info Per Serving * Calories: 344 kcal * Carbohydrates: 29 g * Dietary Fiber: 1 g * Fat: 10 g * Protein: 31 g * Sugars: 17 g About: Nutrition Info [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] Powered by: ESHA Nutrient Database [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] 2. Cooking Directions 1. Add all of your ingredients into a mixing bowl. 2. Give them a good stir. 3. Place in your crock-pot on medium heat. 4. Allow to cook for at least 4 hours and up to 8. 5. Serve alone or over rice. Yield: 4 servings
I have been sitting here thinking of all the things i had done to help out withthe wars we been in..most were when iwasnt even born or was born during one.....i grew up in the 50's and 60's which was the Korean action and Viet Nam era..during the VN war....(so it was called) i had tried to get into the service to serve my country, i had the courage to defy the rules that i was an only son in the family and could not go unless drafted, i told my folks about this that i couldnt get a job on the outside because welll jobs in them days were very scvarce...u needed some kind of experience or coillege navy is where iwanted to go. I look back at this...and ponder should i have tried harder or be happy where iam now...and i think..iam happy....i believe our men and women who are serving now in Iraq are heroes...i was called a hero cuz..i tried to serve my country, and am doin that now supporting our men and woen overseas.
What A Snake!!!!!!!
*****READ FROM THE BOTTOM UP****** So, we worked our ass off to help a friend last night who won a photo bombing contest fair and square and this is what we get in return! This guy is a puke! This is his other account. Cause he admittingly has a few. I will find his main account and post a link. He VIPS often so you would think he has some clue how FUBAR should go, right? NO! ->PebblesinA...: you are a loser and I will blog this right now and mumm it and make sure everyone knows what you have done bomberDJHY...: RIGHT HERE IT IS GOING BACK NOW ADDED ALL TOP COMMENT IS WINNER BYE ->PebblesinA...: you are not keeping up your end ->PebblesinA...: she won it ->PebblesinA...: the contest was most comments ->PebblesinA...: true people don't put on fake contests and get mad when they didn't get all the adds, fans or crushes they wanted ->PebblesinA...: look, you are a weasel . thats what it comes down to. you are a liar and a fake and wouldn't know what the heck a
Queen-we Are The Champions!!
Army Bulls**t
I went to the Recruts Office today and had to take pix of all my tats. Well all of the *appropiate ones* During that time, i found out that my leg tat is inappropiate, and i cant go into the Army with it, cuz lo-n-behold theres TITS on the tat. So Im informed that i could NOT go even to MEPS with those showing. So i left the office, frantically searched around and had to get an Emergency cover up. Thats right, I got my tits covered. Ruined a fucking $600 tattoo by putting a Bikini top on *me* just so i could go in. The Fucking sacrifices Im making for this are FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! The whole fucking point of my tits on there was for the whole Demoness look. Thats why in my tat, I'm naked with only thigh high boots on. No more tho. Now for the *best* part. AFTER I get them covered, I found out that I couldve just put black *X's* on each nipple, and that wouldve been accepted!!!!!!! GGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR And my tattoo Artist whos been working on my thigh will be piss
Im Up For Auction So Come Get Me!!!!
HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO OWN ANY OF THESE SEXY BLUE LOUNGE STAFF AND MEMBERS FOR A MONTH!THE AUCTION ENDS AT 11PM CST SUNDAY JAN 20TH Shane aka 'DJ Lost Saint - #2 @ The Original Blue Lounge@ fubar ♥DjSexyBiootch♥BARBI'S HOMIE 4-LIFE -I.B.I.C.-EvilAngelButtBuddie-CrazyA$$Sis2Meg-@ fubar BJ Barbi~Greeter @ The Blue Lounge AKA SIS TO BLAIRMARE~DJ SEXYBIOOTCH'S HOMIE~CALIGUMBO'S PORNSTAR@ fubar Blairmare Fu-Sis to BJ Barbie Fu-lover to Rev Tom worshiper of DG@ fubar Rev Tom [Co-Owner Slapps Happy Hour] Thizz iz What it iz@ fubar DJ Gem~Bar Manager@The Blue Lounge~FU-GF 2 My Hot Mama ~Crazy A$$ Sis 2 DJ Sexy & A Tru Blu Bitch'@ fubar Caligumbo@ fubar *Mamasita**FU-GF to DJ MAD& FU-GF 2The Sexy DJ Gem@ fubar ♥Angel ♥ Bad Girl♥~Head Bartender @Club Adrenaline~FU-GF to King of Boriquas~@ fubar
Queen-another One Bites The Dust!!
