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Crystal Window
I look at this crystal window before me It shines like a twisted mirror, broken and shattered A reflection of my life I presume Because looking back, none of it mattered I gave it my all, but that wasn't enough I fought the good fight, but all of that stuff Was nothing at all when faced with you How could I predict what you'd put me through? I never could've predicted a way to the pain That was faster than you, lost out in the rain That was bleeding its heart out all over my ceiling From under my floor, I'll remember this feeling
Tears And Sunlight
I look to you, but you only bring me pain I wish to give you sunlight, but you always bring the rain You cover up my happiness with things that time forgot And tho I try for apathy, you know it hurts a lot You cry to me and ask me not to make you feel so bad By feeling sorry every time you say what makes me sad But how can I let go of pain that you just give to me? It never stops, it never ends, I guess I won't be free Until this whole broken world is shattered and broken Until then, just take this token Of my affection, and know that it holds within it All the love that I can give it This kiss, windswept and blown away To comfort you some other day The rain is gone, what's wrong is right And all that's left are tears and sunlight
When I felt your hands around my neck, I asked if this was all my fault, in my head I knew you would choke me until im blue...I dont know how this happened, I dont know what I did, but I suppose I should stand here until I fall...I know not what lie ahead of me, I should only hope that somehow death takes my soul before you have ran ahead and broken it first. Maybe I could run, far away from here? But with one wrong turn, I might never make it home, you would come back for me every time I fall...closer until I could feel your breath upon my skin, and once again know those cold forsaken hands around my neck....
Say Goodbye
say goodbye I couldn't chance to see the light, instead I wrote off the pain and ran through the dark. Never meant to run into you but you were the only thing faster than the pain. Somehow you sliced into me when no one else could, and in the rain you stood and watched me bleed. By nothing more than graceless disdain I learned to forget if I couldn't hate, and boy, I loved you. Crystal tears and ruby drops I bled, see the death lights and count on feeling numb, the dying has begun. Run and fight your blade away, another cut to the soul sustained, another jolt of pain. Rip off another small piece of me and just wait and see, you'll never really know all of me, but boy I loved you. So save your tears and say goodbye, the time has come and I must die, but please boy don't you cry, the time has come and I must say goodbye.
It's hard to see the pain behind the mask, and you never stick around long enough to ask, so each day I put on another face, running away to start you on a chase. I dig down deep inside my own heart, and here I wait in the dark. But you only laugh, knowing you have your hand inside my heart. I needed you, like bacteria feeding on the dead, and slowly I let you inside my head. I hurt so badly but yet I need this pain, it's spilled upon my breast leaving it's stain. It sucks at my soul until at last I am drained. I had sought to throw away your poisoned love, to rid myself of this toxic bond of souls we've made, but you've bound me in chains so tightly that I struggle and I bleed, letting go of caution only knowing that I love you but your bondage would only cause my death. Enslave me not, but slay me now, leaving me not to ask you how
Fatal Addiction
Rip me apart, go on and teart me at my seams. Ive caged the pain and released the rage,its because of you i am the person i call me, ever cold and dead like you never thought id be. I tried to hold on, but in the end it was just too much, i had no choice but to let go, there was nothing left to hold. This pain will ever make it all ok, dead silence cant ever make it all right. But wait and see, there are so many ways to survive,see? Im still alive. To you its all a game, you cant even look me in the eyes and call me by my name. This is our life, never to be the same. Rip me into pieces. Just snip off one more small piece of my heart. Walk with me and tell me how it feels to live in the dark, about the way it feels when youre falling apart. Dont try to tell me that this is my fault when you are the one always refusing to talk. You cant keep fighting this addiction, and youll never make all those pieces you took from me a whole. Cant you see this is a fatal addiction we have? We
Exuse Me While I Bleed
Excuse me while I bleed. Please look at me, it's so personal, this is the way I would have touched you, but I drowned in you instead, up against the wall, just you and me, I fell down and bled out on the ground, you just stepped over me... Pardon me while I bleed, excuse me if I got some on your shoe. Sorry for the way I let you make me feel, maybe i'll just laugh instead? Excuse me while I bleed. Maybe I could die another day, find another way to make you notice me when im gone? Maybe then your black rimmed eyes would show the way you feel just long enough to see that I was more to you than she ever could have been. Excuse me while fading dreams are all ive got, losing sleep and walking through the darkest nights,theres not much else I can do, no more getting through to you. Ive broken down for all to see. Excuse me while I bleed.
Turn to me, give me your tired soul, let me hold it for just one night, Let me keep your tired eyes with in my sight, fight away all those broken goodbyes, dead emotions brought to life, but in the end Ive had the coldest heart. Coldly stirred and layed to rest, I fought among all the best, and while you stabbed and landed your blow, you've not the strength to over throw. you're crying out for help no one is willing to give, its not enough for will. Overflow....let me carry you through the current even as you've spearred through my severed heart, severely beated, badly scarred, the most broken of them all I proceed, dont know how to stop. Would you all but leave me here, tear away at me while i lie here beated, rip at my soul taking pieces for your own? Ive carried you this far, and it is here when Ive broken down you've made your wreckless change. It's all thats wrong even when you've said all the right things and the time has come to throw me away, just like I knew you wo
In the loneliness of my shadows, i wait. There's a force compelling me to leave and say that i dont love you any longer, but its so much more than that. I can't leave, but I dont want to stay,i'm tripping over my words, and im falling on my face. There isnt anything I could say to you that could be said with any grace. Im alone in this endeavor and I am dying. Its cold outside, but even colder inside. Here i am warring against myself for the chance to be just me, but this is a war i cannot win. Having two sides of me, each wanting something else. I look at you for a chance of word, but most of this argument, you have not heard. You sit in silence not realizing that it is me you have hurt. You always were the shallow type, and it seems all we ever do is fight. Perhaps i have seen the last of you, and there is nothing i can do. You yelled at me from across the yard, and the words you said, they hit me hard. Everything we ever were went flying by in a short blur, and though i und
Thats The Way You Hide
The way you sit and stare at me form across the room makes me feel like an animal caged up.. the way you make me shrink down when you rise up...thats the way you hide You yell at me and belittle me in a sense as to where ill never get back on my feet again...the way you say my name and make it a cusre for anyone to say... thats the way you hide I remember the day you hit me for the first time..I felt you glowing in my pain.. basking in the little blood that i had shed...i felt it all and knew you loved it.. thats the way you hide Any mortal soul could feel the could never love.. after so long your just now learning that there are new ways to torture but i understand..thats the way you hide
you say that you want me to change but i not sure that i can...all the writing is written on the wall..and everything that i wanted to show you has fallen among the blackness of your heart now im falling farther away from where i used to be... i feel so used... just a little abused...i sit here and stare at the wall all night wondering why im so wasted she yells across the room till her voice begins to break you never felt of any use to her.. now she says its true..she drowns you out and strangles out the screams you make to break the silence now your falling farther away from where you used to be... you feel so used...just a little sit there and stare at the wall all night and wonder why your so wasted if it wasnt for the clock on the wall time would just pass us by but im here and your here..time's not gonna stop and die...yet we're so wasted.. now we're falling farther away from where we used to be...we feel so used...just a little abused...we sit and sta
Standing in a crowd, I knew you were holding my hand. Without a sound you effortlessly let go, tossing me into a sea of people, strange and unknown. If it were ever bright, the sun shown dark this day, cold and unfeeling. I screamed your name in a silent cry, drowned in the murmur of others dreams. Your unfaithfulness has caused my death, ever dreaming in still shrouds of dark. I loved you with all the passion a dead woman could, and you never, not once, thanked me for it. Instead I was left alone.
I'll Never Say A Word
The time has come to pull out the screams inside my head, I want to give them to you and yet never make a sound. You've given me pain and have never hurt yourself, watched me cry and yet never shed a tear...I could touch you and you would never feel the warmth from my skin, you're so cold you're frozen, unfeeling stone. I've watched you tear me down, I've felt you break my heart, and in your heart there's just no place for me...Find it written on the wall, in my favorite shade of lipstick just for you to see,how it's come a time to end the likes of you and me. I never could have given you enough, you'd always want just one more piece, enough of my soul to have control over me...But here I am and now look, Im breaking you down...Taking back everything I gave you...does it make you feel like less of a man when you cant bend me, when you cant break me like you used to? Here, take back all the screams you left me with, Im giving them back to you in my broken, sad, twisted little smile...An
Wanna Own Someone
ok ppl wanna own some one go bid on him he is the sweetest man alive. he is a great friend to have. so go bid on him. REAL MONEY OVER RIDES FUBUCKS
This is love... I was always yours to have you were always mine, We have loved each other in and out of time When the first stone looked up at the blazing sun And the first tree struggled up from the forest floor, I had always loved you more You freed your braids,gave your hair to the breeze It hummed like a hive of honey bees I reached in the mass for the sweet honey comb there God how i loved your hair You saw me bludgeoned by circumstance Lost,injured,hurt by chance I screamed to the heavens Loudly screamed Trying to change our nightmares into dreams The sun has come The mists are gone We see in the distance our long way home I was yours to have and you were always mine We loved each other.. In and out In and out In and out ...of time! ************************************************* I never thought that i could meet soeone like you! You are my friend You are my smile You are my everything You are a breathtaking reflection of God's heart for me Of how he persued me,and loved me
What Superhero R U
Your results:You are Supergirl Supergirl 80% Spider-Man 75% Wonder Woman 75% Superman 70% Green Lantern 65% Robin 62% Batman 50% Catwoman 50% Iron Man 50% Hulk 45% The Flash 45% Lean, muscular and feminine. Honest and a defender of the innocent. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test
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2wks Later
To those of you who know I quit my job on the 13th of March, here is good news... I got 2 job offers today where the deciding factor came down to health insurance... which I will have free in 90 days... Yay me!
Just Got Back!!
Ok, so we ended up staying an extra night! As most of you know, my birthday was Wednesday! We went to the mall and I got some new undies from Victoria Secret thanks to my sister for her gift card!! I also bought an adapter for my wii so I can go online and play against all yall!! I am soo excited to see if it works!! We ate at a really nice hibachi grill! It was really awesome food! That night we went to a strip club. We got there around 9pm and left around 2am. I got two private lap dances and a public flogging on stage!! lol! It was fun! I had titties in my face the entire time!! The girls loved me! lol! (please read more in my XXX Blog about what went down in the VIP room). When I got back to the hotel, we werent doing too well! Max puked all night and most of the next day! I felt sooo bad for him!! We ended up staying an extra day so he could recover! It was kinda funny as I know I drank more than him. Oh well, he must be a light weight!! Now I do have to say I do
Its A Retiring Time!!!
I Am Sick Of Life (just Me Ranting About Something)
I am o sick of this constant battel to keep someon i know i am not the best looking person out there but i was at one point and i know i can get back tothat point i just broke up with a guy who i thought had loved me for 5 years now it seems as if that i was just used he tells me he found a gf after breaking up with me idk if it was to make me jealous or what but he did and now it hurts i don't love and i know i can't because he makes me so mad because of his imaturiy that he has about himself I feel like crying cause i don't understand how someone could move on that quick it hurts me to know that somenoe would tell me they loved me and then they find a new gf u couldn't i mean i don't see how u even could find someone after u just broke up with the ne u loved I wish the pain would go away and i try so hard to convience myself that it will be ok but i can't i am so sick n tire of all this bull shit i just wish i felt better but i still have to think of my little one and i ave to go on
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His And Hers Auction!! My Package Offer Is Unreal!
Brought to you by.... Your Host ஐRogerLee ஐFu-Owned by Wonder Woman ஐ@ fubar Your Hostess Heartistic Soul@ fubar Please help us by reposting! Thank you! ok peeps i'm offering swf & nsfw salutes, a ball cap and my briefs signed! Morph's and video pics, comment a day, cam sessions, phone numbers it all look to own me soon! Family adds, and much much more see host for package details!
While In The Hospital...
While I was in the hospital looking for my girlfriend's room, I encountered a group of people I knew clustered around a room on the CCU floor...people who'd known me all my life, from the days when I used to go to church with my family... Unfortunately, my old best girl friend's grandma, 83 years old, was in a room 3 doors down from my girl friend's, and was dying. It was nice to see my old friend's family, but a sad occasion to be seeing them on. I'm so exhausted... *sigh*
Elvis Wedding Vows... Lol!
Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to witness before family and friends the exchange of solemn vows between (first and last name) and (first name) "WHO LOVES YA, BABY?" (last name). If there be any suspicious minds present in the audience doncha think it's time to speak now or never - their love won't wait. (First and last name), repeat after me: It only took one night to get stuck on you, and now my wish came true, you big hunka hunka burnin' love! I thought you were nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time, but now I know you're my teddy bear 'cause tigers play too rough and lions ain't the kind you love enough. So kiss me quick and love me tender for I can't help falling in love with you. (First name) "WHO LOVES YA, BABY?" (last name), repeat after me: It took a hard headed woman to make me king of the whole wide world. I thought you were the devil in disguise but you turned out to be my puppet on a string. I use
People Like Me.. Who Cares?
People Definitely Like You You are very well liked, and many people admire you. You are friendly, well mannered, and fun to be around. Of course, you're not perfect... but that's okay. Your friends are usually willing to accept you for who you are! What People Don't Like About You: People don't like that you secretly are annoyed by them. You may think they can't tell, but they can. What People Like About You: People like that you give them complements. You make people feel good about themselves! People like that you take the them to get to know them and make a connection. You make people feel important. People like that you don't gossip or talk poorly of others. They trust that you will speak positively about them too. Do People Like You?
Show These Lovely Ladies Much Love!
People Like You... Sometimes You are liked, but only when people are able to overlook your faults. Deep down, you are a good person, but you definitely have some obnoxious tendencies. So step back, and try to figure out when people aren't responding to you positively. A few simple changes could make you a lot better liked! What People Don't Like About You: People don't like that you forget them easily. No one wants to be friends with someone who doesn't remember their name! People don't like that you are judgmental and overly opinionated. Even if you are always right, they don't like to be reminded of it! People don't like that you put others down and like to gossip. They are worried that you also gossip about them! What People Like About You: People like that you give them complements. You make people feel good about themselves! People like that you can defend what you believe in calmly and rationally. You stand your ground and gain respect. People
New Bully
Help Link By Year Of The Dragon
Introducing the new and highly improved HELP page! (Just click on the 'Help' link on the gray headerbar!) Get answers to your top questions, find easy links to the fubar Bible and Support Lounge, and meet your Bouncers! To find out news and updates about the site, check in everyday and read the blog for news updates. (repost of original by 'the Intern' on '2008-03-27 19:59:28') (repost of original by 'Year of the Dragon' on '2008-03-28 06:33:27')
Why Can't I Be Allowed To Be Happy?
I am gonna rant and rave and try to get this all out my system. My mom and I have never seen eye to eye on alot of things. I'm disorganized, she is a neat freak for one. Today at lunch I had a 20 min phone convo about her putting down Adam, that I am not raising my kids right, that pretty much I suck. I am so tired of defending my choices to her...she thinks I should have stayed in my marriage with my ex. So no matter what Adam does it will never be good enough in her eyes because he is not Jeff. It doesn't matter that I wasn't happy with Jeff and Adam makes me happy. Isn't it enough that my kids adore Adam and he likes them as well? That I am truely happy for the first time in years? *sighs*
Aslyum Street Spankers
This KICK ASS band is going to be in Seattle tonight, and we're takin the baby to the all ages show!! WOOT!
Pretty Little Mouses Birthday
thats right... its her birthday today. Stop by and show her some love. I'd love to help her level up for her birthday. Love you Pretty Little Mouse
All My Dress Shirts Are Black...dammit
Your Lucky Love Color is Black When someone gets to know you, they still make feel a bit intimidated by you. You are alluring and sexy, but you have a dark, dangerous side that you don't hide. And just like your color suggests, you are sophisticated and wise - especially when it comes to men. Your heart is hard to win over. You don't fall in love easily... or often. What Does Your Lucky Love Color Tell Men?
21k To Go/attn Spankers
Blue Dragon OWNED BY and Owner of ABBY (Member Of TheSpankers)@ fubar
Missing You
Worthless Medal
A hero lays now before us Draped in the flag of his land Having died serving his country In defense of our freedom he did stand People have all gathered together Their lasts respects they come to pay Saying their praises of this hero As in this hallowed ground he will lay I hear the calling of the sound On a grassy knoll a lone bugler does stand The notes fall across this bed of green As God reaches out his welcoming hand A medal is given in their honor Telling of wounds this hero did receive A meaningless medal in my hands I now hold Worthless to me in my heart I do believe No medal can replace the loved one before us A worthless medal this day I did receive The flag is presented in honor of this hero Folded in silence and respect to the brave Laid into my trembling hands as I sit there Rather my hero I wish they now gave Tears fall from sad filled eyes in silence A pain fills our hearts as there we sit The loud report of rifles fired into the air The heart of
Company Sells Greeting Cards For Inmates
Company Sells Greeting Cards for Inmates Mar 25, 9:06 PM (ET) LOS ANGELES (AP) - Finding it hard to express just the right sentiment to your loved one in prison? A Los Angeles company may have the answer. Attorney Terrye L. Cheathem noticed a market Hallmark wasn't serving and founded Three Squares Greetings, which provides cards for inmates. "With more than 2.5 million people incarcerated in the Unites States today, I saw that there was a tremendous need," she said. Some express simple good wishes: "We are all praying for you while you do your time." But most show a tougher sort of love. A Christmas greeting partly reads: "You had the choice to be 'naughty or nice.' And you chose ... Oh well, now you have to do your time." Cheathem said she came up with the cards when her brother-in-law served 11 months in prison. She said she went searching for the appropriate greeting card, but couldn't find what she was looking for. "There weren't any cards on the shelf t
Here Are The Bombers Rules
Ok now that we have new people in the family I will do the rules again 1. No drama please 2. Let me know when your entering a contest so I can post it for the family 3. If you have problems with any other member of the family please bring it to either myself or Bill 4. If you do not bomb I will ask you to remove the TrueLycan tag from your name (exceptions are made) 5. Please show good sportsmanship remember when your bombing (its the family your representing) 6. Have fun. Thats it. Its simple and its all that I ask thankx
An Old Poem
Depressed? Then Die! I sit here and think,why am I alive? Why aren't I dead? What is my purpose in life? Can't find an answer. My emotions take over. Anger, depression, anxiety, sadness, jealousy. I pick up a knife and strike it across my wrist. 1, 2, 3 times. Blood oozing out the deep wounds on my wrist and in my soul. There is a scream, then silence. As I lay there bleeding on the floor, I am no longer overcome by theses emotions.
My 3rd Auction Bulletin
I am holding yet another Auction, trying to save for a Spotlight, so this one like my other ones going to be pretty simpleEntry Fee for this Auction will be 100,000 Fubucks and the minimum bid will be set for 200,000 and to ensure no one is cheated or anything if by some small chance someone who enters doesn't get bid on, and they are offering a good amount of stuff for their auction entry then i will bid 250K for the owning WOO HOO i own you... lmaoLike all my other Auctions you private message me by clicking the link below and send me a link to the picture you will like entered into the auction. I will RIP the pic so that i can know who it came from at the end of the auctionPrivateMessageLinkClick hereStart DateApril 4th5:00 PM EST&Will End onApril 18th5:00 PM ESTWhen i do auctions by myself i always do both men and woman so all are welcome to participate if they want toRULES*Rates are not needed, though appreciated* No Comments Please, Only Serious Bids.*Can bid anything fubar rela
Friday 03-28-08 (space)
March 28, 2008 Hello! (is there anybody out there?) After yesterday headache causing (Sorry Christine) deep thought question & subject matter. I thought I'd toss something out there that most have somekind of opinion on. It could be FUN to discuss and love to hear your thoughts. When it comes to the question of if we are alone in the universe?
Dirty Deeds Radio ~ Dj Dragon
I'm so excited to be going to Twiztid this sunday!!!! for those of u that are also going in columbus...see you there, if not and ur going hope u'll have fun too....
What You Once Were
I once loved you so much and for so long why did you leave when i did nothing wrong your smile was once the sun on a dark rainy day it would clear up the sky and keep it from bring gray your eyes were once the shine of the worlds glowing light or were they the twinkling stars that once filled the night your hands once had the power to give me the softest touch they'd always give me a slight tingle, which is why i loved them so much your hugs were once the medicine that'd change a frown to a cheer a shiver would run through my body every time i feel your love near your kisses were once the wind they were fresh and breezy against my face they were gentle so gentle its something no one will replace. but now you've become someone else and its driving me insane although its over for us the love we had still remains and so i tell myself never again will i cry you were once everything to me that i cant deny but i couldnt keep my promise and bro
well today was very boring, i did not all day long. i did get my nails done though.
What Kind Of Pirate Am I?
Ooh argh! You'd be a ruthless pirate! Well, shiver me timbers, if you're not the most afeared pirate who ever sailed the high seas! We could try and be nice and say that you're not all bad, but we know that if ye were the captain of a ship of raucous savages ye wouldn't spend any time training 'em to explore their sensitive side. You'd be tacking across the shipping channels, boarding luxury cruise ships, ripping pearl necklaces off old ladies and making the cabaret singers walk the plank, (after stripping them of their credit cards and mobile phones of course). Long John Silver, Blackbeard and Captain Hook all have nothin' on ye when ye get a head of steam up. Just remember to always watch yer back for mutinies. In our experience it's always the quiet ones that ye have to watch!
Time In A Bottle
So True,
Leonard Cohen-dance Me To The End Of Love
Hunt Hunt, Kill Kill Hmmm......
You Are a Hunter Soul You are driven and ambitious - totally self motivated to succeed Actively working to achieve what you want, you are skillful in many areas. You are a natural predator with strong instincts ... and more than a little demanding. You are creative, energetic, and an extremely powerful force. An outdoors person, you like animals and relate to them better than people. You tend to have an explosive personality, but also a good sense of humor. People sometimes see you as arrogant or a know it all. You tend to be a bit of a loner, though you hate to be alone. Souls you are most compatible with: Seeker Soul and Peacemaker Soul What Kind of Soul Are You?
Yeah, I Shouldn't Have.
Mystical Dreams made a morph with the BBW logo!! If you would like one send her a private message with the subject as BBW Morph!! Go check it out!!
