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Russian Porn
Hubby and I just went to get some groceries to a Russian store, and lo behold his gaze fell upon some Russian magazines, which included a Russian version of Playboy, Maxim, and somethin else. (American rip off, only with Russian chicks.) I guess now I know what to get him for his b-day :)
Ok Bombers Get To Work
Want Lots Of Gret Friends & 10k In Fu-bucks
Paint Or Porch?
do i paint the house first and put the new back porch/steps on?... or do i put the new porch/steps on first and then paint the house?? HELP!
Relocating My Spiritual Side
In January I was reunited with the love of my life. Here it is April and I'm single, but after doing some meditation and searching for answers within myself I realised that being single might be good. When I reunited with him my spiritual side flew right out the window. My faith is what helps me be a strong woman and I lost that. When I'm with him I transform myself into this docile little girl that I'm just not! People from India believe in wizards because wizards aren't those like "Merlin" who can perform feats of magic, but who can cause transformation. After thinking about this it means that being happy with who I am is not relying on a man to make me happy, that I am "the wizard"! I make me happy. I can turn my own fears to joy, my frustrations to fulfillment, that I can carry myself beyond limitations and into the boundless. To be a woman who knows herself and doesn't let a man or a man's point of view change me. I will not cower to serve or please a man, I am a str
My Opinion, Take It As You Will
Every now and then you look at your life and wonder, "how the hell did I get here." You hate your job, yet you go to work everyday. You work long hours for the chance at a "better" life that you cant be a part of cause you work long hours. Everyone wants your 100%, all the time. Work, Family, Friends, all want 100%.When you cant give it because your tired, sick or maybe, just maybe, its just not a good day, you have failed them.Well for that I say, FUCK THAT. We are expected to be perfect all the time, but what is perfection? What you EXPECT me to be. Your not perfect, so why should I be. For example, Men. Now they will say, they love you for who you are. But dont do your hair, makeup, and wear the sweats and a baggy shirt the next time he wants to hang out with his friends and see if he still want to hold your hand. They expect perfection, cute, blonde, thin, young. Well guess what, I cant turn back time. So if you cant love me for who I am, Leave me the fuck alone. Ya, I could grow
Chicago-soaked Blues...
Last night (04-15-08) I had the priviledge of catching bluesman Michael Charles jamming live at The Elbo Room on Lincoln & Diversey in Chicago. Having been a young kid on the South Side way back, and then having been moved to the west burbs, I'd say I've gotten a unique appreciation for things with a "Chicago flavor" to them, for example the buildings in the city. I just love the older feel to them, the way they're built, the history that just emenates from them. And having lived for so long "just out of reach" of them, it's also a bit of a nostalgic feel as well. Such was the case last night at The Elbo Room. From the front, even if you know what to be looking for, you just might miss it, that's how small the front is. I got lucky and after driving a block past I found THE last empty parking spot WITHOUT a meter on it! Crossing the street, I opened the door and went inside, up the couple of stairs into the bar. At first I was thinking perhaps this was the wrong venue: certainly a
Since everyone has noticed that my location has changed..and I thought that I had blogged about this before.. Starting Friday I will not be online until the 23rd of April. We are moving to a desolate part of the state..I will have dialup, but I won't be on much due to the fact that dialup drives me fuckin nuts! I will be getting my internet hooked up on the 23rd and by then I hope I have everything settled enough to get back on line! I will miss you all while I am gone..and to remind ya I will probably post again on Friday before I pull the plug on this bad boy! See ya round!
My Divorce
Just finally got my divorce I know most think I am nuts for posting the divorce order but it to me stops everyone from quiestioning my interegrity
Foundry Cams: Mary Kate Rocks Out In Her Stay Cozy Shirt
Petite, pretty, pig-tailed Mary Kate from FOUNDRY CAMS is decked out in leopard print lingerie and her STAY COZY shirt, and shaking her amazing ass to music by our friends at THE BANGKOK FIVE. CLICK THE PIC TO SEE MARY KATE's NEW VIDEO Once you're done, and you have a bit of fluids left in your body swishing around...head over to FOUNDRY CAMS and chat with Mary Kate LIVE on cam!
What is your name?: Gianna How old are you?: 27 When is your Birthday?: December 18 What is your zodiac sign?: Sagitarrius Where were you born?: Southern California Where do you live now?: The OC What color eyes do you have?: Brown What color hair do you have?: Dark brown, almost black How tall are you?: short. Fuck you for asking How much do you weigh? (Be Honest Ladies): 135, and no you can't weigh me What is your race?: human What is your worst fear?: being burned alive Do you smoke?: smoke weed for 8 years Do you drink?: sometimes Do you cuss?: Like a drunken longshoreman in a brawl Do you use drugs?: see above Have you ever or will you ever steal?: I have. Are you dependable and/or trustworthy?: Extremely Do you play in a band or play an instrument?: learning guitar (ish) Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?: 5 tattoos and counting, 6 piercings If you had a favorite serial killer wh
Second Life
I know some of you were wondering where I have gone. Well I have moved on to another program that simply blows everything else I have seen in the past 25 + years of doing compters away. That program is called second Life at I would take the time to explain it to you but you have to experience it on your own. So I hope you will stop by and see me over there. Cheers
Celtic 2-1 Rangers
Celtic 2-1 Rangers By Colin Moffat Nakamura celebrates his wonderful first half strike Celtic's Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink scored an injury-time header to narrow the gap on Rangers to one point. Shunsuke Nakamura fired Celtic ahead with a wonderful swerving shot, while Nacho Novo's strike levelled. Carlos Cuellar was sent off for handling a net-bound Nakamura shot but the injured Allan McGregor was able to save Scott McDonald's spot-kick. But the Celtic striker struck late on, while David Weir and Gary Caldwell saw red cards after a full-time melee. A tumultuous evening ended with an ugly scuffle involving several players and Scotland colleagues Weir and Caldwell appeared to exchange blows. Celtic captain Stephen McManus was also shown a yellow card after a match which has breathed new life into the title race. With Rangers having played two games less than their closest challengers, Walter Smith's men remain strong favourites. However,
Revised Cam Rulez As Of June 2008 - If You Accept - Please Comment - Accepted- Thanks
The Letter...
Most of you know that I submitted my college application a week or so ago. Well today as I was checking my mail, I noticed a letter from Pikes Peak Community College...Inside of the envelope was this letter... Dear Stacey, Congratulations on your admission to the Summer 2008 semester at Pikes Peak Community College. There is more to the letter, but that first line was all that I needed to see to bring happy tears to my eyes. Again I started laughing and crying. It's funny the different emotions one can go through when life brings about changes. I made it past the first year of being divorced and celebrated my one year anniversary on this past Sunday. What a great way to celebrate. I went snowboarding....How fun. So yeah, life is opening up doors for me. Isn't that wonderful? It's about time that the tears that are flowing now, are due to joy instead of the pain that I have felt for far too long. Hugs and pray for my children and I. I love you all. Stacey
Why is it when you meet a guy or girl they always say they are NOT the jealous type or dont like a the person they are with to be jealous....then after a little everything changes and they become jealous about everything and get mad that the person they are with (ok me) dont get jealous....WTF is wrong with that????? I hate stupid mind games but they do it all the time...and try to turn it around....hello???WTH????
Bullet Hits The Bone Lyrics
Awesome song by Golden Earring! Somewhere in a lonely hotel room There's a guy starting to realize That eternal fate has turned his back on him... It's 2 A.M. the fear has gone I'm sitting here waiting the gun still warm Maybe my connection is tired of taking chances Yeah there's a storm on the loose Sirens in my head Wrapped up in silence all circuits are dead Cannot decode my whole life spins into a frenzy... Help I'm stepping into the twilight zone Place is a madhouse feels like being cloned My beacon's been moved under moon and star Where am I to go now that I've gone too far Help I'm stepping into the twilight zone Place is a madhouse feels like being cloned My beacon's been moved under moon and star Where am I to go now that I've gone too far So you'll come to know When the bullet hits the bone So you'll come to know When the bullet hits the bone I'm falling down a spiral--destination unknown Double crossed messenger--all alone Can't get no conn
Please Help This Diva...
This diva only needs 23,000 points to level up. Please help this wonderful diva become an Assassin...... Thanks MsMaine Whispers...Make my Soul sing... ~ ~~MEMBER OF DYLON'S DIVA MAFIA~~~@ fubar
Re: Neo-con Calls For Shredding Constitution, Imposing World Gov
RE: Neo-Con Calls For Shredding Constitution, Imposing World Gov ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 16 Apr 2008, 15:11 Neo-Con Calls For Shredding Constitution, Imposing World Government A recent Austin-American Statesman review of Neo-Con Philip Bobbitt's new book Terror and Consent features an image of a shredded Constitution under the words "Everything must go," which acts as a suitable entrée to a disgusting diatribe which praises Bobbitt's call for the end of America and its replacement with a de facto world government in the name of fighting terror. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/april2008/041608_shredding_constitution. htm
Re: Netanyahu Says 9/11 Was Good For Israel
RE: Netanyahu Says 9/11 Was Good For Israel ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 16 Apr 2008, 19:13 Netanyahu Says 9/11 Was Good For Israel Former Israeli Prime Minister and current leader of the opposition Benjamin Netanyahu has stated during a speech that the 9/11 attacks were a good thing for Israel. http://infowars. net/articles/april2008/160408Netanyahu. htm
What Religion Is Your Bra?
> What Religion is Your Bra? > > > A man walked into the ladies department of a Macy's and shyly walked > up to the woman behind the counter and said, "I'd like to buy a bra for my > wife." > "What type of bra?" asked the clerk. > "Type?" inquires the man, "There's more than one type?" > "Look around," said the saleslady, as she showed a sea of bras in > every shape, size, color and material imaginable. > > > > "Actually, even with all of this variety, there are really only four > types of bras to choose from." > Relieved, the man asked about the types. The saleslady replied, > "There are the Catholic, the Salvation Army, the Presbyterian, and > the Baptist types. Which one would you prefer?" > > > > Now totally befuddled, the man asked about the differences between > them. > The Saleslady responded, "It is all really quite simple... " > > The Catholic type supports the masses. > The
Somewhere Somewhere there is someone for you and someone me. Somewhere there is someone alone like you and me. Somewhere there is a person getting the answer they have always needed. Somewhere there is a new life beginning . Somewhere there is a life being taken from someone , who is still looking for that answer. Somewhere someone is asking why?
I Am Participating In Dust Me Pink's Auction!
I hope to have a good turn-out on this one... I am hoping to recieve my 1ST Happy Hour! Also some bling packs. I can take as many bids as I would like... I am a good pal & have some great things to offer to whomever bids the right stuff... what do you think Im worth? Get ready! Tomorrow is the day you can click on this link @ 12:00 p.m. (noon) CST and BID BID BID baby!
True Friends
To My Dearest Friends…… When we are born into this world, we do not choose the family we are given, only the friends yearn to keep. Throughout my life there have been many, some fleeting, some steadfast, who stood, not by me, but with me, through the proverbial thick and thin. I cannot name them all, but they know who they are, and I cherish my place in their lives. They have unselfishly given me both their presence and their time. I can only hope, that in return, I did not fail to return the favor.
Journey They say life is nothing more than a journey. Never knowing which our lives will go we still walk the paths we are given. And meet people along the way that will either make a good or bad impact in our lives. Never knowing if we will stray from our path, we continue to walk blind. Hoping maybe one day that we will be able to see where we are going. Hoping that the people we come in contact with will never forget us, but cherish and remember the love we gave while walking the same path. And knowing that one day that you will meet again when the path comes to an end.
Wed 04-16-08 (chicken Scatch)
And Her Back
****** If You've Had Back Surgery.. Please Leave Comments!! ******* So if any of you REALLY know me.. You know all about the day after day Chiropractic Appointments, Acupuncture appointments so on and so forth Today My DC (Chiropractor for the non-medically trained ones) is asking for an MRI Which leads me to think Im scared shitless of having back surgery.. I've heard you lose up to 40% or your flexibility Which... as a dancer, and a yoga enthusiast.. I Need my back and every ounce of flexibility I have in me still My back is Incredibly tattooed (obviously) that it's not worth risking my ink. But in order for me to be back to normal. I would have to. Which SUCKS something major for me.. This would push me into thinking... I would qualify for a reduction.. Paid for by the man.But then i lose. Every once of who I am. THIS would be the only option Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm not liking where this is leading!!!!!!!
Quistionare?!?! (repost As Ur Blog And Message Me Wat U Put Down In A Massage Not A Reply!!, Aslo Let Me Kno If U Reposted It Please!
Mark all that apply Would you kiss me? []Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe [] already did Would you do me? [] In an instant! [] Yes [] No [] Maybe [] you look to sweet to fuck [] already did Am I attractive? [] Heck no [] hot as Hell [] Fine [] Cute [] Okay I think ur pretty [] Sexy [] Ugly! Do you think im a virgin? [] Yes [] No [] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... 3 things you would like to know about me? 1.) 2.) 3.) If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No [] maybe Would you rather.. [] Hook up with me [] Cuddle with me [] Date me [] Marry me [] Friends [] Do me What kind of underwear are you wearing right now? [] boxers [] whitie tighties [] thongs [] g-string [] granny panties [] boy shorts [] none What's ur favorite position? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [] 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 What would you want me
College Students With
I think Guns should not be allowed in school period. Some idiots keep saying that the Virginia shooting would not have occurred if the campus allowed GUN. If that was the case maybe this particular shooting would not happen, but I can imagine a shoot out every time when a disgruntled student argues with his professor for 10 marks in a test or boys getting drunk and fighting over girls. And when a nut does go on a rampage and the police arrive how are they supposed to identify the culprit in split seconds when everyone is having a gun? Gun ownership comes with a few responsibilities, such as regular practice at a shooting range, cleaning the thing, storing it, planning how to have it available in an emergency that may never arise, etc. My life is full enough. LOL PS. Guns don’t have any other purpose but to kill people.
Turn Me On
Beautiful,Sensual and Tender
A Poem For Shayla
So many emotions, How can I say How you make me feel each and everyday All think I think about, somehow turns to you You take all of my dreams, and make them come true Lost in your love, but your heart shows the way Along is this path of love, I continue to stray Take away my worries, my heart skips a beat How did I love ‘til now, could it ever have been this complete Out of control, My mind is blown away My heart has the power now, and this is how it should stay Shout it out, tell the world how you feel Out into the night, Out to day Now we know this is real “I LOVE YOU,” SHE SCREAMS Listen I hear everything she said Our love will last forever, I swear this on my death bed Vow to me now my love, say you feel the same Express to me how you feel, please don’t refrain You complete every parts of me, from body to heart On the honor of my life, I shall love you Until death do we part.
Short But Interesting
I found this article....enjoy all you people into love and lust and wondering why do I like this heres an exerpt that pertains to the online world: Mystery #4: Why is it that you can have great chemistry chatting online or on the phone, but not in person? “They call it love at first sight, not at first email,” points out Dr. Fisher. “Eighty percent of what we take into the human brain is visual. So somebody can be clever and charming online, but if you don’t like what you see, it’s not going to work.” Plus, emails can be crafted and re-crafted into how people want to be, not who they actually are in a spontaneous way. “Face to face, people get nervous and clam up and can’t perform,” says Dr. Fisher. This, however, can bode well for you—maybe all it takes is a second or third date for this person to relax and show his or her true personality. Heres the rest if your interested
D2 Games
Thanks to some prick who got jealous and decided to play some games, my page is now set to friends only. The idiot who currently uses the name "spawn of satan" found here: hacked into my friends profile here on fubar and myspace, deleted everything and wrote some pretty crude comments. He then made some fake profiles about how he got her pregnant and a bunch of other bull crap. He then got onto my page and down rated my pics with a "1" and left a rude comment on one of them. Needless to say, he has been reported to the F.B.I for harrassment and defamation of character. We gave the F.B.I his phone number and home address. They informed my friend that he has been in trouble in the past and they will be keeping an eye on him. P/S...if you do for some reason go to his profile, the pic is not him. Needless to say, he is a hacker and my profile may up and dissapear some day. So, if you want to keep in touch with me, you might want to get m
Do You Have Rhythm?
I have this theory...and no particular scientific facts to back it up but really, who needs that crap when you live your life on a hunch anyway? It's just a thought, one of the many randomn things that volly around in my brain amongst others! :) I believe people who enjoy music, most importantly, who have rhythm when it comes to music and can keep time have better sex than your average joe. Think about it. Good sex requires a certain amount of rhythm and timing. I'm just saying...if you look at some people when they're dancing or singing or really, the type of music they listen too it tells alot about how they could be sexually, don't you think? Someone who enjoys the music of say...Celine Dion, to me, equals dead lay...BORING! Another example is the geriactric couple who were dancing next to me at the last concert I went to...totally off beat! I'm guessing they don't even have sex anymore. It's not like I walk around looking at people to examine their enthusiasm fo
Black Hole In Big Bang
I've been searching for years for a black hole for my big bang, but they keep telling me I'm to white, well that's another story so for you Intelligent FU's Big Bang happened like this. Once upon a time there was a ‘singularity’ that contained everything that was. Suddenly it blew up, releasing fundamental particles that expanded to fill space. Gravity came into being and particles came together into stars and planets. More complicated particles were ‘cooked’ in the stars, and were released through supernova, to form other heavenly bodies, and from them eventually came life. The theory is neat and tidy. It came out of the realization that the universe was expanding, and when background radiation was found, identified as residue of the Big Bang, the theory gained consensus. Of course, there are massive problems with the theory. The ‘singularity’ is nothing but a mathematical point of infinity, with no physical validity, and the math of the theory means there is 90% of the ma
I Know Who Helped!!
Well when I entered my first contest (and my last). I knew getting help might be an issue, but not as large as it was. I have had many of my friends come and ask me to help them level, ot bomb their pics for a contest. So I ask for the same in return, and get nothing. I know who the people are that helped me out, and I will remember u few when u need help, but the rest of u. Don't even think of approaching me for help, cuz I'll be busy. Hope u all have a good week. TYVM to all of u that did help.
"things Overheard On Noah's Ark"
10. "Did anyone think about bringing a couple of umbrellas?" 9. "Hey, there are more than two flies in here!" 8. "Wasn't someone supposed to put two shovels on board?" 7. "OK, who's the wise-guy who brought the mosquitoes on board?" 6. "Help! I need some Pepto for the elephants, QUICK!" 5. "Don't Make Me Pull This Ark Over And Come Back There!" 4. "No Ham, you cannot eat the Pig!" 3. "And whatever you do, DO NOT pull this plug out." 2. "Nice Doggie!" AND THE NUMBER ONE THING OVERHEARD ON NOAH'S ARK..... 1. "Are We There Yet?"
A Necessary Evil?
In 2007, the 'artist' Guillermo Vargas "Habacuc", took a dog from the street, tied him to a rope in an art gallery, and starved him to death. For several days, the 'artist' and the visitors of the exhibition watched emotionless the shameful 'masterpiece' based on the dog's agony, until he eventually died. This is not all... the prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American decided that the 'installation' was actually art, so the 'artist' has been invited to repeat his cruel action for 2008. Now, I'm not entirely sure what happened there.....someone said this story popped up on Snopes and several others have said the dog was either fed every 3 hours or released after a day and supposedly the artist refuses to tell anyone if the dog died or not. To me this is just cruel and wrong on so many levels, but what if it brought attention and help to the strays in the area (which supposedly it did)? At least the dogs death might've done some good as oppose to him dyin
Special Corner In My Life For These Fubar Top Douche Bags
DOUCHE BAG #1 this here is a special piece of shit hes a user and an abuser a cheater and a scam wont work for nothing and uses the fact that hes a firefighter to try and be a player ~FireGuy~ add me fan me rate me@ fubar DOUCHE BAG #2 THESE TWO GO HAND IN HAND FOR 1 THIS PERSON NEEDS TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL OR TAKE GRAMMER OVER JUST TYPES IN INCOHERENT BLABBER FOR 2 SHE STARTED SHIT WITH MY FAMILY YOU DONT FUCK WITHMY FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND YOU SURE AS HELL DONT FUCK WITH MY MOM THIS BITCH IS JUST ONE MORE OF THE MANY FUBAR DOUCHES IN MY LIFE geo121880@ fubar
Auction Time
i have been asked to go in another auction lmao should i do it yes or no...and will u help by bidding on me lmao cant put this as ppl seem to be maring them nsfw..wahooooooooo... i need to know tonight dam it lmao
Another Day Of Work
I do not want to go. I do not want to go. I do not want to go. But if they would let me drink I would show.
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You Know ....
It ticks me off when people send you friend requests solely for the purpose of getting rates!!!!
What Erica Means You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone. You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together. At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together. You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something. You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense. You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun. You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing. You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long. You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start. You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily.
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How Long Will Your Relationship Last?Wow! It was meant to be! Just hold on to it!Congratulations! You have true love! Just don't let any one or anything stand in the way of it!Myspace Quizzes
Jfk Assassination
Did Freemasons cause the assassination of JFK? That's what some anti-Masons and conspiracy theorists would have you believe. Of ALL the theories relative to U.S. President John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963, few can compare with the one found on a web page of a long-time conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier. The article begins: ==Preface to King-Kill/ 33: James Shelby Downard's Vision The essay "King-Kill/33" has been out of print since 1987 and the publication of the first edition of Adam Parfrey's conspiracy anthology, 'Apocalypse Culture.' Subsequent editions of 'Apocalypse Culture' (including the current Feral House edition), do not carry it. The Campaign for Radical Truth in History ( is pleased to make this landmark article available once again, on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the immolation of America's only Catholic president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. May his surviving murderers be yet brought to justice. "My study o
A Simple Receipe
I went back to my apartment this afternoon for lunch, I turned on the tv, fixed lunch and packed my gym bag. As always my tv was some how was on the Food Channel. Guys Big Bites was on. He had this totally awesome receipe along with a strawberry Margarita. I would love to make it, the only problem I kind need some body to try it on. This so sucks. Oh well, who knows maybe one day.
American Idol And Dancing With The Stars Results
I absolutely hate reality tv! I think it was the worst tv idea ever and every day it is on.. well.. let me just move on. What I do like is Reality Talent Competitions. People have been in love with them since the dawn of time I think! I remember Weekend at the Apollo and Star Search, which are two of the best shows ever to hit tv! Now-a-days, it is harder and harder to find great shows that are unique, family friendly and inspirational! Two shows that break the mold are American Idol and Dancing with The Stars. Although thier claim to fame can sometimes be popularity instead of actual talent, when America gets it right, it is inspirational (still waiting for that with American Idol LOL) I am really busy most days working on a million things at once that I don’t always get to watch tv right away, instead, I record them on my DVR. I tend to always be a day or two behind the big tv news, but reguardless I had to write about this weeks shows! First I want to mention musical
Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time I could not wait to see you Once upon a time I hung on your every word Once upon a time I dreamed about you every night Once upon a time I loved you Once upon a time I wanted everyday with you to last forever Once upon a time came and gone...........
Supreme Truth
The world was shocked and frightened in early 1995 when a subway in Tokyo, Japan was inundated by a potent nerve gas. It was an act totally without precedent in history. 12 people were killed and about 5,500 were injured - some permanently - as a result of this act. The Japanese government soon raided 25 branches of a previously obscure sect called Aum Shinrikyo, which translates as Aum Supreme Truth. The sect, which started as a yoga school, focuses on the apocalypse to come - perhaps (as was stated then) as soon as 1997. MasonicInfo Note: Another apocalypse theory down the drain! While members of the sect insisted that they merely practiced a form of Buddhism, it was in reality a cult revolving around a long-haired, charismatic mystic, Shoko Asahara, described as a magnetic misfit who preached that government efforts to obliterate his movement will coincide with the beginning of the end of the world. Not too many years earlier, reported TIME Magazine, Asahara was simply a faile
This Is To Not One Specific Person, Its To Many!
God I feel like a jackass the past year. I finally get some feelings out! I do not want to bother anyone. I wanna hold on to everyone I care about and latley i have been lonley. I know its not in anyones friend description to ever help me. I think I am too dependant on friends for help. I think I need pro help I Got too many things going on in my head that friends cannot help with, they try so hard but I think I need extensive help! Thanks for anything you guys have told me... if you need me you know my #.