What Is This I Feel?
i sit here and cry each night the tears i cannot fight the emptiness fills my soul all it is left is a hole, the void is there now and the pain i feel is how when cant feel a thing anymore for she doesnt care anymore rain falls down each day... it doesnt wash the tears away so what is this I Feel?
Queen-killer Queen!!
How Will It End??
About half way through the song Joey tightened his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. I instinctively lay my head against his shoulder. As I did this he made light strokes up and down my back, moving his hands in the rhythm of the music. When the song ended I backed away and started to walk off the dance floor. He stopped me as the band started to play another slow one. His expression was asking for one more. I turned back to him and smiled. He smiled back and his smile stopped me dead in my tracks. Before I could move he stepped up to me and quickly put his arms around me. As he did, he pulled me tight against him. He never took his eyes off me, but I couldnt return his stare. He leaned down to my ear and asked, Whats wrong Princess? Dont you like me anymore? You were hot for me the other night when I fucked the shit out of you. And when you came on my face you tasted so sweet. I thought we would have us another little rendezvous the other day when I stop
Click It
you know you wannu!
Hi, Im Amy...
This is pretty pathetic, i used to tease my roommates cuz all they did was camp on here for hours,now within the last couple weeks i've become just as bad, and addicted. Fuck, i feel like i've just jumped from one drug to another. Myspace is pot and Fubar is Crack.
Queen-we Will Rock You!!
You know, there are points in your life when you begin to question everything. For me this is one of those points. I try to be a nice person and treat people the way I would want to be treated. Somehow though, it always comes around to bite me in the ass. Maybe I'm too nice. Maybe that's one aspect of my life that I need to change. Maybe I need to be a little more of a "bitch" and be all about me. Sounds good in theory, but realistically, I could never do it. My mind has been racing with thoughts the whole night and I haven't slept well in a week.I have tossed and turned, constantly thinking, "If I wouldn't have done this, this wouldn't have happened" or "If I would have done this, this wouldn't have happened." I began to question every little thing about me. I'm trying to look at all of the things running through my head in a positive light. Hoping that it will be just one more thing added to my life to make me a stronger person. The more I think about everything, t
Queen-fat Bottomed Girls!!
Seek Not My Heart
Seek Not My Heart Oh gentle winds 'neath moonlit skies, Do not you hear my heartfelt cries? Below the branches, here about, Do not you sense my fear and doubt? Side glistening rivers, sparkling streams, Do not you hear my woeful screams? Upon the meadows, touched with dew, Do not you see my hearts a'skew? Beneath the thousand twinkling stars, Do not you feel my jagged scars? Seek not my mournful heart kind breeze, For you'll not find it 'mongst these trees. It's scattered 'cross the moonlit skies, Accompanied by heartfelt sighs. It's drifting o're the gentle rain, A symbol of my silent pain. It's buried 'neath the meadow fair, Conjoined with all the sorrow there. It's lost among the stars this night, Too far to ease my quiet fright. No gentle winds, seek not my heart, For simply ... it has torn apart.
Is This You?
