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Worlds Biggest Crush
I have a CRUSH, can you guess on who?That's right my love, I have the worlds biggest crush on you!XoXoXoXo ~Michael~ Click the above image to rate / rip / comment!
Fubar Points Break Down
FuBar Pts. Break Down WHEN YOU DO THE FOLLOWING YOU GET 3 pts for rating a profile 2 pts for leaving profile comment 1 pt. for rating a photo 1 pt. for photo comment 1 pt. for stash rating 1 pt. for stash comment 0 pts for fanning someone THE PERSON YOUR HELPING OUT GETS 11 pts for you fanning them 6 pts for you rating there profile 6 pts for photo rating 6 pts for photo comment 6 pts for stash rating 6 pts for stash comment 5 pts for page comment Please keep in mind all pts are doubled for you and them during Happy Hour. As you can see when trying to level someone it pays to fan them. Stash and pic rates and comments may be worth the same but some find it a lot easier to rate stash then pics. Also for those of you that may not have realized as you can see its also helping you out when your helping others :) ... And a side note DO NOT get any points for Ripped Pics...COPY them then upload them.
Looney Tunes Poppin Bottles
A Child Of Mine
I received this poem this morning from a dear friend of mine A Child of Mine "I'll lend you for a little time a child of mine" He said "For you to love while it lives and to mourn when it's dead" It may be six or seven or twenty two or three. But will you till I call it back take care of it for me ? it will bring it's charms to gladden you, and should it's stay be brief, you'll have it's lovely memories as solace for your grief. I cannot promise it will stay, since all to the earth return. But there are lessons taught down there I want this child to learn. I've looked the wide world over in my search for teachers true. And from the throngs that crowd lifes lanes I have selected you. Now will you give it all your love , nor think your labor in vain, Nor hate me when I come to take it back again? I fancied I heard them say " Dear Lord, Thy will be Done" " For all the joy Thy child shall bring, the risk of grief we'll run" We'll shelter it with tendreness
Happy Feet-- Just Lose It
Funny Pooh Soilder Boy
Carebear Gangstas
Gangsta Flinstones
My First Time On Extreme Sky Flyer
you know one of my biggest pet peeves is people that stick their nose into others business. I truly hate the fact that people cant act like adults and be upfront with their feelings. I despise no I HATE games like this, I don't play them and I would appericiate it they weren't played with me. Sadly it doesn't appear that other people can be adults and mind their own business and because of this people get hurt. So I say to you if you are afraid of saying what you truly think or feel or can't be forth right with me Go AWAY!! and dont send your" Friends" To give me messages cause they will just be ignored. I think that I will just stay to myself, take care of my girls and to hell with even trying to date.
My Daughter Was Born
As many of you know, me and my wife Jess have been expecting. As of last night, Our little bundle of joy arrived, precisely at 11:55pm 1/18/07. EmmaLee Jean Siney 6lbs 14oz 20 1/2 inches long. For those of you who are my close friends and requested to see pictures... here you go.. i will be posting more later.. :) Nik aka Dj Redd
any one love me? lol
how are all my sexy people I am sorry I can not get on line a whole a lot. Until I get my own computer it is going to be a little difficult. Don't give up on me though. PLEASE??????????????? Hugs and kisses to you all Tink
Sts-122 Atlantis: Optimism On Forward Plan/smoking Gun
Thursday's Program Requirements Control Board (PRCB) meeting has been presented with documentation that adds confidence to the initial findings of a "smoking gun" during testing of ET-125's removed external LH2 Feed-through connector. Image Above: Space shuttle Atlantis stands on Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photo credit: NASA/George Shelton 1-19-08 More test runs on the connector have been conducted at the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), as STS-122 continues to return back into a launch posture for February 7. Test runs on the removed connector continue to mirror circuit anomalies observed during the two scrubbed launch attempts - and the subsequent tanking test - adding confidence that the external connector is at fault. 'Think we've found smoking gun on external feed thru connector. Testing of connector exhibited same characteristics seen during the countdown. Data analysis will be done to pinpoint location of break.
Pixie Sticks
ok heres the asshat of the week. This is where it started He dont know BrownEyed Thats right I rated his as a 1 then I blocked him but you want me to man up why dont you turn on your msgs and comments were ppl can actually send you msgs. PUNK BITCH!! so then this gets sent to a friend cause he blocked both of us. what a bitch ok so heres his link Pixie Sticks Do A Brain Good@ fubar
The Freeway Of Life ...
Karma is an awesome thing! If I know anything it’s that good things happen to good people. I know you’re thinking the same thing I always do ... “WHEN?!?!?” ... but believe me … it’s there! Now I might not believe in God (per se) but I do believe that there is a higher power. I also believe nothing determines your fate but you. I believe in destiny but whatever higher power there is, created us in such a way that we have control over our own lives. Destiny gives us the paths to take. We must make the choice on which path to choose and once we take it, there is no turning back or changing the form of the path. That’s not to say that there won’t be turn offs somewhere down the road. Opportunities to choose a new road or stay on the one we’re on. Almost like a freeway, they’re all over the place. Sometimes you might get lost, but there is always another way to get there. But no matter which road you travel, each path ends somewhere. What I have learned (in all my many years) is tha
Billy's Deployment Date...
Hey Ya'll, Just recieved the news that Billy's deployment will be February 6-10... God, please make sure to say an extra prayer for Billy for a while... He is due back in September... Again will keep you updated... Huggs and kisses to all, ~ Sadie Grace ~
And So It Ends … Again
10 years ago we vowed to love each other forever. That is the last promise that I made and the last one that I will keep forever. I told you that I wouldn’t ask questions. You told me that I wouldn’t like the answers if I did. I have a million questions that will go unanswered once again and I don’t know what to do with them. I’m having such a hard time understanding how you can tell me that you think about us, that you want to grow old with me, that you want to share your life with me, that you’re afraid I will hurt you intentionally because of the past, that you wouldn’t ask me to move out there unless you were sure that we were going to try to make a life together, that you think of me, that you want to spend the rest of your life making up for the pain, that you dream of me, that you love me (and mean it, because I know that you meant it) … and then tell me that you don’t want to see me anymore. I don’t understand how you can look me right in the eye and tell me you love me
Wow. Fortune-cookie-type People Can Be Right
You never know what you have until you have lost it, or know you're going to lose it. I have a very close friend of many years. Probably since infancy. *I'm 3 years older than her, so I knew her since HER infancy* Anywho back in May she started having muscle spasms and cramping... we didn't think much about it until she was brought to a doctor when she was diagnosed with a muscle disies. Of course I didn't think much of it. Neither did she or the parents. She just took her meds to keep the pain away. We really didn't know what it meant until a few months later. She started to have joint cramping too. To the point where she couldn't move at all and had to be carried around. Obviously they went back to the hospital and told her that in the future she may need a wheelchair because her muscles won't last long. Then her arms would leave later. We figured it would be a few years before this would happen. So she's on stronger meds, 15, cramping up every few days to t
Forever Wasn't Long Enough ...
It starts with a subtle email or an innocent phone call … at what point is enough is enough? I choose to take another chance. I decide to take another shot. And, it’s me that takes the fall. Even with all the empty promises and broken dreams … ultimately, it is my fault every time. Something about us seems so natural and complete, like we were always meant to be together and nothing could ever change the way we feel. Maybe it’s the way we knew what the other person was thinking. Maybe it’s how our moods and emotions complemented each other so well. Or maybe it’s that we dream the same dreams and share the same values … Whatever it is, it means I love you. Then, now, and always. There was a time when we shared everything, when I was your wife, when we shared our lives, when we shared our dreams, when we shared our hearts. We were best friends, do you remember when? There was once so much love and so much passion in every moment that we shared together. The memories of those momen
A Message
Too often I feel so alone ... I see people on the street, at the market, in the mall. They seem so in love and I think to myself "What happened to you?" There was a time, not so long ago, that my heart wasn't my own. I gave it to the man in my dreams and he never gave it back. When he left, he took it with him and I haven't felt the same since. I sit here, with this feeling of complete emptiness and it's not because I'm not loved, I feel love all around me every single day. It's not because I don't love, I love everyone. It's not because I'm alone, it seems like I can never get enough alone time. It's because I'm not me. I miss who I was all those years ago before he took my heart. I miss who I know I can be if only he'd give it back. The other day, he showed me a glimpse of who I used to be. Gave me hope for a life more fulfilling. But then, well then he took it away again. If the memories of who I was isn’t who I am supposed to be … then who am I? kendra 110407
Tax Dat Ass..
I hate the fuckn government! (do i have to go on explaining why?) alright fine.. but just for shits and giggles. My main man makes about 40Gs a year so we didnt get that much back. matter a fact out of the 10,000 dollars that they took out for taxes we're only getting about 3,000 back!!! and if thats not fuckn screwing us over enough.. We owe the state 400 dollars.. Im soo fuckn upset. I hate the united states government.. FUCK YOU!! GIVE ME MY MONEY YOU FUCKN BITCH. My tax dollars paying for secret wars around the world..and whatnot. just opened my eyes today.. i dont know i feel like a catholic school girl that just got raped in an alley on the way home.. Violated.. But what you gonna do about it.. nothing what can you do about it....nothing.. just venting thats all.. fuck it.. thanks for reading my faithfull viewers.. leave me some love and your government hater story... laters, siyra
Promise me one more thing: If tomorrow you wake up feeling unoriginal or frail-hearted or faithless or tired of this world... PLEASE remember............ No, it's not the end. IT'S MERLY THE BEGINNING,
Take A Trip With Me
Take a trip with me Anywhere you want to be Close your eyes, I’ll take you there Showing you how much I care I dream about holding you When I close my eyes I can feel it too The thought of you so far away Keeps me wishing for just one more day The pain in my heart makes me cry Memories of you make me sigh I know that soon we will finally be In eachothers arms for eternity kendra
A Day At The Beach
Take my hand And dream with me Remembering life The way it should be Hanging at the beach My face in the sun I look over at you The love has just begun Sitting together Sharing a touch Sharing a blanket And kisses full of so much Sitting in the sun You take my hand A gesture of love Our toes in the sand When you’re holding me close Nothing can compare When I’m with you I belong there Swaying to the music Closing my eyes Sharing a kiss Makes me realize I belong with you And you with me To share life together The way it should be dilliness 060107
Play Your Game
Want one? Go to
You Make Me Feel
You had such a way of making me smile Of making me feel worthwhile Is it you that I miss? Or is it just the wish Of feeling needed Of your touch that was heated I should have given you a reason to stay If I leave now I might get away dilliness 053007
Ah, Youth
Ah, youth... new skin, wide smiles, clear eyes... the future so bright. If only we could bottle it, sip it now and again, and stay forever twenty-one, forever ten, forever five. I liked being five. But I'd also like o think that time and age are like cousins, they're relative. Who saiid you have to go by actual miles? If you didn't know how old you were, how old would you be? (me, I'm sticking with five.) I'll even argue that you can bottle youth. What you store it in is all up to you. (I suddest your heart.) If you can figure out a way to keep the energy and gumption and fire alive, you'll always stay young. And where there's youth, there's hope... Where there's hope, there's wonder... Where there's wonder, there's faith... Where there's faith, there's chance... Where there's chance, there's love... Where there's love, there's music... and dancing. So in my heart of hearts I hope you dance... I really hope you dance.
Coffee Shop
Im Excited..
guess what..people? i'm getting my lip pierced tommorrow.. !!! yeh holy shit i know. im going to take a video of it getting done to . so i cant look like a pussy and i just have to sit there and take it like a woman.. soo excited.. i was going to get a tattoo but ive been asking alot of people what they think and the response is the same.. a big thumbs up for a pierced lip on the bottom lip on the left side.. so ..yeh tommorrow my virgin pierced skin will be no more.. ahhahaa im soo excited.. I will take pictures and whatnot just so you all can see my pretty little face with a chunk of metal hangging off of it.. I was thinking about getting a stud .. but now im leaning more towards a hoop. i hope my son dosent rip it out of my face that would totally blow.. send me some love and encouragement..tell me what you think. Thanks for caring enough to read this. Peace. Later, Sirya
A Letter To Me
If I could describe my heart it would be like a fragile candle, broken, but never beyond repair. Like a candle, it can be remolded. There may be some pieces missing, and over time, may seem smaller, but in the grand scheme of things, is anyone really whole? I was complete once, for a little while. My heart was whole, things weren’t perfect, but life was good. When that was taken away from me, I thought that I would never recover. Maybe I haven’t fully recovered but I am on the right track. Everyday I think about the way things are with us. I think about how good things used to be, and how wrong everything has become. I wonder why we continue to put ourselves through this, day after day. I see myself lately as someone who just goes through life without the passions that once carried me through the days. I see myself as someone who’s settled because it seems like the right thing to do. I ask myself, every day, “What kind of way is this to live?” I wonder am I being selfish, why can’t I j
Great American Stories
Four Great Short Stories These tales make your American spirit pulsate....... When in England at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of "empire building" by George Bush. He answered by saying, "Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return." It became very quiet in the room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Then there was a conference in France where a number of international engineers were taking part, including French and American. During a break one of the French engineers came back into the room saying "Have you heard the latest dumb stunt Bush has done? He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. What does he intended to do, bomb them?" A Boeing e
If You Think Iraq Is Bad, Read This!!
This ought to upset everybody How they vote in the United Nations: Below are the actual voting records of various Arabic/Islamic States which are recorded in both the US State Department and United Nations records: Kuwait votes against the United States 67% of the time Qatar votes against the United States 67% of the time Morocco votes against the United States 70% of the time United Arab Emirates votes against the U. S. 70% of the time. Jordan votes against the United States 71% of the time. Tunisia votes against the United States 71% of the time. Saudi Arabia votes against the United States 73% of the time. Yemen votes against the United States 74% of the time. Algeria votes against the United States 74% of the time. Oman votes against the United States 74% of the time. Sudan votes against the United States 75% of the time. Pakistan votes against the United States 75% of the time. Libya votes against the United States 76% of the
Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance... (HEAVEN (n.) : (1) a place somehow high above the clouds, yet dee inside your soul; (2) a place of complete peace, of total and utter happiness; (3) a place that is greater than the sum of everything you will ever be or could ever imagine to be; (4) a place we all want to get to. but just not yet...) NO, NOT YET.
OK Now I would really like to know what your thoughts are on naked pics of men. Good Bad or indifferent. and what kind of ADULT pics do you find sexy.
Ok, is nudity yay or nay on this site? I haven't uploaded any pics yet and I don't want to get kicked off before I can have any fun. SomeBody let me know. Kisses
Single....for Too Long?
So I have been thinking about how I have been single for a long time now (a year and a half), and has got me thinking about why am I. Is it because I am just not good enough? Am I like a horrible person? Am I not good looking at all? Am I too fat? Too picky with the men I like? Is it that all men just want sex and don't care about emotions? Am I still hung up over my ex? Many questions fill my head. I don't think I am hung up on anyone, and I don't think ALL men just want sex, maybe a few want something real. I just want a stable man, so I don't think that is the problem. I have been told I have an awesome personality, so maybe my looks? Oh well, maybe I am meant to be alone :(
Loving might be a big mistake, but it's worth making. Love, Love, Love. You have to love, and if you don't get love right, you have to move on, and forgive. And then you have to remember that you've forgiven, or else you can't move on. And if you don't move on, you'll surely end up... BITTER. DON'T LET SOME HELL-BENT HEART LEAVE YOU BITTER.
“the Scorpion’s Sonnet”
On this very special occasion, I thank God for bringing you into Creation; For giving me a close and dear friend; One upon whom I can always depend. One for whom I have so much Love That it is as Eternal as the Heavens above. On this very special Day, I would like to wish you and say, “You’ll always be in my heart and mind And in my soul, where you’ll also find- A true companion to the end; A soul-mate and a loving friend.” Hence my dear, because you mean so much to me, These words are written just for you – my Lady. ____________________________________________________________ (Copyright © 2008, written by Jamie Shawn Tan (1995). All Rights Reserved.) Photo location url ~
Las Vegas Church Scene
Ask Eve
Ask Eve. Evolve. Take a chance, take a ticket, take a fast train to the coast. No guts, no glory. (CHANCE (n.) : a coin with two sides that one tosses into the air as many times as one wants. The odds remain the same.) It's risky breathing, let alone needing, trusting, reaching out. Life is the leap of faith, the bold declaration of HOPE.
Your Touch
have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When I96 have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows more each day When the day comes and we are together You will always know and feel this I will always hug, ki
Hope... It's crossing your fingers when the map doesn't makes sense, when the compass doesn't know truly north from truely lost; and it's up to you you and your gut and your mettle, and your level of resilience, and your wealth of wisdom to perserve. To get to the other side. To hope.
Let The Music...
Let the music move you, Let the moment take your hand, Let it lead you out into the middle of the dance floor and embrace you. Dive off the high board, Ride with the top down, Thrive like a wildflower, and sing (who cares what you sound like) with a voice all your own.
Sexy Eyes Bombing Contest...
please come by and help me out!!! Me and my limping knee ass could sure could use it, i greatly appreciate it :D Click on the picture and bomb the hell away.... MAKE ME PROUD!!!!!
A Promise
A PROMISE IS ALL ABOUT FAITH. A PROMISE IS ONLY AS STRONG as your own faith in your oen self. So when you swear, in light of your strengths and in spite of your weeaknesses, to struggle and follow through, you are doing a beautiful thing.
Holes in walls that offer us a way out or a way in. Just putting your hand on the knob and seeing if it turns can make you weak in the knees. What if it's locked? What if it's unlocked? What if no one answers? What if someone does? What if the hinges creak and the heavy wood swinds open and you're suddenly standing at the threshold of a brand new tomorrow? What if your horizon is nothing but blue clear skies? What if it's a raging strom? What if? What if? What if?
This Suxx
The weed i had wore off im out i dont have any alcohol and my friend is being a fuckin asswipe i cant take this any more GOD DAMN IT!!!
Stars Have Nothing On You...
If you're ever lying on a beach with 80 billion* grains of sand beneath you, 700 thousand* ocean waves before you, 60 million* stars stretched out above you, and you're still not at all imppressed, I want you to think about this: The light you see reflecting from the stars is over one million* years old. WOW But then, just before you start to feel like a mere blip in the gigantic scheme of things, please remember this: Yes, you are small, but you're also irreplaceable and invaluable and miraculous. Those stars don't have anything on you.
What Is Hope?
What is hope? To want? To desire? To expect that what's envisioned may indeed happen? YES to all of the above. Is hope that gut feeling that it's worth holding out and hanging on for just a little longer? ABSOLUTELY Is hope the core of the human condition? CERTAINLY Can you have hope without faith and hunility and wonder? THAT'S TOUGH Just the thought that there's something bigger, something truer, something totally surprising out there waiting for us is... PRICELESS. What would you be without hope growing deep in your bones, thriving in every inch of you? NOTHING. What does it take to hope? EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
Who Gave Me The Crabs?
A man boarded an airplane in New Orleans, with a box of crabs. A female crew member took the box and promised to put it in the crew's refrigerator, which she did. The man firmly advised her that he was holding her personally responsible for the crabs staying frozen, and proceeded to rant and rave about what would happen if she let the crabs thaw out. Shortly before landing in New York, she announced to the entire cabin, "Would the gentleman who gave me the crabs in New Orleans, please raise your hand?" Not one hand went she took them home and ate them herself.
How Many Times....
How many times have my wishes and my dreams and my prayers for you hidden beneath my breath? How many times have I looked at you, heart in my throat, hands in my pockets, a smile on my face, just wanting to say...
Fuck It
we all one circle...we all one circle...break out...look out...feed off one anothers scene loyalty
Lee Ann Womack: I Hope You Dance
I hope you never lose your sense of wonder. You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger. May you never take one single breath for granted. God forbid love ever leave yu emty-handed. I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean. Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens. Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance. And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. I hope you dance...I hope you dance. I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance. Never settle for the path of least resistance. Livin' might mean takin' chances but they're worth takin'. Lovin' might be a mistake but it's worth makin'. Don't let some hell-bent heart leave you bitter. When you come close to sellin'out reconsider. Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance. And when you get the choice to sit it out ordance. I hope you dance...I hope you dance. Time is a wheel in constant motion always rolling us along. Tell me who wants to look bac
I'm Suffering From Pms Or Something.
I have been a total bastard this week. Both online, and off. Tonight, I was able to single handidly tick off three friends who I talk to here often. Earlier this week, I went off on some girl online. On the phone with a few friends, I've been kinda pissy about things, getting into arguments over mundane things... And it's strangers too... The other night, I was at a bar and some guy came up to a girl who was near me and said "You're really pretty." I turned, looked at him and the girl somewhat abruptly and said "You fuckin liar!" (That chick was a bitch though - so I thought that was funny) Normally - I'm a super easy going guy... Few things get under my skin... People don't upset me all that easily. And I'm forgiving and kind generally speaking. But lately, I've been an ass. I don't know if it's the lack of sex, or not working right now, or maybe my mother didn't hold me enough - or maybe it's because I realized I'm turning 30 in a few months... I have no idea... but i've been
Drunkin Poem
Into light i have been caste, The pain taken away from my past, where once hatred ruled, My mind and heart is now cooled, With tenderness i was brought foreth, Now i must walk upon this new course, As the sun shines bright, Now i know i dont have to fight.
Ask Me For Info!!!
ll Ask Me For Info!!!
Photo Shoots And Stuff...
So today I had the first shoot I've done in nearly 4 months. Thanks to Travis Sackett I now have some hella awesome new images! I also need to add that some of the pics were designed for and inspired by Xavier Acorea
What A Woman Should Have........