Void, Cancelled, simply annulled. Endlessly aching, unconsoled. Life without you, cuase without reason. touch without sense, time without season. i face life now facing a cancerous sore. a sordid parasite that eats at my core. all that makes me whole, all i hold deep within leaving me lifeless or at least not livin. A shallow face, anguished and marred. an empty space, scaled and scarred. sweetly abiding to a cynical charade. secretly hiding "hind a fictitious facade. still, lost within this heart of glass, this fragile and yet unfeeling mass lies that remains of a love that glowed the gift you once bestowed. But honor and pride now bereaved by your love for me so misconceived ripped from my inner depths, impeding mind and body and spirit, bleeding now's crushed to sand from thy ruthless hand a cold stare i just cant understand. i feel that somehow, somehow i'm dying at least my soul and all thats underlying. a simple void, is that what i've become? the
Colonoscopies Colonoscopies are no joke, but these comments during the exam were quite humorous..... A physician claimed that the following are actual comments made by his patients (predominately male) while he was performing their colonoscopies: 1. "Take it easy, Doc. You're boldly going where no man has gone before! 2. "Find Amelia Earhart yet?" 3. "Can you hear me NOW?" 4. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" 5. "You know, in Arkansas, we're now legally married." 6. "Any sign of the trapped miners, Chief?" 7. "You put your left hand in, you take your left hand out..." 8. "Hey! Now I know how a Muppet feels!" 9. "If your hand doesn't fit, you must quit! 10. "Hey Doc, let me know if you find my dignity." 11. "You used to be an executive at Enron, didn't you?" 12. "Now I know why I am not gay." And the be
What do you know about fluffy light green ferns Floating on the smoke from this bowl that still burns How velvet the aroma dispersed by this dank limey pine I savor the fragrance of this perfume nug, bud potion #9 You`re more than welcome to spark up your own I`m smoking on a joint, blunt, bong, or pipe to get eternally blown Drown my lungs with smoke clouds of psychedelic trees My mission, to get faded like withered plant leaves The chronic just popped my colla, making it hard to think Eyes bloodshot red and stuck on 1 continuous blink I`m confused and in a daze, my minds silent as a mouse I need some liquid substinance to cure this cotton mouth You can forget everything else, but these three things you must remember Smoking herb is something you can do from January to December Remember to celebrate 420 the date and the time Remember all day, every day, stimulate your mind!
Tax Rebate - Did I Post This Yet??
Help America - spend your rebate wisely! The federal government is sending each and every one of us a $600 rebate. * If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, the money will go to China. * If we spend it on gasoline it will go to the Arabs. * If we purchase a computer it will go to India, * If we purchase fruit and vegetables it will go to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala, * If we purchase a good car it will go to Japan. * If we purchase useless crap it will go to Taiwan and none of it will help the American economy. The only way to keep that money here at home is to buy prostitutes and beer, Since these are the only products still produced in the US. Thank you for your help!
Gracias A La Vida - Violeta Parra
Joan Baez Feat Mimi Farina - Viva Mi Patria Bolivia
CHOPPIE needs 25,000 comments for a 3 month VIP rates =5 comments lets show him some love (repost of original by '~ Chickie Momma~ Happily married to Mr. JDub~ Fiesta Tappers~' on '2008-03-28 11:26:25')
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Relationship Survey
1) Single, Taken,Talking, or Crushin?---wish I could say taken, but...more so talking/single2) Are you happy with that?---of course not3) Would you kiss your ex?---depends on which one I suppose4) Have you ever had your heart broken?---several times5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is oK?---cheating is unacceptable in my book6) Do you believe in love at first site?---yes. I am a victim of it7) Have you ever talked about marriage with another person?---yes8. Do you want kids?---wouldnt mind one9) How Many?---I think that one would probably be enough, my tummy couldnt take popping out anymore :P10)Girl Name?--- Alexia (Lexi for short)11)Boy Name?---Xavier12) Do you want someone you cant have?---I might have her already....but sometimes I think I wont ever fully, so yes?13) Have you fallen in love before?---Id like to think so14) Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?---of course15) Do you believe you can change for someone?---You cant chang
Will You Give This To My Daddy Plz (repost)
This is one of those good old e-mails that keep popping up. I just had to share it with you all again. Will you give this to my Daddy? As a Company, Southwest Airlines is going to support 'Red Fridays.' Last week I was in Atlanta , Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed one of the greatest acts of patriotism I have ever seen. Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their camos. As they began heading to their gate, everyone (well almost everyone)was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering. When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being applauded and cheered for, it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the only red-blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families. Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these young unsun
Real Friends
real friends Real Friends ride 4 u Real Friends die 4 u Real Friends cry 4 u Real Friends look at a cop and lie 4 u Real Friends sit and eat a pie wit u Real Friends take the blame & act shy wit u Real Friends always got ya back Real Friends sit wit u and sip on yac Real Friends love you enough Real... Victoria Rubio
My Lyrics
View All | Write To My Blog TE VOY A MOSTRAR--Diana Reyes La verdad, queria que me miraras y que a travs de el rio de gente adivinaras que era para ti, que a traves de todo me reconocieras La verdad, queria que detuvieras todo lo dems por algo que viste igual que yo, al verte supe que algo en tu mirada me estaba llamando. Ven te voy a mostrar porque la vida nos puso en el mismo camino, ven te voy a mostrar porque estoy convencida que eres mio, ven te voy a mostrar porque la vida nos puso en el mismo camino, ven te voy a mostrar porque estoy convencida que eres mio. Convencida que soy la mujer para ti, no me dejes ir... La verdad, yo no buscaba nada pero te encontre, creia haber visto todo pero juro que al verte supe que algo en mi siempre te estuvo esperando. ven te voy a mostrar porque la vida nos puso en el mismo camino, ven te voy a mostrar porque estoy convencida que eres mio, ven te voy a mostrar porque la vida nos puso en el mismo camino, ven te voy a
Roses are red Nuts are brown Shirts are up Panties are down Body to body Skin to Skin when it is stiff stick it in!!!
Doing The Dishes
Steve is shopping for a new motorcycle. He finally finds one for a great price, but it's missing a seal, so whenever it rains he has to smear vaseline over the spot where the seal should be. Anyway, his girlfriend is having him over for dinner to meet her parents. He drives his new bike to her house, where she is outside waiting for him. "No matter what happens at dinner tonight, don't say a word." She tells him, "Our family had a fight a while ago about doing dishes. We haven't done any since, but the first person to speak at dinner has to do them." Steve sits down for dinner and it is just how she described it. Dishes are piled up to the ceiling in the kitchen, and nobody is saying a word. So Steve decides to have a little fun. He grabs his girlfriend, throws her on the table and has sex with her in front of her parents. His girlfriend is a little flustered, her dad is obviously livid, and her mom horrified when he sits back down, but no one says a word. A few minutes later he
What To Do??
I'll be at the Golden Nugget from May 20th until May 23rd. I'll have training during the day, but the evenings and nights open... What should I do go???
127k To Godmother ...
SHE IS ONLY 165K AWAY FROM GODMOTHER!!!!! LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN TODAY...IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!! Tsisquo'ga Native American Queen Club F.A.R~.D.S.C@ fubar
well for all of u that didnt know.. monday afternoon i had a mild stroke.. i just got home from the hospital this afternonn.. im not 100% i have lost my whole left side.. not sure when i will be back to normal if i will ever.. i will be online but not as much as before cause i have a long road ahead of me now.. plz everyone enjoy lifdont let things get to u.. i did and look at me now... well u all take care and if any of u wanna keep in touch u can contact me on my yahoo.. badd_azz_lil_angel.. love u all and wil be back when i can
Angels, For My Aunt May She Know That We Love Her Very Much
when the angels decend upon the home of a loved one. and they stand around the bed looking down upon someone they loved in life as well as spirit, waiting to finally take them on the final journey home. seeing the pain and sorrow on the faces of the ones that will be left behind to morn. Knowing the devistation they are going to be left to deal with. brings tears to the angels eyes, but know one day they too would come to take them home. as the angels look at the sorrow on the faces of the ones that will be left behind the tears slip over the rim of there eyes and the tears stream down their face. knowing that what they must do will cause hurt in so many. as they watch the saddness grown in the hearts of so many the angels leave behind the knowlege that although the body might be gone the spirit still survives and that you are never alone, the ones you lose in life will always be with you in your heart and memories so know that in your life you never walk alone
Why... I Wish I Knew Why..
Why does it alwayz have to be bad? Why do I feel like I can't be around? Why is everything always my fault? Why do I feel like I am such a bad person? Why do I always feel like I am the wrong one? Why do I feel like there is nothing left to live for? I really wish I knew.... because it seems I don't have what it takes to ever be good enough.....
My Meeting With My Daughters Teacher( Friends And Family An Fans)
well i met with my daughters teacher and he still has his head attached so i didn't tear it off . i calmly informed him about what his comments do to a little girls self image and he didn't like it but recommended he take a few classes or read a few books on the subject. i didn't take any crap and i was sweet as can be . but i let him know i was pissed and was not going to take any crap . i took my friend thats on the school board and that helped me not get bullied much . but he has to watch his mouth now . he was lost when i informed him i know what i was talking about because i had had an eating disorder and at one time weighted 87lbs @ 5'7'' not good and i will not let my daughter go thou that . so for now teacher still has a head and has to watch his mouth . ty to everyone who left comments on my mum and all my friends and family . love you all ann
Two Elves At D'bar B'loo Bbq
Two lil women step outa d'car shake der hips walk into d'bar flip their hair, men fall off der chair band stopped playin', just hot dead air d'lil senoritas got two margaritas by now d'hole place back on der feet they started to dance, two chili peppers in pants smiles and darkglasses trickin' em neat d'mood was sublime sipped their drinks with a lime tequilla shined on der lips so divine flirted der tongues with d'two dudes so young four hours they were killing der time later off they sped d'boys now 1/2 dead to a flyshackin' palace for breakfast in bed and by dawns early light they had taken their flight d'peppers dead in der pants wondering what happened last night put their sunglasses and smiled at their fun their ferrari purring in d'hot morning sun d'story of Two Elves at d' Bar B loo BBQ back on d'run
New Song
You tell me that you're broken But assure me that you're still alive I know that this has got you down But you can make the choice to survive Staring through your windowpane You're waiting on the world to change but It's not so bad The sun will shine again It's not so bad Just hold your head up high And try again I know how you're feeling Don't pass my words off as indifference Even though they say it's golden Silence isn't always self-defense And you're staring through that windowpane Still waiting on the world to change It's not so bad The sun will shine again It's not so bad Just hold your head up high And try again And I've been told That hope is all we've got And if you run with it, You've got a reason To keep going 'Til the very end It's not so bad You can pull through it darling It's not so bad Just take my hand Together we can do it
Lend A Hand Bombers
there are a few contests going on right now please Bombers show some Love
She Needs You
My really good friend mommatasha is in a fubucks contest and could use some help. If you could go by and rate and comment her it would be great. She is always helping people out and I am trying to help her when she needs the help. Thanks for checking my blog out.
Leaves, Branches And Roots
I had to watch this clip today because i feel so down today and this usually helps me put things into perspective. I know i need to toughen up but right now i just kind of want to curl up in a big ball and cry. I don't know if its because its gloomy and overcast outside or if its lack of sleep r just plain self indulgence but i really am having myself quite the pity party right now. I know there are people in worse situations than mine. I know there are people suffering from illnesses or losses or emotional devastation. I know i should suck it up and move on out this hole i seem to find myself in today but for some reason i just don't seem to be able to. I think the majority of my problem is that somewhere i mislead myself into thinking I had learned from my past relationships all that i was intended to learn. Clearly I haven't. I have come to the conclusion that I still give the absolute best of who I am to people who deserve it the least. I invest too much too quickly in
Hurt Myself
Before you ask no I'm not talking physical injury. I do far worse, i hurt myself emotionally. When it comes to love, I have a knack for doing the wrong thing. I found a woman who loved and cared for me and I let her go. Then I found another woman who wanted to use me and I stayed with her until I was all used up. I've told my desire to go back in time, but sadly I can't. All I can do is try to find another woman who will give me the love I once had or get struck by a bolt of luck and get that second chance.
Fitna The Movie: Geert Wilders' Film About The Quran (english)
Such A Great Friend
you have been there for me through it all. you dont judge me no matter what you think of the choices I make. Instead you just let me know if you think Im making the wrong choice in a polite way and then leave it be. You understnad Im a big girl whos gonna make my own choices. You seem to understand me no matter what. When most others dont you do without me having to explain. Many others have just suddenly walked out of my life with no reason whats so ever. But you are still there right beside me. Making sure everything is okay and Im alright. You are an amazing friend and I really dont know what I would do if I lost our friendship. Yours is one I believe to be true.
Uk Treasury Chief Banned From Pubs After Raising Beer Tax
UK Treasury chief banned from pubs after raising beer tax Associated Press Mar. 28, 2008 10:40 AM EDINBURGH, Scotland - An Internet campaign to ban Britain's Treasury chief from the nation's pubs has struck a chord with the country's harried drinkers. Earlier this month, Alistair Darling, the chancellor of the exchequer, raised taxes on cars and cigarettes, but it is his new alcohol duties - which raised the price of a pint of beer - that raised Britons' hackles. So when a pub landlord in Darling's home town of Edinburgh barred the chancellor from his establishment, drinking holes across the country followed suit, posting pictures of the white-haired, bespectacled treasurer above the big red word "barred." The government has raised taxes on alcohol by an extra 8 cents for a pint of beer, 26 cents for a bottle of wine and $1.10 a bottle for spirits, such as whisky. The duties are scheduled to rise by another 2 percent above inflation in each of the next four year
Auction Is Open Ends 4/6/08
She Is Gone For Good Lol
Thank you to all of my friends for making me realize that i need to let my ex go. after listitng to what all of you have told me and my heart and her familly this is what i need to do this time when she comes back begging me to take her back it will be her lost cause it is not goong to happen Thanks
Own The Sarge?
Have You Had A Chance To Own Me Yet?? Would You Like That Chance? Here Is Your Chance Again MilfSweetie's Auction You Have Yet Another Chance To Own The Sarge..Who Will Be My Owner This Time.. Renee's Auction
I had a girl once who was beautiful, smart, funny, and kind. What did I do you ask? I let her go. I let go a wonderful woman who loved me for me and I let her go. You know how people ask if you could relive your life would you. I whole heartedly would, however this one mistake I would change. This one thing I so horribly messed up I would fix in a heart beat. I blew it big time, I let her go, and hurt her in the process. Of course I've only ended up hurting myself. I was just thinking about Carma, how if you do good or bad it'll come back 10 fold. Well I did bad adn yeah it's come back on me 10 fold alright. I've been put through hell a few times and just hope carma has had enough of giving me my medicine. I want her to always be happy, and I'll admit if the winds of change sway and I get to date her. I won't let her go, she's far too special a woman to do that.
Always A Reason
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on. Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an e
Up For Auction
I'm up for auction for the very first time. Stop by and check it out. Just click on the picture below to place a bid. Auction ends 4/6/08. HERE IS WHAT THAT GIRL IS OFFERING..... ~FU-owned in my name for the time that you own me ~Rate entire stash during happy hour over the course of the time that you own me. ~Pimpout of you in my blog as long as I'm/You're on Fubar. ~Pimpout of you in bulletins once a week for the time you own me. ~Add you to my family for the time that you own me. ~Rate your photo's 11's daily until all rated if bid contains VIP. ~At least 2 profile comments per week from me. ~SFW salute ~Link to your profile in the about me section of my page ~Yahoo screen name Here is the normal link as I've had some complaints about the pic link not working. [ photo: 2468005301 ] or copy and paste this link in your browser:
That Was Quick!
Got an appointment to see a specialist in approx two weeks :) (See previous blog if you have no idea what I'm talking about lol) Thanks for all your kind words.... Tracey
Deal Or No Deal Comming To Piqua Ohio
DEAL OR NO DEAL COMMING TO PIQUA OHIO Miami Valley Centre Mall 987 E. Ash St. Suite 169 Piqua, OH 45356 10am - 1pm 04/05/2008 DEAL OR NO DEAL IS DOING OPEN CASTING CALLS FOR THE SHOW AND HERE IS WHERE IT IS BEING HELD. Miami Valley Centre Mall 987 E. Ash St. Suite 169 Piqua, OH 45356 10am - 1pm 04/05/2008
One Day At A Time
ONE DAY AT A TIME - from my friend Grigor. . . The most useless thing to do ... ........Worry The greatest Joy....................... ........Giving The greatest loss.................Loss of self-respect The most satisfying work............. ...Helping others The ugliest personality trait......................Selfishness The most endangered species...................Dedicated leaders The greatest "shot in the arm"..................Encouragement The greatest problem to overcome......... ....Fear Most effective sleeping pill........... ...Peace of mind The most crippling failure disease..... ....Excuses The most powerful force in life.............. ........Love The most dangerous pariah.................................A gossiper The world's most incredible computer... ...The brain ! The worst thing to be without...................Hope The deadliest weapon.... The tongue....... The two most power-filled wo
Strange Days Indeed...... Most Parculiar Momma
Ever had a strange dream n you cant shake loose out of yer head? Ehhhh had one lastnite. It was one of those dreams where u know yer dreaming n want badly to wake up. What ever it was i wanted to wake up badly. So i decided i was gonna do something so out of place i'd wake mysf up. So i decided every person i meet i was just gonna punch the shit out of . Cop walked up i punched his ass out. Our preacher walked up, nailed his lightes out, other folks i knew cleaned thier clock. The president walked up behind me n said, " Ummm err whats wrong here Mr Gomillion" n i knocked his ass out, n kicked him a time or two. To be honest that i dont regret lol. Well i decided damnit thats enough, i wanna wake up n wanna wake up now. I'm gonna just Shoot whoever comes up! Bout that time i seen walking up in the distance Jesus, n he was mad . He was mad n walking striaght for me, i put my gun up n stood there looking stupid. Right fore he got up to me i woke up.... Now if i could come here n told
Words By: Deborah Boyd Words that are spoken Have meaning to some But then comes a time The meanings are none There is a little life saying I take true to heart Words are like assholes Its show me what counts So tell me no lies Dont make promises you cant keep Dont whispers sweet nothings If this is not what you seek Just leave me alone And I will be fine Dont need any liars And thats my final line.
You Have Another Chance
Yes I Entered 2 More Auctions..You Have 2 More Chances To Own Me .
Just Gotta Vent
Wtf is wrong with people in this world today?I am really pissed right now my ex continues to call me and i just ignore his call but of course he leaves a voicemail so i have to listen to the voicemail and just want to hurle afterward.He is the lowest mothafucker i have ever laid eyes on he is a drunk and go for not a damn thingand that is the main reason i am single cause i seem to get the crazy fuckers out her in this world out of the entire population i get the fucked up ones.Well i am gonna be smarter than that from now on it will be awhile before i get involved like that you can believe that all tho i have met a real awesome guy and i am thinking it could be all good for oncejust have to see i guess.Well this was my first blog but there will be many more i am sure.
Ok Here It Is
the reason we are here is to be us to not be fake but to truly just let go and show are true colors so we can live life free and unburdened but it dont happen like that cause we are human
You Think Fat Is Cool???
Overweight Man Banned From County Buses POSTED: 6:35 pm EDT March 27, 2008 UPDATED: 7:42 am EDT March 28, 2008 HENRY COUNTY, Ga. -- A Henry County man says hes been kicked off the countys transit system because hes overweight. David Washington, 65, has been confined to a wheelchair following an infection after knee replacement surgery. Side effects from pain medications keep him from driving so hes been using county buses for trips to the doctors and other errands. I have no other way of getting there, other than using the Henry transit, Washington told WSB-TV Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland. Last week the transit bus took a side trip to a scale at the local recycling center; weighing the bus with and without Washington aboard. Days later came word the county was suspending his service. Washington and his wheelchair exceed a 600 pound weight limit. I've been using that service for 5 years without a single incident, said Washington. So why
No matter what time of the day it is, whether it be day or night when I think of you I know I'm gonna be alright. You lift my spirits with your little shouts. I wonder if you really know what I'm all about. Life may throw crazy things our way but one thing is for sure our friendship is here to stay. Just know, my special friend, that for as long as I am breathing and living your soul will be loved by me...morning, noon & night.
For The First Time In A Long Time.
I actually dont give a shit what people think of me. espeacially the loser I was dating!! I hate dating !!! i hate it!!. grrrr bitch grrrr why cant some guy just wnt to hang out and be friends.. why the ones that come around got mention sex... get off my ass you pervs!!:( grrr. Im not in the mood for anything iand I hate mushy stuff. dont hug me dont kiss me dont touch me.. and if you smack my ass one more time Im gonna drop kick your ass and laigh when you fall on your face!! GRRRBITCHGRRR mood again.
Judge Orders Men To Learn English Or Go To Jail
Judge orders men to learn English or go to jail Philadelphia Inquirer Mar. 27, 2008 05:18 PM HARRISBURG, Pa. - The next time they appear in Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr.'s Luzerne County, Pa., courtroom, four young Hazleton men who ran afoul of the law had best know their ABCs. Learning English is a central part of the sentence that Olszewski imposed on the Spanish-speaking men, who earlier this week pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a robbery in May in Hazleton, about 100 miles northwest of Philadelphia. The unusual sentence requires that the four, ranging in age from 17 to 22, return to his court a year from now to take an English test and show that they can speak and write the language. If they fail, the men will have to serve the full two years of the four-to-24-month sentence that Olszewski imposed. The judge said the ruling was not meant as punishment. "There's no way young kids can be hurt by knowing how to read and write the English langua
Deadbeat Moms
great song on the calm album The Calm, as in the calm before the storm. Shaggy 2 Dope's spoken introduction to Insane Clown Posse's 2005 EP refreshes the group's ongoing self-mythology. "After this short calm, a vicious storm will arrive," intones Shaggy, "We call this storm the tempest" -- and a haunted house organ creaks as he describes towering winds peeling away forests to reveal spooky crop circle messages. Hey, is that Carnivle's Brother Justin behind all that wicked clown makeup? Whatever Shaggy and Violent J have planned for the future, ICP's lyrical and musical tenets are mostly unchanged. J and Shaggy continue to follow the gangsta method of amplifying street-level grit into a violent hyper-reality, and their production is often just a serviceable frame for whatever social bile they want to spit. The Cypress Hill-ian "Rollin' Over" boasts equally about bodies in trunks and bodacious bedroom prowess, "Rosemary" is a dark murder fantasy with a twist at the end, and the Es
Healing Crystals
For those who are looking for a smidge of help in their life, I hope this helps you! The therapeutic properties of the gemstones listed here are for rounded, highest quality gemstones. Non-rounded stones may have different effects. Amazonite: Improves self worth. I find that I have more confidence when I wear this stone. Amber: Lift heaviness. Amber is great at lifting the heaviness of burdens -- allowing happiness to come through. Amethyst: Spiritual Upliftment. This is also the present carrier of the purple color ray. I wear a short necklace of this when I need to communicate effectively. I place this on my stomach/liver when I have stomach problems. Apatite: Communication. I wear this stone when there has been a misunderstanding. It is also helpful for fighting viruses. Aquamarine: Remind one of the ocean of love and mercy. It can help one understand difficult situations from a love-filled viewpoint. I either wear an aquamarine stone or gaze into an aquamar
Step One ... A Blog
My husband and I created a new blog this morning to get our hypnosis CD launch going. Next we will be recording the CDs and getting ready for distribution. You can see our blog here: Hypnotic Blue Eyes My husband chose Hypnotic Blue Eyes as the title for he said that is what impressed him most when we met. How blue my eyes were so hypnotic ... is what he said.