9:52PM - Feeling lost, miserable Not understanding why Feeling exhausted, drained and ill Can't find the strength Watching, waiting and hoping Waiting for something, anything Trying to love So confused Did you lose her? Do you care? Questioning yourself Believe you love her Mentally kicking yourself Sometimes self-abusive Walls and barriers Projection horrors Hating your mother She was too close Shaking uncontrollably now Can't take the pain of losing her You won't admit it So you sulk Hating the thought of being owned Wondering why you did it Should have listened to her To your heart Been smart Regrets Fearing the unknown Self loathing Disembodied No one's home
Nick Cannon - Can I Live? (based On His True Story)
Queen-bohemian Rapsody!!
Positive News As Msfc Testing Finds Faults With Connector
New ECO Sensor Feed Through Connector Installed. Image Above: Space shuttle Atlantis stands on Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photo credit: NASA/George Shelton 1-14-08 Weekend testing of the removed ET-125 LH2 Feed-through connector resulted in "circuit instability" on two ECO (Engine Cut Off) sensors during LH2 test runs at the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). While testing will continue, these opening results add confidence to the initial data that pointed to the "External Plug / Feed Through Receptacle Pin Contacts" as the cause of the ECO system anomalies during the two STS-122 launch attempts and subsequent tanking test. More data will be gained from the results, likely to focus on the root cause, currently believed to be caused by the "relative motion possible between socket and pin contacts". This issue should not occur with the replacement connector now inside ET-125, following a procedure to solder the pins in place
Queen-somebody To Love!!
I've Had Enough! I'm Leaving!
This is getting absolutely ridiculous! I am tired of being put under a microscope or being called a liar! I once had one of the most drama-free pages on here, now as I try to get it back to the way it once was, I am getting buried once more with stress I don't need! Doesn't anyone understand I just went through 2 brain surgeries, two years on and off of chemo and radiation, had several friends taken from me and from this world and now have to deal with a heart condition as a result because I have undergone so much in the past two or three years? You know what? It doesn't really matter! I AM LEAVING!!! I most likely won't even wait for the VIP to expire! I AM SICK OF THIS!!! People tell me they hate drama, yet they choose to give me more of it! Well, enough's enough! If you wanna talk to me on the outside, great! I will leave you my info - just let me know! If not, then I'll see ya around!
For An Ex.....
I sit here and I realize How it would be like is I lost U I do not like it at all U are got my whole heart Every last bit of it I was so scared yesterday when I thought that we were through I felt like my whole world Was coming to and end I hope that u know that I love U truly and deeply I love U with every feeling in my body I cry when I can not be With U I cry tears of joy When U are talking to me If I could be with U Right at this moment Everything would be Prefect in my eyes I love U more then Words can say
Life Begins At The Beginning
Life Begins at the Beginning (A Doctor Gives the Scientific Facts on When Life Begins) By Fritz Baumgartner, MD April 12, 2005 Dear Friend, We can approach abortion from many perspectives: Biological, embryological, genetic, philosophical, social and economic, at the very least. As for the first three my approach as a scientist, physician, surgeon, and simply someone who finished medical school, is factual. There is no more pivotal moment in the subsequent growth and development of a human being than when 23 chromosomes of the father join with 23 chromosomes of the mother to form a unique, 46-chromosomed individual, with a gender, who had previously simply not existed. Period. No debate. There is no more appropriate moment to begin calling a human "human" than the moment of fertilization. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise, because it would be a degradation of factual embryology to say it would be any other moment. For example, some pro-abortion zealots and ev
My Desires
i sit here with my mind wondering i sit here with my heart pondering and as i contimplate all that i have done as i recount all i have desired my dreams come into focus and i begin to relize just as the blue sky touches the blue sea there is always hope and wonder in the unknown and to me all time and all distance is shortened to within inches as i hear your voice in my ear all that i contimplate my desires, my wishes, my dreams become focused on one image the image of all i have ever wanted to give another and in that moment i see a truth the truth of what may be and what may come to be as i hold you in my arms for the first time and share a kiss destine before i was born and my heart stops pondering and begings dreaming my mind stops wondering and begings planning for the woman i have sought for so long to share all i have with and i fall asleep with a sad heart because i am unable to hold her as i sleep but a smile is on my face for i know she desi