A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ... enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own, even if she never wants to or needs to... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ... something perfect to wear if the employer, or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE .. a youth she's content to leave behind.... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ... a past juicy enough that she's looking forward to retelling it in her old age.... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ..... a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ... one friend who always makes her laugh... and one who lets her cry... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE .... a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family.. A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ... eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, and a recipe for a meal, that will make her guests feel honored... A WOMAN S
Its sad i never experienced racism before fubar i mean i know the bouncers cant controll thoughts but i mean come on... people dont hunt you down on myspace
American Head Charge - Just So You Know
the surface is so cold and worthless all the things that I have still come from there so paint your windows in front of my face when you know damn well theres no one behind them I wish your body was not so warm to me just so you know all it was was something beautiful when tides and dreams dont seem so tall at all its me against the world still Im losing ground Id kill to taste what it must be like cause its every one of my empty parts that you fill now I wish your body was not so warm to me just so you know all it was was something beautiful when tides and dreams dont seem so tall at all pause silence another moment dropped off left behind and hanging still you wont see me I cant see you all it was was something beautiful when tides and dreams dont seem so tall at all
Zingerbug on imikimi - Customize Your World
Current Ownership
As of January 18, 2008, I am the new fu-owner of The Ninja: The Ninja | Taken | Owner of the 1st alarm uglies | Owned by Tusla's Angel@ fubar The Ninja - Nathan - is one awesome speciman of a man at only 20 years old. He puts most or many of you men to shame. Ladies, add this young man; Men, you add him too and maybe you could learn a little something. :D Sweet Mel and I co-own SgtRaider of Sarge's Bad Girls: SgtRaider™*Fu-Husband Of Ecuadorian Goddess**Fu-Owned By Tulsa's Angel & Sweet Mel (Promoter Of@ fubar Sgt.Raider is a super fabulous man and is also head of Sarge's Bad Girls. Go check him out. Check Mel out too: ^Sweet Mel ~Official Greeter Club F.A.R ~Sisterhood~SgtRaider's Bad Girl^@ fubar Also, I am now fu-owned by two people, show them some luv: Surely you all know ^Sin^....if she's not your friend yet, take care of that cuz she's one kewl chick. ^sin^-enforcer @ the playpen@ fubar Ekimnis actually bought me for ^Sin^. Tha
F**k This F**k**g Vicious Bitch Of A Life Cyle!
im just really fucking pissed off and this is plainly me letting out my frustrations because i feel that if kept in i will explode internally causing me to lash out externally....idk y i put it that way but i figure thats what a shrink would say....ok how can you go through life trying different ways to handle situations only to come up in the same pisses me off because i really dont get what it is im doing worng....yet it seems the most unintelligent human beings have found some form or love or lust whatever the case is...they have someone who chooses to see them every nite....i dont get it...i tried listening to what women want and than i try to provide that...and i get the awe how sweet ur a great guy...oh yea my asshole boyfriend who beats mean and calls me a slut is here to pick me up...or the one girl that got out of a 9 yr relationship and wants to go out and experience life only to have been casually hanging out with you and seeing the ex inbetween...or u fall for t
Mushroomhead - Crazy
Mommy Lyrics
Wow...just, Wow.
Been on a journey of self-discovery lately...and it's been more than somewhat fufilling. It's a weight losing thing...I've dropped more weight lately than I can keep track of. And hey, real secret or trick to it either...I just stopped eating as much as I was and started eating SMARTER; the results were stunning and came quick. Haven't weighed myself lately, but at last count I'd dropped 35 pounds. I'm still a big guy in just about every way, but getting smaller by the minute. Well, today I passed a milestone (which is less painful than a kidney, and decided to start replacing the wardrobe. That was my biggest fear along this journey of mine...I've been here before, and when I bought the new clothes I got complacent, and the weight just came back again. Not this time, by God. It's just not happening. What made me decide to turn this corner? Something that happened last night that touched me more than I thought it did. I was hanging with my two siste
Chuck Norris 8
* Chuck Norris uses Tabasco Sauce for eye drops. * Chuck Norris can get Blackjack with just one card. * "One time I was with Norris in the back of a pickup truck, along with a live deer. Norris goes up to the deer and says, 'I'm Chuck Norris! SAY IT!' Then he manipulates the deer's lips in such a way as to make it say, 'ChuckNorris' ... It wasn't exactly like it, but it was pretty good for a deer!'" * People created the automobile to escape from Chuck Norris...Not to be outdone, Chuck Norris created the automobile accident. * Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks people in the face first and asks questions later. * When Chuck Norris was born, the only person who cried was the doctor. Never slap Chuck Norris. * Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open. * Archeologists in India recently uncovered a new dinosaur. It’s actually many dinosaurs but one is in the middle of all the others. The one in th
Fear No Man Trust No Bitch
whats up everyone go leave me a voice comment on my page now dayummit quit playing leave me some love
Chuck Norris 7
* Chuck Norris doesn't kill two birds with one stone. Chuck Norris kills all birds, with two stones. The ones in his pants. * Chuck Norris knows the last digit of pi. * Those aren't credits that roll after Walker Texas Ranger. It is actually a list of fatalities that occurred during the making of the episode. * The air around Chuck Norris is always a balmy 78 degrees. * When Chuck Norris wants an egg, he cracks open a chicken. * Chuck Norris plays racquetball with a waffle iron and a bowling ball. * Chuck Norris doesn't believe in ravioli. He stuffs a live turtle with beef and smothers it in pig's blood. * Count from one to ten. That's how long it would take Chuck Norris to kill you...Fourty seven times. * The 1972 Miami Dolphins lost one game, it was an exhibition game vs. Chuck Norris and three seven year old girls. Chuck Norris won with a roundhouse-kick to the face in ov
Hey Everyone
Id like to say thank you for the warm welcome to this site :) Im just getting aquainted with it right now, and so if i dont reply, im not being a snob...just checking things out :Þ
Chuck Norris 6
* The word 'Kill' was invented by Chuck Norris. Other words were 'Die', 'Beer', and 'What'. * Chuck Norris is a vegetarian. Meaning, he does not eat animals until first he puts them into vegetative state with his fists. * The 11th commandment is “Thou shalt not piss off Chuck Norris” This commandment is rarely enforced, as it is impossible to accomplish. * Chuck Norris is his own line at the DMV. * Two wrongs don't make a right. Unless you're Chuck Norris. Then two wrongs make a roundhouse kick to the face. * Who let the dogs out? Chuck Norris let the dogs out... and then roundhouse kicked them through an Oldsmobile. * Chuck Norris can do a roundhouse kick faster than the speed of light. This means that if you turn on a light switch, you will be dead before the lightbulb turns on. * When Chuck Norris goes to out to eat, he orders a whole chicken, but he only eats its soul. *
Motograter - Suffocate
What's to say, heard you got roughed up Once again you get left behind Check yourself, don't get it twisted Write yourself a formal good-bye F**k yourself, don't get it talked up Got no qualms with taking your life Quick to judge, quick to get tossed up Dig yourself a formal good-bye Suffocate, you're nothing to no one Suffocate, you're living a lie Suffocate, now you get nothing No one left to help for your life Got no love, get no love for you No respect for you or your kind Subjugate, now you got nothing No one left to help you get by Strap yourself, don't get it twisted Kill yourself and that's how you die Suffocate, you're nothing to no one Suffocate, you're living a lie Suffocate, you're nothing to no one Kill yourself, and that's how you die I'm wasting precious moments trying not to suffocate Some things aren't meant to be easy Every muscle pulls the weight Your face, empty, emotionless and ugly Stamping, my hope, every single lie You kn
Chuck Norris 5
* Noah was the only man notified before Chuck Norris relieved himself in the Atlantic Ocean. * Chuck Norris once invited all of the other badasses from TV to duke it out in order to see who was the supreme badass. Only two showed up-- Jack Bauer and MacGyver. * MacGyver immediately tried to make a bomb out of some Q-Tips and Gatorade, but Chuck Norris roundhouse-kicked him in the solar plexus. MacGyver promptly threw up his own heart. * Jack Bauer tried to use his detailed knowledge of torture techniques, but to no avail: Chuck Norris thrives on pain. Chuck Norris then ripped off Jack Bauer's arm and beat him to death with it. Game, set, match. * Chuck Norris eats steak for every single meal. Most times he forgets to kill the cow. * The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed... unless it meets Chuck Norris. * Chuck Norris doesn't go on the internet, he has ev
Chuck Norris 4
* Chuck Norris's version of a "chocolate milkshake" is a raw porterhouse wrapped around ten Hershey bars, and doused in diesel fuel. * If Chuck Norris round-house kicks you, you will die. If Chuck Norris' misses you with the round-house kick, the wind behind the kick will tear out your pancreas. * In a fight between Batman and Darth Vader, the winner would be Chuck Norris. * Chuck Norris puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us. The only difference is, then he kills people. * Everybody loves Raymond. Except Chuck Norris. * Contrary to popular belief, the Titanic didn't hit an iceberg. The ship was off course and accidentally ran into Chuck Norris while he was doing the backstroke across the Atlantic. * Chuck Norris got his drivers license at the age of 16. Seconds. * The original title for Alien vs. Predator was Alien and Predator vs Chuck Norris. The film was cancell
Chuck Norris 3
* Chuck Norris invented a language that incorporates karate and roundhouse kicks. So next time Chuck Norris is kicking your ass, don’t be offended or hurt, he may be just trying to tell you he likes your hat. * If at first you don't succeed, you're not Chuck Norris. * If Chuck Norris were a calendar, every month would be named Chucktober, and every day he'd kick your ass. * Fear is not the only emotion Chuck Norris can smell. He can also detect hope, as in "I hope I don't get a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris." * Chuck Norris's show is called Walker: Texas Ranger, because Chuck Norris doesn't run. * MacGyver can build an airplane out of gum and paper clips, but Chuck Norris can roundhouse-kick his head through a wall and take it. * Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Behind every dead man, there is Chuck Norris. * What’s known as the UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, doe
Chuck Norris 2
* Chuck Norris is responsible for China's over-population. He hosted a Karate tournament in Beijing and all women within 1,000 miles became pregnant instantly. * Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas. * Chuck Norris once worked as a weatherman for the San Diego evening news. Every night he would make the same forecast: Partly cloudy with a 75% chance of Pain. * Simply by pulling on both ends, Chuck Norris can stretch diamonds back into coal. * When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn't lifting himself up, he's pushing the Earth down. * Chuck Norris invented the bolt-action rifle, liquor, sexual intercourse, and football-- in that order. * A high tide means Chuck Norris is flying over your coast. The tide is caused by God pissing his pants. * Chuck Norris keeps his friends close and his enemies closer. Close enough to drop them with one round house kick to t
I Am Very Sorry....
Just incase there is anyone of my friends out there that have felt neglected or abandoned, I wanted to let everyone know, I have just been really busy. Mom inlaw is moving in on the first of February, that is when we are picking her up from the airport, also, my daughter will be moving back home soon too, so I have been packing up lots of stuff, and hub has been hauling it off by the pickup load off to the local thrift store. We have been doing this for over a week now off and on, and believe it or not, we still have a lot more to do before we are done. It is chaotic. If you remember from my "about me" blog, I mentioned that I am a pack rat, and time has come for the rat to unload some junk. Slowly but surely, we are making room for the family to move in. Now instead of the three of us, there are going to be five of us living in the house! It's gonna be a big change.. A welcome change, but a big one, that I will have to adjust to. Anyway, I poromise, I think of you all every sin
Engagment Announcement
Chuck Norris 1
# When Chuck Norris calls 1-900 numbers, he doesnt get charged. He holds up the phone and money falls out. # Chuck Norris once ate a whole cake before his friends could tell him there was a stripper in it. # Some people like to eat frogs' legs. Chuck Norris likes to eat lizard legs. Hence, snakes. # There are no races, only countries of people Chuck Norris has beaten to different shades of black and blue. # When Chuck Norris was denied an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's because it was 10:35, he roundhouse kicked the store so hard it became a Wendy's. # Chuck Norris can't finish a "color by numbers" because his markers are filled with the blood of his victims. Unfortunately, all blood is dark red. # A Chuck Norris-delivered Roundhouse Kick is the preferred method of execution in 16 states. # When Chuck Norris falls in water, Chuck Norris doesn't get wet. Water gets Chuck Norris. # Scientists have estimated that the energy given off during the Big Bang is rough
Chuck Norris Facts, Very Funny! A Must Read
# Guns don't kill people. Chuck Norris kills People. # There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals Chuck Norris allows to live. # Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits. # The chief export of Chuck Norris is Pain. # There is no chin under Chuck Norris' Beard. There is only another fist. # Chuck Norris has two speeds. Walk, and Kill. # The leading causes of death in the United States are: 1. Heart Disease 2. Chuck Norris 3. Cancer. # Chuck Norris drives an ice cream truck covered in human skulls. # Chuck Norris is my Homeboy. # Chuck Norris doesn't go hunting.... CHUCK NORRIS GOES KILLING. # Chuck Norris uses pepper spray to spice up his steaks. (New!) # Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked someone so hard that his foot broke the speed of light, went back in time, and killed Amelia Earhart while she was flying over the Pacific Ocean. # Crop circles are Chuck Norris' way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lie down. # Chuck N
Sad State
It's been so long since I was happy and a smile was genuine. So long since I looked forward to something other than the moment coming to an end. My fondest memories, thought of as fables. Reflection is only a reminder of the sad state my mind and heart have become. I once laughed with abandon and loved as fiercely. Now love has abandoned my heart and the laugher has turned to a mask, hiding my tears. Joy of the past is slain by the outlook of tomorrow. Letting go of hope, in hopes of sufferings end.
Mushroomhead - The Final Act
The Final Act Lyrics
Bad Day
When you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out on someone you don't know.I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I'd forgotten to make. I found the number and dialed it. A man answered, saying "Hello."I politely said, "This is Chris. Could I please speak with Robyn Carter?"Suddenly a manic voice yelled out in my ear "Get the right f***ing number!" and the phone was slammed down on me. I couldn't believe that anyone could be so rude . When I tracked down Robyn's correct number to call her, I found that I had accidentally transposed the last two digits.After hanging up with her, I decided to call the 'wrong' number again.When the same guy answered the phone, I yelled "You're an asshole!" and hung up. I wrote his number down with the word 'asshole' next to it, and put it in my desk drawer. Every couple of weeks, when I was paying bills or had a really bad day, I'd call
Them 11-b's (army Infantry)
My honey heard me comin' on my left right on left I saw Jody runnin' on his left right on left I chased after Jody and I ran him down Poor ol' boy doesn't feel good now M.P.s came a runnin on their left right on left The medics came a runnin' on their left right on left He felt a little better with a few I.V.s Son I told you not to mess with them ELEVEN Bs
Dirty Deeds Radio ~ Dj Smurfette
Zingerbug on imikimi - Customize Your World
Started At 6:30pmcst Runs 14 Day's 6:30pmcst
VIP 3DAY BLAST AND 500.000 FUBUCKS CONTEST!! STILL GOT ROOM LEFT IN CONTEST AND GIVEAWAY! I HAVE ONE VIP AND A 3DAY BLAST 500.000 FUBUCK'S UP FOR GRABS! What you need Is 50.000 photo comments. Rates will also count 10 points each for fu-bucks as a added bonus! (example 100 rates = 1,000 fu-bucks) This will begin as soon as I have 10 entry photos. OR i GET TIRED OF WAITING ON ENTRIES
Shallow People
So I'm sitting here tonight wondering why people still act like they are in high school. I still get chat invites to a place I used to go and when I get in there I get griped at or ignored. We are all parents here. What's the deal with people copying and pasting things you say and trying to read into it? Why cause drama where there isn't any? Then people have the nerve to say "Who keeps inviting her in here?" I must be stubborn because I refuse to leave. I have my own views and opinions on things and I'm not going to be run out of a place that I still have some friends just because a few people want to be assholes. They need to grow the fuck up. I refuse to back down what I believe in just because some idiots want to jump on the bandwagon and go with the flow. I try not to cause problems where ever I go but I will NOT be bullied by anyone. I dealt with that shit from my mom and my ex husband and I refuse to do it ever again. If you don't like the way I think you can kiss my ass. I'm a
New One
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Saying Goodbye Yet Again :(
So yet again me and my friends have to say goodbye to a beautiful person and lay another body to rest. When will they ever learn to put the shit down that I dont know. He always had a warm smile and smart ass comment to brightn ur day or night. On 1-17-08 what powers that are took another friend number 4 in the past few yrs for myself. They took this great man, friend, and father to a place that I sure as hell hope is beter then the one were stuck in for now. You will always be thought about you will always be loved and never forgoten. Thanks for the good time and the wonderful memories. Great big hugs to you Boicey love ya hunny!
“Have you ever been in love? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one person, no different from any other person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats at you and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.” Good Night World tomorrow will be a new day...
America's Marines
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Suzy Suzy Suzy
Suzy Suzy Suzy I love thee Suzy I cherish thee like no other I love you as much or more then life its self I cherish your smile and your spirit as we are kindred Kindred souls intertwined Mingling in and out almost as one Thinking and breathing as one As one person though we are two Two souls longing for one another Wanting to merge and become one in spirit and mind Suzy Suzy Suzy How much I love thee From my heart to you! Nook Nook
Aloha Fubar
about me? i like girls. with guys coming in a close third. beer always takes second place to a beautiful smile. i'm happily single. i work too much for my own good. i pretty much don't give a shit i wear mismatched socks sleep is not a hobby.
Ok i was just wondering alot of people think valentine's day is just for the money people spend. While others say its a day for the one you love. My question is valentine's Day a day for love? Or another day just to waste money
I went to the neorologist yesterday and the started checking the nerves in my left hand. I heard backfrom his office this afternoon and they said I will have some muscle spasms till I see the orthopedic specialist again which isn't ill the 28th of this month. he did state I will have a lot of discomfort for the time being , which will also affect the nerves in my hand.
Bull Crap!!
okay so i left the 2and alarm hottie cause of bullshit that happen thursday!! so if yall wanna keep me on your friends list go a head if not take me off if ya like..
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They So Lie.....
whoever said the radioactive pill don't have side effects lied!!! LOL i've been sick the whole time to my stomach and still am so if i'm not responding to your shouts or whatever that's why. Been trying to sleep alot.
Hearts Collide By Red Wanting Blue
Have you ever been blue? Afraid to see what's right in front of Well, you know It seems to be easier To give it all up and out It seems my dreams need means that I am without My Botticelli ballerina Which do you prefer? The violet or the rose And if I had the fruits of a laboring pirate's dream Which would you rather? Silver or gold When hearts collide like fireflies lost in the shooting star shower I will chase the sunset west to keep the day alive one more hour But I'm eaten alive by the butterflies And the petals of daisies as I Pace beneath the hair hanging from Rapunzel's tower From her tower From...oh, oh Forgive me if I'm blue But love does funny things to a man sometimes We work off of one heart instead of two Packing the other away for a rainy day In case love stops feeling brand new My Botticelli ballerina Dancing in the dark How do you move the way you do? What a beautiful curse and wicked bliss To be confined to one heart in a world where It
The Ultimate Female Joke ~~~
> ULTIMATE FEMALE JOKE > It has long been contended that there are male jokes and there > are female jokes. And there are unisex jokes. > > Here is a joke I consider a true female joke. I offer it to you > in the hope that women will love it then pass it on and men will > pass it along to a woman who will love it. > > A woman was sitting at a bar enjoying an after work cocktail > with her girlfriends when an exceptionally tall, handsome, > extremely sexy middle-aged man entered. He was so striking > that the woman could not take her eyes off him. > > The young-at-heart man noticed her overly attentive stare and > walked directly toward her. (As all men will.) > > Before she could offer her apologies for so rudely staring, he > leaned over and whispered to her, "I'll do anything, absolutely > anything, that you want me to do, no matter how kinky, > for $20.00 only on one condition..." > > Flabbergasted, the woman asked what the condition was. > The man repli
Thank You
Thanks to all who made my birthday special... much love to my husband, fu-girlfriend, family and friends !! This is the reason why I am on FUBAR because of everyone caring !!!! You RAWK !!! MCL ... XOXO, BABYDOLL ps. I Will Be Back On Fu Next Week Due To Being REALLY Sick.
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Leather And Lace
Leather and lace and steel and chrome Dresses and nylon, a lady at home All women, all man, in passions throes Riding like the wind wherever it blows Wind in her hair and steel underneath Arms wrap her man with pure body heat Woman to man with turbines a roar Riding the wind with love to explore Your scent is sweet like a summer breeze Let me feel your soft skin with a subtle ease Let fingertips linger on see through lace Let lips too long hungry have one sweet taste Muscles of iron and will of Adonis His passion explores the lace of her bodice Fingers of leather upon flesh of porcelain Fury of racing hearts to the limit. The leather sheds like a snake's old skin Satin and lace she offers to him in sin His tears in wonderment stain satin sheet Her beauty given in passion's heat Leather to lace breathes that are tasted Satin is torn as lust isn't wasted Forces of passion pushes their beat Bleached from these two upon wetted down sheets. The night runs
It Hurts Dont It?
Does it really piss people off So bad to recieve a bad rating? Because Im not like everyone else .. Im sorry if i dont feel your a 10 Im not gonna give you a 10 .. and If your like 21874198247 yrs old and fat and ugly do you honestly think they really think your a 10? uhhhhhhhhh nuh .. Not unless theyre like 1289471892347 and Fat and ugly too ..
Another One
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thats right people found out this week im goig to be a dad again. Danielle is goin on 7 weeks.
The First Date
Ok so i went on a first date for a long time and it was the greatest date i've ever been on. im seeing him again tomorrow and well we already pretty much know each other. the anticipation to just see him was driving me crazy. so i took him "hostage" for a few hours. we went to friendly's because he hasn't been there for a long time so i thought it would be fun. our waiter was really great. the place was just buzzing but who cares all i heard was him and all i saw was him. after dinner we went back to the place we met and just talked. then he went to work and he talked to me on the phone until he got to work. oh wow i had fun with him and i can't wait until i see him again. gonna be a LONG night. walking on air over here. until next time.
Hi Everyone :D Rate this pic please :D :D Thank You :D Many Smiles April ♥
I Don't Love You
I Don't Love You...But Give me a little elbow room With space enough to grow Won't you tell her that I love her And then I'll need to go I don't really love her You see she is but a dream She opened up a dying heart Sneaked on in the in-between The part that was so empty? She added her own spark Slowly filled the hollow space Danced on out into the dark Then slowly she disappeared Just where I do not know Left a man very wounded With a need to try and grow So cautious are his steps now Treading lightly... thin as air "I don't love you ... but I love you." As if she really cared.