The Biker
The Biker When you see us moving past you quickly:Don't take offense or think we're trying to "show off". Ninety five percent of the time, we're trying to get out of your blind spot or taking ourselves out of a potential dangerous situation that has evolved around us. Distancing ourselves from you does not mean we want to race, but that we're giving ourselves the edge we need at the moment. When you hear our horn:Don't take offense or think we're trying to aggravate you. All we're doing is letting you know where we are in relation to you on the road, and we're more than likely aware of your inattentiveness to us while you're talking on a cell phone, eating, reading or involved in some other distracting aspect to your driving. It's important to us, and you, that you know we're there. When you hear our loud pipes:Don't become angry and hostile toward us. Yes, some are quite loud, but for some, there's a purpose behind being loud. It's about letting you know we're close by and we're co
Amarillo Rose And The Stone
Amarillo Rose and the Stone part eight gray sky wind burned blow a chilling cold against pueblo rubbled rock time ran out on the clock wagon's reins slapped mules trot in ryhme one glimpse back at the head stone's sign Wild flowers scattered from weeks of piled up gatherings multitude of sympothy or learned at surprised babblings a fresh laid long stem of bright bright yellow rocked in the wind on new rock rose above mounded dirt's steep drop gentleman's tear wiped eyes wagon rolls over the rise cold wind blows a stone distant wolf lets out a 'howeling moan' one spanish angel carved on granite Letters: AMARILLO ROSE written bold. badland's oasis for many a man memories in all a glora' of the threshold of Lady Laura's The End
Dj Auction
THE 1ST REAL RED DRAGON LOUNGE DJ AUCTION JUST CLICK ON THE DJ'S PIC AND GO SEE THEIR BLOG FOR WHAT YOUR BIDDING ON DJ'S FOR AUCTION ARE AS FOLLOWS: ÁÇÊ'§ÁÑGÊ£SDMF FÚWiFÊ¥♥ÁÇÊ♥R/£G/FTLFLBDJ@TRRDFU~OWNEDBY MEMORY@ fubar ~ DJ Barbie ~ Maha's Barbie ~ @ The Real Red Dragon Lounge ~@ fubar ~ DJ BG Wiff A Ghetto Booty Greeter/Dancer @ The Real Red Dragon Lounge@ fubar DJ CHINKY BUTT DJ MANAGER @ THE REAL RED DRAGONS LOUNGE AKA LUCKY'S BITCH@ fubar ♫♪Chuggy♪♫~the Naked*asst.mgr.@the~REAL~Red~Dragon~Lounge♪♫ & Tr@ fubar A GOOD FRIEND IS LOGGIN IN AS ME TO POST BULLIE SO@ fubar DJ dragonman25@ the real red dragon lounge@ fubar DJ ..... Lost ..... Evilution Of Music @ The Real Red Dragon Lounge@ fubar MARIUS~FU-H TO MAHA~
Amarillo Rose The Married Man
Amarillo Rose the Married Man part 7 Dust from a wagon rutted road women shouting and waving a bible fleeing the prarie mile the ususl zealous wife squabble Shot gun smile on the front porch nothing more than words and a lighted torch! on the threshold of Lady Laura's red sky slivered beyond canyon walls red curtains amber coyote's cackle call sip of tequilla and bare leg swing tapping on a table jitterey finger's release sings a distant horse's 'whenney' another shiney penny? hand pumped up breasts smoothing out the dress! Like a million minute wait for the knocking at the door boot click spurs jingle Lady Laura ready to mingle two bit handed trick candles luster gone arm of a gentlman eyes like a fawn lamp burned bedroom kisses submissive bare breast wishes suit and tie gently laid Lady Laura ready to play spread her love widely passion driving strut of a feathered peacock half rolled down jerking sock no light this night fr
2008 Wiccan Calendar
2008 Wiccan Calendar 2008 Wiccan Calendar January * 8: New moon at 6:37 am * 22: Full moon (Cold Moon) at 8:35 am * 30: Birthday of Z Budapest, founder of Dianic Wicca February * 2: Imbolc * 2: Lammas or Lughnasadh (Southern Hemisphere) * 4: New moon at 10:44 pm * 7: Annular solar eclipse * 12: Death of Gerald Gardner in 1964 * 15 - 18: PantheaCon (San Jose, CA) * 20: Full moon (Quickening Moon) at 10:30 pm * 21: Total lunar eclipse March * 7: New moon at 12:14 pm * 20: Ostara * 20: Mabon (Southern Hemisphere) * 21: Full moon (Storm Moon) at 2:40 pm * 28: Death of author Scott Cunningham in 1993 April * 5: New moon at 11:55 pm * 20: Full moon (Wind Moon) at 6:25 am * 22: Earth Day * 25 - 27: Beltane Festival (Tampa/St. Pete, FL) May * 1: Beltane * 1: Samhain (Southern Hemisphere) * 2 - 4: May Moon Beltaine Festival (Newport News, VA) * 5: New moon at 8:18 am * 19: Full moon (Flower Moon)at 10:11 pm June * 1: England's Wi
Amarillo Rose And The Hombre
Amarillo Rose and the Hombre Part 6 streaked a raw red sky statue figured clouds fly over mountains with no name across rocky sunbaked plane a yellow flower lie sipping whiskey rye front porch swinging Amarillo Rose singing bandelero guitar picked macho spanish rips sumbreo tilted back for sips dancing dress dips licking whiskey lips lap grinding hips arms wrapped into nape tickles soft mounded breasts jiggle ear whispering promises binding dress unleases rising in the cress's muffled noise breezes passions flame raged cold winds change with a cracking of a whip flesh eating nip An hombre from terilingua bull whip with a stinger Fast hands reach for steel no match for the whip wheeled 'snap' and 'crack' this Hombre lashed till bandelero lay like a sack wanted poster match Then tied to a mule silver dollar slewn at the feet of lady Laura "for your troubles, whore'a!" The sun set lower than low across the mile a candle's glow
Bloody Oaths
One of the common deceptions used by anti-Masons, particularly the "Religious Intolerants", is the charge that Masons take "Bloody Oaths". Forgetting how they too might have said "Cross my heart and hope to die.", it's a wonderful catch-phrase for them to use since it's so emotionally charged. To someone who has never experienced Freemasonry, it can be more than just 'chilling'. Here, however, is the reality: Freemasonry is a three hundred year old organization founded on the principles of organizations which existed hundreds of years before that. It comes from a time when it was important to impress upon an initiate the solemn and serious nature of the work he was undertaking. In addition, Freemasonry teaches its lessons through the use of ALLEGORY whereby an example is explained or shown in a way which will impress upon the listener the point in a manner that words simply can't accomplish. And finally, Freemasonry's oaths are SYMBOLIC relative to penalties, a fact th
Fil Collins - Somethin Happend On Teh Wai 2 Heaven
Amarillo Rose: Part Five
Amarillo Rose: part five "The Dwelling" swinging summer sun front porch rocking perch brushing long wet hair recalling romantic days dossy do and around they go gentlemen to gentleman wild weed flowers offerings bold and the one, her heart was stole Tall dark and handsome grin banderlero from the river of sin back when she was pretty and thin rocking to wistful thinking Thunder hearts clashed when she heard his laugh his promises to Senorita Salena warm heart chilled in the chest of lady laura lonely night's spurs was when the candle soon burn income was the cumming horsemen that were running Taunts of her thoughts as she rocked and rocked unfertile dust in the land of the rock dried up rose bush 'smirck' brushing her long and speckled gray hair survivals harsh raunching dare slight corner smile another rider rides across the mile quick witted grin "Oh, your back again," four feet shuffle across the threshold of Lady Laura
The Brbbears
I am gonna start a new craze to compete with the LOLcatz... Its called the BRBbearz....I made 2 so far. More on the way....I made them with microsoft paint so ya the Font needs to be better....these are just tests. Lemme know what u think...
The Italian Who Went To Detroit
The Italian who went to detroit LMFAO! Current mood: jedi The Italian who went to Detroit One a daya I'ma go to Detroit to a biga hotel. Ina morning I'ma go down to eta the breakfast. I tella the waitress I wanna two piss's toast. She bring me only one a piss, I tella I wanna two piss's, she say to go to the toilet. I say you no unnerstan, I wanna two piss ona my plate, She say you better not piss on your plate, you sonnama bitch. I don't even know the lady and she calla me sonnema bitch. Later I'ma go to eta at biga restaurant, The waitress brings me spoon and knife but no fock, I tell her I wanna fock, She tell me everybody wanna fock, I tell her you no unnerstan, I wanna fock ona table, She say you better no fock ona table, you sonnama bitch So I'ma go back in my room I'ma hotel and theres no shit ona my bed, I calla the manager an tell him I wanna shit ona my bed. He tell me go to the toilet. I say you no unnerstan, I say again I wanna shit ona
Ughhhhh.. Sorry... Did I Gets You In The Eye?
ferris wheel at darien lake theme park... brand new, unused yet, porto-potty... back of 89 ranger, her bent over truckbox... hatchback of 87 escort... fun.. back of 78 volare wagon... alley behind bar, her against wall... front seat of 84 F150... walk in cooler at work... her bent over the hood of 84 ranger on interstate... in many bathrooms with family downstairs or next room... my ex-fiance and i did it in the bathroom stall at a bar.. and i felt her up under the table... same bar.. and the list goes on and on and on and on... god... i was a slut.. i miss the days when sex was fun...don't you?
Rant From The Lc Days
I have noticed as the community gets bigger that there are a growing number of the same types that made every other social site a drag and brought me to in the firstplace. So I have created a special section link for some of you new "special" cherries. Please feel free to click the link below and enjoy this very special place if your any of the following: 1. A Hater 2. Someone that constantly whines about every little technical problem they have in a FREE community site 3. A drama queen (I use this term in a gender-neutral sense) 4. A snotnosed teen intending to use what was originally an adult community site to cause drama, rant about what a slut Missy is for kissing Buffy's boyfriend, moan about how horrible life is and how depressed you are, or generate countless dribble bulletins, polls, tests or other chain-mail type crap to be forwarded and re-forwarded in an endless loop that will eventually create a black hole and bring about the destruction of
Amarillo Rose: Part Four
Amarillo Rose: part four "The Dueling Deuce" Brisk wind blow a blizzard snow capped mountains distant shore two riders aproaching chimney smoke inviting warm gray skies gloom boot kicks a broom gun waving '45' bore across the threshold of lady laura screams rang out smothered by chilling wind's howel tight grip scowel restraint taught grin a foul tore fabric cry's slapped red thighs bed post hugs bandito surprise pulled taught curls whipped jerked grasps driving herd thunder to a cool water well bare tied and bound scavengers scrounge lusty feast and warmth of a fire cold shadow whimpers cowar' coin jingle smiles new cheers whipped the night wiggled hands release movements were slight glass tossed scatter laughter that didn't matter pride in what they had found didn't see lady laura come around coins flicker like silver rain four shot deathening ring smoke slithered from a bore stood shaking was lady laura Threshold clicks as he
Amarillo Rose: Part Three
Amarillo Rose: part three "The Cattlemens Lament" Cattle drive's lament repetitious as spring usually in the 'blistering' sun shine candle never seen thunderous sound of heel clicking others watched their watches ticking Rocking front porch serenade sings out, another cowboy Lady Laura brings one by one they taste the nector of sweet passion that rise those she 'shined' and 'fancy'd' got the Lady Laura surprise Slurpy hiss's mix with kisses all for the quickening wet wiped rag of another stag two bit smile's offering corset gloss and stockings tore linemen chuckled wanting more! ramsacked bed clothes scattered floor another tamed pony out the door bare breast dances sweet words romancing little pricks with knives to, please don't tell my wife Lady Laura florished when the cattlemen would cum caressed their dreams till she was numb Boot heels silent across bare feet floor yellow rose in left hand, amora red candle glow tonight, no more Sh
running wild free always in danger from hunters cougars and man caught penned corralled a cowboy standing at the gate holding oats can smell there sweetness hear his gentle words know i can still run but with him only not free and i cannot resist so i keep walking slowly closer noises behind other mustangs being broken harshly broken without the knowledge acceptance the cowboy has or his love months of patience and firm patience owned at last riding the wind with him on my back can see hear the wild ones still can whinny to them the cowboys hand gentle on my withers reassuring comforting loving and we walk on together
Exodus Is Live In Rejects In The Rafters
Click on the Bully to Join Exodus and the rest of the Rejects to listen to kick ass music. Please upgrade your Media player
Amarillo Rose: Part Two
Amarillo Rose: part two "The Abrasive one" Sierra horizon rides over weary brim and shoulders renewed by a yearning past canyon boulders shack of mud and rustic timber the red candle glowed dimmer an abrasive facial full moon glow unsaddled lanky and slender boot dust shaken knocks leg to leg his chaps rocked opening door shimmered curls and locks Lady Laura in a gown and smock two bit dive offering caught wild eyes rise rising sliver of a candle's smoke revealing dark undressed thighs haste in grip of a thirsty man wicked grin and growing surprise bed bounced thrown snickers mixed with moans Driving stampede of Raging Bull hung in picture tilted above head board pounded wall light 'stop' whimpers not heard at all scratchy chin laps biting growl of a dog like swimming in a muddy bog clamy, Lady Laura, water logged a half slapped smile energized for prarie miles hat strung low red candles new glow marisma dust of a trail steed door
Conspiracy theorists rarely, if ever, deal with a charge ("trick") such as this. The 'Religious Intolerant' though will find this convenient to use in an attempt to persuade others that Freemasonry excludes Blacks while their own church may practice the same type of discrimination they accuse Freemasons of doing. However, the charge of racism in Freemasonry seems to come primarily from the mouths and pens of the 'Self-Server' in the United States. Here's why: The United States began as a segregated country. It was segregated at first by religious groups (recall, for example, the founding of Rhode Island) and later - as religious differences blended - by the introduction of slaves whom many treated as 'property'. This is a fact that many accepted. Others acquiesced or ignored it completely (or as much as possible). A precious few spoke out against it - and they were nearly universally condemned for doing so. Masonry, like virtually all other organizations of the 1700's and m
Gone, Baby, Gone!
I just deleted my MySpace account today. I had hundreds of "friends" and contacts and a great blog there, but I've been spending so much time on fubar that it just didn't seem worth keeping it up. So for any of you who might miss me being there, I'm sorry... but all things must pass! lol Have a good one.
So, Ive been working on shirt designs for awhile, and finally got around to making them available for purchase. I can also do personalized shirts for people as well.... Leave a comment if interested.
Amarillo Rose: Part One
Amarillo Rose: part one "A Candle's glow" From brushy moon shadows spurs, clank and chime stepping to the threshold of Lady Laura's two bits for a good time Her candle flickered brighten curtains red meant she had no suitors "come on and warm the bed" Knocks on knotted wood tips a hat and brushed back hair boots a shuffle a lonely mans desire's dare Little 'creek' two long fingered hands open the door inviting smile in leather and cleavage boot click smiles across the floor Washington silver layed on a table cupped fingers blow stranding teathered hair curls fall on bare shoulders red curtains lost it's glow Dusty trail hand shed his leather bed spread back with gentle taps feathered Two oil lamps lit in one tender touch intertwined like a tumbleweed clump sheets prarie ridden passion soothing soul the other coin jingled grin the warm wind blow Haste ushered breasts "come again senior" said sensuous red candle's burning ora On the thresh
The Great Seal
For conspiracy theorists in particular (and also for those who like to see doggies and horsies in puffy cloud formations), it's a wonderful symbol on which to fixate: the Great Seal of the United States being part of some huge secret 'sign' that Freemasonry rules everything - and proven by the United States' one dollar bill. Curiously, it's a theory which is sometimes reinforced by naive Masons repeating an oft-heard (but totally erroneous) claim that Masons did, in fact, design the seal. Reality, however, is quite different. Only one person involved in the initial (not the ultimately approved) design was thought to be a Mason; the man who did the design (Hopkinson) - yet there is no proof whatsoever of his Masonic membership! The designing of a seal of the U.S. was first commissioned by the Continental Congress immediately after the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. A committee consisting of Benjamin Franklin (a Mason), John Adams (not a Mason), an
Wanna Join My Family To See My Nsfw Pics???
SOOOOOO... you wanna see my NSFW pics? Well its gonna cost ya! Thanks to my webmaster Sexi Lexi, Ive decided to do what she does and make u pay for what u want! My naughtyness comes at a price.. For a month on my NSFW pics, it will cost 250,000 FB, or if u buy me a blast, the length of the blast will be the length of the time in my family, buy me a VIP, then the length of the VIP is the length u stay on.. catchin on?? Bling PACKAGE (not giving me a bling) will be a month! Other prices can be worked out! MUCH LUV!!
A Yellow Rose: Waltz Across Texas
A Yellow Rose: Waltz across Texas The dancers glided across the slatted board sea of the dance hall tavern where all watched to see who would be victor of this challenge this night all in the name of trying not to kill or fight. Piano sounds sounded in musical note blasts as the dancers twirled to the last notes cast the gentleman pulled the lady in close slowly they stopped almost nose to nose. The gentleman went to kiss the lady's lips then dropped her from his hold as if he'd slipped then caught her as she was close to the ground kissed her lips lightly as the crowd clapped all around. It was obvious who had won this challenge a disgruntled hombre showed his lips kringed "you understand the gravity of the situation my friend," the Hombre said threatening and wearing a wicked grin. The gentleman went to the hombre like a serpent's strike a derringer held tightly, pointed between Hombre's eyes. "I know that you won't see much more, unless you and your fri
A Yellow Rose: The Waltz
A Yellow Rose: The Waltz In two stepping unison two dancers took flight like one feather floating across the floor light they began a twirling that continued in round of motion and movement to the musical sound. In circles upon circles spinning elegance and grace matching and meeting the songs melody and pace with a twist they reversed their dancing flow never missing a beat as the crowd sounded, "Oh!" Clapping sprang forth from such a bold move as these two danced with perfect paced shoes spinning, twisting and turning in their dance a flickering flame sparked in eyes of romance. These two sailed over a sea of hard wood sprinkled saw dust 'a foot's' aid to be fluid under soles of souls in musical motions flow a waltz with a lady, the lovely Yellow Rose. The piano man slipped in some double time beats the pace soon quickened in new sounds, unique the same song become faster as the dancers rallied a different step stepped across the floors valley. Someth
Scrapper's Mumm On New Option For Trollslaying
Ngb 2
Elders Of Zion
This "parchment document in Hebrew" has never existed! The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a fraudulent document which served as a pretext and rationale for anti-Semitism and for anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic propaganda in the first half of the 20th century. It still does in Islamic and Christian extremist circles which keep reprinting and distributing it. It is, however, a 'codeword' for anti-Semitic behavior and action. Mention of "The Elders" and there is no other plausible explanation, save that of inciting ill-will and racist thoughts, words, and deeds. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion purports to be the transactions of a series of 24 (in other versions, 27) meetings held in Basel, Switzerland, at the time of the first Zionist congress (1897). At that meeting, Jews and Freemasons (the old Judeo-Masonic saw) were said to have made plans to disrupt Christian civilization and create a world government (yes, that old saw too!) under their joint rule. Libera
Here We Go Again
Well, I am going out of my way this time. WAAAAAYY out of the way. Four states away! I'll tell you, though, I have never been as happy as I have the last 3 weeks...except for the birth of my son. This is CRAZY!!! You chat online, start talking on the phone, then....BAMM!!! Like a ton of bricks. It's that special feeling. Kind of like a warming agent for your heart. Now how often does that really happen? You get that emotional connection long before there is a physical one. But what if it goes wrong? What if she doesn't like me? What if there is something she doesn't like? I think I would become a monk. Take a vow of celebacy. I want to be happy again. Like I have been in the past...only a little better. You want that out of any relationship....better than the last or the past. I know I do. If it means that I have to go four states away to be that happy again, then I will just have to put in the extra work to make sure my son is happy too. But he won't be happy, if his Daddy is mise
Lady In Yellow
Yellow Rose: Lady in Yellow Jolting jerk sways in drum beating steps an Hombre and a Lady together they swept across the floor like a train on the track then they turned and came storming back. The piano man finished his long tapping song the Hombre turned quickly and the Lady was slung then reeled back in, dipped to a close nose pose ending the dance of the hombre and a Yellow rose. Panting hot breaths and a long round of applause frozen in time, silenced dancer's heels and balls. He leaned in for a kiss and she burst from his arms then went for a drink, brushing her dress with charm. "It is your turn my friend," the Hombre said with a grin, went to the bar and ordered a round for he and his friends. Every one took a break from the dance floor show giving a moment to pause, glimpsed a yellow rose. The lady wiped her brow with a white handkerchief sipped at her glass and flicked back her wrist. The gentleman walked over to the piano man playing whispered h
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Isn't That How It Is ???
A Yellow Rose: Hombre's Tango
A Yellow Rose: Hombre's tango There was silence in the tavern of this dance hall A challenge was laid as an Hombre stalled. He stroked his mustache and glared at this man holding the lady tight, "Okay, I except this challenge." The Hombre walked over to the piano man's stool the gentleman said to the lady "I'm doing what I can do!" The piano man sprang forth a zippy tapping tune the Hombre swayed over as if dancing with a broom. He waved the gentleman to back off the dance floor grasped the lady in yellow and they began to soar, She followed his lead reluctantly as they tango held whisker close, dancing with a yellow rose Cheek to cheek and arms extended outward across the floor they drifted in a single blur, all eyes watched this Hombre perform well as if the song had cast a musical dancing spell. Feet that beat with drumming stepped tones spinning the lady out then rolling back into his arms, dipped and held then twirled up close stopping for a moment st
Cowboy Take Me Away
When I was a little girl(the one still inside me) Dad showed me the wishing star.He picked me up and we looked out my bedroom window.He told me what to do and how I can have and be anything I want. I thought but not for long.My dad comes from the bush,I had a morally decent upbringing filled with good principles.We watched a lot of movies.Westerns lol. I wished for a cowboy.I think maybe at the time I was hoping it was gonna be Robert Duvall or John Wayne lol(still waiting)Though my life and heart has gone in many directions,always I am brought back home to that wish.
A Yellow Rose: Gringo Challenge
A Yellow Rose: gringo challenge The doors swung open in a gust of wind scrupulous gang of cutthroats walked in like wolves they growled at everything bullets, knives and guns come drinking. Pushing their way into the crowded bar the desperadoes acted as if it was war The dancing continued for stepping toes eyes fell on the beauty of a yellow rose. The song hadn't ended and dancing he demanded hombre with a hunger for twirling and romancing "I want a dance with the Lady," pushing the fellow a hush fell upon the tavern around a yellow rose. The piano man stopped playing his tune he knew that trouble was about to bloom The hombre pushed the suited man back took the lady by the waste and tossed his hat. The gentleman tapped on the hombres shoulder "I wasn't through dancing," he said slightly bolder. "I will dance with the lady, you go sit down." the hombre said as his friends gathered around. "I don't think the lady wishes to dance with you," the gentlema
Jenna's Gettin Her License Today Maybe
So yes I'm taking my drivers test today. I have been driving for 5 1/2 months and I feel like I can handle it now.... but I'm so nervous and excited at the same time..... UHG!!! want to get it over with already I hope I do good enough to pass I feel like I can....