Just To Let You Know some of my friends are a little upset that I haven't been on here as much as I use to or when I am don't usually stay long here it why. I take care of my grandmother and she has been very sick here recently. I have been taking her to the Doctor alot because they found a golf ball size tumor on her right lung and a volley ball size tumor on her ovary. They have been running blood work and everything and have said that it is cancer. I am going to have to take her to specialist to see what they can do. No doctor really wants to do surgery on her for many reasons. One she is also a heart patient and just to do the surgery they said that they would have to have a cardiologist, pathologist and a pulmonary person in the room if something started to go wrong. She hasn't been able to visit her heart doctor because of this and he believes that she also have another artery blocking off. He has put 4 stints in there so far. Not only that, but she has had some many hernia surgeries that her
If I Could Hold You One Last Time
If i could hold you one last time just to hear the chimes, wish i could climb this mountain. I wish i could hold you one last time, never thought i would ever have to say goobye. wish i would could wipe away your tears, chase away all your fears. I lost you for good, havent been in a good mood. Why did you lie, make mommy cry. Is it too late, or is this fate. you had to go away, nothing i could say, i really did try. I closed the door, as i hit the floor, my heart is tore. I couldnt be all that you wanted me to be I have an ocean of sorrow, dont want to wake up tomorrow. If i could have one more chance to hold you tight I would keep you in sight, the stars are so bright, still not enough light I wish the pain would all go away, just one more day to see you again the rain begins to fall, I took one more glance only wishing i had one more chance. I loved you from the start, never thought we would ever part, it breaks my heart. If i could hold you one las
Way To Get Blasts, Happy Hours, Vips...
That is without making an effort. If one put as much into that site as we do this one, then we could make a nice stack of cash to bring back to the FU and use to get ourselves Happy Hours, Blasts, VIPs and stuff!!!
Tell me how it is from the get go, no games no stories and no lies Tired of the bullshit tired of the pain tired of this rain of lies also disguise!! You have no fucking idea what it does to another being dishonest, it hurt, it kills, even ruins lives!! Brings the person down making them feel low wanting to run feelings inside become over wellmed feeling the weight opon you ends up feeling like a ton! This world is corrupted honesty has gone out with yesterdays news I am glad to become your muse!! Go away with your dishonest bullshit I don't want it here leave it where you found it take it and shove it up your ass because your lies cuts me like glass!! Our world we live in in harmony isn't beautiful any more it's become ugly and stained by lies. No one cares no one breathes truth anymore, If you can't be honest with me I don't want any part of you!!!!
Getting Married
home | mail | rss | sign out KASHA Last Updated: Jan 5, 2008 Post New Blog Customize Email to a Friend Gender: Female Status: In a Relationship Age: 27 Sign: Taurus City: TOLEDO State: Ohio Country: US Signup Date: 08/04/07 Blog Archive [ Older Newer ] 123456789101112123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930312000200120022003200420052006200720082009 Monday, January 14, 2008 getting married. Current mood: anxious Category: loved Romance and Relationships me and scott hoblit the love of my life are getting married on his 31st b-day feb 23rd 2008 downtown but were haven a bangin reception may 10th 2008 on are 4th year anniversary your all invited location and time to be anounced on a later date hope to see you all there lovey muah. 3:33 PM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove About | FAQ | Terms | Privacy | Safety Tips | Contact MySpace | Promote
My Heart Will Go On
Celine DionMy Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From "Titanic")Music Video Codes By Music
Fat Bitch
"Fat Bitch!"? That's all you got? I eat "fat bitch" like a cookie, the crunchy sweetness satisfying all the way down... with a nice sugar buzz when it hits my bloodstream. Yeah, I'm a fat bitch, alright. I won't get out of your way. I won't change myself to make you feel better. I won't take your shit. And I most assuredly won't feel ashamed. I'm a fat bitch who holds her head high and knows who I am and is not intimidated by some small-minded bully trying to intimidate with hate and ignorance. I'm a fat bitch who eats what she likes and makes love when she wants and lives and loves OUT LOUD. I'm a fat bitch who won't shut up or get out of your way. "Fat Bitch!"? Why thank you! I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm not here to please you. Your opinion of me is not my concern. This fat bitch is here to live MY life on MY terms. Fat Bitch, indeed. Kathy Barron, copyright 2006
Ode To Amoxicillin
Ode to Amoxicillin My old friend, Amoxicillin, little pills of brown and yellow. Welcome back, Amoxicillin! I use to see you thrice a year. So how you been, Amoxicillin? Ready to fight this infection? From my ear? And from my throat? And from my nose? And a tonsil, too? Now my eye looks pink, what do you think? Guess youve gotta fight that one too. The very sick-- Jamie Writer Jan 15, 2008
Is It Love Or Lust?