I Need No God To Be Moral.
MORALITY DOES NOT REQUIRE GOD ( BIG DADDY IN THE SKY) I just had a revelation! I realized that the reason our government is so corrupt is because all its members are religious! I've read the Bible, and I don't recall God ever bothering to point out slavery was wrong. In fact, he actually recommends taking sex slaves in Numbers. Are you telling me that you are so cosmically dense, that you couldn't figure out that murder and thievery weren't cool on your own? You needed the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE to take time out of his busy schedule to point that out? Are you one of those people who need to wear a crash helmet whenever he goes outside? The idea that morality is not possible without religion is so obviously untrue that it would be laughable if the consequences of the lie weren't so serious. If one actually looks at the evidence the implication is almost that reverse is true. Mark Twain once said "The so-called Christian nations are the most enlightened and progressive..
Find Me
FIND ME Where rivers run warm and thoughts are blue Find me beyond a dream come true Where lovers dont leap and clouds arent dry Find me lying across the sky In a world of thought that never sleeps Find me on the boundary of reality Can you find me lying still In a place beyond hope, peace and will Can you find me where the oceans are gray The fish wont swim and hearts stray Can you find me here among the tall grass In a world where questions are not asked Above the nightmare that forever creeps Find me where eyes always weep Living a life that never grows Find me lying among the rose In time that seems to sweep the land Find me with an outstretched hand Can you find my love across time Where people stare and words dont rhyme Can you find me and fight to bring me home From a world where ones heart is owned Can you find me where hearts are made of steel Although I am trapped by chains so real Find me as if your very heart depends On the vibe my s
Blue Orion Radio Pimp Out By Ct Girl -- Please Show Fuluv!! :d
STOP BY AND SHOW THESE AMAZING DJs SOME REAL LUV!!! The Fu-Luv Bomb Squad made the Blue Orion thier home, so stop by and make it yours!!!
Copy Of Bulletin/blog
This is one of those good old e-mails that keep popping up. I just had to share it with you all again. Will you give this to my Daddy? As a Company, Southwest Airlines is going to support 'Red Fridays.' Last week I was in Atlanta , Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed one of the greatest acts of patriotism I have ever seen. Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their camos. As they began heading to their gate, everyone (well almost everyone)was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering. When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being applauded and cheered for, it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the only red-blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families. Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these young unsun
New Giveaway Update
I'm in my first giveaway here on fubar. And I could use a little help. Just one rate and a few comments from my friends and I can reach my goal. Thank you all in advance xoxoxoxoxo I need 30K to win with no time limit.To win 3 months VIP While there please Rate/Fan/Add D.S.C. for hosting this great giveaway{D.S.C} COME LUV ME Thank You All So Much Brought to you by Slave2Fantasy
Last Night Was Not Good....
Last night my Master had to tie me down and force me to submit. It was just bad all around. After the previous day being hard on us both and having been out of my collar for several days because the back made me itchy i think that maybe i lost my sense of being owned a little bit. After being leashed to the bed, spanked and told that i would indeed submit and behave and left there to took most of the ngiht but i got it.
Come Join Me In The Sixth Sense!!
~another New Member~ The Dream Team Bouncer/snapper Tester~
Blue Nose Pitt
Hey everyone..I need help. I have to find a home for my 3yr old PittBull.She is a great dog, I just can't keep her here at my moms. She is so loving and a great tempermant. My moms other dogs are just not managable around her. I have tried all the rescue shelters they just dont have any room for her. I can't take her to a animal shelter, they won't accept her. Please I desperatly need to find her a good home. I know there are so many people on this site, I am hoping someone is able to help. I don't know what else to do, I have had her since she was 3 months old. I love her so much!!!!
Making New Turns
Life is slowly getting betteer for me! I was finally able to upload some new pics of me onto my profile. So I dont have to have an old pic of me anymore. I still have more to later upload of friends and soon family at time goes by! I have been trying to make alot of choices in my life for the better and that means to get rid of all trash in my life. I dont hang with the same crew nor do half the stuff that I use to do. I have grown up a lot and just cant deal with anymore bullshit from the losers in my town! I just want to find a good man to take care of me and that wants to have a good woman by him plus also wants to have a family of his own together one day in the future! But only time can trully tell what will happen for me!
How's That Working Out For You?
Have you ever, really, truly seriously watched paint dry? I'm doing it right now. It is very, horrifically, mind numbingly boring. Also, I am watching caulk dry. I can't paint the other wall until the caulk is dry. So now I'm watching caulk dry, so I can paint, to then watch the paint dry. It's funny to ask for caulk at the store. I think the dude made me repeat it on purpose. He thought he was being clever. Tsk, tsk that guy. So I said it again, very loudly. "I'm looking for CAULK. DO you guys have CAULK? I need some CAULK real bad." (side note: it's funnier if you start out with a British accent, but funny nonetheless) I thought it was pretty damn funny at that point, and he was getting a little red in the face, so I decided to throw one more thing in the funny pot by yelling, "RODS!! I also need LONG RODS?? Tension RODS!?! STRONG, LONG RODS!?!?!???!?!?" All this while gesturing large measures of space with my arms. He just said "Aisle 4 and 5" and scu
Girls Vs. Grown Women
GIRLS vs. GROWN WOMEN GIRLS leave their schedule wide-open and wait for a guy to call and make plans. GROWN WOMEN make their own plans and nicely tell the guy to get in where he fits in. GIRLS want to control the man in their life. GROWN WOMEN know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling. GIRLS check a man for not calling them. GROWN WOMEN are too busy to realize you hadn't. GIRLS try to put a man 'on lock' by using sex. GROWN WOMEN know that it's the sex of the mental kind that makes a man want to 'lock' you down. GIRLS fake, moan, lie there and take the stabbing. GROWN WOMEN say, "Just stop", get up, get dressed and walk out. GIRLS are afraid to be alone. GROWN WOMEN revel in it-- using it as a time for personal growth. GIRLS ignore the good guys. GROWN WOMEN ignore the bad guys. GIRLS make you come. GROWN WOMEN make you come home. GIRLS worry about not being pretty and/or good enough for their man. GROWN WOMEN know that they are prett
Dreaming By: Deborah Boyd There is a place So far away But yet it beckons me To come and stay The lights are soft The music turned down The fireplace roaring In the background The weather outside Seems to know what is dear The soft pitter patters of rain Is coming so near You come take my hand To show me the way You lead me across the room To where we both lay The soft gentle kisses The caress of your hands Soon send by body quivering Its more then I can stand Soon the soft glow Of our bodies embrace Emerge to become one Without even a trace The emotions I feel They are such a rush To know our loves there Oh God its to much I then close my eyes The sensation is there The feel of your body Is more then I can bare I open my eyes And look into space To wonder where I am To have this taken such place I then come to realize That in my slumber I slept To have such a dream For me to have kept
Whats Up!
I have read all kinds of mumms, some so stupid why did they waste there time , some with alot of thought put into them. The ones Im here to talk about is the one where people are bashing the mumm. So you didnt like that persons Mumm Pick yay or nay and go on why bash them! Havent you figured out we all cant be alike , we cant all be perfect ! Yes some are totally DUMB but have you judged yourself today (NO) so how can you judge them! Now the fakes, Ive always been told be true to yourself if you cant be you will have to answer to yourself! As long as the fakes arent hurting anyone let them be they know they are fakes and will have to answer for themselfs eventually in some way! Now you ask me why did I write this......... Mainly because I had someone rate me a 2 I did not bash them, I did not cuss them out! If they dont like my pic Ok so dont look at me if you only thought i was a 2 thats your opinion. Dont push yout judgement on me and I wont push mine on You!
The Email I Sent Adam Today *awww*
well, I'm not sure when you'll read this... probably this evening... but I was just sitting here reading old emails from you... and thinking about things that have happened since we got together... and remembering those days we weren't up each other's butts ALL the time... LIke, when I called you at 5a every single morning... even though i had just gone to bed at 12 or 3 or something. And, the nights i actually got to see you, and hang out with you... the excitement on those drives over here... and the sadness i felt driving home, because i never wanted to leave you... And here we are, just 3 1/2 short months later... Every night, i go to bed with you... and wake up next to you each morning... usually plotting how to kill your cell phone and that god forsaken alarm... And, all of that, in this short time. I feel like, you've just always been here in my life... like, you belong here... But, despite how perfect this feels sometimes... there are problems... which are to be expected...
Nearly Time
Well 2 weeks o fast when you re having fun but I have to go back home sometime. Its been a good one and don't really look forward to going back. Still allows me to save up or the next visit unless airfares shot up like rockets LOL.
Long Island: The 51st State?
BY RICK BRAND | 9:40 PM EDT, March 27, 2008 Long Island -- bigger than 19 states and more populous than all but the country's three largest cities -- is big enough to stand on its own, secede and become the 51st state, said Suffolk Comptroller Joseph Sawicki. Sawicki will formally renew his call to make Nassau and Suffolk -- with their 2.8 million people -- its own state at an 8 a.m. breakfast Friday morning sponsored by Dowling College's Long Island Economic and Social Policy Institute. "Before you dismiss me as being on the fringe of craziness, just imagine: Taxes raised on Long Island would be spent on Long Island," said Sawicki, dusting off an idea that he first proposed as a state assemblyman in 1991. Sawicki said the region in 2004 sent $8.1 billion to Albany in taxes and fees but got back only $5.2 billion. "I don't know about you, but I don't like the way these numbers add up," he said. "It leaves Long Island paying for the rest of the
Show Them Some Love!
so, these 5 ladies are fabulous for helping me level! show them mad love, they deserve it all! thanks ladies, you're great! xoxox BooBoo Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned by Gary@ fubar ~(((...Mullet Hunter...)))~Club F.A.R.~@ fubar ~~ChAoTiC LuViN~~girlfriend to The Animal{{{SHADOW LEVELER}}}@ fubar dggirl69-~R/L wife to oklaelectricman~ Rate Spanker@ fubar BOW's HOPIGALERIN FUBOMBER * CLUB FAR * Shining star - Shadow Leveler@ fubar thanks again! -lov- Miranda
Death... Honor Me..
When my Grandfather died, the Shriners played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes as they walked from the tomb, it's probably the only moving thing about any funeral or viewing I'd ever experienced. In fact I don't remember anyone elses funeral, what a shame. Nowadays funerals are boring and don't celebrate the life of the person who has passed. Dead people deserve so much more then to be pumped full of chemicals, made up like a woman and put on display. Then we're unsanctamonously placed in the ground, taking up valuable real estate. Of course we'll have all our rings and jewelry on us...can you even fathom how many millions of dollars in jewelry, rings, watches and necklaces are in any given cemetary...what a waste. When I go, I don't want to be put in a suit and put on display in a coffin. I want all my friends to drag my body to the nearest Irish Pub and sit me up on a stool a la Weekend at Bernies. And then I want someone to take out my credit cards and open a tab
I Miss You
I Miss You - Blink 182 Hello there, the angel from my nightmare the shadow in the background of the morgue the unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley we can live like Jack and Sally if we want where you can always find me we'll have Halloween on Christmas and in the night we'll wish this never ends we'll wish this never ends (I miss you, miss you) (I miss you, miss you) Where are you and I'm so sorry I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight I need somebody and always this sick strange darkness comes creeping on so haunting every time and as I stared I counted webs from all the spiders catching things and eating their insides like indecision to call you and hear your voice of treason will you come home and stop this pain tonight stop this pain tonight Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head (I miss you, miss you) don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head (I miss you, miss you) Don't waste you
The Pope, Driving!!
After getting all of Pope Benedict's luggage loaded into the limo, (and he doesn't travel light), the driver notices the Pope still standing on the curb. "Excuse me, Your Holiness," says the driver," Would you please take your seat so we can leave?" "Well, to tell you the truth," says the Pope, "they never let me drive at the Vatican when I was a cardinal, and now that I'm Pope, I'd really like to drive today." "I'm sorry, Your Holiness, but I cannot let you do that. I'd lose my job! And what if something should happen?" protests the driver, wishing he'd never gone to work that morning. "Who's going to tell? Besides, there might be something extra in it for you," says the Pope with a smile. Reluctantly, the driver gets in the back as the Pope climbs in behind the wheel. The driver quickly regrets his decision when, after exiting the airport, the Pontiff floors it, accelerating the limo to 105 mph. (Remember, he's German.) "Please slow down, Your Holiness!" pleads t
New Member - Sassy :)
We have a new member! Sassy has joined us today. Please, welcome her and show her some fu-luv. Welcome to Last Tribe, Sassy! sassy ~Last Tribe~
For Some One Specific
Tell me how Not to hurt you Tell me how Because I haven't got a clue Tell me how To do it right Tell me how To not make you cry Tell me how To be what you need Tell me how To see what I can't see I need you to tell me how And I need you to tell me now
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Life Isn't About Shit-stained Balls
just found out that social services isn't worried at all about the kids being home with me and that they see no reason to take them away from me, relatedly, they gave my wife a referral to mental health... ha...
You are The Magician Skill, wisdom, adaptation. Craft, cunning, depending on dignity. Eleoquent and charismaticboth verbally and in writing, you are clever, witty, inventive and persuasive. The Magician is the male power of creation, creation by willpower and desire. In that ancient sense, it is the ability to make things so just by speaking them aloud. Reflecting this is the fact that the Magician is represented by Mercury. He represents the gift of tongues, a smooth talker, a salesman. Also clever with the slight of hand and a medicine man - either a real doctor or someone trying to sell you snake oil. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
Why The Guy Got Fired From Dairy Queen!
A former employee got fired from Dairy Queen forI think you can guess for yourself! Check out the guy in the back..I wonder why he looks so happy ..Hmmm?
Ask Me Anything
YOU CAN ASK ME 10 QUESTIONS: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. __________________________________________________ No matter how random, revealing, rude, or pointless. I promise to answer them 100% truthfully. All questions are COMPLETELY confidential - send to my inbox. Repost this to see what others ask you. IF YOU DONT THEN YOU'RE SCARED OF WHAT PEOPLE MAY ASK
This Is What Happen In Sallisaw Late Last Night By This Guy
he the guy that freakin made my niece,my daughter , n her friend take their clothes off to play with them n he 20 yr old dont give a crap about nothing n please be careful he from sallisaw oklahoma yes he got caught doing it making them do it if it wasnt for us going there it would of been worst
Lou Reed - Heroin
I dont know just where Im going But Im goin to try for the kingdom if I can cause it makes me feel like Im a man When I put a spike into my vein Then I tell you things arent quite the same When Im rushing on my run And I feel just like jesus son And I guess I just dont know And I guess that I just dont know I have made very big decision Im goin to try to nullify my life cause when the blood begins to flow When it shoots up the droppers neck When Im closing in on death You cant help me not you guys All you sweet girls with all your sweet talk You can all go take a walk And I guess I just dont know And I guess I just dont know I wish that I was born a thousand years ago I wish that Id sailed the darkened seas On a great big clipper ship Going from this land here to that I put on a sailors suit and cap Away from the big city Where a man cannot be free Of all the evils in this town And of himself and those around Oh, and I guess I just dont know Oh, a
Your Life Path Number is 3 Your purpose in life is to express your unique self. You are a creative and artistic person with an interesting view on life. Witty and outgoing, you enjoy sharing your crazy ideas with anyone who will listen. A total social butterfly, you're the life of any party. In love, you inspire and enchant your partner. You are often an object of fantasy and desire. While you are very talented, you sometimes lack the ambition to put your talents in play. And while your wit carries you a long way, you occasionally use it to mask your true feelings. Your natural abilities can bring you all the success in the world ... if you let them What Is Your Life Path Number?
21 Things
21 Things I Want in a Lover do you derive joy when someone else succeeds? do you not play dirty when engaged in competition? do you have a big intellectual capacity but know that it alone does not equate wisdom? do you see everything as an illusion? but enjoy it even though you are not of it? are you both masculine and feminine? politically aware? and don't believe in capital punishment? these are 21 things that I want in a lover not necessarily needs but qualities that I prefer do you derive joy from diving in and seeing that loving someone can actually feel like freedom? are you funny? la self-deprecating? like adventure? and have many formed opinions? these are 21 things that I want in a lover not necessarily needs but qualities that I prefer I figure I can describe it since I have a choice in the matter these are 21 things I choose to choose in a lover I'm in no hurry I could wait forever I'm in no rush cuz I like being solo there are no worries and
well its another day of the online world and i see that when things go wrong in real life after you meet someone here and it dont work out the ones who were your friends arent there anymore.... kinda sad i hear well call me well the road goes both ways you can call me too... i do miss my old friends and all but since january nothing on here has been the same.... it seems no one talks anymore... but i knew it would come down to this so i am saying bye to all that dont talk anymore or depend on me to make the effort all the time... those of you on my list dont take this wrong or that im being a bitch im just stating how i feel... so see you all around....
Just A Fantasy
I blinked again and you were still there, beauty before me like a masterpiece painting, smiling back at me. A smile so comforting, lighting up your eyes. I could get lost staring at your eyes but then my gaze drifts dwon to your beautifully proportioned body. I cross the small distance between us, I must be able to feel you, I have an urgent need to toouch all of you. My lips touch yours and you press against me. The kiss is so tender, my body responds to that simple pleasure. I break away from your lips and begin to carress your neck with my lips. I feel your nipples become erect instantly. Your body reacts to the toouch of my lips on it. I move my kisses to the front of your neck and begin to travel down your chest. Your body shivers as my fingers gently brush across your breast. You arch your back as I take your nipple in my mouth. The feel of your soft skin against my hands and my lips is so erotic, I need more of you. this is beyond a want it is a pure need, the feel o
Bomb Fam Page
Hi.... We need to finish the contest for FU*Bombers Family Page as soon as we can. It's a 25K contest for 14 days....... and we get a 30 DAY BLAST for the Family!!! WOO HOO!! The sooner we finish it, the sooner the Family gets the blast..... Let's go and FU*BOMB SOME A$$!!!! >>>>> BOMB FAMILY PAGE NEXT
Havent Been Myself Lately
Just wanted to take the chance to tell all my friends on here that im not ignoring any of you...Things have been crazy this past month and im not feeling like myself lately...I should be up and running love ya's
My Bully
Day #3
I Smoked yesterday, Day #2 in FAR Worse than #1 craving wise. Rather than a roller coatser of craving it is one insesant dull ache of a craving, and when sitting idle at the bus stop waiting to go to work, with what felt like the whole world smoking around me I buckled. THOUGH, I will NOT Give up, I will restart Tomorrow morning, as day #1 will be at home, AND Day #2. I may have better luck.
My Name Is Indigo Montoya...
Your Love Life is Like The Princess Bride "Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind." For you, love is like a fairy tale - albeit a fairly twisted one. You believe romance is all about loyalty, fate, and a good big of goofy fun. Your love style: Idealistic yet quirky Your Hollywood Ending Will Be: Perfectly romantic What Movie Is Your Love Life Like? PERfectly Romantic, huh? *smiles big*
Week 2 Dream Girlz Cwgrl & Hpf Teams Bulletin (updated)
Girls are a dime a dozen, The ☆Dream Girlz☆ are Priceless! Don't forget to show these fab ladies sum ♥ Rate, Fan, Add, & Comment them all!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Dream Girlz Officers HotPinkFizzle Brigadier General cwgrlupxox Lt. Colonel
Computer Problems
I wanted to get on to leave this blog so people know the reason me and Just Shizzle aren't on. Some how we got a virus and it is messing with our hard drive and had to totally redo our hard drive. We love you all and please don't be mad at us. Sometimes computers can be pains in the butt. Hugs to all, Trista
No Need To Apologize.
I don't feel the need to apologize for my beliefs. I won't try to explain to someone how I can have such open, liberal thoughts, yet feel proud to be in the military. I don't think family is forever...I believe that if you're a jerk, I have the right to not acknowledge you, regardless of your parents. Beating up a woman or a child is evil...and so is thinking you need to beat up someone else. Bigots should be beaten, though. Who are you to tell someone what his/her religion should be??? Jesus is the grooviest, though. Why do you have to be a redneck to like NASCAR??? Who doesn't like fast cars and half-naked women??? I'm so NOT gay, but I support the right for people to love who they love. Bi women are just hot! Children are great...don't have them if you don't plan to raise them. Liking sex doesn't make you a whore. Spreading disease through sex does make you a bad person...make sure you're healthy. You can still love someone with all your heart, even if you both hav
Me? Cynical? Pleh.
You Are 76% Cynical You're a full blown cynic... and probably even skeptical of these results. You have your optimistic moments, but most likely you keep them to yourself. How Cynical Are You?
Ffs!!!! :s
Your Love Life is Like Pretty Woman "I want the fairy tale" You believe that love is truly blind, unpredictable, and surprising. Two very different people can easily find true love. At least, that is how it will happen when you marry a gorgeous billionaire someday ;-) Your love style: Sensual and flirty Your Hollywood Ending Will Be: Surprisingly happy What Movie Is Your Love Life Like?
love Glory of lord reflects with clear words about the liking of lord that he is well attracted by the love alone, those who have the passion for him and love him all the way experienced his very existence at their heart and close to soul. Let those who are curious take note of it, lord Rama got attracted through love alone, a love so called divine one, pure with out self merits. Lord is omni present and ocean of compassion but with clear modes, saints have quoted he is revealed by love even as fire is manifested by friction so is case of lord rama any one can have him any where but its needs the notes love from the core of heart and soul with out any impurity. May god bless all on the subject of true human life. Thanks please
I Hate Birds...=/
Your Power Bird is an Eagle You are spiritual and able to soar to great heights. You are a true inspiration, and many people look to you for guidance. And you are quite demanding in relationships... but you're worth it. People know that you will become even greater than you imagine. What's Your Power Bird?
Just For A Laugh
If you think life is bad..... How would you like to be an egg? You only get laid once. You only get eaten once. It takes four minutes to get hard. Only two minutes to get soft. You share your box with 6 other guys But worst of all.. the only chick that ever sat on your face was your mother!!! So cheer up, Your life ain't that bad!!!! Pass it around to someone who you feel can use a good lay, Oops....I mean day!!!!!