The Online Addiction Poem
You just awake, your eyes are still shut Still cant quite focus, still draggin' your butt You know you need coffee, can taste that first sip You wait for the maker and put the mug to your lip The feeling is warm, just what you need But you know you need more and its something to read The paper you say? No, don't think so. Not it... It's much more exciting, you cant wait to "click"... You boot up your 'puter, you click that icon... Can't keep from grinning, you're really turned on! When the voice says "Welcome", your heart skips a beat!! You know your addicted ... All the friends that you'll meet. And then you see it, you wait with a stare.... The mail box lights up!! "You've got mail" waiting there!! OH, what a feeling!! You look with delight! You hoped you'd have mail and you knew you were right!! So you go thru the il knowing this is the "Best".. Reading this reading that ... As you go thru the rest. Some you give the "delete" key, others get your fi
Charles Schultz Philosophy
The following is the philosophy of Charles Schultz, the creator of the 'Peanuts' comic strip. You don't have to actually answer the questions. Just read the blog straight through, and you'll get the point. 1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world. 2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners. 3. Name the last five winners of the Miss America Contest. 4. Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize. 5. Name the last half dozen Academy Award winners for best actor and actress. 6. Name the last decade's worth of World Series winners. How did you do? The point is, none of us remember the headliners of yesterday. They are not second-rate achievers. They are the best in their fields. But the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners. Here's another quiz. See how you do on this one: 1. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.
You're an Passionate Kisser For you, kissing is about all about following your urges If someone's hot, you'll go in for the kiss - end of story You can keep any relationship hot with your steamy kisses A total spark plug - your kisses are bound to get you in trouble What Kind of Kisser Are You?
Human Body Facts
The human body is a machine that is full of wonder. This collection of human body facts will leave you wondering why in the heck we were designed the way we were. -Scientists say the higher your I.Q. The more you dream. -The largest cell in the human body is the female egg and the smallest is the male sperm. -Your big toes have two bones each while the rest have three.-A pair of human feet contains 250,000 sweat glands. -A full bladder is roughly the size of a soft ball. -The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades. -The human brain can hold 5 times as much information as the Encyclopedia Britannica. -It takes the food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach. -The average human dream lasts 2-3 seconds. -Men without hair on their chests are more likely to get cirrhosis of the liver than men with hair. -After the moment of conception, you spent about half an hour as a single cell. -There are
Happy Hour
I just wanted to let you all know that Sunday I'll be hosting the 7 pm pst Happy Hour...I have wonderful friends that I love and hope many of you can level...Hugs and much love to you all.... Tina
Perhaps drunkenness and sleep are the only ways God has given us to forget and sometimes forgetting is the only cure for pain
Free American
I am a free American To vote my right and choose I elect to make a difference Whether they win or lose I value all my freedoms I'll fight with every breath The foes who tempt this right to live Until my mortal death Independence made me Attitude and all Fearless Rebel is my spirit Dignified and tall I salute my birth with honor As humble as a dare As rockets turn red The bombs burst in the air To take up a terrorist dare I am a free American A little of this and that Plenty of guts for glory And free as a matter of fact For all who tempt to disarm us May your own despair guide your tears When again and again Freedom still wins With the Stars and Stripes that you fear.
So Low
Hello, meet my problems I only miss you when I'm with you I gotta fly car to jet around town Gone sour to the bone Gone bad to the marrow Financial situation's depleted Guess a slap in the face is what I really needed From a strong hand to make me a man What more could I ask? What more could I stand? I'm so low that I wish I was dead With a knife in my chest and a bullet in my head I'm so low that I wish I was dead Must I go on? Sold all my friends today I'm so low that I wish I was dead Gave everything away Now I'm bound only by twine and thread Just give me time Don't give me time to miss you Just give me time Don't give me time to miss you On a short leash yet she was earth bound So I threw her in the lost and found Now she's scaring me A fine charity With a pink trombone and a tuning key So just ignore the footprints And just ignore the sand My epitaph stands before me So wear your ego to the funeral of a frightened man Saw her standing in the doorway
Orgazmo from the creators of South Park "Joe young (TREY PARKER) is a devout Mormon visiting Hollywood to convert the unenlightened. While spreading the word, Joe is offered $20,000 to play Captain Orgazmo in a porn directors film. Mindful of the financial burdens of his upcoming wedding, Joe reluctantly accepts the role, not certain of what he is in for! Written, directed and starring South Park co-creator Trey Parker and featuring his South Park partner Matt Stone, this hilarious send-up of the porn industry will have you laughing long after the credits roll. Yeah it's a spoof on porn, and it had me rolling on the floor laughing the first time i saw it. This is where i first heard the term DVDA (double vaginal double anal). A super hero porn star, interesting, what made it even better is the all mighty Ron Jeremy is even in it. This movie has no real nudity to speak of so all you who are looking for a skin flick will be gravely disappointed, but if you want a good spoof thi
Earth Bound
And when nights dreams are finished When sun comes breaking through My lips will still be famished For a loving taste of you When dreaming time has passed it's prime When sunlight hides it's goal I raise my head from lonely bed Reach for my kindred soul Then with a smile she will return In veiled attempt to shadow The morning light that fades the night As if nothing else much matters I lie in comfort , earth bound... As thoughts of midnight fly Then she'll return to ease that burn Then kiss awake my eyes
Do You Remember
Do you remember when? Oh YES my love I know where love has been When in total absorption we wrote our passions out With true dedication we simply wore time out The love we shared in olden times was just the beginning Each kiss was passion's metamorphosis In those days, as love was stirring My love, do you remember our first kiss? I remember, as was yesterday, your lips upon my flesh Awakening my morning, moaning as we meshed Vintage and aged wine, the best I'd ever tasted Drizzled lightly on my lips as you sipped in traces Falling fluid raptures as waiting breasts were basted Then traded as your lips met mine , not a drop was wasted. Do you remember our dance? My dance card will always hold a special dance for you For night-long waltzing, for times when you are blue To hold me ,dearest Love, for always and a day To bond with you complete, in passions hottest sway To caress the years forever, as our spirit's blend In time's encapsulated passages for all o
Curious Kitten
Curious Kitten A small, but fuzzy kitten comes home. Its home is full of love and attention. As time passes… The kitten begins his adventure throughout the house. No place is off-limited to his curious nature. His feet run about… His heart beats to new found passion to explore things out of his reach or places that tempts his curiosity. Once a sacred fish tank has now became his favorite fishing pond…. One fish gone… Opps…. Two fish gone. But a sweet chirping about his sharp, keen hearing has caught his attention. Off to another adventure… Has the kitten yet realized?? Curiosities killed the cat. Slowly the kitten enters the room from where the sweet chirping is coming from… He enters the room like a burglar. The bright color bird has spotted the kitten. Now begins the battle of wills….. The kitten climbs…. Eagerly to seek out what is making the noise. The bright color bird quiets down…. It waits for his vict
Western Man/eastern Woman
He was 50, first widowed and later divorced. She was younger, separated from her partner. He was a country boy from the southern U.S. and She was a young woman from a warm country in the Eastern Hemisphere. They met pretty much by chance, on the internet, but they found each other fascinating, and he was strangely drawn to her. They were separated by a continent, and the widest expanse of ocean imaginable, and yet... he thought of her voice and her photos at odd moments during his work day... (How would you write the next paragraph?)
My Best Friend Got Killed!!!
My best friend was murdered last night by her friend.She was stabbed to death and it sucks so bad bc she was a wonderful friend. Atleast they put the girl in jail that stabbed and killed my friend. i hope she freakin rots in jail.. my friend will be greatly missed!
Deja Vu
In the nuance of a deja vu Just where beginning starts When familiar sorts through mystery For forlorn ed and lonely hearts A voice chokes up with every tinge Then teardrops start to form As familiar love awakens new Then magnifies the norm This mystery...the deja vu As old in new emerges Just as the new forsakes it all With dead end loveless searches "I want to know," said he just then Where were you way back then When we should have been together In our younger 'way back when' When passions were just budding With deja vu a mystery When we loved without the spirit When we didn't have a history When we could've loved forever Not missing any beat Now deja vu defines our loss As our crossroads finally meet?" Deja vu can be cruel as we cross the line We recognize what we've lost As our love becomes defined.
Man its a hot one Like seven inches from the midday sun I hear you whisper and the words melt everyone But you stay so cool My mu equita my spanish harlem mona lisa Your my reason for reason The step in my groove And if you say this life aint good enough I would give my world to lift you up I could change my life to better suit your mood Cause youre so smooth And just like the ocean under the moon Well thats the same emotion that I get from you You got the kind of lovin that can be so smooth Gimme your heart make it real Or else forget about it Ill tell you one thing If you would leave it would be a crying shame In every breath and every word I hear your name calling me out Out from the barrio you hear my rhythm from your radio You feel the turning of the world so soft and slow Turning you round and round -------------------------------------------------- Hottest song Eva
Close To You
The Carpenters~ (they long to be) Why do birds Suddenly appear? Everytime you are near Just like me They long to be Close to you Why do stars Fall down from the sky? Everytime you walk by Just like me They long to be Close to you (*) on the day that you were born The angels got together and decided To create a dream come true So they sprinkled moondust in your hair Of gold and starlight in your eyes of blue Follow you all around Just like me They long to be Close to you Repeat (*) Repeat (**) Just like me They long to be Close to you Woo... close to you...
Fabio His eyes are bewitching of love foretold only in a romance novel. His long flowing hair like spun silk sets your heart ablazing. A body built like a forbidden God daring you to belong forever to him. Your heart desire becomes his with each heartbeat. A king of alluring temptation to a passion never felt before, until now. Lips that bind you to a lost dream of capturing his heart forever yours. A passion to inspire our hearts to burn with desire to be loved by him… Just once I dare one forbidden kiss from him. His charm that acquires us to surrender our will over to him, but yet he offers nothing in return. A willing heart beats only for him. Lost dreams seem to become real within his arms of emptied promises. Longing for his heart true desire, he passes what he refuses to believe was mean to be. His heart desire… Just fades away into the mist of his false reality of love among those, who can not fulfill his heart true desire. Yet his heart
MMM....ya whole life u desire that one..that one that can make u smile from ear to ear, that one that can make you feel brand love , new hopes , new desires...that one that can make u feel that you are the only one around.. U can picture his face...but it is a blurr can feel his can smell him....his voice whispers in ya ear...i am here baby...for you and for me...and the new love that your heart desires....never will i hurt you, nor will i betray you...i will never make you cry tears of pain...only joy....keep dreaming of me and i will appear when you are at your darkest moments...i will be that light , that light that will make every thing all right...and you will be with me....and i will be with you....and never again will you hurt for anything....never will you feel alone nor will you want or desire another thing....except for our love that will grow and go on till the end of love , my dream, my mystery man....
My Love
mmm...your big brown eyes, your smooth chocolate skin....your million dollar smile....with teeth so white you light up a room....your style is unremarkable, you stand there accross from me and i look at you...and you look at me....the whole room stops, but me and we walk to one take my hand and kiss it every so softly and you ask me, hey pretty lady may i have this dance? You take me into your arms and you twirl me around...and my heart flutters out of control, you hold me so close that there is no empty space between us. you lift me to a higher place , a place that i don't want to come down from...a place that no one can reach me....and it's just you...and the sound of our hearts beating as one....your touch is like an angel, your voice so smooth.....any preexisting notions of lost love come back to i stare at the twinkle in your eyes. everything about you is irreplaceable and never would i try to change you....perfect .....that is what y
Splendor Of A Moment
The splendor of a moment worn slightly on the lips The satisfied reflection of a passion slowly sipped Either in a memory or filtered through a dream Or a quiet conversation not meaning anything But silently reflected worth... Oh! So much more That grows with every thought process to permeate your pores It's crazy how a moment can bring the treasures here When you least expect the passion emerges from somewhere Not much to begin with...this crazy trip for two But since my thoughts have fermented The more I dream of you.
Egypt’s Moonlight
Egypt’s Moonlight A bright moon shines over Egypt tonight. Tents pitched by an oasis of forbidden sin. Tonight my sweet bewitching lover will drink my sinful desire. Fire that warms the night from the chilly breeze flowing across the desert sea. My beloved sits… Too eat and drink of wine. I appear dressed as a slave girl to offer a bewitching dance of temptation for my master. Under Egypt’s moon my hands sway like waves upon a darken sea of forbidden love. My sinful body rolls like a deadly snake seeking a safe shelter from the chilly breeze. I watch as he goes to lick his luscious lips of wine that beckons me to taste them. I slowly move closer like a well trained assassin. My beloved moans as I suck upon his juicy fingers that are covered with the juices of the fruit he was just eating. My beloved body awakens to the desert passion that no longer will be denied. But…. Wicked as I am. I warned him with sweet tosses of my hair about his
We've Only Just Begun
we've only just begun to live White lace and promises A kiss for luck and we're on our way We've only just begun Before the rising sun we fly So many roads to choose We start our walking And learn to run And yes! we've only just begun (*) sharin' horizons that are new to us Watchin' the signs along the way Talkin' it over just the two of us Workin' together day to day, together (**) and when the evening comes we smile So much of life ahead We'll find a place where there's room to grow And yes! we've only just begun
Dance With Me
Lets dance in the pale of moonlight As love dribbles and worms down the curves Lets do all the free things we dream about Wakening all the new nerves. Dance with me with caresses Cuddle each cold waiting spot Kiss away tingles that cause a fear Nibble the freckles...each dot. I'll glide in your glen full of pleasures Kiss you deeper than ... then Cherish each move of a fancy Whenever you're ready say "when". You smile as I dance with new pleasures Curve upon curve that moves in Taking these moments of passion Beginning again and again. Float on the lithe mist above you I settle my aim and descend Come to me lover of my heart I'm open to all you can tend. Kisses the dose that is needed Smiles upon smiles that merge Fluids of love that are blending Moving curve upon curve. Shadows of dancing pleasures Silhouettes making the swoon Fitting together as one right now Settled... us two... with the moon.
Why Dont You And I
Since the moment I spotted you Like walking round with little wings on my shoes My stomach's filled with the and it's alright Bouncing round from cloud to cloud I got the feeling like I'm never going to come down If I said I didn't like it then you know I'd lied ooo Everytime I try to talk to you I get tongue-tied Turns out everything I say to you Comes out wrong and never comes out right So I'll say why don't you and I get together and take on the world and be together forever Heads we will and tails we'll try again So I say why don't you and I hold each other and fly to the moon and straight on to heaven Cause without you they're never going to let me in When's this fever going to break? I think I've handled more than any man can take I'm like a love-sick puppy chasing you around ooo And it's alright Bouncing round from cloud to cloud I got the feeling like I'm never going to come down If said I didn't like it then
Photo Of Yesterday
Photo of Yesterday Today… I came across a photo of us together. Yesterday… We were madly in love. What happen to us? I sat to ponder about yesterday love was ours forever, But…. Now it’s just a photo of what we couldn’t hold onto. Was our love wrong? Did I love you too much? I glance into our past praying that I would find the reason our… Love faded away. Photo of yesterday brings out so much lost feelings that I locked away in a…. Safe place. Despite my best efforts… They all come rushing back like a tidal wave consuming me to the point of no return. Why can’t we had just sat down and talked it all out? Did both of us have to be right, when both of us… Were we so wrong? Looking at the photo of yesterday, I see we removed love from our hearts onto… A side-rail o
The War Prayer
The War Prayer We begin our journey down an unknown road to war. We pray that our souls will be with goodness and justice for all life. If we must meet our end, our souls will dwell in the house of our Lord. As we journey down the unknown road, we will not fear no evil… for we are for all the right reasons. Our heart’s ache to all the suffering which plaques life here, but we are soldier’s of Freedom and Peace. We walk on land that is torn apart with torture and death, but our souls see one day… Freedom and Peace in this far away land. We are our Lord’s soldiers sent to open the lock gates of hell… To free those few, who can’t? We are many seeking justice for those few, who are in need of help. We shall not want for ourselv
Fuck You Goodbye
When I woke up this morning I pinched myself because I thought that I was dreaming Could I end the nightmare of not having you here please stop me from screaming I finally opened myself up to someone new Damn that only took three years to do You knew exactly what you were going to do to me from the start Maybe when you grow up you will learn it is not nice to mess with a persons heart You say that you just need time to think because you don’t want me to be a rebound We were only friends that never even fucked so yea how does that sound You will go on with your life as if you never knew me at all I am sorry that I can’t be as ridiculous as you, but eventually you will be the one to fall I hope you respect her enough not to lie I am not waiting around FUCK YOU goodbye
Bomb Me, Baby! ♥
so, i'm in a contest! it would really great if you could help me out a bit. i need at least 30,000 photo comments to get a 30 day blast! i will definately show you the love right back in return! i will love you forever! here is the link to the pic: thanks to everyone! let me know if you're trying to help out, like i said, i will definately return the favor! and show you tons of love!you can just leave me a comment on this blog, i'll check them out! Thanks, again! *peace* Miranda xoxox
A Woman’s Heart
A Woman’s Heart A woman’s heart is focus upon love’s gentle greeting. Treat a woman’s heart like a fragile flower that always needs sweet, but passionate coaching of love’s sweet praise. A man must keep track and always update new knowledge in his heat that keeps his love alive for the woman of his desire. A woman’s heart needs the awareness of her man’s campaign that guides them towards a bond that will seal them forever as one. Your own personal risk reduces when each heartbeat is for true love only. A woman’s heart will always maintain love’s gentle kiss forever within your reach. ©2006 Firestar ( Two-Sided Realities
What Is Love?
what is love ..? 1.good sex 2.hat man 3some one who is there 4 u all the time do u know >?
Black Label Society - "stillborn"
Blind me, erased what was Stillborn I have become The feelings I once felt are now dead and gone I've waited here for you for so very long So empty, just a shell of a man Stillborn, this I understand The feelings I once felt are now dead and gone I've waited here for you for so very long
Deep Blue Sea
Deep Blue Sea Endless salty water… Big blue sky above whispering your name like a haunting voice of a lost love calling you back within her loving arms. Deep blue sea is a garden of untold beauty. Flying fish offer no eerie answer to the hidden secret. A whale sings of love and heart-aches that goes unseen by human eyes. Deep blue sea is waiting for thrill seekers adventuring into the unknown salty water. Heavy mass of water surround your tiny body that gives an eerie feeling of doom. Graceful and effortless gliding that warns you, it’s not as safe ride down or back up. Deep blue sea warmth becomes coldness and darkness that offer no hope of safety or return to above. Briefly in the ancient darkness your soul lingers in limbo of life or death waits just below you. Immediately your hands begin too tremble as you feel your breathing feels less, your heart pounds to the thrill of what might happen next. Deep blue sea releases its true nature upon a mortal soul…
Should I awaken from my slumber To find my dream is torn asunder Then I have dreamed the greatest passion That sets my mind a flow in fashions That come to me from afar Blinded me with your star This nova of my hearts desire Has taken up this lust for fire You reached within my soul so deep Unleashed desires I thought to keep Within... for safety was the bain For which I kept my love in chains From gentle tugs of rhythm deep That sought the reasons that I keep Inside... for you are just my chance To keep intact this here Moondance I need to take..forsake all others For pals are friends but hearts are lovers And which are you, my sweet woman? The pal of spirit or heart in hand Or the form to mold for life... a friend To ever trust ...until the end? The answer is for you to ponder As I gaze to muse but wonder Is this sky of midnight blue... Laced with diamonds... sent from you? I look upon your star tonight... For friends I have but love... I might Just hold s
Words Will Go From Poetry To
Haiku Night swimming, moonlight Luminous beams on her love Clothes left in the dark Words are babble talk His world is lonely and sad Within his own mind Music is his gift Life reveals lyrics as song Giving harmony Garden Enter my garden, Behold the wonders to be seen. No admission fee or hours of operation, Just you and me. Enter my garden, No need to hurry to make it right. No clock to punch, We have the day and even the night. Enter my garden, Winter, spring, summer, fall. In good weather and bad, You will find yourself in awe. This garden was planted just for you, No others may enter; you are VIP. When the troubles of the day make you blue, Come walk in my garden, you will feel free. If There Is Only One Rhyme I Could Say If there is only one rhyme I could say before you are gone from my life. A line from a song; love will find a way: I never meant to bring our world strife. Sometimes sorry doesn’t heal the pain, And
Day By Day
Day by Day Day by day, God’s work must be carried on to the point of self-sacrifice. Day by day, I ponder if am worthy of God’s love… But God always reminds me… Am I worth his time and love? Day by day life goes on without fulfilling…. It’s purpose for all life. Day by Day….. People talk the talk, but yet hasn’t done what they promise to do to make life better for all life upon Earth. Day by day is slowly slipping away. Do we dare to wait another day??? ©2006 Firestar ( Two-Sided Realities
Does Size Really Matter? Video Nsfw
glumbert - Does size matter?
Adopt Me.please
Im In An Auction
Sin for Auction This auction will run from tomorrow, January 18th starting at 8 P.M. Eastern till January 29th at 8 P.M. The rules are simple..You may bid anything you like, Fubucks, Blasts, Ticker Messages, VIP's, Happy Hours..etc. Actual money items overshadow Fubucks. What the winner gets.... 1.) The person you win will put Owned by "Your name here" next to theirs in their profile name for an entire month. 2.) Atleast 1 daily comment 3.) All pics and stash rated during Happy Hour 4.) A daily gift of their choosing. 5.) A personal salute photo to you (What kind is up to the person who is won) 6.) Anything after that is up to the person who is owned. Please keep in mind this is for fun ONLY! Please, no rude comments!