Is it me or does anyone else find themselves having weird feelings for people who you think you know, but have never actually met in person. I dont know what kind of feeling it is. I hesitate to say its love, because I dont know that you can love someone based on their representation of themselves on line. There are a few exceptions, as I have one myself. I dont want to say its infatuation or lust, cause again, it's not just someones representation of themselves, and until you meet in person and spend time with that person you dont know for sure if that is the real them or not. However, having said that, I know that I get a certain feeling of excitement, or joy when I see certain friends or people on line. It's more than just "Yea your here"....its like "OMG I havent talked to you in forever and I miss you so much"..... I just want to know what the feeling is and how to deal with it cause sometimes I have to admit that it drives me crazy. That is all I have....probably no
this person.. wow i really dont know how to put this in words really.. he is just fabulous beyond belief..i love him to death and i am pretty sure he knows this..he knows everything about me.. there is no hiding anything he knows me and cares for me who i am.. he is truly the best thing that has happen to me on fubar.. he knows when i need that extra smile in the day..the things he says or does just makes everything better... even if it puts a tear in m eye.. the tear of happiness..i tell myself one day i will meet this man who has made a major difference in my life.. that day will come and it will be great.. he is going to be missed when he leaves to put his life on the line to protect and serve... i support him in everyway.. making sure he is taking care of while he is "over there".. Also: He Knows Why.. Best Friends Like Him Are Rare.. He Is Real He Will Tell You How It Is.. He Is There For You.. He Is Is Truely Amazing.. This Is For You Mike For Being There Always
Doing It Again !
OK IT'S BEEN A HOT MINUTE SINCE I BEEN IN A CONTEST,SO PLEASE GO RATE/COMMENT.ALL IS APPRECIATED ! IT IS A BOMBING CONTEST IN CASE U WANNA HELP WITH THAT PART TOO. THANKS LINK @ THE BOTTOM !!! The Prizes this time are all Fubucks! First Place 250,000 Fubucks Second Place 100,000 Fubucks Third Place 50,000 Fubucks This is a bombing contest and here are the rules & scoring system: Every comment counts as 1 point Every rate counts as 10 points The total combination of Comment points and Rate points added together will be your total score. The highest wins. ENDS MONDAY JAN.21
Searching For My Daughter
Trent Reznor On Fur
Curtain Rods----
CURTAIN RODS---- PRICELESS She spent the first day packing her belongings into boxes, crates and suitcases. On the second day, she had the movers come and collect her things. On the third day, she sat down for the last time at their beautiful dining room table by candle-light, put on some soft background music, and feasted on a pound of shrimp, a jar of caviar, and a bottle of spring water. When she had finished, she went into each and every room and deposited a few half-eaten shrimp shells dipped in caviar into the hollow of the curtain rods. She then cleaned up the kitchen and left. When the husband returned with his new girlfriend, all was bliss for the first few days. Then slowly, the house began to smell. They tried everything; cleaning, mopping and airing the place out. Vents were checked for dead rodents and carpets were s
In An Auction! Want 2 Own Me? Want To See My Naughty Folder?