A Yellow Rose: Dance Card's Full
A Yellow Rose: Dance card's full Slow moving notes from the piano were sprout looking her in the eyes with his hand held out together they messed like clouds in the sky then stepping softly in a synchronized glide. A long yellow dress swirled and twirled as the pace soon quickened to tilt a whirl watchers sat watching as these two danced the piano man sang a tune of romance. Eye to eye across the floor they sailed his hand went lower across her back it trailed she pulled it back up as they circled around spinning to the music like a merry-go-round. Two in tune with one another's moves hands like feathers in finger grooves escalating heart rate as the song slowed dancing with elegance, A Yellow Rose. They stood in the center of the dance hall floor he held a Lady in yellow and was waiting for more as local ladies come for the tavern's dance for nickels in their jars and perhaps, romance A new song broke out like a turtle dove's coo slowly the notes to
A Yellow Rose: Boots Over Sawdust
A Yellow Rose: Boots over sawdust Lanterns burn brightly as did Men's desires to hold a woman dancing under illuminating fires stepping in time with the piano man's song some men dance awkward, glumbsily and wrong. A Mason jar 'clink' another nickel's tossed in She always greeted them with an inviting grin slight pull of her dress as her hands raised out smiling like sunshine she would curtsy and bow. Some men danced closer than two sheets of paper others stood as if frightened of what they savor Hand to hand and heart to heart, dancers twirled lonely hearts waiting for their chance with the girl It wasn't a cowboy but a man in a suit and a derby That put a dollar in the jar and that was disturbing In good faith he bought the house a round of drinks then to the lady he bowed and slowly began walking. Sprinkling new saw dust across the wooden floor the bartender was busy with a dozen more to pour He removed his jacket and also his funny looking hat He moti
A Yellow Rose
A Yellow Rose: a song's worth of dancing Dust devil twirls around a cactus then fades the big blue sky dims as if to draw the shades Mesa and mountains reflect an evening's glow silver stars were blooming over a Yellow rose. Rocking chair songs blend with orchestrated winds sitting in wait with a soft southern grin Eyes that trail a dusty road to the horizon looking for those that thirst for a bit of dancing Cowboys race on the setting Sun's rays to the lady with a sensual two step way on the front porch of the only tavern for miles a Texas Lady sat waiting with temptress smiles. Thunder rumbled across a cloudless sky like lightening the riders raced, riding high clouds that trailed the fast footed hooves rocking chair empty as a Lady in yellow stood. The piano man sat behind a tip jar grinning crackled his fingers with a hand woven spin Barkeep wiped the glasses to sparkle and glow swinging doors swung behind a Yellow Rose. Cowboys burst through the
The Illuminati's Conspiracy Plan
Whenever conspiracy theory is spouted, the mysterious "Illuminati" (along with the Bilderburgers, The Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, and others) are most often named as being responsible. Ironically, however, while people can name those ostensibly belonging to the other conspiracy groups, the "Illuminati" is always left hanging as some secret, shadowy entity which no one can quite describe. Interestingly too, no one can quite identify what specific acts can be attributed to them - and no one in 225 years seems to have left the organization to reveal its secrets. Pretty strange..... (If you're not hearing the theme music for the X-Files right now, it's a CONSPIRACY!!!) It is well established that by the end of the eighteenth century, the Illuminati had been effectively disbanded. Because of Freemasonry's inadvertent involvement and misuse by its founder, Adam Weishaupt, the legends of its continued existence (and influence) persist into the twentieth centu
Mad Mans Mind. What Do You Think? Should I Keep Writing?
I have created a family called the Lollipop gurlz! Im looking for honest,drama free,fun,sweet girls to join my Club. It's not about bombing its about making more friends & having a sweet title to your name. If your all of the above but most importantly drama free then please come join us!!! 1.PLZ F/A/R all Lollipop gurls! Tell me when your done. 2. Please fumail me a picture you would like to use for Lollipop tag. 3.Must make a Lollipop Gurlz tag within a 21 day mimit of joining....if you cant in that time frame please u must let me know we will work it out :) 4. Lollipop fun already gurlz!!! THANX!currently we have 40 members and going strong Tequila Gurl Creator & Owner of the Lollipop Gurlz Club owner to tinytears@ fubar ~OUR BODYGUARD~ LOLLIPOP GURLZ BODYGUARD@ fubar ~~OUR RECRUITOR~~ REV SLIM~DJ@ForbiddeN ~Lounge OUTKAST~~R/L FUBBY 2 HYPNO~FreakSHOW mbr ***(OTB)@ fubar ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~Fu Wife 2 "Goofball" Fu Owner of "Firemanm88" @ fubar Troubles
Help Dee Win
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Life And Death
Life and Death walked side by side one day Together they spoke, for each had much to say Each of the other's being, toiling in their labor And to think, Life has Death for a neighbor. Life! Says Death, we've been long together All thru the years, in every kind of weather There is a plan, far greater then the plan you know There is a time, we know not when, we all must go, They moved along in marvel and in wonder. Death! says Life, we've been long together All thru the years, in every kind of weather There is a plan, far greater then the plan you know There is a time, we do know when, from long long ago They moved along in marvel and in wonder. They talked and talked both loud and long Filling all the world with their song As their own words struck up a chord I listen to catch every whisper and always thankful to the Lord They are given a great mission, as as the hours make a day So strange it seems, yet they walk unafraid, along
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Its A New Day
Hey all, i am new to this shit here so here it goes, i love cars hockey and my son that is all that matters to me and family and friends but that is a given, i am single you know just workin the field lol, but anyways all that want to hit me up feel free it's all good always up to meeting new people
Damm Damm Damm....
Well all I wanted 2 do was play some of my music for you all. I was hoping that I could link up 2 my medida player or adobie audition or Rhapsoy..... But I guess all I'm gonna do is kill my site with many tracks n stashes. Why, well cuz it seems to me the only way to be a dj here is 2 have a additional server.... or have someone nice enough 2 share some of theres...yeah right. so I just don't understand And am truly sorry I cant share anything other than tracks n stashes.... wish there was some more options thats all. -Peace
What Do You Think Of My Poetry
To Be True You don’t touch me like you use to, what am I to do, it’ such a Hard thing to do In this Position it’s a man’s Intuition especially when there are so many girls I remain faithful but, I don’t want to test your trust But, I’m floating on a life saver in a wide sea of lust Is it me or us, feeling we are both obligated to each other and must Stay together but, all we do is fight and fuse Break up to make up; make up sex is a plus On the occasion but, you got me waiting While these other girls’ spinning my head like Dayton’s Wanting me to ride, girl I’m serious, you got me heart aching Quit playing with my heart before I start breaking My pledge to you With so many beautiful girls it’s getting hard to be true Written by LAZARAZ
Saturday 4/19 Is Record Store Day
Support your local Indie record stores You can always find stuff in an indie store you'd never find at walmart or best buy... ever.
My Heart Open
My heart did open and the love came in with each little word that you would pen. Though the words of poets are for all to see your words always seem to speak to me. I know they are not, but one likes to pretend that they can inspire someone whose writings don't end. To give someone a reason to share to know your special and somebody cared. That is what a poets words do they make you think they were written for you. Some words are written and sung while other ones have sometimes stung. Your words are not intended for me but sometimes I'll read them and I'll let them be, the ones that take me far away the ones that make me melt and sway. I wish I could me a group of lines that make up a timeless story in rhymes. To grace a paper and be touched by ink, to form from his hands in less then a blink. Oh how magical that feeling would be if for only a moment his words were for me, but as long as there's passion that he writes them with perhaps for that moment,
For Lollipop Gurlz Club
EXCLUSIVELY FOR LOLLIPOP GURLZ CLUB THESE LADIES MAKE LOLLIPOP GURLZ TAGS CHECK THEIR LOLLI TAGS ALBUM(S) AND RIP SOME TO YOUR OWN Tequila Lollipop Creator & Owner of the Lollipop Gurlz Club@ fubar Lil'One*Fu's Swtest'N'SassiestLdy*DSC*LollipopGurlzClb*InDependentFamily*BdGrlz/Boi&@ fubar ❦ ĦƐЯ ✌ϢѺⱤȽÐ ❦®@ fubar TroublesumYummyMzCJ*Rockstar*♥LollipopGurlzClub♥@ fubar Song: Lollipop - AquaSong provided by
Hanging Baskets
A teenage granddaughter comes downstairs for her date with this see-through blouse on and no bra. Her grandmother just pitched a fit, telling her not to dare go out like that! The teenager tells her 'Loosen up Grams. These are modern times. You gotta let your rose buds show!' and out she goes. The next day the teenager comes down stairs, and the grandmother is sitting there with no top on. The teenager wants to die. She explains to her grandmother that she has friends coming over and that it is just not appropriate.... The grandmother says, 'Loosen up, Sweetie. If you can show off your rose buds, then I can display my hanging baskets.
Bomb Future Godmothers!
HEAR YE! HEAR YE! We have members who are trying to level up to Godmother, so please bomb their picture for the next few days to help them out. When it comes time for you to level up you would want them to help you so LETS GO CIRCLE!! You are all doing a great job and I am proud of all the cooperation amongst the group! Luv ya all!! Hoakie
Naughty Girls And Guys
Good Friends
This is just a little shout to all my friends.Thanks for your help the last cpl rock ,and i love you all.Have a great day and stop by and see me soon..huggs to all of you ,and much love....
Does Everything Happen For A Reason?
My younger sister had a heart attack B. I mean she's the sister that I raised myself so of course I'm hurt, I mean she's 24 and had a mild heart attack. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that it was mild, but Angie is 24 should she have had one at all? In all honesty I've had a couple conversations where I said everything doesn't happen for a reason, and this doesn't change my mind. I hear people say "everything" happens for a reason, but that can't be true, I mean you gotta accept that some random shit just happens sometimes. I mean a few months ago I read an article about a guy who got shot at a White Castle because he tried to help a young lady out who was having an arguement with her guy. He's just had twin boys, you can't convince that he was killed and taken away from his shorties for a reason, What would be the reason my YOUNGER sister had a heart attack? I mean was my son "supposed" to see me cry? Was i "supposed" to sit around thinking about my neice and nephe
Every time I see your face the beautful images can't replace, Every time I feel your skin the thought passes once again. I think of your gorgeous eyes how they keep me hypnotized, I think of your soft, gentle touch how I miss you so very much. I wish that you were right here possibly I could be over there, I wish to see you one more time possibly our hearts together will chime. I can't wait for you to hold me tight I know in your arms it all feels right, I can't wait to feel your passionate kiss I know its a treasure right now I miss.
Come And Get Your Love
First Native American Band Hot song! CLICK HERE
Never Again
Never again will you be alone. You have gone through this life as a victim, and that has now changed. I have fallen truly in love with you and my love for you will never die. Your heart is a fragile thing and with all my being I will protect it. I will fight death itself to save you. I will be your teacher and show you what it means to live again. You are never going to feel alone ever again. I am the one person that undertands your deepest feelings. I embrace them even when they scare me. I will walk with you hand in hand, heart to heart to fight through the demons within you. I am here to stop the bleeding in your heart, to end the once never ending pain. You have healed me and I will heal you my love. To release the pain you feel inside, you need a man that will take that pain for you and let you release it into me. As the man that has fall so deeply in love with you, I have that ability and desire to do that for you. Release it into me and I will let it go for you. I will not hold
My Sad Song For Today
It's been the longest winter without you I didn't know where to turn to See somehow I can't forget you After all that we've been through Going Coming Thought I heard a knock(Whose there, Noone?) Thinking that (I deserve it) Now I have realised That I really didn't knooOooOw If you didn't notice You mean everything (quickly I'm learning) To love again (all I know is) I'm be oooOook (Chorus) Thought I couldn't live without you It's going to hurt when it heals too Oh yeaah (It'll All get better in time) Even though I really love you I'm gonna smile because I deserve too Oooh(It'll all get better in time) (Verse) I could of turned on the TV Without something that would remind me Was it all that easy? To just put us out your feeling [ Better In Time lyrics found on ] If i'm dreamin Don't want to let it (hurt my feelings) But that's the past (i believe it) And I know that, time will heal it If you didn't notice
A Holy Sin
The night, so deep, so passionate So perfect for lover's such as you and I, Sweet words to fill our hearts so pure So here, on a bed of passion, we lye Your hands so gentle caressing me only makes my desire grow strange Your kisses so sweet, across my skin it makes me wish every second was longer Whatever it is wrong or right Our love brings us together as one, Sharing the same space and matter Believing our time together will never be done It's only you and me under Heaven tonight as our love strips our secrets down to our skin, This magical feeling we share together Is so Holy, but yet such a Sin.
Come On Ppl
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Dreaming Reality
You were standing in front of me... I closed my eyes, tight, and when I opened them again you were still there. It isnt a dream. I seem not to be able to believe it. You caught me staring again and asked what I was doing. I told you that every day I still cant believe that my dream is real and with me, Thank You. A smile brightened up your whole face. I could stare at you smiling all day long, and I guess i was because you shook your head laughed some more and then leaned in and kissed me. A shock ran through my body, as it usually does, when you kiss me. I didnt want it to stop. I turned into your body and kissed you deeper. This kiss was filled with emotion - call it passion - and you felt that as well Your lips pressed back against mine, soft but firm, our tongues brushing against each other just like our bodies. My body was responding and before I knew what was happening our hands were groping over each others bodies. I was fumbling,clumsily, to unbutton your blouse wh
My Poetic Fairytale Chapter 4
The fair maiden is a true damsel in distress But in this knight she seems to have found rest Some how he has gotten past her defences He appears to be genuine with out false pretenses Still she has her reservations She isnt sure they have the same destination Her head and heart are a jumbled mess She truly is a damsel in distress
So Now I Know
Its we know for sure. You an I are done for good. Like I have said before I am sad about it....5 yrs is a long time..but thanks for everything....U helped me when no else could an for that I will always love you. But honestly I am ready to live an love for me...I am ready to let go. I am ready to do things alone. I think I deserve to be happy...God knows I tried honestly I did. But I donno I have this feeling like I am going to be really happy thats something I haven't had in a REALLY long time...I miss waking up an feeling happy.....I had a dream the other day about u an I the dream was basically u an I were just great friends...So life here I come I hope u have something good for me.
The Wife's Bill Of Rights
The Wife's Bill of Rights By Jill Adler Preamble: We, the wives of America, love being married to the husbands of America. We know we have our faults, but with our ever-morphing roles these days, there's a lot of pressure on us to be superhuman. We care for our families, manage the home, keep ourselves attractive, and even bring home our shares of the bacon. We know we sometimes lash out, but we really do want to "live happily ever after" with you. Our mutual acknowledgement of these amendments can go a long way toward achieving that. Amendment I We have the right to dislike your buddies. We know it's important for you to have your guy friends, but you should know by now that we're not turned on by your stories of the good old days at college, your sexual exploits, or which relief pitcher the Red Sox should trade. Disappear for a while and be boys—it's OK, go chug beer and high-five—but please don't expect us to be happy when your friends come over and put their feet on our cof
Dana And Daisy
Dana wouldn't do it but her sister would make my pecker hard as wood. Her round rump that swings with pride curls up close sittin by my side. Fingers talkin' and tongue a walkin' Dana sittin' over there a squawkin' Went to the Drive-in picture show Daisy's eyes would start to glow. Rub my muscle and made it grow parked along the back row. Turn the radio way down low open the door and told Dana to "go!" I raced Daisy to the back seat she let me win because she's sweet Then she jumped into my lap started unfastening my pant's flap My hands grasp her rippened fruit she yanked off my brand new suit. Just like a cap off a soda 'Pop' one quick jerk and off with her top. Then she gave her Bra a fling dove into my manly thing. Ravished my pride with warm wet lips then she came up for one quick kiss. As she went to engulf me again I heard the window 'tapping' It was Dana who had forgot her purse her timing couldn't have been worse. I tossed it to her through
Liivng Clay
I will be a stone one day but for now I will be the living clay Like a drop I may dry up in the sun but for now I will with the river run I may be a star one day but for now I will light my own way. A leaf in the wind blowing away as I hold to a tree till my leaving day. Just another flower under the sun beauty is in living until I'm done. Like the wild grass reaching high, spread my seed then I lie. I may not see tomorrow's sun but until then I'll watch it come
May 17th My Party
i cant waight to have my birthday party it be fun hehe i invited all my friends hehe and i be 20 in may yaaaaaaaa i am a lucky i did my hair blue i am happy having fun shit if you want to get me a gift get me money so i can get a new tat or piercing hehe i got to make food see u all later peace
Tangle In The Vines
Tangled in vines of my own forest for I have not gardened my mind lately. I unsheathe my knife that cut not butter and tossed it away. For it is here in my jungle that I plan to stay. I reached for a berry as hunger grabbed me. But the thorns dug deeper with each reach. Till I settled, for a tooth widdlin' twig. The grass was a carpet of lazy let me stay, but I dare not nibble it for I know not what pee'd when it passed this way. I held Ivy and wish I hadn't for the he-be-gee-bees got me scratched my ass out of that vine headed to the house for some calamine. Unsure why, we pit ourselves against ourselves and settle for what we have, Finding our paths and wishing I had tried harder to get the berry.
Im Down To My Last Cigarette
Where My Family Members Are
I’m praying about whether or not I should take a walk with Martha again. We hadn’t gone walking at six in the morning for a couple of days (“The Biggest Loser” mantra seems to be we are supposed to do that every other day) and I ask to go with my wife because I think it’s some good time to spend together. And it is … except when she’s critical of my pace. That wouldn’t be such a big deal if dragging details out of her about her work and what the family plans that seems to slip her mind. And THAT wouldn’t be such a big deal if she thought it was worth it to keep the lines of communication open. I’m trying to avoid starting an argument, but it seems she looks for an opening and I bound for it! I’m ashamed of myself; is it supposed to be this way approaching five years of marriage? I’d like to think being married to Martha is not God’s punishment to check me! I’m curbing my own tendency to be a control freak, but I don’t believe she has to make up for it! Like the last few
I Am The One Lucky
Her tongue rolls over a red oval ... savoring it's flavor. Licking her lips resembling a kiss ... in a sensual manner. Long lapping licks holding the stick ... little smacking pucker. Engulfing gust of an open mouth ... what a lucky sucker.
Internal Revolution
So yeah my ex bofriend hurt me a lot. I had cried my eyes out monday night and didnt get much sleep. But then again I had started realizing something out of all this. I found out that the dude wasn't as innocent as I thought he was. It turns out hes abusive, and not only that but she has had issues as well because she hates her self just like me. Shes been molested and raped as a kid and then she was raped as she got older by others. It made me realize the reason why she started cheating. Its normal for victims to act out sexually and not only that but he wasn't at all helpful to her. Even though I am angry and upset about what he did, It just seems like talking to her made me understand the situation better. I even gave them tips and advice on how to improve their marriage. I first suggested counseling for the both of him because he needs to work on anger management. I think his anger and abuse stands from the loss of power he feels while growing up in a divorced family. There could b
Her Deepest Feelings
She wants to die but she doesn't know quite why? she knows its because of all the pain she feels inside. She close to death with every step, and she thinks that theirs no one there to understand her (deepest feelings) and no one there to stop the hurting she feels inside. First she blames herself, Second she cry's, Third she tells god how she feels inside. What is she to do when she's in love with one person and think's she's falling in love head over heels with this person. Where does she stand in the world, All that she ever wanted is for someone to love but never came until awhile ago. So how does she release her pain she feels inside, Should she erase her name from eternity. Now she's gain forever, forgotten, forever, not gonna be missed at all, That's why she was thinking of something like this, because of all the pain that's she's feeling, And of all of the love she had last over the years of her life. And no old friends from before, No old lover's
Strawberry Wine
Strawberry Wine (Limerick) We stopped the truck five times, to release our passion's fire the night of our sultry love stirred by strawberry wine. Finally we got there everyone was drinking beer except us whom was laughing ourselves to tears. We went to the bathroom and you wanted to try the broom I looked at the washer you turned into a gusher in wet swirls around the room. We made it with motions sublime I had never felt before this time spin cycle extravaganza multiple orgasms making love... the night of... strawberry wine!
Look deep in my eyes and get hypnotized in a trance like love to get between your thighs. I'll hit it like a dog we'll go all night long to the early morn. Hold up wait a sec. We got to switch our position cuz this mission aint doin nothin for piston. Listen too the noise we make neighbor's be thinkin it's an earthquake.
Yes Baby Smother Me !!!!
My Job
This blog is twofold. I get people asking what I do all the time, so at first, I'll give you a little background. I locate utilities for a living. What is that you ask? Well let me tell you. I go and mark the underground lines when people dig holes, from basements, two new water mains, to burying Ol Yellar. I locate gas lines, electric lines, and cable lines. I can do phone too, and we should be in a few weeks, because we just got bought, and they took over the contract. We are considered the lowest run on the food chain, until a contractor forgot something, and is on the phone with us. Then we are his "buddies", "friend", and even the occasional "pal". But fear not, we don't believe or trust them. These same people will hit a line, and immediately wipe out your marks. Then claim we didn't mark it, or marks were in a different place. Some go as far as having their own paint, to repaint things. Luckily, we carry digital camera's, and take pictures, and most know it. But
Wacky Altercation Of The Week
Last night, I was at a function. I stepped out from the building in to the alley 'cause I was deep in thought about something, and needed a minute alone. There was a woman in the alley, in business atire so probably also there for the function. You know how you stare at someone without even realizing that you're staring at them? That's what I was doing with this woman, mostly out of surprise at seeing another person in the alley. But I was so deep in thought that she wasn't really registering with me. I guess the stare came across kind of ominous, 'cause she said, "You're not going to rape me, are you?" This brought me out of my train of thought, and since I hadn't really "seen" her before I now quickly looked her up and down. I answered, "You? No." You'd think she'd be relieved, but this chick actually started getting pissy about the whole thing. Mimicing my up-and-down glance of her, she demanded, "What the fuck is this?!" I shrugged in response, and explained that I w
Underneath The Cyanide Sun
Right now, words are escaping me, so I have turned to music to describe my feelings! I thought this described what I have been feeling lately the best: Should've known how hard it is to stop Tearing each other apart Separating souls entwined With all these labyrinthine lies I am dead to you A shadow doomed My love Forever in the dark And of all untruths The truest is you Too close to my heart This emptiness I've made my home Embracing memories of dreams long gone One last caress from the corpse of love Is all I want Underneath the cyanide sun We've sailed the seas of grief On a raft built with our tears Looking for a way to disappear For a moment from our deepest fears I'll be drowning you In this river of gloom Forever in my heart This emptiness I've made my home Embracing memories of dreams long gone One last caress from the corpse of love Is all I want Underneath the cyanide sun
A Soldier's Writing
Forever Trying Keeping my loved one's in mind Gonna make it home
Our Love Is
nice day too Our Love is like a River~ Our love is like a river that runs forever deep unseeing around the bend knowing together we'll keep some days are so very blue basking in the beautiful hue while other days are grey reflecting the clouds that grew some days are lightly lazy like a slow moving stream other days seem choppy we both just want to scream our love is like a river long and running strong our love is like a river nature's living song
Weight Issues
Okay, so I'm having some issues. I just can't seem to get motivated to lose the rest of my weight. I have to find a way to do it. I'm down because I seem to stay at the same weight but I'm happy I've lost this much. It seems like a never ending struggle. i have to figure out a way to get motivated. How do I do it?? I want to lose it to look good and to feel better. I'm not doing it for anyy guy or anything like that. Please..............anyone, any ideas??? I just moved to the area that I'm at and I havent' really meet anyone that I could have to be a motivational partner or to workout with. I have 3 kids so money is a little tight....... Any ideas would be wonderful.......... Please.........
I just came to the realization that I am not living my life. I'm just existing. And that breaks my heart. It's also causing a lot of stress on other people. I dont care who reads this....i wanted to say it.... I'm beyond stuck in a rut
Hey She Needs Some Help...
she needs to get 50,000 comments for a HH. who is down to help her out?? i know that we can get it done.. the more ppl to help out the faster it can work.. so whatta say?? even if you can only do like 10-20 comments that will soo help out
See you rise from the grave and it makes me insane. Gotta kill all the people that's around me everyday. I'll make them pay for their sin's as I laugh maniacly. Watch the world burn in flames as I see the ghosts around me I feel the rage inside me. Let the powers that bind me burn the world alive. Welcome to my heaven you might call it hell. But a thrive and thrash in my dark oblivion. My heart bleeds black for those not welcome
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I Wont Ever Be Too Far Away To Feel You..