ßßw GØÐЀ§§
On January 18, 2008, I becam the proud Fu-Owner of this AWESOME woman!!! If you have not fanned, added, or rated her, do so NOW!!! She is also taking enteries for her 3rd auction so if you are interested, hit her up. ¤ ßßW GØÐЀ§§ ¤ ~ ƒÛ_W΃ËÝ 2 hØñ£Ý§hÎñ£ ~ §Ã®GÉ'§ ßÀÐ Gή£§ ~@ fubar
Elder Young
Elder Young Deep sighs….. For a young soul that has been called home…. Much too soon. Tears….. Flowing for pain of a beloved son’s life being cut short by…. Evil. Why him? Elder Young was born for a mission… To continue building the foundation of God’s true church here on Earth to be known about. The design of God’s will is not out’s to question, We are to obey and follow… So we may achieve the same higher mission like Elder Young. A new year… Brought a dark day…. Evil failed for Elder Young’s soul belongs to our Heavenly Father…. Forever. God knew Elder Young mission is along side his Heavenly Father and beloved brother Jesus Time paused…. To the heart- stopping news. Hearts were shattered…. Questions remain unanswered. A heart cries out…. “Not our son, not him!!” A prayer is said to ask for guidance and undertone. We must see and believe… Elder Young was picked, Just l
Love’s Light
Love’s Light Love’s light is like an angel….. It’s a heavenly beckon that leads you into a lovelorn abyss. Love’s light captivates you with enchanting passion for romance. Love’s light is soft and pleasing to the eyes that impress the heart to surrender, it-self forever within the light. Love’s light is sweet upon a brokenhearted that is lost that will heal from the rejection, it once felted. Love’s light is too valuable to lose… Tenderly love’s light blossoms into a welded chain upon your heart that you never want to be freed from. Love’s light….. Please guide me. Love’s light …. Please bewitch me. Love’s light… I am waiting for you. ©2006 Firestar ( Two-Sided Realities
What way can you manifest destiny? What reason would you have? Is falling off a cliff as good As jack-knifing into clouds? Can the answer help to keep the pains Away...for all the same Love that comes along with aches ...the never ending rains The growth of hearts that once were faint The lonely searching soul Always looking not to find That spirited bright rainbow Imagine giving in...then what the future brings The many smiles and comfort there The never ending dreams To choose the other...just lie still Never step a step Stagnate air, frozen smile Hollow with no depth Manifest and thrive...give in Search the days for worth Look for eyes that have your spark Shine...just beam...go forth Understand impeccably The you that needs just now Come on up and celebrate Help your heart to bow Imagine what your life will be With a likeness...hand in hand Dream your dreams Fantasize The hour glass of sands Take hold of fortunes smiling back Imagine all your dreams
New Year New Changes
Well the year has turned. Happy 2008 to everyone. I suppose its only right that it is now that Im at this point in my life. Start of a new year start of a new life. For those who dont know, I am moving. As is Jack, and the kids. We are moving to north Georgia. Im excited. it is a small town and its in the middle of nowhere. its perfect. From what I hear its a great school system and all. Im going down there and ill be with 2 awesome friends, who Im happy to have still. The new year brings changes to structures too. Ive not ever in my life dated before and im ready to try my hand at it. Im not closing doors just opening more than one. It should prove interesting. so if any one has any tips dont be afraid to share. Going through a lot lately has made me realize that life can change in a blink of an eye. Nothing is ever in stone and even the smallest of choices can still be earth shattering. I am living life and hoping that I can find people who choose to live their life with me and
Where I Have Been
Sorry I have not been here as we have been busy with our new site... Come check it out and join us. There is no such thing as NSFW.Check Out a New Alternative adult only network and promote yourself. Always FreeLots of Naughty Pics and VideosGreat Music As well
Shall Be
Shall be…. Life forevermore. Shall be… God’s way is the only way, if we truly want eternity to be ours. Shall be… No more hate or war, But yet…. We don’t have that… Why? Shall be… No more lostness or doubts, but… Some refuse to believe that life will ever truly end. Shall be… A day that life will have to chose between God or Satan. Shall be… The worst day for me, due to some going the wrong way Shall be… A great sadness in Heaven above… Because those walking away from life forevermore in Heaven. Shall be… Then one day, I will willfully ask God to allow me…. Too sacrifice my place in Heaven to save all those, who are going the wrong way. Shall be… Or not be a sacrifice in vain…. I think not…. For my life is no longer about me… It’s all about life. © 2006 Firestar ( Realities
Fall Classes For Men
Fall Classes for Men at THE ADULT LEARNING CENTER REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETED by Tuesday, Oct 31, 2007 NOTE: DUE TO THE COMPLEXITY AND DIFFICULTY LEVEL OF THEIR CONTENTS, CLASS SIZES WILL BE LIMITED! TO 8 PARTICIPANTS MAXIMUM . Class 1 How To Fill Up The Ice Cube Trays--Step by Step, with Slide Presentation. Meets 4 weeks, Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM . Class 2 The Toilet Paper Roll--Does It Change Itself? Round Table Discussion. Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00 for 2 hours. Class 3 Is It Possible To Urinate Using The Technique Of Lifting The Seat and Avoiding The Floor, Walls and Nearby Bathtub?--Group Practice. Meets 4 weeks, Saturday 10:00 PM for 2 hours. Class 4 Fundamental Differences Between The Laundry Hamper and The Floor--Pictures and Explanatory Graphics. Meets Saturdays at 2:00 PM for 3 weeks. Class 5 Dinner Dishes--Can They Levitate and Fly Into The Dishwasher? Examples on Video. Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursd
Megadeth - "trust"
Lost in a dream Nothing is what it seems Searching my head For the words that you said Tears filled my eyes As we said our last goodbyes This sad scene replays Of you walking away My body aches from mistakes Betrayed by lust We lied to each other so much That in nothing we trust Time and again, She repeats let's be friends I smile and say yes Another truth bends, I must confess I try to let go, but I know We'll never end 'til we're dust We lied to each other again But I wish I could trust My body aches from mistakes Betrayed by lust We lied to each other so much That in nothing we trust God help me please, on my knees Betrayed by lust We lied to each other so much That in nothing we trust How could this be happening to me I'm lying when I say "Trust me" I can't believe this is true Trust hurts Why does trust equal suffering Absolutely nothing we trust
aborations Current mood: aggravated i cant stand abortions. Why do they do it? what is the point? I say if you are going to lay down and spread your legs than you should take care of the child. That child did not ask to be thogh of or to be brough in to this world. It is your resposiblity not anyone elses.The only time that u should get one if it is a life or death situtation for you or the baby. No matter if you were raped or not. It is not something that should be a option for any age weather it is going to endanger your life to give birth or carry that baby or it will endanger the baby. I cant stand people who get it dont with out a legit reason and age is not one. I dont have the same respect for them as i did before. It is just WRONG
Korn - "i'm Done"
We are the pain We are the shame We've gone insane Inside where no ones around I am to blame, for everything I like this game, that you all make me play I'm done being there for others They have their pain and so do I Don't need to feel it all over I try to hold on and you bring me down We are estranged We are deranged I can't explain How you all break me apart I am to blame, for everything I like this game, that you all make me play I'm done being there for others They have their pain and so do I Don't need to feel it all over I try to hold on and you bring me down We wait, we hate We try to get away Mistake my pain It has been lead astray I'm Looking around, I drop to the ground Why does it have to end this way Feeling numb, so long Oh God it's just everything It's everything Now I pray for all of them to go away! I'm done being there for others They have their pain and so do I Don't need to feel it all over I try to hold on and you
Handling Telemarketers
Andy Rooney Tips for Handling Telemarketers Three Little Words That Work !! (1) The three little words are: "Hold On, Please..." Saying this, while putting down your phone and walking off (instead of hanging-up immediately) would make each telemarketing call so much more time-consuming that boiler room sales would grind to a halt. Then when you eventually hear the phone company's "beep-beep-beep" tone, you know it's time to go back and hang up your handset, which has efficiently completed its task. These three little words will help eliminate telephone soliciting. (2) Do you ever get those annoying phone calls with no one on the other end? This is a telemarketing technique where a machine makes phone calls and records the time of day when a person answers the phone. This technique is used to determine the best time of day for a "real" sales person to call back and get someone at home. What you can do after answering, if you notice there is no one t
ok i really want the spotlight and im in a contest for a lot of fubucks to help me towards that. please stop by my pic and leave some comments. i need at least 2,500 to even be eligible for the bucks. click on th pic to help!
Own Me!!!
Go Vote For Me... Go To & go to the auction folder and bid on me!! WOOT WOOT! Join Pibb'sz Auction...Heres All His Rules And What Not!! It Will B Fun!!! YOU KNOW YOU WANNNNA!!! *Smooches* AND DONT FORGET TO VOTE FOR ME!!! YOU KNOW YA LUBB ME!!! *smooches* Hello everyone, I have decided to host my first auction. This auction will run from tomorrow, January 18th starting at 8 P.M. Eastern till January 29th at 8 P.M. The rules are simple..You may bid anything you like, Fubucks, Blasts, Ticker Messages, VIP's, Happy Hours..etc. Actual money items overshadow Fubucks. What the winner gets.... 1.) The person you win will put Owned by "Your name here" next to theirs in their profile name for an entire month. 2.) Atleast 1 daily comment 3.) All pics and stash rated during Happy Hour 4.) A daily gift of their choosing. 5.) A personal salute photo to you (What kind is up to the person who is won) 6.) Anything after that is up to the
What Do You Use Fubar For?
Personally, I'm not a gamer. I come on here, see how far up the ladder I can get and make a few friends along the way. I seriously don't understand why so many people get their panties/undies in a wad saying that folks are point whores. So what? It's a site based on a point system. Wouldn't you think it's part of the idea of the site!? How do you feel. Please comment!
Want Me Now You Can Buy Me go here to bid on me
mass* and bored YAHOO ADOPTION..LOL Here's the rules of YAHOO Adoption: Send this to all the people on your list and see who wants to own you.- The first person to send u a message saying " I own you" owns you. It's simple... P.S. send it cuz it is kinda funny and it might be surprising to see who gets you first See who picks you... Let the games begin! lol
01-18-08 -quick
F R I D A Y Just wishing you a great weekend! Sorry, just have had so much to do today ... You all get a break :) Mucho -luv- to all! The Question So Any plans for the weekend I think I'll take Lexy to the movies myself. About the comment Just an oldie, I picked it for the bright colors ... Slightly retooled Here it is: I T ' S Just wanted to drop by Give ya something to 'Smile' about! Enjoy
This will be the only thing I write that will speak Unto my friends and show them all how I am weak The bigger puzzle a small percentage of me A small percentage of me that just wants me to leave That percentage of me that just wants me to bleed Somebody has to understand cause we're all just human beings A small percentage of me that will never become a man Cause a bigger percentage of me rarely ever meets a man Ain't that hard to understand, people always say they grown These same people will never admit they're wrong But I'll be the first to say it "I'm wrong" To say I deserve, I was wrong all along I don't deserve to have friends, never wanted them either But if given the choice, I would step up to lead them Away from this hell, away from this disgrace Everyday I've shown my face I've grown so ashamed Of myself, my friends, who don't know why they came How dare they feel like they need to be entertained Most of us wanna know why life is this way But ignore God
To All The Girls I've Loved Before
Wake Up
We've all heard sayings such as "Use it or lose it", "Practice makes perfect.", "I'm a little rusty.", or "Sorry baby, I can't fuck like I used to." It applies to all aspects of human life from sports, games, drinking, drugs, art, and social interaction. If you don't keep up, you fall behind. The kind of "use it or lose it" attitude that I'm reffering to is basic political and social decsent. A few weeks ago I lost "it". Now I've got it back. I was so wrapped up in my school,job, mixing records and partying, buying the bar etc., that I lost sight of one of the most basic and important aspects of human existense: descent. Descent against social norms, and political ignorance. Descent against corrupt government, crooked cops, and descent against bliss. Yes, bliss. For a while I got so wrapped up in the normal everyday life that people go through, that I was happy. I was actually happy with the world. I said to myself, "Self, you have a beutifull life, a chance to even do more, a jo
Alone in the dark I sit. Wondering when I will be rescued. A sliver of light shows .... but quickly leaves. Love is an emotion that will never be felt for me. Destined to be alone, I sit in my lonely state, wondering where I went wrong. Forever the joke, never taken serious. Always a toy, never loved.....
One And 1
I was born 1 minute after 8 am I am 1 of 4 sons I hade more the one knee surgery I am scared of one thing Spiders nothing else I will say wants on my mind more then once One day I want to know some one famous hopefully me One day soon I will go back to Europe I will only marry once because I know she will be my One and only I have one heart but try and share with many One year wiser? Take one minute to realize your dream One of these days you will try One of these days it will come true One minute ago I made you believe anything is possible One year from now what will you be doing? We all have had fallen in love once That was your one true heart ache It will happen at least one more time One minute 10 people died of extreme poverty One minute later 10 more will go In the last 3 minutes one died of aids One person can't change the world But if we all stand as One we can We get one chance at life Take it one step a
What The Hell??
I've noticed as of late I rate and fan some of the ladies on here cause they are either cute or have things in their profile that I like or respect but then I see that they have visited my page with no rate, no fan, no nada. Now I dont think that I'm the nicest lookin dude on the site but I dont think I send em screamin into the woods either. So what the hell??
A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, He She asked him if he would want to be with her forever.... and he said no. She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry, and once again he replied with a no. She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said.... You're not pretty you're beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever. And I wouldn't cry if you walked away...I'd die...
Watching The Wheels
You Better
You better you better you bet. You better you better you bet. You better you better you bet. You better you better you bet. I call you on the telephone my voice too rough with cigarettes. I sometimes feel I should just go home but I'm dealing with a memory that never forgets I love to hear you say my name especially when you say yes I got your body right now on my mind but I drunk myself blind to the sound of old T-Rex,Mmmmm To the sound of old T-Rex oh,and Who's Next When I say I love you you say you better You better you better you bet When I say I need you you say you better You better you better you bet You better bet your life Or love will cut you,cut you like a knife I want those feeble minded axes overthrown I'm not into your passport picture, I just like your nose You welcome me with open arms and open legs I know only fools have needs, but this one never begs I don't really mind how much you love me Ooh, a little is alright When you say
Sex Against The Fence
The husband leans over and asks his wife, 'Do you remember the first time we had sex together over fifty years ago? We went behind this very tavern where you leaned against the back fence and I made love to you.' 'Yes', she says, 'I remember it well.' 'OK,' he says, 'How about taking a stroll around there again and we can do it for old time's sake?' 'Oh Charlie, you old devil, that sounds like a crazy, but good idea!' A police officer sitting in the next booth heard their conversation and, having a chuckle to himself, he thinks to himself, I've got to see these two old-timers having sex against a fence. I'll just keep an eye on them so there's no trouble. So he follows them. The elderly couple walks haltingly along, leaning on each other for support aided by walking sticks. Finally, they get to the back of the tavern and make their way to the fence. The old lady lifts her skirt and the old man drops his trousers. As she leans against the fence, the old man moves in. T
It The Soul Train Comming Thru Your Town With A Total Of 82 Passengers! Come On Join The Train!
Yay!!! He's Back!
HES BACK!!!!! I missed him sooooooo!
Home Remedies And More:
1. A mouse trap, placed on top of your alarm clock, this will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep when you hit the snooze button. 2. If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives, then you will be too afraid to cough. 3. Avoid arguments with the Mrs. about lifting the toilet seat by simply using the sink. 4. High blood pressure sufferers: simply cut yourself and bleed for awhile, thus reducing the pressure in your veins. 5. If you are choking on an ice cube, don't panic. Simply pour a cup of boiling water down your throat and presto! The blockage will be almost instantly removed. 6.Clumsy? Avoid cutting yourself while slicing vegetables by getting someone else to hold them while you chop away. 7. Have a bad tooth ache? Hit your thumb with a hammer, then you will forget about the tooth ache. AND... Sometimes we just need to remember what The Rules of Life really are: You need only two tools: WD-40 and duc
January 18th Results
Tulsas Angel My Winning Bid for TheNinja Was: $100,000 fubucks One month VIP, a SFW salute, Perm. blog pimpout, In my about me section for the month of ownership. Because of my bid, The Ninja donated $200 cash to charity.The Ninja ************************************************* This is what had happened (as my son Chris would say) ... Mike paid for Sin to own me. ^sin^ and Ekimnis Winning Bid Was: 30 Day Blast & 200 11sTulsas Angel PLUS ALREADY BLOGGED MEL AND I OWN SGT.RAIDER :D
011808 Celldweller Blog:
FIXT Music Indie Store - Update from Jimmy Hey everyone, As many of you may know, I have been working with Klayton for several years now and he recently began an indie label called FIXT Music. We're excited to have a growing roster of artists (Atlas Plug, lvl, Subkulture, and more to be announced soon). We also recently launched a new store front for Music, Digital Downloads/CDs, Clothing, etc... from FIXT at Store.FixtMusic.Com. I'm glad to announce that we've just launched a new feature to FIXT Music and the FIXT Music Online Store called the "Indie Store." We have been working with so many independent bands (from the Celldweller Remix Competition, the FIXT Music Film/TV Licensing Production Music Library to simple online/Myspace acquaintances) that it became obvious that we should start a section of our store to sell and carry products from other great indie artists. So, we've done just that. It's still very much in its infancy - but I'm glad to announce that we have just a
How Texan Am I?
You Are 80% Texas Well, knock me down and steal muh teeth! You're pretty darn Texan. How Texas Are You?
Fubar Points Break Down
FuBar Pts. Break Down WHEN YOU DO THE FOLLOWING YOU GET 3 pts for rating a profile 2 pts for leaving profile comment 1 pt. for rating a photo 1 pt. for photo comment 1 pt. for stash rating 1 pt. for stash comment 0 pts for fanning someone THE PERSON YOUR HELPING OUT GETS 11 pts for you fanning them 6 pts for you rating there profile 6 pts for photo rating 6 pts for photo comment 6 pts for stash rating 6 pts for stash comment 5 pts for page comment Please keep in mind all pts are doubled for you and them during Happy Hour. As you can see when trying to level someone it pays to fan them. Stash and pic rates and comments may be worth the same but I personally find it alot easier to rate stash then pics. Also for those of you that may not have realized as you can see its also helping you out when your helping others :) ... And a side note DO NOT get any points for Ripped Pics...might pay to have a folder of ripped pics for viewing only if you ar
Only A Woman Will Understand This.
Pregnancy, Estrogen, and Women PREGNANCY Q & A & more! Q: Should I have a baby after 35? A: No, 35 children is enough. Q: I'm two months pregnant now. When will my baby move? A: With any luck, right after he finishes college. Q: What is the most reliable method to determine a baby's sex? A: Childbirth. Q: My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she's borderline irrational. A: So what's your question? Q: My childbirth instructor says it's not pain I'll feel during labor, but pressure. Is she right? A: Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called an air current. Q: When is the best time to get an epidural? A: Right after you find out you're pregnant. Q: Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor? A: Not unless the word 'alimony' means anything to you. Q: Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth? A: Yes, pregnancy.! Q: Do I have to have a baby shower?
Sometimes I really wonder if everything in my life is only meant to crash down around me, nothing ever seems to work out like I'd hope... until I just start to wonder if it's worth trying for anymore, or if I should just shrug my shoulders and give up. I try to change my life to make things better, and then things just seem to collapse and I'm tired of disappointment and depression. Usually at this point I would just say fuck it and live my life as I have been, but this means more to me than anything before now and I am going to try to exhaust every option before admitting defeat. Still, it's hard, and even harder when some things just seem so strained and uncertain anymore. =sigh=
My Beautiful Family!
Make an on-line slide show at
Life Before The Computer
A Poem by an Old Timer A computer was something on TV From a science fiction show of note. A window was something you hated to clean.... And ram was the cousin of a goat..... Meg was the name of my girlfriend And gig was a job for the nights Now they all mean different things And that really mega bytes An application was for employment A program was a TV show A cursor used profanity A keyboard was a piano Memory was something that you lost with age, A CD was a bank account And if you had a 3 " floppy You hoped nobody found out Compress was something you did to the garbage, Not something you did to a file And if you unzipped anything in public You'd be in jail for a while Log on was adding wood to the fire Hard drive was a long trip on the road A mouse pad was where a mouse lived And a backup happened to your commode Cut you did with a pocket knife Paste you did with glue A web was a spider's home And a virus was the flu I guess I'll stick to m
Life Truth
there no such thing as true love, there no such thing as true happyness, there no joy, there no hope, there is no happy ever after marriage, there is no boyfriend, there is no such thing as true friends, there no future. I am a tiny grain of sand. I am insufficant. There is only death. I will never be important to anyone. I will always be alone. Time and people will go on without me. Death is the only answer. nothing you do i this world matter. everyday is the same.
Court Systems And There Double Standards
how many time can the court ly and do double standard two family same situation but he put to different rules on them.
Guys And Bj And Lys They Tell
why is it all guys want is bj and will ly to get it.
Back Stabbing Welfare
what do you think about the welfare system when they let adult rape there child but want to put a child with mental problem that is not there fault in jail and take them away from there parents for accuse attempt with someone there same age and it was one on one not even a group attack. They say parents are at fault but they take the way the means for us parents to control them.
Lovers Moon
Driving home, across the field she saw it. It took her breath away. The harvest moon, hanging so low in the sky, it was sitting on the old rickety fence. It was so bright, so orange, so ripe. She pulled over and just stared. A lovers moon. A dancers moon. A moon to make you remember. She let it embrace her, feel her. She smiled that silly wistful smile, the woman's smile. This is so foolish she thought as her hand reached to open the door. It was so cold, as she made her way toward the fence, she was trembling. I never learn, she said to no one but herself, her breath hung in the air and she laughed. It was just such a magic moon, she had no choice. The grass was slick under her sneakers. The owls cried in the distance and somewhere a dog was barking. She slowly and carefully climbed the old fence and sat on the top rail. She tilted her head back and sighed deeply. This moon, this moment could not be denied. She spread her arms wide, breathed in and just let it come.
Fu Application
You know what to do. It can be for fun if you are spoken for. Or if you are single and serious. Fill it out and send it in a private email 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5.Phone Number: 6. Location: 7. Height: 8.Hair (color and style): 9.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked crap about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would u take a nap with me? 16.Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 18. Would you
As of January 18, 2008, I am the proud Fu-Owner of this sweet guy. Ladies go show him some love, you won't regret it!! HUNTER@ fubar Stop by to Fan Add and Rate this awesome guy!! Clicking on any of these pics will take you to him!!! Go show him some love!!!
Rip Steven & Prayers For Shawn
Self-hating And Over-controlling
Self-hating and over-controlling self hating and over-controlling always right and all knowing superficial and overly ignorant the super user and the arrogant she thinks the world revolves around her everyone owes her something from this god awful place i fell into her trap, and hell, i should have known but at least i can walk away and i'm not the one who's sitting alone looking angrily at the phone no one's gonna call her they've all had enough we can all only be pushed to a certain point -then we break self hating and over controlling look in the mirror one of these days trust me hon, it'll do you good
Need Some Love Please! I Never Ask But Now I Am Beggin'
PLEASE HELP THIS SWEET LADY OUT SHE HAS HELPED JUST ABOUT EVERYONE OUT IN THIS GIVE AWAYS AND THE CONTEST THAT HAS BEEN ON MY PAGE FOR ABOUT THE LAST WEEK AND A HALF.PLEASE IF YOU HAVEN'T DROPPED BY HER PICS AND BLEW IT UP IN A FEW DAYS PLEASE DO THAT. Click Here :D 'Be@uTiFuL @nGeL~Needs 15.000 comments Rates = 10 fubucks each for bonus bucks~Prize 3day blast and 350.000 fubucks Rate this photo: You have rated this photo a 11 share this photo leave a comment link photo add to my favorites report this photo [?] Current rating: 10.32 (37) Uploaded: January 03 2008 Comments: 8423 Rips: 0 My standing's of right this minute!