I Like 43 Out Of 100 Bands!
All you have to do is check bands that you enjoy. Then add them up and repost as I like ___ out of 100 bands. ALTERNATIVE [ ] Breaking Benjamin [ ] Paramore [ ] The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus [x] Linkin Park [ ]The Academy Is [ ]Coldplay [ ]Three Days Grace [ ]Yellowcard [ ]30 Seconds to Mars [ ] Rise Against TOTAL SO FAR: 1 COUNTRY [ ] Rascal Flatts [x] Carrie Underwood [ ] Leanne Rimes [x] Garth Brooks [x] Dixie Chicks [ ] Kenny Chesney [ ] Tim McGraw [ ] Faith Hill [ ] Shania Twain TOTAL SO FAR: 4 EMO MUSIC [ ] Hawthorne Heights [x] Panic! At The Disco [ ] From First to Last [ ] Senses Fail [ ] Underoath [ ] Something Corporate [ ] Hit The Lights [ ] Silverstein [ ] Dear Whoever [ ] Chiodos TOTAL SO FAR: 5 INDIE [ ] The Hush Sound [ ] Eisley [ ] Death Cab for Cutie [ ] Dashboard Confessional [ ] The Killers [x] Yeah Yeah Yeahs [ ] Hot Hot Heat [x] Gym Class Heroes [ ] Franz Ferdinand [x] Modest Mouse TOTAL SO FAR: 8 METAL
Haha This Is Great!
This is probably one of the greatest videos of all time! I couldn't post it in here cause the owner wouldn't let me. :( But here is the link for your enjoyment!!!
Redneck's Pet Fish
A redneck was stopped by a game warden in Central Mississippi recently with two ice chests full of fish.He was leavin' a cove well-known for its fishing. The game warden asked the man, 'Do you have a license to catch those fish? ''Naw, sir', replied the redneck. 'I ain't got none of them there licenses. You must understand, these here are my pet fish.' 'Pet fish?' 'Yeah. Every night, I take these here fish down to the lake and let 'emswim 'round for awhile. Then, when I whistle, they jump right back into these here ice chests and I take 'em home.' 'That's a bunch of hooey! Fish can't do that.' The redneck looked at the warden for a moment and then said, 'It's the truth Mr. Government Man. I'll show ya. It really works.' 'O. K.', said the warden. 'I've got to see this!' The redneck poured the fish into the lake and stood and waited. After several minutes, the warden says, 'Well?' 'Well, what?', says the redneck. The warden says, 'When are you going to call them back
Not Sure What To Do
Ok here's the deal ive been writing a novel for a few years now but every time i think im getting somewhere i think it sucks so i trash it.So im asking all that read my blogs this question if i posted it here would you be interesed in being sort of a foucus group by that i mean as i write more ill post it here you read it and tell me what you think does it suck should i take this out add this etc... all i ask is be honest dont worry about hurting my feelings because you wont thats the whole idea behind this.If any ones intersted leave a comment here or send me a private message the more the merryer and if i ever do manage o get it prnted all that hae helped me will get credit in the book. Oh just so you know a few of you have been made into charchters in my book hope ya dont mind :) thanks
My Next Life
MY NEXT LIFE, I want to live my next life backwards: You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day. Then you get kicked out for being too healthy. Enjoy your retirement and collect your pension. Then when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day. You work 40 years until you're too young to work. You get ready for High School: drink alcohol, party, and you're generally promiscuous. Then you go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, and you have no responsibilities. Then you become a baby, and then... You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, in spa-like conditions - central heating, room service on tap, and then... You finish off as an orgasm. I rest my case.
Saying Howdy Ya'll
Hey everyone, im from Paterson,NJ and yes ladies im single so start hitting me up and leavine comment and rating's, maybe,just maybe you'll get my yahoo addy so when can voice and web cam chat.

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