*Whenever you call* Love wandered inside Stronger than you Stronger than I And now that it has begun We cannot turn back We can only turn into one Chorus I won't ever be too far away to feel you And I won't hesitate at all Whenever you call And I'll always remember The part of you so tender I'll be the one to catch your fall Whenever you call Verse And I'm truly inspired Finding my soul There in your eyes And you Have opened my heart And lifted me inside By showing me yourself Undisguised Chorus I won't ever be too far away to feel you And I won't hesitate at all Whenever you call And I'll always remember The part of you so tender I'll be the one to catch your fall Whenever you call Bridge And I will breathe for you each day Comfort you through all the pain Gently kiss your fears away You can turn to me and cry Always understand that I Give you all I have inside Chorus I won't ever be too far away to feel you And I won't
Neck Is Hurting :(
Sorry, my neck has been hurting me a lot. It hurts to type and do repetitive things. Oh and my son decided to act like a shit again this week. One week good, then the next week bad. Is he Bipolar? I am wondering? My daughter is moving out at the beginning of the month. She got the cute little apartment she wanted. I am happy for her. Lots of people have been giving her stuff like a couch and a microwave so she will be all set. I am going to miss her being around every day! :( Have a great day and I miss chatting with you all. Kisses and love! Ciao
Sharing The Night Together
Beautiful...a reminder of times when love was more respected,gentle,real.
Hits Close To Home
Naughty Test
honest answers only. 1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Favorite position: 4.Do you think I'm cute? 5.Would you have sex with me?. 6.Lights on or off? 7.Would you have to be drunk? 8.Would you take a shower with me? 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12.Condom or skin? 13.Have sex on the first date? 14.Would you kiss me during sex? 15.Do you think I would be good in bed? 16.Would you use me as a booty call? 17.Can I use you as a booty call? 18.Can we take pictures of the act? 19.How long would we have sex? 20.Would you tell your friends about me?
Taint Kicking Time!!
->26m_cam: :| wow..are you on something or are you just a moron?? READ MY PROFILE 26m_cam: u yahoo id? ->26m_cam: well if you had taken 60 seconds out of your busy camming schedule to actually read my profile, you would know 26m_cam: why sweetie ->26m_cam: no 26m_cam: cam to cam chat? ->26m_cam: ? 26m_cam: ? ->26m_cam: huh? 26m_cam: good webcam become sweetie ->26m_cam: fine & you? 26m_cam: hello sexi how are u He finally shut up :).
Naughty Application!
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS. DON'T BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND OR HUSBAND OR WIFE - REPOST THIS! LET THE FUN BEGIN........ 1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Favorite position: 4.Do you think I'm cute? 5.Would you have sex with me?. 6.Lights on or off? 7.Would you have to be drunk? 8.Would you take a shower with me? 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12.Condom or skin? 13.Have sex on the first date? 14.Would you kiss me during sex? 15.Do you think I would be good in bed? 16.Would you use me as a booty call? 17.Can I use you as a booty call? 18.Can we take pictures of the act? 19.How long would we have sex? 20.Would you tell your friends about me? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THIS BACK TO YOU! TITLE IT "Naughty Application
Pool Party
pool party What started nice a nice day off got trashed. It was about noon on a Sat. when the phone rang and it was Miss B. hey Freddy I need you to work this afternoon and evening. I'm having some friends over . Well I can't turn down Miss B and I know her parties are hot as hell.Well I found My Pool party suit, and tie. the suit is just a normal long suit but black and a type of tie you would see a chip and dale guy wear. I head over to Miss B place and start cleaning the pool and setting up lounge chairs. I check the sun oil stock, and stocked the pool bar. I went in to get dressed and asked who all was coming. Oh the normal ladies. Cool I smiled, I know most of them. there's Dyno who's very hot and Beth, She has a great body also. the crazy one in the group is april, Man can she heat up a party. Once dressed in my party suit I head out to meet the guess. Dyno was first to show up and as I walked her to the house she slap my ass and said "you ready for this party
hey if you online and ever bored and enjoy playing games. Then there is just one place for those needs and that is the one website called. here is the link for that site...
Seems like 26m wants to take and not give anything. Well, I'm not that easy. He didn't play along though, not nearly enough. ->26m_cam: Awww... why aren't you talking to me anymore? You would stick things up your ass for me, right? ->26m_cam: I'm here... but you need to let me know what you would do for me before I add you to my messengers. 26m_cam: wait u there ->26m_cam: You need to answer my questions first. I don't just add anyone. I want to make sure that it's worth it. 26m_cam: ->26m_cam: I need to make sure tha tyou're not a complete tool before I add you to my MSN... what would you do for me? Would you stick things up your ass for me? 26m_cam: hormail? ->26m_cam: I don't have Yahoo... 26m_cam: yahoo mesenger me 26m_cam: ->26m_cam: Huh? Web become? Ohhh.. you mean cam. I sure do, but what benefit does that have to me? 26m_cam: u web become? ->26m_cam: Ohh.. you're saying you want to have se
Science Or God
Science vs. God "Let me explain the problem science has with Jesus Christ." The atheist professor of philosophy pauses before his class and then asks one of his new students to stand. "You're a Christian, aren't you, son?" "Yes sir," the student says. "So you believe in God?" "Absolutely. "Is God good?" "Sure! God's good. "Is God all-powerful? Can God do anything?" "Yes. "Are you good or evil?" "The Bible says I'm evil. "The professor grins knowingly. "Aha! The Bible!" He considers for a moment. "Here's one for you. Let's say there's a sick person over here and you can cure him. You can do it. Would you help him? Would you try?" "Yes sir, I would. "So you're good...!" "I wouldn't say that. "But why not say that? You'd help a sick and m aimed person if you could. Most of us would if we could. But God doesn't. "The student does not answer, so the professor continues. "He doesn't, does he?
'the Midnight Maiden'
A French Rose 'The Midnight Maiden' Like a distant star, a lantern burned on the balcony of the fair Lady Jina, a cloudless sky and wedding ring moon quoting poetry she could remember. "Hello Madam, it is I, the poet you asked for, what be your pleasure milady, from Dante La'bo?" The call came from the grounds below hearing a smile from a French Rose. Lady Jina walked out on the balcony like a ship on a slight rolling sea. Tossing silver coins like shooting stars, "Recite some poetry, Poet ... please!" "Yes Milady, shall I come inside?" "No, you can be poetic from there, I wish to be read to while I soak in a bath," Lady Jina let out a giggle and then a laugh. "Very well," Mis'ier La'bo replied disappointed. He began quoting poetry from Tristan: 'the Plaintes d'Acante et autres ouvres' Lady Jina returned to her tub of luxury. The Poets words sailed over the balcony Lady Jina slipped in to her watery dream. There in the pool of passions desire was
I Need Your Vote Please
Please vote for each of the two battles I am in.Vote Blue!
'the Dueling Delima’
A French Rose 'The Dueling Delima’ In a misty clearing some were already mourning pawns held knights for those who fight. “This is your last chance, disperse or duel?” Feathers, frills, and strut cock’in heels. “I shall defend milady's honor you Sir, are a song bird,” Jean-Claude prepared his stance Flatterbushs steady verbal prance. The draw of swords stealing both men some sighed loudly the seconds grinned. “On Guard,” ‘clash clash clank clank, Flatterbush jumped the starting guns bang. The Swords would hug then slice each other quite a crowd gathered for the game of forever Lord Flatterbush whaled with a ballet flare, Jean Claude once fenced with the prince of Wales ‘Clash Clank clash clank’ 'Shew thud shew thud' Two arrows in the crust from the dueling peacocks lust. “You two are not fighting for me, I want you two no more than the tree hence you Pee!” Two swords wilted as feathers frazzled, Lady Jina a top a horse in sparkling corset d
I Be The Truth
I speak the truth Truth , nothin but the truth Y'all know what I bring to the game I speak the truth The truth , nothing but the truth I hope you got an extra mic and a fire proof booth Cuz you know I'm known to metal wire too You need a fire engineer when I lay this blaze I melt down cracks that's real to save Hit the studio , jars of dro , bars to blow B. Sigel with that arsenic flow Fuck that , don't hold me back I roll with crack , y'all cats told Mac to rap Y'all don't realize y'all released the beast untame Speech all flame , streets y'all blame It should be an honor for y'all to speak my name I could go before your honor sit and peep my game Gotta laugh , y'all acted like it spit it the same Why you motherfuckers can't get in the game I come from high school , and go straight to the league Who you know who can spit at the Sig Nigga the truth , every time I step in the booth I speak the truth , y'all know what I'm bringing to you I bring the truth ,
A French Rose
A French Rose 'The Art of Archery' "The curved arch is embedded in a mind forever the sensual swirls of grain and strand memorized tied knots are an Art in woven perfection. I should teach milady a lesson" A rally of laughter rang through the crowd as Lord Flatterbush did a peacock strut Tossing Jina a handful of fear in spats "Shall I remind you dear Lady of our wager?" "No, My Lord, I recall the agreement well." "Well?" Lady Jina rose her bow glaring the distance watching the tree line for leaves that gust field grass waves and hair in ghost dance blown drew her line taught to her chin and nose ... she let the line and arrow go! The crowd hush in unison then cheered "A bullseye?" Lord Flatterbush sighed a smile "Never no matter, I win I get you for the night you win, you get me for the night, isn't that right?" Drew his bow and slug an arrow, into a furrow chuckles from the crowd, Flatterbush still smiled "What time shall I arrive to your bedro
True Love
In passions embrace, Cat clinched tightly, her fingers grasp around the forearm of her lover. In a pendulum of swaying flesh their bodies mess. Breasts in swing and bounce hovered while grinding hips thrust. Dim lit corner stone ornaments bare witness to the flowering of this feast, on desire's plate. Racing stripe colors of mod gray and black ripped around the room on deep blue walls and metallic silver trim outlining the change cubical and the placement plane. "Yes Yes Yes!" Cat sounded as her feverish thrusts brought her to her destination. The delivery of her orgasm with the desired amount of warm cream. Like a push of a button on response Toppy released his warm soothing fluids deep inside Cat, in unison with hers. "Mmmmmmm," she purred. Rolling back and sprawling out spent, Cat mustered up the words in a breathless tone, "Would you be a dear and get me something to drink. I am as parched as a desert neuron." "Of course," Terry replied, energeticall
Threshold 2
Fear Of The Unknown
As I've mentioned to someone before, it's the fear of the unknown that gets to a person. Let them know what can or probably will happen straight out, and it truly does help. It might not hurt less if/when it happens, but atleast it's not being blind-sighted. It's not being given a false sense of security. You know for sure what could and most likely will happen. It can help put you at ease at least a little. Confront your fears, and it's not always as bad as your mind makes it out to be. Keep in the dark, and everything seems scary. It doesn't hurt less, but knowing from the other side, it makes it a little easier to accept and prepare.
Help Out A Friend
Hi there Fubar you can you please Show Some Love to My Friend Fan/Add/Rate her Pics& Stashes I promise you all she will return all love Giving Thank very much and have a nice day :D ♥ ~•Crazy_Canadian_Angel_4ever_O.~ ♥ ~ Fu Wifey to Wild Wolfie Canadian@ fubar
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Tag Your It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I sometimes snore. 2. Strawberries turn me on! 3. I watch Seasame Street with my daughters. 4. I sometimes watch chick flicks. 5. My one foot is bigger than the other! 6. I'm more sober after I drink. 7. I'm becoming addicted to Fubar. 8. I talk more online than in person. 9. I'm a patriotic freak. 10. I love to sing Kareoke.
My poem is a Tanka and is Published The name is Deafened Beautiful Maiden With the voice of an angel With hair of a lamb She speaks but I hear nothing My broken heart makes me deaf (c) Robert F Piazza Jr. Everyone tell me what you think....
Just A Test
If you can read this please comment. some of my friends can't find my other blogs. I can't even find them lol. thank you and have a great week
Soul Reflection
I draw these sounds on parchment and hope it would reflect, Your sacredness deep within me I cherish with honor and respect. Our two souls have united, entwined in love's single embrace, breathing in happiness and peace, playing in God's sacred space. You are the soil of the earth in which the seed of my soul grow, You are the mirror of my eyes in which your true reflection show. Inside you I have discovered the meaning of who I am, Through you I came to realize if I believe I could, I can. You poured the riches of your wisdom into me, a once empty shell, And made me forget sadness and regret and wave to it farewell. You are the anchor in the days I drift sad and lost away, My own special mold that God made from human clay. I hope these sounds I drew could even simply explain, that you are my rainbow I see through the endless rain. I know I am not a Poet,I could not even pretend, but I hope you know you are the essence who helped my soul to mend.
Mind Traveler
Exceeding your expectations Falling into a trance Seducing your imagination All within a glance Hypmotized by desire That beats within your soul Needing the Mind Traveler To take you on the road Whispers in the wind, call to you... Hear me, they say I'm the Mind Traveler, I know what it is you seek For the price of your heart, I will grant you my dreams Enchanting euphoria Overwhelming my whole being Intoxicating visions Brings me to my knees Calling outloud I hand my heart to you Take it Mind Traveler I give it to you I hold this heart, it rest in my hands It beats so loudly, it is my grace I hear your desires, I know what it is you seek I'm the Mind Traveler, I will grant you my dreams Teasing my spirit Toying with my soul Soothing my thoughts Ensnaring my mind Calamitous dreams Sensual desiderate lay heavy on my being Take my heart Mind Traveler I give it to you Tracing my finger, along your dreams Consuming you, from deep within me Into
Point Whorism
please help me feel better rate pics mom has cancer its hard TERI PROMOTER@C... i can't believe anyone would have the balls to put this on a ticker... that's just fucking disgusting.
I thought of you today and I dropped a few tears....
Today's Quote Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. -Anais Nin
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16 April 2008
Datum: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 17:33:19 -0500 (CDT) Von: "Tyler Perry Mailing List" An: Betreff: A Message from Tyler Perry - Time Magazine's Top 100 People Hi Everybody, Okay, I know that I haven’t written in a while but I’ve been dealing with a situation. I’m trying to be careful how I say this without inciting this person, but I have a stalker. This person sends several hundred emails a day to my office and has planned our wedding and bought rings and such. She has showed up at my house several times. What’s crazy is I’ve never met this woman nor have I even responded to her emails. I’ve had to increase the guards at my house as well as travel with body guards and I hate that. I hate to have big guys following me around. Anyway I’ll try to keep this positive. Let me breathe.... Okay I’m back, on to the real reason I’m writing. Can I just say thank all of you for making MEET THE BROWNS such a success? The great th
This Weekend
This time tomorrow I'll be on my way down to New Orleans for a long weekend. I'll be attending and working a Pirate convention. Yes, I said pirate. If you know anything about me you know that I am a pirate re-enactor of sorts and love it. I'll be gone from Thursday morning until Monday evening, but i'll have my laptop with me. I plan on taking lots and lots of pics while I'm down there for you all to see.
I Love My Boobs!!!
I love my BOOBS!!! What's it like to have boobs alot of men would like to know...... I will be upfront about it. It. Is. FANTASTIC. It's everything you have ever dreamed. Everything you could possibly ask for. Everything you could ever hope it might be. 24/7, I have my very own maguffies. I do not need to think about what it would be like to squeeze a pair of boobies--I squeeze my own. I don't need to jiggle anyone else's melons--I jiggle my own. Strapped to my chest are my very own pair of lovable, squishable, soft breasts. They are the delight of my day and the dream of my night. It is not a sexual thing. I don't get off on playing with my boobs, and the naked female form is so familiar to me it is not an erotic thing in of itself (I don't "stare at myself"). Boobs are just FUN. It's like a stress ball that's always with you, a dangling slinky attached to your body. It is a constant source of beautiful, bouncy amusement. I don't know how you guys ge
Today's Quote To fulfill a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given the chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. -Bette Davis
Magic's In The Makeup
Can you tell I'm faking it? But I want to be myself A counterfeit disposition Can't be good for my health So many different faces Depending on the different phases My personality changes I'm a chameleon There's more than one dimension I can fool you and attract attention Camouflage my nature Let me demonstrate... Makeup's all off Who am I? Magic's in the make up Who am I? If you bore me then I'm comfortable If you interest me I'm scared My attraction paralyzes me No courage to show my true colors that exist But I want to be the real thing But if you catch my eye can't be authentic The one's I loath are the one's that know me the best My makeup's all off Who am I? The magic's in the make up Who am I? The makeup's all off Who am I? If the magic's in the make up Then who am I? Magic's in the makeup But I want to be real the thing But the magic's in the makeup And I want to be the real thing My makeup's all off Who am I?
Gotta Love Drunks
A man and his wife were awakened at 3:00 am by a loud pounding on the door. The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push. 'Not a chance,' says the husband, 'it is 3:00 in the morning!' He slams the door and returns to bed. 'Who was that?' asked his wife. 'Just some drunk guy asking for a push,' he answers. 'Did you help him?' she asks. 'No, I did not, it is 3:00 in the morning and it is pouring rain out there!' 'Well, you have a short memory,' says his wife. 'Can't you remember about three months ago when we broke down, and those two guys helped us? I think you should help him, and you should be ashamed of yourself!' The man does as he is told, gets dressed, and goes out into the pounding rain. He calls out into the dark, 'Hello, are you still there?' 'Yes,' comes back the answer. 'Do you still need a push?' calls out the husband. 'Yes, please!' comes the reply from t
Seeing The Beauty In The Storm
As you go through life do you focus on the beauty all around you or do you only see the storm ahead? Lately, I was visiting Bryce Canyon and had an experience that I will never forget. We decided to hike up to a viewpoint and take some pictures and breathe in some fresh air. There was a little rain all around but none falling at the moment. The walk was only about a quarter of a mile to the first viewpoint but was fairly steep. As I approaced the last turn I saw a man of about 50 with crutches on both arms making his way up the hill rather slowly. Many people hurried by, paying him no attention. I noticed that both of his legs were fixed at very akward angles extending out from his hips and knees. His steps would take him about 6 inches at a time and the going was a huge struggle for him. Although, looking at his face, you would never know. Not wanting to offend him but not about to pass up the opportunity to lend a hand, I asked him if he could use someone to lean on
Sometimes late at night or on a long walk with a friend, we find ourselves discussing our ideas about how to live and how to act and what is important in life. We might have just read something or heard some teachings that turned our usual way of seeing things upside down. We feel that we've just reconnected with a truth we've always known and that if we could just learn more about it, our life would be delightful and rich. We tell our friends of our longing to shed the huge burden we feel we've always carried. We suddenly are excited and feel it's possible. We tell our friend of our inspiration and how it opens up our life. "It is possible," we say, "to enjoy the very same things that usually get us down. We can delight in our job, delight in riding the subway, delight in shoveling snow and paying bills and washing dishes." You may have noticed, however, that there is frequently an irritating, if not depressing, discrepancy between our ideas and good intentions and how we act
Snagged This From Miss Lissa
The flower said, "I wish I was a tree" The tree said, "I wish I could be A different kind of tree" The cat wished that it was a bee, The turtle wished that it could fly Really high into the sky, Over rooftops and then dive Deep into the sea. And in the sea there is a fish, A fish that has a secret wish, A wish to be a big cactus With a pink flower on it. And in the sea there is a fish, A fish that has a secret wish, A wish to be a big cactus With a pink flower on it. And the flower Would be its offering Of love to the desert. And the desert, So dry and lonely, That the creatures all Appreciate the effort. And the rattlesnake said, "I wish I had hands so I could hug you like a man." And then the cactus said, "Don't you understand, My skin is covered with sharp spikes That'll stab you like a thousand knives. A hug would be nice, But hug my flower with your eyes." The flower said, "I wish I was a tree" The tree said, "I wish I could be A different
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'passions Prance'#4
A French Rose 'Passions Prance' The Night slowly slipped into a haze by words painted on a breath strange Moon and lanterns lights danced together Lady Jina soaking in literature feathered "la France, a stage in play, a lovers stage..." Dante La'bo continued his poetic say "Mis'ier La'bo, would you care to come nearer?" A French Rose asked with an anticipated quiver Silence was broken when he knocked on the door "Come in," she said, in a lady like roar He entered the room as if it were a cage Cradled his books and finger kept page "Sit here and read, my dear," Lady Jina said Seeing a Rose in the buff made his face red stabling to seat his feet tackled and stumbled clumsy, anxious and a clearing throat rumble "Humm, Thy love is not a tower I see ... but rather the perfume on a Pierre' breeze. My love is a candle that needs your fire Illuminating moi's passions and desires" Dante La'bo strung poems in a poetic pearl mesmerized and entranced was a Paris g
Ben Stein (Actor, Writer, Commentator, Gameshow Host) has a new movie (documentary) coming out which I think I would like to see. Its about creationism (intelligent design) vs evolution theory. I'm not sure I would necessarily agree with everything presented in this film, but it would be interesting to see. I plan to catch it when it comes out.
Not Causing Harm
The most straightforward advice on how to discover your true nature is this: practice not causing harm to anyone—neither yourself nor others—and every day, do what you can to help. If you take this instruction to heart and begin to use it, you will probably find very quickly that it is not so easy. Often, before you know it, someone has provoked you and either directly or indirectly, you've let them have it. Therefore, when the intention is sincere but the going gets rough, most of us could use some help. We could use further instruction on how to lighten up and turn around our well-established habits of striking out and blaming. The four methods for holding your seat provide just such support for developing the patience to stay open to what's happening, instead of acting on automatic pilot. These four methods are: 1) not setting up the target for the arrow; 2) connecting with the heart; 3) seeing obstacles as teachers; 4) regarding all that occurs as a dream. F
Rape/date Rape
Ok Friends This is serious and very real. If you know me well you know that I am all about the details and this is the Truest this I have ever seen online. I will tell my Mother Daughter and dearest friends. I will repost this a few times in the future. It WON'T bring you luck or make you rich BUT It just might save YOUR LIFE! I will Highlight in red want seems to me the scariest parts The crying baby thing happened to me once, and the police told me the exact same thing. Through a Rapist's Eyes (No Joke) This is important information for females of ALL ages. When this was sent to me, I was told to forward it to my lady friends, but I forwarded it to most everyone in my address book. My men friends have female friends and this information is too important to miss someone. Please pass it along . A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are some interesting facts : 1)
By Your Side -sade
you think i'd leave your side baby you know me better than that you think i'd leave you down when you're down on your knees i wouldn't do that i'll tell you you're right when you want and if only you could see into me ha ah ah ah ah ah oh when you're cold i'll be there hold you tight to me when you're on the outside baby and you can`t get in i will show you you're so much better than you know when you're lost and you're alone and you cant get back again i will find you darling and i will bring you home and if you want to cry i am here to dry your eyes and in no time you'll be fine you think i'd leave your side baby you know me better than that you think id leave you down when you're down on your knees i wouldn't do that i'll tell you you're right when you want and if only you could see into me ha ah ah ah ah ah oh when you're cold i'll be there hold you tight to me when you're low i'll be there by your side baby
Things are going pretty well between me and my girl. Things are finally getting back to "normal" and I am sooooo ahppy with this. I know I dont seem like the kind of person that gets real emotional, but she means everything to me, I just cant deal with the online assholes that decide even tho she is taken, that they have to get their nose into the mix. I hate it. I have always and always will be faithful to her cuz I love her and only her. I have never felt like this before and i love how it feels to be with her and around her. Hopefully everything stays headed in the direction its going now.
Dim lit bar charged by an illuminating flame He was tall, dark and handsome built frame lit a smoke and took a long drawn drag shuffled in his seat and then leaned back. "What is your name?" he asked then swiveled the bar stool turned to face her dead center. The silouhette come alive in dark oval eyes. "Jackie, Jaquelin Hart," she said moving thighs. "What breeze blew you across my path?" His arm stretched across her back. His eyes fell to the valley of cleavage soaking up the fragrance laid to enrich "What is your name?" Jackie sensually begged. He leaned in close and whispered, "Jack Spade." She gave a thought then moved a tad close taking a chance on the hand dealt, a Solitaire Rose.