*looks At Ceiling*
Your Candy Heart Says "Get Real" You're a bit of a cynic when it comes to love. You don't lose your head, and hardly anyone penetrates your heart. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: is all about the person you're seeing (with no mentions of v-day!) Your flirting style: honest and even slightly sarcastic What turns you off: romantic expectations and "greeting card" holidays Why you're hot: you don't just play hard to get - you are hard to get What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
Live Like You Were Dying By Tim Mcgraw
He said: "I was in my early forties, "With a lot of life before me, "An' a moment came that stopped me on a dime. "I spent most of the next days, "Looking at the x-rays, "An' talking 'bout the options an' talkin bout sweet time." I asked him when it sank in, That this might really be the real end? Hows it hit you when you get that kind of news? Man whatcha do? An' he said: "I went sky diving, I went rocky mountain climbing, "I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu. "And I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter, "And I gave forgiveness I'd been denying." An' he said: "Some day, I hope you get the chance, "To live like you were dyin'." He said "I was finally the husband, "That most the time I wasnt. "An' I became a friend a friend would like to have. "And all of a sudden goin' fishin, "Wasnt such an imposition, "And I went three times that year I lost my Dad. "Well, I finally read the Good Book, "And I took a good long hard look, "At what I'd
What Happened
dont know what happened. i sit here trying to figure it out but i cant seem to. we used to be really close. told each other pretty much everything. now we almost never talk. it kills me inside to think that our friendship has just died but to me thats exactly waht it feels like. ever since i said i was with him things have totally come to an end and nothing seem to be the same. which i really dont understand seeing this is not the first time ive been with someone since we have been friends. dont know if thats what it is. dont know if she has something to do with it seeing the last time we really talked like we used to it ended in an argument over her...with you defending her. i have no clue what make us fall apart the way we have but i miss you! i miss the friendship we had! i dont kno whow much it really matters to you but it matters a lot to me. you have become a huge part of my life and losing you is not something i really want to do
For Sure
For Sure By: Deborah Boyd I yearn for you touch Your soft embrace The look in your eyes No other could replace The world as it stands Could rush by day by day But when Im there beside you It remains where it stays The look in you eyes Tells me theres nothing to fear When you gaze upon me Its more then I can share The strength in your arms Gives me courage to face Lifes ups and downs Without even a trace Its where I want to be Its what I need each day To be in your life In every way. So take my love with you As you leave out that door And know in your heart I am yours for sure.
I'm So Hurt
I just lost my only purpose in life. My ex has ruined the relationship that I had with the greatest guy ever. I really loved him, and still do. I guess It's just not meant for me to be happy. I feel like I'm realy better off dead. On top of all of that drama is more. I got a message from my sister and my grandma is in the hospital with pneumonia. she has a disease that paralized her and she has been in a nursing home for a while now. I don't know what else could go wrong today, not to mention the rest of my life. =(
How Did I Become An Emt?
I get asked all the time how I became an EMT Well here is how. It started in 1997. I was on my way to becomeing a Doctor, I was having trouble in school and wasn't feeling very good about myself at the time. I was use to getting a 4.0 GPA in all my courses and all of a sudden I am getting 3.5 and a 3.0 in physics. I was starting to worry I couldn't handle pre-med. I phoned a friends and asked what I should do. This friend was a paramedic and he said I should look into EMS, my friend told me to meet him at the station for his next shift. The next night I end up at the EMS station and get to do a ride-a-long. The first call was an easy one, a pick up at a nursing home and take the guy to the ER due to breathing problems. My friend asked me to try doing an assessment and asked me what was wrong. I jumped in there and did what I could, I pulled up the shirt and noticed what was wrong, the guy has subcutaneous emphysema, at this point I asked what should I do. My friend said give
How I Feel Today
What Good Is Love I waited for your love in hope, That ours would come again, And make me feel the things I felt, When we were one, back then. But time and distance have erased, The things I wished anew, And now I find myself alone, Though I am here with you. What good is love, that does not touch, What good is love, that gives you pain. What good is love, that makes you run, And makes you lost out in the rain. I traveled to another world, Out far beyond the one we knew, I thought that I could live again, And now I find I'm back with you. But what of hearts that beat as one, And what of passion and embrace, Is it too much to ask of you, To make these tears of mine erase. What good is love, that does not touch, What good is love, that gives you pain. What good is love, that makes you run, And makes you lost out in the rain. Too painful this - to journey back, To times of love and laughter free, The times we lay together with A sense of you , a sen
Lord Rama
hare rama Glory of lord reflects about the features of lord Rama that he is custodian of Vedic law and lord of the universe, and his Maya so called illusion on the board of life that creates, preserve and dissolves the universe on receiving the tacit approval of his gracious self. Saints quotes with humble words that lord your being is beyond the range of speech and beyond conception, unknown, unutterable and infinite; the Vedas ever speak of it as no as such not as that. It is lay down by the Vedas in clear words that satisfaction of Brahmans is the root of all happiness in life. The wrath of Brahmans consumes the millions of generations. Lord Rama is a spectator; while the world is spectacle. It is your basic feature for your devotees that you make your self known; and the moment one knows you he becomes with you. May lord bless all on the subject of life as true human. Thanks please.
Wrestlemania 24
OMG! I can't believe I actually got tickets to Wrestlemania 24! I am so excited and can't wait to go.
What A Good Boy By The Barenaked Ladies
When I was born, they looked at me and said, "What a good boy, what a smart boy, what a strong boy." And when you were born, they looked at you and said, "What a good girl, what a what a smart girl, what a pretty girl." We've got these chains that hang around our necks; People want to strangle us with them before we take our first breath. Afraid of change, afraid of staying the same, When temptation calls, we just look away. This name is the hairshirt I wear, And this hairshirt is woven from your brown hair. This song is the cross that I bear, Bear it with me, bear with me, bear with me, be with me tonight. I know that it isn't right, but be with me tonight. I go to school, I write exams; If I pass, if I fail, if I drop out, Does anyone give a damn? And if they do, they'll soon forget cause it won't take much for me To show my life is over now. I wake up scared, I wake up strange. I wake up wondering if anything in my life is ever going to change. I wake up sc
Today Is The Last Day Of This Auction So Come On And Bid On Me
Subject: We Get What We Deserve....
subject: WE GET WHAT WE DESERVE.... date: 2008-03-28 09:00:19
Since You Came
Since u came, i am weaker then Ive ever been and i love every minute of it. You could make or break me with one look, but you have chosen to make me, and i am so grateful to u for that. Before you, i found it hard to keep my eyes dry to keep my head up, to keep my heart beating. But you took me off guard and i am still trying to catch my breath. Since u came, i am full of lust for you i have never felt such a desire to be close to Another person, then i do when i am with you but u never take for granted my affections and you tell me you will wait for me as long as it takes and i know i can believe you. it has been so long since i felt i could trust a man but the way you look in my eyes the way u kiss me hold me, and speak so sweetly I know i can put my faith in you. Since you came, i am weaker then i've ever been and i love every minute of it.
Today On World Rock Radio
Click banner to enter lounge 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at krayzeecreeme Click banner to visit Cujo's MySpace page! 2:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at mystic_druid_777 Click banner to visit Mystic's MySpace page! 4:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at rockin_rebel65 Click banner to visit Rebel's MySpace page! 8:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at sweetnloveable35 Click banner to visit Kazz's MySpace page! 10:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at mystic_druid_777 Click banner to visit Mystic's MySpace page! 12:00AM EST (Midnight) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at bratprince7
My Fu Wife
My Fu Wife de one i call all mine da one dat love dat jamaican min da one dat would lve ta do alot for ha man and da jamaican man will always make sure she always happy when he around so if ya tink ya got what it takes ta be mi fu wife comment on it and i will see if ya de right one for mi
Re: Call For New 9/11 Investigation Reaches Crescendo
RE: Call For New 9/11 Investigation Reaches Crescendo ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 28 Mar 2008, 16:05 Call For New 9/11 Investigation Reaches Crescendo Calls for a new 9/11 inquiry are reaching a crescendo, with well-respected authorities and celebrities alike adding their voices to the cause, as the official 9/11 story crumbles under the weight of revelations of White House ties to the 9/11 Commission, and other cover-ups on behalf of authorities staffed with investigating the attacks. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/march2008/032808_reaches_crescendo. htm
Going To Be A Busy Weekend.
Friday is a great way to end this rather easy week I have had. No taking kids to school, no dealing with homework or wondering if my son has done his homework. Sleeping in......ahhhhhh. Chris has been gone since Sunday. He has been staying at my Dad's all week doing some work for their friends. He called me last night ans sounded really homesick. He just wanted to talk to me. He told me he has made $96.00! Damn, doing yard work for rich people is the ticket! He is supposed to mow my Dad's golf course today and he will make anther $40! He got his bike stole yet again last Saturday and this time we haven't gotten it back! :( Poor kid takes his eyes off it for 2 minutes and some scumbag kid steals it. I hate thieves! Maybe he can take his money and buy himself a bike? He should get a cheap one so no one wants to steal it! This weekend is going to be busy. Maybe dinner with friends tonight, working in backyard tomorrow after the rain, friends tomorrow night and Sunday fa
Love Strange And Wonderful
Love can mean so much for such a little word. We love our kids and family and friends and then again the same word love is applied to someone we care for and want to be with forever. When we say i love you how can you distingushe between a friend or the special someone in your heart. When one word can be used so many ways how do you use it to mean so much. how can i say it to mean you are the one i want to share my life with and the same words say it to mean you are a friend for life I have a special someone she means more to me than anyone knows. I would like to tell the world that i love her and i am untouchable to anyone else she has my heart my soul she has all of me. I LOVE YOU HENNIE WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL
now that i got you to look LMAO click this link and pass it around i need some help networking it please!
Product Launch Formula 2
Proudct Launch Formula 2 As a Product Launch Formula Affiliate you get to show others wonderful and real case studies of people who used the system to make some real good money. The first one is with Neil Stafford, whos niche is teaching parents how to teach their kids to play soccer better at Their launch did almost $10,000.00 selling a low-priced instructional DVD. Chuck Smith did a product launch for a low-priced product in the quilting niche - it did approximately $3000.00, and then he followed that up almost immediately with another $4,000.00 launch. Kyle Battis did a launch of a $10 per month membership site in the personal fitness niche. The launch generated a continuity income of $15,000.00 per MONTH. Tags: product launch formula, product launch formula 2, product launch formula 2 review, product launch formula 2 download, product launch formula 2 affiliate, product launch formula 2 launch, plf2, plf2 review, plf2 download, plf2 affi
Demons Within
Knives of anger tear her flesh, Tangled rage she must supress, She contains her hate-filled ways, Bottled-up for other days. Drinking calms the savage beast, Quench a thirst that's underneath, Still's the hand and holds the toung, Preventing any damage done. Another day she drowns her hurt, Lost the feeling once alert, Cannot walk so she lay down, Not much else she can do now. Smile at those she once called 'friend', Those who brought her to her end, Sell sweet lies so she might rest, Holding back what's now repressed. Doctors swarm a bloodied girl, The days events yet to unfurl, The dead are piled near her frame, No one dares to speak her name. No more hiding inside her skin, No fake smiles whilst screaming within, Emotions bare for all to see, Surrounded by bodies, that girl is me.
Tonight Will Be The Night I Cry
Tonight will be the night I cry For all who risked there life To let me live another day And for me to see the light of day once again Some dont know how or who But other never will know I think upon all who I have disappointed As I look out into the crowd Or as I stand here motionless Not knowing what has happened while police rush in As I stand in the middle of the dance floor I look around me thinking Im, just like everyone But I see everyone alike but me I feel like the ugly duckling Left out As I go back to my table I see my family sitting there Smiling and talking to each other Seeing them all having fun And me just sitting there watching I sit at the table listening to my loud music Looking at them all Thinking will I ever be who they want me to be I open my notebook and start to write I cry tonight For the people who have risked there lives To save mine Looking at the time as its now 12 past 9 And my mother and father are dancing away As I watch t
Love Is Pain
I never really thought this day would come But I guess its true Im totally over you I have never loved anyone the way I loved you I thought you were different than all them other guys I guess I was wrong.. You made me suffer You made me cry And Im going to make sure You feel everything I felt The day you left my side Love could mean so many things But is love happiness? Because for me.. Love is pain
Break Me Out
You've taken my heart But I don't want it back We're back to the start And my world's turning black The feelings I feel The time left to steal The things that i tell Break my out of my cell (Bridge) Break me out Promise you will never forget me The loveless drought So set me free (CHorus) So Tell me that you're here (remember me) And I dont want to hear (Remember me) Your excuses anymore You know its you that I adore So do me one last thing and remember me Like a single clause In the finest of print The time seems to pause As the sun starts to glint Off of the glass and into the past (Bridge) (Chorus) Why don't you Beleive me Why dont you Trust me To be alone (bridge) Chorus
Something About Indiana
What They Didn't Teach Me in Indiana History Class Elvis Presley gave his last concert at Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, on June 26, 1977. Tomato juice was first served at a French Lick Hotel in 1925. The Prairie Farmer publication has featured the cartoon 'Slim and Spud' for 30 years. This cartoon is drawn by Hoosier Max Gwin. The world's largest orchid species collection is found at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. The first regulated speed limit on Indiana roads was initiated in 1921. 25 mph! Just Cruisin'! Purdue is Indiana's land grant college. An average of 400 funnel clouds are sighted each year in Indiana. The exteriors of the hit movie 'Hoosiers' was filmed just 25 miles from the Purdue campus at New Richmond, Indiana. Remember another hit movie - 'Breaking Away'? Well, it was filmed in Bloomington, Indiana and partially on the campus of Indiana University (I.U.)! The city of Gary, Indiana, was bui
Little Treasures
Little Treasures By: Deborah Boyd I walk softly With Heavy steps To a place unknown And Time unspent The World stand still All Quiet and dark As I creep further in Oh God show my a spark Please lead me the way I know not how to go I give you my hand In hopes for you to show I see a light So far away Should I go further Or remain where I stay I step a little closer Its lighter with ease When soon I come to realize My fears they have ceased It then comes to mind What I had feared the most Was nothing at all Just my own little Ghost. So without lifes little journey No one will ever know Could be Gods little treasure He wanting to show.
Love Hurts
Why does it hurt, Just to have fun. Just to flirt, Or finish it off and get it done. The pain it makes, The crying. The hearts it breaks, The inside dying. Love hurts the willing, Crushing the weak. You never get a good filling, And you miss your peak.
Ensign: Fault Lines
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 28 March 2008 "Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?" In the sixth chapter of Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, he's asking the people why they're allowing those outside the church to judge them. Certainly this is no argument against an independent judiciary today (or even in the 1st century, when that was unthinkable), but when we're peacefully assembling in our local church, we need to ask ourselves what we bear against others in church that we wouldn't think twice about in public? In all of the nineteen times "fault" is used in Scripture, it's used grammatically as a noun, never as a
When You Know
What if you knew things were meant to be a different way? He tells you he loves you, but you can't say it back. And deep down you know he's not the one you want to hold at night. You keep telling yourself that soon things will work it's way out. Each night he tells you everything will be okay. That he wants to make you happy and things will get better. And now you realize that this lie you've been living has to come out. You know the time is now. You tell him this won't work anymore. That everytime he touches you it's not the one you want to feel. And you feel so guilty for leading him to believe that his heart was the one you held. When all you wanted was the one you're dreaming of. He pleads for you not to go, as you're walking out the door. You turn to him and say that he's better off this way. And you look into his eyes seeing the hurt and the love. You can't believe that after all you've done, you're still the one he wants to hold at night. You go to the other and hope it's no
What The Hell Is This Suppose To Be Lol
bilal12319...: gkguggjkgmgjggmgh%u0131g gkjjnmghbng gg ->bilal12319...: ummmmm hello i dont understand jibber jabber bilal12319...: gkgugm ghngm fb fgujhgyhfgmghngmgjg g bilal12319...: kghg gng gyh fhbnn fgb bilal12319...: gugmghg fggfgdfdnfbf fg bilal12319...: fmjfygmfhfngbmfdfj%u0131fg bilal12319...: jmghf fgf fd bi bilal12319...: v fyfmdhfmfhf d bilal12319...: fkfgtffcbcvfcv cv fv bilal12319...: fkfg f fbgftgdf bfv ff bilal12319...: jfygfmfhbf f needless to say this person got blocked real fast... It all came thru on my sb
To Friends And Family
to all my family and friends an fans i have a meeting at the school today with the teacher who was telling my 8yr old and others thay are fat and really could use all the prayers u can spare me because its going to take every once of calm i can come up with to deal with him . i can and will deal with this in a classy way but i still want to choke the hell out of him. i'm taking a member of the school board with me so i have back up but please if u all say and xtra prayer today please thank of me . thanks to you all 4 being there i luv ya all ann
Mad Dutch Woman Calling.......
nutty wrote this and I didnt want to lose it: thanks for being such a tremendous sweetheart.. *mwuah*.. you are a treasure! shame she's a married woman!
Doin Coffee.......and
wondering why my girl Krista is wanting to share our time with another woman.She says she likes to eat pussy....but I think its something else.I think she thinks she is not giving me enough sexually and she must think that if there was another woman I would be satisfied......I enjoyed the time we had last night and I was very satisfied.She got all her holes filled and this mornin my balls are hangin to my knees.She does me just fine........but if she wants something more.......another woman.......she can have that.I wouldnt mind watchin
Wak, Don't Walk
Tourists are so cute, they stand there at the Walk/Dont Walk signs like they actually mean something.
Falling For Matthew Banks
Maybe it was the way u looked At me, or how u so shyly took my hand in The car. Perhaps it was The way you kissed me like i have never been kissed before. Having met you I feel Emotions I thought were gone from my heart, but When I am near you, they all come rushing Back, and I am reminded of how it feels when Actions become louder then words. Now I am so lost in you, lost in your eyes, lost in your Kiss, lost in your arms, and I am not raising my flag this time for u have already Saved me, more then u could ever imagine.
Launching A Product
Launching a Product Product Launch Formula 2 is HERE! Launching a product can be an arduous and difficult task, especially in competitive markets. Thankfully, there is a step-by-step product launch formula that you can follow to ensure success and beat out your competition. A good plan such as PLF2 can mean the difference between a hugely successful campaign, or a complete failure. Follow these simple steps to instantly increase your chances of a successful launch. 1) Buzz Marketing. Well before your product even goes live, you need to create some "buzz" for it. Create anticipation and scarcity with your marketing efforts to get people talking about your product and the launch in their favourite online forums. The more exposure you can generate, the more chance you have of being successful. This is just like the big film studios who throw out "teasers" months before a movie is even released. You want the public to be aware that your product launch is imminent and get th
Needing To Escape Reality??
Come join us in UnReality A Place to Escape Reality Lounge is open to all right now but will close soon to be private with invite only to enter. Not your normal lounge on Fubar, just a place for idle chit-chat without all they hype. Come on in and invite your friends and make new friends ~Dream~ & ♥~Bratt~♥
What Is Great About Being 40 - Huh. No Not Age-wise Either
I feel really great today because I have just discovered that, due to a mistake in the manufacture, I am smaller than was recently thought. It has to do with being suspicious of tight things that were once loose and now are tied with great struggle and pain around my body. We are talking about my 38B bra. So what. Well, all my adult life I have been 36A and then catastrophe struck because we went on an all inclusive to Goa. This was a quiet spot where not much pre-ambling was taken and consequently after three weeks of eating hotel food plus generally crashing out, the waistline decide to make itself felt. You know the expression Hips dont Lie, well I have come to the conclusion that it is actually Zips Dont Lie! (Bear with me because this has nothing to do with the bra.) They told me the truth last year and have been reminding me this year that all is no longer as it once was in the lower body department. Then I had brain surgery and could not do much of any sort of work fo
Wanna Be Fu-owned, Click To Veiw Details
Hey, Im going to be doing an auction for 30+ people, it will last for a month, so that everyone has a fair chance of promoting themselves and getting the highest possible bid that can get. below is the infor you will need to know in order to be part ofthis auction; I am ONLY the host of the auction and will recieve nothingbut points for the comments on the pictures. the winner should and will recieve the highest bid. Once the auction has ended i will close the album to eveyrone and i will message the winners andtell them to pay you. i will then message you and tell you who won you and what bid. IF you do not recieve the the highest bid, i will message the second highest bidder to claim you lol. once all messages are out n payments and name changing are made i will then re-open the folder for ONE week, so you can look at what you were bidded and so on. the START date is 12th April and will END 12th May, (12th ofthe months being my daughters 5th and 6th month mark)
Da Playa
they go after others for the attention, and the love, and anything material that they can. they don't care if they hurt anyone, because they don't invest in the matters of the heart. they don't care if a heart is broken, since they really don't feel anything, it doesn't involve them. they don't care about the drama, infact the more drama, the more entertainment. this is a game, about how much they can take, and da playa isn't happy, till they have all of you. Da playa doesn't have a clue, shut my door to you, shut you out. Da playa doesn't have a heart, shut my door to you, shut you out. Da playa has women lined up for him, i'm not one of them. shut my door to you, shut you out. no more. the door is shut.
A Change In Direction
As the Mr 7000000 states, I'm shooting for 7 million Fubucks. Obviously its for the spotlight. And at first, I was really focused on it. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I discovered on the journey that I like helping others, so therefore I have been donating to other's causes, so that they can shine in the spotlight. So I am back to being poor. I still have aspirations of being in the spotlight, and will still take all donations, but for the next few months, I plan on dedicating my time helping others. I am also dedicated to looking at Freak's boobs every day. I had such fun helping Fat Sonny level, and Cyndi, and a few others, that I'll be cocentrating on rating stash's and pics. I have a month VIP thanks to Freak, and I plan on maximizing my use of it. But due to my poverty, the gifts might be slowing down some, and you all might be getting Budweisers, but I'm still thinking of you. So if you're close to leveling, or know somebody who is, let me know, and I'll be happy to le
Bra And Panty Contest
Who is the Hottest Brother? YOU DECIDE! Click the picture and rate for who you think is the Hottest Brother! Big Brother... or Little Brother... The LOSER must pose in a bra and panties and put their picture on THE FU! WOOT! Help settle this Battle of the Egos and... Folder will be open until Sunday night at 12pm Eastern! (9pm FU TIME) (repost of original by '~PebblesinAZ~I Luv my Owner/RL BF Tappinit~Co Founder of The FREAK SHOW w/ FREAK~' on '2008-03-28 07:26:24') (repost of original by 'NYHA **owned by ~ Miss Vee ' on '2008-03-28 07:33:06') (repost of original by '~JoJo Da Lette~Looney Juggalo's Naughty Wifey~Lvr2Pebbles~' on '2008-03-28 07:39:01') (repost of original by '~PebblesinAZ~I Luv my Owner/RL BF Tappinit~Co Founder of The FREAK SHOW w/ FREAK~' on '2008-03-28 07:46:19') (repost of original by 'Emanon~~Forever Fake~~Father of The Fallen Ones' on '2008-03-28 07:50:11') (repost of original by '♫DJ Crazy_Momx4♫
How Can This 1 Word
how can this 1 word bring so much pain but yet bring so much good the 1 word is love, love when you feel it you will know it will hit you when at least expect it you dont even have a clue, where it will hit or who it will be that you fall, in love with. they could be your best friend, its someone you feel so comfortable you can tell them anything in the, world with them by your side you, you have no fears and no regrets never take them for granted,dont ever forget to tell them you , love them with all your heart, and soul, tell them each morning, as you give them a kiss tell her, how beauitful she is ever chance you get,for 1 day they wi
Just A Note - If Anyone Is Reading
Spring break will be over for me come Monday and I will hit the ground running for 8 weeks... That means I'll be scarce to gone until June Please comment, send messages. The time out will also give me time to get my head straightened out from the selfish, self-centered little roller coaster I just got off of. (And some of you know what I'm talking about.) Happy Weekend and Happy Spring!!