You And Your Problems, Me And My Music
you and your problems, me and my music think before you speak conserve those words don't let the sentences leak what's wrong with you? it's like some sort of disease your thoughts spilling out of your mouth you didn't mean to say it like that? it came out wrong, you swear this awkwardness is getting tiring you need to take a break instead of your useless words try listening to somebody else's for once how about a hobby you can obsses over that tune, the melody, the beat the words gracing your soul tired of the lies and fake personalities there is one escape run away to your hideaway lock all the doors, sealed tight turn up the music, blaring as loud as possible they're not ready for you, not yet sing your heart out until your voice fades and breaks forgetting your problems of being too outgoing maybe too talkative? too REAL? it's true they don't see it there is no pleasing them so for now sing even though nobody can hear you because soon they'
2 More Poems
Mad Girl's Love Song "I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my lids and all is born again. (I think I made you up inside my head.) The stars go waltzing out in blue and red, And arbitrary blackness gallops in: I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead. I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed And sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane. (I think I made you up inside my head.) God topples from the sky, hell's fires fade: Exit seraphim and Satan's men: I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead. I fancied you'd return the way you said, But I grow old and I forget your name. (I think I made you up inside my head.) I should have loved a thunderbird instead; At least when spring comes they roar back again. I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead. (I think I made you up inside my head.)" Music and Passion and Music Mirrored echoes dance, shades leave behind Upward spiral, circle higher still. Shadow personae played ou
Darkend Souls
His eyes where of darkness Reflected from his soul His heart had been shattered Left broken and cold He was a warrior of evil Fighting for what was wrong He came to me one night When he heard my deadly song Under the red moon we met Fell into an icy embrace It sent shivers up my spine Just to stare upon his face He held me so tightly Fighting against my will Using his power to control me All I could do was stand still He kissed my lips Sending fear through me Making my mind race As he watched my body I glared at him Fire in my eyes He saw right through My helpless disguise My smile made him afraid He thought he was in control My eyes and hair turned black Darkened like mine and his soul My skin went pale Like the moons glow And in the darkness My true colours did show We stared at eachother Moving closer than before He saw in my eyes I was not afraid anymore Once again he kissed me This time I kissed him back Two dark souls toge
Hey Hey All Come Check Us Out
__________________________HPP COMMENT/BULLETIN__________________________________ CLICK THE BANNER!!! Come Join us in House Of Pain and Pleasure! This is something you don't want to miss! CLICK THE BANNER!!! Just Click on either the Banner or the Picture to hang out with some AWESOME PEOPLE & LISTEN TO GREAT MUSIC!!! REQUESTS ALL OPEN!!! FUCK THE REST... JOIN THE BEST!!!
Empowered The strength to rise from the pain, to continue at all cost, The strength to prolong all the shame, Knowing that you've lost, The strength to smile, when all you feel is anger, to substitute bad days, for the best ones you can remember, The strength to say 'I'm lost' when your pride has blocked your sight, to say 'please love me', though I've never done it right, The strength to say you love them, knowing there may be no reply, to stay by their sides at times, when all they do is cry, the strength to try again after many times of failing, to finally open up after many years of waiting, The strength to fall in love, though sacrificing your heart, to keep a loved one close while knowing you've grown apart, The strength to say ' I love you' when all else has gone wrong, to keep on waiting for you..... regardless of how long, ~destine~
Give Me Ideas...
So I just booked my flight for Miami next month and i'd like some touristy spots worth checking out. Just as a disclosure...i'm not looking to meet up with anyone just want ideas of places to go haha. k thnx
Still I Rise Another Poem By Me
You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I'll rise. Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? 'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells Pumping in my living room. Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still I'll rise. Did you want to see me broken? Bowed head and lowered eyes? Shoulders falling down like teardrops. Weakened by my soulful cries. Does my haughtiness offend you? Don't you take it awful hard 'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines Diggin' in my own back yard. You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I'll rise. Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise That I dance like I've got diamonds At the meeting of my thighs? Out of the huts of history's shame I rise Up from a past that's rooted in pai
Something I Maded For A Friend
imikimi - Customize Your World
Open Your Eye People
First off I wanted to let you all know that each and everyone of you are special. When we chat, shout or leave comments it’s a great feeling knowing that out in this vast world called cyber space there are decent people. I hope that I have given you all smiles and laughs and in someway I made you feel special. What you see is the real me I hope I am never mean or cruel to anyone because I am not even that way face to face. What you get when you deal with me is the real thing Crazy as I am that is me. I think each and everyone of you are decent kind caring and I have the utmost respect for all of you. Huggzzz to each of you. Now the reason for this blog. If you read any one my other blogs I am better at writing in a informative format then to just ramble on about why I am hurt. So here goes. There are so many different types of people in this world we see them everyday. I am not talking race , color nationality I am talking the inner part of a person. You know when you see
A Moment
a dream of awakening in peace a embrace of warmth a kiss of sweetness a night of sensual love a night of you an I as time stands still an embrace that never breaks.
For the past three days now I have been packing and moving my things from the home my husband and I shared to an apartment. This will be the third move I have made since I married him...and the third one he is not a part of actively. The first two took place during the time he was deployed to Iraq. This one is taking place due to the end of our marriage and his seperation from the United States Army. This has been the hardest move for me by far. When I agreed to marry my current husband, never did I imagine the day would come when he would tell me he was gay and leaving me and my son for another man. Nor did I ever imagine he would break every promise he ever made to me. While I was very much in love with my husband the day I married him and through out our marriage, and a part of me loves him even now...I know that it could never work out between us. Despite the love that I have for him, the trust that once existed has been completely destroyed and can never be repaired. Without th
10 Reasons To Have Sex
1. Scientific tests find that when women make love, they produce double amounts of the hormone estrogen, which make hair shiny and skin smooth. 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscle in the body. It's more enjoyable than running 20 laps and you don't need special sneakers! 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases the body endorphin into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being. 6. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals called pheromones. These subtle sex perfumes drive the opposite sex crazy! 7. Sex i
US official in Iran talks quits Nicholas Burns, the top American official negotiating to tighten UN sanctions against Iran, is to stand down, the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, announced yesterday. Mr Burns, a former US Ambassador to Nato and Greece as well as a former State Department spokesman, has played a significant role in negotiating the two UN Security Council resolutions imposing sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme. The foreign ministers of Germany and the five permanent members of the Security Council – Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States – will meet in Berlin on Tuesday to discuss a third sanctions resolution. The US believes that Iran aims to acquire nuclear weapons and the UN sanctions are designed to force Tehran to suspend its uranium enrichment activities, which can produce fuel for nuclear weapons or nuclear power plants. Mr Burns, 51, has also been the lead US negotiator on an agreement that would give India ac
Me Me Me
how you doing folks, im willie im into most rock and indie music fave film is natural born killers, i love glasgow celtic football club i have 5 kids 3 who live with me, hate living in england, it`s real deppressing in winter smoking puff is the only thing to do here.
Come Back Lines
M: I know how to please a woman. W: Then please leave me alone. M: I want to give myself to you. W: Sorry, I don't accept cheap gifts. M: Your hair color is fabulous. W: Thank you. It's on aisle three at the corner drug store. M: You look like a dream. W: Go back to sleep. M: I can tell that you want me. W: Yes, I want you to leave. M: Hey, baby, what's your sign? W: Do not enter. -OR- Stop. M: Your body is like a temple. W: Sorry, there are no services today. M: Is this seat empty? W: Yes, and this one will be too if you sit down. M: What's it like being the most beautiful girl in the bar? W: What's it like being the biggest liar in the world? M: Haven't I seen you someplace before? W: Yeah, that's why I don't go there anymore.
Bikers Alphabet
A is for Assholes, you dodge on the street. B is for Bitches, they're looking so sweet. C is for Chrome, the Biker's sunshine of life. D is for Dancers, your M/C bro's wife. E is for Evo, the new special breed. F is for Fatboy, built low for great speed. G is for Glide, Wide, Electra and Dyna. H is for Harley, that hot steel vagina. I is for Iso, the pegs for your scoot. J is for Jerk Offs, you give them your boot. K is for K Model, bike of yesteryear. L is for Liquor, the booze and the beer. M is for Money, to go party in town. N is for (K)'Nuckles, used to (k)'nock assholes down. O is for Old Lady, who sweetens your bed. P is for Pussy, no more need be said. Q is for Quick, it's how you getaway. R is for Roadrash, let's hope none today. S is for Softail, the bike slung so low. T is for Tires, they make your bike go. U is for Up Yours, you say to some jerk. V is for V-Twin, that rolling artwork. W is for Wide Glide, that beefy front end. X is for X-Ray, for when
hey everyone, sorry i haven't written anymore on here before now but i was waiting until i went back to the doctor.i went back monday and he said i was doing ok.i am doing well enough thta he took me off two of my medications.thanks to everyone who commented on my other blog and thank you for your concern.i will get around to rating everyone's pictures but it will just take me a little time to do it.thanks again everyone and i will try to post more later and more often.
64 Weeks
i made it to 64 weeks
Every 1 Come In Here Now!!!
Bumper Stickers
My wife keeps complaining I never listen to her ...or something like that. Keep honking while I reload. If we are what we eat; I'm cheap, fast, and easy. Bad Cop! No Donut! Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine. It's lonely at the top, but you eat better I love cats ... they taste just like chicken. I get enough exercise just pushing my luck Sorry, I don't date outside my species Out of my mind. Back in five minutes. Cover me. I'm changing lanes. As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in public schools. Happiness is a belt-fed weapon. Laugh alone and the world thinks you're an idiot. Sometimes I wake up grumpy; Other times I let her sleep. I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather... Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car ... Tow-ers will be violated. Montana - At least our cows are sane! The gene pool could use a little chlorine. I didn't fight my way to the top
My New Lounge, Please Help!
Ok, I've been waiting for a while to create my own lounge and now that I have, I am clueless as to what to do. I would really love some help if anyone would like to offer it. Maybe a co-owner and other people to help me run it. Please contact me if you would like to help. I would really appreciate it.
Paparazzi Radio Come Check Us Out
Come One Come All To The Grand Opening Of Paparazzi Radio. The Party Starts At 8:00pm Est Tonight Jan 17th And Tomorrow Jan 18th. Come On In Join Us For Some Great Live Music Have A Drink And Stay And Chat A Bit. This Is One Party You Will Not Wanna Miss. All You Have To Do To Join Us Is Follow The Link Bellow
ACCEPT | DENY Road_Block 2008-01-18 13:00:44 Hey you have some sexy and hot photos keep em coming (also if you have NSFW/Private photos would you consider adding me to the list of people who can view them thanks) stop in and check out all my stuff
marine456: wannaplay ->marine456: excuse me? wtf? marine456: yes just seeing if u wanna chill on cam u dont have to get nude Yeeeah.. like its up to him if I get naked or not.. fucking asshole.. god these people should get an enema with dynamite.
R.i.p. My Sweet Niece
I wanted to write a poem in memory of my 11 yr old neice Carrie but I can't. All i can do is sit and stare at this screen. She was taken this morning jan 18th at 5 am by a house fire. I didn't spend the time with her I should have in fact she lived 30 mins from me and I hadn't saw her in three years. Now I'm sitting here cursing myself and even though Its not my fault shes gone, I could have got to know her better, I could have been there for her. I could have been a better Aunt but I wasn't. All I can think about is the saying you never know what you got til its gone. I loved her and as i sit here crying and wishing I had known her better and taken the time I should have taken I just keep reminding myself life is short, and tomorrow is never promised. Hold the people close to your heart that mean anything to you. I was so busy with my own little world I didn't take the time I should have with this precious little girl and now shes gone. She didn't have any easy life by any means, in
A ghost may represent something that is gone but not forgotten-or something that is almost forgotten but that you simply cannot release. The appearance of deceased relatives usually tells of unresolved issues. In these cases, you should pay particular attention to the surroundings, the other characters present, and any unique aspects of the apparition.
Date Me Application.
Over the years, I've had quite a few bad relationships. Way too many, in my opinion, most of them not even being my fault. I just seem to be destined to date women who treat me like crap. While I may be a sarcastic smartass, I hardly think that makes me deserving of such a miserable (and pretty much nonexistent) lovelife. So to help myself with this problem, I've decided that whenever I'm about to start a relationship with a woman, she'll have to fill out an application. It's not a lengthy or difficult application. There's no essay questions or problems involving long division or triginometry. It's more like a prenuptial agreement, but for the relationship, protecting me against women who will intentionally or unintentionally hurt me. For you women with overprotective fathers, I imagine this application will remind you of the one your father wanted to give to your first date, except my application consists of more than just the question, "Do you own a van? If yes, please leave and
Southern Sex Symbols, Ty Countryboysuperman!
Southern Sex SymbolsAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Im New And Want Friends
Hi, i got ill just after new year, and now feeling Top of teh world now im not Think i missed out on meeting up after new year when the fun started.. anyhow time to cathc up and make new friends xx
Give Me A Wet Rag
Wouldn't it be nice if we kept score on a blackboard? Everything be wrote down on it - or friends, acquaintances, problems, opportunities. Maybe use some colored chalk every once in a while so we could segregate issues at a glance and we could just wipe clean certain things, move others where they make more sense. If we just wrote things down rather than taking them in our heart so go seething in our blood through our body. Chalk wipes clean. Blood stains.
The Fireman
THE FIREMAN In Phoenix, Arizona, a 26-year-old mother stared Down at her 6 year old son, who was dying of Terminal leukemia. Although her heart was filled With sadness, she also had a strong feeling of Determination. Like any parent, she wanted her Son to grow up and fulfill all his dreams. Now That was no longer possible.. The leukemia would see to that. But she still Wanted her son's dreams to come true. She took Her son's hand and asked, "Billy, did you ever Think about what you wanted to be once you grew Up? Did you ever dream and wish what you would do With your life?" Mommy, "I always wanted to be a fireman when I grew up." Mom smiled back and said, "Let's see if we can Make your wish come true." Later that day she went to her local fire Department in Phoenix, Arizona, where she met Fireman Bob, who had a heart as big as Phoenix. She explained her son's final wish and asked if It might be possible to give her six-year-old s
The Kings Palace...
imikimi - Customize Your World
on today' newspaper, it says -12C/10F is the highest estimated temperature, and -24C/-11F is the lowest temperature. It makes me wonder why ppl still live here. This town gets as hot as 38C/100F in the summer, and winter it get colder than Russia (never been there, but thats what i imagine). What am i to do in a cold ass winter like today?? Cant think of better things to do other than soakin up in a nice hot bath..... Anyone wanna keep me warm???
Poetry: A Thought
A single thought is born, bursting forth from the flames of frustration. A young and bright little Phoenix, beating its newborn wings. Another is born, crowing in with its sibling, working together to make both more real. More thoughts are born, each spark from the flames beating its fiery wings. They fill my head, all screeching out thier part of an idea... a strange symphony of life. fiery beating wings fill my head, crowd about, spill forth.... I think So I am.
When you my lady to me are near, When my ears your soft voice I hear, My heart swells full with reward, But to my surprise I grow hard, The love of your touch the sound of your sighs, As closer you pull me between your thighs, The sound of your voice beckons me you see, As I hear the words I want you inside me, I know you are nervous as I slip in, God you are so beautiful, I find you wet within, Your passion so sweet makes me throb, As your sighs turn to moans, I push deeper inwards, You love me, you coax me with I want your load, And as upward you arch we both explode, As we both render a warm feeling so tender, You and I both together Relax in warm surrender, After we have shared The most sensuous Climax
Passions now inflamed Our latest kiss blamed Lips so softly touch More needed so much Naked breasts await Demanding their fate Either my moist lips Or eager fingertips Still fail to satisfy More! Your burning cry Urgent parting thighs Offer your ultimate prize All other thoughts gone As we again become one Ending, no possible other For you my precious lover
Bodies heated Passion intense Sexual desire Attraction immense Kissing deeply Trembling lips Saliva sharing Perspiration drips Arms entwined Love embraced Licking softly Succulent taste Pressure building Tongue flirting Juices flowing Wetness squirting Satisfying waves Deep inside Muscles contract Pleasure ride Reaching euphoria Climactic peak Panting increased Cannot speak Body limp Draining splendor Catching breath Sweet surrender Lying beside you Holding you close Craved and starved For another dose
Military Valentines...10th Set (18 To This Set)
Can I Count On You're Support?
Ok this is new to me...but I decided to enter into a contest...the prize? A VIP a 3 day Blast and 500,000 FU Bucks is what I can win! What I need you wonderful friends to do is comment me and rate me....I need 50,000 comments...and the more rates I get the more Fu Bucks I get...I get 10 points for every rate as and added bonus! please click this pic!!!! I just want to thank you all for your help in me the love and I will do the same!!!!
Our Night
Taking your hand Fingers to my lips I want to love every inch of you Taste every part of your body As if I can drink your loves blood Through your very pores I want to get lost in your eyes Consumed by your kiss Set my body on fire Quench the fire in my blood With sweet caresses Touch my soul with your passion Lay down beside me Feel my body crying for you Let's get lost in each other Touching, exploring, tasting We will exceed passion, go beyond bliss For this is our night Want me, like no other Need you, like the air that I breathe Together, one mind, one soul Fused in the heat of passionate love Existing in this moment Forever
Here I Be!
Well, here I am, on yet another site for meeting people and shit. I don't know why I join these all the time, clearly I am bored or thinking maybe I can make a connection with someone. I think I ended up here mostly because Cinco mentioned the place. I 'work' as a DJ over at . Nice place, I enjoy it, get to release some stress sharing muzak and all that rot! Check it out sometime. I babble a lot, I worship coffee, and I clearly like to join these kinds of sites. Maybe I should post the pic of me dressed up as a fairy.. that'll be funny. I need new pics I guess. Maybe once I start the working out thing I'll post somethin new. I do not even know what I am talkin about anymore, just the brain spewing out words. So how are you?
Take This To Heart
Mommy.. Johnny brought a gun to school, He told his friends that it was cool, And when he pulled the trigger back, It shot with a great crack. Mommy, I was a good boy, I did What I was told, I went to school, I got straight A's, I even got the gold! But Mommy, when I went to school that day, I never said good-bye, I'm sorry Mommy, I had to go, But Mommy, please don't cry. When Johnny shot the gun, He hit me and another, And all because Johnny, Got the gun from his older brother. Mommy, please tell Daddy; That I love him very much, And please tell Jessica; my girlfriend; That it wasn't just a crush. And tell my little sister; That she is the only one now, And tell my dear sweet grandmother; I'll be waiting for her now, And tell my wonderful friends; That they always were the best; Mommy, I'm not the first, I'm no better than the rest. Mommy, tell my teachers; I won't show up for class, And never to forget this, And please don't let t
Sweet Taste Of Love
The sweet taste of love Still lingers in my mind A succulent tasty morsel A treasure worth its find A wet and juicy fruit That fills my mouth with joy Like candy to a baby An edible sexy toy With nectar sweet as honey A syrup of flowing silk Like a bubbly kind of lava As smooth as warm clear milk It breathes with scented oils Like a flower in the mist And blossoms when caressed By the feel of a lover's kiss A dessert at its very best When embraced with lots of love I know I'll never get enough Of this treat I'm thinking of
Military Valentines...9th Set (20 To Set)
Canada Manual: US Prisoners Face Torture By ROB GILLIES TORONTO (AP) — A training manual for Canadian diplomats lists the United States as a country where prisoners risk torture and abuse, citing interrogation techniques such as stripping prisoners, blindfolding and sleep deprivation. The Foreign Affairs Department document, released Friday, singled out the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay. It also names Israel, Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Syria as places where inmates could face torture. The listing drew a sharp response from the U.S., a key NATO ally and trading partner, which asked to removed from the manual. "We find it to be offensive for us to be on the same list with countries like Iran and China. Quite frankly it's absurd," U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins told The Associated Press. "For us to be on a list like that is just ridiculous." He said the U.S. does not authorize or condone torture. "We think it should be removed and
Yip Contest Ie Open
VIP 3DAY BLAST AND 500.000 FUBUCKS CONTEST!! STILL GOT ROOM LEFT IN CONTEST AND GIVEAWAY! I HAVE ONE VIP AND A 3DAY BLAST 500.000 FUBUCK'S UP FOR GRABS! What you need Is 50.000 photo comments. Rates will also count 10 points each for fu-bucks as a added bonus! (example 100 rates = 1,000 fu-bucks) This will begin as soon as I have 10 entry photos.
My Life For Four Days Of The Week.
The Corrections Officer's Creed Current mood: cold The Corrections Officer's Creed I walk through the gate of wrought iron, under arbors of razor wire. The clanging shut of all the gates, is the start of my day. Wondering some where deep in my mind if I will walk out the same way. Voices raised in anger, are the first words of my day, garbage flying down from the tiers reign upon my head. Words of hate and ridicule are their daily song. Why you here boss man? What did you do wrong? Not a blessed thing Human rights are a funny thing, guaranteed to us at birth. But as a guard within these walls, I am sorely hurt, I am spit upon, and cursed out loud. Have urine thrown upon me. All of this is by the ones, the government says should not be free. I guard the lowest of earth's scum, the guilty and the judged. Who have more rights than me. I spend my life as a free man, yet behind these walls of concrete and steel is where I am condemned to be. And all for the simple reason the inmates
I Look Upon Her
I look upon her face lying on my pillow Lit by the light of my bedroom window Wrapped within my gently arms Knowing she will come to no harm I look upon her hair, soft and fair Unable to find the words to compare Answers she has given me in times of pain That love and hope will visit again I look upon her lips, moist and red Giving me life when all was dead She restored my heart when it was lost Melting what was covered in frost I look upon her breasts, firm and strong Knowing that love could not be wrong Slowly moving with every breath Always knowing she was not like the rest I look upon her hips, round and smooth Gently touching not daring to move I fix the sheets with delicate care But a gentle kiss is all I dare I look upon her face staring into mine Filling my body as if it were wine I close her eyes with gentle kisses For she has answered all my wishes.