A Card is laid before her, on the bar. "How would you like to be a Movie Star?" Said a well dressed man extending his hand. She daintily reached and shook with the man. "You are kidding?" She took the card and read. "Albert Armstrong talent agent," he said. He was charming, handsome and sat down. Turned to the bartender and ordered a round. His arm slid around her like a snakes crawl. The diamond on his finger look like a small ball. "I want'a make you a star if you don't mind cozy?" His cell phone rang and his cheeks turned rosey. He answered his wife's call and withdrew his arm. Slithering away was diamonds in bedroom stars. Snickering in the dim club lights raising a toast discarding diamonds for passion, a soltaire rose
Solitare Rose The Club
Smoke that hangs in the market of passion taking the hand that is dealt you in rations. Drinks with umbrellas to shots that are clear strangle the doubt and kick out the fears. She walked in with a mini-skirt grin silken soft ride of shear legs from heaven. Her skirt hugging her hips like red lip stick cornering the bar and stooled up a saddle sit. Breast perk pump up and a hand hair wave looking at a stranger in the strangest of ways. Her finger toiling with round the rim ring rubs sitting at the starting gate, hunting the clubs. Liquid courage for the tense and thirsty waiting at the troft, her cup of liquid mercury. Her eyes scan the room for a face that glows a hunter of sensual passion, a Solitare Rose
Thank You
fireangel sits quietly smiling softly and feeling great today Master has said i am owned and that i shall be collared i have pleased him greatly wich pleases me ive worked hard to be worthy of him and have much work to do still today i am owned sits kneels quietly at his feet smiling contently
The Hearts
Two hearts went where hearts get laid the table, the shower and then the bed. From clubs with diamonds to holding a spade a hotel shuffle where kings and queens play. Jackie lay as a pair without a suit both in passion's fanned swaying moves. Lips that licked while they talked bodies swinging in a thrusting rock. Ace in the air for a higher hand's grasp. Jack jokered about the spread and laughed. Took on a rythme like cards being dealt then Jackie rounded and sensually knelt. Diamond and star sparkles over a wet tongue loves passion like a four club clover sung a pair of hearts lay in the after glow Jack Spade holding a Solitare Rose.
The Witches Split
A Devilish Rose: the witches split The motel room door burst open from the outside startled she stood there with a look of surprise Police barged in with guns drawn and shields high "Freeze," they yelled as the man on the bed cried. "She was going to black mail me," he shook the cuffs. She looked a little unsettled and slightly rough. The officer turned her and leaned her against the wall towering over her for this policeman was very tall. "You have the right..." he stated to her, "Spread'em." pulled her legs apart slightly as she smacked on her gum. He run his hands down the sides of her body exposed then up the inside thighs feeling a wet devilish rose. They un-handcuffed the man from the bed quickly he wrenched his wrists imprints, rubbing and twisting He spat his distaste for such trickery and deciet then he was handcuffed also by the police. "You have the right," they began to reciet to this man tossing him his pants and wallet and all his belongings.
Quizzing Mood ... Wanna Join
A Shoutbox Conversation With A Person That Knows What True Friendship Is!!!
SURRENDER ...: next time you feel bad call me? pain is not made to endure alone but with the strength of others is lifted and works to strenghten the bonds of frienship and love SURRENDER ...: because when people make love and enjoy pleasure with one another in any way it is the soul that is being carressed the body is just writhing in the extreme pleasure and afteraffect of two souls intertwining and melding SURRENDER ...: it is the plain and simple things that we need to take the time to notice and appreciale, that is what this world needs a reinfusion of, love and appreciation... I AM TRULY BLESSED TO HAVE PEOPLE LIKE THIS IN MY LIFE...THEY ARE TRULY IRREPLACEABLE!!! SO MANY OF YOU HAVE TOUCHED MY LIFE IN SUCH AN AMAZING WAY...I JUST WANT TO TELL YOU ALL HOW MUCH I VALUE OUR FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE YOU!!! JOY
The Trickery
A Devilish Rose: The Trickery Handcuffs and leather lure hands doom "click click click," the sound from the room naked as a red bird, pinned to the head-board smiles express passions that still playfully soar "click" come again, as a flash flashed loudly picture a kodak moment of passion's drowning "What are you doing?" He asked slightly angered she opened his wallet and thumbed through his pictures "Your a naughty boy," she said with a wicked smile waving the picture of him, his wife and their child. Rattling chains while kicking from a head board hold flirting with danger for green backs is a Devilish Rose. He sniveled his submission and "payment will be made." She slid on the sheets beside him making a devilish trade. She pulled out all his money and stuffed it in her purse she got dressed while he remained bound and cursed. She teased him with some words about his penis size of course it wasn't out of anger, why would she lie? seductively she walked tow
I Dread The Day!!!
Well, this is my very first blog and i don't know where to start...My name is danny and i am 32 years old....I am ur average kinda guy, who has had, in my opinion, a hard life....I used be what is considered "disabled"....when I was born, I had scoliosis and hip dysplasia( yeah thats right...HIP DYSPLASIA...the same disease that is normally found in lab dogs). It was a viscious cycle for me...first my back, then my hips. When I was 16, I had a massive surgery to place 2 steel rods and 12 steel hooks on my spine....OUCH. Eventually, but would like to put it off as long as I can, will have to have it redone. Then 2 years ago I had both of my hips replaced(yes Im too young to have had that done)...It was a bitch recovering from the surgeries, but I did it. You see, before I had the operations, I had walked on crutches for 19 dam I didnt stutter...19 years. For the first time in my life, I am walking without the aid of anything. Just when i thought i was done with surgeries for
New Life!
I have a new grand son he's 2 months old. he has his own website I also have a new house to live in here in NY!
The Treat
A Devilish Rose: The Treat Motel lights under a neon sultry sky room for rent to extinguish desires cries mini-skirt starts shrinking as the door is closed on the floor is a trail of quickly shed clothes Two bodies wrapped in a night of passion on lustful sheets she teases by flashing her ass in the air is wiggled and shook she's fully exposed, he sheds his boots. His reaching hands grasping at her flesh lips crash together then lick, then mesh the thorns of a rose in nails that bite fuels a mans fire for the beast to arise. Taught muscled grips create clashing hips diving into ravaging nipple bit breasts pressing himself deeply in tight gripped holds dancing to passions bloom, is a devilish rose. Charging is lust in payment seats sitting devouring a woman that is seductive and pretty grasping at legs to pull them apart as beating as drums from a feverish heart. Bone and flesh in loves clashing thrusts sweat and fire in the kiln of a body in lust rel
Tl 1
To All The Sexy Ladies.......
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
A Street Corner
A Devilish Rose: a street corner A devilish rose in long spiked heels along a side walk she wheels and deals stench of a city drowned by her perfume like a tempting morsel perched on a spoon. Street lamps brightness, her illumination in a concrete jungle of gold and secretion rubber and pavement smells of money as a new lover comes to savor her honey. Twice the thorns of an ordinary rose a devilish grin across her lips grows she gets in a car and they zoom away a deal is made to ensure the devil is paid. Long finger nails over a trouser leg lump causes his heart to sound like a drum she nibbles at his ear as he shifts a gear she slid over leather till he was near. Pressing against him made him smile working a customer with professional pride gripping his cock until it arose working the shadows was A Devilish Rose
Dealing With Some Pains
Things have been very rough for me over the years as I have grown up. Back in October of 1999, I lost my only true family; that was my mom. She was someone that Icould open up to when I needed someone to listen to my problems and she did all that she could to make sure I could carry on with out her in my life, but she is still in my heart and memories. Her teachings have helped me alot in so many ways that I have become the woman I am today! I have found a guy in my life that has been very good to me and I have a few good friends! Life hasnt been so simple but its slowly getting better for me with time. I am to go to the doctor tomorrow and I plan to find out why I am gaining weight when I can hardly est from being in pain and not having much of an appetite to eat. So hopefully I can find out through an ultrasound if I am pregnant or what is going on! Its a new waiting game fro me to hear back on my disability hearing and hope that comes back with good news that i have been granted and
"a Terrace And Wine"
A Paris Rose un~ paint brush streaked clouds across a baby blue sky rot iron terrace breeze on a dimming summer's eve a g'light glimpse at the tower through red of strained grapes swirling a potion of passion A Paris Rose from Napes long sheer slender leg in swing across a twin with hint of garter black strap shoe, one rocking short dress up a little farther dainty light lift arms curl sweet lips nip at a sour rim rose red mouth painted in pari' imprint tainted on a glass brim tender finger trails a collar seam down to a button's closing twirling in an apex of thought light wind gust, blouse flowing finger raked brushed back hair sunglassed stare into nowhere sipping the aged and rare legs open wide a self-dare slighted smile from frisky lips glancing about at those adrift busy bodies nary a stare notice was 'one' still aware She pulled up tightly in her chair blushed, which was genuinely rare darting eyes at a gentleman's stare w
A Paris Rose
trois "watching" cloudless day with a soft sun mildew fountains spray their sum big oaks shade a lovers walkway busy streets beeping paved a city stroll thru shops and malls fumar', when she feels the call long legs narrow to heel and toe a sexy seductress, a Paris Rose around the fountain of dolphins and gods The Lady of Fashion saw something odd a Man and a woman in a heated kiss a Paris Rose stopped to watch this man hand's roaming over back and chest openly massaging this woman's breast park bench perched two love birds wings wrapped around one another expressing their love without shame a Perrie' picture to Paris's fame the woman's hand went to his crotch a Paris Rose engrossed in the watch a Lady of Fashion was breast mashin' feeling the lovers, loving passion short black and sassy hair fingers answering desires dare in the city of lovers exposed "watching" was a Paris rose the woman kneaded his demanding loin he fingered upon her
Question? Is it fair for a woman's husband to tell another woman that she is beautiful when he never tells her?
Remember My Name ......
"If you want to win friends, make it a point to remember them. If you remember my name, you pay me a subtle compliment; you indicate that I have made an impression on you. Remember my name and you add to my feeling of importance." Dale Carnegie
Thought Of The Day..
...Thought of the day...thought I'd
Help Needed
hey all I am in a contest need 10000 comments 4 a vip 4 my birthday please help me out with as many as you can tyvm xoxo annie
For My Beautiful Mom.....
A Mother's love is something that no on can explain, It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain, It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may For nothing can destroy it or take that love away . . . It is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, And it never fails or falters even though the heart is breaking . . . It believes beyond believing when the world around condemns, And it glows with all the beauty of the rarest, brightest gems . . . It is far beyond defining, it defies all explanation, And it still remains a secret like the mysteries of creation . . . A many splendoured miracle man cannot understand And another wondrous evidence of God's tender guiding hand. -Helen Steiner Rice,
Thanks Jenn
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"at Market"
"at market" shade blocks shade on the market street aroma filled the air of fruit's mingled sweet light breeze blows a smelling nose shopping for treats was a Paris Rose long legs lally with V shade sunglasses beauty of a flower stood out in the masses black sheer stockings up to a garter sellers selling and willing to barter cucumber smile when hand feels skin turning and looking, grinning a grin fingers conform to its texture in strands wrapped in it's smoothness both hands long deep green deeply girth a gentle nod to ask 'it's worth' coins exchanged and pickle jarred strawberries sweet, zucchini hard peeled a nana and deeply taste lips pulled texture along it's base broken chunk sweetly munched in haste giggling with cheek full of banana baste batch to go and filled her sack innocently owned her sensual tact walking pleasures on the 'pari' roads a lady from market, a Paris Rose
Threshold Try 1
So this person...rated my pic a 5 then rerated the pic to a 4! ATTACK!! mswilli@ fubar
A Paris Rose
a Paris Rose deux "paperback" Miasma rise in alluring swirls sweat bead pearls and curls Indigo ocean of blue blanket spread book in hand, cig cherry red Lingerie black as the silken night legs lay together skin stark white mirror reflects from the chaprobe's face lonely lay temptress in lusty lace chest plate finger trail, red nail glimmers down, down, down to desires deep river a man in her mind from paperback words crushing cherry and smoke sliver blur body twists lighting for words to arise fingers dip deeply in between her thighs the book gets laid in a back jerked head romance and passion was lived and read the city of love delivered a night a lady of fashion's mental flight solitaire long stem, in 'pari' grows reading romance, a Paris Rose
Pay Attention!!
read this..........'nuff said I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local Mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant when you saw my bike parked out front. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But you didn't see me riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me an
Lets Make Her Fu Queen Today!
Lets get this wonderful woman to Fu-Queen, shes always there helping others, now its our turn to spank her hard! Lets do this today! 143,267 Points to go! Club FAR TEAM CPT--DSC--I.B.I.C.--FuAngels--Lollipop Gurlz Club@ fubar This pimpout brought to u with lots of love from the one and only..... ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~Fu Wife 2 "Goofball" Fu Owner of "Firemanm88" *DSC*@ fubar
For My Dear Friends .....
Friendships are different from all other relationships. Unlike acquaintanceship, friendship is based on love. Unlike lovers and married couples, it is free of jealousy. Unlike children and parents, it knows neither criticism nor resentment. Friendship has no status in law. Business partnerships are based on a contract. So is marriage. Parents are bound by the law. But friendships are freely entered into, freely given, freely exercised.
Non Conformity? Ya'rly!
You Are 87% Non Conformist You're incredibly strange. And a weirdness like yours takes skill to cultivate! No one really understands you. And you're cool with that. You just hope you never have to understand them! Are You a Nonconformist?
Terahertz Computing May Not Be Out Of Reach
Trendwatch By Wolfgang Gruener Tuesday, April 15, 2008 12:08 Salt Lake City (UT) – The Gigahertz race was probably one of the most ill-fated ideas in the microprocessor industry in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Intel was almost brought down to its knees by the enormous power consumption and heat dissipation of 3+ GHz speeds in circuits of the time, eventually hitting a wall at 4 GHz. The Gigahertz race has now become a multi-core race, but scientists have ideas to ramp up the clock speed at a faster pace again: Terahertz computers may be within reach – if data is carried over optical instead of electrical circuits. Researchers at the University of Utah have not given up on the idea of dazzling clock speeds in processors, reminding us of landmark comments made by Intel’s Pat Gelsinger back in 2001: Back then, the executive said that 30 to 40 GHz may be reached by 2010, requiring nuclear power plant-like energy systems within PCs. Ajay Nahata, a University of Utah professor o
"i Do Declare...!"
A Scarlett Rose: chapter 6 ~ Summer breeze blowing north winds, Spanish Moss hung in gray strands. Southern stars over rippled water oak trees shade the night crawlers. The Chandeliers burned in a lighted way as a sea of bodies, danced in sway. On the balcony in soft southern lace Miss Scarlett Rose in waltzing grace. Captain Doodle held the Rose's hand, to the music of the Baby Grand. In his Union Blues and toe to toe dancing with Miss Scarlett Rose. A savored kiss, stopped the world for a charmed and puckered, country girl! Arms wrapped like fast moving Ivy, around each other, holding tightly. Lips played and teased while breasts were squeezed. Some quick darting glances and to the bushes they're dashing. To extinguish the flickering flame that brewed urges over shame. Fast hands removed clothes naked and willing, Miss Scarlett Rose. Lust loves harder than love like the wing beats of a dove pounding his passion in shoves, a Rose bush sho
'flirtatious Grin'
chapter 5~ Indian Paint Brushes turn a field red, While pale blue skies hang overhead. A buck-board buggy now makes it's way, down the road of the blue and the gray. Red, white and blue banners that wave in a light breeze across southern days. Towns people gathered as the day grew Miss Scarlett was busy with shopping to do! The Sun cast a shadow under this town as rebels were hiding and sneaking around. The Union soldiers marched the streets, as children raced for something sweet. At the edge of town was the 'blue bellies' camp, in the shadows, confederate TNT lay crimped. Captain Doodle on the sidewalk's boarded row when he bumped into Miss. Scarlett Rose. They collided like two sheets on a line Captain Doodle held her for a long long time. "I have something for your father," Doodle blew "Back at the camp, I'll will escort you." "My, My, Captain Doodle... you Do, take a girls breath away," She coo'd. He extended an arm in Gentleman charm and Miss
I Found A Song With My Name In The Lyrics :d
Smiles and her laughter, It's the only thing that I've been waiting for, a time. Regardless of our distance, and our hope, grows greater. Swept by pretty eyes and laughter for, a time. The only thing that I've been waiting for. I hope it's something worth the waiting, 'Cause it's the only time that I ever feel real. Thunderstorms could never stop me, 'Cause there's no one in the world like Emily. She's simple yet confusing, Her sparkling eyes make me weak at my words, they tremble. Days seem like years in this month of December. The winter, coldens me for I have yet to sleep. And never, will I give up trying 'cause you're everything to me. I hope it's something worth the waiting, It’s the only time that I ever feel real. Thunderstorms could never stop me, 'Cause there's no one in the world like Emily. There's no one in the world like Emily. first to last - Emily
Chapter 4~
A Scarlett Rose: "Divided together" Blue skies and gray clouds molding and mixing together whipping winds in hurried waves lazy summer of hot Dixie days. Scarlet hair waved in swaying flow through the town shops, She'd go, non-shilant in her steady pose dressed in delight, a Scarlett Rose. "Miss Scarlett," Sergeant Sylvester delighted. Scarlett turned slightly acting frighten ... "Oh." Hugs exchanged in gusts of glee ushered into the shadows so not to be seen. "The Yankees have taken over the town what in Gods name are you doing around ..." Kissing pressed to quiet her lips "" she blurted, hands on her hips. "I had to see you, us Reb's are hidden down river," Miss Scarlett felt uneasy and began to shiver. "Don't come to town tomorrow...okay?" Sergeant Sylvester hoped she'd obey. "Miss Scarlett? Is that you?" asked a voice from out of the blue. Turning to see who called her name her heart beat twice the same. "Captain Doodle," Scarlett
"blue Belly Blazes"
A Scarlett Rose: Chapter Three~ Gray clouds gone Blue skies rise winds of change in a Yankee suprise plantation fields looking thin along the tree line were marching men. Abraham's army coming to the front door the perils of fear in a civil war walking across the front porch floor a Scarlett Rose, a shotgun and more. A Union Officer approached on a black steed "I am here on behalf of Grant," he plead a shotgun blast went through the air Miss Scarlett ejected and injected a dare. "Put that away," father did say taking the gun from Scarlett, "away," Miss Scarlett submitted in a huff Father, being a gentleman, in the ruff. "What can I do for you?" Her Father asked kindly to the soldier in blue nearing was his crew. "We require feed and water for the horses, we can barter," the Captain sounded eyeing, the father's daughter. A Handsome man upon a proud horse persuasive smile, clean shaven of course stepping down with grace and ease Miss Scarlett
Rednecks can't afford speedboats, so they make do with what they can
Astrological Reading
Personal Profile Reading Section 1: The Inner You: Your Real Motivation You are a steadfast and patient soul, capable of tremendous devotion, dedication, endurance, and constancy. The ability to follow through and stick with things is one of your greatest assets. Once your course is set, you pursue it tenaciously until it is completed, stubbornly resisting any attempts to sway you from your purpose. Section 2: Mental Interests and Abilities Your mind operates in a very deliberate and methodical manner and you dislike being rushed or forced to give an opinion before you have thoroughly ruminated and digested an idea. You are also difficult to influence once your mind is made up. Astro Identity Reading Chapter 1: Planetary Sign and House Positions: MERCURY IN TAURUS--Mercury in the signs gives clues to the kinds of concerns that occupy your mind, and reveals your psychological approach to making decisions and conveying your ideas to others. In Taurus, it bestows mu
'confederate Kiss'
A Scarlett Rose: Chapter Two ~ Scarlet red southern sky in summer swelter of mid July along a rose bed stone path walk two lovers engrossed in tickle talk. Honeysuckle sweet filled the air magnolia flower tree's shade shared. In plush green grass a flower pose the blossoming of Miss Scarlett Rose. A blanket spread of particular brush batting eyes of a Rose's blush. "I do declare, Sergeant, your stare!" Scarlett Rose said with her southern flare. "I haven't seen my sweet Scarlett.. in God only knows..." His hand took her's and he began his prose. On a day of a picnic where towns people didn't gather on one knee was a Sergeant Miss Scarlett was flattered. "You keep avoiding my question." Sergeant Sylvester said while trailing each finger Shuffling without ease sweaty palm toyed and linger. Her eyes locked in look and sweet southern smile, "Yes I'll marry you," Miss Scarlett said, wide eye'd. "When you retire from the confederate army."
'a Southern Belle'
Twinkling stars in a black southern sky breezing swinging moss sway across gulf winds plantation bars wagon rumbling stops, at the Governor's 'Gala.' The Banquet Ball of the Governor's draw 'gayety' gathering for a social paw. A red feathered cloud comes a drift in a crimson formal dress a Scarlett Rose walks in. Gentlemen smiles and polite "How Do's." A scarlett rose in hand, white glove new. She crossed the sea of eye's and grins to the balcony of cool summer winds. Embraced the night as her hands touch the rail inside the roars and cheers trail, inner thoughts of emptiness sails adjusted her breast for better flare. "Champagne Madam" a glass offered from another white gloved hand whiskers twisted long curled strand chuckles from a gigglish charmed southern girl. "I am Jon Claude," heels 'clacking' proudly taking Miss Scarlett in hand lips gentle lay upon willing skin A Scarlett Rose pleasured a grin. His hand's hold long held with finge
Who I Was In A Past Life
You were Richard Pryor in your past life! Of all of your past lives, Richard was your most prominent. IF your dreams are ever filled with visions of swanky parties, lounging with friends, drinks with women, and lots of adoring fans, then you're remembering your past experience of being the most prominent and prolific black comedian in America. You ooze a carefree and charismatic personality and the world is your oyster for it.
A Pecos Rose: The Wild Card
Hearts over diamonds at a comforters tapper the Gambler was tasting the Rose's flavor. High heels that pointed towards the air while grasping a hand full of passions flare. When their lips met they melted together touching each other as light as a feather. Lady Lilley unclothed and fully exposed, trailing the long stem was A Pecos Rose. The Pair was like a wild card joker Lady Lilley had the Gambler's Poker. The Gambler held a ten in his hands Ace in the hole when the after glow began. A loud knock came knocking at the door "We need your 'Whip' by the stage floor!" Lady Lilley grabbed a wrap and out she whipped down the stairs she flew, hurried and swift. There by the stage stood the big burley man holding his anger tightly to a Little Woman. "Remember me," the big man barked his sleeze Lady Lilley cocked her hips then her whip tease. "Those are mi amigos," The Big Man said laughing three men with pistols drawn, were aimed and standing. "I am taking this
A Pecos Rose: The Cards Get Laid ~
A Piano's up beat music play as the 'Ladies' danced up on stage. Kicking up their heels while the dealer deals and the Cowboys spend their hard earned pay. Lady Lilley was making a casual round trailing her finger across the sea of men. Showing her legs, flirting and strolling. A Pecos Rose, wearing a seductive grin. She spied a Handsome Cowboy that was dealing a gambler with a smile that struck a cord. Lady Lilley made her way to his table Like a cat after a mouse across the floor. "I thought I knew all the Gamblers in these here parts," Lady Lilley said, her cleavage grin displayed. "I thought I knew a beautifull ... Woman," The Gambler said while the cards got laid. "Can I buy in," she said with a grin. "Here Ms. Lilley, I was just fixin' to go." An old man got up and offered his chair. Sitting across from the gambler was Pecos Rose. The cards reshuffled and shot out in a deal four players putting on their faces to play. The cards were dealt out lik
I Am
I am Da American Dream, Da Reapa Of Asia, Da Undying Machine, Da OverPriced Medicine, Da Murderous Machine, Da Tough Guy Stuntin, And Im Da One Behind Da Scene........ :)
Tangled Up
A Pecos Rose: The Lady's Bet
Lady Lilley closed and locked her door sensually walked across the floor removed the Gamblers rim felt hat spun before a chair, then she sat. "Kindly remove my winnings please," Lady Lilley said with a slight tease. The Gambler began to remove his clothes watching with a smile, A Pecos Rose. When his pants fell to the floor he looked at her and said, "There's no more." She smiled and pointed to his long johns square. The Gambler gasped, "You wouldn't dare?" "I dare, dear man, I'm a gambler I am," Lady Lilley exclaimed like a proud Madam. The Gambler slowly lowered what was left Lady Lilley smiled at her well endowed gift. Her eyes got wide at what her finger's touched grasping his man hood then a feathers brush "Madam that will cost for you to play," Lady Lilley laughed and turned her head his way. "You want to bet," She said with a smile. "What is the wager," He asked with style. "When I am done devouring you, you won't think a cost is due." Lady Li
A Pecos Rose: The Cards Get Laid ~
A Piano's up beat music play as the 'Ladies' danced up on stage. Kicking up their heels while the dealer deals and the Cowboys spend their hard earned pay. Lady Lilley was making a casual round trailing her finger across the sea of men. Showing her legs, flirting and strolling. A Pecos Rose, wearing a seductive grin. She spied a Handsome Cowboy that was dealing a gambler with a smile that struck a cord. Lady Lilley made her way to his table Like a cat after a mouse across the floor. "I thought I knew all the Gamblers in these here parts," Lady Lilley said, her cleavage grin displayed. "I thought I knew a beautifull ... Woman," The Gambler said while the cards got laid. "Can I buy in," she said with a grin. "Here Ms. Lilley, I was just fixin' to go." An old man got up and offered his chair. Sitting across from the gambler was Pecos Rose. The cards reshuffled and shot out in a deal four players putting on their faces to play. The cards were dealt out lik
”Work it, make it, do it, Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger!” [played throughout] ”Work it harder make it better, Do it faster makes us stronger, More than ever, hour after hour, Work is never over” [played throughout] Now that don’t kill me, Can only make me stronger. I need you to hurry up now ‘Cause I can’t wait much longer. I know I got to be right now ‘Cause I can’t get much wronger. Man, I been waitin’ all night now, That’s how long I’ve been on ya. I need you right now, I need you right now. Let’s get lost tonight, You can be my black Kate Moss tonight. Play secretary, I’m the boss tonight, And you don’t give a fuck what they all say right Awesome, the Christian in Christian Dior, Damn, they don’t make ‘em like this anymore, I ask ’cause I’m not sure, Do anybody make real shit anymore? Bow in the presence of greatness ‘Cause right now thou hast forsaken us. You should be honored by my lateness, That I would even show up to this fake s
An old man turned ninety-eight He won the lottery and died the next day It's a black fly in your Chardonnay It's a death row pardon two minutes too late Isn't it ironic... don't you think? It's like rain on your wedding day It's a free ride when you've already paid It's the good advice that you just didn't take Who would've thought... it figures Mr. Play It Safe was afraid to fly He packed his suitcase and kissed his kids goodbye He waited his whole damn life to take that flight And as the plane crashed down he thought "Well isn't this nice..." And isn't it ironic... don't you think? It's like rain on your wedding day It's a free ride when you've already paid It's the good advice that you just didn't take Who would've thought... it figures Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you When you think everything's okay and everything's going right And life has a funny way of helping you out when You think everything's gone wrong and ev
You Learn
I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone I recommend walking around naked in your living room Swallow it down (what a jagged little pill) It feels so good (swimming in your stomach) Wait until the dust settles You live you learn You love you learn You cry you learn You lose you learn You bleed you learn You scream you learn I recommend biting off more than you can chew to anyone I certainly do I recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at anytime Feel free Throw it down (the caution blocks you from the wind) Hold it up (to the rays) You wait and see when the smoke clears You live you learn You love you learn You cry you learn You lose you learn You bleed you learn You scream you learn Wear it out (like a three-year-old would do) Melt it down (you're gonna have to eventually anyway) The fire trucks are coming up around the bend You live you learn You love you learn You cry you learn You lose you learn Y
Pole Dancing Cat Fight
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Thank You...