Ok maybe it'e me but fu' is gettin' a lil' stale lately I can tell because Im on it less and less. My personality-type has the flaw of gettin' easily distracted and bored real fast so I travel light and keep it moving thru life!Im taking a break I think I don't even know if I will be back!
Apples And Wine
Apples and Wine Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt, boo hoo! Instead, they just take the rotten apples from the ground, that aren't as good, but easy....... The apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right Man to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree. So keep your dignity and self-respect and wait for the right MAN to arrive and sweep you right off your feet!! Share this with other women who are good apples, even those who have already been picked! It's never too late to respect yourself. Now Men.... Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes and it's up to the women to stomp the crap out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with; hence: fine wine.
Wake Up Wal-mart
Dear Brad,On April 5th, the campaign will celebrate three years of making Wal-Mart a more responsible company. As you know, it's been a grueling fight for substantive change at Wal-Mart. And, for all of the movement's success, we still have one question for you. Is Wal-Mart helping you "live better?" Your tax dollars are still subsidizing Wal-Mart's health care crisis. Your good jobs are still being shipped overseas so Wal-Mart can import over 70% of its goods from communist China. Your neighbors are still earning poverty-level Wal-Mart wages so America's richest family can line their pockets with Wal-Mart's $12 billion in profits. Are you living better yet? This year, we can't settle for anything less than real change from Wal-Mart. We know change won't come unless we work together to bring our campaign's message to new audiences in new ways. That's why we're launching the first in a series of new videos: "Living Better." Please, do
as i walked in the room and seen you laying there on the bed that was once a resting place for a very strong lady, i see the shell of the lady that i hold dear not as lively or as creative as you once were, knowing the dease has taken over your body and your mind you look so fragile,and oh so different like its a different person. not uttering a word i stand at the head of your bed looking down upon my aunt laying there a shadow of what she once was, In pain from the cancer that has taken over her body and her mind, family members gathered around the bed that only she and i can see waiting patently to take her on the final journey home, the shadows beneather her shallow eye sockets, and sunk in cheeks reveal the pain for the skin is stretched tightly over the skull and a yellowish color settled in I know its not going to be long no matter what those nurses say,the feeling and smell of death is in the air.
I Won't Be Changing My Name....thank You!
I was shouted at this morning by a cutesie little blonde, 20, I'm betting with a perky little ass, too (I'm just sayin') She wanted to know if I would join her group, the Sexy Love Kittens, or something of that ilk. I told her "Sure, but I won't be changing my name." So she linked me with her owner, a British twit with a stick up her ass, who asked me if I was the one who wanted to join. I told her I was approached and had no problem with it, but I would not be changing my name. She corrected me by saying I wouldn't have to change it, just add to it. Which is still changing my name....what I told her I would not be doing, in the first place. She countered with "if you don't want to change your name, then I'm sorry, but you can't join." At this point I cried my eyes out. I mean, really, I hadn't even joined and I was already over it. "I was aproached to join." I told her. "I'm the owner, and I didn't approach you, nor would I. Cheers xxxx" Is it really any wonder wh
R.i.p My Dearest Friend Lisa
My Dearest Friend Lisa And I Were Friends Since We were 13 yrs Old Was Sadly taken From Us March 26th,2008 At 4 am In The Morning From The Hands Of Her So Called Husband Who Beat Her So Bad And Put Her Into a Coma which She Never Came Out Of...Leaving Behind Her Son 7 And Daughter 2 Yrs Old And A Loving Family and Friends.... I'm Gonna Miss you with All my Heart and soul But you will Never everrrr Be for gotten ever... I Love you and Miss you Sooo Much..
Dreamt of being on a big boat... and old oceanliner. The water was calm, but everybody was watching tornados form high above and far away. Strange.
Hosting A Contest
I am not sure how to make my bulletins, blogs, stash items all blitzy and sparkly..... but I wanted to let it be known that I am going to host a contest. I have not yet decided the prizes but I will award a first, second and third place prize. I think the contest will be something like 'First person to 20,000 comments' or something of that nature. If you are interested or if you have any suggestions or questions please send me a private message. Thanks so much - Jamie
Hot Guy Needs Are Help.. Please Read & Repost ... Ty Xoxo
Porn Star?
I think I could do porn. I mean, I've seen the types of guys that are in them. I know I'm not theatrical movie material, I just don't have the "IT" quality. But Porn...I'd like to think I'm above average in the porno looks category. The look. Take Peter North. He's cheesy with a hint of dork. I could totally pull that off. The body. You don't have to be an Adonis or even a Lexington Steele to be in porn. Next to Ron Jeremy I am a sexy muh' fugga. The name. This is the easiest part. There are many ways to address this. You could go with the blatant porn star names like Dick Rambone and Randy Spears. How bout taking a celebrity name and giving it a twist like Michael J. Cox or Johnny Depth. Lastly you could use the time tested method of pet dogs name and street you grew up on. I'm totally cool being "Bouncer Michigan". Tool of the Trade. This is the part that I thought would keep me out of the porn industry. I'm no John Holmes.....
What An Idiot I Am
just reported one of my own blog posts, please someone shoot me
Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula
Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula Click Here To Read A Product Launch Formula 2 Review Product Launch Formula is the brainchild of Jeff Walker. Now in it's second edition it has proven to be one of the most powerful and profitable courses for many of the students who have applied it's principles. With so many junk products online Jeff's product is one that delivers on it's promises. One only has to listen to the case multiple case studies of his students to understand just how powerful the techniques are. Here are just some of the results of Jeff's students: Martin Howey is a high end coach who took a list of only 5,000 people and was able to sell 100 spots in a $20,000 coaching program, bringing in $2 Million in sales. So effective was the product launch formula in his process that he still has people on the waiting list, ready to pay him when more spots open up in his coaching program. Jose Espana created a product specifically for the Spanish speaking market. Again
Milky Twlight
You come to me like a dream, So real, So true, You tell me you have come home, Come home to my arms, And my arms alone, You know me inside and out, You know the truth inside my soul, You know when I have moments of just needing someone, Someone to hold me close and tight, You seem to be in sync with my thoughts, Knowing just what to say, You come to me like a dream, You are mine, Mine alone, You have the key to my heart, Do you know that you have always? You have always had the key, Ever since I met you, I knew my life was never going to be the same, You seemed to always know, You always knew what to say, You always knew just when, You always knew me, You knew me when no one else did, You knew who I was when I wanted to hide, You held me when everything fell apart, You held me when all was lost to the darkness, You kept me believing, Believing in the truth, The truth that true love exists, It e
Being Nice Never Works Does It?
wow...I cant believe it..being nice does not work...Carmen wants to punish me..darn...she posted my well wishes on her myspace page...check it out....she is the "the girl next door"..and poor thing i wont leave her flash if you were not talking shit about me..then I would have left you had to stir the shit you could have something to talk about... because apparently your life is boring without me in it..with no provocation other than three months go on and on about me in your I did not know I had so much power...but hey with being nice to you and writing you a congrats on have new material so please feel free to blog on and on about me...I love knowing that I matter so much in your would think..that your life would have more substance to it than talking about me..why dont you talk about your kids..or something wonderful..maybe your job...that is what I do...I hate to waste my time on you..because you dont m
The Ingredients Of True Love
People are always saying how much they love someone or that they are in love. But is it truelly love or the thought of bein loved/ in love. Below are a list of things that I constitute what makes true love. If you can answer yes to all of these then you have found your true love. If not, then you has some serious things to think about. 1. Loyalty 2. Fidelity 3. Honesty 4. Trust 5. Respect 6. Committment 7. Selflessness 8. Unconditional 9. Passion Love is like a wheel with spokes holding it together. If one of those pieces are broken the the wheel won't turn. So you need to be loyal to remain faithful, to be faithful you need to be honest with yourself and the person you're with, without honesty there's not trust, if you don't trust someone then you don't respect them, If there's no respect then you can't committ whole heartedly, without committment then you can't put the needs of the one you are with above your own, and if you can't do that then it's not unconditional me
Bra And Panties Contest
Who is the Hottest Brother? YOU DECIDE! Click the picture and rate for who you think is the Hottest Brother! Big Brother... or Little Brother... The LOSER must pose in a bra and panties and put their picture on THE FU! WOOT! Help settle this Battle of the Egos and... Folder will be open until Sunday night at 12pm Eastern! (9pm FU TIME) (repost of original by '~PebblesinAZ~I Luv my Owner/RL BF Tappinit~Co Founder of The FREAK SHOW w/ FREAK~' on '2008-03-28 07:26:24') (repost of original by '~DJ~Master Riggs~ DREAMERS LOUNGE~ FU-owned by SunAngel I Love to Make People Smile~ aka '~~Suns' on '2008-03-28 07:30:14')
Take Me
Tent City
This was sent to me by my sister, and I think it is right on!!!! TO THOSE OF YOU NOT FAMILIAR WITH JOE ARPAIO HE IS THE MARICOPA ARIZONA COUNTY SHERIFF AND HE KEEPS GETTING ELECTED OVER AND OVER. THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY: Sheriff Joe Arpaio (in Arizona) who created the "tent city jail": He has jail meals down to 40 cents a serving and charges the inmates for them. He stopped smoking and porno magazines in the jails. Took away their weights. Cut off all but "G" movies. He started chain gangs so the inmates could do free work on county and city projects. Then he started chain gangs for women so he wouldn't get sued for discrimination. He took away cable TV until he found out there was a federal court order that required cable TV for jails. So he hooked! up the cable TV again only let in the Disney channel and the weather channel. When asked why the weather channel he replied, so they will know how hot it's gonna be while they
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Jeff Walker's Brainchild
Jeff Walker's Brainchild Product Launch Formula 2 is HERE! Product Launch Formula is the brainchild of Jeff Walker. Now in it's second edition it has proven to be one of the most powerful and profitable courses for many of the students who have applied it's principles. When launching any product, whether it be online or offline, it is important to have a 'battle plan'. You need a step by step checklist of all the things you need to do to ensure that everything goes smoothly on launch day. Launching a product can be a particularly challenging task, especially for beginners, so it is always helpful to be able to leverage the knowledge of more experienced people to give yourself the best possible chance of success. Before you get ready to sell anything, you need to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle are in place. Make sure that your sales letter is proofread and that your order process works seamlessly. You should also consider letting your merchant account know that
Lifes Boundaries
the boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. who shall say where one ends, and the other begins.
Dream On
Dream On Dream on oh my sweet Princess, Let the night take you from wakefulness, Tonight I will be watching over you, Protecting you the whole night through. Dream on oh my beautiful Lady, Tomorrow will be better, just wait and see, I am you knight, I am your man, And by your side I will ever stand. Dream on oh my precious Love, The angels are watching from above, They will help me keep you safe, Until in the morning you do wake. Dream on oh my blessed Woman, Knowing you are loved by this man, And if there comes some dark night, Know that for you I would Lay down my life. DQA
The Family
Bill Whitewolf420~~Co-Owner--TRUE LYCAN FREELANCE BOMBERS~~ KINDRED OF DJ DemonWolf@ fubar Zoey zoeygrl~Club FAR~Greeter@ZMANS DOMAIN~TrueLycan FreeLance Bombers~@ fubar Brett MNcelt * Member of TrueLycan Free Lance Bombers*@ fubar Chewy chewy1(trueLycan FreeLance Bombers)@ fubar Conan conantheman@ fubar Red red 4 RON PAUL..& 4 TUT~~~~TRUE LYCAN FREELANCE BOMBERS~~~~@ fubar Dale Dragonpoet TrueLycan FreeLance Bomber Proud Owner of DJ DemonWolf@ fubar Aaron AKA Doc The Doc a.k.a. Hoosierdaddy *~TrueLycan FreeLance Bombers*~@ fubar Cj Prowler Loki *Bartender 4 No Limits & TrueLycan FreeLance Bombers*@ fubar ED Edgar_Winter@ fubar Michael AKA the Solider Bomber SoldierBoy666~ TrueLycan FreeLance Bomber
Ty Kevin..its Beautiful...
22q11 Syndrom
DO NOT JUST RATE AND MOVE ON PLEASE READ ALL What is 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome? The 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome is an abnormality on the twenty-second chromosome that can cause such health problems as heart defects, immune deficiency, cleft palate, developmental delays, learning disabilities and social/emotional issues. Present in one out of every 2,000-4,000 live births, in 1 in 68 children with congenital heart disease, and in five to eight percent of children born with cleft palate, 22q is almost as common as Down syndrome, a widely recognized chromosomal disorder. What Causes the 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome? 22q is a “new deletion” (loss of chromosomal material) that may or may not run in the family. In fact, only about 10 percent of the time does a parent have the deletion as well. So, if it isn’t hereditary what causes it? According to geneticists, the root of the disorder lies within a person’s genetic makeup. You see, most people have 23 pairs of chromos
Hi, Just a follow on from the mumm I did at the weekend. For anyone who didn't see it, it was asking whether I should go to A&E at the weekend about a lump in my left boob... Anyway, I did and they thought it was a cyst and to see the doctor later in the week if it's not gone. Well, it hasn't although not so painful now. Sooooo, I went to the doctors this morning and they've given me antibiotics and are referring me to the hospital for a full check up but not to worry this is procedure. I have posted this as I've had a number of people asking how I am - so thank you everyone :) Tracey x PS: don't forget to rate this, may as well get something out of it lol...
What Was I Thinking ?
Should I really tell you my thoughts, I don't think you really want to know . There are people I have meet, that I know have changed my life. Then there are those who take, and don't give anything in return. I think of myself as a good person, so I don't want to hurt their feelings. Then when I finally do speak my mind, they always get upset and defensive. If I weren`t their friends I wouldn`t care at all. Why cant I make them see that? Then they go away mad for days at a time... when we finally do talk, they know where I am coming from! I know I am not right all the time, but I do have a good judge of character. That is why I have the friends I do have. Because I know how to listen, and they know I will be there for them. Isn`t that what friends are for!!!!
Fake Ass Friends
I am wandering if people on this site know this is not real and if I give a fuck if I loose them as a fu friend. I am so tired of bullshit that goes on here. So i make my own lounge for people to have fun in thats it no contest and people start banning me from theres. (xxxtreme) Question is why? Is it that important to them that there little lounges get noticed on a site? Do me a favor people grow the fuck up and realize this is cybor world its for fun Its not real life. I even loose a few little cybor friends who I may add i dont know in real life so it really dont matter to me. I start djing and people get pissed over wut because i like to play music for people? WTF is wrong with people here do they know this is for fun and not real life?
I am holding an auction. I need 15 people to join it!! All I need is a link to the picture you want me to use and 25K fu-bucks to join... you will get that back most likely because the opening bids are 50K fu-bucks. The auction will start as soon as I have the 15 people and it will end 1 week after it starts.
Why Can I
I try and I try as hard as I can, still I cant succeed as a man. You are so pretty in your blue, still why cant you see what`s inside of you! Yet you can`t see what it is inside, why do you hide all the pain inside. You see me,but I cant see you . You see me, but I cant see you. Lonely yes I must be, but that is all there is to me. Cant tell you what I have been through, just don`t want it to happen to you. Tired that is what I may be, but you came to see me. And now I know where and I know how, that it is that you see. What it is you see in me! Why cant I!!!
Kris Boyd The Worlds Greatest
Kris Boyd The Worlds Greatest
Wtf Friends?
So I post and stickey something and my suppossed friends take shots at my friends all night when I sleep. WTF? I frickin move today and tomorrow and I need to wake up in tears because my suppossed friends are taking shots at innocent people who never asked for my help? WTF is right! Do me a favor, if you decided you want to take shots at people I actually give a shit about, remove me as a friend. I don't need jerks being nasty at others expense on my bulletins, profile, blogs or anything. They deserve respect and have been nothing but good friends to me. Get out from behind the keyboard, act like a real person instead of a fake asshole. Stop using Fubar as your place to be tough. In real life you would never stand a frickin chance with me because my friends are true to me. I have had enough of people being so cold, rude and innapropriate on here.
Cis Cup Final Rangers V Dundee Utd Boyd 1-1-
CiS Cup Final Rangers v Dundee Utd Boyd 1-1-
Help A Friend, Please
this lady is in 2 contests, could you please help her get a happy hour? thank you so much and have a great day :D
Rangers Winning The Cis Cup 2008
Rangers winning the CIS Cup 2008
Blizzard Wow
So the new patch for WOW is active now and the one thing I think is funny is this line from it: If a player dies 50 times or more in a battleground, they will no longer be worth honor for the remainder of that battle. lol ok if you are getting killed more then err 25 times during BG I think you need to pack it in and find a new game to play say like marbles. Who in the wold is getting ganked this much???? Or maybe you should play your character instead of having someone power level it for you. Oh and hunter said goodbye to the snake trap glitch. no more killing flagged players with it lol
My Fu-wifey Needs Your Help!!!
Hey everyone, my fu-wifey is in a giveaway...she needs 10,000 comment for a 1 mo vip or a 7 day blast, please my firends and family go give her a hand!...heres the pic link just click on it and go!!
My First Auction
Hi... I am doing my first and more than likely my only auction starting this Saturday. Im kinda nervous but hey its a fun thing to do on the fu! This auction is for men and women both to bid and we all need points. For the most part my offer is for rates. Auction Offer: >Daily 11 ratings >Pimpout on page, blog, and bulletins >One official fubar bling >One custom skin >Salute Photos >Add to yahoo, top friends and family >Several Custom graphics >Drinks and profile comments through the month >One big pimpin gift >rate all stash If bid at minimum 750k bucks or $50 in vip/blast/bling will rate ALL photos 11s - at least 50 per day Will post the link to the auction as soon as i get it! Your bids are greatly appreciated as Ill admit to be afraid not to get any lol. Erin
Been Sick
I have been sick for almost a week with bronchitis and ear infection, doing a little better still smoke free it has been a week now and yes i am going crazy but i have my mind set to not go back after i feel better, it is funny when you are sick you are willing to give up everything just to get feeling better, but any way I will try to be on tonight or tomorrow.....
Ace Cafe Hiring Bully
Come Join The Greatest Lounge On FUBAR!! We Need You!!!! We Are Looking for: DJ'S BARTENDERS GREETERS PROMOTERS think ya got what it takes, well come join us n see what we can offer u! It only takes 1 click, and even if ya dont want a job wit The Ace Cafe Family jus come in n chat n hang on wit sum really kewl people n listen 2 the music u wanna hear!!!! All ya gotta do is click 1 of the pics, go on ya know ya wanna!!!!! I dare ya!!!!! hehehehe
Friendships And Life
Long Day
Chemo #5 is over~! Whew~! it took us 6 hours in the office yesterday. So far today I am ok. I have eaten a little breakfast so I can take my meds. Once again nothing I eat or drink tastes good. I just eat to eat. But when I do eat (especailly snacks) it usually is good food like celery and grapes and not junk like snack cakes or chips. I guess that is why all my numbers are up so good. My hemoglobin was up again better than 2 weeks ago at 12.6. The dr told me to continue to eat right and I should sail through the last 3 chemos very well. oh, and I even lost 3 pounds~! The kids are gone, Jeff is at work....all is quiet this morning. I could have slept in but when you are Mom you lay in bed thinking of things you can get done while everyone is gone so I am up washing clothes. I have to go get my shot at 11:30 so I have a little time this morning to do what I want. I have had a busy week so I am taking it easy this weekend. My kids will be home tomorrow sometime. So Jeff a
Jeff Walker Plf2
Jeff Walker PLF2 Click Here For An Honest Product Launch Formula 2 Review Jeff Walker PLF2 is coming. It is the new version of the wonderful Product Launch Formula. You can see wonderful case study videos such as the person who went from food stamps to six figures. There are other successful case studies which can be seen by one and all. You see, there are a lot of people out there claiming to be experts on making a fortune selling information on the internet. The big problem is that 99% of those people have yet to make a fortune... and many of them haven't even made their first sale yet. You would think that they would wait until they made their fortune before they started telling other people how to do it... but that ain't the case at all. These people go and read a couple of "special reports" and maybe an ebook or two on how to make money on the internet, and then they take a sentence out of one of those reports, a paragraph out of another, and an idea from a third on
Help Me Plzzz My Friends
i need more help so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me pllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i need more comments plzzzzzzzzzzzzz this is my first contest and i like to win plzzzzzz help me and here is the link to it [ photo: 3675934908 ] thank you very much
What Should I Get??
i'm in the mood to go buy some kinky stuff .. i guess spring is in the air!! lol. i've got rubber cock rings before.. and toys for girls.. but idk.. that's it and i want more, different things. any good suggestions? ideas? if you could even send me links to cool things that would be great..!! anything for fun- thank you!
Love Or Hate
When i tell this girl i love and i want to go out with her. she said "yes." But days go by and i love her but it came to a end b/c u told her im a dj. She did not like that i dj and she broke up with me now i hate her and this pain i have in my heart hurts. I hate it b/c she made this pain in my heart hurt.
In To Sweet Rides
check out my new car a 78 Gold trans am... so many sweet cars here. ready to hit the car shows here all weekend
i am in love with someone and i love them with all that i am, and the thought of spending my life with them sends chills down my back. i never in my life thought i would meet someone like him. he's great, not saying he is perfect cause no one is. but he is perfect for me. he is so damn sexy, and can get my blood boiling in a matter of minutes. just the thought of his touch mmmmmm... but i love him for other reasons, looking into his eyes u can see his soul and u can see the pain he has been thru, and how compassionate he is, how loving and protective. the feel of his arms around me puts me at ease no matter what, and i love that feeling. no one else has done that for me. and there is no one else that i would rather be with.
This Goes Out To All The Boyz
All the REAL MEN out there will agree with this post because you already know that the Strength of a woman is usually countered with her sexuality. All the boys are about to learn something. Boys, you approach women as though we are one demensional. The main part your interested in, is if we can deep throat, or if we like it in the ass. You have no idea of what a real woman is about. You approach all women with the same lame lines, and actually become surprised, and question why a REAL WOMEN rejects you with in seconds of your approach. We can see it in your eyes, your demenior and the tone of your voice. We know the type of man, who is only interested in the moistness of our crotch. You become insulted when you realize that REAL WOMEN dont want to be bothered with you. No matter how good you look, how big your dick is, or how much money you may have. REAL WOMEN need more than the physical need you claim to offer. In your frustration you decide that the
Who's Job Is It?