Moon hangs, almost full pieces of cloud scatter, glide in soft, summer breeze. We lay in our meadow listening to the sound of night her head nestled on my arm. Night air made for kissing dances upon our skin chilling wherever is damp. She stirs, quietly calls, my name hangs on summer eve floats about our meadow. She sighs, moves closer snuggling in, once again her breath stirs, awakens. Hands join in gentle caress exploration shared and renewed oh, so smooth and lovely. We turn, lips meeting slow, softly, delicate building quickly to demand. Crying out, beginning and end collapsing, breathing ragged moon hangs, slightly fuller.
Can't Stop
I can't stop thinking about you Wondering if you think of me, too I can't stop thinking of your lips Oh! How soft they are between mine I can't stop imagining your hands As they caress my every hair and limb I can't stop thinking of your face How I love it and it thanks me in return. I can't stop thinking of your voice, As sexy as the body it possesses. I can't stop feeling your touch on me. My temperature rises and emotions explode. I can't stop thinking of how much I want you, how I need you No matter what you do, I can't stop thinking about you.
I Need Some Ideas
I need some ideas for art. Play the game? So, I have a question: Picture this: you have one wish that can be fulfilled. It can be anything you desire. It can benefit just you or it can benefit your friend, or maybe you want it to benefit the entire world. Do not worry about being selfish. Now, take that wish and compress it into a single object. I do not want to know what your wish is, rather I want to know what object you have turned it into.
Military Valentines...8th Set (20 To Set)
Miss You!!!
I really do miss you.... I miss joking with you... I miss our talks serious or not! I miss all the nerd talk that I can not understand but it always sounded sexy coming from you! i miss not knowing what is going on with you day to day. I miss your hugs, smile, and laugh. I miss the way you could always not matter what make me laugh even when I could not do anything but cry you were always there for me!!! I hate to say but all the memories from the past are starting to fade, you always kept me close and I kept you just as close. I hope you know that, I MISS YOU MY FRIEND! Take Care Love M.
Your Lips
bet kissing you would be a profound and overwhelming sensation I bet your lips would send me on a enrapturing felicity Shutting down my nerves, sending me into a hypnotic state of passion Your lips, I bet, are so warm and inviting to the soul I can just about feel them in places the sun don't shine, it has to be a sin I bet your lips will cause your tongue to behave so naughty Leaving me at you will, leaving me wet, leaving me panting They already have me here sweating I would lick your lips like they were a delicacy, You lick your lips? I bet you look so dam sexy if you do, I bet you do, don't you? I bet they would fit perfectly between my hips I bet your lips alone could take me to ecstasy I may even get stuck there, which is fine baby As long as your lips bring me back slowly Softly bring me down, gently, regardless if I'm begging you to stop Ignore me, I know not what I say Just let your lips play Until mine cry in release of that sweet nectar
Military Valentines...7th Set (20 To Set)
The fractured starlight keeps me awake and in a midnight shroud I hunt you down. Roving hands and trembling fingers touch your skin so hot and eager. Hot wet kisses rendered your nipples peak. Hands splayed across your chest shards of lightning wielded. The river of fire runs straight as an arrow settling anxiously in your cock. Crested riverbanks overflow the molten wave unleashes its wail. Unbutton your jeans and let’s begin.
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Military Valentines...6th Set (20 To Set)
Dance For Me
From where I lie, nestled between your tender thighs I see stretching out before me the spectacular landscape of your beautiful body. My nose is surrounded by the untrimmed bush that sprouts upon a bony ridge. Unseen, my tongue has found the fountain of your womanhood and your earthy taste is sweet within my mouth. My eyes travel across the flat plain of your soft stomach, lingering at that shallow crater where a small gold ring decorates the rim most distant from me. It is a rolling meadow to the lush foothills of your breasts. Small firm mountains, a matched set, twin peaks each topped with its own perky nipple sitting alert as though calling out for attention. Beyond the mountains your chest and neck display the warm reddish flush that signals your arousal, like flowers announcing the coming of spring. My eyes travel over your chin, finding full lips that reveal nothing of your intense inner pleasure, save a small upturning of each corner.
Military Valentines...5th Set (20 To Set)
The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse. For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles. Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than th
BHUBANESWAR, INDIA (BosNewsLife)-- Over one thousand Christians, including priests, nuns, women and children, have fled to the jungles of India's Orissa State where deadly anti-Christian violence entered its seventh day, a church official told BosNewsLife Sunday, December 30. "The situation is still under tension," in Orissa's communal clash-stricken district of Kandhama, said Leena Joseph a missionary nun of the Catholic St. Joseph order in Orissa, after Hindu extremists' attacks killed at least nine Christians this week and injured many more. "Church leaders and minority Christians have lost faith in the government and police for having failed to protect the minority community," she added, referring to the Christians hiding in jungles. "The government has always passive, inactive and apathetic when it comes to Christians and their welfare," the nun added. It came as police on Sunday, December 30, apparently expelled a national fact-finding mission of Christian officials f
Winter Morning Joy
The cold winter wind whips the flag wildly about its pole while it trembles precariously on this morning Your arm draped around me keeping me warm as I watch through the bedroom window and feel no frost The cozy tastiness of lovers remaining under covers with bodies spooning and caressing one another without thought We burrow further down and deeper into our cocoon of blankets where we have decided to stay until spring and giggle with the joyfulness that only such a winter morning can bring
Why Is Israel Important To Bible Prophecy?
Why is Israel important to Bible prophecy? From a secular standpoint it would probably be a mystery why Israel is always in the news. It is a tiny nation that is about the same size as the State of New Jersey and it has no major natural resources. Israel is important, however, because God made promises to Israel that will be fulfilled. One of the Bible's greatest predictions about Israel has already come to pass. In 1948, Israel was reborn as a nation. The rebirth of the Jewish state should have put aside any doubts that God had abandoned the apple of His eye. He said, "Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel. They say, 'Our bones are dried up and our hope is gone; we are cut off.' Therefore prophesy and say to them: 'This is what the Sovereign Lord says: O My people, I am going to open your graves and bring you up from them; I will bring you back to the land of Israel. Then you, My people, will know that I am the Lord, when I open your graves and bring you up fr
Military Valentines...4th Set (20 To Set)
Some people on fubar are soo stupid...ugh!! Well I finally got my laptop woot woot!! Although im kinda gettin tired of fubar. I dont like being moved from number 2 to number 3...its soo insulting..not only that when i really think about it..the whole top friends crap is flipping retarted..whats even more retarted is that im sitting here writing about it. stupid!!! Well whatever im in a bad mood at the moment and feel like complaining about stupid shit.Well let me get back to hanging with T-Dog.... Oh.. tonight Mike's taking me to the movies to see cloverfield :D Heres what I think about #3........................................................................................................:P
Fingertips Soft, so light Brushing, stroking, stirring Barely awake A smile teases The corners of my mouth Two hands Seeming like more Inciting, enflaming, sparks Aroused now Moving in rhythm thrusting to meet your touch strokes harder, quicker My breath is short Quick quick Slow, then soft Firmly now, and I… Sigh
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Whats Yours......????
IM A PISCES WHAT IS YOURS GEMINI -WILD IN BED (5/21-6/21) Outgoing. Lovable. Spontaneous. Not one to mess with. Funny. Excellent kisser EXTREMELY adorable. dual personalities. Loves relationships, Addictive. Loud. 16 years of good luck if you repost SCORPIO - SEX (10/23-11/21) Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Extremely outgoing. Loves to help people in times of need. Best kisser. Good personality. Stubborn. A caring person. ONE OF A KIND.Gorgeous Smile.Not one to mess with. The best sexual partners in the zodiac. Are the most attractive people on earth! 15 years of goo luck if you repost. CANCER-MORE SEX TO GIVE (6/22-7/22) Trustworthy.Sweet. Attractive. Great kisser. One of a kind. Loves being In long-term relationships. Extremely energetic. Unpredictable. Will exceed your expectations. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out. 2 years of good luck if you repost LIBRA-GREATEST SEX EVER (9/23-10/22) Caring and k
My Web Site
Hello everyone we finally finished our website for the organization myself, my sister, and brother started under our fathers name. Please feel free to go and check it out I will be updating it often. While on there check out the photos and sign the guest book. Anyone that would like to make a donation please fill out the information in the Contact Us section and we will get back to you soo. The site address is Please copy and paste it Thank you, Sean
Military Valentines...3rd Set (20 To Set)
Please Stay
I miss your kiss, your warm embrace, Your big blue eyes and beautiful face. I miss your hands so big and strong, Please bring them back where they belong. I need your touch soft upon my skin, Even more now, than I did back then. I want you you to hold me and never let go, I want and need and love you so. Please don't tell me it's over and push me away, Tell me you love me and you'll stay. I miss the cute smile on your sexy lips, The feel of your hands soft on my hips. Let me lay my head upon your chest, And put all my fears to rest. Please, please, don't make me beg you so, Tell me its forever and you won't let me go.. for WMH 10-14-2007
Minnie Me
I sit and watch him as he grow, From aside fo love I've never experienced before. I smile when i look at him and how he reminds me of me, And hope he sees the things that i didnt get to see. Unconditional love no matter the cause, To stand by my training and receive my applause. Teach him manners and how to treat a lady, Be a proud strong man and never be shady. Never trying to force my previsions, Let him mature and make his own decisions. Now I look forward to fathers day, And all i need to do is look at him and receive my praise.
Hi GuyS..... Happy chat time!!
Rip Steven Fly With The Angels
/¤t=1612615729.jpg" target="_blank">"> It is with great sadness, that i have to tell you that Steven passed away at 6.10 pm GMT. It was very quick and he didnt suffer at all. As people know Steven has battled against Cancer, he had caught a very bed chest infection which got the better of him tonight. We can be grateful in a way that steven will be sufferihg no more. I want to thank everybody for the love and prayers they have shown lately Thank you for the bottom of my heart Dave
Cannot Say
What do you say, when she smiles, and it steals your breath away, when she laughs, making your heart flutter, when she cries, and you would walk through hell to dry those eyes, when she feels alone, and you would stand apon the highest peak to shout out that she isnt, when her heart is broken, and you would gladly give the peices of your own to make hers whole, what do you say, when you want to look into those impossibly amazing eyes, and tell her what you cannot say?
Rip Steven
Steven only had a short life, but it was full of love and happiness. In all his years i dont think i ever heard Steven have a bad word about anybody. As some people may know Steven was Special Needs, down syndrome. But Steven was special in many ways, from the day he was born. He was nearly lost at birth, only an emergency ceasearian saved him and his mum. The only damage we could see at first was he had a club foot. But as he grew we could see signs he was not developing as a normal child should. 2 year old he was taken into hospital for the first time. To have his leg broken and reset to correct his foot. It was at this time he was also diagnosed has sligh down syndrome. Steven then went to a "Special" school, and a very special school it was, it was a school full of love, anybody who has had any dealings with disabled chilkdren should know the love they can show. Steven was a very loving child, and knew everybody - if he didnt know them in his cheeky way he used to say "im Ste
Why cant people just live there own lifes. why do they have to try to control other peoples. I am so tired of everone getting involved with other peoples lives when it has nothing to do with them. why ask what they see in someone. just because you dont see what they see IT IS NOT YOUR LIFE. you are not the one waking up next to that person. Just because you want to be with someone they may not want to be with you. If they dont like you why would you try to make them unhappy. I could understand if you had something and lost it. if you never had it what in the hell are you all bent out of shap for. i really like the game a lot of people on here play ( i will be your friend....) then when the single person you are "friends " with is now take and you are all pissed. you never spoke up and if you did and they said no why go all mental and become a stalker or rapest. no is NO... you know i would have figured that people that have been alive for at least 10 years would have figured that out.
Rip Steven Fly With The Angels
/¤t=1612615729.jpg" target="_blank">"> It is with great sadness, that i have to tell you that Steven passed away at 6.10 pm GMT. It was very quick and he didnt suffer at all. As people know Steven has battled against Cancer, he had caught a very bed chest infection which got the better of him tonight. We can be grateful in a way that steven will be sufferihg no more. I want to thank everybody for the love and prayers they have shown lately Thank you for the bottom of my heart Dave
Sweet Revenge
Every night after lights out it was the same ritual for him. He would strip down to his boxers letting his cock free through the fly opening in front. He’d place his pillow on the floor so that, while doing his push-ups, he would not bang it against the floor as his erection grew to full stance. Enough light flowed into his cell from the corridor allowing him to see the photo of her that he would place on the floor below his face. She’s to blame for his incarceration. Yes, he hated his twin brother Marc with a passion, and knew that some of the blame fell onto him as well, but she managed to lock him up where his brother had always failed. Matt’s vengeance for revenge against both Marc and Charlene grew more each day. On his calendar he’d mark off the days until his release. He looked forward to the day when he could walk out from behind these iron bars and wreak havoc on both their lives and collect the revenge he felt he was owed and so richly deserved. Every muscle of hi
You're gonna be the daddy of a little baby girl in about 4 months time... Well I guess more accurately you'd be the sperm donor. But in any case you were part of the process that created a baby. And you don't give a shit. How does that make you feel really? Are you acting this way on your own, or is it your girlfriend who has you by the balls? Either way it's still so sad that you can't seem to live up to your responsiblities. I know you haven't been reading my journals... and I don't really expect you to read this one either. I don't expect anything from you anymore...'re not worth it.
On My Knees
I'm on my knees, begging you please, Can you give us one more try, Before we end what we have, Before you turn and say goodbye. I'm on my knees, tears falling from my eyes, My heart pounding in my chest, The words frozen on my lips, Wondering if you have already left. I'm on my knees, heart within my hands, Offering you all that I have to give, Begging you please don't let our love die, Give it one more chance to live. I'm on my knees, begging you please, Don't wealk away, Please, baby, I love you so much, Please tell me that you'll stay. for WMH 10-14-2007
Military Valentines...2nd Set (20 To Set)
To Dave..
You know over the years people come, people go.. As A father,we expect our children look after us when we get old and grey..but sometimes we get cheated,when there ill and vulnerable wanting to change places.. anything to make it safe for them..wishing that you can carry the pain for them just to clean another day to watch em smile..but it never happens.. All I ask of you, is to show him a lot of love to dave he needs right now,show him that he is in you're prayers tonight,I know how it feels to lose some one and wouldn't wish this on anyone Crazydave FU Owned by Summer - Brit Bomber 6@ fubar Im soo sorry to hear of this dave,your in our prayers tonight.
Want A Cool Pic
Hey anyone want a pic... here is a sample of what I can do... I can also do some morphs.. if you want theses done for you I do these for a small fee of 500 fubucks.. please message me with the pick and what you want.. ty luv you guy..muah
Military Valentines...1st Set
Well ladies and Gents the military valentines are done and i got 200 to get posted up so if ya think I been mad or ignoring ya, I haven't...just been trying to get these done so I can get them up on some blogs so they can be ripped by the people that want they're Valentine's. I also got comment Valentine's made ... one for Family members and a second for friends and So let me get these up and then its back to the business of Fubaring and fun. Love y'all ...Momma Rox
What Do You Do
Alright, just gettin some stuff out there... Don't mind it What do you do when your whole heart is really taken by one person and your not sure if that person completely has yours? You know that there is love, but how much? The question goes unanswered until that last straw, but you thought that last straw was already pulled. You move on and the next thing you know is now your in a relationship that you need to work out just because your afraidof being a single mother. All the sudden your getting told by other people do what your heart tells you to, and now realizing maybe that last straw really wasn't pulled. Some where there has to be a happy medium right? Wrong! Life doesn't give you that luxury, it makes it as hard as possible to make any sort of decision, and now your in a moral, physical, and mental dilemma. You know if that one person who has your whole heart was with you and finally ment it, you would be completely and udderly happy. Although everyone around you most likely
I Found The Secret...
i was surfing the net today and came across something pretty interesting and then it hit me,thats how most of you godfathers are getting your rankings...its totally unreal and crazy that people cant enjoy the site without cheating..if your curious to know what im talking about message me,i'll be glad to tell you....xoxo
Rip Steven-love And Prayers Dave-repost
It is with great sadness, that i have to tell you that Steven passed away at 6.10 pm GMT. It was very quick and he didnt suffer at all. As people know Steven has battled against Cancer, he had caught a very bed chest infection which got the better of him tonight. We can be grateful in a way that steven will be sufferihg no more. I want to thank everybody for the love and prayers they have shown lately Thank you for the bottom of my heart Dave DAVE LOVE AND PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU FRIEND AND YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE HERE FOR YOU imikimi - Customize Your World STOP BY AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR OUR GREAT FRIEND DAVE -Crazydave FU Owned by Summer - Brit Bomber 6@ fubar
To Lose You Forever
Why do you hurt me this way, Why do I even care, When I called for you in the night , And suddenly you weren't there. If this is goodbye, just say the words, The agony of confusion just isn't fair, And if you will remain, I'll open my soul and lay it bare. Please, if this is not goodbye, Give me a sign that you still care, Beacuse to lose you forever, Would be more than I can bear, I have so much more love left, With you I want to share. for WMH 9-30-2007
I Wanna Win Some Fubucks! Please?
My picture will be in this profile soon! If you could please go and rate it as well as give it daily comments that would be awesome! Thank you to all those for your support!
Plz Plz Plz Plz Do This For Me
i put a pic of my son in a contest.plz plz plz plz plz go vote for it! all u have u have to do is is copy and past the link index.aspx?referid=EmailFriends&p=310681&x=.JPG thank u soooo much!!!
~the Lonely Heart~
Please help me out and bomb this pic: (I really like to be a first time VIP) (repost of original by 'Catch & Release' on '2008-01-18 14:41:36') (repost of original by 'The Lonely Heart (owner of The Lonely Hearts lounge)' on '2008-01-18 14:45:07') (repost of original by 'Catch & Release' on '2008-01-18 15:08:30')
Erotic Pizza Delivery
Working late one night to help pay for my college, I’m delivering pizzas. It’s been a long day of class and now work. Approaching midnight, I’ve suffered through a night of loud professors and lousy tippers, so all I really want to do is finish up this last deliver, get my lame tip, and head home. I jog up to the door, ready to drop off and leave, when I ring the bell and wait like 10 seconds before hearing a woman yell “Hold on, I’ll be right down!” Five minutes later, the door finally opens. “I’m so sorry, I was getting dressed still…” you mumble as I begin to look you up and down. Starting at the bottom, I notice a pair of black boots that go up your calves, up these gorgeous and smooth legs, to a full ass that is covered by a red and purple plaid skirt, to a black tank top covering a nice set of tits. And of course your gorgeous smile. After a speechless moment, I say “ten dollars…” slowly as I cannot take my eyes off of you. “Fine,” you mumble and bend over to your purse on
My Face
Raindrops and heat, Bodies entwined, Our sweat mingles, As our passion grows, Skin on skin, Lips locked together, Fingers exploring New territory, My cries grow frenzied, Outside the rain falls hard, As if in time with your thrusting fingers, At last I surrender my soul to you. for WMH 9-6-2007
Here Are Some More Poems That I Have Wriiten In The Last Few Day
Your eyes which first held me captivated where I stood. Your smile to dazzle the sun and warm every corner of my soul. Your voice like a sparkling mountain stream which flows into my heart. Your walk and the way your gracefulness takes my breath away. Your hair about which I dreamed cascading into my face as you leaned over me. Your hands whose caress I crave to hold my face in their tenderness. Your arms I long to have around my neck as you pull me close to your warmth. Most of all everything you are changed the way I feel about my life. ************************************************* From the heart I hear many words but there are two that echo they're two you know words like them help me go these words create a mortal sunset with a power that I wish to get behind these two words three follow very closely there power is mere chemistry The first two, are your name. The next three, I love you. ***************************
Sex Fairy
The sex fairy The Sex Fairy. When women make love, they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth. Gentle love making reduces your chances of suffering from dermititis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced, cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscle in the body. Its more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps, and you dont need special sneakers! Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well being. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals called pheramones. These subtle sexy perfumes drive the opposite sex crazy! Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world. Its 10 TIMES more effective than valium! Kissing each d
Joys Of A Woman
Joys of being a woman.... Ok, I posted this a while ago under another name...Thought it was worthy of being posted again hehehe. Guys, please read and remember just WHAT we women go thru for YOU!!!! Lol The joys of being a woman: All hair removal methods have tricked women into their promises of being easy, painless removal. The epilady,scissors,razors, Nair and now....the wax. My night began as any other normal weeknight. Come home, fix dinner, play with the kids. I then had teh thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: "Maybe I should pull the waxing kit out of the bathroom cabinet." So I headed to the site of my demise: The bathroom. It was one of those "cold wax" kits. NO melting a clump of hot wax, just rub the strips together in your hand, they get warm and you peel them apart and press them to your leg (or whereever else) and you pull the hair right off. No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be? I mean, Im not a genuis, but i am
First Time
Raindrops and heat, Bodies entwined, Our sweat mingles, As our passion grows, Skin on skin, Lips locked together, Fingers exploring New territory, My cries grow frenzied, Outside the rain falls hard, As if in time with your thrusting fingers, At last I surrender my soul to you. for WMH 9-6-2007
This Is Poem Is For My Future Fubar Wife!!!!