I posted a MUMM the other day about my son being in a fight at school. If you are interested in the outcome here it is. I emailed the principal of the school and I think he agreed with me about not taking the safety position from my son and is going to reinstate him after a weeks suspension. It could have been worse of course because he could have been suspended from school and that would have been worse cause it would have gone on his permanent record and it would not have been good in the long run for him later. Well I wanted to thank everyone that is reading this blog and those of you that had also voted on my MUMM. Have a great day and hopefully talk to you soon...
Head Over Feet
I had no choice but to hear you You stated your case time and again I thought about it You treat me like I'm a princess I'm not used to liking that You ask how my day was You've already won me over in spite of me Don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are I couldn't help it It's all your fault Your love is thick and it swallowed me whole You're so much braver than I gave you credit for That's not lip service You've already won me over in spite of me Don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are I couldn't help it It's all your fault You are the bearer of unconditional things You held your breath and the door for me Thanks for your patience You're the best listener that I've ever met You're my best friend Best friend with benefits What took me so long I've never felt this healthy before I've never wanted something ratio
You Oughta Know
I want you to know that I'm happy for you I wish nothing but the best for you both An older version of me Is she perverted like me Would she go down on your in a theater Does she speak eloquently? And would she have your baby I'm sure she'd make a really excellent mother 'Cause the love that you gave that we made wasn't able to make it enough for you to be open wide, no And every time you speak her name Does she know how you told me you'd hold me Until you died, 'til you died But you're still alive And I'm here to remind you Of the mess you left when you went away It's not fair to deny me Of the cross I bear that you gave to me You, you, you oughta know You seem very well, things look peaceful I'm not quite as well, I thought you should know Did you forget about me Mr. Duplicity I hate to but you in the middle of dinner It was a slap in the face how quickly I was replaced Are you thinking of me when you fuck her 'Cause the love
A Pecos Rose: Lady Lilley's Song
The air is so heavy that smoke hangs in swirls. Men with whiskey breaths kissing the saloon girls. Where romance blossoms on garters and heels and vanishes when the new day is revealed. Hearts that are as cold as a prarie of snow gather in a saloon and warm to a Lady's prose. Sipping the nector of the minds unraveling Here at the saloon, The Western Palace's gathering. I am as Lilley as a Langtree could be Here in West Texas, the Pecos and me. A one hundred dollar bill, five card stud gamble, I won this Palace where I sing and ramble. I like to sip whiskey and pull my dress up high, and when I see all those hungry cowboy eyes, I get goose pimples and all cozy inside. I like to flirt, sit on laps and wink a seductive eye. So when you get a chance 'boys' just drop on by the Western Palace where I sing poetic lies. On Fridays and Saturdays when the sun subsides I take to the stage and show my sexy thighs. The rules are as simple as a southern belles dimples.
Grand Baby
MySpace Comments & MySpace Layouts The day has finally arrived, today my daughter is going to be induced. Her due date was on Sunday, April 13th and she will be going to the hospital this evening to get this show on the can hardly wait to see my new grand son and to hold him for the first time. I will be sure and post the time of birth, weight, length and pics when I can. It is going to be a long night for me, just hope it doesn't take that long being this is her second child and praying there are no complications either. Green Eye's
Nothin Is Getting Better
It seems like nothing is changing and the shit between william and I are getting worse. I know its my fault and I dont know what to do to fix it. I want this and him more than anything in the world but I just cant seem to stay close to him once I get there. Maybe its because I have never done that with someone and Im scared. Maybe its because I am scared that he will hurt me.. Im deathly afraid that he will hurt me. I want him so bad and I want this to be forever, how do I get rid of all of my fears and just be happy. I hope that its possible or I fear that my negativity is going to drive him away and its the last thing i want. I need him in my life, he's my everything and I love him more than I have ever loved someone before. I have never wanted something so much in my life but dont know how to fix it or make it better. I love him.
Douche: "You know, it would be so much easier if your parking lot was bigger. Then I wouldn't have to go through so much trouble at 2am" Me: "I am so sorry, sir, next time I design and pave this parking lot, I will definitely bring your size concerns up for consideration" Douche: "Wow, being smart with me will NOT help the survey ratings during my departure" Me: "Like I said, I am sorry about the size." (and about deleting your email so you won't get the said survey)
Underneath It All
Theres times where I want something more Someone more like me Theres times when this dress rehearsal Seems incomplete But, you see the colors in me like no one else And behind your dark glasses youre... Youre something else Chorus: Youre really lovely Underneath it all You want to love me Underneath it all Im really lucky Underneath it all Youre really lovely You know some real bad tricks And you need some discipline But, lately youve been trying real hard And giving me your best And, you give me the most gorgeous sleep That Ive ever had And when its really bad I guess its not that bad (repeat chorus) So many moons that we have seen Stumbling back next to me Ive seen right through and underneath And you make me better Ive seen right through and underneath And you make me better Better... better... Lady saw: You are my real prince charmin Like the heat from the fire You were always burnin And each time youre around My body keeps stalin For
TWO WOLVES One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego." "The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed." THE BATTLE IS BETWEEN THE TWO WOLVES INSIDE OF US ALL.......
I Got My Morning Off To A Good Start...
You know how it from the bottom up..LMAO...I heart this asshole and it makes my day to talk to him. misterak &...: i just see a average female... in a dirty house with a difficult life.. so perhabs it is better to work on that instead of trying to be a tough female... bye misterak &...: i am normally a very open mind... everybody can do what they like... but people with your social status... that have done nothing in life to start up a better way make me sick when they start to judge about someones way of life... you can't accept the situation that i don't care what you say, do, look like or how you act... instead of you i am important in my daily life and due my slavegirl... i have a well payed job, my mental stability is perhabs a bit better then yours... i made something out of my life... you too? ->misterak &...: in all fairness sir i can dish back ->misterak &...: maybe slave girls makes you feel important ->misterak &...: You don't look like you could get real
Matters Of The Heart!
Dayum when it rains it pours. Got a phonecall my dad needs bypass surgery and the hard-headed ol fart wants to wait til June to have it done. I am torn, I just spoke with the doctor and he is stressing how much my dad needs this surgery and the likelyhood that he will have another heart attack. I just can't seem to get thru to the old man this needs to be done now. He has over 80% blockage in 3 of the main arteries in his heart and he wants to wait til June to have this done? WTF! Any advice on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated
I have no probs with Mexicans, I think overall they are honest, hardworking people. But if someone assumes again that I am Hispanic and starts speaking to me in Spanish, I WILL murder them. Both.
SO I had to stay at work at my hotel all day, turns out that we are SOLD OUT< so I had to sleep 4 hrs on a buncha chairs put together in a meeting room, waking up every hour. Then I moped around for 7 hrs before it was my turn to start work at 11pm, but not til I fell asleep in the back office (coworker put a blankie over me, how sweet) at 9pm for 2 hrs. ANd then felt like SHIT for the next 8 hrs just to meet n greet the douches in the morning. Like I GAF about their petty problems, bwah. Just venting, i dont care that u dont care. BLah blah blah blah blah
Thoughts From My Heart Turned Into Words
I look at you and I am torn inside By the feelings I have for you The feelings I hide deep inside I’m affraid of what you’ll say So instead I wish upon a star That someday being able to be close to you Won’t feel so hard I have loved you for ever Can’t you see it in my eyes Can’t you feel it in our kiss My love for you I can't hide When you look at me Tell me what you see Someone to love and grow old with or just another fling
Single And Looking!!!!!!
so yea, I'm not getting any younger. I am a 28yr old with two children. My daughter, who will be 10 this year, and my son who is going to be 7 soon. My daughter lives with her mother and my son lives with me. They have different mothers. Anyway, I am looking to meet a women who is honest, loyal, and completely trustworthy! A women that will treat me and my kids they way we deserve to be treated! It seems I have bad luck finding what I am looking for but at the same time I will not settle for less. I need to meet a women that will not look at my kids as being "BAGGAGE"! So yea, if your interested feel free to show interest. ;) And please, leave me some feedback on this matter.... Do most women see a single father and think screw that?
Soul Pearls
the wind in our face soul pearls fall after being grown from a grain of thought irritation held smothered smoothed over from life and from love made in the bottom of the sea of the mind till they flow in streams and pool to death soul pearls fall in sorrow as they fall in all worlds drops of tears glisten and sparkle from life's ocean of love
A Pecos Rose: A Lady In Red
Western desert winds are dry to the bone listen to the dust devils howl and moan. Derringer and garters mingle in a hot saloon where whiskers and whiskey bring a dollar or two. "I said ... Give me a kiss!" said a big burly cowboy holding a 'Lady's' wrist. She struggled to get free slapping, pulling and biting. He laughed out loud and pulled her close that was when a whip snapped by his nose. On stage was a Lady in dress of red clothes the star of the stage, A Pecos Rose. "You sir are ruining my performance, that to me is a big annoyance. Now let the lady go or the next 'crack' will be your nose." Lady Lilly was the house singer and Madam who took care of such delicate problems. She was Keen with a whip with sexy lingerie lips The Pecos Rose's whip was known as her kiss. The man let go of the struggling little Lady and she took off like a rabbit running steady. He went for his gun, a quick draw was sprung but she snapped her whip before it was drawn.
Ah Crap!
I went into work Yesterday...Late, not because I wished too. Only because I could hear the stress in Dawns voice, and I wouldnt want to be the cause of a new freckle popping out on her face because of it. SO I picked up Emma from school, shuffled home in my red slippers and slipped on a bra and some shoes. I walked through the doors to work at 3:30 and walked back to my boss. It is crazy at work on Tuesdays and she was going from classroom to classroom taking counts. "Beanie BOP!" "Hi." I croaked. "Where do you want me?" "Your room." she walked with me to the door. "You know you didnt have to come in...but THANK YOU." I smiled and walked through the door. All of my kids were sitting down nicely at the tables waiting for snack. "Beeeeeanie!" They screamed. Its so nice to be a rockstar at work, im just saying. I bent down for hugs and picked up Mickey when he threw him self at my legs. "Ahhhhhhhhh Mickey." And I snuggled him into my chest and kissed his ne
I still cannot comprehend the amount of stupid cunts and idiotic douchebags out there. Is there somethin in the air or water that makes people to be complete arrogant, self righteous assholes they are? I mean, wtf??! If I had a super power, I'd just make all assholes die. Even the ones not even born yet.
Hot Or Not?
HOT OR NOT***POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU 0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww!? 1 = Definetly not attractive. 2 = Decent 3 = Cute 4 = Fine as hell! 5 = I'd do you. 6 = Pretty damn sexy! 7 = Lovable, I LOVE YOU!!! 8 = I wanna make you my man/girl. 9 = Just a friend. 10 = Sexiest person I know! 11 = Fuckin Handsome 12 = Ya, I've checked you out a few times. 13.= Let's get married
Leaving Fuabr
Jusr wanted to let all my friends and family on here know that I will be deleting my Fubar account over the weekend. I have met some truly amazing people on here and have gained alot of good friends but my time on here has come to an end. With my career getting crazier and crazier I need to dedicate myself to my job and my family. With workin 60-80 hours a week I have very little time to be on Fubar. It has been fun over the past year and a half but now I find it filled with way to much Drama and reminds me of Myspace way to much. Anyways for those of you who are my true friends you still have a way to get ahold of me and talk with me. I will chat with you on Yahoo and of course on the phone for those of you who have my number. Remember BE SAFE, HAVE FUN, and PLAY NAUGHTY. And as always if I get bored I will make a new account but for now I am ready to delete the FU Account. So when I disappear off your friends you now know why. I am not telling anyone the day I will do it, I am ju
Thank You
Thank you to everyone who helped me win VIP in my giveaway.If you ever need help just ask. Special thanks to Cherokee Spirit Warrior, Monna RisingStar Global Bombers, Siberian Tyger, Shaggy Member of Tiesta Tappers AND ALSO MAD FU BOMBERS THANK YOU YOU ALL ROCK! A/F/R these people. They are good friends to have.
I Like To Nibble
I have to admit I like to nibble. Nape rakes with my tongue and lip wraps over flesh. I like ear nibbling at the neck's crest, lobe and tongue laps teeth teasing bites. Shoulder kisses and lick lapping skin then that nibbling starts again. Like most things it builds kind of gradual, light teeth teasing to animalistic tight bites. Nipple nibbles are great too the teeth can sink into something it can chew. I also like to nibble on a camel's toe little man in the boat ... by nibblin' he grows. I guess, what I find pleasure in is eating you ... in lil' nibble chews.
Theres Pitures Of Evial Keneval May He Rest In Peace You Can Rip Any As Long As You Rate First
there in my photos boat man@ fubar Daredevil Evel Knievel
Invisible In Your Eyes.
How is it that I remain invisible in your eyes? Ive lit a thousand candles, wished on every star in the sky. How can you take my love when your arms are filled with the past? Your burden is heavy, I know, but it doesn't have to last. Another place, another time Another day, another try Open your eyes, open your heart Live in the dream where we never part How is it that I remain invisible in your eyes? You locked your scarred and shattered heart, Into the ocean threw the key Now there's no one to hold you at night when you cry yourself to sleep. How fiercely blow the winds of change when two souls drift apart. Let the warmth of the sun kiss your face, heal your broken heart. Another day, another night Another tear, another fight A lonely path in the dark Another dream torn apart Another place, another time Search for me and you will find Once invisible, now invincible Distance erased with a single embrace How is it that I remain invisible in your eyes?
The Thorn'
A Cherokee Rose:' In Texas pools where both water and laughter splashed Little Deer and cowboy’s lips kissed; pressing and meshed Their fresh new love still flowers, blossoms and grows, but Fate has a thorn waiting for Cherokee Rose Over the pooled water a thunderous sound was cast as Little Deer saw her cowboy draw his breath of last A bullet in his back came with the second of death’s flash from three men on sorrels in a range war backlash They galloped away leaving her in waters red, holding her cowboy in rippled pool of the dead Rain came in tears as a war song was grief sung as she grasped for life in a body that was already gone Standing over his mound, she heard a Lonesome Dove; her belongings clenched in her arms; the Navajo rug she loved Tears streamed down a cowboy’s widow’s sniffling nose; as a painted pony rode the wind ‘neath a Cherokee rose Saloon doors slung wide open in an ill breeze’s gust as an Indian squaw walked in to kiss full vengeanc
Mental Fuck
conquer and subdue grasp a hold and pull tight gripped fingers in fisting drives wanting to fuck your mind their enjoyment is planting the seed of discord their smile is your pain their unhappiness never resolved but a fake grin expressed while humping your brain at the pool of tranquility they ripple the water canon bomb into your thoughts swim in your words unable to leave, stuck on you a mental fuck wanting to screw
'painted Pony'
A Cherokee Rose~ Hot Texas winds swept across desert cactus combs as a blistering sun blazed over Little Deer’s new home At El Rancho La Grande the cattlemen outside all licked their lips at their neighbor’s new bride Drinking in her red beauty, they all stood there in awe but sadly they thought, “Heck, she’s just an Indian squaw” As he carried his bride over his ranch’s threshold, she was greeted a Texas warm welcome into the fold The honeys’ moon hung blushing with romantic glows as two lovers lay entwined without any clothes Their fingers touched hearts and two forever loved souls; honeysuckled kisses in sweet tasting tongue rolls Navajo rug that under a dream catcher sheltered the hot flesh of two that mixed, mingled and sweltered Her cowboy, in love’s saddle, rode all that night long as Little Deer, in bride’s heart, chanted a joyous song Awake, the morning sun to her brings soft surprises like no brave grabbing his squaw when he first arise
Whoo Know....
Well i just found out last night that i Made the Dean's List In school and i have a Kick ass GPA .. Im doing great .. and the teacher said that he see me being on of the best in the class .. whooo hooo go me go meee and in lil less then 2 years ill have my AOS Degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design Architectural.. well have great day all XOXOXOX =D
A Cherokee Rose~
The sun would rise high on her first of new days as T-pee smoke rose in a heavy gray haze The brave lay there grabbing for morning’s brief thrills as Little Deer endured his so selfish lust spills A handful of mane in the brave’s strong tightest grip; through her soul with each thrust he would feverishly rip In as fast as one cooks up some scrambled eggs, he was in and then out from between her red legs Little Deer looked forward to this day’s noon sun, when she took off to the river in a Cherokee run At the pool’s edge lay a cowboy in his patient wait as she arrived there breathless; uncertain of her fate "What is that?" the cowboy asked, noticing her arm Draped over it, close to her heart, was a special lucky charm "Navajo rug," she softly said; as she held it up to show "Wherever I go to make my home, it will also go." It took the time of an arrow shot for Little Deer to decide to hit the trail and make a life as a cowboy’s Texas bride With the Navajo rug
A Cherokee Rose Indian Summer
Amidst a forest filled with trees, sweet songbirds and vines; passions ring in moans and groans; all in love - struck chimes And carries on the dust swept winds of a sun baked Indian summer, two hearts that beat much faster than a Cherokee tom-tom drummer Locked in softest kisses, between panting’s hottest breaths; tender trailing hands caress her lovely anxious breasts He reaches her desires with every gentle thrust; she holds a white man closely, to fulfill her Indian lust "Come with me to Texas where I have a ranch and spread," pled the Cowboy laying naked, on a soft lush clover bed; stroking long black hair so tenderly, along Little Deer’s bare back as she lay breathless thinking, trying to get her mind on track "I have a brave that keeps me, but we are not yet wed” Little Deer confessed to him; a stream of tears then shed They embraced one more time tightly, before rise of summer’s moon as he exclaimed, “You’re not wed? Then we shall be real soon!” Down me
Finished? Untitled...for Now
~not really that great of one but eh Im in a ugh mood and all...:( At night I find so hard to sleep Cause all I can do is think of you My feelings for you run deep Please know that they are true Will you catch me if I leap And bare to you my soul Or is what I think you feel untrue and your playing me like a fool I give to you all of the control So please dont be cruel Love me as a whole And dont play the games from grade school
=== 'a Cherokee Rose
Gray smoke slithers from drying buffalo skins up to a beet crimson sky as the new day begins stirring of a kindling fire; black hair unbraided she churns lustful desires; she herself, a flame created A young brave awakens with strong outstretched arms as she begins baking this morning’s filling charms His fingers find a bronzed tit to playfully tug and pulls her back; hungrily, to the bear skin rug Like a painted pony ridden hard in a blazing sun; swift as tomahawks thrown, the brave’s sudden urge was done He gathered up his buckskins and then began to dress as Little Deer lay smiling; remembering his firm caress "Where are my hunting moccasins?," he asked, but all in vain she said,” Here are the others – to me they’re all the same. I took them to the river’s edge to wash buffalo blood all out Then they sank down into river’s bed when I heard a shout” "I am a fearless hunter and today hunting I will do!" the brave said angry; took the shoes, and out the
Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha (uncensored)
breath mingles breath in closeness and closing eyes peer into eyes as eye lids fall slowly lips placed on lips pressing then pulling tasting and kissing as desires begin growing tongues that dance in a rhythm that's flowing tasting and savoring excitement awakened and showing pressing and grasping bodies momentum in honing Kissing with passion expressed in light moaning lips feasting on lips engulfed in the joining
Just A Heads Up, Won't Be Around Much Anymore...
So, as most of you who talk to me know, I've been working tech support for a computer peripheral manufacturer... Well, technically, I'm employed by Volt, contracted out to a logistics/shipping/repair facility who was hired by said peripheral manufacturer to provide tech support, warranty exchanges, and shipping/logistics since they're not outfitted to do it themselves (odd, huh?). Well, that time has come to an end. I'm sitting here at 5:30am, an hour before my normal time, and have been here for an hour and a half so far, cleaning up loose ends on my computer, keeping stuff I want, sorting the work-related stuff for them to keep, getting rid of the garbage, etc... Why? We (being the logistics company) are terminating the contract with the peripheral vendor, due to non-payment, but they're pretty much terminating it on their own, due to not paying us. I got paid, us as employees got paid, but as a company, we got boned. So, we'll see what happens down the road on that one...
Ludacris - Pussy Poppin Uncut
Updates For Wednesday 4/16!
Good Morning Everyone! Profile of the Week: A.J. . Member of the Demon Crew Family@ fubar Drop by her page and show her some love! She needs 310K to level. We also have two unofficial contests/giveaways going on at the moment. Scooter is in my contest where the top prize is a 30 Day Blast or a 3 Month VIP and Mz. Attitude needs 10K in comments for a VIP Since round 2 of the Battle of the Sexes has not started yet please help them out with some comments! When Round 2 does begin it will be Lori and Wolfie going head to head against each other. Family members at this point can only bomb the same sex as themselves, but any outside help can bomb who ever. In other words if you are male and in the family you have to bomb the male and vice versa. Fallen Angel and Cain’s Internet should be back up and working soon. In the meantime like always if you have any questions feel free to ask myself, Lori, or Scooter for help!