BANG BANG, YOU'RE DEAD...PUT EVERYBODY, SOMEBODY, ANYBODY AND NOBODY OUT OF THEIR MISERY! WHOSE JOB IS IT? THIS IS THE STORY ABOUT FOUR PEOPLE NAMED EVERYBODY, SOMEBODY, ANYBODY AND NOBODY. There was an important job to be done and EVERYBODY was asked to do it. EVERYBODY was sure SOMEBODY would do it. ANYBODY could have done it, but NOBODY did it. SOMEBODY got angry about that because it was EVERYBODY'S job. EVERYBODY thought ANYBODY could do it but NOBODY realized that EVERYBODY would not do it. As it turned out, EVERYBODY blamed SOMEBODY when NOBODY did what ANYBODY could have done! there you have it....pass me the gun now, would ya please??? hahaha
Do you know BooBooKittyFuk? If you said no, why not? She is one of the most incredible people I've met on here. She is ALWAYS helping others out. She needs 129,961 points to level. Stop by her page and rate, fan, add, rate pics, stash, anything. Show her the great fu-love that she deserves. I promise, you won't regret it! *BooBooKittyFuk* * FU -OWNED BY *A-MAIZE* & *RAINDROPS* b4 add,favor is ALWAYS returned!@ fubar
1981 Fuck Yeah!!!
If you're under the age of 11 or shouldn't even read this, and if you do, you should not repost this. Just because you were born in '97 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid. It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons. I am sorry but three conscious years of the 90's just wont cut it. You're a 90's kid if: You remember watching: -Keenan and Kel -Doug -Ren & Stimpy -Pinky and the Brain -AAAAAAAH Real Monsters! -Rocko's Modern Life. -Animaniacs -Gargoyles You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!" You just cant resist finishing this . . . "Iiin west Philadelphia born and raised . . . You remember: -Step by Step -Family Matters -Dinosaurs -Boy Meets World You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons You remember reading "Goosebumps" You still get the urge to say "NOT" after (almost) every sentence . . .
Spiral Staircase
Im on a spiral staircase that no one else can see. It seems to reach my very soul. Its part of me. Step one: The steps are rickety and worn. I feel the pain and turn around but Im torn. Step two: Right now I am quite tired; I think Ill stay in bed. The things I had to do today Ill do another day instead. Step three: I feel the pain around me but will not let it in. As I start to turn and leave confusion rushes in. Step four: Im quite content with feeling numb; its better than before. I sit and think of nothing much, its others that keep score. The world is spinning in full force and no one seems to care , That suddenly Im overwhelmed and feeling scared. The tears began to fall today I cant get them to stop. I should be happy in my home but somehow Im not. I see the world around me and wish I could join in. But I can see the distance- only I feel the cold wind. The darkness has enveloped me. The pain has crawled inside of me. I hear somebody call my name
Fubar family, do ya'll know Jamiie? She is one of the most awesome people on fubar. If you haven't met her yet, you are missing out on knowing a great person. She needs 141,322 points to level. Stop by her page, rate, fan, add, rate some pics, stash, whatever you have time for. She will greatly appreciate it, and you will make an awesome friend in the process. -Jamiie -@ fubar
Mr Hott
OK Fubar...This guy only needs 4,134 points to level...surely we can help him out with that...Stop by his page, fan, rate, add, rate a few pics, check out his stash...he has plenty for you to look him the fu-love that he has shown to so many! Thank you! Mr_Hott**R/L B/F of MsRain'sHottLove** {Please read my "AboutMe" to get to know me!}@ fubar
Get Your Product Launched Successfully
Get your product launched successfully Product Launch Formula 2 is HERE! Product Launch Formula was created by Jeff Walker, a leading internet guru. After the stupendous success of Product Launch Formula he is launching Product Launch Formula 2 now. If you don't know Jeff Walker, then I am pleased to let you know that he is the one who made six figures in a seven day period. Jeff says, I have a huge passion for the internet publishing business, and I love sharing it with people. Now I want to be absolutely clear here - not all of my motivations are so altruistic. You can rest assured that I will make a very nice profit from this web site. After all, that is what I do - I put together profitable web sites. And I am going to turn this one into a very nice profit center - just watch me. In fact, I am going to let you see how I do it as I go along. product launch formula, product launch formula 2, product launch formula 2 review, product launch formula 2 download, prod
Your One True Woman
i wanted to say thanks two alot of people especially cassandra who has stuck by my side threw everything no matter weather it was good our bad you make life worth living its been a long couple of years but its your friendship and love honesty loyalness thats been wonderfull a man could never ever ask for some one as special as you even though were miles across the sky our lives have become one in trillion i want the whole world to know just how proud i am of you no one will ever take this terriffic womans place i love you with my heart soul love forever always michael boat man@ fubar
All This Suffering
I'm at a loss for words, there's nothing to say I sit in silence wondering what led me to this place How did my heart become so lifeless and cold Where did the passion go? When all my efforts seem like chasing wind I've used up all my strength and there's nothing left to give I've lost the feeling and I'm numb to the core I can't fake it anymore. Here I am at the end I'm in need of resurrection Only You can take this empty shell and raise it from the dead What I've lost to the world what seems far beyond redemption You can take the pieces in Your hand and make me whole again You speak and all creation falls to its knees You raise Your hand and calm the waves of the raging sea You have a way of turning winter to spring Make something beautiful out of all this suffering Here I am once again I'm in need of resurrection Only You can take this empty shell and raise it from the dead What I've lost to the world what seems far beyond redemption You have a way o
Friends Needed-starts Tonight
THIS IS WHERE I FINALLY NEED ALL OF YOU.. WE WILL SEE WHO IS THERE FOR ME.. MY FIRST CONTEST. NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET. WILL RETURN FAVORS TO ANY AND ALL!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU. ♥~BRATT~♥ Please show Bratt & her Daughters some love CONTEST WILL BEGIN MARCH 28th, AT 7 P.M EST & WILL LAST TWO WEEKS, ENDING APRIL 11th, AT 7 P.m. EST Click on the pic below to start bombing. Please leave a comment or two to help out and return the love that she has shown you. She is always quick to help others so let us all help her out as much as we can too.
Aliens From Earth
he UFO phenomenon is innately slippery, forcing researchers to adopt various paradigms in order to explain it. I'm personally satisfied that we're dealing with a form of nonhuman intelligence ... but how sure are we that this intelligence is from space, as commonly assumed? The following in an excerpt from a manuscript I'm working on. In it, I attempt to set the tone for a speculative re-examination of the UFO evidence: Looking down from a sufficient distance, human habitation recedes to the merest glimmer. As night devours the continents, our seeming dominion vanishes, replaced by scattered constellations, the haughty gleam of our cities suddenly as substantial as a skein of campfires. As the dark deepens, we realize with mounting unease just how tenuous our presence is; the mountains, prairies and lakes, denuded of daylight, taunt us with their enormity. Then there are the oceans, almost entirely vacant of man-made lights. Our seas, so often taken for granted, are like vast to
New Member
sassylildevil..r/l gf to unclebruty@ fubarplease ad and welcome this new member...ty
My Dad Is A Dancer...
My Daddy Is A Dancer One day last week, a fourth-grade teacher asked the Children what their fathers did for a living. All the typical answers came up: Fireman Mechanic Businessman Salesman Doctor Lawyer and so forth. However, little Justin was being uncharacteristically Quiet, so when the teacher prodded him about his Father, he replied, My father's an exotic dancer in a gay cabaret and Takes off his clothes in front of other men and they Put money in his underwear. Sometimes, if the offer is Really good, he will go home with some guy and stay With him all night for money.' The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, Hurriedly set t he other children to work on some math Problems and then took little Justin aside to ask him, 'Is that really t rue about your father?' No, the boy said, He works for the Democratic National Committee and is Helping to get Hillary Clinton elected as our next President, but I was too embarrassed to say that in Front of
I'm Taking A Leave Of Absence For A Few Days
I have other things that need more of my attention so I'm taking some time off from here on Fubar I'll still think about all of my friends & when I come back I'll return all love that was shown to me in my absence Thanks!!! Shari
Linux Part 2, And My View
Disregard the Linux Fubar problem- I found a patch update that lets it ignore bad flash. It works fine again. Good thing, since support is still silent. In case anyone wonders, when I rate pictures, it's because I like them-- I don't just pick a pic at random. I try to look at all you've posted, and choose the best one(s). I don't rate those who don't seem to be of you, and usually not 'morphed' ones. I find them irritating. People should move, but photos should hold still. Just thought you might like to know that if I rated your picture, it's a compliment. You're welcome. :) --captain rat
Firefighter Unite
This is to all the people i have the privalge to call friends two people i know one of the very well died in an accident on Wednsday they where fire men they where caught up in a blaze and the roof collapsed on them . Can you all please pray to the lord our god to let my friends Mark and Brian that they find there way home to god and to rest in peace. Mark is a long time friend of my family he will be buried tommorow 1st october 2007 he was only 26 yrs young but full of life and love for his fellow man and woman i watched him grow from mark the boy to mark the man he was in the service for two years but was also a fire man for the F.C.A. the reserve army in ireland he has a brother Eamon and sister Niamh his mother Mrs o'shaunassey is devistated. Brian was the father of 14 childeren aged between 18 months and 28 yrs i didnt have the privalage of knowing this man as well as Mark but Bray is a small comunity and there loss is felt by all in this comunity this man was at the f
Oh Yay Another Day Of Pms Shits
So a family member so nicely put me down today all because I can't be stuffed dressing up all the fucking time cause I do manual labour as my job. really what the fucking point?. sweating buckets and having makeup on is a bloody waste of time and money. besides I have family members in real life giving me a talking down for putting stuff on my face. yeah hate me I have perfect skin tone when I'm not red in the face from working my arse off. Seriously my body type is classed as amazon woman when in really fit and groovy kinda way.....but that is just way toooooo much fucking I'm tall and I love that fact dwarfing average sized men is sooo bloody amusing. the down side is that I am this tall and I don't like average sized men which there are plently of. why is really tall guys for short women?. my only thought can only be lurd and not really nice, so I won't go there....but the one I know will know the answer to this. So with lack chocolate and not much beer left I am stuck wit
Life And Love
Sweet Tease
Sweet tease, I'm sure you know full well, The damage that you do; And I am sure you're certain I'll not soon take leave of you. So lead me on; I'll play for now; I'm going to have you, anyhow. Your luscious lips tell all those lies But I seek answers in your eyes; And when hot glances come my way You make me wonder why you play; But go ahead love, play the game, Soon I will have you,just the same. It seems, my love, you haven't learned That playing with fire will get you burned. Each word and truth I speak, direct Shall melt resistance, I suspect; Then other games with you I'll play. I mean to have you anyway. I only seek to touch your heart, And pleasure you in every part. Sweet tease, for me you are desire. For you, my blood runs liquid fire; And it matters not what others say; In dreams I've had you every way.
The Tall And Short Of It All..
Good morning and happy Friday! Do the weeks fly by for you? My gosh I am wondering if the new year brought less hours in the day Oh well, the tall and short of it all is this. The weeks just keep passing by Speaking of tall and short has anyone watched any of the College Basketball March Madness Tournament games? My gosh are those guys tall or what? I used to consider myself tall but, some of those guys are over seven footholey moley how does one fit thru a doorway being that tall? I heard also that some guy by the name of Ping, Ping Pong.. or something of that nature has been named the worlds shortest man I believe they measured his little self and came up with 2 foot seven inches or something of that nature hold the phone I will look it updont go anywhere silly me I am the one that left not you Ok the dude is 73 cm tall and doing the worldly math like I can(I cheated) it works out to be 24 tall or smallhmmm why do we calculate small by saying tall? Weird My gosh the
The Art Of Kissing
Sensuous lips move across your lover's body as he waits the kiss that is bound by love Opening his heart to express all he feels you join with him as lovers should Sweet kisses are rained upon his face his glorious touch you cannot wait Gently touching and caressing your breasts his pulse quickens deeply upon your intent You caress his chest with your sweet loving lips he beckons for you to continue with this You want to make his wishes come true He reaches for you and your heart skips a beat This is the moment that your heart has been waiting for He touches your face and caresses your neck and gently runs his fingers down the length of your back The feel of his tongue inside your sweet mouth sends fireworks straight to your heart He loves you, you know its true He opens his heart to love all of you He looks into your eyes and the love that is there is by far what he desires above all He touches your hand and moves towards you Showing his dreams and inte
The Path That I Walk
There are times in one's life when you no longer know who is staring back at you in the mirror. We make a choice to walk a particular path, however damaged or weathered from the storms it may be. Sometimes we skip, most times we stroll at a respectable pace, and then there are those times that we yearn to run full speed; fighting the wind that catches our face. We see our challenges laid ahead of us, we see our past behind us, and we daydream about what is around the bend. We know our own accomplishments, we know the obsticles that we have overcome, for we are alone on this journey of destiny. In life we are bound to stumble over the stones set aside, and may think that there is something more out there, somebody else through the mass of greenery that clouds your vision. And we find that what was a temporary relief from a tiresome walk, was actually a short cut that lead back to a worn path that we had already traveled. Emotions get trampled on as the days, months, and years go
Friday 2/28/08 630 Am
yah... so im almost ready to head west and start my work season... from california to washington Colorado and around the US!... so im stoked.... its gonna be a fun n killer year... i feel as if its gonna be my best one yet... aside from the cool ppl ive met along the ways and also are going to meet in the future... ive never been so stoked like i am this year for my travels... and when the season is over and everything is done... i will station myself in Costa Rica for the winter and buy a house there.... and look forward to alot of you comming to visit me in my own personal paradise.... so here we go on another journey to which i embark with the friends and the skills ive learned over the past years and spread the fukn kickass times with you all!... su fuck the cold... LA/CO/CR BABY!!! i come Dicks on his way across the US of A... and nothins gonna stop my ass from bein free and happy!
The End Of The Two Party System
...In his famous farewell address, Mr. George Washington warned vehemently against supporting the two party system. ...Much in the same way we ignored Eisenhuar's warning against the Military_Industrial Complex, we allow ourselves to be railroaded down one of two, equally intolerable, paths. ....Never, more than now, have the shortcomings of this system been more obvious. ....As the Democrats burn their own houses and the Republicans harden into a brittle-ready-to-shatter lampoon of themselves, the need for a new party, perhaps three new parties, has never been more pressing. ....Let's send these two antiquated, self-serving relics to the scrap heap, before they leave us broke and rubbing our asses, wondering what happened. ....Washington was right. These guys are all so crooked, they need a team of handlers to help screw their pants on every morning. ....To hell with these back-sliding poll-watching non-leaders. The stink from their putrid posturing has blinded our citizens
Product Launch Formula 2
Product Launch Formula 2 Click Here To Read A Product Launch Formula 2 Review If you want to get REAL case studies to find out more about product launches, then join Product Launch Formula 2. Some people think product launches are a bunch of guru hype. All those big name guys just get their buddies to send a bunch of email about something, they make a million bucks, and then they go party like rock stars in Las Vegas. And I suppose that stuff does happen. In fact, I actually KNOW it happens. But the reality is theres a bunch of regular folks who are doing product launches in all sorts of regular markets (or even some tiny little weird markets) and making small fortunes. John Gallagher did it teaching people about "medicinal and edible herbs and plants." Todd Brown did it in the massage therapy market... with a list of only 312 people. And Jane Savoie did it in the "dressage" market (dressage is HORSE BALLET (no, really) - and she made $140,000 lauching a product to
Autism Support Group
Stupid Girl...
I like to think that I'm fairly intelligent, kind of cute, a bit outgoing, and laid back for the most part. I may not have it all together like a job I like or one at all really, and to be honest I spend more nights than is probably healthy in front of the computer. Yet those are things that are easily remedied, if I'd just get up off my ass and do it. That's not what prompted this blog. No, it's nothing so simple as that. Yes, yes, by now most of you have probably already guessed it. I'm talking about a someone. A someone that I can NOT get off my mind no matter how hard I try! And trust me, I've tried! It seems like every time I get to a point where I think I'm, for lack of a better phrase, over this person BAM! Back in my thoughts and I'm back at square one. **Sigh** I miss this person a great deal but my pride refuses to let me apologize or even tell this person just how much I miss them. So here I sit miserable as hell because of some fuck up on my part. Before you say this
Frog Prince
Frog Prince One sunny day, while riding around looking for a princess to lay a little lip on, I'm zapped by this evil witch. (They do that kinda thing, you know?) From prince with a pucker, to frightened frog on a bolting horse. Whoahhhh Nelly! You don't have a great control over horses as a frog, especially when they have just had all hell scared out of them by bolts of lightning and magical frizzles. All you can do is, hold on tight, close those bulging froggy eyes, and pray that the only thing you crash into is a snickering evil witch. After a couple of embarrassing hours of stuff like, "Hey Mom, there goes a frog on a horse!" and "Looks like Ethyl got herself another prince." exhausted horse and terrified frog prince roll up at the local pond. That lily pad begins to look real good, but these horses are a mile high. Just gotta hold your nose and do your best imitation of a swan dive (frog dive?). At about this time you find out another fact of life as frog
Wanna Hear Me Sing?
Below you will find some songs that I have sung on a website called singsnap, Feel free to leave comments if you want, good or bad, haterz don't bother me lol. If there is a song you would like to hear me do, just ask, if I can, I will. Rock You Baby (Dawn's Song) by RogerLee Amazed by RogerLee The River by RogerLee 1982 by RogerLee If Tomorrow Never Comes by RogerLee To Make You Feel My Love by RogerLee Honky Tonk Moon by RogerLee Help Me Hold On by RogerLee
Maybe Its Just Me...
Better than me, better than me, you think you're better than me I held your hand when you needed me, but you were better than me I soothed your soul when you needed it, but you were better than me I calmed your fears when you had them, but you were better than me I sat with you when you were alone, but you were better than me I visited you out in the boondocks, but you were better than me I brought you gifts and company, but you were better than me We drank a million cups of tea, but you were better than me I followed you to England, but you were better than me I tried to share your pain, but you were better than me I wanted to comfort you, but you were better than me I thought of you as my sister, but you were better than me I gave you what was in my soul, but you were better than me I prayed for you and loved you, but you were better than me I hope you find another friend, one that is better than me.
My Fishy Friends From Plenty Of Fish
I signed up on plenty of fish cuz I know some peeps on there. It's not fun as Fubar so I'm sending them invites. :D Check out these newbies and give them lots of Fubar love. I will keep a running list in my blog and put the newer ones on top. Do remember some are brand NEW and they will be uploading pictures. open2newthings@ fubar fountains47@ fubar tulsamale_76@ fubar u1aplay@ fubar budding@ fubar sillyasssredneck@ fubar snorkel51@ fubar conderatti@ fubar tallcotton@ fubar gambler49@ fubar jesse72088
A-z Of Swearing Clicky-clickyA>
Son Of Rambow
Not perfect (how do they make a 90 minute movie seem so long?) but ultimately gets so much more right than it does wrong. Great child actors, great gags, nice premise and an ending that, though cheesy, still manages to pull the heart strings. Nicely done. Go see it!
Gas Prices
How high will gas go up this year?
Some More Bitching
True Feelings
You put smile on my face, takes me to a divine place. your tender lips so sweet, gentle words u so softly speak. you take me on a high, give comfort when I cry. you are the one I can hold tight, passionate and just right. you make my sun rise, With message nice and wise. And when the sun set, a face I can never forget. you hold me for hours, I don't need tender flowers. you are sweet, smart and clever, I will love you immensely forever. you make my day with a touch, And whisper 'love me so much' My life you are so pretty and true, blessed that I found you.
you never know true love.until u have some thing special.and when he or she is gone .you wish you had him or her back.true love is something hold that person close to your heart and never let them go.
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Technorati Profile
How To Touch A Girl, Jojo
Baby, you have NOTHING to worry about in any of these areas! I love you! Mmm I think I could like you I already do Feelings can grow but They can go away too You're takin my hand Lookin into my eyes Don't be in a rush to Get me tonight i Feel somethin happenin Could this be a spark? To satisfy me baby Gotta satisfy my heart Do you know how to touch a girl? If you want me so much First I have to know Are you thoughtful and kind? Do you care what's on my mind? Or am I just for show? You'll go far in this world If you know how to touch a girl Do you know how to touch, know how to touch a girl? Do you know how to touch, know how to touch a girl? I think I could like you But I keep holding back Cause I can't seem to tell If you're fiction or fact Show me you can laugh Show me you can cry Show me who you really are Deep down inside Do you feel somethin happenin? Could this be for real? I don't know right now but tonight we'll reveal Do you
I've Decided...
I'M CUTTING MY HAIR THIS SUNDAY! I'm done with it being too long to do anything but a ponytail or bun. And it's so damn hot with it down. I'm done. I want it shorter! My birthday is Monday and my mom is coming up to see me on Sunday. SOOOO I'm going to do it!! WOOT!
Fairy Tales, Jojo
I use to feel that my life was destined to be this way forever. And then my Knight in Shining Armor came riding into my heart. I will never feel this way ever again! I love you Jimm! You know the story You read the books Boy meets girl Then they fall forever in love But I know better So here goes a tale Of the realest of the real Listen Now once upon a time in a small world It was everything that I dreamed of He was my gem and I was his pearl Nothing could come between us A prince charming to call my own Until the day that he broke my heart And left me wonderin all alone Pickin my mind and soul apart Used to believe in love (I used to believe in love) Used to believe in fairy tales (In fairy tales) Since my heart's been crushed (It's been crushed) Just don't believe in a tiny hell (No no no no no) Don't know which way to turn Figure it out for myself I've just started to learn (La da da dee, oh) There's no such thing as fairy tales Is a good story su
Shower Me With Your Love, Surface
Jimm, you make me feel this way, each and every day! Thank you! I love you baby! My heart is filled with so much love and I need someone I can call my own To fall in love that's what everyone dreaming of I know this feeling oh so strong Life is too short to live alone Without someone to call my own I will care for you You will care for me Our love will live forever Chorus Shower me with your love Shower me with your love that I look for Shower me with your love Shower me with your love I've been waiting for I close my eyes And pray all my wishes come true Every night I go to sleep Until you're mine I'll wait for you endlessly Can't you see Fairy tales they do sometimes come true If you believe it could happen to you Like the stars that shine Way up in the sky Our love will live forever Chorus
My Own
I loved you from afar, and wish u near, now i sit wishing on each shootin star, Prayin that my hearts call u'd hear. My love for you is strong, my doubts of u are behind me, With you I feel I cant go wrong, And Im glad that you found and love thee!