> My beloved, > Oh, my beloved…… > I want to declare my love for you to the universe. > > Let me call your name to the sun and stars, > Let me scream my devotion to the ocean's depths…… > To earth's molten core. > > Why should any corner of the Cosmos be denied your radiance? > Let the Galaxies themselves crave your divine embrace > As do I……… > > Intoxicated with passion, > I want to caress you like the wild sea's wave on the sandy > shore. > Endlessly…......, Endlessly…...... > Pulling back some small grain of you to myself with each > retreat > Until our atoms dance intertwined……., the electric nuclear > tango of fusion. > > Let me be your satellite……..,your moon..... > Circling slowing round the edge of your magnificence. > You always in my gaze > And I caught ……in the gravitational pull of tantric longing. > Wanting......, Wanting...., > Dizzy with desire for your presence….. > Oh, consume me as the candle's flame consumes the air > As it's light ab
Leaders V.s. Followers
LEADERS V.S. FOLLOWERS When leaders make a mistake, they say, "I was wrong." When followers make mistakes, they say, "It wasn't my fault." A leader works harder than a follower and has more time; a follower is always "too busy" to do what is necessary. A leader goes through a problem; a follower goes around it and never gets past it. A leader makes and keeps commitments; a follower makes and forgets promises. A leader says, "I'm good, but not as good as I ought to be;" a follower says, "I'm not as bad as a lot of other people." Leaders listen; followers just wait until it's their turn to talk. Leaders respect those who are superior to them and tries to learn something from them; followers resent those who are superior to them and try to find chinks in their armor. Leaders feel responsible for more than their job; followers say, "I only work here." A leader says, "There ought to be a better way to do this;" followers say, "
Life Is Gods Greatest Gift How We Make Of It Is Our Gift Back To Him
i believe in god i get told alot i dont because i dont believe in religion or praying I believe in a creator with all my heart but i believe that god gave us life a wonderful gift and the tools to make the most of that gift i dont belive he layed down the his law in a book written bye man his laws lay in the tools he gave ...our hearts our souls our minds our and dreams i dont believe god requires me to pick a name from many for him i dont believe church is needed to find the home of god because all he created is his home and i dont believe in praying god gave me a gift he gave me the tools to make the gift all it can be he did his job and fine job he did to he gave me a concince to know in my soul what his laws are he gave me dreams and hope to see what potential my life can hold he gave me determination to reach for those goals he gave me love so i have the strength to hold my dreams and to comfort me when i cant quite reach them he gave me all the tools i need so if i can do the job
New Love
You're the smile upon my face, You're the laughter in my voice, You're the light in my eyes, And you gave me no choice. I didn't mean to love you, I didn't mean to fall so fast, I didn't want to need you so much, And now I want our love to last. We have just begun our journey, We decided to take this drive, We have to be cautious, And we have to keep our love alive. for WMH 9-2007
The Joys Of Having A Little Boy....
For those who have sons & those who will get a sneak peak into the lives of parents who have sons..... And you also find out interesting things when you have sons, like... 1. A king size waterbed holds enough water to fill a 2000 sq. ft. hou se 4 inches deep. 2. If you spray hair spray on dust bunnies and run over them with roller blades, they can ignite. 3. A 3-year old Boy's voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant. 4. If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan, the mot or is not strong enough to rotate a 42 pound Boy wearing Batman underwear and a Superman cape. It is strong enough, however, if tied to a paint can, to spread paint on all four walls of a 20x20 ft. room. 5. You should not throw baseballs up when the ceiling fan is on. When using a ceiling fan as a bat, you have to throw the ball up a few times before you get a hit. A ceiling fan can hit a baseball a long way. 6. The glass in windows (even double-pane) doesn't stop a
Free To All And Free To Everything
We say we are free thinkers of ourselfs but in the truth of this matter, is that some of us let other people control what we say and do. These People are called the controled. If someone tells you what to say how to think how to feel or even what to say, you are Controled. If you have the ablitey of Speaking your own mind and no one elses than you are the Free thinker. You are your own person and doesn't let anyone control you. A free thinker can be anyone that give them self the ablitey to do what ever they want to do. The Controled doesn't have that ablitey they are just told what to do and how to be. There is about 75% of free thinkers and 25% of the controled if you just thinking about it. We say we aren't controled but most of us are and don't want to see it.
Ozzy Osbourne "i Just Want You"
I feel your breath upon my hair, I feel your lips upon my skin, I feel your heart beat next to mine, I taste your lips kissing me, I smell you upon my clothes, I hear your breath catch in your throat, I see the smile in your eyes, Whenever you look my way. I know your strength from your gentle touch, I didn't mean to fall or love you so much, I miss you when we're apart, I long to hear your voice whisper "I love you", I long for your touch upon my skin, I long to feel your fingers in my hair. written for WMH, 09-2007
My Fantasy
This is just a story of a fantasy I have always had....hope to ! As I come out the shower and begin to dry my body the thoughts of the evening ahead run through my mind. With anticipation of the candlelight dinner and dancin he has planned for us I shiver. I smile. And begin to lotion my arms and legs soft and smooth. Then lotion my breast and stomach where I now feel butterflies fluttering thinking of his smile I cant help but think of his strong jaw and soft sweet lips....that I hunger to kiss before the nights end. I put on my robe and go to my closet where I pick my black,low cut satin dress. And find my heels that will enhance my firm, fit legs. I go to my drawer and find my sexiest stockings and silky black bra. No need for panties tonite or so I am hoping. I return to the bathroom to apply my make-up and do my hair. I think up with just enough hair down to tickle my neck as if his lips brushing softly against it. I put on my stockings, they feel good upon my soft legs, and my si
God's Boxes
I have in my hands two boxes, Which God gave me to hold. He said, "Put all your sorrows in the black box, And all your joys in the gold." I heeded His words, and in the two boxes, Both my joys and sorrows I stored, But though the gold became heavier each day, The black was as light as before. With curiosity, I opened the black, I wanted to find out why, And I saw, in the base of the box, a hole, Which my sorrows had fallen out by. I showed the hole to God, and mused, "I wonder where my sorrows could be!" He smiled a gentle smile and said, "My child, they're all here with me.." I asked God, why He gave me the boxes, Why the gold and the black with the hole? "My child, the gold is for you to count your blessings, The black is for you to let go." We should consider all of our friends a blessing.
If You See Him
Fubar Fuk Up
Do not try to update you email address to conform to Fubar guidelines. A close friend of mine tried to update her email and was told the confirmation letter was sent. Well she never received her confirmation letter and now fubar will not recognize here old email or her new email address. When asked Scrapper or Baby Jesus if they could reset it. The powers to be said, "no we can do nothing about it, start a new profile". Well they dcan stop people from doing this or that, but they cant reset a password or anything like that. Their screw up and they wont fix it. Wow can shows me that they dont give a damn about their member who make them money.... Now Does it.
Top Phones For Texting
T-Mobile's wildly popular Sidekick defined the text-centric device category, but it's no longer the only game in town. Until recently, compulsive texters could either opt for a Sidekick in one of its numerous iterations, or go for any number of difficult-to-use smartphones—many of which were priced too dearly for the average consumer. These days, cell phone vendors are jumping in with both feet, offering a slew of messaging handsets with a wide range of prices and feature sets. If you want a phone that excels at text messaging—regardless of which carrier you're shackled to—take a look at the devices below, which offer some of the best-feeling QWERTY keyboards on the market. While no phone will be as comfortable to type on as a PC, no laptop we know of weighs less than five ounces—or doubles as a phone, either. Keyboard OpenT-Mobile Sidekick LX (T-Mobile) It may be large and heavy, but many consider the Sidekick LX the premier texting phone. The latest LX model (at $299 with a tw
Swore I'd never do this. Said people who did were just in serious need of attention. Called contests silly. So what did I do? I went and entered a contest to get some of my fubucks back. After a year of helping others I"m asking for a little help here. Below are the rules but in short, I need at least 2500 points to win any fubucks. Above 2500, all points will be multiplied by 10 to determine the amount won. From MishNumber1's blog The contest will start Friday 18th January 2008 @ 7pm GMT, 11am PST, 2pm EST & will end Thursday 31st January 11pm GMT, 2pm PST, 6pm EST. The prizes will fubucks and everyone can win (perfect for if you wanna bid on the spotlight). The amount of fubucks won depends on how many comments you get. How it works - how many comments you have at the close of the contest, I will stick a 0 on the end of the number (so I'm times it by 10) and thats how many fubucks you will get. Example, if you get 5,000 comments, you will get 50,000 fubucks for your p
Come See Me
                      Get This!
809 Area Code
We actually received a call last week from the 809 area code. The woman said 'Hey, this is Karen. Sorry I missed you--get back to us quickly. I Have something important to tell you.' Then she repeated a phone number beginning with 809 'We didn't respond'. Then this week, we received the following e-mail: Subject: DON'T EVER DIAL AREA CODE 809 , 284 AND 876 THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION PROVIDED TO US BY AT&T. DON'T EVER DIAL AREA CODE 809 This one is being distributed all over the US . This is pretty scary, especially given the way they try to get you to call. Be sure you read this and pass it on. They get you to call by telling you that it is information about a family member who has been ill or to tell you someone has-been arrested, died, or to let you know you have won a wonderful prize, etc. In each case, you are told to call the 809 number right away. Since there are so many new area codes these days, people unknowingly return these calls. If you c
Hillary??? No Freakin' Way
What in the world would an educated person who has followed the Clintons' all these years think? She was labeled years ago as the smartest woman in the world by the Media. They gave her that name because they were astounded by her scheming, conniving mind. She was accused of 6 major corruption charges in Arkansas and she didn't get caught or nailed on any of them. Knowing the right lawyers and having a deceitful mind she has weaseled out of all accusations and her old man was the one that got caught. I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN---I DIDN'T INHALE---I DIDN'T LIE TO THE CONGRESS! They are both lying fools. Hillary "Rotten" Clinton lied from the fact she claimed she can't remember. I can't remember. I don't recall! Do any of you remember the interrogation she went through and these were her answers? Yet she wrote a book based on her life and she remembered everything in that book. What kind of fools does she think her constituency are. She know she is dealing with t
Need My Friends Help
Hey i need 30000 rates and comments in a month to get a Happy Hour. please help me out, just click on the pic it will take u to it. Thanks for the luv and help.
Things Left Unsaid
Just A First Hello........
Hello, well for those who know me... know that I'm a down to earth fun person and a GREAT friend. I'm 36 years old, recently separated with three children. 2 boys 15 and 17 and a girl 11. The boys live with their father and my daughter is with me. So... in a nut shell, I like honest people. People who know what they want in life. I don't like gossip.. hate drama.. and can't stand back stabbers. If you want to know anything else.. just ask. I'll be down loading more pics of me soon.. so check back and take a look.
Try Starting Something That Won't Finish!!!!
Autism/Asperger's Train Help Spread Awareness One Person At A Time! Please Copy One Of These Picture Below & Put On Your Profile!!! Heya! My Name is Krystal (EchoAngel). I have an 8 year old son named Jaren. I don't have to tell you that he is my life. My son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome AKA High Functioning Autism at 3 years old. He isn't stupid, actually quite the opposite, he is brilliant. He has faced a lot of challenges including delayed social skills, facial & vocal cues and body language cues were also some things that were hard for him to catch on. Fortunately, Jaren was diagnosed early and had an advantage that many children didn't. He is overcoming all obstacles one by one. Now he has also learned that everyone has things about themselves that they want to change and in time and with hard work, we all can do anything, not just children with extra challenges. He is learning what his strengths and weaknesses are. His speech skills are years ahead as well a
Our Corrupt Government
Fifty years of failure is enough. It is time; We the people can impose “Term Limits” through our power of having the privilege to VOTE! Former Defense Secretary Dom Rumsfeld was not just criticized for his handling of the Iraq War, leading Democrats, including Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, called for his resignation. Members of Congress, including some Republicans, also called for the resignation of Alberto Gonzales. Both of these individuals have served relatively limited terms, and their transgressions have been arguably few. Now consider a U.S. Congress with a 50-year record of failure in virtually every area for which it is responsible, and many for which it is NOT! It is time for the members of CONGRESS to RESIGN. Congress has had plenty of time to deal with immigration, energy, defense and many other issues in which they play a central role. They have failed miserably. They have ventured into areas for which they have no legitimate responsibility such as education and health c
Re: Huge Diebold Disparities Uncovered In New Hampshire Recount
RE: Huge Diebold Disparities Uncovered In New Hampshire Recount ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 18 Jan 2008, 17:15 Huge Diebold Disparities Uncovered In New Hampshire Recount Huge disparities between votes cast on Diebold electronic voting machines and actual hand counted tallies are emerging during the New Hampshire recount, with Hillary Clinton gaining the most from over a hundred unaccounted for votes in one Manchester Ward.
Mean Kitty
Shuster Calls Ron Paul The Al Qaeda Of The Republican Party
Shuster Calls Ron Paul The Al Qaeda Of The Republican Party Shuster Calls Ron Paul The Al Qaeda Of The Republican Party Body: ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: *RC_REVOLUTION [resistance] -RONPAUL2008- Date: Jan 18, 2008 12:39 PM ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: orangeclad Date: Jan 18, 2008 12:32 PM What a load of BS. ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Anthony (Ron Paul 2008) Date: Jan 18, 2008 12:36 PM ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Tina's Fighting 4 Ron Paul 2008 Date: Jan 18, 2008 9:10 AM ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: BreakTheB0x ( Date: Jan 18, 2008 8:43 AM ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: THE ANTI SHEEPLE (RON PAUL = FREEDOM) Date: Jan 18, 2008 8:39 AM I WANT TO SEE HEADS ROLLING..... I WANT TO SEE THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR..... PEOPLE..........
Cat Killing Toilet Paper
Cat VS Toilet paperAdd to My Profile | More Videos
You may like may not....I'll smile either way....I'm a(ware) I cannot change anyone's mind...If you don't believe me...that's a(ware) your life experience will hurt more than mine...among your opposite, You'll either say, "This is a Great experience! Ooorrr Aw, Fuck, How do I get rid of you"...please continue; I'm pleased you decided to explore... The Emperors in Asian kingdoms began their legacy at 3 years of age...NO adults were authorized in their space without armed protection...If an adult spoke before approval; they were executed without question. Youth can see the needs of ALL people; an adult seeks the needs of self..."Protect the child" why? Protected by corruption...corruption of what? rape, abuse, violence, greed, envy, hoarding, judgmental dispositions.... When adults are seeking "younger partners" they're truly seeking the noted times, a moment of revenge Ooorrr a fresh start…tricky now, (both) individuals must attain the same intenti
Bad Pussy
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Talking Kitty
Vote 2008? Its Not Worth It..
Talking Cats
Crazy Cats
"r" Troubles
A young schoolboy was having a hard time pronouncing the letter ''R,'' and all the other kids were, of course, teasing him about it. To help him out, the teacher gave him a sentence to practice at home: ''Robert gave Richard a rap in the ribs for roasting the rabbit so rare.'' In class a few days later, the teacher asked the boy to recite the sentence out loud. The boy nervously eyed his classmates--many of them already laughing at him--then replied, ''Bob gave Dick a poke in the side because the bunny wasn't cooked enough.''
Roaring Cat In A Boot
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Cat Loves Water
Crazy Cat loves water.Add to My Profile | More Videos
Hey everyone i got on the Vip list with my friend and we can get everyone in for free with half off all drinks all night long tonight so send me a message if you want to come and hang out!!!
Creepy Glossary
Please enjoy yours cruelly's "Gruesome and Ghastly Glossary of the Grotesquely Garrulous Gibberings of the Creepy-Crawling Horror Fiend !" It was to have been published at the end of Creepy Crawls but, alas, Creeps, was lost upon the editorial chopping block in the name of the book's page count. But here it is for all you boils and ghouls to enjoy ... ABATTOIR: a slaughterhouse ABHORRENT: offensive or disgusting ABERRANCE: deviating from what is normal ANTHROPOPHAGY: cannibalism APPALL: to fill with disgust or dismay ATROCIOUS: extremely bad or cruel BUTCHERMOBILE: any motor vehicle which yours cruelly is found driving CADAVERIC: of or relating to a cadaver CADAVEROUS: suggestive of a cadaver or death CARRION: dead and decaying flesh CEMETERIAL: of or related to a cemetery CHARNEL: gruesomely suggestive of death or the dead CHARNEL HOUSE: any place for the depositing of the bodies or bones of the dead; the abode of yours cruelly
Thought For The Day Friday 01/18/2008
A thought for the day from: Peter Britt "Gone, but not fogotten hopefully. Gone is where I've been, forgotten is what I've been trying to accomplish within myself, to no avail. No matter how I try to lose myself, I'm already lost, so the losing is not superfluous, the me is. Sullen this day indeed. Ahead, many wonders, but I do not see them now. Only anguish rings true and aloud in my mind this moment. One turn or the other, no matter any longer. The road is paved, and the paving expertly articulated by its engineer. One step deeper, each step I take. Wonderful, the tools used to excavate this heart, and they burrow deeply to remove what remains within. Can you hear the sound of me? Can anyone again!" ©2008 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
Creepy Crawlin It's Way To You......
Do you have the guts for some good ghastly and gruesome olde ... CREEPY CRAWLS?!? Creepy Crawls: A Horror Fiend's Travel Guide is a hair-raisingly informative and skin-crawlingly entertaining travel guide to horror locations from film, literature, and culture & society. It will feature travel information to locations such as London, Paris, Poe's Baltimore, Lovecraft's New England, Halloween's "Haddonfield," The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Austin, Friday the 13th's "Camp Blood," and much, much more! Featuring a foreword by "The Godfather of Gore" himself ... Herschell Gordon Lewis! Creepy Crawls was published on September 1st through Santa Monica Press and can be ordered now at or you can also ask for it at your local Borders, Barnes & Nobles, or similar bookseller. Buy it or BEWARE! CREEPY CRAWLS: A HORROR FIENDS TRAVEL GUIDE Paperback: 384 pages; black & white photographs Publisher: Santa Monica Press Release Date: September 1, 2006 Price: $16.95
Hey All
Friends In Need....
Hey ya'll i'm trying to get two of my friends to level up. If ya have a few minutes maybe you could swing by fan, add, rate them and help them level up! I know they'd appreciate the help and so would I. They definitely are great guys and worthy of being your friends. If ya need help leveling yourself send me a message I'll see what I can do about helping you out as well. Have a great weekend. Thanks to all of you that have already shown them love! BIG HUGS 6,975 to level Deadliest Catch ~* "RL BF to IRISH SWEETHEART~ DIRTY SOUTH CREW~~@ fubar 2,793 to level BaracuddA --AKA-- FISH----GUPPY@ fubar
Dancing Through Life
Dancing through life Skimming the surface Gliding where turf is smooth Life's more painless For the brainless Why think too hard? When it's so soothing Dancing through life No need to tough it When you can sluff it off as I do Nothing matters But knowing nothing matters It's just life So keep dancing through Dancing through life Swaying and sweeping And always keeping cool Life is fraught-less When you're thoughtless Those who don't try Never look foolish Dancing through life Mindless and careless Make sure you're where less Trouble is rife Woes are fleeting Blows are glancing When you're dancing Through life:
I Lied
to my wife. Over a year ago my wife found me on here when this place was She got mad made me delete my account. Well my wife has been raising our almost 5 year old daughter alone while I've been in Iraq the past 6 months. I decided to re join on our 6 year wedding anniversary. One of my wifes friends saw my profile and sent her an email to tell her I was back on here. She got mad. I then told her that I was on here talking to some guys wife about wedding rings. blah blah blah.
Gift Ideas
A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Taser for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop I was looking for a little something extra for my wife, Toni. What I came across was a 100,000-volt pocket/purse- sized taser. The effects of the taser were supposed to be short Lived, with no long-term adverse affect on an assailant. The idea is to allow my wife -- who would never consider a gun --adequate time to retreat to safety. WAY TOO COOL!! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded in two triple-a batteries and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. But then I read (yes, 'read') that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arch of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs and I'd know it was working.. Awesome!!! (Actually, I have yet to explain to Toni what that burn spot is on the face of her microwave). Okay, so I was home alone with
Little Boys Are Silly...
i found this in a bulletin, it made me laugh, out loud, for real. yeah, i can't wait for these days! (sarcasm!) For those who have sons & those who will get a sneak peak into the lives of parents who have sons..... And you also find out interesting things when you have sons, like... 1. A king size waterbed holds enough water to fill a 2000 sq. ft. hou se 4 inches deep. 2. If you spray hair spray on dust bunnies and run over them with roller blades, they can ignite. 3. A 3-year old Boy's voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant. 4. If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan, the mot or is not strong enough to rotate a 42 pound Boy wearing Batman underwear and a Superman cape. It is strong enough, however, if tied to a paint can, to spread paint on all four walls of a 20x20 ft. room. 5. You should not throw baseballs up when the ceiling fan is on. When using a ceiling fan as a bat, you have to throw the ball up a few times before you g
Guilt Trips
I was raised in a home where guilt was used as a method of control. Then one day i had an epiphany. Let me explain. Guilt is an emotion. Just like Love is an emotion. Now it is common knowledge that you can't make someone feel love. They either love you or they don't. No more, no less. Now, if Love and Guilt are both emotions, and you can't make somoene feel Love, wouldn't it stand to reason that you can't make someone feel guilt? Yeah I know there are going to be someone of you that say "It isn't that they make you feel it, they convince you of it." But that logic still doesn't hold up. No one can convince me that I love someone. I either do or I don't. So why can't Guilt work the same way? Just because someone says you are guilty, that doesn't mean you actually are. Step back and use your conscience. That's why you have it. If you can scincerly look at the situation in which you are being accused and say that you haven't done anything wrong, then don't assum
Mexico & The Netherlands , A Great Combination =d
My Living Will
MY LIVING WILL Last night my sister and I were sitting in the den and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all, If that ever happens, just pull the plug." So she got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine. She's such a bitch.
Making A Baby
Making a baby. This is hilarious! There is not one smutty word in it... The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Smith kissed his wife goodbye and said, "Well, I'm off now. The man should be here soon." Half an hour later, just by chance, a door-to-door baby photographer happened to ring the doorbell, hoping to make a sale. "Good morning, Ma'am", he said, "I've come to..." "Oh, no need to explain," Mrs.Smith cut in, embarrassed, "I've been expecting you." "Have you really?" said the photographer. "Well, that's good. Did you know babies are my specialty?" "Well that's what my husband and I had hoped. Please come in and have a seat". After a moment she asked, blushing, "Well, where do we start?" "Leave everything to me. I usually try two in the bathtub, one on the couch, and perhaps a couple on the bed. And sometimes the living room f
Mid Life Crisis, Maybe?
The other day someone asked me to describe myself but not with the usual stuff like what movies I like, what kinda music I like, things of that nature and I was at a complete loss. I have no clue who I am. I have gone so long in life as someone's wife and mother I seem to have forgotten who the real "Katie" is. I often joke and tell my family and friends it's not if I lose my mind but when and I honestly think that time is drawing near. So if this is my mid life crisis, does this mean I can go buy a sports car and sleep with a young hot guy? I'd settle for just hiding out somewhere to just try to figure out who I really am.