A Cherokee Rose: 'dreams Catch Her'
Indian summer in a babbling brook’s trickle light fingers trail; a pool’s surface they ripple Paint brushes flower by the blue bonnets’ pose; bare, in pure waters cleansing~ a Cherokee Rose Noisy chatter from ducks that came a quacking; from the bank to the water they came a splashing A few waddled across the widest part of the river; on the other side they shed wetness all a shiver 'Little Deer' watched with a river wide smile as she dove in the water and swam for a while Then bursting the surface in a hair swinging splash she stood; raising her body that was amber sun meshed Fingers trail all the valley; leading to spirits’ lust quelled as she thought of a him and how his spirit stick swelled Wandering; her hands find her desert passion’s soul as one hand rubs vibrantly; the other~ nice ‘n slow "Excuse me... Miss?" a deep voice softly said startled and embarrassed; she turned Indian red She sank deeper in the water; clear up to her nose Caught were the sul
Online Friends
Wow, i've known my online sis, 'Kes' for over a decade now. We've spoken too many hours on the phone. In many ways we are like sisters, and at least online rather close. A little over a year ago we lost a dear online friend to spinal blifidia. I had known and dated him briefly offline. She was his psudo girlfriend online as the joke went. Through the years and through the tears we have talked often. Men, school, children (only one of us has kids), chocolate, and the weather. She's a californian, i'm a new englander. Today at roughly 11am she will be here in my town at my house for the day. I'm so looking forward to it that i did not sleep well last night. My 18 month old woke a total grump although she slept in my bed last night. I've put her back to bed in her playpen in hopes she wakes in a better mood. Thus i have 2 hours before my 'sis' bus arrives, and 30 minutes before she arrives with my mom, who's the transportation today. I'll post another blog and perhaps pictures about
Support Our Heroes - Various Organizations...
No matter what your political beliefs - I encourage you to take a moment to remember that the people in uniform sacrificing daily - and many giving the ultimate sacrifice - are not *the war*..they are our Brothers,Sisters, Moms,Dads,Aunts, Uncles,Nephews,Nieces,Cousins, in-laws, Husband, Wife, Step Dad,Step Mom,step brothers and sisters Heroes are our Family Members... Once they are on foreign soil and in harms way - they deserve for us to remember them, think about them, pray for them, support them through letters, care packages, etc. Our Heroes don't do what they do because they *love* war...They do what they do because they love US - their countrymen - & our country - our way of life..our diversity..etc.It doesn't take much time or effort at all to write one letter to a Hero serving overseas.About a year and a half ago when I was running a grass-roots Support Our Troops group on myspace - (which I am going to get active again later this summer) - I became friends with a 2
No words, no talk We will go dreaming No pain, no hurt We will go dreaming Walk with me the future's at hand Here with us, here where we stand We both know the power of pain We get back up and start it again With new hope no place for tears.. Leave behind those frozen years Come with me We don't know, how it can be Searching our, dignity Nothing can be as savage as earth One taste, is never enough With new hope, no place for tears Catch my hand and come with me Close your eyes and dream... No words, no talk We will go dreaming No pain, no hurt We will go dreaming
Praphrased From Ferras - Hollywood's Not America Lyrics
And there’s never any rain, when you want it A hollow little game, and you’ve won it Looking for a thrill but you’ve done it all So long, put your blue jeans back on girl Go home Remember Fubar's not reality So long put your blue jeans back on girl Go home Remember Fubar's not reality Oh yeah And everybody heres, from somewhere else You could make a million dollars, but you might lose yourself And you can take the heat will your heart go cold They say acting’s just pretending, even that gets old
Need Work
( Trusting) I have learn't over the years, exspecially this past year, not to put my trust in anyone. I made the mistake of doing just that for 4yrs. All I have gotten out of it is pain. The sad part is , he still gives me pain. I don't just mean in mental and emotional form either. I pray to God the man gets everything comming to him. I have never been the type of person for revenge. But!! What I have been though the last year. Has put me there. I can't stand it, because it goes against everything in me. I know I won't have to lift a finger to him for what he has comming. The Lord will see to that. I just want to be there when it happens. I want to see his face and hear the pain in him that he hs caused me. I just wished I have never come the state in my present time. It is hard to deal with, I don't like ny thoughts and feelings in this.
Making Them Sweet
I like making guys sweat. I LOVE MAKING GUYS SQUIRM. In case you haven't noticed. Knowing that guys are looking at my body, thinking about my tinny tight young bald pussy, and ass. Them picturing getting a their hands on my little tits. When I walk past a guy and he gets a boner thinking about his dick being ball deep down my little throat. Now here is my question: How many of those guys are fantasying about raping me? Are they thinking about gangbanging me while I'm fucked up in the drugs they lipped in my drink? Maybe the are fantasying about my hands cuffed behind my back, grabbing 2 handfuls of my hair and gagging me with their cock. Maybe the are dreaming about my little body chained spread and nake to 4 trees as they take a belt to my little bald pussy? What do you think? What would you be fantasying about? Luv u Tara Remember I like making guys squirm. lol.
How To Hypnotize A Man
HOW TO HYPNOTIZE A MAN AND KEEP HIM ENTERTAINED FOR HOURS ON END: It really works, so I'm sending it on to all of you!follow link !!!!!! Just Copy And Paste This Link Into Your Browser !!!
We Are Virginia Tech
It was one year ago today that my hometown was shaken to the core. As everyone was on their way to work or just arriving the news was unsure and tragic. All that was known is that there was shots on the Virginia Tech campus, no one knew the extent of the damage yet. Frantically, people attempted to contact loved ones who attended the popular school. Whether it be friends, family or loved ones. I woke up that morning and made it all the way to work before I even heard anything. The television was on in my restaurant and all of the customers were silent in horror at the possibility that lay ahead. While everyone was watching the television I was attempting to reach one of my best friends who was on campus that morning, and later I would find out in classes in the building next to Norris Hall. Once I reached her she was even more clueless than the public audience. Once she had heard the shots and the campus police had she was told to run and get out of there, so that is what she d
9 Words Women Use!
9 WORDS WOMEN USE (1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. (3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. (4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! (5) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.) (6) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a woman can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before
Our Dysfunctional Family
Silver Dollar Auction Now Open....more Added
She smiles as he looks down upon her, holding her in his arms. He whispers words of love as he runs his fingers through her hair. They stare into each other's eyes not wishing for anything but this moment to last. Her lips tingle as his softly touch hers. A soft, gentle kiss, but a passionate one, non-the-less. Her arms tighten around him as she pulls him closer to her. A promise they once made to one another, one they would keep 'til the end of time
Its Selenes Life
Please Be Careful
Life is short and of sure it is for celebration in its true mode hence it should not be wasted in hatred, violence and anger. Though it is not in full control of life because arrogance forces them to have their major effects in life but life must understand to avoid them at any cost. Let there be harmony in life. Let there be peace in life. Let there be patience in life to live long. Let there be good will and faith. Let there be light in life. Please mind it, life is for a specific span of time on the planet, change over is the law of nature, better on the right mode to enjoy it in right pace and right spirit. May god bless all on the subject of true life. Thanks please.
Sinful's Play Pen
Come over to Sinful's Play Pen & join! Come meet the staff and have a sinful time! Click on the pictures to come in! See you there!
Erotica Vii "chance Encounter"
Have you ever wondered a chance encounter would do for you, and where it may take you in the future. Whether it is in real life or online, encounters can happen if you chose to remain steadfast in the honesty most people share for life, lust and life. This meeting of a chance may occur in our life and who is to say that it could'nt happen? I wanted to write my seventh installment of Tre's Thoughts of Erotica for Ms Jody Lyn, and I am hoping you all enjoy it.! If you are judgmental and are too uptight a person to read this "DONT!" I write tastefully and with an adult air about things sometimes, just know I love to write and there are many here that enjoy my writings for what they are, writings! The following story is of a woman who has noticed a man living in her neighborhood, whom she would like to get to know, but in a voyeuristic type way has been watching him until she developed to courage to say hello......... Taelaor giggled and lowered her eyes. "You know, I've seen
At Mclean School, Playing Tag Turns Into Hot Potato
At McLean School, Playing Tag Turns Into Hot Potato By Michael Alison Chandler Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, April 15, 2008; A01 A playground pastime is getting a timeout this spring at a McLean elementary school. Robyn Hooker, principal of Kent Gardens Elementary School, has told students they may no longer play tag during recess after determining that the game of chasing, dodging and yelling "You're it!" had gotten out of hand. Hooker explained to parents in a letter this month that tag had become a game "of intense aggression." The principal said that her goal is to keep students safe and that she hopes to restore tag (as well as touch football, also now on hold) after teachers and administrators review recess policies. The decision has touched off a debate among parents. Some call the restriction an example of overzealous rulemaking that fails to address root problems and undermines children's development; others say it's best to err on the side of caution.
I Heard The Music (my Sweet Man * My Darlin)
April 15, 2008 @ 10:57 pm I hear the music - so much more than many think a depth greater than unending skies as close as a rainbow passes through falling stars speaking to hearts and souls in gentle symmetry drawing and being led to the where's of dreams and the dream's shared lives. I heard the music and its echo still sounds so softly inside all my days and all my ends so quietly cry from the beauty I touched so briefly. I don't dream of flying for I fly every day with each taken breath I reach and touch all the stars and all the dreams that ever are and learn more than I knew each moment before. I make the music that tomorrows will hear and the echoes will sound along the paths being made and through it all I became who I am... the me that looks back from both sides of the soft glass that is time.
Happy Hump Day
Good Morning happy Hump Day and no story worth talking about…LOL Today you get me! I could have written about a German man who married what he thought was a woman… but then found out the woman was a man, and knew a lot about farming… even as much as he himself did…yick!!! That would have been a wild find in the dark… Or how about the Bulgarian man who decided he wanted a neighbors goat more then his own wife… and traded the man his wife for that mans goat…I can just see the kids…( no pun intended) The kids when asked… doesn’t that bother you your dad traded you maaaaa for a goat? Naaaaaaa Naaaaaa Bad joke… Ok enough of me for one day… Have a beautiful day. A huge hug and many pats Mart
Your Words Speak S To Me
April 15, 2008 @ 11:27 pm Her Eyes Its all in her eyes, everything she is, was, would, will, could... be - her wants, dreams, wishes; her pain, hurts, sadness; her heart, soul. I see her smile, though she isn't - even when she is. I feel her warmth yet she's so terribly cold... at least to herself but not for me. I know the 'love' within her - I know its there, I 'see' it with every look, everyday and everywhere. She can't hide from me - anything from me, just from herself. She wants to give - thinks that she doesn't, can't, and won't ever... give. Doesn't know how to, nor just what to - give or, for all that matter, be. But she 'gives' so much that she doesn't know... she gives herself to me... ever and always - with every look. I know her 'fear'... and the reasons - all the why's. The lil lies she tells herslf and tries so hard to believe. The tears held within, all her 'moments' afraid. Wishes - of stopping, of wanting more,
Team Tulsa & Pure Sweetness
~ Club FAR ~ ~Team Tulsa and Pure Sweetness~ Here are our Team's co-captains and Greeter. We need more spots filled, so hop on board! Think we also need a name, so any suggestions team? Tulsa's Angel~ Club FAR Team Captain/Sarge's Bad Girl/RisingStar ~ Owned by Dave - Crypt_Kee@ fubar *~Pure Sweetness~* Club F.A.R Team Captain~@ fubar TrainWreck*Club FAR Greeter*Sarge's Bad Girl@ fubar ~Tiger~Goddess~Lady~ ~Club F.a.r.~@ fubar :::"JEWELS"::: * Club F.A.R. *.. Plz ...Fan + Rate = Add !@ fubar
The Scholomance was a legendary school of black magic said to have been run by the Devil. It was supposedly located near an unnamed lake in the mountains south of the city of Hermannstadt (called Sibiu in Romanian) in the Transylvania region of Romania. In folklore Emily Gerard, a Scottish author married to a Hungarian cavalryman stationed in Romania, gave a detailed description in her article "Transylvanian Superstitions" on page 136 of The Nineteenth Century: As I am on the subject of thunderstorms, I may as well here mention the Scholomance, or school supposed to exist somewhere in the heart of the mountains, and where all the secrets of nature, the language of animals, and all imaginable magic spells and charms are taught by the devil in person. Only ten scholars are admitted at a time, and when the course of learning has expired and nine of them are released to return to their homes, the tenth scholar is detained by the devil as payment, and mounted upon an Ismeju (dr
A Compliment Worth Repeating :d
"any gal here that can smile, spell ambiguous, does not have metal in the face or pics of tats on the ahhh hmms gets a beer from me!" Now that is a start of a beautiful day, I would think... or a good note to end my night at work. Either way you look at it, it is all good. Thank you......
Television Star Exits Scientology
Television Star Exits Scientology Ruggedly handsome actor Jason Beghe was best man at the wedding of "X-Files" star David Duchovny (his childhood pal) and actress Tea Leoni. In 1998, he starred as Demi Moore’s love interest in "G.I. Jane." He’s been featured in numerous TV dramas such as "Criminal Minds," "Numb3rs" and "CSI." In 2005, Beghe appeared in promotional spots for the Church of Scientology. But now, Beghe has escaped the church after taking courses since 1994. He’s made a video that’s up on YouTube. This is what he has to say: "Scientology is destructive and a rip-off." He also says: "It’s very, very dangerous for your spiritual, psychological, mental, emotional health and evolution. I think it stunts your evolution. If Scientology is real, then something’s f---ed up." You can see from the video that Beghe does not mince words. But his refreshing candor about the religion he joined in 1994 should shake the Celebrity Center to its core. "It ain’t deliverin’
Student To Mccain: "care To Join Me For A Shot?" Student to McCain: "Care to join me for a shot?" By LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press Writer Tue Apr 15, 7:13 PM ET VILLANOVA, Pa. - Rarely does John McCain not have an answer. ADVERTISEMENT Click Here But two questions, about race and drinking, caught him off guard Tuesday during his stop on MSNBC's "Harball College Tour" at Villanova University. One student questioner raised Democrat Barack Obama's comment about his grandmother being "a typical white person" and asked McCain: "Would you characterize yourself, as Barack Obama would phrase, as a typical white person?" An amused McCain paused and praised Obama's recent "excellent" speech on race, saying "it was good for all of America to have heard it." "I can't comment directly as to how I portray myself," the likely Republican presidential nominee said. "So I'm sorry if I basically ducked the question, but I want to say that I think Americans,
Pitch Investors
Pitch Investors FundingPost has several opportunities to pitch directly to investors across the country. Here's how it works: We list the cities that we are going to be in. Choose one that you are interested in to pitch investors. You get a 15 minute pitch to a board-room of investors with Powerpoint, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. Typical rooms have 5-15 active Venture and Angel Investors interested in funding new deals. The pitching fee also includes the following: * We also make your PowerPoint Presentation available for investors to view online as they read your profile. (Value: Priceless) * 2 tickets to the FundingPost Venture Event that day, includes meal. * A one-year subscription to, where your online profile can be viewed by over 6,000 investors on our network. (Value: $400) * 1 hour of Pitch and Business coaching to go over and fine-tune your presentation for investors (extremely important!) FundingPost is the leading organize
White Fire
Deep in my heart A white fire burns For eternity with you What my soul really yearns Undisputed passion Undivided devotion Tender yet stronger The purest emotion Quenchless by doubt Unaffected by pain A Phoenix from ashes Resurrected again Burning intensely This nova inside Elevating my spirit This zephyr I ride Fuelled by your glow And guiding my way An amplified color Now bright from dull grey Beyond my own life This undying flame Unravelled in meaning When I call out your name
Follow Your Heart
There's things in my head that must be let out These feelings for you are without a doubt. I feel like a child so helpless and scared thinking if I tell you, you won't always be there. Don't you know I'd do anything? I'd buy you the moon. Don't you know how I love when you walk in the room? Your laugh in my ears, Your taste on my lips. These kisses from you, they feel like sweet bliss. But take it away if it's not really true Because I'd rather not dream if I can't be with you. Don't tell me your feelings if you're too scared to act. No matter what you say, I'll take it as fact. But this romance is so peculiar, you push and you pull. Like a Hollywood picture, where I play the fool. One scene full of love, where I'm floating on air. But the next this angel's falling, as I watch you over there. If you want me then show it, don't hide it in shame. Life is too precious to call it a game. People will talk, let them say what they dare.
Happy Hump Day
Zingerbug on imikimi - Customize Your World
Wednesday Opie And Anthony Links: Whip 'em Out Wednesday, Rich Vos, New O&a Videos, Calling All Belly Dancers! Animation Festival - Keep Sending
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch Anthony discuss his broken home - online now!) Jim Norton's Got TEN CD's Worth Of Material online - order 'The Best Of Jim Norton' on iTunes NOW! Happy Whip 'em Out Wednesday, especially to the Fine Ass Ladies of Paltalk, who are keeping us all drooling with the early morning bosom flashing! (log in and check out the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room to see them now!) Today on the Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, we welcome back our pal Rich Vos. He's going to be at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse in Arlington, Virginia this weekend, so if you're in the area, go check him out... if you're not in the area, then should wait till he's in your area. CALLING ALL BELLY DANCERS: Ever since Erica showed up to belly dance in studio, we have been consumed with finding MORE regular women who can belly dance. Now, we're not necessarily looking for ful
Hey Now......
All day I have been thinkin to my self. Look you do this and that this and that and you get nowhere you are over alot of things but why does she call and say that shit why? Because I am a sucker made me feel bad for a sec but then I rembered the weekend I had I dont need that shit it is all a bunch of shit it is like she wants the attachment but that is all that makes her happy knowin i am missable little does she know i am not i am on cloud nine right now still on a emotiional high from the weekend. I know none of this makes sense but to me it does. Rants and rants all do
Woman In Our Life
A young wife sat on a sofa on a hot humid day, drinking iced tea and visiting with her Mother. As they talked about life, about marriage, about the responsibilities of life and the obligations of adulthood, the mother clinked the ice cubes in her glass thoughtfully and turned a clear, sober glance upon her daughter 'Don't forget your Sisters,' she advised, swirling the tea leaves to the bottom of her glass. 'They'll be more important as you get older. No matter how much you love your husband, no matter how much you love the children you may have, you are still going to need Sisters. Remember to go places with them now and then; do things with them.' 'Remember that 'Sisters' means ALL the women... your girlfriends, your daughters, and all your other women relatives too.. 'You'll need other women. Women always do.' What a funny piece of advice!' the young woman thought. Haven't I just gotten married? Haven't I jus
::i'm A Caffiene Addict::
Sooooo long story short, I've been on a diet and since April 4, 2008, NOT ONCE have I sipped coffee, coke, an energy drink or any kind of caffeine...just water, water, water....and I had no idea how much I was addicted and lived on caffiene until I started getting these MAJOR headaches...I'm going through serious fucking withdrawls, my head hurts sooooo badly and I feel so woozy and wierd....its really bugging the crap out of me...I know I'll feel SO much better getting the crap out of my system but the pain sometimes hurts so bad and I hate it =[ But I'm not going to give in!!! Yet I just want to cry because the pain is so much, then just take a bunch of tylenol and curl up in bed =[ *sigh*
Why Are Frogs So Terrifying?
Why? Take a seat and I will explain to you one of the greatest mysteries known to mankind. Why so many, normally rational, people are terrified of the seemingly harmless green frog, which although having no great fangs (in fact it has no teeth at all), no razor sharp claws (its fingers and toes being tipped by soft suckers) or deadly poison to its name still heads the terror list for women, children and occasionally men as well, around the globe. Now let me set the scene for you. After a tiring, stressful day, where not one thing has gone right, you collapse exhausted into your chair in front of the TV and cradle your last cup of coffee for the night as your eyelids start to droop. On the screen someone is droning on about something, but you have long since stopped listening, the throbbing in your tired feet is echoed by a pounding in your head, and you consider taking something for the coming headache, but instead just stagger directly to bed leaving the half empty
Comment Bombing Needed
Sexiest Fubar Lady Contest Round 2 Has Started. Comment Bombing Needed. Please Help Click on the pics to get there and Thank You for helping.
Bill Calling For Castration Of Sex Offenders Passes Louisiana Senate
Bill Calling for Castration of Sex Offenders Passes Louisiana Senate Tuesday , April 15, 2008 BATON ROUGE, La. — The most serious sex crimes should be punishable by castration, with drugs or surgery, the Louisiana Senate voted on Tuesday. The bill by Sen. Nick Gautreaux, D-Meaux, would give judges the option of imposing chemical castration on those convicted of sex crimes including aggravated rape, simple rape and indecent behavior with a juvenile. Chemical castration would be mandatory on second offenses, and the offender would have the option of choosing physical castration instead. Senators voted 32-3 to send the measure to the House. Chemical castration would involve treatment with the drug medroxyprogesterone acetate, with the aim of diminishing the offender's sexual impulses. Gautreaux amended the bill to add a provision that would bar such an offender from taking another substance — such as estrogen — that could counteract the effects of the castration drug.
Just 4 Fun
Recently Returned To Online Status.
I'm just happy to be able to be online again! Not sure who I am more pissed at microsoft, norton or hp.
Pack It Up Pack It In
One Word You. Can. Only. Type. One. Word. (its harder than it looks) 1. Your cell phone? fusic 2. Your significant other? nonexsistant 3. Your hair? unbrushed 4. Your mother? amazing 5. Your father? marine 6. Your favorite thing? baby 7. Your dream last night? strange 8. Your favorite drink? yummy 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? bright 11. Your ex? meh 12. Your fear? unknown 13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? awake 16. Favorite Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? cosleeper 18. Where you grew up? jersey 19. The last thing you did? survey 20. What are you wearing? pants 21. Your TV? the departed 22. Your pet(s)? away :( 23. Your computer? acer 24. Your life? lonely 25. Your mood? cranky 26. Missing someone? yes 27. Your car? green 28. Something you're not wearing? socks 29. Favorite Store? Target 30. Your summer? excited 31. Love someone? yes
Shes The Best Ever
i wanted two say huge thanks to one of the honest bouncers ever sandy your the best thanks for helping me every time i have needed your help your always there no matter what i love you michael/boatman
Virtual 3d World Second Life® is a 3-D virtual world created by its Residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by millions of Residents from around the globe. From the moment you enter the World you'll discover a vast digital continent, teeming with people, entertainment, experiences and opportunity. Once you've explored a bit, perhaps you'll find a perfect parcel of land to build your house or business. You'll also be surrounded by the Creations of your fellow Residents. Because Residents retain intellectual property rights in their digital creations, they can buy, sell and trade with other Residents. The Marketplace currently supports millions of US dollars in monthly transactions. This commerce is handled wi
***introducing Club Far's Team Love***
~ Club FAR ~ ~ Team LOVE ~ Here are our Team's co-captains and Greeter. We need more spots filled, so hop on board! Show some MAD Club FAR love!!! Tulsa's Angel~ Club FAR's Team LOVE Captain / Sarge's Bad Girl ~ @ fubar *~Pure Sweetness~*@ fubar :::"JEWELS"::: * Club F.A.R. *.. Plz ...Fan + Rate = Add !@ fubar ~Tiger~Goddess~Lady~ ~Club F.a.r.~@ fubar ~Cherrybomb™~ Cõ õWñÈR õҒ Ŧ.M.Ä.Ғ.~FAR~@ fubar ~/~'Princess Leia'~/~Club F.A.R.~Rising Stars~D&DC~Independent Fam.~
What A Day
The beer is cold, the night is young, why go to sleep........lets party on
Thank You For Heartistic Soul For Helping Her Disciple
I wanted to post a bully to say THANK YOU to all of those that helped me level up to Disciple. It was a long road from Godfather to Disciple, but the last mile or so went by quickly from all the help :) A special THANK YOU to all of the Shadow Levelers that slammed me with FuLove! You all ROCK! I've made a few tags to share, and will be sending more to BooBoo as I make others. For those on my list that aren't members of the Shadow Levelers, please consider becoming one! It's a great family, and they really show up to help :) I appreciate everyone, and I'm still trying to answer the gifts and notes that were sent. It was a blast! Cheers! -HS (repost of original by 'Heartistic Soul' on '2008-04-15 23:57:10')
What I Miss Most
What I miss most - is a passionate kiss Soft hands bringing gentle sweet caress Someone that loves me at their own bequest Not for satisfied selfish interest requests What I miss most - is heart felt hugging delight Seeing Her try with all her might Mesmerizing, deliciously glazed eyes The shock and awe when she was surprised What I miss most - is her hot breath in my ear At the end of a sad movie that trickling tear And when the team was behind; her fake cheer The way she grimaces when she opens a beer What I miss most - is how she would become a pest If I should get down and out depressed The way she would contest, until I demonstrated zest And hearing her protest, if I failed to do my best What I miss most - is watching her undress Giving pleasure by pretending to arrest The secret way that we would jest That she made me feel so incredibly blessed What I miss most - is when she played deaf as a post The way she smiled, if I bragged on her roast How ex
Thank You From Heartisic Soul
I wanted to post a bully to say THANK YOU to all of those that helped me level up to Disciple. It was a long road from Godfather to Disciple, but the last mile or so went by quickly from all the help :) A special THANK YOU to all of the Shadow Levelers that slammed me with FuLove! You all ROCK! I've made a few tags to share, and will be sending more to BooBoo as I make others. For those on my list that aren't members of the Shadow Levelers, please consider becoming one! It's a great family, and they really show up to help :) I appreciate everyone, and I'm still trying to answer the gifts and notes that were sent. It was a blast! Cheers! -HS Heartistic Soul@ fubar (repost of original by 'Heartistic Soul' on '2008-04-15 23:57:10')
With Her
With her beautiful smile, She breathes life back into my bones. With her beautiful smile, She tell me I'll never again be alone. With her beautiful eyes, She puts my heart so at ease. With her beautiful eyes, She shows her love,so I can see. With her soft sweet caress, She takes my anger away. With her soft sweet caress, She shows me she cares each and everyday.
is no one rating my pictures?