Friday Opie And Anthony Links: Rich Vos, Nick Dipaolo, Mike Birbiglia, Leslie Neilsen, Full Metal Hillary, New Boobs On Ratemywow, Animation Festival,
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch Opie describe his enormous TV getting delivered - online now!) Holy crap, it's FRIDAY already! This week of shows just flew by, didn't it? The Opie and Anthony Show is very busy and a little re-arranged this morning. Our own Jim Norton is in Seattle and Portland doing his comedy thing (and you can see him if you get your tickets now!), so our buddy Rich Vos, who is doing gigs in Poughkeepsie is filling in. We also welcome back Nick DiPaolo, and make sure you check out his site at Also joining the show is
I'll Never Love This Way Again, Dionne Warwick
I love you Jimm! Forever and ever! You looked inside my fantasies and made each one come true, something no one else had ever found a way to do. I've kept the mem'ries one by one, since you took me in; and I know I'll never love this way again. I know I'll never love this way again, so I keep holdin' on before the good is gone. I know I'll never love this way again, hold on, hold on, hold on. A fool will lose tomorrow reaching back for yesterday; I won't turn my head in sorrow if you should go away. I'll stand here and remember just how good it's been, and I know I'll never love this way again. I know I'll never love this way again, so I keep holdin' on before the good is gone. I know I'll never love this way again, hold on, hold on, hold on. I know I'll never love this way again, so I keep holdin' on before the good is gone. I know I'll never love this way again, hold on, hold on. Repeat last 4 lines and fade.
Pain may last a few hours,a day, a few days,weeks months or years, but eventually, it goes away. If i quit or give, that memory lasts forever. Never Let up. Be on the "full throttle" setting all through life. Or just cruise, and remember what it could have been like.
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The Heart Knows Where It Belongs And With Whom...Listen And Follow...It will Guide You Home Where You LightCloud would say...I know where I belong...
I Wanna Sex You Up, Color Me Badd
C'mon baby where you going Cos ya know i want it... I don't wanna sex ya to get ya Because i want it Cutie just slip into your negligee And let l'll shawn make love to ya all day Cos the first time i saw ya I wanted to kick it to ya Your body is slammin' So honey can i do ya Cos you and i both know tricks are for kids So get the Don Perignon outta the fridge I wanna do the first thing that comes to mind Cos on a scale of one to ten No question your a dime I'm attracted to ya cos you give me love And sweetheart, Color Me Badd Is gonna sex you up Hey, beautiful lady, I need you tonight Lovely, lovely lady I wanna make you feel all right, yeah I can't deny, baby I wanna love you down You are so fine, baby All I wanna do is Chorus (I Wanna Sex You Up) I Want to sex you up All night (girl you make me feel good) I want to (let me rub you down) sex you up. Say do you feel lonely girl Let me turn down the lights So I can hold you in the darkness Ooh b
Silent Whispers
soft whispers shatter the silence as two hearts rejoin in the quiet of the night one whispers of things missed the other worries of things gone awry One hears the silent call while the other answers with words unspoken to bring forth what was once and what shall be once more...
All This Love, Debarge
I had some problems And no-one could seem to solve them But you found the answer You told me to take this chance And learn the ways of love, my baby And all that it has to offer In time you will see that love won't let you down You say that you loved me Said hurt only came to pass me It sounded so convincing That I gave it half a chance And learned the ways of love, my baby There is so much love inside me And all that I have I give all my all to you All, all my love baby And all this love is waiting for you, my baby, my darling And all this love is waiting for you Oh, I, had some problems And no-one could seem to solve them But you, you, you, found the answer So I gave it half a chance And learned the ways of love, my baby And all that it has to offer And all that I have I give my all to you All my love, baby All this love is waiting for you, my baby, my sugar And all this love (all my love) is waiting for you Ooooh All this love is waiting for
Joan Jett Told It True...
Ok, so many of you know me as the Virgo's Lounge Greeter/Night Bar Bitch/Assistant A$$ Kicker, and that my husband (Virgo's DJ Devil's Reject) and I just had a baby boy. Well, the Virgo's days are no more... Before our son was born, Kare (Virgo's Owner) told us that she completely understood that we would not be around nearly as much, since we would be caring for the little guy. In fact, she made us promise not to be online all day. Much to our surprise, when we logged on today, we found out that our lounge staff status had been revoked. When my husband asked DJ Fire about it, he was told that Kare had given him control of the lounge (even though he had already been removed from lounge staff once) while she took a break, and that all of the staff members' status had been revoked. Long story short...we came to find out that we were the only two staff members who actually had been completely removed. DJ Fire had also posted al lovely bulletin stating that he was "the new sherrif
Awake Lyrics By Seventh Day Slumber
As time went on I opened up my eyes Never really knew me You dont know whats deep inside Just so you know Ill never be like you Ill take what God has made me Im not an empty shell And I hope they see Instead of following Finally awake Im feel alive today I feel everything Its all so clear to me Finally awake Im feeling like today I feel everything Its all so clear to me How many times Have I hated who I was Lost sight of what defines me cause of airbrush magazines But now Ive come To cherish who I am Sick and tired of faking A life that wasnt mine And I hope they see Instead of following Finally awake Im feel alive today I feel everything Its all so clear to me Finally awake Im feel alive today I feel everything Its all so clear to me Im alive Its all so clear to me Im alive Its all so clear to me And I hope they see Finally awake I feel alive today I feel everything Its all so clear to me Fina
Seventh Day Slumber- Awake
Seventh Day Slumber- Caroline
The Date
Its the Anniversary of something that happened a few years back. Something that I keep to myself. Its not anything I can really find myself talking about. I mean the guilt of it still strickens me far past the point of reconcile. What you may say? Well the death of a 14 year friendship. I know some people say that I can't be to blame, but in the same sense I can be fully to blame. It was I who chose not to go. It was I who would have died in his place if I had chosen to go. To this date I have troubles handling it. I think that what if I had gone in his wake. He'd be married, have kids, have a great job. Unlike myself. I have no future of marriage and kids, the job maybe. But just overall I don't see why he had to go and I got to stay here.
Naruto- Needles
Ff7- Pressure The Hinges
Ffx- Breaking My Own Heart
Ppp Pimp Member Bulle
Update On Randy
I recieved an update today on the guy who got hurt on Monday. He's fine. Just bruised and banged up but nothing broken or damaged. He's taking some time off. I still feel bad, but I'm not gonna beat myself up over it.
Late At Night
Late At Night I Search My Soul Which can be one black hole For the meaning I seek Will take more than just this week Its Time I do not have Its so sad to be like this More brighter days I do miss All but gone by now As I watch the sunrise Its without surprise That one more night Will be in sight As I continue my quest In all this mess That I call my life
Big Weenie
I don't understand, why are you being so mean, you're a mean mean man. you're just jealous because im gay and your not get the dick out of your mouth and that is why you are of me because you, you just can't do what i do so instead of just admitting it you walk around and say all kinds of really mean things about me cause your a meanie, a meanie but its only cause you're just really jealous of me cause i'm what you wanna be so you look an idiot when you say these mean things, cause its too easy to see that your really just a big weenie big weenie. aight listen, i need you to focus, i need you to go dig deep in your mind this is important, we are going to perform an experiment of the sorts i'm gonna have to ask you to bare with me for a moment, now i need you to open, your mind your eyes close em' you are now about to be placed under my hypnosis, for the next four and a half minutes we are going to explore into your mind to find out why your so f**king jealous. now why did
Some Girls Are Evil
Not to beat a dead horse but yeah some girls are evil. My last gf was seeing me and at least one other guy I know about but likely 2. Quite possibly more. I'm not perfect by any streach, but yeah this girl played me for a fool and used me for everything she could. Am I through with love. No, not by a long shot. But yeah to anyone who reads this, I gotta warn, if your guy or girl won't let you talk to their family or friends that's a mega red flag. If that person has all kinds of problems all the time, to the point of always having bad luck, oh yeah red flag. And if the things they tell you don't make a lot of sense, step back and think about it. Still doesn't make sense either confront or better yet DUMP THEM!!!! For any girls who disagree, trust me if you knew all of what I was put through you'd agree that there are evil women out there and that she was one. P.S. The reason I didn't mention evil guys is because we all know that story
So Whatcha Want?
i see a lot of profiles (or PERV them, as Alex likes to poke at me about), and one thing that seems to come up a lot is girls claiming that there are no good guys left out there, and wondering where they are... And at first, i wanted to say "they are out there", but then i realized im not even sure what they mean by good ones I will give it a shot here... A good guy is nice, generous, humurous, romantic, respectful, sensitive, strong, confident, open minded, helpful, communicative, intelligent, understanding, energetic, loving, healthy, sweet, honest, trustworthy, trusting, and disease free... A good guy cooks for you, cleans, does the laundry, takes out the garbage, goes shopping with you, brings you gifts, talks with you, listens to you, watches your favorite movies with you, rubs your feet, lights candles for you, paints the house as you like it, mows the lawn, puts the seat down, tells you YOU are the most beautiful woman in the room, loves you for who you ar
Leigh Pt. I
Ugh... I have been in a relationship for a few months now. The girl that I am in the relationship with is 6 years younger than I am. We met from an online site. The first time we met in person was about 1.5-2 months after we talked the first time online. When we met, everything was wonderful and we both got along great together and everything seemed to be going well. Over the time between now and then, she has asked for my input as to how she can change herself and do things to better herself. As I offer advice to answer the questions that she has asked, she doesn't seem to like the answers that she has been given. Not just the answers I have given her, but the answers everyone has given her. She seems to be very immature. She asks for help but doesn't intend to use the information that she is given in the responses she obtains. She has been out of high school for about a year, or so. She seems to be still stuck in the high school atmosphere, because everything gets to her. She lets ev
Til It's Gone
You know the old saying "You don't know what you had until it's gone?" Well, to my ex girlfriend/fiancee, that feeling is all to real. Yesterday she was acting a fool, and one thing led to foul word led to a breakup, and now she realizes that she lost the best thing she EVER had. Granted, she is 19, and I am a couple days shy of 25, she still did not have the maturity she needed to be in a relationship. She was always quick to respond without thinking of her words, and finally after months of putting up with this, I just got to the point where I was tired of it. back to the point of this blog, tonight I went out for a couple hours...but when I got home she called me bawling. We had talked earlier this evening about taking some time apart and working with handling our own issues. Less than 3 hours after we had decided that we would take some time to figure out what all was going on, she was hit with the fact of knowing that I was no longer "hers." After knowing this for a
Til It's Gone Pt. Ii
So, the girl who lost it all in the first part of this blog got a second chance. We made up like nothing had happened (became friends again and then bam, it happened all over again. We had made plans to hang out on New Years' Eve about three months ago. She was aware of these plans, then all of a sudden this past Friday night, she decided that she had more important things to do, and she was going to blow me off for New Years, which we had planned for long ago. I tried to get in touch with her all evening and all night last night, but she just ignored me completely. Back when we were together, she was always the optimist talking about if we had a problem we should talk about it. Today I got bored and ended up calling her house, thinking that I may be able to reach her there. Her mother answered the phone and asked me if everything was ok, and I was like "No, because I have been ignored for no apparent reason for the last 12-15 hours." She then told me that all girls are finicky and sai
Wow... So I have been talking to this female for about a month and a half. We have gone through some pretty intense situations and they have all been kinda bad. Through everything that we went through, we were able to talk out our problems and get close to back to normal. Well then this past weekend happened. I went to the beach, and I was too busy to call her, or let alone anyone; so I did what I was doing while at the beach. When I arrived back home, her and I talked, and she was upset that I had not spoken to her while I was gone. I told her that I was busy and had not spoken to anyone. She tells me that I am not showing her the respect that she feels she deserves, and I told her that I was busy doing stuff while at the beach. She then tells me that she does not understand anything I do, or how I act in situations; basically telling me that she doesn't know how to deal with me. Since she doesn't know how to react to me, or deal with me; she basically tells me that she can't be wi
Yay For The Newness
ya the new guy if you have n e tips or any thing let me know thanks
Magic Finger.. Too Funny To Pass Up
Vnv Nation- Legion
I'll Always Love You, Taylor Dayne
I'll always love you for the rest of my days. You have won my heart and my soul with your sweet, sexy ways. You gave me hope when I needed someone near. You bring me happiness every day of every year. I'll always love you for all that you are. You have made my life complete, you're my lucky star. You are the one that I've been searching for. You are my everything, tell me who could ask for more. And I'll always love you, Honey, this will never end. I need you by my side, baby, you're my lover, my friend. My friend. [Instrumental 1st part of verse] You gave my world a thrill I've never known. And filled my eager heart with a love to call my own. And I'll always love you, you must know how much I do. You can count on me forever and I will take good care of you. I'll always love you, I'm so happy that you're mine. I'll always love you, yes, till the end of time.
Run To You, Whitney Houston
I know that when you look at me There's so much that you just don't see But if you would only take the time I know in my heart you'd find A girl who's scared sometimes Who isn't always strong Can't you see the hurt in me? I feel so all alone I wanna run to you (oooh) I wanna run to you (oooh) Won't you hold me in your arms And keep me safe from harm I wanna run to you (oooh) But if I come to you (oooh) Tell me, will you stay or will you run away Each day, each day I play the role Of someone always in control But at night I come home and turn the key There's nobody there, no one cares for me What's the sense of trying hard to find your dreams Without someone to share it with Tell me what does it mean? (chorus) I need you here I need you here to wipe away my tears To kiss away my fears If you only knew how much... (chorus)
☠ VM☠
Blood Lust (vampirism Graphic)
Crouching atop of a three story building, she surveys the people walking below on this chilled night. Spotting a young man walking alone, she stands up. Her knee-length black trench coat billows in the wind and reveals beneath it a thin white tank-top, a short black mini-skirt and thigh-high black leather stiletto boots. She walks to the edge of the building and walks off into thin air. Gravity grabs her and pulls her to the alley-way below where she lands gracefully. Peeking around the corner, she spots the one she wants walking towards her. Once he's close enough, she steps out and stops him. "Hey there sweetie. I'm feeling a little lonely tonight. Wanna have some fun?" She speaks seductively as she pulls back the front of her coat and shows him her silky white thigh. Not knowing why, he's immediately drawn to her and takes her hand as she leads him down the dark alley. She takes him through a large iron door and into a large room lit with hundreds of candles surrounding a l
My Baby You, Marc Anthony
As I look into your eyes I see all the reasons why My life's worth a thousand skies You're the simplest love I've known And the purest one I'll own Know you'll never be alone CHORUS: My baby you Are the reason I could fly And cause of you I don't have to wonder why Baby You There's no more just getting by You're the reason I feel so alive Though these words I sing are true They still fail to capture you As mere words can only do How do I explain that smile And how it turns my world around Keeping my feet on the ground My baby you Are the reason I could fly And cause of you I don't have to wonder why Baby You There's no more just getting by You're the reason I feel so alive Though these words I sing are true They still fail to capture you As mere words can only do How do I explain that smile And how it turns my world around Keeping my feet on the ground I will sooth you if you fall I'll be right there if you call You're my greatest love of all
March 08 Ppp Bulletin
INTRODUCING....THE PU$$YCAT PLAYMATES This is a new fubar fam that was created for sexy women who know how to have fun & who don't take "net life" quite so seriously. It will be kept small & drama free!! PURPOSE: ~To have fun!! ~To help each other as needed (bombing, leveling, etc.) ~To be pimped for fubucks *2 things can be purchased from the Playmates ~Personal salutes (sfw/nsfw) ~The Playmate (daily/weekly) *Please see blog "salutes & rentals" for further details CONTEST & AUCTIONS: Occasional contests & auctions will be hosted on the home page & on the Playmates pages. They will be open for anyone to participate, not just the Playmates. If a Playmate would like to host a contest or auction please let LAST OF A DYIN BREED know so she can notify all Playmates but the Playmate hosting the contest will be responsible for making their own rules and providing their own prizes UNLESS other arrangements are made. LOUNGE: The Pink Pu$$yCat is now open as t
When I'm With You, Sheriff
I never needed love Like I need you And I never lived for nobody But I live for you Ooh babe Lost in love is what I feel When I'm with you Maybe it's the way you touch me With the warmth of the sun Maybe it's the way you smile I come all undone Ooh babe Lost in love is what I feel When I'm with you Baby ooh I get chills when I'm with you oh Oh baby my world stands still when I'm with you When I'm with you I never cared for nobody Like I care for you And I never wanted to share the things I want to share with you Ooh babe Lost in love is what I feel When I'm with you Baby ooh I get chills when I'm with you oh O baby my world stands still when I'm with you oh oh Baby ooh I get chills when I'm with you oh O baby my world stands still when I'm with you When I'm with you When I'm with you
My Shoutbox tapdis... ...: and btw when did i fuck wit u? have i even chatted wit u b4 tonite? nooo tapdis... ...: ur seriously mistaking me 4 sum 1 else sweets, lol tapdis... ...: sorry hun u definitely got me mixed up with another one of ur bf's, dont know u or never met u b4, and this aint a fake account ->tapdis... ...: btw I know hwo you are so stop acting like a guy and shit..your a mummer and I make you mad in there so you n=made this account to come fuck with me...I have a salute so I am not a however do not... tapdis... ...: just admit it, ur pissed cause i didnt rate u right baby tapdis... ...: obviously u r, since i didnt rate u, then u rate me a 2, seriously who r u kidding ->tapdis... ...: I am sorry and hwo is th one being all pissy...not me tapdis... ...: havent done shit 2 ur photo fuckin twat tapdis... ...: pffft! a fake? nah ur a fake sweetie, u r ->Juice: this asshole marked my pic nsfw now it is gone ->tapdis... ...: why did
Hateful Friends
I just watched a totally amazing movie called Kolya (on Comcast). Its in Czech with English subtitles, and is about a Czech man who marries an enemy (a Russian woman) in a fictitious marriage, then gets stuck with her kid when she splits to Germany. A real gem.
Lady, Styx
Lady when I'm with you I'm smiling Give me all your love Your hands build me up when I'm sinking Touch me and my troubles all fade Lady from the moment I saw you standing all alone You gave all the love that I needed So shy like a child who had grown You're my Lady of the morning Love shines in your eyes Sparkling, clear and lovely You're my lady Lady turn me on when I'm lonely show me all your charms Evenings when you lay down beside me Take me gently into your arms You're my. Lady of the morning Love shines in your eyes Sparkling, clear and lovely You're my lady
Babe, Styx
Babe, I'm leaving, I must be on my way The time is drawing near My train is going, I see it in your eyes The love, the need, your tears But I'll be lonely without you And I'll need your love to see me through So Please believe me, my heart is in your hands And I'll be missing you. Cause You know it's you Babe Whenever I get weary and I've had enough Feel like giving up You know it's you Babe Giving me the courage and the strength I need Please believe that it's true Babe, I love you. You know it's you Babe Whenever I get weary and I've had enough Feel like giving up You know it's you Babe Giving me the courage and the strength I need Please believe that it's true Babe, I love you. Babe, I'm leaving, I'll say it once again Somehow try to smile I know the feeling we're trying to forget If only for a while Cause I'll be lonely without you And I'll need your love to see me through But Please believe me, my heart is in your hands Cause I'll be missing you
She Needs Some Help!!!!
------------------------------------ NOW THIS IS ONE HOT CHICK..... JLYNN LETS SHOW HER SOME LOVE AND HELP HER LEVEL ------------------------------------
The Goddess Of Mine
It's a pure vision of beauty, eys a hazel that reflects the star light as she walks tall and proud. A face that glows as the Moon Light flows over it, bringing it life. As she moves you can see the ease and grace of a Lady of the night, light reflecting of her black lips, as a smile tantalizes at the very edge. As she walks by you can smell revenage on the air and before she walks out of sight you know that you have Blessed by seeing A Goddess of Beauty and Goddess of what might be and what has come. You have Just been Blessed to see C.J.F.
Let's Stay Together, Al Green
This will be us (Jimm and I) when we are finally together forever! I, I'm so in love with you Whatever you want to do Is all right with me 'Cause you make me feel so brand new And I want to spend my life with you Since, since we've been together Loving you forever Is what I need Let me be the one you come running to I'll never be untrue Let's, let's stay together Lovin' you whether, whether Times are good or bad, happy or sad Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad Why, why some people break up Then turn around and make up I just can't see You'd never do that to me (would you, baby) Staying around you is all I see (Here's what I want us to do) (repeat to fade): Let's, we oughta stay together Loving you whether, whether Times are good or bad, happy or sad
Houses Lead To Trouble.
lmao It doesn't work when you try and hit me 30 minutes after I comment. Guy asked if he should buy a house. Too lazy to look up MuMM. ->captainhowdy: It doesn't count when they have dicks dude. Try again. captainhowdy: youre absolutely right i dont have 1 i have 3 ->captainhowdy: God knows you don't have a woman that needs yours. lmao You fail at life dude. Get out of your moms basement. Get that house. captainhowdy: dont you have a vibrator that needs youyr attention? ->captainhowdy: A little slow on the draw there. Come back when you've beat mental retardation. captainhowdy: then fucking leave Blocked already. D: Give him love! He needs it. Click me!
How Do I Live, Leann Rimes
How do I, Get through the night without you? If I had to live without you, What kind of life would that be? Oh, I I need you in my arms, need you to hold, You're my world, my heart, my soul, If you ever leave, Baby you would take away everything good in my life, And tell me now How do I live without you? I want to know, How do I breathe without you? If you ever go, How do I ever, ever survive? How do I, how do I, oh how do I live? Without you, There'd be no sun in my sky, There would be no love in my life, There'd be no world left for me. And I, Baby I don't know what I would do, I'd be lost if I lost you, If you ever leave, Baby you would take away everything real in my life, And tell me now, How do I live without you? I want to know, How do I breathe without you? If you ever go, How do I ever, ever survive? How do I, how do I, oh how do I live? Please tell me baby, How do I go on? If you ever leave, Baby you would take away everything, I
How This Does Not Surprise. =/
If You Were Born in 2893... Your Name Would Be: Vor Ayn And You Would Be: A Space Pirate If You Were Born in 2893
Look What You've Done To Me, Boz Scaggs
Hope they never end this song, this could take us all night long. I looked at the moon and I felt blue. Then I looked again and I saw you. Eyes like fire in the night, bridges burning with their light. Now I'll have to spend the whole night through and honey, yes, I'll have to spend it all on you... Love, look what you've done to me, I never thought I'd fall again so easily. Oh love, you wouldn't lie to me would you? Leading me to feel this way... They might fade and turn to stone, let's get crazy all alone. Hold me closer than you'd ever dare, Close your eyes and I'll be there. And after all is said and done, after all, you are the one. Take me up your stairs and through the door. Take me where we don't care anymore... Love, look what you've done to me, I never thought I'd fall again so easily. Oh love, you wouldn't lie to me would you? Leading me to feel this way... Love, look what you've done to me, I never thought I'd fall again so easily. Oh love, you wou
No...i Think They Notice :s
You Are 45% Normal While some of your behavior is quite normal... Other things you do are downright strange You've got a little of your freak going on But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself How Normal Are You?