Do you know how I feel when you touch my heart Can you hear me cry inside at your silent embrace Do you see the fear I keep hidden away Can you feel the pain I never show I can't help but smile when you touch my heart You can't know the warmth it brings me I can't bring myself to share the love You can't see the hope in my soul If only I too touch your heart I only try to ease your fears If only I could help as much I only wish I were as true Do you know you touch my heart I love you being in my life Do you feel the way I do Do you know you touch my heart
Sorry Joker But Dam Im Laffin Lmao Xoxo
->joker6: yeah they go with my ass hairs joker6: nice tits
New Hospital Information....
Things have been very confusing regarding my sons kidney transplant...Seems the doctors are having a hard time deciding the best procedure to take concerning my son...Because he has been ill so long with Bartters Syndrome many other things have gone wrong some due to his illness and some due to the meds he has to take daily...They have again decided to wait until they find a match to remove his and try to avoid the dialisis....Here is some updated hospital information for those who wish to concider giving a kidney and God Bless you all....Nancy ~AKA~ Knightskitty Please contact: Diane Mak-Kaplan Transplant Coordinator Kidney transplant Service 400 Parnassus Ave, Plaza Level, Rm. A68 San Fransisco ca. 94143-0116 Tele; 415-353-1264 Fax: 415-353-1939 Please If you have the old hospital information disregard it....The #s have changed to the ones above...New Coordinator...
Answering A Fool
The Bible says to not answer the fool his folly. That means if a person comes ot you and says bad things to you to make you mad enough ot say or do something then that person has succeed in getting you to stoop to their level. We all have a choice to decide if we want to answer someone back. To either keep the trashing/fussing going back and forth or be the adult and not answer them. If all of us and me included did this there owuld be a lot less drama here and in our own lives. Why is it so hard to stop? Casue we want to defined ourselves. TO protect our selfves. Kids in school say bad things about another kids mom or dad and then a fight ensues. We as adults do almostthe same thing. Why? Perhaps a part of us hasn't grown up. For all this to stop we have to decid if we as the adults will act as adults and not little kids. Can we do it? I know sometimes i find it hard. Ask my family. I am stubborn and I do fight for people I love and especialy those who love me. I fight
Im Sorry
im sorry I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not a jerk I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just screw you like some random guy. I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4am when your new man hit you and dropped you off in the middle of no
So I have officially been single for one month on Monday after my arsehole of an ex cheated on me! Now its my mission to ruin you guys whenever possible lol. Dirty old men do not need apply. If your hot and looking for some sparring then bring it on. xxxxxxx
Friendship Poem
Friends A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift. A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy, and grace. And makes the whole world we live in a better and happier place. - Jean Kyler McManus -
I've learned today, that I need to STFU! No one give a fuck what I have to say...
The Love List
I did this a long time ago on myspace and i figured now more than ever it is needed. there is way too much fighting and arguing and negativity on here. its time people took a deep breath and tried to see the really important things. I'm gonna try to spread positivity when all i see is negative surrounding me. go to the bottom for something extra about me. the love blog goes like this: one day i started a series of blogs because all i saw was blogs that were F'ck lists. a list basically telling everything and everyone to just F off and i wanted to inspire people to take that negative and give it a positive twist. so here goes again. the LOVE list! I LOVE... Dylans giggle Jeremy's arms Sunshine Warm weather The Atlantic Ocean Peace Lilys Fiji water Steak tacos from PePe's LOLLIPOPS!!! The color PINK Late night card games with best friends Random and odd information People my real life friends. no one compairs! Sketel Boom (yak) G33k1nt3hp1nk planning parties The
If You Cant Find Me....
I am investing in a new Computer, but my cell phone wont let me on FUBU, so please add my myspace name-----for now...xoxoxox My URL:
Love Poem#3
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you. - Courtney Kuchta
Watch your thoughts they become words Watch your words they become action Watch your action they become habits Watch your habits they become your character Watch your character it becomes your destiny. The past few weeks I have seen this happen even with myself. I let thought i was having come out in a mum. I was hurt, I felt I wasn't beingtold the truth and the person in question wasn't helping set the record straight so I was left to my thoughts and those thoughts became actions and those actions...well I CHOICE not to make it a habit. Yes I was attacked for the mum. Did i do right by the mum. Only God knows. I was attacked for my faith. Like the Devil likes to do to God's children. No I didn't do what God wanted me to do but God takes care of His children. Will I do something like this again. I can't answer that casue I am not sure. The lesson I learned...people will beleive what they want and there is NOTHING any one can do other
Love Quote
"The greatest gift you can give is unconditional love" -GreenDragonEyes76
Love Poem
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you. - Courtney Kuchta -
Heh, Read Me.
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND OR HUSBAND OR WIFE - REPOST THIS! LET THE FUN BEGIN........ 1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Favorite position: 4. Do you think I'm cute: 5. Would you have sex with me: 6. lights on or off: 7. Would you have to be drunk: 8.Would you take a shower with me: 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me: 10.Would you leave after or stay the night: 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards: 12.Condom or skin: 13.Have sex on the first date: 14.Would you kiss me during sex: 15.Do you think I would be good in bed: 16. Would you use me as a booty call: 17.Can I use you as a booty call: 19.Can we take pictures of the act: 20.How long would we have sex: 21.Would you tell your friends about me: 22.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you: SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THIS BACK TO YOU! TITLE IT-Naughty Appli
Bad Day At The Office??
Bad Day at the Office? Hello If you don't laugh out loud after you read this you are in a coma! This is even funnier when you realize it's real! Next time you have a bad day at work, think of this guy. Rob is a commercial saturation diver for Global Divers in Louisiana . He performs underwater repairs on offshore drilling rigs. Below is an E-mail he sent to his sister. She then sent it to radio station 103.2 on FM dial in Ft. Wayne , Indiana , who was sponsoring a worst job experience contest. Needless to say, she won. Hi Sue, just another note from your bottom-dwelling brother. Last week I had a bad day at the office. I know you've been feeling down lately at work, so I thought I would share my dilemma with you to make you realize it's not so bad after all. Before I can tell you what happened to me, I first must bore you with a few technicalities of my job. As you know, my office lies at the bottom of the sea. I wear a suit to the office. It's a we
Friday, January 18th
YAY for Fridays! Woot! I will be getting my precious granddaughter tonight. She lights up my life. She messes up my house; but lights up my life. Hearing her call me, "MaMa" (short for Grandmama)is one of the best sounds I've heard. Another nicity (is that a word? lol) today that warmed my heart was I was chatting with a new friend recently and today she told me words really meant something to her and she really appreciated our chat. Will all the childish stuff going on here in fu land now and then, it is so heartwarming to know that my words actually reached someone. Like The Sisterhood tag I recently saw, reach for a hand and touch the heart. I ¢¾ all of my friends. :D
Dishes ( Lol )
He watched her, so sexy & beautiful, as she moved around the kitchen, wearing nothing but one of his old t-shirts and a skimpy pair of panties... He could feel the desire building as he watched her from the sofa. Finally she stopped at the sink to wash a few dishes. He got up, walked to her and slipped his arms around her waist and kissed the side of her neck “MMM ‘she said as she leaned her head back on his shoulder “I’ll be done in a minute” “That’s ok. Don’t mind me “he replied as he gently sucked her ear lobe causing her to shiver, he slid his hands up to cup her breasts, his thumbs caressing her nipples through the fabric and smiled as they became stiff peaks. “You aren’t gonna let me finish the dishes are you?” she asked playfully “Told you don’t mind me you go ahead’ he whispered in her ear. He slid one hand down over her stomach, under the hem of the t-shirt into her panties, while moving his mouth to the other side of his neck nibbling & kissing. He pressed his knee between h
A Killer Bird On The Loose!
Something really disgusting is happening in our front yard almost daily! A bird is attacked and torn apart and we find body parts all over our yard. A foot here a head there! It is so nasty seeing the insides of birds strewn all over our lawn! At first I thought it was my cat but they realized that she just plays with the birds and doesn't actually eat them or tear them apart. Then a neighbor told me they saw a Possum in our front yard one time so I thought it could be that. Yesterday a kid came and knocked on our door and said there was a Hawk in our front yard ripping apart another bird. A hawk! WTF? So that is what is attacking these poor little defenseless birds. Why would a Hawk do that? It leaves it's mess all over our yard. It must be living somewhere close by, in our tree perhaps? I want this Hawk shot and killed or at least move on to someone else's property. I am getting quite tired of seeing these bird parts on my yard and I am sure my husband is ti
I Missed It
i missed college. no joke. i missed my friends, i missed my roommate (even tho we just co-exist), i missed breakfast group, the drama, and stuff. so far, my classes seem pretty good tho wednesday and friday are gonna KILL ME. i'm takin 2 english classes (writing thru lit, and intro to shakespeare - both taught by the same person), latin american studies, and german. to be honest, i really missed my german class. a lot of the kids in my class last semester are still in my class this semester. prof. armster brought up a good point at the end of the year that made me appreciate that class and the people in it more. she told us that we were all friends, in some way or another, there wasnt fightin (much anyway), and she concluded saying "you all respect each other". it was true. outside of class, i could easily have a conversation with anyone from that class. none of them were in my dorm so it was a nice change from my seminar. bill and i hung out today. we got him something
Mami's Shyt
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND OR HUSBAND OR WIFE - REPOST THIS! LET THE FUN BEGIN........ 1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Favorite position: 4. Do you think I'm cute? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8.Would you take a shower with me? 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12.Condom or skin? 13.Have sex on the first date? 14.Would you kiss me during sex? 15.Do you think I would be good in bed? 16. Would you use me as a booty call? 17.Can I use you as a booty call? 19.Can we take pictures of the act? 20.How long would we have sex? 21.Would you tell your friends about me? 22.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THIS BACK TO YOU! TITLE IT-Naughty Appli
Dj Ozzfanatic2
As of January 13, 2008, I am the new Fu-Owner of this awesome guy. Please go show him some Fu-love. ~~DJ Ozzfanatic2~~No Fan/No Add*~*LuAngel RL/BF~Fu-Owned by Sweet Mel~*Wicked Storm ~WYKD Radio DJ~@ fubar
Chili Chicken With Basil And Coconut Cream
Chili Chicken with Basil and Coconut Cream This Chicken recipe is flavored wonderfully with basil, chili, and coconut cream. It takes no time and is very tasty. Serving: 4 Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 35 minutes INGREDIENTS: 1 pound chicken breast fillets 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 brown/yellow onion, finely chopped 2 tablespoons small red chillies or flakes, finely chopped 1 cup shredded fresh basil leaves 2 tablespoons fish sauce 1 teaspoon chopped fresh cilantro stems 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar 1 cup coconut cream DIRECTIONS: 1. Remove excess fat from chicken and cut into 1/2-inch strips. 2. Heat oil in a wok over medium-high heat and stir-fry onion and chili until onion is tender. Add chicken and stir-fry until tender, 2 to 3 minutes. Add basil, fish sauce, cilantro and sugar and stir-fry for 1 minute. Add coconut cream and stir until mixture is hot. Serve immediately. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Based on individual serving.
The Pain Was Worth It
so yesterday i got my nipples pierced.....yeah it hurt, but it was awesome!!!! as soon as these heal i am goin for 2 far i have an eyebrow ring, 6 gauge plugs, i had 5 tounge rings but i took 'em out ha ha ha!, and now the nipple studs.... hopefully i can get my tattoos soon enough XD
i have no idea how to work my profile..somebody help me please!
Yes, You Missed Me!!!
Sorry, not here much.....
Welfare Urine Test
WELFARE URINE TEST" (I sure would like to know who wrote this one! They deserve a HUGE pat on the back!) Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test with which I have no problem. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their ASS, doing drugs, while I work. . . . Can you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check ? Pass this along if you agree or simply delete if you don't. Hope you all will pass it along, thou
As of January 18, 2008, Tulsa's Angel and I are the proud new owners of our wonderful SgtRaider. Please go show this awesome man some Fubar love. SgtRaider™*Fu-Husband Of Ecuadorian Goddess* (Promoter Of Sarge's Bad Girls)@ fubar
Mel And I Own Sgt.raider
Starting January 18, 2008 Sweet Mel and I co-own Sgt.Raider! Click the next picture to check out Sgt.Raider :D Sarge's Bad Girls@ fubar Sarge is co-owned by me and Sweet Mel: ^Sweet Mel ~Official Greeter Club F.A.R ~Sisterhood~SgtRaider's Bad Girl^@ fubar
Baby, Take Your Teeth Out
Baby take your teeth out Try it one time Baby take your teeth out Try it one time Leave 'em on the kitchen table Baby take your teeth out It'll be fine Baby take your teeth out It'll be fine There ain't nothin' left to smile about Baby take your teeth out You look divine Baby take your teeth out You look divine Go ahead and eat the label Baby take your teeth out I will recline Baby take your teeth out I will recline There ain't nothin' left to talk about Frank Zappa
Midnight Showing Of Cloverfield
My fiance liked it alot. He was hyped up about seeing it. As soon as I saw the first preview I knew it was going to be another one of those movies that get so hyped up, that when you eventually see it, it's a disappointment. Now I will admit that I did get scared at certain points. I do scare easily. However the reason I found this movie to be less than exquisite was the half assed acting, and the first person filming. Granted it was kinda cool to know what they knew when they knew it and feel like you were there, but weren't we there with the Blair Witch Project? Shakey camera, screaming, running, it LITERALLY made me nauseous, not to mention the headache. So fair warning to the ladies, If you have a delicate stomach, get motion sickness, or scare easily, be prepared to have your head down or in your significant others arm for the majority of the film. Since it's mainly blood and freaky looking things. Save yourself the raging bile duct, Stay home
Bed- J Holiday
Uh huh, uh huh, bed, bed, bed, bed Put you to bed, bed, bed, bed Put you to bed, bed, bed, bed Girl change into that Victoria's Secret thing that I like Alright, Okay Tonight your having me your way Perfume, spray it there Put our love in the air Now put me right next to you Fittin' to raise the temp in the room First rub my back like you do Right there, uh-uh, right there uh You touch me like you care Now stop & Let me repay for the week that you been through Working that 9-5 and staying cute like you do oh, oh, oh [Pre-Chorus] I love it (I love it) You love it (You love it) Every time (Every time) We touchin (We touchin) I want it (I want it) You want it (You want it) I'll see you (I'll see you) In the morning (In the morning) [Chorus] Wanna put my fingers through your hair Wrap me up in your legs & love you till your eyes roll back I'm tryin to put you to bed, bed, bed I'mma put you to bed, bed, bed Then I'ma rock your body Turn you over Love
I'm An Idiot.
I'm an idiot. I admit it.
Happy Birthday!
A woman went into a store to buy her husband a pet for his Birthday. After looking around, she found that all the pets were very expensive. She told the clerk she wanted to buy a pet, but she didn't want to spend a fortune. 'Well,' said the clerk, 'I have a very large bullfrog. They say it's been trained to give oral sex !' 'Oral sex !' the woman replied. 'It hasn't been proved but we've sold 30 of them this month,' he said.. The woman thought it would be a great gag gift, what if it's more oral sex for her! She bought the frog. When she explained Froggy's' ability to her husband, he was extremely skeptical and laughed it off. The woman went to bed happy, thinking she may never need to perform this less than riveting act again. In the middle of the night, she was awakened by the noise of pots and pans flying every-where, making hellacious banging and crashing sounds. She ran downstairs to the kitchen, only to find her husband and the frog reading
About Me Emotionally
I am not an easy person to get to truly know. It is rare for me to show my true self to anyone. This reluctance to express my feelings openly is steeped in a fear of being exposed to attack. Despite my cautious approach to showing my emotions, my passions run deep. Emotionally, there are very few gray areas for me. I either love something or you hate it. I thrive on intense emotional situations and unrestrained passion. The world's many mysteries enthrall me. Although deeply emotional,I am very good at keeping my feelings in check when events call for a cool head and clear thinking. I am very curious about everything around me. I love anything that challenge me mentally. However, I am a bit of an intellectual gypsy, and rarely stay with any one subject long enough to fully understand it. Subjects simply grow stale very fast for me, and the next subject is a lure I cannot resist. I learn very quickly and I have the ability to see why things are the
Subservience to me, is highly over rated Subservience to me, is totally outdated Subservience to me is being confused Subservience to me is being abused Subservience is agreed, something I will never be Again! This poem was written by me because of what I felt when I was with my ex husband. That is what he made me feel. Somewhat less than human. he made me feel not worthy of anything or any one. I was told what to do, when to do it, what to wear, how to act and if I dod something wront, then I paid the price. i was not allowed to talk to him unless he spoke to me first. Later on during the rocky times he would hold a gun to my head and he told me he would shoot me if I didnt preform oral sex on him. If I sassed him, I would get back handed for my troubles. the last straw was when he was caught cheating with a whore down the road. I confronted him and he busted a beer bottle across my right eye and he totalled my car by ramming it with his pickup. i felt like a weight was lifte
He Wantsa Raise. Here Are The Arguments.
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: I do physical labor. I work at great depths. I plunge head first into everything I do. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. I work in a damp environment. I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation. I work in high temperatures. My work exposes me to contagious diseases. Sincerely, P. Niss The Response: Dear P. Niss: After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons: You do not work 8 hours straight. You fall asleep after brief work periods. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. You do not stay in your designated area and are often seen visiting other locations. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of your shift. Yo
2008 Aee/avn
First let me say I'm sorry, but I've been busy and with filming before and after the AVN's I finally have some time to come back and report. For my friends who are curious, Jenna Jameson was there incognito with a hat over her eyes so she could see her friends. However since she sold the whole Jenna franchise to Playboy and Playboy Enterprises is actually having more financial problems than they are actually elluding to so there wasn't a booth at all. It was so cool seeing everyone and I actually got to sign 2, count them 2 autographs. Saw so many actresses and they for the most part were very friendly and actually impressed since I primarily perform in BDSM porn. Angie Savage and Candy Manson were the coolest and most encouraging. Props to them. Made a lot of connections so hopefully you'll see me in some of the more mainstream venues within the next year. I also got a chance to talk to some of the great guys you see in porn as well. Billy Glide, Randy Spears and th
Have You Ever...
1. Do you still talk to the person you had your first kiss with? Yes...believe it or not. 2. What would you do with 1,000 plastic spoons? Sit on the front porch and flick them into the yard. 3. What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school? Whatever my sister was listening to. 4. What is the best thing about your job? The fact that I don't have one. 5. Do you wish cell phone etiquette was required in class? Oh yeah, especially when I'm trying to concentrate and someone's phone goes off. 6. Where are you going on your next vacation? Oregon. 7. Are you a fan of piercings and/or tattoos? Um, not big on pain. 8. Are most of the friends in your life new or old? Old 9. Do you own any furniture from Ikea? No 10. If you could be an animal what would you be? White tiger...Grrrr 11. What state/country are you from? Illinois 12. Tell us about the last conversation/s you had? Just me and Crystal talking online about stuff. 13. Where do yo
My Brothers Girl friend is a nasty thing.. she cant decide if she wants him or this other dude... well my brother moved on and she got upset and pulled the "im pregant" card on him.. now this other guy came back around and all of a sudden she had a misscariage and cant be with my brother no more... WHY ARE BITCHES LIKE THAT... it makes me sick.. Ive recently had a death of a child. and it pisses me off when bitches pull that card.. she never had a misscariage.. after 4 months and she didnt even go to the hospital... umm ive been there done that and shes tryign to cover her ass.. but i told my brother the truth and walked him thru thedetails of a misscarriage.. ewwww.. im so mad right now.. i dont wish death upon anyone especailly a child.. but i hope bitches like that get karma sent right back to them for there lies and have to face the real emotional horror and pain of losing a child.. plus the physical pain its not that easy... i hope god lays the karma smack down on her a
Be Real
I really hate when people can't say what they mean, or say one thing and do another. Be straight. Be honest. No matter how much the truth sucks, it's always less painful than avoidance. Just needed to get it off my chest. That's all I got. Out.
I'm Money
Cuz I'm a user, a shmoozer, a big dollar loser. That doesn't matter cuz my friends call me a brusier and I . . . get chicks, so many chicks want me (nope). Cuz I'm not funny, honey. A big oafy dummy. That doesn't matter cuz my friends say I'm money and I, get drunk, too many drinks want me (yeah). Yo, get out the get out the way of the money man. Ladies know I'm dope, so consider me contraband. Fella's are just jealous, cuz they're ponies and I'm mustang. Don't try to hang cuz I'm out with a big bang. Get get down, all the ladies wanna be with me. Get get down, all the fellas compete with me. Get get down, and I know that I'm trippin, But I really don't care cuz this is how I'm livin'. (CHORUS) All the ladies wanna know me. They ignore me-intimidated by me. All the fellas, all the fellas wanna be me. They ignore me-intimidated by me. (x2) Who needs them anyway . . . cuz I'm money. Cuz I'm a user shmoozer, a big dollar loser. That does
Fav Music
I love latin rap, hip/hop, r&b, metal....well a little of everything... some i have on my tracks would've added more but couldnt remember the names....question is what's your fav music?
Me + Lake Tahoe + August = Yay!!!
Ok cant afford it yet, but as I have not had a holiday in over 6 years,I have booked my Mums timeshare and requested 2 weeks in South Lake Tahoe, California. Have a couple of friends 2 hours from there in Sacramento I intend to visit and drink under the table or similar furniture, lol For the rest of the time, Sun, Relaxation and women in bikini's :P Going for 2 weeks between 2nd and 17th August 2008. Look me up if you are in reach of me, lol :P
Please Help Vote
Please vote for my nephew, Juan Jeremiah Gavin Gonzalez, to win the Cutest Baby Contest that Wild 94.9 is having. The winner of this contest will receive $5,000 and the money will be spent for his Baptism. You can only vote once a day from each computer, so please remember to vote everyday. I t will send an e-mail verification notice to complete the vote. Please forward/pass the word to your friends and family. Winning this contest is really important to us. INSTRUCTIONS: * Copy and paste link below, or click on it(whichever helps better): * * Scroll down to Gallery 19 and click on "VOTE NOW!" * Select his name next to #17, scroll down and type in your ************* and click the submit button to vote. You can also view his picture (he is SUCH A CUTIE!!) by clicking on the "VIEW" button instead of the "VOTE NOW!" button. Just click the right arrow until you get to #17.

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