Ani Difranco's "untoucheable Face"
think i'm going for a walk now feel a little unsteady noone will follow me except maybe you i can make you happy if you weren't already i can do a lot of things and i do tell you the truth i prefer the worst of you too bad you had to have better half she's not really my type but i think you two are forever and i hate to say it but you're perfect together so fuck you and your untouchable face fuck you for existing in the first place and who am i that i should be vying for your touch said who am i bet you can't even tell me that much two thirty in the morning and my gas tank will be empty soon neon sign on the horizon rubbing elbows with the moon a safe haven of sleepless where the deep fryer is always on radio is counting down top 20 country songs and out on the porch the flystrip waving like a flag in the wind y'know i don't look forward to seeing you again you'll look like a photograph of yourself taken from far far away and i won't know what t
Scooter- Ramp!
Scooter- One (always Hardcore)
Fast & The Furious 1&2- Fire
The Rain
I can hear the first few drops of rain No thunder, no crash of lightening Pouring rain, just beautiful pouring rain And I stand naked in it As it washes away the shackles I am free And you appear, naked and wet beside me Your bronze skin glistening, inviting Your magnetism drawing me near through unconscious movement into your arms, into our love Eyes lock, bodies entwine consumed in fire and water The rain subsides We lie spent in dew of earth and passion I smell the rain even now, even now Let it rain, let it rain
Mortal Kombat Anniilation- Fire
New News
I guess its been a while since i have been on here. Things have changed a lot since being on here last. Just for the record I am not moving out of michigan i ended up staying here with better pay at my job. I dont have cats. The one in the pics are my sisters cats. I have been working mad hours so if u do have my cell number please call it. Its hard for me to get online with work and all. I don't have a girlfriend at the moment but i am talking with someone that I have a HUGE crush on and have for a long time. I hope all goes well with her and I but we will see how it goes. This profile is old and hasnt been updated so if u have any questions just talk to me.
What's Left Of Me, Nick Lachey
Watch my life pass me by in the rearview mirror Pictures frozen in time are becoming clearer I don't wanna waste another day Stuck in the shadow of my mistakes yeah 'cause I want you and I feel you crawling underneath my skin a hunger like a burning to find the place I've never been now I'm broken and I'm fading I'm half the man I thought I would be But you can have What's left of me I've been dying inside Little by little Nowhere to go But goin' out of my mind In endless circles runnin' from myself until You gave me a reason for standing still And I want you and I feel you crawling underneath my skin a hunger like a burning to find the place I've never been now I'm broken and I'm fading I'm half the man I thought I would be But you can have What's left of me Falling faster Barely breathing Give me somethin' to believe in Tell me it's not all in my head Take what's left of this man Make me whole once again 'cause I want you and I f
Dj Tiesto- Love Comes Again
ok...what do u do...when u think ur staring to fall for someone...i need help...i want him to know....but i dont...cuz like yeah...i dont want to ruin...our friendship...hes a cool ass guy...and i love him to death...he is like my best friend i have never had...and like...i dont want to ruin that...i dont want to get to fast..u know?...and i want to tell him how i feel...but i cant...and it sux..UGH I HATE MY LIFE!!! *not really*...i need help
I Saw This And Had To Post It
I am an Australian and my son is an Australian - as far as we are concerned there is not place on God's earth better than Australia , and there are no people better than Australians. That was until the past week or so. My son is in the Australian Army and he is currently on deployment in Iraq . I can not go into his duties in great depth, but shall we say that he and his fellow army buddies are on a glorified guard duty looking after the Australian Embassy. They don't go out looking for "action", though it is a different story in Afghanistan , there the Aussie troops chase the baddies over the hills and into the valleys.. My son and I just ended a long 'phone conversation and here are some of his comments, believe me this is what he said. We have all seen the bullshit emails written by some clown in his lounge room pretending to be at the coal face, but this is what was said. : "Before I came over here I thought we (the Australian Army) were pretty shit hot......
Lion King- Save Yourself
Ani Difranco's "grey"
sky is grey the sand is grey and the ocean is grey and i feel right at home in this stunning monochrome alone in my way i smoke and i drink and everytime i blink i have a tiny dream but as bad as i am i'm proud of the fact that i'm worse than i seem what kind of paradise am i looking for i've got everything i want still i want more maybe some tiny shiny thing will wash up on the shore you walk through my walls like a ghost on tv you penetrate me and my little pink heart is on it's little brown raft floating out to sea and what can i say but i'm wired this way and you're wired to me and what can ido but wallow in you unintentionally what kind of paradise am i looking for i've got everything i want still i want more maybe some tiny shiny key will wash up on the shore regretfully i guess i've got three simple things to say why me why this now why this way with overtones ringing undertows pulling away under a sky t
Well First Cunt On Fuabr
~Kaly~aka ~Blondie~ should be known as aka cunt or bitch.....and heres why... ~Kaly~aka ...: Ok let me get this on your LEVEL ..cuz I have a four year degree....FUCK YOU..and I dont need your lying ass ..there are enuff of those. ->~Kaly~aka ...: now its you whom doesnt know me.....try and argument more your i spoke truth and you took it that i would have cybered in a flash ....if thats how you feel i wont be able to change that and for a third time...SORRY I BOTHERED YOU ... ~Kaly~aka ...: You are a would have cyber sexed inna min...just save it. I rather honestly...just say you wanted to get off...and youre sorry...or keep going. ->~Kaly~aka ...: whatever not like most guys and i woud rather be honest then a fake so if thats enough to damn me then so be it again sorry i bothered you ~Kaly~aka ...: THAT IS WHAT I READ...most guys do not first meeting ...esp..say..Im HONRY AND HAVE NO dont even know me.. ->~Kaly~aka ...: an
Lion King- Requiem For A Dream
Lion King- Until The End
Lion King- Pain
Save That Horse Ride This Cowboy!
Save a Horse Own A Cowboy!!!!!
Lion King- We Are One
Lion King- Not One Of Us
Review Of The Ruins
the sun, warm waters and sandy beaches beckon countless Americans every year, particularly young adults seeking inexpensive fun. Enter Amy and Stacy, two best friends who bring along their very different boyfriends--focused med student Jeff and free-spirited partier Eric. As the group's vacation nears its end, they journey into the lush Mexican jungle in hopes of seeing some ancient Mayan ruins. But when they arrive at the magnificent site, an unexpected event drives the frightened travelers to the top of the crumbling stone structure, where they confront hidden deadly horrors and engage in a brutal battle for survival. Well i must say this movie although not what i was expecting was still a very good movie! ok well these 2 american couples on vacation in i belive it was mexico, explor these old acient ruins with this other german tourist and his friend. pritty much as soon as they get to the ruins these people who i belive where myans or something kill the germans friend
Lion King- Frozen
Lion King- See Who I Am
Lion King- Memories
Epiphany, By Staind
Your words they make just a whisper Your face is so unclear I try to pay attention And the words just disappear Cuz it's always raining in my head Forget all the things i should have said So i speak to you in riddles Cuz my words get in my way I smoke the whole thing to my head And feel it wash away Cuz i can't take anymore of this I wanna come apart And dig myself a little hole Inside your precious heart Cuz it's always raining in my head Forget all the things i should have said I am nothing more than A little boy inside That cries out for attention That i always try to hide Cuz i talk to you like children Though i don't know how i feel But i know i'll do the right thing If the right thing is in fear Cuz its always raining in my head Forget all the things i should have said
Random Thoughtz...
Itz been an interesting day 2 say the least.Last nite I wuz n such a gud mood,flyin high.24 hrz later,I'm not depressed,but...introspective I guess.Itz weird how one minute u think ur on solid ground and the next minute ur head iz spinning cuz ur so unsure of thingz u cud have sworn were real.Thatz life I guess.Without the lowz,the highz wouldnt b near az sweet.But I'll tell u what:we've got 2 learn 2 b kinder 2 each other.There's an old saying that sumtimes u have 2 b cruel 2 b kind and I'm starting 2 believe that iz very true.Why string sum1 along or lie 2 b "nice" if they r only going 2 end up hurt n the long run?I've come 2 the conclusion that I will take all flattery and promises with a grain of salt.I'm on my own-thatz how I wuz wired,thatz how itz meant 2 b.Happily ever after aint 4 everybody;and this die-hard romantic will have 2 stay rooted n reality.It bitez,but at least I know it'z real.Peace...
Just A Poem For J
Lion King- Haunting Me
Not Much More Time To Go Till It Ends, So ,get Those Bids In Ladies!!
I recently received a pair of funny undies and figured it would be fun to see how much it would take to see me in them. The undies are a red pair with google eyes and a mustache glued to it. Under the mustache is a hole for my "nose" to stick out. The bidding will take place in the comments area of the picture, Just click on the photo below to go to the bidding page. The winning bidder will get pics of me wearing these fine undergarmets. If the winner chooses to have me post the pics for all to see, I will send the winner a video. Happy bidding and good luck to all! CLICK PIC BELOW TO CAST YOUR BID!! AUCTION WILL START NOW! AND RUN FOR TWO WEEKS, WINNING BID ON CLOSING DAY, WINS THE PRIZE HEHE MAKE SURE TO GIVE THIS FINE HUNK O'MAN LOTS OF LUVIN TOO, JUST CLICK HIS PIC BELOW TO LEAVE HIM LOVE! Naked Florida Boy (Sweetwater's Male Dancer/Greeter)@ fubar
April 16, 2008
Around The Corner -By Henson Towne Around the corner I have a friend In this great city that has no end, Yet the days go by and weeks rush on, And before I know it, a year is gone And I never see my old friends face, For life is a swift and terrible race, He knows I like him just as well As in the days when I rang his bell, And he rang mine. We were younger then, And now we are busy, tired men. Tired of playing a foolish game, Tired of trying to make a name. "Tomorrow" I say "I will call on Jim" "Just to show that I'm thinking of him" But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes, And distance between us grows and grows. Around the corner!-yet miles away, "Here's a telegram sir--" "Jim died today." And that's what we get and deserve in the end. Around the corner, a vanished friend.
~ Can I Touch You....there ~
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics ~ Can I Touch You...There ~ Baby, show me what you feel Come to me, show me somethin real I need to know, I need you completely Closer baby closer, come on lets begin Love is takin over, gotta let it in Ooh I need to feel the heart of you Need to reach the very deepest part of you Can I touch you there, touch you deep inside Can I touch your heart, the way youre touchin mine Can I touch you there, touch you deep within Can I touch you there, can I touch you...there Baby tell me with your eyes, tell me every secret darlin Every deep desire, till you and I are makin love completely Closer baby closer, cant be close enough I cant help the way I hold you I just hunger for your love Ooh and I need to feel the heart of you Need to reach the very deepest part of you All I wanna do is touch ya baby Touch the very soul inside of you Ooh and I need to feel the heart of you Need to reach the very deepest part of you Let m
Gawd, I'm tired
Dreams Of Memory Past
Final Fantasy- How Can I Hold On
Odd Thought
so last night it was 4am when i said something a little odd, i looked at my friend and told her that fubar was porn for your soul, lmao. I have no idea why i said that but i thought it was a little funny. Anyways just thought i would share that with you all
~ You're Makin Me High ~
**************IT'S LIKE THAT********************* ~ You're Makin Me High ~ I'll always think of you Inside of my private thoughts I can imagine you Touching my private parts With just the thought of you I cant help but touch myself Thats why I want you so bad Just one night of Moonlight, with you there beside me All night, doin it again and again You know I want you so bad Baby, baby, baby, baby Oooh I get so high When Im around you baby I can touch the sky You make my temperature rise Youre makin me high Baby, baby, baby, baby Cant get my mind off you I think I might be obsessed The very thought of you Makes me want to get undressed I wanna be with you In spite of what my heart says I guess I want you too bad All I want is Moonlights, with you there inside me All night, doin it again and again You know I want you so bad Baby, baby, baby, baby Oooh I get so high When Im around you baby I can touch the sky You make my temperature rise, oo
Kenshin- Torn Apart
Advent Children- Save Yourself
Equilibrium- The Thing I Hate
Fu-queen ? :)
Trivium- A Gunshot To The Head Of Tripidation
When If Meets Must
If we can fight together, we must strive together If we can play together, we must pray together If we can plan together, we must stand together If we can cry together, we must try together We must strive together, if we can fight together We must pray together, if we can play together We must stand together, if we can plan together We must try together, if we can cry together The future of man is built on a plan Of working together whenever we can So "if" must stand so tall And "must" alone, cannot fall For together, forever we bring The best, the good of it al
Constantine- Dying In Your Arms
What A Girl Wants
So you want a piece of my Rosy, cushy, juicy pie I’m afraid, without romance on supply This refined lady is not going to comply Before into my world You make your entrance Remember this lady loves romance So how about friendship with romance Maybe you may stand a chance Send me sweet roses once in a while Make it your number one style I need you now, not as a lover If that is your immediate aim You’ll be sucked out of my life with a hover So how about friendship with romance Now and then, take me out to dance Hypnotise me, enchant me in a trance With words and your exquisite rainbow smile Don’t just tell me, ‘you fancy me’ I’ll buzz these words to you like a bee Go take a hike by the sea Till you roast and dry So you want a taste of my Rosy, cushy, juicy delicious pie I’m afraid, without romance on supply This refined lady is not going to comply You have no money! That’s no excuse There are so many different ways to amuse I love romance I eat
Trivium- Anthem (we Are The Fire)
I Want........
I want your phone #, don't care who you are. Name:___________________ Number:___________________ Best time to call:___________________ I dare you to copy and paste this and see how many numbers you get. Leave the info in a private message please.
depression leaves me down it leaves me feeling lost friends they leave my side and left me feeling crossed time just takes it's toll the dark times take a hold sitting near gods flame feeling only cold looking at the sky then glancing to the floor then asking God this question what is this life for telling of a place that light won't show the way begging god to take me then begging him to stay writing words of rage inside the soul I tell lost inside the life lonely in my shell standing just to fall again sinking in depression telling in my rhymes the thoughts of my confession
Life Is So Odd ...
Im sitting here in my new place...its finally feeling like alot more work to my new bed...its fuckin awsome!!!! Black/Brown Leather sleigh bed...even splurged and got a new mattress and box spring...thick pillow top...comfy as hell...sleeping really just have to get the room painted and the pictures and such on the walls..I finally feel free again, without the restraints of so called friends who want to drain me dry of my funds and life much so i was off today and said fuck it and went to orlando with my roomate for dinner at Emerils...dropped 150 bucks on was well worth it...great food and conversation. The weather has been good till today...even got some sun last week...laying by my new pool!!! but today is cold as shit...even had to put the heat on. My next move is to the keys...i am not doing this cold shit anymore LOL! Last doc visit went half well...oh just gonna keep moving not letting anything or any
I Don't Blog But !!!!
I recieved this as a emial I edited it some and sent to everyone I know and have thier email Please take this seriously I really it helps someone some day! Ok Friends This is serious and very real. If you know me well you know that I am all about the details and this is the Truest this I have ever seen online. I will tell my Mother Daughter and dearest friends. I will repost this a few times in the future. It WON'T bring you luck or make you rich BUT It just might save YOUR LIFE! I will Highlight in red want seems to me the scariest parts The crying baby thing happened to me once, and the police told me the exact same thing. Through a Rapist's Eyes (No Joke) This is important information for females of ALL ages. When this was sent to me, I was told to forward it to my lady friends, but I forwarded it to most everyone in my address book. My men friends have female friends and this information is too important to miss someone. Please pass it along .
A Sexy Lady In A Auction With A T....shirt And ? Look Inside Make You A Bid On Her!!!!
THIS IS MY FIRST AUCTION IN MY T-SHIRT AND WELL YOU GET THE PICTURE! STOP BY AND SHOW ME SOME BIDS TO MAKE ME SMILE..................................! HOSTED BY BIG POPPA BiG PoPpA OfFiCiAl OwNeR oF T hE hOt MoMmAs ClUb i DoNt ChAsE ThEmE IrEpLaCe ThEmE So GeT In WhErE Y@ fubar (repost of original by '~AKAMRS.T THE FREE STYLE DREAM TEAM BOMBER~ DYLON'S DIVA MAFIA~' on '2008-04-15 22:40:04') (repost of original by '~THE DREAM TEAM~' on '2008-04-15 22:51:10') (repost of original by '~AKAMRS.T THE FREE STYLE DREAM TEAM BOMBER~ DYLON'S DIVA MAFIA~' on '2008-04-15 22:52:20') (repost of original by '~SCOBBY-DOO IS MY NAME AND BOMBING ON FUBAR IS MY GAME~THE DREAM TEAM~' on '2008-04-15 22:53:22') (repost of original by 'BiG PoPpA OfFiCiAl OwNeR oF T hE hOt MoMmAs ClUb i DoN
Love is something I dont understand All I want is someone to take by the hand Someone whose warmth cant be beat Even by the warm summers heat Someone to hold when cold wind blows When I'm sad, someone who knows Someone who laughs when I tell a joke Someone to tickle and cuddle and poke Someone whose smile brightens my day Knows somethings wrong even when I dont say Not someone that does things their way or my way Someone who does things in our own special way Someone that will just sit and talk Someone thats happy going for a walk Someone who makes me feel complete Someone with whom I wont need to compete This someone doesnt have to have looks They dont have to play by the books Just as long as they like to be with me Then hopefully that is where they will be Someone that is around my own age Someone always there when time turns the page Someone to be my very own star Someone with whom I can go far And when I look into their eyes Someone whose feelings are no
A Poem
Would Anyone Miss Me If I Died? (quiz)
Would Anyone Miss You If You Died?Maybeyeah, u have that little gleam of hope that people wanted you alive, good work, people still like you....Personality-Emotion Quizzes
Becoming A Slave... My First Experiance
I got a blog idea from a friend on here and here is what he wanted me to write about… My favorite BDSM scene or experience… I was seventeen and new to the world of BDSM. I had heard about the lifestyle a few times from friends or online but had never experienced. I was in a new relationship with a “biker” style man who from day one would tell me what to wear or where to be at certain times. At first it pissed me off that a man I had just gotten with would demand things of me but the things he was demanding was what kept me locked to him. The night before when I was getting onto the bus I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I took it out and saw that it was, let’s call him Jason, Jason. I picked up giggling and asked him what he wanted. “I want you to come to my apartment in the morning an hour early.” I was about to argue cause that would mean I had to be there at 6:30 and leave around 5am to get there but he finished what he was saying, “I want you to wear your short black skir
I Am Up For Auction!!!!
Please go bid on me! I am up for auction! I am offering! 1 Month of your name in my name! ex. (Moondancer is owned by (YOUR NAME HERE)) Rate all pics and stash in a months time daily comments and gifts 1 sfw salute keep shitfaced a sexy salute added to family a sfw video BID BID BID!!!!
I'm Falling In Love With You
I'm falling in love with you Words just cant express how much you mean to me. It's hard for me to show it, so you may never see. I think of you quite often more than you'll ever know I dont want to hide it, but I can never let it show. I want you in my life but more than you are, somebody to be with have more time to spend Although you'll never know this everything I say is true although I'll probaly never let it show, I'm falling in love with you.
Just A Story
Everybody I know who has a dog usually calls him "Rover" or "Spot". I call mine Sex. Now, Sex has been very embarrassing to me. When I went to the City Hall to renew the dog's license, I told the clerk that I would like a license for Sex. He said, "I would like to have one too!" Then I said, "But she is a dog!" He said he didn't care what she looked like. I said, "You don't understand. ... I have had Sex since I was nine years old." He replied, "You must have been quite a strong boy." When I decided to get married, I told the minister that I would like to have Sex at the wedding. He told me to wait until after the wedding was over. I said, "But Sex has played a big part in my life and my whole world revolves around Sex." He said he didn't want to hear about my personal life and would not marry us in his church. I told him everyone would enjoy having Sex at the wedding. The next day we were married at the Justice of the Peace. My family was barred from the church from then on. When m
Catholic Gasoline
Sister Mary Ann, who worked for a home health agency, was out making her rounds visiting homebound patients when she ran out of gas. As luck would have it, an Exxon gasoline station was just a block away. She walked to the station to borrow a gas can and buy some gas. The attendant told her that the only gas can he owned had been loaned out, but she could wait until it was returned. Since Sister Mary Ann was on the way to see a patient, she decided not to wait and walked back to her car. She looked for something in her car that she could fill with gas and spotted the bedpan she was taking to the patient. Always resourceful, Sister Mary Ann carried the bedpan to the station, filled it with gasoline, and carried the full Bedpan back to her car. As she was pouring the gas into her tank, two Baptists watched from across the street. One of them turned to the other and said, "If it starts, I'm turning Catholic."
Eye Of The Storm
Eye of the Storm I see you standing there like the eye of a hurricane, As the world around me keep spinning insane, You are the quiet calm through out it all, Sheltering me behind your wall. You are my beacon on these stormy nights, Guiding me to you with your light, Wrapping me up there in your arms, Keeping me there, now safe and warm. And as you hold me I can start to see, All the things that this life could be, Not always one full of stormy nights, But filled with rainbows there in the morning light. And when I look into your eyes so bright, Seeing how they sparkle like the stars at night, My soul is filled with the beauty of you, Your sigh, your touch, everything that you do. And though the gales around me still blow, Here in your presence there is a peace I know, And so my sweet darling, let me tell you plain, You are the eye in my hurricane. DQA
Just Me And You
I want to share my love with you I want to hold you in my arms I want to show you how much I care And grab you with my charm I want to look into your eyes I want to know you love me too I want to kiss those precious lips What am I to do? I want to feel the air Of each and every breath And always be by your side Until its time for death I want to make you happy I want to make you smile I want us to be together See you walk towards me down the aisle I want you to show me how much you love me Stop hiding from what is true I want it to always be Just me and you I want to touch your heart And put a sparkle in your eye Be there everytime To hold you when you cry I want you to know How truly lucky that I am For me to proudly say That you are my best friend I want to shower you with gifts Prove you're the only one Smile everyday As we watch the setting sun I want to be your man And have a place inside your heart Im so thankful for the blessing The day our fr
Battle Of The New Rock Music 04/15/08
Sunday Thru Thursday Nights at Midnight Eastern time will be a Battle of the New Rock Music. Your Votes Decide which song will move onto the Next Night to Battle a New Challenger. Tuesday 04/15/08.. Last Night It Was: Kid Rock - Sugar (champion) V.S. Seven Dust - Prodigal Son (Challenger) The Vote Was 5-7 Seven Dust - Prodigal Son Knocked Kid Rock from the Throne as Your New Champion! They Will Return Thursday Night with a New Challenger, So Make Sure you tune in at Midnight With Me DJ Nite Wolf.. The Big Bad Wolf, Only @ Dirty Deeds Radio.

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