~slave To Love~
~Slave To Love~ Tell her ill be waiting In the usual place With the tired and weary Theres no escape To need a woman Youve got to know How the strong get weak And the rich get poor Youre running with me Dont touch the ground Were restless hearted Not the chained and bound The sky is burning A sea of flame Though your world is changing I will be the same The storm is breaking Or so it seems Were too young to reason Too grown up to dream Now spring is turning Your face to mine I can hear your laughter I can see your smile No I cant escape Im a slave to love Peace.
Random Quote Kushism
Once u expect pain going 2 come with even like some1..u can heal much faster from pain And when u love expect time 2 heal ur self Life is based on what my mind lets me and what my heart willing 2 do
Anything For You, Gloria Estefan
Anything for you Though youre not here Since you said were through It seems like years Time keeps draggin on and on And forevers been and gone Still I cant figure what went wrong Id still do anything for you Ill play your game You hurt me through and through But you can have your way I can pretend each time I see you That I dont care and I dont need you And though youll never see me cryin You know inside I feel like dying And Id do anything for you In spite of it all Ive learned so much from you You made me strong But dont you ever think that I dont love you That for one minute I forgot you But sometimes things dont work out right And you just have to say goodbye I hope you find someone to please you Someone wholl care and never leave you But if that someone ever hurts you You just might need a friend to turn to And Id do anything for you Ill give you up If thats what I should do To make you happy I can pretend each time I see
A Different Light, Chante Moore
Dedicated to my love, my soul mate forever, Jimm! I see you in a different light Candle light, moon light I see you in a different way Through different eyes, and its so nice I see you like Ive never seen you before The way I wanna see you, much more Oh tonight, tonight I see you in a different way -2- We were just friends, thats how it started You told me your secrets, I told you mine You were always there with a shoulder to lean on anytime Now somethings changed, nothings the same Youre here beside me -repeat-1- -3-(jojo hailey)- You were the one Id always turn to The one I could talk to, the one I could trust Whod of ever dreamed wed be here together making love The sweetest surprise has come to my life Youre here beside me Repeat-1- -4- When did your kisses get so sweet Baby, its such a sweet surprise to me To look into your eyes And its so nice I see you like Ive never seen you before Oh tonight, tonight I see you in a differ
Oink Oink Baby
What Your Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich Means Your eating style is gluttonous. If you like something, you're going back for seconds... no matter how full you are! You have an average sweet tooth. While you enjoy desserts, they aren't exactly your downfall. Your taste in food tends to be pretty flexible. You may crave sushi one night, and your favorite childhood recipe the next. You belong to a class that's all your own. You resist rules and traditions of any sort. You are a tough person who isn't afraid to live life fully. There isn't a lot that scares you. You are laid back and extremely easygoing. You never make a fuss, and you try to enjoy every moment. What Does Your Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Say About You?
Let's Get Married, Jagged Edge
This is my dream.... See first of all I know these so-called playas wouldn't tell you this But I'm gonna be real and say what's on my heart Let's take this chance and make this love feel relevant Didn't you know I loved you from the start, yeah When I think about all these years we put in this relationship Who knew we'd make it this far? When I think about where we would I be if we were to just fall apart And I just can't stand the thought of leavin you Chorus: Meet me at the altar in your white dress We ain't getting younger, we might as well do it Been feelin all the while girl I must confess Girl let's just get married I just wanna get married Said I done it all But frankly girl I'm tired of this emptiness I wanna come home to you and only you Cause making love to you just ain't happening I just gotta be with you Do you think bout us maybe having some babies? Come on won't you be my lady forever, yeah I'm ready to commit to you And I just can't
Leprechaun Hunt
Leprechaun Hunt It was an overcast day and the gentle rain was slowly drizzling down over my Grandmother's cottage roof, but nothing could take away from the beauty of her Ireland. The grass was green and soft, and the cottages, although old, were beautiful to wander amongst. From somewhere in one of the winding, narrow alleys the sound of a fiddle reached my ears, and I could hear the laughter of the country people as they gathered to dance to the lively tune. The only thing missing was my leprechaun. Granny had told me when I first arrived, that if I found a leprechaun to hold on to him until he gave me his pot of gold, but all through the school holidays I had seen no sign of one. My friend, Joelene, told me of a small hillock on the outskirts of town that was rumored to be a fairy mound, and together we spent many pleasant hours lying in the soft green grass waiting to see a fairy, telling silly jokes and giggling, and almost every time rolling do
Nobody Dose It Like Family
Well I guess I can only say NOBODY fucks you over like family.... No matter how much you do for them.... I have always helped anyone in my family that I can.... I would give the shirt off my back if someone in my family needed it.... I have and would fight for my family.... I might even kill for my family.... I know if it came to someone doing something to one of my children I would kill someone.... I would and have given the last dollar to my name to someone in my family.... I recently found out that my cousin, whom I have done alot for is wanting to fuck me over in a bad way.... I own a $1,600 camera, with 2 lenses that are worth about another $1,000 between the two of them.... He is planning on trying to steal it!!!! What the FUCK is up with that?!?! I mean he knows that is my life.... But I guess one would have to know and understand that this is a person who has always stole shit from people, including me.... It was always over looked, yeah I always said somethin
Don't Feel Helpless Again!
Introducing the new and highly improved HELP page! (Just click on the 'Help' link on the gray headerbar!) Get answers to your top questions, find easy links to the fubar Bible and Support Lounge, and meet your Bouncers! To find out news and updates about the site, check in everyday and read the blog for news updates.
thanks rock
Please stop by her page, rate, fan, add, send her a drink. She's an awesome person! Don't miss out on making a great friend! ropedemdimples@ fubar
Join Us Tonight March 28th At 9pm Est Till ?? For Queenys Birthday Bash!
To Be A Man In Grief...
"It must be very difficult To be a man in grief.Since "men don't cry" and "men are strong" No tears can bring relief. It must be very difficult to stand up to the test and field calls and visitors so that she can get some rest They always ask if she's alright and what she's going through. But seldom take his hand and ask, "My friend, how are you?" He hears her cry in the night and thinks his heart will break. He dries her tears and comforts her But "stays strong" for her sake. It must be very difficult to start each day anew. And try to be so very brave- He lost his baby too.
Long Assed Survey
...::About Me::...
Did I Turn 14 Again?
Nearly everyone I love wants to play video games. My wife. My oldest son. My brother. Possibly my next career. Time with them == bashing the hell out of digital people. In the case of the career, well, that's pretty damn cool. My spare time is spent writing fantasy/fiction. I have just registered a new web site for this. So tired. Need to create art and music now too. Reference: Monster Magnet, "Blow 'em Off."
I have always owned up to my mistakes in a relationship, but why is it so much harder for some men to do so? Why is it so hard for some men to be up front and honest? Why do some men want to always take the blame out on the woman for their own mistakes? I would never say that I am perfect because I know I'm not perfect by far. I am however woman enough to say when I am at fault.Can anyone answer any of these questions? Just remember I stated some men not all. Please no rude comments, let's just be logical.
In tribute and in memory of the fallen. God Bless them and their familes. Tribute to the Fallen - Some Gave All -------------------------------------- Tribute to the Americans who "gave all" in Iraq and Afghanistan since the start of hostilities. Pictures of 2,500 of the more than 3,800 military people who died in the service of their country. Mothers, Wives, Sisters and Daughters -------------------------------------- Tribute to the women in the military who died while fighting for us in Afghanistan and Iraq. Includes some pictures of the woman as civilians and includes some pictures of their memorials.
Need Some One To Chat Wit
im bored an lookin for any one who want s to chat wit lil ole me lol, down to chat wit any one who's willin tp chat wit me, so come by an hit me up thru mesage or my shout box, hope to be chattin wit some of yuou's mad luv, jtilly
Let's Level Larry!
He's just 20k away from Henchman and he always busts his ass helping everyone. Give him a good spanking! SBM08 ~Enforcer@ "THE VIP LOUNGE"* Sergeant-at-Arms Rate Spankers*~Fu-Owned by Carolena838@ fubar
Re: Top Comedian Believes In 9/11 Conspiracy
RE: Top Comedian Believes In 9/11 Conspiracy ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 28 Mar 2008, 01:15 Top Comedian Believes In 9/11 Conspiracy Top comedian and actress Margaret Cho has joined Willie Nelson and Charlie Sheen in questioning the official 9/11 story, stating that the public were going to become very angry when they realized there was a conspiracy behind the terror attacks. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/march2008/032708_top_comedian. htm
Angels And Doves
I've searched the world For someone to call my own Till I found you, right here We fell in love Became a family Angels and Doves filled our dreams Are we strong enough to fight this dream Together as one So you say your leaving me But I couldn't let it be Cause I believe you love me Everyday I pray Everyday you play With heart and mind Please don't leave me behind We fell in love Became a family Angels and Doves filled our dreams Are we strong enough to fight this dream Together as one You say you love me Prove it then Be here until the end Till we both turn gray And sit at home and pray
Feeling Sinful?
Then come join us in CLiCKYCLiCKY
So, I have been in transition since my separation and divorce. Living with relatives because my ex is an a$$-holeooooo, who knows nothing about taking care of or supporting a family. (sorry momentary man rant) However it seems, and I know its is only by the grace of God, things are finally starting to look up. I found a position as a pre school teacher again! YAY! I finally have a schedule that works for me and my children, and will soon have my very own apartment. I am thrilled! Getting back to my life instead of the topsy turvey chaos of the past three years. I just wanted to share my happy news and blessings. I pray you are are blessed just as much in your lives.
Sex Calories
It's been known for years that sex is good exercise, but until recently nobody had made a scientific study of the caloric expenditure of different sexual activities. Now, for the first time in the Western World, here are the true caloric benefits of sex. Removing her clothes With consent 12 Calories Without consent 187 Calories Opening her bra With both hands 8 Calories With one hand 12 Calories With your teeth 85 Calories Putting on a condom With an erection 6 Calories Without an erection 315 Calories Preliminaries Trying to find the clitoris 8 Calories Trying to find the G-Spot 92 Calories Positions Missionary 12 Calories 69 lying down 78 Calories 69 standing up 112 Calories Wheelbarrow 216 Calories Doggy Style 326 Calories Italian Chandelier 912 Calories Orgasm Real 112 Calories False 315 Calories Post Orgasm Lying in bed hugging 18 Calories Getting up immediately 36 Calories Explaining why you got out of bed immediately 816 Calo
Woohoo I Won!! I Now Own.....
ALL THESE PEOPLE :D :P I know I need to stop winning so many people in auction but it's fun! They've all been paid already so show them love :D [RoaD : RaGe] - Fu-Master and R/L BF of ** Tatts **@ fubar CLTrckL PrmTR @ ~504 Brbn TrT~--n T b mvng T n nTn r@ fubar CHERRY EATER DRAGON FLYER,BADBOY ANDFU LUV BOMBSQUAD MEMBER@ fubar daveheintz@ fubar matt197635@ fubar NataS@ fubar R OWNED by S10grfr/Stenogal..."brothers for life"@ fubar ~Kiwichi~ *Owned by M짧 & Airbags & TinkerbellMN84*@ fubar 2thick, Fu-Owned By TinkerbellMN84, Daddy to Bri, Master to Lauren, Tammy and Franny@ fubar
Words To Live By (for My Ladies Friends)
A little something to live by.... If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he tr
Please Leave Me Alone
Ordinary Guy
I read alot of blogs and "about me's" on here that woman post saying "where are all the good guys?". Most of those women seem to be like most of the guys on here. What I mean is it seems to be all about looks. Now I do not consider myself ugly, but on the same hand know I am no pretty boy or ruggedly handsome fella. I am just an ordinary looking guy. Where are the women that are truly looking for a nice, honest, caring, big hearted guy? We are here ladies and if you take the time to look beyond the physical you may be surprised to find your knight in shinning armor behind the plain ole jeans and tee shirt.
Thank You Dj Yumyum
i would like to say thank you to DJ YumYum for helping me level and also for the VIPS she gave me and my hubbie tonight. you rock DJ YumYum
Your Intrapersonal Intelligence Score: 89% Your Intrapersonal Intelligence is Very High You've spent a lot of time introspecting, and it's really paid off. You are comfortable with who you are, and you have a life philosophy that you are happy to live by. And you're always re-evaluating what you believe. Because you learn something new about yourself each day! How Does Your Intrapersonal Intelligence Rate?
Mastercard Wedding
This is probably the besy idea I have ever heard. I love this email!!!! MasterCard Wedding You got to love this guy... This is a true story about a recent wedding that took place at Clemson University . It was in the local newspaper and even Jay Leno mentioned it. It was a huge wedding with about 300 guests. After the wedding, at the reception, the groom got up on stage with a microphone to talk to the crowd. He said he wanted to thank everyone for coming, many from long distances, to support them at their wedding. He especially wanted to thank the bride's and his family and to thank his new father-in-law for providing such a lavish reception. As a token of his deep appreciation he said he wanted to give everyone a special gift just from him. So taped to the bottom of everyone's chair, including the we
Broken Soul
Your told that your loved, You give love in return The heart beats everytime he speaks to you The soul sings with joy Things begin to change No more calling or coming by No more talking or seeing him The heart begins to break Your mind begins to spin Your soul, finally healed Locks up again Your told that your loved, You give love in return, What do you do what you get a broken soul instead of love?
Fate Rules The Life
fate rules the life Glory of lord express its concern on the fate that fate is the governing factor in life though its life only which writes and rewrites the fate through its acts either here just now or being written in past to a unknown time but it is sure all the way that fate is the ruling factor. Life has got all colors in its fold but one experience the only which fate wish so on the subject of life. It is inevitable, which invariably proceeded by the circumstances that are favorable to it. Either it comes to a man or man takes him to the cause of his doom. Hence it needs a help which could enlighten the true pace to a protection from unforeseen modes of life that is non other than faith, faith on to self and the supreme along with fairness of heart and truth of soul. May god bless the life to its true pace on the planet? Thanks please.
Demon Crew Profiles Of The Week ~ 3/27/08
PROFILES OF THE WEEK: HELLSINGER ~Member of the Demon Crew@ fubar [J~W]♥~F/W2♥[J~Wգ]♥*~*m Ǯw*~*_Wʮ@Wգ's*gHt*~@ fubar Drop by their pages and show them some Love! Hellsinger needs 10K to level DJ Winni needs 16K to level IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE RULES: 1. We are a BOMBING FAMILY, therefore, if you are not serious about bombing in contests, then there is no reason to join our family. 2. If you don't bomb in other members' contests, then don't expect others to bomb your contest. 3. If you are in a contest and don't bomb yourself,then other members will not bomb your contest. 4. You need to notifiy me BEFORE you enter a contest. That way, we can ensure that we have enough support to help you win your contest. 5. If you are in a contest BEFORE you join the family,you may not have complete family support in that contest. 6. If you are a new member and enter a contest within 30 days
Auction ends 4-1-08 Double D Spazz momma9401 Jessica Calico Heather Bubba MCLOVIN Auction ends 4-1-08 (repost of original by 'ღ~^Heather^~ღProudly owned by Superman4120ღ &Owned by sonic420 & ღ Wifey to Dark Defender ღMember of the Spankers~' on '2008-03-26 21:11:05') (repost of original by 'DOUBLEd 2 SHADOW LEVLER SPAZZZZZZZZ FU- HUBBY& OWED BY SPAZZZZZ' on '2008-03-27 07:32:55') (repost of original by 'krazykidd Shadow Leveler doubled2' fu-wiffy & fu owned doubled2' on '2008-03-27 18:43:30') (repost of original by 'ღ~^Heather^~ღProudly owned by Superman4120ღ &Owned by sonic420 & &
Check This Lounge Out go check out this lounge and stay and have fun!! and if any girlies are interested hit up the pianomans pussycat playmates homepage!! Its in my family and in my top friends!!
All I Need, All I Want!!!
You know I sit here day in and day out just wondering what I am doing here and where the good lord will lead me next.. The year started out so terrible for me, I lost my Mom in December, And it was such a great loss for me,Not only was she my Mom, but my best friend, She was always there for me through my pain and tears. I know I havent made to many right choices in my life since she has gone, Maybe this can explain some of my action, Aleast to people who know me and live around me. Life is truely a gift, Not to be taking for granted,Live each day as it's your last, And tell the one you love that you love them, Because once they walk out the door you may never have that chance again..Life is beautiful... So now here I am I sit alone, Something I truely hate, But I choose to do this right now to get myself together, To search deep in my soul as to what I truely want out of life.I am not one to rush my life along..I believe if something is meant to be always will. I also b
Well im bored LOL, comments please, i know i kinda fuck up the end ROFL Make on Snapvine | Copy This
An old country preacher had a teenage son, and it was getting time the boy should give some thought to choosing a profession. Like many young men his age, the boy didn't really know what he wanted to do, and he didn't seem too concerned about it. One day, while the boy was away at school, his father decided to try an experiment. He went into the boy's room and placed on his study table four objects. 1. A bible. 2. A silver dollar. 3. A bottle of whisky. 4. And a Playboy magazine. 'I'll just hide behind the door,' the old preacher said to himself.'When he comes home from school today, I'll see which object he picks up. If it's the bible, he's going to be a preacher like me, and what a blessing that would be! If he picks up the dollar, he's going to be a business man, and that would be okay, too. But if he picks up the bottle, he's going to be a no-good drunken bum, and Lord, what a shame that would be. And worst of all if he picks up that ma
Blech...i Hate 7up :s
You Are 7 Up Understated and subtle, people warm up to you slowly. But once they're hooked, they can't imagine going back to anyone else! Your best soda match: Diet Coke Stay away from: Mountain Dew What Kind of Soda Are You?
Hey To All My Friends Just Want To Write In Here And Tell You All That Im Pregent
hey to all my friends i just found out im 6 in half weeks pregent. im happy that i am but i am kinda scared too. just wanted to let all u know
This Is My Online Dj Name *snickers*
Your DJ Name Is: DJ Blue Merkin What's Your DJ Name?
One For You ,one For Me!!!
>PECANS IN THE CEMETERY >On the outskirts of a small town, there was a big, old pecan tree just >inside the cemetery fence. One day, two boys filled up a bucketful of >nuts and sat down by the tree, out of sight, and began dividing the >nuts. > >"One for you, one for me. One for you, one for me," >said one boy. Several dropped and rolled down toward the fence. > >Another boy came riding along the road on his bicycle. As he passed, he >thought he heard voices from inside the cemetery. He slowed down to >investigate. Sure enough, he heard, "One for you, one for me. One for >you, one for me." > >He just knew what it was. He jumped back on his bike and rode off. Just >around the bend he met an old man with a cane, hobbling along. > >"Come here quick," said the boy, "you won't believe what I heard! Satan >and the Lord are down at the cemetery dividing up the souls." > >The man said, "Beat it kid, can't you see it's hard for me to walk." >When the boy insisted though, th
Top Ten On 3-27-08
Here is a Recap of the Top Ten Request of 3-27-08 From Dirty Deeds Radio. 1. Nine Inch Nails - Closer 2. Snoop Dog - Sensual Seduction 3. Timberland - The Way I Are 4. Sixx Am - Life is Beautiful 5. Him - Wings of a Butterfly 6. Def Lepard - Pour Some Sugar on Me 7. Seether - Fake It 8. Cream - Strange Brew 9. Devil Driver - I could Care Less 10. Dixie Chicks - Lullaby Remember this is Your Top Ten. If you Disagree then i Suggest you get your asses in Dirty Deeds and Request what you want to hear!! [[ Not Sure if im going to continue with the Countdown after this. Not Any Feedback and it seems people are not enjoying this. So Ill go be a normal lame as DJ and just take request and be dull and boring. Hope your happy. ]]
realization Glory of lord speaks on the version of life that it is being ruled by the illusion which the supreme invisible force making is taking every one to an unknown destination. It is a matter of realization especially being a human on the subject of life. Life is very in a fixed orbit and have limitation to interact with, as luminous appearance of the modes created by illusion are really great to keep the life busy on a mode which drag them apart from self. Not only fools but even cleaver men are also taken in by fair appearance. Look at the beautiful peacock: though its notes are sweet like nectar, but it devours snakes even. Hence life needs a true help to be on right track, there is no help is as helpful as realization one can attain through virtue of experience or communion with saints. May god bless all on the subject of life. Thanks please.
My Level Of Hell
Which Level of Hell Do You Belong In?created with You scored as Circle 3: The Gluttonous Circle 3: The Gluttonous 83%Circle 1: Limbo 75%Circle 4: The Prodigal and the Avaricious 75%Circle 8: The Fruadulent 75%Circle 2: The Lustful 75%Circle 5: The Wrathful and Sullen 58%Circle 9: The Treacherous 50%Circle 6: Heretics 33%Circle 7: The Violent 17%
Umm Why?
Ok so this happens allllll the time.. and i dont know why i feel this way. There will be a guy that i had prior feelings for, dated, hooked up with or whatever. But i have no intentions of ever dating them again because i hate their flaws and couldnt bare with them. But when they start dating someone else, my heart sinks. I get so upset. I just want to cry. But i know i dont like them and i know i dont want to be with them. And thats not a coverup... i gaurenttee i would be like um no i wont date you again.... ugh im confused.
Who Wants To Own Me,i'm In The Auction! Update!
Hey you should all go check out "LOUNGE DEJVU"!! Awesome place and very friendly people!!
So This Is Whats Going On!
Ok, where to begin? Well, I'm still looking for a job and I am kinda stressing at this point. I firmly believe that things will eventually fall into place. So I'm kinda just going with the flow as far as that goes. I have been spending time with my paarents because they have been feeding my pocket Yeah, I guess I am alittle bit of a kiss ass. As far as my personal life goes, I have met a few guys on here and on myyearbook, and all of them seem to be good guys. Some of them I see as possibilities and others not. Personalities seemed to click on some, but the problem is I would like to get to know them better, but some don't want that, so I am being the one that gets the short end of the stick, so does speak. I am here for friends, maybe eventually more, but right now I just would like to go out and have fun, some one to call if you want to just hang out or you know....:-) There is nothing wrong with great sex with no strings attached, but as a general rule I would like to b
What Alcoholic Drink Am I??
What kind of alcoholic drink are you ?created with You scored as Tequila ShotYou are a Tequila Shot. You strong-minded and well known. Sometimes you can be intimdating and a lot of people look at you as a challange. Tequila Shot 82%Champange 75%Beer 68%Sex on the Beach 68%Long Island Iced Tea 61%
Auction... Want Us ??
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Happy Birthday Nana And Jj My Twins!!! 2yrs Old!!

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